Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA)

 - Class of 1960

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Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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IT '4 XVLQ IICA fu LCWNN4 cf ff L ' MLN! Lf' QQ' 'X A xxvfkwff-C fx :L YJ! LLL l f?5JLf4-fvg X H K N N -J W , JffQ1X3P QQMf X M 'N -f ' ' , ,M Nf L3 J? I af' V. " ' L- J if HL f L fi - fxffgf - fgmg 5 L - , f, x 'L .7 I 'T 17 , ki -W D - ,. Q :'m, q L g'7' Lg I7 " f , 1 FY f 'L . ifff' VK. f 5, .4 1' KP .V -Ky Kfx Y fl . . K Na! L L '. I ' A f- ,.,, ' 4LC,- .f'VVy,Mcfi"n .!J4. Q,f1 Lf , if -I.-ft-BILL, .. , I I7 W ff if if ff ff. G K' iw V I , . ,, ,f l x fr" ' li L 1' 'f fr K f Q A ' 1, ,X , MX X . N w , A A yn I . X , x' V ' X , l, N N 4 . , . ' . . . XM M 4 . ' x I 24461 Cc-X 511333, ,Q ani Lx dl NK!!-X ,AJNN "5 f ,X "Elf,-31,4 'Q N fuilr-xiii-,3 OR -1 gf Q62 1 ,gtk if ,f,,,i-'H Q XX 5 xxj A x I I X y. Q 'I ' N I K ' I . f W K v L ' AN ,Lil K l I - Q A F ' in I '- ' 1 I ,f 13 - b lj ' Ll , Q yy ' ' 'V M .Wx A ' .A xx' - 1 fm. D V.- lx xl . x f ' . 'Al yu Hu- . ' I 'I 5 , V741 . 5- X Y I' ,JC - 'F EAN I KX ix ' AN ' 4 " K X K X . P if V N. I X t Y Max h Q, V, 1 T Y Q. X xxx A' x' fy, ,x ' x , -A 1 'X x 4 . ' X , A I AK ' , 1 , , X, , ,X N x 5 ' N , x A 1 '31 NV , ' .4 , , If' N. 1 , c " 't , XX f xx I , ' , x I l 13 N " ' ' ' A 'X K ' - 7 - x. . 3' 'Sl ' ' A - S A K -5 f' 5 ' YL Q-xL A fax ,LN , XX 4 ,4,, A, ,M g-Ls - AX X , I X ' V' 1 NX? ' L, . t Y X' 451 1 4 .1 -K ,T 1- . ' ILE -N -N .SV ., N . 1 K mx' J ' ' I 5 5 1 4 " ' - ,Q -H J ' D , ,R QQ - . ' QLD ' A N ' 1 , x A 'fb 'Q Q, , - qi. X Lf ' 'J , ,. - 4 - 1 P e , D . Al L? . , is 74: '-2X - P+ ' - 1 Y -K 1 - N f, ' 5 f M - 1 f n. Q . f ' K gf." ' .1 , V V ,Q U fl A N N 'N fi 4. f 'sr , A, Y A ' 1 C 1 ' 4 N Xu! " ' 1 ' -. r . A ' W, A 1 3 X A A ' ,f ,. 'V ' 1- 'N57 ,f- 4 ' S-fy V X .. A .. " f f ' , .L 'Lb -fx 7 ' w . . ,X N 'x H , , , M A Q ,L , I I , hi F A . i U ' f 1 9" I ' v7.4 A -vi A 4 I V 'S NN , x .Qs 1 ' , rxn xg ...n - 1 4 '-' ' H , ',-A K ' A :X H . .. fl . I X w 4 xg -. , fx JJ .-. . . "W ' - P' , -. :L '-X Jw A 5"N 1 f Sq., ' PW Y X 'ff . ' ' - ' 4 4 ,. - .. f -. ,X , , . ' 25 , ,xx , . X 3 ' f "' N X ,. - h ,h 7' - f Q, xp f, ? f . -. ' fm.. f X16 4- ,. Q5-C K -X fx, F1 - W . A v' YN. f H- ' fx -""'?"T.b ig -1 ' A. - T 2 ' 5 Q U fl uf 4 h ' f' ' xkx x ' ll . ' Z. C14 X , N F' i 1 , I .T AX ff '. X Q X NNY 0 ' A N C? 5 ' 4 ,. S 'A 'fa X "' 5 , X ,SNR X . - Yr Q 4 5 Q Wi A iff 10 JW Md UM 'Y 1 . I 1 ,gy tl . X. I. 51' x - 1 1 , . ' , r f . :ENCLNA HIGH SCHUOL SACRAMENTQO, CALIFORNIA VOLUME II ' ' f ' . . 1 - 1 . """'-w-J - - ':-.-hx . T'-""q-y...,,-Y Q55-.,.1 'L ' iw, 1 x . 1 I ' . . .J CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES C I RRICULUIVI XC T IVITIES ORGANIZATIONS SPORT S ADX ER TISEIVIEN TS STUDENT GOVERNMENT BOARD OF TRUSTEES C. K' Rilenge Mrs. E M. Trimble DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENTS F. C. Thompson J. R. Ingraham Russell M. Esvelt C. B. Kilpatrick G. W. Palmer R. R. Hinsey A lllllllll 12? K MY Q xlxv NN LQ x X XXX m XXX K J X K cgw mlnusirahon 4 X4 Q, XQQ X xxh LJ ,Xxx i jf 7 X ' 'XJ K X O am?" mu' kk LX 5 V I xx il N -. X , X71 flx ,' C,-kr LAI 4 'Q "I N . gl 'kfhlxil x VH X- i KT' S x :'x,LiAl1Q fix XE' X X N My V f :V X ' , iii- 'Vx 'Cx gf' 5-NX my M - ,, Xu fx LQ' ANXLV' ggk "1-ic xx' .1 C Q ,:- N L- if L X i it 25' x x X ' , 'T' ' f - X V Xi. ,Qt-5 g ', ky 1 Sl . X QNE 4: xx lv wx .X :A Xin ly ,N rl. AX ff A 9 I O X ' 1,4 YQ .LKNX K.rZ!T8M UJQQ2 A 1 A ' -,Q-1 k 1 Cf XXXXV -QXCKCEQ ' V vs ff ,K Kali- ' ff . W-N1 1 ,r-rf-Lvcxiqi :1 X 0 l , X by L, ,ki Lx, Cum K4 A I ff 4 X I L ' X m XMI j - 5 X ' -XX LJ 1, X M, f f 4 L 0 e O PRINCIPAL MR. ROBERT R. BINNS The three years of our association with Encina High School have seen brought to fruition a school community of which we may all be proud. An enviable reputation of fine academic tradition in a atmosphere of school spirit and good sportsmanship is the reward for our efforts. Encina High School, for me, represents a vision come true, and it has been with sincere pride that I have identified myself with the students and staff here. Your personal friendships, and your achievements, have made the years of my association with you the most rewarding of my life. Congratulations to the staff of APACHE TRAILS. Your efforts are up to the high standards we have come to expect from all activities at Encina High School. Mr. Binns and Mr. Golden Mr. Binns and Mrs. Wiggins VICE PRINCIPAL MR. DONALD J. GOLDEN Mr. Donald Golden, vice principal, has helped to guide us with the same capable hand which pushed us onward last year. He planned many of the activities and assemblies, much of the school calender, and assisted many ofthe clubs, and organizations. He was always ready and willing to give of himself to those in need. We wish to express our gratitude to a truly wonderful person, our vice prin- cipal, Mr. Golden. 419' Mr. Robert Allen Mr. William Bode Mr. John Bassett REGISTRAR Mr. Robert Allen, Registrar, was a very busy man this year. Besides taking care of the mechanics of the attendance office, he had charge of the Work Experience Program. Among his duties are supervising the issuing of lockers, report cards, eligibility slips, early dismissals, and assigning classes. Mr. Allen, we all recognize you as a good friend and advisor. DEANS We were doubly fortunate this year to have had two excellent Deans of Boys. During the first se- mester we were guided by the firm but under- standing hand of Mr. William Bode. We were all sorry when he was transferred but Mr. John Basset did a wonderful iob of taking over. With his guidance we completed a very successful year. Mrs. Rosem ma Kibbey Our Dean of Girls, Mrs. Rosemma Kibby, was certainly one of the busiest women around school. Besides the discipline prob- lems she must handle, there is the Student Council, elections, eligibility slips and other activities she must supervise. We would really be lost without our wonderful Dean of Girls. 'of 'Wu Du, Hilmo and Mrs. Hllmo with daughver Lisa. FACULTY T HO IE Mr. Carey holding daughter Julie, and Mrs. Carey holding daughter Joyce. Mrs, Hanson and sons Roger, Bruce, and Richard. fm Mrs. Foster and son Mark i I 1 ll . Es: 4' I' 4 ' I aw ' - at fe Q ,z,l,.4 LQ 2' Ziggy' iz, A ' ii Fri ii' , . M ,-, N mf ,vi , A 443, xy My '15 +1 .. ,, ' .'fi'4 , 'W 'fvszh ' ..,,,,,,Mi , t W W., , :pf ZWWI , ,, E' if X , I0 1 g .M " Q . f 3 ,Q 41 W 13 ff: QS 4 ,b 2' ' -Q if L 'wg 'wish ahksw., , N Q!" a. i fr. 'f 5w N, 'rv N' Vw . A ., " , S kk .nr -E K , N 1 , - Q11 El 'ja ffw, , . L: .. ::5wI1f.:.g . MN Sv A f 5, -1. D 4 Q wail! 4 ' YV 1 . sg- + W Q 4 Z! + ' :J B wx . ' . 7- , , 34 X J "'S'f'f- fi . Q A ' ., nw ,,m'.uf..n" 0' Q sw 'fm iQai."'v, vi Ls i . M G 512, 'kk-as"Y'g ,Q-Q . Z, '-u 'A' -l ."t- , T Q f U , ., ,x J., 3, ,Sn ,. " us' ' 1 wx ,. Q , Q, wg :ef , A g ik. ' M 5' 3' x " I J' 4 xg' .Q ' - Q a . . Q .-,w - W ., yn Qu M Q4 Uh " Q V 3 ' Q 1 A sg, , - ' u . . eq . ft ffl' in ,ii 4 , - A.. ' - 6" ."' "-' V . , .M , ' Ogg, L ,gf V Q . f ' W. . haf" , , xox: . - it , , - . . . -Q , 4 ,A qv.. gi ' , T H ze' is"4f" V' Hg r""'3""' 'M I -up , ..., QQ .sux ,QXQWVKE J, vw. K,,,' Q 'NN annoys!! .39 giiikhg ig: -4..nJ4" Cf Q' - fl ,,.,,,.f -1 msg' J fx" .qu .,f ,fd yu.: , ' Q,-sa .5 1' . ,,,. , 4 ,uf , 3 Q M ,misi- 1 E' B A , ,W- . M QA.. QR L it K Q ,Q'Q.4wM1' QQ L. ,,,-l xrykw . 'Yin .f.!: 'JH' V ,K -15252, 73-4 .A,. Rm -. ,. . .FQ Taf gw 'fig S fijfgggw, ,Q .,.Q.,.,...f+" . 511 w : S3-f'5a:m'4w 9 , .,',, ,RR bynkljg Zi? .MQ Wfiyiffgfg' 1? M if A ul -, ,, T.. - A nyvj- 'T - QS-.T ff ',,, 3 I"3 ' 1 Q5-ap' '2 - ye 'SQ,1.s -: Q Lx :J-:. - ir Q QQ .3 f, f,,,,,,, X 154. ,+,,,. .. A , M, :v-.f 2 . 2 ,qw D. ali' N Ji lf W, 0 1. - " Z.. ' as .e Sis- . X wx :I at 3 3' iw be 'X 4 x 5 5 Y K mv Minn , .wg 4 LL Hf'.i,.,mj?' uf' 1 :HW cu tl J.. J. ' Q3 B Y I' 111 XX X l I-4558 MRS. TERRY ABRAMS Homemaking FACULTY 1 F IM 7,, MR CHARLES ATTERBERRY MR JOHN BASSET1 Chalfman M5fhema7'CS D9PaVTmCl'1f Chaurman Socnal Sfudues Departrr MR. ALONZO BRANSON , General Science - W .. , bl ,' M - x-, - - - 2- - - - -.S ' I K W! F 5 Y K 1 - S 'Qi:sQ.x X i X X ei 1 I .D f Q I4 1 1 MR. WORLEY Department Chairman MISS ATHENA GIKAS COUNSELOR Encina High has had wonderful help and guidance through the work of its counselors: Miss Arlene Carsten- sen, and Mr. Gene Flory, Freshman Class, Miss Athena Gikas, Sophomore Class, and Mr. William Worley, Junior Class and Department Chairman. They assisted us in selecting our classes for the coming years and discovering more about ourselves, our interests, and our abilities. They are helping us to choose suitable schools and colleges for our individual abilities and apti- tudes. These things will soon become increasingly im- portant to all of us. We take this opportunity to express appreciation for the fine work and great amounts of time our counselors have devoted to us and our school, Encina High. MISS LEI DALTON Counselor's Secretary Mlss CARSTENSEN MR' GENE FLORY MR. DONALD BROWN MR. JACK CAREY MR. ROSS CLOVER U.S. History and Boys' P.E. Chairman, Music Dept. Chairman, Science Dept. MR. WILLIAM COKE MR. DONALD DAY MISS MARILYN DEBOER Chemistry Laiin and German Girls' P.E. .is i MRS, PAULINE deGOOYER MR. WILLIAM DEMPSEY MRS. ELANOR DUNKLEMAN English and Public Speaking AUY0 Shop and 5Cl'I00l NUVW Mechanical Drawing I6 MR. JOHN EATON MR. JOHN FIGENSHU MRS. MARIE FOSTER Boys' P.E., Tumbling Biology Librarian H... ,lv if MR. EDWARD GALLAWA MRS. ALICE GIRE MRS. BARBARA GOYETTE Dept. Chairman, Boys' P.E. English, Yearbook Dgpf, Chairman, English MR. RALPH GREAR MR. ROBERT HILMOE Mrs. Lorna Hoppe-r Special Education English English l7 MR. JOSEPH HOUGNON MR. LEWIS HUBER Mathematics Mathematics MR. RAYMON JONES MRS. MELBA KENAGY MR. DONALD KENT Mechanical Drawing English Mathematics, Science MRS. MARY KLAUSNER Miss EVANGELINE KORNMAYER MRS- SHIRLEY LACEY English Mafhemaiics Homemaking, Girls' P.E. MR. THOMAS LATHROP MR. REES LEE Mathematics History, Geography MR. DONALD MCCORMICK MR. MAX MCDONALD MRS. MARILYN MCINNES Boys' P.E. Business Educavion, Typing Girls' P.E. MR. VINCENT MARELICH MR. JOSEPH MURTAGH MISS MARY LOU LEON MR. JOSEPH PATITUCCI Spanish Audio Visual, Hisfo,-Y, English Department Chairman