Enderlin High School - Enodak Yearbook (Enderlin, ND)

 - Class of 1958

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Enderlin High School - Enodak Yearbook (Enderlin, ND) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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4 L,f4l,2 95 1 w""' L nlellf' W IIN! Y 70hl'l'70h so-up gi- nallii if L g bend 'IJUH F1904 Vg 9,1994 Loo Fomow L M3251 The students of Bnderlm Hrgh School dedacate tins 1958 Bnodak to Fred G Oehlke and to the new school dxstrxct vhich he helped to form We sincerely appre cute his unflagging interest xn the welfare of our community, and his many years of active service on the School Board UW' NDNQQ 'M ,570 sushi FW Kant ffl 1 e a""' M HHH cmhmkr E o,,,fh 5,0 .f.P' w nmlenb W: nl - . gf o' yt' 2 n "' f ' all r o. .... - 1 I ...W 'M' Tuff l A o ' l I A' 0 . . A. A . 5"" aff' ' Q n L Y A r p.C'. . ' ' ' .' ' by 60" X o ADM! USWMXTUO Stmdxng H Lindemann, D Stienhaus, Sittzngz F Archbold, F Oehlke, R Torbenson Superintendent Mr A Ziegenhagen ,A xml! Pnncipal Mg J Comb, 4 ' Q e 9 J o 0 0 sauces o n s -V. , g J, P -N oonaonoooanouaousooouson Q o 1 x Music Mr Stoffel Home Bc Mrs Lund Englxsh Mrs Chl'i'f13.hS0l1 ,Q mwah Nz. nun1nmSf""f""' B qi l Coach Mr Rhode Coach Mx Exten I UIUCICSIIIOI l C 00000 O Ill! C 5 E' ., - g...Tt V i , .h J, , Y ' Q H ' .V - ,nc f - x' lf., - v . JY' - . - fi, ' I ' - 1, ,V X , +1 IIIOCOCOOOOOOOOOO O OOIOOIIIOQCIOC I 1 1 soc . English Mrs Outings English Mn Ziegenhagen N-Jx byfwo' X IH! 9 I 'IQ' xW gl V -gi fs 'Zi Shop Mr Bender ww Jnnxtots C Duden h D Magnet Commerce His' Llmdber S vi ,L Wk .gl ,, A Ax:N i , . 4.3 ,NV 'x 'wxx ai 4 k V xv 'HQ' - ,:' .f ' ' I Q con! RJ' JJ Q LN ,I ...U . u X 1.5, gljlf X6 SL' ff' J . , If f W fp. X ' I 1 UTI' A lffinli,-A ' . E V ,V A., - X , Lbbnb 'IL sg Xixxx , X X ,W ! .. ' ' ," ' 7, W. 'I .T. ! lil Q? r 1 - 1. ' ggi T 1 ,A x Lili f ff-ff I LL,. -w QQ72 X ' M f l. . 5 2 5 , N is 'M : , SE H0935 RICHARD ANDERSON Beware' I may do some tlnng startling yet Choi.: 1,2,3,4g Class Play 4, PAYE BUCIIIDLZ Hers is the chan of good sense P H A 1,2,3,4g vice Pres 4, choir 1,2,3,4g Class Play 43 Beglette 4g ROSEMARY BUTIKB "She's right in step- n cute najorette " Majorette 43 Choir !,2,3,4, PGP Club 3,4g Baglette 43 LEE CHRISTIAIISON A11 gteat men are dyingg I don't feel so uell myself Class Sec Treu 43 Band 2,3,4g Choir 1,2 3,43 Class Play 3,4 n.g1ette 2, may Club 3,43 Pres 4g Football 1,2,3,4g uffemm 2 3,43 nur l,2,3,43 Boys State 3g VALERIA CHRISTIANSON Some thank the world was made of fum and frolic S do I' F H A 43 Pep Club 4, AVIS DAGMAN She always lends A hand wherever it is needed P H A 1,2,3 4, Pep Club 1,2,3,43 Llbfarian 3 4, Class Play 43 Eeglette 3,4, RUTH DAVID 3,.f1l' A pert little M1353 with 1 pert little smile And 1 chnrmingly pert lattle way Amunoose 1,2f P H H 43 Pep Club 4 DUANE FIIBER Don't confuse me with facts my mad :Ls made up Choir 1,2,3,4f Bnodek 4 Class Play 3,4, Beglette l Student Council 4, Key Club 3,43 Football l,2,3,43 Letterman l,2,3 43 Track l, Boys State 33 PAT FORD The vor1d's no better if we worry, life's no longer if we hurry P H A 13 Class Trees 3 choir 1,2,3,4, Pep c1ub 1,2.3.4, Bnodak 43 Baglette 2 3,4, Editor 43 MARY LCIJ FOSS The time when she's not busy are the exceptions P H A 1,2,3,4, choir l,3,43 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Libruim l,2,3,43 Eeglette 3,43 Girls State 33 MORGAN FRAASB nThe outdoors is his Plfldiseu Class play 3,43 -29 ARLYN FRABDRICH Nschool does fill ln the gaps between leaves." P H A. 1, Class vice Pres 4 Cheerleader 3,4g Band 1,2,3,4 Choir l,2,3,4g Sec 4, Pep Club l,2,3,4, Bnodak 43 Baglette 3,4 Class Play 3 BEVERLY FRABDRICH 'Wisdom and wits are hers, but better than these, pep N choir 1, Pep Club 1,2 3, SHIRLEY GRBBN Sweetness and friendlaness walk hand in hand F H A l Cheerleader 3 Choir l,2,3,4, Class Play 3 Student Council l,2,3, Se 4 Pep Club 1 2 3 4 LOHELL HANSON 'Ath1etic, witty, and full of fun, he has made friends of everyone Class Pres l Vace Pres 2,3, Band l,2,3,4, Choir l,2,3,4, Class Play 3 Student Council lg Key Club 43 A squad 3, B squad 1,2 Football l,2,3,4, Letterman l 2,3,4 KAREN GYLDBNVAND 'As merry as the day is long F H A l,2,3,4, Pres 4 Band , , Choir l 2,3,4, Librarxan l 2, Class Play 3,43 Baglette 4, 4,117 Y4L1v'1F' -af' SHARON JASTER UA happy girl is always accepted.n P,H.A. 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 1,2,3.4: Librarian 1,43 JANICE KILCHLNMAY Hxgh school days have thexr delxghts, but they can't compare to hrgh school nxghts P H A 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2 3,4 Lxbrarxan 2g Class Play 33 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, DBL E the Key 3 -ttf' BOB JOHNSON Having done my best, I nov retire Class Play asst 3,4, Key Club 43 'X B squad 1,23 A squad 3, Football 1,2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Track 1 GAIL KITTELSON Drd 1 hear somebody say B-O-Y S? F H A 1, Band l,2,3,4 Vxce Pres 3, Sec 4 Choxr 1,2 3,4 Bnodak 45 Class Play 4, Girls State 3, Pep Club 1,2,3,4, Eaglette 4, Constxtutronal Award ROY KOETZ agmg h1gh and a1HBYS hxts mark' Club 3,43 Class Play asst Boys State 3 SHARON LARSON Trs much safer to be quret than noisy A , 3,4, Sec Band 1,2,3,4, Chorr 