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ee On, Te o really areal Pos ) 2 ar wa om I MIO t7eO Ol WOU (Cima - : Ze oy oe Sas! COy Shc KL 0 DY | oe - oo ee SY e Ax TOD oT 20 NOL eT Lr F Oo 7 in MOCO! ag. L | OU. , Re o fo : De BOC: , COOCS : S UGOTe OGG s A (UC b Os OMS ct | @ logs co a t : ec. a ee Ce . oD Ce. ko Oy tere ‘ Cy Aes Lo nn Sh : | Cre fet ng DOD Wer “ | : we, -t Cy | § a5 V ete : ns aes Hy Res TL i 2 | L isan coumempeen Ete Ty ie win Gooq i Ree ; mR ue . 4 a a 3 07494 3512 bes | UCU OW NEV VuLCg . : PLUM. Amc Snel tah r a : ee i Wow wal Ds Loon mi Le = x Ae Oe é a Prony Your Hag | 1 as oe . On SuUMUMat LOGE “= : = SS 3 S S = ™ S eS S = = ‘Ss Ss %Q RYE Y thw SN daistia Encinal Students Use School And Community Kesoutces ’ iw we dk ey f Boats ae ‘ii a, nash Si © Faces Students = S = S %Q —— @ Lrtor ed aia ht | Successful Sport Requires Hours Of Effort, Practice Student Faces Reflect Daily Ups aud Downs Of EH.S. Campus Life f: RA andy }| A 7 | | ; 7 Aer | | . 7 | ‘ } ry 5 t , | Vie, cf - ffs} j If ff 4 i ae “5 aisles Vd (ale TBD AAT (4, : By: Ni ; yotr e0 erctay ae wews 432-4 ) eee: rel haa | Every Activity = Pk Spl. {iOn, cpa if Involves Student f Par EH.S. campus And community: Chings to do, Places to go THE CAMERA CAPTURES a beautiful scene on our campus, as two students enjoy the peacefulness of a sunny afternoon. ERIC SHELTON TAKES time from his busy sports schedule to finish his homework. Campus Life: Micture of Ftustle, Hassle Encinal’s campus offered many facilities for students to enjoy and utilize. For the dreamers and thinkers, our front lawn provided a place for solitude or meditation. Athletic prowess found its release during lunchtime on the numerous basketball courts and in touch football on the lawns. The scholars buried their noses in Miss Pageau’s reference books or calculated their trigonometry homework in the library. Big appetities were sometimes appeased three times a day in our cafeteria. For those who preferred to “brown bag,” comfortable eating facilities were also available. One wit gave the best description of campus life at Encinal: “A Mixture of hustle and hassle.” ENTHUSIASTIC AND READY are students arriving at school, ready for study and play. pang. Bs tts pen nd hao een 4 reer 4 irre ss . 8a es ERD Oe Ke 9 ES pew ee EP ES peeled PUR er kee SEE ee ee errr piers a« « = =? ae ee Ante ee pre meee goa RI ge SPAR CORE « tHEt yet - tttest ge ¥e = ttt gett Let MWtweey ett ee OTe et ee HRC EE ee (Pee ete et py dtt wang tl e® he te nee LILLY SENNA, SPRING assistant, is caught by the camera while demonstrating a jump during the exchange pep rally with Alameda High School. TOP: SPRING CHEERLEADERS pose atop the bleachers. They are Janette Cheathem, Cathy Carson, Jeni San Nicolas, Lilly Senna, and Lisa Lufkin. Below: Fall Cheerleaders perform. Yells, Games, allies, Fun: Cheerleading Besides leading yells at games, Fall and Spring cheerleaders divided their time in many other ways. Before football and basketball games, pep rallies took up part of their lunch hours. Preparing for Spirit Assemblies required much after school time. This year, Fall cheerleaders took part in a parade which advertised the Sr. play, while Spring cheer- leaders performed for Chipman School along with the Pom Pon girls. ABOVE LEFT: CATHY Carson begins tc feel the strain of a strenuous practice before a game. Left: Nancy Conroy, Fall head, along with her assistants, Vickie Smith, Debbie Antonali, Jeni San Nicolas and Monica Alves, pose for a picture before a pep rally. eRTAH LOD F ae rrneiete | ote thd eee i ee pee ene oe Se «ee? +% ee ER ERE si eae oe enawe ef a. ae eT oa weeyeee ey. % ee eee Keg oe, (IER OORE oie ey Ee OR EERE De a pand® De a wit WEY ARAMA EWR am ied 4a EMRE Re te we HOO ad eRe eee. Cre eT. aan if, HERRERO AT EY hee he Ree ee ae wT we ee a ROS hg, BEDE REM ANE eee aN Te a aan Oe oe ae . core eee a. Cie RAE gr errr rect. EEE Fn eke ee OM oe! JANETTE CHEATHEM, SPRING assistant head observes, as Head, Jeni San Nicolas shows her movements to a newly conceived cheer. HEAD POM PON girl, Kathy Ravey KAREN SKAVLEM Pom Pons, Flags Add Color to Our Pom pons, flags, marching and music more than filled the lives of this year’s Pom Pon girls and Flag Twirlers. Their many hours of practice with the band was clearly demonstrated during their half-time performances at home games. Assisting the cheerleaders at noon pep rallies, the Pom Pon girls helped promote spirit for games. In addition to participating in the Operation Understanding exchange assembly at A.H.S., the Pom Pon girls made several command performance appearances at our own assemblies. TAKING TIME OUT for a picture are the Flag Twirlers: Yvette Bullock, Espinola Littlejohn, and Joan Stortecky. | BECKY MARCELINE MARCIA STEWART DEBBIE PLYMATE Football Games BETH HANNON WHISPERS to Denise Thomas. Queen Crowned: Highlight of Big Game Week After much hair tearing, helmet throwing and nail biting, the harried, overworked football team finally came up with this year’s five Homecoming Queen candidates. Jeni San Nicolas, Karen Dykstra, Sharon Harris, Kathy Ravey, and Becky Marceline were presented to the student body the week before the Alameda game, giving the boys of the student body seven days in which to choose the one to be their queen. Thursday’s exchange assembly with Alameda included the results of the voting. Becky Marceline was crowned by Mr. Brandes as Queen for the 1969 football season. : Mayor Terry La Croix also crowned Becky and presented her court to the assembled partisan rooters. PRINCESSES KATHY RAVEY and Sharon Harris, along with Queen Becky, pose for a portrait during half-time activities. KEN SUE SMILES at the pretty girl on his arm, Karen Dykstra; as Don Callahan, rigidly somber, escorts the luscious Jeni San Nicolas. THE FINISHING TOUCH is added as Mayor Terry La Croix crowns Becky Marceline. The football fans wildly applaude the court of beautiful girls: Karen Dykstra, Kathy Ravey, Sharon Harris and Jeni San Nicolas. QUEEN BECKY RECEIVES congratulations from her proud mother while Mayor La Croix, Mr. Brandes, and Jeni San Nicolas look on happily. Senior Contest, Block E Game: [Gp ' Campus Fun ae | ea Campus fun this year included the newly conceived Mascot contest and the Block E — Flabby-Five game. Senior-sponsored Mascot contest gave boys under five feet tall, the chance to be recognized. Mascot votes were sold for a penny each. During Christmas week, Santa made his grand entrance during the Block E — Flabby-Five clash. As the crowd roared with laughter and delight the fragile Block E men pitted their strength against the over- weight faculty. As tradition goes, the Flabby-Five luckily coasted by the Block E, winning by a mere 10 points. tee on alo WINNING MASCOT MIKE Willis, approaches Anthony Medina and Gary De Long for votes as sponsor Jeni San Nicolas, pleadingly assists him. A: 4 Ot Uy " WITH HER CANDIDATE Jeff Galena, sponsor, Debbie Antonali, receives votes from Karen Dykstra, Francisco Sablan, and Joanne Tajima. BEFORE SHE BUYS her 100 votes, Karen Dressman teases sponsors Nancy Conroy, Kathy Ravey, Becky Marceline and candidate Russell Zimbleman. TO THE DELIGHT and amazement of Toni Dumont, Marcia Stewart and the crowd, Santa arrives during half-time at the Block E game. THERE TO CHEER the Flabby Five to victory were Mrs. De La Vergne, Mrs. Galloway, Mrs. Reaves and Mrs. McKee. LEONARD McDANIEL SCORES again for the Block E, as Flabby Five defensive man, Mr. Read attempts to foil his shot. Senior Class Play; Successful Event, Chree Night Show “Goodbye My Fancy” titled this year’s annual Senior play. The three-act comedy was written by Fay Kanin and directed by Mr. John Cotter. The story involved the experience of a congresswoman (Agatha Reed, portrayed by Francine Fiszczuck) who returned to her alma mater to be awarded with an honorary degree. There her student picadillos caught up with her. To boost publicity and ticket sales, a parade was held down Webster Street which included the cast, E.H.S. band, and enthusiastic Seniors. The three night performances was a successful money-making event for the Senior class. The cast included: Ginny Merril Amelia Clarrisse Mary Nell Miss Shacleford Janitor No. 1 Janitor No. 2 Telephone man Susan Grace Woods Agatha Reed Ellen Griswold Prof. Birdeshaw Carol Jo Dr. Pitt James Merril Prof. Dingley Matt Cole Claude Griswold Leslie Stanton Sandy Varangos Lillie James Della Giorgi Leslie Graham Marvin Graneri Ronald Lewis Francisco Sablan Ellen Huntoon Sharon Harris Francine Fiszczuk Kathy Silvers Sharon Tauge Linda Lyons Debbie Plymate Robert Moore Robert Garner Dan Eastman Robert Cierri Mike Arriolla ED GARNER PORTRAYING James Merril, a college president demon- strates academicians have lots of talents, and Francine Fiszczuk seems to relish his knowledge. SHARON HARRIS, DAN Eastman and Francine Fiszczuk give aid to Sharon Tauge during her big dramatic scene. LEFT: IN OUR parking lot, enthusiastic Seniors publicize the Senior Play while awaiting to join the parade. BELOW: the cast is shown. Spirit Week, Pep Rallies: Fun, Games Much enthusiasm and (rah rah!) spirit was shown by students during this year’s Spirit Week, particularly in class competition. The Frosh look-alike contest featured such notables as Phyllis Diller and (aaaaarh) Tarzan. Another Fresh- man event was an extremely loud noon-time rally, which helped them win the Spirit Week Crown. Seniors sold spirit chains throughout the week; they were hung in the main hall. The winner of the event was determined by the length of the chain. The Seniors also sponsored an ugly legs contest, in which the participating males modeled their legs on the stage during the Spirit assembly. “Graceful, talented” male Juniors cheered their hearts out at a noon-time rally. Other Junior events included a sponge throw and pie toss. To conclude the week’s festivities, an exchange assembly was held between Encinal High and rival Alameda High School. CHEERLEADERS AND POMPON girls watch the action on stage while awaiting their cues to perform. SOPH CHEERLEADERS ATTEMPT to arouse spirit during the Spirit Week class rally. LEFT: ENCHANTED BY his own fine fearures, “Ugly Man,” Billy Wright smiles with delight at his reflection. Above: In readiness for the big game, members of the football teams modeled their game jerseys while viewing the pep ‘ rally. ALBERT PAMIROYAN STRUGGLES to the finish line, leaving Kathy Macabeo behind, in the dust. 31 WITH THE DETERMINATION to kill, the mighty Jets open the game by bursting through the extended banner. TENSION AND ANTICIPATION hover over the crowd as the action on a the field builds to a climax. peer Annual Clash: Gridiron Fury Excites Fans With distorted faces, flying limbs, and strained voices, spectators actively displayed their spirit during the Alameda-Encinal clash. To get away from the mass hysteria and gridiron combat a bit of glamour was added. Promenading onto the field during half-time, came Becky Marceline, this year’s Homecoming Queen, along with her royal court. Not to forget the most important event of the afternoon, the Jets played outstanding ball, emphasizing a powerful defense, by containing the RALPHIE, JET’S MASCOT, appears confused as to where the Northern California champions, Alameda, to a very action iS., limited passing offense. ASSISTANT HEAD, VICKIE Smith encourages the crowd with much vivaciousness. Student Calent Provides Assemblies Various students offered their talents this year for the talent show which was presented to the student b ody in November. Talented dancers and musicians performed. The Drama, Modern Dance, and music classes presented the Annual Christmas Assembly. Under the direction of Mrs. Larsen, Drama stu- dents performed in a song and dance number. The modern dance class did their version of “Drummer Boy” and the “Toy Shop” scene. The choir and orchestra added much Christmas spirit as carols were sung and played. As a finale to the program, Miss Wann led the audience in various Christmas songs. ABOVE, THREE MEMBERS of the “Young, Gifted and Black.” Performing are, Yvette Bullock, Cynthia Rosenthal and Dana Howard. Right: Mike Williams strums his latest hit, ““Adam Singing Eve.” A SONG AND dance number is being presented at the Christmas assembly by the Drama class. dance their way to the “Land of Oz.” THE MODERN DANCE class brings toys to life as it interprets the “Toy Shop” scene. This and “Drummer Boy” were performed by the dance class at the Christmas Assembly. CORRINE GRAND PERFORMS her bump and grind routine this year during the Talent Show. DENICE THOMAS APPEARS amused at Rosalia Littlejohn’s surprised expression. ALL IS TRANQUIL and undistrubed, as Raul Tuazon and Janice Lawson enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet during their noon hour. THE CITY’S MUNICI- PAL beach proved to be a favorite spot for Kathy Conner, Bill Callahan, Jeanette Garner, and Steve Choy. City, School Ald Student Development Encinal students spent their on and off campus hours making use of two resources: school and community. Alameda’s many parks provided recreational facilities as well as ample grounds for pic- nicking and just plain relaxing. Both school and community boasted of well-stocked libraries where students spent some time studying, writing letters they were soon to mail; or waiting to go to lunch with their friends. EARL RIVARD HESITATES before mailing cards to female admirers after discovering the raise in postage. RANDY MOLINA FINDS locker tops as good a place as any to do some last minute cramming for a test. tap be % ee t , - Student officers Confer, study and Work at yielding a Better Student Government Success Reigns Over Student Counctl’s Extra Efforts Togetherness, struggles, and effort were the key words that led to another successful year for Encinal. Encinal and Alameda student body officers worked closely to provide a joint dance for the teenagers of Alameda. Many student council meetings were spent in debate, concerning the nation’s wide problem of pollution. Eventually a number of concerned students formed an Ecology Club. Old and new student body officers met with the editors of Times Star, in an effort to improve the publicity situation of Encinal High School. Their Tye : 3 meeting was successful. Med : THE FALL AND Spring student body officers of EHS are: Jeni San Nicolas, Spring head cheerleader; Nanci Conroy, Fall head cheerleader; Rick Fenstamaker, Spring treasurer; Dan Eastman, Fall treasurer; Patty Rodriques, Spring secretary; Zee Zee Burns, Fall secretary; THE MEMBERS OF Fall Student Council are: FRONT ROW: Stewart Blank, Charlie Williamson, Marty Anderson, Randy Molina, Chris Kempster, Leo Merriam. ROW 2: Robin Fudge, Cheryle Green, Ann Jefferson, Cheryle Closson, Leslie Tucker, Monica Alves, Kyna Snyder, Dana Bowes, Della Giorgi, Vicky Ford, Karen Nicola, Toni Binns, Barbara Doherty. ROW 3: Marybeth Ryan, Bryan Ching, Kathy Broad, Tom Mountz, Shelley Risley, David Rickman, Kathy Carson, Teresa Cunningham, Nanci Conroy, Peter Allen, Zee Zee Burns, Becky Marceline, Martha Lucero, Debbie Wright, Denise Dettmer, Dana Bonin, Marlyn Wright, Dan Eastman, Dave Heeder. Sharon Harris, Spring vice president; Becky Marceline, Fall vice president; Dave Raynor, Spring president; Peter Allen, Fall president. ORES Hew HARE Hm ee eee ee LEFT: DAVE RAYNOR, Spring EHS president, and Peter Allen, Fall EHS president, show their different styles of political address. ABOVE: Members of Spring student council are: FRONT ROW: Sharon Harris, Cindy Griffitit, Francisco Sablan, Jeni ‘San Nicolas, Earl Rivard. ROW 2: Charlie Williamson, Barbara McClain, Dan Eastman. ROW 3: John Dos Santos, Linda Hiner, Harry Williamson, Bill Wright. ROW 4: Nanci Conroy, Dale Choy, Karen Dykstra, Diane Eastman, Julie Wondolleck, Brenda Bensley, Terry Smith. ROW 5: Carla Mitchell, Kathy Acabeo, Melissa Martinez, Wendy Geary, Jenise Carter, Marybeth Ryan. ROW 6: Anthony Medina, Greg Blevins, Penelope Priceless, Stephanie Lum, Carol Ford, Vickie Costello. ROW 7: Merilyn Wright, Nick Bair, Dave Spitznagel, Brad Growl, Chad Smith, Chris Kempster, Randy Molina. THE FALL STUDENT Faculty members include: Mr. Yoeman, Dan Eastman, Peter Allen, Zee Zee Burns, Miss Wann, Mrs. Remington, Mrs. Nicosia, Dave Raynor, Mr. Cotter, Patti Rodriguez, Rick Fenstermaker. THE NEWLY FORMED Ecology Club members are, FRONT ROW: Bob Anderson, Dana Bonin, Barbara Doherty, Marybeth Ryan, Ron Tal. ROW 2: Peter Locke, Debi Street, Francesca Terranova, Marty Anderson. Constant Ventures y Students Show Stirring Results The Student Assembly Planning Committee and the Student Faculty worked hand in hand to try to pre- pare interesting student body meetings. The com- mittee submitted suggestions to Student Faculty for approval and organization. During the next Student Faculty meeting the assembly agenda was formed into an enjoyable meeting for EHS students. The Encinal Ecology Club carried petitions and actively supported a proposition to ban the bay bridge span as it would damage our area. LEFT: MEMBERS OF the Student Assembly Planning Committee are: FRONT ROW: Dana Bonin, Leslie Tucker, Martha Lucero, Dan East- man, Leslie Graham, Della Giorgi. ROW 2: Peter Allen, Becky Marceline. BELOW: FRONT ROW: Dan Eastman, Marlyn Wright, Mr. Brandes, Mr. Yeoman. ROW 2: Peter Allen, Miss Wann, Mrs. Nicosia, Mrs. Remmington, Mr. Cotter, Mr. Cad- well, Dave Raynor. 43 BELOW: MEN’S FALL and Spring BOC officers are: FRONT ROW: David Spitznagel, Rick Hubbs. ROW 2: Richard Herndon, Len McDaniel, Bob Dos Santos. Representing the Women’s BOC as officers are, FRONT ROW: Donna Presley, Barbara McClain. ROW 2: Audrey Huie, Yvette Bullock. ROW 3: Angela Collins, Espinola Littlejohn. ROW 4: Karen Dreesman, Sandi Varanjos. ROW 5: Mary Bagwell. ABOVE: “NAW! YOU can’t give me a ticket!” RIGHT: Fall BOC members are, FRONT ROW: Rick Hardy, Lillie James, Rick Hubbs, Jim Abra- ham. ROW 2: Ron Emmy, Amor Bernardino, Lucille Dalisay, Tom Ormes. ROW 3: Donna Presley, Ann Pedersen, Lerek Baculpo. ROW 4: Jon Rice, Bob Dos Santos, Jan Fasso, June Yandell, Dave Spitz- nagel. ROW 5: John Dos Santos, Patty Fiszcuk, Michael Rutan, Bob Gallegos, Cilla Castro, Joan Nunes. ROW 6: Chris Kempster, Sandy Varanjos, Len McDaniel, Don Pieroni, Edwin Keyes, Jersey Coyne. ROW 7: Mary Bagwell, Espinola Littlejohn, Paul Nelson, Bruce Jensen. Ben. = . LEFT: SPRING BOC members are: FRONT ROW: Eddie Morales, Bob Dos Santos, Leonard McDaniel, Richard Herndon, Brad Growl, John Dos Santos, Don Hoyt, Dave Bonner. ROW 2: Dave Spitznagel, Pat Hudson, Barbara McClain, Vickie Ford, Amor Bernardino, Sherry Harpham, Lucille Dalisay, Audrey Huie, Karen Skavlem, Beth Hannon, Janet Fasso, Paul Risley. ROW 3: Edwin Keye, Howard Blea, Donna Presley, Monica Alves, Espinola Littlejohn, Yvette Bullock, Micheal Rutan, Kathy Ravey, Becky Marceline, Nanci Conroy, Linda Lyons, Sandi Vranjos, Mary Bagwell. Attempt Control of “Hyper-Active Students”’ The Fall BOC Organization carried out their duties under a false sense of values. They gave tickets and shouted warnings only to show their own self im- portance, or to play a joke on a friend. They were able once again to carry out the traditional role that they had earned in the past, that of a farce. The BOC’s finally realized that this organization was losing it’s worth. In the Spring they chose the new members with seriousness and concern. Again each BOC took an oath to uphold the rules and regulations of the school. This time the BOC’s fulfilled their oath. Justice and respect once more reigned. THE HEROS OF EHS come to the rescue of “pussy cat” Ron Erny, who climbed the tree, but couldn’t get down. Quiet Hours of Diligent Work Produces For EF.S., A Cruly Vintage Year This school year at Encinal High School has shown a great growth in our school spirit. This growth has been characterized by a renewed participation and support of school activities; a greater interest and accomplishment in student government; friendliness and good fellow- ship in the classrooms, in the halls, in student meetings, and at athletic events. Most of all, it is characterized by a pride in our school on the part of every one of us. School spirit on the part of a student body and faculty is a characteristic that makes an outstanding school. We do have a very fine school and can point with pride to our accomplishments. Each year we have come to expect a bigger and better yearbook. This year is no exception. The 1970 HORIZON is a treasure-house of high school memories, friendships, and accomplishments, wherein members of our school have recorded their experiences in print and pictures. It is with pride that I express thanks, on behalf of our entire school membership, to Karen Dreesman, editor; to Rick Fenstermaker, co- editor; to