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olj xm o cj aV lO C Oi c 0 HORIZO VOLUME 3 • PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF ENCINAL HIGH SCHOOL ALAMEDA EDNA WASHINGTON Editor CALIFORNIA JANET SEYMOUR ' CHARLES BOWDISH Co-Business Managers ALAMEDA BOARD OF EDUCATION-BACK ROW; Mr. Walter Howe, Dr. Stuart Stephens. FRONT ROW; Mrs. Lee Covanaugh, Dr. Donald Lum, President; Mr. A. Hubbard MofFitt, Jr., Vice-President. Seniors Dedicate ' 58 Horizon To Board Mennbers The members of the Alameda Board of Education arc representatives of the community in which we live. Continuing our idea of diversity, the board members come from various walks of life to discuss and solve problems which confront our .school system. I ' hey, too, arc united in the achieving of a comnion, worthwhile goal — the best education possible for the students of Alameda. Realizing and appreciating the outstanding service rend red by the citizens of Alameda, the senior classes of the En( inal High School respectfully dedicate the 1958 HORIZON to the Alameda Board of Education. I This Is Our Alameda . . . L niiinc in its loi atioii. proniisini in its di ' vrlopnirnt and oilcring a pleasant atmosphere to its residents. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF CLYDE SUNDERLAND ■u.;- t n 4 isi l f- : M ff il Wj i :M ' i " J. W JfZj--5i Wix.i t ' A f!! ' -»V ' - " . .)»■- ' ■■■ ' ■ I ' l jw m r.m!R;r ' h ■.. ■% f i ' Uli ii " Many Hands Make " Diversity of background among the students ol Encinal is an important factor which fosters mutual appreciation for one another. Our students have come from Japan, Guam, Hawaii, the Phihppincs and ahnost all of the Americas; some have gradu- ated, some are still associated students, but all in their turn have shared in making Encinal High School the fine, reputable school that it has become. Although as individuals we arc diverse in many ways, it can be said that as a group Encinal High School students share a common goal — to obtain an education that will foster good citizenship, moral integrity, and develop individual potential and initiative. Thus, when one thinks of the associated students of Encinal and the accomplishments they have made, he feels with the stafl ' of ihe 1958 HORI- ZON, that indeed- " MAN ' HANDS MAKE " — if we are willing to develop the minds which guide these hands and applv the ideas that these hands carry with them. 3u 4Wi ' i " i i i i CHESTER H. MILLET 1906-1958 Former coach, teac her, ( ounselor. Guidance .Assistant in Continuation Education and Employment 1941-1958 THOMAS CABRAL 1939-1958 Member of the Class of January 1957 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS . . . o o « • • 17 LOWER CLASSES 43 STUDENT LIFE 55 ORGANIZATIONS 73 SPORTS 101 ADVERTISEMENTS 125 Guiding us are the able hands oi our ADMII I ITRATIOIV Superintendent Expresses Confidence in Youth The year 1958 may well be remembered by graduates and parents alike as marking the beginning of a new era. Progress in scientific achievements has focused all of our thoughts upon the future and the significant place that the education of youth plays in our future. More than ever before we share in the responsibility of helping youth to set standards and to affirm with them our fundamental belief in the basic values in our educational program. This 1958 HORIZON records the achievements of the student body of Encinal High School. It honors the graduating seniors who have already demonstrated that as individuals they have been able to profit from their experiences here. To them will be given the task of making critical judgments which will contribute to the welfare of this world, to finding new ways to solve new tasks. We feel confident that their affirmation of the permanent values in life, of integrity, of self-discipline, of social responsibility, and of a cardinal belief in the necessity for the development ot men and women who have the power to live richly, will provide a sound foundation for decision making. We know that their decisions will be to that end that the dignity of the in- dividual and the good of society as a whole may be protected. Donald M. Roderick Superintendent of Sehools Horizon Is Symbolic To Principal Coins and currency of the United States serve not only as a medium of exchange, but also as an expression of the ideals and aspirations of a people. They contain a symbolism which should be understood and prized by every American citizen. Our HORIZON also has symbolic significance because it too is the medium through which our students and faculty have concretely expressed their ideals, aspira- tions, and achievements. It is a treasure-house of memories, friendships and accom- plishments, more highly prized with each passing year. The faith and confidence of Americans in their ideals and democratic lile give the basis of value for our currency. Your high school experience is the medium through which students have had the opportunity, each to his own ability, of increasing his faith and value: not only in himself hut in his school and countiy. I wish to express a deep personal pride and appreciation to those who were directly responsible for the editing and production of this beautiful yearbook. M ss Marilyn Hey as facultv editor. Mr. Clarence Kline as faculty business manager. Edna Wash- ington, editor, and Janet Seymour and Charles Bowdish, co-business managers. In addition I wish to thank the entire yearbook staff and all others whose hearts and hands have so diligentlv toili cl to apture in these pages the.experien(cs r have shared this past year. Lowell W. Mi ' I.i. Pritiri )al MR. BRANDES Vice-Principal MISS WILSON Assistant Principal — Instruction DR. SNELL Assistont Principal— Guidance, Student Activities Students Progress With Faculty Aid Endeavoring to assist each student in his progress through high school and to develop potentialities that this student possesses, the administration has provided the student with an advisor and a counselor to supplement the general faculty who aid him in his schooling at Encinal. The advisor greets the student each morning for a ten minute period to read the daily announcements and to give special instructions for the day. Before the closing of each term, the advisor helps the student to plan ' a well-rounded program that will be beneficial to the student and will meet the school requirements necessary for graduation. Consulting frec|uently with the student during the semester, the counselor advises him in selecting subjects, alleviating personal problems, and in choosing an occupation or college upon the completion of high school. MR. BARTLEY Counselor, English MRS. SAWYER Counselor, Commercial subjects, 3B Advisor MR. PEINADO Counselor, Spanish, 3B Advisor MR. ELLIS Special Education, IB Advisor CAFETERIA STAFF-left to right: V. MefFord, B. Whelon, V. King, R. Barnes, E. Roglitz, E. Ri eder b i 4ifif J MAINTENANCE STAFF— FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Bova, J. Jones, A. Guice, C. Amos. SECOND ROW: A. Smith, A. Walker, L. Butler, L. Swanson Mrs. McClurg, School Nurse Mr. Millet, Job Placement Counselor OFFICE SECRETARIES— left to right; Thelma Howitt, June Frazler, Georgia Slaymaker MR. READ - English, Social Studies, Math, Coach, 1 A Advisor MR. COTTER-English, Drama, 3B Advisor MR BOUGHTON-Comptrol- ler. Mathematics, IB Advisor MR. CROLL— Dept. Head, Commercial subjects, 1 B Advisor MR. BROWN-Dept. Head, Science, 4B Advisor MISS DAKIN-English, Social Studies, IB Advisor MR. CADWELL-Dept. Head, Boys ' Phys. Ed., Coach MISS SCHERMAN - English, Social Studies, 4B Advisor History, English Courses Present Challenge Language Arts and History Departments main- tain the largest student enrollment because of the English and history requirement for graduation. U. S. History, a required course, presents to the student a comprehensive view of the United States from its earliest growth to the present stages. Mod- ern History, although not a required course, presents a challenge to the student who is interested in recent world history and its contemporary problems which concern all world citizens. Honors English, an addition to the departnunt. is designed to furnish a background in great litera- ture and simulate college techniques for the student who prepares himself for college classroom. Through the medium of three foreign languages — Fren( h, Latin, Spanish — students learn to under- stand people of other lands as they learn languages iither than English. MISS DUNGAN-Commercial Courses, 3B Advisor MR. HANNA— Metal Shop 12 X jr ' «w MISS CORBETT Girls ' Phys. Ed., Modern Dance, 4A AdvTsor MR. LONG— Cadet Corps, Science ■ III this (1.1 111 unpicicdrnlctl stress ii])(ni sciiiwc and mathcinatics, Encinal High School students are taking preparatory steps toward meeting the dc- H niand for scientists and mathematicians. According to school records, 55 per cent of our 853 students arc enrolled in math classes; these students take cither basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry or slide rule. General science, biology, chemistry, physiology and physics are the science courses that account for a 49 per cent enrollment of students. After-school science projects, under faculty supervision, enable students to further an interest in a particular area of science study. Science, Mathematics Prepare Students For Future MR. fOSTER-Driver Training MR KLINE-Dept. Head, English, History, Civics, Year- book, 4A Advisor MRS. HARRIMAN-Dept. MRS. HEGEMAN-Mathemat- Head, Girls ' Phys, Ed., IB ics, Latin, 3B Advisor Advisor MR. GAUNT-Vocol Music MISS HEY-English, Year- book, 28 Advisor MRS. HAMBRIC-Girls ' Phys. Ed., 3B Advisor MISS HOLLAND-Engiish, Social Studies, 4B Advisor MR. D ' AMANTE— Instrumen- tal Music MRS. DAVENPORT-English, Social Studies, History, 1 B Advisor MISS FUCHS Commercial Courses MR. JAENSCH- Boys ' Phys. Ed., Coach MR. MARBERRY -Mathemat- ics, Coach, 2 A Advisor MRS. NICOSIA-Art, lA Advisor MR. POTTS-Science. 2B Advisor MRS. PUENTE - Spanish, 2B Advisor Other Departments Round Out Progrann 0 i,;s j, ' H ' ; ' I ' lic ConinuTcial. Fine Arts, and Industrial Arts Departments offer courses for the student that are not requirftd for graduation, hut add to the well- rounded student. Advanced students of the connnercial classes can put into practice what they have learned by en- gaging in the school ' s work-experience program ; thivsludents work in private businesses to gain ex- perience in their chosen study rather than to earn a salary. Studying vocal and instrumental music, students of the fine arts department devote class periods to perfecting selections which they present on special occasions. Industrial arts students employ hand skills tn complete jjrojects for display. MISS JOHNSON-Engllsh, Social Studies, History, 2B Advisor MRS. MARK-Mothemotics, 2A Advisor 14 Every student entering high seliool is pro- grammed, unless medically exempt, into a P.E. elass. There are three classes from which to choose: modern dance, California Cadet Corps, or the regu- lar gym classes. Origination of dance routines provides the mod- ern dance ijiris with the opportunity to develop ereati e expression and gracefulness. The Cadet Cor]js ' aim is to develop leadership among high school lioys as they learn military routines and disci- jjline. Students in regular gym classes find physical outlet, competition, and rewards of teamwork on the volleyball and basketball courts, hockey and football fields and the baseball diamond. MR. BAY— English MR. MATULA— Science, Coach, 2B Advisor Physical Education Departmen+ Offers A Variety MR. REEVES-Mechonicol Drawing, lA Advisor MISS SIBLEY-Homemaking MRS. REID — Librarian, 4A Advisor MR. URTON-Science MR. REILLY-English, Social Studies, 3A Advisor Eager to accept the challenge of the future are the hands of our SENIORS Kathleen Casey Fall Cheer Leader Charles Bowdish Fall President Richard Carlen Fall Vice-President Linda Stone Fall Secretary Seniors Graduate On Friday The 13+h ■] ' hc class of June 1958 started its journey through Encinal in Septenibrr, 1954. It consisted of five advisories working as a whole to put on the noon dance, " IB Bop. " As 2B ' s the class presented " Daisy Mae ' s Choice, " the first " girl-ask-boy " Soph Hop which, for obvious reasons, was the most successful dance in the history of E.H.S. The class chose turquoise cardigans for their Junior sweaters and presented the Junior Prom, " Carousel, " which featured prancing horses and colorful giraffes on a nicrry-go-round. As 4A ' s the class picked light blue jackets for the boys and royal blue blazers for the girls to signify membership in the Senior class. The class presented the Senior Play. " Murder Walks Among Us, " which was a great success. The year was highlighted by the Mother-Daughter Tea, Senior Assembly. Senior Bancjuct. and climaxed by the long-awaited graduation ceremony on Fridav, June 1 ii. 1958. ' ■ Edna Washington Spring President Barbara Speer Spring Vice-President Linda Stone Spring Secretary Eddie Baker Spring Treasurer Louise James Spring Cheer Leader I. Mike Auelua— " A friendly person who qoes his way, never disturbed by what you soy. " Potricia Bailey— " Quiet to those who don ' t know her; jolly to those who do. " 1. G.A.A. 2. Echo Staff 3. Press Club 4, Choir Eddie Baker— " To be smart is quite an art. " 1. Key Club 2. Bd. of Control 3. Science Club 4. C.S.F. 5. 4B Trees. 6. Sr. Play Comm. Florence Barron — " Good natured wfll agree. " rs she, all Cleola Bent — " Not too serious, not too gay; but very charming in her way. " 1. C.S.F. 2. Sigma Epsilon 3. G.A.A. 4. Bd. of Con- trol 5. Encinettes 6. Jr. Red Cross Ruth Berk— " She ' s little and she ' s wise; but a terror for her size. " 1. C.S.F. Life Mem- ber 2. G.A.A. 3. Bd. of Control 4. 2A Sec. Shirley Block — " Her winning ways have gained many a friend. " 1. Jr. Red Cross 2. Mixed Chorus 3. Pep Club Wanda Black— " Sfncerity is the lesson she gives; be it known by the life she lives. " 1. Sr. Play Cast 2. Optimist Youth Week Vice-Mayor 3. G.A. Song Leader 4. Bd. of Control 5. Stu. Council 6. G.A.A. Treas. Janice Bonfield— " A little girl with big blue eyes; looks like .an angel, but you ' d be surprised. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. Stu. Council 3. Jr. Red Cross Janice Boyd— " Snappy and short, o fun loving sort. " 1. Stu. Council 2. Echo Staff 3. Spanish Club 4. Jr. Red Cross Charles Bowdlsh— " In him can be detected all the elements for success. " 1. C.S.F ' . 2. A.S.E.H.S. Trees. 3. 4A Pres. 4. Sr. Play Cast . 