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mean, .-, .v.., 2? , -a3g:g:.,,5,.-in-Qhg+Psg:.+a-Pas. v -1' 1vb"""" I 3 1 2 - 9 1 3 s 3 A , 5 ' e I . si -1 ' Q S A 5 ii QI ' 1 3 - i M 41 i' I 1 E ,i 2 .Hi.1L.4.s...A ji f 1 f ,' I , X :"'77 'f : X ' .-.jf U .1 1' ' V . c:xfI?"-avv,f'L, , Ci - KJZU' QL-V 5' A ' Qf? img 517' .fwf Af Q M 5 lf" f f " f CF fi iff' ' if 1" 66 77 N 362 gaider SENIOR CLASS EMPORIUM HIGH SCHOOL EMPORIUM, PA. 'M I mlooriozm NSQA00! 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 --www 'r"?'NIU' ' "' ' .Sheehan fiom Many of us who are fortunate enough to finish our education here will soon be called upon to take our places in war industries or with our fighting forces. As a parting gesture, We have put forth our best efforts to give you this Yearbook, the first since l923. To those Alumni of the Emporium High School now serving in the Armed Forces of the United States and the boys of our class who have already joined them-we dedicate the l943 "Raider." 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Cnfenfg AUMINISTHATIUN Board of Education Faculty CLASSES Seniors Iuniors Sophornores Freshmen AETIVITUSS Music Clubs Dramatics Sports PATHUNS ,fgofminijfrafiozz mf V EMMA? ima' . si mai W . , Oi . ,gg A-gg' 1 OPHELIA MINARD Secretary 3400! EW! ROBERT TAYLOR President HARRY SPENCE Vice President MARK HOWARD TOSEPH KINSLER GEORGE RISHELL 6 LEAH TAYLOR Trecrsurer -- .mere wHv----- -- ---'Y W'---W 'A MR. LA SITIS Supervising Principal Bethany College Clarion State Teachers College Pennsylvania State College University of Wisconsin Slippery Rock S. T. C. George Peabody College Pittsburgh Academy University of Pittsburgh Teaching l5 years .jgafminidlfmzfion MR. O'MALLEY Principal St. Bonaventure College Carnegie Tech. Harvard University Teaching for 8 years English, Social Science I MARY KENNEDY Allegheny College Two Years Teaching French, Latin, English RUTH MARSH I Allegheny,GGulfl'efjei ' iSyg3iSuse'University St. Bonaventure College Five Years Teaching English, Civics G. K ETZ Cl 'on.l. ' P nS t vj Ye r Teacli g 1 lndustrial Arts Health, Arithmetic flffuqji wr falfrfvff f MARY MCN. BRUNNER Clarion S. T. C. Penn State Southwestern S. T. C. Fifteen Years Teaching Elementary Schools, English MARY KENNEDY MARGARET MQCARTHY O KARL METZ SARAH SHAFER OW 1943 SYM? W 7 0491 i5gr Mc, HY FLoRENcE SATTERLY Mercyhurst 1 Mansfield S. T. C. First Year Teaching Two Years Teaching Typing l, Shorthand l, Music Iunior Business Training SARAH SHAFER WILLIAM WELSH Mansfield S. T. C. Penn State Two Years Teaching Seven Years Teaching Home Economics Chemistry, Biology, Algebra Q V . X Y-Avxvf - lCHN BIXLER ANN GRESKC Shippenburg S. T. C. Penn State University of Alabama Two Years Teaching Fifteen Years Teaching Home Economics Mathematics IOHN BIXLER RUTH MARSH FLORENCE SATTERL VVlLLlAM VJELSH MARY MCNAMARA BRUNNER ANN GRESKO A MA Jaw, 3 W, PAUL MILLER PAUL M 'aryl DAVID PRICE Roanoke Potsdam . 1 . Mansfield S. T. C. Muhlenberg First a aching Temple University Bucknell lr s ental Music Five Years in W. P. A. Six Years Teaching Education and Recreation English Program First Year in Public Schools J Physical Education f K J ANTHONY GRIMONE MARGARET GRAHAM FLOSSIE SMITH St. Bonaventure College Bloomsburg S. T. C. Lock Haven S. T. C. . First Year Teaching Kutztown S. T. C. University of Alabama Football Coach New York University Nineteen Years Teaching Third Year Teaching Five Years Rural Sch American History, History, Geography Ancient History Arithmetic Lx Librarian MA ARE BAIR IOHN PATTERSON 1 o ni ily University of Pittsburgh X' A rs Teaching Five Years Teaching . . T e l Science, Bookkeeping, Ph .ical Education Shorthand II, Typing I, II ' -1 Business English X tx PAUL MILLER DAVID PRICE MARGARET BAIR ONY GRIMONE till, PAUL MURPHY FLOSSIE SMITH IOHN PATTERSON RET GRAHAM FX N. J - jreoAma1m Kfom - 7 93 9 Wow Me Snior CALM-7 943 THE CLASS OF '43 IN '39 lst rowf-Y-M. Haley, B. lngram, B. Bennett, B. Grott, I. Hay, E. Bailey, P. Rizzo 2nd rowf 3rd row 4th row' 6th row 7th row- -f M. Day, C. Tompkins. -I. Creighton, G. Bazey, E. Tilburg, A. LaBorde, A. Agliardo, I. Wool slayer, E. Troncone, M. Reed, T. Whiting, N. Brown, C. Vassallo. AB. Husted, B. Leonard, B. Bailey, M. Zito, D. McLean, F. Hamilton I. Warner, C. Ripley, M. Blumle, H. Burtield. R. Hammersley, M. Norton, B. Spellenburg, P. Marshall, E. Lewis L. Caruso, M. Leary, D. Bennett, E. Murray, E. Murray, B. Bower, A. Pye I. Uber, P. Barker, D. Whiting, G. Swank, I. Swasnick, E. Freedline. 5th rowff fI. Vogt, W. Moses, A. Iohnson, M. Bennett, F. McFeely, D. Raycroft D. Iewart, P. House, I. McManigle, D. Snyder, E. Gustafson. A. Walker, I. Hemphill, I. Bodich, I. Priest, R. Barker, G. Smith I. Hornung, I. Fisher, R. Husted, H. Iohnson, W. Burlingame, H. Mason C. Lupro, Cf. Neenan, I. Armstrong, Mr. Allinger, I. Iohnson, H. Chad wick, U. Smith, H. Close. 10 KALMQ5 4 4 4 4 4 Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman f zawlgw EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Edith Murray ASSOCIATE EDITOR MANAGING EDITOR Allan Walker lack Harris ADVERTISING CIRCULATION Philip Smith Iohn Voqt PHOTOGRAPHY Constance Ripley Edna Murray BIOGRAPHY MUSIC Dorothy Wliitiriq Ioliu Hemphill Marjorie Day Dunbar Raycrott SPORTS DRAMATICS HISTORY Charles Vassallo Mable Norton Franklin Mclfeely TYPING ART Rodney Husted Gloria Razey 12 Cf... om... IOHN CHARLES CREIGHTON "Curly" This mischievous lad, with his delightful sense of humor, gives much pleasure to the seniors He never tires of school activities and has made us a swell president. lf his present success is any indi- cation he'll be one of the best commercial pilots. ROBERTA IOY WARNER HIOYH loy is one of the popular girls of the Senior Class. She is active in all school activities. Her sparkling personality has made many friends for her. We seniors all agree that these traits will head her to success in her future life. 01515 0 7 13 DONALD LAVERN SNYDER "Don" Don is another fine representav tive of our class. He is studious, active in school affairs, fun lov- ing and an incurable joker. We all admire Don and know that he will "do what he can with the best of his ability." IOHN FRANCIS MCMANIGLE "Mickey" "Mickey" is probably the most loyal of all basketball and foot- ball fans, because he is the man- ager. He shows a real interest in the boys. He is a source of tun, with his witty sayings. He is going to join the Navy. The best of luck to you, "Mickey." ALICE MARGUERITE AGLIARDO "Alice" Alice is very quiet. Her smile and disposition and her studious- ness have won her many friends. A look into the crystal tells that Alice wishes to be a teacher. BENIAMIN LAWRENCE BOWER IIBGHDYH Our youngest Senior comes t-.w us from Sinnamahoning. "Ben- ny's" friends are usually kept aroused by his humorous tricks. When "Benny" grows up, he wants to be a mechanical en- gineer. PAULINE VIRGINIA BARKER t HPOHY., Pauline is one of the Senior girls who likes her share of fun. Her favorite hobby is dancing and where there's music, you're sure to find "Polly." She hopes to become a nurse and we know she will succeed. WILLIAM LEE BURLINGAME "Burly" "Burly" is one of our happy-go lucky boys His wit and clever remarks always make our classes interesting I-Ie's never in a hurry yet he keeps up with the rest of us. I-Iis ambition is to be a radio technician. 4 4 -V- i. ROBERT IOSEPH BAUER "Iumbo" "lumbo", as he is better known. is very quiet, but we feel he will go places. We wish him all the luck in the world in his ambition to join the Army Air Corps. BETTE LILLIAN BAILEY "Bette" "Bette" is a quiet girl in school. but she is always capable of hav- ing a good time. "Bette's" ambi- tion is to be a buyer for a store and with her ability we are sure she will be a success. IAMES PAUL BOYER uhm., "lim" is a comparatively new member of our class, having en- tered E. I-I. S. last year. This has not been an obstacle for him, for he has the ability to make friends easily. "lim" intends to be an electrical engineer, and we know he'l1 succeed. BLANCHE IDELLA BENNETT "Blanche" "Blanche" comes to us on the train every morning. She is sel- dom absent and has a quiet man- ner in school. She spends most of her time with her iriend, "Bev," She wants to join the W.A.A.C.'s. The best of everything to you, "Blanche." endow I4 "cr DOROTHY IANE .BENNETT " Dot" "Dot" is the girl with the con- tinuous giggle. Although she does have serious moments, she always seems to have a good time. "Dot" tells us she wants to be a nurse. We all know that she will be one of the best. HERMAN ELERY CLOSE "lack" "lack" is one of our fellow stu- dents who comes to school on the bus. Although he trys to be bash- ful, he's really not. He plans to be a game warden. More power to you ,"lack." MARIORIE ADA DAY HDCHSY., One of the more active Seniors, "Daisy" can always be depended upon to do her part in any class activity. Gifted with great artis- tic ability and a fine speaking voice plus an easy smile, "Daisy" will undoubtedly be successful in anything she attempts. ROBERT LEROY HAMMERSLY "Hammer" "Hammer" is sometimes rather bashful or is he? We don't see much of him, but then, his favor- ite past-time is sleeping, even in school. We know he will find his way into the upper ranks oi the best machinists. HAROLD EVERAL CHADWICK "Chad" While in school, "Chad" be- lieves that "silence is golden", but just let him loose! He is one ot our football heroes, and he plans to use his physique to help Uncle Sam. He has already joined the Navy. Smooth sailin: "Chad"! MARY LOUISE BLUMLE "Moose" Mary Lou is a very good-na- tured girl who is ready to help in school work and mischief alike. She has a pleasing person- ality and is well liked by every- one. We know she will succeed in anything she undertakes. AUSTIN POTTER FYE, IR. "Austie" Small but mischievous-that's "Austie." ln spite of his job, which he has held all during high school, he always finds time for fun and school activities. In our estimation, he'll be a success in whatever he undertakes. Here's hoping! GEN EVIEVE ARLE GORE ..Ar1e., "Arie" never has much to say but has a lot of friends. She has great ability when it comes to getting her school work done. We haven't yet heard what "Arle's" plans for the future are, but we are sure she'll do all right. 