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Text from Pages 1 - 328 of the 1961 volume:

-...M 'fflaakx " ..... DT' ,Q'g,f',?5"f"f " 'IL' ijgv- -W 3 'H 5 4 az . ' - W., . 2 ff zazw, ,' ,' ai, wg K -sv' Q..-mms I "'W""'f' 1 Ifqwgx P , hx. . ,,.. gg Asa, , ,, .Q . . , ,A S - .v .,'ff.w . f 1 ,- M.. H, ,MWA t ,,..,..... A 1 ,pe mg., gf. g -x- , , 3,5 . X , . S, , Q af A ,A J 4 ,Y 1 M at f A I 'iw . zu , 1 x 1 'f at 1 , f , R , if X 1 X r Q 51 I A lv , ,g V t ,. f lg k nv .. N, XM 'fifmif ' '15 , , -ma" wk' ,r Q J ku't,X' UM A17 Q V' A A f A A ' mf ,QV " ' ,Q A -xg F 'af 51553, Q, . ' Q' ,Y -xg, Q I Q ' 1 . N 'L HW: K 1 fx n W fm , 1-Wiz 1' M ' ,Q 7 ,V nv . le' A., ,W A :vii M hw N . , " .E W Www, 'M-mu. unl'Iower l96l Y :,,...... 1 l N v 1 i . 2 r . I 2 n Q ! 1 A 4 I ! v staff' donna fitzpatrick editor I noel m. klein art director photo editor bill ireland asst. art director lee bondurant filing clerk ruth ann brown organizations, index editor sharon swender services, administration, special events editor mary ellen schemke becky carson student activities editors marilyn iohnson royalties editor elaine smith sports, drama donna mclean carol troust classes editors mr. i. w. brinkman advisor + x 1, Sz p Y f 1 . sf ' , 4 . Gs 1. 7 6 Yaiisfl fx' 1+ ' 3 I U Us f .ff 3 Q. , J 1 1 if fu lf yu wi,-'iam Lp ,r TABLE GF CONTENTS Book I Administration 8 Services 20 Book II Faculty Departments 34 Book III Royalty 80 Homecoming 88 Drama 98 Special Events 104 Student Activities 1 12 Athletics 123 Book IV Organizations 154 Departmental Honorary Religious 187 Social 193 Classes 231 Index 309 in i'lv, " if H' .4-'gy,'fJ ' Al c 'WM , I ' 1 I QEA ' n -151' ffvfv' . Q 1 ,'. D . Jehu' --. fin... K""'Yi., A Q ,shf'f:::' 1 5 ' i xiii' a. J,., M-.wminl Q 4' -f V . 'W . .ln- 3kS:: W! I Q Ti6f"'f- 1 S 'in u I 4? 4 ' 1 . ' , ,gf -' 3 -Q 0 A X V it W.. -Q ma Tm.: , A 4.1 Iv , , 1 Xi' 3 f 5 9. s. .Ky ' f . A , Q gg. ,nj ..,. "limi, 'gt . Si,- ' -1- -Fix ' gm, 5 : n- " gg , fi , if I , .:-Q if-gf' ' 1,1 1 avi' L x' ii ,.. .- li :ft giwfri 'rl 2' fs: '55 H sl 'S ,, 3?-S ' "v- fiilf . . . 'si '52 -Y ,dis . 3 . . ,, an I 5- administration GOVERNCDR ANDERSON The role of administrative bodies is always great. Faced with rnushrooming enrollment in all the state educational institu- tions, the 1960 Board of Regents' responsibility is ever-growing. Few boards of directors are responsible for such a variety of decisions which involve a wide range of activities, interests, and investments. Appointed by the Governor, each board member, taking time away from his own profession, acts as budget-maker, person- nel-selector, and policy-formulator. Board of Regents Front row-wleit to right: Leon Rouber, Colby: Russell R, Rust, Topeka: William F, Danenbarger, Concordia: George B. Collins, Wichita: Back row--left to right: Whitley Austin, tChairmanl, Salina: Ray Evans, Kansas City: Clement Hall, Coffeyville: C. V. Kincaid, Independence: Hur bert Brighton, tSecretaryJ, Topeka, Dr. King. KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE EMPORIA, KANSAS omcr or me PRESIDENT De ar Students: It has been a rich and abiding pleasure for me to share, with you who are seniors , the years We have spent together at thi college. I ask that you remember us , help other young people in the future , and come backs The mission of our college is to serve the needs of Kansas, particularly in the areas of teacher and librarian education. We hope that you will continue to share this mission with us in the years to comet We hope you have found and always will find the Kansas State Teachers College dedicated to the highest ideals of education for each individual student. The Kansas Board of Regents , the staff, faculty and administration of the Teachers College join me in expresfging our best wishes to all students , and to parents and friends who have encouraged them to continue their education. Sincerely yours, r - E. ohn E . King President r Dr. Howard Bellows, Associate Professor cmd Assistant to President Mrs. Kathleen Gallatin, Secretary to President King LQ? whiiiihliiii, .. Mr, R. G. Cremer, Professor cmd Deon of Business Administration Dr. Ncrthctn Budd, Professor and Dean of Instruction Dr. Darrell Wood, Associate Professor and Director, Extension and Corresp. Study Dr. Laurence Boylan, Professor and Dean of Graduate Studies Miss Betty Howell, Bursar Superintendent, Physical Plant Y Y f II! '5 7 :E- i 'S Mr. Benjamin Richards, Professor Library Education and Library Service fftt. ' Nc ' A Mr. Delmer Hilyard, Instructor in Speech Mr. lack Davis, Associate Professor and Director, Auxiliary Services Dr. Harry Waters, Professor and Chair- Mr. R. William Wyqle, Assistant Professor and man, Health, Physical Ed., Rec. and Director, Student Welfare Services Athletics Mr. Richard Hawk, Instructor and Acting Director of Field Services Mr. Tom Ladwig, Assistant Professor and Director Publications Bureau .,A. sz , R35 .1 V wa . ,.1f2z.r ,A , . , F gig? ' "T -pl f ' . ,,.v Dr. Dixon Smith, Associate Professor and Registrar Mrf A1 Bowman, Assistant Professor and Student Aids Advisor Dean Ruth Schillinger, Associate Professor and Dean of Women Mr. V. T. Trusler, Professor and Dean of Men The desire of K S T C students to be heard is made through the Stu- dent Council. Elected by the student body, these fourteen council mem- bers work in coordination with both the administration cmd the student body to promote activities that are considered appropriate for the stu- dent body. September saw the Student Coun- cil return to the campus a week early to assist with Freshman Orien- tation Week which included a talent show, watermelon feed, square dance, and tours of the campus. With October and homecoming, the Student Council sponsored the An- nual Homecoming Dance held in the Civic Auditorium. During the winter months, varsity dances were given after home basketball games. The Penny Carnival in April and Student Government elections in May round- ed out a year full of activities. Roger Green served as president this year. Assisting him were Scott Irwin, vice president: Bonnie Iones, secretary: and Keith Greiner, treas- LlI'9I'. lllelli' Fisk Monroe Fordham Senior Representative Bob iohnston iunior Representative Paul Mcxmb Sophomore Representative Leslie Cyrus Freshman Representative Donna Harter Senior Representative Ianice Hesser Sophomore Representative George Narvaes Freshman Representative Tom Wyrick Senior Representative xx Anita Edwards Sophomore Representative Duane May Freshman Representative services STUDENT BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS The Student Board of Publications oversees the functions of the two student publications, the Sunflower Yearbook and the Bulletin. The board consists of three faculty and three stu- dent members. Dr. Raymond Russell is the chairman. One of the jobs of the Board of Publications is to choose the editors and assistant editors of the Bulletin and Sunflower. Applications are submitted to them in the spring and they are judged on qualifications and interest. LR D R ss ll I Wa ren Brinkman. Kay Wedel, Diane Mclichron, Mr. Daqgett, Mr. Reich ter Bob B a d nb q BULLETIN Editor , ,,,, , , , .. . . , Clayton Keller Associate Editor , Nancy Dannevik News Editor , ,, ,, , Ieannette Wallace Ass't News Editor , . ,c,, . Sharon Lacey Society Editor , , . Sue Novo-Gradac Feature Editor Barbara Kammerlohr Editorial Ass't , .. .. Rick Vigola Editorial Ass't Calvin McBride Drama Critic , Richard Young Sports Editor .,,, , , .. Austin Farley Business Manager , ,. Maurice Matile Ass't Business Manager , , . Bob Stowers Advisor , Ralph Daggett 'T' . 3, With Clayton Keller as editor and Nancy Dan- nevik as assistant editor, some new changes were made in The Bulletin, Emporia State's weekly newspaper. During the first semester, "Far1ey's Fables" and "Asking Around" were added. Clayton Keller was editor again second semes- ter, and Austin Farley was assistant editor. Two more columns were added: "The Interna- tional Corner' and "Opened by Mistake." The Bulletin offers information about job open- ings, club and official notices, placement news, cartoons, pinning and engagement announce- ments, along with editorials, book reviews, and sports. The Bulletin is published all year long except for the month of August. Mr. Ralph Daggett is the faculty advisor. SECOND SEMESTER Society Editor Ass't Society Editor Sports Editor STAFF Dorothy Schwindt Sue Novo-Gradac Dean Edson Music Editor News Editor Ass't Sports Editor Ass't Business Manager Rhonda Mowbray Ieannette Wallace Leroy Bailey Charles Dannenfelser Business Manager Associate Editor Editor Bob Stowers Austin Farley Clayton Keller- Donna McLean, Classes Editor: Donna Fitzpatrick, Editor: and Carol Trost, Classes Editor. Mr. Brinkman, Advisor. SUNFLOWER Ruth Ann Brown' Qrqcmizutions Editor- Sharon Swender, Services and Adminis trations Editor. Noel Klein, Art Director: and George Charlsen, Staff Artist. Marilyn Iohnson, Royalties Editor. The l9Sl yearbook, the fifty-first edition of the Sunflower was finally com, pleted. The last page of copy was Written, the last picture was taken, the last person was identified, the last word was proofread, the last layout was plan- ned, and the Sunflower was sent to the printers. Nine students, collectively and individually put together this year's Sunflower. Donna Fitzpat- rick, chosen by the Board of Student Publica- tions, began her duties as editor in lanuary and worked continuously until the Sunflowers were distributed in the fall. Donna's duties included proofreading, layouts, and assignments to copy writers. Noel Klein, the art editor, has worked on the staff two years, last year as photographer and this year as photographer and art editor. Noel designed the cover and division pages as well as doing the layouts for the entire book. As deadlines grew nearer, the copy writers, Elaine Smith, Becky Carson, Sharron Swender, Marilyn lohnson, lVlary Ellen Schernke, Ruth Anne Brown, and Lee Bondurant Worked many long hours writing copy, identifying pictures, and proofreading copy. Lee Boridurant, Filing Clerk. PUBLICATIONS To process and edit a final copy of all col- lege publications is the primary job of the Pub- lications Bureau, The Alumni News, depart- mental brochures, general educational cata- logues, assembly programs, class schedules, all information concerning the college, except student publications, is the concern of this Field Services bureau. News releases, informing the public of the col- lege, to radio and television stations and news- papers are Written and released from Publi- cations. All information about Emporia State students appearing in hometown newspapers comes from this office. Six students help with the job. lVlr. Gayle Hindom is the Publications editor and Mr. Tom Ladwig is the director of the Publications Bureau. Priorities on printing, graphic arts, processes, and photography are scheduled through this of- fice. lt acts as a centralizing force, for printing requisitions, picture schedules, assignments for graphic arts, and material for the Bulletin and Sunflower go through Publications. Mr. Tom Ladwiq Gayle Rindom Publications staff: Esther Yeakly Diane Schmidt, Diane lVlcEchron Ioan Stibal Mr, Brinkman GRAPHIC ARTS Graphic Arts, located in Room 202 of the Administration Building, handles almost all of the visual aspects of publicity from or on the campus. It serves all departments of the school by doing all mechanical art Work on posters and in brochures and pamphlets. Graphic Arts Works along with the Print Shop, Photo Services, and the Bureau of Publications. The first part of the Sunflower is processed in this office. Graphic Arts also serves as an instructional purpose'-a laboratory for experience. Mr. I. Warren Brinkman is in charge of Graphic Arts. George Charleson and Loretta lVlcFarland are the staff artists, and lane Eaton is the filing clerk. George Charlsen lane Eaton Gary Mason, Larry Salisbury ik ti 4 Working in connection with Graphic Arts, Bureau of Publi- cations, and the Print Shop, the Photo Services takes pictures for any organizations or per- sons frorn the school or corn- munity. Pictures of candidates for Student Council and class offices, coverage for parties, important school and commun- ity events, convocations, Sun- flower and Bulletin photo- graphs, pictures for posters and advertisements for Curli-Q, plays, and special events are some of the responsibilities of Photo Services. A person wishing to have sorne pictures scheduled and taken should contact the Bureau of Ioe Attebury PHOTO SERVICES Betty Duff Chuck Barrett Dave Stormont, Larry Cohen Publications. Gary Mason is the head of Photo Services. Larry Salisbury is the chief photographer and David Stor- mont, Chuck Barrett, Larry Cohen and Ioe Attebury are photographers. The file clerk is Betty Duff. No, not near-sighted, Carl Hoffmans is just Checkinq dotrpattern on a negative The Print Shop is a self-supporting service organization which does all printing sub- mitted to it from different departments and the administration. The men in the Print Shop set the type for the Sunflowerj print the Bulleting print tests for the Bureau of Measurements: do outside commercial Work when asked. Full-and part-time employees are able to offer either letter press printing or off-set printing, The Print Shop Works in conjunc- tion With Graphic Arts, Photo Services, and the Publications Bureau. Mr. Carl Hoffrnans is printinq plant foreman and manager. Homer Nl. Bush, Printer ll Irvin D. LeClear, Printer I 1 Charles E. Brooks, Pressman Gene VV. Danitschek, Student Pressman PRINT SHGP tram U R f.: Vernon Young, Printer I, Linotype Bill Esary, Printer 1 I K K Riff? K ff "" I ff if :Zig st: , - -f -al 52: ef -' 2 tddt . I We K M410 NE Q, 'Www 4' N I sv ,Satin ,. Y, ' - " ix J, .L Q i A . , -f Nt-- P' ' 1 my r l Tom Moore, man-on-the-run, ponders day's schedule with right-hand man. The Student Union is more than a place for a person to meet his friends and talk over a coke in the Hornets' Nest. Such rooms as the cafeteria, Bookstore, Terrace Boom, Colonial Ballroom, Alumni Room, Xi Phi Boom, Phi Delta Kappa Room, President's Room, Health office, and the Sunflower office provide for the planning and developing of school activities. Anyone may use these rooms. Students are given first opportunity to them, then the faculty, and finally the public. The information booth is in the lobby. Thirteen students are employed to keep it open day and night. The Cafeteria offers convenience, economy, and good food for the visitor and student alike. sam 5 Mr. Busy, lack Davis, pauses for a coffee breali during his Work as Coordinator of Student Union Auxiliary Services. Mr. Tom Moore is director of the Student Union and Mr. lack Davis is the Auxuliary Services Manager. Mr. Don Forrester is the maintenance supervisor. Other offices, such as the Student Council President's office, the office of the Scholarship Inn manager, Mr. I. W. Prickert, and the office of Mrs. Geneva Rogers, the school nurse can be found in the Student Union. Besides offering the students a building for their use, the Stu- dent Union is utilized for many state and national events: music festivals, speech tournaments, track relays, and business or- ganizations. Two E-Staters pause for a moment to view the National Newspaper Snapshots Award Winners in Photography, shown in the Student Union by Mr. Ioe Weigand, Special Events Director STUDENT UNION The Man with the Food, Mr. Iim Prickert, Scholarship Inn The Nurses Office offers remedies for what ails the tudent for the most manager, prepares a snow cone at an All-School Picnic part at least. Here Carol Morris and Mrs. Geneva Rogers prepare dress in Soden's Grove. ings. rrr- . .-,.r..,..........,,,MMu.,....f,WM .V,, ,,.w,.m,,M ..,, W. r,,u..,,W-visa.-m,.m The Student Union Bookstore offers Emporia Staters a complete supply of school books, art materials, teacher's aids, and stationery. Working with the Student Council, they have developed a "buy-back" policy where students may sell used books back to the Bookstore on a two-thirds-the-price basis. This may be done during final week. Some other facets of the Bookstore are school ring orders, complete responsibility of cap and gowns for graduation, correspondence books and supplies, mechanical pen and pencil repair orders, and orders for special textbooks for faculty and students. The only branch of the Emporia post office is located in the Bookstore. Mrs. Marjorie Hartman is the manager. Three full- time employees and six part-time employees help serve the students. Food Services is the organization that provides food for the cafeteria and contract board, train- ing meals for athletes, line dinners, and foun- tain and snack bar supplies for the Hornets' Nest. Some of the extra facilities offered by Food Services are refreshments for parties, catering for dinners, and picnic supplies. The cafeteria and Hornets' Nest staff includes twenty full-time employees and sixty students. Miss Helen Bishop is Food Services Director. Besides handling this time-consuming occupa- tion, lVliss Bishop teaches a Food Services class through the Horne Economics department. FOOD SERVICE 3,5'f:'L.' ,r - o - 't 54, ' ,sf-Ez S sg tsl if fi S3 it TRAFFIC ' The campus police, I ,-"k' -:,jf,:f"f2Zj Lm" igz ' ' under the supervision tffvtv ,sct . , , scrc of Mr- A1 Locke, have .L-', as ' r . - - hh,. . ,m, difficult, but interesting tasks, from giving tickets and fines for cars parked in the wrong places to arranging for parking for such events as Homecoming, Commencement, football games, and state-Wide high school and college events, from helping freshman girls move in the dormitory in the fall to patroling the campus, day and night. Theirs is often a thankless job. but necessary. l Pictured making periodic buildings-check is Student Officer Hayden Owens. "Oh well, another ticket, another day." Officer Arnie Davidson does the honors. The three most familiar faces on the campus in uniform are these men with a service record behind them: l-r, "Pop" Giger, Ernest Barb, Orville Swender. Student officers, Iohn Riedlinger, Walter Tomashoff, and Robert Colgan, 10-43 before making the day's rounds. One ot the biggest operations on the Emporia State campus is that of the maintenance and repair of building and grounds. Seventy-two men and women are employed as janitors, carpen- ters, painters, electricians, plumbers, and caretakers of the campus grounds. The Superintendent of the Physical Plant is Mr. Riley D. Storrnont and the Assistant Superintendent is Mr. Gerald F. Ashlock. ,wi lVlr. Riley D. Storrnont, Associate Professor - Superintendent, Physical Plant MAINTENANCE The power plant, located on the campus, keeps the college running by generating its own electricity. All remodeling and finishing of new buildings or offices is done through Maintenance. The stock room includes S75, to S80,000 worth of ma- terial. 'flitttftimf' f?2?'Y'f2Qr'X1'+,1ff'--' "'5fsi4x 7L W sbimtti i hh- 3 azz Pu f ff - f' ' if pew. ffvkfSi,.1 'gF52 , .mkmimg giYl.i1?FIFEg f, 1 im ac.. ?,I Efggiffggjwlygggsgl.55+l::gsy A ' ' a Q F F .DY-.9 xg.. "F:- z 1 rg f META.,-.i gig K K. px, '-- i 'QMQ NW wx'-5-xii :fI453flW-'fB!--,- 5. , 1-xqb,.,,' A T -Lliggffww w 7 nu. fWt,,.,. .Pi-2 'Q QR 44 51 . L L again' N .- xx 3 ,' A 5 . A , 1 ,VNV--1 35 xi. 1-- f we '?. f --vw .. I 1 Q - s ,ll I Q-0.1 -1 Q ... A iff- " 4. a , - 4 Q...-....,. ., .......,.. rv' . 1 L 1 Q IH v- X -' nw 7" 2 EEL? 3,55-" . 'fi -ia: ! fix- , ..i-,,,,,, A ,Q r , V57 .-, mx FS M +x ., , - 1 I 7 1 I ir Mr! Anhui To T Faculi Norman Eppink, Head, Department of Art. T Y ' X X X1 -ff, x 1' ' I 3' .' C' 3: 'Y T T-Y 9 lK,m"y':'.. -1 'V ef V : Tv ' 11, ART DEPARTMENT Mr. Brinkman. Asst. Prof. of Art, l., chats with Mr. Mathews. Asst. Prof, of Art, during summer enrollment. ..... .. r . ?i9Tf:Q'-- ,g'-'-W'7"fTiUf7 I-:Z '::.:' ::':':f,1:EF2if"riZ:55 e2iii!fE?i: :F ' -. ' ,: ..r4:a . ' f' f. kg ,. Mr. Mathews ceramics class uses delicate fingers to put final touches on class projects. Bernice Hogan puts the finishing touches on her silver piece. Mr. Mathews works on one of his own creations. I Miss Kretsinger gives some of her own hints on the fine art of silver! smithing to Karen Adams and Bernice Hogan. '52 Working on his lavorite medium oi expression. lntaqlio, Mr. Brinkman prepares to pull a proof on one oi his new crea- my., A K ff, tions. Mr, Hall, Asst. Prof. oi Art. instructs one of his pupils, Yvonne Winkley. in sculpture. Dixie Taggert, with friend, views one of the art student's dise plays in the First Annual Sunken Garden An Show. lim Bushey, l., and Vic Szelepinski help Mr. Mathews load an Art Gallery exhibit for shipment to Kansas City. BICDLGGY DEPARTMENT ad, Department of Biology. if ' in ,,,..-'fa-:. fu Dr. Parmelee, Asst. Prof. of Biology and Orinthology. looks over his prize specimens oi birds. F Dr. Brukelman, Proi. of Biology m Science Ed works un noticed by the photographer. seg 1' LN, f I ,. Amar? 3, "--- . .,a.