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4'- n c . - . 1 1 4 4 ff h L ik 1 4 . JL wc"-1, 7.5. ry A 5-Zin 4 ,f ff ki ll 1 ' ENFI PRESENTS Tl-IE BLUE TIDE 1954 'Q FOREVVORDf We, the Blue Tide Stgff, have endeavored to compile the pleasant memories of our past year's achievements. By this, we can in later years look back upon many happy days at Enfield High School. May our ac- complishments he bettered in the future. D E I C A T I O N TO MISVS JANICE HARDISON SPONSOR, ADVISER, AND FRIEND OF THE SENIORQCLASS, THIS VOLUME IS RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED. SCHOOL BOARD IN SESSION Left to Right: Mr. J. N. Walker, Mrs. Joe Norman Ill, Mrs. J. J. Burt, Mrs. T. B. Moss, Mr. Dennis Holiday. SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL W. H. Overmon J, Niwalker rg fm F N521 C J- x 9 659 , FACULTY in Zh Q"T"" H- H- YATES c. c. consv Malhemallcs Coach - Science JANICE HARDISON English 'W in 'U' ,fm ,nay "'P""- 'A Q JESSIE MAE HORNE M E GENE W OD French - Social Sfudies H. N. Wll.l.EY RS' UMUSiC O Agriculture rfb 'N 'bm ""mh MRS. H. N. WILLEY MRS. A. G. WILCOX MILDRED L. ANDREWS Home Economics Music Library - Civics SEN! SENIORS SENIOR OFFICERS its Left to Right: J. D. Melton, Eugene Wood, Margaret Sherrod, Mickey Partin, Frank Crump. 3021 VANNA LOU ADKINS 4-H l,2,3,4,Vice-President 3, F. H. A. l, 2, 3, Treasurer 3, Glee Club l,2, Jr. Class Minstrel, Library Science. OLIVER BLOOMER, JR. 4-H Program Chairman l,2,3, President 4,F.F.A. l,2,45 Bus Driver, Gymnastics 3, 4, Talent Show Winner 3, Annual Staff fHumor, Class Minstrel. LYNN BRIGGS F. F. A. 1,2,3,4, Baseball 1. JOE BURT F. F. A. l, 25 Beta Club 45Monogram Club, Vice-President 35 Marshal 35 Class Officer - Treasurer l, President 25 An- nual Staff, Business Manager5 Jr. Class Minstrel5 4-H President l, 25 Bus Driver 3, 45 Baseball 35 Football l,2,3,4, Co- Captain 45 Basketball 3, 4. SENIORS .XHQ-lx 'KSN sf' ww vxmsf A "N-. FRANK CRUMP Class Officer- Secretary 45 Publicity Chairman 35 Glee Club I5 Band l,2,3,45 Piano l, 2, 35 Jr. Class Minstrel5 Annual Staff, Treasurer5 Debating Team 45 Bas- ketball l. JEANEAN DICKENS Beta Club 3,45 Class Officer - Secretary l, Reporter 35 Monogram Club 35 F. H. A. l, 25 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Glee Club l,25 Jr. Class Minstrel5 Delegate to Girls' State5 Basketball I5 Maid of Honor, May Court 45 Annual Staff Feature Editor5 Music l,3,4. .JRR is KENNETH CLAY 4-H lf2f3141 Reporter 35 Baseball l,3,45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. l,2,3,45 Jr Class Minstrel. JUDGE CLEMENT Football 45 Baseball 45 F. F. A. 45 Bus Driver 45 U. S. Navy Reserve. xy... 