'V' 4 4 eniord 4 4 4 I5 I BEVERLY BAYNE GROFF ' 'Bev' ' "Bev's" motto-"To be seen and not heard"-suits her per- fectly. Although she does not participate in many school activi- ties, she is a valued member of the Senior Class. To be a typist is "Bev's" ambition and undoubt- edly she will be a good one. IOHN ORVIS HEMPHILL, IR. "Hemp" "Hemp" is one of our school musicians, and is an active mem- ber of the bank. He has his share of fun along with the rest. 'We wish him the best of luck in his chosen field, radio engineering. FANNY RUTH INGRAM "Ruthie" "Ruthie" would talk until doom's day if it were possible for she can always think of some- thing to say. Because she is am- bitious and willing to work, "Ruthie" will succeed in the role of a typist. RODN EY OWEN HUSTED "Rod" "Rod" is one of our tall, hand- some blondes. His clever re- marks and good school work have made him or lot of friends. As for "Rod's" future, we believe he is interested in radio engin- eering. Good Luck! JACK DEMPSEY HARRIS "Dixie" "Dixie" hails from the south, Georgia, to be exact. He came to join our ranks as a Sophomore and has really proven himself a valuable member of our class. He hopes to be a minister, and we are sure he'll be one of the best. MARIAN MARGARET HALEY "Marian" "Good things come in small packages," which might easily apply to "Marian", By her humor and her smile, she has won her way into the hearts of all seniors. These are the qualities that will help her to become a governess. IOHN LAWRENCE HORN UNG "Iohnnie" "Johnnie" arrives by bus each morning bright and early. He is quite shy, but he has a host of friends who really understand him. We're sure he will be a suc- cessful dairy farmer. ANNA ORRELL LA BORDE Anna Whether it rains or shines, Anna always has a cheery smile for everyone. She is a good stu- dent as well as a good sport. Anna tells us she wants to be a nurse. 4 4 4 eniom 4 4 4 16 4 4 4 MARTHA IULIA LEARY Martha Martha is a jolly bag of gig- gles. They say that a rolly per' son has a serious side and her earnest manner of studying has never failed to bring her results. Because of her individual initia- tive Martha will be an excellent nurse. HAROLD LEWIS IOHNSON HH., "H" comes to school every morning by train. He is quiet and uses his time to a good ad- vantage. He hopes to be a good electrician and we know he will. EDITH IANE MURRAY "Murph l" Edith is one of our quiet but most active classmates. To her we owe a great deal for she has been the busy Editor of cur year- book. She has a pleasing dis- position and is outstanding in school and social activities. If she continues as she has she will get through successfully. FRANKLIN STUART MCFEELY "Mac" "Mac' is one of busiest stue dents, but he still finds time for something new. With his per- sonality and intelligence he is sure to succeed as a foreign cor' respondent. eniom 17 ALBERT HAROLD IOHNSON HA., "A" is just one of these "Iohn- son's". He's rather quiet, but he makes up for it out of school. He p ans to join the Marines and, of course, we all know the theme song. EDNA LEONA LEWIS Edna Edna is a bashful girl who en- joys riding to school on the bus. She is a very conscientious stu dent, and can she argue. We wish her continued success in her future work. K IAMES HAROLD IOI-INSON HI., "I" may seem quiet, but do you know him? We know he will be a big success in his chosen field as a mechanic, with the help of that certain someone. EDNA MAE MURPHY "Murph II" Edna is one of our fun loving seniors, though she can be seri- ous when she has to be. She has a keen sense of humor which is known throughout the Senior Class. She takes an active part in all school activities and we believe Edna is destined to be a success. 4 4 4 ELLEN GRACE NICKLER Ellen Those who don't know Ellen personally believe her a shy lass, but to her intimate friends she is quite the opposite. Ellen joined our class in her sophomore year and is especially outstand- ing in her school work. We wish her success as a secretary. DAVID DUNBAR RAYCROFT "Rayburn "Flaybar" is another musician, and he certainly can play that piano. He is one of our more studious Seniors, and we know he will go lar as a journalist. Cood Luck! GLORIA RUTH RAZEY "Butch" "Butch" is the artist of the Senior Class. She has unusual ability in this field, which may determine her future life's work. lf our predictions are true, we know she'll succeed in anything she undertakes. IAMES IOSEPH RODICH ,, lim., "lim" is one of our football heroes and we're quite proud of him. His friends all have a good word for him even though he's full of pranks. He plans to be a football coach and-well, who could ask for a better man. 4 4 4 I IOSEPH MCWILLIAM PRIEST Uloe., "loe" is always in the midst of fun, making it or at least helps ing. Ioe plans to join the Air Corps. Happy landings, Ioe. MABEL ARLEN E NORTON Mabel Mabel is one of our ambitious Seniors. She is an outstanding student and her generous nature creates many friends. She plans to be a secretary and she has a very good start. FORREST ZIL RIEGEL "Horsey" "Horsey" is that Senior boy who never seems to study much, yet always manages to stay on top. I-le is one oi our football stars and in our estimation is "O.K." He is going to be a good engineer, we know. CONSTANCE SHIRLEY RIPLEY "Connie" "Connie's" blonde hair and pleasing personality may be the reasons for her popularity. This talkative girl is active in most school activities and her class work is of the best quality. "Con- nie" plans to be a secretary, and who wouldn't want the Veronica Lake type. eniom 18 PALMA ROSE RIZZO Palma Palma is one of our shorties of the class. She is good natured at all times and likes to laugh. Although she appears to be the quiet type, when she has any- thing to say, she doesn't hesitate. From all indications, she will make someone a good secretary. PHILIP RICHARD SMITH "Slippery" "Slippery" is the tallest lad in our class, but he never looks down on us. He is full of fun and jokes. He came here as a lunior and certainly did "fit in." He wants to be a successful engineer and he will be, too! ELIZABETH E. SPELLENBURG "Betty" To be a successful stenog- rapher is the ambition of this pleasant girl. With her person- ality and good disposition this goal should not be difficult for her to attain. Betty is well liked by everyone. All of us wish her good luck for the future. JOHN NORBERT VOGT "Gus" "Gus" is just a mischievous little boy. If you know "Gus", it's worth it. Don't believe every- thing he "feeds" you, although he can be serious at times. "Gus" plans to follow in his father's footsteps and be an ice cream manufacturer. IOHN HENRY SHICK "Shicky" "Shicky" is just a little boy at heart. He never tires of being funny, and you can generally hear his laughter at anytime. He plans to be a sailor in Uncle Sam's Navy, and we know he will be a good one. EUNICE OLGA ROUGEUX Eunice Eunice is another girl who travels to school on the train. She joined our class in her soph- omore year and has since made a lot of friends. We have heard that Eunice plans a business career. Success to you. CHARLES IOSEPH VASSALLO Hloe.. "Ice" is one of the Senior boys who likes his share of fun. He spends his spare time keeping those around him entertained. He wants to be a Radio Technician, and we wish him all the success in the world. EDNA MARIE TILBURG nBGbeH "Babe" is a friend to everyone who knows her. Where there is any fun, we always find "Babe" in the midst of it. She hopes to become a stenographer. Best wishes! 4 4 4 eniom 'V' 4 4 19 MARY CLAIRE TOMPKINS "Claire" "Claire" surely adds to the fun of the class. She is always jolly and has a smile for everybody. Her classwork is of the best qual- ity. She plans to go to college. More power to you. LEWIS ALLAN WALKER "Snuffy" This tall lad with the curly hair has deservedly won the title of "the Romeo" of the Senior class. Being the active type of person, he has become a popular figure in our midst. He knows his way around and he'll prove it as a volunteer in the Army Air Corps. IOYCE ANN WOOLSLAYER Ioyce Ioyce is an ambitious girl with a sweet disposition and pleasant- ness that makes her well liked. Ioyce hopes to be a secretary and she has a good start for she is kept quite busy helping in Mr. O'Malley's office. ALICE AGLIARDO Commercial Course5 Sports Club l, 25 Home Ec. Library Club 4. 