5. Horizon Co-Business Mgr. 6. Bd. of Control Leslie Brandenbergcr— " Although his man- ners are most pleasing, it doesn ' t stop his constant teasing. " 1. Vai . Football 2. Adv. Off. 3. Bd. of Control 4. Stu. Coun- cil 5. Sr. Play Comm. 6. Jr. Red Cross Andrea Brown— " Full of fire and mischief, too— doing things she shouldn ' t do. " 1. Soph Hop Comm. 2. Sr. Play Comm. 3. Pep Club 4. Stu. Council Frederick Brush— " Little in appearance, large in ability. " 1. Sr. Ploy Cast 2. Sci- ence Club wmmmfs JefFery Bush— " A smile for every fellow, and two for every girl. " 1. Vor. Football Mgr. 2. Vor. Basketball Mgr. 3. C.C.C. 4. Key Club 5. Science Club 6. Stu. Coun- cil Lowell Camper— " Music smoothes over the rough rood of life. " 1. Band 2. Chi Mu 3. Pep Club 4. Key Club 5. Adv. Off. Richard Corlen- " God gave speech to all; song to few. " 1. Sr. Play Cost 2. Horizon StofF 3. Dance Band 4. Thespian Club 5. Bd. of Control 6. Key Club Pres. LoVernya Corr- " Laughter punctuates her every sentence. " 1. Bd. of Control Chief Counselor 2. G.A.A. Pres. 3. Science Club Off. 4. Sigma Epsilon Life Member 5. Pep Club 6. C.S.F. Life Member Kathleen Casey— " Delight of having our teom first choice has brought great cheers from her voice. " 1. Asst. A.S.E.H.S. Cheer- leader 2. Echo Editor 3. 4A Cheerleader 4. Horizon Stu. Life Editor 5. Sr. Council 6. C.S.F. Life Member, Pres. Janet Clark— " An artist like Midos of the golden touch; a genius with points or pen or brush. " 1. 3B Vice-Pres. 2. Science Club 3. Future Teachers Club Vice-Pres. 4. Horizon Art Co-Editor Joan Clay— " So quiet she hardly makes o sound; but you ' d miss her if she wasn ' t oround. " 1. Bd. of Control 2. Adv. Off. 3 G.A A. Shirley Cobbins— " A wonderful girl with a pleasing way; she ' s especially nice — the same every day. " 1. G.A. A. Off. 2. Bd. of Control 3. Pep Club 4. Spanish Club 5. Jr. Red Cross 6. French Club Claire Comerford — " Talent and wisdom in combination are rare, and could be ex- pected only of our Claire. " 1. Girls State 2. A.S.E.H.S. Vice Pres. 3. Sr. Ploy Cast 4. C.S.F. Life Member, Vice-Pres. 5. Horizon Copy Ed. 6. Encinettes Frances Crosby — " Judge her not until you know her. " 1 . Jr. Red Cross 2. Latin Club 3. Spanish Club Carmen Cutting— " Her words are always surrounded by laughter, her nonsense quoted by others after. " 1. 2B Pres. 2. Sr. Play Cost 3. Dance Comm. 4. Stu. Council 5. Thespian Club Wanda Dallas — " She can, because she be- lieves she can. " 1. Horizon Staff 2. Echo Staff 3. Sr. Play Co-Director 4. Bd. of Control 5. Sigma Epsilon 6. Spanish Club Charles Daniel— " How can I slay away from trouble when it ' s always around me? " Jean Davis— " Now that she ' s a wife, how wonderful her life. " 1. Girls Glee 2. 2A Vice-Pres. 3. Pep Club 4. Stu. Council 5. Choir 6. Adv. Off. Robert Davis— " Girls are no problem to me, I con take them or let them be. " 1. Var. Football 2. Var. Baseball 3. Var. Basket- ball Michael Dempsey— " An interesting mixture of sense and nonsense. " 1. Sr. Play Comm. 2. Band 3. Donee Comm. i Richard Dulle— " Like all, trust a few, do wrong to none. " 1. Var. Track 2. J.V. Track 3. Latin Club Fred Elmore— " Life is a whirl of sports, with time out for women. " 1. Var. Foot- ball 2. Var. Basketball 3. Var. Baseball 4. Var. Track 5. Stu. Council 6. Block E Larry Evans — " I can resist everything but temptation. " Lynda Evans — " Silence is one great art of conversation. " 1 . Encinettes 2. Choir 3. Jr. Red Cross 4. Camera Club Sec. 5. Sigma Epsilon Diane Feder - " She ' s just what she is— no pretense about it; if you know her, you won ' t doubt it. " 1. G.A. Song Leader 2. 4A Treas. Mrchael Coding — " He little. " IS wise who says Charles Gorman— " Better to be idle than not well occupied. " 1. J.V. Track Gilbert Gray— " I could sit and look at work for hours. " 1. Var. Football 2. J.V. Foot- ball 3. Adv. Off. 4. Var. Track 5. Bd. of Control 22 Dowell Groce— " A stranger she came, but friend she became. " 1. Sr. Play Cast 2. Sigma Epsilon Gloria Guadalupe— " She ' s little in size, bul big in friendliness. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. G.A. A. 3. Stu. Council 4. Spanish Club 5. Pep Club 6. Science Club John Harder- " Silently he made his way. " Tommy Harper— " This guy is really on the beam. He ' s wanted on any team. " 1. Var. Baseball 2. Var. Basketball 3. Var. Foot- ball 4. Stu. Council 5. J.V. Football 6. Adv. Off. Alfred Hodge— " Kindness is always desir- able in a man. " Jerry Hogan— " The less said— the more thought. " 1. Var. Footboll 2. Bd. of Con- trol 3. Stu. Council 4. C.S.F. 5. Adv. Of?. 6. J.V. Football D wight Hollo way - " Worry and I have never clashed. " Max JefFers— " A regular guy, we all agree. " 1. French Club 2. Bd. of Control 3. C.C.C. Drill Team 4. Dance Comm. Mike Jensen— " Don ' t underestimate this fellow, you ' ll be on the losing end. " 1. Latin Club 2. Stu. Council 3. Chi Mu Beatrice Johnson— " A little bit of girl with a lot of personality. " 1. 38 Sec. 2. Bd. of Control 3. Echo Staff 4. Jr. Red Cross 5. Press Club Sec. 6. Adv. Off. Carole Johnson— " Mind cannot follow it, nor words express her infinite sweetness. " 1. G.A.A. Pres. 2. Stu. Council 3. Bd. of Control 4. Sigma Epsilon Pres. 5. 2B Sec. 6. Spanish Club Trees. Kenny Kaye— " Why should I work, while I can rest and watch my classmates do their best. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. Dance Comm. 23 Margo Kolousek— " She came, she saw, she conquered — all our afFections. " Gerald Kuhl— " Born an individual in every way; on individualist he ' ll always stay. " 1. Band 2. Chi Mu 3. French Club Judy Larson— " A quiet girl with quiet ways " . 1 . Adv. OfF. Louise Larsen— " Like champagne, she bub- bles over with good spirits. " 1 . French Club 2. Science Club 3. G.A.A. 4. Sr. Play Comm. 5. Dance Comm. 6. Pep Club Judy Longonecker— " Her power dwells with cheerfulness. " Annie Lynch— " Her ways are ways of pleasantness. " Kemp Mann— " Quick on the downbeat. " 1. Dance Band 2. Var. Track Gloria Martinez — " Quiet, but a friend to all who know her. " Kay McChesney— " She ' s got what it takes to get along with others. " 1. Adv. OfF. Monty McCortney — " Fond of fun, love and laughter; pleasure first, business after. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. J,V. Baseball 3. Var. Baseball Eugene McDoniel — " The villoin in him is deeply hidden. " 1. Sr. Play Cast 2. Key Club 3. Press Clu b 4. Sigma Epsilon 5 Bd. of Control Patricio McLeod — " Quick acquaintances moke lasting friendships. " 1. Sr. Ploy Cast 2. C.S.F. VicePres., Life Member 3. Sigma Epsilon Pres. 4. Bd. of Control 5. Thes- pians Club 6. Horizon Sr. Editor Joon Merrell — " Happiness of her world. " is the sunshine Bill Morphew— " Alwoys friendly, olwoys gay; we hope he ' ll always stay that way. " 1. Stu. Council 2. Sigma Epsilon 3. Chi Mu 4. Soph Hop Comm. 5. Bond Curtell Motton — " He will go ploces because he has the ability to lead others. " 1 . A.S.E.H.S. Pres. 2. Vor. Footboll 3. C.S.F. 4. Block E 5. 3A Pres. 6. Vor. Basketball Jane Norberg — " Silence is golden. But who wants gold? " 1. G.A.A. 2. Asst. A.S.E.H.S. Cheerleader 3. Sr. Ploy Comm. 4. Stu. Council 5. Spanish Club 6. Pep Club James Ogden — " Good nature and chorm make an attractive man. " 1. Vor. Foolba!! 2. Vor. Boseball 3. Bd. of Control 4. Stu. Council 5. Adv. Off. 6. Block E Dorllo Poddock— " She shall never be lone- ly because she ' s nice to be near. " 1. Jr. Red Cross 2. Band 3. Jr. Prom Comm. 4. Thespions Club Leonard Palomino— " Describe him; who can? He ' s o collection of all that is pleas- ant in o man. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. Donee Comm. ?. Stu. Council 4. Jr. Red Cross 5. J.V. Baseball Lance Pederson — " Ambition, ability suc- cess: o terrific threesome for Lance to possess. " Tom Pederson — " A quiet manner, but there ' s fun in his heart. " 1. French Club 2. Adv, Off. 3. J.V. Baseball 4. Donee Comm. 5. Stu. Council Helen Perrin — " Her congenial manner won ' t be forgotten. " George Phillips — ' Greater men than I have lived; but 1 doubt it. " 1. C.S.F. 2. Bd. of Control 3. Key Club 4. Adv. Off. 5. Sci- ence Club 6. Sr. Council Carole Price — " Here is one girl who never weeps; is only quiet when she sleeps. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. G.A.A. 3. Echo Staff 4. Pep Club 5. Spanish Club 6. Sigma Epsilon Marilynne Purbeck— " Pull of pep, full of fun; never quiet, always on the run. " 1. Sr. Play Co-Director 2. Bd. of Control 3. Dance Comm. 4. Adv. Off. 5. Stu Council 6. Sigma Epsilon Mary Raun — " A modest miss, but full of hidden art. " 1. Chi Mu Vice-Pres. 2. 2B Treas. 3. Band 4. Sigma Epsilon 5. Spanish Club 6. Stu. Council 26 Marshall Rexinger— " There ain ' t no sense in gettin ' riled. " 1. Var. Football 2. Var. Track 3. Bd. of Control 4. Stu. Council Bill Rhoten— " I never exaggerate—just re- member big. " 1 . Var. Football 2. Var. Track 3. J.V. Football Play Comm. 4. J.V. Track 5. Sr, Gloria Roberson— " Could be true what you say, but I ' d like to hove a word if I may. " 1. C.S.F. 2. G.A. Song Leader, Pres. 3. Bd. of Control 4. Future Teachers Club Treas. 5. Sigma Epsilon Life Member 6. 3B Treas. Donna Roberts— " It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. " 1. G.A.A. 2. Bd. of Control 3. Adv. Off. 4. Jr. Red Cross 5. Sigma Epsilon Ruth Royce — " To worry is folly; let ' s smile and be jolly. " 1. Jr. Red Cross 2, G.A.A. Alfredo Soldo na— " Good humor is good ness and wisdom combined. " Judy Salinas — " She is blest, for she has the gift of making friends. " 1. Spanish Club Rachel Sanchez— " Her smile just won ' t come off. " 1. Spanish Club Sheryl Shull — " She is a mixture of music ond laughter. " 1. Band 2. C.S.F. 3. Sig- ma Epsilon 4, Dance Comm. 5. Chi Mu 6. Spanish Club Tom Silverthorn — " Man ' s life is but a jest. " 1. Adv. Off. 2. French Club James Smith — " Why study? The more you learn the more there is to forget. " James Snider— " His red hair certainly isn ' t the only bright thing about him. " 1. A.S.- E.H.S. Treas., Pres. 2. 3B Pres. 3. C.S.F. Treas. 4. Key Club 5. Sr. Play Cast 6. Bd. of Control Kent Sorensen — " His art is as rare as his personality. " 1. A.S.E.H.S. Cheerleader 2. Pep Club Vice-Pres. 3. Dance Comm. 4. Sr. Play Comm. Barbara Speer— " Prompt and neat, always sweet. " 1. 3A Vice-Pres. 2. Bd. of Con- trol 3. Pep Club 4. Sr. Play Prompter 5. Srgma Epsilon 6. Stu. Council 27 Edno Stanley— " Original in thought, sin- cere in action. " l.Pep. Clob 2. Press Club 3. Echo Staff Wilver Stargell— " Let me sing until I ' flat ' myself to death. " 1. J.V. Basketball 2. Var. Basketball 3. J.V. Baseball 4. War Baseball 5. Projection Club 6. J.V. Foot- ball Charles Stevens— " Happy am I, from core I am free; why aren ' t you all contented like me? " 1. Var. Football Mgr. 2. Block E 3. French Club 4. Jr. Red Cross 5. Sci- ence Club Sharon Stewart— " So quiet yet so friendly. " 1. Choir 2. Jr. Red Cross 3. Chi Mu. Marlene St. Louis— " There never was a saint with red hair. " 1. Dance Comm. Linda Stone— " Charm is with her every- where. " 1. 3A Trees. 2. Sigma Epsilon 3. Stu. Council 4. Sr. Play Comm. 5. Sci- ence Club 6. 4A Sec. Herman Strickland— " A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men. " 1. Stu. Council Colleen Toggort— " May she change nothing but her name. " Rodger Taylor— " Men of few words are the best men. " 1. Science Club Pres. 2. Bond 3. Sr. Play Cast Gordon Thistle— " Would that a man be judged by his height. " 1. J.V. Football 2. Vor. Track 3. Dance Comm. Club 5. Adv. OFF. 4. Key Estelle Tocchini- " Quiet but goy. Wc wouldn ' t wont her any other way. " 1. Jr. Red Cross 2. Stu. Council 3. Adv. Off Alvin Torres — " Hear ye! Hear ye! I graduate. " Arthur Torres— " Not that I like work less, but fun more. " 1. Stu. Council Tony Trachsei — " Gabriel is going to move over and let him carry on. " Levine Truirllo— " Shy, but— oh my! " 1 . Adv. Off. Bernice Taylor— " She never speaks a word unkind; a girl like this is hard to find. " 1. Jr. Red Cross Janet Voirol- " Beauty of heart as well as art. " 1. Sr. Play Cast 2. Thespians Clut 3. Bd. of Control 4. Horizon Art Co-Editor 5. Adv. Off. 6. Dance Comm. Edna Washington — " Let her own work praise her. " 1. Editor ' 58 Horizon 2. 4B Pres. 3. Bank of America Award 4. G.A. Pres., Sec. 5. C.S.F. Life Member, Pres. 6. D.A.R. Award George WhTte- " Bluff will take the place of brains, if you have the brains to bluff. " Shirley White— " Her chonging moods are a puzzle to me; but what is life without variety? " Dianne Wilcox— " To know her is to like her. " Dorothy Williams— " A style all her own. ' Mavis Willis— " Laughter is her passport to happiness. " 1- Dance Comm. Harvey Wilson— " Give me my boots and saddle. " X ' ' Roger Wood— " Pep and vitality- a great personality. " 1. Asst. A.S.E.H.S. Cheer- leader. 2. Sr. Ploy Cast 3. Pep Club 4. Dance Comm. 5. Adv, OfF. 6. Chi Mu Donald Woods— " Just enough learning- no more. " Wayne Wright— " He could break a dozen hearts— if h e ' d but give us o chance. " 1. Var. Football 2. J.V. Football 3. Bd. of Control 4. Adv. OfF. 5. Stu. Council CAMERA SHY Bowen, James Clayton, Wanda Davis, George Duplessis, Marjorie Gibson, Dareldeon Huff, Gerald Mena, Robert Smith, Charlotte Thompson, Shirley Todd, Ronald 30 CAST Corrie Smith Corole Johnson Marion Gray Pot McLeod Betsy Coyle Dowell Groce Doris Wilson Janet Voirol Suzy Gray Carmen Cutting Orlondo Bleu Roger Wood Matilda Lee Wanda Block Sam Jackson Eugene McDaniel Wilbur R. Harrington Jim Snider Bert Horrington Dick Corlen Donald Bonks Rick Brush Lissa Joyce Claire Comerford William Benedkt Chuck Bowdish Mike ... Rodger Taylor The cast gets a few pointers from the " old Dad. ' 4B ' s Present Mystery-Comedy ■ ' Murder alks Among Us, " a mystery-comedy in three acts, was presented by the class of June 1958 on November 7 and 8 in the E.H.S. auditorium. The play concerned the murder of Wilbur R. Harrington, an eccentric invalid, who was a boarder at the home of Marian Gray. Suspects in the case included the various roomers, as well as the housekeeper and her teenage nephew. Suzy Gray, Marian Gray ' s precocious teenage sister, tried to solve the mysteiy, much to the annoyance of the detective and the delight of the audience. Mr. John Cotter, E.H.S. drama instructor, directed the production, assisted by Wanda Dallas and Marilynne Purbeck, student directors. The plot thickens! " Banks, you ' re on idiot! ' w Marion Potts Fall Cheer Leader Mike Jaromillo Fall President Pot Trimble Fall Vice-President Wendy Worster Fall Secretary 4A ' s Present Romantic Connedy During the four years they attended Encinal, the graduates of February 1959 worked together for the benefit of their class and their school. In April the 4A Class presented the Senior Play, " Goodbye, My Fancy, " a three- act romantic-comedy. The cast of 20 was headed by Suzanne Martine and Walt King. As SB ' s, the class was the first in Encinal ' s histor ' to purchase Junior Pins, starting a tradition for other classes to follow. The 3A ' s chose yellow cardigans for their Junior Sweaters. They also assisted the 3B Class in presenting the Junior Prom. " Carousel. " " Space Fantasy, " presented by the then-2B Class, was the sixth traditional Soph Hop held at Encinal. As freshmen, the class showed itself very interested in school affairs by holding various sales and money-making activities. Doug DeHaan Spring President Wilma Johnson Spring Vice-President Barbara Valley Spring Secretary Joan Vergez Spring Treasurer ai . fi oiRaJL. Mike Archbold — " A mon ' s man darn it! " 1 Var Track 2. Adv. Off. 3. Frosh Bas- ketball Tina Baker - " In her eye a twinkle lurks, but in her work she never shirks. " 1. G.A. Vice- Pres. 2. A.S.E.H.S. Sec- 3. Pom Pom Girl 4. Soph Hop Chairman 5. Pep Club 6. 