1,2,3,4, Class Play student director 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4, af' -115' 4' f-fi 41. JANET LINDBMANN 'It'1l be a weary day when I stop dancing F H A 4g Choir lg Pep Club 4, MARIAH MALBY nTis auch better to be saall and shine, than to be large and cast a shadow P H A 2,4g Band l,2,3,4g Pres 43 Choir l,2,3 4g Class Play 4 Pep Club l,2,3,43 MARY ANN OLIPHANT She who has art, has every where a part P H A lg Class Sec 3 Band 3,4, Treas 4, Choa! l,2,3,4, Bnodak 4g Co-Bditor 43 Lxbrarian lg Student Council 1,2,3g Girls State 33 Pep Club 1,43 TERRY OLSON About the toughest break a man can have wxth a girl is to run out of gas in front of a gas stataon ' Class Sec 1 Choir l,2,3 4, Class Play 3 43 Student Council 3,4 Key Club 3,4, B squad l,2, Football 2,3,4, Letaerman 3,4, Pep Club 4 ELLEN ORMISTON 'A hearty laugh, a cheery smile, yea, she's merry all the while F H A 43 Choir lg Class Play 3,4, Pep Club 4g GARY PBNBBRTHY nsometimes I sit and think Sometimes I just sit.n Class Play 3g B squad l 23 A squad ag Football 2,3,4, Letterman 2, MARGIB POSTELS Had she come here sooner, we'd have known her better Duluth 1,2,3, Cheerleader 4 Choir 4, Class Play asst 4 Student Council 4 Sec Treas 4- Eaglette 4 Pep Club 4 ROXY ANN REYNOLDS My mamma done told me now what was it she saad? P H A lg Class Pres 2g Choir 1,2,3,4g moan 4, ubnrim 1,4, Class Play 3g Student Council 13 Pep club 1,2,3,4g Pres 4 LARRY ROBERTSON when I feel lxke exerclsxng I just lxe down txl xt goes away Class Pres 3 Eaglette 2 3 Student Councxl 3, B squad 1 A squad 2 3,4 Football 1 Letterman 2 1 4 Sec Track 1 DENNIS SCHEIB Take care of me good me!! IIC Il!! Class Play 4g Track 2,3,4 KAREN SCHHMMI G Txs love that makes the arms go round F H A 1, Pep Club 1,2 3,4, Baglette 4, ANN SCHLECHT She's neither a book worm, not s socaal hound, but a darn good kzd to have around F H A 2,3, Baglette 4 JBANETTB SCHIBCHT .r.v""'-7 '---nv Hx'n learning a lot but, school interfere." F,H,A. 1,2,3,4g Sec. 4g Band l,2,3,4g Choir 4g Pep cmb 1,2,3,4g cuss Plly 43 JEAN ANN SCHMIT2 Always busy but time for everyone P H A 1,2,3,4, sec 2 Pep Club ,2,3,4, saglette 4g LARRY SPRUNK I know more than I'1l speak Choir l,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4 Football 2,3,43 Letterman 3 JALICB STRAND Others may disputatxons make, as for me, I keep my own counsel F H A J, Pep Club 4 MARILYN UTKB thlnk it Band l,2,1,4, Chbll 1,2 ,4 Pep Club 1,2,1,4g Class Play 4, Student Council 3,4 bHARON WALDHALM when 1h doubt giggle F P A 4 choir 1,2,W Pep Club l,2,3,4 Class Play 33 Q...---" ll .N I P . . . ' . I . 1 1 ' ll .W 3 3 J W K 0' X v A 'C f , ,, . , , Qu- ,N Q ' Q ' , . . . ' 3 V 4 Qi NI may not say much, but I ' rv . ' ' .,3 3 O ' S Q'gP N, s n I ' ...gg-Q., o ... . : -3 ?f:' 3 7 .f N.. V. DALE HALLIN "I'd like to be shy but the gxr just von't let me " B squad 1 2, A squad 4, Football 1 2, Letterman 4, Track lg DOROTHY WBGNIZR 'She's nice A heart of gold and a million dollar smile F H A lg Class Pres 4, Bend 2,3,4g Choir 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Sec 2, Treas 4, Enodak 2,4 Edator 4, Class Play 3, Student Councxl 43 Pres 4 JANE WOLF Leave her the way she We llke her that way P H A 2,3, Baglette 4 MARIE WOLF "The longer you know her better you like her " Band l,2,3,4g Pep Club 4, S 'Ea .lunlors MARVEL ANDERSON Days may come, days may go, but I just 11ve for weekends F H A 1 Class Vxce Pres 2 Band 1,2,3, Cho1r 1 2, , Pep Club 1,2,3 L1brar1an 2,3, Class play Student D1rector 3 Baglette 3 DALE CRBSWBLL Hrs only labor 15 k111 trme B squad 1 STARR BACH LLBR She knows a lot but Just can't th1nk of it Oa Grove 2, Choxr I Club 3 SANDRA DABLOW She 11kes a song she lxkes to dance wherever she goes she'11 f1nd romance Cheerleader 3, Band 1,2,3 Chomr l,2,3, Pep Club 1,2, Class Play 3, Eaglette 3, Asst Ed1tor 3, Student Councxl 1, '. . . 5 1' . 3 ' . 1 ?' I ' : z AL n ' - to O . 3 3 - : , ' - 33 CAROL BRBSTOESSER Qulet and frxendly, but has qu1te a braln H A 1 2,3, Pep Club L1brar1an 3 1:-Ziff BRUCE FRAASE Wlthout muszc life would be a mzstake Class Play 3, Football 1 Jan ARDYTH FINGER Has the patxence that will pull her through any task Choir 1,2,3, Pep Club 3, Enodak 3 Class Play 3 Sturnnt Dxrector 3, Student C c1l 3 ROBERT GBNTLBMAN He may do something sensational yet' Class Play 3 DARLBNE FJBLSTAD Quiet people are welcome everywhere A 1,2 3, Pep Club 3 JO ANN GBSKB She's little but every lmttle bit counts N l,2,3g Cheerleader 2 - Choxr 1,2,3g Pep Club l,2,3g Class Play 33 F. . . , ' 3: I ,f ll ' ' ', N ' : ll :. : o-' ' 3 A l ' U . 