Business Education Aff I9 aww MR. JOHN PSIAHAS Chairman, Foreign Languages MRS. LESLIE SALADEN English and Drama MR. WILFRED SIMMONDS Science 20 MISS WANDA ROBINSON Chairman, Girls' P.E. MR. WAYNE RUSSELL Industrial Arts MR. FIDENCIO SALAZAR Arts and Crafts MR. JOHN SANDER Mathematics MRS. DIXI SOREN SEN Business MR. JOHN STEARNS General Science MR. WILLARD STEPHENS Chairman, Business Dept. MISS BETTY TAMANO Languages MR. WAYNE TAYLOR Crafts and Ceramics MISS NELLE THOMAS Clothing MR. JOHN TRACY History and Cadets MR. ROBERT TRATHEN Chairman, Industrial Arts MR. KENNETI-I WEGER Industrial Arts MRS. ISABELL WILKERSON English and Newspaper MR. RICHARD KELLOUGH Science and Math 2I CLASSIFIED OFFICE HELP MRS GENE WIGGINS MISS PAT FOLEY Prmcrpal s Secretary P B X Duplicating Clerk CAFETERIA HEAD CUSTODIAN HEAD MRS EVA CAVAGNARO MR LEROY DICKERMAN Head ofthe Cafeterna Head Custodnan Attendance Secretary Attendance Clerk Textbook Clerk f overnmeni 5. gf JOHN CHOHLIS President DAVID LINDQUIST Commissioner of Finance ELEANOR BODE Commissioner of Publicity and Public Relations LINDA PALMER Secretary FALL JOAN SEITZ Vice President KgirlS'2 CAROL OLSON Commissioner of Clubs and Social Affairs TOM MATHEWS Vice President fb0yS'1 JILL MERRITT Commissioner of Entertainment TUDE T ELECTED TOM MATHEWS Vice President Cboys'l PATSY PARKER Commissioner of Entertainment BODY OFFICERS PRI G JOHN CHOHLIS President DEE DEE DAVIS Vice President igirls'J SUE HAMPTON LINDA PALMER Secretary DAVID LINDQUIST Commissioner of Finance Commissioner of Clubs and Social Affairs MARILEE JOHNSON Commissioner of Publicity and Public Relations APPOI TED TUDE T BODY Rear esen isiive FRANK NEWMAN Annual MARILEE JOHNSON Newspaper Representative The purpose of the Student Council is to provide unity and co-operation between the pupils and faculty, and to develop the spirit, ideals, and practice of good citizen- ship in our school. This iob was well done by our attentive Student Council members. A Student Council provides a means of adequate government and management for all co-curricular activities. With the help of the Student Council, the students of Encina High added another step to the ladder of attaining a good reputation. SUE SWIFT Historian TERRY SABEN MRS. ROSEMMA KIBBEY Parliamentarian Advisor 26 WAYNE BRYANT President UN IOR ASS OFFICERS FAITH SHERWOOD Vice President LYNDA SMITH Secretary MRS. LAWRENCE GOYETTE Advisor MR JOHN FIGENSHU MARGUERITE STAPLES Treasurer OPI-IOMORE CLASS UFFICER BOB BINNS President PAT VAUGHN Treasurer LINDA HACKLEY Secretary MRS. DIXIE SORENSEN Advisor MR. WILLIAM COKE Advisor JOHN CONSTANS Vice President FRE H A CLASS OFFICER DOUG MONTGOMERY President BETH TAYLOR ' Treasurer ALICE CONNERS Secretary MR. JOHN SANDER Advisor MRS. MARY KLAUSNER Advisor MERRILEE WINTERROWD Vice President RALLY COMMITTEE Sci H 'w Q: yi pf ' ...L . ,L " 1:2 5 l LM -y iw v-.f ..- , Bottom row, left to right: Ruth Forry, Pat Parker, Jill Merritt, Randi Anderson, Pam McNabb, Judv Gibbs, Pat Stuart. Middle row: Kathy Cox, Toni Gomez, Molly Culbertson, Kathy Gray, Diane Tellman, Mimi Culbertson, Pat Palmateer, Michelle Smith, Helga Jaeneke, Bonnie Harvey, Sue Hopkson, Top row, Jack Folgel, Bill Corry, Allen Allred, .lint Popanz, Mike Owin, Charles Rosen, Ron Rulseslcy, Jack Emerson, i. ,,. F RESHMAN BOARD 6 Bottom row, left to right: Karen Hartman, Alice Conners, Marelee Winterwood, Marsha Smith. Top row, left to right: Stan Sartar, Jim Warne, Doug Montgomery, Fred Valentine. 30 JUNIOR BOARD Front row, left to right: Faith Sherwood, Marguerite Staples, Lynda Smith, Pat Palmateer, Sharron Vranesh, Kathy Cox. Back row, left to right: Mike Owens, Charlie Rosen, Diane Tellman, Kathy Bullock, Sue Stewart, Henery Sims. SOPHOMORE BOARD Top row, left to right: Lonie Davenport, Judi Robinson, Dede Davis, Luella Murschell, Richard Ray, Darryl Schoon. Bottom row: Sally Long, Sugar Holmes, Par Vaughn, Judy Gibbs, Sue Hopkinson, Linda Hackely, Michele Smith. 3I is V ,, " 'va 5 -ig 1 ' 'M Q, , f 4 fig, n 5 U ww ,,. 5 wuz' it 1 9 'O . N 1 is B W. I WX ,. 'K '- -4 X4- mf--M X lf , 1 1 7 ,., ,ywi .50 ar' - Q37 ,F wwf gm ff if Le f ' ' has fa' , bs:-:aff A Wfff , W, - I iq wg , mg: Wg,i,g..w , . . , ff we 1 -1' 4' ,z ,n ' ,w 77' 1 k A 'f Q :gif 1 X V .1 N, "S I if ,A if cy" 4 ,fb 7 ' xi-ga if - 5-2 'f' 1 L M.-.ia ' W. .L Ligivfgff f , M Q, , f "Q: 5' 1:54 ' 6 mfg, .W 5: ,, up ' . if ,, . , 1 ,Miz :z'fu.i'?241i4 "1'.wV" Q by jaw gf ., 51,1 , .M 'xg . , A Xi J ' .1 y ua! 0 W 1 3' 1, qs- , ,gf an, - ,A .2 , ef, ,Q-M W5 .9 , v fl- LK WQ X . . 52 129-':"fs 51?i2M,f . ' 5 5' , v S , V 3 4:1 Aw' 1 1, . i vine x fx Q! I . V - Ig, Xf?.e..:Q,f and Then we . . , ! Bruce W. Clausse Pat ClayPool Judy Coleman Bill Collins Stephanie Combs Leonard Conley MariBell Conley Guy Conner Diana Costes Barbara Cox Robert Chapman William Bud Chase Bob Chatfield John Chohlis Ken Carr Richard Casanova Carol Cassiano Robert Caughran Gail Caum Joe Ceriani Lorin Byerley Betty Calvert Joan Capra Pat Carlson i , 1 'F Y.. A 0, 4' ,f f 4? M f M M 4: 7" A 'QL fv A '23 if , 1 2 ,Q vb Wi ,Q iff-Q51 K t ,L 9 X r 1 xv Q Wit? az www y A ,A ,S 4 ', .Mf V' ' k Wfwmw .nf K 'Mn f gf y ff , ff , .ax Y wk ,wigxr Mfnfffgal? R bf . . rm , -vzfyf'i,e: Q ,Ax fi? A Q, ., X f , fig dl .1 5 -uw L, 'i K E a - 1 4 ,35 ,WL ,,.Vn' -g,. ,Q A A514-A 'W - gk, N1 x fx I ,..,.R,s: 'ixilnis-i -2.53 ' "'W ,AH Fw 5.4 ,M .V , 'Wi ws -fm if W. , -'.f -,df 5 Q ,, 5,839 , Qgfw 1255 5? ffhfy. ,WZ -in ' ,, .lshmi . www, -36 A if g ' l'2Lf'?f3?fff .fy ix-f 5 x EL f f? sf Q Q 3 g' 7, v, fl" Q.. wg 'X Q--.L Jacqueline Herd Ellen Hilton P3 Linda I-loganson Jerry Holland Mara Holrnes Ramona Hopson Richard Horton Jean Howard Genevieve Hoyle Carol Huckabay Lee Hudin Jim Huson Mike Inglis Par Irvin Who's got the bufton? Bob Irving Helen Irwin Ralph Jacobson Helga Jaeneke Barbara Jaksich Berry Jay Jerry Jessee Carol Johnson Marilee Johnson Nancy Johnson 1' ,i 4 ,A , if V wiv 91251 -wif' .A xv! V' 1, Wy? 42 'P 9. fs XQ ,M 'ma ,, , 5 y : . f T :Q S f mu ' :iw 6 i f 'fb !""5Y'T"x xf SXT? 11 L g W, ,, v M, -fl '2mly'2,v9WhK ' fywrysw X- 4' ? A A ,Q Mfr 31531 fi 3 . if , , ' 9 a' . My R 2 KM av my M. x Y 4 sa ' , J' ,WM Ab I if 1 yi P+ rv A ws M '.i,p,m X cfm, Y, 'gfg 0+ 1 ' Zf?'Q,f29'f" f Y '?!5s5?f A, 'fl-but 31 , V, R 4 -gnu? V, ' + 511 2? 'f'Q.l-1 ,V 'L "Kaz" , M -mf 'L '- ., yg,w,kg5 1 5-S ,Wm . T ww AQ.. ., Sify 4 W W?27"'139, W' 2-P ' X '3ia1v.. My ,, L X s -WJ , . M 0 WK .W M ,W ' ff' Q33 fc 5r,g. ' , .vu Q, wi we, ,-4 MW' Z .15 ik y ,WW ....,.,W.. ,N aw, 'bf ww, 2, ', FEV, 4 Mk k n ,X , ,g, 'i 55, , 2- uf 3.355 V., -". "A A 4 ' 'W -,Tw 1, 15 53 A W ffigiiikigfqzih VL- . '21 4f5'Y 7,f?' 4if . L' 5' vi ' . ,W ,W . 7 ' F' 5' w 131-'. -. rm 'Tj K N dxf? 5-Z ,J , ww, Q" m..,..,.M"g'l, mfiysg 1, fn Q , .W 441: V, K Q, , H' -+ A' -1-i M Qi., , mm My , L 'QQLW 5 I W. , ,K 'ku M ,, iw . ' .Q K, F in ,FT 'rw 2" R gg . , , f X525 L, GX , pm' ff W I ' 4 4 4 , ' gf ,xfq s 144 ' 3 ' 3 .4 .. t V' ' ,, . 1-ff . 4 1 ,zpffif g f , ' ' 4 W , 4 I, 1. , K L fa H' -,Og ,Q W C323 jgfie ,V ww Q fev,.?'Y rw Iffzfiiw' f. ,K F .W , .Mx sg, I'?,'. I.. . uf xi Paul Sax Bob Scalley Jerry Schaff Edie Schellba Jay Schmitt Ken Schnaidt C PI'iSCilI6 Schoon Gary Stolmar wants an appo ntment ith the counselor he Nancy Schupp SBYS Joan Seitz Patricia Sharratt Deanna Shaw Faith Sherwood Pat Shrout Sheldon Shuper Henry Sims Tom Sims Linn Skinner Sue Smiley Dotee Smith Lynda Smith Bill Soderlund Diane Stabler Larry Standing Landgraf. Marguerite Staples Susan Ann Stewart Dick Stilwell Jim Stollery Barbara Stone Cheryl Strain Robert Strodel Jackie Stroud Darlene Sullivan Sue Sultan Kathy Steen 1 93 '53 Gordon Swain Parn Tack Cal Talrnadge Anita Taylor Carol Taylor Frank Taylor Toni Teall Diane Tellman Sue Tenney Ronnie Thomas Ed Tis Carla Trarnel Care for a bite of lemon bar? Generous Steve Memering Mike Twitty Bill Valdez Gail Vander Boom Sharron Vranesh Gary Wagnon Jeff Walter Paul Warner Neil Watson Steve Webb Sharon Weggers ,, Q -mmm , ' H1 f , pfjwra A .,.,,, 21 V 1 . 5? " 'Fi' r -fn. '. .g fig? 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A I 5 ,mv 44 5 .,f vi V , 75-2, . g f" M Bob Keller Linda Kern Marianne Kirk Ken Klaman 2. ., vom' Paul Klausner Larry Knickerbocker Connie Knock Jon Kopf Tom Korrison Judy Krueger ,xvgfgy What a smell!! B. Haag, P, Rune an Cassanova, Chippy Lambert Christine Landgraf Rickie Larson Jude Larue Barbara Law June Lee Kurt Lentz Emily Lewall Jean Lewendon Patricia Littau Mike Livingston Jennifer Lofftus Dave Long Sally Long Daniel Longley Thayer Loring Andy Lovato Jim MacDougaII Dennis Machen Barbara Mack Lana Mandella Sandy Mansfield Pamela Mark Miss Thomas shows Sandy Mansfield how to fit her pattern. Keith McKee Jalerie McKinley Loudine McManus Pam McNabb Mike Medders George McElweIl Larry McGee Stacy McGovern Kathy McGuire Judy Martis Jonell Matthews Paula Mattson Tricia Mazol Corky McBride Jim McDonald ,fr Mas. YI, J' 1' My gp, 0 A.. 1 "Q, 'JR' ?"? 1... 'Ne-Q Scoir Morton Carolyn Moydell Charlene Muir Jaclyn Mulkey Randy Muller Lynn Murray FK rn 1-o....... 11 w-...if 'Qu-rf Rudy Mlnnlck Dianne Mliclnell Jody Monday Ron Monday Sfeve Mernerlng John Mennim Mlclnael Ann ,V alle Joan Miller Jolnn Ml! ken Don'r falll! T. Saben, C. Koepsell, and T. Hall. Luela Mursclwel Ron Nluslon Bob Nafus Pefer Neal Dave Neeona Joseph Nes or Ill Frank Newman Sieve Nlclwolas Kay Lynn Norman 'tfzr Larry Olrnstead Bonita Olson Carol Olson Tom Orr ,4t::r"'19 'vu What are you making, Philo? Linda Palmer Paiti Palmer Skip Parker Dick Parrett Mike Pascoe Bill Pertle Evalynne Peterson Greg Phelps Jean Phipps Charles Pickens Larry Pieser Richard Piper Jim Pobanz Sharon Powell Jeannie Pollard Jerry Pornponio Carole Lynne Price Vicki Lee Price V Harold Priddy Diane Prichard Faster, Carol! Faster!! Diane Quinn Vivian Quinton Mary Ramirez Len Rapozo Roger Rapp Richard Ray Barbara Rea Shelly Ready Bob Reddick John Reitfer Jere Renoud Chris Rex Gary Reynolds Pat Rinehart Suzanne Rivers Cheryl Roberls Jan Robinson Judy Robinson Bonnie Rogers Donna Rogers Bull Prizvnich Eliane Proserpi Dick Purdy Judy Queale Qur- QNX 915 'Vw 'T 'Wa fi 3 'K N "Nav , 1" ,MM .. W :ww , f f 3 P23 , Q 4? M, ,L Q 5 .a 5 5 5 is ,-in TQ A W ?' '- 1 .ax an-351' .. .ff , :fifi-tx." M0549 ig , V 1 A -- 514 . gym , . e Y Q4 5 Q if , ,-- Aw -,ov '45 4- 31'?1.f 5 R , , . yf, A . -, -5' . ?f??a3i i f ef, 45527, wr . if V v M15 , 'gi fl.,i- N fi 312-1? 