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SUNFLQWER 1970 Kansas State Teachers College Emporia, Kansas Cindy Eisenbauer, editor Jean Meyer, assistant editor Robert Ecklund, Adviser W i ,, . l, 3 32 5 3 2 2 2 -2 3' I: ii E -- , W W N1-Q"ffr" . 1' , 4. fx ww: - f , 3 xx ww: X. V .A , , v 1 A, I2 f g ,. 5'-1 , -.wi A Q fm YM - f'w +w '4f,g,3 ' fp. N- X. f- F 4 A gk W if ., Aw' f 1 mwgv M 17 3 , :rf :YN ' -, 1 Lf . H ,x L ' - 3 -' M 4 Mwrgf L M, 1-,wimpy 1,-Q, atv, Q QWAW : , fm, Q, -- - ,4 N nr ,F AH . W 2 - N' iw Hr -ia ' " VY ' - ff 5 X V ' f.-:wi . fX,fg3.a3 ,,1 3 fan , in I , f , ,E si '2fi?,:f 1-'H ' ' tiff? ,f ' ,- . , ,, tain ' wif 71 - f jf fi:-N we vfigp fl : ,X 'X ' wg, k f KV, in 'N' 3, f - f--X 'iff .Wx V' 'f -r -uh.,-ffL'x-:IL Q"f"-fi . 51' f ' I 'M f 'P x '. N365 H 3417. 'V S M l, . ',5i-ifggifx-H-. wa - ' 'Q ' ,- A '--xx'.2 5 4 , 1, Q. ' :VCL bil lifggigwg NE! A ml X -.. xv . ' 1 5 v 'f 2-ff - f15'sH-f AD-Y Y'-5 ., , W: 57 , QL fl V gg,iaY,QQf,g25: X Qfrkx N.: ,, L,:xQhQ ,.. 1 - 1-1 ' ' -4 "'s 'SEV '.+'3sii1G 'Sig-L51 F ?vPf "'sfi'fxb ' . Y.-,-' 4 A - , , ,Hx Y , 5 W.. x, ,. ff?" -Elf ffbf' 1-V w 'X f J. fait: ' f ' y " A 'Z M1393 A '55 ff' 1-. -ly, H 0' Lf? " X' ' 'rf' - , Vu, , xi. lm M' W1 ,Y ,,., ,..., .. -A lr' ' L.2'g., ,, P . sl t-'Q ?il,8L.'V . A r Y. J 'sw ' J .,,, 3 .l 2 - -g " . pi . :f3g- 1 ,,iFfAEFh'z'Q 1E if ' 4 V'v, 'ff'g.:v.?g:' .B Rf, ., .Ng , T wx , 52: 5 . :1,.fu,: k -V Y JA ,rx ' li. gc Q' f .' 'N X , N fi ' 'VW 'A Q":iii i X W . am f Y 67' 4 ax ,' . F A - T' ' ix 4' ' M n ,l ' N M. -xwa. f wx .w J ,x ,K Y' R-A X x Egg' X 'f . Y 53 W Q, '35 Hifi A W A25 nik-?...i,. - 'V 5,-4' fi l 1. 4: ,Q H G 5,5 M Q J 'ff ,'s . " ' My 'Lge his .wp rm R ' W , W f xf A 'F ' I H . vfgmfa. N 'x " i' M 'qv r if gs, 'i I V i .N-'rf' yy-Q21 Tig, 1 g X . ,LAN I, . , . , 12 ' H Vins :veg - - Af N W i E 'i' gif" ' 5.3--q-.f f- 4--'75 ' ei yi, ,. Q' ,R . - , " K j V , iq 'H i ,fav 1 .-Q W V X Q' .12 ' v ag? " - , 93" 4' ,, ' Q' 'fa 1, ' f Q A 'Q 1 '51 zf 1, V ef V 3,4165 1 HK X: :M fl. v . fa' gf , fum: .Q Q. E H m L. L1 u " nu H . Sa x ' , :s'VQ'fV ' if X I, iw, af V 5 5E,N,?gY 1 W' . N! .3 ,- H I -.5 ,. fi Q Hg , A N v , 4 1 yn "f YL? wi , .I ', Y - 1 5 Q : 'ff V -:,+ m NY, f 5 fx , qi L ' 3' " 1 1 3 my N' ' 514.9 ' W 'i 5 K- :N N y , ,W N, N A Wm , K W ' 1 ' J , N V ,f 1 , Q 'ws wwvl ' ,,., m Eg: W4 V . W Wwmwfmm , 'ga pf-Mb ' " ,-: . , X " 'g hp , w J1f1,V I X Q' X 1 ' M I Q, -' , 'Q E Mleifz' Nuo X X , a W- I- -- v A lv ' iw - ww , ,W , f ' ww, 1 !-.! ,- Y, , 1, N N W , ' W5 ,-fy , ug , , My I - v AM: si M' va ' up M ,, . Ts Q! wx 1 wx Reflections of a year are Found in the seasons: In spring, bloom buds, leaves, and love . . Summer sun shines on students and activities . . Fall sheds not only leaves but the past as well . . And winter is serene. Q x E n J X .F .rf X Wx, .w Q K LQVX " f. 'M 3 Lf 2 fig . A X 5 Y 5155 F. f' 'Www -rf f M as f f-fw 4 fm 1 'f O ,- 1., .f M 1 l 1 We , W. .dn ,A .4 K .W.......-.,.,. ,,,,, 1- 0 f 5 " M 'L Af .JZ 1, I 0 ' N . ' I X I 1 fa f-rf' W f , f ,1 , ., A A,,w,., AWS? , 4'mzWA in W W 47 'Q X-e W. k N is -. xwglfwq if N ,Vx - r .fx -4 C 55x blankets scenes with serenity 'Wg Sli' rr 1- ,-Rr iii. 3121 .ffm v- . 54' irxxg H . A . 4 1 Jigs' 5 . . v -in 4313 M ,Ia -L., A J, ,,, V.ww,,.,-..4s-bw 'Z 'Ziyi 'QMJQF' Q -1' " 'ij-' . fk4?Tiff3f'f- Q . . ,' , - . ,. , , ,.'4 ' 'Sri' f1f" ,fx U':' 4 J? , V. ' Z! A 3 Q W! f ez "-5. 143. Q f Z 55 Iwi , ' K Eg g H f ,,,, WWWMWWMg4x MEQWWWQWH 15 5 W Q ,-1 ' , ,,2ZA,.. Wg 4 1 ff f f W ,,x-M y Q . ,, xg 4 , PN, W VE F I 431-'ill -v.x1,..,,.L..w, Lm..,mr.m.r.lfunm4wfmf, N' - . f H ,, -Q ,. M, , ,....,. g ,,A., - ff, .f.A.f. WU. .. A M.. A W. ,, Wg 4? ,,,.f"' Sprin 1-s1""' 613' 42. i w""1s" I f Bs? uv if Summer 0 WW V ra M f A 4 ,S . 5 Sw 2225 if VZ? 57 '15 tim? 325 53 Q ? H 12 5 me 13 I . ,,W,,..,,n,,,,,. ,N ,,,,.,., 15 f f1?'1rN.T:V,.:': : 42:15 K :W -4 fe .aw -.' f ms?" .2 H fy '-'-222: Fall i i i f l 2 2 : EE? f gl 255 ,gk Ei , Y -E 3 f 1 ig 2 si SK, , flf. is ,Q wi li AUX ss az, Q ii EFT sig fx 'M W, hawk. fx , I ijjissfjf Campus Life 20 PO Q Intro. 1 .a ,DWP Contents Ky? P Qrganlzatlons 208 r ' , t Q-Q Play the game I am human. D0 not fold, staple, spindle or mutilate for keeps 5? KA fm 1 A ,B B Campus Life Back to school... New faces New places Together they merge Merging to... Learn Laugh And experience. W-x. 1, -V :- + 1 KYKIG 1. qw fw'mul'...i'! Q 23 lil Student Downtown Night 'i"""" ,4- ,123 Qrganization Night Sponsored by Cardinal Key 26 - - UAC Sponsors Hpowder Puff Pooln I M in .,,' 1 ,, . f 1 f bun ,Q ..,,l, if I First: Kenneth Priest Second: Elaine Heinze . Third: Bishop Cunningham A 'sm r ' f 1' V if Q gp ' , 'F Q.. i tx 5 15' ' xl X. sux 1 XE' Q c S .. . Q 33:52 Freshman Talent Show Q Rx fkw . UAC Presents Harry Reasoner Wlqhe Communications Camen , VV, ? In Concert Mfhe Cowsills ,Q-""""' WM A ff' N W Q al Alf . fr First impressions Faces that reflect The kick off Showers of cheers Conflict Victory lasting memories of Parents Day 32 ' si , i E at 4 13 IW. fun fwf- Q if With mums, floats, queens, Cheers and high spirits the Hornets broke through with an overwhelming Ctory ,fi 1 2 atgwfsi Mg' 1541 me 'K 4,5 ,",, 'W Y , A G 'RW ,NA 5, iw-i 1 v . ' 1' -f ,,.A:l,, ff, 5, Z , ' -. ,f jiif lf! ,, 1 il. f fl Q , ,., ,,, , t X fa - Z .- 5 .. V G, , A , i ' VL' ' A M G , I 7 4 fy - , ,. ' f"' l f- , V i, ' VV V W Q Homecoming Previews: The final plan, Mounting tension A task Completed I -E' E 4- S' 1 ,gf 3' up-., N, ,I , Hx, ,F ., .sa ' gf' X pw wi' ,, Q:"'W ir, 91 , Y Nye T A .in i ik W 1 ENR , 'Q 'IIS , ,I Wkvwmwwws , f is xl Q. es, mw,WQyM we .....f.i5. me gs s , 5 'WSF' f Swwg f g QQ emi! The Coronations, The kisses, The Confetti and crowds, The kick-off... Thus began a most memorable day in College life: I-IOMECOMINC 1969 ,, 7,7 , ss. , 717177, ,,,,, his sl: 5 X x fe-uf ww :,-:: it If ix Q 9, I X fir 53523 Q -my ' ' xg' WM ww f f fab if K E2 35 wg if ,., fi x , S PN -:.,- +---+ x . . fs! vi., AMMM6 .Q Iwi The Convocation: Where Speeches and Songs Are aimed toward one Exciting moment which Reflects a brilliant weekend To come. 39 Mix one sunny day To an enthusiastic crowd, Add some fancy floats Dash ina Hornet hero And forget not pretty girls. And a touch of music mood, Bring these memories together To make a very Special Weekend. Artist Series Presents Your Qwn Thingn J f'T"f QW K UAC Lecture Series Bill Russell Going Up for Cloryn Moratorium presented to listen discuss and Hope a precision beat a shivery smile a design in rhythm Band Day K69 Artist Series Present Barbara Blanchard Artist Series Presentation-The Prague Symphony 3 1 1 Rollicking ff rI1e DJ Brought by Artist Series Young Arstist Series guest Takako Nishizaki violinist 48 World Famous Pianist Lili Kraus Varell and Bailey performed 3 and chose Miss Sunflower Vanilla Fubqe' IN CONCERT EIVIPORIA CIVIC AUDITORIUNI SUNDAY NOVEMBER 23 1969 7:30 Dick Gregory Dick Gregory, black author and pacifist, delivered to the Teachers College a contro- versial, yet enlightening speech. To some listeners, Gregory seemed an extremist, and to others, a dedicated man with a cause. But regardless of these individual reactions, most would agree that this ex-comedian kept his large audience attentive with his humor and thought-provoking statements. He explained to students that they must observe what is occurring in America as a revolution, not just crime in the streets. Although student and faculty reactions seemed to differ on Dick Gregory and his ideas, the majority of the Teachers College seemed to feel that it was most beneficial for the campus to be exposed to the opinions of Mr. Gregory. Perhaps his appearance will provide the insight necessary to promote the changes our generation will undoubtedly have to make to solve the racial problem. S K r W if 1' 9' : 5, M MVS R Mg1.-wvw UAC Coffeehouse Stars John Bassette W7 New Years Eve in Moscow New Years Eve in Moscow is more fun than New Year's Eve in Emporia. The 16 KSTC students and two professors almost unanimously agreed that the New Year's Eve party was a highlight of the Travel Sz Study our of four Soviet cities, Several other highlights included the ballets-especially "Nutcracker Suite" at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and "The Fountain of Bachuisarusu by the Kirov Company in Leningrad. The Red Army Ensemble concert and the spontaneous concert at the Amusement Park in Moscow tthe group that had performed at Expo 67 in Montreal l were other highlights. However. perhaps the greatest highlight was that we met many Soviet students and citizens, as well as students from Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland. and East Germany. Visiting with and getting to know these young people was perhaps much more enlightening and educational then the many trips to museums. We who went will always miss the friends we made and those fun and different Moscow nights. ' . 0 ,2- ' F A-K ' 44' IQMJ' L f , ...sv , . 58 he . ai Nw, gggm. ' x . ,x x ., --.N .X x-.. .m - r ggi Q at fi MW' 5 K. - -, ' 3,'7'. ii .M-Q12-, 'f' 'S xv vi.. - K " fx if ,..ff'jf .. V, Jn.. K.. ' xliw-w x . 'x K Q i , K 4, 9' f' if ' ff if ' W X Y 'RZ 1 iq 3 3 1 3 X 5' 8 :P 3 x I Q -'Ei QQ A Vfafi W Y ' 3' s , ' j,f:iY..Y 1 V ' J: ,, 60 N w-.Q - x C X ! Q 5 X . f ,ff ., ' ., .,f'. ...J A -' 'Xa N ,,...,..--"' i ' K . Y P M, ..,.....,.-3 .,, .uni fi 'W' . 5 E 5 E A .M N, s .W A L il . K D ' N -..fb " s f- f-ff' H Ax 41...- ,s . .Av .fy , ..--a www me s+iu3'Sv .W au.. J ww . .. A. V W-ffm W. N l .wmv- 'M mm. . ,wr-f P -s-.rw fu-wma'-norm .J ,V mn-Q. , ' vw-. .f 1 F-'wmaq -.vwm-.Q -an-, ,, ...J-3 ii am ,e .x V :M- "'!i"'vs RY , 1' x K 5 XS-':f? il + P n I . 3 ,if Sa 2 . 1 . 'il -. ,349 41- Q .. . . li ' . .. 1. q . .Ag . . ,. A - 5 -kg - . . w ., Q, . . X R Ek M it ,X 1 ,ff 1 - w.wwr..:w f-...M . xx. . , E "vQ"-rl-Qgw-1 ,W . K xg., - My hw K K i ...Em X ww... .- .. ' K . ,. ,Q X' 1 3555. i . . ,..... A fxf::gg.,.,.- l' 2 . ww ' :Q wlwzzwsr f A Us P-f .. x f 'sm ..h . .. N 95' Fi. F - is , . S li 5 K Q 15 Ki .Ei fs.. S wig? .E . fu. L , I . . 4 QEM QQW- .Q " I e ,S .. , L. A , Y x Q Q 15' 3 2 ' I ? is 3 is . ..,... , SM I 3 V . " Y A ii . aim L M .friu x K M NwA.xJMX'M-.1.X.- -..Q.., 'fx w..,,.,,mq A '--- A .. ' "'N" 1? L "- 1970 Miss Sunflower Clarinda Hanna Sponsored By Black Student Union Photographed by Aloertis Holliday Selected by Varell and Baily Miss Sunflower First Runner-up Marsha Corn Sponsor: Sigma Tau Gamma Ph grapher: Ron L ewen Finalists E Second Runner-up Suzanne Riley Sponsor: Mu Eps 1h t g ph :Steve Gish Third Runner-up Gloria Mode-:land Sponsor: Pi Delta Phi Ph tog raph er: Jacob I 'Y A.. , V AVE 1 vu T . 3841 .gg Lea I K 7,7 , ir w Q ay K f 'f' Q in G f A . 12 ' 4 f , I , ? 1 Q 2 4 A I f ' f 1 2 Q E Q if L V ff , 1 f ff af 1 f T? 5 , gf xg f ff , ix ? 4 V ,, f P K E4 . W :qw f 14' '7 f f ,, A A 4 7: gf if 9 f f ' f f 1,1 ,ff w dr c 3 , - - M1-f, ARL ,w.yggg, yff- 'ef-ffm ,,:.Jm' I 'L .,,,,. aff 1 4 , s2 334ffgM: V 1' . N I ffi J P, Nflflfd' , - .5 ff 4.- 1 4,4 if 9, . fag' ff , , VA , as 2 94 fi 1 , , 45 9 h 1 i ,ff 24 W if ,,:v gr H VW 79 1251 W ,.,. . , , . ,ml V. U gf! fl A? . , ff 2 446' ffm 'Z 5 , 52 J K af +3 MV' 4 f 5 ,M 6 A , , ff 1 WV Af ff 'I ' Z 1, -- , , " 22, f. M., ,I s5455Pkf'A'l- xi? Sv -NLS, MM B AAN X Rf J 1 s ' ' Q I Xb L , R53 tg 1-.L Q ' pg N The pageant semi-finalists were. left: Cindy Geortz. Debbie Davidson, Kathie Merrill. Debbie Ransom. Vivian Bauman. Diane Edmisson. Rita Swender, and Kathleen Wells. Pictured in the foreground are Carol Cowperthwaite and Jane Edwards. Choosing is a Tough Chore Season Season Seventy was a year of innovation in the theatre at the Teachers College. In addition to the regular season of four plays in the College Theatre, two new programs have been inaugurated. The experimental the- tre has been remodeled into the Pocket Play- house. Oral interpretation has a new home and production program in the Gallery The- atre. With the addition of the Pocket Play- house and Gallery Theatre productions, ten selections were offered by Season Seventy. The main stage offering for Season Sev- enty was "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" by Peter Shaffer. This hit of the London and Broadway stages is a most theatrical telling of the story of the Conquistadores and lncas of conscience and conquest. This definitely "total theatre" production was directed by Patrick McDonough and designed by For- rest Newlin. The children's theatre production, directed by Dr. Kenneth Jones, was a delightful com- edy by Robert Bolt, "The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew." This play addresses itself in a profound, yet simple statement to the eternal problem of overcoming evil. Aquest to Bolligrew Islands by Sir Oblong Fitz Oblong is the beginning of this delightful adventure, set in a children's world of enorm- ous building blocks-ingeniously designed by Harold Nixon. In "Tango," by Slawonir Mrozek, perfect logic is energetically applied to illogical ends. Arthur lives with his Bohemian family in appalling disorder. He plans an elaborate coup d'etat by which he seeks to establish his kind of order in the house at the point of a gun, and it leads to his total defeat. This third main stage production was directed by Wayne Chapman and designed by Forrest Newlin. The fourth main stage production was "Take Me Along" based on Eugene O'Neill's "Ah Wildemessf' This musical takes place on a Fourth of July at the turn of the cen- tury. Charles Hill directed this production and it was designed by Harold Nixon. Y........ K :Hilti 4' , The Royal Hunt of the Sun X Wav i WW -- , ,kf,,- J 3 nf X M 1 5, Q, ,. ,,,,., 4 , , sw sv f K f 7, 1,-ZW? , , .J ,Q 'ff E1 " 3 Q' The experimental theatre has been re- modeled, redecorated and redefined. It now offers an intimate setting for the most crea- tive work of Master's candidates and experi- mental efforts of the faculty. The Boys From Syracuse, by George Abbott opened the Pocket Playhouse. This raucous musical then toured the Far East Command for the U. S. O. and A. E. T.A. Fred Thompson, a graduate student, di- rected The Caretaker by Harold Pinter, and Lance Brockman designed the show. The Caretaker is set in a run-down London flat, and is the story of a weak and pathetic man's struggle for a place in the world. The third production in the Pocket Play- house broke several records in Teachers College theatre history. For the first time a show was sold out in the first three hours the box office was open and the run of the show was extended to include four extra perfor- mances. This ultra-popular production, A Texas Steer or Money Makes the Mare Go by Charles Hoyt was directed by Brent Thomas and designed by Master's candidate Kenneth Austin. A Texas Steer is a good old- fashioned, turn of the century melodrama, telling the story of a Texas rancher, elected by questionable means, to congress and the adventures he and his family encounter in the Washington D. C. of the Gay Ninties. The last production in the Playhouse was Season of the Beast by Carl Oglesby, directed by Elmo Sackett. This play, set in South Carolina, is the story of one manis fight to save himself and his family from the destruc- tion of the devil. This production was de signed by Dan Lane. Summertime .fi ,.,- X .Ar MQ Wur""'MWk .X W W VM N M11 'B I X Q :VV VAVV , W-.-vw., W. M fm W N I N.,"If - , AY' .f if I 4 - ,Mi 'I ,3- f fffn ' X . 'L , - M m V ,g,,?,gjlf4'35ij,, jig I , 5 1- - .14 . A .fr."W-,v- V! ,LH 1 V A K ',5"'f5 Q m ,. I '- -, " .41 '14,-.V, , v f , I . Q.. , 1.15, vf- I-53, ,,, fi, g Mf r ., cyl' A I ,Aly !V , N .i :Sir sq 'Nl kwa:-z 'nxt ' as vgz- ww-ww! 'Eff ,f Z3 fs 4 1 M w a, 1... W K ww this-fig Ai si. if TR 'W W 'i s i i if X' " V -I , A K A K btx' my is 'i ,. N.. ,,Q,N,i Q -qs Q . ,ea K Q . 9 W- ,f ds X Qs, x xg sk -L I be iw ss X ' if is sw e asia M, 'A N Q 'N sz ii Q1 13:- R, ' 3 'Q 1 U P6 f Q it .s X: x 'X S i K X ur' we . - ff. s' Mini skirts and White slacks, Perspiration plus Summertime Q 1 69-70 Kansas Artist-Craftsman ceramics during Jun 'Traveling Show was on dis- e exhibition contain- sculpture, and through- ' -iss ,f,f:1- A Seminar in Understanding the Dis- advantaged Student, offered at the gradu- ate level at the Teachers College, was de- signed to broaden perspectives and under- standing of disadvantaged students and to present different viewpoints in this understanding. As a guest lecturer for the Summer Institute of Biology, Dr. Kaare Elgmork, professor of Limnology at the University of Oslo, Norway, presented lecture- demonstrations to the graduate Biology seminars. 75 g, l Artist Series Hosts Musicians Sigurd Rascher. below, a self-taught saxo- phonist. illustrated his varied abilities as he per- formed a variety of compositions on June 19. Max Morath. left. noted entertainer. delighted his audi- ence with a variety of Waltzes. ballads. and novel- ties at the Artist Series production HAn Evening at the Turn of the Century." Sun Shines on UU C 3 B rn "S F' :A ru VUWCCJIOPUDP -KWH CD 77 -HU PUC an P' ww 555 522 QEWQQEEQ ,555-'Sm DID' a Q Qwgu UXZ QE-1 3+Uc2E.oQ"g,T,Q4 -afj '- 50553' 055550 rnf,P,,D-co qw U"-'--FF'-1 ' Q5 OH fp 2mm2 m fi U1 QE. KQUBH. Og. wiig ZHQ wFS'B 'UWC 553 5'5 sip. .fig 71' 5 2905 Q55 gm? Sgm sg gg,...b-1 Ufwpo P'1E.O-4 f-v-fp 99,2 D997 77 ik' Ev W, F "' wif USO SHOW 'R 1 ! ff, b '-U, u X . 5 I , 4 6? RODGERS 8. N35 l'HEwJlg2?RUM smcusf lk, SW V2 55 ,fs 2 1 .0 M ii xX.x ...gh 3 WF .,.. 5 4 Summer Theatre Spotlight X . ., 5715! :Uh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamajs l-lung you in the Closet and lam Feeling So Q HD ark at the Top of the Stairsw Sadly Xl' ll V E5 Star-Spangled C lrl Night Must Fallu Mary, Maryu , mf' v f 3 y I, WW 1 ,, f 1 - K W 40 "' M V: ,ww ,f 6 m v A 1 JW? W' N M " 5. X -vu:-wil fs? Www, , Mfivi ii qw M ,jg g4 H S.-im. ' .ar it 4 ' ffl , X-I W . V -4-e. lf , q f J' b 5 . 0 an fp , mt- if 5, H If , 1 A XM " 'W L N Q? in Q 'D , 1 ' M m f i 1. ' I - . I 9' Cl Q f if 9' , , ii F My A JAH - i-iff W xv QXQ " "' f ,z I f an ' S "w...,m ,V I 1' ., ' . I . . i 0 . S1 ,iW.L 6 ' ,4 ' V 'Ulf W 1 Q5 '91 'IQ fig 'TP NN 3 ww - Q, Sports football page 86 96 Crosscountry basketball 98 Wrestling 104 track 106 baseball 112 tennis 116 golf 118 intramurals 120 Y . E5 W A , ' 7 5 1 X, N w H 4 H W N. , -mi. ,. Q ,, ,, mmm' wx -- Y 1 f Q , ,'fJ.m1'm,fm--I," ',1r'j y,,,- 33 W Wa- f 3 . I ,fgm ' 4 . , w 11 I 'riE,".?'K 15 5, My , l N ' f 1,435-mglf Q! +- A ' I ' 1 1 v 1 T W 1 A' ' ,, M.. Mm K M , f r,, , .yup . dy ,gfrm A N Q," fm ' ' qv V wi -'Q .Q in Q'E?:,jJ31xff: fm ag D . r A ' "hrs, g 1.-. ,., Y P7 nf H 1 .fi " 5 5.3.5 'iff i - ' ,Q A -Nw If i!m.,.,. niveau Centennial Football Queen candidates surrounded by football plavers are Jonda Pennington. Emporia: Mary McGuire.Emporia: Sharon Envart Olathe Magg1eGarms Mulvane Nona Rees Council Grove and Diana Edmission.Collidge. College Footballis Centennial Year College football celebrated its centen- nial year in 1969 and in honor of this football birthday certain games were de- signated as the centennial game. For the Hornets the centennial foe was Washburn University in a game played on Novem- ber 8. The Hornets emerged victorious-- the score 28 to 14-and the game was a hard-fought contest worthy of the oc- casion. To further commemorate the event a queen was chosen to reign over the game and festivities and to present the trophy to the winner. Candidates were selected by the living groups at KSTC and the big number of entries was narrowed to six by a panel of judges. The football team then made the tinal selection of the queen. The six finalists were Jonda Penning- ton, Emporia sophomoreg Mary McGuire, Emporia sophomoreg Sharon Enyart, Olathe sophomoreg Maggie Garms, Mul- vane seniorg Nona Rees, Council Grove seniorg and Diana Edmission, Coolidge freshman. The team selected Diana Edmission as the Centennial Football Queen. X aware .Ianesko sets to fire a pass in the Centennial victory over Wash- The handoff goes to Divitto as the Hornets move on the burn University. ground. against the Ichabods Running back Teddy Wood plows through the Washburn defense for good yardage as the Hornets post a Z8 14 victorx to celebrate football s Centennial year. Y 'Y mv.. Football 1969 The 1969 Football Squad: Qlst rowy-Head Coach Jim Lance, Leahy, Woods, Bushore, Cerone, Coffey, Harding, Hewins, Demesko, Buffamonte, Salmans, McClain, Nelson, T. Sheble, Everett, Holmgaard, Goodale and Brown 12nd rowj-Coach East, Crabbe, Duncan, Stankeiwicz, Divitto, Janesko, Walter, Bott, Brome, Asleson, Tighe, Schoepner, Moddelmog, Henson, Leone and Thornton. 13rd rowj-Coach Trotter, Carroll, Hahn, Schurle, Berry, Reber, Frase, Sussman, Fox, D. Sheble, Boyle, Bloom, Cox, Helminiak, Rawlings, Crafton, Ass't. Coach Buford, and Scroggins. 14th rowj-VVhite, Bartoluzzi, Muscello, Padgett, Dercher, Donald, Mahan, Jirak and Trivellini. Qback rowj-Piper, Frost, Humbarger, Marlow, Jenkins, Lohmeyer, M. Denimarck, Mall, Chase, Ryan, Torkelson, Stone, Billiam, Coach Reimer and Coach Hettwer. The Coaching Staff-knee1ing,- Cal Reimer, John East, Head Coach Jim Lance, Hank Hettwer. Standing,-John Collier, Lonnie Clark, Roger Trotter, John Baxter, Mike Pyle and Bill Buford. Co-captains: Demesko and Cerone fs A Year To Remember .... Neither rain, snow, mud nor an ad- verse ruling by the N .A. l.A. could detract from the glitter of an exciting football season for the Hornets. Enough mishaps befell the 1969 squad to fell a team of lesser spirit and determination, but in spite of it all the Hornets came through with a 6 and 3 record and second place in the new RMAC Plains Division, and for a time the exciting possibility of a post- season game. The N.A.I.A. ruling, which came after the third game of the season, left the team without the services of quarterback Bob Leahy, flanker Tom Sheble and tackle Bob Asleson, all on the starting offensive team. But without a visible ripple in the smooth running attack, the reserves stepped in and provided the Hornet fans with a season to remember. Filling in for Leahy at quarterback, reserve Bob Janes- ko immediately proved that he too could throw the ball and move the offense and the statistics for the year show the Hor- nets with an amazing 427 yard-per-game average. Alternating at flanker position, Ron Moddelmog and Steve Bushore added an explosive punch to the offense as Bushore proved at Omaha when he riddled the Omaha secondary with 7 receptions good for 246 yards and 4 touchdowns. Most teams put double-coverage on All-Ameri- can split end Bruce Cerone and the other able Hornet receivers took full advantage of the situation. In spite of double cover- age all season, Cerone still managed to establish new records with nearly every game and became the first college receiver in history to pass the 4,000 yard career mark and thus added another record to his collection. Exciting plays spiced the season and none had more drama or appeal than tight end Frank Stankiewicz' record shat- tering reception in the homecoming game against Pittsburg State. A Pittsburg punt was ruled out of bounds on the Hornet one-foot line. A first down pass fell in- complete and on second down Janesko faded deep into the end-zone looking for Cerone, but finding him double covered spotted Stankiewicz breaking into the open in the right flat. The pass was perfectly thrown and the big end fielded it in stride, broke a couple of tackles and picking up some fine downtield blocking raced 99 213 yards into the Pittsburg endzone to complete the longest pass play of the sea- son and start the Hornets on a come-from- behind 34 to 21 victory over the Gorillas. Space limits prohibit a complete run- down on the highlights of the season but few Hornet fans will forget them. Some heartbreaking losses, such as the 33 to 30 loss to Colorado State when victory seemed within their grasp, or the 10 to 9 setback to Southern Colorado in a game played in near-blizzard conditions at Pueblo, or the wild-scoring melee at War- rensburg where the Hornets lost to the Mules by a 56 to 45 score, all served to heighten the thrilling victories. Three Hornet players were named to the RMAC all-conference team. Bruce Cer- one at end on the offensive teamg and Wilbur Coffee at linebacker, and Erv Bott at back on the defensive team. Cerone was named to the AP small-college Al1-Ameri- can team for the second year and was in- vited to play in the North-South Shrine game in Miami on Christmas day. Hornet fans showed their apprecia- tion to a fine team by filling the stands for all but one of the home games, and the student section was always filled for the home stands. The weatherman smiled on the Hornets for their home games, all played under nearly ideal conditions but the away games ran the whole gamut of weather possibilities, rain, ankle-deep mud, and 'snow-cold-wind' in the Pueblo contest. A fine season it was, and Hornet faithful are eagerly awaiting the 1970 kick-off when three of this season's offen- sive stars, Janesko, fullback Charlie Di- vitto, and running back Teddy Woods will be back to spark the Hornet show. 1969 Seasons Record KSTC Opponent Opp. Score 56 Wayne State of Nebr. 0 30 Colorado State 33 45 Central Missouri State 56 76 Peru State of Nebr. 6 9 Southern Colorado State 10 34 Fort Hays State 7 34 Pittsburg State College 21 62 Univ. of Nebr. Omaha 21 28 Washburn University 14 we W.. " "lf: 49 lv Q? 0 Q! Q... A ' 1 3 , Q wi 1 X393-4 i..,, N fm- ,.-x J :WLZT I ...wi sf! Q 1 If M ,.,...... ... :Q V, X 1 .X V' ' La . .4,. A 75' MW is E f 1 5 f A45 i f W . J' fz4 gfW .f 3'l" . t iff .2 g ,SS rs--5-,Q-not -'SQDU' . 1 65. ' Zvi. . A iff W fi , A -Q l R X Q x kill v X 3 I - A ' 31 t x 5 'ii 9 X kg 5 ' ip. X rf ' ' g .2 -- ff'?PffK'F, sA'f'5"f?,'1" ' N Q1 'L 1 ,Q ..' . 0 S 'Y v ' A Q 1 X 5 g Q1 ---""' - A in 3 f- if 5 x 8 A Q I' I , ,pts X fr F , I' M L- ' --.- 1- -,., .ll- .. ,xv J " , ' ' 1534.5-' 53? VA: -A -., y. , WM -. , W W, f1,V,H+ ,Q ' W .1 A , X 1 ' r . , A - . . J 4 f V- V. , - , P .4 ..,,.- , ,, W -'J F Q ' ' All - ""' P x - -Q vm, 4 'S U -4 -a K x X Y " 1 - 'Y' .gf ff. A 7' arg xx.. , vm i ex 1 2 Q i " W 0 ez? K f' Q' 'T Lai 3 . In -A W N., 1 Qa X Photo courtesy Wichita Eagle. My-e af' L f. ,J ,, I, VJ., W, ,J ,L i I M. , gym, .1 ?,,,WW,gggV 3 5 P , it ' 'Wig' I if -. ,M if 491 1 ,, ww ff? ,H J'-,fr WML ' x J if I Q, ' TZ , ,,., Mu M,..,t,g1 S, ,M -Q . gl i -x-. Lyy. 6 it 6 . ' 5... .'.-- -x,,f 5 ef ,..- eg-ES QQ 'I L gyer t f . 3 - te e A ' . , I ' I '-1L-L i f .. ,A ,, Erv BON, RMAC IS! team, NAIA DiSIfiCf 10 Bruce Cerone, RMAC lst team, NCAA Dis- Wilbur Coffee, RMAC lst team, NAIA Dis- team- trict 6, lst team, NAIA District 10 teamg trict 10 team, NAIA All-Americang AP All-Americang NCAA Small College All-American. Hornet Players .... Reap Post-Season Honors The 1969 Hornet football team reaped its share of post-season honors with seven men being picked for various honors. Three Emporia State gridders were selected for the first RMAC all-league team. The three were Bruce Cerone at split end, Erv Bott at defensive back and Wilbur Coffee at linebacker. The NCAA District 6 College division selections included five Hornets on the roster. These were Bruce Cerone, split end, on the first team and Tom Buffa- monte, defensive guard, Charley Divitto, fullbackg Bob Janesko, quarterback, and P.A. Thronton, center, receiving Honor- able Mention. The N.A.I.A. District 10 listed three Homets on the All-District eam: Bruce Cerone, Erv Bott and Wilbur Coffee. Cerone also made the NCAA Small College, the N.A.l.A. and AP All-American teams for the second year in a row. He also became the first college player in his- tory to surpass the 4,000 yard mark in pass receptions as he ended his college career with a total of 4,354 yards gained and 49 touchdown passes caught. In his senior year he caught 77 passes good for 1,315 yards and 13 touchdowns, averag- ing 146 yards per game in receptions. He also was picked to play in the North- South, Shriner's All-Star game on Christ- mas day. Tom Buffamonte, NCAA District 6, Honorable Mention. Bob Janesko, NCAA District 6, Honorable Mention. Charley Divitto, NCAA District 6, Honorable Mention. P. A. Thornton, NCAA District 6 Honorable Mention. 95 4 kiln!-alllhlP The 1969 cross-country team ran an out- standing schedule and ran against some of the top teams in the United States. The team was led by two All-Americans in Dennis Delmott and David Brinsko. In regular sea- son competition the team lost to the Uni- versity of Texas, El Paso-the NCAA Uni- versity national champion, Fort Hays State College-the NAIA national cross-country championsg and the University of Kansas- the Big Eight champions. This season marked the irst running of the RMAC Championships in which the Hor- nets took 3rd place behind Fort Hays State College and Adams State of Colorado. From the teams in the RMAC, Fort Hays was NAIA national champion, Adams State was 3rd and Emporia State was 6th. Kansas State College of Pittsburg, 4th place team in the RMAC, was 17th in the national meet in a field of 53 teams. "As a whole the team did an outstanding job and represented KSTC and themselves very well throughout the entire season", com- mented Coach Phil Delavan. Dennis Delmott, two time All-American will graduate along with All-American David Brinsko, but next year's team will return Dennis Nee, Darrell Patterson, and Blaine Thomas, members of this year's team. The 1969 squad: Dennis Delmott, sr. captain-two time All American David Brinsko, sr., captain-All American Jack van de Bruinhorst, sr. Roger Bruning, sr. Dennis Nee, soph. Darrell Patterson, soph. Blaine Thomas, soph. SEASO N'S RECORD: Meet Hornets Number of teams Wichita Invitational 2nd 15 teams Oklahoma State Invitational 4th 15 teams Fort Hays-Emporia-McPherson 2nd 3 teams Southwest Invitational lst 20 teams Emporia-Pittsburg-Southwestern lst 3 teams Emporia-Oklahoma Baptist lst 2 teams RMAC Championships 3rd 14 teams Missouri Valley AAU lst 12 teams DiSlIiCl 6 AAU 151 12 teams NAIA Nationals 6th 53 teams X. f-'k M: ...smmi u , cf'-'I , "M, if , 1 ,P N 9 a,4,,Lw.fiY -nun? A, . Q f. , 'Q'- tat h A . 97 1 4 T fswssggy 4- ..f fr f W ,Ai Ywsym, :WM bf 1969-70 Squad: Standing-Jim Folcroft, Dale Cushinberry. Larry Gleue, Dale Northup. Jim Williams, Bob Overton. Greg Claeys. John Henderson. Gary Cramton. Pat Langvardt. Steve Stein. Gus Fish and Ron Slaymaker. Kneeling-J. B. Blocher. Eugene Farmer. Randy Waters. Dennis Robbins, Ron Davis and Mike Nulty, Basketball Q Coach Gus Fish A' 98 ff! 2 IN H wxmxxxN HN XNW +"" W NN N HW M Q ,A xx mx M NM fffffflllffffflffhlffff IDHI5VV1I3DHINXDIDIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllDlllllllllilllillllllillilll l NN N' fN'WPP222922022229222222222222222222222222222222222222222222220 QW"WWHIP???2?l?iWWWlli???d 4 12333133 W W xi WW -+ + ww- mmxxxxxxxxiik N'NM MW V N .N I WH!! M Wlllllllli WWW P ww x w MN xwxxxxxxxxx MNNxxxxM"" ' -v i"N'-"W ' Ni'-" -' wg I W Will 1 IIN! Y mullwwwwwwqm Wwmumw ----Aw N- w- N mv NNW Nlmllllllll Ill MW u0"" W M , ,,,,y.zwm41wM f W fm-mmf. wax K W Nl XXX , - Z.,. 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'- f " X Xiiiiikfkziwxw. - : - : Xe v---. was-,f-f-S--.Sw -X ffsimi-sxfg-.fxw-.xi 1 ' f-Giwfa Arrkifixr. KX4.A.Wg: , . 5 . -- A- S .K 'S sf M , 2 X. 5 5 ,Q +2 it is 3 Q " """""""'H-M V: . K' A , my 1 Q fi-f" x Q . s WN' ' 5 Qs55iw Ji gsshus Q 1969-70 Wrestling squad. Standing fl to rj G. Edie, G. Law, R. O'Malley, K. Miltz, K. Reed, D. Stevens, S. Sanders, R. Maes- tas, M. Otto, D. Sullivan. D. Humphreys, J. Kiser, A. Hanks, B. Welfelt, T. Gull. Kneeling fl to rj D. Niehus, T. Warner, T. Perry, B. Johnson, F. Holcomb, R. Lettau, G. Werner. Coach Roger Trotter. Wrestling . . ,ii X5 we 104 Under the direction of first year wrestling coach Roger Trotter, the KSTC grapplers enjoyed a victorious season, claiming seven dual wins, while losing only five. The highlight of the season was the first place trophy earned at the William Jewell Quad at Liberty, Missouri. Fan support was the highest in the history of the sport on campus. as the squad rallied for two of their wins on the home mats. Throughout the year. Trotter sent his competitors against some of the finest teams in the nation. The Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference tourney in Gunnison, and the NAIA National Tourney in Superior, Wisconsin, brought the curtain down on the most successful wrestling season ever at the Teachers College. Season's Record: Dec Dec. Dec Dec. 2-University of Nebraska-Omaha-Lost 5-Missouri Valley-Won 6-Washington University-Won 13-Northwest Mo. State Inv.-Seventh Dec 17-Kemper Military-Won Dec 19-Southwest Mo. Inv.-Sixth Jan, 10-Graceland College-Won Jan. 15-William Jewell-Won Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb Feb Feb 7-J. F. Kennedy College-Won 28-Kansas State University-Lost 31-Fort Hays State-Lost 6-Northwest Missouri State-Lost 7-William Jewell Quad.