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X 4 W 5 :K , 1 x 3 f f avr. X ev V J v , 'ik H u . xg- .f s Q Y v Q -1 .v -f- fx 7 i 6 A I x ' k,. 'Q , . 1 - ' , ' " . ' Q.: "'- K' I V.: 1 4 . tfdju' - 1' 4 '4 ,vw ' V- f :PI ,V .- W5 , 75.0 4 ' ' f' ' " 'A' ' , . ' Z -1, a 5 A W ' A' A L , .v r , 5 Q . Q, 3 ,,, - N fxxx . . ..!. M , , -...I . Q- Q, , . . vm., , 1, - 49' 1 V Y 4. m Va 'hx ' !"n M. 4 . ' 'fx 1 . S :J ' , V " Wx, K 1 . 5 , . SQ ' 4 Ik k 1 9' I ', , , . . ". f' . 1 . QP .Q J' A X I V ' re . 34 'V - 1 ' ' . pg . ., 'J' if .. X I' f' ' ' ,. , . ' IA, .X Q ,N f I -. Q V ,, .1 A 2 . ' :V E 1 '!m bp IK Q , Q Ng, W- :.., 1 5.6 V, 1 1 f VI ' ' -.A - . ' ,' 4 E 4... A ' ,.Q.,A' Q 1 '1 , f 4 ,. , A . , r A A 9 x : Q I , 1 . 0' 1 , ,., H+ 1 M X W... n Q- -. , 1,1 w . . V. . 4 K v A A ' ,, 4. , ,f y f , , 4 K .- .ff 0 ,K YZ- T?" X5 . f 1, , . .11 V . , Q 'x 5 fffdhvf ' ,K V 1 ' ,' , ' 1:1 , X I--v ""' -- .' 3, ' MJ.: ' A 1 ' - , x it 3 ' .V V - ' ', . . 9 Q . . ' - t 14 Y- Q f ' -:-.4571 ,-I .R Y-.1 i if i fi - 1. - , a : .. K , V ,. in f , 3 Q1 Lf L : -H44 L wk. I ' " ' 1 as 27 i . . H, ."'k ., 41. " - 3 , Q. f Z- I . ,, , 9 J X ,,.?2","L. " rx .' 1-'aft , 7' ZN ' 5 x ' ' .Q . .f ,- " - ,.,- f' . ' , ' ' -M. ,L 53 1 -x . . f! V ,U x . 1' ,,. i . -. is , zxwqx ,A Y. f ,Mg . , 5 ,W , . V . , , 1, . L . W. ,Ark V , an Sfffki- .' f I L 'Jain F: W Q 3 A 1 ' :Q Vg 't' "- W v ' ' , N' ' 4 ' x A ' s. , " - K ' - , LL W ' A4 , Q 5, Q- f Sp 3 55 . f X A x 1 A i G4 ,vv sew F 4, . 'L-SJA 1 A .ff--r-Z, :A-,t W. Q:g,.f.-'W L L,'fz-s-gg.- nl x f 3-jug? T 11 4 fff-VQHX . .X q. -X : 141,- X V . , X ,nv ' v 1 ' J ' ' -' . Nr I ' - Q , , A A , . . -Q. XM-.,..,,w wfsf- K V ' K YN ' .fx ' Fg , x . , W, - Q Q' . , I , hx x ! ,E 1 V V R , , t . M? JN F ' ' fs . Y 1 E -or i 1 4 14 9 A xmv N' A Y - " - x ,isa '41 , , 5 . S f Q ?' ' ' Q H ff K x ' X s if P W I 'Pg Y 5 N 'N W' 4- 'W Ku 'P ' M ,. ,, . v w . I M. ' N '. ' 4 'Wh N , ix V. . 1' X ll 1 W i 'N 1, p 33 'gy f . 4- X A .' ' ' " :P jf-,fl 5 . ENN " 'j : 7 ' N ml H-in law. . - Q . x f." f M of . e , ,i V l N, . A 1 1 f t 'f 'QI 1 I y ' ' ' ' . if X . 1-. 3 3 . - w .. 'N W 7. 1 N Rf' V. f. 33, J if f Q , Y Q fm fx.. 1 Ex 5 Y 5 R x ' N , f f Q ! . 1, ' ' ' ' . 1 gy 5 ' Q ' , I . 1 y, 1 N 1 5 fu g V I 1 Z , . .1 -..u V ? , SUNFLDWER 1964 , ,, uma 'L . M , v, M51 A lea an i AWE' 1' if L 2 ' 'S 1413 W, if lk 4' , 1.2153 Wa . 5, ,- , ,I J , 2 Q if 3.,' v , A H If IZ-A, V fm - 'yuh I 4 an ,VM 1 ug, W M is v 5: Q K , 45 7 I gm, , t 5, i 4 5422 'n "" E W. , K , lf , ' xv- W .lf K 1 ?5 E if 6, Q, V .A . .W 21 - 4, Ea f ffm, ,.,, E. A' 5 --,,. Q 73'ZfF""A I' Ik V QMQQL Wa , v in 1, ,A yy w': W v ' ' X 3. ." Il- .,-' X75 " Qi ' ' V. A AAA , ':,' A n " ,f W Q J rg?" V' - - P j 5 91 l f ? :S jimi" 'iwi KID!! ,1 I' NIV' iff- i I vl ,,5x5l L ZAL, ,VA Y: 5 6 iff' 4 f , H' li 11552 4. sf 4336? 1 E 5':+f.f ?5'ifi Agile 4 ff jf? I ' ff' 9' ii gf X,g,,gffi4 1, fg-img? fQf5, ,Q 1 5 ,,,T,,M, , Wit if yy iifwll if gif' if , A ,MV V,L, , A ig, V ,A H gf 'f . x ,,.v,4+',fg,JQ vi i ,rig 4 X 'gk fri VE H541 km -nf VN Q .a'ffQA5,fW 'fm ' 'L H' api, 'Q uf K, ww ilolfw 3 5,37 if I ,fb 'Z 1' G ., ,Af ya C L ' 8 ,Z W wgfwlngy ' ' 5 yikfk 'V Q X L, , I V, M 'QW y wif, A xl 1 ,i xr Qzkiidggg .X :QB na V A 4 827 A Vi 1 , wa 'Www , fn ff , if A rand, . 3 vp A y X K K K ' ' m' M' . -W 2 fx i in" 5' ' L 4 ,A QM j A 'lv' V is waz! X Va, 1 A Qi M ,, M H U , x 15 1 o .. J A .rim ,riff as ggi? Wx I ,Q Q r ff . was ,K if , 1 1. sf ,f Q , . Q T e S anflower 1 964 Kansas State Teachers College Emporia, Kansas Bonnie King, Editor Fran B urdette, Assistant Editor 'W W 5' N QQ if QQ ,wig-Q, " 1 42' H. in 3. .V , M E ' ww ff J-is ' 4' WW. Q ..., Q' "fa, yi ,f ,Q ., ffm i' ,Y , .7 ,Q 'WI ' 'ie E 4 ik!! no 'J 1 'Y ,QQ , ,w. W W .pf ,g, 4 M 4 X ft! A n. Q K wiv W , IIWHVMUWK www 7 Qwwk, ',k ' , ' -9' , , 4g.K gym, V LV, Z6 i MW " 0 F . fa., QW i 5 n ' g I ' , 5 'W V N I ,,.. A ui A ,Mag n A .,b. W-'QV'N-',f,.ffm. . 0 if . 2 v iii, MN' Q, 3:53653 gg.-ff Mala'-W ' , Qi ! 8 I 'vi g' "wi 1 4 , K A. V Jaxx A1411-.. 11 'ix ' . lwvif ' . ff g W., ' 5 0 4 ,N E, -. 5. 5 . ' . , , i 5 'f I ' In my I "ia 0' ' . ' ' 'J if 1 1' 'Q - H " vf fn, . f ' 9, 4 Y - g w if 1 in yy ...-.,.. , Y X 1 .'W I n ff N , '15 W1 sr EM' ,Vfvh - 1 X K f Y ' we f A M W, Q FM! f .W K K .1 , 5459 1 ,ww , 5 iv -1- ' ' , .43 , . 3 , is .X Q - . A wp j t hir s I 1 ff! 'Q A 1 '1 0 , 'Ex 0. . Z Q, 2. 2 f ,A- Q ,, , 41 . ' '. , ,W Q V fl ,"?' :A5 ".2 J V 1 I -Y--'f ix 1 -f 3 2 W , v , ' , T , , ,w g. 2' 55 ' w 8, 1 f 1 ff, 2' f 73, fa Q Q. Q 7' Q 1' ,'?'2 L 1 4 X in ,.,i2,,4. 4 ,maui it m sy? QQ X! ,.. 4, " K 1 " x sf ,916 U5 05,4 82? ' Q Q 9 gb , 9' f a U w, '. ,- V 'Q aww ' m Mvxxg, 4-. ,E na a '31 H ,A W w if -f 254 hs' .SV 'iii iw 5 A? ,, Q' ' f , 3, 54? 4. if ,' -f -11 1 'j- - ' 5 WW 15 V W ,,,., K, ' 4' lf' N-,Ffh 5 ., if 1 ' law f 7 M , Q ,n,,E!M,.,.HQ 4' ,gf 9 W it ,Mi ,,, A , i fggjggwffkwki, .A 4 ' y 42f'1w,, V , W 41. f . A- , ' fe E ,ggi 'L 'K fffww--fw w+ww2wsl! Q nh 'f k 4 4 , fm I iohn F. Kennedy Photo by Joe Costa 4 In Memoriam John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr., the 35th President of the United States, was assassin- ated on Friday, November 22, 1963, while passing through the streets of Dallas, Texas, in a motorcade. He was accompanied by his wife, Jacqueline. The following tribute was given by Senator Mike Mansfield, as the President's body was placed in the Rotunda of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.: There was a sound of laughter, in a moment, it was no more. And, so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. There was a wit in a man neither young nor old, but a wit full of an old man's wisdom and of a child's wisdom, and, then, in a moment, it was no more. And, so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. T There was a man marked with the scars of his love of country, a body active with the surge of a life far, far from spent and, in a moment, it was no more. And so, she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. There was a father with a little boy, a little girl and a ioy of each in the other. In a moment, it was no more, and so she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands. There was a husband who asked much and gave much, and, out of the giving and the asking, wove with a woman what could not be broken in life, and, in a moment it was no more. And so, she took a ring from her finger and placed it in his hands, and kissed him and closed the lid ofa coffin. A piece of each of us died at that moment. Yet, in death he gave of himself to us. He gave us of a good heart from which the laughter came. He gave us of a pro- found wit, from which a great leadership emerged. He gave us of a kindness and a strength fused into a human courage to seek peace without fear. He gave us of his love that we, too, in turn might give. He gave that we might give of ourselves, what we might give to one another until there would be no room, no room at all, for the bigotry, the hatred, prejudice and the arrogance which con- verged in that moment of horror to strike him down. ln leaving us - these gifts, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President of the United States, leaves with us. Will we take them, Mr. President? Will we have, now the sense and the responsibility and the courage to take them? Lingering Memories . . . These lingering memories ofthe past year includes such events as Homecoming, Curli Q, Junior-Senior Prom, and Penny Carnival. While many events were enioyecl by the students, the Penny Carnival, sponsored by Circle K, actually had a value for the whole community, as the proceeds were given to the local charities. Another rewarding event was the presentation of the Centennial sign errected by Alpha Pi Omega and the Senior Class of 1955, On commencement day, this sign was presented to President King by Dr.Wygle. RIGHT: 1963 Mr. Legs Michael Coughenour Crighti receives the Mr. Legs trophy from Doug Slawson lleftj, 1962 Mr. Legs, BELOW: Dedie cation of sign during Centennial year. ""ss. Time travels swiftly, like a cloud in the sky, From lowest of low to highest of high. Freshmen enter with fun in their eye, Sophomores and Juniors just simply pass by, ' But Seniors are special, for the ending is near . Such is the plight of the college career. The Sunflower staff ends their busy year by the slow process of distributing the "Sun- flower" while the students anxiously wait in line for their yearbooks. All KSTC students are anxious for the day President King will shake their hand and hand them their key to the future. f-A Where's George? Spring, finals, distribution of annuals, graduation, and the year was over. For some, this was the end of their fourth and final year of college life. The ceremonies of graduation day were held at the Civic Auditorium, where President King added his final personal touch to four years of college. Some of the people of the campus left forever, while others left for three months' vacation, and others remained for two sessions of summer school. From hours ot backstage work . . to hours ot practice . . . to a moment's performance . . . Some people keep themselves busy with KSTC Summer Theater. Some of the productions of the T963 summer season were "Mr. Roberts", "Come Back Little Sheba", "Born Yesterday", "Time ot Your Lite", and "The Importance of Being Earnest." Backstage, people must help and everyone did help solve the technical problems in presenting these plays. Besides summer theater productions, many summer school students participate in activities such as: All Day Book Exhibits, church related activities, Student Faculty Bridge, Summer Artist Series, Planetarium visits, Seminars, convocations, dances, concerts, Beach Music Hall movies, Space Mobile Demonstrations, yet, other people never leave their books and lessons. Fun, grades, and activities make our people, real students. "Sweet Dreams" Junior and senior high school students from all over the state combined their talents at the Summer Music Camp. Y fix J i f W 'Tj r 5 "Discussion Makes Production" ABOVE: Charlie Grabtree stops Dr. Mc- Teogue for advice about the two story set, built like a house, while Bob Washburn and Luann Green, stage Manager, study the problem. "Is it really this way in Japan?" BELOW: This is one ofthe Summer Theater productions "Rashomon" an ancient Japanese murder mystery starring Temple Stemm, Dick Andrew, and Don Laftoon Cnot picturedj. :gt Q A tu 2 . - i ., W, 9 t, gurl Off to Abilene for an educational tour of the historical town. Where's my Freshman "beanie"? BELOW: "Hot Dawg!" Mr. Reicherter, keeps a close watch on the weiners as hungry individuals stand by at the Business depart- rnent's picnic at Peter Pan Park. ,. Fun for all No matter who . Young and old And even you. Summer keeps our students very busy with many activities. These include trips, conventions tournaments, picnics, etc. Trips were taken to Star- light Theater in Kansas City, Eisenhower Museum in Abilene, Sandzen Museum, Lindsbourgg baseball tour to Kansas City, and a local tour to Americus. Workshops and institutes that were centered around our campus include Parent-Teachers Association workshop, Music camp, Debate Institute, Math Institute, French Institute, Kansas International Affairs Institute, and Golf Day Tournaments. 1 Where do we go? What do we do? How clo we act? This is the purpose of our Freshman Week. Big red iuicy pieces of watermelon were enioyed by incoming students at Wilson Park during freshman orientation week. ,-..:...v-fs -.ff -f f 'M' ' 1 ,Z -M 1 ,:., K A X , 'SE M, ,P .. MN, i . ,..-- EW AmAA mn A . me'- Q i-.. -, MM . f'i'?:" I I my A RV ,Y XXX? Z", 'jmca 1 K I f-e-ect X f .f .e ,f f me f" Cf X. ,ffl ...oft . f -f ....... If s , . . - ......-.K ,ff Freshmen are greeted by the welcoming sign on the new gesture by the older and more educated l?J students of addition to the Student Union. The sign was a friendly the school. We come to college to learn. We come to college to live. We come to college to live and to learn-about people and places and things. We come to college to learn everything we can, but we do not come to learn alone. We do not want to be alone. So we get acquainted. We go to a watermelon feed. We meet people. W6 go to a talent show and watch people perform. We go to a dance in the union. We meet more people. Later we will go to classes. We will meet even more people there and we will live and learn together. At least maybe we will learn to spell "Welcome"! 12 Q The Student Union Ballroom was the scene ofthe annual get-acquainted dance during freshman orientation. The old story of boy-meets-girl, girl-meets-boy was again part of the fun as the students-to-be got together. .- z , "These teams had spirit." Third place winners ofthe Freshman Talent Show were Linda Leffingwell and Donna Massey Cleftl who presented a pantomine entitled "JuIie and Carol at Carnegie Hall." Second place honors went to Linda and Mike Spoon frighty with a selection of folk music. "A talent released - an honor bestowed." Sandy Martin from Great Bend placed first with her humorous reading "A Study in Culture" earning the first place trophy. The Freshman Talent Show is an annual event sponsored by Blue Key. The iudges are composed of E- State faculty members, usually from the Speech and Music Departments. Thirty-eight freshmen tried out for the show and ten were selected. ln addition to the winners', Tom Bozell received honorable men- tion. The Cash-Lowery Combo, John Tribell, Loius Rosas, Cheryl Lovett, Nancy Hemphill, Sharon Turner also qualified for the show. fdttlw mccmbe The attentive freshmen class filled Albert Taylor Hall to see their fine display of talent. 4 I at i Ru h ' if Y Rushees at the Alpha Si house find themselves relaxing surrounded by crepe paper and funny clowns. Delta Zeta goes all-ouf Hawaiian with their grass skirts and sarongs 'ro welcome at open house. Down in the left corner, Alpha Sigma Alpha entertains rushees informally around The porch swing. And the Sigma Kappas donned long flowing robes and headbands to produce a Roman Rush party. -If Week We came to college to get acquainted So we went through Rush Week to meet people We stood in line at the TKE House We shook hands with the AKL's We admired the giant clown in Sigma Land We asked questions about pledgeship We were sung to And we sang - Songs of fraternity life We ate cookies We drank punch in colored containers We toured the houses We looked at scrapbooks and party favors We were introduced to presidents, officers We hurried from house to house We rushed home to change for the next party We waited anxiously to get our bids We made our decision each time Then we changed our minds We met many rushees We made friends of the Greeks We learned We had fun We went through Rush Week It was a great experience. LW . f me, M' 5 ,M I ,n,, P2241 ,, an VV V? gii,eiti 1 U , 'lf- Happiness is getting the iob done. Happiness is seeing eye Yo eye. Happiness is Qs Y Egg ,7', ie-is H' if 'Fw Y- i , We f Mez an ,,,, ,, K irffcfafff sy., 5 f,,,,, Happiness is spirifuol. people together r 5 v k,,,,,- 5 fa Happiness is studying. Happiness is being rowdy. "' Ax Ed K cnvngiarv 'S H, V 2 X gi , issr i , f X Q ' 1 X x s X X ' rx Wg 'W MXN . U . Vw a il gy? 'Sf 7 32351 5 i'i'w f 1 , Q "1i G '1'f w .e Q ., . ..:,.. , . 5: .3 if .S .Q-.-w......,,.,., 'A gg! , 'wh my eg X71 ISK 871 X71 524.1 'Al' .,,...aIf WM hh Ammzswwf H 4-1 , W fee, TOP ROW: Mr. Whitley Austin, Mr. Dwight D. Klinger, Mr. W. F. Danenbarger, Mr. L. D. Morgan, Mr. Clement H. Hall, Mr. A. H. Cromb, and Mr. Max Bickford, Executive Officer. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Clyde M. Reed, Mr. Henry A. Bubb, Chairman, and Mr. Ray Evons. The Teachers College is governed by a Board of Regents, consisting of nine members appointed by the Governor of Kansas subiect to the approval of the Senate of the State Legislature. The President, who carries out general administra- tion of the institution, is appointed by the Board of Regents. The Kansas State Board of Regents 'is Dr. Howard Bellows, Associate Professor and Assistant to President, Dr. John E. King became President of the Teachers College in 1953. In addition to marking the College's greatest period of growth, the past ten years have seen a number of significant advances. ln connection with President King's deep interest in producing more teachers and librarians for Kansas, he has established support for the library as a center for learning and research. He strongly believes in responsible academic freedom and has strengthened the position of faculty members in this area. President and Mrs. King have two daughters, Dr. Ann Reynolds, who is a member of the Ball State Teachers College faculty, and Rebecca King, a Watkins Scholarship student at the University of Kansas. Assistant to the President President King takes time from his many duties to do iust plain paper work. P it 4' W.-1 P d X, 4. J , W ,A Dr. Laurence C. Boylan, Dean ot Graduate Studies f """"" I . fi ':r,? 'V The Division ot Graduate Studies under the direction Dr. Laurence C. Boylan, is responsible for assisting the division and department heads to develop programs in the following areas: l. Pre-service and in-service pro- grams tor elementary teachers. 2. Masters degree programs for teachers, librarians, counselors, ad- ministrators, and supervisors in elemen- tary and secondary schools, and in iuniorcolleges. 3. Sixth year programs leading to the Specialists in Education degree tor teachers, supervisors, counselors, and administrators in elementary and sec- ondary schools. gs Graduate Studies Aid Department Heads l m.......i STANDING: John Breukelman, Biology, Karl Bruder, Speech, Robert Lee, Library Education, Raymond Russell, Business, E. L. Barnhart, lndustrial Arts, Nathan Budd, Professor and Dean of Instruction, Alex Daughtry, Education, Art Miller, Assistant Professor and Director Administration and Records, S. Winston Cram, Physical Science, William Seller, Social Science, and Charles E. Walton, English. SITTING: Barbara Smith, Secretary of Graduate Office, Laurence C. Boylan, Dean of Graduate Council, Minnie M. Miller, Foreign Language, Jeanne Galley, Physical Education, and Kathryn Whitten, Home Economics. NOT PICTURED: Ted Andrews, Biology, Marion Emerson, Mathematics, Norman Eppink, Art, John E. King, President, B. A. Nugent, Music, Joseph M. Pease, Physical Education, and Merritt W. Sanders, Psychology. Nathan P. Budd, Professor and Dean of Instruction Office of Instruction Sets Academic Regulations. The Office of Instruction has been working, since its establishment in I957, to improve instruction on the Teachers College campus. Directed by Dr. Nathan Budd, the office sets academic regulations, finds new ways to improve the curricula and instructional material, and recruits new faculty members. Few students realize how much this office improves the academic lives of themselves. Roland Wilson, Assistant Professor, Director of Extension and Corres- pondence The Office of Admissions and Records is also included within the Office of Instruction. Directed by Arthur Miller, this office is responsible for registration and enrollment as well as student records, admissions, degree checks and student data analysis. The Office of Admissions and Records is located in Room IO5-IO7 of the Administration Building. is s Arthur Miller, Assistant Professor, Director of Admissions and Records .1 Dean R. G. Cremer, head of Business Administration, has the responsibility of handling all financial transactions of the college and organizations as well as col- lecting fees from the students. He has served the college in this position for 43 years. The Business Office, in Room l23 of the Administration Building, handles the func- tions of the business administration. Miss Elizabeth Howell heads the office with twelve assistants: Mary Green, Janet Schiebe, Mrs. Bonnie Burch, Mrs. Stella Burch, Mrs. Mary Dorring, Mrs. Katherine Duffield, Noreen Magathan, Mrs. Paul Gilbert, Mrs. John Foster, Cleodora Held, Karol Storey, and Ethel Melendy. As well as carrying out the usual duties they cash personal checks for students, and supervise the payment of employees. The General Office, headed by Mrs. Al Locke, is also a part of Business Administra- tion. This office which is located in Room l I8 of the Administration Building has served the college for over 30 years. lt handles enrollment cards, addressograph and dupli- cating work, incoming and outgoing mail, and the switchboard. Five years ago, IBM computing machines were installed and have since become a major facility of the school's operations. Business Administration Handles Finances Miss Elizabeth Howell, gm-sur Mrs Elizabeth Locke Tabulatlng Equipment Supervisor Student Union Activities Board to Provide Recreation To provide maximum recreational facilities in the Student Union for the TC students a Student Union Activities Council has been appointed by the Student Council for the l963-64 school year. Acting as Program Director for the Student Union and as Advisor for the Council is Leslie Cyrus, Senior from Iola, who is also vice-president of the Student Council. Two members are chosen from each class by the Student Council on the basis of leadership abilities and class pres- idents serve as ex officio members. Senior members include Jon Anderson from Newton and James Bagg from Shawnee Mission. Juniors include Sherry Bonine, Wichita, Cindy Hillman, Wichita, and Wayne Farrell, Valley Falls. Sophomores include Ted Gregory, Wichita, Cathy Grier, Wichita, and Terry Phillips, Garden City. The freshman representatives are Max Smith, Overland Park, Patty Russell, Lawrence, and Don Olson, McPherson. These members hold office for one year. In its first regular meeting the following officers were elected: President, Jon Anderson, vice-president, Cindy Hill- man, secretary, Sherry Bonine, and treasurer, Terry Phillips. This council is responsible for sponsorship of all Hornet Swarms and Friday night movie convos. Coordinated with Special Events by James Bagg, these movies have proved to be very popular attractions. Profits realized have gone into the Union Activities fund and into the Special Events fund. This council has also been responsible for providing games in the Hornets Nest. Money for these activities is provided by special allocations from the Student Council. Future plans include the establishment of a picture gallery in the-Hornets Nest, which will show various aspects of student life. The addition of pool and ping pong tables is a long range goal of the council. Sponsorship of educational discussion groups, chess tournaments, bridge tournaments, and the like is also being considered. Formation of a Ball and Chain club for married students and sponsorship of a Night Club Night in the Union will also be attempted if enough enthusiasm can be mustered. The door of the Union Activities office in the lobby of the Union is always open and anyone may feel free to drop in and make any further suggestions or leave their name to serve on a committee. Council meetings are held on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and students are invited to attend. With this backing the council will attempt to provide many varied and enioyable activities for the TC student. TOP ROW: Max Smith, Kathy Grier, Don Olson, Flitti Russell Jim Bagg, Jon Anderson, President, Cindy Hillman, Vice-president, and Terry E. and Wayne Ferrell. BOTTOM ROW: Ted Gregory, Sherry Bonine, Secretary, Phillips,Treasurer. Jack Davis, head of Auxiliary Services, is responsible for the administration and coordination of the bookstore, on- campus housing and the Scholarship Inn. Mr. Davis has served as director of Auxiliary Services for three years. Roger Green, head of the Student Union, Jim Pickert, of the Scholarship Inn, Miss Bishop, of Food Services, and Mariorie Hartman of the bookstore are under his direction. The Student Union Bookstore does not only keep a supply of text books and supplies but also items such as sweatshirts, stationery, and souvenir iewelry. The bookstore also buys and sells used books at the end of each semester, and furnishes facilities for U. S. mail. Mariorie Hartman supervises the book- store with the assistance of Mrs. June Smith, Mrs. Edna Rhoades, Martha Love, Willa Roe and student help. The Scholarship Inn offers relaxation and refreshment for students between classes. They can go there for an in- formal atmosphere of music, card, food, and fun. Proceeds from the "Inn" are used for student scholarships. The Student Union is the center of campus activity. It was built as a dedication for those men who lost their lives in World War II. It provides a place for the student who seeks social activity and recreation. Jack Davis, Associate Professor and Director of Auxiliary Services Auxiliary Services Directs Many Phases of Students' Life James Pickert, Manager Scholarship Inn and Cmefing The new addition to the Student Union is the second home for many students. . .I K Q Roger Green, Instructor Service and Assistant Director Auxiliary 0 A The new Hornets Nest has become a popular place in its one-year existence. At almost any hour during the day you can find the Nest buzzing with students - laughing, talking, and relaxing. The colorful, comfortable chairs and scenic view of the Teachers College campus and Lake Wooster draw students and faculty alike all hours of the day. But the Student Union has more to offer than the Hornets Nest. There is the Music Listening Room - less than a year old - where students can hear all types of instrumental selections at no charge. The Information Booth in the Union lobby has served as a guide-post many times. lt is here that people find information concerning the events scheduled in the Student Union. The Student Union Office, directed by Roger Green, is responsible for the regulations, scheduling, and controling of the activities of the Student Union. The Union Office answers mail and buys all supplies necessary for the various social events. Another important section of the Student Union is Food Services, which provides food for the cafeteria, training meals for the athletes, line dinners and fountain and snack bar supplies for the Hornets Nest. Food Services, which provides refreshments for parties, catering for dinners and picnic sup- plies. The Director of Food Services is Miss Helen Bishop. J' Phases of Students' Life . 5 s ek .Assy-.x,... , ' it by . -- -- X, K K Mid. - T ' v if K ' ' ,, ,.s.,,, . ,..- K, Q . .-,4,jft' ' . , - . .ws ,ss- . . Q rs . - K as.-.s.m . ss. f ., ww. ss - - ma j ' " . . f r' -3T :'e .s1,.s5--sfx-- . 5 M. X. ...N A. -5. - , ,..s.. RN Helen Bishop, Instructor and Manager Mariorie Hartman, Managerof Bookstore Campus Dining Service Student Services solve many problems. The many offices included in Student Services are the Dean of Women, the Dean of Men, the Counseling Bureau, Student Aids, the Director of Student Services, the Student Health Services, and the Housing Co-ordinator, the Rehabilitation Counselor, and the Student Activities Co-ordinator. Probably the most student orientated division on the Teachers College campus is the Division of Student Personnel Services, directed bv R. W. Wygle. This organi- zation is not only for the benefit of the students, but it is also a help to the faculty and the many organizations of the Teachers College. The Student Services Division gives TC students information and counseling on educational obiectives, as well as personal problem counseling from the Dean of Women, Dean of Men, and the Counseling Bureau. Faculty advisers are served by Student Services with forms and information necessary for advisement and provided student information to help in classroom in- struction. College organizations are assisted with facts and figures helpful in organizational research. The Office of Student Organizations, now in its third year, is directed by Leslie Cyrus, co-ordinator of Student Activities. The office has compiled a directory of all student organizations, giving vital information on each one. All 98 campus organizations must recharter to be recognized by the Student Organizations. The offices of Dean of Women and Dean of Men are dedicated to the purpose of improving the general welfare of the students. The Dean of Women, Dr. Ruth Schillinger, supervises housing, social activities and sororities. She also has contact with prospective students and their parents as well as parents of present students. The Dean of Men, Dr. Vincent Bowman, supervises the Men's Residence Hall, fraternities and the Inter-Fraternity Council. Both Dean Schillinger and Dean Bowman are Vincent J. Bowman, Associate Professor Ruth Schillinger, Professor and Dean and Dean of Men. of Women. R. William Wygle, Associate Professor and Director of Student Services. V. T. Trusler, Professor and Dean of Men Emeritus. Mrs. Kay Ryan, instructor, and Assistant ,--i... Dean of Women. Charles Baznik, Associate Professor Clinton J. Webber, Instructor and Co- and Co-ordinator of Counseling and ordinator of Off-Campus Housing. Health Services. members of the Scholarship and Loan Committee, Scholastic Standing Committee, Student Affairs Council, and the Administrative Council The four-year old Counseling Bureau, under the direction of Charles Baznik, devotes its time to assisting the students with their personal problems and their vocational aims. The Bureau has been extremely helpful to freshmen who are undecided as to what educational field to enter. The main purpose of the Student Housing Office is to assist the Deans in the supervision of the dormitories, as well as working with private property owners in locating suitable off- campus housing for students. The office is directed by Mr. Clint Webber, and it is located in Room Paul DeVivo, Counselor and Rehabilie tation Supervisor 208 of the Administration Building. Mr. Webber is assisted by student inspector Don Dirksen. Handicapped students have been assisted in recent years by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Supervised by Mr. Paul DeVivo, this office helps handicapped students adiust to college life and guide them into occupational fields after graduation. The Office of Student Aids has the purpose of co-ordinating scholarships, loans and part- time employment. Located in Room 207 of the Administration Building, the Office of Student Aids has been directed by Mr. Alden Bowman for the past six years. ss '55, A ali Leslie.Cyrus, Coordinatpr of Student Alden Bowman, Assistant Professor Dr. Joseph Parker, Campus Physician AC7'V'l'e5- and Student Aids Advisor. Field Services Provide Special Attractions The Division of Field Services, directed by Dr. J. J. Weigand, brings special attractions to the Teachers College. lt is through Dr. Weigand that the Teachers College students view cultural entertainment through the Artist Series - entertainment in the form ot theater CHA Man for All Seasons"D, music Cviolinist Isaac Sternj, and sports CThe Danish Gym Teamj. Located in Room lO2 ot the Administration Building, Field Services is also directly responsible tor the scheduling of all college events and the compiling of the school calendar. Dr. Weigand is assisted in his duties by Jim Meyers,John Staton, and Phil Berry. The Modern Folk Quartet song folk melodies and modern harmonies at the Hootenany one of the special events at the Teachers College this year Publications, Placement, and Alumni Boyd King, Assistant Professor and Director of Placement Office Mrs. Marjorie Sullivan, President of Alumni Association Included in the division of Field Services is the Placement Office, located in Room T03 of the Administration Building. Under the direction of Boyd King, this office is responsible for assisting the graduating students in seeking employment and aiding alumni in any iob change they would make. The Placement Office receives notices of iob vacancies, recom- mends candidates for these positions, and then makes follow-up studies to aid the office in future selections. Mrs. Nina Fish, Assistant Director of the Placement Office, works with Mr. King in the promotion of this student facility. Closely associated with Field Services and the Placement Office is the Publications Office, directed by Tom Ladwig, The purpose of the Publications Office is to supervise, compile, write, and edit the college catalogues, periodicals, and other publications issued by the college. The Publications Office is also responsible for releasing information concerning the college and its students. The official organization of graduates and former students of the college is the Alumni Association of Kansas State Teachers College, which traces its history back to 1880. All persons who have attended the Teachers College are eligible for active membership in the Alumni Association. There are two types of active membership: annual membership, which is attained by the payment of a S3 annual fee, and life membership, which is attained by the payment of a S35 fee or by the maintenance of annual membership for twelve years. The Alumni Association publishes a magazine, THE ALUMNI NEWS, four times during the school year. it sponsors alumni reunions and dinners, participates in Homecoming activities and has charge of alumni activities in connection with Commencement. Policies of the Alumni Association are determined by its officers, elected annually, and a nine member Board of Directors. All active members are eligible for election to office or to the Board of Directors. '.""lw .,,, .A A 5 CS' Merritt Sanders, Professor and Director of Bureau of Educational Measurements Located in Room 3 of the Administration Building is the Bureau of Educational Measurements, headed by Dr. Merritt Sanders. Fifty students are supervised by Dr. Sanders as they help with the productivity and service of the "bureau". The Measurement Bureau is also assisted by the teaching staff of the Psychology Department. The Bureau of Educational Measurements has the task of obtaining, shipping, scoring, and evalua- ting educational tests, it provides and operates testing programs and testing services, and the bureau uses the results of its many tests to draw startling' chon- clusions in the field of educational research. Bureau of Educational Measurements Operates Testing Prog ram X fi 1 X Merry Christmas! The William Allen White Memorial Library is.4ii?""" T Library Education The Department of Library Education, under the direction of Dr. Robert Lee, is the oldest library school west of the Mississippi. The goal of the department is to help provide qualified graduates to fill the ever- increasing need for librarians in public school, college and university libraries throughout Kansas. The members of the fulltime faculty are Inez Cox, Irene Hansen, Robert Hampton, Alice Ruf, and Marjorie G. Williams. Dr. Robert Lee, Head Department of Library Education ' l " Library Service The Teachers College Library was named in honor of William Allen White, the late editor of the famed Emporia Gazette. The library con- tains over 200,000 volumes and is a study center for students. Fulltime staff include William Highfill, Gertrude Lemon, Esther Vandervelde, Helen Klostermann, and Ruth Hanson. The Memorial Library contains the Mary White Room, center of children's library activities and named after Mr. White's daughter. Richard A. Farley Librarian 37 Security Patrol 000 Traffic Safety The Teachers College has ten patrolmen who give the campus and build- Endowment Association helps students Dr. Everett Rich, assisted by M. W. Archer, directs the work of the Teachers College Endowment Association. The Association was founded in T952 for the purpose of receiving money for the college for activities provided for by tax money. These include loan funds, lectures, scholarships. It administers approximately 250 scholarships annually, has made possible loans during the last four years, has helped finance most of the new houses built by Greek organizations. The Association now has assets of about S700,000 and handles about S350,000 annually. Everett Rich, Professor and Secretary of the Endowment Association. ings a twenty-four hour coverage seven days a week. Six of these patrolmen are students who work the evening and early morning shifts during the week and all shifts on week ends. To become a student patrolman, one must be 21 years of age, have three letters of recommendations, be interviewed by John E. King, President, R. G. Cremer, Dean of Business Administration, Dr. Howard Bellows, Assistant to the President, Mr. Wygle, Director of Student Services, and Al Locke, Traffic Office, etc. The Campus Patrol have state authority granted by the State Board of Regents, and each has a deputy sheriffs commission. Their duties are to keep the campus secure, check buildings for fires, open doors, keep unauthorized personnel out of buildings after closing hours, direct traffic and parking. TOP ROW: Thomas tjlayselden, Al Locke. MIDDLE ROW: Leonard Freeby, James Melly, Gary Todd. BOTTOM ROW: Clifford Judd, David Barb, Edwin Giger, Robert Baker. NOT PICTURED: Larry Mattison. Al Locke, Instructor and Co-ordinator of Traffic, Security, and Inventory. Print Shop Busy Place For many years, the Teachers College has printed tests tor the Bureau of Measurements. These tests are distributed widely throughout Kansas and the nation. In addition, the college prints publications that are designed to assist Kansas schools and teach- ers such as the Kansas Heritage, The Kansas School Naturalist. The printing area is staffed and operated on a self- supporting basis and is devoted to serving the mission of the Teachers College. Riley D. Stormont, Associate Professor and Super- intendent of Physical Plant and Maintenance The beautiful new Maintenance Building lrighti has added much beauty to the northeast section of the Teachers College campus. U Carl Hoffmans, Manager, Print Shop The Physical Plant One of the largest operations on the Teachers College Campus is the Physical Plant, which is located in the Maintenance Building. For the past nine years, Mr. Riley Stormont has served as Superintendent ot the Physical Plant. He is assisted in this task by Gerald Ashlock, Assistant Superintendent, Phil Dieker, Electrical Foreman, Elmer Dewey, Power Plant Foreman, Thomas Bricknell, Carpenter, Orville Mercer, Grounds Foreman, Donald Mcllvain, Construction Foreman. The purpose of the Physical Plant is providing power and taking care ot construction and campus security, maintaining the ground, power plant, repair work, and furnishing custodial service. ,Jawa li 5 5,2 ,,.,,. aw:-v0""" ,W V , if, , The Student Council of the Kansas State Teachers College provides the channel through which the voice of the students may be heard. Elected by the student body, the fourteen members work not only for the benefit of the students and college, but also to maintain a bridge of under- standing between the student body and administration. The Student Council begins its activities by sponsoring and participating in the Freshman Orientation Week. The annual Homecoming Dance is also planned and sponsored by the Council, and this year Jimmy Tucker and his orchestra was the main attraction. A spring semester highlight is the Penny Carnival. Directed by the Student Council, the proceeds from the Carnival are distributed to several charity organizations. For the third successive year, the Student Council in 1963 initiated a Leadership Retreat. Students representing campus organizations, faculty members, and administrative officials traveled to the Western Hills Lodge at Wagoner, Oklahoma, for two days of contemplation and discussion of campus problems. Another responsibility of the Student Council is the allocation of funds to the many departments on campus. With the many important duties of Student Council, it is necessary that students are placed in the Council who will exercise sound and mature iudgment. The Executive Council members'for 1963-64 were Darryl Hughey, president, Leslie Cyrus, vice-president, Pat Remmers, Darrell Hughey, senior math maior from Kansas City serves as --if . Swden, CoU,,Ci1p,eSide,,,. secretary, and Rich Ayers, treasurer. Stuco . . . Voice of the People fi Leslie Cyrgs Beard Vice-President Pm Remmers, Secretary Rich Ayers, Treasurer Junior Class Representative Junior Class Representative Ed Flemje Freda Bornschein David Skeen ,...... Senior Representative Senior Representative Seniof Repfesentfvive Steve Junghans Bob Belford J, D, Snodgrass Junior Representative Sophomore Representative Sophomore Representative People Elect More People 'ro Represent Biil Messer Freshman Representative fe-uni Jim Brown Freshman Representative NOT PICTURED: Sue Morgan, Sophomore Representative Carl Zaiss Freshman Representative TOP ROW: Glora Thomas, Ann Moser, Irene McCormick, Carol Reeves, Suzie Beard, Tana Grubb, Cindy Hillman. BOTTOM ROW: Muriel Noel, Diane Dalton, 2nd Vice-President, Rose Marie Correa, lst Vice-President, A. .S. Only one organization an campus can boast of completely non-selec- tive membership. The group goes by the initials A.W.S., meaning Associated Women Students. A.W.S. functions under the sponsorship of Ruth Schillinger, Dean of Women. An executive council acts as the governing body of the organization. This council is composed of representatives from each of the various Women's living groups, plus the A.W.S. officers. Judiciary boards have been set up to handle disciplinary action this year. A fall and winter style show presents rushees the latest fashions, while a dress code helps maintain campus good standards. Christmas brings the annual Candy Cane Couple Contest. High School Senior Women's Leader- ship Day ushers in spring along with those long-awaited final fling "late hours." Sherry Feltner, Secretary, Shirley Johannsen, President, Betty Champ, Georganna Markel. K-Spu rs The K-SPURS is a new honorary service organization for sophomore coeds that was introduced to K.S.T.C. for the first time this year by the Asso- ciated Women Students. The local organization is a preliminary to the national SPURS organization. It will be eligible to ioin the SPURS after at least two years of active participation in campus activities. K-SPURS are selected by A.W.S. board on the basis of their leadership qualities, their accomplishments, and their scholastic achievements. The group has a maximum membership of 30. The members were identified on campus by their K-SPUR crest on navy blue shift jumpers and long sleeved white blouses. These uniforms were worn every Tuesday and whenever serving in an official capacity. The group had a project at Christmas to raise money for the Retarded Children's Home. The goal was to cover a tabletop with money. The proiect proved to be very worthwhile. The K-SPURS gave campus tours on several occasions to groups visiting the campus, distributed programs and served as hostesses throughout the year. Miss Marcella Mouser, assistant professor of the Business Department, sponsored this club. TOP ROW: Sandy Kennedy, Karen Eoff, Shggri Russ, Gracie Edwards, Jan Carter, Judy Sewell, Sheila Stevenson. MIDDLE ROW: Sara Woodland Virginia Carter, Carol Lanter, Jean Rusco, Connie Rouse, Mary Firstenberger, Marilyn Siernson, June Lambert, Carolyn Brown, Joan McLain, Pat Worthing- ton. BOTTOM ROW: Dot Wilson, lris Schmidt, Jan Thiolen, Jan Engle, Presi- dent, Connie Stillings, Secretary, Susan Ford, Treasurer, Pam Warrick, Nancy Wheeler, Martha Burden. Not pictured - Janet Mustard, Louise Bowersfield, Carol Diebalt, and Miss Mouser, Sponsor. OUP Teaching people 3 ,A 3. Norman Eppink, Rex Hall, Don L. Hazelrigg, Ronald Hickmavglhjb John Kudlacek, Professor and Head Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Kssistant Professor Instructor 3 NOT PICTURED: J. Warren Brinkman, Assistant J Professor lOn Leavek Mary Kretsinger, Associate Professor, tOn LECIVEJ. Q Gary Mason, John M. Mathews, Richard J. Slirnon, Instructor Assistant Professor Instructor Art 0 It just takes every little thing to point o picture! At least that what Gary Baker seem to think. .im Don Ahshapanek Assistant Professor Theodore Andrews Professor 8- Head Robert A. Boles, Jack Carter Robert Clarke Richard Diqkermgn Assistant Professor Lecturer Assistant Professor Assisfqm Professor . -f f 35 P . - R ,fr Q 4 I Harold Durst Thomas A. Eddy ' r C, F. Gladfelter Richard P. Keeling Gilbert Leisman instructor Instructor Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor , kkriikit till f ' tw. i Fi Q .,,. , . i A G,-,, 3 4 fi-, ' David Parmelee Carl Prophet Edward Rowe Dwight Spencer Ted Surdy J0r11eS Wilson Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor l-eC'Ufef Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Smile! You're on Candid Camera. Biology NOT PICTURED: John Breukelman, Professorg Helen McElree, Assistant Professorg and Richard Schmidt, Taxidermist. Linda adds her feminine touch to this demonstration on metabolism. Business and Business Education ss., Q 3 Raymond Russell, Professor and Head we J 1 if 'Q-a9",f Rida F. Duckwall Associate Professor Marc Marcellus Instructor Melvin Anderson Associate Professor M. Lloyd Edwards Professor ,.