'BENIAMIN BOWER Sports Club 35 Science 4. PAULINE BARKER Red Cross Club 4. WILLIAM BURLINGAME Signal Club 4. DOROTHY BENNETT Home Ec. Club 4. ROBERT BAUER Commercial Course5 Football 3, 45 Senior Sports Club 45 Varsity "E" 3, 4. RICHARD LEWIS WADDINGTON ' 'Rich" "Rich" is one of our more seri- our seniors. He is quiet but still has a great deal of fun. He plans to join the Marines and do his best to keep up with "the finest ever seen." DOROTHY IEAN WHITING Dorothy Dorothy is one of the more serious girls of our class. She is interested in school work and activities alike. She delights mix- ing a little bit of everything to see what will happen, which are indications that she'll be a chem- ist. MARGARET ELOUISE ZITO "Margy" "Margy" is the type of person who makes friends easily. She has a sunny smile and is a very studious girl. She excels in all sports and participates in school activities. With her ability to make friends "Margy" certainly should go far. 4 4 4 Cfcwd .fgcfiuiLlie5 IAMES BOYER 3, Academic Course5 Rifle Club 3, 4. BLANCHE BENNETT Commercial Course5 Library Club 1, 25 Sec. Home Ec. Academic Coursey Aviation Club I, 25 Rifle Club Z5 C1ub3, 4, HAROLD CI-IADWICK Academic Course5 Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity "E" Club 4. Commercial Course: Choral Club l, 35 Sports Club 25 HERMAN CLOSE Academic Course5 Sports Club I, 25 Orchestra 35 Ir. Play 35 Commercial Club 45 Senior Play5 Public Speak- Commercial Course5 Aviation Club l, 25 Rifle Club 3, 4: ing Class Play. MARIORIE DAY Commercial Course: Orchestra 2, 35 Commercial Club Academic Course5 Advertising Club l5 Sports Club 2, 35 l, 47 Iunior Play5 Senior Play5 Public Speaking Class Playg Operetta l. ROBERT HAMMERSLY ' Academic Course5 Sports Club l, Z, 3, 45 Football Club 3, 45 Asst. Football Manager 4. ' BEVERLY GROEF Commercial Course5 Home Ec. Club l, 3, 45 Sports Commercial Course5 Vice Pres. Library Club 1,25 Treas. Club. 2. Home Ec. Club 3, 4. BETTE BAILY 20 IOHN HEMPHILL Academic Course5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2. 3: Dramatics 45 Special Chorus5 District Band5 District Orchestra5 District Chorus: State Band 45 State Orches- tra 3. RUTH INGRAM Commercial Course5 Choral Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RODNEY HUSTED Academic Course5 Operetta 15 Senior Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Iunior Play: Yearbook Typist. VIARTHA LEARY Academic Course5 Home Ec. Club 1, 25 Dramatics Club 35 Secretary Home Room 45 lunior Play. HAROLD IOHNSON Commercial Course5 Aviation Club 1, 25 Radio Club 25 Senior Sports Club 35 Science Club 4. EDITH MURRAY Commercial Course5 Secretary Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3,5 Chorus 45 Operetta 1, 25 District Band 1, 25 District Orchestra 2, 35 State Band 45 Senior Play 45 Office Secretary5 Public Speaking Class Play5 D. A. R. Award5 Editor of Yearbook. FRANKLIN McFEELY Academic Course5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 45 Ir. Play 35 Special Chorus 45 District Band5 District Orchestra5 District Chorus5 Operetta 15 President of Band 45 Executive Committee 45 Student Council 15 State Band 45 Sr. Play5 Public Speaking Play. ELLEN NICKLER Commercial Club5 President Library Club 2, 3, 45 Stu- dent Librarian 3, 45 Otiice Secretary 45 Yearbook Com- mittee. DUNBAR RAYCROFT Academic Course5 Orchestra 2, 35 Band 45 Dramatics Club 45 Chorus5 District Chorus 35 Public Speaking Play. GLORIA RAZEY Commercial Course5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra ll 2, 35 Chorus 45 District Band 3, 45 District Chorus 35 State Chorus 35 State Band 45 Asst. Treasurer Class 45 Year- book Committee. MARY LOU BLUMLE Academic Course5 Choral Club5 Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. AUSTIN FYE Academic Course5 Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ARLE GORE Academic Course5 Sports Club 1, 25 Home Ec. Club 3, 45 Operetta l. IACK HARRIS Academic Course5 President Outdoor Club 35 Dramatic Club 45 Special Chorus 4. MARIAN HALEY ' Commercial Course5 Commercial Club 3, 45 President of Home Room 1, 2, 3. IOHN I-IORNING Academic Course5 Aviation Club 1, 25 Sports Club 3, 4. ANNA LABORDE Academic Course5 Orchestra 25 Home Ec. Club 35 Red Cross Club 4. ALBERT IOHNSON Academic Course5 Football Club 3, 45 Aviation Club 15 Rifle Club 25 Football 3, 45 Public Speaking Play. EDNA LEWIS Academic Course, Museum Club 15 Home Ec. Club 2, 35 Dramatic Club 4. EDNA MURRAY Academic Course5 Treasurer Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Chorus 45 Operetta 15 District Band 25 District Orchestra 2, 35 State Band 45 Yearbook Committee5 Pub- lic Speaking Class Play. lOSEPH PRIEST Academic Course: President Sports Club l, 2, 3. MABEL NORTON Commercial Course5 President Sports Club5 Home Ec. Club 35 Library Club 45 Yearbook Committee. FORREST RIEGEL Academic Course5 Football Z, 3, 45 Basketball5 Com- mercial Club 25 Ir. Play 35 District Chorus 2, 3. IAMES RODICH Academic Course5 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Class President 35 President Varsity Club5 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Public Speak- ing Play. PALMA RIZZO Commercial Club5 Press Club 1, 25 Sports Club 35 Band 25 Office Secretary. PHILIP SMITH Academic Course5 Football 3, 45 Sports Club 3, 4. Basketball. BETTY SPELLENBURG Commercial Course5 Press Club 1, 2, 35 Commercial Club 4. IOHN VOGT Academic Course5 Circulation Editor Yearbook5 Varsity "E" Club, Senior Sports Club5 Basketbal15 Football. CLAIRE TOMPKINS Commercial Course5 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Asst. Treas- urer of Class 45 Vice President Class 35 President Dram- atic Club 35 Iunior Class Play5 Senior Class Play5 Pub- lic Speaking Play5 Commercial Club 45 Legion Award 1. ALLAN WALKER Sports Club l, 2, 3, 45 Ir. Play 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Vice President 15 Class President 25 Iunior Play5 Senior P1ay5 Associate Editor Yearbook. I IOYCE WOOLSLAYER Commercial Course5 Home Ec. Club 1, 25 Press 35 Asst. Librarian5 Office Secretary. IOHN CREIGHTON Academic Course5 Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary5 Senior Class President lunior Play 35 Senior Playy Bas- ketball. lOY WARNER Commercial Course5 Secretary of Class5 Editor oi Press Club5 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Iunior Play5 Senior Play5 Public Speaking Play5 President of Home Room 1, 25 Secretary of Press Club 2. CONSTANCE RIPLEY Commercial Course5 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 35 Ir. Play5 Commercial Club 45 Asst. Librarian5 Band 45 Sr Play5 Public Speaking Play. IOHN SHICK Academic Course5 Senior Sports Club 1, 25 Football Club 3, 45 Ir. Play Manager 3. EUNICE ROUGEAUX Commercial Course5 Sports Club 35 Dramatic Club Z. CHARLES VASSALO Academic Course5 Sports Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball. EDNA TILBURG Commercial Course5 Photography Club 15 Press Club 25 Commercial Club 3, 4. RICHARD WADDINGTON Academic Course5 Science Club5 Aviation Club5 Chef Club 35 Sports Club 4. DOROTHY WHITING Academic Course5 Press Club 1, 25 President ot Dram- atic Club 2, 3, 45 Treasurer Home Room 15 Yearbook Committee. MARGARET ZITO Commercial Course5 Sports Club 1, 2, 35 Library Club 4. DONALD SNYDER Academic Course5 Class President 1-5 Sports Club 2, 35 Class Vice President 45 Legion Award 15 Secretary of Aviation Club 15 I. V. Basketball. IOHN MCMANIGLE Academic Course: Football Manager 2, 3 45 Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 45 Varsity "E" Club. enior CKCLJJ ,Mdforg The class of 1943 entered high school in September, l939. Since many of our classmates were from outside Emporium, we did not elect officers imme- diately, but waited until we were better acquainted. ln the latter part of Sep- tember a meeting was held and our officers were electedfDon Snyder, presi- dent: Allan Walker, vice president: loy Warner, secretaryp and Iohn McManigle, treasurer. Our activities as freshmen were confined to acquiring knowledge and respecting upperclassmen. ln our sophomore year Allan Walker took over the gavel from Don Snyder and Iim Rodich succeeded Allan as vice president. Iohn McManigle was re- elected treasurer and Ioy Warner was re-elected as secretary. We had little to do since the seniors and juniors were busy earning money and had the calendar almost filled with activities. We did, however, sponsor a dance that year, our first activity as a class. We got off to an early and successful start in our junior year, holding a bake sale in August. ln September we went back to school and elected lim Rodich, president, and Claire Tompkins, vice president. Ioy Warner and Iohn McManigle were re-elected to their respective offices. Until lanuary, time went slowly, but then things began to hum. A committee was appointed to choose a class play. The play was selected, and with Miss Graham directing and Miss Shaffer and Miss Gresko assisting, practice began about the middle of Ianuary and continued until March 27th when "That Crazy Smith Family" was introduced to Emporium in the high school auditorium. While the high school and town were recovering from their meeting the Smiths, we began to plan for THE event of the yearethe lunior Prom. Com- mittees were appointed and began their Work That it was well done is known by all the students who attended the Prom in the high school gym on May 7th. The prom was the climax of the most active of our three years in high school. ln September l942, the class officers for our final year were elected. lohn Creighton stepped into lim Rodich's shoes and Don Snyder took over the vice presidency from Claire Tompkins. lohn McManigle started his fourth year as treasurer, while Ioy Warner commenced her fourth year as secretary. Since there were many important things to be done this year, it was decided that an executive committee should be created. The committee was to be made up of the officers of the class and three other persons appointed by the president. The three appointed were Connie Ripley, Allan Walker, and Franklin Mclfeely. Our activities started out with a bang when in a two week selling spree, we made over one hundred dollars on magazine subscriptions. The incentive was our decision that since we could not go to Washington as had previous classses, we would be the first class in 20 years to publish a year book. We knew that it would be a hard job, but we were willing. The executive com- mittee nominated the editors and chairman of the various committees and their nominations were accepted by the class. Every member of the class gave his whole-hearted cooperation and by March