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- 1y1- K 1 X411 .!4CC0lfU'lf 0 fAe JQrean Cm ide M53 fwncoff :zu was 35 57.26. 2, 1953 .. Aug. 23, 1953 I 5 5 5 5 s r f 4 wM"""""+-'1v- ' ' ' if --'-w-vw-rv' ,1 1 : P- V ' -'fvww -- --v-.-W4 1 V -- - .-.K . . . , Y - Y 4: . .. . , , -Q-ww w,.4N,,,..f.....,..-.......lul4i :fm-A-24.114,-Q..-...-A ,vs-ww ..,.....-AM., .. e-'wh---do-,K-MH-..,....Q...-, Q., Q.-mf-wa-Q-wa.-ha-,.L,..... ,. 3,-N-W. ww..-......,,,,,,,,,,,, f -A551 -A- -...... ...,.,,v,, Uv, ,., , K , ,, , ,., .fd meaoage hom fke Capfain: At the completion of this, the third cruise in Korean waters, I wish to add, to the many you have already received, my sincere "Well Done." lt has been my privilege to command the Endicott with what l consider thefinest group of men ever stationed on a Navy ship. Your cooperation and smartness in handling every task assigned has made the Endicott well-known throughout the Pacific Fleet. This cruise book will restore many fine memories of what was accomplished during the third tour of the Sanju Go Maru. A summary, presented mainly in pictorial form, of missions carried out and recreational periods we all enjoyed. The Endicott has probably ended her last long voyage ln the near future orders will be arriving stationing us in new pos: tions Many of you will be returning to civilian life to start or continue your careers while others will move on with their careers in the Navy l wish I could keep all of you with me The Best of Luck D K TRAXLER Lcdr U S avy ,L.i.Li .Zum YY - --f---f - -f'- I -'-- ---- - gjvecufiue 0 icer 20102 U.T.E. prophecies not withstanding, it has been an extremely successful and enjoyable cruise. Commendations by fleet, force, and area commanders attest that our spirit of cooperation and diligence toward duty have brought new glories to a grand old ship. Let it always be with pride that we each recall whatever personal sacrifices this service to our country has occasioned. In my experience, l have yet to meet a finer, more friendly, or more worth- while group than we have had here on the Endicott. May she never Sail with J. M. VAN EATON Lf., u.s.N.R. less. -,.,.,.. V.-,.-.W-.,-,...,t,.,,. V., ,W an - .-QQ.,-..--4- --., cf-.-...Q .,. ' ' , . -3:-:..:.41z4..-,.'.21121--.-1.1g1::msia+ff-':1:1r::--421-1'-ri' ' ' f-11'1f"'2"f-':'-'J' . , . -.,,,,....-.-,..,,,,, , ,.,.p... , . ,.-.. .., .,..,...K, .. A . A -K V P--..-w.N.,.,.1 -- ,I K ' - . . ..-. ...f.,.,,.,gv,-,,...,4-, N41 ' ' -'- ----H N A :nh ...Ln Y 4- -L , 1 -1- C-V f.,......N. , , , A ' r ,..,,..,-.,,,4,..,W, J N V 'Q .4 1. - V Y - ., ..,..., Y J.,-...,.-,,. ,.. , ,.,, CZ Ll J H1161 l'll9 The ENDICOTT S first assignment after arriving in the Far East in late February of 1953 was a short tour as flagship for Rear Admiral William K PHILLIPS USN Chief of Staff to Admiral D W RADFORD USN then Commander in Chief U S Pacific Fleet We departed from Yokosuka Japan for Iwo Jima 28 February l953 where the Admiral and his staff were to arrive by plane for a tour of mspec tion of lwo Jima and Chi Chi Jima As Chi Chi Jima has no landing field facilities our mission was to take Admiral Phillips and his staff there and return them to Iwo Jima the afternoon and the Admiral s two star pennant was hoisted as Vice Admiral William K Phillips USN Capt R C Lynch USN Capt B Katz USN Cdr R R Rambo MC USN and Lt L B Bruzzolora USNR came aboard We got under way immediately and Mount Surlbachi slowly faded away as we sailed over the horizon We arrived at Chi Chi Jima early on the morning of March 3rd and the Admiral and his staff were put ashore for their tour of inspection of the American controlled island Chi Chi Jima lalso called Peel Island? is the second largest and con sidered the most important of several islands which make up the BONIN O O O O l C I Q l I 0 0 5 I I I ' 1 1 ' - ' I. I - .