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YJ 1 ,s s mv Wg il an l Mxfhi 'X W 1 M' Mimi M K 1' 1 f C V , r 6 U. I? 1 15 at fi i Y 1 M w 'I -Q iw ,W ,, lx 1 Fa I ...l......,..f- l-...... ...L ff-if-x J if JE rg me I! 5.,,.,..suQ.,m '13 ,H sf iff W TJ ff We ,rg 9' U'9'.4 I g , I-IE Q. X Q SUNFLQVVER Q . v 50th Anniversary Issue v V v Q X' reg A' 057545 :gp Zfemvf-Sul H1 a S -ww wfiuzwi ,vswzf me mf QA -S2251sssffvifiifwi-,iszw if, ive:-:fgfHf:sws1fwffg::f ww 'Q-fagflgisffgsfyffgfisgfqiW N ikitvffwfggfiyfwtfagygg:ff -wi: v,1..gjkgWg fist-ww fesff N? 31 LH, , ' A..A N -Dm- ' 1 --an -vim MR. AND MRS. MILO M. HAKES ,.-s2,'45,,Q'!'3,-". M :Y . Sf i 'muy ,,., 1 1 ' N VL .Q . 7 mf, i , N, - '11, x W af "'x """"fwf.,. ., .L - N if U as 'I .36 43 'T-71 ,iii ,Q J S ggi? W , 5,1154 5 ,V Q 2? ggi! "3 3 -Hwuiw. .wwf , K 'xt . Z K ff I Ww w I 1:2 f1:.- I ' ' "Y sf: A mf -M, X Q -., K A . kv. Q. .L f 1 x, H uk, JX- H, ,X . R f ww , -G W1 bi. K 1:41 ff, fi W: 0 1.- su w s Q S 2 i 3 E i 5. si 2 3 5 Q f - , ,f ff --,MU,.5,,.y,-f,fa,ffW . -- , .,,,.- . - -.-f - .. , - ,, f-511:-1,,-,M f- - -.N ' 2 4 ff 5. TABLE OF CONTENTS BOOK I Administration 10 Faculty ........... 24 BOOK II 2 - Historical ...., 49 ,Q M . ROYUIIY --'- 55 Activities .w,,,,,.....,,. 80 so 82 Publications i,,, 92 " W Homecoming .... ' 98 Drama ........Y...,,,. ' Special Events .,... 106 M mhmV , tm .Lg -s ,ti s Q Q ew R1 K W 1 tm t in K 51 Vs af' I L it , ggi me T Y ., Q -X 1 5 K 95 11 W ' 122 . ... i i cc tt Athletics ...,,i.,,....,,c.. , ei ,wx 1 K BOOK III V Organizations ,4..... 150 I 152 Honorary ..,....,.... . ., Departmental ,,., 170 Religious .,,.,,. 192 Social ..,., 198 236 238 Students ,..,.,ooi Seniors Graduates 257 Iuniors .t,. ,,., I 259 1 Sophornores ., 272 ' -I " Freshmen i.o, -,-, 2 85 K 307 -I Index T. " M ' " ' f K Q 1 as wb 2 M25 ' ue was-M 3 S sf, t f- f - :war K ,,.. . K ,, ,Fw 1 N X F K ,gg mf W afar Hifi .t eam Meigs t 11 f K, -fQ-its-QliliifZLFV-Qijfifiifiii? i i 2555? "Lil '--Msswswgts-V ,- . , ff f was is I ,lltjlf . , WT ' 252: iii tt t f ifil' -g:"zfa ',m.Z'if5 v .- 'T 'i I .- .. , . ,M ,,it -- I iggmtgkg- .,0:fgs5Ew5gfgg1s, i , Um --ffA-- ws-eg: Q ,A is .L Qt i an N its I G5 Q 'tr at E .ii 'Q s 2 'im 5 eww QVJEKK f'rkfN fi 1 I-' 5 ax ,.?,,'3'3G-nl:-Q PHY ' x 4 'Z s.Y as 900 . ' 1 1 , .Q 1 , E Aff' H ,lfq VI S sfqs fad ffmwvh ixwg 'Vx ? I 1 ,e lt if . X -ww! . fp' V' M3-7 uafl XXX , . f A , ., W W AV , L - jg J f X i 1' gi' X 'N N, Q Cx j, , r- Q , - L? V. 4 . . -- fy i K 1 Ng. .K , A q LT Z-FE 71? I -,' 1 P + :N r x 1 f- l ,V Lx ! V .-fum -F v 1 in X If ,u Fw Ji 7' . . E255 A E W 1,3 A- If . A fi L W 'rg' . I 1 ' L'AM,g fP,,X' Q m'XX' 4 - I Qiigfx gd' bla f'-A N Q Af , '2 E 5 f5 1iM,'fg5K V ik-5 ,WV ,STX WM! . E? if 1' 744. -fksmmxk' F vb nf -lv 'X who ffl , Mtmvfwfj tic: , 'Wm f . U. M 2 -.JJ X X, ' - x ' aw - V VN-ww AAML4 QL A 4,1 M ,W Vu Rv-VP H gf. S Y. v F 'lf i- ?' 2 H Vi 1 4 f 5 Q . 3 A Ein? 2 Ei V -E I fi S Lf Y 5 9 . 2 Q Q 155512254 ...sa f ? 4 i1ffgwif2 5 ' Siifflri.-..fw'if 5 Jmig ' 1151 W g-is A f- , .. A . v?wiq1!1tQi.'1. , N N Hifi ?A I ' gen . 1 2 K iie 52? , m 17 Q S V Q25 5 ., ,fgxlf Y.i'f , .r 5, Q i' if if .. . .I 5 1 Y . X ' X vi- .5 f .7353 A ,, L f. f, . E sf K M iiwmng wifi? Af., .1 , ,. :W .1 ,.M.....,,W.W.,m , Ri I, 1 2 V .,,, ,, L. , ,TQ '13 f ' were .rvufw-fx' wwxg -ewv31W'!f'H: 1 . f-A .55,g5,f,L Eg vu K 3. 2 -,. ,L , . - A 2 Q G W,'. ,WM . . W .,.,, .z:r.,,,i 'ff. , . Q S Q ,f df . if . in . . , .,., I- 'I I . b Ask 2 'N .W ff fi A ,, I A fx S X Kam E , .. W, Q' Wu... 9 wr.,-fwwwl,-.,.1.,.,,, . 4 , . ,... i Ay.. 2 I . ' A1122 L ,,.. , Q. . I i X, W .W 5132.9 - , I 5 K xv I- LL f x rj.. Q ADMINISTRATIGN ,SWA 'U' 4 . . -Yu . . as 6 is-1 -'11 , 'Y' ,.- ' ,fat V THE STATE OF KANSAS TOPEKA GEORGE DOCKINC GOVERNOR April l, 1960 Dear Students: It affords me official and personal pleasure to be able to bring greetings to the students of Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia through the medium of the Sunflower, The people of Kansas, through your future acti- vities, will be able to benefit from the training you have received here, The technical skills will be of value but the greatest ideas you may take with you are those which will maintain and raise the moral and ethical standards of the next generation, I wish f r all of you full and happy lives, .L Sincerely, 5 5 E f f f' 4 Q a 5, s jig! n fig, W ff Geofge Docking GD:H S Governor .5-fr-2'e 5 -- fze- T1 'T s f Q uail qgzszrf- Jig ' ' ,tx YN f -I l - 4- f A - - ",o.,- ,f X ggi f - 1-F e mmfmff ---:wwf Q '-L ies ' A A ' W' " 't'V-" X' 'If rt ff A sf af' ' ii va gg i T n A ' v 25 i -it s :rf .' -H . of unfit . ,J 1352 p , gif, gk, , sw. W T 4 r fm - 'NJ fI'r5b5m4'jzl"1fj51 E K 5 'fly ' ' 5 'f-M 1 5 ' . 1' i j:s"'1?3!' us e . I pg w T .l wgz 1 Nr- ' 03211 J 1 , , P , f, I 4:1 lf! 1 - . 'L ' W V .l'e5,fQ,-:,a emi' ' lg Eff E-L Arai 4 YXf-- so-A Ejliw 5 ll E s lv I ' 'ix ' T S " ' . Yg t f - 4" -' - le-L,1,+.x,,,A,,,gk,,,i 4 gi X ,.A.x T2.qUQ "45Jk'A-P to A as J- we af' ff cf' 13 ,In The role of administrative bodies is always great. Faced with mushroom- ing enrollment in all the state educational institutions, the l960 Board of Reg- ents' responsibility is ever-growing. Few boards of directors are responsible for such a variety of decisions wnich involve a wide range of activities, interests, and investments. Appointed by the Governor, each board member, taking time away from his own profession, acts as budget-maker, personnel-selector, and policy- formulator. w.. SEATED, leit to right: Regent Leon Roulier, Regent Clement H. Hall, Chairman, and Regent Claude Brcxdney. STANDING, left to right: Regent Russell Rust, Regent Ray Evans, Reg ent George Collins, Regent Charles Kincaid, Regent Harry Valentine Regent Whitley Austin, and Mr. Hubert Brighton, Secretary. Board of Regents President John E. King KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE EMPORIA. KANSAS FFICE QFTHE PRESIDENT Aprll 27 1960 Dear Students: There is always a bit of nostalgia at the closing of another school year. To you seniors who are embarking on your life' work go our thanks. It has been an abiding pleasure and deep privilege to share these rich years with you. We hope you have found and always will find the Kansas State Teachers College devoted to the highest ideals of education for each individual student. l This year has seengrowth and improvement. It is our mission to serve the needs of Kansans especially in teacher and librarian education, and we shall continue to do so to the best of our ability. The Kansas Board of Regents and the staff, faculty and adrninistration of the Teachers College join me in expressing our very best wishes to all students. Sincerely, sal John E. King President kg S W-,amen "3 Above Ieft: Dr. William E. Engbretson, Assistant to the President: above right: Mrs. Kathleen Gallatin, Secretary to the President: below left: Dr. Nathan P. Budd, Dean of Instruction: below right: Dr. Darrell E. Wood, Director, Extension and Correspondence Study. lf . m ast, ,Q -Y I ,gk '21, ,L , ADMINISTRATIVE Above left: R. G. Cremer, Dean of Business Administration : above right, left to right: lack Davis, Director, Auxiliary Services: Elizabeth Howell, Bursar: Riley D. Stormont, Superintendeni of Physical Plant: below right: Dr. Laurence Boylan, Dean of Graduate Study. I, ,,-1 ZW I - OFFICES tioiivli av.-wbvn-anna! ss ff Above left: Dr. Harry I. Waters, Director of Student Services: right, top to bottom: Dr. Ruth Schillinger, Dean of Women: V. T. Trusler, Dean of Men: Melvin Anderson, Assistant Dean of Men: Dixon H. Smith, Registrar: Alden Bowman, Student Aids Advisor. Above left: William R. Wygle, Director, Field Services, below, top: Richard C. Hawk, Assistant Director, Field Services: below, bottom: Tom Ladwig, Director, Bureau of Publications. Above left: B. B. Richards, Chairman, Library Division: above right: Dr. Holland A. Alterman, Director, Audio- Visual Services: below left: F. G. Welch, Athletic Director ht Forrest Newlin Student Council President Don Wilhelm Student Council Vice-President Gary Sherrer, Sophomore Council Treasurer Harold KC1iS6!. Iunior Dick McCall, Sophomore 'QT' Paul McKncb, Freshman STUDENT GOVERNMENT The voice of KSTC students is made known through the Student Council. Elected by the student body, these fourteen council members Work closely with both administration and student body to coordinate student activities with the general program. Included in this year's Council agenda was the September Freshman Orientation Week. During these pre-school activities, freshmen were introduced to Emporia State with dances, a talent show and campus tours. October brought homecoming and the Council sponsored the annual Homecoming Dance held in the Civic Auditorium. Matt Betton and his thirteen piece orchestra from Manhattan furnished the music. The Council also featured an Alumni Room in the Little Theater of the Civic Auditorium in order for past graduates to meet and talk. Balham Brinkman' Senior Council Secretary in 3 vi , Not Pictured: , . jg Iohn Staton, Senior Hon Slavmcrker. Senior Tom Wyrick, Iunior Scott Irwin. lunior Bonnie Jones. Sophomore lan Hesser. Freshman Iudy Wertxberger, Freshman fi, , il ,Shu-N fk ik a 4 ,, 1, ,li A., 5? 5 7 It 'ff J" as i H1 3 W F Q22 f Y' f-M5451 Q ff M 1 if 1 Q ',.V 5 gk g 4 .xw.. M . 'kk Q 1 we Q 4 MM, ,, ,, 1 i r , Q Hg., 2524 f g.,.f'5 Q if hs:--1, 11 ART DEPARTMENT Front row: I. Warren Brinkman, Norman Eppink, Back row: John M. Mathews, Mary A. Kretsinger, Gary Mason. BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT .w,L. Dr. Ted F. Andrews, Head, Department oi Biology Ted F. Andrews. Emily Hartman, Earl Segal. Robert Clarke, Iames Wilson, Paul F. Basch. David Parmelee, C. F. Gladielier, Gilbert Leisman, Cornelius White, Iohn Breukelman. 27 Dlvlslow ou: Q BUSINESS AND . BUSINESS EDUCATION Dr. Raymond B. Russell, Chairman, Division of Business and Business Education. Q? Front row: Raymond B. Russell, Adelaide Kauzer, Victor C. Hiett, Alline Holmes, Marcella Mouser, Rida Duckwalllack row: Louis H. Gilles. Edwin Hooper. Stephen Butcher. M. Lloyd Edwards. Carl W. Birchard. Not pictured: Herman Baehr, Iames Bikkie, F. E. Hartzler, Richard Reicherter. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Dr. Theodore C. Owen. Head, Department of English First row: Iohn I. Murphy, Ralph Daggett, P. I. Wyatt, Richard L. Roa hen. Second row: Iune Morgan. Glenn L. Kready. H. Keith Denniston. Everett Rich. Theodore C. Owen. Third row: Wilhilma Engler. Robert Dorsch, Iohn Kloefkorn. Elmer Suderman. Green Wyrick, Charles E. Walton. 29 DIVISION GF TEACHER EDUCATION Dr. Alex A. Dczughtry, Chairman, Division of Teacher Education Joseph T. Sandefur, Donald E. Ek, Truman A. Hayes, Thomas Mummey. Iohn Webb. 30 x. V' vs- Q7 Front row: Helen Douglass, Billy Shumate. Kitty Thornton, Ruth Otterstrom, Alice Gist, Iudith Iacobs. Elnora Cioni. Back row: Mark Pedigo N. R. Ashbaugh, I. W. Truax, Vincent I. Bowman, Marvin Schadt, Ioe McFarland, Leslie R. Marks. E i s Front row: Ida M. Franz, Marjorie Kelly. Cathryn Weigand. Della A. Warden, Eva Dold, Lila Lee Budge, Ina Borman. Back row: Willard O Stibal. Robert S. Thurman, Fred Markowitz, Pearl Vollrath, Ieanette Bigge, W. M. Richards, Charles Baznik, E. I. Calkins. Not pictured: Clifton B. Hufi, Betty Chapman, Shirley Malcolm, Roger Kelsey. FCDREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Dr. Minnie M. Miller, Head, Department of Foreign Language Q 4 I Z X E K V M! David E. Travis. Minnie M. Miller. Karl A. Benkeser. Noi piciured: I. R. Aiken. 32 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Kathryn Whitten. Head. Department ol Home Economics S? 4? "FQ Theda Ashley, Norma Karhoff, Kathryn Whitten. Marian L. Wilson INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Dr. E. L. Barnhari. Head. Department oi Industrial Arts N. R. Ashbaugh. I. B. Morgan, Harold Woods, Iames Weinmcmn, Dale Hogan. DIVISION CDF LIBRARY EDUCATICDN AND SERVICE B. B. Richards, Chairman, Division of Library Education and Service Qi? Front row: Inez Cox. Odella Baak, Irene Hansen. Back row: Mahmoud Shalabi, B. B. Richards, Ford Rockwell. 35 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Dr. Iohn Burger, Head, Department oi Mathematics Vernon Sheffield. Lester Laird, Oscar I. Peterson, Iohn Burger, George Downing, Charles B. Tucker, Iohn Couch. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Dr. Robert M. Taylor, Head, Department of Music Front row: Ioseph I. Weigand. Rosamond Hirschorn. Valeta Ives, M. Irene Johnson, Virgil Person, Leopold Liegl. Back row: Iames Shezbon Robert M. Taylor, Charles M. Hendricks. Edwin L. Stuntzner. Donald Vogel. Not pictured: Charles Schaefer II. MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN DEPARTMENT F. G. Welch. Head, Department of Men's Physical Education Front row: Melvin A. Long. E. D. Fish, F. G. Welch. Keith Caywood. Back row: Ali Moh Delagah, William R. Kerr. Richard I. Hardy, Wil- liam C. Burgess. Wallace Browning. 38 WOMENS Tj PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT f-' f -...Ns I I Edna McCullough, Head, Department of Women's Physical Education Front row: Kathleen Fox, Jeanne C. Galley, Edna McCullough. Back row: Freddie Iones, Ellen Morgan. Not pictured: Shirley Malcolm. PHYSICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Dr. Winston S. Cram, Head. Department of Physical Science Front row: Alfred Ericson, Ward H. Overholt, Patricia Vcm Englehoven, Winston S. Cram. Back row: Alvin N. Rusk, Paul L. Iohnston, William Glass, William Cloud, W. M. Potts. 40 X my M 1 PSYCHOLCDGY DEPARTMENT i f X -...vhs-V ,' ' .. 78' Q Dr. Merritt W. Sanders, Head, Department of Psychology Merritt W. Sanders, Ioseph I. Eisenbcrch, Eugene S. Edgington. Madeline Shalabi, Duane F. Hetlinger. W. H. Gray, Peter Chandler. M DIVISION GF SOCIAL SCIENCE Dr. William H. Seiler, Chairman, Division of Social Science Front row: William H. Seiler, C. Stewart Boertman. Roy Durham, Walter W. Butcher. Back row: Harold Sore, Robert Murdock, Robert K. Wibking, Glen Edward Torrey, Iohn I. Zimmerman. Carlton H. Bowyer. 42 SPEECH DEPARTMENT Dr. George R. R. Pflaum, Head. Department of Speech Karl C. Bruder, Joe Rossillion, Iohn DeBross, Richard Hildreth, Charles Hill, lim Trent, Delmar Hilyard. George R. R. Pflaum, Donald Hanson Dr. Everett Rich, who is a professor of Eng- lish at Emporia Sate, is the Secretary of the Endowment Association. This was organized by him nine years ago. Dr. Rich came to this Emporia campus 40 years ago as a student. In years since, he has been head ofthe Print Shop and head of the English Department. In addition to his regular duties he has writ- ten many articles and has had one book pub- lished on the life of Mr. William Allen White. This fall, a book The Heritage of Kansas, which was edited by Dr. Rich, will be released by the University of Kansas Press. nw,- 1 'Vi -'M f if .. . 1 1-it , 4 R' I' 1 in fn s .3 Y' -gn- .v- .ff . -D We ' -. . ' A , .Q ., fi ,r .A rn t 4 "1"'t7-w'- H ,HW 3..s.'-." "- , .w-q,11'.g PL.. v if .g.,Qg....' Q47 3 V-ng wi.. 1,3 i. ef fr- , ,U r pg., ' TQ' 5. iff. , vs ' rf 1' ' A .- . -if.. .J 's . X1 , A . -69' 9 ll 5 E5 .5 35? ' . " 'iii - . t 5' E Dr. Alex Daughtry addresses the group at the Faculty Recognition Dinner. Four Emporia State faculty members were honored for outstanding educational achieve- ments at the annual Faculty Recognition Din- ner. Awards were presented by President Iohn E. King to Miss Edna McCullough, Miss Ida M. Franz, Mr. Victor C. Hiett, and r. Charles B. Tucker. Miss McCullough, professor of women's health, physical education, and recreation, has served as head of the department since 1922. Miss Franz, an assistant professor education, has been on the Emporia State faculty since 1924. Both Mr. Tucker, associate professor of mathematics, and Mr. Hiett, who is an associate professor of business and business education, joined the Teachers College faculty in 1935. These four E-State faculty members were honored at the annual Faculty Recognition Dinner. Victor C. Hiett, Miss Edna McCullough, Miss Ida M. Franz, Charles B. Tucker. 45 X R 5X 'X N X xvv, N N ' 1 I i l , N ,lf ,- , K 1 f 1 1 I J ' v 1 N X I I3 IW :gm ' a 'ww 'Ha if Y-XY xlwnbsl My X ' x 4 'I 05.4"-!'Qx 9, BUCK II VN 3 ' 'Q 5.1 05990 H ,XZ I l X f' r' l UU ' Pk '- " ' ! Vl'Wzfff , ,Wav :T J f I 1 -""' ' W N W! I ' f7'V'fy1Y'f3n'-'rrcvr fl :VP x ' f , ' ' H K' .wQg,.-as f I sag' I f -: l 'f W W 31" f ?' ff '99 f -1 - x ff 3 , -. 3 f 1 L 1 Al... ll X ff Y 'X W i H ., Q , 5 v 1 7 xx X X ' 'JJ X J 1 I 'f 0 ' .N if 1 9 X , X H W Q1 , ,Wim I. ' ' ".' , N A x fir? -l if 'Lg if Q' lf, 1 X w l J nm E , if 4 1 ,kj X 'S W X 1 --1: '-T- X , ., X .T . NL X - -F K1 X . i ff 4 x X N N x ' ,f' ,..- ' A X lx fg If "'W'ffffEii 4114 Q0 qU"' jf I Y X N mx G - A , '5"' 'K f I X ' it 1 ' ull x X x Vl',:.-f Willnqmm r X x N 3 - 2? 1-2. -,, 1-,Z X- f A ' Y ' I .Q -21, - 2- - - . ,-- , ,ll ' C, ll f ' ' fp. Z ' , -, ' 2 X ' jj Z Qi?-' . ,. il' -2? X " '4 f5:r2fi?1-::-??5-:::'-- 'm " ,. 