7 I f x N 2 v5"VLi ll .ll Pali. Q , ' 3 H L I ' P31 F.H,A. lg Class Sec. Treas. DARRBL GULLAND I was once caught studyin but I've almost lived down the disgrace Choir 35 Student Council 2 Football 3, Letterman 3 Track 3, AUD BY JACOBS Some think the world is made for fun an rolic, so do I H A 2 Choir Pep lub 3 Class Play 3 KAREN GUNDERSON I put my troubles in a box then sat on the lid and laughed Lisbon High School 1, Choir 3, Pep Club 3 JEROME JANKOWSKI nHe let burn the midnight oil, but never was it drearf toi1,u Class Play 3g B-Squad 2g Football, 2,3g Letterman 2 3 SALLY HASKINS Nwork just fascinates me .... I can sit and look at it for hours.N FHA 3: Choir lg Pep Club 2,3 I CAROLYN JANZ nShe's gentle, She's shy: there's mischief in her eye.U Class Officer - Vice Pres. 3g choir l,2,3g Pep Club 3: Class Play 33 Eaglette 3 is , ' . BRENDA KBBNE I never let achoolzng xntetfere with my education FHA 1,2 3, Choir l, Pep Club 33 Class Play 3, Baglette 3 SANDRA KRUBGER Men may come men may go, but I'11 chew on forever Pep Club 3 fJDLLEEN KEMMBR Her ways are always pleasant FHA 3, Pep Club 1 Lxbratxan 3, Class Play L! DARLBNB LBMNA A' 'Life ia abort and so Q ll I.' Choir l,2,3g JAMES nmalfr uGir1s are running through his mind, they don't dare Wilken Class Play 33 B-Squad 2 ,N W X v HARRIBT LINDBMANN 'Pull of mischief but never bad.n Choi: 1,2,3g Pep Club 3, Claes Play 33 1 -v L MARLYS LINDBMANN NA wonderful gal with a dash of witg in any crowd she's sure to fit,n choir 1,2,3g Pep cmb 3, Class Play 3 JO ANNE OVBRBY Everywhere she goes she causes a small riot FHA lg Choar l Pep Club 3 Labraraan 3 DONALD McGR GOR A quiet lad with quxet ways who someday may the world amaze Cholr 1 2, Class Play 3 CURTIS PETRICH He has two necessltmes of l1fe brarns and looks Band 1,2 3 Chomr l 2 3 Enodak 3, Class Play Student Councal 2,3 y Club 3 A squad 2 3 squad 1 Football 3 Letterman 2 3, LYLB OTTBSON l hate gxrls, they irritate , I love to be xrtitated Choir 3 LIDYD REDMOND Patience and shuffle the cards Choxr 1 2,3, Student Councxl 1 2 3 A squad 2,3, B squad 1, Football l,2,3, Letter man 2,3, DUANE RITTBR He looks quiet, but you'd be lurpriaed MARION SBLANDBR Lake gravity she has the power of attraction P H A 3, Choa: l,2,3, Pep Club l,2,3, Librarian 2,3 Class Play 3, DUANB ROBSSLBR nl believe in conservi g energy-especially my own Class Play 3, TN LARRY SC!i4IDT 'He'd work from dawn to dusk if down would never cone.N Football l,2,33 Lettermnn 3g FRANKLIN SMITH 'A huge fellow with a big gring look out for trouble when he blows in.n A-squad 2,33 B-Squad lg Football l,2,3g Letterman l,2,3g rack 1,2,33 fd 5. 7 ff N, Nor rxcnnuzn 5 fbx - I, yt Lffv NI make my hone out on the farm to keep ne from the city'l hatm.' 4 LARRY SOMMBRFBLD X f ff! DENNIS STORBLBB It's nxce to work when you feel like workxng, bu I never feel lake working Choir l,2,3 Wifi JONATHAN UTKH Studying, I believe is hard on the brain but occasionally I do a little just the same BRYAN THORPE Come on feel my whiskers DOUGLAS VEB nHe's not as fast as laghtnlng but he gets there.n Class Play 33 JOHN TRAPP NHe has A car. He drives it fast. The question is-- will xt last?' amd 1,2,3g chem- 1,2,33 Bnodak 33 Class Play 33 Key Club 33 B-squad 1,22 Football 1,2,33 Letterman 33 Track 13 JBRRILYNN WALDHALM 'She has a heart with room for every joy.u F,H.A. 33 Choir 1,2,33 Pep Club 33 Class Play asst. director 33 W 1 VIRGINIA NKFNBR If smiles were miles, she'd travel fu F Il A lg Clue Pres l,2,3g Bend l,2,3g Choir 1,2,33 Clue Play 3 DENNIS WOLSKY I like to be shy but the girls won't let ne Choir l,2,3g Class Play 3, Student Council 33 Vice Pres 33 B squad 1 23 Football 1 2, wfff'-Jw UI .li 0 I I O 3 Student Council l,2,3g N .ll I I . SCCDENFLIQLMIQ If VU X 1 fl Q u Ja Back row: P. Duffy, D. Bjerke, R. Postels, K Svedjan, D wavra, W. Cummings, R. Smedsham er. 4th row: L. Nelson, H Trapp, C Halvorson, R. Powers, C. Hamre, D. Geske, P. Buttke. 3rd row J Bacheller, C Lemna, M. Shelver, D. Spiekermeier, H. Geske, P. Gyldenvand, K Sxegel 2nd row P. Hong, C. Fernow, D. Wolf, J. Anderson, K. Danxelson, S Syverson, S. Larson. lst row: L. Helmer, D, Vee, M. Liebenow, D Allard, G Ormiston D. Utke, D. Schmitz. Not pictured: K. Below, A Bordt, C Juhnke, B I I 4 0 ' I C ' ' Ro11md, H mom The Sophomore class offxcers are: Pres Ken Svedjan, Vxce Pres Shirley Larson Sec Treas Carole Pernow Mrs Chrxstzanson and M1ss Lundberg are our class BGVISOIS The Sophomore contrnbution to the A squad ln basketball are Larry Nelson, Ron Smedshamner Ken Svedgan, and Howie Trapp Sophomores on the B squad include, Phxl Duffy, Col1n Halvorson Curtls Hamre, Larry Nelson, Howie Trapp, and Don Wavra The Boys also part1c1pate 1n foot ball, track, and other sports actxvxtxes The Sophomore cheerleader is Donna Spxeker mexer Student Councll representatives are Pat Gyldenvand, Ken SvedJan, Ron Smedsham er, and Howie Trapp We are well represented 1n the mus1c department with 15 members in band and 23 members an choxr Members of our class on the Enodak staff are Carole Fernow, and Helen Geske ESRESHEMIEIN Back row B Eraase, D Fraedrrch, 0 Blaskowski, R Fratz, L Johnson, R Mueller, D Walters, C Krueger, F Kraft L Grllund 4th row K Schontexch, A Armburst, R Johnson, D Clem, K Olson, R leidall, B Kreft G Daub, D Blasl M Torbenson 3rd row M Bordt, C wallner, M Ford, D Myhre, 8 Kraemer, T Praedrich, W Thorpe, J Geyer, J Peterson, C wellentin 2nd row J Jankowski J Gullu d, W Wallan, Kaatz lst row L Selander, L Janz, S Bergland M Chrastl, E Hoel C Erbstoesser J Geske, J Anderson, B Reynolds R Gross Not prctured C Lxndemann C Koetz Class Offrcers Back O Blaskowskl Landemann Reynolds J Geske' 5 Heel In1t1at1on The Freshman Class boasts two B squad cheerleaders, Eveleen Hoel and Julxanne Geske, plus 3 Student Councrl members, Judy Petrxch, Braan Reynolds, and Maynard Torbenson The class offxcers are, Pres Brxan Reynolds Vxce Pres Oscar Blaskows Sec Treas Murral Landemann Mr Bender and Mr Rhode are class advmsors Maynard Torbenson and Roger Frxtz played on the A and B squad basketball team Brent Fraase played on the B-squad kx, --rr"' 1 . . . . , . ' . 