Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA)

 - Class of 1962

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' X sq' X SAFK 'A '1' fl w ef-Htfgi .Le U., CL . final? 3 NX? 1,39 ,S AQ W 1 1 Mf 1 1 111,511 121121 KR , -AM 'JP Y,-j gu x J 'ik ' "' K A f' 1 ' .. Q 1 -gg f , 1 ,fdj L 1 f 11 Hfwsigi.-?11 1 AW.x11111l1QL1 Lf V '1 'ff' f' 11 ' WL, ' X' v I Llff 'Iwi lv , 1111. ' f' M IMG 111 li 7 N N I .h VV N' Nix!-f X! XI1' gn 1 lf x Uwl 1 W W 1 1 -1' 1' 1' . 1 - 1 11 ,Z 1 ' ' 'xl Q,l U , ' 1 ' .,1 41 1' , 1 f , ' ' , '7 1 ,V. WV 1 1, . 1 1 1,1 11 I 1 1 N 1 , 111 .1 'x f 1 X 1' , If IK! I N,x,k, 1, 1' 1 ' NU, 1 1 1x 1-1 I 1 1 .. 1 ' - 1 1 S I ' . 1 2 1 1, , , 1 ,1 1 X11 I V I '11, I V, !'l N 1' f If ,ff 1 P 1 J , .4 - X ' 1 , , X . 1 111' , 1 X " 1 X Ll ff 1 1 X ,X fu ,f 17 1.1 1 1 X L L I rl 11 N I ff ' IL 1 ' V1 1,1 1, .1 .L , 1 , 11 , 1, 1 , I QLH Al ,gif ' I ' 1 1 1 1 V ' ffl! f ', I V I 1 V i K N W fl K 'wh ' 14 I ,fl XX N, H 1 JJ xx 31 xr ' 'LU x A J 71, Q X :J J V X XX ji I TN , 4, 1.1 -1 XX " 'ij 'if -J -:-,Ni 'N 1" ' ' XXXR XS ,J J- f .Q , , 1 K , .1 ujxx "f it "3 ,' h A 'Ax lt J , , -'Q 1 " -s -at tj -' -Q 2 E lf' ' X 7 F Y V .1 1 Z - I - , 51,1 1 ii-'f ,-22 1--X , 'Vi 1' 1 9 52 F19-1,1 xy, Q yi' , ' f' U 'J X -5 xx A 3' J .. 1 , ' -X , J , 10 , J fig 4: 1 X J CQ A 1 177QOvJN IQ J 4, 1, ffrilx, ' . +1 - VOM 1 P72 i?J v-kb -J Axx fx 4 qi xx ' 0 L f--. ,Q f ' 2,7 4-1 Q Nj J Q HJ ik J 153 C, P ku ,Alun ip QS, 903 , GQ Tau 'S iff-f YC 15 -J P xf 13 f'Z7 ' K Z' - KB -9 1 Q1 J- 2? "Q '- A J 'T-x ' pl . Q Aj CTL X f 1 tk. Q M' .Q fx 3 X 15- Q ,, K' Q ,J -ff f"u5 H: f 1 1 fb 'T 3' 1 ,Q 7 ' fi 3,2 A., 'S H A-J 1 -. -1 gg x -X 1 R I 7 L fi N 4 Y l 4 1 I J X Y 1 W W - - M---W M- IWW wmv I r -MW-W-P--mf fWw Q - M- , , A T "!"""'S'+L"fffA , , , f ,4 1:42,-6Lw n 0. , ,Tc f f f fivcogfg .,f,fw v, , mJ ,f,wfu.4 fp , QQ, 2 ,MZLQXQQ f,1-QW CAL VuJfo uf0!L E 5 ,ff-fgJQ7gfC L0'!'Z.02'cJRX'5x,k g J wean blk JU1YlCl5s . is QR v . gg L I ,U Qffflftf X gd. SQ ESQ 2 Wvfffww A GQXib5NMb,w2? wk 3 W SWT? Efmfy .Q f , , iw I A WQv2 fi 2M MWQZW k-"1 , rx - " r QQQQZW , Egg , ' an x 52 NR X V Q X 45 'c , Hi 5 , 2 :.Q1, .fe ...- m if... Hernley L. Madeira John L. Fobreffi Kenneth E. Overholt, Mi Ralph R. Hinsey Harold W. Wrenn 16' Hard of Crux tee William L. Cunningham, Assistant Superintendent Personnel Services Robert P. Binns, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services if Ferd. J. Kiesel Superintendent of Schools James A. Cowan, Assistant Superintendent Business Services 3 To the Class of Sixty-two . . . because of my feeling of responsibility for the education you have obtained, I dedicate my message to you seniors who will be the first graduates to spend all of your high school careers at Encina. I know you have been offered a sound basic education and a strong general bias in favor of the continuation of your learning throughout your life. As you look at your diploma, your yearbook, your school memoirs, you will, I hope, feel again our urging to commit yourself to life-long learning and to energetic democratic participation in your government. As the new dynamic citizen, your continuous learning will help you to understand the vital issues of the day and to judge whether these vital issues are being adequately met. You must, in a sense, contribute by much more than voting. Our world has become so big and so complicated and so difficult to understand that many older citizens have developed the feeling that the individual isn't terribly important any -more. You must renew their faith as you remind them that the essence of our strength, no matter how big and how complicated our democracy is, is the drive and motiv- ation and the moral integrity of the individuals who make up the nation. You will strengthen our nation as you increase your contagious conviction that the most important ingredient in a democracy is a strong and continuing concern for the individual, his integrity and his values. I hope we helped you to want more than security, more than comfort, more than luxury--although we hope you will have these. I hope we have encouraged you to want meaning in your life and that you will demand from your culture great objectives and convictions. Never settle for the shallow or the trivial. The sincerity of your demands for these values by which to live and die will be evidenced by your willingness to participate and to join with others in a. life committed to personal and social improvement. .Tame s W . Smith Principal MR. DONALD J. GOLDEN, VICE PRINCIPAL Mr. Donald J. Golden has been The vice-principal of Encina since The school opened. He is one of The busiesT men on The campus. He is The business manager for The school acTiviTies as well as responsible for all equipmenT and supplies. He supervises school acTiviTies and assisTs wiTh The basic operaTion of The school. Encina's ouTsTanding swimming pool is evidence of his unTiring efforTs. We all recognize Mr. Golden as an energeTic person and a good friend. Girls ' Dean Mrs. Gretchen Smith New to Encina this year, Mrs. Gretchen Smith has endeared herself to all Encina students. ln addition to her many regular duties such as discipline, scholarship committee, student council, rallies, as- semblies, and clubs, she helps in many other extra - curricular activities. Our thanks to our Deon of Girls. Kay ' eau Again, for the third year, we were fortunate to have Mr. John Bassett as our Dean of Boys. The entire student body is proud of this man who has given fully of his talents for the betterment of this school. We hope that he will be with us for many years to come. Mr. John Bassett Mr. Robert Tallman cv K' Miss Arlene Carstensen Mr. Joseph Hougnon me 1, au..s ' R no Alo- ,Q Gay. Miss Athena Gikas Department Chairman auuselar The Guidance and Counseling Department of Encina High School consists of four counselors. They help us plan our high school programs and clarify our educa- tional and vocational goals. We are provided oppor- tunities to take various psychological tests, the results of which are then integrated with other types of infor- mation as we make decisions about our future. Because we as students have the opportunity to ex- plore ourselves and to become involved in the process of making independent decisions and planning we can more fully realize our potential. acuity Kusiuess Mr. Willard Stephens DepT. Chairman Miss Mary Bloisdell Mrs. Lo Reno Hannon I0 Mr. Mox McDonald Mi55 Gladys Morimoro Mr. Charles Spruce arcign language Mr. John Psicihos Dep1'. Chairman 1 QQCJZQ 6 Mr. Donald Day Mr. Dole Jones Mr. Vincent Mcirelich Miss Beffy Tarnono Miss Elise Wolz ll Mr. Russell Box Miss Evelyn Delvey l l Miss Mary Gibson Mrs. Alice Gire, Yearbook Clifford La l Mrs. Mary Klausner, Chairman Mr. Burns McCalman Mrs. Marilyn McConnell I2 ' 5145 Mrs. Pauline ale Gooye Miss Lois Latfin Mr. Ben Leafe MV- Waller lelneke X5 ,S Mrs. Lesley Saladen, Drama Mrs. Isabelle Wilk r, Speech Mr. Robert Hilmoe ersonl Newspaper Mf. Scott, Math if Mathematics Mr. Lou Borbo Mr. Louis Huber, Dept. Choirmo Mr. Jock Duffon Miss Evangeline Kornmoyer Mr. Kofi Loeffler H Mr. John Sonder Mr. Lawrence Stoilings MF- Arfhur VCU Vlief Mr. Ross Clover, Dept. Chairman Mr. Lon Bronson Mr. William Coke Mr. John Fugenshu Mr. Donald Kent Mr. Jesse Powell MF. -lOl1f1 STGGFHS I5 acid! Studie Mr. John Tracey, Dept. Chairman V h 7 ,,,4 W 12: If I 55 W 3 ' ,.,Q i 3 l,'V , .QL Q , ,g,jgg i f S Mr. Leon Biren Mr. Thomas Keefe Mr.Gc1yle Kernick I6 Mr. Rees Lee Mr. Jock Sfeinogel Mrs. Ruth Walsh Industrial A rfs Robert Trofhen, Dept. Choirmon Mr. Vernon Alcorn Mr. Ronald Hockeff Mr. Isooc Roads Mr, Roymon Jones Mr. Colvin Krienke Hama Smuvmic Mrs. Terry Abrams Miss Shorrell Burke Mrs. JUHC1 Reese Depf. Chairman Mr. Jock Ogden Mr. Norman Toylor Mr. Joseph Pcnfitucci Mrs. Morie Foster Librorion Mr. Jock Corey Music Mrs. Virginio Bibb Textbook Clerk Mr. Donald Lukehord Speciol Education Mr. Willicirn Former Music i I Miss Morgorer Cousins Nurse Miss Wondc: Robinson Dept. Chairman Girls Plzy im! Sdumfion Mrs. Anne Michoelson Miss Shorolyn Pointer Miss Judy Wilson Kay lflzy ical hlumfiozf I 2 5 Z E 5 i Mr. Edward Gollclwoy Dept. Chairman Mr. John Eoton Mr. Gerry Kunderr Mr. Donald McCormick Athletic Director 2I Mrs. Gori Arfsfen Mrs. Po'rTi Boiley Mrs. Mclrfhcr Eofon Lflrzssifivd Mrs. Keith Gough Mrs. Lei Lordge Mrs. Dorothy Rowland Mrs. Florence Tomblin 'R Vifc' Csidc' 4 6 sid, Jock Floegel 5 tg!! 11,6 Alcan Alford 5 c I1 i 0 r Mr. Figenshu, head ff! Pom McNcu bb Becky Hammond ,4 d af i s 0 r s Mr. Coke, head Mrs. Abrams Miss Burke Mrs. Walsh Miss Gikos 'W Charles Abbott French Club C.S.F. Brian Adams N.R.A. Radio Club Industrial Arts Larry Afzal General Activities Ward Alburn Varsity Basketball Block E Baseball Cross Country Eilene Adkins Trackettes Annual Staff Pep E A.F.S. Usherette at graduation of 'ol Robert Alberghini Wrestling David Albright Newspaper Staff Archery Quill 8. Scroll Steve Abegglen Sue Abegglen Pep E Pep E Junior Prom Decorations Modeling Club Homecoming Christmas Dance Alan Alford. Junior Class President Senior Class Vice President Track Block E Rally Committee i if-is. i, fftiii 1 me , l 1 K 5 ,i l .fi rsrs , T, 4 . W,i, w F ,,,,. :,L T S bI E ll lilrs FN pg sl "'J1'1"" Gerald Allard C.S.F. N.S.F. Spanish Club Thomas Armbuster Alfred Arrington Wrestling Junior Board Latin Club Football Basketball Track Block E Cheryl Allen G.A.A. A.F.S. Pep E Susan Allen Student Leader Conference Delegate Varsity Cheerleader Junior Class Treas. French Club Pep E Joan Andrews G.A.A. Pep E C.S.F. 1 f I5 5 ez Roxanne Allen G.A.A. Trackettes Girls Tennis Team Spanish Club Dennis Anderson General Activities Lyle Andrews N.R.A. Tennis Industrial Arts Club Social Science Forurr John Ashley General Activities Bachtolol General Activities Constance Baker Sandra Baker GAA. Trackettes Historian Future Nurses Club Senior Representative G,A,A, Future Nurses Club C.S.F. French Club Sheila Baker Kenneth Bakkie General Activities General Activities Steven BQII Bonita Ballou General Activities PeP E Art Club Arnold Baker Brenda Baker General Activities G.A.A. Pep E Business Club Bonnie Barrett C.Sf. Latin Club Counsel Senior Talent Show Modern Dance Fine Arts Club 'Vx Paul Baughman Barry Bauska Janet Baxter General Activities C.S.F. Vice-President French Club Varsity Golf Homeroom Represen Latin Club Pep E Forensic Club Ari Clvb Geoffrey Beaty Kenneth Bell Forensic Club-Pres. Tl'flCl4 Drqmg Wrestling Tennis Bl0Cl4 E C.S.F. Pep E James Bender Senior Board William Benson Industrial Arts Club Junior Board Radio Club Mqdrigqlg Rifle Club Basketball Annual Staff Sue Berg Robert Betzler Charles Binning Freshman Cheerleader Track Baseball Homeroom Representative Math Club F007bUll Commissioner of Club and Social Affairs Historian Basketball Science Fair Robert Binns Varsity Football Annual Editor Boys Vice Pres. Gymnastics Track Eleanor Bode Encinian Editor Tomahawk Staff Quill 8- Scroll Comm. of Publicity and Public Relations AFS Finalist for Americans Abroad Ga ry Bold General Activities Bette Borgarine Yearbook Modeling Club Freshman Choir Pep E Michelle Bliss Timothy Bloom Songleader Swimming Junior Board Block E Homecoming Princess Junior Prom Princess Homeroom Representative Gregory Bogert General Activities Joann Booth Latin Club Future Nurses Club Pep E G.A.A. Ray Barge Leon Bouette General Activities Honor Pep Track Homecoming i Elizabeth Boyd Jim Boyers General Activities Pat Brown Richard Buress General Activities Varsity Football Varsity Basketball A Track Gymnastics Block E General Activities Bob Breton A'Cappella President Spanish Club President Operetta-Fortune Teller Football Adrienne Brown Future Nurses Club Spanish Club Sr. Float Committee Alice Braio Pep E l Homeroom Rep. Junior Board Student Council Michael Brokaw Spanish Club Football Jerry Brown i Varsity Football Wrestling Block E Ronald Burke Gymnastics Track Wrestling Mary Burns Norman Bruster Stephen Burt G.A.A. General Activities General Activities Bowling Team Deanna Camblin Susan Caplan Commissioner of Publicity Junior Board Trackettes Junior Prom C.S.F. Princess Pep E Vice President Senior Activities of Honor Pep Gymnastics Richard Carr Judy Casho General Activities Junior Board Pep E Harry Cavaiani Diane Caw PCT C6Fi0f1l General Activities A.F,S, General Activities Forensic Club Modern Dance Club French Club "X Rita Chapman General Activities Terry Clark Yvonne Clem General Activities Junior Talent Show Pep E Stuart Chapnian Steve Childress General Activities Tennis Team Quill Si Scroll Newspaper Staff Annual Staff Kaaren Christensen John Clancy General Activities Car Club Eugene Clark Marilyn Clark i General Activities General Activitiei David Clover Cadets s Bob Collins Wrestling -lolm COUSTUUCG Victoria Contente DV'-lm Malo' General Activities Track Wrestling Sophomore Class Vice President l Carolyn Cook Ruth Cook General Activities General Activities Norman Cooper Allen COPP "C" Basketball General Activities "D" Basketball Bill Corrie Varsity Track Honor Pep-President gf.- an i ,J ff a s f l.'fii,wf W Judi Cox Trockettes Pep E Spanish Club Jr. Prom Committee Cheryl Crockett Modeling Club G.A.A. Pep E Robin Crown Honor Pep Social Science Forum Roy Curry General Activities -1-V' ,iff f- A ' ' V ' ,ll C sw - ' ' f-5,11 , f-" f' fit rx.. , ,- ,l., ' 5 i f 'Y 3gI V... Q , Lonie Davenport William Davies Michael Dean VC1fSlTY Football .l.V. Basketball Tennis Varsity Track Track Baseball Block E Varsity Football Cross Country Provisional Council Block E Junior Board Rick Degen Kirk DelCamp Pep E Wrestling Cross Country Football Wrestling Kay Dirnick Cheryl Disber General Activities Future Nurses Club G.A.A. Carol Doerr Connie Donley Betty Dovvell General Acfivities Annual Stott--Senior Editor Latin Club Drama-"The Robe", Assistant Director G,A,A, National Thespian Senior Homecoming Float G.A.A. 4- Sally Downie General Activities Baseball C.S.F. Doug Downs -locmnc' DWYEV Louis Ehrhardt Modern Dance Club General Activities Diana Draper GirI's Vice President Operetta-Brigadoon National Thespian Fall Play-Junior Miss Talent Shows Ka ren Dunkley General Activities Robert Dowrie C.S.F. Gerry Dufour General Activities Dave Durham Track Football Paul Ellis Rifle Team N.R.A. Q Mgry ,lcme Ellgwgrfh Wynell Elmer SC1r'tdl'C1 ElrOCl Photo Club G.A,A. G.A.A. Business Club T"0Ckelle5 Future Nurses Betty Emerson Susan Epperson Honor Pep Pep E Madrigals Annual Staff A'Cappella Latin Club Senior Float Chairman Bruce Erbacher Elizabeth Erickson L J.V. Basketball Pep E Carrol Evans Craig Fairburn ROl0eI'T l:iSlWGV Pep E General Activities C-5-F GUA-A. Varsity Wrestling J.V. Baseball Latin Club L Club A Chorlene Flaherty Social Science Forum C.S,F. French Club-Treasurer, Secretary L Mary Ann George .ludi Gibbs General Activities Rally Committee Art Club Homecoming Committee Modeling Club Pep E .lack Floegel Senior Class President C.V.C. Representative Block E C.S.F. Karen Frash Commissioner of Publicity and Public Affairs Quill 81 Scroll Homecoming Float Committee Chairmon Trackettes Pep E Elena Friedman Pep E Trackettes Yearbook Senior Homecoming Float Junior Prom Decorations Sam Foster Varsity Swimming Block E A.F.S.