-First 14MSouthwest Missouri State-Won 19-Fort Hays State-Lost -ur"""" lu-.,.... gl 105 r W. 1969 Squad-Front row: P. Daniel, P. Warner, G. Talbert, T. Potts, S. Nelson, J. Reeves. C. Bluett, G. Carpenter, Capt. Szmanski, D. Nee, and D, Delmott. Second row: J. Correll, D. Caywood, P. Markuly, I. Gardner, Capt. Fraley. R. Gibson, D. Brinsko. J. Van De Bruinhorst. T. Wilson, and S. Johnson, Third row: C. Keller, T. Doperalski. R. Bruning. B. Durbin. B. Van Ness. T. Jones. D. Patterson. B, Thomas. and L, Bond. Fourth row: P. Williams, G. Lawrence, A. Feuerbach, K. Anderson. and D, Heigl. Coach Phil Delavan Track "'i'-' ""' ki' The 1969 track season was spioed with sparkling individual performances as well as outstanding team efforts to produce a good season for the Hornet squad. It was an active spring for the Hornet runners as they entered such nationally recognized events as the relays at Arkansasg Texas, Emporia, Kansas University, Drake, South- ern Methodist, and Oklahoma Christian. In addition the Hornets had a 1 and 1 reoord in dual meets winning from Pittsburg 76 to 72 and losing to Fort Hays by a 76 to 66 score. At the Kansas City NAIA In- door they placed 4th as a team, and in the NAIA Outdoor meet they were 5th. The Hornets placed 2nd in the iirst year of the RMAC competition in track. Six Hornet trackmen were named All- American for their performances during the season. The six were: A1 Feuerbach-shot put, Gary Lawrence-hammer throw, Dean Woodson-javelin, Darrell Patterson-1,000 yard run, and Dennis Delmott and Dave Brinsko-cross country. Many of the fine Hornet performers are back to boost Hornet hopes for the 1970 season, and some have already turned in fine performances. Al Feuerbach scored con- sistently in the indoor season, going well over the 60-foot mark in the shot put in every meet entered in the early season and giving promise of even better performances when outdoor competition gets underway. The 1969 season was one to remember as the Hornets took full advantage of their all-weather track, and Hornet boosters look to even better records in 1970. q.,-1, V Q VV V- :X-V ,, " ,. ' , 'nazi 3Ji.'fa5'5fV 'fs-Ziff: .?2.-Yff.1V2QV1f33vV fi 'i V , in-g:':ff1L" " Vw :'i1:V..v.. 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'- if .Q W 5,-M M., arf, mis, XTC 5 3 S S ur' - 5 Q' 1 w S, w W 1 Baseball The 1969 baseball season at Emporia State was one of the most exciting on record as the Hornets finished the regular season with a 20 and 10 win-loss record, won the RMAC tourney with a 4 and 1 record, swept the District 10 playoffs, and the NAIA area tournament with 3 wins, and Enally lost 2 games in the National NAIA playoffs. For Coach Larry Cochell's team it was a tremenduous season with fine pitching, good hitting and some sparkling field play. Top- ping the pitching staff were Cowan with a 6 and 2 record, Plunkett with a 6 and 3 record and Shaffer with a 7 and 3 record. The team recorded 7 shutouts during the season. Top sluggers were Klipowicz batting at a .345 clip, Klewein at .340, Mcllvain at .333, and Alday at .303. Hopkins and Klipowicz each had 7 home runs, Klewein and Martin had 6 each and Powell chipped in with 4. The 1970 season outlook is bright also, with most of the pitching staff returning, bolstered by some fine transfer hurlers. Some spots will have to be Hlled in the infield, but prospects are good for the team to come through with another fine season. Coach Cochell resigned during the late summer of 1969 to take a position at Creighton Uni- versity and his spot has been filled with another fine coach from Arizona, Jack Smitheran who brings to Emporia the same zeal and enthusiasm for baseball as was exhibited by Coach Cochell. W----1-Q--.--..... 1969 Squad--Front row: Greg Free, Mark Klenda. Dave Baker, Steve Iverson, Ryland Powell. Tommy Guskin, Richard Carter Ted Blake Steve Mcllvain and Coach Cochell. Back row: Larry Largent, Dave Schulze, Keith Keifner, Bill Cowant Russ Meyer, Darrell Teagarden John McRae, Frank Stankeiwicz, Pat Coan, John Moeller, Richard Kuzydym and Leland Shaffer. SEASON'S RECORD: Tulsa University Tulsa University Oral Roberts COkla.J Oral Roberts fOkla.J Phillips fOkla.J Phillips COkla.J Wichita fKan.J Wichita fKan.j North Dakota State Wichita fKan.J Wichita fKan.J Buena Vista fKan.J Buena Vista fKan.J Fort Hays fKan.J Fort Hays fKan.J Pittsburg fKan.J Pittsburg Q Kan. J Rockhurst CMo.J Rockhurst CMo.J St. Benedicts CKan.J St. Benedicts CKan.Q Washburn CKan.J Washburn fKan. J 114 KSTC Op 5 1 9 s 4 1 10 4 8 4 3 1 11 7 14 1 1 4 10 4 5 5 4 4 6 8 3 12 1 1 5 5 Washburn fKan.J Washbum fKan.J Pittsburg fKan.j Pittsburg fKan.J Pittsburg fKan.J Nebraska-Omaha Nebraska-Omaha RMAC Tourney: SCS fCo1.J Southern Utah SCS CCol.J Adams State CCOLJ Adams State fCol.J District 10 Playoff: Kansas Wesleyan Kansas Wesleyan NAIA Area Tornament: Yankton qs. Dak.J Phillips University fOkla.J Phillips University fOkla.J NAIA National LaVern, Calif. Taylor, Ind. KSTC 4 3 2 18 4 4 9 14 10 3 4 5 5 5 6 5 3 5 6 UWM 5 1970 Squad: Back row-Coach Milton, Tuck Wilson, Roy Spratt. Gary Minson. Lynn Singer, John Jenkins and Doug Wright. KneelingfLarry Megrager, Jack Linvingston, Ben Ford and Larry Reiswig. Coach George Milton Tennis The tennis team in 1969 added to the winning tradition for the sports season by compiling an 8 won and 7 lost record for the season. The Hornets also captured fourth place in the conference meet at Denver, the first tennis competition in the newly formed Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The tennis team played a tough schedule that included the University of Kansas. and some of the top teams from Missouri and Oklahoma, in addition to the competition in the RMAC. Two seniors were graduated from the 1969 team but the 1970 edition of the Hornet tennis team should again be a strong contender. with a good returning nucleus of experienced men on which Coach George Milton can build another team. 116 A 7 Vx mgigggg, WN lyk, V , V V V V ,V, VVMJJV' V 'V' " VV K V 2 ,W 'ff' ' "-V'f-WVQVZVH-f , ,V V J . 2 , V ,, :M V , 2 :P f A , V V ,,., ,.,, V, V, ' W' V ge, , , fm-ghm V .. ,V fwwa wwf VV Vwyww ,AV ,V Vg,Vw,',,,gV ,Vw V mmvjV4g , Vwfzewf V , VVTVV. , V - V V . ., ,f,,,, , f 'aww KV W4 ' ' V V QS, 'V V E1 fwf fr- ' " 'W Wifi? eVfWTVYfiVib.m " V q '- -'WQAN V.: 'Q' V J VW4 QV V, , q 'iw 'A g, ,. , VV VV, V+wyMi7,,,VVVWV42ffVV 'V ' VV L " ' V W, ' ' V , ' ' AVf,2zVVf4'W V ,. ' gy W .- V VV V,VVV,g:V:V - V V ,Vg ,V V Vf V ,V V f V, V I V , .,,,V ,-VL,V V ,,,,,,L, V.,, V ,,,, V VVVV wlwv - . ,fflff 'f ' " ' ' VVVV ,Y 7 'Y , ' " +V ' ' ' ' ' ' 2 K V V if C ,, V , 'M' ' ' V -V Wfjii ' g ' ' ' V , Aff-2 N,V-VVV-VwgVw5,4sfef'T VV V' f39""'-Vw ' f " ,V wk " -LMI .f4v,W,,M-:J MN Vw, 'Mc WWW AV' ,rsh ,, V- ,,W V V nw-V, A-V+fV,VmVV ,, , V VV V V " ' N V V " ' 42,17 VVfQw1V, 'K"' M 'VH' ,, K, f W . H ' ' f ,V VV V- V K ., V , V VVg,,, V V , V A V VV V VV --VV , ' ' , V P ,,,, , V " f "' ' V V V ww V' VV V we 40 Vw ,W MM. V 'VM5' QV? U 4 ' n 4 , V ,V " V , VW V, V, ' VV'-WYVVmi4LwWW'f' ' ,V , V'w,',, Y ' A ' , M wif?" K Q, ., ,, V'VWV,,,V pf 1 QVQV ' , V, V V ' A, ,, ,V ,V ,, , V , , V, V V, 4 , V V- ,- W ' ' 118 -1--View if Q 1970 Squad-Kevin Seaman, Dennis Robertson, Mike Cohen, Jess Hansen, Dick Burney, John Bishop, Randall Meridith, Bob Douglas, Terry Hamm. lAbsent squad members: Colin Williams and Ken Hopkins. J Coach Joe Pease Golf The spring of 1969 was a good one for Hornet sports and the golf team lived up to the winning tradition with an outstanding record. In meet competition the Hornets had a 3 won, 1 lost record, the loss being to Wichita. The golfers won the District 10 title at Lawrence, with Gene Largent being runner-up to the medalist with a 150 stroke total for 36 holes. The team placed second in the RMAC meet at Durango. Colorado and in that meet Largent tied for medalist honors with a 36 hole total of 152. Under Coach Joe Pease, the team is looking for further success in 1970. 119 Qin 40' End of an Era 25 Wonderful Years The sports section of the 1970 Sunflower is gratefully dedicated to E. D. 'fGus" Fish. who is retiring from the head coaching position this year after 25 years of guiding the Hornet basketball fortunes. It was an exciting 25 years of basketball history too. as Gus' teams came through with six championships in the CIC and tied for a seventh. The Hornets have appeared seven times in the NAIA District 10 playoffs. and three times in the NAIA Nationals. finishing fourth twice. Gus Fish brought a high level of competition to the game of basketball and never in his coaching career did he make a soft or easy schedule. but instead included on the Hornet schedule the best teams he could find, including over the years most of the teams in the present Big Eight. some Missouri Valley Conference teams. and other top rated teams from the mid-section of the United States. . While friends of basketball regret seeing him retire from the coaching ranks. he will still be a familiar figure on campus as he plans to remain on the staff as a teacher. 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Q Mainhhgi wi,-fm:-ffS.m-.femH w-'rw.:f.- Ng.- ,N crawl, V. if, . rf. . 4,11 ml... ,t -J. .-v., -. ..:..wf:f.-.---+w.m.f', ,tw-v'-.M. 11 I--w"!,1. V' . .1 '-H..-W, ' --'ef 4'-i-fa -'a in ww-sf'-:f 0 "-'fwffxivif N :'.-Fla-ala-.w,.',1,1i5 f ex'5?'r4,W'AwT'.':.n7a'g7"4',,ge-:4Fh45g,'1h'-wk'-gfgvavait'-zzrAr,1'4x'fS.li'?'3 -ww'a29a:q+!,wi':f1'- - 4 if M44 U i --rc seffw "5-.M-'+ Intramurals at Kansas State Teachers College cover a wide range of activities and participants. A complete schedule of intramural events are scheduled for the handicapped students on campus, ranging from archery and riflery to wheelchair football. Women's activities are included in the program and include again a Wide range of sports, both indoor and outdoor. Basketball, softball, hockey. badminton, volleyball and a host of others are on the schedule. Much competition is generated in the men's events. with particular interest in the fall touch football schedule. the basketball competition. and track competition in the spring. For most sports there is an independent division and a fraternity division with the division champs playing for the overall title. Intramurals are an integral part ot' the academic program. 123 WW 24 Jlyff' Vigilantes In Action --..,.S QQ, N f no - -' , X "qv, ,,,, 5 26 ?.4 +35- QQ-5 27 46 I -. 'L ,Q X I ,, . A touchdown, a run A goal, a basket. . . Whatever the name It points toward a Win. Q 1 29 we 5 B EEE :5'g,ii s2. v cl"'xl'Ql'Q'i.'K as X Administration Uffice of the President What is the purpose of the educated man? . , . To make the unknown known. the uncertain Certain. and the ignorant wise. President Visser has dedicated himself to the ideals for which KSTC stands. State Administrators Board of Regents Vincent Bogart L D Morgan Dwight Klmger Jess Stewart Dr James Basham A H Cromb L N Cushing Henry Bubb T J Griffith Mr. ' Mr. . . Mr. ' ' Mr. Mr. Max Bickford Mr. . . Mr. '. . ' Mr. Mr. . . ' 132 The 1969-70 school year at the Teachers College experienced several changes in aca- demic organization. There are now five separate schools at the Teachers College. They are: School of Applied Arts and Sci- ences, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Education and Psychology, School of Graduate and Professional Studies and Academic Services. Dr. John E. Visser, President of the Teach- ers College, continued to coordinate admin- istration, faculty, and students, to achieve academic growth and leadership. Assistant to the President for Development is Mr. James Meyer. Administrators involved in Academic Af- fairs are Dr. Marvin DeBoer, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Fac- ulty, Dr. Nathan Budd, Dean of Academic Services, Dr. Truman Hayes, Acting Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Studies, Dr. J. T. Sandefur, Dean of the School of Education and Psychology, Dr. Lloyd Edwards, Director of Data Processing Center, Dr. Glenn Crumb, Director of Re- search and Institute Grants, Dr. Robert McAdoo. Director of Continuing and International Education, Mr. Leslie Marks, Assistant Director of Instructional Media, and Mr. Robert Hampton, Librarian. This year there have been several changes among the heads of departments. These in- clude: Dr. Dorothy McAlister, Department of Home Economics, Dr. Alfred Ericson, Acting Chairrnan of the Division of Physical Sciences, Dr. David Matheny, Acting Head of the Department of Speech, Dr. Harry Waters, Department of Counselor Educa- tion, and Dr. Arthur Brill, Department of Research and Laboratory Experiments. The services of Student Affairs are varied and offer numerous opportunities to the stu- dents of the Teachers College campus. The division of Student Affairs is coordinated by Dr. John Webb, Dean, Mr. Harry Stephens, Assistant Dean, and Dr. Ruth Schillinger, Dean of Women. Students seeking employment, scholar- ships, grants or loans are encouraged to seek advisement in Financial Aids, directed by Dr. A. E. Bowman. Students have the opportunity to use the campus Health Center, headed by Mrs. Marilyn Reynolds, R.N., Coordinator of Health Services. Housing Services for both men and women students is headed by Mr. William David- son. 1 ""' :L The Teachers College Rehabilitation Serv- ices, headed by Mr. William Scales has de- veloped numerous facilities for handicapped students. The Student Counseling Center headed by Dr. Arthur Miller, aids students in their per- sonal and academic lives. Mr. Robert Peterson is the Coordinator of Student Activities which includes the Student Senate. Mr. Clint Webber is the Director of Ad- missions and Records which takes care of all correspondence concerning admission at the undergraduate level. Mr. Boyd King, is director of the Place- ment Bureau which serves graduates in se- curing their vocation. The News and Publications Division, directed by Mr. Larry Meredith, supervises the preparation and release of college events. Other departments at the Teachers College include the Memorial Union, a favorite meet- ing place for Teachers College students, di- rected by Richard Stoner. Coordinator of Traffic, Inventory and Security for the Teachers College is Al Locke. Dr. J. J. VVeigand is Director of Alumni, Special Events and Conferences. Mr. Riley Stormont is Superintendent of the Physical Plant, and Mr. Gerald Ashlock is Coordinator of Resi- dence Halls and Apartments. 133 EH 2 f Dr. Marvin DeBoer serves as Vice-Presi- dent for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. W 7? 5 3 1 A Mr. James Meyer is Assistant to the auf-S Pres1dent for Development. Academic ff ' Mr. Robert Hampton is the head Libra- rian. , 134 . ....kk Wmqwuw Dr. J. T. Sandefur is the Dean of the School of Education and Psychology. Dr. Truman Hayes is the Acting Dean of the School of Graduate and Professional Dr. Nathan Budd serves as Dean of Aca- Studies. demic Services. X , amid X S S Ex .' 5 ' - Q St ' Res. 'Sf ' "" x .. H 7' Dr. Lloyd Edwards is the Director of the Dr. Glenn Crumb serves as Director of Data Processing Center. Research and Institute Grants. Dr. J. W. Rollings is Director of the Bureau of Educational Measurements. jg? vn,, My . Wg? , 136 4, . . M . r f Q V W .,,, .,,,,., , ,.. .- V QsrL' 1SEfi1kkN V "f-e f f '- Dr. Robert McAdoo is the Director of Mr. Les Marks is Assistant Director of Continuing and International Education. Instructional Media. X . 4 ln... 2 is i z T' tx 75 ! it E - JUR . ..g Ol ' Nfouoooo00""... is fl Mr. Harry Stephens assumes the duties of the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs while Mr. Wiley Alberg serves as Associate Dean of Student Affairs. Student 4 w A Dr. John Webb is Dean of Student Affairs. if lj Mr. Clint Webber is the Director of Ad- missions and Records. Dr. Arthur M111er 1S the dlrector of the Student Counseling Center. Dean of Women is Ruth Schillinger. .-V" QQ: x , gm , S V Dr. A. E. Bowman serves as Director of Financial Aids. 5 w i 2 Z ,mv V. , fw "fu, '-.Nw W A " L15 M zfzsn' i ff g 3. 3 :dvr 0 ' 0,33 ,',,K,,f, 2532s 2 -1, n-j:.f'::zg' W, fziirfyviffitifmm Mr. William Davidson is the Coordin- ator of Student Housing. Mrs. Marilyn Reynolds serves as the Coordinator of Health Services. 1 J A 140 I u-fl..- 3 Q . S Mr. William Scales is Coordinator of Mr. Robert Peterson serves as Co- the Rehabilitation Services. ordinator of Student Activities. 5 a M noto.tn .,,,,,,,., x,........s.----Cl ggmnm I Administrative I Affairs i 1 Mr. Boyd King serves as the Director of Placement. brim: .MMM Dr. J.J. Weigand is the Director of Alurn- ni, Special Events, and Conferences. Dr. E. L. Barnhart is the Dean of Ad- ministrative Affairs. . zf ff gg z m y ,ffw , :i,i.. f im 3 1"7i -'.f'2f2e'Z2' , , f V'ii' Ili 8 4 P4 at Mug Mr. Riley Stormont serves as Super- intendent of the Physical Plantg Richard Stoner directs the Memorial Union. I -4, f Mr. Larry Meredith is the Director of News and Publications. an-W , M, 1 14 '....-lW.w:'i"" Mr. Gerald Ashlock is the Coordin- ator of Residence Halls and Apartments. L nnteni 3,1 i ' Mr. Al Locke serves as Coordinator Mr. Robert Ecklund supervises the . publication of the Sunflower and the Bul- of Tramc' Inventory and Secunty' letin. MPN fb:-a-....., i.,Q.Qgu rf" M... Mr. Walter Clark is Business Manager. Mr. Carl Hoffman is the Superintendent Business Affairs Miss Betty Howell acts as the Bursar and Manager of the College Press. Lrg 1 Hjohn Who? Every student must 146 face an instructor at least Once during his College Career. Ah, yes, youre the 'F' in row 6Bf i HC-ive me a minute, I'll remember why you got "Shhh, donvt rush me." 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A Bachelor of Science Degree in Business may be earned by students with a major in accounting, business administration, business education or teaching, data processing, and secretarial administration. One and two-year programs are also available to students who can not complete a four-year program. pun--M All students in the business programs may participate in one of several student organizations. Almost one-half of the busi- ness students work on a part-time basis. Internship programs are available so that students may gain first-hand business ex- perience. The Business teacher program is one of the strongest in the nation. In Kansas, more than one-half of all business teachers are Emporia State graduates. Kilim L Dale Washburn, President Carl Winn, Vice President Brian Hughes, Vice Presi- dent, Membership Lonnie Kvasnicka, Vice President AMA Chapter Mike Carroll, Co-member- ship chairman Linda Midden dorf, Co rres- Alice Kay Miller, Recording Secretary ponding Secretary Rick Hyman, Vice President Dan Dennis, Administrative Bob Hollinger, Vice Presi- dent, Programs and State President Paul Winter, Vice President, Projects I"T'1 Z I CD JP -I i -'.",,.'- A iq Q , ,T ik: .,g.g A Q P if , i Rex Snavely, Treasurer CD L.t.J O: CD CD Q: O. Phil Vieux, Publicity Chair- man and Historian Jack Livingston, Co-mem- bership chairman, not pictured 151 Mr. Marvin Mothersead, Vice-President, Federal Reserve Bank, Kansas City, Conducts One of the Bi-Monthly PBL BusinessSemi- Il3I'S. Phi Beta Lambda is a co-educational business fraternity for students at the college or university level who are preparing for careers in business and business education. This organization is de- voted to providing young adults with educational, vocational, and leadership experience. Students are provided an opportunity to participate as in- dividuals in group endeavors and projects. Phi Beta Lambda, which grew out of a pro- posal made by Dr. Hamden L. Forkner, Columbia University, during the school year of 1937-1938. and was accepted by the National Council for Business Education in 1940. has enjoyed con- tinued growth and success. Dynamic changes have added depth to the original concept of Phi Beta Lambda which was incorporated in June. 1969. The Teachers College Chapter has displayed initiative indicative of its leadership by charter- ing and establishing collegiate chapters of the Administrative Management Society. Personnel Management Association. and American Manage- ment Association. The result has been to provide juniors and seniors with a means to meet and discuss specific interest With businessmen in particular fields. Besides broadening their scope. the members have continued to maintain and better their past performance. PBL Members listen to a Placement Seminar led by Mr. James Hix. President, Bossler and Associates. Kansas City. At the state convention. hosted by the TC Chapter for the past ten years. it won the largest chapter membership. Bob Hollinger was elected state president. Bob Peterson was chosen Mr. Future Business Executive. Frank Helton was chosen Mr. Future Business Teacher. Sharon Buffalow was chsoen Miss Future Business Teach- er. and Mary Sue Caldwell was chosen Miss Future Business Executive. Other honors won were the chapter exhibit. original project. and chapter activities report. Fifteen members of the chapter were honored as selections in Who's Who in Phi Beta Lambda. Thirty representatives from the Teachers College chapter went to Dallas. Texas for the national convention in June. At the convention Rich Hyman. national president. presided over all convention proceedings. National recognition was received for lartest chapter membership. chapter activities report. and the most outstanding chap- ter in the nation for the tenth consecutive year. Linda Middendorf was elected national secretary . In June delegates will travel to Philadelphia. Pennsylvania to the national convention. Phi Beta Lambda develops leadership by aid- ing individuals to profit by their mistakes and take suggestions and criticisms directed toward improvement of themselves so that they may serve business and their community in the future, Activities of the Lambda chapter included monthly chapter meetings with speakers selected from various branches of business. fall member- ship picnic. sponsoring FBLA in the high schools. annual Career Day and Placement Seminar. and travelling to AMS and PMA meetings. Advisors are Richard F. Reicherter. Mar- cella Mouser. Nona Berghaus. James Kirby. Den- nis Schmidt. and Robert Greenlee. 153 ng, Members Enjoy Fall Picnic I 1 1 2 E 6 'LJ' PBL Members Participate in Summer Business Internship Program Members of the Executive Council Become Chefs at the Fall Picnic 154 3 s Pi Omega Pi is a national business education honorary society that attempts to promote interest and scholarship in business education, provide opportunities for fellowship with teachers of business subjects, aid in civic betterment, and en- courage and foster high ethical standards in business and professional life. Mu chapter, founded at KSTC in 1929, participates in various projects: a fall business teachers conference, faculty Christmas party, spring honors banquet, scholarship awards, and the Chicago Na- tional Convention. The Teachers College chapter has m twice been recognized before the national convention as the most outstanding chap- P ter in the nation, and has placed in the top ten for the past five years. Pl OMEGA Pl - Top row: George VVa1ters, sponsor, Richard VVright. Second row: Mary Cortiana, Daphne Bedford, Sharon Buffalow, Jan VVinquist, Linda Middendorf, Barbara Smith, Caroline Xklinkelbauer, president. First row: Anita Alvord, Judy August, Sondra Seymour, Carolyn Holliday, Rita Mae Wendling, Dianna Regier. , ,N , v M V:--fa, ,,,. gm:-.. " .X 4 .X Dr. Dorothy McAlister is head of the Home Economics Department. The Home Economics program at Kansas State Teachers College is designed to meet both the needs of students planning a career as a homemaker and those who plan professional careers as home econ- omists. The department offers 22 courses ap- plicable to general degree requirements. The department meets state and voca- tional requirements for vocational certi- fication. Theta Epsilon, an honorary society, and the Home Economics Club are spon- sored by the department and are made up of home economics majors. Programs for the year are planned around subjects of interest to a professional group. 156 Home Economics HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-Top row: Joan Noyes, Rosemary Norman, Pat Stumpff, Mary Ganapini, Jane Ruch, Jane Franz, Carol Sobba, Georgia Hawkins, Patricia Albers, Marilyn Miller, Nada Hawthorne. Third row: Doris Ann Alexander, Charlotte Savacool, Diane Pock, XVanda Preston, Charlotte Martin, Teresa Mallein, Nancy Uhl, Ruth Kliewer, Martha Cronn, LaVon Land, Cathy Tegarden. Second row: XVanda Truman, Jane Enright, Michal Ann XVolford, Becky Anderson, Barbara Smith, Darlene Miller, Karen Branaman, Karen Turner, Sharlyn Say, Royanne Brecheisen. First row: Rosemary Maegher, Cynthia Gasche, Becky Burch, vicepresidentg Carole Thomas, Nancy Schoenfelder, treasurerg Janice Feuerhorn, secretaryg Judy NViggins, presidentg Sandra Gleue, Mrs. Dorothy Dotson, sponsor. Chapter x 'Q x The purpose of the Home Economics Chapter is to promote greater professional attitudes among home economics majors. Each year the chapter sponsors a spaghetti supper and a spring banquet. Other annual activities include Future Home Economists Day, Fall Workshop, State and National Conventions. The chapter is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association and has Theta Epsilon as its honor sor- ority. ,iff . . . . , - ,4,,Li,w,y? ..,. g' iz Home Ee 5 L:-XL lndustrial Arts The Industrial Arts Department is under the direction of Dr. Barnhart. This division has four large shops available for work in woodworking, auto mechanics, and metal working. The department also has a drafting room and a laboratory for use in electronics. Any student may take a course who feels it will be useful to his education. Pre-en- gineering students can become skilled in various Industrial Arts courses. The department's major goal is to qualify students for teaching as well as in- dustrial trainers, technical writers, and supervisers. 158 f ,ff, ,1 4,911 '? M5515 QQ his W i 4 -1 Hilti! 'Z R.. INDUSTRIAI. ARTS CLUB - Robert P. Davis, Mel Diller, Lawrence Raitinger, Carol Farley, vice-president, Jay Houser, Ron Heberling. Second row: Craig Wulf, Richard Hokanson, Thomas Orton, Roger Seyler, Gerald Stuewe, Victor Harkins, James Bills. Front row: Dale Hogan, sponsor, Lester Abel, Steve liegshaw, secretaryg Ralph Rodgers, Industrial Arts Club Russell Benett, Larry Heinen. The aim of the Industrial Arts Club, which is affiliated with the American In- dustrial Arts Association, is to promote fellowship among majors, minors, and to provide them with a wider understanding of Industrial Arts and industry. The club holds professional meetings featuring demonstrations and talks by professional people in the industrial fields. The club annually sponsors the East- ern Kansas Industrial Arts Fair in April. The club also provides a Christmas basket for a needy family. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB - Top row: Dennis Belsha, Norman Winter, Stephen Gish, John Ackeret, Charles Cronn, Harold Woods, assistant sponsor. Second row: -John Marcotte, Ralph Stauffer, Charles Rell, sponsorg Noel Mintz, sponsorg Leon Seiwert, president, Ron Kent. Front row: Rick Keefover, Rhilip Freed, Ronald Shilling, Ronald Miller, James Hein, Donald Roeckers, treasurer. A A 1. l I I i mai Epsilon i Tau Epsilon Pi Tau is an international honorary fraternity in the field of indus- trial arts. The local chapter was estab- lished in 1949. The purposes of Epsilon Pi Tau are to recognize outstanding scholastic achievement, encourage re- search, and promote social and profes- sional development. Members, alumni members, and par- ents of former members provide scholar- ships. The chapter serves the department and the college by making scholarship plaques, and bringing outstanding speak- ers to the campus for annual banquets. EPSILON Pl TAU - Top row: Carl Rolf, Charles L. Bell, Dan Hanney, Ronald Shipley, Richard McCoy, Harold D. DeVVeese, Virden L. Turner, Glen Atherly. Third row: James VVeinman, Ray Schumaker, Lynn FitzSimmons, Otto Eubanks, Harold U. Woods, Noel 0. Minm, VVilliam Elrod, Norman L. Ashbaugh, John Merrifield. Orlin J. Zink. Second row: Gary D. Nutt, Conrad F. Mittenmeyer, VVilliam R. Brinker, Donald R. Allen, Richard Keefover, Theodore Pankratz, Richard A. Link, H. Dean Stewart, Steven llegshaw, John A. Acheret, Melvin Diller. First row: Ronald li. Boettcher, Everett Sowers, Raymond V. Rodda, Maurice J. Benninga, Dr. li. L. Barnhart, trusteeg Leslie Neff, VVilbur Mitchell, alumni trusteeg Eric Priest. if bl' 'IE h im i c ax , Q. if if A nw lf lt' 5 sum 4 if .- li W 1' K' -2 V i. my A l sl Wt. M i in .'? i"1f V' 2 ,, W 1 ve, ., I, in .1 4.4, uw 1 va in ,ts H s' at 4 ia. W il A 5 ff. 'll' ,oo 00 ,JW CW . , .sfgfh una- bws 3792 M Y , ,if f 1 60 s Q gf 4 J , ,A wr , ,z 3 W4 axlf..-,Q .... ' Q 1. 5 wr' , ,. K M .nw f"" W AJ 1,1 ' 1' . 3 1 J"-EN ' , ff N 7 , z' I - Alnvm, ,, , .A . "T ..-w1z"'1 Ma gg-rf 12 ef ir ,,f4,Mff" 'K NV' A M A 42. J, - .Ig W4 hi 13,1 L, fy' ,M 5 , A 5 , ' , ' wfwiftuw, . Leggm' " Wimg, W f , Af. nw 943,51 f 7 ' 'ff f p m,,- ' ' 'Y V " , 11 f' ZW: 2 'P .WV 75'ff'?'f .f ,,f 1 I mfw -WJ, rygffai, ZFX? 4' f ' ' 5 0.5 7, "X W., if if-' , 4 W ..,,, ' ,gi , I S we 5 422 5 gn , 2453 X I ,Y x f f A-no ff " ' hluniwd, HMM ,4,1,,, ., , new ,Q awww' ww, .,,. qu 4 M31 4 Q 423-3555 h'. , 'R' -,Mi Q3 -.g2,g.f I Y is a Q F ,lg if wx f 9 x Sw ' X 3 gg if QR J xx Q 5 5, ,fd-sw E J-W' Www ,W-Q if Alpha Beta The purpose of Alpha Beta, an honor- ary service organization for women in physical education, is to promote scholar- ship and professional attitudes among its members. Miss Jeanne Galley, head of the De- partment of Women's Physical Education, founded Alpha Beta in 1956, and contin- ues to serve as its sponsor. Activities of Alpha Beta included scholarship awards, tutoring services for women physical education majors, bulle- tins, and picnics. l l Aquettes AQl'lC'I"l'lCS - Top row: Rhonda Young, Kay Reece, Vicki Speaks Susan bmith X al Xickers Barbara I rceberg lo Wentz, Susan Hove, Kristie McAdoo, Cheri Neider. Bottom row Diane 'Xlurphy Debbie Kreene Nlichellefoheen Linda Connell, Connie Hawkins, Barb Booth. XVOMI-IN'S RECRl'1A'l'lON ASSOCIATION - 'l'op row: Janet Simpler, Judy Soetaert, Cheryl XVhite, Barbara Booth, Julia Yeater, Ruth Massengill, vice-president, Marsha Thompson, president, Joyce Swartz, 'l'eri Didde, Cheryl Henry, Jeanne Galley, sponsor. Second row: Judy Pfrang, Sheryl Melson, Debbie Russell, Rebecca Anschutz, Jo XX'entz, Pat 'l'horson, Darlene Zook, Candy Carson, Diane Mershon, Dorothy Martin, faculty advisor. lfront row: Helen Intel- mann, Mary Bedigrew, secretary-treasurer, Cheryl tinagy, Carol Hoyt, Carlian Smith, Wanda Martens, Toni Horn, Betty VValters, Kay Reece, Jennifer VVatts, Mary Ann Steele. Women's Recreation Association which is open to all women on the Teach- ers College campus, attempts to promote 7 J interest and participation in sports, and S build ideals of good sportsmanship and health. This year WRA sponsored intra- . murals, co-recreation intramurals, Aquettes Club, Rhythmic Circle Club, a jogging program, and a freshman play- day. Highlights of the year included the . . Aquettes Show, Rhythmic Circle Show, A S C n and co-recreational ski-trip. 164 f 1 'lf 9 A. K H. 'W 4 1 , ,Q B, - H12 W fn ww 75. , 6 W, I CYWW' 'Q M as ,fi ,, nl Zg , 5. I k ' , A U Z V - W , ,, H if . W f f,, 'V k : :,'5if,ynff ' yi, f, X F7 ,G , W VM W s , It 91 W ff ,, fe "Wh ' W ' , ' ' Q, A 4 y A Q wg W W W, W , 425 V , X se, , ,V 3 f 5 w 'Q gy . Y A ji 4. 5, . W ,,,, 1 t , , V yr .L 1 L f 'Q 3' Ay. "1 iwa 5 mm , , A wrkirif if Q Z" ,, ' 'mi 2 , V' ' WW f Y Mr. Rex llall is the head "c'rusader" of the Art Department. i The Art Department of the Teachers College offers a wide range of experiences to those professionally oriented in the visual arts and to the general college stu- dent. Programs of a professional and pre- professional nature are offered to prepare students for careers in teaching, on all levels, and in the various applications of art to business and industry. Graduate level curricula serve to further the studentls professional growth in art teaching and supervision as well as the major areas of studio work. The Department's contribution to the general education program is designed to 166 develop responsible members of society who are aware of the place of art in our cultural heritage and who are responsive to the process and product of creative acti- vity. The art faculty is made up of prac- ticing artists and scholars who offer a variety of courses concerned with the prac- tice theory and history of art. Supplemen- ting the course offerings and serving the larger college community, the Art Depart- ment sponsors the College Art Gallery, which brings a series of exhibitions to Emporia during the year and annually presents both a student and faculty art show. Y , Y nf' Magik -'5'7"1'f?2W5'lfl ':"' ' J 'vi '1 '-'ffflfi-7?,'V51"i"f b'EiQ2i ?f'51"t1f '1,3':' fVEj43:IV-'?lii'3 -Ij,117ff?'V1?'i Vk 'E ,V.1. 'We f,,.+'fj1Z-'72A'9ifI55.i5TU311Ef51F5"fE:.1.1':1 H LijqiJ-111535'3f:g2E.?'f'V'?Ys'21:E'Vpl'-Vgf '-1' "1" ' "" '5'sY'7 ?."'?!'Vf1?' 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Vvfggxg R-F, 475.--.7'E:5A4n., iilziigirfuk ,cifglij 'sy J :ff3f'5a .55 'rg-'V., : T-Q-131.5 .VV.--Va...-ti:-ff3fV'.t :..f.q.--:V .. .- Yfegsifi gzN-se':.?-2a'e-LQ'- s..:'. -its--V-..s. -V ---4-.1VAVJa59t:.a1--VV:-r.f.Nev-.m5f..-fv.Vg-.l::Vs.zs.