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THE ENDV ECHO SCHOOL SONG Year by year. Day by day. In the same old lucky way. Good old Endy keeps rolling along. We will boast, we will shout for the school that we love And we ' ll keep her still rolling along. Then it ' s hip-ho ray for the red and blue so gay. Shout out the chorus loud and strong. Then where ' re you go, you will always know That old Endy keeps rolling along. Keeps rolling. That old Endy keeps rolling along. Published by the Senior Clm of Endy High School 1956-1957 Albemarle, North Carolina Dedication LAWRENCE ELLER For his Willingness to help when and wherever he is needed Time which he has sacrificed to make the way easier for others Interest in each student Unfailing patience Support of all school activities Loyalty to our school and for All the work he does, asking no credit, but deserving much We, the seniors, lovingly dedicate this 1957 ENDY ECHO to MR. LAWRENCE ELLER. In Memoriam GEORGE HUBERT SWARINGEN A.B., Duke University 1935 Teacher in the Endy High School 1936-1941 Principal in the Endy School 1941-1955 Life ' s race well run. Life ' s work well done. Life ' s victory won. Now Cometh rest. AdmmstmtioM JUDY BURLESON LUCILLE COLEY PEGGY LAMBERT CAROLYN LOWDER Senior Directory LYNN ALMOND Class Secretary 1, 2; Pianist of Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Festival Chorus 2; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Citizenship Medal 2; Beta Club 3, 4, Beta Club President; Class Assembly 1, 2, 3; Junior Play 3; Assistant Business Manager on Annual Staff 4; Volleyball 1, 2, 3; Softball 2, 3; Choral Workshop 9; Treasurer of 9th-10th Glee Club 2; Historian F.H.A. 1, 3; Secretary F.H.A. 2; Songleader F.H.A. 4; French Club 4; Class Super- latives; English Club 4. JUDY BURLESON Glee Club 3; 4-H 2; F.H.A. 2; Chief Cheerleader 1, 2, 3; Field Day; Junior Play; Annual Staff; Class Statistician; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Freshman and Sophomore Plays; Home Economics Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Washington Trip; Class Superlative; Volleyball; Softball; English Club. LARRY BURRIS Basketball 4; F.H.A. 4; 4-H 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Field Day 3; All County Basketball Team 1; Bus Driver 3, 4; Annual Staff; Class Testator; Athletic Association; Baseball 3; Class Superlative; Wash- ington Trip; Boy Scouts 9th and 10th Grade; English Club 2, 3; Junior Play. LUCILLE COLEY Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 4-H 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain 3, 4; All County Honorable Mention, Basketball; Athletic Association 1, 2; Junior Ploy 3; French Club 4; English Club 3; Field Day 1; Annual Staff 4; Girls ' Ensemble 3; Class Superlative 4; Washington Trip 3; Softball 1, 2, 3; Home Economics Fashion Shov 1, 2, 3; Class Ploy 1, 2, 3. LYNDA CREE Glee Club; Piano; French Club; Treasurer of French Club; Annual Staff; Giftorian; English Club. ROZENA EFIRD Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2; F.H.A. 1; Junior Play; Senior Poet; Annual Staff; Sophomore Class Play; Home Economics Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Washington, D.C. Trip; Volleyball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2; English Club 3; Girls Ensemble 2, 3. JOE EFIRD 9th Grade Vice-President; 10th Grade President; 11th Grade Vice- President; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.F.A. Secretary; F.F.A. Vice-President; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; State Festival Chorus; Choral Workshop; Beta Club Rep- resentative; Beta Club 3, 4; Chief Marshal; Editor-in-chief of Annual- Boys ' Double Quartet; Class Play 1, 2, 3; Junior Ploy; French Club 4. JANICE FURR Glee Club 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Field Day; Usherette 3; Junior Ploy 3; Athletic Association 2, 3; Home Economics Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Washington Trip 3; Class Superlatjve 4; Annual Staff 4; Volleyball 1; Softball 1; Class Play 2; English Club 2, 3. RUBY FURR Glee Club 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2; Marshal; Secretary of Senior Class; F.H.A. 1, 2; Usherette for Junior Play; Annual Staff; Typist for Annual; Sophomore Class Play; Home Ec. Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Washington, D. C. Trip; Softball; Volleyball; English Club. SHELBIA GOSS Basketball 3, 4; F.H.A. Treasurer; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; F.H.A.; Field Day; Snapshot Editor; Annual Staff; Festival Chorus; French Club; Girls ' Ensemble; Athletics Association; 10th Grade Play; Junior Play; Home Economics Fashion Show; Class Superlative; Washington Trip; Soft- ball; English Club. BECKY HATHCOCK Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 4-H; F.H.A.; Choral Workshop 2; Piano 1; Athletic Association 1; Annual Staff 4; Marshal 3; Junior Play; Secretary of Junior Class; President of Senior Class; Beta Club; French Club 4; Class Plays 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3; Home Economics Fashion Show 1, 2; Class Superlative; Washington, D. C. Trip; Volleyball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2; English Club. BILL HATLEY 