--ever Marcella Mouser Assistant Professor Herman Baehr Professor Louis H, Gilles Associate Professor Burton E. Persson Instructor L Ml What do you mean, "the key's stuck"? in I4 I .rf Stephen Butcher Assistant Professor Findley Hartzler Assistant Professor William J. Preston Instructor Richard Brown Instructor Victor C Hiett Associate Professor ff . .1 A-Q Richard Reicherter Associate Professor Maxi Robert Clark Instructor Alline Holmes Assistant Professor NOT PICTURED: Carl Birchard, Assistant Professor iOn Leavelg Dale Buckmaster, ln- structory Edwin Hoop- er, Instructor C011 Leavel. If Alex Daughtry Professor Chairman, Division of Teacher Education ms t, 1' "' 1 ,pq 'f I . J Helen Douglas Assistant Professor Education Truman Hayes Associate Professor, Head, Department of Elementary Education William Edwards Assistant Professor TEACHERS COLLEGE FACULTY NOT PICTURED: James Bell, Assistant Professor, Helen Brown, Assistant Professor, Robert Highland, Assistant Professor, Eugene Kasper, Assistant Professor, John Sullivan, Assistant Professor, and Maxine Trimble, Instructor. "" 4-, as A V ...wwf Z 4 J. T- Sandefur Jeanette Bigge E. J. Calkin Associate Professor, Associate Professor Associate Professor Head, Department of Secondary Education , . 5 , ff M. ' 443092 Duane Hetlinger C. B. Huff Robert McAdoo Associate Professor Professor Associate Professor tsts I as BUTCHER GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY TOP ROW: Mary Cravens, Assistant Professor, Carl Livingston, Assistant Professor, Alma Homze, Instructor, Eva Dold, Assistant Professor, and ssociate Professor. BOTTOM ROW: Norma Converse, Instructor, Wanda Highland, Instructor, Wilbur Jones, Instructor, Esther Rings, Assistant Professor, Ruth Otterstrom, Assistant Professor, Don Palacek, Instructor, Sue Powell, Instructor, Joe McFarland, Assistant Professor, Principal Butcher Children's School, and Don Carline, Associate Professor. TQ? t Y wr' in ,fi ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY-TOP ROW: Charles Niess, Assistant Professor, Principal, Roosevelt High School, David Allison, Instructor, Fred Markowitz, Assistant Professor, and Thomas Mummey, Assistant Professor. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Stauffer, Instructor, Norman Ashbaugh, Assistant Education Carol Marshall Assistant Professor Elnora Cioni Assistant Professor, Butcher Marvin Schadt Associate Professor 'NMS as it Willard Stibal Associate Professor Leslie Marks -Btsif Ronal Slaymaker s.,-.-- A Assistant Professgif"s'c Assistant Professor, Roosevelt Roosevelt llll Q- 1 s W ,,..... Professor, Vernon Hastert, Graduate Instructor, Lemoine Tubach, Instructor, and Jerry Couch, Instructor. BOTTOM ROW: June Marcellus, Assistant Li- brarian, Judith Jacobs, Associate Professor, Theda Ashley, Assistant Pro- fessor, Mariorie Kelly, Assistant Professor, and Betty Campbell, instructor. X R J. W. Truax Harry Waters Darrell Wood Assistant Professor Professor Associate Professor BUTCHER FACULTY NOT PICTURED: Pearl Vollrath, Assistant Professors ROOSEVELT FACULTY NOT PICTURED: Margaret Conroe, Instructor, Della Warden, Associate Professor. fi f ' " ' .v s 4? W it W gy 5 W ,J Theodore C. Owen Professor and Head v f 1 f ' . ' f 2 'VV 2 -'dv-0"" "',, ' Glenn Kready Assistant Professor Joy Swift Assistant Professor Kr if A fs A Q Charles Walton Professor '.f':E3i .- J" Ralph Daggett Assistant Professor . p . Q h: 1 1 V 2 -I James Lester Instructor Everett Rich Professor p-arf , ., ,,., , . Roy Watson Instructor ' " he .., , Q . z u., aupyim . j, , X " AV Q, . Minnie Miller Professor and Head iffj.'E. K x S x X N N ,. , ..s s.. . . -5 ,...f f ss X S .sf ",, l .t.. Q . is ' W X 3 tx X sf N k tfr,r.e:, .N gf H. K. Denniston Assistant Professor Y. as I 1-f' I Q., , ts g June Morgan Associate Professor Richard Roahen Associate Professor mf Green Wyrick Professor """'w.-. '75 ,9 ,M Giisbertus Beynen Instructor Kenneth R. Fry Assistant Professor English NOT PICTURED: Stephen Chapman, Instruc- tory Wilhilma Engler, Assistant Professorg Howard Detter, Assistant Professorg John S. Lewis, lnstructorg and Winifred Shannon, Lecturer. E Si "What do you mean . , . Shakespeare who?" K f' 'Vs . 13.- Carol P. Brown Assistant Professor Foreign Language g 'Q' .Q Q, QA .. I ,C gig . .... Michel DeRepentigny Instructor , we We 4 N I Q David E. Travis Associate Professor . ,Zi i , . V Y Caroline H. Ross Lecturer Lemoine Tubach Instructor Joe Pease Professor and Chairman Keith Caywood Associate Professor 'us . Jeanne Galley Associate Professor X ...qs 7 ., N ,it ' Nisff,'1"'q?.igsann5 5 1 I ' S x.. Q, I mg - if : t 'X ff W if , Margaret Conroe Instructor , fi '23-we I T K 4 affe A x ,,,, I ' , I Q I tr, Ardis I-ml sac...-'...5 . Instructor Everything that goes up. . .comes down??? sn- .ve- ! I ffzjm ,.. Q A Larry Ensminger Instructor 56 fi I ,x , , iffy Freddie Jones 5 me 5 . 'af C 7 O Q 1 so y 31 Wifi , xc,: . . ri. . s 53 ,Rv - . c .i Y- E. Don McCullough Professor .44 ,f What a way to get an education??? Mary Estes Instructor Glen Laika Instructor sf' A , L , 's Q ' TL Qs r Qlig ,X I I Guy Owen Instructor rf , x Q X .95 VM Q x axe s is Q 1 Everett Fish Associate Professor Melvin Long Associate Professor Fran Welch Professor William Freese Instructor 19' , I w Ze' W Dorothy Martin Associate Professor Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics. if r ,,,, A IA V .f -"-' at 2. A if 4 CWM? ,M i l QW Z 'wil Home Economics , . Kathryn Whitten Professor and Head ,..1f ,V ,,,,, Companions and foods . . . success and smiles. Industrial Arts Marion Wilson Assistant Professor Norma Karhoff Instructor Theda Ashley Assistant Professor 3 E l've been cutting for two hours and it's still too short! Charles Bell N. R. Ashbaugh Dale Hogan Harold Woods E- L- BOFf1l1Gf1 John Quackenbush Professor Gnd Heod Instructor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Q V YK , W A i fl? my , .A , l ' . -X fr' 'oss K' 'P ' , M s iw., -.t 7 W-, V.. ,gk-M :V 5 sv N,-,, '4"V ,,: i A Q - is s . .saw , 7 ' l ' ... V , ' - - ' 52 Mathematics I 2 A vt . -19' - , Ex 0 1 ' , 5 i N. .. ' . X. V Marion Emerson, Otto Bassler, Thomas Bonner, john Burger, Y "'gg'g" Professor and Head Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor fr " I get fi K.. P" 2 it t I Fai? ' 's I X fl if George Downing, John Gerriets, Lester Laird, Oscar Peterson, Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor NOT PICTURED: John Couch, Instructor, and Billy E. Milner, Instructor. .,,. k,,, Q s 'fi . R Q 'iii NOT PlCTURED:Burnice CannAce, I put it there for me to enioy. Now I wonder who took the latest "Playboy." Richard A. Farley, Librarian and Professor Iss? , -.s - ws , Helen Klosterman, Instructor and Assistant Cataloge Robert L. Poe, Assistant Professor Vernon Sheffield Assistant igxessor Robert E. Lee, Professor and Chairman of Library Education e--wx A 45' L ' X. P . sissy, fix Gertrude Lemon, Reference Librarian If Ns 'Nebra- -.-f 1 ,r,. g q L t Charles B. Tucker, Associate Professor R , ,"' i is Circulation Librarian, Opal Cun- ningham, Secretary, Audio Visual, Mildred Meyers, Periodicals and Extension Librarian, and Virgil Parkman, Maintenance, Audio Visual. s ' w K N. Q Y Inez King Cox, Associate Professor, Library Education ,t t'I' it if fb ,..y, Alice Ruf, Assistant Professor, Library Education Irene Hansen, Associate Professor, Library Education i, "if , , .I Jack Scott, Instructor, Audio Visual Ruth Hanson, Librarian, Mary White Room ,Q- S35 ir, by ,K , iii' f ,iv M' Esther VanderVelde, Cataloging Librarian William C. Highfill, Assistant to the Librarian . 2' igv A .fb 2 if !. '. -:..: " you Mar'orie Williams, Circulation i rarian Library Education 8g Service Music B. A. Nugent Assoc. Professor and Head Irene Johnson Assoc. Professor if ll 1 iffie l K K' X sa A 1 Wendell Orr Instructor Q Peter L. Ciurczak Assoc. Professor Leopold Liegl Assoc. Professor X x X, Virgil Person Assoc. Professor All together now l-2-3! Charles Hendricks Professor Lacy McLarry Asst. Professor Qkofxqg 5 C.h0sef:QY' Not pictured - Donald Vogel, Instructor on leave Rosamond Hirschorn Assoc. Professor ff f . -6 15 L if 'y gf? Paul E. Moore Instructor Charles Schaef Edwin Stuntzner Asst. Pro essor Assoc. Professor is . g. 4 M Valeta Ives Asst. Professor ps Melbern Nixon Asst. Professor Robert M. Tay Professor lor S. Winston Cram Professor and Head C M ' rfwivfz K 4 Paul Johnston Assistant' Professor Ward Overholt Associate Professor H ss. -t l iw 3 taco Alvin Rusk Assistant Professor Gerald Witten Assistant Professor J , s .4 .get Glenn Crumb Associate Professor ,, i ' Jw? WW f W' W 5 Qi if 1 Q N 1 ,J if . Errol B. Middleton Lecturer 9' ln mv' Paul Rhine Assistant Professor 'Q' -1--us David Wetzel Assistant Professor Vr , V V NY ra..- ' 'f gm.-yr Jesse Wood Assistant Professor 1-if 2 Edward Farquhar Assistant Professor Guy Homman C. G. Harry Johnson Assistant Professor Lecturer Physical Science The "wonder of science" is shown by Dr. Winston Cram. NOT PICTURED: William Atkinson, Assistant Professor and Alfred Ericson, Professor Agn rj' gi sis. v A i 1 an 1121? f: 6-on Wpwlr Merritt Sanders Elton Amburn Orrin Berg Phillip B"0U9l1 Qal Qgss Shium Chen Professor and Head Assistant Professor Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor Instructor ,S . , 5, 1 'Ni , 2? X E William H. Gray Charles Hall Professor Instructor qv. William H. Seiler Professor and Head Kaye Owens Assistant Professor NOT PICTURED: Randall Anderson, Assistant Professor, Walter Butcher, Assistant Professor, Joe Fisher, Assist- ant Professor, Dale M. Garvey, Assist- ant Professor, Florence Jones, Instruc- tor, Mya Maung, Assistant Professor, and Rodney Mitchell Instructor. .sd .-an sf K -N V? NOT PICTURED: Arthur Miller, Assistant Professor Brian Tomlinson, Lecturer, V. T, Trusler, Professor and Dean of Men Emeritus. Psychology Social Science if ,it tii ."' .price-5 . .2 1 'gm A Z, ,, is-f , WW2W?fLWa7i7,,+Z'wi' V 775 fy' 5' F 5 52 X 2 ,W FZ X .ff if ., W . C. S. Boertr-nan James H. Buchanan Roy Durham Robert Ecklberry Edward Homze Professor Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . M. W 'L-if llkl it A1 ti J . Q , 5. Ks f , V 'V vs is - f i K , 9 1 if f',, ' 'mfg 5 Oc. 5 0 l 0155! n Robert Mclntire Loren Pennington Eldon Snyder Glenn Torrey Stillman Vincient John Zimmerman Instructor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Professor Q sl x 4 'X 1 A L,z. X, , T? Look Ma, no teeth. For eyes you love to look at. Speech 123 Q L Y' f A L I I ,v I f ' A -We , 1 , V Z ' 'r"'f'4 -1,0 I W 5' I ' I ,f" fig Q ,. -' ',' Q .I 44" I It It Q R eec. Karl Bruder Charles F. Edward Russell Grqndgfqff Rich ildreth Charles Hill Professor and Head Instructor Assistant Professor Associate Professor lnsfruglor QQ, ,,:l - - E' L se I I I, A an L 11 : I 1 ,wr kj, ' A 12 . , .ff wr L ' , 'H "Tiff xg , 'ljf P' ,:. JOIWY1 JOYUGS Larry Larmer John Lehman James McTeague Instructor 5 h P686 Instructor Instructor Assistant Professor Hugh Munro Assistant Professor George Pflgum Professor ww, M ig M' Q f f 1 MW i f 1 5 W9 if Q, f sw Wx 'Z' C . , 25 W D 4 Q 1 1 ,. 4.1.2 Lg, 'awww ' like If TOP ROW: Paul Waner, Daphne Davies, David VanderKratts, Judith K. Burns, and Byron Grove. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Banks, Marilee Marcellus, Jim Lytton, Nancy Senn, Barbara Stucky, and Betty Duff. Alpha Theta Rho Alpha Theta Rho is an honorary art fraternity which recognizes those students who have shown particular creative and academic merit in the field of art. The honorary group strives to further the knowledge and appreciation of all the fine arts not only to its membership, but to the public as well. This year's officers are Nancy Senn, president, Betty Duff, vice-president, and Dave VanderKraats, secretary-treasurer. Caduceus Society In i959 an organization was founded on the campus especially for those students interested in medical pro- fessions and other related areas. The group provides the opportunity for its members to become familiar with various medical professions through professional contacts with speakers, panels, and field trips, and to become socially acquainted with students with similar professional goals. The specific fields chosen by the members include medicine, bacteriology, pharmacology, nursing, dentistry, medical technology, and optometry. This year highlights include a panel discussion on a controversial health sub- iect, a trip to a large general hospital, and the annual visit to the KU Medical Center. Sponsors are Mr. Edward Rowe and Dr. Helen McElree. TOP ROW: Warren Schultz, Terry Phillips, Dole Purkeypile, Jr., Robert Hughes, Lawrence Trimmell, Robert Stewart, Roy E. Cantrell, David L. Conner, and Vernon Hayes. MIDDLE ROW: Dr. Helen McElree, Sponsor, Renee Wells, Che l Douglass, Mary Ann Fitzpatrick, Janet L. Stapleford, Nola Kurth, Erin Euler, ing Na Wang, Betty Schick, Karen Krehbiel, and Cindy Hillman, BOTTOM ROW: John C. Kose, Pat Brueggeman, Marilyn Cleghorn, Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Dunlap, Publicity Chairman, Larry H. Knipp, President, Larry P. Gabriel, Vice-President, Max D. Armstrong, Marvin C. Pendergraft, and Roderic Spencer. NOT PICTURED: Carole Bidwell, Gary Shephard, and Dena Wheeler. af 1 M g '1- ' 1 , ,W H: ' 712 51, Q ' AA 4' .. aa ,f n ,.hhA ?" , " iz, ' W 7 YV Q, W! rv ff . T ng. 1 5 s. .1'.f-izxm., 1 QQ .. y , Q! 35 if 3 ff- - .Q1Q4gf.g, 325. U fe I 5 5' K TOP ROW: Louis Bussiaegef, Larry ZUfflUl'1, Dave Taylor, Kenneth Weaver, Ted Surdy, Barbara Greiner, Dale Greiner. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Swan, Duane May, LeRoy Schnlfflief, DOH Al'lSl'tCtpenek. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Dunlap, Larry Knipp, Jack Woodhead, Annetta Jilg, Betty Schick, Roderic Spencer, Marilyn Cleghorn, Linda Denton, Judy Brown, Kay Curfman, Jo Lynne Dick, Donald Gilliland. Beta Special criteria required to obtain membership in Beta Beta Beta include both scholarship and active interest in biology. This organization is the campus national honorary society in the biological sciences. It was founded here in 1950, as the Delta Kappa chapter. Candidates desiring membership must request to be nominated by the Biology Department faculty. After acquiring nomination, prospective members are then voted on by the active members. Beta Beta Beta is a multi-purpose organization. One purpose is to stimulate scientific research. Another is to promote scholarship and to continue to raise the standard of its members academically. Still another Beta Beta purpose is to disseminate scientific information. In other words, this group hopes to make such information both available and understandable to anyone interested. Field trips are an important part of the members yearly activities. They are valuable as publicity, as well as for general interest and education of those who par- ticipate. The group also manages a small mammal survey in the fall and spring in an area near Emporia. They gather information and distribute reports on research done by their members. This year a new practice was instituted and outstanding biology students were recognized at the annual Founder's Day dinner. 6 TOP ROW: Robert Boles, Sponsor, Ted Andrews, Sponsor, Doyle Orrell, Eitel, Letha La Galle, Donna Bell, Recording Secretary, Nancy Wagner, President, Lyle Rockey, Spencer Clarke, Philip Koehler, Earl Williams. Corresponding Secretary: PG? Quillifln, ViC6-PfeSldef1Y: MCIVY Jo Hellmerf MlDDl.E ROW: Bill Barker, H. O. Wilson, D. L. Spencer, Gary Tucker, Caralee KCIFSV1 Kfeltbiel. Emley, Richard Keeling, Carl Prophet, Jack Carter. BOTTOM ROW: Gay TOP ROW: David A. Rettele, Patrick J. Ryan, Presideritp LGOH TOfli9lS0Vh Garrett, Vernon Hastert. BOTTOM ROW: Janice Cox, Bobbie Jo Loe , Robert A. Baker, Charles Vincent, Donald Miller. MIDDLE ROW: R. B. Russell, Rita McKay, Karen Vaughn, Joyce Koehn, Publicity Chairman, Judy ummins, Sponsor, Phil Haas, Suzanne Kuchera, Marcia McPhail, Judy Simpson, Sharon Secretary, Pi Omega Pi Pi Omega Pi is a national honorary business education fraternity founded in l923 at the Northeast Missouri State Teachers College of Kirksville, Missouri. The Pi Omega Pi signifies its three ideals-loyalty, service, and progress. The purpose of the organization is to create a fellowship among teachers of business subiects. Pi Omega Pi strives to create and encourage interest and promote scholarship in business education, to aid in civic betterment in colleges and universities, and to encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professional life. To be eligible for membership, one must have completed the second semester of the sophomore year, one must have completed l5 semester hours in the Department of Business and Business Education, 6 hours of which must be above the freshman levelg and one must have earned a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in his business courses and 2.5 in other subjects. The Mu Chapter is a very active organization on campus. During the academic year, Mu Chapter prepares weekly bulletin board displays, publishes an annual of its activities, guides campus tours, provides Christmas benefits to a needy family, and participates in various other activities. The Mu Chapter year is highlighted by its spring banquet in May. TOP ROW: Stephen Waite, Kirby Gardner, Charlie Purviance, Rod McMaster, l-leger, Kreston Norris. BOTTOM ROW: William Price, Karen Spanier, Gloria Gerald Shineman, John Wendling. MIDDLE ROW: John Thompson, Way- Rifenbark,Sharon Mayrath,Joan Robertson, Betty Reimer. netta Maple, Alline Holmes, Sponsor, Rida Duckwall, Sponsor, Sharon 6 S Richard Hanna, Historian, Gary Robinson, 2nd Vice-President, Robert retary. NOT PICTURED: Edward Schulenberg, 3rd Vice-President, Allan Baker, 1st Vice-President, Keith Tedrow, State and Local President, Bobby Atwater, Recording Secretary, and Mike Sarntee, Treasurer. Phi Beta tive Contest in 1959, 1961, 1962, and 1963. Miss Future Busi- ness Executive Contest in 1959, 1960, 1962, and 1963, and Mr. and Miss Future Business Teacher in 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1963, Largest Chapter Membership in 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, and 1963, Chapter Activities Report in 1959, 1960, 1961, Jo Loepp, Corresponding Secretary, Robert Rodenbaugh, Recording Sec- Phi Beta Lambda is a national fraternity for business ad- ministration and business education college students. All busi- ness students may become members of Phi Beta Lambda. The Emporia State Chapter of the Phi Beta Lambda has been one of the outstanding chapters on the state and nation- al levels. The chapter itself has won awards consistently on the national level for its large membership and school and com- munity relations. Since the establishment of Phi Beta Lambda on the state level, Emporia, has had the entries for the Nation- al Mr. and Mrs. Future Business Executive and the Mr. and Mrs. Future Business Teacher Contests. Our contestants have 1962, and 1963, and The Henry S. Reicherter Award in 1961, 1962, and 1963. The Henry S. Reicherter Award, established in 1961, by Richard F. Reicherter in honor of his father, is given to the outstanding Kansas Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda each year. Emporia Staters take pride in achieving the excellent standards set by the iudges and the precedent they have established for future recipients of this award. The Kansas State President of Phi Beta Lambda for 1959, 1960, 1961, and 1962 was a member of our chapter. ln 1963 we are again represented on the State Executive Council by Keith Tedrow who is serving as President. placed in the top five on the national level. Another national honorwhich has come to our chapter is its represent ,tion on the National Executive Council. Judy DeBross was elected to the first council in 1959 as National Secretary and was re- elected in 1960. At the 1961 Convention Neil Roach was elec- ted Vice-President of this council, and in 1962 was elected na- tional president. On the state convention level, Emporia State has excelled all other Kansas chapters by winning the Mr. Business Execu- li The Phi Beta Lambda State Convention din- ner gave everyone a wonderful time with much to eat and lots of interesting con- versation. .elim WWW' 4575 411' Wl'1o's Who in Phi Beta Lambda is an organization within on organization. Members include Ed Schulenloerg, Keith Tedrow, Janet Hall, Gene Heitrnan, and Bernie Bottenberg. Neil Roach is not pictured. Lambda Keeps Busy Business Education Week brought a visit to the office of Governor John Anderson to Phi Beta Lambda chapter leaders. Beginning at left is Keith Tedrow, president of Emporia State's Phi Beta Lambda Chapter and state president, Dr. Raymond B. Russell, Chairman of E-State's Business Department, Tom Robinson, E-State student, and Mr. Richard F. Reicherter, State Chairman of F,B.L.A. and Phi Beta Lambda. Emporia state entered competition and won first place with the Parliamentary Pro- cedure Team, Members are pictured LEFT T0 RIGHT: Alan Atwater, Richard Hanna, DeAnn Marbourg, Felix Brand, and Gary Robinson. The team received its award at the State Convention. Mr. Richard F. Reicherter QRIGHTQ presented special awards at a banquet during State Convention. The conven- tion took place at Topeka, Kansas. First place in the Mr, . and Miss Future Business Teach- ers of Kansas contest went to 1 Janet Hall and Ron Thomas, l Six other Teachers College students also received awards. In the picture 'at the right is Bernie Bottenberg. His award is first place for the Most Original Project. Directly below Mr. Bottenberg is Keith Tedrow, who received his first place plaque for Mr, Future Business Executive of Kansas. Beginning at the left of the bottom panel is Richard Henderson. Richard won first place for Operation Economics. Next, the first place plaque for Chapter Exhibit went to Gerald Wolff. Next Corrine McAskill with the first place plaque for Business Communications. Pat Ryan, far right, received first place plaque for Accounting Principals. ,iff so s., 'V'- E is.. JC P' as..-... Delta Pi Epsilon Richard F. Reicherter, Co-Sponsor, John Sheets, Historian, Irma Minden, Corresponding Secretary, Edwin Eilert, Vice-President, Dr. Robert Lowry, National President, Evelyn Wilson, President, Mariorie Wamser, Recording Secretary, Jess Teel, Treasurer, Lloyd Edwards, Co-Sponsor. The twenty-eighth chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon, National Honorary Fraternity for graduate students of business education, was formally installed at K.S.T.C., Emporia, on August 17, 1957. Alpha Delta Chapter is the only chapter to be organized in the state of Kansas. There are at present thirty-three chapters. Delta Pi Epsilon fraternity founded in 'l936 is an honorary graduate organization for men and women devoted to the advancement and professionalism ,4 ff' 'T' . Richard Reicherter, Sponsor and three members of Alpha Delta Chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon represented the chapter in a series of Economic Clinics con- ducted in major cities last fall. The clinics were conducted in cooperation with the Washburn Fund. Edward Wells, Executive Secretary of the Washburn Fund took part in the clinics with the DPE members. Those representing Alpha Delta chapter were Richard Reicherter, sponsor, and Victoria Daily, Marcella Mouser and Richard Brown. of business education. It is the only fraternity in the United States for business education members. Through its ideals of service, leadership and cooperation, the fraternity strives to make significant contributions to professional growth and scholarly achievement in business education. The president is Mrs. Evelyn Wilson. The sponsors are Dr. Lloyd Edwards and Mr. Richard Reicherter. Dr. Robert Lowry, Delta Pi Epsilon National President, was the guest speaker at the fall meeting of Alpha Delta Chapler, Delta Pi Epsilon. TOP ROW: Doris Redburn, Eleanor Hoag, June Morgan, Emma Eankhauser, Dall, President, Glennis Johnson, Corresponding Secretary, Pat Greene Mary Gilkison, Lois Donahue, Louise Bo es, Annette Vincent, Virginia Whit- Recording Secretary, Margie Evans, Karen Lawrence. comb. BOTTOM ROW: Betsy Burson, Kathy McFadden, Treasurer, Annabeth Pi Alpha Pi Alpha is the newest all-women group on the Teachers College campus. lt is a local honorary education society whose membership is made up of both graduate and undergraduate women. The organization was foun- ded here in the spring of l962. This year active member- ship totaled forty. Organizing this society has been somewhat like that of colonizing. lt is the ultimate aim of Pi Alpha to become a local chapter of Pi Lambda Theta, the national honorary education society for women. ln January of this year, Dr. Miriam Brown and Dr. Mary Elwood visited the chapter and campus. They came to the Teachers College as representatives of Pi Lambda Theta to inspect the facilities and check the progress of the group. Pi Alpha has been a part of many worthwhile pro- iects even in its short life. Some members tutor foreign students. Others help to compile survey statistics such as the effect of marriage, jobs, and scholarship on the participation of Teacher's College students in extra- curricular activities. The group has also been influential in helping to bring James Conant to the campus. Dr. Eleanor Hoag is faculty sponsor of the group. Other faculty members have also been especially helpful. They are the Dr. June Morgan, Dean Ruth Schill- inger, Miss Irene Hansen, and Miss Alice Ruf. TOP ROW: Sherry Feltner, Rita McKay, Nancy Wagner, Carol Breneman, Mary Morris, Jackie Leap, Pat Quillin, Karen Jones, Lorna Hutchinson, Wanda Lorenz, Helen Haun, Miriam Werner, Adah Gilbert. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Brown, Nedra Angell. 'Nt TOP ROW: Miss Helen Douglass, Sponsor, Dr. Darrell Wood, Sponsor, Margie Evans, Publicity Chairman, Frances Burdette, Publicity Chairman Diana Proffitt, Social Chairman, Janet Simek, Professional Chairman, BOT College students planning to teach find the Teachers College chapter of SNEA the perfect professional organization for them. This organization provides opportunities for personal and professional growth, it helps to de- velop qualities of leadership, it involves participation in professional activi- ties, it serves to deepen the interests of students in a teaching career, and finally, it helps members to understand the history, ethics, and programs at both state and national levels. The group's 700 members have had an active year on the campus. The school year began with an officer's workshop in Topeka for discussion of the organization's goals for l964. Following this came Homecoming and decorating of the front gate to the campus. Members brought toys, food and X35 IA TOM ROW: Sandy Kennedy, Historian, Gene Rollwagen, Vice-President, Janice Brinkman, President, Jeanie Brunkow, Secretary, Loydean Barker, Treasurer. NOT PICTURED: Becky Carson, Membership Chairman. Student National clothing to give to needy families. The next big event which followed Christ- mas was the State Convention held in McPherson in April. And to round out the year the group had their traditional picnic in Hammond Park. Each meeting night special speakers were present to discuss the teach- ing profession, opportunities for employment, and the new developments in the teaching field. The group also elected Diane Bishop as their Miss Sunflower candidate. SNEA annually presents scholarships of S100 each to deserving stu- dents interested in the teaching profession. This year recipients were: Sue Ellen Reunick, James Harter, and Brenda Menefee, iv. Members work together with Mr. Al Bowman to provide scholarships for those students who are found worthy and interested in the teaching profession. I 1 ". . . Leagues Under The Sea"-and members of SNEA decorate the campus entrance in celebration of Homecoming. Education Association is x ge r A . , fl? 'l..Jai i 'S f3"i' ' - X-ft' f X-dy' Q Aileftfil wx WW' Students gather round the piano for yuletide fun at the annual SNEA Christmas party. Membership consists of listening and learning as well as having a good time at social events or participating in service proiects. TOP ROW: Cindy Webber, Connie Schultz, Joanne Hrivnak, Marilyn Romer, Carolyn Ulrich, Mary Lou Fleagle, Anne Meyer, Jim Harter, Lanny Carpenter, and Jim Pate. MIDDLE ROW: Kathy Didde, Mary Haynes, Pat Worthington, Sally Clerico, Marcia Valk, Leah Will, Suzanne Wischropp, Judith Crane, Elizabeth Maher, Carol Breneman, and Cathy Neill. BOTTOM ROW: Joe sa ...- French Foreign language is always a fascinating thing for those who do not speak another tongue. To language maiors, however, this initial mystery and fascination soon becomes long hours spent in study and practice, Yet being a language maior is not all work and no play. French maiors find they have an excellent opportunity to ioin with other students also strug- gling with the language of France by participating in the French Club, Mem- bership in this organization is open to any student of French who is interested, The club was founded more than forty years ago, in l9l9. Miss Lillian Dudley, then head ofthe foreign language department, was the founder, The purpose of the group is to provide adequate opportunity to hear ff? f . ' .3-' Q '. .f . if' rf ' X, 4 pm... if 'L- gf Griffith, Class Representative, Greta Gray, Class Representative, Sue King, Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Gieber, Vice-President, Lawrence Gee, President, Mr. Michel de Repentigny, Sponsor, Roderic Spencer, Class Representative, and Nancy Goodman, Class Representative. Club and speak French in a social situation. By taking part in the extracurricular activities offered, a student gains knowledge of not only the language itself, but also of French culture and civilization, Annual proiects and events include a dinner to celebrate fete de noel An Epiphany cake is also part of the festivities, A French play is produced, directed, and staged by club members. Often programs are planned for the interest of area high school students, Each regular monthly meeting features a program of talks by members, foreign students or guests. The club now has a large and active membership of students, all bound together by their indi- vidual interests in French. TOP ROW: Elaine Findley, Diane Nichols, Carol Bloesser, Jules Chargois, Rickbone, BOTTOM ROW: Miss Minnie Miller, Sponsor, Sandy Busselle, Try Chum, Chris Meyer, George Fuller, Fred Schlotter, and Gerald Riley. Sue Clark, Camie Burnett, Pat Greene, Nilene Smith, Sandy Kennedy, and MIDDLE ROW: Sivone Kong, Carol Clemons, Deanna Duby, Pat Parks, Roya Corbin. Jackie Paige, Juanita Hartford, Judy Knapp, Blanche Long, and Catherine Q TOP ROW: Jim Pate, Lawrence Craft, Irvin Penner, Richard Roerig, Roy President. BOTTOM ROW: Rose Ann Clutter, Carol Bloesser, Orpha Richmond, Gatewood, Richard Laubhan, and Robert Kurth. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Frieda Sauer, Joyce Dunn, Bonnie Slifer, Gayle Cowgill, and Raymond Butler, Treasurer, Louise Bauersfield, Secretary, Caryn Shelor, Chairman of Hiebert. Committees, Ron Ruhnke, President. NOT PICTURED: Elaine Findley, Vice- German Club Under the official title of Der deutsche Uerein, the German Club on the Teachers College campus was reorganized last year. The club was first organized in 1910. lts purpose is to serve its members by increasing an understanding and appreciation of the German lan- guage and culture. During regular meetings the group participates in many diversified activities. These activities include films and commentary about the German nation and people, lectures from world travelers who have been to the old country. Other meetings have included group folksinging and informal practice in conversational skills. Dr. Caroline Ross is sponsor of the growing organization. Their candi- date in the Miss Sunflower contest this year was Caryn Shelor. Russian Club To create an active interest in the Russian language and culture of the people in the hope of effecting better international relations is the main purpose of the Teachers College Russian Club. Each year various activities unite to keep the group busy. These include the St. Nicholas Party, Spring Festival and the Annual Russian Dinner. This annual dinner is held in May. The menu consists of Russian recipes prepared by the members of the club who are talented in the culi- nary art. TOP ROW: G. Koolemans Beynen, Sponsor, Caroline Sparks, Judy Wilson, Landis, Secretary, Jack C. Woodhead, Treasurer, Treva Jean Hartshorn, and Marlene Johnson Richard Butler, Henry M. Flott, and Mary Dimmitt. BOTTOM Sally Clerico. ROW: Sharon Rogers, President, Roberta Overall, Vice-President, Linda Kay TOP ROW: Bev Pankratz, Suzie Hughes, Jane Trenkamg Delores ljgpdfgk- son, Pete Maier, Michael Selves, Jim Harter, Greta Gray, and Eileen Pavey. M-EDLE ROW: Lynda Edmundson, Vicki Johnson, Mary Meredith, Marcia Volk, Amparo Ramirez, Esther Hernandez, Dianne Clugston, and K3-:gn Kuhns. BOTTOM ROW: C. P. Brown, Sponsor, Judy Harris, Treasurer, Mary Jane Radford, Song Leader, Tony Hernandez, Vice-President, Claudene Boldridge, Secretary, Ronald Fundis, President, and Becky Hinshaw. Spanish Club The Spanish Club was founded on this campus in l92O. The purpose for this club is to facilitate classroom Spanish with films or lectures on Spanish or Latin American culture and literature. Native speakers are employed in some capa- city at each meeting in order that current, fluent Spanish can be heard and understood. An outstanding program for this year was the meeting in which Mr. Orlando Cortes, a Cuban who fought with Castro to overthrow Batista, and then who was forced into exile, spoke tothe club about the existing conditions in Cuba under the Communist inspired dictation. The social highlight ofthe year is the annual Christmas party where the traditional Spanish pinata is broken. TOP ROW: Carrol McCoy, Sharon Stunz, Sallie Burris, Pat Greene, Carlos Gonzales, Harold Davis, Don Blasi, Dana Schroeder, and Karen Wiggins. BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Mattix, Doris Morris, Janet Truskett, Sandra Mosier, Mona Davis, Bonnie Ramirez, Nilene Smith, and Betty Scrivner. NOT PIC- TURED: Carol Clemons, Henry Flott, Robert Webster, Mike Bell, Caroline Sparks, Dolores Cleven, Janet O'Conner, Judy Knapp, Beverly Stone, Beatriz Caudillo, Leona Holmes, Vesta Mausolt, Mike Culp, Lua Opostequi, Kathy Thyfault, Kathy Good, and Carol Van Gundy. TOP ROW: Gerald Riley, Lee Tubach, Greta Gray, Marlene Johnson, Ruby Minnie Miller. NOT PICTURED: Ron Fundis, Janet DeYoung, Treasurer, PBHTIBY, l-Oflhy Carpenter, t David Tf0VlS- 1 COYYY1 Rocky Shire, President, Caroline Klem, Carol Brennermen. Shelor, Ann Austin, Vice-President, Pat Greene, Secretary, Carmen Davis, Sigma Delta Pi Pi Delta Phi Sigma Delta Pi is the national honorary Spanish fraternity for under- Pi Delta Phi on the Teocher's College campus represents the graduate students. The Kansas State Teachers College chapter, Delta national French honor society by that name. This honorary organization Theta, was founded in l957, It is one of 120 chapters in the United provides an opportunity for converstation and fellowship with those States. Qualifications far membership are based on scholarship in who have shown a marked interest in the language and culture of France. general and in Spanish. There are 20 members this year. Among the activities of the group are monthly meetings, an annual Spanish Supper, assisting at Spanish Club meetings, and preparations for a trip to Monterrey, Mexico. Professor David Travis is the faculty sponsor of the organization. Other faculty members are Dr. Minnie Miller, Dr. Theordore Owen, Professor Carol Brown, and instructors Lemoine Tubach and Cida Chase. TOP ROW: David Travis, Robert Gieber, Mary Haynes, Pat Greene, Suzanne Carol Breneman, Judy Knapp. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Albertson, Raya WlSCl1l'0PP, KOYBY1 COUFYYICY. Carol BYOWYL Michel de Repenflgny, Lawrence Corbin, Judy Burgess, Sivone Kong, Vice-President, Diane Nichols, President, Gee. MIDDLE ROW: rico Vicki Johnson, Elaine Findley, Janice Sue King, Treasurer, Minnie Miller, Paulette Hildreth, Autsibesse Beynen. Higgins, Carolyn Ulrigh, Judy Grabhorn, Carol Huff, Dorothy Thompson, TOP ROW: Earl Williams, Daryl Troyer, Lyle Rockey, Ron Ruhnke, Kenneth Sheble, Eileen Pavey, Pat Green, Vernon Hastert, President, Ann Spencer, Ukaver, Winston Manning, Larry Zurfluh, and Larry Nelson. MIDDLE ROW: Secretary, Sherry Jacks, Historian, Glennis Johnson, Treasurer, and Bob John Rotz, Karen Myers, Merlyn Jenkins, Karen Brown, Nedra Angell, Karen Lonard,Vice-President. McCullough, Judy Brimmer, and Rita McKay. BOTTOM ROW: Sandra Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi is a national honorary education fraternity for iuniors, seniors, and graduate students in this field. Membership is available to those students who have a cumulative 3.3 grade average and have completed a required number of hours in education. For those elected during their junior year, at least five semester hours are required for secondary education majors. Elementary education maiors are required to have at least l2 seme- ster hours. The purpose of this organization is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. To accomplish these goals, the group elects to member- ship such people as they feel exhibit commendable personal qualities, worthy educational ideals and sound scholarship. They hope to quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work. They also endeavor to maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among members. Monthly meetings add to the professional preparation of these future teachers. The yearly program contains a banquet in the spring, regional and national conventions, and lectures by prominent educators. Members also re- ceive The Educational Farum, official magazine of the Society, issued quarterly in November, January, March and May as part of their membership fee. Iota Chapter of Kansas State Teachers College was installed in March of 1920 as the ninth chapter. The na- tional founding was nine years before at the University of Illinois. TOP ROW: Rosetta Rogers, Betty Weese, Alan Atwater, Sherry Feltner, E0lYf Doris Redburn, Und BonoMRoW1MClfClGTfUiY1,K0Yl'IleeY1 Diana Patton, Kathy McFadden, Eve Anna Ptacek, and Donna Fitzpatrick. Austin, Pat Quillen, Linda Denton, Hank Wendland, Rose Ann Clutter, Lorna MIDDLE ROW: Miriam Werner, Janet O'Connor, Vicki McA , Sharon Hutchinson, and Margie Evans. Bagg, Diane Bishop, Suzanne Kuchera, Annabeth Da ,Juanita Brown, Ann TOP ROW: Freddie Jones, Linda Geffert, Pat Lampe, Jan Morrissee, Karen Jones, Mary Lou Weston, Sidra Wilkerson, Jerrie Ann Berrie, Jill Schumaker, Connie Campbell. MIDDLE ROW: Qiane Weatherbee, Margaret Conroe, Sherry Wachter Jolene Frigon, Marilyn Romer, Anita Chacon, Karen Mahaffey, Carol Hobson. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Boney, Dorothy Mar: tin, Joyce Naramoto, Jackie Leap, Lorna Swenson, Jane Sengpiehl, Wanda Gregory, Sharon Lynn, Eloise Wall. Women's Physical . Education l TOP ROW: Lanno Settles, Susan Ellis, Jacque Shell, Karen Eoff, Mrs. Edith Molden, Mary Estes, Kay Larsen, Larry St. John. MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Detter, Ann Killingsworth, Connie Kennedy, Joyce Snay, Karen lngemanson, Wilma Wade, Connie Sims, Norma Wehking. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Week, Sharon Bennett, Leinetta Martindale, Alice Marie Wilson, Pam Hunt- ington, Karen Attebury. J n, Judy Pees, Peggy Ruff, Maxine Moore, Janet Rittenhouse, Bobbie Jacobs, Marti Sledge, Terri Morlan Linda Clemons. MIDDLE ROW: Margaret Smith, Donita McGhee, C O'DonneIl, Sarah Bean, Karen Slattery, Sandy French, Arlene VerBrugge, Rita Sparks. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Krack, Joyce Ratsliff, Peggy Reaugh, Beverly Smith, Georganna Markel, Shirley Vineyard, Donna Roy, Miss Jeanne Galley. ' TOP ROW: Nancy Curry, Carolyn Wagor, Donna Smith, Cheryl Yotter, Ardig Hill, Charlotte Fox, Sharon Adams. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Cunningham, D'Anne Harris, Sharon McNitt, Secretary-Treasurer, Edna McCullough, Janice Detlefson, President, Barbara Glascow, Vice-President, Caroline Myers, Mrs. Lois Smith, Matron, Verla Nauerth, Publicity. f an C7 123 -42' v My 'K' ffl TOP ROW: Wilma Wade, Karen Huddleston, Jacque Shell, Jill Schumaker, Weak, Publicity, Barbara Pierce, Intramurals, Eloise Wall, Vice-President, Nan Purvianc Cindy Hillman, Lani Colglazier. MIDDLE ROW: Norma Weh- Sharon Adams, President, Shir ey Johannsen, Secretary-Treasurer, Margaret king, aria Blaas, Diana Weathgrbgg- Larry St. John, Nancy Curry, Sponsor, Dalton, Assistant for publicity. Dorothy Martin, Sponsor, Jeanne Galley, Sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Women's Recreation Association The Women's Recreation Association is an organiza- tion open to all interested women students on campus. The group was begun on this campus in 1912 with the name, The Sports and Pastimes Association. Its founder was Mabel L. Smith, then head of the Women's Physical Education Department. Less than ten years later the name was changed to Women's Athletic Association. Finally in 1948, the name became the Women's Recreation Association. To promote a greater interest and wider partici- pation in sports, to create a love of sports, to improve motor skills, to stimulate creative abilities, and to foster ideals ot good sportsmanship and health are the main purposes of this organization. Not only does the group have several purposes, but they also have several pro- iects annually. These include a Ski Trip, Co-educational volleyball, Sports Days and Play Days, and a service project. Each spring an awards banquet is held to give trophies to those organizations compiling the greatest number of points in intramural competition. Certificates are also given tor those individuals with outstanding ability. TOP ROW: Anita Chacon, Sharon McNitt, Fonda Walker, Joyce Austin, Donna ChefYl 5iCkbeI"f, PCI? Greene- BOTTOM Row? Jeflft Dody, CLIGYIOYTE FOX, Roy Caroline Myers, Rita Sparks, Linda Rezqcy Sherry Sears' Sherry Johns,-ml' Bonnie Hughes, Kathy Sadler, Joan Krack, Margaret Smith, Carolyn Nateman, MIDDLE ROW: Patty Kiefer, Sherry Bonine, Betty Pracht, Peggy Schick, Cheryl Jane Bendef- Petty, Karen Eoff, Kathy Studt, La' Nuo Suths, Cheryl Yatter, Marti Sledge, TOP ROW: Freddie Jones, Sponsor, Francis Petitjean, Philip Koehler, Delbert Duy, Michael Sellers, President, Richard Sack, Michael Robertson, Publicity, Ed Russell. MIDDLE ROW: Lura Ingalls, Deena Roovey, Historian, Vickie Johnston, Carolyn Blythe, Christie Rinehart, Nancy Shaw, Lela Cox. BOTTOM Pairs 81 Squares Pairs 'n Squares is a social organization which was organized on the Teachers College campus in the fall of l96O. The major purpose of the organization is to pro- vide a situation in which people who enjoy dancing in general and square dancing in particular, can get to- gether and dance. The square dance they do is modern- somewhat faster than the traditional, enjoyed by the pioneers. Aside from the regular meetings held on Wednesday evenings, the club performs exhibition dances for various organizations on campus. They appear in convocation and have danced in the annual Town and Country Show twice. Membership is open to any individual or couple who likes to square dance or wishes to learn. ROW: Linda Rezac, W.R.A. Representative, Donna Ary, Carol Stokes, Sec retary-Treasurer, Marilyn Baysinger, Vice-President, Jolene Frigon. NOT PICTURED: Bruce Swart, Phyllis Burns, Ron Cook, Olivia Snider, Joey C ouse. Alpha Beta is an honorary organization composed of junior and senior physical education majors who meet the academic qualifications. The organization, founded in l956, proposes to promote scholarship among the women of the Physical Education Department, to pro- mote a professional attitude among the major group, and to strive for and attain high goals for oneself, the school and community. Activities during the year included provision of a S100 scholarship, sponsorship of the department library established in the fall and publishing an alumnae bulletin. ,ffm CZ? TOP ROW: Barbee Bellows, D'Anne Harris, Karen Jones, Miss Jeanne Galley. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Glasgow, Jackie Leap, Karen Huddleston. 8 - 1 3 ,5 4'Q 1g W W mf w ' W N S 2 --M 0 W' Q ill' 'v , Q' n?M ii 5 ,Nil 51 QW A Q ef , A K ff W -.J ww, W Q. A 4 1 is Q . ,. 59 Ma., M M ., , Z U i if f 4 'av f I if . . ,I ' av- Km j Y 3 TOP ROW: Elizabeth Brown, Frances McClain, Nancy Thomgsgp Mary Mc- Clanahan, Marilyn Wendling. MIDDLE ROW: Margaret Lieb, Beatriz Caudillo, Margaret Studer, Chandis Reynolds, Linda Eickoff, Auggie Lopez, Norma Karhoft, Sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Joyce arvey, Treasurer, Janet Rule, Vice-Chairman, Kansas State Home Economics Chapters, June McMaster, MCSCO Chairman, Karen Putnam, Vice-Chairman, Carla Eggert, Publicity Chairman. NOT PICTURED: Ruth French, Social Chairman, Gwen Davis, Music Chairman, Kathryn Whitten, Sponsor, Merilyn Williams, Raylene Morgan, Doris Cain, Lois Schmidt, Pat Peppard, Sharon Ramsdell, Bron Hyde, Betty Jones, Marlene Locher. Home Economics .G Club The Home Economics Chapter is for those who are maioring or minoring in home economics. The chapter participates in activities which will be of benefit to the community, state, The freedom of the home from dominance of things, and their due subordination to ideals. The simplicity in material surroundings which will tree the spirit for the more important and permanent interests ofthe home 5 . ' - l X A .. 'Q-6 -gf + .Q nation, and world and to the members themselves, both personally and in teaching or whatever other field they have chosen in home economics. Throughout the state there are thirteen college chapters. The symbol is the Betty Lamp. The creed and obiectives are as follows: The ideal home lite of today unhampered by tradition of the past. The utilization ofthe resources of modern science to improve home life. ' 01211 we and society. The obiectives of Kansas Home Economic Chapters is: to promote better understanding of the value of Home Economics, to provide opportunity for assuming responsibility, to unify the work of the college Home Economics chapters within the state, to correlate the work of the State and National associations. Loretta Miller, Linda Brown, Melva Darbyshire, Carol Tripkos. BOTTOM ROW Hohl, Phyllis Babbitt, Marsha Randle, Janet Epperson. MIDDLE ROW: Carolyn Irene McCormick, Rita McKay, Phyllis Groh, Mary Newton, Shirely Arb Mohney, Jerri Brink, Helen Davidson, Georgia Hull, Helen Hoeppli, Karen Dawn Naramoto, Donna Perry. " TOP ROW: Susan Ford, Fran Burdette, Carol Logan, Jenelle Markley, TOP ROW: Mrs. Marion Wilson, Sponsor, Patr' ' K'l ncia its, Betty Dexter, Janet Shazer, Rita McKay, Secretary-Treasurer, Linda Arnett, President, Martha DeYoung, Nancy Bruington. BOTTOM ROW: Pat Peppard, Lynda Kay De- Penner,Vice-President. Theta Epsilon Theta Epsilon is a local honorary organization for home economics maiors and mino . Th ' ' rs e group strives to promote high goals, scholarship, and professional attitudes among its members. Qualifications for election to Theta Epsilon include a 3.0 grade average in home economics courses, a 2.5 grade average in other courses, and leadership qualities. Epsilon Pi Tau Epsilon Pi Tau is an international h onorary fraternity in industrial arts and industrial-vocational education, with chapters in 68 colleges and universities in 31 states and in 4 foreign countries. lt was founded in l929 at the Ohio State University for the promotion f o skill, research, and social and professional efficiency. The local chapter was installed in l949. Membership is by initia- tion, and limited to upper-classmen with superior academic records. fZf7 TOP ROW' Arnold Winds M . or, enno Stucky, Earl Allendar. SECOND ROW: John Maryfield, David Cromer, Arland Grover, Faculty, James Weinmann, Carl Rolf. THIRD ROW: Harold Woods, Faculty, N. R. Ashbaugh, Faculty, Edward Stehno Ph , ares Bross, John Quakenbush, Faculty, Thomas DeWeese 1 E, L. Barnhart, Faculty. FOURTH ROW: Dale Hogan Faculty Ri h d H , , c ar en- derson, Richard Letellier, Gerald Wiltz, Lyle Schrader, Harold DeWeese, Billy Throm. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Thomas, Richard McCoy, Paul Kehler, Dan Cl ' ark, Ronald Shipley, Henry Wendland, Donald Klassen. 81 5 H 'G 5 Quai? n f V W W 81" .. '1 fx ff ff f 5 V I i n 2 za 9? f v V W 5 Wu , 5 TOP ROW: Phillip Dogil, Robert C. Himsel, Willis Brenner, George Geener, Ned Anderson, Robert Olsen, Jerome Miller, Robert Lee. MIDDLE ROW Alice Ruf, Faculty, Ma'orie Williams, Faculty, Carol Stokes, Donna Ary, Edwina Swope, Helen T. ramer, uanita Barnes, Edith Turley, Inez Cox Sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Dick Miller, Esta Sue Burk, John Knightly, Vice : President, Jean Brown, President, Marlene Phillips, Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Ruth Petefish, Margaret Carmine, lrene Hansen, Sponsor. Elsie Pine Library Club Membership in the Elsie Pine Library Club consists of all those interested in literary education and former faculty and library education staff members. The club was established in l95l and was named for Mrs. Elsie Howard Pine, Professor Emeritus of the Library School. The purpose of the club is to stimulate and to fur- ther library interests and promote professional growth through fellowship. The club's purpose entails a use of proiects to help promote a professional understanding of libraries and library materials through such outside organizations as CARE. CARE sends book packages to students and adults overseas. Other proiects included the organization of a state-wide high school student li- brary assistant's day and the sponsorship of National Library Week on campus. The group also takes field trips to those places they feel are worthwhile to those who have an interest in the library. x., I SKK, ' Students enrolled in courses of library science study in the room specially designed for them in the William Allen White Library. rg is 5 Q g.. .- WW 6. TOP ROW: H. Mohlon Wagner, Marvin Mentzer, Edward Fundis, Thomas Ve ' ld. BOTTOM ROW: Charles Tucker, Corresponding Secretary, Martin, Fred Long, Charles Gill, John Rotz, John Fish. MIDDLE ROW: R. L. George Poole, resident: Beverly H0m0lk0, l'llSY0l'l0"I7 ROH RUh'1ke, Vifle- Poe, Willis Davison, Billy Milner, John Burger, Ono Bassler, John Gerriets, President: Don Will,Tre0surer:M. P. Ernerson,Sponsor. Kappa The national honorary mathematics society for undergraduate students on the Teacher's College campus is Kappa Mu Epsilon. The local Kansas Beta Chapter was founded here in l932 and it is now one of 62 chapters in the United States. Eligibility for membership is based on good scholar- ship, in both mathematics and overall. This year the society included a total of 48 students in the field. Mu Epsilon Kansas Beta has the distinction of being the only chapter which has two past national presidents. Pro- fessor Charles B. Tucker was national president from l95l to l955. Dr. O. J. Peterson held the office from l94l to l943. TOP ROW: John Thompson, Clyde Morten, John Roberts, Douglas Quackenf DeWayne Backhus, Jan Minor, Wayne Ferrell. BOTTOM ROW: John Jacintho, bush, Phillip Gleckler, Raymond Welch, Robert Kurth, Kenneth Sigley, Clarence Herpich, Karen Naylor, Carol Stimpert, Betty Jo Thompson, Carol William Twidwell, Everett Uselman. MIDDLE ROW: Phillip Koehler, Lynn Crumrine, Vernon Brobst,Richard Woelk. Pierce, Jim Major, Roy Gatewood, Bill Wendell, Thomas Metz, Mike Powers, - 21. Y.. 2,3 sf, QW' ' ff- an- an Q- M. 5 K K I N mn- an- w-.qw nv .. ,. f , 1 WM, ' ' 6, ff "??'5"l'?' ....' W ':'l15'z I M' "' A ,Mr L':.,,x 6 'Ui Ah. V 3l'wgm-W' K 1 1 3 'Q :AGE-,mania I' mf A. v AQ" :K+ Marching Bancl - Symphonic Band Director, Mr, Melbern Nixon, Flute-Sherri Russ, Patty Kester, Marcia Mc' Cuistion, John Edwards, Mary Dimmitt, Deborah Bckart, Barbara Cain, Robert Coffman, Clarinet-Larry Alderson, Janie Joplin, Max Plank, Corliss John- son, Edith Frick, Carolyn Butler, Marilyn Siemsen, Clare Bowers, Louise Gor- don, George Alexander, Glenda Torkelson, Margo Kitson, Marcia Nunemaker, Joyce Teghtmeyer, Karol Gatewood, Shirley Diel, Janet Mahan, Doris Austin, Nancy Hale, Carol Armbrust, Darline Terrell. Bass Clarinet-Shirley Diel, Nancy Hale, Terry Kidd. Alto Saxophone-Sidney Allison, Janie Peden, Sondra Warta, Sherry Suddarth, Marilyn Wolford, Gary Warner, Tenor Saxo- phone-George Alexander, Judy Wenger. Baritone Saxophone-Janie Ped- en. French Hornfflarolyn Magers, Robert Frazier, Lela Cox, Kathy Nixon, fix lsr' 'Mix wi 4 4 X. W i H' as , 2, 1 V Lois Mauch, Cheryl Stith, Barbara Hopper, Cornet-Ronnie Wright, Fred Garlett, Melvin Schuette, Richard Welden, Bill Storrer, Joe Kester, Jim Qtrgw, Robert Harra, Leon Sobba, Don Morris, Don Aclcoclc. Trumpet-Graham Kelley, Linda Rokey. Trombone-Wayne Hamilton, Lonnie Poage, Dennis Plank, Tim Johnson, Bud Holtzman, Roger Hartsook, Lois Johnson, Charles Holmes, Tom Good. Baritone4Davicl Archer, Barbara Robbins, Jimmy Web- ster, James Holden, Dennis Huff, Galen Scott. BosseseJan Kibbe, Dave Scrapper, Louise Voelker, Jim Culver, Jack Lana, John Reynolds. Drum- Slonn , Bill Hargraves, Richard Tally, Robert Ayers, Norman Thomas, Bob Webster, Thais Shulda, Jack Mouse, Dennis Swinder. 5 W ' 3 4 if' Vi me if, ,re ,Q 2 25? i xiii? fefill ffl A l wif M llll filili The College Symphony Orchestra is under the direc- tion of Mr. B. A. Nugent, head of the department of music. The orchestra presents approximately six concerts each year. Among these are the annual concerto program in which outstanding music students appear as soloists. Two concerts are given with the Symphonic Choir. ln addition, a number of faculty and guest artists Symphonic appear as soloists with the orchestra. Personnel includes several members from the music department staff. lst Violins: Lacy McLarry, Concertmaster, Sue Stewart, Phillip Burch, Nancy Hemphill, William Stewart, Jo Anne Kready, Susan Burk, Mono Davis. 2nd Violins: Virgil Person, Valeta Ives, Eleanor Smith, Cynthia Spencer, Sandra Fisher, Emma Channon, Virginia Becraft. Violas: 1 3 S Z ,.. N. Crchestra Margarito Ramirez, Gayle Lorance, Sue Caughman, Nancy Foster. Cellos: Edwin Stuntzner, Eva Bird, Marie Leisman, Phil Seaton. String Basses: Graham Kelley, Don Kile. Flutes: Doris Jackson, Lynn Goltz, Janelle Wulf, Maxine Moore, Roberta Coffman. Oboes: Sidney Allison, Rhonda Anderson. English Horn: Dean Perry. Clarinets: Leroy Johnston, Larry Alderson. Bass Clarinet: Max Plank. Bassoons: Judy Valentine, Janet Mahan, Joyce Teght- meyer. Trumpets: Peter Ciurczak, Ronnie Wright, Linda Rokey, Richard Weldon. Horns: Robert Frazer, Barbara Hopper, Cheryl Stith, Kathy Nixon. Trombones: Wayne Hamilton, Dennis Plank, Tim Johnson. Tuba: Jack Lana. Tympani: William Hargraves. Sy phonic The Teachers College Symphonic Choir is composed of approx- imately one hundred and titty interested music students who enroll in choir each semester. The group presents two concerts each year, one at Christmasg the other in the spring. The choir is non-selectiveg members need only to enroll in order to participate. The Christmas concert is given in conjunction with both the symphony orchestra and the a cappella choir. This year's soloist was Beverly McLarry, soprano. Shirley Moore, altog William Stewart, tenorg Wendell Orr, bassp and Beverly McLarry, shared the solo honors tor the spring concert. The choir and soloists are accompanied by Ann Oetinger and directed by Charles F. Schaefer, Il. Choir George Alexander Peggy Anderson Janice Anslinger Gerald Armagost Robert Ayers William Bay Virginia Becraft Mary Berry Eva Bird Claire Bowers Julia Brantley Carol Breneman Jerri Brink Terry Brough Mary Bruns Katherine Buck Philip Burch Fred Burchinal Martha Burden He Susan Burk Nancy Burlingham Clara Caughman Sonny Cramer L. Crossnoe James Culver Dianna Dearsmith Robert De Haven Marilyn Eckermann John Edwards Irma Eley Kent Emmele Mary Lou Fleagle Marsha Forcum Nancy Foster Edith Frick Joetta Friesen Sharon Gabriel Janet Gaskell Mary Gilbert Philip Gleckler Kagda Guariardo Philip Hahn Jglene Hammons s Roger Hartsook Nancy Hemphill Joseph Hinnen James Holden Kenneth Holdsworth Charles Holmes Leona Holmes Judy Ann Holt Ted Holtzman Suzanne Hughes Robert Hyde 5.h.o.c.Qn.l.Qsm2f Mary Joplin Jeannette Jury Delores Justus Graham Kelley Patricia Kent Johannes Kibbe Terry Kidd Bonnie King Margo Kitson Carl Kristufek Robert Kurth Jack Lana Donna Lindsay Neil Loban Gayle Lorance 14? il, Cap Roberta Lucas David Ludwig Carolyn Magers Janet Mahan Mike Martinie Tom McCoy David McCubbin Doerle McRill Dorothy Mildfelt Allan Mills Martha Mitchell Everett Moreland Donald Morris Sherry Murray Roy Myers Norman Nellis Ann Oetinger, Pianist Phyllis Old R. William Oldfield Roberta Overall Jerry Parmenter Paula Perkins Phyllis Pile Dennis Plank Donna Pollard Vigtgrig Polvado Shirley Ramsey Judy Reed Carol Reeves J s Elnito Reza Lin a Rokey Barbara Robins James Rule Sherri Russ John Russell . ",'. 'V ,f" Q 13 Virginia Ryan Linda Saddler Donald Schultz Robert Scraper Judith See Margaret Show Marilyn Siemsen Marvin Slabaugh Gayle Smutz Norma Staker Paul Stephenson Constance Stillings William Storrer James Straw De ores Swift Alice Symmonds Linda Teeple Sharon Turner Susan Utterback CIEWEVHTEE Marca Wagner Jerry Waldrip John Walton Garry Warner Sandra Warta James Webster Judy Wenger Judy Wheat Frances Whitten Sharon Wildman Richard Wilson Norman Witte Charles Wright Janelle Wulf Judy York KS-Lf C? ifwes 1 a A Q Q . - -f ,EE' - .,r I? 5, . Ag, P ' V . , V -V 6 jj? :AI- i , 2' M 26 'E 9' 1 35. gig V4 V, V- 'K'-E W-5311 wa iv, fefii 35 Wahl 'wi Wi li? "W I Dm in M Dm nl N 'Q M" 94" H I , J. 3 , f53fS1s.gf?E2f TOP ROW: Charles Shaefer ll, Terry Kidd, Charles Volland, John Walton, Alice Symmonds, Linda Soda, Judy White, Sherry Feltner, Kay Wildman, Garry Warner, John Hanscum, Dave McCubbin, Graham Kelley. NOT PIC- Gina Becraft. TURED: Steve Williams. BOTTOM ROW: Carol McDaniel, Sharon Ioerger, Music by Many People,A Cappella or Opera Under the direction of Wendell Orr, in- structor of Voice and Opera, an Opera Workshop was part of the activities of the Music Depart- ment. The workshop is a student performing group which is designed to give future music teachers experience in the production, staging, and musical presentation of opera. Sets, light- ing publicity - all are the responsibility of the students themselves. "La Traviata" and Finale Act ll of "Cosi fan tutte" were the two presentations of the work- shop. The first is by Verdi, the latter by Mozart. The operas were sung in English, and main per- formances were given by Sharon loerger, Norma Stoker, Linda Spoon, Judy Reed, Mike Spoon, Gary Warner, Free Burchinal and Doerle McRill. Other groups found quite active in the de- partment this year were the a cappella choir and the Woodwind Society. The choir is a selective organization which is not too large in number and which gives several area per- formances. The Woodwind Society is noted for its annual winter concerts. lts members are former and present on-campus students often Wwiwmwffdfwwmww. .nm-1-,, -,gun-i-wwwsmwnpwismwf, 4 assisted by members of the music faculty. Sharon loerger, as the countess Violetta, and Mike Spoon as Afreao, sing of their love and happiness to each other nw K at Q 1 5 1 ,, A ,, - 5, Maw? Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity is a pro- fessional honorary music fraternity for men who are interested in music. Its purposes are to advance the cause of music in America and to develop loyalty to the Alma Mater. Beta Upsilon chapter was established on the Teachers College campus in 1937. Since that time, the organization has taken on the sponsorship of the annual Singing Bee and co-sponsorship of the American Composers Recital. This year a new goup was added by the music department. The group is known as the "Swingin' Profs" and is the official college dance band. The group is composed of 15 guys and one gal and is a very versatile band, its members playing several different instruments. The "Swingin' Profs" have made several appearances in the Emporia area since forming under the direction of Mr. Melbern Nixon. Per- formances include the afternoon Jazz and Java sessions in the Student Union, the Student Downtown Night Dance, the Alpha Kappa Lamb- da Winter Formal, Curli-Q, varsity dances, and benefit dances for service funds. "The "Swingin' Profs" practice with their mascot, the one female member, Caryn Shelor. Phi Mu Alpha Promotes Universal Language TOP ROW: Tim Johnson, Robert Joe DeHaven, George Alexander, Garry Warner, Robert Kurth, Parliamentarian, Dennis Plank, Richard Winter, Don Morris, Larry Alderson. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Weldon, President, David F. Archer, Vice-President, Philip Burch, Secretary, Melvin Schuette, Alumni Secretary, Sidney Allison, Treasurer, Fred Garlett, Historian, Clark Smith Song Leader, Dean Perry. NOT PICTURED: Paul Moore, Sponsor, Jim Bagg John Fish, Wayne Hamilton, Everett Moreland, Don Schultz. mf ,- W is 2 5 f A f :fi Q.- if IRXREETS L, . fs Sf Mn Q i 1 .2 . , fi av' Q...- J3 If 59' VW 1 9 . N Yvgwf 9 W X. 1 1 Q is if Q ES, at W' 3 1' 53 G Q 'lv' ' Q .aj 'I Fila!! .M f g""i'-4 fs? A , .I - 3 ,:E. Q, Q el Q ff via Q J Q af X 35 5 f it ga 'kwa 3 Yin' TOP ROW: Larry Larmer, Sponsor, Elliott Blevins, Henry Flott, Max Muller, Darrell Clark, Jim Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Charlie White, Vice-President, Sandra Martin, Dixie Lee Payne, Cheryl Mann, Kai Robison, Anita Phalp, Edward Hammond, Secretary-Treasurer. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta is an honorary fraternal organization for intercollegiate debaters and orators and instructors teaching debate and torensic speaking. Its purpose is to promote scholarship, especially in the field of forensic speaking in senior American colleges and universities. Larry Larmer presents the George R. Pflaum Traveling Trophy to the coach of the winning tournament debate team. Membership is granted to those men and women on the Teachers College campus who have made a definite contribution to the improvement of effective speaking. Members may be either graduate or undergraduate students and faculty members. M The winning team and coach from Southwest Missouri State grin broadly with their debate championship trophies. LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Reicherter, Dr. Raymond B. Russell, and Tom Ladwig. NOT PICTURED: Gary Bryant, Sue Morgan, Karen Hind. Publications Board The Student Publication Board sets up general policies and directs all student publications receiving school-wide distribution, including the Sunflower, the Bulletin, and the Quivira. The board consisting of three faculty members and three student members, meet bimonthly. The stu- dent members ofthe board this year are Gary Bryant, Sue Morgan, and Karen Hind. The meetings are also attended by Bob Lowen, Editor of the Bulletin and Bonnie King, Editor of the Sunflower. One of the jobs of the Board of Publications is to choose the editors and assistant editors of the Bulletin and the Sunflower. Applications are submitted to them in the spring and they are iudged on qualifications and interest. Quivira Literary Society The purpose of Quivira Literary Society is the encouragement of creative writing among the students of Emporia State. Annually, Quivira Literary Magazine is published, containing the best of fiction, non- fiction, poetry, and art from students and faculty. i963 was the eighth year ofthe magazine's publication. This year, Quivira alternated panel discussions with a series of films dating from the early days of movie production to the present. In these movies, members saw the great stars of the silent screen: Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Theda Bara, and others. The panels were composed of two members ofthe English Department, and two instruc- tors from another department. The discussions attempted to correlate the goals of other fields of study with the study of English, Sponsors for this organization are Dr, Green D. Wyrick and H. Keith Denniston. O0 Mary Martin, Secretary-Treasurer, Non-Fiction Editor, Karen Lawrence, President, Editor-in-Chief, Judy Swenson, Poetry Editor. NOT PICTURED: Bob Redeker, Fiction Editor, Carol Huff, Vice-President. ffl. rg, I Wevfgtwww sw. WY qi E TOP ROW: Ed Gerhardt, editorial assistant, Errol Zimmerman, assistant manager, Mike Long, associate sports editor, Bob Lowen, editor. BOTTOM editor, Mike Hartung, cartoonist, Craig Good, editorial assistant. MIDDLE ROW: Shelby Steele, news editor, Sherry Hokanson, news editor, Kathy ROW: Ted Gfeller, associate sports editor, Rlgard Hollicgy, business Titus, associate societyeditor, Cheryl Siegle, associate societyeditor. The Bulletin The Bulletin is the official newspaper at the Teachers College. It serves the faculty, the administration and the student body as an outlet for news, feature, society and sports copy. The Bulletin was printed once weekly both semesters, usually running eight pages. It is printed by an offset process, which presents an easier paper to read, by theTeachers College Press. The Bulletin also serves the capacity of a laboratory or "on the iob newspaper training" for future iournalists and high school iournalism teachers. Students who participate on the staff or who enter Newspaper English I and ll are instructed in all phases ofthe field of Journalism. As in the past the Bulletin sponsored the benefit basketball game and dance known as the "Paunch Bowl." Proceeds turned over to the Dean of Mens Emergency Loan Fund totaled 5270. The Bulletin was edited both semesters by Bob Lowen, senior Phy- sical education maior from Wellington. Errol Zimmerman, sophomore English and Speech maior from Rose Hill, served as assistant editor both semesters. Faculty Advisor for the Bulletin for both semesters was Mr. Tom Ladwig. Mr. Al Bowman served the Bulletin as Associate Advisor. Bob Lowen, editor, and Errol Zimmerman, take time out from their many hours of work to have their picture taken. 02 Diane Smith, senior from Kansas City, served as copy editor for the staff. Gary Baker, freshman from Emporia, contributed the design for the T964 Sunflower. We got together and decided our friends,the people ofthe Teachers College, deserved a yearbook-a memory of a year well-spent together. We formed a staff. We laid out our plans and then we went to work. We took pictures and had them taken. We wrote letters and asked for COPY: we wrote copy, then we re- wrote it. We drew layouts, we cropped pictures, we typed. We planned two contests. Gary Baker won the first one so his winning design became our yearbook cover. The second contest was a beauty contest. Tony Curtis was our iudge. We sent photographs for him to rate. sz. i .. 'N e Judy Simpson, senior from Atchison, took charge of typing layout copy this year. Reggie Bales, spent many long hours transforming longhand graduate student from Pratt, Pam Fellingham, iunior from Spencer, Iowa, was in charge of indexing the book. Then we announced Dee Peavey as our Sunflower Queen. We went on working. We got angry. We quit-and then we went to work again. We watched the calendar days fly past. We sent in finished pages. We cringed at missed deadlines and at the test we should have studied for. And still we went on working. And we did it. Good or bad, we gave our people a playback of their past year. We completed the book and gave it into the safe hands ofthe publishing company. We took a deep breath. We were through. The end had come at last. We were happy- and sad. copy notes into correct typed form, Kit Dugan, sophompre from Conway Springs, divided her time between indexing and typing ofthe yearbook. Bonnie King, iunior from Emporia, served as editor-in-chief of the 1964 Sunflower. Steve Mitcheg, junior from Woodbine found his position on the staff drawing layouts and cropping pictures. The 1964 Sunflower Staff Finishes, Tired but Happy People. Fran Burdette, iunior from Valley Center, assisted the editor in compiling the visual record of the 1963-64 Teachers College school year. 10 ., 'ftegtixsaa51ffts?fv.f:ss'fPasfsmfszmstwsfzfw'Risisiiitfi :Wk QI.?iff712Qf'E?55Z5lPt?l?2fi?f5?l!X'lilj tilflglffffflf f lylifihigf t ,mtfs,M,,g.3,,121' ' A A X V ff?3.gsmsji1iz:geex2ff falfef- sims 5.-'wh' - if ftewszfs -. ff. .V ,Q F L,-fs.-,,, .A . , .Q LWLLlL.,, LWA. s ,,.W , ,, V Qfvwyvi 7,Lf. ,l.' Af4Lt , ,L,. .1 S wi-ffsfsztsff'fQ.,ff.m:2f::A ,fftr g 1-f 1 iA, :lu ..AWA.. ,,k.. W,L,,3 , , ,, . 'YW :Q 12, 5 wiiglglmli gs sw eswfwt, t-M, -. ,, ,, .. ,.w,,s::s3i tifA..,.s,,s,.,.i.,.c,,ff.1a..,,,,,, 4, W .atop sig. ' "flaw Siffgixrfff-f "WS .xi-f".,z.fg::, sig, ga' - If 7 -7 - 1ss.4-,sstgzttmftmw. ,ts ...,,.t,f,,,,s,.. 1 'ft' -is'Sfffsww-ft.-tf,z.st t - tifwts.ws H ,,.2,M.f--stm,,w f.W,tff,xftv:f ts. saisvqysffsvmggfizzsfwzezitvgitts- w5s,:'zents'gfw?iegm?iffy,f V fwt wziiitizasx s 9' iW7K1if5f,,?"?Ylt ft 45755 is stilifgm-' VQISQ f-M7 f"f'ff5fSf52 SSQQQ' , V1 .i 2251: "27l.ti1 'VFW 137 "ist W-exert. -1: -:stef ig: 1 . 'E--Q11f??iie STANDING: Delbert McElfresh, Cojeen Neal, Dee Croucher, Becky Carson, Lila Sommers, Recording Secretary, Beth Mohr, President and Steven Riggin Glora Thomas, and Darrell E. Wood. SITTING: Irvin Penner, Vice-President, Treasurer. Wm. Duncan, Publicity Chairman, Jan Carter, Corresponding Secretary, Inter-Faith Council The Inter-Faith Council acts as a coordinator of religious activities on the campus. lt functions to further collegiate interest in religion. The main proiect of the Inter-Faith Council is Spiritual Emphasis Week. During this week, convocations and discussions are held with special guest speakers. Each religious organization, which is recognized by the Student Council, is entitled to two representatives. Also, each sorority and fraternity may have two representatives as members of Inter-Faith Council. TOP ROW: Robert Kurth, Don Will, Ruth Ann Spencer, Leah Will, Alvin'E. Elliott, and John Walker. BOTTOM ROW: Dolores Justus Kathy Buck Marsha Lawyer Janet Renz, Kothy Titus, and Barbara Mclntire. 104 -", ' ' W I TOP ROW: Irwin Penner, Kenneth Sigley, John Walker, Michael Meyer, Larry Gabriel, Paul Michelson. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. Norman Wolgast, Youth Director, Janice Brinkman, Phyllis Isaacs, Peggy Anderson, Lila Sommers, Glen Penner. BOTTOM ROW: Delbert McElfresh, Interfaith Council Rep- resentative, Karen Jones, Deputation Chairman, Della Faulkner, Vice- President, Kathleen Moorhouse, Secretary-Treasurer, Alvin Elliott, President, Betty Reimer, Social Chairman. NOT PICTURED: Marlene Pauler, Visitations Chairman. Baptist Student Movement l I 1 Robert Nelson, Campus Minister. The Baptist Student Movement, affiliated with the First Baptist Church in Emporia, is one of similar BSM groups on many college campus'. As one, this group is affiliated with the National and state organizations, and the American Baptist Convention. It recognizes the ever growing need for Christian Fellowship on the college campus. Many opportunie ties to meet this need are presented through our BSM. Among the activities of the group are weekly meetings, parties, retreats, banquets, deputations and service projects. A few members of Baptist Student Movement enioy a few minutes of pleasant conversation on the porch of their meeting place. 10 10 TOP ROW: Carson Bevil, Pastoral Advisor, Nancy Gillespie, Judy Skaggs, Mahar, Secretary, Michael Bailey, Vice-President, Dr. James A. Powell Gary Domitz. BOTTOM ROW: Patsy Frye, Dale Johnson, Roy Lynn Myers, Director. President, Jacqueline Dennis, Devotional Chairman, NOT PICTURED: Marcia Baptist Student Union The Baptist Student Union, an organization of Baptist college students, exists to relate the student to the church, and to provide Christian fellowship through its weekly meetings. The group seeks to promote the spiritual development of students, their understanding ofthe Christ- ian taith and life, and their participation in missions and evangelism. It fosters scholastic excellence, churchman- ship, and Christian leadership. This year the dynamic young evangelist from Johan- nesburg, South Africa came to the Teachers College campus for a week-long campus revival. Mr. Richard Green was under the sponsorship of the Baptist Student Union. The organization sends representatives to state conventions and to the student week at the Baptist Assembly in Glorieta, New Mexico. The students also help sponsor Miss Jacqueline Dennis as a summer missionary to North Dakota. Baptist Student Union members chat together before Christ- mas caroling after a group chili supper. TOP ROW: Norman Nellis, Richard Sack, Gary Fox, Robert Tomlinson, Steven Henry, John Terhune. MIDDLE ROW: Erin Euler, Church Board Representative, Ellen Becker, Dianna Fouts, Dianna Poovey, Sharon Heartson, Ann Sobke, Dee Croucher, Interfaith Council Representative. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Disciple Student Fellowship To unite the church with the campus in an effort to understand the church's work in the world is the ultimate goal of the Disciple Student Fellowship. The group is affiliated with the Christian Church. The first activity of the year was the decoration of the front lawn of the Christian Church for Homecoming celebration. Thanksgiving brought distribution of fruit baskets to shutins. The Christmas season meant carolling to old folks' homes. The fellowship hopes eventually to be able to adopt an orphan, but so far plans for this proiect remain incomplete. Rodgers, President, Karen Arnold, Secretary, K. B. Seller, Sponsor, Mrs. Keith Sellers, Sponsor, Lorraine Aitken, Vice-President, Jim Toburen, Treasurer. Canterbury Association The purpose of the Canterbury Association fthe Episcopal Church on the campusl is to minister to the spiritual needs of the academic community. The group celebrates the Holy Eucharist each Wednesday evening in the Terrace Room with a line supper. After the supper there is a discussion program. Other activities of the group are closely connected with St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. TOP ROW: Father Brokaw, Sponsor, Gary Mason, Fred Johns, Bruce Grant, Vincent Marshall. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Gary Mason, Judy Harrison, Ululani Hayselden, Susan Utterback, Sherry Hall, 10 1 aff 51W fn 4 5 g X ' i Q5 Q Q' I Q is N 5 X ,fx Q . Q5 5 O , . . 7 'U ,av 0 1 1 if J Y- Qu' Q , . .f f' my fi - 4' . ' ' ':1 '32'. 32 V ., -' ' A 5 -Q... w, N 'J 3 4 'E .FFA 1. .. 5 I n M 'T ... -0- .ur -4333, , , 5 -'Q A Q... .42 - " ' X ' . . ' ...nn-N. H ,' " ' . , , .,,,.. ..: NF. . ,Q . .. N xt, ' 1 gg . mn- ' gr , . 5x 6.4 if HN fi, Wesley Foundation TOP ROW: Robert Mapel, Mark Callaway, Phil Mosier, Galen Boehme, and Glenn Hosman, DIRECTOR. MIDDLE ROW: Janie Sue Peden, Mrs. Glenn Hosman, Beverly Smith, Pat Mapel, Leona Holmes, Roberta Overall, and Marsha Forcum. BOTTOM ROW: Wesley Foundation is the witness ofthe Methodist Church on state college campuses. ln both the Wesley house at 1305 Merchant and the First Methodist Church, weekly services, class meetings, and social functions aimed at the college student are held. A goal at the present is the new building. Recent pro- gramming and projects included involvement of the Foundation in the whole area of social concerns. A highlight of the year was the hosting of the State Methodist Student Movement Conference with Dr. Dolores Justus, Inter-Faith Council Representative, Frederic Ny- meyer, Emma Channon, Treasurer, Pat Eggleston, Secretary, Karen McCullough, Vice President, and Bill Jenkins, President. Martin Marty of Christian Century as main speaker. On the state level, Joel Hetling served as Vice Presi- dent of the State Movement. Wesley Foundation seeks to be a witness of the church to the unique academic community - the college and university. This year, the Wesley Foundation movement cele- brated its 50th anniversary in this endeavor. The movement was begun in 1913 at the University of Illinois. TOP ROW: Carol Wells, Sharon Shockey, Linda Gilmore, Janet O'Connor, Georgia Sprague, Phyllis Old, and Joyce Dunn. BOTTOM J, en- ROW: Mary Bailey, Bob Priddy, Marcia Nunemaker, Sue Sharp, Elinor Schadt, and Nancy Martin. 10 TOP ROW: Barbara Mclntire, lnter-faith Council Delegate, Francis Butel, Marilyn Romer, 2nd Vice-President, Arnold Meier, President, Frank Moffitt, Inter-faith Council Delegate, Linda Dieker, Publicity, Eileen McManus, Social 'lst Vice-President, Reverend Bernand Gerbus, O.F.M. Chairman, Lois Schmidt, Publicity. BOTTOM ROW: Bea Lewis, Secretary, Newman Club The Newman Club is the Catholic student fellowship organization on this campus. It was named after John Cardinal Newman who attained much fame as one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement. Newman's association with this movement later contributed to his conversion to Catholicism. Newman was originally born into the Anglican faith of England. After his conversion, his one aim was to preserve and nourish the faith of Catholic students attending non-Catholic Colleges and universities. It was almost a matter of course, then, that Newman should become the namesake of the campus student group of his faith. Emporia's chapter is a part of the National Newman Club Federation. Over 550,000 Catholic students attending 860 secular colleges and universities throughout the country take an active role in this organization. The purposes of the Newman Club are in three direc- tions. One is to guide its members in spiritual activity and grace. Another is to promote intellectual growth. The last is to combine the others into a constructive social fellowship, and to weld them into a common union. This year the main proiect of the Newman Club was the purchase and up-keep of a house. This house acts as a center around which revolves the activities of the Catholic students on campus. Club members also take part in such events as Spiritual Emphasis Week and A Day of Recollection. They also assist with Sunday Mass on campus, discussion clubs, and social events such as Christmas caroling, dances and picnics. O TOP ROW: Mike Freund, John Guion, Pat Lee, Mary Jane Dawe, Carolyn Joan Erickson, Wanda McKay, Rita McKay, S n, Susan Krueger, Eddie Haywood, John Wendling, James Bolton. BOTTOM ROW: Gai-rr-gp,Judy Harfs, M th, Elizabeth Bechelmayer. T ' Q AV, Q ig? 1 3 9 if 1 Keith Tedrow Bob Lonard Bill Eikerman Gary Bryant Darrell Harkness Don Wrench Bob Baker Tom Robison Mike Curran Phil Cotfelt Joe Henry Richard Reicherter Blue Key is a national honorary leadership and service fraternity for men. Its members are selected from Emporia State men at the close of their iunior year, and they participate throughout their senior year. Members are selected for their leadership ability, scholarship, and service to Emporia State. Blue Key does not intend to build leaders, but to take them after they have established themselves, recognize their accomplishments and ability, and form a group of men which will contribute to the welfare of Kansas State Teachers College. Membership is traditionally limited to eleven men. It is 'Felt that by limiting the number of members and keeping the organization small, the group becomes more effective and membership is something that is sought after and desired strongly by the men of Emporia State. With a strong desire for membership, once chosen, a man will be more likely to contribute vitally to the success ot the group. Blue The Members Floyd K. Tedrow Blue Key - President Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Phi Beta Lambda - State and Local President Sigma Phi Epsilon Mr. Future Business Executive of Kansas National Otfice Management Associ- ation Edgar W. Eikermann Blue Key - Vice President Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities President's Honor Roll Alpha Kappa Lambda K-Club - Vice-President Track Letterman Football A Co-captain All CIC Tackle Beta Beta Beta Robert A. Baker Blue Key - Corresponding Secretary Phi Beta Lambda - Vice President Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities President's Honor Roll Pi Omega Pi National Office Management Associa- tion Robert lonard Blue Key - Recording Secretary Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities President's Honor Roll Senior Class - Vice President Beta Beta Beta Kappa Delta Pi Thomas J. Robison Blue Key - Treasurer Phi Beta Lambda National Office Management Association Sigma Phi Epsilon U. S. P. Co-Chairman lnterfraternity Council Michael T. Curran Blue Key - Social Chairman President's Honor Roll Alpha Kappa Lambda Darrell E. Harkness Blue Key - Historian Sigma Tau Gamma K-Club Football and Baseball Letterman Men's Physical Education Club All CIC Haltback Terry P. Coffelt Blue Key - Alum. Secretary Sigma Tau Gamma Young Republicans Social Science Club Joseph E. Henry Blue Key Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities Tau Kappa Epsilon - President Lambda Delta Lambda Dean's Honor Roll Tri Chairman - Student Union Activities Board Gary Ward Bryant Blue Key Alpha Kappa Lambda Publications Board lnterfraternity Council Donald 0. Wrench Blue Key Phi Beta Lambda K-Club Football- Co-Captain Baseball Letterman All CIC Quarterback Richard F. Reicherter Blue Key - Advisor 41 ,x y -H im: w, 3 in 14 Who's Who The idea of creating one national basis of recognition for college students that would be democratic and devoid of dues, initiation fees or other cost to the student was conceived about twenty-nine years ago. Then came two years of research, correspondence, travel, and interviews with college administrators, personnel managers, students and undergraduate organizations to determine whether there was a need for such an organization as WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES. Endorse- ment by these groups encouraged the venture, thus the publication first came into print for the school year 1934-35. Recognition by WHO'S WHO AMONG STU- DENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES means that the student was, first officially recom- mended from the university or college he attends and, then accepted by the organization. Nomina- tions may be submitted annually by four-year degree-granting institutions. College iuniors, seniors and students enrolled in graduate are eli- gible for nomination. Selection of nominees is con- ducted by campus committees and usually involves student-faculty or administration or by another staff member designated to verify nn' S and related matters for the college. Methods .ind committee members remain anonymo s unless released by local campus committee' Nominating committees are requested to consider the student's scholarship, his leadership and cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities, his general citizenship, and his pf. rise of future usefulness. In the schools there is an increasing tendency to use obiective point systems for se- lecting nominees. There is no competition among the various institutions submitting nominations, as their curricular and extracurricular programs differ too greatly to permit accurate comparison, each institution participating is assigned a separate quota large enough to give a well-rounded repre- sentation of the student body, small enough to confine nominations to an exceptional group of students, and based upon current enrollment. Ann Austin Wichita Sharon Mayes Bagg Kansas City ' Plano, Illinois Leslie Cyrus Bgggg lola Freda Bornschein Kansas City NOT PICTURED: Sherry Jacks Dodge City Karen Hind Hartford Scott Cram Emporia Bill Eikerman Clay Center Sherr r Joe Henry Emporia D Bluff City EUS-ll'0n Winton Hinkle Garden City Shirley Johannsen Marlene Johnson Sue King Little River Topeka Eureka l Fred Long Bob Lonard DUGNE May Robefl Miller Sterling Vqlley Falls Haven Silver Luke Ann Oetinger Morganville Ir an Mouth Card, Kentucky W if , Donna Fitzpatrick Pauler Pat Remmers Ron R'-'hnke Merriam Wichita Troy Keith Tedrgw Ray Welch Suzanne Hendrickson Wischropp Kansas City Augusta Kansas City 'W ' x 115 i , l Ed Flentie Leslie Cyrus Beard Freda Bornschein President Vice-President Secretary Bluff City lola Kansas City i Phi Xi Phi, honorary leadership fraternity, was founded on this campus in i922 by Dr. Edwin Brown. The fraternity takes on various service proiects, sponsors the Miss Emporia State contest each year, and the anni- versary ball. The membership is selective, limited to 24 members who are chosen from iuniors, and seniors with a 3.00 grade average. Those who are eligible are chosen for their leadership, service, co-operation and loyalty in the classrodrn and on campus. They are nominated and voted upon unani- mously by the members. Two elections for membership are held each year, in the spring and the fall, Those members who were chosen at the fall election of this year include: Ann Austin, a foreign language maior, Sharon Mayes Bagg, a music maior, Mike Ensley, a math and physical science maiorg Wayne Ferrell, a physics maiorg Marlene Johnson, a foreign language maior, Karen Hind, a social science and English major, Janice May, a business and physical education maiorg Pat Remmers, a special education maior, Tom McCoy, ci business maior, Martha Rollman Robison, a music maior, and Ireland Sloan, a physi- cal education maiar. Ad' Tom McCoy Pat Ater Berry Treasurer Topeka Abilene Darryl Hughey Fred Long Kansas City Sterling Duane May Haven June McClure McMaster Donna Fitzpatrick Pauler Topeka Merriam Ann Austin Wichita Wayne Ferrell Valley Falls A sv1 Winton Hinkle Garden City Pat Remmers Wichita Sharon Mayes Bagg Mike Ensley Shawnee Mission Cambridge Marlene Johnson Karen Hind Topeka Hartford KQV Larsen Janice May Louisburg Haven S I W x y :,, ,,,, Martha Rollman Robison Ireland Sloan Pratt Mouth Card, Kentucky wg -si 'Qi ,QE A 'tu no -4+...,,. TOP ROW: Wm. P. Edwards, Sponsor, Robert Vohs, Convention Chairman, Vicki Johnson, Publicity Chairman, Charles Green, Chairman, Judi Osborn, Karen Kuhns, Secretary, Robert Christiansen, Treasurer, and David Blum, 2nd Vice Chairman, and Cindee Wilson, 3rd Vice Chairman. Ist Vice Chairman. BOTTOM ROW: Mgr eng Johnson, Membership Chairman, Collegiate Young Republicans The Teachers College Young Republicans is the collegiate equivalent of the political party. Its purpose is to educate its members in the ways of a political party. The group holds monthly meetings Usually with guest speakers. Also informal coffees are held periodically with political leaders. During election years the campus organization assists the local Republican organization in conducting campaigns and iust general election help. Then, in coniunction with the State Collegiate Young Republicans, the group attends state rallies, the state convention, and the midwestern convention. Their candi- date for Miss Sunflower this year is Judith Osborn. Chuck Green, Judy Osborn, and Karen Kuhns converse with Senator Pearson during his visit to the Teachers College campus. TOP ROW: John Schaeffer, John Piecher, Dr. Alfred Erickson, Mike Powers, Dena Wheeler, Carol Stimpert. BOTTOM ROW: Thomas Metz, President, David Wetzel, lnstructor, Charles Gray. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Gabriel, Bruce Jan Minor, Harvey Hundley, Terry Phillips, C. G. Harry Johnson, E, B. Middle- Proll, Neal Brown, Pat Donahue, Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Adams, ton. American Chemical Society Radio Club J The American Chemical Society organization on campus is a student affiliate section of the National American Chemical Society, one of the largest scientific organizations in the world. The local chapter sponsors several proiects during the year. They sponsored the sale of chemistry and physics handbooks and laboratory coats. "Help sessions" for Chemistry l students were held before each maior examination. Field trips to points of interest such as chemical companies, research laboratories and other college campuses were some of the group's activities. Organization members attended the annual regional meeting of the National Society in Kansas City, The last activity ofthe year was a picnic iust for entertainment. Students participating in activities at KSTE-FM radio have their own special organization on the Teachers College campus. Chartered under the name of Radio and TV Club, the club gives to its members a chance to learn more about radio and television, from all angles, and to gain information and experience that cannot come through classroom situations or regular iobs with the station. TOP ROW: Gail Binder, Georgiana Mandeville, Nancy Lang, Terry Knight, BOTTOM ROW: Michelle Borgen, President, Charles Dent,'Vice-President, Judy Tobias, Lee Burdorf, Ben Blagg, George Maire, Jerry McCollugh. l0"VY5elbY,59CfeY0VYfDcle C0f1qUeSffTY90SUY6Y- S.i'm?F'r . iw 5T5fW'lZv 91 'ISFLYW ht i'ssss.:fS-- twffests -'rim-rms-1-ff-ifrfb-ssMs O-sfff -M assist .fy fs, s-,f..f.,f ,,...J:sfg5sMrsI.. -K ' Wfffaisfv- 'L 1 " A'''Jfxigsifsfseeifrafffs .