2B Vice-Pres. ' }y i Steve Barr— " He makes a game of every task, and alwoys wins. " 1. Science Club 2. Projection Club 3. Key Club , Willie Brackins— " Take life easy, you only live once. " 1. Var. Football 2. Var. Bas- ketball 3. Adv. Off. 4, Var. Track 5. J.V. Basketball Larry Branchaud — " From head to toe, he ' s always raring to go. " 1. Var. Football 2. J.V. Track 3. Sr. Play Cast 4. Spanish Club 5. Key Club 6. Stu. Council Richard Brannon — " I never dare to be as funny as I can. " Charles Cavalli — " It takes a conscientious man to telt whether he ' s tired or just lazy. " 1. J.V. Baseball Donald Clowser — " Friendly to all, to all o friend. " 1. Baseball Mgr. 2. Bd. of Con- trol 3. Jr. Prom Comm. 4. Spanish Club 5. Science Club 6. Sr. Ploy Cast Delores Contreros— " Nice to know, eosy to like. ' Isidora Contreros— " Be silent and safe; silence never betrays you. " Edwin Core II — " Unassuming and unaffect- ed; never unhappy or dejected. " 1. Var. Basketball 2. J.V. Baseball 3. Projection Club 4. J.V. Basketball Betty Cro well — " Always a twFnkle in her eyes; why should she be otherwise? " 1. Bd. of Control 2. Jr. Prom Comm. 3. 2A Treas. 4. Spanish Club 5. Science Club 6. Sr. Play Cast Janet Dearth— " The best w the day is to steal a fe night. " ay to lengthen hours from the Douglas DeHaan — " A gay fellow, a jolly fellow, a fellow we all like. " 1. J.V. Bas- ketball 2. Bd. of Control 3. 3A Vice-Pres. 4. Key Club 5. Varsity Basketball 6. 4A Pres. Alice Evans — " A natural smile and a cheery remark will always start the day ofF right. " 1. Adv. OfF. 2. Dance Comm. 3. Echo Staff Donald Follroth— " Nice and blond, with a manner mild; easy going, never rTled. " 34 Gary Fonda - " Amusement to an observing mind is study. " 1 . Science Club 2. Key Club Vice-Pres. 3. Spanish Club 4. Bd. of Control 5. Sr. Play Cast Alice Foster — " A long life, and a merry one. " 1. Dance Comm. 2. Jr. Red Cross 3. Adv Off. 4. Sr. Play Cast Mary Ann Gallagher— " Her disposition, like Ivory Soap, is 99 44 100°© perfect. " 1 . G.A.A. 2. 2B Sec. 3. Dance Comm. 4. Pep Club 5. SponTsh Club 6. Science Club Sally Gonzalez- late. Live today. ' lomorrow. life Vivion Gowans— " Where humor is not, she creates it. " John Hall— " What ' s the use of moving when the world moves for you? " Elizabeth Harris— " Smile and she ' ll smile with you; frown ond you ' ll frown alone. " 1. Stu. Council 2. Adv. Off. 3. Jr. Prom Comm. 4. Sr. Play Cast Dorothy Haughin — " A blush is beautiful, but sometimes inconvenient. " Carolyn Henderson— " Why, oh why, she always asks; but performs well no matter what the task. " 1. C.S.F. 2. Bd. of Control 3. G.A.A. 4. Sr. Play Cast 5. Horizon Staff 6. Echo StofF Pat Hirl — " Did you ever see a young at- tractive girl who didn ' t like to flirt a little? " 1. Bd. of Control 2. Adv. Off. 3. Soph Hop Comm. 4. Pep Club 5. Jr. Red Cross 6. G.A.A. Janice Jackson — " In each cheek appears a pretty dimple. " 1. G.A.A. 2. Jr. Red Cross 3. Pom Pom Gfrl 4. Adv. Off. 5. Bd. of Control 6. Pep Club Jim James— " This guy is personality plus; plus being liked by all of us. " Louise James— " She laughs herself into stitches. " 1. Echo StafF 2. Pep Club 3 Stu Council 4. Asst. A.S.E.H.S Cheer- leader 5. 4B Cheerleader Mike Jaramillo— " Sports first, then anything else — preferably women. " 1. Var. Footboll 2. Vor. Baseball 3. Stu. Council 4. 3B Pres. 5. Bd. of Control 6. Optimist Youth Week 35 Mary Ann Johnson— " STIence is more beau- tiful than any song. " 1. Maioretle 2. Band 3. G.A.A. Wilma Johnson— " Those who know her, praise her most, " 1. Pom-Pom Girl 2. Sr. Ploy Director 3. C.S.F. 4. Sigma Epsilon 5. 4A Vice-Pres. 6. G.A. Vice-Pres. Walter King— " If it weren ' t for sports and love, what would he do? " 1. Var. Football 2. Bd. of Control 3. Sr. Play Cast 4. Var. Baseball 5. Key Club 6. 3A Pres. Carole Korber— " Thought is deeper than all speech. " 1. Dance Comm. Teresa LaHue— " Sometimes serious, but more often jolly. " Thomas Lee— " It ' s no use to argue with me. " 1. Var. Baseball 2. Var. Football 3. J.V. Baseball 4. J.V. Football Lillie Littlejohn — " The sweetest gal that one could know; that is why we like her so. " James Lowery- " Thought alone is eternal. " Suzanne Mar tine— " Dancing makes life fun, from dawn to setting sun. " 1 . Sr. Play Cast 2. Bd. of Control 3. Stu. Coun- cil 4. Echo StofF 5. C.S.F. Sylvia Palocios— " Such a fme disposition could capture any position. " 1. Adv, Off. 2. Jr. Red Cross 3. C.S.F. David Parslow— " Here ' s a fellow who has a grin no matter what state affairs are in. " 1. Var. Track 2. J.V. Football 3. Key Club 4. Sr. Play Cast 5. Adv. Off. Marion Potts— " Life isn ' t long enough to do all I ' ve planned. " 1 . Bd. of Control 2. 2A Class Sec. 3. Pom-Pom Girl 4. G.A.A. 5. Spanish Club 6. Stu. Council Edrhys Reoves- in her eyes. " " We know her by the smile Dolores Gallegos— " Cute and sweet, and she ' s nice to meet. " Janet Seymour— " The pen is the tongue of her mind. " 1. Spanish Club 2. Latin Club 3. C.S.F ' . 4. Horizon Staff 5. Bd. of Con- trol 6. Sr. Ploy Cast Brenda Shephard— " Common sense is very uncommon. " 1. Pep Club Treos. 2. Stu. Council 3. G.A.A. 4. A capello choir 5. Jr. Rd Cross 6. Sr. Ploy Cast Marshall Smith— " He shoots high, and climbs higher. " 1. Stu. Council 2. Var. Baseball 3. J.V. Basketball 4. French Club Pat Sutton — " What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? " 1. Adv. Off. 2. IB Treas. 3. Dance Comm. Granville Swisher— " They say that miracles ore past, but here I am. " 1. Var. Football 2. Var. Basketball 3. Var. Baseball 4. Bd. of Control Ronald Teilh— " It ' s because of men like Ron that women will never become the superior of men. " 1. J.V. Football 2. Science Club 3. Projection Club 4. Horizon Boys Sports Ed. Patsy Trimble — " So quiet she hardly makes a sound, but a sweet person to have around. " 1. G.A.A. 2. Sigma Epsilon 3. 3B Vice-Pres. 4. Adv. Off. 5. C.S.F. 6. Spanish Club Barbara Valley— " Her smile is sunny, her heart is light, and those all around her feel happy and light. " 1. Bd. of Control 2. Adv. Off. 3. 2A Pres. 4. G.A.A. 5. G.A. Sec. Joan Vergez — " Her good nature is like a sunny day; it sheds its brightness along the way. " 1. Bd. of Control 2. Science Club 3. French Club 4. Pep Club 5. 3B Treas. 6. 4A Treas. Locene Wattree " She ' s a nice girl upon whom you can depend; just the type that mokes a perfect friend. " 1 . 3A Trees. 2. G.A.A. 3. Adv. Off. 4. Dance Comm. 5. Sr. Ploy Cast Wendy Worster— " Her modest answer and graceful air show her wise, and good, and fair. " 1. 3B Sec. 2. Adv. Off. 3. G.A.A. 4. Bd. of Control 5. Jr. Red Cross 6. Sr. Play Cast Joonn Wright — " I praise loudly; I blame softly. " 1 Jr. Red Cross CAMERA SHY Clarke, Janet Gillette, Judy Hanks, Phil Logglns, James 38 Big conference! 4A ' s Star In Romantic Comedy " Goodbyi-, My Fancy, " a roinantii- coiiiedy in three acts, was thi- dramatic produc- tion of the class of February 1959. The play, presented April 17 and 18 in the E.H.S. gvni, was termed a huge success. It was the story of a Congresswoman, Agatha Reed, who returned to her Alma Mater to receive an honorary degree. The plot revolved around the reason for Miss Reed ' s expulsion from the college 20 years ago, and her choice of a husband between the college president. James Merrill, and Matt Cole. " Life " photographer. After three lively acts all turned out for the best. Agatha and Matt became engaged and Merrill regained the love of his daughter, Ginny. Mr. John Cotter directed the play, assisted by Wilma Johnson, student director. CAST Ginny Merrill Carolyn Henderson Amelto Pat Sutton Clarisse Lacene Wattree Mary Nell Wendy Worster Miss Shackleford Betty Crowell Jonitors .... Doug DeHaan, Don Folrath Telephone Man Larry Bronchaud Susan Brendo Shepherd Miss Woods Janet Seymour Claude Griswold Agatha Reed Suzie Martine Ellen Griswold Alice Foster Professor Birdeshow . . Claire Comerford Carol . . Joan Vergez Jo Betsy Harris Dr. Pitt . - , Ralph Meuter James Merrill Walt King Professor Dingley Dale Debold Matt Cole Gory Fonda Don Clowser You hove to do it this way; Mr. Cotter said to! Stage craft class at work (?). 39 4B SUPERLATIVES All Around Girl— Cla?re Comerford All Around Boy— Curt Motton Girl Most Likely to Succeed— Edna Washington Boy Most Likely to Succeed— Jim Snider Best Actress-Carmen Cutting Best Looking Girl— Linda Stone Best Looking Boy — Leonard Palomino Best Athlete— Tom Harper Girl Class Clown— Morilynne Purbeck Boy Class Clown— Gil Gray i 4A SUPERLATIVES All Around Girl— Wendy Worster All Around Boy— Walter King Girl Most Likely to Succeed— Wllma Johnson Boy Most Likely to Succeed— Ron Teilh Best Actress— Suzie Mortine Best Looking Girl — Sylvia Polacios Best Looking Boy— Mike Archbold Best Athlete— Willie Bracking Girl Class Clown— Marion Potts Boy Class Clown— Mike Jaromillo Striving to aequire knowledge and develop skills are the hands of our LOWER CLASSES y Ralj hNMeuter Prestd t Judy Barber Secretary Bill Arbuckle Vice President Dale Debold Treasurer Dick Pinion Betty Reed President Vice President Valerie Lockhart Betty V ' alton Secretary Treasurer Juniors Purchase Pins And Sweaters The main event of the fall semester for the class of June ' 59 was the purchasing of their Junior pins; the entire class showed an overwhelming response to these pins. To help raise money for their treasury, the class continued collecting dues of 25 cents per person per semester. They also sold hinder paper, Jet bookcovers and steno notebooks to raise additional funds. The class shared their gala Junior Prom, " Cafe de la Pai-x, " with the 3A c lass. The gym was colorfully decorated with many balloons surrounding a replica of the Eiffel Tower which rose from the center of the gym. With the support of the entire student body, the affair was a complete success. MRS. SAWYER ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Matthews, S. Steccone, P. Saavedra, G. Slangerup, P. Silva. SECOND ROW: R. Meuter, D. Edginton, S. Ward, D. Owen, I. West, Mrs. Sawyer. THIRD ROW: M. Williams, A. Nelson, S. Wilcox, N. Swanson, J. Barber. FOURTH ROW: G. Westernoff, A. Crow, D. Croft, R. Guy, S. Medina, A. Dixon. MR. COTTER ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Tompkins, G. Duplessis, R. Ba- ker, P. Kolousek, M. Allemandi. SECOND ROW: F. Wishups, B. Arbuckle, P. Duplessis, P. Fullerton, R. Corey, T. Roles. THIRD ROW: A. Loboto, E. Byrd, A. Guadalupe, B. East- man, K. Holloway, L. Fonoimoana, Mr. Cotter. FOURTH ROW: P. Kokkonen, J. Willioms, D. Speer, D. Debold, M. Gomes, D. Ryneorson, V. Morelli. MR. PEINADO ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right; R. Bolivar, E. Meno, L. Wide- man, A. Cruz, G. Burton. SECOND ROW: R. Pinion, J. Bownds, L. Abair, B. Postma, N, Gray, Mr. Peinodo, THIRD ROW: V. Montgomery, S. Home, M. Millett, W. Mattsson, P. Newman, D. Young. FOURTH ROW: S. Bowen, H. Pritchard, B. Parr, P. Bisi, S. Hollon, C. Haliford. MRS. HEGEMAN ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: W. Davidson, M. Mclnnis, L. Walters, C. Barker, J. Elmore. SECOND ROW; K. Okubo, J. Jensen, O. Wilson, A Anderson, M. Potburg, Mrs. Hegeman THIRD ROW; A. Sanchez, J. Lewis, D. Scott, A. Magill, L. Newman, G. Pawlowski. FOURTH ROW: D. Mitrick, D. Cavallo, F. Foster, E. Humphers, R. Correia, R. Block MRS. HAMBRIC ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Young, T. Hallam, B. Wal ton, O. Smith, J. Lennear, D. Swanson. SECOND ROW: R. Voirol, Y. Deering, P. Pitman, K. Mellin, K. Mellin, B. Quinn, Mrs. Hambric. THIRD ROW; M. McGuire, W. Dungan, V, Lockhort, D. Tymn, B. Reed, J. Lennear. FOURTH ROW: C. Harless, S. Capling, N. Wallace, D. Mdntyre, S. Rauch, E. Zinn. MISS DUNCAN ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right; R. Mays, C. Montoya, M. Am- mons, W. Osborne, C- Starr, C. Acosta. SECOND ROW: D. Judge, M. Brown, L Cavalli, D. Johnson, J. Eliason, A. McClel- Ian, J. Stull, Miss Dungan. THIRD ROW: R Reynolds, L. Poche, F. Volking, M. Estropia, M. Hassler, M. Hunter. FOURTH ROW: P. Coones, P. Spadoni, W. Myers, B. Shaw, S. San Nicolas, S. McCoy, L. Stoats. James Carter Gail Carpaneto Jeanine Valley President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Aelvin Scott Pat Bratrude Koren Snyder Helen Shaw resident Vice President Secretary Treasurer " On The Riviera " Soph Hop Theme To concludi- their active 2B term the class of February " 60 presented their Sopli Hop, " On The Riviera. " The dance was a huc;e success, competently supervised bv Daphne Robinson and her committee chairmen. The class shared the Junior Prom, " Cafe de la Paix, " with the 3B ' s. MR. REIILYS ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Bratrude, C. Dasanblagio, J. Coleman, K. Snyder, P. Hylton, J. Alderson, J. Mathews. SECOND ROW: G. Watson, H. Shaw, S. Hopper, D. HofFman, J. Valley, Mr. Rellly. THIRD ROW: J, Paterson, M. Scott, J. Carter, B. Schinouer, M. Gray, J. White, P. Flowers. MR. RICE ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Bisi, T. Torres, G. Carpaneto, D Robinson, P. Jaramiljo, t. Bailey, J. Le Moine. SECOND ROW: G. Schmidt, M. Wil liams, R. Oliver, R. Stanford, E. Horgle M. Dulle, Mr. Rice. THIRD ROW: R. Gene reux, C. Larsen, W. Kilgore, T. Norberg C. Brown, I. Ely, Y. Moholland. Dolores Evans Yell Leader Sophomores Look Toward Future I ' hc class of June ' 60. as the sophomore class, planned many events for their high sophomore year. The first and most im- portant event was the presentation of their Soph Hop. Every member of the class looked forward to the occasion with enthusiasm. Two candy sales which were held in the spring netted a substantial amount for