9th F.F.A.; Glee Club; Boy Scouts; 10th F.F.A.; Glee Club; Boy Scouts; 11th President; F.F.A.; Secretary, F.F.A.; Boy Scouts 12th; French Club. PATSY HATLEY Class Reporter 1, 4; School Reporter 3, 4; Scholarship Medal 1, 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. Vice-President 3; F.H.A. President 4; State Festival Chorus 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3; Scorekeep- er 3, 4; Assistant Editor of Yearbook; Academic Field Day 2; Volley- ball 2, 3; Softball 2, 3; Class Play 1, 2, 3; Junior Play; Beta Club 3, 4; French Club 4; Home Economics Fashion Show 2; Class Superlatives; Athletic Association; Beta Club Reporter 4; English Club 3. JAMES HOWELL F.F.A. 9th; F.F.A. Treasurer of Class 10th; Reporter of F.F.A.; 11th F. F.A. Reporter; F.F.A.; Junior Ploy; 12th F.F.A.; F.F.A. President; Bus Driver 2, 3, 4; Class Plays 1, 2, 3; Beta Club; French Club; Annual Staff. JEANETTE HUNEYCUTT Glee Club 1, 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Piano 1, 2; Field Day 1; Class Treasurer 3; Class Historian 4; Junior Play 3; Annual Staff 4; Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Ninth and Tenth Grade Plays; Home Economics Fashion Show; Class Superlative 4; Washing- ton Trip 3; Volleyball 1, 2; Softball 1, 2; English Club. COLLEN HUNEYCUTT Basketball 1,2, 3; 4-H 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2, 3; F.H.A. 1, 2; Junior Play 3; Ushrette 3; Anual Staff 4; Typist for Yearbook 4; Sophomore Class Play; Freshman Class Play; Home Economics Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Washington, D. C; English Club; Piano 1; Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3; Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3. LARRY JONES 9th Grade Basketball; Glee Club; F.F.A.; 10th Grade Basketball; F.F.A.; Varsity Basketball Team 3, 4; 12th Vice-President; F.F.A. Re- porter. PEGGY LAMBERT Glee Club 1, 2, 3; Beta Club 4; Home Economics Secretary 1; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F.H.A. Reporter 3; F.H.A. County Secretary 3; Junior Play 3; Athletic Association 1; Annual Staff; Class Prophet 4; French Club 4; Competitor in Field Day at Pfeiffer 1; 4-H 1, 2; Class Play 1, 2, 3; Girls ' Ensemble 2, 3; Class Superlative 4; Washington, D. C. Trip 3; Volley Ball 2, 3; Softball 2, 3; English Club 3; Home Economics Fash- ion Show 1, 2, 4; Class Reporter 3. GENE LAMBERT DEAN LAMBERT Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Glee Cli b 1, 2; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Citizenship Medal 3; Co-Captain Eosketboll 3, 4; Marshal 3; Athletic Medol 3; Treasurer 4; Beta Club 3, 4; Junior Ploy; Boy ' s Double-Quartet 2; Boy Scouts 1, 2; French Club 4. CAROLYN LOWDER Glee Club 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3; Basketball 2; Co-Chief Cheer- leader 3, 4; Junior Play Usherette 3; Athletic Association 2; Chief Feature Editor 4; Annual Staff 4; Home Economics Fashion Show 1, 2, 3; Washington Trip 4; Class Superlative 4; Volleyball 1, 2; Class Ploy 1, 2; English Club 3. HAROLD McSWAIN Basketball 4; Co-Captcin Basketball Team 2; 4-H Club; Boy Scouts, F.F.A. 3; Treasurer F.F.A.; President F.F.A.; Beta Club, Vice-President Beta Club, President Stanly County Beta Club; Marshal, Glee Club 3; Business Monoger of Annual; Citizenship Medal; President 9th Grade; French Circle, Junior Play; Endy Boy of Year; Class Superlatives; Ath- letic Association. MARVIN ROGERS F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; School Bus 3; 4-H 1; Art Editor 4; JOYCE WHITLEY Local F.H.A. Song Leader; Local F.H.A. Reporter; F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4; County F.H.A. Treasurer; Glee Club 1, 2; Piano; 4-H; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Day; All-County Basketball 1st Team 2, 3; Snapshot Editor; Annual Staff; . French Club; Girls Ensemble; Athletic Association; 9th and 11th Grade Plays; Home Economics Fashion Show; Class Superlatives; Washington Trip; Softball; English Club; Junior Ploy. CLASS POEM It was in nineteen hundred forty-five That we learned we had to begin to strive To read and write and play and work And none of our tasks ever to shirk. To us the years hove been most kind. As we have grown in stature and in mind. But we ' ve found some problems large and small. And with some help we ' ve solved them all ! Our teachers have encouraged us through- out the years To conquer ignorance and abolish fears. Our parents, too, have understood And helped us in every way they could. And as we come to our school days ' end. We remember each classmate as a friend. With a triumph in our heart and a tear in our eye To Endy High School we all say Good-Bye. Rozena Efird CLASS FLOWER Red Carnation CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS MOTTO " They Conquer Who Believe They Can . " Class History Please pause with me for a short while and I shall do my best to tell you about o few of the things which our senior class has done since the da y we entered high school. After leaving the eighth grade for a vacation of three months, we were alt just a little more anxious for the next school year to begin than we had ever been before, because entering high school was one occasion we had all looked