- , f . f. .Lf1.+.,.. fb. 'T . fs wsaqzetggtiisiwsisis-'J" fs1sWsns-Frm'-fQ,.s.s , 7 sxfsw-was-www is sz 11.1 safe Q- uee fr.w4w..w if .. sew X' wASfwfvQ.szs11., B? JW' . sbs was fs. ,,., .1 fsmm.s,-.,,,,,,,,,, 'fisgg libiigiig- 5' s, A,,W, ,s,, ... -f.w.s ,Sri X, 2 ,. sta R LS wsamaftgiilvggggsisffszgyqr,,1M-ist K 2 rsfvw., k, uissgssqwisgegfmyss.m.f.sf..sw.,. ,fg,fg, ,- - .. ,M v,A. ,,,.,.,,1,,s,-.N .,.: .sm L , Z255F55555fEWf1Sff54g2gmii.i.Qif ??....:1f2f:-.g.i4si1-iff -r '- tytiiif' 24391iisgeileiisistiifi fwsitirsfvfiiigiigssgssif-fngwgai 1ir"':v,f-iw:trys. lsgggtsi-5 tis--33241352 iiv iiififi If. ffsgff -SS's1ff':5'of2sffffft-ff 55-Y'-5mi5'9i4gf5EQ33lQzIQZLA 5I45,.jji1f ' fl-fijujsl lii5529Zff55f"sNi-3E2lIfiZf2flTHU? QQWX Hamas .ae . Y .. .. .. 15..Nk.,g,E,5.,ww53g.ii,5.5. Jwqszgsglgszfgsr W - 1 f We f a tv -51 Club TOP ROW: John Evely,Hoong-Yuan Kong, D. G. Dwanyen, Royce Rudy, John F. Bakalu, Darryl Sioberg, and George S. Pawa. MIDDLE ROW: Sivone Kong, Try-Chum, Clara Femat, Esther Carrend, Janet O'Connor, Georgia Sprague, Abdul Byram, and Nancy Burch. BOTTOM ROW: Henry Flott, Assistant Publications Chairman, Richard Butler, Publications Chairman, Mary Jane Radford, Secretary-Treasurer, Fred Sadr, Chairman, Bob Gieber, Co-chairman, Jim Harter, Program Chair- man, Magda Guaiardo, Assistant Program Chairmang and Dr. Minnie Miller, Sponsor. The lnternational Club was organized three years ago for the purpose of creating better understanding between foreign and American students. The 42 foreign twenty-two countries. Meetings, whic sist of games, dinners, picnics, films, .f- As- TOP ROW:Jeff Jafari, Robert Miller, Joe S. Malogamalii, A. M. Zaini, Lannie Hoskins, Walter Chu, Niwat Polparsi. MIDDLE ROW: Darrell Yeaney, S r, E. J. Cal- kins, Jules Chargois, Beverly Pankratz, Abebe Bekele, students this year come from h are held twice a month, con- dancing and group discussions. kv iw 'Sf' l Sharon Parry,Aurilla Walls, and Auggie Lopez. BOTTOM ROW: Marvin Flater, Ik Sing Chiu, Janice Brinkman, Sharon Garrett, Dolores Clavero, Socorro Almeida, Leona Holmes, and Lua Orostegui. ,M fa ! 45 i ss. - 1' i i TOP ROW: StanleyTokuda,Wayne Nawda, Leslie Haskimoto, Mike Takamoto, Francis Nomura, and Erick Nakamura. BOTTOM ROW: Charlotte Hara, Myron Staszkow, Stanley Norioka, and Edward Sato. MIDDLE ROW: Lloyd Ululani Hoyselden, Ann lwanuma, Dawn Naramoto, Faith lnouye, Joyce Miyashiro, Craig Yatsushiro, Melvin Saite, Phyllis Uohara, Wilfred Higa, Naramoto,and Maisie Arikumi. Hawaiian Club The Teachers College Hawaiian Club is a group of students from Hawaii who enioy a "home away from home." Each semester a money-making proiect for the organization is held. Last year a genuine Hawaiian Luau was held featuring hula contestants from other campus groups. This year the project is to raise funds for a scholarship to be awarded to a student from Hawaii. Circle K The Circle K Club is the college equivalent of the Kiwanis Clubs in the adult community. The club is a service organization which performs the same functions on the college campus as. their sponsors, the Kiwanis. So far this year the Circle K has helped with such campus activities as Parents' Day, Curli-Q, the Paunch Bowl, and the Books for Asian Students Drive. Membership is open to any male student of college level. The motto ofthe club is identical to the Kiwanis, "We Build." Top Row: Richard Behonl Doug Brickey, David goke,-I Richard Eby, Lg,-ry Rich Fellingham, President, Charles Dent, Treasurer, Roger Eagan, Secretary, Binder, and George Theden. BOTTOM ROW: Gale Binder, Lt. Governor, Gnd A-E.B0Wf'f1UfL5D0"1S0f- Women's Residence Halls The Women's Residence Halls, although ioined under one roof, are four separate organizations. Unlike the previous years, the name Morse Hall is no longer associated with the women's residence halls. Each hall, North, Central, South, and Southeast, is a separate organization entirely independent of the other halls. Each hall has its own housemother, North, Mrs. Pauline Freeburg, Central, Mrs. Agnes Kirk, South, Mrs. Katherine Bowman, and Southeast, Mrs. Emily Dahlberg. These housemothers are assisted by a roving housemother, Mrs. Edith Hornbaker. EACH HALL HAS ITS OWN GOVERNING BODY WHICH IS THE HOUSE COUNCIL. The House Council consists of a president, secretary, and two representatives from each floor. One treasurer, for all four halls, is selected from the group of Resident Aids. Another Resident Aid is selected to serve as Coordinating Officer. Her duties consist of working with the four presidents and secretaries in coordinating the four residence halls. Mrs. Kay Ryan, Assistant to the Dean of Women, advises the House Council. A new addition to the Resident Aid program is Mrs. Maxine Trimble of the Counsel- ing Bureau. She acts as a counselor to Resident Aids and women students living in the residence halls. This is the second year for the residence hall newspaper. It is a bi-monthly edition called "Roomer's Rumors" and it is put out by the newspaper committees of the residence halls. This is the fourth year for the Resident Aid program in the residence halls. There are two Resident Aids assigned to each floor. Their time is spent working in the office and help- ing the girls on their floor better adiust to college life. There are many activities in which the girls of the resi- dence halls may participate. The first big event of the year is Homecoming. Each hall has its own decoration as well as its candidate for "Miss Peggy Pedagog." A ioint informal with the Men's Residence Hall is given before Thanksgiving vacation. This year the theme was "Frost Frolic." The annual fall formal is held in December before the girls leave for Christmas vacation. CHRISTMAS IS ALWAYS AN EXCITING TIME. A Christ- mas dinner is served to each hall with a guest speaker presenting a Christmas message. Each floor and the main lounge are decorated with Christmas trees trimmed by the girls. The girls may also decorate their rooms and doors, and one night is then set aside as open house for the members of the faculty and community to view the decorations. Christmas is also a time for giving. Each floor has a party and at this time many of the floors adopt families or collect clothing and food for needy families in the community. A dinner is held in the spring in recognition of the graduating seniors. The spring formal is held the first of May, this being the most formal event of the year. These are just a few of the events which are available to the girls of the Women's Residence Halls. ivy.-ixxi i 3 . 'Q an Hg V' lt 3, il? .Q is 14 i ' I 5 E We ' 'M XX 4 J ' all X' il .. A Mrs. Agnes Kirk, Central Residence Hall Director Mrs. Pauline H. Freeburg, North Residence Hall Director Mrs. Emily Dahlberg, Southeast Residence Hall Director Mrs. Edith Hornboker, Substitute X A k'.. - Fiirfi- . Q S, , ix Mrs. Katherine Bowman, South Residence Hall Director Housemofhers 12 .l . f ' ,Z if Ami J""L - M 4 ws. my A Jean Tague, Pat Bahmi and Kathy McFadden. BOTTOM ROW: Sally Errney, , Barbara 'STucky, Shirley Johannsen, RESIDENT ASSISTANTQ Carolyn Brown, , RESIDENT ASSlST iemsen, June Lambert, Jan Engle, and Louise Bauersfield. TOP ROW: Theda Lee, Sharon Risley, S ' , Julie Schowengerdg Margaret Berry, Carol Mindedahl, Betty Shore, Mary Fleagle, Claire Martin Patricia Kester, Ann Owen, and Mggy gtum. MIDDLE ROW: Judie Frye Shirley Partington, Rita McKay, Mary Adams, Marilyn Hart, Donna Sasse Karen MCCU ough, Gloria Robb, Pat Hull, Judy Brimrner, Deena Poovey, Resident Aids and Officers 1 eis, we 'Ns we - wr TOP ROW: Betty Shore, TREASURER, Sue Banks, SOUTHEAST SECRETARY, Bauersfield, COORDINATING OFFICER, Marilyn Hart, SOUTHEAST PRESI Mgpggpgt Wgtson, SOUTH SECRETARY, Lynne Crossnoe, CENTRAL SECRE- DENT, Donna Sasse, SOUTH PRESIDENTQ Judy Brimmer, CENTRAL PRES! TARY, and Sandra Martin, NORTH SECRETARY. BOTTOM ROW: Louise DENT,and Kathy McFadden, NORTH PRESIDENT, I 1 , , , if: k. ici K , W I --f 1 71. .y . f . - .9 I ,f sm .N ' 5 - .1 - 5 Q-: ' Q., . , , V 9' ,aw A J 1 1 I TOP ROW: Margaret Brightup, Sharon Defore, e , Peggy Henkle, Duncan, Linda Leffingwell, Joan Holmes, Cadence Mitchell, Lanette Ellis, Charlotte Ballard, Donna Perry, Marilyn Holland, Carol Blosser, .Ioy Neal, and Carol Rhine, and Rita McKay, RESIDENT AID. Charlotte Defore. 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BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Williams, su ui KY it Y s vhs ex se li i 5553 wgs xi M 5, islam S mi 5 x 3 a gai,ia,iQQ,1f'i sl Bfiigligs ? 7-Eng : ':.' g s sk a iss , gg gl ,w il if 2 si 'LV' A lfigiijii,-W., f, 'K . 2,,fef,'4fq:,f . fx, ff - Q w5ii5fTi xx sire' 3,459 Rrgiij? Pf533'i'2x:f 'FUSE ' K Wi? 'wg Qmg,Ns,'i22t1s VSV T is Q, ww g wlyitsgriirliliiiis , m3'IfQ'Q2?3EQEsff ga' 3 "N-,1i'f: LQ Y . W Fr , AVG 40 if . -, 2 -. 'nr , ,ffl ,T it 3, , f- ' ,f , T T 1 f 7 W W , , , : , 1 f f 'F " A W I ' Y Q! X 1? ini 7, ' f W A 4 TOP ROW: Carol Tripkos, Mary Adams,RESIDENT AID, Barbara Fried, Jerri Carol Gerstenberger, Gail Harshaw, Barbara Rice, Claralee West, Virginia Brink, Barbara Yingling, Carol Harness, Rita Sparks, Lyndabeth Emch, Jean RGZGC, MCYHYH S10mm,J0v1iCe H0fdY, SUS Lflmb, Gnd Judy Holt. Clark, Beverly Knight, and Marilyn Kistler. BOTTOM ROW: Sue Rennick, ,.. MU,.1.v,, . -'f5f?'53?T7 i'iii'J5'+?f'f54-'E iw i'iiiifiifi1"4ff'i91iMxL. 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BOTTOM ROW: Judy Winger, Marilyn Hart, RESIDENT AID,Gloria Garrison, Jerry McClarnon, Paula Boston, Sadie Watson, Sandra Watson, Teri Morlan, and Marilyn Armstrong. 2 fi fkis-1 E- time . Q , 1 ,, " 5 128 TOP ROW: Ann Owens, RESIDENT AID, Bobbie Jacobs, Raylene Morgan, Bobbie Hogelin, Deanna Jackson, Sharon Ramsdell, Jane Roberts, Jane Carol Longhofer, Judith Crane, Julie Brantley, Sharon Walker, Cheryl Sickbert, Robinson, Jayne Richards, Linda McDonald, Vicky Smith, and Diane Razook. Marty Remmers, Debbie Mattix, Karla Scholz, and Ruth Dale. BOTTOM ROW: K I I K I I K I Southeast Fourth Floor V J ' 'G .Wd , 'Q "' Y MA A Q W TOP ROW: Bonnie Phelps, Betty Heater, Mary Ann Thompson, Dana Schroe- Anita Manz, Charlotte Swaney, Jams Miller, Judy Maderak, Jan Adler, der, Linda Vollweider, Trisha Slack, Jocelyn Paul, Louise Gordon, Lee Minde- Sherri! DeV0re, Elizabeth Hawks, and Sharon Meek. dahl, RESIDENT AID, and Virginia Boudreau. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Miller, f- ,re , .k .e.V P.-,-2, 31, ' ,Jai , gg Q 2 . f-K A .1 , A V nr " A K " W' ,JT I- " V fn -' ' ' , A 4 S, N 7 1 V . ' X X -t . f Q J l 2 2 ll f A ? . , Q 8 , f 2 8 . ' TOP ROW: Peggy Anderson, Povricio McAleorney, Margaret Perkins, Judy Row: Nancy Hemphill, Carol Howard, corha Mccobe, Gloria Robb, RESIDENT White, Jane Shade, Becky Brewer, Phyllis Rust, and Cheryl Smith. BOTTOM AID: Donnc P0llGrd,ChGfl01fe Jensen, Und Nancy Colvin- 2 r ,,l5rfs,,'f-'lfffai ., - -fm'-'fflfz iw.-21222 rcw-HQQ15.eww'-22145222622551 W nf -s A nh 1, 1,esw,1r,fn::nrw:eW21,g:rr-fr.rf'Snr M ,. l,--,gee -..wg'fy.e:ffQ,: :,r,,,gW'es1fa- , fe, , , -n frm-:.::w, a 1 , X N1 'Qi-2Q7ffffgf?zr?Gs, effffrf,3,5sw,,,'e'x 4 ,ggvagqei-.1Q,,m,gffuafekigfiggsvlamggnxn. 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BOTTOM ROW: Mary Krueger, Carolyn iq?gixgigieifgiigsQ,W,9,Wfgi:msf,2s,,q5Qisryg5gg4m:g,i5 mix-ig11+:Q.li-1if,rgg'wwgww-5 13, ry mam-fwwsisssgrg S Mr I -me-fr.eirkssgrxwrigzswQM wwe 1 .www Q 135' .ag1waz1553s,f1el,gf55'5ag.f if M Nr Q Sung?-Qgsvawaa sw-iegmggqf,5w3ssaQsfasa.1:,13,m: 1-ff fQm1gEtf' 1,2 wise-at ery time :fz,6?e1, ,M s,,. .,,,.5,.5,, W.. ,,,r:,xg, 1' Lgflzgg ,age Jr in-fsifsgiawersaffflfr QQ,-,fZ,w.,vs25ZQ: my., . ---- New A.., , :,,.5,.,,V,, .. .ei.m,w, m5,,,.e, 5 .Wes . -eygs:f::1.MTXi,,f Mlfvilf '55 2YTf?ifei1:'2s1?:?3i?K f . 31' 94:1 Secfi' 1 elses 1 . JH. J. A W -ffl 1 fv,El5L.1e,se.x- . M U - .W a V M- " W f , fig-ff, f i ef 5 1, if if x-if -Zfiefife -QI4' 13i f.3' if Tre is-1, fgfsiiesiagyy -- -- Qc fm Q 5 4 , -. .W .,, 532, fi ,X gf N- L.glwlmizigglxnwtigggggsril, ,me,,9fYie,..,.5,E,T5E5gimeg,,,1 IMS. , sw q6.e,2,Qeg5.sL,,,,,,?,:x,:r g .eiggg5,s.Qi,,Mi. I , .. 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South Third Floor , , f3P'i , W f VI: 'aivw gf I' ' il' . feffwe' qu' Q g , S , TOP Row! JCHBT FUSON, Rita Pickett, Vicki Watkins, Karen Scuba, Lesley Sharon Gabriel, Cheryl Spencer, Marilyn Siemsen,RESIDENT AID, Jean Ford, Walker, Pat Larsen, Ruth DeForest, Deanna Duby, Toni Schinstock, Carol Elaine Madden,and Shirley Small. Small, and Arlene VerBrugge. BOTTOM ROW: Jean Fuson, Roberta Overall, 131 ., ' ' 5 , ,V A 'V M. , , ' w ll' Ja I .-1 I Ar , , I f ky , w, Q I n, 1, f f M , Q , y ,. ff I , K ' Q 4 -4 V ' 4 N if 5 i 1 + , r E 41 TOP ROW: Marsha Lawyer, Dixie Payne, Cherie Brennecke, Marie Swenson, Zogleman, Sharon Kassens, Patricia Jimison, June Lambert, Nancy Reiman, Peggy Reaugh, Fonda Walker, Diana Bilby, Gloria Unruh, Claudia Wills, Marsha Cress,and Jeanine Keiser. Kay Hughes, and Roberta Campbell. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Nass, Carol South Fourth Floor 2 Q fR 'J Z, TOP ROW: Janet Keithley, Patty DCIy,Pamella Kuhlman, Julia Waddles, Carol Johnnieque Blackman, Jan Engle, Joyce Austin, Reba Henderson, and Janet Ellsworth, Cheryl Robinson, Ann Luce, Judy Knight, Anne King, Gale Wright, Challans. and Ellen Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: Loretta Koehn, Phyllis Kerr, Anne Sweney, . L: ,, -'ee fr Aw A. , ' '47 ,N , k r - , . X Q' ar v ag A' ,. L. .,, 1 TOP ROW: Mae Spielman, Lynda Scoville, Sandra Blocker, Melva Darbyshire, Hull, Mary Baker, Diana Dean, Carolyn Brown,RESlDENT AID, Carol Mont- Nancy Fivian, Janet Laing, Patsy Frye, Sandra Kling, Leona Holmes, Janice gomory,Jenna Hamilton, and Linda Rehm. Wolford, and Judy McNaughton. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Erickson, Georgia Central First Floor W f 2 'Si A . 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N-mfg'mwfifiezgsaifgtlfefmf'si,W1J,??xi2'-ff,-:'5, w,f1,lQag: ,mee-'aff Liga f ' M 7, , L, ffm.,,J,,,,c Y' Wfiffi' 15353 if Q? deems' wfgftwwe J er , if 1 39 it f A f rshw ve f-4 4 Aix., ,N MQW WK P TOP ROW: Jane Cooper, Patricia Frisby, Janice Baldwin, Sharyn Hall, Caro- Todd, Puffy Woods, Karol Strait, Julle Schowengefdlf RESIDENT AID: Nora lyn Maqers, Lois Mauk, Pat Lore, and Linda Clemons. BOTTOM ROW:Ann Jones, Sandy French, and Betty Harrison. North Fourth Floor , Q 7 R S K k. Kee TOP ROW! M0fSl1G KOY RlClWC"'Cl50nf Connie Lipscomb, Judy Pees, Cheryl ROW: Gloria Servos, Cheryl Lovett, Gloria Fogg, Susan Bostwick, RESIDENT Bell, Ululani Hayselden, Carolyn Noteman, and 140 Jflflef Killl"'Q5W0V'lW- BOTTOM AlDg Saundra Lewis,Jade Karstensen, and Dawn Nciramoto. Freshman women dance to some slow "mood" music at the dorm informal Lively music promotes lively dancing and the dorm informal is no exception held in the Terrace Room ofthe Student Union. Freshman girls and their dates let loose and "trip the light fantastic". The girls of the Women's Residence Hall are an active group W Qc -,,.e-' DOW' girls 907919 Gt Ch'lS7mUS b0f1qUet--- . . . More dorm girls eating at Christmas banquet. K 142 Christmas stockings, hung hopefully wins first place for decorators, Terry O'Brien, Susan Riggs, and Linda Dickey win first place for room Jan Engle and June Lambert in the lounge hall. decoration with their bulletin board and Christmas tree. Christmas Time at the Women's Residence Halls E This life-size angel wins first place in door decorations for Sharon Proctor and Mary Ann Svoboda. L 91 Q X it QM sl f Q ,. ff ,, f ff t , 3 2, 'v W .Q r I Fourth floor central captures first place for hallway decorations. The Christmas mailbox stands outside the room of Sally Ermey and Barbara Stuckey. it .A T 5.1 zwgwz F?zf?ltf"' u,,:M 2 fa, semefft If , . ,If f-,L.,-, :IH - . LSO' 1fw,.,hf.,,.-I . W t,A-L 13,,,,.,,,.f,,.. aaigiiffilfe,wf.14fS'3 1 st'w545Ii512iffi,jf2t'2t'fQ . ,II gigs, .wx ff z- --1 2 f ,t2wn, :wr - at y v.,?,,5f,,, .I ,, 7, ,fr PAQQM sf W .. , ,fe .,, ffm .,,2,.f1,,,. , emrffi .. ,si ,, I we f es A- M' 2, nd . K Q 'L f W .W IL, W-wx.i1,z,.:gg .L mf .L,, we-If . '13 TOP ROW: Dennis Ward, SOCIAL CHAIRMAN, Sal Manzi, VICE PRESIDENT, Gary Kuntz, PRESIDENT, Dave Landrum, SECRETARY-TREASURER, Wayne RQ 2..wtt fns z- Q - ff w,5Q6,,r, . ,, Fgsieell fri' Platz, REPRESENTATIVE and Jon Stucky, REPRESENTATIVE. MIDDlE ROW: . It :Iwi .. :a1fweiwf,f'i. 1 Qgesw, H ' William Foster, RESIDENT AID, Gary Appelman, RESIDENT AID, David Martin, RESIDENT AID, Phillip Burress, RESIDENT AID, Patrick McFadden, RESIDENT . ,wii . . .. iI,,: Www., I.-f: 1, . -.f-, ,-gm , - f .. 5,6 , . . . ,. , .. ees .. X.. 1, W ,.., ,Q vis aw, wg . ,,? 3 1 " ' fre at-ww: f I -1' qpmslaffg s,?1Qi?Q?'ig?ifiii safgefggsgszgssflf H, N111 f fm.,-IQQW,-7. mg, -5 2 fgn3s fQf4Q1ssf1 S' .x,I.iiQl:,':iL 11 22 -fx-1 'f we If: 1 ,M if ,. ,, 1, -y,Q Q, we 1, .mw5wfimw,w ,.,.Q,f,,4wM,., k k 915 'W in AID, Jerry Ruud, RESIDENT AID, Winston Manning, REPRESENTATIVE, and Jim Irey, RESIDENT AID. BOTTOM ROW: Edward Hammond, RESIDENT AID: Ted Gregory, RESIDENT AID, Kathleen Benne, HOUSEMOTHER, Jim Anderson, and Phil LaCour, REPRESENTATIVE. eefxseig-w:z4s.I. 1' , .Q..,gsa.- ,.,g,45f5g.megsw 1 ,A,f..i,,.-,ifegwi231:V5 E ' ' 1 f I f, 1 21:1 N- ,, .sz,K51wegaswffff -vfff .g?5'Wv??Q:3tfPii:f: wx: Sai-5525rtirbieffaiqeisr-4i'I,sgigi I ,Q fs 1g,fw,, m.,,'.-,i I-, we-.ff5f,,g,4M,.. v,.Q-femw me M.f,,1f5f,Qf:ff1wf1.., iw- .. ,L ft, nf, at f ffggse, N, ,,2m,,,,,. ,,, :g,.,f1gw,IWeM. in fgeliwi-1w.ff, f,.wF:r,ffw:f Amgfiqfrw 6, ,fs Mi - fwffiz fiang'fJ,g.iQvf?:s,1:f1f' r 1, 3fTffw225a1x:5'fsfi2 egSej3Q5gss5Ie5:3gxE'fEl',sgg-Smgff:saigiSf:gsffe2fi1fi I-fs l21e5iTT!Y1t'1lfQ, ' i ' -- fffifif- llmitli, - ''---'K21flSii?ji,1-V757 Y' . 'e-Xkfsuzgrff4Si?5W'sfT154'-35 '-VY' f fLi?r1z5iIff-Wi-J191 -:g?a,..zf:?u,: -,f,.2g,,-wg -- fy ,gg W I .f,:fg9Qe15Q,xM:'Z,g, up-S,.e:g,-Iggwasei I :'vv1-we f f-1 ,. M,:.51-1 W' lfigezxyfgrifyi1-'Yins fiiivfilftfff-iS'2E?' IJML 2fI22'fQ'5S:' -My 5 M, 6, - ,, .. f ' A It 2-:Qf!ffYQf1efg?1efe,:.Q,1'E f: .':.efg'fi-M21iiisifewifeiw ..f,,,,f.5,e,e,,qV35,i,-wg.,, -grgikigazggkwfue: .f-gf--Lf:mgssrigmswfifrffs- .,,,. A, ...Z-,fu V ,.,. ..,. . I.,I ,en ::, ef ,-.,, ... M- -.,.w.,W.3 , egifiieea ,I I ss1111.?ii'ff-K V'-ww,ff,: g Q- M w 'ZW gb E, 71.- ?af??If?Kii' 'I gg' Q 470 -I-,af W TOP ROW: Terry Deschaine, Ross Richards, Don Olson, and Bill Oldfield. MIDDLE ROW: Albert Melichar, James Weems, Bobby Hilt, Ernest Grant, and Steven Getty. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Menlce, Mark Callaway, Timothy Colle, Dave Newton, David Hannon, and Harold Nelson. , W,h-, Vk,. . K 71? f f 2,1 xv' gh' TOP ROW: Jim Straw, Fred Geer, Steve Storey, and Dave Addis. MIDDLE Hughes' wld Don Everhon' BOTTOM Rqwi Jerald Schmldlf DOUG W'lQlW' ROW: Vincent Wetta, Maurice Just, Charles Volland, Edward Smith, Robert Ralph Carmen' Sleven Boker' and Mark W'lk'n50n' , .,,. .x, 51 'N 'K X 5 Q i 5. X fi TOP ROW: Larry Whisenhant, Thomas Russell, Robert Sands, Carl Zaiss, and Bruce Weems, and Gail Dunnawoy. BOTTOM ROW: Dean Day, Gary Spray, Bill Messer. MIDDLE ROW: John Sheldon, Roger Fuson, Richard Wilson, William Price,Joe Malagamalii, and Bill Kent. 144 if E M5463 K vw K .N 'GSW '? I it TOP ROW: Richard Mawdsley, Duane Meyer, Keith Light, Chris Meyer, and Richard Sandburg, Richard Koester, ond David Pickert. BOTTOM ROW: George Fuller, MIDDLE ROW: Robert Harra, Galen Simmons, Ronald Schmidt, GQVY Deshozeff LCIFFY Lowry, TSVVY Rvff Gnd Richofd Tl"OmO5- Q if A ig, l 3 S Av E. 5' TOP ROW: Gaylin Nickell, John Rosine, Galen Boehme, Raymond Smith and Pape Warren D k d Ph l , , ec er, an i Mosier. BOTTOM ROW: William Swendson, Ken Coleman.MlDDLE ROW: Jim Harris, Charlie Brown, Garry Eckert, Eugene Charles McClellan, Emil Bowers, Mickey Pulec, and Larry Kruse. 145 4 1 x TOP ROW: Norman Terry, Wanda Diggs, Lucy Thomas, Sandra Lewis, Betty Ron Epps, Vice-President, Shirley Small, Secretary, Clark Smith, Treasurer, Harris, Karen Sullivan, Gloria Fogg, Freda Bradley, Reba Henderson, Dora Love, Social Chairman, Verdell Taylor, Walter Bailey, Cheryl Robertson, Claudine Boderidge, Delvin MacGilbray, Henry Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Judy WQIIOWS- Jim Bonner, Sponsor, Tom Pickert, Sponsor, Michael Edwards, President, C Phi Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Alpha is the newest social organization Membership is open to all students with a 2.0 grade on the Teachers College campus. Its charter was iust average and the presenttotal is 70. granted by the Student Council this fall. Phi Kappa Alpha takes an active part in service pro- The purposes of the organization are to provide iects. They collected several baskets of non-perishable social activities for its members, to provide aid and foods which the Salvation Army gave to needy Emporia service to Emporia State Teachers College, and to the families on Thanksgiving. Currently special committees city of Emporia, and ultimately to become an established, are working on several other activities. chartered Greek, fraternal organization or organizations. A A TOP ROW: Willie Johnson, Gail Lorenz, Raymond Lee, Edward Clay, Sylves- Johnnieque Blackmon, Lois Johnson, Helen Cotton, Gwen Robinson, Kay ter Lewis, Loretta Edwards, Thelma Small, Doretha James, Sheila McGaugh, Morrow, Omar Rogers. Clarence Stevens, Kora Lee Warren, Sue Banks, Opal Blair, Clarence Horn, BOTTOM ROW: Brenda Williams, Betty Allen, Nilene Smith, Clozell Johnson, 146 ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA DELTA ZETA Lynda Linebarger Barbara Fletcher Susan Prinfz Nancy Kuiken ALPHA SIGMA TAU SIGMA KAPPA Mary Foard Suzanne Dalton Markeefa Major Cheryl Riggins CHI GMEGA SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Lori Sharp Gayle Wright Marilyn Stucky Vicki Bane Junior Panhellenic Council OP ROW: Lori Sharp, Chl Omega, Suzanne Dalton, Sigma Kappa, Marilyn ROW: Joan McLain,Advisor, Cheryl Riggins,Sigma Kappa, Lynda Linebarger, tucky, Chl Omega, Vick: Bane, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Gale Wright, Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha, Nancy Kurken, Delta Zeta, Marketta Maior, Alpha Sigma gma Sigma, Januce May, Advisor, Barbara Fletcher, Delta Zeta. BOTTOM Tau, Mary Foard, Alpha Sigma Tau. 8 TOP ROW: Sara Tuley, Delta Zeta, Patty Watt, Sigma Kappa, Sheryl Turner, Sigma Kappa, Cindee Wilson, Sigma Kappa, Janice May, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Joan McLain, Chi Omega, Margaret Dalton, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kay Curfman, Chi Omega, Dr. .lune Morgan, Sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Ruth Jordan, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Judy Schick, Chi Omega, Secretary, PanheHen Senior Panhellenic Council meets monthly through- out the school year to make decisions about campus Greek activities. The Council is composed of an alumni advisor, a president, chosen from a different house each year, and active members elected representatives for each of the six sororities. Dr. June Morgan serves as faculty advisor, while Dean Ruth Schillinger presides as ex-officio advisor. It is the plan of the Council to co-ordinate the activities of the sororities. In this capacity the group schedules rush, supervises the rush period, and regulates the rules that govern it. The council offers the aid of two loan funds. One is only for Greek women, and the other is an emergency fund for any women on campus who may need a loan for a short period of time. Junior Panhellenic is sponsored by the senior group and consists of representatives chosen from the pledge classes. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Margaret Dalton Sue King Sue Morgan ALPHA SIGMA TAU Janeen Bundschuh Karen Hind Earlena Mossman DELTA ZETA Sharon Garrett Jane Gordon Sara Tuley ic Earlena Mossman, Alpha Sigma Tau, President, Sharon Garrett, Delta Zeta, Sue King, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Mary Haynes, Treasurer, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Karen Hind, Alpha Sigma Tau. NOT PICTURED: Dean Ruth Schillinger, Sponsor, Janeen Bundschuh, Alpha Sigma Tau, Sue Morgan, Alpa Sigma Alpha, Jane Gordon, Delta Zeta. Coundl Each year a Scholarship Cup Award is presented to the sorority whose actives and pledges have earned the highest cumulative grade point. As a social service proiect the council donates a Thanksgiving basket consisting of a turkey and a variety of canned goods to a needy family in Emporia. This year the council recommended that each sorority help collect money for the new Retarded Children's Home by participating in a drive. Sororities and fraternities combined forces one Sunday to canvass the city for the cause. The organization does not make only service activity plans. In connection with the Inter-fraternity Council, they sponsor Greek Week which is an annual picnic made up of relays, contests, songs and plenty of food for all. CHI OMEGA Kay Curfman Joan McLain Judy Schick SIGMA KAPPA Sheryl Turner Patty Watt Cindee Wilson SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Mary Haynes Ruth Jordan Janice May TOP ROW: Joel Carlson, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Allen Curless, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Tony Pietrzak, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Ray Welch, Theta Xi, Vice-President, Vice-President, Jim Hooper, Theta Xi, Vernon Brobst, Sigma Tau Gamma, Duane May, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Harold Baughn, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Don Duncan, Sigma Tau Gamma, Bill Eikermann, Alpha Kappa Lambda, President, Ken Oard, Sigma Tau Gamma, Joe Bowman, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Loyde Keith, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Clint Webber, Sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Evans, Tau Kappa Epsilon. lnterfraternity Council - -,NM Sometimes it only takes a smile to convince someone they want to share with others. lnterfraternity Council is a body composed of representatives from each of the social fraterni- ties on the Teachers College. Its purpose is to coordinate the activities of all the campus fraterni- ties. Secondary to this purpose is the council's service as a communication channel to all fraterni- ties andthe Panhellenic Council. The Council participates in the Heart Fund Drive, Salvation Army Drive, Retarded Children's Home Drive and the Bloodmobile each semester. IFC sponsors the Bloodmobile which encourages students to give for those not so fortunate as they. They promote strong competition between the Greek groups. Last year there was a tie between the Sig Taus and Theta Xis. 14 O The Alpha Sigma Alpha house is located at 928 West Street. Forty chapters 0 Founded Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, 1901 ' Epsilon Epsilon chapter established 1917 ' President, Sue King, Vice-President, Judy Dannenfelserg Secretary, Marlene Locker, Treasurer, Jean Dody, Pledge Troinor, Charlotte Fox. Alpha Sigma Alpha Mother Clayton Jan Adler Loydean Barker Jane Bender Freda Bornschein Carol Diebolt Jean Dody Charlotte Fox Sharon Hager Lynn Hammer Diane Hunt Charlotte Jensen Shirley Johannsen Sharon Johnson Sherry Johnson Sharon Kassens Sue King Ann Langenberg Ann Lawler Karen Lickiss The rush theme for fall rush was "Flapper Frolics," and favors were small garters. An awning for decoration and punch served in mugs from a keg helped carry out the theme. The Alpha Sigs pledged thirteen girls in formal rush and nine in open rush. The annual fall informal given by the pledges for the active members was held on October 25, in the Little Theater of the Civic Auditorium. The theme was "Halloween Haunt." Homecoming decorations were constructed for the house with the theme, "Fantasy Land" in mind. The candidate from the Alpha Sig house for "Miss Peggy Pedagog" was Freda Bornschein. The girls sold mums again this year at homecom- ing time. The new housemother, Mrs. Bratha Clayton, had an open house for the faculty members. Following the open house, she had a Christmas party for the Alpha Sigs and their dates. This year the Alpha Sig candidate for Miss Candy Cane, Diane Hunt, was crowned queen. The candidate for Mr. Candy Cane, Nat Kinlund, was chosen first runner-up. Freda Born- schien, Sue King, Suzanne Hendrickson Wischropp, and Shirley Johannsen were elected to Who's Who. The Alpha Sigs are looking forward to the building of their new house, which is now under construction on West l2th. A f W Sally Mayfield, in her cowboy hat, and Judy Diehl, as a wheeler-dealer, welcome rushee Judy Knight to the tradi- tional Ridiculous Hat Party during Fall Rush Week. Lynda Linebarger Marlene Locher Linda Logan Carol McDaniel Sally Mayfield Beverly Pankratz Barbara Parker Cheryl Pehy Sandra Phelps Susan Printz Carol Reeves Heidi Ronen Jean Rusco Sherri Russ Sherry Sears Nancy Srader Ruth Stoskopf Sandy Swartz Barbara Towns Cheryl Ullman Marco Wagner Nancy Walker Dixie Waldrep Marla Wilhelm Nancy Wheeler Andrea Wiler Jana Williams Judy York Bruce McNeill and Sandy Sparks masquerade as movie char- acters for the Alpha Tau fall informal. Alpha Sigma Tau Mother Thuillier Dona Ace Marilyn Ames Miriam Anderson Mary Baker Sherry Bonine Glenene Brown Janeen Bundschuh Cheryl Burns Betty Butcher Linda Chadwell Sally Clerico Dianne Clugston Earlene Coons Sherry Feltner Mary Firstenberger Janice Fitziarrell Mary Ford Linda Gary Linda Goldsmith Judy Grove Sharalyn Hall Jalene Hammons Cindy Harper Social service is a yearly proiect with the Alpha Sigma Taus. This year they contributed to the under- privileged children of the Pine Mountain Settlement Home of Kentucky. They also participated in the Re- tarded Children's Drive. The Alpha Tau's began a winning year right away with placing second in Homecoming decoration compe- tition. Earlena Mossman, Sherry Feltner, Nancy Wood- land, and Sharalyn Hall were Homecoming Queen can- didates. Also in the fall, Judy Waller and Glenene Brown were elected cheerleaders. December was the month of the annual informal, this year entitled "Alpha Sigma Tau Premiere." Guests and members dressed to fit movie titles, entertainment was a take-off on Academy Awards productions. The Squires furnished music for the gala event. Other honors this year include the election of Sherry Bonine as Secretary of the Student Union Activities Board, Marlene Johnson and Karen Kuhns to the state executive board of Young Republicans, and Karen Hind, Marlene Johnson, and Sherry Feltner to Who's Who. The girls are now under the supervision of a new housemother, Mrs. Mildred Thuillier, from Oklahoma. or , iff ' 'K Q . J ll, 1 5 "f f -- WN- Q N6 s 1, 5' Q 45-.. 1' S 'T 'J 'T' mn. ... 'W' M 3 3 W' Thirty-five chapters ' Founded at Michigan State Normal College, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1899 0 Iota Chapter established 1923 ' President, Karen Hind, Vice-President, Bobbie Loepp, Secretary, Karen Kuhnsp Treasurer, Carolyn Ulrich, Pledge Trainer, Mary Firsten- bergerg Editor, Sandy Sparks. alv- L 6. ...ll A iff Z, -, VV ..,, Q f V ,,rr. er r ' f,t1 f f' wxthc ,Q f I 4 4 The Iota chapter house of Alpha Sigma Tau is located at 1006 Karen Hind Becky Hinshaw Tommie Hodges Doris Jackson Marlene Johnson Linda Kinzer Karen Kuhns Judy Lockard Bobbie Loepp Melva Long Markeeta Maior Beth Moh?77d'7 2 Earlena Mossman Vicki McAdoo Colleen Neal Muriel Noel Mary Jane Phyfe Barbara Pierce Kay Pruitt Nan Purviance Pat Ramsey Barbara Rice Sharon Rippel Jane Robinson Janet Rule Iris Schmidt Nancy Schulte Sandy Sparks Kay Starkey Nancy Thompson Judy Tjaden Judy Waller Pam Warrick Cindy Webber Claralee West Dottie Wilson Connie Wood Nancy Woodland Sara Woodland Carolyn Ulrich "Well, l don't know what you thunk about fashions but l happen to like unusual hats Mother Walton Ann Austin Sally Brooks Judy Brown Betty Champ Connie Condi! Donna Coughlin Kay Curfman Leslie Cyrus Carol Ellis Janet Epperson Barbara Foxx Nancy Frey Pat Gastrock Sally Goldsberry Kathy Grier Peggy Hill Jean Holmes Marty Hose Bonnie Hughes Linda Humphries Sherry Jacks Pat Jackson Audrey Leonard Jean Lorenz Joan McLain Donna Massey Carolyn Mathews Debbie Mattix Sharon Mitchell Nu Zeta chapter of Chi Omega is located at 1519 Merchant. One hundred thirty-three chapters ' Founded at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 1895 ' Nu Zeta chapter established in 1961 ' President, Donna Coughlin,Vice- President, Kay Curfman, Secretary, Pat Rem- mers, Treasurer, Ann Austin, Pledge Trainer, Pat Gastrock. The Chi Omegas began fall activities by moving into their new house at 1519 Merchant. The fall rushees were shown through the "Chi Omega Story Book". Twenty-one of these girls became Chi Omega pledges. On October 5, the Chi Omegas held a tea in honor of their housemother. Homecoming was a big event on our campus, es- pecially for Pat Remmers, Pat Gastrock, and Leslie Cyrus, who were candidates for Miss Peggy Pedagog. Jean Lorenz iointed the ranks of royalty as she became an attendant to Miss Sunflower. This year Joan McLain was a finalist in the Miss Candy Cane contest. At Christmas time the Chi Omegas were at work for charity as they enjoyed taking underprivileged children Christmas shopping. Professors, administrators, and towns- people jointed the Chi Omegas in the Christmas spirit by participating in their Christmas Open House. Christmas was also the occasion for a party which was held at the chapter house and featured "useless souvenir gifts" which were presented by Santa. Student body Vice-President, Leslie Cyrus, was appointed Student Body Activities Co-ordinator. Beta Beta Beta chose Kay Curfman and Judy Brown to ioin them in their activi- ties. Pat Remmers and Sherry Jacks were selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. AUWLOM-A,ws9""'3 gif 30" Wlzg, TP Wil M MM W QM sfwgmwws wwf! L L. MW ,JW I LJPYJ' ya: Mary Nas? Susan Naylor Kay Nelson Betty Nixon Caralee Owens Marty Remmers Pat Remmers Janet Renz Loretta Sallee Betty Schick Judy Schick Julie Schowengerdt Lori Sharp Ann Spencer Janice Spencer Marilyn Stucky Kathy Studt Sue Stump Sandy Swartz Kathy Titus Marti Watson Jill Weickert Pot Worthington Dottie Wymore The Delta Pi chapter house of Delta Zeta is located at l0O5 Merchant. One hundred fifty chapters ' Founded Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1902 ' Delta Pi chapter established 1956 ' President, Sharon Garrett, First Vice-President, Brenda Burtord, Second Vice-President, Sara Tuley, Recording Secretary, Caryn Shelor, Corresponding Secretary, Deanna Boyd, Treasurer, Judy Simpson. Delta Zeta Peggy Alder Betty Atzenweiler Paula Baumgardner Kay Hartshorn Berry Carole Bidwell Maria Blaas Nancy Boney Lana Borgelt Deanna Boyd Barbara Burford Brenda Burford Connie Campbell Sandy Cone Roya Corbin Annabeth Dall Michele Delia Kit Dugan Pam Fellingham Donna Fitzpatrick Barbara Fletcher Janice Galbraith Sharon Garrett Jane Gordon Linda Gordon Who wears the diamond and tour pearls? . . . the nearly titty thousand Delta Zetas throughout the United States. This year "Hawaiian Enchantment" was the theme forthe Teachers College chapter. Late fall brought Homecoming. Sara Tuley, nominated by Theta Xi, became Miss Peggy Pedagog. Pam Fellingham was candidate from this chapter. Alice Marie Wilson was again elected to serve on the Teachers College cheering squad. Caryn Shelor and Barbara Burtord represented their sisters in the Miss Sunflower contest, and Donna Fitzpatrick was elected to Who's Who for the second year. Bonnie King was chosen editor ot the 1964 Sunflower. Service proiects during the year included helping with the Retarded Children's Drive, as well as the annual Heart Fund Drive. At Christmas the girls also collected presents, toys, and for an Emporia needy family. Also at Christmas time the annual "Delta Diamond" was held at the Civic Auditorium. The theme of the formal was "Misty" and Bob Hansen was chosen Delta Dreamman. Second semester brought Singing Bee, more intramural sports, and the spring informal "DZ Stable Stomp" which is held in the barn of one of the sorority alumna. N Sr QQ Rushees watch intently as Delta Zeta actives act out a wild game of charades. Lani Green Colglazier Phyllis Groh Marilyn Hogg Sharon Helmer Sandy Kennedy Ann Im Masche Karen Kenny Bonnie King Karen Leslie Linda McDonald Janice Milliken Verla Nauerth Dianne Negley Kathy Parry Pat Parry Dian Pegg Janice Perkins Donna Peters Coleen Pettit Emily Roberts Margaret Roberts Sue Russell Peggy Schwartz Caryn Shelor Karen Shields Judy Simpson lreta Sitts Diane Smith Debbie Staggs Gloro Thomas Sara Tuley Barbara Wagner Norma Wehking Elaine Wittmon Karen York Marla York 158 Sig Kaps diligently scrub floors as part of their Slave-Day money- making proiect-anything for the chapter! 0 S I g ma Ka ppa Janie Beard Suzie Beard Kathy Buck Camie Burnett Jan Carter Karen Conklin Sue Clark Nancy Colvin Sara Colvin Diane Dalton Suzie Dalton Gwen Davis Dianna Dean Lynda Edmundson Doris Frey "Sigma Kappa Wasn't Built in a Day" was the only natural rush theme for the Sigma Kappas this fall. Their new chapter house has been under construction. Twenty-one girls were pledges in fall rush. Fall also welcomed the informal with this year's theme being "The Old Woman in the Shoe." Decorations featured a fireplace and a chute entrance, through which all guests slid into the children's bedroom. Fall turned into winter and brought the formal, for which the theme was "Crystal Fantasy." A crystal ball, Christmas tree, and mistletoe adorned the room. A visit from Santa Claus was also an unexpected surprise. An informal house party with the theme "Roaring Twenties" was held in the spring. Decorations featured a gangster entrance and entertainment by the "Ja-Da Quartet." Spring also called for the annual Luau for the girls in native South Pacific attire and their guests. Sigma Kappa's geroutology project this year was a monthly visit to the Emporia Rest Home. The chapter also par- ticipated in the Retarded Children's Drive. Lia Spruill was a candidate and finalist for Miss Peggy Pedagog. Cindee Wilson was second Vice-President and Vicki Johnson was Publicity Chairman for the Collegiate Young Re- publicans. Diane Dalton served as Vice-President of A.W.S. Judy Fuller Nan Gallivan Greta Gray Judy Hartshorn Marilyn Hutcherson 1: ir' ii rf-Q? 7 Barbara lngerson Vicki Johnson Kathy Jones Carolyn Krstolich Sharon Lauderdale Marsha Lawyer Ann McKain Janet Mustard Marsha Nairn Marsha Perkins The Delta Epsilon chapter of Sigma Kappa is located at l36 West Twelfth. ' Jill Schumaker Karla Shaffer Jacquelyn Shell Margie Slack Kathy Small Ruth Ann Spencer Lia Spruill Linda Steen Sandra Steffey Kay Todd Lorna Swenson Sheryl Turner Marcia Volk Kris Van De Veer Patty Watt Linda Wheatley Barbara Yingling One hundred and three chapters ' Founded Colby College, Waterville, Maine, 1874 ' Delta Epsilon chapter established 1959 ' President, Kay Todd, First Vice-President, Barbara Ingersonp Second Vice-President, Sheryl Turner, Recording Secretary, Gwen Davis, Corresponding Secretary, Ann Mc- Kain, Treasurer, Vicki Johnson, Registrar, Kris Van De Veer. Fall rushees were invited into "Sigma Circus" by a fifteen-foot, smiling clown. Twenty rushees left the "Big-Top" as Tri-Sigma pledges. "Dogpatch Daze" was the theme of the annual fall informal entertainment for the party was pro- vided bythe pledges. Also in the fall, the Tri Sigmas captured first place trophy in the sorority division for decorations. This year the sorority earned S300 on their annual Slave Day. This money was donated to the Robbie Page Memorial Hospital for crippled children. Mrs. Robertson Page, a past national president of the group, spent several days visiting. She presen- ted the chapter with the Robbie Page Memorial for contributing the most money per capita. The Y-Sing started the Christmas season for Tri-Sigmas, climaxed by the annual Christmas dinner party and gift exchange. Much fun and laughter was the result of the Come-As-You-Are Breakfast the Tri Sigs gave for the sleepy-eyed Delta Zeta's who were snatched from their bed at 6:00 in the morning, and taken to the house for doughnuts and coffee. Honors for the sorority include Janice May and Sharon Bagg elected to Xi Phi. Miss Sunflower re- sults showed Judy Knight and Gale Wright as run- ners-up. Gayle Wright and Clarice Richardson served as cheerleaders. Sigma Sigma Sigma Debbie Allen Janice Anslinger Sharon Bagg Vickie Bane Sharon Bennett Nancy Bethell Martha Burden Nancy Burlingham Sally Burris Perri Couch Judy Hunt, Sigma-Circus performer,"clowned" around during fall Rush Week. if W . eg? EZ ...-"mini fig -V I sf" Q. . 'WY AWWWJ Janet Cox Joyce Cox ,. 