- I 1 U I I I 1 A ll I I . . Q . . . . I We arrived at the historical island o-f lwo Jima 2 March, l953, -late in I l - 1 - . Q . , Q . . . , 1 . . , J ' ' I 1 . . . 1 I I . I . I I. . , I . . . l . I - I ISLANDS. The island is a beautiful semi-tropical island two and one half out nine and one half square miles The terrain is rugged, with many hills and valleys. There are i miles wide and i ve miles long and has an area of ab ' - a number of mountainous peaks, and the highest, Asaki Yama, rises to 1,050 feet. The plains are few, but their soil is very fertile. The island is composed generally of trap rock intermingled with amydaloid and green stone. Tutami Bay, on the west coast, provides a lovely natural harbor. Many tropical fruit-bearing trees and dense vegetation are found along river valleys and supply much of the natural food supply of the island. The first American ship visited the Bonin Islands in l836. Many have been seen there ever since, except during World War ll when the island was strongly defended by the Japanese, but, luckily, our troops never attempted. a landing there on the march toward Japan. At the present time, there are many of the original natives still on the island and a small number of Naval personnel, some of whom live there with their families in modern bungalow-type homes. All contact with the outside world comes when, about twice a month, a small ship arrives to bring food, mail and other supplies, and returns to Guam with the natives' catch of fish to be sold there. As the Admiral and his staff returned to the ship, we were once more on our way to lwo Jima to complete our tour as Admiral PHILLIPS' flagship. Next stop-KOREA VIA SASEBO, JAPAN. STEVE COPELAND, HMC Ckerrg gdddom ime in Kirin .jslae On the morning of Friday, IO April, the Endicott sailed from Sasebo on a trip destined to break the monotony of our Yang Do defense patrols. Rear Admiral C. E. Olsen, Commander Task Force 95, needed transportation from the west coast of Korea to Chin Hae and Pusan, South Korea. The"'luxury liner" Endicott was chosen for obvious reasons. A day after departure, we rendezvoused with the British aircraft carrier HMS Glory and accompanying escort vessels off the west coast of Korea. We were to take station alongside the carrier to receive Admiral Olsen and two aides by high line. Nothing to it, we thought. But, as we approached the carrier, she sent out an "Aircraft warning Red," to general quarters we went, not knowingwhat to expect. lt was merely a false alarm, however, and we secured from GQ able to approach in a more relaxed manner. We were nearly in position, lOO0 yards astern of the carrier, preparing to go alongside, when she changed the formation course to launch planes. Despite the unexpectedness of the maneuver, we were quickly in position lOO feet off her starboard beam. A high line was rigged, and our passengers were brought aboard. With the Admiral safely aboard, we left the carrier and headed south to the principal South Korean naval port of Chin Hae, located west of Pusan on the southern end of the Ko-rean Peninsula. The Admiral was going to Chin Hae at this time to confer with Admiral Soong, Chief of South Korean Naval Operations, to inspect the naval facilities there, and to attend the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. The happiest of all aboard the Endicott, when we learned of the proposed trip, was Ensign Kim Moo Jin. Ensign Kim had been training aboard United States ships since his graduation from the South Korean Naval Academy, located at Chin Hae. Being a native of Chin- Hae, he was now able to ride the Endicott back home. lf Ensign Kim is a sample of the product of the South Korean Naval Academy, that institution may be proud of the caliber of their graduates. Ensign Kim was intelligent, eager to learn, courteous, and well-liked by officers and men of the Endicott. Ensign Kim, instead of going home