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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1952 volume:

PUBLISHED BY The Senior Class ENDY HIGH SCHOOL Because of her patience with us, her understanding of us, her loyalty to us, her faith in us, and her prayers for us, We, the class of 1952, lovingly dedicate this volume of The Endy Echo to Mrs. Mack Coble. 1 ' MISS VIOLA EFIRD First Grade MRS. TOM LISENBY Second Grade MRS. GLADYS A. MORRIS Third Grade MRS. OSCAR PHILLIPS Third and Fourth Grades MISS FRANCES HARRIS Fourth Grade MRS. G. H. SWARINGEN Fifth Grade MRS ARCH CREE Sixth Grade MRS. RANDALL BURLESON Seventh Grade MR. CHARLES JARVIS Eighth Grade History MR. RANDALL BURLESON Girls ' Coach, Boys ' Coach Science MRS. JANE KEETER Mathematics MRS. MACK COBLE French, Civics MR. G. H. SWARINGEN Principal, Physics MRS. CHARLES JARVIS Home Economics MR. D. M. CORN Agriculture MRS. CLAUD GRIGG English MRS. BAIN JONES Music MRS. O. H. BOLCH Piano JEANETTE EUDY 4-H Club Song Leader; F. H. A. Song Lea- der; Basketball Co-Captain; Glee Club; Annual Staff; Class Poet; News Reporter. JIMMY LAMBERT F.F.A.; Pres. of Sophomore Class ; Basketball; Junior Play; Glee Club. BETTY HERRIN Treas. Junior Class; Treas. Senior Class; Beta Club Vice-Pres.; Scholarship Medal; 4-H Club; Marshal; Glee Club Basketball; Junior Play; Ass ' t. Editor of Annual. JANE LAMBERT Secretary Junior Class, Secretary Sen- ior Class; Beta Club Sec. Treas.; Glee Club; Treas. Vice Pres. ; F. H. A. His- torian; Junior Play; Editor of Annual; Citizenship Medal; Scholarship Medal; Marshal; Grange Plays; Editor School News; Vice-Pres. Athletic Association. JERRELL MORTON Vice-Pres. Senior Class; Basketball; Junior Play; F.F.A. TERRELL MORTON Basketball; F. F. A.; Glee Club; 4-H Club; Junior Play. JACK LOWDER Vice-Pres. Junior Class; Junior Play; F.F.A.; Glee Club; 4-H Club; Basket- ball; Bus Driver; Business Manager of Annual; Marshal. LILLY ANN LAMBERT F.H.A. ; Basketball Co-Captain; County Basketball; Athletic Medal; Annual Staff; 4-H Club; Glee Club; Junior Play. JOHNNY POPLIN Glee Club; F. F. A.; 4-H Club; Bus Driver; Junior Play. CAROLYN MORGAN Giftorian; F.H.A. ; Glee Club; 4-H Club; Cheerleader; Basketball; Annual Staff; Junior Play. NELL MULLIS F.H.A. ; Glee Club; 4-H Club; Annual Staff; Junior Play. EARL SPEIGHT Glee Club; F. F. A; Bus Driver; 4-H Club; Basketball. SELMA ROGERS 4-H Club; Glee Club; Junior Play; F. H. A. Annual Staff; Cheerleader. DURANT WHITLEY Glee Club; F. F.A.; Basketball; 4-H Club President; Junior Play. KENNETH WHITLEY Glee Club; F. F. A. ; Junior Play; 4-H Club Basketball; Pres. Athletic Association. CAROL WESTBROOK Glee Club; 4-H Club; Junior Play; An- nual Staff; F.H.A. Treas; Cheerleader. As we step up to take over full command of the senior class, we pause and turn back in our fond memories to the beginning of our high school days. We began in the ninth grade under the competent leadership of our prmcipal, Mr. Swaringen This year in the midst of the reno vation of our school, it was very diffi- cult to keep our minds on our studies. We were all thrilled with our new cafeteria and near the end of the year, were all honored at being given the opportunity to serve at several banquets in it. This year, a few hopefuls in the freshman class made our debut in the athletic world. The girli. basketball team was coached by Mrs. McSwam, and Mr. Burleson coached the boys. In the tenth grade, we made up for all the time lost in the ninth. Our teacher was Mr. Singleton, who was a newcomer from college. We taught him a great deal that year. We had a glee club under the direction of Mrs. Bain Jones. The girls had a Home Economics Department with Mrs. Warren Coble, teacher; while Mr. Corn was teacher in the new Agriculture Department for the boys. This year all the girls became well trained waitresses because we had an opportunity to serve at a banquet about every month. In our glee club, we had a very memorable Christmas program with the entire glee club participating. We competed in the music contest at Catawba College and received an excellent rating. Under Mr. Singleton ' s direction, we presented a one act comedy entitled " The Little Red School House " , which brought out a great deal of hidden talent. In the eleventh grade, under Mrs. Claud Grigg ' s supervision, we started the year with a working spirit. We sold magazines and stationery for our Junior -Senior Banquet expenses. We gave a Junior Play entitled " A Ready Made Family " coached by