-Qi" g g 4. .,.,. . -- Dr. Frazier, Assoc. Prof. of Biology in Science Ed.. goes fishing Dr. Busch. Asst. Prof. of Biology. prepares to take photographs in con in his classro 40 om aquarium. nection with his research study on Limpets Magnum ,,.....u..o .... Dr. Wilson, Asst. Prol. of Biology in Plant Tax- onomy, does research on plants. Mr. Spencer. Lecturer in Biology. Dr. Leismon. Assoc. Prof. ot Biology in Pcleo Botany. r, si VV V ' my--r'ff?r ....,. ,Q Q3 ,V L--y' V Vs 3 E .V V .V V ,h. fi.. V,k..V. I ,, , i V? gf .f -.MS . . 'X' " ' Y .. ..,.. ,,., .. ,, . ' -.1 J, .. ,s,'fr., . ' ' ' ' . , . Q " , 7 5 , 1 i ll' . V ' W . E h W or A llrlr i , ,V s . V V vzavv V VA V 5 V M, Ar... l A ' - Zi i it . ..., ' K A'. .5 I Q , 'V 2' ., . V' V ff.- 14 .1 .... J rr. lj ,i 5. V , .,,.. . V , V V K V VE V VV vw ff " i g V V V - as VV ,A r I ' f ... - 'i r rroo r M , -- 7 "o" wk yV,,. , V 1- - V WMV LVVL . . 'L ,.,..1, -' V Eagan Z It Mr. White, l., and Dr. Boles, instructors in Aquatic Bi- ology, discuss methods of seining. 41 r Mr. F. B. Ross, decicator of the biology reservation, discusses a specimen with Ken Babcock, Undergraduate Asst. Biology students and faculty give Dr. King a tour of the newly formed biology reservation. I Mr. Schmidt. museum taxidermist, prepares u specimen for Gertie Knoche, Undergraduate Asst. in Microbiology, works the biology department. on a milk pasteurization experiment. 42 DIVISION OF BUSINESS AND BUSINESS EDUCATION Raymond B. Russell, Ed. S., Professor of Business and Hecxd oi the Depurtmenl of Business cmd Business Education. Doctor Russell, cmd Mr. Butcher, instruclor, discuss new business methods. Mr, Gilles, Assistant Professor in Business, prepares a class lesson, Mr. Hartzler, Assistant Professor. Dr. Baehr, Mr, Edwards, and Dr. Rei cherter "unior1ize" during class break t Mr. Hooper, Assistant Professor. Mrs. Holmes, instructor, discusses modern day bust ness problems with her students. 1 Mr, Hiett, Assistant Professor, and Mr, Birchard, Assistant Professor, discuss the layout of cr Business Education News- letter with Marilyn Newton, secretary. Deanna Wittman, r,, Home Economics major, "lends an 1,-ye" to Mr. Bikkiel insgmcgoy in Business, lisiens Q0 one oi his ad Deanna Krey, Business major as she takes a linal exaininalion. Visees Schedule problems. ,W r,-fsfmi,,,,, Carry Shepard, l., receives "words of wisdom" from Miss Mouser, in- Garda Kay Terrence and Sandy Mendenhall set up structor in Business filing class. bulletin board for Business Department picnic. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT is . - 'iss . L - ri ,' its ,,., in Dr. Walton, English Professor, checks over English themes in his office. lf .fs Theodore C. Owen, Ph.D., Professor oi English and Head ot the Depart' ment of English. Mr. Roahen, l., instructor, discusses a magazine article with Mr. Wyrick. Assistant Professor. 47 English instructors, Mrs. Mcllvain, Mr. Kready, Mrs. Swift and XVII. Denniston. Even teachers have to study. 48 Miss Enqler, instructor, pauses as she endeavors to grade one of her English student's papers. First row: Mr. Murphy, Mr. Daqqett, Miss Wyatt, Mr, Roahen. Second row: Miss Morgan, Mr. Kready, Mr. Denniston, Dr. Rich, Dr, Owen Third row: Miss Enqler, Mr. Dorsch, Mr. Kloefkorn, Mr. Sunderland, Mr. Wyrick, Dr. Walton. r Mr. Somer, a first year instructor, diligently performs his tasks as an English teacher. Mr. Doggett, Bulletin sponsor, "faces the press," as he leaves a classroom. Alex A. Daughtry, Ed.D., Professor ol Education and Chairman of Division of Teacher Education, Glaricinnj over an education magazine are L. to R5 Mr. Schadt, Associate Professor and Head of School Administration: Mr. Hayes, Associate Pro- fessor cmd Heaa of the Department of Elementary Education, and Miss Douglas, Assistant Professor. DIVISION OF TEACHER EDUCATION ,, it -sf fir Mr, Bowman, Assistant Professor, relaxes alter a day of classes, 'sr i l ' I Y KQ- iunssliwni nunsxx-1: Th1s IS counscl1ng9 Dr Bczmk cent r cmd Mrs Burns r chat wxth CofE "Nap time" in kindergarten classes provide a respite for the teacher and often a visiting or daydreaming time for the children. Mr. Thurman, Associate Professor, checks teaching requirements F- In the modern Butcher Grade School, students gather tor a reading period and helpful instruction from their teacher. "Let's see, there could have been a bit more contrast . . seem to be the statements of these two grade school boys as they inspect a classmate's artistic effort. Inspecting their new. and then almost completed, grade school are second and third grade children with their teacher answering their many and varied questions. Practice teacher, Miss Judy Rule, carefully listens as one ot her stu- dents demonstrates his reading ability. Ar . .hmm t at Learning how to encourage oral recita- tion in elementary school children, stu- dent teachers kneel in the background as a student explains interesting facts to his classmates and instructor. indians become a vivid .part of their country's history as these girls made various projects and read books related to America's original natives. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Discussing the problems of adapting to the langu- age of a foreign country with one of his foreign language classes is Mr. Benkeser, Assistant Pro- fessor. 25 sz? Fi' fix? if 8 iff? ,ii ii Q 5 S fl 1 Minnie M. Miller. Ph. D., Professor of Foreign Language and Head of the Department of Foreign Languages confers with freshman Sivone Kong of Cambodia. Mr. Aiken and Mr. Hauser, instructor, check a foreign langu- age vocabulary list before distributing it to their students. r 23 Q 5 if gs 9 3 6 2 Z Q if if 3 9 gr 3 53 E 55 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Kathryn Whitten, Ed. D., Professor ot Home Economics cmd Head of the Department oi Home Economics, Core of the "new ctrrivcr1" is demonstrated to Q class ot Home Eco- nomics students. Gathering Ground to sample their own cookmq care thirteen prospective Home Economists, WW t t INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT is .,W, , I E. L. Barnhcxrt, Ed. D., Professor of Industrial Arts and Head ot the Department ot Industrial Arts. -Q, I I Q Mr. Quockenbush, instructor, points out various parts of a new model Reluxmq between Class SGSSIOHS ls Ml' Woods' Ah' engine as Dr. Bamhart and three Industrial Arts students listen at- socicrte Professor. iemivolyv Mr. Ouackenbush, Instructor, helps student with Mr. Bell, instructor, assists Mary Ann Page with a provoking problem. tough problem. QQ: Checking to see all is as smooth as possible is Mr. Hogan, Assistant Professor, and an Industrial Arts student. DIVISION OF LIBRARY EDUCATION AND SERVICE Benjamin Richards, M, A., Professor of Library Education OI the Division of Library Education and Library Service. Library Staff takes time out to smile for the photographer. I I 2 1 V 1 The check aut clesl: in the W.A.W. Library is well known to the industrious students of K.S.'lN.C. "The Stacks" or the rows and rows ot book shelves in the William Allen White Library are frequented by students with research theme assignments, '1 mWt Space-saving microfilm and the microfilm projector have become standard possessions for any well-equipped library and particularly welcome by students in research work. n 2 Two Coeds are couqht in the uct of studying WJ in the Reference Room of the- Libxczry. The VVi1licm Allen Whxte Room provides more 10- luxed surroundings and utmusphere for E-Stole stu- cents. 7 Q Q I' M -jb- MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Iohn D. Burqer, Ph, D., Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics. Mr. Couch, math instructor, listens to a students recitation. Dr. Burger, Mr. Bruyer, and Mr. Laird, administer Orals exam to stu' dent. 52? f' fitigil Mr. Lieql discusses a coming music program with one of his students. Miss Herschorn, Associate Professor, demonstrates the finer techniques of singing. fm 22 Robert M. Taylor, Ph. D., Professor of Music and Head of the Department of Music. Dr, Weiqand instructs a class on the correct usage of a musical instrument, in 21 --. ,WWQ Zwlrag "Re-c1tals require many practice hours," come Practicing as a trio are lVlr. Moore, instructor, at the piano: lVlr. Stuntzrfez, Associ- xnented Miss Iohnson, Associate Professor, as ate Professor, with the cello, and Mr. Vogel, instructor and vocalist. she prepared for a coming performance. On many occasions, Mr. Schaefer, As- sistant Professor, delighted E-State audi- ences with his versatile and enjoyable organ music. lVlr. Pearson, Associate Professor, assists a student with a troublesome measure. l r 5 Q wr A Na Af :sv 2 WK. 5 1-' 0009 Dr, Waters, Head oi Athletics, 1, ponders future basketball with "Gus" Fish, Assoc. Prof. and basketball coach, I Gym students play basketball the hard way. M E N EDUCATION DEPARTMENT ' f' Q k -- , ,., ,W M 1.W, ,shi ,, vw .sf If mm , gig - -'I QZHEWAW1 -- : J i , .- as . . V ., T sf: ' - K 2 gg! S 2 Xi if 2 is :- , A If s K X , 5, 2 WEST 'S ' Sw 352 X 4 2 832335 2 S 1, if E 2 ft , , ,.. , , , ,Q ,.,. mf., 3 g 'W fl N2 1 wxy at 4 5 T2 5 r - if Wag' sw 3 t .. ,six in . ,- . ' '::Z.4,:"ff:.:j 1 , Kilim M We.5W,,.W Mr. Browning, Assoc. Prof., wears an intellectual the photographer. smi Wm: fs, 55,511 le lor I 5 if 4 i v 1 me A we Qt.. in 4' f 1 Mr. Caywood, Assoc. Prof. and football coach, 1. and Mr. Kerr, Assoc. Prof. and coach, discuss possible integration of baseball and football. Gym student executes an unsuccessful, tricky, backward, over- the-head slam shot. Mr. Long tries to deciphe memo. L . .1 XV. Q .,,k V . an I I a self-written ffm. '-Q.. f s 9 'Y S viwvsez sz , tm 21r2s,,.22.m2'z22 , . 2512522525 iszasz fzzlsezf-fgtmgw fsfass ., sts. ...,,,,2 -2gqgf5gg7g5q,t5gts:1- 2Q2azrm.s tvs- We2s2g21e4si22s12eis1, 2ei2sss:2s2esrw -2 is M if z'is2122512e1i:1. Qsewges, Q22-w::,r2221,2ts,se,zQ.f siififiiiii I7 1?5::Y:r:5?i X 355222 -212215 Vai' QiSiEIi5L5i5iE!3'45fglffgfg' sw WEEE55225517-??725i9lsfllQg1 i'i7ifiL5E f9?EL52?55Ti5f5El' 33 -2235, 55112: 535'gqgci'22z1sxs5:SIs5?I?5"w5F255-' tg- gy, ':s11sz2s,122res155553- ff g 'gg 22- ft-1,,.,.,,e,, rm, .M 2arfy2Xw.2wz2 :sz 22 if 1 ff - et V . we was 5Q5iS5:s5s?iQl2e232fs3H5fg5 Sw-vi 225,595 sf 25 2m212Qxea saw H55 2 1503 its-,sWA,M 12,-f.f55rt9i, z.:fz, .K 4 Ef5llQf5?57f?55'cfi5x :':":,E'i:: : 2 - fir-2y1s1222:?lQ5S?3ls2?sfS Q ,- fewsfsfrszxssie 2 . -. 5 gvQ5igg5g5jgg,4tn+zzs3z 151 -sis: av' i :-mass. ,.., .is.ei,,,,m wits, , ww, ., ., 'asm - - ' :ffwgegeawvi K, 2' -2 ,- t etgs95imt..'1l, 2 - , A .., Q 2 V ,.., , i"" -" wsssesgi -. -2-f 2 5 sf, ft-.2iTQ3siS1se1,.22,r , , 2,,,2. sw' 2 Miss Manqus, Instructor, checks roll in Gym class. papers from one of her classes. sm : .sm img . :m a- Miss Malcolm, instructor, checks over some final 'examination tt e E , it 5: L E . -V F. gg 2' Edna McCullough, Professor and Head of Women's Physical Educa tion Department. WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Hill, instructor, performs one of the less strenuous tasks of a physical education teacher, that ot distributing tests. The graceful agility being demonstrated by these Coeds was uttcnned after many exercises and prelimmcxry tmminq. 'P W, I' A decisive buck swing may well determine the outcome of U qurne, Karen Erbes shows perfect form, Sunny days combination Gnd bull' for all ur s eyseb are ci favorite che-ry classes. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 1. to r., Mr. Rusk, Assistant Professor: Mr. Ericson, Associate Professor Dr. Cram and Mr. Overholt, Associate Professor. S. Winston Cram, Ph.D., Professor of Physical Science and Head ot the Department of Physical Science. 'Q' l Mr. Rhode, Assistant Professor, visits with Mr, Potts, instructor and Miss Vari Englehoven, in- structor betore they begin their daily run of classes. l w ,- TXN ':":.' " Q. F' aw WL., Front row: Alfred Ericson, Ward H. Overholt, Patricia Van Englehoven, Winston S. Cram. Back row: Alvin N. Rusk, Paul L. Iohnston William Glass, William Cloud. W. M. Potts. PSYCHGLOGY DEPARTMENT Merritt W. Sanders, Ph.D., Professor oi Psychology cmd Head of the Department of Psychology. F . 1 -Qi. o l'M 'w W Mr. lVIcCorry, l., mstructorg Mr. lidqirmgton, Assistant Professor: Mr. Chandler, instructor, debating cr techni culity of Hitchcucks "Psycho" "Now the book says ...., " argues Mr. Edgington, 1., Assistant Professor as Dr. Gray, foreground, and D Sanders look to Mr. Hetlinqer, Assistant Professor, for a convincing rebuttal. DIVISION GF SCDCIAL SCIENCE B ,Wo I IIIII Dr Zimmerman expounds upon a little known, but interest- iria fact in American History. William H. Seiler, Ph.D., Professor of Social Sciences and Chair- mcm of the Division of Social Sciences, s-I -'-r-U I--.f 4-4"""'-,Y , Dr. Boertman attacks one of his many daily tasks, that of checking papers, Who would I-fnow that one of the world's pressing problems may have been solved by Dr, Bowyer, Assistant Professor, Dr. Seller, and Mr. Durham, Associate Professor as they sat at the "round table" in the Union. S. 3 V rx ,fy fl . ,wav A-,f Mr. Hildreth, Associate Professor, confers with a student. 'X A.. 'Q Karl C, Bruder, Ed.D., Professor ot Speech and Head of the Department of Speech, r,, discusses a hoped-tor success in the coming Summer Theater productions with Mr. Hill, instructor, SPEECH DEPARTMENT 1 IVI1 Hansen, instructor, in his familiar surroundings the control room ot the college FM. radio station. hob 'l he latest lil cameras appears to have captured Mr. Hilyard S, tor, audio visual attention as he relaxes after a busy day. instruc- DEBATE AWARD WINNERS 1. to r. Harold Lawson, Anim Edwczrdsa, Winton Hinkle. 'O' N 1. to r. Mr. Hilyord, Ben Blcxqq, Donna Kingsbury, Linda Rezcxc, Bill Hanrcxhcxn, Walter rOk1Sh1. l DRAMA AWARD WINNERS Mr. Hrll, Carol Morris, Glenn Hcirbonqh, Carol X Sanders. 'Ui Q FX L. H .ga , R ,, .4 S-. V. u S , 1 S .1 X'-T 1 yr. 4 Q 'xc Q X I7 -i A-,kk P H Q S vw' -Q Q ' 1 'Q ,1 , I if y - v- u xl J' .I lk- QUTX K 3 S- Q. q up-naw Ef3j'aQLx -.N -v-iii rogalig MISS EMPORIA STATE The Miss E-State Contest is spon- sored each year by the Xi Phi, honorary leader- ship fraternity. The Miss E-State candidates are nominated by the fraternities, sorori- ties, Men's and Women's Dormi- tories. Miss E-State is se- lected from 14 candidates on the basis of talent, general personali- ty, general ap- pearance, origin- ality of act, stage appearance, poise, and photogenic qualities. Four judges are selected each year who have no con- nection With Kan- sas State Teachers College. They rnet and talked with each candidate. Following the tal- ent program, they announce the girl they selected as Miss E-State. Marilyn Newton, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Ballet number Sheryl Early, Sigma Tau Gamma, Pantomine Dance routine ,. 'v, N YA ,f M, W,,,,r.,,w-y:'g4.,4r.f,w7g-L,eww- ' W, J, Margaret Sasagawa, Hawaiian Club, Hawaiian Hula 15 .v A 4 P J 5 3 H L . f wmv, M 2 J Y QM H, iw 5 .f.L Www' V. .4 ff fm , 1 'fm' N W k -wage ! ., df, AL L is H'?W K w ? 1 . s SW 8- 1 Egg : , ' 'V I IZ' : .7 95151155 ...ara , P7255 :i3:f.'L ' -:':E::I"':2:Eg- -wg, ,, W-Q The Mens Dormitory candidate, Miss Anita Edwards, gives a dramatic in- terpetation ot "l'll Cry Tomorrow." Delta Zeta candidate Miss Kay Kallail presents "Granada" I "I am just an all-American Girl" sings Iudith Martin, Morse Hall representa- tive. "lust a little bit oi luck will get you by ii sings Ioanie Stibal, Phi Sigma Ep- silon candidate, in a creation ol her OWU. Miss Marie Burns, Tau Kappa Epsilon candidate, sings "Villa" from The Merry Widow. Miss Ellen Blazer, representing Sigma Sigma Sigma, sings "Summertime." A dramatic monologue, "A Test oi Humor." is being presented by Miss Karen Adams. Alpha Sigma Tau candi- date. f Q, in ,, ry '51 Lg- i1 1, ,El-11:11 U 5, .iv-E.,--.Ex ,331 TEL: ' f f , , fi , W ,, We M, , , Q , . fifqfmi - 1 , K Q, ,A , ., fi f 7 'A . , ie,i.,,, - '- wwe, 'R 'fiifrzgff 'realm it . ,Ii Q e, ff ::" 1 I 2 u l l A reading "Adjournment Without End" is being presented by Miss Donna Campbell, representing Chi Omega. Alpha Sigma Alpha candidate, Miss Ruth Ann Lawler, presents a modern dance. Miss Paulette Hartman, representing Sigma Phi Epsilon, performs "Tempta- tion." Miss Susan Spriggs, representing Sigma Kappa. gives a talk with drawings, "A Highlight in Kansas History, 'The Frank- ensteins'." ,-1 Second Runner-upf Cheryl Early First Runner-upg Miss E-State, Margaret Sasagawa, Cheryl Early, and Mari- Marilyn Newton lyn Newton following the presentation of trophies by Mr "Gus" Fish. gmpmww 53 " W ,uf n m Auuui Miss E-Statew Margaret Sasagawa MISS SANTA Photographer and assistant help Tricky Ridenour change into her role as Miss Santa. ...X 'i.,M,,-f Miss Santa, Tricky Hidenour, was chosen by the Bulletin staff from eleven girls nominated by the sororities and fraternities, and Mens and Women's Dormi- tory. Miss Santa is selected on the basis of photogenic quali- ties and personality. Hopefuls L-R Margie Buttron -Sophomore, Home Economics major, Lancaster, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Nancy Green Sophomore, Physical Education and So- cial Science major, Arkansas City, Tau Kappa Epsilon. Sue Wells -Iunior, Elementary Education major, Pratt, Sigma Kappa. Norma Hus- ton, Iunior, Elementary Education major, Olathe, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Tricky Ridenourn Freshman, Business major, Iunction City, Men's Dorm. Reta Rogers Sophomore, Social Science and English major, Emporia, Sigma Tau Gamma. DeAnn Dewey-V-Sophomore, Elementary Education major, Wichita, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Gloria Cropp Freshman, Business Education major, Emporia, Alpha Sigma Tau. Cheryl Early -Iunior, Foreign Language major, Overland Park, Delta Zeta. Iulie Johnson'--Freshman, Elementary Education major, Mission, Sigma Sig- ma Sigma. Iune McClure - Freshman, Home Economics major, Topeka, Morse Hall. Not pictured ludy Paxson-V Sophomore, Speech major, Burlington, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Miss Iudy Rule is Miss Peggy Pedagog for 1961. She is a senior elementary edu- cation major from Herington. Iudy was se- lected to be Miss Peggy Pedagog on the basis of intelligence, beauty, and charm- ing personality. Miss Rule was nominated by the football team and received the majority of student votes. MISS PEGGY PEDAGOG MISS PEGGY PEDAGOG CANDIDATES Miss Pedagog Candidates: l.fr., Ioan Farber, Hoxie, Sigma Kappa: Kaye Iohnson, McPherson, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Donna Walter, Delta Zeta: Sheryl Stevenson, Kansas City, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Theodessa Barnes, Delphos, Independent: Judy Schletzbaum, Atchison, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Iudy Rule, Herington, Alpha Sigma Tau: and center, Football lineman, Wayne Heiners. 355 CROWNING f ' , 5 5 "BY-, M 4, in , 1 ,A If . , if if CEREMONIES Q""4wM sp 4 ' , H 3' .gf Miss Pedagog awards another trophy for House decoration. Dean Wall accepts trophy for Second Place for Alpha Kappa Lambda. L V V I cz: 'Aw "fai1".f:t4:'.:a if ssisrfrf UL: wvrlibii zlf'-' '--' f i ., ' ,L Sandy Rader and Elaine Smith accept lst Place award in Independent Division lor Morse Hall. DECORATION AWARDS House Awards were as follows: First Place Independent division- Morse Hall Second Place Independent Division- Mens Residence Hall First Place Sorority-Sigma Sigma Sigma Second Place Sorority-Alpha Sigma Tau First Place Fraternity-Tau Kappa Epsilon Second Place F raternity-Alpha Kappa Lambda Albert Taylor Hall was filled to the brim with anxious students awaiting the traditional glad tidings, President King an- nounced adjournment of school to start the Homecoming holiday. complete with parade and high spirits. HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES HOMECOMING PARADE Cheerleaders hoop and hollar m m1d-1nterse.,t1on rally an Candidates lead Parade. HOUSE DECORATIONS left, Sigma Tau Gamma Homecoming decoration party progressing slowly. center, First place winner in Greek house decorations presented to Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. bottom, Sigma Sigma Sigma's house decorations won first place in Greek division. Not Pictured: Morse Hall came through with first place honors in Independent division. 