the class treasury. The class is now looking forward to the coming of their Junior year because these lively 2B ' s have big ideas for that future time. Dennis Luscher Vice President Judy Thompson Secretary Rita Schutty Treasurer Judy Carino Yell teader MISS HEYS ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Bossi, L- Buckner, J. Dempsey, G. Alex, S. Clarke, J. Case. SECOND ROW: F. Lopez, J. Bonawitz, S. Vallergo, M. Green, D. Keleher, J. Fisher, Miss Hey. THIRD ROW: C. Parker, L. Barnett, C. Rutley, C. Lewis, L. McWilliams, W, Brearley. FOURTH ROW; E. Gutman, D. Saunders, T. Gustin, H. McCombs, R. Gladwill, J. Bush. DR. SNELIS ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Rikard, B. Padgett, R. Quoil, M. Hoyt, E. Green, E. Quintono, M. Gonzales. SECOND ROW: D. Silva, M. Floyd, M. Floyd, G. Bailey, K. Burr, J. Ronald, J. Smith, Dr. Snell. THIRD ROW: L. Reinstro, D. Wight, R. Craddick, Z. Pittmon, K. Ste- vens, J. Smithberg, C. Palozot. FOURTH ROW: G. Werner, G. Cunningham, B. Ma- son, J Ashley, T. White, J. Lewis, L. Woods. MISS JOHNSON ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: S. Chapman, J. Haughey, T. Hanson, R. Corino, Y. Marshall, R. Mena. SECOND ROW; B. Smith, H. Ziegler, J Walteis, B. McDaniel, P. Dearth, J. Bishop, Miss Johnson. THIRD ROW: M. Evans, E. Littlejohn, C. Chapman, G. Mowbray, J. Thompson, S. Brondom. FOURTH ROW: J. Strickland, J. Shaw, C. Conly, R: ' Vochter, R. Cassel, R. Love, M. McCullough. MR. MATUIA ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right; B. Johnston, D. Coleman, C. Wood , D. Sneed, G. Motton, M. Jorgensen, G. Wade. SECOND ROW: G. Hicks, F. Johnson, A. Schauer, S. Shields, E. Yee, G. Ramirez, D. Williams, Mr. Motulo. THIRD ROW; D. Luscher, C. Carlos, B. Costello, B. Newman, V. Stump, M. Ramsey, B. Wag- goner. FOURTH ROW; J. Phillips, T. Bowers, W. Mosely, J. Lynch, K. Grewe, D. Neill. MR. POTTS ' ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Koehler, P. Plummer, C. Parks, L. Thomas, J. Homer, H. Smith, B. Crocker. SECOND ROW; C. Breese, J. Hightower, J. Williams, W. Chatman, P. Andrews, J. Wilkerson, H. Gartin. THIRD ROW: J. Dur- gess, L. Coding, J. Heibel, R. Lawrence, M. Brown, F. Kroger, F. Shephard. FOURTH ROW: W. Howe, J. Wright, B. Bailey, H. Crawford, G. Speer, J. Johnson, S. Nelson, E. Reed. , MRS. PUENTE ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right; C. King, S. Purcell, C. Graef, E. Poche, M. Howland, J. Sherry, I. Lewis. SECOND ROW: D. Evans, M. Mottingly, P. Rhem, I. Lewis, D. Knox, M. Wilcox, R. Schulty. THIRD ROW; B. Barber, M. Casey, R. Staples, L. Simenson, W. Mann, C. Barrett. 48 Mario Mariani President Lois Beard President Regie Harper Vice President Pat Williams Vice President Mourine Jenkins Secretary Charles Dickey Treasurer Ruth Dodt Treasurer Celeste Alexander Secretary Barbara Mundt Yell Leader Rogie Harper Yell Leader Class Sells Rooters ' Caps In order to build their treasury and add to sehool spirit, the elass of February ' 61 sold blue and white EHS rooters ' caps throughout the fall season. The caps sold well, aided by lOO ' r support of the class, which set an example lor the school. MR. MARBERRYS ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right; L. Wright, J. Harper, R. Harper, E. Baker, V. Estropia, M. Kennedy, I. Pe- ters, J. Padilla. SECOND ROW: L. Beard, N. Pryor, P. Pritchett, J. Piziali, L. Pandolfo, P. Stefani, C. Caldera. THIRD ROW; D. Tofanelli, C. Alexander, E. Frazier, C. Dick- ey, S. Dancer, S. Tamborini, M. O ' Connell. FOURTH ROW: D. Taylor, R. Fields, D. Cokes, R. Perota, R. Mize, R. Cruz, C. Wendland. MRS. MARK ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right; D. Myers, H. Burton, N. McMahon, D. Peterson, M. Jenkins, S. Smith. SECOND ROW: J. Lewis, E. Throckmorton, J. Poykko K. Fonda, B. Mundt, P. Willioms, Mrs. Mark THIRD ROW; M. Profumo, G. Underbill C. Smith, M. Garrett, R. Dodt, W. Wester noflF, N. Lee. FOURTH ROW: A. Brown, M Morioni, D. Moresi, J. Johnson, R. Ghero W. McElley, G. Tamborini. Jerry McCortney President Millie Torres Vice President Susan Schreck Treasurer Georgia Arnold Secrelary Antonette Perata Yell Leader Freshmen Off To Active Start In High School After entering Encinal in the fall of 1957, the class of June ' 61 proceeded with the privilege of electing class of- ficers. Jerry McCortney, first class presi dent, with the aid of his cabinet made plans to builil the treasury. The first endeavor was a cupcake sale. After a second meeting, the class decided to further stimulate school spirit with the sale of felt pennants, with a big letter ' " E " , for football season and a pennant of opposite colors for basketball season. Shirley Watson Chuck Meridith Vice President President Freda Crisler Pat Crooks Treasurer Secretary Rosie Okubo Yell Leader MRS. DAVENPORT ' S ADVISORY - FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Massorelli, L. Crooks, R. Pope, T. Johnson, G. Burris, M. Luna, J. Moser, A. Kiernan, W. Stormoen, A. Montoya. SECOND ROW: T. Gay, R. Hens- ley, D. Schraeder, T. Rogsdale, B. Wilder, L, Woods, C. Clarke, S. Magill, Mrs. Daven- port. THIRD ROW: G. Carlos, O. Nantz, V. Harris, S. Leonard, S, Barnett, C. Baca, D. Guerrero, R. Bagby. FOURTH ROW: D. Raines, J. Berry, J. Hudson, D. Soils, B. Totten, H. Macias, F. Ashworth, G. Lucas. MR. ELLIS ' ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Martinez, B. Crow, L. Margado P. McFarland, C. Tompkins, P. Crister, J McDonald. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ellis, B. Bald win, B. Sandrus, B. Brown, T. Babbitt, B Smith, S. Soldona, R. Meador. THIRD ROW E. Franklin, B. Heifer, C. Parslow, R. Pitt man, D. Reese, C. Holzapfel, D. Todd FOURTH ROW: T. Malone, W. Partridge, E. Conley, A. Schaaf, B- Valencia, E. Rex, J. Stulgis. MR. BOUGHTON ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Smith, E. WilMs, J. Freel, L. Cox, J. Warren, S. Dearing, M. Dumlao. SECOND ROW: Mr. Boughton, D. Nuna- maker, J. Stoke, J. Johnson, J. Homer, G. Silva, N. Mazala, V. Notrangelo. THIRD ROW: R. Esveld, K. Hoff, R. Meador, S. Poythress, T. Long, R. Solos. FOURTH ROW: G. Bartling, J. Anonick, J. Paddock, W. Williams, J. Cottinghom, B. Brush. MR. CROILS ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Wright, R. Pinkstoff, J. Tambini, C. Meredith, M. Torres, B. Cortee, E. Gory, M. Baca. SECOND ROW: W. Heikkiio, L. Ammons, J. Jones, R. Caldwell, H. Evans, J. Gallegos, D. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: P. Ford, 5. Sharp, B. Weise, C. Scott, C. Kos- dorf, R. Covallo, M. White, L. Graef. FOURTH ROW: C. Reed, C. Lee, S. Schreck, J. Simpson, S. Hunter, S. Watson, M. Jor- dan, G. Peocock. MISS DAKIN ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Ziegler, D. Stevens, B. Cotting- hom, J. Allman, A. Perota, J. Anderson, B. Peorce, S. Foster, R. Lockhart. SECOND ROW: R. Pogon, M. Fegurgur, L. Cardwell, J. Gould, E. Johnson, G. fralick, W. Kidd, H. Kelley, Miss Dokin. THIRD ROW; L. Lewis, R. Bigelow, N. Rikard, L. Thornton, F. James, B. Bell, D. Buros, G. Arnold. FOURTH ROW: E. Nelson, B. Krieghbaum, P. Porker, B. Lamb, M. Craig, C. Lisowski, M Bowen, C. Isoacs, D. Frozier. MRS. HARRIMAN ' S ADVISORY - FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Crooks, M. Hansen, H. Meredith, B. Glaze, P. Wideman, J. Bolivar, P. Coones, P. Lenart, D. Barrios, R. Okubo. SECOND ROW: K. Pitmon, S. Davis, M. Sneary, L. Martin, M. Chandler, M. Wimberly, C. Coker, E. Bull, R. Scott. THIRD ROW: P. Clark, M. Hodwick, F. Sor- enson, G. Kemper, J. Love, S. Wilder, P. Johnstone, K. Duplessis, Mrs. Horrimon. FOURTH ROW: H. Johnson, D. Raines, J. Humes, M. Wilson, F. Williams, F. Sondoge, T. Bowers, D. Lindgren. t Charles James President Vicki Aibrecht Vice President Carol Brown Secretary Delia Wailon Treasurer lA ' s — Last Mid-termers The last mid-term graduating riass before the advent of annual promotion is in the process of organizing theit rst class meeting under the direction of tfVnr (Advisors, and is looking forward to a tis ]|ying high school career. Kathy Corbett Yell Leader MR. REEVES ' ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Dillard, K. Corbett, M. Lowery, G. Williams, M. Jaramllio, Mr. Reeves. SECOND ROW: J. Nelson, V. Roberts, R Basnett, P. Wilson, R. Wise. THIRD ROW: J. Vallerga, A. Mitchell, V. Aibrecht, M. Dooley, J. Pierce, D. Daniel. MRS. NICOSIA ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left fo right: J. Silva, P. Alderson, J. East- man, J. Harvey, R. Dreyer. SECOND ROW: J. Serpas, H. Griffith, C. Rose, J. B-jker, G. Bigelow. THIRD ROW: C. James, S. Kor- ber, C. Brov ' n, H. Davis, L. Brown. MR. READ ' S ADVISORY-FIRST ROW, left to right: A. Fitzgerald, J. Lee, F. Torres, R. Wong. SECOND ROW: G. Hensley, D. Walton, N. Angelo, R. Genereux, P. Null. THIRD ROW: R. Mariani, S. Ojeda, E. Mel- low, R. Vallandigham, R. Wittuson. 52 Students are off to Paris at the Junior Prom, " Cafe De La Paix. " Aetive hands eontrihuie to the enjoyment and enriehntent of onr STUDENT LIFE MONDAY The many hands and minds of Eniinal students working together have helped to make the Student Life at Eneinal a satisfying balance of academic studies and extra curricu- lar activities. Join us now as we relive a week at Eneinal. ' I ' hrough a story portrayed in pictures you shall see us in our classes, gaining knowledge; on the playing field, displaying sportsmanship: in activities, enjoying ourselves. On MONDAY, students return to classes after the two-day holiday. The line for absence slips prevails before the rush to the cafeteria for the breakfast no one had time to eat at home. Tell me why. Potato chips for Breakfast? .Pi Going once, going twice 1 ' i l p feM y - . Future artists study in well equipped art rooms. Let this be a warning; never let a womon drive your car. No citation, tht; time! the Opening Dance. Student council members plan TUESDAY Student Council, the governing body of Encinal. convenes every TUESDAY morning. Students representing each advisory discuss student policies, social events and school activ- ities. At the beginning of each term. Student Council presents the Opening Dance to wel- come the incoming freshmen. I hr Eiicinal liim li pciind is divided intn two sections; lourth and liltii. Students inav bring their lunch, buy a hot lunch in the cafe- teria or sro elsewhere . . . Tuna Casserole Turkey! Buddy Day! We thought we were welcomfng Freshmen, Seniors! WEDNESDAY G.A. officers plan the coming G.A. meeting. WEDNESDAY has been established as the day for the extended 20 minute advis- ory, a weekly period which enables classes and certain organizations to convene dur- ing school time. The Girls ' Association which holds its monthly meeting during this time plans its main function, the Freshman Reception, which is given at the beginning of each semester. School elections also are held during WEDNESDAY morning advisory. Students then a.ssume the important responsibility of selecting class and student body leaders. Election Committee counting ballots. (. " The seleciion of officers requires concentration. But, sir! :... ' A M vfe-;pa,-5L They ARE at attention! Supcrvisi-d by Colonel Long, thr CC.C is an alternate Physical Education course for boys, which serves as a preparation for future military service. Cadets learn to handle and care for equipment, to plot strategy, and to drill in a proper military fashion. On WEDNESDAY the Cadets are required to wear their uniforms for the weeklv dress inspection. Colors are presented by the CC.C. Color Guard Marksmen of the Cadet Corps. Bank of America Award winners — Claire Comerford, Liberal Arts; Chuck Bowdish, Science and Math; Wendy Worster, Vocational Arts. Boy and Girl State winners — Jim Snyder and Claire Comerford. The D.A.R. Award winner — Edna Washington. Throughout the year Encinal has re- ceived many awards, recognizing outstand- ing achievement and performance in va- ried phases of school Hfe. Some of the awards were presented to Seniors. The three top award winners of the Senior class are pictured on this page. 62 G.A.A. launches Its satellite. Girls ' Board of Control meets to bring offenders before court. THURSDAY I ' HURSDAV morning brings the weekly stu- dent meeting. Following advisory students go to the gym where they take assigned scats with their advisory. One morning class is dropped in order to present the student meeting. Following the assembly Women ' s and Men ' s Boards of Control courts meet. At the court stu- dents who have committed misdemeanors against school rules are brought forth, tried and repri- manded. Last minute exchange of gossip before going to advisories and Student meeting. 64 ilj. i f i J Strains 2-3-4, Pains 2-3-4. Modern Dance? The Lone Rooster pecks away Sorry, Rhoten, it ' s all gone. Sophomores study biology. : LONGINES III! HOME VISITOeS DOWN YDS. TO GO QUARTER The Scoreboard won for Encinal by Mr. Mell Well, there ' s always next year. Shop classes prepare future carpenters. FRIDAY FRIDAY is perhaps the busiest day of the week. Athletes exhibit their abihties and sportsmanship on the playing field ; artists deeorate the gym for dances; and musicians perform at all games. Without the uniting of the hands of E.H.S. students and teachers, a balanced Student Life such as ours could not have been achieved. Baked Ham! itW O.K., O.K you win. V Gee! This is easier than I thought. Sit down, Don! You look tired. Students enjoy exciting basketball games. Coach Jaensch and Encinal ' s Championship team. 70 And now for home. Formal dances, well attended, climax the week. J Willing hands assume further responsibilities and pursMie special interests in our ORGANIZATIONS Jim Snider, Fall Treasurer Louise King, Fall Secretary Judy King, Fall Vice-President Elbert Humphers, Fall Yell-leader Curt Motton, Fall President Jim Snider, Spring President Kent Sorenson, Spring Yell-leader Chuck Bowdish, Spring Treasurer Tina Baker, Spring Secretary Claire Comerford, Spring Vice-President . lAxJu Organizations Build The Individual Organizations are made up of many hands working together to bring out leadership in the individual, and to promote s chool sjjiril. One learns not only in the elassioom, but also in extra-curricular activities. Through many of our clubs and activities, students accjuire additional skills and knowledge; social outlets, found in the varied organizations, complete the program ol the well-rounded student. 