2 . : . . O I I I U Ml . l I I O I I O 2 I U B. . . : . , . . ' K, Schmitz, S. Vee, S, Wolf, J. Petrich, M. Lindemann, M. Billing, C. Back rowg J Petterson, D Archbold, B Predericks, B Janz D Groth, N Foss E wolf 4th row M Pederson, C Brazel, O Roessler, D Lindemann, J Div1ne, T Oeder 3rd row J Geske, H Pederson, A Olson, R Lemna, S werkhoven, A Hong 2nd row Mrs Larson, M Overby, V Tuttle, C Cavett, M Mark, C Landemann, D Schmzdt lst row: T Thorpe Back row J Mayer, M Waldhalm, N Anderson L Vee, D Sandness Maclver 1rd row A R1tter, M Vee, J DeKay, M Fritz, L Fr1tz Kmmble, 2nd row M Farnsworth, M Fraedr1ch, D Groth, D Pribbenow Mayo, Mrs Hagen lst row G Janz, G Olson, C Neros, R Steedsman B. Krueger, C Johnson I I I I I I . , . . . . . . . . . H. . ' . ' . S. Fraedrich, P. Rolland, G. Ormiston, D. Lindemann, L. Spiekermeier, I n n a p o o 9 D. . - : . ' . . . . ' , D. ' : . . ' . . , Do - I a q 2 0 Q u o g Back row B Trapp, M Prxbbenow, M Archbold, G Wallner, B Walters, C Lrndemann, C Nygaard 4th row G Dagman, K Sorenson, M Anderson, S Larson, A Shelver, G westphal, P Nord 3rd row D Anderson, B Johnson, M wolf, B Sregel, R Boxtud, C Hanson, D Maclver. 2nd row Mrs. wavra, D Gunderson, B Postels, S Powers, D Helmer, S Groth, O Olson lst row J Cumm1ngs, B Pxerce, A Baylxss, D Halverson, W Schlecht, J Chr1st1, D Maisey Back row L Fritz, E wolf L Vee, D Groth M Archbold, C Brazel lst row C Ormaston, T Thorpe, D Helmer, C Hanson, S Groth, B S1ege1 The teachers, Mrs Larson, eighth grade, Mrs Hagen, seventh and e1ghth grade COmb1nBt10n, and our many 3Ct1V1t1CS We are proud of the twelve boys on the C Squad and the three C Squad cheerleaders we have an actrve Y C L and have fun on hay xldes plus other Junior Hzgh Actxvitues The c11max of the year 18 eight grade gradu atxon and the cit11ensh1p award D Schmidt, K Sorenson, L Spiekermeier Mrs. Wavra, seventh grade, help and direct us in : . . , . . , GPGOICS Sth row B Steinhaus, D Dsblow, R Pederson R Gxllnnd, J Petrich, Green, B Boxrud 4th row S Severson, W Jorgensen, J Oehlke, M Trapp Berglund, C Lxndenann 3rd row P Halvorson, 'I' Archbold, K Ophein Fre1tag, B Schonteach, R Sullivan, J Skramstad, 2nd row: Mrs Johnson, Jacobs, C Fraedrich, J Fernow, D Stangler, I Muth lst row W Geske, Not pxcturedg A Mychajluk, K Utke Back L Mayor, T Pederson, J Krenger, W Gxllbertson, B Ernst, G Nord K Kraft, 3rd row: R Bjarnstad, D Johnson, T Peterson, G Keene, M Simonson, I. Waldhaln, R Kenner, 2nd row: Mrs Koetz, R McGreger H Anderson, L Luther, J Hansen, G Sperstad, G Fritz, lst row: L Olsen 1' Jun, K Creswell, D Grant, M Jordet, D Kidale M Schilling O Kg e a 2 Q o o a y D. . ' . : . . . , D. ' . ' . . . Mo n 0 o n ' 2 o W. Berglund, B. Anderson, K. Carlson, D. Lindemann, G. Olson, W. Maisey. I O 4 s e U ' 7 Back ron: R. Leach, M, Johnson, V. Lindemann, J. Lindenqnn, D. Galbrenth P. Dagmon, H. Fernow, 4th row: G. Snndness, J. Aspelund, M. Krnemer, L. Shiee, M. Duffy, R, Blice, 3rd tow: D. Danielson, B. Kemmer, C, Xlochnenn C. Severson, G. Wolsky, K. Boxrud, K. Ford, 2nd row: Mrs. Jordheim, G. Cavett, L. Archbold, T. Dekay, S. Dsub, L. Pfoff, R, Postels, lst row: A. Utke, K. Ro1end,I. Martin, G. Gross, C. Brazer, S. Steedzsmnn, G. Johanneson O Back R Lxndemann, S Carlson, R Creswell, S wallner, S Gross, J Anderson E Pederson, 3rd row Miss Pfingsten, 8 Franse, G Ctangler, J waldhalm, J Lindemann, D Myhre, C Kenner D Nygaard lst row R Muth, B Scheie, E Johnson, F Kattelson, C Schons, S Schxmmxng, S Bgornstad 3 0 . u 0 n a s Sullivan, K, Weiler, R. Glneseman, S. Mork, 2nd row: L, Maisey, L. Cramer, V. a 0 I I r : a o 'Q Back D Geske, C Oeder, G Pfsff, L. Jsnz, S Peterson, G Lindeunn, 4th ron H Ford, C Lindemsnn, D Gslbreath, M Martin, M Lsrson, 3rd roi: P Mayer, D. Groth, J Vee, S Sperstsd, L Aspelund, I Steinhsus, 2nd row Miss Banning, S Shonteich, C Ritter, P Scheie, R Myhre, A Berglund, lst row B Penberthy, H Johnson, D Miller, C Nord, J Clsrk, R Glson, Knot pict nred M Carlson! 5th row: L Gslkovski, D Gslbresth, P Ziegenhsgell. T BCI-11911. R v0i8fo 4th row K Peterson, K Pribbenou, I Sorenson, S Schmidt, D 140011. Pore are row: nn Hanson. Y- Mvfhf. S Paulson. T Rwninl- 5 5P"'-"4- Ertelt, !. Skrsmstsd 2nd row S Carey, S Hanson, D Kenner, S Johmneson, canon me row L ao11ma, x scneie, v Amar. D !-Heh. D Powell. R. Sevetson. 3 s o 0 o o 2 Q s s o s . 0 s o s 2 I o s o s 3 o s 0 s o g ' 0 V. , 1 , Q il , 1 4 v fi V . - . - ' ' ' . - - . ' ' se -' " A a on 1 X . 1, x 3 4 - ' a . , ' . ff 1 .-1 1 . , 5 , ,E - k 'sb gl N gf ' H ':2F5"CE-'EC . . 1, .2 A V X ,IA V, - .' C 1, , Q s 0 ' ' ' . 3 s U ' ' ' so s ' ' ' . . P. Q a 3 I 0 ' ' C, g 2 o s I ' ' Back row: T Gilbertson, L Thillony, L Peterson, D Geeslin, J Johnnneeon S Pederson, 3rd ron Mrs Skranstnd, K Walters, C Andersen, W Halverson R Anderson, S Knpitnn, M Utke, 2nd row T Clem, B Ellis, K Groth R Hnllner, G Schele, lst ron B l ldhaln, C Grant, R Joh ann, R Geske, L Schons, T Faber, Knot pictured L Rollzndl ti 4th row S Hatne L Bearmann, J Vo1gt, D Duden, C Redmond, B Klockmann, I, Johnson. 