19. ' 'wr- rrniiiw to ffi lid? if JT 'Z Mm, N. X ,,. km 0... R ni 'Sir WX? SR! sg: M. ,ww ww wfrsihiff , sil scenes from I Curli-Q Finale HOMECOMING CURLI-Q 2 , :tw lb 3 9 The Triplets, one of the highlights ot Curli-Q entertained the audience. Max Gile, Kay Mahon. and Lu Rue Wcrtts mcxde up the trio. "Curli-Q's are better than ever!" This year's 13th Annual Curli-Q topped all previous at- tendance- records, according to records re- leased from the Business Office. Though clinging to its traditional "variety show" routine, the numbers were snappier and the music was livelier, which when com- bined, produced the best Curli-Q yet. The first half of the performance was made up of variety acts consisting of dances, skits, and musical numbers from the members of Treble Clef, Choralettes, and Men's Chorale. The second half opened with a flash-back consisting of several acts recalling past Curli-Q performances. Pete Kahler returned again to perform with professional ability some mysterious magic acts. The show was produced per usual and capably by Dr. George Pflaum. Directing was done by Dr. Karl Bruder, who has had this duty for ten years. Dr. Charles Hendricks directed the pit band and Miss Freddie lones directed the dance choreography. Frcmk Lygriss n .f CIO 9. applying his makeup A CHRISTMAS CAROL X 99 100 The old, old story, "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens, was presented as the first play of the year by the Emporia State Players. Under the direction of Dr. Karl Bruder, the story once again came to life. Frank Lygrisse, who portrayed Scrooge, did his part very well. AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS The Music department produced "1-Xmahl and the Night Visitors" for the enjoyment of the Christmas audience. Barbara Street as Amahl gave a fine performance. ,K 101 102 "The Lark," written by Anoulik, was produced by the Emporia State Players. It was another successful play under the direc- tion of Charles Hill. The play is the story of Ioan of Arc. It is a series of flashbacks. beginning with the trial. Bits of Ioan's life are enacted as she re- calls them in the trial. "The Lark" is not a tragedy, but asks the question of what part religion plays in life. Glen Harbaugh received the best supporting male role award for his part as De Bequdricourt in "The Lark." THE LARK BLITHE SPIRIT "The Blithe Spirit," a comedy by Noel Coward, was the final play presented by the Emporia State Players. Charles Hill directed some fine acting, which made the play even more enjoyable. The setting of the show is in England in the l94O's, and the play concerns Charles Condomine, who is planning to write a mystery book about the occult. He invites the local Medium to dinner. in order that she can conduct a seance. Through the process of the seance, this woman conjures up Charles' first wife, Elvira, who is a some- what "b1ithe spirit." Carol Sanders was chosen best actress for her portray- al of Ruth, and Gail Hammer was chosen best actor for his portrayal of Charles. Carol Morris received best supporting female role award for her part as Edith. special evenis RHYTHMIC CIRCLE CONCERT 106 A 1'l 4 1 P Y W 7 - ' it ' .. ii ,Ai 4553 ., it N ,iw .,.' ,-is 4' .. ' V V , - 0+ V A 4 A 1 , 4 get is lg .. 1- wg -- r. '- ,, A -.se gg -I-if .,A' V 'ff' S . ' !r . fi.f1i Students, faculty members, and townspeople enjoyed the concessions and booths provided by several campus organizations at the annual Penny Carnival on April 26 in the Terrace Room of the Student Union. The election of Austin Farley as Mr. Legs was a highlight of the carnival. Votes could be pur- chased for a penny apiece. Austin Farley was sponsored by the women of Sigma Kappa. He received over S167 worth of votes. Some of the booths and concessions were a PENNY CARNIVAL "Dime a Dance" sponsored by Alpha Sigma Tau sorority: a jail by the W.R.A., a sponge throw by Sigma Kappa sorority, and a garter throw by Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. , u g. . V 5. k,g b y Q.: f vi-a n 1.23 i r. t . 'Num A , ell' 5 it Q tt 'z r S 107 SENIOR RECITAL 108 SINGING I BEE The women of Sigma Sigma Sigma sang a "Showboat" medley under the direction of Ellen Blaser to win first place in the sorority division of the twenty-first annual Sing Bee held on February 21, at the Civic Auditorium. Tau Kappa Epsilon, directed by Garth Button, sang "CIimin' Up the Mountain" and "I Talk to the Trees" to win first place in the fraternity division. Illpha Sigma Tau won second place among the sororities with selections from the "Sound of Music." Sigma Tau Gamma, singing "Now Let Us All Give Thanks" w :ss second in the fraternity division. This ye-ar's contest was limited to large vocal groups. The lVfen's Chorale, under the direction of Charles F. Schaefer, Il, ended the musical part of the program. ludges for the competition were Mrs. Firman Coons of Topeka, Dr. lack Iuergens of Winfield, and Gordon Gaines of Topeka. Approximately cr thousand per- sons saw the "Most Outstanding Singing Group of 1960"-the Brothers Four--on April 12, crt the Civic Auditorium. THE BROTHERS 'M i ' 109 110 ERIC SEVAREID On February 22, Eric Sevareid, dis- tinguished CBS correspondent, author, and one of the most honored men in journalism spoke on the "Shape of Things to Come" at the Civic Audi- torium. "We have to stop apologizing for be- ing Americans in this world. It is im- portant for us to realize that we are not responsible for all its Cthe world'sD problems. . .We must seek to be respected rather than to be loved." were some of the comments of Mr. Sev- areid. He stressed the need for educa- tional, agricultural, and technical de- velopments in backward countries. 'LA BOHEME" The Boston Gpera's performance of "La Boheme" was enthusiastically ac- cepted by an almost capacity crowd in Albert Taylor Hall on February l6. The singing and acting were excellent, as was Puccini's musical score. Elaine Malbin sang the leading lyric soprano role of Mimi, and Robert Bennett had the tenor part of Rodolfo. Six Emporia Staters had parts in the opera. ROYAL WELSH MALE CHOIR The Royal Welsh Male Choir ended its American tour in Emporia on Novem- ber 7 in Albert Taylor Hall. Since its founding in 1885, the Royal Welsh Male Choir has won many first prizes such as the famous National Eisteddfod of Wales. It has performed in such places as Queens Hall and Crystal Palace, and before such notables as King George VI, Theodore Roosevelt, and the King and Queen of Greece. DON COSSACK The Don Cossack chorus and dancers appeared at the Civic Auditorium on October 20 to present an evening of song and dance. The membership of the chorus has al- ways comprised the best of vocal talent and dancers obtainable from among the white Russian emigrees who fought communism in Russia. In their twenty years of singing and dancing, more than three thousand concerts have been given in the United States, and approximately four thousand concerts have been given throughout the world. JU siu 1 f 2 5 5 M 4 Lvl ai? F A year of college life is full of many ex- periences, and happy memories. There are many new friends made as well as old friendships renewed. For freshman there is also the experience of fa- miliarizing themselves with the carn- pus and learning of traditions. As class- es begin, arm-loads of books become a common sight and students are found wearing a path to the library. Some ac- tivities students enjoy participating in are cheering their team to victory, dancin' with their darlin's, or fighting the opposite sex with snowballs. These and several other activities have filled the past two semesters with fun, relaxa- tion, and fond memories. As orientation week progressed new students got ac- quainted at the watermelon feed. One of the first activities during orientation week 114 The Freshman talent show helped new students get acquainted and display their skills Sports provided action for the enthusiastic spectator. Nearly everyone could find an outlet in the end! After-game dances provided entertainment breaks between game and studies. Stu- dents swing to Chuck Cowen's Combo music at the Varsity Dance. II5 Mens dormitory versus Morse Hall. With winter time came the natural challenges with nature . 116 Campus house versus snow and ice Many activities were available for the indoor sportsmen, from Kaffee- klatsches to sorority sneaks. Coffee break is enjoyed by Diane McEchron, as served by Ianet Clayton at the new Scholarship Coffeebar in the Administration Building. 118 More elite forms of indoor entertainment included . . . lnviqorating food for thought filled the minds ot those who attended the periodic Poetry Hour sessions given by members of the English department. Senior recital consisting ot: l to r, Marie Burns, Max Plank Barbara Street. Springtime activities were as varied cxs Kcmsors' weather. wmxmve ESOLVED ' WELCOME E STATE UEGATERS' CHAMPS! ARE TGPSV -- -.'.-Jf: it, 119 120 Springtime activities took form in the class rooms too. Members of the Square Dance Club became experts at Alamande Lefts and Do Se Dos. This organization whi:h was newly formed on campus gave students a chance to release their excess energy, Their frilly costumes add- ed to the fancy dancing done by the:-se amateur square dancers. Three Tri Sigmas find the sun invit- ing for studying and other things. 'Q-.Y .Q fr, All too soon the school year ended, and students began crarnrning for those dreaded semester finalsf Methods of study took on vari- ous forms in-S-4 . u---N The old stand-by, William Allen White Library, offered the best en- vironment tor studying most of the time, 121 122 'QX For the fortunate few, the class ic moment has arrived-gradu ation at last. 45, Anxious waiting . . . . . And then the diploma is handed to you. in- ,fl fl' A -4 M44 , 'bkviid ., f' , ifm2z4mMi141'-S .,.y,, W f , , ' ml' , Q M av' M 3341? K 1 4,11 -filly-K 2 5: xx 55 , W , Q 4- 1-sr 4 u rbi as ztnpeufa 'eva - Y 3 1 'U' 1.37. -uk J Q. 99, ,W ph ,,,..,ymg, -1 2 E E x X Q K i 1 i s X. Q, mamma: Q Q, 1 Jgziiwm 4' 1 W , K 1 if 4 at . gf as 'lim rx X is is 'W if dl '1 -.-1. -15 ,V ,ik 1,3 5 .qt f,k, g 4 f BONNIE IONES CHEERLEADERS IOYCE COCHRAN BONNIE KUHLMAN MARILYN I-IOECKEH 124 IU DY W ALLER MARY IOHNSON BONNIE KUHLMAN Cheerinq the team from defeat to victory 125 126 A mud-soaked Hornet lineman watches the action in the Homecoming Game. The 1980 edition of Emporia State football finished the season with a record of three wins and five losses. The highlight of the season was the Hornets' first Homecoming victory since 1954, a 27-14 win over Fort Hays State. Leading the Hornets' ground at- tack were Bill Iames and Dale Greiner with 196 and 186 yards respectively. In the passing department Ioe Enserro led with 26 completions out of 56 attempts, good for 280 yards. coach caywood I' L V 1- E C, First Row: Coach Melvin Long, Ralph Naegele, Bill lames, Keith Ostrander, Wayne Reiners, Don Laws, Dave Itokazu, Iohn Manning, Roy Iohansen, Gerald Cox, Ierry Smith, Harold Blowey, Rick Carlson, Coach Keith Caywood. Second Row: Don Williams, Dale Greiner, Ken Thomas, Iim Schartz, Gene Baker, Iohn Gray, Ed Metcalf, Mike Reed, Manuel Morris, lim Meyer, Iim Anderson, Gene Pruitt. Third Row: Coach Myron Rodee, Ioe Frey, Gene Beyer, Gary Montgomery, Delbert Duy, Ierry Goldsmith, Iewell Beard, Tom Martin, Mike Yehle, Ken Schlatter, Rueben Early, Ioe Enserro, Bob Thomas, Coach Iohn Rutter. Fourth Row: Ron Halpern, Ken Wellbrock, Don Schlotterbeck, Galen Currence, Iack Schrock, Gordon Horst, Bob Harper, Paul Ganqel. Ed Galloway, Clifford Ferrell, Bruce Scott, Richard Ross, David Waite. Keith Greiner, Coach Clint Weber. Filth Row: Coach Tom Wyrick, Paul Kircher, Bob Kasselman, Howard McMurray, Basilio Fuertes, Don Dougherty, Ed Starnes, Roger Hoopes, Larry Zurtluh, Freeman Crawiord, Marvin Pine, Iohn Mull, Darrell Harkness, Bob Duncan. EMPOBIA STATE OPPONENTS 12 Central Missouri State 21 6 Southwest Missouri State 0 7 Central Oklahoma State 28 7 Washburn University 6 0 Omaha University 7 27 Fort Hays State 14 0 Pittsburg 50 12 St. Benedict's 13 127 HOMECOMING VICTORY VICTORY ,, . . . I got lt. I got xt. I got xt-I drop 39: av-Q4-..,..,, 1-,,'iK,gf Y' M. A 2 -1 ' 'Q-...4 2.1. b""'1 N K fn-.QI V ,X ww a- N 'y',. W iff ,,,, B39-i M15-4.4. -0 Www ,hw .,-+.- ,o ' . f ' ,L f Zfi wg 'Lin X 3 'Shu--wi 4 Q , 3 -4 N f .-:F , K. W A ,gf - f N., . X. - 9 W , - W A, ' 'mfhm V' " A ' W N -aff 'ai ' . .. t. I f3E'4ig"f" Q ww :tam 1- X"A'S'k X 4 5. A 7' Lyn . fn , f , X.. "t,i.' ,l"1 ff f '- -af-in ' 0+-,M 'V Dale Greiner looks for running room around right end against St. Benedict's. t it ,ms ,Sq mfs 'Q . o 2 Qt,,,,Q35 , 'F mg 'v X :' 8 xii- , Wif- 5' Richard Carlson and Dale Greiner A F A HN: V59 V W it L' W put on an Alphonse-Gaston act V X S ' X U -, for the benefit oi a visitor from 1 if VVA' , ' St. Benedict's. 0 ' u 35 K W NJN' . . V on Q ' ag,-,n , ,411 an A 4, X, u, M 'f ..,,,, . .M W ...-' ,. 53" 130 Iim Meyer tries to get iree after goth- ering in cx pass. Don Williams is brought down by a Southwest Missouri Sicxte iuckler. lim.-swiss zsfbii A - n I The Hornet "bench" anxiously views the action on Head-on collision in the sec1son's opening game. the field. Dale Greiner cmd Gene Bciker close in on Ierry Boyce, Cenircil Missouri State hczlfbcxck. ,K , if 1. 131 132 COACH E. D. x'GUS" FISH "Gus" watches the clock during important game. Following NAIA tourney win Coach Fish discusses plans for next game with sportswriter Iim Nirider and assistant coach Ron Slczymaker. BASKETBALL CIC CHAMPIONS l96l Coach Fish and seniors Larry Ensminqer, Mike Swartz, and lim Fraley look at album commemorative ot championship SGCSOI1. EMPORIA STATE OPPONENTS 53 Rockhurst 45 69 Central Oklahoma State 46 51 Central Missouri State 54 '76 Peru State College S7 81 Central Missouri State SO 66 Prairie View AGM 69 86 Western Illinois 87 67 Southern Illinois 78 81 William Iewell 53 88 Omaha 58 63 St. Beneclict's 57 Fort Hays State Rockhurst Omaha St. Benedict's Washburn Pittsburg Washburn Pittsburg Fort Hays State Southwestern Southwestern Northern State of South Dak. Anderson Indiana 133 Kneeling: l,, Coach Fish, Asst. Ron Slaymaker l. to r: Mike Swartz, Lance Nichols, Richard Goodseal, Ted Henderson, Charlie Purviance, Travis Wallace, Frank Harris, Monroe Fordham. Dennis Bolen, Larry Perry, Iohn Fuquay, Charley Richards, Larry Ensminger, Doug Glaysher. Iim Fraley. Outstanding performer for the Hornets this season was lim Fraley, who was named to the small college All-American team. Fraley scored 526 points in 24 games this season for a game average of 21.9 and a career total of 1491. 134 Mike Swartz slips in to steal a rebound from the Ravens. Doug Glaysher and Monroe Fordham sur- round a St. Benedicfs opponent. 135 136 w "Man, I wasn't ready tor that pass." Swartz notches a two-pointer against Southwestern. "Ptah don't blow your whistle at us. We're busy N.A.I.A. TOURNAMENT Fordham looking for somelhmq to do with the baske! ball. Action ot the NAIA tourney. An opponent rides Nichols in for c boskei. "Geronimo 140 Track First Row: Trainer Wayne Winkler, Lynn Reed, lames Howell, Alex Czencz, Eddie Washington, Pete Clarke. Melvin Mayo, Larry Freeman, Coach Fran Welch. Second Row: Landis Franklin, Charles Seawood, Richard Woelk, Scott Irwin, Charles Richards. Tom Fincken, Monroe Fordham, Dennis Matheson, Bill Favrow. Coach Bob Oden, Third Row: Eddie Flentje, Charles Atkins, Larry Foster, Bob Lonard, Frank Hicks, Iohn Evely, Russ Miller, Dale Greiner, Kent Hum, cnc: CHAMPIONS it TRACK F. G. "Fran" Welch, track coach. E-State's mile relay team, ll. to r.b Melvin Mayo. Landis Franklin. Rex Ressler, and Eddie Washington. Monroe Fordham checks the height oi the bar. 141 142 Franklin break:-, the tape Late l or class W 1 End of the first lap. lust one more step. 1. 51 nl 'x - iff' 143 144 Baseball Team Front, l. to r: Gary Stotts, Ron Sheets, Darrell Harkness. Gene Dunigan, Mike Reed, Wilbur Thome, Stephen Williams, Don Walbum, Bill Schnittker. Back: Gary Neeley, Mike Holmes, Charley Purviance, Harrison Stover, Ron Quattrini, Lynn Goodell, Virgil Speak, Phil Berry, Roy BASEBALL "Doc" McClintock trightl, trainer and his assistant. ia' 1, Wilbur Howe INF 4. Darrell Harkness INF 2. Bob Denny INF 3. Gary Stotts OF 145 146 7. Gene Dunigan C 6. Ron Sheets OF 9. Don Wclburn P 8. Roy Flook INF 5. Lynn Goodell OF Behind the scene" view of Distric! Playoffs. "Stri-ke!" Spectator view of diamond. a ft .-4 Y g , A 3 W A ' Q " ' . - .wV:s--- " fa 'V--Vw- :V---K e-'V ,a- -. - H , Jwwzui Vxsfgwz,Umafbigifga,--'me-.is-.FVww V -VVV:-1-MQVVA-. W1g,:?Q,:,1L,,xA V V ' ,f-Wa.711V11 - K V VV,,W--A M , Q KV , VMS Vmwmmmkmowf,-VW.. W. A Ms+.,.VV -fiiiiw "--- fn w:r2HH::,:f:JMwH-WV Vw V- ..,, , .V . ' NWN - K' ' A , ,,,, ,, V.: V,1wV1xswV42fV K 1 1 - V,--V.m:1,.faw:-w,w,V2A:VMm:,WA.., :W ,MH A .,,. f-,, Q ,W ,NM Mm- M V ---- Wim ,L .R 5-v.v':Tf'f3g95sQ?r?g5'f-', -wwe g e --VZ,,.,V U I 3 a.W,,f1 Q V, -.-wif-1. 5 ,gf 'fp.x- 'ww ,?Nj"- " TSWQWA lf? ZLLIgZi?fijT7E-Vf',V"i1rW. 1,.,A uf' k . A--' V. ff--V5-wa Q 1"-wigkkfl VV-ag gzgfsfmriiy -V1 ig-:V5,L, - V ' Ag- " ' ww -v www EAW 9'z1?"5w ziggy Y -.w 'mmf 'V W mb H .mmuvwiw F .4- A 'wqijf ' ,' : A W 1 ::.f ,,, - ,i-V-Lwzw? ' i 573255 "...,- w p T WV " V .1 "WWE V ff . ' - 1: V V -,fx-.-we :w2:fM'::' Wwe A V - i 5 3 V-ww --3 .ff , ' h A " V '? f," 1 ' 'FV-i 'Y'-ffii, .fHsv2V:1V,3'f,af' -' A M . ,V .,,- ,VW f gV ' 2 . "" iff fifi. 1 f W Us H X 'wi' " Q. wi' Jw ww' - 15-s,w,1i me A .V . W, , Y il. V ,,o:eL5oV,.. H A ,. .W -.Ma .Ms f 1 47 f ,Q ,x e,.. , V V --H. s,fggfgqi -- VV V.wNgq,,,, j . .sim-VfNW:wi.4rQ-f f'sd11L:?WY QSHSLQSQE 148 Base hit . . . E-State, C of E infield at work. Steal from second Tagged! Pitching form of Virgil Speck. 3 is E i Six ig. ' 4 4 ,, 1 .7, W4 , . i 1, W S, ' 'ffii ii-1.1: i . gt , vi 3 i if , . igxxii' i,ff ' h i i,,i i:.' E" 51.1 ., 1 ,,.- 1,-,wwf ,,, 4i.z M -f - .tk in 2 4 i .5 .g,, ,V.,, . .,h,fvs,.Y.,gf A7 Q' ff A Aiii i+ f?' i - H n m g g 7.4.4 J ,bg4'11f".. W .5 V .,. , I 5" Y f T Q . 'X K-a"'fi'wwn V:i -Mi" , 1, ff- , The Dugout-Cheering and Rcxzzing sec- tion. High ball. wp L, ,. Y. ff I gp ' Y 149 150 SWIMMING K . V wwf L, . Siam LM I . y y From Row-l. to r.: Richard Ross. Dwain Pauqh, Team Captain: Wally Kawane, Mac Greever, Angus McFarland. Back Rowfl. to r. Doyle Orrell, Wayne Prost, Neil Roach. Armond Belleau, lim Norris. Mac Borgna, Team Captain: Iohn Sampson, Nike Scott. QPittsburg State College Phoiol GOLF Coach E.D. "Gus" F1sh's traveling golf team. Dennis Irwin. conference singles champion. TENNIS 151 15' 4 ' ,-If K ' ,W f n- 'FQ'- K D C49 6 ' 6, X. f , W I C H' f f . I i 15 'xr J 1 . , SY' lf-, f r 6 Q , . ,K -f' ,. 1 . 'fr-Q M -. V - . .,. 4.,.,. Lf,-11,1 1 L x - - i ' - - ,f' 1 ,v f - f 1 , V v f 1' A X v f.'f?""-ff"r-.K..'f"1r--sq , --'A' 1'!'x., lj, I 1 f g, , - I , V if-p L 4 yf,-if f, 5,75 ' X mf ,f g 4 'w?5f9 f ,YV J . -x , . , . L-,. X f.V,r '-x5 , N . xi' mx, ' -vihi ' 's -x - X kM,.ff.AX5 '. 4-Nu ...,.. -A '-1. f' ,Q 4. ' xxx, A . , .sq , xlx V, f . I Tr, H13 ' fr. ,. -7-'if' I 1 7 ,Wl Y .AN f 'Q 1 ' A... ,.. Nsxlrjh ' - .wg rf? I gyggfssf? ,ff . ,Ka b' 4' 'S em?" -' I s n .1 295,11 , ' 'Q 153 N f ,hlgifw mn.-.www--nv .1.Lj., all A I Q Harry Reynolds, Bernice Hoqan, Marilyn l-lawrird, Deanna Rahnke, Churl-: Barrett, N-rwl Klein THETA Ari RHO CIRCLE-K-CLUB Uunior Kiwanis front: Norman Avery, lim Hieberi, Sam Wilson, lohn Riddle, Melvin Baack lorry Goldsmith, Carl Cox, Dale Creiner, Dennis Irwin, back: Dr, Herman Baehr, Leroy Bailey, Bob Kasselman. Larry Toburen, lohn Summerville, Keith Creiner, lim Swanson, Bill Frazier, lim Brown 155 156 Pi Omega Pi Group Front Row. L-R: Mr. Edwin Hooper, sponsor: Ioretta Lindi, Beverly Kobetich, Sandra Rader, Clayton Keller, ludy Weber, Sheryl Stevenson, Iudy DeBross, Robert Brandenburg, Dr. Adelaide Kauzer. sponsor. Back Row: Marlene Smith, Ruth Melcher, Donald Priddy, Duane Medley, Ioe Lapping, Larry McCall, Stan Mick, Gene Baht, Norman Gentry. Karen Frederick. PI OMEGA PI fhonorary business Pi Omega Pi Officers L-R: Sandra Rader, Ioretta Lindt, Clayton Keller, Beverly Kohetich. frwmgswz- ff.. :T Y - A v, v,,.. r, f-,,, V - V . i 5Ti5'ii,f5" I , , L.. ., , Front: Marilyn Newton, Kaye Talley, Stan Mick, Iackie Patton, Don Srajer, Pat Ater, Don Pretty, Unidentified, Unidentified, Andrey Wine- qard. Middle: Betty Dexter, Gayla Gibb, Iudy Weber, Indy Cummins, Barbara Mclntire, Fran Foos, lane Ann Stalcup, Shirley Tindall, Un- identified, Roberta Bain. Back: Unidentified Beverly Allison, Annette Basqall, Vanda Edwards, Unidentified, Ieanette Robinson, Kay Ritz, PHI BETA LAMBDA Crystal Adams, Indy Swartz, Indy DeBross. Front: Mr, Reitlierter, Calvin Roberts, Steve Darrell Hollinqshead, Panl Schmereey, Allen Carnes, Martin Halley, Buddy Redman, Ianet Schiebe, Middle: Wesley Swanson, Ted Huber, Marilyn Schauf, Linda Bezcic, Beverly Larson, Marjorie Daugherty, Marilyn Unruh, Iames Dody, VV'illiarn Blaufuss Charles Wilson, Miss Mouser, Back: Unidentified, Unidentified, Ianice Dillingham, Sharon Pipple, Pat Grey, Selma Thompson, Wynona Gifford, Unidentified, Betty lsenhouer. 157 15B back: Helen Douglas, Ioseph T. Sandelur, Ieanette Biqqe, Vincent I. Bowman front: Nancy Dannevik, Donna Covey, Eleanor E. Wentling, Penny Coyne, Darlene Shomeke, Donna Harter, Zoe Ann Cole, Glenn He-ldeb rant, Iulane Wells, Mary Iohnson SNEA SNEA students introduce themselves to quest speaker after convocation. Dorothy Brooksby addresses audience in SNEA Christmas. Convocation. ,r .,,.,.., mms: m:Hfm SNEA Christmas Party Carol sing led by Mary Iohnson. SNEA members wrapping gifts for their Annual Project. 159 160 Back: Myron Schwinn, Dr. Basch, Dr. Boles, Mark Riedel, Lyle Moddelmoq, Bob Neill, Iohn Nilsen, Bob Wisdom, Arland Grover, Front: Dr. Leisman, Larry Harms, Bob Zuvanich, Augustine Okonkwo, Fred Bussey, Harold Willis, Mr. White, Dr. Frazier, Larry Knipp BETA BETA BETA fHonorary Biologyj Back, L-R: Mr. Spencer, Dr. Parmelee, Dr. Wilson, Dr. Breukleman, Noel Ary, Harry Tatum, Arlo Hermre-ck, Richard Carlson. Front, L-R: Mr. Eddy, Patricia Bolton, Susan Griffith, Barbara Schaible, Kay Talley, Darlene Rothtuss, Ianet Beckner, Bill Padgett. Back: Judy DeBross, Kay Brown, Kay Cantrell, Elie Wentling, Janet Beckner, Sheryl Stevenson, Cheryl Early, Linda Hayes, Donna Harter, My- ra Kirk, Karen Downing, Beverly Allison. Front: Sue Rector, Marilyn Gertsen, Keren Lowman, Janis Lees, Nancy DeKeyser, Nancy Dannevick, Zoe Ann Cole, Bonnie Jones, Karen We- del, Ruth Dingwall, Mrs. Ted Andrews. OMEGA lLiterary Societyl Writing QUIVERA Back: Dr. Green Wyrick, Sharon Zerbe, Linda Hayes, Harry Thompson, Jane Eaton, Mr. John Kloeikorn, Tony Martin, Calvin McBride. Stanley Mckean, Mr. Keith Denniston. Left Table: Jeanette Wallace, Jean Kruse Curtis, Nancy Tryon, Olivia Price, Marty McMann, Unidentiiied, Janet Hunter, Kenneth Kern, Jerold Spady, Right Table: Gloria Stevenson, Barbara Howard, Barbara Bartlett, Sally Kimes, Sandy Hansen, Gael Hammer, Judy Jenkins. 