forward to. Finally the bell rang for our first day and then for our first class. This year we elected for our class officers: Harold McSwain for president; Joe Efird, vice-president; Lynn Almond, secretary; and Conrad Herrin, treasurer. Some way we managed to pull through our many subjects. I think we will all agree that we all worked a great deal or we would have never passed our course in general science. We had an enrollment of thirty-five and were under the super- vision of Mr. Burleson. We learned a great deal from our first high school science class. This was also the year we got a great thrill from our first real basketball games. Next came the tenth grade in which Mrs. Hall was our leader. We lost several of our members this year but gained some to take their place. John Mack Coble went to Oakboro; Faye Borbee joined the ranks of matrimony; Julia Hatley also moved to Oakboro while Brenda Shue and Jimmy Lambert decided to discontinue their school careers. Leading the class this year was Joe Efird, president; Conrad Herrin, vice-president; Lynn Almond, secretary; and James Howell, treasurer. In the eleventh grade we were under the supervision of Mrs. Hartsell for the first three months and then Mrs. Henkel for the last six. There were twenty-six members working together this year. Our class officers consisted of Bill Hatley, president; Joe Efird, vice-president; Becky Hathcock, secretary; and Jeanette Vv ' ise, treasurer. We sold candy, magazines, hose, and Christmas cards to pay for our trip that we were very anxious to make. Yes, this was our Washington Trip! The juniors and seniors raised money and planned the trip which we will agree was a very successful and wonderful one. This year we gave as our chapel program, " A Quiet Home Wedding, " which we all enjoyed taking part in. Then come our junior play, for which we selected " Mama ' s Baby Boy. " This was a great success. Then it was graduation again which we all enjoyed taking part in honoring our seniors at graduation. Then almost in no time at all we were back in school and were realizing we were seniors. Our class consisted of twenty-four members this year. Conrad Herrin and Harold Poplin decided to go to Albemarle High School. This year we were under the leadership of Mrs. Grigg. We got right off to selling annual ads, which kept us busy for a short while. Then the thing we were all looking forward to finally arrived, our class rings which we all wore with pride. This year our class officers consisted of Becky Hathcock, president; Larry Jones vice-president. Ruby Furr, secretary; and Harold Dean Lambert, treasurer. Now our greatest aim is graduation. Even though our four years at Endy High School have been short, we have had many wonderful times together. We have acquired many ideas and customs we will never forget. As we leave our school, we want to thank the teachers and parents, as well as underclassmen, for the happiest four years of our lives. Jeanette Wise • Class Prophecy I left my home in surburban New York early this morning. In order to get to the airport, I called a taxicab. When the taxi arrived, imagine my genuine surprise when I found that Marvin Rogers was the driver! Marvin had lived in New York for several years and still loved to sit behind the steering wheel. What a good time we had reminiscing! On our way to the airport Marvin pointed out many places of interest to me. One of the things that particularly interested me was Lynda Cree ' s Clothing Store. Lynda is a well-known designer of children ' s clothing and apparently she is making plenty of money. When I boarded the plane at La Guardia Field, there was one seat left. Sitting next to the vacant seat was an attractive young woman. As I sat down, I came face to face with Rozena Efird. She had just been visiting Lynda Cree and was on her way home. Rozena was working in an art studio in Albemarle and was loving her work— this studio work was in addition to keeping an attractive little home for her lovely family. We hod to change planes in Washington, and I was delighted to find that our lovely, capable stewardess was none other than Judy Burleson. The same old Judy friendly as ever. The neat, efficient-looking pilot was Larry Jones. He hadn ' t changed much, and I was quite aware that he had complete control of the plane. I knew that in my flight to Albemarle I was in good- hands - - - Larry and Judy. When we stopped in Greensboro, Collen Dick joined us. She said that she had left Bob at home washing dishes. She helped him in the flower shop which they owned. Our next stop now as planned was Albemarle. Lucille Coley planned to meet me at the new airport; she had just come for a visit. True to her word, Lucille was there to meet me when the plane finally came to a stop. After I greeted my old friend, Lucille, we walked to the terminal. " Where is Becky Hathcock? " I asked. - - - I see her now; she is working at the travel desk and seems to love the work. She always did get along nicely with people. We passed a lovely house where Larry Burris, a famous singer, and Shelbia Goss, a famous comedian, are now living. Joyce Whitley, a rising model, is standing out front with them. She and Shelbia were