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Stephanie Dee Alban Kimberly A. Albero Tracy Irene Aldrich Scott David Allen Barbara Ann Xmaral Beth Renee Anderson Daniel Patrick Angelica Katherine M. Atkins Jerry A. Atkinson Theodore Earl Bahl Stephen Peter Balinskas Robert Wayne Beaucage Melissa Margaret Becks tead Carol Lynn Beebe ’■ ' Kerry Brigid Begley Gary Thomas Blackwood Kimberly Jean Blaney ’ Lisa Marie Bolduc Michael Edward Bonney Lisa Marie Boudreau Marc ndre Boudreau ’ Kelly Louise Brantner Cathleen Elizabeth Brewer John William Bride Michelle Vnne Brow ’ ' Jannee M. Brown Wickley Brown Matthew S. Buanno Kevin James Buckingham Daniel Paul Burnham Brenda Anne Burns Christopher A. Burns Stephanie Wells Carpenter ’ " ' Lisa-Marie Carrara Patricia Anne Carroll ’ " ' Therese Marie Caruso Vitina M. Cassell John J. Catania Sandra J. Cerrato Shavm Lawrence Chapps ’ " ' Stephen Joseph Chaput William John Chaves Cynthia Jane Chesworth ’ " ' Gary C. Ciampoli ’ " ' Douglas A. Ciemniewski Robert Edward Clark Timothy P. Coffey Raymond D. Coligan Patricia Ann Cormier Nicholas F. Costanzo Lynne Marie Cote Sharon L. Cote E. Richard Cruz Laura Ann Curcio John Anthony Danek Scott N. Daniels Jacqueline Louise Davis Lee W, Davis, Jr. Anthony J. DeMonte III Steven Allen DeMonte David W. DeMontigny Marc Lee DeSaulniers Sean Kelly Desmond Daryl Lynn DesRoches Diana Lynn DesRoches Linda I. Dick ’ Thayer Allen Donaldson Peter E. Donohue Karen Driscoll Anthony Duchesneau ’ ' Cynthia Jean Duggan Charles Stanley Dumais Kristin Duzik David S. Emery Laurie Ann Etheridge Theresa Anne Everett David Ferguson Keith Fetridge George B. Fields Kenneth Raymond Fiore Dean A. Firtion James G. Flora James F. Forti Lisa Ann Foy David Joseph Fredrick II Michael J. Fritze Jennifer Lynn Furgerson Brian J. Gallerani Candy L. Gallo Debra Kaye Garno Mark W. Gaskell Kurt L. Gates Louie Edward Gilman Thomas Giordano David J ' . Gomez Sue Ann Gonzalez Denise Marie Grenier Christopher W. Grigaitis Matthew G. Guerriero The Graduating Class of 1984 Judith Ann Halish Theresa Rose Harrington Kimberly Anne Hassler John R. Hayes Michael Peter Hebert Taryn Ann Heeber Timothy Reed Hinkel Susan L. Hoffses Kevin D. Hogan Margaret Pauline Holden Deborah J. Holland Michael F. Houff Robert Allen Hublitz Carlo Joseph lacolino Edward D. Ingraham IV Elena Ingrassia Christopher A. Irish Andrew Thomas Isherwood Daniel Joseph Isherwood Thomas Jarosch David S. Jones II Helen Elizabeth Jordan Sean Kearney James J. Keegan, Jr. Eugene Ivor King II Joseph Paul Kobrzycki III Charles Edward Kounetis Sandra Jean Krajewski Sharon A. Kravies Lynn Marie Kredar John Kropiwnicki John J. Kumpa Lizbeth A. Kuraska Anders Gustav Lamm Judith Marie Langan Mark R. Lariviere Donald William LaVigne Stephen James Leahy Catherine Marie Lecuivre Daniel M. Leduc Frank H. Lehninger Bryan Scott Lempitsky Charlene M. Leroux Scott E. Libin Christine Ann Liddell Timothy W. Loftus Vincent John Lorino Gerald Josepli Luke, Jr. Robert Francis Maciolek Francine Beth Mahalski Kevin S. Manion Michele Rene Manion Vincent Francis Massey Michael R. Matt Janice Maznicki Linda Ann McCarthy Karen M. McCartney Jane Elizabeth McDonald Patricia Ann McDonald Margaret M. McDonough Patrice Marie McKiernan Michelle M. McNeil Michelle A. Mercier Kathleen A. Miles Debra L. Miller Tamsen M. E. Miller Richard D. Mills Peter Moore, Jr. Mary Margaret Moschetti William R. Mothes Greg R. Moxley Scott Michael Murray Jane Anne Newton Harry E. Nichols, Jr. Kathryn Mary Normile Michael Q. Nosal, Jr. Daniel O ' Brien Jeanne M. O ' Donnell Arthur E. Olesen III Christopher J. Olesen David John Oliveri Julie O ' Meara Shelley Oppenheimer Patricia Marie Orifice Loreen Marie Owen Paul Steven Page Steven Joseph Palmer Richard Charles Parasiliti, J Pammy Ann Parent Marie Ann Parr James L. Parsons Theresa-Ann Partridge Michael J. Pawlowski James M. Peel Gary Pelletier Lori-Ann Perrone Kerry Purdy Peterson Robert E. Piescik OFFICERS - Class of 1984 PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER HISTORIAN ..Jill S. Schoentag ..Linda A. McCarthy Patricia A. Carroll Tina P. Trotta . .Karen M. Driscoll BOARD OF EDl-CA I ' .ON Francis A. Burke, Jr., Chairman John Carney, Vice-Chairman Antoinette Strom, Secretary Michael F. Dougherty Kevin Gordon Esther Alaimo-Jute Joan Reuter E. Patrick Storey, Jr. SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Dr. Louis Mager ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT Anthony Torre PRINCIPAL, ENFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Leo J. Yaconiello ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Stephen J. Gregorski ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Robert A. Johnson ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Daniel J. Michael GRAND MARSHALS David J. Arrighini Craig J. Janney ECHO 1984 Enfield High School Enfield, Connecticut Dedication The Senior Class takes great pride in dedicating the ECHO ’84 to Mrs. Kathleen " Cookie” Bromage, a special lady who has put so much of her time and effort into our school. She came to Enfield High School as a student teacher and since then has given our school sixteen years of her life. Through her physical education classes and through her coaching of various girls’ sports, Mrs. Bromage has shown us how to get along with one another on a team and has encouraged each one of us to strive for perfection. She has taught the students at Enfield High School that sometimes doing one’s best is not good enough. She has helped students to reach inside themselves and find that special strength to rise about the rest. As a coach, she has brought her field hockey team into the state tourna- ment for two consecutive years. She taught them per- serverance and that even the best can fall. From one season to another her enthusiasm has never slackened. We know that she will always be there with her warm smiles and gentle hugs because she is one of those special few who has gone beyond being a teacher and has become a friend. We, the Class of 1984, now prepare to move ahead to new chapters in our lives. We leave our past years at Enfield High School behind. We will break away, and each one of us will follow an individual path, remembering old paths already traveled. But as we start on our new highways in life, we will think of yesterday’s dreams as they become a reality, and we will think ahead to what tomorrow’s sunrise holds for us. Hold on to your dreams Don ' t ever give in If you keep on trying 1 T ' jfl 1 And those dreams will come true Somehow . . . someway. In September, 1981, when we entered Enfield High School each one of us came here with our own groups of friends and acquaintances. Separation existed among us all and unity was to be found nowhere. Now after three years of experiencing the same dilemmas and triumphs as other classmates, we have united and become the Class of 1984. Throughout these three years of schooling it can be said that we all have encountered one door after another. Whether that door was making the grade for a tough academic course or trying out for a scholastic sport, the insecurities and doubts were there for each one of us. But everytime we passed the test by pulling together with our friends or by taking the challenges upon ourselves and reaching out to open that door. Now stands one more door- the door to our futures. As your class president, I wish each one of you success and happiness along the path of life. I leave you with one last thought- when you are reaching out to open the doors in your future, remember your friends are near. Believe in yourselves, and anything is possible. 16 Class President 1984 Jill Schoentag Cl ass Officers I " Secretary Patricia Carroll Vice-President Linda McCarthy Treasurer Tina Trotta Historian Karen Driscoll Tracy Irene Aldrich Scott Allen Jerry Atkinson Carole Beebe Mike Bonney Barbara Ann Amaral Theodore Bahl Kerry B. Begley Lisa Boudreau Daniel P, Angelica Robert W. Beaucage Kathy Atkins Steve Balmskas Gary Blackwood Kimberly Ann Albero Melissa Beckstead Kim Blaney Lisa M. Bolduc Stephanie Alban Beth Anderson 18 Gary Ciampoli John Danek Shawn L. Chapps Scott Daniels Doug Ciemnlewski Stephen Chaput Robert E. Clark Lynne Cote William Chaves Tim Coffey Sharon Cote Jacqueline L. Davis Nick Costanzo Cynthia Jane Chesworth Raymond Coligan Richard Cruz Lee Davis Patricia A. Cormier Laura A. Curcio Anthony DeMonte 20 David J. Fredrick Mark Gaskell Kenneth Fiore Louie Gilman Chris Grigaitis David Gomez Judith FHalish Jennifer Lynn Furgerson Jim Flora Brian Gallerani Kurt L. Gates Denise M. Grenier Sue Gonzalez Kim Flassler Lisa Ann Foy Debra Garno 22 Sue Hoffses John R. Hayes Mike Hebert Taryn Heeber Tim Hinkel Margaret Holden Ed Ingraham David S. Jones. II Michael F. Houff Bob Hublitz Andy Isherwood Sean Kearney Elena Ingrassia Helen Jordan George Y. Kauffman Carlo lacolino Dan Isherwood Kevin Hogan Deborah J. Holland James J. Keegan Gene King Joseph P. Kobrzycki III Sandra T. Krajewski Lynn Kredar Mark LaRiviere John Kropiwnicki Don LaVigne Dan LeDuc John Kumpa Stephen Leahy Lizabeth Kuraska Catherine LeCuivre Frank Lehninger Bryan S. Lempitsky Charlene M. Leroux Scott E. Libin Tim Loftus Vincent J. Lorino Gerald Luke Robert Maciolek l-rancine B. Mahalski Kevin S. Manion Michele R. Manion Vincent F. Massey Janice Maznicki Linda McCarthy Karen McCartney Jane McDonald Patricia McDonald Margaret McDonough Patrice Marie McKiernan Michelle McNeil Michelle Mercier Kathleen A. Miles Debra Miller Tammy Miller 25 Harry C. Nichols. Jr. Kathryn M. Normile Mike Nosal Dan O’Brien Chris Olesen Loreen Marie Owen David Oliveri Paul S. Page Julie O’Meara Steven J. Palmer Jane Newton Mary M. Moschetti Scott M. Murray Richard Mills Peter Moore, Jr. C ViLl - Patricia Orifice Shelley Oppenheimer 26 Richard C. Parasiliti, Jr. Michael J. Pawlowski Chuck Pike Robert Ralston Theresa Ann Partridge Marie Parr Lori-Ann Perrone Sue Pond Christopher Ranta Paul Raschi Robert Piescik Sarah Prestwich Douglas Rehmer James Parsons Steven Preste 27 Ann Reynolds Douglas D. Roy Pamela Rose Scarfo Lisa M. Sherwood Tim P. Rejman Richard J. Rogers Robert Renna. Jr. David Roy Gregory Sammon Bill Reynolds Christopher G. Rudolph Julie Schaefer Elaine E. Shirley Michael A. Ryan Steven Schaefer Kevin Shriel Deborah A. Roman Jill Schoentag 28 Dave Sizemore Susan Spejewski Kelly Sullivan Drew Tingley Stephen Thomas Joseph F. Siana Edward C. Sic Michael Smyth Anthony Sullivan Timothy J. Thorogood Julie Tippo Dawn Mane Tronsky Waiter Spitzel John St. Sauveur Lisa Taetz Stephanie Strine Karen L. Vosseller Ron Wadsworth Jill Walker Jennifer Wall Steven Warzyski Kj Teresa L. Wylot Robert Wheaton Bill Zeller Don Whittemore Tom Zukowski Tom Jarosch Keith Wessels Ronald York 30 Marc A. Boudreau Sean Desmond Ernie L. Dewsbury Dean Firtion Michael Fritze Linda Dick Christopher Burby Charles Kounetis Michael Matt William Mothes Gregory Moxley Gary Pelletier Judith Post Stephen M. Rayak Timothy Russell Julie A. Saienni Thomas N. Troughton Christopher Wright 5. -rt Stooff Kimmie Dickie ' L Bethie ' V Angc Stephanie Alban Office Aide li Guidance Aide 3i Custodial Aide ! Cafeteria Aide li Newspaper li Magazine Drive 4i DECA 3i School Store l.3i Senior Variety Show 4i FBLA 3 Kimberly Ann Albero Guidance Aide 4i Ski Club 4i Class Historian 2-. Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 3.4; German Exchange Club 2.3.4. Tracy Aldrich Girls Swimming 3.4; Ski Club I.2.3.4; Chorus l Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2.3; National Honor Society 3.4; Usherette for Graduation 2.3; Student Social Council 2; Spanish Club 2; Drama Club I; Junior Prom Committee 3 Computer Science Award 3i Latin Honor Award 3 Scott Allen Barb Amaral Yearbook 3.4; DECA 4; Magazine Drive 4; School Store 3.4; Color Guard 1.2. 3. 4 Beth Anderson Baseball Manager I; J.V. Cheer- leading 1.2; Cheerleading Captain I; Ski Club 1.3.4; Class Secretary I; DECA 3.4; School Store 3; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3.4; Biol- ogy Award 2; Business Award I; Apparel Accessory Competition Local Level 2nd Place-State Level 4th Place; President of Distribu- tive Education 4; Business Occu- pations 4 Daniel P. Angelica Boys Track I; J.V. Soccer 1.2; Varsi- ty Soccer 3.4; Ski Club 1.2. 3.4; Mag- azine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Homecoming Committee 4 Katherine M. Atkins Magazine Drive 4; Honor Roll 4 Jerry Atkinson Theodore E. Bah! J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3; Boys Track 1.2; Golf I; Bowling Club I; Band I; Senior Variety Show 4; Marshall for Graduation 3 Stephen Balinskas Boys Track 3.4; Cross Country 2.3.4; Boys Swimming 2.3.4; News- paper 2.3.4; Student Action Com- mittee 4; S.S. Lab 2.3.4; Model Unit- ed Nations 4 Robert U . Beaucage Library Aide 2; Ski Club 1.2. 3.4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4; New Di- rections Teen Involvement Pro- gram 3.4; Yearbook 2. Faculty Edi- tor 3. Senior Section Editor 4. Edi- tor-in-Chief 4; Boys Track 2; Liter- ary Magazine 3.4 33 I Melissa M. Beckstead Girls Tennis 2i J.V. Cheerleading 2i Varsity Cheerleading l.3,4i Chorus I; Yearbook ! Talent Show h Maga- zine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll l.3.3.4i National Honor Society 3. 4-, Usherette for Gradu- ation 3i Senior Prom Committee 4i Student Social Council 1,3, 3i Junior Prom Committee 3i Homecoming Committee 4-, Class Night Commit- tee 4i New Directions Teen In- volvement Program 2i Homecom- ing Queen-, Pep Rally Committee l,3,3,4 Carol L. Beebe Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 3 Kerry B. Begley Girls Track l,3,3,4i Varsity Field Hockey l,3,3,4i Ski Club l,2,3,4i Chorus 3,3i Phys-Ed Aide li Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 1,3, 3, 4-, National Honor Society 1,3, 3, 4i Spanish Club 3i Drama Club li New Directions Teen Involvement Pro- gram 3,3,4i Citizenship Award li Girls State 3i Track Captain 4 Gary T. Blackwood Varsity Ice Hockey 3,3,4 Kimberly Blaney Health Careers 3i Food Services 3 Lisa M. Bolduc Nurses Aide li Library Aide 3i Guidance Aide li Ski Club l,3 Mag- azine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 3,3,4i Usherette for Graduation 3i Color Guard 3,3i FBLA 3i S.S. Lab 4i Congeniality Honors Awards 4i Vo-Tech Data Processing 3,4 Michael Bonney J.V. Baseball l,3i Varsity Baseball 3,4; Boys Swimming 1,3,3; DECA 3,3; Student Social Council 4; FBLA 3 Lisa Boudreau Varsity Softball 1, 3, 3,4; Varsity Girls Basketball 1,3; Varsity Field Hockey 1, 3, 3, 4; Guidance Aide I; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; German Exchange Club 3,4 Marc Boudreau Boys Swimming 1, 3, 3, 4; Auto- motive Club 3,3,4 Kelly Brantner Varsity Softball 1, 3, 3, 4; Varsity Girls Basketball 1,3, 3, 4; Varsity Field Hockey 1, 3, 3,4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; MVP Basketball 3, MVP Softball Captain 3; Basketball Captain 3 Calhleen E. Brewer Magazine Drive 4; DECA I Kerry Kelly 34 John Bride Varsity Football 4 Wick Boo Buck Chris A Burnsie Steph Michelle Brow Boys Tennis Manager li Ski Club 4i DfcCA School Store 3i Usherette for Graduation 2 Jannee M. Brown Girls Track 3i Library Aide h Span- ish Club 3 Wickley Brown Jr. J.V. Baseball li Boys Track 4i Cross Country li J.V. Boys Basketball li Varsity Soccer 4i Chess Club li S.S. Lab iMVP Track 2,3,4i Scuba Club 3 Matthew Scott Buanno J.V. Soccer l,3i Varsity Soccer 3.4i Ski Club l.3,3.4 Senior Variety Show 4i Arts Festival 1.3. 3, 4 Kevin James Buckingham J.V. Football I. J.V. Baseball I, Boys Track ! Bowling Club I. Bowling Trophy I Traci L. Buckley Cross Country li J.V. Cheerleading li Varsity Cheerleading 3.4i Senior Variety Show 4 Christopher Burby Automotive Club 3.3.4 Dan Burnham J.V. Ice Hockey li Varsity Ice Hockey 3,4i Cross Country 3.3.4, Bowling Club I, Ski Club 1.3. 3.4, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4 Brenda A. Burns Girls Tennis 3.3.4, J.V. Cheerlead- ing 3, Varsity Cheerleading 3.4, Ski Club 1.3. 3. 4, Chorus I, Yearbook I, Talent Show I, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3, 3.4, Usherette for Graduation 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Student Social Council 3.3,4, Homecoming Committee 3.3.4, Class Night Committee 4, Youth Advisory Council 3, New Directions Teen In- volvement Program 3, Student Re- presentative to the Board of Edu- cation 3, Pep Rally Committee I.3.3.4 Christopher Burns Stephanie Carpenter Lisa Carrara Varsity Softball 1.3. 3. 4, Varsity Girls Basketball 1.3, 3.4, Varsity Field Hockey 1.3. 3. 4, Student Gov- ernment I, Phys Ed Aide I, Maga- zine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3. 3. 4, National Honor Society 3.4, Usherette for Gradu- ation 3, Spanish Club 3, Arts Festi- val 3, Homecoming Committee 3.3.4, Class Night Committee 4, Vice-President National Honor So- ciety, Captain Basketball • Softball 3, Captain Field Hockey 4 35 Patricia A. Carroll Varsity Softball K Varsity Field Hockey h Office Aide 2.3i Class Secretary 4: Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 4; Hostess for Junior Prom 3 Tress Caruso Chorus U.3.4i Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 3. 4-, Arts Festival 2,3.4; Lamplighters 2.3,4; Special Education Aide 3.4; S.S. Lab 3.4; All-state Candidate 4-. Photogra- pher for School Evaluation 4 Vilina M. Cassell Office Aide 3; Nurses Aide 4; Li- brary Aide 2.3; Guidance Aide I; Ski Club 1.4; Magazine Drive 4; Health Careers 3.4 John Catania Varsity Eootball 1.2. 3. 4; J.V. Boys Basketball 1.2; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 4 Sandra J. Cerrato Varsity Soccer Manager 2; Maga- zine Drive 4; Honor Roll 2.3.4; Arts festival 2.3,4; Homecoming Com- mittee 2.3.4 Shawn L. Chapps Stephen Chaput Varsity Baseball 1.2. 3.4. Varsity Ice Hockey 1.2.3; Varsity Soccer I. 2. 3. 4; Student Government I; Class Vice-President 2; Literary Magazine 1.2. 3,4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4; Marshall for Graduation 3; Captain Soccer Team 1.4; All League Team 1.2, 3. 4; All State Sec- ond Team Defenseman 2; Talent Show I William Chaves Varsity Baseball 1.2. 3. 4; Varsity Boys Basketball 1.2. 3. 4; Phys-Ed Aide I; Literary Magazine 1.2. 3. 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1,2. 3.4; Marshall for Graduation 2.3; Captain Base- ball I; Captain Basketball I; Talent Show I Cynthia Jane Chesworth Girls Track 2.3; Cross Country 2.3; Manager of Cross Country 2.3; Senior Variety Show 4; Health Ca- reers 3.4; Class Night Committee 4 Gary Ciamp oli J. V. Football I; Varsity Football 3; Ski Club 1.2.3; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 2.3 Doug Ciemniewski Varsity Wrestling 1.2. 3,4; National Honor Society 3 Robert E. Clark J.V. Soccer 2; Varsity Soccer 3.4; Soccer Manager I; Ski Club 3.4; Band I; Stage Band I; Literary Mag- azine 3.4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4; National Honor Society 3.4; Mar- shall for Graduation 3; Homecom- ing Committee 2 " V i Chapper ...A ' Gary 36 Tricia MiSi A-’ " 1 . Rich l i ttffv " The Caveman « JM Yack Tim Coffey Ray Coligan Varsity Football li Ski Club Patricia A. Cormier Varsity Softball li J.V. Volleyball 2 Yearbook 2.3.4i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 4i Yearbook Section Editor 3 Nick Costanzo Boys Track U, Ski Club li Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll U Lynne Cole Varsity Cheerleading 3.4i Chorus 2,3.4i Senior Variety Show 4i Arts Festival 3.3.4 Sharon Cole Guidance Aide 3i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Color Guard I Richard Cruz J.V. Wrestling 2i Art Club li Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll l.3i Spanish Club 3 Laura A. Curcio Nurses Aide li Food Services 3.4 Albert D ' Alessandro John Danek Band l.3.3,4i Jazz Ensemble 1.3. 3. 4 Scon Daniels J.V. Football li Varsity Football 3.3.4i Varsity Boys Basketball l.3.3i Senior Variety Show 4i Host for Junior Prom 3i Homecoming Com- mittee 3.4 Jacqueline L. Davis Hockey Manager 4i DECA 3.4i School Store 3.3i German Ex- change Club 3.3.4i Color Guard h FBLA 3. DECA Treasurer 4 37 ffr jn Driyzga Band 2.ii Jazz fcnsemble 3 Tony Duchesneau Hiking Club 4 Cindy Duggan Girls Track Ui Varsity Girls Bas keiball I, J.V. Field Hockey 3i Of fice Aide I, Yearbook I, Class His torian 3i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll IJ,3.4i National Honor Society 3, 4, Usher- ette for Graduation 3,3, Student Social Council 3, Spanish Club 3,3.4, junior Prom Committee 3, New Directions Teen Involvement Program 3.4 Charles Dumais J.V. Football I, Varsity Hockey Manager 3.3.4, Ski Club I.3.3.4, Lit- erary Magazine 1.3.4, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3.3, 4, National Honor Society 3.4, Drama Club I, Home- coming Committee 3.3, French Award I, Physics Award 3, Chem- istry Award 3, English Award I, Drafting Award 3, Rensselaer Medal 3, Graphic Arts Award I, Citizenship Award I, Harvard-Rad- cliffe Book Award 3, Class Night Committee I Terri Dave Keith George Kristen Duzik Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3.4, Usherette for Graduation 3, Senior Prom Committee 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Class Night Committee 3 Wesley Elcock David Emery Varsity Football 1.3. 3. 