our beloved teacher, Mrs. Grigg. We continued serving at banquets. Near the end of the year, we gave the seniors a banquet in the school cafeteria. We worked long and hard preparing for it and received our rewards when the seniors appeared to enjoy t he banquet so much. Our theme was portrayed on a South Sea Island. We de- corated appropriately with purple streamers and balloons overhead. As a background, Jane Lambert and Hilda Burleson painted a South Sea Island scene across the back wall. The twelve waitresses, dressed in South Seas costumes, served a delicious tropical dinner. They entertained throughout the evening with several colorful and graceful dances. They were accompanied at various times by Kenneth Whitley, sing- ing " Somewhere Over The Rainbow " ; and in a comical act, " Abadaba Honeymoon " , with Gary King, Durant Whitley, and Hilda Burleson. The Albemarle High Scnool Band furnished the music for the evening. The Junior Class opened the program by singing " Hawaiian Sunset " . Jeanette Eudy and Hilda Burleson kept the mood by sing- ing " Blue Hawaii " . Then several senior performances were presented. Betty All - man accompanied by the Senior Quartet, Glendale Burleson, Max Burris, Paul West- brook, and Carroll Teeter, sang " Never Been Kissed " . The quartet sang to four of our innocent- looking juniors, " The Coconut Song " . Glendale Burleson and Peggy Efird sang a duet entitled, " Maggie Blues " . Then the entire senior class sang " Beau- tiful Brown Eyes " , dedicating it to Mr. Singleton. Truly, it is one of our most cher- ished memories. Now, all too suddenly, we find ourselves filling the position of seniors. It is hard to realize that in a few months, we shall be leaving as we have seen seniors do for the last twelve years, this time feeling the same pangs of sorrow as of those who too, have called the school " home " for twelve years. We remember last year ' s graduation that we took part in. Jack Lowder, Harold Burris, Jane Lambert, Betty Herrin, and Hilda Burleson were marshalls. On graduation night, the junior class held daisy chains for the seniors as they entered and left the auditorium. We try desperately to grasp whatever we may in our departure, because we realize that no longer shall we swell with pride when we say we are a student at Edny High School, and have the same loyal spirit as we did in our school days. Yes, we stop to think back now as we are leaving, as we pass or hear our school mentioned, and think back as we develop into mature adults and always in the same fond memories of our school days. Hilda Burleson We, the senior class of Endy High School, being in as good mental condition as usual, do hereby make this our Last Will and Testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will or wills that may have been previously made by us during a period of temporary optimism. We give and bequeath to the junior class our well-known nerve as they try to get ads for the annual of ' 53, because they will need it now and in all the following years. We also leave all the examination questions we have been given during the past year. We tjelieve that an examination, like history, often repeats itself. The answers have long since been mislaid by us and are not included in the legacy. To our good friends, the sophomores, we leave our patience and hope. It will be found useful as the only means by which they can endure the juniors. To the young and unsophisticated freshmen, we leave the hope that they may all fool the teachers and pass in all subjects so that they may all become " seniors " . To our principal, Mr. Swaringen, we give a sense of relief that we have grad- uated and most pleasant memories of the school years we have spent together. Now, to each member of the junior class each of us leaves something: To Larry Almond, Terrell Morton leaves his ability to speak French. To Billy Efird, Johnny Poplin leaves his quiet spirit and patience. To Bobby Barbee, Edward Harris leaves his place on the football and baseball teams . To Dean Samrt, the laziest boy in the junior class. Jack Lowder leaves his in- dustrious mind. To Ralph, Whitley, Larry Efird gives his rough playing and soft heart. To Oscar Bolch, Jimmy Lambert leaves his dark curly hair. To Lloyd Whitley, Jerrell Morton gives his place at the mirror in the senior room. To Pritchard Dennis, Harold Burris gives his position in the Beta Club and in the Scouts. To Gene Almond, T. J. Burris gives his old cigarette butts and a note telling where