161 Back: Mr. Houser, Sharon Maxwell, George Rundell, Sandra Hansen, Dr. Miller. Front: Iean Hawley, Teri Raven, Dorothy Thompson. FRENCH CLUB Back: Suzanne Hendrickson, Zoe Ann Cole, Pricilla Thomas, Gloria Gray, Sharon Craig, Freda Bornschein, Ianice Round, Peggy Mullen, Ros- etta Nystron, Dorothy Thompson, lanet Becker, Iudy Richardson. Front: Dr. Masher, D. D. Wagoner, Gael Hammer, Lila Lane, Jack Wininger, Karen Courtney-President, Joe Hovorka, Judy Ienkinson, Marcia Volk, Janet Fox, Dr. Minnie Miller-Sponsor, Bonnie Jones, 162 QQ' fb ,Sty Back: Kay Engler, Iim Bailey, Sandra Hansen, Patsy Gugler, Nancy Hatfield, Shirley Simkins. Front: Dr. Miller, Mr. Hauser, Ianet Hofer, George Rundell, Ieanette Wallace. Miss Wall. SIGMA DELTA PI Honorary Spanishl SPANISH CLUB Back: Paula Iones, Judy Richardson, Carol Breneman, Eleanore Middleton, Pat Green, Sara Colvin, Peggy Iarvis, Sammy Hagearty, Vicki Robinson, Janice Cody, Lola Bryan, Carolyn Wickham, David Dees, Larry Williams. Front: Edward Chase, Ruth Douglas, Sandra Rader, Atcha Mae Doty, Linda Rake, Suzanne Hendrickson, Beverly Pankratz, Peggy Mullen, Ruth Loewen, Donna Trolinger, Pat Kirkbride, Ianet DeYoung, Phyllis Henson, Phyllis Marsh, Iecxnette Wallace, Ianet Hofer, Iose Escorcia. 163 ,..L " 'f 'T ' Ellen Blaser, Pres.: Eleanor Bartley, Sec.: Mary Martin, Hist., Pub.: Ann Davis, Soc. Chair.: Deanna Wittman, Song leader: Darlene Setton Treas: Margaret Benner Vice Pres. HCJME' ECONOMICS 'Off' . K 'Cars Honorary Home Economics THETA EPSILON Back: Ruth Pugh. Sec,-Treas.: Ruth Briggs, Lora Iones, Editors: Mrs. Marian Wilson, Faculty Sponsor: Delores Franz: Nancy Simmons: Betty Webster. Front: Ioleen Seacat: Rita Perkins, Historian G Publicity Chairman: Deanna Wittman, Vice President: Nancy DeKeyser, President. Not pic' tured: Norma Redeler, Lynda Kelly, Marilyn Unruh, Ann Bruning, Patricia Matheson. 164 Front: Lynda Kelly, Sharon Ward, Carolyn Budd, Nancy DeKeyser, Iudy Weber, Ruth Briggs, Ioyce Reusser, Gayla Gibbs, Ester Schreck, Nor- ma Redeker, Grace Wolford, Ian Freeman, Shirley Tyndel, Alberta Myers, Mary Ray, Betty Dexter, Rita Perkins. Back: Beverly Klein, Marjorie Butrum, Marilyn Newton, Iudy Cooke, Rosie Brinkman, Kay High, Barbara Sullivan, Rita Riggins, Regina Ham- ilton, JoAnn Wendling, Mary Esterbrook, Ruth Meyer, Ioyce Fillmore, Barbara Duff, Betty Webster, Suzanne Debois. Front: Frances Salmon, Suzanne Doll, Rita McKay, Elie McEliresh, Ann Davis, Saundra McGehee, Shirley Parkington, Cecelia Patry, Iune Mc- Clure, Ioyce Allison, Ioleen Seacat, Marilyn Unruh, Royce Baxter, Ann Bruning, Betty Renner, Pat Duncan. Back: Barbara Iohnson, Iudy Bodenhamer, Carol Bethell, Ruth Fruit, Carolyn Madden, Ianet Robinson, Pat Matheson, Delores Franz, Sandra Fraser, Florence Rial, Ruth Pugh, Marilyn Iohnson, Martha Iemison, Karen Iohnson, Ioyce Harvey, Linda Sunderland. il? 165 Front: Carl Rolf, Kirk Schultz, La Mont Godsey, Dan Day, Arland Grover. Back: Dr. Barnhart, Iohn Quackenbauch, Norman Ashbaugh Harold Woods, Dale Hogan. EPSILON Pl TAU Honorary Industrial Arts INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Back: Dan Trower, Gary Regehr, Kerwin Schultze, Norman Thiessen, Bill Wright, Kenneth Perkins, Paul Kettler, Howard Driver, Larry Salis- bury, Allan Hogan. Middle: Dale Hogan, Mr. Bell, Gerald Fischer, Bob Holverson, Raymond Asbaugh, Thomas Deweese, Terry Beams, Iohn Schultze, Marvin Irey, Iohn Quackenbaush. Front: Kevin Hogan, Arlancl Grover, Lyle Wall, Richard Sowers, Billy Throm, Lyle Grubb, Herald Kliewer, Dennis Dirksen, Vernon Berens. 166 Front: Mary Parsons, Helen Klostennann, Veronica Thennis, Mary Rhoades, Ruth Loewen. Back: Robert McKinney, Florence Rial, Elizabeth Erwin, Barbara Groothius, Iudy McGowan. Front: Larry Bender, Kenneth Smejkal, Carrie Boyle, Marie Meyer, Barbara White. Grace Hsu. Back: Marian Rowe, Dorothy Moores, Janet Barnhart. Larry Sloan. ELSIE PINE LIBRARY CLUB Front: Opal Sebelius, Nancy Todd, Patricia Sinclair, Barbara Kamrnerlohr, Clara Chambers. Second: Sancha Garvey, Tun Myint, Thomas Haskett. Front: Ioyce Quintana, Miss Gertrude Lemon, Miss Irene Hansen. Back: Ianice Smith, Miss Ruth Hanson, Mrs. Inez Cox, Miss Alice Rui. Front: Iohn Couch, Charles B. Tucker, Janet Beckner, Lora Iones, Karen Allison, Iohn M. Burger-Sponsor, Vernon Sheffield. Back: Florian Hofer, Harold E. Schrader, Donald Bruyr, Glenn Gimple, Phil Seibolcl, Max Larsen, Leroy Dutton, David Allison, Lester E. Laird TEZBEHEA Mu EPSILON President ...,.,,,, ...,... M ax Larsen I H M 1' h 1' Vice-President .,,,.,, ,,.,.. P hil Seibold O n O r G r Y G ' e m G I C S Secretary .,,...... .,,,,,,, L eroy Dutton Treasurer ,,.., .,..,, C onnie Smith Front: Anne Cillispie, Iacqueline Devore, Roberta Bain, Ioan Farber, Dorothy Whitcomb, Connie Smith, Ana Bruning. Second: Dale Greiner, Ian Minor, Albert L. Crawford, Iames E. Truelove, Ierry Gabriel, Larry Loegeboehm, Robert Kasselman, Kenneth Carl Melvin E. Ratzlall, Guy Oldgield. Third: Karl I. Baxley, Verle E. Harrison, Ion G. Bailey, Dennis Hartsook, Richard Kellogg, Roy Pointer, Loren Minard, Larry Lind, Iohn Quinn Iohn W. Summers. 168 ii Front: Stephen Kimple, Beverly Neavitt, Gibb Anderson, Lee Howell, Marlene Smith, Barbara Riggs, Karen Counselman. Second: Roger Dill. Clint Poppe, Indy Brikholz, Iudy Beech, Iohn Smith, Richard March, Ed Bartley, Norman Thompson. Standing: Alan Hawkins, Sue Summer- vill, Marion Summervill. BRASS CHOIR The band is better known for its performances during half-time at football games, and arousing pep at basketball games. Everyone will remember Homecoming for the rain, but most all the band members that marched in the mud. Marion Summerville directed the band for these performances. The band under the direction of Dr, Hendricks also performs at special concerts during the school year. During second semester many long hours are spent practicing as they prepare for their annual Spring tour. BAND First: Gary Jernigan, Lee Lallier, Ianet Mahan, Sally Bundy, Ann Wolff Knot Picturedb, Mary Rutschman, Beverly Neavitt. Second: Ieanne Volkland, Barbara Packard, Ray Gilstrap, Betty Lantz, Nancy Hightower, Marvelle Thompson, Max Plank, Elaine Dawson, Kay Wildman, Alan Hawkins. Third: Ianet Ireland, Marie Reams, Linda Dieker, Pat Berhardt, Glenda Sims, Nancy Lu Vacin, George Alexander, Iudy Reed, Donna Miller, James Chubb, Everett Moreland, Sidney Allison, Don Fleeman, Kevin Alexander. Left Back: Marion Summerville, Becky Carson, Nancy Hacker, Don Kile. -.ms Q-nn--wwwemwmf w e -.rm -1 1, -M1-urmmwswmwwwm-www rauwmemmu. -1 l 112.giffrmmerfms,ftwyssfgiimtmfresisMmmmfwmmwrswwrrstsmrfw A., A .A .xr fi.. Back: Ioan Stibal, Zae Anne Middleton, Nancy Hacker, Ardith Greer-Accompanist, Marcia Deschner, Karen Fredrick, Linnie Hicks, Kaye Kal- lail, Martha Dell Rollmann. Front: Brenda Andrews, Marie Burns, Lana Dearing, Deanna Wittmann, lean Swoyer, Kaye Tomlin, Carol Bell, Iudy Martin. TREBLE CLEF First: Gilbert Anderson, Stephen Kimple, Frances Foos, Carol Cray, Ialayne Hunsberger, Gwydotta Warkentin, Ann Arnoit, Linda Coons. Second: Rhonda Mowbray, Roger Dill, Iohnnie Fish, Rodney Alderson, Henry Tamanaha, David Musil, David Archer, Barbara Riggs, Karen Counselman. Third: Sharon Smith, Lee Howell, Marian Eve-nson, Kirby Elsea, Robert DeHaven, Irhn Charles Avery, Richard Winter, Dennis Carrier, Bob Wilhite, Edwin Bartley, Wayne Hamilton, Norman Thompson, Francis Farr. Right Back: Cara Lee Yoder, Richard Weldon, Violet Blackford, Clint Poppe, Ardean McCorkle. A .W A fff. .. ' , gr .WW ,', c,., M ,f,.,, 'X 5 l"' "' HMM ' A Sim-W We-A-M A -i lo'o o' , il' n 'ndise A cerrl H fi I sts- . - 'w.Lzi'B.fA 2 v 7 ? 33 M E 3 H g 151 Q v fww 3 g , , 5 , 0 A ' wig- M M,,N.M,.,,,- gf -L., A , gg if I 'V ' , ? ffig if 1l, : . : V .,, ' u b D si The 200-voice Emporia State Symphonic Choir, prac- Christmas carols from other countries. The Spring tices many hours to perform in two concerts a year. concert, performed on April 28, included Faure's The first concert was a Christmas performance, Requiem and Verdi's Te Deum. December 4, which included Vivaldi's Gloria and The members of the choir are as follows: Crystal Adams, Rodney Alderson, Barbara Alexander, George Alexander, Kevin Alexander, Leann Alexander, Carol Arnmons, Brenda Andrews, Ieanne Appleby, Amy Arakaki, Barbara Arb, David Archer, lames Bagg, Michel Bailey, Ianice Baker, Roberta Baldwin, Sue Ellen Blazer, Annette Basgall, Iudith Beach, Faith Benest, Mary Ann Berry, Larry Biggs, Violet Blackford, Martha Branson, Carol Brenernan, Ruth Anne Brown, ludith Browniield, Sylvia Buchanan, Sally Bundy, Marie Ann Burns, Anna Campbell, luliann Carpenter, Dennis Carrier, Raymond Cheeley, Iames Chubb, Karen Coiner, Karen Conklin, Lyla Cook, Linda Coons, Karen Counselman, Charles Cowan, Mona Coyne, Phyllis Curtis, Dianne Davis, lo Degrattenreid, Robert DeHaven, Marcia Deschner, Linda Dieker, Howard Driver, Barbara Duff, Linda Farney, Francis Farr, Sherry Feltner, Mary Lou Fleagle, Donald Fleeman, Frances Foos, Paula Frazier, Ronald Fundis, Michael Gates, loyce Gilbert, Raymond Gilstrap, lerry Goldsmith, William Good, Ruth Ann Goodrum, Ianice Griffith, Karen Groves, Louvenia Hageman, Sharon Kay Hahber, Martin Halley, Wayne Hamilton, Iohn Hanscum, Io Lunn Harris, Linnie Hicks, Anita Higbee, Sharon High, Nancy High- tower, Ioann Hill, Kenneth Holdsworth, Gordon Horst, Sharon Horst, G. Lee Howell, Bonnie Hughes, Ianet Hunter, lanet Ireland, Donna Irwin, Margaret Iarvis. Kenneth Iohnson, Loretta Iohnson, Roberta Iohnson, Gerld Iones, Ruth Iordan, Ieannette Iury, Kay Kallail, Iosepha Kennaday, Sondra Kostner, Betty Lantz, Karen Lawerence, Barbara Lehmberg, Audrey Leonard, Brenda Lightcap, ludy Lostutter, Tonna Lavette, Snadra Mabry, Barbara Madden, Ianet Mahon, Marcia Mahar, lean Malkames, ludy Martin, Kathe Martin, Sharon Mayes, Caroline McCourt, Tom McCoy, Saundra McGehee, Martin McMahon, Iolleen Mendenhall, Sandra Mendenhall, Zae Ann Middleton, Donna Miller, Donna Ruth Miller, Everett Moreland, Randolph Murray, Donald Mustard, Margo Myers, Verl Ellyn Norwood, Barbara Packard, Beverly Pankratz, Barbara Paker, Darrell Peckrnan, Kay Phelps, Clint Poppe, Karen Prather, Carol Puckett, Marie Reams, Iudith Reed, Rosa Reed, Harold Rhea, Gordon Rhodes, Barbara Riggs, Carole Riley, Ianette Ritter, Larry Robb, Patricia Roberts, Rich- ard Robins, Dorothy Rockwell, Harriet Roner, Sandro: Rudd, Marty Ruthschman, Barbara Samuel, Careth Saville, Donita Sawyers, Diana Schmidt, Patricia Shank, Sandy Sinclair, Betty lane Sloop, Ioan Smerchek, Elaine Smith, Paula Kay Smith, loan Stibal, Barbara Street, Dianne Suits, Nancy Sullivan, Marion Summervill, Sue Summervill, Linda Sunderland, Nancy Swan, Karen Swartz, Leonard Tajchman, Virginia Taylor, Gloria Thomas, Ida Thompson, Shirley Tindall, Carol Trost, Karen Sue Tucker, Nancy Vacin, Ieanne Volkland, Barbara Ward, Kay Wedel, Marilyn Welch, Frances Whitten, Mary Whitten, Mary Whitwell, Sharon Wild- man, Kenneth Williams, Lena Wittman, Sharon Kay Worcester, Carol Wulfemeyer, Larry Zurfluh. CHOIR rwmwwmzf- r- - WMM -- New Ianet Beckner Virginia Bundy Marie Burns Robert Brandenburg Martha Branson Richard Carlson Gary Condra Penny Coyne W H 0 ' S W H 0 Nancy Dekeyser Cheryl Early Larry Ensminger Phyllis Ioan Farber Thomas I-'incken Monroe Fordham Keith Griener Donna Harter 'arf' f ,r,,.. W ,- .szlgffiifii v Sianviiff25ffpg4 ,gy-i5,,:s5Wr.1w A-rfffxifiwdgf -. ff? Mi' Sw V 1, .4 A Arlo Hermick Mary Alice Iohnson MGYY I-011156 l0hl1SOI1 Bonnie IOHGS Those people attending any college or university may be eligible for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities ii they are a Iunior or Senior maintaining at least B- average. The honor is bestowed on those who are active in at least two organizations. and are known for their leadership qualities. They are chosen by Student Council members and class officers. Gary Shezer Eleanor Wentling Gary Wxsler IUHICB Zefellel' 1 Scott Irwin. Pres. Bob Brandenburg, Vice-Pres. Donna Hurter. Sec. Arlo Hermreck. Trecrs. XI PHI Roger Green Tom Fincken Don Wilhelm 176 Karen Wedel Gary Wisler Icznice Zerener Icmet Beckner Gary Condra Stuart Cram Keith Griener Bonnie Iones Xi Phi is an honorary leadership fraternity. Any the Leadership Conference. It is limited to 24 mem- Iunior or Senior is eligible if they maintain a B- aver- bers, who are selected by past members twice cr age, and is a recognized leader of at least one or- year. ganization. Xi Phi sponsors Miss Emporia State, and Bob Johnston Marilyn Newton Mary Wilhelm Paul McKnab Robert Stowers Cheryl Early Kaye Iohnson 177 Front: Cheryl Early, Carolyn Landis, Kathy Titus, Alice Talley, Iama Brinkley. Second: Lola 1-iavercratt, Ruby Io Laughlin, Ioyce McDonald, Betty Sparke. Third: Don Fleeman, Freddie Iones, Diane Davis, Iudy Brownfield, Barbara Kent, Mary Ann Mahan, Betty McMillan, Clell REIYTHMIC CIRCLE Honorary Women's Physical Education ALPHA BETA Front: Dorothy Martin, Mary Scales, Sue Novogradac, Iean Billing, Bonnie Martin, Karen Gegen, Edna McCullough. Back: Priscilla Manges, Shirley Malcolm, Linda Olson, Dee Burchlield, Nancy DeKeyser, Gloria Schneider, Ieanne C. Galley. 178 Front: Barbara Glasgow, Nancy Weak, Nancy Reynolds, Karen Osborne, Caroline Myers, Miss Freddie Iones, Miss Ieanne Galley, Miss Ar- dis Hill, Miss Edna McCullough, Miss Dorothy Martin. Miss Shirley Malcolm, Miss Priscilla Manges, Evelyn Davis, D'anne Harris. Second: Wilma Wade, Carol Wulfemeyer, Sharon Adams, Karen Iones. Mary Ann Mahon, Peggy Hill, Io Minnis, Iudy Waller, Sandra Fraser. WGMEN!'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION Front: Pat Caruthers, Iackie Gay. Karen Iones, Lola Havercroit, Ianet Io Minnis, Ianette Hitter, Betty Stainbrook, Ieanne Galley, Dorothy Mar- tin, Priscilla Manges, Sidra Wilkerson. Back: Sondra Loudenslager, Anita Chacon, Shirley Iohannsen, Eloise VVall, Sharon Adams, Ioyce Cockran, Bonnie Martin, Carolyn Meyer. Bar- bara Murray, Marlene Donahue, Karen Erbes, Ida Schierling, Nancy Cramer, Lois Steele, Patty Watt. 179 180 Front: I. Strcxusbcxugh, John Summerville, Iim Swanson, Iohn Evely, Rositio Frentz, Myron Webster, Lee Stieben, Dennis Irwin. Second: Wes Rcxndcxll, Charles Seuwood, Angus MCFGIIQIICI, Ron Iohnslon, Tom Hoyselden, foe Fisher, Don Wilhelm, Neil Auerbach, Frank Bavero, Ron Quottrini. MENS PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB t , front: Pat Crutchers, Iackie Gay, Karen Iones, Lola Havercrolt, Io Minnis, Ieanette Reitter, Betty Stainbrook, Miss Ieanne Gally, Miss Dorothy Martin, Miss Priscilla Manges, Sidra Wilkerson. Second: Sondra Loudenslager, Anita Chacon, Shirley Iohannsen, Eloise Wall, Sharon Adams, Ioyce Cockran, Bonnie Martin, Caroline Meyer, Barbara Murray, Marlene Donahue. Karen Erbes, Ida Schierling, Nancy Cramer, Lois Steele, Patty Watt. WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSGCIATION EMPCRIA STATE PLAYERS Floor: Andy Brown, Larue Watts, Betsy Sly, Kathleen Shields. Chairs: Mike Barton, Carol Sanders, Dr, Bruder. First: Max Gile, Evelyn LeGore, Ruby Laughlin, Kay Kallial, Mary Alice Hauetter, Margaret Sue Denniston, Karen Brown, Gary Prose. Second: Glen Harbaugh, Dave Alquest, Betty Mcmillan, Carolyn Owen, Charles Hill, Karen Penner, David Stem, Gael Hammer, Iean 181 First: Kay Groom, Ian Hesser, Gary Scherrer, Mr. John DeBross, Harald Lawson. Second: Dave Calvert, Sue Rogers, Ianet Wedel, Marcia Lawson, Iames Roth, Dennis Sommer. Third: Jim Hayes, Norman Kay Marshall, Jean Swoyer, Dick Barnes, Leslie Cyrus, Susie King, Anita Edwards, Mr. Robert Dorsch Pl KAPPA DELTA Honorary Deloatel 182 Front: Dr. W. M. Potts, Dr. William Cloud, Terrv Purcell, Richard Kellogg, Phyllis Perry. Glen Gimple, Richard Olson. Second: Dr. A. T. Ericson, Mr. William Glass, Allen Kirk, Iames Cioni, George Shellengerger, Don Mason, Dr. S. W. Cram. Third: Mr. Alvin Rusk, Ioan Farber, Harry Prall, Duane Boline, Marlin Simon, Terry Parks, Stuart Cram. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA Honorary Physical Science 183 Front: Ron Haxton, Ron L. Olson, Ianice Lees, Nancy Dannevik, Patricia McDowell, George Yocum, Glenn E. Torrey, Iohn I. Zimmerman. Second: Don Tucker, William Fenton, Thomas Haskell, Ron Holman, Larry Thompson, Ioe Perkins. PI GAMMA MU Honorary Social Science Clubl SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB Front: Marlin K. Smith, Larry Lybarger, Unidentified, Ron Thistlethwaite, Ierry Dolsky, Bob Morris, Bob Iohnson, Lynn Aldrich, Ronald Thomas, Don Bliss, Don Perkins, Howard Driver. Back: Kent E. Miller, fudith Richardson, Grace Triemer, Leana Giesy, Ianice Bone-witz, Beverly Boling, Ernestine Crouch, Dorothy Crigni, Sandy Mabry, Margaret Johnson, Tom Fowler. 184 4 4 Front: Landis Franklin, Charles Richard, Monroe Fordham, Ion Fuquay, Richard Weelk, Iohn Evely, Scott Irwin, Larry Ensminger, Harold Blowey, Dan Walburn. Second: E. D. "Gus" Fish, Ron Slaymaker, Ed Washington, Dennis Irwin, Iim Walker, Frank Hicks, Angus McFarland, Ioe Fisher, Ron Quattrini, Roy Flook, Mike Swartz, Roy Iohansen, Tom Wyrick, Gary Stotts, Harry I. Waters. K CLUB 185 186 Foreign students. joined together to celebrate Christmas. enjoy the festive spirit. Mr. Ghaleb Sawalha, Iordan: Randy Murray, Emporia: Charles Lawrence Dunn, Goodlandg Shin'ichi Ishi- kcrwa, Okinawa: and Augustine Okonkwo, Nigeria meet together between classes to share good times. ,Ile-nf v. f f:xi' ,Wa-5 ' fm if Front: Father Ronald Brokaw, Ierry Iordan, Suzanne Dubois. Second: Tom Parsons, Pam Wood, Mary Runehmon, Nadine Lewis, Gib Anderson. Third: Bob Parks, Glen Gish, Chris Kahara, Fred Whipple, lim Richardson, CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION Episcopal Church Disciples of Christ-Christian Churchl DlSClPLE STUDENT FELLOWSHIP Back: Rev. Grooms, Mr. Mike Wesley, fudy Norton, Iohn Larson, Carolyn Larson, Carolyn Ulrick, Sam Hofier, Glen Vanetten, Carlene Baker Mary Ellen Schimke, Rev. Holverson, Mr. Mike Wesley. Noel Klein. Middle: Sue Burger, Maxine McKinley, Becky Carson, Ann Spencer, Peggy Iarvis, Chrissie Abbott, Grace Wolford, Barbara Mac lntire Carolyn Mathews, Louise Maas. Front: Gary Todd, Hayden Owens, Perry Cook, Lee Bandrant, Richard Headrick. Ron Rhunke. 188 i Q I . gi 1 Q ei Q i f A ' IX Y q dv .,,, t ill- Members kneel before ultar in reverence. WESLEY Methodist The members of Wesley watch and listen to program crttentively. 189 rl. Father Noel William, O.F.M., our chaplain. President King, Charles Tincher KPresidentJ, Thomas Weingartner 1Past Presidentl. Signing oi Cardinal: Newman Week Proclamation. NEWMAN CLUB Kfatholic Churchl Miss Freddy Iones, Iohn Smith, Connie Smith, Bob Fisher, Marilyn Schauf, Larry Reiser, Karen Lawrence, Iill Weigle, Sue Novogradac. Charlie Tincher, Tom Weingartner, Carolyn Storms, Iulane Wells, B9bEise1e, Don Heiland, Terry Iochems, Bill Blaufuss, Karl Benkeser. Back: Peggy Elftner, Pat Duncon, Sue Wells, Helen Wiegers, Rita McGill, Virginia Correa, Elaine Wecker, Mary Maher, Gary Iohnson, Mary Io Hullemer, Ioarin Wendling, Barbara Groothuis, Sandy Hansen, Bart Mohr. 190 Front: Ierry Strausbaugh, Paul Huston, Bea Lewis, Ann Meritt, Unidentified, Jerald Strausbaugh, Dennis Meis, Marvin Flater, Ronald Coash, Linda Dieker, Clarence Mohr, Maurice Setter, fim Huelsmann, George Alexander, Margaret Iohnson. Back: Kity Collins, Dorthy Dieker, Kay Kowalski, Rosie Brinkman, Paul Kircher, Frances Botel, Leona Hermann, Diane Nichols, Mary Blau- fuss, Mary Gorman, Diane Schmidt, Christie Hudspeth, Iudy Deputy, Karen Boes, Rita McKay. Front: Larry Perry, Bob Colgan, Clarence Mohr, Tom Weingartner, Sue Novo-Gradac, Karl Benkesser, Fr. Noel William OFM, Ed Morgen- son, Freddie Iones, Carolyn Storms, Dick Baker, Leo Bouchard, Bill Bolton, Charles Tincher, Iulane Wells, Karen Lawrence. Back: Carl Uerryl Iochems, Iohn Smith, Louvenia Hageman, Marilyn Schauf, Ioyce Schaller, Mary Ann Doll, Terry Iochems, Ron Coash, Linda Dieker, Dennis Meis, Ioe Wendling, Unidentified, Barbara Groothuis, Sue Wells, Helen Weigers, Sandy Hansen. 191 Front: Margaret Benner, Donna Clupton, Myrna Seidel, Mary Ellen Schemke, Connie Smith, Marilyn Apple, Roberta Glenville. Second: Bob Fisher, Dr. Dcxrrell Wood, Doug Swcm, Floyd Rockenbcrck, Iohn Manning. INTERFAITH COUNCIL 192 JW! 4' 'lm .,. 1 k if Nluuu-my 194 ,n-.k. ,E Mother Freeburg Mother Benne Mother Kirk. Head Housemother Mother Irwin Home oi all Freshmen girls, Morse Hall. Officers-Front: Vice-President, Donna Covey: Secretary, Dorothy Rockwell: President, Sandra Rader: Treasurer, Margaret Benner. Second: Second Semester Social Chairman, Kathy Titus, Donna Fitzpatrick: First Semester Social Chairman, Elaine Smith, Linda Coons. 