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-"FQ-j'..,l- ' , Q.. ,, , ,A ' ' ,, ,',. my I, ., ',,, M, gh, . V.-.':.":,s-:ue :.- v ev - , 5 h A Q lk X X 0 1 X F' , X cam 4 lf ff j ff Po - e gwf B 5 7 0 I o .-,mm .,m.!1g.1, e e f cg ffff L .V Q. 14 ALMA MAI -N ,A Reddcnd White, we sing c S N " we Fl: i lolhleg rg: r Ahxigirs l 805.05 A Jll:And to our Alma Mater XSZ we will cheer, cheer, T hi h sch I w l PUTFAD? Ur:-lil vi? gaigclhe irc? ' Q .. We wi never rest, A tire-in Q 4,,,,-si 3 And fhough the clouds X "x ' V d ll b r cl ia xxyxr X x J fl F llhwy :ons Zlxlodzucjifi J V -Q. he 2 gl X X X With their very life, - -W i -I ,is w walihenh Lvl W i f ,.f'3f'ili- Sur icy ofcgiidinzl H ' ff Q jfQur Alma Mater hai I - el 3 Kg flbhe Red and whsie. T4 ' I lv- 7 J I 1. S xg, XX l'Home of Iecrnihg, 1 " iv - L W will ch rish all I Y I , 5 H 'i'. XAlid may ihy chile I I 6 'f A ffidi-that we all mo "" '. 2 he 'R+ I 'Y .H we e .ll A H 9 AK ri J J 1 il 9 e QM! H VP i 4 ,5-1 Ti was lH0 1 oaK..4!' 1 1 1 l i l ,n ,. A - --f ,Q -t,,k . 3 t . .. .1 I-3.,L. ,.?H,q, ,MJ ,,: U I V f M- y .vw-F -"' p D ' F E V ' L E H s A UU, 5-of S6 50 MA R C H 7' '--SHT'-' . II" .,.,- A Q 0 , 'V' Q E. lil .f fairs? 'I tk f' N' Klbx ' a to you ever be true, ir and strong r voice in song. mporium, ESC, my 1' -.5 :rken q 9 ' r Q ' Jphold thee r Emporiu m, ' an i fyi i X, e leave thy halls R ted within thy walls ' U reds Bring thee success 9 :sud of our E. H. S. horusl xo I SD . , ABR? .0 H , ' u X +V N at 4 + 4 ff . I X t " 5 A Slime HnuKwsSQlraa9 ii 1 51 'X lp mi, 4 A, I 1-.I WM :htf .Ui f ir J ,. 4 -4 vt ff i W V I .4- ,iv 1 1 -4 ti A, ,1 Q r .4 in Th' I My EX LIBRIS B k THE RAIDER 1946 ala!-w2,, ,'- f. f I - ' sv ,2 .. ,H - 'Iv-. :, - Y 2 ww - gi' 21 5, 1 pf u f E ,IA Xe HM. 7 3, 5 ,555 Q ,. ,JL.,.x . ,, .. LW! .J ,...-. l .M VK, ,. 911135 Ak K ' A Y ,Q , 3 . ' Q .. X . 5 Ayr, mmgv , . glqw- gg. ,. ,, . , f,gvwq..,i, W ,J-ww f. who qf.f:r,..p,qgg V f S 'lgdvti Klvv .i.Ql7 I 1 9? '1Sw W1 -lil "F-Tw -..-.H-'A ii V' ' M " 7 m ' 'L EQBF ' YT "W""ag2ll,f2g f ill? A f Z' . Q3 ' A rf 1 -wevwwfv UA warn -w -- -4 -Mak sl fl - an H f+ in r .1 mmf:-Lfvmahxwmkfm, vs-em fn- -. Q was .v 4- .W ' -'N 1 I --1 - -.n 4 ES J 'wf' f::.s1f'v- df' l 6 1, if ,1 A . Qxxw 4 , Q , 7 rs ' -4, iv m ',--4 W hal ' 'L.,"1 'r Q., 'HX Aff ,T 'W 34 .3 K -.sm K M , A .. 1... up I K' A . M M1 .' f ali' Il 85- " Lw:-Q ,L ,Y ' - " 1f'1"??" Q 'L-,' qw, N ,4 bydiwf w ' K Um un. .ciygge ,W x f 1 ,xv A 1 -lqifllx 1 63" E --Nl N . . . , ,. - . ffff 4 MU? ' '52, RN . I W If U11 -N V 2 W: l .h .5 ff: , ff 'gf , i f in 4- 4 :Ss ,:,P ,.fT'f.... A If XFX. ,V 0e.,1.,lx7Q of f .5 W ' 4+ L, Jwx mf. 4 - N... .. ...ww . , M ,,,,,.M, ,V L, VM XM in A ' 4 Liwsva ' ly' -m 1-u .V 4-W Q -, g 1, W , Nw, . 1 , , avr'--1 pa, A, , ,L Ny, 1, 6 V 3 ,K an Wm H 'P I , .., ,. , V . - Q , W l'-- . N ,L ff ' M' Y TJQQSV fd F.-V,,, A ,, ,, . ,, , . W, - " . ' .LBWM . - "S, i Y V f ,, ww-wx L33 fwkre-' . 4 ', 4+ ' + A ' hh X f K K , my, ff ,-T. aw, f 1' I i , V D49 ' 'wrt'-01 . x,,..-mu ...,,.,l, Fuss: :r- f ff aR"f4 ,-m- W pf . .W .. ,va , ,-. .wy mm. A v. M.. .. . ,454-., '1 Q 'MSU-rvlgwv N if ,r Q V-Rini' Q A vs- . 1. - -rr.-,. sam-.A ,. . as wx. -1, A -A :- DEDICATION To Mr. C. Elobert Plasterer, Superintendent ot Cam- eron County Schools tor 35 years, for his excellent con- tributions to our schools and civic functions, we, the Class of 1946, dedicate our yearbook. The Raider - 4 CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION Page 7 CLASSES Page I3 ACTIVITIES Page 51 SPORTS Page 61 EMPORIUM HIGH Is for Energy, which we all claim Is an essential point on the road to fame. Is for Mastery over our foes, Which is quite favorable, as everyone knows. Is for Progress, the goal we all seek But know can't be reached in a day or a week. Is for the Opportunity which we possess, To start our life's journey on the road to success. ls for Romances tried and true, Of which our school has quite a few. Is for Integrity the Juniors claim They as seniors hope to retain. Is for Unity together it binds us, United Iet's hope the years will still find us. Is for Memories, of class and of fun Of parties and yearbooks and lessons well done? ls for Honors, to us they are due For the inspirations we have given to you. Is for Intelligence and Interest, too, Which the departing Seniors leave to the new. Is for Glory, we're sure our team's name Will be enshrined in the sport hall of fame. Is our High School it's praises we'II sing To its fond memories, forever we'lI cling. The Raider - 6 ADMINISTRATION SCHGOL BOARD PRESIDENT . VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER George Rishell Harry Spence L. The Raider 1- 8 Mark Howard Joseph Kinsler Ophelia Minard Leah Taylor Neil Coppersmith To the left is a piclure of Supervising Prin- cipal La5i1is taken by himself, The camera was placed on a filing cabinel, and a string afiachecl to ihe shutier did the resi. As there was no one near io tell him to smile and watch ihe birdie, he said he forgot lo smile. JOSEPH LaSlTlS Supervising Principal Pittsburgh Academy Bethany College Clarion State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College University of Wisconsin Slippery Rock STC George Peabody College University of Pittsburgh Cornell University FRANCIS O'MALLEY Principal St. Bonaventure College Carnegie Tech Harvard University University of Pittsburgh typsff The Raider - 9 Problems of Democracy English English Literature .NX V! Af X 4 .jx MARY R. KENNEDY Allegheny College Mercyhursl Middlebury Spanish I and ll Latin l and ll l TH ERESA KENNEDY Clarion STC Pennsylvania H islory World History Civics Library WILLIAM WELSH Columbia University Penn. Slate College Plane Geometry General Science Chemistry Physics FACULTY The Raider - 'IO ,FJfi5i!fXWf' d 4 X0 ., JOHN M. PATTERSON Universily fPiMsburgh Shorthand l and ll Typing I and ll Bookkeeping Business English 1 1, f' 4' . AUL C. l R ffl Bflcknell Uhivegsjiyi RoanoliCoj,l!ge L Muhlen rg C-gjlgge ri pf'-fileraiure ' nglis 1 fl 'J M MRS. ROBERT COMERER Dickinson Junior Collegelx Lock Haven STC I ,VV -f General Scieng7 'yi Biology 'K English -i L . 1 l 7' xx f -1 .lzixixy Y , ef .X .- S ' MRSS. ELMIRA l.aSlTlS Pittsburgh Academy Bethany College Clarion STC Typing l Shorthand l Jr. Busim-ss Training Spanish I JEAN DRYE Universit-1 of Wisconsin Lock Haven STC x X , t . Physical Education ' A Health fx X l e I I K D 2 AMY C. BAKER x Bucknell University ,Xj lock Haven STC Mansfield STC Geography X LY History ls! Civics '5 . X1 i NY 0 ,f 1 J 3 1 I I p V 7 FACULTY 7 ' ' x 1 , 1 0 'Q I f 4 , " - 1 Y Q N p L.' ...s , I Q' l T . W? The Raider - ll J -ff ARNOLD BRICKER Dickinson Junior College loclz Haven STC Physical Education Health History HARRY F, STOCKDALE New York University Slippery Rock STC Dulce University Mechanics Institute Problems of Democracy American History English JOHN H, BIXLER University of Alabama Shippensburg STC Algebra l and ll Geometry General Math FACULTY Iggwp If mf I LADYS CROMER uc ne niversi Mansfield STC MRS JULIA WELSH M F ld STC C H C Tx, I J L I Q6 5 W M X: DONALD GRAFF I ,X Carnegie Tech N Q KN Q 0 h I xx 'X B d . I lx X I X Th R d -12 I O P S11 CI STC ldf IA1 h IM h MRS DOROTHY LEWIS P SOI Cft M g I H E CLASSES CLASS HISTCDRY So you to the left And I to they right For the wayskof men must L sever, I' It well may be for a day or atyear, 5 X K 1 5 And itiwell mayk be for- evek. X xi e. u K x I It ' 7 Y x it 1 5 Commencement-As I sit here lisfnin ' to ' s'peaker:l'w,l realize that I am truly standing at the crossroad of life. 'A C men ment is a -beginning and .an end. A beginning of our adult life ancllxth end Q the happrytkcarefree daysof high school-yes, my days in schqol H. Iv vie aide e richer-f-richer not only in knowledge but in happy memoniel ak ' ell. , , I - - Four years ago we entered E. S.I ea r Fr hmen, thinking we "knew all the answers" until some of as welieh z the pperlclassmlen and dde to realize what it meant to be "Fr'.shle" 'I 'sele ed Red andliGray a our class colors, and sponsored a very su cdss uI,Nw ,s we marchfed outlfrom the Promotion Exercises, we were prgpulfl f our plvesfbnd confideht we could measure up to the requirementsof thd nex I feyvli I ars. 