'iff 34: ' 5, w i v, mf'-Aga ,g , :gif if 1 Q? ugh? -W 'Q gk, , K-4 .. Ee S 5, ' Q, .3 , M XZ? ' QQ 1 ,go ,-ff, f , 1, :T ' .22,, , . 14 , U 6 ,gif I J, W 69 ,15 . M, ., . ,, Q .. N fmfif, , Awe, 4 1 . mb SL 32 . 4-223:19 wfaj, W' f. U .x,, ,- ,, .A r I ,V ,Q Mfg. im 43 X ,M ,vw . 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H3 5' ab' Viv., , ,gg-15, L Q J 55 . . ,sig gsm: A Af , . 4 R ' S5 1,34 f , HW .1 , I My f , 4370: gf , Lg, I 3 5, if f ff , my , XV. ,L .537- , .w A: wi wx if :Sa . ww? -'f'sQ,ef:., -YW ,S Z 5 5 ,Jil . if YK' g , IP ,- I x' L 2. ' V24 Y ff VA ' 4 4 , , M 't ,Qui These are our spurned cheerleaders N Hollrsler A Allrson M Cluberrson T Gomez Wayne Bol1or1 Dave Bonar Gale Bonderson Carol Bonnell Lesli Anne Borden Bruce Bowman Donald Boylan Jim Bradanlni Judy Anne Bradbury V Steve Brand Pele Boam Albie Board Bill Boehm Steve Bogdanoff ,P W -.,,.-' Jean Bussetf Orls Black Dennrs Blackford Wes Blarr Davrd Blase Sharon Bllsseti 1005? - ,A L , . I f 1 I , f l 'iv or " g' an s. 'y 4' ' kv Mnlne Bwclcford fl. I m Barbra Biggs Belly Jay Billings Jerry Bnllnngton ep- X LY 'H' YS Nut 'D-.1 E gym 3, -L-. ft' 4 A, 'Q' Q.. ,f M I f-RN , ,,, 2f,,..., f .4 ,Q Q4 "nv if A . J Q x v Sonny Brashear Linda Bremmer Alan Bridge Dennis L. Bright .411 , .WA- W- L'Kf'ZL.'l'f Theron Brinson Janie Britten Corry Brockeit 1? ,, J 4 V' AE V, . ' .fs Jim Brown Jeff Brown fm.. X ,Z 15 .,', gh-,f Larry A. Brown f f ,f 1 , 1-:xiao sf if aw' , f.9Yi? - 'Q f 1 n"1'f1f: f .igfq d ,V ,Ig-i3:: f -- . .cw-:+.!.'u .J."n.4.-:-- .E fn, 1 ., 5. E is X' Jn, 'gg C v 'r 5 ' ir' . Q .ggx 'f'.,7 I rw :ga wskiivx. Margie Brown Cristina Browning Lynn Browning Otto Buls 401' ,fr -v f 'Qs "Ah Gee Whiz" Loueila Murschel Nancy Burks Norma Burks Karen Lynn Burpo Sharon Burt Ann Cacciari Doug Calkins Toby Campbell Glenn Campbell Ron Campos Janice Carlson Ray Carry Joyce Carier Linda Carter George Cate Carla Cern Ronald Chaix Rodney Chandler Pete Chase Judy Chaifield Leon Chavez Sheron Chavoor 5. 3- 1344" Andrew Cline Toni Cline Larry Cook Mike Cooper Bill Cooper David Coplin Richard Cory Jim??? Larry Collins Miriam Comstock Sandy Conger Alice Connors Pam Cobb Philip Cochran no-W 40' 1 IW' 1.-4 T F Vt 40-H. P1 1X , Daniel Crump Jennie Cummings '41 14 Jill Curtis Gerry Lee D'Arcy Robert Dalton Luerina Darby 'T' C in-Z 1? fe? -US 5 Q: YJ' Ginger Crates Sltary Crenshaw Steve Crockett Chuck Crow Bai Costa Slnaron Cousiiteau Dale Cox Woodley Coxe Janice Crabbe "Can-Can Boys I eil? ill , I P, Gebaeur, B. Chase Earl Davis Ken Davis Sandy Davis Letha De Fries ww Q a.JQx 5-47 Nl' so-I Barbara De Vore Ronald Deets Carol Denny Neva Derrick Barbara Digirolamc Ellen Georgua Dxthrudge Bonnne Dixon Connie Dixon Ben Doane Eddie Douglass Bill Dreyer Karen Drury Larry Dully Come on, Serena, Faith, and Dennis let s get to class' Kafhrine Dunn Maradee Dunning Hal Dunsin Sandy Dwire Bob Dyson Donna Eafmon Paul Eckerman Elana Edmisson Jim Eerie George Eiserf Barr Eisner Susan Eller Brenda Emerson Practice Makes Perfect. K. Cox, H. Jaeneke, B. Harvey, S. Hopkinson. Sharon E, Fink Jinny Fish Betsey Fisher Mike Fires Julie Ann Flagg Carol Esposti Mike Es1ep Bob Evans Nancy Evans John Fabrerti Allen Faris Mike Farmer Janice Fellows Susan Eres Lee Erickson Windy Erickson Gwen Ernsf Carol Esola Wayne Esola Skip Epperly Linda Epps ' my 91 146' IFN' Rick Entrican me 3 .pf-ww f y .H , ,g Q. rf I Tfifx X Q55 -.4-0 X- K Q-. Go girls! Go! Mike Freese Jim Frltschi Kathy Frohman Quint Frost Kathy Frye Cheryl Fuchs Virginia Fueston Anne Fugelsang Linda Funk Benny Garcia Ross Foote Barbara Ford Diane Ford Bonnie Forrest Jeff Fortune Mike Foth Linda Garlinglriouse Diane Gawlik me 'liz' :QT- Marvin Gaydosh George Gehrlne .Q if '3- V 4 ' 3 4 2' vp ...af if EMI: E' Frosty Gelbke Barbara Gertz Nancy Gibson Ann Giles Sharon Gillrey Sandy Gilmore I5- Students stand in line to receive their first annual from Encina. Jeanne Gittings Janet Glasco Barbara Glass Mary Glass JO 'U' '48 Cneryl Gilko Linda Goech Pat Goetien Georgie Golden Jolfin Goodman Barbara Gordon Carlos Gordon Nichlos Gordon Geoffrey Gough Dick Gould Susan Granbery Skip Graves Joanne Gray Lola Gray Richard Gray Q-w Steve Gray Haines Gridley Chuck Griffith Darlynn Grimes D. Stevahn resists J. Pobanz. Cliff Hall Connie Hall Dawn Hall Earl Hall Heather Hall Barbara Haag Bob Haberrnan Richard Hacken Carol Haddox Nancy Gross Bill Gubser William Guier Benny Gurnay Bob Gustafson Steven Gustuson wwf ff . ,,. . .- .gn Q .r 7 fi 7 -af' my-tif, 1 V , Q I New P 4"q,, f ,, vf 2" , 44 ,V ft-fyx RTN . N , ly -s,- 49 5 .,. 4 X if "'."ve ff' fig an-F , 6 i , a. 'Wx' Tf'? 476' I Q. MS. '73 f A Rf.. 're' ,gan- " , ef, f X 1 . -M rt .,,,, av- , b"' glkv Q f , ' R Q x-.J , 1 ' , Connie Harding Jackie Hartman Karen Hartman Margaret Hartman Jackiyn Hatfield Claudia Hatton . , x X tx 4: ,J Q' ' 5 gf, vs f" ,fs Q nw, , Q, 4 Arnold Haftser Harry Hansen John Hanson Dane Hardin Jrnv Halt Ken Hall Linda Hall Robert Hane Art Hanna Who's Who? M. Rude, Mr. Worley Roger Haugen Adriene Haxton Rlchard Haxton Sandi Hayden 4-.. V..-I Greg Haygood Peggy Hegedus Jerry Hegseth Kathy Heinrich David Helmich Sue Hemmingsen M, ,- I Gale Hendry Bill Hickersori Rick Higgins Merridee Hill Ken Hines Suzanne Hobbs Craig Hodapp Janis Hoefler Jan Hoganson Ron Holden Kent Hollingworth Marilyn Holt Keith Hopkinson Darrell Hopper Duncan Horn Anita Hortin Study hard, Kids. Jill Hotchkiss Georgeann Houck Carolyn Howard Donald Hoyt Felix Huckaby 'Q . 3 34 ,v-1 fi, f 5 'rfv n ,A ff 2-v V3 , ,I .7 . ,. . Writ ,V Q 'fi if an ' Eff 123324 TSE 1, X Sn f A A 5? 1 in w+:qg ,Mff,,2- ,nf 22' x if lg- ' 2, wb , ' Wiff? ' iwfln . -' Uuifg ,.I.3i,i . ' L :X M O .N -f NJ ' . ,yr iifif 'L K X 1 354 ' .aff .rr f 1 . V, ,K -.,v-' t 4' ..: 59' ' 'g l W Y 1 .f TQ -- g I A . ' I an v f Eva Johnson Larry Johnson Scott Johnson C, Taylor and P. Claypcol Come and Ge1'em. Dave Jones I Stuart Kirk Sue Kirsten Micky Knapp Charles Kiloczko Gary Klug Barbara Knapp Raymond Kidd Pamela Kieft Lin Killick Sheila Kimbro Bob Kirk Charlene Keeney Denny Keer Bob Keister Claudia Kern Gale Jones Jenny Jones Ken Kaestner Jackie Kambestad Alex Katsilometes Jim Keen , .A l f fv X 5l'77'i M73 . Y i.-- I '1- 4 - f - - in fi , ,. ,,, in 43 9,1 y in- 4,90 'UM like -.L Aj? l d ,' 'mx' V-Q fin Q' my f-22 f A 4, Q P M 'HX -' 'Q .f if WGA!! W 'fi fvmj Zi f Z Q4 Q, 5 1 ,Av 17 f. v .sd f L Q22 W, V ,,,A ,W 1 I ,h ,wggly .lgyigmg ,..L,....f -sf Www s ,z -,rm . .,4, Q I rf?-AQ r Q , H. ff 2 ff' ff .:,.'l' ' QC? ' Jir- ,- N Ls 4' 1 V521 , ' 5' 'M N? il Ff Q' 1 1.1 A2'FL '.f." Q n Efqii' M. T, fffzr, Q as 1 . ' ' 4 3' , nv, if 5- 31 5536+ 'Le 25' ww, Q ,M 5 I 5 4 J .HT 3 , 4 -f1f,5,,, H, vr-' 'A' 5 7 aw 'S vm Q .34 Carolyn Miller ,'9s M 'fri Cheryl Miller Joan Miller is .3 Bill Miller Tom Milliken Joe Mitchell "3 ..,..f-'19 Margie Monroe Doug Monfgomery Jerri Moody Encina's first yearbook is read by many smdenfs Dave Mooney Joy Moreland Mary Morgan Sue Morgan Ellen Morrisroe Janice Morrow William Morrow Marilyn Mullica John Mulloy Claudia Murphree Jack Musial Jim Neal Carol Nelson Steve and Dennis are collecting pages for biology lab manuals. Colleen O'Brien Sherri O'Neal John O'Neill Dennis Offensfein Stephen Olsen Juana Nichols Sharon Nigh Jerry Nimmo Bob Noah Judy Nord Roger Norris Tom Norris Carole Nyswonger Colleen Nestor Linda Newell Jerry Newman Duane Newton Gary Nichols Jim Nichols Joan Nelson Marlene Nelson Fred Nelson Studying hard on last nights homework, Nancy and Janet? 88 T. Pepper Grace Perry Anna Peterson Eldon Peterson Bob Pliillippi Betsy Jean Pierson Connie Pitts Janet Pitts .lim Plagman Suzanne Plaramo a . 21525 .- f. Stephanie Owens Ricky Pagnello Susan Paterson Carol Patterson Lou Ann Patton Bill Paulson James Osborne Steve Oster Andy Oravik Mark Overmire .QQ Floyd Pearson Sandy Pearson Sherry Pearson Jerry Pendergrapht ,Q 3 'ry' , Terry Plumb Kenny Pollard Michael Polley Joyce Pom,r 'infix 'Mar' Marcia Poole Mike Popanz Becky Post Our P.T.A. Mothers are busy at work filling plates at the Spaghetti Dinner Allen Pratt Burt Presnell Judy Price ,ff '1 we "- Peggy Primm Priscilla Provost Jeanette Pyle Gary Quinton X a ,- no-fi I S 's ov' R 0 lx A N I . i, X Q. i T"'7' Y 'ii lt' six S17 R 1 X ,, at 'PTP 1' Susie Rand Pat Randall Richard Randall Kathy Rander Barbara Raven Kathie Raybuse Merry Raymond Diana Reed Clyde Reese Jenny Reese Lloyd Reist Terry Renwick Ralph Requa Larry Regan Steve Reynolds Lets watch those feet!! C. Strain, S. Combs, and J. Coleman. Julieann Roediger Tamara Roesser Gordon Rogers Richard Rolloff Mike Root Bill Rlclier Marion Riley Barbara Roberts Carol Robertson Bill Robertson Florence Rockenbaugh .E . sg'-ii E, ' . ,P'-' x,. 5, 1, av 1 ,,l:,r"g ,, yum, ,A , :Y W , I t. S L- Lf 2 1 4 J QA, ,L . 4 - '5 f- 11' a ,Af ,, i?fffff':y l 1855 X 1,3 ,, Q ifffz l f W-v?+fam e1--:ua 21221535 'ififrw ,vi '-me ' , M 'W f ,. Hn ,, .W 2 ix 1 5, 1 , f. wk. 2 W L. 1 w.- ,W 'xmfm Nw,- ,.,f. rw"-wa H 135534 A ,,. , Af WMV - , 15111: is is, if . if as A - V:if'?i2, ,gi my v H 3 f if J 1 .B f r - f. 5' 5' 2,5 E 7fi'1f2e.i -' wp, , ' f 1 M311 .. . Y , 51, 3 'Qi lx -gw' ' Q fu a' "L va,- I- , 4 JG Q 73 54 ' LEA in 7:3 5 gy ' f ' uf Q . W f " r , '4 4 'A aa J? ' ,J n 2 x V , .1 f r - f ' 'Vi .wwf-4' fb '39, , r rm.-' .r.,N? - 1'fA l in Sue Urarenrc Fred Valintlne Jerry Van Der lean Susan Van Srarnrou Club plaques decorare our cafeteria John Van Valkenburg Raymond Van Winkel Craig Vander Boom Jeff Vargas Terrill Verstee Ron Vicari af A ,, Q 2 .1 my ,- 'sf'-in fu? ' ,. avian.. V I T' pas., x-M ,.. 