5 ,,5:g:555Eg5?5rE:j ,,.4ES55E4E55E5:r21-1:21-:g:55::5fg:" fin! 55:2 f ::fE?5??55f11-"" ::z2E??f'f' . 'Z' -2Q?E?:?55?:E?'f' -:::fS:EEEE::1--" ,,..f:EE331"' " , .- :15:9?5Eq2i21-1' ,::5E:EE?':" ' -" nv .v . o .- . -' 0 Q ,' .' -00' o .v '. 4 . . Q ,- ,. .. ,q , ,Q ,. .. ,. .' - .--'-9 . ' ',u' .' ' A.' - , .l.. df 11 V l ,.. Q-.pq-1 -,, - . I - 1- ----- 1n ii: 6 I1 mlmuflo 1-" . . l .v." '-! 'f ' f -v 51"5'5.5L4.lg:galL-53. 'Ng. A IT- .A ..-E,:,,-4-' ' ,f 6.2: g 2 -ff if iii? . 1 , .1 as 2 F-I Will f- -1 Q si.. . -7+5 llll-155 glfzgsullzx' l ,HW - limi: A I gy:-'z 2-'.:-I-1""':f"3'i-ll-'5.'. :L:2L'2L':4:'uL'1f1 z .- 'L1gf,.- , .L-'1'.1 H 3:l:3L 555-ii.-.fgf-ini:-.t??.g.:. FE .E I El '1j"E,-rf: 5 'Q .1 2:-22: f" "1"3'?i'?fi1'? ' ' ' Erzf-1-7Qf:sE ' ' N P' 55,-zz .. F1 ' 99 TT """' "f:E?f51'a:Hf4 5 ai! -. -. Leg L1 I-All I , ..3.-'M' Wvbiaghgn' 4 ,Fw 8 M ' fb... ai-E" Q li 0, . - "' 4 'W 'Q H W .IH - ,V , , I. . lo ,: ' . I 5' pf-, .- f' :A 1 vK?0.. f fwiffif Qi 5 ta' ff" :xv f M. . ,Q--Fw. :Um-i.qo'iiB,6Qei'Fah i tai 4 L. . ,fb f7QQ:.f, M, ?:'guu,,..,,,2un.,-,gg 1, - 'hggfig mf. ' e"""- ee:-1 ,:, E' 'af ' auf' 1 -1+-' lg-su. .:--v-2: .4 ' f "':E':"E"" " W' -'yiiliff ii' " ',w'!lZ,"-r1f.:7: E-- -it --ur V was -I lp 'A Q 'J " lf ' " 'Q- "" """' 'T '?7""'f!lff1-"-'S'-T?' fi'- - gk 5,4 .avzyi "'-'-" Mitt . .-zlillllmUlllllTl6lgqilililGigl thu Slum- iq hu-I P !pg.gqqg5HggqTi.ff5g.L. ' "' -1 1,3 , fa v ig.. - , -.-Q-1 ,,- "----Q ,' -d,- ,f Lf' YV I 2 IA' T gi 5 ff Q. X' a ICAL 4 ' I E S Q4 45 Yfwmjmg-Q M h,,h. Wwzilfegxm 4--'C-:uh',.--:'f:::2E-"' if-1:11-2:1 iii -fl- ..-'j.-g.'.,--,..--r'cizjz--1:-if-g:..3::..:. V, ii? ,Q - l2EQQEEEff?i li FS T' :::::: :::::::' :::::::: At. 1 :E E -F :SST 3:3355 . . ...X A - ' ' ?Ei 3fT ,- 7- . -' 5 12 '-1 '?'i?IfI':::--- ..... . I I I ll 3 I In I I X a I E E , , 'E W M 1 1 n- 'EI' ' ml T IH ' , If .ll f '""'TF7'i'.1I7T'7'2'fjQ:f',' ,. I ' If V If -' .41 : ---f-. Af . ""' 49ttPF2?m"f'w2t?f+' frA f r lv ww f" -' .m'1:,,l'i.., ., if .l,.,,,, ,. ,H ,,,.-v. ' ll fl 1 Gllllyll flwfff I fl 'H X M .M3lft.ci4eQsQF,..t'1'iii fPf,4.uAf"' 5 ' The new Science Hall stands out in bold contrast to With a 1910 Sunflower in one hand and a typing eraser in the other I con- templated the last fifty years of Sunflower history. The typewriter was ready-typ- ing paper available-all I had to do was begin. A beginning was at hand! Fifty years ago a tradition began in a cluttered and picture-strewn room at Kansas State Normal. Today it is being carried on in two cluttered and picture-strewn rooms in the basement of the Student Union of the Kansas State Teachers College. Why the tradition and what does it stand for? A fair question, and the answer? To give the students a pictorial keepsake of people and places-old loves and new friends- dull classes and inspirational professors -games won and exams lost. Today it in- volves people from many departments, all working together, but fifty years ago-? the iirst building on the Kansas State Normal campus. In 1910 the editorial staff reinstated the name of the 1904 annual to an official position and through the following fifty years annual staffs have kept the Sunflower alive. Before the official status of the Sunflower was recognized various names were used to represent a school year. In 1898 the Ko-dak was published under the editorship of W. A. Labar. The 1901 annual was the Then-a-Days, 1904 the Sun- flower, 1905 the Aureae Memorial, 1907 the Shamrock, the Oc- tagon was published in 1908, the Oracle in 1909 and the year 1910 began the Sunflower tradition. The 1910 Sunflower staff had no faculty adviser as such. Their only guide was the annual of the previous year and a fierce determination to give the Sunflower a longer life expec- tancy. Emporia, in 1910, was even more of a college town than now. Besides the College of Emporia and Kansas State Normal, there was also the Emporia Business College, located at Sixth and Mechanic under the direction of Mr. Charles D. Long. The rivalry between C. of E. and Kansas Normal was great, and the two colleges vied for top honors in athletics, personal combats and almost everything else. Pranksters lurked around every corner fifty years ago, and every year a record was set for the number of "lost" beanies and "ruffled-up" hair. The town, how- ever, backed all the schools and smiled benignly on the exub- erant youth. A favored spot for boy-girl walks and talks was on a bridge near to both colleges. While romantic appeal was high, safety was also a matter to be considered. With a girl, a college man was safe, alone, he was fair game to any lurking C. of E. or KSN student. The bridge, thought of as a lovely steal-a-kiss spot, could more realistically be known as a proverbial Mason-Dixon line for dividing enemy Emporia camps. Commercial Street, 1910, led eager freshmen and sophisti- cated seniors every September to the gates of Kansas Normal just as Commercial, 1960, does. Though Wednesday night has replaced Saturday night for shopping-E-State people still add dollars to cash registers and bills to their parents. The stores have changed hands many times over, but the 1960 storekeepers realize, as did their 1910 ancestors, the neces- sity for trade in a college town. .4 -peas. a ' UP' Qe,i+f1gs5f7rt4?Tz:rw If 1 L Q ' 1 W L 'um 1 1 'uf ' li 1 51 3 N ,,, A w if .am f""Y' 11... ivfffvb- Our 1960 term, "Convo," covers any type of program from religious to mu- sical if held on Tuesday or Thursday at 9:30. Attendance is not compulsory ex- cept for the Homecoming Convo Cand that's generally on Friday!D. In 1910 students also had "Convo" sessions. Theirs, however, was called Chapel and they were required to go. There was no sleeping or last-minute studying here either. Chapel met two or three times a week. A favorite trick, played on new students each year, was the sale of fifty cent Chapel tickets. The chagrined students soon learned that Chapel was free! Today's campus abounds with organizations. Religious, departmental, so- cial, honorary-they easily cover any need the average student might have for adjustment. The 1910 campus too had its clubs. Foremost perhaps were the literary societies. All students were welcome to attempt membership and alliance with one immediately classified them. The student became known as Lyceumite, Belle Lettre, Literati, or Philomathian. If more grouping was desired or one was not satisfied with any of the four mentioned, there were debate societies and singing groups. KSN campus as viewed from the comer of 12th and Meachant. The old Library and Roosevelt High School bordered this side of the campus. ,I f ,fi N.. T It is interesting to note the existence of one such group which still maintains a place on the campus. This is the Omega Literary Society. The societies, besides furnishing literary and oratorical programs, also sponsored athletic teams for both the women and men. Basketball games were played between societies with the same intensity of a full-fledged debate. The in-group feeling was strong among the society members and each year honors were counted and coups rewarded. But no throats were cut and all KSN stu- dents remained good friends. Religious groups shared an equal place on the campus. Perhaps the best- known of these was the Upper Room. It was open to all college men regardless of race or creed. The Upper Room was initiated by Dr. Thomas M. Iden of the Kansas State Normal physics and chemistry department. The group met in an upstairs room of the present Gazette office. In 1954, a reunion was held for all Upper Room alumni. Another such meet- ing is planned for 1961. Every year the Upper Room organization gives two scholarships to deserving Teachers College men. Athletics were thought of in a different sense fifty years ago. Football was a major sport, and interschool competition was held. Kansas State Normal in 1910 played such schools as Kansas University, College of Emporia, and schools in Nebraska and Iowa. The girls also participated in interschool sports with a basketball team. Golf had just come from the East and a few of the Normal students were taking up the gentlemen's sport. Track teams were popu- lar both interschool and also in a sort of intramural program. Track practice- runs were scheduled in the basement of the Administration Building. Even without Silent Ioe, school spirit was high and sports given due re- spect. The old stadium was located where the new Science Hall stands today. Here the big teams played and KSN urged their men on to victory. A win over C. of E. was considered highest of all good fortune and cause for great celebra- tion. An interesting note on any of these games comes from the fact that faculty men could play on the team. As there were no organized leagues or tourna- ments, the faculty kibitzers were welcome! While dancing was considered daring, smoking was definitely taboo on the campus. Quite a change in customs from then to now! Picnics and athletic contests constituted an afternoon of fun and a Prom or Penny Carnival was un- dreamed of nonsense. Oratorical contests and one-act plays were often ex- changed between literary socities but hour-tea dances and exchange dinners were years in the future for KSN students. Marital bliss was not frowned on in 1910, but few married students were ever seen on campus. Instead, casual friendships were made, many to become lasting. 1910 dating life consisted of church parties, picnics on Sowerby Hill, and inter-"society" get-togethers. 2'X i fe 3 The Music Hall and Gymnasium reflect the college atmosphere of today. IH In I Q .f , 'Ne , -N' Nw A A . 5 -191, M ,ngfsfgegwf , .-,f'f'Q" e K . , W 4- HL M42 ni '-1 -1 "' M1142 ' V2'f,y: T , ff. ff' -, 1' .. ,Kea-.nay ie 15 -r , 'Q WL ,ff '4 ,. ,Q .el v- -.: -- Mfg. . -n Q V f an - W .4 , , 1 , A .- f WE fi Q , 2 . if 'fi , 1 .:,, fiugpm . mv, , ws-'fs X,-.Egg -Q nw id! my ,Q ""4",v.,..,Q4-A... -mf Once the old Gymnasium, the building below now houses the Home Economics Department and the Maintenance Department. The Norton Science Hall, above right, remains much the same as it was in 1910. The Industrial Arts Building, below right, symbolizes the expansion in curriculum as well as physical plant. iw Q ff 4: 3? N li 'vm X -sf. ,f1,f.5.,,a,..:,v,, ,3 . W ww ,Q-Q, X ,1. ri., , x ww?-f..,.,:,U,.,. .. I ,wkm u .Q , ,fm -.54 .. VL.5,W3 wi ' -T' xdw 'awww 441.5 .1w,.,. . ., , . , --W FW eww args?1L':f:ffM4x"..i.f3: 5. G . .. , M2 ,Lm"'2.':,i?1,f' . ,, .,MW STUDENT UNION . . . Through this entrance walk the tired. the happy-the students of KSTC--to the companionship of friends and coffee in the Hornets Nest. Expanding to the north, the Student Union now borders on Lake Wooster presenting one of the most beautiful scenes on campus. T 5' Zi' Ere FI!! Leeds: - A !F'efX:-954 uffixlnk V.,h s 'Li . w 4. f y . in j if , 'Fl' 4 .. 1, .F X5 1426.-'gin ' W zf N f Ugg, you ,Qs -ww -2, . MP5 if . A Xt , n i K, m.,,,,'-132 5 .W ,Y f A W.- . T- ---H --L ' ,sf- -W..,.-.... 1 . .4 J,,,,,! M K Y W M A , . " 9 ,M M , V 53 5, - fgw , ,f , K ,, p kg i,,,g,,mLQ ,, f U 1 , , f. f . , . , .,,, , ,. .,..1 f W ' .l i k " , 'Q 14- -se? . ,A ' ' ' ' """" we-q.f.,.,.L-pw - if 1 i 4 Q, 7 N' J, A, ' Y 'gafgig ' ,2,Qi:', gl, K - 'mm f f A , . 3, + , f -I N 'H QM ,- M.-vm 5 -15 , ,Q , , 'i'wQiY1SwJT ,,wvf?Q , gw1fs?,,-,A ,wiv-s"if1 " '-1-f-,X ,fir ' , f qwsvgfikwsfw, AWW Q '1 '-Fi LWWRQ-1, fwfggii.. HW ,I Q, b- ,mf . mb- -L34 V, Us-Q, Q K' f' ,. 'iw wimf3'X'iii5pW'f 2 f , , u A W -V- ' ww- .. ,, " .X-,f,,,h?,,Q, 3, ,U K .giw ,A W '12 ' f ,.-,YW ' Aifi?-3,15 - Yee? '1 , K' A 2 , ,.:, ff Q A Q-7' W. :,.-,v:,fz1,,rf1"f H f,W.-,- 1 ,fx an , k , 1 .,NQ:,, ,. K if 5 fgT3:iwgg,w3jv .,l Av.f3:,-:KW I ,jaw 3 w , '?':kg:.,, ww V, il ' K " , Haig' , , v.1,A,, ,, fi, , . V- f fx., . .4 ,.,,,.,w,. K ,,,p gaidqlff ,W ,.. ' 'N 3' . K 'K ' ' K nf ' azz' 'V '?'.P"TW"!'f"' . ,, ., ww f, - ' ' . f 25? " . g , ' f.:f-QQ'5fww N A W . 4- N , K, V My , K7 ,MV,M,g,,,,Y:Qf,L,,,5 ,-.,-W, x K wp ,I I ' 'T A A V . jLW'51' V ' nw-i f i nw Y' 4 S O 405 5 f ,f ' ,X . N M W W 0, ' ix I N I N1 wrrf 1, 4 , 1 ,1 ,S L -K xx, ga, 3:11. A x K 11 f i i , .1 ' A A Dozfcfz .gsm rgrgplzormcff fron. g'w.iif,g 1 was gudnje 5 'x'!I'iV3l Y? Di? m'ff"vf'f11d IGH fm UP: Vw-'ag img. '.diai, 'J-iii? 33: Me? V-7 ,.1:'7,f ' ' ' ini-:mi Q Wiki rw: w vw 'ffsg--5'-ml 5D'3e3w'T'L31f , , , A , .- -4 , . 1 Cui nfl, es! ,. Q, .K ,- .,ma,m,s:4::1x5z M191 I -' '5ififfj1sr:. 113221, Q2 'K' fNf'fCL21P5x', 3.11. ' Q52 lady Money Saudia Wiand Alpha Sigma Tau Siqma Tau Gamma Miriam Rogers Doris Black Sigma KGPPG Deanna wmmfm Alpha Siam Alvfw Ruth Dinqwuii Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Sigma Sigma MISS EMPCRIA STATE CANDIDATES Donna Hatter Linda Coons Marty Branson Mary Ann Mahon Alpha Kappa Lambda Morse Hall Phi Sigma Epsilon Delta Zeta The focal point of the Miss Emporia State contest is the talent presentations given by the contestants. This climaxes the judging activities.'The numbers were: Miriam Rogers singing "I Gave My Love a Cherry"5 ludy Money singing "Somebody Somef Where": Deanna Wittman singing "lm Not At All in Love"5 Doris Black playing a piano comedy presentation ot the "Blue Danube"g Sandra Wiand giving a reading "The Heel"g Ruth Dingvvall singing and dancing "I Enjoy Being a Girl"g Donna Harter singing and play- ing "Moonlight in Vermont"g Linda Coons playing a flute solo, "Syrinx": Marty Branson singing "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend"5 and Mary Ann Mahon dancing the "Can Can". 71 l..l.L..nL.....4 'X xl y1gy,,f?5iQw A. f -:ww i . as fa mimi " Z2 T725 5-1 TL -.Xf"'w A I . 2 1-Tv 1 'wi 0 v ,fit 'f 5' ,lf s X A f is "" ' ,Wifi-f'j"N'3 5 wwf? A Q "Ii--'Nj W 1 1 - I .K ""' P re-game ceremonies at the Pittsburg vs. Emporia State football game spotlighted the crowning by President Iohn E. King of Miss Barbara Brinkman as the 1959 Miss "Peggy Pedagog". Her reign also included the homecoming dance at the Civic Auditorium which featured the orchestra of Matt Betton. Miss Brinkman, a senior home economics major from Olpe, was one of the seven candidates chosen by the football squad and was elected by the student body. 73 Right: President Iohn E. King escorts Miss Barbara Brinkman to be crowned Miss "Peggy Pedagogu of 1959. Below: Miss Brinkman is presented with cz bouquet of mums by Mr. Kenneth Scott, president of the crlumni association. Six girls served as attendants or the 1959 homecoming activities. hey are: Darlene Shoemake, elta Zeta, a junior elementary ducation major: Sandy Wiand, igma Kappa, a junior English ajor: Gerri Schwartzmann, Alpha igma Tau, a junior home economics ajorp Deanna Wittman, Delta eta, a junior home economics and usic major: Ronda Sutton, Alpha igma Alpha, a junior English ajory and Iudy Schmelzer, Alpha igma Tau, a senior elementary ducation major. w I I 76 MISS SANTA CANDIDATES 1 E'-Q' iiuiluizn 1xgi.o:r-20,1 'Was 'I Mr- -' fRfNC5'.!."c'5S no ilfrff. .aztezj . A 1 .. 1 fy,1tf'v:1it1v:, Lind T'-'RULES' Hall. Trflff pe' ve ' :mln fries warm, fzunl left to ziqht, 131111 HUl!'i!i,!'.'?il, CV71'1Y1f?l'l villfgatfl DQIXUL1 '7Q.'vfe:y', Miiry Iohursou, Karen Hawley, Iuxly Paxfaorx, Delores Comms, Suvy Bower, Mcxriy '-Ncmri, and Iohciuucx Linebcrrqer. 77 K, Miss Iunucxy DeAnn Dewey Miss February Iudy Rule f ' 5 Jrvsff , ' wrsi94P'l4f7?' n I A 'L1 ..,, sl' 4 is -' LDT? L' 1" rfie 4 4 FV fm., ' 1 .L37L2Y"w,iSL.:l:'7' -, i'?9flfff.S5w -A 7 Li R 1' M s, -- f ' ew' ,Q s xfwffz:wise,XfJe2K"4s-'Wi Miss October Karen Adams f"i"'T' A Q iss Mcxy nice Ycxmczne f Mzss Aprxl Karen Hawley Miss March Mary Lowenstein S lf '1 I V D Mx 5 5' ww 'Q G E A kwa fdw? 4 ,- "Qin an 1' Q , f ,. fr gf ff in PUBLICATIGNS Front row: Dr. R. B. Russell, Charles Carroll, Karen Wedel. Bock row: Mr, Richard Reicherter, Mr. Ralph Daggett, Mr. 1. Wcxrren Brinkman. Noi pictured: Icmis Viur. Tl-lE SUNFLCDWER With the aid of typewriters, copy paper, pencils, and erasers, and amid jokes and coffee breaks, the Sun- f1oWer's 50th volume was concluded-recording events and personalities of 1959-60. Fiftieth year ideas gave the staff an extra incentive, and from September until May they worked under the supervision of the editor, Dee Burchfield, and assistant editor, Gloria Armel. With final deadlines met, the book of memories for the future, the Golden Anniversary Sunflower was completed. rrfr Dee Burchfield. Editor jim , ,,r ,r rr a r stint fix - - ! Gloria Armel, Assistant Editor X 'Q-P Bill Allen, Assistant Art Director I' W' Beekman, An Director Nancy DeKeyser receives instructions from the editor, Dee Burchfield. Francie Watson, copy typist, pauses during a busy day of work. I K Staff members Nancy DeKeyser, Lee Burress, and Icxckie Gay choose pictures for the Sunflower. Ian Houston touches up a negative to be sent to the printers. Tl-lE BULLETIN Everything from Eleanor Roosevelt's visit to Stu- dent Council elections kept both semesters Bulletin staffs busy this year. Under the guidance of Mr. Ralph Daggett, the first semester staff was directed in their work by Don Iones, editor, and Rita Howell, associate editor. Carter Cramer, second semester editor, and Linda Hayes, associate editor, also had a very successful semester. The challenging series of events throughout the year was well-covered and the student body more than welcomed the weekly edition of campus news. Above right: Mr. Ralph Daggett, Bulletin adviser. Below left: Don Iones, first semester editor. Below right: Rita Howell, first semester associate editor. 