'fl 5 1' I ' ' - I The days of our Sophomore yearlwlere ehll fbusyllones. We selected our class rings, sponsored a profitqble r Iler-sk tihg arty, and a gay Valentine dance. A happy-go-lucky picnic was fittinglclim y to the year's work and fu'n. , I X The excitement of our Junior year lpeganlwith' the arrival of our class rings. Soon after electing officers, we had pur first lulancgp' another on our listsof suc- cessful accomplishments. We were hot aware w ,lllgqdso many talented Thes- pians until our play "Spring Fever" as preserltedif 'lfllot vqas the year, loo, that we lost Tompkins, Kinsler, DiBello, Judd, Cbsyluni, and Herrick :Ito Uncle Sam's Armed Forces. In May came the eagbrl awdltecl Jurlibr Prom Which was a "Prom of all Proms" and a fitfing farewel, tal thelldeparting seniors whose places we were soon to take. fl , I, .I The busy days of our Iastfyear at Et IS. hdll httany happy memories for us. As seniors we started the 'social ball rolling b pnsoring the Sadie Hawkins Shindig. For this dance the usual proceIdlJ e wel r v rsed and the girls escorted the fellows. Staff membersfwere chosep o th w y on the 1946 Raider would be begun at once. The yvholehearted- c qlp ati I of the entire class made it possible for the Editor and assistants toimak this e best Raider. In a moment noyv I will receive rlty diploma. It will be more than iust a diploma that will be' handed to me-git will be a promise of a bright future, a future I know will be bright because of the fine preparation I have received. So when I am handed my diploma dnd I murmur, "thank you", what I really mean is-thanks Emporium High, for the happy memories of the past and confidence in the future that you have given me, I' am truly grateful. The Raider - '14 N CLASS or 1946 My W, L LAMONT EUGENE CLOSE 59.3 ont" PRESIDENT 'i General Course, Football and Basketball Club 'I, 2, 3, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, Football 'I, 3, 4, Football Letters 3, 4, Varsity "E" Club, Treasurer 4, Gold Football, Class Presi- dent 4, Prom Committee 3, Junior Class Play 3, Dance Com- mittees I, 2, 3. I cam u man, and nothing that concerns a man do I deem u matter of indifference to me RICHARD EDWARD Losnozzi "Rich" VICE-PRESIDENT! 2, 3, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, , - ters I, 2, 3, 4, Gold Football, Varsity "E' lu , , , , Varsity "E" Club, President 4, Sat Council, Executive Commercial Course, Football and 'sk 1, 3 4 oo l Let b I 3 4 Board. ff Much indeed can one man do 'f IP . M' . tw y L, I f .0 ,fl l EMMA LOUISE MARSHALL "Emmy LOU" SECRETARY Academic Course, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Letters 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committees I, 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play 3, Class Secretary 2, 4, Music Committee. Without music life would be ca mistake The Raider - 'I5 SHIRLEY MAE SUMMERSON "Slim' I 1 R TREASURER il Commercidl Course, Home Economics Club l, 2, Presi dlent I, Press Club, Associate Editor, 3, Press Club A, Oper ettalil, American Legion Award I, Class Treasurer I, 2, 3, 4 Dance Committee I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Usher Junior Class Play 3. She is as likeable as she is lookable MILBERT EDWIN ACKMAN "Cc1ppy" General Course, Rifle Club 2, Fire Fighting Crew 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Junior Class Play 3. Men of few words are the best men SARA LOUISE ANDREWS "Sally" Commercial Course, Home Economics Club, Vice-Presi- dent l, Red Cross Club, President 2, 3, Homeroom Vice- President I, Homeroom President 2, Operetta l, Prom Com- mittee 3, Basketball l, 2, Usher, Junior Class Play 3, Safety Council 4, Yearbook Staff, War Stamp Committee 2, 3, 4. A good reputation is more valuable than money ' afar, 7 K7 W f The Raider - I6 I RUSSELL HARVEY BOW "Russ" General 5 oot I asketball Club 35 Foot- ball 3, 45 Vars' y "E" C ot ll Letter 47 Dance Com- mittees 1, 2. You can never keep a good man down INEZ MARION ANDRUS "lny" General Coursey Home Economics Club lg Sports Club Nothing is so difticult but that it may be found out by seek- ing f- -1 .,,,,' RICHARD EARL BURLINGAME "Burly" General Course Wartime Science Club I Far s Club 2- Chess and Checkers Club 3 , A - Well timed silence hathpZorg The Raider - I7 1 MARTHA JEAN BALCOM t "Mari" Academic Course, Press Club 1, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, Prom Committee 3' Junior Class Play 3, Yearbook Staft. ,ii by X Life is too short to waste x x , 3 X XX 1,4 X 4 ' ' X X f KX 5+ J -i "4" F I , xp 1 ., ' . -f f A AL . wr . , X .lg , , X , . ' sr , jx ,f-'4Hf' JAMES DAVID COPPERSMITH "Copper" General Course, Drivers Club 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Band Letters l, 2, Orchestra 'l, 2, 3, Operetta l, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, 4. Long shall we seek his likeness, long in vain MARILYN JUNE BALLOU "June" Commercial Course, Home Economics Club 1, Sports Club 2, Choral Club 3, 4, Homeroom President 3, Usher, Junior Class Play 3, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committees 2, 3. Her lively looks a sprightly mind disclose The Raider - I8 DONALD GENE DAVISON K "Davey" General Course, Foot a nd sketball Club l, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, F otball Letter 4, Varsity "E" Club 4, Junior Cl s P ayf3 rom Committee 3, Dance Committees 2, 3. Anything for a quiet life Wil ELIZABETH ANNE BATE "Betty" General Course, Home Economics Club I, Cafeteria Management 2, Red Cross Club 3, Press Club 4. Life is not so short but there is always time enough for courtesy EARL LeROY DILL "Pickle" General Course, Drivers Club 'l, Rifle Club 2, Activi- ties 3, Prom Committee 3, Essay Award 3, Junior Class Play 3, Dance Committees 3, 4. One cannot always be a hero, but one can always be a mun The Raider - I9 TWILA RUTH BERFIELD "Ruthie" Commercial Course, Home Economics Club l, Red Cross Club 2, Choral Club 3, 4, Junior Representative of Choral Club 3, Special Chorus 4, Junior Class Play, Usher 3, Yearbook Editor. Life is a great bundle of little things f M if ff fc I . ' ROBERT JOHN GRiPPo t 5 lfyf "Grip" Commercial Course, Football and Basketball Club 2, Basketball 'l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Letter 4, Yearbook Staff. A good heart is worth gold ANITA Ell.EEN CARLSON "Fuzz" General Course, Commercial Club, Vice-President 1, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Oper- etta 1, Junior Class Play 3, Prom Committee 3, Circulation Committee, Photography Committee. l'll be merry, l'll be free, l'll be sad for nobody N . 1 r ,,.,1- 1, A The Raider - 20 Llwffffdll W ,W fl JAMES lRVlN HAMAMERSLEY "Hammer" General Course, Football and Basketball Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Basketball Letters 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Football Letters 2, 3, Gold Football, Varsity "E" Club, Vice- President 3, 4, Operetta 1, Prom Committee 3, Junior Class Play 3, Dance Committees 1, 2, 3. A lion with the ladies and a man among men I DOL BY l'5tuH" U- Com rcial Course, Commercial Club, President 1, ed Cross Club, Secretary 2, Operetta 1, Junior Class Play, Usher 3, War Stamp and Bond Committee 2, 3, 4, Banner Committee 4, Safety Council, Chairman Program Commit- tee 4, Circulation Committee. Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry EDWARD LEROY HORNING "Ed' General Course, Signalling Club 1, Football and Bas- ketball Club 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Football Letters 3, 4 Gold Football, Varsity "E" Club, Secretary 4, Prom Com mittee 3, Junior Class Play 3, Dance Committees 2, 3, 4 Photography Committee, Advertising Committee. Hell is empty and all the devils are here The Raider f 21 W lfjfyl A GEL MARIE FAPORE "Ang" Commercial Course, Girls Sports Club 'lg Press Club 2, Tumbling Club, Secretary 3, Homeroom Vice-President 2 Basketball l, 2, Biography Committee, Circulation Com- mittee. I've taken my fun where I found it I . ROBERT ARTHUR MILLE I 1'W "Aucker" General Course, Drivers Club lp F otball and Basket- ball Club 2, Forestry Club 3, 4, Dance Committees 3, 4. Though small and quiet, a man of mighty thoughts JEAN IRENE GRIMONE "Jeannie" Commercial Course, Home Economics Club, Treasurer ly Choral Club 2, Red Cross Club, Secretary 3. Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit 40 Q' The Raider - 22 I BERNARD EUGENE SASSMAN v' "Sassy" General Course, Drivers lp Ri Club 2, Fire Fight- ing Crew 3, 4, Operettiq p ro C ittee 3, Junior Class Play, Stage Manager 3, ance C mittees 3, 4, Safety Council, Vice-President. The secret of happiness is-something to do ,K l P , A X ff f ml f' VIERN M l Ki D X I "Vernon - If K-X eral C , he a l,' 2, 3, 4, Secretary Band an ,Qhe , Asst a retary Band and Orchestra 4p,E'E:1n,i ett? eretta l. Phtfence is o remeay for every sorrow PHILIP JOHN SENTNER "P. J." Academic Course, Wartime Science Club lg Aircraft Identification Club 2, Chess and Checkers Club, President 3, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committees i, 2, 3, 41 Co-Editor of Yearbook. A mon he seems of confident tomorrows The Raider - 23 '.1 ' I-A lf!! I 1 J M' rf f I I ll' D JEANNE CLAIRE HALEY "Weed" General Course, Press Club I, 3, 4, Choral Club 2, Operetta I, Dance Committees I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Business Manager Junior Class Play 3, Yearbook Staff. For his gayer hours she has a voice of gladness and a smile PAUL HOWARD THOMAS Q! "Paul" General Course, ri ers I, Forestry Club 2, 3, 4, Fire Fighting Cr , , peretta I, Prom Committee 3, Dance Committ 3, The best that was in me I've given ALICE MARIE HICKOK "AI' General Course, Choral Club I, 2, 3, 4. I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait The Raider -- 24 HENRY LEWIS ZUBACK "Eli" General Course, Drivers Club l, Forestry Club 3, Dance Committees 4. True merit is like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes l i mens ALICE Hbususn N ' "Renae" Generlil Course, Choral Club l, Girls Sports 2, Tumb- ling Club, Vice-flesident'3. And ifllthe while Illhlnk of thee dear friend all losses are restored anclXorrows end N I r all, X4 NORMAN A,EliRElD zwALo V -1 "Becky" N Qelneral Course, Football and Basketblzll Club.l,, 2, 3, Bclsketbbll J, 2, 4, Basketball letter'4, Football! 2, 3, 4, Fooltball Le ers 3, 4,1 Gold Football, Varsity "E" Club, Prom Committee ,.lunior Class Play 3, Dclrlce Committees 1, 2, 3, 4, Safety Counntil, President, Yearbook Staft. r 'fl u ' f ' I , y A . All mankind loves cl' lover 3 ' s L ' 4 K l The Raider - 25 leap HELEN LOUISE INGRAM Academic Course, Choral Club 3, 4, Specia "Helen" Red Cross Club 1, Sports Club 25 l Chorus, Dance Committee 4, Oper- etta ly Usher, Junior Class Play 3. There is delight in singing "Jean" JEAN LOUISE LaBORDE Academic Course, Sports C lub, President lp Sports Club, Treasurer 2, Red Cross Club, Treasurer 3. . . I gm VIVIAN ARLENE WL YS I Co r l Clu 3 The Raider - 26 er is all, is worth doing wel "Mike' oral Club 'lp Sports Club 2 fengoyment rlety IS the lil f X J ii xx V i vmcs MAE A I L " iylyn Comme 'al Coufr , Pres lub 3 4, Girl ports ub, Treo r 2, A etba , 2, Op ia l, Pr Com- ' nliee ance Co mit! e 'l, 2, , , Che er 3, 4, Cheerl ing e er , - Prompt r Junib-Q I ss Play 3, fearb ok S Safe! ounci V ecutive B rd. bxllirjehes st rs o twilig air, like Qkhfs too, her du k ir xv, f i JJ' M Q lofi X- . ,lbw 5 Irv l MARY PATRICIA Mcrl I EYl , -,' "Pal" Academic-Course, Pfefss Club l, 3, 4, Press Club, Assist ant Eailorfii, Choral Club 2, Dance Commiltee 1, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Operetta l, Junior Class Play 3, Cheer- leader 3, 4, Cheerleading Letter 3, 4, Class Secretary 3, Yearbook Stall She's bubbling over with wit and fun MA L OA ' "M el Gen r Co e, lyd Cro lub 2, 3, Ope t 1 otog y Li rary 'tt e hm a e sil 1 WMM? Q ESTHER JOANNE RINEHULS "Esther" General Course, Commercial Club lg Band 3, Orches- tra 2, 3, 4, Class Secretary 'lp Operetta lg Dance Committees l, 2 ,3p Prom Commitlee 3, Basketball l, 2. Merrily, merrily shall I live now BARBARA JESSUP SCHNEE "Barb" Commercial Course, Commercial Club 'lg Choral Club 2, Red Cross Club 3. ' Laugh and be well MWWM MARY ELIZABETH SCHREFFLER "Mary" Commercial Course, Choral Club 'lg Library Club 2, 3. Be sileni and safe-silence never betrays you The Raider -- 28 ' A t ,yi , 2, , If JEAN ELIZABETH SEVERIN "Sev" Commercial Course, Choral Club l, 2, Press Club, Assistant Editor 3, Press Club, Editor 4, Operetta lg Junior Class Play 3, D. A. R. Award, Yearbook Staft. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm y 'MX if If V,,4!'fV ffl? ' Hwy' ywll 'M J ,jk C!! ill' WJ l ,AIP V" A ,HW ...ll ,L W 1 f MARGARET JANE smoup "Margy" General Course, Press Club 'lp Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta lp Dance Committees 1, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Junior Class Play 3, Photography Committee. It's good to be merry and free , Of y f Q r Ml f' " W0 I dv'-V PEGGY SWEETAPPLE "Peg Academic Course There's language in her eye, her cheek, her lips The Raider - 29 if! 'ill All ?l,"jf"l:l I' fl l 'U iffy ' 'Cr ,' V iz' lf lr' 'fl 1" ffl f! VI, ! VY, fl "V'Al4.4j 1 f' V ff' Tl' lxiwj I' ff ,W , rv' I ,c n I rf" i LORRAINE MAXINE TILBURG "Tilly" Academic Course, Choral Club l, 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus, School Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, Band 1, Orchestra 1, Dance Committees 'l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Usher, Junior Class Play 3, Yearbook Staff. It is a very hard undertaking to seek to please everybody RUTH ADALINE WADDINGTON General Course, Choral Club 'l, 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus 3, Operetta 1, Circulation Committee. Loudness is rudeness, therefore I am silent l lb 7 .f 1 MA RG E:fjkLllSBlNltlENNINA 2 ll "Marg ae" l ' -41 A x.'.i -, if ial Course, ,dalpross Club 1, Girls Sports Club lL bltljlrlrfkub 3. its Qi it Ll- T nt peecx thin icuen o min it f A 'T 1' 1 f 'd The Raider - 30 l f l ax if , MM ll LOIS JEAN WHITING "Nig' General Course, Red Cross Club l, 3, Sports Club 2 Operetta l, Basketball l, 2, 4, Dance Committee 2. Who can wrestle against sleep MARY LOUISE WHITMER "Mary Lou" Commercial Course, Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Special Chorus, Choral Club, President 3, Band l, 2, Orchestra 'l, Band Letter 1, Operetta 'l, Dance Committees l, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Junior Class Play 3, Yearbook Staff. Thy voice is celestial melody ,f X Lf , Mfg M , THERESA JENNY YORE J "Tree" Commercial Course, Girls Sports Club 1, 2, Tumbling Club 3, Basketball l, 2, Advertising Committee. Happy am I, from care I am free The Raider - 3'l f 1 4. f lp I ,ff f J fi Ki i 1 i 5 f l M RY ANN ZELENZ "zu" X Commercial Coursey Red Cross Club 2, 35 Advertising Committee. It is good to live and learn W STELLA MARIE ZITO "Stel" Commercial Coursey Girls Sports Club 'l, 25 Red Cross Club 35 Basketball l, 27 Advertising Committee. It matters not how long you live, but how well K .Ng NN X X- -.X l N Xe XC, X R x R r K. 7 The Raider - 32 Yx l N YW If ROBERT BENNETT GEORGE HERRICK ROBERT KINSLER JOHN MILLER JAMES TOMPKINS VALOR ROLL x Q lllFIf JOSEPH DIBELLO ROBERT JUDD LYNN KRINER SAM OSTRUM ROBERT WILEY The Raider - 33 RAIDER STAFF CO-EDITOR Philip Sentner ADVERTISING Mary Lou Whitmer TYPING Robert Grippo MLISIC Esther Rinehuls EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Ruth Berfield PHOTOGRAPHY Lorraine Tilburg HISTORY Sally Andrews BIOGRAPHY Jeanne Haley Jean Severin The Raider - 34 MANAGING EDITOR Martha Balcom CIRCULATION Virginia McManigle SPORTS Norman Zwald ART Pa1McNarney CLASS PLAY As our class play the Class of '46, then Juniors, chose a rip-roaring comedy, "Spring Fever," which was presented on the evenings of March 7 and 8, 1945, to capacity audiences. While "Spring Fever" is mainly concerned with the struggle of 'l7-year old Jackie Howard to get the money to finance his ingenius invention, numerous other incidents weave in and out of the plot-young Peggy Howard's hair tonic which was SUPPOSED to make the hair grow, and didn't, Jackie's love affair with the town beauty, and a maiden aunt's "hooking" of the high school coach. The cast was as follows: Jackie Howard, who has "Spring Fever" all the year 'round Jim Tompkins Price, his married brother Ray Butler, his chum Mr. Knight, an athletic coach Bertha Eulalie Donna Spring Tessie, Jackie's kid sister Peggy, , their mother Barnes, her sister Howard, Price's wife Billington, Jackie's weakness . the general help The Raider -- 35 George Herrick Mont Close "Becky" Zwald Pat McNarney Emma Lou Marshall Mart Balcom Jean Severin Mary Lou Whitmer t , Margy Stroup MOST