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m mm Year by year, day by day. In the same old lucky way, Good ole Endy keeps rolling along. We will boast, we will shout For the school that we love, And we ' ll keep her still rolling along. Then it ' s hip-ho-ray For the red and blue so gay. Shout out the chorus loud and strong. Where ere you go, You will always know That old Endy keeps rolling along. THE SENIOR CLASS OF ENDY HIGH SCHOOL Albemarle, North Carolina because she has inspiredus to love and appreciate the simple with the noble. because she has expressed a genuine interest and helpfulness toward the students. because she has combined successfully the responsibilities of a home and a school room. The senior class of 1955 with great rcSj cct and admiratior dedicate this volume of the Endy Echo to Mrs. Bain Jones MR. G. H. SWARINGEN MR. T. H. ALMOND MR. WYATT McSWAIN MR. GASTON MORGAN mmm mm Mr. G. H. Swaringen Principal, Physics Mr. Randall Burleson Ninth Grade Science, Coach Mrs. S. B. Hall Tenth Grade Math Mrs. Frank Hartsell Eleventh Grade English, French Mrs. Claud Grigg Twelfth Grade English, History Mrs. C. H. McSwain Home Economics Mrs. Bain Jones Mixed Chorus Mr. Lawrence Eller Agriculture Mrs. O. H. Bolch Music Mr. Luther Whitley Janitor Miss Viola Efird First Grade Mrs. Gladys A. Morris First Grade Mrs. Tom Lisenby Second Grade Mrs. Arch Cree Third Grade Mrs. Guy Walker Fourth Grade Mrs. G. H. Swaringen Fifth Grade Mrs. E. A. Edwards Sixth Seventh Grade Mrs, Oscar Phillips Sixth Grade Mrs. Randall Burleson Seventh Grade School Treasurer Mrs. Reece McSwain Eighth Grade Typing cuss POfll LOOKING FORWARD Through trial and tribulation Accompanied by jeers and cheers We come this year to the end Of the glowing, growing years. Sometimes running, sometimes creeping Looking forward to that day When our efforts would be rewarded On that bright commencement day. Let this mark not the ending; Results should come from visions clear. May a Mighty Power this challenge send Perfect our talents and conquer fear. May we encase these teachings in memory And be swayed not by vice nor whim; May our ambitions neither stray nor falter Onward, ever onward, till our goal we win. by Dolan Hinson CUSS COLORS Light Blue And White CUSS mo " Forward Ever, Backward Never. CUSS FLOWER Blue And White Carnations cms mm As we take over full command of the senior class, we pause and turn back in our fond memories to the beginning df our high school days. Twenty eight of us began in the ninth grade under the leadership of Mr. Burleson. It was difficult for us to keep our minds on our studies because there were new thrills for us beginners in high s chool . Most of us sang in the glee club under the leadership of Mrs. Bain Jones, and a number of us went to Charlotte to contest, where we receiveda superior rating. Our glee club gave the operetta, " Marianne " in which several of us participated. In the tenth grade Mrs. Grigg was our home room teacher. We went in facing the fact that we were required to take biology. Mr. Burleson proved to be an excellent biology teacher and made the subject most interesting to us. Again the glee club went to Catawba College and received an excellent rating and later in the spring gave an operetta entitled " Sunbonnet Sue. " Wehad loads of fun giving this . Our class gave a comedy in chapel called " The Pampered Little Darling, " which everyone seemed to enjoy. During this year the F.H.A. members went to Raleigh to the State Fair under the supervision of Mrs. Jarvis. In the eleventh grade, we started the year with a working spirit, selling magazines, stationery, and candy in order to meet our expenses for the Junior and Senior trip to Wash- ington. We gave a comedy in chapel entitled " All Carrs to the Rescue, " under the direction of our home room teacher, Mrs. Hartsell. Our glee club went to Catawba College again to compete in the contest and again received an excellent rating. We gave a spring concert with the entire glee club participating. This was a presentation of what we had learned during the year, with the sextet doing a few of their numbers. At the end of this year we learned that Mrs. Grigg would be back with us in our senior year. This gave us assurance that our senior year would be a grand one. As we took our seats