to find them. To Bobby Lambert, Earl Speight leaves his perfect indolence. Some people sit and waste time; Earl just sits. To Jahala Lambert, Selma Rogers wills her ability to talk back to Mr. Swaringen. To Ruby Lowder, Hilda Burleson wills her pretty figure, hoping Ruby will take care of it as Hilda has. To Recardo Lambert, Carol Westbrook wills her brains for physics, hoping she can pass. To Louise Dick, Marie Burris wills her supply of language, which will enable her to talk more and say less than anyone else. To Lorene Whitley, Jane Lambert wills her high L Q. and ability to speak French. To Clara Burris, Jeanette Eudy wills her voice and place on the basketball team. To Erleen Murray, Nell Mullis wills her position as star Softball player. To Lois Johnson, Artha Ann Dick wills her ability to attract the Albemarle High School boys, hoping Lois has better luck than she. To Ricardia Harleson, Nellie Efird wills her quietness and dependability. To Jeanette Almond and Audrey Thomas, Lilly Ann Lambert wills her height, if they will use her diet. To Marie Hatley, Carolyn Morgan wills her old date books, hoping that they bene- fit her. To Edith Coble, Betty Herrin wills her ability to get things done in a hurry. G. H. Swaringen, Executor T. J. Burris, Testator As I looked into the land of the future, I could see moving among the dim shadows of tht people yet to be, the familiar shapes of those fair and radiant beings who were once m y aassmates, ;ow changed and transformed into citizens o the world outside even Ts they had long hoped to be, and it came to pass that the veil before mine eyes grew yet more and Lore thin through the intensity of my vision and behold, I could see them even as if the intervening years were not at all. I cJild see our beloved president; even as today, I could see him m all his ma - iestic bearing and his words were heeded by that day and generation even as we today {he class of fgBZ, have heeded unto them. For his ambition has led him ever upward and onward until he is Governor of this, his own state. Advising Harold is Nellie Efird, the most dependable girl of our class. And I also happened to see T. J. Bur ris who took Billy Graham ' s place as a world renouned evangelist I saw that I, Zarry Efird, had taken Sid Stone ' s place on the Milton Berle show. In this vision, I saw a circus tent and swinging from one trapeze to another, was Ed- ward Harris. He had, indeed, become the man on the trapeze. In a nearby television studio. I saw Jack Lowder surrounded by little children. Jack was busy strumming on his guitar and singing " Home On The Range . The scene changed and inside a theatre was Jerrell Morton ushering people m to see the great movie star, Jimmy Lambert, playing the part of Rudolph Valentino. We thought we would never see Jerrell so far from Terrell, but Terrell is having the time of his life as a naval officer in Hawaii where all the good looking girls are. Inside a beauty parlor, we see Johnny Poplin, a world famous beautician, talking to Hilda Rose Burleson and Nell Mullis. Johnny has complete charge over their beauty needs Hilda Rose is a John Powers ' model and Nell Mullis is a hostess at the Stork Club so both need to look their best at all times. Lilly Ann Lambert is a masseusse in Johnny ' s beauty parlor and she keeps Hilda Rose ' s and Nell ' s figure in perfect con- ' the vision I saw Artha Ann Dick, a buyer for Gimball ' s in New York City. She goes to France twice a year to buy clothes for Jeanette Eudy, who is a singer with Kay Kaiser ' s Band. While Artha Ann is in France, she calls on Carolyn Morgan, who finally learned French and is acting as an interpreter to American Tourists in 1 ranee. In New York City, I also saw Earl Speight, who is a proof reader for Double Day Doran Book Company. Earl was showing Kenneth Whitley the sites of New York. Kenneth, by the way, has obtained his life long ambition to be a truck driver. I saw Durant Whitley in Hollywood where he has become a prominent lawyer. He is legal advisor to Selma Rogers, who is a second Betty Hutton, and Carol West- brook, who is only a movie extra. In Hollywood on the corner of Hollywood Vine, I saw three girls who were on their vacation. While listening to their conversation, I learned that Betty Herrin was a concert pianist. I also found out that Jane Lambert was a librarian for the National Grange and that Marie Burris was very much contented with her job as teacher of Endy High School. , ' Larry Efird When our class