members of the editorial and business staffs; to Mr. Arthur Roke, editorial advisor; and to Mrs. Josephine Holmes, business advisor — for their many hours of hard work and devoted effort. Seis bess Cae Louis Grant Brandes + RS RES EES DSM RAN ABOVE: MR. BRANDES works dutifully to get his personal typing done. BELOW: OFFICE WORKERS, Mrs. Quesada, Mary Bagwell, and Mrs. Frazier, busily carry out duties assigned to them. eee Titties LEFT: WITH A smile, Miss Shockey, our Vice-Principal, waits in hex office for her first victim. BELOW: P.E. HEAD, Mrs. De La Vergne, and Miss Shockey relax and enjoy the annual G.A.A. Christmas Party. Administration Goal: Build Mutual Respect Vice-Principals Mr. Hanna and Miss Shockey had a very touchy job. They had to adjust themselves to suit each problem that arose as far as their students were concerned. Acting as administrators they antagonized some students; a regretable situation but inevitable. On the other hand, many of the student’s interests were promoted by the administratiors. Generally students and administrators tried to understand one another in order to gain mutual respect. IF MR. HANNA is searching for his pen, he’ll find it on his desk. Whatever he is looking for-he’ll find; he always does. DISCUSSING STUDENT ACCOMPLISHMENTS in Miss Wann’s office are: Mr. Bay, Mr. Croll, Mr. Yeoman, Mrs. King, Miss Wann. Counselors’ Gentle Persuasion Encourages Our counselors basic concern was help. It came in many forms through understanding, disciplining, preparing, and encouraging stu- dent efforts. Mr. Croll, the Freshman class counselor, had to understand freshman needs. A freshman student might have felt lost and forgotten when he entered high school, but Mr. Croll reassured and comforted the littlest underclassman. Mr. Yeoman, the Sophomore class counselor, had the difficult task of curbing the unruly spirit of the class of ’72. Tactful discipline was used to make sure the excitable Soph’s didn’t get to big for their britches. Mrs. King, the Junior class counselor, helped prepare the class of ’71 for their Senior year. She prepared them and watched over them to prevent them from losing out on a happy future by giving up at this critical time in high school life. Mr. Bay, the Senior class counselor, gave the Seniors his last ounce of encouragement and confidence so they would continue with their education and fulfill their life-long ambitions. MR. YEOMAN AND Mrs. King the Sophomore and Junior counselors, confer about a students’ program. natal LEFT: THE HEAD counselor, Miss Wann, advises Kyna Synder to sign- up for counseling with Mrs. King. BELOW: MR. CROLL, the Freshman class counselor says his job is one that, “helps students make decisions that will affect their entire lives.” freshimat ery Her etenenae we ext Students Co Fulfill Cheir Ambitions MR. BAY, THE Senior class counselor, takes time for a HORIZON picture. aml From Paper Work Co Wounds, Classifies Serving Encinal and enabling it to run smoothly were: secretaries, a nurse, cafeteria workers, and custodians. The secretaries kept the paper work in order, the nurse repaired minor injuries of students, the cafe- teria workers tried to improve the students lunch with ala carte selections, and it was the janitors job to clean the disaster area called the cafeteria. Mrs. Frazier Mrs. Crittenden REGINA LEWIS CHECKS over last year’s yearbook with Mrs. Mathieson to see if she wants to buy the ’70 book. etree EVovugry Periuwep | Mrs. Slaymaker Mrs. Mathieson MISS STEVENSON, THE school nurse, assures Karen Menichetti that she is still alive after the near fatal test she took last period. ! Personnel Enables EH.S. Co Run Smoothly : CAFETERIA WORKERS FOR the year are: Bernice Beckering, Frankie Layton, Helen Reitsma, Elizabeth Radley, Ruby Bishop, Ruby Hotzel. Mamie Bunn is not shown. LEFT: MR. HORSEFIELD spies warily at our HORIZON cameraman as John Gomez and Ben Tillard, hiding behind the paper, discuss the news. ABOVE: AFTER CLEANING the disaster area in the cafeteria, Mr. Swan- son and Mr. Swisher decided to take a break to enjoy the age old passtime of conversing with a friend. ee Significant factors Shaping character, Building leadership, Jdeas and lives H.S. Service Clubs, Key Aud “S”, UNRULY FOR NEWS WRITES FANT 86 BEE XERATINE 2MAki fy HORN ACKER WITH AOS CLAUSES i WA : tie HM Te AGRE Nee ? hs r pt lagthle ARG GARE IW RemTANY tu ONE WETS BOSON SEXY EKCES AS aNy Malo Ty HAZ ae STANDING READY FOR service at Encinal are the Key and “S” Club officers, front row: Audrey Huey, Jo Anne Tajima. Row 2: Marilyn Wright, Ann Pedersen, Roxanne Bernardo, Dottie Jones, June Yandell. Row 3: John DosSantos, Harry Williamson, Scott Stranton, Bob DosSantos, and Chris Kempster. LISTENING INTENTLY TO Senator Petris speaking is Bill Wright. Distinguished speakers such as the senator were the main attraction at Key Club meetings. Below, Forming a “V” are the Key Club members, left to right: Richard Lambie, Lerek Baculpo, Bill Callahan, Francisco Sablan, Steve Hutchings, Leonard McDaniel, Earl Rivard, Harry Williamson, Danny Marr, Bob DosSantos, Scott Stratton, Frank Cadua, Scott Manhard, Randy Molina, Johnathan Rice, Charles Williamson, Allen Lum, Vince Giagni, Chris Kempster, and Bill Wright. Ald Both School and Community Under the leadership of Key club president Scott Stratton and “S” club president Roxanne Bernardo, the two service clubs were kept busy th roughout the school year. With the assistance of Alameda residents, Key Club members washed cars, sold Halloween insurance, collected canned foods for needy families, and sponsored the KYA Oneders-Faculty basketball game held on January 21. The profits of “S” club’s annual paperdrive and carwash went to the football team for oranges to provide vitamin C during half-time. The members gave a Thanksgiving party for the special class at Mastick Elementary School. Later they invited “S” Alumnae to a reunion dinner. Both clubs joined forces and ushered the Senior and All-School plays. Closing out the year was their annual pot-luck dinner; that evening was filled with laughter and entertainment. “S” STANDS FOR smiling members, front row: Donna Presley, Lilly Senna, Dottie Jones, Ellen Huntoon, Cynthia Thatcher, Phylis Willams. Row 2: Jo Anne Tajima, Ann Pedersen, Angie Collins, Audrey Huey, Merilyn Wright, Gail Nichols, June Yandell, Corrine Grand, Leslie Stanton, Sue Marineck, Jerry Claudel. Row 3: Roxanne Bernardo, Jill Keenan, Rose Montgomery, Kathy Silvers, Patsy Tajima, Doris Wong, Diane Owyang, Dana Bonnin, Nancy Conroy, and Carol Carson. ADDRESSING “S” CLUB Alumnae reunion invitations and envelopes are members: June Yandell, Ellen Huntoon, Ann Pedersen, and Jill Keenan. Where vee aN MRS. STARR, NOT wanting to be tricked, buys a Halloween candy treat from Cameron Hillyer, president of Chi Mu. Encinal, You Music rang everyone’s chimes this year. Encinal’s music groups under the supervision of Cameron Hillyer, fearless leader of Pep Band. Chi Mu and Marching Band, provided live entertainment at assemblies and sport events. New members volunteered their time and talents and as a result increased the activities of Chi Mu and Pep Band. Chi Mu’s candy sale held on the week of Halloween; and they managed to raise much “moolah” which went towards awards, ensemble fees, and a musical scholarship at Camp Cazaders for a lucky student. Pep Band’s activities were purely voluntary. These ““peperoo’s” provided musical entertainment at the Senior Play, Swim meets, and basketball games. Marching Band, plus flag twirlers and letter girls performed during half-time at every football game. Bandsmen claimed the highlights of their year included their performances at the Annual Veteran’s Day Parade and leading the Senior Play Parade through the heart of Alameda’s West End business district. RIGHT: BACKING UP their fearless leader, Cameron Hillyer, are the musically inclined members of Pep Band: Leslie Tucker, Stuart Blank, Dana Bonnin, Elise Schermann, Douglas Floyd, Becky Geishaker, Shelly Risley, Jeff Foster, Sandra Schultz, James Garlet, Brian Moger, Melissa Samison, Rovert Williamson, Dick Archbold, Allen Lum, Jim French, Jeffery Waggner, Chris Corpuz, and Pam Massingill. LEFT: STOP, LOOK and listen to the members of Encinal’s musical club, Chi Mu. Members are: Cameron Hillyer, Jeff Waggoner, Paul Pendergrass, Joan Stortecky, Jo Anne Nunes, Phyllis Williams, Jerry Treber, Alice Bullis, Sandra Schultz, Allen Lum, Leslie Tucker, Becky Geishacher, Dana Bonnin, Ellen Huntoon, Elise Schermann, Shelly Risley, Doug Floyd, Robert Williamson, Denise Westmoreland, and Dottie Jones. Below: Following the flagtwirlers and lettergirls is the marching band as they move off the field. | } | | King My Chimes With A Musical Beat 58 The tradition of initiation of new members in Girls’ Athletic Association was the first order of business this year. With a December candy sale, the girls used the profits for a “decent picnic” at the end of the school year and for gymnastic equipment. In holiday spirit, a Christmas party was held. Purpose for G.A.A. was active participation in any choice of competitive games. Sports offered were archery, bowling, swimming, and volleyball. Dedicated to the field of athletics, the girls were more than useful, for they served as timers and judges at swimming and track meets. Playdays were also part of the program. Outstanding ability was rewarded by points that went towards earning a block “E.” The Men’s Block “E” goals this year were outstanding achievement in sports and helping to better the athletic program at Encinal. Joining forces with the basketball team, Block “E”’ held a super sucker sale, the profits bought an athletic department projector and film. The annual Block “E” activity was a basketball game with faculty “Flabby Five” with proceeds of this Christmas event going to the American Field Service program. With the assistance of Key Block “E” sponsored the KYA Oneders-Faculty game. TAKING TIME OUT from their activities are members of G.A.A., front row: Sharon Matheson, Pam Schacht, Kathy Peters, Barbara Lenehan, Mary Freitas, Karen Nicola, Debbie Hemmer, Ellen Huntoon. Row 2: Alice Roy, Wendy Casali, Cathy Gosselin, Denise Roach, Vicki Castillo, Sherry Niehaus. . = MRS. DELAVERGNE INSTRUCTS members of G.A.A., Carolyn Gregory, Audrey Huey and Susan Pasco in the art of tennis. SMILING PRETTILY ARE the G.A.A. officers: Audrey Huey, President; Linda Lyons, Vice President; June Yandell, Secretary; Karen Skavlem, Treasurer; Lilly Senna, parlimentarian; Barbara Dickson, Awards Secretary; Vickie Ford, Publicity Manager; Kyna Snyder, Song Leader. Athletic Clubs Hold Super Sucker Sales Co Buy New Sports Equipment CASUAL IS THE only description of these Block “E” members, front row: Randy Molina, Mike Marchello, Ken Sue, Don Callahan, Bob DosSantos, Jim Abraham, and John DosSantos. Row 2: Mauro Soto, Lerek Baculpo, Bill Wright, Scott Manhard, Dave Heeder, Jersey Coyne, Dan Marr, Rick Hubbs, and John Janke. Row 3: Dan Quesada, Ron Schaefer, Bob Crosby, Len McDaniel, Rick Fenstermaker, Phil McEachern, Mike Wasteney, and Dave Spitznagel. On bars: Tom Delmore, Roger Gerundo, Craig Simpson, and Dave Raynor. A NEW PROJECTOR for the Athletic Department is the object of the Super Sucker sale. Block “E” president Bob DosSantos persuades fellow classmates to buy several suckers. rr NO, Wr ay i ; LEFT: LINDA WEBER looks at Mr. Winberg quizzically as | he tells Mike Nolan and Frank Cadua its okay to eat their suckers on the bus to Cal State. Above: Standing on either side of their president, Audrey Huey, are secretary, Larry | Carson, and vice president, Steve Conner. Students with a higher academic standing were offered membership in two honor clubs; CSF, Cali- fornia Scholarship Federation, and Sigma Epsilon. In spite of the required grade of A- set by CSF, many students qualified. Club activities included an annual candy sale, tutoring E.H.S. students, and a tour of Cal State campus in Hayward. A little more lenient, on their grade point require- ment, Sigma Epsilon included students with a B average. The members sponsored an ice-skating party, a pickle and ice-cream sale and a successful art festi- val. : POSING FOR PICTURES is better than studying for class. CSF members and their sponsor, Mr. Winberg; front row: Steve Conner, Harry Williamson, Frank Cadua, Mike Nolan. Row 2: Susan Stallman, Pam Schacht, Karen Doyle, Debbie Street, Evelyn Oronos, Leslie Tucker, Linda Weber. Row 3: Larry Carson, Chris Kempster, Kirk Archbold, Toni Binns, June Yandell, Doris Wong. 60 SIGMA EPSILON MEMBERS, Chris Kempster and Kathy Caver seem to have no time for picture posing; however the other members do not agree with this philosophy. They are: Rose Montgomery, Barbars Leneham, Mary Frietas, Toni Garlit, Lucille Dalisay, Janice James, David Casal, Douglas Hoyle, David Huie, Rick Bernadino, Arturo Estranda, Frank Cadua, Allen Lum, Ron Ernie, Charles Williamson, Karen Doyle, Dana Bonnin, Arrienne Chaix, Kenneth Wong, Audrey Huey, Mellissa Martinez, Amor Bernardino, Wanda Yee. Sitting by table: Sue Young, Sharon Harris, Kathy Caver, Doris Wong, Harry Williamson, Kathy Macebeo. | 1 CHARLES WILLIAMSON, SIGMA Epsilon president doesn’t crack a smile as Janice James; vice president, Amor Bernardino; secretary and Wanda Yee; treasurer try un- successfully to make him laugh. PICKLES FOR LUNCH? Well, there’s no accounting for taste, which prove to be true by the expressions on the faces of these Sigma Epsilon pickle and ice cream sale customers, Chris Schoelen, Terry Nichols, and Cathy Carson. ON TOP OF the aqueduct (diving board) are Latin Club officers: Julie Alexander, treasurer; Linda Weber, secretary; Leola Leonhardt, vice-president; and David Casal, president. Ave the Foreign Language Clubs Propaganda Plots? Behind the true blue walls of Encinal, lurked foreign organizations, sucker sales, banquets, pinata’s, and such. We pa use to wonder, who gave the inter- language Christmas parties behind closed doors? Be- hind the language curtain we probed, only to find a Latin Club whose activities included a sucker sale and the annual Latin Club banquet. The French Club, a motley looking crew, began its activities with a bake sale, then joined the Spaniards and the Romans for a Christmas party. Foreign Correspondence seeped into Encinal, we found the recipient to be the Spanish Club, with their innocent candy sales and parties. New members joined these clubs, money raising ac- tivities were sponsored, parties were held, and yet we wonder. “TODAY THE DIVING board, tomorrow the world,” is the fearless Roman cry from Latin Clubbers. FRONT ROW: Karen Menchetti, Valerie Adams, Nancy Siebenthal, Carolyn Gregory, Jeni San Nicolas, Audrey Huie, Cathy Caver. ROW 2: Julie Barbour, Vickie Winegarner, Diane Eastman, Dawn Wessel, Rose Montgomery, Lani Smith, Julie Alexander, Liola Leonhardt, Melissa Jamieson, Linda Weber. On ladder and board: Cheryl Closson, Kevin Wong, David Huie, Barry Allen Lum, Chris Kempster, Scott Stratton, Jonathen Rice, Scott Manhard, Ron Schaefer, Dave Casal, and Dion Rivard. SELLING CUPCAKES INSTEAD Codnan and Carol Ford. of kisses for the French Club are Barbara “PARLEZ VOUS FRANCIAS?” asks French Club members. FRONT ROW: Carol Ford, Corine Grand. ROW 2: Carl Sakowicz, Brad Growl, Valerie Growl. ROW 3: Leslie Stanton, Rich Herndon, Cindy Mildon. i ae HABLAN ESPANOL? ASKS Spanish club members. FRONT ROW: Amor Bernadino, Arthuro Estrada, Linda Hiner, Charles Williamson, Harry Williamson, Leonard Ko. ROW 2: Phyllis Williams, Karen Scheuermann, Brenda Bentzely, Ann Pederson, Judy Young, Kathy Macebeo, Pricilla Castro, Toni Garlit. ROW 3: Sandy Dreesman, Lanelle Towle, Andreene Chaix, Kathy Maes, Melissa Martinez. ey el Be my ABOVE: CHEERING MADLY are enthusiastic Pep Clubbers. FRONT ROW: Joanne Tajima, Patsy Tajima, Patty Mckenna, Linda Chelucci, Sue Mclean, Jan Simon, Jeni San Nicolas, Monica Alves, Debbie Antonali, Dana Bowes, Kyna Snyder, Lilly Senna, Shelly Fasso, Marcia Stewert, Beth Hannon. ROW 2: Karen Skavlem, Corine Grand, Carol Ford, Janese Carter, Susan Taylor, Shirley Drake, Becky Marceline, Marilyn Alcorn, Karen Kenny, Mary Frietas, Louie Ayers, Debbie Street, Cindi Mildon, Kathy Gosselin, Linda Hiner. ROW 3: Valerie Growl, Francesca Terranova, Carla Mitchell, Ellen Huntoon, Gail Nunes, Lisa Lufkin, Ronnie Gertes, Denise Westmoreland, Karen Doyle, Andrienne Chaix. ROW 4: Cathy Caver, Toni Garlit, Carol Carson, Barbara Idle, Michele Mitchell, Kathy Macebo, Amor Bernadino, Rose Montgomery. ROW 5: Cathy Carson, Jennifer Sullivan, Cheryl Closson and thirteen unidentified cheering subjects. BELOW: The annual Pep Club car wash proved to be quite a splash. Pep Clubbers Nancy Conroy, Beth Hannon, Amor Bernadino, Shelly Risley, Susan Taylor, Shirley Drake, and Monica Alves lister to manager Roger Gerundo on “How To Wash a (Care LOOKING OUT ACROSS the football field are some of the Fearless leaders of Pep Club: Vice President Julie Alexander and Secretary Lilly Senna. Encinal’s good guys, the Pep Club, decked out in blue and white, did it again by plunging the student body into another spirited year. Pep Club included pompon girls,.cheerleaders, and a herd of other eager girls as well as five boys. A few of their activities were showe- ring the school with pompons, jet power buttons, and slogan ribbon sales. Besides their annual candy sale, they also sold true blue and white striped T-shirts to wear to the games. With faithful cries of, “Go Jets,” and their many pep rallies, Pep Club proved to be the most spirited club in the school. Model U.N. wasn’t the only club that went up, up, and away this year as membership in Wing Tips became another way to fly. Wing Tips, under the leadership of Mr. George Reeves, a former Navy pilot, really flew the friendly skies as the future flyers activities included visiting the Alameda Naval Air Station for simulated flying experience and their first flight of the year from Hayward Airport to Napa, California. WOULD YOU CARE for a plane ride?, ask Wing Tippers, front row: Karen McIntosh, Steve Studebaker, Gary Schock, Marvin Graneri, Kathy McIntosh, Tom Cecchetini. Row 2: Michelle Saylor, Paul Buttachavoli, Richard Miller, Dan Marr, Mike Laney, Donald Baldwin, Dennis Green, Frank Solis, Dave Watts. LEFT: PAT LYLE asks, “What do I do Next?,”’ as he strug- gles to keep his mock aircraft “aloft.” Above: You don’t really need all those dials to fly an aircraft, do you?, asks Kennth Stevens pondering the intricacies of naval aviation with his instructor, training-deviceman third class William Mayer. Washington D.C. In ’71as UN Group Wins Again Encinal’s Model United Nations, under the direction of Mr. Haberberger and Mr. Winberg, proved to be one of the most exciting clubs in the school. An increasing interest in world affairs led the Model UN to better their efforts. The first dance of the year was sponsored by the Model UN to raise money for transportation to conventions. At the Donkey Basketball game, which proved to be one of the more hilarious highlights of the year, money came from all directions. It was up, up, and away for the third consecutive year to Washington D.C. where our Model UN represented South Africa and took sixth place nationally among the one-hundred and fifty schools represented, then left with an invitation to return next year. Meanwhile, the rest of the Model UNers were representing the U.S.S.R. at a three day convention in Berkeley where they also | rHAT’S FUNNY, THEY don’t look Chinese! Lisa Guichard, Bob Cieri, and Mike Williams are placed among the top ten. calight ‘objecting at the Security Council held at EHS library. KAAAAA, NYY} YY ANN WV NYY WYV KANN ANY NYY LEFT: HERE ARE the world renowned members of Encinal’s Model UN, FRONT ROW: Vince Abella, Bruce Kenyon, Bob Craig, and Greg Blevins. ROW 2: Peter Allen, Ann Pedersen, Cheryl Closson, Leslie Tucker, Beth Hannon, and Jean Bugbee. ROW 3: Larry Carson, Dick Archbold, Barbara Doherty, John Dos Santos, Brad Growl, Mark Simmons, and Alicia King. ABOVE: Chairman Peter Allen listens attentively to fellow Model UN members at the Security Council Meeting. WITH BAGS, BUNDLES, and boxes, Model UN delegates to Washington bungle their way to the helicopter that will take them to an awaiting plane at San Francisco Airport, little realizing that photographer Bob Leach plans to hijack it to Cuba. IT’S THE LONE Ranger, alias David Rickman, with the ball reigning on his faithful charger, Silver, while the trainer chews on his whistle. eas Dea DISCUSSING THEIR FUTURE plans are FHA officers: Kitty Goodson, Songleader; Donna Garuthers, Historian; Karen McIntosh, Vice President; Kathy McIntosh, President; Julie McBride, Treasurer; and Michelle Saylor, Secretary. TODAY’S STUDENTS, TOMORROW’S