in the senior class room, we felt out of place and for a while it was hardforusto realize we were really seniors. We looked forward to getting our class rings everyday. On receiving the rings we swelled with pride. Soon afterwards we swal- lowed our pride and started selling ads for the annual. Working with this at a steady pace we completed our sales within three weeks and celebrated it with a weiner roast. Later we started working on o u r senior play under the competent direction of Mrs, Grigg. We gave the play " Oh, Promise Me! " anditproveda success. Our glee club then began work on a program for Christmas. We were arranged in the form of a Christmas tree for our numbers. This program was very effective. Coming back from the Christmas holidays, we found that one of our girls had decided to forsake school for matrimony, but a new girl from Pennsylvania, our first Yankee, had come to take her place. We are looking forward to our Junior -Senior banquet later in the school year and final- ly to the receiving of our diplomas. by Luedith Whitley CLASS nmm I must have fallen asleep after I sat down to read my magazine. I had the oddest dream. Judging from the looks of the people and their clothes, I ' m dreaming in the future. Maybe 1965. I saw all my old classmates as well as myself. I was a private secretary, but that ' s not all. There was my own husband, whom I thought I ' d never catch. " No, no, honey, that ' s a verb " why, that was Katherine Almond teaching school. That ' s what we thought she ' d do and she seemed to like it. I saw a sign over a fabulous dress shoppe which read, " Owned and operated by Patsy Burleson. " We never knew exactly what she would do. I wandered into the shoppe where I saw Gail Burleson modeling ? Yes, modeling a wedding dress. As 1 caught a glimpse of her ring, I wondered if soon she wouldn ' t be wearing her own wedding dress. Was that a doctor I saw with that young familiar looking nurse ? It certainly was and how happy they looked. I saw Doris Coley off for nursing wishing her the best of luck, and she certainly seemed to have had it. " Just sit very still and it won ' t hurt at all. " Why, that was Jack Westbrook, D.D.S., comforting little Danny, son of the former Patricia Helms who is now teaching a secretarial course at W. C. Leroy Harleson was a famous artist. He specialized in baseball pictures of his good friend. Junior Hatley. Junior was playing pro-baseball. He was naturally a success as he was at anything he did. Twice weekly the former Misses Luedith Whitley and Sylvia Burleson presented a musical program on television. It was broadcast from Carnegie Hall where Sylvia played the piano and Luedith sang. Helen Furr finally lost her ba shfulness and set out to s t a r t a comedy show. When I saw her, she had put all the other comediennes in New York out of business. Larry Morgan and Billie Burleson owned and supervised a large super market located near Mt. Gilead, for Billie ' s benefit. Of course, it had its points for Larry as well. I saw an enormous building which I learned was " The Hinson and Kepley Stockcar Garage. " The motto, " If you can ' t race it, we will. " Dolan and Van had managed to keep their respective necks in one piece for ten years. Dolores Fleming was a private nurse for Stanly County ' s multi-millionaire cattle rancher, Mr. G. H. Swaringen. She certainly reached her ambition. Eugene Parker and Donald Efird had made famous their names playing pro-basketball They were planning a home coming soon and I wanted to contact the entire class so that they could meet them. Faye Lambert, Prophet KATHERINE ALMOND Vice President, Ninth Grade, Presi- dent Tenth and Eleventh Grades , Treasurer Twelfth, Girl ' s Sextet, F.H.A,, Secretary, Song Leader, and Parliamentarian F.H.A., Glee Club, Vice President Athletic Association, Piano (2), Beta Club, Citizenship Me- dal, Choral Workshop, Field Day (Academic), Marshall, Festival Cho- rus, Annual Staff. BILLIE R. BURLESON Glee Club (2), F.F.A., Football iii: GAIL BURLESON Beta C lub, Vice President Beta Club, Glee C lub, 4-H, Secretary 4-H, Senior Play, Cheerleader (2), F.H.A., Ath- letic A ssociation. Annual Staff, Volley Ball, Piano Student, Grange, Field Day. ■ ' t. ' X - PATSY BURLESON 4-H, F.H.A., Glee Club, Home-Ec Play (4), Ath- letic