'UNB limi 'DQ . E I VIRGINIA HUX 4Hl 4F H A l Marshal f I 5 - ' -I 5Jr.Class Minstrel5 Annual Staff5 Library Science 21 32 May Court Attendant 4. J. D. MELTON F. F. A. l,2,3,4, President 45 4-H l,2, 3,4, Secretary 45 County Council Secre- tary 45 Baseball l,3,45 Class Officer, Re- porter 2, President 3, 45 Assistant Chief Marshal5 Jr. Class Minstrel5 Annual Staff, Assistant Editor5 Beta Club 3,45 Bus Driv- er 45 Leadership Award 35 Science Award 2. SENIORS is Q Q ELLEN EASON F. H. A. l,2,45 Glee Club 2,35 Basket- ball 35 Jr. Class Minstrel. PEGGY ANN HALES F. H. A. I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Glee Club l, 25 Jr. Class Minstrel5 May Court Attendant 3. DAN MOSS F. F. A. 3, 4, Vice-President 45 4-H i, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 2, 3, 45 Football I, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Basketball 45 Baseball 45 Monogram Club 35 Jr. Class Minstrel5 Health King5 Bus Driver 45 An- nual Staff, Sales Manager. D. S. MOSS F. F. A. l, 2, 45 Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Football 45 Baseball 3,4. SENIORS ,gas FRANK SPARKS Baseball l,3,45 Football 3,45 F. F. A. T, 3, 45 Treasurer 35 4-H Club l, 25 Bus Driver 4. DON VIVERETTE F. F. A. l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,35 4-H Club I5 Monogram C lub 35 Football l. X Kg Mpw, ., 'I T MICKEY PARTIN Basketball T5 Beta Club 3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 35 Music l,2,3,45 Newspaper Staff, Managing Editor 35 Annual Staff, Junior Editor 35 Editor-in-Chief 45 Jr. Class Mir:strel5 Delegate to Boys' State5 Chief Marshol5 Citizenship Award 25 Contest 25 Class Officer - President l, Treasurer 2, Reporter 3, Vice-President 4. MARGARET SHERROD F. H. A. l, 2, Vice-President 45 Beta Club 3, 4, Reporter 35 ClassOfficer- Secretary l, 4, Vice-President 2,35 Glee Club l,25 Monogram Club 35 Basketball I5 Moy Court Attendant 35 Marshal5 Annual Staff, Managing Editor5 Girls' State Del- egate5 Newspaper 3, News Editor5 Jr Class Minstrel5 Music l,25 May Queen 4. 5---.ip EUGENE WOOD Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Basketball li M0r1ogram Club 35 Dramatics 2,45 Class Officer - Treasurer 3, Reporter 45 4-H Club l, 2. CHARLES WILLIAMS Gymnastics 3,45 4-H Club l5 Annual Staff, Sports Editor. R mile, SENIOR SUPERLATIVES It 5 .S M S Elan MOST ORIGINAL BEST LOOKING Vanna Lou Adkins Margaret Sherrod J. D. Melton Joe Burt WITTIEST Oliver Bloomer Jeanean Dickens MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST INTELLIGENT Joe Burt Margaret Sherrod Margaret Sherrod Mickey Partin 'Q-...,, SENIOR SUPERLATIVES dl, S I li' S I ':," j X MOST TALENTED BEST DANCERS Jeanean Dickens Frank Sparks Oliver Bloomer Margaret Sherrod BEST DRESSED Jeanean Dickens Frank Sparks MOST POPULAR MOST ATHLETIC Frank Sparks Dan Moss Margaret Sherrod Joe Burr -'M w-......,,,, E W W"'f 1:- 1 Q-F! -1 ' h l J vc M' -f ..,a as as fl ww, 3, FQ QQX S... Qgffg W JUNIORS JUNIORS JUNIOR OFFICERS Left to Right: Ann McGwigan, Faye Baines, Musette Dunn, Graham Neville, Maris Anderson. 