195 Front: Marilyn Wing, Martha Maddox, Cheryl German, Nancy Long, Helen Oltjenbruns, Carolyn Lancles, Marjean Hubbard, Noreen Carl- son, Vivian Oakley, Wendy Narrington. Second: Corky Yoder, Marilyn Welch, Linda Lattin, Barbara Bogart, Elaine Haggard, fudy Brownfield, Kathleen McFadden, Sharon Adams, D'Anne Harris, Shirley Tindall, Elaine Dawson, Karen Lawerence, Marcia Nlahar, Ann Armentrout, Pat Quillen, Sharon Heidner, Karen Osborne, Karla Shaffer. SOUTHEAST WING NORTH WING Front: Wilna Wade, Nancy Swan, Delores DonCarlos, Ianet Groom, Ianet Scheibe, Betty Schuyler, Mary Ann Whitewell, Reta Riggs. Ianet Reynolds. Back: Diane Smith, B. I. Lewis, Suzanne Hendrickson, Mary Reusser, Lala Weis, Sharon Hahner, Helen Lunday, Carolyn Wharton, Marsha Nairn, Iean Sutton, Linda Leasure, Sue Balzer, Iudith Boyd, Linda Carr, Helen Olson. 196 Front: Marjorie Gardner, Mary .Ann Doll, Beverly Warren, Karen Averill, Nancy Meister, Io Lynn Harris, Ioyce Schelbe. Miriam Isaac. Second: Alice Mills, Sue Carlat, Karen Karnes, Sue Vestle, Gloria Delis, Donna Coughlin, Pamela Stricklin, Ruth Briggs, Karen Iones, Saundra McGehee, Dolores White, Rosetta Nystrom, Ann Arnett, Iante Ireland, Iudy Cummins. FIRST FLCOR NEW DCRM Front: Eloise Wall, Anne Westhoif, Iane Pager, Iudy Iohnson, Tricky Ridencur. 1 Second: Pat Griffith, Nancy Schulte, Vonda Lee Edwards, Trudy Seaton, Connie Frost, Ioan Taylor, Betty lsenhower, Donna Irwin, Beverly Trendel, Helen Roberts, Maraaret Benner, Ierrie Eckart, Phyllis Sharp. ,f wg 197 7, Front: Dixie Taqqari, Connie Beecher, Carol Long, Sally Bundy, Pat Gallup, Margie Evans, Karen Houts, Ianet Simek. Second: Margaret Aldrich, lane! Wedel, Ieanne McNown, Sue Webster, Atcha Mae Doty, 'Zleanor Middleton, Beverly Larson, Sandra Rader, Dorothy Rockwell, Kathryn Studi, Leona Hermann, Christie Hudspeth, Frances Foos, Glora Thomas, Pat Greene, loyce Harvey. FIRST FLOOR OLD DORM SECOND FLOOR NEW DORM Front: Shirley Pariinqton, Iune McClure, Lois Thurber, Karen Coiner, Iulie Iahnsan, Phyllis Marsh, Sondra Lowdenslager, Linda Farney, Diane Nichols. Second: Barbara Hutton, Ann Lawler, Pru Balch, Ann Zscheile, Nancy llieliaqe, Marlene Arnold, Donna Covey, Myrna Lawler, Sue Sum- mervill, lean Dody, Connie Page, Donna Titel, Kaye Dixon, Glenda Sims, Patricia Grant. eoeweee -JY, P 198 Front: Iuli Lynn, Roberta Funston, fanice K. Cox, Beverly Pankratz, Glenneth Prothro, Betty Dexter, Carol Conyers, Second: Roberta lohnson, Barbara Madden, Sandra Mabry, Martha Martin, Betty Benner, Kay Wildman, Carolyn Mathews, Linda Picker, Glenda Farris, Meredith Storrer, Ianeen Bundschuh, Char Graff, IanetDeYounq. SECOND FLOOR NEW DORM SECOND FLOOR OLD DORM Front: Carol 'l'rost, Iudy Trost, Nancy Wagner, Mary Ray, Linda Sunderland, Mary Ann Berry, Barbara Sampson, Iudy Beach, Heidi Ronen Second: Roby Foelqner, Brenda Menefee, Carolyn Allen, Thyrza Winkelman, Martha lonison, Iuanita Brown, Iana Sheldon, Kay Barnhart, Ianice Guffiths, Sharon Murphy i J vi , Nina Zuvanich, Shirley Iohannsen, Opal ,, Blair, Mary Scott, Lorean Nichols, Carolyn Naylor, Kong Slvone. 199 Front: Bonnie Mitchell, Betty Scrivner, Judy Schick, Beatrice Lewis, Marilyn Gish, Iudy Abraham, Ioyce Benett, Twonette Epley, Iudy Stinson, Second: Beverly Tobias, Maricia White, Sue Stump, Pat Zimmerman, Joann llill, Norma Arnett, Marjorie Daugherty, lanice Detlefson, Betty Dominick, Ardis lVlcCreiqht, Nancy Dillingham, Iolene Trigon, Lois Setchell, Edith Laqing, lamd Stalays, Norma lean Sherry. SECOND FLOGR OLD DORM THIRD FLGCDR NEW DORM Front: Carol Barnett, Freda Bornschein, Sammie Heagerty, Donna Campbell, Venita Katz, Shirley Huston. Second: Kathy Titus, Della Skeen, Ianice Dillingham, Betty Sloop, Selma Thompson, Eda lean Nuttle, Roberta Baldwin, Carole Saulmon, Esther Schreck, Sue Braiton, IOYCG Daniels' NGUCY Brooks, Nadine Florance, E-egqy Iarvis, Sharon Schneider, Rita Urbanek. 200 DB9 40' Front: Mary Io Hellmer, Allena Storrer, Mary Gayle Gorman, Ioan Oliver, Luanne Tugqle, Rita Riqqin, Kathie Grizzel, Second: Sharon Baysinger, Becky Carson, Mary Ellen Schimke, Ann Spencer, Carol Bell, Mary Hay Trabert, Susan Walton, Kathy Coyne, Kay Christ, Sue Halsey, Sharon Porter, Suzanne Porter, Rita McKay, Karen Conklin, THIRD FLOOR NEW DORM THIRD FLOOR OLD DORM Front: lenelle Markley, Norma Ratzlatt, Carol Arnmons, Sharon Horst, Elaine Wittmann, Gayle Rhodes, Leona Smith. Second: Charlotte Fox, Loretta Olivier, Iudy Simpson, lean Epp, Kay Rogers, Kancy VVeak, Annavee Williams, Virginia Taylor, Dianne Neville, Sharon Smith, Carlene Baker, Teresa Savage, Sondra Kostner, Betty Atzenweiler, Mary Lou Fleagle, Georgia Sprange, Karen Ma- haffey, Donna Fitzpatrick, Ruth Anne Brown. 201 An. lil Front: Evelyn Davis, Connie Walker, Bonnie Hughes, Marilyn Iohnson, Marilyn Otstott, Carolyn Wickham, Barbara Parker, Roberta Wilkes. Second: Betty Dull, Barbara Glasgow, Carolyn Armstrong, Patricia Gray, Sylvia Buchanan, LeAnn Alexander, Elaine Smith, Linda Schroer, IoAnne DeGraifenveid, Carole Riley, Ardith Greer, Carol Breneman, Lucy May Tomasek, Delores Mullin, Kay Hartshorne, Charlotte Riifel. THIRD FLCOR CLD DCDRM FCURTH FLOOR NEW DORM Front: Muriel Hoger, Charlene Roberts, june Weber, Ianice Brinkman, Ruth Meyer, Rita ll-'lcGill, Sharon Garrett, Glory lVIcCray. Second: Judy Swenson, Violet Blackford, Verla Nauerth, Sandra Heep, Karen Leslie, Karen Swartz, Marty Hose, Peggy Hill, Connie Repp, Iudy Spohn, Pat Gastrock, Betty Clopton, Glenda Abney, Sondra Gendre, Karen Weigel, Sara Colvin, Kay Groom. 202 Front: Pam Wood, Tykie Ie-nson, Kathryn Whitten, lane Gordon, Nana Samon, Deanna Boyd, Caroline Myers. Second: Eatsy Richardson, Alberta Kurtz, Ieanie Brunkow, Linda Mcfagqart, Ianet Louther, Iudy Martin, Sharon Mayes, Lynn Krehbiel, Alberta Meyer, Ruthie Iordan, .Diana Proffitt, Ioanne Street, Pat Parry, Iflaine Marshall, Sandy Martin, Ieanette Brussow. FOURTH FLOOR NEW DORM FOURTH FLOOR OLD DORM Front: fudy Sexton, Marvelle Thompson, Amy Arakaki, Ioyce Natamoto, Dianne Davis, Kay High, Barbara Mclntire, Marqaret Iohnson. Second: Martha Dell Rollman, Margo Myers, Faye Davison, Ian Bush, Barbara Kelly, Jimmy Sue Casebier, Anita Koch, Patty Watt, Ieanne Malkames, Donna McLean, Sharon Rippel, Lois Marie Steele, lane-t Mahan, Ieannette Iury, Marla Kane, fudy Gilges, Miriam Rappard, Dorothy Thompson, Eileen Roth. 203 Front: Anita Chacon, Barbara Perkins, Kay Ienriings, Kerry Shephard, Dale Riggin, Audrey Leonard. Back: Ieannette Vlfaugh, Sue Rodgers, lane Gaschler, Peggy Elfier, lane! Morrison, Marilyn Smith. Knot pictured, Burdine Burrowsl. CAMPUS HOUSE NEW WING Floor: Kay Redder, Judy Diehl, Sandy Sinclair, Mary Ann Wilson, Chrissie Abbott. First: Alice Marie Wilson, Iudy Reed, Willa Schaake, Donna Lee, Sharon Pratt, Linda Lightcup, Ieariette Hoar. Second: Charlene Knittle, Kathy Benest, Lois Wells, Carol Reed, Betty Stover, Fudy Waller, Claire Rothweiler, Sue Goss, Iacqueline Winsky Nancy Taque, Iudy Irwin. 204 MEN'S RESIDENCE HALL Front: Bob Brandenburg, President: Mrs. Eva Williamson, Housemother: Dale Greiner, Harold Heciberlin. Back: Paul McKncrb. Social Chairman: Larry Knipp, Athletic Director: Bill Lamb, Iim Anderson, Ian Russell. MENS DORM QFFICERS 206 First: Norman Avery, Scott Dickinson, Harold Heaberlin, Emest Dela Cruz, David Fry, Keith Greiner, Larry Bender. Second: Joseph Walter, Dale Greiner, Kendall Guyer, Paul McKnab, Douglass Glaysher, Manuchi Sheikhi, Bill McAllister, Ron Folk, Perry Cook. Third: Gene Long, Kevin Alexander, David Leicteig, George Alexander, Ben Blagg, Ken Williams, Merril Mcl-Ienry. First: Owen Krase, Gordon Horst, Roy Williams, Larry Freeman, Ian Russell, Tun Myint, Kent Hum. Leon Teske. Second: Robert Kassel- man, Richard Buchanan, David Skeen, Bill Dwyer, Don Sowyer, lim Smith, Larry Knipp, Steve Kline, Ierry Reynolds, Marvin lrey, Gary Montgomery. Back: Martin Halley, Verl Norwood, Iohn Thompson, lim Hill, Kenneth Metzler, Darryl Leiller, Iohn Rotz, Richard Ross, Bob Iones. 207 Floor: Iohn Ellis, Wayne Hamilton, Richard Weldon, Sidney Allison. First: Bob Waner, Boyce Baumqardner, Harry Stephens, Donald Almond, Ioel Hefling, Curt Gockel, Winton Hinkle, Bob Carson. Second: Gary Iones, Harold Rhea, Raymond Gilstrap, Dennis Lebbin, Bill Lamb, David A. French, Iohn Roberts, fohn Hanscum, Kenneth Woods, Charles Beck, Mike Bailey. Back: Jerry Anderson, Iames Iohnston, Jim Young, Gerald Leonard, lack Stewart, Dennis Platt, Bill Partridge, Ronald Peters, Steve Williams. Bill Padgett. Front: Darell Meyer, Bob Brandenburg, Ed Morqenson, Charles Dent, Marvin Flater. Second: Neil Rogat, Lyle Iohnson, Albert Iohnstone, Roy Iohnson, Ed Metcalf, Iim Anderson, Dennes McCallum, Ioel Woefiul. 208 Front: Ian Zerener. Pat Davis, Kaye Johnson, Kay Cantrell, Ieanie Rogers, Icnet Rogers, Ianet Beckner, Cheryl Early. Second: Karen Wedel, Nancy DeKc1iser, Lalune Revell, Dean Ruth Schillinqer, Millie Mcl-luley, Zoe Ann Cole, Dr. Morgan, Connie Soyer, PANHELLENIC CCDUNCIL 209 Ed Eilert, President of the lnterfraterrzity Council. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council, organized in 1930, pro- motes friendly relations among the student body, cmd especially the several fraternities. V.T. Trusler, Dean of Men, sponsors the organization, which is composed of two representatives from each fraternity. Ed Eilert heads the group as president and Larry Larmer is Secretary-Treasurer. They have the power to form rules concerning rush week, pledging, and other such activities. It works 210 in unison with the Panhellenic Council, which has the same purpose for sororities. Together each year they promote scholarship among the Greeks. The sorority and the fraternity that has the highest grade point average receives the scholarship trophy. If a sorority or fraternity receives it for three consecutive years, they are able to keep the trophy. This years winners are Sigma Sigma Sigma, sorority, and Alpha Kappa Lambda, fraternity. Linda McCune CHI OMEGA Berdie Burrows Donna Campbell Anita Chacon Betty Clapton Iane Gaschler Pat Ann Gastrock Kaye Groom Kay Hatz Peggy Hill Marty Hose Audrey Leonard Lynda McCune Kathy Neil Barbara Higgin Sue Rodgers Iudy Sandstrom Kerry Shephard Diane Smith Marilyn Smith Ieanette Waugh A house made home by the Alpha Sigma Alpha girls. 212 ll 259' vga' i ,V . m t 3 .2 fffiiegf T 'l' , Kaye Iohnson. president, leads ihe "Al pha Sig's" Karen Averill Iean Billing Ian Blackwelder Marilyn Blowey Ianice Bonewitz Freda Bornschein Kay Cantrell Iudy Carpenter Mary Lou Conyers Susan Crow Helen Dawson Doris Drehle Suzy Dozier Loretta Ehlers Twonette Eplev Marcia Gann Iudy Gentz Io Anne Goodland Mary Hendrickson Susanne Hendrickson Mickey Holt Sharon Horst Norma Huston Kay Jennings Marcia Ievons Kaye Iohnson Nancy Iones Vicky Kilcoyne Sharon Killion Kay Kowalski Ann Lawler Betty Lantz Annelta Lutz Ellen Martin Carol McGee Sandra Mendenhall Jane Miser Margo Myers Polly Pierson Sharon Porter Suzanne Porter Karen Prather Connie Repp Lalune Revell Connie Ring K , ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Ianette Ritter lane Smith Sharon Smith Betty Stainbrook Kathy Stout Karen Swartz Ann Thomas Garda Torrence Luanne Tuggle Doris Vaughn Connie Walker Sandra Wenderott Eloise Wall Margaret Yeager .fi-wx E K ,.:,, - -ff . fr- V, -yyt -, . : - . .5 i git. f a. ,, Ai fr' 3 l 4? 511 u 1 J 431 1 av Q iii g l ...t r 1 'Ma I SLI 4' ii in L .y fw' . y -"', 5 'I b In -ff : r..,,, 1 if lr l X ,M : A 'f ' , Ai-Q X - fi ,. ff 'il vi Y I K' Tee.: We A , 1 ff' 23?-3 ,Q KL, Q5 A fi , " : ga 'K f 'Z S, 1 gi R I I 7 I Wt np. A lt Wzfrs E D- 1 im.,.eMrk X I if S- 333 i A-NN A 4. L 4npAL Karen Adams Anita Barrett Sheryl Becker Donna Blue Carol Brant Ianeen Bundschuh Marie Burns Ianice Bush Mona Coyne Penny Coyne Gloria Cropp Tamara Dawe Karen Davidson Marsha Deschuer Memones are made here ot the Alpha Sigma Tau house Iudie Diller Sherry Feltner Linda Fredrick Connie Frost Carolyn Gentner Ioyce Gilbert Bev Ginder Sue Goodin Nancy Green Patricia Griffith Pat Halblieb Paulette Hartman Marilyn Hoecker Mary L. Iohnson .,,,g,wr nw , rf: :X an 1 :iff we- ALPHA SIGMA TAU Bonnie Iones Bertie Knoche Barbara Livingston Susan Lund Mary Ann Lutz Beverly Maechtler Diana McEchron Donna McKanna Io Minnis Frankie Morris Barbara Murray Linda Newman Sandra Perry Sharon Reaburn Sue Rector Ioyce Reusser Ianice Riggs Clare Rothweiler Iudy Hule Connie Sawyer Carol Scott Myrna Seidel Iackie Sell ludy Shipley Linda Smith Mary Beth Smith Marsha Spry Diane Suits Ioan Taylor Lois Thurber Connie Ward Kay Wedel Donna White Ian Zerener if x-,ii . ::-' i Q 2-Si! r k m F' ft 331 A -rm it , if "iv f 'M-Q, . A 3 I l 4- M KL S -we A :W 'X ,, sr Q ' ms, Qi ' ' fa- i ggi . 1 , Q . A X if y Z Wg. in :Kaur .1 . . A ,, , A as ,Liz fer' my twill? W Z ' A is JL, lr, r, M at me 4 as .- QPW K f ,,-a like. : ' We . . ,,,,, M . -- -- f - ,FE ' .5 'Q V K -wir, Huh 3, . mg. W . R. 7' Y .., .Rl ,Q :fu f r JSM? fe' a P" g , 45? Sf 'f s I-:ig-f1r:'f ,..' SIIIWY' fir? i Q, if '- , -A .QW iw 'f gay?-1 2 view , . ' fir f ,, A ,Ei so 4 X ,A ' . " - : I fr ,lj ba A ,.,, ' , . H t .. 1, f .. - : A W5-V: "'- -:lv ,., .ii ' ' --fa,1":s'ffE?Ff 'Ll -"H stir! -. A ' N: I I ' 5 . H ' ' , A ,ii ' ' , ' ' in l + , r ' ti my iii: rg H Wyyy var r A . S . I --V si- ,. . , H A E' L, 5 f 215 f -erermem -J Q- :femur Nancy Dekeyser. president Laughter and good times are many at the Delta Zeta house. 216 W -bulbl lt ? 'W ,l f' Sz za ' J f P - ,: 1 . . 9 5:55 vM1.m12z 1 - f 1545 ':Pa:5:E::. 'SEE :mia vm. . f- H I Akkgg: gg-, , ff., Barbara Bartlett Gail Bradiord Linda Brosius Ieanne Chambers Karen Christ Iudy Christie Dee Comas Susanne Dall Ann Davis Pat Davis Nancy Dekeyser Sharon Deyo Phyllis Dyer Cheryl Early Karen Erbes Linda Fish Paula Frazer Kay Freeman Sharon Garrett Marcella Glass Ruth Ann Goodrum lane Gordon Iudy Halley Kay Hartshorn Barbara Heitman Linda Henkle Ann Immasche Norma Iacks Loretta Iohnson Kaye Kallail Beverly Klein Deanna Krey Ioyce Leeper Karen Leslie Mary Ann Mahon Mary lane Martin Nancy McFarland Maxine McKinley Ann Merritt loyce Mills Helen Olson Mary Ann Page Leann Pearce nf A e e ff ,zzr Q t g. , . so 3 K i i K - Q il ' gg '.::": -V rrry Q DELTA ZETA Pat Beep Sharon Beep Darlene Shoemake Diane Smith Sandra Smith Paula Stucky Gloria Thomas Glenda Thorne Kay Tomlin Donna Walter Susan Walton Carolyn Wharton Iudith Wills Deanna Wittman M fr "l, .M f , eq Ye' iw Q ,fa f 4: sg wir ,-Q ff' to if ,P 6 S - ..v,tt,,r f mens, fzisizwflfsx ' Uiifnl Y, , .WE to ,. -1 rags, . V N .A Q, 5. N t K-ft,, 1 , 58 . ,G vu 1 :aim ni .i " ' nr n - - In . Q if it lty. we -r :ig1,"T fQ 0 "' ,, 'ff 1 2' Q dm 2 Y 217 I K?m35l'w'Wm,,Y I 5-API-6 fr, , A Q, 7 Y uv Friends are made here at the "Sig Kap" House. 218 Housemoiher, Mrs. Kelly. Sigma Kappa president, Carol Bell Glenda Abney Pricilla Allen Judy Ayler Carol Bell Sue Bratton Irene Carson Donna Choice Clopton Sam Colvin Pam Crebbs Phyllis Curtis Ianice Dutton Kay Evers Ioan Farber Linda Garret Sue Gray Ieanne Greeson Lirmie Hicks Anita Higbee Ianet Houston Paula Ivey Roberta Iohnson Wilma Kelly Ieannie Langtaue Linda Leisure Betty Jane Lewis Linda Liqhtcap Helen Lunday Mildred Mc!-luley Pat McDowell Linda McTagqart Kay Mahan Louetta Maxson Sandra Maybray Marie Meyer Martha Meyer Ianet Murray rv' ,g .r -. 5 f ,AE 1' F , ,. . -,,,5, 541 ,.. t . H 'rsr- , ,fx SIGMA KAPPA Marsha Nairn Mary Beth Orr Gayle Phillips Sharon Pine 1-'ae Pruitt lean Rogers Martha Dell Rollman Marjorie Sanders Susan Spriqgs Carolyn Storms Darlene Sutton Sharron Swender Pricilla Thomas Mary Kay Trabert Carol Twietmeyer Marcia Volk Patty Watt Julane Wells Sue Wells Sandra Wiand Helen Wiegers M I 'E r wr . as xx .Q ,V t -Q f ir. A , K Q N "' 54- s . t.: . E.. in 1 UB .... B. 1.1 L. A ' Q , N., l l rf mv .N Q , 5 5 r 1 Q I fi K H' 'Ir 4, 57:35. ar' f W 'SQ K gs :l": S , ,,,i1 IIE, 4 K? W - 'YI' f 2 W W ' ' ' z Q- ij ..:-. S I ,lf ' M 4, K R . M . , Q' ,, 219 President oi "Tri Sig", Ianet Beckner. I 'al Qi Y B l by 'KI 2 'U Beverly Allison Marilyn Appl Pat Ater Pru Balch Annele Basgall Janet Beckner Ellen Blaser Marlene Boxberger "Tri Sig" housemother, Frances Dalton. 220 3 K: n Wi Home of many activities. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Rosalie Brinkman Carolyn Budd Maggie Buttron Ioyce Cockran Zoe Ann Cole Karen Courtney Nancy Dannevik Betty Dexter Dee Ann Dewey Ruth Dingwall Huth Douglas Karen Downing Margaret Gaeddert Marilyn Gertsen Gavla Gibb Sammie Heagerty Ann Holmgram Paula Iones Iulie Iohnson Myrna Sue Kirk Bonnie Kuhlman Env SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Keren Lowman Sharon Maxwell Sharon Mayes Mary McCourt Iudy Miller Iulie Mulder Marilyn Newton Nancy Noller Carolyn Nymeyer Iackie Patton Nancy Rasmussen Theresa Raven Sally Rice lanet Riley Beta Rogers Iudy Schletzbaum Betty Selvy Gay Smitson Sheryl Stevenson Linda Swender Kaye Talley Sharon Ward Eleanor Webb Iudy Weber Karen Wedel ludy Yocum Nina Zuvanich mfg-xy 221 Study, along with work cmd good times, takes plcxce ct 1he Alpha Lambda House. 222 Don Bliss Iames Downey Robert Eckstrom Iohn Frey Max Gile Don Harte! Neil Hoopes A1 Johnstone Harold Kaiser Robert Kasselman Allen Kirk Max Larsen Phillip Leeper Gordon Long Duane Medley lim Metzdorf Stan Mick Ioseoh Rose LaVerne Schroeder Phil Seibold lack Shoemaker Don Srajer Steven Stegall Ross Stiner Iames Swanson Don Wilhelm Robert Zuvanich ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA W!5fFlf"9?Y-?h?F5 1 YZ' wp- iff' 2 R A Egfr r iw b ,gov 7 we - or K 1 4 Q .ri if Q' :ek f ,yr fn' r ,W I I ,rv .si f'!Qbf'if eww . v Ae E" 'li 533 A .43 ', 45 2 223 nfl 'R'-as w7...M, The prize possession of the Sig Ep's is the recently com- pleted house. 224 "-.pr ygg li ' if 3 fn af: J gli on ,M :vez M . . f ' x , 5 , 5 as 7, I . if Q . t, . J' . 7 2 ' if Gi: Q., President, Larry Larner, with housemother, Vivian Rea, discuss meal plans for one of the Sig Ep's many social events. 42' lv Sam Arundale Ioel F. Berglund Phil Berry Harold Blowey Ierry Borders Mac Borgna Felix Brand Iames P. Brown Michael H. Burnett Robert E. Butler Ray Edward Carson Rist Coffman Don Coup Gary R. Crane Samuel I. Crawford Charles Dannenfelser Tom Davies Benny Doughty Lynn Duby David Forrester Bill Fraizer Dave Gates Lamont Godsey Gary Graalman Arnold Graham Harvey Haeker Gene Heitman ' - V1" -- V I 5' 92 2 Don Herbel . ' . ' . Richard Houghton lil U ' '3 ' V ' Gordie Lewis ' W Larry Lind ' Richard C. Long , 5 Iohn Karl Koch ,,, f Bob Lyster t 1 K Maurice Matile ln g , Michael McGill 1 o , E Everett Moreland ,V 'fn V 5 u g Gary Nicholas 'Y Ralph Osborne Lawrence Pell Ken Perkins Bill Perry Clarence Peterson Gary Pinkston Michael Post Iohn Quinn Max Reed SIGMA PHI EPSILON Wayne Reeves Raymond Rentiro Don Richard Don Roberts Edward I. Roberts lim Roth Dean Sanders Michael Scott Thomas W. Shirley Larry Smith Gary Stotts Bob Stowers lim Sweeney Ben Taylor it lf' -V Lindol Trueblood Larry Ward David Wiley .Arhtur I. Wilkinson, Ir. Brad Wilson lack Wininger Gary Wisler ff-vw 1 s ,A 4 Q, .. ' jf Q . - Hcusemother of Sig 'l'cru's. Ester Sears. . , W , ,:., . . , . A, ,K W . , , M ps!-FV I wif ' ig' 4 'KA 1-vseE'a . , iii 3. W 3 D i gnu. -fri .Q ,fry W A 1?f.,'n ' ww , ,. tv ,, vywmgfi. 2 2 6 Boys come iogether at the Sigma Tcu Gamma House. Bill Appelson Gary Byrne Richard Carlson Iames Chumley ' -""+-Q. Www... Iohn Manning, president of Sig TGu's Gary Coulter Ken Cozad Stuart Cram ww- . ' Richard Deschner - Ioe Drinkwater . 43 ,Z was Robert Duran I K A " . -'-' . 8 Bk ,Q Ierry Dye! I , Edwin Eilert i is 'A F 5 l Larry Ensminger .X of if IH 1 S Ken Granelli 'ff - Darrell Harkness 6 Bob Hamman ii av my . SIGMA TAU GAMMA Robert Hastings Richard Henderson Thomas Henley Skip Keith Stephen Kimple lerry Lightenham . k.,,.V Q Iohn Manning Iames Melly V - A ig Russell Millers 'S X' ' W ' L Ralph Naegele wmv Neil Notestine Harry Prall K E " Buddy Redman Wayne Reiners Iohn Rhea Steve Rosembaum Harry Roth Paul Schuler ,L Ii ,pf fi U :': , we W .A . '-:f : ,'-: 'i'f1'-ff'-1' R :"1- 1 l. W- Smelhefs ,lil A l'-i' ,. Warren Thomas 'S in "i' - , 3, J W John Vaughn A A ir we 5 D. D. Wagner , ,,.., . 'li V N' Don Williams if Tom Wyrick :" wr 4 31 wu- xl H- 11 ' E cv' in in, .45 . gf 4 af A 1 S ,u,i3'f 23 ', gkff ,g Avg f 227 Good times abound ci Tau Kappa Epsilon. President ci Tekes. Gordon Risk Hcusemother of the Tekes, Mrs. E. R. Trull. ""' Y ? . 1- " ' Rmchcxrd Barnes Marion Burrow lim Bchski ' ' 228 Don Boney Roger Brandt Garth Button Iames Christy John Denton Robert Dorst Ed Eaton Ted Eberle Willard Elledge Robert Fisher Mike Fretz Kenneth Giger Dave Gilbert Dave Heaberlin Harold Heaberlin Gary Hemmingway Joseph Hovorka Lynn Iacobson Gary Iohnson Dennis Lee Michael Martin Mike McCaiiery Marvin Miller Guy Oldfield TAU Ronald Olson Larry Orth Clyde Pearson Charles Pippen Ben Powell. Ir. Terry Purcell Larry Rieser Bob Riney Gordon Risk Paul Schmersey Lee Stieben lerry Sutter lack Taylor. Ir. Bill Thompson Larry Toburen Phil Wagoner Wendel Walton Galen Weick H X ,B we -QQ 5 '-.1-4' ' . 1 vm - we 3 :-Z5 G Q iluf-.wif Yr: X-5 fr fry. - ,It-,,.--fm., gr , . KAPPA EPSILON 513355. 'if .z f , gil. tr 3 3:EJgE.,,4: ff fiijfo, :5,.::i:f:f -1': .::':f: ". ' 5 9 ,gp Z 41. yy.. 1, ,. 