Association, Field Day, Choral Workshop, Ann ual Staff, Senior Play, Librarian. SYLVIA BURLESON Treasurer tenth. Annual Staff, 4-H Club, F.H.A. Treasurer, F.H.A. Parliamentarian ( C o u n t y ) , Athletic Association, Glee Club, Citizenship medal. Field Day (Academic), Marshall, Piano 2 Reporter ninth. Volley Ball, F.H.A. DORIS COLEY Glee Club, Basketball (3), Captain (1), Beta Club Treasurer, Chief Marshall, Senior Play, Citizen- ship Medal, Annual Staff, Editor of Annual, Field Day (Academic and Athletic), Athletic Association. DONALD EFIRD President F.F. A., Glee Club, Athletic Association, Basketball (4), Captain ( 1), Field Day, 4-H, Annual Staff, Senior Play. HELEN FURR 4-H, F.H.A., Freshman Treasurer , Glee Club, Volley Ball, Field Day, Athletic Association, Home-Ec Play, Annual Staff. LEROY HARLESON Chief Reporter 1 1th Grade, 4-H Presi- dent 11th Grade Citizenship Medal, Beta Club, Football, Field Day (Aca- demic and Athletic), Glee Club (3), Annual Staff, JUNIOR HATLEY F .F. A., Glee Club, Senior Play, Mar- shall, Beta Club, President, Football, President Glee Club, Baseball, Presi- dent, Senior Class, Treasurer, Junior Class, Vice-president, F.F.A., Annual Staff , Festival Chorus, Choral Work- shop, Field Day, Double Quartet. PATRICIA HELMS Secretary, Junior Class, Basketball (l l Z), Glee Club, Business Manager of Annual, F.H.A., Beta Club, Secretary, Senior Play, Athletic Associa- tion, Volley Ball, Grange, Field Day (Academic). DOLAN HINSON F.F.A. (3), Vice President Junior Class, F.F.A. Chapter Reporter, Bus Driver, (2), Field Day, (Academic, Athletic), Class Poet, Annual Staff, Glee Club (2), 4-H Club President, Football. VAN KEPLEY Glee Club,F.F.A.,4-H, Field Day, Athletic Asso- ciation, Senior Play, Choral Workshop, Song Lea- der 4-H, Annual Staff, Football, Class Statistician, Double Quartet. FAYE LAMBERT Secretary Senior Class, Assistant Editor of An- nual, 4-H, F.H.A., Glee Club, basketball (1), Cheerleader, Publicity Committee, Athletic Asso- ciation, Senior Play, Annual Staff. LARRY MORGAN F.F.A., Glee Club, 4-H, Athletic Association, Football, Bus Driver, Annual Staff, Senior Play, DOLORES FLEMING Basketball (l Z) EUGENE PARKER Basketball, Glee Club, Marshall, F.F.A., Beta Club, Reporter, Baseball, Eagle Scout, Bus Dri- ver, Assistant Business Manager Annual, Vice President Senior Class, Festival Chorus, Cho- ral Workshop, Field Day (Academic), Double Quartet. JACK WESTBROOK Glee Club, F.F.A., Field Day, Football, 4-H, Jr. Songleader, Sr. Vice President, Annual Staff, Class Testator, Senior Play, Athletic Associa- tion, Glee Club Librarian, Double Quartet. LUEDITH WHITLEY 4-H, Glee Club, F.H.A., Secretary F.H.A., Senior Play, Class Historian, Athletic Association, Glee Club, Soloist, Annual Staff, Volley Ball. MOST INTELLECTUAL MOST DEPENDABLE BEST ALL AROUND Dolan Hinson Leroy Harleson Junior Hatley Doris Coley Patricia Helms Doris Coley MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Eugene Parker Doris Coley MOST VALUABLE Van Kepley Doris Coley MOST CO-OPERATIVE Van Kepley Patricia Helms MOST COURTEOUS KINDEST FRIENDLIEST Leroy Harleson Leroy Harleson Larry Morgan Gail Burleson Helen Furr Gail Burleson MOST VERSATILE MOST TALENTED BEST SPORT Van Kepley Junior Hatley Leroy Harleson Doris Coley Katherine Almond Patsy Burleson BEST LOOKING CUTEST MOST POPULAR Dolan Hinson Donald Efird Van Kepley Luedith Whitley Gail Burleson Luedith Whitley MOST ORIGINAL BEST ACTOR ACTRESS MOST TALKATIVE Jack Westbrook Eugene Parker Billie Burleson Faye Lambert Faye Lambert Patsy Burleson SfllOl! CUSS STATISTICS SYLVIA BURLESON PATSY BURLESON " Many receive advice, few profit by " You cannot put the same shoe on it. " every foot. " Nickname - " Silver " Nickname - " Burly Q " Pastime - Writing U.N.C. Pastime - Riding in Pat ' s A Model Hangout - Patsy ' s house Hangout - Pat ' s house Weakness - Odell ' s No. 25 Weakness - Blue eyes Ambition - Medical Secretary Ambition - To be a doctor ' s wife KATHERINE ALMOND " Do not turn back when you are just at the goal. " Nickname - " Kitty " Pastime - Riding in Pat ' s A Model Hangout - Agriculture Department Weakness - College Boys Ambition - To be Van ' s Secretary DORIS COLEY " No task is too steep for human wit ' Nickname - " Duck " Pastime - Riding in Pat ' s A Model Hangout - Agriculture