always together; Joyce is home from Los Angeles on a visit. I am told that she is still looking for that perfect man. Someone has just driven up behind us - - ; it is James Howell, the algebra teacher. He always was sneaking up on people. Just before we arrived at school, I noticed a lovely brick home, where Jeanette Wise and Zone are now living. Janice Furr and Donnie have a pretty home on the St. Martin Road and Carolyn Lowder and " Chip " are very happy since " Chip " is home from service. We ' re at school now and Dean Lambert, the geometry professor is the first one here; he has the newest model Mercury as he also owns the Mercury Corporation. Where is Bill Hatley, the psychiatrist? He ' s talking to Lynn Almond the public school music teacher - - - who is working at Albemarle High School, and to Patsy Hatley, a laboratory technician at the Stanly County Hospital. Joe Efird and Ruby are happy these days in their little bungalow, and Jo is doing very well as a tenor at the Green Door Cafe. What is everybody laughing about? Oh! Gene Lambert the famous comedian. He is working at the Eldorado Club in Hollywood and in movies. Ruby Furr is coming down the sidewalk as graceful and gracious as ever; she is a very fine court stenographer. Now that almost everyone is here we ' re going to the cafeteria— but where is Harold McSwain, the famous surgeon? Here he is; now we can close the door. He always was the last one to arrive anywhere. As for myself, Peggy Lambert, i am very happy with my job as a private secretary. —Peggy Lambert Prophet 9 Class Statistics LYNN ALMOND Nickname " Linnie " Pastime Riding in my " cusibelle " Hangout School Weakness Trees Ambition To travel JUDY BURLESON Nickname " Little Bit " Pastime Thinking and waiting Hangout Albemarle Weakness Brown eyes Ambition To be a farmer ' s wife LARRY BURRIS Nickname " Pie " Pastime Playing basketball Hangout Deluxe Weakness Short brown hair Ambition To get a new car LUCILLE COLEY Nickname " Lucy " Pastime Talking on the telephone Hangout Peggy ' s house Weakness A Yankee Ambition To travel LYNDA CREE Nickname " Cree " Pastime Listening to the radio Hangout Home Weakness ' 55 Chevrolet Ambition To graduate from college COLLEN DICK Nickname " Runt " Pastime Eating Hangout Deluxe Weakness Bob Ambition To be a successful housewife JOE EFIRD Nickname " Curly " Pastime Building muscles Hangout Deluxe Weakness Ruby Ambition To succeed ROZENA EFIRD Nickname " Zena " Pastime Writing letters Hangout Home Weakness Army Boys Ambition To be a housewife JANICE FURR Nickname " Jan " Pastime Thinking of Donnie Hangout Deluxe Weakness Black hair and brown eyes Ambition To say, " I do. " RUBY FURR Nickname " Rube " ' ' astime Playing " Rock and Roll " records " " " QO ' t In a ' 50 Ford Weakness Dates l Bi GOsi ' ° ° ' ' - Nickname " Grass " Pastime Aggravating Patsy and Lynn Hangout D l Weakness A certain flat-top Ambition To stop driving fast BECKY HATHCOCK Nickname " Hadicock " not Hadicol fastime Talking on the phone l ° " 9° ' Starlight Weakness Brown Ford Ambition To be a private secretary BILL HATLEY Nickname " William " Pastime Working Hangout Store Weakness Politics Ambition To be a success PATSY HATLEY Nickname " Pat " Pastime Running from Shelbia Hangout School Weakness Changes Ambition To own a Lincoln JAMES HOWELL Nickname " Jamies " Pastime Traveling Hangout Garage Weakness Red Hair Ambition Mechanic LARRY JONES Nickname " Rodney " Pastime Playing basketball Hangout Deluxe Weakness Pretty girls Ambition To be a successful businessman GENE LAMBERT Nickname " Runt " Pastime Dating Hangout Tip Top Grill Weakness Blue eyes Ambition To out do Elvis Presley HAROLD LAMBERT Nickname " Lover Boy " Pastime Following girls Hangout Deluxe Weakness Brown hair Ambition To be a high school principal PEGGY LAMBERT Nickname " Peg " Pastime Writing letters Hangout Everywhere with Lucille Weakness Black curly hair Ambition To go into business CAROLYN LOWDER Nickname " Shorty " Pastime Writing letters Hangout Home Weakness A certain soldier Ambition To get a Mrs. Degree HAROLD McSWAIN Nickname " Mac " Pastime Milking cows Hangout Deluxe Weakness Albemarle High School Ambition A successful doctor MARVIN ROGERS Nickname " Bubbles " Pastime Chasing girls Hangout Starlight Weakness Mrs. Grigg Ambition To bury the last man JOYCE WHITLEY Nickname " Kangaroo " Pastime Playing basketball Hangout Ruby ' s house Weakness tvlo. 22 Ambition To make up my mind JEANETTE WISE Nickname " Jenny " Pastime Talking Hangout Home Weakness Zone Ambition To stay happy Ust V ill and Testament The seniors of " 57 " being slightly nervous but still in a sound mind do hereby leave this as our last will and testament. To the young and unsophisticated freshmen v e leave our ability to play basketball, hoping they v ill all make first team. To the sophomores, our good friends, we will our ability to skip classes without getting caught. We give and bequeath to the junior class our " messy " lockers, our front seats in the auditorium, and our well-known nerve as they try to get ads for the annual of " 58 " hoping they will get as many as we did. We also will to them our chewing gum " hide-a-way. " We hope that someday it will be permissable