3rd row. J. uxlbertson, D. Aspelund, J. Ixndemgnn, P. Carr, P. Bngen, R. Mueller, C. Bjornstad, 2nd row: Mrs. Peterson, K. Clark, J, Jankowski, B. Anderson, A, Rztter, L. Muscha, R. Farnsworth, C. Duffy. 1st row: S. Myhre, J. Galbreath, J. Galbreath, T. Utke, G. Otteson, K. McGregor, K. Paulson. o o o o 0 o 2 4 0 o a n Q 3 n o e 1 o . u - e o a 0 0 Q ' 1 V - 4 '4 .7 W' A I ' O 4 f , , -Y - v Q - r . V , . 3 ' I ,. - 4 , A, , HY- -w- .f f v rg - ' Q .W R. ri 1 ' . ,a 4 I X . . ' 9 I 9 0 0 0 I . --- . mek :own R. Pederson, R. lentlmd, R. Pernou K. lieler, K. Overby, T. len, 3rd row: Min Anundron, R. Bearnm, D. Lohse, ll. Koeon, ll. Jbldif v, nga, C, Begum, P. Pierce, 2nd row: C. Archbold, VI. Skrautad, P. uber, S. Butzen, K. Lindeunn, L. Spitzer, let row: G. Thilnony, R. Schining, B. Faber, S. Pfeff, P. Klocknum, ll. Arnett, J. Schmitz Back row R Brtelt, R Voigt, M Carey H Stexnhaus, J Kelm, J Frederick, V Gillund 3rd row L Pearthree, L Luther B Kabor, D Newton, B Bjornstad, S Severson let row L Otteson, N Paulson, S Ganz, R Cable, G Fraedrich, S Chesley, J Geske Not pxcturedz J Van Deusen 1 O . . 2 . . , . G. Geaslin, C. Larson, M, Maisey. 2nd row: D. Clark, D, Duden, P. Oehlke Basketbal 1 2U X BL: Sli- vgl Back row Manager, B Schmitz D wavra, B Fraase, Coach, Mr Rhode rd row C Hamre M Torbenaon, R Fritz, C Halverson, P Duffy 2nd r w I. Nelson, R Snedahasner, K Svedgan, H Trapp lst rom L Redmond, B Smith L Robertson, D Wallin, C Petrich rr -xv v'egX Ek 'S 1-.xy 7' J X an 9 Bnderlm H1gh School looks back on the S7 58 season with a respectable 17-6 win loss record, and looks forward to a good season next year with possibly a trlp to the state tournaments The Eagles are losing only tuo seniors from the team this year The only losses Bnderlin suffered in the conference games were to Kulm and Ellen dale In the Christmas tournaments, Bnderlln won over Oaks and Lmsbon for take homers The Bagles wrapped up the season by defeating Oaks for 3rd place in the district tournament Left: B Smith, D Hallln, L Robertson, L ledlald, R Sledlhlllbl, C. Petrich, Center: len Svedjan , f V V --v' Aa, 74- ' 1 x -- 4 L2-f R' ' ' 9 'N R , ug C1 Z' -' B 4 C7 1 ' 1 I A 4 1 ss N l A S . V I A X ... nk 5 t wx 1 , n 7 ' i i 7 R R 12 3 Q 11 9 4 is S 0 no - ' A -4. : O I I I I I 3 : . . . . . . . 0 : . . . ' . . . . g . Q n . 24.114, Q, A- 4, ,-I:-51 i' U , v4,Qkqv? , .3,1-igiikty F4 T L,-,.'V.77:,-g if: ,1:1,:p.A,. - as ue- '- '-,-' .af-'A.. ' ,, ,. ,. -J ,,f"," ' ' f" ," '2'7:E?1K.5'QN ' P'-go-,r,...'.,l4.-,.-.'-,g-f"' ..3f":f-'L' 1 -A '-SEE,-Y:-Ma, .JN ?14"s- Q'-C, ,f:':,If'!1- ' ,hx f -'.3jff',1.T. .1 .snr , 1, V l v wig W... I O X o x Rdff 'kc 'N a A-cf 1 fl. ff- - - I a - . 1 I I C O l O Football -u-' Back: Coach Ertelt, R. Fritz, K. Svedjan, C. Petrich, D. Schmitz 3rd row: D. Havre, L. Redmond, T. Olson, L. Schmidt, J. Trapp 2nd row: H. Trapp, M. Torbenson, R. Smedshammer, J. Jankowski, D. Gulland lst row: L, Hanson, D. Finger, R. Johnson, G. Penberthy, L. Christiansen A 34-25 win over Ellendale climaxed Bnderlin's 1957 football season L with a record of S wins and 1 loss: This left Bnderlin, Oakes, and La Moure holding a share of the conference title. fl - The Enderlin team is losing six seniors which will leave some big holes in the team, but the experienced underclassmen will do their best to defend their undisputed conference crown. The high point of the season was the Homecoming game with Lisbon. An early touchdown by the Eagles was followed by a hard-fought game that ended """'- with Enderlin holding a 9-6 lead. This was the first time that Enderlin beat Lisbon in 13 years. 1 .fr Scores Bnderlin we St. Catherines 0 20 Valley City 0 63 Reserves Bdgely 6 32 Oakes 6 12 LaMoute 34 Lisbon 6 Bllendale 25 34 Val ley Cit y 20 6 Reserves Kkeservesi Left to right: R. Snedshammer L. Hanson, Coach Brtelt L. Redmond Track Squad Back Coach Brtelt, D Wavra dascus, K Svedjan half male, relay R Fritz 440, discus, relay, lst rows I.. Christaanson high jump pole vault, relay, H Trapp 100 yard dash, relay, F Smith 100 220, 440 R Smedahalner broad j np, relay, Knot pictured D Finger half-mile relay Javelin! Sensor Athletic Award Bob Johnson and Larry Robertson are the uanners of the 1958 Senior Athletac Award, presented each year by the school to the outstanding player in the two major sports of the school, football and basketball Bob Johnson, wxnner of the football award, contributed much to the success of this year's champaon football squad, with has sharp tacklxng, clean blocking, and alert dependable performance in every game Larry Robertson, a 3 year letterlan in basketball, combined a fast floor game math an accurate shooting eye for a type of play that won him acclaam as one of the out standxng forwards an the Southeastern Conference 3 a ' a ' ' , . a . - I a ' a ' g g e ' 2 a ' g I V . Q 'f . A x s . N' .,, H "m, - 3 ' 3.7-2.3, rj, 1 1' N: re. - X 1 I . i'r:,,.' ""r,.' ., , S gm K'-M x" fs- , .ev V"T-' ' .' ' 0 Y I ' 1 O Back L Otteson, D Wolsky, D Storlee, P Duffy, R Smedshsmmer, D wavra, L Nelson, D Powers, D Finger, L Redmond, T Olson, C Rinse J Trapp, C Petrxch, D Gullnnd, R Anderson, K Olson, D Utke, D Schmitz, B Reynolds, 3rd row K Danxelson, S Vee, D wegner, M Olxphant, M Linde mann, J Petrxch, H Llndemann, L Chnstianson, C