-President Senior Board C.S.F. Paul Frey General Activities Corol Fuchs A'Coppella Choir Business Club Pep E Dennis Glenn C,S.F. Vice President Candy Sale Chairman Senior Band Y',.,s..:f Terri Gluck Richard Godfrey Jerry Goetzman General Activities General Activities Madrigal Choir French Club Operetta-Fortune Teller Forensic Club Mary Granger David Green Newspaper General Activities vicki Griffiths Ronald Gross' Co-editor of "Encinian" Genefol ACl'V"'e5 Student Council C.S.F. Trackettes Quill Si Scroll Cathy Grove Jeanette Gruen Bonnie Guldstrand Junior Board Pep E Madrigal Choir Secretary Modeling Club G.A.A. Drama Pep E Future Nurses Club C.S.F. Historian French Club Homeroom Representative i 4 i l l Student Body Secretc John Hallstrom Becky Hammond Sue Hqmpfon WVESTHVWQ Senior Class Treasurer Truck Commissioner of Publicity C0mmlSSl0fWeV of CIU and Public Relations C-5-5 ' Pep E-Junior Secretary A-F-3 SGCVGTUVY Trackettes Trcickettes Student Council Michael Harris Neoma Harroal Honor Pep General Activities Basketball Homeroom Representative i Delbert Hart Judy Hartman General Activities Trackettes Newspaper Carl Hartman Lester Harvey Gary Hastings NEWSPGPSY Baseball Drama French Club Track Madrigal Choir Quill 8. Scroll Spgnish Club Creative Writing Creative Capers l i Hauge Robert Hayes Linda Hellewell Pep E General Activities French Club Latin Club C S F Social Science Forum ouis Hemstreet Judy Herzog Student Council General Activities Provisional Council C.S.F. Latin Club Quill 81 Scroll avid Hill William Henshaw General Activities J,V. Basketball Varsity Basketball Cross Country 1 Hielle Barbara Hoagland Nancy l'lOlllSTeI' Varsity Football General Activities 50nQleUCl9f Varsity Wrestling Cheerleader Varsity Track A.F.S. Block E Rally Committee Homeroom Representative Cherylnne Holmes Cheerleader lHeadJ Pep E Senior Board Homecoming Committee Junior Prom Committee Diane lrvvin General Activities Dolores Trackettes French Club Head Songleader C.S.F. Pep E President Student Council Sue Hopkinson Junior Prom Princess Homecoming Queen Janet Hullin Gary Hovland General Activities Pep E Modeling Club Homeroom Rep. Ronald Hutchinson Robert Inglis General Activities General Activities Brian Jacobs Lyle Jacobson Spanish Club "B" Basketball C.S.F. Varsity Baseball J.V. Baseball C.S.F. te I i nneth Jatfee Drama-Spring 81 Fall Plays Senior Board Forensic Club David Jay General Activities Linda Johnson Honor Pep Traclcettes Homecoming Junior Prom Committee Junior Board William Johnson General Activities John Javelet Varsity Baseball Jr. Prom Decorations Drama Industrial Arts Club Virginia Johnsen General Activities l David Johnson Drama A'Cappella Madrigals Senior Homecoming Float Senior Board Martin Johnson V .1 Football . V' 2 so Junior Board H " ,v Junior Talent Show 'ti lting l V Eff . fi A A ' . 1.1, wi.i,fg-A,i,i,gr"3ig1.z a t ' Zi. irilitiisggsgrifggmllilli is 1 1 rftfiigiefisftilfif' Florence Johnston Judith JOHOIS General Activities Modeling ClUlJ Pep E Susan Jonas Latin Club Senior Homecomin Fine Arts Club National Thespian Girls Chorus g Float Charline Jones Pep E French Club Homeroom Representative Homecoming Queen's Committee Karen Kangas Student Body Secretary Provisional Council C.S.F. , Honor Pep Trackettes Bruce Kaspari General Activities KOll'Y Keisfer Robert Keller General Activities Block E,pre5ide,-,f C.S.F. Provisional Council Football Track Diane Kambestad Senior Board G.A.A. Modeling Club Pep E Russell Karns Tennis Track Auto Club Dicine Kazoir Modeling Club Operetto French Club Christmas Concert Spring Concert Romona Ketchum General Activities ,, Marianne Kirk Pep E G.A.A. Junior Talent Show Senior Talent Show A'Cappella Walter Kluth General Activities Diane Kotenski Honor Pep Modeling Club Junior Pram Comm. Senior Float Senior Ball Stuart Lambert Basketball Track Jonathan Kopf Junior Board Tennis Honor Pep Cross Country Lewis Lambert Junior Class- Vice President Cross Country Block E French Club Honor Pep Judy Lamonder General Activities Kenneth Klaman General Activities P A J H ' 'sl , ' mt . l sir I? Paul Klausner Varsity Football .l.V. Football 1u,x Christine Landgraf French Club Art Board Junior Board Pep E ACcppella 23?- Mf K7 Q Patricia Landrum Richard Larson Judith Larue General Activities National Thespian A.F.S. Honor Pep French Club Madrigals Christmas Dance Senior Board Fall Play-Junior Miss Barbara Law June Lee Trocketres Modeling Pep E Homeroom Rep Spanish Club Pep E A.F.S. Kurt Lenrz JoAnn LeU6 Varsity Truck Homeroom Representative Trackettes French Club Pep E Homecoming Queen Cor Emily Lewall Norma Lewendon Patricia Litrau Pep E General Activities Modeling Club Michael Livingston Spanish Club Sally Long A.F.S. Exchange Student Senior Talent Show Senior Board Junior Prom Committee Charles McBride General Activities Lawerance Lynd Track Football James McDonald Track Stacy McGovern Gary McGowan General Activities Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling Varsity Baseball Industrial Arts Club President Keith McKee Golf Wrestling Track Valerie McKinley Student Council C.S.F. Pep E Madrigals Spanish Club ,arm WW Cameron Martell Radio Club L. 'V 7 ll i t Helen Martin General Activities with W Wi -as X ,, A ,zwfy ..y V '-', .. X , ,- gk Q ' k px , V -1-, Q-, ' M W 'tilt -H ' i 'r,' " 1 's V 'V 11,5 'Q ly , tgirl V' 2 f , 1' C W ' ii'l' WW-,' , i 1 t X ' 5 i .,s , A,., ' K H 'Wig-ff glllliilili' W' nf' - 1 se! i 'Y ,-'Pt 15 if 9 L I X lx M l 'l 'L , Wh! i 'ti Royal McMahon Football Parn McNabb Junior Class Secretary Senior Class Secretary Freshman Class President A.F.S. Pep E Lana Mandella Sandra Mansfield Trackettes PEP E www., 1A,L. 5 , Qi 'i 1' - :iii 'V ' ' 1' " "' -' -. w Steven Memering National Thespian Michael Anne Michell Sr. Board Homeroom Representative Provisional Council A.F.S. Treasurer John Milliken Swimming Gymnastics Diane Mitchell General Activities John Mennim industrial Arts Club-Pres. Swimming Team Wrestling Graduation- Caps 8. Gowns Chairman Frank Merritt General Activities Joan Miller Pep E G.A.A. Michael Minnick Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Homeroom Rep. Block E Jody Monday General Activities Melinda Moorman Operetta Modeling Club A'Cappella all r ma f i new 'DW " 4 1' ,sul .,f W I t fi' w .av Y if Q 3 F Scott Morton Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling A Track Annual Staff Horneroom Representative Ronald Muston Peter Neal General Activities General Activities Carolyn Moydell General Activities Charlene Muir Pep E Modeling Club Drama Club Modern Dance Forensic Club Randi Muller General Activities Steven Moyher General Activities Jaclyn Mulkey A.F.S. C.S.F. Lynne Murray General Activities David Needham Baseball S-M ll lit ji' ,V igggg f g e, ffitl 52' 1: 'ii' Z2 I f ifllil L.. wt, .Jizz 15 git iiziifylg . k t rip- . TY? '- ,3. :-Wwfth. .Sift . i t lf? fi ft.. ' ft ' 5 2 fQf'Eiilttf".'f7 'l Q-ii' 5 -tiagif ii,ft,.gre"' i t K t itepqgs gt -tif 'g'g.gi.r.:,t.. ' f,f'- Lliflif ' tfffftizri. at 5 I ff':V'tJ'f V .. ' ' ' filrksllllw 1" . K it Y . w,:f frsmv ffsf -' zlt. A ill?" inf" , IEE., 4'-:er ff' Joseph Nestor Frank Newman Junior Board French Club Junior Prom Decoration Quill Gnd 5CfOll Swimmina Wrestling Industrial Arts Club Kerttu Niemela Exchange Student from Finland A F S French Club Gymnastics Kay Lynn Norman Songleader Jr Prom Princess Homecoming Princess Sweetheart Queen 1961 .lr Board Thomas Orr "B" Basketball Tennis Vivienne Nordlund Nurses Club GAA Bible Club Carol Olson AFS President Rally Committee C S F Commissioner of Clubs and Social Affairs Christmas Dance Committee Albert Ortiz Cross Country Y . , f f F' -' "i . , f T l itz-.f'-'fQ,ggf,y , , fl , f fl W 1 A .ill U " 113325 Annual Staff Forensic Club .ro f-1 V H" s -xf .. X 4 t it X S nt 1 he I Steven Nicholas Track PepE Industrial Arts Club Auto Club Linda Palmer Student Body Secretary Freshman Class Secretary Rally Committee Honor Pep Homecoming Co-Chairman Sheldon Parker Tennis Team Michael Pascoe Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling A Track Madrigals Block E Charlene Peterson General Activities Jack Pierson J.V. Basketball Va rsity Basketball Encina Board Richard Piper Forensic Club Social Science Forum Rifle Team Jerry Pomponio General Activities David Powell General Activities Diane Pritchard Pep E Art Club John Pope General Activities 4 Carole Price G.A.A. Drama Club Talent Show Variety Show Eliane Proserpi Richard Purdy German Club GeHErCll ACllVlTlES Fine Arts Club A'Cc1ppella Newspaper Staff Judy Queale Letha Quinton Pep E General Activities Drama Girls' Chorus Barbara Rea A.F.S.-V. Pres. French Club Sr. Boll Committee Pep E G.A.A, A Diane Quinn General Activities Lena rd Ra pozo General Activities Richard Ray Varsity Football Block E Wrestling Robert Reoldick Basketball Tennis Cross Country Reitter General Activitie: Gary Reynolds General Activities Patrick Rice General Activities Cheryl Roberts Homecoming Princess Sweetheart Princess-1959 Comm. Club. Social Affairs Honor Pep Trackettes Jere Renaud Christine Rex Homecoming Activities A.F.S.-Vice President French Club Latin Club C.S.F. French Club Social Science Forum Fine Arts Club Debate Club Terrance Rhoades Parliamentarian Basketball Cross Country Track Student Council Patricia Rinehart General Activities Michael Robichaud Patricia Rogers Football General Activities Warren Rogers Baseball Football Basketball German Club Radio Club Kathleen Sanford Linda Sanford General Activities General Activities John Roggero Basketball Sr. Board Ronald Rubesky Varsity Football Track Wrestling Block E John Sacchetti Varsity Baseball Block E X ,. tmitrirfwwei nw-ew mumps.-. -za. James Rohrer Track Linda Rudnick Tomahawk Editor Quill and Scroll Vice President Student Council Pep E Carolyn Sanders Drama- Room for One Mor Sue Sautner G.A.A. Latin Club Pep E Sr. Ball Committee Wesley Sawyer General Activities William Schmidt Cross Country "B" Track Rifle Team Leadership School Carol Schmitz Pep E Encina Board Gymnastics Callie Segrest G.A.A. Business Club Gymnastics Darryl Schoon Student Body President Lions Club Speech Winner A.F.S. C.F.S. Larry Seals Varsity Football Wrestling J.V. Football Track Diane Sheffield Margaret Shelton General Activities Senior Board-Treas. Rally Committee C.S.F. Trackette, Secretary Treasure Pep E i i Q Q : E lt i E E l Emily Sherwood Scott Schultz Senior Ball Committee General Activities Spanish Club Drama Chorus Rodney Sievers Varsity Football Boys' Vice Preside Block E Wayne Silvers Paul Simon Football Basketball Basketball A.F.S. C.F.S. Ronald Singler Charles Small Basketball General Activities Track Kenneth Smith Michele Smith Grant Snyder Track Varsity Cheerleader-Head General Adivities Cross Country .l.V. Cheerleader-Head Junior Prom Queen Sweetheart Swing Queen Songleader l ni l l fans-Q.-.of ack Sowash General Activities Track ff' l . it ,. 1 "Wk W W I f 5? hillip Spencer tanley Statzell N.R.A. Block E Wood Shop Radio Shop Dolores Stevahn Annual Staff Pep E Homecoming Committee Homeroom Representative Senior Activities Robert Stacy General Activities Gary Steele General Activities Gary Stolmar Tennis Pep E Spanish Club Bonnie Spence General Activities I :fly if Tracy Spence General Activities ans John Stombaugh N.R,A. Photography Club Patricia Stuart Heidi 5TUCl'f Rally Committee 55-F- Pep E LGTlI'1 Club Trackettes Latin Club A'Cappella Shaun Sullivan Gary Swanson Baseball Basketball Basketball Football Sr. Talent Show C.S.F. Everett Sullivan General Activities Louisa Sullivan General Activities Connie Sullivan A'Cappella-V, Pre Gerald Sullivan General Activities Joan Sullivan General Activities Susan Swift t Provisional Council C.S.F. Historian Annual Staff French Club-Secret Carol Swinehart General Activities Linda Taylor Heather Teall Pep E Songleader Drama-One Act Plays Trackettes French Club Pep E G.A.A. Modern Dance Club Rally Committee Karen Toepfer Janice Tornhave Trackettes General Activities Kent Towers Brenda Townsend -lC1m9S TVedlm'llCk Swimming General Activities General ACllVlTl'35 Football i N- f L-f1f,m ,u4b,., ,,.. 9 t Susan Trowbridge Trackettes Pep E A.F.S. Homecoming Activities Senior Ball Committee Jane Ward Paul Word General Activities General Activities George Valerio Baseball Golf Team Dusters Robert Vloch Gymnastics Sr. Band Pep Band Richard Wadsworth Codets Rifle Team Spanish Club Pot Vaughn Soph. Class Treas Senior Class Float Chairman Dennis Vogt' C.S.F. l Ann Wallace Annual Staff Spanish Club G.A.A. Sr. Homecoming F' Pep E JoAnn Warne General Activities -rel ww, f ii,-is wwiemqw- . it sf f - - 4 i Phillip Warner David Warnock General Activities A.F.S.-President C.S.F. French Club Social Science Forum Drama-Plays John Waylanol Football Wrestling Tennis Linda Weatherford Sheran Weatherford General Activities General Activities Elaine Weaver Bill Weber General Activities General Activities Eric Weber Thomas Weller Thomvs Wells Track Social Science Genefol Activities Wrestling Forum Diving Team 'Q 'WW s 5 l I Beverlee Weston Nurse's Assistant Robert Wetmore General Activities John Whiteline Varsity Football Varsity Wrestling Varsity Golf Newspaper Staff Block E Jeff Williams Varsity Football Varsity Track Linala Whitaker Sophomore Class Secretai Trackettes .lack Whitmire m General Activities V Craig Wilson General Activities Block E Wrestling Gymnastics David Wilson Linda Wilson 5l1C1V0n WllS0n Swimming Team Pep E General Activities Art Club Modeling Club Rifle Team Modern Dance Club Social Science Forum E, 3 l ,i. ii 2 it Linda Wingate Pep E French Club A.F.S. Don Woodward General Activities Pam Wood Latin Club French Club C.S.F. Social Science Forum Sue Worrall Malcolm Wright General Activities General Activities Dennis Yeast Donna Yeqgf J.V. Baseball G,A.A, Louis Wisemgn S'l'eicC1I"l Wolfson French Club PGP E Loran Club AFT Club Frosh. Football Math Club Carl Youngren Varsiiy Swimming Block E Tennis Basketball Alberto Zander Larry McGee Moiorette General Senior Bond Activities Annual stuff Seniors? Studying?? is this the hard work that mode cz lst place float??'? i 66 Why Sue, it's on honor to be the first one in the pooll . i ' Whoopee! Freedom or lost. Planning for the best grad party ever! Our first homecoming - our first queen. Hey, suits on first kidsl KX u. Jack receiving trophies for "Senior" homecoming float Last time around. 67 vifg 6 sid, 4 Dennis Keer Mr. La Forge 68 ,ff Mike Esfep C f 6 f 4 Jenny Reese Marsha Smith junior Zlass Advisars . if Q, - Env iirwiifsiif' ffl i' f .F up x ii,-i - .,i "A r Shing? sgxfis KTM is Myri-ii..i:fwIgr,,,e.,Q-,M Qgyigfiyfrtrgi-x3,'5zi:5:-A K r Miss Kornmeyer . 4 , .M X ivfiggf 'xi i U, ,fic-fy -,fm rf, Wir-ii K: -zwiisgfviiw my 2fr,5fr14-PTi'5'f f ' sgrwrstgmzfiax 1 X Q , .- ww: -Q '35 1- Life, f 'rx 1, ft V? . ,, , " '.. x1:.,is-ka,-frfzige, 'ir i, A f ' iii H W-".'1 - , I- f' W i mi, izkigliiisiwm i f?iS,'f'3.'i2 ,.', X .,,iii,,,p',H., if Lf Mr. Hougnon Mrs. Klausner Mr. Day Miss Tamano 4 Sofie Aarresfad Ralph Adams Jane Afzal Kathy Abood Pom Adams Susan Alberti Walt Aldrich Patty Allum Tony Almendariz Kayh Alexander Ron Allen Bruce Allgner Glenda Angel Pat Armagost Dale Ashmore Carol Backer Daphne Baird Kay Banks Allen Bannon Judy Baker Steve Balfzley Janet Bandy Manlyn Banyan Sandy Barends Kay Barkley Judy Barney Make Beamer Noalee Beddard Bull Barr f Sr 6 11 J I ' nm f"" 5 U A if N .V I 'K fg im ,g4Q" ? 'A if S we 'By 7 - W'-'ff 75 fi? Q 2,1 f ' -. - , 'il l .Z 1' Wm' - sq-af Rich Benson Mike Bickford Merrell Bishop Dennis Blackford Bill Boehm Gail Bonderson Carol Bonnell Sue Boutin Bruce Bowman Jim Bradanini Sonny Brashear Linda Bremmer Dennis Bright Doug Britton Corry Brockett Jim Brown Chris Browning Lynn Browning Bob Burns Sharon Burt Lauren Cameron Crystal Capelis Janice Carlson Wes Blair Peter Boam Glenn Campbell Ron Campos Barbara Biggs Linda Carter H! sm ' , gf f, WMM? IPB avg' Ollie - . N 53:2 VA." RI ' 5 Q . A we 'M 'ci ' 2 f Wig' , 2 fi f if,-wrunl - fy me -mi M wwf-X .: , 4ig,i,Q:l1.isgf,:'4 - , Wm ia. - C l'+ i,: ' 1 ' U 1 X gs ft- ' .:'5x'3'! ,Q i i nl FLSFNJHI .zu A 5 v , . P' ' A- 11. A y,., w Q ., 2' -.ct w 1- ' -M. -. ty 51? 