'Wa Mdfis Anderson Doug las Denton s ,M F' "1 ' FCIYG 305065 Elizabeth Dukel , gk . - "' - Y X - J 3 x V ., Jimmy Barclay Musette Dunn Frances Barnhill Junior Edwards Mary Brown Madison Fisher Fred Browning Zane Fisher JUNIORS Ernest Gardner Odell Morris Fred Hardee Jimmy Hardee Barbara Mullins Joyce Hargrove Ann McGwigan Ruby Hickman Graham Neville Ralph Johnson -leffy N0"f0f" Sue Johnson Juanita Peace Miriam Joyner Dorothy Pittman Faye Locke Shirley Tippetfe Barbara Locke Virginia Tippelfe Ruth Morris Jo Ann Williams Barbara Wynne wi. W i N .T .. .A Q. A Q , wg R X s, SNAPSI-IOTS "'p""N' """"""cLw-nnmmwlngwd luv---.il.k J' xiii tina.. -......,..,,3 ' Q lm 'mln 5 I1' 'FZ' vffx ' X 53.4 f Q 9 .. 5 , in -M A4 ,V nv-- L"'7 A , ,.WqwM 1 Q ,A s . , an ' M .XM my Q SIIPIIIQIMURES SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Left to Right: Mary Lois Hudgins, James Parker, Ann Joyner, Carlos Burt, Mattie Lou Harris, Bill Fleming. Patsy Barbee Hazel Bradley Hazel Bryant Carlos Burt Bobby Davis Bob Fleming Bill Fleming Lillian Fleming Jimmy Gray V y ,,,, In V Mary Alice Eason yr M -5 "'i -1 fi' .. X - . . X N I 3 il.. 'N - 4 ,, y 1 fx? :- 'is' X x ' . E f L Martha Hardee Mattie Lou Harris Phyllis Annette Harris Ann Dunn Joyner Raymond Keeter Wayne Keeter Joel Locke Annie Jean Mangum Gene Melton Benton Moss A. T. Neville Edwin Neville Leon Neville Walter Neville James Parker SOPHCDMORES Z, We se. r s , A .X L- ,, e s, s. X A V 1 SEM Q .,... 7 . l "? W F g E . Q ' ei 3 X -- . L gr X x ii e B , R, if ' ,s S "-be x., fx X T' ll sian - Bobby Proctor Barbara Jean Saunders Robin Shervette Benjamin Sledge Marvin Smith Wayne Smith Marlon Sykes Wilma Jean Tante Joyce Vaughan James Weaver Edwin Weeks Calvin Whitehurst Mary Lois Hudgins ,i , . NOT PICTURED: Larry Peoples David Weeks api, Q K.: D Q 0 " xo 1' 1- --m"' 5 B!! .szanli f nhl! Qssaslil -'!!1'?a- - wil- -SAWWQIQ iliii X Q-NW XM U vxwxi 3 Sfmt' 1 K yi n ,..,- ,f : H: gt ass Q55 S X.. gl S 4 A F RESH M EN FRESHMEN FRESI-IMAN OFFICERS Lett to Right: Sydney Kay Whitley, Leonard Anderson, Lela Faye Col- train, Lanny Roof. Xxx 'ff 9 Leonard Anderson Patsy Braxton Michael Clarke Dorothy Clay Sandra Coburn Lela Faye Coltrain Don Cuthrell Gene Cuthrell Nell Fisher NOT PICTURED: Oliver Crickmore Judy Hardee Barbara Harris Clarence Haskins Peggy Hawkins Jeanette Hux Patricia King Hilda Melton Meade Morris Katie Molden Ann Mozingo Rachel Mullins La Von McCurry Alan McDaniel Betty McGwigan Estelle Parker -Sr X Q M T R, W ler fi , T ef? X ix X S 'Aj X X Q E 52 ' i A 1 x Sallie Price Lanny Roof M. T. Rose Robert Taylor Judy Taylor Ronald Thompson Paul Tant Sydney Kay Whitley Neomia Williams 'wav 5 L. d EJGHTH GRADE Ref? SEVENTH GRADE 1 2 ,lX,.,..,L.. ,Q , ....., i T ilgffilgil , T . .,.5....x... s..M,,,.,. SW rw- ? rv-5 li , X s . K W.. ,-,- -N-.vy, -. M, , . , . 1 A-f l - inli- S .yx Q W i , ' .Q V. 'I 4 8 Q5 9 Eff if 14 + Q 'Q' Qfaib me '19 if ' 5 .r ix X xr", x V bi 4 W 3 is Q ,P . ,V fm L, Q L V ig-H , I " 'f ' i 5 L 5 W wav V-T63 95' ' X? X- i Q ,. Q ,- ,- W QQ - 4 M fF" 5-f f Q. -f ,X N '.g 5- KLA X 1' Exif "W Xx7.5lLwL:' X A ,E Xiu A ui '3 . , A XJ- lx S Q A -x , f Q- -N. . 