-,a-4,.wG- r-,saifsn mgnlVV.,-f . . . . ., . .. .. V ,V .. V. Dr. Kurtz. in his second year as head of the Biology Department. reorganized course Biology 100 so that it is no longerjust an- other reuired course. but a beneficial experience for the student, Biology Department The Biology Department is everchang- ing as can be seen in the innovations which have appeared in the department 168 this year. A few of these are: students on all the departmental committees, initiation of the process approach in teaching and establishment of a fund for student re- search. A close relation between faculty and student has served as a catalyst for expanded knowledge. Several organizations serve to unite various aspects of student life. The Cadu- ceus Society provides an opportunity for students interested in the healing arts. Beta Beta Beta honors outstanding biology scholarship. The Graduate Biology Club uses the experience and expansive training of the graduate to benefit the department and the students. An active Biology Club encourages undergraduate development through field trips, service projects, and a wildgame dinner. CADUCEUS SOCIETY -Top row: Sharon Etzel, Marilyn Ziegler, Linda Schmidtlein, Nan Razook, Diana Edmission, Georganna Andree, Margaret Surber. Third row: John Collier, Cameron Knackstedt, Tony Straight, Cliff Courtney, David Hastings, Vicki Plankinton, Joseph Plankinton. Second row: Diana Kukuk, Vicki Dyke, Kathryn Brooks, Dellane Brewer, Kathy Rathert, Debbie Frost, Jana Mathews. First row: Debbie Briggs, treasurer, Janet Painter, secretary, Richard Keeling, sponsor, Robert King, vice-president, Steve Brown, president. Caduceus Society The Caduceus Society provides op- portunities for its members to acquaint themselves with all fields of the medical arts. The club's activities included field trips and lectures by professionals in var- ious rnedical careers. Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta Beta honors outstanding biology scholarship. The Graduate Biol- ogy Club uses the experience and expan- sive training of the graduate to benefit the department and the students. An active Biology Club encourages undergraduate development through field trips, service projects, and a wildgame dinner. BETA BETA BETA - Top row: Gene Crane, secretary-treasurerg Cameron Knackstedt, John Stow, Wayne Howard, Jim McLinden, vicepresident. First row: Marilyn Evans, Marilyn Sigler, Suzette Arganbright, Sally Sue McNees, Rozella Krehbiel, Patsy Rhodes, Vicki Plankinton. 169 English its The Department of English at Kansas State Teachers College serves every stu- dent enrolled at the college. Besides the three English courses designed to fulfill basic requirements for all students in all programs, the department offers more than fifty courses in English, American and world literature, composition, jour- nalism, modern linguistics, and the his- tory of the English language. So that its students may have the benefit of personal contacts with profes- sional leaders in various language spec- ialties, the English department invites out- standing men to the campus to visit in- formally with students as well as to pre- sent public lectures. Last year Francis Warner, a don of Oxford University and Robert Penn Warren, the prominent novelist and poet from Yale University, were brought to Emporia by the depart- ment. Members of the English staff edit and 170 Dr. Charles E. Walton completed his third year as head of the English Department. contribute to The Emporia State Research Studies, the quarterly graduate publica- tion of the college. The department spon- sors Quivira, an annual volume of student creative writing, both fiction and non- fiction. 'Nvo student groups are sponsored by the English department: Quivira and Lambda Iota Tau. Quivira is open to any student. Although Quivirais main purpose is to promote excellence in writing and to produce an annual volume of creative writing, it also sponsors a variety of en- tertainment, including high quality films. Another highlight of the year for Quivira is its Christmas Tea for students and fac- ulty members. Lambda Iota Tau, an honorary literary organization, is open only to students majoring in English. The KSTC chapter is a relatively new project of the English department. gag, AV ff" W, xx KLKX e 3' ilhlhlv 32. ,,-wif' ,Q Q 1, O X Mi Foreign Language The Teachers College Foreign Language Department offers language work in German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Latin, and trains more foreign language teachers than any other state institute of higher learning. During recent years, there has been an exchange of Spanish majors with the Uni- versidad Industrial de Santander, Bucara- munga, Colombia. There are several departmental clubs and honor societies to provide additional cultural expenence' Dr. David Travis. head of the Department of Foreign Languages. Sigma Delta Pi Sigma Delta Pi, an honorary organi- zation established at the Teachers College in 1956, aims at supporting and strengthening the background of Spanish majors. This national club was organized here for students who excel in Spanish literature and language. SIGMA DELTA PI-Front row: Mary Bryant, Joan Thayer, Jackie McGi1livray Rosen, Julie Bowell, Joan Carter. Back row: Mary Ann Larson, Dolores Sanchez, Cheryl Preston, Margaret Beck, Jacob Miller, David E. Travis, spon- SOX'. 2 Q , The purpose of Pi Delta Phi is to en- courage an appreciation and knowledge - - of the French language and culture, D I An annual activity of the club is to sponsor a typical French dinner. Pl DELTA PHI - Top row: Ruth llittcmore, Jacob H. Miller, Andrew Talton, sponsorg John J. Swift, Paul H. Ras- tatter. First row: Susanne Riley, Gladys Auguste, Linda Daniel, vicepresidentg Ann Pope, presidentg Rebecca Hurst llenyse Hill. gy f sp l The Mathematics Department. under the direction of Dr. Marion Emerson. has a modern and flexible curriculum. The courses in the Mathematics De partment have been designed and are taught to give the students a basic under- standing of the science of mathematics. From the new ideas of modern mathe- matics to the foundation for mathematics used in space flight, courses have been selected to tit the modern concepts and modern needs. During the summer, the department had a large enrollment of high school teachers preparing or up-dating their teaching with the courses designed for their needs. 174 The department sponsors the Mathe- matics Club forall interested in mathemat- ics and Kappa Mu Epsilon, National honorary mathematics society, which is a member of the Group of National Honor Societies. This year the Mathematics Depart- ment was host to the spring meeting of the Kansas Association of Mathematics Teachers and the Kansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America. gun! The Planetarium aids teaching concepts in astronomy. 75 Music Department te 176 K B. A. Nugent head the Department of Music which provides en- rtainment as well as education in the field of music. The Teachers College Deparhnent of Music, a member of the National Associ- ation of Schools of Music, offers degrees in the fields of composition, theory, music education, musicology, and performance. Highlights of the 1969-70 year were the Opera Workshop's performance of Of- fenbach's "The Tales of Hoffman"g the Symphonic Band's performance at the College Band Directors National Associ- ation meetingg tours of Kansas high schools by the Symphonic Band, Men's Chorale, and Treble Clefg numerous con- certs for Emporia audiences and special programs for the Kansas Young Audien- ces, lnc. by the Mid-America Woodwind Quintet, the Brass Quintet, and the Con- cert Trio. The Symphonic Choir and the Men's Chorale joined the College Sym- phony Orchestra for several outstanding performances. Long recognized for its research and grants, the Department of Music continued to seek improvement with projects such as Professor McLarry's nationally known program of developing string teachers and performers utilizing many of the tech- niques developed by Suzuki of Japan. The Kansas Colleges Co-operative Composers Project brought to the campus several in- ternational musicians and composers. In April, the colleges joined for a three-day Festival of 20th Century Music at the Teachers College. .-:-F 5? 5 -ff ew fag K W m,.W Y X, X W Q Ne 51,22 are P33 - 8 "'i13i. QA. A Q4-1,-S5 - Tfggt. 1 , KQ A k L - - S .Q . - .LS-Fffiii 'L NQii':igkj J . i -way : Ls' X . ffksi ' Ji?-,z i -- fgfvfsssx A Q A 1 -zsfifn . Q .. ....L.. -- Q -:vwfsfiw ,-,.f Q: in N. -. 1, . .... ,. . ,, ,X X X . A L,.. 1 Q- YS-nf :Q - 1-.iii--QQ S T ,wx XMs!Sgx.,Xs,Xx. MiiV .1 M51-X-1, I: W mm. - .Mag -- 1 :X.W1::::zSzE:ff5ivX , , L..L..mwNM Q ,. '15-C-1123-:l.,ii 5:-f'fQ.f ai?:Yi--ifSigiwQ.m'C9'f: M 5' SQ 51 Y2QQ1+f'gsQes-ffm 7-.L ".m'1Qi:vFa 'J U we Wil NI: inf. 'ziiiffsxmlk-v . F2 'Q vim gud. , .. -- -- ,f --k- M K -'it X QA . ...Y L. We :al V 4 in x 1 4 I B , fhzxixavmi 4342 'il' PHI MU ALPHA SINFUNIA-Top row: Gary Moege. Gary Lowman. Neal Goodson, Jim Lathan, Dana McCormick. president, James Locket. First row: Sam Owen, Vernard Johnson, vice-president. Richard Dickson. Francis Bonny, Allen Shorthill, Paul Moore. faculty advisor, Phi Mu Alpha The purpose of Phi Liu Alpha is to foster the cause of music and attain a brotherhood among men of music. An honorary organization, it is affiliated with the Beta Upsilon Chapter of the national organization. Activities of the year included a Schol- -il arship Fund and the annual American Composerls Recital. Musical Activities 178 SIGMA .XLPHA IOTA - 'Pop row: Judith Putman, treasurerg lilaine Smith, Connie Gale, Susan Friend, Karen New- ton, Jacque Kepner, Susan Mohney, Carol l'nruh, vice-presidcntg Pam Fowler, Carolyn Danielson. Second row: Mar- garet 0'Neil, editor, Carol Tryon, Carol Welker, Vicki Patton, Judy Nitzoche, Jodie Goering, Diane Mullin, sergeant- at-armsg Nancy Brandt, chapling Mary Nanney. Front row, 'Perry Boekhaus, Phyllis Barnes, Carndy 'l'errill, president, Janice Brock, recording secretaryg Donna Stinson, -loan Wilkerson, Donna Rhodes. Treble Clef Striving to maintain high ideals of music education is the main goal of Sigma Alpha Iota, an honorary sorority for women music students. Annual events of the year are a Bene fit Concert and American Composers Re cital. ln addition, the members serve as ushers at Artist Series Concerts through- out the year. Sigma Alpha Iota Treble Clef is a select group of sixteen women singers under the direction of Miss Rosamond Hirschom. This group performs at various school and community functions. Highlights of the year included the annual Christmas caroling in the Rotunda of Plumb Hall and a spring concert and tour. TREBLE CLEF-Top row: Deborah Tribby, Patricia Rieland, president, Louise Rieland, Debby Tarbutton, Vicki James, librarian, Rita Hefty, Mary Jane O'Brien, Margaret O'Neil. Bottom row: Kathy Parsons, Jo Lana Dietz, Janet Shaver, librariang Clarinda Hanna, secretary, Debbie Hysom, Shirley Oyster, Linda Freidell, Kay Curtis, Cindy Morrow, Miss Rosamond Hirschorn, director. , kk,V I Menjs Chorale lmsnm, VH is ,a MEN'S CHORALlGTop row: Mike Groff, Ron Brown, John Wiley, Ted Adkins, Dave Corbett, Richard Plnlan, Hal Sanders, James Loebett, Steve Peterson, Randy Kopsa, J.C. VVashington, Roy Sullivan. 'l'hird row: Al Trollman, Marlow Hogue, Bruce Parker, Stan Smith, Ken Fields, Richard Dickson, Bill Schlehaber, Kim Ramsey, Philip Vieus, Gerald Snider, Robert Bowden. Second row: Dave Rector, Ralph Larkin, James Gardner, Larry Morris, Hal Redford, presidentg Don McDaniel, Scott Long, Martin Jomes, Mark Ludwig, Gary Gate. Front row: Charles Schaefer, director' Byron Miller, Lloyd Pinon, Gilbert McPherson, Paul Geist, Dan Hopkins, Denver Marlow, John Hundley, Dennis Richter, Gary Bodam, Paul Moore, accompaniest. 180 Kansas State Teachers College Marching Band MARCHING BAND-Susan Folck. Elaine Smith. Clifford Fritts. Marshall Wardwell. Janet Hutchinson, Carolyn Duncan. Jo Ann Frick. David Huss. Mary Fesmire. Teresa Webb. Mack Woods. Jeanett Sigler. Mary Slawson. Carol Unruh. Everett Childs. Charles Weil. Kathy Bowen. Gary Lowman. Al Short- hill. Glenn Rodgers. Connie Gale. Bishop Cuningham. Barb Kukuk. Carolyn Danielson. Cleta Cleous. Kathy White, Mark Watson. Delores Davis. Twila Seibel. Judy Miller. Gary Bodam. Barb Sheets. Vernard Johnson. Gay Hammons. Moyne Zuroeveste. Nancy Iseli. Martha Kemp. Albert Kerby. Danny Clark. Jim Cole. Robert Berger. Stanley Smith. Dan McDaniel. Dick Burney. Mike Steinel. Pat Burney. Dennis Fisher. Phillip Garton. Gary Gale. Cheri Hartenbower. Ron Mathews, Francis Bonny. John Templin. Mike Theis. Gary Moege. Rosemary Shaw. Sue Dieker. Jeff Gillaspy. Judy Putman. Sheryl Groen- ing. Dana McCormick. Greg Elenburg. James Staton. Tom Kutina. Ron Pracht. Carol Brewer. David Thayer. Robert Mc- Dill. Steven Raymer. Bill Cooksey. Jim Lathan. Ralph Thomas. James Lockett. Jack McVaugh. Dan Mize. John Pratt. Cort McClaren. Robert Dieker. Larry Ruzich. Linda Wright. Sharon Hume. Margaret Fenske. Beverly Pew. Dianna Dotts. Trisha Lebbin. Mary Sanders. Marion Dixon. Sue Dieker. Phil Scull. Nancy Wright. Theresa Taylor. Jean Clark. Opan Clark. Eliza- beth Anderson. Joan Noyes. Gary Bull. Marcia Kanel. Rosemary Meagher. Janice Merry. Carmelita Harris. Michael Eisele. Donna Herron. Martin Helm. Rebecca Frankenberry. Ellen Hopkins, Alan Bond. Gary Lawson. James McMurray. Raymond Reed. Rick Woodbury. James Noyes. Ted Ericson. Noel Dagenette. Larry Hodges. Ed Rathert. Kim Ramsey. Jeff Gellaspy. Arlo Rohling. James Groves. Linda Schneider. Cindy Clinkinbeard. Mike Shepard. Debra Bahr. Daniel McCoy. Linda Brandon. Ron Brown. Dana McCormick. Randy Culbertson. David Hasting. Brad Linville. Bill Schlehuber. 181 SYMPHONIC CHOIR-Roy Abbott, Sandra Abbott. Ted Adkins, Deborah Albee. Jolene Albright, Joyce Alexander. Norman Allen, Robert Amego, Karen Anderson, Myra Anderson. Shirley Bailey, Paula Bainter, Roberta Barstow, Mary Ann Bauer, Cheryl Baysinger, Elaine Bender. Darla Benton, Judith Beran, Robert Berger, William Beyer, Corrinne Bishop. Jeffrey Bivens, Jeanette Blahut, Cathy Blakley, Gary Bodam. Karen Bowers, Sharon Bowers. Nancy Brandt. Dale Breymeyer. David Brewer. Carol Brewer, 'Joan Briggs, Janice Brock, Judy Brown, Ronald Brown, Patrick Burney, Steven Buster, Anita Capp, Merlin Christy, Kathleen Churchman. Rhonda Clark, Carla Criger, Randy Culbertson, Robin Cummins, Virginia Curtis, Nancy Dehoney, Robert Dieker, Thomas Derrick, Barbara Dill, Marian Dixon, Milli Djajich. Leslie Dowler. Linda Dowler. Nadine Duncan. Alfred Edwards. Cynthia Eisenhauer. Marsha Engle. Jana Enright, Cheryl Evans, Patricia Fair. Linda Farrar. Cathy Fassold, Carol Fassold, Jane Feltham, Margaret Fenske, Diane Fink, Dennis Fisher, Gregory Fisher. Pamela Fixsen, Roberta Folck. Barbara Fowler. Virginia Frederick. Susan Friend, Clifford Fritts, Douglas Fuller. David Fuller, Connie Gale. Marvin Geist. Kenneth Gerhardt. Stephen Gerdel. Jeanne Gifford. Jefferson Hillaspy. Virginia Glick, Jodie Goering. James Good, Jan Green. Nancy Green. Karen Gustafson, Gay Hammons, Barbara Handley. Clarinda Hanna. Daniel Hanson. Carol Hayden. Deborah Hayes. Frances Hedrick. Warren Heitman. Jean Hemphill, Mark Hemphill. Donna Herron. Diane Herron, Ann Hetzel. Alvertis Holliday. Kathryn Hudspeth. Frances Hunt. Janet Hutchinson. Merry Hutter, Debra llysom. Judy liams. Morris Jackson, Jo Ann Jacques. Lonnie Janzen. Janette Jeppesen. Darrell Johnson, Suzan Johnson, Janice Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Kristine Jones. Angela Joyce, Gayle Joyner, Nancy Juhl. Kathleen Kaspar. Jacqueline Kepner. Jeanette Kirby. Janine Kline. Diane Koken. Vicki Krebbs. Mary Kussmann. Jan Kutilek, Donna Lackey. Thomas Laing, Connie Lake. Stephanie Lassetter. PM-R 1969 Symphonic Choir directed by Charles Schaefer SYMPHONIC CHOIR-Norma Laster, Kathryn Lenherr, James Lockett, Susan Logan, Carrie Lolar, Frances Lucas, Mark Ludwig, SheriLytle, Lois Markley, Georgia Marquart, Brenda Martin, Patricia Mason, John McAthur, Jamie McAtee, Cort McClaren, Sheila McConnell. Paul McDaniel. Linda McGinnis, Marjorie McLeod, Gilbert McPherson. Mary Meadows. Joan Melton, Fred Melvon. Jean Meyer, Mary Meyer. Georgetta Miller. Jeanne Miller. Marilyn Miller. Susan Miller. Gloria Modeland. Joyce Montgomery, Marlene Moore. Virginia Moss. Sharon Mullen. Diana Mullin. Chery Neal. Karen Newton. Judy Nitzsche, Carlee Noland. William North. Margaret O'Neil, Judy Ostrander, Shirley Oyster, Peggy Palmer, Craig Parker, Richard Parker. Vicki Patton, Janet Pepperdine, Sharon Petter. Everlyn Phillips. Sarah Phillips. Lois Poland, Jan Porter. Staphanie Powell. Linda Pummill, Mark Randall, Lawrence Ray. Paula Redden, Raymond Reed. Judith Richard. Dennis Richter. Louise Rieland. Sandra Robey. Deborah Roeder. Virginia Ronsick. John Roth. Jackie Sanders. Dana Schirmer. Linda Schneider. Irene Schomacker. Mary Schubert. Deborah Scott, Margaret Sedlacek. Roy Siegfreid. Janet Shaver. Barbara Sheets, Mary Sheldon. Carol Shugart. Jerry Sims, Sheri Skipton. Clare Slemmons. Anita Small. Carol Smith. Roger Smith, Virginia Smith. Linda Solheim. Mary Songer. Nancy Speer, Susan Sprague, Deborah Steinert. Donna Stinson. Yvonne Stockebrand. Alane Stork. Margaret Surber. Glen Talbert. Deborah Tarbutton. Mary Taylor. Candace Terrill. Nancy Thornburgh. Linda Tressler. Anita Trice. Deborah Tribby. Carol Tyron. Judith Ulbrich. Janet Underwood. Carolyn Unruh. Allan Unruh. Nancy Valentine. Dana Valdois. Joyce VanZuiden. Carolyn Viers. Sandra Walter. Mary Ward. arshall Wardwell. Barbara Waters. Rosalyn Watson, Jane Weber. Linda Weidner. Allison Welch. Carol Welker, Cherridah Weston. Joan Wilkerson. Sharon Wilkins. Karen Wold. Bettye Woods. Keigh Woolery. Marie Wycoff. Lawrence Yeoman. Denis Yoder. Doug Young. Mary Young. Kathryn Zogleman. 183 SYMPHUNIC ORCHESTRA-Fred Halgedahl, Pam Fowler, Mark Lorrin, Anita Wright, Jeff Jones, Charlotte Comley, Elaine lleinze, Ann Clark, Anita Trice, Neta Stanley, Arlan Smith. Bill Crocker, Marilyn Riley, Mary Visser, Glen Talbert, Karen Gustafson, Linda Tressler, Philip Burch, Larry Saylor, Thomas Tatton, Eleanor Tatton, Jackie liepner, Michael Theis, Carolyn Lorrin. David Cowley, Darene Street, Elizabeth Hurst, .lames Pritchett, Donald Kilc, Carol Brewer, Deke lsaac, Sarah Price, Susan Folck, Clifford lfritts, Elaine Smith, James Gorton, Jeanette Sigler, Gary Low- man, Allan Shorthill, Connie Gale, Carol llnruh, liverctte Childs. Stanley Smith, Francis Bonny, Richard Burney, Patrick Burney, Rebecca lfrankenbery, Don McDaniel, Rosemary Shaw, Judy Putman, Jeff Gillaspy, Susan Dieker, Dana McCormick, Ronald Pracht. -James Staton, Tom Kutina, liill Cooksey, Jack McVaugh, Cort McClaren, 'Thomas Laing, James Lockett, Keith Woolery, John Pratt, Mary liickford. 84 Symphonic Qrchestra SYlNlPHUNlC BAND-Susan Folck, lilaine Smith, Clifford lfritts, Marshall XYardwcll, Janet Hutchinson, Carolyn Dun- can, .Io Ann lfrick, David Huss, Mary Fesmire, 'l'eresa XYebb, Mack XX'oods, Jeanett Sigler, Mary Slawson. Carol Cnrug, liverett Childs, Charles VVeil, Kathy Bowen, Gary Lowman, Al Shorthill, Glenn Rodgers, Connie Gale, Bishop Cuningham, Barb Kukuk, Carolyn Danielson, CletaCleous, Kathy XYhite, Mark XVatson, Delores Davis, 'l'wila Seibel, Judy Miller, Gary Bodam, Moyne Zuroeveste, Nancy lseli, Martha Kemp. Barb Sheets, Vernard Johnson, Gay Ham- mons, Albert Kerby, Danny Clark, Jim Cole, Robert Ber- CtlNCl'lll'l' BAND-Linda XYright, Sharon llunic. Mar- garet lfenskc, Beverly Pew, Dianna Dotts, 'lrisha Lebbin, Mary Sanders, Marion Dixon, Sue Dieker. l-lyerett Childs, l'hil Scully, Nancy XYright, Theresa 'l'aylor, Jean Clark, Opal Clark, lilizabeth Anderson, .loan Noyes, Clifford lfritts, Gary Bull, Marcia Kanel, Rosemary lXleagher,.lan- ice Merry, Carmelita llarris. Michael liisele, Donna Her- ron, Martin Helm, Rebecca Frankenbery, Ellen Hopkins, ger, Stanley Smith, Don McDaniel, Dick Burney, Mike Steinel, l'at Burney, Dennis lfisher, Philip Garton, Gary Gale, Cheri Hartenbower, Ron Matthews. Francis Bonny, John Templin, Mike 'l'heis, Gary Moege, Rosemary Shaw, Sue Dieker, Jeff Gillaspy, Judy Putman, Sheryl Groening, Dana McCormick, Greg Elenburg, James Staton, Tom Kutina, Ron Pracht, Carol Brewer, David Thayer, Robert McDill, Steven Raymer, Bill Cookscy. Jim Lathan, Ralph Thomas, James Lockett, Jack McVaugh, Dan Mize, John Pratt, Cort McClaren, Robert Dieker, Larry Ruzich. Alan Bond, Gary Lawson, James McMurray, Raymond Reed, Rick XX'oodbury, James Noyes, 'l'ed liricson. Noel Dagenette, Larry Hodges, Ed Rathert, Kim Ramsey, Jeff Gellaspy, Arlo Robling, James Groves, Linda Schneider, Cindy Clinkinbeard, Mike Shepherd, Debra Bahr, Daniel McCoy, Linda Brandon, Ron Brown, Dana McCormick, Randy Culbertson, David Hasting, Brad Linville, Bill Schle- huber, Cort McClaren. KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEG Opera Theatre Presents IL TRITTICO IL 'DABARRO SUOR ANGELICA GIAN N I SCHICCHI by Giacomo Puccini Sung in English r April 16 81 17, 1969 Albert Taylor Hall 86 8:00 p.m. Dr. Alfred Ericson, head of Department of Physical Sciences Physical Science The Physical Science Department of- fers graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of chemistry and physics and undergraduate courses in earth science and related physical sciences. Majors in- clude chemistry, physics, and teaching iields in chemistry, earth science, physical science, and physics. Programs in en- gineering, pharmacy, and medicine are also offered by the department. The graduate program includes courses em- phasizing the new curricular developments in physical science teaching. The goals of the Physical Science De partment include providing general edu- cation courses for all students, preparing teachers, motivating students to pursue graduate study, presenting basic courses for the pre-engineer, providing back- ground courses for students planning careers in medicine and other science oriented professions, and training person- nel for positions as chemists and phy- sicists in industrial laboratories. .v-- Q 30 B8 ,EL us! n W gfzgg 21 R ,'s..S2.-M' 51 38 :Qtr 131.91 B7 83 5235 'W 'gl 13 7' ss 5' -57 Q-If T6 wa W 5. a d If cg UU .u gpm, Nd 'J 1307 fi N lwll Rllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!IIlllllllllliklilwW'Xiw!Nl!MllllllmMlWNWIlMl!KMKKKKXKWWKXKV WN WW WN Wm N NNN W ' K w N WM vw Ml r99L + JWM 'ff WZ uw v- . WM 1 M M N WML M Il N. H M W V1 +l+ Mxuuxy .ff m Mwlllklhh WW- ,MW W, W " In I N 'ami , W U 1 i w 1' ffi,"i'U"'ihaef'sf1r IIIIIIIIIIIHHWHIIIIIIIIWIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHH ml ml n 'ffm ffl' 11 ' f 'S Division of Social Sciences Ciruna The purpose of the Council on lnter- national Relations ofthe United Nations Association is to acquaint and educate students in the operations and philosophy of the United Nations. Ciruna's major activity of the year was to attend and sponsor various model U.N.ls involving schools across the United States. Dr. William Seiler is the head of the Division of Social Sciences. CIRUNA - 'l'op row: Stephen Decker, presidcntg Martin Jones, Paul Fein, vicepresidentg liruce Sloan, Stewart X. Nelson, Phil Martin. Second row: Ronald Brown, James Mellermet, Martin Lindemann, Daniel Swenson, Mike Trout- man, Stephen llola Oni. First row: Arvina Lumley, secretary-treasurerg Donna True, Shirley Sands, Debbie Stahr, Marietta Lloyd, Nita Foulks. fr I vw l'l tl.-XNINIA Nll' - Top row: Gregg XX'erner, ltichard Ilickson, Paul Fein, 'l'im Lnderwood. Second row: liddie Rich- ardson, Jack Traylor, Stanley Juhnkc, Mike Troutman, Nal liuney, vice-president. lfirst row: Judy l'rieb, Arvina Lumley, secretary-treasurer, Nita lfoulks, presidentg Marietta Lloyd, Jane Simms, Nancy llubbel. Striving to encourage and reward the study of social science in the light of scien- tific truth and through scientific methods is the combined purpose of Pi Gamma Mu . and the Social Science Club. P 1 G a M U Pi Gamma Mu is an honorary orga- nization in the Social Sciences. Members a n d must have at least 20 hours of social sciences and a minimum grade average of 3.0. The Social Science Club is a depart- S O C al S C en mental organization. Joint activities of the year include de- bates, lectures, and discussions of contem- 1 porary events. Sllfl.-Xl. Sl'll'INt'lC tILl?lS - Top row: Herald Whitt, llichard llickson, James Mcllermet, Mike 'l'rouhman, Timothy Lickteig. Second row: Claudia Smitheran, Kirk Lnderwood, Larry NlcNown, Craig liustice, Gregg XYemer, Ronald Brown, Neil llirney, vice-president, l'atricia .-Xlbuss. lfront row: Judy Prieb, Arvina Lumley, secretaryatreasurerg Shirley Sands, Nita lfoulks, presidentg Marietta Lloyd, Patricia Blaufuss, Shirley Albers, Carol Zehr, Linda Hoel. 2 Model UN is a Major Activity in Social Science ,,, :Ulf 1 Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology are the subject matter fields re- presented in the Division of Social Sciences. The Social Science Club is open to all students interested in the social sciences. Pi Gamma Mu is the national honor society. The Division sponsored several annual activities during the year. In February, the annual High School Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conference was held. This year marked its 24th season. Over 400 high school students attended the invitational Model United Nations Assembly on campus in November. The Kansas Council for the Social Studies held its statewide spring meeting on the campus in March. The divi- sion sponsored for the fifth summer, in con- junction with the United States Office of Edu- cation, a summer institute for in-service teachers of U. S. History. CUSTARW .-.- ,rf W0,,,,,.,.., Dr. David Matheny Speech Department As in the past, the Speech Department has been active in extra-curricular acti- vities. Season Q70 included four regular sea- son productions in the College Theatre as well as four plays in the newly opened "Pocket Playhousef' The Boys From Sy- racuse, chosen as a U. S. O. show to tour the Orient, opened the season. In addition, two Readers Theatre productions were held in the Gallery Theatre in the New Humanities building. Extra-curricular activities in Public Address center around Debate. In addition to participating in over thirty invitational tournaments nationally, the debate squad serves as hosts to the George R. R. Pflatun College Tournament, a novice college tournament and three high school tourna- ments. In addition, public debates were held with the University of Houston and the University of the Philippines. The Department of Speech sponsors several honorary, social and service or- ganizations. Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary fraternity in debate and foren- sics. The Emporia States Players was or- ganized to stimulate an interest in drama and to assist in productions. 193 EMPORIA STATE PLAYERS - Pat Ruther- ford, Mike May, Rita Murphy, Jerry Mar- tin, Rob Peterson, Vivian Bauman, Sally Kroeker, Gary Wittorff, Martha Kemp, Liz Anderson, Margaret Evans, J. Michael Goodwin, Janie Edwards, Kerri Korsgaard, Carol HalL 4 95 q,,,,., y if A N is A - .Q 1 " l lt " C is in W M C 1 , xl K V gin 'M' A I +P T 4a..,,-up , QQF ,V t P S ,"Q P l L Dr. cfur, The School of Education and Psy- cology is the frst of three under-graduate schools to be organized under the new administrative organizational plan of the College. The School is composed of five departments: the Department of Counselor Education, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, the Department of Psy- chology, the Department of Research and Laboratory Experiences, and the Depart- ment of School Administration. Under the new organization, the Butcher Children's School and Roosevelt High School are administered by the Department of Re- search and Laboratory Experiences. 196 The School of Education and Psy- chology provides the professional courses necessary for certification at the under- graduate level for elementary and second- ary teachers. Graduate programs are pro- vided in school psychology, special educa- tion, counseling, school administration, and master teacher curricula. In addition to the graduate and under-graduate pro- grams of instruction, the School of Edu- cation and Psychology provides services to the public and private schools in Kan- sas. ,- W4 PSI CHI - Top row: Byron Miller, Mike McKee, Terry Williams, viceepresidentg Diane Worland, .James Shepard, Dal H. Cass, sponsor. Second row: Beverly DeXVater, David Mclichron, Susan Shults, John li. Long, Sarah XVhaley. lfront row: Margaret Holdeman, Ann Winters, Roberta Daniels, Virginia Aldape, Anita Smith, presidentg Carolyn Colaw, secretary-treasurerg Anita Capp. I Psi Chi The major concern of Psi Chi, a Na- tional Honorary Society in Psychology, is to promote professionalism in the field of Psychology. Throughout the year the thirty member organization has lectures and discussions by professionals in Psy- chology. Psi Chi, sponsored by Dr. D. H. Cass, has been on the Teachers College campus for six years. 97 - Dr. Dal Cass, Psychology The Psychology Department offers a number of courses applicable to the bachelor of arts degree and the bachelor of science in education degree with a major in psychology. Special education programs are available. The freshman classes in introductory psychology are divided into small groups emphasizing experiments. demonstrations. field trips. and films, 198 Consulting services as Well as testing services throughout the state underscore the departments significance. Psi Chi. national honorary society in psychology. the Psychology Club. and the Bluestem Chapter of the Council for Exceptional Children are sponsored by the department. Student Education Association The Student Education Association helps future teachers develop wider out- looks as professionals and gain an un- derstanding of the process and profession of teaching, and acquaints them with a professional teachers organization. In 1970 SEA concentrated on the re- lationship and the improving of communi- cations between the high school Future Teachers of America and SEA. SEA passed a resolution to gain support for the 856,500 minimum base salary resolu- tion which requests that beginning teach- ers not sign contracts for less than 86, 500 for the 1970-71 Kansas school year. SEA decorated the collegeis front en- trance for Homecoming, held a Christmas party and a spring picnic, gave a, Master Teacher reception and tea, raised money for a scholarship, and sent representatives to the VVhite House Conference on Youth and Morals, the South Central Regional SEA Conference, and the Student-KSTA State Convention. gn. 199 Svsf-Q QR SEA OFFICERS-Louise Birkbeck, state presidentg Carolyn Basore, state secretaryg Kathy Parsons, state editorg Bob Hegarty, local vice-presidentg JoAnn Jacques, local president. SEA-Top row: Dr. Darrell E. VVood, sponsorg VVilma Compton, Linda Bakerg Les Boyles, Bob Hegarty, vice-presi- dentg Mary Butel, Mary Coltrane. Second row: LaVVanda Tull, Phyllis Jones, Janice Taylorg Peggy O'Neil, JoAnn Jacques, presidentg Brenda Painter. Bottom row: Virginia Aldape, Nancy Juhlg Barbara Handleyg Patty Laipple, Sandy Brown, treasurerg Barbara Booth, Phyllis Cason, secretary. W iw? PI LAMBDA THETA - Top row: Janet Simpler, Janice Taylor, Delores Davis, Patricia Cartwright, Margaret Beck, Jo Ann Jacques, Susan Mall, Wanda Smith, Patricia Bergmann. Second row: Sharilyn Juhnke, Shari Krueger, Mary Ann Smith, Elizabeth Thole, Carolyn Horstg president, Ellen Schopp, Sandy Brown, Gay Miller, Virginia Ponderg faculty adviser. First row: Beth Honeycutt, Polly Witten, Debbie Hoyesg treasurer, Sandy Dodd, secretary, Sally Sue McNees, Diane Fukuyoshig historian, Merle Sukimoto, Judy Wiggins. Pi Lambda Theta The Beta Theta chapter of Pi Lambda Theta is an honor and professional associ- ation open to women in education who are juniors, seniors, or graduates who rank in the upper quarter of their class and have special approval. The purpose of the Pi Lambda Theta is to provide recognition for women of superior scholastic achievement and of high potential for professional leadership, to foster crea- tivity and academic excellence at all edu- cational levelsg to support, extend, and in- terpret the function of education in a democ- racy, and to demonstrate the power of the competence in the body of knowledge unique to the profession. During the Yule season, the ladies of Pi Lambda Theta entertained the elderly at Emporia rest homes. The group also acted as hostesses at the Elementary Principals Association meeting. 201 MU EPSILON NU - Top row: Jerry Lonard, treasurerg Robert Johnson, Steven Haffener, Torn Lonard, Steve Bork- lund. First row: Williard Stibal, sponsorg Donald Arasimowicz, presidentg Rod Mulcahey, vicepresidentg Jeff Lipp, secretaryg David Brewer. M The Mu Epsilon Nu honorary and u service organization was established at the Teachers College in 1968. The pur- pose of the organization is to further the . profession of education. Activities and highlights of the year included teaching day, an auction sale, National Convention, and various money raising projects. Nu Dr. Willard Stibal is sponsor of the organization. 202 KAPPA DELTA PI - Top row: Richard Wright. Third row: Jane Brown, Jeannie Pike, Donna Rhodes, Shirley Oyster, president, JoAnn Jacques, Marcia Knight, Teri Didde, Carolyn Stoering, Mr. William Edwards, sponsor. Second row: Jane Simms, Susan VVilliamson, Kay Royse, Linda Schwindt, Elizabeth Thole, Barbara Handley, Sandra Brown, Mary Jane Cook, Carolyn VVilkerson. Front row: Judy August, Diane Fukuyoshi, Merle Sukimoto, Cynthia Butts, Deborah Hayes, secretaryg Carolyn Horst, membership chairmang Dianna Regier, Linda Ammel. Kappa Delta Pi, an honorary educa- tion fraternity, encourages high pro- fessional, intellectual, and personal stan- ' dardsg and recognizes outstanding con- K D tributions to education. KDP is open to juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have a cumulative 3.3 grade point average and have com- pleted the required number of hours in education. Activities of the year included spring pledging, a scholarship reception, a spring banquet, and a picnic. 