Holvorson, K Svedjan, S Dablow, P Ford, V Wegner, J Bacheller, M Anderson, D Spxekermeier, 2nd row M Foss, F Buchholz, M Postels, M L1ndemann, S Larson, L Hel mer, C Fernow, M Gyldenvand, K Gyldenvand, D Myhres, R Reynolds, A Fraedrlch, D wolf, K Funderson, M Naley, P Buttke, lst row A Frnger, J Geske, M Utke, D Lemns, M Lmebenow, H Geske, C Lindemnnn, P Hong, R Buttke, M Shelver, J Schlecht, S Larson, G Kittelson, C Lemma 5.c,d'z.z'f4. O ' Back P Ford, D wegner Y 1-lndemil-lm Cenfef D nablow, center A Praednch Wesnfr. D Fmeer Front A M Maley, Front M Ohphant Ffaedrwh The Enderlxn H1gh Fchool Cho1r consxsts of s1xty srx members uncvr the dmtectxon of Mr Alex Stoffel This year the cholr partxcxpated in two home concerts held 1n December and in March On April 16th the choir attended the annual Sheyenne Musxc Fest1val, which was held ln L1sbon They took part an the massed chomr and recexved highly superxor for the1r solo work Cn Apr1l 19th the choir attended the Dxstrict Music Contest ln Fargo here they also received highly superior : U f I I U I Q I I 0 . U ' f . I U I I I l : o l I 0 o ' I 0 . 0 I a o o u 0 Q . 2 e 0 a e n 4 ' o e a o A a o u n 0 3 9 . Q I I I U l I . I I I . ' H. 5 3 5 3 3 .. .1 4 2.1 3 .4 ' F E Cf. : . . , 5, Back: i. l , : - . : . . , l , , . . O . ., . 4 . . M . . . - . I, . . Q I . . - . , . . D - , . . . . - o Back C Neros, D Dablow, R Smedshamner, D Wavra, J Trapp, K Svedgan C Petrich, B Cu nings, R Gillund, H Peterson, L Spiekerneier, 4th row M Oliphant, M Billing, H Geske, L Christiansen, J Bacheller H Trapp, V Wegner, B Kraener, J Schlecht, C H lvorson, S Dablow, D Hegner, Mr Stoffel, 3rd row: M Anderson, K Gyldenvand, C Nygaard C Pernow, M Lindemann, P Gyldenvand, B Praedrich, M Archzbold, G Daub M Pribbenow, C Walner, M Shelver, J Kalchennann, 2nd row J Petterson J Petrich, S Larson, L Helmer, J Anderson, M Utke, B Trapp, M Maley M Wolf, G Kittelson, S Larson, A Praedrich, R Buttke, lst row B Gross, M Laebenow, C Brbstoesser, D Vee, K Sorenson, M Pederson, C Landemann 011 The Enderlxn Hxgh School Band has partacipated in many ACt1V1tiQS throughout the school year In December, the band took part an the f1rst hone concert of the year Another concert was gxven 1n March The band also played at all home basketball games during the season On Aprxl 10th the band attended the District Music Festaval in Fargo and received a ratang of superior Back M onphant' G Klttelson Conmung events for the band are The Musxc Festxval Front N N110 in Valley cny on Apr-11 aorn, and won anna Festaval ln Fargo on May 17th and the Memorxal Day Parade The band whxch has 62 members 13 d1rected by Mr Alex Stoffel Boxrud, D, Halverson, O. Olson, D. Helner, C. Lindemann, C. Hanson, R: 10 1u 90 O -A Back row: T. Olson, M. Fritle. L. HIHSOH. D. Finger, G. Penberthy L, spgunk. Front row: R. Reynolds, J. Kilchennmnn, D. Werner. K. Gyldenvand, L. Christiansen. Not pictured: S. Green. 5- Waldhnlm, Mr. Holvik, advisor CISSS p'3Y5 w-L. It Back row: T. Olson, M Fin e R Anderson, - . S Y - L. Sprunk. Middle row: J. Kunz, advisor, B, Ormiston, L. Christianson, A, Dngmgn, M. Maley, A. Fraedrich, M. Utke. Front row: S. Larson, K. Gyldenvand, P. Buchholz, G. Kittelson, J. Schlect, M. Postels U-YIICY' Buck J Overby, B Prnse, 2nd row M Anderson, J K:-eft, V Vlegner J Jankowskx, lst row S Dablow R Gentleman, M Lxndemann J Waldhalm, J Kunz paw A Jacobs J Geske Advisor J Kunz Kennet, C Petrxch I-I Lxndenann D Holsky, D D Roessler, lander, J Advisor J Kunz, M McGregor, C Jnnz, A Fmger . i' aff' J'd, 111' , X, ' .1 """' . I! , iw -4 ' Phy Ed Shop 'WQMQ or mass brawl construction or destruction HUM EC 'Now 1t's tea 1ong" Tngonometry Chemistry re they POSIHS7 hu- Band So then I sa1d 'nghsh II I thank 1t's Marxlyn Monroe 'WPU18 En Hgh IV notes or lessons 1 ca.n't breath In .D P I CIIOIIIOCIOIOOIODII ,, . . . IOCIIQUO n 41 AL!,,, -- - ' YQ, S N- , 5 6 ' LQX lilllllllIIIIICIIIIIIIIIII .' . llll 4' ' llllflllilllli rd Q 4 1-AW e 9 , s 'rf F l Oilllllillilllflll :Z '. ...,........... Back J Bacheller, C Lemma, J Overby, D Fjeldstad, M Selander, V Uegner, Dagnan, D Hegner, M Foss, P Ford, S Dablow, P Buttke, R Buttke, Lindemann, J Schlecht, C Janz H Geske, Sth row A Jacobs, A Bordt, Krueger, M Bordt, M Ford, B Krsemer, D Myhre, S Bacheller, S Wolf, Vee, M Shelver, K Danielson, C Koetz, K Schmitz, C Kaatz, M Billing, Oliphsnt, 4th row: M Lindennnn, P Gyldenvand, C Fernon J Kilchennann, Pastels, D Spiekerneier, M Anderson, A Fraedrich, R Reynolds, Larson, F Buchholz, G Kittelson, S Jaster, M Malay, J Lindensnn, Strand, D Wolf, 3rd row: J Anderson, M Wolf, C Kenner, F Hong, Sxegel, B Keene, A Finger, M Lindemann, S Syverson, C. Mallner, Larson, Advisor Miss Lundberg 2nd row L Helmer, M Utke, K Schimnzng, Schnxtz, J Geske, K Gunderson, D Vee, J Petrich, M Liebenow, R Davxd, Rolland, B Hoel, C Brbstoesser, M Christl, S Bergland, L Janz, Brbstoesser lst row: D Cresuell, D Gullnnd, L ottggon, T Olson, Trapp Cheerleaders, Jo Ann Geske, Margie Rodnob' with Lloyd Redmond, Postels, Donna Spiekermezer, Arlyn Terry Olson' and Larry Robertson Fraedrxch, and Sandy Dablow, plus the Thls vlloable goat has many spectators at the district tourna- been a steady resident of out ment lt L' Home trophy case sxnce 1953 A. . . . . . . H. . . , . 