5 ,X K -A.,.., Q ' Q . fx! I Y Q x Ig ,V X s wif E W K.l,,- . 3-:H . If -Hx -W V N gy s if f, 5 V: :sk Vsf ky Q-is A' 'Hg 2 ' 5 A Qs Q, Ne. x. sw Q Nw lf s2x N ,R X Q ww X .wHW,vm - RWN Sf ss: wikis ' EQSQM , Olnver Bloomer Frank Crum Jeanean cl' 3 I- I I E T I D E Back Row, Left foRighf: JudgeClemen , p, D1 ens. Front Row, Left to Right: Charles Wi X hw-ff' .451 949' icms, Margaret Sherrod, Mickey Parfin, J. P. Melton, Virginia Hux, Kenneth C lay, eggy Hales, Joe Burt, Dan Moss. ,pn Q.-N 'D BETA CLUB Back Row, Left to Right: Joe Burt, Mickey Partin, Faye Baines, Douglas Denton, J. D. Mell0f" Middle Row: Jo Ann Williams, Joyce Hargrove, Sue Johnson, Ruby Hickman, Faye Locke, Mar- garet Sherrod. Front Row: Maris Anderson, Frances Barnl1ill,. Musette Dunn, Ann McGwigan Jeanean Dickens, Miriam Joyner. R XNNNQX W in wx X X Y A QNX ' X Sq L A 3 ' Q' J. D. MELTON DAN Moss President Vice-President we ww--H f-- FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Back Row, Left to Right: Alan McDaniel, Don Cuthrell, Frank Sparks, Joel Locke, D. S. Moss, Benjamin Sledge, Leonard Anderson, Bob Fleming, Fred Hardee, Gene Melton, Bill Fleming, Fred Browning, Oliver Bloomer, Jr., Junior Edwards. Middle Row: Madison Fisher, Larry Peoples, Meade Morris, CalvinWhitehurst, Edwin Neville, Odell Morris, Judge Clement. Front Row: Leon Neville, Ralph Johnson, Benton Moss, J. D. Melton, Dan Moss, Harry Willey, Advisor. BENTON Moss LEON NEVILLE RALPH JOHNSON Secretary Treasurer ReP0"l'e' RR' gn get 2, W A gf HUNE04 or Antmm FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Back Row, Left to Right: Hilda Melton, Barbara Saunders, Annie Mangum, Lela Faye Coltrain, Sandra Coburn, Lillian Fleming. Middle Row: Nell Fisher, Ruby Hickman, Sue Johnson, Hazel Bryant, Martha Hardee, Ellen Eason, Peggy Hales, Rachel Mullins. Front Row: Mrs. Harry Willey, Advisor, Maris Anderson, Barbara Locke, Miriam Joyner, Margaret Sherrod, Judy Hardee, Mary Lois Hudgins. .E ..-EW se- ...al LUNCHROOM PERSONNEL Left to Right: Mary Silver, Virginia Whitaker, Mary Johnson, Rebecca Bishop, Mrs. Savage Mrs. Fleming. BUS DRIVERS Left to Right: Jo Ann Williams, J. D. Melton, Frank Sparks, Don Moss, Judge Clement, Oliver Bloomer. I .JQLALLLZCJ jg M I FOC Left to Right: Judge Clement, Edwin Neville, Dan Moss, Raymond Keeter, Bobby Proctor, Wayne Keeter, Frank Sparks, Leonard Anderson. Front Row: Manager X .21 ,fb AL L QW ll 2 Leon Neville, Calvin Whitehursf, Joel Locke, Joe Burt, Jimmy Gray, Lanny Roof, Marlcmd Sykes, David Weeks, Eugene Wood, Meade Morris. FOQTBALL ACTION SHOTS 3, .1 ' ,5.- .. 6 sf 2? 