homemakers are FHA members. TABLE: Julie McBride, Donna Garuthers, Beth Hackert, Gene Samuel, Evelyn Oronos, and Lucille Dalisay. STANDING: Kathy McIntosh, Karen McIntosh, Pam Schact, Charlotte Ross, Mary Ayers, Nicki Waterson and Suie Hoyt. eee ent Greater Insights Junto Tomorrow Guides Future Homemaking it an at few students ae interestedin, “Crayons Homemakers “few”’ composed an industrious band of girls under the direction of Mrs. Tackach. What the future holds for Future Homemakers of America was apparent; but for the present, money making ran side by side with homemaking. Besides a candy sale, followed by a cupcake sale, they sponsored a sale at the flea market to send delegates to a state conference. Profits were also contributed to the American Field Service and the Encinal’s Model UN. To promote home economics and an understanding of family relation- ship, they held their annual Parents Night Dinner. Even think one of your friends might someday cross the lines to become a teacher? Perhaps they belong to the Future Teachers of America. Sponsored by the Alameda Education Association, FTA’ers broadened their teaching abilities by tutoring at Paden School, helping after school, and aiding Encinal teachers. Meeting twice a month, they planned their fall activi- ties, which included a candy sale and a Christmas party. With the coming of new officers were new activities: a trip to San Francisco University and the Alameda County Conference of Future Teachers of America were also on the agenda, also an end-of-the- year club picnic. LEFT: PAUSING BETWEEN classes are FTA members, FRONT ROW: Debbie Saenz, Linda Myro, Sandra Schultz, Cathy Caver, Mary Frietas, Karen Nicol, Michelle Mitchell, Mary Ayers, Annette Jefferson, and Jan Kinkaid. ROW 2: Pam Schact, Bob Craig, and Tye Nordstrom. ABOVE: TUTORING KEPT Pam Schact and Jan Kindaid busy every Tuesday after-school at Paden School. LEFT: On the doorsteps of Encinal are FTA officers: Cathy Caver; President, Michelle Mitchell; Vice President, Pam Schact; Secretary, and Jan Kinkaid; Treasurer. THE STARRING CAST of BSU, seated: Shiryle Green, Brenda Bailey, Monica Alves, Barbara McClain, Ron Lewis, Sharon Harris, Espinola Littlejohn, Portia Woods, and Greg Johnson. Standing: Stephanie Arujo, Ricky Gilmore, Cassandra Day, Regina Lewis, Rita Harris, Wanita Gilmore, Terry Smith, Rosie Littlejohn, Lorelei Kraft, Carolyn Day, Rene Woods, Gwen Rosenthal, Anna Jefferson, Yuette Bullock, Eric Shelton, Cynthia Rosenthal and Frazier Sparrow. ABOVE: CHECKING OUT the agenda for the next meeting are B.S.U. officers: Gary Wayne, treasurer; Sharon Harris, chairman; Barbara McClain, vice-chairman; and Espinola Littlejohn, secretary. RIGHT: B.S.U. member, Sharon Harris, is caught selling school banners to Leslie Tucker, Wanita Gilmore, and Bob Craig. Red Cross, BSH Do Cheir Chings On EHS Campus Encinal had more soul this year when the B.S.U. came together under the direction of Black History teacher, Mr. Caver. The B.S.U. did their own thing and proved that black doesn’t turn you back. One of their things was sponsoring the ““Young, Gifted, and Black,” also the “Soulettes” who performed at Encinal’s talent show. Another of their many activities was a carwash, followed by a school banner sale to promote school spirit. The highlights of the year was, February 14 through Febru- ary 25, the week during which the school was encour- aged to support Black History. Between Black Art dis- plays and the B.S.U. picnic, the soulful B.S.U. proved that this year’s events were truly their thing. The Red Cross thing happened to be lending a helping hand. First on the agenda was a rummage sale and a carwash to send money to the survivors of Hurricane Camille. Among other activities the Red Crossers visited the patients at Oaknoll Hospital, then held a candy sale. Money was also raised for a scholarship for a senior who plans on nursing. LEFT: RED CROSS officers President Mary Ayers, Secretary Karen Nicola, and Vice President Cathy Caver do not seem to know the difference between medicine and camphopenique. BELOW: Reading over the constant paper work are Red Cross members, TABLE: Mary Ayers, and Cathy Caver. STANDING: Delia Dagdagan, Remedios Quenanga n, Marcella Helwig, Bob Craig, and Richard Miller. 71 TONI DUMONT IS showing off her skills to fellow Art Clubbers on the «THOT PER . ge MOT USEF bs i THU ee em ABOVE: MR. RUARK, Advisor for Art Club is watching Deborah Saenz, Doris Wong, and Mary Binns on their painting techniques. LEFT: Trying to be creative in the sand are Art Clubbers. FRONT ROW: Mike Hamm, Royce Sommers, Gary Parker, and Dave Houhour. ROW 2: Deborah Saenz, Debbie Wright, Lilly James, Marilyn Fischer, Stephanie Lum, Toni Binns, Mary Binns, Mr. Ruark, and Doris Wong. Art, Pen Club Have Creativity And Imagination Under the direction of Mr. Ruark, the members of Art Club produced many new works of art with paints, metal, ceramics, and the pottery wheel. A suc- cessful Ghiradelli candy sale, trips to the Oakland and San Francisco Art Museums, and a dinner were the major activities of the club. Pen, a creative writing club, consisted of a group of young talented writers and poets. Under the super- vision of Mrs. Soll and Mr. Rebensdorf, they learned to express themselves in writing. Meeting semi- monthly at the homes of members, they shared their writings and their host’s refreshments. Their talents were displayed in the Pen assembly. LEFT: ONE OF highlights of Pen Club assembly was the skit: Chicken Little. Here, Tricky Dicky, the General, and Fuzzy Wuzzy are caught in action. BELOW: Mr. Rebensdorf gives the final count to Bill Vuylsteke, as Martha Lucero strikes him out. Catcher Mrs. Soll and Pen Clubbers watching the game include: Peggy McKee, Amanda Minor, Pam Buckner, Janis James, Pete Locke, Vincent Abella, Pam Schact, Bob Anderson, Dale Mathias, Marilyn Fischer, David Rickman, Dana Bonnin, and Jill Keenan. ot’ we 2 2 were eal oa TE Saal ” iil { ae , ed . we Determined athletes Drive for top teams As opposition toughens EHS. Jets try harder Jet Defensive Unit Inspires Ceam ae ae Es i a, we nical " — — ae ee ee we Gy . ar” | ea Vis ts: s THE AGRESSIVE JET defense headed by linebackers John Janke and tackle Tom Gilchrist team up to crush a Hornet ballcarrier in the annual Encinal-Alameda football game. tah, ail Seite eae lia A NEL ARTS atte er SENIOR GARY WAYNE annihilates a Pinole Valley halfback as sophomore linebacker Eric Shelton rushes to assist. SENIORS DON CALLAHAN and Dave Raynor team up to tackle a San Leandro ball carrier for a five yard loss. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Encinal 120 Ef Cerrito” = Enci nal 5 as Kennedy ... Encinal Pinole Valley .. Encinal San Leandro Encinal De Anza . Encinal Richmond Encinal Berekely . Encinal Pacitice es Encinal Alameda . SENIOR QUARTERBACK RICK Fenstermaker whiffs a pass to split end Gary Wayne during the San Leandro game. QUARTERBACK RICK FENSTERMAKER hands off to halfback Ken Sue who plunges through a gaping hole created by the JET offensive line gaining a valuable first down in the Encinal-Alameda football game. VARSITY LINEMEN: FRONT ROW: Sam Harader, Mike Wasteney, Don Peroni, John Janke, Mauro Soto, Dennis Soule. ROW 2: Mark Pryor, Bob Moss, John Jensen, Ed Abiva, Steve Hutchings, Tom Gilchrist. ROW 3: Doug Floyd, Ken Kuklewski, Richard Herndon, Jeff Jurgenson, Nick Bair and Coach Jerry Ludy. ENCINAL’S GARY WAYNE fearlessly attempts to tackle a Pirate ball carrier. Under the direction of a new coaching staff, the scrappy and determined Encinal High School football team fought the 1969 football campaign. The JETS ended the rugged A.C.A.L. season with a record of 1 win and 8 defeats. Their lone victory came against the equally scrappy DeAnza Dons. In this game the varsity gridiron offensive unit exploded for 20 points and the JET defense rallied allowing the Dons only 8 points. At the annual awards banquet, held November 24, this year, the team’s most outstanding players were announced. Tom Gilchrist, junior tackle was the most valuable player. Leonard McDaniel received the Mr. Hustle award and Jake Childs was awarded the most improved player trophy. A new innovation this year was the honoring of the Alameda game team captains, John Janke and Leonard McDaniel, with special walnut plaques. VARSITY BACKS AND Ends, FRONT ROW: Mike Lowe, Dave Raynor, Jersey Coyne, Dan Marr, Mark Hayes, Bill Callahan, Don Callahan, Rick Fenstermaker. ROW 2: Bob Leach, Perry Turner, Dave Spitznagel, Paul Risely, Gary Niehaus, Dan Eastman and co-manager Ron Erny. ROW 3: Bob Parker, Ed Keyes, Rudy Brady, Eric Shelton, James Pichu, Paul Rufus, Earl Rivard. ROW 4: Co-manager John Lewis. Varsity, J.V., Frosh Records: Jn terchangable The Junior Varsity football squad, under the direction of Mr. Conner, experienced a disappointing season, plagued with losses. The Junior Varsity gridders retained the spirit that symbolized most of Encinal’s athletic endeavor. (tt RI Vi A A Some of the outstanding players on the J. V. team were: quarterback, Bob Leach; halfback, Paul Rufus, splitend, James Littlejohn; and linebacker, Mark Pryor. Gaining experience in the skills and techniques of the fine art of football was the goal of the Frosh-Soph team this year. Under the direction of coaches, Dick Gorman, Jim Kruse, and Max Wilde, the yearlings wound up the season with one win and eight losses. FROSH SOPH FOOTBALL Squad, FRONT ROW: Nick Sablan, Jim Dykstra, Rudy Moreland, George Contaxis, Tom Greathouse, Jim Parnow, Fred Henchell, Dennis Cheatham. ROW 2: Victor Davis, Greg Johnson, Blair Griffin, Erny Anderson, Jim Hudson, Troy Nelson, Mike Willis. ROW 3: Bruce Yerranium, Mario Chelucci, Quincy Ford, Sam Draully, Roger Clarke, Bert Pondok. ROW 4: Bob Childs, Nelson Abiva, Wayne Ayars, Bob Allegrotti, Fred Dalby, Tom Kelly. ROW 5: Murphy Bivens, Dan Osborn, Mike Anderson, Ricky Crouse, Gary Willis, Larry Wilson, Greg Blevins. ROW 6: Mike Simons, Ron Wilson, Richard Lambee, Doug Smith, Bob Solomon, Bob Pickerole. FRESHMAN MIKE WILLIS vainly attempts to pull in a Rudy Moreland pass. SOPHOMORE HALFBACK JAMES Littlejohn catches a pass from quarterback Bob Leach for the JETS first touchdown during the Richmond game. “WHERE IS, OR what happened to the action;” is the expression on the faces of nearly hidden Paul Rufus, Robert Parker, and Coach Barry Conner. | THE JUNIOR VARSITY Football Team, FRONT ROW: Mike Wasteney, Gary Henwood, Bill Callahan, Mark Hayes, James Littlejohn, Dan Marr, Paul Rufus, | Mike Lowe, Earl Rivard, Ed Keyes. Row 2: John Jensen, Mark Pryor, Doug Floyd, Jeff Jurgenson, Ken Kukulewski, Nick Bair, Robert Parker, Bob Moss, Rudy Brady, William Tajalle, John Tajalle, Steve Hutchings, Bob Leach, Don Peroni, Ron Erny, Paul Risely, John Lewis. Dormant Jets Erupt As Spirit, Hustle, and Victories Increase This year’s varsity basketball team proved to be as exciting as the one of a year ago. Coached by Dave Johns, the JETS established themselves as a constant threat in A.C.A.L. competition. Although the JETS lacked experience as only two letter- men returned this year they still managed to develop a well balanced team. In the backcourt were Gary Wayne and Eric Shelton both noted for their excellent ball handling and hustle. Flanking them at the forward positions were Ron Schaefer an unstoppable offensive threat and Graig Simp- son who possessed a tremendous driving ability. At center for the JETS was 6 foot 4 inch sophomore Albert DeWitt who proved to be one of the team’s most valuable and essential players. SOPHOMORE CENTER ALBERT DeWitt lunges over a Pacific Viking, to spear a costly rebound. SENIOR FORWARD RON Schaefer drives past two Pinole Valley defenders for an unmolested layup. ENCINAL’S HUSTLING GUARD Eric Shelton shoots over two Pinole Valley players ee for two points. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES PACIFIC BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT Encinal Albany Encinal Novato ACAL GAMES Encinal El Cerrito Encinal Kennedy Encinal Pinole Valley Encinal San Leandro Encinal Encinal Richmond Encinal Berkeley Encinal Pacific Encinal Alameda Encinal El Cerrito Encinal Kennedy Encinal Pinole Valley Encinal San Leandro Encinal Encinal Richmond Encinal Berkeley Encinal Encinal RON SCHAEFER EFFORTLESSLY tries to block an attempted shot by a Pinole Valley Spartan. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Manager Ted Hodson, Coach Dave Johns, assistant manager Nick Bair. ROW 2: Mike McCollum, Eric Shelton, Scott Manhard, Gary Wayne, Ron Schaefer, Albert DeWitt, Chris Kempster, Graig Simpson, Bob Leach, Bruce Kenyon, and Dan Marr. 9.V.’s Beat Albany Frosh-Soph Ceam Crounces Bancroft Coach Bill Caver’s Junior Varsity basketball squad displayed excellent techniques and skills throughout a long season. The young, all sophomore, team played against older and more experienced teams. Their first victory came against the strong Albany five during the exibition season. Junior Varsity standouts included James Littlejohn, Bob Leach, Mike Bartell, and Albert Pamiroyan. The team developed a never-give-up attitude and con- tinuous hustle throughout the 69 season. Max Wilde coached the Frosh-Soph basketball squad; he stressed basic fundamentals and a fast-break offense. The team matured quickly enough to beat Bancroft by a score of 42-41. Lack of height affected the frosh-soph team a great deal but they were still able to rebound and apply the fast-break techniques to experience impressive victories in the A.C.ALL. SOPHOMORE GUARD JAMES Littlejohn nets from twelve feet out for two points against Pinole Valley. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Squad, FRONT ROW: Earl Rivard, Gil Academia, James Littlejohn, Bill Brawley, Rick Esquivil, Frazier Sparrow, Ricky eats ROW 2: Manager Ted Hodson, Dale Lee, Albert Pamiroyan, Mike Bartell, Doug Floyd, Jeff Waggoner, Bill Holiday, Victor Davis and Coach Bill aver. FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Gil Academia, Jim Garlit, Ken Mares, Tim Marr, Bill Hubbard, Rudy Moreland. ROW 2: Curt Paulson, George Wolke, Roger Clark, Jim McDaniels, Jim Beatty, Mike Musseter, Murphy Bivins, and Dino Quesada. COACH MAX WILDE instructs his players during a first quarter time out. { ; ‘ t i KEN MARES TRIES to frighten his opponent into turning the.ball over. 86 VARSITY TENNIS TEAM: FRONT ROW: Mike Marchello, Bill Wright, Dan Marr, and Raul Quesada. ROW 2: Dale Choy, Coach Paul Foster, Bill Raimondi, Russ Furtney, Mike Laney, Pat Schoelen, and Mike Hamm. sae wa Riegel SR emt ANE PEST, aac LETTERMAN JIM Abraham sinks his birdie putt on the 15th green at the Alameda Municipal Golf Course as Bob Crosby, Jersey Coyne, and Dan arr look on. Golf N’ Cennis Ceams Hopes Rise in ACAL The golf and tennis teams were coached by Paul Foster. Golf, a relatively new sport at Encinal climbed in popularity among JET sportsmen. Outstanding golfers included: Jim Abraham, Jersey Coy ne, Dan Marr, and Bob Crosby. The golf team attributed lots of practice as one of the main reasons for the JETS successes. Everyday after school the parmen used the Alameda Municipal Golf Course for a three hour practice session in preparation for their 20 match schedule. Existing for only 6 years, tennis as a team effort, had enthu- siastic and capable players. Under the guidance of Paul Foster, the JET’S 10 man team had a 16 meet schedule this year. The returning lettermen that helped the varsity team were: Dan Marr, Mike Marchello, and Raul Quesada. VARSITY GOLF TEAM, FRONT ROW: Jim Abraham, Bob Crosby, and Jersey Coyne. ROW 2: Coach Paul Foster, Jeff Foster, Jeff Jurgenson, Dan Marr, Robert Parker, and Ken Sue. RAUL QUESADA DISPLAYS his patented backhand as he prepares for an SENIOR GOLFER JERSEY Coyne blasts his way out of the sandtrap oncoming match. as Dan Marr and Bob Crosby watch. To the fast action camera the club has vanished. ABOVE: EXECUTING AN inward dive, pike position is Tom Schiere beck workouts in month of February. BELOW: Jet’s Swim Team members ar RONT R Blank, Arthur Stone, Randy Molina, Jim Olson, Larry Wilson, and Lerek : Ordeman, Erik Ordeman, Tom Shierenbeck, Mark Wolter, Glen Brandt, Doug Mitchell, Bob Anderson, Walter Rasmussen, manager. ROW 3: J Leo Baculpo, Tom Greathouse, Steve Payne, Lee Harris, and George Har oger, 88 Girls Clock’ stn TAKING TIME OUT in practice are Girls’ Swim Team members: Sally Davis, Sherry McCullom, Wendy Geary, Lanelle Towle, Adrienne Chaix, Debbie Matheson, Dotti Jones, Elise Scheurmann, . | )ana Bonnin, Susan MacLean, Karen Kenney, atie Keltner, Kathy Davis, Elaine Brandt, Sandra f chultz, Julie Wandelleck, Anne Hamilton, Kathy | | ABOVE: OFF TO a good start during time trials in after-school practice are members of Girls’ Swim Team, while others wait their turn. RIGHT: Having a bit of fun after a hard workout are Lisa Lukin, Karen Kenney, Kathy Conner, and Katie Keltner. Kecord-RBreaking time in 100 Medley Kelay URE Be ir er I AT Lisa Lufkin, Cheryl Closson, Martha Lucero, Francesca Terranova, and Debbie Milne. Kathy Carson, Consisting only of freshmen and sopho- mores, the Girls’ Swim Team finished with a winning season. Led by captains Katie Keltner and Cathy Conner, under the guidance of their Coach, Mrs. Snyder, the girls had a 4 win and 2 lost record. The big- gest challenge came against cross-town Alameda High; even though the girls made an all out effort, they lost by a margin of 13 points. Attempting to win against their rival a second time, the girls lost by the score of 69-49. The easiest victory was the defeat of Berkeley High by a score of 35-10. Encinal rounded off the season by dominating De Valle twice. An outstanding time, 1:01.1 was clocked in the 100 medley relay at the first De Valle meet; the swimmers who set the mark were: Kathy Davis, Dana Bonnin, Katie Keltner, and Susan MacLean. As in any other sport, the girls look forward to next year. With four lettermen returning, Randy Molina, Lerek Baculpo, Roy Moger, and Bruce Kenyon, the Encinal Swim Team showed great promise for a successful season. The Jet’s, hoped that new arrivals would take the place of last year’s grad- uating swimmers. In an effort to equal last season’s standing in the tough ACAL League, a second year Coach Jon Mederios began practice early for upcoming meets. Cross-Country Scoreboard iiciod! mores St. Joseph 26 30 Encinal ee a St: Joseph... 63 3 Encinal tes. San Leandro .. 59 54 Encinalizas tote Paciiic eee af 33 ? Bricinalie ames Kennedy - 22. 36 28 Eneinalen 52 Jac St: Jospeh 46 46 Encinals, d3.s28 Alameda... . 102 29 DON SAPORITO, STEVE Payne, Cameron Hillyer, Allen Gooch, and Bob DosSantos are seen running at the Alameda Memorial State Beach in order to improve their time. .Marina.... 58 El Cerrito 16 De Anza... 53 De Anza 59 . Alameda 18 Berkely .San Leandro 66 Fremont 34 Pincole 61 71 ABOVE: TONY GORDINIER is shown placing fourth at the North Coast Section I held at Cal. State. Left: Captain of the cross-country, Bob DosSantos, is shown running with co-captains John DosSantos and Tony Gordinier in their daily jog around the state park. Hillyer. Spirit, Enthusiasm Inspire Jet Runners “Stronger than last year, every runner ran with the enthusiasm necessary to build a winning team, and as a result, the cross-country team showed the spirit Encinal has lacked in the past and gained some victories Encinal had missed in the past,” commented John Matula, head coach. The DosSantos brothers, Bob and John were the only returning lettermen while Tony Gordinier, Nolan Shew, and Claude Akana made up the rest of the varsity team. This year, Encinal came home with 5 wins and 10 losses. Highlights of the season were: Encinal defeated their arch-rival St. Joseph, 26-30, in the first meet of the season; the Jets finished second in the city meet; and Tony Gordinier broke the Kennedy High School three mile course record with a time of 17:08. Tony, who finished second in the A.C.A.L. frosh-soph competition, was the only runner who represented Encinal at the North Coast Section I, where he placed fourth. He then went on to the North Coast finals where he placed twenty-sixth. RUNNING DAILY TO build stamina are the members of the Junior Varsity team, Don Saporito, Allen Gooch Steve Payne, and Cameron Hillyer. MEMBERS OF THE CROSS-country team are, front row: Coach John Matula, Harold Bentzely, Ernie Pieroni, Steve Payne, Don I Saporito, and Dave Watts. Row 2: Scott Hale, Steve Quen, Nolan Shew, John DosSantos, Bob DosSantos, Arturo Estrada, Tony | Gordinier, and Gene Fassioto. Row 3: Manager Dave Casal, Allen Gooch, Don Bates, Tom Ceechettini, Claude Akana, and Cameron Jet Grapplers: Berkeley High School was the scene of triumph as the JETS varsity wrestling team again took the ACAL championship on Friday, February 6th. The matmen, coached by Dick Gorman, captured the first place trophy and defeated last year’s champions by ten points. Individual winners included champion and “outstanding wrestler” Roger Gerundo in the 123-pound weight class; Tom Gillchrist in the 178-pound weight class and Bob Moss in the unlimited class. Cham- pion Dave Heeder who wrestled in the 127-pound weight class also went unde- feated for all league meets. This year the JETS built a respectable record of 7 wins and no losses to capture the ACAL round robin standings. In the Pacific Invi- tational Tournament, the JETS finished in sixth place. Even our first year wrestlers were given the chance to compete in the ACAL Novice Tournament and they brought home the first place trophy. The JV’s, coached by Barry Conner, also had a productive year with a compiled record of 4 wins and 2 losses. Some outstanding wrestlers were: champion Bob Jepsen in the 130-pound weight class; champion Raul Quesada in the 136-pound weight class and champion Chris Childs in the 141-pound weight class. Undefeated ACAL Champions ABOVE:MEMBERS OF the 1969-1970 Junior Varsity Wrestling Team, FRONT ROW: Raul Quesada, Nick Sablan, Ren Aguon, Bruce Murclock, and Ray Batis. ROW 2: Chris Childs, Paul Close, Mark Pryor, Rick. Lambie, Tom Montz, and Sam Grijalva. BELOW: Marks Hayes, Encinal’s 130 pound weight class wrestler tries to escape his Richmond opponent’s hold. 1969-1970 ACAL WRESTLING Champions, FRONT ROW: Mike Marchello, Mark Hayes, Dave Heeder, Roger Gerudo, Nelson Abiva, Sage vada and Anthony Medina. ROW 2: Bob Moss, Tom Gillchrist, Mike Wasteney, John Jensen, Don Pieroni, Alfred Meno, and obert Meno. ROGER GERUNDO ATTEMPTS to pin his Pacific opponent. The match ended in a draw. VARSITY WRESTLING SCORES NGM 5 6066 € vate Lo De Anza ..... EE es. ins 24 Encinas oS Sansleandiomeneeine . 