2 . . S. . . . . . . S. I I O I I I MI I I I I U Ml I I I I Sl I I I I I JI I I I I I K. ' . . . . J. Anderson, J. Geske, S. Haskins, B. Urniston, V. Christiansen, D. Leann, so 3 s I n s s . JI . I I I I I I ' Bl I I I I I CI I I I I I J. . - 'N f 1 , f .'7!lf? Back row: D Fjeldstad, A Bordt, A Dagmnn, M Foss M Selander, S Haskins 4th row J Schmitz, P Gyldenvand, J Lindemann, J Kilchenmann Waldhalm, D Allard 3rd row R David S Jnster, B Rolland, Ormiston, M Maley, E Hoel, 2nd row advisor Mrs Lund, P Hong, Schmitz, B Keene, K Siegel, C Kenner lst row F Buchholz, President Vice Pres Secretary Treasurer SMA GW Karen Gyldenvand Faye Buchholz Sharon Larson Jeanette Schlecht Pres1dent Dorothy Wegner Vrce Pres Denn1s wolsky Sec Treas -Margie Postels Back row M Torbenson L Redmond, C Petrxch, K Svedgan, R Smedshammer, H Trapp, 2nd row advxsorx Mr Combs, J Petrxch, P Gyldenvand, V Wegner A Finger, B Reynolds, lst row M Utke, T Olson, M Postels, D Holsky, D Hegner, D Fxnger Jo n o 2 . g q o B. .. . : : . . K. . . . . : . K. Gyldenvand, S. Larson, J, Schlecht, V. Christiansen, C, Erbatoesser, I 0 ' O 5 O Q 0 . : . . . . , s l 2 e 0 e q O I ' I 7-fa, CM S5 my I I K Back D Wolsky, D Koetz, J Trapp C Petrich, T Olson, B Johnson 3rd row C Halverson, D Powers, 8 Cum xngs, R Postels, D Bjerke, R Smed sham er, 2nd row: D Utke, D Geske, C Hnmre, H Trapp, L Nelson, P Duffy lst row D Schmitz, L Christiansen, K Svedgnn, D Frnger, D Wavra, G 0fl1Sf0l1 X x Buck row C Petrich L Sch rdt K Svedgnn F Smrth, R Prrtz J Trapp 3rd row D Gullund J jankowsk1 D Wavra T Olson L Redmond, L Hanson 2nd row advisor Mr Rhode, H Trapp, L Nelson R Smedshammer, B johnson advisor Mr Ertelt lst row L Sprunk, D Frnger D wgllrn, L Robertson G Penberthy L Chrxstranson 5 I K F ,, 11 2 o u 0 1 o o n T Rx Xxxqsiis M 21 R , I If Bw 1 wh 1488? 1 9 f N FN - ' A 5, , ,W 4 S0100 l ' - -- gave It s wonderhzl to know -- X Y: .. V 3 A think our town can be so proud of 1 xA ,lgnt for boys and gu-ls :nd the ou X .. - .ear chenrises stuxdimg athletic abilities -' Kd NWI? for t school possesses! Bat deqai J took 1 this feeling, ve should It t take agood look at oursel . env and brush up onsoasot sportsmanship techniques. After atteniing s hom g we've all been slightly -.-1 by the disturbances made - those who run across the -- the gsm, especially A A-mist the st quarter. I-hen 1-of I white ahead ani sure of tak - victor. the boys our last tan a mimr' we game ' .Alt 4 I The Um xcxs' vm- A sea this ' Q05 . I xgtqta XA' X509 ' K chestraf 6 9 .odygg wqxkttieoxxt - A music or , ' ' . , was served 9,665 5591, G . Seo W 9615 Kurt Olson, . Xu txxkxxc e, P' QQ: Kagan Schmitz' 5999 'ebixc 3' QOKFX Harriet J f 6 5 il dz . 0 Q 0 annual event at vxst 120-5. YN! - Ayjeyfiblokc 45250 2 sponsored by the 539 tow,-, oe. 0,10 dl 41,9 Jon!-A-,jp - ,angle a. bers of the psp ,Loo we 5. Pnvestj an 06.7 lf re P. ,.c94S2,J 0 sd nerd for this Wien 9, g. gtg, 43 sw, On on .en nr-,,J. 1-Q 500 , Ann Geske and X0 1199 500' 050 ,- I QM' 'A I It 'OJ' N Q, - . . were in charge , xx. dei. 5 V0 , ' if , pot slr PPO ' gc S: - . . postelg gm to" eg- vu W. ,155 fr ,yaf It the d,,6fTf XPC' -4 . . in charge of 9-,CV 5-9a9xX,.L, . 505 ' J up-5,1 IWC! 'S :bp Jock 'Q 5:-' ' 6, 'QQ Qt sm . Par Fam am Rm rx S056 aww N50 3 the- 0, fiesta fly ' nw' 4' QD lb, QXQQWQ ig, selected the or-chest: . 5 tg. .E,ff'e,,t V5.9 GS, 0341 --arp 50 'Q,,C'Qao ,sqqv 61 'fr someone and mm. 3 Y-0 Af1e,,.' -" e Q I 'Wt fx- ' ey J 4-'Y 'W , ' Q. a les., ' Us was Iv 0 Ao ff' -PQ Q '-B obtained cmpex-ones, and do 0'o,,,,.', J ff - Ofad f Own,-" 52,1 6,417 'Q,,. .J 'o, Schmitz, chairman, along me 'ion 5115, bio, ' to 151, 050 0 QQ' 0Q'a,"72 the pep club members, plan- .555-Tsjs ' , if 57,11 ' Q., " - . "g':'Y ' ,QQQQP the decoration shame. Sue keg P fvsh F ' . 0 Qqfgrabb was,i.n charge of the coro- 53, It 4 ,Q 0450 Q 6QI ze activities ' 4 she had fs J ' 000 l9Q"gl. 0, 65,533 ' , honor of crf "e king 'J Ab 'IJ Qs, 0.4,'U',7 Q wa V Lee Cnr: -md Qt ef 'Cv "'9 "f ' - 42, 'QB U 'Q ae are queen. C . .f 0 4Qq - 593 ol, ty honor' QQ"b:Q913,'904,'tYJJooo 4 U Msrgi 5269 ' 069056 00559455 are-asurzsl foo Qs nm to an texy .. He hno f b 0 games and a g '- am ruff . Let's really g 4 Because th .per 'y 0' 'um' supportim ' f out in Lune 'U Mn and thi' 199' ' to ' 'rn with victory and in 1 Uy cow' v ei. Xslneiw I . QC 1 -,QQ . I - 6 . p- Q,-.. 9 G ff. D-'30, 3 f The QQWQQQBSVH an fig: Deco' 9 .' . . 3. 9. JE Proud t bee' 13 ' . . lice K KKK' ota' en 50.2 or. Elldeg-1 o DQC ' 20 ' ' .1150 ftb Q 59 c X . Lego r or! 25" 9- 00 .le I b"'ugnf.fn' 'funn ""' 127-ee Q' Li "" fa? , . 1- 0 . 0 ' J ' 0 lb Ssscs C Oxosgqyw AJQQIZAHPD 353.331 du:c::l:.' -Isla' 11 " ' .ol?I'.7 .Zo fb: .dvuer XX GC gervdvc .ttendSh11-le, aryl the 0:1 ,1.b'1l7 - ed' ku. fi, gy. . 19' ang en . J - 8 ' . Q1 5 ' ficeri:byPres1 Yleigo gX5o0' 9555 ESL ISM? ::'1yn.::-1:8-10:0 :.1lnlug'.:5" -hilt' 221 -' 'I-15?.:1ls:': 111602: - Viw' -0- 9" 'Gnu sind ' 'inn ' "ln 4 "C 'va 'r viegnu' kwsec I gg ago! nov: 5-911157 . Gd gnde -7-Dano, ull- J. ' 25 ' - , Par' 15. ' ni! 'Ola' xo, G xy Ogg G. P6344 A ef' Robe PI'oce..Io rlin in 1 FQPI..- P U. 31 - . 0.k 0 fth P. swf , 1 1, uni ,prev D- the , vb, . P., fn 5 01-, mer- tudenl- gs. que .gov ,ne we wav!-1 . 