4 S j M509 rr, .J s sf' 1. fi it,.,, 'vb ix rt 'ik ' My .H r v 1.. Je f N' trio gamer I 'S 2 ...sr 1,9 5 229 IW, 1 President. Larry Ensminger Vice-president, Dee Buxcefield Secretary-Treasurer, Eleanor Weniling SENIOR CLASS CFFICERS 231 232 KAY ADAMS WILLIS I-'. ADAMS MARCIA A. AMERINE VIRGIL AKINS DAVID ALLISON, IR. KAREN S. ALLISON GILBERT ANDERSON ELINOR ARGYLE GARY P. ARMOUR NOEL ARY BARBARA A. BAIER DENISE AKINS BRENDA ANDREWS DONALD W. ANDREWS LEROY BAILY RICHARD BAKER VERNON L. BERENS GLEN A. BERRY HAROLD BLOWEY GEORGIA L. BECHTEL IOEL F. BERGLUND LA VERNA BERGSTEN J 'Q 's i y 5' I 1 , I I IAN BLACKWELDER ELLEN BLASER DONALD L. BLISS IUDY BALL ELEANOR BARTLEY , II,,,.. 'A if 7 , .SQ if , sf . 6 5 IA9III if MARILYN BLOWEY DONNA BLUE IEAN A. BILLING 233 GLORY K. BODGE RAY BOICE HELEN BRIGGS RUTH BRIGGS LOLA BRYAN MICHAEL H. BURNETT DUANE BURNS STUART CRAM ' .... ...... 1 E -is ,1 T O A N 1 ' Q ' f rx' A TATAE A Pnfzfis' f . f ff- .m W me ERNEST F. BURANDT DEE BURCHFIELD RAE ELLEN BURDICK WANDA L. BRYAN MARY K. BUCKLES ROBERT E. BUTLER GARTH BUTTON ROBERT N. BUZZI GARY CRANE SAMUEL CRAWFORD ANNA L. BURRESS 235 236 MILDRED CALDWELL KAY A. CANTRELL IAMES CHUMLEY MARIORIE COONS RITA CORCORAN IANICE CARTER CLARA CHAMBERS IEANIE CHAMBERS I. W. CLEVER ELSIE COLLINS MARY L. CONYERS RICHARD CARLSON RALPH E. CLARK JANET CLAYTON GARY L. COULTER PENNY COYNE TAMARA DAWE HELEN C. DAWSON IERHY DICKERSON ARNOLD DAVIDSON ANN DAVIS PAT DAVIS NANCY DEKEYSER CAROLYN DEMPSEY MARY DEVIN EMMA DAGNE NANCY DAN NEVIK ,.-dun-, QQ? WILLIAM R. DAWSON IAMES D. DICKERSON IUDI DILLER 237 RUTH DINGWALL TOBIAS DIRKS DONNA DODD IUDITH A. DODGE ANGIE DONOVAN A Hi, , -I I .Y 6 IAMES DOWN EY DORIS I DREI-ILE SHARON DRYDEN ROBERT DYCHE 238 TERRY D. DYER PHYLLIS I. DYER LOYD DOBBINS KAREN DOWNING LARRY DRAKE MARY EASTABROOKS PAUL LEE ECK EDWIN EILERT LARRY ENSMINGER CAROLINE FIESER DEAN B. EDSON LORETTA EI-ILERS LARRY EIKER DONALD ECKERT KAY EDMONDS LARRY FARLOW WILLIAM FENTON PAUL FERREL w IOAN FARBER THOMAS FIN CKER GERALD FISCHER x A 1 4... . wife 239 m ike , 15:-zgifk :E '5 f 'K Q W Va 1251! EVO' f -A Si, KH Mg' ' ':7"::, . 5 W iff 5, fsxi sk K. . ' A vw, ,, , uv ww. K We gi f, uw , W Us BEVERLY FISHER IOE FISHER IEAN FREEMAN 240 1 EDWARD GALLAGHER GAIL GARRISON ROBERT FORD FREDDIE FORDHAM DELORES FRANZ IOYCE FUNK VIRGIL FUNK MARGARET GAEDDERT SYLVIA FLOTT IOHN FREY MAURINE FULLER DAVE GATES KAREN R. GEGEN PHII..LIP GIROD GLEN GISH CLINTON GRIEDER LARRY GILE MAX GILE ELSIE GILLISIPIE NORMAN GENTRY WYNONA GIFFORD LARRY GOLDEN KEN GRANELLE ROSEMARY GRECO IOHN GLOVER LARRY GUENTHER NANCY IANE HACKER 241 MARY HALBEBT PAT HALBLEIB SFFMA D PAT HANNEMAN LYLE HALL R. G. HALL GAEL HAMMER 242 IOE HARMAN LTLA HARRIS DONNA HARTER THOMAS HASKETT NANCY HATFIELD GENE HALE DONNA HANSEN SANDRA HANSEN LOLA HAVERCROFT LINDA HAYES THOMAS G. HENLEY ROBERT HERDT WAYNE HOBELMANN HAROLD HEABERLIN GARY HEMMINGVVAY LINDA HENKLE GERALD HAYWOOD MARY L. HAYWOOD NANCY HIGHTOWER GLEN HILDERBRAND DEAN HOBELMANN IIM HIEBLRT IANET E. HOFER DARRELL HOLLINGSHEAD 243 244 BARBARA HOOD IOSEPH HOVORKA ION HUNSBERGER THEODORE HUBER IIM HULL IALAYNE HUNSBERGER I UDITH IACOBQ ROBERT IEFFERS Y 9 , , 1 SCOTT IRWIN PAULA IVEY CARL IABBEN DONALD E. HOWELL MARY INGERSON IAMES INSKEEP IUDY IENKINSON CARL IOCHEMS LORA IONES HAROLD KAISER LYNDA KELLY KAYE JOHNSON ROY IOHNSON SIGNIE IOHNSON 3,1 'ggi W mgfgrw -Aww v--v- - ff- - my 'iff,'iff5f'f4fLiii5i?nfm9 ws-FE : QRS .. . 53 ROY D. IOHANSEN GARY JOHNSON ff f Pifsisfii' 2.3: F' E' - 3- . Qff lfifz' , A. m.s1srK'fwS ' - - f- , - ,MW .M ez. ' fi fi R. .QW IA X , W L , , 1? Ne! x " 1-QS ma ,J R f Has,-mf .. . :affir m , wiv Qmxf. zwssm.-z. '::.'.::1sz+-E lem? BARBARA KAMMERLOHR TIM KAROLIK CLAYTON KELLER DAISY KAKIEHI KAREN S. KEOWN KENNETH KERN 245 246 BLANCHE KEY VICKY KILCOYNE ALLEN KIRK MYRNA KIRK NOBORU KIYAN BEVERLY KLEIN MARLENE KOEHN CLIFFORD KOGI. LAVERNE KOHL KAY KOWALSKI WAYNE KRASE DON ICILE NOEL KLEIN BEVERLY KOBETICH I-'RANK KRAUSE SHARON LACEY DUNCAN LECKIE IOYCE LEEPER CHARLES W. LITTLE IOE LAPPING RUBY I. LAUGHLIN DONALD LAWS DONALD LEFFLER EVELYN LEGORE IORETTA LINDT DALEA LAMB BETTY LANTZ RUTH LOEWEN GEHALDINE LOVE IANIS LEE ,.,. 247 IOHN C. MANNING BONNIE A, MARTIN T uw ' 248 'T pub! DENNIS MATHESON IOYCE MASKUS LARRY MASKUS DARRELL D. MASSIER LOUETTA MAXSON BEN MAYER CALVIN MCBRIDE DONNA MCLEAN MACK MCCONNELI.. IR. IOHN MARTIN PATRICIA MATHESON' BETTY MANKA PATRICIA MCDOWELL IOHN MCFARLAND ANITA M. MEYER STAN MICK ALICE MOEGE DUANE MEDLEY LARRY L. MENZIES HM METZDORF LOREN MINARD IANE MISER LYLE MODELMOG MICHAEL MC GILL CURTIS MEANS CLARENCE A. MOHR BARBARA MORRIS RUSSELL MH.LER 249 FRANCES MORRB IANET MURRAY KURT MYERS HELENE NAKATSUKASA RALPH NAEGELE BEVERLY NEAVITT 250 IAY C. NORMAN NEIL NOTESTINE SUE NOVA-GRADAC LINDA OLSON RICHARD E. OLSON RONALD L. OLSON MARIETTA NEWBY ARTHUR R. NEWTON RANDOLPH MURRAY LYNN OSBORNE GEORGE PALMER. TERRY E. PARKS DENNIS PERKINS RALPH OSBORNE KEITH OSTRANDER MELVIN O'I'1' IANIS OYLER DUANE D. PALMER RONALD PEDIGO LAWERENCE PELL KAREN PENNER MARY PARSONS IOSHEPH PERKINS KEN PERKINS 251 RI'1'A PERKINS BILL PERRY HARRY PRALL GARY PETTY WARREN PPHLLIPS IAMES W. PICKERT 252 RUTH PUGH ROGER PULLEY IOHN H. PYLE ION PYLE SANDRA RADER SANDRA PERRY DONALD E. PRIDDY GAYLEN PRYOR I. WESLEY RANDELI. LAVERNE RATZLAFF WAYNE L. RBINBRS RAYMOND RENTFRO BOB RIGGIN NORMAN REDEKER DONICE I. REGIER PATRICIA R. REID RON DA RANGEWITZ PHILLIP REAKA LINDA REZAC MARY E. RHOADES FIDRENCE RIAI. REX E. RESSLER GORDON RISK CALVIN ROBERTS 253 254 2 ER A w 'Suv wi JM-rf 4 .. W: V QQ '21:Q1kk13g A 'Q' DARYL ROBERTS MIRIAM ROGERS HARRY ROTH 1 R ERNEST ROI-IR STEVE ROSENBAUM EARL R. ROSS GEORGE RUNDELL RICHARD RUSSELL GEORGE H. RUTZ LARRY SALISBURY DEAN SANDERS DEANNA ROHNKE MELVIN ROY IUDY RULE MARGARET SASAGAWA CONNIE SAWYER LAVERNE SCHROEDER ED SCHWALM ARLENE A. SHANEH IUDY SCHLETZBAUM BE'I'I'Y SCHREY GERALD SCHROEDER MAX SEACAT FLOYD D. SEITZ JACKIE SELL TIM I. SCHARTZ IDA M. SCHIERLING Ng. QR xi' ,V E - ,f P Z : i IOI-DI R. SCHWALM GEORGE SHELLENBEHGER MELVA SHIPLEY 255 ROBERT SHIRE DARLENE SHOEMAKE ' WUI' . ::W':: , is R f is I I ' Y w g gf: I - ,,: - ,.. . w s1vias1,x.. 1 .ms fw A .. T.. 11' ' .1 51-1,1515-,:. ,IB 11111 -,,. 11,11 .. ,waist si s1ia1?2?252gLS2imefizeifgfgliblk , g V , 111 11115-My-H111,.2ggg.1-531.2m,,,, 5, 1. me 11-Q21-S2f1f,.,...., :I . -1 11 I-I-If7111f111I1.S14ff1v11fg,:15,15 1 11 . V I 4 111 311211a221Q21Q11f:.12'f22QF '--' 1: 1- .-Yfggii 2154, MARRILYN SIMON NANCY SIMMONS PATRICIA SINCLAIR IERALD SKIBBE I. W. SMETHERS KENNETH L. SMITH LINDA SMITH 256 MARLENE SMITH PATRICIA A. SMITH IACK SHOEMAKER AMELIA M. SLECHTA LAWERENCE R. SLOAN DEE ANNA SNEARY L. MARIE SNEARY ROY SNEARY SYLIVA SNYDER CIDA SOLANO GARY SOLOMON DARELL SOMMERS .pw 'QQ' DON SRAIER MARY T. STEELE GLORIA STEPHEN SON ROGER STEPHENSON SHERYL STEVENSON LEE STIEBEN LORETTA STUKEY GARY STOTTS KATHLEEN 1.. srorrr V 1 'KZDF' 257 5 I -49- 258 wr- WM PAULA STUCKY ELLEN SUENAGA LARRY SWABBY EARL TANIMOTO BEN TAYLOR DALE R. SULLIVAN MARION SUMIVIERVILL DARLENE SU'1"1'ON C. KENNEDY SWENDER LINDA SWENDER HENRY TAKARA BARBARA SULLIVAN MIKE SWARTZ CHARLES SWAYDEN PATRICK H. TAYLOR NORMAN THIESSEN GLENDA THORNE WALTER H. TOKISHI PAUL UTBCH . gmefffm- ff cw, ,asgvw rw, A , 515: 4, 1,-. ,, ,V ,fw rw W A x Hia JK X2 9 , Vg T 4 5 lar BRUCE R. THOMPSON HARRY THOMPSON NORMAN THOMPSON DONALD E. TUCKER MARILYN UNRUH FERD UNTEN WARREN THOMAS BILL THOMPSON KAY TOMLIN 'Tl I ,ff5!Q53f5fE55K Q fffiigi- 'Qin iz I fi ALVA VAN ETTEN DORIS VAUGHN 259 IOHN VAUGHN RICHARD VIGOLA RON WALTERS I!! DENNIS A. WALKER IIM WALKER IEANNETTE WALLACE Rf? FRANCES WATSON JAMES P. WEBB KAREN WEDEL 260 IIM WEIS IU LANE WELLS DONALD WALBURN LARRY WARD SUE WARNER IOANN WENDLING IOSEPH I. WENDLING BARBARA WHITE LEONARD L. WHITE IANICE VVILKINSON MYRNA WEST CHARLES A. WESTIN LARRY WHALEY SANDRA WIAND BETTY L. WIENS DON WILHELM VERONA S. WENE ELEANOR WENTLING gn F4 :Wm 'S - ii j.,5f.f WY " A L' E. ffm? I . if SHIRLEY S. WILL PATRICIA WILLIAMS RUBY WI-IITESELL 261 IUDITH WILLS TIMOTHY WILLS. TH. DEANNA I. WITTMAN 262 CHARLES H. WILSON DONALD C. WILSON GARY WISLER ROBERT S. WOOLF SHARON K. WORCESTER IUDY L. WRIGHT QW TOM WYHILAX IOHN L. YAKLE v--' ' A 'WAA , A A - H - 'iii gf BRAD WILSON ALBERT T. WOLTERS CHARLES WOOLP LAWRENCE YANAGISAWA PANSY YOSHIDA MARY A. ZAIMA SHARON ZERBE IAN ZERENER RICHARD YOUNG DARRELL ZAHORSKY 1 . .1421 5' , :. I. ..2'1f,: 'fi ,Y ROBERT ZUVAWICH 263 264 President, Gary Condrc Vice-President, Marilyn Schcxuf Secretary-Treasurer. Mary Iohnson JUNIGR CLASS OFFICERS ADAMSON, PAT ALDRICH, LYNN ALESHIRE, GEORGE ALLISON, BEVERLY ALTHAUS, KAREN APPERSON. BILL APPLE, MARILYN IO ARY, DARYL BAIN, ROBERTA ANN BAIRD, BARBARA BAKER, LYLE BARNES, BRENDA ANN BARNES, TI-IEYDESSA BARRON, LOVARA IANE BARTLETT. BARBARA BARTLEY, EDWIN BAXTER, ROYCE BEHR, CATHERINE BECKNER, IANET BEECHER, CONNIE BENORTI-IAM. ROBERT BENSON, ANN BERRY, PHIL BLAIR, IOE BLISS, SHARLA BOLLINE. DUANE BOLTON, BILL BOYER, RICHARD wsu ,.' all - 9 Va if-v ,- 32 1. E A Hiwfflf ,, , R 'fn ' L 555 ,.,.51,,5,,.:E ,.,., 1, Y V, m -A A3535 V 6 2 gg X I y, if , - juz . 'Q-' R1 :.':,.,. A . .1 , ,E , 13. , Q .gv X Li, . ,. 'gk S S W ,. X ri, . , . ' 9 ma A 3 w I ,435 4 .vfnp S 266 'KJV si tg ,ful , , Z ig M E 'Kaya 3 as X 2 iff, f BROWN, NEAL BROWN, IAMES BRUNING, ANN MARIE BURKHART, RICHARD BURNS, MARIE ANN BUSBY, DANIEL BUSHEY. HM BUTTRON, MARGIE BYRNE, GARY CADY, IAN CAMPBELL, ANN CARNES, ALAN CARPENTER, IUDY CARSON. RAY EDWARD CHUBB, JAMES CHURCH, PHULLIS ANN COCHRAN, ELMER COHEN, LARRY COLE, ZOE ANN CONDRA, GARY COONS, LINDA COUNSELMAN, KAREN COX, CARL COYNE, MONA COZAD, KEN CRAMER, NANCY CRAWFORD, ANN CROW, WADE CURRY, NANCY DANIEL, DELBERT DANNENFELSER, CHARLES DANNEVIK, NICK DARRAH, IAMES DEES, DAVID DENNY, IOAN DENNEY, RODNEY DILL, ROGER DODY, IIM DOUGLAS, RUTH DUBOIS, LOUETTA DUMCUM. IACK DUNIGAN, GENE DURAN, ROBERT DUTTON, DUAINE DUTTON, IAN DYE, AGNES EATON. ED ECKSTROM, ROBERT EDWARDS, WILLIAM ENGEL, ROBERT ENSHA, FARDEH EVANS, ESTEL FISHER, LINDRA FLATER, MARVIN FLEEMAN, DONALD FLETCHER. NANCY K 3 Q J. Lis I, 5 .,VV,, iw -k:k. I Mak . ,, rw fx, 14 Q -ge, swf, U 1251, I q,ff1is4s5? ,l,Qkj3Fffi??1i2PX5?A"1'f'f35?f' I ,..,,... 3. 1, 12 , V , , Aww , 5, 1 M E ., ,,, 'K Sui!! I Sr. , , ..., , s a-,:,U"ff1+,?f gi V f . 'L L , ya A W 9 I ,,, " ' W E g .QF iw an A at Q Mm, ff Q HMP K Y' 6 , , , I ,M vs . ,,.. . .X .E an I 'sh .Eur 1, af! I 3 Q A KA I r ,gi F t J X -I w ,em, 3, W I , ,gpa5gvfs ,s, ,Af .I ,. . 5 ,gg ,E .,,, Li , y , ,,.,, ,,,, I f- II: 3 -' 7 : KALYX f 267 I cj, I I ft K ' an I "' . F I y i .6 5 5 ga.. ,. K,-J i 5 "!"'?" :Q 268 win? If ft. . H i x 'Q is 'MJ 11"-2' r v ,F E iff ' i .- ' I Zwgiggimgrx''failsfiiilf ' ' - 9?e-'f.,sQ':1z:4f.ii .,2,.j,... . ,. L . . If I .V- K if 4? vi X , W if x xx KK I! f ,B - Y FLING. SYDNEY FORESTER. DIANE FORRESTER, DAVID FREDERICK, KAREN FRENCH. DONALD FRETZ. MIKE FRUIT. DAN FULGHUM. I. M. GAY. JACKIE GIBB, GAYLA GIGER. KEN GILBERT, DAVE GIMPLE. GLEN GODSEY. LAMONT GORDON. SUE GRAALMAN. GARY GREWING. LYLE GRIFFITTS. MARY GRUBB. LOUIS GUGLER, PATRICIA GUNTHER. MELEA HAEKER. HARVEY HALE. FRANCES HAMILTON. REGINA HAMMAN, BOB HAMPSON. ANN HARBISON. MARGARET HARE. DARRELL HART, RUTH HARTER, DON HASTINGS, ROBERT HATTAWAY, RUTH HAWLEY. IEAN HAYS, DORCAS HAZLETT, IERRY HEABERLIN, DAVE HEDRICK, IERRY HENDERSON, RICHARD HEMPEN, ROBERTA HENSON, PHYLLIS HOGAN, KEVIN I-IOLLAR, CAROLYN HOLLIS, FRANCIS HOOPER, BOB - HOPPER, ROBERT HOUGHTON, RICHARD HOWARD. BARBARA HUNTER, IANET HURD, ULA HUSTON, NORMA IREY, MARVIN IRWIN, DENNIS IRWIN, RICHARD ISHIHARA, PETER IENNINGS, KAY IERNBERG, WILLIAM " 'I-'f-F5522 fl M, I 3 , D 8, 'X Q .1-4 ww-Nw, ,,,,k,i.:v , T.: I . ,.,f IQQV V -- fm A 9' 'Q Qi' '49 ,,.-.. 1--rg an ,fm I 1 WEE-., , "Hn 'W 'L at air? IW? I Q ak YM 14 ,V "' 1' -. I V I? . I L I I ,A . i -5 I 3 in .1-wx 269 ,. WWW I ky.1 M, 3' .-, 4, 1- i , A Wm' ff- E +R 'X' . 4 15 mi A wg fi ' 3 1-Q '51 1' i s 270 - uifawi 'LS L1 'ww 'Mm s ,! x 2' - v- 2 ' fi. I M KA J x QM. 13, - -+1-gm fm, w i-sw ' fff iff fm M, LAWS. , , 3 , nw ,J I ,wi 'Qi E ,..,,.w5Q,, 'mm , f 5 f 5' , if I , . , .1 A ,g 5155? M55 K M. 32, ,, ,iw 2 ff: 1, ,X-g-QW, Y2f1'1.,f5izi1fa1wz1sQ2' 'EGR e NI s izx gii, . 12, Q Yi 'fn .Q , IOCHEMS IOHNSON. IOHNSON. IOHNSON. IOHNSON. TERRY MARY A. MARY L. PATSY RICHARD IOHNSON. SHARON IOHNSTON. PHILLIP IONES. BONNIE IONES. PAULA KALLAIL, KAYE KEITH, SKIP KELSEY, DEAN KIMES. SALLEY KIIVIPLE, STEPHEN KINGSBURY. DONNA KLIEWER, HERALD KLINGENSMITH, IOANN KNOCHE, GERTIE KRUSE, IEAN LAMBRING, DONALD LANE, LILA LARSEN. MAX LAWSON. CRETA LAWSON. HAROLD LEE. DENNIS LEEPER, PHILLIP LEWIS, GORDIE LEWIS. NADINE LIVINGSTON, BARBARA LONG, GORDON LONG, RICHARD LOWMAN, KAREN LUSK, IAMES LUTZ, MARY LYSTER, BOB MAAS, LOUISE MAHER, MARY MARTIN. IUDY MARTIN, MICHAEL MATILE, MAURICE MAYER. HAROLD MAYFIELD, SHARON MCCOLLUM, HARVEY MCFARLANE, AUGUS MCGOWAN. IUDY MCKANNA. DONA MCKINLEY, MAXINE MCMURRAY, HOWARD MELCHER, RUTH MENDENHALL, IOLLENE MENDENHALL, SANDRA MERRIFIELD, HAROLD MILLER, DONNA MILLER, KAREN MILLER, MARVIN MINNIS, IANET si ji .. W g if 1 1 -S5 I ,ff 4 4 I rw A551 emi If ...AQ I- 1. Aff: ,W O 'lv , I v? 'T ,f Q Q ,. .,. ,1,, V ' 2 vs: ',-'- 1 - i m a Bn T W 'gf' L. Thug.- UN eq R, ,, I 'S A mf i - iikkvli 271 as ef, I r if Nl' 'fir K an , , , W A I E .. I ' ,. 1. ,m h , i 5 . ' rx iq I 6 . ' 5 I B wx I fe, 1 I ,, I, . OKI RR, Q L6 1' .' W Us QM I, U' A' A I 4 sf C I qu , , -i ' :I V 'f 55 wx . , fs V 2 ?..,,,,.,,. O Q 4" Is IW 'Q-75' 272 if .,, ,Q .v ,Q 6 fi' 'iv W 7'Ek5k"'iif MIMW1 ., If .z - H M ' f 1 5 A L, mar MOORE, IOYCE MOORE. RICHARD MOORES, DOROTHY MORDICA. IAMES MORRIS, BOB MORRIS. CAROL MOZINGO, ROLAND MURRAY, BARBARA NEWTON, MARILYN NICHOLAS, GARY NIGUS. DON NIXON. IOHN NORTON, IUDY OERTER. RONALD O'HARA. RONALD OLDS. IOHN OSTRANGER, KENNETH OTT. CAROL O'I'1'. RONALD OWEN, CAROLYN PERKINS. DONALD PETERSON. CLARENCE PERRY, PHYLLIS PERRY. KENNETH PIERCE. PRESTON PIERSON, POl.LY PINE, SHARON PIPPIN, CHARLES POPPE, WILLIS POWELL. BEN IR. POWERS. DANIEL PRICE. OLIVIA PUCKETT. CAROL PURCELL, TERRY PYLE. NORMA QUINN. IOHN REABURN. SHARON REDMAN, BUDDY REED. MAX REGEHR. GARY REISER. LARRY RENNER. MARGARET REYNOLDS, NANCY RICE. LYNNE RICHARDSON. IUDY RIGGS, RETA RINEY. BOB RING. CONNIE ROBB. LARRY ROBERTS. DON ROBERTS. EDWARD ROBERTS. PATRICA ROBINSON. IEANNETTE ROCKENBACH, FLOYD ROLF, CARL ROSMARY, BILL ,,, . U , A mf Sf F Ll, I K 535 3258 ...Sw N-1.55--5 Ifirfis fee, . V if ESU nn., . M.. 4' 'f rf If M' 'SL s I E I Q, 'Y f Ag, if K flex! 3 Q + 5. H82 el 'Ls 22 .. is -- gk .3 QW ,vw ww 5. wr 273 me X 62" . ku .F Y af 5 . it faqs A- ' 9 9: 1 4' , 274 H ,wi M, +4 lk f' in X P H GU J K' '1 Q if E Qiwz e fvlifg ffjzff. , i f J , ' 1 V 0'- -A K Y gif A-A-2 5 Q , ., Aw ' 1 A ' 5 S 'A P E K sg: 7:5 if 76: " -if ggi: ' L .35 .rw 'V Nliili.. Agri 5543 f 2lYL53ff?5?119 " A I 55:3 ff V V- ,, , -. ,- V - mf-4.9-,f'fm W f Q-ff: ,,-' , Q- :V V - .4 V, V,kVk , . K Y . ' A .. , .Ak x as, yi K ,lfxfli .,., ,- ff., ,N L'L'1 XLLL 00 Half' Q , I ,f --fw,w,,-fl f V ":w5sf'ff.,3'g ., 55:1 2 1 M - Lv. '9'?j 'Q, ROSE. IOSEPH ROTHFUSS. DARLENE RUDD. SANDRA RUTSCHMAN. MARY SAMUEL, BARBARA SAUDER. GARY SCHAUF, MARILYN SCHEIBE. IANET SCHILD. NADINE SCHMERSEY, PAUL SCHNITTKER, WILLIAM SCHOCK, IACK SCHRADER, LYLE SCHRECK. ESTHER SEACAT, IOLEEN SEIBOLD, PHIL SHAFT. GARY SHEETS. RONALD SHOUGH, MARY SHULTZE. KERK SMITH, DIANNE SMITH. IOHN SNAY, MARY SPARKE, BETTY SPRIGGS, SUSAN STINER, ROSS STORCK, LEON STOWERS. BOB STURGEON, RONALD SUMMERVILL. IOHN SWEENEY. HM TAGGART, DIXIE TAICHMAN, LEONARD TELANDER, KLINTON THOME. WILBUR THOMPSON, ELLEN THOMPSON, IOYCE Tl-IROM, BILLY TINCHER. CHARLES TOBUREN. LARRY TODD, NANCY TOOTHAKER. KLENTON TOPE, PAT TORRENCE, GARDA TRIEMER. GRACE TROLINGER, DONNA TRUEBLOOD. LINDAL TRUESDELL, NEVADA TRYON, NANCY VACIN, NANCY WAGONER. D. D. WALDRIP, IERRY WARD CAROLYN WARKENTIN GW'YDO'I'I'A WATTS DUANE 1 fx 1 WATSON. IUDITH j g . -iff IRLR , A , 5 J R 5 we s I 5218 W I 1 .f iff I M ,i wr 'Y' ' ' I "3a22iw2lsi23ns.:'-f- - f4zwsaxezgief::Sai-EQ5...--1.., is V -:ia-,gm Imi a-I I I A5 ,www I gfzs-s?2?Y5s- - . SNL 3 3535 275 276 WEBER, IUDY WEBSTER, BETTY WENDEHOTT, SANDRA WILKINSON, ARTHUR IR WILLIAMS. DELORIS WILLIAMS, IVAN WILLIS, HAROLD WININGER, IACK WITTE. IANICE WOLFORD, GRACE SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President. Dale Griener Vice President, Mary Ann Mahon Secretary-Treasurer. Iudy Wertzberger 277 wi I 1 ..,.. J an ay,-. ,X f A I . ,rig .k V, gliffi gkgi 4 Q any Q' 'Q . , xx f W f 1 DJ iw V224 I 1 " 'V , . 1 by ' , ivi 5- f 19 W ,. Rip-f if A Q 6' sw. 'T-'IWW .WR 43 f V 'V' N . I ' A R . 5' , , ' V an A 2 ., , , M '- 2-135, L W- V A .. mi I A In fi 32- Q , Q "5 Q: Q - WR? . I " 5 .k it m , S 1 I jx , 5 Q, , if 278 pi ik vi ADAMS, KAREN ADCOCK, GRETA AESCHLIMAN, RONALD ALEXANDER, GEORGE ALEXANDER, LOIS ALTON, ARAH LEE ARB, BARBARA ARUNDALE. SAM ATKINSON, BRENDA ATIEBERRY, IOE AVER, CHERYL AVERY, NORMAN BAKER. IANICE BAKER, LOREN BARNES, RICHARD BARNHISEL, DARWIN BARROW, MARION BASGALL, ANNE'I'I'E BELL. CAROL BENDER, LARRY BERGER. SUE BERNHARDT, PAT BETHELL. CAROL BLAUFUSS, WILLIAM BOBSKI, HM BODENHAMER, IUDY BOHNENKENPER, BETTY BOLING, BEVERLY BOYERI IANICE BRAMAN. MARY BRAND, FELIX BRINKMAN, ROSALIE BRITTON, ELDON BROCKUS, MAX BROSIUS, LINDA BRUNN, LOVETA BUDD, CAROLYN BURNETTE, RUTH CARRIER, LESLIE CARSON. IOHN- CHRISTIANSEN, PAT CLARKE. PETER CHRISTY. IAMES CLAYCAMP, CAROL CLOUSE, POLLY COASH, RONALD COLEMAN. DOROTHY COMMONS. MONTE CORREA, VIRGINIA COUP, DON COX. CAROLINE COX. MELBA COYNE, KATHY CRANE, RICHARD CRAWFORD, ALBERT CRIQUI, DORTHY i I P, ' ,pw-'7 ,A V ii' fa- W' ll? . .WM -'lr ' ,E I -in nw fqffesiif-if f .f mm, .V --fk . ., ,V A vi 'M . 1' . , ,S N523 . . 'T ai-H f Hal' Y I a Jag Isa! - . . . . 0 hi I 'K' Q gn K SK wi , ' I 5 P If -II I, 1 I .a is s u - ax- K 5 .V , 1 W -. sw ig, I sf 5 ,V -s 5. Lf 5 W Q K I ff: - ,-f1wx,, -lg..-j, fix.. A A Aw 15.1 K Q 5 I Qs. ,, I -Q- W ' I A . ,Y . f 1 A PM ,fs , ,tg '35 Q Qi, CWA... .4 . 1.,. vw, iv 1- - -ii-' fig-5 ' 279 ,. A+. , f ,fl 1, , "K T get 'Q 55 H Ja 280 ,Q Pr. 14. 41- i 'C 5 f 5 ff Q K, 5 -nm .- K 1' ., A -5 ug, V - f .F- ..'v ,Illia ' -1 . Qfiikpw Q ,QM 4 X ,mL Q Ki Eff Z WE-- X M, A M Rm 1 , f,,. J ha, ,fag , M 1.8 W 9, ? 43 5 S. Ks ! -5-114-ff-qeygga w . ,fp 1 s1z'.f511f5sS2i52i.2f ' ,. MQ' V A S . 1 . V 'Q X Q W 5 My s . ..,, EQ I ag "" X , Q K , viii ' "" .ZJXS , 1 6 f,A 45 ,. ,Wm A 4. .QE 5:9 if S Tm CROUCH, ERNESTINE DAVIES, TOM DEARING. LANA DIEKER, DORTHY DENTON. IOHN DESCHNEH, MARCIA DESCHNER, HICHAHD DEWEESE, TOM DEXTER. IANET DICK. IOHN DIEGEL, IUDY DOLSKY, IEROME DOUGHTY, BBNNY DRINKWATER, IOB DRUM. NIKKI DUBOIS. SUZANNE DUBY. LYNN DUNCAN, PAT EBERLE, TED EDWARDS, PAT ELLEDGE, WILLARD ELSTON. IACQUELINE EMEHSON. DARLENE ENGLER, KAY EVANS, NANCY FELKNER. IIM FILMER, IOYCE FISHBURN, A. I. FISHER, ROBERT FLOYD. KAREN FOSDICK, STEPHEN FOWLER, FRED FOWLER, TOM FRAZER. BILL FRASER. SANDRA FRITZE. IULIA FRUIT, RUTH GASKILL, RODGER GENTZ, IUDY GERTSEN, MARILYN GISLAR, LEX GLANVILLE, ROBERTA GOLDSMITH, IERRY GOODIN, SUE GRABER, RETA GRAFF, GALEN GRAHAM. ARNOLD GRAY. DEANNA GREINER, DALE GROOM, IANET GUIER, IIM HAGEMAN. LOUVENIA HALL. NANCY HALL, REVA HALLEY, MARTIN HAMMERS, BILL .1 - . Ii A 55, ,Wd , N . ug mi., Q, , Qi ,Q J 95 Z 5 W. 2 'V ,L Ir Qi 'J T wr L H J . iff. V, , , ff ,NLS V- 1f1:gggfyEyQ,H2 2f1 3533252 Q 151 2 S Q 'M X A 'W- gy HQ! QE? .E -Lf1:2..u-1 :wa m y :fx safssw , gf V, A I W e ,121 Alps 2 , ,w , .L ,V ,,. ,,,,., , W A ,Um ,..,,, QM, i, ,,,., L, V . .M f. ,Q .K W Q 4 HJ? aww YW a f:5g32f5 I Q iff f if ,WW .-v""M K' if ,225-TW , ,,,,.. y 'G' w M :wa 281 .- Q E l i g i E, g . www? Q: XY , i , yx- ' 1 - s N A ' -f - -fm: , F5 ,fx 15,3 mf l V fs, Q fy, ik af 1.41 'ff M ,,,, T as q,f a w ,. I 7 ,.-fjfLf'f'5gqg,i5z 4wJ,f,,f, I ' ' . fi ,,-N , , S ' ,Q , ' .fb J L A V , 5 Y QV .' v , '. -ads, f ' I iii? ,' 1 " ff' ,, ky 1 jjkif f bg ' ' QI: 'Wa m 2, ,.,, Y L' 282 HARDESTY, RICHARD HARDING, DON HARKNESS, DARRELL HASTERT, VERNAN HAYSELDEN, TOM HAYSLETT, IOHN HEITMAN, GENE HELDBERG, HM HENDERSON, IANICE HENDRICKSON, MARY HERBEL. DON HESSER, IANICE HIGBEE, ANITA HOLLIDAY, IANET HOLMGREN, ANN HOOD. PAT HOOPES, NEIL HOUSER, CAROL HUNT, SANDRA IACKS, NORMA JACOB, AVIS IEVONS, MARCIA IOHNSON, BARBARA JOHNSON, GARY IOHNSON, KENNETH IOHNSON, LYLE IOHNSON, PATRICIA IOHNSTONE, AL IONES. GARY JONES. MARY IORDAN, SHARON KASSELMAN, ROBERT KETTLER, PAUL KING, SUSIE KIRKBRIDE. PAT KOCH, IOHN KOEHLER, LARRY KOFTAN, KENNETH KUHLMAN. BONNIE LANDIS, LYNN LANGTEAU. IEANNIE LATTIMORE, LOVELLE LAUBHAN, GLENN LEHMBERG, BARBARA LETELIER, RICHARD LICHTENHAN, IERRY LIND, LARRY LONG. IERELEAN LOVETTE, OTIS LUTZ, ANNEITA LYBARGER, LARRY LYSELL, FRANK MAHAN, KAY MAHON, MARY MAINEY. IOE MARTIN, ELLEN 'I ,E I 6 A W 5 tg: 7 "Q," 6. 1 nt. AIM M f I .R , V. lk " 'W gyms L ,U fzsQ:.2v-zwgwgss' " v1w5 , f., : 'K A . -s I I 'ew if ' - M. ,.:,-ff.,-'fu . I "f 5, Q- V A -,.. I is a .41 K I' VH.. -, ,Q Q A i af rf, , ..,. ,L . Qifesz fw ' vfgLy21gfe5kg, fi I :- QI Qi? 1 Q., vw-Y P91 5 .. .. ,. 5, Y QI ,537 fl? 2 vig gf I .. I U wr 2 '-ui W' .. 