86 Lbove leit: Carter Cramer. second semester editor. Above right: Linda Hayes, second semester as- ociate editor. Below: Maurice Matile, assistant business manager, Gary Nicholas. business manager 1 GRAPHIC ARTS Planning layout is only a part of the assistance given by I. Warren Brinkman. Sunflower advisor. 88 Evan Lindquist, Staff Artist Iudy Miller, Photographic Filing Clerk Noel Klein Alan Hawkins Gary Mason, Head of Photographic Services PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICES Larry Madden Alex Wallace Photographers Larry Salisbury and Chuck Barrett capture nature on film. PRINT SHOP Charles E. Brooks, Pressman Homer M. Bush. Printer ll radii-f K 'aj , 'fS,. X Q, 4 A. Q . Vernon Young. Printer I, Linotype Bill Esmyl primer 1 A Carl Hoffmcms, Manager ,rf Irvin D. Le Clear, Printer I Gene W. Danitschek. Student Pressman 9. or g I-ICDNIEC OMING gp' Q Q" Q1 , 00' Z t AQ This year's homecoming was highlighted with rain and wind, but cleared to a beautiful day, and the regular activities went on as scheduled. The enthusiastic convocation Friday morning preceeded the football game between the Emporia Hornets and Pittsburg Gorillas Saturday afternoon. Homecoming activities came to a climax during the halft-time ceremonies with the crowning of Miss Barbara Brinkman as Miss Peggy Pedagog. A dance at the Civic Auditorium drew homecoming weekend to a close. The "bec1tnik" cheerleaders gave the Homecoming Convo added enthusiasm. For the fifth consecutive year. Alpha Sigma Tau won iirst place in the sorority division oi the homecoming decorations contest. DECORATICDNS Traditional decorations are all a part of homecoming, and the organizations worked hard fighting wind and rain to portray Corky's victory. During half-time ceremones the winner and sunners-up were announced, and trophies awarded. Sigma Sigma Sigma captured second place for the third consecutive year S3355 Alpha Kappa Lambda's decorations won first place in the fraternity division. Morse Hall won first place in the independent division. The independent division second place went to the Men's Dorm o ooio , n Q. o n 371 f' r , -, r 5 3 if YQ- -. ' .o i Q .. ' ,A L+- 4 e , ff, .f l i g xgi 95 CURLI-Q Two hours of laughter, music, and dancing heightened homecoming ac- tivities with variety acts in Broadway style. The annual Curli-Q is held through the cooperation of the speech depart- ment, with the talent being selected from students of The Teachers College. In addition to the college talent, a guest star, thirteen year old Ginger Hulet from Hutchinson, played the bells. Albert Taylor Hall held record audiences, which added to the homecoming atmosphere. The proceeds for Curli-Q are used for scholarships for students of Emporia State. Karen Splitter accomapnied by her real gone beatniks, Max Gile, Mike Barton, Dave Conally, Steve Sanders, and Mike Pryor, recites some "cool 1ines" while her followers meditate. 96 Led by star Curt Dawson, the Curli-Q cast appears for the finale. Folk dancers, Suzy Dozier, Dave Buckle, Dave Mc- Cracken, and Mary Ann Mahon added variety to this year's production. Indian dances, 1960 style. proved entertaining for the audience. 97 I 'YQ 2 U Q up " ex, 4229 -059 Deanna Wittman. Marie Burns, and Barbara Street in a scene from the opera. I-IANSEL AND G-RETEL The Opera Workshop production of Humper- dinck's "Hansel and Gretel" directed by Miss Bosarnond Hirschorn was perhaps the best opera ever presented by The Teachers College students. The opera contained many familiar folk songs that have been sung by children through the years and was well received by an audi- ence ranging in age from six to 60. Don Fleeman. Deanna Wittman, Marie Bums, and Barbara Street as they appeared in their leading roles. STATE OF THE UNIGN "State of the Union" by Russell Crouse and Howard Lindsay, an old play, was cleverly re- written and proved to be a timely and enter- taining political satire. Charles Hill directed some fine acting which made the play even more enjoyable. Ted Mor- ris, senior from Wichita, received the best actor award for his performance in the play. Barbara Wright portrays Lulubelle Alexander, and Karen Brown portrays Mary Mathews in the second production of the Emporia State Players. N-,ghd "wr The entire cast as they appeared in the political satire, "State of the Union MARY CDF SCCDTLAND "Mary of Scotland" portrays part of the life of Mary, Queen of the Scots. Maxwell Ander- son has chosen for his play the six years that began when she set foot on her unrly land as a queen and ended when the last ray of hope faded with the sunset she watched from the barred window of her prison room. Gael Hammer received the award of best supporting actor for his performance. Curt Dawson as Bolhwell and Karen Brown as Mary. The days of the reigning of monarchs are brought to the stage of Albert Taylor Hall in the play "Mary of Scotland." 102 ! Gael Hammer in his award winning portrayal of Maitland and Ted Morris in his role of Iohn Knox. Bobbie Gove in the leading role of Queen Elizabeth. mam. l . .i THE ENCHANTED CCDTTAGE The last performance of the year by the Em- poria State Players was Sir Arthur Pinero's "The Enchanted Cottage." Miss Carol Shoup was chosen best actress for her performance as she and the rest of the cast played to a very enthusiastic audience. Carol Shoup as Laura Pennington, Sharri Low as Mrs. Minnett, and Andy Brown as Major Hillgrove in a scene from "Enchanted Cot- taqef' Steve Sanders, Ruth Dingwull and Ted Morris in leading roles I Ol a , . 0 if SPECIAL EVENTS .UQ Q Wt", Q' f 'O " x4g!? EMPORIA ARTIST SERIES A number of outstanding performers of both local and national prominence were brought to Emporia State through the Em- poria Artist Series. Students and faculty had the opportunity of hearing and enjoy- ing experts in various fields. Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt opened this year's Emporia Artist Series October 6. with a speech entitled "The Change in the United States Over the Last Fifty Years." As Mrs. Roosevelt said, "We cannot be great if we do not realize the situations that exist, and we must meet these prob- lems as our forefathers met problems in their day." A record audience attended Mrs. Roose- velt's appearance at the Civic Auditorium. 107 DEAR LIAR Katherine Cornell and Brian Aherne were featured in Ierome Kiltz's play "Dear Liar" November 10 in Albert Taylor Hall. A capacity crowd filled the auditorium for the appearance of the "first lady of the American Theater" and her distinguished co-actor. ROGER WAGNER Cl-IORALE The Roger Wagner Chorale, which has won international fame through concerts, television, radio, and recordings, appeared at the Civic Auditorium Ianuary 7. Headed by its French-born director, Roger Wagner, the Chorale was accompanied by a chamber orchestra. The Chorale proved to be an extraordinarily versatile organization while maintaining the highest artistic standards. - THE CHERRY ORCHARD An evening with the Canadian Players proved to be a profitable one as they presented Chehov's "The Cherry Orchard" on February 3 in Albert Taylor Hall. The actors gave sensitive performances which contributed greatly to the thoughtful at- mosphere of the production. QA- DALLAS SYMPHONY The last number of the Artist Series was a performance of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra under the musical direction of Maestro Paul Kletzhi. An added feature was a children's concert under the baton of associate conductor Donald Iohanos in coordination with Miss Marion Flagg of the Dallas Independent School System. The purpose of the children's concert was to give students of public, private, and parochial schools the opportunity of hearing a live orchestra. FRESI-IMAN WEEK With the beginning of another year at KSTC came a multitude of freshmen. Enrollment figures increased and the lid blew off the ever-increasing housing situation. Amidst all the confusion of enrolling, students found time to attend various parties, dances, pep rallys, and the like. Beanies were seen on the heads of the newcomers and as for those without beanies they were seen later in the K-Club Court. Climaxing Freshman Week was the talent show. Many notable performances were staged with the enthusiastic audience adding the final touch. With the week of orientation coming to a close the students turned their attention to classes and studies, anticipating the months to come. Another student receives a number for the ID caras Irom photographer Noel Klein. 110 Dr. T. C. Owen advises one of the freshmen during fall enrollment. 2 2 5 3 i Freshman Vicki White awaits the verdict from KfC1ub Court members Ed Schwaim, Dwain Paugh. Tony Dyer, Lindo Lopez, and Ron Romano. .X X gm! A wi 5 . 2 Y f X rv- Naff' f Q Q R B Q.--1 mx VQBHWQU H54 Even Ioe gets a beanie from K-Club president Ron Slaymaker. lack Price, Ioe's owner, assists in the presentation. ..Z'gp-. 2? An evening of dancing was one of the highlights of Freshman Week 112 n Mary Ann Mahon does the "Straw Hcxt Stomp" at the talent show. Another newcomer, Bob Brandenburg, entertains his fellow class members. 113 RHYTHMIC CIRCLE The 35th annual Rhythmic Circle Spring Concert was given March 10 at Albert Taylor Hall. The dance concert, under the direction of Miss Freddie Iones, consisted of two parts: a modern dance entitled "Seasons of Life" and an interpretation of excerpts from Tchaikovsky's "Nut Cracker Suite." The concert was well received by a small but enthusiastic audience. i Rhythmic Circle members practiced long hours to prepare for the annual Spring Concert Gary Iernigan stanas proudly beside the trophies won by the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity, SINGING BEE Alpha Sigma Tau sang "Strange Music" under the direction of Miss Kathy Meyers to take the first place trophy in the sorority division of the annual Singing Bee. Alpha Kappa Lambda won its sixth first place trophy in a row by singing "Seventy-Six Trombones" under the direction of Gary Iernigan. Phi Sigma Epsilon and Sigma Phi Epsilon tied for second in the fraternity division and Alpha Sigma Alpha won second place among the sororities. In the small group competition, Sigma Sigma Sigma took first place with a triple trio singing "I'm Going to Wash That Man Right Out of My Hair." Alpha Kappa Lambda won another first place trophy with a barbershop quartette number featuring a medley of old favorites. Iudges for the event were Mrs. Esther Lawrence, Friends University: Leslie Bridenthal, Friends University: and William Bush, Wichita University. Kathy Myers receives congratulations as she is presented the trophy for the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. l 15 KINGSTGN TRIQ Several thousand people crovvded the Civic Auditorium on the evening of December 2 to see and hear one of the- most popular singing groups, The Kingston Trio. The Trio's program was composed of folk songs, Calypso, and "rock and rol1" numbers. The audience was entertained by the uninhibi- ted actions of the three as jokes, laughter, and inserted remarks all made the audience and the Trio feel close together. PENNY CARNIVAL Students, faculty members, and townspeople enjoyed the concessions provided by several campus organizations at the annual Penny Carnival. A highlight of the carnival was the election of Neil Auerback as Mr. Legs. Votes could be purchased for a penny apiece. Auerback was sponsored by Morse Hall and received over S140 worth of votes. The carnival was a success, as over S700 was brought in through the concessions, booths, and the Mr. Legs contest. All proceeds were donated to worthy charities. Self-portraits, one for a dime, was the feature at the Morse Hall booth. Members of the Sigma Kappa sorority stand aside as two enemies are bathed with Wei SpOl'1g9S. HAWAIIAN PAGEANT The most colorful event on campus this year was the "Hawaiian Pageant" sponsored by the Hui O' Hawaii Club. Opening the program was the presen- tation of the Hawaiian King and Queen. Dr. Iohn E. King, president of the Teachers College, crowned Sam Yoshioka, of the College of Emporia, and Daisy Kinoshita, Teachers College, as the royal couple. Other events in the program included a Hawaiian hula dance, singing and instrumental music with Philippine and Japanese dances, a fashion show, a movie "The 50th State," a demonstration of "the do- it-yourself hula," and a hula by the court princesses. Hawaiian punch was then served and followed by an hour of dancing, with the audience taking part. 118 QF One of the most outstanding artists to perform on the Emporia State campus this year was Rafael Men- dez, the world's greatest trumpet player. Prior to the evening concert, a clinic was held in which Mr. Men- dez explained playing techniques to his audience. The Emporia State Band accompanied him in the evening program. An enthusiastic audience ap- plauded him to two encore numbers in reception to his wide variety of talent. 120 The Student Art Show was put on display May 8 d will continue throughout the summer. Of the 220 ces submitted for the show, 115 were accepted. -rrks from all factions of art are on display. Members of the Hutchinson Art Association select the works which will appear in the Hutchinson Public Library during the month of October. Iohn Mathews, of The Teachers College Art Department, discusses a painting with jury members of the Hutchinson Art Association. .au-9, 8 I I in mf- ig. ,GW 5 f .. I ,M I gwvciav W ,gf 1 i. 4, -of v ,- Wfyk 7 . 4 V Nw :sn , X n f W - - Q 'S - , -..M .W A A I A 'X V ' . . -. M k'-+27 .QV L, . L. Q, V 1654555155 gggw-1 K V A fi S 5'm5M'??Q'w I ' i s , ,M.,E,,w,wNmVa , ', I 1 J , ,,.. ., 'rv-fl , , ' :,,,,,,.f'5"' , - M. ' ' :ff:"'l'.:: .. sf5,:Ef 55." ??Kz,f-,13,1 1 f K A Nm-.gift,Gjisffwsezfmlf, 25 "ny ,,,Mf,.L .L W- . ,. A f .f - -A Qmgw 'fig www?-fei5,sw2x., U , w ,Q-Q32-wQM4 + A A -,im sq kms , -E:'1-f:1.,M. rw ,?G'f1m,: , Q mm f " nw' 7 gf' qwml-fwfklhfxyggaxi'V f Q ' - Q' A fm . ,, .W ,wh IQ M X' mf:-ig 1 W W ,"9WfS?1 -v- M 1 --fl 5' -nf Mfr, I -32 A I. A . laik ff1'f25Yf: ,. FWMN fr I-'QW W11 k" n3i,f1f' ' .xp ,gg - fwsfxx- H' H A V q x K V ' 'wa : m . I , ,X , V N fx -ww , -M, +4'+"wML, -pc ,mf 'J-M--, . 'W ws. f -:: ffw ' - , -:Maw n ifwvfr -3:2 ,- . ww- ,. -w wg,-f,.w , K, , ,K H ZA Kggf gigw K,f.,5kNffmIQ::5Y A AVK 5, glwf M H gg 5,3 Ns, ,,i,,i1, d 3,5,,W,. M ,my f,s,5,N jgf f-2, Q H I fw,,:f,,,5,-T J, 3, , - - A T . ,K .Fw A-, HW , is 'f , , 4 ---' K , ..,, ..,. , M, , . .... ., ka nsrfbsm w xfk K K 1 Q . biizgig Li3Mm:y,, in JM - W U , ,mf 1, Q M 9 a "9- Yf-, ,U v La- ,, W gs - Leavenworth Sophomore if ff NMA-M -,,A.,,4 MN, I ,pw I P 3, 1 'ION SWANSON s I-Gmed Freshmml MARY LOUISE IOHNSON f Emporia Sophomore JACKIE PATTON -- Emporia Freshman 1 EDDIE VANHORN - Osage City Senior JOYCE COCHRAN - Atchison Sophomore gun-C .A -4 P+ 6-S A 4, A I fr' 1 N 1 Rx :" 2 -i 5 L! , M .J,L,jf3f:fgi n g A . A , , 1--1 1,:g3.fy mf: , 3-Q - Iim Anderson Gene Baker Charles Baumgartner Bill Bayne Harold Blowey Iim Carlile Richard Carlson lim Chumley Gerald Cox Stan Crawford Iim Deckinger Gary Divel Don Dougherty Bob Duncan Tony Dyer Bernie Fairchild Bill Favrow Bruce Fleeker Keith Greiner Ron Halpern David Itokazu Bill Iames Roy Johansen Richard Kaegi Bob Kasselman Don Laws Steve Lizama Lindo Lopez David Mahon Iohn Manning Ed Metcalf Iim Meyer Harry Mitzin Harold Murray Ralph Naegele Gene Pruitt Bill Radke Dean Rand Wayne Reiners Lee Rogers Roy Rush George Rutz Ed Schwalme Tom Shizura Larry Simkins Don Smith Ierry Smith Gene Strahm Ierald Strausbaugh Ierome Strausbaugh Mickey Summerville Ben Taylor Marvin Tweedy Merle Venable Dick Williams Don Williams Tom Wyrick Ernie Raugewitz The Emporia State Hornets established a 2-7 record for a third place tie in CIC standings for the 1959 grid- iron season. The team, coached by Keith Caywood, who is in his fifth season as head mentor, was bolstered by 15 let- termen, several transfers, and 27 freshmen. E-State opened the season against Central Missouri State at Warrensburg, Missouri, on September 19. The Hornets were defeated by a score of 23-21 in a closely fought game. A week later the Hornets played Southwest Missouri State at Springfield with Emporia coming out on the short end 12-7. The first game at Stadium Field was on October 3 with Southwestern furnishing the competition. In an- other close game Southwestern edged out Emporia 18-14. The fourth game of the season brought favorable results for the E-State squad when they met Washburn at Stadium Field and defeated them 24-13. Larry Simkins and Bill Bayne made the four Hornet touchdowns. In their fifth game, again at Emporia, the Hornets tasted defeat for the fourth time losing to Omaha Uni- versity 20-13. Traveling to Hays October 24 for the outstanding game of the season, the Hornets tumbled over the Fort Hays team 26-0. Simkins, Tweedy, and Bayne scored a total of four touchdowns to roll over the Hays team. In the final three games of the season, E-State was defeated on October -31 by Pittsburg 20-67 on November 7, St. Benedicts won 22-135 and Central Oklahoma State defeated the Hornets 12-0 to close out the '59 cam- pcngn. 