entered old Endy Hi, I know the teacher let out a sigh, I don ' t remember, but I ' ll bet she said- " Dear, I ' d feel better if I were dead " . I ' ve never seen such a noisy class Gee, I don ' t know how long I ' ll last. It isn ' t fair for a good teacher To have to turn into a preacher. ' ' Though many teachers have been disgusted, And many times we ' ve been mistrusted. When many times our hopes would drop We usually came out on top. Our teachers thought we were so curious That sometimes we would make them furious. We ' ve always been a lively bunch We ' ve also had a great big hunch, A hunch that we would graduate When at this school we had proved our fate. We knew our pleasure couldn ' t last. But we have memories of the past. As now the time has come to part We ' ll all keep room within our hearts, Room for memories of old friends Memories of good times with them. We the class of ' 52 Now express our thanks to you. Our thanks that now a race we ' ve won Go out to each and everyone. Jeanette Eudy KATHERINE ALMOND KATHERINE BOWERS BILLIE BURLESON DWAYNE BURLESON GAIL BURLESON GEORGE BURLESON PATRICIA BURLESON SYLVIA BURLESON THOMAS DICK AUTIE BELLE EFIRD DONALD EFIRD ONDREE EFIRD AMELIA ANN EUDY LEROY HARLESON JUNIOR HATLEY PATRICIA HELMS DOLAN HINSON VAN DONALD KEPLEY FAYE LAMBERT JIMMY LAMBERT WAYNE LAMBERT BETTY MORTON EUGENE PARKER DONALD SIDES GERALD SPEIGHT JACK WESTBROOK LUEDITH WHITLEY WILLIAM C. WHITLEY J ■ OSCAR BOLCH Pre sident UND[liCimil[N OFFIW I LLOYD WHITLEY Vice-President JAHALA LAMBERT Secretary RUBY LOWDER Treasurer Dim JAMES E. POPLIN Pre sident HAROLD SIMPSON Vice-President JOYCE SIMPSON Secretary SHELBY ALMOND Treasurer 1. am THERINE ALMOND WILLIAM C . WHITLEY mm STAFF Mrs. Mack Coble, Sponsor Seated, Left to Right: T. J. Burris, Durant Whitley, Jerrell Morton, Hilda Burle- son, Johnny Poplin, JackLowder, Jane Lambert, Betty Herrin, Terrell Morton, Larry Efird, Marie Burris, Harold Burris, Carolyn Morgan. Standing: Edward Har- ris, Kenneth Whitley, Jimmy Lambert, Carol Westbrook, Selma Rogers, Lilly Ann Lambert, Nell Mullis, Nellie Efird, Jeanette Eudy, Artha Ann Dick. Absent: Earl Speight. ASSISTANT EDITOR ; ' BUSINESS MANAGER Betty Herrm ' jack Lowder SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST POPULAR Carolyn Morgan Terrell Morton MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jane Lambert Jack Lowder MOST ATHLETIC Harold Burris Hilda Burleson MOST TALKATIVE Carol Westbrook Durant Whitley MOST BASHFUL Nell Mullis Johnny Poplin CUTEST Jerrell Morton Betty Herrin FRIENDLIEST Earl Speight Nell Mullis BIGGEST BABY Kenneth Whitley Jeanette Eudy MOST STUDIOUS Jane Lannbert Jack Lowder MOST DEPENDABLE Larry Efird Nellie Efird SENIOR SUP[ltUTIV[i; BEST DRESSED Hilda Burleson Jimmy Lambert TEACHER ' S PET Harold Burris Lilly Ann Lambert BIGGEST FLIRT Edward Harris Selma Rogers BEST ALL ROUND Marie Burris Johnny Poplin MOST TALENTED Jeanette Eudy Kenneth Whitley BEST LOOKING Hilda Burleson Jimmy Lambe [IDHTH Mr. Charles Jarvis First Row, Left to Right: Junior Burleson, Junior Bowers, Max Morton, Landon Mullis, Homer Hartsell, Edd Lambert, Buddie Poplin, TedAllman. Second Row: Joyce Ann Huneycutt, Shirley Mabe, Shelvie Jean Shepherd, Laverne Davis, Horace Morton, Otha Cook, Buford Whitley, Ted Burris, Noreda Bowers, Rowell Burleson, Jeanette Dick, Joyce Efird, Edna Barbee. Absent: Ramelle Furr, Mikey Morgan. Gene Speight. SEVENTH GRADE Mrs. Randall Burleson First Row, Left to Right: Judy Burleson, Johnny Mack Coble, Carolyn Lowder, Lynda Cree, Julia Hatley, Gene Lambert, Marvin Rogers, Roy Lee Smith. Second Row; Bobby Dennis, James Howell, Rozena Efird, Janice Furr, Jeanette Wise, Coleen Dick, Jeanette Burleson, Bill Hatley, Larry Jones. Third Row: Joe Efird, Harold Poplin, James Lingerfelt, Patsy Hatley, Joyce Whitley, Lynn Almond, Becky Hath- cock, Peggy Lambert. Fourth Row: Larry Burris, Harold Dean Lambert, Kenneth Huneycutt, Harold McSwain, Wayne Eudy. Mrs. Arch Cree First Row: Left to Right: Brenda Morton, Shirley Poplin, Richard Harleson, Tommy Lambert, A. L. Lowder, Lamar Eudy, Wendell Burleson, Sylvia Burleson, Pansy Efird. Second Row: Edgar Medlin, Betty Dick, Myrtle Eudy, Patricia Lambert, Rob- ert Adams, Donald Winfree, Keith Speight, Kenneth Hodge , W. B. King. Third Row: Pearlie Hartsell, Milton Helms, Jimmy Davis, Wayne Efird, Carroll Burleson, Jun- ior Burleson, Shelby Whitley, Catherine Howell, Bennie Efird. m am Mrs. G. H. Swaringen First Row, Left to Right: Iris Burleson, Gail