'R A: ' 'mis Libby Vincent Joanne Virone Tommy Vohland Nancy Walkey .Ga 'Q-ef-Tl 5-... ,Q we . egg ' k -, A? f. OWQ3 9. i . M .F Ken Ward Jirn Warne Sandy Warner Leonard Warren Jean Watson Roger Wa1son Frank Weber Steve Wehr Russell Welber Jerri Wesffaro Robin Wharton Tim Wheelis Ann White Barbara White Bobbie White Jim White Love those crazy corsages! Don Wilcox Kathleen Wilccx David Wilder Joann Wilkerson Al Willett Carolyn Williams Shirley White Lois Whitenack Joy Whittlesey Bob Wickham Vern Wigley Margie Wilbur I' Tamara Wood Rita Woodward Anne Yallalee Roy Yano QPF' V13 5- ggi. ' as 4-,A 2 N Marylyn Youngren 3' "l'5i Wendy Yourd f v- ,V li W Lnllnan ade a xv: 'f Uk if 97 K ,A Top row, left to right: Dick Dell, Bob Spoon, Larry Kilpatrick, Don Pauley, Gary Ferguson. Bottom row, left to right: Allene Wooley, Karen Schwartz, Joan Ball, Sharon Thompson, Mary Bartz, Missing: Bill Ashmus, Karen Bacon, Howard Barrowman, Bryan Barta, Janet Bodenhammer, Gary Capshaw, Pat Cesseni, Jerry Clark, Bart Eisner, Winnifred Erickson, Bonnie Flohr, Benny Gerdes, Richard Gray, Jean Greenman, John Griffith, Alton Hardin, Toni Harmon, Clifford Hudson, David Hyce, Elvina lmus, David Johnson, Mickey Jones, Larry Labell, Bill Littlejohn, Walt Lee, Bob Mayne, Marilyn Massie, Robert Moore, Kathrine McGuire, Ed Miller, Elaine Newton, Ralph Nickel, Wayne Oliver, Kermit Paul, David Reggs, Harold Rice. Michael Rogers, David Shereloon, Charles Shook, Jay Simister, Ruth Swanson, Leland Umberger, Karla Wilson. UNIOR ABSENTEE Top row: Patrick Rice, David Jay, John Stombaugh, Ken Backkie. Middle row: Mike Harris, Barry Coff- man. Bottom row: Ada Lindsey, Bonnie Bode, Sally Schlemmer, Louisa Sullivan. Missing: Eilene Adkins, Michael Bailey, Eugena Bandy, Donald Barton, Goef Beaty, Le Roy Biggers, Leon Boutie, Jackie Buff, Stuart Chapman, Jeff Cherer, Roger Clary, Don Cos- per, Judi Cox, Robin Crown, Ray Curry, Nina De Long, Ralph Dorville, Kelly Edwards, Robin Ellett, Eugene Flowers, Leslie Friedrichs, Jack Frost, Judy Goulart, Earnest Grahm, Mike Green, Elizabeth Hearnesberger, Delbert Hart, Gary Hovland, Virginia Hearnberger, Dave Johnson, Tina Kellen, Walter Kluth, Pat Landrum, Richard Loucks, Lawerence Lynd, Joel McCray, Elaine Murrhead, Vivienne Nor- lund, Gary Peters, Cheryl Peterson, Mary Pomerez, Tim Posey, Lee Rahorst, Diane Seiler, Michael Smith, Mille Tullar, Dennis Vogt, Eric Webber, William Whitefield, Judy Williams, Charles Wood, Melvin Winn. X... e " YHQMOR Top row, left to right: Pete Mears, Harry Carlson, Denman Laughlin, Jack Vanbalkenburg, Merril Bishop, Gene Peterson, Richard Terk, Gary Houck, Larry Copass, Billie Vanhoose, Charles Kloczko, Gary Klug, Larry Ashley. Second row, left to right: Harry Greenwood, Mike Duggan, Larry Tice, Hal Duensing, Claud Sullivan, Mike Smithart, Richard Needley, Raymond Johnson, Mickey Kleinam. Third row, left to right: David Lloyd, Owen Cowart, Joan Rice, Suzanne Nelson, Dorothy Everleigh, Sandra Foster, Karen Scott. Bottom row, left to right: Diane Durbin, Karen Roberts, Nola Gerke, Virginia Galindo, Kathleen Bartholomew, Sandy Pratt, Toni Galati, Kathy Koppinger. Missing: Thomas Adamski, Arthur Board, Laverne Brown, Steve Brown, John Bruns, Janie Britton, Norma Burks, Robert Cameron, Rod Chandler, Joy Cochran, Jean Cullar, Paul Conaldson, Michael Durant, Diana DuPont, Elana Ed! mission, Jim Emerick, Mary Edwards, Burt Fannin, Joann Fernham, Lynne Fridell, Maxine Frisk, Kathy Frohman, Allen Gibson, Lee Gehring, Pattie Gray, Michael Hegg, Kathy Heinrich, David Hudacek, Carol Haynes, Sandra Herren, Rudy Hemminger, Robert Hinton, Drex Hanson, Jeff Jenings, John Jertburg, Jack Jamison, George Just, Michelle Kelem, Richard King, Carla Kirn, Barbara Knapp, Gerald Kolling, Frank Karmazin, Chuck Krough, Bonnie Lambert, Wally Lefever, Donald Lewis, Fern Long, Julie Luoma, Judy Martes, Donna Martin, Mazine Miller, Jerry Moe, Beverly Noble, Sue Palermo, Brend Pieser, Charles Pollard, Roger Posehn, Diane Pucci, Jeannette Quarles, Gene Radke, Georgia Ramsoal, Bruce Rentfrow, Jack Reimund, Greg Schmit, Bonnie Smith, Joseph Smith, Paul Smith, Terry Spence, Pamela Stimers, Jim Strocker, Allen Taylor, Jane Thornburg, Shannon Troxel, Susan Ursin, Sandy Vickers, Judy Watts, Joan Wells, John Wedeneyer, Veda Woolley, Lorraine Wahle, John Wash, Madelyn Young. FRE HME lll"l'lCll lm 0 yi'-V 4 . :xg , fn' 1 A X K fig N .1 .' AIN I V " 'Ill :- vga lf, . .B 24 - al Xx '11 M-W.. X-Q Guy Conner, Sue Tinny, Jim Bervvith and Micheyl Broaddus perfect a scene from More the Merrier. 1 Diverse is probably the best adiective to apply to Encina's English departrnent. Life in the English classroorn is a variecl one. Fron' tracliticnal grammar to public speaking, frona cornposition vvriting to clranfatfc training, frorn skills of listening to reading comprehension, from Tale of Tvvo Cities to Science Fiction, vvith a vvell trod path frorn the library to the F and G vvings fe this is the iourney of Encina Eng- lish students. With so rnany subiects corn ing under the broad category of "Eng lish," the life of the English teacher is often hectic but not often boring. The saine may be said ofthe English student. ANGUAGE ART ff""' X- veg Judy Cclernan puts the fnishing teaches on Bob Binn's tuxedo .-.bile Jody Remrniclc gets final approval for her dress for a scene in the olay. lO2 ' f ,v f W, if .V-f, . V 4 A 5 J Fi ff mv-I I-mag. l eg, 5 t x A , -ff'--,L-............ - " fa 3 Q M, NM. wa. .,,,,..., A ,. gh b r ,, i V W, ..,,-.,..,.,m.,.,. N 4 N 0 N A ' , .my .K A Z 'iff 1" - 'MQS7 I I ' Y sf LK fx KA Hf.i..f , Mu, K xlAl A I I f 'Q' I! A .,' ! l Ji ' W f' 'W l J 1 , :' I 4 L , 51 !4' K 3 , -QL, 1 V 'fy 'x e . 1 ' 1 A if , V f ' 178 ,W r, 'iff QU., flu. ' 1 ' 4 Y, 5 V? 'v-M, 5 1 li ' 6 s Q ., NA , R ' ' QW!-fini? 5 .3 - :ffm g w-'Hr' 1 k Uprnr , ttf: 'K 3" .1 Ti! I f sf bf -11' , H51 " I -o ,4 Xfkm I I nm I 5222 if-3 S3 i W 3 ' f ' - 'o A Q 5,3 V I 'Bi-' U KRW . , Q a 493 W xi ,Q X 'E Q-"' loa .S 1 A Q .11-A' 'W ' U' 'X " fit fi 'UI rivsrirrr rm ll Joanne Swaboda, Judy Queal, and Nancy Trurnphour work on their French reading. "But, for my own part, it was Greek to me." -- SHAKESPEARE, Julius Caesar Encina offers a four-year program in four languages - French, German, Latin, and Spanish. Thirty-nine per cent of the student body is enrolled in at least one foreign language course. Today's high school student will be a leader in tomorrow's world. Experience with some degree of skill in using a foreign lan- guage is an indispensable element in the education of national leaders. The interna- tional responsibilities of our nation make it imperative that our future leaders have a reasonable proficiency in the use of at least one foreign language. FOREIG LANGUAGE Judy Casho models Mexican clothing brought to class by Mrs. Tomano. IO4 1 ,iw ,4 59? 4, ., . 4, , f Y , QW! QW ' a . f- , vu if H A. 4 1 f . 3 x QA- Q x Q ' N A w e Y '. 3 f S Q h 3 i .. 'i X255 Mr. Hougnon has his Algebra I students entranced. It is the objective of all mathematic courses to stimulate an interest in mathematics and an appreciation of its uses in other areas of study. The logical development, or derivation behind the mathematical process, is stressed as an im- portant part of the desired skills, as well as the application of these skills. Proper presentation of mathematical exercises both written and oral is deemed an important part of desired skills as vvell as the correct solution to the problem. A few of the topics covered in various courses include: Linear and quadratic equations, rational and irrational numbers, logarithms, slide-rule, cle- ductive proofs of theorems, proof by mathemati- cal induction, math of finance and investment, in- surance, and taxation. MAT HE ATIC This is Geometry, Mr. Attebury!!! hm, -fxggyg .1 E 3 W6 iff 5 V A ffm , 'G X Y ' gf ,A , La fl: ' Arif' ,. , m L"' S. , Q , ww, g,,,W?? A,,f,Tsgd,f-M 1' 'f" J K n .l .im , x A - , D f4'w5 V, ai? gf ,ff ' ff-Ez! 1 Figenshu explains impor1anT points on Science Test. T . 1- e......: The Encina science depariment course offerings for The current year include general science, biology l, and chemisTry. As we enTer The "senior phase" in 60- ol we will add physics, physiology, and advanced bi- ology. Advanced physical science will be offered The following year. Ours is a program That sfresses The laTesT in science educaTion. A good example of This is The semi-micro approach in chemisTry insTrucTiorT, and The Nlassachuselfs lnsTiTuTe of Technology version of new secondary school physics. The advanced life sciences will sTress biophysics, and biochemisTry in a number of ways. STudenT laboraTory experience is an inTegral parT of our science course works. OuTside acTiviTies include Science Fair parTicipaTion and science Trips To The local colleges. CIE CE I4 T l . A......- Mr. Clover observes Stephen Brand, David Hufchings, and Richard Roloff dissecTing a clam. ii ' ax Ny 'A" I 1: A 552 ff J, 3533 , xii' , A 5 1 :S 0 vf Al. l-13 A , 4. 'lb .I A A '51 W 14 WW ' af RFI 1 b The Social Science Department consists of the U. S, history, world history, and geography classes. In the geography classes we learned about the people and the countries ot the world in which we live. We look at their achievements and their problems. In history classes we sur- veyed the same achievements and problems, but we also investigated their historical development. These classes have helped us to understand the background and the issues of current, local, and world problems. We have emerged from these classes better equipped to cope with the com- plicated duties, and responsibilities ot a citizen of the United States. OCIAL Mr Lee works vxith Jerry Waight and Judy Coleman l I ll Mr Lee shows Judy Wilson Bud Chase and Karen Zastrow the map used in the class I . T? 9 K Q ' 'W is I 1 Q, V? 3 L Wi i ,gf I is? le. M V Yg?, ,,, A ff if xv? 1' 'rr 1-7 X I I is A ft-nam. Beverly is truly enioying her child care class, Lois intently pins the hem in her iacket. The fashion shovv has been one means of exhibiting class work from the cloth- ing and textile phase of the Home Eco- nomics Department at the Fine Arts Fes- tival. This includes the training of stu- dents in group planning in working with others, and in developing appreciation of the rewards of hard work in a ioint un- dertaking. The food department gave, at Thanks- giving, a tea for the Athletic Depart- ment. They also gave a tea for the Faculty at Christmas, along with the Homemak- ing Classes. The Homemaking classes have worked with Pre-School children as part of the training of Children Care Development HOMEMAKING The Fashion show is a high point in clothing class. , 21 if ,,"i"' ',g, , X f , 'x 1 J ti-1 ' A 12 , JO' -'--"'Y' Mr. Trathen gives instructions in the correct use and placement of wood hand screw clamp to Alan Bridges and Charlie Griffith. ll4 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT The Industrial Arts Department offers a wide variety ot classes to the students of Encina. ln- cluded in this program are classes in auto shop, metal shop, photography, mechanical drawing, electricity-electronics, radio, and wood shop. These classes give the student general informa- tion about the industrial world in which he lives, although not vocational in scope, these classes offer the basic skills necessary to develop a proficiency in the various areas. These classes also offer many opportunities for fulfilling leisure- time activities both now, and in the future. Mr. Russell inspects a welding job done by John Foulke. '1 'T'-"'f1 f if - l I A , .f',A,4q4QmZQ f ui' ,,...wvfi" -Q va ' 'A ' . mu-I+, ' ,A l Q U' Finitg fifyhyzl, 'QW' Z f, ,Q : wp Q ' 5, 1 1, gg- .. ,, N ,,' . l x My Q f Q, 5, V5 M:- EU usfrd if mf g A if ' ' ' f N . if -i .A fx 1 ,532 -252 ix V F3 4 ef 7' Q ' i 5 ' ' i I , , x , i . D , 1 L.