4 :ff . V, zifiiillllfllzll K vi Fl Sill li +2255 Rod Chandler Sharon Chavoor George Cafe Cheryl Clark Pinky Comstock Larry Cook Mike Cooper Sharon Cousineau Woody Coxe Sandy Davis Lefha DeFries David Coplm Richard Cory Bill Costa Janice Crabbe Ginger Crates Steve Crocker? Dan Crump Sherry Crenshaw Jill Curhs Bob Dalton Luanna Darby Donna Davis Ken Davis Ronald Deefs Carol Denney Julie Dewey Barbara Digirolamo Barbara De Vore Ellen Dill Erin Doherty Paul Donaldson Ed Douglas John Draper Karen Drury Hal Duensing Jim Duggan Larry Dully Kathy Dunn Sherry Dunn Maradee Dunning Mike Durant Elana Eclmission George Eiserf Jim Emerick Jeff Emerson Rick Entrican Sue Eres Lee Erickson Wlndi Erickson Mike Estep Janice Fellows Geoffry Fischer Jinny Fish Mike Fites Gretchen Fleischer Pat Flynn Barbara Ford Bonnie Forrest Mike Foth John Foulke John Goodman Ba rbaro Gordon Jim Frifschi Cathy Frohman Quinfin Frost Jeff Fortune Yvonne Fosland Sherry Fowlar Trudy Fraser Cheryl Fuchs John Garland Randa Gibbs Linda Goesch Linda Garlinghouse Diane Gawlick Darlene Gesier Pa? Goetien Dan Goefzman Jim Goldberg Georgie Golden Gladys Golding Dick Gould Lola Gray Harry Greenwood Randy Grenzeback Steve Gray Haines Gridley Judi Guess Barbara Haag Bob Haberman Dick Hocken Carol Haddox Sharyn Hagen Arlene Hall Connie Hall Jim Hall Bob Hone Karen Hartman Carl Hasslinger Jackie Hatfield Claudia Hatton Carolyn Hayman Phil Hearnsberger Jerry Hegseth Kathy Heinrich David Helmich Sue Hemmingsen Sandy Herren Bill Hickerson Esther Hicks Sue Hoagland Ron Holden Marilyn Holt Keith Hopkinson George Ann Houck Nick Hourugan Carla Klrn Carolyn Hudglns Sue Hunter Mary Kaye Kerr Raymond Kidd Carol Howard Felix Huckaby Dave Hutchings Charles Hutchinson Joe Jerke Carl Johnson Carol Hutchison Jeff Jennings Jennifer Jensen Sue Jordan Ken Kaestner Larry Johnson Deanna Jones Gale Jones Bob Keister Bill Kelley Alex Kotsilometes Steve Keating Dennis Keer Linda Killick Bob Kirk Sue Kirstein at Klausner '23 , X ' . vgwliixx AK f 7, WA . . I .P iv 'i .VW gg 1 V X f' , 1 ,-A ., ilkfru 5 i ,:v 4-JN I f - - - , 7 . ' "1" -V ff 54?-v-W' . K fi '- i. X,,L 5- . A ,, Q! 173 af' ff K Micky Kleiman Charles Kloczk Allen Knapp Pete Konrad O Mary Lou Kweff Nicholas Lacy Sandy Lane Wally LeFever Warren Light Bill Lindsey Mike Long Richard Long Diane Loris Dave Ludeke Ken Laeber Bonnie Lamberi Mike Lander Bob Lewis Larry Lewis Dick Liden David Linn Gayle Lloyd Valerie Lombardi Gary Klug Kathy Koppinger Kathy Kreiger Tony Long Bob Lord I Diane Ludeke Leo Lutchonsky Christine Lutz Jim Lukenbill Carol McClure Michelle McCullough Janice Lynn Rocky Lynn Bruce McMahon Ernest McNeill Dee Ann McDowell Bonnie McFarland Nancy McLanghcn Sylvia Mariisos Donna Martin Sue MacDonald George Mackis Kelly Marich Darryl Meyers Joan Miller Caihi Mafranga Bill Meehan John Menke Gerry Moe Jerry Moody Bill Miller Tom Milliken Joy Moreland Sue Morgan David Mooney Bill Morrow Jan Morrow Allen Moss Fred Muollo Margaret Nadey Bob Nathans Fred Nelson Colleen Nestor Linda Newell Duane Newton Juana Nichols Sharon Nigh Tony Nigro Beverla Noble Roger Norris Tom Norris Carole Nyswonger Colleen O'Brien Dennis Offenstein Jim Osborne Steve Oster Mark Overmire Stephanie Owens Sue Palermo Karen Palm Steven Palm Judy Palmer Kathy Park Lou Ann Patton Jerry Pendergraft Grace Perry Bill Paulson Anna Peterson Gene Peterson Gary Peters Ray Petersen Connie Pitts Terry Plumb Bob Phillippi Janet Pickel Betsy Pierson Roger Posehn Sandy Pratt Ken Pollard Joyce Pomer Marcia Poole Kathy Rayfuse Merry Raymond Burt Presnell Diane Pucci Jan Rapp Jenny Reese Lloyd Reist Diana Reed Clyde Reese Steve Reynolds Sue Richards Bruce Rentfrow Stu Richardson Bill Ricker Carol Robertson Carol Robinson erry Robles Florence Rockenbaugh Lawerence Rockenba ugh Tammy Roesser Gordon Rogers Richard Rolloff Randy Rounds Ronnie Rounds Barbara Rumsey James Russi Craig Saben Mary Salton Gregory Scaric Terry Schaefer Sandy Schaff Judy Schefer Donald Schlofz Bev Schmid? Marilyn Schoenhoff Jeff Schonlank Ron Seals Tam Seitz h Donald Schultze Karen Scoft Jeanette Selby Cherie Sellick Jim Shomate Donna Shores Kay Stuto Sandy Stillwell Rick Stillwell Wayne Shannon Randy Sharp Norman Siefkin Bob Sills Marsha Smith Paul Smith Cathy Simmons Karen Smith Joseph Smith Mike Sonders Terry Spence Scott Smith Bill Snipes Allen Sorrels Harry Stangel Gayle Steiner Tom Spencer Wayne Stamey Chris Standley Pam Stimers Keith Strickland Barbara Sullivan Chuck Sullivan Claude Sullivan Cecilia Swift Helen Szlak Bob Talbot Keith Taylor Larry Thompson Larry Tice Joel Trainer Dennis Trimble Sandy Unterleider Sue Ursin Jerry Vanderleun Elbert Van Hoose Sue Van Slambrouck Jack Van Valkenburg Joanne Virone Linda Waldow Sandy Warner John Wedemeyer Sieve Wehr John Weidwald Tim Wheelis Joanne Wilkerson AI Willett Leanne Taylor Tom Taylor Barbara White Bob Wickham Cheri Williams Bob Williamson Joanne Wilson o inn William S Rita Woodward Veda Wooley Barbara Worrell Anne Yallalee Annabelle Younger Mane Youngren Carl Yasbeck Sam Yates Madelyn Young Marilyn Youngren Sara Zeigler Shirley Zucca junior ,Abscntccs Glenda Allen Gary Boker Toby Begin Jack Briggs Laurie Brown Neva Derrick Sandy Dwire Carl Fischer Diane Foor Barry Freidman Ken Hall Doug Harrison Eric Henderson Emily Johnson Pamela King Paul Kurtz Charlotte Maier Byron Mayers Dana Meyer Odette McEwen Jan Murta James Nichols Janice Nichols Sharon O'NeiI John Parent Pat Randall Ronald Riley Stanley Smart Mike Smith Gerald Thomas Nancy Walkey James Watkins Susan Wolf Kathi Sherburn flunifr l l l Are these Juniors?? Second sfring chorus girls! l E gl Karen, do you olwcys need help? Tl'IlS iS Planning on parking with all 1hese kids? dpgfy ls this a baskerball game or'a srudy hall? Hurry up fhey're almos? here Barbara and Bonnie. WHY? Pretty good odds Sandy. 4 , , Only their hairdressers knowl ! 6sidc' Viff I' N Jeff Dcxhlsfrom cftffyf I Venn Vroncs Susan McKee M M 4 5 M Doris Foin aplzamarc 611155 Advisers f f -V1'4',:-21:1 , :V -- 'ffw f-fgqg ws52.s5,1:7gfg if-fm A ok'5..m-' ..,,, :sf w2Jf2H?6WT V - 3' 1 'i W H - J -55 'ffg1,fffl5QfQEi5gg ' ,M H -"nh Wfmrz wk' . s v m S we 1, - ' , ,W mp, Yfgggggafge wire gg ' A W . ,-rvpnw ',1Pc5.'ffx:1,,w:i. fu A v ss V -f. Q1,.,- ,4L,f,mqM,,,.sz xg ' . Q awk .M wixf Q "S:Q5'lQf'-'1S?QsYfS? MQ , I vw? Ifflfeifgvvaiffffaw , vga, fizsllliiffkiifif'fgwr f f I ' W?f'5T!25e 'lk f W . J Miss Carsfensen Mr. Ogden Miss Mormoto Mr. Dutton Mrs. Hannon 86 Michael Adams Jim Alburn Michael Alberti Toney Allen Karen Allison Denise Alexander Bob Allen Trudy Anderson Donald Anzinger Robert Alpers Cindy Alt Susan Anderson Sandra Astle David Azbill Nancy Armitage Suzette Arnold John Arrington Linda Baltzley Vicky Bambery Myrl Bailey Bob Baird Robert Baird Lando Bassell Sharon Baughn Tony Banyai Laurie Barrowman Emma Bays Don Beaumont Byron Bear in f r Dennis Beck Jeffrey Beisel A M- ,v lim F Q W A p g V4.5 l' lr 11 ,,S' A 1' if slr K A 0 51 .G- H " 8 s if iz aim V 5 ,pwgiq if J VG qi 'i 4 wg. KZ w i i lr-lr 'l Wil? fill if , Ka Ei llllllg 2 ld V , ,E i 'f,Jfrl:7:a5 ,um -fv- 'Q ,N -on.. 'U' 1 K . ,f ,pe Y W Warren Bernoff Prinfha Berry Betty Bidstrup James Birdwell Jeff Boam Arr Board Sherry Bonfi Mary Bowles Steve Brasher Bonnie Bremner Tom Brown Van Brown Joanne Bersin Linda Bickford Carol Blanchard Julie Blanchfield Craig Blankenship a,,ea , , , is ' J? " 5 'fa "H-',,.1 Larry Boehm -B ' Charles Bogel Donald Bonacci V N .ff-1, ' V. W Z. Pat Braikovich Dan Brakebill v Paf Branch K 433 F' 5 EI! l is rl'R:'l ll 5 J l Susan Briscoe Gordon Britton iff ' ,Il fr Pat Benkert ...U Q2-wr' 1 an 'll A ga MW' . Q ,W .WW - 2 we I .gee .qiizrfaxi if .,r. hw - ggi all M aw , ,W i ' argl? My ,gl 2 se W Z-E1 x J: l l V lei? whim. f WN' i ll ' l mga r lmixlr, l r ffm 4 4 ,M Mill wr, fr We , ' we XL M5 1 J rx rr W 'S 2 M W, ,gk ,, , my ' ' Wrlill f wil? fw gzgi wefrlffi '1:':sl2"-2 ff ll slllr 1 Gregory Bruce is in ijrykgrg W 1 - Mgr T417 if we if 1: my - ' QI ' Qggggr- 11i7:'33zi'1' Aw f riisvir i'-I ri r i - fs rf Ffiiiifizim 1 viiigfiglg siggf-i I lfififf-Z wh-wis5':1':. ' LE . rf:1ri'ta5'z , '?zfiElTlilf3iff'Ql " '2 5 , i - , 1 " . 're 'iv 7 ':- r rr,h-,, , s is . r ge ,ar Lil? 'fi-Slfiiil? 31 , ,lisl 'f2m2gil,i K ' 123: ff if -EW ,1K,Q1nl?' Connie Buckley Ann Busath Connie Butler Mcrilu Contente Connie Coleman Pete Coletti Theodore Burke Stanley Bucher Elizabeth Butler Leslie Cameron John Carlson Phyllis Cassidy Larry Church Diane Clark Jacquie Chamberlin Bobbi Climem Peter Cole Sandra Comarsh Beth Conolly Kathy Cookson Karen Cooley Craig Courfrighf Rollin Coxe John Crabbe Sharon Cranfield Tim Cunningham Charles Cusack Sharon Deal Jane Di Buono Diana Downey Bob Draper Barbara Duggan Diane Dunn Dan Dwyer Sheila Dyer Jeff Dahlsrrom Sue Davies Robert Davis Jim Dolgonas Bill Dopkins Marva Doud Virginia Drislane Mimi Drury Marilyn Dubons Dixie Cozzens Sonny Craies Jamie Crosby Ruth Dury David Dutton Judy Dyson Robert Ebner Wayne Ebner James Eakins Linda Egar Diane Egger Cheryl Eckhoff Dave Edward Jerry Emberton Peter Eres ,X it -'M Kathy Ehrhorn Rusty Ellis V' Sue Ellis ' Lynne Evans Doris Fain Sally Eres Andrea Erickson Larry Erwin Beth Feller John Fellows Chris Fargo Michael Faulkender Barbara Felland Judy Ford Karen Forsyth Roger Fife Carolyn Fisher Carol Foster Cherrill Frost Mike Fortado Benny Fuentes Sadoko Fuiiwara Phillip Funh Annemarie Gaffney Cathy Gaines Russel Garnet Janice Gerber Jane Giffen Marti Gillis Pa? Gordon Georgia Grant Pai Giordano Gerri Gluck Don Golding Cathy Groves Linda Green Sharon Green Ph llis Greenwood .Y Robert Gregory Jean Grider Georgene Gunderson Cheryl Guy Joe Guzzo Edgar Hogg Bob Hagopian Diane Halsted Phyllis Habekott Bob Hadler Leland Hanchefi 255595-all QHHW N A mgQQ,,wq., noob 'i,, r Jff2fi'ivl2i .rag ww 'icgil , 7 . ,L Y X LK' Sandy Haub 4 , www 41 1 ii r i I Bhd f fe no Judy Hedrick Vicki Hellewell lf K lr iii we ' B 'L U Ann Jackman Larry Hun? Eddie Hurff Donna Hebert Martha Heckman Lief Hendrickson Michael Henry Ken Hill Chris Holcomb Heidi Hess William Hesser David Hill Jerry Houk Dick Howell Kalhy Holmes John Hood Bryan Hotchkiss Robert Hughes Bob Hulin Bradley Hubbard Barbara Hughes Dick Hughes Frank Inlow Dale Jack Eric Jackman David Jackson Qu. if ' me . in :V yolk . Jiwwrk be is . .fn , w ' JW, - A fc, W'V n monvlflvi A ,Unis I0 wax febffx fe 'i - 5. . A, . et, X, . 1. , uf nm 4 .W ,J Ng X fu i v -Nw . 1 ,V ,jk 'ff J ggi sie ,N 4-n IQ' 1'- WVV. J . 5 'Th 5, ,mg F ,U 'VX dwelt ' 'exif -' . 4' W ' wt ' gt f , r:r:,tq5v W Nr A .fn '15 'S , 1 E r " I L x iff 7 ts' I .V ,K U .iw , j ' 'H ,gi M, M A ,, nn. :M , MW, .ww 0 A , 159 I by ' , V A .f f I , ,,., l 4- n my L 1 ,, ff 4 I H: .Iii . ,I 1:5 iv . Hr 'N' 1 ,s f ,. A gyms ,Egg J .wi rv X .ff David Jacobs Nikolay Janushkowsky David Johnson Donna Johnson Diane Jones Paul Joriorian Carolyn Jordon Steve Joslin Sally Justus Larry Keister Carolyn Kelley Michael Kelley Carol Kendal Donna Kendall Sharon Kern Virginia Keysor Carlo Kitchens Rosemary Kitchens Anne Klingelhofer Ronald Kloberf Sue Kloppenburg Lillian Koppelman Ronald Kreinsieck Ray Johnson Scott Johnson V I N .. I if gi WX , W l' ,D :KW Q ww , ww' . 3 3 of 4 A, . t .W rw '--'-' :, -5' , Tim Knapp Darold Kohouv Charles Johnson A llrflwgiyyi A 7 LX gm 'US R' ,QM kt rl, rf" lm www, ew--'Quo .. ' 'z"'f. ' , 'wrt' , X we X r ,,--T 3 1 We ego Linda Kukkola 2 l ww , , ifiifll 'JN' Claudia Lampman Michael Monn Marcy Laughlin Larry Lawman Pat Maheson Dennis Main April Lee Danny Lee Tom Leslie Melinda Lubeck David Lucas Rae Vin Lucas Kathy Lutz Carol Lynn Steve Moc Rosfi Jerry Lander Tom Larson Alvin Lawson Dennis Le Blanc Kay Lindgren Pai Lindroth Linda Lidwig Huberfa Luster Paula Mack Terry Maier E Robert Malone Joseph Mandella Kim Marsh Pam Martell Anita Mathews Lynda Mathews I, u Af-an Sharon Mazor Susan McBee Keith McDonald Robert McGee Danny McGiure Julia McGovern Colleen McGown Maisie McCarty William McCurry Fred Mauling di 3 7 if Q is Susie McKee Douglas McKern Margie Mead Edward Meleski Kathy Metcalf Allen Metslcer Carol Mislcella Dan Moore Ricky McLearn Linda McPherson Alan Meacham Francis Merenda Merilynne Merfeld Barbara Merrill Enid Meyer Joseph Mironaclc Scott Moore Q5 53 as 55 ff t 5 l l 5 Q ml 5 E 1 i Laureen Moorman Carol Morris Vianne Morris Douglas Oehler William Offill Elaine Moyher Pam Munrol John Murphy Robert Mopherson Susan Moreland Robert Morrison Jim Moshofsky Michael Murphy Jane? Murtey Bill Nichols Ricky Niello Lusandra Nareau David Needham John Nelson Carolyn Norton Thomas Norton Dane O'Connor Jo Anne O Malley John O'Neil Carol Ondrecka Jeffrey Off Reggie Page Linda Paradise Carol Pachl Janice Parks Janine Parks Richard Patterson Greg Persnell Rick Philbin Gary Phillips Barbara Plummer Jane Pohto Jane Posehn Kenyson Peterson Grace Pferdresher Gary Patterson Bob Powell Carolyn Pretzer Richard Randall Karen Rausser Bob Reider Kevin Reider Don Reynolds Pat Richards Pat Pritchard Silvia Proserpi Bruce Raftery Carol Ray Chris Raynor Cris Raynor Terri Reiger Carol Relat Michael Ries Ricky Ripple Chris Robles Denise Righetfi Jill Rogers Marvin Rollings Doug Rodrigues Linda Rodigues Eugene Rowell Marilyn Rudnick Geraldine Romitfi Steve Ronzone Allan Routhier Shirley Rustin Lesley Sadugor John Russ Jim Russell Cathy Rust Terry Sanchez Jane Sautner Cathy Samoville Mike Samoville Maryly Samson Paul Schlosser Margery Schmidt Mike Sava Larry Scherfenberg Robert Schrunk Carol Schultz Nancy Schneider Annette Scull Geoffrey Scurfield Linda Seals Ann Sebenthal Margie Seimears Fred Selby Susan Selden Candy Sennett Susie Seros Ann Shaffrath Cathy Sharp Steve Sharrock Susan Shaw Rusty Shellhart Kathy Shelton Richard Shirley John Sidebothom Michael Simmons Robert Singer Richard Sites Sharon Skelly Charles Smith David Smith Elvia Smith Janie Smith Roger Smith Steve Smith John Sanderson Lynda Sorensen Barbara Spangler Wayne Sparks Julie Spaulding Y l Betty Thomas Rick Thomas Carol Statzell Phyllis Steging Karen Stevens Sherla Strand Tom Stuto Wnllram Spanos Beverly Sparks Nancy Spencer Carol Staples Sandy Stumers Judy Stollery Lanme Summer Marsha Summers Rodney Sullivan Lee Sundberg Kay Talbot John Tarro Margaret Taylor Pamela Tellefsen Charlotte Thomason Wade Thompson Connie Townsend Jack Trammell Judy Torson Craig Trimble Lynne Troyer David Turner Charles Turpin Suzi Vanciel Sue Van Valkenberg Terry Turpin Pa? Twilfy Charla Turner Venn Vranas Pat Wagner Mary Wallace Roger Ward Claudia Walson Donald Watson Maryann Weber Wendy Weigh? Kathy Vine William Vlach Edward Vogt Mike Walden Johnny Walker Jolene Wallace Charles Warner Dianne Warner Robert Waszak Michael Walls Dennis Weber Gary Weiss Cheryl Westergren Russell Young Bob Whisenhum Gloria Whitmire Dale Yee Nancy Yenovkian Don Wilbur Mona Willison Larry Willy Joe Wilson Robert Winn Alan Wolfe Richard Wong Phillip Woods Cheryl Wooten Sue Wesrover Sharon Wetmore Sandy Whitmire Stu Whitton Barbara Wilson Jimmy Wilson Debbie Wolfe Terri Wolfson Susan Wright Judy Yeals Dorothy Young Bill Young Judy Zierlein Janet Lyons Abbott, John Adams, Sheryl Bandy, Eugena Boyd, George Brown, Albert Brown, Douglas Brown, Randy Bushing, Ed Callaway, Mike Celli, Henry Chandler Jr., Edmonds Clark, Ray Croucher, Douglas Crowley, David Cutshaw, Robert Daley, Barbara Davis, Paul De Haven, Frank Dowell, Darell Edwards, Richard Fascials, Jr., Joseph Filsmon, Lonnie Foulke, Peter Fritschi, Thomas Garrett, Dave Gay, John Goak, Charles Grant, John Herron, Paul Higday, James Himenes, Don aplfamarc Absenlccs Ingle, John Jacobson, Bob Johnson, Richard Korday, Carolyn Kwett, Peter Lambert, Greg Livioni, Donn MacLaren, Richard Mack, Johnnie Martin, Butch Matteson, Patricia McAnulty, Edward McCroy Dick McDowell, Pat McPherson, Robert Moran, Corrienne Mullinix, Jerry Murry, Patrick Norman, Myles O'Neill, Linda Oettle, Vincent Paxton, Kenny Pcucci, Al . Powell, Craig Presnell, Greg Reed, Sharon Rivett, Bob Robb, James Roberts, Brian Robichaud, Daphne Rodgers, Jacqulyn A Man, like that's my head. Ronne, Robert Sanford, Harvey Schroeder, Keith Schurtz, John Selander, Sherrill Self, Earl Shephaerd, Gail Sherwood, Tom Shoak, Dennis Shower, Steven Siebenthal, Anne Spangler, Barby Stevens, Ronald Stitzel, Jaime Stosich, Robert Strother, Cliff Taylor, Tom Thomas, Norman Todd, Sandra Troyer, Gary Van Steennis, Richard Vogel, Charles Wilter, Charles Wiedwald, John Wilderson, George Williams, Ray Wolford, Terry Woodruff, Gerald Younger, Mernie Q im.. . W as su Wa i .l x S, sl ' gvimwhggif meg! l J Lookl No holes .M-M .. J.. V One, Two' three drop- Whofs this Tolo Week? api: nap Kennedy soys exercise, so look lively There's one less sophomore. Sophomore activities. 