Vanderburg, Betty Whitley, Patricia Bowers, Charles Coble, Richard Lambert, Sherrill Hahn, Billy Lambert, Rayvon Burleson. Second Row: Tony Dennis, Larry Coble, Jerry Carpenter, Barbara Mul- lis, Toby Jean Burleson, Sylvia Tucker, Nona Smart, Linda Eudy, Glenda Winfree, Third Row: Patricia Murray, Nancy Lambert, Katherine Lambert, Reggie Whitley, Joe Westbrook, Toby Ann Burleson, Carol Furr, Vivian McSwain, Marium Lowder, Joan Westbrook. Fourth Row: Phyllis Hartsell, Josh Morton. Absent: Joyce Lowder, Larry Shank. FOURTH mU Miss Frances Harris First Row; Left to Right: Elaine Burleson, Kenneth Harleson, Kenneth Lewder, Mar- ion Burleson, Glenda Carriker, Eugene Hinson, Tony Efird, Larry Huneycutt. Second Row: Ronnie Smith, Jimmy Efird, Tommy Morgan, Tommy Dick, Brenda Hathcock, Davie Burleson, Carol Burleson, Jane Adams, Diane Parker. Third Row: David Lin- gerfelt, Howard Sikes, Larry Lambert, Roma Gene Burleson, Bernie Almond, Ronnie Morton, Judy Burleson. Fourth Row: Tony Whitley, Tommie Huneycutt, Stephen Hill, Jack Lowder. Absent: Esther Coley, Ann Dennis. THIRD ID rOHRTH CRADE Mrs. Oscar Phillips First Row, Left to Right: Treva Almond, Magalene Barbee, Carolyn Coley, Jerry Lowder, Ronald Hatley, Keith Bur le son, Linda Speight, Patricia Almond. Second Row: Jimmy Morgan, France Hussey, Toby Burleson, Gerald Carriker, Mickey Bur- leson. Grant Almond, Terrell Whitley, Roger Burleson, Shearon Efird. Third Row: Nancy Efird, Jerry Hatley, Stephen Morris, Barbara Lorch, Eugene Thomas, Pat- ricia Howard, Jerry Speight, Larry Simpson, Joan Lmgerfelt, Nancy Almond. Ab- sent: Mary Lou Hatley. Mrs. Gladys A. Morris First Row; Left to Right: Marshall Coble, Charles Almond, Sylvia Bowers, Sharon Hathcock, Jewell Lingerfelt, Brenda Hodge, Betty Carol Whitley, Geraldine Steele. Second Row: Joyce Burleson, Judy Gail Bowers, EUene Whitley, Shirley Ann Hat- ley, Darrell Page, Carolyn Sides, Cecil Burleson, Ethron Roe Coley. Third Row: Barbara Winfree, Thetus Ann Burleson, Nona Sue Burleson, Jeanette Whitley, Rod- dy Gotten, Tony Burleson, Jerry Eudy. Fourth Row: Zoe Huneycutt, Janice McSwain, Kay Sells, Bobby Westbrook, Keith Efird, Edward Efird, Kenneth Morton, Ronnie Broadway. Absent: Elvene Dick, Anita Hartsell, Kathy Eudy, Sue Floyd, David Floyd. SECOND GRADE Mrs. Tom Lisenby First Row, Left to Right: Richard Lambert, Janice Speight, Diane Mauldin, Reggie Medlin, Betty Howell, Bobby Lambert, Jimmy Lowder, Billy Almond. Second Row: Louise Dennis, Cecil Furr, " Butch " Hussey, June Whitley, Ann Whitley, Steve Bur- leson, Pamela Adkins, Thomas Hartsell. Third Row: Newman Burleson, Clegg Eudy, Johnny Eudy, Elizabeth Hill, Norman Hartsell, Rogers Eudy, MacArthur Mullis, Absent: Charles Deese, Ronnie Deese. m GRADE Miss Viola Efird First Row, Left to Right: Jessie Dennis, Gerald Furr, Sherrill Huneycutt, Sidney Burleson, Louis Talbert, W. C. Burleson, Ross Huneycutt, Joyce Hodge, Emily Low- der, Cathern Howell. Second Row; Terry Harleson, Rex Burleson, Marie Linger- felt, Vann Burleson, Shirley Morton, Loraine Carpenter, Phillip Morton, Sue Efird, Patricia Almond. Third Row: Lee Preston Bowers, John Morgan, George Hathcock, Hal Lowder, Troy Mabry, Eddie Morton, Dwight Lambert. Fourth Row: Joan Lam- bert, Joyce Lowder, Gary Morton, Joyce Paul, Joyce Morton. Absent: Kenneth Catoe. Mr. Randall Burleson is coach of both girls ' and boys ' basketball teams as well as teaching Biology, science, and history. He is also leader of an active group of Scouts. His nickname, " Doc " , is well earned as he spends much time giving first aid to teach- ers and pupils . Miss Frances Harris renders an inval- uable service to our school as it ' s treasurer. She is always ready to help us get our money problems straightened out even though she has a full time job as teacher. BOYS ' mmm[ Randall Burleson, Coach Seated, Left to Right: Harold Simpson, Lloyd Whitley, Prichard Dennis, Eugene Par- ker. Standing: Jack Lowder, Larry Efird, James Eddie Poplin, Durant Whitley, Os- car Bolch, Harold Burris, Jimmy Lambert, Jerrell Morton, Larry Almond. Randall Burleson, Coach Seated, Left to Right: Patricia Helms, Ricardo Lambert, Emma Jane Almond, Artha Ann Dick, Louise Dick, Carolyn Morgan, Betty Herrin. Standing: Klon Del Burleson. Helen Howard, Jeanette Eudy, Clara Burris (co-captain;, Lynda Efird, Hilda Burle - son (captain), Lilly Ann Lambert, Marie Burleson, Jane Efird, Shelby Almond, Car- olyn Burleson (manager). Mrs. Charles Jarvis President, Jane Efird; Vice-President, Lynda