14 ET citialeeen eerie OU, Berkele yanmar. 15 Enciiall® aces ae 40 Pinole Valley) sme ts « 13 Encitial’ 05 or eee oO Richmond ...........8 Enicinal eee ee O PACiti CE eee ee Berl 4: Encinalgreeereriecr ae HH) Kennedyipee a. ahs 19 TOURNAMENTS Pacitioulnvitattonalsmemrrciers ce rere PEE Ne nen gol A CATANGVICE: pore renin orci eceis ors Mee ey Te eee one ESL ACAL Championship ....... ie dere aicaee eee St INorihnGoastiSection) meee esi bonds Ws eres somes b a. 4th. ANTHONY MEDINA, THE JETS 98 pound varsity wrestler is shown pinning | his Berkeley opponent. Jet Varsity, Champion Grapplers, Provides: ABOVE: COACH DICK Gorman gives some pointers to Bob Moss before his match. Right: Encinal’s wrestlers fell their opponents in an infinite variety of ways as Mike Wasteney demonstrates a head- bumping, shoulder-thumping hold. BELIEVE IT OR not, SMALL Bruce Murdock is just as fearful as BIG Mike Wasteney. ABOVE: SLIPPERY ALFRED Meno wriggles out from his Amador opponent’s hold and is later victorious to add 5 points to the team score. RIGHT: Champion Dave Heeder makes a human pretzel out of his unidentified opponent. Spectators With Action, Exciting Victories BOB MOSS, ENCINAL’S champion in the unlimited class is attempting to pin his Kennedy opponent. His success adds 5 points to Encinal’s win over Kennedy, 27-19. 95 I'ses, methods Student interest Spatked by new Exciting cou Ceachers, Life IC S S S mix Municipal Court Procedures Gi. ls ae wae Be AS MRS. MCKEE points out the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, Ramona Green obviously finds humor in their names. Mr.Gorman LOOKING UP FROM his notes, Mr. Connor explains an assignment to his Modern European class. p MR. ROKE DRAMATICALLY discusses an event in his ancient world history class. Seniors Jnside Look At Our Government For the first time, Senior government classes have had the opportunity to observe actual court proceedings. To prepare the students, the entire court system and procedure received detailed attention in government classes. National courts, state courts, local courts as well as legal terminology and practice were drummed into Senior heads. Most students were fascinated by the day in court and particularly impressed by the discussions on law and order with the presiding judge at the close of the day of hearings. Heated discussions on current world affairs were instigated daily by Mr. Gorman. These discussions gave students a chance to express their views on major issues. Some students discovered Mr. Haber- berger’s detailed discussions on the advancement of Asiatic cultures were fascinating but never easy. Mr. Haberberger Mrs. King Mr. Winberg 99 Poetry, Semantics: New Course Poetry, Semantics and Ethnic Literature were only a few of the new English courses available at Encinal this year. These classes were combinations of Juniors and Seniors. Formal essays and term papers became easier to write for the students who took Creative Writing. A semester later their many efforts finally paid off. The growing list of new teachers at Encinal included Mr. Lewis and Mr. Wright who brought with them new, creative and exciting ideas in teaching. MR. LEWIS, A new teacher, must have a love affair with books and reading as he immerses his classes in both, via our library. Mr. Cotter MRS. SNYDER, EYEBROWS raised, absence slip in hand, just may be asking: “‘That’s where you were yesterday?” MR. WRIGHT PROVES he’s a good sport as he gets out of grading papers, poses and smiles for a yearbook picture. MRS. SLATER AND her English as a Second Language class found that the magic audio-machine was a 20th century genie in disguise. Mr. Ellis 7 - o oe Mr. Luebbert MISS DUNGAN FREQUENTLY uses the audio-lingual machine with her French classes to accustom them with an authenic French accent. “NOW YOU LISTEN to me!” exclaims Geri Caudill and Greg Pennock obviously decides the female of the species does have the last word. 102 Linguistic Talents Expand Using Our Modern Facilities Frequent use of the modern facilities and newly revised books, foreign language students were able to comprehend different languages with greater ease. One other aspect of language included the printing of posters and programs for our many club and school activities. The special classes instructed by Mr. Lueb- bert and Mr. Ellis did this job excellently. Other than foreign languages, another linguistic talent was practiced by the beginning and advanced stu- dents. Mrs. Larsen enthusiastically encouraged and exercised dramatic and vocal talents. SECOND YEAR SPANISH class students, Marv Miller and Frazier Sparrow, read a dialog “en espanol.” BELOW: Mrs. Galloway points out Madrid, the capital of Spain, during one of her lectures on the differences between Spanish regions. ip Ru Seas we V V Mrs, Bryant 4 SANTANDER é §. SEBASTig = F S on ; s “BILBAO ny WASCONGADAS? as s oa OWITORIA $ PAMPLON N ANP it 4 LOGRO i 7 BURGOS ess : ts BY Lc ey Huesca Nie re PALENCIA ? - : fot a SORIA : tAPOUID Fae - Bnd cy 7 EARABOZA ‘ - ca Rey ois ‘ “ oe NSEGOWIA 4. s ms A st G 2 2 ra Pes ; [GUADALAJARA AVIERMADRID® t= Shee StEeS,.5 Petes ‘ TERUEL ae a So a CUENCA Mrs. Larsen Pe A-LA NUEVA 23 se fon Oe Nae id tan GS GL ALBACETE REAL ¢ pac) K: o " ‘¢ ec “ “ ont MURCIA a AL Sy Se = aR “ag i tee th ™s Actos 42 = ALMERIA ALAGAL pleased with the results. S paper, MRS. REAVES LOOKS over Jamie Taylor Mr. Brown Mr. Kruse Mr. Hartwig Mr..Read Mrs. Hegeman Mr. Rebensdorf 4 i EUREKA! OBSERVING A drop of water under a microscope, Caryl Roper discovers the world of bacteria. MR. BOUGHTON EXPLAINS, Cheryl Closson smiles, the question remains: Does she or doesn’t she really understand Algebra? Advance Science, Math Cechniques New books and modern teaching methods advanced learning techniques for the math and science departments. The use of films and charts helped provide a more exciting atmosphere for the physiology and biology classes. The various experiments allowed students to learn more about human, amphibious, and plant life functions, while Mabel, the uncomplaining skeleton provided a true illustration of human structure. The advanced math courses: Geometry, Algebra III and Math Analysis dealt with difficult mathematical problems. Mrs. Hegeman and Mr. Wilde were unrelenting in the attempts to teach their students various equations and theories. The students were able to learn rapidly with the new-up-to-date books that were available to classes. Mr. Smith Mr. Wilde 105 Learning Basic Skills Provides Background for Future Cateers Students had the opportunity to choose a prospective field from the various vocational classes offered this year. Basic skills were learned and applied by each student working on his own project. The home economics classes provided for both boys and girls to learn the art of cooking. However, for the boys, the aroma of burnt biscuits and the look of a deflated cake wasn’t so appetizing. MR. REEVES HELPS Glen Ritchie discover that even the slightest mistake can cause the biggest problems. Mr. Lopes Mrs. Takach Mr. Patten IN MRS. TACKACH’S Boys’ Cooking class, Frank Krauland and Dave Raynor begin their recipe by heating the crisco. ABOVE: LEONARD KO and Ron Blackwell wear their safety goggles, Mr. Cadwell, shouldn’t you be wearing yours? Left: Three’s a crowd, many hands make light work and too many cooks spoil the broth; which caption fits James Bockman, Dale Choy, and Vince Giagni? MR. FORD CONFIDENTLY watches Michael Parnow concentrate on his woodshop project! WOTTUN a, Art ’s ’N Crafts: Imagination Ju Form Perens Meeting Deadlines With Determination, Hard Work: “HORIZON” EDITORS, KAREN Dreesman and Rick Fenstermaker, look on as Mr. Roke, “HORIZON” advisor gleefully chops another layout. “RCHO” STAFF MEMBER, Robert Moore, directs, Patty Rodrigues checks and Ruby Johnson and Karen Goltz type their out-going issue. | | | . | Echo, Horizon Share Common Experiences a Pushing the panic button at the time of a deadline was a common experience for both “ECHO” and “HORIZON” staffs. Hard work on the part of the staff's combined with a desire to please the student body and to win national acclaim had the editors and all working long hours into the night and during their lunch hours. The slave-driving editors cracked down many times when they believed the layouts, pictures and copy were not up to par but the members of the staff tired and disgusted with their own works con- tinued on with dogged determination and achieved final copy results. “ECHO” EDITOR, JUNE Yandell, watches confidently as Mr. Johnson makes the final approval of her editorial. Yea Ati NH ot ay Te So aD ft SR a sa CATHY HUNTER, VICKI Ford, Francine Fiszczuk, and Dave Bonner make their comments on the first copy of the “ECHO.” ABOVE: Some of the members of the “HORIZON” staff listen intently as photographer, Bob Leach tries explaining the correct angles for a picture. New Courses, Plus Craining Equals Jobs Various up-to-date techniques offered at E.H.S. pro- vided students who are planning a career in business, a first hand experience in their prospective fields. One new class, Distributive Education, found jobs for qualified students and the experience in class work allowed them to readily understand and do their work competently. The constant drills by teachers gradually increased the accuracy of the student’s work in the business machine, typing and shorthand classes. as AS) oat RS Mr. Butler WITH HER TRUSTY time clock in hand, Mrs. Slee begins one of her tests to increase speed students remark that accounting isn’t as hard as they suspected. Mrs. Holmes Miss Page au a Tene SO we Ot enc ; d all | Sel eee all vos igen Or ae ern | . ent and accuracy in her students. Below: Mrs. Vollmer looks overjoyed as her é = Retoining Wolk te Leet tar oe ge MRS. ELLIS AND Karen Cannon demonstrate how to use a filing cabinet, just one of the many duties in office practice. MR. FEE EXPLAINS to Cheryl Overfield and Rick Hardy the correct procedure in working the cash register. Senior Play Parade, Spring Concert Tops Band, Choral Activities On November 20, the E.H.S. Marching Band led the parade publicizing the Senior play “Goodbye My Fancy” through the West Alameda business district. The Encinettes and various choral groups ‘performed for many elementary schools and participated in the annual Spring Concert. The orchestra participated during the Christmas assembly and the newly organized Jazz Band occasionally entertained stu- dents in the cafeteria during lunch. It was indeed, a busy year for the music makers. LEFT: SHELLEY RISLEY is all smiles because she finally played the right notes. BELOW: Orchestra members, ROW 1: Karen Harpham, Terry Longoria, Dana Bonnin, Dottie Jones, Leslie Tucker, Alice Bullis, Karen Doyle, Sue McClean, Denise Westmoreland. ROW 2: Jerry Treber, Mark Williamson, Elise Shauerman, Sue Stallman, Sandra Schultz, Mr. Hewitt. Physical Fitness Plus Co-ordination; Goal of ROCC and PE The physical education and R.O.T.C. classes strove to build physical fitness and co-ordination in every stu- dent through the many activities offered to them. Endurance tests were given at the beginning and middle of the year. The syncronized performances by our Drill Team and Color Guard won Encinal honors at the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. Individual awards were captured by girls on our year-old gymnastics team. Sgt. Lambert Mrs. DeLaVergn Mrs. Jones Mrs. Hambric Mr. Ludy AS VICKI FORD swings her partner, Cathy Caver round, and round Cathy seems a little unsure of Vicki’s dancing ability. STANDING AT ATTENTION are R.O.T.C. members: P. Abreu, J. Allen, C. Balmaceda, R. Balolong, J. Batis, W. Bennett, K. Blair, T. Cramer, D. Crazythunder, L. Devine, A. Dumlao, J. Dykstra, J. Dykstra, M. Estigoy, F. Felker, F. Frill, J. Galena, D. Green, M. Hamm, L. Howell, E. Gomez, B. Hubbart, R. Jarratt, J. Justice, K. Keen, J. Kelley, C. Leonard, B. Lemon, G. Longoria, J. Loveland, M. Mendoza, D. Mendoza, T. Michaud, A. Morini, M. Newton, T. Nordstron, J. Olson, C. Pack, G. Papsan, K. Pierson, T. Potts, S. Purdon, R. Raymos, D. Reese, C. Rhymes, H. Rombs, P. Schoeler, C. Shetter, T. Shemaker, R. Summers, J. Unger, P. Walker, L. Williams, W. Windle, R. Zimberman, V. Abella, B. Allen, T. Bowens, E. Beardsley, J. Beatty, T. Bernardo, R. Bradigan, W. Bonner, D. Eson, J. Davis, T. Grain, T. Hunter, J. Hurley, K. Kinder, K. Klingell, M. Green, S, Grimes, J. Hatch, C. Hausen, J. Cruz, S. Herron, M. Jackson, K. Lacy, M. Laney, A. Lee, L. Lee, G. Lehman, R. Newton, S. Quant, M. Ramsey, H. Smith, F. Solus, S. Studbaker, E. Uballe, J. Taylor, D. Thrall, D. Unger, R. Vranek, R. Wirtz, R. Wirtz, T. Wisley, J. Wortman, C. Bopp, T. Hill, M. Graneri, M. Hogg, A. Lum, W. Maxcy, F. Sablan, P. Short, M. Ward, R. Brady, R. Crazythunder, N. Enostrom, E. Gills, P. Hallworth, L. Joines, J. Johnson, R. Joines, E. Key, L. Moyer, P. Nelson, W. Norcross, T. Ormes, G. Peterson, G. Rutledge, V. Sebesta, M. Simmons, R. Tackett, S. Tallardin, H. Waldron, V. Walker. “GET OVER HERE and then Ill give you the ball,” says Mr. Johns, PE Director. THE R.O.T.C. COLOR Guard members Mike Heise, Raymond Bradigan, Jeff Justice, and Kenny Kender, respect- ively raise the flag before school. Seniors work, Play, study at School and in Che community 120 ABIVA, EDGAR AKANA, CLAUDE ALEGADO, DEAN ALLEN, CATHY ALLEN, PETER AMON, MARGIE ANDERSON, ANTHONY ANTONALI, DEBORAH Seniors Begin School Year Raising Funds For Future Activities The class of ’70, one of the smallest classes Encinal has had, began the fall term of 1969 by sponsoring a football mascot contest. Throughout the year they continued raising funds for Senior activities: the Picnic, Banquet, and Ball. The traditional Spirit Week held each year has been won in the past by the Seniors; however this year they lost to the lowest underclassmen; the Freshmen! For the first time the Seniors staged a parade to advertise their play “Goodbye My Fancy.” Our marching band led the way, wit h the Pom Pon girls and Cheerleaders carrying signs announcing the play. As graduation drew near, a rush of activities kept the Seniors busy. When the day finally came and they were handed their diplomas, the Seniors beamed with pride at their accomplishments. ‘i ARRIOLA, MIKE ARRUDA, JEFF BACA, ANTHONY BAGWELL, MARY BARRETT, WAYNA BERNARDO, ROXANNE BIDDLECOME, LINDA BISHOP, ANDREA BLAKE, MADELON BLEA, ELIZABETH BOCKMAN, JAMES BETWEEN CLASSES DAN Eastman and Leslie Graham review someone’s notes before a mid-term. BOLIVAR, JOY BOPP, CHARLES BREITEN, DUANE BROWN, JAMES BULLOCK, MARVIN BULLOCK, YVETTE BURNE, RORY BYRNS, ALPHA CALLAHAN, DON 121 CAUDILL, GEREMA CIERI, ROBERT CHILDS, RICHARD CHOY, DALE CHRISTEN, STEVE CLARK, STEVE CLOSSON, ROBERT CODIGA, KATHY COMBS, PATRICIA CONNER, STEVE CONROY, NANCY CONWAY, MICHAEL COYNE, JERSEY CROSBY, ROBERT DAVIS, DAVE DAVIS, MARION DELMORE, TOM deROVER, ROBERT Claremont Hotel: Senior Rall Setting MARY LUNDBERG SEEMS camera does not capture. amused over an incident the DICKSON, BARBARA DOLAN, CANDY DOMREIS, SUSAN DONALDSON, SUSAN DRAKE, SHIRLEY DREESMAN, KAREN DYKSTRA, KAREN EASTMAN, DAN 123 Senior Class of ’70 Selects Final Year Leaders a L. ie ea . in i f a 25 : see - aS Tees ge oat gels. alle ABOVE: FRANCISCO SABLAN, Fall Senior Class President pauses between classes to pose for a picture. LEFT: The Fall Senior Class Officers are: Shirley Drake, Secretary; Karen Dykstra, Vice-President; and Kathy Ravey, Head Cheerleader. Missing from the picture is Jeni San Nicholas, Treasurer. 124 Sth THE SPRING SENIOR Class Officers are Nancy Conroy, Vice-President; Leslie Graham, Secretary; JoAnn Nunes; Treasurer; and Debbie Antonali, Head Cheer- leader. THE SENIOR CLASS Council met to discuss the ways to improve the class KATHY RAVEY, SPRING Senior Class President somehow finds time, naa with her busy schedule, to do a little studying. 125 EGGETT, ANDY ERNY, MICHAEL “Goodbye My Fancy”’ Superb Senior Play A Smashing Success FISZCZUK, FRANCINE FONG, LINDA FORD, CALVIN FOSTER, JEFFERY FREITAS, PHILLIP GANSER, DALE GARCIA, ROMIRO GARNER, EDWARD GERUNDO, ROGER GIBSON, BERNIE GILBO, LORI GIORGI, DELLA GOODE, DEBORAH GOSSELIN, SANDRA 126 GRAHAM, LESLIE GRANERI, MARVIN GUTMAN, JUDITH HABERMAN, VIVIAN HACKLEMAN, ROBERT HAMILTON, BARBARA HANNON, BETH HANSON, HERBERT HARADER, ROLF 128 HARDY, RICHARD HARRIS, SHARON Excitement Grows, Graduation Day Becomes Reality HAWKINS, ELIZABETH HAUNE, EUGENE HAVAS, PAUL HEEDER, DAVE HELLESON, SANDRA HELLING, ROBERT HENKEL, TONY HENRY, DOROTHY HERNDON, RICHARD HILL, TERRY HOGG, MICHAEL HOULE, EDWARD HUBBS, RICHARD HUDSON, PAT HUGHES, ROBERT HUNTOON, ELLEN IRBY, CALVIN JAMES, LILLIE JANKE, JOHN JARIN, MARGARITA JENSEN, BRUCE JEPSEN, ROBERT JEW, KEVIN JOHNSTON, RUBY JORGENSON, SHARON MIKE CONWAY AND BILL Savko attentively watch a pep rally in progress. 129 130 Seniors Given Many Outstanding Awatds For Achievements From the time they entered Encinal as freshmen until they graduated June ‘12, the senior class of 1970 participated with enthusiasm in all activities. They sponsored car washes, cupcake sales, candy cane sales and X-mas tree sales. They were a highly honored class with many outstanding students. Awards were given to the students who showed ambition and the ability to work hard. The Merit Awards were given to the students who showed exceptional progress and achievement in their own special field. Those chosen were: Lillie James, Art; JoAnn Nunes, Music; Kathy Ravey, Modern Dance; Beth Hannon, Social Science; Becky Marceline, GAA; Lori Gilbo, English; Claude Akana, Math; Denise Roach, Business; Michael Rutan, Foreign Language; Dan McEachern, Industrial Arts; and Kevin Jew, Science. The DAR good citizen award went to Kathy Ravey. Representing Encinal this year at Boys’ and Girls’ State were Scott Stratton and Alicia King. Spending a week at Ashland, Oregon as Christian Athletes were Rick Fenstermaker and Dan Eastman. THE WINNERS OF the 1969 Merit Awards were given Merit Blazers for their own individual accomplishments in their own special field. Those chosen were: FRONT ROW: Lillie James, JoAnn Nunes, Susan Taylor, Kathy Ravey, and Beth Hannon. BACK ROW: Becky Marceline, Lori Gilbo, Claude Akana, Denise Roach, and Michael Rutan. Missing from the picture are Dan McEachern and Kevin Jew. Php) DRS ye) SCOTT STRATTON AND Alicia King represented Encinal High at Boys’ and Girls’ State for the summer of 1969. THIS YEAR’S WINNER of the DAR Good Citizenship Award was Kathy Ravey. BELOW: Looking over the pictures and notes taken at Ashland, Oregon, are Dan Eastman and Rick Fenstermaker who represented EHS as Christian Athletes. 