'C Viff csidf Joyce Rogers gif! 16 64 cfdfyf X Carol Sievers hcslzffzan 611155 Advisors asa, Scully Baker Mr. I06 Psiahus Mr. Branson Mr. Marel Derral Adams Kandace Adams Mary Ackeret Steven Ba ke r Frances Aguilar Isabel Aguilar Calvin Baker Phyllis Baker Roger Albertson James Allen Linda Andrews Michael Andrews Judy Allen Annelle Allison Marilyn Anderson Toni Arnold John Ashley William Andrews Candy Arenas Larry Armstrong Martin Baggetf Donald Bain Marvin Ashton Sharon Azevedo Pamela Bacon Sally Baker Sandy Baker Donald Bakkie Janice Ball :Pi X xii X if -J. f 'fr Wm fm. f,"' K f' Judy Ballou Karl Banach Pam Bare Flora Barnett Cathy Beamer Kiri' Beaudin Timothy Beilby Sandra Bell Linda Bennett Linda Benton Diana Bemz Bonnie Berger James Bergh Lewis Bergin John Bergman David Bero Fred Billings Harman Blair Becky Blankenship Monti Boatwrighf Cathy Bode Pam Boltinghouse Karen Boomgarden Judy Banks Sue Barrett Barbara Bascherini James Bodenhamer Judy B0995 Mike Bergman Sharon Bowers David Boyers Stephen Boutin Cotton Brand Ronald Broaddus Cecelia Christian James Christian Glen Brumbugh Portia Burke Kathy Burkey Susan Butler Kathy Byrne Jaclyn Callison Michael Cardiff Keith Carter Paul Case Donna Broehan Patti Brown Barbara Burster John Busby Vicki Camblin Kathy Campbell Gary Chan Chris Chapman Michael Clancy Jean Clancy Ron Clementsen Sheila Clover Chris Clark Charles Colard Marsha Colvin Cris Confrofi Virginia Coons John Cooper Judy Cooper Karen Coupe Steven Cowan Thomas Crain Ken Crofher Disa Dohlin Douglas Davis Linda Davis Paul Davis Nancy Deafs Sharon Dederion Janice De Polo Jim Deringlon Richard Dildine Karen Di Palma Gary Disher Debra Donahue Jeri Donovan Christoph Cooper Don Cooper Karen Dodd Anlhony Donahue Steven Connolly Michael Doran more fl Nu! amass, Terri Downie Allison Dreirh Phil Driver Jerry Fairchild Loren Fanucchi John Dufour Pat Duke Jackie Downs Ron Draper Sharon Dronberger Donald Drzewicki Jeffrey Edelblufe George Edge Jonathan Dwyer Charles Ellison Sharon Ellsworth Margery Edmission Tom Egger Patricia Ellis Dayle Evans Marceille Evringham Elizabeth Elmer Donald Epperson Judy Erwin Pa? Farley Deanne Farrell Carolyn Fatur William Feirl Vicki Farrel inns.- Joseph Fimple Danny Findley Ellen Fisher Sandy Fletcher Sandra Florence Steven Floyd Paul Fraser Cheryl Freeman John Gal len Janice Garber William Gaylord Dave Gebauer Michael Gentry Jim Gerdes Joe Folena Ina Fortner Chris Frank Bob Freitas Susan French Clark Gallagher Dave Gard Wanda Gorreit Susan Gates Berry Fink Carol Flint Ron Floegel Steven Gehres Douglas Gentry John Geringer Lynn Gier Kathy Gillette Debby Gerth John Gledhlll Donna Glenn Michael Hagen Chandra Hahn Kathy Goad Judy Goldberg Ray Glover Charles Gluck Suzan Goodwin Kenneth Gott Marilyn Goodpaster Jack Graham Patty Grandon Larry Gray Robert Griffith Sue Gross Jeffrey Gualco Louise Greene Thomas Greene Inge Gumner Kathy Hackett ' Vicki Hall David Hallstrom Rick Hancock Linda Handy Lori Hamalton Susan Hanson Glenna Hardin Richard Harnstreet Carolyn Harper Cheryl Harper Marilyn Harris Richard Harrison Barbara Harrod Steven Harrold Lynne Harry David Harshbarger Ed Hart Karen Hartley Bonnie Hartman Jo Ann Harvey William Hastie Sandy Ha1ton Carolyn Head Stephen Helmich Kafhy Henley Louis Henson Burr Hereford Roger Herman Susan Hermann Dwight Herren Carol Herscfh Randy Hershey Charles Hewin Y Scovv Hiclcle Deborah Hill James Hodges Dave Hodo Bob Ivey Craig Hunter Suona Hutchings Edith Hoffman Linda Holloway June Halstead Ronald Hopson Jill Hosier Jo Ellen Houck Suzi Howard Victor Hudgings Carolyn Hull Robert Hill Gary Hobdoy Stacy Hoehne Karen Hoffer Linda Hoots Judy Hopper Jim Houston Dan Howard David Hulsey Pat Hunt David Hutchungson Ruth Ingles Charles Jacobson Lynda Jastram Jo Ellen Jessup Linda Jividen Kathy Johnson Linda Johnson Evan Jones Henry Jones Jerry Jones Paul Jones John Joseph Chris Justus Johni Kasnick Pete Kasselery Molly Keller Anthony Kentroti Bill Kern Jeanne Kern Robbie Kerr Bill Kershaw Michael Kersler Marilyn Kimball Kathy Kinsley Leslie Kinsey Marsha Kloss Barbara Koepsell John Kopchak Robert Ladd Vicki Landrum Elizabeth Johnson Karin Larson Peggy Ledbetter Mary Ann Level Ruth Lass Mara Lideks Charles Long Sandy Lewis Dickie Lichfenwalter Charlotte Louis Carolyn Loze Claudia Long Mary Long Brad Lopez Greg Lynn Carl Lyon Walter Lubieiewski Melody Lund Alice Luoma 'Nu Bruce Magnusson Pat Magruder Michael Mac Donald Cathy Mac Quarrie Arthur Maggiora Jim Marshall Butch Martin Richard Mark Mariann Marrow Laurence Martin Ruth Ann Martin Hilary Martin Ol! 1 'growl v I .MQ b 5 we rx. . 4 'S nr if 2 49-. 'F lg N We my My V H 5 D its E fgfl? fii illflt' 2,831.4 5, -'Jig we I f ww wNg2w , aww, , K ' Q' 'fm 'I ,M gi at l L I Fw -S 1.2 - t,-3215, ,W V 11 gf - t ,,. gl s E K I, Q 1 " 'I D P' f l f' ri"lE:...' - 1- it r 1 ,- :f" -fgM 5,ti.Q gT, l" ? 1 N, lx I 154' 2 E' in-.t , . ' W M ' twirl W V , Q' ,my ' ,fm -ta- xr A., wp- . 7- lk 1 l ll D , ll . A' l ls ' ll Q I th" Q ,V 6 1 fx , , ' 3' ' ' . : :Tx ll ..,: 5 's4'5x5l D? y Gayle Matthews Margee McCall Stine McCoy Ken McCurdy ,W James McDermott 1jJ5i4f' 3' .- we Patrick McDevitt lp David McDonald fx, cw, lies, 1 Y. fi: V E Vi Vernon McDonald Virginia McDonald 'Yu' Kathy McGinn Gerald McGovern Pat McGowan Gloria McGregor V 2, Linda McHugh Q, V 'Q 2 t . fr -vs ug , t 'W We Sharon McKay A I Barbara McKee ' 'l 'S "' Daniel McKegney W I Pat McLanahan Pat McLaughlin Marilyn Mearns Melinda Meister Pam Melin Don Meyer W Eg Donald Meyer :,,t. if an 7 W of ""' tx f Linda Meyer A at Charles Meyers ' 9 Larry Mick Terry Mick .loan Miller .wax , if f' w 'lisfllhx .wr rw. J, 7' rw "' F 'UH' ,. ,nr 'P' K vp. J "t'lWt ..- N se Mft we Robert Muller Steve Mills Richard Miller Melinda Milchell Judy Moe William Mohr Eugene Monday William Moore Mike Moran Kenneth Mondo Roger Monroe urry Monson Y Glen Murata Pat Moran Shirley Morgan Samuel Morris Carol Murray Larry Murray Phillip Murtey Diane Nadey John Nelson Karen Newberry Jerry Ogan Paul Newton Gary Nlbbellnk Wllllam Nickel Collette Nunes Roger Ogren Joanne Olson John Peterson Toni Peterson Joe Petrie Michael Pierce Sandro Pierson Pom Plow Sylvia Porter Donny Price John Raina William Reynolds Bill Rhea Rita Reynolds Gary Richards Paul Richardson Mary Roache Tino Roader Toni Richmond Timothy Riley Daphne Robichaud Bruce Robinson Janice Roberts Linda Rogers Joyce Rogers Tom Robinson Terry Robles Angela Roden Pam Russell Peter Russo Don Ruby Benedict Ruhmann Dennis Roggero Carol Roper Sunny Royse Joanna Rust Michele Rycroff Robert Sanford Margaret Sani Bull Sanford Sandy Saunders Steven Schaffer Michael Schirle Tim Schmidt Joan Schmitz Leon Schoenhoff David Schultze Sandy Scoletta Donna Segrest Tom Sertich Ashia Shah Warren Sharratt Sandy Sheets James Sheets Melva Sheff Cristy Sherfenburg Clifford Shulze Jeannette Sidebottom Carol Sievers Raymond Skelly Jerry Skon Donna Slavens Nelson Smith Nelson Smith Sandy Smith Susan Smith Linda Smittin Diane Snihdt Bill Soclerberg Bob Spence Gregory Stangel Louinda Stanely Valinda Turnbough Ronnie Sue Tyrone Richard Spencer Karen Spencer Robert Steed Dave Steele Michael Strand John Sullivan Brian Stipak Tim Stites David Stoddart Joe Theep James Thomas Clark Swanson Jack Szlak Mary Taylor Richard Travers Larry Triplett Patience Thoreson Daniel Tobin Noel Topol Sherry Upham Roger Valencich Thomas Van Der Leun Pat Van Sant Edward Valko James Vassar Marti Viera Randy Vogt David Wagner James Warner Muriel Watts Broc Wayland Susan Wayne Vicki Weatherford Kurt Walter Alice Wanlass Mario Virone Shirley Weems William Welch Kathy Wheatley Linda Whipple Gary Wilcox Gary Wilcox Charles Wilkenson George Wilkerson Randy Wilkerson Gregory Wilkinson Brad Williams Bonnie Williams Marsha Wilson Milton Wilson Kathy Williams Hank Wilson Paul Wilson Ronnie Wilson Linette Wood Linda Woodworth Shari Wilson Kenneth Wolfe Verne Woolley Ray Worsley Carol Young Chris Zahn Revo Zeff Ronnie Alford Arther Baird Kathryn Berke Marilinda Boone Susan Branson Christine Browning Howard Browning Jr. Harold Brumbcugh Leslie Cameron Keith Castleberry Creighton Crum Tom Davis Ricki Davisson Nancy Dines Jack Donahue Victoria Feirl Dee Ann Ferrell Linda Wright James Wuelfing Richard Yardy ,Absm cc ,Cisi Judy Flatt Jim Fosse George Franklin Ray Glover Kevin Gough June Halsted Barbara Harrod Ritchie Hemstreet Carol Hirsch George Hullin Michael Keasler Douglas Kempster Michael Kincaid Marsha Kloss Candy Koropp Nathan Kotrlik James Lewis John Mabre Carolyn Mackey Cherrle Marshall Kevin Mc Ginnis William Moore Marianne Neville Paul Owens Linda Pearson Don Rake Jerry Ramsey Robert Reider Carolyn Robbins Tina Roeder Ruth Roemer Steve Rudd Sandra Scaletta Chris Scalley Cynthia Schultz Ronald Simpkins Phil Smith Theodore Sommers Joey Sopo Lynn Spencer Ronald Stinnett Joan Taylor Shirley Taylor Ellen Tisher Craig Trimble Sammy Turner Michael Watts Donna Windham Around elmo! 'QW .. ,A,..,.., , il 1...-vm--f So this explains the driving skills of Encina Students! Mr. Pattitucci and Mr. Taylor are pleased with the results of production advertising students. I Miss Wolz converses in German with Ken Hill as clas members listen. Lfurriculum Mr. Patitucci expalins bark sculpturing to his class. I ii X. i .Ari With a full schedule of painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and graphics classes, Encina boasts of one of the finest high school art pro- grams in the state. Our facilities rival those of the iunior colleges, and our students work is creative and abundant. This year, as in past years, Encina art students have lead northern California high schools in art awards. Art activities have included trips to the gal- leries, visiting artist speakers, decorating for various school activities, special campus beauti- fication proiects, and the usual posters, banners, and advertising for school functions. Special projects for the year have ranged from biological models and drawings for the science department, to decorating the school's garbage cans. Encina's students have for another year come to the realizatior that visual art is intellectually det manding, harc work, and a truly rewarding exper ience. Dick Van Steenis, Ron Holden, Bob Inglis, and David Jay are very intent on their work. Kay Barkly seems right at home at the potter's wheel Mr. Ogden supervises as Larry Hunt operates The etching wheel. Another of Mr. Ogden's students, Benny Fuentes, makes use of the lithograph press. Pat Murry shows his an proiecf to Myles Norman as Nancy Armitage and Jo Ellen Houck look an. sm.m,W,,,Wmw -ff. ,.,s.....s,..,M.mmm,.M,,. M ,,., WW ,.,, . .,. ..N,,,. ,a,...,- ,ii .. , , ...mp-if---Q surly Mr. McDonald points out a list of American freedoms ta his class. Judy Lamonder receives instructions on how operate her machine from Mr. Stephens and M Hannon. Miss Morimoto instructs Buddy Soto how to operate his machine correctly as J McKay, Helen Szlak, and Sandy Davis complete their work. to I'S. ack Business The Business department has a two-fall aim in its program at Encina. i First, we have a program that has a introductory view of the business worlc This program also includes the skills anl knowledge one needs to meet the compeh tion of the business life of the individual. Second, we have a program that develop special vocational skills in certain chosei fields such as: bookkeeping, machines, ant secretarial practice. This program will en able the student to apply for jobs requiring specific training. l 3 lil ii, qi 5 l, A 5 5 gel gi gi it li iS S sa 5 li iane Kotenski, Stefan Wolfson, and Jo Lynn Cox study hard for Think! Judy Jones, y0U'll gef if! library The Encina High Library serves its student body in many ways. y pro g helps us with our class assignments. lt helps in choosing ones career by furnishing information on many wide-spread vocations. hose well deserved A's. B vidin books and magazines it We appreciate the many hours of pleasure reading that the library has given us, and the many hours of help given by our librarians. Did you check Iggy and found? "Now where did I loose my book?" wonders Chuck Kloczko l Mr. Marelich plays a tape for Kathey Heinrick, Sharon Crenshaw, Linda Newell, and Emily Sherwood. The Encina foreign language curriculum includes French, Latin, German, and Spanish. The importance of the knowledge of more than one language is clearly expressed in Encina's steady rise in foreign language en- rollment. Today's student will be the leader of to- morrow. This makes a knowledge of other peoplesfas well as their language, a definite asset in our complicated world today. This is being more than adequately accomplished in Encina's diversified language classes. 90 reign lfanguage Mr. Jones' French students practice listening and speaking the language. Those using the recorder are Sheryl Robles, George Hullin, Sandy Astle, Gary Nibblink, and Susan Vanciel. Mr. Stearns attentively watches as Pam Boltinghouse, Roger Ward, and Mike Barowman perform a general science experiment. Mr. Clover supervises his busy class at work. fiance The Science Department strives to prepare students in two ways in order to meet the demands of a democratic society. There is the pupil who sets some phase of science research or technology as his goal. Our school is equipped and prepared to do this in such courses as biology, chemistry, physl ics, physiology, and advanced physical sci- ence. There are other students whose inter- ests ore in areas other than science. Theyy may elect such courses as general sciencel and life science for a general education. Mr. Coke conducts an experiment in chemistry for Mike San ville, Pat Ferrant, Jack Sowash, and Jack Briggs. 'E is i Ax ,I . - sim if rl' . V 7, Burr Hereford watches closely as Mr. Jones illustrates a fine point in mechanical drawing. Industrial ,A rfs The industrial arts department is that part of general education concerned with satisfying the student's innate desire to construct things with tools and materials, and with the development ot an intelligent understanding ot our modern industrial civilization with the problems which have resulted from it. Contacts with a wide variety ot manipulative experiences and industrial products are provided. Industrial arts, although not vocational in scope, does offer basic skills necessary in developing a proficiency for employment through courses in mechani- cal drawing, metal, wood, radio, auto, electricity, elec- tronics and photography, along with offering many opportunities for leisure time activities, both now and in the future. Q34 Q, 4 Jerry Hielle, Mike Long, and Nick Hourigan watch attentively in auto shop. Mr. Krienke's students watch him put the final solution on a photograph. 5 -f , QI-n 'i Y.. Cooper, Mike Murphy, ond Terry Mick experiment with vorious Mr. Trothen performs a demonstration for Dick McCurry in their woodshop class. Hart operates one of the photography machines under the core- Mr. Alcorn's outo shop :loss is busy ot work. superv ision of Mr. Krienke. Elena Friedman and Sally Long admire a bulletin board in their civics class. asia! cieucc The social science department has the responsibility to prepare the student for the complex duties demanded by the roll of citizenship in a democracy. Each student must equip himself with the facts and skills of problem solving necessary to share in the task of intelligently giv- ing direction to our government through the democratic process. To achieve these goals American problems, civics, U.S. history, sociology, world geography, world history, and economics form an important part of our education ot Encina. Mrs. Walsh helps Ronnie Rounds with his homework in U.S. history. ii? 5 it s 3 1 3 5 s 5 Q X at , if , by " M"'q"""""1 Mr. Kernick supervises cs Pafriu Leggo and .lere Renoud put up a bulletin board. MZ nun, ,-1-ff Mr. Georges surveys a class of future drivers. 4 .7 .-. , .. , , ,. fH'W"'f"' -Q We by , . Ypgifidiikff' xieiww' 1 C, fg3aS,Qis3if':5:i,:- K 1 A1153 www 3 WM Mrewwf iw -wwf ,, , ,r ,1. f Viriifiz t 5 , . f Q. . if it 'k 25 5 4 gZgq.l'ffQ1g2 fi 2 D ' f ' ' ,,,. '-- Wife W 'Fish ', f ' ' 'IT ' it .fel Qs , 1 l bv fm My JA .reg-,.-arg 4,1 f w::fw,,t7Smf1rf vw? 'srQfrrffE..f,',s5fl gg? I is sg, 'iffffsfr , 'F is U 4 : 4 lg? ' U Q in :gg SU' f f- rn. ,A , , A ,.,,, 7 me 5 uw? , . 