9 CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Jeanean Dickens, Margaret Sherrod, Patsy Barbee, Leia Faye Coltrain, Faye Baines, Maris Anderson, Miriam Joyner, Sue Johnson, Martha Hardee, Barbara Saunders, Joyce Hargrove, Musette Dunn, Sidney Kay Whitley, Ann McGwigan, Center. BOYS' BASKE Back Row, Left to Right: Zane Fisher, Wayne Keeter, Bob Fleming, Jimmy Barclay, Benton I X ki N 'wwx ALL .K , X WY Moss, Couch C. C. Corey. Front Row: Graham Neville, Joe Burt, Robin Shervette, Bill Fleming. GIRLS' BASK , mlb ,f '14, Ellen Eason, Lillian Fleming, Ann Joyner, Mir- iam Joyner, Joyce Hargrove, Judy Harclee, Phyllis Harris, Barbara Hudgins, Elizabeth Duke, 1111! gf: -Nd'-1 ff Z C N ALL v V 3 ..,,' sg? " ff I f 'ffl 3, fif- 'vffffkf Lela Faye Colfrain, Jo Ann Williams, Faye Locke, Ruby Hickman, Mattie Lou Harris. ACTICN SHOTS BASEBALL ?7J,f"tilf!! 1n QR! lfls f ll i i Back Row, Left to Right: Graham Neville, Kenneth Clay, Jimmy Gray, Wayne Keeter, Joe Burt, Robin Sher- vette, Joel Locke, Raymond Keeter, and Coach C. C. Corey. Front Row, Lett to Right: Ralph Johnson, Mar- lon Sykes, Madison Fisher, Leon Neville, J. D. Melton, Edwin Neville, Gene Melton, Frank Sparks, Junior Edwards. 3 f -W si:2:ge5,.5:.r:...5,5:... E , MAY QU EEN MARGARET SHERROD CLASS PROPHECY l looked into the future, as far as I could see, And I beheld old classmates, gazing back at me. Among them were great men, whose fame was spread around, And I was greatly pleased to see, the great success they'd found. A scientist, Mickey Partin, told me of his life, How he had labored patiently to wipe out pain and strife. And D. S. Moss had met with much success, On experimental farms that experts called the best. His cousin Dan was now a lawyer, whose cunning was not matched, And in that profession, he was safely latched. I heard of how a brilliant doctor was serving all man- kind. He was Joe Burt, a classmate, I by chance did find. 'Twas told me by another farmer, whose fame was spread around. His name was J. D. Melton, and that's not all I found. I learned of entertainers who were featured on T. V. They were billed as Bloomer and Williams, Iwas glad to see. And then I heard a news cast andlearned much to my pleasure, That Senator C rump had passed another measure. He had also leased a contract to engineer Eugene Wood. Whom he was sure could make our National Defense good. The commentator also spoke of a new design in cars. The Frank Sparks Vehicle Corporation would sponsor a trip to Mars. . I saw magnificent buildings, of intricate design, And heard how they were products of architect Walter Clement's mind . I heard that Donald Viverette was now a sports news caster. And that on every network, his fame was growing faster. The g rea test mechanical gen i us of this or any day, I leamed from a lovely lady, was Thomas Kenneth Clay. The lady made me stop and think, I felt I knew her name. I had been conversing with Jeanean Dickens of Metro- politan Opera fame. She told me how she lived now with a very, very dear friend of old. An interior decorator of wealth and fame untold. She was' Margaret Sherrod who now manages a firm of her own. I And ahead of her biggest department