132 SENIORS START THE school year with a contest for a new football mascot. Standing with their mascot candidates are: Kathy Ravey and absentee Gilbert Lopez; Jeni San Nicolas and Mike Willis; Becky Marceline and Russel Zimberman; Debbie Antonali and Jeff Galena; Nancy Conroy and absentee Ricci McGee. Senior Class Sponsors Football Mascot Contest LEE, LINDA LEMON, ROBERT LEOGRANDE, LINDA LEWIS, RONALD KENYON, BRUCE KING, ALICIA KULUHIWA, VIOLET LONGORIA, TERESA LUCAS, MARCIANNE LUCERO, ANTHONY LUM, ALLEN LUNDBERG, MARY LYONS, LINDA LYONS, MAURICE MANEFRE, LUCIA MARCELINE, REBECCA MARIANI, MARK MARTENUK, SUSAN MATHESON, SHARON MAXCY, WAYNE McCLAIN, BARBRA McCREA, VICTORIA McDANIEL, BLUE McEACHERN, DAN Royal and White Senior Jackets Brighten First Day SENIOR MEN DISPLAY their newly acquired Senior Jackets. FRONT ROW: Mauro Soto and Craig Simpson. ROW 2: Gary Niehaus, Rick Hubbs. McEARCHERN, PHILLIP McLEAN, NANCY MEIERS, SHERRY MELENDEZ, PATRICIA MERRIAM, LEO MERTZIG, MARGARITE MILLER, PATRICIA MOELLER, WILLIAM 134 MOGER, ROY MOORE, ROBERT MUNDY, NANCY NICHOLS, GAIL NIEHAUS, GARY NOLON, DEBBIE NUNES, JO ANN OVERFIELD, CHERYL PACINI, LARRY PEREZ, JOSEPH PERRE, LEON PETERSON, PAUL PLYMATE, DEBRA POTTER, DAVID PUMPHREY, MICHAEL QUENANGAN, REMEDIOS QUESADA, DANIEL QUEZADA, JOYCE RAVEY, KATHY RAYNOR, DAVID eee ere i eal ie 136 {ious res Past Reflec Memo Senor ‘ie ce eS bec peepee pepe oo B eee tote iT ot REYES, FRANKLIN REYNOLDS, WILLIAM RICH, KAREN ROACH, DENISE ROMBES, SIEGFRIED RUTAN, MICHAEL AS A SEMI-FINALIST in the National Merit Scholarship Test, Bruce Kenyon has had enrollment offers from over thirty colleges, but he has chosen to enter the United States Naval Academy in June. RUTLEDGE, VICKIE RYAN, MATT SABLAN, FRANCISCO SALAS, MARY SANDERS, REGINA SANDOVAL, FERNANDA SANJINES, MIRIAM SAN NICOLAS, JENI 138 SANTOS, JOSEPH SAVKO, WILLIAM SCHAEFER, RONALD SHEPHERD, BARBARA SILSBY, CLAIRE SILVERS, KATHY SIMPSON, CRAIG SMITH, MIKE EH.S. Student Semi- Finalist in National Merit Scholarship SMITH, VICKIE SOLOSABAL, GREGORY SOTO, MAURO SPITZNAGEL, DAVID STANTON, LESLIE STARK, SARI Graduation Marks Beginning of a New Decade, New Future STRATTON, SCOTT SUE, KENNETH SZCZEPANSKI, BARBARA TAGUE, SHARON TAL, RONALD TAYLOR, SUSAN THOMAS, WILLIAM TUCKER, RODNEY TURNER, PERRY VEGA, ALBERT VRANJOS, SANDRA WADE, MICAH WARD, KATHERINE WARD, MICHAEL WASHINGTON, RICHARD WASHINGTON, ROBERT WASSON, JOEL WATTS, DAVID WAYNE, GARY WESSEL, CHARI WILLIAMS, MICHAEL WILLIAMSON, JODY WILSON, JENNIFER WOLTER, MARK WONG, KENNETH WRIGHT, MERILYN WYCKOFF, JACQUELINE YEE, WANDA YOUNG, PRISCILLA WITH GRADUATION AND a tush of activities coming Gerrie Caudill finds classroom concentration difficult. 141 $s, and tle LVL. Act. Class Participa I x : S = tion Broaden Knowledge of Human Ach le - levemen Class of ‘71’ Orders Sr. ABBEY, Ginny ABRAHAM, Jim ABRAMS, Kathy ALVES, Monica ANDERSON, Bonnie ANDERSON, Donna AYERS, Burnell AYERS, Mary BONNER, David BOWES, Dana BOWENS, Tyrone BOZA, Barry BRADY, Rudolph BRANDES, Suzanne BRIEGER, Bill BRIMBERRY, Jim BULLIS, Allice BUTTACAVOLI, Paul CADUA, Frank CANALIN, Leavy CANNON, Karen CASALI, Wendy CASTRO, Cilla CHAVEZ, Terry CHELUCCI, Linda CHRISTENSEN, Linda CLOSE, Paul COOPER, Janet 144 Rings, Jackets BACULPO, Lerek BAIR, Nick BANDA, Marie BARRETT, Gerrie BASS, Terry BEATTY, Sondra BELKIN, Nick BELL, Jerry BENSON, Georgia BENTZLEY, Harold BERNARDINI, Joyce BERNARDINO, Amor BIGNONE, Cathy BLACKWELL, Ronald BLAIR, Kathy BLEA, Howard JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, Fall 69, FRONT ROW: Lilly Senna, Donna Presley, Janice James. Row 2: Cynthia Rosenthal, and Doug Mahoney. COLLINS, Angela CRAIG, Paula CRAZYTHUNDER, Robert DAGDAGON, Delia DAGDAGON, Edgardo DALISAY, Lucille DEHONEY, James DE ROSSETT, Peggy ‘DOS SANTOS, Bob DOS SANTOS, John DOYLE, Bill DREESMAN, Sandy DUMONT, Steve DUPLESSIS, Janet DURAN, Lucille ERNY, Ronald FASSO, Janet FERNANDEZ, Jackie FISZCZUK, Pati FLETCHER, Gail FLOYD, Douglas FONG, Lurline FORD, Bobby FORD, Calvin FORD, Vickie FORTEZ, Elizabeth FOX, Linda GALLEGOS, James GANNON, Gail GARVIN, C ee GIAGNI, iuceae res AND play dead, Rover, but not on my foot!” GILLCRIST, Tom GILMORE, Ricky GOLTZ, Karen GOOCH, Alan GRAHAM, Dickie GREEN, Dennis GROVES, Ronald GROWL, Brad GUY ; Mary 146 HALE, Bryan HARPHAM, Sherry HEWES, Fred HEMMER, Debbie HOLLAND, Debbie HILLYER, Cameron HINER, Linda HOLT, Kathy HOWARD, Dana HOYT, Don HUIE, Audrey HUNTER, Cathy HUTCHINGS, Steve JAMES, Janice JEFFERS, Janice JENSEN, John JONES, Dorothy JOHNSON, Jeff JORGENSON, David JURGENSON, Jeffrey KELLY, Jo KEMPSTER, Chris KEY, Edwin LACOPOULOS, Stephanie LEAHY, Susan LEE, Carl LEHMAN, Roger LEWIS, John LIM, Danny LINDSAY, Karen LITTLEJOHN, Esponila LUCERO, Sharon fee oo aces it Gs a ae | LUKAS, Karen LYLE: Pat LYONS, Sheryl MA, Kenneth MACASIEB, Ronald MAES, Kathy MAHONEY, Doug MAIN, Dave MANHARD, Scott MARCHELLO, Mike MARSH, Michael MARR, Dan LINDA HINER FINDS space on the front lawn to do her homework. MATHESON, Donna G I OD MC CLURE, Judy ree Down One To Go MC DANIEL, Leonard 7, 2 MC GLOTHREN, Bradford or Juniors MC KENNA, Patty MC MINN, Trisha RARE SCENE: SPEECHLESS Jackie Fernandez listens to her boyfriend; MENA, Ramona only her fingers betray her interest and concern. MENDEZ, Albert MENO, Alfred MENO, Bob MERITT, Donald MILLS, Sheila MITCHELL, Gay MORALES, John MORENO, Rene’ MOORE, Philip i MOSS, Bob MOYER, Lawerence NARITO, Jimmy NELSON, Paul NORCROSS, William NOWLING, Pat NYE, Bill ORDEMAN, Erik ORDEMAN, Erwin ORMES, Tom ORONOS, Evelyn PANIETZ, Sandra RN RRR ELON EO ON EA ES 147 Juniors Prepare For Senior Year Under the guidance of their class sponsor Mrs. Snyder, the leadership of their fall and spring class officers, and the co-operation and interest of class members the Junior class succeeded in making the year an active and exciting one. Activities included a sucker sale, a swim party, a carwash, and a mistletoe sale during the Christmas season. During spirit week Juniors proved their school spirit by holding a sponge throwing contest and an ugly man contest. Juniors also sponsored boy cheerleaders who aroused spirit at the pep rally. The highlight of the year was the Junior Prom which was held in April. These events ended the Class of '71’s last year as one of Encinal’s lower classes. JUNIOR SPRING OFFICERS are, FRONT ROW, left to right, Lerek Baculpo; Treasurer, Joanne Tajima; Secretary, Leonard McDaniel; Cheerleader. TOP ROW: Bob Dos Santos; President, and Vince Giagni; Vice President. Ne 63 sg PARKER, Sue PARKER, Robert PARMENTER, Rick PEDERSEN, Ann PENDERGRASS, Paul PERRE’, Jon PETERSEN, George PIERONI, Don POSADAS, Greg POTTEROFF, Connie PRESLEY, Donna QUESADA, Raul RAMONDI, William RASMUSSEN, Walter RAWLINSON, Charlie REICK, Mary RICE, Jonathan RICH, Donna RICHIE, Glen RICKMAN, David RISLEY, Paul ROBLES, Margo RODRIGUES, Pat ROMBS, Andre ROSENTHAL, Cynthia RUTLEDGE, George ROZA, Richard SAKOWICZ, Carl SAPORITO, Donald SCHIERENBECK, Tom SCHULTZ, Jeneine SHOLEN, Larry SEBESTA, Vernon SENNA, Lilly SHELDON, Debbi SHEW, Nolan j SIEBENTHAL, Rosellen SIMMONS, Mark SIMPSON, Richard SKAVLEM, Karen TAJALLE, William TAJIMA, Joanne SMITH, Jerry SMITH, Lani SNIDER, John SNYDER, Kyna TELLARDIN, Steve TILTON, Bob SOALE, Dennis STEVENS, Lenita STEWART, Marcia STORTECKY, Joan THACHER, Cindy TROADIO, Judal STUDEBAKER, Stephen SYKES, Janet TACKETT, Richard TAJALLE, John TRUJILLO, Angel TRUTNA, Betty PAUL NELSON REPRESENTS the Go-Go spirit of the Junior class as he manipulates the stage lights. TUFT, Cindie TUAZON, Raul VANBUSKIRK, Ken WAGGONER, Jeff WALDRON, Heber WALKER, Bob WASHINGTON, Robert WASTEWELL, Michael WHITMARSH, Kay WHYTE, Maria WILSON, Brian WILLIE, Evin WILLIAMS, Phyllis WILLIAMSON, Harry WILLIAMSON, Robert WING, Allen WRIGHT, Bill YANDELL, June YONAN, Hamlet 149 150 Sophomores Sponsor Cricycle Kace, Ugly Ranked high in spirit, the class of °72 actively participated in both class and student body activities. In the fall, the annual swim party renewed school friendships and class members planned future activities. During Spirit Week, the Sophomores displayed their talented abilities in tricycle riding, and baby-bottle guzzling. As always, the Soph Hop proved to be the big event of the year, it provided both fun and profit. ABIVA, Nelson ACADEMIA, Gil ADAMS, Brad AGARD, Raymond ALCORN, Marilyn ALFONSO, Wanda ALLEGROTTI, Bob ALLEN, Bain AMAYA, Anthony ANDERSON, Bob ANDERSON, Melinda ANDNESE, Laurie ARCHBOLD, Dick ARIZ, Georgette ATTARD, Kenneth AYARS, Wayne AGUON, Kenny BACKLUND, Linda BALDWIN, Donald BALLERINI, Mike BARROS, Lea BARTELL, Mike BATES, Daniel BATIS, Raymond BEARDSLEY, Eugene BEATTY, James BECKER, Judy BENNETT, Diane BERNARDINO, Rick BERNARDO, Terry BERTHOLD, Cathy BINNS, Mary BINNS, Toni BISHOP, John Man, And Raby Rottle Contests BLAKE, Helen BIANK, Stuart BLEA, Dan BLEVINS, Greg BOCKMAN, Nancy BONNER, Will BONNIN, Dana BORJA, Paul BOSKI, Mike BRADFORD, Roy BRADIGAN, Raymond BRADLEY, Gloria BRANDT, Glen BRAWLEY, Willard BREITEN, Laura BRENNER, Jim BRIONE, Joel BROAD, Karen BROAD, Kathy BUGBEE, Jean BULLOCK, William BURGER, Carl BURGO, Brad BURNS, David CAIN, Chylla CALLAHAN, Bill CANNON, Kathy CARSON, Carol CARSON, Larry CARTER, Janece CASAL, David CASTILLO, Vickie CASTRO, John CATTER, Bruce CAVER, Cathy CECCHETTINI, Tom DAVID DEMPSEY, PEGGY Tetsch ner, Karen Kenney, and Francesca Terrenova help to set the mood for their Soph Hop, by decorating the gym with balloons. CHAIX, Adrienne CHEATHAM, Dennis CHILDS, Joan CHILDS, Chris CHOY, Steve COFFEY, Rick CONTAXIS, George CONWAY, Brian CROUSE, Ricky DALBEY, Fred DAVIS, Bruce DAVIS, Greg DAVIS, Jim DAVIS, Kathy DAVIS, William DAWKINS, Vance DAY, Carolyn DAY, Dave DELONG, Gary DEMPSEY, David DERMONT, Mark DETTMER, Denise DE WITT, Albert DILLARD, Vickie Soph Hop “Monte Carlo”’ SUSAN MC LEAN MUST be dieting as she refuses to look at the tray full of fabulous food carried by Randy Roots. DUMONT, Toni DUNSTON, Richard DURAN, Charles DYKSTRA, Paul ERNIE, David ENCARNACION, Zenaida ENGLE, Cindy ENGSTROM, Patti ESPOSITO, Francis ESQUIVIL, Rick ESTRADA, Arturo FAGIANI, Joey FARIA, Judi FARRELL, Diane FASSIOTTO, Eugene FERNANDEZ, Sabino FORD, Carol FORD, Jackie FRANKS, Jenifer FREITAS, Mary DOBERT, Nancy DODT, Eddie DOHERTY, Barbara DOYLE, Karen DRUM, Deborah DUENAS, Arlene DUMAS, Kirk DUMLAO, Dale FRENCH, Jim GALASSI, Jay GAMRADT, Gordon GARBISO, Theresa GARLIT, Toni GARNER, Robert GERDES, Ronnie GIAGNI, Mitchel GILMORE, Wannetta GOOCH, Larry GOODSON, Kitty GORDINIER, Tony GORDON, Jim GOSSELIN, Cathy GRAHN, Tim GRAND, Corrine GRANT, Lanette GREATHOUSE, Tom GREEN, Cheryl GREEN, Mike GREGORY, Carolyn GRIFFITH, Cindy GRUALVA, Edwin GRIMES, Steve GROWL, Valerie HALE, Scott HALLFORD, Shelby HANES, Karen HANNON, James HARRIS, Lee HARTZELL, Lyn HATCH, Jim HAUSEN, Charles HAYES, Mark HODSON, Ted HEISE, Mike HELLESON, Melissa HELWIG, Tim HEMMER,Wade HENSCHEL, Pattie TONI BINNS USES books to boost herself up to her locker because Albert De Witt is to lazy to help her. HERRERA, Victoria HIBBS, Robert HOLLAND, Donna HOLLIDAY, Bill HOLT, Danny HUDSON, James HURNEY, James HUNTER, Robert HUDSON, Sharon IDLE, Mike JACKSON, Maurice JACOPETTI, Jackie JAMISON, Melissa JENKINS, Gary JOHNSON, Jody JOHNSON, Kathryn JOHNSON, Mary JOHNSON, Pam JONES, Reneé KEENAN, Jill KELTNER, Katie KENNEY, Karen KINDER, Kenneth KO, Leonard KOHLOFF, Pam KRAUSE, Maumi KRAFT, Lorelei POSING FOR A quick snap-shot are the Sophomore fall officers. FRONT ROW: Vice-president, Martha Lucero; secretary, Susan McLean. ROW 2: President, Earl Rivard; treasurer, Peter Locke and cheerleader, Richard Lambie. KUKLEWSKI, Ken LACY, Keith LAMBIE, Richard LAMERE, Donna LANEY, Michael LAWSON, Janice LEACH, Bob LEAHY, Pat LEE, Alfred LEE, Larry LEHMAN, Gail LEHMAN, Gilbert LENEHAN, Barbara LIMA, ANNE LITTLETON, George LOCKE, Peter LONGORIA, Rosie LORBER, Hap LOWE, Mike LUCERO, Martha LUFKIN, Lisa LUM, Stefani LUNDBERG, Mika LYNN, Ted MACABED, Kathy MACLEAN, Susan MAHONEY, Karen Sophomores Show Crue THE SPRING SOPHOMORE officers, from top to bottom are: Earl Rivard, President; Barbara Doherty, Vice-President; Toni Garlit, Secretary; Karen 9 ET Spiri f a f Nicola, Treasurer; and Judy Faria, Cheerleader. MARSH, Glenda MARSHALL, Dan MARTINEZ, Malissa MARTINEZ, Tricia MATHIAS, Dale MCBRIDE, Julie MCCAFFITY, Kevin MCLURE, Helen MCCOLLUM, Mike Lunchtime Pep Rallies (MYER GON sccoue.x MCINTOSH, Karen MCKEE, Marshall MCKIE, Peggy MCLENDON, Judy MEDINA, Anthony MENDEL, Sandra MILDON, Cindy MILLER, Anna MILLER, Terri MILLER, Richard MINOR, Amanda MITCHELL, Carla MITCHELL, Doug MOGER, Brian MOLINA, Randy MONTGOMERY, Rose MORLAND, Charles MURDOCK, Bruce MURPHY, Margret MUSSETTER, Judy NELSON, Troy NEWMAN, Carol NEWSOME, Rhonda NICOLA, Karen NIEHAUS, Sherry NUNES, Gail OH, Diana ORTEGA, Salvador OSBORNE, Dan OURIQUE, Mike OWENS, Tim OWYANG, Diane PADEN, Bill PAMIROYAN, Albert CLAUDIA SCHWARZ PROVES to be one of the best dressers in her Sophomore class, as she dances her way to fame in a student talent show. PICKRELL, Robert PRIDE, Donna PRYOR, Mark PANGLE, Mike PASQUINELLI, Patricia QUANT, Sheldon QUEN, Steve QUENAJGAN, Romeo PASCO, Susan PAYNE, Steve QUESADA, Ron PEAK, Ron QUIN, Pamela PEDRONI, Jackie RAMOS, Eddie RAMSEY, Mike PERATA, Dave RAWLINSON, Mary PETERS, Kathy RAY, Karen REYES, Edwin RIGGALL, Surle RISLEY, Shelley RIVARD, Earl RIVAS, Lino ROBINSON, Stephanie RODRIGUEZ, Anna ROETS, Kathy ROPER, Caryl ROY, Alice ROY, Linda RUFUS, Paul RUSSEL, Diane SABLAN, Nick SCARAMUZZINO, Joseph SCHACHT, Pam SCHAEFER, Harry SCHEVERMANN, Elise SCHIERENBECK, Carol SCHILACHTER, Al SCHMITZ, Eddie SCHULTZ, Sandra SCHWARZ, Claudia SANTOS, Roy SEQUEIRA, David SHELTON, Eric SHEPHERD, William SHORT, Kathy SIMON, Janine SIMMONS, Michael FRAZIER SPARROW ADMIRES the many trophies Encinal Athletes have been awarded. 157 SKIFE, Sally SMITH, Chad SMITH, Harry SMITH, Terril SMYER, Sally SOLIS, Frank SPARROW, Frazier STALLMAN, Susan STEVENS, Kenneth STREET, Debi ST. JOHN, Kerry SULLIVAN, Pam SWAN, Deborah TAJIMA, Patricia TAYLOR, Tommy TERRANOVA, Francesca TERWILLIGER, Brenda TETZSCHNER, Peggy TOWLE, Lanelle TREBER, Jerry TUCKER, Leslie TYE, Steve THOMAS, Denise | UBHILLE, Ernest UNGER, Don UNGER, Suzann » VARGAS, Dayid 158 VRUNEK, Robert VUYLSTEKE, Bill WADE, Greg WALTERS, Charlie WARD, Wayne WEBER, Linda WELFORD, Mark WEERTS, Larry WESTMORELAND, Denise WHARTON, Mike WILLIAMSON, Charles WILLIS, Gary STEPHANIE ROBINSON FINDS just the book she needs on the floor of the school library. WILMOTH, Harry WILSEY, Thomas WILSON, Ron , Deborah Portia Doris WOODY WOODS WONG , Jerry , Debby Clifford b) WORKMAN WRIGHT WUCK Bruce YEE, Alvin YEE, Ben YEREMIAN RHONDA NEWSOME TAKES a long look at the school bulletin board. = Lal = fe cS) oo Z o s a = ° } 2 3 % 3 S = na ian) = =) ee) e 2) o) ee a x nH A J e) Z a4 One-Chird of Encinal’s Cotal Enrollment Belong to Most Spirited Class: Freshman With the opening of school the Freshman Class of °73’ proved themselves to be one of the most active and spirited classes that ever entered the halls of Encinal. Making up one-third of the student body they were the largest Freshman class E.H.S. has had. They showed their spirit during the traditional “Spirit Week” by defeating the Seniors and winning the contest. During the year the class held a swim party to help raise funds for the following year and to get ready for their Soph Hop. MARTY ANDERSON FINDS time at lunch to cram for a seventh period exam. ABIVA, Ethlyn ABIVA, Marilyn ABREU, Phillip ADAMS, Valerie AGARD, Kathy ALANIZ, Cynthia ALANIZ, Mary ALEXANDER, Julie A ALLEN, Christy ALLEN, Jon ALLEN, Sheri ALLNUTT, Wess AMES, Wanda ANDERSON, Carol ANDERSON, Lynda ANDERSON, Marty ANDERWALD, Cathy ANTHONYA, Montoya ARAUJO, Stephanie BACKLUND, Anne BAIR, Michell BAKER, Elizabeth BALDWIN, Ronald BALMACEDA, Cesar BABOLONG, Robert BARBOUR, Jim BARBOUR, Julie BARRET, Denise BATIS, John BAXTER, Susan BEASLEY, Sheree BENNETT, Willie BENTZLEY, Brenda BERGERON, Jon BERZOW, Eric BIANCHI, Chuck BIVENS, Murphy BLEA, Nick BOENDER, Dale BOLTON, Curt BURGER, Kenny BURNS, Chris BOND, Regina BONEBRAKE, Ruth BONNER, Rick BONNIN, Jenny BUSH, Carol BRANDT, Elaine BOWMAN, Robin BRADRORD;James mae LL Mar VRQ Woy : : R BROHARD, Allén BRYAN, Debbie BUESTAD, Carrie BULLOCK, Anthony BACULPO, Leo CABRERA, Richard CAMACHO, Dorothy CARNEY, Mary TAKING THEIR FIRST big step are the Freshman officers, left to right: John Bergeron, Regina Bond, Jeannette Garner, Cindy Stakes, and Julie Alexander. CARSH, Michele CARSON, Cathi CARSON, Harry CARTER, Pangeeta CARUTHERS, Donna CARY, Shannon CASALI, Kim CASSAR, Anita CHAPMAN, Mark CHEATHAM, Janette CHELUCCI, Mario CHING, Bryan CHOW, Julianna CHRISTENSEN, Janet CHRISTENSEN, Pam CLARK, Susan CLOSSON, Cheryl © PY OKT O COTT, Patricia yk ee Ree sige : : et ‘ pe PaO 2) PUD TGS $e cu a | eth agian AeA ee esr Tes | TOY PND OWA Wagon AFIT wok, Class of ‘73’; One Year Down But Chree to Go CHIRELLE FORGUER SPENDS the last remaining minutes of her lunch period, hanging around the cafeteria. 162 CRAZYTHUNDER, David CROSS, Chris CUNNINGHAM, Theresa DALLAS, Randy DAY, Cassandra DAVIS, Leland DAVIS, Marjorie DAVIS, Sally DAVIS, Vickie DAVIS, Vickie DAWSON, Curt DEE, Pat DE MEUSE, Gregory CODMAN, Barbara COLEY, Curtis CONNER, Kathy COOKSON, Doug COPELAND, Larry CORPUS, Alfonso CORPUZ, Chris COUILL, Chris CRAIG, Bob DE MEUSE, Shannon DERMONT, Stephanie DERMONT, Sue DOHERTY, Chris DOUGHTY, Duncan DOWLER, Robert DUENAS, Lester DUMLAO, Alan DUNN, Mike DYKSTRA, James DYKSTRA, John EASTMAN, Diane ENGLE, Antonia ERNY, Jerry ESPOSITO, Rudie ESTIGOY, Mark FALCON, Susan FASSO, Shely FELKER, Fred FERNANDEZ, Joanne FLUKE, George FOLEY, Linda FONG, Galen FORD, Quincy FOREMAN, Mike FORQUER, Chirelle FOSTER, Jenny THE WATER FROM the sprinkler provides a bird bath for a little duck as Kevin McCaffity takes a break to watch. FOX, Steve FREESTED, Janese FRILL, Fred FURTNEY, Russ FUSSELL, Debra GALENA, Jeff GALLARDO, Julie GALLEGOS, Nadine GALLEGOS, Terry GARDNER, Jeannette GARLIT, James GARNER, Mike GAUTHIER, Scott GEARY, Wendy GILLIS, Cindy.» een oes acne GOLTZ, Leslie GOMES, Eddie GONSALVES, Joe GOSSELIN, Debbie GRADY, Stewart GREEN, Donald GREEN, Remona GRIFFITH, Blair BUILIANO, Pam GUTMAN, Michele GUY, Melody GUYTON, Micheal HACKERT, Beth HAGER, Debbie HAIN, Laurie 163 HAMILTON, Ann HAMM, Mike HANDLEY, Patricia HARADER, George HARPHAM, Karen HARRIS, Joan HARRIS, Rita HAYES, Lynne HELWIG, Marcella HENSCHEL, Fred HEMANDEZ, Rachel HESS, Beverlee HOCKER, Susan HOLLAND, Jack HOWELL, Leonard HOWELL, Ron HOYT, Julie HUBBARD, Bill HUGHES, Eric HUIE, David HURNEY, Alma HUSHOUR, Dave HUSTON, Cindy IDLE, Barbara JACKLIN, Nora JARRATT, Richard JEFFERSON, Annette JENSEN, Brian JEW, Myra JOHNSEN, Greg JOHNSEN, Nancy JOHNSON, Susan JURGENSON, Vincent JUSTUS, Jeff KEEN, Kevin KEIGHTLEY, Renee KELLEY, James KINCAID, Jan KRUEGER, Janice KUHN, Kathy LAGDAMEN, Lauro FRESHMAN OFFICERS FOR the Spring are, FRONT ROW: Regina Bond; Vice President, Barbara Cadman; Secretary. ROW 2: Jenifer Sullivan; Cheerleader, and Ramona Green; Treasurer. President, Marty Anderson is not shown, but he appears on page 160. LANEY, Karen LARSSEN, Chris LAWSON, Sue LEDESMAE, Noemi LEE, Lester LEFEURE, Joan LEMON, Brad LENTZ, Bob LEONARD, Craig LEONHARDT, Leola LEWIS, Eugene- LEWIS, Regina LEWIS, Steven LIND, Joan LINDSEY, Lianda LITTLEJOHN, Rosalia LONGORIA, Gabriel LOPEZ, Gilbert LOUTSIS, Arthur LOVELAND, John LOY, Robin LUCERO, Denise LUCNGA, Darene LYNN, David MACASIEB, Richard MAES, Joe MANTOOTH, Pete Freshmen Add 425 New Faces to EH.S: Marles Largest Class. MARCY, Donna MARES, Kenny MARR, Timmy MARTINEZ, Debby MASSINGILL, Pam MATHESON, Debbie MCCLURE, Kathy MCCOLLUM, Sherry MCCORTNEY, Christie 165 166 MCCREA, Carolyn MCDANIEL, James MCDANIEL, Sandy MCGEE, Kennth MCGOWAN, Sharon MEDEIROS, Coreen MENDEZ, Linda MENDOZA, Donato MENDOZA, Michael MENICHETTI, Karren MENO, Doris MERRICK, Lisa MICHAUD, Tom MILNE, Debbie MONTANO, Teresa MORINI, Allen MOUNTZ, Tom MUSSETTER, Mike MYRO, Linda NARITO, Eddie NEILL, Jan NEWMAN, Robert NG, Alan NICHOLS, Terri NORDSTRON, Joe OLSON, Donna OLSON, Jim ORONOS, Lerecia PAMIROYAN, Randy PAPASAN, Greg PARNOW, Michael PARR, Jeana PAXTON, John PENNOCK, Greg PICKRELL, Brian PERONI, Ernest PIERSON, Kirk PIKAART, Marty PITT, Mike THERESA CUNNINGHAM WAITS for Janese Freested to find her junk in her lower locker. ‘aa rel so ewin . = NAN = Se PLYMATE, Jeff PONDOK, Bert PROWETT, Cindy POTTOROFF, Carol PURDUM, J QUESADA, Dan RAMOS, Alan RAMOS, Rudy REED, Pam REESE, Demetrius RHOADES, Raymond RINEHART, David RITCHIE, Alan RIVARD, Dion RODEN, Darrell ROETS, Jim ROMBS, Harold ROSETE, Julie ROSS, Charlotte ROWE, Kit RUDGE, Robin RUTAN, Daniel RYAN, Marybeth SAENZ, Deborah SAMUEL, Gene SANDERS, Teny SAYLOR, Michelle SCHEUERMANN, Karen SCHMITZ, Joanne SCHOELEN, Pat “THE LORD OF the Rings” captures another reader as SCHULTZ, Denise Wanda Ames forgets that it’s lunch time. SEMER, Susan SEMIN, Lori SHELDON, Frank SHETTER, Bob SHETTER, Lloyd SHEWMAKER, Terry SUMMERS, Royce SYVERSON, Debbie TACKETT, Charles TAJALLE, Victoria SHRIVER, Carolyn SIEBENTHAL, Nancy TEDDERS, Joy THOMAS, Ellis THOMPSON, Linda THOMPSON, Pamela SMITH, Doug SMITH, Susan TINER, John