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Text from Pages 1 - 82 of the 1956 volume:

Sndy Echo Presented by the Students of Endy High School Abemarle, North Carolina Dedication MRS. DOLETTA HARTSELL To Mrs. Doletta Hartsell who has been our friend, couselor, and in- spiration, the class of 1956 affectionately dedicates this volume of the " EndyEcho. " MRS. HENKEL French English MR. BROWN Science Biology Coach MR. FARTHING Math Typing MRS. HARTSELL French English MRS. GRIGG Sociology English History MRS. THOMPSON Home Economics MRS. JONES Mixed Chorus MR. ELLER Agriculture MRS. BOLCH Music MR. WHITLEY Janitor Faculty MISS EFIRD First Grade MRS. MORRIS First and Second Grades MRS. LISENBY Second Grade MRS. CREE Third Grade School Treasurer MRS. WALKER Fourth Grade MRS. SWARINGEN Fifth Grade MRS. EDWARDS Sixth and Seventh Grades MRS. PHILLIPS Sixth Grade MRS. MERCER Seventh Grade MRS. McSWAIN Eighth Grade Typing MISS MERRY CHRISTMAS OF 1955 Helen Whitley MARSHALS Harold McSwain, Becky Hathcock, Joe Efird, Ruby Furr, Harold Dean Lambert. BUS DRIVERS Larry Hathcock, Gene Speights, James Howell , Ondrie Efird, Larry Burris, Pete Harward, Marvin Rogers. Class Poem In the year of nineteen hundred and forty-four • We first walked through the Endy High School door. We worked and played and had lots of fun And didn ' t realize that our school years had just begun. All through the years we couldn ' t wait For our commencement day — that far off date. There were a lot of laughter and a lot of cheers All of which were mingled with a few salty tears. We ' ve loved each teacher and each friend, And best of luck to them all we send. They taught us how to love and how to give And best of all — that ' s how to live. And now as we come to our school days ' close We cannot lie down in sheer repose; For it ' s upward and onward to our cherished dream; After it, follow it, follow the gleam I by Ondrie Efird CLASS COLORS Red and White CLASS MOTTO Upward, Onward, Follow the Gleam CLASS FLOWER Red Rose Sponsor Mrs. Claud Grigg President Junior Bowers Vice-President Gene Speights Secretary Linda Benner Treasurer Joyce Efird Senior Class Officers MASCOTS Merle Almond John Thompson Statistics LINDA BENNER Senior Class Secretary, Junior Class Treasurer, 4-H, Junior Play, Glee Club, Glee Club So- loist, Girls Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble, Festi- val Chorus, Choral Workshop, Secretary of Glee Club, Beta Club, Junior-Senior Banquet Program, Editor of Annual, Annual Staff, Volley Ball, English Club, Piano, Librarian. JUNIOR BOWERS Glee Club, President of Senior Class, 4-H, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Junior Play, Field Day, English Club, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Program, Annual Staff, Athletic Associa- tion, Shop Work, Ninth and Tenth Grade Plays, F.F.A. LAVERNE DAVIS F.F.A. , Critic of Junior Class, Football, Vol- leyball, FieldDay, EnglishClub, Annual Staff, ClassArtist, Decoration Committee of F.F.A. , Athletic Association, Shop Work. RUBY DICK Secretary-Treasurer of Ninth Grade, Secretary of Tenth Grade, Class Historian, Junior-Senior Banquet Program, Beta Club, Secretary, 4-H Secretary, Glee Club, Glee Club Treasurer, Girls Ensemb I e. Mixed Ensemble, Festival Chorus, F.H.A., President, Treasurer, Vice- President, Marshal, Basketball, Co-Captain of Basketball, Field Day, Junior Play, Typing Medal, Annual Staff, Athletic Association, Piano, English Club. ONDRIE EFIRD Glee Club, Bus Driver, F.F.A., Sentinel , Class Poet, 4-H, Junior Play, FieldDay, English Club, Junior-Senior Banquet Program, Annual Staff, Ath I eti c Assoc iation , Vol I eyba 1 1 , Sof tba 1 1 , F oot- ball. Refreshment Committee of F.F.A. , Ninth and Tenth Grade Plays, Shop Work. JOYCE EFIRD F.H.A., President, Glee Club, Junior Play, Glee Club Secretary, Festival Chorus, Girls Ensemble, Mixed Ensemble, F.H.A. Secretary, F.H.A. County Reporter, Marshal, Basketball, F.H.A. Vice-President, Junior-Senior Banquet Program, FieldDay, Citizenship Medal , Trea- surer of Senior Class, Business Manager of An- nual, Annual Staff, News Reporter, Secretary of 4-H, Volleyball, Athletic A ssoc i a t i on, English Club. Statistics JOSEPHINE EUDY F.H.A., Glee Club, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Cheerleader, Secretary of Junior Class, Girls Volleyball, Citizenship Medal, Junior Play, Junior-Senior Banquet Program, Annual Staff, 4-H Secretary, Athletic Association Field Day, Statistician of Annual. ERVIN FESPERMAN F.F.A., 4-H, Glee Club, F.F.A. Field Day, Beta Club, State F. F. A. Convention, Endy Grange, Baseball, Volleyball, Football, Soft- ball, Junior-Senio r Banquet Program, F.F.A. Vice-President, English Club, Vice-President. PETE HARWARD Glee Club, F.F.A., 4-H, Football, Softball, Volleyball, English