to his family immediately following our arrival, took a group of Endicott officers to his Alma Mater to proudly show it off. The school, formerly a Japanese seaplane base, is today closely modeled after Annapolis in curriculum and smartness. The course of study is similar to the intensive three year :program at Annapolis during the years of World War ll The main objective of the academy is to produce a nucleus of highly trained naval officers to insure the place of the ROK Navy -of the future In addition to the facilities for officer training, there are twenty-two 0 0 0 K 9 I . U g V . . - . . g . . ' service schools for enlisted personnel. Included are all the shipboard rates, even those of radarman, sonarman and electronics technician. The Korean Navy is modeled after our own. We have personnel stationed at Chin Hae to help direct both officer and enlisted training, and officer graduates receive further training on United States ships. Vessels of the ROK Navy often operated with the United Nations' Escort and Blockade Force, of which Endicott was a part. The ROK Navy of today is young, but gaining experience rapidly. How ever, this navy has a guiding spirit dating back to the l6th century. The day we arrived in Chin Hae, there were festivities representing a dual cele- bration. It was the time of the annual Cherry Festival that takes place in Korea and Japan during the picturesque period when cherry trees are in full blossom. More important, however, the festivities that day were in com- memoration of a day more than three hundred and fifty years ago when the guiding symbol of the present ROK Navy was born. lt was in the year i597 that Admiral Lee Sun Shin, affectionately called Admiral Lee today, wreaked havoc on a Japanese armada preparing to land on the shores of Korea. The Japanese were attempting to make a landing at Tongyong, on the southern coast of Korea, when Admiral Lee, with a single ship, repulsed the attack. His ship was the famous "Turtleback," an armor-clad vessel, similar to the Monitor. lt was capable of partial sub- mersion to protect its oars and to place its reinforced bow below the surface of the water. As the Japanese ships approached, Admiral Lee enticed them into a confined bay. Once in there, he partially submerged and methodically rammed each Japanese ship, causing heavy damage that forced them to abandon the landing operation. Admiral Lee today represents the spirit of the South Korean Navy. Three times a year, the highest-ranking naval officers pay homage to his tomb in Tongyong City and celebrate his memory. At the gates of Chin Hae, now the principal naval port, a fifty-foot bronze statue of Admiral Lee has been erected. This statue was seen by many of us as we walked through the streets crowded by noisy, festive people. The Cherry Blossom Festival was especially colorful this day, as it marked one of the commemoration dates for Admiral Lee. Company after company of. sailors in full dress paraded through the streets, flanked by brightly-clad people of all ages. Elders, with small children, sat in groups beneath the beautiful, fragrant trees, watching the activity of celebration. The women, for the most part, wore white blouses and very high-waisted black skirts hanging to their feet in flowing pleats. The men were dressed in many forms of garb: army uniforms, western-style clothes of types and assortments too plentiful to describe, and the native costumes -of long kimo- nos and brightly-colored sashes. The children had on their school uniforms. ln the midst of the crowd, a strange ceremonial dance was taking place. Six men and a -woman with a baby st-rapped toher back .danced in a small circle. Two of the dancers provided music with a small drum and two plates that were banged together as they danced. At the end of a few completed turns about the circle, the dancers would stop and drink