SOAMES, Cindy TORRES, Joanne SOOTS, Gary TRAIL, Patty TRAMTE, Debbie TRIES, Ramona SPEAKE, Reiko TRUJILLO, Leo SPITZER, Barbara TRUTNA, Linda TUGGLE, Mary VILLA, Mark WALKER, Steve WARREN, Sylvia WASSON, Jeff STAKES, Cindy STANLEY, Sue CURTIS COLEY PONDERS over the problem of how to. outwit his opponent, David Huie, while Galen Fong smiles as he sees mate in three moves. STIENGRUBER, Sue STEVENS, Jack STONE, Arthur STRATTON, Cindy STUDEBAKER, Gary SULLIVAN, Jennifer 168 WILLIAMS, Barry WILLIAMS, Kathy WILLIAMS, Mike WILLIAMSON, Ruth WILLIE, Karen WILLIS, Carrie WILLIES, Mike WILLIFORD, Beverly WILSON, Larry WINDLE, Wes WINEGARNER, Vicki WIRTZ, Robin WOLKE, George WONDOLLECK, Julie WONG, Kevin WOODS, Renae YOUNG, Pamela YOUNG, Victor : ; 4 % ; ZIMBLEMAN, Russell GENIUS AT WORK? Richard Cabarra does some last minute : : oH ZOBB. Rosemarie homework in the library. FRESHMAN MIKE MENDOZA purchases a luscious “Big-E” burger from Mrs. Layton as junior Dan Marr wisely sticks to Doritos. WATTERSON, Vikki WEBB, Rick WEIGHT, Eddie WESSEL, Dawn WHATLEY, Richard WHITE, Moli WHITE, Vonnee WHITEHOUSE, Pam 169 170 SENIOR INDEX ABICA, Edward: Var. Ftbl., Var. Track, CSF, Block E. Honor Roll AICHELE, Hubert AICHELE, Stephen AKANA, Claude: Cross Country, Tennis, Honor Roll, CSF, Sigma Epsilon, Track, Senior Class Coun., Block E. SFL, Chess ALEGADO, Dean: Frosh-Soph Ftbl., JV Bsbl. ALLEN, Peter: Model UN, Jr. Class Pres., Key Club, Student Body Pres. AMON, Margie: Sigma Epsilon, FHA, Red Cross, GAA, Science Club ANDERSON, Anthony: Track ANTONALI, Debbie: Frosh Cheer- leader, Soph. Cheerleader, Var. Cheer- leader, Class Coun., Stud. Coun., EHS Band, GAA, Pep Club ARRIOLA, Michael: Chess Club, B.O.C., Drama Senior Play ARRYUDA, Jeff: Honor Roll BACA, Anthony BAGWELL, Mary: B.O.C., Bsktbl. Stat- istician, GAA, Adv. Vice-Pres., Block E Vice-Pres., Pep Club, Honor Roll BAILEY, Brenda: Adv. Pres., Soph. Class Coun., Frosh Sec., Pep Club, BSU, Flag Twirler, Sigma Epsilon BARRETT, Wayna: Honor Roll BERNARDO, Roxanne: “‘S” Club Pres., Stud. Coun., Class Coun. BIDDLECOME, Linda: GAA BIGGS, Barbara: Newspaper Staff BISHOP, Andrea: Gymnastic Club BLAKE, Madelon BOCKMAN, James: Pres. Auto Club BOLIVAR, Joy: Honor Roll BOPP, Charles BREITEN, Duare BROWN, James BULLOCK, Yvette: Asst. Cheerleader, Head Cheerleader, Flag Twirler, BSU BYRNS, Alpha: Sigma Epsilon, Head Pom Pon Girl, Stage Band, Stud. Body Sec., Latin Club, Pep Club, All School Play BYRNE, Rory: Ftbl., Wrestling CALLAHAN, Donald: JV Bsbl., Var. Bsbl., Ftbl., Bsktbl., Block E, Class Coun., Stud. Coun. CAUDILL, Gerema: Red Cross Pres., Asst. Planning Comm., “S” Club CHILDS, Richard: Var. Ftbl., Block E, Honor Roll CHOY, Dale: Tennis, Key Club, Chess Club, Class Coun., Stud. Coun. CHRISTEN, Stephen CIERI, Robert: Senior Play, Track, All School Play, Honor Roll, Model UN, Student Coun. Talent Assemblies, Gymnastic Club, Debate Team, All School Play (San Diego), Chairman UN Group at Berkeley, Calif. CLARK, Stephen CLOSSON, Robert CODIGA, Kathy: Honor Roll, CSF, Modern Dance COMBS, Patricia: Red Cross Pres., Stud. Coun. CONNER, Steve: Honor Roll, CSF, Sigma Epsilon, Free Stud. League CONROY, Nancy: Honor Roll, CSF, GAA Officer, Pep Club Officer, Class Officer, Head Cheerleader, Model UN, Stud. Coun. CONWAY, Michael COYNE, Robert: Var. Ftbl., Var. Golf, Block E, B.O.C., Stud. Coun. Rep., Class Pres., JV Bsktbl. and Bsbl. DAVIS, Dave: Adv. Pres. DAVIS, Marion DELMORE, Thomas: Latin Club, Tennis, Wrestling, Honor Roll, Block E DERMONT, Joseph deROVER, Robert: Swimming, Stud. Coun. DICKSON, Barbara: Pep Club, Spanish Club, Powder Puff, GAA Officer, HORIZON Staff, Honor Roll, Block E DOLAN, Candice DOMREIS, Susan DONALDSON, Susan: Honor Roll, Senior Play DRAKE, Shirley: Block E, Honor Roll, Senior Class Sec., GAA Vice-Pres., CSF, Pep Club, Spansih Club, Class Officer DREESMAN, Karen: Encinettes, B.0.C., Stud. Coun., Stud. Fac. Comm., HORIZON Co-Editor DYKSTRA, Karen B.0.C., Class Officer, Jr. Prom Princess, Homecoming Atten., Pom Pon Girl, Pep Club, Choir, Chi Mu Club, Modern Dance, All School Play, Stud. Coun. EASTMAN, Daniel EGGETT, Andy: Soph-Frosh Bsbl., JV Bsbl., Var. Bsbl. ERNY, Michael: Latin Club, B.O.C. FENSTERMAKER, Rick: Block E, Var. Ftbl., Var. Bsktbl., Var. Bsbl., Stud. Body Treas., Stud. Coun., Honor Roll, HORIZON Co-Editor FISZCZUK, Francine FONG, Linda: Sigma Epsilon, GAA, Red Cross Rep. FOSTER, Jeff: Golf, Ftbl., Stud. Coun., B.O.C., Class Coun. Rep. FREITAS, Phil: Wing Tip Club Pres., Asst. Planning Comm. Rep. GARCIA, Ramiro GANSER, Dale GARNER, Edward: CSF, Sigma Epsilon, Model UN, Honor Roll, Senior Play GERUNDO, Roger: Wrestling, Block E, Ftbl. GIBSON, Bernie: Honor Roll GILBO, Lori: CSF, Honor Roll, Modern Dance, Senior Asst., Free Stud. League, Adv. Treas. GIORGI, Della: Chi Mu Club, GAA, Encinettes, Girls’ Trio, Vocal Ensemble, Senior Play GOLDEN, Michele: Jr. Class Rep. GOODE, Debbie: Stud. Coun., Pep Club GRAHAM, Leslie: Stud. Coun., Senior Class Sec., Talent Asst., Senior Play GRANERI, Marvin: Senior Play, Senior Class Rep. GUTMAN, Judith HACKLEMAN, Robert HANNON, Beth: Honor Roll, CSF, French Club, Pep Club, Stud. Coun., Class Coun., Model UN, Pom Pon Girl, Jr. Merit Award, Christmas Pageant HANSON, Herbie HARADER, Rolf: Var. Ftbl., Honor Roll HARDY, Rick: Golf, B.O.C., Senior Picnic Comm. HARRIS, Sharon: Frosh Cheerleader, Stud. Coun. Rep., Sigma Epsilon, Pom Pon Girl, ASEHS Vice-Pres. HAUNE, Eugene HAVAS, Paul HEEDER, Dave: Var. Wrestling, Var. Bsbl., Block E, Stud. Coun. HELLING, Robert HENKEL, Tony HENRY, Julie HERNDON, Richard: Var. Ftbl., JV Track, Var. Track Man., Ski Club, B.O.C., French Club HICKSON, Mark: Wing Tips, Jr. Class Sec., Var. Track Man., All-School Play HILL, Terry HOGG, Michael: Stage Band HOPPING, Mark HUBBS, Rick: Var. Bsbl., Var. Ftbl., Block E, Key Club, Stud. Coun., Head Coun. B.O.C. HUDSON, Patricia HUGHES, Robert: Pep Club HUNTOON, Ellen: “S” Club, Pep Club, Block E, GAA, B.O.C., Powder Puff, Senior Play, All School Play, Choir, Chi Mu Club, Encinettes, Folk Rock Club, Honor Chorus, Honor Roll, Sigma Epsilon IRBY, Calvin: Chess Club, Auto Club, Frosh Class Rep. JAMES, Lillie: Jr. Class Sec., B.O.C., Honor Roll, Sigma Epsilon, Art Club, Senior Play, Merit Award, Talent Show, Stud. Coun., Senior Assembly Comm. JANKE, John: Honor Roll, Ftbl., Track, Block E JARIN, Margarita JENSEN, Bruce: Frosh-Soph Ftbl., Adv. Vice-Pres., B.O.C. Officer, Var. Track, Frosh-Soph Track JEPSEN, Robert: Cross Country, Tennis, Wrestling JEW, Kevin: Cross Country, Track, CSF, Honor Roll JOHNSTON, Ruby: Christmas Show, Modern Dance JORGENSON, Sharon KENYON, Bruce: Key Club, B.O.C., Spanish Club Pres., Merit Scholarship, Span. Nat. Honor Society, Var. Swim- ming, Var. Bsktbl., CSF, Model UN, Swim Club, Pep Club, Choir, Madrigals, Honor Roll, Stud. Coun. Rep., Men’s Quartett, Talent Shows, Stage Band KING, Alicia KRAULAND, Frank KULUHIWA, Violet: Crafts Club, ROTC Girls’ LEE, Linda: Honor Roll, Echo Staff LEOGRANDE, Linda: Choir LEWIS, Ron: Senior Class Treas., B.O.C. Officer, Honor Roll, BSU Officer LIMON, Robert LONGORIA, Teresa: Frosh Head Cheer- leader, Powder Puff, Class Rep., Orches- tra, GAA, Block E Jr. Prom Queen, “‘S” Club, B.O.C. LUCAS, Marcianne LUM, Allen: Key CLub, Chi Mu Treas., Latin Club, Pep Band, Stage Band, B.O.C., Honor Roll,-JV Ftbl., Sigma Epsilon, JV Bsktbl. Class Coun. Band Coun. LUNDBERG, Mary: Swim Team, JV Cheerleader, Class Coun., Head of Prom Decorations Comm., Ring Comm., HORIZON Staff LYONS, Linda: GAA Officer, Red Cross, B.O.C., Swim Team, ‘“S” Club, Adv. Sec. MANERE, Lucia MARCELINE, Becky: Stud. Coun., Stud. Fac. Comm., Dress Groom Comm., Frosh Pres., Soph Vice-Pres., Frosh Cheerleader, Var. Asst. Cheer- leader, B.O.C., Pep Club, All School Play, GAA Officer, Bicycle Court, Stud. Body Vice-Pres., Stud. Body Head Cheerleader, Powder Puff, Art Club, Jr. Prom Atten., Ftbl. Homecoming Queen, Talent Assembly Comm., HORIZON Staff, Class Council MARIANI, Mark: Golf, Work Experi- ence, B.O.C. MARKUS, Marilyn: Jr. Class Vice-Pres., Pep Club, Art Club, Honor Roll, Thes- pians MARTENUK, Susan: GAA, “S” Club, Red Cross MATHESON, Sharon: GAA MAXCY, Wayne McCLAIN, Barbara: GA Cheerleader, Pom Pon Altern., Stud. Coun. Rep., BSU Sec., Modern Dance, B.O.C. McCREA, Victoria: Pep Club, Frosh Band, Pep Band, Advance Band, French Club, Honor Roll McDANIEL, Michael McEACHERN, Daniel McEACHERN, Phillip McLEAN, Nancy MEIERS, Sherry: Honor Roll, CSF MELENDEZ, Patricia MERRIAM, Leo: ROTC, Sigma Epsilon, Stage Crew, Stud. Coun. MERTZIG, Marguertie MILLER, Patty: Latin Club, FHA MOELLER, Bill MOGER, Roy: Swimming MOORE, Robert: Stud. Coun., Class Coun., Senior Play, Pep Club, Echo Staff, Red Cross, French Club MUNDAY, Nancy NAUMANN, Karl: Cross Country, Track, Sen. Picnic Comm. NICHOLS, Gail: Adv. Pres., “S’ Club, Orchestra, French Club, Asst. JV Cheer- leader, Modern Dance, Class Coun., Honor Roll NIEHAUS, Gary: Chess Club, Wing Tips Club, JV Bsbl., Var. Ftbl., Stud. Coun., Block E, All School Play NUNES, JoAnn: Sen. Coun., Chi Mu Officer, Choir Officer, Pep Club, Encinettes, Spanish Club, Modern Dance, Sen. Class Officer, CSF, Stud. Fac., Stud. Coun. OVERFIELD, Cheryl: Cheerleader, Powder Puff, Chi Mu, Class Coun., Band, Stage Band, Stud. Coun. PACINI, Larry:Soph-Frosh Wrestling, Red Cross, Honor Roll, Stud. Coun. PEREZ, Joseph PERRE, Leon PICKUP, James PLYMATE, Debbie: Pom Pon Girl POTTER, David: Stud. Coun., Jr. Achievement Pres., Folksinging Club, B.O.C., Bsktbl. Man, HORIZON Staff, Madrigal Quartett, AIFS PUMPHREY, Michael QUENANGAN, Remedios: Red Cross, GAA, FHA QUESADA, Daniel: Frosh-Soph Ftbl, JV Ftbl., Soph-Frosh Bastbl., JV Bsktbl., Var. Bsktbl., Var. Track, Block E RAVEY, Kathleen: Pep Club Treas., Head Pom Pon Girl, ASEHS Sec., Jr. Prom Princess, Ftbl. Princess, DAR Good Citizen, Merit Award, Spanish Club, All School Play, Modern Dance, Honor Roll, Swim Team, Jr. Class Cheerleader, Stud. Coun., Senior Class Coun., Block E RAYNOR, David REYES, Franklin: Athletic Parti- cipation REYNOLDS, Bill: Soph Ftbl., Soph. Bsbl., Jr. Ftbl. RICH, Karen: Honor Roll, GAA ROACH, Denise: GAA, CSF, Pep Club, Honor Roll ROMBS, Siegfried: Track RUTAN, Michael: Stud. Coun., Honor Roll, CSF, GAA, B.O.C., AFS Summer Stud. to Chile RUTLEDGE, Vickie RYAN, Matt: Cross Country, Key Club, Latin Club SABLAN, Francisco: Block E, Var. Ftbl., Var. Track, Sen. Class Pres., Pep Club, Spanish Club, Stud. Coun., Chess Club, Honor Roll, Debate Club, Key Club, ROTC Drill Team, B.O.C. SALAS, Mary SANDER, Regina SANDOVAL, Fernanda: Spanish Club, FHA, B.O.C., Sigma Epsilon, GAA, Honor Roll, HORIZON Staff SANJIMES, Mirian SAN NICOLAS; Jeni: Frosh Class Sec., Sr. Class Treas., Frosh Asst. Cheerleader, Var. Asst. Cheerleader, Var. Head Cheer- leader, Latin Club, GAA Officer, Pep Club, Block E, HORIZON Staff, Ftbl. Attendant, All School Play, Honor Roll, Stud. Coun., Stud. Faculty, Choir SAVKO, William: Frosh-Soph Track, Frosh-Soph Cross Country, CSF SCGAEFER, Ron: Frosh-Soph Ftbl., JV Ftbl., Var. Bskbl., Golf, JV Bsbl., Block E SCHOCK, Gary: Key Club, Wing Tips Pres. SCHOFIELD, Keith: NROTC, Var. Bsbl., Var. Soccer, NROTC Drill Team SHEPHER, Barbara SHOFFNER, Claude SHORT, Peter SILSBY, Claire: CSF SILVERS, Kathryn: GAA, B.O.C., HORIZON Staff, FHA, Spanish Club, Senior Play, ““S” Club SIMPSON, Craig: JV Ftbl., JV Bskbl., Var. Bsbl., Var. Bskbl., Block E SMITH, Lynn SMITH, Michael: Honor Roll SMITH, Vickie SNYDER, Donna SOTO, Mauro: Ftbl., Track, Block E SPITZNAGEL, David: B.O.C., Var. Ftbl., Track, Stud. Coun., Stud. Plan- ning Comm., JV Bsbl., Mountaineering Club, Block E STANTON, Mary Leslie: Red Cross, “S” Club, GAA, French Club, Stud. Coun., HORIZON Staff, Folk Singing Club, Senior Play STRATTON, Scott: Latin Club Pres., Key Club Pres., B.O.C., Aviation Club, Frosh-Soph Ftbl., Honor Roll, Boys’ State Rep., Model UN CLub, JV Ftbl. SUE, Kenneth SYVERSON, Gregory SZCZEPANSKI, Barbara: French Club, GAA TAL, Ronald: Ecology Chairman, Stud. Coun. Rep., Cross Country TAGUE, Sharon TAYLOR, Susan: Stud. Coun. Rep., Class coun., Pep Club, Honor Roll, Spanish Club, Modern Dance, Jr. Merit Award, Christmas Asst. THOMAS, William: Adv. Pres., Track, French Club, Stud. Coun., B.O.C., BSU, Sigma Epsilon, Honor Roll, Adv. Vice- Pres. TUCKER, Rodney: Honor Roll, Ftbl., Block E TURNER, Perry: Honor Roll, Frosh- Soph Ftbl., JV Ftbl., Var. Ftbl., JV Track VEGA, Albert VRANJOS, Sandra: Var. Cheerleader, B.0.C., Stud. Coun., Block E Pres., GAA, French CLub, Senior Play WADE, Micah WARD, Michael WASHINGTON, Richard: Joint Dance Comm., BSU WASSON, Joel: Track, Ftbl., Ftbl. Manager, Bskbl. Manager WATTS, David WAYNE, Gary WESSEL, Chari: Honor Roll, CSF, SCA Rep., Senior Play WHEELER, Walter WILLIAMS, Michael: Stud. Talent Assembly, Model UN WILLIAMSON, Jody WILSON, Jennifer: Pep Club, French Club, Choir WOLTER, Mark: Class Activities WONG, Kenneth: Chess Club, Honor Roll, Sigma Epsilon WRIGHT, Merilyn: Red Cross, GAA, Stud. Talent Assembly, Swim Team, Stud. Coun., Stud. Fac. Spanish Club, “S” Club Officer WYCKOFF, Jackie YEE, Wanda: Honor Roll, CSF, Sigma Epsilon YOUNG, Priscilla: Honor Roll, Echo Staff BOYS’ INDEX ABELLA, Vincent John 73 ABIVA, Edgar A. 78,120 ABIVA, Nelson A. 80,93 ABRAHAM, James Gregory 59,86, 87,144 ABREU, Phillip Anthony 160 ACADEMIA, Gilbert 84,85 AGUON, Kenneth Franklin 92 AKANA, Claude Sherman 91,120 ALEGADO, Dean T. 120 ALLEGROTTI, Robert J. 80 ALLEN, Jon Kevin 160 ALLEN, Peter William 42,43,120 ALLNUTT, Wesley Howard 160 ANDERSON, Anthony Perez 120 ANDERSON, Martin Geary 42,80, 160 ANDERSON, Robert Lloyd 42,73,88 ARCHBOLD, Richard Maurice 56, 114 ARRIOLA, Michael Louis 120 ARRUDA, Jeffrey Michel 120 ATTARD, Kenneth Lewis 88 AYERS, Wayne David 80 AYERS, Burnell Leonard 144 BACA, Anthony Kurt 120 BACULPO, Leo Len 88,144,161 BACULPO, Lerek Lane 54,59,88, 148 BAIR, Nicolas Kent 78,83,144 BALDWIN, Donald Lee 165 BALDWIN, Ronald M. 160 BALMACEDA, Cesar Pangalinan 160 BALOLONG, Robert Ubanda 160 BAOLOLONG, Teddy Ubando 160 BARBOUR, James Yeilding 160 BARTELL, Michael Allen 84 BATES, Daniel Michael 91 BATIS, John Gilbert 160 BATIS, Raymond Jr. 92 BEATTY, James Allen 85 BELKIN, Nicholas Nicholas 144 BELL, Jerry Alan 144 BENNETT, William Dale 160 BENTZLEY, Harold E. 91,144 BERGERSON, Jon Charles 160,161 BERNARDINO, Ricardo 61 BERZOW, Eric Kelley 160 BIANCHI, Charles Matthew 160 BIVENS, Murphy R. 80,85,161 BLACKWELL, Ronald Steven 107, 144 BLAIR, Kenneth Wayne 81 BLANK, Stewert Martin 56,88, 151 BLEA, Howard Joseph 45,144,151 BLEA, Nick Nester 161 BLEVINS, Gregory Gerold 80,151 BOCKMAN, Jr. James Allen 107, 121 BOENDER, Dale Earl 161 BOLTON, Curtiss Westerfield 161 BONNER, David Richard 45,144 BONNER, William Wen 151 BOPP, Charles Frederick 121 BORJA, Paul Joseph 151 BOSKI, Michael John 151 BOWEN, Tyrone Chauncey 144 BOZA, Barry Marvin 144 BRADFORD, James 161 BRADFORD, Roy 151 BRADIGAN, Raymond John 151 BRADY, Rudolph LaVance 79,81 ,144 BRANDT, Glen Holden 88,151 BRAWLEY, Willard Sampson 184, 154 BREITEN, Duane Michael 121 BRENNER, James Harry 151 BRIEGER, William Henderson 144 | See au CRAIG, Robert Leslie 69,71,162 is CRAZYTHUNDER, David Joseph 162 or Si CRAZYTHUNDER, Robert James 145 | | BRIGHT, Mark Dennis 161 BRIMBERRY, Phillip James 144 BRIONES, Joel S. 151 eS P Et BROHARD, Allan Carroll 161 BROWN, James Allan 121 BRYDONE JACK, David William 161 BULLOCK, William Alan 151 BURGER, Carl W. 151 BURGER, Kenneth Louis 161 BURGO, Bradford 151 BURNS, David Baxter 151 BUTTACOVOLI, Paul David 65,144 BYRNE, Rory Robert 122 CABRERA, Richard Camcam 161,169 CADUA, Frank Fleming 54,60,61, 144 CALLAHAN, Donald Edward 24,59,77, WMA CALLAHAN, William Arthur 36,54, 79,81,151 CANALIN, Leavy Bonita 144 CARSON, Harry William 161 CARSON, Larry James 60,151 CASAL, David Clinton 61,62,91, Nil CASTRO, John David 151 CATTER, Bruce Loebert 151 CECCETTINI, Thomas Daniel 65, 91,151 CHAPMAN, Mark Alexander 161 CHAVEZ, Terry Dale 144 CHEATHAM, Dennis Glenn 80,151 CHELUCCI, Mario Vincent 80,161 CHILDS, Christopher Randolph 80,88,151 CHILDS, Richard Fowler 122 CHING, Bryan Fredrick 161 CHOY, Dale Wallace 86,107,122 CHOY, Steven Lee 36,151 CHRISTEN, Steven James 122 CLARK, Rodger Lee 80,85 CLARK, Stephen James 122 CLOSE, Paul Gregory 92,144 CLOSSON, Robert Kenneth 122 COFFEY, Richard Wayne 151 COLEY, Curtis Cuane 162,168 CONNER, Steven Ray 60,122 CONTAXIS, George 80,151 CONWAY, Brian Patrick 151 CONWAY, Michael John 122,129 COOKSON, Douglas Paul 162 COPELAND, Larry Allen 162 CORPUS, Ildefonso A. 162 COVILL, Christopher Charles 162 COYNE, Robert Lee 59,79,86,87, 1) CROSBY, Robert David 59,86,87, 122 CROUSE, Rickey Lavaughn 80,152 DAGDAGAN, Edgardo Belen 145 DALBEY, Frederic Carmelo 80,152 DALLAS, Randel Eaton 162 DAVIS, Bruce Michael 152 DAVIS, David Randolph 122 DAVIS, Gregory William 152 DAVIS, James Everett 152 ‘DAVIS, Leland Raymond 162 DAVIS, Victor Nathaniel 80,84 DAVIS, William Arthur 152 DAWKINS, Michael Vance 152 DAWSON, Curt David 162 DAY, David Allison 152 DELMORE, Thomas Anthony 59,122 DELONG, Gary James 26,152 DEMUSE, Gregory Steven 162 DEMPSEY, David Scott 151,152 DERMONT, Mark Vincent 152 DEROVER, Robert Leonard 122 DE WITT, Albert Hans 82,83,152, 153 DODT, Edward John 152 DOS SANTOS, John 45,54,59,90,91, 145 DOS SANTOS, Robert Frederick 45, 54,59,90,91,145,148 DOUGHTY, Duncan William 162 DOWLER, Robert Charles 162 DOYLE, William Arthur 145 DUENAS, Lester Anthony 162 DUMAS, Kirk Wayne 152 DUMLAO, Alan Ladd 162 DUMLAO, Dale Randolph 152 DUMONT, Stephen 145 DUNN, Michael Leon 162 DUNSTON, Richard 152 DURAN, Charles Edward 152 DYKSTRA, James Donald 80,162 DYKSTRA, John S. 162 DYKSTRA, Paul Henry 152 EASTMAN, Daniel Victor 28,42,43, IO 2227131 EDNIE, David Miller 152 EGGETT, Andrew Sidney 126 ERNY, Michael Joseph 126 ERNY, Paul Jerome 162 ERNY, Ronald Gerard 45,61,79, 81,145 ESPOSITO, Rudolph John 162 ESTIGOY, Mark Enrique 163 ESQUIVIL, Richard 84,152 ESTRADA, Arrhuro Bernardo 61,63, OR S2 FAGNANI, Joseph Ernest 152 FASSIOTTO, Eugene Thomas 91,152 FELKER, Fred Martin 163 FENSTERMAKER, Rick Alan 42,59, 77,78,79,131 FERNANDEZ, Sabino 152 FLOYD, Douglas Camerson 56,78, 81,84,145 FLUKE, George Stevens 163 FONG, Galen 163,168 FORD, Bobby Ray 145 FORD, Calvin 126,145 FORD, Quincy 80,163 FOREMAN, Michael 163 FOSTER, Jeffery Clerke 87,126 FOSTER, Jeffrey Scott 56 FOX, Steven Weaver 163 FREITAS, Phillip Ernest 126 FRENCH, James Howard 56,153 FRILL, Frederick Forrest 163 FURTNEY, Russell Jay 86,163 GALASSI, Jay Aldo 153 GALENA, Jeffrey Michael 26,132, 163 GALLEGOS, James Robert 145 GALLEGOS, Terry Dean 163 GAMRADT, Gordon Elmer 153 GANSER, Dale Warren 126 GARCIA, Ramiro 126 GARLIT, James Douglas 56,85,163 GARNER, Edward Charles 28,126 GARNER, Michael Rulaon 163 GARNER, Robert Earl 153 GARVIN, James Casey 145 GERUNDO, Roger Carl 59,93,126 GIAGNI, Vincent Steven 54,107 GIBSON, Bernie George 126 GILLCRIST, Thomas Edward 76,78, 93,145 GILMORE, Clarence Hugh 70,145, 184 GOMES, Jr. Edward 163 GONSALVES, Joseph Cameron 163 GOOCH, Alan Lee 90,91,145 GORDINIER, Tony Lloyd 90,91,153 GORDON, James Michael 153 GRADY, Stewart 163 GRAHN, Timothy Steven 153 GRANERI, Marvin Clarence 65,127 GREATHOUSE, Tom Harold 80,88, 153 GREEN, Dennis James 65,145 GREEN, Donald A. 163 GRIFFITH, Blair Earl 80,163 GRIJALVA, Edwin Myrle 153 GRIMES, Steven Robert 153 GROVES, Ronald Lester 145 GROWL, Bradley Stephen 45,63,145 GUYTON, Michael Keith 163 HACKLEMAN, Robert Stewert 127 HALE, Bryan Dean i46 HALE, Scott Lindsay 91,153 HALLFORD, Shelby Rhodes 153 HALLWORTH, Philip Loxano 146 HAMM, Michael John 72,86,164 HANNON, James Brad 88,153 HANSON, Ervin Herbert 127 HARADER, Gorge Daniel 88,164 HARADER, Rolf Raymond 78,127 HARDY, Richard John 128 HARRIS, Lee David 88,153 HATCH, James Raymond 153 HAUNE, Eugene 128 HAUSEN, Charles Allen 153 173 HAVAS, Paul 128 HAYES, Daniel Mark 79,81,92,93 153 HEEDER, Douglas David 59,93,95 128 HELLING, Robert Duane 128 HELWIG, Timothy Arthur 153 HEMMER, Wade 153 HENKEL, Tony John 128 HENSCHEL, Fred Carl 80,164 HENWOOD, Gary Wayne 81 HERNDON, Richard Lawrence 45,63, 78,128 HIBBS, Robert Eugene 114,154 HILL, Terry Lynn 128 HILLYER, Cameron McLeod 56,90, 91,146 HODSON, Theodore Lawrence 84,153 HOGG, Michael Terry 114,128 HOLLAND, Jack Allen 164 HOLLIDAY, William DeWitt 85,154 HOLT, Caniel Lee 154 HOWARD, Dana Ronai 34 HOWELL, Leonard Kirk 164 HOWELL, Ronald 164 HOYT, Donald Owen 45,146 HUBBARD, Willaim Eugene 85,164 HUBBS, Richard Ward 59,128,134 HUDSON, James Bryan 80,154 HUGHES, Eric Steven 164 HUGHES, Robert Charles 129 HUIE, David Brian 62,164,168 HUNTER, Robert Thomas 154 HURNEY, James Michael 154 HUSHOUR, David Lee 164 HUTCHINGS, Steven William 54,78, 81,146 IDLE, John Michael 154 IRBY, Calvin 129 JACKSON, Maurice Lee 154 JANKE, John Anthony 59,76,78, 129 JARRATT, Richard Crocker 164 JENKINS, Gary Michael 154 JENSEN, Brian Rex 164 JENSEN, Bruce Raymond 129 JENSEN, Jhon Alfred 78,81,93,146 