POPULAR Shirley Summerson Richard La Brozzi BEST DANCER Lorraine Tilburg Richard LaBrozzi TALLEST Mabel Noah Jim Hammersley SHAPE AND BUILD Angela Fapore Richard La Brozzi WHO'S WHO The Raider SMARTEST Emma Louise Marshall Philip Sentner BEST LOOKING Shirley Summerson Norman Zwald SHORTEST 'Mary Schremer Robert Grippo MOST ATHLETIC Lois Whiting Richard LaBrozzi MOST STUDIOUS Ruth Berfield Philip Sentner MOST HUMOROUS Jeanne Haley Lamont Close MOST DEPENDABLE Sally Andrews Bernard Sassman BEST ALL AROUND WHO'S WHO Tha Raider -- 37 BEST DRESSED Martha Balcom Norman Zwald MOST AMBITIOUS Emma Louise Marshall Philip Sentner MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Emma Louise Marshall Philip Sentner Shirley Summerson Richard LaBrozzi CLASS OF '46 PROPHECY We, the class of '46, Ten years from today, Will be scattered o'er the earth ln many a clime and way. Some may be in China, Some may to Alaska stray, Some may visit England, While others in Emporium will stay We've thought the future over, And though the truth must wait, We here present possibilities Of ten years forward and Fate. Mont is a lazy millionaire, Having made his fortune in furs, Pat is a lady of leisure, For half of the profits is hers. Rich is head coach at Notre Dame, His team is the tops in the land. Jean LaBorde is tops in her field, too, Leading a harmonica band. A rare, new element was just discovered By that brilliant, young scientist, P. J. Esther is President of Vassar College, The leading educator of our day. Inez is the owner of the Giants, That great team coached by Beaky. Peggy is the permanent nursemaid Of 8 little boys named Kreakie. Mary Lou is the Met's newest star, Now on tour with her accompanist, Till. Sterling Run is a thriving boom-town With a mayor named Earl Dill. Ed sells the winged "Speedmobile," Manufactured by Aucker Miller. Emma Lou is the country's foremost surgeon, And Helen is the nurse who works with her. Vivian has traveled the world over With her handsome Admiral spouse. Fuzz has achieved her life-long ambition And is the keeper of George's house. Paul is a rugged truck driver Who sleeps on the job, night and day. Mary Schreffler works in an office, Still having little or nothing to say. June is New York's favorite hair stylist The Raider - 38 CLASS OF '46 PRCDPHECY For whom Sev is a well-paid model. Mabel's photographs for LIFE are the best That its eds., Grip and Ackman, handle. Nig owns the famous Cabin Kitchen, Hammer's her six-foot bouncer. Verna's a virtuoso violinist- Stowkowski can't function without her. Shirley is happy with her actor Jimmie Whom critics call "the year's brightest find." Theresa has 5 little shadows Whom she always must caution to mind. Donald is the 30-trip-a-day driver Of the whistle-stop West Creek bus. Sally is the distracted teacher Of a class which reminds her of us. Jeanne is a health inspector ln connection with a certain young doctor. Irene's trying to make up her mind As to one of her many suitors. The Crosby and Berfield Business School ls run by Dolores and Ruth. Alice is a missionary inTibet, Teaching the Bible and God's truth. Henry represents our class in big business, Jean G. is his efficient secretary. Mart, with her 50 year old husband, ls touring Europe, far over the sea. Ginny's still cheering the Navy on, While Harvey's the Army Chief-of-Staff. Barb's on the radio, and well-known For her merry, high, giggling laugh. Angie has danced her way to fame, Leaving broken-hearted males in her path. Betty is busy teaching A, B, C'sp And Burlingame's a professor of math. With the knowledge gained in Home Ec class Margy is keeping her husband well fed. Sylvania has Bernard in its Machine Shop, While Mary Z. is the Grid Department's head. Stella and Margy Wennin are private secretaries, Working for men of great wealth. Ruth Waddington is in a veterans' hospital, Nursing young men back to health. When T0 years are up, and your prophet regrets That none of these prophecies come true, That's when our last classmate comes to the front- "Morty" Copper, give to me what is my duel The Raider - 39 l V 1 Harvey Bowley Poul and Pauline Thomas Shirley Summerson Ginny McManigle Irene Housler Vivian Lewis 7 Dolores Crosby 8 Margaret Wennin 9 Jeanne Haley IO Margaret Stroup li Alice M. Hickok 12 Jean Grimone The Raider - 40 Peggy Sweetopple Helen Ingram Paity McNarney Lois Whiting Eslher Rinehuls Mabel Noah Anita Carlson Louise 8. Bobby Jean Severin Ruth Berfielcl Donald Davison Henry I.. Zubaclx Cappy Ackman Inez Andrus Bob Kinsler Barbara Schnee Bernard Sassman June Ballou Emma Lou Marshall La Mont Close The Raider - 41 Mary Schreffler Sally Andrews Mary lou Whitmer Jim Hammersley Belly, Rose, Theres Lorraine Tilburg l a Yore CLASS WILL We, the Seniors, supposedly brilliant after four short years, of mental stress and strain, depart from the beloved halls of E. H. S. But, before we carve our last autograph in the woodwork, we wish to leave a few of our assets to some of our lucky schoolmates. Among our past misdemeanors we found some "gifts of character" which the Seniors hope will be received gratefully. If not-consider the source and forgive. Jim Hammersley leaves his height to Tommy Milton. Ed Horning leaves his unusual gift of "shooting the bull," to Charles Ackman. Nig leaves to establish a permanent residence at the Cabin Kitchen. Dolores Crosby leaves her picture, "Les" we forget. Till leaves eating her "Cookie." Jim Coppersmith leaves his smile to anyone who has a personality to go with it. Bob Grippo leaves to be a drummer boy in Mr. Patterson's band. Rich leaves his ability on the football field to Red Gustafson. Bob Miller leaves his mesmeristic eyes to a certain Freshman girl. Beaky and Mary Lou leave their love life to Shirley and Milton. Sally leaves for the "Halls of Montezuma." Marty leaves her sophisticated attitude to Pauline Hackett. - Verna Haines leaves and "Hugh" rlo you suppose is waiting'fOr her? June Ballou leaves Jim Shoup with a ball and chain attached to his ankle. Alice Hickok leaves her braids to Phyllis McManigle. Donald Davison leaves his position as guard on the gridiron to Henry Gribble. Inez Andrus leaves her books BOBing behind her. Paul Thomas leaves his position running the movie projector to Charles Welsh. Henry Zuback leaves to take office as mayor of Sinnemahoning. Dill leaves his title as "Duke of Sterling Run" to Robert Wiley. Theresa Yore leaves to festablish a permanent residence at Port Allegany. Y Mary Zelenz leaves sinjlging "The Blonde Sailor." Stella leaves her iet bl,bck hair to Wilda Ober. .1 I I I The Raider - 42 CLASS WILL Ruth Waddington leaves her dislike of the boys to Norma Pearson. Jean Severin leaves her technique of "entwining" herself around the "weaker UD sex" to Jeanne Strait. Ruth Berfield leaves a box of Anacin to next year's editor. Mable Noah leaves her upper classman's dignity to Betty Hoffower. Helen Ingram leaves "Panton and Panton." Jean LaBorde leaves saying "This is a right nice school." Pat McNearney leaves with the knowledge of cooking with "Lard." Mary Schreffler leaves-very lonesome for Jenny. Milbert Ackman leaves Janie until after school. Dick Burlingame leaves as quiet as ever. Elizabeth Bates leaves her iob in cafeteria to Joanne Swanson. Anita Carlson leaves-the echoes of her melodious Q?J voice still ringing in the halls of E. H. S. Angie leaves her size four shoe to Mr. Welsh. Jeanne Haley leaves her "devil may care" attitude to Wilma Lee Ackman. Irene Housler leaves with Vivian Lewis. Esther Rinehuls leaves minus a nickel, which she gave to a certain boy to use to call her up when he becomes 18 years of age. Barb Schnee leaves her laugh to Jimmy Renaud. Emma Marshall-this busy "Bee" leaves for the "Sea." Ginny and Shirley Mae leave singing "Bell Bottom Trousers." Margy Stroup leaves singing "l Fall In Love Too Easily." Jean Grimone leaves her easy going way to Patty Mawn. Vivian Lewis leaves humming the strains of the Wedding March. Peggy Sweetapple leaves Spanish class, but it's still all "Kreak" to her. Bernard Sassman ' cv' his decorative ability to the next year's prom committee. Phil Sentner leaves with proof of his education written on a piece of paper. Close leaves his technique of "How to Woo Dogpatch Style" to Weed Haley. Harvey Bowley leaves the football team minus a half back. To all the coming Seniors we say farewell and good lucky may your last years in school be as jolly as ours. The Raider - 43 Q 4 2 5 5' v R Waldw . , H, A 5 " E 5 fu '- Q? 4. a a l' mf -f1-f R '.,'l i 4' ,,A., flaw' , 5 ? 