Department Weakness - Tall Boys Ambition - To be RockHudson ' s Pri- vate Nurse. JACK WESTBROOK PATRICIA HELMS " It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness. " Nickname - " Pat " Pastime - Driving my A Model Hangout - Patsy ' s house Weakness - Slow drawls Ambition - To sit on my boss ' s lap. LUEDITH WHITLEY " The anger of love renews the strength of love. " Nickname - " Louie " Pastime - Dating Hangout - Green Ford Weakness - Cheeseburgers Ambition - To sing in Carnegie Hall EUGENE PARKER DONALD EFIRD " No good man ever grew rich all at once . " Nickname - Speedy Pastime - Basketball Hangout - Starlite Weakness - Jump shots Ambition - Play pro-basketball LEROY HARLESON " It takes a long time to bring excel- lence to greatness. " Nickname - " Babe " Pastime - Watching TV Weakness - French Ambition - To go to West Point DOLAN HINSON " Rigorous law is often rigorous injustice . " Nickname - " Doc " Pastime - Mechanics Hangout - Starlite Weakness - Vanhoy Ambition - To operate a Speed Shop DOLORES FLEMING " A friend to all who know her " Nickname - " Dee " Pastime - Playing it " cool " Hangout - Joyce ' s house Weakness - " Spat " Montgomery Clift Ambition - To be a millionaire ' s nurse . JUNIOR HATLEY " There is no place more delightful than home . " Nickname - " June " Pastime - Running from girls Hangout - Home Weakness - Scorekeepers Ambition - To play pro-baseball VAN KEPLEY " It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you really are. " Nickname - " Kid " Pastime - Working Hangout - The Trim Shop Weakness - Long hair Ambition - To own a Custom Shop " There is no great genius without a touch of madness. " Nickname - " J. A. " Pastime - Talking to the feminine sex Hangout - Stanly Pacers Weakness - Monroe cows Ambition - To do dental work for ' 55 Seniors . GAIL BURLESON " Big things come in little packages. " Nickname - " Clara-belle " Pastime - sewing Hangout - Home Weakness - Stanfield ' s No. 4 Ambition - To design dresses " Keep my memory green. " Nickname - " Bush " Pastime - Washing cars Hangout - Starlite Weakness - Foul shots Ambition - To perfect my Auto-Car wash. LARRY MORGAN " It is quality rather than quantity that counts . " Nickname - " Big-un " Pastime - Going to the show Hangout - Deluxe Ca fe Weakness - Pretty girls Ambition - To be successful FAYE LAMBERT " Practice is the best of all instruct- ors. " Nickname - " Pig " Pastime - Chasing boys Hangout - Rose ' s Weakness - Brown eyes Curly hair Ambition - To catch one BILLY BURLESON " It is better to learn late than never, " Nickname - " Bill " Pastime - Playing the Guitar Hangout - Spives Weakness - Montgomery County girls Ambition - To be a radio announcer im will AND TUENT We the departing senior class of ' 55 being of " sound body and not so sound minds " do hereby leave the following to the ones of our student body left behind. To the junior class, the seniors leave their ability to co-operate with each other as the seniors have done. To the sophomore class, the seniors leave their ability to finance their trip to Wash- ington. To the freshman class, the seniors leave their ability to take biology and pass. To the freshman class to be, the seniors leave the book " Beware, " so they will know how to slide around the teachers. Now to the individual members of the junior class we leave the following: Katherine Almond leaves her ability to get along with everyone to Josephine Eudy hoping she can get along with everyone as Katherine did. Billie Burleson leaves his ability to out-talk the teachers to Ed Lambert and Ervin Fesperman, who may be able to out-talk the teachers as Bill did. Gail Burleson wills her great amount of e n e r g y to Ruby Dick. Ruby can really get things done if she uses this energy as Gail has. Sylvia Burleson leaves her baby ways to Linda Benner, hoping she will be as cute as Sylvia. Patsy Burleson leaves her ability to talk at all times to Helen Whitley. Doris Coley wills her ability to play basketball to Ruby Dick. We hope that she will take Doris ' s place as captain of the team. Doanld Efird leaves his place as captain of the basketball team to Rowell Burleson, and to Max Morton, his ability to play basketball. Dolores Fleming leaves her " yankee " brogue to Joyce Efird. Joyce should be able to develop a definite brogue in