to " chew gum in class. " Now to the individual members of the junior class: Lynn Almond and Patsy Hatley will their studious ways in French to Pansy Efird. Larry Burris wills h is ability to get along with the teachers to Kenneth Hodge and Edgar Medlin. Judy Burleson and Janice Furr will their ability to whisper in class and not get caught to Sylvia Benner. Lucille Coley and Rozena Efird will their reducing pills to Pearlie Hartsell hoping she, by that time, will not need them. Lynda Cree and Ruby Furr will their cute figures to Elsie Lyall. Peggy Lambert and Becky Hathcock will their place at the mirror in the senior room to Shelby Whitley. Collen Dick, Jeanette Wise, and Carolyn Lowder will their luck of getting a diamond to Patricia Lambert. Shelbia Goss and Joyce Whitley will their " sneakin " ways to Brenda Morton. Bill Hatley wills his " prissy " ways to Richard Harleson and Wendell Burleson. Joe Efird wills his old cigarette butts to Junior Burleson and Milton Helms. Larry Jones wills his quiet spirit and patience to Carroll Burleson and Donald Winf ree. Dean Lambert wills his ability to date a lot of girls to Wayne Efird and Jimmy Davis. Gene Lambert wills his silly giggle to Keith Speight. Harold McSwain wills his position as president of the Beta Club to A. L. Lowder. Marvin Rogers wills his ability to get to school on time to W. B. King and Tommy Lambert. R. E. Sigmon, Executor Larry Burris, Testator Superlatives Superlatives MOST VERSATILE Jeanette Wise - Harold Dean Lambert CUTEST Judy Burleson - Larry Jones Superlatives MOST DEPENDABLE Peggy Lambert - Harold McSwain MOST ATHLETIC Joyce Whitley - Harold Dean Lambert Superlatives BEST DRESSED Becky Hathcock - Joe Efird BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS Jeanette Huneycutt - James Howell Superlatives QUIETEST Ruby Furr - James Howell MOST TALKATIVE Judy Burleson - Larry Burris underclassmen I Sophomores Gerald Almond Patricia Bowers Iris Burleson Ray Von Burleson Toby Jean Burleson Larry Coble Tony Dennis Lamar Eudy Linda Eudy Brenda Furr Carl Furr Drucilla Griffin Sherrill Hohn Phyllis Hartsell Donnie Herrin Billy Lambert Katherine Lambert Nancy Lambert Richard Lambert Merium Lowder Louise Lyal I Vivian McSwain Patricia Murray Barbara Oakley Larry Shank Nona Smart Wade Stogner Sylvia Tucker Reginea Watkins Joan Westbrook Joe Westbrook Betty Whitley Reggie Whitley Glenda Winfree Freshmen Jane Adams Bernie Almond Nancy Almond Pairicia Almond Carol Burleson Davie Burleson ' Vm Judy Burleson Mickey Burleson Jerry Carpenter Gerald Carriker Glenda Carriker Shearon Efird Mary Furr Gl oria Goss Kenneth Harleson Brenda Hathcock Jerry Hatley Eugene Hinson Patricia Howard Reid I card Larry Lambert Barbara Lorch Jerry Lowder Kenneth Lowder Jimmy Mercer Jimmy Morgan Ronnie Morton Diane Parker Grady Shue Larry Simpson Ronnie Smith Margaret Stogner Eugene Thomas Larry Troublefield Terrell Whitley T ony Whitley Eighth Grade Charles Almond Treva Almond Elaine Benner Judy Bowers Sylvia Bowers Ronny Broadway Cecil Burleson Elaine Burleson Joyce Burleson Roger Burleson Marvin Coble Carolyn Coley Roddy Cotton Nancy Efird Tony Efird Anita Hartsell Zoe Huneycutt Frances Hussey Kenneth Morton Kay Sells Carolyn Sides Dean Speights Linda Speights Bobbie Westbrook Eighth Grade Toby Burleson Keith Burleson Thetus Ann Burleson Toni Burleson Nona Sue Burleson Elvene Dick Edward Efird Jimmie Efird Keith Efird Jerry Eudy Sue Floyd Sharon Hathcock Brenda Hodge Tommy Hunneycutt Ann Mercer Janice McSwain Tommy Morgan Sue Troublefield Barbara Winfree Betty Carol Whitley Elene Whitley Pam Adkins Stevie Alexander Alton Barfield Seventh Grade Steve Burleson Newman Burleson Louise Dennis Judy Efird Clegg Eudy Johnny Eudy Truiey Fesperman David Floyd Ceci I Furr Brendo Furr Norman Hartsell Elizabeth Hill Jeffrey Hinson Howard Hussey, Jr. Bobby Lambert Richard Lambert Jimmy Lowder Diane Mauldin Reggie Medlin Janice Speights Edward Stiller George Vanhoy Ann Whitley June Whitley Sixth Grade W. C . Burleson Loraine Carpenter Tony Clark Sue Efird Evola Furr Gerald Furr Judy Goss George Hathcock Terry Harleson Florence Helms Joyce Hodge Ross Huneycutt Sherrill Honeycutt Cathern Howel I Dwight Lambert Joan Lambert Emily Lowder Joyce Lowder Troy Mabry Johnny Morgan Eddie Morton Gary Morton Jerry Morton Phillip Morton Shirley Morton Louis Talbert Ronnie Thompson Stephen Thompson Junior Vanhoy Freida Whitley Patricia Almond Rex Burleson Sidney Burleson Vann Burleson Gerald Adkins Jennings Almond Fifth Grade Donald Bowers Dwight Burleson Gail Burleson Jerry Burleson ■ % Reggie Coley Jerry Crisco Janice Deese Janice Dick Gary Efird Gloria Eudy Sidney Eudy Margaret Furr Terry Goss Ann Harleson ' t Noel Hartsell Sandra Hathcock Elaine Helms Brenda Hinson Mikey Huneycutt •i - 2 Ann icard Roger Jones Brenda Lambert Gary Lambert Ruth Lowder Lynn Mauldin Buddy Melton Sheila Morton W. C. Pickler Mark Tucker 1 ■ I Jimmy Tucker Dennis Underwood Lynette Whitley Patricia Whitley Brenda Wise Fourth Grade Ann Almond Neil Almond Pamela Almond Dianne Aldridge Gay Barfield Sandra Burleson Phil Burleson Paula Burleson Jackie Burleson John Hovlp Btirl cnn Pamela Burris Cheri Carter Ricky Coley Becky Colton Elaine Davis