3. , - KX lyllfi i G kyy L J ,V l i g f E .X-iff I R lla E ' 2 A p . X5 if 5 ll ,U W 'K 1 I , i' C -J "N-g 1 Q, 1 5' "H . ll N - ,Ja -xnxx I SX K' Q x X . A K .111 4 , 'W' Thff Rcuidvr - 44 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Milton Fold VICE-PRESIDENT . Charles Welsh SECRETARY , Charles Whifmer TREASURER , John Hathaway -uv First Row: S. Peters, G. Jones, B. Nicklas, G. Myers, P. Zimmers, E. Nelson, W. Ackman, C. Davis, E. Doll, J. Palmateer, K. Winslow, W. Ober, V. Malizia. Second Raw: B. Agliardo, l. Caruso, S. Zwald, B. Kennedy, P. Kennedy, D. Harpster, A. Allen, N. Wright, D. Pollard. Third Row: B. Averill, B. Minard, M. Ford, L. Baldo, J. Higgason, D. Sweet, O. Urber, L. Reed, W. Gennocro. Fourth Row: L. Cussins, G. Lecivitt, J. Creighton, C. Whitmer, J. Hathaway, G. Oswald, T. Milton, H, Gribble. Fifth Row: W. Faust, J. Bloomsquist, E. Horning, C, Taylor, R. Smith, D. Cox, R. Fauver Sixth Row: G. Moody, P. Swank, J. Park, D. Nicklas, C. Welsh. Seventh Raw: Miss T. Kennedy, Mr. Miller. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The class of '47 entered E. H. S. eager and green. Early in our Freshman year, red and blue were chosen as the class colors. The highlights of the year were an enioyable skating party, the promotion exercises, and a gala picnic at Sizerville. The tirst event of the Sophomore year was the Sophomore Hop. After the selection of our class rings, the girls organized a basketball team. One of the outstanding features of this year was the adoption of the silver fish as our mascot. As Juniors we entered E. H. S. with ambition. As evidence, a hot dog stand was erected by members ofthe class to earn money. The idea was a huge success. Following the example of the class of '46, our class put on a play, "Great Caesar's Ghost," which will remain in the class log book for many years to come. Discussions tor the Junior Prom are underway and we will justify our- selves by serving nothing but the best for our departing Seniors. We will attempt to have our annual departing picnic and prepare for the last year with E. H. S. The Raider - 45 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER 9 OFFICERS Phyllis McMamgIe James Donovan ' c QL? .1 5 ' 131 fu 52: ' 1 1 Q Q xwwi . M. 159, 'IF ,WT ,Q I "' 5. ,gg ,, ff, ,JM:.-,N,. , ,,,,. A kg! P if? pg: ' l mix? A-is S 1 L P bi. f N? P'-7, . F1 S V xx' , 1 - w 'F W. . ., . M , i The Raider - 46 u O First Row: M. Zimmet, P. Garin, J. Strait, L. Caldwell, S. Haas, R. Hammersley, B. Summerson, P. Gare, E. Shaw, E. Lewis, A. McKimm, H. Oman, D. Skillman. Second Row: J. Reed, B. Panton, A, Geelan, J. Logan, E. Heist, L. Johnson, J. Erskine, N. Kriner, M. Snyder, N. Zimmers, P. Cavonaugh, C. Beck, J. Jones, J. Murray. Third Row: K. Knisely, R. Milton, L. Crosby, M. Zimmers, L. Heiberger, N. Nelson, B. Hoffower, L, Crawford, M. Crum, B. Harford, M. DeSio, E. Boily, G. Clark, B. Bair. Fourth Row: R. Barker, J. Nelson, A. Dall, B. Knisely, M. Mclsaac, H. McKimm, J. Almy, B. Barker, Fifth Raw: A. Wheaton, H. Andrews, E. Parish, E. Thorp, H. Moore, L. Johnson, M. Minard, J. Kronwetter, A. Craddock, S. Mitcheltree, A. Clark, J. Renaud. Sixth Row: J. Ball, H. Zwald, D. Close, P. Norby, A. Villella, R. Carson, J. McDowell, M. Jones, J. Reed, D. Pearson. Seventh Row: E. Housler, R. Black, J. Bauer, J. Troncone, C. Ackman, J. Kiser, L. Palmcrteer, E. Zimmer, J. Farrell, T. Tompkins, P. Berger, J. Geelan. Eighth Row: J. McNarney, H. Gribble, W. Jessup, H. Oman, J. Werner, R. Park, R. Gessford, C. Swank, R. Berger, S. Crawford, P. Mann, D. Keller, P. Miller, J. Murray, G. Jones, P. Whiting, R. Victory, C. Faust. FRESHMEN CLASS HISTORY Full of happy anticipation of a bright future, the Freshman Class, number- ing l09, entered Emporium High in September 1945. Just as the class of 1946 is the first in many years to graduate in a world of peace, so are we the first to begin our high school careers in a normal atmostphere. After a few weeks of getting acquainted, we held our first class meeting and elected an all male executive board. We chose as our class colors, maroon and gray, our motto, "Knowledge is better than wealth", and our flower, the American Beauty Rose. With this good beginning, we feel sure that with a few more years and a little more experience we shall be able to take over the important position of being Seniors. The Raider - 49 The Raider - 50 ACTIVITIES First Row: J. Fulton, L. Baldo, J, Hornung, G. Werts, A. Carlson, J. Kiser, D. Jones, D. Pearson, P. Cavanaugh, G. Myers, S. Zwald, S. Peters. Second Row: M. Balcom, C. Bush, M. Stroup, J. Swanson, E. Marshall, J. lupro, J. Riegel, B. Collins, J. Erskine, J. Kronewetter. Third Row: R. Carson, P. Kennedy, W. Ackman, D. Lewis, H. Kennedy, Mr, Gralit, Fourth Row: R. Gessforcl, R. Fauver, B. Whiting, S. Crawford, E. Swasnick. Fifth Row: W. Bair, E. Tompkins, A. Villella, J. Mohney, P. l.c1Sitis, P. Narby. Sixth Pow: J. Murray, P. Hackett, C. Welsh, B. Kennedy, THE BAND This year, under the leadership of Mr. Graft, who recently returned from service in the Navy, the band once more has ci place of importance in both cur- ricular and extra-curricular work. Thanks to the rearrangement of the class periods, this musical organization has a full seventy minute period for rehearsal. This, plus the director's enthusiasm, helped to bring about a great improvement in a very short time. With the addition of new members the band now numbers forty-two. The marching band played for all home football games and also those held at Kane and St. Marys, Its appearance at pep meetings was a boost to the school spirit, just as its leading of the Halloween parade gave a boost to the town. The ranks of the band received with natural enthusiasm the news that eight of their number were selected for the district meet to be held in April at Philipsburg. New uniforms were procured this year, as a result of the tireless ettorts of the Music Booster Club and the band members themselves. The military-style uniforms have red trousers and a red jacket with a high collar and white lapel. The pompom hat'with the shako on it adds a dignity to the uniform that should make our band fully as exciting to view as it to hear. The Raider -Y 52 First Row: B. Niclclas, V. Haines, E. Rinehuls, J. Kronewetter, J. Eslxine, J. Riegel, E, Marshall. Second Row: P. LaSitis, E. Shaw, R. Carson, P. Kennedy, W. Aclcman. Third Row: G. Werts, A. Carlson, J, Kiser, D. Jones, C. Bush, J. Swanson, J. lupro, B. Whiting, R. Fauver. Fourth Row: J. Mohney, G. Jones, C. Welsh, B. Kennedy, M. Balcom, Mr. Graft. Members not shown in picture are: R. Gessford, E. Swasnick, M. Stroup, R. Taylor, A. Villella, R. Collins. GRCHESTRA Although the school orchestra meets but twice o week, it has increased in membership, playing ability, and appreciation of the fine music which they study. The student body welcomed an opportunity to hear the orchestra perform in Assembly early this year, their enthusiastic reception should surely prove to both the orchestra members and the director, Mr. Graft, how highly the school regards their work. We are all eagerly awaiting the annual Spring Concert which the band and orchestra will present to the public sometime in April. The orchestra will always be among the school-day memories of the Class of '46, for its strains ushered them into their years of Senior High School when they filed in for Promotion Night. Now the notes of the orchestra will ring in the ears of the Seniors-or rather, graduates,-as they leave the stage and depart from Emporium High School. The Raider - 53 Laura Baldo, Shirley Peters, Jeannine Fulton, Genevieve Myers, Shirley Zwald MAJORETTES Hubba! Hubba! Hubba! The flash of feminine glamour which precedes our dashing Emporium Band, is none other than our corps of petite, scintillating, and high-stepping maiorettes and color-guards. Their dexterity at twirling their flashing batons and carrying their colors high is the envy of the many students. As they strut gracefully down the street, they are one of the outstanding attrac- tions of our famed high school band. The