-ff gg , ,Q - we-rw f:fi X '-33,-M. Mr. Stephens teaches students to type to music. , , W rf ,, be .4 :nxt The Business Department has been very for- tunate in procuring a group of teachers who have been in the field of business prior to com- ing into the field of education. This fact helps to enrich the instruction, and give the student a view of the practical side of the business vvorld. The staff consists of Mrs. Sorensen, Mr, Mc- Donald, Mr. Murtaugh, Mrs. Kulenkamp, and the Head of the Department, Mr. Stephens, The business department consists of around 540,000 vvorth of up-to-date- equipment. Our business machines classes have Ten Key Adding Machines and Bookkeeping Machines. The typing classes are equipped with some lBM Electric Type- writers, and a variety of other modern typewrit- ers. Many other types of business machines that are used in the business vvorld are at the students' disposal for instruction. It is our desire to give the student a knowledge of the business problems and procedures he will be meeting, and hovv he may best handle them. For students who wish to make the field of busi- ness his life, it is our plan to give him this train- ing through an extensive program, U INESS Lastminute instructions are being given to students before the bell rings. Qi if. .E -ga -49' K i f 4' -C' ,Q . 75 1 ,, A 4' gk, ' 3, SY' 237 'Y .5-Eff, 3, 5 ' 4, if fx .V QE K lyw 5-S1 X , . W' in -F 5 ar- ' I. . X r iff?-v '53 4 ' xr- - --5, f , awww! ' .355 . 1 53 4 -Y-5,6 in C w X D. 24 fr I M55 ',,' VI, Ai lm. l ,L if -v Throughout the state ot Calitornia rnany exciting things are happening in Art. Elementary schools, high schools, and colleges are re-entphasizing this ed- ucation for creativity so irnportant in the space age, Our unidue Art Center boasts a col, lege-type facility with roorrts and equip- rnent for painting, drawing, graphics, cerantics, and sculpture. Our course otter- ings are also college-fashioned with bee ginning courses in Art l, and Art Survey tor first year students, Advanced Art, and Art Workshop tor second year students, and painting, drawing, graphics, cerantf ics, and sculpture, tor advanced students. Visiting art educators, and coirtnftercial artists have lauded the preparation tor tuture vocations, and the keen apprecia- tion of the world of art that this program gives. RT Ann Caqqiari gets t nal approval trorrt Mr, Taylor 1 4 A""" f 4 ,,,,, ,,,h , I Q 5 Vu, J 2 1 A 'L' l . - f fish , 5 w ,, 1" A . nn.. sw I If X 515 D Vs.. as - ' ' QL.: a i ,,?lu tif' an A 1 1 4 J"-wwf Alberta, Janet, Carla, and Jerry select books tor reading pleasure. LIBRARY Students like Bob, Tom, and Sue often use the library to work on homework, One ot the most beautiful spots in our new school is our library. It is one ot the largest and most attractive in the district. Mrs. Foster, the head librarian, has done a splendid iob in help- ing Us to select appropriate books to suit our needs. Mary Williams works with a camera. US FE OF ENCINAQS A 'Y I TERESTS Mike Inglis, Dick Doerr look on while Mr, Jones explains the techniques needed to solve a drawing proiect. Jeanette De Board takes notes while Mr, Coke gives a lecture. 3 J gl X 1 W ' w Q X ,K sz S3 .I V Lf, , 1 1 5 Ns . 1 qpA .i V 25 X fN,f7'4 7-vlv Y K Q 7 1 . if' .w'. I Si' ' H . as vu? . fs B we ,QA ug Q Qs' Y Ht? Wiz!! ' ,..-, an ."', . N 2" A 2 4, V 'cn 's I h'bJ, - ,R ig! "1 'xy 'rf 35 . J a.,.:'l -,, f h 'Oc ':500 U 'ou u, , N' 400 91OQ' foiif pw gll if qQw , , . S in wl I Il 3 if ri 'f -f 35' l Wil wg . Q A ff , 6 P. W .rf 5 MQ 5,52 F V W fwwf , 6 ,K 15 X S my in nf f .,, 'Y ' ,, ,Q vs-1' " 1 4+ ,.. W 5, i , Ai i,,, Q I2 QQ 55 ff? S .ag I Ti' ff-f US' WL! W if ig, A . K 'V-2,14 sf' 4 . ., - Q nf v 5 Q w we 1 'fr ti, 7 WN 131' .Y W K' ., . 4 V, K -cg RV vu, w fp .nf , .Q .. 5 A Q 'WCM ' ,fr ,., 1 1 3 949451 ', K M-I' ga, l,x A qv X Z". gf 'Q .4 5 X Q ,, P in .4 , 31.0 5 tg H Q I V, wi. , 54 ,iq , iff "7 A W 3 V Avia: y 6, I 4,:. Q, L I :J V, .ii W ' . 'Q la 1 . Ar! Q ' jg ef 2. .- z. 1 51 f A' . 5 if ' ff 'Y M' ,Z vuff' , ,..,.L.r., 1 w ,f sl A ff' 7. -4 ff 5 W 3, 4 V is 2 dawg mr ' wanna qu .sQQanwi sham Mx.. 1 O PPV' ,, ve, W U 3 'N 49 i ,qi- fa -3 :va-vi-1' 5:1 U:-. 'L' If auf?" V Q .k - - 4 5 ' c I 'tgxkvf fn'-A -f 1' . f ff. Q 35 His.. if Q Q fn--' uv! R N H ' If , i no '. A.. ? - . it '0. .-a vu ,,.,.s n,' 5 5 , h P if " ,J L. ,. 3 1 - Jiri '93 A., E. Q JI' K 5 Q 1 i xv 'fig' ' gg :fy .Y-f .tuwdlh kv "Quai xi., -'L' if' g I 32 if 12 5 gpg 575295 2 1' si 5. '- 2 A 'Q . 4' H Q A Q . i in N, I L ' - V , . 'wx A of 2,51 Y .V 'G 4-li as. N 2 3 fx I - tall J 3 pigs B, 3. A S87 ,, V, ui K . ' 'I 1 I -Eifms I25 ,9Q. 'FEESQ A 1 534 s, '21 Q99 ' ge NLJIL hfev a ff B is ia A f as3..Q'? x -af ,. Q f--xl ,s v,- A X I 1 . H st. :E I 74 1... ' , gizx ' 1 ' " V f If ,A .,,.. N I x - M f vm ' f lm 3, ' ' 21102 fm. ' ' 5 ' Y f 'Mg . X " 'Dum ummm '7 W' 7-ugly lei' it by I ,s M ' 4 ness Manager- Lee Pratt Assistant z ef' v . gf -1 . an 'f:,,,i, 3 , I "C- " L-121 5X1 , A1 1' r ,af fur' K m f 5 , 3 1- Q ,, I ' Q 4 4 f Q V , f I 1 r ' is-'15 254 in 2 ' '?'ni': il 9' . , W L.. v V ' f" divx " -4 X wh 1 .x . 53 Li. , Swing if v ' V5 M fat :..-H- -A A Q is 1, 51 ,,' -' ff , H. .x - 'M , 45,- x , .2 - - K . ,ig , -A f " i 4,452 " f if V vwwfw' ' , fwff, , +3925 HY" ' wwe 1 nik r. DFT. V Mgffi 'gag an , kwa ,K 575. -W Hg M , , 6' f , , S ,eff A,.r """ W 1 APACHE TRAILS STAFF Y 4 3 'V at 1 " 5 if X 1 4 W A74 b A ' I I H"?f5fiz:QZ,' '-'4vtJ'f.1? ' 3 ww 3.1, f 4 ,hi . ' 1' I l YT 4 .. ' 4 'L I fit W 5 f , ' LOL fx' nw, ., M ,f. If' ,iw I nw' I ,wk f .Q--" I f. f Q- , WM' - pf - fy W MS - 5. Lf- .,. V XR ..-:Q,,f,'I'a.f'22n L -- 12. f ' ' '-f'fM,.5,.' f m m -- - -, . ' 1-5 if 1 k ,,,f:, TONI MIMI ARSITY Top, lefr to right: Arden Kaye Allison, Mimi Culbertson, Toni Gomez. ARDEN KAYE 1' -X CHEERLEADER Borlom, left fo right: Toni Gomez, Mimi Culbertson, Arden Kaye Allison. l30 Left to right: Molly Culbertson, Michelle Smith, Nancy Holister. MOLLY NANCY MICHELLE Top to bottom: Michelle Smith, Molly Culbertson, Nancy Holister. I3I BONNIE KATHY if-'T.'f HELGA PAT sue SUNG LE DER Boffom To fop: Kathy Cox, Helga .laeneke Bonnie Harvey fHeadJ, Pat Palmeteer, Sue Hopkinson, 'f M. iq ,91- , 4--li ,. - 1 is gf li if M PgyB Khy 57 M' M' 'C lb M' HIM .HYNIOR PROM PHIXCESSFS AK f -s... W' 1 MISS JOAN SEITZ JUNIQR PROM QUEEN The Cadet Corps under the direction of Mr. John Tracey, showed excellent training in their drills, leadership, and presentation of colors at football games. They held classes two days a week in the newly constructed Cadet Room off the Gym. On every Tuesday they wore their uniforms for in- spection. CADETS WA" COMPA Y Top row, left to right: Gerdes, Benny, Wilson, Craig, Whitefield, William, Wilson, David, Quinton, Gary, Rounds, Randall Kloczko, Clark, Stombaugh, John, Priddy, Harold, Wheller, Russ, Pentle, Bill, Pagnello, Richard. Second row, left to right Clover, David, Curry, Kaymond, Schultze, Donald, Nestor, Hoe, Shall, Thomas, Haygood, Greg, Covaiani, Harry, Oliver, Rich ard, Epperley, lssac, Stapp, William, Godfrey, Richard, Statzell, Stan, Bakkie Kinnith. Third row, left to right, Ellis, Paul Andrews, Lyle, Lake, Willford, Benson, Bill, Wadsworth, Richard, Seals, Ronald, Kidd, Raymond, Linn, David, Esola, Wayne Greenwood, Harry, Knapp, Allan, Shomate, Jim, Bordge, Jerry. + " 1 fy f N, , m 53 521 'W Q ,,,,, 455225 if Q Wi, , rf ' W3 .iw Wy MW? , " wi Mfffwi s , my, . ig' ATTENDANCE UFF ICE A SSISTANTS BOYS, P. E. ASSISTANTQS LIBRARY ASSISTANTS GIRLS' P.E. ASSISTANTS ff-x First row, left Yo right: Ramona Bramwelh Peggy Barnes, Sandra Baker. Second row, fefr Yo rfghf: Pat Ceriarwi, Kathi Felton, Diana Draper, Cheryl Dlsher. TEACHERS ASSISTANTS LU fji' R V G R D L' cs ' N Bafbafa S'cfwe Wmnk Ar svead I4O NURSES ASSIST ANTS 'BUSINESS OFFICE .xss1sTANTs ' Martha Aiberfa, Sue Kir'1g,Jearve e DeBoard, Cl DFNSEH DRS ASSISTANTS Ffcvr 'C.v, fef? V 1 Haddeh Lmda Crav c Ka gtrc.-., DarHme C fy Qbs Tn' IDX-f" Joi ,z .s' Q, Tara me ww Www V 'Q .5 5 41 N W l ,..-f N, f E 'Q Vi 1' K U 8 W im JW ff , . 1 Q QQ N ,N X 4 3 qw ix Q 5 .5 z 'Q " - zf?1?3:' '5 K JA L SW' .,.. K 156' x X Q 4 R Wy? :,,,. Y P.. -4 F! 9 A x 4 .w 39 5, . I V..wI"' ' 9 'vc 'ae :Af as. P! -W Wg .fi fm ,f 'gk 'sg f 3 Q if T 5 X 7 ar P Q f Q , Y Jin I ,B N K Q 'wa I Y 'A , x""?'s A .mmvn W , . Hung . . ., 9' 5 . 4 mfs M, AL,, A M b 1 73 W W k 1, .. M wh.. . Vi, , yfrk , 7- M ? Sadie Hawkins Dance O C T O B E R Spaghetti feed, munch munch, chornp chomp OCTOBER E.l.P- Day be October 2, 1959 Sock Hop October 3, 1959 Magazine Drive October A, 1959 Frosb Assembly 7 7 October 6, 1959 Froslt Election ,cc,c,c 7 7 October 7, 1959 Spaghetti Feed 77 77777 7 October 8, 1959 P.T.A. Back to School 7 October 15, 1959 Sox Hop 7 October 16, 1959 Mr. Binns presents John Chohlis THE AWARD TO BE PRESENTED TO THE OUTSTAND- ING ATHLETE. T44 J 9 . N T V E TVI B E R f Lefr to right: Judy Coleman, Linda Busey, Michevl Broddus NOVEMBER Sox Hop November 7, Talent Sbovv , November T3, Fall Awards November T7, Thanksgiving Assembly November 25, T959 T959 T959 T959 'C Q Sue Berg, Jim Pobanz, Lynda Smith, Dave Warnock, and Marsha Smith enioy cake from the French Club Christmas Party. DECE BER ic is ,. 