5. - get I Mr. Bond from the Q .W W, W3 H-1 L California Youth Authority speak 'tif V-mam. SYO ww-...... QR. Mr. SteincgeI's American problems class. Encina's Language Arts Department is the largest in the school. All students must take a minimum of three years of English to graduate. ln addition to the traditional English grammar, composi- tion, and literature this department in- cludes the study of drama, speech, and iournalism. ln speech classes we learn to organize and express our ideas. Our drama classes help us to develop poise, interpretative skills and teaches us the many aspects ofthe theatre. Language ,4 rt Jim Bender practices Public Speaking. Konm Pitts delivers a speech for her class. . My ., . t ,. AAV. , 4 A group of hard-working drama students work tirelessly on scenery for the coming play. Set designing is a very important phase of the These girls become very proficient in the task of cutting plays. dmmc floss' Brlgodoon was an especially dlfflcull production to stage. Q-, 115' ggi! ,J 2 5' f 35" fwv A 'Fl , if-127:25 1 T " ' .1 ai, I , f -J 5 QV, 3- E .. V -, 1 12? Q, W 1 Q MX, X X 5 i A NM WN I n 1 X S fb 1 M W V f H w N w 1 L X , W , V Q W J 'HK' i 0 Y , v X m Y ' XA ,E 1 1 lv s Y 4 4 I X A V ' W X k iw f 1 I P 'X 'V I f .K W Y V V W gk J V , Q e , xg , 8 H. 5 ' V' 5 ' Q' I ' Q, yr, J Q yy- ag K , hm E! E 1, Q 3 1 N9 -f 2 ii if If 1 Q g x i 2 4 Q L ' ' if X g 9 I RQ 5 f'd fs fl , ,sw -M ,K i lst row: Barbara Biggs, Sandy Underleider, Bonnie Guldstrond, Shelly Ready, Linda Newell, Marge Seimers, Sue Wright, Betty Emerson. 2nd row: Sarah Zeigler, Val McKinley, Margie Schmidt, Shirley Rustin, Diana Draper, Chris Browning, Diane Kazar. 3rd row: Paul Jor- iorian, Kelly Marich, Ed Douglas, Mike Pascoe, Richard Rolloff, Gary Hastings, Jim Bender. 4th row: Jerry Goetzman, Mike Callaway Rick Larson, Jeff Alpers, Claud Sullivan, Harvey Sanford, Ed Chandler. M adrigals The Madrigals strive to develop the best tone possible in choral singing. In addition to regular school performances this group of twenty-seven voices has been featured on programs of local service clubs. This year they were honored by being selected as one of the choirs to be featured in concert with the Sacra- mento Symphony ot Memorial Auditorium. lst row: Sylvia Maritas, Rae Vin Lucas, Marilynne Merfield, Judy Baker, Pat Gordon, Sherry Bonti, Barbara Koepsell. 2nd row: Sandee Haub, Judy Queale, Karen Christian, Laurie Moorman, Sue Trowbridge, Randa Gibbs, Charlene Muir. 3rd row: Charlotte Thomason, Jenny Ketchum, Cathy Grove, Rusty Shelhart, Judy Dyson, Christy Zahn. Girls ' Kharus The thirty-voice Girls Chorus specializes in music written or arranged for women's voices. They participate in the maior concerts presented by the Encina Music Department. In addition to this they perform in the local music festivals, perform for assemblies and participate in the annual Music Department Operetta, I45 lst row: Ed Chandler, David Coplin, Janice Ball, Janet Murtey, Patience Thoreson, Crystal Capelis, Lusandra Nareau, Susan Hermann. 2nd row: Phillip Murtey, Mary Roche, Charlotte Louis, Chandra Hahn, Ruth Ingles, Anne Klingelhofer, Mimi Drury, Diane Dunn, Charles Johnson, Jim Marshall, John Wedemeyer, Keith Carter. 3rd row: Tom Norris, Eileen Scalley, David Steele, Chris Reims, Mr. Farmer. Absent are: Karen Drury, Walt Aldrich, Tim Schmit. Orrin' tra The Encina Orchestra, like the senior band, is a service group as well as a class. They perform several times during the year for plays, banquets, concerts, and the annual operetta. This is the second year for orchestra at Encina and the group is growing both in number and maturity of sound. I46 ss, gg. fe Ft y ' I 5 1 W f -ffk N v .-. 4, ,Q know 35 as 1.9 Frrst row Mananne Klrk Ann Shaffrath Loudrne McManus Pat Stuart Annmarre Gaffney Joyce Long Jam Watkrns Steve Gray Rod Sullrvan Barbara Ford Cheryl Eckhoff Karen Chrrstensen Second row Connie Sullrvan Susan McBee Karen Rausser Pat Wagner Robert Ronne Dave Johnson Dave Dutton Tom Larson Marnlyn Schoenhoff Carol Haddox Sue Westover Connie Townsend Thrrd row Lynne lrlsh Carol Fuchs Yvonne Fosland Don Beaumont Tlm Cunningham Bob Singer Mrchelle McCullough Linda Waldow Melrnda Moorman Ramona Ketchum Margaret Nadey Fourth row Cathy Rust John Sullrvan Jerry Jones Alan Moss Bob Breton Ted Burke Evalynn Peterson Elame Prosepr Barbara Rumsey appclla The fifty voice A Cappella Choir performs at school concerts, muslc festrvals, and takes an octave part In presenting the operetta This group specralrzes un musrc wrrtten for larger choral groups I47 0 y r Hama 6011017116 AT Encina, home economics consists of Those courses, acfivifies, and units of instruc- Tion which are designed To meer The home and family needs of all pupils and The voca- tional needs of ofhers. The school experiences are correlared wifh The home and communify X v if life of The sfudenrs. The program is concerned with assisting individuals To develop ability ,MA To carry Their respecfive home responsibilities in relation To food, housing, cloThing, child Mrs. Abrams teaches her students the on of embroidery. Mrs. Reese demonstrates how fo put o hem in care health, and family relafionships. c dress. Miss Burke inspects the ielly mode in her foods class. 'M X M 'Wm 23152-es. new T amiliar Scene John Wayland, Phil Hearnesberger and Mike Murphy look on with Coach Galla- way os the paddle boards they made for the school are being demonstrated. Gary Hoveland and Dennis Shook show coach Kun- dert how the leg press machine they've iust made, works. 5 Coach Kundert is pleased with the finish- ed sit-up board mode by John Parent, Gary Haveland and Corky McBride, who is not pictured. I49 Mathematic Encina offers a complete four-year program in mathematics. Included in This program is a combined course of Trigonome-Try and solid geomerry. Other courses are: basic marh, general math, algebra, plane geometry, algebra II, and senior math. Advanced s'rudenTs are placed in accelerafed classes which cover four years of high school math in Three years. l. ,A Bob Hagopian works a Theorem in Mr Stallings geometry clc W""', S '-7' Miss Kornmeyer explains an algebra problem to her class. Beverly Noble is wamng for Mr Stallings answer I50 to her question 6 . 437, 0l76'l'l4WIL'l4f -..:E,1, , ,, Q'!5If177',"" " ' 1' . , if Q f af 1 K ':'ef3Li'Q,U QM gm, f xv V 1 1 J :f'1t'?5, . i E ' V. - - H511 1-lv 5 azmtry -11:53 2 fif 'L W ,,.Q,1zw-vt",H'fa:E'f'ffs-- ,,:f'Md5f,?1 :W-. . , v K , ,. -LW7- -arf, f f'-Smff ' 4:3559 .KL51?5i?:'-PM Mm wwmw wf-6,212-.,Wr,,,f was-:g,L,fv,w,1X,Q , .. , 'f,Q,,.'Q.. Iwgf. iw,- 5.q1'0Aa2af-,wff24s .iwfifw:s5'fkf' wffdfdZf2?'Y6f5w- f1'1'Ww -' ww , w9sY1ifQww1--:wwf 1ef1W'TM 2 S M ' ' ' . ' 1' " , fry: , 2 , WZ. Wig 1 ,df . ., W ,,':JiUw 514- I .vim 1' .1 , . 'A ,1 'w"fz. . 1 ef'-'ffcvk ,wk vwfifi-rfif . MET' wg. .-rm-1zg'Sf1 1W.,a'Wwf2' wml 11,4 fixivr , A H "f'Zw. w.,1fEwf'LJm,',,v51,',,.,U k,znzvfm,,. , wff,?l-im.-,f Q, vfwT'f1'NW-1 QP: f im-G, slim' . ., 1-ez f , ,, ., ,V -1A-M 'f -, . x , f . w3xx,x1'W,,5,,L,,,y xg., fag, mm .5,,:?,,.f,5lgg wg, .j.5,L,,,,xk4, MW 1,3 5 fx fp,f,ms1,,f ,,,, ,V ,IW ,, ,W qw, , ,Q 1 , qw Q , ,Wm -QW , fm, n ,sf ,L6,w,gu1mv5,gvgwt ' 1 Q . , . i -- L1t,fJf,., u ,155 A ' , H A A 'K A 'ing ffsfzgzf' ,f f S f , x-KWH 5 , f mn0W" ,Q v 1 i 5 i E if A 5 'Z Q , 3 mv "1 I W1 - 1f'3'! Boys Vice-President ROD SIEVERS Student Girls Vice-President DIANA DRAPER Treusurer CHRIS BROWNING Commissioner of Publicity ond SocioIAffc1irs KAREN FRASH President DARRYL SCHOON all Commissioner of Entertainment JIM POBANZ Commissioner and SSffEiCQE,fgfC'i'5 sue HAMPTON of Clubs Student Body Secretory Gvvcrumvnf Boys' Vice President CHIP LAMBERT President ROD SIEVERS pring Girls' Vice President SUE CAPLAIN Treasurer LINDA TAYLOR Commissioner of Clubs and Social Affairs DIANE KOTENSKI Pcrlimentaricn TERRY RHODES Commissioner of Entertainment KATHY RAYFUSE Front row, left to right: Pam McNabb, Diane Kambested, Linda Palmer, Barbara Law, Sally Long. Second row: Michael Ann Michell, Kath Grove, Becky Hammond, Karen Kangas, Lyle Jacobson. Third row: Ken Jatfee, Gary Swanson, Al Arrington, Dave Johnson, Jack Floege i mint Haurd junior l6'oard t Front row, left to right: Kay Barkley, Sue Jordan, Kathy Rayfuse, Barbara Haag, Marsha Smith, Jenny Reese. Second row: Keith Taylor, Te Plumb, Bill Hickerson, Larry Lewis, Larry Dully, David Hutchings, Mike Estep. Third row: Richard Enfrican, Bob Phillippi, Chuck Sullivan, D Hacken, Dennis Keer. N354 Bottom row, left to right: Ann Shaffrcith, Doris Fain, Georgene Gunderson, Vionne Morris,'Sherry Bonte. Second row: Denise Regetti, Shirley Rustin, Karen Christian, Sue McKee. Third row: Venn Vranas, Steve Shower, Jeff Dahlstrom, Jim Birdwell, Larry Hunt. aplranwrc Ecard Sfrcslfmcn Hoard Bottom Row, left to right: Jennie Kern, Cotton Brand, Cheryl Freeman, Joyce Rodgers, Carol Sievers. Second row: Randy Wilkerson, Dan Tobin, Sandy Smith, Melinda Mitchell. Third row: Ritchie Hemstreet, Clark Gallaghen, Mike Borgeman, David Horshbarger, Dan Howard. Fourth row: Patsy Brown, Hank Wilson. Sicvcrs nriniau ,A cfilfifics Vigki 4,-1 ww ff 1 ' '- '32 S ,,:I 5 liiI,f' wf!5. ,w ., A We -we , KM .. s,,-f ,- gf, fx- soa BINNS of f Editor-in-chief ' V 1 ,,. , 'V,: . 57,3 - Www, 45 4 ? x Q My QW Wu- it K -' 1 X 'Fx R' , na' f ,wil ,Q 1 4 4 K, X Connie I 1 Q3 Scott Sue Q 1 4 , .,.- Q ,fy Vf f 635 1 .J W S' ' - . K e .ff x ff , ,,,, 53: jf" K ' 5-SQ -5411 QM' Y:f,Q,f4's'f ,. '-3-M1!,:'1J:QW?6,,, k 343. H K -k!QiW,JiS 1, fs' ' .1 sw, v H gyfgaf , nf. Q1 '-ww ff,-'f f-M fx? -N? 5.53: il Vg' ,vi-k,, Jw?" in . -Jvfrwzif.-A ' ,M x,.nSw ff ' ei: as ' gy I ifaagl H "r arry ' ffm 3.'ff153W' f: 'win f ' MQW'-"fK' Elena MRS. GI RE Advisor Kdfhi Sue Eilene Joanne Bob Muke Morgcref Suzanne Ann Karen Heather Annual taff There ore times when the whole stclff must work! 5 '5 Q an Did you obey this sign? Sue Berg, Curriculum Editor Bob Binns, Editor-in-chief, Becky Hammond, Foculty editor, Vicki Griffiths, Assistant editor. Heather Teoll ond Karen Scott, Activities co-editors. ijt- K 3 i . fxl it 'N 2" -isa .Jaq- M... Some of the Annual Staff working hard to try and promote the selling of the annuals. an N-sf is 1 .dv .arf Suzanne MacDonald and Ann Wallace, Organizations c ,4w5:y',vMQ. , lx Elena Friedman and Connie Senior co-editors. Bob Williamson and Larry Johnson sports staff, Mike Calloway photographer, and Scott Morton sports editor. Bob Binns, editor-in-chief, Barbara manager. Hogg business XXH ls' 1 K' ki .nl 1. ,,f,Js3N.f 1 X N-ns,. ZF r Sue Eres and Kathi Sherburn, Junior class co-editorsg Joanne Swob Sophomore class editorg Eilene Adkins, Freshman class editorg Marc Nadey, Literary editor. MK Q. A . ,,,:-M, 2 VN! fy i Kei-,f A ' ,f1'1E'55 , ' fi' ff,-xr iggim g - f,-ff -,k m ' -,yg,1',g',f A M'fi afjk.,f 5 ' ,x , 2, 1 s, hi u 1 Corry 'vzfxjw,,'Q , 4 ,I ,,',.,, I, ,, Me ,Qs , -'iif'5-35Q54j:' "ff Ur . ,q,V ff, f ,: :',5-, ,V 'f . ' ffflig-vf'Q-:,"'f f , Kathie g WT Lfw 5 'H f H 1, . f.- .:!71f1fv1Stii:5'.s1r Bill ak: f, ' , ., f,'. .2 f .",'.wz, H 4 fffgl : ' iggQ gf1"1"j s we ' ' , f? M Arpt , g.,A I, , Sue Cheri Eleanor MRS. WI LKERSON Advisor k," ' , Q, :,-,.i'1.' 69 + -HH' ' A A ,L LU , liar , f ',,fef!fi-f-fnff a -,fwpmi x ,,feis',1sL2i:fv2?i'2f5' ' X if . I ' S5,'J"2!f ' f'+'V2il53i5L Kayvi A , " 11213 ifgiif . . 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Heofher Teclll Sweetheart Queen Susan Sue Allen Hopkinson 7 lfz if 3. X fu X .Wwg . 92555 , fi V 5.1 P V f 3 Liigg 1 , 'Qlfgw' -31952 I 'I . f V ' E f U vs xqlx, .Sw . 4 .M - M .5 X 1 735122 W :S vm, , ., wavy, ,, lt!" Q Viz . ' . M. T 1 i 4, AH I A ..,f ,v,.,f.r Y -, x -f 4 , Ht, all ,Q 'f Q 4 .., L f. ,,,, ,ir , ,, ,rm 5 , x ,J ' 5 1-,sw , 5,11 .,"4.1zlf.Lwa , C A....,s r"f3x 'yy Z' ' :Q2'q one, kwa . e E Q R Af- f'gz,,-, 'i.f1ifT.f'L fig sb-:Nj M Senior Class -win ning float Honorary princesses, left To right, Randy Sharon Baughn-sophomore, Janice Morrow-iunior, 1 . ,gg X75- . an mg f T: V A' ,P Q . f 1 1, wh P9 s , W Junior Class float v -'U YYLYMQF fri' A 3 9 Freshman Class float Eli. Sophomore Class float lil I Beams., 4 Sw W as fwggf' QE M f I fr al .45- MOLLY CU LBERTSON Left to right, Sue Allen, Michelle Smith, Molly Culbertson. MICHELLE SMITH Head Lett to right, Molly Culbertson, Michelle Smith, Sue Allen. SUE ALLEN I ' Vw" I Mt q x,X E X PB QGAMFN HW 'Lxk Left To righfp Sue Vcm Slumbrouck, Jon Morrow, Koyti Alexander. 'Q uw-fm, KAYTI ALEXANDER ,Ng .IAN MORROW Head SUE VAN SLAMBROUCK Left to right, Sue Vcm Slambrouck and Jon Morrow. ll1l if ' r 0 - X6 Kay Wo Nariffl VI lcllxex l-le alllef V A .,,1i.g5 I KAW, - 1 .. gskigiksvlkxr ill? i 'Ali Sli' ifl l 350' 'v?Tilfl!Fi3ll,f, :il P 'gzsk-fy' W3 lllflfv sz, s .1 , . lfiifiimkikgr 'ff 51, ,- fr. f.,,:fXpig-zfspig in 413 M 54 ' iel?Wigl5zii V S f , , s v fi2mz,g. fggxfilis' mf' 'wiiig w zfviif 21321-'Wy-,., f if "'11'Sl: 55? :f'lAl:ll5l5'?llll 2 fran, A-w5gmi1k,'.-, gg i-ggi' 'WM' ,g Wi-j'f ,Q L, K' A f w, ---' , - anglmder Left to right, Kay Lynn Norman, Sue Hopkinson, Heather Teall, Michelle Bliss, and' Nancy Hollister. U6 33 , --wut, , I , 'Q sf - I V 'f"N Q 3 , af" ' l ,, Left to right, Sandy Janie, and Sylvia. M ajv relic' Top to bottom, Janie, Sandy, and Sylvia SYLVIA PROSERPI JANIE SMITH-Head SANDY ASTLE I6'onnio Lfonroort Koyti Alonondor ,7nnior jon Morrow ,Conrio Brown Sue Van Slambmuck Quan "-Q--....,,,,4 H' A one-act play entitled " The House of Bernarda Alba." "Junior Miss Top Row, left to right, Kelly Marich, Dave Warnock, Rick Larson, Bob Hughes, Steve Memering, Ken Jaffee, and Byran Mayers. Bottom Row, left to right, Jerry Goetzman, Judy Queale, Bonnie Guldstrand, Diana Draper, Cathy Sharp, Kay Lindgren, and Rod Sullivan. "Brigadoon" E715 ,vizm MRS. SALADEN Advisor "The Doctor in Spite of Himself" Apache pow-wow! Lloyd flies through the air with the greatest of ea lt will be done someday. 1 eptcmbvr School Opens .......,.....,..,.... ,..,....., Student Council Dance ....... .... First Football Game ........ ....... P. T. A. Parent Rally ........ ....... Annual Staff Dance ....,.., ,...... .September 5, ..September 8, September 15, .September 21 September 29, 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 se I77 Madame Curie ? ? f Even the freshman can give a good dance! EN CIMA l MUSIC DEPI .gg I MEET ,X W S- 5, TALENT Did you go? "And now Students. . Meet the Talent ......,.,........,........................ October 4, 1961 E. l. P. Day ......,......A,.A.......,.,.,.,,.. .,..... O ctober 6, 1961 P. T. A. Back to School Night .................. October 12, 1961 Class Elections ............................ .,...... O ctober 12, 1961 Freshman Class Dance .,.......... ,,4.... Homecoming Game ,.,A,,,,,. ,,,.,,,,, Homecoming Dance ...,.,,,, ...,,,.. .October ..October 20 1961 October 26: 1961 27, 1961 l "Everything looks so good, I don'f know whot To get." si B arg, ,Qs Where are your socks, Ricky ond Heather? "But mom Whoi? Christmas in November? l 1 Member l P. T. A. Spaghetti Dinner ...................,.. November 2 l A. F. S. Dance .................... ........,..November 3 Junior Closs Sock Hop ....... .........,. N ovember 10 Foli Ploy-"Junior Miss" .............. ., November 16, 17 Football Awards Banquet ,.,,...,..,......... November 21 Senior Tolenf Assembly v....... ,....,.. November 22, 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 1961 l Kerttu Niemela The Apaches did ii again! Becky, "What are you doing to Ker1tu's birthday coke?" Mr. Smith greets the student body with his usual smile. Dmfmlfcr ls this called the twist? The Christmas tree promoted the holiday spirit. Kerttu's Birthday Party ,....... ..... D ecember 1, 1961 Donkey Basketball Game ....,. ...,.... D ecember 5, 1961 Three One-Act Plays ,..,..... .....,. D ecember 8, 9, 1961 Spanish Club Festival ....... ...... D ecember 16, 1961 Christmas Dance ......,..,... ...... D ecember 20, 1961 180 "1 The camhaign went off with a bang. Second floor, 1 Everybody does the twist. going down. The Juniors pull through wth an excellent talent show. january 1 Sophomore Sock Hop ...... Campaign Assembly ....... Student Body Elections ....... Junior Talent Show .,,.,,.,, 1 Student Body Dance ........ Freshman Dance ....... y Semester Ends ....... ..,January 5, ........January 11 .January 12, ......,.January 17, .January 19, January 26, January 26, Play, man, play 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 Dld the seniors" know about th S9 No one missed this 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 tables seemed to be turned the day after f fl if Af, swf K, -:.,.ff"" J! , Ms. AV 5 ws..---. ,.,. , 'i' l 1 - i?,,,4A5 lik j .am K I m9,.,,.,,,,u.,..,--- ., 'ix W .Id Q I s l it .Lf Week. , Candidates for "Green Goddess" are left to right Mom Gillis Annette Scull Mona Willison, Vianne Morris, and Chris Rapp labsentl much hord work, the Quill and Scroll induction was a EVe"Yfl1lf1QW05h0PP'n9 011112 T010 DUMB M arch Senior Tolo Week ..,,.s Senior Tolo Dance .............. Quill and Scroll Induction ..... Silhouettes Fashion Show .,... ..... Latin Club Banquet ...,...A., March 5-9, ...March 9, March 8, .March 16, March 17, 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 we . .I ,mf 1 I as , . , .---w0"' 2, . fi' r A sf :ggi "5 ' Ili fi' - niet- I:r1St.I 1 1 2 'If . f tru , ,J ,Q I. A ' xi k ,. '21 . 2 , 1 . 1 5' ,, wf,,r1ey , 4 5 1 ,K V ,sr I. am ls the cafeteria that lovely? if H Q gb Jw 5 Q55 tm 8 Y I It SF' ll Q r yi'Z1"" ll I If I I -It: 'azz i 4 X2 K -- ,t ai fs, 1- sri' 'tm JW P, , , .Q c R . ,X M, MQ W. ,nf ,f ' I Aw . X its ,I fag, V ,- 1 gm, Yfq.-, ,, ,-3,eI.g " , . .u s s, X- ,. .U I f 1 -to if .IU eff. " W" .rv f . M I I 'I+ 'l 36 ,, ff f is of 15 It ie I 6 if el . , .im M E LQ I itg Nm ighfx gg? MMF g 3.15 'K we ff- 41-I'ff,sIfx,I, .: - a I' ' H21 This is called the Modern Dance Workshop. Where are the other two Gary? k,,-:f.:f-m- ' , im, vw ,, N ,ca s- 19314, ' . . A Jack seems to be holding everyone's attention except Chuck's and Ron's. ,4,vr1I Sprung Play Apru 5 6 7, Easter Music Concert A ri 11 Senior Breakfast A rl 11 Senior Teach Day A rl 11 Exchange Assembly April 25 Modern Dance Workshop April 26 Junior Prom April 27 Spring Forensic Festival April 28 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 1962 t , tt tr I, Q . ----------------4-----'--------------------' .I I I ' .... I ............,................ p 'I , ' .......................................... p 'I , ' --------....---.-.---------,------------ P 'I . IB4 1 1 They poy more ottention than the students. 1 1 1 Everyone participates in senior hot doy e en George! Men, look out for Apache squaws. Lori demonstrates freshman talent 1 ' May 1 Open House ........,,.,...,e.........,........,....., ,..,,.e M oy 3, 1962 1 Freshman Tolent Show ....... ...Moy 9, 1962 Spring Music Concert ......... ...,.... M ciy 11, 1962 , Senior Picnic ................. .Moy 14, 1962 Senior Hot Doy .,...,,,,,...., Moy 16, 1962 1 Spring Sports Bonquet ....,... ........ M oy 22, 1962 Senior Avvords Banquet ....,..,, .,.,.... M oy 23, 1962 1 Senior Awards Assembly ,,,,,.. .,,,,.,, M oy 24, 1962 6 Apache Doy Picnic ......,....... ,....... M oy 25, 1962 Senior Boll .....,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, M gy 26, 1962 Moy 29, 1962 1 Trock Bonquet ........ 1 1962 1962 1962 1962 Urgzmizafivns American 576111 Scrrfire Bottom Row, left to right: Jenny Reese, Sally Long, Kerttu Niemela, Eleanor Bode. Second row: Cris Rex, Pam McNabb, Cheryl Westergren, Terri Scharfer, Carolyn Pretzer, Barbara Rea. Q k , ,,k, ,-,' f ,Y , 5 im, f. ,ee- ,gin I H ,, st Kerttu gives a friendly wave at Encina's Homecoming parade. , ff I 1 jst , wr K ,, . '!r4,. 4 ... iz? r :N I 2 ,, ffm'-,ggi--:fw'sw.i'1rwsql, - ,U ,,,,. ,, ,,.,,,, ,, . , , f , -fc Eiwid, k Q rf' J T if r-eeer r Jenny Reese Secretary Pam Mc Nabb Treasurer Carol Olson President Barbara Rea Vice President Mr. Thomas Keefe Advisor Kerttu Niemela, Sally Long, and Servet Multu were this year's American Field Service guests. The main purpose of ther A.F.S. is to taster understanding be- tween nations through the exchange student program. The activities of the club in- cluded a conference and an American Field Service week. 6.5. 9. Entrance to the California Scholarship Federation is gained bly receiving a total of ten T scholastic points based on a system set by the club. The main purpose is to further scholastic achievement and interest in academic studies. Vicki Griffiths Secretary-Treasurer Bonnie Guldstrand Historian it 1' 1 'R L J , we . M Xi, -5 t' r, H. z " . -' ,ftifvx ' . ,L , f' Bill Costa President Barry Bauska Vice-President Mr. Gayle Kernick Advisor 1 Bottonl Row, left to right: Frank lnlow, Bill Costa, Dave Coplin, John Crabbe, Venn Vranas, Carolyn Howard, Jenny Reese, Sue Boutin, Vicki Griffiths, Jaan Andrews. Second row: Louis Hemstreet, Dennis Glenn, Dave Hutchings, Doug Croucher, Sandra Lane, Leanne Taylor, Pat Matteson, Mariorie Seimears, Printha Berry, Joanne Swoboda. Third row: Anne Klingelhofer, Janice Lynn, Carol Pachl, Judy Baker, Susan Mc Kee, Terri Schaefer, Karen Drury, Charlene Flaherty. Fourth row: Barry Bauska, Shaun Sullivan, Jack Floegel, Chuck Johnson, Ken Bailey, Ricky Ripple, Jeff Alpers, Bob Fisher, Jere Renoud, Chuck Sullivan. Crabbe. i l90 mv: ' "fm rt 5L'ftw?:N, I l i 1, . Q r ' 1225? riff? ,3v-w.Qf,- ,lW,l1Ti,4t!1,g,1',,.l'w ',.,,m t 'QW-T Wi 45 i rSy,mwQxwf' -V ,mit ,. 3357? tl Q ' ' ,135 ,gif Z 1 ,fs .. Fgs.,,, -, ft anti., K ,i 1, A1 I 'fl lx 'ff si ix ri 4705? 3 if ities Bottom Row, left to right: Connie Pitts, Pam Stimers, Connie Buckley, Maryly Samson. Second row: Ken Bailey, Mimi Drury John ' 5 Mrs. Pauline de Gooyer Geoff Beary President Advisor Maryly Samson Publicity Ken Bailey Vice-President Crystal Capelis Secreta ry-Treasurer The Forensic Club provides Encina stu- dents with the opportunity for debate and oratory. It is open to students inter- ested in speech. The Forensic CIub's maior activity, this year, was the spon- soring ofthe Forensic Festival. Latin 611111 The Latin Club is open to all Encina students who are taking Latin. The pur- pose ot the Latin Club is to acquaint the Latin student with the contributions Latin has made to the people ofthe world. Mr. Donald Day Advisor Bonnie Barrett Counsul J Q l SW ff J fww me 'I V- y ma fx Q. lf 'Q' Q' 6 L M sf 4: II, W7 ,, W M ' 3 ' I 'qi if " If f i,,'I'iz,v'-'Z iii! I ' ,,vIL1f,IWL,fff, iMIo:rn,fg me " 'I izswjpt 1 f, JW" C 1 'Q 7-gh " 1, I I':z, ,nw vI,'i-gary' f -I 1 I J., -4 I . K K t tiff ., V I4?If:ifI -A :'fN1iff" 'Q ,, I, -5- 1952'- , if , ,. .,,s:z5fsg,II , ,swiss ,,,f,Qlv-,.,g,, I,-Lf,-if I I I . iWfIa,,,, 4 J,I,L.miIw J ffff -mf s at II IIIIm-fy1M,- I I " zS.w'4:I,, 'I f Witt, 'fit 'i WHI W Q tiwwff 4: I 1 Il. if . -IHHZQMZY 2, X . 1 ' 5.56, Q3 guess , X in 't Jody Booth Reporter Bottom Row, left to right: Anne Klingelhofer, Diane Halsted, Colette Nunes, Linda Johnson, Chris Robles, John Crabbe. Second row Carol Murray, Elana Edmisson, Marilyn Holt, Donna Pascoe, Donna Segrest, Sue Barrett, Linette Wood, Jenny Reese, Vrenn Vranas wrow: Louis Hernstreet, Dan Tobin, Annabelle Younger, Bob Fisher, Sharon Wilson, Ron Klobert, Barry Bauska, Chuck Sullivan I K ,- ,, QL.--e, fi x J .X Harman 51116 T is V x , , , g , , , Q. , 5 -Il: I A Bottom Row left to right- John Peterson Joe Wilson, Jim Moshofsky, Jim Lewis, Leo Lutchansky, Cheryl Fuchs, Leanne Taylor, Susan Hansen, PotlMatteson. Second row: Lindd Killick, Nancy Spencer, Margie Schmidt, Elione Proserpi, Susan Barrett, Margaret Nadey. Third row: Mike Cooper, Bruce Robinson, Danny Dwyer, Scott Gaylord, Clark Gallagher, Bob Steed, Dick Haken, Tom Norris. Fourth row: Ritchie Hemstreet, Bill Kern, Auther Baird, Mike Calloway, Benedict Ruhman, John Wieldwald, Eddie Douglass, Dave Helmich, John Sullivan, Tim Wheelis. Tim Wheelis Miss Elise Wolz President Advisor L 4, Q This year the German Club adopted the name ,gf - if 'Q "Die Drachen" which means the dragon. Die Drachen ,, , T A 'sf T . X1 l"'M7r: members ex lore the culture of all German s eakin ,ist 1 1 i , P P if countries. Their activities have included several P.T.A. I programs, a Christmas party, and a clothing drive for German refugees. ' 4, F 'Q 7 Joe Wilson , A ' David Crowley Vice-President .- ' F A I , .I Reporter ' A fm ' y f 4 i l c 411 ,,, li - aj- in l l' M . H, , 1'-gl X ' vi gil , ,,i., 1 A ,S K - ig if Leanne Taylor Margie Schmidt John Wiedwqld Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer I92 Karen Drury Vice-President Frank Newman President l Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Qrench 611111 Terry Rieger Treasurer Diane Pucci Charlene Flaherty Le Cercle Francais, Encina's French Club, has striven to acquaint the French students with the French culture and the French contributions to society. The French Club's main activity was the Reveillon, a Christmas party. JM. M N ., fiiwfib' if - , - if Q, ,.-r.:.1.,..X Q , rga 'ftf.n..y - v Tllzfmggitti JoAnn Leue Publicity Officer - till. - "'t 1 ' 1 Q., if S M A Q Q, M ,Ji .- , .4 l 'a,,WQgt"?.l,+ 2253 " ti - X' " TEM I ts, , . .N , , Q. .. ty t t mt ttf .J , is 5 . Q. T Zig hiring A gg . gil, u , -is wr txt? 5 xg GM, si r c, 32 f Q if f x tif to i 'r 2' MS? Q 4 , 12 5,1229-fag... :t,w.wi,mvvig .s .fr .Yf','fS4H2z.,1J,lr SYN ' , F . t vi K if'-'X 1 '- ..155.if!i:'::f'1f1f1:ff,r15nii' ' E'!734i5ll 41 if , I ,gf 2. ' ' zw iimtliw if .. . N LM,-Ss billet la , + ff V - up , ,, .. rim, ,,,,. .. , ,f,gql.f'nfs,ggisz Q, 1 1 af, html:-. ' 52tlltis-zwyfsf: Mr. Dale Jones Advisor l Bottom Row, left to right: Jennifer Jenson, Cheryl Robles, Sue Kirsten, Chris Rex, Kathryn Henley, Karen Coupe, Patsy Parker, Pat Mag- ruder, Julie Blanchfield, Jane Griffin, Sue Boutin, Carolyn Howard. Second row: Albert Willet, JoAnn Leue, Pam Stimers, Barbara Biggs, Mary Wallace, Carol Pachl, Marilyn Schoenhoff, Susan McKee, Charlene Flaherty, Pat Goetien. Third row. Sandra Stimers, Kathy Williams, Marilyn Holt, Noalee Beddard, Judy Baker, Mimi Drury, Diane Dunn, Karen Drury. Fourth row: Frank Inlow, Kathy Johnson, Steve Boutin, Connie Pitts, Frank Newman, Craig Vanderboom, Ed Chandler, Ricky Ripple, Dave Coplin, Jere Renoud, Chuck Sullivan, John Abbott, Alan Routhier. l93 sg M w tw if K ,H ,sr 'S W, i glig-Fw wt J 2' I Bob Breton President ,m,.h , V mm,' ' - "'- Q ,f V Y V. f 1 " . X' 1. ' f iw ff ' , V if,f?i?ifjirf-iiitgti 13, g:1:f,,, , ,i f Mr, Vincent Marelich Advisor Linda Newell Vice-President Span! I1 61116 the Spring Festival, Carla Kirn Treasurer Bottom row, left to right: Carla Kirn, Jere Donovan, Cathy Bode, Susan Westover, Susan Wright, Enid Meyer. Second row Kathy Vine Connie Coleman, Ann Wallace, Sharon Buckley, Pat Braikovich, Kathy Berke. Third row: Robert Morrison, Linda Newell Gail Steiner Bob Breton, Sherry Upham, Linda Holloway. I94 The goal ot the Encina Spanish Club is to promote understanding of the Spanish language, the Spanish cultures and it's peoples Any stu dent interested in or taking Spanish may ioin. The club worked on a winning homecoming float, PTA meetings, a Christmas Fiesta, and Math Klub Bottom Row, left to right: John Crabbe, Doug Croucher, Gail Steiner, Sandy Whitmire, Cherrill Frost, Susan Wright. Second row: Reggie Page, Ken Bailey, Craig Courtright, Ricky Ripple, John Arrington. Mr. Lawrence Stallings Advisor -J 'D it 73 ww, .1 1,- 3 A 1 ' .Q J f no - - X - f wx. fg . Q f,w a,,gfs3" 3, Q lgtxf We ., , eff-'fi-2'. Q : ':53. .L25 i1fit?E'l7i:3l?l: . - L ' v 1' Doug Croucher Vice-President Ricky Ripple Treasurer Wi? John Crabbe President The Math Club is open to all stu- dents interested in Math. Members have an opportunity to further their knowledge in every phase of mathe- matics. l95 Bottom Row, left to right: Carol Rocher, Vianne Morris, JoEllen Houck, Linda Johnson, Vicki Farrel, Julie Blanchfield, Sandy Haub, Rita Reynolds, Charlotte Lewis. Second row: Vicki Weatherford, Barbara Rumsey, Candy Arenus, Pat Littau, June Halsted, Carol Flint, Erin Doherty, Carol Hershey. Third row: Diane Bentz, Linda Waldo, Noalie Beddard, Joanne Olson, Janice DepPole, Susan Wayne, Sharon Baughn. Fourth row: Kim Marsh, Barbara Thelson, Cheryl Crockett, Melinda Moorman, Neva Derrick, Annette Scull, Chris Rapp, Mona Willison, Carolyn Fisher, Claudia Watson, Bonnie Spence. Fifth row: Marty Gillis, Laureen Moorman, Jeanette Rapp, Connie Butler, Judy Spalding, Lynn Towyer. ' i Madvlzng 61116 .n fl V, Ls. .V g . Y-1 .gt , HW M ein Jeanette Rapp Laurie Moorman MVS- Reese Vice-President Secretary Advisor The foremost goals of the Encina modeling club are to teach the basic fundamentals of modeling, good grooming, and to assist girls in developing poise. To Many Gillis accomplish this the club has invited speakers to their President meetings and have held fashion shows for its members. Karen Scott . . . Trecswer The annual Spring Fashion show, open to the public, was "Green Goddess". I96 RM l w, left to right: Joey Sopo, Lawrence Erwin, Ron Sills, Richard Ray, Jim Sanderson. Second row: Paul Smith, Allen Bannon Clark Dwayne Rollings. Third row: Pat Rice, Ken Hall, Al Arrington, Gary McGowan, Larry Seals. 47 If fl' ' f A I'f5 N INA, "2 'F Mr. Trathen GGFY MCGOWGH Richard Carr Advisor President Vice-President The Industrial Arts Club is made up of students from the industrial arts classes. lt enables the students to acquire experience in this area. The main project of the group is to make the plaques for the various clubs in school. Q V A-Q4 sf- f 1.4 ' i ii gt e T V ew st 42 X :V ' 'flT?rfF'. lf ' f + ,gi if l X W M 1 K it .Q 5 fbi 1315.1 ,..,f .fr ' - Allen Bannon Secretary Richard Ray Treasurer av, ag. sf Qulodlo Jgf Vgiiik Lifes' 'W ' ffkiia F - fini' , , Ellen Dill The purpose of the Girls Athletic presidem Association is to further their interest in athletics, and to develop sports- manship. All members participate in playday, sportsday and tourna- ments. Roxanne Allen Secretory-Treasurer Terri Schaefer Mrs. ATS llllichaelson Vice-President Wsor r i Bottom Row, left to right: Nancy Mc Lanahan, Chris Robles, Sunny Jo Royse, Sue Boutin, Edith Hoffman. Second row: Carolyn Howard, Sandra Whitmire, Linda Kukkola, Linda Killick. Third row: Pam Boltinghouse, Linda Woodworth, Carol Mc Clure, Pat Mc Lanahan, Pat Farley. Fourth row: Ellen Dill, Judy Torson, Terri Shaefer, Cheryl Westergren, Pat Braikovich. Fifth row: Virginia Mc Donald, Susan Gates, Brenda Baker, Judy Dyson. I98 1 '5 1 1 x svv A 1 . r Q. ,ffiir -f?'ffiff3n' fgiifigsf 35:1 .. ,, . We 'l i i2,s1g2.sf2f2l5 A w ' X Lyle Andrews . President A .fr .EHR A Mllfefle Paul Ellis 1 4e 1 ws Vice-President Q K x . 1 Kg W 3 ' Y Q 'Y Nzztianal Kiflc The fundamental goals of the National Rifle Association are to familiarize students with firearms, their care, and use. The N.R.A. began using the Orangevale firing range for target practice, during the latter part of the year. Joe Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Bottom Row, left to right: Randy Rounds, Paul Ellis, Ron Rounds, Dave Linn. Second row: Bill Benson, Ray Kidd, Gerald Woodruff, Don Schultze, Don Watson, George Edge, Bob Cutshaw. Third row: Mario Virone, Bob Spence, Bob Ivey, John Kopchak, Richard Wong, Warren Sharraft, John Mabra, Dave Schultze, Joe Wilson, Steve Shaffer, Darrel Adams. I99 200 - .Quill A eral! Bottom row, left to right: Judy Hartman, Eleanor Bode, Linda Rudnick, Kathy Rayfuse. Second row: Joanne Swoboda, Vicki Griffiths, Karen Scott, Frank Newman, Sue Jordan. Third row: Cheri Williams, Carl Hartman, Jim Pobanz, Louis Hemstreet, Val Lombardi, Bob Binns. The Encina Chapter of Quill and Scroll functions as a club dedicated to the improvement of high school iournalism. It is open to students who have worked on a publication staff for two or more years, with at least y liii J a B average. P if it-f f Mri. Isabell Wilkerson Linda Rudnick Val Lombardi KOFGH SCOYT Advisor Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Eleanor Bode President Sfuturc ur c Klub Bottom Row left to rlght Nancy Mc Lanahan Pat Ellrs Connue Baker Donna Segrest Donna Pascoe Second row Lundcl Krllrck Judy Schefer Marilyn Schoenhoff Carol Mc Clure Thurd row Noalee Beddard Carolyn Howard Judy Baker Pat Mc Lanahan Fourth row Janice Lynn Sandra Herren Edith Hoffman Pat Farley The aim ot the Future Nurses Club IS to and and en courage students to become nurses Trlps to the l-hgh lands and the Samuel Merltt Schools of Nursrng rn Oakland provided the club vvsth practical ndeas and views on health and nurslng 4-1 'Us 'W twin Q-fm Judy Baker Nancy Mc Lanahan Judy Schefer Muss Mar9U"9l COUSIUS Presndent Vlce Presrdent Secretary Treasurer Advrsor Janice Lynn Correspondmg Secretary I : I I I I ' : 1 , . - 1 r . , - 5 1 1 I - , 1' F w wtf' W 5 ss ' F ' ' 1, , ' wifi . 