126 Coach Keith Caywood anxiously views the Hornet attack Home! tacklers move in to stop a St. Benedicfs Raven. Hornet gridmen pause in the first day's practice to pose for the cameraman Ernie Raugewitz, Lindo Lopez. and Tom Shizura move in to help Roy Iohansen down a Pittsburg ground-gainer. Hornet attack plans in the process. Dick Williams goes high in the air to intercept a pass Richard Carlson prepares to stop a would-be tackler as Bill Bayne sends a pass to Ralph Naegele. Peter Clark, Edward Cohen, Gonzelo Iavier, Dennis Matheson, David Ohlde, Lynn Reed, Paul Whiteley. and Warner Wirta ran to victory as Fran Welch and his eight-man varsity CCross CountryD succeeded to another outstanding season. Emporia State entered the season with a win in the Wichita Invitational: and continued their track victories as host to the triangular meet with Omaha and Washburn, the triangular meet at Hays over a four-mile course, and the homecoming race. In the Texas Invitational at Brownwood, Wirta and Whiteley placing first and second, gave Emporia a second place win with a team total of 42 points. In the NCAA' meet at Wheaton, Illinois, Paul Whiteley pulled Emporia to second with a team total of 75 points. He finished first in the cross country run which was a repeat of his 1958 performance. Special honors came to Paul when he was selected as a member of the 1959 All American Track and Field Team by the National Collegiate Track Coaches. The season closed with additional wins over Tabor College and Hutchinson Iunior College. - .sf . K - 4 Kneeling: Peter Clarke. Lynn Reed. Edward Cohen. Back row: Coach I-'ran Welch, Wamer Wirta, Dennis Matheson, Gonzelo Iavier, Paul Whitely, Dave Ohlde. Paul Whitely, a January graduate at Emporia State, successfully defended his National Collegiate Athletic Association and Central Intercollegiate Con- ference cross-country championships last season, and placed second in individual competition at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics meet while leading his team to the national title. The Louisville, Kentucky product holds a school record in the two-mile run. This is the cross country team that brought the NAIA National Cross-Country Champion- ship to Kansas for the second consecutive year. qsmt sq p First row: Wendell Davidson, Ray Terrell, Duncan Leckie, Ieffery Crair, Ken Grinelli, Bob Denny. Albert Iohn stone Back row: Mr. Ali Delagah, coach, Roy Iohnson, Neil Auerback, Hayden Owens, Tom Howell, Dick Mc Call Bruce Eighmey, Gary Crane, Dennis Irwin, Hossein Rahimian. Soccer, a relatively new sport at Emporia State, enjoyed its second year of activity under the coaching of Ali Delagah. A fairly inexperienced team played teams from Tabor College of Hillsboro, Kansas, Wichita, Park College of Mis- souri, Kansas University, Wentworth Military Academy and the National Soc- cer Club of Kansas City. The team was paced by experienced players Dennis Irwin, Ieffery Crair, Dick McCall, Gary Crane, Duncan Leckie and Neil Auer- back, who have played both years. Soccer was organized at Emporia State after several students expressed their interest in the game when it was introduced in the men's physical educa- tion class, Sports and Games, in the spring of 1958. Though many of the mem- bers of the class reported for extra practices on Saturday mornings, the school term was about to expire and no active measures were taken to organize the young men into a group to compete with other schools. F all interest was again shown in the sport and steps were taken to include a soccer program in the Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation De- partment. A class was offered for credit in the sport, but 38 boys who had not enrolled in the course came to practice and started playing. Little interest was aroused publically in the game until the first match was played on the Emporia State Campus Stadium Field, November 2, 1959. The turnout was small, but en- thusiastic. Soccer is a game of skill and fast moving action. Each team consists of ll players, one goal keeper, two fullbacks, three halfbacks and five forwards. Mr. Ali Delagah. Bob Reed, Larry Hoffman, Charles Iohnson, Ron Rinker, Ierry Angus Glen Lojka, Ted Winkler. Moving into its second year, the Emporia Gymnastics team has done work in tumbling, vaulting and trampoling. The team works for movements in progression. The goal qf the eleven-man team is a place in CIC competition. During the past two years, the team has made twelve trips to surrounding high schools and have given many half-time basketball game performances. Ted Winkler, weight-lifter, is a featured member of the team. Hornet vaulters Glen Lojka and Charles Iohnson performing at one of the local high schools. Kneeling: Art McFee, Assistant Coach. E. D. Fish. Coach, Bob McClintock, Trainer. Standing: Mike Swartz, Lance Nichols, Larry Ensminger lim Fraley, Monroe Fordham, Grant Walkup, Darrell Blachly, Ion Fuquay, Ron Slaymaker. For the third consecutive year, the Emporia State Hornets finished second in the Central Intercollegiate Conference basketball race. The Hornets finished the season with a 7-3 conference mark and an overall record of 14-6. Winning their first four contests, Emporia started the 1959-60 season with impressive power. The Hornets opened the season with a 83-58 home victory over Rockhurst. Emporia then powered its way past two Missouri opponents, Missouri Valley College, 81-58, and Central Missouri State, 70-45. In their next action Emporia State defeated Central Oklahoma, 66-58. Shaky on their first road trip, the Hornets suffered their first loss of the season to a fired up Central Missouri State team, 67-60 and then rebounded at home with an 80-60 win over Texas Southern University. During Christmas vacation Emporia participated in one of the top small college tournaments in the nation at Quincy, Ill. In their first game of the three day affair, Emporia defeated the host Quincy College Hawks, 85-70. Western Illinois, the eventual winner, was the second Hornet foe, and they downed the Hornets 65-68. Emporia then met Tennessee A and I, defending NAIA champions, for third place in the tourney, and were defeated by the powerful Tennessee club, 78-71. Tennessee A and I was unsuccessful in stopping Fraley. The Hornet ace set a new school scoring record of 45 points. This was also a new Quincy tournament record, erasing a 44 point effort by a Southern Illinois player the day before. After opening their CIC schedule with wins over Omaha University and St. Benedict's, the Hornets were upset for the second straight year at the Civic Auditorium by the Washburn Ichabods. The loss was an important one for the Hornets, because it dampened their CIC title chances. Emporia, stunned by the loss to Washburn, traveled to Hays for its next league encounter, and were defeated 56-44. After defeating Washburn at Topeka on Ian. 2, the Hornets met the league leading Pittsburg Gorillas at Pittsburg. Emporia lost a hotly-contested game, 61-57. 134 With only a slim mathematical chance to tie for the CIC crown, the Hornets returned home and defeated the St. Benedict's Ravens, 76-54, to take over sole possession of third place. After the victory over Fort Hays State, Emporia took a rest from the hectic CIC race and traveled to Kansas City, Mo., for a repeat performance against the Rockhurst Hawks. The Hornets had to overcome a ten point half time deficit to pull out a 65-62 overtime victory over the Hawks. Emporia finished up the season with its victories over Pittsbura and Omaha. Ron Slaymaker, Emporia senior, drives in front of Pittsburg de- Monroe Fordham springs above Pittsburg cagemen to score as Ron fenders for a two-pointer. Slaymaker eyes an approval. Hornets Ron Slcxymcrker cmd Mike Swartz stretch for cz loose bcrll. Darrell Blachly cmd Monroe Fordham unite forces in reaching for cz re bound as lim Frcxley keeps cr watchful eye on Gorilla defenders. 5 'Ei E Walt Donahue, Hornet swimmer, shows good form in applying the butterfly stroke. SWIMMING The Hornet mermen, under the guidance of Coach William Burgess, swam their Way to three wins and six losses during their fourth year as a varsity team. The Hornet tankmen competed against such teams as: Creighton University, Kansas State University, Wentworth Military Academy, Gustavus Adolphus, Pittsburg State College and Washington University. Front row: Mac Borgna, Mike Scott, Iim Wartick, Angus Mc Farland, Dwain Paugh. Back row: Ron Rinker, Dick Hell- baum, Larry Eiker, Walt Donahue, Wally Kawane. First row: Lynn Reed, Dave Ohlde, Gonzelo Iavier, Eddie Washington, Peter Clarke, Dave Eldridge, Chester St. Clair, Mr. F. G. Welch. Second row: Mr. Darrell Sjoblom, Russ Miller, Dale Greiner, Noel Certain, Landis Franklin, Frank Hicks, Ioe Fisher, Bill Certain, Mr. Iirn Hayes. Back row: Duane Mclntire, Bill Favrow, Bob Oden, Monroe Fordham, Tom Fincken, Charles Richards, Scott Irwin, Dennis Matheson. Another of Emporia's weightmen in action, Bill Favrow sophomore from Kansas City, Kansas. 138 The Emporia State thinclads again captured the CIC crown to end one of the most successful years in Hornet track history. Team winnings were recorded in the Omaha Quadrangular Meet, CIC Indoor Meet, Brookes Army Medical Center Meet, Emporia State Relays, Wichita Triangular, and CIC Outdoor Meet. In the CIC Indoor Meet Emporia State set new records in the 880 yard run, 60 yard low hurdles, mile relay, pole vault, and broad jump. New school records in the high jump, 440 relay, and 2 mile re- lay were established at the Oklahoma State Preview Relays. Winning ll of the 14 events and scoring heavily in all events ex- cept the high hurdles, the tracksters swept to an impressive victory in the Central Intercollegiate Conference track meet at Topeka May 14. While amassing ll4 3! 10 points, an all time conference meet point total, Emporia broke three conference records, established one in a new event, and tied another. The performance of Duane Mclntire in the Arkansas Relays. 109.5 in the 100 yard dash, :049.5 leg on the relay team, 49'5" in the shot, and l62'5" in the discus, and a throw of 180' in the javelin was the outstanding performance for the team this year. The 25' 5" broad jump of Noel Certain at the Kansas University Relays was the third highest in the United States as of that date this year. Notable performances were also made during the season by Gonzelo Iavier, Bob Oden, Peter Clarke, Bill Favrow, Tom Fincken, Ioe Fisher, Monroe Fordham, Landis Franklin, Frank Hicks, Dennis Matheson, Russ Miller, Dave Ohlde, Charles Richards, and Eddie Washington. As Coach Fran Welch commented: "This team has the best balance and depth of any we have ever had." Ianuary graduate, Paul Whitely was unable to add points to the team totals for Emporia State but was eligible to run in special events during the spring track season. Duane Mclntixe, Hornet sprinter, at the Emporia State Relays. Right above: Gonzelo Iavier, senior dis- tance runner from E1 Prado, Guatemala. Middle right: Bob Oden, pole vaulter, is a senior from Sterling, Kansas. Lower left: Monroe Fordham, Orlando, Florida, ace junior high jumper. Duane Mclntire, Olympic decathlon hopeful, again proved his worth as Emporia State's most versatile trackman. His most outstanding performance was at the Arkansas Relays when he established a new school discus record of 162' 5". The old record of l48" 10" was set by Duane last year. Scoring 14 points, he head the Hornet team to a overwhelming victory for the CIC title. As Coach Fran Welch said, "Mac" is a most valuable asset because he is a team man. Paul Whitely, Olympic hopeful, in the lead position at the K.U. Relays 142 Kneeling: Ierry Teichgraeber, Roger Dill, Ioel Berglund, Dennis Irwin. Standing: Mr Wallace Browning, Coach, Dave Heaberlin, Neal Roach, Larry Tice, Gerald Cox. Emporia State netmen captured the CIC conference crown for the first time since 1938. Under the direction of Coach Wal- lace Browning, the Emporia tennis team played 18 matches against 11 teams for the 1960 season. Tennis lettermen are Dave Heaberlin, Harold Heaberlin, Ierry Teichgraeber, Larry Tice, Gerald Cox and Ron Romano. Dave Heaberlin, junior tennis ace, from lunction City. E'-iq Home! golf team Bruce Thompson, Iohnny lacks, Bill Ban, Tom DeChairo, Coach Gus Fish. Not pictured: Larry Bradford. On the fairways, the Hornet linksters turned in 5 wins and 5 losses for the 1960 spring season. The four-man team of Larry Bradford, Bill Barr, Iohnny lacks, and Bruce Thompson placed third in the CIC tournament under the guidance of Coach Gus Fish. Tom DeChairo, senior from Westmoreland, teeing off for the Hornet team i 5-'21 Q f ,. f s s ' JN' MP an W 015, is mx Y M' 'W ogg, ,980 4 ykllllffl sd' 4 NSW emi 4 UH! TE 1 ATE umm WI QDRI :HATE STAT Q if 12.141 . v in x fir 144 Front row: Caston Terrell, Virgil Speak, Lance Nichols, Charles Willson, Andy Kirmer, Roger Groome, Roy Flook. Buck row: Clark Minton, Bill Schnittker, Gene Haun, Darrell Harkness, Ben Mayer, Ron Quattrini, Lynn Goodell, Larry Brake, Tony Beran, Bill Kerr, Coach. BASEBALL The Emporia State diamond crew finished the season with a record of 3 wins-4 losses to bag second place in the Central Intercollegiate Conference. Regular conference play ended with Emporia State and Washburn in a tie, each having a 2-3 record. In a play-off game the Hornet sluggers defeated the Ichabods by a score of 3-2 to take sole possession of the second. place standing. Under the watchful eye of Coach Bill Kerr, the team finished with an over- all record of 11-15. In the Kansas-Missouri-Nebraska League the Emporia Staters finished with a 3-4 record. Leading hitters of the season were Lynn Goodell batting .391 and Lance Nichols hitting .3l0. Ron Quattrini led the pitching faction with an impressive record of 4 wins and no losses. Virgil Speck, Lynn Goodell, and Lance Nichols show the winning iorm which brought Emporia State into second place in the CIC. I For the first time, Men's Intramurals were divided into two leagues, Fraternities and Independents consisting of five and ten organizations respectively. The All Sports Trophies were awarded to the Alpha Kappa Lambda in the Fraternity League and to the Kansas Citians in the Independent League. The sports the fellows participated in this year were: touch foot- ball, golf, swimming, badminton, basketball, volleyball, bowling. handball, table tennis, tennis, softball, and track and field. 'I'he Independent team took first place in the basketball tournament. Sigma Sigma Sigma took second. Sponsored by the Women's Recre- ation Association, the Women's in- tramural program closed the 1959- 60 year with a Spring Awards Banquet. First place plaque went to the Independent team with a total of 1465 points. The Alpha Sigma Tau team took second with 1300 points and the Delta Zeta's were third with 945 points. Over 400 girls played in the ten sports during the year. First semester sports were golf, tennis, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton. Basket- ball, swimming, bowling, softball and archery were played second semester. Soitball intramurals ended with the Independents in first place and the Alpha Sigma Taus in second. fb .-'J17'N"?Kf'T-r 5 X f'W'1' Jr ' FA, 4, mf .5 11 MR 5 .S ,fy by fi. 7,7 . f 3- I , " ,f " ' '7 -5 ,, "' r I 1 Nw, XM SX 7 .f gif 'WVHIVC AZ in 4 Li jx af ?J?+avV Ypifigs-Q-.E-5'-wf"' N ff Q YJ: 09" , lfwk TY! I Og.,-lin!--Q it 9 BQQKIH L D, 4 AY v ,V sz, '. QQ' Q ZS 'H dv I -W 2-Y --li----1 A Af" 21 M'-' f'7,.,h "' 5 ,ff L --f- X' 'L rf' Fi - ES ' L N RWM ,J ' 'Lab NWS Xu 731 1' 'N XE4' I Mk L1-v ? W. nga 'gy R 4 Al 79 4 jg U L'r'7.1,,,,- f 41 ,gi I -SXX i55"1! is,--.N X S J -21,1 r, :Tx4..L1 ,ff ' FLT . ' . 52,5 Nr 'Ci 5 3. XX 1 Q "' 'rf if 72-5 -Z' Rai- V.:-r 2 ,.a iii. gr., YS! fi-TI I 'T lk 'WL ,..1- 7 21.5-Q fl. . 'rwfg--'A' Sw v +.. fi- --.M v A 134111 Il uivwf-LPVZZW ESX: F- S: K xml ml L iw N? l iw? we-'Q 1 It M TlLujhl...i!,t? - X .4-5 Er "" E. "1 -cs?" - at x K X Q. M Vltxxk 1:5 Mmug-'11 A cu Q " V H A K F Akllu ku- .X KL XWWNTX X X-- . ly!! x . X . X Xi, . X X L X X ix I ul-nm-v-wr f . -1 1 rf- - 4-.-1e,nnvn':-smummi xx . M 5 ? if el Q . S an mg' a 1 lla 1" 50 ' HUNGR Y Q f?'f cs ,O 5 G ALPHA BETA Front row: Phyllis Moore, Miss Ieanne C. Galley, Laura Randels. Back row: Patricia Murray, Carolyn lohnson, Beverly Crail, Sharon Rhoades. Front row: Bob Brandenberq, Richard Price, Roger McFillin, Gary Hemmingway. Second row: Iohn Hayslett, Glenn Keith, Iohn Welch, Royal Lange, Lawrence Lynch. Back row: Noel Stanton, Angus McFarland, Gene Baker, Mr. Richard I. Hardy. Service ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALPHA THETA RHO Art Urve Bakis, Charles Barrett, and Harry Reynolds make plans lor displaying their work at the annual Alpha Theta Rho Pledge Show. Front row: Harry Reynolds, Bill Allen, Noel Klein. Second row: Marilyn Howard, Carmen Robb, Urve Bakis, Charles Barrett, Iohn Beekman. Back row: Ed DeForest, Charles Burton, George Charlsen, Bernice Hogan. Iackie Sell, Donna Bicknell. 