5525 4 1 Lk? VLA' nw. bfmiueff. . , .. ,e. 283 fr z -1, 7.., , 2 ,m sf z 1 i Q s sif' f r I S :Q g ,: ,ffWe3?EH- I i I ' U was 1 "fm ,W 9' , , , Q , as-L' , Q, My m Y ' , I ,I K-I wan, " , , 4' 43. , I Y' 284 KATHE MARTIN IUDITH MARTIN IIM MASSOTH LARRY MATTISON CAROLYN MAYDEN MIKE MCCAFFERY CHERYL MCCALL LYNDA MCCUNE SALLY MCDONALD CAROL MCGEE MILDRED MCMURPHY ELIZABETH MCTAGGERT IAMES MELLY MARK MERSMANN DONNA MILLER SUE MOORE EVERETTE MORELAND SHARYL MORRISSETTE IULIE MULDER PEGGY MULLEN BOB NEILL KATHLEEN NEILL MARY ANN NELSON NANCY NOLLER FREDERIC NYMEYER GUY OLDFIELD MARY BETH ORE BARBARA PACKARD WILLIAMS PADGET1' ELLEN ANN PARISH CECELIA PATRY JACKIE PA'I'I'ON LEANNA PEARCE SHARON PETERSON KAY PHELPS GAYLE EVA PHILI.IPS NANCY PHILLIPS CARY PINKSTON JUDY PITCHER DARRELL POHLMAN ROY POINTER MICHAEL POST JAN PRIDDY LINDA RAKE WALTER D. RAND THERESA RAVEN PAT REEP WAYNE REEVES KAY REITZ MELVIN RENNER JOYCE REUSSER LA IUN E REVEL JOHN L. RHEA DON RICHARD JOHN RIDDLE BARBARA RIGGS ,ui H- : sm- I A ' V K Q5 : f f? ff , sv- . I I I aw f I S xl - Mi S .3 I Q Y N--f :kgg5s::fiQ'f'i ,5z':5.jfs+g52:,:522f -.,,5..v::,..g-:-:,.a,::.i1::l-,1E:g--- Q, 'X ,axes K w I was 9 if If --,e fu, fx' 2 I in rf vb 4 L . 1 Q. ww - ,.g:...., , W, . M 11 ff ,w,gi. 5w Q - 7 , I ., . wf-vm '51-:f,:w5a'fff - V,.. .,,.. I I ., .v,.L ,. .4. ..,. , .1 ,S 2, A i .f f M, Q ,, i . . M fy ,IQ 1 ' P-, -,Asses 1 '- V ,,.5,E52Mp, .gun , fugm 'w if ,K 1 Q WWW X -- vw - fu mmm' x 7, ,ik I ,X ,s w M M f Y QQ X 45 gf-6,2 ,322 s ,W . ff ' f, , ,Q SVY' f mfg 'S emi Sui 7 " X .gg S? 285 v-vw 1171? 5 fi '1 2' q ' Y' 286 my.w5w: V 'rl' . Ye 34 iw , ,. t-1' v 4 if M- R 3 It 5, 1, .p-.,,1,- 4 saggi- ,f.,, . ,,. wwf f- ' 'M 25 Q fa, Af H-,-.f-',--- .fwf- Qiiwsgsf i?'iz.5w ' ,Z -gl, :?'.:-f,:v:,, , 'ffm -fgf W-fzzgff 1 it -1 aw I mir.: kg.,,'L1:+.Q.-. .: .LW-xx ,,,, K., - Q E 3 1 fa T27 ' M , I if . If W L 4 P B.. Q Q ff ,yup . qw :-gf, - Q SES' 17. my 4 , , V, Swv Ti' ' f. Q 1 A, T 4 5 ' 'Q 'I f 4 ,Tw N' I H .ffl J pf, . QR i 1 .15 , my z .fa-qw 'Z A .. ,Q ff . -fi..--: K. Q W .. if ,f l ga' 'P -?'f'if'b-a rk"E'::fb' .fgm fgf w 9' X E rl. "QC:-7' l -f Q V -it ' 'll I ff xx .5 5 ...Q i I I .J i e "" "aiff,:,. -' ' .Q fi'2laa,-j55,,, ' 'I 2 -at . I A-. ' fwe41.f,1-5, ,NA ,S is' -1'Y .Life 1 ,AV L ,Q ' IZ. --If, x any f , S 'If ig Riff 3 I X I ..,,. -M.,-, ,. . ff , -3.5.93 A- W 'W E 4 J .gg .Q 435-3 I ' A 2 4, 4. an ca. x 1 .157 ft 1- fziijl'--5. : '5 f H-f Lsfif-, -fx Q ,. L V M .,,., . as 1 Mo 'WT L , . sg: I " is VICKY ROBINSON RETA ROGERS IIM ROTH DAVID W. RUCKLE NOELENE RUTTER FRANCES SALMON IUDI SANDSTROM HOWARD SCHLO'I'I'ERBECK DIANA SCHMIDT PAUL SCHULER LORETTA SCRIVNER IUDITH ANN SCHWARTZ DARLA RUNDELL IOHNNY SCI-IWARTZMAN DOROTHY SCHWINDT BETTY SCHUYLER MICHAEL SCOTT CORWIN SEAMANS BETTY SELVY LINDA SHEPHERD THOMAS W. SHIRLEY LINDA SUE SHORT CAROL ANN SKARPOHL IOAN AILEEN SMERCHEK LARRY SMITH PAULA SMITH SHARON LEE SMITH GAY SMITSON RUTH SPRECHER BETTY STAINBROOK DONNA STALEY ESSICA DORENE STALLINGS BARRY D. STANLEY STEVEN STEGAL ALAN M. STEINHAUS IACK STEWART hmm V, . V3 " :' A- mnwfwmw K - LM: s, , e OMAN-:..L,,Ln5' T mv, f4ff1f,v,A:' A-' :,k,,,,. .,f. 2 f '. iz,-f:Z5'1.e 'Un I 'Wm A A V 9. :f'-Y: K sg 2 MEREDITH IOAN STORRER NANCY STUDER IERRY sum-:H .... A DARREL SUTTON Y JAMES SWANSON 1 IACK TAYLOR. IR. RON THISTLETHWAITE ANN THOMAS PRICILLA THOMAS RON THOMAS IAMES TRUELOVE CAROL ANN TW KAREN LEE TUCKER CAROLYN ULRICH KATHY UNRUH PHILLOP WAGONER ROBERT WANER CONNIE WARD GARY WARD SHARON WARD 99" ag T A . aw .W M 1' . W .J 'Qu wr ia, xx 7, ag, -, ,Iver ' ss:fi,f5if:-'Z' . '. K Q, ,513 U 2 ' Y, 'v X uszf' -wa 1 5 we Y. T4 F Fx' xffixw " k mx -',' A HP- g " ' ,ig ....1 -' A 1 ffii ' as f 1 .3 .V My T 4 fl T., f I 4? - D' e:2,, k -' 1 1 287 'rv- 288 ,M ,z mf .: 2 -wewzzfe ,,,,. ,::,A.,, ,,. ' f- w- ' wh ff,-f -Axim W 2 Q I I Wax ' JL md W 4 H' Q' S4 ,, 'Epi 1 , gn: ,sw .Q . , V. I, .. W -1-A-1 Amgk WWI' KW X , ,, .,,: ,A ,I I2 W 655,- E 'PMI Q3 fs ' ,L , J: I fi ,SI as Y 53' 431 I -. I, 'Q W I-gy L NZ?" 6 MSW ws . ssffgifkwi Q5 A-fi,-SH 5 I ,A,,.W.2,L, I fY'sw:I1 XM 'Www' -. V21 ia- ZH "9 ' . I ,I M --., Z,-.Wg 1 ,-V ,, Q ,,.,, , ,pzggfligpix K, sill' -, 1' :I J.. ' fm .E ' e 'fa f ' DALE WEALAND ELAINE WECKER GALEN WEICI-I IILL WEIGEL IUDY WERTZBERGER WINNIE WESTPHAL RONALD WESTON KENNETH WHEELEN JANET WHITCOMB DON WHITE FRANCES WHITE RONALD WHITE DAVID WHITNEY MARY ANN WHITWELL DAVID WILEY DON WILLIAMS AUDREY WINGARD CAROL WULFEMEYER IANICE YAMANE IANICE YORK LORRETTA YOUNG ANGELINF YOUNGDAI-IL FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President, Ion Anderson Vice President. Winton Hinkle Secretory-Treasurer. Thayer Duncan 2 e 9 290 ,X . , A 3, fa- I, W Ar- 'fr R N-.gf oxwr Qkvl mv! L If H f .. . , 3, ,Q K L A rf 4 x A . Q sq A -" , ,id I , 44 K 'Ti 'rj' ' Dj ,Q . :M A A.. 'S W my I ,L b Q 1 A .. , , "2 L K Ar' I IL iv '12-r M M I H- 1? fy, "TT" e wg 'W ' 'V . ,sl kkkk H ' , 'F ,WF '. my A- I I .vc ""' M if H 'Nz 23" W Il '91 L mg, . I mn.. A I 'I' ,K :v L' ,- k , F il A i- 5 I w i I R IUDY ABRAHAM CRYSTAL ADAMS SHARON ADAMS KEVIN ALEXANDER LEANN ALEXANDER CAROLYN ALLEN IOYCE ALLISON SIDNEY ALLISON DONALD ALMOND CAROL AMMONS JERRY ANDERSON ION ANDERSON AMY ARAKAKI ANN ARMENTROUT CAROLYN ARMSTRONG NORMA ARNETT MARLENE ARNOLD ANN ARNOTT KAREN ATHERTON BETTY ATZENWEILER KAREN AVERILL IOHN AVERY IAMES BAGG ROLAND BAHR MICHEL BAILEY ROBERTA BALDWIN BRUCE BALLARD SUE BALZER IOHN BARBER TED BARNES CAROL BARNETT ANITA BARRETT CAROLYN BARRONS BOYCE BAUMGARDNER SHARON BAYSINGER IEWEL BEARD EDDIE BEASON CHUCK BECK CAROL BELL KATHY BENEST MARY ANN BERRY EUGENE BEYER IUDY BIRKHOLZ NEIL BITLER OPAL BLAIR MARY BLAUFUSS IULI BLOSSOM BARBARA BLUNDELL KAREN BOES BARRY BOLING W. LEE BONDURANT WESLEY BOWDEN IUDITH BOYD ROGER BRANDT CAROL BRENEMAN DENNIS BROCK f J I Tl f IIf2I D B B gh I IR. C A , L,LLL Asggei if Z, H JA A 'Uh-W 6 A ,, 3 -' ' F: WW Zh we A vw KJ 1 vi-79 gi m ,li ary I'-up K 7 71 V' iw ,, 'cr 1 , , K Y ,Rf 12 I 4 I E? if-,E i an-f K w A A . M . 1' Q I 'Ii if ,52 5 'gi-,. :Q -3: ...W I L':: ' .. . 5m .pr A Q ,Q , zzz fl, ,lil f ' 'ff' A I R 1.v E 291 'Q' ' sv. az A I H ,,,,,. .1 4 'M' K X Al 0' 4 292 wow 'E' 1, 6 'Q fwfwf N M pm Qs Q.. 1, ik ,. 1 ash. 'Lf 4 . " 'S-I iw , ff?- 'Xu ch A f -hiv ip ::, i 'A ., A Qi f I 1 I H , qw X wx , 5 A 'PT'-:f , I - , I K ,.,. ,X QI' ,. I f' I A ' 1' ' ag f gf - 4 7, Z , - 35 U M y 4 if 6 V, 6 X Wy 515. -vc'-uf' -f' ii: 7 fi, ..C.. A- gs 45" IEROLD BROCK LINDA BROCKWELL NANCY BROOKS IUANITA BROWN RUTH ANNE BROWN IUDY BROWNFIELD CHARLES BROYLES KENNETH BRUCE IEAN BRUNKOW IEANETTE BRUSSOW RICHARD BUCHANAN SYLVIA BUCHANAN IANICE BUCKMAN RUSSELL BULMER SALLY BUNDY IULIA BURROWS IAN BUSH FRANCIS BUTEL DONNA CAMPBELL SUE CARLAT BILL CARLEY NOREEN CARLSON GARY CAROTHERS DENNIS CARRIER BECKY CARSON ROBERT CARSON EMMA CHANNON RICHARD CLASEN IIM COCHRAN KAREN COINER CHARLES COLEMAN KITTY COLLINS SARA COLVIN KAREN CONKLIN CAROL CONYERS PERRY COOK, IR. MARY IO COONS BRUCE COOPER DONNA COUGHLIN ALICE K. COURTNEY IANICE K. COX SCOTT CRAM IIM CROWDES LINDA CRUSINBERY I. LEROY CRUMMINGS LESLIE CYRUS NONA DAMON IOYCE DANIELS MARIORIE DAUGHERTY DIANNE DAVIS PHYLLIS DAWSON IOANNE DEGRAFFENRIED ERNEST DELACRUZ GLORIA JEAN DELFS IOHN DEMOS IUDY DEPUTY 4 -,S Q I Q I I if Q ab. fa L QW 'V -GF' 2 ei AW' xxv I W In A ,uw rw-M 1, if r P Q Y 4-fr I In :fm X Ola. 'Her Q If 55 ' if in N, 'Q' Q .af vp- f'-'wmv' 9' 121513 -ww .8 :H -NX f L: KJ. I F" 1 g g if , gig v fx A ,.,.: IZ. ,gif his 5 ' Er v. pvk or-. r I 5-may I fsw if ,nv x 293 my I H VV' ' """',f ,- WVP- wr, +L- A 'X Vw Ig, K BILL DESHAZER BETTY DEXTER IANET DEYOUNG BETTY DICKSON LINDA DIEKER IANICE DILLINGHAM NANCY DILLINGI-IAM KAY DIXON IEAN ANN DODY MARY ANN DOLL BETTY DOMINICK MARLENE DONAHUE ROBERT DORST ATCHA MAE DOTY TERRY DOWNING BETTY DUFF THAYER DUNCAN CAROLYN DUNNING DELBERT DUY VON DA LEE EDWARDS LINDA E. EDMONDS ROBERT EISELE PEGGY ELFFNER IOHN E. ELLIS CAROLEE EMLEY MARGIE EVANS IANE FAGER LINDA FARNEY TERRY FARNSWORTH GLENDA FARRIS CARROLL FASSE SHERRY FELTNER DONNA FITZPATRICK MARY LOU FLEAGLE NADINE FLORANCE ROBY FOELGNER FRANCES FOOS CHARLOTTE FOX GARY FRAZIER LINDA FREDERICK LARRY FREEMAN LEONARD FREEBY DAVE FRENCH BASILIO FUERTES, IR. ED FUNDIS RON FUNDIS JAMES GALLAGER MARCIA GANN RONN GARD GENE GARDNER MARIORIE GARDNER LAWRENCE GEE SONDRA GENDRE BOB GIDEON IUDY GILGES BENNY GILL E .W L. 1 Z A J, J q, fm ,Wx X. . ' A A M: . 7 ' . L5-sag B H: Q x f QW E 'Y . K my f ,,. 'C-'viii' ff- A ' . ff! sg W . My ...Q . 222, R 1 -W -is I 241 44 '23 Vw :IRD 'Vs :Q 'bf'-rl Q g QQ-up Q-,.. 'Qt-.. 'LQ Q A .K ,W fe, gf' .1 -qlwur ff s nr N sf- 295 MARILYN GISH BARBARA GLASGOW CURT GOCKEL KAREN GOOKINS IANE GORDON MARY GORMAN SUE GOSS CAROL GRAY PAT GRAY LONI GREEN RONNIE GREEN PAT GREENE ARDITH GREER NANCY GRIFFITH IANICE GRIFFITHS KATHY GRIZZELL KAREN GROVES LESLEY GUNTHER KEN GUYER SHERRY HAHNER SUE HALSEY WAYNE HAMILTON ZOETTA HAMILTON MARY HAMMAN IOHN HANSCUM NORBERT HAROLD WENDY HARRINGTON IOYCE HARVEY ALBERT HATCH MARVIN DALE HATCH BETTY HATCHER JAMES HAYES SHARON HEIDNER BARBARA HEITMAN LANA HENRY IOE HENRY DOUGLAS HERMRECK TONY HERNANDEZ KAY HIGH BILL HILL IAMES HII.L PEGGY HILL WINTON HINKLE LINDA HIRCHER IEANETTE HOAR DEANNA HOBELMANN IOHN HOGAN MURIEL HOGER SHIRLEY HOLLAND DON HOLLAR MARY HOLLOWAY GORDON HORST SHARON HORST IUDY HOTH KAREN HOUTS MARIEAN HUBBARD fl at. 'f ww - 2 3 A I -1:-,K Vi - - 'Qu 'Qs '-5 , ,. V ' X R. A fi, I T52 '. I ,. S: Ki " we I I mf W ff-A I WI Q.. 'W --A Ti"""- ig: 'iv' Kg 1 K S SSA I.. Q Al VVK- ' k y as Rr QL dh L "' 'W Q L X 63 N , lk.. ,I GA. M A 7 ai , 'f f .V iv :FN svn I TV ff, W A ez., I fivk. I ,Il 5' , 11' T. .z A I Eif x 7: 1 'Q L A W, V 1 WY nf Lima! hw., w f. fi cg , 'He ' I ... k fkf 297 I I: ' G! I ? 5 Q-I. 'VT Q. ww 153' .. , , J.v 4 I 91, I I, is M1 KJ I sa 1 fi 'ETW1 iv EY? I 5 A . ' QA, - Q., 6 1 . I' I I MIL I ga '11 E L V, 298 HENRY HUDDLESTUN CHRISTIE LEE HUDSPERTH BONNIE HUGHES KEN HURN SHIRLEY HUSTON BARBARA HUTTON ANN IMMASCHE IANET IRELAND DONNA IRWIN IUDY IRWIN MIRIAM ISAAC BETTY ISENHOWER LYNN IACOBSON PEGGY IARVIS MARTHA IEMISON TYKIE IENSEN RICHARD IOHANNES SHIRLEY IOHANNSEN KAREN JOHNSON MARGARET IOHNSON MARII.YN IOHNSON JAMES IOHNSTON KAREN IONES KEN IONES NANCY IONES ROBERT IONES STEVE IONES RUTH IORDAN IEANNETTE IURY KATHERINE KARLE KAREN KARNES VENITA KATZ BARBARA KELLY MARY KENDALL PAUL KILTS WAYNE KLETCHHA STEVE KLINE CHARLENE KNITTLE ANITA KOCK ROBERT KONARIK OWEN KRASE LYNN KREHBIEL CINDY KUNTZ IAMES LAMB CAROLYN LANDIS BEVERLY LARSEN LINDA LATTIN ANN LAWLER MYRNA LAWLER KAREN LAWRENCE MARCIA LAWSON LINDA LEASURE DENNIS LEBBIN DONNA LEE DARRYL LEFFLER MARILYN LEHEW uv ig? 1 'X r ., .'.. 39 'tr nh "" 5 L. 3N4"1Q"Qf in 'Y .f-x 'wf fs fi X if J i 19 ML Z.: if 'Q' fiu I 9 is A ii 3 I Tw ik N 111- , . IDYY I 1 s ' . 4 T' , JK "EI Q . .FA kwa X5 O xy " I 0? .. . 'W ' 'JR x Y ,. , I 2,125 5 Wa- 'ISUY wi is 9 11' g 1 Xi ? . .. I nys 299 Q il A K' Pm X . wu- nk .232 ua 1 .IQ .. v -15 A-J' KJ Q .L A', -Z- J' 300 F 052, fx X "-Zztf A, 51, L L L ' L Ok Al ' -L L , - ,Q- .Ln Q" Q 'U . v, A 3 ll, 0 RX. X. L, WALLY LEIGHTON RICHARD LENAHAN AUDREY LEONARD GERALD LEONARD BEATRICE LEWIS DAVID LICHTEIG LINDA LIGHTCAP CARL LINCK BARBARA LINDAMOOD CAROL LONG FRED LONG NANCY LONG TUDY LOSTUTTER SONDRA LOUDENSLAGER ATIS LOVETTE IULIA LYNN PHIL MCADOO SHARON MCADOO IUNE MCCLURE ARDEAN MCCORKLE GLORY MCCRAY ARDIS MCCREIGHT JOYCE MCDONALD KATHLEEN MCFADDEN SAUNDRA MCGEHEE RITA MCGILL PHILLIP MCGRATH MERRIL MCHENRY BARBARA MCINTIRE RI'I'A McKAY LARRY MCLELLAN LEE MCMAHAN IEANNE MCNOWN SANDRA MABRY BARBARA MADDEN MARTHA MADDOX KAREN KAY MAHAFPEY IANET MAHAN TEANNINE MAHANEY MARCIA MAHAR IEANNE MALKAMES JERRY MANN IENELLE MARKI.EY LYNN MARKLEY PHYLLIS MARSH ELAINE MARSHALL MARTHA MARTIN SANDY MARTIN KAREN MASLEN " ' ,..: H X 1 xy-A 4 'K E515 W4 5, Y 52 5 A r . DUANE MAY A ' NANCY MEISTER BRENDA MENEFEE a J' ' KERMIT MENZIES I Q-if U., Q ALBERTA MEYER 1 5 ww w' Q 1 -ig RUTH MEYER 2- fi'-, ELEANOR MIDDLETON 3 ff -I ate, S5 gt.. 'M A, 15- Q 1-A. sa-- Shri 3. A ,E wh ' if K Ri V I A ' E xg RJ Rf A ff V -R:Q-' si: 301 ex 5' 1 A , A 1 'X 3- l '.L... an C 5 E557 'm . I M in 3. .gp 'I 4. m,,5v,., 17- ' .v Ivan A rw. IEY5 4. I 3 A 302 'Huy-nr aw . nf . iw 1' K? -5 ,- fw- M. 5 5 K ,.. I .. Vt. L mf Q ' ,.-.x Xa - 3 3, ix --1..,.f -N If fx I m In w S It i TERRI MILFORD ALICE MILLS BONNIE MITCHELL IANET MORRISON MARY MORRISON CAROLINE MYERS MARGO MYERS MARSHA NAIRN IOYCE NARAMOTO GEORGE NARVAES VERLA NAUERTH LINDA NEWMAN LORENA NICHOLS DIANE NICHOLS NANCY NIEHAGE NEAL NORVVOOD GARY NULEY EDA NUTTLE ROSETTA NYSTROM VIVIAN OAKLEY IOAN OLIVER LORETTA OLIVIER SUE OLSEN LAWRENCE ORTH IOHN OSBORNE TERRY O'TOOLE MARILYN OSTSTOTT CONN IE PAGE BEVERLY PANKRATZ BARBARA PARKER BILL PARTRIDGE SHIRLEY PARTINGTON MARLENE PAULER PAT PARRY CLYDE PEARSON VICKI PECK BARBARA PERKINS RONALD PETERS MARVIN PINE FLOSSIE PIPPEN DENNIS PLATT LINDA POFAHL DAVE POWELL BRUCE PRALL SHARON PRATT CHARLES PRITCHETT GLENNETH PROTHRO PRUDENCE PRUDHOMME KATHI PURNELL PAT QUILLIN SHIRLEY QUINCY IANICE RAHN MIRIAM RAPPARD NORMA RATZLAFF MARY RAY KAY REDDEN , gt L W' , 5- sf, 'kvx ,' Rf 'va da-, 'li' B, ' 'L I , K ' I x Q, - 'Ra Q ' A ' - iq ,R - Aw I I I X LX Wqgfv-'A 1 Q if -I I +V -M..-. ,QR Nw QA 'Xa I W 'C N1 .S A I -J ,.. .Q X as . I Ly' 'DQ .VA If-Q. K Q .f-ag, -12" IM I f' 'P 54 43 02' 1 if , V7 ai.. f .,,,'1X , -M , www, ., , xx I- ' 5 4? my I Q , . xi K .hm In I 5 I A A A55 'an qi ix ass 3 I., 1 x 1. Q, L? M NW41, 303 nw GN-'-:J Q . I ' 'W f A I fe., 1" O, I I if 'CH' 'MA I I 3 fw- Ui' 304 ... 7'- 71 Sax I am' 5, w, v I ffm I nk 'haw L wr- R 5 RQ- Q, V 4...- 91, 'F Til.. Q. f 11.4. - I wmv X I ir' ' 'fr if 1 1 I CAROL REED IUDY REED ROSALEE REED CHRIS REEKIE SANDRA REEP CAROL REIDELBACH BETTY RENNER IANET REYNOLDS GAYLE RHODES SALLY RICE LARRY RICH EARL RICHARDSON PATSY RICHARDSON LEO RICHTER TRICKY RIDENOUR RITA RIGGINS CAROLE RILEY KIESTINE RINDOM SHARON RIPPEL CHARLENE ROBERTS HELEN ROBERTS JOHN ROBERTS IEAN ROBINSON KAY ROGERS MARILYN ROMRR K. G. ROMINE BILL RONEN EILEEN BOTH IOHN ROTZ RON RUHNKE CAROLE SAULMON WILLA SCHAAKE IOYCE SCHALLER LYLE SCHARENBERG IANET SCHEUFELE IUDY SCHICK KENNETH SCHLATTER DONALD SCHLOTTERBECK BOB SCHMIDT LINDA SCHROER NANCY SCHULTE BETTY SCRIVNER TRUDY SEATON IUDY SEXTON KARLA SHAFFER PHYLLIS SHARP IANA SHELDON KERRY SHEPHERD RICHARD SHEPHERD NORMA IEAN SHERRY IANET SIMEK PHYLLIS SIMON IUDY SIMPSON GLENDA SIMS SANDY SINCLAIR BETTY SLOOP IKDE, V59 it ff R 1R.,p ITDTDE W Qi D aw M fig s 1' TRP vii 1 tv:.A,A 'Sass QR? ff-f 2 Y N2 ,, ,R ' '13 ga I T' A i , -if L " , 'H A x I I . Q3 sas ik Ja' is 9 In , any .,f-Ly. b ix .1 i Y Sm' A I AW 54 4 2. ,QM fr: I H I I I V.. 'st ii ai .gps xl'-0 'Nkiv awww ia u. .Q X 1-,y Z' Us I I 'E Z' W -,-my ,. .,,.. in-N 1 Heikki LL A f -'ww 2 , 4. " Is 305 i if 'fav' in 42. o ini M--,I -ik, ' .-.. 306 nr .' N? S .fl if Pl P 'HBA f -I. fm X N 3 I wr ln- .ni i Q Iwi: 'W' .. Y 'TY .Z 'xv-I . kv x f ,- 3 ff? '- Q' S Q vJ,L , A IANE SMITH IIM SMITH MARILYN SMITH RON SPAULDING ROBERTA SPIKER IUDY SPOHN GEORGIA SPRAGUE IANE STALCUP LAUREL STEERE HARRY STEPHENS PATRICIA STEWART IOAN STIBAL VERDA STIGGE IUDY STINSON CLARDORA STORRER BETTY STOVER IOHANNE STREET KATHRYN STUDT SUE STUMP SUE SUMMERVILL LINDA SUNDERLAND IEAN SUTTON NANCY SWAN DONALD SWAYER IUDY SWENSON NANCY TAGUE VIRGINIA TAYLOR DOROTHY THOMPSON SELMA THOMPSON SHIRLEY TINDALL DONNA TITEL KATHY TITUS BEVERLY TOBIAS MERLE TODD LUCY TOMASEK BEVERLY TRENDEL CAROL TROST IUDY TROST DANNIE TROWER LOIS TUCKER LUANNE TUGGLE RITA URBANIK SUE VESTLE LELAND VIAR IUDY VIGOLA MARCIA VOLK IUDY VOSSLER WILNA WADE CONNIE WALKER ELOISE WALL IUDY WALLER IOSEPH WALTER W. DEAN WALTON BARBARA WARD MIKE WARDLAW LARRY WATKIN Qiisag an is ff M A24 :ft 9' A '1 Q RE Mn! vga- 1 I , -'W LFRR ,Lfxf u -2af - f ,,Jf"g.v X Briana' 4634 5 iw' yi 1, Q RYA? E E 6 2 .M- ' R10 'J4. 'pf 1 A Qi? ' 8 I -Til LARRTTL ' A -K ggglwwx A iv, Wi? A Rita' may wi- Y A 'i - 'zu' wf' ,V-,w': .nga , 1 Elf gay- ,z x p 5 'Q ' 4 f '5 ,g- ,i v -I ,K .L Nfmwhid YQ T 4 Y blur .-H. - ,- iv-nv' my L, X . NH! !8! Huff ef- aiu. uliii. Illul' , di ' 1 -lg r ,. Kp V :'M :sa Gquf 1 L 13CJ'7 ' A K Ii ' , 2 m7AA ,.W, , Q. 5. r Tis x f5+"'i ' X. I 11 ' n 308 'T 'mir ,5 wg' X INN fifhn-'X ii' . Q Q LH RT X tc .,- H I 3, .. ,- , M 6 ww , , br Q4 fa I FF' 5 '- J sa fm. 4 4 'Y ' I 59" ' .Lx , . Ny...-I-H ROBERT WATKINS PAT'I'Y WATT IEANETTE WAUGH NANCY WEAK LARRY WEATHERBEE ELEANOR WEBB IUNE WEBER MYRON WEBSTER LALA WEIS FREDERIC WELBORN MARILYN WELCH RICHARD WELDON KENNETH WELLBROCK LOIS WELLS IOHN WENDLING PHYLLIS WENDT LINDA WENGER CAROL WHERRY DELORES WHITE MARCIA WHITE CAROLYN WICKHAM THYRZA WINKELMAN WAYNE WINKLER ALICE WILSON MARY WILSON DONALD WILL ANNAVEE WILLIAMS KAREN VVILLIAMS LEONARD WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS STEPHEN WILLIAMS IACQUELINE WINSKY DOUG WISCHROFF ELAINE WITTMANN ANN WOLFF IOSEPH WOELFER, IR. IOE WOODARD , I ag KENNETH WOODS yang ag DAVID WOMACK , IW' KARL WULLSCHLEGER 'Z k' h 'fl' THOMAS YO1-:MAN I f I CORKY YODER PAT ZIMMERMAN ANN ZSCHEILE GARY ZWONITZEN I O WLS" , I QA.. L . 15 . - ...ns K A fu., IH s I, 15 A A u. , 1 . M vb' If 4 Y' Q XXX Sum f 1, My 1 will 'Lv It ,V I if , fi. if E 309 310 Abraham, Judy Adams, Crystal Adams, Karen Adams, Kay Adams, Sharon Adams, Willis Adamson, Patrick Adcock, Greta Aeschliman, Ronald Akins, Elizabeth Akins, Virgil Aldrich, Lynn Aleshire, George Alexander, George Alexander, Kevin Alexander, Lois Alexander, Leann Allen, Carolyn Allison Allison , Beverly , David Allison, Karen Allison, Joyce Allison, Sidnev Almond, Donald Althaus, Karen. Amerine, Marcia Ammons, Carol Anderson, Gilbert Anderson, Jerry Anderson. Jon Andrews, Brenda Andrews, Donald Apperson, William Appl, Marilyn Arakaki, Amy Arb, Barbara Argyle, Elinor Amtentrout, Ann Armour, Gary Armstrong, Carolyn Amett, Norma Amold, Marlene Amott, Ann Arundale, Sam Ary, Darrell Ary, Noel Atherton, Karen Atkinson, Brenda Atteberry, Joe Atzenweiler, Betty Auer, Cheryl Averill, Karen Avery, John Avery, Norman Bagg, James Bahr, Roland Baier, Barbara Bailey, Leroy Bailey, Michel Bain, Roberta Baird. Barbara Baker, Janice Baker, Loren Baker, Richard Baldwin, Roberta Ball, Judith Ballard, Bruce Balzer, Sue Barber, John Barker, Lyle Barnes, Brenda Barnes, Ted Barnes, Richard Barnes. Theodessa Barnett, Carol Barnhisel, Darwin Barrett, Anita Barron, Lovara Barrons, Carolyn Barrow, Marion Bartlett, Barbara Bartley, Edwin Bartley, Eleanor Basgall, Annette Baumgardner, Boyce Baxter, Royce Baysinger, Sharon Beard, Jewel Beason, Eddie Bechtel, Georgia Beck, Chuck Beckner, Janet Beecher, Connie Behle, Catherin Bell, Carol Ann Bell, Carol Lucille Bender, Larry Benest, Kathy Benotham, Robert Benson, Ann Berens, Vernon Berger, Sue Berglund, Joel Bergsten, Laverna Bernhart, Patricia Berry, Glen Berry, Mary Ann Berry, Phil Bethell, Carol Beyer, Eugene Billing, Jean Birkholz, Judith Bitler, Bruce Blackwelder. Jan Blair, Joe Blair, Opal Blaser, Ellen Blautuss, Mary Blaufuss, William Bliss, Donald Bliss, Sharla Blossom, Juli Blowey, Harold Blowey, Marilyn 278 233 298 233 290 290 291 265 265 291 278 265 291 278 291 265 291 278 265 265 233 278 291 265 291 291 291 233 291 265 285 265 378 291 278 291 265 265 233 278 233 233 278 233 291 265 278 291 233 291 291 233 265 291 233 291 278 233 265 291 233 233 Blue, Donna Blundell, Barbara Bobski, James Bodenhamer, Judy Bodqe, Glory Boes, Karen Bohnenkemper, Betty Boice, Ray Boline, Duane Boling, Barry Boling, Beverly Bolton, William Bondurant, Lee Boney, Donald Borders, Jerold Borgna, Mac Bossing. Lewis Boston, Buddy Bowden, Wesley Bowlby, Marilyn Boyd, Judith Boyer, Janice Boyer, Richard Braman, Mary Brand, Felix Brandenburg, Robert Brant, Roger Branson. Martha Brant. Carol Breneman, Carol Brewer, Karen Briggs, Helen Briggs, Ruth Brinkman, Rosalie Britton, Eldon Brock, Dennis Brock, Jerold Broclcus, Max Brockwell, Linda Brooks, Nancy Brosius, Linda Brown, James Brown Juanita Brown, Judith Brown. Neal Brown Ruth Anne Brownfield, Judy Broyles, Charles Bruce, Kenneth Brunning, Ann Brunkow, Jean Brunn, Laveta Brussow, Jeanette Bryan, Lola Bryan, Wanda Buchanan, Richard Buchanan, Sylvia Buckles, Mary Buckman, Janice Budd, Carolyn Bulmer, Russel Bundy. Sally Burandt, Emest Burchfield, Dee Burdick, Rae Ellen Burkhart, Richard Burnett, Michael Burnette, Ruth Burns, Marie Bums, William Burress, Anna Lee Burrows, Iulia Busby, Daniel Bush, Janice Bushey, James Butel, Francis Butler, Robert Button, Garth Buttron, Marjorie Buzzi, Robert Byrne, Gary Cady, Ianice Caldwell, Mildred Campbell, Anna Campbell, Donna Cantrell, Kay Carlat, Sue Carley, Bill Carlson, Noreen Carlson, Richard Cames, Alan Carothers, Gary Carpenter, Iudy Carrier, Dennis Carrier, Leslie Carson, Iohn Carson, Ray Carson Becky Carson, Robert Carter, Ianice Chambers, Clara Chambers, Ieanie Channon, Emma Christiansen, Pat Christy, Iim Chubb, Iames Chumley, Iames Church, Phyllis Clark, Ralph Clarke, Peter Clasen, Richard Claycamp, Carol Clayton, Ianet Clever, Ioseph Clouse, Dolly Coash, Ronald Cocharn, Elmer Cochran, Iames Cohen, Larry Coiner, Karen Cole, Zoe Anne Coleman, Charles Coleman, Dorothy Collins, Elsie Collins, Kitty Colvin, Sara Commons, Monte Condra, Gary Conklin, Karen Conyers, Carol Conyers, Mary Lou Cook, Perry Coons, Linda Coons, Marjorie Coons, Mary lo Cooper, Bruce Corcoran, Rita Correa, Virginia Coughlin, Donna Coulter, Gary Counselman, Karen Coup, Don Courtney, Alice Cox, Carl Cox, Darrell Cox, Ianice Cox. Melba Coyne, Kathleen Coyne, Mona Coyne, Penny Cozad, Kenneth Cram, Scott Cram, Stuart Cramer, Nancy Crane, Gary Crane, Richard Crawford, Albert Crawford, Alice Crawford, Samuel Criqui, Dorothy Crouch, Ernestine Crow, Wade Crowdes, Iames Crusinbery, Lynda Cummings, Iohn Curry, Nancy