Efird; Secretary, Luedith Whitley; Treasurer, Ricardo Lambert; Parliamentarian, Louise Dick; Historian, Janelle Bur- leson; Reporter Klon Del Burleson; Song Leader, Clara Burris. Mr. Randall Burleson First Row, Left to Right: Eugene Parker, Larry Morgan, Johnny Mack Coble, Jimmy Lamt ert, Milton Helms, James Howell. Second Row: Johnny Poplin, Harold Simpson, Oscar Bolch, Larry Almond, Jack Lowder, Earl Carpenter, Harold Burris. Third Row: Wayne Eudy, Bobby Lambert, Rowell Burleson, Pritchard Dennis, Johnny Efird, Jimmy Lambert, James Eddie Poplin, Harold McSwain, Larry Hathcock. CUB mm Den Mothers: Mrs. Price Hatley, Mrs. Retha Hahn, Mrs. Randall Burleson, Den Chief, Harold Simpson. Seated, Left to Right: Carol Burleson, Jerry Hatley, Sherrill Hahn, Stephen Morris, Mickey Burleson, Charles Coble, Charles Almond, Tommy Morgan, David Burleson, Marshall Coble, Roddy Cotten; Standing: Tony Dennis, Larry Simpson, Clegg Eudy, Josh Morton, Bernie Almond, Ronnie Morton, Bobby Westbrook, Darrell Page. EARL SPEIGHT (Absent when J Group Picture was made) • m DRIVERS (IIOOLJIU Seated, Left to Right: A. L. Lewder, Pat- sy Hatley, Patricia Helms, Sylvia Burleson, Nona Smart, Julia Hatley, Ruby Lowder (Chief Reporter, Standing), Jeanette Almond, Joyce Efird, Noreda Bowers, Jeanette Eudy, Tony Whitley (Standing), Emma Jane Al- mond, Roma Gene Burleson } RUBY LOWDER Harold Burris, Larry Efird (substitute) Jack Lowder, Johnny Poplin. EDWARD HARRIS " Marriage ! My last desperate act ! " Nickname- " Baby " Hangout- In front of Stanly Theatre Pastime - Playing football baseball Weakness- Women Ambition- To be a Fuller Brush man. LILLY ANN LAMBERT " To play the game for all that ' s in it, To play the game and play to win it. Nickname- " Monk " " Pa " Hangout- Whispering Pines Pastime- Basketball Weakness- Boys Ambition- To Join The Navy JEANETTE EUDY " Though she he little, she is fierce " Nickname- " Peanut " Pastime- Singing Hangout- Harmanco ' s Weakness- Certain boy from St. Martin Ambition- To Be A Singer HILDA BURLESON " Neatly dressed and full of fun, Gay and liked by everyone. " Nickname- " Tulip " Hangout- Harmancos Pastime- Fussing with Larry Weakness - Eating Ambition- To sit on some boss ' s knee. SELMA ROGERS " Life ' s but a span I enjoy every inch of it. " Nickname- " Tim " Hangout- Betty Herrin ' s House Pastime - Thinking of Planes and Things in Planes. Weakness- Men of the Air Force Ambition- To be in the Air Force t to go to West Point. CAROLYN MORGAN " I giggle, giggle as I go. " Nickname- " Punkin " Hangout- Whispering Pines Pastime - Flirting with Mr. Swar- ingen. Weakness- A certain sailor Ambition- To join the Waves JIMMY LAMBERT " Who gained no enemy and lost no friend. ' ' Nickname- " Fuzzy ' ' Hangout- YMCA Pastime- Driving my " A " Model Weakness- Girls Ambition- To be Charles Atlas TERRELL MORTON " Has sighed to many though he loves but one . ' ' Nickname- " Papa Terrell " Hangout- Twin Pines Pastime- Flirting Weakness- Women Ambition- To be captain of the Navy JOHNNY POPLIN " Silence never betrays you " Nickname- " Slim Jim " Hangout- YMCA Pastime- Doing nothing. Weakness- Teachers Ambition- To be mayor of Endy NELL MULLIS " The smile that won ' t come off. " Nickname- " Punkin " Hangout- Whispering Pines Pastime- Thinking of boys Weakness- Boys Ambition- To get a man. T. J. BURRIS " A diller, a dollar, A ten o ' clock scholar. Nickname- " T " Hangout- Twin Pines Pastime - Going no where Weakness - Staying out late Ambition- Go places and work none. JACK LOWDER " We build the ladder by which we rise ' ' Nickname- " Mick " Hangout- Twin Pines Weakness- Women Ambition- Business man of some kind. Pastime- Talking DURANT WHITLEY " Then let school go smash " Nickname- " Snake " Hangout- Twin Pines Pastime- Talking Weakness- Having a way with the women. Ambition- To see the tattooed lady. HAROLD BURRIS " Of honest worth, truly a friend, One on whom we can depend. Hangout- Twin Pines Nickname- " Dood " Weakness- Women Ambition- To be a Contractor Pastime - Eating MARIE BURRIS " Leave silence to the saints, I am but human. " Nickname- " Ree " Hangout- Carol ' s House Pastime- Waving at a certain Trailway bus driver. Weakness - Men Ambition- Guard at Sing Sing Prison KENNETH WHITLEY " Generally speaking, woman is generally speaking. Nickname- " K. E. " Pastime- Hauling turkeys Hangout- Oakboro Weakness - Talking Ambition- Trailer Truck Driver NELLIE EFIRD " A willing worker; need more be said. ' ' Nickname - " Brinson " Hangout- Whispering