5 - ' f , , i X l .. i ,eii J W t 9 5 1 e 5 ' Mike Harris Vice-President ,W as , , gn . .,.., W, V11 tw .. ,,.,, .LJ,, .sf , ,, , . . , - K'-A t T LLLLL - GJ if t 'm . , 'tw -' lk' M PH, i , ' - K'm,' ' I 'K,- M Janice Gerber Secretary . f :fl'L95 2:5 BJQQWQ Bottom Row, left to right: Molly Culbertson, Sue Allan, Sue Hopkinson. Second row: Heather Teall, Sue Van Slanbrouck, Terry Downie, Jan Morrow. Nancy Hollister. Third row: Dave Dutton, Sue Caplan, "'i i'iii " Geoftry Fischer, Michele Bliss, Jane Sautner, Jack Floegel. ri' ,, .. - . :K- r ' 'V-wiv? 'gr ,gc . 21te,,., . . L, ,, . , ' . txitt-1r,,wsg 7 , . -LW , 5,124.35 t14?11imiif, . t MI 5' ., .Q H, ' 15525106 EW , . ,, 'mf vb mt, iw X M! will ,A Lt tr ,J 5 A CE , W H, if A 2 W 3 r .. K -'sr l r Chip Lambert Decorations W- H Diane Kotenski Tickets if 'W et,,,t f Q li ,Q Kay Barkley Publicity 1 :+45?VfffYiYi5 "'f,'-" ' C -. 'f,' L ir, e?EFfi'?iQ,f.:, 'f.- V , ' , ,el L J "" , ' , ,f,' f j5f,1.'Zfq-' ' xr. .ire l . trtet ieaie 1 ' M li f , ieii , " . ' 1f'::2Qi:fQ15ia Buzz Kopf Class Competition 202 Xfif Left to right: Jack Szlak, Venn Vranas, Kathy Rayfuse, Buzz Kopt, Susan McKay. Bottom Row, left to right: Linda Andrews, Carol Ondreicka, Carol Sievers, Second row: Mike Harris, John Dufour, Chip Lambert, Tom Larson, John Constans. Bottom Row, left to right: Janice Gerber, Barbara Wilson, Chris Palermo, Allyson Dreith. Second row: Ken Gott, Don Rake, Marty Gillis, Betty Emerson, Sharon Baughn. Bill Corrie President and Rally Head M 0 Familiar to all Encina stu- f dents are the red and the gold uniforms ofthe Honor ,Qi Pep which this year took the 'S place of the Pep E and the Wx If Pep Central of the past . years. The duty and purpose of the Honor Pep is to pro- H L mote school spirit and to or- , .. fy ganize the rallies and the lf y .574 games. Bottom Row, left to righYVionne Morris, Joyce Rodgers, Sally Schlemmer, Diane,Kotenski, Carolyn Fisher. Second row: Mona Willison, Donna Broehan, Kathy Vine, Paula Mack. Third row: Maisie McCarty, Kim Marsh, Sally Baker, Annette Skull. Fourth row: Larry Hunt, Connie Bulter, Wayne Sharret. . ,i slr -A 1 A x-M ' 'hm 'Ch r sc .. .,., .,uf.,r. 'Fx Miss Gibson Advisor Mr. Bassett Advisor 203 Bottom Row, left to right: Larry Lewis, Jerry Woodruff. Second row: Wayne Ebner, Bob Ivey, Mario Virone, Don Bakkie, George Edge Third row: John Kasnick, John Kopchak, Donald Watson, Don Schultze, Dave Schultze. T' 'VX it t ,f5r,.-"S:'f f A f .W ...J- ig, e t L 1 ' ,' f A "'! Lyle Andrews Q, sf Battalion Commander V, iJ" 'f" . Paul Ellis Executive Officer A - M fl K . ,Hr , X' if'fm,li W L A K ,f .ix Qi Q ,K Xiu Bob Cutshaw Public Relations 204 Officer . ,u' ' A. I , W.. W X wx aw Y Q-we at Q l l 1 alt Q li li , A V' . Q' I, ...wi Ray Kidd Personnel Officer 'QS' as J 1? HW A .,,4w'u1g, L' .1 is Q Q K' 1 y Bill Schmidt Supply Officer , . K 4 Left to Right: Mario Virone, Do Bill Benson Company Commander The purpose of The cadets is fo develop leadership and a sense of responsibility in The student, This year The Encina Cadets sponsored a leadership school, and the members also participated in a trip To The Army base at Fort Ord in Southern California. ' is I 5? 3 , Q X X ,Q 1 i . F Q . n Waftson, Dave Schultz, George Edge kadia lub Left to Right: John Traper, Dave Hill, John Kasnik, Cameron Martel, Tim Bilby. The Encina Radio Club promotes the know- Membership in the Social Science Forum ledge of electronics as it pertains to radio. is open to any Encina student interested in It also helps aspiring ham operators to ob- the social problems of today. Meetings were tain a license. This year the club took trips held once a month and tapes made of lec- to several radio stations to observe the prac- tures given at the meetings. aria! fiance arum Left to Right: Frank Newman, Barry Bauska, Jere Renoud, Pam Wood, Carol Hershey, Margaret Nadey. 206 Phatagraphy 61116 John Murphy, Chuck Meyers, Randy Rounds, Mike Calloway, Danny Moore, Marianne Neville. The purpose of the Encina Photo Club is to familiarize its members with the principles of the camera and it's correct use. This year the club took a field trip to Lake Tahoe where they had many opportunities to take pictures. Bridge New to Encina this year, the Bridge Club was organized to teach bridge to all those wishing to learn and to further the skill of those to whom the game was already known. lub Kay Lingren, Terry Robles, Anna Peterson, Gayle Steiner, Linda Egar, Allen Soros, Alben Willet. wwfw ,.A"" N.-an f fY We Mr Amphibian Instructor of Marines, conducts his favorite class of "Carassius Auratusf' Hamann Us if We it 5 of ll y ? it ' l J Bill McCurry, photographer for the Tomahawk, and Mike Calloway, the Encinian Photo- grapher, get together to dis- cuss their mutual problems. 01' First Row, left to right: Bill Kelly, manager, Mike Robichaud, Jeff Williams, Stu Richardson, Lloyd Reist, Warren Light, Ron Campos, Bob Keller, Jerry Hjelle, Kelly Marich. Second row: ' Bob Burns, Royal McMahon, Fred Nelson, Bob Binns, Bob Haberman, Dennis Bright, Rod Sievers, Dick Hacken, Larry Seals. Third row: Coach McCormick, Dick Pickens, Kieth Strickland, Larry Lynn, Allan Moss, Roger Norris, Louie Costa, Richard Burress, Bill Davies. l always thought the difference between a great team and a good team was that a great team was undefeated. This past football season changed m'y y thinking. Although we lost one game, Encina still had ci great team. Not just in l ability but in attitude and desire. l have never been as proud of my group as I l am of this years' football team. I Coach Don McCormick SCORES ENCINA OPPONENTS 24 ,,,, Norte Del Rio 7 25 . ..... Roseville .... 13 33 . .... Highlands .... l4 26 . ...... Marshall ,.,, O 33 . .... Bella Vista ..... l3 21 . .... San Juan ..... 6 32 . ...... La Sierra .... 20 12 . .... El Camino ....L I3 26 . ....., Mira Loma ..... I2 ootball KSN Line Coach JERRY KUNDERT First Row, left to right: Scott Morton, Mickey Klieman, Lonnie Davenport, Ron Rubesky, Steve Boltzley, John Goodman, Jim Goldberg, Bill Paulson, Coach Kundert. Second row: Richard Ray, Ed Douglas, Tom Rogers, Dave Hutchinsom, Bob Lewis, Steve Wehr, Gordon Rogers, Bill Snipes, Bill Rupp, Coach Shear, Coach Stephens. Third row: John Whiteline, Dave Long, Keith Taylor, Al Arrington, Jerry Brown, Ron Deets, Pete Boom, Mike Pascoe, Norm Sietkin Head Coach DON MCCORMICK Defensive Coach WILLARD STEPHENS Y ROD SIEVERS All Conference All Conference BILL DAVIES All Conference All City All Nonhern Calif. All American On behalf of The siudenf body, we would like To congratulate Bill for being seleciecl To The l96l-62 All American Football Team. -Sports Editors 2l2 sm. -'SRT , Y ,L 'Iliff' L yin ,wg f. A 83 N, -Nw i W A f '5' 305:41 be -. 'kb x ' QL HJ 1 'P' 5 'N I-Mila xQ it wr? S., fu, . ? I ,Ja f x fi - x'z JERRY BROWN K 1' 3,- S ,M -il' I, x 5 'M N 'N ie. If rf., 'f .J Y STEVE WEHR 3,9 its' fra, MC , - 'ls- x ,fr-MY' if xii, A 5' ff . 4 Sq as 'r' . 5 2 4 8 J 4 1 1 n IL4. Z I it. x, x fx W - A rx, L lk: ' .V i"l X' L excl t 'LJ .R X- X: N gig ix ' . ,W'rT.5l'f', mx P l wit- 'A ks , ' 'RSI N' , HJ l 'itll K ' A'-el all bi WR F ,N VX, 4 ... - ' l L ' .2 i Front Row: Chuck Hanchett, Wayne Clemence, Mike Simmons, Pat Richards, Keith McDonald, Phil Woods, Bob McGee, Dan McGuire Frank DeHaven, Roger Fife. Second Row: Rick Philbin, Ben Fuentes, Dave Needham, Leif Hendrickson, Steve Smith, Bruce Raftery Bob McPherson, Jerry Mullinix, John Walker, Chuck Vogel, Jim Russell, Bob Alan. Third Row: Coach Lee, Dick Edwards, Bill Hesser Eugene Rowell, Bob Stosick, Gary Troyer, Jim Eakins, Larry Lawman, Dennis Shook, Richard VanSteennis, Ken Hill, Coach Eaton junior Var ity oatball HEAD COACH EATON COACH LEE 2I7 yt. Boffom Row, left to right: Jim Houston, Jim Bodehhamer, Vern McDonald, Mike Andrews, Dan Findley, Mike Cardiff, Rocky Wilker- son, Mike Doran, Rick Spence, Mike Moran, Louis Reedy, Dan Price, Steve Cowen. Second Row: Joe Theep, Gary Nibblelink, Chris Reams, Gary Disher, Walt Lubieiewski, Milf Wilson, Royer Monroe, Ray Baird, Scott Owens, John Geringer, Ray Worsley, Third row: Coach Spruce, Brad Williams, Jerry Jones, Jerry Skow, Mike Kincaid, Craig Trimble, Dave Bero, Dan Bergin, Kirk Beaudin, Paul Owens, Jim Warne, Coach Nannini. Hrs hmm cam COACH SPRUCE 2l8 First Row: Mgr. John Draper, Steve Macl?ostie, Steve Ronzone, Larry Boehm, Chris Cooper, Dave Gebauer, Bob Malone, Jim Snell. Second row: Jim Bradanini, Bill Boehm, Bill Dodson, Haines Gridley, Jerry Van Der Leon, John Sullivan, Bill Soberburg, Mike Phillips. Third Row: Jeff Jennings, Glenn Campbell, Mike Walden, Larry Lewis, Chip Lambert, Bill Hinshaw, Terry Rhodes, John Consfans, Ken Smith, Terry Plumb, Coach Clover. Ervss Kaunfry COACH CLOVER 2I9 v 4 1 4 f U I I 3 in W0 Q 1045 Svflw 'x 3 Snr 1 WARD AUBURN Firsf Row: Rudy Minnick, Terry Rhoades, John Goodman, Bob Lewis, Jack Pierson, Coach Gallaway. Second Row: Mgr. Dennis Trimble Ron Singler, Bill Hinshaw, Rick Buress, Ward Auburn, Glenn Campbell. Third Row: Norm Siefkin, Lloyd Reist, Paul Simon, Pete Konrad Woyne Silvers. COACH'S' STATEMENT Encina High School can be indeed proud of The repufaiion of hustle, appearance and sporfsmcmlike man- ner of This year's varsity squod. I COACH GALLAWAY CAPTAIN PETE KONRAD All Most Valuable Tournament Player Coach All-Tournament 223 First Row: Duane Newton, Bill Meehom, Dick Liden, George Cate. Second Row: Bill Boehm, Ken Kuestner, Woody Coxe, Coach Eaton. COACH EATON ,4 Kc' ern' First Row: Cliff Sfroiher, Allan Davis, Larry Boehm, Bill Offill, John Fellows, Steve Ronzone Doug Kempsier Second Row: Bob Jacob M B b sen, gr., o Malone, Mike Faulkender, David Azbill, Mike Walden, Jim Eakins, Jeff Sculfield, Coach Kuhderf. oplzomarc Team 225 First Row: Jim Houston, Poul Cose, Chris Cooper, Bob Miller, Skip Moggioro, Rockie Wilkenson. Second Row: Scott Owens, Scum Turner, Mike Moron, Tom Phillips, Coach Barbo. Nor Pictured: Ron Flodgel, Team Cupioin, Bud Browning. greshmau cam 226 ASCOE DAVI ES x ,Q ' I Q f fM 'lff mx, Q , Back Row, left to right: Coach Erickson, Bill Davies, Jerry Jones, Rich Hacken, Keith Strickland, Leif Hendrickson, Bill Snipes, Byron Bear, Mike Cooper, Mike Pascoe. Second Row: Scott Morton, Rod Chandler, Roger Velenich, Donald Sloates, Gary Dufour, Mike Baird, Craig Blankenship, Al Pucci, Rich Stillwell. Front Row: Bob Reider, Dana Myers,iRich Benson, Dennis Keer, Mike Estep, George Mc- Gee, Pete Boom, John Dufour, Roger Fife. Wrestling is a fairly new sport, but is coming into popularity very fast. This year under the leadership of our new wrestling coach, Mr. Erickson, the team compiled a 7-3 win-lost record and a tie for second place in the Capitol Valley Conference. Their most impressive win was over El Camino who had a very strong team. Thanks again goes to Coach Erickson, who did a wonderful job and turned out a powerful team. l 228 Bob Vlach holds a handstand on the parallels Doug Gentry practices giants on the high bar. ' 1' e .,,,, ii , A Michelle Smith and Molly Culbertson do splits. Sue Hopkinson practices hand stand. MR. EATON MISS PAINTER ,- -., in- First row, left to right: Sue Davies, Jane Giffen, Judy Blanchfield, Judy Hedrick, Judy Cox, Lana Mandella, Margaret Shelton, Karen Toepher, Delores Hotchkiss, Sharon Ellsworth, Glenda Angel, Cecilia Swift, Roxanne Allen. Second row: Martha Heckman, Claudia Hatton, Evelyn Stamey, Ann Sebenthal, Donna Brohean, Sue Trowbridge, Judy Hartman, JoAnne Lene, Carol Sievers, Terri Rieger, Linda Bremmer, Vickie Griffiths. Third row: Gail Banderson, Diane Egger, Eilene Hadkins, Sandi Baker, Andrea Erickson, Anne Gallalee, Kathy Shelton, Barbara Law, Becky Hammond, Anne White, Molly Keller. Fourth row: Cheri Williams, Pat Getchem, Lusandra Nareau, Joanne Swoboda, Judy Shaeffer, Elena Friedman, Karen Frash, Linda Johnson, Donna Brokein, Vickie Hall. Crack cm' The Trackettes is an organization that consists of sixty girls. These girls are split up into various groups which have specific duties. Their main duties are keeping scores, permanent records, and helping with the preparations and the functions ofthe events. ' The girls make a striking appearance in their gold uniforms. They are tops in efficiency and make a very good impression upon Encina and the surrounding schools. KAREN TOEPHER DELORES HOTCHKISS MARGARET SHELTON President Vice President SBCFEYUFY TYBGSUYEI' K Qflfi t . 1 Ja 8 X' he L. . as sf' 1 wax, QFK 'G- V -'wp Left to right: Pct Furrenl, Mike Clancy, Bob Hczgopiun, Warren Berrnoff, Tom Norton, Jim McDermift, Jim Mashofsky Golf Umm In P J gk , - 'o-V, ' I V V3-i ,,:z,k f ' ' COACH LEE Firsf Row: Rick Sfillwell, George Eiserf, Eric Weber, Larry Dully, Jeff Fisher, AI Wellit, Gordon Rodgers. Second Row: Jim Christan, Hunk Wilson, Rick Cory, Gene Peterson, Rich Meyer, Rick Niello, Jeff Fortune. Third Row: Coach Scott, Don Tivoni, Dick Liden, Bur? Presnell, John Milliken, Jock Poriggs, Jim Wilson, Coach Gcllaway. 611171 Swimming COACH SCOTT ond HEAD COACH GALLOWAY Q we First Row: Ed Valko, Pete Reclms, John Walker, Steve Shaffer, Jim Thomas, Dick Howell. Second Row: Bob Baird, Keith McDonald, Clark Gallagher, John Dufour, Larry Grey, Greg Lynn, Niki Januskosky, Steve Sharrock. Third Row: Coach Scott, Doug Gentry, Mike Kinkaid, John Carlson, Dennis LeBlanc, Kevin Gough, Joan Bergman, Jerry Eddleman, Jeff Scurfield, Coach Galloway. tfdlfl ,.,,-Avak, M 115 , V, , ,. i . - J JJ U3 ' 4 , ,,,,.,.m,,,:,.,, .y..,ifV,J,w.a-Vw ew,J.2,,,,,,.1M . A-f.,.y-ff , ,V J, . i J ii gig grykt eu za- l. .Ji J J f,w vi i .J z- i 5 2 dp i 9-.a.JJ .,1:gf 53. wg, i2'X"1.4, 'wmv 1 i . J s' J J J 1. J Ji fa., ig-f.. JW J .5 il JiJli 2iJ?g,?2J S' 3221 tg i. J J .J !J,JJ:. J1g wi, 154, gl gig a m, ll, JJ , Y El WJ ' ,- iii lf: ,lg iq5f? '?5 ll J J J M Ji JiJfif.+Jf?2 ,. ik S S l ri X33 1 E. Y. J Ill J Jil? ,E J 5 J JJ- 22 A i QW n i 1 .. l 1, Jai!! l 2 j,J'2.,,., , L. . 'J 3 E V 5 ,N X J I gig , ,, ...,,,, A, .., A . ,.,., -gi I i Qfpzlfkli il A J J' Viv. - JN' Rick does a Jaqknife, Does if hurt? Simple, isn't it? 234 s First Row: Larry Lewis, Steve Baltzley, Larry Lynn, Eric Henderson, Ron Rubesky, Lloyd Reist, Dave Guest, Rocky Lynn, Alan Alford, Chip Lambert, Mike Dean. Second Row: Lou Erhart, Louie Costa, Leif Hendrikson, Curt Lentz, Rick Hacken, Doug Britton, Wayne Stcimey, Dennis Offenstein, Bill Davies, Terry Rhodes, Bruce Parker, John Constans, John Menke. Third Row: Dan Bergin, Bruce Raftery, George Mackis, Gale Shepard, Keith Strickland, Jim Russell, Alon Metskarf, Ron Campos, Stuart Chapman, Ed Douglas, Bob Keller, Rod Sievers, Bob Binns, Jerry Renoude. Fourth row: Alon Moss, Bill Snipes, Stanly Smart, Mike Blake, Bill Carr, AI Arrington, Jim Ecikins, Rich Mike Pascoe and John Menke fl Crank cam Pascoe and John Menke Louis Erhardt, Larry Lewis, John Constcns and Lloyd Reist take the hurdles. the shot. 1 235 236 Top Row, left to right: Terry Turpin, Mike Sava, Pete Foulke, Ben Fuentes, Rick Philbin, Bob Draper, John Sullivan, Jim Robb, Bob Stosick, Mike Mann, Ray Baird, Tony Long, Jeff Williams, Jim Brown. Second Row: Pete Boom, Lonnie Davenport, Mike Fites, Jim Emerick, Dave Hutchings, Merrill Bishop, Gary Reynolds, Tim Wheelis, Roger Monroe, Ed Bushing, Roger Fife, John Grant, Mike Long. Third Row: Bob Williamson, Dick Gould, Keith McKee, Bruce McMahon, Jim Rohrer, Dove Bero, John Taylor, Robert Betyler, Jim Hall, Haines Gridley, Terry Plumb. 16' Crack Cram McKee has competition. Offill clears 5 feet. First Row: Bob Lewis, Pat Richards, Joey Jerke, Dennis Keer, Alan Routhier, Dan Price, Terry Sanderson, Terry Robles, Mike Moran Charles Hewitt, Second Row: Chuck Carter, Vern McDonald, Joe Mandella, Steve Rortzone, Bill Offill, Steve Shower, Rodger Herman Mike Andrews, Chris Cooper, Jim Warner, Bob Griffith, Tom Voinderleum, John Gallon. Third Row: Walter Lubiefewski, James Greene Butch Soderburg, Tim Stites, Jim Allen, George Wilkerson, Bob Whisenhunt, Jim Brandinini, Dave Hulsey, Jim Sheets, Tom Wilson Bob Allen. 