154 BIOLOGY Q37 First row: Dr. Gilbert Leisman, Sponsor, Bill Davis, Bemadette Menhusen, Sue Griffith, Sheryl Iones. Bob Zuvanich. Second row: Dr. Iames Stewart Wilson, Mr. Robert Clarke, Dr. Paul F. Basch, Mr. Cornelius White, Dr. Ted F. Andrews. Third row: Iohn Nilsen, Phyllis Kingsbury. Ianet Beckner, Mr. Richard H. Schmidt. Fourth row: Augustine Okonkwo, Myra Hopkins, Myron Schwinn. Filth row: Richard Carlson, Dick Williams, Francis Gangel, Iudy Schletzbaum, Ann Seymour. Sixth row: Bernard Fritze, Gertrude Knoche, Mark Riedel, Dr. Iohn Breukelman, Duane Weiszbrod. Seventh row: Lyle Moddelmog, Pat Bolton, Harold Willis, Mary Post. Eighth row: Iudy Agrelius, Larry Harms, Arlo Herrhreck. Dottie Dodd. Ninth row: Dr. David Parmelee, Mr. E. I. Calkins, Dr. Earl Segal, Iames Fleeker, Ritchie Morlong. INDUSTRIAL ARTS First row: Dr. E. L. Barnhart, Leo Laird, Carl Rolf, Kerwin Schultze, Floyd Daharsh, David Moore, Lamont Godsey, Louis Lacey, Mr. Dale Hogan. Second row: Gerald Odgers, Thomas Yoder, Emerson Wiens, Gary Unruh, S. M. Dell, LeRoy Unruh, Terrence McCloud, Arnold McCloud, Menno Stucky. Third row: Paul Stone, H. A. Storkey, Mr. Harold Woods, Edward Stehno. Arland Grover, Mr. Iohn Couch, Iames Anderson, Mr. N. R. Ashbaugh. Fourth row: Iohn Lackey, Arnold Winsor, Harold Tilton, Iames We-inmann, Iohn Merrifield, Norman Thompson, Gerald Shogren, Iimmie Gladden, Rex Ford. Fifth row: Darrel Zimmerman, Frank Atherly, George Irey, Daniel Day, William Haun, EMPCDRIA STATE PLAYERS Front row: Mr. Joe Rossillion, Sponsor, Mr. Charles Hill, Sponsor, Carol Shoup, Ruth Dingwall, Betty Kisner, Ray Wal- lace, Barbara Wright, Dr. Karl C. Bruder, Sponsor. Back row: Ted I. Morris, Evelyn LeGore, Carolyn Owen, Iean Swoyer, Max Gile, Karen Nichols, LaRue Watts, Andy Brown, Roberta Ingles, Dave Stem, Ric Sauceda, Bob Rounsavell, Ruby Io Laughlin, Barbara Gove, Mary Alice Hauetter, Gael Hammer, Margaret Sue Denniston. Not Pictured: Curt Dawson, Iudi Byrne, Marie Burns, Kaye Kallail, Karen Brown. DUCATION First row: Phyllis Kingsbury, Ieannette Russell, Loretta Iohnson, Penny Coyne, Ruth Pugh, Florence Roberts, Mary Ingerson, Ianet Hoier, Dee Burchiield, Rosalie King. Second row: Sharon Dryden, Karen Brewer, Paula Mock, Pat Sin- clair, Ruth Baird, Velma Goodall, Mary Headrick, Pat Matheson, Iudy Welton, Harold Tegethoii, Donald Fujii, Myron Schwinn, Ieanette Purcell. Third row: Myrna Winters, Phyllis Moore, Deanna Morey, Ruth Briggs, Barbara Cooper, Sandra Harrison, Glenda Legg, Wayne Stander, Nancy DeKeyser, Mary Halbert, Marion Summervill, Alice Moege, Frances Wallace. First row: Larry Carpenter, Peggy Thurman, Dr. Robert S. Thurman. Carol Thompson, Betty Mehl, Gary Fisher, Barbara Brinkman, Donna Harter, Gail Franklin, Kathy Aikens. Second row: Esther Larsen, Miriam Forrester, Angeline Donovan, Kay Brown, Karen Wedel, Karen Downing, Evelyn Lange, Rhonda Iohnston, Nancy Hightower. Third row: Iudy Agre- lius, Sandra Warner, Pat Drumright, Anita Meyer, Marguerite Weinmann, Iim Weinmann, Carl Hatter, Mr. Alden Bow- man, Howard Happ. MATHEMATICS Front row: Robert Hughes, Howard Happ. Ron Slaymaker, lim Fleeker. Lora Eustcxce, Norman Dyson. Back row: Norm- an Sellers, Marietta Winters, Leon Crawford. Dennis Matheson, Duane Dutton, Richard Wright, Phillip Seibold. Front row: Mr. Vernon Sheffield, Allen Kirk. Stewart Forney. Karen Shaw, Mr. Charles Tucker, Kelvin Casebeer. Terry Purcell, Mr. Iohn Couch. Back row: Clarence Warner, David Allison, Mr. George Downing, Dr. Iohn Burger, Iim Metzdori, Max Larsen, Glenn Gimple. 158 K-CLUB First row: Larry Tice. Bob Oden. Glen Lojka, Larry Eiker, Tom Shizuru, Ernest Rauqewitz. Charles Baumgartner, Stan Crawford, Harold Heaberlin, Ron Slaymaker. Second row: Larry Bradford, Harold Murray, Eddy Washington. Roy Nakamura, Lynn Reed, Gonzelo Iavier, Ron Rinker, Darrel Blachly, Grant Walkup. Tom Wyrick. Claude Nichols. Third row: Dick Kaegi, Ed Schwalm, Mike Schwartz, Don Walburn, Gene Hahn, Don Blowey, Wayne Reiners, Iohn Manning, Iim Deckinger, Gene Slrahm. Dick Carlson, lim Chumley. Ioe Fisher. Dick Williams, Duane Mclntire, lim Fraley. Fourth row: Terry Cox, Ralph Naegle, Cass Terrell, Noel Certain, Monroe Fordham, Tony Beran, Russ Miller, Andy Kirmer, Don Smith, Warner Wirta, Dave Ohlde, Dennis Matheson, Mac Borgna. ENGLISH Front row: Penny Coyne. Karen Downing, Carol Thompson, Bonnie Iones. Iudy Miller. Back row: Nancy Dannevik. Deanna Morey, Karen Becker, Kay Lindquist, Carolyn Iohnson, Sheryl Stevenson, Ianet Beckner, Miss Gertrude Lemon, Sponsor. fil' 1' Front row: Nancy DeKeyser, Iudy Welton, Barbara Brinkman, Sandra Warner. Karen Elaine Shaw, Donna Harter, Rhonda Iohnston. Back row: Myrna Winters, Zoe Ann Cole, Miss Ida M. Franz, Sponsor, Patricia Shaver Ihde. Marietta Winters. Ianis Viar, Betty Mehl, Kathryn Aikens, Karen Splitter. MUSIC First row: Mel Beagley, Mr. Charles F. Schaefer, Marion Summervill, Iohn Anderson, Larry Bays, Calvin McBride, Garth Button. Second row: Lee Lallier, Alan Hawkins, Don Moore, Lee G. Howell, Stephen Kimple, Don Fleeman, Iohn Welch. Third row: Rodney Alderson, David Wheeler, George Alexander, Roger Dill, Richard Pugh, Iim Chubb, Iim Sherbon, Norman Thompson. Fourth row: Kenneth Koehn. Glen Gish, Larry Waggener, Max Plank, Robert Hiebert, George Run- dell, Dean Dellinger, Don Lohrengel. Not pictured: Gary Iernigan. 433 il? First row: Ruth O'Gorman, Louise Miller, Marvin Ewy, Carol 'l'hompson, Phyllis Kingsbury, Charles P. Spencer. Second row: Robert L. Day, Ioseph I. Hovorka, Miss Ida Franz, Roy O. Mahon, Ir., Carl L. Harter, Bill Fenton, Dr. Iohn I. Zim- merman. Back row: Iohn Poe, George Yocum, Dale M. Garvey, Dan O'Rourke, Ron L. Olson, Donald Fujii, Mr. E. I. Calkins. PI KAPPA DELTA kgqiwif First row: Susan King, Zoe Ann Cole, ludy Miller, Ianice Hesser, Mary Lou Shelley, Virginia Bundy. Second row: Kay Lindquist, Iudy Duncan, Gary Sherrer, Dick Barnes, Gary Condra, Norman Avery. Back row: Mr. Iohn DeBross, Anita Edwards, Larry Borger, Clara Stoui, Bob Dick, Bryson Mills, Harold Lawson, Mr. Iim Trent. BUSINESS First row: Sheryl Stevenson, Myrna Winters, Patricia Matheson, Dottie Dodd, Marguerite Weinmann, Sandra Rader, Mary Lou Mauderly, Mary Simmons, Larry Carpenter. Second row: Carlita Bass, Karen York, Linda Henkle. Back row: Donald Fujii, Marvin Schmutz, Stanley Mick, Harold Smith, Glen Berry, Eugene Harrison, Don Srajer, Mr. Richard Reich- erter. First row: Delores Patton, Mary Headrick, Margaret Glover, Ada Ruth Craig, Sandra Harrison, Beverly Kobetich, Ruth Briggs, Ioretta Lindt, Esther Larsen. Back row: Clayton Keller, Iim Beard, Harold Wolgast, Roger Winzeler, Iohn Vaughn, Philip Reaka, Duane Medley, Wayne Stander, Kermit Palmer, Dr. Adelaide Kauzer. Delia Marie Burchfield Marjorie Alice Bulkley Curt Dawson Rita Ioan Howell Kay Frances Beliield Robert Chris Dick .mv- ..,, c,,, . D, y a t --iii, 5 ff ,- 1 ' 2 .r A k i W ., -. g l gilf. fi '- ' . ,- -- - 3913991 J SM - :"'1:4., A 5, -ilfjfss, 17' 12'-3 Hsu! T Gerald Lee Hunter WHO'S WHCJ Karen Maurine Becker Stuart Cram Dottie A1111 Dodd Myron Dale Drinkwater Sheryl Chambers Iones 1011198 Nelson Meildfrrf WHG'S WHO Karen Elaine Shaw Ronald Slaymaker Carol Lucille Thompson Ianis Elaine Vim' K Sandra Ann Warner Paul I-Gm WhiiGleY Karen Kay Wedel Iohn Greer Welch W 'W " Don Clgiye Wilhelm Richard lay Williams Myrna Sue Wimers Robert Ode!! XI PHI I 2 CQNNIE FQELGNER REEVES' MYRON DRINKWATER, BARBARA BRINKM11 President Vice-President Secretary RHONDA IOHNSTON, CAROLYN IOHNSON FORREST NEWLIN Treasurer 166 RANDALL REEVES GLENN C, SH ARP IANIS VIAR ' Z 6 l in 124332 IIM ANDERSON 'Wie lw 4 "Q gf' MIRIAM ROGERS RON SLAYMAKER X , if .4 M, 5 A A !,lf:5r'f':a5?f fwgi l E iffffkfi BOB BRANDENBURG TOM FINCKEN 3 Rf wg 'iQ"'f'f'7"' " O ROGER GREEN DONNA HABTER rv-T-We I ,. H-'vi ARLO HERMECK KAY LINDQUIST 3 if as E , .SN W, - ' .six Qvg ' J mi. , SANDRA WARNER DON WILHELM MUSIC Xu, Front row: Nancy Hightower, Barbara Street. Kay Worcester, Brenda Andrews, Mrs. Valeta Ives, Marlene Nicholas, Karen Elland, Marian Evenson, Pat Bransom. Back row: Betty Lantz, Karen York, Iudy Ienkinson, Marie Burns, Iudy Wright, Martha Smith, Alice Moege, Helen Briggs, Deanna Wittman, Beverly Nevitt. SPANISH CLUB ,wif Qu.,,,m9- Front row: Dr. Minnie M. Miller, Iudy Schletzbaum. Kathryn Aikens, Paulette Hildreth. Back row: Mr. David E. Travis, Rosalie King, Kay Lindquist, George Rundell. Ieanette Wallace, Dee Burchfield, Virgil True. Not Pictured: Ianet Hofer, Mel Gutierrez. THETA EPSILON 4 '- M4 'bi N "nr in Q! 3 -mr Martha Oldham, Martha Erickson, Sandra Warner, Mary G angel. Barbara Brinkman. PHYSICAL SCIENCE Ta. First row: Glenn Gimple, Norman Harold, Jeanette Purcell, Mariette Winters, Leon Crawford, Clarence Warner. Second row: Dr. Alfred Ericson, Miss Patricia Van Enqlehoven, Carl Henry, Kelvin Casebeer, Norman Sellers, Allen Kirk, George Shellenberger, Elvy Hopkins, Mr. Bill Glass. Back row: Dr. William Potts, Gary Richards, Larry Bradford, Terry Parks, Dave Allison, lim Metzdorf, Stuart Cram, Mr. Alvin Rusk. I "5 1" 361 o DEPARTMENTAL . 4,0 ' 1" Qxf 00 SCIENCE CLUB First row: Larry Bradford, Glenn Gimple, Phyllis Gray, Linda Grollmes, Guy Oldfield, Max Larsen. Second row: Mr Bill Glass, Miss Patricia Van Englehoven, Carl Henry, Leonard Lynch, Terry Purcell. Torn Dechairo, Norman Sellers, Dr Alfred Ericson. Back row: Dan Heidrick, Clarence Warner, Leon Crawford, Robert Benortham, Norman Harold, Mr Alvin Rusk, Dr. William Potts. First row: Gloria Armel, Ianet Moles, Patricia SinClair, Roma Ball, Amelia San Romani, Carol Brant, Deanna Morey. Second row: Genny Cramer, David Delish, Ioe Perkins, Harold Lawson, Mr. Rolzert Dorsch, Mr. Howard K. Denniston, Carmen Robb. Back row: Gael Hammer, Carter Cramer, Dave Gates, Dr. Green Wyrick, Mr. John Kloeikorn, Calvin Mc- Bride, Iim Iohnson. QUIVIRA CLUB First row: ludy Miller, ludy Mott, loretta Lindt, Iudy Weber, Beverly Allison, Pat Matheson. Second row: Beverly Kobetich. Dottie Dodd, Margaret Horrbison, Gerry Iohns, Marlene Smith. Delores Patton. Karen York. back row: lim Dick- inson, Ray Rentfro, Darrel E. Gutsch, Roger- Winzler, Larry Tice. Bernie Callaghan, Stan Mick. PHI BETA LAMBDA First row: Martha Erickson, Marilyn Newton, Linda Rezac. Mary Butterfield. Sandra Harrison, leanette Robinson, Gayla Gibb, Larry Carpenter. Second row: Robert Long, Raymond Grieshaber, Barbara Groothuis, Ruth Melcher, Ianet Murray, lean Wilson, lohn Harter, Don Sraier. Back row: Charles Atkins, Maurice Matile. Wayne Stander, Charles Wilson, Gary Nicholas, Paul Hendrickson, Edward Webb, Bnddy Redman, Mr, Hicliard Reicherter. Rhonda Iohnston President Lou Maxon Treasurer Betty Mehl Vice President ludy Welton Historian SNEA SNEA QStudent National Edu- cation Associationj is the largest organization on campus having membership of 475 this past year. Some of the outstanding activi- ties of SNEA this year were the tour through the KSTA CKansas S t a t e Teachers AssociationD Building in Topeka, the Christmas party where gifts and food were wrapped for seven needy families in Emporia, and the Spring Ban- quet. The SNEA State Convention at Wichita was a highlight for several members. Fits! row: Donna Harter. Earl Tanimoto, Rhonda lohnston, Mary Ganqel. Ianet Clayton, Myra Hopkins. Second row: Dr. Ioseph T. Sandelur. Nora Uralcawa, Hal Huff, Ioji Yoshiyama, Rosalie King, Keith Izvine, Gloria Armel, Dee Burch' field. First row: Mary L. Iohnson, Iune Mason, Lynne Rice. Milicen! Bledsoe, Eldora Chandler. Janet Hunter. Second row Thomas Haskell, Kelvin Casebeer. Bonnie Iones, Donald E. Long. Ioseph Felix Dlouhy, Erenda Ann Barnes, Gary lohn son. Myron Schwinn. First row: Mary Ann Page, Elaine Kay Duncan, Sharon Betsworth, Betty Wiens, Ruby White-sell, Nancy Browning, Iulane Wells, Florence Rial. Second row: Miss Ieanette Biqqe, Paula Iones, Ruth Doualas, Marilyn Appl, Zoe Ann Cole, Glynice Tawney, Kay Phelps, Reva Riemann, Florine Waterbury, Kay Beliield. Back row: Gayla Gibb, Donna Sanborn, Dorothy Schweizer, Ian Zerener, Iudy Ball, Kitten Keith, Karen Weclel, Linda Swencler, Anna Lee Burress, Mary Griititts. First row: Sandra Warner, Ianet Becker, Frances Morris, Karen Becker, lill Weigel, Sondra Stacey, Ann Holmgren, Amelia San Romani, Kay Cantrell. Back row: Lynda McCune, Iudy Carpenter, Ellen Martin, Barbara Kammerlohr, Ianis Oyler, lean Anderson, Betty Wirth, Eleanor Wentling, Donna Bicknell, Miss Nina Borman. Back row: Beverly Kennedy. Iennis Heusser, Kathryn Lawrence, Delores Patton, Pat Davis, Nancy DeKeyser, Karen Downing, ludy Welton, Myrna Seidel. Bonnie Androes. First row: Ruby Io Laughlin, Eleanor McElfresh, Clara Chambers, Susan Curtis, Gloria Ann Inkanish, Nancy Hat- iield, Phyllis Kingsbury, Delores Cramer. Second row: Glory Kay Bodge, Beverly lean Kobetich, Ianice Wilkison, Sig- nie Iohnson, George M. Rundell, Arah Lee Alton, Glenda Legg, Sandra Rader, LaVern E. Laubhan. Back row: Esther Larsen, Ianet Dexter, Carolyn Dempsey, Dennis I. Hynek, Donald C. Wilson, Iames Milne, Lyle Moddelmog. First row: Kathy Unruh, Creta Lawson, Carolyn Ulrich. Betty Mehl, LaVerna Bergsten, Ellen Blaser, Kathryn Aikens, Ianet Haier. Second row: Iackie Gay, Muriel Becker, lean McNickle, Barbara Cooper, Ruth Briggs, Mildred Van Nahmen, Elizabeth Rader, Karen Brewer. Back row: Ianice Cady, Regina Hamilton, Karen Miller, Evelyn Lange, Barbara Brinkman, Carol Thompson, Norma Bonewitz, Kay McBurney. First row: Mona Coyne, Sandra Mendenhall, Jeannette Wallace, Ioretta Lindt, Phyllis Schlesener, Ruby Unruh, Sara lane Falen, Ianis Schoof Holm. Second row: Penny Coyne, Lois Hammer. Patty lo Parry. Melba Cox, Sharon Hhoades, Ierald Skibbe. Laura Randels, Lila Harris, Iudith Dodge, Mary Lou Mauderly. Back row: Mary Gardner, Pat Williams, Nancy Mustoe, Irene Carson, Kaye Hatz, Mary Alice Iohnson, Sharon Johnson, Brenda Homman. First row: Dean Edson, William Hildebrand, Ronald Harris, Leroy Bailey, Ianis Lees. Wanda Lu Bryan, Marcia Amer- ine, Betty Manka. Second row: Kay Iennings, Iudy Norton, Karen Ruth Iohnson, Ioel D. Ianzen, Frank Krause. lr., Carl Iochems, Hoy O. Mahon, Ir., Iohn Smethers. Back row: Norm Gentry, Phillip Reaka, Richard Rohrer. LeRoy Wichman. Terry Iochems, Lynn Meier, E. Eugene Ensminger, Francis Arnett. FRENCH CLUB Front row: Io Ellen Kern, Sharon Craig, Sheryl Mayfield, Linda Rake, Sandra Stacey. Back row: Elaine Orr. Iohn Willis. Icxmes Burlingham, Augustine Okonkwo, Bonnie Iones Front row: Sylvia Reed, Armond Belleau, Iudy Schletzbaum, Gael Hammer, Kay McBurney, Ianice Dutton, Donna Trol- linger. Back row: Myrna Seidel, Dottie Dodd, Ioyce Reusser, Dennis Lee, Gene Manahan, Ronald Coash, Ovivia Price, Paulette Hildreth, Ann Holmgren. Front row: Dick Williams. Dr. Minnie M. Miller, Karen Nichols, Sandra Hansen, Ellen Blaser, Iudy Ienkinson, Ieanneite Wallace. Back row: Elizabeth Wolfe, Ianet Hofer, Gerry lohns, Ronald Pedigo, Glen Gish, Dina Fankhauser, Mary Halbert, Kathy Ryn Aikens, Rosalie King, Loree Bressler, Iudy Basham. RUSSIAN CLUB Fran! row: Richard Olson, Virginia Fosier, Loree Bressler. Back row: George Rundell, Linda Hayes, Karen Nichols, Dina Fankhauser, Dave Ruckle, Iudy Ienkinson, Verl Manwarren, Mr. Karl A. Benkeser. SPANISH CLUB Kathy Ryn Aikens, Ieannette Wallace, Mr. David E. Travis, Dr. Minnie M. Miller, Rosalie King, George Rundell. Front row: Maribel Novoa, Ilene Fritz, Sharon Maxwell, Sharron Swender. Ianet Hofer, Patsy Guqler. Sandra Hansen Sandra Hetrick. Back row: Maria Rivera, Bonnie Iones, Dee Burchiield. Gael Hammer, Richard Troyer, Iohn Larson Randy Murray. Eric Connard, Faye Pruitt, Ellen Martin, Iudy Mott, Ianet Clayton. HGME ECONOMICS First row: Caroline Cox, Io Ann Windling, Iudy Cooke, Barbara Duff, Pauline Young, Betty Webster, Kay Bodge. Second row: Marilyn Oberle, Sandra Fraser. Ann Davis. Loretta Stuckey, Carolyn Budd, Dorothy Schweizer. Gerri Schwartzman, Signie Iohnson, Bonnie Wheat. Back row: Darlene Sutton, Millie Moeder, Nancy DeKeyser, Gayla Gibb, Jean Lang, Esther Schreck, Deanna Wittman, Grace Ann Wolford. 7 , , it my First row: Rosalie Brinkman, Carol Bethell, Louetta DuBois. Second row: Suzanne DuBois, Regina Hamilton, Amydell Rowan, Iane Miser, Reta Riggs, Barbara Livingston, Rita Miser. Third row: Suzanne Dall, Kay Iennings, Eleanor McEl- fresh, Fira Sue Oden, Barbara Iohnson, Ann Bruning, Sharon Domann. Back row: Joyce Gilbert, Mary lane Martin, Royce Baxter. Cecelia Patry, Ann Merritt. Norma Redeker, Beverly Kobetich, Lynda Kelly, Eleanor Bartley. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB ' Ln. I-'ronl row: Mr. N. R. Ashbaugh, Bob Lacey, Richard D. Irwin. Larry Kimble, Larry Salisbury. Back row: Raymond Ashbaugh, Bob Clark. Norman Irey, Thomas Deweese, Gerald Fisher, Don Iordon. Mr. I. B. Morgan. Front row: Bud Callison, Leo Laird, Ierry Graber, Gary Regehr. Norman Thiessen, Orliss O'Neal, Arland Grover. Back row: Bob Stinson. Robert McKenzie, William Gene Hcxun. Ed Stehno, Glen Lojka. Bob Holverson, Carl Rolf, Frank Mitchell. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB First row: Leroy Wichman, Karen Downing, Nancy Dannevik, Mr. Roy Durham. Mr. Ken-ton Wibking, Miss Della A. Warden. Second row: Ronald Cain, Delores Patton, Ronald Harris, Tom Fowler, Howard Driver, Maurice Leckington, Iohn Anderson. Back row: Chester Green, Howard Happ, Robert Gaede, Tom Weingartner, Ierry I. Bundy, Ron Haxton, Iohn Harter. Front row: Larry N. Lane, Mr. Harold Sare, Raymond Grieshaber, Dr. William H. Seiler. Back row: Barbara Bartlett Ioanne Chlebowski, Polly Clouse, Gary Regehr, Lynne Rice, Barbara Harrison, Ianis Lees. ELSIE PINE LIBRARY CLUB Front row: Siegfried Ruschin, second semester Program Chairman, Sally O'Brien, first semester Program Chairman, Barbara White, first semester Vice-President. Back row: Mrs. Sue Hyde, second semester Secretary-Treasurer, Sandra Hetrick, first semester President, Pat Ringer, first semester Secretary-Treasurer and second semester President. Not Pic- tured: Thomas Haskett, second semester Vice-President. Q. First row: Mrs. Sue Hyde, Mrs. Marjorie Williams, Mr. B. B. Richards, Sandra Hetrick, Pat Ringer, Barbara Kammelohr Second row: Siegfried Ruschin, Mrs. Maxine Haggerty, Miss Irene Hansen, Mrs. Inez Cox, Mary Parsons, Mary E Rhoades, Nancy Todd, Lily C. S. Li, Soraya Shaidai. Back row: Iames Iasper, Thomas Haskett, Miss Ester Vander Vel de, Mrs. Loucel Uppendahl, Ruth O'Gorman, Marhorie Schwenneker, Sally O'Brien, George Yocum. ' MEN'S CHQRALE First row: Mel Beaqley, Marion Summervill, Don Fleeman, Bob Butler, Ron Curtman, Steven Kimple, Robert Niel, David Francis. Second row: Kenneth Koehn, Don Moore, Kenneth Babcock, Mick Pugh, Iim Chubb, lack Taylor, Iim Chumley, Iim Heldburg. Third row: Ottis Lovette, Charles Gomer, Glen Gish, Rice Brown. Phillip Wagner, Roger Skala, Don Lohrengel, Larry Koeqeboehn, Howard Driver. TREBLE CLEF Front row: Miss Rosamond Hirschorn, Barbara Street, Margaret Gaeddert, Kay Mahan, Kay Tomlin, Karen Frederick. Kay Boles, Karen Williams, Kaye Kallail. Back row: Iudith Martin, Marie Burns, Deanna Wittman, Carol Bell, Iean Swoyer, Ieanne Suderman, Lana Dearing. Miriam Rogers, Doris Black. Not pictured: Connie Evans, Miriam Erdtmann Forrester, Iudy Wills. f MEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Officers for this year were Ray Terrell, President 5 Glen Lojka, Vice-President: Neil Auerback, Secretary: and Bob McKenzie, Treasurer. One of the main events for the club was the annual Valentine Dance. Other ac- tivities included gymnastic demonstra- tions at neighboring high schools and selling programs at the athletic events. Front row: Mr. Wallace Browning, Ray Terrell, William Rhodd, Iohn Kolterman, Dick McCall, Dennis Irwin, lim Swanson, Wayne Slander, John Sandbum. Back row: Mr. Bill Kerr, Angus McFarland. Glen Lojka, Ioe Fisher, Phil Wolfe, Bob Oden, Neil Auerback, Don Wilhelm, Robert McKenzie. RHYTHMIC CIRCLE First row: Sylvia Reed, Wanda Robinson, Sheryl Early, Iudy Paxson, Noleen Rutter, Ruby Io Laughlin. Second row: Lola Havercrott, Glennis Gallup, Barbara Kent, Carolyn Owen, Ianice Blakley. Back row: Miss Freddie Iones, Mary Ann Mahon, Betty McMillan, Judy Byrne, Suzy Dozier, Don Fleeman. WRA Front row: Betty Stainbrook, Karen Arbogast, Anna Lee Burress. Karen Gegen, Miss Ieanne C. Galley, Miss Edna Mc- Cullough, Ianis Viar, Carolyn Iohnson, Karen York, Iannette Ritter. Back row: Karen Erbes, Iackie Gay, Barbara Mur- ray, Nancy Mustoe, Ianet Minnis, Sheryl Becker, Barbara Kent, Iudy Pitcher, Dee Burchtield. Sidra Wilkerson, Ida Muchick, Sharon Rhoades, Laura Randels, Beverly Crail, Gloria Armel. W P E CLUB First row: Iudy Wertzberger, Betty Stainbrook, Phyllis Beeson, Mary Maher, Sue Curtiss. Beverly Purcell. Beverly Crail, Sharon Rhoades. Second row: Nancy Phillips, Iudy Cooke, Sidra Wilkerson, Nancy Reynolds, Dee Burchfield, Iudy Pitcher, Jackie Gay, Karen Arbogast, lean Hawley. Back row: Karen Gegen, Laura Randels, Anna Lee Burress. Ianice Wadsworth, Barbara Ludvicek, Barbara Kent. Nancy Cramer, Bonnie Androes. First row: Linda Olson, Mrs. Ellen Morgan, Miss Freddie Jones, Miss Shirley Malcolm, Miss Edna McCullough, Miss Ieanne Galley, Miss Kathleen Fox, Phyllis Moore. Second row: Mary Ann Mahon, Iudy Wright. Iean Billing. Pat Mur- ray, Carolyn Iohnson, Marge Becker, Phyllis Long, Kay Tomlin, Ianet Minnis, Linda Rezac. Back row: Kathy Myers, Ida Muschick, Sue Novo-Gradac, Lola Havercroft, Toni Shane, Ruby Io Laughlin, Karen Erbes, Ioyce Macomber, lean Kruse, Olivia Price. THE PASTELS 1 5' gala 2,-Q A Kneeling: Bruce Thompson. Siandingz Roger Dill. Gary Ieringan, Alan Hawkins. David Wheeler. Max Plank. Rodney Alderson. Back: Charles Barrett, Iohn Anderson. MARCHING BAN Z D SYMPHONIC BAND Y 190 I -- f ---- - CHOIR Directed by Charles F. Schaefer, the Emporia State Symphonic Choir presented their ctnnuol Spring Concert. The Emporia State Choir as they appeared ut the Curli-Q production. I 095 1 "' 367 O RELIGIOUS Y Q tm' Q' f 'O " x4g!V INTERFAITH COUNCIL Fin! row: Marie Emerson, Lila Cook, Mildred Caldwell, Penny Coyne, Paula Smith, Donna Walters, Mary Evelyn Le- gore. Second row: Dr. Darrell E. Wood, Bill Thompson. Clarence Werner, Neil Auerback, Larry Tice, Essica Stallings Lynda McCune, Myrna West. Back row: Gary Richards, Larry Borger, Mike Gallager, Kirker Bingman, Douglas Swan Harold Wolqasi, Leon Warbritton, Gene Cook. CANTERBURY ASSCDCIATION First row: Sally Brookens, Marie Sneary, Donna Bicknell, Nadine Lewis. Roberta Laird, Arlene Brown, Susanne DuBois. Second row: Kay Kirkpatrick, Larry Vallentine, Leland Lollier, The Reverend Ronald G. Brokaw, Mr. Keller. Christopher Kahara, Gib Anderson. Back row: Ierry Iordon, Tom Hayselde, Larry Pell, lack Kaufman, Tom Thailman. COLLEGE 'Yl k..-fi-ig, 'Hs Front row: Wayne Stander, Marie Emerson, Dr. Robert Murdock. Back row: Iohn Poe, Dr. Darrell E. Wood. NEWMAN CLUB First row: Rosalie King, Marvin N. Flater, Arma Lents, Barbara Haywood, Linda McMullen, Rhonda Iohnston, Viola Dieker, Rosalie Brinkman, Barbara Brinkman, Mary Gangel, Florence Dawson. Second row: Ann Campbell, Richard L, Baker, LeRoy Wichman, Iohnny Schwartzman, Harold Kaiser, Dennis Walker, Iohn Somer, Mike Waters, Iames Brown, Tom Krueger, Francis E. Calovich, Clarence Mohr, Dennis Hynek, Edward Stehno, Ruth Melcher. Back row: Larry Lynch, Stan Mick, Dean F. McGrath, Bob Fisher, Carmen Gonzales, Robert Waner, Gary Iohnson, Donald Iockman, lames Bolton, Ioe Ochs, Ierry Lichtenhan, Robert Long, Thomas Haskett. First row: Gloria Armel, Mary Maher, Karen Arbogast, Iulane Wells, Sharon Domann, loseph I. Hovorka, Don Srajer, Mary Ann Lutz, Miss Freddie Iones, Reverend Noel Williams, O, F. M., Mary Alice Eastwood, Iill Ann Weigel, Frances Cyphert. Second row: Virginia Velasquez, Virginia Correa, Nancy Mustoe, Karen Marmie, Barbara Groothuis, Dorothy Dieker, Donna Marie Miller, Carolyn Storms, Bernard Callaghan, Tom Weingartner, Larry Reiser, Donald Long, La- Verne Schroeder, Ierry Wilson, Ierry Iochems, Iudy Hastetter, lan Durant, Elaine Wecker, Mary A. Kessler, Pat Duncan. Back row: Louvenia Hageman, George Alexander, Iames M. Wolters, Larry Denton, Larry Viertholer, Don R. Young, Gar- ry L. Chaput, Iohnny Guion, Eddie Fitzpatrick. Bill Poelma. Bill Fenton, Ron Romano, Barry Wills, Lenny Lynch. WESLEY FCUNDATION 'iii' 1 Front row: Frances Hollis, Donna Trolinger, Ierelean Long, Karen Prather, Arah Lee Alton, Ruth Dutcher, Judith Dodge, Eunice Jackson. Back row: Sandra Fraser, Clayton Keller, Arthur Herinq, Tom Emswiler, Robert Benortham, Dale Mc- Gregor, Dwain Pauqh, Ron White, Phillip Wagoner, Albert Crawford, Ray Dean Rust, Kay Vreeland. Front row: Ruth Bramble, Barbara Kent, Dean Dellinger, David Chinn, Iulia Tucker, Lila Harris, Dee Ann Sneary, How- ard Happ, Kaye Reitz, Patricia Gugler. Back row: Karen Erbes. Larry Bender, Iames Chubb, Frederic Nymeyer, Leon Crawford, Floyd Rockenbach, Roy Sneary, Norman Avery, Steven Ackerman, Marilyn Hoecker, Ann Bruning. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK tave Ferre, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy at Texas Christian University. His theme for the convocation was "Our Gen- eration is Lost." Dr. Ferre, along with Rabbi Elbert Sapinsley, also led one of the discussion groups on the religious program. ROGER WILLIAMS FELLOWSHIP F A First row: Dona Grigsby, Marie Emerson, Elaine Smith, Glenda McNew. Second row: Roberta Ann Glanville, Ruth Dry- den. Grace Fager. LoVelle Lattimore, Pamela Mueller, Betty Wirth, Iudy Carpenter, Carol Seibel, Vice-President, Teresa Burch. Third row: Pat Burck, Sponsor, Dorothy Coleman, Pat Hanneman, Eleanor McElfresh, Kay Phelps, Barbara Burch. Paula Smith, Essica Stallings, Donna Dodd, Dick Olson, Fourth row: Iim Burck, Sponsor, Ronald Harris, Lyle Hall, Charles Kaufman, Bob Dyche, Larry Richard, Treasurer, Delbert McEliresh. Dean Donelson, Iohn Rhea. Fifth row: Frank Lysell, Harold Merrifield, Robert Gaede, lack Woodhead, Harold Wolgast, President, Lyle Iohnson, lack Williams, Rev. Ralph E. Herrick, Leon Warbritton, Fred Rowley, Secretary. Not pictured: Paul Whitely, Lynda McCune. Augustine Okonkwo. Keith Greiner, Dale Greiner, Clark Minton, Kerry Granger, Bill Gorman, Randy Murray. 197 The guest speaker for Religious Emphasis Week was Dr. Gus- I I 0 .. Q ', SOCIAL U f ' 1 Us, r a J MORSE HALL V Seated: Koralee Wanen, Glenda Legg, Ianet Holliday, Pat Ringer. Standing: Karen Arbogasl. Ruth Briggs. Ruth Bramble. Sandra Rader Linda Coons. Frances Cyphert, Virginia Correa. 199 Mrs. Agnes Kirk. Morse Hall Housemother Mrs. Pauline Freeburg, Morse Hall Housemother KJ 'u?,..rf I Seated: Nancy Fulton. Janice Bonewitz, Mary Ann Whitewell, Virginia Correa, Winnie Westphal, Sharon Androes, Ianice Boyer, Frances Cyphert. Standing: Barbara Duff, Dorothy Rockwell, Ianet Dexter, Dorothy Criqui, Sharron Swender, Linda Coons, Ruth Burnette, Donna M. Miller, Wilma R. Kelly, Ieannine Lanqteau, Ernestine Crouch, Beverly Bolinq, Rosa Marina Rivera. Seated: Rosalie Brinkman, Sondra Smith, Roberta Glanville, Peggy Smiley, Iudy Walker, Rhonda Mowbray, Anita Higbee, Glennis Gallup, Carolyn Hartman, Frances Salmon, Dorothy Dieker. Standing: Ruth Sprecher, Carol Bethell, Iudy Bodenhamer, Iulia Fritze, Iudi Sandstrom, lean McNicl-cle, Elaine Warner, Sandra Mendenhall, Lana Dearing, Barbara Johnson, Cheryl Byerley. xx 201 ., 9 8 ti? 5 E ,- - -v- Seated: Brenda Homman, Mary Beth Breithaupt, Kathy Unruh, Ellen Martin, Mona Coyne Marzlynn Milam Reta Higgs Marcella Glass Standinq: Sue Bradley, Leanna Pearce, Linda Bowker, Iudy Kuhns, lane Palmer, Sue Rector Esther Schreck Karen Adams Fira Sue Oden Loretta McFarland, Marilyn Ploufie, Carol Sue McCulle, Leslie Carrier. Seated: Ianice Hesser, Nancy Evans, Anne Hunter, Deanna Gray, Susan Lund, Irene Carson Barbara Arb Shirley Bush Sheryl Mayfield Standing: Helen Hageman, Carolyn Storms, Anita Edwards, Barbara Hood, Pat Hood Pnscllla Allen Donna Wlmer Martha Ann Rutledge Ianice Thorne, Martha Hutchins. Mary Ellen Braman. 202 ,--av vga'-Y' Kneeling: Carol Bell, Mary Brittian. Sitting: Sallie Cheeves, Kay Wedel, Ianiece Powell, Karen Hawley, Sharon Deyo. Vickey Robinson. Linda Carr. Standing: Gretchen Van Dyne, Sue Goodin, Bonnie Gould, Marlene Boxberger, Iudy Ayler, Marsha Spry, Lynda McCune. 3'-19 Anne Berger, Marilyn Hoecker, Pat Kirkbride, Ellen Kruger, Iane Northcutt, Linda Darnell, Melba Cox, Iudy Cooke. Seated: Iudy Paxson, Ruth Ann Goodrun, Karen Prather, Bonnie Wheat, Iudith Schwartz, Linda Garrett, Linda Rake, Kathelln Coyne. Stand ing: Kathleen Neill, Dorothy Riegel, Mary Ellen Hendrickson, Roberta Huseby, Linda Brosius, Barbara Ludvicek, Mary Alice Kessler. ludy Wertzherger, Norma lacks, Sandra Hunt, Ruth Bramble. Martha Murphy, Iudv Duncan, Loree Bressler. 203 Sittinq: Marjorie Buttron, Iudy Gentz. Dee Comas, Bette Church, Betty Church, Betty Stainbrook, Kay Phelps, Gay Smitson. Standing: Virginia Velasquez, Mary Dee Ford, Bonnie Kuleman, Beverly Purcell, Ian Riggs, Carlene Baker, Pat Bernard, Pam Mueller, Louvenia Hageman, Ieanne Greeson, Kaye Reitz, Barbara Lehmberg. Seated: Farideh Ensha, Meredith Storrer, Barbara Alexander, Ioann Hill, Nancy Medcalf, Barbara Sampson. Standing: Cheryl German, Bev- erly Allison, Linda Mathias, Donna Covey, Pat Ringer, Ianet Holliday. Sharon Maxwell, Sandra Rader, Barbara Cooper, Ruth Briggs, Martha Hurd. 204 Seated: Sandra Fraser, Brenda Atkinson, Carolyn Corban, Mary Ann Page, Elaine Duncan, Nikki Drum, Kay Mahan, Brenda Lee Edgerton Standing: Karen Tucker, Luella Newcomb, Nancy Green, Donna White, Ioan Smerchek, Iudith Nelson, Ianice Higgins, Dixie Taggart, Vir- ginia Stranathan, Norma Sue Pyle. Seated: Ianet Fox, Darlene Harz, Elizabeth Sly, Caroline Cox, Nancy Phillips, Karen Wemmer, Barbara Wilson, Cecelia Patty. Standing: Susie King, Betty Ann McMillan, Patricia Bernhardt, Brenda Phelps, Rita Obermeyer, Glenda Legg, Mickey Holt, Sharon Smith, Karen Fish, Marilyn Oberle, Dorothy Coleman. 205 .., Al. .... .. Kneeling: Donna Dohm, Gay Withrow, Yvonne Winkley. Seated: Beta Harrison, Barbara Smith, Mary Shough, Carolyn Ulrich. lanice Baker, Glenda McNew, Sally Gaines, Sandra Betts. Standing: Kay Freeman, Ianis Gustafson, Sandra Milner, Sidra Wilkerson, Mary Kercherval, Lois Elaine Gordon, Marvalea Iones, Audrey Wingard, Sandra Shumaker, Gail Abbott, Elaine Smith, Lyla Beth Cook, Arah Lee Alton, Marebel Novoa. Kneelinq: Ianiece Powell, Barbara Riggs, Carol Wullemeyer, Helen Wiegers. Seated: Carol Herl, Anita Altmann, LaVelle Lattimore, Iama Binkley, Fredene Lindbeck, Iana Ogden, Nancy West, Carolyn Mayden. Standing: Rosita Cheryl McCall, Marie Gordon, Linda Vernon, Saundra Gragg, Sandra Stacey, Kathryn Schierling, Darlene Allen, Ierrie Hughbanks, Ianie Clary, Mary Ann Mahon, Carolyn Budd. Ioyce Mills, Mary Ioan Maher, Patricia Noble. iw Lf'7Y34 x if Y"'f.,xA 'twill' Q-in 206 w ' I L. sf Kneeling: Beverly Maechtlen, Sheryl Becker. Ioan Tarwater, Ellen Parish. Seated: Margaret Renner, Martha Gill, Carol McGee, Kay Boles, Marinda Bailey, Carol Skarphol, Marcia Deschner, Dianne Suits. Standing: Joyce Stieven, Cheryl Auer, Sharol Loucks, Elizabeth McTag- gart, Angeline Youngdahl, Kathleen Ritter, Georgene Hampton, Barbara Kent, -Iudy Martin, Essica Stallings, Paula Smith, Fae Pruitt, Shari Low, Darlene Rothtuss. Kneeling: Nancy Smith, Sue Lowman, Connie Manske. Seated: Teresa Finch, Priscilla Thomas, Martha Sue Miers, Ruth Fruit, Clara Cham- bers, Sharon Craig, Ianice Henderson, Karen Floyd. Standing: Karen Arbogast, Ianice York, Nancy Lawson, Carol Twietmeyer, Pat Reep, Laveta Ann Brunn, Donna Miller, Betty Selvy, Patsy Edwards, Sonia Swenson, Iackie Bowers, Sharon Peterson, Nancy Nollar. lulie Mulder. 207 Seated: Vicky Sue Long, Loretta Scrivner, Betty Schuyler, Shirley Howes, Linda Butterfield. Daisy Kinoshita, Sandy Wainscott, Mary Beth Smith. Standing: Pat Bobier, Marilyn Gertsen, Ioyce Reusser, Mary Beth Ore, Jeanne Suderman, Linda Sue Short, Ianet Groom, Betty Boh- nenkemper, Ianet Houston, Ianice Yamane, Seated: Ian Durant, Carol Claycamp, Koralee Warren, Ianice Gary, Barbara Morris, Nancy Sullivan. Standing: Mary Iones, Ieanne Danker. Bernice Hogan. Pat Christiansen, Iudy Pitcher, Iudy Lynn Stewart, Sharon Iordan, Ruth Ann Rauuer. Karen Marmia, Carolyn Rumaqe. A-we 218 MEN'S RESIDENCE HALL The newest addition to the Emporia State campus is the Men's Dormitory. Front row: Kerwin Schultze, Glen Lojka, President, Mrs. Eva R. Williamson, Housemother, Wendell Davidson. Brice Buch ler. Back row: Paul Allen McKnab. Marvin lrey, Roy Iohnson, Larry McCall. Charles Cottril. 'Y it 222:41 Front row: Dave Calvert, Bob Brandenburg, Marvin Flater, Don Earley, Jimmie Robertson, Brice Buehler, Ed Holub. Back row: Norman Avery, Lyle Iohnson, Charles Atkins, Paul McKnab, Roy Iohnson, Dick Olson, Ed Metcalf Verle Man- warren, Bob Duncan, Lynn Reed. First row: Ronald Cain, Rodger Gaskill, Bill Emory, Dallas Northcott, Bob Neil, Verle Punke. Second row: lack Stewart. Wendel Davidson, Gene Lewis, Ioe Utt, Neil Dobbin, Gary Iohnson, Bob Waner, Fred Kunkel. Third row: Ioe Strube. Larry Koegeboehn, Lyle Hall, I. K. Macklin, Ed Lawrence, Angus McFarlane, Kervin Schultze, Iim Truelove, Bill Padgett, Eldon Britton. Fourth row: Gary Gorham. Dave Fankhauser, Gerald Skibbe, Riley Seay, Iohn Riddle, Russ Brown, Larry McCall, Otis Lovette, Larry Reiser, Iohn Bryant. 