Club, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Program, Field Day, Bus Driver, Annual Staff, Athletic Association, Marshal, Shop Work, Junior Play. LARRY HATHCOCK Glee Club, Basketball, President of Freshman and Junior Classes, F.F.A. Vice-President, Double Quartet, Festival Chorus, Baseball, President of Glee Club, Beta Club, Marshal, Annual Staff, Athletic Association, Junior Play, 4-H, Bus Driver, Assistant Business Man- ager of Annual, English Club, Junior-Senior Banquet Program, Mixed Ensemble. JOYCE HUNEYCUn Basketball, Photograph Editor of Annual, Jun- ior Play, Glee Club, F. H. A. Junior-Senior Banquet Program, 4-H, Annual Staff, Athletic Association, English Club, Physical Education, Librarian. EDD LAMBERT F.F.A., 4-H, Football, Softball, Volleyball, English Club, Athletic Association, Field Day, Shop Work, Annual Staff. Statistics MICHAEL MORGAN Glee Club, F.F.A., Basketball,. 4-H, Base- ball, Football, Volleyball, Field Day, An- nual Staff, Class Artist, Athletic Association, Usher of Junior Play, Recreation Committee of F.F.A. MAX MORTON F.F.A. , Citizenship Medal, Junior Play, Greenhand (F. F.A.), Chapter Farmer (F.F.A.), State Farmers Degree, State F.F.A. Conven- tion, Baseball, Beta Club, Six F.F.A. Fed- eration Contests, One State F.F.A. Contest, One District Contest. BUDDIE POPLIN Glee Club, 4-H, Vice-President of Junior Class, Football, Softball, Volleyball, Field Day, Annual Staff, Athletic Association, Eng- lish Club, Junior Play, Shop Work, Junior- Senior Banquet Program, Refreshment Com- mittee of F.F.A. GENE SPEIGHTS Vice-President of Senior Class, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, Glee Club, Glee Club Librarian, English Club, Junior Play, F.F.A., Basketball, Bus Driver, Annual Staff, Assistant Editor of Annual, Football, Softball, Field Day, Testator of Annual, 4-H, Junior-Senior Banquet Program. COY THOMPSON Glee Club, English Club, Junior-Senior Ban- quet Program, Annual Staff, Junior Play. HELEN WHITLEY F.H.A. , Glee Club, 4-H, Junior Play, Junior- Senior Banquet Program, Field Day, Volleyball, English Club, Prophet of Annual , Annual Staff, Home Economics Fashion Show, Softball, 4-H Secretary, Secretary of English Club, Tenth Grade Play. Who ' s Who MOST INTELLECTUAL BEST ALL-AROUND Linda Benner Larry Hathcock MOST VALUABLE Larry Hathcock Joyce Efird MOST COURTEOUS Helen Whitley Coy Thompson Ervin Fesperman Joyce Efird MOST DEPENDABLE Gene Speights Joyce Huneycutt BEST DRESSED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Larry Hathcock Joyce Efird MOST CO-OPERATIVE Helen Whitley Ondrie Efird WITTIEST Linda Benner Ondrie Efird Joyce Efird Larry Hathcock Who ' s Who FRIENDLIEST NEATEST Gene Speights Helen Whitley Linda Banner Edd Lambert Helen Whitley Coy Thompson MOST VERSATILE MOST TALENTED Pete Horward Joyce Efird BEST SPORT Ruby Dick Junior Bowers BEST ATHLETES Ruby Dick Larry Hathcock Linda Benner Max Morton QUIETEST Helen Whitley Laverne Davis Who ' s Who CUTEST Linda Benner Joyce Efird Buddie Poplin Larry Hathcock MOST BASHFUL BIGGEST FLIRT Joyce Efird Max Morton Senior Class Statistics LINDA BENNER Nickname - " Benner " Pastime - Talking to Gene Hangout - Home Weakness - Gene Ambition - To get married JUNIOR BOWERS Nickname - " Duney " Pastime - Getting into trouble Hangout - Starlight Weakness - Kay Ambition - Manufacture toothpicks LAVERNE DAVIS Nickname - " Boss " Pastime - Walking in the halls Hangout - Deluxe Weakness - Brunettes Ambition - Go to lunch first RUBY DICK Nickname - " Runt " Pastime - Playing basketball Hangout - Jo ' s house Weakness - Joe Ambition - To learn to skate JOYCE EFIRD Nickname - " Chicken " Pastime - Eating Hangout - Hospital Weakness - Jack Ambition - To work geometry ONDRIE EFIRD Nickname - " Deitz " Pastime - Wrecking cars Hangout - Deluxe Weakness - Short black hair Ambition - To finish school JOSEPHINE EUDY Nickname - " Jo " Pastime - Talking Hangout - Ruby ' s house Weakness - Bob Ambition - To get a Mrs. Degree ERVIN FESPERMAN Nickname - " Willie " Pastime - Farming Hangout - Home Weakness - New london girls Ambition - To reform the world COY THOMPSON Nickname - " Speedy " Pastime - Dating Hangout - Cotton mill Weakness - Girls Ambition - Own Chewing Gum Factory PETE HOWARD Nickname - " M. Pierre " Pastime - Dancing Hangout - Deluxe Weakness - Women Ambition - To be a millionaire lARRY HATHCOCK Nickname - " Fisher " Pastime - Dancing Hangout - Deluxe Weakness - Shirley Ambition - To get a B.S. Degree JOYCE HUNEYCUTT Nickname - " Joy " Pastime - Playing basketball Hangout - Home Weakness - College boys Ambition - To be a secretary EDD lAMBERT Nickname - " Edward " Pastime - Working Hangout - Boots ' house Weakness - Boots Ambition - To retire from work MICHAEl MORGAN Nickname - " Mike " Pastime - Drawing Hangout - Sylvia ' s Weakness - Short blonde hair Ambition - To keep his license MAX MORTON Nickname - " Maxie " Pastime - Telling Jo to be quiet Hangout - Home Weakness - A student nurse Ambition - To learn to argue BUDDIE POPIIN Nickname - " Bud " Pastime - looking at girls Hangout - Starlight I Weakness - Blonde hair Ambition - To join the Navy GENE SPEIGHTS Nickname - " Curly " Pastime - Talking to linda Hangout - linda ' s Weakness - linda Ambition - To stop smoking HEIEN WHITIEY Nickname - " Shorty " Pastime - Writing Bennie Hangout - Starlight II Weakness - Bennie Ambition - To get married Class History If you will pause with me a few minutes I shall try and tell you what the senior class has done in the past years. All of us very distinctly remember entering high school. Our first home room teacher was Mr. Burleson, under whose reaching we somehow passed our course in general science, for which we complimented ourselves. We had twenty-eight our freshman year, but before long four of the girls left school for matrimony. Several of the class members attended the State Fair. We gave as our play " Henry ' s Mail Order Wife " under the direction of Mr. Burleson. In the tenth grade we made up for lost time in the ninth. We had twenty- two with us this year and also a new pupil. We had as our leader, Mrs. Hall. Under her direction we gave a play entitled " Jimmy the Genius " . With Mr. Burleson ' s teaching again this year we struggled through biology. We had glee club under the direction of Mrs. Jones. We went to contest and received an excellent rating. We also gave an operetta entitled " Sunbonnet Sue " . In the eleventh grade under Mrs. Hartsell ' s supervision we started working for our junior — senior banquet expenses. We sold candy and magazines. We had twenty members working this year. We gave a Junior play entitled " If Mother Only Knew " . The glee club again went to contest. Again we received an excellent rating. We gave a Christmas program, a spring concert, sang at the Easter Sunrise Service, and twenty of us went to Greensboro to Festival Chorus. For our junior-senior banquet, our theme was " Your Show of Shows " . Then, all too suddenly we realized we were seniors. We came up with eighteen members this year. We lost one of our most active boys, Rowell Burleson. We were under the leadership of Mrs. Grigg. We were very proud of our high school rings which we received at the beginning of school. We then threw aside all of our jokes and good-times to start sellng annual ads. We celebrated later with a wiener roast given by Mrs. Grigg. Later, work began on our annual. We remember last year ' s graduation very plainly. Joyce Efird, Ruby Dick, Rowell Burleson, Larry Hathcock, and Pete Harward were marshals. Under the direction of Mrs. Grigg, the Seniors gave a play entitled " Kay Beats The Band " which was a big success. We are looking forward very much to our Washington trip, then finally . . . GRADUATION. by Ruby Dick Prophecy As I was walkng down the cobblestone streets in Paris, France, in the summer of 1966, you ' d never guess whom I saw. So many of my classmates of 1955-56. There in one of Paris ' s newest fashion shops was Josephine Eudy, a model. You should have seen that beautiful wedding dress she was modeling! Had I been in the market for a wedding dress, I could not have resisted the temptation to purchase this lovely one. Also in the same shop Linda Benner was arranging Ruby Dick ' s hair in the very latest style. Linda liked hair styling. She had become very famous, so famous, in fact, that you had to get an appointment two months ahead of time. Her shop was known as " Linda ' s Beauty Salon " . I asked Ruby what she was doing in Paris, and she said she was a secretary for Smith and Roberts, the publishers of French Book L No wonder she had to look tops at all times. On my way out I met Joyce Ann Huneycutt. She was doing very well; she was going to school studying to become a French cook in Cafe Marguery in Paris. Joyce ' s specialities were French pastries. She invited me over to her apartment so that I could have a sample and were they good! As I passed a billboard flashing in the window, it read, " Learn to Dance the French Dances — Teacher — Joyce Efird. " She was doing very well for herself. She was always good at such things. I dropped in to see Joyce, and she told me that many of our old friends we are among her students. I visited the art gallery while I was in France and there all over the walls were paintings by Mikey Morgan and Laverne Davis. Mikey had really gone in for modern art, while Laverne stuck more to the traditional. I was on the outside again and who should pass me by in the very latest Chev- rolet but Ondrie Efird. He was a very fabulous used car