203 at r f nf, WWW ' ' ,,,,m.nn'0""'A Dr. Robert Lee serves as head of the department of Librarianship. Department of Librarian ship 204 Z I fr' iKff+ yfiQ,?.f15iZ'1', ' " ' ' " "f1"'S. ',' , , ' , K , , . ,,,,.. W , X H ,, W F M 77' H fr 'far t ,wg wf, "if I WW - ' 5 The department of Librarianship is under the direction of Dr. Robert Lee. This department provides basic and specialized education for students who plan careers in librarianship. Students may take courses in Library Science to work toward the degree of Master of Librarianship. mms-sunny up . .M M 1 L, .93 E x fix i sgwk 11 L L . A I I an-nnnnhm-M. V-Aww nu-sr , ,,,,--.T W V I W4 A W, A if X . S 8 . . mwannnhbm 'Wm N34 " , 1 Q Q s h m' 'aigi A i , 4 fl X 'iff' X 5? 4 ff- ? s-'Q A' 5 5 A I , l,.-a f ff+w f, .I .Q 5, -,..., 5 fffmiks' , N ,S - : Q fin.. ,Q 'Q ' I lil ' . ws ,ff Q 1 5 S k v r . 1 , I9 . '15 5 W- --WW:-5 Q W if I Q ,ss i Ili was ,gms 5' Q, Z, PINE LIBRARY CLUB-Top row: Lucile Stratton, Mary Ann Hubbel, Linda Knight, Maureen Pastine, Martha Grimes. Third row: Lorine VVarrick, Glee Eggers, Nelda Elder, Delores Sundbye, Maureen Johnson, Ada Hubbard. Second row: Ray Firestone, Marilyn Hinshaw, Sara Lou Goff, Virginia Terry, Betty Zink, Diane Finley, Sarita Han- nah, Lois Hager, Janice VVha1ey. First row: John Driscoll, Guy Coffee, Mel Cunningham, Val Sargent, Prudence Bell, Mary Coatney, Jane Bell, Gaye I-linkle, Glenda McNew. The Library Club, a departmental or- ganization, was founded by Irene Hansen b and Inez Cox. The club participates in l u service and social functions. PINE LIBRARY CLUB-Top row: Ivan Minthom, Ben VVakashige, Mangal Taj, Judy Green, Bryan, Odishoo, Jean- ette Thompson. Third row: Jackie Rush, Ginger Koger, Ellen Zabel, Neva Martin, Malvina Robison, Nancy Grimme. Second row: Sister Mary Louise Gabel, Georgene Hatfield, Ann Knauft. Judy Hurst, Bill Breyfogle. First row: Bron- wyn VViley, Nancy Boden, Allen L. Bird, Nancy Soldner. W W A4W"""M-W. 'Rgjvuiik .SV EQWV' ffvzpaaf ws? 9? az, , , W - - 6 ,-.f KW ..,-k,.. .. .. ,. -S ZLL-1 Ei ' K' 207 208 Ng.. f 1 vu, Q , l vygv -Q- Ak. ., L ... x , 4 ,NG ..-XQS M.. ' . Ty,- ,I 3 f . K 'C 7 s. , . 3 K .R H 4. 36 :, . Q- w V ' Q .Lf V3 O x f X .X -Pv fffi, 'V' "V i F' R 'L-eff" ,-xlwfj 'A A- ,Y . Ir A ,, 5 d Q I-1 'Q' I, A ' 'K if X .2 9. . , X '-3,1 A ' kr' . 'A , ,ff S -R K Q V! , V V My? A is , ,K 5,kLQQ x ' 5 ff? E' ,' - , , if 5ffi',,,gflii.f 1 ' . , it '5 52 "ig A ,. . f?f'qQ ?ff V if-ff iiepaawish'-.f fn, - Eff gf . Q Lfiljfiif' ,es 2 ' " f 'ii Q X gk 5, - 3 x 'Q 'Y a, A 3 ,L ,iii-5 N' - ,t, 1 1 1 ef W. 1 i A f we A, , ff wx Spwirgiwir 1 ,QT f IQ LE , Vi? 1 , Q31 ' 3 H. 5 J . .,. K 5 . Q Q, 'QM X -- J, 1 5 fx. fr ,J F?-f?' mx 'fi ,4 sw AX OYQSQXKT. F Organizations 211 'I 2 ,sl 1 .U Q gf." 1 , Q .- Q. , Q fla- ,g-4,0 ,Q 0, 1 Q - 1 - F, ,,- 5' 41' T- fi- 'LQ-V V- nf.: 1. 6 13-'Wag' gmt, ip " 'Q K N. S s -1 'v .4 -4 f ni T. ' , . .W 5 Y V Qs ' .. ,ARL g .-3,-. , 'I W '...fff:4F- i -.QV .. L X -an W . in 'M ' -- - . f, .-fx-. H . , ' -1 'K f- 1 rn' - , .Q - 1 ,. ,-H, 3. -0 fr,-..f?-1-3 J' ... . ' ' X, 41 Q7 : fm-.X , ,J -3 . , A "' 'fi 1' 1 ,i . U .f 4-W .ig-P ' ' ,,, l. .S ,H , - .. . - '- . . ' L- . E ' " " - X 'Q ' ' L A ,Y , , . - "Q, M fb- E iq - , .f qi, , .5V, 7 - rs, 4 , Wm - , .. , 5 IU' .' . ' ,,,.-nk -av ' . eg ' 4 4 3- , , , - . -F-.h ,ga A ' '34-. -m f . 3" , r 'A j . + 1 Eng, A . :wifi 'A' vii- 1 1 4 'Ll , -f-:"'i'-445 4. ,. V , V, 1 su. ' -- 'q ., nf' 'K ' My my x ,v .5 .mf , Y 'A M,-.HIV-,.' 4' 3. AQ Y - . 'T 1 "f Ci- N 1 01' X-fu ..-...Q lb .tg .1 .Ea ,A 'gf-. fin! fb, Vx-5 '.-sf. x -415' I ,-5' ., A.-u.'4:.'. , .,-,,. -. , . 3:4 Q' 9' I: X f . ' ' 1-fi' 5' QQSYBWMSN3' . I 1-gn: . .Vqp , up ,C ur Q-.4 P, -mr Shun- 4' M" 5 ' 5.4 ci - gf ' ' rr Mu i f I Q.. w. ' ,, -u may '-'1.n.P f""J-ww an WIFYEH v' 'E-' M 'D , ' -F .- H ,W as Wing U w J -. F, -2 f,W,, Fp,,,,xN , 15, Q?-,qw -'sqw K ,WW ,a-xii' ,Af : 45' -- is 51. M, rl, I lf, mg . P A ,M '37 T' 'sr r' M 'rn A , I ' 1 N- nuff, - ff ,,1gf 3 24f..f1'1. .7 S ,fi QMS, M4147 . 'M sl , 3 41-' L fig' ' 4QQ 1- V, , 11 law' ,pdmfg-' F,-,K wg- J It ' -ww, f N-.I QF' D H k I ' 44 ' we gi Afiiihfxim K F' 95, .' r -' A PM -1i',.'f'IE,2fi?f fl . f A4 -' ff-M-:H-qw - Y .4 V: iw LAM: R, Q-wmv n, ,K M wif" " + Hi I . n A L'5' AN kg ,if . w y V .- ,'f v- , f rwfqzf 5 'K !'S,,,' 'Nv":,iaj'fvfA 1. 4 1 'J' 41 - M ' V f- ff. J M. ' E" . V ' M, -lug'-',,' nfs v 'il fb., VW' . . , , ., , "I" -. ,. : Q A ', - " 4 ll V.. bl i , 4 1 Q -X , , K x' ,"" "-fn., MG., 1 ,ini iv ., -:J ml if :QQ I , W 1 -.3 .wc ,A,J.6 -V 2 A Q .1 . 5 . . M1 N a Yu x K. - 1 -X .X - u, 1 si-' Q .Z- .. -an-f Vffvlfz Mm ,xl wil M 'GQ f-Q ' , 3J?f4',,m F, .. ...- Discoveries are made in the dorm. We discover the fairytale VIP's, cheerleaders, and queens are people. They live next door-or down the hall. We discover friendship is organic and running in many crowds we find a really meaningful friendship holds in self-discipline. N o one is special, but it's not the ID number that changed us . . it's the fact We're all alike. Loneliness is alien. We discover ourselves . . . not in a sudden flash, but from a nauseating truth attached to a friend's subtle comment. They see a part of us invisible even in mirrors. 2 f W - Q ,, ,, A,,,,,,,, W, , 1 f f: wfgffmfw may V, mqdgqswywfw N, P1 3 -,,,,,,,,...-- I x 216 2 , , I A 2, Womenis Residence Hall Executive Board EXECUTIVE BOARD-Top row: Pat Helm, treasurerg Roberta Coud, Linda Downing, Nicki Berge, Rhnae Finley, Sheri Rediker, Judy Soetaert, vice-president. First row: Beth Honeycutt, presidentg Cheri Neider, secretaryg Debbie Westervent, Carol Spencer. Ni' ,WWW v Q V .Cwp , 4432..- ,giz ,lf '-.- 217 RESIDENT AIDS-Top row: Erma Miller, Linda Downing, Janice Gilbert, Mary Butel, Frances Hedrick, Jane Weber, Roberta Cloud, Joan Melton, Barbara Neussen, Joan Jarrett, Sharon Wehking, Elaine Johnson. Third row: Carol Watt, Beth Honeycutt, Connie Clark, Donna Nelson, Judy Barher, Diane Hale, Rhnae Tinley, Marilyn Stude, Sherry Rediker. Second row: Rita Nail, Kathy Williams, Connie Bachelder, Rita Swender, Martha Wheeler, Nicki Burge, Lynette Franz, Diane Dykes, Ceese Nick. Front row: Judy Prieb, Anita Capp, Patsy Wells, Phyllis Barnes, Pam John- son, Patty Picalet, Kris Whtlow, Mary Bedigrew, Carol Spencer, Marsha Bailey. AJS and Dorm Officers Accept Responsibility JUDICIAL BOARD-Top row: Rita Arb, Karen Swartz, Marilyn Stude, Carol Spenser. First row: Mary Bedigrew, Pam Johnsen, Candy Holloway. 218 NOVUM HALL OFFICERS-Terri Dawson, secretaryg Cindy Henthorn, treasurerg Pat Helm, presidentg Shari Rediker, vice-p resident. LEGISLATIVE BOARD-Top row: Penny Maditz, Linda Downing, Jane Webber. First row: Donna Nelson, Kathy Bernhardt, Rita Arb. Not pictured: Linda Ensminger, Debbie DeGa.rmo. .1 LJ 5 219 220 If , f Y - - R 5 -- 4 fm. Wy Eg ,'1r D 0 H. 'rf CD 9? ,wg ,g-, , x 4- ,5 , NORTHEAST OFFICERS-Vicki James, secretaryg Cheryl Miller, treasurerg Cheri Neider, presidentg Ranae Finley vicepresident. 'Sf-xr wx '..,,,' I :Qffnx N Y - f uf , H., 1 r ?? f ff ,ff '91 EJ ? ' as sidentg Judy Soetaert, president, Debbie Hindricks, secretaryg Linda CENTRAL OFFICERS-Nicki Burge, vice-pre Arnett, treasurer. NORTH OFFICERS-Rita Arb, judicial representativeg Ro- berta Cloud, vice-presidentg Donna Poss, treasurerg Debbie Westerfeld, presidentg Marsha Pepperdine, secretary. 221 ShI2'n'Li5iXS.S:m:p-vw-M-' M ! X if 'Ht 224 xj The L11 Crowd? 225 H all 'try Q Mrs. Edith Hornbaker Sister Marian Smith NOrih South ins' Mrs. Gwendolyn Thogmorton Mrs. Gertrude Swartz Southeast Northeast Mrs. Katharine Bowman Mrs. Agnes Kirk Roving Housemother Central - A . ,.kkAk CQ ing f0r a goal Ypu, frl Stgiving a For ev r and spx , NBR 5- Q 4 3 W 5 sf' A 4 W . Q- - -ff Q 1. 5. w g x gf ,N Y A i we QM,- K .Q M w.,,M, N ns ,- fy 228 fha" ff I nT'4l " Il 121 6 " in 229 'Q 's WMmM"7""' ' fm f WM, Z7 ' Singular Trusler uips A X 4 . k W '49 'fgw wwW,,, . Q V 0 ww. ' wr . f, X. W if Wkxii 1 My E431 ,gif Mm QW W ,W Wewym, f MiAw,l ,a I Z 5 , A ' 'MA 34249 A N 47' 'j97'! i . 515432 1 nf f Q . , - 4 3 - V' W 'ZZZ W1 if L W QE .nf . ,.f-A Q Q Q Q 5 an wh E 3'-"N Rf 1 Awww A Qw fo. Q Q v'l s,' n 8, W 'v X 5 'N 233 Cff Campus Housing 11 f J., S Lives of Luxury? 236 .lm NW 237 238 Home is an unmade bed, a sinkful of dirty dishes and a room fullof friends rw ww 239 ALPHA PHI OMEGA - Top row: Larry Miller, Dennis W. Donahoo, DeWayne R. Walls, Joe Van Luchene, Gary Turner, Lawrence J. Caldwell, Jr., Bruce M. Parker. Second row: Philip Stout, Darrell Sommerhauser, Jim Precht, Charles Mattox, Jerry Rittgers, Mark Cation, Warren Gress, Richard Keeling, sponsor. First row: Severt A. Anderson, Kenneth Farrell, David Guth, Bill Gress, president, Dennis B. Pratt, Dr. Guy B. Homman, sponsor. Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, a fraternity for men, strives to provide service to the Col- lege, community, students and the faculty. It is affiliated with the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of the national organization. Annual activities of the year included the Great Canoe Race, Mr. Legs Contest, and a Book Exchange between first and second semesters. 240 A-'ffii' R :exams QSM --M...,. .rx My 'g -K. Q iam , , . ,,,7- -.. 1 f x w"'2.,.., XX-. ff W 241 I 1 Y . CIRCLE K: Top row: Bill Pruitt, Darrel Kopsa, George Breidenthal Denis Stanley Bottom row Stan Vlademar his- torian, James McDermetg secretary-treasurer, Mike 'Troutman Duane Mitchell president. Harold Schwinn "We build" is the motto of the Teachers College Circle-K Club, which was founded as a service organization by the off-campus Kiwanis Club. Aggressive citizenship, opportunities for leadership training, increased school spirit and increased student participation in acti- vitiesg opportunities for forming lasting friendships, altruistic service-all are active goals the CircleK strives to develope in forming better communities. Besides helping the local Kiwanis Club in their activities, the men active in Circle-K paged the Model UN Assembly and worked in the Scholarship Inn. 242 1 il .. .. L NEVVMAN CLUB - Top row: Ted Freese, Joan Thieme, Publicity chairmang Kathy Jones, Kathy Heldt, correspond- ing secretary, Sister Mary Louise Babel, A.S.C.g Warren Gress, Sue Andrew, Barbie Langley, Kathy Rediker, Linda Trear. Second row: Donald Roeckers, Bill Gress, Treasurer, David Guth, Vice-president, Diane Habiger, education chairmang Kathleen Sweany, Paula Johnson, Diane Mershon, Linda Savner ary Butel. First row: Kenneth Farrell, , M social chairmang Timothy Lickteig, Lannie Rohr, Nancy Schoenfelder, President, Mary Ann Hubbel, Sarah Clarkin, Marilyn Brown, membership chairman. Not pictured: Bernard Gerbus, chaplin. Newm an C lub The Newman Club, A Catholic stu- dent organization, is designed to provide opportunities for Christian fellowship and education. The club sponsored such ac- tivities as a freshman picnic and a Christ- mas party. Several students attended the State Convention. A variety of masses, including folk masses, were held each Sunday on the Teachers College campus. B.I. membe BROTHERS INTERESTED IN FRATERNITY-Ivory Harry Hughes, Stan Buford, Wendell Lewis. Wallace, Robert Brown, fi Fratern The ma B.l.F. F. signifies the Brothers Interested in ity. These seven men established the first black fraternity on the Teachers College campus. in objective in their first year was to gain rs and to organize for future activities. Alvertis Holliday. Seated: Will Brown, 9115552 243 ROIJICO CLUB - Top row: Pete Weber, Linda Singer, Kathy Flory, llonna Iiewis, lieth Humphrey, 'l'rula llelmbold. Second row: Lavon Parry, Betty Kelsey, Karole Phillips, Susan White, Barbara lingland, Lonnie Janzen. Front row: .loe Mcfartney, Dr. Bailey, Ilan Dennett, Dick Fecht, Ron Schreibvogel, XYayne Xiischropp. Rodeo Club The purpose of the Rodeo Club on the Teachers College campus is to promote western life, culture, dress, and an interest in intercollegiate rodeoing. Activities in- clude a cook-out, trail ride, and partici- pation in organization night. The Rodeo Club is also active in Collegiate Rodeo and spring competition. , J . . l-lui 0 Hawaii Among the many activities of the Hui O'Hawaii Club are picnics, a bowling league, intramural activities, socials, and an annual banquet. This organization encourages the Ha- waiian students on the mainland to partici- pate in college activities and to promote the Hawaiian spirit on the Teachers College wmpus. The club has many money-making projects which all contribute to an annual scholarship presented to a Hawaiian student. lllll KTHAWAII- Top row: Glenn Sakaguchi. Melvin Chiba. Rick Furuyama. Ryan Saito. president. Guy Kawamura. Bert Kajitani. Robert Boles, sponsor. Second row: Jacqueleen Hada. Susan Nagahiro. secretary. Howard Takainori. Tomtlushiken. vice-president. Melvin Nishihara. Renard Saiki. Catharine Kanda. Sharon Brown. First row: Merle Sukimoto. Yvonne Yamashiro. Terry Yamada. Janice Nunokawa. Sharlyne Ihara. Diane Fukuyoshi, Faye Kawamoto. Charlene Takamori. Anne Arisumi, X'ltLlI,AN'l'ES Bob Vercamp, Faucek. First Wendall Lewis, Vigilcmtes 1 .,,, , , ' ' M"'f'f'fw1wmmw5Zvw,rs at 1' - Top row: Dan Lapsley, Xlike Peters, viceapresidcnt. 'l'hird row: David lfhrlaub, sponsorg Floyd Keith, John Kelly, .lim Faust, prcsidentg Glenn Kjerstad, Larry Schmidt, Rick Cook, Charles Meyers, Ken row: John Gatlin, liill Rowsin, Mike Lechner, Lyman Maeisk, Phil Palmer, treasurerg Larry Groat, Denny Howard. 245 A. CX. COLLEGIATE 4 H Top row Cindy Wendland Lonnie Janzen Rhonda Simnitt, Janice Kinsey, Judy Rickstrew, LaVon Land Mary Butel Deby Jones Janice Berry Second row Carol Neis, Rosemary Meagher, Monica Spence, Jana Enright secretary treasurer Mary Nelson Barbara Boss president, Carol Janke, Virginia Daniels, vice-presi- Collegiate 4-H The purpose of Collegiate 4-H is to further the support and enjoyment of the 4-H organization. Events of the year included a Christ- mas caroling party, State Fair booth, exchange meetings, and county and regional 4-H Day judging. R "H ' -It 1, VETERANS CLUB-First row: Mark Martinez, Bob Smith, Jim Kestner, Bob Jackson, Joe Sutcliffe, Jim Buhaug. Second row: Delane Deeke, John Ray, Ken Schoeder, Dennis Pratt, Larry Frederiksen, Ted Adler, Ben Flottman. Third row: Harold Schaeffer, Steve Ross, John Tesar, Jon Krotzinger, Dennis McCluskey, Harold Davis, Bruce Ames, Jim Johnson, James Downs, sponsor. Veterans Club VETERANS CLUB OFFICERS-First row: John Tesar, Bob Jackson, Jim Johnson Second row: Ben Flottman, Jon Krotzinger, Harold Davis. s., 'Q' uv ,,,p-. v-'uf The Veteran's Club is a new organiza- tion on campus designed to assist veterans in adjusting to the social and educational environment of college. Among the varied activities during the year were a chartering dinner, car wash, picnic, and the national convention. There are approximately 25 members in the social organization. 247 Teachers College Stingers 'D 248 i STINGERS - Top row: Penny Hermes, Leslie Anderson, Karen Tabor, Carolyn Kurtenbach, Carol Fassold, Cathy Fassold, Sandra Kempker, Sharon Roza. Second row: .ladene Green, Vicki Linville, Marty Scott, Kathy Fry, Kari Beezley, Barbara Higgins, Janet Kotas. First row: Donna Poss, treasurerg Christine Hartmann, secretaryg Sharon Bartkoski, vice-presidentg Jeniece Hurst, presidentg Mary Jean Hanis, Ruby Hilt, Cris Schenk, Jo Ellen Doxon. it J .S i J if lr l i S . , . , ft A 6 u Q 09 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION--Top row: Thomas Orton. Kenneth DeFore. Richard Hatfield. Duane Hatfield. president. Donald Crawford. First row: Camella Stafford. vice-president. Charlotte Martin. Vicki Scott. D. Roark. faculty sponsor. Baptist Student CHHHPUS Clwir The Baptist Student Union is a re- lowship and increased perspective among Southern Baptists on the Emporia State campus. Annual activities include a convention, rest home services, and inter-collegiate ac- tivities across the nation. A significant achievement of those in BSU was the establishment of a meeting place for Southern Baptist Students. llall in March. College. CAMPUS CHOIR-Top row: Martha Kemp, Jacquelyne Williams, Wil Brown, Lonnie Littlejohn, Stanley Buford, Leon Lang, Alvertis Holliday, James McConnell, Ivory Lee Wallace, Roger Brooks, Arnold Mitchell. Third row: Marianne Bailey, Kathryn Harris, Jeanne Alexander, Joyce Alexander, Marsha Williams, Patricia Miller, Mary Mc- Connell, Ann Armstead, Deborah Wells, Joyce Glover, Paula Cushinberry, Lavonta Hayes. Second row: J. C. Wash- ington, Ruth Jones, Beth Honeycutt, Shirley Williams, Alexis Jones, Jari Strange, Lois Simons, Lynda Rill, Rose Payne, Betty Woods, Eileen Epps. First row: Bishop Cunningham, Marian Dixon, Velita Barksdale, Grace Turner, Rosalyn Watson, Carrie Lolar, Damon Caple, Geraldine Hart, Shirley Brown, Robbie Frnaklin, Marla Smith, Ayora Smith, Gwendowlyn Williams, Nola Cunningham, Johnny Wiley. H 5 - -H 8 2l..-" H-9 Y- 'MMR LI . The Campus Choir. under the direction ot John n Wiley. presented many city and state Wide performances during the 1969-70 school year . . . . . . Featuring the composition of Mr. Wilev. a song t fl- . . .. . A hglous Orgamzatlon bringing grea er e entitled "God s Love was made into an LP recording. The choir's main event on the Teac hers College campus was a concert in Albert Taylor Highlighting the activities of the year was a trip to Memphis. Tennessee for the National Church of God in Christ Convention. The campus choir earned their way to Memphis by presenting benefit concerts to the students of the Teachers img 250 - N ali 4 ROGER VVILLIAMS Fl4Il,l,OXVSHll' - 'l'op row: Dennis XViley, Lee Brandt, Jim Walter, Kent Sanders, Paul Rector, llal Sanders, Mark Randall, vice-president, Steven I-loffener, Ron Barden, Dave Rector. 'l'hird row: Teresa Doen, Hal Redford, Carolyn Wilhelm, Marjorie Laughlin, Cheryl Miller, Donna Sneed, Mark Cation, Kenneth Fields, vicepresia dent, Kenneth Womble, editor. Second row: .lean Clark, Linda Adams, Roberta Daniels, Loretta Schrader, Linda Farrar, Susan Johnson, Cathy Stucky, Opal Clark, Virginia Daniels. Front row: Marilyn Miller, president, Mary Meadows, Rosalyn Wuthnow, Teresa Fauss, Susan Austin, secretary-treasurerg Carol Shugart. Roger Williams Fellowship The purpose of the Roger Williams Fellowship, RWF, religious organization, is to provide a Christian fellowship with e. a meaningful relationship to God and fellow humans. Highlights of the year included a tour to the Kansas Baptist Student Movement Conference and a Fall Retreat. we-3 Q l F I f' , .. , - gl .. 1 I F ir'i 'ss K ,Q i s ...,, 25 Gamma Delta Gamma Delta is the international Luth- eran Student Union. Students from the Teach- ers College and College of Emporia meet in the centrally located headquarters recently purchased and repainted. The name of the organization signifies the aims: Gamma denotes "gnosis", Chris- tian Knowledgeg Delta signifies "deakonaH, Christian service. Members perform service projects for the church and church sponsored organizations, conventions, retreats, and of- tioer's workshops. ..'-""' ,, ,R GAMMA DELTA: Top row: Frank Mueseler, Kathleen Downey, Dave Schemng president, Leota Krause, David Kopp, Debbi Mitchell, Arden Weaver, Donna Schemm. Second row: Anita VVi1liamson, Kathy Brooks, Cathy Fassold, Carol Fassold, Dan Swenson, Mary Padrazik, Harold Schwinng treasurer. First row: Tom Tews, Pat Tews, June Fasse, Lois Lawrenzg vicepresident, Margret Fenske, Glenda Kohler, Sonja Abrahamson, Delores Davis, secretary, Rev. Arnold Aschbrenner. 252 'uae' qu? TZ' ASSOCIA'l'l'ID XVOMEN S'l'LTDEN'l'S - Top row: Vicki Petruzzelli, Mary Canapini, Linda Engle, Cheryl Miller, Connie Fowler, president, Shelia Mcllonald, Susan Mall. Second row: Dana Booth, Debbie Stirling, Penny Foster, Alane Stork, Freida D. Marsh. Front row: Lynne Ratzlaff, Linda McCoy, Azora Smith, Barbara Murphy, Jan Champieux. Since 1962, the Associated Women Students has been a functioning part of the Teachers College campus. AWS strives to ' provide' a closer relationship among wo- men students by giving them opportunities to share their ideas, and by helping them to establish better standards between them- selves and the college. Upon enrolling, every woman student becomes a member of AWS. In addition, a council is or- ganized in which iadeas are excahnged by representatives from the varied wo- men's housing units. Throughout each school year, AWS sponsors many activities. In the fall it sponsors a fashion show and the Candy Cane Couple contest. The Big Sisters pro- gram, enabling freshmen women to better acquaint themselves with the campus and college life, has proved beneficial. Panels, discussions, and guest speakers are popu- lar events of each year. AWS ends its year with the annual Final Fling. 253 SPURS Top row Diane Oleen Debble Jones Jodi Carter Jane Franz, Jeanne Busby, Lynn Deery, Jo Ellen Doxon, Kathy Kaske Third row Glenda Barrett Brenda Peterson Betty Wells, Susan Brown, Erma Miller, Barb Holmquist, Jams Hill Sharon Roza Second row Pam Russell Pam Kendall Debbie Kracht, LouAnn Manley, Linda Johnson, Rita Murphy Ahce Kerr First row beorganna Andre Patty Wilson, Deena Donovan, Sherry Rock, Jody Matrow, Spurs Organized at the Teachers College in 1963, Spurs is an honorary service or- ganization. During the year the group sponsored several activities, including the following: ushering at the Miss Emporia contest, helping during enrollment, Blood- mobile, Freshman Orientation, Senior Day, helping with election booths, and the Parent's Day mum sale. The main purpose of this organization is to serve and support the college and the community. Spurs also help to formulate and uphold traditions of the college. fy-,run W, 'f',!5: AU., X "Wm 4.-WV y W 'V 1 'A f, Q, been I, X , am? l' ' JI 1 il 1 ls I iuygq W' 'Af ,V 1, I -4 J. . Q. 1 ff f if . 'Zi Q Wm, K, . 2 W4 I. ..., londa Pennington Pam Kendall 1969-70 Varsity Cheerleaders udy Smith of-'Lis 1 r i , K A 4 Susie Nielson i4 K 5 .2 4 af N- l Qffrr . e l A Q A ,XVI AX l' V j ,E,' A' -anus-sa., 'K 4 5.5. ' 255 .ww mW,.L ,::, xl'-M Q . - W . , . L..,. W S ,-2-dis Q Rosalynd Williams Marlys Hastings , alll f f ' ' 'l l qx t WE is 'L xxlfz, Mary Taylor MW f-f, " V 256 iia li, ., .' ,www . X- The purpose of the Black Student Union is to unite all Black students through activities that make them aware of their new place in society and give them an organization with which they can identify. Annual events sponsored by the Black Student Union are Black Homecoming and Black Week. The organization, sponsored by Dr. Bonner and Rev. H. D. Benbow, was established at the Teachers College in Sep- tember, 1969. Black Student Union W f,'w: ' 1 yn' If: L, , VQQY iw, I' Whois Who e, junior Carl Winn, senior Georganna Andree, junior Toni Petsickg sen senior Jan Purcell, senior I . nu .1.. . Roger Bruningg senior Kay Royse, senior Wayne Howard, junior Jan Hakenholz, senior 258 A student is considered by Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges after being selected by the college or university at which he attends. The selection is based upon the student's scholarship, his leadership, his cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities. his general citizenship and his promise of future success. After a student has been chosen by his school. he is taken into consideration by the national organization for membership. Juniors. seniors. and graduate students are eligible for nomination. Robert Hartsook, senior '4::"Mii"' N511 Diane Worland, senior Marlys Hastings, S Helen Penna., senior Doug Caywood, senior enior Linda James, senior Tom Mulvenon, senior Suzy Nielsen, senior 259 0' CAboveJ Marlys Hastings, 1969 Homecoming Queen, and her court enjoy the football game from their royal platform. fRightj The Alumni Association presents Marlys with mums on Home coming. if X ef? fAbovej Carl VVinn, president of Blue Key gives Marlys the traditional Homecoming kiss on the field at halftime. qBelow5 After interviews the Homecoming semi-finalists pose behind the Women's Dorm. 5' wt ' A in i af Q- ' Cf 15 Y if en,- fft . .25 , :. '. - . '. ' f:i.I-4i':.."- fl "1'.' -. 'W ' A Q .5 "Q-Z1-. ' s I 9 Q- 1 r,., V .o'.'.' iv 'N ' Q- , 1 A my JIM It X 5 1 5 " .' A I' 5- fr W3Ai"..l' ' ' QVYYIH! Blue Key Coordinates Homecoming Steve Brown Mike German Bob Hollinger Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Alumni Secretary Carl Winn Bill Reiter President Vice-President Rick Hyman Tucker Kehoe Newsletter Editor Historian ,mill M, SIM ' W2 4 2. Rich ard Reicherter Steve Mc Ilvain Lindsay Stead Curtis Weeks Advisor and Chaplain Social Chairman Treasurer NHUOHHI Secretary ffm.. f'-fi CARL WINN Major Business Management Personnel Management Association president Union Activities Council Junior class representative Varsitv Football Phi Beta Lambda second vice president Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities Alpha Kappa Lambda BILL REITER Major Physical Education Sigma Phi Epsilon vice president Collegiate Young Democrats Personnel Management Association Phi Beta Lambda Beta Biology Club Collegiate Young Republicans Phi Delta Theta vice president MIKE GERMAN Major Psvchologv President s Honor Roll Kappa Delta P1 Gamma Phi Alpha Psychology Club S N E A Sigma Phi Epsilon corresponding secretary BOB HOLLINGER Major Business Management Phi Beta Lambda state president Administrative Management Society Personnel Management Association Alpha Kappa Lambda pledge educator RICK HYMAN Major Business Management Phi Beta Lambda national and local president Administrative Management Society president Pledge IFC president Collegiate Young Republicans Alpha Kappa Lambda pledge educator and bv laws and procedure chairman TUCKER KEHOE Major Phvsical Education Men s Dorm assistant intramural director assistant supervisor Phi Kappa Tau president STEVE MCILVAIN Major Business Management Varsity Baseball co captain Club vice president Sigma Phi Epsilon president LINDSAY STEAD Major Psvchologv Collegiate Young Democrats Gamma Phi lpha Sigma Phi Epsilon recording secretarv social and rush chairman S N E A CURTIS WEEKS Major Business Management Phi Beta Lambda Administrative Management Societv president Personnel Management Association Collegiate Young Democrats Alpha Kappa Lambda president and treasurer STEVE BROWN: Major-Microbiologyg Beta Beta Varsity Footballg Sophomore Classj presidentg Ki BLUE KEY Blue Key is a national honorary leadership fraternity for men. Its members are selected from Teachers College men at the close of their junior year. and they participate throughout their senior year. Membership is traditionally limited to 11 men. It is felt that by limiting the number of members and keeping the organization small. the group becomes more effective and membership is sought after by the men of the Teachers College. Among the activities sponsored by Blue Key are the annual Freshman Talent Show. which is held during orientation week. Blue Key Darling. and coordination of homecoming and graduation exercises. This year the chapter had the honor of coordinating the Regional Convention. 262 The final activities of the year were the Annual Prayer Breakfast, the proceeds of which went to the Dean's Emergency Fund. and the selection of new members. The newest program Blue Key initiated was the coordination of the new and colorful Kansas State Teachers College directory. The services combined with the personalities of the men in Blue Key make the organization a very important part of the Teachers College. SENIOR I-I0 ORARY FRATER ITY SPUNSORS MANY ACTIVITIES qLeftJ Three Blue Key members help set up a chapter at Marshall University in Marshall, Missouri. fRightJ Blue Key members stand with the Freshmen Talent Show winners. tLeftJ After one of the meetings Blue Key finds itself in front of the Sunken Garden. QRightJ Rosalind VVilliams, this year's Blue Key Darling, accepts her trophy from Susie Nielsen, Blue Key Darling of 19681969. Blue Key initiates take their oath as V last year's members, their dates, alumni and honorary members look on. I. na h 263 ,-I PA Cardinal Key Honor Sorority Diane Worland Helen Penna President 1st Vice-President Mary Taylor Peggy Pitts Corresponding Secretar Treasurer Patti Murray Alumnae Cha Toni Petsick 2nd Vice-President Janet Barewin Social Chairman The Cardinal Key National Honor Sorority is sponsored by Mrs. Edith Mol- den and Dr. Carol Marshall. The purpose of this honorary organization is to honor senior women, inspire leadership in others, and utilize leadership capabilities in active programs of service to the Teach- ers College and community. Cardinal Key was established on the campus in May, 1965. The selection of new Cardinal Key members usually takes place early in the spring. Applications are sent to a select number of eligible junior women and from these applications twenty are chosen to be invited to a tea. Ten or eleven of those present at the tea are selected to become the new Cardinal Key members. They are selected on the basis of their scholastic record, personality, character, and leader- ship in extra-curricular activities. Highlights of the year include Orga- nization Night and the Faculty Women's Tea. Jan Champieux Recording Secretary C Patty Tate Dr. Carol Marshall Sue Powell Sponsor Sponsor UAC: The Namedropper Mason Wllll3mS Harry Reasoner Valley of the Dolls jennlfer The Cowsllls The0dd Couple Mame Rosemary s Baby DlCk Gregory Brewer and Shipley The Red Dogs Dr Werner von Braun Your Own Thmg Planet of the Apes Bill Russell john Bassette plus 200 other programs O O cc an , . cc J: cc an CC 3 JD , . I cc , an cc an A Very Special Year Programming Activities for the Entire College Community 4.- fl 266 UAC 3 The Union Activities Council, UAC, is an all campus organization. The purpose of the UAC is to provide a well-rounded educational, cultural, social, and recrea- tional program. The UAC met on Monday nights throughout the school year. Sponsors were James Long and Dr. J.J. Weigand. Offi- cers of the eighteen member club included Robert Hartsook, president, and Ron Sasse, vice-president. is wr Student Senate Student government reached a new milestone at the Teachers College in 1970. The new Student Senate finished its first full year of guiding the de- cision-making for the college's 7,000 students. Forty- three senators representing every academic depart- ment accepted the responsibility of expressing the opinions of the student body to the faculty, admini- stration, and the Board of Regents. Guided by the experienced leadership of A.S.G. President Ron Loewen and Vice-president Mike Manning, the new Senate passed important legisla- tion including new freshman hours, a new academic calendar, and numerous organizational allocations. The Senate also sponsored such worthwhile areas as Orientation Week, Homecoming, the Football Centennial Celebration, Leadership Retreat, Inter- national Week, Penny Carnival, and a precedent- setting visit by Board of Regent member, Jess Stewart. The Senate directs and coordinates fall and spring elections and cheerleader elections in the spring. lt coordinates a well-rounded program of social, academic, and cultural activities for all stu- dents. Executives Loewen and Manning discuss a liner point of par- liamentary procedure. Board of Regent Jess Stewart raps with students during his two- day A S G sponsored visit 267 :L- v., X ua -an an S s i t 3 E e 27' ? l li s 2 , , WW,-W Senator Bill Hoeh addresses the student body ,..-" A.S.G. President Ron Loevwen addresses the college Community in his State ofthe College address, Senators discuss an important campus issue, E , ' ji 3 5 s lf l i f , 7 f "'k J X is Y I 9 Betty Cooper, Carrie Lolar, Rosalyn Watson, Sandy Frisco, Beth Honeycutt, Dr. M. Bonnerg adviser. "Greater Service. Greater Progress" is the active slogan of Sigma Gamma Rho social sorority. The Gamma Psi chapter of the Teachers College. organized in August of 1969, has been primarily interested in membership and has had membership as the center of interest in the activities. The E-State Jujitsu Club was organized at the Teachers College in May, 1969. Under the direction of Dr. John Long, the club meets every Wednesday and Friday. The purpose of the club is to promote the art of judo and jujitsu. The E-State chapter participated in clinic held by two of the black belt instructors from the Jayhawk Judo-Karate Academy in Kansas City. Jujitsu Club JUJIISU CLUB-Top row: Danny Ramsay, Mike Talley, Steve Fried, Sherron Blanks, Joe Fritze. First row: Dr. John Long sponsor, Glenn Humbarger, Jim Stone, Phillip Conrady, Ron Plinsky, Ceese Nick, president. Not pic- tured Douglas Perrin. , 9 9 y ",., J I '51 .A X 4 ,F it 'Z if 'Q Z, Q if K gf f 5' ' by if A ' 5581, "' 'Y vi 4 N v f 1 V , i f T f f 1 VV I ,A 49-34 , , v. .9 V 51' J Q 1 if , cui. 9 9 9 it U -it , 1 9 i 5.4.1 4, of F9 ,E if i is , f 4 iff fs 3 , 2 i in UZ b I Alpha Delta Chapter officers for 1969 70 Left to right: Lloyd Edwards, Sponsor: John Bahnmaier, Treasurer Evelyn Wilson, National Delegate Joan Seaton Recording Secretaryg Delores Ann Moon, Presidentg Elaine McDonnell last President Louise Halfman Historian V1cePresident, Marcella Mouserg Karen Kistner, Corresponding Secretary Spon Delta Pi Epsilon Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon, national honorary fraternity for graduate students in business education, was formally installed at the Teachers College on August 17, 1957. The Teachers College chapter is the only chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon in the state of Kansas. Delta Pi Epsilon fraternity, founded na- tionally in 1936, is an honorary graduate organization for men and women devoted to the advancement and professionalism of busi- ness education. lt is the only fraternity in the United States for business education mem- bers. Through its ideals of service, leader- ship and cooperation, the fraternity strives to make significant contributions to profes- sional growth and scholarly achievement in business education. Mr Merle Vtlood Supervisor of Business Education Oak- 1 f M his State University addresses the Delta Pi Epsilon luncheon at the February meeting 3 g .x 2 Q v Illlllllll xsnsnvzc MendwwGo!d 35" 'E eaowrmmg .L..., ..W.. , ,, A W, K b . . AA mf i sv w-m k gh , , V SERS , , :mam is f f , Fr - 1.1. .L fr G Q ' Ck . M- 5335 --.Q . .M 1 K f'41"" puusnsxlnnu fix pf' I 1 x ,,x. xx 1 mum, cmmqms .,.QQ Q in . 