Pines Pastime - Sewing Weakness - People from Ridge - crest school Ambition- To be a Nurse JANE LAMBERT " Time is never lost that is spent in the pursuit of knowledge. " Nickname- " Kilroy " " Lutie " Hangout- Stanly County Library Pastime - Drawing Weakness - A certain person from State College Ambition- To be a Librarian LARRY EFIRD " Must I study? Oh, what a waste of time . ' ' Nicknane- " Big Efird " Hangout- Twin Pines Pastime - Flirting Weakness- Women Ambition- Captain of the Navy JERRELL MORTON " Sometimes I sit and think, And sometimes I just sit. " Nickname- " Fat " Hangout- Twin Pines Pastime - Riding up and down Montgomery Avenue Weakness - All women Ambition- To get married. EARL SPEIGHT " Why rush? Rome wasn ' t built in a day. " Nickname- " Flash " Hangout- Twin Pines Pastime- Eating Weakness - Sleeping in English class Ambition- To get a high school Diploma. CAROL WESTBROOK " I never met a man I didn ' t like " Nickname- " Effie " Hangout- Marie ' s House Pastime- Singing and Talking Weakness- Boys Ambition - Famous Singing Star on Radio, Screen Television. BETTY HERRIN " To live is to love. " Nickname- " Bets " Hangout- Selma ' s house Weakness - A certain boy on the Air Force Ambition- To Travel. ARTHA ANN DICK " Act on the spur of the moment, For if you wait, it may be too late. " Nickname:- " Snookie " Hangout- Whispering Pines Pastime- Talking Weakness- Boys Ambition- To be a School Teacher SENIORS Betty Allman Joyce Boone Mary Lou Burleson Peggy Ann Burleson Argene Burris Blanche Burris Sadine Burris Peggy Efird Louise Lambert Maxine Medlin Bobby Poplin Glendale Burleson Max Burris Darrell Efird Max Efird Bobby Hatley Hugh Hinson Ray Murray Jimmy Rogers Carol Teeter Paul Westbrook May 5, 1951 THEME - SOUTH SEA ISLANDS MENU Turkey Dressing Baked Potatoes Green Beans Baked Apples Tossed Spring Salad Hot Biscuits Ice Cream Cookies Ice Tea JUNIORS Harold Burris T. J. Burris Wayne Burris Larry Efird Ed Harris Gary King Jimmy Lambert Jack Lowder Jerrell Morton Terrell Morton Johnny Poplin Earl Speight Durant Whitley Hilda Burleson Marie Burris Artha Ann Dick Nellie Efird Jeanette Eudy Mary Frances Harker Betty Herrin Jane Lambert Lilly Ann Lambert Carolyn Morgan Nell Mullis Selma Rogers Carol Westbrook Evelyn Taylor Emma Taylor Mrs. Jap Whitley, Mrs. Floyd Efird. mmm cyfvvy ' Compliments of D. GASTON MORGAN GENERAL CONTRACTOR Residential - Commercial Phone 603-J Charlotte Road Route 4 Compliments of MACK COBLE CO., INC. Floor Sanding Finishing Rubber, Plastic, and Asphalt Floor Tile Metal Weather Striping Wilson Lock Back Plastic Wall Tile Formica Cabinet and Bar Tops Caulking QUALITY WORKMANSHIP Phone 1360 506 West Main Street Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of STANLY DAIRIES THICK MILKSHAKES Sandwiches - Ice Cream Refreshing, Healthful Milk Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of G. C. McMANUS COMPANY, INC. ALLIS-CHALMERS FARM EQUIPMENT MACK TRUCKS Telephone 321 Albemarle North Carolina ALBEMARLE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION All mortgage loans are made on the Direct Reduction Loan plan, with interest reducing on a monthly basis. All savings accounts with this Association are fully Insured up to $10,000.00. Current dividend rate 3%. Office In Hotel Albemarle Building 185 North Second Street Phone 28 Albemarle - North Carolina Compliments of STANLY NEWS AND PRESS ESTABLISHED 1880 YOUR COUNTY NEWSPAPER Albemarle North Carolina WHISPERING PINES BARBECUE Specialize in Pit Cooked Barbecue Assortment of Other Sandwiches Phone 98-J 1 3 4 Miles out Highway 52 THOMAS AND HOWARD WHOLESALE DEALERS Charlotte North Carolina BURRELL BAKERY Bakers of Good SILVERCREST Bread and Cakes Albemarle North Carolina HERFFJONES CO., INC. MANUFACTURING JEWELERS AND STATIONERS E. L. Hedrick Taylorsville North Carolina JAMES CLOTHING Think Of Us As The Store That Thinks of You " The Store With The Nationally -Advertised Lines " 124 South First Street Albemarle North Carolina CLYDE H. WHITLEY PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS " Estimates Furnished Without Obligation " Phone 627 -J Albemarle -Charlotte Highway Almond ' s Bros. Poultry Co. Phone 603-L Route 4 Albemarle North Carolina Home Builders Association " Let Building and Loan Help You Own Your Own Home " 113 South Second Street Albemarle North Carolina I Stanly Hardware Co., Inc. Riirl cnn ' c Grocerv DISTRIBUTORS GROCERIES - FEEDS AND AMOCO PRODUCTS MacGregor Goldsmith Sporting Goods And Sports Equipment Phone 