was Virginia Hux of the Cornell Business School. And her administration was expert as a rule. Iheard of a great hospital, whose nurses were supervised. By one Peggy Hales whose service was publicized. I learned of Vanna Lou Adkins, whose happiness was complete For she made a capable citizen with her family on 45th Street. And suddenlymy vision cleared, and I came back to now. I knew that we had succeeded and I hadn't wondered how. For we had lived for others, and because we had loved life, We had served our' fellow man and we had tried to con- quer strife. ACKNOWLEDGMENT THE SENIOR CLASS WISHES TO EXPRESS ITS DEEPEST AND MOST SINCERE GRATITUDE TO THOSE WHO HAVE MADE POSSIBLE THE PUBLICATION OF THIS YEARBOOK. MAY THIS ACKNOWLEDGMENT SERVE AS A SMALL TOKEN OF THE SENIORS' APPRECIATION OF ALL PAST HELP, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND COOPERATION. MDVERTIJEMENH XS- r H-4 A e lm Q 5 K -4 arm" -' N t"PZ'5E M "ffm mmm: 1 r 1 ' I CLAY me, QUARRY DIXIE ' 1 Tile and Marble ' CERAMIC TILE CO., INC. New 8. Used Cars ' I Phone 6-4154 Dial 67 - 486 Rocky Mount h North Carolina I .x 4, :::::::::::::: ,I , ,,,,,,,,,,,,- II 1 PACKARD Compliments ' 1' Sales 5el'VlCe I MANGUM WAREHOUSE ' 1 FLAKE B. CHIPLEY, INC. Rocky Mount North Carolina "Every service for any car" fl Rocky Mount North Carolina L ,:x::x:::::A ::H:e:::::::: 'P T Compliments Compliments of I. D. WOOD GIN NEW YORK DRY CLEANERS Phone 329-I or 523-l Phone 222-I Enfield, North Carolina 1 Enfield North Carolina ::.-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f- -T F 'ffff:::::::'::::::::::::::::: FLEMING AND DICKENS OIL CO. BOBBITT'S ESSO SERVICENTER Phone 570-I or 414-I Best 24 Hour Service on 301 BE SURE WITH PURE ' I Phone 26ll Enfield, North Carolina Enfield North Carolina I - A - - - A.............. 5 4, ------ A :::::::::::::: F , ,:::: 1 r 1 F 1 ' I CUTHRELL'S DEPT. STORE 1, Dry Goods, Notions, Shoes and 'l 1, Ready to Wear ln Congratulations Class of '54 BE LK - TYLERS Rocky Mount's Largest Dept. Store Enfield, N.C. -Edenton, N.C. 1. 1, Serving Eastern Carolina :T J c -:::::::::::f:::ff::::fff ,, Y ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1' 1 MACK OIL COMPANY l Compliments of , , I Distributors for COASTAL MOTORS AND A . O.I C IMPLEMENT, INC. "'e"C"" ' 0mPf"'Y Phone 434-I Enfield, N. c. ' Phone 4124 Enfield, N. C. J L :::::::::::::::: :::: :f:::::::::::: T A"""'A"A 8 Compliments of 1 1 FARMERS WAREHOUSE PLANTATION GRILL , Rocky Mount Enfield 3 North Carolina or aro ma 1 I N th C I' -,,,:,,,,,,,,,v J L ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::w r ENFIELD TRACTOR a. EQUIPMENT ft COMPANY, INC. fi Phone 260-6 C m Iimem Distributors fi O P S FORD TRACTORS 8K DEARBORN if , , FARM EQUIPMENT :E GOSSETT S WHOLESALE FORD FARMING . . Means: Less work - More Income fl Enfleld' North Carohm Per Acre 1: ' Enfield North Carolina If ::::::::- ::::::::::::::::::::::-5 5' - - - - - - - - v - - - v - :- v :-f:::: :::::::::::::::::: Compliments of LEVON THEATRE Compliments of FARMERS EXCHANGE ' Your FCX Dealer MEARS JEWELRY "Fine Gifts For All Occasions" Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry Repoired at Lowest Prices W. C. REID AND COMPANY "Reids . . . Whenever You Think of Music" Rocky Mount, North Carolina BEAVAN DRUG STORE Compliments Phone 326-I RIVES AND COMPANY Enfield N. C. WOODARD'S QUALITY MARKET Compliments Fancy Groceries 8. Meats Telephone 2856 - Enfield, N. C. McPHAIL'S DEPARTMENT STORE Buster Brown Shoes For Boys 8. Girls Compliments of SMITH'S WAREHOUSE Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of BUCK OVERTON'S BARBEQUE Rocky Mount North Carolina SHERVETTE'S WHALEY FURNITURE CO. Authorized Hot Point Dealer Main at Hill Street Rocky Mount, N. C. Compliments of TWIN COUNTY MOTOR CO. Authorized Lincoln-Mercury DILLON SUPPLY COMPANY Dealer Salesman Mr. Braswell Rocky Mount North Carolina Rocky Mount North Carolina BULLUCK CLOTHING COMPANY CADDELL MOTORS The Place to Go For Brands You Ch'Y5Ie' ' PlYm0Ulh Know 256 Tarboro St. Rocky Mount North Carolina ROCISY MOUTH, N-C- ANDERSON TRACTOR 8. EQUIP- MENT COMPANY Ferguson Tractor 8. Implements Dial 404-I E. J. Anderson, Mgr. J. P. NEVILLE CLIFTON JEWELERS RANDOLPH STORE COMPANY Enfield North Carolina Compliments RANDOLPH GIN COMPANY Enfield , North Carolina WILLIAMS MILLING COMPANY Custom Grinding 8. Mixing Purina Chow - Grain Buyers Phone 403-6 Enfield Meet Your Friends Here B 8. B SERVICE CENTER Texaco Products, Lubrication, Greasing Cold Drinks, Ice Cream, Sandwiches J. W. GRAY, says "Good Luck To The Seniors" WEST END GROCERY JOHNSON COTTON COMPANY of Rocky Mount, N. C., Inc. John Deere Tractors 8- Farm - Implements Q Phone 6-6168 Rocky Mount, N. C. ROTHROCK MOTORS Your Ford Dea I-er HILL - PROCTOR PRINT SHOP Commercial Printing -Rubber Stamps 1479 S . Washington Street Phone 2-3621 E. D. TIPPETTE AND SON General Merchandise Phone 212-8 Enfield, N. C. Compliments GLENN'S GROCERY Compliments FRIENDLY GRILL and RED'S GROCERIES BLACKS ESSO SERVICE Esso Extra Gasoline - Uniflo Oil Enfield, N. C. Compliments ENFIELD BONDED WAREHOUSE Phone 351-I Enfield, N. C. Compliments S . PIERSON COMPANY Enfield, N. C . HARRIS GIN COMPANY NEW GIN Enfield, North Carolina House's Wood and Machine Shop Electric 8. Acetylene Welding Body Building A'Specialty Phone: Day 391-6 Nite 433-I Enfield, North Carolina Compliments of ELIZABETH GILLETT'S FLOWER SHOP BANK OF ENFIELD Enfield, North Carolina Commercial 8. Savings Accounts Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of SEARS-ROEBUCK 8. COMPANY Rocky Mount, North Carolina Compliments of COLUMBIA PEANUT COMPANY DEAN COTTON CO., INC. "We Buy Cotton" Enfield, N. C. Tarboro, N. C. Bennettsville, N. C. Compliments of ENFIELD KNITTERS C ompliments of S 81 S BUILDING SUPPLY INC. Phone 575-6 Enfield, N. C. I MELTONS ANDERSON s. soN GOLD HILL GROCERY Meats 