Jackie Dees Joe Earnhardt Garrett Efird Dwight Eudy - " ' V 1 ■ L n 1 v 1 n r 1 1 r r Casinia Furr Buddy Hatley Phyllis Hatley Gene Huneycutt Janice Hussey Billy Lambert Lynn Mabry Linda Shue Nicky Teeter MBpBf ' art Sue Nell Thomas Brenda Turner Donald Whitley Steven Whitley Bobby Winfree Stephen Almond Third Grade Allen Bullock Diann Burrls Linda Burleson Sandra Coley Ronnie Crisco Ronnie Efird Frankie Hatley Lelon Helms Sylvia Hodge Oatis Huneycutt Mike Lambert Garolyn Little David Mouldin Rebecca Medlin Alice Starnes Roger Thompson Roger Underwood Reba Whitley Melvin Whitley Danny Whitley Third Qtsde Bruce Burleson Rita Burris Judy Carter Jody Eudy Melinda Eudy Donald Fink Lance Hartsell Cynthia Hodge Don Huneycutt Rebecca Lambert Alton Morton Nancy Lowder Jimmy Muliis Steve Russell Roger Smith Stephen Smith Wanda Smith Henry Lee Stiller Donald Teeter Steve Vanderburg Gerald Winfree James David Burleson NOT PICTURED Elaine Boone Karen Burleson David Almond Saundra Bowers . 1 Hi { Ml ' it ' f Bruce Almond Debbie Almond Second Grade Flavella Almond Kenneth Almond Linda Almond Linda Burleson Diane Burrls Roger Burleson Shearon Burleson DIanne Clark Patsy Davis Delane Efird Dwight Eudy Kathy Efird Elizabeth Furr Teredo Furr Wanda Furr Steven Horkey Rebecca Hatley Ann Helms Marilyn Helms Max Helms Elaine Hinson Wllda H inson Artis Huneycutt Joan {card Judy Lambert Ludy Lowder Sherrill Morgan Don Morton Gall Smith Paul Smith Rita Stogner Mary Ann Troutman Gail Whitley Jean Whitley Gary Williams Id ' First Grade Rudy Almond Douglas Barbee Wanda Barbee Connie Burleson Jerry Burleson Lanny Burleson Reggie Burleson Renee Burleson Marilyn Burris Judy Coble Ronald Cook Janet- Efird Ervin Eudy Priscilla Eudy Donny Fesperman Boyd Furr Naia Harker Jean Hatley Johnny Helms Judy Hill Reggie Lambert Marvin Lisk Linda Little Dale Lorch Tony Lowder Nancy Smith Bobby Starnes John Thompson Treva Thompson Mary Ellen Tucker Jackie Underwood NOT PICTURED Michal Winfree Bobbie Boone Harold McSwain Business Manager Lynn Almond Assistant Business Manager F. F. A. Boys ' Basketball J. R. AUSTIN SHOP, INC FOR CUSTOM MADE ORNAMENTAL WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS - COLUMNS - GRILLS - BANNISTERS YU 2-7214 W. SOUTH ALBEMARLE. N,C. COMPLIMENTS OF PAGE CHURCH FURNITURE COMPANY MAKERS OF SPECIALIZING IN Fine FURNITURE CHURCH FURNITURE 1204 MAPUE YUKON 2-4717 ALBEMARLE, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF ENDY FEED AND SUPPLY COMPANY PHILLIPS 66 FEED - GROCERIES POULTRY - EGGS PHONE YUKON 2-5611 ROUTE 4 AL.BEMARUE NORTH CAROLINA DELUXE CAFE AIR CONDITIONED STEAKS CHOPS CHICKEN CHARLOTTE ROAD - PHONE YUKON 2-6216 CHALMERS THOMPSON, PROPRIETOR REGULAR MEALS SHORT ORDERS SANDWICHES STANLY DAIRIES MILK ICE CREAM - ALL FLAVORS DAIRY BAR PHONE YUKON 2-2714 EAST MAIN STREET ALBEMARLE, NORTH CAROLINA ALMOND BROTHERS POULTRY WHOLESALE DEALERS IN EGGS, LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY PHONE YUKON 2-5611 CHARLOTTE ROAD ALBE MARLE NORTH CAROLINA GARRISON-DENNIS OIL COMPANY, INC. PHILLIPS 66 DISTRIBUTORS OF WHOLESALE AND RETAIL OIL PRODUCTS " you ring we bring " charlotte road albemarle north carolina G. C. McAAANUS COMPANY, INC. ALLIS - CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT PHONE 321 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI M ENTS OF COLLINS AIKAAAM CORPORATION AUTOMOTIVE FABRICS DIVISION ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA BOWERS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY PAUL Jo BOWERS GENERAL CONTRACTOR RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL 1440 W. PARK AVENUE PHONE 1256-J COMPLIMENTS OF FENTER ' S SERVICE 248 SOUTH FIRST STREET PHONE 1442 ACCOUNTING - ALL FORMS INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE HENRY FENTERS HOYLE W, HELMS AL8EMARUE CAROLINA DUN-RITE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC. SANITONE VISIT OUR BRANCH OFFICE AND CLOTH SHOP ON CHARLOTTE ROAD FOR CLOTH - ZIPPERS - THREAD - BUTTONS - ETC. MAIN PLANT AND OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE AND CLOTH SHOP PEE DEE AVENUE CHARLOTTE ROAD PHONE 4000 PHONE I06I-M ALBEMARLE. NORTH CAROLINA ALBEMARLE SAVING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ALBEMARLE, N C INSURED SAVINGS UP TO°$I0.000 00 DIRECT REDUCTION LOANS OFFICERS M.M. PALMER, PRESIDENT J.H.MORROW. VICE-PRES C. B. MILLER. EXEC. VICE-PRES. o. J. ROGERS. SEC-TREAs " BURRELL BAKERY BAKERS OF SILVER CREST BREAD AND CAKES ALBEMARLE. NORTH CAROLINA YADKIN BRICK YARDS, INC. FACE COMMON BRICK PHONE 3-3321 NEW LONDON NORTH CAROLINA ED SON SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CONDITIONING COPPER WORKS CHARLOTTE ROAD PHONE YUKON 2-7313 ALBEMARLE. NORTH CAROLINA COMPLl MENTS OF CRIPP SMART ' S GARAGE PHONE YUKON 2-4677 CHARLOTTE ROAD ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF SERVICE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY PHONE YUKON 2-6716 ALBEMARLE CAROLINA COM PLl MENTS OF HATLEY PHILCO APPLIANCE PHONE HU 5-3456 OAKBORO NORTH CAROLINA STANLY NEWS AND PRESS " your county newspaper " established 1880 AUBEMAR UE NORTH CAROLINA ALBEMARLE PLUMBING AND HEATING 538 WEST MAIN STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF STOKES FURNITURE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION A FRIENDLY HOME FOR YOUR SAVINGS 108 EAST NORTH STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA WHISPERING PINES FOR DELICIOUS PLATE LUNCHES PHONE 984-J COM PLl MENTS OF CLYDE Ho WHITLEY PLUMBING HEATING PHONE YUKON 2-3926 SALISBURY RD. ALBEMARLE . N. C ALBE MARLE NORTH CAROLINA THE STANLY CITIZEN " serving STANLY COUNTY COMPLETE NEWS FEATURES ADVERTISING JOB PRINTING COMPLI MENTS OF FROG POND ESSO CENTER FROG POND NORTH CAROLINA CHARTER SERVICE POWER CITY BUS LINES, INC, ALBEMARLE. N.C. J. W. HATLEY. MGR. DAY PHONE 372 NIGHT PHONE 1077-L LITTLE CHAIN SAW EQUIP, CO, IVI V . WLJl— L-l rl M A 1 IN O -K VV EDDLEMAN, SIMPLICITY JACOBSON LAWN MOWERS 201 .