lst all work was completed. On March 17th the Public Speaking Class, composed of Seniors, presented a three-act comedy entitled "Young King Cole" and in April the Senior Play, "Murder Mansion", was given. There were only the graduation exercises re- maining to climax our high school careers. Z2 v - --'- 1 v, Y uv 2,8 Cfdffiif of af 67, QXCLVLCQ, 70 86'LI"6 81166 Alice Agliardo-Commercial teacher in E. H. S. Bette Bailey-Bette is now the ideal housewife. Pauline Barker--Still practicing her First Aid. Blanche Bennett-just "Waacy". Dorothy Bennett-Manager of Woolworth's New York Branch. Mary Lou Blumle-Completely recovered from wounds received while butchering. Marjorie Day-Chewing gum manufacturer. Arle Gore-Famous cover girl of the "American Farm" magazine. Beverly Grofi-Man's "Home Companion." MarianHaley-Marian's heart is broken. She's working for a woman boss. Ruth Ingram-Ruth is still peddling mail. Anna LaBorde-Anna is the manager of the Farmer's Valley Dairy Bar. Martha Leary-Finally hooked Tommy Manville. Edna Lewis-Editor of the "American Observer." Edith Murray-In the "Snuii" business Edna Murray-Miss Murray has just won the women's National Tennis Championship. Ellen Nickler-just opened beauty salon specializing in modern coiftures. Gloria Razey-"Bill" Collector. Connie Ripley-President of the Corry Trust Co. Palma Rizzo-Palma is the lesser half of the Mutt 6- jeff partnership. Eunice Rougeux-Checking up on this prophecy. She reports that it is OW accurate Betty Spellenberg-Betty is a woman "jocky". Edna Tilburg-Still sitting on the boss' knee. Claire Tompkins-Flash: Claire finally tells a funny joke. joy Warner-Farmerette, she drives "Tractors". Dorothy Whiting-Succeeds Clare Luce in Congress. joyce Woolslayer-joyce announces her marriage to Palma Rizzo. Margaret Zito-Married to Major General Gordon Dudley. Robert Bauer-Lt. Gen. Bauer is now head oi the Army Air Force Bennie Bower-Bennie is the cheerful master oi ceremonies on the Quiz Kids Show. james Boyer-Today jim gave his boss heart failure. He got to work on time. William Burlingame-Bil1's great invention, noiseless bubble gum, made him a millionaire. Harold Chadwick-Harold last week became the youngest Admiral in the U. S. Navy. Herman Close-Herman, the local game warden, is still hunting wolves. john Creighton-Assistant water boy of the New York Yanks. Austin Fye-Austin's working Day's. Robert Hammersley-just got up. jack Harris-Still picking Georgia peaches. john Hemphill-lst horn with the N. B. C Symphony. john Hornung-john has just discovered a way to make cows give chocolate milk. Rodney Husted--Rodney has succeeded Fred Astaire as the "King of the Taps". Albert johnson-Albert has now developed a purple blush. Harold johnson-Now rides to town in his private Pullman. james johnson-inherits Man Mountain Dean's wrestling title. Franklin McFee1y-Franklin McFeely, foreign correspondent is autho. of best seller. PARIS DIARY. john McManigle-Newly appointed manager of the last place Chicago Bears joseph Priest-Greatest find since Victor Mature makes debut in South Sea picture, "South of the Susquehanna." Dunbar Raycroft-Editor of the "Cameron County Press." Forrest Riegel-Forrest has just completed the longest Senatorial filibuster on record. james Rodich-jim has at last acquired a French accent. john Shick-National hog calling champion. Philip Smith-A gardener growing "Weeds". Donald Snyder-Donald's now President of the United States. Charles Vassallo-Finally graduates from Emporium High School. john Vogt-President ot the Consolidated Ice Cream Corporation, largest ice cream manufacturers in the world. Richard Waddington-Newly elected president of the Lobo Wolves. Allan Walker-Greatest interpreter of Shakespeare since Maurice Evans. Allan opens 9th season in New York. 23 Most Popular .... Smartest .... Best Dressed .... Best Looking ,... Best Dancer . . . Most Ambitious .... Best Athlete . .. Quietest ............ Most Likely to Succeed Most Talkative ...... Tallest . . . Shortest .... Build and Shape Most Humorous ..... Best Speaking Voice ........ 7 A0 :5 A0 -k BoYs Don Snyder ...... Franklin McFeely Allan Walker . . . lohn Vogt ...... Rodney Husted . Dunbar Raycrott . Eric Gustafson .... lohn McManigle . . . Franklin McFeely lohn Vogt ........ .... Philip Smith .... Austin Fye . . . lames Rodich . . . Ioseph Vassallo . . Franklin McFeely 24 GIRLS . . . . Ioy Warner . .. . . . . . Mabel Norton . . . Marjorie Day . . . Bette Baily . . . . loy Warner .. . Edith Murray . . . Edna Murray . . . . Bette Bailey Dorothy Whiting Constance Ripley . . . Gloria Razey . . . . Palma Rizzo . .. Edna Tilburg .. Marian Haley Dorothy Whiting enior C6144 .Margaret Zito--leaves her jet black hair to Shirley Bauer. Snufty Walker-wills his curly hair to Mr. Patterson. Ioyce Woolslayer-leaves her office duties to Mr. O'Malley tor him to worry about. Richard Waddington-leaves his wave to Bill Chadwick. Dorothy Whiting-leaves her speaking ability to Patty McNarney. Gus Vogt-leaves his wise cracks to Dick lmboden. Joy Warner-wills her sweet disposition to Margy Stroup. Ioe Vassallo-wills his subtle humor to Shirley Rumberger. Claire Tompkins-leaves her loud mouth to next year's Public Speaking Class. Phil Smith-wills his casanova style to one of next year's Senior boys. Edna Tilburg-leaves her cavalry division to anyone else to use for the duration. Don Snyder-we don't think Mary Ann would like it if we gave something of Don't away so wel'll just leave him as he is. Betty Spellenberg-leaves her house on the hill to air-craft observers. Bud Shick-leaves his liking for roller skating to Neil Donovan. Eunice Rougeux-wills her ability for being late to Cecelia Allen. lim Rodich--leaves his liking for "duck" to anyone with the same taste. Palma Rizzo-wills her shortness to Iiggs Rogers. Horsey Riegel-leaves his way with the women to Clyde Groff. Connie Ripley-leaves her "Veronica Lake" hair style to lean LaBorde. Dunbar Raycroft-leaves his physique to Dogger Malizia. Gloria Razey-leaves her ability to "wolf" to Natalie Bush. Ioe Priest-leaves his handsome appearance to Rollie Ford. Mabel Norton-wills her diamond to anyone willing to fight for it. Mickey McManigle-wills his quiet ways to Ed Skinner. Ellen Nickler-leaves her scholastic standing to Betty Swasnick. Franklin McFeely-wills his intelligence to Boxey I-Iickoff. Edna Murray-leaves her braces to Louise Rodich. lim Iohnson--leaves his typing ability to Ioe Sepiol. Edith Murray-leaves her "snuff box" to Robert Iudd. Harold Iohnson-leaves his ability to control his temper to loan Shick. Edna Lewis-wills her liking for Victor Colasl to anyone with the same liking. Al Iohnson-leaves his position at the A. 6. P. to Pelton Wheeler. Martha Leary-wills her job at Regelman's to Iudy Rodich. Rodney Husted-leaves his dancing ability to all the Fresh- men boys. Ruth Ingram-leaves her thinness to anyone who wants it. lohn I-iornung-leaves his ability for farm work to Catherine Rishell. Marian Haley-leaves her humor to Zeke Kinsler Kas if he needs it!!!l John Hemphill-leaves his liking for classical music to Elayne McManigle. Beverly Graff-leaves her train rides to next year's Fresh- men. Iack Harris-wills his Southern accent to Robert Acheson. Arie Gore-wills her short hair to Iessie Reed. Robert Hammersley-leaves his walk to lean Severin. Marjorie Day-wills her wardrobe to anybody who is lucky enough to get it. Austin Pye-leaves his shortness to Delilah Nicklas. Mary Lou Blumle-leaves her fingernails to Shirley Lincoln. Iohn Creighton--leaves his butchering ability to Gene Sny- der to use in case of an emergency! Dorothy Bennett-leaves her Five and Ten selling ability to the Walter twins. lack Close-just leaves. Blanche Bennett-leaves her red hair to lean Carlson in exchange ior hers. William Burlingame--wills his humorous antics to Bucky Gore. Pauline Barker-wills her disposition to her sister. lim Boyer-leaves his mustache to Mr. Miller. Bette Bailey-to be "frank" Bette has something that she doesn't want to give away. Benny Bower-leaves his youth to Don Miller. Alice Agliardo-leaves her humor to Miss McCarthy. Robert Bauer-leaves his wavy hair to Chris Atherton. U-MESS Ugmvawm GEMHON5 NECEIM NEQQUBOFE UEMEN5 EMOQ WENWUE mgguua zniwmom EQEEF WEMOLW tm My .w NALQEUOHOFE GEMM: wigs USED? mhwzg mart? 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Ballow, M. Schierfler, L. Tilburg, V. Mclvfanigle, M. Whitmer, B. Schnee, L. Whiting, S. Andrews, A. Carlson, C. O'Neill, I. Mcliimm Second row-I. Severin, E. Marshall, E. Bates, D. Reed, l. Harpster, I. Grimone, V. Haines, M. Noah, F. Goss, D. Miller, B. Waddington Third row-I. Andrus, V. Lewis, H. lddings, I. Iewart, T. Yore, A. Fapore, S. Zito, M. Zelenz, M. Burke, I. LaBorde, H. Ingram, l. Housler Fourth row-S. Iolloff, M. Wennin, D. Crosby, E. Bhinehuls, M, Stroup, M. Balcom, P. McNarney, I. Haley, S. Summerson, D. Kenworthy, B. Berfield BOYS First row-B. Iudd, L. Kriner, R. Iones, B. Cox, N. Forness, R. Lapole, H. Bawley, B. Grippo, D, Davidson, D. Surnmerson Second row-E. Horning, I. Miller, A. Piersall, I. Hammersly, P. Wheeler, G. Herrick, B Sassman, H. Haynes, B. Burlingame, P. Thomas, P. Senter Third row-E. Dill, N. Zwald, I. English, H. Bougeaux, H. Zuback, I. Tompkins, I. Coppersmith, R. Kinsler, G. Wiley, S. Ostrum Fourth rowvR. Miller, B. Panton, I. Dexter, L. Close, M. Achman, B. Labrozzi, I. DiBello, A. English, B. Wilson .grefamen Kfdjd ,J4145f0ry ln September l942, Emporium High School welcomed ninety-one eager, willing, and bewildered Freshmen. After our first class meeting, we elected the following officers: President ................................... Iarnes Tompkins Vice-President . . . ........ Robert Iudd Secretary ...... .... ........ E s ter Binehuls Treasurer ................................ Shirley Summerson School activities have been somewhat curtailed by the war, but our efforts to do our share for this great cause will be ceaseless. Among our classmates we have many aircraft observers, air raid messengers, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Several are employed after school hours in Varied types of work. Although We have entered high school under abnormal conditions, we hope to maintain the high standards of Emporium High School. 30 F I. S F S L. W. Miller, E. Skinner, E. R. M. Newton, R. Baldwin SOPHOMORE GIRLS irst row+M. Smith, Grippo, R. Malizia, Drotos, P. Ostrum, E. M. Quigley, R. Swesey, D. Housler, M. Frost, Logue, N. Bush econd row-I. Lyons, C. Gross, M. Crawford, R. M. Caldwell, B. Leavitt, Horning, L. Crawford, I B. Hart, K. Rishell, D. Steen Third row-R. Smith, G. Peasley, B. Williams, R. Smith, C. Beck, B. Kindblom, C. Minard, M. Zimmer, C. Allen, I. Rodich Fourth row-G. Bloomquist R. Ruiz, B. Swasnick, E. McManigle, P. Strahl, E Hackett, I. Troncone, L. Troncone, H. Zoschg SOPHOMORE BOYS irst row-F. Gore, R. Schnee Ostrum, R. Acheson, Imboden, R. Black, econd row-A. DeLucia, M. Freedline, R. Bergdahl, I. Haynes, I. Miller, M. Edelman, D. Miller, I. Sawyer, C. Howard, M. Iohnson Third row-C. Lyon, C. Groil, C. Campbell, D. Close, R. W. Chadwick. R. Mawn, Uber, I. Crum, E. Britton, H. Thomas, F. Winslow 52,9 OIWLOVQ UCLI55 NMZJOPV The class of i945 started its struggle in September, l94l. At first we boasted lOO members but as the year rolled on it dwindled to 90. Our first event that year was the selection of officers. After several class which we came to know each other, we chose the following: President .,........................,............ Iames Miller Vice-President . . . .... Charles Howard Secretary ...... ..... . . . . . . .... Claude Campbell Treasurer ...................................... Iudy Rodich We then selected class hats and emblems to be done in our meetings in class colors, navy blue and gold. To wind up our Freshman year, a picnic was held at the Sizerville State Park. To start our Sophomore year we elected officers as follows: President ...........,..,....................... Iames Miller Vice-President . . . . . . Katherine Rishell Secretary ..................................... Roger Schnee Treasurer ..................................... Donald Miller ' Our class rings were the topic of conversation until we all finally decided on them. Our first real undertaking was a Sophomore dance which turned out a huge success. As we are on the portals of entering our last two years at E. H S., we sin- cerely hope they are as successful as the first two. 31 IUNIOR GIRLS First row-M. Whiting, H. Goss, M. LaBorde, A. Walters, V. Haines, M. Coon, M, Grimone, A. Walters, L. Peasley, M. Cavanauah, S. Whiting Second row--I. Reed, A. Gennocro, A. Swank, M. Turner, M. Marshall, B. Tilburg, S. Kofler, B. Vandermark, I. Bunce, R. Whiting, M. Dill Third row-E. Wiley, I. Bates, l. Carlson, L. Armstrong, D. Stumpff, S. Rumberger, S. Bauer, L. Rodich, I. Shick, M. Howard, W, Steward Fourth rowfB. Housler, M. Pye, S. Lincoln, N. Carlson IUNIOR BOYS First row-R. Sarick, W. Rogers, I. Sepiol, G. Zwald, M. Prime, N. Donovan, I. Noto Second row+A. Gribble, C. Atherton, E. Snyder, R. Miller, R. Zuback, E. Hickoff, R. Park Third row--R. Ford, I. McKimm, I. McCullough, N. Coppersmith, C. Collins, l. Metz, I. Malizia, E. Snyder omior CALM Adfory ln September l94O, the Freshman class entered E. H. S. with high hopes. We elected our officers: President .............................. ...... G eorge Zwald Vice-President . . . . . Louise Rodich Secretary .................................... Ioseph Malizia Treasurer ........,..................,.......... Roland Ford Our class colors, royal blue and white were chosen and we sent for our hats and emblems. The big event of the year was the Iunior High promotion exercise. This was our graduation from Iunior High School to Senior High School. To wind up the year a picnic was held at Sizerville State Park. The following September we returned to school as Sophomores and elected the following officers: President .................................... Dolores Stumpff Vice-President . . . ........ Ioe Malizia Secretary ...... ...... ..... .... S h i rley Rumberger Treasurer ..................................... Neil Donovan With the Seniors very busy we could do very little. We selected our class rings then pro- ceeded to be natural quiet Sophomores until the end of the year when a picnic was held again at Sizerville. To begin our Iunior year we elected the following to lead the classi President .................................... Ioseph Malizia Vice-President . . . . . Walter Rogers Secretary ....... . . . . ..... . . . Robert Sarick Treasurer ..................................... Iesse McKimm We did little until Ianuary 8 when we staged our first successful dance. We then chose a play to be presented later on in the year. Our most important activity and the one the whole school is looking forward to will be the Iunior Prom. This will come some time in May and will climax rt successful Iunior year. 32 V342 'XX .- f uni A .JVKK Ukclfe,-MA 1 ' FUN , muon, no ' f , I E K 'Ur , -nl! ernrs'Ffs17v1n CMG hc'e'J"' ff, X x L -S . X ,Vinulgg . n4,.,,F:oPk'f"f4:,sf.v,:-wvs , ,' -f 6R,,14-VUAQ Miha' qua mv: Y ,lv 'R HMAAM5.: Nynyf' , ' K Q munrnxr .,,! 1 ,I Z2 ' ,FEP ,A f ' "" Zi' rwfermw 7 Lyon-Jr R ax-scan, 1 gqvvuml .nmfi T' Mn .I X- X falfslrfv' nf! 21 4 ,f ' xgpwal D59-'!M"' A ,WAIU-"g 'Nfcxzafnmgyrs FZ U xfrngymex lH'L'd A 1 V Viv' UW - L M yfif wwf, ,f V x ' I 1 Q 4 A - "5 f 1 f x X X' X A' on 4 x X ooo O 0 x X O 0 0 U X X N D000 U 0 CD00 " . X! x XX OOD Q 15 o 0 N 2 Xi O o O U O O CU - ' ooo 80 go S Q K1 O 0000000 0 O 0 L o X ooo goooo 2 02,1 00 cg zocor: Q o X O 0 0 O lg 2, Z 2 gooog Z 2 ca Q 'X f f o O o oo o o ,, 0 X, X xx l 0 D ob 0 0 K , I , X 0 9 O oo D X X , xx 0 L . 'SOOO 4 xx -. f X 1' XX O X Xx X N X ' , , . ' X X ! X X ' I 5 ff f I 4 4 ff X - X , s f . X 5' .53 '.', f, -.1 f f t A "A 1 ' A ff f X F V' fufyff 1 .. " U -.a2'-"fc "V ' f W 1 f 4 5a-32:"'2!' ff X Alf, X W, 1 ,W I I X 7 1 4 4 4 33 4 .jcfiuifiegf First row-I. Kinsler, A. Carlson, D. Nicklas, P. McFeely, R, Iones, G. Werts, D. Tones, P. Murphy. Second row-E. Murray, M. Whitrner, R. Acheson, C. Gross, E. Marshall, I. Swanson, C. Bush. Third row-A. Walter, R. O'Niell, R, Fauver, R. lmboden, M, Balcom, M. Stroup, E. Murray. Fourth row-W. Yentzer, M. Cananouqh, M. Coon, I. Coppersmith, C. Whitmer, C. Ripley, R. Taylor, H, Close, L. Tilburg, I. Nato, mloormm 52 00 A game! The Emporium Schools Band, under the direction ot Mr. Paul V. Murphy, is composed of forty members. The band has played tor many school functions and football games. lt also led the Halloween parade. For lack ot time, rehearsal, and material, the annual concert has been called oft. 34 wi A5t0P7 offfie gan! ln September 1936, Mr. lames W. Dunlop of Blossburg, Pa., came to Emporium and started a program of instrumental music in our schools. Through the sympathetic efforts of the Supervising Principal, the late Mr. Chester F. Schroyer, plans were formulated to start instrumental classes and eventually form a band. Students were encouraged to obtain instruments and take advantage of the free lessons given during school hours. The Board of Education set aside funds to purchase some of the larger instruments such as tubas, drums, bari- tones, etc. and the following spring the band made its first public appearance. ln September 1937, through the generosity of two civic-minded citizens, the band was host to the Central District Band Festival. Mr. loseph La Sitis became Supervising Principal in the spring of 1938, and through his efforts the band and orchestra obtained more instruments and equipment until it became a well- balanced group. ln the two years following the band and orchestra made trips to Blossburg and Renovo to play concerts, broadcast over W1-IDL in Olean and in DuBois, went to Lock Haven, St, Marys, Iohnsonburg, Kane and Ridgway to football games, and sent many students to District and State Bands and Orchestra. The Band and Orchestra adopted a constitution by which its members were to be governed by elective officers. A merit system was adopted as a basis for earning letters at the end of the year. The annual event of a Military Ball was started in 1939, the purpose of these dances being to get school musicians of surrounding towns acquainted in common interests. The band played for athletic events and community functions of all types. ln September 1941, the band, after six years of careful guidance, came to its peak. Both the band and the director became the envy of other towns. lt was in that month that Mr. Dunlop obtained a better job in Farrell, Pa., as music supervisor in the public schools. ln the words of William D. Revelli, Dean of Music, University of Michigan, Mr. Dunlop is a "promising young genius." After trying several directors, the school board chose Mr. Donald Graff of Clarion, Pa., to step into a "big pair of shoes", both literally and figur- atively. For a year he worked with us, still playing for games and giving suc- cessful concerts, until the summer of 1942 when he entered the United States Navy. It became evident then that a substitute had to be found to take Mr. Graff's place until he came back. Mr. Paul V. Murphy, who came to Emporium with the Sylvania in mind, was found to possess musical ability and agreed to coach the band. Under his supervision, the band was led through a successful football season and on through the winter. With the excitement of the year book and many of the members of the band working, not many activities took place. Each year, as the older and more experienced students graduate, the band loses part of its backbone. lt is our hope, however, that the band will continue the good work it has been doing, even though some of the old members are gone. The students of the the lower grades now are the ones who will some day make the Emporium High School Band famous again. 