8. Notions Glenview, N. C. General Merchandise Ringwood, N. C. - - v v -- - - v v v - - - - v v ::v :::::l-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: F In 1 'u 'I 4-::::: I ' GARDNER'S DAIRY PRODUCTS, INC. l Manufacturers and Distributors of Homogenized Milk - Velvet Ice Cream Rocky Mount North Carolina I--R A ll NEVILLE BROTHERS RAYMOND 'M, SYKES Enfield, N. C. STORE ,I General Merchandise General Merchandise I, Dry Goods 81 Notions Glenview, N. C. R . I Compliments of I . ll HALIFAX ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION I if Enfield North Carolina I COMPLIMENTS or I Farmers Cotton Oil Company Enfield High School Library Southern Grill Meyer's Department Store ' Henry's Grocery Amoco Service Station 1 Harris Brothers Lu Anne Shoppe Service Grocery Red Bishop City Market Ray Tippette Store I Week's Esso Service E. V. Neville Store Rose's 5 - I0 - 254: Store Five Point Grocery In L V:EiEiEE6:EG'iE5iiG'6:Eiififfioxil All Kinds of Building Supplies ' '. ' DuPont Paints ,, 1' Phone 445-l ll li Enfield North Carolina ii ll Compliments fl R. L. CORBETT COMPANY ' ' Macclesfield, N. C. L - -::::::::::::::::::::::::: J x 'T X ' xi ' X X 3 AU TGGRATHS l ii i . ' N . - XSN xx 7 Sgr. F ' . " , ' :Sz F., .. K 5 rr- I :'-ii f'L': ' 1' -ffi ff- '35 T3- r- m. 5.5522 N -::: EA ex- 6 ,. 1 AU QSM-S QXX ' Ax if T .W X ., ,.. Y RA W 5 45 x - P I an M Hs ' AUTO 'gi l T S E - ful' X fx X 4:5 xg ,.. . RAPHS r E T . 1-S N 5 ssf .. Fi. Q "I ...1I:. 1 iii: gas.:-ai' L , ' x X H X , 3 Q AUTQ G S 5 A fix? - Q .A 'tl S' ' 'QQ X a f'Nx E J ,X ..,-,. 5 I P H S ,fdprorfucf of I'1un+erS YEAKBOOK PLIHISHERS VNONI 4-7851 IJIB SOUYH HAWYHOKNE ROAD Sf HOOI FNOTOGRAPHERN WINSTON-SAUM, NORIH CAROLINA yn. Q.. gif r 'KX v Q "Uh Q' f , V wvixg ' Eve x 1 4.15 .U in B. 1 L Q 1, ' , A 4 n K s W f ,, .,, I . 5- N - f , M af 1 - - . - ,,. , Q s ' W' A fsi?3ff i+5 I 5 A U ,I 43 5 N ni: ,f I . ,L 1-A vg 'WZ-,Q ' , 1 X -7 -5 fwguh , 1, .M I: . T. , XJ' . . , v .L A fwf Mx: .Hr ,U A . .., , , A2 A ." v U. , ex 'W , in wyff ' - SJ 3 5 W fx X J Y 5' vm Q a 5. 5 N 1 Xt 5, PM-.gb .' ,f Q A? S Sk' , 'ff hw X 'K k , A, ' K . k . Q- 'Pf 4" '. b -'V'S's:3fw,:,-- 4, R. 'Bw g,-h . -,. f-.,3!3f" 5-, W . , ,f H J, fm 95, , .gg Q F AL PX "v ,fm -1 ev w -guy. 2' 'Jr Q 1 Q. xi' .5 , a A , X .Q f, v 'V - an if Q - f - , ' ,ww M il . JNL. 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Suggestions in the Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) collection:

Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 15

1954, pg 15

Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 8

1954, pg 8

Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 57

1954, pg 57

Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 30

1954, pg 30

Enfield High School - Blue Tide Yearbook (Enfield, NC) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 58

1954, pg 58

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