5 L 'W' NW ........ "".: X' P R .1...,. 'iw' an 5""X . . z.,f Q.Qg,w5,,,,,m-'mgarw-W'--Q f N ?"', , , U K A -vi i iw- i W, "' f Alma' f V V: .,, , x X X U iff' X' 3 "'?M7?'f'7A Tia!! lasik gb' W' I' Q '4 N .,,,, 5' ?f6J" 5 .,- WM ,aw Q 7 - ff? f .fry ' 4 Xgfi1".f K I , . ., ,QQ .f - , wg i 'S' fa-f"5 C4- Qw S 'Q f. 1 ff' A f W' 5 , -4 .' ' uf ,4 'T af , ' , Awkfwfivl ' y f 5 4 W m yi M Ri J ' 44 -.,1 , ,, '74-4 .- , f .f-"' "' f wif' r f wg, 3 gp 4. if ' Wfxif , 3 P 1 45" "5 51 fa' f ffm if 'P 7 My A' 4,72 i S J . 4 J,, , yr... , W I ,mf 'H sjkl. , Ni TS- M 'G 3. N "M-'A-,1V. N, A www' 'Q q X "am-sg In 4 L "M--,ily 45. 4 1 -lfxgf ,mf r -v""1W f' 275 F , 4 ? Lf Q 1 12593 i 4"9Huw'wx'f' V zfixfiigw ,, V ,. 1 . A in was 1 M. 277 278 Donovan R. Walling Under Donovan R. Walling and Associate Editor Beverly Darrah the Summer Bulletin concentrated on cultural news . . . the fall Bulletin devoted itself to more pressing problems, such as helping with the search for a new campus doctor. THE BULLETI p Scott Robinson and Donovan Walling Get Down to Business. THE BULLETIN ladltor ,, Donovan ll. Xvilllil is LK ociate Editor Scott llolx' an B incss xI'lll'lg6l' llvx Sn' ly N Al li l t l lvl cl ff!! X-... The second semester staff was supervised by Cary Mathes, Rex Snavely, and Scott Robinson. The 5Pff149 Bullffin S fallidilor . ...Anniflark Sp is Editor Denny Prix To reflect the sentiments of the '70 Ed W' fl Hg' ,Tm 'd staff, We rnust include frustration, tension, and the feeling of defeat over an extended deadline. 279 I X --.-Q.. V 'ti- 4 i Nha.. urn.-.HQ 'S rw Ns. iw ws N-,px .wigw Q s x.Y7 1 k .. ..k. ,,,.-5 " vt' 'N A ' L12 ,WW 2- .L Nm, "' gk ' ' A " 'K '7 ,, 4 K X , . K . , . W 7 -'fre if . .. ,P K N' x' M V N ,Q 1 x bsfmg-A', qw Qffr Q23 -.- jpik W .vp-f" I . ,NQ t diff--T .5 V A xy'-.2 ff M 3'-f H-nf 'fa ' V QW -ax 75 I ' 1 f' f 2 f +1 " gd. ' 7' Q - ....: .. 4 . NTFS-grf'?'?Wk X' . fijiwghg'-:ala WW. "R ,Q , - K ... , . X - . - .sv -..,.. , . ,QM,NMm , 4 - 'PL fQ.g,3,gg.,,x.g4, - Agn-gQW.,,,.,ha 280 W We staff members spent our time stretching hours . . . deadlines pictures . . . stories . . . At times we were yelled at and at times We did the yelling . . . just for the 1970 Sunflower. The Staff Cindy Eisenhauer . . . editor Jeanie Meyer . . . assistant editor Joyce Bartley Jon Johnson Kevin Rues Steve Nutter Carol Hall Tony Tramontelli Frank Mueseler Ted Ericson . . . sketch artist Robert Ecklund . . . adviser 281 Xi Phi Leadership Retreat gms, Xi Phi Xi Phi Honorary Leadership Fraternity was founded at the Teachers College in 1922 when 24 organization presidents banded together and raised the funds for the Memorial Student Union in one day. Its membership is limited to 24 juniors and seniors who have at least a 2.5 overall grade point average and who have demonstrated out- standing leadership, service, cooperation, and loyalty. Annual events for Xi Phi include the Leader- ship Retreat. and the Miss E-State Contest. This year members of the faculty. administrations. and the student body met at White Memorial camp for a weekend to discuss campus problems. Recom- mendations from the Retreat were passed on to the Student Senate. Faculty Senate and Ad- ministration for further action. The Miss E-State Contest is held each spring in Albert Taylor Hall. A preliminary contest is held to determine 10 finalists who will be judged on the basis of inter- views. formal gown. swim suit. and talent. Miss Emporia State is the schools official hostess and the schools representative for the Drake Relays Queen. Xi Phi sponsors are Mrs. Virginia Higgins and Dr. David Travis. Officers for 1969-70 are President. Bill Emerson: Vice-Pres.. Bob Hart- sook: Treas.. Tom Mulveney: Sec.. Vickie Morris: Retreat Chair.. Bob Bridgeman: and Miss E-State Chair, Ron Sasse. ,af Bill Emerson Brown Senior Senior President Sue Zsoche Robert Hartsook Senior Senior Kay Royce Ron Loewen Senior Senior Linda Higley Bill Hoch Junior Junior Terre Didde Scott Robinson Junior Junior Ron Sasse Sfgloglantz Junior Fred Hadley Linda Finch Junior Senior Jim Walsh Vicki Morris Senior Senior be is--if t'?lnm. Jan Junior Tom Mulvenon Junior Bob Bridgman Senior Doug Caywood Senior Lynn Bollinger Junior Georgeann Andree Junior 283 284 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: Top row: Wayne Anderson, Mike Richardson, Bob Turvey, Jim Dennis, Paul Christiansong president, Phil Hammond, vicepresident, Tom Numms, Gary Turner, Ron Scott. Second row: Cliff Court' ney, Warren Traynor, Bill Hopper, Mike Chatterton, Mike Sears, Mark Shaw, Larry Reder, Joe Van Luchener. First row: Vornon Swansong sponsorg David Beeman, Ben Fordg treasurer, Jim Stone, Tim Fahrback, Bob Marshall, Tom Mulvenon. lnterfraternity Council The purpose of the Interfraternity Council, IFC, is to act as a coordinating body for the social fraternities on the Teachers College campus. The IFC is af- filiated with the National Interfraternity Council. There are seven national fra- ternities and one national colony. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL - Standing: Susan Mall, Nancy Reinecker, Kathy Brown, Sharon Klassen, Bechy Hiss, Sue Zschoche, Linda Finch, Susan Brown, Carolyn Andre. Seated: Nita Foulks, Nancy Gorup, Charlene Lacey, Debi Hanson, Marlys Hastings, Kim Courtney, Patti Murray, Jan Purcell, Reney Klotz, Joyce Pinkerton, Mary Taylor, Ju dy Sm ith. Panhellenic Council coordinates and regulates the activities of the Teachers College sororities. Through the council, the sororities work together to fulfill the ideals and standards professed in the Pan- hellenic Creed. The members of the council include a president, rush chairman, and selected re- presentative from each sorority. Dr. June Morgan and Dean Ruth Schillinger serve as advisers. Although the council functions mainly to organize and supervise sorority rush week, it also initiates community service projects. Pankellenic Council 285 ff ,uv . bb ,avg :UQ . -. f5"1w..x 1' 'Ge ga '-XA l"""'Q" Alma McLaughlin Joan Downs Patricia Reinecker Nancy Reinecker S Pat Bergmann ponsor Alpha Delta Nu began housekeeping in a new house this year. They continued to fulfill their goal of being an active sorority on campus. Among their many activities in the 1969-70 school year was helping with the United Fund Drive. Working as a team, they completed a float entry in the Homecoming parade. Between small parties, the Alpha Delta Nu's planned and executed a spring informal and formal. Rosy Schmidt toured with the USO tour to the Orient. Upon return. she inspired the "Chow with Chopsticksu party. Another member, Marlys Tetlock, spent the summer in Europe and returned to share Swiss recipes with her sisters in a ffFun with Fondue" party. Joan Downs was a semi- finalist in the Miss Sunflower contest. Rosemary Schmidt Alpha Delta Nu Karen Branaman Housemothef Sharon Klassen Debbie Frost Mary Lamborn it 4, Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha is a social sorority affiliated with the Epsilon chapter. The pur- pose of the sorority is the establishment of a sisterhood for the development of physical, intellectural, social, and spiritual aims for the members. Annual events included the mum sale for Homecoming, and aid to mentally retarded children. Highlights of the year were two informals, one formal, Mother's, Fatheris, and Sister's weekends. Carol Reeves ,lan Champieux J ane Edwards Patricia Thorson Darla Giggy Marsha Tho mps on Kathleen VVells Jan Hakenholz Karen Wise Pamela Balding Carol Thrune Betty Jo Dorr Deanna Morton Ginny Garrett Cindy Vohs Wanda Engle - , . - b- ' x 7 X vie . . - v: , - E - :xwfr - J ' . i ,. I ' 3 5 if it t if ' wk if G k if M xi 1122393 V A Nw fu? I N t -..-. gg S N N 'f s - ,tu Xp.t A i' M' Q .. ,ij f ' if Q .xi A ' r 288 XS Fr' 5' if Marta Hoskinson Claudia Wright Joyce Montgomery Barbara Orth Jo Albright Linda Engle Janet Pepperdine Lynne Deery Cathy Foncannon Jean Hager Jan Purcell Julia Adee "Ty 'N f .ar xi It 9? I Ni' W 1: ,r ' S is ty. 1 v 'sv 1 ' Q slag S 1 S X .Q 5 E if We si. bf: if v-N X, . 1 , , , g . v H l af-v 6 was A S Carol Cowperthwaite ,eff S in 5 rw N . gif' ' ' K. A Q I v I P if A . ve ' 1' fa ' FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS4FOUlN DED LONGWOOD EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHFD 1917. President. Kathy Brown: Vice-President. Julie Smith: Secretary. Paula Gottesz Treasurer. Ginny Garrett: Pledge Train- er, Helen Pennag Rush Chairman. Jan Purcell. Chap- lain. Ruth Dittemore: Editor. Susan Sanders. COLLEGE. FARMVILLE. VIRGINIA. 1901, KSTC J Alane Sto rk Leslie L awto n Patricia Black Ruth Dittemore Julie Smith Pen ny Foster Julie Griffin Sheryl Stallard Patty Costello J oelene Wentz Lou Rankin Debbie Scott Sandra Kempker Teresa Riedington Louann Bell Donna Bass Betty Clune Sherry Fox Joan Elliott Paula Cottes Elisa Christian Kathy Brown Susan Sanders Cathy Phelps I , ' I L Alpha Szgmcz - - Ta-u THIRTY-ISIGHT CHAPTERS-FOUNDED MICHIGAN STATE NORMAL. YPSILANTI. MICHIGAN. 1899. KSTC IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923. President. Joyce Pinkerton: Vice-President. Barbara Cooper: Sec- retary, Vicki Boyer: Treasurer. Cathy Hammong Rush Chairman. Marlys Hastings: Pledge Trainer. Lynn Bol- lingeri Panhellenic' Representative. Patti Murrary. 'U Harriet Arnett Linda Benignus Buth Shearer Holly Harris Patricia Murray Molly Briscoe :ss 2- ii . ,.. A , Q f- 4 ,Q S? 7. uf at 'R 1 Lynne Bollinger g - A ' ..- ,lk . Carmo n Rupe . Mona Rees I ., I . ,. -. i' .lean XVells A ' Pamela Bus sell Nancy Brandt Kathy Bruce Linda Solheim -Jonda Pennington Joanne Hanlon Susan Heitschmidt Connie Davison Karen Langston tf"t' r , I, B r Q.. , at t 59 .. ' ff- N t .is l .ai Susan Hayward . Cynthy Carduff Sue Bowers Linda Workman Rosalind VVilliams The purpose of the Alpha Sigma Tau social sorority is to promote the ethical, cultural, and social development of its members. Mrs. Vivian Blaylock is spon- sor of the sorority which has 72 members. Annual events included an informal, formal, Greek Week, Parentis Day, Mother's Weekend, Dad's Weekend, and a homecoming tea for alumnae. Highlights of the year were participation in the Miss Emporia State contest, Miss Emporia con- test, and Homecoming. M 'X av? Jane Frans Donna McCoy Barbara Waldrop Alice Miller Paulette Good Vicki Boyer 290 Mr. wa :- "TV F """""""I tr s gi, P Q 'Q' wfm5g,gffgg:g,g : .- K W, q,.U .,,: W,:. ... , W . A. ., ' x AQ 3 Q 4 as lr X N ,M rv' l X ez Debbie Stahr Molly Mynatt Kristen Knott Sara lfllkouri Sandra Kling Karol DeXVeese Mary Ann Balloun Carol Hastings Pat NIcClenny Phyllis Newton Nancy McKenny Janie Chauncey Marlys Hastings Janet Brown Wilma Hanlon Jolene Rice Mary Sheldon Connie Livengood Barbara Holmquist Paula Schneider Denise Hamilton Carolyn Liggett Marlene Yarmer Lorena Smith Christine Stein Debbi Stanley Connie Johnston Teri Didde Cheryl McClure Kathy Ratkey Nancy Misak Cherri Weston Marcy Mouse Nancy 'Vhornburgh Rhonda Cramer Dorothy Smith 291 Leslie Dowler Barbara Murphy Dian Shirley Louise James an K X ?f?5!:Lf5T' S5 ' ' . f . 1,4-iq . --4.1.52 . jiri A- - X Eg? Yi' X 5 5 5 ,.. si. , f liiiiffls-'i 55121.55 ffl .,A. e-1"'A ' J' J' ' 292 Linda Dowler Rosemary Henry Karen Anderson Twilla Seibel Kathleen Poland Sherry Love Susan Schroeder Teri Dawson Nada Hawthorne Deborah Stirling Janet Fyler Mary McGuire Linda Johnson Beverly Thompson Kathy Howard Peggy Haile ' " :sgsi2nm:f.., X msgs 3 .gags .. ef is .."-fts:- .img - 3155 : r 1' """' eis fgvfa ' . , . . lsrsrsiisa W-:tt Sigur 1 saifiisii ffm H ., . . - f ' 1: 11 f-gg :, Q X Q W., Q K x 5 n Q, - effess f frggzifwwy-,,.1.s.. - -W - K ' Ch i Umqa Diana Edmisson VVanda Regier Loreta Sprouse Kathy Rathke Kathy Kaske Q .s32efs1eg5g 1 ss: igifiiiiswexif , gsezttf- frgssszss. . srt..... . . .. ' - :Hass gi-L fm? P i x K .Qs2zSE1a:2.1s:l fr. 2. sf ---,, .- .. -rm .. . ... Q X x X S Brig?---ir-'g,r1 s:,igxg. E w 1,3 S 's ggi S 'A .zv .:' .-:?:W::nvIX Debbie Sanderson Margaret Sarber Sharon Peterson Jann Parsons Nancy Gorup . . S . , 3 f ' as - T . 51' it . ' . QT' ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS! FOUNDED UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS. FAYETTE- VILLE. ARKANSAS. APRIL 5. 1895. KSTC NU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED APRIL 8. 1961. President. Nita Foulks: Vice4President. Sally Hutsler: Secretary. Susie Nielsen: Treasurer, Bonnie Campbell: Pledge Trainer. Mary llenthorne. Bonnie Camp bell Susie Nielsen Shirley Fiedler Cathy Razook Georganna Andree Suzie Poland .lo llargadine Linda Matrow Deborah Roeder Lynn Schultheis Phoebe Schneider Nancy Razook Rita Murphy Sally Hutsler Mary Smith ..., , .,.. , , ., f' F we ,..1,, .if 2211 ,ff"'1-'aim , .. ft . M. ,. Connie VVilson Nita Foulks susan Mau ,, 7 W. , I f W2 A ... . , 'Uk- etsi, f' Zi 1 f Mary Miller H, , V. V7 M .. I., . ff Q Deena Donovan Kathryn Merrill Diana Hulsebusch Carol Wedel Toni Petsick LouAnn Manley Brenda Peterson Connie Viney ard, Mary Henthorne Raylene Heisman Sandra Gleue Lucille Wilson E 5? I -. ff ' ' . ..,. . A I f5:,715iLi3fl9f ' . , . .- -4' - ff ' f 1 .... t gf V w 1 3 293 Delta Zeta Delta Zeta started out the year with a "Go Greek theme of "The Happening. in rugh, Connig Fowler was president of Associated Women Stu- dents and was selected for Whos Who. Becky Hiss was a member of Xi Phi and Janice Hurst was president of the KSTC Stingers. Pat Wallace represented Delta Zeta in the Miss Peggy Pedagog contest. Martha McCoy was "Miss Swimsuit. 1969" of the Miss E-State contest. Marcy Beebe and Randy Kopsa were candidates for Candy Cane Couple with Randy being elected King. Marcy was first runner-up. Linda Johnson was Commode Bowl candidate Social events included many exchanges. the Delta Diamond Formal. and the annual informal. "Stable Stomp." ONE HUNDRED NINETY-THREE FOUNDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY. OX CHAPTERS- FORD, OHIO Barbara Gimple Rebecca Stolte 'laniece Hurst Rita Ayres i Lois Brasier Barbara Parks Mary Coleman Patricia Wallace 1902. KDSTC DELTA PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED' 1956. President. Becky Hiss. Treasurer. Eileen Otte. Recording Secretary. Becky Aceg Corresponding Sec- retary, Janice Grogan: Pledge Trainer. Beccy Stolteg Rush Chairman. Renie Klotzg Historian. Sue Calvert. Trish Rieland Verla Klotz Christine Watkins Rebecca Hiss Jill Gicalone Carol Fassold VVyne1l Coleman Jennifer Hollis Candy Holloway Marcia Geldhof F1-1SS01d Martha MCCOy Noel Stewart Mary Hanis Jean Trennepohl , fm . .5 - f- 55 .1 V' .. K M l Ts. I ,, me 1' X 1's. Q - - vi' 294 Mary Sipe Linda Johnson Suzanne Schubert Eileen Jones Carol Blackburn Sharon liartkoski Alice Kerr Barbara Higgins Rebecca Thompson Kathryn Higgins Eileen Utte Peggy Koehn Donna XVise Mary Fields Connie Fowler Trudy Becker Rhonda Bohn Marcia Stainbrook Q:Eg3.1.gz5: , an ' . ,,.sW-, Egg? ,ova sf 3 3 a-....... ' as Q1 P ' X IX 1.:. 1. we so A M ,t .F-Y k LU, N . fees: " - "" Li - 'T' t W at fi' H' ,X is - x "T Janet Cochran Penny Hermes Becky Ace Lallena Thorpe Karen Smith Jan Grogan Kathryn Zogleman Sharon Roza Kim Courtney Joyce Roath Sylvia Gunn Shirley Helmer Joyce Thomas Jackie Price Linda Manley Kathryn Mcflaughey Susan Calvert Jana Enright 295 Sigma Kappa The Sigma Kappas have been very active during the past year. Along with the annual formal. informals. and Dad's Weekend there have been many exchanges and Panhellenic functions to attend. Overall. the social events of the season have been very successful and rewarding. Sigma Kappa were elected to several campus honoraries this year. Sig Kaps were represented in Spurs. Alpha Beta. Alpha Theta Rho. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Pi Delta Phi, Tau Beta Sigma. and Phi Lambda Theta. There were also several Sigma Kappas represented in Student Senate and UAC. ln campus competition. igma Kappas were represented in the lue Key Darling. Miss Peggy Pedagog. Candy Cane Couple. Miss Emporia State. Best Dressed Coed. and Miss Sunflower contests. if J N mf ALU S MaryAnn Cooper . a I - Carolyn Damleson 5 P. . 1 ' - . Nancy Dehoney l Sharon Veatch N ancy W akeliel d Mother J oh nson K . L. ' K . 5: as si iml if m1 y LgL.X, ' SE X was Magi xW'- Sw' -'L- X XxQf-'-:- sf-ir E-1. N PM Debie Hanson Pam Lindenmeyer Jacqueline LaVette Sheila Lozier Marjorie McLeod Sheryl Melson Sherry Michael Cheryl Miller Marcia Musick N Debby Russell Rita Swender Theresa Taylor ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN CHAPTERS- FOUNDED COLBY COLLEGE, WATERVILLE, MAINE, 1874-DELTA EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1959-Officers: President, Linda Finchg First Vice-President, Nancy Dehoneyg Re cording Secretary, Charlotte Comelyg Treasurer, Pam Lindenmeyer. :-.'fss- - -A.:-:x.1f.W::qsf:-ff. ' sf:.1z:rss.. ' 9 " - siisvf, f Iv- . :Q 15 sf,-ss Q if fs: . 1, qgiwv se i as it f Q Sw N X Q M S A iii: si i XC wx we is by aim K W X ww J i we . fs X we N we X X sw. W N Cathy Evans Cyndy Lord Marsha Corn Janet Sanders Kathy Sheahan Diane Huxell Debbie Swenson Deb ra Jordan Patricia Palecek Carol Murrey Debbie Kracht Carol Anderson Sue Zschoche Rita Arb Mary Cagwin Linda Fowler Nancy Tull Susie Lillig Becky Buehler Lois Olivier Erma Miller Sharon Gray Carolyn Marriott Katy Conner Linda Dubovik Judy Smith Dee Smith My ra Anderson Debbie Fife Vicki Speaks 298 Loucile Lowe Cathy Drumm Laura Huslig Marsha Pepperdine Pattie Brown 5 , , ,H f Sigma Sigma Sigma t i ,',,, gi f '17 S 1 'f gf 52. ' : ff 'Wigs ' alaf? 5 I W' , V , I Y, 3 , Q , Wa it - ff F , Yyyga, K' Wfgm A L 'lil Q? 1. , V U t 52, fff H f . ' " natal. fi 'V 'f-wp.'f11:i:::Mw,f::,..,,WUWf ,,,u,u,.,u 1 , Ep, V Q 'V ' all - 1 f- fl? M --an-M sky' M' Q" W, ,V52 ' -- ,,,, ' . M, f V Mi, , 41 W ' , Sv amz 'g 'Z 45,2 , V Hbiiiiyn V if W r 4 ,' big Q, S f '1 K , ,K , v- , 2. . I ff, Q m i ,, W aw, wwf ,,,. ,. M. , Gloria Modeland Stephanie McCreary Janie Hill Sharon Enyart M ary Stewart Miden Munn Deborah Bansom Beth Beeson Linda Schneider JHHH Gray Mary Taylor Pamela Curtis .,,q,,... Q N W , feb 4 'ww fr 1 W, ' "Wm, 1 154. ,,!,fj,f' ,4 Y - M rlt ,, ' iz: '4 ,V ' 2 Z' ,aw X , -43: If Janice Merry i comm. is Y rv Debbie Davis Patty Tate Ronna lramoureux Pamela Flynn Debbie Davidson 1. Mary A1111 Th01eI1 Donna Jo I+ ehring Janol Wislon Sheri Schultz Sharon Eastman 1111 Vvegtgver Julie Kain Janice Moor Vicki Morris , , , l wil AAI: V .W ,-of f ,k !cl'if,"' V ,V ff- M, if my if K 4, '05 cv efx, 'ir' X, XX Z Mqskxwgf' 1 ' ' "" 5 ' if ' 9 '32 ' , A ii , 1 ,gm V, rw, , 4 of fm , f 'W I M V . , , r L y, 1 . f A J u r V 133 , , -, , , f If W , Hwy, , ' 71, gf My . , W f f, JV f fi , f -Q, .AV I Q ,t ,, H,vL,.fv Q, - A 11,5 if fi fr fi N f , N t' M xy' ,I A V K4 1' Q ' f , R. we 1 f 1 1 t M D M ,J at V' V ,.- qv: M . , , M. 0 me if 4 V 4. A , 1 , . - Ji f -,, , f I. H 'fa ,,. ' y , ,t , M ' " - V I , . 5 :' Y r, t , V - 22, A, ,h,, ,, , ,mf ,,..,, 4 ,.. W ,, , V f 6 , K 6 ff ,,.-WW Roger Luthi Alan Taubeneck Jim Geis Charles Shahan Dale Dieterick Jay Mann Dave Reed William Bonfield Michael Stremel Ben Ford Gary Hunter Mark Bezdek Charles Kessler Charles Ballou James Leonard Mike Sexton Dennis Pruett Mike Wray Curtis Weeks David Mann Craig Mowry Leonard Hahn Eugene Brehm Alan Wilke Terry Ohlemeier Johnny Bunnell Larry Moore Gayle Brock Carl Wilhite David Ronza ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 300 yr Daniel Dennis Jerry Pruitt Terry Donley Phil Meserve Arlo Snitkev John Lancaster Thomas Davies David Heiker Dave Scott Gary Mineon Gregory House David Miller Brian Hughes Gerald Reif Roger Sartin Robert Waggoner Douglas Timmons Robert Adams Mike Chatterton Joseph Stawowy Charles Miller Michael Talley Gregg Housh Jim Clayton David Washburn Mike Richardson Bob Schenberger Dave Sprinkle Carl Gomer Robert Turrey As in the years past, Alpha Kappa Lambda excelled in the areas of scholarship, sports and overall improvement. The year was one of the most productive in AKL his- tory. The Hrst-place All-School Sports and In- tramural trophy, Homecoming Float Sweep- stakes trophy, and the 1969 Interfraternity Council Alumni Sweepstakes trophy were won by the AKL's. The Alumni Sweepstakes trophy was won for the third consecutive year and was retired. AKL community service projects included assisting needy families at Thanksgiving, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, a Christmas party for underpriviledged chil- dren, and a spring picnic for the Retarded Childrens Center. AKL's participated in numerous campus organizations. Mike Manning served as Vice-President and Dave Scott as Treasurer of the newly organized Student Senate with Tom Davies, Jim Scott, and Mike Sexton as Senators. Rod Proitt, Ben Ford, and Bill Tholen were representatives to UAC. Mike Richardson was Vice-President of the Col- legiate Young Republicans. Ben Ford served as Treasurer of Interfratemity Council. Dale Washburn was President of Phi Beta Lamb- da. AKL's were well represented in other campus organizations. Members of Blue Key included Carl Winn, Curtis Weeks, Rick Hy- man, and Bob Hollinger. VVho's Who listed Carl Winn. Ron Layher James Scott Kim Klotz Mark Zschoche Thomas Upshaw Rod Priffitt Rex Snavely Tim McClure William Tholen Richard Human J. B. Blocher Robert Hollinger Casey Quilllen Robert Murphy Carl Winn Jerry Scott David Martin James Merriman Al Sinclair Phillip Kirchoff Robert Murphy Ronald Alpaugh Alma Thoren Don Ahshapanek J on Miller rrl- r .-..-- -.ff -1.1- ! Z. g 302 s Roger Smith Marc Johnson Gary Bull Guy Clough Bob Marshall ' David Corbett Richard Dickson James Harrelson PHI DEL TA THE TA Founded as a local fraternity on the KSTC campus in 1966, Phi Delta Theta established the Kansas Epsilon chapter in 1968. Phi Deots continued to lead all fraternities in scholarship by receiving the scholarship award for the third consecutive semester. Phi Delts continued their unique pledge program allowing the pledges to actively participate in contributing to the develop- ment and direction of the fraternity. In ad- dition the members continued to be involved in campus leadership with five men serving in the Student Senate, the Vice Presidency of the UAC, in Whois VVho, Xi Phi and Blue Key. The Phi Delts also had men on the varsity basketball, track, wrestling and de- bate teams. The social program included the "Little Vegas" informal, the White Carnation Ball, the "Miami Duo" with Phi Kappa Tau and the Christmas Pajama Party. Theodore Bilderback Joe Barefoot Joe Buchanan Dick Phelan Carl Hanson Lanny Crupper Byron Miller Dolbert Zimmerli 303 James Losch William Hanlon Ronald hvans Thomas Moe Steven Marks James Williams Dan Evans Gaylord Risley Doug Lewis UWB. HUNDRILD POR I X CHAI ll' RS-li OLND BD MIAMI LJNIIVILRSIIY OXI ORD OHIO 1848 KANSAQ I+PbILON LHAP1 ER l+bTABI ISHPD 1968-President, Tim Fahrbachg Vice President, Jerel VVi1liamsg Treasurer, Bob Bridgmeng Secre- tary, Bob Marshallg Pledge Educator, Phil Ham- mond. 304 .1 X Ronald Sasse Robert McCo1pin Dennis Steadman Fredrick Schneider Bob Bridgeman Robert Nelson Kinley Cobb Thomas Nunns Gorman Frederickson Roger Bruning Bruce Andrews Scgit Long 'K-:Ax Las ffssss S s .ff ZI' D Jeff Lubberts Phillip Hammond Robert Foos Tim Fahrbach Don Kimball Ed Poston Jarel Williams Russell Reames Steven Stein Frank McGuire Michael Phelan Eva Rundle bib. W 305 PHI KAPPA TAU After two years of meeting in the Mem- orial Union, the Phi Kappa Taus have ob- tained a new house. They received the new housing mostly through the efforts of Greg Rech, president of the Emporia Colony. The highlights of the past year include the nominating of Miss Anita Small for Miss Peggy Pedagog. Miss Small was se lected as one of the five iinalists. In addition to a successful Homecoming, on November 11, the Phi Taus and the Phi Delts joined forces resulting in one of the most outstand- ing social events of the year. Phi Kappa Tau was also active on cam- pus. Greg Rech was selected to Who's VVho and Tucker Kehoe was accepted in Blue Key National Honor Fraternity. Gregory Redi Dennis Stephan Thomas Davis Michael Hood I1 L, J 5 3 Larry Hauser David Ponder Steven Mc Rey nolds Phil Collins Stephen Firkins John Sears 'XIINETY ONE CHAPTERS FOUNIDED MIAMI UNIVERSITY OXFORD OHIO 1906 KSTC EM PORIA COLONY ESTABLISHPD 1967 Officers President, Greg Rech VllEPf6S1d9Hf Dennis Stephan Secretary Bud Ronsse Treasurer Richard Lenherr w i ' ' A a 1 1 - ' ' . 4 . . 1 1 v 1 r 1 - W. . 5' W if 3 5 f g.. as it ul Jack Moor Thomas Ward David Hein Dale Hoff Perry Flentie Ron Ballard Mark Shaw Larry Romine Ted Talmon Ronald Kent S. ,5 f Sk rv L K Q 'Q I- 952551 - .-la: - .lgiziiikiu --Lk V - ff - , HRW' ' 'fl PHI SIGMA EPSILO The purpose of the Phi Sigma Epsilon fraternity, Alpha chapter, is to promote and foster higher educational achieve- ment, scientific inquiry, technical skills, literary study and expression, social growth, friendship, and professional fel- lowship. Activities included the Commode Bowl, Farmers Ball, Formal, Homecoming, lo cal Founders Day, intramural sports, Christmas party for children, and de partmental organizations. Phi Sigma Epsilon has 50 members and is one of the top ten N. l.C. members in growth. It was the first fraternity on the Teachers College campus. rs s we S l 308 Danicl Drown David Smith Ronald lirown Steven Nutter Paul Spring Mike Pctitjean l.cStc1' Abel llerold tindric James liarncs l-'rancis l'ctitj ea n -lim llolcnbcck Daniel Pctitjcan -lon Johnson David lX'ai'd lloy Sullivan -lohn Nlulvt-non David tlronquist Steven Pedersen Daniel Hopkins -Joseph Dctourscy 'l'rey Orr Donald Dcl'cw llrucc Knapp llonald Scott Larry Landelow -lames XX'elsh James llicscl ps -jgg ggggf k Tom Mulvenon Robert liraksick Rand Hopkins Steven Clark Dennis liroockerd John Templin Gary liodam Gay llammolls Dean llcadly Mitchell Mackender XX'illiam George Michael Neill ll Mark llohenshell lbgnvm- N131-low 13111105 ,xlbgl-15011 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS - FOUNDED KAN- SAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE, EMPORIA, KANSAS, 1910. KSTC ALPHA CHAPTER ESTAB- LISHED 1910. Ofticersc President, Tom Mulvenong Vice-President, Paul Springg Recording Secretary, Jon Johnsong Treasurer, Paul Springg Pledge Trainer, David Gronquistg Public Relations Chairman, Jerry Cindricg House Manager, John Templin. Gladys Hilbert SIGMA PHI EPSILCN In its 18th year at the Teachers College, Kansas Epsilon of Sigma Phi Epsilon was voted the most outstanding Sigma Phi Ep- silon chapter of 176 chapters throughout the nation. This is the third consecutive time the Epsilon chapter at the Teachers College has received this honor, which is representative of exoellenoe in all aspects of a fraternal or- ganization. Those qualities oonducive to responsi- bility and campus leadership received due emphasis as members of the chapter partici- pated in various campus organizations. In UAC, Bob Hartsook led the way as presi- dent and Brian Nagel and Mike Hottman served as representatives. Doug Caywood and Randy Kopsa served on the Student Senate. Lindsay Stead, Mike German and Bill Reiter were selected as members of Blue Key honorary fraternity, while Bob Hart- sook, Doug Caywood and Scott Robinson were active in Xi Phi. Bob Hartsook and Doug Caywood were recognized in VVho's CS OINE HUNDRED SIXTY FOUR CHAPTERS FOUNDED RICHMOND COLLEGE RICHMOND. VIRGINIA. 1901-EPSILOIN CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1951-Officers: President. Mark Kuhn: Vice-President. Cary Mathes: Controller. John Hundley: Corresponding Secretary. Phil Martin: Recording Secretary. Larry Pease. Who in American Colleges and Universi- ti . Jon Strunk Lindsay Stead Mark Belton Mark Klenda Robert Baldwin Jon Woolverta Lawrence Pease Cary Mathes Robert Wilson Rick Ditzler Charles Grimwood Gary Heinold 310 Denis Sullivan Dee Wilder Robert Moller James Hein Kenny Ford Mike Hottman Donald Adams Thomas Herbert Donald Hammerschmidt Douglas Caywood Jghn Hundley Walter Rose Mike German Michael Stadler Larry Mossman Randy Kopsa NK arren Traynor Gerald Murphy Leonard Runyan Stan Smith The men of Sigma Phi Epsilon were active in various honorary organizations. Ron DePriest acted as president of Collegiate Young Republicans. Stan Smith, Cary Mathes, and Larry Pease were active in Phi Mu Alpha, while Dusty Hammerschmidt and John Hundley were active in Kappa Mu Epsilon. Cary Mathes was elected president in Men's Chorale. Sig Eps made numerous contributions to the campus scene through participation in varsity sports. In track it was Doug Cay- wood, and in wrestling Mike Otto, Don Stev- ens, and Dennis Sullivan participated. In baseball it was Mark Klenda, and Tony Suraci, while in golf it was Randy Meridith. In tennis it was Lynn Singer. The Sig Eps lent a helping hand to the community through various civic projects. Among these were the Salvation Army Bell Ring and adopting two needy families at Christmas. Also, the Sig Eps sponsored an Easter Egg hunt at the Retarded Childrens' Center. Randy Meridith Michael Otto Dallas Holliday Tony Suraci Terry Davis Bruce Lowdermilk Leigh Hudson Robert Hoover Terrance Heintzelman Larry Ditsler James Fewish Wayne Anderson Lonnie Kvasnicka Phil Martin Jim Compton 311 I Dennis Messick Patrick Washburn Ralph Larkin Rodney Turner Marv Brinkman Brian Nagel Ken Redeker Michael Carroll Mark Kuhn Greg Wells Danny Flummerfett Ken Taylor Philip Hergenrader Lynn Singer Charles Lutz Donald Stevens Larry Morris Brick Porter Gregg Russell Craig Bailey Bill Feiter Greg Kopsa 312 Mother Ross William Edwards Maurice Matile g . K 5 kiikl ii' 33235 222 'lg NNE- SIGMA TAU GAMMA Sigma Tau Gamma began its 47th year on the KSTC campus in 1969 and was high- lighted by an active social program and the involvement of its members in campus lead- ership. Social events included exchanges with wororities, "Everybody Come Olpe Style," "Buck Owens," and "Protest" parties. Sig Tauis demonstrated their campus lead- ership by having members who were selected for Xi Phi, honorary leadership fraternity, Whois Who, IFC and Ron Loewen served as Student Body President. Sports also continued to be a big "plus', for the Tauis with men on the varsity basket- ball, track, Junior Varsity and Varsity wrestling teams. Richard 0'Malley Gary Leitnaker Dennis Meyers Stephen Holtman Ronnie Samuels Thomas Yokum T. VVilliam Keehn Jimmie Stewart Arm. James Buessing Sidney Purinton Mark Fujisaki Raymond Feaster Franklin Honn Stephen Bard Dennis Belsha Robert Feaster Thomas Drake Mark Duggan Ken Messing Brent Oman PIC HTY FIVE, CHAI II' RS-I' UUNDED CEN lRAI NIISSOLRI S'lATl' L01 LPGIL XKAR RPNSBURC NIO 1920 RSTL DELIA CHAI Steve Shimkos 1stV1oePres1dent Maurice Schmidt 2nd Vl Cary Nlantz 3rd VP Steve Holtman Secretary Steve Petty Pledge bducator lom Yokum . I - A I . . ,Nl . A . 1 V 1.6 A . . -I Q 'PER IGSTABLISHED 1922. Officers: President, 313 ld Boots es Hartman Clifford Courtney Dale N iehus John Shepard Ronald Sinclair Summy Shimkos 314 Jim Stone N7 Martin French Leonard Crowl Howard Marriott Stephen Bond Thomas Ast James Johnston George Neill Keith Miltz Dean Murphy James Klema Steve Petty Keith Wagoner mm Maurice Schmidt Gary Nantz John Scott Jim Correll ' Robert Cook Ricky Matz x lx xi, ll R S Ron Loewen Jerry Bottinger Stan Frownfelter Mike Miller Ron Wright Ralph Gourley Don Stevens Gary Allen Wayne Hedrick Ken Carmichael Ron Lloyd F. Pears 315 Mark Anderson Michael Megee William Gilliland James Pettison VVayne Rogers Steven Prickett Keith Heim Bruce Stein William Hopper Jerome Crum Tim Thoele Charles Cochran Ronald Peeples James VVilson Scott Courtney Steven Montgomery Brian Powers David Beeman VVilliam Powers James Crum Gary Lowman Keith Miller James Hand Stephen Turek 316 TA U KAPPA EPSILO Tau Kappa Epsilon started the year off right with one ot' the largest pledge classes since its existence on the campus of Kansas State Teachers College. TKE's were again active on campus. Paul Christianson was President of IFC with other members ot' the chapter serving on committees TKE's could also be found in the Student Senate As a civic project. the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon worked at Camp Alexander making improvements that were badly needed. On the social scene. Tau Kappa Epsilon was very busy again. Among the social functions were such excahnges as the Bowery Party, Red Garter Party. Electric Blanket Party. and a Roman Party. The year was highlighted with the crowning of Miss Glenda Barrett as the queen of the Red Carnation Ball. its - K ' . --fs 3 :ii TVNO HLNDRILD FIFFY-SILVFN CI-IAPTLRS INGTON ILLINOIS 1899-GAMMAPI-II ESTAB- I ISHFD 1951-President Paul Christianson' Vice President Steve Turek' Secretary Glen Ison' Treas- urer, James Handg Rush Chairman Nhrk Anderson. -FOUNDED ILLINOIS VVESLEYAN, BLOOM- Paul Christiansong John liues Jimmie Burrow Edward Rathert Dave I-Iigginbotham Glenn Ison Doug Maley Jeffrey Springer Terry Loucks Clinton Ross A1 Page J erel Heim Paul Schwartz Howard VViebe Bret Westwood Jack Harrison Ronnie Ball Larry Ferman B. Spring Donald Barnes Raymand Goad Michael Doman Thomas Nicks George VValters 317 Theta Xi The 1969-70 school year was filled with activity for the men of Theta Xi. The annual formal and informal were the highlights of the social season for Beta Rho. Along with the social activities there were numerous ser- vice projects, as well as school activities for the Xi's. The Theta Xi's work toward creating a desire to grow personally through strong brotherhood and fellowship. The fratemity assists each member to develop a deep sense of intellect, good habits, sincerity, self con- fidence, responsibility, participation in cam- pus activities, spiritual understanding, and an appreciation of democratic principles. The fraternity ranks high in scholarship with many of it's members seen in the ranks of Gamma Phi Alpha. With this year's pro- gress, Theta Xi shows years of successful leadership in the future. 