a very short time. Helen Furr wills her quiet ways to Josephine Eudy. To be quiet may prove a real hardship to Jo, but we hope not. Leroy Harleson wills his ability to study to Gene Speights and Coy Thompson. This gift will really be an asset, especially at examination times. Junior Hatley leaves his seat in the corner to Pete Harward, and may all the girls gather in the corner around Pete like they did for Junior. Patricia Helms leaves her ability to drive without being caught to Joyce Efird. Dolan Hinson wills his use of big words, that he doesn ' t know the meaning of, to Larry Hathcock hoping he knows the meaning to the ones he uses, and to Ondrie Efird he wills the ability to beat speeding tickets. Van Kepley leaves his Hot-Rod to Junior Bowers, hoping he can drive as well as Van has . Faye Lambert wills her ability to talk her way into something to Helen Whitley. Helen will find this will stand her in good stead at all times. Larry Morgan leaves his nick name " Big-Un " , to Laverne Davis. We know that La- verne will not " let Larry down. " Betty Mortonleaves her ability to get married to Joyce Huneycutt, hoping that she will wait till she finishes school. Eugene Parker leaves his flat-top haircut to Mikey Morgan. This style has proved quite successful for Eugene, we hope that it will do the same for Mikey. Jack Westbrook wills his ability to hit cows to Buddie Poplin, hoping that when he hits one, the cow stays down instead of jumping up and laughing at him as it did Jack. Luedith Whitley wills her ability to sing to Linda Benner. G. H. Swaringen, Executor Jack Westbrook, Testator LARRY HATHCOCK President BUDDY POPLIN JOSEPHINE EUDY LYNDA BENNER Vice President Secretary Treasurer Ervin Fespermen Pete Harward Larry Hathcock Joyce Huneycutt Edd Lambert Mikey Morgan Max Morton Landon MuUis Buddie Poplin Coy Thompson Gene Speight Helen Whitley Lynn Almond Judy Burleson Larry Burri s Lucille Coley Lynda Cree Bobby Dennis Coleen Dick Rosina Efird Joe Efird Ruby Furr : - I f Janice Furr Shelbia Goss Becky Hathcock Patsy Hatley Bill Hatley Conrad Herrin James Howell Larry Jones Harold Dean Lambert Gene Lambert Jimmy Lambert Peggy Lambert Carolyn Lowder Harold McSwain Harold Poplin Marvin Rogers Brenda Shoe Roy Lee Smith Joyce Whitley Jeanette Wise tl jSSSjjjjj f f Pansy Efird Richard Harleson Pearlie Hartsell Milton Helms Kenneth Hodge Kenneth Huneycutt Patricia Lambert Tommy Lambert A. L. Lowder Elsie Lyall life Edgar Medlin Brenda Morton Shirley Poplin Keith Spei ght Shelby Whitley Rayvon Whitley Donald Winfree Not Pictured: Shirley Love W. B. King [iCHTH urn ■Hi ■ ■ ' V, ' • - 1 . ' t ,. .i t Pi . - ■ 1 1 Gerald Almond, Patricia Bowers, Iris Burleson, Toby Ann Burleson, Toby jean Burle son, Rayvon Burleson, Larry Coble, Tony Dennis, Lamar Eudy, Brenda Furr, Carl Furr, Druoilla Griffin, Sherrill Hahn, Phyllis Hartsell, Donnie Herrin, Billy Lambert, Katherine Lambert, Kay Lambert, Nancy Lambert, Richard Lambert, Merium Lowder, Vivian McSwain, Josh Morton, Barbara Mullis, Patricia Murray, Larry Shank, Nona Smart, Gail Vanderburg, Joan Westbrook, Joe Westbrook, Betty Whitley, Reggie Whitley, Glenda Winfree. mm 1 H w ' ' ' ' lipMP(!P!)»n»-- ■• 1 Bernie Almond, Patricia Almond, Davie Burleson, Judy Burleson, Mickey Burleson, Jerry Carpenter, Gerald Carriker, GlendaCarriker, Ann Dennis, Tommy Dick, Shea- ron Efird, Mary Elizabeth Fur r , Jerry Hatley, Mary Lou Hatley, Stephen Hill, Eu- gene Hinson, Patricia Howard, Tommie Huneycutt, Larry Lambert, Jerry Lowder, Kenneth Lowder, Jimmy Mercer, Jimmy Morgan, Ronnie Morton, Grady Shoe, Larry Simpson, Ronnie Smith, Judy Speight, Eugene Thomas, Terell Whitley. Sinn AID !;[V[iTii mm Jane Adams, Charles Almond, Nancy Almond, Treva Almond, Judy Bowers, Sylvia Bowers, Ronny Broadway, Cecil Burleson, Joyce Burleson, Roger Burleson, Roma Jean Burleson, Nancy Efird, Gloria Goss, Brenda H athcock, Kenneth Harleson, Anita Hartsell, Zoe Junneycutt, Frances Hussey, Barbara Lorch, Diane Parker, Kay Sells, Linda Speight, Sandra Terry, Tony Whitley. Elaine Banner, Elaine Burleson, Keith Burleson, Nona Sue Burleson, Thetus Ann Burleson, Toby Burleson, Tony Burleson, Carolyn Coley, Roddy Cotton, Elvene Dick, Edward Efird, Jimmy Efird, Keith Efird, Tony Efird, Jerry Eudy, Kathy Eudy, Sue Floyd, Buddy Griffin, Sharon