6' Umm 1 Managers Eric Jackman, Bob Hadler. Record holder Gary Reynolds l of ... 'Q - l - 3. Most of our power un the distance came from these boys: Jim Bradenini, Dove Guest, Alan Alford, Terry Rhoades. The port that makes the Track team click: Coach Wygal, Coach Clover, Coach Spruce, and Head Coach Stephens. Our championship pole vaulters: .lim Rohrer, Rocky Lynn, Bill Davies ln the sprints we had the following speedsters: Jim Brown, Terry Plumb. Lonnie D0Ve"'P0'lf Bwce Parke" 1 F' 54- , M Q H 'ar 1 A ,Q mt E X . , audit ' 'W .Q c , L1 7 K, - , 5 ,wh x f C l A 3' V , X. K w 4 ' . ,A 0 5 5 Lge ,, f 'C fx V5 ' C f sv ' X f-'Q . , - I gd ll?" 4? T7 :asp- C ' A 'L t", K 1 st, ' f i A I x 'MR . 2 . X, ,, I ww WL y , ' 1 1 . M f 'Tis C A ' .V fr-AQ C ' 1 4137 - K .- VM . f sz f1J:'ti '-gal J 1, ' ' " x, tfff, ,A , A, , I , Q'WW'."' swf, " K'-- f- 7. 1 ' ' .f First row: Manager Dennis Trimble, Jeff Jennings, Bill Costa, Stu Richardson, Ken Kaesrner, Bill Boehm, John Sacchetii, Woody Coxe, Lyle Jacobson. Second Row: Rudy Minnick, George Cafe, Doug Downs, John Goodman, Norm Siefkin, Pete Konrad, Terry Spence, Tom Rodgers, Glenn Campbell. Var ity Hasvball This Year's Team had many returning lefrermen To help make iT a real contender for The Capitol Valley title. 239 COACH EATON 14' ,J STU RICHARDSON JOHN GOODMAN JEFF JENNINGS BILL COSTA - RUDY MINNICK Q , ,V , s 'm.3 52 JOHN SACCHETTI LYLE JACOBSON -.,.,. TOM RODGERS KEN KAESTER Xfx XX 1 5 N . qi! .. AW.,,, A. N 2 W iw , , ,, kx. , W , L ' 3 "F EVM P, WVR I .Q ff uf DOUG DOWNS Bottom Row, left to right: John Hanken, John Fellows, Alan Davis, Larry Boehm, Jeff Orr, Alan Wolfe, Bob Rivift, Larry Church, Ken Paxton. Back Row: George Boyd, Ray Johnson, Ken Hill, Steve Brasher, Dick Edwards, Dave Needham, Dennis Main, Cliff Stroth- ers, Byron Bear, Roger Valencich, Coach Huber. 1f,.Q+,w :im-. all . ,ma H11 1 KFEYQLE '?T1wR,lK'E'5j?3f ww -we 'Rim k - as give ,- -1 w Hlw,i,ire" K v Je ' , ' - 'fu M3311 --I z -' f, if' 'f wif J 'i:i, .'. iw . 'Yiefffgil-if h ifi My-,,.A,.,A pg' 1 ,- 5-W 'xy W, . Q p QV fr- -M553 ' fefwf 1 fs.".?f655Qifff, . , . gigzzffililf W1 L'f32iTFQ52,i,iQ ' 12295-gsfisAzQ,:' W f Q w, 1' mis: :is ' ' . fi-'-H2634 J me -- ,, pe, N: i,,l, 1 - f oi, - ,-fr, ik! f , . f rv: 'fl sw ww i '- 7 f,.Y1,..,f4, f,1,fgfm,L'z: .-.i DV .gl -W 7 COACH 242 i Ji., , W gklf' A' .H?':'w1t ., f Sign? 5712.1 ,. X 1i'fL fri? 1523- -ew . ". 1 'i - 2,1 v f ' "Wei, '.1?zW' ' A j9i"iiE X I si . if D HUBER Soplwmarc Hzzscball W-I-Y , wiv? if si., From Row, left to right: Bob Reider, Tom Schmit, Carl Young, Ray Worsley, Dennis Roggero, Jim Bergh, Bill Peters. Second Row Warren Sharretf, Manager, Ken Monday, Daryl Owens, Greg Wilkinson, Doug Kempster, Bob Freitas, Ron Clemenfsen, Paul Owens Third Row: Steve Mills, Jack Donahue, Larry Tripletf, Paul Jones, Rick Spence, Jim Bodenhamer, Nelson Smith, Coach Steinagel. We hmm Kascball 243 Coach Galloway holds the second place trophy for Vhe Northern California Tourn- amenf. Pete Konrad holds his trophy for the "Most Valuable" Tournament player. Coach McCormick presenfs All-City fro- phies to Mike Pascoe and Bill Davies Bill Davies was selected to the All- American foorball team. f ff -all f f Wu., dn f f .11 1. v pf,-z-:ww ,qu-ww-fm T f '- 'ff I7 E24 Departmental A Ward Winners Business , I Q -tigifi V M T5 Foreign Language 5 X! l 3 . CHERYLNNE HOLMES Music DIANA DRAPER Home Economics BARBARA REA Industrial Arts 1 6, . if , i i 1 GILBERT STROPPONI Girls' Physical Education HEATHER TEALL 246 BOB KELLER The maior purpose that unifies all our efforts here at Encina is the diligent and continuous pursuit of excel- lence. Not only the limited kind of excellence that com- pares one's efforts with all others, but also the kind of excellence that describes the very best that one can do. Our concern is not only for the classical high school studies but also for the variety of studies that are the concern ofa comprehensive high school. Our primary goal is to encourage excellence in every endeavor. These awards are a part of this encourage- ment. They are given to recognize excellence in each department of our school. This identifying and awarding is to help clarify the goal and to provide a model for other students, Aft ... ,, ii CHRIS LANDGRAF English . it ,M P LOUIS HEMSTREET Science TERRY RHOADES Mathematics . 'ff 'Q 1' 5 A gf? 5 , I GERALD ALLARD Social Studies 1 X 7' , 1 ' f s GERALD SULLIVAN Boys' Physical Education s HQ' 3. 5, iw , f. ' C N .. BOB BINNS Hank Of America ,4 Ward Winners Mathematics Music Science DENNIS GLENN General Field Winner Art STEVE MEMERING Social Science SAM FOSTER Home Economics BARBARA REA General Field Winner DIANA DRAPER CHARLES ABBOTT General Field Winner English DAVE WARNOCK General Field Winner Foreign Language Mr. Smith congratulates the four general field win- ners in the Bank of America Awards. The purpose of the awards are to honor student achievement by focusing attention on outstanding seniors. BOB KELLER Business Industrial Arts SANDY MANSFIELD JOHN MENNIM 247 MIKE MICHELL BARBARA LAW Cops ond Gowns Announcemenfs cniar upplemmf BUZZ KOPH Senior Picnic BARBARA REA PAT VAUGHN Tolo Week Senior Floor 1. .L .LM , Q Q gggcsgj KAREN FRASH Senior Teach Dciy JOANNE LEUE Senior Breakfast r r r r SALLY SCHLEMMER Senior Picnic BETTY EMMERSON Senior Floor pa CATHY GROVE Grad Party Chairman SHAUN SU LLIVAN Grad Pa rty-Band cniar Ball and Grad Party MIKE BROKAW JODY BOOTH Grad Party--Food Grad Party-Place DIANE KAMBESTAD Senior Ball PAT VAUGHN Grad Party Chairman A rrrd Qvraf drrr S I rar ' ' X' ' I , " A ff dOdOd , '-,' I ' 5 ' . f ry I 'Vi' ' mcx meson Grad Party-Entertainment MARGARET SHELTON Grad Party-Decorations MICHELLE BLISS Senior Ball Where x 1 W 4, 9, gym 4 A fl? dll? 6 Advzrtiscments i ,Arden Plymouth I P. ,Cong Habiucts tl I " I 'ul n ll KITCHEN CABINETS 8375 Florin Road Ga 8-8980 or Sacramento, California Ga 1-2935 will l Village 6lcam'rs Town 8. Country Fulton 8: Marconi Ave. 2600 Arden Way IV 9.5891 IV 3-5541 Hrcits Prafcssiamzl Village 2805 Fair Olffliilm' AW' .V 3-2423 Fluzrmacy I Y 373 lj, 14 tl -sg: Town 8t Country Village Fulton 81 Marconi Sacramento 21, Calif. IV 9-6363 A I awdlg vgxiiixoss jg O -wwf-P Arden Dairy .Queen . ,S 31.56 I swear sHoP,,,, 4,1 QPSGAQS gil IV. 3-2949 2720 Marconi ToyIor's Shopping Center ACCENT ON BEAUTY 2732 Marconi Ave. Sacramento, California IVanhoe 9-8120 3341 Arden Way IV 9-4473 ' J J-lrzrnrlten jewelers Hartland e 2924 Fulton Ave. 315 K STFSST 5521 La Sierra Dr. GI 3-4083 IV 7-9956' Sacramento f Sporting Goods Surry DRESS SHOP 811 K Street H 6 4572 S p rmarket Merchandis of Non-Fo d Items 5ros Sundries Solos, .7no 1719 24th Street - Sacramento, Calif. - GI 1-6401 n ,U H 2807 FaK!O3aIS26?8uIevard cpl: ,fs ,N-A, A BALL SRE? foglosorr is J-loinos Motors I-11:,uQL5.s , I cfs fit, QA fx l"f"1 3436 EI C Ave. 2241 Fulton Ave. IV 3-3411 IV 3 6011 - RHTZ 11111111 4118 EI C A Hrathcrk IV 3 IO85 Pharmacy 6111111try 61116 71111151 TOWNV,f'LjjQ"'TRY IV 9 3639 "FinesTl FI " 2359 B D I C ry CI b PI IV 3 2965 fffflf 3 Arden gd5'flfl7l15 Hrasby iv Drive 1711 2260 Arden Way WA 7-1175 ffalc is' DEPARTMENT STORES 1701 Arden Way HI 4-8686 I J YS ,Arden Sports llnllmzfcd 1 if ew ,?6'w N h 111 ff 'I . P 5'5" 'I 5552 II? f' 71 were M521 11 ffh t II I trucfure ,f F snm, 3121 Arden Q fain! Tx .. G,.,:':'2.: Iv 7-8023, Y Ai :Af 5:1 51 e ear of co 1.3 I flggl I o e u es s lfyq' H' in he est. Cho I 3 :J 'Ill I n serves f , I 7 AI' I c If 'Y' ' -K' wth I AWII 3 f I d p d bl I d I gf A L11 the fines ln tel I H programming. 4 I I 4, n .!k M W , ,Q I ' A 'I 1 I 5 1 1, I 1 Ing 1 A I - . ' I I rw ' LEW Williams ' I Zlreerelet Heater 5"55l"'9 5 No' 2 El Comino 84 Fulton 4307 ARDEN WAY 482-1600 SACRAMENTO 21, CALIFORNIA School Suppl S ry Q. implicify P 81 Y cl g Hollmork Cords 84 Gifts Tupperware Parties Kgf W 57022 CHEVROLET 2128 CORVAIR CORVETTE ,fire gill! I flla s ,Cadres rllffarel 3320 El C IV 7 3936 Krek s Salon Arden V 94262 3515 F B Q,-xi. Fasixions OI 1 le 1 Wor or P ay Coufn A Lfauntry flabby Haus: 2601 M 8- rv Phyllis 5'asl1iaf1s Town 8: Country IV 7-4473 Arden hir Beauty Satan 2211 Arden Way WA 2-8254 Sutton ,Mators XM 1. 5 f " AQ Y Q -gi f -, my-K- . K L ., N A 45 , I A f A ' If V 2211 Fulton Avenue IV 3 1301 ,-Qlnix lllk I sill? ll w- - c Y ',v Sluzllsngc' Steam 4 Halter Assn Auto Supply 700 Darina Avenue North Sacramento Leonard E. Parker and Sons WAbash 5-3536 Kalzl is Prcscriptiau Slmp 3430 Balmoral Drive Sacramento, California Phone IV. 9-8798 2712 Marconi Ave. IV 9-7691 -fibre fl ' it 2-,E my Village fllaufcr Slzop 2629 Marconi Ave. Town 8g Country Village IV 9-5287 Sapanc is Usa know 1970 Fulton Avenue Sacramento, California IVanhoe 3-8020 Hob allfans Pav! Supplies 1537 Fulton Ave. Phone 482-0527 All Types Pool Equipment and Chemicals If we don't have it we'lI get it. HOW MANY "GOOD-BYS" WILL BECOME PART OF YOUR GRADUATION? W' odahbm A 0513 1 'Wu' You might say the whole of Life consists of saying "good-hy" . . . hut never more so than when we actually finish high school! For this is the time we put away "the things of a child" and choose our place in this constantly changing world.' May we olfer our wishes for success . . . and may we remind you, here is one "good-hy" you need never make . . . for hath IV-L's will continue to serve you, through the years, in the same fine tradition since 1874! ii, WEINITOCK-LUIIN COUNTRY CLUI PLAZA ' WATT AVENUE AT EL CANINO KIGTOCK-LU? ' XWNTXN 0 KlT1.ETAT'l'Kl.fl'N Elaudc Qrzznkliu lures 2744 Marconi Avne. Sacramento, California lV 9-7812 j 920 Del Paso Blvd. ix North Sacramento lm ' -'--A V 'cl H14 l lxhfz sid: snans, nusnucn wfcu. if-F b---wwll-v WA71861 1601 Arden Way WA 2-6211 2795 Fulton Avenue Sacramento, California IVanhoe 3-5551 CANTONESE AND AMERICAN DISHES 3,,g,,,5,,,, mmf, Aura Accsssumss Q? 6 SAVING CENTER AUTQ SUPPLY 1647 Howe Ave. Sclcromento, California WA 2-5815 X Elsie H u H1161 , Kardx I1 6 mile 2329 Fulton Ave 1 i IV 3 6401 - xl 5681 Freeport ' Sacramento lrrden 8-7815 1 jacksahu s 'WN 8 COUNTRY HAT SHOP 2905 P p Ln. IV 9 6332 C J I y fD'rCT Mayia Qiayart Haaaty Salah 3114 Arden Way IV 3-4656 Finest in Beauty Care! I 1 1 A. ,ti ,Affleck fl. Ji. ,falzasaa Pharmacy Realty A Kaasaltaat 2740 Fulton Avenue S C H - 3017 Arden Way IV h 93608 'V 36546 Smith 3 6attaya Haaaty Shop ff'lyiay '24 Saraica 2201 Arden Way BETTY FRANCES, BEA WA 5.5366 2554 Cottage Way IV h 3 5613 Sacramento, California HI awry 6-5994 1010-+ 12th Street Ivanhoe 3-7891 2526 Watt Avenue.- Sacramento, Calif. E, ,A-.. I SHCFBITIGVIYO, Calif- ' Sllfb' - gl! 5 ia wr 5 a cw zona Camino Avenue COMPLETE APPAREL FOR TALL on LONG TED WOMEN Sacramento, California IVanhoe 3-2580 FRED FISHER is Q qi i . BEAUTY gllffdll - fffdtflf SHOP l5'cauty School Extends Congratulations x,Pel'UlaI1Ql'l.t5 dll To The as nan- cutting ctw . t ag V' of '62 .ynapioomz IV fl-5572 ' A and Invites You to 6139 FAIR OAKS BLVD- Visit Us at 1734 FULTON AVE. Ml swam ifllllfllilii, i siilhglfaiaiimne SERWCE Maverick Drive lun 3928 F ' Oaks BI d IV 9 7043 Arden Zeufn kielffield FAIR OAKS BLVD. AND WATT Sacramento California IV h 9 1915 PICK UP AND DELIVERY Arden Heefery I ffemgr -wx, F eh, 4373 Arden Way IV 3-2346 Spotless Cfleaners 53-l2HlS3'ze:e1' fllsufertlr ffarreld 60. I 22nd 81 Broadway . we FORD SALES AND SERVICE S 'I9II s ,' 1-Ioliclay ,Market 3538 Fair Oaks Blvd. IV 7-4919 W. C. Spangler N EVVS AG E N CY WHOLESALE DYQRIBUTORS, FOUNDED IN I927 SERVING GREATER SACRAMENTO, WOODLAND, DAVIS L DIXON llll 9TH STREET, XSQCRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA Hlckory 6-7541 X a cooperative sales organization representing America's yinest magazines and books. Memo: School odministrotors, business monogers, ond teochers ore in- vited to visit Spongler's well-stocked warehouse ond select from our large inventory of poperbound books. We furnish school title cotologs, ond book rocks without chorge to school districts in our oreo. We're proud of the books we stock - ond proud of the folks who buy them. Why not stop in soon? Sincerely J. W. Spongler .. EF .2 " ,H 'QI Iiklyn IRAQ m 1 is is if-5 Sa g fig s ? HX ? As Elass ,As Us 5llUfW" Waist Cfnnditisnlng 60 Off vw Huff l R college-hi NOW IN edllliffy Plaza, IBe1'. Weins1'ock's 81 Gourmet Lcmel ALSO: DOWNTOWN - SOUTHGATE 2530 Bell Street IV 7-7861 Patrons HORNET DRIVE INN MR. GUY DONLEY DR. EDGAR C. HAAG LEE'S LUGGAGE DR. JOHN B. LONG MRS. LEI LORDGE LOUISE KLEINS WALLPAPER DR. AND MRS. R. C. TEALL DR. GRAY MR. BINNS STUDIO Acknowledgements MR. JAMES W. SMITH, OUR PRINCIPAL MR. DONALD GOLDEN, OUR VICE-PRINCIPAL MR. JOHN BASSETT, OUR DEAN OF BOYS MRS. GRETCHEN SMITH, OUR DEAN OF GIRLS MRS. FLORENCE TOMBLIN, ATTENDANCE OFFICE ALL FACULTY MEMBERS WHO HAVE SO GRACIOUSLY COOPERATED WITH US THE ART DEPARTMENT KEE COLEMAN STUDIO KAYLYNN NORMAN, COVER DESIGNER TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY MRS. ALICE GIRE, OUR YEARBOOK ADVISOR, WITHOUT WHOSE UNFAILING PATIENCE AND GUIDANCE THIS BOOK WOULD NOT HAVE BECOME A REALITY lk vm. 4 .K r ' 12 4 Q. 5 x -M A , L A . Wi' x ' ,, 43' -. , f uf xg V, r . .. :QE L gi . .'g,,2feim-2' . ""' .YH a.,,,,, . X 5, Q W fi 'L' Q' Q, , ' ik " ' L 13 . V Qi, .Q gs ' v 5 13, L-at i I W. .V S K K i 81. an Q . Q ' ,,, ,A if Y Q Q Q, 1 e Y A ,Q A A H W. mf V 1 1 ,L Q . , 1 L, g 5. Q Q 3 .Q ,S Es.. fu 1 Hi, - , I 1' M ,Q ef .W K 1 'f 7 , ' 1 me J 1 yy," 1' 'f , . M. H ., Q. 55 . ffm 1 ' 51,,,x,s' gps gif' ' gigv 4, , ,A V ' wr , - f 1 ,F ' ' ' 25' Jw, We Q 4 - ' . ' 1 2 L Ai Q v fa A 4 ka, .v 5 . - "1 W ' - M A A . 3. an 2 gi' 1 sf iff lg M. Ts , f ' . 'gf-'V 1 ff, Kit jlyaw i' -' af! L Q' GO , 1 b t bl- 1 Y , K ills gf' 4 A ' + I ,N Q A fy ,, W 4, 1 1 fm ff? .1 2 .,g! . , fl , ,wifi ' "Rina ij 'H ,V , l,1j27 TL -4 4 '. 5-wig -X - Q, qdgj If K4 5: 'ffl' 1,w.f2!L'7'f if ' V W iygff g -1 1 J f , , 5-3e",f,g j fs .A 1 gy if 1 A35 y A. 4, eq Mr , 7. ag -0 6' N " .- A 'yifiwfu' ,Q :ffl .f-"'f' M- 3 -' - :fy ,. HUM -uf v- wh , , 's , J, X D '11 A. .pf Qu? ,ia fe lg- M v , 'le- ak- s. 'l Qui! 2 Encinian Staff BOB BINNS ................ VICKI GRIFFITHS .......... BARBARA HAAG ............. BECKY HAMMOND... MARGARET NADEY. CONNIE DONLEY ............Editor-in-CIW iet .............Assistant Editor ..........Business Editor Facu Ity .........Literary Editor ELENA FRIEDMAN ........... .......... C o-Senior Class Editors SUE ERES KATHY SHERBURN ..E....... ........... C o-Junior Class Editors JOANNE SWABODA .......... ....,..... S ophomore Class Editor EILENE ADKINS ............. ............. F reslwman Class Editor SUE BERG ............... .............................. C urriculum KAREN SCOTT HEATHER TEALL .....,.... SUE MacDONALD . ............. Co-Activities Editors ANN WALLACE ............ ............. C o-Organization Editors SCOTT MORTON ......... .................................. S ports Editor LARRY JOHNSON BOB WILLIAMSON .......... ............. A ssistant Sports Editors MIKE CALLOWAY ...... MRS. ALICE Z. GIRE ..,......... otog ra pher' ..............Advisor l7l'lf6'l'If5 Aafninistratian ?aenlty Glasses Harrienlnfn Gaaerninent Activities Organizations Sparts .Advertisements Aeknawleaaeinents rfutagraplz W QM igfigfx Q W' 5 W jkvug fiiffw JY V I K , 4 0 X fx ,'f' 'A JMU W C A uf, f ff X . ff. Jdlfcn X ff LNMQM ! , ,Q 5 Ky 5' 601, f 2 677K f 5,2 TJ In ,, ,,., , , f ,xv ,, K f. f ' jaw ' A , my O X wml X3 Q CLPAYN my X 5 ,. , I W . Www M, W q M J? ,Autograph wfmff QU ggi? W , MQW, QQ., 25263 My ,,,, C K-f2iS3 FL W f jpggqgizf iffy ...fx . ' A 1' rw . . if p, .. K My-f . 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Suggestions in the Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) collection:

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 79

1962, pg 79

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 49

1962, pg 49

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 251

1962, pg 251

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 262

1962, pg 262

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 175

1962, pg 175

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