JEPSEN, Robert Duane 129 JEW, Kevin Gene-Wan 129 JOHNSON, Gregory Blain 70,80,164 JOHNSON, Jeffery Scott 146 JOHNSON, Jordon Robert 154 JORGENSEN, David Eugene 146 JURGENSON, Jeffrey Lee 78,81,87, 146 JURGENSON, Vincent Edward 164 JUSTUS, Jeffrey James 164 KEEN, Kevin Jerald 164 KELLEY, James Benjamin 80,164 KEMPSTER, Christopher Andrew 54,60,61,62,83,146 KENYON, Kevin Bruce 83,132,138 KEY, Edwin Douglas 45,79,81,146 KINDER, Kenneth Lee 154 KO, Leonard Wayne 63,107,154 KRAULAND, Frans 106 KUKLEWSKI, Kenneth James 78,81, 154 LACY, Keith Ernest 154 LAGDEMEN, Lauro Lacson 164 LAMBIE, Richard Anthony 54,80,92, 154 LANEY, Michael Warren 65 ,86,154 LARSSEN, Christopher Jon 165 LEACH, Robert Alan 79,80,81,83, 154 LEAHY, Patrick Allen 154 LEE, Alfred Wany Kwong 154 LEE, Carl Dale 84,146 LEE, Lary Gene 154 LEE, Lester Dale 165 LEHMAN, Gilbert 154 LEHMAN, Roger Dean 146 LEMON, Brad Alan 165 LENTZ, Robert Charles 165 LEONARD, Craig Jeffery 165 LEWIS, Eugene George 165 LEWIS, John Marshall 79,81,146 LEWIS, Robert Steven 165 LEWIS, Ronald 70,132 LIM, Danny 146 LITTLEJOHN, James Edward 79,80, 81,84 LITTLEJOHN, George 155 LOCKE, Peter Raymond 42,73,154, iS) LONGORIA, Jr. Gabriel 164 LOPEZ, Gilbert John 132,165 LORBOR, Leslie Allen 155 LOUTSIS, Arthur Louis 165 LOVELAND, John Glen 165 LOWE, Michael John 79,81,155 LUM, Allen 54,56,61,62,133 LUMBERG, Kevin Mika 155 LYLE, Steve Patrick 65,146 LYNN, David F. 165 LYNN, Ted Edward 155 MMA, Kenneth 146 MACASIEB, Richard Joves 165 MACASIEB, Ronald Joves 146 MAES, Joe Harvey 165 MAHONEY, Douglas Paul 144,146 MAIN, David Christopher 146 MANHARD, Scott 54,59,62,83,146 MANTOOTH, Peter 165 MARCHELLO, Michael Wayne 59,86, 93,146 MARES, Kenneth Roger 85,165 MARIANI, Mark Otto 133 MARR, Paul Daniel 54,59,65,79, 81,83,86,87,146,163 MARR, Timothy Ray 85,165 MARSH, Michael Lee 146 MARSHALL, Danny Bernard 155 MATHIAS, Dale Allen 73,155 MAXEY, Wayn Dickford 133 MEDINA, Anthony Carlos 26,93, 155 MENDOXA, Donato M. 166 MENDOZA, Michael 163,166 MENO, Alfred Baza 93,95 MENO, Robert Baza 93,94 MERRIAM, Leo Leon 134 MICHAUD, Thomas Wen 166 MILLER, Richard Lee 65,71 MITCHELL, Douglas Scott 88,156 MOELLER, William Douglas 134 MOGER, Brain David 56,156 MOGER, Roy Rolland 88,135 MOLINA, Randy Eden 37,54,59,88, 156 MOORE, Robert Henry 135 MORALES, John Edward 45 MORELAND, Charles LaRue 80,85, 156 MORINI, Allen Joseph 166 MOSS, Robert Frank 78,81,93,94, 95 MOUNTZ, Thomas C. 92,166 MURDOCK, Bruce George 92,94,156 MUSSETTER, Michael Louis 85,166 McCAFFETY, Kevin Howard 155,163 McCOLLUM, Michael Lee 83,155 McDANIEL, James Edward 85,166 McDANIEL, Michael David 133 McDANIEL, Leonard Edvin 27,45, 54,59,148 McEACHERN, Dan Lester 133 McEACHERN, Phillip Michael 59, 134 McGINNIS, Robert Harold 155 McKEE, Marshall Stephen 155 NARITO, Edward George 166 NELSON, Paul Joseph 149 NELSON, Troy 80,156 NEWMAN, Robert Charles 166 NG, Alan Lee 166 NEIHOUSE, Gary Kim 79,134,135 NOLAN, Michael Curtis 60 NORDSTROM, Tye Scott 69,166 OLSON, James Daniel 88,166 ORDEMAN, Erik Richard 88 ORDEMAN, Erwin John 88 ORTEGA, Salvador Jesse 156 OSBORNE, Dan Robert 80,156 OURIQUE, Michael Louis 156 OWENS, Timothy Patrick 156 PACINI, Larry 135 PADEN, William Stolte 156 PAMIROYAN, Albert Victor 31,84, 156 PAMIROYAN, Randolph Manuel 166 PANGLE, Michael Aldun 156 PAPASAN, Gregory Alan 166 PARKER, Gary Lee 72 PARKER, Robert Steven 79,81,87, 148 PARMENTER, Richard Arthur 148 PARNOW, Michael Francis 80,107, 166 PAYNE, Steven Donald 88,91,156 PEAK, Ronald Richard 156 PENTERGRASS, Paul Edward 56,148 PENNOCK, Gregory Allen 166 PERATA, David Dwight 156 PEREZ, Joseph Santos 135 PERRE, Leon Louis 135 PERRE, Jon Emile 148 PETERSEN, George Richard PETERSON, Paul Carver 135 PICKRELL, Brian Alan 166 PICKRELL, Robert Charles 80,156 PIERONI, Donald Ernest 78,81, 93,148 PIERONI, Ernest Sam 91,166 PIERSON, Kirk 166 PIKAART, Jon Martin 166 PITT, Michael Anthony 166 PLYMATE, Jeffrey Loren 167 PONDOK, Robert Alamodin 80,167 POSADAS, Gregoria Ferrer 148 POTTER, David Robert 135 PRYOR, Mark Allan 78,81,92,156 PUMPHREY, Michael Louis 135 PURDUM, J. Sterling 167 QUANT, Sheldon 156 QUEN, Stephen G. 91,156 QUENANGAN, Romeo B. 135,156 QUESADA, Daniel Stephen 59,135, 167 QUESADA, Donald Vincent 85,156 QUESADA, Raul Richard 86,87,92, 148 RAIMONDI, William Ernest 86,148 RAMOS, Alan Nicholas 167 RAMOS, Edward C. 156 RAMSEY, Michael Edward 156 RASMUSSEN, Walter Michael 88,148 RAWLINSON, Charles Edward 148 RAYNOR, David Lee 42,43,59,77, 79,106,135 REESE, Demetris Martinez 167 REYES, Edwin Pax 157 REYES, Franklin Paz 138 REYNOLDS, William Lonnie 138 RHOADES, Raymond Gene 167 RICE, Jonathan Frank 54,62,148 RICKMAN, David Walton 73,148 RINEHART, Morris David 167 RISLEY II, Paul Sherwood 45, 79,81,148 RITCHIE, Alan 167 RITCHIE, Glen 106,148 - RIVARD, Dion Louis 62,167 RIVARD, Earl Jon 37,54,79,81, 84,154,155,157 RIVAS, Jr. Lino 157 RODEN, Darrell Edwin 167 ROETS, James Norman 167 ROMBS, Andre Michael 148 ROMBS, Harrold William 167 ROMBS, Siegfried Johann 138 ROOT, Randall Russell 152 ROZA, Richard William 148 RUFAS, Paul Douglas 79,81,114, 157 RUTAN, Daniel James 167 RUTLEDGE, George Richard 148 RYAN, Matt Mclvor 138 SABLAN, Francisco Anderson 26, 54,138 SABLAN, Nicolas Anderson 80,92, 157 SAKOWICZ, Carl Charles 63,148 SANDERS, Anthony Wayne 167 SANTOS, Arnold Torio 159 SANTOS, Roy Quintara 157 earns: Donald Richard 90,91 SAVKO, William Cleary 129,139 SCARAMUZZINO, Joseph John 157 SCHAEFER, Harry 157 SCHAEFER, Ronald 59,62,82,83, 139 SCHIERENBECK, Thomas Paul 88, 148 SCHMITZ, Edward Francis 157 SCHOCK, Gary Lee 65 SCHOELEN, Lawrence Andrew 148 SCHOELEN, Patrick John 86 SEBESTER, Vernon Lee 148 SEQUEIRA, David Franklin 157 SHELDON, Frank Richard 167 SHELTON, Eric Lee 70,77,79,82, 83,157 SHEPERD, William Loren 157 SHETTER, Charles Robert 167 SHETTER, Cloyd Benjamin 167 SHEW, Nolan 91,148 SHEWMAKER, Terry Lee 167 SIMMONS, Mark Alan 149 SIMMONS, Michael Day 80,157 SIMPSON, Craig Lewis 59,83,134, 139 SIMPSON, Richard Mark 149 SMITH, Chad Elliott 158 SMITH, Harry Edward 158 SMITH, Michael Spenser 139 SMITH, Steven Douglas 80,168 SNIDER, John Henry 149 SOLIS, Frank John 65,158 SOLOSABAL, Gregory Allen 139 SOULE, Dennis George 78,149 SPARROW, Frazier 70,84,157,158 SPITZNAGEL, David Bruce 45,59, 79,139 STEVENS, Jack Edward 168 STEVENS, Kenneth John 65,158 STONE, Arthur Daniel 88,168 STRATTON, Stephen Scott 54,62, 130,140 STUDEBAKER, Gary Richard 168 STUDEBAKER, Stephen Thomas 65, 149. SUE, Kenneth Henry 24,59,78, SUMMERS, Royce Darryl 72,168 TACKET, Charles Geogre 168 TACKETT, Richard Wayne 149 TAJALLE, John Sanchez 81 TAJALLE, Willaim P. 81,149 TAL, Ronald Mercado 42,140 TAYLOR, Thomas Erik 158 TELLARDIN, Stevan Paul 144,149 THOMAS, Ellis Edward 168 THOMAS, William A. 140 TILTON, Robert Charles 149 TINER, John Robert 168 TREBER, Gerald Roy 56,115,158 TRUJILLO, Leo Lawrence 168 TUAZON, Raul Victorino 36,149 TUCKER, Rodney Thal 140 TURNER, Perry Alan 79,140 TYE, Steven Robert 158 UBALLE, Ernest 158 UNGER, Daniel William 158 VAN BUSKIRK, Kenneth David 149 VARGAS, David John 158 VEGA, Albert Genaro 136,137,140 VILLA, Mark John 168 VRANEK, Robert Andrew 158 VUYLSTEKE, Joel William 73,158 WADE, Gregory Lloyd 88,158 WADE, Micah 140 WAGGONER, Jeffery Louis 56,84, 149 WALDRON, Heber Earl 149 WALKER, Robert Dale 149 WALKER, Steven Paul 168 WALTERS, Charles Robert 158 WARD, Michael Wayne 140 WARD, Wayne Morris 158 WASHINGTON, Richard Bryant 140 WASHINGTON, Robert Charles 140, 149 WASSON, Jeffrey Lynn 168 WASSON; Joel Thadus 140 WASTENEY, Michael Robert 59,78, 81,93,94 WATTS, David Odell 65,91,140 WAYNE, Gary Lamar 77,79,83,141 WEBB, James Richard WEERTS, Larry Herman 158 WEIGHT, Edward William 169 WHATLEY, Richard Wallace 169 WILLIAMS, Dale Barry WILLIAMS, Michael Lloyd 34,169 WILLIAMSON, Charles Edward 54, 61,63,158 WILLIAMSON, Harry Henton 54,60, 61,63,158 175 176 WILLIAMSON, Robert Charles 56, 149 WILLIE, Elvin 149 WILLIS, Gary Wayne 80,158 WILLIS, Michael Von 26,80,132, 169 WILMOTH, Harry Curtis 159 WILSON, Brian Michael 149 WILSON, Lawrence Leo 80,88,169 WINDLE, Wesley Scott 169 WING, Allen Yasuhiko 149 WISELY, Thomas Gordon 159 WOLKE, George Goran 85,169 WOLTOR, Mark William 88,141 WONG, Kenny Y. 61,140 WORKMAN, Jerry Ray 159 WRIGHT, William Stewart 31,54, 59,86,149 YEE, Alvin 159 YEE, Benjamin Poe 159 YEREMIAN, Bruce Alan 80,159 YONAN, Hamlet Eprim 149 YOUNG, Victor 169 ZIMBELMAN, Rusty Dale 26,132, 169 GIRLS’ INDEX ABBEY, Virginia Mary 144 ABIVA, Ethl yn A. 160 ABIVA, Marilyn Rivadelo 160 ABRAMS, Kathy 144 ADAMS, Valerie Joan 62, 160 AGARD, Katherine Marie 160 ALANIZ, Cynthia 160 ALCORN, Marilyn Rae 64 ALEXANDER, Julie Marie 62, 64,160,161 ALLEN, Christy Del 160 ALVES, Monica Gayle 21,45, 64,70,144 AMES, Wanda Louise 160,166 AMON, Margie A. 120 ANDERSON, Bonnie Sue 144 ANDERSON, Carol Therese 160 ANDERSON, Donna Marie 144 ANDERSON, Linda Marie 160 ANDERWALD, Catherine Ann 160 ANDRIESE, Lauren Marie 114 ANTONALI, Deberah Annette 21,26,64,120,132 ARAUSJO, Stephanie Francis 70,160 ARIZ, Georgette K. 114 AYERS, Luann 64 AYERS, Mary Elizabeth 68, 69,71 BAGWELL, Mary Ellen 45,46, 120 BAILEY, Brenda 70 BAIR, Michelle Theresa 160 BAKER, Elizabeth Marianne 160 BANDA, Maria Guadalupe 144 BARBOUR, Julie Ann 62,160 BARRETT, Denise Maud 160 BARRETT, Geralyn Mary 114, 144 BARRETT, Wanda 120 BASS, Teresa Dawn 144 BAXTER, Susan Ann 160 BEASLEY, Sheree Dawn 160 BEATTY, Sondar Ellen 144 BENSON, Georgia Ann 144 BENTZLEY, Brenda Jean 63, 160 BERNARDINI, Joyce Anne 144 BERNARDINO, Amor G. 45,61, 63,64,144 BERNARDO, Roxanne Sue 54, 55,120 BIDDLECOME, Linda Carol 121 BIGENONE, Catherine Ann 144 BINNS, Edna Toni 60,72,153 BINNS, Mary Ann 72 BISHOP, Andrea Lynn 121 BLAKE, Madelon Lee 121 BLAKE, Mary Helen 151 BLAIR, Kathy Diane 144 BOCKMAN, Nancy Ann 151 BOLIVAR, Joy Ann 121 BOND, Regina 161,165 BONEBRAKE, Ruth Ann 161 BONNIN, Dana Mallory 42,43,55, 56,61,73,89,115,151 - BONNIN, Jennifer Jerdine 161 BOWES, Dana Sue 64,144,145 BOWMAN, Robin Ann 161 BRANDES, Marian Suzanne 144 BRANDT, Elaine Gail 89,161,164 BREITEN, Laura Lynn 151 BRENDLE, Leslie Ann 161 BROAD, Karen Ann 151 BROAD, Katherine Ann 151 BRYAN, Debra Ann 161 BUCKNER, Pamela Ann 73 BUESTAD, Carolyn Elizabeth 161 BUGBEE, Jean Francis 151 BULLIS, Alice Amelia 56,115,144 BULLOCK, Yvette Levern 22,34, 45,70 BURNS, Christie Lynn 161 BUSCH, Carol Sue 161 BYRNS, Alpha Marie 42,121 CAMACHO, Dorothy Winona 161 CANNON, Karen Ann 144 CANNON, Kathryn Lean 151 CARNEY, Mary Lynn 161 CARSH, Michele 161 CARSON, Carol Ann 55,64,114, 151 CARSON, Cathy Lynn 20,21,61, 64,161 CARTER, Janece Ann 64,151 CARTER, Pangeeta Lucile 161 CARUTHERS, Donna Marie 161 CARY, Shannon Ann 161 CASALI, Kimberlee Melanie 161 CASALI, Wendy Gina 58,144 CASSAR, Anita Christine 161 CASTILLO, Vickie Anne 58,151 CASTRO, Pricilla Ann 63,144 CAUDILL, Gerema 55,122,141 CAVER, Cathy Beatrice 61,62,64, 69,71,151 CHAIX, Adriene Helene 61 ,63,64, 89,151 CHEAMAN, Janette Kaye 20,21,161 CHELUCCI, Linda Ann 64,144 CHILDS, Joan Lily 151 CHOW, Julianna Lin 161 CHRISTENSEN, Linda Marie 144 CHRISTENSEN, Pamela Kay 161 CHRISTENSEN, Janet Marie 161 CLARK, Charlotte Susan 161 CLOSSON, Cheryl Ann 62,64,89, 107,161 CLOTT, Patricia Anne 161 CODIGA, Latherine Rae 122 CODMAN, Barbara Luculle 63,114, 162 COLLINS, Angela Marie 55,144 CONNER, Katherine Ann 36,89,162 CONROY, Nancy Jean 21,26,45,64, 1225132 COOPER, Janet Susan 144 COX, Debra Lynn 162 CRAIG, Paula Lorranie 145 CROSS, Christabelle Cora 162 CUNNINGHAM, Theresa Louise 162, 166 DAGDAGAN, Delia Belen 71,145 DALISAY, Luculle Bergantinos 45, 61,144,68 DAVIS, Kathleen Joan 89,152 DAVIS, Marion Helen 122 DAVIS, Margorie Patricia 162 DAVIS, Sally Anne 89,162 DAVIS, Vickie Coreen 162 DAVIS, Vickie Marie 162 DAY, Carolyn Joyce 114,152 DAY, Cassandra Ann 70,162 DEE, Patricia Laourel 162 DeGUSMAN, Rebecca Enriquez 162 DeMUESE, Shannon Michell 162 DERMONT, Stephanie 162 DERMONT, Susan 162 DESCHAINE, Louise Marie 162 DETTMER, Denise Ann 152 DEVINE, Ramona Elaine 152 DICKINSON, Cathy Ray B. 152 DICKSON, Barbara Irene 58,122 DILLARD, Vickie Ann 152 DOHERTY, Barbara Jean 42,152 DOHERTY, Christine Margaret 162, 155 DOLAN, Candice Kay 122 DOMREIS, Susan Jean 122 DONALDSON, Susan Rutledge 122 DOYLE, Karen Patricia 60,61 ,64, MSL AS) DRAKE, Shirley Ann 64,122 DREESMAN, Karen Nadene 26,122 DRESSMAN, Sandra 63,145 DRUM, Deborah Denise 152 DUENAS, Arlinda Ann 152 DUMONT, Antoinette 27,72,152 DUPLESSIS, Janet Theresa 145 DURAN, Lucille Angela 145 DYKSTRA, Karen Sue 24,25 26,122 EASTMAN, Diana Rae 62,162 ENCARNACION, Zenaida Lacorte 152 ENGLE, Antonia Jean 162 ENGLE, Cynthia Diane 152 ENGSTROM, Patricia Lee 152 ESPOSITO, Francis Margaret 152 FALCON, Susan Marie 163 FARIA, Judith Ann 152,155 FARRELL, Diane Patricia 152 FASSO, Janet Ann 45,64,145 FERNADEZ, Jaqueline Francis 145 FERNANDEZ Joanne Francis 163 FISCHER, Marilyn Ann 72,73 FISZCZUK, Patricia Ann 145 FISZCZUK, Francine 28,126 FLETCHER, Gail Nanette 145 FOLEY, Linda Faye 163 FONG, Linda Faye 163 FONG, Linda 126 FONG, Lurline 145 FORD, Carol Innes 63,64,114,152 FORD, Jackie Marie 152 FORD, Vickie Lorraine 45,58,145 FORQUER, Chirelle Aliece 162, 163 FORTES, Elizabeth Lim 145 FOSTER, Jenette Louise 163 FOX, Linda Sue 145 FRANCIS, Jean Ann 145 FRANKS, Jenifer Lynn 152 FREESED, Janese Doreen 163,166 FRIETAS, Mary Beth 58 60,64, 69,152 FUSSEL, Debra Jean 163 GALLARDO, Julie Ann 163 GALLEGOS, Nadine Teresa 163 GANNON, Gail Adelaide 145 GARBISO, Theresa A. 153 GARCIA, Teresa Ann 163 oor Helen Jeanetta 36,161, 163 GARLIT, Antonette 61,63,64,153, 155) GEARY, Wendy 89,163 GEISHAKER, Rebecca Ann 56 GERDES, Veronica Karen 64,153 GERONA, Mildred Maternal 153 GILBO, Lori Ann 126,130 GILLIS, Cynthia C. 161 GILMORE, Wannetta Fay 70,153 GIORGI, Della Carol 114,126,43 GIULIANO, Pamela Rossana 161 GOLTZ, Karen Lorraine 145 GOLTZ, Leslie Ann 163 GOODE, Deborah Ann 126 GOODSON, Katherine Lucille 126, 153,68 GOSSELIN, Cathy Jo 58,64,153 GRAHAM, Leslie Ann 121,127 GRAND, Corinne Ellen 35,55,63, 64,153 GRANT, Lanette Kathleen 153 GREEN, Cheryl Ann 70,153 GREEN, ReMona Clydette 163,165 GREGORY, Carolyn Marie 58,62,153 GRIFFITH, Cynthia Diane 153 GROWL, Valerie Growl 63,64,153 GUTMAN, Judith 127 GURMAN, Michelle Ann 163 GUY, Mary Jane 145 GUY, Melody Gay 163 HACKERT, Beth Ann 68,163 HAGER, Debbie Susan 163 HAMILTON, 89,164 HANDLEY, Patricia Lynn 164 HANES, Karen Leslie 153 HANNON, Beth Ann 23,45,64,127, 130 HARPHAM, Karen Ann 115,163 HARPHAM,, Sherry Linn 45,146 HARRIS, Rita Jean 70,164 HARRIS, Sharon Ruth 24,25,28,61, 70,128 HARTZELL, Jo Lynn 153 HASSET, Kathleen Ann 153 HAYES, Lynn Claudia 164 HELWIG, Marcella Mary 71,164 HEMMER, Deborah Ann 58,146 HENRY, Donna Lee 164 HENSCHELL, Patricia Ellen 153 HERNANDEZ, Rachel Evelyn 164 HERRERA, Victoria Michelle 154 HESS, Beverlee Lynn 164 HINER, Linda Dawn 63,64,146 HOCKER, Susan Renee 164 HOLLAND, Debra Kay 146,154 HOLT, Katherine Jo 146 HOYT, Julie Ann 68,164 HUDSON, Patricia Ann 45,128 HUNTER, CathyAnn 146 HUNTOON, Ellen Elizabeth 55,56 58,64,129 HURLEY, Sally Sue 146 HURNEY, Alma Marie 164 HUSTON, Cynthia Anne 154 IDLE, Barbara Ann 64,164 JACLIN, Nora Louise 164 JACOPETTI, Jacqueline Jane 154 JAMES, Janice Annette 61, 73,144,146 JAMES, Lillie May 72,129, 130 JAMISON, Melissa Ruth 56, 62,154 JARIN, Margarite P. 129 JEFFERS, Janice Ellen 146 JEFFERSON, Annette 69,70, 164 JEW, Myra M. 164 JOHNSEN, Nancy Ann 164 JOHNSON, Kathryn D. 154 JOHNSON, Pamela Ione 154 JOHNSON, Susan Marie 164 JOHSTON, Ruby Pearl 129 JONES, Dorothy Christine 54,55 ,56,89,115,146 JONES, Renee 154 JORGENSON, KEENAN, Jill Eileen 55,73 KEIGHTLEY, Rennee 164 KELTNER, Kathleen Jean 89, 154 KENNEY, Karen Denise 64,89, 150,151,154 KICAID, Jan Marie 69,154 KING, Alicia Rose 132 KOHLOFF, Pamela Jeanette 154 KRAFT, Lorelei Lizett 70, 154 KRAUSE, Maumi Miriam 154 KRUEGER, Janice Ellen 164 KUHN, Katherine Marie 164 KULUHIWA, Violet Francis LACOPOUPOS, Vallas Stephanie 146 LaMERE, Donna Rae 154 LANEY, Karen Sue 165 LAWSON, Janice Darlene 36, 154 LEAHY, Margaret Susan 146 LEDESMAN, Noemi 165 L EE, Linda Marie 132 LEFEVRE, Joan Holly 165 LEHMAN, Gail Elaine 154 LENEHAN, Barbara Jean 58, 61,155 LEOGRANDE, Linda Sue 132 LEOHARDT, Leola Ann 62, 165 LEWIS, Garnetta Regina 70, $0,165 LIMA, Anne Desiree 155 LIND, Joan Eileen 165 LINDSAY, Karen Kay 146 LINSEY, Llanda Berne 165 LITTLEJOHN, Esponolia 22, 45 ,70,146 LITTLEJOHN, Rosalia 70.165 LONGORIA, Rosa Marie 155, 133 LONGORIA, Teresa 115,133 LOY, Robin Lynn 165 LUCAS, Marcianne 133 LUCERO, Denice Elaine 165 LUCERO, Martha Anne 43,73, 89,154,159 178 LUCERO, Sharon Jean 146 LUFKIN, Lisa Gay 20,21,89, 155 LUKAS, Karen Jeane 64 LUM, Stephanie Marie pe 155 LUNDBERG, Mary Teresa 123, 133 LYONS, Sheryl Conita 114, 146 LYONS, Linda Lee 45,58,133 MACABEO, Kathryn Ann 31, 61,63 ,64,155 MACLEAN, Susan Kay 64,89, 115,155 MAES, Kathleen Susan 63, 146 MANERE, Lucia Ann 133 MARCELINE, Rebecca Maria 23 24,25 ,26,43,45,64,132, 133 MARSH, Glenda Lynn 155 MARTENUK, Susan Madge 55, 133 MARTINEZ, Debra Kathleen 165 MARTINEZ, Melissa 61,63, 155 MARTINEZ, Patricia Dianne 155 MASSINGILL, Pamela Ann 56, 165 MATHESON, Sharon Lynn 58, 165 MATHESON, Donna 133 MATHESON, Deborah Gail 89 MEDEIROS; Coreen Ann 166 MEIERS, Sherry Ann 134 MELENDEZ, Patricia Ann 134 MENDLE, Sandra Lee 155 MENDEZ, Linda Ann 166 MENICHETTI, Karen Therese 50,62,166 MENO, Doris Baza 166 MERRICK, Lisa Elyn 166 MERTZIG, Marguerite Mary 134 MILDON, Cynthia Lynn 63, 64,155 MILLER, Patricia Louise 134 MILLER, Terri Lynn 155 MILNE, Deborah 89,166 MINOR, Amanda Elizabeth 73,156 MITCHELL, Gay Michelle 64,69 MITCHELL, Carla 64,69 MONTANO, Tersa Jeanne 114, 166 MONTGOMERY, Rose Marie 55,61 ,62,64,156 MUNDAY, Nancy Lee 135 MURPHY, Margaret Ann 156 MUSSETTER, Judith Marie 35, 156 MYRO, Linda 69,166 McBRIDE, Julie 68,155 McCLAIN, Barbara Ann 45,70, 152; McCLURE, Helen Louise 155, 165 McCONKEY, Cynthia Adele 155 McCREA, Carolyn Lee 166 McCREA, Victoria Lynn 183 McDANIEL, Sandra Ellen 166 McGOWEN, Sharon Sue 166 McINTOSH, Karen Jean 65, 68,155 McINTOSH, Kathryn Gayle 65,68 McKENNA, Patricia Ann 64 McKIE, Margaret Ann 73, 155 McLEAN, Nancy Lynn 134, 154 McLENDON, Judy Ann 155 McMINN, Patricia Darlene NEILL, Carolyn Jan 166 NEWMAN, Carol Ann 114,156 NEWSOME, Rhonda Colleen 155,156 NICHOLS, Gail Jean 55,135 ‘aed ue!’ AA as eee 14, NICHOLS, Terri Ann 61,166 NICOLA, Karen Ann 58,69, TAL ISG5L95 NIEHAUS, Sheryl! Denise 156 NOLAN, Debra Jean 135 NUNES, Gail Ann 156 NUNES, JoAnn 56,64,135, 130 OH, Diana Joyce 156 OLSON, Donna Jean 166 ORONOS, Evelyn Advincula 60,68 ORONOS, Letecia Advincula 166 OVERFIELD, Cheryl! Jean 135 OWY ANG, Diana Julia 55, 156 PARKER, Susan Corinne 148 PARR, Jeana Darleen 166 PASCO, Susanne Diehl 58, 156 PASQUINELLI, Patricia Jean 156 PEDERSEN, Dolores Ann 54, 55,63,148 PETERS, Katheyn Leigh 58, 156 PLYMATE, Debra Lea 23,135 POTTORFF, Connir Faye 67, 148 PRESLEY, Donna Marie 45, 55,144,148 PRIDE, Donna Diane 156 PROWETT, Cindy Gay 167 QUENANGAN, Remedos B. 71 QUINN, Pamela Louise 156 RAVEY, Kathleen Ann 22, 24,25 ,26,45,130,131, 132,135 RAWLINSON, Mary Loraine 156 RAY, Karen Ann 156 REED, Pamela Diane 166 RICH, Donna Jo 148 RICH, Karen Leigh 138 RIGGAL, Surle Ronelda 157 RISLEY, Shelley Diane 56, 64,115,157 ROACH, Denise Joann 58, 138 ROBINSON, Stephanie Helen 157,158 ROBLES, Margo Anita 148 RODRIGUEZ, Anna Marie 157 RODRIGUEZ, Patricia Ann 42,148 ROETS, Kathleen Joanne 157 ROPER, Cary! Ruth 105, 107 ROSENTHAL, Cynthia Mattie 34,70,114,144,148 ROSENTHAL, Gwendolyn 70 ROSETE, Julimarbe Agloro 167 ROSS, Charlotte Lynn 68, 167 ROWE, Katherine Ann 167 ROY, Alice Marie 58,157 ROY, Linda Louise 157 RUDGE, Robin Ellen 167 RUSSELL , Diane Alta 157 RUTAN, Michael Lynn 45, 130,138 a in RUTLEDGE, Vickie LaVerne 138 SAENZ, Deborah Luisa 69, 167 SALAS, Mary Elizabeth 138 SAMUEL, Betty Jean 68 SANDOVAL, Fernanda 138 SANJINES, Miriam Socorro 138 SAN NICOLAS, Jenny Fredrica 20,21,24,25 ,26,62,64, 132,138 SAYLOR, Michelle Beth 65,167,168 SCHACHT, Pamela Lorraine 58,60,68,69,73,157 SCHEUERMANN, Elise Ruth 56,89,115,157 SCHEUERMANN, Karen Elaine 63,167 SCHIERENBECK, Carol Ann 157 SCHMITZ, Joanne Mary 167 SCHULTZ, Jeneine Darlyn 148 SCHULTZ, Denise Marlene 167 SCHULTZ, Sandra Jean 56, ©9589 MSs ls? SCHWARTZ, Claudia Francis 35,156,157 SELMER, Susan Elise 167 SEMIN, Lori Anne 167 SENNA, Lillian Jane 20,55, 58,64,144,148 SHELDON, Deborah Lee 148 SHEPARD, Barbara Louis 139 SHORT, Kathleen Jeanette S37) SHRIVER, Carolyn Marie 168 SIEBETHAL, Rosellen Mary 149 SILSBY, Claire Dianne 139 SILVERS, Kathryn Jean 55, 139 SIMON, Janine Blythe 64, 157 SKAIFE, Sally Kimbrough 158 SKAVLEM, Karen Mary 22,45, 58,64,149 SMITH, Lolani Marie 62,149 SMITH, Susan Dee 168 SMITH, Terril Loraine 70, 158 SMITH, Vickie Ramona 21,33, 139 SMYER, Sally Ann 158 SNYDER, Kyna Marie 49,58, 64,149 SPEAKE, Reiko Donna 168 SPITZER, Barbara Anne 168 STAKES, Cynthia Ann 161, 168 STALLMAN, Susan Elizabeth 55,63,139 STANLEY, Susan Elizabeth 168 STANTON, Mary Leslie 55, 63,139 STEINGRUBER, Helen Sue 168 STEVENS, Lenita Gail 149 STEWART, Marcia Dean 23,27, 64,149 ST. JOHN, Kerry Lee 158 STORTECKY, Joan Allene 22, 56,149 STRATTON, Cynthia Jean 168 STREET, Deborah Charee 42, 60,64,158 SULLIVAN, Jennifer Dawn 64, 168,165 SULLIVAN, Pamela 158 SWAN, Deborah Louise 158 SYKES, Janet Marie 149 SYERSON, Debra Lynn 168 SZCZEPANSKI, Barbara Jean 140 TAGUE, Sharon Marie 28,140 TAJALLE, Victoria Sanchez 169 TAJIMA, Joanne 26,54,55,64, 148,149 TAJIMA, Patricia 55,64,158 TAYLOR, Susan Kaye 64,130, 140 TEDDERS, Joy Elizabeth 168 TERRANOVA, Francesca Maria 42 ,64,89,151,158 TERWILLIGER, Brenda Marie 158 TETZSCHER, Peggy Anne 151, 158 THACHER, Cynthia Anne 55, 149 THOMAS, Denise 23,36,158 THOMPSON, Linda Joyce 168 THOMPSON, Pamela Marie 168 TORRES, Joanne Marie 168 TOWLE, Lannelle Ann 89,63, 158 TRAIL, Patricia Ann 168 TRAMTE, Deborah Jo 168 TRUTNA, Betty Louise 149 TRUTNA, Linda Marie 168 TUCKER, Leslie Diane 43, 56,60,115,158 TUFT, Cynthia 149 TUGGLE, Mary Lou 168 UNGER, Suzanne Lynn 158 VRANGOS, Sandra 45,140 WARD, Katherine Rae 114,140 WARREN, Sylvia Jean 168 WATTERSON, Nikki Jo 169,68 WEBER, Linda Lee 60,62,158 WESSEL, Chari Lynn 141 WESSEL, Dawn Kathleen 62, 164 WESTMORELAND, Denise Lea 56,64,115,158 WHITE, Moli Renee 169 WHITEHOUSE, Pam Aileen 169 WHITMARSH, Kay Ann 149 WHYTE, Maria Ann 149 WILLIAMS, Kathy Lynn 169 WILLIAMS, Phyllis Ann 55,56, 63,149 WILLIAMSON, Jody Calola 140 WILLIAMSON, Ruth Ann 169 WILLIE, Karen Charlene 169 WILLIFORD, Beverly Lynn 169 WILLIS, Carrie Lynn 169 WILSON, Jennifer Lynn 140 WINEGARNER, Vickie Lynne 62,169 WIRTZ, Robin Lynn 169 WONDOLLECK, Julie Marie 89,169 WONG, Doris 55,60,61,72, 159 WOODARD, Sherrie Lynn 169 WOODS, Portia Camelia 70, 159 WOODS, Tanga Renae 70,169 WODDY, Deborah 159 WRIGHT, Deborah 72,159 WRIGHT, Merilyn Jan 43,54, 55) WYCKOFF, Jacqueline Louise 140 YANDELL, June 54,5558, 60,149 YEE, Wanda 61,140 YOUNG, Judith 63 YOUNG, Pamela Denise 169 YOUNG, Pricilla 140 ZOBB, Rosemarie 169 179 Advertising promotes Students Jn ways of better Business; Alds merchants in publicizing Cheir Products and services 182 pg IE Sion encaymmeneangnine mcmomeninrnsianmEmrA eRe jASoS Residential Sales Property Notary Management litcheom Really and Investment Co. 1319 HIGH STREET, ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 94501 — PHONE 521-4545 John E. Mitcheom, Broker Staff: Florence B. Lundy, Secretary M. R. Pagel June N. Fisher : P.G. Sandifer William O. Gilbert Morris Zielenski William M. Osborne Anne Martinson Kentucky Fried Chicken Jack and Judy Crabtree 2424 Encinal Avenue 521-8700 Santa Clara Pharmacy Liquors Prescriptions 851 Santa Clara Avenue Corner of 9th Street 522-3090 Best Wishes, Class of ’70 Patricia’s Beauty Salon 1322 Park Street 523-7962 Cavanaugh Motors “50 Years of Service in Alameda” CHRYSLER—PLYMOUTH Sales and Service 523-5246 1700 Park Street Alameda, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS FROM Olsson Plumbing Heating We Specialize in Services and Repairs 1250 Park Street $22-2442 CRYSTAL CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANING PLUS EXPERT SPOTTING AND FINISHING PLUS PERSONALIZED ATTENTION Alameda’s Largest And Longest Established Cleaners Since 1907 Our Cash And Carry Prices Will Save You Money We Give and Redeem Alameda Merchants Stamps 10% DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS 2000 Encinal Avenue Alameda 522-0433 Robert R. Butler, Owner Alameda Shade Shop Window Shades and Venetian Blinds Du Pont Tontine Washable Window Shade Cloth 522-0633 914 Central Avenue Alameda, Calif. 183 184 Razor Cutting ALBURTS mens wear “AMERICAS GREATEST SUIT VALUES” 1533 WEBSTER ST., ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 94502 2208 MacARTHUR BLVD., OAKLAND, CALIF. 94602 Shoes Shined Dick’s Barber Shop Phone 523-7311 1547 Webster Street Alameda, Calif.94501 D. D. Scott Florist BAY AREA DELIVERY Donald D. Scott 1520 Webster Street Alameda, California Phone 522-3456 Congratulations Class of ’70 ALBURTS WISHES YOU HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS Congratulations To The Graduates Of June 1970 From Smiley Gallagher Company FUNERAL DIRECTORS JOHN D. POLA, DIRECTOR 522-1132 1415 Oak Street Alameda, California Good Luck To The Class Of June ’70 Justin Realty and Insurance 1526 Park Street $22-3567 Alameda Hobbycraft 1356 Park Street Alameda, Calif. Models - Crafts - Hobbies Games - Artist Supplies 523-3980 Oe q 1 Rca | ‘EAM tne 33°65) 15 ox ng Ee Try TUCKER’S SUPER-CREAMED ICE CREAM 522-4960 Alameda, California 1518 Park Street Don Bernal Co. Photo—Offset Printing Don Bernal 522-5553 734 Central Avenue Alameda, Calif. ROSS HIBBS RICHFIELD PICK-UP AND DELIVERY ELECTRONIC TUNE-UP BRAKE SPECIALIST ALL WORK GUARANTEED ROSS HIBBS, DEALER HARRY KERN, MANAGER 1260 PARK STREET e ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA e PHONE: 521-8822 The Island Jewelers DIAMONDS WATCH REPAIR — ENGRAVING WM. C. HARTLEY, Owner VIRGINIA HARTLEY, Manager Student Discount 523-2450 1504 Webster Street Alameda, Calif. Horgan’s Red Lamp Cocktails Dining - Banquet Facilities 522-4345 1526 Webster St. Ray and Bee Horgan Alameda, Calif. 185 Webster Pharmacy Prescriptions Cosmetics Residential - Commercial - Income Webster Street and Lincoln Avenue 522-3066 J.P. (Jim) McClure James W. Thompson Brokers Carroll Travel Service, Inc. 523-0768 South Shore Realty 1412 Park Street 1223 Park Street Office: 523-9656 Alameda, California 94501 Alameda, California Res: 521-1958 For The Perfect Graduation Gift Give A Student Tour Of Europe Choose From Many Different Programs Specially Designed For Students Also Travel Adventures To Hawaii - Alaska - Mexico For Transportation Anywhere, Call uns — OF ALAMEDA “‘Alameda’s Most Popular Restaurant” 1619 Webster Street, Alameda, California 186 Congratulates The Class of ’70 The ‘in’ place to shop GOLDMAN’S Alameda South Shore Center Other stores in Oakland, Hayward downtown and Southland, Walnut Creek, El Cerrito, Fremont, Concord Sun Valley. i Oriental Gifts | p- 4 Rattanware-Baskets i € NA HUNT | : JEWELRY CO. NOTLEA | 6 CONGRATULATIONS South Shore Shopping Center Alameda, California | ROW HE | CLASS OF 1970 | PARK DAIRY DRIVE IN AND SAVE 1430 Park Street 522-8887 522-5354 2421 Encinal Avenue Alameda, California 187 WP Hs, Lys ee Uy We VERON 9 . PNY. Aj ‘ AY ‘AEN 8 AY J Ds og yp i RE N Wy ce ! als h | wv gt DAA AY i. o y Bee cA (oe LAN es) cs 0 UJ ied o nes rn CARL PAYATT, Manager Junior and Junior Petites LEONARD’S WOMEN’S APPAREL 1511 Webster St. 522-7271 LEONARD’S SHOES 1451 Webster St. 521-8811 CHAPIN’S Stationery - Gifts - Greeting Cards Leather Goods South Shore Center Alameda, Calif. 188 a ae Ar st ee oO a of Bad OP CONGRATULATIONS 5 SP PAN TS . yy Ne “ae oy. y % “JAC IN THE BOX eg C 4 ay yo 1826 Webster St. Alameda, California ALAMEDA DRUG COMPANY Congratulations To The Class Of June, 1970 Prescription Specialists Fast Free Delivery 522-2552 , 1501 Park Street Alameda | | | | ) | RS Aa Pe ESIIA COCKTAIL LOUNGE A. C. Finocchio 1552 Webster Street Alameda, Calif. LA 3-5713 MARIANI AND CARDELLI Motor Tune-ups and Brake Service “WE NEED MORE DOMESTO SELL BECAUSE WE SELL MORE HOMES” WE OFFER COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE 1536 Webster 523-4000 Corner of Pacific and Webster 921-2900 1428 Part St. or 523-9606 Our Congratulations and Best Wishes To The NEW GRADUATES From THE BANKS IN ALAMEDA BANK OF AMERICA ; UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK : WELLS FARGO BANK 189 Ward’s Auto Painting Welding Body and Fender Work Collision Work Chris Ward 1539 Oak Street 523-7685 Alameda, Calif. Congratulations To The Class Of 1970 From Alameda City DISPOSAL 522-3030 Alameda 2424 Clement Avenue abo; RESTAURANTS EDMONDS We SEATTLE We YAKIMA BILLINGS Ye SALE he EUGENE He BEND GRANTS PASS ® de meoFoRO EUREKA ge REDDING te REO BLUFF SALT LAKE CITY PROVO SACRAMENTO SANTA ROSA CARMICHAEL ir OAKLAND i SUNNYVALE rence en Oe he pit te WGILROY CARMEL We VISALIA DRRGIO GRANDE He BAKERSFIELO es ‘el SAN BERNARDINO. SANTA BARBARA EL MONTE er RIVERSIDE LOS ANGELES 3 He PALM SPRINGS Weracm DESERTA BUENA PARK BYTE Leora : x SAN DIEGO se vtMa 1919 WEBSTER STREET, ALAMEDA, CALIF. 94501 TELEPHONE (415) 521-1527 DON PETERSON MANAGER PHONE 523-2404 PHONE 523-2323 Obeaurt Pastry Meir “Where you buy the very best’ @ DANISH AND FRENCH PASTRIES e@ FRESH BREAD DAILY @ PARTY CAKES OUR SPECIALTY MANFRED AND INGE ROTHER 1519 WEBSTER STREET OWNERS ALAMEDA, CALIF. GALLAGHER AND LINDSEY JACK GALLAGHER DON LINDSEY Real Estate Brokers OFFICE: 521-8181 2418 CENTRAL AVENUE RES: 523-6628 ALAMEDA, CALIF. 94501 022-2290 GREAT WESTERN SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION 2285 South Shore Center - 522-4244 1416 Park Street - 522-5626 ce i ae I ey 3 re : i : : is — sa os i a all % ne if { ; 4 LC 3 i : ; : | “ : » i | | =: Anthony’s 1-Hour Cleaners UNUSUAL CANDIES Come In and See Our j Fresh Selection of Fine Confections Fast Friendly Service } | 2449 Santa Clara Avenue All Work Guaranteed Alameda, California Plant on Premises 522-1014 Alco Owners 522-8925 Specialists in Fund Raising Jean Bryan Hale 1417 Webster 191 Congratulations and Best Wishes Hagy—Keenan Mortuary Central and Ninth Street 523-6821 MEN AND WOMEN’S SHOE REPAIRING Phone LAkehurst 2-1445 Pat’s Shoe Repair Quick Service 1449 Webster St. Alameda, Calif. Insurance Rentals Property Management Sales on Residential Multiples Commercial “SH 4 and 7 UNp 1438 Park St. Alameda, Calif. 523-2020 “Our Congratulations To The Graduates”’ Make Beauty Culture Your Career SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE Licensed and Bonded By The State of California Alameda Beauty College Pay As You Learn 2318 Central Avenue 523-7385 192 Good Health and Happiness is Our Wish For The Graduating Seniors Gadsden’s Stationers J.E. (Jack) Gadsden 522-1844 1435 Park Street Alameda Income Tax Service Co. Come In or Call 521-0252 Evenings by Appointment GUARANTEE — We'll gladly pay any penalty or interest anytime we make an error on any tax return. Always Glad To Answer Any Question. 6 Locations In The East Bay Home Office East Bay Processing Research Center FOSTER’S FREEZE 728 Central Ave., Alameda DRIVE-IN 630 Central Avenue Shakes — Burgers — Sundaes — Hot Dogs “You Can Lick Our Cones —BUT— You Can’t Beat Our Sundaes”’ South Shore Center. Alameda Oakland: Modesto Class of °70 ose Wis Best TYAUKIIEr ere Itry o i LAN Re ees ” fanlte ‘Anperson we CAs ae Ma TUNER DIRECTORS sae Re) 1 a hari, so a y ae e ‘ fa) Pe , Y ’ A Z ) me, S ( et ier= " 5 iC a yard hy i is hg Ms | x Mf ; : Va C e ‘hag ) . ¢, DO hae : (FOWLER ANDERSON LWA A FUNERAL DIRECTORS ews v A j , yl» | 3) V RM KE mS } XL 9 | { |! ; ( | . | } YI is CHESLEY ANDERSON eh es iets as i | N i ; yt AS RSs ' J Ne 2 3 | 1 | } j V | Uae | ‘ [ Z) ae SANTA CLARA AVENUE RU | iV a f (MAI f f : A I Phone LAkehurst 2-144] AI py 1 ) A |) (ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA eaeys n AK 1o4 Congratulations, Seniors Black White Liquor Store (Zaf CORPORATION Beer — Wine — Assorted Liquors Soft Drinks Gestetner is made by the world’s first and largest 522-9449 Manufacturer of Duplicators. (Since 1881) s Suppliers of stencils for “The Echo” 1525 Webster Street : Alameda, Calif. WALTS M€ENSHOP Park St. at Santa Clara Avenue Alameda, California 178 10th Street Oakland 523-1916 Phone: 452-3839 Area Code 415 ACAPULCO RESTAURANT Mexican Food Prepared To Serve Here or Take Out Open 12 Noon to 11:00 P.M. Closed Monday Modesto Quintero Phone 523-4935 Alameda, Calif. 94501 FREE PICK-UP DELIVERY FREE ESTIMATES 2104 Lincoln Ave. 522-9837 Congratulations, Class of ’70 Johnny’s Health Club 2306 ENCINAL AVE. ALAMEDA, CALIF. SPECIALIZED CLEANING REPAIRING PHONE 523-5237 FOR PROMPT SERVICE Walton’s Floor Coverings WALL-TO-WALL CARPETS ORIENTAL RUGS CUSTOM DRAPERIES OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT 1509 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. 94501 SOUTHSHORE BOWL 300 PARK STREET . ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA LAkehurst 3-6767 EXTENDS WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES s Your Fine Records Merit a Successful Future " Your All-Night Party Host " 195 Congratulations, Encinal Graduates Keep Moving On!! SHAMROCK LIQUORS CODIGA REALTY CO. 1401 Webster St. 2447 Santa Clara Avenue Office 521-3010 Alameda, Calif. Bud and Denise Codiga CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS Herff Jones Co. Dick Planck 950 Woodside Road Suite 4 Redwood City, California 94061 Business: 415 - 369-6233 Home: 415 - 656-9058 Class Rings—Graduation Announcements—A wards The Alameda Chamber of Commerce and The City of Alameda Congratulate The Encinal High School Class of 1970 “PARTNERS IN PROGRESS” Your education is YOUR business; stay in school Your community ts OUR business; invest your education in Alameda. Ford Kitchel’s Chevron Service Lubrication, Atlas Tires and Batteries Tune-up, Wheel Balancing U-Haul Trailers Central and Sherman, Alameda 522-9793 2239 South Shore Center Alameda, California 521-0557 Carl’s Bakery Coffee Shop Custom Decorating Wedding Birthday Cakes CLEO MATTOS ARTHUR L. MATTOS H. SALT, esq, AUTHENTIC “tries Tish ¢ € Chups BOB .; RUTH CONES CO-OWNERS AND MANAGERS 2418 ENCINAL, ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA PHONE: 521-3553 IF THEY CAN’T.... CLEANIT.... CALL US 023-83 14 COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL RESIDENTIAL ON THE JOB PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION Jerry " §- JANITORIAL SERVICE 1537 LINCOLN AVE. ALAMEDA Gaume 14 Insurance James A. Htiggs [at ON Need Auto Insurance? See me for Fast, Fair, Friendly Service. Bus: 523-8292 Res: 581-1800 647 Central Ave. Alameda, Calif. BOOKKEEPING ACCOUNTS TAX CONSULTANT ALL FORMS MADDENS’ SERVICES JAMES R. MADDEN 1537 LINCOLN AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 523-7767 RES. 522-8676 197 Congratulations, Class of 1970 LEWIS MARKET BEN AND RAY Free Delivery 1420 Encinal Avenue, Alameda, California 94501 Phone: 522-5131 523-7176 522-5133 “QUALITY AT A PRICE” TOWN HOUSE The China Hut RESTAURANT Featuring Finest Chinese Food DAILY SPECIALS Orders to Take Out — Free Parking While Eating Orders Taken for Catering Monday thru Sunday 642 LINCOLN AVENUE 523-6461 Monday thru Saturday — 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. FURNITURE 1427 PARK STREET, ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 521-5800 My He Upholstering Draperies Furniture Rugs Luque’s Upholstering Insurance Work A Specialty ) 521-2100 532-2122 1343 Park Street Alameda, California Interior Decorating 198 (Map) Carson Service Mobilgas—Mobiloil Expert Motor Tune Up Mobil Products Complete Brake Relining 1716 Webster Alameda, California 522-9726 94501 Ben’s TV Sales and Service Mary Alice’s Color Black White TV Rentals | Black White Only 521-0614 | 521-2495 i Bankamericard MasterCharge Welcome RCA - ZENITH STYLE CENTER 1701 Webster St. O Nine t In Alameda penne ro peven 1419 Webster Street | Alameda, California | For Fast, Efficient Service, Phone “Hair Styling and Coloring”’ | 523-6601 522-9375 523-5500 | | oa ED REED : { As foOXVve G4 | Wd. J heey Cx C a6 | INCpn Corc A C An t . be ArOuUnAa Ho Ue +y yy w mth K | [} A N a % | | SS eg e@ 4 On at + } . P, Cc ING + +} | leg f ep f c j ry tee . Ni : 2 later i») smart students save oncar in. . K surance with State Farm’s Good Student Dis- ke act On Bas oi count! You may save 25% on your insurance (or your Dad's) if you’re a full-time student between ; = 16 and 25, at least a Junior or inthe (77... iis SUINMer eleventh grade, and have a B average or equivalent. Ask about this fanrous State Farm discount today ? INSURANCE STATE FARM Mutual Automobile Insurance Company « Home Office: Bloomington, Ill. 2422 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 522-8284 199 Taco Tio INTERNATIONAL 521-8300 Take Out Orders : d 4 Burritos Tostados Printers — Office Supplies — Office Furniture 1434 Webster St. Alameda, California 94501 Schroeder-Dent, Inc. Chili Burgers Chili Dogs Tacos 741 Buena Vista Ave. Alameda, Calif. 522-2033 CENTRAL PLUMBING Licensed Contractor Plumbing and Heating 901 Central Ave. 523-4331 LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY GO MODERN-- HEAT OR COOL YOUR HOME THE WAY YOU LIGHT IT --- ELECTRICALLY! IT’S AUTOMATIC. ... IT’S QUIET. ... IT’S CLEAN BUREAU OF ELECTRICITY ALAMEDA, CALIF. IN ALAMEDA, ELECTRICITY IS YOUR BEST BARGAIN. if you want a decent job, get a decent education. : Pacific Telephone welcomes | HIGH SCHOOL | GRADS. PACIFIC TELEPHONE, an Equal Opportunity Employer It's the real thing. ke. Trade-mark (R) | Alameda’s Sterling Jeweler 1 See the Finest in . Nationally Known Sterling Silver Diamonds—Mountings—Omega Watches Diamond Rings and Mountings BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA } Registered Jewelers, American Gem Society OAKLAND. CALIFORNIA 1503 Webster Street 522-8300 201 BORDANARO ZARCONE PHOTOGRAPHERS PHOTOGRAPH ERS FOR ENCINAL HIGH SCHOOL WE OFFER A COMPLETE PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE FINE PORTRAITURE CHILDREN AND BABIES ENGAGEMENT PORTRAITS COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WEDDINGS - FORMAL CANDIDS PUBLICITY AND PROMOTION SCHOOL - ANNUALS ACTIVITIES IDENTIFICATION AND PASSPORT COPY AND RESTORATION EXECUTIVE PORTRAITS ALL IN NATURAL COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE 644 East Fourteenth Street San Leandro - 562-8400 OUR 16th YEAR 202 a nieeeoaneines LT RIN et ee GENE’S NEW ISLAND MARKET DISCOUNT PRICE GROCERY DEPT. JIMMY ROGER’S MEAT DEPT. Store Hours Daily 9 A.M. to Midnite Sundays 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. Webster St. at Central Ave. ALAMEDA DELICATESSEN and RAVIOLI FACTORY GARY SCHWEITZER MIKE STEPHENSON Catering for Large and Small Parties 2327 Central Ave. 522-2272 Alameda, Calif. Accessible by Land, Sea and Air 523-1531 Bob Antraccoli Welcomes You To The Galleon Unique - Paragon of Beauty Garden Court Patio Cocktail Lounge Banquet Facilities Boat Docking Facilities Seaplane Mooring at Dock Parking for 300 Cars Vand DIAMOND RINGS FROM $100 Exclusively at Alameda Jewelers South Shore Center 1407 Park St, ARE YOU ONE OF TOMORROW’S BUSINESS LEADERS? Ask yourself this question when the time comes for serious thinking about your career and future earning capacity. Heald’s training has proved successful for over 500,000 students Since 1863 We can do the same for you. HEALD BUSINESS COLLEGE For Information Call 444-0201 2142 Broadway, Oakland 94612 203 A LAMEDA SPORTING GOODS BATES Wilson - Voit - MacGregor C H E W, R O N Hunting - Fishing - Snow Ski Rental SERVICE JOHNSON MOTORS SENIOR JACKETS BLOCK SWEATERS Sales and Service Frank McManus Hi Akagi Standard Oil Products 1511 Park Street, Alameda 522-2345 Complete Car Care Service We Pick Up and Deliver 900 Otis Drive 522-9969 Alameda Congratulations to the class of ’70 for making it through 12 years of formal education (misery). Good Luck in your coming years and my staff. : Karen Dreesman (1970 Editor) Congratulations to Mr. Ro ke, Karen Dreesman, and the entire 1970 yearbook staff. Without them this glorious, tremendous, outstanding yearbook would not be possible. Also my special regards go to the 1970 wrestling team for such a great season. Rick Fenstermaker (1970 Editor) Being on the 1970 yearbook staff has taught me alot. Karen and Rick have set good examples for me to follow next year when I’m Editor of the 1971 HORIZON. I'll try real hard and do my best to keep up the tradition of having a great yearbook. Ann Pedersen (1971 Editor) Thanks go to Karen, Rick, and Ann for leaving me so much room to say what I have to say. Congratulations and best of luck to the Class of ‘70’. I’m really looking forward to being Editor of a fine yearbook next year. Bob Dossantos (1971 Editor) R Lon dex ALL hong W200 he CHlao| aS Qo% Ke Sek eT ue Fu during, ees " oe WI AO UN UIQ, wt Qosteds anc Soft L.a.04 : ‘eh SICKO Oe INA. oA ieee i) WAR Gach Viki n | Use o fu ae Ckortnn x X Woe eas Leow oS aay WOH AL | WotR 2h Q} F i Ysorg na | OP a AOD ry " i 4 ied fis by, vd) dies Bae act y i a a Jha as Oe oe ae aan Ni“ NRO wiry be te i ae L000 | ah as eg vo HERE dnertar 1 Pay : srict LOVE (Cn rp V4 i 7p Tous | pees “he ' Oe tages [ parr é y Uy .Y V a ae —— If Uh npr DQM o | am | ; S V oO vf eee 0 ‘ oY 0 on ay = Ay x ron , | fay | A PISCHEL YEARBOOKS. INC. = — ==. -— i. n --e = ———————— — ree = a EY SE a a ee — pom = oo eS oe A3 ese 2d real sweet quel aaa naire alot Sorry +0 hear : your MOVING but, remember | Tl miss You. | Good luck alWaus Through the dears. © | Cid G) OQ rn : ALA Lo t) oo 3 : aa. : . se z ee CU ENE AT AL ee! Tem tla Te ee en dew mataatitee SE eae ve et ee ar Se ee ire = a a Se ae = ot pean ne i On meg Se NA ens inte ain enn arr ater Leanne

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