74 Fall student body president Curt Mot ton Installs spring president Jim Snider during the last meeting of the foil term. EHS Well Represented By Officers The student body officers act as ambassadors of good will by representing Encinal at some of the high schools in the A.C.A.L. Fall President, Curt Motton, addressed the Alameda High School student body prior to the Alameda-Encinal football game. In the spring, President Snider traveled to San Leandro High School, taking two acts for their A.C.A.L. talent show. The annual cheerleading clinic held at Berkeley in the spring was attended by Head Veil Leader Kent Sorenson along with his assistants, the pom-pom girls, and members of pep club. Kent Sorenson, head cheerleader, during ,one of his " low " moments. Good work. Chuck! Only a few advisories left beTore 100°o student body card sales. 75 FALL— FIRST ROW, left lo right: J. Freel, P. McLeod, B. Shephard, R. Quoil, B. Glaze, C. Barker, R. Camino. SECOND ROW: G. Arnold, R. Harper, J. Poykko, K. Holloway, T. Baker, D. Williams, C. Comerford, R. Bolivar. THIRD ROW; K. Mellin, M. Jaramillo, J. Eliason, W. Dallas, M. Dulle, C. Bossi, D. Williams, J. Davis. FOURTH ROW: H. Crawford, M. Purbeck, J. Barber, D. Owens, L. Stoats, C. Boca, C. Lisowski, D. Edginton. FIFTH ROW: A. Smith, B. Brandenberger, D. Dunn, W. King, F. Foster, R. Staples, T. Harper, E. Humphers. Council Sponsors " Pleasure Island " As the co-ordinate body between student.s and faculty, the fall Student Council met weekly under the direction of student body President Curtell Motton. The 32 representatives approved and presented welcoming dance, ing an attendance ries. nsored a series of laeuhv program, n, A.C.A.L. invita- traditional student the traditional semi-annual " Pleasure Island, " while spoijisi contest between freshmen a) v Council members alsoVs] assemblies including the liiefl Cal ' s yell-leaders ' demon tyi tional talent show, and . Christmas pageant. , A V Importance of school seal explained to low freshmen. Members of Student Council preparing decorations for fall opening term dance. Car Check New And Successful One of thr iiiosl siuicssful activities car- ried on by the Student Clouneil this sprins; was a ear Safety Cheek, eo-sponsored with the Eeho. A nunihir of ears were put to the tesl with nine passin,s; lompletely. and their own- ers received safety stickers for the windshield:, ot their cars. 1 he council ' s first activity of the semester was the opening dance, " Caribbean Cruise, " under the direction of co-chairmen Walt King and Claire Comerford. The council also sponsored entertainment at the assemblies, which included the Marine Corps Band, and Atomic Science Program, and a student talent show. The large paper calypso dancer used at the spring opening dance, " Caribbean Cruise, " attracts the attention of an EHS couple. SPRING— FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Saavedra, R. Brush, P. Williams, G. Rikard, T. Baker, C. Comerford, A. Evans, F. Crisler. SECOND ROW: J. Corbett, B. Smith, W. Dallas, P. Batrude, K. Holloway, N. Rikard, A. Koehler, J. Bishop. THIRD ROW: L. Barnett, L. Branchaud, M. Millet, L. Newman, J. Simpson, V. Albrecht, M. Archbold, C. Brown, Dr. Snell. FOURTH ROW: D, luscher, D. Kaleva, F. Williams, F. Aihworth, M. Purbeck, L. Stoats, V. Lockhart, J. Norberg. FIFTH ROW: J. Snider, B. Barber, K. Sorensen, C. Bowdish, B. Branden- berger, D. Oakes, R. Carlen, T. Harper. 77 FALL— FIRST ROW, left to right; I. Carr, B. Johnson, J. Jackson, P. McLeod, S. Cobblns, C. Swisher, B. Speer, W. Osborne, R. Berk, J. Voirol, W. Worster. SECOND ROW: M. Purbeck, M. Potts, B. Valley, J. Barber, S. Martine, J. Seymour, C. Johnson, L. Aboir, J. Eliason, W. Dallas, J. Clay, A. Anderson. THIRD ROW; D. Clowser, E. Baker, G. Fonda, D. Tymm, M. Jeffers, D. Scott, C. Spragan, f. Volking, W. Wright, D. Hughs, J. Ogden. FOURTH ROW; A. Smith, D. DeHaan, J. Hogan, G. Phillips, P. Kokkonen, B. Orem, E. McDoniei, R. Carlen, W. King, R. Taylor, S. Capling, Boards Of Con+ro One of the many duties of the Men ' s Boord o ' Control is to put away chairs after assembly. Eniinal ' s two judiciary Iwdies, the Women ' s and Men ' s Boards of Control, met weekly during the fall and spring semesters under the leadership of Chief Counselors La Vernya Carr, Wanda Dallas, Jim Ogden and Don Clowser. Hoard members performed sueh duties as helping at school sports activities, showing the school to 78 SPRING— FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Carr, B. Johnson, S. Cobbins, P. McLeod, J. Vergez, C. Henderson, J. Jockson, B. Shepherd, C. Barker, W. Osborne, R. Berk, W. Worster. SECOND ROW: M. Potts, M. McGuire, L. Wottree, J. Norberg, J. Barber, K. Casey, J. Seymour, S. Martine, D. Edginton, C. Johnson, W. Dallas, L. Aboir, P. HIrl. THIRD ROW: D. DeHoon, M. Rexinger, E. McDaniel, S. Copling, D. Corlen, D. Tymn, M. Jeffers, G. Fonda, D. Clowser, D. Neal, G. Schmidt, C. Spragen, M. Jaramillo, R. Brush. Aid School Affairs visiting grammar school students, and ushering at the graduations and on parents ' night. Illustrating that it ' s not all work and no play, the annual picnic was held in the spring. Scarves of red plaid m the fall and pink plaid in the spring were chosen by the Women ' s Board, while the Men ' s Board donned blue and white caps. Kemp Mann finds members of Women ' s Board of Control quite forceful .... Edna Washington, Editor EDITORIAL STAFF Edrtor Edna Washington Assistant Editor .... Carolyn Henderson Copy Editor Claire Comerford Senior Editor Pat McLeod Lower Class Editor Ralph Meuter Student Life Editor Kathy Casey Organization Editor . . . . Wanda Dallas Boys ' Sports Editor Ron Teilh Girls ' Sports Editor Wanda Black Art Editors . . Janet Voirol and Janet Clark 1958 Yearbook Sta oops! . . . . Deadline tinnel Business staff members checking advertisements for fmal deadline. 80 Reaches New HORIZON " Who ' s taking whose picture, Mr. KMne? " An efficient Staff!!!! Executive Secretary . . . Gloria Roberson StafF Ed Baker Ruth Berk Dick Carlen LaVernya Carr Carole Johnson Lloyd Poche BUSINESS STAFF Co Monagers Chuck Bowdish Janet Seymour Staff . Dareldean Gibson Jane Norberg Carmen Cutting Chuck Bowdish and Janet Seymour, Co-Business Managers 81 FIRST ROW, leff lo right: J. Bishop, C. Comerford, P. McLeod, C. Henderson, R. Gill, R. Berk, L. Walters, B. Postmo. SECOND ROW: E. Washington, D. Edginton, C. Johnson, L. Abair, B. Snnith, W. Johnson, L. Carr, C. Motton, Mr. Winberg. THIRD ROW: D. Debold, S. Home, K. Casey, C. Alexander, J. Seymour, J. Heibel, L McWilliams, J. King, L. King. FOURTH ROW: J. Snider, G. Phillips, E. Gutman, B. Orem, H. Crawford, C. Parlter, M. McGuire. C.S.F. ' ers Attend Convention Encinal ' s C.S.F. chapter, often referred to as the " Can ' t Stand Faihire " group, is the highe.st scholastic honor society at our school. The club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Winberg. selects its members each semester on the basis of their grades. Several club members attended the annual California Scholarship Federation con- vention, which was held in Modesto in the spring. They found the trip exciting and enjoyable, as well as educational. In May the C.S.F., under the leadership of President Kathleen Casey, presented its annual .school assembly. Club pins were awarded at that time to those who had become life members. CSF members all packed and ready for their spring convention ond two days of fun. 82 After school CSF tutor, student in algebra. Ed Baker, helps a VP 1 V : ■ Jm V flH! { i I 1| ■yiar i jb-t- - 1 l ' W ' » ' T ' ? ■■ ::: M v-- ■l ' - 1 ▼ y ' ' r ' " i d B -i- i ■i Pat McLeod presents o check from Sigma Epsilon to Mr. Peinado for Foreign Exchange Student Fund. Representotives of Sigma Epsilon select pins for their honor society. fT Scholars Select Pins Sigma Epsilon, which stands for the Scholars of Encinal, recognizes those students who have received a B average in their semester grades. Selecting club pins for the first time in the organization ' s existence, the group chose a blue and gold design decorated with a lamp of knowledge and the initial E. FIRST ROW, left to right; B. V aiton, C. Henderson, S. Cobbins, B. Padgett, T. Baker, M. Howlcnd, G. Rikard, B. Shepherd, D. Haughin, C. Barker, W. Worster, R. Berk. SECOND ROW: W. Osborne, S. Steccone, B. Postma, G. Carpaneto, S. Shull, J. Jackson, P. Williams, G. Roberson, P. McLeod, D, Sneod. THIRD ROW: P. Sutton, L. Wattree, K. Stevens, J. Warren, M. Dulle, R. Schulty, W. Johnson, K. Snyder, R. Royce, C. Boss!, L. Corr, J. Bishop, B. Mundt, K. Casey. FOURTH ROW: C. Alexander, J. Seymour, D. Edginton, L. McWillioms, C. Dickey, J. Valley, C. Johnson, A. Anderson, J. Eliason, W. Dallas, B. Smith, L. Beard, P. Newman. FIFTH ROW: A. Smith, M. Mariani, E. McDaniel, R. Carlen, D. Moresis, W. King, G. Fenstermaker, D. Hughs, E. Baker, D. Scott, M. Purbeck, M. Potts, J. Barber, S. Home. IFF OFFICERS-D. Evans, C. Johnson, L. Carr, and R. Fields Carole Johnson discusses club activities with several IFF members. Future Faculty Observes Classes Members of the Industrious Future Faeulty will vouch for the fart that teaching can be fun, for they have participated in the club ' s new project of observing teaching in grammar schools. This program proved to be a success under the leadership of club presidents, LaVernya Carr and Carole Johnson. The I.F.F. ' ers, under the sponsorship of Miss Scherman, attended a regional club convention at the University of San Francisco and one at the College of the Pacific in Stockton. They found both of these programs enjoyable as well as educational. FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Sneary, C. Holzapfel, W. Johrson, L. Carr, G. Rrjberson. SECOND ROW: C. Johnson, D. Evans, R. Field, C. Bent, S. Sharp. Echo Revives Press Club Fall Editor, Eugene McDaniel Spring Editor, Beatrice Johnson Bea Johnson, Editor, assists staff members Echo Staff during one of its busy moments preparing for a deadline. FALL EDITOR Eugene McDaniel STAFF Florence Barron, Beatrice Johnson, Ritchie Ross, Edna Stanley, Tom Harper, Pat Bailey, Alice Evans, Louise James, JuDee Jensen, Lome Manthorne, Betty Olsen, Linda Thomas, and Tom White SPRING EDITOR Beatrice Johnson STAFF Carole Price, Eugene McDaniel, Edna Stanley, Louise James, Tom Harper, Tom White, Pat Newman, Tom Silver- thorn, Bob Voirol, Alice Evans, Sandra Hollon, Margie Jorgensen, Theta Long, Dianne Massorelli, Jane Mathews, Lynne Newman, Melindo Ramsey, Goil- ene Rikord, Nova Rikord, and Shirley Watson Resounding with news in its bi-weekly publication, the Echo kept the student body alerted to school and community happenings. The staflf members re-established the Encinal Press Club, which undertook to foster an interest in newspaper writing. Co-sponsorship with the Student Council of a car safety check constituted one of the activities undertaken in the spring. The safety check proved a success, with 39 cars being put through the test. The stafl " , headed by Mr. Reilly, toured a local newspaper office, and also attended the Cal Press Conference. VlLlts C ' est CI Bon FIRST ROW, left to right: Miss Dungan, B. Mundt, R. Schutty, M. Howland, G. Ril(ord, M. Dumlao, S. Cobbins. SECOND ROW; M. Jordan, R. Harper, A. Anderson, J. Harper, B. Bell, J. Poykko, S. Magill. THIRD ROW: J, Shaw, W. Williams, M. Jeffers, C. Coker, T. Volking, C. Alexander, C. Holzapfel. During its meetings the French Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Dungan, brought a bit of France to Encinal as the members sang French songs, played French games, and increased their knowledge of France and its culture. Various activities were carried on under the leadership of President Celeste Alexander. 86 Joan Poykko, Celeste Alexander, Barbara Mundt and Gailene Rikard smile after hav- ing decorated their classroom with French posters. FIRST ROW, left to right: E. Doshiell, A. Koehler, J. Dempsey, S. Purcell, B. CWttiQ ham, A. Meredith, D. Foster. SECOND ROW: M. Sneary, S. Sharp, F. Crosby, F. Lopez, B. Postmo, J. Bishop, J. Stull.i THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hegeman, D. Debold, J. Seymour, D. Edginton, C. Hathaway, C. Bagby, B. Cranberg, J. Heibel. FOURTH ROW: B. Newman, D. Sneary, E. Gutman, H. Crawford, S. Capling, B. Lenheim, R. Dulle, C. Parker, P. Parker. ' yO ' Latin Club Goes Dramatic " Rubra Culla, " or Little Red Riding Hood, was one of the plays put on by the Latin Club, under the direction of Mrs. Hegeman. Another was entitled " Thanks- giving for Latin. " which illustrated the abundance of Latin in the English language. Other activities under the direction of presidents Charlotte Parker and Jeanne Stall were the Club ' s banquet held in the spring, at which the members wore costumes of the Rornan era and the donation toward the Foreign Exchange Student Fund. ' Little Red Riding Hood speaks Latin? " Latin Club members dressed in costumes worn to their spring bant iiet. 87 FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Walton, B. Padgett, B. Shephard, G. Motton, S. Cobbms, J. Booze, J. Cose, J. Anderson, W. Stormoen. SECOND ROW: S. Sharp, J. jhompkins, J. Harper, D. Coleman, K. Fonda, G. Carpeneto, B. Brush, B. Johnson. THIRD ROW: D. Evans, I. Beard, S. Watson, J. Hightower, D. Owen, K. McChesney, F. Crosby. FOURTH ROW: M. Casey, G. Thomas, G. Hicks, L. B arnett, B. Reed, V. Montgomery, L. Stoats. Junior Red Cross Lends Helping Hand Every semester one student is selected from each advisory as representative to the Junior Red Cross. This organization, sponsored by Miss Sibley, under- takes public service projects that benefit both school and community. The group supplied one ward ot the Veterans ' Hospital with holiday decorations and party favors at Christmas, Easter time, and St. Patrick ' s Day. Spring Jr. Red Cross ofFicers, D. Evans, L. Jrmes, P. Jar miTo G. Motion, and B. Quinn. Members of Jr. Red Cross preporTng giffs for hospital veterans J l ' ,■ Key Club Serves School Key Club sponsored cor wash during the spring to aid March of Dimes drive. Patterned after the Kiwanis Serviee Organization, the Key Club has well served both the school and the community during its two years at Encinal. UndiM- the sponsorship of Mr. Bartley. the club staged a successful car wash, donating the proceeds to the March of Dimes. The group also made a large contribu- tion to the Foreign Exchange Student Fund. Members of the Kiwanis Club were invited to several meetings to speak on various topics, one ol which was advice on possible vocations. FIRST ROW, left to right: W. King, E. Humphers, E. Baker, D. Carlen, S. Capiing, G. Fonda, G. Fenstermoke . SECOND ROW: G. Thistle, A. Smith, D. DeHaon, G. Phillips, B. Orem, G. McDaniel, R. Taylor. FIRST ROW, left fo right: C. Comerford, J. Tompkins, P. McLeod, B. Speer, J. Voirol. SECOND ROW: R. Meuter, J. Seymour, S. Martine, K. Mellin, C. Johnson, W. Dallas. THIRD ROW: M. Jeffers, E. Balder, D. Scott, M. Porbeck, I. King, D. Debold. FOURTH ROW: D. Ballwonz, D. dowser, D. Hughs, R. Brannon, G. Fenstermaker, D. Tymn, Mr. Cotter. FIFTH ROW: J. Snider, B. Orem, P. Kokkonen, E. McDaniel, R. Carlen, W. King, E. Humphers. Thespians Present Plays At Assennblies Thespians are those students who have been in dramatic programs at school or have helped in their production. Each semester the drama classes present a one-act play for the Thespian Assembly. In the fall the advanced class presented " Why I Am A Bachelor, " a lecture with illustrations. The spring play. " Fireman, Save My Child. " was an old-fashioned melodrama presented bv the beginning drama students. Dale Debold looks on os Jim Snider " proposes " to Claire Comerford. Looks OS if Elbert Humphers is getting the works by Ralph Meuter and his accomplice, Wanda Dallas. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Eliason, G. Slangerup, B- Walton, G. Carpaneto, S. Shull. SECOND ROW: I. King, L. McWilliams, M. Dulle, L Camper, M. Jaromillo. THIRD ROW: S. Capling, G. Kuhl, L. Stoats, D. Debold, D. Scott. Chi Mu S+imuldtes Interest In Progressive Jazz Chi Mu, the Music- Club, is ont of the newest clubs in the school. Despite its in- fancy, the club showed great spirit and enthusiasm. The members presented an assembly which introduced Progressive jazz to the school and which featured Mr. Virgil Gonsalves ' s Sextet. The program was received with enthusiasm by the siudints. Chi Mu officers, Gail Slongerup, Mary Saun, Gail Carpaneto, and Larry Stoats. 91 FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Wright, M. Williams, B. Shephard, C. Henderson, G. Motton, D. Haughin. SECOND ROW: D. Williams, J. Davis, H. Perrin, W. Black, T. Roles, R. Mays, B. Walton. THIRD ROW: S. Stewart, R. Dodt, L. Beard, I. West, J. Haughey, J. Washington. FOURTH ROW: G. Vallerga, R. Love, A, Guadalupe, J. Williams, M. Williams, J. King. FIFTH ROW: J. Peterson, W. Kilgore, W. Stargell, R. Orem, D. Young, M. Aueluo, Choir, Enclnet+es Perform Encinal ' s Choir is a group of students carefully ihosen from the voeal classes under the direction of Mr. Gaunt. The Choir has performed for school assemblies and various programs at Alameda ' s grammar schools. They attended the annual music ( linic held at the College of the Pacific. The Encinettcs, another select group, is composed of nine outstanding girl vocal- ists. They practice before and after school, sacrificing their own time to learn songs for presentation at P.T.A. meetings, assemblies, and various civic and social organiza- tions in Alameda. FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Ammons, M. Howland, B. Padgett, M. Ammons. SECOND ROW: F. Sorenson, L. Evans, C. Comerford, R. Dodt. FIRST ROW, left to right; L. Coleman, M. Baca, L. Walters, R, Ross, D. Lockhart. SECOND ROW: C. Monloya, V. Gowans, S. Black, D. Williams, G. Silva, M. Williams. THIRD ROW: C. Dasanbiagio, L. Thornton, M. Vallandigham, N. Pendergrass, D. Owens, B. Baldwin, N. Franklond. FOURTH ROW: R. Scott, J, Unnear, M. Scott, D. Mitrick, L Jones, J. Bowen, G. Cunningham, M. Trimble. Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee Learn Techniques The Mixed Chorus, composed of 20 members, studied vocal techniques to prepare for admittance to Encinal ' s A Capella Choir. Some of the songs the Chorus learned were " Old Man River, " " Swing Low, " and " Beautiful Morning. " The 14 members of the Girls Glee Club also learned singing techniques and such vocal selections as " Now the Day Is Over, " and " The Whole World in His Hands. " FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Ziegler, M. Hansen, M. Ammons, D. Lockhart, E. Gary. SECOND ROW: J. Wash- ington, D. Hensley, N. Lee, L. Wrighl, L. Ammons. THIRD ROW: S. Schreck, G. Hicks, F. Sorenson, B. Jackson, S. Davis. Pep Club members try out for Pom-Pom Girls. Pep Club Promotes School Spirit The purpose of the Pep Club is to promote sehool spirit in the students ot Eiuinai, and especially to give courage and support to the Jet teams. Several members, under the supervision of Dr. Snell, sponsor, attended the annual Cheerleading Clinic at Berkeley High School in March. Cheerleading techniques as well as new yells and stunts were demonstrated. The Pep Club is another of Eneinal ' s clubs and organizations which contributed to the Foreign Exchange Student Fund FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Sorenson, D. Scott, R. Wood, E. Humph ers, K. Casey, J. Norberg, C. Swisher. SECOND ROW: T. Baker, J. LeMoine, C. Barker, J. Sherry, R. Ccrino, J. Mathews, E. Green, D. Robinson, K. Snyder. THIRD ROW: B. Quinn, B. Mundt, N. Gray, E. Stan- ley, S. Cobbins, G. Roberson, B. Padgett, B. Shepherd, G. Motion, G. Alex, W. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: K. Mellin, B. Postma, A. Andrews, t Carr, B. .ohnson, J. Jackson, D. Coleman, C. King, R. Harper, J. Thomson, B. Walton, K. Mellin. FIFTH ROW: G. Hicks, J. Eliason, D. Evans, B. Smith, K. Stevens, C. Alexander, J. Warren, B. Eastman, R. Schulty, S. Vallerga. SIXTH ROW: M. Purbeck, M. Potts, J. Barber, D. Feder, M. Gallagher, N. Swonson, L. Beard, D. Williams, C. Price, J. Corbett. FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Berry, G. Kuhl, G. Saunders, G. Chatman, K. Mann, T. Trachsel, D. Taylor, R. Fields, W. Howe, L. Stoats. SECOND ROW: F. Shepherd, F. Volking, E. Doshiell, D. Scott, M. Millet, M. Watson, M. Motingly, C. Parker, R. Gladwill, W. Myers, J. Stulgis. THIRD ROW: C. Dickey, R. Cavallo, S. Brandom, C. Baco, L. Camper, D. Guerrero, W. Chatman, M. Dulle, W. Morphew, A. Smith. FOURTH ROW: S. Foster, C. Hunkeler, S. Shull, J. Allman, R. Meador, J. Ronald, C. Groef, G. Slangerup, D. Sneed, J. Poykko, G. Carpcneto. Band Gains Recognition Encinal High School ' s Marching Band, under the direction of Mr. D ' Amante, gained recognition in the Bay Area for its fine renditions of popular songs and march tunes. One of the band ' s activities was participating in the Veterans ' Day Parade in November. It also played for football games, assemblies, grammar school programs, and other school and city affairs. EHS Bond rehearsing during regular class period. FIRST ROW, left to right: P Crooks, S. Steccone, L. Crooks, G. Roberson, M. Jorgensen, P. Coones, S. Shull, G. Wright. SECOND ROW; J. Love, J. Seymour, M. Gallagher, C. Johnson, W. Dallas, B. Sandrus, D. Williams, L. Carr. THIRD ROW; R. Relds, G. Fonda, R. Staples, C. Dickey, D. Feder, M. Ramsey, G. Hicks. Spanish Club First To Contribute To Fund ' ' Los Robk ' s Nobles, " one of our foreign language clubs, is better kno A ' n as the Spanish Club. Realizing the value of having a foreign exchange student at Encinal. the members were the first to contribute toward the Foreis:n Exchansje Student fund. Hey! — Spanish isn ' t learned that way. Spanish Club officers, J. Love, S. Steccorie, M. Jorgensen, and G. Fonda. f( John Heibel and Allen Schaa f working on a project for next year ' s Science Fair. Charles Kosdorf and Charlotte Parker compare ideas on Charles ' project, pseudomonas aeruginosa (an experiment with algae plants). Club Tours Annual Science Fair Extending their scientific interests beyond the area of the classroom, the members of the Science Club, under the direction of Mr. Urton, have toured several museums, the annual Science Fair and the Radiation Laboratory at the University of California. The Science Club provides extra-curricular science projects for those students who have an interest in science as a hobby or as a future career. FIRST ROW, left to right: L. Carr, J. Bishop, G. Roberson, S. Cobbins, J. Sherry, R. Brush. SECOND ROW: E. Yee, J. Stull, I. Barnett, L. McWilliams, D. Edginton, C. Johnson, Mr. Urton. THIRD ROW: B. Newman, J. Heibel, L. Lewis, S. Kosdorf, R. Gill. FOURTH ROW: L. Stoats, C. Parker, P. Newman, J. Paddock, H. Crawford, E. Baker. FIFTH ROW: R. Carlen, R. Taylor, G. Fonda, R. Ceccehetini, A. Schaaf. FRONT, SEATED, left to right: Shirley Cobbins, Pub.,- Ruth Berk, Vice-Pres.; LaVernya Carr, Sec. REAR, STANDING: Carole Johnson, Pres.; Locene Wottree, Song Leader; Maureen McGuire, Sec. of Awards; Lillian Abair, Trees. MISSING: Wilmc Johnson, Porl. FRONT, SEATED, left to right: Wilma Johnson, Vice- Pres.; LaVernya Carr, Pres.; Wendy Worster, Sec; Bonnie Postma, Song Leader; Marion Potts, Treas.; Carole Johnson, Pub.; Roth Berk, Pari. Riflery Amid G.A.A. Sports Avid sports enthusiasts, under the supervision of Mrs. Harrinian, comprise the Girls ' Athletic Association, which is a special P.E. class held during seventh period. This year its members participated in swimming, basketball, softball, tennis and soccer programs, as well as riflery, an innovation this spring directed by Colonel Long. The G.A.A., which belongs to the G.A.A.-A.C.A.L., sponsored its annual playday here at Encinal in May and invited Alameda and .San Leandro High Schools to par- ticipate. Encinal ' s G.A.A. was invited to the annual playday. held this year at Castro Valley High School, which was attended by all high schools that are A.C.A.L. members. GAA initiate, Jeanne Stull, is at the mercy of a GAA member, Carole Johnson. UK. ' Members of the new GAA tumbling team, Sigma Mu. Spring President, Gloria Roberson, and Diane Feder examine toys to be presented to local hospital. Group of girls presenting a pantomime at GA spring freshman reception. G.A. Reception Goes " Calypso " Thr new G.A. officers for the Fall 1957 scmrstc-r, headed by President Signe Slangc- nip. planned and presented the Freshman Reception, " Calypso. " A senior " sister " was assigned to each freshman girl to help her get acquainted with the school and the students. In December the G.A. sponsored a Christmas toy drive for the new pediatric ward at the Alameda Hospital. The girls donated old toys which were useless to them but which were appreciated by the hospital ' s sick children. In the spring the G.A. held its annual fashion show, which was competently super- vised by Vice President VVilma Johnson and under the sponsorship of Miss Holland. School outfits, sports ensembles, and party clothes were modeled. A check for $50 was presented to Encinal ' s Foreign Exchange Student Fund by the spring G.A. President, Gloria Roberson. SEATED, left to right: Signe Slangerup, Pres.; Tina Baker, Vice-Pres. STANDING: Wilma Johnson, Song teoder; Gloria Roberson, Treas.; Gail Slangerup, Sec. SEATED, left to right: Wilma Johnson, Vice-Pres.; Gloria Roberson, Pres.; Barbara Valley, Sec. STAND- ING: Marilyn Purbeck, Pub.; JuDee Jensen, Treas.; Diane Feder, Song Leader. r H fe Shilled hands V ' - p 1 find reward B Hp Ji ml ■ ML in the teatnwork and conBpetition of SPORTS! T] Fred Elmore returns kickoff in Alameda gome. Tom Harper makes good yardage against Alameda. Toucl.dovvi) EnciMul! Robed Davis picks up good blotking as Jets loll on. Willie Brackins speeds through Son Leandro line. Alameda runner is stopped by Curt Motton. 102 Coaches Marberry and Matula confer with players during San Leandro game. Varsity Gridders Lose Only One Game The 1957 Edition of tht- Eniinal High football team hnishi-d the season with the best record in the school ' s history. Although missing the A.C.A.L. (Southern Division) Championship by only a single game, the Jet gridders compiled a very impressive record of six wins, one defeat and one tie. The lone tie was the result of our first practice game with cross-town rival, Alameda High. This game was high-lighted by hard, clean play from both the Jet and Hornet scjuads. When the final gun sounded, the score was a 20 to 20 deadlock. Alter winning their final two practice games with Vallejo and South San Francisco, the Jet Varsity entered league play with a resounding 53 to decision over the Arroyo Dons. The next league opponent to fall before the high flying Jets were the Hayward Farmers. The score was 19 to six in a night contest at Hayward on the following Friday. Encinal had no difficulty in defeating highly rated Castro Valley, a 47 to 12 decision. Although beaten 38 to 12 by San Leandro in their next to the last game, the Jet grid- ders retaliated in their final contest with a 24 to 1 3 margin over the San Lorenzo Rebels. TOP ROW, left to right: Coach Read, Coach Matula, M. Sherry, N. Wallace, B. Brandenburger, D. Mitrick, F. Foster, A. Smith, P. Millet, C. Harless, J. Hogan, B. Orem, M. Rexinger, T. Bowers, Head Coach Marberry. CENTER ROW: K. Okubo, M. Watson, M. Joramillo, W. King, J. Lewis, J. lenneor, A. Guadalupe, V. Morelli, G. Gray, B. Rhoten, D. Parslow, J. Ashley. BOTTOM ROW: C. Hathaway (Mgr.), R. Williams, R. Davis, F. Elmore, T. Harper, J. McCauley, D. Pinion, C. Motion, Jean Kean, L. Branchaud, M. Mattingly (Mgr.) 103 C. Motton HB T. Harper QB J. Lewis HB 104 M. Jaramillo HB A L. Branchaud HB J. McCauley G W. King E D. Pinion G F. Elmore HB 105 F. Foster, T; B. Rhoten, G; N. Wallace, T M. Sherry, G; B. Orem, T. 106 TOP ROW, left to right: C. Hathaway (Mgr.), B. Shaw, T. White, D. Mitricli, J. Ashley, Z. Pitman, T. Bowers, N. Wallace, Coach Read. CENTER ROW: M. Mattingly (Mgr.), M. Jaromillo, A. Sanchez, D. Parslow, W. Kilgore, J. Lennear, V. Morelli, C. Harless, D. Chavez. BOTTOM ROW: J. Kean, R. Williams, J. Lewis, A. Guadalupe, F. Foster, K. Okubo, L. Branchaud. J.V., Freshman Grid Teams Win Majority Of Games Following in the- footsteps of tht- Varsity, the Encinal J.V. and Frosh-Soph football teams also had very successful seasons. The J.V. squad, coached by Mr. Read, com- pleted the schedule with a fine record of five wins, two ties and one loss. The Frosh- Soph eleven also had an outstanding record. Coach Foster and his Baby Jets came through the season with a five hundred average, winning three and losing three. r JV SCORES I Encinal 15 Richmond Encinal 7 San Leandro 6 Encinal 6 Hayward Encinal 7 Arroyo 13 Encinal 19 Hayward Encinal 25 Castro Valley 7 Encinal 6 San Leandro 6 Encinal San Lorenzo FROSH-SOPH SCORES Encina 13 . Castro Valley Encino 6 Arroyo Encinal 12 Hayward 19 Encina 14 . Castro Valley 6 Encina 12 Son Leandro 24 Encina 12 Son Lorenzo 26 TOP ROW, left to right: B. Westernoff (Mgr.), D. Oakes (Mgr.), R. Vachter, R. Craddick, T. Wilson, C. Conley, M. Mariani, B. Mann, D. Sneary, D. Taylor, G. Werner, J. Shaw, G. Tamborini, G. Carlos. CENTER ROW: B. Brush (Mgr), B. Bartling, E. Reed, C. Reid, B. Barber, T. Bowers, T. Spadone, M. Porfumo, B. Perata, L. Simon son, E. AcMoody, J. Almann, B. Kreigboum, W. Kidd. BOTTOM ROW: C. Brown, M. White, L. Pondolfo, E. Johnson, J. Piziali, J. Cottinghcm, D. Peterson, M. O ' Connell, L. Woods, F. Williams, R. Gill. r " " [:i :; : r Willie Brackins takes hook shot against Castro Valley. Percy Millet goes up for game btarting tip-off. STANDING, left to