4, Magazine Dri ve 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 3.4 Laurie Etheridge Girls Track 3, Office Aide 3, DECA 3.4, School Store 3.4, Senior Vari- ety Show 4, Track Award, DECA Competition 3rd Place Award Theresa Everett J.V. Volleyball 3, Varsity Volleyball 3.3, Ski Club 3, Yearbook I, Maga zine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3. 3.4, National Honor Society 3.4, Senior Prom Commit- tee 4, Spanish Club 3, Health Ca- reers 3.4, Class Night Committee 4 David Ferguson Varsity Football I, J.V. Boys Bas- ketball I, Magazine Drive 4, Honor Roll 3.4 Keith Fet ridge George Fields Varsity Football I.3.3.4, Senior Va- riety Show 4, Wrestling 1.3.4, Usherette for Graduation 3, Ski Club 3.3 Ken Fiore Dean Fin ion Jim Flora Jim Foni Varsity Wrestling 2.4i J.V. Football li Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 1.2, 3.4 Lisa Ann Foy Senior Variety Show 4i Usherette for Graduation 3i Lamplighters 2.3.4 David J. Fredrick Golf 4i Soccer 2.3i Varsity Soccer l.4i Varsity Wrestling l.2.3.4i Stu- dent Government l Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4 Mike Frilze Jennifer Lynn Furgerson Field Hockey Manager 2i Library Aide 3i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 2.3i Senior Prom Com- mittee 4i Student Social Council 4i German Exchange Club 2.3,4i Color Guard 1.2. 3. 4i Class Ring Commit- tee 2i Homecoming Committee 4i New Directions Teen Involvement Program 3i First Class Girl Scout Brian Oallerani Boys Track l.2.3.4i Cross Country I.2.3.4, Ski Club 2,3.4, Phys-Ed Aide I, Newspaper 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Student Action Commit- tee 4, Model United Nations 4 Candy Gallo Magazine Drive 4, DECA 3.4, School Store 3.4, 3rd Place General Merchandising Award 3, School Store Assistant Manager 4 Debra K. Garno Mark Gaskell DECA 3.4 " Gator " Lou Tommy G. Kurl L. Gjies Varsity Football U.3.4i Varsity Baseball 3.3.4i Ski Club l.3.3.4i DfcCA 3.4i School Store 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 3.4 Louie Gilman Automotive Club 3.4i Wood Shop Award Wrestling 1.2 Tom Giordano Automotive Club 2.3.4i Wrestling I.2.3.4 i .1 ' 2 1 ' David Gomez Sue Gonzalez Manager Girls Track Is Yearbook 1.3.4s Magazine Drive 4s Senior Va- riety Show 4s Honor Roll Senior Prom Committee 4s Span ish Club 2s Junior Prom Committee 3s Class Night Committee 4s Spanish Award Is High Honor Roll Is Year- book-business Manager 3s Opening Section Editor 4s Who ' s Who Among American High School Stu- dents Dave Dee Hooter Judy Denise Grenier Girls Track 1.2s Girls Swimming Captain Girls Swimming 4s Varsity Cheerleading Is Honor Roll 2.3.4 Chris Grigailis Boys Track 1.2s J.V. Soccer 2 Mall Guerriero Judith A. Halish Girls Track 2.3.4s Varsity Girls Basketball Varsity Field Hockey Varsity Softball Is Magazine Drive 4s Senior Variety Show 4s Honor Roll Secre- tary of National Honor Society 3.4s Senior Prom Committee 4s Student Social Council 4s Usherette for Graduation 3s Girls Track Captain 4 Kim Hassler John R. Hayes J.V. Football 1.2s Varsity Football 3.4 REE Mike Hebert Honor Roll 1.2.3s Who ' s Who among American High School Students 41 T ryn Heeber Ski Club It Chorus 1.2. 3. 4i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4; Color Guard 2.3.4i Chorus Award I-. Color Guard Award 2.3.4 Tim Hinkel Sue Hoffses Guidance Aide 3i Magazine Drive 4; DECA 3.4i Health Careers 3.4 Kevin D. Hogan Varsity Baseball 4i Varsity Ice Hockey 3.4i Senior Variety Show 4 Margaret Holden Heebs Twinkie ,X, Sue Deborah J. Holland Girls Track 3.4i J.V. Volleyball 2; Varsity Volleyball 3.4. Captain Varsity Volleyball 4i Softball Man- ager li Ski Club l.2.3.4i Band ! Year- book 2.3.4) Stage Band ! Literary Magazine 4-. Magazine Drive 4) Senior Variety Show 4) Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4) National Honor Society 3.4; Usherette for Graduation 2.3) Sen- ior Prom Committee 4) Student So- cial Council 2.3.4) German Ex- change Club 3.4) As Schools Match Wits 4) Homecoming Committee 2.3.4) Class Night Committee 4) Youth Advisory Council 2.3) Brown Book Award 3) History Award 3) German I Award) Alternate Girls State Representative 3) National Merit Scholarship Letter of Acco- modation 3 Hogie Margaret Debra-Jay „ %’f Michael Houff J.V. Soccer 1.2) Varsity Soccer 3.4) Captain Varsity Soccer 4 7 . Bob Hublitz Bowling Club I) Library Aide Carlo J. lacolino Automotive Club Mook X Bob ‘W, Edward Ingraham Elena Ingrassia Senior Variety Show 4) Honor Roll 1.2 V iS =7 Chris Irish Special Ed Irish 42 Sharon A. Kravies Office Aide 2i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll l.3.3.4i Class Night Committee 4 Lynn Kredar Chorus Class President ! Mag- azine Drive 4i Honor Roll l.i.?,4 John Kropiwnicki Ski Club l.4i Magazine Drive 4 John J. Kumpa Varsity Baseball 3,4i J.V, Boys Bas- ketball li Bowling Club li Ski Club 2.3; Magazine Drive 4 Lizabelh Kuraska Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1. 2.3.4; Usher- ette for Graduation 3; Senior Prom Committee 4; Student Social Coun- cil 4; Junior Prom Committee 3; Homecoming Committee 2.3; Class Night Committee 4 Anders Lamm Varsity Soccer 4; Boys Tennis 4 Judith Marie Langan Honor Roll 3 Mark Lariviere Don LaVigne Ski Club 1.2. 3.4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Auto- motive Club 2.3.4; S.S. Lab 2.3.4 Stephen Leahy Cross Country 3; Varsity Boys Basketball 2 Catherine Lecuivre Yearbook I; Guidance Aide 3; Hon- or Roll 3 Daniel LeDuc J.V. Baseball 1.2; Varsity Baseball 4; Varsity Boys Basketball 4; J.V. Boys Basketball 2.4 Sharon Lynn J K John Betsy Mark Kropper rv i: Steve Gonzo SLEECH M r . ' A- " . ■ 44 Bryar FLEER Char Bryan LempHsky Frank FI. Lehninger Varsity Football U.3,4i DbCA 3.4; School Store 3; Senior Variety Show 4 Charlene M. Leroux Varsity Volleyball 2.3.4i Captain Volleyball 3.4i Boys Track Manager li Ski Club l.2i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll l.2.3.4i National Honor Society 3.4i Usherette for Graduation 2i Senior Prom Committee 4i Homecoming Committee 4; Class Night Commit- tee 4; French Award U Scon £. Libin Varsity Baseball 4i Bowling Club h S.S. Lab 4 " Manny” Christina A. Liddell Senior Variety Show 4i Health Ca- reers 3.4i Class Night Committee 4i S.S. Lab 4 Tim Loftus Boys Swimming l,3,3.4i Manager of Girls Swimming 3i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4 Vincent J. Torino J.V. Baseball li Varsity Baseball 2A J.V. Boys Basketball ! Varsity Boys Basketball 3.3 Gerald Luke Honor Roll 1.3. 3.4 Robert Maciolek Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll l.3.3.4i National Honor Society 3.4i Marshall for Graduation 3i Student Action Committee 4i Citizenship Awardi Yale Book Awardi Physics Awardi Spanish Awardi German Awardi President of National Hon- or Society 3.4i Student Activity Evaluation Committee 4 Francine B. Mahalski DECA 3.4i School Store 3.4i Senior Variety Show 4i Health Careers 3i Homecoming Committee 3.3.4i Class Night Committee 4 Kevin S. Manion Magazine Drive 4i Ski Club li Auto- motive Club 3.4i Motorcycle Club 3.3.4i Wrestling 3.4 Michele Rene Manion Senior Prom Committee 4i Color Guard 3i Junior Prom Committee 3 Vincent F. Massey J.V. Football li Varsity Ice Hockey 4, J.V. Soccer 2. Ski Club 2.3.4, Band 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Varsity Soccer 4 Mike Matt Janice Maznicki Varsity Softball 2, Varsity Soccer Manager 1.4, Ski Club 1.2. 3. 4, Year- book I. Class President 2.3, Maga- zine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.2.4, Usherette for Graduation 2.3, Senior Prom Com- mittee 4, Student Social Council 2.3.4, Spanish Club 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Ring Commit- tee 2, Homecoming Committee 2.3.4, Class Night Committee 3.4, Youth Advisory Council 4, Class Night Hostess 2, Student Govern- ment I Linda McCarthy Girls Track 1.2, J.V. Cheerleading I, Nurses Aide I, Ski Club I, Yearbook I, Class Vice-President 4, Maga- zine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll I, Senior Prom Com- mittee 4, Junior Prom Committee 2.3, Homecoming Committee 2.3.4, Class Night Committee 4 Karen M. McCartney Girls Tennis 1.2. 3.4, Manager of Soccer 3.4, Manager of Baseball I, Student Government I, Ski Club 2.3.4, Chorus I, Class Secretary 2.3, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4, Usher- ette for Graduation 2, Marshall for Graduation 3, Senior Prom Com- mittee 4, Student Social Council 2.3.4, German Exchange Club 2.3.4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Ring Committee 2, Homecoming Committee 2.3.4, Class Night Committee 1.4, Youth Advisory Council 2, New Directions Teen In- volvement Program 2, Captain Varsity Tennis 3 Jane McDonald J. V. Cheerleading 2, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Drama Club I, Lamplighters 3 Patricia McDonald Girls Swimming 2.3, Varsity Cheerleading 2, Class Vice-Presi- dent 3, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 3.4, Senior Prom Com- mittee 4, As Schools Match Wits 3.4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Night Committee 4 Mararet McDonough Ski Club 3.4, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Senior Prom Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee 3 Patrice Marie McKiernan Girls Track 1.2.3, J.V. Girls Basket- ball 2, Girls Swimming 1.2. 