heavily from a large wooden tub. As the dance progressed, the dancing became less and the halts more frequent ln another corner of the crowded street, surrounded by throngs of noisy, tipsy people there was a small carnival. There were two types of entertain- ment One a simple swing and the other a variation of our teeter-totter. A plank rested on a mound of dirt, with a girl standing on one end. The game was for another girl to jump on the elevated end, thus throwing the first girl into the air The airborne girl would- then come down, landing on the now elevated end and throw the other into the air. lt was an amusing spectacle as the girls were cheered to greater and greater heights by the gleeful onlookers The high spot of the Chin Hae trip was a party given in honor of Admiral Olsen at the newly opened Officers' Club. The Captain, the Exec. and a few I ' I I - . . . - Q - I I . , . 11 other officers were fortunate enough to attend. We set out not knowing what to expect, but returned with memories of a fine time. Admiral Soong and his chiefs of staff were on hand to greet us. The South Korean offi- cers, their wives and girl friends were there, too. There was a choice of American liquor that soon led to a, more congenial at- mosphere. At first, we were hesitant, even though the Koreans were as friend- ly and hospitable as can be imagined. Soon, we became more accustomed to the situation and entered into the spirit. Later in the evening, a very fine orches- tra arrived from Pusan. To our amaze- ment, the orchestra played American music, and played so well that they could easily put many bands at home to shame. It is a South Korean custom that everyone dance. By this time, we were well into the spirit of the occasion and were introduced to the wives and girl friends, and expected to dance. We soon discovered that only a few of the women could speak any English, even though most of the men could, but could they dance! Fox Trot, Waltz, Samba, Rhumba Jitterbug they could do them all After three hours of dancing and friendly conversa tion with the South Korean naval off: cers and their wom en we left again for Endicott The following morning Admiral Olsen reviewed the sailors from the training center shortly before our departure As we sailed from Chin Hae en route to Pusan we departed with a greater un derstanding and faith in our allies the South Koreans ENS J P CRUTCHER With Assistance from E R PITTMAN QM3 I I g I I . 0 , . I I Q . . . I . . - . . . . I 0 Yang Do scene of last year's aborted Communist invasion, proved a piece of pie to the Endicott this year. Beer parties ashore were the order of the day and the biggest fight all year was between a Marine Corps first Iouie and second louie, concerning the decoration of their mutually-shared hut with long dead but uncured, bird specimens. We weren't there for t-he final evacuation and wonder if those two places of worship still stand . . . the church on the hill . . . and the bar in the ravine. Those unnavigable shores added a third ship to their toll this year, the Canadian "Huron" apparently read feet for fathoms and made an unscheduled and disastrous visit at the cautious speed of I2 knots . . . for what we have avoided, Lord, we are truly grateful. Will we soon forget those friendly offers of octopus dinners, or the wonderful Crab-au-Yang Do lunches? Remember how they moved the young girls to the eastern island, and everybody started learning how to operate a sampan? And don't ever forget thatevening rush of the shutter- bugs up to the Ol deck to catch Yang Do Island, far eastern land of enchant- ment as it fades into memory in the beautiful rays of the setting sun. I I ' I . . . . 1 -1 -4 - -- - my ,V..