Hathcock, Shirley Hatley, Brenda Hodge, Janice McSwain, Tommy Morgan, Steven Morris, Kenneth Morton, Carolyn Sides, Wayne Taylor, Bobby Westbrook, Betty Carol Whitley, Ellene Whitley, Jeanette Whitley, Barbara Winfree. Pamela Adkins, Stevie Alexander, Billy Almond, Newman Burleson, Steve Burleson, Ronnie Dee se, Judy Efird, Clegg Eudy, Roger Eudy, Truley Fesperman, David Floyd, BrendaFurr, Cecil Furr, Judy Griffin, Norman Hartsell, Elizabeth Hill, Jeffrey Hin- son, Betty Howell, Butch Hussey, Bobby Lambert, Doletta Lambert, Richard La mbert, Vance Lambert, Jimmy Lowder, Diane Mauldin, Reggie Medlin, Janice Speight, Ann Whitley, June Whitley. FOURTH 1- - i n .1 ■ ' ■» f f J . f ■ -. ■] i s ; i 1 A i fl ■ H (» r-» ■i . V ) N W. C. Adkins, Patricia Almond, Roanld Almond, Sidney Burleson, Vann Burleson, W. C. Burleson, Laraine Carpenter, Jesse Dennis, Sue Efird, Evada Furr, Gerald Furr, Judy Goss, Kenneth Harkey, Terry Harleson, George Hathcock, Joyce Hodge , Sherrill Honeycutt, Catherine Howell, Diane Luneycutt, Ross Huneycutt, Dwight Lambert, Joan Lambert, Joyce Kay Lambert, Emily Lowder, Joyce Lowder, Troy Mabry, Johnny Morgan, Eddie Morton, Garry Morton, Herry Morton, Lois Morton, Phillip Morton, Shirley Morton, Joyce Paul, Tommy Speights, Lewis Talbert, Ronnie Thompson, Freida Whitley. THIliD Jerry Adkins, Rita Adkins, Jennings Almond, Donald Bowers, Dwight Burleson, Gail Burleson, Jerry Burleson, JeanBurris, Reggie Coley, Janice Deese, Janice Dick, Gary Efird, Gloria Eudy, Sidney Eudy, Margaret Furr, Terry Goss, Wincie Ann Harleson, Noel Hartsell, Sandra Hathcock, Elaine Helms, Mikey Huneycutt, Roger Jones, Brenda Lambert, Gary Lambert, Janice Lowder , Ruth Lowder, Lynn Mauldin, Buddy Melton, Shelia Morton, Ted Morton, W. C. Pickler, Linda Shoe, Jimmy Tucker, Dennis Underwood, Lynette Whitley, Patricia Whitley, Bobby Winfree, Brenda Wise. mm 1 if-U III II i iiiii iiiiiiiiiii iiiJiMiiii ' ' mvi i ' ■ i;ii ft i ' l i 1 , ' " ' ' ' 1 ' 1 ' f V 1 1 . - ' If 5 ft Diaiine Aldridge, Neil Almond, Ann Almond, Pamela Almond, John Hoyle Burleson, Phil Burleson, Paula Burleson, Sandra Burleson, Pamela Burris, Cheri Carter, Ricky Coley, Becky Cotton, Elaine Davis, Jackie Deese, Irene Dennis, Joe Earnhardt, Garret Efird, Dwight Eudy, Casinia Furr, Calvin Purr, Phyllis Hatley, Buddy Hatley, Gene Huneycutt] Janice Hussey, Billy Lambert Lynn Mabry, Toni Medlin, Brock Morris, Nicky Teeter, Shela Terry, Sue Nell Thomas, Brenda Turner, Danny Whitley, Donald Whitley, Steven Whitley. FIRST mm 5 ' ■11— II 1 »- . .. •T i £■ i • ■ L . 1 p - « ■-« CI " 1 f mm ■• Miss Efird ' s First Grade Melinda Eudy, Roger Smith, Nancy Lowder, Donald Teeter, Rebecca Lambert, Stephan Almond, Judy Carter, Frank Burleson, Jane Whitley, Steven Harkey, Saundra JeanBowers, Donald Fink, Diann Burr is, David Almond, Larry Bowers, David Mauldin, Bruce Burleson, Linda Gail Burleson, Lelan Helms, Gail Smith, Steve Harkey, Cynthia Hodge, Gerald Win- free, Mary Ann Troutman. Mrs. Morris ' First Grade Elaine Boone, Allen Bullock, James David Burleson, Joarr Burleson, Karen Burleson, Rita Burris, Sandra Coley, Ronnie Efird, Jody Eudy, David Furr, Lance Hartsell, Frankie Gale Hatley, Sylvia Hodge, Don Huneycutt, J. C. Lambert, Michael Lambert, Carolyn Little, Rebecca Medlin, Alton Morton, Jimmy MuUis, Steve Russell, Wanda Smith, Stephen Smith, Alice Starnes, Steven Vanderburg. Not Pictured: Ruth Starnes HiUAL m Leftto Right, Seated: Faye Lambert, Doris Coley, PatriciaHelms, Eugene Parker. Standing: Gail Burleson, Betty Morton, Helen Furr, Patsy Burleson, Sylvia Burleson, Luedith Whitley, Katherine Almond, LeroyHarleson, Larry Morgan, Donald Efird, Van Kepley, Dolan Hinson, Jack Westbrook, Junior Hatley. Absent: Bill Burleson. ASSISTANT EDITOR Faye Lambert EDITOR Doris Coley BUSINESS MANAGER Patricia Helms Junior Hatley, Pres. Max Morton, Vice Pres Patricia Helms, Sec. Doris Coley, Treas. Eugene Parker, Report, Katherine Almond Gail Burleson Leroy Harleson Rowell Burleson Larry Hathcock Ruby Dick ' ■ n1fJ1°Jn° ' ' " Coley Shelbia Goss FORWARD GUARD GUARD GUARD Joyce Whitley FORWARD Ruby Dick FORWARD Left to Right, Kneeling: Ruby Dick, Joyce Whitley, Joyce Ef ird, Doris Coley (captain) Lucille Coley, Shelbia Goss. Standing: Coleen Dick, Janice Furr, Pansy Efird, Faye Lambert, Shelby Whitley, Brenda Morton, Jeanette