1 L E , 1 - f First row: Martin Halley, Bob Kasselman, Eddie Webb, Iack Gillend, Maurice Leckinqton. Second row: Iim Smith, Larry Kimball, Gary Yocum, Keith Irvine, lim Roth, Larry Lynch, Lenny Lynch. Third row: Bob Riney, Frank Hancock, Lowell Cooper, Douglas Pope, Larry Eiler, Philip Richter, Don Iordan, Gene Heitmcm, Hossein Rahimian, Leon Taake. Fourth row: Iames Anderson, Duane Mclntire, Marvin Irey, Larry Knipp, Roy Pointer, I. D. VanSickle, Don Harding, Frank Mitchell, Curt Haslrill, Ian Minor. First row: Steve Gleason, Galen Graff, Richard Hardesty, Keith Greiner, Benny Doughty, Larry Bender, Kenneth Wil- liams. Second row: Charles Cottril, Dale Greiner, William Hammers, George Alexander, Kenny Miller, Gary Baugh, Harold Heaberlin, Gary Condra. Third row: Glen Lojka, Richard Kellogg, Kenneth Babcock, Kerry Granger. Maurice Setter, Robert Brown, William Dwyer, Gary Iones, Kenneth Koitan, David Fry. gi? HUI O' HAWAII The Hui O' Hawaii Club with a membership of forty, is led by Rosalinda Bello, President: Kenneth Thomas, Vice-President: Irene Oshiro, Secretary: and Donald Fujii, Treasurer. A mixer was slated at the beginning of the school year to acquaint the new students to the club. An Initiation Program followed the membership drive. Although the Hawaiians are far away from home, they, nevertheless, celebrate holidays and celebrations with gay parties and mixers. The highlight event of the year was the Ha- waiian Pageant held in the spring. Its purposes were to raise funds for a scholarship and to bring Hawaii to the people of Kansas. The school year ended with an "Aloha" Party for the Hui O' Hawaiians. ?"""'t H First row Tom Hayseldon. Mary Ann Zaima, Donald Fujii, Linda Bello, Ellen Suenaga. Dianna Mack. Second row: Wal- ter Tokrshi Ianrce Yamane. Daisy Kinoshita, Nora Urakawa. Lawrence Yanagisawa, Ioji Yoshiyama, Clyde Takeshita. Earl Tanrmoto Edward Tengan. Third row: Gary Mason. Ierry Yakono, Roy Kawamoto. David Itokazu. Stanley Dela- cruz Francis Nomura Harry Mitsui. Robert Kakogawa, Tom Shizuru. 213 M1,-, f .- . - 214 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL Front row: Erik Conard, Edwin Eilert, Iim Anderson. Roger Green, Sam Graham. Back row: V. T. Trusler. Dean of Men Iohn Harker, Arlo Hermreck. Tom Firxcken, Dave Heaberlin, Melvin Anderson, Assistant Dean of Men. Alpha Sigma Alpha housemother. Isabelle Walker. Kaye Iohnson, president of Alpha Sigma Alpha. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA " 5 Q., 4, K 216 Home away from home for the Alpha Sigma Alpha girls. Iean Billing Doris Black Ian Blackwelder Marilyn Blowey Ianice Bonewitz Sue Bradley Marge Bulkley Kay Cantrell lane Carpenter Iudy Carpenter Ioanne Chlebowski Bette Church Mary Lou Conyers Sue Crow Helen Dawson Suzy Dozier Doris Drehle Loretta Ehlers Indy Fenton Jeanette Ferrell Mickey Holt Norma Huston Kay Iennings Marcia Ievons Kaye Iohnson Vicky Kilcoyne Sharon Killion Kay Kowalski lean Lang Betty Lantz Nancy Livingston Carol McGee Ellen Martin Sandy Mendenhall Iane Miller Iane Miser Carol Olson Polly Pierson Karen Prather Lalune Revell Connie Ring lanette Ritter Pam Sauder Sonnie Shepherd Sharon Smith Betty Stainbrook Kathy Stout Honda Sutton Ann Thomas Garda Torrence Ianis Viar Twila Von Fange Margaret Yeager Karen York , Haul ' IN. "" J., , , 5..3"hY V 'ff-'I 'N - 5 Z rt M ff! 4 wir th . , .. I A' . 3' 'fs V '-'-t 5. "' 519' ,ww 1 1 ' 2.1-4. .A ' I- I p f-fr' ui A , F3 5 ti :rr is - we in . yy is-.1 as - 1. .sr 'M - .. - 'ft . f -S -8 . Q "' mv .Er 4' 'v-5- y if -5 "Q" ,.,. - ' - , ,V . 1 . .,,. R fr it A L J u . ti an . , I : - N. .7 i" K i I xl glliff i ' ' gag: :I ,, K: Q. K PM 4-ff'-x xy 'M ""' , it-A 1- vgvg i ty giwiihyl i l M of -4, . . r it l f i - QQ. 'Ti Q. e K ' ,. S 'eet A ' i 'B fp . if '.u,,. .x f. hir. , . it - B . i as Q. lt 1 A e --M. to 1 at My 22 f" i . " 'f' fi -Z1 Qi' f l'l'T1"i'f ? Q bs. .J :N .Q is 4' 'WR' U 5 5' - vs Q . , Q. . V, i .. l K' Y' iti . a B 217 Q SV' ., ., 5 -71, 4 Alpha Sigma TCU h011Sem0fh91'f Della Nelson- Work and good times center around the Alpha Sigma Tau house on Constitution Street. ALPHA SIGMA TAU 5-'V t-, 218 3119 'lwlny Karen Adams 553 - Karen Becker ' Sheryl Becker lv ,f Kay Belfield , Bette Bichet Donna Blue Carol Brant Marie Bums Ian Zerener, president oi Alpha Sigma Tau one Coyne enny Coyne marc: Dawe rcia Deschner y Diller ttie Dodd Saxon Doxnctnn ,yce Gilbert ,e Goodin uncy Green :t Halbleib La Howell rrolyn Iohnson my Iohnson nnie Iones ertie Knoche rlanna Linebarger rbara Livingston san Lund ury Ann Lutz ina McKanna vezly Maechtlen Minnis a Miser iy Money anna Morey nkie Morris bara Murray thy Myers cron Reaburn L: Rector 'ce Reusser tice Higgs ly Rule 'Aelia San Romani nnie Sawyer ly Schmelzer tsy Schottler rri Schwcrrtzman 'rna Seidel 'kie Sell ly Shipley da Smith ry Beth Smith xrshcx Spry erta Spurgeon nne Suits 'ce Trapp nella Vosburqh brri Waetzig ndy Wainscott nnie Ward nnie Wheat nna White andcz White L Zerener fill. - 1:9 Tig - L .4 ,-E'Q"'x f rf " E x Jima M W L , .,, n.. ,K sw . E, gg S -f in -.J ch iw- v-1 6? Q1 -7- , 4?-5 f - :J e . S , I - - ol ' Q '93 5 iz fs' X.. A hi y W an 35 S yy i ' fe K . . ,.:, if-Z fi I :.t S Fi S gg 'Wg .,.Ak'M1" e.. , af ,E ' 4' "' S, 5? W 1 S M a rf 4? t. S . fl S 6 -" ,, ,nf 1 ' X me S fi S ,S I -Q' k 'vox -K A X I " x ' S1 S , at J , gl l ? ' -'fr g S . flf , 1 S " V if 'E S W, Q., ,5 h S3 K C3 ,X t ,4 ff n 'A Q e .. ,J in i S ' ,S yy y V Q J no iykyil 5 AL ' ..--to ff je my I - . v, -VL, '. ,V XS," i 1 -'L 122 ' ,Nl r 'L ""'s. -Q , -S ' t y M 2 K t A - my , 5 h A , we j i- W Y f it . K Fw 5 . Y K - ., A gun V S f t ut i F ii The comer of 10th and Merchant is the focal point of the busy ac- tivities of Delta Zeta. fs. U., EW, ff , Z, , ffx,,f-'5fr,,,-,fr , - ' L,-'Mfg 1 f' 'Q f mx' ng .53 :K if 4' r r , y t y t Ax i tyyr N ti: Q, Q S ,r me N Iudy Welton. president of Delta Zeta. DELTA ZETA The girls of Delta Zeta would like to dedicate this page in memory of their past housemother, Mrs. Florence Yearout. We shall always remember her as a kind and gracious lady. 'iw-ii .v .nu-7 -J' 'Q7' awe V 1? I, A 1 g, ,, .. QQ, - r he n. Q " 1' 'Mir K , ..,y, , ' 220 A r f ae r ik 3 A E h 'Z ,gr Y -3 1 Delta Zeta housemother, Florence Yearout Barbara Bartlett Muriel Becker Gail Bradford Linda Brosius Nancy Brown Ieanie Chambers anis Clary Pee Comas ue Curtiss uzanne Dall mn Davis at Davis 'ancy DeKeyser hcrron Deyo hyllis Dyer lheryl Early aren Erbes 'onna Feese onna Franklin ay Freeman larcella Glass uth Ann Goodrum onnie Gould lnda Henkle renda Homman orma lacks oretta Iohnson ay Kallail lary Kessler everly Klein eanna Krey vyce Leeper ancy McFarland fary Ann Mahon fary lane Martin nn Merritt e Miers rol Mills tyce Mills ildred Moeder ut Murray ary Ann Page :anna Pearce t Beep ydell Rowan txthy Schierling :xrolyn Schupp :xrlene Shoemake andra Smith anna Stormon! ath Stoskopi xula Stucky nda Thomas lenda Thorne xy Tomlin aanna Wagamcm anna Walters arilyn Weaver dy Welton dy Willis xren Wilson aanna Wittman Al . 'i " EQ ' 3552- fir. T, E my E X E V V' ' . L 1 'sp . fx.. , i l if .. .,... W TX , , ga 262 'Dr , lj A l'litis ' W 1. D vtt D !A L no vsl S.. l at I. gas Q Q xv I , ,. A .: ,H --:' ' ' f , 'G 1: 72 A , . A '15, vvyv ,- : fq 'v-'::r,w.vg gg? -,gill Ill 5" ll 1 I -2-L: 253 is .kr idx' . My i,,- '15 ,:,, t 1. eg I -if y vv t e lfl st A L R If as an 'T ,V -5 s li r 4--v , L l li U g.' v--- , Q B 'if H C, 3 S EQ.- wi sf A .L vol bmi: nv if Q ff M K 221 Miriam Rogers, president of Sigma Kappa. Found at 136 West 12th is the college home ol the Sigma Kappa girls. Priscilla Allen Iudy Ayler Carol Bell Iudy Black Nancy Browning Irene Carson Donna Choice Iudy Doran Ianice Dutton Louise Erickson Ioan Farber Karen Fredrick Glennis Gallup Ieanne Greeson Barbara Groothuis Karen Hawley Sandra K. Hetrick Anita Higbee Ianet Houston Wilma Kelly Ieanine Langteau Kay Mahan Patricia McDowell Louetta Maxson Marie Meyer Ianet Murray Nancy Lea Mustoe Martha Oldham Mary Beth Ore Foe Pruitt Carolyn Storms Darlene Sutton Sharon Swender Priscilla Thomas Iulane Wells Pauline Browning Young J f K: 5' X N is ,P sr fwfr' Q Y Nl' I av- we 'G' -:sf is 7 ' ,J .ir Qi Mi . ,rl bl 'S 'iz M5 luv ww...- X . i 2. X . ' W .r "Ll 56 P -YV! WW, re, f sz 1 'ffl . f p we T , ,. ., ,, ,,,,. . :,.-.: if Lf PNG" Q ? ' - ff S 1 Wyatt -4+ In 'cr E, Y' The leading SCh0IG1'ShiP S0r0riiy. Sigma Sigma Sigma, takes time from busy activities for study. SIGMA SIGMA Sigma Sigma Sigma housemother, Betty Richardson. Beverly Allison Marilyn Appl ludy Ball Marge Becker Ianet Beckner Ellen Blaser Marlene Boxberger Barbara Brinkman Rosalie Brinkman Kay Brown Carolyn Budd Marjorie Buttron SIGMA Myma Winters. president of Sigma Sigma Sigma .f 1 V I .. ' ' 1 ' c gi A 9 I ' " i N fl ' 24. fr 'Iii f - .f' mf eee ' I ' V f7,,'f 2 , I M " -S Si R., JH v-.S "' 'Q I ix It f Q "" 4' 6 1 ,, , -Q x 5: N' , - wk 'Pi 1: . Q--rd "' 'S' -' f 2 " ' 1 uw' Q H """ E - le, I Lila Byers Ioyce Cochran Zoe Ann Cole Iudy Cooke Nancy Darmevik De Ann Dewey Ruth Dingwall Ruth Douglas Karen Downing Virginia Enos Mary Dee Ford Nancy Fulton Margaret Gaeddert Marilyn Gertsen Gayla Gibb Sue Goodwin Ann Holmgren Roberta Ingels Rhonda Johnston Paula Iones Kitten Keith Bonnie Kuhlman Evelyn Lange Kay Lindquist Karen Lowman Kay McBurney Mary McCourt Greta McMunn Iudy Manton Iudy Miller Iulie Mulder Marilyn Newton Nancy Noller Betty Osbourn Kathy Owen lackie Patton Patty Peterson Nancy Rassmussen Theresea Raven Reta Rogers Susan Fussell Iudy Schletzbaum Betty Selvy Gay Smitson Sheryl Stevenson Barbara Street leanne Suderman Linda Swender Kaye Talley Glynice Tawney Carol Thompson Marty Ward Sharon Ward Iudy Weber Karen Wedel Myrna Winters it , .- " G ' "ix ,' .J , ' , '57 W ,snr .. ...K f ,, A .,., , 3 . F ..,, t kh 1' V, A. H 74 rkr. -,K -. M ,. I ff f f ri .. 1 " Q - pf , M ,, gf., so 1 . ff- 'V I '52 H A3 P A 53. at t eq- nr . et 9 R K y .-t ae - R W ' f-.,"i T v he -' - 4 "' f - ,.,r in to J J 2 ' era l so ...rn . I' Q, . Q ' 1' 7' W A 1 , '51 an F' f Q' N sf. is-H' .I "T A? ts EE l"""'- is c t... 5 . 5 " if pt ,r ".f-"' R gg: :. .. r -4,-. Q V A al L ,-H 'UU , ,. .K ft, 99", Q A l vl 4 if ..-x 13 ,F ,rzy is 'SQ-E? if .6 . je, 6 mr- -or 7' ' ,,,V t it 1 ,.: , K , .5 Z5 'yii , 'tr 4- A G f ' K ,,,, r.,. 5 G Myle s , " H as 'Q 1-'ff 1-, f it .I ' fs 44 , tiff if 1 .- 'li ' f' fd A V ' r Q' wise' 43 -..,..,. ei , . 'il' we f ' 21' -O 2- if 01 - ka 2 ff 4,--F 3 4 4 '!?' ew r.. H- . 5 1 r 5,51 .. 'S ,,, 5- 5 ft : 'x iii' lt: A fx:-:, all -' 2 ,, rf X K 5 if F, Aga ,..., S Alpha Kappa Lambda housemother. Alma Thoren. Dean Wall, president of Alpha Kappa Lambda. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA , One of the newer fraternity houses is Alpha Kappa Lambda located at 1309 Sylvan. I' David Allison. lr. Charles Atkins Gene Bahr Reggie Bales Marshall Barton Don Bliss Larry Berger Kelvin Casebeer Garry Chaput lim Dickerson lim Downey Stuart Forney Iohn Frey Stan Goble Don Harter Ron Haxton Sam Hayes Dan Heidrick lim Hiebert Harold Kaiser Phil Kern Max Kesselman Allen Kirk Robert Kiser Galen Lambert Max Larsen Gordon Long Robert Long Dick McCall Ed McKee Duane Medley lim Metzdori Stan Mick Bob Puckett Gary Richards Eddie Sanders Vern Schroeder Gary Sherrer Don Srajer Larry Stanton Steve Stegall Gary Tranbarger Dean Wall Clarence Warner Iim Wartick Dave Weins Iohn Welch Ierry Wilson 594' an if ' ,fee bf 1 ff um. L ri ll 'f as qu is tw i , i fr- ss? S YM? G ga' V X r fi ' sr N! ' 1 se., refs t S Qi Z, 43- W 'V 1, "1" aqnw. Q-C' se' M G' 'gg 1 .gi igzz , re' M ,ii X f S is ' '53 P, 2 1 . w ' 'X I 1 F LL 4 A f - , 5 iw.-:f f . , y 'Y ,Q 'Q 'P' -' we " 1 az. ,L ""'.r vw- 'fc gee K- e 'Q W, 'l' DH T" ..., F17-Z' 'D' L 9 34, Q K I' L- in like-' A va ,, A my A A GTK j . V -, Sri f 159, Q-v gl 5 ' , "V 'VN 'Q ' Ziiliiif. ak is in 6? lk' -Y :'k fl- -M, vc.- L S S, sw -ffl Q W. Qi' My -'K , ag y lf. f ""' E' ek- 'N ' 'fl' v-I W L... hill K 227 PHI SIGMA EPSILCDN Good times as well as work may be found at the Phi Sigma Epsilon house. Iames Anderson Iim Applebee Neil Auerback Stanley Brown Mason Caywood, Ir Ieif Crair Arnold Davidson Iames Deckinge! Raymond L. Feltner Tom Fincken Tony Genova Gary Girod Robert Heaney Bob Iohnston Kent Keahey Donald Lohrengel Iohn Nauman Bob Ott Gene Wesselowski Charles E. Wilson nys 1 G .si M Q 1 r A .K if 1 X31 ' -fr N area, rs Y S n 'K' 'V' 229 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 'I'he comer of llth cmd Commercial is the place culled home by the Sigma Phi Epsilon fellows. 230 If- ff H. Mac Borqna lim Brittain Fred Bussey Gerald Cox Gary Crane Allen Dailey Ben Doughty Bill Frazier Lamont Godsey Melvin Goetz Sam Graham Harvey Hacker Larry Harms Arlo Hermreck Charles Holloran Dick Houghton Paul Huston Larry Larmer Maurice Matile Charles Meadows Gary Nicholas Larry Pell Kenneth Perkins Iohn Quinn Ray Rentfro Don Roberts Iim Both Dean Sanders Gene Schrader Gary Stotts Bob Stowers Ray Terrell Glenn Unruh Mill Wade Larry Ward Dave Wiley Gary Wisler iii' N 4... H1 7 : s Lam 6 V27 Q 3 .tip ..j1xW- if L"kk it' :gif . X X, ,g 4 an, gn ,if kv 4- . 1, ggi XTC 1 1 fi ' in ia .N f Z My be 'J , svqggi 5 I f Ed Eilert. president of Sigma Tau Gamma. Sigma Tau Gamma housemother, Elouise Pearson. SIGMA TAU GAMMA Pledges find busy work at the Sigma Tau Gamma house. -anz- Gary Albright Gary Byrne Richard Carlson Larry Carpenter Iames W. Chumley Gary Coulter Kenneth Cozad Stuart Cram Myron Drinkwater Bob Duran Frank Duvanel Edwin Eilert Larry Ensminger Mike Gallagher Roger Green Ierry Gump Bob Hamman Sam Hassler Robert Hastings Howard Ioy Glen Keith Gaylord I. Maples Lynn Meier Iames Melly Ralph Naegle F-'V lx s s 2 lx 'qu' my , an '4"".. W . . Ax 43,3 45- il '2 -. in ,K ii - f A if fr? an if r - -... r kr ,,, 3? F Ormond I. Parker Larry Perry LAS . W Harry Prall all QVWQL Roger Pulley A V M Ernest E. Raugewitz . ,fig l Buddy Redman ffl' Don Reichardt I - av Ronald Schierling its 'W .' QL, Larry Schneider Ronald L. Slaymaker , A Iohn Smethers ' 8 Terry Solomon Warren Thomas Iohn Vaughn Grant Walkup Dick Williams Tom Wyrick 'ati . fe 'W r, , '64- il W., WV, , .. .Inf W il! 'Bmw ww. 2 Gres 'mf 'ggi' 536' if ia Q ,I -in -wir 1 bg. 1, ii. ,, rl .-- Y, 'x 75-4' WWW' or-1 Sgr' af vw' ,,-, 233 ' f Allred Agnew Iohn H. Anderson Dick Barnes Garth Button Dan Chesney Iames Chrostu Erik Conard Robert L. Day Dwight Dellinger Iohn Dick Ed Eaton Kenneth L. Eaton Ted Eberle Willard Elledge Robert Fisher Kenneth Giger Dave Heaberlin Gary Hemmingway Warren C. Holmes Ioseph Hovorka Gary lohnson Gary Iones Dale McGregor Mike Newlin Ron Pippin Ben Powell Terry Purcell Larry A. Reiser Gordon Risk Paul Schmersey Lee Stieben lerry Suder lack Taylor Bill Thompson Larry Toburen LeRoy Wichman Duane Youse ,gg tp 212-r i QX G 1 fi, 'af l 5 .,,. t i . G il - '--' ' M 5 1 'J- rk .l f Y z Q if A fr . 'au Q Q if Q -1' W? Aw? 'J' . - .sr X nr:-5 F3- . - Q M t 4. Q, -1. ra v 1 0 '41 , . , 'P' 4, , " 4 5' A fe: 'gif 'V ", 1 'ill gf , 991 , . 1' lu , F 5' Q-ii I. l .. ?75?.'4 3- , ' "' 1- 'f Q, W, sri i Q ru, , r ,- , 5 . f c' , P' .f - ri-Q or ,... . A ' " W V 1 f k',,, iff f 2 1 . 4 1 if 'F' if ii Aka V1 - , k fx 52 1 gr., L ,rk Q , - aw.. ,. .I ry- - , fy ,W , W1 f in , gf , 7 ix Q , L A --Vw ' , ,, xg zu. f 1 Sf : : FH: 'iii ., , mv , ,,M.,,,.A . W., A f ifinswew-M. Mx . , ,.,,wf-f - .M ,, -WW, A, MM SWKNQQMM ww fu 1 HP f STUDENTS ill: 1 452512 qg,:.,,4V 37 is jr, if se 4' Z, Q5 W' ,yr ff-fag , .- - 1 r ,sill 21. I z , wx-',e:1: 1 pi :E+ 213.1 ms: ,-Qs: 25. H 1,551 31:34,-1 21-gwigzkh ,5 4-fin, 5Q2ifff ..:1i' fc 3 ' V- -.j'xx,5FG, . .A ,Aw L, ,,..,,..: 5 ' Zg1g,?g5,,g.f12f'i3q"- gr f Qi ,Q,'w,-11, - -w mv L -1 :1 '2:.2,jf,z,,,,j . 14 V ' V 12-1:1525waeQg,m, , :Q ,E 5 zwzzsgffsgganizeg ' ' . , f-' Islsjwzrffqf '.,g7..,.:: N' VE.LX'uf:-"Q Agsgf 521' 'ff' , 'wap as . f s,L,,wvf5f f f ri.if.4g1?1 gif fglifix, QE? M 55,5-,fwlw fini:-f X 5. ri Bmw- 'ufiilfmm V2 Rf ' , ew MZ 'fussy i sfffefivf ,ay f , 4 Mk, im, R W 'x -If rig -, if 'vim S1 7? 35f5wfff:15,-f 43 A Q5 , 36 ' ,Q w vlifmy. 15 'L' it ,, , , f dj .1 u Mx ' L W 6-:A Mi, Q. 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W X Jig-2, 'Et' A , ' Rb! 5 ,ft in ADAMS, DONNA IEAN ElDorado AGNEW, ALFRED Weskan AGRELIUS, IUDY Little Falls, New York AIKENS, KATHRYN ANNETTE Wilsey ALLBRIGHT, GARY Pretty Prairie ALLEN, WILLIAM B. Emporia ALLISON, DAVID E. Augusta ANDERSON, IAMES E. Burlington ANDERSON, IEAN Ottawa ANDERSON, IOHN H. Kansas City APPLEBEE, IIM Glen Elder ARMEL, GLORIA Humboldt ARNETT, FRANCIS Waverly ASHLEY, IANICE ELAINE Lost Springs AUSTIN, LOWELL Concordia AYERS, WILLIS K. Nickerson BAKER, DONALD R. Arkansas City BALCH, GARY Wichita BALLARD, MARSHALL Delphos BARNES, DONNA Mullinville BARNES, GARY Atlanta BARNES, OSCAR E. Larned BARRETT, HARRY Wichita BASS. CARLITA Marion BAUMGARTNER, WILLIAM CHARLES Wellington BEAGLEY, MELVIN Stafford BECKER, KAREN Arkansas City BECKER, MARGE Emporia , Q3 ,K , t , 2 ,gf ,7Vx uggv' N,-Ayqwu 1 ' 3, , ff I In :N .-,, W :Q ' N, X M . ., I . 4.6 WN. ix . 3 it V5 tl an I L 1gf:'g-Q' 3, W5 'fix' . f- , Q' .Mx , I . 9' 'Vw i A +P , .kL. I 'L X 1 . Lp- . 'W V 'K - V ,K ia Im 4, 1 QI Wk fr, ii X . A'.. B 45" I ,E if iz. is H 'fi vv- rf "' fr, -5, , ...... H ""'-'- ' 'gm' . N " . ' f if 5 'WK w, , '? ,, ,, -,-... J W t'izT?'