1' ' .,: i.. . EIGHTY CHAPTERS-FOUNDED RENNSALER POLYTECHNIC IN STITUTE TROY NEW YORK 1862 BETA RHO CHAPTER ESTABLISHED igglysqfffner 1963 Oficers President Gary Turner Mack Woods Vice-President Larry Hodges Corres ondmg Secreta Dave Longhofer Chairman Rick Holzel HouseManager Dave Longhofer Treasurer Brad Lin ville P ' , FY, , 5 Pledge Trainer, Joe Van Luceneg Social 318 Mike Mallein Stuart Mills Charles Reeves J on C arroll Mike Eisele Larry Hodges Rick Holzel Dave Huss Brad Linville Dave Lonhofer Joe Van Lucene THE GREEKS ' 5 , 1,, Aq f , , ,W ,W ,, ,f,, V, f 6 if 61, 2 if 9' I 4 , ' W4 1 lex NHS W X thi fwqm, 41,12 wflbslqfa Wm Z i,,mv1fW4'V'f z Ns.. Q Q MW ,vvv""' N .eff "' Q A. 'Y . Q., Q fi? .. ., 1-W'P"' ?ihf'2lf'ffsu Mb ' N ' li :Vi3iY'27ii'f"55'-V111.if1f4.LiS-1F311ciiftififiilv-..i1iLir25f.2'. fu' r --'5'. .91 '3 -V f . 159. Q: . 2?-2 R. " Q ' . . -q H :ef Vzzq. J : :Vat'.yZ9Ef'1:-r:i.Y:VE+-:sri -rw 72124 ?:"f"'?Vvff.1-fV5'1 .' -' V r . Wi 4 .- . .. A '3g,g4u--,',g:14'.-QMSme,w1Qq:.f5.V1gXV2?.f.Vqwf:g,:xs.V..d3.V. .Al fgvf,,gQ3z. . ' -Afgfffsg-2g+rf,:1:VEf-Q'-ifazikfe-'fewsiasi-' . 4 "W W 1 QNXZ"V-42-wrVizM73-2:11.ff.ewIs.me3fi':f'wJ, V- 954,23-'Vim 4- Vx. -xv!,-1:3211-Qu--.give-V:--'Q 1. - sw, -1, .-Jkfmfii 9114:-V. ,.,4.qV.4,,w .vfqvf x,-fV1.-,..f-...-fg.'QVv- V. .-, - vw.,,..,if 51 ff.: Asif:-2.55Vs2w511uf.?:5.1-gv?d.ff'f9-'S V - ffffek .--Q-,P-g',s'rff'f.,ercwb9?,.se'ff.mfQ'Qz V-w:'qW::?-'ffv +V-f +. L- pmfe, 5g,k'eQ:fAfi JV..fm-'V4sf:...4-qfgafsfjyqfffw-f'fzfnvlfiw V '1W?525?f' www?iw-.rrav--+Vx1VVz-fmfmrw 'wezxfw M91 V-, ' rings. -f"1122V'VQ. 4-V'VV-.-,-115.1441zV.V2,'1':1wwVVsV'-f 'uV.VV:,.'14:f,-...'Vim lf?-J.-gf! - IW! 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Leavenworth Cowan. Marsha. Marion Cox. Gary. Howard Cox. Marcilyn. Cedar Vale Crandall. Ann. Tampa Crumb. Carolyn. Powhattan Cryderman. Janet. Abilene Cummings, Ginger. Topeka Cummings. Vicki. Valley Center Cunningham. Vicki. Kansas City Cupples, Ron. Wichita Dailey. Barbara. lola Danielson. Vanessa. Belleville Darnell. Sharon. Liberal Davis. Marilyn. Emporia Deewall. Marleen. Coldwater DeGarmo. Deborah. Macksville DeLisse. Pamela. Wichita Dell. Debra. Emporia DeLong. Ava, Howard Denton. Joan. Anthony DeShazer. Carolyn. Scranton Dettweiler. Jayne. Halstead Dickey, Charlene. Pomona Dieckhoff. James. Emporia Dieker. Marilyn. Emporia Dietz. JoLana. Hoisington Dillon. Wynona. Pomona Ditzler. Larry. Topeka Dobbs. Lynetta. Americus Dolezal. Sherry. Sterling Domke. Kerry. Marion Doss. Jo. Overland Park Downey. Kathleen. Valley Center Doyen. Ginger. Ottawa Drake. Joe. Ottawa Dunn. Wayne. Meriden Dusher. Deborah, Wellington L. X. Freshmen 'Q x S is G .,2X,,:.,. . t- .S 5 Q W. 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Jaggard, Philip, Salina James, Victoria, Lane Jehle, Ronald, Baldwin Johnson, Charlotte, Kansas City Johnson, Paula, Emporia Jones, Grace, Morganville Jones, Jarilyn, Oakley Jones, Michael, Herington Jones, Ruth, Wichita Jones, Terry, Topeka Josserand, Deanna, Gardner Joyner, Gayle, Freeport Kanda, Catherine, Hanapepe, Hawaii Kangas, Bonnie, Overland Park Kass, Neva, Topeka Kaufman, Priscilla, Moundridge Keating, Peggy, Emporia Kemp, Martha, Winfield Kephart, Kelly, Macksville Kessler, Vicki, Emporia Key, Peggy, Emporia Kimple, Barbara, Lyons Kinsey, Janice, Toronto Kirkpatrick, Jody, Melvern Klein, Connie, Durham Kling, Sandra, Lenexa Kloiber, Francis, Kansas City Knopp, Larry, Chapman Kramer, Mary, Winchester Kreider, Diane, Lawrence Kruse, Marcia, Leavenworth Kohart, Therese, Abilene Kohler, Glenda, Lincolnville Kolarik, Deborah, Caldwell Kopp, Zandra, Topeka Korbe, Judy, VVaverly Ku nenb ach, Carolyn, Heringto n KuKuk, Diana, Leavenworth Kurtz, John, Mattield Green Laing, Thomas, Topeka Lamer, Debra, Salina Land, LaVon, Overbrook Langrehr, Jeannine, Clay Center 334 P ,. 6 ,ei .,:', 4 f V S, E X ' J N I , 9 1 J , uv Q' Q' ,aria Freshmen 4 xx ' Q E , ii Y j X -N . . i X .. 5 r- .. 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Potter, Sandra, Overland Park Powell, Bonnie, Cimarron Pretzer, Martha, Elmdale 336 is PK 1 Qi 1 ...,L P 3 Q 'F 1 . , K, , W x A Q , , x , W- X 5 , -. 5 52. , , A gg Q A N .,., ..,,,., , X . 2 - Ll 'V' l - ' a ' is , 1 P p is 9 ' 11 K it , i s Q 6 i sta, . P xl Qi' Q xx xt. me , i Y, ,. 1 P : .9 f .f Q Q ,X , Q , 3 Q . xc N 5? jr, R. , .L ? X Si 1 H, awk' 5 , in t Y ,. . X X X M, E Q ,.,.. . i 4 E sg 2? . i, ,,v,,,, , N ss N , , HS 'Hifi . x 'W vs , -Z-'23 -SN A r, 4. R .1 1 t 1 15 'hi' lt S Freshmen lx 4, Qi .r in N its X s .., x AJ 'X it X X , ,Q-Q, A iw. ' ig ,.. , T Q . l rl X. K' iw 2 ., 'fr 7,1-. .tg ' - ' - s 1 .341 , "". 'W' Us Q, P X ,p w E at a ll 1' P r H -11 Q., ..,' , ' , Price IV, Harry, Reading Price, John, Bennington Puckett, Tom, Abilene Purdy, Cynthia, Topeka Purdy, Stanley, Atchison Quinlan, Rita, Leavenworth Ramsay, Danny, Johnson Ramsey, Kim, Emporia Rankin, Carolyn, Emporia Ratcliff, Rosemary, Leavenworth Rathert, Kathy, Lancaster Ratzlaff, Lynne, Hesston Redding, Sheila, Hamilton Redeker, Kathy, Olpe Reed, Mary, Waverly Reed, Raymond, Baldwin City Reusser, Ernie, Viola Reynolds, Bmce, Ottawa Reynolds, Raiyn, Abilene Rhoads, Jon, Burlington Rice, Donna, Overland Park Rice, Jo, Caldwell Rice, Lynda, Leavenworth Richard, Judi, Olpe Richards, Joyce, Wetmore Rickstrew, Judith, Wamego Rico, Gloria, Mulvane Ringey, Donna, Derby Roberts, Rex, How ard Robertson, Marilee, Hutchinson Robertson, Robert, Hutchinson Roether, Nick, Wilsey Roglin, Sally, Quincy Rohling, Arlo, White City Rosche, Debbie, Kansas City Ross, Lisa, Kansas City Rupert, Jon, Salina Russell, Robert, Baldwin Ryan, William, Enterprise Samsel, Sue, Derby Sanders, Gary Overland Park Sands, Shirley, Overland Park Sanford, Lela, VVhite City Saunders, Mary, Hugoton Sayner, Linda, Kansas City Say, Mark, Alma Scheffer, Ann, Paola Schenck, Helen, McL0uth Scholz, Diane, Lancaster Schrader, Loretta, Ikkridge Schubert, Mary, Ramona Schutter, Phillip, Alma Scott, Susan, Salina Sedlacek, Margaret, Hanover Sellers, Lea, Abilene 2 S- it W X Y in 5 it . . Qs 1 X 'ir ,,,, Q -all K Y s y Alt! N x 'E Q S 'Q S , S s eggs , X t ' Q , nu e A 2 i V' , X gg , Y t l MQ X E sk-.4 X 'f Q :ra s -K 1: S ,fs gi! l Kay,-. Freshmen i ' 2? n NX 5 S 1 -a KI 337 3 wr 2 r , ' xy? w " ,,, . I1 qv. ' 5 ' nw Stokes, Laurie, Tulsa, Okla. Stokes, Susan, Lawrence Stolfus, Diana, Emporia Stone, Donna, Topeka Straight, Anthony, Eureka Street, Darene, Hutchinson Strickland, Charles, Ottawa Strotkamp, Jerri, Carbondale Stryker, Sonya, Blue Rapids Stuber, Debbie, Winfield Stude, Carolyn, Copeland Soash, Richard, Mankato Soetaert, Judy, Paola Songer, Mary, Lincoln Sowers, VVanda, Americus Sprague, Susan, Lincoln Sprang, Rick, Eftingham Spratt, Roy, Ellsworth Stumpff, Pat. Shawnee Sullivan, Margaret, Rossville Sullivan, Terry. Shawnee Mission Surber, Gayle, Madison Swayne, Lorie, Kansas City Sweany, Kathleen, Emporia Swender. Richard. VVichita Swenson, Susan. Gardner Tabor, Karen, Topeka Taggart, Paul, Wichita 339 340 Thayer, Teresa, Belleville Thiessen, Vera, Cheney Thomas, J aretta, Caldwell Thomas, Joellen, Winfield Toman, Karen, Holyrood Topham, John, Peabody Trear, Linda, Olpe Trehey, Mary, Kansas City Trim, Stella, Olathe Tryon, Sharon, Wellington Tucker, David, Carbondale Tucker, Rita, Carbondale Urbanek, Peggy, Ellsworth Vandeloo, Mary, Huron Vaughn, Mary, Scott City Veluick Jackie Garnett Vineyard, Connie, Emporia Voth, Kathy Whitewater Walker Donna Johnson Walls Diann Emporia it Y 3 l S J .. -, 33 .f" Vlad emar, Stan, Leavenworth , , ff , a I! 'fi , , 1 --I 5 Walston E P Wlchlta Ware, Julia Junction City Weber, Kathy, Marion Weber Ruth Salina y . ly . , Walter, Sandy, Hillsboro Ap. , ,kyrk A 5 4 , , 4 Weeks, Connie, Scranton fi gk: if W G 4' 6 I f -ff , is . NRE? f'2Q5Q'f?'i ,, t . . S a i, k S 1? '1 X -,,, . Q. 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B' Hostetter, Debora, Bushton ..C,i q" E ::' 433' K, 3 Molder, Patti, Kansas City r is Nelson' Mary' Niles X in E:r Spruytte, Kathleen, Shawnee ' iiii 5 fs X1 - 'YQ A 34 wa .ff . 342 K Gulf 'Gb' 1 B .SQMV ,f 0,1 . 'lf 'fu' 'inf ,. .. .'. 1' K'-. .J x., xn ' -.X f ,F . , . . '-L, 'D .fn l V,--4' 2. ',1.. ,f'5p-X P i dJvxAx'wL4 av, .. , wi A R . ails. I - 3'-1' ' , a Q ii? .0 f"'75wf'1 ..., ,- . .gff -Q- 1 X 4"-5' .f 4. .V Facklam, Linda, Junction City, Fr. Adams, Steve, Wichita Adkins, Robert, Leavenworth Affolter, Dennis, Morganville Albers, Shirley, Grinnell Alexander, Doris, Greeley Alexander, William, Leavenworth tie. s ft , ,t si e if t X , - '- K X4 ti? Applegate, Kaye, Marion A' Arganbright, Sharolyn, Shawnee j ' S as , Asp, Lynn, Green l J, Austin, Susan, Grand Junction, Colo. , V Ball, Marlin, Eureka Badsky, Carol, Olathe Bainter, Paula, Oberlin Barger, Rosalie, Howard Barrett, Glenda, Cottonwood Falls Barrett, Linda, Baldwin City Bauer, Karen, El Dorado Beaver, Kathryn, Strong City Bechtold, Carol, Augusta Bennett, Sandy, Ellsworth Benton, Darla, Lebo Berger, Hal, Ulysses Berger, John, Abilene Berger, Robert, Collyer Bergman, Michael, Leavenworth Biggs, Debra, Lyons Blackbum, Warner, Stafford Blaufuss, Patricia, Hartford Blubaugh, Becky, Garnett Bluett, Chester, St. Louis, Mo. Bogart, Anita, Abilene Booth, Barbara, Lebo Booth, Tina, St. John Bork, Kathy, St. Marys Bowen, Kathy, Topeka Brauer, Dennis, Albert Bray, Mike, Hillsboro Bright, Thomas, Tyro Brooks, David, Topeka Brooks, Ralph, Shawnee Mission Bross, Paula, Kingman Brown, Marilyn, Kansas City Bull, Gary, Kansas City Buller, Kenton, Peabody Bullock, Deborah, Strong City Bunch, Marcia, Fredonia Burford, Brent, Milton Butel, Mary, Paola Button, Pat, Great Bend s , Q Q iii has 6 Yin 5 s f A A A t ng, ,u 3 ie it f ff f Canfield, Brenda, Los Angeles. Calif Capp, Anita, Kansas City Carlson, Jean, Burdick Carter, Kathi, Cedar Vale Cash, Jo Anne, Overland Park Cassin, John, Eureka Cation, Mark, Tulsa, Okla. Cherry, Dale, Bennington Clark, Barbara, Macksville Clark Connie, Valley Center Clark, Jean, Scranton Clark, Judy, Onaga Clark, Karen, Conway Springs 8 3 ,.,. 5 S o p h o m o r e s g is we - : -.. " . ' 6' 1 f tn. ' t ,C tg- ea ' ' v si! Y 1 J an . E fx X., I NN x AJ N XS C W I A K ' . 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Dohrman, Richard, St. Marys Donahoo, Dennis, Bay Village, Ohio Donovan, Martha, Olathe Dotts, Dianna, Burlingame Downing, Linda, Wichita Dragoo, Jane, Marysville Dragoo, Shirley, Kansas City Dunn, Theresa, Pleasanton Eaton, Libby, Wichita Edie, Grover, Junction City Edmisson, Vicki, Johnson Elenburg, Gregory, Belle Plaine Elliott, Louise, Lansing Epley, Susan, Minneola Everhart, Sidney, Topeka Fair, Patricia, Manhattan Farley, James, Wellington Feuerborn, Kathryn, Greeley Finlay, Rhnae, Meade Fischer, Steven, Ulysses Fisher, Gregory, Zenda Fisher, VVanda, Emporia Fitzwater, Donna, Abilene Fitzwater, Steven, Solomon Flory, Kathy, Lawrence Flory, Michael, Baldwin Flory, Ralph, Baldwin Forte, Muriel, Kansas City Foster, Stephen, Kansas City Fox, Michael, Wichita Fox, Norma, Stafford Franz, Jane, Inman Franz, Lynette, Inman Frederick, Virginia, Wichita Friend, Susan, Fredonia l , c ,ca ' Q ,, X ga . is, 5 -P :... i ig ,..' uuqu P. it , ,LL1 it K f X H W fpifrf LL,h 'LL, t P i if h '. l L ' I s ,ts '15 -mfg M ' S 3, 0' Sophomores M Q it X ., si g . 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Hartford, Rebecca, Wichita Hawkins, Pat, Dodge City Hayse, Sonia, Greensburg Hedrick, Frances, Manhattan Hefty, Rita, Topeka Helm, Martin, Belle Plaine Herring, William, Leavenworth Hess, Linda, Lawrence Hesselgrave, Joan, Fredonia Hixon, Elizabeth, Atchison Hollingsworth, Marsha, Prairie Village Hogue, Marlow, Eskridge Huff, Toni, Preston Huninghake, Helen, Frankfort Hunt, Dean, Lincoln Hunt, Norman, Eskridge Huston, Randy, Americus Jackson, Robert, Emporia J anke, Carol, Chapman Jenkins, Sara, Waverly Jochems, Teddy, Wichita Johnson, Diana, Alexandria, Va. Johnson, Elaine, Shawnee Mission Johnson, LaDonna, Topeka Johnson, Pamela, Halstead Johnson, Sherri, Liberal 345 i 3 M Y ' ": x i Y X , ,, i XR X A silk if Q, sas' ' li T ' 2 1 , 5 X Johnson, Thomas, Liberal Kaspar, Kathleen, Green Kelly, Karen, Emporia Kelly, Karen, Wellington Kelsey, Betty, Fredonia Kendall, Pam, Kansas City Kinsler, Leslie, Kingman Kirby, Lois, Atchison Kogler, Doris, Gypsum Kramer, Jeanette, Baileyville Lake, Connie, Cottonwood Falls Lambert, Renee, Abilene LaMons, Vicki, Shawnee Lapsley, John, Fairway Leiserowitz, Martin, Des Moines, la Lindbolm, Carol, Abilene Linn, Diana, Emporia Logan, Janet, Americus Logan, Leslie, Leavenworth Long, Shirley, Hutchinson .,.. Q3 1 s ,t if ti if . X .fr 'N 1 1 : 3 t .,.. .. ' 'N C if A at ' , Q . lf it 0 V t ' ik 1' iffy- 1 ' ' 346 Lowrey, Richard, Argonia Lyons, Larry, Emporia Malcom, Kathy, Augusta Mantooth, Gerald, Olathe Marsh, Freida, VVichita Mattox, Charles, VVinchester Mawhinter, Marsha, Hudson Mayo, Kathy, Topeka McAdam, Michelle, Cimarron McAdam, Nancy, Kingman McAdoo, Kristie, Ottawa McClain, Debbie, Paramus, N.J. McGinnis, Linda, Overland Park McGregor, Larry, Kansas City McKenna, Sheila, Leavenworth McMurray, Jim, Burlington Medlin, Jo, Riley Meers, Mary Beth, Junction City Mellott, Paul, Bonner Springs Melton, Joan, Belleville Meyers, Mary, Sabetha Mickey, Lois, Hoxie Miller, Jeanne, Solomon Miller, Larry, Winchester Miller, Stanley, Winchester Moherman, Dorothy, Manhattan Morgan, Gayla, Dwight Mullen, Sharon, Horton Mullins, VVilliam, Shawnee Mission Murphy, Robert, Whippany, N.J. Myers, Thomas, Emporia Nail, Cherylene, Perry Neal, James, Bonner Springs Neis, Carol, Eudora Newton, Karen, Gardner us - rs if , r rs, Y 5 t f . gg x - S 'W g P 1 r -.sa - if 5 M I if X5 X ., 4 - if rg W , . Q 'fl S 9 1 ff? V lvl i ' A F ii 2 . -- rss:-. . S .WA x W s it 3' E , , X W ' , N 3 ,S X l S xx . L 'PE L . , gl' 1,51 ' If: . Y ,X I if-5 Q N. r xl if 0 l as 'V " K is ' ' ,K G , :.' it rt S, , , F .h,,, . . , i , .,, 4 7 ft' t. ., I it L X Nl ' 'le L 5 he X . N 'A if 'S ,,. Q N R? I ' , Q p - e, Q QS NN Q Q .- 'K Sophomores Y ,ef -- if K s Q im, 1 V' ml' l 3 ' K V 9 S ,.,., L - H Vs if ' j , 1 1- ,eggs Q . ' . rf- i " W , ' 4 J -A l X - , m f f - X, A I S , , 'Y' A , 3 nw, sw 'S 6 ' -XX Nick, Cecilia, Kansas City North, William, Strong City Norton, Jeanne, Emporia Nuessen, Barbara, Conway Springs Nulty, Michael, Jewell Nunokawa, Janice, Honolulu, Ha. Obermeyer, Dean, Herington O'Brien, Mary Jane, Olathe Oestreich, Kathy, Linn Orndorff, Patricia, El Dorado Orr, Susan, El Dorado Owens, Julia, Emporia Padgett, Bruce, Turon Painter, Janet, Emporia Parker, Janet, Fredonia Partridge, Mike, Clay Center Patterson, Jennifer, Sublette Patton, Jerrie, Morganville Perrin, Lee, Leavenworth Pesaresi, Walt, Manhattan Peters, Elaine, Osawatomie Pettet, Sharon, VVakefield Phelon, Jane, Lyndon Piculet, Patti, Tecumseh Pierson, Dale, Denison Plum, Christeena, Scott City Podrazik, Mary, Long Beach, Calif. Porter, Jan, Valley Center Porter, Lisa, Peabody Powell, Pamela, Derby Pratt, Dennis, Stilwell Pratt, Rosemary, McLouth Protheroe, Ellen, Reading Ramey, Margaret, Spring Hill Randel, Gayle, Ottawa Rank, Ellen, Abilene Reaser, Charlene, Denison Redden, Paula, Overland Park Reder, Shirley, Mulvane Rich, Cheryl, Gridley Richardson, Wilma, Kansas City Ridenour, Susan, Admire Riley, Michael, Neodesha Rimel, Pamela, Kansas City Risley, Martha, Macksville Robinson, Laura, Overland Park Roeckers, Donald, Richmond Ronsick, Ginny, Lincolnville Rossillon, Ruth, Gridley Rowland, Constance, Liberal Rowland, Sherry, Newton Rowley, Betty, Eskridge Ruppert, Tootie, Topeka Rush, Tonda, Kansas City Russell, James, Kansas City Schroeder, Kenneth, Abilene Schurle, Bryan, Green Schuster, Candy, Hope Seamster, Susan, Cedar Vale Seats, Linda, Emporia Seiwert, Leon, Garden Plain Seiwert, Ruth, Conway Springs Sell, Rita, Plainville 347 " '-" ' f 3 K E. , , . 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L ' A it 'Silk Q, K -1. , :- X 5 Wa ., Xl? .. Sr Tatlock, Tim, Wichita Temple, Lois, Wichita Thomas, Julia, Overland Park Thomas, Raymond, Moline Timmons, Deanna, Bonner Springs Truelove, Marjorie, Burlington Tmesdell, Margaret, Leavenworth Tmssell, Lee Anne, Newton Tryon, Carol, Perry Turnbull, Mike, liskridge lfnderwood, VYilliam, Atchison Vakas, Christina, Leavenworth Van Druff, Karen, Garnett Van Leeuwen. Mary Beth, St. Paul Van Tuyl, Dawn, Burns Verschelden, Richard, Burns Villarreal, Wanda, Colombia, S.A. Vornholt, Linda, Leavenworth Vornholt, Susan, Leavenworth Walker, Lavonne, Emporia Waters, Melvin, Leavenworth Watts, Jennifer, Prairie Village VVehking, Sharon, Leavenworth Wells, Betty, Anthony Westling, Nancy, Olsburg VVheeler, Martha, Lawrence VVhite, Rodney, Marquette VVhitlow, Christine, Tecumseh Wiggans, Charlene, Delavan Williams, Jacquelyn, Kansas City Williams, Margaret, Tonganoxie VVilliams, Sheila, Leavenworth Willis, John, Belleville Wilson, Elaine, La Crosse VVinters, Rebecca, Kansas City VVornble, Kenneth, Lyndon Wulf, Brent, Cheney VVycoff, Marie, Garnett Young, Dorothy, Junction City Young, Mary, Buckner, Mo. Youngstedt, Patricia, Waterville Zale, Shelly, Leawood 7' 349 Adams, Linda, Garnett Albee, Deborah, Hiawatha Albers, Patricia, Grinnell Ammel, Linda, Leavenworth Applegate, Priscilla, Augusta Bachelder, Constance, Benton Bachtel, Donald, Leavenworth Bailey, Terry, Topeka Ballard, Larry, Haviland Barden, Ronald, Osawatomie Barnes, Phyllis, Wichita Barnett, Gail, Leavenworth Bartley, Joyce, Powhattan Bauer, Linda, Lenexa Beaver, Terry, Winfield Beck, Margaret, Russell Beckmon, Orval, Colony Beebe, Dianna, Minneola Begshaw, Steve, Paola Bennett, Harry, Blue Springs, Mo. Bennett, Linda, Smith Center Benson, Mike, Heringtori Bertels, Carol, Nortonville Bishop, Kathleen, Atchison Blakesley, Jeanne, VVelda Blanks, Sherron, Kansas City Blanton, Jim, Americus Blaufuss, Thomas, Hartford Blunk, Kay, Hazelton Blunk, Monte, Hardiner Bowman, Teressa, Holton Boxberger, Cyndi, Russell Boyle, David, Belle Plaine Bralley, Eugene, Lawrence Brewer, David, Olathe Brewer, Joseph, Mineral NVells, Tex. Brockway, Sarah, Ottawa Brooks, Linda, Emporia Brown, Brent, Eureka Brown, David, Mt. Hope Buenning, Jane, Abilene Buhrle, Sandra, Hutchinson Burkholder, Thomas, Peabody Burnett, LeAnna, Hutchinson Bush, Mary Ann, El Dorado Caldwell, Linda, Garnett Call, John, Valley Falls Callender, Terry, Hanover Cammel, Lee Ann, Eureka Cantrell, Merlene, Vtlichita Carlson, Kathryn, Chanute Carlson, Lois, Dodge City Cartwright, Patricia, Osawatomie Casto, Rogene, Wichita Chance, Ron, Easton Clark, Darry, Haviland Claeys, Greg, Arlington, Tex. Collier, John, Garden City Combs, Larry, Wichita Cowan, Emma, Topeka Cowell, Jerry, Caldwell Cox, Jim, Emporia Crafton, Roger, Kansas City . A x , E . N lt 'A-A 'if K - liz? . 5 . t, 'Y sl X ft! eg , , , it -M -' .':C.' A . . ,. ,.... . . 1 4. N Q 1. 1 - .,s?'s?::- - .5 .- . V. . K :- fat nv Q ll 1 Q :- 4 X .' 0' K we X 1 Hz: ix I F 'Q Luk a' Was is X s' A .., F .. 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Darling, Gail, Burrton Davis, Christine, Emporia Davis, Delores, Lincoln Davisson, Peggy, Plevna Dawley, Johnny, Dodge City Deets, Jeannine, Oxford Derstein, Barbara, El Dorado Dickinson, Kenneth, Augusta Dieker, Susan, Westphalia Dunn, Michael, Carbondale Dykes, Diana, Beloit Eaton, Barbara, McPherson Edwards, Nancy, Topeka Ericson, Larry, Randolph England, Jane, Hutchinson Enlow, Donna, Dodge City Evans, Larry, Kansas City Farrell, Kenneth, VVameg0 Fesmire, Mary, Edgerton Fields, Kenneth, Bucklin Fitzmaurice, Adrian, Norton Fixsen, Pamela, Goodland Flory, Joyce, Baldwin Fluke, Bobby, Turon Francis, Robert, Overland Park Franklin, Roberta, Shreveport, La Freidell, Linda, Kansas City Fuller, David, Emporia Fu rsman, Sharon, VVe1da Garretson, Patrick, Newark, N.J Gasche, Cynthia, Hartford Girvin, Judy, Kansas City Glover, Joyce, Kansas City Go nterwitz, Michael, Leavenworth Gotthardt, Sherri, Emporia Gough, Verna, Mankato Grady, Patrick, Herington Gress, William, Axtell Griffie, Howard, Hill City Grimm, Shirley, Sabetha Groening, Sheryl, Hillsboro Gruber, Trudy, Salina Wfmlbsl. 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Iiams, Judy, Herington Ingels, Pamela, Savonburg Ingold, Linda, Kansas City lsenberg, Deborah, Prairie Village Jackson, Marcia, Leavenworth Jahnke, Sharilyn, Powhattan Janzen, Lonnie, Geneseo Jeannin, Phil, Leavenworth Jeffery, George, Horton Jenkins, Linda, Kansas City Johnson, Barbara, Ottawa Johnson, Janice, VVellington Johnson, Linda, Emporia Jones, Alan, Emporia Johnson, John, Eureka Jones, Kathy, Lawrence Jones, Lloyd, Phillipsburg Jones, Marvin, ElDorado Joyce, Diane, Kansas City Juhl, Nancy, Wathena Kaeding, Robert, Leavenworth Kern, James, Herington Kirby, Jeanette, Tonganoxie Kliewer, Ruth, Hillsboro Klotz, Tom, Leavenworth Kniesteadt, Kristyn, Marysville Koch, Carolyn, Elmdale Kuhn, Lorine, VVakeeney Lane, Marianne, DeSoto Lane, Mary, Clay Center Lane, Susie, Overland Park Langdon, Kathleen, Olathe Langley, Shirley, Emporia Lansrud, Linda, Leavenworth Larsen, Phyllis, Burns Lassetter, Stevi, Annapolis, Md. Laster, Jeannie, Holliday Latimer, Kenneth, Colony Lawrence, Jeff, Salina Lickteig, Timothy, Greeley Link, Mary, Fort Scott Lipp, Jeffrey, Sterling Lippert, Vonda, Green Littlejohn, Lonnie, Bonner Springs Lonard, Jerry, Valley Falls Mallam, Ronald, Clyde Mar, Jeannie, Great Bend Markham, Judy, Denver, Colo. Marks, W. T., Oskaloosa Martin, David, Chanute Mattix, Linda, Ellinwood Mauck, Marvin, Goddard Maus, Tina, ElDorado McCamman, Sharon, Lathrop, Mo McChesney, Sally, Munden McConnell, Mary, Kansas City McDaniel, Kathalien, Arkansas City McDaniel, Melvin, Emporia McEwen, Susan, Wichita , lx 1: X 5 up . 3 t K fi 1 All ' 1 E. 1 an 'g ,,, , H f' ."' xt-JM . X ., ,S-K ., . fam, 'Q x c i Xi 1' , a Q . :.. 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Reinecker, Nancy, Wellington Repuyan, Evelyn, Junction City Reynolds, Suzanne, Abilene Rittgers, Jerry, Salina Rodriguez, Tomas Manuel, Cuba Rohleder, Ronald, Topeka Rohr, VVilfern, LeRoy Rossillon, Linda, Wichita Ruhnke, Candace, Junction City Runnells, Kent, Basehor Rupert, Sondra, Lyons Rutherford, Pat, Conway Springs Sanders, Shari, Barnard Satchell, Mark, Brooklyn, N.Y. Saunders, Patty, Overland Park Say, Sharlyn, Alma Schirmer, Dana, Overbrook Schnoke, Penny, Ottawa Schopp, Ellen, Beatrice, Neb. Schwindt, Linda, Olpe Schwinn, Harold, Leavenworth Scott, Jerry, Fredonia Seaman, Kevin, Augusta Deck, Barbara, Hutchinson Sedlacek, Jenifer, Hanover Sondra, Augusta Rita, Tonganoxie Seymour, Sheeh an, Shepard, Shepard, Kathy, Fort Scott Shepherd, Mike, Wellington Shoemaker, Judy, Lebo Simonson, Patricia, Waketield Simpler, Janet, Junction City Singer, Linda, Parker Carol, Fort Scott Juniors Qwiw Al QE L W 5 ,f N ! 1 ii Q M' " ' ' s "' +A Q ' Q 0 I ,rt TW- -i, Taft, 5 2 . h' 1 S 1 M . 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Truman, Wanda, Louisburg Tull, LaWanda, Kansas City Turlay, Karen, Kansas City 'lH1rner, Karen, Tonganoxie Uhl, Nancy, Scranton Van Zuiden, Joyce, Lawrence 357 wif. XX X i E X X - , -Q 3 X ,I , , , X sm ,gwwv ,M N i X W g 5, . x W X " ,Q fre , . ,ffl ie my. 1 '32 ' : f- ., 1 ,f ,t N ,E f .gg .F U. 1 N as no ..,,, :,: . 5. Q, -- 5 : X X : H' . , 2 .. f :Effie S by . f fi M A- , . Q 3,1 'T' fe f 5, . X - is - - -5 X- i se I' , . x Q 4 , l ' , . l, 2 in kfv- -K 7L-X .sa Yf ,, g ,M,..,,,,,,,,,, kg., we -Q . ,. , is A f tx-Q F QQ I T: . 9 Qs W , iw , 1. A- , W i f ,TN 2 W X ,. fr' pb "si, - -at - I' ' wg! -N NN, .N wt.. -sc, , X , - , S W 3 X: TA V xi Varenhorst, Jan, Marion Voss, Lana, Murdock Walls, De Wayne, Bushton Walters, Clark, Wichita Warrington, Cynthia, Modoc Waters, Marvin, Leavenworth Waters, Randy, Emporia XVeir, Suzy, Plainville Vkleispfenning, Ethan, Winchester VVells, Patsy, Olathe Werner, Gregg, Wichita VVeston, Catherine, Emporia Westrup, Douglas, Lyons VVhaley, Sarah, VVellington VVhightsil, Donna, Topeka Whitaker, Mary, Reading White, William, Council Grove VVhitson, Marvin, VVhitewater VVilhelm, Carolyn, Wichita VVilkerson, Carolyn, Shawnee VVillcott, Beverly, Chanute Williams, Dennis, Leavenworth VVilliams, Rosalind, Emporia Williams, Shirley, Leavenworth Williamson, Anita, Dodge City VVilliamson, Susan, Topeka Wilt, Rose Mary, Hutchinson VVise, Donna, Lawrence Wise, Thomas, Emporia VVolf, Larry, ElDorado VVright, Nancy, Emporia Wylie, Bonnie, Humbolt Yamada, Terry, Hilo, Ha. Yamasato, Mary, Kapaa, Ha. Yeager, Linda, Larned , , J Yoder, Carol, Peabody uniors 51 is s so .,.2,::,:i.ti, . I .1 . :gg sw , , ' ,. . 5 A A Q. X if 3 Seniors H lv e 'iw X si Abrams, Jeannie, Pratt Adamson, Anita, Moline Adamson, Sue, Moline Adan, Ahmed, Sheikh, Somalia Adee, Marilyn, Miltonvale Ailens, Charles, Hamilton Ainsworth, Dennis, Ottawa Alcorn, Kathy, Kansas City Allemank, Richard, Lyndon Allerheiligen, Frances, Hanover Allerheilegen, Gary, Hanover Ames, Bruce, Ottawa Anderson, Garold, Thayer Anderson, Karen, Everest Anderson, Larry, Thayer Anderson, Sara, Topeka Anderson, Steven, Wichita Andres, David, Coffeyville Andrew, Sue, Prairie Village Anton, Greg, Ensign Arganbright, Suzette, Shawnee ws, ,., 359 Arisumi, Anne, Kahului, Ha, g , tt Arnold, Nancy, Kansas City, Mo at 1 ,, rr- 2 , , QD- t N. - 1 A?y5W J , , g , ' Q 1, T- Arwood, Polly, Lyons A kkk' kv" D, 'W , g X ' f- 4 Ashford, James, Wichita f , gl . 'V f- i" B Atchison, Leonard, Overbrook i K1 it - t 1 ' B B B - A illl t ! 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Bell, Nancy, Kansas City SX i Benett, Alma, McPherson X I 3 215, Bennett, Morris, Ottawa H ' if Benyshek, Linda, Cuba is Berger, Janellyn, Collyer 'W 'A Bernhardt, Barbara, Hillsboro Biggs, Carole, Madison Bills, James, Arkansas City Bitikofer, Melva, Hesston Boekhaus, Terry, Richfield Bohrer, Sara, Douglass Boles, Margaret, Effingham 's Q Q . , .1 .- Seniors 360 .. e I L K it My 'ww 11,5 ie, ,,,,:'.:gf.,'f ,f ., ai .5-".'-3, , . . . ,j,, ,, , Qi n , 5 ig mt :Q m a i 4 B 3 Q sa ws " 33 Nan.- Q 1? L f fl' ltd.: ,vu S .- , Mi! ,V ,L S x 'xg' . N. Qi ej- iid 1 .5 W. . xx NV ss in 'E ,. X N: .. ,, - - -waz! if .: 2 J i ,L iff' ' E:: Y'-ii 3- 2 T, A S+- M Ji' , it F s .ar it we s , X A , 'S .-, Bomholt, Arlene, Cheney Boss, Barbara, Bennington Branaman, Karen, Topeka Brickell, Sharon, Emporia Brooks, Linda, Topeka Brown, Jane, Chanute Brown, Marjorie, Sterling Brown, Sandra, Mildred Browning, Margaret, Overland Park Brunner, Julia, Herington Bunker, Gordon, Hutchinson Burch, Becky, Emporia Burge, Nicki, Girard Burger, Jane, Mulvane Burrichter, Cynthia, Dodge City Byrun, Linda, Augusta Caldwell, Lawrence, Garnett Carlstrom, Linda, Basehor Carothers, Vanya, Kansas City Carra, Judy, Havana Carter, Joan, Coffeyville Chaney, Marilyn, Denton Clevenger, James, Kansas City Cline, Dan, Emporia Cole, Gary, Garnett Collins, Jeannette, Williamsburg Coltrane, Mary, Iola Compton, Wilma, Neosho Falls Connell, Linda, Junction City Cook, Mary, Emporia Cooper, Betty, St. Petersburg, Fla. Corrado, M. Isabelle, Overland Park Cosens, Laurie, Prescott Crawford, Joan, Valley Falls Crome, Alan, Westphalia Crum, James, Leavenworth Crumb, Karen, Emporia Crumrine, Mary, Chanute Crumrine, Robert, Chanute Cushinberry, Dale, Topeka Cutting, David, Halstead Cutting, Jean, Halstead Dalsing, Kay, Sabetha David, John, Kingman Davis, Waunie, Emporia Davisson, Georgetta, ElDorado Dawson, George, Elmdale Dayhoff, Linda, Osage City Deeke, Delayne, Hubbell, Neb. Delmott, Dennis, DesMoines, Ia. Demoret, Billy, Princeton DeSe1ms, James, Topeka DeVore, Clifford, Oxford DeVore, Lois, Liberal Dick, Susan, Kansas City Dill, Barbara, Sterling Diller, Melvin, Hesston Dirks, Renee, VVakeeney Dodd, Sandy, Clay Center Doerr, Teresa, Leavenworth Doll, Barbara, Wichita Downing, Rogena, Atchison Dreher, Mary, Topeka 361 .sf . . .- xg 'X X N s X ss-,I Q-:sir-ses: Q sh, .st ' A 5' N ,, t X . as X , 5 X i ' Q it wr ' ggfif, . , Q t' i to Q gl P X kit E Q , . :lsr a ZF c i . 'G . ssss Q ., B -S T f Q I iii ' , qx , . 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Fretz, Loretta, LaHarpe Fretz, Phillip, Iola Fukuyoshi, Diane, Wailulm,Ha,, Fursman, Sheila, Welda Gales, Larry, Belpre Galle, Bruce, Moundridge Gamba, Patricia, Osage City Gantenbein, Doug, Abilene Garms, VVilla, Mulvane Garwood, Gary, Oberlin Geroge, John, VVashington Germeroth, Dale, Hanover Seniors Gibb, Lu, Cottonwood Falls Gill, James, Salina Gillman, Peggy, Independence Godfrey, Kenton, Waverly Goheen, Midielle, Topeka Goldman, Dean, Lawrence Goldman, Margaret, Emporia Good, Robert, Marion Goodpasture, Shirley, Valley Falls Gowen, Carol, Coffeyville Greer, Barbara, Independence Grieshaber, Nancy, St, Marys Griffin, Sharon, Leavenworth Griffin, Steven, Cottonwood Falls Griggs, James, ElDorado Grote, Roxy liea, Phillipsburg Groyon, Rick, Junction City Grubb, Rhonda, Anthony Gumm, Dennis, Ottawa Haehn, Gary, Burlington Hamman, Eloise, Hartford Harris, Gary, Kansas City Hastings, Gloria, Valley Center Hastings, Marlys, Emporia Hawkins, Georgia, Lyons Hayes, Deborah, Dunlap Heath, Linda, Burns Harden, Marilyn, Goodland Heger, Karolyn, Hugoton Hein, James, Durham Helmbold, Trula, Tribune Henderson, Guyla, Arkansas City Hessman, Ronald, Dodge City Hetzel, John, Colony Hiebert, Karen, Walton Hildebrandt, Nancy, So. Hutchinson Hill, Bonnie, Colony Hill, Bruce, Emporia Hindman, John, Minneola Hoch, William, Emporia Hoffman, Marshall, Independence Holdeman, Art,Jr., Cottonwood Falls Holdeman, David, Emporia Holdeman, Marg., Cottonwood Falls Holeman, Cheryle, Coffeyville Holland, Ruth, Bucyrus Hollinger, Terrill, Wichita Holmgaard, Kent, Ackley, Iowa Holmgaard, LuAnna, Wichita Seniors Holtz, Steven, Independence Honeycutt, Beth, Humboldt Hoover, Lyle, Lawrence Horst, Carolyn, Abilene Howard, Loria, Burlington Howbert, Judy, Topeka Huff, Johnnie, Winfield Hull, Iris, Waverly Hurley, Lee, Dodge City Hurley, Michael, Dodge City Huttig, Pamela, Wichita Immenschuh, Steven, St. Marys Iverson, Stephen, Mulvane Iwaszczuk, Thomas, Rockaway, Jackson, Janice, Salina Jacobson, Jerry, Hope Jacques, Jo, Arkansas Jaksa, Joan, Kansas City James, Forest, Waverly James, Karen, Kansas, City J obe, James Jr., Hillsdale Johnson, Dona, Pontiac, Mich. Johnson, James, Lawrence Johnson, Julie, Junction City Johnson, Lee, Emporia Johnson, Roger, Yates Center Jones, Candace, Burrton Jones, Donald, Netawaka Jones, Kristine, Topeka Jones, Marleah, Burrton Jones, Phyllis, Kansas City Jones, Wendy, Oakley Joslin, Marita, Arkansas City J uhnke, Stanley, Inman Katzer, Dennis, Greeley Kear, Dennis, McKeesport, Pa. Kearney, Mary, Belpre Keazer, Melody, Marion Kellum, Barbara, Osage City Kelly, Elaine, Cottonwood Falls Kemp, Karen, Augusta Kern, Linda, Mayetta , uv" 1 . sf i.a,.X- Q .. s 'W XXX As a fp.. s 3,- I , is Su . , sig x U s ss ,.. . 3.5. , Q , K ' ' . :if .. a s 'rf X is X I I NX . ...:- f , , ,,o ,,,,,, . ,, ,,, , , X, N Q X X X s X Cm S , X 3 XX X X fi 9 -. . vt X . - X ,ls t X 'K -Q K if if X X X s a ,. s 6 Q M . W, Qin X 'VX 35 V . x gg X as -X :sf sew its Rgn9wwQEg . isrr s ,Q 5.4 - it ,W I E ? Vxik ,, fiz Q-W-' . x. f2m:mXs,f A ' CCCL Q -- 3:5512 '-Xie VN'- : Ease: gi if: -A ' ' gt H' .f fl "" f A il l' lt' --Q s.gssgn eg g 'x t -'fff - 1 V' 'WSP rx ,... 1 L., ,,,, . ., K 1313, .v 4' , X X if K , ,,. ,N . , .,,. , .. 3 'R K K 1 W as W Y es Q s .s ., . . . .. .. .- t .., ' . .W . im 5 ,, , 1 N , rm ,. .", S' . ' , .-, 4 'Q-we-Q , as Q' if ssmsvac s,feaw . ,Q . .giggxi , ,EE 25357 V' 3 -. - , new ze 2 'i'iw ss, ,a' iii . HQ? EES! , 1135 J? ss? Sllfg . Ms. igfi,i,5g liiiaglti ss. L 925-. -ll' , ,X Q XX , ,,Qy t, ESS 3151 , , . r nw . , K RN, , Qi 3, j Q E t t 54 i V -we ' a' I f 1 .--..J J,,, J .zfi- mei.-s 5- 0 i. ":.' -- sei E X . .,,. Xt X lo -el-ek 2 WQQQ .ga , , xx 2 3 Q 'X KSC 5.3 -5' .egii v gg 3 X 33,-, , Xs , ,,, x li x 3 E Q L, W... :sw X Q 3 km, sg ,s S ' Q - - i s ' I fire? C l3?4-.. if I ix 2 . ,X sl ,is .as 3 I X Q Q I , ss S ke E . S3 35, Q is ,I , It i 4 s fpi.. ' -ififjl lg- K W -f' V54 '1 up 5 ii ' I 2575 Q, it I - t Newman' weave sf- -.S,sff..2z.m-.. .... - -- ta: ,ay Q . ' f 'r f'fVY f.gg1i,- lQIfTEgERlQg1 fl EgiT5ragE 1 if I' . ' g I sSamqsi' EE? 5' ' M ,,,, I . . 'K 11.1 .- W fi F l .., ha ,Q in gs? H H r . kgs, - Q ,I :,:.,,,. of X .' :Z tr " . ' X -. 22555 Eggs ,Q ..SF ,sasxxssmns .. ss,-.fs U K 'ssaswi , Q- x , ..,,. , fl: 5 ,.... 3 1,2 'I' is 'nw?eiEW',1 - 3. Xt YK' 9 X0 X N .... XX X 'X we XX X Q S Q X Q .:,ff- S. . sais .X I. g . .. my .s g . QL X Q sss I ,l ,. -re, 'eva' :sittin ,-'-. , .... , - . -. --,,. 363 --a as i" ' 5:.'.:gfgs- sr.- .