193-Z Phone 10 and 93 Charlotte Highway Albemarle North Carolina Albemarle Plumbing and Heating Firestone Home and Auto Supplies PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS C. D. HATLEY DEALER 538 West Main Street Factory- Method Recapping Albemarle North Carolina Albemarle North Carolina 1 Hartsell Funeral Service AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone 87 Phone 3 Albemarle Midland Morrow Bros. Heath Co. Dealers in HEAVY SHELF HARDWARE BUILDING MATERIALS SEEDS FERTILIZERS Albemarle North Carolina Davis Motor Company S. R. Davis Owner OLDSMOBILE AND CADILLAC Sales and Service Albemarle North Carolina Stokes Furniture Company The Place To Buy GOOD FURNITURE Phone 1230 118 East Main Street Albemarle North Carolina Ed ' s Sheetmetal Works General Sheetmetal Guttering - Heating Copper Work Phone 1250 Post Office Bos 1029 Charlotte Road Albenaarle North Carolina Matheson Furnit-ure Store Pride In Your Home Comes With Good Furniture Phone 1095 1219 East Main Street Albemarle North Carolina Morgan Motor Company PONTIAC SALES — AND SERVICES 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phones 1057 and 533 314 East Main Street Albemarle North Carolina P. J. Huneycutt Company Elgin Watches Furniture Jewelry- Diamonds Leonard Appliances Phone 69 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of 1 F LITTLE GENERAL STORE Oakboro North Carolina Compliments of Oakboro Granite Marble Company Monuments, Tombstones Markers Phone 461 Oakboro North Carolina Compliments of LITTLE ' S GRILL Oakboro North Carolina Compliments of Albemarle Oil Company Distributors of Amoco Products Phone 55 Oakboro North Carolina Compliments of H. S. Almond Hardware 417 West Main Street Phone 748 Albemarle North Carolina Dun-Rite Laundry and Cleaners Approved tlllVICI Service Albemarle North Carolina nuckaDee Lumoer v ompany Builders Hardware Coal, Lumber, Paints Albemarle North Carolina Stanly FCX Service Seeds, Feeds, Fertilizers Electrical Appliances, and Farm Supplies Phone 704 303 West South Street Albemarle North Carolina Standard Office Euipment Company Complete Line Of School Supplies 141 South Second Street Albemarle North Carolina ELLIS N. SMITH ± .e preociit Farm Bureau Phone 1417 122 North Second Street Albemarle North Carolina Meet Your Friends At Phillips Cut Rate Drug Store Phone 2 1 and 63 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of PEPPER POT GRILL Coyjipliments of ALMO CLEANERS Compliments of PECK ' S FLORIST Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Compliments of Gantt- Rulane Gas Service Compliments of ENDY BARBER SHOP Compliments of Milton ' s Service Store Compliments of Riff ' s Department Store Compliments of DENNIS MOTORS Phone 1430 Albemarle North. Carolina Compliments of CROWELL HONEYCUTT BODY SHOP Phone 894 -R Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of NEHI BEVERAGE COMPANY Compliments of ALBElvlARLE DOUGHNUT SHOPPE Phone 1292-M Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of BARGER ' S DRUGSTORE Compliments of HATLEY ' S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Oakboro North Carolina STANLY LUMBER CO. , INC. 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Phone 416 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of RADIO STATION WABZ Compliments of BOWERS GROCERY Meats and Groceries Phone 1075 Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of FURR ' S CONCRETE WORKS Phone 643W Albemarle North Carolina Compliments of DRUG CENTRE Compliments of STANLY FOOD CENTER Complifuents of ATKINS SUPER MARKET Compliments of MAXWELL BROTHERS, INC. Compliments of LOWDER ' S FLORIST Compliments of STILL OIL COMPANY Compliments of A. A. FURR SONS Compliments of STANLY FINANCE COMPANY Compliments of GARRISON-DENNIS OIL CO, Compliments of SERVICE DISTRIBUTING CO , INC. Compliments of LEFLER FURNITURE CO., INC. Compliments of THE GOODY SHOP Compliments of EDWARDS TEXACO SERVICE Compliments of TRAYWICK TRAYWICK Compliments of LOWDER HARDWARE Compliments of MUSIC MART Compliments of PIEDMONT COAL CO., INC. For Reference Not to be taken from this room

Suggestions in the Endy High School - Endyan Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) collection:

Endy High School - Endyan Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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Endy High School - Endyan Yearbook (Albemarle, NC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 9

1952, pg 9

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