3.4, Girls Varsity Basketball Manager I, Of- fice Aide I, Magazine Drive 4, Sen- ior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.2, Usherette for Graduation 2, Senior Prom Committee 4, Student Social Council 2.3.4, German Exchange Club 2.3.4, Junior Prom Committee 2.3, Homecoming Committee 2.3.4, Class Night Committee 2.3.4, Ger- man I Award . i Mass Janice Linda A Karen Jane Trice " Shou " ■M Missy Milum 46 Michelle McNeil Library Aide 3i Guidance Aide li Chorus 3.4i Senior Variety Show 4i Guidance Aide Award Michelle A. Mercier Kathleen A. Miles Office Aide 2, Senior Variety Show 4i LBLA 4 Debra Miller Magazine Drive 4 Senior Variety Show 4i Senior Prom Committee 4i Junior Prom Committee 3 Tammy Miller Nurses Aidei Health Careersi Fu- ture Nurses Club Richard Mills J.V. Boys Basketball Boys Tennis l.3.3.4i Art Club li Yearbook 4i Newspaper 4i DECA 3,4i School Store 4i DECA 1st Place Competi- tion in Advertising! FBLA Histori- an 4 Peter Moore. Jr. Boys Track 2.4i Varsity Boys Bas- ketball l.2.3.4i Band l.i,3i Basket- ball CCIL Allstari Track CCIL All- stari Drum Major 3 Mary Margret Moschetti J.V. Cheerleading l,3i Varsity Cheerleading 3.4i Magazine Drive 4i DECA 3,4i School Store 3.4i Sen- ior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll l,3,4i Class Night Committee 4 William Mothes Boys Tennis li Senior Variety Show 4 Greg Moxley J.V. Soccer li Varsity Soccer Patrick W. Murphy Chorus 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Lamplighters 4 Scott M. Murray Varsity Ice Hockey 2.3.4i Golf 3.4i Honor Roll 1.3, 3, 4i National Honor Society 3.4i Grand Marshall for Graduation 3i Dartmouth Book Club Award 3 Jane Newton Chorus 3,3.4i Senior Variety Show 4i Student Action Committee 3.3i Lamplighters 2.3.4i Superinten- dent’s Advisory Committee 3 Harry C. Nichols Jr. Kathryn Normile Office Aide 3i Yearbook 4i Arts Festival 3.4i Color Guard 3i New Directions Teen Involvement Pro- gram 3.4i FBLA Vice-President 4i Magazine Drive 4 47 Mike Sosa! J.V. Football 4i Varsity Boys Bas- ketball 4 Dan O ' Brien DECA 3.4i Senior Variety Show 4 Jeanne M. O ' Donnell Girls Tennis 2i Guidance Aide li Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4; Senior Prom Committee 4i Health Careers 3,4i Class Ring Committee 3i Homecoming Com- mittee 2; Class Night Committee 4; Honor Roll 1,2,4 Arthur Olesen J.V. Football It Boys Track l,2,3,4i Cross Country 2,3,4 Chris Olesen J.V. Wrestling 3 David Oliveri Wrestling l,2,3,4i J.V. Football I Julie O ' Meara Girls Track l,2i German Exchange Club 4i Homecoming Committee 2,3,4i Family Living Dep Award Shelley Oppenheimer Office Aide 3,4 Patricia M. Orifice Girls Track ! Varsity Girls Basket- ball 4i Varsity Field Hockey l,2,3,4i Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4-, National Honor Society 3,4-, Student Social Council 2i Arts Festival 2,3i Home- coming Committee 3i Class Night Committee 4 Loreen Marie Owen J.V. Girls Basketball 2i Varsity Girls Basketball 4i Varsity Field Hockey l,2,3,4i Varsity Baseball Manager 2.4i Varsity Softball Man- ager li Student Government h Of- fice Aide li Guidance Aide li Ski Club l,2,3,4i Yearbook L Senior Va- riety Show 4i Honor Roll l,2,3,4i Na- tional Honor Society 3,4i Student Social Council 2i Homecoming Committee 2,3i Class Night Com- mittee 4-, English Academic Award I Paul S. Page Varsity Football 4i DECA 3,4j School Store 4; Senior Variety Show 4i DECA 3rd place trophy Steven J. Palmer Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 3,4; Varsity Ice Hockey 2,3,4; J.V. Soccer 2; Varsi- ty Soccer 3,4; Literary Magazine 3,4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,4; Marshall for Graduation 3 Jeannie Chris 48 Rich f Clown Kerry Richard C. Parasilili Jr. Basketball Manager 3.4i Baseball Manager 4i German Exchange Club Marie Pammy Parent Nurses Aide 3.4i Library Aide li Band Magazine Drive 4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll l,3i Na- tional Honor Society 4i Usherette for Graduation 3i Senior Prom Committee 4i Color Guard li Health Careers 3.4i Future Nurses Club 3,4i Junior Prom Committee 3i Homecoming Committee 4i Class Night Committee 4i Blood Mobile Volunteer 3.4 Marie A. Parr Girls Track It Girls Tennis 2.3.4i Ski Club 1.2. 3.4, Band Aide I.2.3.4, Woodwind Choir 3.4, Jazz Ensem- ble 3.4i Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4, National Honor Society 3. 4, Out- standing Band Student 2.3, Instru- mental Merit Award, Band Vice- President 1.4, Band Librarian I.2.3.4, Band I.2.3.4 James Parsons Boys Track 2.3.4, Cross Country 3.4, Stage Band I, Newspaper 2.3.4, Literary Magazine 4, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, S.S. Lab 3.4, Church Folk Club 3.4 J Theresa Ann Partridge Boys Tennis Manager 2, Library Aide It Ski Club I, Chorus 1.2, Maga- zine Drive 4, School Store I, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.2, Usherette for Graduation 3, Stu- dent Social Council 2, Drama Club I, Lamplighters 2.3.4, Homecoming Committee 2.3, S.S. Lab 2.3.4, Lam- plighters Historian 3 Michael J. Pawlowski J.V. Football 1.2, J.V. Boys Basket- ball 1.2.3, Varsity Boys Basketball 4, Boys Tennis 3.4, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4 Lori Jim Pee! J.V. Soccer 2.3, Varsity Soccer 4 Gary Pelletier Lori-Ann Perrone Soccer Manager I, Cross Country Manager 2.3, Chorus I, Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 2.3.4, FBLA 4 Kerry Purdy Peterson J.V. Cheerleading 2, Varsity Cheerleading 3.4, Ski Club 1.3.4, Yearbook I, Senior Variety Show 4, Senior Prom Committee 4, Spanish Club 2, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Ring Committee 2, Class Night Committee 4, Family Living Dept. Award 2 Bob Robert Piescik J.V. Football 2, Boys Track 1.2. 3. 4, Cross Country 1.3.4, Honor Roll 2.3.4, FBLA 3, Business Award 3, Fly-Tying Club I Chuck Pike Ed Pins Judith Post Girls Track li Nurses Aide 2,3.4i Library Aide li Band 3i Yearbook ! Student Action Committee 3.3i Lamplighters 2.3.4i S.S. Lab 2.3i Su- perintendent ' s Advisory Commit- tee 2,3i Special Ed Aide l.ii Flash 2.3 Steve Preste Sarah Prestwich Yearbook I; DECA 3.4; Magazine Drive 4; School Store 3.4; Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 3.4 Kim Prostka Boys Tennis Manager 2; Office Aide 3i Nurses Aide 2.3.4; Maga- zine Drive 4; Honor Roll 2.3.4; Usherette for Graduation 2; Arts Festival 2 Steve Sarah " Lippy ' Rob Ralston Wrestling 1.2.3; 1.2.3 Varsity Football Christopher Ranta Boys Tennis 4; Student Govern- ment I; Library Aide 2.3; Ski Club 1.2. 3. 4; Band 1.2.3; Yearbook 1.2.3; Band Aide 1.2.3; Stage Band 1.2.3; Jazz Ensemble 1.2.3; Racquetball Club 3.4; Newspaper 3.4; Literary Magazine 3; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 3.4; National Honor Society 4; Sen- ior Prom Committee 4; Student So- cial Council 3; Homecoming Com- mittee 2.3.4; Talent Show I Paul Raschi J.V. Football 1.2; Varsity Football 3.4; DECA 3.4 Steve Rayak Doug Rehmer J.V, Soccer I Sue Pond J.V. Softball I; Girls Track 2.3.4; Varsity Girls Basketball 1.2. 3. 4; Varsity Field Hockey 1.2. 3. 4; Wood Tech I 50 Tim P. Rejman Ski Club I; Senior Variety Show 4 Robert A. Renna J.V. f-ootball 3i Varsity Baseball 4i Varsity Ice Hockey iAt J.V. Soc- cer l.3i Bowling Club ! Chess Club li Senior Variety Show 4i German Exchange Club 3.4 Ann Reynolds Varsity Softball h J.V. Girls Basket- ball 3i Varsity Girls Basketball l.3.4i Varsity Field Hockey l,3,3.4i Senior Variety Show 4i Honor Roll 4i Sen- ior Prom Committee 4i Junior Prom Committee 3 Bill Reynolds Spacey Rickety Richard J. Rogers Boys Track 2.3.4i Cross Country l.3,3.4, J.V. Boys Basketball 1.3, Newspaper 3.3.4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3. 3. 4, National Honor Society 3.4, Student Action Committee 4, International Club 3.3.4 David Roy J.V. Soccer 1.3, Wrestling Manager 1.3, Band I, Yearbook I, Honor Roll 3.3.4 Douglas D. Roy J.V. Football 1.3, Varsity Football 3.3.4, Boys Track 1.3, Bowling Club I, Ski Club 1.3, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.4 Dave Christopher G. Rudolph Varsity Ice Hockey 3.3.4, Chorus 3.4, Band 1.3. 3. 4, Band Aide I, Stage Band I, Jazz Ensemble 3.3.4, Maga- zine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3. 3.4, National Honor Society 3.4, Student Action Com- mittee 3, Arts Festival 3.4, Out- standing Band Student Award 3.3, American Music Federation Band Award, Advanced Music Award, Leadership Award 1983 Arts Festi- val, Eastern Regional Band 3, All- State Chorus Candidate 4, All- State Band Candidate 1.3.4 Timothy Joseph Russell Cross Country I, Ski Club 3, S.S. Lab 4, Video Production Basketball, Video Production Football, Video Production Ice Hockey Michael J. Ryan J.V. Football 3, Varsity Wrestling 3.3, Ski Club 1.3, Band 1.3, Stage Band 1.3, Jazz Ensemble 1.3, String Ensemble I, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll I.3.3.4 Greg Sammon Ski Club 1.3. 3. 4, Automotive Club 3.4 Paul H. Savage Motorcycling Club, Ski Club, Hik ing Club Pamela Rose Scarfo J.V. Girls Basketball 1.3, Varsity Girls Basketball 1.3, Ski Club 3.3.4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.3, Future Nurses Club 4, Home- coming Committee 3.3.4 SAW Julie A. Schaefer Girls Track I; J.V. Cheerleading Varsity Cheerleading 1.3.4; Liter- ary Magazine 4; Magazine Drive 4-. School Store I; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4; Marshall for Graduation 3-. Senior Prom Com- mittee 4; Student Social Council 1.2; Homecoming Committee 4; LBLA 4. Class Night Committee 4; Youth Advisory Council I; 1st Run- ner up to Homecoming Oueen 4; Secretary of FBLA 4; Pep Rally Committee 1.2. 3.4 Steve R. Schaefer Band 1.2. 3. 4; Stage Band I; Jazz En- semble 3.4; Magazine Drive 4; Sen- ior Variety Show 4; Band President 4 - Jill Schoerttag Girls Swimming 2-. Ski Club 1.2. 3. 4; Class President 4; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll I; Senior Prom Committee 4; Homecoming 2.3.4; Class Night Committee 4 I - 7 r A Lynn M. SchoHard Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4; Home- coming Committee 2.3.4 Lisa M. Sherwood Magazine Drive 4; DECA Lynn y Sli. Elaine Elaine E. Shirley Girls Track 1.2. 3.4; Cross Country 1.2; Magazine Drive 4-. Vo-tech Data Processing 3.4 Kevin Shriel Joseph F. Siana Boys Swimming 3.4; J.V. Soccer 2; Manager of Girls Swimming 4 " V: i " 1 .. Joe Sic Edward C. Sic J.V. Wrestling 3.4 Pave Sizemore J.V. Football 1.2.3; Varsity Football 4; Boys Track 1.2; Wrestling 1.3.4; Magazine Drive 4 r srf Leann Smith Library Aide I; Senior Show 4; Honor Roll I Variety Lisa A. Smith Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Usherette for Graduation 2.3 52 y ' f Dave rn 1 Lee " bubbles " Patrick Smith Boys Tennis 3.3.4i Ski Club ! S.S. Lab 3,4i Tennis Club Michael Smyth J.V. Football li Varsity Football 2.3 Susan Spejewski Senior Variety Show 4 Walter Spitzel Gregg A. Stewart John St. Sauveur Varsity Football 4i J.V. Baseball 2.3; J.V. Boys Basketball 2.3 Stephanie Strine Senior Variety Show 4; Drama Club I Anthony Sullivan Food Services Kelly Sullivan Girls Tennis I; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4-. Honor Roll 1.2.3; Usherette for Graduation 3.4; Senior Prom Committee 4; Student Social Council 3.4; Junior Prom Committee 3-. Homecoming Com- mittee 2.3.4; Class Night Commit- tee 4 Karen A. Swanson Varsity Softball I; Girls Track 2; Manager Girls Swimming I; Man- ager Boys Varsity Basketball I; Chorus 2; Magazine Drive 4; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll 2.3; Senior Prom Committee 4; Student Social Council; Homecoming Com- mittee 4 lisa Taetz Girls Track I; Girls Tennis 3; Man- ager of Soccer 2; Ski Club 2; Senior Variety Show 4; Honor Roll; Usher- ette for Graduation 2; Senior Prom Committee 4; Student Social Coun- cil 3.4; Junior Prom Committee 2.3; Homecoming Committee 2.3.4 Stephen Thomas Cross Country 4; Boys Tenis 4; Bowling Club I; Guidance Aide 1.2; Drama Club I r Mike Timothy J. Thorogood Automotive Club 3i Diversified Occupations 4 Tom Throughlon Drew Tingley Boys Tennis 1.2. 