right: Coach Jaensch, W. Stargell, P. Millet, J. Snider, E. Corell, A. Smith, D. DeHaan. KNEELING: R. Davis, F. Elmore, J. Lewis, C. Motton, T. Harper, W. Brackins. J Jet Baske+ballers Capture League Crown For the second straight season, the Encinal Varsity basketball team swept through eii league games to capture the championship. Riding on a string of 18 straight vwtories, the Jet cagcrs met the Berkeley High Yellowjackcts in an A.C.A.L. playofl Wie. Although losing this contest by a score of 53 to 41, and also missing the chance to play in the Tournament of Champions, the Varsity hoopsters did compete in the dley Tournament where they won first place. With a number of lettermen returning from the 56-5r championship squad, the Varsity basketball team completed the practice schedule with ohly one loss, a 49-44 decision in favor of Polytechnic of San Francisco. All of the other pre-season contests were won comparatively easily by the Jets. Continuing with their overwhelming success, the Encinal cagers met and defeated twice, all of the other teams in the Southern A.C.A.L. Thus successfully defending their league crown, the Varsity basketballers were again proud holders of the title. Part of the great success enjoyed by the team should be attributed to the fine caching job done by Dick Jaensch and his assistant coaches. Also, a great portion of the success must be given to the jjlayers themselves, for they exhibited a top brand of camwork and sportsmanship in all the games they played. Coach Jaensch talks with players during time-out. 109 R. Davis G W-iMi f . %, F. Elmore G T. Harper G D. DeHoan F -A A. Smith F ' J. Lewis G W. Bracklns F 110 J. Snider C E. Corell F P. Millet C W. Stargell F STANDING, left fo right: G. Chatman, J. Show, D. Dunn, C. Harless, A. Brown, D. Mitrick, H. Pritchord. KNEELING: G. Fenstermoker, J. Carter, M. Scott, L. Poche, M. Millet, F. Shephord, Z. Pittman. J.V., Freshmen Quintet Display Fine Talent Winning a high prrccntagr of their games, the Eneinal J.V. and Freshmen hasket- hall teams did very well in following the winning ways of the Varsity five. The Junior Varsity quintet, under the capable guidance of coach Jim Marberry, completed their schedule with an overall record of 17 victories and only six defeats. Similarly, coach Paul Foster and his Frosh cagers compiled an excellent record of 13 wins to five losses. Considering these two fine teams, the Varsity should have some excellent material for the coming seasons. VARSITY LEAGUE SCORES Eneinal 42 Eneinal 47 Eneinal 40 Eneinal 28 Eneinal 52 Hayward 26 Castro Valley 36 San Leandro 26 San Lorenzo 32 Arroyo 24 Eneinal 41 Eneinal 36 Eneinal 49 Eneinal 43 Eneinal 47 Hayward 32 Castro Valley 39 San Leandro 35 San Lorenzo 38 Arroyo 32 TOP ROW, left to right: J. Warren (Mgr.), R. Cruz, C, Reid, A. Brown, M. Mariani, G. Tomborini, W. Williams, J. Simpson, D. Kolera, D. Raines, Coaeh Foster. FRONT ROW: J. McCortney, G. Carlos, M. White, H. Evans, E. Johnson, W. Kidd, M. Fergor, J. Stulgis. 7 my " V m fm ' Gary Fenstermaker awaits the 3-2 pFtch. E.H.S. ballplayers intently view the game from the bench. Wilver Stargell makes the long stretch at first. Third sacker Robert Davis togs out base runner. Gory Fenstermaker makes the slide ot first. Shortstop Tom Harper moves up to field grounder. 112 Baseball Coaches Matula and Read concentrate on crucial game. Encinal Nine Competes In Successful Season Combining last season ' s Varsity baseball players with fornicr J.V. team members. Coach George Read has come up with a starting nine that can hold their own against any foe. Continuing with the success enjoyed by the ' 57 squad, an eleven win seven loss record, this year ' s Varsity baseball team has been welded into a close-knit, efficient outfit. Some of the players that Coach Read is relying on to come through this season are Shortstop Harper, Pitcher Chuck Harless, Shortstop Tom White, Second Baseman Fred Elmore, Third Baseman Robert Davis, Outfielder Curt Motton, Outfielder John Bownds, Outfielder Mike Jaramillo, Third Baseman Marshall .Smith, Shortstop Julius Lewis. Outfielder Gary Fenstermaker and First Baseman Wilver Stargell. VARSITY BASEBALL— TOP ROW, left to right: E. Throckmorton (Mgr.), G. Fenstermaker, M. Smith, W. Star- gell, T. Harper, R. Davis, J. Lewis, T. White, D. Oakes (Mgr.), B. Neuman (Mgr.). BOTTOM ROW; J. Bownds, M. Millet, M. Jaramillo, D. Pinion, C. Motton, F. Elmore. •. ' ' ' -iV. ' J.-.- - " " -v . " -si .. --. ' -? " " ■ •«■ 113 M. Joramillo T. White F. Elmore 114 R. Davis M. Smith J. Lewis J. Bownds • - ' t J.V. BASEBALL— TOP ROW, left to right: M. Mariani, M. Profumo, C. Reed, W. Williams, J. McCortney, R. Crur, J Shaw, B. Mann, G. Werner. BOTTOM ROW: T. Hallam, B. Westernoff, H. Meredith, C. Meredith, W. Moore, G. Tamborini, T. Bowers. J.V. Baseball Team Produces Future Stars Similar to the Varsity, the Enrinal J.V. baseball team has developed into a fine, hard working squad. Directed by Coach John Matula, the J.V. nine has come through very nicely against other J.V. teams in the area. The main purpose of the Junior Varsity teams is to provide an opportunity for the younger players to develop their talents and obtain useful experience. The Encinal J.V. teams have been very successful in accomplishing this and have trained many future Varsity stars. 19S8 VARSITY PRACTICE SCHEDULE FEB. 21 Alameda— Here FEB. 25 Bishop O ' Dowd— There FEB. 2B Berl(eley— There MARCH 4 Berkeley-Here MARCH 7 St. Vincents-Here MARCH 11 St. Ignatius— Here MARCH 18 Richmond— There MARCH 21 El Cerrito— There MARCH 25 St. Ignatius— Here MARCH 28 Cal J.V.-Here APRIL 8 Arroyo— Here APRIL 9 Bishop O ' Dowd-Here APRIL 11 Harry Ells-There 1958 VARSITY LEAGUE SCHEDULE APRIL 15 Hay ward — There APRIL 18 Castro Volley- Here APRIL 22 Son Leandro— Here APRIL 25 San Lorenzo— There APRIL 29 Arroyo — Here MAY 1 Hay ward — Here MAY 6 Castro Valley— There MAY 8 San Leondro— There MAY 13 Son Lorenzo— Here MAY 15 Arroyo— There 115 Coach Codv-ell gives a few pointers Branchaud, Archbold and Pritchard await Coach Joensch ' s starting signal, to tracksters Cocoes, Chavez and ' Carlos. Brackfns goes up and over the highjump bar J. Lennear lets fly with the shotput. J, Carter takes to the air as M. Williams looks on. Marshall Rexinger winds up to heave the discus. 115 i. VARSITY TRACK TEAM— BACK ROW, left to right: P. Kokkonen, H. Pritchard, W. Brackins, M. Rexinger, D. Tymn, R. Dulle, G. Cunningham, N. Wallace. FRONT ROW: P. Coones, D. Donn, L. Branchaud, M. Archbold, J. Ashley, J. Lennear, E. Reed. Coach Cadwell Builds Solid Track Team Mr. George Cadwell, head eoaeh of the Eneinal track team, has once again suc- ceeded in developing a squad that can compete with the best of them. Relying on team strength rather than individual stars, Coach Cadwell has put together a solid squad that can always be counted on to do their best. Also, the Jet Varsity and " B " tracksters have shown that they are able to compete against schools with double Encinal ' s enrollment and still win by a comfortable margin. Much of the track team ' s success this season must be attributed to the fine spirit and " never-give-up " attitude of the team members themselves, for they can always be relied upon to either win or place, in any number of track and field events. Similarly, Coaches Cadwell and Jaensch should be credited with a majority of the team ' s good fortune, for they have given great eiTort to help the individual team members round into shape and perform at their best. " B " TRACK B. Schinaure P. Spadoni, C. Brown, J TEAM R. W W. Ki Stulg BACK ROW, left to right: M. Casey, K. Grew, R. Fields, B. Costello, C. Cavali, lliams. MIDDLE ROW: F. Lopez, L. Pandolfo, G. Carlos, C. Conley, D. Chavez, C. Carlos, Igore, D. Moresi, C. Hallford, R. Correia, D. Koleva, D. Williamson. BOTTOM ROW: is, M. Williams, Z. Pittman, W. Kidd, J. Carter, V. Morelli, J. Warren, G. Underhill, D. Guerrero. Head Yell Leader E. Hurnphers and his assistants K. Casey, K. Sorenson, D. Scott, R. Wood, J. Norberg, C. Swisher. Yell Leaders Spark Enthusiasm Led by Head Cheerleaders Elbert Hurnphers and Kent Sorenson, the high spirited fall and spring rooting sections cheered our teams to many victories. Assisting the cheerleaders were the pom-pom girls and the regular assistants, who represented Encinal ' s Jets in a fine manner and contributed immensely toward their success. Head Yell Leoder K. Sorenson and assis- — - tonts K. Casey, B. Johnson. 118 Pom-Pom Girts demonstrate a dance routine for crowd at half-time. Pom-Pom Girls Assist Yell Leaders This year our Pom-Pom Girls were more spirited than ever. They were led by head Pom-Pom Girl Karen Snider who developed many of the dance routines. Her assistants were Daphne Robinson, Barbara Quinn, Tina Baker, Janice Jackson and Joan Le- Moine. The girls rehearsed after school and on Saturdays to prepare themselves for game rallies, games and student a.ssemblies. Pom-Pom Girls kneeling on field. I •4 Keep your eyes on that ball! ■ " P.E. Teachers Introduce Field Hockey The P.E. teachers introduced a game both new and exi itnig wliieh is called soccer. It not only builds excitement, but also causes sore shins when one plays too tlose to another player. Some of the other sports played were volleyball, basketball, hockey, archery and folk-dancing. Ready! AIni! Fire! Quit peeking, Nancy, that ' s not fair 120 Here ' s a good rhance for a spike, girls!!! Basket for sure this time . . . maybe Modern Dance ... a vftal medium of expression. Modern Dance Classes Display Grace Originol dance sequence by members of the Modern Dance Class. Creative art at its finest. 122 Taking a breather between swims, these mermaids pose tor the HORIZON photographer G.A.A. ' ers Splash At Naval Air Maybe she can ' 1 swim, but she can sure float. Wa ch out or you ' ll sink! 123 Professional hands of eonBwnunitif businesses that eompruse our ADVERTI!§iERS; CRYSTAL CLEANERS QUALITY CLEANING PLUS EXPERT SPOTTING AND FINISHING PLUS PERSONALIZED ATTENTION ALAMEDA ' S LARGEST AND LONGEST ESTABLISHED CLEANERS Since 1907 OUR CASH AND CARRY PRiCES WILL SAVE YOU MONEY We Give and Redeem Alameda Merchants Stamps 0% DISCOUNT TO STUDENTS 2000 ENCINAL AVENUE LAkehurst 2-0433 ALAMEDA S. W. BUTLER, Owner 126 GRANDE SHOES 1408 PARK STREET SHOES FOR YOUNG AND OLD LAkehurst 3-8374 EDIE ' S COFFEE SHOP 1500 WEBSTER STREET 6 TO MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA LAkehurst 3-1737 GOOD CHEVROLET The " GOOD " Place for the BETTER DEAL 2424 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2-9221 SANTA CLARA PHARMACY GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASSES JUNE ' 58 - FEBRUARY ' 59 Frank Reynolds 851 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2-3090 HOUGH REALTY COMPANY REAL ESTATE LOANS ED BAKER, Vice President For Windows and Floors 924 CENTRAL AVENUE LAkehurst 3-681 1 LAkehurst 3-9637 CONGRATULATIONS BOB ' S SUPER SERVICE 845 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA CALIFORNIA Robert J. Vierra LAkehurst 2-9777 TEMPO MUSIC SHOP RECORDS instrumentals - Rentals - Repairs MUSIC LESSONS 1510 WEBSTER STREET LAkehurst 3-61 52 127 ALAMEDA JEWELERS HOUSE OF REAL VALUES EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING Gus Levy Phone LAkehurst 2-1188 1407 PARK STREET ALAMEDA GOOD LUCK, GRADUATES, from BARKER-TILTON Headquarters for Lane Cedar Chests Phone LAkehurst 2-0345 PARK ST. at ALAMEDA AVE. ALAMEDA CHILDREN ' S EXCHANGE NURSERY FURNITURE BOUGHT SOLD Nearly New Clothing for Boys and Girls 1 to 10 Years DOLLS - DOLLS ' CLOTHES - TOYS 6 Year Crib - For Rent by Day or Week Lokehurst 3-5581 Closed Mondays 649 CENTRAL AVENUE, ALAMEDA, CALIF. PIATT ' S CAMERAS - PICTURE FRAMING GIFTS 1350 PARK STREET Phone LAkehurst 2-4074 TRADER BICKNELL TELEVISION - APPLIANCES - COMPLETE CHILDREN ' S DEPARTMENT Dont ' s Throw It Away — Trade It In! 1522-18 WEBSTER STREET, ALAMEDA LAkehurst 3-8500 BEST WISHES, SENIORS HERFF-JONES CO. CALIFORNIA DIVISION 126 POST STREET SAN FRANCISCO CLASS RINGS - PINS - MEDALS Graduation Announcements and Cards Graduation Robes and Choral Robes WEBSTER ELECTRIC CO. 1819 WEBSTER STREET GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS LAkehurst 2-7472 128 DON BERNAL CO. PHOTO-OFFSET PRINTING Don Bernal LAkehurst 2-5553 734 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES SAL ' S VARIETY 1517 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA BEAN AND CAVANAUGH " Over 40 Years of Continuous Service " DE SOTO - PLYMOUTH LAkehurst 3-5246 1700 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. Good Health and Happiness Is Our Wish For the Graduating Classes GADSDEN ' S STATIONERS J. E. (JACK) GADSDEN LAkehurst 2-1844 1435 PARK STREET ALAMEDA CLEARMAN ' S REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Agents Hartford Fire Insurance Company Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company 1453 WEBSTER STREET HAMILTON BROS. ALAMEDA BOOTERY " SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY " Best of Luck to the Grads of June ' 58 - Feb. ' 59 Remember, on the Way . . . Polly Debs and Spaldings Will Guide You Right 1434 PARK STREET ALAMEDA F. R. NEVILLE 1514 WEBSTER STREET LAkehurst 2-391 3 INSURANCE SINCE 1906 Fire - Automobile - Furniture Furs - Jewelry - Cameras LAUNDROMAT AND CLEANERS AT ENTRANCE TO ISLAND AUTO MOVIE 791 THAU WAY LAkehurst 2-7205 129 BROADWAY BILL GOOD LUCK USED CARS from PRE-WAR - LATE MODELS Bank Terms - Low Down Payments OLE ' S WAFFLE SHOP Office: LAkehurst 3-2800 LAkehurst 2-4178 712 LINCOLN AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. 1 507 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-81 08 BLUNDEN HARMS ART SHOP TOT AND TEEN SHOP Phone LAkehurst 2-7616 Phone LAkehurst 3-1877 BEST WISHES TO ENCINAL HI 1513 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA 1445 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA JACK ' S SIGNAL SERVICE LOU SCHROEDER PRINTING SERVICE 9TH CENTRAL ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2-2033 741 BUENA VISTA AVENUE Phone LAkehurst 3-7249 ALAMEDA McMULLIN APPLIANCE e: nal markets DON RENTS GROCEk 3 - MEATS - PRODUCE Sales Service - Rent to Buy 3211 ENCINAL AVENUE Phone LAkehurst 3-7164 2007 HIGH STREET 1531! 2 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. 1919 WEBSTER STREET 130 DOROTHY ' S Serving Hi-School Girls in Alameda for 25 Years with the Finest in Swim Suits, Pedal Pushers, Shorts, Blouses, Play Clothes, Skirts, Sweaters, and Casual Clothes! 