'A' ir i' 35 Left to right: First row-G. Razey, L. Tilburg, A. Walter, M. Whitmer, E. Murray, E. Murray. Second rowel. Harris, A. Walter, E. Marshall, C. Rishell, D. lmboden. Third row-H. Close, I. Hemphill, D. Raycroit, F. McFeely. peciaj Kiiorow This organization is composed ot students who proved to be musically in- clined. The purpose of the chorus is to learn more about the art of music and to develop a deeper appreciation tor fine music. Students who joined this club have received a great deal oi musical ability and enjoyment. They have regu- lar meetings and present short programs in assembly on numerous occasions. 36 J First row-G. Razey, L. Tilburg, M. Whitmer, A. Walter, M. LaBorde, R. Malizia, N, Dill, M. Coon, I. Severin, R. lngraham, E. Murray, E. Murray. Second row-B. Leavitt, D. Steen, L. Grippo, M. Rutz, G. Bloomquist, C. Gross, T. Lyons, M. Smith, B, Housler, I. Carlson, E. Marshall, Third row-M. Caldwell, M. Schreftler, I. McKimm, H. lddings, l. Honusler, R. Waddington, V. Lewis, C. Rishell, M. Crawford, R. Hornung, L. Crawford, R. Lapolt. Fourth row-G, Coppersmith, I. Tompkins, D. Meyers, G. Werts, C. Bush, I. Swanson, M. Sestina, I. Kinsler, L. Armstrong, P. Hackett, R. Gerg, D. Iones. UA. CAM! CM The Choral Club under the direction of Miss Florence Satterly, is the largest club in the High School, with over titty members, and also one of the most active. At Thanksgiving time, the Choral Club presented an assembly concert, supple- mented by the Special Chorus. The Choral Club has other programs scheduled. Secretary ......... ........................... G loria Razey Librarian . . . . . Edna Murray 37 First row-l. Hctrpster, M. Burk, R. Reed, S. Andrews, S. Summerson, F. Goss, D. Housler, M. Frost, G. Grimone, P. Zimmers, H. Legry. Second row-A. Fopore, I. Bcrllon, R. Beriield, l. Andrews, S. loloft, C. O'Niell, l. Swesey, D. Bennett, B. Boily, E. Doll, M. Troncone. Third row4lVl. Zelenz, S. Zito, T. Yore, A. Gore, B. Bennett, B. Groit, B. Agliordo, B. Felt, E. Hackett, E. Troncone. ome conomicd Knit one! Purl two! murmured Home Economic Club members cts they negred completion ot their second cttghon. Discussions ot nutrition, enlivened by motion pictures, tgught the girls the principles of food selection and conser- vcttion. Hoping to spreod their newly orcquired knowledge, they designed color- ful posters to enlighten others concerning the vglue ot good nutrition. The prgcticgl knowledge ctnd trotining gctined through club ctctivities is gpplied in the school cctfeterict. 38 First rowfC. Tompkins, B. Schnee, D. Crosby, E. Rinehuls, A. Carlson, V. Haines, M. Grimone H. Zoschg. Second roweM. L. Blurnle, M. Day, M. Leary, E. Tilburg, C. Ripley, B. Spellenberg. Third rowff-l. Note, I. Close, H. Thomas, N. Zwald, B. Tilburg, M. Marshall, Miss McCarthy. ommerciaf "This is school lite! So speaks the 'Voice' Through this paper the mem- bers of the Commercial Club speak to the student body of the High School. Anyone interested in commercial work is invited to join the club Where he will learn how to work on his own initiative. Although some time is spent on pro- jects and on practicing for an assembly program, most of the club's time is spent in planning and printing the school paper. The "Voice" shows both the humor- ous and serious side of the club which Works so diligently to help mold student opinion. Let's see the "Voice" more often. OFFICERS President ...... ............ . . . Claire Tompkins Vice-President .... .... M artha Leary Secretary-Treasurer . . . Mary Grimone Sponsor ......... . . . Miss McCarthy 39 l First row-P. Ripley, T. Whiting, P. Barker, L. Whiting, N. Bush, I. Logue, A. Walter, G. Meyer. Second row-H. Ingram, A. LaBorde, M. Wennin, D. Reed, A. Gennoccro, M. Fye, H. Goss. Third row- -E. Drotos, P. Ostrum, M. Noah, V. Haines, E. Wiley. IQ Cm CM "Red Cross rooms calling. We need assistance." This call is ably an' swered by the Red Cross Club Whose aims are to aid the local Red Cross by winding thread, wrapping bandages, collecting needles and knitting. The first activity started by this club was to make kits tor soldiers overseas and fill them with useful articles such as needles, thread, buttons, playing cards, Waterproof match boxes and knives. Another project was to send Christmas presents to children ot Cameron County who are in children's homes. They are now learning how to apply splints, how to treat Wounds, What to do in case of accidents and all other things needed in the practice of First Aid. OFFICERS Lieutenant ........ .......... .... E v elyn Drotos Second Lieutenant .. ...... Iettie Logue Top Sergeant ..... .... P auline Baker Corporal .... .. . Alice Walter Sponsor . .... Miss Bair 4U First row-l. Bunce, R. Smih, S. Rumberqer, M. Whiting, W. Stewart, D. Whiting, E. Lewis, R. Whiting, Miss Kennedy. Second row-l. Hemphill, B. lrnhoden, C, Beck, R. Smith, B. Hart, S. Bauer, D, Raycrott, I, Harris, F. McFeely. ramafiw 6344 Shoulders up! Head back! Don't slump! These commands are tre- quently heard as the starlets of the Senior Drarnatics club learn the fine arts ot sitting, standing and walking correctly. These would-be Thespians are striv- ing to develop talent which will provide entertainment for others. Club time is spent in rehearsals and in studies of ancient and modern drama. Good luck to our future Gables and Grables. OFFICERS President ...... .......... . . Franklin McFeely Viceeliresident . . . . . . Dorothy Whiting Secretary .... ..... l ean Bunce Treasurer . . , Dick lmboden Sponsor ... . . . Miss Kennedy 41 'iw First rowfA. Pearsoll, M. Newton, B. Burlingame, I. Boyer, I. Mclfimm Second row-I. Miller, O. K. Metz, M. Edelman First row-R. Miller, S. Ostrum, B. Kendblom, C. Minard, C. Allan, S. Ostrum, B. Kendblom, H. Zuback Second row-R. Kinsler, B. Sassaman, D. Iones, G. Lyon, E. Dill, I. Metz, D. Miller Third row-B. Patton, T. Coppersmith, R. Thomas, T, Tompkins, A. English HMA Cm Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! This is the present slogan of the rifle club. At least they wish someone would pass some ammunition their way. Many of their activities have been halted because of lack of shells. The Club's main purpose is to learn the safe and proper use of firearms, During their regular meetings, the members of this club discuss methods of shoot- ing and the correct way to handle both shot guns and rifles. The club also meets after school hours at the rifle range where they use the Sylvania rifles. At these meetings they practice shooting under the direction of members of the Sylvania Rifle Club, using N. Ft. A. Rules. OFFICERS President ........ ........... ....... I e sse McKimm Vice-President .... .. William Burlingame Secretary ...,.. ...,.. . .. Iohn Miller Sponsor ... ... Mr. Metz riuerd Can you drive? Do you know the Driver's Code? These questions were frequently asked last year so this year a Driver's Club was formed to teach the students the right way to drive. They also learn the fundamental parts of a car and how to repair the minor breakdowns. Due to the gasoline rationing the members were unable to practice driving but their meetings were filled with Valuable discussions on safety rules, correct driving and car mechanism. Girls as Well as boys were admitted to the club so that they will be able to take their places, after the war, in this highly mechanized world. 42 First row-N. Coppersmith E. Hickofi, H. lohnson, I. Dexter, B. Bower Second row-R. Miller, R. Burlingame, P. Sentner. I. Sawyer, F. Winslow First row-M. Turner, G. Peasley, L. Peasley, H. Rougeux, E. Nickler, M. Norton, M. Zito Second row-A. Swank, B. Williams, A. Agliardo, l. Bates, B. Vandermark, l. Reed, I. lewart, Sponsor Miss Graham mrfirne cience leepsl Peeps! Propellers! Carburetors! These are much used words in the vocabulary oi every member oi the Wartime Science Club. This club strives to keep abreast oi the great progress science is making toward the war efiort. Airplanes, engines, and automobiles are figuratively taken apart then studied with close attention to mechanical detail. Discussions of recently pub- lished scientific ideas develop consciousness of post war problems which must be solved by the average American citizen. This type ot cctivity will help these men oi tomorrow to face the post- war world with a more intelligent outlook. OFFICERS President ........... .... B eniamin Bower Secretary . . . . . . Marie Yuckenberg Mr. Welsh . . ....... .............,..... S ponsor og Pdf? Books are weaponsl This might be a fitting motto for the Library Club this year. No matter whether the club members are pondering over a display about sports or about the United Nations, books are the answer to problems. Almost any idea can be conveyed through book displays. Besides learning library work, which is the purpose of this club, the members exchange reviews of good books which they have read. One project of the year is the planning and presenting of an assembly program to commemorate Book Week. Bonds are weapons tool So the Library Club purchased a War Bond to insure, in a small measure, future freedom of reading. President ...... Vice-President . . Secretary ...... Treasurer ......... Program Chairman Sponsor . ..... . . . OFFICERS .........Ellen Nickler . . Georgianna Peasley . . . . . . Louise Peasley . . , . Margie Zito . .. Mabel Norton Miss Graham 43 First row-D. Miller, V. McManiqie, N. Carlson, E. McManiqle, B. Cox, B. Swasnick, M. Quigley, S. Lincoln, P. Strahl. Second row-L. Rodich, I. Shick, M. Howard, D. Stumpff, M. Stroup, I. Rodich, P. Valliment. Third row-AM. Cavanaugh, I. Warner, L. Armstrong, M. Balcom, I. Haley, P. McNarney. P865 The Press Club of E. H. S. was originated for a two fold purpose: first, to convey information of school affairs and student activities to the citizens of Em- porium, and second, to help those students who are interested in Iournalism to learn more about newspaper Writing and to give them an opportunity to develop their literary talents. Every Tuesday the Press Club meets and dis- cusses assignments, write-ups, and materials for publication in the local news- paper. Ioy Warner, the editor, conducts the meetings from the standpoint of criti- cism of previous write-ups and discussions of present assignments. The club is organized with four officers and associate editors as leaders, each one being responsible for his column. Club reporters serve as informants of current school events. Material is proof-read and checked by the Editor and by Miss McNamera, the sponsor, and sent to the local paper for publication. For information concerning school affairs consult the Hi-Herald Section of the Cameron County Press. 