4, 'vb QC --. December A, 1959 You Were There, FaCu1Ty vs. Black E. christmas D snce , satyef Fantasy DECEMBER Donkey Basketball December 4, 1959 Business Club Sale December 8, 1959 Student Directory Sales December 15, 1959 Christmas Assembiy December 17, 1959 Christmas Dance December 18, 1959 JANUARY Annabelle Younger, Diana Reed, La Verne Brown Remember The Sock Hop we had in January. F K' s JANUARY Campaign Rally January 15, 1960 Sfudenr Body elections January 19, 1960 Sox Hop January 22, 1960 1. Lf, ff- ' Q ' A A lx,-,AV Jw, ff' ffvw f", ,V -M, , 'lm 3 . . ff: - , f - 4 Alf! Y K -gf 2 -, ' f , 4, , if J, aww M ' j MMM, Q ,, , , Af NW'-s.,,..,, Q :Hu mf, M , 3 M aft" QS' W, M Q :if mf M WWA . ff M1 ' '- ' A ' "7 , mm, The one and only Surrealistic Nightmare! Fine Arts Banquet Fine Arts Ball Frosh Talent Show 7 Operetta MP Frosh Dance A.F.S. Dance 6, Cadet Dance 7 , MARCH l M A R H Rudy Minnick receives The basketball trophy from Coach McCormuck March 1, , March 4, March 9 March 11 , March 19 7 A March 24, ac ,, March 25, 1 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 Withouf a doubi The play was The highlight for April. ' , vxgxk, , Y .M APRIL APRIL G.A.A. H 7Y,7 V April 2, Junior Play , April 7, Photo Club Sale ,, ,, , April 8, Junior Prom ,, , , April 30, 1960 1960 1960 1960 Apaches win again! C.S.F. Spring Party Drama Club Talent Spring Concert Fine Arts Festival Soph Dance 7, Apache Day Show MAY MAY How? Me Apache! May 3 May 6 D May 13 May 19 May 20 D May 27, 1 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1960 1 5 ' 3, 3 ik, 2 wf ,ki '25 H 7 . fag if .fue . ' n V I an 'V V J . - V hrgzig ., 'H ' . ., L' K, .M I . 0, WJ? f' "4 V' jj , A jH, 'L!'7 , 17. . AX 5 f YA f-. 2 --us , 1, 9515 V x, ,VJ QA wr- Bottom row, left to right: Lynn Skinner, Toni Gomez, Karen Leavit. Second row: Sheral Strain, Rany Anderson, Jill Meritt, Michelle Bradues. Top row: John Harvey, Denis Wilson, Gary Coner, Gail Vander Boorn. iEVE T SISTER Our first play was a sparkling Hungarian cornedy, "Seven Sisters" Cadapted by Edith Ellisl presented by the Junior Class. The plot revolved around the complications of an old world custom which forbids the rnar- riage of the younger sisters until the oldest sisters are vved. The lilting songs Cvvritten especially for the production by Mrs. Leslie Saladinl, delightful dances, and fine acting were high points which will be long rernernbered, 1701 7755 U-W1 CIL DRAMA B OFFICERS, left to right- Micheyl Broaddus, Kris Leavitt, Joan Capra Randi Muller, Judy Coleman. The "SpotIighters," Encina's active drama club, pro- motes an interest in the theater and gives an opportunity . 2 for students to participate in school productions. The club's activities included a Christmas program, "The Three Gifts," and a party. A continuous program, "Magic Advisor Moments," featured the club's members in presenting the phases of play production, from tryouts to perform- ance. lncluded were a make-up demonstration, explana- tion of production staffs, and rehearsals. Plays at the Eaglet Theater, and Sacramento State College were also attended. MRS. LESLIE SALADEN Front row: left to right: Arden Kaye Allison, Ramona Hopson, Gail Van der Boom, Georgie Golden, Kay Lynn Norman, Kris Levitt, Randi Muller, Deanna Shaw, Rande Anderson, Mike Estep, Toni Gomez, Linda Palmer. Second row: Judy Robison, Carol Brock, Judy Richards, Micheyl Broaddus, Judy Coleman, Beverly Korsen, Faith Sherwood, Letha De Fries, Judy Rem- mick, Dee Thompson, Guy Conner. Third row: Jean Watson, Eliane Proserpi, Kathy Branstetter, Jill Curtis, Toni Hall, Karen Frash, Sally Downie, Joan Seitz, Mary Price, Louise De Fries, Skip Lambert. Fourth row: Jim Laughlin, Diana Costes, Carol Moydell, Georgina Sanders, Marilee Johnson, Eileen Scally, Carolyn Davis, Sue Stuart, Carol Johnson, Pat Estep, Valerie McKinley, Jim Berwith, Bud Chase. l54 3 ART CLUB MR. TAYLOR, Advisor The Art Club of Encina promoted a greater understanding of the arts among its members. Some of the club projects included field trips concerning the many different types of art, and the fine arts ball which helped to raise funds for the club. The only requirement to join the club is a true interest in art. Front row, left to right: Kay Lynn Norman, Randi Muller, Deanna Shaw, Sally Long, Karen Frash. Middle row: Kathy Eghoan, Arden Kaye Allison, .ludi Richards, Sally Downie, Jill Curtis, Gail Vander Boom, Anne Yallalee. Top row: Judy Coleman, Carolyn Moydell, Joanna Dwyer, John Landgraf, Steve Memering, Pat Estep, Louise De Fries, QQTEQS CAR CLUB sia.1s,-""S,,h U. ,qw ,, 'M' M K MR DEMPSEY, Advisor Club Placque Front row: left to right: Tom Mathews, Lorin Byerley, Dave Cullen, Dennis Anderson, Fox Henderson, Gary Hampton, Russell Karns, John West. Second row: John Clancey, Nevin Nyswonger, Russell Farley, Paul Kehler, Lee Karr, Jerry Blevins, Ray Borge, Larry Asfzal. Third row: Jerry Kirk, Sidney Bowers, Steve Downie, Dennis Robins, Dave Wineland, Mike Parrish, Terry Plamondon, Paul Warner, Bill Collins, Steve Nicholas. The official name adopted by Encina's car club this year is, "The Dustersf' Getting together after school gave the interested boys an opportunity to bring their cars, and work on them with specialized equipment. Among the many projects were sports cars built by a few of the boys. OFFICERS, left to right: Fox Henderson, Tom Mathews John West. I DU TRIAL ART -,,,,, CLUB MR. TRATHEN, Advisor Front row: left to right: Ken Davis, Philo Green, Rick Entrican, Raymond Kidd, Larry Wheeler, Jim MacDougall. Second row: Royce Clayton, John Milliken, Leon Boutte, Bob Kirk, Bob Collins, Bob Fisher, Dennis Laughlan. Third row: Joe Nestor, John Beckman, John Menmam, Ken Schnaidt, Bill Henshaw, Jim Warne, Bill Whitefield. The maior project of the Industrial Arts Club for the year was to construct club plaques for the other clubs at Encina. With the leadership of the advisors, Mr. Trathen, and Mr. Russel, the club worked closely with the Industrial P.T.A. representatives, preparing for the time when we will have a senior class, and will choose an outstanding senior Industrial Arts student. In November the Industrial Arts Department received help from the club in preparing a display for the P.T.A. meeting. Long range planning for the spring Industrial Arts Fair is being worked on. OFFICERS: John Beckman, Bob Fisher, John Menmam. l57 Row i: left to right. Diane Pucci, Cheryl Miller, Clauda Kerri, Judy Herzog, Dave Lindquist, Jim Pobanz, Jim Boyers, Harold Austen, Bill Wright, Jim Alley, Alan Cunningham. Row 2: Elaine Sulton, Carolyn Howard, Barbara Biggs, Sharon Cousineau, Jane Soto, Genevieve Hoyle, Marsha Smith, Linda Wingate, Sue Worral, Chris Landgraf, Sue Corbett, Rande Anderson, Linda Smith, Toni Hall, Joanne Warne, Sue Swift, Frank Newman, Dave Coplin, Michelle lnks, Connie Pitts. Row 3: Cathy Shaefer, Noalee Beddard, Gretchen Fleischer, Bonnie Lambert, Chris Browning, Barbara Hagg, Linda Hellewell, Sally Downie, Charlene Flaherty, Mike Bliss, Dale Rudy, Carolyn Dowrie, Jo Ann lngle, Judith La Rue, Bonnie Guldstrand, Albert Willet, Richard Randell, Steve Brand, Judy Baker. Row 4, left to right: Delores Hotchkiss, Janice Carlson, Sandy Hoden, Carol Brock, Jackie Gordon, Barbara Gedeon, Joanne Gray, Charlene Jones, Dave Warnock, Paul Simon, Barbara Reedy, Linda Taylor, Carol Davies, Gayley Hyde, Micheal Ann Michell, John Milliken, Guy Connor, Wayne Brynt, The French Club's maior activity this year was the Reviellon. There was caroling, a midnight banquet, the playing ot Ie Feve, and eating the Buche de Noel. Nichele Bardin, a toreign exchange student attending El Camio, attended this gala event. They also aided the A.F.S. in a money-making pro- iect. 4 MR. PSlAHAS Advisor Paul Simon. EXECUTNE BOARD, left to right: David Lindquist Sue Swift, Frank Newman, Toni Hall, Linda Smith Front row, left to right: Roy Rounds, Leonard Conley, David Cullen, Dennis Wilson. Second row. Leon Chavez, Vern Wigley, Ronald Seals, David Lynn, Richard Wadsworth, Wayne Esola, Bill Benson, Richard Randall, Lawrence Thompson, Raymond Kidd, Harry Greenwood. Third row: John Stombough, Harry Caviani, Benny Gerden, Greg Haygood, lsaac Ep- perley, Ken Klamen, Dennis Shedd, Drex Hansen, Arther Hanna, Bill Stapp, Rodger Johnson, Lyle Andrews, Fourth row: David Clover, Rick Pagnello, Gene Clark, Ronald Hoover, Ken Bakkie, Brian Adam, Stan Stazell, Andrew Oravik, George Mclflwee, larnes Shcmate. Fifth row: Randall Rounds, Gary Quinton, Ronnie Rounds, Harold Priddy, David Wilson, Russ Weller, John Foulke, Micheal Nledders, Lee Rahorst, Bill Pertle, Craig Wilson, Charles Kloczlro. The Junior Rifle Club of En-:ina is com- .R.A. prisecl of those interested in the use, and correct safety procedure of various fire arms. ln order to be on the rifle team you must belong to the Junior Rifle Club. Among the club's activities were supervised "shoots" in which the members were able to try out many different types of guns, including the M-2, carbines, and tvventy-two pistols. MR. JOHN TRACEY OFFICERS, left to right, Lyle Andrews, Dennis Wilson, Roy Rounds Advisor l59 rka, K. Cox, M. Culbertson, L. Skinner, M, Culbertson, D. Stevahn, M. Front row, left to right: B, Mack, P. Barnes, S, Be Alberti, Y. Clem, P. Stuart, S. Baker, E. Lewall, J, Lee, C. Muir, H. Teall, J. Queal, C, Eddy, R. Muller, L. McManus, Second row, left to right: S. Wolfson, J. Frost, E. Schleback, B. Ballou, S, Downie, H. Jaeneke, P. Palmateer, J, Merritt, R. Ander- son, F. Johnston, S. Gilkey, D, Carnblin, K. Kangas, S. Allen, D. Sheffield, L. Wingate, J. Warne, P. McDonald. Third row, left to right: G, Bouker, K. Christenson, K. Alexander, J. Curtis, M. Shelton, B, Hammond, C. Landgraf, V, Griffiths, S. Effenbeck, M. Michell, J. Herzog, K. Kathy, J. L. Cox, V, McKinley, E. Friedman, M. Kirk, E. Adkins. Top row, left to right. B. Guldstrand, M. Ellsworth, C. Fuchs, J. Robinson, L. Rudnickson, L. Murshel, S. Trowbridge, C. Roberts, J, Gruen, S. Bloomgarden, K. Hauge, L. Newell, B, Erickson, P. Ma "Pep E" one of Encina's most pop- ular clubs was formed last fall. The uniform consists of a white sweatshirt imprinted with PeP E. The members helped to promote school spirit at games and rallies. The membership was open to any student of Encina High, and the only requirement was that of a true school spirit. Money earned by "Pep E" will be used for an Encina banner and card tricks for next year's games. l60 tson, R. Evens, 66 99 Le M . E ft to right: Karen Personius, Mr. Demsey, Tim Bloom, Kathy Gray, Lynn Skinner rs. De Gooyer. Front row, left to right: M. Brokaw, B. McDonald, B. Hackon, J. Warne, T. Bloom, D. Morgan, J. Berwith. Second