Raider - 54 pi in ?g r . Z 1 iz! - . if -i 1 x 1 i , . G x k in ig , a z i T 1 lr Firs Row: H. Moore, R. Barker, J, Ballou, C. Caldwell, D. Skillman, N. Nelson, H. Ingram, A. Hickok, N. Kriner, E. Narby. Second Row: L, Tilburg, M. Minard, P. Garin, E. Shaw, E, Parish, D. Bloomquist, L. Baldo, R. Berfield, G. Toombs, P. LaSitis, M. Crum, I, Mclsaac, B. Hoffower, E. Nelson, A. Craddock, N. Zimmers, H. Oman, l. Labrozzi, R. Hammersley, B. Summerson. Third Row: Miss Cromer, M. Whitmer, J. Almy, K. Quigley, J. Logan, O. Uber, B. Harford, J. Nelson, R. Waddington, A. Allen, P. Zimmers, B. Saxton, M. Sestina, S. Haas. CHORAL CLUB The largest club in the high school is the Choral Club, consisting of forty- eight members, under the sponsorship of Miss Gladys Cromer. Throughout the year 1945-46, it was very active in both civic and school afifairs. In December a Christmas pageant, "Wondrous Story," was presented and was well received by a large audience. This year, several of our singers were chosen to participate in the district chorus meeting. Those who are now Senior members of the Choral Club will remember for a long time the excitement of tryouts and applications for the choral meetings and, toward the end of a busy year, the pride with which they received their lavaliers, symbols of faithful attendance and participation in the projects of this group. OFFICERS President , . Anna Allen Vice-President Pauline Zimmers Secretary , Laura Baldo Treasurer . Clara Caldwell Librarians . Catherine Quigley The Raider - 55 Patty LaSitis an 8+ fin C? First Row: A. Allen, H. Ingram, I.. Baldo. Second Row: E. Nelson, H, Oman, R. Berficld, R. Waddington, K. Quigley, E. Shaw SPECIAL CHORUS Special Chorus, a separate branch of the Choral Club, is composed of ci Triple Trio which is given special guidance by Miss Cromer. Whenever any musical activities are planned by members of the high school or town, it is usually the Triple Trio that is requested to sing. ln the Baccalaureate services held for the graduating seniors, the Triple Trio has a special part in the singing program. lt is a great honor to be chosen as a member of this group, for the experience and poise gained will be valuable in later years. The Raider - 56 First Row: R. Hammersley, N, Zimmers, E. Shaw, J. Smith, H. Broker, M. Steel, M. Hagen, M, McManigle, M. Priest. Second Row: H. Oman, D. Skillman, A. Doll, N, Kriner, P, Garin, M. Zimmitt, M, Briton, A. McNarney, M. Miller. Third Row: P, Thomas, M. Minard, M. Crum, L. Baldo, J. Higgason, E. Nelson, N. Wright, J, Haskins. Fourth Row: S. Crawford, E. Parish, I. Caruso, D. Sweet, J. Bennett, H. Oman. Fifth Row: Miss T. Kennedy, H. Gribble, R. Fauver. LIBRARY CLUB The "Worms" Cbook-wormsi, as members of the Library Club unofticially call themselves, have been busy this year. Desk work, including book circulation, record of student attendance in the library, and care of magazines has been under the charge of these ambitious people. ln addition to regular work, several Eleventh grade girls, including Jean Higgason, Patty Mawn, Laura Baldo, and Evelyn Nelson cooperated in per- forming routine duties for the school oftice. A bright spot in the activities of the club was its annual spring party. President Laura Baldo Vice President John Mohney Secretary Elner Parish Treasurer . , Henry Gribble Sponsor . ., Miss Theresa Kennedy The Raider - 57 First Row: L. Caldwell, C. Bush, J. Strait, M. Zimmett, L. Crawford, P. Gore, M. McNarney, E. Bates, P. McManigle. Second Row: P. Hackett, P. Garin, J. Schwab, J, Severin, N. Nelson, L. Minard, J, Atherton, J. Almy. Third Row: H. Leary, B. Whiting, L. Reed, J. Haley, L. Armstrong, B. Harford, E, Bailey. Fourth Row: Miss M. Kennedy, R. Gerg, B. Close, C. Parish, V. McManigle, S. Summerson. Fifth Row: R. Smith, L. Baldo, L. Heilberger, A. Geelen, P. Cavanaugh. PRESS CLUB When you see, on Thursday afternoons, a little knot of High School students all trying to look over the shoulder of someone who is engrossed in a copy of the local paper, you may be sure they are reading the latest Hi-Herald. The Press Club is the organization that each week fills a corner of the "Press Inde- pendent" with school doings, from write-ups on games and other activities to subtle comments on the latest romances. The Press Club's success is due to its hard-working officers and to the"super- snooping" of its reporters. So, thanks to the Press Club, words often heard around the school are, "l know that's so because I read it in the Hi-Herald." OFFICERS Editor , ., . ,. ..,. , ,. . . Jean Severin Associate Editors . , Pat McNarney, Rita Gerg Secretary ,. . . , . . Phyllis McManigle Sponsor Miss Mary Kennedy The Raider - 58 First Row: P. Hackett, J. Kinsler, P. Garin, P. McManigle, M. Snyder, J. Smith, V. Hathaway, V. McManigle, C. Caldwell. Second Row: D. Crosby, J. Toner, H. Moore, S. Andrews, B. Close, J. Higgason, A. Allen, M. McDowell. Third Row: D. Myers, J. Hackett, K. Rakestraw, A. Welsh, G. Vogt, D. Burns, J. Farrell. Fourth Row: T. Tompkins, R. Black, H. Gribble, J. Werner, R. loBrozzi, B, Sassman, E. Dill. Fifth Row: M. Ackman, N. Zwald, W, Jessup, M. Ford, R. Smith, C, Taylor, D. Nickler, P. Swank. Sixth Row: Mr. Miller, Mr. Bixler, Mr. Welsh. STUDENT SAFETY COUNCIL This year a new type of student training was inaugurated with the forma- tion of the Student Safety Council, the purpose of which is to make the student body conscious of the importance of safety in the home and at school. This organization strives to continue developing safe attitudes, habits and skills begun in the elementary and junior high schools and to develop attitudes, habits and skills essential to efficient and safe participation in all phases of school activities, particularly in athletics, industrial arts, and the laboratory. The offi- cers for this year are: President Norman Zwald Vice President . . . Bernard Sassman Secretary Milton Ford Treasurer Richard LaBrozzi The council is sub-divided into several departments, namely the Publicity, Program, Accident Reporting, Correspondence, Safety Patrol, Inspection, Shop Safety Engineers, Bus Patrol, Home Safety Representatives, and Athletic Safety. Although the council is newly formed this year, the results of the students efforts are very noticeable, particularly in the crossing of streets. We are sure that with the present student attitude the efforts of the Safety Council will be meaningful and worth-while in the years to come. The Raider - 59 The Raider - 60 SPORTS f 0 FOOTBALL ew, .. .,,..vf 2 ,5- . tmtf7l.g,i:.iI 111' fy i. A V' Line: D. Kreakie, E. Horning, N. Zwald, H. Gribble, D. Davison, W. Averill, J. Parks. Backfieldz R. Parks, L. Close, R. Labrozzi, H. Bowley. The Emporium High School Football team, although having lost several games, emerged from the current season with the satisfaction of knowing that they had played good, clean, hard, football. Coaches Bricker and Miller, with the unpleasant thought of having one of the toughest schedules ever encoun- tered, worked hard to get the boys in condition for the first game. Rich Labrozzi and Mont Close, co-captains, along with Ed Horn- ing, Don Davison, "Becky" Zwald, and Harvey Bowley formed the senior nucleus of the team. Other members who completed the line-up of the Red Raiders are: Darles Kreakie, Harvey Gribble, Bill Averill, Jim Parks, and Bob Parks. The Raider - 62 Y Q. FOOTBALL BANQUET no First Row: J. Murray, J. Tompkins, R. Gustafson, E. Orr, R. Labrozzi, L. Close, H. Gribble, H, Gribble F. Allen, R. Haley. Second Row: Coach Bricker, D. Krecllcie, E, Horning, N. Zwald, H. Bowley, B. Parks, D. Davison B. Averill, J. Parks. Third Row: J. Larson, T. Tompkins, J. McDowell, R. Shoup, S. Fapore, F. Blumle, J. Werner, J. Shoup E. Horning, J. Bauer, W. Minard, R. Smilh, Mr. Miller. .A RED RAIDERS GET LATE START The Red Raiders opened their season by playing a strong Lock Haven eleven. Lock Haven scored two quick touchdowns in the opening minutes of the game to build up a I4-0 mar- gin. The Raiders then proceeded to play the Bobcats on even terms the remainder of the game. Lock Haven came out ahead with a score of 20-6. Emporium's lone touchdown was scored on a pass from Rich LaBroui to Darles Kreakie. HEADS-UP BALL The following week the Raiders iourneyed to South Wil- liamsport to play a highly favored