Wise, Randall Burleson (coach) Carolyn Lowder. Harold McSwain CENTER 41 f Conrad Herrin GUARD BOYS ' mmmi Eugene Parker FORWARD Larry Burris FORWARD Donald Efird GUARD Left to Right, Kneeling: Larry Burris, Conrad Herrin, Harold McSwain, RowellBurleson,(co -captain), Donald Efird (captain), Harold Dean Lam - bert, Eugene Parker, Randall Btirleson, (coach). Standing: A. L. Low- der, Donald Windfrey, Larry Hathcock, Mikey Morgan, Kieth Speights, Larry Efird, Junior Burleson, Larry Jones, Jimmy Davis, Wendell Bur- leson, Kenneth Hodge. it Rowell Burleson Joyce Efird Ruby Dick Landon Mullis Larry Hathcock Left to Right, Kneeling: Larry Jones. Donald Efird, Rowell Burleson, Conrad Herrin, Eugene Parker, Mikey Morgan, Larry Burris. Standing: Mr. Eller (coach). Max Morton, Larry Hath- cock, Keith Speights, Harold Dean Lambert, Ervin Fesperman, Junior Hatley, Randall Burleson (coach). ALMOND BROTHERS POULTRY Wholesale Dealers In Eggs, Live And Dressed Poultry- Phone 60 3 -L Route 4 Albemarle North Carolina ENDY FEED AND SUPPLY CO. Texaco Feed -Groceries Poultry-Eggs phone 60 3 -L Route 4 Albemarle North Carolina I STARLIGHT GRILL Charlotte Road II STARLIGHT GRILL Salisbury Road Thick Milkshakes Tasty toasted sandwiches Curb Service Albemarle North Carolina G.C. McMANUS COMPANY, INC. Allic -Chalmers Farm -Equipment Mack Trucks Telephone 321 Albemarle North Carolina DUN-RITE LAUNDRY CLEANERS, INC. (Sanitone Cut) Visit our branch office and cloth shop on Charlotte Road for cloth, zippers, thread, buttons etc. MAIN PLANT OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE CLOTH SHOP PEE DEE AVE. CHARLOTTE ROAD Phone 400 Phone 1061 -M Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of ALBEMARLE BAKERY Compliments of STANLEY DAIRIES " Who serves us Mary- Jane Bread " Phone 34 Albemarle North Carolina ALBEMARLE SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 28 Direct Reduction Loans Insured Savings Albemarle North Carolina Thick Milkshakes Sandwiches -Ice Cream Refreshing, Healthful Milk Albemarle North Carolina GARRISON-DENNIS COMPANY OIL Wholesale and Retail Oil Products " You Ring We Bring " Phone 1313 Charlotte Road Albemarle North Carolina Albemarle STANLEY HARDWARE CO., INC. MacGregor leads in the world of sports. Distributors Voit, Riddell, Hood, U.S. (Keds) Expert Racket Re -stringing and Lettering Service Phone 10 and 93 North Carolina AUTEN MOTORS 550 West Main Street Authorized Lincoln Mercury Dealer Phone 48 Albemarle North Carolina For a Comfortable Home Come to MAXWELL BROS. FURNITURE Phone 54 Albemarle North Carolina ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Magtag and Westinghouse Appliances 215 West Main Street Phone 639 Albemarle North Carolina ALBEMARLE PLUMBING HEATING 538 West Main Street Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of SUGGS FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture Appliances Phone 1200 534 Concord Road Albemarle North Carolina WHISPERING PINES BARBEQUE Milkshakes - Sandwiches Phone 89 -J 1 3 4 Miles out Highway 52 MORROW BROS. HEATH CO. Hardware Fertilizer - Seeds Albemarle North Carolina ED ' S SHEETMETAL WORKS General Sheetmetal Guttering - Heating Copper Work Phone 1250 Albemarle North Carolina STANLEY NEWS AND PRESS " Your County Newspaper " Established 1880 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of HUNEYCUTT ' S FARM SUPPLY STORE Hardware, Paints Feeds, and Groceries Phone 822 -W Frog Pond North Carolina Compliments of L. A. EUDY, ESSO Route 4 Albemarle North Carolina P. J. HUNEYCUTT COMPANY Elgin Watches Jewelry -Diamonds Furniture Leonard Appliances Phone 69 Albemarle North Carolina For Happy Motoring Visit WILHELM ' S ESSO £sso) (€sso ' Often 192 North Second Street Phone 762 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of SERVICE DISTRIBUTING CO. West Main St. S. Second St. East Main St. Norwood Road Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of 1 1 DIAMONDS 1 1 1 1 WATCHES 1 1 II J 1 JEWELRY 1 1 lieonarajr. Buy Now - Pay Later 175 N. Second St. Albemarl e North Carolina Compliments of STANLEY F.C.X. SERVICE Farm supplies, quality feeds, seeds. Fertilizers Phone 704, 303 W. South St. Albemarle North Carolina WINECOFF ' S ELECTRIC CO. Electrical Contractors Commercial -Industrial Installation Day Phone -1086 -Night Phone 289 Albemarle North Carolina THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation North Second Street Albemarle North Carolina HOYLE W. HELMS INSURANCE AGENCY 243 West Main Street Auto -Trucks -Tractors Liability -Collision Fire -Windstorm Albemarle North Carolina Com pli ments of JEFF ' S CLEANERS " Expert Work " Phone 1434 Concord Road Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of LITTLE ' S GROCERY STORE Oakboro North Carolina DELUXE CAFE Curb Service Phone 708 -L Chalmers Thompson-Prop. Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of STILL OIL COMPANY Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Motor Oils Wholesale Retail E. Main St. Phone 340 Albemarle North Carolina Compli m e nts of STANLY FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 97 Albemarle North Carolina LEFLER ' S FURNITURE COMPANY 213 N. Second St. Phone 188 Albemarle North Carolina AUTO LOANS - Re f inane ing - E.B. STONE FINANCE CO. Of Albemarle, Inc. 421 W. Main Albemarle North Carolina Open an insured-safe savings account with the HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION 108 E. North St. Albemarle North Carolina HOYLE ALMOND ' S GROCERY Charlotte Road Phone 1459 -J Albemarle North Carolina STANLY FOOD CENTER Gra de " A " Meats - Groceries and Garden Fresh Produce Phone 1455 Open evenings until 8:30 Albemarle North Carolina J. R. AUSTIN SHOP. INC. structural Steel Phone 12 32 West South Street Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of LILLIAN KNITTING MILLS East Main Street Phone 85 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of L OF TINS DRUG Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of BOWERS GROCERTERIA Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of MATHESON FURNITURE STORE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of THE MUSIC MART Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of ALBEMARLE RADIATOR WELDING SHOP Troy Road Phone 103 1-W Albemarle North Carolina PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Compliments of THE DRUG CENTRE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of GOOD-O Albemarle North Carolina Compli m e nts of ROY C. 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McSWAIN Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of BOONE ' S PLACE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of HONEYCUTT ' S SHOE SHOP Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of CRIP ' S GARAGE Route 4 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of MOOSE ' S Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of BURRIS COOK SERVICE STATION 224 Concord Road Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of NAPIER ' S SERVICE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of FURR ' S CONCRETE WORKS Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of THOMPSONS T.V. SERVICE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of HATLEY ' S SEWING SHOP Albemarle North Carolina FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES C. D. Hatley-Dealer Albemarle North Carolina Complim ents of BARBEQUE LODGE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of PECKS FLORIST Phone 252 Norwood Road Compliments of WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of TRAYWICK TRAYWICK Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of MORGAN MOTORS Albemarle North Carolina Compli ments of STANDARD OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of HENRY ' S LUNCH Albemarle North Carolina I I Complime nfs of PIANO STUDIO Mrs. O.H. Bolch Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of DRYES FURNITURE STORE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of G. C. MORTON ' S SHOE STORE Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of JAMES ' CLOTHING Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of ALMOND HARTSELL Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of BEACHUM ' S SERVICE STATION Albemarle North Carolina Co mpli m e nts of Dr. W. C. FITZGERALD Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of VAN KEPLEY UPHOLSTERY AND TRIM SHOP Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of Yellow Top Cab Sam Efird Paint Work Buck ' s Cleaners F. M. Whitley Ash St. Grocery Harold Loy Simpson Joe Earnhardt Josh Morton Jr.

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