row M. Inks, J. Soto, K. Abood, M. Smith, J. Jonas, L. Rowe, G. Hendrix, K. Alexander, P. Keer, T. Renwick, P. Brown, P. Parker S. Vranesh, S. Foulk, R. J. Lee, S. O'Neil, A. Fugelsang, S. Van Slambrook. Third row: C. Pitts, N. Benvenuti, J. Ward, P Rinehart, S. Conger, M. Winterrowd, G. Crates, K. Frash, M. Bliss, S. King, L. Whittaker, S. Hopkinson, K. Larkin, K. Bullock J. Peek, A. K. Allison, J. Bodenhammer, J. Bucher, J. Warne, L. Lloyd. Fourth row: S. Holmes, S. Holmes, S. Worral . Baker, J. Coleman, C. Jones, K. Gray, K. Personius, J. Richards, D. Tellrnan, D. Davis, S. Sautner, B. Emerson, J. Jones . Remmick, D. Afzel, S. Hayden. Fifth row: J. Seitz, B, Jacksich, E. Bandy, J. Hullin, S. Patterson, K. Rayfuse, S. Epperson B J E. Hilton, D. Elkins, S. Hunter, C. Sherburn, J, Wolff, C. Lutz, C. Hill, B. Stone, S, Stewart, B. Gedeon. Front rOW, left to right: L. Bremmer, S. Pratt, S. Dwire, M. Smith, J. Morrow, L. Browning, S. Renner, J. Capra, S. Ufsirt. C' Standley. M- HOU, 54 Nigh, E. Sultan, B. Billings, C. Schniat, S. Tenney, T. Gomez, J. Payton. Second row: S. Richards, S. Morgan, J. Cox, C. Allen, B. Hagg, C. Rodriques, D. Stabler, Sue Corbet, E. Johnson, J. Fish, J. Jones, J. Gray, C Browning, B. White, K. Zahn, J. Giordiano. Third row. M. Morgan, K. Bussey, C. Moydell, S, Barrends, D. Mahlman, K, Orr J. lngle, D. Costes, D. Kambestad, P. Estep, C. Swift, K. Scotts, C. Jacklyn, M. Winterrowd, K. Drury, C. Davis, M. Broad dus, C. Brock, L. Palmer, L. Busey, P. Curtin, L. Mackey, S. Abegglen, J. Gordon, F. Foulk. Front row, left to right. Jean Howard, Judy Hedenus, Toni Cline, Jill Merritt, Lynda Smith, Barry Bauska. Second row: Marguerite Staples, Mara Holmes, Kathy Branstetter, Diana Costes, Wayne Bryant. Third row: Eileen Scally, Darryl Schoon, Fred Hall, Darryl Meyers, Grant Syder, Jerry Vanderlun. MRS. PAULINE De GOOYER, Advisor l62 Lett to right: Marguerite Staples, Eileen Scally, Diana Costes, Kathy BYBYTSTCYTCT. The second year of the Debate Club proved very successful. The students participated in short debates, formal cl e b a t e s, nevvscasting, and speeches. ln January the members of the Debate Club participated in a candy sale during lunch periods. Later in the year they sold popcorn at a basket- ball game. The money raised from these sales was used to purchase the club plaque which has been placed in the cafeteria. MR. DAY, Advisor Taking picture: Jerry Van der Loom. Front row, left to right: Hiram Lloyd, Peter Boam, Geoffrey Gough. 7op row: Stan Sartor, Ken Carr, Jim Breazeale, David Stetson. BLBLE CLUB The purpose of the Bible Club is fellow- ship with other young people and to study the teachings of the Bible. The club had several guest speakers, and participated in many activities. The mem- bers sold pies, and ran concession booths at the games in order to raise money for the club. The Bible Club wishes to thank Mr. Figenshu, their advisor. MR. FIGENSHU Advisor PHOTOGRAPHY CL B This year's Photo Club is known as the "F Stops." Their activities included using cameras and equipment, making Christ- mas cards, taking field trips, and develop- ing and printing pictures. They had several guest speakers, and learned much from them. The Photo Club thinks that Mr. Kenneth J. Weger deserves hearty thanks. VJ. an s??w,.:.-QL' f G '-We ' MR. KENNETH WEGER Advisor -af. Front row, left to right: Carolyn Vroman, Roxanne Allen, Genevieve Hoyle, Maridee Hill, Middle row. Pat Sharratt, Betsy Bero, Judy Hedenus, Kathy Shaefer, Barbara Rumsey. Top row: Ruth Cook, Ann Yallalee Delores Hotchkiss Mara Holmes, - 163 RADIO CL B Encina's Radio Club is in reality known as "The Encina Amateur Radio Club." Its purpose is good fellowship with each other and with those of other countries. They operate amateur radio equip- ment, make contacts around the world with other "Hams," build and construct radio equipment, and have many other activities, The club's biggest "Ham" is their ad- visor, Mr. Kenneth Weger. , "" yx' f Front row, left to right: Jay Maclntyre, Geof Gough, Ken Lowen. Top row: Raleigh Adams, Bob Dilldin, Bob Scally, Chip Lambert. OFFICERS - Left to right: Bob Scally, John Clancy, Bob Dilldin, Jay Mclntyre. I64 MR. WEGER, Advisor Front row, left to right: Carolyn Howard, Barbara Biggs, Marilyn Schoenhoff, Ramona Bramwell, Rita Woodward, Donna Shores. Second row: Roxanne Allen, Nancy McLanahan, Vicki Alger, Sandra Baker. Judy Sheafer, Connie Baker. Third row: Sharon Nigh, Ruth Cook, Mara Holmes, Noelle Beddard, Cheryl Disher, Peggy Duff, Patsy Alexander, Top row: Cecilia Swift, Michelle Lyon, Sharon Williams, Judy Baker, Pamela Wood, Barbara Ackert, Neoma Harrod. FUTURE URSES The Future Nurses Club was devoted to those interested in a future health career. The club's rnaior projects included field trips to the University of California, and Saint Mary's Hospital of San Lf Francisco. Another noteworthy proiect of the club , was the raising of money for a scholarship to a senior girl continuing her career in health. ,il Front row, left to right: Sandy Baker, Ramona Bramwell, Top: Mrs. Dunlcleman, Judy Baker. u " , W Vg wk 4. Q m Q J M H' rg hi V y xx X, x 43 vb' 1 N 5. v lx 5 gif 'Z"',", ' 5' ? , XL Hal: 'x if x 1 22f1ig,s ' 11 J C 'W K ,WF A gf, Q M! Q15 ' gg frin- 1 , a., f ' ' 4,5-, H 41 Q v 9 4 C55 1 J W Q14 w , . wh, 'L ff Q 1. ,w'im 5' if En, I K Front row lett to right Joanne Ward Carol Olson Ramona Bramwell Rande Anderson, Chris Rex, Sue Caplan, Eleanor Bode Nancy Benvenuit Second row Eileen Adkins JoAnn Warne Sue Hampton, Sue Berg, Linda Wingate, Toni Hall, Barbara Rea Nancy Bellister Lynn Skinner Third Row Linda Palmer Priscilla Scnoon, Cheryl Allen, Carolyn Dowrie, Eileen Scally, Mar Holmes Michael Ann Michelle Diane Caw Pat Parker Lynda Sinith Fourth Row- Dave Warnock, Jo Anne Flanders, Barbara Gedeon Michelle Lyon Dennis Wilson Carolyn Davis Pat Esteo Linda Taylor, Sam Foster. The main purpose of the American Field Service Committee this past year has been to develop enthusiasm and interest in the Foreign Exchange Stu- dent Program. In order to earn money tor the student atter he is over here, one ot the proiects ot the committee was to sell soft drinks at the football games. They sponsored a dance on March 25. lt is the intent ot the entire student body to support the committee, and show our Foreign Exchange Student what lite in the United States is really like. Front row left to right Sam Foster Dave Warnock Second row left to MR. PSlAHAS right Sue Hampton Ann Michell Advisor CLB X '---.N Xi The Radio Club Tinkers WiTl'11HeEr equipment, CTI IT IE Le fefge Ffancsa 5 goes carolirwg on wah' frsf annual Revle LJ W 0l' 'ik x 2 Q , Sm, lY'VJE'S 7, :rg ' ua firfv ii' rf L 3f ig22f1 C l ef ' ' K , I .sg .ai igxggmu, , .L ' Q,1 2,v,f3p , Q ,Ag , ' ' -. , -532'-if - 4 5 ' ' F VARSITY Front row, left to righf: Jim Dill, Gary Capshaw, Gary Keppel, Wayne Johnson, John Russell, Dick Doerr, Scott Morton, Phil Balizley, and Tom Mathews, Second row: Ed Tis, Tom Rogers, Frank Baldwin, Mike Pascoe, Phil Broughton, Charles Pahlman, Bob Binns and Alan Cunningham, Standing behind: Coach Don Brown. FOOTB LL Front row: Jack Emerson, Bill Davies, Jerry Hielle, Mike Inglis John Whiteline, Louis Costa, Jerry Blevins, Bill Soderlund Second row: Barney Worvon, Cal Talmadge, Dave Ledesma John Langraf, Richard Buress, Gary Bold, Herb Bramlefte. TOM ROGERS Center PHIL BROUGHTON Tackle 41 TIS Tackle JOHN LANDGRAF Tackle LOUIS I Q MIKE INGLIS Halfback CAL TALMADGE Halfback TOM MATHEWS Fullback DAVIES Guard COSTA Tackle WAYNE JOHNSON Tackle 'S-L. i HERB BRAMLETTE End DICK D .4-P' DAVE LEDESMA n ALAN CUNNINGHAM Halfback OERR Halfback GARY CAPSHAW End s 5, 1 A I V ' If A 1 V I T' 5 Z , Y A , J I K - X 1 - X4 e ' + . ED Y . 9 I , cg fa X ., "Q U fc I I if ,.- - BILL - -E d I r 1 x A k I X JERRY BLEVINS Guard SCOTT MORTON Quarterback JOHN WHITELINE Quarterback BILL SODERLUND Center CHARLES PAHLMAN Guard f JERRY HJELLE Guard I V JACK EMERSON Halfback RICHARD BURESS rv L D BOB BINNS Fullback BARNEY WARTON Guard JOHN RUSSELL End MIKE PASCOE Tackle GARY KAPPEL Fullback FRANK BALDWIN End I fr ' , Q, I X , ia i I I X GARY BOLDfQuarferback - - A I- A A xx , I L f A 'I' 4 i 1 1 -L 'Jr I I g S I A I E AE QI f' I W SCORES ENCINA OPPONENT 19 Folsom 6 38 Jackson 18 A1 Clarksburg O O Redwood 6 Q11 Gr1d1ey 7 13 Vacaville 19 27 I.irwco1m 7 30 E1 Dorado O UNIOR RSITY FUOTB LL Front row: Jim Brown, Bobby Louis, Cliff Hall, John Goodman, Eddie Douglas, Cliff Lenzi, Gordon Rogers, Jim Baruether, Larry Ragan, Ben Doane. Second row: Bill Dreyer, Chuck Silliman Merrel Bishop Jan Hoganson Dave Hutchin s Mick r - J 9 f Y Klieman, Warren Light, Tim Wheelis, Skip Graves, Ken Ward, Mike Smithhart, Steve Yocum. Third row: Jim Hall, Steve Wehr, George Mackis, Gary Klug, John O'Neil, Terry Plumb, Pete Chase, Robert Heberman, Robert Anderson Dave Bonar John Kovak, Coach Rees Lee. Fourth row: Coach John Eaton, Gary Bean, David Jones, Richard Neeley, Dale Rhodes, Carl Kuhl, Paul Eckerman, Bob Evans, Paul Donaldson, Norm Siefkin, Elden Irvine, Alan Pratt, Ron Campos, and Mike Sullivan. PRES MAN FOOTBALL SCORES ENCINA OPPONENT O Woodland . 6 6 El Camino I9 19 El Dorado O 20 Folsom 9 13 La Sierra O T3 San Juan 14 WRE TLI G xx Q- 'T s...Y Q.: l U, A x a x ,-rl! f ,ill V Front row- Dick Hacken, Warren Light, Barney Worron, John Russell, John Whiteline. Second row: .Jerry Hielle, Gary Hampton. Dave Long, Steve Yocum, Jerry Blevins. Third row: Mike Pascoe, Bob Rodgers, Bill Wenrzell, Ed Tis, Louis Costa, Dave Johnson. L TEA Front row: Keith McKee, Gordon Leighton, Steve Brown, Richard Benson, Mike Estep, Albert Willit, Coach Don Brown. Second row: Lonie Davenport, Larry Seals, Ronnie Rubesky, Randy Shays, Gary Nichols, .lim Fortune, Tom Pepper. Third row. Bob Keller, Jack Hallstrom, John Constans, Scott Morton, Steve Webb, Jack Flogal, Don Pauly, Jim Brown. yay? 'luv Q QE 5 . 