3. 4i Senior Variety Show 4 Julie Tippo Manger J.V. Baseball li Library Aide 3i Chorus l.3i Senior Variety Show 4i Senior Prom Committee 4i Student Social Council 2.3.4i Vice- President Student Council 3i Presi- dent Student Council 4i German Exchange Club 3.4i Spanish Club 2.3.4i Vice-President Spanish Club 3i Drama Club It Lamplighters 2.3.4i Vice-President Lamplighters 3i Junior Prom Committee 3i Homecoming Committee 3.4i S.S. Lab 2.3.4) Class Night Committee 4) Third Year Drama Award I Dswn Marie Tronsky Office Aide 3i Magazine Drive 4) Senior Prom Committee 4) Arts Festival 2.3.4) Color Guard 3.4 Tina P. Trotta Girls Track 2) Chorus L Yearbook I. 3) Class Treasurer 3.4) Magazine Drive 4) DECA 3.4) Senior Variety Show 4) Honor Roll 4) Senior Prom Committee 4) Student Social Coun- cil 4) Spanish Club 2) Junior Prom Committee 3) Homecoming Com- mittee 3.4) FBLA 3) Class Night Committee 1.4) General Merchan- dising Award 3) School Store Man- ager 4) School Store 3.4 Gerald Tuomala J. V. Football 1.2.3) Varsity Football 4) Boys Track L Bowling Club I) Food Services 3.4 Rhonda A. Vaudreuil Office Aide 4) J.V. Cheerleading 2) Varsity Cheerleading 1.3.4) Library Aide I) Magazine Drive 4) School Store I) Senior Variety Show 4) Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4) Senior Prom Committee 4) Student Social Coun- cil 3) Junior Prom Committee 3) Class Night Committee 4 Mary M. Vezina Girls Tennis 2.3.4-. Baseball Man- ager I) Student Government L Of- fice Aide I) J.V. Cheerleading 2) Varsity Cheerleading 1.3.4) Chorus I) Class Treasurer L Magazine Drive 4) Senior Variety Show 4) Honor Roll 1.2. 3. 4) National Honor Society 3.4) Usherette for Gradu- ation 2.3) Student Social Council 2.3.4) Junior Prom Committee 3) Homecoming Committee ' 2.3.4) Class Night Committee 1.4) Stu- dent Representative to the Board of Education 2) Hugh O ' Brien Leadership Award) Citizenship Award Robin Vilece Soccer Manager L Baseball Man- ager I) J.V. Cheerleading L Varsity Cheerleading L Magazine Drive 4) Senior Variety Show 4 Karen L. Vosseller Nurses Aide L Chorus b Magazine Drive 4) National Honor Society 3.4) Drama Club b Color Guard b Chemistry Award 2 54 Ron Wadsworth DECA 1.2) Senior Variety Show 4 Jill Walker DECA School Store Assistant Manager of School Storei Honor Roll 3 Jennifer Wall Chorus 3.4i Yearbook 2i Senior Va- riety Show 4i Honor Roll 4i Senior Prom Committee 4i Student Ac- tion Committee Lamplighters 3.4 Sieve Warzyski Keith Wessels Ski Club 3i J.V. Wrestling li Varsity Wrestling I Bob Wheaton Automotive Club Don Whittemore Golf 2.4, Honor Roll 3.4 JiU M. Wo las Girls Tennis 3.4, Student Govern- ment I) Chorus 1.4, Yearbook I, Tal- ent Show I, Class Treasurer 2, Mag- azine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4, National Honor Society 4, Senior Prom Committee 4, Student Social Council 2.3.4, Lamplighters 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee 3, Homecoming Committee 2.4, Class Night Committee 4, New Directions Teen Involvement Pro- gram 4, Student Representative to the Board of Education, Yearbook Editor I Christopher A. Wright Magazine Drive 4, Senior Variety Show 4, Automotive Club 2, S.S. Lab 2 Teresa L. Wylol Ronald York J.V. Baseball 2, Varsity Ice Hockey 3.4, Golf 3.4, JV Soccer 2, Senior Variety Show 4, Honor Roll 1.2. 3.4, Marshall for Graduation 3, German Exchange Club 2.3.4 Bill Zeiler Ski Club 1.2, Automotive Club 2.3 Thomas Zukowski Newspaper 2.3, Magazine Drive 4 Board Of Education i Standing! Mr. Paul Gaylor. Jr.. Mr. Kevin Gordon. Mr. Michael Dougherty. Mr. Francis Burke. Mr. John Enfield Student Representative Carney, and Mr. E. Patrick Storey. Jr. Sitting: Mrs. Antoinette Strom. Mrs. Joan Reuter, and Mrs. Esther Bill Selson Oneto. Superintendant Dr. Louis Mager Recording Secretary Mrs. Ruth Wadman Business Manager Mr. Alfred Dreyer Assistant Superintendant Mr. Anthony Torre 58 Administration Principal Mr. Lee J. Yaconiello Vice-Principal Mr. Daniel Michael Mr. Leo Yaconiello Sean Ryan And Mr. Daniel Michael Vice-Principal Mr. Stephen Gregorski Vice-Principal Mr. Robert Johnson 59 Mrs. Carol LeDoux Mrs. Marcelle Wyse Mrs. Josephine Szoka Mrs. Hope Rice Mrs. Elaine LaRoche Mrs. Genevieve DeCaro Mrs. Flora Gates 60 Cafeteria And Custodians The Cafeteria Staff The Custodial Staff Mr. Vincent Dailey Mrs. Thelma Kakluskas " Service With a Smile” 61 Mrs. Cynthia Pope Lisa Ouimette and Mrs. Donna Solak Mr. Robert Griffin Specialists Mrs. Mildred Kilty Mr. Leo Porcello Mr. Shaun Kelly Mr. Paul Pavlakis 62 Specialists Mr. Joseph Lamana Mrs. Janice Corso Mr. Edward Masztal Mrs. Delores Green Mrs. Dorothy Gilmore Mrs. Elizabeth Nicholls Mr. Harry Zeroogian, Mr. John Mariano, and Mr. Robert Keller Mrs. Florinda Valente. Mrs. Cresence Giangrasso, and Mrs. Carol Bruce Science Department Chairperson Kneeling: Mr. Edward Masztel. Mr. Joseph Andrychowski, and Mr. Richard Mazur. Standing: Mr. Edward Bassett, Edward Bassett Mr. Harlton Sweet. Mr. Michael DeRose. Mr. Robert Kramer. Mr. Kenneth St. George, and Mrs. Sandra Stillo. As a result of the increasing number of students electing to take science offerings and because of the continually increasing importance of scienti- fic knowledge in today’s technological society, the Science Department of Enfield High School continues to emphasize and offer the established curriculum. The basic science curriculum of full year courses consists of: BIOLOGY. PHYSICAL SCIENCE. CHEMISTRY, ANATOMY, and PHYSIOLOGY, and PHYSICS. More comprehensive studies in Biology, Chem- istry. and Physics are also offered as full year courses: ADVANCED CHEMISTRY. ADVANCED BIOL- OGY. and ADVANCED PHYSICS. In addition, the Science Department offers se- mester courses in the following.: ECOLOGY. BOTANY. ASTRONOMY, I II. and HEALTH. Independent study is made available upon re- quest for those students who have specific needs not met by the established curriculum. We. the staff of the Science Department of Enfield High School, wish to offer our congratula- tions and best wishes to this year’s graduating class. Mr. Kenneth St. George Mrs. Sandra Stillo Mr. Robert Kramer Mr. Michael DeRose 64 Social Science Isl Row: Mr. Dennis Corso, Mr. Thomas DeFilipi. Dr. Richard Celio. 2nd Row: Mr. Frank Gawle, Mr. Richard Vincent, Dr. Frank Taylor. Mr. Edward Boland. Dr. Richard Celio The 1983-1984 school year was one of con- tinual attempts to provide avenues for self- realization and self-fulfillment for students in Social Science classes. The Social Science curriculum has been designed to provide choices, to increase the possibility for stu- dents to make some meaningful contact with society, to identify and understand complexieties in today’s world, and to for- mulate responsible value systems for life in a diverse world. Mr. John Fletcher. Mr. Richard Vin- cent Stephanie Strine, Mr. Edward Boland. Dept. Chairperson. 65 Math frOai Or iiAjo, Te vPT aJ Ot h TaJ 1st Row: Mr. Raymond Stoll, Mr. Gerald Murphy-Rossi, Mr. Stanley Tupek, Mr. Stephen Smith. 2nd Row: Mr. Robert Bromage. Mr. Mark Dennis. Mrs. Rachele Lorenson, Mrs. Barbara Flebotte, Mrs. Marilyn Scheck. Mr. Eugene Scheck. Mr. Michael Austin Mr. Stephen Smith In recognition of the vital roles that math- ematics and computers play in our lives, the Enfield High School Mathematics Depart- ment offers a varied and extensive program of studies. The offerings range from practi- cal courses for those students who desire proficiency in basic skill areas to theoretical courses for those who will pursue the study of mathematics and computers beyond high school. It is hoped that the students of the 1984 graduating class have gained an under- standing of the relevance of mathematics and computers to everyday experiences, and will pursue their studies to the highest level of their abilities. Ms. Barbara Flebotte, Department Chairperson Business Miss Rose Porcello. Mr. Richard Sunter. Mrs. Sandra Arndt, Mr. Dennis Murphy, Mrs. Dorothy Hare, Mrs. Poppy Fowler, Mrs. Carol Radziewicz, Mr. James Furey, Mrs. Donna Piela. Mrs. Dorothy Hare Mrs. Donna Piela The Business Department offers a variety of courses for skill development and socio- economic subjects that provide training in office and business related occupations. On- the-job training opportunities are available in the fields of office and distributive occu- pations. Many courses also serve as a back- ground for advanced study. Mrs. Poppy Fowler, Dept. Chairperson 67 English 1st Row: Miss Gail Darden, Mrs. Doris Coughlin, Mrs. Adian Doherty, Ms. Anita Pappas-Roposa. 2nd Row: Mr. Dennis Girard, Mr. Rob- ert Campbell, Mr. John Tal- bot, Mr. Chester Blair, Mr. Richard Gray, Mr. William Fogarty, Mr. David Fre- drick. Miss Linda Miller Pam Leitao Mr. Richard Gray, Dept. Chairperson This above all, to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day. Thou canst not then be false to any man. Shakespeare The Enfield High School English Curricu- lum offers a varied program of required and elective courses designed to help students achieve their full potential in basic commu- nication skills and in understanding and en- joying of literature. It is our hope that students will select courses carefully and participate fully in the activities of each class. 68 Foreign Language Isl Row: Ms. Donna Lyons. ’Mrs. Sandra Brassard, Mrs. Denise Light. 2nd Row: Mr. Paul Lucius, Mr. Mark Winzier, Mr. Raymond Montagna. Ms. Donna Lyons Mrs. Denise Thompson The Foreign Language Department at EHS has contin- ually encouraged students to study a foreign language not only to extend their knowledge of other cultures, but also to improve their potential in the world. In addition, the Foreign Language Department feels that learning other languages helps one understand and use his own language more accurately and effectively. French, German, and Spanish are taught in an ap- proach that is audio-visual with emphasis on the sounds of grammar patterns of the spoken language. Latin is also presented in a dynamic manner with audio-visual materials that help the student to develop a better cultural understanding of classical antiquity and its im- plications in the present. Mrs. Sandra Brassard, Dept. Chairperson Knowledge itself is power Ipsa scientia potestas est. S a voir, c ' est po avoir! — Bacon 69 Industrial Education Mr. Kropiwnicki, Dept. Chairperson. Louie Gilman The program in Industrial Education of- fers students an opportunity to explore and become acclimated to modern techniques. Program offerings are: Home Mechanics, Automotives. Electricity, Technical Draw- ing, Machine Drafting, Architectural Draw- ing, Material Processing. Wood Technology, Metal Technology, Grapic Arts, and House Design. Tom Giordano 1st Row: Mr. William Noyes, Mr. Eroll Shain, Mr. Donald Hollister. 