-, , . ,. , M anifa lt was a hot tropical day when, on May 19, the Endicott dropped anchor in Manila Bay between Songley Point and the City of Manila. We had just come from forty days of patrol duty in Korea, and everyone aboard was eagerly anticipating liberty. The next day, we moved into Manila and tied up at Pier 5, for which all hands were grateful. lt was the first pier we had seen that close in quite some time and, incidentally, we haven't seen one since. Manila is a picturesque city of some 623,000 souls of Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and American extraction. lt has three seasons, wet, dry and drier. An average rainfall of 93-l0O inches. We of the Endicott will vouch for this last statement. Pity the poor soul in a, pair of whites who gets caught in the deluge. lt appears every afternoon like a thief out of the night, and ceases just as abruptly. So, as a result, most of us tried to be under cover whenever possible. Preferably, in quaint little bistros such as the Yellow Bar, Bill's Place and the Seaman's Club, to mention a few. Two camera and sightseeing trips were arranged for us by the Captain. One to Lake Tagatay, and the other to Corregidor. Lake Tagatay is an extinct volcano located in the mountains about three hours from Manila by bus. There is an attractive park here, with pavilions for dancing and facilities for picnics. The park is surrounded by a dense jungle, except for the one road leading into it. Sandwiches, beer and a horde of cameras of all sizes, shapes and descriptions were taken along. A few of the' hardier among us tried their hands at some horseback riding, but, for the most part, everyone doted on his camera, sandwiches and beer, with special emphasis on the last item. A good time was had by all. Corregidor being an island, the trip to Corregidor had toibe taken by boat. The two-hour boat ride out was uneventful, except for several com plaints of seasickness The Philippine Government has set Corregidor aside as a memorial to World War ll, and no restoration or rebuilding has been done where the American Army barracks or gun installations were. Everything is just as it was following the Japanese bombings and the subsequent surrender by General Wainwright. lt was an impressive sight to see, and everyone enjoyed the trip Manila boasts of having one of the best golf courses in the world, and rumor has it that Lt. Van Eaton received a few lessons on this course from his father-in-law who is an official with the Veterans' Administration in Manila. Don't fret, Mr. V. E., golf lessons can be pretty expensive, and l hear you got yours for practically nothing. We are still waiting for the "Exec" to tell us about the l9th hole there. Rumor has it that he won that one. Now would be a good time to mention one of the dearest friends and severest critics of the crew of the Endicott San Miguel Beer. Quite a few of us first encountered San Miguel at the E.M. Club in Pusan, Korea, and we might add it was a very pleasant meeting. lt washere that we learned Q33 .. I I ' I ,. , .. . 13: 5-25. r 1 ." f5'1i?1' , v Jw- .r:'1-- . ' -S 'iii n.,v ,fy - ' r Q 44 1 ', 'n '15 i """' " 1 that San Miguel is brewed and bottled in Manila. When we heard that we were going to Manila for rest and recreation, it was almost as if we were going to see an old family friend. A few of the men visited the brewery while in Manila, and they were told that the brewery was having to work overtime, while the Endicott was in port, to meet the demand-. This may sound a little far-fetched, but anyone who went to Manila with us, will verify it. The opinions of San Miguel are many and varied, but they are all good. We also lmy good friend and kindred spirit, Gaylord Goetz, and myselfl felt that we couldn't leave Manila without a visit to General MacArthur's former headquarters, the Manila Hotel. This is an impressive pile of brick surrounded .by palm trees, Cadillacs and bellhops. We had a very good, unobstructed view of the entrance from the bar where we could watch the comings and