South Williamsport eleven. Neither team scored in the first half, thus leaving no one a margin at half time. ln the third quarter South scored a touchdown and extra point, but this did not hinder the Raiders. In the same quarter Emporium came right back to score a touchdown and added the extra point to tie the game. It looked as though Emporium would pull an upset by holding the home team to a tie, but the Mountaineers scored a touch- down in the final minute of play to eke out a 13-7 victory. A pass from LaBrozzi to Kreakie was again responsible for the touchdown. FIRST WIN OF THE SEASON Playing at St. Marys, the Raiders racked up their first win of the season when they pounded out a 6-0 victory. The Emporium team, led by LaBrozzi and Davison, outplayed the Dutchmen but it took a pass from LaBroz1i to Kreakie to chalk up the winning touchdown. UPSET OF THE SEASON Port Alleghany upset the dope the following week when they took the Raiders by a I3-7 score. The Emporium eleven, led by LaBrozzi, Davison and Harvey Gribble, played the Gators on even terms, but a touchdown in the third period by Port topped the local stalwarts. Richie LaBrozzi raced 55 yards for the Emporium tally. RAIDERS THE BETTER TEAM Playing a return game with St. Marys, the Raiders added another game to their win column when they dropped the Dutchmen for the second time, coming out ahead with a score of I3-6. Coach Bricker revamped the team for this game, Mont Close and Bob Parks were moved from the line to the backfield, while Jim Park's position was changed from full- back to end. Bill Averill was promoted to the Varsity tackle position. These changes helped the Raiders as they were then a much improved team. After 0 scoreless first half, the Red- ,ar- clad Emporium team came back strong in the third period to chalk up two touchdowns. Labrozzi scored the first six points and tossed a touchdown pass to Bob Parks for the second. RAIDERS PLAY BALL Against a strong Jersey Shore team the Raiders turned in the best game of the season. Emporium was a decided underdog, but led by LaBrozzi, Close, Bowley, Parks, and Davison, the team outplayed the favored home team although they had to settle for a 6-6 tie. Jersey Shore scored a touch- down in the opening minutes of the game on a blocked kick. They threatened to score several times in the first half but met heavy opposition from the Raiders. The second half the Red team came back strong to mark up the tying touchdown. With the forward wall opening some big holes in the Jersey Shore line, and LaBrozzi, Bob Parks and Close doing some fancy running, our team drove 68 yards for its touchdown, which was scored by Rich LaBroz1i. DISASTER Curwensville was next on the schedule and was the only team really to outplay the Raiders. They were the first team that we failed to score against, and they were victors over us with a score of 31-0. Curwensville was the best team the Raiders faced all season and though they tried hard, they failed to hold the victors in check. WITH A FEW BREAKS Facing Johnsonburg our team was up against another heavy favorite. The Johnies scored in the second quarter and also made the extra point. Then trailing 7-0, the Raiders mid- way in the third period put on a drive that reached Johnson- burg's 2-yard line, but they put up a strong defense and held. In the last period Johnsonburg scored its second touchdown. Although they beat us I4-0 our team deserved a better fate, and the Big Reds outplayed the winning team. THE END OF OUR SEASON Ringing down the curtain, the Raiders iourneyed to Kane for the final game of their schedule. It was a scoreless tie. The game was played under very poor weather conditions. The field was a sea of mud, and snow fell during the entire game. LaBrozzi, Park, Zwald, Close, Horning, Davison and Bowley all finished their high-school football careers in great style, each played a great game. Emporium held the upper hand all during the game, outgaining their foe 148 yards to 38 yards, but couldn't shove over for a touchdown. Thi' Raider -- 64 'Q ,eg . View f., N fi W 34 Q, ,-' ,gl Ev X l e I n I K, ti 6 pf' U PM 1. I ,, ., , ' fx, 2 -nfl '- "'-QQ 1 ' - 1 K i l I s..h BASKETBALL First Row: R. Haley. Second Row: Coach Bricker, S. Fapore, J. Larson, D. Kreakie, J. Tompkins, F. Blumle, E. Orr. Third Row: B, Gennocro, J. Donovan, R. Gustafson, D. Davison, R. Grippo, N. Zwald. The Red Raiders Basketball squad of "46," composed chiefly of Sophomores and Seniors completed a successful season with a record of 8 victories and 7 set- backs. The team was captained by Norman Zwald, senior, one of the guards, and backed by such Sophomore stalwarts as Darles Kreakie, guard, John Larson, center, Sammy I-apore and Bee Tompkins, forwards and Jimmy Donovan, Frank Blumle and Bud Orr, who also figured greatly in our victories. Having seen the team in action this year, we believe that they should by all means have an- other successful season next year. The Jay Vee's, too, had a splendid record of 10 wins and 4 losses, which is also encouraging, for these boys are the ones that will be our Varsity in years to come. LOCK HAVEN: Emporium High School opened its basketball season by playing Lock Haven Catholic on the home court and winning-31-22. AUSTIN: The Red Raiders, although they had planned on an easy victory, were almost defeated in their second game of the season. Austin held the Red Raiders to 35 points, while scoring 29 points themselves. ST. MARYS: On St. Mary's course the Red Raiders lost their first game of the season. With the score tied at 20, and only 20 seconds to play, a hard fighting "Dutchman" slipped one through the loop. Final score: St. Marys-22, Emporium-20. COUDERSPORT: Emporium again took up its winning streak by defeating a determined Coudy quintet 28-23. JOHNSONBURG: At Johnsonburg, the Red Raiders took their first real beating of the season, being on the wrong end of a 40-25 defeat. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC CRENOVOJ: Out-scored but not out- played, the Red Raiders suffered defeat at the hands of St. Joseph's Catholic. Final score: 39-26. ST. MARYS: Remembering their first defeat earlier in the sea- son, the Raiders came through with a thrilling game--wim ning 25-24. The Raider - 66 ST. LEO'S CATHOLIC KRIDGWAYJ: Emporium High School, playing Ridgway for the first time, suffered defeat by 29-25. JOHNSONBURG: Again the "Johnies" proved to be too much for the Red Raiders. The Johnsonburg five rode to an easy victory over Emporium. Final score: 43-27. COUDERSPORT: One of the most exciting games of the sea- son, was the second game with Coudersport ot "Coudy." With neither team showing superiority over the other, the game ended 25-23. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC QRENOVOJ: Playing St. Joe for the second time, the Red Raiders rolled up an impressive score of 41-29. ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC KBRADFORDJ: The Red Raiders lost their second game on their home court to St, Bernard's of Bradford by a score of 35-32. ST. LEO'S CATHOLIC IRIDGWAYJ: ln another hard-fought game, the Red Raiders came out on top with a score of 37-34. ST. BERNARD'S CATHOLIC QBRADFORDI: The Raiders climaxed their 45-46 basketball season by playing St. Bernard's for the second time. Only by an extra period were they beaten. Final score: 44-46. BASKETBALL SCORES EHS .. . 31 EHS... . 35 EHS. H 20 EHS . ..28 EHS ...25 EHS H 26 EHS . .n.25 Lock Haven 22 Austin .. ... 29 St. Mary's . . . . 22 Coudersport . 23 Johnsonburg 40 39 24 Renovo .. .. St. Mary's EHS. .. 25 Ridgway .. 29 EHS . . . 27 Johnsonburg . . 43 EHS. .. 25 Coudersport . .. 23 EHS .. 41 Renova . . 29 EHS . 43 Austin . . . . 24 EHS. .. 32 Bradford . . . 35 EHS. 37 Ridgway . 34 EHS . . 44 Bradford .. . 