dealer, specializing in American made cars. Coy Tompson bought his ' 66 model from Ondrie. He was owner of two per- fume factories in Paris, France. It was rumored that Coy had become so successful that he had run Lanvin and Guerlain out of busines . Edd Lambert was head of Coy ' s factories and was making himself plenty of money. He was doing pretty well for Coy, too. Buddie Poplin owned a soda shop and made delicious sodas; his most famous was a pepsi sundae. Junior Bowers made jazz records and Buddie ' s juke box was full of them. They had always enjoyed doing " Sixteen Tons " in class, and it appeared still to be their favorite. Pete Harward was a French professeur at the Sorbonne. In talking to Pete about his work in France, I found out that he had recently returned to the States and had seen many of our classmates. He told me that Larry Hathcock had become a football instructor in the Naval Academy at Annapolis and his top aide on the coaching staff was our old friend Gene Speights-Larry ' s team had beaten Army for the last five years. Pete had also seen Max Morton who was a contractor for a big building organization owned by Ervin Fesperman. Together they were planning a skyscraper for Albemarle on the top of which would be a landing field for helicopters. I enjoyed my vacation in Paris very, very much. I heard a lot about it by our former French teacher of 1953-54-55, Mrs. Frank Hartsell. She accompanied me on my vacation in France. I thing she enjoyed the French cooking best of all. by Helen Whitley Last Will and Testament We, the senior class of Endy High School, being in as good mental condition as usual, do hereby make this our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will or wills that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism. We give and bequeath to the junior class our well-known nerve as they try to to get ads for the annual of " 57, because they will need it now and in all the following years. We also leave to them all the examination questions we have been given during the past year. We believe that an examination, like history, often repeats itself. The answers have long since been mislaid by us and are not included in the legacy. To our good friend, the sophomores, we leave our patience and hope. It will be found useful as a very good means by which they can live with and love the juniors. To the young and unsophisticated freshmen, we leave the hope that they may all fool the teachers and pass in all subjects so that they may all become " seniors " . Now, to each member of the junior class each of us leaves something. To Lynn Almond and Judy Burleson, Linda Benner wills her ability to get along with other people, hoping they can get along with other people as Linda has. To Larry Burris, Larry Hathcock wills his ability to play basketball. To Lucille Coley and Joyce Whitley, Ruby Dick wills her ability to play basketball. To Lynda Cree, Rosina Efird, and Carolyn Lowder, Joyce Huneycutt wills her ability to date boys from Ridgecrest. To Joe Efird, Gene Speights wills his ability to get along with girls, hoping he gets along as well as Gene has. To Janice Furr and Jeanette Wise, Helen Whitley wills her ability to get married. To Becky Hathcock, Linda Benner wills her ability to sing, hoping she is as succesful as Linda. To Patsy Hatley and Peggy Lambert, Joyce Efird wills her ability to make high grades. To Collen Dick and Ruby Furr, Josephine Eudy wills her ability to whisper in class and not get caught. To Shelbia Goss, Helen Whitley wills her ability to get things done in a hurry. To Bill Hatley, Coy Thompson wills his ability to talk himself out of trouble. To Conrad Herrin, Max Morton and Ervin Fesperman will their ability to play baseball. To James Howell, Ondrie Efird wills his ability to hit people from behind. To Larry Jones, Edd Lambert wills his quiet spirit and patience. To Dean Lambert, Junior Bowers wills his ability to get caught for speeding hoping he has better luck than Junior. To Gene Lambert, Buddie Poplin wills his ability to date girls from Albemarle High School. To Harold McSwain, Pete Haward wills his ability to speak French. To Harold Poplin, Mikey Morgan leaves his old cigarette butts and a map showing where to find them. To Marvin Rogers, Laverne Davis wills his ability to try to out smart the teachers, hoping he will succeed. R. E. Sigmon, Executor Gene Speights, Testator FRESHMAN CLASS President - Gerald Almond Vice-President - Louise Lyoll Secretary - Gail Vanderburg Treasurer - Kay Lambert llth Grade Lynn Almond Larry Burris Judy Burleson Lucille Coley Lynda Cree Collen Dick Joe Efird Rozena Efird Janice Furr Ruby Furr Shelbia Goss Bill Hatley Patsy Hatley Becky Hathcock Conrad Herrin James Howell Larry Jones Harold Dean Lambert f J » , » 4V. ■ y