goings of various Philippine and American government officials. We soon decided that this activity left us with much to be desired, so, with a final Martini, we bade a fond farewell to the former headquarters of Mr. MacArthur. i l haven't covered all of the activities pursued by the officers and men of the Endicott because l have neither the time nor space. But sometime, when you have nothing better to do, make your husband, father, son, or whatever the case may be, sit down and tell you all about our trip to Manila -l'm sure they will. l donft think any of us are apt to forget Manila any time soon. I know l won't. s Jos STEED, HM3 HW- A To Be Entered in The Library of Congress Pulitzer Entry By the Greatest Living Journalist Since Ernie Pyle :Jaw 0uerAeacl- Wanifa v While the Endicott was in Manila, a little episode took place that most of us would rather forget. However, it must be made public, if for no other reason than to inform the people that a sailor is not the most business- minded guy in the world. I doubt if most housewives, after' reading this article, will trust their husbands down at the corner grocery, for fear the butcher or baker will con him. As is customary an most ships of the fleet visiting a foreign port, they allow a certain number of the more prosperous merchants aboard to sell their wares to the ship's company. Such was our case in Manila. A group of tailors approached the executive officer with a very sincere and, l might add, profitable offer. He, upon granting permission to these honest, merchants, would receive a new suit free of charge, and all he had fo do was give the word to come aboard. As soon as these merchants came aboard, they laid out their wares for the crew to see, and l must admit we were shocked to find the most expen- sive fabrics available, even in the U.S., laid out on the main deck. Almost immediately, the crew asked about prices, delivery and tailoring, and, boy, did these guys lay it on. We could have a new gabardine for forty dollars, and that included the cost of tailoring, etc- A lot of the boys thought the English tweed was a steal at forty-five and placed orders for them. Now, we've seen con men who were con men working at their trade, and, believe me, these guys must have been trained in Chicago or New York. They received a small down payment, as is customary, to show the customers' good faith, and left with their order books full and their pockets bulging with our dough. ...A Now here is the secret of operating a tailor shop at absolutely no over- head. First, you don'tihave to deliver any material, second, there are no lighting or appliance bills to pay, as you are conducting your business on DMS's and Uncle Sam usually takes care of that, third, you don't have to pay any tailor, because he doesn't have to do any work. Needless to say, dear reader,- we never saw those tailors again, or our money either. A day of general wailing and moaning was set aside by the executive officer, and the main deck, was alive' with cries of "we've been taken," "I want my suit," or just general promises to never again go to a tailor shop, or better yet, never let another one step aboard the Sanju Go aru. - A few of the boys did make out, however, as a matter of fact, the Chief Master-at-Arms had a bathing suit made per gratis, but l think this is. the only appearance of any tailoring done in Manila. A parting bit of advice we might add is this: if you do go to Manila, take your own tailor with you. . A 1, Xf ,. U ,- I ,iq 1 J. I I A - ...--,,.,.,,.,,. ..,.,. ,,, . F , .,,,.,,s4 K. ,, , --- 1f,..,.,,v. .A , , . ' - --.hp N-...Ja-.,i.. N.-. . - . . - ' --.-- - -- N E! 715. ,:,, i 5 I I 1 L I I 2 1 2 ,, Mm, ,.,-i .... ...N-..--,.i--...-..-.N .... N..---..M....- ..... ., , ,.., , .--- ..... WMM--- - 4-.-..,. ,.. 