'NS ,f 2. we Jef Charlotte Delzer Kathy Didde Cheryl Douglass Grace Edwards Susan Ford Linda Gibson Pat Greene Barbara Greiner Nancy Griffith Gayle Griffit Janette Grundy Carol Harbour 2 l i A4 :s-a. Sixty-eight chapters ' Founded Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia, 1898 ' Pi Chapter established 1917 ' President, Ruth Jordan, Vice-President, Judi Osborn, Recording Secretary, Marilee Marcellus, Corresponding Secretary, Connie Schultz, Trea- surer, Deanna Johnson, Scholarship Chairman, Cindy Hillman. A was .. Gloria Hawkins Mary Haynes Cindy Hillman Linda Holmgren Pat Hoseney Judy Hunt Mary Jackson Trudy Jackson Deanna Johnson Julie Johnson Jo Jones Ruth Jordan Jamie Keyes Sheryl Knapp Judy Knight Karen Krehbiel Carol Lanter Jamie Larkin Cheryl Mann Carol Manning Marilee Marcellus Janice May Ruthie Meyer French Bentena Miller Dee Miller Judi Osborn Janice Prather Susan Raithel Sally Rice Clarice Richardson Faith Riffel Connie Schultz Pat Schulz Judy Sewell Jean Shanon Terry Stephens Sheila Stevenson Connie Stillings Linda Tallman Deanna Tankersley Susan Utterback Gayle Wright The Pi Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma is located at 418 West 12th 2 Mother Thoren Jim Adams Mike Ater Jim Bagg Roland Bohr David Bair Reggie Bales Bob Barnett Ken Bielefield Gale Binder Larry Binder Gene Bowers Charles Breithaupt Doug Brickey Keith Brink Bob Brown Gary Bryant Jim Bundschuh Bob Christiansen Jim Clark Rod Clark Mike Coughenour Gerald Cromwell Leroy Cummings Brett Daniels Mike Dietrich Abe Dye Richard Eby Bill Eikermann Skip Evans man The Lambda chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda is located at 1215 Sylvan. K ii uf Q 5 'Er A, ,ww ,sw A wr 'iii ' x l 2 gf if 1 ff f f Y i if w ii mfg! ff, :gf . ez " Va? gil 1 rf , ,f s f,,f 3 1 " 4 . y Thirty chapters 0 Founded University of Califomia, Berkeley, California 1914 a Lambda chapter established 1949 0 President, Duane May, Vice-President, Gale Binder, Recording Secretary, Jerry Magnuson, Corre- sponding Secretaries, Jim Miles and Roland Bahrg Trea- surer, Ed Unruh, Sergeant-at-arms, Charles Breithaupt, Pledge Trainer, Steve Mitchell. Leadership on campus, service to the college and community, high scholarship, and social competence are among the ideals of Alpha Kappa Lambda. The activities successfully carried out by the men of AKL on campus and off this year prove that hard work can make lofty ideals come true. Darryl Hughey served as President of the Student Council, while Ed Flentie, J. D. Snodgrass, Carl Zaiss and Jim Brown represented their respective classes on the council. Jerry Magnuson, Shorty Cram' well, and Doyle Orrell were selected as new members of Blue Key, honorary leadership fraternity, joining Bill Eikerman and Gary Bryant who were selected for membership previously. Gale Binder was elected President of Circle K Club and Lieutenant-Governor of Kansas Circle K. Ed Flentie, Tom McCoy, Winton Hinkle, Darryl Hughey, and Duane May, were active in Xi Phi, honorary leadership fraternity. Ed served as President and Tom as Treasurer. Another organization president was Doyle Orrell, chief officer of Beta Beta Beta, honorary biological science organization. Bill Eikermann served in the capacity of Vice-President of the Men's Physical Education Club, while Bill Wendel was Secretary- Treasurer. Bob Christiansen was chosen Treasurer of the Young Republi- cans, ond Bud Schuette selected to be President of the Teachers Col- lege Band. Elected to Who's Who were AKL's Ed Flentje, Duane May, Bill Eikermann, and Winton Hinkle. Alpha Kappa Lambda Competing in the annual house decorations contest for Homecoming, AKL captured a first place tie. The fraternity was also active in intra- mural sports, and was leading in total points for the All-Sports Trophy going into the final rounds of competition. Also, those AKLs participating in varsity sports included: Bill Eikermann, co-captain, Earl Hurst, Doug Miller, Abe Dye, Bob Jones, Curt McEnulty, and John Henry. Members of the champion CIC basketball team were Warren Burnau, Bill Wendel, and Houston Neal. Bill Eikerman, Steve Mitchell, Dave George, and Bill Irwin represented the AKL's in track, while Hank Wendland, Skip Evans and Austin Hamilton played on the varsity tennis team. Socially, the men of Lambda were active in exchanges with several sororities throughout the year. The fall formal was entitled "Winter Magic" and held in the Colonial Ballroom. In April the traditional informal, the AKL "Go to Hell" and the spring formal held in May highlighted the year's social activities. Alpha Kappa Lambda members participated in service proiects such as the United Fund Drive, the Retarded Children's Drive, and the Salvation Army Christmas Drive. At Christmas time, they gave their annual party for some of the children of Emporia. Much of the rest of the AKL year was devoted to such activities as seeking to regain first place Singing Bee honors, and working to retain scholastic honors among fraternities for the eleventh straight year. Stan Feist Rich Fellingham Tony Ferrato Ed Flentie John French Bob Frohoff Gordon Garrett Dave George Roger Groh Austin Hamilton Merlyn Hardesty Jim Hatfield John Hogan Steve Hogan Richard Holliday Ken Houghton Dave Housh Earl Hurst Woody Jacoby Steve Jay Bob Jones Butch Kasselman Steve Kephart Ken Klassen Simon Korte .. "ilk Bill Lehman vs- Jim Long Tom McCoy Dave McCubbin Jerry Magnuson 1 Everyone had a good time at the Alpha Kappa Lambda Christmas party for children. Even Santa Claus made his annual visit. Alpha Kappa Lambda E Stewart Mann Duane May l Jim Miles Doug Miller Steve Mitchell Steve Neumeyer Tom Poole Mark Prebble Richard Risley Leroy Schwartzman Keith Searcy Ron Seibold Doug Slawson J. D. Snodgrass Bob Stouffer Mike Stegman Mick Summervill Darryl Troyer Ed Unruh Steve Vratil Henry Wendland Steve Yoakum H 1ffl The Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon bids farewell to fall rushees, hopeful they may return. The making of homecoming decorations was one of the earliest events taking place this year for Phi Sigma Epsilon. This was soon followed by the only Bowl game in Kansas, the Commode Bowl. The game was played on November ll with the actives winning a narrow 27-20 victory over the pledges. The half-time ceremonies featured the crowning of the i963 Commode Bowl Queen, Miss Sharalyn Hall. The highlight of the fall semester, socially, for the Phi Sigs was the Winter Formal which was held on December 2. The dance was held in the Terrace Room of the Student Union and the theme of the dance was "Wonderland in Snow." Service projects this year included the Heart Fund Drive, the Salvation Army Drive, and the Retarded Children's Drive. The Phi Sigs also participated in Intra- murals, the annual Singing Bee, and Scholarship competition. Mrs. Ora F. Clark from Evansville, Indiana, is the new Phi Sig Housemother this year. She was recently housemother at Vanderbilt University and in her short presence as housemother she has been a great attribute to the Phi Sigs. The Phi Sigs also participated in college activities. Don Burnham was elected Vice-President of the Intra- Fraternity Council and Tony Pietrzak served as an assistant varsity football coach. -Ji "" ' A me Phi Sigma Epsilon Thirty-nine chapters ' Founded Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas 0 Alpha chapter established 1913 ' President, Tony Pietrzak, Vice-President, Phil Brehm, Secretary, Allen Curless, Treasurer, Robert Miller, Sergeant- at-Arms, Carl Di Genaro. The Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon is located at 5l6 E. 12th. Mother Clark l l John Anderson Reymond Atkins John Carlson Allen Curless Charles Davis Phillip Hahn Jim Harris Tom Hayselden Jerry Rison Rudy Santoli Chuck Seawood Bob Tomlinson The Kansas Epsilon chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is located at 415 E. l2th. Sigma Phi Epsilon Service is the core of Kansas Epsilon chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Early this fall Sig Ep men headed the Re- tarded Children's Fund Drive for the second year. The fraternity found itself in charge of the annual Heart Fund Drive, as well as participating with other groups in ringing bells for the Salvation Army at Christmas. Sigma Phi Epsilon brightened the campus during the year with lively red blazers at all school events. "Boozer", the St. Bernard mascot, helped cheer Teachers College teams to victory. Many organizations found some of their most active leaders to be Sig Eps. Keith Tedrow was elected to Who's Who, while serving as President of Blue Key Paul De Vivo, Sponsor William Edwards, Sponsor Carl Hoffmans, Sponsor Richard Reicherter, Sponsor Don Adcock Rich Ayers Bob Bartlett Boyce Baumgardner Joe Bowman Myrl Cobb Bruce Cooper Mike Culp One hundred eighty chapters ' Founded Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia, 1901 ' Epsilon chapter established 1951 ' President, Fred Long, Vice-President, Mike Ensley, Secretary, Bill Har- graves, Recorder, Don Adcock, Comptroller, Joe Bowman. and State President of Phi Beta Lambda. Tom Robison served as Secretary of Blue Key. Fred Long found him- self on the rosters of both Who's Who and Xi Phi and Mike Ensley ioined him in Xi Phi. Bill Hargraves saw action as drum maior of the marching band and Vice-President of Kappa Kappa Psi. Rich Ayers was Treasurer of the Student Council. A first place tie in fraternity division homecoming displays went to the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon, the second year in a row for top honors in that category. They also participated in the annual Singing Bee. Their social year ended with the spring formal, the Golden Heart Ball, held at the Broadview Hotel. Boozer, the only female member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Gary Downing Maurice Ediger Mike Ensley Johnny Ford Bob Frazier Ron Gard Bill Hcirgraves Ron Harkness Ray Harvey John Kyle Jim Larkin Fred Long Clark Lyman Bill Lynn Tom McClarnon Les Moore Don Paullin Don Richtberg John Roberfs Jim Sellens Paul Stephenson Keith Tedrow Joseph Walter Joe Woodard 8 The men of Sigma Tau Gamma ushered in the 1963-64 school year with a week of house redecorating preceeding fall rush. Fall rush resulted in the pledging of 24 men. Homecoming events included a noon buffet at the house, the game, and the traditional active-alumni stag dinner and party at the Sunset lnn. Sigma Tau cancelled its Fall Formal on November 22 because of the death of President Kennedy. First semester social events ended with the Christmas buffet and party at the house. A visit from Santa completed the evening. Second semes- ter rush was completed with the pledging of 31 men. The Spring For- mal, the White Rose, was the social highlight of the year. Delta chapter was host to Sigma Tau's Kansas province conclave at which all chap- ters in the state were represented. The social year ended with the traditional farewell party iust before finals. Sigma Tau won 7 trophies in 1963, including the coveted All- Sports trophy. Sixteen Sig Tau's lettered in varsity athletics this year: football-Ray Schrick, Monty Swanson, Darrell Harkness, Cliff Ferrell, Basilio Fuertes, Ron Butts, and Charlie Rogers,basketball-Terry Ken- nett and George Young, baseball-Darrell Harkness, George Young and Terry Kennett, tennis-Monte Wycoff and Tom Coker, track- Kent Hurn, Ken Oard, Mike Pitko, Lou Frohardt, and Fred Boles, swimming - Mack Greever. Five Sig Tau's were in Blue Key, honorary leadership fraternity: Darrell Harkness, Phil Coffelt, Harry Stephens, Ron Butts, and Lou Fro- hardt. Steve Junghans served on Student Council, and Scott Cram was in Who's Who. Vernon Brobst was Vice-President of Circle K, Fred Sadr, President of International Club, Dave Blum, Vice-President of Young Republicans, and campaign manager of the U.S.P., and Scott Cram Vice-President of Lambda Delta Lambda. Two Sigma Taus were awarded scholarships to study out of the country, this year. Brother John Riddle is doing graduate study in Canada. Harry Stephens spend 5 months in Iran and Europe. Sigma Tau Gamma also encourages and participates in commun- ity and school events, such as the Red Cross bloodmobile, Mothers March of Dimes, scholarship competition, and the Singing Bee. Sigma Tau Gamma Mother Sears Mike Biberstein Dave Blum Vernon Brobst Darrell Brock Jerry Brockmeir Richard Buchanan Ron Butts Bill Castor Phillip Christmas Tom Coker George Coleman Scott Cram Dale Downing Don Duncan Bill Dyer Tom Eastman George Elliot Ron Emmons Al Ferrell Cliff Ferrell David French David L. French Basilio Fuertes A -- f A. emswagg - -W . ' ' - -M-W . n.ss...s g i Ti'-11.::s.A -..ff s ,Qs ' 1 ' . . -'Gimme Nd' Fi"--f L-, Delta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma is located at 1309 Sylvan. Fifty-two chapters ' Founded Central Missouri State College, Warrensburg, Missouri, 1920 ' Delta chapter established 1922. ' President, Harry Stephens, 1st Vice-President, Ron Butts, 2nd Vice-President, Dave Blum, Corresponding Secretary, Jerry Johnson, Recording Secretary, Steve Junghans, Treasurer, Monte Swanson. i Qxx S we , . The Sig Taus and their dates had a fine time at the annual Christmas party held at their house. Jack Fuller Al Hatch Kent Hurn Jerry Johnson Joy Jones Steve Junghans Jerry Lichtenhan Dan Maier Gerald Martens Jim Martens John Masterson Ken Oard Mike Petty Harold Rhea Charles Rogers Fred Sadr Ray Schrick Larry Sevier Dick Shepherd Richard Smith Harry Stephens Dave Stormont Larry Wilhite George Young 170 The Gamma Phi chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon is located at 612 W. l2th. Tau Kappa Epsilon "Not for wealth, rank, or honor, but for personal worth and character" is the motto well-known to every member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Not long after the close of a successful rush week, the Teke's had a barn party. The party was held in late September to acquaint the new pledges with sorority pledges. Homecoming decorations followed along in late October with their themes from fantasy land, the Teke's received the second place trophy in the fraternity division. November and December were eventful months for Tau Kappa Epsilon. The annual Bowery party was held November sixteenth. This party is the pledge informal, Harold Baughn Ken Coleman Robert Cundith Bob Eisele Paul Evans Stephen Evers LeRoy Fermon William Frakes Fred Garlett Lawrence Gee Arlen Gregory Bill Gregory Two hundred and five chapters ' Founded Illinois Wesleyan, Bloomington, Illinois, 1899 ' Gamma Phi chapter established, 1951 ' President, Paul Evans, Vice-Presi- dent, Fred Garlett, Secretary, Dennis Swender, Treasurer, Arlen Gregory, His- torian, Jerry Ruud, Sergeant-at-Arms, Loyde Keith, Chaplain and Rush Chair- man, Ron Wilson, Pledge-trainer, Bob Cundith. the largest of the year. Charlotte Delzer reigned as queen of the Bowery. December fifteenth was the date of the caroling exchange the fraternity had with the Tri Sigs. The group visited Newman Hospital, faculty, and shut-ins. The spring informal was held later on in the year. For service, the Tekes participated in the Multiple Sclerosis Drive, Heart Fund Drive and the Salvation Army Christmas Drive. They received second place honors in scholastic competition and Singing Bee. They also participated in intramural sports. The year was rounded out with the annual Red Carnation Ball in the spring. There were many interested listeners while Harold Baughn explained the many advantages of belonging to Tau Kappa Epsilon Bob Greer Loyde Keith James Hall Richard Hanna David Hannon Larry Hasting Joe Henry Bill Moriarity Hans Niermann Terry Oetting George Orrell Greg Reddick Dave Richmond Jerry Ruud Robert Sands Max Seabaugh Stan Shoemaker David Smith Roy Stark Dick Stine Jim Sturgeon Steve Sumner Russell Thomas Mike Tull Chuck Wells Ron Wilson 72 Tl1e'ra Xi Barry Allcorn Alan Atwater Fred Bristol Steve Carmen Bob Cowan Alex Czencz Pat Duncan Mike Edmonds James Ewing Gary Finlay Jim Hooper Bob Klose Larry Kruse Bob Leuszler Richard Lichty Ken Lomax Theta Xi's welcome guests af a Fall Rush Party , Q' G13 H f, ww, , The fall of l963 was an important semester for Theta Xi. On November 17, the Emporia State colony was chartered as Beta Rho chapter with 24 charter members. Alpha Iota chap- ter from Kansas State University handled the initiation, and the charter was presented by Mr. Elmer F. Blumenkamp, National Executive Director. On October l9, the fall informal was held in the Terrace Room. The theme was "Heaven Was Never Like This." Music was by the Twisters. Another big event of the semester was homecoming, when Theta Xi's candidate, Miss Sara Tuley, was selected Homecoming Queen. Rounding out the first semester's activities were lntramurals, with consistent first division fin- ished for the young fraternity, the Retarded Children's Fund drive, and the Salvation Army drive. With the beginning of second semester, Theta Xi started its first full semester as a chapter rather than a colony. Events included the winter formal and the Founders Day Banquet. The banquet had special significance this year, since it was the centennial celebration of the founding of the fraternity. For two lucky delegates, the year ends with an expense paid trip to Albany, New York for the National Centennial Convention held August 30 through September 2. Mick McKinney John Meyer Forest Myers Bill Price Garry Privat Jerry Rodgers Don Schultz Ken Stuke Rich Szura Robert Tafolla David Tasker Ray Welch Travis White Thomas Zorn Seventy chapters ' Founded Rennsaler Polytech- nic lnstitute, Troy, New York, 1862 ' Beta Rho chapter established I963 ' President, Alan At- water, Vice-President, Jim Ewing, Secretary, Jim Hooper, Treasurer, Forest Myer. Beta Rho chapter of Theta Xi is located at 529 State Street. H5 Su V+- , m.12:,5:xae::1LxL::n,w an +L ,fwmfma EV X f"P9"':5f?1vSK+-:iifcw ,A Vs s lg 5. ,R 15 Q , X . ,ig Ox, x Y A Carol takes over her reign with a new crown given to her by Miss E'State of 1963, Judy Waller. Our People Become Queens Carol Harbour, freshman elementary education major from Olathe, Kansas was chosen by five iudges to reign as Miss Emporia State of l964. Carol was sponsored by Morse Hall-South and is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority. She was first awarded the trophy for the best talent presented in the contest. Under the sponsorship of Xi Phi, the honorary leadership fraternity on campus, the contest is based on a 200 point system. Points are given for appearance in the Bathing Suit Review, Congeniality at the luncheon honoring candidates, poise during personal interviews, and individual talent. The girl with the highest number of points given her by a group of five impartial iudges is the winner. This year Miss Emporia State will represent Xi Phi in the Miss Emporia Pageant, sponsored by the merchants of Emporia. 3 Miss Emporia State Z iz A . . 6 'ff W2 MQ-,Q WW' Xp ' - i I m!m!3i,L.f,wff ' 8 Martha Burden, sophomore business maior from Latham, Kansas, was chosen first runner-up in this year's Miss Emporia State Contest. Martha was sponsored in the contest by Alpha Kappa Lambda social fraternity. She is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority. Martha sang "Worry About Tomorrow, Tomorrow" in the talent contest. Sandra Nye Sara Colvin Sigma Kappa Morse Hall-Central Cheryl Burns Phi Sigma Epsilon Nancy Wenrich Tau Kappa Epsilon Jane Gordon Delta Zeta Janet Rule Sigma Tau Gamma Nancy Bethell, freshman from Quenemo, Kansas, was l l l l Glenene Brown Kathy Titus Sigma Phi Epsilon Chi Omega X l Contests Require Many People Martha Watson, freshman elementary education major from Rolling Meadow, Illinois was chosen second runner-up in the Miss Emporia State Contest of l964. She is a mem- ber of Chi Omega social sorority and was sponsored in the contest by Morse Hall- Southeast. Her talent for the contest was a vocal rendition of "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" in typical cockney dialect. chosen winner ofthe Bathing Suit division ofthe Miss Emporia State Contest. Nancy is a member o Sigma Sigma Sigma social sorority. She has not yet decided what her maior will be. She was sponsored in the contest by the Men's Residence Hall. 180 Sherri Russ Alpha Sigma Alpha Connie Sfillings Sigma Sigma Sigma Tommie Hodges Alpha Sigma Tau Virginia Becraff "Hey gals, ya say your feet hurt?" Morse Hall-North Ann Lawler Theta Xi gr Q W fs 'Q Gur Queen, Dee Dee Peavey, freshman from Wichita, was chosen "Miss Sunflower of l964". Dee was the candidate for the Central Women's Residence Hall. Her winning photograph was taken by Gary Estes, sophomore from Larned, Kansas. Dee's photograph was in competition with thirty-three other candidates from campus or- ganizations. All girls had to have a 2.5 grade average. Runners-up in the contest, which was iudged by movie actor, Tony Curtis, were: Judy Knight, South Women's Residence Hall, second runner-up, Gayle Wright, Sigma Tau Gamma, third runner-up, Shirley Small, Men's Residence Hall, and fourth runner-up, Jean Ann Lorenz, Chi Omega. ,ft 182 Sunflower Judge . . . Tony Curtis November 26 Dear Miss King: I have marked the pictures I thought personified the qualities you mentioned in your letter - - beauty and photogenic quality - the setting and the pose - and the general effect of the picture. I found it extremely difficult, not only because of the obvious qualities of the girls, but some of the photographs were not as clear and well-shot as possible which, I might add, made it extremely difficult for me to judge the qualities mentioned to select HMiss Sunfloweru. I have done my best and here they are! My congratulations to nMiss Sunfloweru, her four runner-ups, and the other young ladies who entered the contest. If this is a sample of what our teachers are going to look like in the next few years, I'm sorry I can't take English Lit again - or any other subject, for that matter. My very best wishes, 1 Miss Bonnie King The Kansas State Teachers College Emporia, Kansas Introducing 1964 Miss Sunflower Dee Peavey Miss Peavey was sponsored by the Central Wom Residence Hall, and her winning photograph was T k First runner-up tor Miss Sunflower was Miss Judy Knight sponsored by the South Women's Residence Hall. Her photograph was taken by Gary Estes, Miss Knight is a treshman from Kansas City, and a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Young Republicans and Phi Beta Lambda. Gale Wright 2nd Runner-Up Gale Wright, a freshman from Kansas City, was the second runner-up. Dave Stormont was the photographer and she was sponsored by Sigma Tau Gamma. She is a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, S.N.E.A., and Young Republicans. Gayle is also a varsity cheerleader. 84 Miss Sunflower Candidates Glennis Johnson, Kappa Delta Pi, Nancy Thompson, Home Economics Club, Nancy Wenrich, Blue Key, Louise Bowersfield, German Club, Diane Bishop, S.N.E.A., Cheryl Ann Burns, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Judy Dunlap, Beta Beta Beta, Caryn Shelor, Rhythmic Circle, Shirley Small, Men's Residence Hall, Kay Todd, Sigma Kappa, Jacquelyn Leap, Pairs and Squares, Marsha Truitt, Theta Xi, Barbara Burford, Delta Zeta, Gale Wright, Sigma Tau Gamma, Judy Hunt, K-Club, Judy Novotny, Industrial Arts Club, Judi Osborn, Collegiate Young Republicans, Lynda linebarger, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kathleen Moorhouse, Baptist Student Movement, Sara Sims, North Residence Hall, Dee Peavey, Central Residence Hall, Sue Marilyn Banks, Southeast Residence Hall, Judy Knight, South Residence Hall, Tommie Hodges, Alpha Sigma Tau, Glenene Brown, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Judy Waller, Alpha Beta, Cindy Hillman, Women's Recreation Association, Karen Sue Arnold, Disciple Student Fellowship, Jean Lorenz, Chi Omega, Carol lynn Jones, American Institute of Physics, Janice Prather, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sheila Stevenson, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Pat Brueggeman, Hui O' Hawaii. Judy Knight lst Runner-Up Miss Sunflower runners-up Shirley Small 3rd runner-up Miss Shirley Small was chosen as third runner- up to Miss Sunflower. She is a iunior from Ottawa, Kansas, and her picture was taken by James Feld- man. Shirley is a member of N. B. A. and Phi Kappa Alpha. She was sponsored by the Men's Residence Hall. i- .f .i i'I-s..,,. Jean Lorenz 4th runner-up Miss Jean Lorenz, a freshman from Wichita, Kansas, was chosen fourth runner-up to Miss Sun- flower. Jean's picture was taken by Gary Estes and she was sponsored by the Chi Omega sorority. She is a member of Chi Omega, and Young Repub- licans. 8 8 Lindo Tallman Sigma Sigma Sigma ls? Runner-Up NOT PICTURED: lreland Sloan Sigma Kappa TOP ROW: Bill Foster, Keifh Tedrow, Gale Binder, Nat Kinland. NOT PICTURED: Ireland Sloan. BOTTOM ROW: Melinda Wood, Mary Miller, Diane Hum, Joan McLain, Linda Tallman. Candy Cane Ca ndidales Mary Miller Central Women's Residence Hall Ili Nat Kinland Alpha Sigma Alpha lst Runner-Up Joan McLain Chi Omega Gale Binder Alpha Kappa Lambda Melinda Wood Tau Kappa Epsilon Keith Tedmw Sigma Phi Epsilon as-T Q "lu, 13.54 S Diane Hunt, junior from Kansas City, and Bill Foster, sophomore from Cottonwood Falls, receive plenty of the real stuff when chosen as this year's Candy Cane Couple. Candy Cane Couple Each year the Associated Women Students organization sponsors an annual Christmas contest. The winners of the contest are named Candy Cane Couple. Runners-up are also recognized from the ten finalists. Nominations for the contest are made by the organized groups on campus. Each Greek group chooses one of their members and an independent student to represent them. Independent organizations make no distinction. These nominees then are interviewed by a panel of iudges and five couples are chosen as finalists. This year, out of thirty candidates, Diane Hunt, Joan McLain, Mary Miller, Linda Tallman, Melinda Wood, Gale Binder, Bill Foster, Nat Kinlund, Ireland Sloan, and Keith Tedrow were chosen finalists. The student body selected the two winners by casting pennies for their preferences and the results were announced at the Christmas Convocation. Runners-up were Nat Kinlund and Linda Tallman, 18 . , V H '- .V sg 1 ' . 1. V, ff'-V ' Q A, V 5,4 fy. . W 4 yi, .sg Q A. 'V 'ft 1-WM' 1. ' ff lf ' M 3. Af: 'P -. V -.V V1 t ,554 4 M I , G X, , x V 1 2 ,. A " u 1. W' p swf- -'Ver X- 1 2- V N."11'w Vw.,-:ff QV- V , V yy., ik . ,' 4 g .,, ,Q khgrfgfr , 2, ,Z 1 nfs 4 '.Q!f W ,ni dw i I X . 521.1 .fi 3 3 V' A I W, V J' Y , ' .xr , if ,KA s Y, 4 ,f V -. 2 V ? 7 Y " . 1 ffff' -. , 5 f ' ' , 1' QV fl' 4 N .5 'ir 4 V Q -P. WV - ,,, V fu, . 4' ,, V .A 1 51 . ,, ,ga ff v1VV,fV Q 'A , X' 5,94 , ' V ,,V,- f ,. V B V f 1 , Q L' ' . f ' If R 1 ?':'.n5 1 35 V Li ' 1 1 ,f'V 1 A 4 , ' ' M ' flu. hr , 5 a V Y HMV, ,1.,,!gi 4. , if 5, 6 4 , .f V, f f K ki 7 ,V qi, f, , ,5, wiv 5 7 U 8' WL "fi, 77,4 I Lhrbfkt if V V5 V A -ff I A I k ff??3,,,fV,, X U.V3VK:'1 M ak' Q aff, I x V: ,e Z' f ,f A , is Vw, L Q A A .VJ 4V ',.,. 4,4 4, ,.,' Eff' Q af Y , M42 V fr , , gg-ie2fVy,,,H1 ' g' 9 1 xg ' 7 I 5 J' 'riff -sw W A, Vg .,,. dxf ' A ., ' ' 'U Q , I 1 ,J f ' , ,-ff X v f . ,V ,L 4 X ff , A 55, ' J QV V 6 'ii3'1'h!ff -' ., ' K 7 A Q K lf, L? TAF' 5 J B . , f ., V -' u m f -X Qi, lyvm fa? ,, ,,, , V if Nw V 1 l 1 4 ,,x , VV . if QA '-g 21. WC, +1 'fy ' -fx Agn ,,.i',y,4f. 45 . XA, . W.jgi',sf 334-3,, V' ,,V 1' Q ' Vw' 1 . Y n . ,N f-W . 'I f' f. H 5, , f' f, af- '7?N5""'fF J Q ' I asv A A I ,V J K I 1 , 'ilk Vx f If I V ' 2 I if , 1' I 5 , '34 fi 54 If , Q ' I , AVA, ,rf ,, ,VL -WV V .f3mV,:V, a The night of excitement . . . the crowning of Miss Peggy Pedagog Sara is a five-foot, five-inch iunior from Effingham, Kansas. She has hazel eyes and brown hair. She is an elementary edu- cation major and plans to teach either first or second grade. Among her many activities, Sara is Vice-President of the Delta Zeta sorority and Rush Chairman. She has also been a mem- ber of Panhellenic Council and SNEA. Sara was a smiling young lady after her coronation. President King crowns Miss Peggy Pedagog of l963. Everyone had his own way of Duncan congratulating Sara, especially Don 8 1 Q er s- ts.. K if.-A x . Miss Peggy Pedagog cmd attendants Competition for the Homecoming Queen, Miss Peggy Pedagog, was as keen this year as it has been previous years. This year's nineteen candidates were iudged on poise, charm and photogenic qualities. The judges main chore was to reduce the T9 candidates to five finalists. The student body was then responsible for selecting the eventual queen. The five finalists, Sherry Feltner, sponsored by Tau Kappa Epsilon, Shara- lyn Hall, sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon, Nancy Woodland, sponsored by Alpha Kappa Lambda, Lia Spriull, sponsored by Sigma Kappa, and Sara Tuley, sponsored by Theta Xi, were introduced to the student body at an all school convocation. Sara Tuley was then crowned Miss Peggy Pedagog by President King after the opening performance of Curli-Q. As queen, she reigned over the entire weekend activities of i963 Homecoming. 90 Sherry Feltner Sharolyn Hall Lia Spruill Nancy Woodland IH ff! ?. M ff ' 3573. 7? AQ, ,,, "' 'W f g i a A 1 , 4 , 2 5 i1,: ,, , , i ,fd s in 'Q 4 H K ,1" Q '-" ' i rk,L::, ,V V-'fi' ' Q. "' ' A ,,,1 . , M, fm --X V X vigil, ti ' 'f" u M 4,52 gf ,403 .4 ........-- . 7 , a I K ., ' . M is W kggl-:A t x .QQ 555 Q . , 1 -.Q ,W , 2 ..,-i, I 1 'Ss A 2, yy. 6, ,X tb 225 EE iigefv Ff- S Y 1 A number from the Roaring Twenties presented some beautiful dolls doing the Charleston, 'rrcidifion of song cmd dance. Mike Dieirich and Sharon loeger lead the Curli-Q chorus in cz song and dance routine in u number from the Twenties A I' W A WM ff -MJ A...-v -J M-'M' 1 M f xf"3,x .1 . U 4 ,Z K 'YH ev'-Y K i 44:1 is? ff-- , . sjs yi f H ,wc , Coach Keith Caywood introduces his team to the students of the Teachers College. Homecoming Pep Rally The enthusiasm for the Homecoming Game started from a flicker that grew brighter during the pep rally held at 9:30 a.m. on November l. Nearly three thousand students iatted happily as they gathered around a platform in front of Plumb Hall for the rally-but there were a few scowls. Some students had 7:30 or 8:30 classes which has a habit of throwing a damper on the homecoming spirit. Student Council President Darryl Hughey welcomed the students and after the cheerleaders led a few yells, Hughey introduced Coach Keith Caywood. Mr. Caywood thanked the students for the support they had given the team in spite of a losing effort, singling the band for special recognition. He then introduced the players to the applause ofthe student body. Among the seniors Coach Caywood will lose are 230-lb. Jim "Big Andy" Anderson, who has been an outstanding ball carrier at the Teachers College, and Don "Rifle-Arm" Wrench, Quarterback and All-CIC team member. A tradition at the Teachers College is for classes to be dismissed after the pep assembly, but Darryl Hughey kept the students wondering by announcing that President King was in Wichita, and the students would have to go to their 10:30 classes if he didn't return to dismiss them. Yes, President King was in Wichita, but Dr. Nathan Budd, Dean of Instruction, dismissed the students of all Friday and Saturday classes. 194 A host of students gather around the platform in anticipation of the Pep Rally. ' W gf --.QQ Students proceed en masse down Commercial with loud yells of Homecoming Spirit. After the outdoor introduction convo, Teachers College students banded together to follow the cheer- leaders and the band down Commercial to Sixth Street where a pep rally was given for the businesses of Em- poria - probably to their traffic and customers. The size of that procession down Commercial was appalling. Students, 20-30 abreast, students for block after block. Soon after a few cheers of inspiration and hope that the team could manhandle the Pittsburg Gorillas, the cheerleaders, band, and students made their exit stage left and either made plans to race home for a long week- end or enioy the festivities of Homecoming at Emporia State. For those that stayed, it was a well-spent weekend. ws . , 1 4' Hornet cheerleaders lead students in a rousing pep rally from atop o platform erected on Emporia's main sneer, ' ' "Greek" Homecoming Decorations o,,A ,,,.,,,,, . "', V H ,. , H ,,,, e . , I ,,..,, U In a first place tie, Sigma Phi Epsilon featured Zeus on Mt. Olympus. .V' Alpha Kappa Lambda tied for first place with Corky in "Rub-A-Dub-Dub." , People often think of home- coming being just one day which is that of the gameg how- ever this is not true. Organiza- tions start planning their decorations at least two months in advance of the big day-or should we say weekend. The theme of homecoming decora- tions for 1963 were centered around storybooks. Each or- ganization related the basic idea of a well known storybook to that of the Hornets beating the Pittsburg Gorillas. Long and tedious hours were spent stuffing napkins into chicken- wire to create gigantic figures in efforts to win those trophies. Although it was hard and long work it resulted in fun times for all college students. The dreaded fear of rain which accompanies homecoming each year proved to be unnecessary again this year. The only weath- er problems were that of the frost and the strong winds which blew napkins from the chickenwireg however every- thing was repaired before the final iudging took place. The efforts of Sigma Sigma Sigma proved bene- ficial as they captured first place in the sorority division with "Little Miss Muffet". The magic of "Corky's Lamp" brought second place trophy to Alpha Sigma Tau. A sur- prise came to everyone when it was announced there was a tie for first place in the fraternity division. A first came about in 1963 with Alpha Kappa Lambda's "Rub-A- Dub" and Sigma Phi Epsilon's "Zeus on Mt. Olympus" tied. Tau Kappa Epsilon placed second with their "Gorillas Travels." The Women's Residence Hall walked off with trophies in the Independent division. First place was captured by Southeast Hall with "Peggy Pedagog in Wonderland" and Central Hall took second with "Little Black Samba". Second place trophy went to Tau Kappa Epsilon and their depiction of Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels." Lmle Miss Muffef shown by Sigma Sigma Sugma won first place IH The sororlfy dlVlSlOH Alpha Sugma Tau placed second en the sororny dvvusuon by erectlng Corky s moguc lamp X N -.XX E .fm 4-www w,i.,5iXwnW--wm'13cIi i mmf V - M-iw W M A ,..., . ...,.,,t...,: ..A. wciwgxllk .. , ,llc T M Q , M W., M Wwew NW ww me , . .WW ,Wk Lhxt, . -gf?-QAM. ,..,..cwW.WW.,..c. V. . . . 2 A . -A www i . 1--AHRE I Wm wi . .wg .' 5. i i ffl? 8 Ill'-v l l cuuNnEnLnNn Q Southeast Hall took first place in Independent division for "Peggy Pedagog in Wonderland." lndependen'r's Homecoming Decorations "Little Black Samba" captured second place trophy for Central Hall in the Independent division. , ,',,' LITTLE BLH SHMBO l Miss Peggy Pedagog is presented a bouquet by Mrs. Maiorie Sullivan, Teachers College Alumni President. and her court were being driven around the track. The four runner-ups, Sherry Feltner, Sharalyn Hall, Lia Spruill, and Nancy Woodland were escorted onto the field and then came Miss Peggy Pedagog of 1963, Sara Tuley, a iunior maioring in Elementary Education. Miss Tuley was presented with a bouquet of flowers by Alumni President Mrs. Mariorie Sullivan who commented to the queen, "You are a lovely Miss Peggy Pedagog." The second half of the Homecoming game saw a peak of excitement reached in the fourth quarter when Pittsburg seemed certain to score. The ball was on the four yard line, but that was as far as it got as the Hornet line used up their adrenalin to keep the Gorillas away. The Teachers College rooters were happy with the tie, although a win would have been a much better way to end the home football season. The tie did show that the team could rise above the occasion even in the Teacher's College weakest sport. And as the students left Welch Stadium and heard the clanking of ageless "Silent Joe", it was hard to believe how a win could have been much better. This homecoming was perfect for our people Homecoming Football Game Activities lt was a warm day for football! In fact if you didn't believe your calendar when you got up you could easily believe the day to be late September or early April. But it was November 2, time for the Homecoming game between the Teachers College and Pittsburg. The football stadium filled early for the 2 p.m. game, and nearly 8,000 fans assembled for the contest. The yellow Homecoming mums gave the stadium a cheery, spring-time effect. On the West bleachers the afternoon was cool because the area was shaded, but students and alumni in the East bleachers had their eyes scorched by the burning sun. Pittsburg was rated to win and only a very few TC die-hards expected to see what unfolded on this afternoon. The Gorillas moved within "Goal to Go" territory in the first quarter and most of the crowd thought, "Well, here we go again!" But the fighting Hornets with probably the best defensive effort of the year stopped that Pittsburg surge and many more throughout the game. In the second quarter the Teachers College fans held their breath as the Hornets moved to within a few yards of pay dirt. With 1:21 left in the first half, Don Wrench fired a pass to Dan Mc- Enulty who was wide open in the end zone but was iust beyond his reach. This was the TC's best chance. A field goal attempt after the incomplete pass was a hair to the right of the posts and the half ended with a well-fought tie. During the half-time ceremonies, the Teachers College Marching Band took the field as the Queen Miss Peggy Pedagog and Darrell Hughey, STUCO president, present first place awards to Duane May of Alpha Kappa Lambda and to Jim Sellens of Sigma Phi Epsilon for house decorations in the fraternity division. if , uw X 1 Q55 'ik - K S v' 8 .E r ' MNH A 'J " w 74 ' W 9 'Q Nl xi, U Wa 45 M ff? A ,P ,355 .g,L.-,' A I ww 85-'fi .352 . ,P-Sf' v v v, Q1 . Q . 7 1 f li, ,A sill sk 'vxfih ., V 1 4 ,f ' K f -- A ' Q ' :,,2 . , 714 Yfm K t 6 "' 'xx zxgv A Q' 2 43 qw 'H i :jig I 42- y Ea .1 X E t 5 W ,K ia J' I t 1 ,Xxx I x , - .LV A .,,, 1-f A . ir ' 49 A 8 -I 4. A .ff 1 'X Q Special Events: We laughed together, we learned together. Then we went to be entertained together. We found wonderful people, talented people, always ready to entertain us. We went to the Hootenanny on October TO. We listened intently to Lou Gottlieb and his string bass, to melodies sung by the Modern Folk Quartet, to the mood music of Lynn Gold. We got excited about the Negro spirituals of Bessie Griffin and her Gospel Pearls. We clapped heartily for the "blue grass for modems" style of The Knob Lick Upper l0,000. We went home together, happy. We had enioyed the program. November 7, we went to be charmed by the music of Isaac Stern. We sat on the edges of our chairs, enthralled by Mr. Stern's violin accom- panied by Alexander Zakin at the piano. We read our programs and found out that Mr. Stern is the current president of Carnegie Hall in New York. We could see he was a fine performer. And we went home again. This time we had seen cultural entertainment. We were glad. "Blue grass for modems" is the password for the trio who call themselves The Knob Lick Upper l0,000. It means highly sophisticated instrumental accompaniment combined with a contagious driving presentation for their audiences. Q 5 ' f in .-if l. . .f Z it 535 'PW V . l'l' - .ws fl ...f ,,,,yV ... .757 " A W , 42 .L ti Isaac Stern gave his first public concert at the age of eleven has played in concerts all over the world with nearly every and made his New York debut at the age of seventeen. He maior symphony orchestra. 202 Three of the twelve girls com- prising the female part of the 1963-1964 Danish Gym Team practice with their hoops. There are also twelve boys on the team which is making a nationwide tour of the United States. "A Man for All Seasons," Robert Bolt's award-winning drama came to campus for us to see November 14. We watched the play which appeared on Broadway for two years, We heard it had been awarded the New York Critic's Circle Award. Jeff Morrow, Robert Donley and Dick O'Neill starred in our production of the story of Thomas More, 16th Century Chancellor of England. We were intrigued by this character's integrity which forced him to stand up to King Henry VIII. We clapped and clapped and clapped. We didn't give up. We demanded more time to be together, more time to enioy famous people on our campus. We went to watch the Danish gym team on November 21. We found we were envious of their program of unusual gymnastic feats, bits of ballet, and folk dancing. We were caught up in the whirl of the colorful native costumes and music. We wished we, too, could have performances at the WorId's Fair. Again we went home. Again we had been entertained. Broadway came to E-State November 14 when the award- winning play "A Man for All Seasons" was presented in Albert Taylor Hall. 20 mmf' Nix: W.-I X31 su. 14' ' 2' 'Q .un WMI W k: if 'Ne' 8.1 X., 'Uk MQ All twenty-two beaming faces of the Vienna Boys Choir grin up from under their hats as international ambassadors of good will. Vienna Boys Choir Twenty-two very important ambassadors from beauti- ful Austria came to entertain us on February 27 at Beach Music Hall. We went to hear how the Vienna Boys Choir could convey international good will, and we understood. The choir is one group out of a total of three from Vienna's world-famous seminary school. We became the friends the boys seem to win for their beloved homeland wher- ever they go. U.S. Navy Band Later in the spring, "ThesWorld's Finest" came to visit us. We listened with hearts beating wildly with patriotism as the United States Navy Band performed for us while on their annual spring concert tour. We were stirred by the fine arrangements of a group representing a part of our national protection. We applauded. Again we went home entertained. The United States Navy Band stands at attention on the front steps leading to the Capitol Dome of the country they represent. lffslfli Qfgmggg 5 x .1 Bonnie Lichter, Howard Vogel, Eugenia Earle, Laurence Shapiro and Judith Martin compose the well-known New York Baroque Ensemble which tours the country giving concerts. Baroque Ensemble Cleveland Play House We begged to be entertained. We really did. But we knew entertainment takes dif- ferent forms. So we went with open minds and hearts ..... to listen to the New York Baroque Ensemble perform at a Coffee Concert. We listened to the combination of flute, bassoon, harpsichord, violin, and oboe and we liked it. Then we decided to try drama. We went to see "Drums Under the Windows" put on by the Cleveland Play House reper- tory company. We enioyed the play, originally writted by Sean O'Casey and adapted for the stage by Paul Shyre. We were amazed at the fine interpreta- tion given of the Irish play by actors from our own midwest, plus England and Greece. We read in the program that the Cleveland Play House is famous for its Shakespeare Festival presented each spring. We enjoyed our evenings out. And we went home happy, and feeling cultured. Members of the Cleveland Play House repertory company don Irish costumes for their por l fr ., mf mm, v if B was wg X H , :wax-s ?ff 4 in 4 6' , xx Ni X3 'Qo' x 131 ji ,. lv? s 13 - w W., . .5 W, v 31255, N Qi MW w.x --un- . Q- -W4-...,.,. V NM' "JW, .W if new an ws fm With an estimated crowd of 800 fans looking on, the third annual "Paunch Bowl" took place in February. Proceeds netted the Dean of Men's Emergency Loan Fund 5275. Events highlighting this year's "Bowl" games included a dribble derby, two basket- ball games, and the dance. The dribble derby consists of two divisions, one for the men and one for the women. Both divisions run an 880-yard race while dribbling a basket- ball. This year the Morse Hall Team edged out the Alpha Sigma Alphas who placed second in the women's division. First place in the men's division went to the Alpha Kappa Lambdas, while second place was a tie between the Men's Residence Hall and Theta Xi's. Fraternity and independent all- stars presented the preliminary game which ended in victory for the in- dependent team with a 74-73 score. Paunch Bowd Adds Emergency Loan Fund Finally, the game-of-the-season featured the "Southern Downslips", coached by Dr. Merritt Sander, head of the Psychology Department, and the "Northern All-Flunks", coached by Mr. Al Bowman, Student Aids Advisor. The game was immediately preceded by a parade and introduction of players, led by Cheryl Burns and Circe Marshall. The contest for queen of the "Paunch Bowl" ended in a tie due to indecision on the part of the judges. Candidates included, Josephine Bardot or Dr. Joseph Weigand, Director of Field Services, Suzie Wong or Mr. Shium Chen, Instructor of Psychology, and Elvira Gabor or Mr. Melvin Renner, Registration Office. A twist contest between the cheer- leaders and several of the faculty players dominated the second half of the game. The day ended with a student-faculty dance at the Civic with music furnished by Rocky Rude. Ed Flentje breaks the tape os he crosses the finish line to bring victory to the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity. That's all right, Norma. You don't have to get down on your knees iust because the other team won! Prompted by the starting gun, the male contestants in the Dribble Derby take off in pursuit of a trophy. at 3 , -6 '1 20 ,rg s Q 5 f P , Q. EE - ff, . - .,Pfr'f" 5 fy? ,, 2 mf. E.,-ww, 4. -." X ,. ,.-.w.:,,1, sw ,-,af f ' tip ,, My 4' iw sw .Li D, ,,, fc. vm, . , ,. S. if 3, Y M 9 Q ' f 'ff' 1 ff! 1 Zag , L V Mn, .,.,, f . 4 f K 'F' af? 2 ff? :fl ,f F g :.. . f?,f .,,,, ,Z g.fSTuv qwmm ,Qi nf df 'rw -iff ' ' L54 O fu, "-: , . Anyway, , I ,. ,,,, . ,. -' p,W,:'..,.'f. in A g W . Mjgfeiief WW I4 Q -, , f W H W wfflfiyf' f 'H wW?ffA-'f i-fum 'flh- f M. -:1gfQg..w,' ,, ., W, .W V: ff? I A J 4- ' ' f f? ,K if -- 7 ' s Az, M v .- Kf g 9. H 4 :Q ,V 9, .ff M' fa 4 5 A W Q y 59, ugh, . Coaches Keith Caywood and Melvin "Shorty" Long spend many hours planning strategy for the Hornets. The Record TC vs Southern Colorado St. . TC vs Southern Missouri St. TC vs Central Oklahoma St. TC vs Central Missouri St. TC vs Washburn University TC vs Omaha University . . TC vs Fort Hays St. . . TC vs Pittsburg St. . . . TC vs William Jewell ,. 1 5, I jj ' iii, Photo on 208 by Ron Aeschelmon , 9' 'j 1 Co-Captain Bill Eikermonn 1 752 ,X my .. 21-20 0-14 O-20 13-7 6-32 .. 13-27 .. 13-28 O-O .. 21-21 Co-Captain Don Wrench 5 ,C "hula Kudos . CIC ALL CONFERENCE First Offensive Team Ray Schrick, End Atchison First Defensive Team Bill Eikermann, Line Clay Center Darrell Harkness, Back Delavan Second Offensive Team Don Wrench, Back Lawrence Bill Eikermann, Line Clay Center Second Defensive Team Cliff Ferrell, Line Valley Falls Omaha U. Pittsburg St. Washburn U. Ft. Hays St, Emporia Teachers Reuben Early Final CIC Standings 4-0-0 2-1-1 2-2-O 1-3-0 O-3-1 The Seniors Reuben Early, 6-0, 195, halfback from Amarillo, Texas Cliff Ferrell, 5-11,185, guard from Valley Falls. Don Broyles, 5-1 1, 175, end from Lawrence Jim Anderson, 6-1 , 230, fullback from Humbolt Frank Sheble, 5-1O,185, guard from Kansas City Basilio Fuertes, 5-9, 200, end from Kaumakani, Don Wrench, 5-9, 175, quarterback from Lawrence Darrell Harkness, 5-9, 170, halfback from Delavan Delvin McGilbray, 5-9, 155, halfback from Parsons Hawaii TOP ROW: Cliff Ferrell, Don Broyles, Jim Anderson and Frank Sheble. BOTTOM ROW: Basilio Fuertes, Don Wrench, Darrell Harkness, and Delvin McGilbray. -' " A . ,, 'QA 7 4.2 ,v-. - . f ,f " .. Q USQMWKM Ei A i. . M ' A M x 3 1' an . 