01:1 on 3 - , I1 sg. The I 1' P- 83- Q59 615 en GYXRDY 0'L5O0! fag. , . 7 ' . . A P. - pox-ul' 9. .be gal' D6 fry H06 not are 1 Cb, - , 1,1 Ur. lr, :gshmncnoiinzz PN Yin 4231! sfipmnm :ta 901552, 'L' ilu. dufgrsgeent stu '56, 1140 . u A. alive Gln-, he C0""d nv- . ' u ru. O uwn' 'wud 'um we ""'t1ve ndance I ' 21 ' E1 "'lt. 'lb " tfflifl Pfos sunbllu' 1 , .' OTWTW h8'5he U1 ef 5 ' - 'b. 25 - lbnduol Q "0 5 " d an -be xnx 15 Q-US Q, ,, . '.' Q ,venw1."1,v1ns M1021 ll curn. .5031 ff, p-0'.fm 7- Amo Am ycw? ' , sulfate: fth,,? 1011 ortunity salad f.c8fDtr!'01 4:y,gyia11p169' 'fig' 567, gy 0P2'd.'t bud! and Kon. Mm yn-U' hr. no ' Oh Larry! You're not really drowning! A11 rlght, who ate the marshmallows? Look at the fool work Get to work' Tha,t's just fxne. UOYS Are these tw1sted enough? at far '- 958 hhere's the dessert? Punch, anyone , sy' 4 ,, After the show I hate having my picture taken! Is there a film in it? ,X ,V X N xv - ,5HQ5?E?i 1-sn, '-1 ' 4' f F' 5 fn sw-qwn -Hggimw 4----,N Heidi' fo 80? 81smu-ck, here we come' Don't play that one Do you think it's 1 Stocker? where's the mustard? W Gxve me my shoe' Think we'11 ever make lt up these steps? Sm1Je pretty Please turn down the radzo that,s better, 1 Q xl , u 1 .anna gene . LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the class of 1958 of Enderlin High School, Bnderlin, North Dakota, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament in manner and form following, hereby re- voking any will or wills heretofore made by us. we the Senior Class of 1958 do hereby bequeath our numerous possessions thusly: I, Richard Anderson, leave to do something startling. I, Faye Buchholz, leave to where there are better odds. I, Rosemary Buttke, leave my baton to next years major, L. Johnson. 1, Lee Christianson, leave my athletic abilities to R. Gentleman, I, Valeria Christiansen, leave my long hair to Jo Geske, I, Avis Dagman, leave my attendance record to Kay Seigel, I, Ruth David, leave never to return again. I, Duane Finger, leave with a sigh of relief, I, Pat Ford, leave my grey felt skirt to Mary to carry on the tradition. I, Mary Lou Foss, leave hoping next years P.D.P, class carries on my arguing with Mr. Kunz. I, Morgan Fraase, leave you fools, you absolute idiots. I, Arlyn Fraedrich, leave to next years cheerleaders all the fun I had. I, Beverly Robertson, leave to raise a family. I, Shirley Green, leave my crowns to future queens in hopes that they wear them as happily as I did. I, Karen Gyldenvand, leave my Trig worries behind. I, Lowell Hanson, leave my build to Dale Creswell. I, Sharon Jaster, leave my quiet ways to Virginia wegner. 1, Bob Johnson, leave in my tan ford. I, Janice Kilchenmann, leave the two seats in the back row of the show house to Lloyd and Donna. I, Gail Theresa Kittelson, leave the chemistry room in pieces. I, DelRoy Koetz, leave to go hunting. CNot saying for what,J I, Sharon Larson, leave my school worries behind. I, Janet Lindemann, leave for beautician school in Calife I, Marian Maley, leave my knitting to Mrs. Lund. I, Mary Ann Oliphant, leave my artistic ability to Rhode. ' I, Terry Olson, leave my wolfing to Oscar. I, Ellen Ormiston, leave my sweet shop for something sweeter. I, Margie Postels, leave for better hunting grounds. I, Roxy Ann Reynolds, leave Lyle on the loose. I, Larry Robertson, leave before the teachers change their minds. I, Dennis Scheie, leave for Arthur Murrys. I, Karen Schimming, leave my worries of the Redmonds to Donna. I, Ann Schlecht, leave my sense of humor to Mr. Z. Jeanette Schlecht, leave in Al's ford. Jean Ann Schmitz, leave the worries of sweethearts ball to next years chairman. Larry Elvis Dino Sprunk, leave for Hollywood, Janice Strand, leave for Fingal. I, Sue Utke, leave in hopes that Gary takes me along. I, Dale Wallin, leave! I, Dorothy Wegner, leave my good marks to some lucky person. I, Jane Miller, leave for Millers Corner. I, Marie Wolf, leave my sweet little horrid laugh to Darlene F. I. In If I, We so hereby make, constitute and appoint Mr. Combs to be our executor of this, our Last will and Testament. In witness whereof, we the Class of 1958, subscribe our name this twenty second day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight. Commencement Program Thursday May 22 1958 8 00 P M Processronal Largo Handel rs Herbert Llndemann Invocatlon nev Ioel T Pederson Rock a my Soul Spxrntual The Halls of Ivy Russel Kmvht Hlgh Sehool Chow Enderlin High School GRADUATION Class of 1958 Smlutatory Address Roxy Ann Reynolds Edllllfl,ll0ll A llfe Proress Past Graduatlon Address Mary Ann Ollphant Edueatlon A lnfe Proress Present Valedlctory Address Dorothy Ann Vlegner The Lord s Pray er Nfaloftp Grrls Qextette Presentatxon of Class lames A tombs Preseutatxon of Dlplomas Fred G Oehlke The Lord Bless You I utkxn Hxgh School Lholr Benedlctlon Rev loel T Pederson Recesslonal Pomp and Cxrcumstanee Elgar Mrs Herbert llndemann Educatlon, A Llfe Proeess Future 3 'W ,"w -f iff rf f1efs nx 5, s NG., 'WEEY M .' K I lf 5' 7 .11-9 iq W Q ,jar K Gr- Q if 2 . A , K Y 3 ,W 'Y lr? a 4 'Y I Q.: f' ' W- in wa, VTX y 1 45 302 'M' .ax , av. gf bk X 4 S4 'ff 4 l HUIUGHHPHS V ii H3 4 A r ' S 'x ,., ws... as ,- I ,? QQ -fr 1 fv

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