■ CHARLOTTE ROAD PHONE PHONE 1425 1425 J, T„ RUSSELL SONS GRADING - SURFACE TREATMENT DITCHING - HAULING - DIRT ASPHALT - STONE - SAND ALBEMARLE, N. C, BADIN ROAD DRIVE-IN PHONE 1626- L ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA HATLEY ' S RADIO TELEVISION SERVICE RADIOS - STOVES - REFRIGERATORS AND ELECTRIC SUPPLIES OAKBORO, N„ C, STANLY F, C, X, SERVICE OPEN FORMULA FEEDS Ar D FERTILIZER SEEDS OF KNOWN pRIGIN W. SOUTH ST, ALBEMARLE RECOVERING - UPHOLSTERING HIGH GRADE - REASONABLE VAN KEPLEY TRIM SHOP CUSTOM MADE SEAT COVERS CHARLOTTE ROAD ALBEMARLE, N.C. COMPLIMENTS OF LOFTIN ' S DRUG CENTER PHONE 369 W„ NORTH ST. ALBEMARLE STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY ' complete line of school supplies ' 175 north second street phone yu 2-71 i i albemarle . n, c, COM PLl M ENTS ALMOND FEED CO. , INC. BROILER CHICKS POULTRY SUPPLIES SE LECTED FEEDS SELECTED FEEDS STILL OIL COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR OF CITIES SERVICE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS COMPLl MENTS OF Do GASTON MORGAN GENERAL CONTRACTOR RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL PHONE I83I-W CHARLOTTE ROAD - ROUTE 4 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLl MENTS OF ALBEMARLE BAKERY WHO SERVES US MARY JANE BREAD ALBEMARLE. N. C, B„ Eo HOLBROOKS COMPANY, INC„ DEALERS IN HARDWARE - ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PLUMBING AND HEATING PHONE TUXEDO 8-2411 STANFIELD . N. C„ BOWERS BROTHERS JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE lie NORTH DEPOT STREET ALBEMARLE, N„C. EFIRD ' S NURSERY LUTHER B. EFIRD ORNAMENTALS BOXWOODS - AZELIAS - ILEX JUNIPERS - SPRUCES - HEMLOCKS NANDINAS — ABELIA - ETC, ROUTE 4 ST. MARTAINS ROAD ALBEMARLE. N„C, PHONE 1585-Z COM PLI MENTS OF LOWDER HARDWARE PHONE 325 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF SOSSAMON FURNITURE CO„ " your LANE CEDAR CHEST DEALEr " ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 219 WEST MAIN STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF STANLY HARDWARE CO. , INC. PHONE 10 AND 93 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF L, A. EUDY, ESSO 2015 CHARLOTTE ROAD ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA FOR A COMFORTABLE HOME COME TO MAXWELL BROS. FURNITURE PHONE 54 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NORTH SECOND STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF MURRELL S PHARMACY 1 r w n 1 i i j in WE GIVE S a H GREEN STAMPS PHONE YUKON 2-2214 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA LOCUST LUMBER COo LOCUST HARDWARE CO„ LUMBER MimwORK AND MOULDING LOCUST, N„ C, HERLOCKER SERVICE PHONE 60 HERLOCKER 52 SERVICE PHONE 1726 SHELL PRODUCTS SHELF HARDWARE AND BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE TU 8-2461 LOCUST ■ N, C THE DRUG CENTER YOUR REXALL SERVICE STORE 121 N. FIRST ST. PHONE 1131 ALBEMARLE. N.C PRESCRIPTION SHOP PROFESSIONAL DRUG SERVICE 125 E„ NORTH ST, PHONE 1402 ALBEMARLE, N.C, STANLY FUNERAL HOME, INC„ AND STANLY MUTUAL BURIAL ASSOCIATION AMBULANCE YU 2-2288 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA Po J. HUNEYCUTT COMPANY ALBEMARLE ' S GREAT FURNITURE CENTER SERVING STANLY COUNTY SINCE 1900 ELGIN WATCHES - JEWELRY - DIAMONDS FURNITURE - LEONARD APPLIANCES PHONE 69 - 1269 - 449 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA AUSTIN BROS. TIRE STORE AND RECAPPING FOR ANYTHING IN TIRE SERVICE TRACTOR - TRUCK - PASSENGERS DELCO BATTERIES LOCUST , N, C. PHONE TU 8-221 I EAST MAIN DRIVE IN WHAT - A - BURGER BILL RUSSELL - PROP. PHONE I 153-X COMPL.I MENTS OF ALBEMARLE INSURANCE AGENCY, 1NC„ AUBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ROSELAND FLORIST ALBEMARLE NORTH A Hv l I IN A COMPL.1 MENTS OF JEFF ' S CLEANERS AUBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF SUGGS FURNITURE CO, CONCORD RD„ ALBEMARLE. N„C„ COM PL 1 MENTS OF Go Co MORTON COo ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF ALMO CLEANERS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA PECKS ' FLORIST FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION " say it WITH flowers " ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLl MENTS OF TRADING POST CHARLOTTE RD. ALBEMARLE. N.C. COMPLI MENTS OF NORWOOD DEPARTMENT STORE QUALITY MERCHANDISE NORWOOD NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF AUBRY Ho EFIRD . . , Mr OTUf AHOLINA ALBEMARLE NOMIM o«« »i i i-i ' - ' COM PLl MENTS OF MUSIC MART ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON ' S FARM SUPPLY ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF TRAWICK SEED COMPANY ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD AUTO PARTS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLl MENTS OF COOK ' S SERVICE STATIONS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF BOONE ' S PLACE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPUI MENTS OF ALL STAR MILLS, INC, ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA HUNEYCUTTS SHOE SHOP " best in shoe repairing " 128 north 2ND STREET HUNNEYCUTT ' S FARM SUPPLY FROG POND HU 5-3414 COM PL 1 MENTS OF J. D„ DAVIS GROCERIES ALBEMARLE, N. C, JOHN Eo LITTLE GENERAL MERCHANDISE OAKBORO , N, C. PIEDMONT CLEANERS north sec, street albemarle, n, c. " exclusive drive in window " COMPLIMENTS OF CITY DRY CLEANERS ALBEMARLE, N„C„ CARSON FURNITURE COMPANY quality furniture 1 SALISBURY RD. PHONE 547 DAVIS MOTOR COo CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE M LJ FN t. EAST MAIN ST, ALBEMARLE, N.C, HONEYCUTT ' S ESSO SERVICE LOCUST, NORTH CAROLINA PHONE TU 8-2231 COM PLI M ENT OF STARNES JEWELRY STORE COMPLETE LINE OF JEWELRY ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLl MENTS OF MORGAN MOTORS PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI M ENTS OF ENDY RADIO T„ V„ SERVICE PHONE YUKON 2-2782 CHARLOTTE RD. N. C. CREECH ' S 5 10 ' where your dimes LOOK LIKE dollars " LOCUST NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF K L DRUG STORE PHONE YUKON 2-60J3 MONTGOMERY AVE, ALBEMARLE, N.C. COMPLIMENTS OF Co L. VICKERS TRANSFER BADIN RD. ALBEMARLE, N.C„ MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT PHILLIPS CUT RATE DRUG STORE PHONES 21 AND 63 Al-BEMARl-E. N, C. ARCHER ' S BARBECUE CATERING TO LODGES -CLUBS-BANQUETS -PARTIES PHONE 1134-M ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA BILL PHILLIPS BUICK COMPANY 1329 EAST MAIN STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI M ENTS OF CONFEDERATE MOTORS CHEVROLET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA STANLY LUMBER COMPANY, INC, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS LUMBER-MI LLWORK -BUILDING MATERIAL ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA RADIO STATION, WABZ, INC» ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA DO-NUT DINETTE DO-NUTS - HOT DOGS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLI MENTS OF VEL ' S BEAUTY SHOP ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA BILL ADKINS GROCERY SALISBURY ROAD ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA FOR A BETTER AND SAFER USED CAR SEE SAFEWAY MOTORS JACK CLARK . L, J. CRISCO EDWARDS GULF SERVICE J. D, EDWARDS 922 No SECOND STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA SOUTH MAIN ST, PHONE 147 CLONTZ ' S FLOWERS NORWOOD NORTH CAROLINA BROCK ' S RADIO TV SERVICE TU 8-2451 - NIGHT 5559 LOCUST NORTH CAROLINA Fo C, X„ FARM MACHINERY BLACK HAWK EQUIPMENT UNIVERSAL MILKER CWAWIOTTFIPOAn ED 11 - fvi C Q oo • n r 1 1 c n lj i ri j in t Jo TOLLISON PHARMACY COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE SUNDRIES - TOYS - FOUNTAIN SERVICE OAKBORO NORTH CAROLINA COM PLI MENTS OF TOM THUMB NURSERY MRS. C, D. HINSON CHARLOTTE RD, COM PL I MENTS OF CLARA ' S BEAUTY SHOP ALBEMARUE NORTH CAROLINA MOOSE ' S I NCORPO RATED FINE CLOTHES ' 41 W. MAIN ST, ALBEMARLE, N.C. LITTLES GRILL FOR THE BEST IN FOOD OAKBORO, N. C. TELEPHONE HV, 53405 COMPLIMENTS OF PICKETT ' S DEPT. STORE OAKBORO, N, C. THE GOODY SHOP HOT DOGS- CAFE -HAMBURGERS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA PARKWAY CAFE FOR GOOD THINGS TO EAT BAD IN ROAD TELEPHONE 988-M BELKS DEPT„ STORE ALBEMARLE ' S LARGEST AND FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE YOU ALWAYS SAVE AT BELKS COMPLIMENTS OF EFIRD ' S DEPT, STORE ALBEMARLE, N.C, TIP TOP GRILL OPERATED BY MR. Sc MRS. SPURGEON GREENE BAD IN ROAD TELEPHONE 687-X EUDYS GROCERY FOR ALL YOUR FOOD SUPPLIES OAKBORO , N.C. TELEPHONE HV. 53347 MACK A„ COBLE FLOOR SANDING AND FINISHING FORMICA AND PLASTIC WALL TILE COMPLI MENTS OF HUCKABEE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. PHONE 1360 1827 w. MAIN ST. ALBEMARLE ■ N. C. F W HARDWARE FOR ALL YOUR HARDWARE NEEDS OAKBORO , N.C. TELEPHONE 53412 C, H, BEACHUM SERVICE FOR PROMPT SERVICE OAKBORO , N.C. TELEPHONE HV. 53441 ROSS STUDIO PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY 215 W. MAIN STREET ALBEMARLE, N.C. COMPLI MENTS OF FURR ' S CONCRETE ALBEMARLE, N.C. COMPLl MENTS STANLY ELECriRIC COMPANY PHONE YUKON Z-1412 ALBEMARLE NORTH C ARO L 1 N A COMPLIMENTS OF WILHELM ' S ESSO STATION PHONE YUKON 2-4813 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLl M E NTS OF SMITH ' S MILL AND GROCERY ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLl MENTS OF B. H. McLENDON SONS PHONE YUKON 2—2147 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COM PLl MENTS OF ALBEMARLE RADIATOR WELDING SHOP TROY RD. ALBEMARLE, N,C. COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES CLOTHING STORE 124 S. FIRST ALBEMARLE. N.C„ COM PLl MENTS OF GABLE ' S STORE 106 S. SECOND ALBEMARLE, N,C. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS

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