- W:-i 1 ,L 1- ,UQ 1, b t Q . t Q , . Y tr. . iilftyu X 'E X if 1 N- s 5 w we ss. Q Q, it ,X Q X B ll . M 1 is , Se Q -k,. qi 3 .L s I tt it if 364 ,gif Kibler, Larry, Atchison King, Robert, Lawrence Knackstedt, Barbara, McPherson Knackstedt, Cameron, Windom Koch, Carrol, Emporia Koch, Kathy, Arkansas City Koch, Robert, Topeka Koken, Diane, Overland Park Koop, Linda, Kansas City Kostelac, Celine, Kansas City Kramer, Ronald, Vermillion Krehbiel, Rozella, Wichita Kussmann, Mary, Kansas City Kyle, Karen, Kansas City Lagerstrom, Dwayne, Madison Larrison, Stanley, Holton Latzke, Eugene, Lancaster Ledder, Robert, Rocky Hill, Conn. Lee, Dana, Hays Lee, Wayne, Topeka Lewonczyk, C., Newington, Conn as , F t Q5 X? N PE W Q X 'E sm ' is --. A, - s s ,Qi E: Fi ul 41:8 . W, , f W f Q 2. fa X ' if' J f 2 wf i ,or f , Wig , , f ,fv- , f i bt X . M - .. g 'A ,, Mk XX si X . ,. . I 'N' X J , K 'E ' V.. ' ' ' -iv . ,, y , A:,:...h, XX if -'.,, siiis i . Q -A 1 -Q Lichtenberger, Michael, Newton Lieban, James, Moline Lindsey, Barbara, Pomona Linton, Jerry, Wamego Livingston, Jack, Dodge City Ljungdahl, David, Dodge City Lloyd, Marietta, Wichita Lombardi, Vince, Ridgefield Park, N.J. Long, Richard, Mound City Longhofer, Janet, Lebo Lundy, Judith, Hiawatha Lyman, Phillip, Knoxville, Iowa Lyon, Marylyn, Dodge City Lyons, Edna, Topeka Mallardi, Donald, New York, N. Y. Malone, Corrine, Moline Marcellus, William, McPherson Marcotte, John, Bushong Marquart. Georgia, Topeka Martin, Virginia, E1Dorado Markham, Joe, Denver. Colo. Marshall, Harold, Spring Hill Massaro, Frank, Cliffton, N.J. Massengill, Ruth, Caldwell Matthews, Marvin, Albuquerque, N. McAdam, Shirley, Oskaloosa McAtee, Jamie, Waterville McCarthy, Mary, Paola McCartney, Joe, Wichita McClure, Chris, Arkansas City McCoy, Linda, ElDorado McCrary, Jana, Kansas City McCurmick, Larry, Rush Center McDonald, Doug, Topeka McGinnis, Sandra, Emporia McGinnis, Shirley, Fredonia McGuire, Marilyn, Cherryvale McNees, Sally Sue, Caldwell Meador, Donna, Eureka Melton, James, Belleville Meyer, Jeanie, Kansas City Miller, Darlene, Dover M 'T' it -N. V, , it ,,,, it . Q ki- O ' ' NE' g L, " Q fu-:wi - t :bu it .t W . as --. . , Q -A , , . S s ft I N 12 366 Er l -S' et xii, Q Mitchell, Donna, Blue Mound Miller, Gay, Emporia Miller, Kay, Larned Miller, Ruth, Spivey Mitchell, Debbi, Pittsburg Moe, Linda, Derby Moeller, John, Overbrook Morford, James, Madison Moore, Joseph, Livingston, N.J. Morris, William, Punxsutawney, Pa. Morrison, Gary, Mullinville Mueller, Glenn, Halstead Murphy, Pamela, St. Marys Nelson, Janie, Concordia Nelson, Loretta, Wichita Nevitt, Mary, Emporia N iedfeldt, Errin, Paxico Noel, Paul, Lansing Northern, Randolph, Kansas City Northern, Teresa, Dodge City O'Flynn, John,Prairie Village Olatayo, Bankole, Oro'Ago, Nigeria O'Neil, Margaret, Wellsville Osborne, David, Hesston Owen, Barry, Valley Center Oyster, Shirley, Paola Pinter, Brenda, Emporia Palmer, William, Newton it ex Q-N, A s r l "1" 1 ' Q52 S Q 2 si. S .t S' xx? X , X X QS 4 Tests, X X A Ci? Q 3 3 - X s Q 3 s . ,. .L.. .sv 'O i ? f 4 l ,5W , 35 Y , Q S ii - C. like l Pammenter, Steve, Scott City Pankaskie, Anthony, Hartford Pappalardo, Jos., Wethersfield, C Parker, Hal, Clearwater Payne, Rose, Kansas City Perkins, Carol, Howard Perkins, Perry, VVellsville Persin, Patricia, Kansas City Peters, Dennis, Iola Peter, Loretta, Ottawa Peter, Veryl, Clay Center Petterson, Nancy, Syracuse Pholucci, Anthony, Atchison Pike, Charles, Medicine Lodge Pike, Jean, Medicine Lodge Powell, Ryland, Orange, N.J. Powers, Danny, Liberal Powers, Mary, Leavenworth Pracht, Frederick Jr., XVestphalia Purcell, Jan, Valley Center Putman, Judith, Lindsborg Quiring, Thomas, Newton Ramey, Phyllis, Spring Hill Ramirez, Valerie, Horton Redford, Hal, Leavenworth Rediker, Sharon, Durham Reed, Philip, Emporia Regier, Dianna, Burrton Reinecker, Patricia, VVellington Renicker, Julie, XVichita Reynolds, Richard, VVellington Rhodes, Donna, Madison Richey, Patricia, ElDorado Ridenour, James, .Junction City Rigdon, H. Lewis, Emporia .- 'I' Q 'I "1 1 'rs 1 il 1 1 y . . . . . . . . . , - , Seniors f i Q si iegfffsr 3 5 We Nw X f. wg! Q , e A Q R is fs Q N X W, wa " ii 1' if " x X1 S ' A ? 368 3 Riffel Douglas White City ' 'lr' Rittgers Sharyl Salina Rising Derryl Burden Robinson, Pamela Topeka Robinson Richard Piqua Rodman Raymond Perry 5 , 2 y v , Roberts, Randy, Peabody Rogers, Joan, Kansas City NEI' Rohleder, Elizabeth, Topeka Rohr, Alana, Topeka Roth, John, Olathe Rowland, Vicki, Pratt Roy, Elizabeth, Benton Ryan, Terence, Emporia Sanchez, Claudio, Caracas, D.F. Venez, in all Saiki, Renard, Wailuku, Maui, Ha. Sanders, Steven, Masonville, Iowa ,, . Savacool, Charlotte, Wichita Schauf, Janet, Augusta KH Schermerhorn, Barbara, Junction City Schilling, Janice, Onaga nf. Jig- i si if ,S if S at X Ries x Nuf f S K le .x,, ,,,.. , . 2 ' 12 ' .2135 5 K -Q -fa, X N 'E X N ..4,rH.,.. ., -isa 'Q- in ,- , e, sgas .L . 31552, ,L , ,, seg, Q, 1, S if ti X ,Q , S S so t s a sf, SS km E , ii nw E si. kL-k L . -- i ..-X- X ., i -we 1' is as N X 3 T gs X 'A e. I 4: se- .1 -as if i " - 'is5iT'f:.5f:l:? - ': G. 3 x t N, 2- ,:-- , su, 1 N, we ,fi y j i X K , X Q- S Q ss it f sis if , , 4 S Q S X - N X ,f GPN Y x i S Xxx, 1 s .. . xg ,J , . 2 mi Q it ft. -r .1 .i k- 3 f QL: . , 'hm t .lt -e is-- - ,ff-: , ..7Z: eff bg if' ,, S ttttit 4, l? a t . in s wt Q xo , fgesemess ,. ,law ,eva s ss s is Q 3 X 55,5 t if in XX S ,S 52 gs gg .am R . xx-L EiP'fefS'1- ..t. sk S S 2 X, s. we ii! D' fi ? -- 1121- ' G fail-i x Sf? 3 , , ,Q ,, N Q 5 X 569 X5 Q S 5 wg ' ' ' t ss X, , , l 5, Q X , is W M S kEi1" ' ti it Schmitt, Kathleen, Haven Schneider, Linda, Garden City Schoolcraft, Daniel, Fredonia Schultz, Marge, Olpe Scott, Sherry, Haven Seiwert, Virginia, Conway Springs Shaffer, Leland, Melvern Shaw, Rosemary, Ventnar City, N.J Sheehan, Kathleen, Tonganoxie Shields, Connie, Waverly Shumate, Joan, Elmdale Sigel, Coleen, Cottonwood Falls Simms, Jane, Kansas City Simons, Lois, Kansas City Simonson, Jim, Wakefield Sims, Bruce, Emporia Slabaugh, Garold, Strong City Sloan, Sheridan, Emporia Smith, Barbara, Soldier Smith, Donald, Cimarron Smith, Elaine, Arma Smith, Gregory, Topeka Smitheran, Claudia, Garnett Soden, Lois, Lancaster Sowers, James, Leonardville Spalding, Kathleen, Emporia Springston, James, Iola Stebbins, Verna, Oskaloosa Stiner, Helen, Emporia Stogsdill, Donald, Lawrence Stolfus, Wanda, Emporia Stotts, Joyce, Emporia Stuewe, Gerald, Alma Sukimoto, Merle, Kahului, Ha. Swarts, Jeanette, Osage City Switzer, Suzanna, Abilene Takamori, Howard, Kahului, Ha. Tallman, Jim, Chanute Tamayose, Ernest, Honolulu, Ha. Taylor, J anioe, Parsons Tegethoff, Mary, Beattie Tesar, John, Lawrence Thomas, Alva Jr., Huntsville, Ala. Thomas, Delpha, Emporia Thompson, Beverly, Topeka Thole, Elizabeth, Marion Thye, Connie, Hillsboro Tinderholt, Eric, Decorah, Iowa Toellner, Delmar, ElDorado Tracy, Kathleen, Wellington Tracy, Michael, Syracuse Trammell, Judith, Humboldt Treece, Randall, Great Bend Trombla, Nancy, ElDorado Tubach, Cora, Glasco Tuckel, Virginia, Lawrence Tudor, Phyllis, Holton Ulbrich, Judy, Hutchinson Underwood, Grace, Berryton Underwood, Tim, Atchinson Vandaveer, Walter, Neodesha Van Sickle, Joan, Emporia Vaughn, Marilyn, Leavenworth 369 -Vx Q-L 'N-. i w N Q2-Q-., ! Q Q f Semors Vickers, Valerie, Topeka Vincent, Carl, Pratt Vinette, Janet, Howard Vieux, Philip, Dodge City Von Rohr, James, Harveyville Wager, Ann, Leavenworth Wagner, Beverly, Emporia Wagner, Raymond, Emporia Waidley, Susetta, Emporia Waner, Bernard, Peabody Ward, Craig, Chanute Warren, Jeanne, Medicine Lodge Watson, Janna, Neodesha Watts, Lydia, Spearville I ,, ' '- K if ' S X N ,ot if vc is E 2 N' . N S iii., Q X k f-55 gsf at , :: 'iii' , xx 1 s, N .L L , g .,-, '- V Ifvssaises 1 rs- A ' ., 5 ,-: 1,-gg? .I li- 1:-is - S. , - if t . , , ssts e . -- .KL. ,X + 7-2 5 u r 1 ,N,t, v,,,. J, fwjw , W ff P54545 ff jfjfwu 4 ' L I J 1 .4 Wav ff i f " 2 az, l my , , J :st ft as--si. . g ., , .,., seg'-V irr ,E -..',: i: s ,. 15.- ...K ,. ,g igs-,. ..Ak.......s..W fv. r r ..,L:, t ze H . i im' t s ss s ss s g P Ss RE t , L ,I AS rBl,Q.:v:5'a ei - . .V esta ' ':'fr5.:hs"'es1v 4: ra Qs' g, yferw.. 5 is S x iw ,. , X if Q -- i ::' : Q er A . . .,,,,,,.,,X- .5 I 2 1 '-7 5 as sg ,S is ' 5 '51, af ., 5335 ,AEE , i ii vt 5 F5 at is .. v ggi gs Q S S 1? gf! Q 1 it X' ' l a i A' l . 1 x Q Y fe K- 'i!"'2 ls' t . ,F H ,sts ,-5, X X XI Qs ,gt H 1 . t A 5 YQBQ an wi 9 5 K if K 4,41 is 'Si nffu-. n . ai ss . . - e R xx X ww.. H .. : f , 'wetn ess Waugh, Peggy, Kansas City Weatherbie, Patricia, Fort Scott Weeks, Pamela, Scranton Weiser, William, Topeka Weishaar, Roseann, Nortonville Welch, Greg, Hutdiinson Welton, Myron, Junction City Wendling, Rita, Olpe Wertenberger, Linda, Emporia West, John, Dighton West, Susan, Arkansas City Westrup, Larry, Lyons Westrup, Marcia, Great Bend Wheeler, Loring, Baston Svobo da, Vickie, Coffeyville VVhinery, Donald, Pleasanton Whitaker, Robert, Rartoul White, Claudia, Kansas City White, Gloria, Erie White, Jesse, Bonner Springs White, Marjorie, Salina White, Ramon, Coffeyville White, Ronald, Salina Whitehair, Joseph, Hope Wiggins, Judy, Eureka Wiles, Elinor, Stafford Williams, Janet, Ashland Williams, William, Waverly Willis, Larry, Wellington Willis, Stanley, Willis Wilson, Alan, Lamont Wilson, Linda, Fredonia Wilson, Opal, Sedan Winkelbauer, Caroline, Horton Winn, Elvin, Howard Winquist, Janice, Vermillion Winter, Paul, Emporia Winters, Ann, Topeka Winters, Rachel, Kansas City Wolff, Gary, Madison Workman, Linda, Burlingame Worland, Diane, Topeka Wright, Richard, Coolidge Wuthnow, Rosalyn, Lyons Yoho, Ann, Liberal Yong, Vera, Beloit Yousuf, Jama, Afgoi, Somalia Zebley, Linda, Olathe Zehr, Carol, Hesston if s as , U - ,Ag f , ,Q ,.,... ,, Q walk? - ef w sv 1-. - i f .2 1 Y 2 -. iwilyb ff ,Q , ' Q A v pliq ! S fi I , Q3 S f 9 3 Seniors if X U 4 as if si 4 Q 'vt R -ffl: We a 3 'Mg ,Q- K W H S D ,Sas 0 M: , 3' Q , is is . r ,si r B ,JB yi X Si X U fi r 1 ., , -:, -: .f sis ,f-. ,msg X li SX? M Q ,F , ., " it 3 , ,.,. ,5 it , , wah 0, gy 6 N i Q N wi ' s Ile Ol' lk W tl Ill! il 5 iggitkigsi 112:97-3 ,,,n,,u nu-Fifa lg, 1 431. un : r . ,. W , S, N ,, Q , 372 Graduates Zimmerman, Donald, Alta Vista Nanney, Mary, Emporia Handley, Barbara, Troy Harden, Linda, Abilene' Humphrey, Jeri, Mulvane Keller, Dick, Lyons Robinson, Barbara, Virgil Turner, Linda, Claflin Walling, Donovan R., K. C. Mo. Weber, Jane, Coldwater Roth, Linda, Emporia Waidley, Susetta, Emporia Gatlin, John, Paola, Fr. Jones, Martin, Lebo, Fr. Maisch, Lyman, Osawatomie, Fr. O'Conner, Brenda, Topeka, Fr. Boyer, Jan, Bonner Springs, So. Earleywine, Karen, Horton, So. Fousek, Kenneth, Mitchell, S.D., So. Vogt, Ranney, Hillsboro, So. Greeve, William, Wash . D. C., So. Lindaman, Leslie, Aplington, Ia, So Amatya, Badri, Kathmandu, Nepal AuGuste, Gladys, Queens, N.Y. Brazzell, Cecil Jr., Harper Bruch, Sharon, Kingman Das, Ramesh, Hanumannagar, Nepal Drapel, Trudy, Cuba Everoski, Robert, Locust Valley, N.Y Fair, Nancy, Raymond Foster, Neal, Penalosa Laipple, Patty, Wathena Ohaebosim, Linus, Biafra Nikfarj am, Daniel, Emporia Manandhar, Krishna, Nepal Jackson, Brenda, Chanute Haynes, Carolyn, Fresno, Calif. Hudspeth, Kathryn, Kinsley Stronh, Gary, Emporia Stark, Judith, Wichita Traylor, Jack, Emporia Watson, Grace, Sharon, Pa. 373 Qa 'I' Rx -is if 51, X. Q N, , : Q , . ..:. F .,.,. A I ' ' Q ' 374 ' f -2. f,:,s - g Warrick, Lorine, Grand River, Buford, Stanley, Leavenworth Singer, Linda, Parker, So. Middendorf, Linda, Jr. Davis, Elizabeth, Potwin, Sr. Fuller, David, Emporia, Jr. Iowa .X fgg-xv! Q. S i T S? rw fig- i 3 x wg, M ,.f: --rs X 2 --we 'ss 'KI' ',,f3i,L QQ' .77 4 -1' W' S ' f 2 JT. ' 4, . fd xp. ,A K, :gem 'A., + ig? -Nx x., Q... g,. , if X X Nha J, 375 A Cappella Choir, 178 Administration, 135 Alpha Beta, 163 Alpha Pi Omega, 240 Alpha Theta Rho, 167 Art Department, 166 Associated Women Students, 253 Aquettes, 163 Baptist Student Union, 249 Baseball, 112 Basketball, 98 Best Dressed Coed Contest, 64 Beta Beta Beta, 169 Biology Department, 168 Black Student Union, 257 Blue Key, 260 Board of Regents, 132 Brothers Interested in Fraternity, Bulletin Staffs, 278 Business Department, 149 Caduceus Society, 169 Campus Choir, 249 Candy Cane Contest, 51 Cardinal Key, 264 Cheerleaders, 255 Circle-K, 242 CIRUNA, 190 Collegiage 4-H, 246 Cross Country, 96 Delta Pi Epsilon, 270 Education Division, 198 Elsie Pine, 206 English Department, 170 Epsilon Pi Tau, 160 E-State Players, 194 Football, 86 Foreign Language Department, 172 Freshman Talent Show, 28 Freshmen, 328 Gamma Delta, 252 Golf, 118 Graduate Students, 372 Greeks, 287 Health and Physical Education Division, 161 Homecoming, 40 Home Economics Chapter, 157 Home Economics Department, 156 Hui O'Hawaii, 244 Industrial Arts Club, 159 Industrial Arts Department, 158 Interfraternity Council, 284 Intramurals, 120 Jujitsu Club, 269 Juniors, 351 Kappa Delta Pi, 203 Librarianship, 204 Library, 205 376 General Index Marching Band, 181 Math Department, 174 Men's Chorale, 180 Men's Residence Hall, 230 Miss Emporia State Contest, 65 Miss Peggy Pedagog, 39 Miss Sunflower Contest, 61 Mu Epsilon Nu, 202 Music Department, 176 Newman Club, 243 Off-Campus Housing, 234 Orientation Week, 23 Panhellenic Council, 285 Phi Beta Lambda, 151 Phi Mu Alpha, 178 Physical Science Department, 188 Pi Delta Phi, 173 Pi Gamma Mu-Social Science Clu Pi Lambda Theta, 201 Pi Omega Pi, 155 President, 132 Psi Chi, 197 Psychology Department, 196 Quivira, 171 Rodeo Club, 244 Roger Williams Fellowship, 251 Seniors. 359 Sigma Alpha Iota, 179 Sigma Delta Pi, 172 Sigma Gamma Rho, 269 SEA, 200 Social Science Division, 190 Sophomores, 243 Speech Department, 193 Spurs, 254 Stingers, 248 Student Senate, 267 Summer School, 72 Summer Theatre, 80 Sunflower Staff, 280 Symphonic Band, 185 Symphonic Choir, 182 Symphonic Orchestra, 184 Tau Beta Sigma, 177 Tennis, 116 Theatre, 68 Track, 106 Treble Clef, 179 Union Activities Council, 265 Veteran's Club, 247 Vigilantes, 245 Who's Who, 258 Women's Physical Education Club, 162 Women's Recreation Association, 164 Women's Residence Hall, 212 Wrestling, 104 Xi Phi, 282 1 Student Index Abbott, Roy 182 Abbott, Sandra 182 Abel, Lester 159, 308 Abrahamson, Sonja 252, 328 Abrams, Jeannie 358 Ace, Becky 295 Ackeret, John 159, 160 Adams, Donald 310 Adams, Jacqueline 328 Adams, Linda 251, 351 Adams, Robert 301 Adams, Stephen 343 Adamson, Anita 358 Adamson, Sue 358 Adan, Ahmed 358 Adee, Julia 290 Adee, Marilyn 358 Adkins, Geri 328 Adkins, Odis 343 Adkins, Theodore 180, 182 Adler, Ted 247 Affolter, Dennis 343 Aikens, Charles 358 Ainsworth, Dennis 358 Akins, James 328 Albee, Deborah 182, 351 Albers, Patricia 206, 351 Albers, Shirley 190, 343 Albert, Janet 328 Albertson, James 309 Albrecht, Karen 328 Albright, Jolene 182, 288 Alcorn, Glynda 358 Aldape, Virginia 197, 199 Alexander, Barbara 182 Alexander, Doris 206, 343 Alexander, Janis 328 Alexander, Jeannie 249 Alexander, Joyce 349 Alexander, William 343 Allemang, Richard 358 Allen, Donald 160 Allen, Norman 182 Allerheiligen, Franc 358 Allerheiligen, Gary 358 Alpaugh, Ronald 302 Alvord, Anita 155 Amatya, Badri 372 Amego, Robert 182 Ames, Bruce 247, 358 Ammel, Linda 203, 351 Anderson, Becky 206 Anderson, Carol 298 Anderson, Elizabeth 194 Anderson, Garold 358 Anderson, Karen Faye 358 Anderson, Karen Louise 292, 328 Anderson, Larry 358 Anderson, Leslie 248,328 Anderson, Mark 316 Anderson, Myra 182, 298, 328 Anderson, Robert Dean 328 Anderson, Sara 358 Anderson, Severt 240 Anderson, Steven 358 Anderson, Wayne 284, 312 Andre, Carolyn 285 Andree, Georganna 169, 254, 258, 283, 293 Andres, David 358 Andrew, Sue 243, 358 Andrews, Bruce 305 Anschutz, Rebecca 164 Anton, Gregory 358 Applegate, Kaye 343 Applegate, Priscilla 351 Arasimowicz, Donald 202 Arb, Rita 218, 298 Arganbright Sharolyn 343 Arganbright, Suzette 169, 358 Argubright, Susie 328 Arisumi, Anne 244, 360 Armstead, Ann 249 Arnett, Arnett, Amold Arnold Harriet 290 Linda 220, 328 , Kathy 328 , Nancy 360 Axwood, Polly 360 Ashbaugh, Norman 160 Ashford, James 360 Asp, Linda 343 Ast, Thomas 314 Atchison, Leonard 360 Atherly, Frank 160 Atkinson, Diana 360 August, Judith 155, 203, 360 Augu st Austin, Aveni, Ay res, e, Gladys 173, 372 251, 343 Kenneth 329 Rita 294 Aytes, James 329 Bachelder, Constance 218, 351 Bachtel, Donald 351 Badders, Cheryl 360 Badsky, Carol 343 Bahr, Debra 181, 185, 329 Bailey, Craig 312 Bailey, Marianne 249 Bailey, Marsha 218 Bailey, Shirley 182 Bailey, Terry Dianne 351 Bainter, Paula 182, 343 Bainum, Brenda 329 Baker, Buddy 360 Baker, Doyle 360 Baker, Janet Lynn 360 Baker, Linda 199, 360 Balding, Pamela 288 Baldwin, Robert 310 Ball, Marlin 343 Ball, Ronnie 317 Ballard, Betty 360 Ballard, Larry 351 Ballard, Ron 307 Ballou, Charles 300 Balloun, Mary 291 Bambick, Mary 329 Bansom, Deborah 299 Barbee, Deborah 360 Barber, Charlotte 360 Bard, Stephen 313 Barden, Ronald 251, 351 Barefoot, Joe 304 Barger, Rosalie 343 Barker, Judith 218 Barksd Barnes, ale, Velita 249 Donald 317 Barnes, James 308 Barnes, Phyllis 179, 218, 351 Barnett, Gall 351 Barone , Roy 329 Barr, Jane 329 Barrett, Barrett, Glenda 254, 343 James 360 Barrett, Linda 343 Barstow, Roberta 182 Bartkoski, Sharon 248, 295 Bartley, Joyce 280, 351 Basore, Carolyn 200, 360 Bass, Donna 289 Bauer, Karen 343 Bauer, Linda 351 Bauer, Mary 182, 360 Bauer, Susan 329 Bauman, Betty 329 Bauman, Vivain 194 Baxter, Deborah 360 Bay, Charles 360 Baysinger, Cheryl 182, 329 Beardsley, Joyce 360 Beaver, Kathryn 343 Beaver, Terry 351 Bechtel, Barbara 360 Bechtel, Kenneth 360 Bech tol d, Carol 343 Beck, Margaret 172,201,351 Becker, Gertrude 295 Beckmon, Orval 351 Bedford, Daphne 155 Bedigrew, Mary 164, 218 Beebe, Dianna 351 Beebe, Marcelene 329 Beeman, David 284, 316 Beeman, Joseph 329 Beeson, Beth 299 Beeson, Wanda 329 Beezley, Kari 248, 329 Begshaw, Steven 160, 351 Bell, Charles 159, 160 Bell, Jane 206 Bell, Louann 289 Bell, Nancy 360 Bell, Prudence 206 Belsha, Dennis 159, 313 Belton, Mark 310 Bender, Elaine 182 Benett, Alma 360 Benett, Russell 159 Benignus, Linda 290 Bennett, Harry 351 Bennett, Linda 351 Bennett, Morris 360 Bennett, Sandra 343 Bennings, Maurice 160 Benson, Michael 351 Benton, Darla 182, 343 Benyshek, Linda 360 Beran, Judith 182 Berg, Buddy 329 Berger, Hal 343 Berger, Janellyn 360 Berger, John 343 Berger, Robert 181, 182, 185, 343 Bergman, Michael 343 Bergmann, Patricia 201 Bemhardt, Barbara 360 Bernha.rdt, Kathy 329 Berquist, Julie 329 Berry, Janice 246 Bertels, Carol 351 Bertels, Dianne 329 Betty, Daniel 329 Beyer, Barbara 329 Beyer, Vicki 290 Beyer, William 182 Bmdek, Mark 300 Bickford, Mary 184 Biehler, Thomas 329 Biggs, Carole 360 Bilderback, Theodore 304 Billam, Terry 329 Bills, James 159, 360 Bird, Allen 206 Birkbeck, Maxine 200 Birney, Neil 190 Bishop 182 Bishop 351 Bitikofer, Melva 360 Bivens, Jeffrey 182 Black, James 329 Black, Patricia 288 Blackburn, Carol 295 Blackburn, Warner 343 Blahut, Jeanette 182 Blakesley, Jeanne 351 Blakesley, Cathy 182, 329 Blanks, Nina 329 Blanks, Sharon 269, 351 Blanton, Jim 351 Blaufuss, Patricia 190, 343 Blaufuss, Thomas 351 Blaurock, Gary 329 Bledsoe, John 329 Blocher, John 302 Blubaugh, Rebecw 343 Bluett, Chester 343 Blunk, Kay 351 Blunk, Monte 351 Bodam, Gary 180, 181, 1 Boden, Nancy 206 Boekhaus, Terry 360 Bogart, Anita 343 Bohn, Ronda 295 Bohrer, Sara 360 82, 185, 309 Boles, Margaret 360 Boles, Walter 168 Bollinger, Lynne 283, 290 Bolton, Stephen 168 Bomholt, Arlene 361 Bond, Brenda 329 Bond, Jay 185, 181 Bond, Stephen 314 Bonfield, William 300 Bonny, Francis 178, 181, 184, Book, Betty 329 Bookhaus, Terry 179 Booth, Barbara 199 Booth, Christina 343 Booth, Dana 253, 329 Booth, Mary 164, 165, 343 Borders, Monte 329 Bork, Kathleen 343 Borklund, Stephen 202 Boss, Barbara 246, 361 Boss, Nancy 329 Bottiger, Jerry 315 Bourgeois, Julie 329 Bove, Susan 165 Bowden, Robert 180 Bowell, Julie 172 Kathy 181, 185, 343 Bowen, Bowers, Karen 182 Bowers, Sharon 182 Bowers, Sue 290 Bowman, Theresa 351 Boxberger, Cynthia 351 Boyer, Janice 372 Boyer, Vicki 290 Boyle, David 351 Boyles, Leslie 199 Braksick, Robert 309 Bralley, Eugene 351 Branaman, Karen 206, 361 Brandon, Linda 181, 185, 329 Brandt, Lee 251 Brandt, Nancy 179, 182, 290 Brasier, Lois 294 Brauer, Dennis 343 Bray, Micheal 343 Brazzell, Cecil 372 Brecheisen, Adelia 206 Brehm, Eugene 168, 300 Breidenstein, Larry 329 Breittenbach 329 Bremer, Steven 329 Brewer, Carol 181, 182, 184, Brewer, David 182, 202, 351 Brewer, Dellane 169, 329 Brewer, Joseph 351 Brewer, Joyce 329 Breyfoggle, John 206 Breymeyer, Dale 182 Brickell, Sharon 361 Bridge, Maralyn 329 Bridges, Mary 329 Bridgman, Robert 283, 305 Briggs, Debra 169, 343 Briggs, Joann 182 Bright, Thomas 343 Brining, Linda 329 Brinker, William 160 Brinkman, Marvin 310 Briscoe, Molly 290 Brock, Gayle 300 Brock, Janice 179, 182 Brockway, Sarah 351 Broockerd, Dennis 309 Brooks Brooks, Brooks, Brooks y David 343 185 185, 329 Kathryn 169, 252, 329 Linda 351 Brooks, Linda Sue 361 Ralph 343 Brooks, Roger 249 Bross, Paula 343 Bross, Phillip 329 Brown, Brent 351 Brown, Daniel 308 Brown, David 351 Brown, Fredrick 329 Brown, Jane 203, 361 Brown, Janet 291 Brown, B row n, Brown, Judy 182,329 Kathy 283,285,289 Marilyn 243,343 Brown, Marjorie 361 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brow n, Brown, Brown, Brown, Browni Pamela 329 Patricia 329 Ronald 191 Ronald T. 180, 182, 308 Sandra 199, 201, 203, 301 Sharon 244 Shirley 249 Steven 169 Wilburn 249 ng, Margaret 361 Brownrigg, Rodger 329 Bruce, Kathryn 290 Bruch, Sharon 327 Bruckner, Debra 329 Bruning, Roger 305, 258 Brunner, Delora 329 Brunner, Julia 361 Bryant, Marilaine 172 Buchnan, Joe 303 Buckley, Mark 329 Buehler, Becky 298 Buenning, Jane 351 Bues, John 317 Buessing, James 313 Buffalow, Sharon 155 Bufgrd 372, 249 Buhaug, James 247 Buhrle, Sandra 351 Bull, Gary 181, 185, 303, 343 Buller, Kenton 343 Bullock, Deborah 343 Bumsted, Nancee 329 Bunch, Marcia 343 Bunck, Margaret 329 Buney, Nal 191 Bunker, Gordon 361 Bunnell, Johnny 300 Burch, Rebecca 206, 361 Burford, Brent 343 Burge, Nicki 217, 218, 220, 361 Burger, Jane 361 Burkholder, Thomas 351 Burnett, Leanna 351 Burney, Patrick 181, 182, 184, 185 Burney, Richard 181, 184, 185 Burns, Beverly 329 Burrichter, Cynthia 361 Burrow, Jimmie 317 Busby, Jeanne 254 Busenbark, Mary 330 Bush, Maru 351 Buster, Steven 182 Butel, Mary 199, 218, 243, 246, 343 Buttenhoff, Gwenda 330 Button, Patricia 343 Butts, Cynthia 203 Byrum, Linda 361 Caldwell, Lawrence 240, 361 Caldwell, Linda 351 Call, John 351 Callender, Terry 168, 351 Calvert, Susan 295 Cammel, Lee Ann 351 Campbell, Bonnie 293 Canfield, Brenda 343 Cantrell, Merlene 351 Caple, Damon 249 Capp, Anita 182, 197, 218, 343 Carduff, Cynthia 290 Carlson, Jean 343 Carlson, Kathryn 351 Carlson, Lois 351 Carlstrom, Linda 361 Carmichael, Kent 315 Carothers, Vanya 361 Carra, Judy 361 Carroll, Michael 312 Carson, 164, 330 Carter, Beverly 172, 361 Carter, Kathi 343 Carter, Rosanne 330 Cartwright, Patricia 201, 351 Cash, Jo Anne 343 Cason, Phyllis 199 Casselle, Larry 330 Cassin, Jamie 330 Cassin, John 343 Castleberry, Robert 330 Casto, Rogene 351 Cation, Mark 240, 251, 343 Caywood, Douglas 259, 283, 31 1 Champieux, Janice 253, 288 Champney, Marie 330 Chame, Archie 351 Chaney, Marilyn 361 Chapman, Joy 330 Chatterton, Michael 284, 301 Chauncey, Janie 291 Cherry, Dale 343 Chiba, Melvin 244 Childs, Everett 181, 184, 185 Christian, Elisa 289 Christianson, Paul 284, 317 Christy, Merlin 182 Churchman, Kathleen 182 Cindric, Jerold 168, 308 Claeys, Gregory 351 Clardy, Kyle 330 Clark, Ann 184, 330 Clark, Barbara 343 Clark, Clifton 351 Clark, Constance 218, 343 Clark Clark Clark , Danny 181, 185 , Jean 181, 185, 251, 343 , Juanita 330 Clark, Judy 343 Clark , Karen 343 Clark, Linda 344 Clark Marilyn 330 Clark: Opal 181, 185, 251, 344 Clark Clark Clark Clark , Pamela 330 , Rhonda 182 , Steven 309 in, Sarah 243, 330 Clayton, James 301 Clements, Catherine 344 Clemons, Joann 330 Clendening, William 344 Cleous, Cleta 181, 185, 330 Clevenger, J amas 361 Cline, Daniel 361 Cline, Richard 344 Clinkinbeard, Cindy 181, 185 Cloud, Roberta 217, 218 Clough, Guy 303 Clune, Betty 289 Coatney, Mary 206 Cobb, John 330 Cobb, Kinley 305 Coble, Eddie 330 Cochran, Charles 317 Cochran, Janet 295 Coffee, Guy 206 Colaw, Carolyn 197 Cole, Gary 361 Cole, Jim 181, 185 Coleman, Mary 294 Coleman, Wilda 294, 330' Collier, John 169, 351 Collins, Jeannette 361 Collins, Philip 306 Coltrane, Mary 199, 361 Combs, Larry 351 Comley, Charlotte 184 Compton, James 312, 330 Compton, Patricia '344 Compton, Vicki 330 Compton, Wilma 199, 361 Connell, Linda 165, 361 Conrady, Phillip 269, 330 Cook, Kenneth 344 Cook, Mary Jane 203, 361 Cook, Rick 271 Cook, Robert 315 Cooksey, William 181, 184, 185 Cooper, Betty 269, 361 Cooper, Janet 330 Cope, Bruce 344 Corbett, David 180, 303 Cordon, Beverly 344 Corrado, Mary 361 Correll, James 315 Cortiana, Mary 155 Cosens, Laurie 361 Costello, Patricia 289 Cottes, Paula 289 Cottrell, Patricia 330 Count, Susan 330 Courtney, Charles 316 Courtney, Clifford 169, 284, Courtney, Kim 285, 295 Cowan, Emma 351 Cowan, Marsha 330 Cowell, Jerry 351 Cowley, David 184 Cowperthwaite, Carol 289 Cox, Gary 330 Cox, James 351 Cox, Marcilyn 330 Crafton, Roger 351 Cramer, Rhonda 290 Crandall, Ann 330 Crandall, John 344 Crane, Gene 169 Crawford, Donald 249, 352 Crawford, Joan 361 Crawford, Michael 352 Creighton, Gerald 344 Criger, Carla 182 Crill, Susan 344 Crocker, William 184 Crome, Alan 361 Cronn, Charles 159 Cronn, Ma.rtha 206, 352 Crosley, Edwin 352 Cross, Kay 352 Crouch, Mark 344 Crowl, Leonard 314 Crum, James 316, 361 Crum, Jerome 316, 344 Crumb, Carolyn 330 Crumb, Karen 361 Crumrine, Mary 361 Crumrine, Robert 361 Crupper, Lanny 303 Cryderman, Janet 330 314 Davis, Christine 352 Davis, Delores 177, 181, 185, 201, 252, 352 Davis, Elizabeth 374 Davis, Harold 247 Davis, Marilyn 330 Davis, Robert 159 Davis, Terry 311 Davis Thomas 306 Davis, Waunie 361 Culbertson, Randy 181, 182, 185, 344 Cummings, Ginger 330 Cummings, Victoria 330 Cummins, Robin 182 Davison, Connie 290 Davisson, Georgetta 361 Davisson, Peggy 352 Dawley, Johnny 352 ' Dawson, Teresa 221, 292 Dayhoff, Linda 361 Decker, Johnie 344 Decker, Stephen 191 Decoursey, Joseph 308 Deeke, Delaine 247, 361 Deery, Lynne 254, 288 Deets, Jeannine 352 Deewall, Marleen 330 Defrees, Trudence 344 Defare, Kenneth 249 Degarmo, Deborah 330 Dehoney, Nancy 182 Delisse, Pamela 330 Dell, Debra 330 Delmott, Dennis 361 Delong, Ava 330 Demoret, Billy 361 Dennett, Daniel 244 Dennis, Daniel 30- Dennis, James 284 Denton, Joan 330 Depew, Donald 308 Derrick, Thomas 182 Derstein, Barbara 352 Desch, Vincent 344 Deselms, James 361 Deshazer, Carolyn 330 Dettweiler, Jayne 330 Devore, Clifford 361 Devore, Lois 361 Dewater, Beverly 197 Deweese, Karel 291 Deweese, Terry 344 Dick, Susan 361 Dickey, Charlene 330 Dickinson, Kenneth 352 Dickinson, Richard 178, 180, 190, 1 Didde, Teri 164, 203, 258, 283, 291 Dieckhoff, James 330 Cunningham, Bishop 181, 185, 249 Cunningham, Melvin 206 Cunningham, Nola 249 Cunningham, Vicki 330 Cupples, Ronald 330 Curfman, Carolyn 352 Curtis, Pamela 299 Curtis, Virginia 179, 182 Cushinberry, Dale 361 Cushinberry, Paula 249 Cutting, David 361 Cutting, Jean 361 Dagenette, Noel 181, 185 Dailey, Barbara 330 Dakotas, Daniel 352 Dalsing, Kay 361 Daniel, Linda 173 Daniels, Roberta 197, 251 Daniels, Virginia 251, 246 Danielson, Carolyn 177, 179, 181, 185 Danielson, Vanessa 330 Darling, Gail 352 Darnell, Sharon 330 Das, Ramesh 372 David, John 361 Davies, Thomas 301 Dieker, Marilyn 330 Dieker, Robert 181, 182, 185 Dieker, Susan 181 Dieker, Susan Jeanet 181, 352 Dieterich, Dale 300 Dietz, Jolana 179, 330 Dilark, Dorine 344 Dill, Barbara 182, 361 Diller, Melvin 159, 160, 361 Dillon, Wynona 330 Dios, Frances 341 Dirks, Renee 36 1 Dittemore, Ruth 173, 288 Ditzler, Ditzler Larry 311, 330 Richard 310 Dixon: Marian 181, 182, 185,249 Djajich, Mun 182 Dobbs, Lynetta 330 Dobkins, Sandra 344 Dodd, Sandra 201,361 Doerr, Dohrm Teresa 251, 361 an, Richard 344 Dolaal, Sherry 330 Doll, Barbara 361 Doman, Michael 317 Domke, Kerry 330 Donahoo, Dennis 240, 344 Donley, Terry 301 Donovan, Deena 254,, 293 Donovan, Martha 344 Dorr, Betty 288 Doss, Jo 330 Dottis, Dianna 177, 181, 185, 344 Dowler, Leslie 182, 292 Dowler, Linda 182, 292 91, 303 Downey, Kathleen 252, 330 Downing, Linda 217, 218, 344 Downing, Rogena 361 Doxon, Jo 254, 248 Doyen, Ginger 330 Draggo, Mowary 344 Draggo, Shirley 344 Drake, Joe 330 Drake, Thomas 313 Drapel, Trudy 372 Dreher, Mary 361 Driscoll, John 206 Drosselmeyer, Charle 362 Duggan, Mark 313 Dumm, Joe 362 Duncan, Carolyn 181, 185 Duncan, Nadine 182 Dunn, Michael 352 Dunn, Theresa 344 Dunn, Wayne 330 Duroni, Roger 362 Dusher, Deborah 330 Dwight, Betty 331 Dwyer, Diana 331 Dyke, Vicki 169, 331 Dykes, Diana 218, 352 Earleywine, Karen 372 Easterling, Patricia 331 Eaton, Barbara 352 Eaton, Libby 344 Edie, Grover 344 Edmisson, Diana 169, 292 Edmisson, Vicki 254, 344 Edwards, Alfred 182 Edwards, Jane 194, 289 Edwards, Nancy 352 Hlwards, William 312 Eggers, Miriam 206 Eisele, Michael 181, 185 Eisenhauer, Cynthia 182,280 Ekberg, Kristin 331 Ekholm, Richard 331 Elder, Nelda 206 Elenburg, Gregory 181, 185, 344 Elkouri, Sara 291 Elliott, Joan 289 Elliott, Louise 344 Elliott, Patricia 331 Ellis, Kathy Jo 331 Elrod, William 160 Emerson, William 282, 283 England, Barbara 244 England, Jane 352 Engle, Linda 253, 290 Engle, Marsha 182 Engle, Wanda 289 Enlow, Donna 352 Enright, Jana 182, 206, 295 Ensminger, Cheryl 331 Entrikin, Karen 331 Enyart, Jeannette 331 Epley, Susan 344 Epps, Muriel 249 Ericson, Alfred 181, 185 Ericson, Larry 352 Blick, Melanie 331 Etzel, Sharon 169, 331 Eubank, Otto 160 Euler, Rebecca 331 Eustioe, Robert 190 Evans, Cheryl 182 Evans, Dan 304 Evans, Larry 352 Evans, Margaret 194 Evans, Marilyn 168, 169 Evans, Ronald 304 Evarhart, Sidney 168, 344 Everoski, Robert 372 Facklam, Linda 343 Fahrbach, Tim 284, 304 Fair, Nancy 372 Fair, Patricia 182, 344 Falkenstien, Kathy 331 Farley, Carl 362 Farley, James 344 Farmer, Carol 159 Farrar. Linda 182, 251, 362 Farrar, Steven 331 Farrell, Joan 331 Farrell, Kenneth 240, 243, 352 Fasse, June 252 Fassold, Carol 182, 248, 252, 294 Fassold, Cathy 182, 248, 252, 294 Faucek, Ken 271 Fauss, 251, 362 Faust, Jim 271 Feaster, Raymon 313 Feaster, Robert 313 Fecht, Richard 244 Fein, Paul 191 Feiter, Bill 310 Feldman, Kathy 331 Feltham, Jane 182 Fenske, Margret 181, 182, 185, 252, 331 Ferguson, Virginia 362 Ferman, Larry 317 Fesmire, Mary 181, 185, 352 Fesy, Terry 362 Feuerborn, Janice 206 Feuerbom, Kathryn 344 Fewish, James 311 Fiedler, Shirley 293 Fielder, Connie 331 Fields, Kenneth 180, 251, 352 Fields, Mary 295 Fienhage, Jean 331 Finch, Linda 283, 285 Fink, Diane 182, 206 Finlay, Rhnae 217, 219, 344 Finn, .Jeanne 331 Firestone, Ray 206 Firki.ns, Stephen 306 Fischer, Steven 344 Fisher, Dennis 181, 182, 185 Fisher, Gregory 182, 344 Fisher, Wanda 344 Fitzmaurice, Adrian 352 FitzSimmons, Lynn 160 Fitzwater, Donna 344 Fitzwater, Steven 344 Fixsen, Pamela 182, 352 Flack, Virginia 331 Fleagle, Roberta 331 Flentie, Perry 307 Floberg, Robert 362 Flood, Gordon 331 Flory, Barbara 331 Flory, Joyce 352 Flory, Kathryn 244, 344 Flory, Michael 344 Flory, Ralph 344 Fowler, Constance 253, 295 Fowler, Pamela 179, 184 Fox, Michael 344 Fox, Norma 344 Fox, Sherry 289 France, Richard 362 Francis, Robert 352 Frankenbery, Rebecca 177, 181, 184, 185 Franklin, Roberta 269, 352 Fransham, Mellodie 331 Franz, Jane 206, 290, 254, 344 Franz, Lynette 218,344 Frechin, Marilyn 362 Frederick, Virginia 182, 344 Frederickson, Gorman 305 Frederiksen, Larry 247 Freeberg, Barbara 165 Freed, Philip 159 Freese, Theodore 243 Freidell, Linda 179, 352 french, Martin 314 Fretz, Loretta 362 Fretz, Phillip 362 Frick, Josephine 181, 185, 331 Fried, Stephen 269 Friend, Susan 179, 182, 344 Frisco, Sandra 269 Fritts, Clifford 181, 182, 184, 185 Fritze, Joe 269 Frost, Debbie 169,331 Frownfelter, Stanley 315 Fry, Katharine 248, 331 Fujisaki, Mark 313 Fukuyoshi, Diane 203, 244, 362 Fuller, David 182, 352, 372 Fuller, Douglas 182 Fulton, Patricia 331 Fursman, Sharon 352 Fursman, Sheila 362 Furuyama, Ricky 244 Fyler, Janet 292 Gabel, Mary 206, 243 Gaither, Robert 331 Gale, Constance 177, 179, 181, 184, 185 Gale, Gary 180,181, 185 Gales, Larry 362 Galle, Bmce 362 Gamba, Patricia 362 Ganapini, Mary 206, 253,331 Gantenbein 362 Gardner, Gregory 345 Gardner, James 180,331 Garms, Willa 362 Garretson, Patrick 352 Garrett, Ginny 288 Garton, Philip 181, 185, 331 Garwood, Gary 362 Gasche, Cynt.hia 206, 246, 352 Gatlin, Johnny 271, 372 Jim 300 Geist, Marvin 180, 182, 331 Geldhof, Marcia 294, 331 George, John 362 Flottrnan, Melvin 247 Flowers, Dallas 331 Fluke, Bobby 352 Flummerfelt, Danny 312 Folck, Roberta 182 Folck, Susan 177, 181, 184,185 Foncannon, Catherine 288 George, VVilliam 309 Gerbus, Bernard 243 Gerdel, Stephen 182 Gerhardt, Kenneth 182 German, Mike 311 Gemieroth, Dale 362 Gibb, Deanne 345 Foos, Robert 315 Ford, lien 284, 300 Ford, Donald 362 Ford, Joyce 331 Ford, Kenneth 310 Forte, Muriel 344 Foster, Neal 372 Foster, Penny 253, 288 Foster, Stephen 344 Foulks, Nita 190, 191, 285, 2 Fousck, Kenneth 372 Fowler, llarbara 182, 331 93 Gibb, Deloris 362 Gicalone, Jill 294, 331 Giesel, James 309 Gifford, Jeanne 182 Giger, Alan 332 Giggy, Darla 288 Gilbert, Janis 218, 345 Gilkeson, Paula 332 Gill, James A. 362 cmiaspy, Jefferson isi, 182, 184, 185 Gillespie, Mary 332 Gilliland, William 316 Gillman, Peggy 362 Gilmore, Julie 332 Gilstrap, Martha 332 Gimple, Barbara 294 Gingerich, Pamela 332 Girvin, Judith 352 Gish, Stephen 159 Gleue, Sandra 206, 293 Glick, Virginia 182 Glover, Joyce 249, 352 Gnagy, Cheryl 164, 332 Goad, Raymond 317 Godfrey, Kenton 362 Goedert, Nicke 332 Goering, Jodie 179, 182 Goering, Sheri 332 Goertz, Cynthia 332 Goff, Sara 206 Goheen, Michelle 165, 362 Goldman, Richard 362 Goldsmith, Margaret 362 Gomer, Carl 301 Goma, Patricia 332 Gonterwitz, Michael 352 Good, James 182 Good, Paulette 290 Good, Robert 362 Goodpasture, Shirley 362 Goodson, Neal 178 Goodwin, Joseph 194 Gordon, Jean 345 Gorman, John 345 Gomp, Nancy 285,292 Gottes, Paula 