46 First Row: J. Murray. Second Row: J. Farrell, D. Armstrong, B. Bair, J. McDowell, T. Tompkins, J. Mohney. Third Row: Coach Miller, R. Smith, R. Parks, J. Murray. The Raider - 67 First Row: Mr. Bricker, R. LaBroui, D. Davison, R. Haley, J. Murray, L. Close, N. Zwald, H. Bowley Second Row: H. Gribble, J. Park, J. Hammersley, H. Gribble. Third Row: D. Kreakie, J. Tompkins, B. Averill, R. Gustafson. Fourth Row: R. Park, E. Orr, F. Allen, Mr, Miller. VARSITY "E" CLUB Emporium High's Varsity Club is comprised of those who have earned a school letter by participating in some field of ath- letics during their four years of studies. Also, to attain member- ship, candidates must survive the club initiation ordeal and be recognized for good sportsmanship. The club's activities for this year include plans for a trip designed for "sports" interest, and securing Varsity sweaters for those members leaving their Alma Mater as lettermen. The Raider - 68 lois Minard, Phyllis McManigle, Virginia McManigle Laura Armstrong, Pat McNarney, Virginia Malizia THE CHEERLEADERS "Come on, Emporium, let's go!" As these echo-shattering yells ring out from the cheering ranks of E. H. S., you can always be sure that our six peppy cheerleaders are down in front, call- ing encouragement and keeping school spirit right up on top. With new cheers, motions and members, our cheerleading squad is really "hep" this year. At assembly, pep meetings, and all athletic games, they are always there giving all they have for "Victory," The Raider - 69 s,...,,y,,,,,, sqm S R+ G.,-,Rib VV. 1 , ni "' "'-Mummy. - a,,,,,,,.:f.a,',,-A 7 ,., ,ul ,,..,-.., -...V--f. ,aw "' 'BPM THE RAIDER INCORPORATED CEstablished 1943 in Emporium, Pennsylvanial A CAMERON COUNTY PUBLICATION A Summary of Receipts and Expenditures Covering the period September 5, 'I945 to May 31, 'I946 INCOME: Gross Sale of Books . ...,...... .,...,,.... . ..... ....... ........,.......,. . s76,298,43 Less: Books with pages missing ......,,..........,..,............,....... S 4.20 Books returned by disappointed students whose pictures were not displayed ...,..,,............,................................,.... 200.00 204.20 Net Sales ,,..........,,. ......,.... 5 76,094,23 COST OF "RAlDERS" SOLD: Paper, Covers, Ink, Pictures .,,... 5 2,355,01 Manuscript and Copy ..,,..... 253,62 Film and Developing 4,59 Postage ...........,...... ...,..,. 2 1,63 Books we couIdn't sell ...., 687,35 Cost of Goods Sold ..... 3,832.20 Gross Profit on Sales .,.. 572,262,013 EXPENSES OF PUBLICATION: Printing of the Raider ..... .. ,.,,. ........,.,,,.........,....,..,............. S 52,142,04 Salaries for the Staff and Advisors ....,.,............................... 100,50 To reimburse Shirley for postage spent in writing to .lim .,,.. 41,47 Rattle for Mr. Patterson's "Little Joe" .....,..,....,....,........,.,... ,10 Paid lower classmen to come to the Senior dances ..... 473,33 Detective for finding "Ginny's" class ring .......,....,... ,05 For the big booth at the Cabin Kitchen . ..............,.. 5,00 Car fare to Port for "Copper" ........... 123.46 HENNA RINSE for "Fuzz" ., ........,,.,. -19 To Horning for chartering the buses ..... 1,50 Escalator for EHS .,..,...,...,.....,,,....,... ........, 1 1,000,00 Tape bought for Mary Lou's class ring . ..,, ,51 Repairs for Casperson's Camp ,.... ......,...,.,,.,.,.. 5 3,88 Body guards for staff ,. ....,,.......,.. ,...,, 1 ........,,....... 3 0,00 Book on HOW TO DANCE for the Senior boys ,....,.....,,......,. ,75 Lost on pin-ball machines ...,..,,...........,,............. ..............,........ 1 84,60 Paid fellows to accept invitation to Sadie Hawkins Shindig . .. 99,92 To "Sev" for seeing that our names made the Hi-Herald every week ......,.,.,....................,.....,......,................,...,..,...,..,................ ,22 Time and a half for Mr. Patterson ,...,.,....... .....,......,,...,........ 2 38,99 A free pass to all the dances for Angie ..,..........,.....................,.. 16,35 To cafeteria for saving us chocolate ice cream and cupcakes ,03 Book on HOW TO WOO, WIN AND HOLD YOUR MAN for the Senior girls ..,.....,. ..............,..,,.......,..,,...,......,,........................ 'I ,25 To Mr. Miller for playing Cupid between Pat and Close ,.,...,..... 3,57 Black coffee for George Herrick .,...........................,.................... ,10 For setting broken bones received while trying to get a piece of cake at the SEA ,, ..................,,......,..........,,.,........,............... 68,37 Payment of bill for six month's vacation at rest camp for Miss M. Kennedy ....,....,....... .................,........,............,............ 4 92.46 Total Expenses of Operation 5111426 Net Profit from Operations . .,.. s7,147,77 OTHER INCOME: Sale of left-over books to Junk Man ...,..,. 5 163,20 Applause for "Great Caeser's Ghost" .. ...,..,.., 4,38 Sale of hide from "wolf" trapped in EHS ...., 1,29 Sale of "Crystal BaII" ,...,..........,,..,,.... ,.............. ,...., ,,........ , 7 0 Admiring Theresa's diamond ...,..,..,...,......... ,,.. ,.......................... 9 , 25 Prize money earned by Senior boys in a male beauty contest .... 50,00 From Father Daily for keeping order on "Teen-Age Nights" .... 104,99 Total Miscellaneous Income ......,,,,...,..,.,......,.,,................. 5 333,61 Earned Surplus .......,..,..., ..........,....., ....... 5 7 ,431,3g The Raider - 70 L - .,,. A mv . 3Bi""J:?v aww... 55, .i ,wh A , PATRONS Sylvania Electric Products Inc. Cabin Kitchen Coppersmith's lFurniture, Morticians, and Ambulance Servicej Dewey Leonard, Contractor Eaton Motor Sales Emporium Hardware Emporium Theater Gillon Funeral Home Horning's Store and Service Station Kitty Dorman Ladies Bazaar Lloyd's Market McCrory's 5 81 'IO Market Basket Alden's Esso Station Avenue Market Bateman's Beauty Shoppe Bierly's Shoe Hospital Bernie's Tavern BIumIe's Market Brown's Boot Shop Brundage Service Station Calahan's General Store Caseino's Grocery Coleman's Texaco Station Commercial Hotel Compliments of Friends Cora's Sew and Sew Shop Crosby Service Center Dixon Taxi Service Doctor Freedman Dolan Hotel Edwin W. Tompkins Egan's Furniture Store E. J. Kautz Emporium Dry Cleaners Emporium Publishing Co. Emporium Water Company Federated Store FuIton's General Store George's Cafe Gib's Restaurant Gratton's Cafe Harold Nystrom, Insurance HeiIman's Hardware Hollywood Shop House of Metzger Cramer Supply Co. Emporium Trust Company Hotel Warner Norman L. Drum IPIumbing, Heating, and Electrical Appliancesj Oliver Gross Olson's Book and News Store Our Homestead Paul's Pharmacy Pennsylvania Dri Built Rydesky and Gresimer Skip's Restaurant Spence Insurance Tom and Gene's Whittaker's Style Shop Joe Olivett's Store Johnson's Auto Sales Johnson's Service Station Joseph E. Smith, Electrical Appliances Ken's Service Station Leo's Servicenter McFadden's Beauty Shoppe Major's Restaurant , Pearson's Barber Shop Pearson's Dry Cleaners P. R. Balch Priest's Bakery Reagle's Dairy Riss's Beauty Shop Roy E. Stroup, Insurance Russ and Betty's Hamburg Shop Sam Olivett and Sons Shick's Drug Store Sizerville Inn Sliker's Inn Smith's Gulf Station Swiderski's Grocery Sylvia Shop Ted Rogers Texaco Station The Center Vogt's Ice Cream West Penn Power Co. Wheaton's Service Station Whitmer's Grocery Woody HalI's Barber Shop Jasper Harris The Raider - 71 Jn l'FN'X,- '- ., '34 5' -, 4 I miap. lr' . 4-1' .A .3 f ' YQ 1 -I 5 t , , . nw' I'x '- ' in QW . W TJ 1' . fi, +5 I fi- ' 'gFl5'A .-,af XI ' :Zscj . ' Q, if 'H 1 J '- -:L 3 . wg , , iq 5 nu , ,. ,1 - A -. 'gt 1 f ww ' I i ., W X x , f ' I I lx ,kk I .'.,...., V-1 -.,,,,,,,,,,, . ,N 1, , ,,,,,,m.d,,,..,,-J l ff , S cnysrm' ,Z ' 'Q 55 ,, ann. X 'Q' !I,,.1 X W j ff qw 1 . o Y B 390 0 7 W 5 . I QRIKCW' GIMP? fs e l e ll' ' fffr ' h cg ffffi 2- Auwmm r -'r - J ll lx 1 M ,A ' 1. L Redgnd White, we sill! E lx And fexour Alma Mclh X' We hail'-thee, our higll a appyos lndjo oulxhlmc-1,MclH ' 0165 sr? W X l ' lingo 5511: 'UA us TfAD? So we will cheer, chef The high h ll we If U tl g sh W II gi -Q x J A F 211,211 :ll lh mlell J A 9 ug' K X X ! Jx llrlllhsllllliir vilrjcllllzl , A 0 :I So we will cheer: cl if 'rf 5 f Our ray of gunclugg be 2' , Bl 2,1 I ' 11 ! ' Home of learning ."' ,lg Af , gzdzioghiaiszcz 1 A o 1 t we c n og ll 17.1 l l ' K WX 4 lg ll J! 'l W - E : . G l '-if OAK .. f L EHS AUD 50 MARCH7 se to you ever be true :ir and strong ur voice in song kv fx v 6 r 1-s 'I 'HAH tCK FAQS U 1 F I 45 f f' 5-0 3 ..-I - Y 515 191 -L :PA be A 2 " " , ff' 1 '21 A ' K ui! Emporium, 95" W .4 lllrken 9 ' 'Q l ' uplllold thee er Emporium, ' A X rw il ff e leave thy hulls E ned within thy walls eeds bring thee success P -oud of our E. H. S. A Ihorusl X fs N' o 0 H59 0 D '56 ' Bl' 4 4 ' 4 ala ,,. .. I x '7 494 me A kj ."' fb Same ldnuxms Scourms

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