44 up af gyda enior 64655 pfay Thrills! Chills! Spills! All these happen in "Murder Mansion" which was the play chosen to be presented by the Senior Class. When lovely young Carlotta Cramer, through the death of her Uncle Ewing, inherits a lonely old mansion ott the coast ot Maine, she can scarcely wait to get to the mansion and look it over. Accompanied by her colored maid, Ophelia, and her Aunt Mimi Spaulding, she arrives at the mansion early one tall evening The instant Car- lotta and her party are inside the mansion, they are subject to a set ot highly mysterious and battling incidents, which provide an evening ot fun and mystery tor everyone. CAST Charlottti Cramer Ophelia Smith Mimi Spaulding ..... Mary Marley .......... Madame Marie Ravoli .. . Flora Manning ...,.... Palmer Keen ........., lnspoctor Benjamin Hicks Alhort lackson .,...,.. Dr. Lionvl llamilton -16 Claire Tompkins . . . . loy Warner .. Edith Murray , . . . . Palma Rizzo . . . Gloria Razey Constance Ripley .. Allan Walker . lohn Creighton .. Herman Close Franklin McFeely W 14460 loealring Cfddd pfary For the annual play, the Public Speaking Class of l943 chose "Young King Cole", by Tom Taggart. The story centers around a beautiful refugee princess who finds haven in a small American town, and there falls in love with the typical American boy, Young King Cole, who lives next door, All the charac- ters play a prominent part in the entertainment, including an unusual and hilarious "formal reception" for the Princess of Andulusia when she comes to visit in the home of the Coles. CAST MRS, COLE, King's mother ,.....,.... AUNT GERTRUDE, Mrs. Colf-'s sister . HUBERT COLE, Kings father ,..... AlJELlNE, liis older sistcr , ......... ELLA MAE, a cousin from Georgia ..,. IENNY, the colored servant . ,............ LOIS MOORE, Kings girl friend , .... ,.,... AUSTlN BARNAPPLE, in love with Adeline ROBERT IOHNSON, a History tutor' ......, PROFESSOR ADAMS, a musician ,... .... EUGENIE, Princess of Andulusia ......... MADAM de VALERA, her filrrrporone ..... LIEUTENANT MAXlMlAN, liar lrody guard . YOUNG KlNCr COLE, typivrrl American troy 47 ..,... loy NVarner Dorothy Wliitinrg Dunbar Raycroit ,... Edith Murray ... Mariorie Day ..., Edna Murray Claire Tompkins . ,. . ,. Albert lohnson ..,.. lack Close .. . loe Vassallo . . . .. Connie Ripley ... ..,. Gloria Razoy .. . ..,..... lim Rodirglr Franklin Mcljcely A Back row-E. McManiqle, E. Drotos, S. Lincoln, P. Strahl. Front row---T. Warner, C. Tompkins. CAMP' OZZLZ 9145 4 4 The main function of the cheerleaders is to help the team by developing school spirit. They also aim to improve relations with other schools with which our team play. They held pep meetings and partici- pated in several assemblies. 48 Z-70056. ff The 1942 Red Raider's aggregation proved to be one of the best teams Emporium has turned out in a good many years. Coach Grimone started his first year at Emporium High with rosy prospects. He had eleven lettermen left from Coach Curry's 1941 squad, besides some Soph- omore and Freshmen who showed great prom- ise. The team average was 175 pounds, which made it one of the biggest teams in this section of the state. The Red Raiders went through the first and toughest half of their schedule untied, unbeaten, and unscored upon, while massing a total of 178 points. They rolled over Brockway, Ridgeway, St. Marys, and Curwensville. They met for their first game of the second half of the schedule a smart and aggressive Port Allegheny team which scored the first 6 points of the season on them. The Raiders in a game which was much more lopsided than the score would indicate, beat Weedville 27-13. Their next victim was a weak Renovo eleven which played good foot- ball even in defeat. The first mar on an other- wise spotless record was a O-O tie by an aggres- sive, but undeviated lohnsonburg eleven. In a return game with St. Marys, the night was ours as we outplayed the Dutchmen, 14-6. The sole defeat of the season came when Portville, undefeated and untied, journeyed from New York State to play in weather that would discourage an Eskimo The last game for ten members of the squad, Portville capital- ized on breaks and poor field-generalship to win 13-7 u.............u..nn..xM r flwfla ff The squad of 1942-43 will always be re- membered as one ot the great teams Emporium has produced. ln sayinq goodbye, Eric Gus tatson, Harold Chadwick, Forrest Rieqel, Iarnes Rodich, Iohn Vogt, Philip Smith, Robert Bauer, Albert Stretch, lr., Iunior Michaels, and Francis Labrozzi, the school retains fond hopes that the day will come aqain when Pine Street Stadium will see a collection of ball players who will show themselves the equal of these 1942 Red Raiders. 1942 jooflaf QM BROCKWAY ln the first game of the 1942 season, the Red Raiders won a smashing vic- tory over a powerful Brockway eleven, 25 to O. With all members of the team showing up splendidly, hopes for a good season were high. RIDGEWAY ln the second game of the current season, the Red Raiders surprised a championship Ridgeway team by downing them l3 to U Ridgeway l'1asn't re- covered yet. ST. MARYS Keeping up their good record, the Raiders nosed out the spirited St Marys' eleven, 7 to O. Riding on their previous laurels, the boys were possibly a little optimistic. CURWENSVILLE Getting back in the groove, the Raiders had no trouble in taking Curwens- ville into camp to the tune of 33 to O. The coal miners were fighters, but just didn't have the stuff. PORT ALLEGHENY After having a tough time getting started, the raiders came out on the long end of the score 25 to 6. Lucky Port Alleghenyfethey were the first to score upon us. WEEDVILLE Lengthening their stride, the Red Wave romped over Weedville 27 to 13. Weedville's l3 points came after the regulars had gone to the showers. RENOVO A weak Renovo team had no showing against the powerful Reds, as the 28 to U score would indicate. High hopes for an undefeated season. IOHNSONBURG Red Raiders stopped but not beaten - - - . A dauntless eleven held the locals to a scoreless tie. We can still go undefeated. PORTVILLE Hopes shattered. Playing in three-foot snow drifts, the Raiders were de- feated by a very strong Portville Squad, l3 to 7. Don't worry, we still love you boys. bl Il-, ,-V First row-I. Vogt, R. Parks, R. Labrozzi, R. Ford, I. Bauer, I. McManiqle, Second row-I. Rodich, E. Skinner, B. Baldwin, C. Howard, A. Delucia, I. Malizia. lliuwify cg? H An organization whose members must win varsity letters in one of the major sports before they are eliqible for membership in the club. The club directors are the athletic coaches. The members Work to obtain money for sweaters for each Senior member oi the club. The letters are awarded by the athletic council of the school. Eligible players, to become members of the club, must submit to the tradi- tional initiation. These initiations are not open to the general public but it is rumored that they resemble the inquisitions ot ancient days. President ..................................... Iames Rodich VicefPresident .... . . . Ioseph Malizia Secretary-Treasurer .... Rollie Ford 52 First row-C. Atherton, C. Vassallo, I. Creighton, B. Gore, E. Snyder, A. Fye, R. Waddington, I. Mann. Second rowe-M. Freedline, R. Acheson, R. Zuback, Allan Walker, I. Haynes, I. Hornung, M. Prime, Ft. Bergdahl. Third row-C. Campbell, C. Groff, M. Johnson, D. Close, C. Collins, N. Donavan, I. Miller, I. Haines. emfor sgioorfd Get in shape! Keep in shape! This might well be the slogan of this club, because here all boys in Senior High School are given a chance to participate in sports they like. The sports are played in season, in the fall they play touch football, in the winter basketball, volleyball and "commandos tactics", and in the spring softball. These games are closely supervised by the sponsor, so that each individual has an equal opportunity to participate in them. This club always has a large enrollment because ot its large and varied program. Among other things the students learn in this club are the basketball rules as played in this district, and also the softball and baseball rules. Due to the present emergency many exercises are given to keep the boys physically fit. President ..................,................., Allan Walker Vice-President .... .. Charles Vassallo Treasurer ...... . . . Neil Donavan 53 First row-W. Miller, G. Herrick, D. Davidson, N. Forness, I. Hammersley, P. Wheeler, R. Uber, H. Bowley, R. Cwrippo, D. Summerson, E. Britton. Second row-R. Iudd, E. Horninq, B. Wilson, R. Lapolt, W. Chadwick, I. Crum, R. Block, L. Close, R. Sarick, R. Ford, I. Rodich. Third row- -W. Rogers, F. Caruso, R. Parks, R. Bauer, R. Labrozzi, C. Howard, I. Mcliflaniqle, P. Smith, F. Flieqal, A. Ioiinson. Fourth rowe -E. Skinner, E. Ostrum, I. Ioiinson, A. Delucia, E. Mason, I. Shick, I. Malizia, I. Vogt, 3. Baldwin. joofgaff Block that kick! Hold that line! ls there any member of the school who is not already familiar with the activities of the Football Club? After the football season has ended, this club spends much oi its time in planning tor the better- ment ot future athletic events. Various methods for raising money to purchase athletic awards are suggested and promoted. OFFICERS President ...... ............ ..... I i in Rodicli Vice Prcsidont . .. ........ Ioe Malizia Secretary ..... . . . Harold Chadwick Treasurer .. ..... Rollie Ford bil ..-. ..,-...- .ylfLfl"6LlWLlfLI"6L! 561,648 Due to the difficulty in finding transportation the E. H. S. is without a Varsity this year. To provide activity for the boys in the school our Basketball coach, Mr. Price, has established an intramural league. Each class is represented as there are two teams ot Seniors,, one oi Iuniors, two ot Sophomores, and one ol Freshmen. The schedule is divided into two halves with all teams paying each other team only once in each halt. When these games are over the leading tour teams stage play-otts for the championship. The captains ot all teams have been collecting a given amount from each member every night they play, and a large party has been planned for the members of the league after the championship has been decided. Although not quite as good as lnter-scholastic Basketball, the league has proven to be lots ot tun, and provides plenty of excitement for the Student body. The teams and line-ups are as follows: FOGGY FIVE" lohn Creighton Allan Walker Philip Smith SENIOR TEAMS HSTORMERSH loseph Priest Rodney Husted Robert Bauer lohn Vogt Charles Vassallo lim Rodich lohn Shick Don Snyder lack Close lUNlORS NBOMBERSH Robert Sarick Roland Ford Ray Parks loseph Malizia loseph Sepiol SOPHOMORES DUKESH HCRUMMY FIVE" Vtfalter Miller William Chadwick Donald Close Charles Howard Charles Keller james Mawn Earl Ostrum Roger Schnee Claude Campbell Robert Baldwin Andrew Delucia FRESHMEN NFROSHH Iames Tompkins Pelton Wheeler Iames Hammersley Richard Labrozzi Lynn Kriner Norman Zwald 55 "GG 56 - pa from Sylvania Electric Products lnc. . . V - Cabin Kitchen Gross, Oliver C. Casperson's Clothing Store Regelman's Pharmacy , . . V - O'Malley Motors . . V - Armstronq's Service Station Olivett's Service Station Blum1e's Market Olson's Book G News Store Broadway Garage Pearson's Barber Shop Browrfs Baat Shap Pearson's Dry Cleaners Cerefg Sew 6. Sew Shop P9r1HSylVCI1'1lCI Dil-Bill Crescent Hotel Sam Olivell fs: Sons Crum Brothers S9fViCG1'1ter Dairy Bar Shermarfs Beauty Shop Dairy Store SiqI'1OI'S BOWll1'1q Alley Dees fer Digmendg Swartwood's Store Doctor Claire Lathrop SYk9S Store Doctor Iohn lmpress The HOllYWOOd Sh-OD Emporium Dry Cleaners The House of Metzqer Emporium Hardware The Market Basket Federated Store The SYlViCI 311019 Fulton, T. S. Vassallo's Fruit Store Heilman's Hardware VOQVS Ice Cream Hul'f's Restaurant Warner Hotel I-lutt's Restaurant AVGTIUG Market Iasper Harris G Son Bi9flY'S Shoe RGDUU Iohnson's Service Station, Emporium CUS9i1'1O'S GTOCGTY lohnson's Service Station, Sinnemahoninq Ladies Bazaar Mack's Boller Rinks McCrory's 5 61 l0 Olivett, loe 3:7 Hernpke's Greenhouse Quality Cash Market Riss Beauty Parlor Walker's Service Station Walter, Iohn MEN IN THE ARMED EUREE5 WRU HAVE 1910 Lieut. Gen. Ioseph McNarney 1915 Major L. L. Lathrop Pvt. Albert Metz 1917 Col. Charles Prime 1922 Major Louis Prime Major Nick P. Prime 1925 Pvt. Roland Barton Pvt. Bert Moody 1926 Pvt. Edward McFadden 1928 Pvt. Iohn Tulis 1929 U. S. N. Harry Burnside Master Sgt. D. T Caton Capt. Iohn Donovan Pvt. Iames Hogan U. S. M. Walter Klock Capt. Leonard Taggart 1930 Pvt. Carl Anderson U. S. N. Bernard I. Erskine Lt. Ioseph Prime 1931 Ensign George Donovan Pvt. Leonard McCombie 1932 U. S. M. Iack Shick Pvt. Charles Wiley 1933 Sgt. Bernard Beldin Capt. Iames Edgar S. Sgt. lack Haley U. S. N. Ted McLeod Sgt. Charles B. O'Leary Pvt. Charles Wiley 1934 Pvt. Kenneth Chandler Corp. Anthony Desio Corp. Ioseph DeVoe Lt. Carl Norberg Corp. Robert Pye Sgt. George Schultz Pvt. Earl Sykes 1935 Corp. Iohn Averill Sgt. Fred Callahan U. S. N. Max Casperson Corp. Grant Marshall Pvt. Harry Munsell Lt. Francis Quigley Corp. William Shelley 1936 Sgt. Laverne Burlingame Sgt. Francis Berry Corp. Robert Cox Pvt. Wayne Crosby Pvt. Robert Dill Pvt. Frank Gillette Corp. David Hockenberry Pvt. Stanley Howlett Corp. Iarnes P. Klees Lt. Byron Murray Lt. George Schless Cadet Gale Stewart S. Sgt. Sidney Sykes 1937 Pvt. Carl Carlson Pvt. Dale Caskey Pvt. Byron Collins Sgt. Frank Coppersmith Pvt. Paul Iones U. S. N. Robert Smith Sgt. Iames Vogt Pic. Ioseph Zito GHAUUATEU FHUM EMPUHIUM HIGH SCHUUL 1938 Pvt. Iohn Carey Pvt. Iames Daley Lt. Bernard Dolan Corp. Robert Holcomb Sgt. Roy Lewis U. S. M. Norbert Muhitch S. Sgt. Karl Priest Pvt. Karl Russell Sgt. Frank Schager Cadet lra Shick Cadet Ross Spence Pvt. Harry Stumpfi Pvt. Francis Shelley S. Sgt. Albert Tauses 1939 Lt. Don Caskey Cadet Thomas Coon Sgt. Philip English Pvt. Edward Foster Lt. William Hathaway U. S. N. William Hickoff Pvt. Harold Hornung Pic. Edward Iohnson Pvt. Thomas Kenworthy U. S. N. Harry Lloyd Pvt. Thomas Nickler Pvt. Iaxon Priest Pvt. Andrew Pushcar Midshipman Earl Vogt Pvt. Frank I. Yahnite Sgt. Dominick Zito 1940 Corp. Francis Barnes U. S. N. Alvin Close Pvt. loseph Grippo Tech. Sgt. Richard Husted Pvt. Carl lngersoll Pvt. Francis Kennedy Corp. Arthur Leslie Pic. Clark Lyon Cadet Harry Miller Pvt. Clyde Morrison Pvt. Erwin Murray U. S. N. Charles McWilliams Cadet Iames MacCallum Pvt. Howard Paul Cadet Franklin Ristine S. Sgt. Matthew Rodich S. Sgt. George Rhoads Cadet Paul Tompkins Pvt. Roy E. Wester Pvt. Donald Whiting 1941 Pvt. Banard Arnold Pvt. Oliver Bates Pvt. Richard E. Bennet Cadet Gird Beriield Cadet Rex Berfield Pvt. Walter Coppersmith Pvt. Iohn Cumpson Pvt. Philip Hofiower Pvt. Byron Horning, U. S. N Pvt. Frank Housler U. S. C. G. Paul Larson Pvt. Thomas Leonard Pvt. Merle McCombie Corp. Eugene O'Leary U. S. M. Ioseph Papalia Pvt. Eugene Pride Pvt. Robert Ramarge Pvt. Ioseph Petillo Pvt. Iohn Sarick U. S. N. Frank Sepiol U. S. N. Kenneth Smith Pvt. Edward Sterley Cadet Earl Towner Pvt. Gene Williams Cadet Iohn Zwald 1942 Cadet Charles Dandois Pvt. Marion DeLucia U. S. M. Charles Grifiin Cadet Howard Hathaway U. S. N. Charles Lathrop Corp. Lyle Lyon Pvt. Don Razey Pvt. Philip Schager Cadet Roland Stumpii Pvt. William Sullivan 1943 U. S. N. Harold Chadwick U. S. N. Iohn Hemphill 'Y GU Omciafjdcconnf ofdze cpaicler 77,5264 X Published as an eye opener tor students ot E. H. S. in respect to legalized t?1 gratt. RECEIPTS Patrons ......... ....... ............ . . . Sale of books .......................... . . . From Miss Smith for publishing picture .... , From Butch and Horsey, "hush money" .... , Sale of boot-legged gas .................... From Freshmen tor publishing Class History .... . From the Axis for military secrets ............ . . . .S 6,943.27 50.04 26.47 562.29 3.27 13.54 50,000.63 EXPENDITURES New broom tor "Theos" . ..................... Trips to the Mead-Hall . . . , , , Bribe for truant otticer ........... Toupee for class advisor ........... Accident insurance policy for Editors Pair of brass knuckles for Don Snyder .... , Bracers for the start G1 S4 per pint . . . Wreckage ot Cabin Kitchen ...... Printing of "Raider" ........... .. To Gus Vogt for lce Cream ........ Private Secretary for Adv. Manager Set of tires for Mr. 1..aSitis .......... Up-keep of black market .... . . . Ierseys for HFOQQY Five" ..... . . Alarm Clock for sports editors .... Start Salaries ................. , , , Lost in crap game ............... Replacement ot Daisy's tur coat .... Bar of soap for Bung Miller ..... New tractor for loy ......... ????? 3 10.45 15,000.09 132.00 193.00 20,000.00 .25 400.00 333.33 12.45 25.67 700.00 563.93 723.00 946.00 1.19 23,572.12 657.00 4.07 .11 21.55 Deficit 61 -f A '-t-- -- ----I-eA- -0- -iinn---e- ? ? ? ? ? S75,432.13 -Q-V Tl ,Afma Wafer Red and White we sing our praise to you And to our Alma Mater we will ever be true, We hail thee our high school fair and strong And to our Alma Mater raise our voice in song So we will cheer, cheer, cheer Emporium, The high school we love best, Until we gain the crown of victory We will never rest, And though the clouds may darken And all be storm and strife Thy sons and daughters will uphold thee With thy very life, So we will cheer, cheer, cheer Emporium, Our ray oi guiding light, Gur Alma Mater hail all hail The Red and the White. Home ot learning when we leave thy halls We will cherish all we learned within thy walls And may thy childrens deed bring thee success So that We all may be proud of our E. H. S. fhepeat Chorusl G2 r,-Lv - fX" , -2 W4 '82-ff'-'J Y 4 ,bf 0' ' ., '. .zl ,A-13 f"' ' ' ' ' ' , ' 4 "x-wwf. N vf' 'fr' iw X- H ' . 'L V' , A v ,ed R, X , 1, ,,,,,g5 4, F , - - . - , x K1 A A W- W K v W ! N L , n 4 1 n M S I, ez 7' 7 p y EOL H If ' gefifbffcby V, ,JE ffm HQ, lfwafwffx -9 was f 52 . vw ,W X WM? . My .xv ' ' SH 53? W ..'lLw QQ My 5 Z? A f Dow if ffffwffdfffy 2594! Wh 55 ji? Q ff ' 4 f i Q gf J .74 hawk ' g V' WWWW +43 Gigi YM My I A L LQA, V . 1 2 ' i'4'ffQ: f 1l:ff' ' ' 9 fp Mr,- F' Y ,fy A " 1. g .4 1 41' ' - 4,.! x ij I 0 175- 2 X ,N 1.., , 1 -f gfyv ,V x., I f-1.,,.,.,w ., 7 Prinlinq, Binding rmd Hnqmvinqs by Kurtz Bros., Clocfrfiolfl, Pu 4, -- -r V T A-af"

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