Gene Lambert Peggy Lambert Carolyn Lowder Harold McSwain Harold Poplin Marvin Morton Joyce Whitley Jeanette Wise lOth Grade 1 - " iW w.. - H I ' ll ■ ilk Ki Robert Adams Sylvia Benner Carroll Burleson Junior Burleson Wendell Burleson Jimmy Davis Bobby Dennis Betty Dick Pansy Efird Wayne Efird Richard Harleson Pearlie Hartsell Milton Helms Kenneth Hodge W. B. King Patricia Lambert Tommy Lambert A. L. Lowder Elsie Lyall Edgar Medlin Brenda Morton Shirley Poplin Keith Speight Donald Winfree Shelby Whitley 9th Grade 1 V m Gerald Almond Patricia Bowers Iris Burleson Toby Jean Burleson Ray Von Burleson Alia Larry Coble Tony Dennis Linda Eudy Lamar Eudy Brenda Furr Carl Furr Drucilla Griffin Sherrill Hahn Phyllis Harfsell Donnie Herring ■ . Billy Lambert Katherine Lambert Kay Lambert Nancy Lambert Richard Lambert Merium Lowder Louise Lyall Vivian McSwoin Patricia Murry Barbara Oakley Larry Shank Nona Smart Larry Troublefield Sylvia Tucker Gail Vanderburg Joe Westbrook Joan Westbrook Betty Whitley Glenda Winfree Reggie Whitley Sth Grade Jane Adams, Nancy Almond, Bernie Almond, Patricia Almond, Judy Burleson, Carol Burleson, Mickey Burleson, Jerry Capenter, Glenda Carriker, Gerald Carriker, Ann Dennis, Tommy Dick, Shearon Efird, Mary Elizabeth Furr, Gloria Goss, Jerry Hatley, Patricia Howard, Tommy Huneycutt, Barbara Lorch, Jerry Lowder, Kenneth Lowder, Jimmy Morgan, Ronnie Morton, Diane Parker, Grady Shoe, Jerry Speights, Eugene Thomas, Terrell Whitley, Tony Whitley. 7 th and 8th Grades Treva Almond, Judy Bowers, Sylvia Bowers, Ronnie Broadway, Joyce Burleson, Davie Burleson, Roger Burleson, Roma Jean Burleson, Carolyn Coley, Nancy Efird, Kenneth Harleson, Anita Hartsell, Brenda Hathcock, Eugene Hinson, Zoe Honeycutt, Frances Hussey, Reid Icard, Larry Lambert, Sandra Terry, Jimmy Mercer, Kay Sells, Carolyn Sides, Ronnie Smith, Linda Speights. 7th Grade Charles Almond, Elaine Benner, Toby Burleson, Thetus Ann Burleson, Keif+i Burleson, Nona Sue Burleson, Elaine Burleson, Cecil Burleson, Tony Burleson, Marvin Coble, Roddy Cotton, Elvene Dick, Edward Efird, Jimmy Efird, Tony Efird, Keith Efird, Jerry Eudy, Kathy Eudy, Sue Floyd, Sharon Hathcock, Brenda Hodge, Janice McSwain, Ann Mercer, Tommy Morgan, Stephen Morris, Kenneth Morton, Sue Trouble- field, Bobby Westbrook, Barbara Winfree, Ellene Whitley, Betty Whitley, Jeanette Whitley. 6th Grade Pamela Adkins, Billy Almond, Stevie Alexander, Alton Barfield, Jr., Newman Burleson, Steve Burleson, Judy Efird,Clegg Eudy, Johnny Eudy, Roger Eudy, Truley Fesperman, David Floyd, Brenda Purr, Cecil Furr, Norman Hartsell, Elizabeth Hill, Jeffrey Hinson, Betty Howell, Butch Hussey, Bobby Lambert, Richard Lambert, Jimmy Lowder, Diane Mauldin, Reggie Medlin, Janice Speights, Ann Whitley, June Whitley. 5th Grade W jf,--. f i % V ' 1 - X ! 1 1 • ) r ■P D W. C. Adkins, Ronald Almond, Patricia Almond, Rex Burleson, W. C. Burleson, Sidney Burleson, Vann Burleson, Jesse Dennis, Loraine Carpenter, Sue Efird, Gerald Furr, Evola Furr, Judy Goss, Kenneth Harkey, Terry Harleson, George Hathcock, Joyce Hodge, Cathern Howell, Ross Huneycutt, Dwight Lam- bert, Joan Lambert, Joyce Lowder, Emily Lowder, Troy Mabry, Johnny Morgan, Gary Morton, Jerry Morton, Shirley Morton, Eddie Morton, Phillip Morton, Lois Morton, Joyce Paul, Paul Martin Smith, Louis Tolbert, Pete Terry, Ronnie Thompson, Stephen Thompson, Freida Whitley. 4th Grade 1 % ' I ' ■ 1 iii , Jerry Adkins, Rita Adkins, Jennings Almond, Donald Bowers, Dwight Burleson, Gail Burleson, Jerry Burleson, Jean Burris, Reggie Coley, Jerry Crisco, Janice Dick, Gary Efird, Sidney Eudy, Margaret Furr, Terry Goss, Wincie Harleson, Noel Hartsell, Sandra Hathcock, Elaine Helms, Miky Huneycutt, Ann icard, Roger Jones, Brenda Lambert, Gary Lambert, Janice Lowder, Rath Lowder, Lynn Mauldin, Buddy Melton, Sheila Morton, Ted Morton, W. C. Pickler, Betty Jean Smith, Jimmy Tucker, Mark Tuck- er, Dennis Underwood, Lynette Whitley, Patricia Whitley, Brenda Wise. 3rd Grade V A 9k 7- - 3 , 1 ■ 1 Ann Almond, Neil Almond, Pamela Almond, Diane Aldridge, Gay Barfield, John Hoyle Burleson, Paula Burleson, Phil Burleson, Sandra Burleson, Pamela Burris, Cheri Carter, Ricky Coley, Becky Cotton, Elaine Davis, Jackie Deese, Irene Dennis, Joe Earnhardt, Garrett Efird, Dwight Eudy, Calvin Furr, Casinia Furr, Buddy Hatley, Phyllis Hatley, Gene Huneycutt, Janice Hussey, Billy Lambert, Lynn Mabry, Toni Medlin, Brock Morris, Linda Shue, Nicky Teeter, Shela Terry, Sue Nell Thomas, Brenda Turner, Bobby Winfree, Danny Whitley, Donald Whitley, Steven Whitley. 