3 - Q a . m . 4 'e f is 1 MA ,K A 1 I -f vw Y Q X . if 'M g ,M 0 4 Ei ig E rfi?, 14r: 6 :A ' I , 1 'K ' 'V V ' fy X' ." 4 A v , . r . tf K Q , A . xv , X . it Y L .. X g 43 Ig f 2 - f ' S 6 v .15 f x, i N J . N f V ' x A . A, 'Q , I O " ' X X - X ' X , " -- N I H' ,,,, KIM I ki If A HQ X E Azll I . . N, Aglc r . '- .5 ' A w 5 7? V: fi g ,V, lf I f fzgi. 1 M . My w gif: X Ig 1 , I si . .,A T V4 I M, y X Laik, 71 M , 'l , ,rs ,I ,V , Q A fob' A 2.1 7 , , -I A A . if f 1 .ff , h f ' Q R . ' - g 3 4 , 5535925 'fwfiuf f3f'7f,1'w,,'5Jif-5'f5f 4' 1?W'fXl:f if gxfflw "Tl 5'fi""Mii'74hf A' hifi 22:7 ,,,' 'C lv " Gm' :L U- ,H , ,, K' f,., Y 'f" ,2'lffW'1 wwf f '7'?'i'IJ 'J A'4T'M?" ' ,L 'I ' :M Mi ji? pf' af-'+"f',,".f?3fLff'NM . f' fi' f'.hg,.:,.U :A -.Q-.ff- ' ' ff-'M-WV?-w'r' Q, 'T "' A Y, , .1 ,L - , -V141 gl,-Q, ff ja, ,., V-. ,K -N A in ,L 1 vagfnlf ,474 Q -A L, ,.,..Y4:si 2M .V M 1,7 lr , K Q , Ar, . , D, rv Q31-mf' 4 . x . M ff S, I , my V M- I 1, I my 'ur , 1 Q, -4 .,- -Q-T. Y - V F 5 A N of 4, ., . 5 gg, , ,v -4 ,ef - " A iv 1- af w 4 2231, ' ,f wg W-w'f'.,.Y wwf, ' , 2 4 A N N ,, WJ my V 4 V- - f , Southern Colo. State 20 Teachers College 21 Darrell Harkness Frank Sheble Delvin McGilbray Cliff Ferrell 212 That pass was nigh-on to five feet too long! Southern Mo. Statel4 Teachers College The 1963 Hornet footballers ended the grid season with a 2-5-2 record. Coaches Keith Caywood, Melvin "Shorty" Long, and their assisting staff brought the team along in fine fashion and there is no second guessing or regret while reflecting on the sustained effort of the Hornet eleven. In the first game of the season, the TC traveling squad followed the advise of Horace Greeley and "went west" to meet Southern Colorado State. There, they put on a display of sound football as they defeated SCS, 21-20. In the second game, the Hornets met a strong defensive aggregation from Southern Missouri State and lost to them I4-O. The gridders from TC played a solid game, but the Bears forward wall proved the deciding factor in their win. lThe Hornet record was one win and one loss.J The NAIA football champions proved to be too strong in the third game as the Hornets lost to Central Oklahoma State, 20-O, in Welch Stadium. The Hornets could- n't get an offensive move started against the Bronco's superior forces and this loss made the TC record l-2. Clear the way, here comes a Hornet. tri 'C 2 Us , a .-f .,,, 1, 4 SWK X ,ft 'ir Q W Q X .4 N? 'UN' f 'r . ., AN' 6 1 QP, , X. - .W x +eM'Q"' .wwiyw M ggi' me A 5 i f X E X5 mf apr R if wash 'U N Q ,M R xx? X Xil A E Robert Pratt, Dan McEnulty, Max Smith, Ray Blackwell, Freshman Sophomore Freshman Junior The Hornets travelled west again to en- gage the Ft. Hays Tigers in their homecom- ing game. It was a wide open game the first half and the score was FHS 21, TC 13. In the second half, both teams settled down but Ft. Hays added another TD as the final score read 28-13, Ft. Hays. QThe Hornet record for the year was two wins and five lossesj A title-hungry Pittsburg State eleven came to Emporia for the Hornets home- coming game and ran into an equally determined TC squad. Both teams dis- played a solid defensive game as evi- denced by the final score, Hornets O, Gorillas O. fAfter this semi-upset of highly favored Pittsburg State, the Hornets had a 0-3-1 CIC mark and 2-5-1 overall.J The Hornets ended the grid season with a 21-21 tie against the William Jewell Cardinals at Liberty, Missouri. It was a free-scoring ball game all the way. The Hornet offensive and defensive units demonstrated a fine brand of football but had to content themselves with a tie to end the season with a 2-5-2 record. Teachers College O Pittsburg Teachers College 13 Ft. Hays 28 Ray Schrick snags another pass forthe Hornets. 215 Bill Eikerm Junior f V' 9 Tom Reshvo John Henry Ron Butts Freshman Freshman Junior Q, ,S-if jim Anderson, Doug Miller, Lew Lone, Bosilio Fuertes, Reuben Eorly, Phil LciCour, Senior Sophomore Sophomore Senior Senior Freshmon i PICTURE NOT AVAILABLE, Eric Amundsen, Freshman Go check the pumps! The Big Three Summit Meeting 217 218 What a Season! The 1963-64 Hornet club fielded 12 returning letter- men including four seniors, four iuniors, and four sopho- mores. Veteran mentor E. D. "Gus" Fish, in his 18th season, was assisted by Larry Ensminger. Garry Patterson and Doug Glaysher served as co-captains for this year's championship team. The pre-season predictions for Emporia State were practically unanimous that the Hornets would have a suc- cessful season with, perhaps, the CIC championship to top it off. Larry Ensminger, in a pre-season sports release, ..,I . b g Siu Hornet fans turn out on the afternoon of February 28 to welcome home the new CIC basketball champions. predicted that the Omaha Indians would be a dark horse team, ond, as proved by the final standings, they were a very powerful team. In a pre-season practice session, 6'7" Mike Bell, re- iniured a knee which put out of action for most of the sea- son. Doug Glaysher also suffered a knee iniury for the first few games. The 1963-64 basketball season for the Hornets opened on Nov. 30, 1963, in the Civic Auditorium against Ottawa University. Dennis Bolen led the Hornets in their 77-69 win over the Braves with a 17 point high score. The second game of the season was lost on Dec. 2, at Civic Auditorium, to Southern Colorado State. The Indians pulled a full court press in the last eight minutes of the game to upset the Hornets 96-81. Bob Goldsmith pounded out 18 points for the high scorer. Central Missouri State provided the next win for Emporia State by falling to the Hornets wallop 82-69. In this first game away from home, on Dec. 10, Coach Fish praised "the absence of errors plus good defense" as the deciding factors of the win. Goldsmith hit 19 of the points while Dennis Bolen and Travis Wallace drilled 18 each. ITV law Q. Q , 3 4 1 'TW' y,...' 'Num' A W, uf' Q is, .y 6 I n.4..f,.. . H . ., ,, ,,x,... Season Finale Sees After losing to Lamar Tech, on Dec. 14, in Beaumont, Texas, the Hornets iourneyed deeper into the heart ofthe Rio Grande Valley to participate in the Pan American Col- lege holiday double-header in Edinburg. In the tirst game ot the contest, Emporia State downed Texas A 81 I 64-59, with Bolen hitting 21 points. The second opponent for the Hornets, and supposedly the toughest, was the Pan American College Broncs, last season's national crown winners. The Hornets broke the Broncs on their own court with an easy 69-56 decision. Emporia State's Dennis Bolen effectively held the Broncs all-American Lucius Jackson to a low of 2l points. The Hornets defeated Texas Lutheran College 65-63 while on their way home, to make the season's record 6-2. The Hastings College Holiday Invitational Tourna- ment, held Dec. 26 to Dec. 28, at Hastings, Neb., was next on the agenda for the Hornet sauad. ln the first game, Emporia State upended South Dakota State Teachers 79-55. The Hornets moved into the semifinals, playing Illinois Normal and beating them in a come-from-behind thriller, 68-59. ln the championship tilt, on Dec. 28, Emporia State lost to Mankato State College, Mankato, Minn., 58-77. This Championship .,...f1..,,W......-wa .g nw .. Wm ,mumffiwf ifmiw f-W 97' il' 5 A ' Assistant coach Larry Ensminger QLEFTQ and head coach E. D. "Gus" Fish look over pre-game plans. 219 Bob Goldsmith, Junior, Wakeeney t -. Larry Chanay, Senior Wellsville -s, at Warren Burnau, Sophomore Don Scott, Junior Kansas City W upset ended an eight-game winning streak of the Hornets. Doug Glaysher and Dennis Bolen were selected to the seven-man all-tournament team named by the coaches and sports writers at the KHAS-TV and the Holiday Basket- ball Tournament. The next foe of the Hornets, Rockhurst College, on Jan. 4, fell under Glaysher's deadly accuracy of 24 points with a final 84-59 score. The loss ended a 21-game win- ning streak for the Hawks on their home court for the past two years. The first CIC clash of the season for Emporia State was against the Pittsburg Gorillas on Jan. 6, at Pittsburg. The hard-fought game was finally won by the Hornets ichita 80-77 with Bolen again high-point man with 20 points. With half of the season gone, Emporia State stood 9-3 in the win-loss column. The next CIC game was a loss to Fort Hays State, 67-79, on Jan. I I, at Fort Hays. After beating St. Benedict's 82-72, the Hornets lost to Central Missouri State in the first overtime of the year. The game, held on Jan. 2I, at Civic Auditorium, ended with a score of 78-74. Emporia State bounced back from this de- feat by scalping the Omaha University Indians 80-68, on Jan. 25. Travis Wallace, one of the defensive mainstays of the Hornets, racked up 24 points with Dennis Bolen hitting 23 points. Whiting Fieldhouse at Topeka offered the setting for H 2fHf2SQfmm1w':vfi- 2 . fmwwwwtsszfzerfz- Q, ,I Wm V ' ' M.,.mmrr' --M.: . .MW ,.......ss,,,,.....s, ,... .,ww:f.,,.w . ,.,. ,W ,,W...,.mm, ,.. I 'f fs. Nl? gli. g Q G , is -XM TN.. rw W W Dennis Bolen Senior -... qi 3 h'h' INXS.-T is Travis Wallace, Senior, Tyler, Texas the Hornets next CIC victory. Washburn University's zone defense proved no match for Emporia States accurate hit- ting as the Ichabods were whipped 73-69. Garry Patter- son, the smallest man on the court at 5-9, hit a total of 20 points. The standings at this time put the Hornets in a first place with Omaha running a close second. Sharp-shooting Travis Wallace led the Hornets in their victory over Southwest Missouri State, 85-65, on Jan. 30, in Civic Auditorium. Wallace scored almost at will as he racked up 22 points for the game. Emporia State had a 13-5 won-loss record after this game. The Pittsburg State Gorillas handed the Hornets their second CIC loss, by winning 69-66, on Feb. 6, at Civic Auditorium. Emporia's leading scorer, Dennis Bolen, was held to only two field goals but forward Bob Goldsmith popped in 16 points to lead the Hornet effort. This loss dropped the Hornets to second place in the CIC standings behind Omaha. Melvern Doug Glaysher, Senior, Massapequa, N.Y. The Ravens, from St. Benedict's, outplayed a cold Emporia team on Feb. Il, at Atchison, and won by a score of 74-68. The Hornets hit a lowly 36 per cent with Dennis Bolen making 15 of the total points. The squad was 13-7 for the season after the Hornet-Raven game. Going into the final four games of the season, four Hornet starters were scoring in the double figures. For- ward Dennis Bolen led the pack with a 17.3 average. He was followed by Travis Wallace at 12.3, Doug Glaysher at 11.9, and Bob Goldsmith at 10.2. The fifth regular starter, Garry Patterson, was averaging an 8.4 percentage. The Hornets came from behind to win the Fort Hays State game, 79-71, in the twenty-first game of the season. Bolen hit 26 points in the Feb. 14, tilt at Civic Auditorium. Emporia State moved into a tie with Omaha for the top spot in the CIC with this win. Garry Patterson, Senior Ulmuumnunu-ummm ,mwk , 2 gs-' igimvmeswmww smewfwibiw 951 . df , -W :1 ,SJ 'K Siisgx, ff, , fee 'Y x X. TE if W2 leg. .x fl 15' W 'S M-..dil"..v.'N , Q ir fx. if QgwgN .S M A g-ewfrf:M- - ff ' 3 ,, L ,L Terry Kennett, Freshman Wichita Mike Bell, Junior, Oakland, California The second overtime at the season proved disastrous for the Rockhurst Hawks as Emporia State won 67-61. It was a nip-and-tuck game all the way, ending 58-58. Bob Goldsmith hit I8 points in the Feb. I9 win, with Patterson hitting six ofthe nine points scored in the overtime. The Washburn University lchabods threatened the Hornets only once in the Feb. 22 game at Civic Autitorium. The final score, 97-78, was bolstered by the fine shooting of Glaysher with 23 points, Goldsmith 21, and Wallace 20. The Hornets hit 53-9 per cent of their shots to win the game '- - Darrel Schultze, Sophomore, 5 W f' fff-or H1 f ,,,,ELZjff,l:?'f Z f L 7 Q -7 lrrrl it Melvern 5 George Young, Junior, 3 Kansas City S that placed them in a tie for first place in the CIC title- race with Omaha. The CIC championship was decided by the game be- tween Emporia State and Omaha on Feb. 27, at Omaha, Neb. Both teams went into the game with a 5-2 record. The Indians led throughout the first half, and Emporia State moved up in the second half to win 78-68. Bolen hit 25 points in this vital game. Emporia State wound up the season with an impressive 6-2 record in the league and a I7-7 for the whole season. Marshall Gregory, Freshman, Goddard "Q-I me .55 . . F. N H - - . . ' s titva-.5 H Nx- ii K- - -- Ni. 'r , K -- Houston Neill, Freshman Elizabethtown, Pa. So what if I'm not the "Jolly Green Giant"? 1 Bill Wendel, Sophomore, Kansas City Benny Vanatta, Freshman, Bartlesville, Okla. The Teachers College played the champion in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference, Bethany College of Lindsborg, for the berth in the NAIA tournament. The first game was played at Lindsborg to a standing-room- only crowd. The Hornets won, 86-76, with Patterson and Wallace hitting I8. The team hit 49.3 percent of their shots. Doug Glaysher hit 32 points to spark the Hornets sec- ond victory over Bethany, 86-65, at the Civic Auditorium. The win earned Emporia State the Kansas berth in the 1964 National Intercollegiate basketball tournament held in Kansas City, Missouri. The Hornets played their first game in the NAIA tourney on March IO and for "Gus" Fish, this was his sixth entry in the NAIA with Hornet squads. Nominated on the I0-man all-district IO NAIA all-star squad were two Emporia State Hornets, Dennis Bolen and Travis Wallace. Bolen was the leading scorer for the Hornets. Doug Glaysher and Garry Patterson received honorable mention for the squad. The post-season players in the NAIA playoff were as follows. The first five players are seniors and performed for the last time for Emporia State at the NAIA tournament. NAME POSITION CLASS HOMETOWN Dennis Bolen forward senior Quenemo, Ks. Larry Chanay guard senior Wellsville, Ks. Travis Wallace guard senior Tyler, Texas Doug Glaysher center senior Massapequa, N.Y. Garry Patterson guard senior Melvern, Ks. Don Scott guard iunior Emporia, Ks. Bob Goldsmith forward junior Wakeeney, Ks. Mike Bell forward iunior Oakland, Calif. Warren Burnau forward- sophomore Kansas City, Ks. center Terry Kennett forward freshman Wichita, Ks. John Rosef forward iunior Overbrook, Ks. 'denotes alternate player. Let's Look at the Recorcl! The Teacher College Score Opponents Score TC Opponents 77 Ottawa University 69 8l Southern Colorado State 96 82 Central Missouri State 69 77 Lamar Tech 89 64 Texas A 81 I 59 69 Pan American College 56 65 Texas Lutheran College 63 79 Southern South Dakota State Teachers 55 68 Illinois Normal 59 58 Mankato State College 77 84 Rockhurst College 59 80 Pittsburg State College 77 67 Fort Hays State College 79 82 St. Benedicts College 72 74 Central Missouri State 78 80 Omaha University 68 73 Washburn University 69 85 ' Southwest Missouri State 65 66 Pittsburg State College 69 68 St. Benedicts College 74 79 Fort Hays State College 71 67 Rockhurst College 61 97 Washburn University 78 78 Omaha University 68 86 Bethany College 76 86 Bethany College 65 ". . . an Cl ,, on to the 22 4 . 3134964 Q5 M 1 A ' 5 5 ff' jgf :. if o . ,KQQQZQZ 3 493? 52 K 31 M, .. S M if -21 F ' EPSSF' :?Lfi?5iYsL' Q' . ., M 1 N W i A U i ,K ,-Q.,-2, 1. 1 , e N -1 4 Q 9 R155 was , gk . -K 4 My , vs Q 8 , , 'F a wx 2,,:,w, f- aa W - fx K -nv' Q- K Mm N 1 f'-. -.,l. V i?-86 .- ' vfw 4 , .fd 4. ' , .M 11:11-,azz 7 v ,.gp1y11v'- ifilkfiiw , , 3, K 5 ., f g 4-,. ' v. N 'gf fi , 54,51 Af Q . .,f,.7,X. , J, .4.4-,.'.-,XMI tv:-T Qs?-5-5 , . 2 x.. -,sh xv' .. x 4 55255 , X. , Q sw 4 f f5?,,w5?f9f X, YA.. 51.4 Q . 1. S .ISF fx is Y N x N 1 A Q Q , .. , 4 Q X58 Q al 1 . C X X I he .. Q N ' my . 7 QM . my ' ig 12:,gyfE31 J Z 'Q 'X -. 5 1 .ff 5 Q, K :5': W - A Q Nw J' Y fig? 5' 51 giww A 5 'kiwi - X 3 fd ii 33 '5 a Q22 'RQ kgxw x' F, ,, E We 3 'gag' 1' mi- -Mfg' 3 " ,Q 'Sf 2? 3 3,3 ,1 v M E N E xxx X John Camien is one of the outstanding candidates to represent the United States in the l964 Olympics and is one of the nation's top milers. Looking ahead to the CIC season, Welch predicts a four-way fight for first place between Omaha, Pittsburg, Fort Hays, and Emporia. Em- poria should dominate in the distance runs,'along with gaining quite a few points in the pole vault, broad iump, and the shot put. Heading the high iump contenders this year, are Charles Seawood, Joseph Hoover and Howell. Steve Mitchell will be out to defend his conference pole vault title this year. Other vaulters are Seawood and Roy Robe. The shot put will have Richard DiPaola, Earl Kiekstad, Kenneth Hawkinson, and Curtis Pefferman. DeWolff Roberts heads the broad lump returnees. Other participants are Hoover, Arnold, and Seawood. "Mr. Mile" Running with Camien and Sloan in the distance events will be John McDonnell, from ireland, Robert Finger, Richard Woelk, and Clarence Herpich. Richard Vininski leads the contenders in the dash events. Running with Vininski are Harfington, Smith, and Burton Wolfson. Dean Lonard and John Swaim are the Hornet contenders in the hurdle events. With this crop of top prospects, the Hornet track team will again be tops in the CIC and also in the nation. Much credit should be given to Coach Welch and his squad members for their outstanding representa- tion tor Emporia State. 22 -,,,,,,,,.-vw...-A-v-v""'M diana Wm TOP ROW: Assistant coach, Ector Thyfault, Bill Lanni, Darryl Sioberg, Lou Davis. BOTTOM ROW: Gerry Clowe, Walt Donohue, John Meyers. Speedy Swimmers Take Honors Emporia State placed third in the Interstate Swimming and Diving Championship held February 27, 28, and 29 at Warrensburg, Missouri. The meet was won by defend- ing champion Pittsburg State. Nine of Coach E. D. McCullough's tankmen earned points for the Hornets in the meet. New Jersey freshman Bill Lanni scored 20 points by winning the 200-yard butter- fly, the 200-yard freestyle, and the 500-yard freestyle. His time of 2:0l.6 in the preliminaries of the 200 free- style set a new meet record. Lanni was voted the out- standing swimmer ofthe meet. Lanni, Bruce Swart, Darryl Sioberg and Mike Butter- field composed the Hornet medley relay team. Winning several meets, this team placed second in the Inter- state meet. Butterfield swam the bockstroke and the individual medley for the Hornets this year. Buzz Geiger was the Hornet entry in the butterfly. Bill Moriarty was the team's backstroker this year. He lowered his best previous time in the Interstate meet. Mike Coughenhour, Doyle Orrell, Swart, and Butter- field represented the TC in the freestyle relay. Coughen- hour and Orrell are the veterans of the tankmen squad. After the close of the season, Don Gempler, Hornet diver, and Lanni entered the Nationals. Gempler placed in the diving event last year. The tankmen have a record of 8-3 in dual meets, losing only to Kansas State, Nebraska, and Pittsburg. -vi- i-----1- -iv TOP ROW: Mike Butterfield, Bruce Swort, Bill Moriarty. BOTTOM ROW: Buzz Geiger, Denny Maior, Don Gempler. Don Gempler, Hornet Diver. ,wma- i 2 LQ , 'Nix Mike Butterfield, Darrell Sioberg, Bill Lanni and Bruce Swart seem to be saying "We dare you to come in with us." Hornet swimmer, Lou Davis, looks like he can't wait to get into that nice cool water. Bob Geiger, John Myers, and Walter Donahue spent many hours a week practicing their strokes. 254 Coach Glen Loiko and Miriam Werner. John Schultheis Gymnasts cmd Tumblers Excell ,.,,-1 , i.....,,, Q . l LEFT TO RIGHT: Miriam Werner, Diane Light, Carol Harbour, Joelyn Sloan, Judy White, Dale Eggan, Roger French, John Schultheis, and Glen Loika, coach. l Little known about, but growing very I rapidly in importance, is the Emporia State gymnastics and tumbling team. The exhibition team is coeducational and consists of nine members. Members of the exhibition team are trampoline artists, Joelyn Sloan, Judy White, and Roger French. Miriam Werner and Diane Light are specialists at floor tumbling, while Carol Harbour performs both in floor tumbling and free exercise. Two very versatile performers are Dale Eggan, who performs on the rings, parallel bars, and also does some floor tumbling, and John Schultheis who specializes in floor tumbling, free exercise, and apparatus. Probably the most versatile performer is Glen Loika, who is an all-around gymnast, specializing in balancing and hand balancing stunts. Loika, who coaches the team, also performs with them when they put on an exhibition. Dale Eggan 2 35 2 rs Vern Sears, senior "Skip" Evans, sophomore. ,, U Y ,Ns.f .A it . W Q., Hwy 1 Tom Coker, iunior TOP ROW: Monte Wyckoff, Tom Coker, Jack Freese, Charles "Skip" Evans. BOTTOM ROW: Vern Sears, Paul Michelson, Bill Ledgerwood, Austin Hamilton. ,9..m..,..,.... 5 Bill Ledgerwood, sophomore. 1 Monte Wyckoff, junior. Austin Hamilton, senior. Paul Michelson, freshman. 2 W ,K wa-,N catcher, Bill Wendelg onlooker, Keith Brinkg at bot, Richard Cure. Baseball Rainer Martens 238 George Young ot bot, Johnny Walken c catcher, Bill Wendel f mf gi TOP ROW: Richard Pierson, Steve Hanes, Richard Long, Dick Birkhalz, John Behee. BOTTOM ROW: Ed Hammond, Jim Shimeali, Joe Dudley, Steve Story, Richard Hinshaw. Golf Team Begins New Season i Ed Hammond. Joe Dudley, Steve Story, Richard Long. 239 3 TOP ROW: John Schultheis, Les Parrish, Tom Anderson, Richard Denno, Larry Zurfluh, Duane Osborn, Bill Boardman, Larry Phillips, Rainer Martens, AI Agnew. MIDDLE ROW: Glen Laika, sponsor, Jack Christman, Dan Dryer, Joe Walter, Leroy Schierkolk, Frank Bavero, Bob Von Stein, Leonard Gehsgen, Mens P. E. Composed of undergraduate men maioring in physical education, the Men's Physical Education Club is an organization with several work- able obiectives. They are to awake a wide and intelligent interest in health, physical education, and recreation, to acquire and break down accurate information concerning the program, to advance the standards of teaching and leadership, to provide such means of promotions as will secure adequate programs in these fields throughout the state and nation, and, finally, to provide greater social and professional co- operation among all members. Neil Hays, Jack Freese, sponsor. BOTTOM ROW: DeWolf Roberts, Cliff Ferrell, Basilio Fuertes, Sergeant-at-arms, Tom Coker, Secretary, Riley Jones, President, Larry Freeman, Vice-President, Roger French, Treasurer, Gene Blackwelder, Dale Eggan, Guy Owen, sponsor. Aquettes A new organization under the name of the Aquettes was formed this year. The Aquettes is an aquatic swim club which performs water ballet and stunts synchronized to music. Though only newly organized, the club gave several performances in team and solo swimming to musical accompaniment. Miss Nancy Curry sponsored and coached the group after first understanding the difficult iob of promotion. As a group, the club travelled to other campuses, such as K-State and Omaha, to view their shows and to compare. 'si W, 9, i, E it ew v ,iff Q 'R 1 ,., .,,, , ,,.3, Y, W, L .1 TOP ROW: Jo Barnes, Program Chairman, Jo Frigon, Marti Sledge, Judy Karen Eoff, President, Cynthia Darring, Vice-President, Karen Slattery, Olverson, Gwen Griffith, Donna Jost, Kathy Thyfault, Sara Yeager. BOTTOM Sandy Kennedy, Jerri Brink. 240 ROW: Jackie Leap, Charlotte Delzer, Peggy Schwartz, Secretary-Treasurer, TOP ROW: Donna Massey, Clarice Richardson, Patty Jackson, Donna Bush, Roberts, Jamie Keyes, Cheryl Fruits, Mary Kaye Jackson. BOTTOM ROW: Jill Virginia Maple, Perri Couch, Bentena Miller, Judy Maderak. MIDDLE ROW: Weickert, Jayme Larkin, Publicity Chairman, Betty Reaves, Treasurer, Carol Linda Teeple, Carol Ellis, Susan Naylor, Joanne Hrivnik, Diana Wagner, Jane Harbour, President, Jean Clark, Secretary, Sandra Kling. Freshman Girls New on the campus this year is the honorary Emporia State Pep Club. The group consists of freshmen girls representing each sorority and dormitory-six from each sorority and ten from each dorm. Members were chosen on the basis of their participation in high school as either pep club members or cheerleaders. Their ideal purpose is to help support the Hornets and promote school spirit. The girls are seen regularly on game days in uniforms Form New Pep Club and are proudly spoken of as the Stingers. Uniforms are black shift jumpers with identifying insignias worn on the shoulder. The jumpers are worn with white blouses and provide a very unified appearance in their reserved section at each game. To promote school spirit and get the idea well- launched, each Member ofthe organization is required to make one poste' advertising each game. TOP ROW: Marsha Lawyer, Emily Roberts, Carole Bidwell, Charlotte Jensen, nie Dowse, Carol Ellef- BOTTOM Row! C0dGf1C9 MlTCl1ellf Joyce Rafliff. Sharon Kassens, Kay Hughes, Lois Rhea, Connie Sue Neilson, Cherie Bren- Mary Miller, Potty Russell, Karen Kenny, Jackie Ward, Jayne Richards, necke. MIDDLE ROW: Earlene Coons, Carolyn Glaves, Pati Ramsey, Nancy Loflslmfpl Bethell, KGYhy Parry, Betty Butcher, Carol Smith, Toni Ann Schinstock, Con- 2 mi 9 1 qv ya - ,Av cr, ,LV N A Wd? M A1 ,f ,Jw ,, Y, gg, kg, Q r , W 7, W 4 . X -17 W 4' Ks, 'yr AKM M C h ,.,,, A J, 1' Q Www w Q W Q y mm W my 'nl 2 fm 5 Mgmf'-iw - .. . "Y 5 E QEQM-L.-5 Ki - KKN4 My ,W 'Q' A 5' y .M Aka kk, au. , 3,yfiI've1,,'4 7,6 V 1 V . , , ,r 5 'yvffwfh 5 X . W' V I L I , Q ' ?- it X . s X. , sf ffl T-Sv' - im - . .tags 1 Q ' T53 Qld,- . .5g?sggss5s53.git- Q Q-Hwg..-,, -. . .. X,L., gifs? ,g,.f3:,35.gi,51e- -,W .-ff.E5g,g-gig ve-fe Q86 gggatjflga. .gn -'fiifsff zs.if:zs-iiwgsw 'g 1 fn Q3 .ssiwiig - .L s i -ies 5 , +115 -J . .A A L- C W .. ,. , v,,. .-k,,,,,.,. ,, 5 in li, Lffesse-x,.i if ,"4iwESi:Q5.s, . - Qssfzs-wza,t:g,:s-1zfafefwlgsqs-t.'g,f'.:.. . ,p,z-my-ew:i,,.ssz4y-is. Wi Lsxfi'ssi.',.'.z'gi,.'sgsa1-sk .fm-.',s-'iii rf'fQ:?Iil'W'li"Ai5?iQ:Wl1fti9f:litlli'?5.' iS3l'9V-iiciiwific was A Sl , - ss f j 7k,,A ,.,, W f-Qi... was Wm... 1, l 1 Sf-?3?557:S7 Z W ies. . :.zi.qf:.i.- - f ,.i,.t.,,..,..1s Q.. .sf - --.i:3r.ig.s.s1.-zm..,,, tiwtzifzii Sr tri twffif 0.56 :w2a-masig?g3f,f:Q-fw-wlzfwgswimzf,-f., f , L,.. ,,., ... v,.., f,-V + 1--Q-xgvetrir 'V :'Q.:Lj,w'5s!E,z . , ',.Mf.l- .,-Wt. --was-if-e.i:.w f.. or --sir T - if . ..., L' f fm, ,4 ,.s.gs.w A.f,, . ,s fs. ,,,,,... if'-z.fL.sw-fs-tizf.-f , . :21'fM'ff.ssi:': .L-'f Zegwsftm' als, sei L , Vk,, f..w,.ik,..A..7,,. i, aa , . wx-,.i-mpvifw W vm: .5-ggi ,ms ,,A. rf- ,L 1 , - I c.i.s.z.fgt,...-...W ,sqgxtqgi kf,,- L. sf ...,.3:, I .Ss -t,.s.,5,.s5ez5is,f2- ww.,-i,.gsez?r sstiilffiz my We me-.,, f , --,.,s-. A.,. g , V f-fvf...fs i- - 5 ."ki2?-Qs -f 3 ,,,f 5 - Z 4- s .,.L. .. fe A as . i' ' .se--.Q sei si-., ,". - ,.,e5,,.t Fl . ,sew--.,af ' . Www.. ,,,,k J, g se . sz , :Niggaz 5.-H , LLLb.,, ,. , i Xf Hornet Cheerleaders School spirit requires people, people to cheer the team on to victory, people to lead the cheers. Our student body provides the noise. And our seven Hornet Cheer- leaders provide the gymnastics that produce the noise. Tryouts are held each fall in the stadium under the supervision ofthe Student Council. The Council iudges the would-be cheerleaders and chooses T4 finalists. After these finalists appear before the student loody, an all- school election is held to make the final decision. Being a college cheerleader is not always a glam- orous iob. Besides leading the student body in their various yells at Teachers' College games, many hours must be dedicated to strenuous practice. The cheer- leaders also are often expected to travel with the team across the state to other schools to promote enthusiasm away from home. Judy Waller, senior physical education major from El Dorado, serves as head cheerleader for the squad this year. Judy is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. She is a veteran Hornet cheerleader, having been a member of the group three years. 244 V . ms.ssf3fz:e,.w sq, f as giiifetgsssf s-, T, gfiiflafflffb " f ,,,.ms,. ,. , --...qw -,.. ,,.,, 5... -' ff ww sv.'t 'sfwzfi.i .1 res? zmsswsis ,rsfZ1mesziQ'sH?s523vSl1"sffff ' efisgafs.-H Seven Hornet pepsters must spend long hours practicing each cheer to insure that the cheerleaders function to to keep the old routines down pat while also mastering gether as a precise group, not as individuals, the new ones. After that comes the endless repetition of Barbara Rice, freshman from Topeka ioins the Hornet squad os a rookie this year, Barbara is a pledge of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. She plans a maior in elementary education, ,K . . sz: 1. 4. .g 3 x s ber of the pepsters. Glenene Brown is the only Emporia member of this year's group. She is a sophomore, not yet decided on a maior, and a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. Glenene also cheered for the college last year. f Q 5, me lim fi . c i M Freshman from Lawrence, Clar- ice Richardson, has not yet declared a maior. She is pledged to Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and finds her campus activities manage to keep her quite busy. Tom Johnson comes to the squad this year from Shawnee Mission. He is a freshman business maior and has the distinction of being the only male mem- Serving her second year on the Hornet cheering squad is Alice Marie Wilson, senior from Linwood. Alice Marie is a member of Delta Zeta sorority and carries a double maior in business and physical education. ?,sg1.i,x.,-,gs Newcomer also this year is Gale Wright, freshman elementary education maior from Kansas City. Gale is a Sigma Sigma Sigma pledge. She was second runner-up in the Miss Sunflower queen contest. 2 Our Favorite People five i. I - -'j... kki, I ' 'S g' v X . k 4 N lv Q 248 Fred Geer, Secretary-Treasurer, Don Olson, President, and Doug Wright, Vice-President. There are over 1300 people in the Freshman class this year. In September of l963, the class elections were held and the freshman class chose their leaders for the remainder of the year. As class officers, they elected the candidates nominated by the Independent Students Party. Don Olson was elected president. He is a chemistry maior from McPherson, Kansas. Doug Wright, an accounting maior from Wichita, Kansas, was chosen to be vice-president. To be secretary-treasurer ofthe Freshman class was Fred Geer. Fred is a psychology and social science major, from Wichita, Kansas. t, yy,y , 5 L ,,W ,, is it t y X t, V,, , My Donald Bastin, Elmdale Diana Bauer, Broughton Diane Baumann, Minneapolis Sandra Beasley, Shawnee Jane Bender, Clay Center Barbara Bennett, Fort Leavenworth Jane Bennett, Ottawa June Bennett, Leavenworth Judy Bethe, Abilene Darlene Billings, Frankfort Gary Bishop Atchison Marybeth Blanken Americus Sandra Blocker Haven Carolyn Blythe, White City Johnnieque Blackman, Kansas City r 5 I Dona Ace, Emporio Bonnie Ackeret, Holton Karen Aday, Wellington Anita Adcock, Everest Robert Allard, Leavenworth Janice Alexander, Topeka Carolyn Anderson, White City Duane Anderson, Madison Peggy Anderson, Shawnee Mission Carol Armbrust, Ellsworth Anita Armstrong, Fredonia Marilyn Armstrong, Wichita Doris Austin, Wichita Joyce Austin, Wichita Vickie Bachelder, Valley Center Frederick Bailey, Topeka Mary Bailey, Wyndmere, North Dakota Candy Balakhnin, Huntington, New York Patricia Baird, Wellington Nancy Barnett, Wellsville 250 Timothy Boardman, Albany, New Galen Boehme, Offerle Doris Boster, Mount Hope Donald Bowers, Cedar Point Mary Bowman, Larned Julie Brantley, Winfield Cherie Brennecke, Lindsborg James Bressler, Wamego Margaret Bridge, Kansas City Margaret Brightup, Hugoton Jerri Brink, Valley Center Charles Brown, Bonner Springs Mary Brown, Wilsey Gary Bulmer, Pomona Barbara Burford, Milton Robert Burger, Emporia Carol Burns, Admire Betty Butcher, Emporia Judy Butterworth, Oxford Carol Byrd, Strong City York di r fp' i WWE? fi f M Barbara Cain, Nickerson Kenneth Caldwell, Junction City Ken Callison, Newton Mark Callaway, Rose Hill Cheryl Caselman, Marion Belinda Carter, Emporia Ann Cass Janet Challans, Wichita William Chambers, Lancaster Mary Newby, Eureka Jean Clark, Independence Judy Coats, Emporia Nancy Colvin, Ft. Worth, Texas David Conner, Cassoday Perry Couch, Olathe Connie Dowse, Claflin Debra Duffield, Emporia Joyce Dunn, Seneca Debby Eckart, Hutchinson Garry Eckert, Effingham Donald Ehrlich, Marion Carol Eller, Lawrence Lanette Ellis, Council Grove Carolyn Ellsworth, Wichita Lyndabeth Emch, Americus Jean Eustace, Wakefield Carl Farnsworth, McPherson Mary Fatkin, Wichita Janet Ferguson, Osawatomie Rich Fellingham, Spencer, Iowa as ll 4 ig! C"-zf' Gayle Cowgill, Kansas City Sunny Cramer, Emporia Lynne Crossnoe, Winfield Ruth Dale, Herington Otis Dall, Madison Nancy Dorr, Wamego Melva Darbyshire, Lebo Harold Davis, Emporia Diana Dean, Melvern Charlotte Defore, Winfield Sharon Defore, Winfield Ruth DeForest, Ellsworth Linda DeGarmo Artis DeSelms, Wichita Sherril DeVore, Wellsville Carl DiGennaro, New Castle, Pennsylvania Linda Dickey, Wichita Phyllis Dillingham, Alma Mary Dimmitt, Arkansas City Cheryl Douglass, Madison F5 2 252 Mary Fitzpatrick, Emporia Gloria Fogg, Lawrence Jean Ford, Wetmore Leroy Ford, Wichita Aklyn Foster, Bendena Ann Frazier, Augusta Mike Freund, Andale Barbara Fried, Prairie Village George Fuller, Princeton Margaret Furney, Manhattan Janet Fuson, Mulvane Jean Fuson, Mulvane Sharon Gabriel, Eudora Leonard Gales, Belpre Gloria Garrison, Wichita Janet Gaskell, Muscotah Donna Geesling, Penalosa Kathy Gentry, Lane Steven Getty, Downs Linda Gilmore, Oneida 'uv 1 S3 til Sl ' A ' Q W' lisa' ' 5 -it ,, V , 'W CJ-4 fl, ' f if A 2 4,w,,y f James Gingerich Michigan Valley Karolyn Glaves Leon Louise Gordon, Ulysses Susan Gorman, Chapman Dan Graft, Kinsley Ernest Grant, Clearwater Michael Greenwell, Winfield ., Gayle Griffitt, Ellsworth Barbara Grimes, Emporia Tana Grubb, Anthony Betty Guard, Beloit Carol Gustenberger, Eudora William Hoag, Holton Thomas Habib, New Castle, Jenna Hamilton, Anthony Pennsylvania A 92 tqgwrf Wilfred Higa, Honolulu Donald Hoch, Hartford Jan Hoffman, Overland Park Susan Hofstra, Leavenworth Bobbie Hogelin, Ottawa Bill Hodges, Osage City Marilyn Holland, Vermillion Leona Holrnes, Abilene Barbara Hopper, Wichita Dallas Horton, Madison Becky Houk, Lawrence Carol Howard, Shawnee Mission Joanne Hrivnak, Raytown, Missouri Sandra Hudson, Lindsborg Kay Hughes, Joplin, Missouri 'Huff ...J ,- ,,,- iz... 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'Ml it Linda Hamilton, Kansas City David Hannon, Olathe Carol Harbour, Olathe Carol Harness, Augusta Nancy Harris, Wellsville Betty Harrison, Kansas City, Missouri Gail Harshaw, Fredonia Margret Hardesty, Emporia Robert Harra, Wellsville Judy Harris, Marysville Juanita Hartford, Wichita Elaine Hatch, Gridley Diana Hawkins, Bethel Elizabeth Hawks, Garnett Betty Heater, Howard Reba Henderson, Kansas City Delores Hendrickson, Osage City John Henry, Hastings, Nebraska Karen Hess, Burns Bobbie Hiet ilhh I get Q W ,, i n "" A Q' '24-,.'2.4-,fE ,,, ,Z 4 fa? 6 5 'X i t 'Ti' 6 2 254 Judith Hurnbarger, Valley Center Jeanne Hummel, Udall Suzie Hughes, Topeka Dean Jackson, Emporia Deanna Jackson, Cofteyville Bobbie Jacobs, Augusta Linda Jarvis, Abilene Sandra Jevons, Emporia Edith Jewett, Marion Pat Jimison, Stafford Henry Johnson, Junction City Sharon Johnson, Wichita Tom Johnson, Shawnee Mission Bernice Jones, Atchison Kathy Jones, Leavenworth Nora Jones, Wichita Roger Jones, Dodge City Sharon Kassens, Lancaster, Texas Richard Katzer, Greeley Jeanine Keiser, Topeka WU," '-st ,. ff 4 f-Q M A 'yi 5 ,Af lt, Janet Keithley, Kansas City Karen Kenny, Leavenworth Phyllis Kerr, Wichita Sharon Kill, Olathe Anne King, Overland Park Ann Kirk, Overland Park Carol Kirk, Admire Karen Kirk, Bucklin Marilyn Kistler, Arkansas City Sandra Kling, McPherson Karl Klinksiek, Shawnee Mission Carladyne Knox, Lawrence Loretta Koehn, Wichita Lana Koehke, Wichita Ornera Knoop, Wellsville Keith Light, Clearwater Connie Lipscomb, Augusta LoRie Loomis, Emporia Blanche Long, Kansas City Scott Love, Lebo LuAnn Loving, Wichita Ann Luce, Kansas City Jeanne Lund, Overland Park Robert Lunnon, Topeka Carolyn Lynch, Wichita Patricia McAlearney, Wichita Cathi McCabe, Wichita James McCarty, Bucklin Steve McCarty, San Anselnio, California Marcia McCuistion, Altoona ., M ,J -r' Q Bill Kramer, Melvern Mary Krueger, Wichita Glenice Krusemark, Wichita Pamella Kuhlman, Lakin Mary Kuhn, LaCygne Karen Kurtz, Bucyrus Janet Laing, Anthony Judy Laing, Anthony Ruth Lais, Marion Dave Landrum, Wichita Judy Larkin, Junction City Sharon Lauderdale, Wichita Marsha Lawyer, Cassoday Donald Leakey, Louisburg Wilma Leatherwood, Cimarr Anita Lee, Wichita Dorothea Lewis, Louisburg Saundra Lewis, Kansas City Merle Lickteig, Greeley Margaret Lieb, Onaga on A-4 -wr 2 Linda McDonald, Wellington Judy McNaughton, Overland Park Gail McQuillen, Derby Janet McMinn, Emporia Mariorie McMurphey, Emporia Elaine Madden, Waverly Judy Maderak, Kansas City Denny Major, Tribune Jerry Malmgren, Florence Anita Manz, Eskridge Susan Marks, Oskaloosa Circe Marshall, Wichita Sandra Martin, Great Bend Debbie Mattix, Garnet-t Virginia Maple, Wichita Sharon Meek, Clay Center Gary Mehl, McPherson Carol Menzies, Concordia Albert Melichar, Caldwell Daniel Menke, Corcordio ,ff 2+ ,tr Q if Caroline Meyer, Wakeeney Chris Meyer, Athal, Kansas Bonita Michael, Topeka Larry Mignat, Lawrence Karen Miller, Dwight Cadence Mitchell, Enid, Oklahoma Janis Miller, Lawrence Mary Miller, McPherson Sheryl Miner, Wichita Javene Moore, Wichita Carol Montgomery, Bethel Marilyn Morris, Leavenworth Phil Mosier, Sterling Lavell Murchison, Lawrence Linda Nall, Kinsley Donna Perry, Hugoton Vicki Phelan, Americus Bonnie Phelps, Delavan Rita Pickett, Garden City Suzie Pike, Shawnee Mission Duane Piper, Burlington Leslie Piper, Saffordville Janet Pitcher, Benton Warren Price, Reading Donna Pollard, Wichita Pam Poole, Wellsville Betty Pracht, Council Grove Sharon Proctor, Holton Alberta Pyle, Towanda Richard Raaf, Gridley Dawn Naramoto, Waimanalo, Hawaii Georgia Neal, Bonner Springs Joy Neal, Kansas City Irene Nease, Hugoton Connie Neilson, Lundon Gaylin Nickell, Parker Marcia Nunemaker, Langdon Terry O'Brien, Olathe Margaret Ohlde, Linn James Oliver, McPherson Sharon Olleck, Elmdale Helen Olsen, Marion Tom Overholser, ElDorado Linda Owens, Coats Jacquelyn Paige, Topeka Barbara Papa, Tonganoxie Pat Patera, Overland Park Dixie Payne, Fredonia Judy Pees, Madison Margaret Perkins, Wichita is ,,,.. lei,-.-v" 258 Mark Ramsey, Agra Diane Razook, Pratt Betty Reaves, Winfield Nancy Reiman, Macksville Elnita Rezac, Caldwell Chandis Reynolds, Emporia Virginia Rezac, Rossville Lois Rhea, Paola Barbara Rice, Topeka Jayne Richards, Wellington Richard Richel, Camp Springs, Maryland Susan Riggs, Wichita Janet Rittenhouse, Salina Jane Roberts, Newton Cheryl Robinson, Russell Kae Robison, Emporia Richard Robinson, El Dorado Carlene Romeiser, Matfield Green Charlotte Rogers, Wellsville Omar Rogers, Great Bend X ""N1. iii - 5 F W 3 - ,. am is-F sim is A R QF l mi Linda Rose, Lindsborg Peggy Ruff, Attica David Rukes, Princeton Jerry Ruud, Jamestown Linda Rye, Lawrence Sharon Rytych, Munden Dennis Sadler, Clay Center Kathy Sadler, Wichita Diane Samms, Wichita Richard Sandburg, Edwardsville Robert Sands, Kansas City Frieda Sauer, Wathena Gloria Scheck, Great Bend Richard Schlicht, Canton Dana Schroeder, Chase 15" 1-w Gro, .ev V: 1 . f if , , ,. ff - 7' an aim mt i AM. in 45 Beverly Smith, Peabody Edna Smith, Claflin Edward Smith, Albertson, New York Joseph Smith, Olathe Margaret Smith, Everest Max Smith, Overland Pork Monty Smith, Wichita Raymond Smith, Larned Sandra Smith, Kansas City Vicky Smith, Louisburg Gayla Smutz, Wichita Rita Sparks, Augusta Mae Spielman, Lebo Cheryl Spencer, Oswego Linda Spoon, Overland Park if new 4 sg. Ki l f, My 9' W 1, GK -006 W .ss i, 1 '-. . ' A Lorraine Shaffer, Gridley Nancy Shannon, Wellsville Jane Schartz, Cimmarron Tony Schinstock, Ford Ronald Schmidt, Eudora William Schmidt, Lawrence Karla Schof, Lancaster Sharon Sewing, Macksville Sandra Shaw, Liberal Sue Sharp, Effingham John Sheldon, Medicine Lodge Sharon Shockey, Seneca Thais Shulda, Belleville Terry Shumote, Harveyville William Siebbs, Shawnee Mission Trisha Slack, Oxford Joelyn Sloan, Leavenworth Leon Sobba, Richmond Karen Souba, Burrton Shirely Small, Muscotah V W 'Sr 45' 45 -Q' W ', 41, 260 Gary Spray, Lawrence Sharon Sprout, Sublette Marilyn Stamm, Sedgwick Susie Standish, Kansas City Sharon Stanley, Douglass Phyllis Sta rne, Kiowa Pamela Stephens, Benton Robert Stewart, Altoona Cheryl Stith, Atchison .lon Stucky, Peabody Theanna Stunkel, Peck Sharon Stunz, Wathena Barbara Summers, Leavenworth Jan Summers, Clay Center Sherry Suddarth, Olathe Charlotte Swaney, Wichita Dennis Swender, Kansas City Anne Sweney, Leawood Alice Symmonds, Reading Delores Swift, Mattield Green - .Qs-s-:-mewesszzsifisgwsm:,:ieta1i5.s3,.'-: :K 'LQ::.s.2m -- - f -. Us - I -sffs-Q12-.1:ff:ff ms- 1: :sei .. -eismsg--.::1f'.swf .Q -, ff - -W ins- at .. yyyy N'-k C, :si-:if - -- -- - -- .- .-me Q .,... i - Marie Swenson, Falun William Swendson, Effingham Michael Takamoto, Honolulu Clara Taylor, Udall Ellen Taylor, Wichita Linda Teeple, Wichita Jerry Tetley, Marysville George Theden, Bonner Springs Cheryl Thomas, Kansas City Mary Thompson, Harveyville Gene Tibbetts, Wamego Judy Tobias, Great Bend Maxine Tomasek, Caldwell Jane Trenkamp, Kinsley Evelyn True, Mission 58, W.. Judith Weeks, Belvue Bill Weidner, Topeka Carol Wells, Gridley Judy Wenger, Powhattan Claralee West, Wamego Vincent Wetta, Colwich Linda Wheatley, Holyrood Larry Whisenhant, Wichita Dee White, Harper Judy White, Shawnee Mission Deanna Widler, Abilene Andrea Wiler, Wichita Marla Wilhelm, Wichita Jana Williams, Wellington Priscilla Williams, Miller Janet True, Council Grove Arlene VerBrugge, Reading Howard Vignery, Concordia Shirley Vineyard, Emporia Louise Voelker, McLouth Janice Voight, Tecumseh Charles Volland, Valley Falls Dixie Waldrep, Shawnee Mission Janice Walford, Lawerenceville, Illinois Lesley Walker, Holton Ronald Walker, Ottawa Gary Waner, Florence Jackie Ward, Liberal Ardeth Warner, Topeka Sandra Warta, Abilene Stanley Watkins, Wichita Vicki Watkins, Holton Margaret Watson, Kansas City Martha Watson, Rolling Meadows, Kathleen Weaver, Harper Illinois 2 Peggy Williamson, Salina Judith Wilson, Johnson Karon Wilson, Wamego Susan Wilson, Council Grove Kenneth Woerman, Barnes Patricia Woods, Mulvane Don Wright, Eudora Janelle Wulf, Cheney Douglas Wyatt, Overland Park Janice Young, Madison Janet Zimmerman, Kansas City Carol Zogleman, Norwich Ted Gregory, President, Mike Edwards, Vice-President, Carolyn Brown, Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomore Class The Sophomore class, consisting of more than one thousand stu- dents, chose as the leaders of their class, Ted Gregory, President, an elementary education maior from Goddard Kansas, Mike Edwards, Vice-President, an English and Speech maior from Kansas City, Kansas, and Carolyn Brown, Secretary-Treasurer, a Secretarial maior from Kingman, Kansas. 