Cyrus, Leslie Dague, Emma Damon, Nana Daniel, Delbert Daniels, Ioyce Dannenfelser, Charles Dannevik, Nancv Dannevik, Nicholas Darrah, lames Daugherty, Marjorie Davidson, Arnold Davies, Thomas Davis, Dianne Davis, Marie Davis, Patricia Dawe, Tamara Dawson, Helen Dawson, Phyllis Dawson, William Dearing, Lana Dees, David Deqraifenreid, IoAnne Dekeyser, Nancy Delacruz, Ernest Delis, Gloria Demos, Iohn Dempsey, Carolyn Denney, Rodney Denton, Iohn Deputy, Iudith Deschner, Marcia Deschner, Richard Deshazer, William Devin, Marv Deweese, Thomas Dexter, Betty Dexter, Ianet Deyoung, Ianet Dick, Iohn Dickerson, Ierry Dickinson, Iames Dickson, Betty Diegel, Iudy Dieker, Dorothy Dieker, Linda Dill, Roger Diller, Iudith Dillingham, Ianice Dillingham, Nancy Dingwall, Ruth Dirks, Tobias Dixon, Kaye Dobbins, Everett Dodd, Donna Dodge, Iudith Dody, Iames Dody, Iean Doll, Mary Ann Dolsky, Ierome Dominick, Betty Donahue, Marlene Donovan, Angeline Dorst, Robert Doty, Atcha Mae Doughty, Benny Douglas, Ruth Downey, Iames Downing, Karen Downing, Terry Drake, Larry Drehle, Doris Drinkwater, Ioe Drum, Nikki Dryden, Sharon Dubois, Louetta Dubois, Suzanne Dubv. Lynn Duii, Betty Dumcum, lack Duncan, Thayer Duncan, Patricia Dunigan, Cleveland Dunning, Carolyn 311 312 Duran, Robert Dutton, Duaine Dutton, Ianice Duy, Delbert Dyche, Robert Dye, Agnes Dyer, Ierry Dyer, Phyllis Eastabrooks, Mary Eaton, Eddie Eberle, Theodore Eck, Paul Eckert, Donald Eckstrom, Robert Edmonds, Erlene Kay Edmonds, Linda Edson, Dean Edwards, Patricia Edwards, Vonda Lee Ehlers, Loretta Eiker, Larry Eilert, Edwin Charles Eisele, Robert Elffner, Peggy Elledge, Willard Ellis, lohn Elston, Jacqueline Emerson, Darlene Emley, Carolee Engel, Robert Engler, Kay Ensha, Farideh Ensminger, Larry Evans, Estel Evans, Margie Evans, Nancy Fager, Iane Farber, Phyllis Farlow, Larry Farney, Linda Farnsworth, Terry Farris, Glenda Fasse, Carroll Felkner, Iames Feltner, Sherry Fenton, William Ferrel, Paul Fieser, Caroline Filmer, Ioyce Fincken, Thomas Fischer, Gerald Fishburn, I. Fisher, Beverly Fisher, Ioseph Fisher, Lindra Fisher, Robert Fitzpatrick, Donna Flater, Marvin Fleagle, Mary Lou Fleeman, Don Fletcher, Nancy Fling, Sydney Florance, Nadine Flott, Sylvia Floyd, Karen Foelgner, Roberta illobyl Foos, Frances Ford, Robert Fordham, Freddie Mae Forester, Diane Forrester, David Fowler, Fred Franz, Delores Fraser, Sandra Frazer, William, Ir. Frazier, Gary Frederick, Linda Frederick, M. Karen Freeby, Leonard Freeman, Larry Freeman, Wanda French, David French, Donald Fretz, Michael Frey, Iohn Fritze, Iulia Fruit, Dan Fruit, Ruth Fuertes, Basilio Fulghum, Iohn Fuller, Maurine Fundis, Edward Fundis, Ronald Funk, Ioyce Funk, Virgil Gaeddert, Margaret Gallagher, Edward Gallagher, Iames Gann, Marcia Gard, Ronald Gardner, Gene Gardner, Marjorie Garrison, Gail Gaskill, Rodger Gates, David Gay, Iacelyn Gee, Lawrence Gegen, Karen Gendre, Sondra Gentry, Norman Gentz, Iudy Gertsen, Marilyn Gibb, Gayla Gideon, Robert Gifiord, Wynona lean Giger, Kenneth Gilbert, David Gile, Larry Gilges, Iudith Kay Gill, Bennie Gillispie, Elsie Ann Gimple, Glenn Girod, Phillip Gish, Glen Gish, Marilyn Gislar, Lex Glanville, Roberta Glasgow, Barbara Glover, Iohn Gockel, Cut Godsey, Lamont Golden, Larry Goldsmith, Ierry Goodin, Carolyn Sue Gookins, Karen Sue Gordon, Helen Gordon, lane Gorman, Mary Gayle Goss, Sue Graalman, Gary Graber, Reta Kay Graff, Galen Iay Graham, Arnold Granelli, Kenneth Gray, Carol Ann Gray, Deanna Gray, Patricia Greco, Rose Mary Green, Diane Lonnie Green, Ronnie Greene, Patricia Greer, Ardith Greiner, Dale Grewing, Lyle Grieder, V. Clinton Griffith, Nancy Griffiths, Ianice Griffitts, Mary Grizzell, Kathe Groom, Ianet Groves, Karen Grubb, Louis David Guenther, Larry Gugler, Patricia Guier, Iames Gunther, Gail Gunther, Lesley Guyer, H. Kendall Hacker, Nancy Haeker, Harvey Hageman, Louvenia Hahner, Sharon Kay Halbert, Mary Halbleib, Patsy Hale, Frances Hale, Russell Gene Hall, Lyle Curtis Hall, Nancy Hall, Reva Hall, Richard Halley, Martin Halsey, Marilyn Sue Hamilton, Regina Hamilton, Wayne Hamilton, Zoetta Hamman, Bobby Dean Hamman, Mary Elizabeth Hammer, Gael Hammers, William Hampson, Ann Hanneman, Pat Hanscum, John Hansen, Donna Hansen, Sandra Harbison, Margaret Hardesty, Richard Harding, Donald Hare, Darrell Harkness, Darrell Harman, Joe Harold, Norris Norbert Harrington, Wendy Harris, Lila Leona Hart, Ruth Harter, Donald Harter, Donna Harvey, Joyce Haskett, Thomas Hastert. Vernon Ray Hastings, Robert Hatch, Albert Hatch, Marvin Hatcher, Betty Hatfield, Nancy Hattaway, Ruth Ann Havercrott, Lola Hawley, Ida Jean Hayes, James Hayes, Linda Lee Hays, Dorcas Raw Hayselden, Thomas Hayslett, John Haywood, Gerald Haywood, Mary Lou Hazlett, Jerry Heaberlin, David Heaberlin, Harold Hedrick, Jerry Heidner. Sharon Heitman, Barbara Heitman. Gene Heldberg, James Hempen, Roberta Hemmingway, Gary Henderson, Janice Henderson, Richard Hendrickson, Mary Henkle, Linda Jean Henley, Thomas Carl Henry, Joseph Eric Henry, Lana Henson, Phyllis Herdt, Robert Herbel, Don Hermreck, Douglas Hernandez, Tony Hesser, Janice Hiebert, James High, Sharon Kay Hightower, Nancy Hildebrand, William Hill, Carl William Hill, James L. Hill, Margaret tPeggyJ Hinkle, Winton Hircher, Linda Hoar, Jeanette Hobelmann, Dean Hobelmann, Deanna Hobelmann, Wayne Hofer, Janet Hogan, D. Kevin Hogan, John Hoger, Muriel Holland, Shirley Hollar, Caroline Hollar, Donald Hollawav. Mary Holliday, Janet Hollingshead, Darrel Hollis, Frances Holmgren, Ann Hood, Barbara Hood, Patricia Hooper, Robert Hoopes, Neil Hopper, Robert Horst, Gordon Lee Horst, Sharon Hoth, Judith Houghton, Ira Richard Hauser, Carol Lee Houts, Karen Hovorka, Joseph Howard, Barbara Howell, Donald Hubbard, Marjean Huber, Theodore Huddlestun, Henry Hudspeth, Christie Irwin, Roger Scott Jsaac, Miriam Sue Isenhower, Betty lshihara, Peter lvev Paula Jena Jabben, Carl Jacks, Norma Jean Jacob, Avis Jacobs, Judith Jacobson, Lynn Jarvis, Margaret tPeqgyJ Jeffers, Robert Jemison, Martha Jenkinson, Judy Jennings, Kay Jensen, Tykie Jernberg. William Jevons, Marcia Jochems, Carl Jochems, Terry Johannes, Richard Johannsen, Shirley Johansen, Roy Dean Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, J ohnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnston. Johnston, Barbara Gary Dean Gary Dean Karen Kaye Kenneth Lyle Margaret Marilyn Mary Alice Mary Louise Patricia Patsy Richard Roy Sharon Kay Signie James Phillip Johnstone, Albert Hughes, Bonnie Hull, James Hunsburger, Jalayne Hunsberger, Jon Hunt, Sandra Hunter, Janet Lee Hurd, F, Ula Hurn, D. Ken Huston, Norma Huston, Shirley Hutton, Barbara Immasche, Ann lngerson, Mary Inskeep, James Ireland, Janet Irey, Marvin Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, Bonnie Gary Ken Karen Lora Mary Eleanor Nancy Paula Irwin Dennis Irwin Donna Irwin, Judith Irwin, Richard Jones, Robert Jones, Stephen Jordan, Ruth Carol Jordan, Sharon Jury, Jeannette Kaiser, Harold Kakehi, Daisy Sueko Kallail, Kaye Kammerlohr, Barbara Karle, Katherine Kames, Karen Karolik, James 244 298 298 269 244 244 282 282 244 298 298 244 298 244 269 298 289 282 245 270 298 298 245 282 245 282 298 245 282 282 298 298 270 270 282 270 270 245 270 245 298 270 282 270 283 298 298 245 283 298 270 298 298 298 283 299 245 245 270 245 299 299 245 313 314 Kasselman, Robert Katz, Venita Kay Keith, Glenn Keller, Clayton Kelly, Barbara Kelly. Lynda Kelsey, Herbert Kendall, Mary Frances Keown, Karen Sue Kern, Kenneth Kettler, Paul Key, Blanche Kilcoyne, Vicky Kile, Donald Kilts, Paul Kimes, Sally Kimple, Stephen King, Susan Kingsbury, Donna Kirk, Allen Kirk, Myma Sue Kirkbride, Patricia Kiyan, Noboru Klein, Beverly Klein, Noel Kletchka, Wayne Kliewer, Herald Kline, Steve Klingensmith, Io Ann Knittle, Charlene Knoche, Eleanor Kobetich, Beverly Koch, Anita Koch. Iohn Koehler, Larry Koehn, Laura Koitan, Kenneth Kogl, Clifford Kohl, Laveme Konarik, Robert Kowlaski, Alice Krase, Owen Krase, Wayne Krause, Frank Ir. Krehbiel, Lynn Marie Kruse, Iean Kuhlman, Bonnie Kuntz, Cindy Lee Lacey, Sharon Lamb, Dalea Carolyn Lamb, Iames Lambring, Donald Landis, Carolyn Landis, lack Lane, Lila Langteau, Jeannine Lantz, Betty Lapping, Ioe Larsen, Beverly Larsen, Max Lattimore, Lovelle Lattin, Linda Lee Laubhan, Glenn Laughlin, Ruby Io Law, Donald Lawler, Ruth Ann Lawler, Myma lean Lawrence, Karen Lawson, Creta Lawson, Harold Lawson, Marcia Leasure, Linda Leckie. Duncan Lee. Dennis Lee, Donna Leeper, Joyce Leeper, Phillip Lees, Ianie Leftler, Darryl Leltler, Donald Legore, Evelyn Lehew, Marilyn Lehmberg, Barbara Leighton, Wallace Lenahan, Richard Leonard, Audrey Leonard, Gerald Letellier, Richard Lewis, Beatrice Lewis, Gordon Lewis, Nadine Lichtenhan, Ierry Lickteig, David Lightcap, Linda Mahaffey, Karen Mahan, Ianet Mahan, Kay Mahaney, Jeannine Mahar, Marcia Maher, Mary Mahon, Mary Ann Mainey. loe Malkames, lean Manka, Betty Mann, Ierry Manning, Iohn Markley, Ienelle Markley, Walter Lynn Marsh, Phillis Marshall, Elaine Martin, Bonnie Martin, Ellen Martin, Iohn Martin, Iudith Ann Martin, Iudith Ieann Martin, Kathe Martin. Martha Martin, Michael Martin, Sandra Maskus, Ioyce Maskus, Larry Maslen. Karen Massier, Darrell Massoth. lim Matheson, Dennis Matheson, Patricia Linck, Carl Lind, Larry Lindamood, Barbara Lindt, Ioretta Little, Charles Livingston, Barbara Loewen, Ruth Long, Carol Long, Fred Long Gordon Long, Ierelean Long, Nancy Long, Richard Lostutter, Iudy Loudenslager, Sondra Love, Geraldine Lovette, Otis Kent Lovette, Atis Lowman, Karen Lusk, Ianies Lutz, Annetta Lutz, Mary Ann Lybarger, Larry Lynn, Iulia Ann Lysell, Frank Lyster, Robert Maas. Carol Mabry. Sandra Madden, Barbara Maddox, Martha Matile, Maurice Mattison, Larry Maxson. Louetta May, Duane Mayden. Carolyn Mayer, Benny Mayer, Harold Mayes, Sharon Mayfield. Sharon Mcl-ldoo, Phil McAdoo, Sharon McBride, Calvin McCalfery, Mike McClure, Iune McCollum, Harley McConnell, Mack McCorkle, Ardean McCray, Gloria McCreight, Ardis McCune, Lynda McDonald, Ioyce McDonald, Sally McDowell, Sharyl Sue McFadden. Kathleen McFarland, Iohn McFarlane, Ioseph McGee, Carol McGehee, Saundra McGill. Rita McGowan, Iudy McGrath, Philip McHenry, Merril Mclntire, Barbara McKanna, Dona McKay, Rita McKinley, Mildred McLean, Donna McLellan, Lawrence McMahan, Lee McMurray, Howard McNown, Ieanne McTaggart, Elizabeth Mean, Curtis Medley, Delmar Meister, Nancy Melcher, Ruth Ann Melly, Iames Mendenhall, Iollene Mendenhall, Sandra Menefee, Brenda Menzies. Kermit Menzies, Larry Merrifield, Harold Mersmann, Mark Metzdorf, Iames Meyer, Alberta Meyer, Anita Meyer, Ruth Mick, Stanley Middleton, Eleanor Milford, Terry Miller, Donna Marie Miller, Donna Ruth Miller, Karen Miller, Marvin Miller, Russell Mills, Alice Minard, Loren Minnis, Ianet Io Miser, Linda Mitchell, Bonnie Moddelmog, Lyle Moege, Alice Mohr, Clarence Moore, Ioyce Moore, Sue Moore, Richard Moores, Dorothy Mordica, Iames Moreland, Everett Morris, Barbara Morris, Carol Morris, Iames Morrison, Janet Morrison, Mary Morrissette, Sharyl Mozingo, Rolland Mulder, Iulie Ann Mullen, Peggy Murray. Barbara Murray, Ianet Murray. Randolph Myers. Caroline Myers, Kurt Myers, Margo Nairn, Marsha Nakatsukasa, Helene Naramoto, Ioyce Narvaes, George Nauerth, Verla Mae Neavitt, Beverly Neill, Kathleen Neill, Robert Lee Nelson, Mary Ann Newby, Marietta Newman, Linda Newton, Arthur Newton, Marilyn Nicholas, Gary Nichols, Diane Nichols, Lorena Niehage, Nancy Nigus, Donald Nixon, Iohn Noller, Nancy Norman, lay Norwood, Neal Notestine, Roladn Novo-Gradac, Sue Nuley, Gary Nuttle. Eda lean Nymeyer, Frederic Nystrom, Rosetta Oakley, Vivian Oldfield, Guy Oliver, Ioan Olivier, Loretta Olsen, Diana Sue Olson, Linda Rae Olson, Richard Olson, Ronald Ore, Beth Orth. Lawrence Osborne, H. Lynn Osborne, Iohn Osborne, Ralph Ostrander, Keith Ostrander, Kenneth O'Toole, Terry Otstott. Marilyn Ott, Carol lean Ott, Melvin Ott, Ronald Owen, Carolyn Oyler, Ianls Packard, Barbara Padgett, William Page, Connie Palmer, Duane Palmer, George Pankratz, Beverly Parish, Ellen Ann Parker, Barbara Parks, Terry Parry, Patricia Parsons, Mary Partington, Shirley Partridge, William Patry, Cecelia Patton, Iacqueline Pauler, Marlene Pearce, Leanna Pearson, Clyde Peck, Victoria Ann Pedigo, Ronald Pell, Lawrence Penner, Karen Perkins, Barbara Perkins, Dennis Perkins, Donald Perkins Ioseph Perkins Kenneth Perkins, Rita Perry, Billy Perry, Kenneth Perry, Phylliss Perry, Sandra Peters, Ronald Peterson, Clarence Peterson, Sharon Petty, Gary Phelps, Kay Phillips, Gayle Phillips, Nancy Phillips, Warren Pickert, Iames Pierce, Preston Pierson, Paula Pine, Marvin Pine, Sharon Pinkston, Gary Pippin, Charles Pippin, Flossie Pitcher, Iudy Platt, Dennie Potahl, Linda Pohlman, Darrell Pointer. Roy Poppe, Willis Post, Michael Powell, Benjamin Powell, David Powers, Daniel Prall, Bruce Prall, Harry Pratt, Sharon Price, Iune Priddy, Donald Priddy, Ianette Prudhomme, Prudence Pritchett, Charles Prothro, Glenneth Pryor, Galen Puckett. Carol Pugh, Ruth Pulley, Lawrence 251 303 303 285 285 303 285 303 303 251 251 251 303 251 272 251 251 252 252 272 272 252 303 272 285 252 285 285 285 252 252 272 272 303 272 285 272 303 285 303 303 285 285 273 295 273 303 273 303 252 303 273 252 285 303 303 303 252 273 252 252 315 316 Purcell, Terry Purnell, Kathi l. Pyle, John Henry Pyle, Jon Steven Pyle, Norma Sue Quillin, Patricia Quincy, Shirley Kay Quinn, John Robert Rader, Sandra Lee Rahn, Janice Kay Rake, Linda Kay Rand, Walter Dean Randall, James Wesle Rappard, Miriam Ratzlali, Laverne Ratzlaii, Norma Raugewitz, Ronda Raven, Theresa Ray, Mary Maude Reaburn, Sharon Reaka, Phillip Byron Redden, Kay Elaine Redeker, Norma Jean Redman, Buddy J. Reed, Carol Ann Reed, Judith Ann Reed, Max Nelson Reed, Rosalee Reekie, Chris C. Reep, Patricia D. Reep, Sandra Kay Reeves, E. Wayne Regehr, Gary D. Regier, Donice lone Reid, Patricia Ruth Reidelbach, Carol Ann Reiners, Wayne Lee. Reiser, Larry Alvin Reitz, Kaye Renner, Betty Ann Renner, Margaret Renner, Melvin Roy Rentiro, Raymond Lee Ressler, Rex Ellis Reusser, Joyce E. Revell, Lajune K. Reynolds, Janet Sue Reynolds, Nancy Lee Rezac, Linda Leigh Rhea, John Lyman Rhoades, Mary Eileen Rhodes, Gayle Ardis Rial, Florence Marie Rice, Lynne Eve Rice, Sally Ann Rich, Larry Richard, Donald Richardson, Earl Richardson, Judith J. Richardson, Patsy Richter, Leo Ray Riddle, John Lee Ridenour, Tricky Riggin, Rita Riggin, Robert Riggs, Barbara Riggs, Rita Riley, Carole Rindom, Kjestine Riney, Robert Ring, Constance Rippel, Sharon Risk, Gordon Robb, Larry Roberts, Calvin Roberts, Charlene Roberts. Daryl Roberts, Don Roberts, Edward Roberts, Helen Roberts, John Roberts, Patricia Robinson, Jean Robinson, Jeannette Robinson, Vicky Rockenbach, Floyd Rogers, Kay Rogers, Miriam Rogers, Reta Rohnke, Deanna Rohr, Ernest Rolf, Carl Romer, Marilyn Romine, K. G. Ronen, William Rose, Joseph Rosenbaum, Stephen Ross, Earl Roth. Eileen Roth, Harry Roth, James Rothfuss, Darlene Rotz, John Roy, Melvin Ruckle, David Rudd, Sandra Ruhnke, Roy Rule, Judith Rundell, Darla Rundell, George Russell, Richard Rutter, Neolene Rutz. George Salisbury, Larry Salmon, Frances Samuel, Barbara Sanders, Armand Dean Sandstrom, Judith Sasagawa, Margaret Sauder, Gary Saulmon, Carole Sawyer, Connie Schaake, Willa Schaller, Joyce Scharenberg. Lyle Schartz, Jim Schaui, Marilyn Scheibe, Janet Scheuiele, Janet Schick, Judy Schierling, Ida Schild, Nadine Schlatter, Kenneth Schletzbaum, Judith Schlotterbeck, Donald Schlotterbeck, Howard Schmersey, Paul Schmidt, Bob Schmidt, Diana Schnittker, William Schock, Jack Schrader, Lyle Schrey, Betty Schroeder, Gerald Schroeder, Laverne Schroer, Linda Schuler, Paul Schulte, Nancy Schuyler, Betty Schwalm, Roy Schwartz, Judith Schwartzman, Johnny Schwindt, Dorothy Scott, Michael Scrivner, Betty Scrivner, Loretta Seacat, Joleen Seacat, Max Seamans, Corwin Seaton. Trudy Seibold, Dean Seitz, Floyd Sell, Jacquelyn Selvey, Betty Shaffer, Karla Shaft, Gary Shaner, Arline Sharp, Phyllis Sheets. Ronald Sheldon. Jana Shellenberger, George Shepherd, Kerry Shepherd, Linda Shepherd, Richard Sherry, Norma Shipley, Melva Shire, Robert Shirley, Thomas Shoemake, Melba Shoemaker, Jack Short, Linda Shough, Mary Simelg, Janet Simmons, Nancy Simon, Marllin Simon, Phyllis Simpson, Iudy Sims, Glenda Sinclair, Patricia Sinclair, Sandy Skarphol, Carol Skibbe, Ierald Slechta, Amelia Sloan, Lawrence Sloop, Betty Smerchek, Ioan Smethers, Iohn Smith Diane Smith, Iames Smith lohn Smith Kenneth Smith, Larry Smith, lane Smith, Linda Smith, Marlene Smith, Marilyn Smith Patricia Smith, Paula Smith, Sharon Smitson, Gayle Snay, Mary Sneary, Dee Sneary, Lillian Sneary, Roy Snyder, Sylvia Soland, Cida Solomon, Gary Sommers, Darell Sparke, Betty Spaulding, Ronald Spohn, Iudith Sprague, Georgia Sprecher, Ruth Spriggs, Susan Srajer, Donald Stainbrook, Betty Stalcup, lane Staley, Donna Stallings, Essica Stanley, Barry Steele, Mary Steere, Lourel Stegall, Steven Steinhaus, Alan Stephens, Harry Stephenson, Gloria Stephenson, Roger Stevenson, Sheryl Stewart, Jackson Stewart, Patricia Stibal, Ioan Stieben, Lee Stigge, Verda Stiner, Ross Stinson, Iudy Storck, Leon Storrer, Clardora Storrer, Meredith Stotts, Gary Stout, Kathleen Stover, Betty Stowers, Robert Street, Ioann Stucky, Paula Studer, Nancy Studt, Kathryn Stukey, Loretta Stump, Sue Sturgeon, Ronald Suenaga, Ellen Sullivan, Barbara Sullivan, Dale Summervill, Iohn Summervill, Marion Summervill, Sue Sunderland, Linda Sutter, George Sutton, Frances Sutton, Darrel Sutton, Sharon Swabby, Larry Swan, Nancy Swanson, Iames Swartz, David Swayden, Charles Sweeney, Iames Swender, Clyde Swender, Linda Swenson, Iudith Swoyer, Donald Taggart, Dixie Tague, Nancy Tajchman, Leonard Takara. Henry Tanimoto, Earl Taylor, Benton Taylor, Henry Taylor, Patrick Taylor, Virginia Thelander, Klinton Thiessen, Norman Thistlethwaite, Ronn Thomas, Ann Thomas, Pricilla Thomas, Ronald Thomas, Warren Thorne, Wilbur Thompson, Bruce Thompson, Dorothy Thompson, Harry Thompson, Ioyce Thompson, Norman Thompson Thompson , Selman , Ellen Tobias, Beverly Toburen, Larry Todd, Merle Todd, Nancy Tokishi, Walter Tomasek, Lucy Tomlin, Carol Toothaker, Klenton Tope, Patricia Torrence, Garda Trendel, Beverly Triemer, Grace Trolinger, Donna Trost, Carol Trost, Iudith Trower, Dannie Trueblood, Lindal Truelove, James Truesdell, Nevada Tryon, Nancy Tucker, Don Tucker, Karen Tucker, Lois Tuggle, Luanne Twietmeyer, Carol Ulrich, Carolyn Unruh, Kathleen Unruh, Marilyn Unten. Fred Urbanek, Rita Utech, Paul Vaein, Nancy Vanetten, Alva Vaughn, Doris Vaughn, Iohn Vestle, Sue Viar, Leland Vigola, Iudy Vigola. Richard Volk, Marcia Vossler, Iudith Wade, Wilna Wagoner, Duff Wagoner, Phillip Walburn, Donald Waldrip, Ierry Walker, Connie Walker, Dennis Walker, Iames Wall, Eloise Wallace, Frances Waller, Iudith Walter. Ioseph Walters, Ronald Walton, Dean Waner, Robert Thome, Glenda Throm, Billy Tincher, Charles Tindall, Shirley Titel, Donna Titus, Kathryn Ward, Barbara Ward, Carolyn Ward, Connie Ward, Larry Ward, Gary Ward, Sharon Wardlaw, Michael 317 318 Warkentin, Gwydotta Warner, Carol Watkins, Robert Watkins, Larry Watson, Frances Watson, Judith Watt, Patty Watts, R. Duane Waugh, Jeanette Weak, Nancy Wealand, Dale Weatherbee, Larry Webb, Eleanor Webb, James Weber, Judith Weber, June Webster. Betty Webster, Myron Wecker, Elaine Wedel, Karen Weick, Galen Weigel. Jill Ann Weis, James Weis, .Lala Welborn, Frederic Welch, Marilyn Weldon, Richard Wellbrock, Kenneth Wells, Lois Wells, Ruth Wenderott, Sandra Wendling, Joann Wendlinq, John Wendling, Joseph Wendt, Phyllis Wene, Verona Sue Wenger, Linda Wentling, Eleanor Wertzberger, Judy West, Myma Westin, Charles Weston, Ronald Westphal, Winnie Whaley, Larry Wheelen. Kenneth Wherry, Carol Whitcomb, Janet White, Barbara White, White. White. White. White. Delores Don Frances Leonard Marcia White, Ronald Whitesell, Ruby Whitney. David Whitwell, Mary Ann Wiand, Sandra Wickham, Carolyn Wiens. Wiley. Betty David Wilhelm, Don Wilkinson, Arthur, Jr. Wilkison, Janice Will, Donald Will, Shirley Williams, Annavee Williams Deloris Williams, Ivan Williams, Karen Williams, Leonard Williams, Patricia Williams, Robert Williams Stephen Willis, Harold Wills, Iudith Wills, Timothy, Jr. Wilson, Alice Marie Wilson, Charles Wilson, Donald Wilson. James Wilson, Mary Ann Wingard, Audrey Wininger, Jack Winkelman, Thyrza Winkler, Wayne Winsky, Jacqueline Wischropp, Douglas Wisler, Gary Lee Witte, Janice Wittman, Deanna Wittmann, Elaine Woeliel, Joseph Jr. Wolff, Ann Jean Wolford, Grace Wolters, Albert Womack, David Woodard. Joe Woods, Kenneth Wayne Wooli, Charles Wright, Judy Lou Wullemeyer. Carol Wullschleger, Karl Wyrick. Tommy Joe Yakle, John Yamane, Janice Yanagisawa, Lawrence Yeoman, Thomas Yoder, Corky York, Janice Yoshida, Pansy Young. Lorretta Young, Richard Youngdahl, Angeline Zahorsky, Darrell Zaima, Mary Ann Zerbe, Sharon Zerener, Janice Zimmerman, Patricia Zscheile, Paul Zuvanich, Joseph Zwonitzer, Gary 29" H311 wnswonm J LPN fllgf Lnrmqmphed 5 emma by wAx.swon1'H Mmm.-, Me. u. s. A. a ,, e is K-H-fvov-wf..f...,,,,.,,,, 'Y' :Nuhvx N, , A ., I4 5 . , ' H' - -.. ., Q " 7 -' Q: A fini . 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Suggestions in the Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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