254 Gotthardt, Sheryl 352 Gough, Verna 352 Gourley, Ralph 315 Gowen, Carol 362 Grady, Patrick 352 Gragg, Kathy 332 Graham, Cynthia 332 Graham, Mary 332 Grandin, Margaret 332 Granger,Janet 332 Green, Jadene 248, 332 Green, Jan 182, 332 Green, Judy 206 Green, Nancy 182, 345 Greene, Deborah M. 345 Greenwood, Linda 332 Greer, Barbara 362 Greeve, William 312 Gregwire, Barbara 345 Gress, John 240, 243, 345 Gress, William 240, 243, 352 Grewing, Lorrita 332 Grieshaber, Nancy 362 Griflie, Howard 352 Griffin, Julia 289 Griflin, Sharon 362 Griffin, Steven 362 Griggs, James 362 Grimes, Martha 206 Grimm, Shirley 352 Grimme, Nancy 206 Grimshaw, Ann 345 Grimwood, Charles 311 Grindal, David 333 Groening, Sheryl 181, 185, 352 Groff, Michael 180 Grogan, .Janice 295 Gronquist, David 308 Grote, Larry 271 Grote, Roxy 362 Groves, James 181, 185, 345 Groyon, Richard 362 Grubb, Rhonda 362 Gruber, Trudy 352 Grumbein, Darence 353 Guerrant, Marsha 333 Gumm, Dennis 362 Gumm, Vicki 353 Gummig, Lynn 345 Gunn, Rosemary 353 Gunn, Sylvia 295 Gushiken, Thomas 244 Gustafson, Karen 182, 184 Guth, David 240, 243, 353 H Habiger, Diane 243, 353 Hada, Jaoqueleen 244, 353 Haddon, Judith 333 Hadley, Frederick 283 Haehn, Gary 362 Haemmerle, Carolyn 333 Haffener, Steven 202 Hageman, Cheryl 333 Hager, Jean 290, 333 Hager, Lois 206 Hague, Roxanne 333 Hahn, Leonard 300 Haile, Margaret 292 Hajek, Mary 333 Hakenholz, Janet 258, 283, 288 Hale, Beverly 218, 353 Hall, Carol 194, 280 Hall, Kathleen 345 Hallenbeck, 353 Hamill, Linda 345 Hamilton, Anita 333 Hamilton, Denise 291 Hamm, Hamm, Bonnie 353 Linda 333 Hamman, Eloise 362 Hammerschmidt, Donald 311 Hammond, Philip 284, 305 Hammons, Gay 181, 182, 185, 309 Hand, James 317 Handby, Jean 290 Handley, Barbara 182, 199, 203, 372 Hanis, Mary 248, 294 Hanke, Janis 345 Hanlon, Joanne 290 Hanlon, William 304 Hanlon, Wilma 291 Hanna, Clarinda 179, 182 Hannah, Cheryl 333 Hannah, Sarita 206 Hanney, Dan 160 Hanson, Carl 303 Hanson, Daniel 182 Hanson, Debra 285 Harden, Linda 372 Harden, Marilyn 362 Hargadine, Jo 293 Harkins, Victor 159 Harrelson, James 303 Harris, Harris, Ardalia 333 Carmelita 181, 185 Harris, Gary 362 Harris, Holly 290 Harris, Kathryn 249, 333 Harrison, John 317 Hart, Geraldine 249, 353 Hart, Polly 353 Hartenbower, Cheri 181, 185 Hartford, Rebecca 345 Hartman, Charles 314 Hartmann, Christine 248, 333 Hartshom, Kathy 333 Hartsook, Robert 259, 283 Hartwich, Cindy 333 Hastings, Carol 291 Hastings, David 169, 181, 185, 333 Hastings, Gloria 362 Hastings, Marlys 259, 285, 291, 362 Hatfield, Dua ne 249 Hatfield, Georgene 206 Hatfield, Richard 249 Hauser, Larry 306 Hawkins, Connie 165 Hawkins, Georgia 206, 362 Hawkins, Patricia 345 Hawthorne, Cynthia 333 Hawthorne, Carol 333 Hawthome, Nada 206, 292 Hayden, Carol 182 Hayes, Deborah 182, 203, 362 Hayes, Lavonta 249 Haynes, Carolyn 372 Hayse, Sonia 345 Hayward, Susan 290 Headley, Dean 309 Heath, Linda 362 Hebb, Karen 353 Heberling, Ronald 159 Hedrick, Frances 182, 218, 345 Hedrick, Wayne 315 Hefty, Rita 179, 345 Hegarty, Robert 199, 200, 353 Heger, Karolyn 363 Heiker, David 301 Heim, Allan 316 Heim, Jerel 316 Hein, James 159, 310, 363 Heinen, Lawrence 159 Heinold, Gary 311 Heintzelman, David 306 Heintzelman, Terrence 312 Heinze, Elaine 184 Heitman, Raylene 293 Heitman, Thomas 333 Heitman, Warren 182 Heitschmidt, Susan 290 Heldt, Kathryn 243, 353 Helm, Martin 181, 185, 345 Helm, Patricia 217, 221, 333 Helmbold, Trula 244, 363 Helmer, Shirley 295 Hemphill, Jean 182 Hemphill, Mark 182 Henderson, Guyla 363 Henry, Cheryl 164 Henry, Rosemary 292 Hensley, Mathew 333 Henthome, Cynthia 221 Henthome, Mary 293 Herbert, Jerry 353 Herbert, Thomas 310 Hergenreder, Phillip 312 Hermes, Penelope 248, 295 Hermreck, Marsha 333 Herring, William 345 Herrington, Kathryn 353 Herron, Diane 182, 353 Herron, Donna 181, 182, 185 Hess, Linda 345 Hess, Sherlyn 333 Hesselgrave, Joan 345 Hessman, Ronald 363 Hettic, Cheri 353 Hettler, Cathy 353 Hetzel, Ann 182 Hetzel, John 363 Hiebert, Karen 363 Higginbotham, Dave 317 Higgins, Barbara 248, 294 Higgins, Kathryn 295 Higley, Kathy 333 Higley, Linda 283, 353 Hildebrandt, Nancy 363 Hill, Bonnie 363 Hill, Bruce 363 Hill, Denyse 173 Hill, Janis 254 l-lilt, Ruby 248, 333 Himpel, Martha 353 Hindman, John 363 Hinkle, Judith 353 Hinkle, Kathleen 206 Hinrichs, Deborah 333 Hinshaw, Marilyn 206 Hiss, Rebecca 285, 294 Hite, Richard 333 Hixon, Elizabeth 345 Hoagland, Nancy 333 Hobson, Nancy 333 Hoch, William 258, 283, 363 Hodges, Larry 181, 185, 333 Hodges, Robert 333 Hoel, Linda 190, 353 Hoffener, Steven 351 Hoffman, Marshall 363 Hogan, Dale 159 Hogelin, Deanna 333 Hogue, Marlow 180, 345 Hohenshell, Mark 309 Hohl, Arlene 353 Hokanson, Richard 159 Holdeman, Arthur 363 Holdeman, David 363 Holdeman, Margaret 197, 363 Holder, Connie 333 Holeman, Cheryle 363 Holenbeck, James 308 Holland, Ruth 363 Holliday, Alvertis 182, 249, 353 Holliday, Carolyn 155 Holliday, Dallas 310 Hollinger, Terrill 363 Hollingshead, Robert 302 Hollingsworth, Marsha 345 Hollis, Jennifer 294 Holloway, Candace 218, 294, 334 Holloway, Karolyn 334 Hollowell, Jack 334 Holman, Connie 334 Holmgaard, Kent 363 Holmgaard, Lu Anna 363 Holmquist, Barbara 254, 291 Holtman, Stephen 313 Holtz, Steven 363 Honeycutt, Elizaneth 201, 217, 218, 249, 269, 363 Honn, Franklin 313 Hood, Michael J. 306 Hoover, Lyle 363 Hoover, Robert 311 Hopkins, Daniel 180, 308 Hopkins, David 334 Hopkins, Ellen 181, 185 Hopkins, Rand 309 Hopper, William 284, 316 Hom, Toni 164, 334 Horst, Carolyn 201, 203, 363 Horton, Rodney 353 Hoskins, Wanda 334 Hoskinson, Mana 288 Hostetter, Deborah 34- Hottman, Mike 310 House, Gregory 301 Houser, Jay 159 Housh, Gregg 301 Howard, Charles 353 Howard, Howard, How ard, Dennis 271 Kathryn 292 Loria 363 Howard, Wayne 168, 169, 258 Howbert, Melinda 363 Hoy, Linda 334 Hoyes, Debbie 201 Hoyt, Carol 164 Hubbard, Ada 206 Hubbard, Linda 334 Hubbel, Mary 206, 243 Hubbel, Nancy 191, 353 Hudson, Eva 334 Hudson, Leigh 311 Hudspeth, Kathryn 182, 372 Huff, Johnnie 363 Huff, Toni 345 Hug, Markley 334 Hughes, Brian 301 Hull, Iris 363 Hull, Sue 354 Hulsebusch, Diana 293 Humbarger, Glenn 269 Hume, Sharon 181, 185 Humphrey, Jeri 372 Humphrey, Mary 244, 334 Humphreys, Dale 354 Hund, Donald 334 Hundley, John 180, 311 Hungerford, Myrna 334 Huninghake, Helen 345 Hunt, Frances 182 Hunt, Dean 345 Hunt, Norman 345 Hunter, Gary 300 Hunter, Steven 334 Hurley, Lee Anne 363 Hurley, Michael 363 Hurst, Elizabeth 184, 334 Hurst, Jeniece 248, 294 Hurst, Judith 206 Hurst, Rebecca 173 Huss, David 181, 185, 334 Huston, Randall 345 Hutcherson, Donna 334 Hutchinson, Janet 181, 182, 185 Hutsler, Sally 293 Hutter, Merry 182, 354 Huttig, Pamela 363 Hysom, Debra 179, 182 Ihara, Sharlyne 244 lhde, Rita 354 Iiams, Judy 182, 354 Imhoff, Rozarma 334 lmmenschuh, Steven 363 Ingels, Pamela 354 Ingold, Linda 354 Intelrnann, Helen 164 Isaac, Deke 184 Iseli, Nancy 181, 185, 334 lsenberg, Deborah 354 Ison, Glenn 317 Iverson, Stqmhen 363 Iwaszczuk, Barbara 334 Iwaszzzuk, Thomas 363 Jackson, Brenda 372 Jackson, Janice 363 Jackson, Marcia 354 Jackson, Morris 182 Jackson, Robert 247, 345 Jacobson, Jerry 363 Jones, Alexis 249 Jones, Candace 363 Jones, Deborah 246, 254 Jones, Donald 363 Jones, Eileen 295 Jones, Grace 334 Jones, Jarilyn 334 Jones, Jeffery 184 Jones, Kathy 243, 354 Jones, Kristine 182, 363 Jones, Lloyd 354 Jones, Marleah 363 Jones, Martin 372 Jones, Marvin 354 Jones, Mitchael 334 Jones, Phyllis 363 Jones, Ruth 249, 334 Jones, Terry 334 Jones, Wendy 363 Joslin, Marita 363 Joyce, Angela 182, 354 Joyner, Gayle 182, 334 Jacques, Jo 182, 199, 200, 201, 203, 363 J aggar d, Philip 334 Jahnke, Sharilyn 354 Jaksa, Joan 363 James, Forest 363 James, Karen 363 James, Linda 259 James, Louise 292 James, Victoria 179, 219, 334 Janke, Carol 246, 345 Janzen, Lonnie 182 Jarrett, Joan 218 Jeannin, James 354 Jeffery, George 354 Jehle, Ronald 334 Jenkins, Linda 354 Jenkins, Sara 345 Jeppesen, Janette 182 Jobe, James 363 Jochews, Theodore 345 Johnson, Barbara 354 Johnson, Charlotte 334 Johnson, Darrell 182 Johnson, Diana 345 Johnson, Dona 363 Johnson, Elaine 218, 345 Johnson, J oh nso n, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, J oh nson, Johnson, Joh nso n, Joh nso n, Johnson, Johnson, J oh nso n, Johnson, Joh nso n, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, James 363 Janice 182, 354 John 354 Jon 280, 308 Julie 363 Ladonna 345 Lee Linda Lee 354 Linda Teres 295 Marc 304 Maureen 206 Pamela 182, 218, 254, 345 Paula 243, 334 Robert 202 Roger 363 Sherri 345 Susan Gwynn 182 Thomas 346 Vernard 178, 181, 185 Connie 291 Johnston, James 314 Jones, Alan 354 Juhl, Nancy 182, 199, 354 Juhnke, Sharilyn 201 Juhnke, Stanley 191, 363 Kaeding, Robert 354 Kajitani, Bert 244 Kanda, Catherine 244, 334 Kanel, Marcia 181, 185 Kangas, Bonnie 334 Kaske, Kathleen 254, 292 Kaspar, Kathleen 183, 346 Kass, Neva 334 Katzer, Dennis 363 Kaufman, Priscilla 334 Kawamoto, Faye 244 Kawamora, Guy 244 Kear, Dennis 363 Kearney, Mary 363 Keating, Peggy 334 Keazer, Melody 363 Keefover, Richard 159, 160 Keelin, Thorald 313 Keelin, Richard 169, 240 Kehoe, George 307 Keith, Floyd 271 Keller, Dick 372 Kellum, Barbara 363 Kelly, John 271 Kelly, Karen Elaine 346 Kelly, Karen Faye 346 Kelly, Mary 363 Kelsey, Betty 244, 346 Kemp, Karen 363 Kemp, Martha 181, 185,19 Kempker, Sandra 248, 289 Kendall, Pamela 254, 346 Kent, Ronald 159, 307 Kephart, Kelly 334 Kephner, Jacqueline 179, 1 Kerby, Albert 181, 185 Kem, James 354 Kern, Li.nda 363 Kerr, Alice 254, 295 Kessler, Charles 300 Kessler, Vicki 334 Kestner, Jim 247 Key, Peggy 334 Kibler, Larry 364 Kile, Donald 184 Kimball, Dan 305 Kimple, Barbara 334 King, Robert Allen 364 King, Robert Donald 169 Kinsey, J anioe 246, 334 Kinsler, Leslie 346 Kirby, Jeanette 182, 354 Kirby, Lois 346 Kirchoff, Phillip 302 Kirkpatrick, Jolinda 334 Kjerstad, Glenn 271 Klassen, Sharon 285 4, 249, 334 82, 184 Klein, Connie 334 Klema, James 314 Klenda, Mark 310 Kliewer, Ruth 206, 354 Kline, Janine 182 Kling, Sandra 291, 334 Klotz, Rency 285 Klotz, Kim 302 Klotz, Thomas 354 Klotz, Verla 294 Knack stedt, Cameron 168, 169, 364 Knackstedt, Verna 364 Knapp, Bruce 308 Knaft, Ann 206 Kniesteadt, Kristyn 354 Knight, Linda 206 Knight, Marcia 203 Knopp, Larry 334 Knott, Kristen 291 Koch, Koch, Carolyn 354 Carrol 369 Kodm, Karen 364 Koch, Kathryn 364 Koehn, Peggy 295 Koger, Virginia 346 Kogler, Doris 346 Kohart, Therese 334 Kohler, Glenda 252, 334 Koken, Diane 182, 364 Kolarik, Deborah 334 Koop, Linda 364 Kopp, David 252 Kopp, Zandra 334 Kopsa, Gregory 312 Kopsa, Randy 180, 311 Korbe, Judy 334 Korsgaard, Kerri 194 Kostelac, Celine 364 Kotas, Janet 248, 349 Kowalsky, Thomas 168 Kracht, Deborah 254 Kramer, Jeannette .346 Kramer, Mary 334 Kramer, Ronald 364 Krause, Leota 252 Krebbs, Vicki 182 Krehbiel, Rozella 169, 264 Kreider, Diana 334 Kroeker, Sally 194 Krotzinger, Jon 247 Krueger, Shari 201 Kruse, Marcia 334 Kuhn, Lorine 354 Kuhn, Mark 312 Kukuk, Barbara 181, 185 Kukuk, Diana 169, 334 Kurtenbach, Carolyn 248, 334 Kurtz, John 334 Kussmann, Mary 182, 364 Kutilek, Jan 182 Kutina, Thomas 181, 184, 185 Kvasnicka, Lonnie 311 Kyle, Karen 364 Lackey, Donna 182 Lacy, Charlene 285 Lagerstrom, Dwayne 364 Laging, Edward 307 Laing, Thomas 182, 184, 334 Laipple, Patty 199, 372 Lake, Connie 182, 346 Lambert, Renee 346 Lamer, Debra 334 Lamons, Vicki 346 Lancaster, John 301 Land, Mary 206, 246, 334 Landelow, Larry 309 Lane, Marianne 354 Lane, Mary 354 Lane, Susan 354 Lang, Leon 249 Langdon, Kathleen 354 Langley, Barbara 243 Langley, Shirley 354 Langrehr, 334 Langston, Karen 290 Lansrud, Linda 354 Lapine, Dennis 335 Lapsley, John 346 Lapsley, William 271, 335 Lardie, Janis 335 Larkin, Ralph 180, 312 Larrison, Stanley 364 Larsen, Mary 172 Larsen, Phyllis 354 Larson, Karen 335 Lassetter, Stephanie 182, 354 Laster, Nonna 183, 354 Lathan, James 178, 181, 185 Latimer, Kenneth 354 Latzke, Eugene 364 Laughlin, Maqorie 251, 335 Lawrence, Jeffrey 354 Lawrenz, Lois 252 Lawson, Gary 181, 185, 335 Lawton, Leslie 288 Layher, Ron 302 Layher, William 168 Lebbin, Trisha 181, 185 , 335 Lechner, Michael 271 Ledder, Robert 364 Ledom, Valerie 335 Lee, Dana 364 Lee, Wayne 364 Leech, Juanita 335 Leiserowitz, Martin 346 Leitnaker, Gary 313 Lemke, Linda 335 Lendo, Donna 335 lgnherr, Kathryn 183 Lenherr, Richard 307 Leonard, Jim 300 Leslie, Lewis, Lewis Rhonda 335 Cathy 335 Doug 304 Lewis, Wendell 271 Lewonayk, Cassandra 364 Lichtenberter, Michael 365 Lickteig, Timothy 190, 243, 354 Lieban, James 365 Liebau, Mary 335 Liggett, Carolyn 291 Lighty, Bernita 335 Lindaman, Leslie 372 Lindblom, 346 Lindemann, Martin 191 Lindsey, Barbara 365 Link, Mary 354 Linn, Diana 346 Linton, Jerry 365 Linville, Bradley 181, 185, 335 Linville, Victoria 248, 335 Lipp, Jeffrey 202, 354 Lippert, Vonda 354 Littlejohn, Alonzo 249, 354 Livengood, Connie 291 Livingston, Jack 365 Ljungdahl, David 365 Lloyd, Marietta 190, 191, 365 Lloyd, Ronald 315 Lockett, James 178, 180, 181, 183, 184. 185 Loewen, Ronald 283, 315 Logan, Janet 346 Logan, Leslie 346 Logan, Susan 183 Lolar, Carrie 183, 249, 269 Lombardi, Vincent 365 Lonfard, Jerry 202, 354 Lonard, Tom 202 Long, Arthur 180, 305 Long, John 197, 269 Long, Richard 365 Long, Shirley 346 Longhofer, Dave 335 Longhofer, Janet 365 Lorrin, Carolyn 184 Lorrin, Mark 184 Losch, James 304 Loucks, Stephen 317 Love, Sherry 292, 335 Lowdermllk, Howard 312 Lowman, Gary 181, 184, 185, Lowrey, Richard 346 Lowry, Karl 335 Lubberts, Jeffry 305 Lucas, Frances 183 Ludwig, Mark 168, 180, 183 Lujano, Alice 335 Lumley, Arvina 190, 191 Lundy, Judith 365 Luthi, Roger 300 Lutz, Charles 310 Lybarger, Betty 335 Lyman, Phillip 365 Lyon, Marylyn 365 Lyons, Edna 365 Lyons, Larry 346 Lyons, Patricia 335 Lytle, Sheri 183 Mackender, Mitchell 309 Maditz, Penny 335 Maeisk, Lyman 271 Maestas, Richard 335 Maisch, Lyman 372 Malcom, Kathryn 346 Maley, Richard 317 Ivlall, Susan 201, 253, 285, 293 Mallam, Ronald 354 Mallardi, Donald 365 Mallein, Teresa 206, 335 Malone, Corrine 365 Manandhar, Krishna 372 Manley, Linda 295 Manley, Lou Ann 254, 293 Mann, David 300 Mann, Jay 300 Mantooth, Gerald 346 Mar, Jeannie 354 Marcellus, William 365 Marcotte, John 159, 365 Markham, Judith 354 Markham, Peter 365 Markley, Lois 183 Marks, Steven 304 Marks, Willard 354 Marlow, Denver 180, 309 Marquart, Georgia 183, 365 Marriott, Charles 314 Massaro, Frank 365 Marrs, Garalee 335 Marsh, Freida 253, 346 Marshall, Harold 365 Marshall, Robert 284, 303 Martens, Wanda 164 Martin, Brenda 183 Martin, Charlotte 206, 249, 335 Martin, David 183, 354 Martin, Jerry 194 Martin, Judy 335 Martin, Neva 206 Martin, Phillip 191, 311 Martin, Virginia 365 Martinez, Mark 247 Mason, Patricia 183 Massengill, Ruth 164, 365 Mathes, Cary 310 Mathews, Ron 181, 185 Matile, Maurice 312 Matrow, Linda 293 Matrow, Jodi 254 Matthews, Jana 169 Matthews, Marvin 365 Mattix, Linda 354 Mattox, Charles 240, 346 Matz, Ricky 315 Mauck, Marvin 354 Maus, Tina 354 Mawhirter, Marsha 346 May, Bryan 194 Mayo. Kathleen 346 McAdam, Michelle 346 McAdam, Nancy 346 McAdam, Shirley 365 316 Md-Xdoo, Kristie 165, 346 McArthur, John 183 McAtee, Jamie 183, 365 McCamman, Sharon 354 McCarthy, Mary 365 McCartney, Joe 244, 365 McCauley, Glenda 335 McChesney, Sally 354 McClain, Deborah 346 McClaren, Cort 181, 183, 184, 185 McClenny, Patricia 291 McClure, Cheryl 291 McClure, Chris 365 McClure, Steven 335 McClure, Tim 203 McCluskey, Dennis 247 McColpin, Robert 304 McConnell, James 249 McConnell, Mary 249 McConnell, Sheila 183 McConnick, Dana 178, 181, 184, 1 McCoy, Daniel 181, 185 McCoy, Donna 290 McCoy McCoy v 1 Linda 253, 365 Martha 294 McCoy, Richard 160 85 McCrary, Jana 365 McCurmick, Larry 365 McDaniel, Dan 181 McDaniel, Donald 180, 184, 185 McDaniel, Kathalien 354 McDaniel, Melvin 354 McDaniel, Paul 183 McDermet, 190, 191 McDi1l, Robert 181, 185 McDonald, Larry 365 McDonald, Shelia 253, 335 McEachern, Gary 335 McEchron, David 197 McEwen, Susan 354 McGaughey, Kathryn 295 McGinnia, Georgianna 335 McGinnis, Linda 183, 346 McGinnis, Sandra 365 McGinnis, Shirley 365 McGovern, Paulette 335 McGregor, Larry 346 McGuire, Frank 305 McGuire, Marilyn 365 McGuire, Mary 292 Mcllvain, Earlene 335 McKee, Michael 197 McKemy, Nancy 291 McKenna, Sheila 346 McKissick, Bob 271 McLeod, Marjorie 183 McLinden, Anna 335 McLinden, Jams 168, 169 McMannis, Elma 355 McMillan, Debra 335 McMillan, Marcia 335 McMorran, Constance 335 McMurphey, Marlene 335 McMurray, James 168, 181, 185, 346 McNally, Robert 335 McNees, Sally 169, 201, 365 McNevin, Robert 335 McNew, Glenda 206 McNown, Larry 190, 355 McNown, Virginia 335 McPherson, Gilbert 180, 183 McRynolds, Steven 306 McVaugh, Jackie 181, 184, 185 Meador, Donna 365 Meador, Ridiard 335 Meadows, Mary 183, 251 Meagher, Rosemary 181, 185, 206, 246, 335 Medlin, Jo Anne 346 Meers, Mary 346 Megee, Michael 316 Mellott, Paul 346 Melson, Sheryl 164 Melton, James 365 Melton, Joan 183, 218, 346 Melvin, Fred 183 Meridith, Kent 311 Merrifield. John 160 Merrill, Mary 293 Merrill, Virginia 355 Merriman, James 302 Merriman, Nancy 355 Merriman, Raymond 355 Merry, Janice 181, 185 Mershon, Diam 164, 243, 335 Meserve, Phillip 301 Messenhimer, Jeanne 355 Mmser, Karen 336 Messick, Dennis 312 Messing, Kenneth 313 Meyer, Debra 336 Meyer, Jean 183, 280, 365 Meyer, Mary 183, 346 Meyers, Bill 271 Mickey, Lois 346 Middendorf, Linda L. 372 Miller, Alan 336 Miller, Alice 290 Miller, Byron 180, 197, 303 Miller, Charles 301 Miller, Cheryl M. 253 Owens, Miller, Darlene 206, 365 Miller, David 301 Miller, Emia 218, 254 Miller, Galen 355 Miller, Gay 201, 366 Miller, Georgetta 183, 355 Miller, Glenna 355 Miller, Jacob 172, 173 Miller, Jeanne 183, 346 Miller, Jon 302 Miller, Judy K. 181, 185, 336 Miller, Karen 355 Miller, Kathleen 336 Miller, Kay 366 Miller, Keith 316 Miller, Larry 240, 346 Miller Linda 168, 336 Miller, Marc 336 Miller, Marilyn 206, 251 Miller, Marilyn S. 336 Miller, Nita 336 Miller, Patricia L. 336 Miller, Patricia 0. 355 lVIiller Ronald 159 Miller, Ruth 366 Miller, Stanley 346 Miller, Susan 183 Miller Vicki 355 Morton, Deanna 289 Moss, Pamela 336 Moss, Virginia 183 Mossman, Larry 311 Mouse, Marcy 290 Mowry, Craig 300 Mueller, Glenn 366 Mueseler, Frank 252, 280 Mulcahey, Rodney 202 Mullen, Sharon 183, 346 Mullin, Diana 179, 183 Mullins, William 346 Mulvenon, John 308 Mulvenon, Thomas 259, 283, 309 Murphy, Barbara 253, 292 Murphy, Dean 314 Murphy, Diane 165, 355 Murphy, Gerald 311 Murphy, Pamela 366 Murphy, Rita 194, 254, 293 Murphy, Robert 302, 346 Murray, Patricia 285, 290 Myers, Dennis 313 Myers, Kathleen 336 Myers, Linda 355 Myers, Thomas 346 Mynatt, Molly 291 Nagahiro, Susan 244 Nagel, Brian 312 Nail, Cherylene 346 Nail, Rita 218 Nall, Nancy 336 Nance, Larry 336 Nanney, Mary 168, 179, 372 Nantz, Gary 283, 315 Neal, Cheryl 183 Neal, James 346 Neff, Leslie 160 2 Newer, Cheryl 165, 217, 219, 336 Neill, Thomas 314 Neill, Michael 309 Neis, Carol 246, 346 Nelson, Donna 218 Nelson, Janie 366 Mills, Stuart 336 Miltz, Keith 314 Minthorn, Ivan 206 Mintz, Noel, 159, 160 Misak, Nancy 291 Mitchell, Arnold 249 Mitchell, Deborah 252, 366 Mitchell, Donna 366 Mitchell, Sharon 336 Mitchell, Wilbur 160 Mittenmeyer, Conrad 160 Mize, Caniel 181, 185 Moddrell, Ray 355 Modeland, Gloria 183 Moe, Linda 366 Moe, Thomas 304 Moege, Gary 178, 181, 185 Moeller, John 366 Moherrnan, Dorothy 346 Mohney, Susan 179, 355 Molder, Patricia 241 Moller, Robert 310 Montgomery, Joyce 183, 288 Montogomery, Steven 316 Moody, Archie 355 Moon, Catherine 336 Moore, Joseph 366 Moore, Marlene 183, 355 Moppin, Deborah 336 Morford, James 366 Morgan, Alice 355 Morgan, Gayla 346 Morris, Larry 180, 312 Morris, Vicki 283 Morris, William 366 Nelson, Loretta 366 Nelson, Mary 246, 336, 341 Nelson, Robert 305 Nelson, Steve 355 Nelson, Steward 191 Morrison, Gary 366 Morrow, Cindy 179 Newbery, Edward 336 Newton, James 336 Newton, Karen 179, 183, 346 Newton, Phyllis 291 Nichols, Nancy 336 Nichols, Steven 336 Nick, Cecilia 218, 269, 347 Nicks, William 317 Niedfeldt, Ervin 366 Niehage, Patricia 336 Niehus, Dale 314 Nielsen, Susan 259, 293 Nikfarjam, Daniel 372 Nishihara, Melvin 244 Nitzsche, Judy 179, 183 Noel, Paul 366 Noel, William 307 Noland, Carlee 183, 355 Nordin, Barbara 336 Norman, Deanna 356 Norman, Rosemary 206 North, Michael 336 North, William 183, 347 Northern, Randolph 366 Northern, Teresa 366 Northrop, Jolyn 336 Norton, Jeanne 347 Norwood, Vicki 356 Noyes,James 181, 185 Noyes, Joan 181, 185, 206, 336 Nuessen, Barbara 347 Nulty, Michael 347 Nunns, William T. 284, 305 Nunokawa, Janice 244, 347 Nusz, James 336 Nutt, Gary 160 Nutter, Steven 280, 308 Obermeyer, Dean 347 O'Brien, Mary 179, 347 O'Connor, Brenda 372 Odishoo, Bryan 206 Oestreich, Kat.hy 347 Oetinger, William 356 O'Flynn, John 366 O'Haebosim, Linus 372 0'HLemeier, Terry 300 Ohlman, Eugene 356 Ohlman, Lynn 336 Ohmss, Gerald 168 Olatayo, Bankole 366 O'Leen, Diane 254 O'Ma1ley, Richard 313 O'Man, Brent 313 O'Nei.l, Margaret 179, 366 O'Neil, Margaret L. 183 Oni, Stephen 191 Omdorff, Patricia 347 Orr, Susan 341 Orr, Trey 308 Orth, Barbara 288 Orton, Thomas 159, 249 Osborne, David 366 Osburn, Elizabeth 336 Ostrander, Judy 183 Otte, Eileen 295 Otto, Michael 311 Overfield, Linda 356 Owen, Barry 366 Owen, Samuel 178 Owens, Dawn 356 Julia 347 Owens, Kenneth 356 Owens, Melvin 356 Oyster, Shirley 179, 183, 20 Padgett, Bruce 347 Padrizik, Mary 252 Page, Albert 316 Paine, Pamela 336 Painter, Brenda 199, 366 Painter, Janet 169, 347 Palmer, Peggy 183 Palmer, William 271, 366 Pamme Pankas nter, Steve 367 kie, Anthony 367 Pankratz, Eileen 160 Papalardo, Joseph 367 Parker, Bruce 180, 240, 336 Parker, Craig 183 Parker, Hal 367 Parker, Janet 347 Parker, Richard 183 Parks, Barbara 294 Parry, Lavon 244 Parsons, Jann 292, 336 Parsons, Katherine 179, 200 Partrid ge, Michael 347 Pastine, Maureen 206 Patterson, Dee 336 Patterson, Deloris 336 Patterson, Jennifer 347 Patton, Patton, Patton, Patton, Paver, Pay n e, Payne, Jerrie 347 Icona 336 Vicki 179, 183 Sue 336 Rita 336 Patricia 336 Rose 249, 367 Payton, Marshall 356 Pease, Lawrence 310 Peddicord, Lana 356 Pedersen, Steven 180, 308 Peeples, Ronald 316 3, 366 Pemberton, Nancy 356 Penna, Helen 259, 290 Pennington, Jonda 290 Pepperdine, Janet 183, 288 Perkins, Carol 367 Perkins, Perry 367 Persin, Patricia 367 Pesaresi, Walter 347 Peter, Loretta 367 Peter, Veryl 367 Peters, Dennis 367 Peters, Elaine 347 Peters, Michael 271 Peterson, Brenda 254, 293 Petterson, Nancy 367 Peterson, Patricia 336 Peterson, Robert C. 194 Peterson, Sharon 292 Petitjean, Daniel 308 Pratt, Dennis 240, 247, 347 Pratt, John 181, 184, 185 Pratt, Rosemary 347 Precht, James 240 Preston, Cheryl 172 Preston, Wanda 206, 356 Pretzer, Martha 336 Price, Harry 337 Price, Helen J acquel 295 Price, John 337 Price, Sarah 184 Prickett, Steven 316 Prieb, Judy 190, 191, 218, 356 Priest, Eric 160 Prlftitt, Rod 302 Pritchett, James 184 Protheroe, Ellen 347 Pruett, Donnie 300 Pruitt, Jerry Puckett, James 337 Pummill, Linda 183, 356 Purcell, Janice 258, 285, 290, 367 Purdy, Cynthia 337 Purdy, Stanley 337 Purinton, Sidney 313 Putman, Judith 179, 181, 184, 185, 367 Petitjean, Francis 308 Petitjean, Michael 308 Petruzzelli, Vicki 253, 356 Pasick, Jeanne 258, 293 Pettet, Sharon 183, 347 Pettison, James 316 Petty, Steven 314 Pew, Beverly 181, 185 Pfrang, Judy 164 Phelan, Michael 305 Phelan, Richard 180, 303 Phelon, Jane 347 Phelps, Cathy 289 Phillips, Evelyn 183 Phillips, Karole 244 Phillips, Sarah 183 Phillips, Thomas 307 Pholucci, Anthony 347 Plcolet, Patti 218, 347 Piedmont, Mary 356 Pierson, George 347 Pierson, Teresa 356 Pike, Charles 367 Pike, Jean 203, 367 Pine, Carol 336 Pinkerton, Joyce 285 Pinon, Lloyd 180 Piper, James 336 Plank, Richard 356 Plankinton, Joseph 168, 169 Plankinton, Vicki 168, 169 Plinsky, Ronald 269 Plum, Euta 347 Pock, Dianna 206, 356 Podriazik, Mary 347 Poff, Dale 306 Poland, Lois 183, 292 Poland, Susan 293 Ponder, David 306 Pope, Sharon 356 Pope, Sibyl 173 Porter, Brick 312 Porter, Jan 183, 347 Porter, Lisa 347 Poss, Donna 248, 336 Poston, Jack 305 Potestivc, Benita 336 Potter, Sandra 336 Pounds, Lyle 356 Powell, Bonnie 336 Powell, Lynn 356 Powell, Pamela 347 Powell, Ryland 367 Powell, Stephanie 356, 183 Powers, Brian 316 Powers, Danny 367 Powers, Mary 367 Powers, William 316 Pracht, Fredrick 367 Pracht, Ronald 181, 184, 185 Quinlan, Casey 302 Quinlan, Rita 337 Quiring, Thomas 367 Quisenberry, Janice 356 Rader, David 356 Radwanski, Viola 356 Rattinger, Lawrence 159 Ramey, Margaret 347 Ramey, Phyllis 367 Ramirm, Valerie 367 Ramsay, Danny 269, 337 Ramsay, Kim 180, 181, 185, 337 Randall, Mark 183, 251 Randel, Gayle 347 Rank, Ellen 347 Rank, Ellen 347 Rankin, Carolyn 337 Rankin, Mary 289 Rastater, Paul 173 Ratcliff, Rosemary 337 Rathert, Edward 181, 185, 317 Rathert, Kathy 243, 337 Rathke, Kathy 292 Ratkey, Kathy 291 Ratzlaff, Jerilyn 253, 337 Ray, Ernest 168 Ray, John 247 Ray, Lawrence 183 Raymer, Steven 181, 185 Razook, Cathy 293 Razook, Nancy 243, 293 Reames, Russell 304 Reaser, Charlene 347 Redi, Gregory 306 Rector, Dave 180, 251 Rector, Paul 251 Redden, Mary 183, 347 Redding, Sheila 337 Redeker, Kathryn 337 Redeker, Ken 312 Reder, Larry 284 Reder, Shirley 347 Redford, Harold 180, 251, 367 Rediker, Kathy 243 Rediker, Sharon 217, 218, 221, 367 Redington, Teresa 289 Reece, Katheryn 164, 165 Reed, Reed Reed Reed, Reed, Rees, Candela 356 David 300 Mary 337 Philip 367 Raymond 181,183, 185, 337 Nona 290 Reeves, Carol 289 Regier, Dianna 155, 185, 367 Regier, Karen 356 Regier, Wanda 292 Reif, Gerald 301 Reilly, Mary 356 Reinecker, Nancy 285, 356, 367 Renicker, Julie 367 Repuyan, Evelyn 356 Reusser, Emest 337 Reynolds, Bruce 337 Reynolds, Ralyn 337 Reynolds, Richard 367 Reynolds, Suzanne 356 Rhoads, Jon 337 Rhodes, Donna 179, 185, 367 Rhodes, Patsy 169 Rice, Donna 337 Rice, Jolene 291, 337 Rice, Lynda 337 Rich, Cheryl 347 Richard, Judith 183, 337 Richards, Joyce 337 Richards, Mary 168 Richards, Patricia 168 Richardson, Eddie 191 Richardson, Mike 284, 301 Richardson, Wilma 347 Rcihey, Patricia 367 Richter, Dennis 180, 183 Rickstrew, Judith 246, 337 Rico, Gloria 337 Ridenour, James 367 Ridenour, Susan 347 Rieland, Louise 179, 183 Rieland, Patricia 179, 294 Riffel, Douglas 367 Rigdon, Harry 367 Riley, Marilyn 184 Riley, Michael 347 Riley, Suzanne 173 Rill, Lynda 349 Rimel, Pamela 347 Ringey, Donna 337 Rising, Derryl 367 Risley, Gaylord 304 Risley, Martha 347 Rittgers, Jerry 240, 356 Rittgers, Sharyn 367 Roath, Joyce 295 Roberts, Randy 367 Roberts, Rex 337 Robertson, Marilee 337 Robertson, Robert 337 Robet, Sandra 183 Robinson, Barbara 372 Robinson, Laura 347 Robinson, Pamela 367 Robinson, Ridiard 367 Robinson, Scott 283 Robison, Malvina 206 Rock, Sherry 254 Rodda, Raymond 160 Rodman, Raymond 367 Rodriguez, Thomas 356 Roeckers, Donald 159, 243, 347 Roeder, Deborah 183, 293 Roether, Nicholas 337 Rosers, Glenn 181, 185 Rogers, Joan 368 Rogers, Michael 307 Rogers, Ralph 159 Rogers, Wayne 316 Roglin, Sally 337 Rohleder, Elizabeth 368 Rohleder, Ronald 356 Rohling, Arlo 181, 185, 337 Rohr, Alana 243, 368 Rohr, Wilfern 356 Rolf, Carol 160 Romine, Larry 307 Ronsick, Virginia 183, 347 Ronsse, Frank 307 Ronza, David 300 Roots, Ronald 314 Rosche, Deborah 337 Rose, Walter 311 Rosen, Jackie 172 Ross, Clinton 316 Ross, John 271 Ross, Lisa 337 Ross, Steven 247 Rossillon, Linda 356 Rossillon, Ruth 347 Roth, John 183, 368 Roth, Linda 372 Wager, Ann 370 Wagoner, Robert 301 Wagner, Beverly 370 Wagner, Raymond 370 Wagoner, Keith 315 Waidley, Susetta 370, 372 Waksashige, Benjamin 206 Waldrip, Barbara 290 Walker, Donna 339 Walker, Lavonne 349 Wallace, Ivory 249 Wallace, Patricia 294 VValling, Donovan 372 Walls, Dewayne 240, 357 Walls, Diann 339 Walsh, James 283 VValston, Elvin 339 Walter, Bernard 251 Walter, Sandra 183, 339 Walters, Betty 164 Walters, Clark 358 Walters, George 155, 317 Waner, Bernard 370 Ward, David 308 Ward, Mary 183 Ward, Robert 339 Ward, Samuel 370 Ward, Thomas 306 Wardwell, Marshall 181, 1 Ware, Julia 339 Warren, Jeanne 370 Warrick, Mildred 206, 372 Warrington, Cynthia 358 Washburn, Dale 301 Washburn, Patrick 312 Washington, Jerry 180, 249 Waters, Barbara 183 Waters, John 358 Water, Marvin 358 Waters, Melvin 349 Watkins, Christine 294 Watson, Grace 372 Watson, Janna 370 Watson, Mark 181, 185 Watson, Watt, Carol Ann 218 Watts, Jennifer 164, 349 Watts, Lydia 370 Waugh, Peggy 371 Weatherbie, Patricia 371 Weaver, Arden 252 Webb, Theresa 177, 181, 18 Weber, Jane 183, 218, 372 Weber Kathleen 339 Weber, Pete 244 Weber, Ruth 339 Wedel, Carol 293 Weeks, Connie 339 Weeks, Curtis 300 Weeks, Pamela 371 Wehking, Sharon 218, 349 Weidman, Sherry 341 Weidner, Linda 183 Weil, Charles 181, 185 Weinman, James 160 Weir, Suzanne 358 Weiser, William 371 Weishaar, Roseann 371 Weispfenning, Ethan 358 Welch, Allison 183, 341 Welch, Greg 371 Welker, Carol 179, 183 Wells, Betty 254, 349 Wells, Deborah 249 W ells, Gregory 310 Wells, Jean 290 W ells, Jeannine 341 Wells, Kathleen 288 Wells, Laura 341 Wells, Patsy 218, 358 Welsh, James 309 Welton, Myron 371 Wemer, Gregg 190 Wendland, Cindy 246, 341 Wendling, Deloris 341 83, 185 Rosalyn 183, 249,269 5 Wendling, Rita 155, 370 Wentz, Joelene 164, 165 Werner, Gregory 191, 358 Wertenberger, Linda 371 West, John 371 West, Rita 341 West, Susan 371 Westervelt, Deborah 217, 341 Westling, Nancy 349 Weston, Catherine 358 Weston, Cherridah 183, 291 Westrup, Douglas 358 Westrup, Larry 371 Westrup, Marcia 371 Westwood, Bret 317 VVhaley, Janice 206 Whaley, Sarah 197,358 Wheaton, Rhonda 341 Wheeler, Donna 341 Wheeler, Loring 371 Wheeler, Martha 218, 349 Whightsil, Donna 358 Whinery, Donald 371 Whipple, Larry 168 VVhitaker, Mary 358 VVhitaker, Michael 341 Whitaker, Robert 371 vvhne, Cheryl 164 White, Claudia 371 White, Gloria 371 White, Jesse 371 White, Kathy 181, 185 White, Marjorie 371 VVhite, Patricia 341 White, Ramon 371 White, Rodney 349 White, Ronald 371 White, Susan 244, 341 White, William 358 Whitehair, Joseph 371 VVhitlow, Christine 218, 349 Whitson, Marvin 358 VVhitt, Gerald 190 Wichman, Boyd 341 Widler, Dee 310 Wiebe, Howard 317 Wiggans, Charlene 349 Wiggins, Judy 201, 206, 371 Wiles, Elinor 371 Wiley, Browyn 206 Wiley, Dennis 251 Wiley, Johnny 180, 249 Wilhelm, Carolyn 251, 358 Wilhite, Carl 300 Wilke, Alan 300, 341 Wilkerson, Carolyn 203, 358 Wilkerson, Joan 179, 183 Wilkins, Sharon 183 Willcott, Beverly 358 Williams, Dennis 358 Williams, Gwendolyn 249, 341 Williams, Jacquelyn 249, 349 Williams, James 304 Williams, Janet 371 Williams, Jerel 305 Williams, Katherine 218 Wilt, Rose Mary 358 Windler, Charlotte Wining, James 341 Winkelbauer, Carolin 155, 371 Winn, Carl 258, 302 Winn, Elvin 371 Winquest, Janice 155, 371 Winsky, Connie 341 Winter, Nomian 159 Winter, Paul 371 Winters, Ann 197, 371 Winters, Rachel 371 Winters, Rebecca 349 Wischropp, Francis 244 Wise, Donna 295, 358 Wise, Karen 288 Wise, Thomas 358 Witten, Polly 201 Wittorff, Gary 194 Wold, Karen 183 Wolf, Larry 358 Wolff, Gary 371 Wolford, Michal 206 Wolken, Robert 341 Womble, Kenneth 251, 349 Woodbury, Rick 181, 185 Wooddell, Marcia 341 Woods, Betty 183, 249 Woods, Harold 160 Woods, Mack 181, 185 Woolery, Keith 183, 184 Woolverton, Jon 310 Wooton, Joyce Workman, Linda 290, 371 Worland, Diane 197, 259, 371 Wray, Willaim 300 Wright, Anita 184 Wright, Linda 181, 185, 341 Wright, Nancy 181, 185, 358 Wright, Peggy 341 Wright, Richard 155, 203, 371 Wroth, Josephine 341 Wulf, Brent 349 Wulf, Craig 159, 341 Wuthnow, Rosalyn 251, 371 Wycoff, Marie 183, 349 Wylie, Bonnie 358 Yamada, Terry 244, 358 Yamasato, Mary 358 Yamashiro, Yvonne 244 Yarmer, Marlene 291 Yeager, Linda 358 Yeater, Julia 164 Yeoman, Lawrence 183 Yoder, Carol 358 Yoder, Denis 183 Yoho, Ann 371 Yokum, Thomas 313 Young, Young, You ng, Youn g, Young, Celinda 341 Dorothy 349 Doug 183 James 341 Mary 183, 349 VVilliams, Margaret 349 Williams, Marsha 249, 341 Williams, Max 341 Williams, Rosalind 290, 358 Williams, Sheila 349 Williams, Shirley 249, 358 Williams, Terry 197 Williams, William 371 Williamson, Anita 252, 358 Williamson, Susan 203, 358 Willis, Willis, John 349 Larry 371 Williford, Arlene 341 Willis, stanley 371 Wilson, Alan 371 Wilson , Anita 341 Wilson, Connie 293 Wilson, Elaine 349 Wilson, James 316 Wilson, Linda 371 Wilson, Opan 371 Wilson, Patricia 254 Wilson, Robert 310 Young, Peter 271 Young, Ronda 165, 341 Young, Vera 371 Youngstedt, Patricia 349 Yousuf, Jama 371 Zabel, Ellen 206 Zabokstasky, Peggy 341 Zale, Rochelle 349 Zebley, Linda 371 Zehr, Carol 190, 371 Ziegler, Marilyn 164 Ziegler, Shirley 341 Zimmerli, Delbert 303 Zimmerman, Connie 341 Zimmerman, Donald 372 Zink, Betty 206 Zink, Orlin 160 Zogleman, Kathryn 183, 295 Zook, Darlene 164, 341 Zschoche, Mark 302 Zschoche, Sue 283, 285 PS. As the final layouts are being drawn and the last piece of copy being written for the 1970 Sunflower, I look back to a time when the book you now hold in your hands was theory. Now just a few months later it would take three volumes to hold the ideas, medi- tations, and events that have occurred. Our goa lwas to present the 1969-70 year at the Teachers College in yearbook form. I think we've done itel don't know how- but I think we have. Take 24 hours: subtract six for sleep, four for class, two for chow, three for study, that leaves nine hours for the Sunflower, five days a week, probably Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday too. Sixteen weeks per semester, plus Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation. That's the '70 Sunflower. The key: working together as a team. We were dragged by organizations and pushed by the Print Shop. All deadlines were met and the result was overwhelming: the 1970 Sunflower. Cindy Eisenhauer Editor YV? 2E S Q .3 -A S as -5 2 Ji 5 J if if if ii 1 f :I Printed by Teachers College Press Kansas State Teachers College Emporia, Kansas Cover and Binding by Inter-Collegiate Press Mission, Kansas

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