2nd Row: Mr. Benjamin Cortese. Mr. Valentine Kropewnicki, Mr. George Rypysc. Family Regardless of ethnic and economic backgrounds, we all share certain commonalitiesi we are all part of a family, and we are all consumers. However, many indi- viduals do not have an opportunity to understand or develop the skills necessary to deal with problems re- lated to ourselves, our families, and society in general. The department of Family Living and Consumer Educa- tion focuses upon the individual and seeks to develop self-awareness through a variety of courses dealing with many aspects of our personal and social lives. Offerings include Independent Living, Family and So- ciety, Exploring Parenthood, and Interior Design, as well as courses in the areas of food and clothing. Living Vickie Gravelin, Michele Beaulieu, Sue Manning Mrs. Margaret Fitzgerald Mrs. Ellen Frost Mrs. Christina MacDonald. Dept. Chairperson Library Mrs. Marie McGarry. librarian Mrs. Mary Barnes Mrs. Charlotte Bielski The library contains a variety of printed and audiovisual resources in order to pro- vide information for students on all sub- jects. However, the main emphasis is placed upon books. Students who develop an appre- ciation and enjoyment of books are more likely to develop lifetime reading habits. Maria Norman 72 Guidance Ms. Rae Tober, Mr. Raymond Cloutier, Mr. Richard Prunty. Mr. Richard Hellstein. Mrs. Rosemary Makarewicz. Mr. William Wenzel. :olled€ Mrs. Jean Clarkin, Mrs. Maureen Reilly Mr. Raymond Cloutier, Cheryl Lavigne The Guidance Department, in concert with the other departments at Enfield High School, stresses the acquisition of skills and the development of habits concerning self analysis, decision making, and perspective analysis planning. Our main goal is to guide the students in examining their abilities, capabilities, inter- ests, attitudes, habits, and volitions. We must specifically focus on the stu- dents’ approach to life and a life of learning through job career and college indentifica- tion, understanding and pursuit. We have expansive resources available to the stu- dents in these areas. Mr. Richard Prunty. Dept. Chairperson 73 Music Marc Spruill Mr. Leonard DeMaio, Mrs. Tracy Came. Mr. Rocco Autorino. Under the direction of Mrs. Tracy Came, the instrumental music department offers a wide variety of performing opportunities. Courses include Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and several small chamber ensembles. These groups perform throughout the school year and have repre- sented our town and school in and out of state. The classroom curriculum is aimed to ac- commodate three different kinds of stu- dents: the general student, who may include the History of American Music of Electronic Music in his studies; the college bound liber- al arts and elementary education majors; and the advance music majors, who would study music theory and composition under the capable guidance of Mr. Leonard De- Maio. Mr. Rocco Autorino, an accomplished vo- calist in his own right, is in the director’s chair when our mixed and select choruses take to the risers for a performance. The vocal class which he conducts helps the stu- dent gain confidence in his solo work, im- prove his vocal technique, and realize the potential of his own voice. 74 Art Mr. Newell Murri, Mrs. Barbara Kemnitzer Mike Malick This was a dynamic year in the Art De- partment. The students were provided with the opportunities to acquire basic skills as well as difficult concepts. This enabled all individuals to exercise their creative abili- ties. Student art work was continuously on exhibit throughout the building for the plea- sure of the entire student body and staff. This has been a good year for field trips and guest speakers as well. We know that this year filled with change and challenge has helped the students of Enfield High School to grow and develop their self-expression. We will miss those of you who are leaving us and hope you will carry fond memories of our Art Department. 75 Physical Education Mr. Arthur Wilk Mrs. Kathleen Bromage Miss Kathleen Gendall Mr. John Skypeck In an attempt to meet the changing needs and inter- ests of students, the Physical Education Department offers a wide variety of activities. These activities include many individual and team sports. Tenth grade students participate in a structured pro- gram which includes both team and individual sports with emphasis on fundamentals and knowledge to pre- pare them for selection of activities as juniors and seniors. Juniors and seniors are required to take physical education and also have the opportunity to select from a wide range of activities that are offered. The empha- sis at this level will be to further acquaint students with numerous activities and to help define their skills for a lifetime of physical activity. Mr. Bernie Ward President Lisa Annecharico Vice President Linda Horvath Historian Audrey Fusco 78 Secretary Dawn Whalen Treasurer Bill Nelson Junior Class Officers Sophomore Class Officers Vice President Kim Gamage Secretary Pam Leitao President Theresa Lipinski Treasurer Lisa Hoyt OcO Historian Jen Oneto Class Of ' 85 Mike Barile Leah Bell Wendy Boudreau Ken Fisher David Gemme Audrey Fusco Mike Gugliotti Tom Gaitorna Beth Flaggard T im Flarvey James FJewey Mary Fliggins 82 Michelle La Brie. Lisa Proteau, Karen Normile Karen Tougas Scot! Ingram Michelle La Brie Doreen Legienza Rod Lavallee ■ ■ Lisa Proteau, Karen Normile Sue Kounetis Melissa Irish Dawn La Haninie Mike Luke Kim Maggio Paul Manlscalchi Dawn Massey Paula Margolfo Sue Me Fatter Chris McGuire Susie Mitton Dena Nelson Elizabeth Nitch Carin Mothes 84 Renee Hart. Lori Rice Sandy Fauteux Marc Spruill Karen Tougas Holly Stankiewicz Sandy Udas Donna Tadiello Terry Waterman Beth Toolan Beth Surapme Delroy Wallace Dawn Whalen v arra Zukowski Joe Bennis 86 Sandy Udas. Laura Sizemore Kelly Gokey Michelle Kamm Colene Kneiss Kim Lata Jennifer Lawlor Tom Loftus Belinda Lowe Beth Lyman Tracy Maggio Dana Livingston Janis Majowitz Edward Martocchio Lori Massie Sean Maxson 4 Lisa Miller Barbara Morton Debbie Provencher Cheryl Ralston Jennifer Rask Karen Robert Cathy Rogers Jenniter Rohr Steven Roy Maria Runiore Denise Setsky Terry Smith Candy Spencer Lisa Staley Advanced Adaptive Learning Marc Gregoire Pebble Horvath Bernie Kershaw Angela Dunakin Danielle Ledoux Lisa Ouimette Jeffrey Robbins 92 Class Of 87 Peter Arvantely Michele Bankowski Laura Berger Rosanne BiagettI Annette Bourgoin Pamela Bourgoin Brenda Bourne Milena Brown William Birch Danniel Burke Mike Choiniere Christine Caminiti Karen Christensen Trinidad Cascia Stephen Clapp Karen Ciampoli Jim Catania Vicki Dean ii r David Prouin Richard Pavey S W » V V, . V Ellen Donaldson Cindy Conley I Pavid Cruz Sue Pevine Andrie Coligan Michelle Peniontigny Holly Engdahl Sean Gordon I r—. Cathy Pukes Denise Girard V Patrina Gallerani Sarah Grimshaw Shannon Everette Deborah Grace Linda Frederick Mark Grill 94 Linda Frederick. Jennifer Roberts Bonnie Latour Danielle Lessard Susan Manning Scott Luke Jennifer McBride Kim Macdowell Cecelia McCormick Jim Maciolek Terry Mersereau Gemini Murray Amy Normile Ron Mitchell Nancy Navin i i Victor Nadeau Dan Moran Dawn Nelson Peter Morneault Lee Ann Minukas 96 Jennifer Bahl, Craig Ouellette Jim Leach Terry Sears Laurie Sadutto David Rhodes Lisa Shea Jennifer Roberts Amy Schaefer Peter Siwinski Sloane Strme Tracy Spruill Christine St, Amant Chris Snow Trevor Susor Kevin Tate Scott Thomas Kim Szasz I Cathy Torre Michelle Walsh h Maureen Webster Carmel Wheaton Jeanne McDonald Sue Devine 99 Mike Abbott Mike Bennett Linda Hughes Brenda Riach Kurt Wester Patti Guyette Collin McCabe Lisa Turi Cheryl Keegan Tracy Lane rr. Kelley Robert Cheryl Sulsar Freshmen Class Officers Homecoming Tim Loftus. Julie Schaefer, Bill Chaves, Melissa Beckstead, Greg Millen, Patty Carroll, and Dan Isherwood. " Don’t Stop Believing " Host and Hostess Patty Carroll and Scott Daniels. Yearbook Front Row: Leah Bell, Betsy Coakley, Trinidad Cascia, Lynn Gourinski, Jona Cascia, Barb Amaral. Second Row: Karen Tougas, Charlene Vosseller, Maria Norman, Audrey Fusco, (ADVISORS) Gail Darden and Donna Lyons, Paula Margolfo, Barbara Boucher. Top Row: Kate Normile and (EDITOR) Bob Beaucage. German Club Sealed; Sharon Albro, Dena Nelson. Tammy Levesque. First Row; Elaine Dwight, Julie O ' Meara. Sharon Sturtevant, Kim Albero, Ron York. Julie Tippo. Dawn LaFlamme. Candy Spencer. Second Row: Michelle Provost. (ADVISOR) Mark Winzier. Richard Hedding. Jacqui Davis. William Birch, kelly Gokey, Lisa Ellis. Patrice McKiernan. Colin McCabe, and Richard Sears. Foreign Exchange Students Thomas Jarosch Koblenz. Germany Vielen Dank fiir ein schones, erfahrungs- reiches Jahr, an das ich mich immer gerne zuriickerinnere. Tom Anders Lamm Goteborg, Sweden Ett fantastiskt ar att minnas for alltid. Anders Kevin Brenneman Irapuato GTO.. Mexico Recordare este ano como uno de mis mejores anos. Keven We were very fortunate to have three such affable exchange students this 1983-1984 school year. We will miss Anders’ intelligence. Kevin ' s artistic ability, and Tom’s humor. But, most of all, we’ll miss the friendship that many shared with each of them. Student Social Council Back row: Michelle Bankowskl. Michael Bonney. Kelly Sullivan. Lisa Ellis. Angela Beaupre. Terry Waterman. Paul Morris. Lynn Gourinski, Tracie Hall. Jennifer Furgerson. Peggy O ' Connor. Lee-Anne Minukas. Patrice McKiernan. Karen McCartney. Brenda Burns. Mary Vezina. Jill Wojtas. and Janice Maznicki. Second rotv; Mr. Mark Winzier. Paula Michaud. Paula Margolfo. Linda Horvath. Lori Ann Clouthier. Sherry Contois. Maria Norman. Beth Tippo. and Beth Toolan. Front row: Lisa Annecharico. Julie Tippo. Laurie Sadutto. Karen Tougas. Pam Leitao. Trinidad Cascia. Jona Cascia. Karen Swanson. Cindy Mottolese. Mary Lewis. Michelle Bolduc. Leah Bell and Lisa Taetz. OFFICERS: Co-Treasurer Patrice McKiernan. Secre- tary Jona Cascia. Vice-President Beth Toolan. Co- Treasurer Karen Swanson, and President Julie Tippo. Student Action Committee Back row.