2nd Grade James Burleson, Jo Burleson, Karen Burleson, Linda Burleson, Elaine Boone, Allen Bullock, Rita Burris, Sandra Coley, Ronnie Crisco, Ronnie Efird, David Furr, Steven Harkey, Lance Hartsell, Sylvia Hodge, Don Huneycutt, J. C, Lambert, Mike Lambert, Carolyn Little, David Mauldin, Becky Medlin, Alton Morton, Jimmy Mullis, Steve Russell, Roger Smith, Stephen Smith, Wanda Smith, Alice Starnes, Donald Teeter, Roger Thompson, Steven Vanderburg, Jane Whitley, Melvin Whitley. I St and 2nd Grades MISS EFIRD Deborah Almond, Flavella Almond, Kenneth Almond, Linda Almond, Linda Burleson, Roger Burleson, Shearon Burleson, Diane Burris, Judy Coble, Patsy Davis, Delane Efird, Kathy Efird, Michael Eudy, Elizabeth Furr, Teredo Furr, Wanda Furr, Rebecca Hotley, Marilyn Helms, Wilda Hinson, Joan Icard, Judy Lambert, Judy Lowder, Sherrill Morgan, Barbara Jean Morton, Stacy Perry, Jerry Poplin, Paul Smith, Shirley Smith, Gail Whitley. MRS. MORRIS Steve Adkins, Stephan Almond, David Almond, Bobbie Jean Boone, Lorry Bowers, Soundro Jean Bowers, Frank Burleson, Dionne Burris, Judy Carter, Dwight Eudy, Melinda Eudy, Donald Fink, Norma Jean Furr, Leian Helms, Cynthia Hodge, Rebecca Lambert, Nancy Lowder, Louise Morton, Don Morton, Gail Smith, Mary Ann Troutman, Gerald Winfree, Jean Whitley. rgamzatioHs Annual Staff FIRST ROW: Linda Benner, Gene Speights, Joyce Ann Huneycutt, Helen Whitley, Ruby Dick, Joyce Efird. SECOND ROW: Josephine Eudy, Ondrie Efird, Mikey Morgan, Laverne Davis, Pete Harward, Junior Bowers, Larry Hathcock, Buddie Poplin, Ervin Fesperman, Coy Thompson, Max Morton. President - Larry Hathcock Vice-President - Harold McSwai Secretary - Ruby Dick Treasurer - Ervin Fesperman Reporter - Patsy Hatley Girls ' Basketball FIRST ROW: Brenda Morton, Joyce Whitley, Ruby Dick, Lucille Coley. SECOND ROW: Jeanette Wise, Janice Furr, Colleen Dick, Shelby Whitley, Merium Lowder. THIRD ROW: Joyce Huneycutt, Linda Eudy, Katherine Lambert, Barbara Oakley, Nona Smart, Mr. Brown, Coach. Boys ' Basketball FIRST ROW: Conrad Herrin, Dean Lambert, Harold McSwain, Larry Burris, Larry Hathcock. SECOND ROW: Larry Jones, Donnie Herrin, Junior Burleson, Jimmy Davis, Donald Winfree. THIRD ROW: Ken- neth Hodge, A.L. Lowder, Gerald Almond, Wayne Efird, Wendell Burleson, Larry Shank, Mr. Brown, Coach. Physical Education Classes Junior and Senior Girls Junior and Senior Boys Freshman and Sophomore Girls Cheerleaders Judy Burleson, Louise Lyall, Gail Vanderburg, Kay Lambert, Shirley Poplin, Sylvia Benner, Carolyn Lowder. Reporters Compliments of SPENCE MOTORS RITCHIES GRILL MORRIS PACKING COMPANY MRS. S. E. BENNER DELUXE CAFE AIR CONDITIONED CHARLOTTE ROAD - PHONE 708-l CHALMERS THOMPSON - PROPRIETOR STEAKS REGULAR MEALS CHOPS SHORT ORDERS CHICKEN SANDWICHES GARRISON -DENNIS OIL CO, INC. PHILLIPS 66 JOBBERS PHONE 1313 ALBEMARLE NORTH " C ARO L 1 N A I STARLIGHT GRILL ALBEMARLE, NORTH CAROLINA CHARLOTTE ROAD II STARLIGHT GRILL ALBEMARLE. NORTH CAROLINA SALISBURY ROAD THICK MILK SHAKES TASTY TOASTED SANDWICHES CLUB SANDWICHES III STARLIGHT GRILL CANDOR. NORTH CAROLINA HIGHWAY 220 IV STARLIGHT GRILL RICHFIELD. NORTH CAROLINA HIGHWAY 49 ALMOND BROTHERS POULTRY WHOLESALE DEALERS IN EGGS. LIVE AND DRESSED POULTRY PHONE 603 - L ROUTE 4 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ENDY FEED AND SUPPLY CO. PHILLIPS 66 FEED - GROCERIES POULTRY -EGGS PHONE 603-L ROUTE 4 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF G. C. McMANUS COMPANY, INC. ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT PHONE 321 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF FENTER ' S SERVICE 248 SOUTH FIRST STREET PHONE 1442 ACCOUNTING ALL FORMS I N S U R ANC E -— R E AL ESTATE HENRY FENTERS HOYLE W. HELMS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF STANLY DAIRIES D. GASTON MORGAN THICK MILKSHAKES. SANDWICHES, GENERAU CONTRACTOR ICE CREAM RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL REFRESHING. HEALTHFUL MILK PHONE 603-J CHARLOTTE ROAD ROUTE 4 Al R IV 1 A D 1 P NORTH CAROLINA ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA STANLY HARDWARE CO, INC. MACGREGOR LEADS IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS DISTRIBUTOR VOIT. RIDDELL HOOD. U. S. KEDS EXPERT RACKET RE-STRINGING AND LETTERING SERVICE PHONE 10 AND 93 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA Albemarle Savings Loan Associa tion PHONE 28 DIRECT REDUCTION LOANS INSURED SAVINGS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA DUN-RITE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS, INC. SANITONE VISIT OUR BRANCH OFFICE AND CLOTH SHOP ON CHARLOTTE ROAD FOR CLOTH. ZIPPERS, THREAD. BUTTONS. ETC. MAIN PLANT AND OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE 8c CLOTH SHOP PEE DEE AVENUE CHARLOTTE ROAD PHONE 400 PHONE 106 1 -M ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA P. J. HUNEYCUTT COMPANY SERVING STANLY COUNTY SINCE 1900 ELGIN WATCHES-JEWELRY-DIAMONDS FURNITURE-LEONARD APPLIANCES PHONE 69-1269—449 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NORTH