5 S Q we ?fUCLI"JI"0l0l'l'l Front row, left to right: Kratzer,-D. L.g Branaman, R. J.p Welchel, T. W.g Ruble, J. L Wheelus, KJ Sheldon, T. P. Back row: Hunkins, S. l-l.g Crutcher, J. P.g McCune, A. L Johnston, D. B.g Young, B. C.: Hill, R. C.: Blagzkard, C. T. woot..-r+w+-.c.Q..',.....e..c-,,,s.,s.-,s.N.-..M.s..,x.,..,,...,.,N...NW. ., , .. . 34 wardroom Assembled before the camera are most of the late sleepers on board . . . devotees of bridge, pinochle, poker, and model train building. Westin lin the bagl is paymaster emeritus and songwriter su- preme. He is cheating the government at a new command now . . . NSD., Oakland. Carlos, caught in the rare in- stance on which he ate a full meal, retired to .pasture at Houma, La. Old Nick, looking for a man who needs a hair- cut, is doubtless writing "The Book" at Line School, Monte- rey, by now. Not the Smith Bros., but Crutcher and Means . . . Silly Bear and Father John got rid of the bushes before reportingtin at the' Blue Note. Also featured, "Ah Got Con- trol," starring the Carizo Springs Navy, Tex Blackard. That rounder of the round- house, D. B. Johnstone, is pic- tured toying with his Caboose. Mirroring his disgust at one of those O40-220 patrols is Car- bide Tackline Hill. ., 4? jlze 6 ie 5 Left to right: Russell, G. B.j Duff, J. A., Harris, T. B., Wolfe, J. N. R., Kling, D. L., Cox, O. R 5- lg -- Front row, left to right: Heath, T. A.,.Andrews, E. T., Hanson, R. P., Barker, B. W., Ford, H. L., Dunn, J. E., Glosson, J. F. Back rowzv Graves, J. ., Gregory, H. D., Hale, J. V., Henderson, C. C., McMilIen, B. P., Aldrich, D. 155II5ZEvE'BE'?3I' - z 12 4Qstfh2i2:':1:'it5S'2S:1sf'fG:5x?: :Z N , K its -1..'::'.5? Q, Q 'KW vs x f 4 ' Q ff Z ,, f af Y 4 45 wg Y .,'A'w-A , , , , af I A- otwwyqgwqgyx ga wyi 4 I ,ff 5 Maw 4 c 4' 1 7 ff A0 9 15 ,f ,Ao ,M X ff ...Y if f + f ZW ? by ,NNW N olwh! "" 'M' Ms, 9 A .7 6 Q fy ww of-Q oo , 5 . Www? 54,4 'my 4 I N046 ,K 4 fww. 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E., Golien, G. R., Artlip, R. E., Rush, D. B., Jenkins, J. Back row: Spires, J. W., Pittman, G. E., Brightwell, O. E., Turner, C. R., Hollifield, M. L.j Neff, L. W. Front row left to rlght Cochran D L Wren K D Caddadf D A Fsh-r, R. A, Redelsperger R L Back row Franm C B Taylor D L Curtrs L N Wieber, T J Wheelock F H Weiss C F . I n ' . . ' N ' 9 ' ' f I I - 'I .I - 'I I I ' . v . I n , . . U - ' , . ., I , ., , . ., -I I ' 'I I - - Front row, left to right: Gilbert, A. D., Taylor, J. H., Shultz,'D. R., White, J. E. Teig, W. H., Driver, H. K. Back row: Wilson, C., Germain, D, L., Trammel, J. R. Cumbley, W. J., Willson, W. E., McKee, J. G. Front row, left to right: Goetz, H. A., Endicott, M. R., White, R. E-I MGGSHS, B- N Back row: Tackett, L. F., Weaver, H. E., Warmker, D. E., Gidlund, J. EJ Bemeff W.-J. ' .W-J ---nl-.--..--.4-0141.-,'.-.,,.n,4,-,-f4:,. ,,...,,,...q....,,.,,,.e,n,. .,. 1 1 Front row, left to right: Cox, O. R., Moad, M. C., Jones, E., Jones, C. E., Cafourek, D. D., Yeisley, W. G., Perkins, A. C., Tonips, A., Loggins, R. L., Hastings, J. E., Cameron, C. LB., Bowman, E. D., Miller, R. AW., Conners, J, W. Middle row: Morvillo, R. J., Crounk, L. E., Cranfill, G. L., True, M. H., Gute, D. J., Drummond, R. B., Whitehead, J. D., Smith, W. D., Limle, F. L., Medley, E. D., Stanfill, J. F., Shoe- maker, J. R. Back row: Foster, R..E., Stone, R. D., Boggs, H. E., Hall, G., Grigg, D. W., Hennington, J. M., Thompson, J. E., Copeland, P. E., Manning, R. C., Bowers, J. L., C-omez, J. R., Hill, M. H., Dunn, H. K., Kitchens, A. 1 1 Front row, left to right: Rodolph, R. R., Baker, M. K., Johnson, R. F., Clark, D. L., Davis, T. C. Back row: Cusick, J. R., Frisby, D. E., Kupchick, N.: Minick, -A. W Left to right: Reecel, E., Fletcher, R. E., White, K. R., Copeland, S. D., Steed, J. A. Jones, P., Dorsey,JM. D. ' Front row, left to right: Hogan, D. E., Werner, A. V., Copeland, A. M., Miller, R. T-I Corbin, W. E., Gilpin, J. W., Parker, J. E., Houserman, C. L., Ewings, R. C. Back