- Mr. Mark Winzier, Louise LeDuc, Robert Rohr, Alfie Paul, John Santanella, Richard Hedding, Secretary Theresa Lipinski, and Theresa Sears. Front row: Brian Gallerani, Vice-Chair- person Richard Rogers, Chairperson Robert Maciolek and Board of Education Representative Bill Nelson. Missing: Steven Balinskas, and James Carden. DECA Front Row: Rose Porcello (ADVISOR). Sue Hoffses. Fran Mahalski, Mary Moschetti, Tina Trotta. Candy Gallo, and Sarah Prestwich. Row 2: Peter Donohue. Beth Anderson. Dan O ' Brien. Mark Gaskell. Frank Lehninger. and Rich Mills. Row 3: Paul Raschi. John Bride. Laurie Etheridge. Kurt Gates, and Paul Page. Missing: Jacqui Davis. Daryl Desroches. and Jill Walker. Rose Porcello (ADVISOR). Beth Anderson (PRESIDENT). Jacqui Davis (TREASURER), Fran Mahalski (VICE-PRESIDENT). Sarah Prestwich (HISTORIAN), and Daryl Desroches (SECRETARY). National Honor Society Back Row: Bob Maciolek. Rich Rogers. Beth Anderson. Chris Rudolph. Chip Dumais. Thayer Donaldson. Dan Isherwood. Scott Murray, and Bob Clarke. Front Row: Lisa Carrara, Judy Halish. Tracy Aldrich. Marie Parr. Charlene Leroux. Mary Vezina. Deb Holland. Karen Vosseller, Kerry Begley, and Cindy Duggan. Missing: Melissa Beckstead. Kelly Brantner. Doug Ciemniewski, Theresa Everett. Kim Hassler. Patricia Orifice, Loreen Owen. OFFICERS: Robert Maciolek, Lisa Carrara, and Judy Hallish. ADVISORS: Mrs. Doherty, Mr. Montagna. Ms. Pappas-Raposa. and Mr. Masztal. 118 Flash Back Row: Dr. R. Celio and Ms. L. Miller (ADVISORS). Front Row: Sue Lukas, Bob Lukas. Steve Balinskas, and Michael Robbins. Missing; Richard Rogers, Bill Nelson. Rich Mills, and Donna Garcia. 119 Band Row I: Christina Barna. Kelly Robert. Paul Nicosia. Beth Haggard, David Schaefer. Michael Lehouillier, Donald St. Pierre. Bill Palmer, Lori Daigle (DRUM MAJOR), Ken Fisher. Nathalie Boudreau. John Casey, Patrick Higgins. James Leach. Dan Burke. Cindy Conley, and Jennifer Furgerson. Row 2: Jennifer Olender. Lisa Pond. Jennifer Rohr. Catherine Arvantely, Betsy Hoehn. Tracy Lane, Karen Jennie. Michelle Provost. Michele Robidoux. Kim Pease. Heather Notman. Tracy Spruill, and Debbie Kinney. Row i; Lisa Hoyt. Tracy Ishler. Sean Gordon. Steve Kinney, Peter Arvantely. Andrea Daigle, Susan McFatter. Katie Lamar. Christine St. Amant. Tara Choinski. Lisa Carpenter, Scott Ingram. Marc Spruill. Rich O ' Regan, and Tracy Came (DIRECTOR). Row 4; Christopher Rossano, Irene Leitao, Cathy Dukes. John Januszewski. Vincent Massey. Steven Schaefer. David Albert. Marcus Wirtz. Marc Adelberg, Wayne Gordon. Liz Rohr. Michael Pych. Ray Linehan. and Robert Lukas. Missing: John Danek. Sean Kearney. Paul Maniscalchi. Marie Parr, Joseph Pych. and Christopher Rudolph. AZZ ENSEMBLE: Row !: Irene Leitao. Scott Ingram, Jill Placzek, Joseph Pych, Deborah Kinney, and larie Parr. Row 2: William Palmer, Sean Kearney. John Danek, Kenneth Fisher, Robert Lukas, ' hristopher Rudolph, and Tracy Came (DIRECTOR). Row 3: Daniel Leduc, Matthew Orifice. Wayne iordon, Michael Pych, Steven Schaefer, and Marc Adelberg. Missing: Liz Rohr. Colorguard ow I: Christina Barna (CO-CAPTAIN), Cindy Conley (MAJORETTE), and Jennifer Furgerson (CAP- AIN). Row 2: Candy Spencer, Elizabeth Nitch, Barbara Amaral, Pam Leitao, and Kelly Robert. 123 Spanish Club Back Row: Alfie Paul. Maureen Webster. Jannee Brown, Karen Jennie. Leah Bell. Julie Tippo. and Michelle Bankowski. Middle Row; Mrs. D. Light (ADVISOR), Angela Gonzalez (PHOTOG- RAPHER). Stephanie Carr, and Maria Norman (TREASURER SECRETARY). FronI Row: Susie Mitton, Kim MacDowell, and Lisa Carpenter. Missing: John Baker, Bob Rohr, Jona Cascia, Lisa Annecharico. Tracy Maggio, Lisa Miller. Karen Ornifer. Mary Lorenc. Michelle Kamm, Sue Pape. Carolyn Wick. Athena Percoski. and Janice Maznicki. if ' FronI Row; Michelle Bolduc. Mrs. McGarry, and Laurie Sadutto. Back Row.- Cindy Watson, Sheree Nuccio. Kelly Hublitz. Robert Hublitz. Phyllis Blauvelt, and Melissa Blauvelt. Missing: Chris Barna, Tammy Cappozzi. Laurie Deschaine. Dannielle Lessard. Courtney Parker. Willi Sanow, Tracy Spruill, and Irene Stage. ADVISOR: Mrs. D. Light, Library Aides Nurse ' s Aides And Health Careers Front Row: Erica Walters. Stephanie Carr, Mrs. D. Gilmore (NURSE), Alfie Paul, and Jannee Brown. Back Row: Beverly Pesto, Jude Post. Kim Prostka. Kathy Kaplan, Lisa Sherwood, and Michelle Mercier. Ifick Row: Beth Toolan, Diana Desroches, Leslie Devine. Lucy Soule. Michelle LaBrie John Santan- iia. and Elizabeth Nitch. Sitting: Maureen MacDonald, and Mrs. D. Green (ADVISOR). 127 FBLA ' »UTH Officers; Rich Mills. Peggy O ' Connor. Kate Normile. Sandy Udas (PRESIDENT) Silting: Peggy O ' Connor (TREASURER). Kate Normile (VICE-PRESIDENT), Sandy Udas (PRESI- DENT). and Rich Mills (HISTORIAN). Back Row: Kim Gamage, Mrs. Piela (ADVISOR), Lori Perrone. Sharon Kravies, Charlene Vosseller, and Barb Boucher. Missing; Annette Chaloux, Betsy Coakley, Karen Driscoll. Dave Eredrick. Karen Keeley. Sandy Krajewski, Alfie Paul, Julie Schaefer (SECRETARY), Leann Smith, and Terry Sears. As Schools Match Wits Back Rcw: Mr. Eogarty (ADVISOR). Sean Ryan, Dr. Taylor (ADVISOR). Sitting: Bob Maciolek, Deb Holland. Mary Lorenc. David Callan. Kneeling: Artie Olsen. Steve Balinkas, Brian Gallerani Standing: Missy Clark. Steve Thomas. Jim Parsons. Dustin Ford. Bob Piescik. Coach Gary ' Blanchette Cross Country The members of the Enfield High Cross Country team put forth their maximum effort this season. The team was led by Brian Gallerani. Best of luck to graduating seniors; Steve Balinkas, Brian Gallerani, Steve Thomas, Jim Parsons, Bob Piescik and Rich Rogers. Coach: Gary Blanchette Manager: Missy Clark 130 Steve Balinkis Dustin Ford Artie Olsen .k Bob Piescik r ,j 131 First Rcw: P. Isherwood. D, Roy. M. Morton. P. McCue. G. Ciampoli. M. Gugliotti. S. Daniels. Second Row k, Lawler. D. Brantner. M. Mutari. J. Catania. S. Sims. P. Gill. M. Nosal. F. Lehninger. Third Row: Coaches J. Def ilipi. J. Stasio. M. Liddell. D. Crowley. P. Maniscalch i. J. St. Sauvere. D. Emery. R. Pelligrino. B. Folio. D. Sucrum. J. Pych. Coaches J. Andrychowski. J. Rizzo. B. Delany. FI. Lally. J. king. k. Gates. J. Flail. G. Fields. J. Flayes. D. Sizemore. C. Roberts. Fifth Row: G. Tuomala. R. Roman. R. Sears. G. Waite. J. Milne. P. Lafemmene. C. Tougas. Manager B. Mutari. Missing from picture Managers H. Stankiewicz. I. Sizemore D. Emery Football The Enfield High Football team ended its season at 2-8- 0, thanks to the coaching of Jack Stacio and Tom Defilipi and the managing of Holly Stankiwicz, Laura Sizemore and Brian Murtari. The mighty Raiders had a very successful season by defeating cross town rivil Fermi (22-6) and Wethersfield (22-18). A special thanks goes to our dedicated seniors who showed their determination and teamwork against some of the toughest teams in Connecticut. Under the supreme leadership of Captains Dave Emery and Gary Ciampoli our team fought their way to an excellent finish. H.S. G. Ciampoli Coaches: J. Rizzo, J. Stacio, J. Defilipi, J. Andrychowski 132 ( Clockwise from bottom left: Kurt Gates, George Fields, John Flayes, Bob Ralston, John Catania, John St. Sauvere, Doug Roy, Pan Isherwood, Mike Nosal, Scott Daniels. Front row.- Loreen Owen. Dawn Massey. Lisa Carrara. Kelly Brantner. Amy Allen. Second row: Sue Pond. Patty Orifice. Kerry Begley. Judy Halish Third row L-R; Audrey Fusco. Ann Reynolds. Laurie Murrey. Coach Kathleen Bromage. Kathy Gambino Fourth row: Betsy Noonan. Lynn Piemonte. Karen Golden. Nancy Rivard Fifth row: Pam Leitao. Renee Massey. Jenifer Roberts Loreen Owen Lisa Cararra. Kelly Brantner Karen Golden Field Hockey The Enfield High Raider Field Hockey Team coached hy " Cookie” Bromage and managed by Pam Leitao captured the GOLD in the Class M State Finals by defeating New Milford 1-0 in overtime. The Raiders kept their CCIL crown for the second consecutive season and ended this fine season with a 16-1 overall record. Congratulations to gradu- ating seniors Sue Pond, Patty Orifice, Ann Reynolds. Kerry Begley. Lisa Boudreau, Loreen Owen, Judy Halish, and Co- Captains Lisa Carrara and Kelly Brantner, for their fine performances throughout the season. 134 Judy Halish Lisa Carrara Kelly Brantner Ann Reynolds Kerry Begley Patty Orifice Front row: J. Spider. D. Setsky. J. Olender. L. Schaffer, Capt. E. Sidway. J. Rohr. L. Mille r. H. Birchall. M. Harrington. Second row: Assistant Coach Bernie Ward. C. Garland. K. Fritz. C. DiNatile. L. Fazzino. K. Triba. J. Oullette. L. Palmer. Coach Bob Cressatti. Last row: k. Cimino. K. Piemonte, L. Leduc. L. Rohr. K. Jenny, M. Bunkowski. Kim Triba Erin Sidway Girl ' s Soccer In their first season the Enfield High Girl’s Soccer Team put forth a maximum effort. The young team looks for- ward to next season with optimism. IS-: ir— =r. . ¥»«■ Wik Coach Bob Cressatti KNEELING; Deb Holland. Charlene Leroux. STANDING: Marian Dippel. Dawn Whalen. Angela Beaupre. Colene Kneiss. Karen LaVigne. Linda Horvath. Sue Kanidas Volleyball The Girl ' s Varsity Volleyball Team finished its best season yet with a record of 4-14, including victories over the high-ranking Wethersfield and Hall teams. Leading the way with all-around performances were senior co-captains Charlene LeRoux and Deb Holland. The hitting abilities of junior Karen LaVigne and sopho- more Colene Kneiss, along with the fine setting of ju- nior Dawn Whalen were an important part of the Raider team. Fine performances were also displayed by juniors Linda Horvath and Angela Beaupre. 