1410 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-5033 RICHARD G. JACOBSON INSURANCE AGENT Auto - Life - Fire - Casualty 2402 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Phone LAkehurst 2-6133 ALAMEDA HOBBYCRAFT 1356 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. MODELS - CRAFTS - HOBBIES ARTIST SUPPLIES LAkehurst 3-3980 A. D. RAMSEY MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER AND SIMCA SALES LAkehurst 3-7472 100 SELECTED USED CARS 1711 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. HUNT JEWELRY OMPANY EXTENDS WISHES Qi HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS FOR YEARS TO COME TO THE CLASSES OF 1958 AND 1959 LAkehurst 2-3280 1430 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA 131 TESIO MEAT CO. GOOD LUCK TO CLASSES JUNE ' 58 AND FEBRUARY ' 59 WHOLESALE JUSTIN REALTY AND Olympic 8-0933 INSURANCE 21 GLEN AVENUE OAKLAND 1526 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-3567 ALAMEDA DRUG CO. 1501 PARK STREET FREE FAST DELIVERY Phone LAkehurst 2-2552 ALAMEDA PAINT WALLPAPER CO. WALLPAPER AND PAINTERS ' SUPPLIES FULLER - DUPONT - BOYSEN Phone LAkehurst 2-4236 1523 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA " IN ALAMEDA " LEE ADAMS PONTIAC INC. 132 BOLD ALL NEW 1958 PONTIAC and THE ECONOMICAL ENGLISH VAUXHALL GUARANTEED USED CARS 2414 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA LAkehurst 2-1121 WEBSTER PERMANENT WAVE SHOP Permanents That Satisfy - Hair Coloring Consultation — Specialists in Hair Cutting, Shaping, Styling and Waving Velma L. Hall 1516 WEBSTER STREET LAkehurst 2-2833 ALAMEDA, CALIF. KELLY ' S BAZAAR PLUMBING AND HEATING ' Everything for the Home Plumber " New and Used LAkehurst 3-4331 901 CENTRAL AVENUE LAkehurst 3-6685 ALAMEDA, CALIF. NEPTUNE BOWL ' HAP " WANLESS, General Manager LAkehurst 2-4760 WEBSTER AT BUENA VISTA ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA ART ' S SUPER SERVICE SINCE 1933 ARMSTRONG TIRE DISTRIBUTOR Arthur A. Kapler LAkehurst 1 -0277 - 8 WEBSTER ST. at EAGLE AVE. ALAMEDA WEBSTER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS MURRAY ELROD LAkehurst 2-3066 1553 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. RAY MEYERING FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP Auto, Truck, Fire, Plate Glass, Burglary, Life Insurance OFF: LA 3-8811 647 CENTRAL AVENUE Res: LA 3-8794 ALAMEDA, CALIF. THE GOLDEN CRUST BAKING CO. For Better Quality DOUGHNUTS DANISH PASTRY 661 - 27TH STREET TEmplebar 2-8532 OAKLAND, CALIF. Bob Speka, Owner THE ALAMEDA STEAM BATHS THE FINLAND ROCK STEAM BATHS Phone LAkehurst 3-2344 SCIENTIFIC MASSAGE Mildred - John Tuesdays - Saturdays 1 0:00 till 9:00 p.m. Sundays 8:00 till 6:00 p.m. Also by Appointment 1001 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA 133 D. D. SCOTT — Florist CORSAGES FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 10% Off for Student Body Cord Holders Phone LAkehurst 2-3456 1520 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA s 14 JS l 17 ' b - J HKsk. j j ALAMEDA SPORTING GOODS COMPANY SEE THE NEW " SUPER-QUIET " JOHNSON SEAHORSE V-50 WILSON SPORTING GOODS CONVERSE " ALL-STARS " Chenilling Lettering 1532 PARK STREET LAkehurst 3-71 21 Co ngratulations to the Graduating Classes of JUNE 1958 FEBRUARY 1959 TIMES-STAR PRESS 1516 OAK STREET LAkehurst 3-1200 ALAMEDA 134 DANELS " We Aim to Win Customer Confidence " SMART APPAREL for MISS and MATRON FOUND ONLY AT DANELS Lanz - Miss Trude Kimberly - Lorrie Deb NICK ' S TEXACO SERVICE and Other Fine Mokes LUCK TO ALL THE GRADUATING CLASSES LAkehurst 3-7559 1502 PARK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. N. S. Perusina 1 726 PARK STREET LAkehurst 3-6387 ALAMEDA, CALIF. Open Friday Nites ' Til 9 P.M. STAUFFER SYSTEM WARD ' S SLENDERIZING SALON AUTO PAINTING - WELDING BODY AND FENDER WORK AND BOATS No Obligation or Contracts COLLISION WORK HAZEL NEAL 1528 PARK STREET CHRIS WARD LAkehurst 3-7685 LAkehurst 3-4212 ALAMEDA, CALIF. 1539 OAK STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. JAQUES BUICK INC. EVERETT E. FARWELL OPEL " Imported " BOOKS - PICTURE FRAMING BILL JAQUES OflFice LAkehurst 2-6400 Telephone LAkehurst 3-4600 2431 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA 2323 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA THRIFTY MARKETS HALL ' S OF ALAMEDA MODERN FURNITURE GROCERIES - MEATS - FROZEN FOODS Excitingly New and Different Phone LAkehurst 3-3960 Complete Home Furnishings 1527 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA 1623 PARK STREET Corner Pacific 135 HAGY-KEENAN MORTUARY CENTRAL AT NINTH STREET LAkehurst 3-6821 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES LAURA SCUDDER ' S BLUE BIRD POTATO CHIPS. INC. 966 - 81st AVENUE OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA TRinidad 2-7870 FAMILY SHOE STORE CONGRATULATES THE GRADUATING CLASS 1507 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA LAkehurst 2-6118 FOSTER ' S FREEZE DRIVE-IN 630 CENTRAL AVENUE Shakes - Burgers - Sundaes - Hot Dogs " You can LICK our cones but you can ' t BEAT our sundaes " 136 ROGER HOOPER BEST WISHES from the INSURANCE BROKER COW PALACE MARKET Fire - Automobile - Liability 676 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA 1300 ENCINAL AVENUE LAkehurst 2-2092 Phone LAkehurst 3-8446 PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS of ALAMEDA CAMERA CORNER CAMERAS - FILMS - SUPPLIES Repairs - Projectors and Film-Rentals 1406 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-5487 APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE INSTALLATION - SERVICING Washers - Dryers — All Makes and Models 1432 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA, CALIF. LAkehurst 3-5452 CONGRATULATIONS TO ENCINAL HIGH TUCKER ' S ICE CREAM Phone LAkehurst 2-4960 1518 PARK STREET ALAMEDA L D. COPELAND REALTY HOMES - INCOME PROPERTIES BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Alameda ' s Home-Finding Specialists 1536 WEBSTER STREET LAkehurst 3-9606 S. 0. ROPER RICHFIELD SERVICE OAK AT SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. LAkehurst 3-9862 ALAMEDA THEATRE ALWAYS THE BEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT 2317 CENTRAL AVENUE LAkehurst 2-4433 137 ALAMEDA COLOR CENTER Olympic Paint - Distinctive Wallpapers Sundries Al Afman LAkehurst 3-6547 2315 SANTA CLARA AVE. ALAMEDA, CALIF. FRED ' S SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR Engine Repairs - Tune-Ups - Brakes Electrical Repairs - Headlight Adjustment Fred C. Foster Bus. LAkehurst 3-3324 633 BUENA VISTA ALAMEDA Res. LAkehurst 2-2379 ALAMEDA DELICATESSEN RAVIOLI and TAGLIARINI FACTORY ROY SCHWEITZER GARY SCHWEITZER LAkehurst 2-2272 2327 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. RALPH F. WILLETT PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Income Tax Returns — Federal State Regular Special Audits - Systems Installed Off. LA 2 5916 Res. LA 3-6886 931 ' 2 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. ALAMEDA SHADE SHOP WINDOW SHADES and VENETIAN BLINDS LAkehurst 2-0633 914 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. Pfnney ' s ALAMEDA Congratulations, Graduates for School or Summer SHOP PENNEY ' S SAVE HERB HUFFMAN LEE GILBERT Your Alameda CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH - IMPERIAL DEALER SALES and SERVICE HUFFMAN MOTOR CO. 1630 PARK STREET LAkehurst 3-2751 ALAMEDA WASH-N-DRY GOOD LUCK TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES 1918 ENCINAL AVENUE LAkehurst 3-4531 138 laaasf CIRCUS FOODS, INC. . ' fi (;•;: ;«, FULL OF ALMONDS BEST PAL CARDINAL FUDGE JUMBO ALWAYS FRESH AND DELICIOUS EUCLID CANDY CO. OF CALIFORNIA San Francisco LEWIS B. GROPER ALAMEDA ' S STERLING JEWELER See the Finest in Nationally Known Sterling Silver DIAMONDS - MOUNTINGS - FAMOUS WATCHES DIAMOND RINGS AND MOUNTINGS Registered Jewelers, American Gem Society 1503 WEBSTER STREET LAkehurst 2-8300 CONGRATULATIONS CLASSES OF ' 58 ' 59 ALBURTS WISHES YOU HEALTH, WEALTH AND HAPPINESS ALBURTS MEN ' S WEAR 1511 WEBSTER STREET 3244 FOOTHILL BOULEVARD ALAMEDA OAKLAND 139 ©rnatioJi COTTAGE CHEESE CARNATION COMPANY FRESH MILK AND CREAM DIVISION 1310 14TH STREET OAKLAND 7, CALIFORNIA Promise of a % sparkling evening E C 53C8: C€=? Cfc33C£ J 2 C Bottled under clhorify of The Coca-Cola Company by THE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA OAKLAND CALIFORNIA 140 THE CITY OF ALAMEDA md THE ALAMEDA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE s. . f - ii-c- 5 Longratulationsl-o The ., Graduating Classes of JUNE ' 58 — FEBRUARY ' 59 141 BE MODERN AND UP-TO-DATE . . . INSIST ON AN ALL-ELECTRIC HOME LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY INEXPENSIVE! FAST! CLEAN! BUREAU OF ELECTRICITY Department of Public Utilities, City of Alameda 2440 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Use More Electricity in Alameda It ' s Cheaper! BEN ' S T.V. Open 9 A.M. fo 9 P. M. LAkehurst 3-5500 1303 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-9375 1804 WEBSTER STREET RCA - HOFFMAN - EMERSON PACKARD BELL Experts in Radio and T.V. Service ALAMEDA ' S LARGEST SALES - SERVICE CENTER FIRESIDE PIZZA - CHINESE AMERICAN FOOD DANCING EVERY NITE WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA LEUCK REALTY 1300 ENCINAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIFORNIA Foye Leuck John Mitcheom Murray Eliason Lola Bennett 142 In your first job . . . rym BEING PART OF THE TELEPHONE TEAM MEANS: Working with fellows and girls your own age . . . Earning good pay right from the start . . . Enjoying many " plus values " including — paid vacations, regular raises, a liberal benefit plan, and advancement opportuni- ties too . . . it ' s the little things that count Making new friends, interesting work, pleasant surroundings and being helped by a friendly supervisor, and lots more . . . Pacific Telephone CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES LEONARD ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 1521 WEBSTER STREET ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2-7271 STIER ' S PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS 9 to 9 Doily 1 to 6 Every Other Sunday WEBSTER AT SANTA CLARA Phone LAkehurst 2-1633 GENSLER-LEE OF ALAMEDA DIAMOND SPECIALISTS The Largest Selection of Diamonds and Nationally Advertised Watches ALL LEADING BRANDS Jewelry and Watch Repair Done on the Premises No Charge for Credit — No Money Down 1359 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-4686 143 WEST ALAMEDA BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Congratulates THE GRADUATING CLASSES OF •from JUNE ' 58 — FEBRUARY ' 59 " THIS IS THE FINEST! " CHALLENGE ICE CREAM SUZANNE ' S PASTRY SHOPPE SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO BIRTHDAY WEDDING CAKES 1519 WEBSTER STRtET LAkehurst 3-2404 STEVE ' S SERVICE Conscientious Car Care MOBILGAS - MOBILOIL MOBIL PRODUCTS J. E. Stevens PARK LINCOLN LAkehurst 2-9937 ALAMEDA, CALIF. 144 .♦ rt " ' CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ■v -J ' from • ' e RALPH ARCHINAL ' ' ' l . ALAMEDA TYPEWRITER CO. " 2309 SANTA CLARA AVENUE ALAMEDA Phone LAkehurst 2-4921 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASSES R T RADIO TV REPAIR Hours 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Phone LAkehurst 1-0281 641 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. TONY ' S UNION " 76 " SERVICE BODY and FENDER WORK Gas - Oil - Lubrication - Tires - Batteries TONY LA ROSSA, Owner Corner WEBSTER PACIFIC STREETS LAkehurst 3-2549 ALAMEDA, CALIF. ROSEMARY LADIES APPAREL 1509 WEBSTER STREET LAkehurst 2-7959 PARISIAN LAUNDRY 100% UNION Telephone LAkehurst 3-0626 2319 LINCOLN AVENUE AGNEW REALTY CO. Extends Wishes of Happiness and Success for the Years to Come to the Classes of 1958-59 1428 PARK STREET LAkehurst 3-4000 There ' s Always Something Cookin ' at HELEN ' S KITCHEN Phone LAkehurst 3-9977 723 CENTRAL AVENUE ALAMEDA, CALIF. 145 Congratulations, Seniors! NOW, HOW ABOUT THAT CAREER IN BUSINESS Let us tell you about the exciting positions in offices in this area waiting for those who are specially trained for them HEALDS BUSINESS COLLEGE 2142 BROADWAY, OAKLAND HIgate 4-0201 HONEYS CAMISA BROS. Famous for Skirls - Sweaters Knit and Casual Dresses - - Blouses Jackets ESTABLISHED 1931 Playwear - Bathing Suits 1707 TELEGRAPH AVENUE TWinoaks 3-2734 22439 FOOTHILL BOULEVARD JEfferson 8-0220 - Belts OAKLAND HAYWARD Roofing - Sheet Metal - Heating LAkehurst 2-7266 1901 BROADWAY ALAMEDA, CALIF. OUR CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES toth« NEW GRADUATES from THE BANKS IN ALAMEDA ALAMEDA CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION 146 MISS ALAMEDA Dinners - Luncheon - Banquets - Cocktails THE DRIFTWOOD LADIES ' APPAREL FINE FOODS AT REASONABLE PRICES Now — Driftwood ' s New Surf Room for Telephone TWinoaks 3-0100 Banquets, Parties, Etc., Accommodating 125 504 - 17TH STREET OAKLAND, CALIF. 1313 PARK STREET LAkehurst 2-5141 OAKPORT PITCH PUTT -.1 l GOLF COURSE ' PLAY GOLF UNDER THE LIGHTS (Student Rates Weekdays Only) ACROSS FROM OAKLAND AIRPORT PARK ST. AT SANTA CLARA ALAMEDA 9130 DOOLITTLE DRIVE OAKLAND Let ' s Go Rollerskating Tonite STOP WONDERING WHAT TO DO . . . WHERE TO GO ROLLER SKATING IS THRILLING FUN . . . CLEAN SPORT AND SWELL RECREATION ROLLERLAND Telephone OLympic 2-4778 5411 TELEGRAPH AVENUE OAKLAND 9, CALIFORNIA 147 ACKNOWLEDGEfe lf ,- The 1958 HORIZON was prodiued in collaboratioii, vkh • T? 9 7 (7) yf } .y Doij Bosco Photography StuAwc C -0 0 JA CU U, - " t on CaHfornia Art and lamcda Times-Star S. Ki Smith Company mbcijt uish to express their appreciation to the following persons from whom Mr. ilijkvell MeiJHor. nlsl oopcgm for nisj aid in securing dates for picture chcdulihdf Itif tafp mcinbers ana Tor her support in general .ff y tiie.»ts th a c iiera ;ih]6 for his irreplaceable assistance iheM ' aMcAs (eait»rs and her encouraging cnnfidcnce in oif N I poMnation throughoiTtrtfie ry . p- v lifoKnia Art ViE alEngi ving for his reeq mVnidation vuhich ifSpTi ' d " ur rsj is i ' iendlv attlllidr which insouffd our editoi;5-0) y . v- " v7 " Mr. Ma i;iSiyiici|waXer and the other mcmbersj»f the inittS tar Press fdrjncir calm. p4?o npt, fStudi(v4Tv tneir patience and ' Mr. Ralp Buckwalter of the S. K. Smith Cofg any for his T(miable attitude while working on our covers r( Mr. Clyde Sunderland tor loaning the HORIZON stafT an aerial view of our isle city Miss Madge Holland for the gracious giving of her time. The advertisers whose financial support made our book a reality . . 4 5S4 - of AUTOGRAPHS ,s A jf «c A Z ' J- . :r ' AUTOGRAP - 4 %o " J i ' O :£i ' fei 6 5 T O G R H S 1 J t il 3 A ' (SP y % V . «=P .s ■= ' (5N . J ' V .ii« Q S ' 1; 7 %, Y J) t -H-d m, yjj. LcA utA C - i r m ... 1 Q y ' r M) - ■ r r rZ. , dS y. f i : ' ' d . '

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