row: Oksen, J. L., Hudson, R. H., Scarborough, H. J., Rasmussen, L. A., CortaDBSSi, P. J., Hopkins, O. Ef , i i i Front row, left to right: 'Wil- Iiams, J. E., Alba, L., Gonda, O. Back row: Rice, E. L., Grant, E. A Left to right: Szarad, L. A., Gassner, H. V., Neel, W. I., Davis, J. B., Schruder, L. J - .. First row, left to right: Stal, D. E., Merrill, T. E., Linneman, C. A., Brixius, M. , Jacobson, B. E., Hensley, H. F. .Middle row: Foster, R..J..g Cooper, C. J., Linne, W. fp.: C., Palomo, M., Gunter, L. l., Rezac, E. P., Nickels, V. H. Back row: Crownover, Wi W. C., Allen, D. D., Forrnanek, W. F., Coqueugniot, H. J. xvw- 'W-H raft' ei" 1 "5 If . Ty., ,ee , W j A 2 .Lama 01: Sean When the turbines they are turning, Then it really is a treat, A ' A Just- to see those buckets rolling, With their God-damned superheat. Oh, Superheat, Superheat, lots more heat with Superheat. Hotter, longer-lasting too, that theheat with BTU-UU. These vigorous verses, written and declaimed by LT. P. V. WESTIN, were the beginning of a "Drama War" between the Supply Division andthe Engineering Division on the ENDICOTT. One Sunday afternoon, after five days of hard practice, the Supply Department had perfected a play entitled "Life Among the Basement Dwellers, or An Interpretation of A Day Among the Engineers in a DMS Fireroom." This shook the 215 crew-members of the mighty ship. Written and directed by the Supply Officer, LT. P. V. WESTIN, it was meant to undermine the traditions of the Engineering Section. The cast was as follows: F ' CHIEF ENGINEER JOHNSON, SK3 BILGEIBUNNY ..... ,--KUPCHlCK, SN CLERK- ....,.......... RODOLPH, PNSN . Ganz ..........,........ . .... DAVIS, YN3 SANDAGE ..,.............. BAKER, DK3 FLOYD .................... Mtlhllck, SKSN 7 The story as about a new recruit lBlLGEBUN.NYl just reporting on lqoard ffor the duty and the old-,timers instructing him how to carry out the dailywylfiautine of a "Snipe." First, the Clerk instructed him how to tell the Decka es just how much the Engineering Department was undermanned. Then Sandage briefed him on how to be an efficient Boat Engineer. Floyd explaiqled how to make black smoke on the stacks, and on both stacks, if you were first class. Last, but not least, the Clerk turned him over to the Engil?iee'ring Department's Social Chairman, Gaylord Goetz, Bookmaker First dl,ee?f'whe explelheel how le hehelle himself eh the heeeh ehel Military Cburtesies. Included were instructions that if dress kimono was declared uniform of the day, it was with hashmarks and crow. Perhaps the highlight of the play was when the Chief Engineer entered and explained that he was in supreme command of this tremendous organi- zation and that he was available night and day in the lower rack of state- room IO2. This part was played to perfection by,JOHNSON, and laughter shook the beams. J-E7 EE Q EWQHII I HJ In l,' ., :Q I :IQ 1- 1' 1- .1 ..2Lgl1- 1- nv-g TED TO EN RES iff ' I I S35 DM QE Q95 4-x CD Ln. CD Z EZZCD I-O F- UD :DLL-I EJ oz'-L, www IUZQ: f-422 +-2 EQE3 5215-IJ-I LIJ Z D LL E W OB .T gf S 95 oRcE K TAS R ND C-0 MMA 'Q if Z' E 4 .Slab Z CJ u' an ' -- Sf: S - E - Six M' 1 xg -LS f fi - ' " , ' K N, X " gniul- f QQ 'Q ' 1 Qi E Z "' xp Q 2 - X -' -' sf-'fl 'JER QR CERT E CA-EE P TI-I S USS Endlcott I-Ecu: DOSI DS 0 I-EZ ff' X O25-15 L.. J a.J41jEQ.v,-'S l...l4V7lt IL..l'-'-' ,mf UDQQ. 0:35. 1 Egan 'F Qgwf-ki S

Suggestions in the Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 12

1953, pg 12

Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 19

1953, pg 19

Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 36

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Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Endicott (DMS 35) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 11

1953, pg 11

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