138 Charlene Leroux Angela Beaupre Linda Horvath Charlene Leroux Naiilie Boudreau. Heather Notman Karen LaVigne Dawn Whalen SITTING: Coach John Fisher. Denise Grenier. Sherry Nuccio. Jennifer Oneto. Michele Norris. Christine Jackson. Kelly Flublets. Coach Robert Fento STANDING: Pa nce Mckiernan. Lisa Staley. Melissa Irish. Dawn Oneto. Lynn Gourinski. Terresa Lipinski MISSING FROM PICTURE: Judy O ' Sullivan. Manager Tracey Aldrich Girl ' s Swimming The Enfield High Girls’ Swim Team concluded its 1983- 1984 season having obtained fond memories and good friends co-captains Denise Grenier and Patrice McKiernan leave the team with best wishes for many seasons to come, and many thanks to our coaches, Mr. Fenton and Mr. Fisher. They have managed not only to be our coaches, but our friends as well. Nine of the Girls’ Team went on to State Championships, and members Theresa Lipinski, went on to become All-League. Congratulations Theresa, and all members of the 1983 Girls’ Swim Team, on a Season to be proud ofl Patrice Mckiernan Denise Grenier Dawn Oneto Jen Oneto Patrice Mckiernan Patrice Mckiernan Boy ' s Soccer .The Boy’s Soccer team, coached by Lenny Shortz, offered a serious challenge to some of the top rank teams in Connecticut. Their season was enlightened with victories over tough Conard and Penney teams. A fine effort was put forth by all including Mike Houff, Joe Kobrzycki, Tom Jarosch, Bob Clark, Dave Fredricks, Anders Lamm, Matt Buanno, Vince Massey, Greg Mox- ley, and Delroy Underclassmen Paul Grigley, Bill Curtain. Dave Ar- righini and Craig Janney also had solid seasons. Craig Janney Silling: Joe Carrara. Bob Clark. Jim Peel. Matt Buanno. Vince Massey. Kneeling: Greg Movley. Paul Grigly. Bill Curtain. Mike Houff, Dave Fredricks, Paul Miller Sending: Coach Lenny Shortz. Jim Dubois. Delroy Wallace. Joe Kobrzychi. Tom Jarosch. Anders Lamm. Dave Arrighini, Craig Janney i Paul Grigley » Front Row: Michelle Norris. Jen Oneto, Ken Caputo. Tim Loftus. Coach Mr. Fenton. Coach Mr. Fisher. Bjck Row: Dawn Oneto. Steve Balinkas. Joe Siana. Jim Parsons. Tom Loftus. Steve Boyington. Theresa Lipinski 144 Boy’s Swimming Each member of the Enfield Swim Team was at his peak performance this season. Every swimmer pushed himself to do the best he possibly could. The Excellent team was coached by Mr. Fisher and Mr. Fenton and managed by Dawn Oneto, Theresa Lipinski, Michelle Norris, and’ Jen Oneto. li. Coach. Mr. Fisher Tim Loftus Jim Parsons Tim Loftus Jen Oneto Ken Caputo Steve Balinkas 145 Boy ' s Basketball The Enfield Basketball team led by Peter Moore and Bill Chaves, is to be respected for pulling through a tough season against some of the top ranked teams in the state. Their pace never slackened and they presented each team with a challenge. Best wishes to seniors, Peter Moore, Mike Nosal, Gene King, Bill Chaves, Anders Lamm, Jim Lorino, Tom Jarosch for the time and effort they put into their team. Coach Donald Pasati Kneeling: Captain Peter Moore, Coach Donald Pasati. Captain Bill Chaves. Standing-. Scott Miller. Jim Lorino, Dave Arrighini, Anders Lamm, Tom Jarosche, Doug Dean, Gene King, Mike Morton, Mike Nosal. Mike Morton Doug Dean } 147 Peter Moore Gene King Anders Lamm Mike Nosal Jim Lorino Ice Hockey The Enfield Hockey Team coached by Phill Clarkin and Bill Stone had another year of spectacular performance. Seniors contributing to the fine season were Bob Clark, Steve Palmer, Dan Burnham, Ron York, Gary Blackwood, Joe Tinnerella, Good Luck to all graduating seniors who helped make Enfield Hockey so successful. 148 Front Row: Todd Girard. Paul Stone. Pete Sawinski, Keith Kumpa. Dan Burnham. Paul Grigely. Bill Sullivan. Chris Rudolph. Second Row. Marc Sprul Chris Alexander. Bob Clark, Joe Tinnerella. Ron York. Craig Janney. Standing: Coach Phil Clarkin. Steve Palmer. Brian Mulligan. Gary Blackwood. Scot Murray. Tim Carpenter. Tom Gattorna. Chip Dumais. Assistant Coach Rill Stone. ■a tfV ' S? l.- ' V Captains: Gary Blackwood. Craig Janney. Steve Palmer, and Dan Burnham Craig Janney Coach Phil Clarkin Steve Palmer Gary Blackwood Tim Carpenter V Joe Tinnerella I .- Ifi Brian Mulligan Standing: ssistanl Coach Mr. Mayo, Manager Susan Kounetis. Captain Lisa Carrara, Sue Pong, Betsy Noonan, Judy Halish, Lori Daigle, Terry Waterman, Jill Olender, Coach Mrs. Bromage, Kneeling: Ingrid Birchall, Heidi Birchall, Ann Reynolds, Karen Golden, Kelly Brantner, Shelly Smith, Bonny Hoehn, Sitting: Pam Leitao, Amy Allen, Michelle Provost, Caroline Wick. Captains; Kelly Brantner and Lisa Carrara Girl ' s Basketball The Enfield High Girl’s Basketball Team put forth 100% this season against some very challenging teams. The team showed a good attitude on and off the c ourt and are to be congratulated on a fine season. Best wishes to gradu- ating seniors. Sue Pond Judy Halish, Ann Reynolds, Kelly Brantner, and Lisa Carrara. Shelly Smith Lori Daigle 150 I Standing: coach kirk Parker, Manager, Dave Sizemore, Tim Thorogood, Tom Giordano, Dave Fredrick, Manager, Joe Androchowski, Sitting: Scott Ingrahm, Gene Cornue, Chris Snow, Dan Maran. Artie Potter. Keith Sidway. Brian Webster. Pat McCue. Coach Kirk Parker Coach Joe Androchowski Wrestling The Enfield High Wrestling Team, Coached by Kirk Parker and Joe Androchowski, worked very hard this season to make a strong, tough team. All wrestlers are to be congratulated for their maximum effort they put in at all times. Their good sportmanship and conduct is to be praised. Good luck to graduating seniors Doug Ciem- niewski, Tim Thorogood, Dave Sizemore, Dave Fredrick, and Tom Giordano. Lynn cote, Tricia McDonald, Mary Maschetti. Cheryl Ralston, Linda Beaulieu, Brenda Burns, Mary Vezina, Kerry Peterson, Julie Schaefer, Rhonda Vaudreuil, Lisa Annechico, Kristen Choiniere Cheerleadmg Mary Maschetti Melissa Beckstead Mary Vezina Class Statistics Mosl Likely to Succeed Beth Anderson and Bob Maciolek Mosl Respected Jill Schoentage and Peter Moore Preppiest Gary Blackwood and Karen McCartney Class Scholars Deb Holland and Bob Maciolek PERFECTIONISTS Kerry Peterson and Chip Dumais 159 Class Clown Candy Gallo and John Catania Cutest Patti Carroll and Bill Chaves Class Couple Scott Daniels and Patti Carroll Best Smiles Daryl Desroches and Steve Palmer Best All Around Beth Anderson and Dan Isherwood Best Pressed Peter Moore and Robin Velice Most Athletic Steve Palmer and Kelly Brantner t Class Buddies Matt Buanno. Mike Smyth. Matt Guerriero, and Mike Nosal Most Gullible Melissa Beckstead and Dave Roy Class Buddies Melissa Beckstead. Jill Wojtas. Lisa Taetz . Mary Vezina. Karen McCartney, and Brenda Burns Most School Spirited Rich Parasiliti and Janice Maznicki Brownies Dan Isherwood and Kerry Begley Most Artistic Rich Mills and Sandy Cerrato 161 Most Disorganized Tricia McDonald and Mike Nosal Grumpiest Fran Mahalski and (missing from picture) Tom Troughton Class Devils Steph Carpenter and (missing from picture) Tom Troughton Done Most for E.H.S. 162 Bob Beaucage and (missing from picture) Jill Schoentag Class Actor, Actress John Catania and (missing from picture) Tress Caruso Awards Debby Holland Brown Alumni Book Prize Charles Dumais Harvard Book Prize. The Rensselaer Medallion 164 Robert Maciolek Yale Club of Hartford Book Prize Kerry Begley Chosen by the American Legion Auxiliary to represent Enfield Best Wishes Class Of 1984 167 Bromage-Wilcox Agency Inc. 137 Hazard Ave. Enfield Ct. 06082 749-2259 LEES, MOHAWK PHILADELPHIA ARMSTRONG 4 COURISTAN MCX)RE RUG CO. OUR REPUTATION - YOUR GUARANTEE SINCE 1920 PHONE 745-4396 555 ENFIELD STREET ENFIELD. CONN 06082 Yegen Associates, Inc. (Est. 1935) 141 Hazard Ave. Errtleld. Connecticut 06082 (203) 627-9327 Vic Morace Region Manager Home Equity Home Improvement Financing Y GEISSLER’S SUPER MARKETS Home Of Fine Foods 100 Bridge St.. Warehouse Point, CT PARSONS SEWING CENTER INC. SINGER SINGER ApyRCVrn DCAIFR I 9 A TraitevtMri Th C«n «ny Expert Service On All Brands Sewing Courses, Adult-Teens Fabric, Including A Bridal And Special Occasion Dept. Stateline Plaza, Enfield 745-6722 Daily 10:00 To 6:00 Thurs. Til 8:00 COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING EQUIPMENT EDDIE ' S SPORTING GOODS ENFIELD MALL - 25 HAZARD AVENUE ENFIELD. CONNECTICUT 06082 10% Student Athlete Discounts EDDIE LAPPONESE (203) 745-8611 BUILDING 431 OF ENFIELD 935 Enfield St - One Block - Town Hall Quality Merchandise at Discount Prices • Mon.-Fri. 9 to 9; Sat. 9 to 5i Sun. 10 to 6 WE BUY BANKRUPTCIES AND CLOSE-OUTS 745-9029 ORGANIZATIONS. CIUBS SENIOR CITIZENS 10% DISCOUNT HOUSEWARES CANDY GREETING CAROS GIFTWARE BEAUTY AIDS HARDWARE 170 171 MIKE RYAN PHOTOGRAPHY Enfield Mall Enfield, CT 741-0696 Best Wishes DR. RONALD M. TISHLER DR. WILLIAM M. GOLDBERG Optometrists CATTORNAS TCdtive (xPCdtlve pluming 48 High Street Enfield. CT. 06082 745-0757 For Quality Craftsmanship Above All In Custom Picture Framing Fine Selection Of Art Work Available RAYMOND H. SARGENT. MANAGER CNriCLO s ' r Hi,un: ENTR 163 South Road Enfield, Connecticut 06082 203-745-3343 " Let Us Keep You In The Light” To The Class Of 1984 May You Carry Yourselves Throughout Life With Grace And Dignity. We Wish You Health. Happiness And Wisdom FREDRICK REALTY THOMPSONVILLE ELECTRIC VIDEO A i STUDIO i s s s Route 140 at Route 5 Sofia’s Plaza East Windsor 623-6696 VHS BETA DISCS BUY OR RENT Congratulations Class of 1984 FROM SOUTHWOOD BARBER SHOP 85 Raffia Road 765-1678 BOSCO’S AUTO BODY 4 SIMON ROAD ENFIELD. CONN. 06082 TEL. 745-8082 ANTENNAS INSTALLED WE TAKE TRADES WE SELL USED TV’s 745-8532 QUASAR MAGNAVOX EMERSON ELM TV SALES $ SERVICE Since 1958 VIDEO CASSETTE RECORDER SALES ALSO NORMAN A. CARDALICO WILLIAM S. ROBINSON 920 ENFIELD ST. (RTE. 5) ENFIELD. CT. 06082 MIDDLETOWN ENFIELD HAMDEN WATERBURY Mon-Fri 10-9 Sat 10-5 Sun Il:3a4:30 623-9675 til . ■ » . ENFIELD BOOK S CARD SHOP Enfield Mall lOOO’s Of Books • Monarch Notes Full Line of Magazines • Hallmark Cards Party Goods • Special Order Service RADIO DISPATCHED TRUCKS SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS C.O.D. DISCOUNTS Toyostove ENFIELD BICYCLE MOPED SHOP SALES REPAIRS 10 SPEED BMX 630 ENFIELD STREET ENFIELD. CONN. 06082 Congratulations Seniors Troiano 745-0321 777 ENFIELD STREET. ENFIELD 1934 - 50th Anniversary - 1984 Oil Sales Service 741-2527 Compliments To Class Of 1984 From The Employees Of SPRINGBORN GROUP INC. Enfield, Conn. 06082 Phone: 749-8371 175 176 Our best wishes to the Class of 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Fiore Diana’s Bakery Hazardville Pharmacy Heavy Metal Gym Lenny’s TV Mrs. Joan Reuter Knowledge Saves 190 East Lounge and New Edition Enfield Mail Next to Bob ' s Surplus Enjoy our " Under 20 Night’’ every Friday and Saturday Good Luck Class of ’84 71 High Street • P O, Box 553 • Enfield. CT 06082 Elizabeth A. Ernst Philip J. Michaud Manager Proprietor The Class of 1984 would like to give special thanks to: The Administration of Enfield High School The Faculty of Enfield High School The Secretaries of Enfield High School Miss Gail Darden, Yearbook Advisor Miss Donna Lyons, Yearbook Advisor Mr. Steve Forslund, Photographer Mr. Donald Lendry, Josten’s Representative Yearbook Associates Mt. Laurel Restaurant Taryn Heeber, Poetess Bob Beaucage, Editor-in-chief Judy Halish Patti Orifice Section Editors: Barb Amaral Bob Beaucage Leah Bell Jona Cascia Trinidad Cascia Audrey Fusco Sue Gonzalez Lynn Gourinski Paula Margolfo Karen Tougas Echo ' 84 Staff: Barbara Boucher Betsy Coakley Tricia Cormier Maria Norman Kate Normile Robin Vilece Charlene Vosseller Kevin Brenneman And special thanks to Don Lempitsky for his cover design. In Memory Of George Kauffman " Line’ And while he rests in peaceful sleep His memory we shall always keep. We often sit and think of you- All the things we planned to do, The times we laughed and had such fun. The places we e been and the things we ' ve done. You touched us all in different ways But now God has taken you away. All the memories were left behind. Visions of you that sparkle and shine. From these memories we will never part. You will always be within our hearts. Your friend forever, Beth Anderson

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