2 264 Betty Allen, Kansas City Socorro Almeida, Torreon Shirley Arb, Melvern Linda Armour, Wichita Gene Arnott, Blue Rapids Jerry Atkinson, Mission Karen Atterberry, Dighton DeWayne Backhus, Hope Pat Bohm, Udall Phyllis Bailey, Sabetha David Bair, Russell Claudene Baldridge Robert Barnes, Clyde Bob Belford, Wichita Patsy Berges, Wamego Jerry Berrie, Emporia Dick Birkholtz, Milan Delana Bish, Independence Gloria Blevins, Lawrence Carol Bloesser, Lawrence Leroy Bowen, Wamego Nancy Breneman, Benton Doug Brickey, Larned Terry Brough, Cottonwood Falls Bill Brown, Kansas City Kenneth Brown, Wichita Tima Browning, Emporia Susan Burk, Lawrence Phyllis Burns, Delavan Phil Burress, Ottawa Sandra Busselle, Cottonwood Falls Von Byoll, Gridley Harold Cade, Emporia Lanny Carpenter, Sabetha Linda Carter, Wichita gf! eww' fi wiv .s.M.N... Marsha Davis, Longford LuElma Dearden, Scott City Michele Delia, Cambia Heights, New York Chris Dittman, Westminister, Colorado Dale Downing, Belle Plaine Dan Dryer, Liberal Sidney Duncan, Wamego Abe Dye, Wichita Becky Eales, Hutchinson Mark Easley, Kansas City Dean Edmiston, Americus lrma Eley, Liberal Elaine Elsosser, Russell Karen Eoff, Wichita Erin Euler, Leavenworth Beverly Chamberlin, Everest Barbara Chance, Merriam Moreen Chase Carol Childs, Harper Jim Clark, Greensburg Ann Clegg, Whitewater Dana Cochran, Melvern Mary Coffland, Emporia Lynn Cook, Hope Jo Cooper, Atwood Jay Cowan, Emporia Lela Cox, Florence Judy Crane, Sioux City, lowa Kay Coss, Medicine Lodge David Croy, Cottonwood Falls Carol Crumrine, Kansas City Ann Cunningham, Hutchinson Judy Cyrus, lola Sharon Dalrymple, Osage City Helen Davidson, Oak Hill of ff' 2 2 Jim Feldman, Chicago, Illinois Clara Femat, Torreon Al Ferrell, Valley Falls Linda Firkins, Marysville Mary Fisher, Wichita Don Forney, Sublette Nancy Foster, Wichita Edith Frick, Durham Judie Frye, Cottonwood Falls Roger Fuson, Mulvane Jean Gaines, Peabody Gordon Garrett, Burlington Darrell Genereux, Clyde David George, Ashland Gary Gibb, Americus John Giggy, Wichita Bonny Gilley, Hutchinson John Gleichman, Harper Mike Gleason, Goff Lynn Goltz, Haven if-WMU 7' A :ew W X I ff M, J 7, 1 f A ,XC ,mah , ,Www , ff 27.39247 m,,m, fa 1 f f f 11 'W , 2 1' W f lgy fm ,,,, , 1 ff Aw f "' l r Kathy Good, Conway Springs Greta Gray, Wichita Elizabeth Griffiths, Abilene Bryon Grove, Axtell Sharon Grubb, Great Bend Magda Guaiardo Linda Guist, Ottawa Phillip Hahn, Emporia Jane Harter, Bern Roger Hartsook, Emporia Raymond Hayslett, Atchison Wayne Hefner, Fredonia Lynette Hettenbach, Woodbine Judy Hewett, Kansas City Nancy Hiebert, Walton Larry Lafferty, DeSoto Martha Lewis, Moline Tran Ngo Thi Loc, Saigon Mike Long, Sterling Auggie Lopez, Peabody Donita Lytle, Winfield Tom McClarnon, Wichita Wayne McClelland, Madison John McCloskey, Bartlesville, Oklahoma Irene McCormick, Mullinville Tom McCurry, Kansas City Karen McDaniel, Atchison Joan McLain, Sublette Diana McNett, Wellington Tom McVey, Wichita Kay Hoffmeir, Garnett Loretta Hohl, Bushton Alan Hubble, McPherson Peggy Huey, Junction City David Hunt, Lincoln Sharon loerger, Cheney Carolyn Janssen, Holyrood Vickie Johnston, Wellington Carol Jones, Shawnee Mission CheryllJones, Shawnee Mission Terry Jones, Liberal Fred Kautz, Atchison Carolyn Keen, Arkansas City Bill Kent, Mission Jan Kibbee, Osage City Janet Kirk, Emporia Margo Kitson Bob Klose, Marion John Koonce, Cottonwood Falls Larry Kruse, Morrill 267 268 Kathy Mardis, Wichita Gary Martin, Medicine Lodge Joe Malagamaalii, Pago Robert Meyer, Hope Connie Miles, Atchison Doug Miller, Lincolnville Margie Miller, Wichita Marty Mitchell, Lake City Raylene Morgan, Emporia Ann Moser, Shawnee Mission Forest Myers, Sabetha Donna Naden, Newton Ann Ochs, Hoisington Brenda Orcuft, Kansas City Robert Oswald, Greeley Ann Owens, DeSoto Caralee Owen, Hutchinson Beverly Padgett, Manhattan Janie Peden, Fredonia Terry Phillips, Lakin Mike Pitko, Emporia Dave Pollaro, Jamestown Deena Poovey, Clearwater Mary Powell, Stafford Mark Prebble, Blue Rapids Garry Privat, Melvern Karen Putnam, Sedan Leslie Rader, Paola Marilyn Randel, Williamsburg Tom Reddig, Susank Carolyn Reed, Clay Center Mary Redford Linda Rezac, Onaga Oscar Ribblett, Greeley Louis Ricke, Medicine Lodge Marvin Slabaugh, Strong City Kim Small, Kingman Sue Sommers, Burns Nilene Smith, Kansas City Ray Smith, Chicago, Illinois Joyce Snay, Haven Art Snyder, Ft. Leavenworth Joyce Solomon, Greensburg Vicki Spencer, Harveyville Suellen Sorenson, Council Grove Cynthia Spencer, Kansas City Donna Spicer, Hazelton Larry St. John, Wichita Janet Stapleford, Eureka Ken Steitz, Syracuse Christie Rinehart, Layton Richard Risley, Emporia Brenda Ritter, Wichita Beth Robertson, Independence Sharon Rogers, Topeka Sharon Russell, Emporia Lola Rust, Wichita Don Ryel, Caldwell Duong Thi Kim Sang, Saigon Mickie Sasano, Honolulu Darrel Sauder, Eureka Ginger Sayre, Herington John Schultheis, Brooklyn Don Schultz, Russell Marilyn Schwindt, Emporia Charles Scott, Benedict Nancy Selk, Axtell Cheryle Siegle, Westmoreland Gary Sidman, St. John Marilyn Siemeson, Holyrood 270 Carol Stimpert, Bucklin Judy Straight, Wichita Beverly Stone, Leonardville Karen Sullivan Robert Tafolla, Newton Dan Taylor, Cheney Kloma Taylor, Emporia Barbara Thibault, Osborne Janet Thistlewaite, Kansas City James Toburen, Barnes Geraldine Trattas, Sharon Lee Tucker, Emporia Sharon Turner, Larned Dan Ulrich, Atchison Richard Varenhorst, Marion Mary Voth, Walton Steve Waite Aurilla Walls, Wichita Virginia Walker, Emporia Roger Walters, Paola ' :g:e,,g4s,h . ' mmf as S 3 S ,,e,, t,,, ,,, , ,,,, , , ,.4.,.,,g,.,,, ,, 5 , Diane Wanamaker, Blue Rapids Paul Waner, Wichita George Ward, Abilene Kay Ward, Abilene Jeanette Washburn, Osage City Terry Weinberg, Hiawatha Renee Wells, Burlington Larry Wetta, Colwich Judy Wheat, lola Travis White, Burlington John Whittington, Reading Terry Wiens, Furley Karen Wiggins, Madison Brenda Williams, Kansas City Gwen Williams, Concordia 12:44 Mark Wilkinson, Hanover Merilyn Williams, Tescott Nancy Wochos, Wichita Marilyn Wolford, Madison Dorothy Wolfrom, Muncie William Wood, Kansas City Donna Woolf, Wichita Phyllis Wuthnow, Hope Errol Zimmerman, Rose Hill Thomas Zorn, Claflin Edwin Zscheile, Burlington MW? Charlotte Ballard, Hazelton S' QQ' ww-qw, 4 Everyone was anxious to register for prizes at the Annual Downtown Night, sponsored by the Emporia merchants. 2 272 Patricia Kester, Secretary-Treasurer, Ann Oetinger, Vice-President, Wayne Ferrell, President. Junior Class One Thousand and forty-nine students this year call themselves Teacher's College iuniors. One boy and two girls out of this group preside as officers of the Junior class. Patricia Kester, elementary education maior from Eureka, serves as Secretary-Treasurer. Vice-President is Ann Oetinger, a music maior from Morganville, Kansas. Wayne Ferrell, physics malor from Valley Falls, Kansas was elected President of his class. All of these officers were nominated by the members ofthe Independent Student Party. Harry Brodock, Arkansas City Robert Brosa, Valley Falls Joseph Brown, Horton Sandra Brumback, Virgil Linda Brumback, Virgil Fran Burdette, Valley Center Frank Burris, Kansas City Phyllis Burroughs, Emporia Ted Cady, Bronson Steve Carman, Selden Anita Carmon, Chickasha, Oklahoma Emma Channon, Atchison Jules Chargois, Elisabeth Ken Clark, Strong City Marilyn Cleghorn, Wichita Don Adcock, Everest Lorraine Aitken, Wichita Mary Albertson, Emporia Kaye Allen, Potwin Raymond Atkins, Arkansas City Sue Banks, Kansas City Diana Barb, Neodesha Loydean Barker, Kansas City Nancy Barnhill, Wichita Tom Barrett, Muncie Calvin Benhardt, Emporia Kenneth Bielefeld, Hope Sharon Biggs, Strong City Jim Bolton, Fredonia Rebecca Bowlby, Wichita Joe Bowman, Junction City Charlie Breithaupt, Lawrence Beverly Brigham, Hiawatha Judy Brimmer, Wichita Fred Bristol, Ann Arbor, Michigan 27 274 Joanne Clendenen, Iola Joey Clouse, Emporia Tom Coker, Osawatornie Bruce Cooper, Phillipsburg Rose Correa, Kansas City Alta Cover, Fort Scott Larry Criqui, Olivet Gerald Cromwell, Vesper Delores Croucher, Osage City Mike Culp, Belleville Allen Curless, Arkansas City Cynthia Darring, Oneida Mona Davis, lola Mary Dawe, Abilene Jackie Dennis, Burden Linda Denton, Denton Ruth Detter, Nickerson Gary Domitz, Wichita Gary Downing, Atchison Pat Duncan ' tw . . '5 a i ' ' 'il' ' ,,.. 5 i , ,. Lg, 2 ',:,:-if, , ,,.. J , ,., , W ' fziiiiii f its fi 'Q-7,1s,.s, ' Judy Dunlap, Emporia Lindy Eales, Hutchinson Carla Eggert, Norwich Alvin Elliot, Sabetha Fred Engelland, Lyons Gary Estes, Larned Shirley Eubanks, Dover Robert Euler, Emporia Don Everhart, Hillsdale ia mes Ewing, Hiawatha Marilea Farnsworth, Miltonvale Wayne Ferrell, Valley Falls Pam Fellingham, Spencer, Iowa Gary Fiddler, Junction City Gary Finlay, Augusta Jim Harter Jim Hatfield, Kansas City Margret Hawks, Kansas City Sharon Heger, Hugoton Waldo Hilliard, St. George Carol Hobson, Eskridge Lynn Hoffrneier, Iola John Hogan, Wichita Judy Holzrichter, Burrton Gerry Homan, Peabody Jim Hooper, Garden City Carol Huff, Norton Bron Hyde, Reading Steve Mitchell, Woodbine Woody Jacoby, ElDorado Evelyn Fountain, Kansas City Joetta Frieson, Meade Jack Fuller, Towandcl Larry Gabriel, Eudora John Gilford Linda Gifford Linda Gilmore, Wichita Jean Glaser, Hutchinson Roma Goering, Moundridge Carlos Gonzales, Florence Sharon Gould, Hutchinson Linda Grainger, Overland Park Charles Green, Council Grove Bill Haddock, Kansas City Sharon Hager, Great Bend Carolyn Hallock, Lindsborg Linda Hannebaum, Salina Rita Hansen, Peabody Ann Hardesty, Clearwater Judy Harrison, Kansas City 27 276 Sandy Jakubik, Shawnee Doretha James, Hutchinson Steve Jay, Arkansas City Corliss Johnson, Hutchinson Dale Johnson, Wichita Tim Johnson, Kansas City Delores Justus, Wichita Patty Kester, Eureka Bill Kemp, Muscotah Steve Kephart, Macksville Marilyn Kinast, Haven Bonnie King, Emporia Ken Klassen, Overland Park Phyllis Klaus, Russell Carolyn Klem, Emporia Philip Koehler, Emporia Joyce Koehm, Newton Nadine Kohler, Cheney Elizabeth Kuhl, Dodge City Robert Kurth, Paola Nancy Lacy, Garnett Patsy Lampe, Nashville Kay Larsen, Louisburg Richard Laubhan, Durham Larry Laws, Emporia Sylvia Lehner, Mulvane Ruth Levret, Kelley John Libel, Severance Richard Liclcty, Wichita Gayle Lorance, Wichita Linda Lund, Alta Vista Jerry Magnuson, Scranton Mick McKinney, Atchison Karen McCullough, Kingman Sheila McGaugh, Newton Janis Moore, Ottawa Janice Morisse, Nashville Roy Myers, Ellinwood Sally Nadeau, Rassville Lynn Nanninga, Axtell Mary Nellans, Peabody Norman Nellis, Dexter Richard Nestler, Sterling Stanley Nolind, Tescott Kreston Norris, Wellington Ann Oetinger, Morganvllle Judy Oliverson, Wichita Ann Osborn, Chanute Marlene Pauler, Wichita Rick Pankratz, Cassoday Paula McKay, Highland Wanda McKay, Bushton Eileen McManus, Buck Sharon McNitt, Yates Center Bruce McNeil, Kenosha Marcia McPhail, Larned Gerald McPhail Steven Malik, Burlington Georgiana Mandeville, Dodge Pat Mapel, Emporia Waynetta Maple, Haysville Marilee Marcellus, Emporia Joyce Martin, Conway Springs Lynn Martin, Paola Mike Martinie, Shawnee Nancy Messick, Hutchinson Julius Meyer, Hamlin Jim Miles, Sedgwick Sue Miller Mary Moffit, Bonner Springs cny 277 278 Pat Parry, Gardner Lloyd Paxson, Argonia Paula Perkins, Ottawa Larry Phillips, Hutchinson Rodney Podszus, Lincolnville Bill Price, Ottawa William Price, Galena Karen Rahn, Clarence Betty Reimer, Wichita Gwen Robinson, Russell Martha Robison, Pratt Sue Rollins, Kansas City Stewart Rooth, Lindsborg John Rose, Overbrook Royce Rudy Raymond Reust, Emporia Jerry Rutherford, Little River Richard Sack, Emporia Freidoun Sadr, Teheran Francis Sanders, Junction City Sharon Schroeder, Wichita Carolyn Schurle, Riley Richard Scoby, Sabetha Carol Scott, Lewis Betty Scrivner, Whitewater Linda Sears, Wichita Scott Seaton, Chapman Richard Selack, McPherson Nancy Senn, Emporia Charlotte Shaner, Clay Center Cecil Sherrod, Goodland Betty Shore, Shawnee Judy Simmons, Ashland Clark Smith, Leavenworth Sharon Smith, Wichita Sammy Walter, Mulvane Deba Weatherwax, Whiteman Ray Welch, Augusta Mary Wendland, Hutchinson Neil Westphal, McLouth Cindy Whitmore, Brookings Leah Will, Wichita Art Williams, Wakeeney Mary Williams, Clay Center Paul Williams, Eureka Joe Woelfel, Syracuse Shing Na Wang, Richard Wood, Sublette Cheryl Yotter, Newton Donna Zimmerman, Rose Hill Steven Smith, St, Marys Karen Spanier, Copeland Gerald Spohn, Tampa Janie Squires, Bucklin Olene Stewart, Wellington Peggy Studer, Beattie Edwina Swope, Chanute Mary Tatam, Wichita Betty Thibault, Osborne Jean Tracy, Troy Martha Train, Wichita Judy Trost, Concordia Janet Truskett, Eureka Kathy Unruh, Wilmore Charlene Van Arsdale, Burlington Sherry Wachter, Auburn Eloise Wall, McPherson Bev Walker, Cedar Point Martha Walker, Shawnee Mission Joseph Walker, Welda 27 280 .Ion Anderson, President, Bob Lonard, Vice-President, and Ireland Sloan, Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Class Jon Anderson, an English maior from Newton, Kansas was elected President of the Senior class of 800 students. In addition to this task, Jon is also President of the Student Union Activities Board. Elected Vice-President of the class was Bob Lonard, a Biology maior from Valley Falls, Kansas. Bob is also a member of Blue Key, senior men's honorary leadership fraternity. Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior class is Ireland Sloan. Ireland is a member of Xi Phi, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Also, Ireland is one of the best long-distance runners in the United States today. All were nomi- nated by the members ofthe Independent Students Party. 1964 seniors remember when . Roger Green was President of Sharon Adams, Wichita Lowell Alexander, Parker Barrey Alloorn, Cotteyville Glenn Alley, Olathe Sidney Allison, Florence Miriam Anderson, Everest Wade Anderson, Junction City David Archer, Versaille Dennis Ary, Greensburg Donna Ary, Greensburg Alan Atwater, Netawaka Mike Ater, Topeka Betty Atzenwieler, Cummings Ann Austin, Wichita Maiorie Badger, Emporia Student Council Jim Bagg, Shawnee Mission Sharon Bagg, Shawnee Mission Paul Bahnmaier, Lecompton Roland Bohr, Gridley Mike Bailey, Burden Rachel Boker, Holton Roberta Baldwin, Herington George Bales, Hutchinson Joan Bartman, Sterling Boyce Baumgardner, Emporia Paula Baumganlner, Emporia Don Bean, Anthony George Bentz, Peabody Mary Ann Berry, White City Gerald Bingham, Iola Opal Blair, Kansas City Don Blasi, Wellington Barham Blunclell, Lenora Melvin Bolton, Maize Freda Bornschein, Kansas City 28 282 Deanna Boyd, Kansas City Carol Breneman, Benton Janice Brinkman, Stafford James Briscoe, Salina Elizabeth Brown, Horton Karen Brown, Hutchinson Neal Brown, Humboldt Jean Brunkow, Onaga Gary Bryant, Valley Falls Nara Bumsted, Council Grove Esta Burk, Hutchinson Betsy Burson, Pratt Francis Butel, Paola Carolyn Butler, Norwich Dave Campbell, Concordia Becky Carson, Corpus Christi, Texas Robert Carson, Atchison Gus Carpenter, Cottonwood Falls Rose Clutter, Waldron Gary Colglazier, Emporia All Homecoming activities were held in a steady downpour Lani Colglazier, Emporia Pat Cope, Netawaka Donna Coughlin, Wellsville Bob Cowan, Cotteyville Fred Crow, Hutchinson Kay Crowell, Hoisington Leroy Cummings, Olathe Judy Cummings, Hamilton Alex Czencz, Hyde Park, New Annabeth Dall, Madison Colleen Debolt, Kansas City Stan Dela Cruz, Kauai, Hawaii John Demos, Lawrence Linda DeShazer, Burlingame Janet DeYoung, Topeka York Tricky Ridenour was Miss Santa linda Dieker, Hanover Wanda Diggs, Wichita Jan Dillingham, Herington Don Dirksen, Newton Kaye Dixon, Olathe Jean Dody, Marion Bob Dorst, Olathe Roger Doss, Clearwater Ann Ealy, Paola Reuben Early, Denver Richard Eby, Newton Inez Edmonds, Minneapolis Pat Eggleston, Louisburg Bill Eikerman, Clay Center Bob Eisele, Olathe Betty Eisenhower, Louisburg George Elliot, Hiawatha Margie Evans, Reading Della Faulkner, Dodge City Elaine Findlay, Newton John Fish, Kansas City Sandra Fisher, Wichita John Fitzmorris, Coffeyville Marvin Flater, Kansas City Marty Fleagle, Chapman Ed Flentie, Bluff City Delores Foulk, Leavenworth Charlotte Fox, Anthony Gary Fox, Hutchinson Larry France, Emporia Larry Freeman, Conway Springs John French, Kansas City Lewis Freymuth, Kinsley Mariorie Fruit, Haviland James Gallagher, Lawrence 28 284 Kirby Gardner, Sharon Sharon Garrett, Mission Pat Gastrock, Phillipsburg Roy Gatewood, Emporia Barham Glascow, Emporia Marcus Goodrich, Columbus Richard Goodseal, Parsons Galen Graham, Peabody Roger Groh, Bonner Springs Phil Haas, Valley Falls Austin Hamilton, El Dorado Wayne Hamilton, Cheney Charlotte Ham, Honolulu Richard Hardesty, Clearwater Norbert Harold, Hoxie Bill Hargmves, Goodland D'Anne Harris, Wichita Ron Harkness, Fredonia Joyce Harvey, Neosho Falls Al Hatch, McDonald Chi Omega was only a colony on our campus Jim Hayes, Liberal Mary Haynes, Caney Tom Hayselden, Kekaha, Hawaii Joel Hefling, Halstead Sharon Heidner, Pomona Mary I-lellmer, Olpe Theodore Henderson, Tyler Rodney Herrs, Linn Ray Hiebert, Burns Janice Higgins, Leavenworth Barham Hinkle, Paola Deanna Hobelman, Byron Barham Hodges, Peabody Mary Holloway, Ellinwood Richard Holliday, Holton , Judy Hosman, Emporia Dave Housh, Osawatomie Beverly Homolka, Munden Henry Huddlestun, Williamsburg Karen Huddlestun, Wichita Christie Hudspofh, Junction City Bonnie Hughes, Anthony Pat Hull, Wichita Pam Huntington, Eureka Lorna Hutchinson, Whiting Bob Hyde, Reading Ann lmrnasche, Emporia Phyllis Isaacs, Turpin Dan Jackson, Salina Merlyn Jenkins, Hutchinson The Brothers Four entertained at KSTC . . Sam Jewett, Marion Shirley Johannsen, Little River Glennis Johnson, Inman Elvin Jones, Chapman Karen Jones, Garden City Darrell Jordon, Winfield Jeannette Jury, Ulysses Virginia Kohler, Arkansas City Williard Kasselman, Pawnee Rock Nat Kinlund, Tribune Sue King, Eureka Robert Knaussman, Burns Jon Lander, Leavenworth Jim Larkin, Kansas City Linda lattin, McPherson Ann lowler, Mission Jackie leap, Iola Karen Leslie, Wichita Bot Leuszler, Lyndon Bea Lewis, Louisburg 28 28 Jerry Lichtenhan, Wamego Dave Lickteig, Greeley Dianna Light, Liberal Barbara Lindamood, Quincy Ray littell, Rolla Marion Littlepage, lola Vickie Lockhart, Mulvane Carol Logan, Newton Bob Lonard, Valley Falls Connie Luginsland, Americus John Lutz, St. George Julie Lynn, Paola Cheryl McCallum, Americus Don McChesney, Munden Tom McCoy, Abilene Kathey McFadden, Ness City Bill McGlasson, Arkansas City Rita McKay, Bushton Larry McMillan, Kansas City Mariean McMurphy, Scranton -i X3 XA., Q-ee 'M W We still received mid-term grades Karen Mahaffey, Wellington Jeannine Mahaney, Wichita Terry Mahany, Kansas City Winston Manning, De Soto Dixie Marlar, Emporia Clyde Martin, Conway Springs Martha Martin, Paola Vicki Martinez, Kansas City Carolyn Mathews, Le Compton Evelyn Matson, Manchester Karen Mattlson, Emporia Larry Mattlson, Hutchinson Duane May, Haven Janet Mahan, Halstead Sharon Mayrath, Dodge City Emporia State played in the N.A.l.A. basketball li , A .. Paula Melton, Emporia Brenda Meneffe, Eskridge Kermit Menllei, Morrowville Karen Meyers, Emporia Ray Miller, Harper Carol Mindadahl, Bethel Larry Minor, Leoti Jan Minor, Ulysses Frank Moffit, Tampa Jeannine Morris, Emporia Mary Morris, Hutchinson Bob Moyer, Council Grove Tom Muth, Great Bend Caroline Myers, Overland Park Darrell Meyer, Pauline tournament . Glenda Nail, Willington Verla Nauerth, Lawrence Alta Nelson, Pratt Jay Newton, Gardner Dee Newby, Hutchinson Fred Nymeyer, Olpe Bev Pankratz, Marion Barbara Parker, Peck Leslie Parker, Hiawatha Shirley Partington, Alden Jim Pate, Hutchinson Garry Patterson, Melvern Robert Patterson, Junction City Diana Patton, Walton Donald Pearson, Alta Vista Phil Perry, Caldwell John Peyton, Norwich Niwat Polparsi, Bangkok Mike Powers, Canton Sharon Pratt, Topeka 28 288 Dave Preeion, Hutchinson Diana Proffitt, Sterling Charles Purvianco, Emporia Norma Ratzlaff, Augusta Doris Rodburn, Parsons Gary Regehr, Inman Sandra Reiff,AbiIene Betty Reftele, Reading David Retfelo, Centralia Harold Rhea, Paola Sally Rice, Emporia Donald Richtberg, Long Island, New York Leo Richfer, Ellinwood Jim Rickabaugh, Emporia Pat Rickabaugh, Newton lloyd Riffer, Centrolia Kay Rindom, Emporia Vicki Rindom, Emporio Norman Rising, Burden Joan Robertson, Arkansas City Everyone In The girls dorm had O 30 hours Tom Robison, Wichita Lyle Rockey, Troy David Rockwell, West Hartford, Jerry Rodgers, Medicine Lodge Neal Rogat Gene Rollwagen, Kansas City Dorcas Romary, Wichita William Romary, Lebo Marilyn Romer, Emporia Coaroyn Rosencrans, Winfield John Rotz, Florence Ron Ruhnke, Troy Patrick Ryan, Emporia Virginia Ryan, Burlington Ron Saferiie, Emporia Conn Barry Salsbury, Dodge City Donna Sasse, Smith Center Judy Schick, Gridley Leroy Schnittker, Cunningham Gene Schaaf, Hope Warren Schultz, Emporia Richard Schumacher, Centralia Trudy Seaton, Chapman Jean Sengpiehl, Parsons Elizabeth Shaw, Eureka Audrey Shenk, Wichita Gloria Shire, Kansas City Rocky Shire, Wellington Janet Simek, Cuba Judy Simmons, Ashland Morse Hall and the Mens Dorm had a bug snowball fight . Judy Simpson, Atchison Deraldstine Small, Kansas City Bobby Smith, Wellington Diane Smith, Concordia Harald Sobba, Garnett Lilla Sommers, Potwin Phyllis Sewers, Yates Center Elton Spena, Dodge City Ann Spencer, Atchison Georgia Sprague, Buffalo laurel Steere, Alta Vista Ralph Stegeman, Hope Kathey Studt, Glasco Ken Stuke, Wetmore Sue Stump, Blue Rapids Mick Summervill, Marion Carol Sumter, Wichita Nancy Swan, Mulvane Judy Swenson, Lyons Don Swoyer, Glasco 28 290 Rich Szura,Wellington David Tasker, Dodge City Elaine Taylor, Valley Center Keith Tedrow, Kansas City Glora Thomas, Wichita John Thompson, Axtell Dwayne Thompson, Great Bend Shirley Tendell, Hoisington Kathy Titus, Wichita Beverly Tobias, Great Bend Gary Todd, Nickerson Stan Tokuda, Honolulu Glenda Torkelson, Kansas City Leon Torkelson, Horton Phil Traylor, Emporio Richard Tregellas, Pratt Daryl Troyer, Emporia Philip Truby, Anthony Verlin Trueblood, Goodland Marcia Tnaitt, Anthony Jim Fraley was named to the small college All-American team David Vander Kraatx, Winslow, Arizona Gary Vaughn, Bonner Springs Marcia Volk, El Dorado Elizabeth Voorhees, Americus Merle Voth, Walton Steve Vratil, Lorned Wilma Wada, Herington Nancy Wagner, St. John Barbara Ward, Halstead Miriam Werner, Newton Karalee Warren, Leavenworth Nancy Weak, Abilene Ken Weaver, Harper Delma Weiss, Bucklin Janice Wehrli, Mound City They graduated from KSTC, after four strenuous, Marilyn Welch, Conway Springs Earl Welli, Iuka John Wondling, Olpe Marilyn Wendllng, Olpe Judy Whitacre, Ottawa Virginia Whifcomla, Cedar Point Don Will, Herington Earl Williams, Bendena Stephen Williams, Wellington Florence Wilson, Garden City Mary Wilson, Independence Dick Winter, Emporia Phillip Will, Greensburg Norman Witt, Sylvia Elaine Wiftman, Pomona but happy years of college. Gerald Wolff, Anthony Carol Wood, Wakefield Kenneth Woods, Garnett Joe Woodard, Goodland Nora Wright, Fort Scott Mike Yehle, Valley Falls Corkie Yoder, Cheney larry Zurfluh, Clifton Sherry Felfner, Emporia Kenneth Callison, Newton 2 292 George Alexander, Greeley John F. Bakalu, Liberia Jaunifo Barnes, Valley Falls linda Bond, Clements Phillip Dogil, Upbridge, Massachusetts D. Gborboe Dwanyen, Liberia Vernon Hastert, Garnett John Lehner, Newton John Meyer, Sabetha Cindy Paul, Wichita George Saa Pawa, Liberia Mary Petefish, Garden City Larry Robb, Kingman Gerald Thomas, Independence Marion Van Meter, Thayer Jerry Winsor, Madison '-l1 u' ' 1' ' , an ... A L 4 . be g 4 if ix , l "f n 'NYJ , ...Q 5 7557 Qlllli' ,A Ep ew awp " Wk. 4 - ,. . . ,.,,, ,..,.,,..,,..,,,.. ,, . , , R lf f if X nf , f ,f L L ee L ,, 1 0 .ef ,Y gf gi ., gg iffy A aww A 'Z l ' . R' ft bf . 'R' , L , , x. , ,,,,,.,, . , V 5 9 we Graduate Students W ts 'X l x Q ,X 5 3 X p l Ls Farley, Richard 37, 53 Ahshapanek, Don 46, 62 Allison, David 49 Amburn, Elton 56 Anderson, Randall 98 Andrews, Ted F. 46, 62 Ashbaugh, N.R. 49, 52, 81 Ashley, Theda 49, 52 Baehr, Herman 47 Barb, David 38 Barnhart, E. L. 26, 52, 81 Bassler, Otto 53, 85 Baznik, Charles 33 Bell, Charles 52, 82 Bellows, Howard 25 Berg, Orrin 56 Beynen, G. J. 50, 71 Bigge, Jeanette 48 Bishop, Helen 31 Boertman, C. Stewart 56 Boles, Robert 46, 61, 62 Bonner, Thomas 53, 146 Borman, Ina 48 Bowman, Alden 33, 121 Bowman, Catherine 123 Bowman, Vincent 32 Boylan, Laurence 26 Breukelman, John 26, 46 Brough, Philip 56 Brown, Carol Paul 50, 72, Brown, Richard 47 Bruder, Karl 26, 57 Buchanan, James 56 Budd, Nathan 27 Burger, John 53, 85, 84 Calkins, E. J. 48, 120 Campbell, Betty 49 Carline, Donald 48 Carter, Jack 46, 62 Cass, Dol 56 cqywood, Keeth 51, 194, 2 Chen, Shium 56 Cioni, Elnora 49 Ciurczak, Peter 54, 88 . Clark, Robert 47 Clarke, Robert F. 46 Conroe, Margaret 51, 75 Couch, Jerry 49 Couch, John D. 84 Cox, Inez 53, 83 Cram, S. Winston 26, 55 Cravens, Mary 48 Cremer, R. G. 28 Crumb, Glenn 55 Doggett, Ralph 50 Dahlberg, Emily 123 Daughtry, Alex 26, 48 Davis, Jack 30 Denniston, Howard 50 DeRepentigny, Michel 50, DeVivo, Paul 33, 166 Dickerman, Richard 46 Dold, Eva 48 Douglass, Helen 48, 68 Downing, George 84 Duckwall, Rida 47, 63 Durham, Roy 56 Durst, Harold 46 Eckelberry, Robert 56 Eddy, Thomas 46 Edwards, Charles 57 Edwards, M. Lloyd 47 Edwards, William 48, 118, Emerson, Marion 53, 85 Ensminger, Larry 51 Eppink, Norman 44 Estes, Mary 75 Farquhar, Edward 55 Fish, E. D. 51 Frazier, Ralph 46 Freeburg, Pauline 123 Freese, William 51 Fry, Kenneth 50 73 70, 73 166 09,211 Galley, Jeanne 26, 51, 75, 76, 77 Garvey, Dale 98 Gerriets, John 53, 85 Giger, Edwin 38 Gilles, Louis 47 294 Administration and Faculty Index Gladfelter, C. F. 46 Grandstaff, Russell 57 Gray, W. H. 56 Green, Roger 31 Hall, Charles 56 Hall, Rex 44 Hansen, Irene 53, 83 Hanson, Ruth 53 Hartman, Mariorie 31 Hartzler, Findley 47 Hastert, Richard 49 Hayes, A. Truman 48 Hazelrigg, Don 44 Hendricks, Charles 54 Hetlinger, Duane 48 Hickman, Ronald 44 Hiett, Victor 47 Highfill, William 53 Hildreth, Richard 57 Hill, Arclis 57, 75 Hill, Charles 57 Hirschorn, Rosomond 54 Hoag, Eleanor 62 Hoffmans, Carl 39, 166 Hogan, Dole 52, 81, 82 Holmes, Alline 47, 63 Homze, Edward 48, 56, 98 Hornbaker, Edith 123 Howell, Elizabeth 28 Huff, Clifton 48 Ives, Valeta 54, 88 Jacobs, Judith 49 James, John 57 I Johnson, C. G. 55, 96 Johnson, Irene 54 Johnston, Paul L. 55 Jones, Florence 98 Jones, Freddie 51, 75, 77, 79, 111 Jones, Wilbur 48 Judd, Clifford 38 Karhoff, Norma 52, 80 Keeling, Richard 46, 62 Kelly, Mariorie 49 King, Boyd 35 King, John E. 25, 176 Kirk, Agnes 123 Klosterman, Helen 53 Kready, Glenn 50 Kudlacek, John 44 Ladwig, Tom 100 Laird, Lester 53 Larmer, Larry 57, 99 Lee, Robert 26, 37, 53, 83 Lehman, John 57 Leisman, Gilbert 46 Lemon, Gertrude 53 Lester, James 50 Leigl, Leopold 54 Livingston, Carl 48 Locke, Al 28, 38 Laika, Glen 51 Long, Melvin 51, 209, 211 McAdoo, Robert 48 McCullough, E. Don 51 McElree, Helen 60 McFarland, Joe 48 Mclntire, Robert 56 McLarry, Lacy 54, 87 McTeague, James 10, 57 Marcellus, June 49 Marcellus, Marc 47 Markowitz, Fred 49 Marks, Leslie 49 Marshall, Carol 49 Martin, Dorothy 51, 75, 76 Mason, Gary 44, 45, 107 Mathews, John 44 Maung, Mya 98 Middleton, Errol 55 Miller, Arthur 27 Miller, Minnie 26, 50, 70, 73, 120 Milner, Billie 84, 85 Moore, Paul 54 Morgan, June 50, 67, 148 Mouser, Marcella 47 Mummy, Thomas 49 Munro, Hugh 57 Niess, Charles 49 Nixon, Melbern 54, 87 Nugent, B. A. 54 Orr, Wendell 54 Otterstrom, Ruth 48 Overholt, Ward 55 Owen, Guy 51, 242 Owen, T. C. 50 Owens, Kaye Don 56 Palecek, Donald 48 Parker, Joe 33 Parmelee, David 46 Pease, Joseph 46, 211 Pennington, Loren E. 56, 98 Person, Virgil 54, 88 Persson, Burton 47 Peterson, Oscar 53 Pflaum, George 57 Pickert, James 30, 146 Poe, Robert 53, 85 Powell, Sue 48 Preston, William 47 Prophet, Carl 46, 62 Quackenbush, John 52 Reicherter, Richard 11, 47, 6 Rhine, Paul 55, 96, 97 Rich, Everett 37, 50 Rings, Esther 48 Roahen, Richard 50 Ross, Caroline 50 Rowe, Edward 46 Ruf, Alice 53, 83 Rusk, Alvin 55, 96, 97 Russell, Raymond 26, 47, 63, Ryan, Kay 32 Sandefur, Joseph 48 Sanders, Merritt 36, 56 Schadt, Marvin 49 Schaefer, Charles 54, 92 Schillinger, Ruth 32 Scott, Jack 53 Seller, William 26, 56, 98 Sheffield, Vernon 53, 84, 85 Slaymaker, Ron 49 Slimon, Richard 44 Smith, Barbara 26 Snyder, Eldon 56, 98 Spencer, Dwight 46, 61, 62 Stauffer, Richard 49 Stibal, Willard 49 Stormont, Riley 39 Stuntzner, Edwin 54, 88 Sullivan, Mariorie 35, 199 Surdy, Ted 46 Swift, Joy 50 Torrey, Glenn 56 Travis, David 50, 73 Truax, J. W. 49 Trusler, V. T. 32 Tubach, Lee 49, 50, 73 Tucker, Charles 84, 85 Vandervelde, Esther 53 Vincent, Stillman 56 Walton, Charles 26, 50 Warden, Della 49, 98 Watson, Roy 50 Webber, Clinton 33, 149 Weigand, Joseph 34 Welch, Fran 51 Wetzel, David 55 Whitten, Kathryn 26, 52 Williams, Mariorie 53, 83 Wilson, James 46 Wilson, Marian 52, 81 Wilson, Roland 27 Witten, Gerald 55 Wood, Wood, Darrell 49, 98, 104 Jesse 55, 96 Woods, Harold 52, 81, 82 Wygle, William 32 Wyrick, Green 50 Zimmerman, John 56 5,100,112 65, 100 Abebe, Bekele 120 Ace, Danalinda 249, 152 Ackeret, Bonnie J. 125, 249 Adams, James B. 162 Student Index Bailey, Walter 146 Bair, David 162, 264 Baird, George 79 Baird, Patricia 125, 249 Adams, Mary 124, 127, 86 Adams, Robert 97, 1 11 Adams, Sharon 75, 76, 281 Aday, Karen 136, 249 Adcock, Anita 137, 149 Adcock, Donald 87, 166, 273 Addis, Fred 18, 144 Adler, Jan 108 Bakalu, John 120, 292 Baker, David 121 Baker, Elwood 102 Baker, Mary 133, 152 Baker, Rachel 281 Baker, Robert 38, 63, 64, 112, 114 Baker, Steven 144 Balakitnen, Candy 249 Adler, Susan 128, 150 Aeschliman, Ron 45 Aitken, Lorraine 107, 273 Albertson, Mary 73, 273 Alder, Peggy 156 Alderson, Larry 87, 88, 95 Alexander, George 87, 91, 95, 292 Alexander, Lowell 281 Alexander, Janice 136, 249 Alexander, Kevin 82 Baldwin, Janice 140 Baldwin, Roberta 281 Bales, George 281 Bales, Reggie 18, 103, 162 Ballard, Charlotte 125, 271 Balzer, Francis 82 Bane, Vickie 147, 160 Banks, Sue 60, 124, 126, 146, 273 Barb, Diana 273 Barker, Loydean 68, 150, 273 Allard, Robert 249 Allcorn, Barry 172, 281 Allen, Betty 126, 146, 264 Allen, Jo 139, 160 Allen, Kaye 273 Allendar, Earl 81 Alley, Robert 281 Allison, Jerald 92 Allison, Sidney 87, 88, 92, 95, 281 Almeida, Morales 120, 264 Ames, Marilyn 92, 152 Amundsen, Eric 82 Barker, William 62 Barnes, Juanita 83, 292 Barnes, Robert 264 Anderson, Carolyn K. 131 Anderson, Carolyn L. 249 Anderson, Duane 249 Anderson, James 143, 210 Anderson, John 165 Anderson, Jan 29, 280 Anderson, L. B. 281 Anderson, Lynda 139 Anderson, Miriam 152, 281 Anderson, Ned 83 Anderson, Peggy 91, 105, 129, 249 Anderson Rhonda 88 Andrew, Richard 200, 201 Andrews, Kenneth 108 Angell, Kenton 82 Angell, Nedra 67, 74 Anslinger, Janice 91, 160 Appelman, Gary 143 Arb, Shirley 80, 264 Archer, David 87, 92, 95, 281 Arisumi, Maisie 121 Armagost, Gerald 91 Armbrust, Carol 87, 127, 249 Armour, Linda 264 Armstrong, Anita 129, 249 Armstrong, Marilyn 127, 249 Armstrong, Max 60 Arnett, Carol 134 Arnett, Linda 81 Arnold, Karen 107 Arnott, Eugene 264 Ary, Dennis 61, 281 Ary, Danna 77, 83, 281 Ashford, Nancy 130 Ater, Michael 162, 281 Atkins, James 165 273 Atkinson, Jerry 264 Atterberry, Karen 75, 264 Atwater, Alan 65, 74, 172, 281 Atzenweiler, Betty 156, 281 Austin, Ann 73, 114, 116, 154, 281 Austin , Doris 87, 135, 249 Austin, Austin, Ayers, Ayers, Joyce 75, 76, 132, 249 Kathleen 74 John 40, 166 Robert 87, 91 Babbitt, Phyllis 80, 137 Bachelder, Vicki 136, 249 Bockhus, DeWayne 85, 264 Badger, Marjorie 281 Bagg, James 9, 29, 162, 281 8099, Sharon 74, 114, 117, 160, 281 Bahm, Patricia 124, 139, 264 Bahnmaier, Paul 281 Bahr, Roland 162, 281 Bailey, Frederick 249 Bailey, Mary 109, 137, 249 Bailey, Michel 281 Bailey, Phyllis 264 Barnett, Nancy 126, 249 Barnett, Robert 162 Barnhill, Nancy 273 Barrett, Tommy 273 Bartlett, Robert 166 Bartman, Joan 281 Bastin, Donald 249 Bauer, Diana 133, 249 Bauersfield, Ester 71, 124, 134 Baughn, Harold 149, 170 Baumann, Diane 126, 249 Baumgardner, G. Boyce 166, 281 Baumgardner, Paula 156, 281 Bay, William 91 Baysinger, Marilyn 97 Bean, Donald 281 Bean, Sarah 75, 138 Beard, Elgie 158 Beard, Helen 137, 158 Beard, Leslie 116 Beasley, Sandra 126, 249 Bechelmayr, Elizabeth 110, 137 Becker, Ellen 107, 134 Becraft, Virginia 79, 88, 91, 116 Roger, Beers 213 Behee, John 21 1 Belfard, Robert 41, 264 Bell, Cheryl 140 Bell, Donna 62 Bellows, Barbee 77 Belton, Richard 121 Bender, Jane 76, 133, 150, 249 Benhardt, Calvin 273 Bennett, Barbara 249 Bennett, Elizabeth 136, 249 Bennett, Roberta 249 Bennett, Sharon Kay 75, 79, 160 Bentz, George 281 Berges, Patsy 264 Berrie, Jerry 75, 264 Berry, Margaret 111, 124, 134 Berry, Mary 91, 92, 94, 281 Berry, Patricia 1 16 Bethe, Judy 138, 249 Bethell, Nancy 137, 160, 179, 241 Bevil, Carol 106 Biberstein, Michael 168 Bidwell, Carole 156, 241 Bielefeld, Kenneth 162, 273 Biggs, Sharon 273 Bilsy, Diana 132 Billings, Darlene 134, 249 Binder, Gale 121, 186 Binder, Larry 121, 162 Bingham, Gerald 162, 281 Bird, Eva 88, 91 Birdsell, Vicki 133 Birkholz, Dick 264 Bish, Delana 264 Bishop, Diane 74 Bishop, Gary 92, 1 11, 249 Blaas, Maria 76, 156 Blackman, Johnnieque 132, 249 Blair, Opal J. 146, 281 Blanken, Mary E. 136, 249 Blasi, Donald T. 111, 122, 281 Blevins, Elliott C. 77 Blevins, Gloria Dean 264 Blocker. Joyce E. 108 Blocker, Sandra M. 133 Bloesser, Carol Ann 70, 71, 249, 264 Blosser, Carol S. 125 Blowey, Harold L. 211 Blum, David 118 Blundell, Barbara L. 281 Blythe, Martha C. 77, 131, 249 Boardman, Timothy J. 250 Boehme, Galen Ray 109, 145, 249 Boldridge, Claudene 72, 146, 264 Boles, M. Louise 67 Bollinger, Cheryl A. 134 Bolton, Carolyn Lu 135 Bolton, James Leroy 110. 273 Bolton, Melvin Gene 281 Bond, Linda Beth 292 Boney, Nancy Ann 73, 156 Bonine, Sherry Lee 29, 76, 152 Borgelt, Lana, Jean 156 Bornschein, Freda Kay 41, 114, 116, 150, 281 Boster, Doris Jean 135, 250 Boston, Paula Lynn 127 Bostwick, Susan Jane 124, 140 Bottenberg, Bernie 65 Baudreau, Virginia M. 128 Bowen, Leroy C. 264 Bowers, Claire Ann 86, 87, 91, 94 Bowers, Donald E. 250 Bowers, Emil E. 145 Bowers, Gene 162 Bowlby, Rebecca Jane 273 Bowman, Joe Marvin 149, 166, 273 Bowman, Mary Ann 135, 250 Boyd, Deanna L. 156, 282 Bradley, Freda Rose 146 Brand, Felix 65 Brantley, Julia A. 128, 250 Breithaupt, Charles 17, 162, 273 Breneman, Carol Anne 67, 70, 75, 282 Breneman, Nancy L. 264 Brennecke, Cherie 132, 241, 250 Brenner, Willis F. 83 Bressler, James A. 250 Brewer, Rebecca Ann 129 Bridge, Margaret A. 130, 250 Briggs, Carol A. 138 Briggs, Linda F. 137 Brigham, Beverly J. 273 Bright, Joan Virginia 97 Brightup, Margaret R. 125, 250 Brimmer, Judith Ann 74, 124, 135, 273 Brindle, Mary M. 125 Brink, Jerri Lynn 80, 127, 250 Brink, Keith N. 14 Brickey, Doug 121, 162, 264 Brinkman, Janice C. 105, 120, 282 Briscoe, James W. 282 Bristol, Brobst, Fredrick C. 273 Vernon Duane 85, 149, 168 Brock, Darrell K. 168 Brockm eier, Jerry D. 168 Brodock, Harry L. 97, 273 Brooks, Sally A. 137, 154 Brosa, Robert Claren 273 Brass, Phares 81 Brough, Terry Lynn 91, 264 Brown, Carolee 137 Brown, Carolyn S. 42, 111, 124, 133, 263 Brown, Charles L. 145, 250 Brown, Elizabeth 80, 282 Brown, Glenene Marie 152, 179, 245 Brown, James K. 41 Brown, Joseph August 82, 273 Brown, Juanita 74 Brown, Brown, Judith Ann 61, 62, 154 Karen S. 67, 74, 282 Brown, Kenneth W. 264 Brown, Linda Helen 80 Brown, Mary C. 134, 250 Brown, Neal Edward 282 Brown, Robert F. 162 Brown, William H. 264 Browning, Tima L. 264 Broyles, Dan A. 210, 213 Brueggeman, Patricia 60, 136 Bruington, Nancy Sue 80 Brumback, Linda Lou 273 Brumback, Sondra Sue 273 Brunkow, Loretta J. 68, 282 Bruns, Mary Linn 91, 92 Bryant, Gary Ward 162, 282 Buchanan, Richard W. 168 Buck, Katherine S. 91, 107, 133, 158 Bulmer, Gary R. 250 Burch, 2 Bumsted, Nora 282 Bundschuh, James J. 162 Bundschuh, Janeen 148, 152 Philip aa, 91, 95 Burch, Nancy 120 Burchinal, Fred 91 Burden, Martha 42, 91, 169, 176, 178 Burdette, Frances 68, 80, 91, 103, 273 Burenheide, Kenneth 82 Burford, Barbara 126, 156, 250 Burford, Brenda 156 Burger, J. Robert 61, 250 Burgess, Judy 73 Burk, Esta 83, 282 Burk, Susan 88, 91, 264 Burlingham, Nancy 91, 129, 160 Burnett, Connie 70, 158 Burns, Carol 139, 250 Burns, Cheryl 152, 178 Burns, Judy 60 Burns, Phyllis 264 Burns, Robert 82 Clarke, Diane 135 Clarke, Walter 62 Clavero, Dolores 120 Clay, Robert 141 Clegg, Georgia 265 Cleghorn, Marilyn 60, 62, 273 Clemons, Carol Ann 70, 75 Clemons, Linda Ann 140 Clendenen, Joanne 274 Clerico, Sally Ann 70, 71, 73, 152 Clause, Joseph 92, 274 Clugston, lngrid 72, 152 Clutter, Rose Ann 71, 74, 282 Coats, Judy 250 Cobb, Myrl David 166 Cockran, Dona Mae 265 Cottelt, Terry 112 Caffland, Mary 265 Coffman, Roberta 87, 88, 138 ' Cogley, Nila 135 Coker, Thomas 75, 274 Coleman, George 168 Daniel, Brett Raymond 162 Dorbyshire, Melva 80, 133, 251 Darr, Nancy 251 Darring, Cynthia 274 Davidson, Helen Cole 80, 265 Davie S , Daphne Darlene 60 Carman 73 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Marsha Susan 265 Davis, Mona 61, 72, 88, 274 Davison, Willis 85 Dawe, Mary Jane 110, 274 Day, B. Deon 144 Day, Patty Lou 132 Charles 165 Gwendolyn 158 Harold 72, 111, 251 Louis 78 Burress, Phillip 143, 264 Burris, Frank 273 Burris, Sallie 72, 160 Burroughs, Phyllis 273 Burson, Betsy 67, 282 Bush, Donna 131, 241 Busselle, Sandra 70, 264 Bussiaeger, Louis 61, 62 Butcher, Betty 152, 241, 250 Butel, Francis 110, 282 Butler, Carolyn 87, 94, 282 Butler, Richard 71, 120 Butterworth, Judy 139, 250 Button, Jan 139 Butts, Ronald 168 Byall, Von 264 Byram, Abdul 120 Byrd, Carol 138, 250 Code, Harold 264 Cady, Theodore 273 Cain, Barbara 87, 139, 250 Caldwell, Kenneth 250 Callaway, Mark 109, 143, 250 Camien, Ralph 144 Campbell, Connie 75, 156 Campbell, David 282 Campbell, Roberta 132 Cannon, Martha 139 Cantrell, Roy 60 Carlson, Jael 149 Carlson, John 165 Carman, Stephen 172, 273 Carman, Anita 273 Carnine, Margaret 83 Carpenter, Gus, Jr. 282 Carpenter, Lonnie 70, 73, 264 Carreno, Garcia 120 Carson, Rebecca Sue 104, 282 Coleman, Kenneth 145, 170, 250 Colg Colg lazier, Gary Lee 282 lazier, Lani 76, 157, 281 Colle, Timothy 143 Colli Colv ns, Janet Sue 125 in, Nancy Ruth 129, 158, 250 Colvin, Sara 158, 178 Condit, Connie Sue 154 Cone, Sandra 156 Conklin, Karen Faye 158 Conner, David 60, 250 Cook, Carol Kay 126 Cook, E. Lynn 265 Cook, Judy Elaine 136 Coons, Earlene 138, 152, 241 Cooper, Bruce 19, 166, 274 Cooper, Glenda Irene 130 Cooper, Jane 140 Cooper, Juleta 265 Cope, Patricia 282 Corbin, Rova Deane 70, 73, 156 Correa, Rose Marie 42, 274 Coss, Phyllis Ann 138 Cass, VernaMKaye 265 Cotton, Helen Elaine 146 Couch, Nancy Lynn 125 Couch, Perrilynn 129, 160, 241, 250 Coughenour, Michael 8, 162 Coughlin, Donna Jean 154, 282 Courtney, Karen 73 Cover, Alta 274 Cowon, Jay 265 Cowan, Lorna 45 Cowan, Robert 172, 282 Cowgill, Gayle 71, 130, 251 Cox, Janet 160 Cox, Janice 63 Cox, Joyce 160 Cox, Lela May 77, 87, 84, 265 Crabtree, Charles Carson, Robert Terry 282 Carter, Belinda 250 Carter, Charlene 136 Carter, Janice Viola 42, 104, 158 Carter, Linda Ann 264 Carter, Virginia Lee 42 Caselman, Cheryl 139, 250 Cass, Ann 250 Castor, William 168 Caudil lo, Beatriz 80 Caughman, Clara Sue 88, 91 Cervera, Victoria 139 Chace, Maureen 265 n, Anita Elaine 75, 76 Chaco Chadwell, Linda Jaye 152 Challans, Janet 132, 250 Chamberlin, Beverly 265 Chambers, William 250 Champ, Betty 42, 154 Chanay, Larry 78 Chance, Barbara Ann 265 Channon, Emma 88, 109, 273 Chargois, Jules 70, 120, 273 Chastain, Linda 127 Childs, Carol 265 Chiu, lk Sing 120 Christiansen, Bob 118, 162 Christmas, Philip 168 Chu, Walter Kwang 120 Chum, Try 70, 158 Clark, Carolyn Sue 70,158 Clark, Dan Leroy 81 Craft, Lawrence 71 Craig, Elton 97 Cram, L. Scott 96, 97, ll4, 168 Cramer, David 81 Cramer, Sunny 91, 251 Crane, Judith 70, 111, 128, 265 Cress, Marsha 132 Criqui, Larry 274 Cromwell, Gerald 162, 274 Cromwell, Judy 282 Crossnoe, Lynne 91, 107, 124, 136, 251 Croucher, Delores 104, 108, 274 Crow, Fred 282 Croy, David 265 Crumrine, Carol 85, 265 Culp, Michael 166, 274 Culver, James 87,91 Cummings, Leroy 162, 282 Cummins, Judith 63, 282 Cundith, Robert Gene 170 Cunningham, Anne L. 265 Cunningham, Barbara 75 Curtman, Kay Elaine 61, 62, 148, 154 Curless, Allen 149, 165, 274 Curran, Michael 112 Dean, Diana 133, 158,251 Dearden, Luelma Jean 265 Dearsmith, Dianna 91 Debalt, Colleen 282 Decker, Warren Dale 145 Detore, Charlotte 125, 251 Detore, Sharon Kay 125, 251 DeForest, Ruth Ann 131,251 Degarmo, Linda 129, 251 Dehaven, Robert Joe 91, 92, 95 Delacruz, Stanley 282 Delia, Michele 156, 265 Delzer, Charlotte 160 Demos, John Howard 282 Dennis, Jacqueline 106, 274 Dent, Charles Raymond 121 Denton, Melinda Fay 46, 62, 74, 2 Deschaine, Michael 143 Deselms, Artis Ann 135, 251 Deshazer, Gary 145 Deshazer, Lyndia 81, 282 Deters, John Anthony 82 Detlefson, Janice 75 Detter, Ruth 75, 274 Devore, Sherril Ann 128, 251 DeWeese, Harold 81 DeWeese, Tom 81 Dexter, Betty Jean 80 DeYoung, Janet 80, 282 Dick, Jo Lynne 62 Dickey, Linda Marie 134, 251 Didde Kathleen 70, 111, 160 Diesolt, Carol Joan 150 Diehl, Judith Ann 151 Dieker, Lindo Ann 110, 283 Diel, Shirley Joan 87 Dietrich, Michael 162, 193 Digennaro, Carl 251 Diges, Wanda 146, 283 Dillingham, Janice 283 Dillingham, Phyllis 134, 251 Dimmitt, Mary 71, 87, 137, 251 Diorgi, Joseph 61 Dipaala, Richard 78 Dirksen, Donald 283 Dittman, Christopher 265 Dickson, Nina Kaye 283 Dody, Jean Ann 76, 150,283 Dogil, Phillip 83, 292 Domitz, Gary 106, 274 Donahue, Lois 67 Donahue, Patrick 96 Dorr, Nancy 135 Dorst, Robert 97, 283 Doss, Roger 283 74 Douglass, Cheryl 17, 60, 134, 160, 251 Downing, Dale Wayne 167, 274 Downing, Gary Wayne 167, 274 Dowse, Connie Sue 136, 241, 251 Dryer, Daniel 265 Duby, Deanna 70, 97, 131 Duff, Betty, Eileen 60 Duffield, Debra 251 Dugan, Duncan, Donald 149, 168 Duncan, Pat 172 Duncan, Philip 274 Duncan, Sidney 125, 265 Duncan, William 104 Dunlap, Judith 60, 62, 96, 274 Kit 102, 156 Curr Cyru y, Nancy 75, 76 s, Judy, Lynn 265 Cyrus, Leslie Rosaly 33, 40, 114, 154 Czencz, Alexander 172, 282 Dale, Ruth 128, 251 Dall, Annabeth Jane 67, 74, 156, 282 Clark, Clark, Darrell 99 James, W. 162, 265 Clark, Jean 127, 241, 250 Clark, Ken 273 Clark, Rodney 162 96 Dall, Otis Lynn 251 Dalrymple, Sharon 26 Dalton, Diane 42, 158 Dalton, Margaret 76, 148 Dalton, Suzanne 147, 158 Dunn, Charles 82 Dunn, Joyce 71, 109, 137, 251 Dunnaway, Gail 144 Duy, Delbert Richard 77, 108 Dwanyen, D. G. 120, 292 Dye, Abraham 162, 213, 265 Dyer, Bill 168 Eagan, Roger 121 Eales, Lindy 274 Eales, Rebecca Ann 265 Ealy, Ann Judith 74, 283 Early, Reuben Joe 210, 273 Easley, Mark Wayne 265 Eastman, Thomas 168 Eby, Richard 121, 162, 283 Eckart, Deborah 87, 136, 251 Eckermann, Marilyn 91, 130 Eckert, Garry 111, 145, 251 Ediger, Maurice 167 Edmands, Laura lnez 283 Edmiston, Gerald Dean 265 Edmiston, Mary Jane 125 Edmonds, Michael 172 Edmundson, Lynda Sue 72, 158 Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Edwards, Grace 42, 160 John 87, 91 Loretta 146 Michael 146, 263 Eggenberger, Diana 130 Eggert, Carla Ann 80, 264 Eggleston, Patricia 109, 283 Ehrlich, Donald 251 Eickhoff, Linda 80 sakefmqnn, William 78, 112, 115, 149, 162,283 Eisele, Robert Lee 170, 283 Eitel, Gay Lynn 61, 62 Eley, Irma 91, 265 Eller, Carol 136, 241, 251 Elliott, Alvin Eugene 104, 105, 274 Elliott, George 168, 283 Ellis, Carol Lee 126, 154 Ellis, Lucille 125, 251 Ellis, Susan Kay 75 Ellsworth, Carolyn 75, 132, 251 Elsasser, Elaine 265 Emch, Lyndabeth 127, 251 Emley, Carolee Ann 62 Emmele, Kent Alan 91 Emmons, Ronald 168 Engelland, Fred 274 Engle, Jane Ann 42, 124,132 English, John Franklin 45 Enright, Geneva Mae 45 Ensley, Michael Boyd 92, 117, 167 Eoff, Karen Sue 42, 75, 76, 265 Epperson, Janet 80, 154 Epps, Ronald Leigh 108, 146 Erickson, Joan 110, 133 Ermey, Sarah Dell 124, 136 Estes, Gary Lynn 274 Eubanks, Shirley 274 Euler, Erin Ann 60, 107, 265 Euler, Robert 274 Eustace, Jean 138, 251 Evans, Skip 78, 162 Evans, Paul Kendal 149, 170 Foerschler, Billy 79 Fogg, Gloria Jean 140, 146, 252 Forcum, Marsha Mary 91, 109 Ford, Faye Jean 131, 252 Ford, Harold Leroy 252 Ford, Johnny Lon 167 Ford, Susan 42, 80, 160 Forney, Donald Lee 266 Foster, Aklyn 135, 252 Foster, Nancy Agnes 88, 91, 266 Foster, William Judd 17, 143, 186, 187 Foulk, Delores 283 Fountain, Evelyn 275 Fouts, Dianna Dee 107, 138 Fox, Charlotte Ann 75, 76, 150, 283 Fox, Gary Joseph 107, 283 Foxx, Barbara Ann 98, 130, 154 Frokes, William 170 France, Larry 283 Franz, Manelia Fern 137 Frazier, Anna 138, 252 Frazier, Robert 87, 88, 167 Freeby, Leonard 38 Freeman, Larry Jay 283 French, David A. 168 French, David L. 168 French, John Edward 163, 283 French, Sandra 75, 140 Freund, Michael 110, 252 Frey, Doris Louise 158 Frey, Nancy Marie 154 Freymuth, Louis 111 Frick, Edith Kay 87, 91, 94, 134, 266 Fried, Barbara 127, 252 Friesen, Joetta 91, 275 Frigon, Jolene Joy 75, 77 Frissy, Patricia 140 Frohoff, Robert James 163 Fruit, Mariory Ellen 283 Fruits, Cheryl 125, 241 Frye, Judith Anne 124, 126, 266 Frye, Patricia 106, 133 Fuertes, Basilio 78, 168, 210 Fuller, George 70, 145, 252 Fuller, Jack 275 Fuller, Judith Ann 158 Fundis, Fundis, Edward Ray 85, 96 Ronald J. 72 Furney, Margaret 252 Fuson, Janet Ruth 131, 252 Fuson, Jean Ann 131, 252 Fuson, Roger Kent 144, 256 Fyhrie, Clarice 134 Gabriel, Larry Paul 60, 105, 275 Evely, John Neville 120 Everhart, Charles 144, 274 Evers, Stephen 170 Ewing, James Edward 172, 274 Fankhauser, Emma 67 Farley, Harry Lee 108 Farnsworth, Carl 251 Farnsworth, Marilea 97, 274 Fatkin, Mary 134, 251 Faulkner, Della 105, 283 Feist, Stanley 163 ' Feldman, James 266 Fellingham, Pamela 17, 102, 156, 274 Fellingham, Richard 121, 163, 251 Feltner, Sherry Lana 67, 74, 92, 115, 120, 152, 190, 291 Femat, Muruato Clara 120, 266 Ferguson, Janet 134, 251 Ferman, Leroy Howard 170 Ferrato, Anthony 163 Ferrell, Alfred 29, 168, 266 Ferrell, Clifford 78, 168, 210, 212 Ferrell, Wayne Mario 85, 96, 97, 117, 272, 274 Gabriel, Sharon Kay 91, 131, 252 Gaines, Jean 266 Galbraith, Janice 156 Gales, Leonard 252 Gallagher, James 283 Gallagher, Nancy 137 Gallivan, Nan 158 Gard, Ronald Edward 167 Gardner, Kirby 63, 283 Garlett, Fred 87, 95, 170 Garrett, Gordon 163, 266 Garrett, Sharon 18, 63, 120, 148, 156, 283 Garrison, Gloria 127, 252 Gray, Charles 96 Gary, Linda 130, 152 Gaskell, Janet 91, 131, 252 Gastrock, Patricia 19, 154, 283 Gatewood, Karol 87, 94 Gatewood, Roy 71, 85, 96, 97, 283 Gebhardt, Gerald 61 Gee, Lawrence 70, 73, 170 Geenen, George B3 Geer, Fred 144, 248 Gilley, Bonitta 266 Gilliford, John 275 Gilliland, Donald 61, 62 Gilmore, Linda 97, 275 Gilmore, Linda K. 109, 137, 252 Gingerich, James 252 Glaser, Jean 275 Glasgow, Barbara 75, 77, 79, 284 Glaves, Karolyn 130, 241, 252 Gleason, Michael 266 Gleckler, Philip 84, 85, 91, 92 Gleichman, John 266 Goad, Craid 101 Goering, Roma 275 Goldsberry, Sally 154 Goldsmith, Linda 152 Goltz, Lynne 88, 266 Gonzales, Carlos 72, 275 Good, Kathy 266 Good, Thomas 87 Goodman, Nancy 70 Goodrich, Marcus 48, 211, 284 Goodseal, Richard 284 Gordon, Jane 148, 156, 178 Gordon, Linda 156 Gordon, Louise 87, 127, 252 Gorman, Susan 110, 126, 252 Gould, Sharon 275 Grabhorn, Judy 73 Graff, Daniel 252- Graham, Galen 284 Grainger, Linda 275 Grant, Bruce 107, 108 Grant, Ernest 143, 252 Gray, Greta 70, 72, 73, 158, 266 Grazioso, Charles 61 Green, Charles 118, 275 Green, Luann 10 Greene, Patricia 67, 70, 72, 73, 74, 76, 160 Greenwell, Micheal 252 Greer, Charles 171 Gregory, Arlen 170 Gregory, Robert 29, 143, 263 Gregory, Wanda 75 Gregory, William 170 Greiner, Barbara 62, 160 Greiner, Dale 62 Grier, Mary 29, 154 Griffith, Joe 70 Griffith, Nancy 160 Griffiths, Elizabeth 266 Griffitt, Gayle 126, 160, 252 Grimes, Barbara 252 Groh, Phyllis 80, 157 Groh, Roger 163, 284 Grove, Bryan 60, 266 Grove, Judy 152 Grubb, Sharon 266 Grubb, Tana 42, 139, 252 Grundy, Alma 160 Guaiardo, Magda 91, 120, 266 Guard, Betty 134, 252 Guion, John 110 Guist, Linda 266 Gustenberger, Carol 252 Haag, Charles 111 Haas, Phil 63, 284 Habib, Thomas 252 Haddock, Silas 275 Hager, Sharon 60, 275 Hogg, Marilyn 157 Hahn, Phillip 91, 165,266 Hainline, Philip 61 Hale, Nancy 87 Hall, James 171 Hall, Janet 65 Hall, Sharalyn 152, 190 Fiddler, Gary 274 Findley, Elaine 70, 73, 283 Geesling, Donna 130, 252 Geffert, Linda 75 Hall, Sharyn 107, 140 Hallock, Carolyn 275 Finlay, Gary Dean 172, 274 Finley, Maxine 137 Firkins, Linda Carol 266 Firstenberger, Mary 42, 152 Fish, Johnnie Edward 85, 97, 283 Fisher, Mary Anna 266 Fisher, Sandra Diane 88, 283 Fitziarrell, Janice 130, 152 Fitzmorris, John 283 Fitzpatric, Mary 60, 11 1, 252 Fitzpatrick, Donna 74, 115, 116, 156 Fivian, Nancy 133 Flatii, Marvin 120, 283 Fleagle, Mary Lou 70, 91, 124, 137, 283 Flentie, Ed 41, 115, 116, 163, 176, 207, 283 Fletcher, Barbara 147, 156 Flott, Henry 71, 99, 120 Foard, Mary 147, 152 Gempler, Donald 78 Genereux, Darrell 266 Gentry, Kathy 135, 252 George, James 78, 163, 266 Gerhardt, Edward 98, 101, 108 Gerstenberger, Carol 127 Getty, Steven 143, 252 Gfeller, Theodore 101 Gibb, Gary 266 Gibson, Linda 136, 160 Gieber, Robert 70, 73, 120 Gifford, Linda 275 Giggy, John 266 Gilbert, Adah 67 Gilbert, Mary 91 Gilkison, Mary 67 Gill, Charles 85, 96, 97 Gillespie, Nancy 106 Halper, Gerald 82 Hamilton, Austin 163, 284 Hamilton, Jenna 133, 252 Hamilton, Linda G. 130, 253 Hamilton, Linda I. 139 Hamilton, Wayne 87, 88, 284 Hammer, Merriem 150 Hammond, Edward 17, 99,143 Hammons, Jolene 91, 136, 152 Hampton, Robert 82 Hanna, Richard 64, Hannebaum, Linda Hannon, David 143, Hansen, Rita 275 65,171 275 171, 252 Hara, Charlotte 121, 284 Harbour, Carol 129, 160, 176, 177, 241 Hardesty, Ann 275 Hardesty, Margaret 253 297 Hinkle,' Barbara Jo 284 Hardesty, Merlyn 163 Hardesty, Richard 283 Hardy, Janice 127 Hargraves, Bill 86, 87, 88, 91, 92, 16 Harkness, Darrell 112, 210, 212 Harkness, Ronald 167, 284 Harness, Carol 127, 253 Harold, Norris 97, 284 Harper, Cynthia 152 Harra, Robert 87, 145, 253 Harrisc Betty 146 Harris, James 145, 165 Harris, Judith 70, 110, 133, 253 Harris, D'Anne 75, 77, 79, 284 Harris, Nancy 126, 253 Harrison, Betty 140, 253 Harrison, Judith 107, 275 Harshaw, Gail 127, 253 Hart, Marilyn 124, 127 Harter, James 70, 72, 92, 120, 275 Harter, Jane 266 Hartford, Jaunita 70, 130, 253 Hartshorn, Judith 139, 158 Hartshorn, Kathryn 156 Hartshorn, Treva 71 Hartsook, Roger 87, 91, 266 Hartung, Michael 101 Harvey, Joyce 80, 284 Harvey, Ray 167 Hashimoto, Leslie 121 Hastert, Vernon 63, 74, 292 Hastings, Larry 171 Hatch, Albert 134, 253 Hatfield, Howard 163, 275 Haun, Helen 67 Hawkins, Diana 126, 253 Hawkins, Gloriann 161 Hawkinson, Kenneth 78 Hawks, Margaret 275 Hawks, Elizabeth 128, 253 Haworth, Dennis 82 Hayes, James 284 Hayes, Vernon 60 Haynes, Mary 70, 73, 148, 161. 