SECOND STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF CLAUDE ' S BARBER SHOP ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ALBEMARLE PLUMBING AND HEATING 5 38 W ESTMAINSTREET s ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF HARTSELL ' S FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 87 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA TIME SPORTING GOODS COMPANY . OUTBOARD MOTORS , BOATS . HUNTING FISHING EQUIPMENT ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA THE ALBEMARLE ENTERPRISE " serving STANLY COUNTy " COMPUETE NEWS FEATURES ADVERTISING JOB PRINTING A FRIENDLY HOME FOR YOUR SAVINGS HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 108 EAST NORTH STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF CLYDE H. WHITLEY PHONE 1522-L ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA LEFLER FURNITURE CO. , INC. FURNITURE DEALERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS PHONE 117 AMBULANCE - PHONE 97 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA FOR A COMFORTABLE HOME COME TO MAXWELL BROS. FURNITURE PHONE 54 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA MORROW BROS. HEATH CO. HARDWARE, FERTILIZER. SEEDS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA HOYLE ALMOND S GROCERY CHARLOTTE ROAD PHONE 149 — J ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ED SON SHEET METAL WORKS AIR CON DITIONING COPPER WORK PHONE 1250 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF CLARK ' S ESSO STATION FROG POND NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ALBEMARLE BAKERY VY n — » w c n V 9 J 3 ivi r T j r in c d r t PHONE 34 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF L. A. EUDY, ESSO 2015 CHARLOTTE ROAD ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF LITTLE CHAINSAW EQUIP. CO. MCCULLOCH CHAIN SAWS C. 9 9 1— t:. iVl A IN 1 — r VV iN iVl W tl.rO SIMPLICITY GARDEN TRACTORS COMPLETE SALES SERVICE PHONE 1689 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF c " T " i n " c ciiDMiT iiDC oTUrvto r UKINI 1 UKt. ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ALBEMARLE INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. " just insurance " 113 s. second street PHONE 90-231 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINE COMPLIMENTS OF SOSSAMON FURNITURE CO. " r r— 1 1 r— 1 A Ik 1 rr ' — ' i — a t i i — i i r — i — — t — » c A t [ i i " YOUR LAN El OEDAR LME l LJt. l t.K ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF DISTRIBUTORS OF CITIES SERVICE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 340 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA WHISPERING PINES TASTY SANDWICHES PHONE 984-J ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ECONOMY PLUMBING HEATING CO. PLUMBING AND HEAT1W3 RRPAIR WORK PHONE 1250 2011 CROWN POINT DRIVE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA STANLY NEWS AND PRESS " your county newspaper " established 1880 albemarle north carolina J. R. AUSTIN SHOP, INC. STRUCTURAL STEEL PHONE 1232 WEST SOUTH STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY 219 WEST MAIN STREET ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN CAFE " the FOOD WE SERVE IS AS GOOD AS THE BEST BETTER THAN THE MOST. ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF VAN KEPLEY UPHOLSTRY AND TRIM SHOP ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF LOWDER HARDWARE PHONE 325 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF RUSSELL ' S FISH POND " the biggest and the best " SERVING STANLY COUNTY SINCE 1900 P. J. HUNNEYCUTT COMPANY ELGIN WATCHES-JEWELRY-DIAMONDS FURNITURE-LEONARD APPLIANCES PHONE 69-1269-449 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA HERLOCKER SERVICE PHONE 60 HERLOCKER 52 SERVICE PHONE 1726 SHEUL. PRODUCTS H. F. BOWERS BUILDING CONTRACTOR SHEET ROCK FILLING-FLOOR TILE WORK CABINET COVERING ROUTE 4 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ERNEST A. WHITLEY BUILDING CONTRACTOR ROUTE 1 PHONE 822 R - ALBEMARLE OAKBORO NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF LOFTIN ' S DRUG CENTER ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF NORWOOD DEPARTMENT STORE QUALITY MERCHANDISE-PRICES RIGHT NORWOOD NORTH CAROLINA MOOSE ' S, INC. ladies clothes men ' s clothes " advertised brands " 141 west main street GORE SUPPLY COMPANY T. SHANKLE. OWNER HARWOOD STREET CONCRETE BLOCKS PHONE 1516 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA DEWEY D. TRttuh. BUILDING SPECIALTIES FLOOR SANDING AND FINISHING FORMICA CABINET TOPS FLOOR AND WALL TILE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ARCHER ' S BARBECUE CATERING TO UODGES -CLUBS -BANQUETS -PARTIES PHONE II34M COMPLIMENTS OF ALL STAR MILLS, INC. ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. COMPANY ERNEST E. CASPER 315 HILL BUILDING PHONE 1120 SWINDELL ' S SUNDRY SHOP SUNDR lES-G 1 FTS -SODAS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA LEE ' S SERVICE STATION OWN ERS J. L. LEE. SR. AND J. L. LEE, JR. SINCLAIR GAS AND OIL PHONE 17 - BOX 154 BUS STATION DWIGHT STOKES " general contractor " albemarle north carolina MEfcT YOUR FRIENDS PHILLIPS DRUG CENTER PHONES 21 AND 63 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF R. L. FURR ESSO DISTRIBUTOR ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA PECK ' S FLORIST FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION " say IT WITH flowers " ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ELLIS N. SMITH 122 N. 2ND. STREET OFFICE PHONE 1417 RESIDENCE 1068 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA SIX POINT GROCERY STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS AND FEEDS PHONE 1060 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1956 ROSS STUDIO PHONE 1027 215 W, MAIN ST. ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA Y. V. WHITLEY SPECIALTY COMPANY WHOLESALE DRUGS AND NOTIONS SPECI ALTI ES CHARLOTTE ROAD — PHONE I06I-Z ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ALMOND FARM SUPPLY PHONE TV8-224I LOCUST NORTH CAROLINA HUNEYCUTT ' S ESSO SERVICE PHONE TVS— 2231 LOCUST NORTH CAROLINA HUNEYCUTT FARM SUPPLY PHONE 822-W-ALB EM ARLE FROG POND NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF M a- W LOAN ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF FURR ' S CONCRETE WORKS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF G. C. MORTON ' S SHOE STORE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ALMO CLEANERS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF BURRIS 8f COOK SERVICE STATION 224 CONCORD ROAD ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA CREECH S 5 10 " where your dimes look like dollars ' ' LOCUST north CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF NAPIER ' S SERVICE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES C, D. HATLEY - DEALER ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROL INA COMPLIMENTS OF WILH ELM ' S ESSO ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ROSELAND FLORIST ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF TINDAL BODY SHOP ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF MORGAN MOTORS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF GRIFFIN ' S BARBER SHOP ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF T. F. UNDERWOOD STORE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF CONFEDERATE MOTORS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF BOONE ' S PLACE ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF JEFF ' S CLEANERS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF FAMILY CLEANERS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF MUSIC MART ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF CLARA ' S BEAUTY SHOP ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF BURLESON ' S AMOCO STATION ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF PIANO STUDIO MRS. O. H. BOLCH ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF MANN ' S AMOCO STATION ALBEMARLE NOR H CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF RACHEL ' S ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF FRIENDLY GRILL ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF DRUG CENTER ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF DR. W. C. FITZGERALD ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF M. R. GARBER, D. D. S. ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF ALMOND HARTSELLS SEED CLEANERS ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA COMPLIMENTS OF BUCK ' S CLEANERS PHONE 88 ALBEMARLE NORTH CAROLINA ALBE " SOUTH ' S l.«HCtST itWtlIRS " OLINA ' Almost a quarter of a century has passed since USECO publishecJ its first school annual. As we review those pages of yesteryear, a P|tvl|y pleasant thought comes to mind— on some to- morrow this, the nineteen hundred and fifty-six edition, will take its place in your heart as A ' ' 7}fe ,5, a pictorial history of the " good ole ' days. " ' ' ' ' ' mi ' ' i ly ' | ' I ' J " " O " ♦ ' increase in value wi , ' i.i ' ilillL passing of each year, and are honored io f li ' ' iiVV,i ' ' M . I . .... i ' « have played a part in recording it. By Far the Greatest Name in Yearbooks UNIVERSITY SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT C O. i i 6001 E. Rosedale • Fort Worth, Texas

Suggestions in the Endy High School - Endyan Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) collection:

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Endy High School - Endyan Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 81

1956, pg 81

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