'if WV f ' 93", 1, . as 3, .L f ' 5 ' Q Y ' A my 1f ' uw? Q QI WWW if Q35 KSA M QS 2 - M 13 33 ' W1 A M5 -- A , W ! gygm :mn and Bob Binns. Left ro right: Coach Ed Galloway, Norm Siefkin, Jack Emerson, Richard Buress Charles Rosen Wayne Silvers Roy Rounds Encina 42 31 48 43 35 46 41 49 28 39 27 46 42 SCORES Opponent Jackson , McClatchy Davis Grant Union San Juan El Camino El Dorado Elk Grove La Sierra Marshall San Juan Armijo EI Dorado K, 1, T , .M my ,A X . W sm if , Q V i.. E: I nw BOB B A A if K Front row, iefr fo right: Mike Parrish, Lyle Jacobson, Paul Sax, Bill Greenly, Lloyd Reisf, John Goodman Second row Coach Ed Pegram, Ron Singler, Ken DuFour, Dick Doerr, Scot! Fraser, Jim Snoolc, Bill Davies. Encina 31 34 36 51 29 38 34 30 36 All 27 32 41 CC 79 SCORES Opponent Jackson McClatchy Davis Gram Union San Juan El Camino El Dorado Elk Grove La Sierra Marshall San Juan Arrniio EI Dorado ASKETB LL SCORES Opponent Sacramento McClatchy La Sierra Folsom La Sierra San Juan Folsom Sacramento San Juan El Camino San Juan El Camino San Juan El Camino Front row left to right Otto Buls Bobby Lews Ken Kaestner Cl ff Hal Jm Bare ther Charlie French, WOOdy Coxe S ond ro Coach John Eaton Pete Konrad Larry Regan Ron Yates Stan Sm rt Bob Dalton Glen Campbell, Lee Pratt Gordon 1 CLASS M 'Q TRACK CW4 First row, left to right: Louis Costa, Ron Campos, Cliff Lentz, Alton Harden, John Russell, John Chohlis, Bob Hacken, Second row: Alan Cunningham, Frank Taylor, Wayne Silvers, Cal Talmadge, Mike Pascoe, Jerry Hjelle, Dale DeCos1a. CLASS GG " TR CK I ...4 K First row, left to right: Paul Donaldson, Bob Binns, Jim Boyers, Bob Keller, Alan Alford, Bill Davies, Ron Yates, Steve Nicholes, Bert Fannin. Second row: Larry Cook, Phil Spencer, Phil Baltzely, Mike Inglis, Ron Rubesky, Pete Gebaeur, Ray Rockenbaugh, Dick Doerr, John Worsley. Third row: Bob Spoon, Richard Buress, John Halstrom, Bob Haverrnan, Richard Carr, Richard Hackers, Dave Long, Joe Cerriani. CLASS HC' TRACK First row, left to right: Albert Willett, Richard Long, Ron Muston, Randy Sharp, Lonie Davenport, Larry Johnson, Jim Osborne Bob Soza, Pete Chase, Barton Trewthaway, Dick Pickens, Ken Bell, Burt Presnell, Buddy Soto. Second row: B0yd Spencer John Kobak, Oris Black, Jeff Williams, Dave Hutchings, Rod Sievers, Scott Johnson, Rocky Lynn, Jim Rohrer, Terry Plumb Skip Epperley, Jim McDonald, Jim Hall. Third row: Kellerman Marich, Jim Brown, Lloyd Reist, Chuck Silleman, Barry Coff man, John Constans, Bill Corrie, Gordon Rogers, Quinton Frost, Larry Afzal, John Goodman. JIM BROWN-C JERRY HJELLEAB LLOYAD REIST-EI Sprims pole vaugf broad gump, sprnms JOHN CONSTANS-C hurdles PETE CHASE shot-put, 880 yard dash TRACK HEAD COACH WILL STEPHENS PHIL BALTZLEY-B WAYNE SILVERS-A BOB KELLER-B :Ms mile shot-put, high jump broad iump, B80 yard dash DALE DeCOSTAAA mile RAY CURRY Manager CAL TALMADGE-A broad iUmp, sprinrs SCOTT MORTON-B BILL DAVIES-B MIKE INGUS-B 880 yard dash shot-put, pole vault hurdles, SpriI'1TS BARTON TREWTHAWAY-C 330 yard dash 'I' x , J 1-W .. "- W. -fx- DICK DOERR-B hurdles high jump, pole vault in-sk . a-f 'BOB ROGERS-A shot-put high lump hs., ALAN ALFORD B BOB BINNS B BOB SPOON-B 440 yard dash SPVIYWTS, SIWOT-PUR high IUVTIP hurdles PHIL SPENCER-B A40 yard dash 1-4- L wry.. . ea. JIM ROHRER-C pole vault RICHARD BURESS-B high iump, 830 yard dash Caro O I R driques, Sandy Foulk, Ru1hForry. T OFFICERS O T k ' tion. Love that form! A close call Practice makes perfect! Hey! A winner GVARSFTY ,lzif , lull' First row, left io right: Tracey Spence, Henry Sims, Gary Harnpion, Neil Watson, Jim Dill, Bill Greenly, Gary Kaestner. Second row: Don Moore, Joe HegseTh, Steve Downie, Doug Downs, Ralph Jacobson, Dave Ledesrna, Rudy Minnick, Chuck Rosen. BASEBALL gi 4 4 GARY KAESTNER -Third Base DAVE LEDESMA-Shortstop CHUCK ROSEN-First Base .... , JOE HEGSETH-Cavqhe' RALPH JACOBSON-Second Base HENRY SIMS I 5 BILL GREENLY4OUtfieIder Q STEVE DOWNIE-Omfielder I96 RUDY MINNICK- Pwfdwer GARY HAMPTON Catcher 1 f NEIL WATSON-Second Base J-:pf JIM DlLLfOurfielder 0? DOUG DOWNS Outfwelder TRACEY SPENCE Catcher x! J""' 1 DON MOORE'P3fCheV STAN BACHTOLD-Shortsfop Front row, lefr ro righf: Jon Sacchetfi, Bob Fisher, Dave Needham, Les Harvey, Norm Burster, Shaun Sullivan, John Rogerro, Dennis Yeast, Carey Irby. Second row: Tom Rogers, Lyle Jacobson, Daryl Hopper, Louis Hemsweef, Ron Singler, Mike Bickford, Chuck Binning, Neko Chohlis. J.V. BASEB LL COACH JOHN EATON 1.4 Front row, left to righr: Roger Posehn, Chuck Griffiths, Bill Boehm, Bill Costa, Jeff Jennings, Ken Ward, Craig Schmidf. Second row: Siu Richardson, Doug Montgomery, George Cate, Ronald Chaix, Larry Collins, Mike Huichingson, Glenn Campbell, Ben Doane, Chuck Krough. FRG H BASEB LL COACH LOUIS HUBER I99 x gait' if B to Nflx, ? cvs., -r , .,, 1 , it rg. 21 3-373, , .. -s ski-.27 v Front row, left to right: Bobby Binns, Sandy Griffiths, Neil Watson, Chris Kopf, Phil Baltzley, John Chohlis, Bob McDonald, Tom Matthews, Mike Inglis, Jim Dill, Bill Greenley, Bill Davies, Coach McCormick. Second row: Scott Morton, Gary Capshaw, Henry Sims, Phil Broughton, Louis Costes, Barney Warton, Dick Doerr, Cal Talrnadge, Terry Plamondon, Lee Pratt, Charles Pahlmond, Jerry Hielle, Tom Rogers, Bob Keller. Third rows Rudy Minnick, Jerry Blevins, Frank Baldwin, Ed Tis, Charles Rosen, Herb Bramlette, Jerry Brown, John Russell, Steve Downie, John Landgraf, Richard Buress, Bill Soderland, Allen Cunningham. El Wiki v ! 1 -.I ADVISORS: Coach Ed Gallaway, Coach Don Brown and Coach Don McCormick. 1 f f ' I t W af! v , 2 f 71, 3, ' fnmwnp I 99 y W Jw ' 7 , Y " 5 5, I i K 5 'W 5 ,. ff? .af M f fm. '1 div, Q ig Q .., , - P eg! ," O , . ,Sm '- OCwq Frorit row, left to right: Joanne Wilson, Carolyn Vroman, Connie Donley, Maxine Frisk, Marilyn Schoenhoff, Pam Kift, Glenda Angel, Margaret Shelton, Karen Kangas. Second row: Nancy McLanahan, Roxanne Allen, Ramona Bramwell, Suzanne Rivers, Sue Richards, Jackie Kambestad, Charlene Muir, Joanne Warne, Vicki Griffiths, Shiela McFall. Third row: Kay Banks, Cecilia Swift, Kathy Shafer, Judy Krueger, Sue Morgan, Gerry D'Arcy, Mike Michelle, Susan Allen, Chris Landgraf, Jackie Stroud. Fourth row: Heather Teall, Karen Badgley, Jackie Hatfield, Joy Whittlesey, Linda Faylor, Paula Mattson, Karen Drury, Michelle Lyon, Sandra Berrends, Diane Foor, GIRL 9 THLETIC ASSOCI TIO Front row, left to right: Donna Reed, Ann Wallace, Connie Baker, Marilyn Banyai, Pam Mattson, Wendy Yord, Jeannette Pyle, Wynell Elmer, Betty Emerson, Barbara Rea. Second row: Ellen Dill, Pat Kelly, Eleanor Bode, Diane Kambestad, Andi Logefeil, Sue Swift, Jackie Hartman, Sandy Baker, Barbara Law, Pat Randal, Trudy Fraser. Third row: Judy Nord, Jeannette Gruen, Deanna Camblin, Sue Sautner, Noeme, Harrod, Linda Hall, Pat Mendoth, Linda Hoganson, Karen Frash, Michelle Bliss, Cheryl Crockett. Fourth row: Pam Wood, Bonnie Barrett, Jean Watson, Linda Talor, Paula Mason, Janet Conley, Joanne Flanders, Judy Wilson, Mary Ramiriz, and Mari Belle Conley. OFFICERS - Left to right: Betty Emerson, Roxanne Allen, Ellen Dill, Sue Sautner, Linda Hoganson, Linda Taylor and Mari Belle Conley. SNAPSHOT Ca eful ow dont fall' Ol xx erhsemenTS Q ii 9 ii T303 8 so Carnival of Fashions ,MW O9 EVAN PIcoNE MAGGI STOVER 6741 alzeor ON THE VILLAGER ADELAAR Alfffffvs S GLEN of MICHIGAN ,V ON ,AYP PLATTRY COUNTYWEAR 471, 20169 Junior-Misses-Sub-Teens 02' Q? Q Girls' Shop 3 'lo I4 Yrs. 40 Town 8: Counly Village IV 9-7353 THE HOBBY WATT CAMINO PENNEY S Home of ARTS AND CRAFTS SUPPLY Counlry Club Cenlre 26'0 MGFCOH' Ave IV 9 239l ApplIance Sa 95 Home of TelevIsIon an Blue Rlbbon F Serv ce S+ereopl1onIc HI I RCA WHJQLPOOL Servlce RCA VICTOR PHILCO HOFFMAN NORGE We Speak Teen Age ULTON AVE ' PHONE IV 3 645I EL al' I ' l - - d Il 0 ll GENERAL ELECTRIC ' MAGNAVOX ' ADMIRAL P 5 i . II - ll. W L' GREEN ACRES LEW WILLIAMS CHEVROLET CENTER EL CAMINO T! MInia+ure GOII Course an FULTON Phone IV 7788I 39lI Fair Oaks Blvd CARMICHAEL Phone IV 3 2368 H T HARGEN COMPANY S+ucIen+ Charge Accounfs Invu+ed Besf Prices In Town on Diamonds and Wa+ches ALL MERCHANDISE GUARANTEED I028 K S+reeI G 3 335 Your Key +o Grea+er Values W T GRANT UNITED ENTERPRISES co Royal Wa+er Conchhoners FlI'rers Sofferes Conchhons 3I I0 Broadway PHONE GL 57434 d,,mU,L , ARDEN TOWN PHARMACY P E-. .1 . L-1 L fl" ' ' d . n Q 1 X j . . . a . n a o p, ,,fw......, 9 . 1 Mm "- TY t 5 AE' ' k 5 E 'L If , M, ' Z i , ' n 1 ' . u 4 C - , Q ' an 1' ,J 0 43 4,- , , .fn '+,,t Ns f :Ip '0 run! JS,--E' .x N A - I 14 e 1 ' If you an under urs of age. you my WM Account at Kay lewela ISS 00 YOU! ' ' own ' 'sto M1 IS ' Kny., Americfs :rust :leant TE C ' in fl'-'f Qu' ummm 458 Y - : - C ' , 1 , I A C.B.S. Consumers Buying Service Where You Never Pay Regular ReI'anI Prices Phone IV 3270l 3200 Arden Way MASONRY SUPPLY 8. EQUIPMENT co. CompIe+e Secfion BRICKS . . . FLAGSTONE RAIN BO CRETE FIREPLACE EQUIPMENT Barbecue Equlpmeni' and Supplies ALL TYPE BRICK CLAY TILES Sfone Producfs Cum' +o Your Measure INCINERATORS MASON TOOLS I320 DeI Paso Blvd Norfh Sacramenfo Phone WA 2343I DAIRY PRODUCTS TAYLOR S DAIRY 27I2 Marconi Ave IV 9 769I SR xx g f YOUR ndepmdenf lmzzmme I AGENT RVES YOU FIR QM WARREN G BENDER 2805 EI Camino Ave SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA . .5 T,-, lil D ...M fl.. 'I' - R I ,--A ..... 3. ...... A ,, d Us X 'll "5'w' ness STPI AIA I COU NTRY CLU B FLORIST She VNZirVi'eEl?r5i'?+T1 Pride ARDEN WAY a+ +he FREEWAY RHODES COUNTRY CLUB TAYLOR'S SWEET SHOP A r if F EAGELSON'S For High School, College, and Businessmen ELLIS PHYLLIS KUSHION ASHIONS SHOES T fd' M5 1? f A Y N L 81 C S u C N E T N R T Y O P' AUTOGRAPHS WWW - 1 ' M A u' i V Ng ,KV 3? fp r my 3 -0 'Aid A W f'1 Q' 'Y KL 1 f KA A , L ff m ff TAYLOR PUBUSHING COMPANY p ,. . 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M3 ' 'iw f ,df K, LL' LL , 5'i'NVl, ' Lf 'Sf f' ,LV '11, X JM 1' ff . , ' : , ' V, M ' I f , , x 2 L9 11 , J V L . A L, L, 1 Lyx EIU, f Kg fx, .... 1 Y' l, ' L R yt 3 L x Rf ga ff . ' ' A ' f 7' ' 5 I ' .' x,- Vf, In V 01. ,,jJ,J A nj ' J UU,L,, I jj 1 , J 'A J if ' Kg" J fn J IN , 1Qf:,C"',f','- - L AL! 7 " I N11 YL V , V Lf V N X, 5 xl? JK' 1 Ll UV f 'f J -f

Suggestions in the Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) collection:

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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1960, pg 110

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 209

1960, pg 209

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1960, pg 66

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 86

1960, pg 86

Encina High School - Encinian Yearbook (Sacramento, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 74

1960, pg 74

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