284 Hayselden, Thomas 38, 82, 165, 284 Hayselden, Ululani 107, 121, 140 Hayslert, Lyle 266 Haywood, Edward 110 Hearlson, Sharon 107 Heater, Betty 128, 253 Hefling, Joel 284 Hefner, Wayne 266 Heger, Sharon 63, 275 Heidner, Sharon 284 Heidrick, Dan 97 Heinen, Robert 111 Heitman, Gene 65 Hellmer, Mary 62, 284 Helmer, Sharon 157 Hemphill, Nancy 88, 91, 129 Henderson, Reba 132, 146, 253 Henderson, Richard 65, 81 Henderson, Theodore 284 Hendrickson, Delores 72, 130, 253 Hendrickson, Susan 110, 126 Henkle, Peggy 125 Henry, John 253 Henry, Joseph 112, 115, 171 Henry, Steve 107 Hernandez, Esther 72 Hernandez, Tony 72 Herpich, Clarence Dick 78, 85 Herrington, Jim 78 Herrs, Ralph Gene 108 Herrs, Rodney Alvin 108, 284 Hess, Karen Kay 136, 253 Hettenbach, Lynette 266 Hewett, Judith Lee 266 Hiebert, Nancy 266 Hiebert, Raymond R. 71 284 Higa, Wilfred S. 121, 253 Higgins, Janice 73, 284 Hill, Peggy 98, 154 Hilliard, Waldo 275 Hillman, Cynthia Lou 29, 42, 60, 76, 161 Hilt, Robert E. 143, 253 Himsel, Robert C. 83 ' Hind, Karen Diane 98, 117, 148, 153 Hinkle, Winton 115, 117 Hinnen, Joseph 91 Hinshaw, Becky Sue 72, 153 Hoag, William 257 Hobelmonn, Deanna 284 Hobson, Carol Lou 75, 275 Hoch, Donald L. 253 Hodges, Barbara J. 284 Hodges, Cynthia T. 116, 153 298 4 Hodges, William E. 253 Hoeppli, Helen M. 80 Hoffman, Jan M. 139, 253 Hoffmeier, Lynn A. 275 Hoffmeier, Peggy Kay 267 Hofstra, Susan E. 131, 253 Hogan, John Thomas 163, 275 Hogan, Stephen James 163 Hogelin, Bobbie J. 128, 253 Hogg, Janice Maxine 130 Hogg, Linda Lucille 134 Hohl, Loretta 80, 266 Hokanson, Sherry Ann 101 Holden, James L. 87, 91, 92 Holdsworth, Kenneth 91 Holland, Marilyn 125, 253 Hollaway, Mary Isabell 284 Holliday, Richard L. 101, 163, 284 Holmes, Charles D. 87, 91 Holmes, Joan E. 125, 154 Holmes, Leona Fay 91, 109, 120, 133, Holmgren, Linda 161 Holt, Judy Ann 91, 127 Holtzman, Theodore R. 81, 91 Holwick, Frank D. 78 Holzrichter, Judy 97, 235 Homan, Geraldine J. 275 Homolka, Beverly 84, 85, 111, 285 Honeycutt, James G. 87 Hoobler, Mary R. 139 Hooper, Jimmie Edwin 149, 172, 275 Hopper, Barbara E. 87, 88, 138, 253 Horn, Clarence Henry 146 Horton, Dallas 253 Hose, Martha Jane 154 Hoseney, Patricia 161 Hoskins, Lannie 98, 120 Hosman,Judith A. 285 Houghton, Ken 163 Houk, Rebecca A. 127, 253 Housh, David L. 163, 285 Howard, Carol J. 129, 253 Hrivnak, Joanne N. 70, 131, 241, 253 Hubbard, Imogene L. 125 Hubbard lMcMurphyJ, Mariean 286 Hubble, Alan Deem 267 Huddlestun, Henry D. 285 Huddelstun, Karen R. 76, 77, 285 Hudson, Sandra Lee 136, 253 James, Doretha L. 146, 276 James, Nancy J. 134 Janssen, Jarvis, Li Carolyn L. 267 nda S. 129, 254 Jasper, Eunice I. 134 Jay, Steve 163, 276 Jenkins, Merlyn 74, 285 Jenkins, William H. 109 Jensen, Charlotte M. 129, 150, 241 Jevons, Sandra A. 254 Jewett, Edith A. 254 Jewett, Samuel 285 Jilg, Ann Jimison, etta Alice 61, 62 Patricia J. 132, 254 Johannsen, Shirley A. 42, 115, 124, 133, 150, 2 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 85 Clozill 146 Corliss L. 87, 276 Dale 106, 276 Deanna Mae 161 Glennis M. 67, 74, 285 Johnson, Henry C. 146, 254 Johnson, Julie A. 161 Johnson, Lois Kay 87 Johnson, Marlene 71, 73, 115, 117, 118, 153 Johnson, Sharon Lee 135, 150, 254 Johnson, Sharon Rae 76, 150 Johnson, Thomas M. 245, 254 Johnson, Timothy 87, 88, 95, 276 Johnson, Vicki Sue 72, 73, 77, 118, 159 Johnson, Willie Jr. 146 Johnson, LeRoy 88 Johnston Vickie Kay 267 Jones, Bernice J. 133, 254 Jones, Carol Lynn 267 Jones, Cheryll Lynn 267 Jones, Elvin LeRoy 285 Jones, James LeRoy 99 Jones, Jo Ann 161 Jones, Karen S. 67, 75, 77, 105, 285 Jones, Kathleen D. 135, 159, 254 Jones, Nora E. 140, 254 Jones, Ri ley Eugene 242 Jones, Robert Scott 163 Jones, Roger A. 254 Jones, Sharilyn G. 126 Jones, Terry Lee 267 Joplin, Mary J. 87, 91, 94 Jordan, Darrell A. 285 Hudspeth, Christie 84, 285 Huey, Peggy Jeane 267 Huff, Carol Ruth 73, 275 Huff, Dennis W. 87 Hughes, Hughes, Bonnie Jean 16, 76, 154, 285 Kay Lynn 132, 241, 253 Hughes, Robert L. 60, 144 Hughes, Suzanne E. 72, 91, 126, 254 Hughey, Darryl Duane 40, 116 Hull, Georgia Lee 80, 133 Jordan, Robert Lee 82 Jordan, Ruth Carol 148, 161 Joyner, Carolyn 18 Junghons, James 41 Jury, Jeannette 91, 285 Just, Maurice L. 144 Justus, Dolores Jean 91, 104, 109, 137, 276 Kabler, Linda C. 137 Hull, Patricia Ann 124, 130, 285 Humbargar, Judith A. 134, 254 Hummel, Jeanne C. 135, 254 Humphries, Linda Lou 154 Hunt, David Leroy 267 Hunt, Diane Louise 150, 186, 187 Hunt, Janelle L. 130 Hunt, Judith 161 Huntington, Pamela L. 75, 285 Hurst, Earl A. 163 Hutcherson, Marilyn 158 Hutchinson, Lorna 67, 74, 285 Hyde, Bronwen 275 Hyde, Mary A. 138 Hyde, Robert Edward 91, 92, 285 lmmasche, Mable Ann 157, 285 Ingalls, Lura Julian 77, 131 lngemanson, Karen K. 75 lngerson, Barbara 159 lnouye, Faith M. 121 loerger, Sharon Kay 19, 91, 94, 193, 267 lrey, James 143 lsenhower, Betty Lou 283 Isaacs, Phyllis 105, 285 Jacintho, John 85 Jacks, Sherry Lane 74, 154 Jackson, Charles D. 285 Jackson, Dean R. 254 Kahler, Virginia V. 285 Karstensen, Jade E. 140 Kasselman, Ralph 163 Kasselman, Willard H. 82, 285 Kassens, Sharon K. 132, 150, 241, 254 Katzer, Richard A. 92, 254 Kautz, Frederick 267 Keelin, Carolyn B. 267 Kehlu, Paul 81 Kehr, Ca rol L. 138 Keiser, Jeanine l. 132, 254 Keith, Loyde Earl 149, 171 Keithley, Janet 132, 254 Kelley, Graham 87, 88, 91 Kemp, William 276 Kennedy, Sandra Sue 42, 68, 70, 75, 157 Kenny, Karen Kay 79, 129, 157, 241, 254 Kent, Pa Kent, Wi tricia Lee 91 lliam 144, 267 Kephart, Steven 163, 276 Kerr, Phyllis 132, 254 Kesinger, Jeanne 138 Kester, J oseph Gary 87 Kester, Particia 87, 124, 138, 272, 276 Keyes, Jamie 131, 161, 241 Kibbe, Johannes 87, 91, 267 Kickhaefer, Linda 137 Kidd, Terry 87, 91, 92 Kiefer, Patricia 76 Kile, Don 88 Jackson, Deanna L. 128, 254 Jackson, Doris Jean 88, 153 Jackson, Mary K. 131,161, 241 Jackson, Patricia A. 24, 126, 154 Jackson, Trudy J. 136, 161 Jackson, Wallace A. 98 Jacobs, Jacoby, Jafari, E Jakubik, Bobbie C. 75, 128, 254 woody M. 163, 275 nayatollah 120 Alexandra M. 276 Kill, Sharon 136, 254 Killingsworth, Janet 75, 140 Kilts, Patricia 80 Kinast, Marilyn 98, 276 King, Anne 132, 254 King, Bonnie Dee 91, 103, 157, 276 King, Karen Sue 60, 70, 73, 115, 148, King, Lyn Louise 139 Kinlund, Nat 186, 285 Kinzer, Linda 153 Kirk, Carol Elaine 254 Kirk, D. Ann 131, 254 Kirk, Janet 267 Kirk, Karon Kay 129, 254 Kistler, Marvilyn A. 127, 254 Kitching, Nancy 125 Kitson, Margo Marine 87, 91, 92, 267 Klassen, Kenneth 163, 276 Klaus, Phyllis 11, 276 Klem, Caroline Lois 276 Kling, Sandra Kay 133, 241, 254 Klinksier, Karl 254 Klose, Robert Henry 172, 267 Klossen, Don 81 Klumpe, Dennis 111 Knapp, Judy Ann 70, 73 Knapp, Sheryl Lynne 161 Knaussman, Robert 285 Knight, Beverly 127 Knight,Judy17, 1:12, 151, 161, 184 Knight, Vicki 139 Knightly, John J. 83 Knipp, Larry 60, 62, 96 Knoop, Omera Jo 130, 254 Knox, Carladyne 136, 254 Koehler, Philip 62, 77, 85, 96, 97, 108, 276 Koehn, Joyce Ann 63, 276 Koehn, Loretta 132, 254 Koenke, Lana 136, 254 Koester, Richard 145 Kohler, Nadine Delores 276 Kong, Hoong Yuan 120 Kong, Sivone 70, 73, 120 Koonce, John 267 Korte, Simon 163 Krack, Joan 75, 76, 131 Kramer, Helen 83 Kramer, William 255 Kraus, John 82 Krehbiel, Karen 60, 62 Krehbiel, Lynn 161 Kristufek, Carl 91, 92 Krstolich, Carolyn 139, 159 Krueger, Carolyn 110, 137 Krueger, Mary 131, 255 Krueger, Ronald 111 Kruse, Larry 145, 172, 267 Krusemark, Glenice 127, 255 Kuchera, Suzanne 63, 74 Kueker, Meredith 138 Kuho, Elizabeth 276 Kuhlman, Pamella 132, 255 Kuhn, Mary 118, 139, 255 Kuhns, Karen 72, 73, 118, 153 Q4 Kuiken, Nancy 129, 147 Kuntz, William 143 Kurth, Nola 60, 108 Kurth, Robert 71, 84, 85, 91, 92, 95, 104,108, 276 Kurtz, Karen 137, 255 Kyle, John 167 Lacour, Philip 143 Lacy, Nancy 276 Lafferty, Larry 267 Lagalle, Letha 62 Laing, Janet 108, 133, 255 Laing, Judy 133, 255 Lais, Ruth 137, 255 Lamb, Phyllis 127 Lana, Jack 87, 88, 91 Lambert, June 42, 124, 132 Lampe, Patricia 75, 276 Lander, Jon 285 Landis, Linda Kay 71 Landrum, David 143, 255 Langenberg, Nancy 150 Lanter, Carol 42, 161 La Nuo, Suths 76 Larkin, Jim 167, 285 Larkin, Jayme 111, 133, 161 Larkin, Judith 111, 136, 241, 255 Larsen, Kay 75, 117, 276 Larsen, Patricia 131 Lattin, Linda 74, 285 Laubham, Richard 71, 82, 84, 108, 276 Lauderdale, Sharon 129, 159, 255 Laughrey, Kenneth 97 Lawler, Ruth Ann 1 16, 150, 285 Lawrence, Karen 67, 92, 100 Laws, Larry 276 Lawyer, Marsha 104, 132, 159, 241,255 Leach, Marcia 138 Leakey, Donald 255 Leap, Jacquelyn 67, 75, 77, 285 Leatherwood, Wilma 133, 255 Lee, Anita 136, 255 Lee, Patricia 110 Lee, Raymond 146 Lee, Theda 124, 137 Leffingwell, Linda 13, 125 Lehman, William 163 Lehner, John 292 Lehner, Sylvia 276 Leisman, Marie 88 Leonard, Audrey 154 Leslie, Karen 157, 285 Manz, Manzi, Manning, Winston 74, 143, 286 Anita 128, 256 Salvatore 143 Mapel, Patricia 109, 241, 277 Mapel, Robert 109 Maple, Virginia 136, 256 Waynetta 63, 277 Maple, Marbourg, De Ann 65 Letellu r, Richard 81 Leuszler, Robert 172, 285 Levret, Ruthann 276 Lewis, Beatrice Paul 110 Lewis, Dorothea 111, 138, 255 Lewis, Martha 267 Lewis Saundra 140, 146, 255 Lewis Syvester 146 Libel, John 276 Marcellus, Marilee 60, 161, 277 Mardis, Kathryn 268 Markel, Georganna 42, 75, 139 Markley, Judith 80 Marks, Susan Mae 138, 256 Marlar, Dixie Iris 286 Marshall, Sarah Lou 129, 256 Marshall, Vincent 45, 107 Martens, Loren Keith 82 Lichtenhan, Gerald 286 Lichty, Richard 172, 276 Lickiss, Karen 60 Lickteig, David 286 Lickteig, Merle 255 Lieb, Margaret 80, 111, 139, 255 Light, Diana 79, 286 Light, Keith 145, 255 Lightfoot, Robert 108 Lindamood, Barbara 286 Lindsay, Donna 91, 92, 134 Linebarger, Lynda 147, 151 Lipscomb, Connie 140, 255 Littell, Raymon 286 Littlepage, Marion 286 Loban, Nell Anne 91 Loc, Tran Ngo Thi 133, 267 Locher, Marlene 151 Lockard, Judy 153 Lockhart, Vicki 98, 286 Loepp, Bobbie 63, 64, 153 Logan, Carol 80, 286 Marten s, Rainer 78 Martin, Claire 124, 125 Martin, Clyde 84, 85, 96, 97, 286 Martin, David Ralph 143 Martin, Gary Glenn 268 Martin, Joyce 277 Martin, Lynn Edwin 277 Martin, Martha Jean 286 Martin, Mary Ellen 100 Martin, Nancy Belle 109 Martin, Sandra Jean 99 Martin, Sandra L. 13, 124, 138, 256 Martin, Thomas 85 Martindale, Leinetta 75 Martinez, Vicki 286 Martinie, Michael 91, 92, 277 Massey, Donna 13, 125, 154, 241 Mast, James D. 92 Mathews, Carolyn 154, 286 Matson, Evelyn 286 Mattison, Karen 286 Mattison, Larry Dean 286 Logan, Linda 151 Lomax, Ken 172 Lonard, Robert 74, 112, 115, 280, 286 Long, Blanche 70, 134, 255 Long, Fred 85, 96, 97, 115, 116, 167 Long, James 163 Long, Melva 153 Long, Michael 98, 101, 267 Longhofer, Karen 128 Loomis, LoRie 255 Lopez, Loranc Auggie 80, 120, 267 e, Gayle 88, 91, 276 Lore, Patricia 140 Lorenz, Gail 146 Lorenz, Jean 16, 136, 154, 185 Lorenz, Wanda 67 Love, Dora 146 Love, J. Scott 255 Lovett, Loving Lowen Lowry, Cheryl 79, 140 , Lee Ann 111, 139, 255 , Robert 101 Larry 145 Loy, William 97 Lucas, Roberta 91, 131 Luce, Ann Elizabeth 132, 255 Ludwig, David 91, 92 Luginsland, Connie 286 Lund, Carol 139, 255 Lund, Linda 276 Lunnon, Robert 255 Lutes, Loren 97 Lutz, John 286 Lyman, Clark 167 Lynch, Lynn, J Deanna 130, 255 ulia 286 Lynn, Sharon 75 Lynn, Bill 167 Lytle, Donita 267 Lytto n, William 60 Madden, Elaine 131, 256 Mader ak, Judith 128, 241, 256 Magers, Carolyn 87, 91, 140 Magnuson, Jerry 163, 276 Mahaffey, Karen 75, 286 Mahan, Janet 87, 88, 91 , 94, 286 Mahaney, Jeannine 286 Mahany, Terry 286 Maher, Elizabeth 70 Maier, Peter 72 Maior, Denny 256 Mcior, James 85, 96 Maior, Markeeta Kay 75, 126, 153 Malag Malik, amaalii, Siosef 120, 144, 268 Steven Kay 79, 277 Malmgren, Jerry 256 Mandeville, Georgian 277 Mann, Mann, Manni H. Stewart 82, 163 Cheryl 99, 126, 161 ng, Carol Ann 151 Mattix, Deborah 72, 128, 154, 256 Mauk, Lois Marie 87, 140 Mawdsley, Richard 145 May, Duane 62, 96, 115, 116, 149, I64, 286 May, Janice 117, 147, 148, 161 Mayfield, John 81 Mayfield, Sally 151 Mayrath, Sharon 63, 286 Mc Adoo, Vicki 74, 153 Mc Alearney, Patricia 129, 255 Mc Askill, Catherine 65 Mc Cabe, Catherine 129, 255 Mc Callum, Cheryl 286 Mc Carthy, James S. 255 Mc Carthy, Stephen 255 Mc Chesney, Don 286 Mc Clain, Frances 80 Mc Clanahan, Mary 80 Mc Clarnon, Jerry Ann 127 Mc Clarnon, Tom 167, 267 Mc Clellan, Charles 145 Mc Clelland, Wayne 267 Mc Closkey, John 267 Mc Clure, Nancy 126 Mc Cormick, Irene 42, 80, 267 Mc Coy, Richard 81 Mc Cay, Ruby 72 Mc Coy, Tom 91, 92, 116, 163, 286 Mc Cubbin, David 91, 92, 163 Mc Cullough, Karen 74, 109, 124, 129, 276 Mc Cully, Marilyn 130 Mc Curry, Thomas 267 Mc Cuistion, Marsha 87, 127, 255 Mc Daniel, Carol 151 Mc Daniel, Karen 267 Mc Donald, Linda 128, 157, 256 Mc Elfresh, Delbert 104, 105 Mc Enulty, Dan 78 Mc Fadden, Kathleen 67, 74, 124, 139, 286 Mc Fadden, Patrick 92, 143 Mc Gough, Shelia 146, 276 Mc Gage, Donita 75, 79, 125 Mc Gilsray, Delvin 17, 146, 210, 212 Mc Glasson, William 286 Mc lntire, Barbara 79, 104, 110 Mc lntire, Kittye 139 Mc Kain, Virginia 159 Mc Kay, Paula 277 Mc Kay, Rita 63, 67, 74, 80, 81, 110, 124, 125, 286 Mc Kay, Wanda 110, 277 Mc Kinneley, Michael 173, 276 Mc Lain, Joan 42, 147, 148, 154, 186, 267 Mc Manus, Eileen 110, 277 Mc Master, Rodney 63 Mc Master, W. June 116 Mc Millan, Lawrence 286 Mc Minn, Janet 256 Mc Murphy, Mariean 286 29 Mc Murphey, Mariorie 256 Mc Naughton, Judith 133, 256 Mc Neil, Bruce 277 Mc Nett, Diana 267 Mc Nitt, Sharon 75, 76, 277 Mc Phail, Gould 277 Mc Phail, Marcia Lynn 63, 277 Mc Quillen, Michele 130, 256 Mc Quilliams, Verna 201 Mc Rill, Dorele 91, 92 Mc Vey, Thomas 92, 267 Meek, Sharon 128, 256 Mehl, Gary 256 Meier, Arnold 1 10 Melichar, Albert 143, 256 Melly, James 38 Melton, Paula 287 Menefee, Brenda 287 Menke, Daniel 143, 256 Mentzer, Marvin 85 Menzies, Kermit 287 Menzies, Lucille 136, 256 Meredith, Mary 72, 130 Messer, William 41, 144 Messick, Nancy 277 Mosier, Sandra Lee B4 Mossman, Earlena Mae 148, 153 Mount, Mouse, Moyer, Linda D. 125 Jack 87 Robert 287 Muldrew, Carol 134 Muller, Max J. 77 Murchison, Mary L. 133, 256 Murray, Sherry Lee 91 Mustard, Janet M. 159 Muth, T Myers, Myers, homas Joseph 287 Caroline A. 75, 76, 287 Forest 173, 268 Myers, Karen W. 74 Myers, Roy L. 91, 92, 106, 108, 277 Nadeau, Sally Ann 277 Naden, Donna Rae 137, 268 Nail, Glenda Jane 287 Nairn, Marsha Gayle 159 Nakamura, Judith Y. 121 Nall, Linda Suzanne 130, 256 Nanninga, Lynn 277 Naramoto, Dawn A. 80, 121, 140, 257 Naramoto, Joyce 75, 121 Nellis, Norman K. 91, 92, 107, 277 Metz, Elizabeth 137 Metz, Thomas 87, 96, 111 Meyashico, Lloyd 121 Meyer, Anne 70, 108 Meyer, Caroline 139, 256 Meyer, Chris 70, 145, 256 Meyer, Darrell 287 Meyer Meyer: John M. 173, 292 Duane 145 Meyer, Julius 277 Meyer, Michael 105 Meyer, Robert 268 Nass, Mary J. 111, 132,155 Nauerth, Verla Mae 75, 157, 287 Naylor, Susan 126, 155, 241 Naylor, Karen 84, 85 Neal, Georgia 135, 257 Neal, Joy Ann 125, 259 Neal, Colleen 104, 153 Nease, Grace Irene 126, 25 Negley, Dianne 157 Neill, Catherine M. 70 Nellans, Mary Lou 277 7 Meyer, Ruth 161 Meyers, Kauh 287 Michael, Bonita 127, 256 Michaelson, Paul 105 Mignot, Larry 256 Mildfelt, Dorothy 91 Miles, Connie 108, 268 Miles, Jim H. 164, 277 Miller, Bentena 136, 161, 241 Miller, Dale 111 Miller, Deanna 161 Miller, Donald 63 Miller, Douglas 76, 163, 286 Miller, Esther 127 Miller, Janis 128, 256 Miller, Jerome 83, 111 Miller, Karen 80, 128, 256 Miller, Margie 268 Miller, Mary 111, 133, 186, 241, 256 Miller, Ray 287 Miller, Richard 83 Miller, Robert 19, 98, 120 Miller, Sue 277 Milliken, Janice 138, 157 Mills, Allan Arnold 91 Mindedahl, Caroline 124, 128, 287 Miner, Sheryl 127, 256 Minor, Jan Lensfred 9, 85, 96, 287 Minor, Larry F. 287 Mitchell, Cadence C. 125, 241, 256 Mitchell, Marilyn K. 139 Mitchell, Martha J. 91, 268 Mitchell, Sharon L. 154 Mitchell, Stephen A. 78, 102, 163, 275 Moffit, Mary E. 277 Moffitt, Frank 110, 287 Mohney, Carolyn L. 80, 126 Mohr, Beth Ann 104, 153 Malden, Edith A. 75 Montgomery, Carol L. 133, 256 Montonye, Barbara L. 130 Nelson, Alta J. 287 Nelson, Harold D. 143 Nelson, Larry R. 61, 74 Nelson, S. Kay 155 Nestler, Richard 277 Neumeyer, Stephen 164 Newby, Dee Jay 287 Newby, Mary 135, 250 Newton, David 143 Newton, Jay Paul 98, 287 Newton, Mary 80 Newton, Nancy 127 Nichols, Diane 70, 73 Nickell, Gaylin 145, 257 Neilson, Connie 138, 241, 257 Niermann, Hanns 171 Nixon, Betty Jo 126, 155 Nixon, Kathy 87, 88 Noel, Muriel Kay 42, 153 Nolind, Stanley 277 Nomura, Francis 121 Noresha, Stanley 121 Norman, Naomi 138 Norris, Kreston 63, 277 Noteman, Carolyn 76, 140 Nowda, Wayne 121 Nunemaker, Marcia 87, 109, 126, 257 Nye, Sandy Lee 134, 178 Nymeyer, Frederic 109, 287 Oard, Kenneth 18, 149 Obrien, Terry 130, 257 Ochs, Ann Lynette 268 O Connor, Janet Lee 74, 109, 120 O Donnell, Dovie 75, 86, 137 Oetinger, Ann Mauree 91, 92, 115, 272, 277 Oetting, Terry 171 Ohlde, Margaret Anne 84, 108, 131, 257 Old, Phyllis Lynn 91, 109 Oldfield, Oldfield, R. William 91, 92, 143 Moore , Beverly J. 136, 256 Moore, Janis 277 Moore, Les 167 Moore , Maxine Rae 75, 80 Moreland, Everett 91 Morgan, Katrina 128 Morgan, Raylene 268 Morgan, Sue E. 148 Moriarty, William S. 171 Morisse, Janice 75, 277 Morlan, Teresa D. 75, 127 Oliver, James 257 Oliverson, Judity 277 Ollek, Sharon 257 Olsen, Robert 83 Olsen, Helen 139, 257 Morris, Donald Eugen 87, 91, 92, 95 Olson, Don 29, 143, 248 Orcutt, Brenda 268 Orostegui, Ina 121 .Orrell, Doyle Lee 62 Orrell, George Noel 171 Osborn Osborn , D. Ann 277 , Judith Ann 118, 161 Morris, Doris Mary 72 Oswald, Robert Leon 268 Morris, Marilyn A. 138 Morris, Marilyn Jean 256, 287 Morris, Mary Jo. 67, 287 Morrow, Marianne 135 Morrow, Sharon Kay 108, 146 Moser, Ann Alayne 42, 72, 268 Mosier, Phil D. 109, 145, 256 O0 Overall Overho , Roberta Kay 71, 91,109,131 lser, Norman 257 Owens, Ann Marie 124, 128 Owens, Caralee Ann 155, 268 Owens, Linda 139, 257 Padgett, Beverly Sue 268 Paige, Jacquelyn 70, 138, 257 Pankratz, Beverly 71, 120, 151, 287 Pankratz, Richard 277 Papa, Barbara 138, 257 Pape, Walter 145 Parker, Barbara Gale 151, 287 Parker, Leslie 287 Parks, Patricia 70 Parmenter, Jerry Lee 91, 92 Parry, Kathleen 136, 157, 241 Parry, Sharon 120 Partington, Shirley 124, 126, 287 Pate, Jimmie 70, 71, 287 Patera, Patricia 139, 257 Patry, Anne Louise 138 Patterson, Garry 78, 287 Patterson, Robert 287 Patton, Diana 74, 287 Paul, Cynthia Anne 292 Paul, Jocelyn Anne 128 Pauler, Marlene Fay 277 Paullin, Don Quinton 167 Pavey, Eileen Ann 72, 74 Pawa, George 120, 292 Paxson, Lloyd Dale 278 Payne, Dixie Lee 99, 132, 257 Pearson, Donald Ray 287 Peavey, Delores 136, 181, 183 Peden, Janie Sue 87, 109, 268 Pees, Judy 75, 140, 257 Pegg, Pamela Diane 157 Pendergraft, Marvin 60 Penner, Glen 105 Penner, lrvin 71, 104, 105 Penner, Martha 81 Penner, Ruby Faye 73 Peppard, Patricia 81 Perkins, Janice 157 Perkins, Margaret 129, 159, 257 Perkins, Paula 91, 278 Perry, Donna 80, 125, 257 Perry, Philip 287 Perry, Thestar Dean 88, 92, 95 Peschel, Joseph 111 Peschel, Lawrence ll 1 Petefish, Mary 83, 292 Peters, Donna Jo. 157 Peterson, Linda Lou 136 Petitiean, Francis 77 Pettit, Eleanor Cole 157 Petty, Cheryl Lou 76, 151 Peyton, John Milton 287 Phalp, Anita Boyd 99 Phelan, Vicki 135, 257 Phelps, Bonnie 128, 257 Phelps, Sandra 129, 151 Phillips, Marlene 83 Phillips, Larry 278 Phillips, Sharon Sue 125 Phillips, Terry 29, 60, 268 Phyfe, Mary Jane 126, 153 Pickert, David 145 Pickett, Rita 131, 257 Pierce, Barbara Sue 76, 153 Pierce, Lynn Allen 61, 85 Pietrzak, Anthony 149, 21 1 Pike, Susan Louise 126, 257 Pile, Phyllis 91, 135 Piper, Leslie 257 Piper, Ross 257 Pitcher, Janet 135, 257 Pitko, Michael 78, 268 Plank, Dennis 87, 88, 91, 92, 95 Plank, Max Eugene 87, 88 Platz, Wayne Anthony 143 Poage, Ivan Lonn 87 Podszus, Rodney 278 Pollard, Donna Kay 91, 98, 129, 257 Pollaro, David 268 Pollrnan, Joy 137 Polparsi, Niwat 120, 287 Polvado, Victoria 91, 130 Poole, George Douglas 126, 257 Poole, Pamela Jean 126, 257 Poole, Thomas 163 Poovey, Deena Louise 77, 107, 124, 135, 268 Powell, Mary Ellen 268 Powers, Michael 85, 287 Pracht, Betty Ruth 76, 135, 257 Prall, Bruce 96 Prather, Janice 161 Pratt, Sharon Lee 287 Prebble, Mark 164, 268 Prell, Diane 134 Preston, David 288 Price, Judy 134 Price, Warren 257 Price, William 144, 278 Price, William Joe 63, 173, 278 Priddy, Robert 109 Printz, Susan Diane 151 Privat, Garry 173, 268 Proctor, Sharon 135, 257 Proffitt, Diana 68, 288 Pruitt, Anna Kay 153 Pruitt, Melinda Jean 125 Ptacek, Eveanna 74 Pulec, Mickey 145 Purkeypile, Dale 60 Purnell, Bob 17 Purviance, Charles 63, 288 Purviance, Margaret 76, 153 Putnam, Karen Sue 80, 268 Putnam, Ramon 97 Pyle, Alberta 126, 257 Quackenbush, Douglas 85 Quillin, Patricia 62, 67, 74, 84 Raaf, Richard Dale 257 Rader, Leslie 268 Radford, Mary Jane 72, 111, 120 Rahn, Karen 278 Raithel, Susan 134, 161 Ramirez, Ampare 72 Ramirez, Bonnie 72 Ramirez, Margarita 88 Ramsdell, Sharon 128 Ramsey, Mark 257 Ramsey, Patricia 129, 153, 241 Ramsey, Shirley Jean 91 Randall, Nancy 135 Randel, Marilyn Kay 268 Randle, Marsha 80 Ratliff, Joyce 75, 139, 241 Ratzlaff, Norma 288 Razook, Diane 128, 258 Reaugh, Peggy 75, 132 Reaves, Betty Jo 129, 241, 258 Reddig, Thomas 268 Redburn, Doris Ann 67, 74, 288 Reddick, Gregory 171 Redeker, Maynard 138 Redford, Mary 268 Reed, Carol 138 Reed, Carolyn Sue 268 Reed, Joann 137 Reed, Judith Ann 91, 92, 94 Reeves, Carol Faye 42, 91, 151 Regehr, Gary 82, 288 Rehm, Linda Gay 133 Reiff, Sandra 288 Reimon, Nancy 132, 258 Reimer, Betty Jo Ann 105, 163, 278 Remmers, Martha 128, 155 Remmers, Patricia 40, 115, 117, 155 Rennick, Sue Ellen 127 Renz, Janet Delores 104, 155 Rettele, Betty 288 Rettele, David 62, 288 Reust, Raymond 82, 278 Reynolds, Chandis 80, 258 Reynolds, John David 87, 91, 92 Rezac, Elnita Kay 91, 130, 258 Rezac, Linda Sue 76, 77, 268 Rezac, Virginia Kay 127, 258 Rhea, Harold Garner 288 Rhea, Lois Ann 138, 241, 258 Rhine, Carol 125 Riblett, Oscar Gene 268 Rice, Barbara Lou 127, 153, 245, 258 Rice, Sally Ann 161, 288 Rice, Virginia 139 Richards, Jayne 128, 258 Richards, Roy 143 Richardson, Clarice 139, 161, 241, 245 Richardson, Marsha 79, 140 Richel, Richard 82, 258 Richmond, David 171 Richter, Philip Ray 288 Richmond, Orpha 71, 138 Richtberg, Donald 16, 167, 288 Richter, Leo Ray 84 Rickabaugh, James 82, 288 Rickobaugh, Patricia 288 Rickbone, Catherine 70, 79 Ricke, Louis Allen 111, 268 Rifenbark, Gloria 63 Riftel, Faith Maxine 161 Riffer, Lloyd 288 Riggin, Steven Ross 104 Riggins, Cheryl Ann 126, 147 Riggs, Susan 134, 258 Riley, Gerald 70, 73 Rindom, Kiestine 288 Rindom, Victoria 288 Rinehart, Christina 77, 269 Rippel, Sharon Lee 153 Rising, Norman 288 Risley, Richard 164, 268 Risley, Sharon Elaine 98, 124, 138 Rison, Jerry 165 Rittenhouse, Janet 75, 136, 258 Ritter, Brenda Kay 269 Robb, Gloria 124, 129 Robb, Larry 292 Robbins, Robbins, Roberts, Barbara 87 Sharon 125 DeWolff 78 Roberts, Emily 157, 241 Roberts, Roberts, Roberts John Delano 85, 96, 97, Margaret 157 Phyllis 128, 258 Robertson, Elizabeth 60, 269 Robertson, Joan 63, 288 Robertson, Michael 77 Robinson, Cheryl 132, 146, 258 Robinson, Gary Lee 64, 65 Robinson, Gwendolyn 146, 278 Robinson, Jane 128, 153, 241 Robinson, Richard 258 Robins, Barbara Kay 91 Robison, Kay 99, 258 Robison, Martha 1 17, 278 Robison, Thomas Joe 65, 112, 288 Roble, Curtis 97 Rockey, Lyle Marion 62, 74, 288 Rockwell, David James 98, 288 Rodenbaugh, Robert 64 Rodgers, Jerry Lee 173, 288 Rodgers, Marilyn 137 Roerig, Richard Lee 71 Rogot, Neal 288 Charlotte 126, 258 Rogers, Rogers, Jerry 107 Rogers, Omar 108, 146, 258 Rogers, Rosetta 74 Rogers, Sharon Kay 71, 268 Rokey, Linda Louise 87, 88, 91 Rolf, Coel 81 Rollins, Sue Ann 278 Rollwogen, Eugene 68, 288 Romary, Dorcas Rae 288 Romary, Bill Lloyd 288 Romeiser, Ruth 134, 258 Romer, Marilyn Sue 70, 75, Romine, Gary Lynn 97 Ronen, Harriett Ann 151 Roohms, Andra Lee 17 Rooth, Stewart 278 Rose, John Charles 60 Rose, John David 278 Rose, Linda 136, 258 Rosecrans, Carolyn 288 Rosine, Frank John 145 110, Rotz, John Wayne 74, 85, 288 Rouse, Constance 42 Roy, Donna Jean 75, 76, 130 Rudy, Rolan 120, 278 Ruff, Peggy 75, 139, 258 Ruhnke, Roy Ronald 71, 74, 84, 85, 1 Rukes, David 258 Rule, James Hunt91 Rule, Janet Marie 80, 118, 153 Rusco, Jean Malee 42, 151 Russ, Sherril 42, 87, 91, 116, 151 Russell, Ed 77 Russell, John 91 Russell, Patricia 29, 133, 241 Russell, Sharon Ann 268 Russell, Sue Ellene 157 Rust, Lola Jean 268 Rust, Phyllis 129 Rutherford, Jerry 278 Ruud, Jerry Dean 143, 171, Ryan, Patrick James 63, 65, 258 288 Ryan, Rosalie 11 1 Ryan, Virginia Anne 91, 94, 288 Rye, Linda 137, 258 Ryel, Donald 269 Ryf, Terry 145 Rytych, Sharon Ann 84, 131, 258 Sack, Richard 77, 107, 108, 278 Saddler, Linda 91 Sadler, Dennis Wayne 258 Sadler, Kathy 76, 129, 258 Sadreseghatulesla, Fr. 120, 278 Soierite, Ronald 288 St John, Larry Lou 75, 76, 269 Saito, Melvin 121 Sallee, Loretta Kay 155 Salsbury, Barry 289 Samms, Diane 125, 258 Sandburg, Richard 145, 258 Sanders, Francis 278 Sands, Robert 144, 171, 258 15, 288 Sang, Duong Thi 139, 269 Santoli, Rudolph 165 Sardou, Charlene 139 Sasano, Mickie 269 Sasse, Donna Faye 89, 92, 124, 131 Sato, Edward 121 Sauder, Darrel 61, 269 Sauer, Frieda 71, 135, 258 Sayre, Ginger Kay 269 Schadt, Elinor 109 Schartz, Elizabeth 127, 259 Scheck, Gloria 111, 135, 258 Schick, Betty Lou 60, 62, 155 Schick, Judy Kay 148, 155, 289 Schick, Peggy Joyce 76, 134 Schinstack, Toni 131, 241, 259 Schlicht, Richard 258 Schmidt, lris Lee 42, 153 Schmidt, Jerald 144 Schmidt, Lois Mac 110 Schmidt, Ronald 145, 259 Schmidt, William 259 Schnittker, Leroy 62, 289 Scholz, Karla 128, 259 Schottler, Fred 70 Schowengerdt, Julie 124, 140, 155 Schrader, Lyle 81 Schrick, Raymond 213 Schroeder, Dana 72, 128, 258 Schroeder, Sharon 278 Schuette, Bud 87, 92, 95 Schuetz, L. Gerald 65 Schulte, Nancy 153 Schultheis, John 269 Schultz, Connie Sue 70, 161 Schultz, Warren 60, 289 Schulz, Donald 91, 173, 269 Schulz, Patricia 161, 138 Schumacher, Richard 289 Schumaker, Jill Anne 75, 76, 159 Schumaker, Ray 82 Schurle, Carolyn Ann 278 Schwartz, Peggy 79, 157 Schwartz, Sandra 130, 151, 155 Schwartzman, LeRoy 164 Schwindt, Marilyn 269 Scoby, Richard 278 Scott, Carol 269 Scott, Charles 269 Scott, Galen Lee 87 Scoville, Lynda Sue 133 Scraper, Robert 87, 91 Sears, Linda 84, 278 Sears, Sherry 61, 76, 151 Seaton, Fred 278 Seaton, Phillip 88 Seaton, Trudy Gay 289 Seawood 165 See, Judith 91 Segelquist, Rella 139 Seibold, Ronald Lee 164 ' Selack, Richard 278 ,f Selby, Larry 45 Selk, Nancy 269 Sellens, Jim 167 Sellers, Charles 77 Selves, Michael 72 Sengpiehl, Jane 75, 289 Senn, Nancy 60, 278 Servos, Gloria 140 Settles, Lanno 75 Sewell, Judy 42, 161 Sewing, Sharon 126, 259 Shade, Jane 129 Shafer, John 96 Shaffer, Karla 159 Shatter, Lorraine 259 Shaner, Charlotte 278 Shannon, Jean 161 Shannon, Nancy 130, 259 Sharp, Loretta 130, 147, 155, 241 Sharp, Sue 109, 136, 259 Shaw, Elizabeth 289 Shaw, Elaine 91, 94 Shaw, Nancy 75,135 Shaw, P Sheble, atricia 135 Frank 210, 212 Shelby, Sandra 98 Sheldon, John 82, 144, 259 Shell, Ja cquelyn 75, 76, 92, 159 Shelor, Caryn Sue 71, 73, 79, 157 Shenk, Audrey 289 Sherrod, Shields, Cecil 278 Karen 157 Shineman, Gerald 63 Shipley, Ronald 81,82 Shire, Gloria 289 Shire, Rocky 289 Shockey, Sharon 109, 135, 259 Q. 50 Shoemaker, Stanley 171 Shore, Betty 124, 137, 278 Shuda, Thais Jane 87, 111, 133, 259 Shumate, Terry 259 Sickbert, Cheryl 76, 79, 128 Sidman, Gary 269 Siebert, Douglas 82 Siebs, William 98, 259 Siegle, Cheryl 101, 269 Siemsen, Marilyn 42, 87, 91, 92, 94, 124, 131, 269 Sigley, Kenneth 85, 92, 105 Simek, Janet 68, 133, 289 Simmons, Galen 145 Simmons, Judith Ann 278, 289 Simpson, Judy Ann 18, 63, 102, 157, 289 Sims, Connie 75 Sims, Sara 137 Sitts, lreta 157 Sioberg, Darryl 120 Skaggs, Judith Ann 106 Skeen, David 41 Slabaugh, Marvin 91, 269 Slack, Margie 159 Slack, Trisha 128, 259 Slattery, Karen 75, 138 Slawson, Douglas 8, 164 Sledge, Marti 75, 76, 138 Slifer, Bonnie 71 Sloan, lreland 78, 115, 117, 280 Sloan, Joelyn 137, 259 Small, Carol 131 Small, Cheryl 269 Spoon, Lindo 13, 259 Sprague, Georgia Ann 109, 120, 289 Spray, Gary 144, 260 Sprout, Sharon 135, 260 Spruill, Helen 159, 190 Squires, Jane 279 Srader, Nancy Jo 151 Staggs, Debbie Lynn 157 Staker, Norma 91 Stamm, Marilyn Jean 127, 260 Standish, Suzanne 129, 260 Stanley, Mary Ann 135 Small, Deraldstine 289 Small, Kathleen Jean 159 Small, Shirley Ann 17, 146, 185 Small, Shirley J. 131, 259 Small, Thelma 146 Smith, Beverly 75, 109, 137, 259 Smith, Carol 241 Smith, Celia 139 Smith, Cheryl Ann 129 Smith, Clark 92, 95, 146, 278 Smith, Clell 97 Smith, David 171 Smith, Diane Carol 126 Smith, Diane Kay 102, 157, 289 Smith, Donna J. 75 Smith, Edward J. 144, 259 Smith, Edna Carol 127, 249 Smith, Eleanor 88 Smith, Forest 82 Smith, Joseph 259 Smith, Larita 135 Smith, Margaret 75, 76, 137, 259 Smith, Marilyn 110, 137 Smith, Max 29, 259 Smith, Monty 259 Smith, Nilene 70, 72, 79, 126, 146, 269 Smith, Pamela 126 Smith, Patricia 137 Smith, Ray 269 Smith, Raymond D. 45 Smith, Raymond H. 145, 259 Smith, Robert Allen 289 Smith, Sandra 138, 259 Smith, Sharon Sue 278 Smith, Stephen 279 Smith, Vicky 128, 259 Smutz, Gayla 139, 259 Snay, Joyce Elaine 75, 269 Snodgrass, J, D. 41, 164 Snyder, Arthur Frank 111, 269 Sobba, Harold 289 Sobba, Leon 87, 111, 259 Sobke, Joyce Ann 107 Solomon, Joyce 269 Sommers, Lila Jean 104, 105, 289 Sommers, Sue 269 Sorenson, Suellen 269 Souba, Karen 131, 259 Sowers, Phyllis Ann 289 Spanier, Karen Kay 63, 279 Sparks, Caroline 71 Sparks, Rita 75, 76, 127, 259 Sparks, Sandra 153 Spena, Elton Eugene 82, 289 Spencer, Spencer, Ann Louise 155, 289 Cheryl 131, 259 Spencer, Cynthia 88, 269 Spencer, Janice 155 Spencer, Roderic 60, 62, 70 Spencer, Ruth Ann 74, 104, 108, 159 Spencer, Vicky, Annet 269 Spicer, Donna Rose 269 Spielman, Lucille 133, 259 Splichal, Edwin 111 Spohn, Jerold Wayne 82, 279 Spoon, Mike 13, 92 02 Stanley, Sharon Mae 260 Stapleford, Janet 60, 269 Stark, Roy 171 Starkey, Kay 153 Starne, Phyllis 260 Staszkow, Myron 121 Steele, Shelby Ann 101 Steen, Linda Sue 159 Steere, Lourel Leon 289 Steffey, Sondra Kay 159 Stegeman, Ralph James Stegman, Michael 164 Stewart, William 88 Steitz, Kenneth 269 Stephens, Clarence 146 Stephens, Pamela 134, 260 Stephens, Terry Ann 161 Stephenson, Paul 91, 167 Stevenson, Sheila 42, 161 Stewart, Olene 279 Stewart, Robert 60, 260 Stewart, Sue 88 Stehno, Edward 81 Stillings, Constance 42, 91, 161 Stimpert, Carol Jean 85, 270 Stine, Richard Lewis 171 Stites, Ruth 138 Stith, Cheryl 87, 88, 133, 269 Stoebener, Robert 82 Stokes, Carol Ann 77, 83 Stone, Beverly Jo 270 Stoneback, Elaine 134 Storey, Stephen Dean 144 Stormont, David 45 Storrer, William 87, 91 Stoskopf, Ruth Dawn 151 Stoufter, Robert 164 Straight, Judith Ann 270 Strait, Karol 140 Straw, Jimmie 87, 91, 144 Stucky, Barbara Joan 60, 124, 136 Stucky, Jon Marshall 143, 260 Stucky, Marilyn 98, 155 Stucky, Merro 81 Studer, Margaret 80, 279 Studt, Kathryn Ruth 76, 155, 289 Stuke, Kenneth 111, 173, 289 Stump, Sue Ellen 155, 289 Stunkel, Theanna 131, 260 Stunz, Sharon 72, 137, 260 Sturgeon, Jim 171 Suddarth, Sherry Sue 87, 130, 260 Summers, Barbara 108, 131, 260 Summers, Janice 133, 260 Summervill, Mickey 82, 289 Sumner, Harold 171 Sumpter, Carol 289 Svoboda, Mary 135 Swan, Nancy Jane 61, 62, 289 Swaney, Charlotte 128, 260 Swank, Ann 134 Swanson, Monty 78 Sweeney, Laura 127 Swender, Dennis 87, 98, 260 Sweney, Anne 132, 260 Swendson, William 145, 260 Swenson, Judith Ann 100, 132, 289 Swenson, Lorna Carol 75, 159 Swenson, Marie 91, 260 Swift, Delores 134, 260 Swope, Edwina 83, 279 Swoyer, Donald 84, 111, 289 Symmonds, Alice 91, 135, 260 Szura, Richard 173, 290 Tafolla, Robert 173, 270 Tague, Jean Marie 124, l30 Takamoto, Michael 121, 260 Tallman, Linda 161, 186 Tangeman, David 111 Tankersley, Deanna 161 Tasker, David 173, 290 Tatum, Mary Jane 124, 133, 279 Taylor, Clara 139, 260 Taylor, Daniel 270 Taylor, David 62 Taylor, Ellen 132, 260 Taylor, Kloma 270 Taylor, Phyllis 290 Taylor, Verdell 146 Tedrow, Keith 64, 65, 112, 115, 186 Teeple, Linda 91, 131, 241, 260 Teghtmeyer, Joyce 87, 88, 138 Terhune, John 107 Terrell, Darline 87 Terry, Norman 82, 146 Teske, Harlan 105 Tetley, Jerry 260 Theden, George 121, 260 Thibault, Barbara 270 Thibault, Betty 279 Thistlethwaite, Jane 270 Tholen, Jan 42 Thomas, Cheryl 134, 260 Thomas, Gerald 292 Thomas, Glora 42, 104, 290 Thomas, Lucy 146 Thomas, Norman 87 Thomas, Paul 81, 82 Thomas, Richard 145 Thomas, Ron 65 Thomas, Russell 144, 171 Thompson, Betty Jo 84, 85 Thompson, Dorothy 73 Thompson Dwayne 290 Thompson, Fred 200, 201 Thompson, John 63, 85, 290 Thompson Mary 128, 260 Thompson Nancy 80, 153 Throm, Billy 81 Thyfault, Ector 78 Tibbetts, Gene 260 Tindall, Shirley 290 Titus, Kathryn 101, 155, 179, 290 Tiaden, Judith 153 Tobias, Beverly 290 Tobias, Judy 134, 260 Toburen, James 107, 270 Todd, Gary 38, 290 Todd, Kay 159 Todd, Lorene 140 Tokuda, Stanley 121, 290 Tomasek, Maxine 134, 260 Tomlinson, Robert 107, 165 Toole, Patricia 97 Torkelson, Glenda 86, 87, 94, 290 Torkelson, Leon 63, 92, 290 Towns, Barbara 151 Tracy, Beverly 279 Traffas, Geraldine 111, 270 Train, Martha 279 Traylor, Phil 290 Tregellas, Richard 290 Trenkamp, Helen 72, 130, 260 Tripkos, Carol 80, 127 Trost, Judith 108, 279 Troyer, Daryl 74, 164, 290 Truby, Phillip 290 True, Evelyn 133, 260 True, Janet 135, 261 Trueblood, Verlyn 290 Truitt, Marcia 74, 290 Truskett, Janet 72, 279 Tucker, Gary 62 Tucker, Lee 270 Tuley, Sara 148, 157, 189, 190, 199 Tull, Michael 171 Turley, Edith 83 Turner, Sharon 91, 92, 94, 270 Turner, Sheryl 148, 159 Twidwell, William 85, 97 Ukaver, Kenneth 74 Ullman, Cheryl 151 Ulrich, Carolyn 70, 73, 153 Ulrich, Daniel 270 Unruh, Edward 164 Unruh, Gloria 132 Uohara, Phyllis 121 Uselman, Everett 85 Utterback, Susan 91, 107, 130, 161 Uttinger, Leroy 82 Valentine, Judy 88, 94 Vanarsdale, Charlene 279, 290 Vanderkraats, David 60 Vandeveer, Kris 159 Vanmeter, Marian 292 Varenhorst, Richard 97, 270 Vaughn, Gary 290 Vaughn, Karen 63 Verbrugge, Arlene 75, 79, 131, 261 Vignery, Howard 108, 261 Vincent, A. Delores 67 Vincent, Charles D. 63 Vineyard, Shirley 75, 261 Voelker, Louise 76, 139, 261 Vohs, Robert Allen 118 Voigt, Janice 136, 261 Volk, Marcia 70, 72, 159, 290 Volland, Charles 91, 92, 144, 261 Vollweider, Linda 128 Voorhees, Elizabeth 290 Voth, Mary Sue 270 Voth, Merle 290 Vratil, Steve 164, 290 Wachter, Sherry Jean 75, 279 Waddles, Julia Ann 132 Wade, Wilna Jane 75, 76 Wagner, Barbara Ann 157 Wagner , Diana K. 125 Wagner, Harry 85 Wagner , Nancy Kay 62, 67, 241, 290 Wagor, Carolyn 75 Wagner, Marco 91, 136, 151 Waidley, Michael 82 Waite, Stephen Lee 63, 270 Waldrep, Dixie Lee 126, 151, 261 Walford, Janice 133, 261 Waldrip, Jerry 91 Walker, Walker, Beverly 279 Fonda Gay 76, 132 Walker, John 104, 105 Walker, Lesley 131, 261 Walker, Martha Jane 279 Walker, Nancy Beth 151 Walker, Ronald 261 Walker, Sammye Gayle 279 Walker, Sharon 128 Walker, Virginia 270 Wall, Eloise 75, 76, 279 Wallace, William Travis 78 Waller, Judith Kay 146, 153, 176, 244 Walls, Aurilla 120, 270 Walter, Joseph Smith 167, 279 Walters, Roger LeRoy 270 Walton, John A. 91 Wanamaker, Diane Sue 270 Waner, Gary F. 111, 261 Waner, Paul Thomas 60, 270 Wecker, James 111 Weeks, Judith Alice 135, 261 Weems, Malcolm 144 Weese, Betty 74 Wehking, Norma Jane 76, 157, 207 Wehrli, Janice Kay 290 Weians, Jean A. 138 Weickert, Jillayne 136, 155, 241 Weidner, Willis 261 Weinberg, Terry Lee 270 Weinmann, James 81 Weiss, Delma Faye 290 g Welch, Marilyn Kay 291 Welch, Raymond Lee 85, 96, 115, 1 Welch, William 82 Weldon, Richard 87, 88, 92, 95 Welli, Earl Gene 291 Wells, Carol 109, 137, 261 Wells, Chuck 171 Wells, Marcia Renee 60, 270 Wendel, William 85 Wendland, Henry 74, 81, 82, 164 Wendland, Mary 279 Wendling, John Edwin 63, 110, 291 Wendling, Marilyn 80, 111, 291 Wenger, Bob 97, 108 Wenger, Judy 77, 91, 127, 178, 261 Werner, Miriam 67, 76, 76 West, Claralee 86, 127, 153, 261 Weston, Mary Lou 75 Westphal, Neil 82, 279 Wetta, Larry 270 Wetta, Vincent L. 144, 261 Wheat, Judith Anne 91, 270 Wheatley, Linda Rae 130, 159, 261 Wheeler, Dena Lee 96, 97, 111 Wheeler, Nancy Kay 42, 61, 151 Whisenhant, Paul 144, 261 Whitacre, Judy Rae 291 Whitcomb, Virginia 67, 291 white, Betty 129, 261 White, Charles 77 White, Dee Ann 125, 261 White, Judy 92 White, Travis Jon 173, 270 Whitmore, Cindy 279 Whitten, Frances 91, 94 Yates, Sally 137 Wang, Shing Na 60, 279 Ward, Barbara Jane 290 Ward, Dennis 143 Word, George 270 Ward, Jacqulyn Sue 139, 241, 261 Ward, Kay Lynn 270 Warner, Ardeth 136, 261 Warner, Garry L. 87, 91, 92, 95 Warner, Miriam 290 Warren, Koralee 146, 290 Warrick, Pamela 42, 153 Warta, Sandra 87, 91, 135, 261 Washburn, Jeannette 138, 270 Washburn, William R. 10 Watkins, Carmen 130 Watkins, Stanley 261 Watkins, Victoria 131, 261 Margaret 124, 130, 261 Martha 155, 176, 179, 261 Watson, Watson, Watson, Sadie Lou 127 Watson, Sandra 127 Whittington, John 270 Wickerd, Leona 138 Widler, Deanna 135, 261 Wiens, Terry Hugh 270 Wiggins, Karen 72, 270 Wildman, Sharon Kay 91, 92, 94 Watt, Patricia 148, 159 Weak, Nancy Ann 75, 76, 290 Wealand, Deanna 137 Weatherbee, Diana 75, 76 Weatherford, Brenda 126 Weatherwax, Deba Ann 279 Weaver, Kathleen 125, 261 Weaver, Kenneth 62, 290 Webber, Cynthia 70, 153 Webster, Jimmie 87, 91 Wiler, Andrea 129, 151, 261 Wilhelm, Marla 129, 151, 261 Wilkerson, Sidra 75 Wilkison, Mark 144, 271 Will, Donald Dean 84, 85, 96, 104, Will, Leah Kay 70, 104, 279 Willans, Arthur 97, 279 Williams Williams 1 Barbara 138 Brenda 126, 146, 270 Williams Earl 62, 74, 291 Williams, Gwendolyn 270 Williams, Jana May 126, 151, 261 Williams, Mary Joann 279 Williams Merilyn 108, 271 Williams, Paul 279 Williams Pricilla 135, 261 Williams Stephen 291 Williams, on, Peggy 139, 262 Williamson, Sarah 139 Wills, Claudia 132 Wilson, Alice Marie 75, 245 Wilson, Cynthia Ann 118, 148 Wilson, Dorothy 42, 153 Wilson, Florence 291 Wilson, Henry 62 49, 173, 279 108, 291 Wilson, Judith 71, 136, 262 Wilson, Karon 135, 262 Wilson, Mary Ann 291 Wilson, Richard 91, 144 Wilson, Wilson, Ronald Glenn 98, 171 Susan 136, 262 Wiltz, Gerald 81 Windler, Clayton 108 Windsor, Arnold 81 Winsor, Jerry 292 Winter, Richard Lee 92, 95, 291 Wischropp, Suzanne 70, 73, 115 Wiske, Lyla Jean 137 win, Phillip 291 Witte, Norman Dale 91, 92, 291 Wittmann, Lena 157, 291 Wochos, Nancy 134, 271 Woelfel, Joseph 279 Woelk, Richard Allen 85 Woerman, Kenneth 262 Wolff, Donna 137 Wolff, Gary 82 Wolff, Gerald Lee 291 Wolford, Marilyn Sue 87, 271 Wolfrom, Dorothy 271 Wood, Carol Janet 291 Wood, Connie 136, 153 Wood, Sarah Melinda 186 Wood, Richard Allen 279 Wood, William 270 Woodard, Joe 167, 291 Woodcock, Paul 79 Woodhead, Jack 61, 62, 71 Woodland, Nancy Ann 153, 190 Woodland, Sara Lynn 42, 153 Woods, Kenneth Wayne 291 Woods, Patricia 140, 262 Woods, Raymond Lee 92 Woolf, Donna Ilene 270 Wooten, Lela 137 Worthington, Pat Ann 42, 70, 155 Wrench, Donald Otis 112, 210 Wright, Charles 87, 88, 91, 92 Wright, Donald 262 Wright, Douglas 144, 184, 249 Wright, Gale 16, 132, 147, 161, 2 Wright, Nora Lee 291 Wulf, Janelle 88, 91, 262 Wuthnow, Phyllis 135, 271 Wyatt, Douglas 82, 262 Wymore, Dorothy 136, 155 Yatsushiro, Craig 121 Yeaney, Darrell 108, 120 Yehle, Michael Wayne 291 Yingling, Barbara 127, 159 Yoakum, Stephen 164 Yoder, Cora Lee 94, 291 York, Judith Ann 91, 151 York, Karen 157 York, Marla 138, 157 Yotter, Cheryl 75, 76, 279 Young, Janice 262 Zaiss, Carl 41, 144 Zaine, A. M 120 Zimmerman, Donna Rae 279 Zimmerman, Errol 92, 101, 271 Zimmerman, Janet 134, 262 Zooleman, Carol 132, 262 Zorn, Thomas 98, 111, 173, 271 Zscheile, Edwin 271 Zurfluh, Larry 61, 62, 74, 291 45 30 - V V 1 I fi V - :S :gf .qk 5 14? Lil, j I t ff, ,F Q ,Q . K .I , . Q .Q ,v i ii f g w v. 5.-V K , M , kings: in W I 'E gg in-V F MSGLA--5 N NV. X? ,iwfljghifgri .,f , X 5' kwi uf Q' N' ' P ' A ' , ' ' ' K ' 'R ,- ,ff V 4' rs' " 7 ', gag ,jZf.?g,x,,f. - " . V ' 5 , l V if ol- -.pg -,W '-' V V '- V' ' V . VV gy ' V V 2.0 V .4 .IV - , f' . ' .V 4 ' ' V V '45 V .V V V -- 5321- A' o J ' V - '-55. 1 . A V' 7 ' ' x Vg ' . 'li ' - x ' K . ,' , ,JJ 491' MQ V .w 1 . .. A W , , , E Q . . . V ' .4 V , , w V .' . . J ' I ' . ' , 5 I ' ' 5 gg 'V V V df. V ' , ' , V A 'fs ' 7 . O M A , .ni ,. -4 JJ Q- N , -, . ,, 1 gr A ,. gg 2 I c V! f , . I 1 xfggk. ' ' . ' .ff , V f ML ' ' Z . 0 0 rf ,, - 9, -, 5 I fir fig. 5 4 :X ' U: .V. -125 ' , 1 Q. V Vu. fx.. ' is hx, W V5 . 5? V. ' .1 J' jf. Mft, f9'SVV:. 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Suggestions in the Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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