? .S .. . BEEKMAN, IOHN W., IR. BELFIELD, KAY BELLO, ROSALINDA BERN, TONY BICHETT, FREDERICK A. BINGMAN, KIRKER BOCQUIN, MARGARET BOGGS, HAROLD L. BONEWITZ, N ORMA I EAN BRADFORD, LARRY BRAKE, LARRY BRINKMAN, BARBARA BRITTAIN. IIM BROWN. IEANNE BROWN, MARLIN L. BROWN, RICE E. BROWN, STANLEY D. BRYSON, ARLON C. BULKLEY, MARGIE BURNELL, ORVILLE C. BURNS, ROBERT W. BURTON, CHARLES O. BURTON, NADA CALDERON, I. ROBERT CALLAGHAN, BERNARD I. CALLISON, AUSTIN H., III CALOVICH, FRANCIS E. CARPENTER, GENE C. Ottawa Emporia Waipahu, Hawaii Claflin Florence Highland Russell Edgerton Wichita Liberal Kinsley Olpe Sedan Hutchinson Williamsburg Kansas City Mulvane Melvern Wichita Emporia Emporia Independence Council Grove Kansas City Ashland Kansas City Attica 2 . 'f -if-W 4 7 . A qi: -V 5 CARPENTER, LARRY CASEBEER, KELVIN CAYWOOD, MASON R., IR. CHAPUT, GARRY LEE CHINN, DAVID CHUMLEY. IAMES W. CLARK, BOB COLLINS, IANET CONARD, ERIK CONNORS, VINCENT COOK, DELORES I. COPPER, BARBARA COOPER, DICK CORDON, ELEANOR CRABTREE, IAMES L. CRAIG, ADA RUTH CRAMER, GENEVIEVE CRAWFORD, H. STANLEY CRAWFORD, LEON CROSS, RONALD FRANKLIN CURTIS, SUSAN CYPHERT, FRANCES DAHARSH, FLOYD A. DALTON, PAUL WENDEL DAVIS, KYLE DAY, ROBERT L. DECHAIRO, THOMAS C. DECKINGER, IAMES Seneca Hugoton Sterling Concordia Iunction City Ellinwood Conway Springs Goessel Lawrence Massapequa, New York Burrton Cheney Hutchinson Wetmore Emporia Eureka Olathe Vesper Dodge City Hutchinson Stafford Geneseo Emporia Chapman Dodge City Iunction City Westmoreland Wichita 1. 1 I Q ,, , E, , .rg ,, 55 , ,gp ff-with S- X J ...J f, ' Q, 'ff' 'ls -, wi 7 .WJ K. ' f as ,5 - -.,..1r , 'infdiff JK It W 'E' , rm, V ,NL 'M 'A g wfgwt , 19 I 1' 45 ' ..,.,- 1 gg A 4:4 'an 41: 34 , wk A' I I DeFOREST. EDWARD DEIGHTON. NED A. DELICH, DAVID LEE Lebo Rozel Kansas City DELLINGER, DEAN Overland Park DICK, BOB Hutchinson DIRKS, DeWAYNE E. Tampa DIXON, RALPH W. Burns DLOUHY, IOSEPH F. Holyrood DODDER, GEORGE R. Overbrook DRAKE, GARY Harper DREASHER, RICHARD I. Madison DREIER, SONDRA Shawnee DRINKWATER, MYRON Centralia DRUMWRIGHT, LEE Harper DRYDEN, RUTH Ottawa DRYDEN, SHIRLEY ANN Emporia DUVANEL, FRANK Benton DUVANEL, IANET Whitewater DYER, DAVID Haven EATON, KENNETH L. Fowler EBISUYA, CALVIN K. Waipahu, Hawaii EDGERTON, BETTY Columbus EIKER, LARRY Liberty, Missouri ELLER, RODNEY E. Glasco ELROD, IESSE L., IR. Moran EMERSON, MARIE Liberal ENOS, VIRGINIA Neodesha ENSMINGER, E. EUGENE Emporia 243 ,ALI X ps als it 17" ,,,, QE 7 . 3-KAI ' , KVV -1 : fi is fl f ut li C' 49'-. , -..I "W X . ,Yf 5-, IQ33 A 7 552 .Tile if 69 E ' W if is, 7i? lf .1922 i fi. ...V I Q' sr- , l sg L Vs . x l 6' at ,slr-V? .T':'. A tr.. if 3 -Q 141- 'G L , -fl ERICKSON, LOUISE Olathe F AHRNEY, KENNETH E. Hutchinson FALEN, SARA IANE Lost Springs FARMER, RODGE D. FARMER, ROGER E. Kingman F ELKNES, MILDRED Emporia F ELTNER, RAYMOND L. Emporia FERRELL. IEANETTE Topeka FORD, REX E. Chanute FOSTER, ROBERT T. Halstead FOWLER, ELLSWORTH Kenosha, Wisconsin FRANCIS, GENE W. Eureka FRANKLIN, DONNA Russell FRANKLIN, GAIL Long Island, New York FRANKLIN, GARY Franklin Square, New York FRAZIER, F AE L. Eureka F REERKSEN, GLEN Lebo FREIBURGHOUSE, BETTY Hiawatha FROESE, LYLE Buhler FRYE, MILDRED S. Quenemo FUIII, DONALD GAMER, ROBERT I . GANGEL, MARY GARDNER, MARY GARSH, MARIORIE GERLEMAN, IEAN GIESY, IERRY GLOVER, MARGARET Lahaina, M aui, Hawaii Strong City Louisburg Emporia Pratt Linn Burlington Olpe GOETZ, MELVIN GOVE, BARBARA GRABER, GERALD GRAHAM, DALE GRAHAM, SAM GREEN, CHESTER A. GRIESHABER, RAYMOND W. GRIMES. IAMES R. GROFF, RONALD R. GROOTHUIS, BARBARA GROVER, ARLAND L. GUMP. TERRY GUNKLE, CALVIN GUTSCH, DARRELL E. HALL, RICHARD HAMMER, LOIS HAPP, HOWARD HARMS, ROSE MARY HAROLD, NORMAN HARRISON. EUGENE HARRISON, SANDRA M. HART, DELBERT HARTER, IOHN E. HASSLER, SAM HAYES, ROBERT F. HEADRICK, MARY HEANEY, ROBERT HEDGECOCK, HM Hays Prairie Village Pretty Prairie Independence Russell Harper St. Marys Emporia Olivet Greenleaf Lawrence Carlton Neosho Rapids Burdick Russell ElDorado Palmer ElDorado Hoxie Delavan Sterling Hutchinson Bern Chapman Virgil Emporia Hempstead Kansas City 245 f 'Cv A, ' 551 , 4 ffgkxi ,,...,k ,L WL if W , .f'l,r,.. A '43 fin MK. I .W 6 lJ f 5, x .if- I K: ,fs QV1Ri5,,5,AV 'Mil if . 'SSL , F .i ' . ' 3 , A.AA I .7 'Gil' " H, we HEIDE, ARNOLD Wakeeney HEIDEBRECHT, IANET Lincolnville HELD, TED M. Emporia HENDERSON, CARL Severy HENDRICKS, DAVID M. Hamilton HESS, GLEN Madison HETRICK, SANDRA KAY Preston HIGHFILL, CLAUDIS Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HILDEBRAND, ROBERT E. Emporia HILL, F RED V. Kansas City HODGES, RUSSELL E. Reading HORRMAN, LAVERN Marion HOLLAR, MAURICE L. Marion HOLLORAN, CHARLES HOLM, IANIS SCHOOF Council Grove HOLMES, WARREN C. HUNTER, DALE FERRIS Stafford HUNTER, GERALD L. Parsons HUSTON, PAUL Emporia HYNEK, DENNIS I. Berman IHDE, PATRICIA IOANE Emporia INKANISH, GLORIA Hutchinson IACKS, IOHN K. Dodge City IACKSON, RONALD Humboldt IANZEN, IOEL D. Hillsboro IAVIER, GONZALO E1Prado, Guatemala IEHLE, F RED S. Emporia JENKINS, GARY L. Chanute I Qi, it at .. - 2 ,Q , . j.Qu.1 , , I A, ' be l .Jw fy 4:11 A my gs' ., . 1 -1 t ll x wt - , 1119 Xi 'X it Jai, ' mii, ,,.,,,. 5 8, ,I e,g,g , fix , QL ig It 53' KW Lt. . . , 365 y H L, E M 'f fgvur aw 1,,. E els ei-we , SLT." 1 -21? f, ' tr Igvff-1 b e riflfii? - 124 wuz: Wav Q- .V 'ei T JOHNS. GERALDINE IOHNS. MYRON IOHNSON. CAROLYN I OHNSON. RICHARD E. IOHNSTON, RHONDA IONES, SHERYL IORDAN, DON KAEGI, RICHARD E. KAKOGAWA, BOB KELLEY, EVERETTE KERN. IO SUSAN KESSELMAN, MAX KING, ROGER KING, ROSALIE KIRMER, ANDY KISER, ROBERT KLEIN, NOEL M. KNAAK. IOHN KOEHN, KENNETH L. KOGL, CLIFFORD KOLTERMAN, I. LACEY, ROBERT LAIRD, LEO E. LANE, LARRY LANGE, EVELYN LARSEN, ESTHER LAUBHAN, LAVERN LEGG. GLENDA M. Elmdale Topeka Arkansas City DuBois Emporia Wellington Little River Kansas City Wahiawa, Hawaii Hartford Kansas City Independence Ulysses Beaver Delphos Hutchinson Hillsboro Ulysses Atwood Seneca Caldwell Yates Center Dodge City Cummings Emporia Durham Hutchinson 247 xg my tsl, si li , Q 5 fi ,, , lsi, B ' :gg H341 ? Q . Z tg '55 it W, , 5 Big, . ,fb t ,L E ,, f ,KK t 4' ff A if ,,' .gs KW A , . will Q W 248 LeMAY, ROGER E. LENTS, ARMA LEWIS, ELAINE G. LIETZ, MYRON LIND. ALMA I. LITCHFIELD, VYRL LOCKHART, MELBA IEAN LOHRENGEL, DONALD LOIKA, GLEN FRANKLIN LONG, DONALD E. LONG, LOREN G. LONG, PHYLLIS LONG, ROBERT D. MAHON, STANLEY E. MANAHAN, STANLEY E. MAPLES, GAYLORD I. MARHENKE, DON MARKLE, BILL MARKLE, BRUCE MASSIER, MARY HOOPER MAUDERLY, MARY LOU MCBURNEY, KAY MCCHESNEY, IACK D. MCGUIRE, GEORGE MCKENZIE, ROBERTS MCMULLEN, LINDA MEADOWS, CHARLES A. MEHL BETTY JEAN Cottonwood Falls Topeka Minneola Eskridge Lyons, New York Ness City Burlingame Kansas City Cuba Beloit Abilene ElDorado Kansas City Dodge City Peabody Newton Eureka Emporia Emporia Ottawa Strong City Caney Narka Kansas City Neal Emporia Sedan Abilene 40 Ns., s 2 12 .. fir' 4 'WV' 5 F Ne fvv '!" 5-. iq , 'E' Y. ,R , .-L, . X. ,Ls 1: . if W r ,unix -an Q Qt 3 3- is A if 1 HG K 'H A ' 4 N " W 'S t 5 1 , 52- tit: kits 7 .: f it . ...L I. , WX MEYER, NILA MILHON. MARILYN MILLER, IERRY MILNE, IAMES FRANKLIN MITCHELL, ROME MOORE, DAVID MOORE, PHYLLIS I. MOORE, TOM I. MOREY, DEANNA MORGAN. IOYCE MORGAN, THELMA MOWBRAY, DALE MUSTOE, NANCY LEA MYERS, KATHERINE NAKAMURA, ROY NAKAOKA, CHARLES NEELY, LOIS NEWBY. W. R. NEWLIN, FORREST NICHOLS, KAREN NORWOOD, GERALD ODEN, ROBERT L. ODGERS, GERALD OLDHAM, MARTHA O'NEAL, ANN O'NEAL, ORLISS O'ROURKE, DAN ORR. IACK Osage City Wichita Hiawatha Sedgwick Atchison Hiawatha Council Grove Shawnee Hutchinson Hugoton McPherson Peabody Abilene Waipahu, Hawaii Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii Lewis Eureka Wichita Geneseo Russell Sterling Haddam Emporia Pratt Pratt Lindsborg Alden 249 my ff is L w I I Q I 4 El ffm-, . , Q.. , 'Q' ,, ,..,- tx, .. : , 5 ga -I ' J J I ' A ' " M 9 .ff'i?r' :is-vi, 12 iiy 5 , , , 'S 3'3" QR er:- . ,, if .. 'Qs' 3 5 I R -a-:"' . OSHIRO, IRENE Honolulu, Hawaii OTT, BOB Cherryvale PARK, IEAN KAREN Ottawa PARKER, ORMOND I. Emporia PARKS, DEAN RAYMOND Cottonwood Falls PARKS, DONOVAN Colorado Springs, Colorado PARRY, PATTY IO ElDorado PATTON, DELORES Walton PERKINS, KENNETH Russell PETERSON, IOHN Emporia PFAFF, ROGER Council Grove PHIPPS, I. M. Sublette PITTSER, DAVID Arkansas City PLUMMER, CLARENCE DeSoto POE, IOHN Garden City POST, RICHARD G. Stafford PRATT, ETHEL ANN Caldwell PURVIS, TED E. Arkansas City RADER, ELIZABETH Plainville RANDELS, LAURA Kiowa RAUGEURZ, ERNEST E. Centralia REDENBAUGH, LARRY Gardner REEVES, CONNIE REGAN. ED REICHARDT, DON RHOADES, SHARON RICHARDS, GARY RIDGE, RICHARD Medicine Lodge Kansas City Emporia Wakeeney Mulvane Dodge City M .iz I is wil' 9 ' , . wdbr i 5 PM 'fl 'zu . 949 he tcm' Ek if-VY C21 ' ' EE Nqr 71 K ...qv S' . ' 1. rf If K 1 fn rf ,5, WE' 1 if 'ur f wg .. J ml .6 A F -A? RIFE, ANITA Lyons RIGGINS, BOB Abilene RINGER, PATRICIA Hutchinson ROBB, CARMEN LaCrosse ROBINSON, DOUGLAS Florence ROGERS, ION GUY Osage City ROHRER, RICHARD L. Hutchinson ROMANI, AMELIA SAN Wichita ROMANO, RONALD Franklin Square, New York RONEN, IAMES M. St. Iohn ROTH, EVAN C. Ellinwood ROWAN, AMY DEL Mulvane RUSSELL, IEANETTE C. Marion RYLAND, SANDRA Caldwell SANBORN, DONNA Sedan SANDERS, EDDIE Pratt SANDERS, STEPHEN H. Emporia SAWYER, CONNIE Wichita SCHLAPPI, LARRY Iunction City SCHLESENER, PHYLLIS IANICE Hope SCHMITT, HELEN Oberland SCHMUTZ, MARVIN RICHARD Madison SCHNEIDER, LARRY Emporia SCHOLTEN, TERRY MEARS Leavenworth SCHRADER, GENE Emporia SCHRADER, STEVEN G. Osage City SCHROEDER, MILTON E. Alma SCHWAB, DOROTHY ANN Madison 251 rig, . .. 12' Ak . at I? mf it , .W .,, .., 9. .I - ,v VM, ,. 3, . Q' Y I t., A l L? L km if S f P , X .,A:.: as if at . f 4 . L A . in .2 S iw A Jrdgwy 'gi K as 9. .. ,mf I' ' N. . is E . ' - 3g P3 , . X . x X. assi : .,.: 1 Q, fam -f.-mans. L.., .. 1. 'Wei .. ,I I -' . ,HQ ' VTP' 2 V . . . . W mum- fa-at I' K fi lf' W , 4 . , I I, Q . ,,.., me if .i l tx SCHWARMAN, GERALDINE SCHWEIZER, ALBERT H. SCI-IWEIZER, DOROTHY SCHWEIZER. IAY SCHWINN, MYRON , SEIBEL, CAROL SELAN, IAMES A., IR. SELLERS, NORMAN SEYMOUR, ANN SHANK, GARY SHAW, KAREN ELAINE SHEPHERD, SONDRA SHERWOOD, RICHARD L. SHIMABUKURO, STANLEY SHIZURU, THOMAS SHORT, WILMA SHRADER, RAYMOND G. SHRIVER, T. I. SIMMONS, MARY PFEIFFER SIOBLOM, DARRELL SLAYMAKER, RONALD L. SMITH, DON S. SMITH, HAROLD SMITH, HAROLD S. SMITH, LINDA SMITH, ROSALIE SPENCER, CHARLES PHILIP SPRAQUE, GERALD A. Tampa Westphalia Burlington Milford Easton Leoti Arkansas City Emporia Linn Hiawatha Coats Sylvia Americus Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii Waialua, Hawaii Emporia Concordia Bethel Topeka Kansas City Peabody Kansas City Independence Stafford Herington Atchison Kansas City Q ... .. ,. .,.., .. , ' v ik iw. was-M, . gvz VS. if . ,, .. Q, ac? gf 1 5, N-.:" - v' X. E M 42 A X S x IVY? 'L 6.- 13455 .. I , Q' P Af- I X I 12, ,l L k: ,, Q w if N Q. ,' ' Q .. . . -+1-9 ei - ,A w "' f Y- . - I .1 few' , .. H 'Q' - 'Lx SPURGEON, ROBERTA STANDER, WAYNE R. STANLEY, HARRY R. STANTON, LARRY E. STATON. IOHN T. STEELE, BENNY R. STEELEY, ROBERT STINSON, ROBERT W. STOUT, SARAH STRAI-IM, GENE I. STRAHM, MERLIN P. STRANATHAN, VIRGINIA SUMMERVILL, MARION SWARTZ, MIKE SWENSON, SONIA SYLVESTER, LOUISE TAKARA, YASUD TAKESHITA, CLYDE TAWNEY, GLYNICE TEGETHOPF, HAROLD L. TERRELL, RAY THOMPSON, CAROL THOMPSON, CELIA D. THOMPSON, EDWIN R. THRASHER, DON L. TICE, LARRY L. TRANBARGER, GARY D. TRUECK, ARELENE Wilmore Wilsey Altoona Lamed St. Iohn Arkansas City Topeka Emporia Emporia Bern Sobetha Kiowa Marion Emporia McPherson Moundridge Waipahu, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Oqallah Morrowville Norton Horton Gardner Soldier Arlington Abilene Mackville Caldwell 253 E ,L W. E, 59' 5 Qs, ' ,, I it f Lg it X fbi.- W miss 91 .rg A ,iffy . , ,,,,,,,, , ,, fm- , B is R' N' Elf ' eva: L V :sl fsSi.,,. R' 212 ,Y Si.. ztflh-nv-n ,W 2131.1 -VA' . ff.-2931 I--ilfis if ' 22, : I , X , ii. , sr , Q, n s W gr' , gp.,- rv im gf 155: 2f.s::"- , 'V :,V Q. ix his A , S fs i ,k ,. 1. 2 is 3 fs 7 if F if Q,-Annu M N, 'E - 4. A. W sf 2 'H 'F' 5 fs iii' ss WP' yy Si Eta, UNRUH, RUBY UYENO, IRENE Waipahu. VAN HORN, EDWIN M. VAN NAHMEN, MILDRED VAUGHN, IOHN VIAR, IANIS VIERTI-IALER, HILLARY VOGEL, DALE VOSBURGH, DONELLA WADE, MILT WALK, LOIS LYNETTE WALKUP, GRANT WALL, BARBARA C. WALL, DEAN WALLACE, RAYMOND Deerfield Oahu, Hawaii Osage City Kinsley Emporia Council Grove Zencla Leavenworth Cheney Herington Leoti Emporia Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City WARD, MURIEL Emporia WARING, ROBERTA Excelsior Springs, Missouri WARNER, CLARENCE E. Burr Oak WARNER, SANDRA Arlington WARTICK, HM Wellington WATERBURY, F LORINE Ottawa WATERS, MICHAEL F. Emporia WEAVER, MARILYN Emporia WEIDMAN, ALVIN L. Sylvan Grove W ,sf , f fn, s I , it 9' It TR 'W is 5' I .5 ,,:, 1. I I ji: :a"1' :E IQ' 6? 1 - ' A . is 7 WEIMER, DEAN R. WEINMAN, MARGUERITE WEISZBROD, DUANE T. WELCH, IOHN GREER WEKCH, I. PHILIP WELTON, IUDY WEWER, DONNA WHITAKER, ROXIE WHITELEY, PAUL WHITNEY, RICHARD D. WICHMAN, LeROY WILKISON, IANICE WILLIAMS, KAREN WILLSON, CHARLES E. WILSON, IERRY WILSON, SHIRLEY WIMER, VIRGINIA WINZELER, ROGER WIRTA, WARREN B. WIRTH, BETTY WISBY, WARREN E. WOLGAST, HAROLD D. WOLTERS, IAMES M. WRIGHT, RICHARD Madison Westphalia St. Iohn Emporia Emporia Hoisington Leoti Leavenworth Louisville, Kentucky Elmdale Seneca Caldwell Geneseo Bunker Hill Herington Cottonwood Falls Roxana, Illinois Forsyth, Missouri Embarrass, Minnesota Vesper Sterling Emporia Atchison Sitka 255 10. I ,sf as " X is his li YANTZI, IERRY YOO, DONG SUNG YORK, KAREN RAE YOSHIYAMA, lOlI YOUNG, DON R. YOUNG, PAULINE RUTH YOUNGER, IEROME I. YOUSE, DUANE ZEMITES. EDNA K. Kansas City, Missouri Seoul. Korea Holcomb Los Angeles, California Westphalia Emporia Hoisington Clay Center Kansas City 9. A 9 71 " O GRAD ATE if ' Q L4 5 vs' Qg 4 'QA Wh-53, vm- sf f ' 3 DAVIS. BILL D. Iunction City EDWARDS. ROGER Allen HERMAN, OSCAR CHARLES Hutchinson HYDE, SUE Emporia LANE, IAMES H. Cummings LEIS, IOHN F. New Hyde Park. New York MCGRATH, DEAN F. Waverly MURPHY, GERALDINE C. Gallup PENDERGRAFT, LOREN D. Salina SANBORN, IOHN P. Chapman ZEMITES, WILLIAM R. ZKEHARA. ZENICHI Kansas City Yomitani, Okinawa 257 Q 0 I If 3 0 -" 3 43' 0 J UNICDR 'A I Q 1 Qx 49? ' 0 fC ' v il JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROGER GREEN P d r TOM EINCKEN, V P d 1 SANDY WIAND, Se 1 y d'r f f f. .1 R A a f Q-- ,X M , , , ' - S Efx A X Iv i i S? J E, 7 aE 'QI 'M .. .. -iff, - w .1i'f, .. ..,,,A , li! HE 'i Q as X '. 1 if 2 ' 2 , -:',:-was j E : V: :f my 1:2 7 . Q lg Y , R, I 'W' V 7 ..... s . - . .. ,,1 .N ,Q- M I , ills, V, '- 'H 1' 'YT ' ' M, 'it ' R . H H I W -4 ,Y --,-,gs ff - ti . .,,- . X. . Q, fl 4 sv Hy. sf 'Ni Q W ,,f.,, 1. all 4' ft A 5 E , had ADAMS, KAY AMERINE, MARCIA ANDREWS, BERLENE ANDROES, BONNIE LOU ATER, GEORGE AUERBACH, NEIL BAIER, BARBARA Salina Belle Plaine Coffeyville Belle Plaine Hutchinson Valley Stream, New York Garden City BAILEY, LEROY Sabetha BAKER, RICHARD L. Atchison BARTLEY, ELEANOR Salina BASHAM, JUDY Eureka BERGLUND, IOEL F. Ottawa BERGSTEN, LaVERNA Barnes BERRY, GLEN A. Virgil BICHET, BETTE Florence BILLING, JEAN ANN Lindsborg BLACK, DORIS Emporia BLACKWELDER, IAN Augusta BLISS, DONALD L. Logan BODGE, KAY Portis BORDERS, IERRY Eureka BORGNA, MAC Altamont BOWLBY. MARILYN Wichita BRANDENBURG, ROBERT E. Parsons BRAN SON, MARTHA Bonner Springs BREWER, KAREN Wichita BRIGGS, RUTH MARIE Topeka BROWNING, NANCY Pratt sa y 'fe H .f if .5 I .fa ii , L is , A I vw 'kmg ' f I B -f A . ' is , t 3 Q 6 ,J K, 4 A. ' M V I ,,:: 1 ' my I I A k y in I Q X x v fx Z xi ' il . V,-, 1 if Y ,Q BRYAN, WANDA LU BUNDY, IERRY I. BURCH, BARBARA BURCHFIELD, DEE BURNS, WM. DUANE BURRESS, ANNA LEE BUTTERFIELD, MARY BUTTON, GARTH CALDWELL, MILDRED CANTRELL, KAY CARLSON, RICHARD P. CARPENTER, IANIE CAUBLE. IALAYNE CHANBERS, CLARA L. CHOICE, DONNA LOU CONYERS, MARY LOU CORCORAN, RITA COTTRIL, CHARLES COULTER, GARY COX, GERALD BRUCE COYNE, PENNY CRAM, STUART CRANE, GARY DANITSCHEK, GENE W. DAVIDSON, ARNOLD C. DAVIS, ANN DAVIS, PAT DAWSON, HELEN White Cloud Iunction City Emporia McGrew, Nebraska Delavan Augusta Milan Kansas City Emporia Parsons Ellinwood Abilene, Texas Mount Hope Kansas City Leavenworth Marion Onaga Fairview Oxford Augusta Wichita Emporia Severy Herington Marion Liberal Harper Elrndale 261 QPR E 4. .V 5' - ' iq ,tial K 4 1' Q J 61 Q an it f ,C 23, . Q ii W i. , 1 , W , aw .. my ... H g N 'K N ls Q i .. ff- V '. i" .M 7 fs if , F , it 1 9 S, Q i L, H f 1-ew 1 , Q' Q sv f it 1 xi fl Q am, 2 ,, , e E E 'rv I Q , I 9, 2 LE X Q Y 2 K2 of ww ' K ,, ' , V V .., ZI: ZE:4 , F ' , f I DAWSON, WILLIAM R. Ottawa DeKEYSER NANCY Deerfield DEMPSEY, CAROLYN Arkansas City DeVAULT, BOB Hutchinson DICKINSON, IAMES D. Beloit DILLER, IUDIE Belleville DODD, DONNA lunction City DODD, DOTTIE Eureka DODGE, IUDITH ANN Greensburg DOWNEY, IAMES I. West Hempstead, New York DOWNING, KAREN Deerfield DURAN, ROBERT Manter DYCHE, ROBERT Hutchinson EDSON, DEAN B. Topeka EIGHMEY, BRUCE Sedgwick EHLERS, WILLIAM Caldwell EILERT, EDWIN Valley Center ENSMINGER, LARRY Dodge City F ARBER, IOAN K Hoxie FENTON, WILLIAM Greenleaf FIESER, CAROLINE FERN Norwich FILLMORE, DARRELL Emporia FINCKEN, THOMAS G. New Hyde Park, New York FREY, IOHN Bern GALLAGHER, MICHAEL Emporia GARRISON, GAIL Independence GATES, DAVID Kansas City GEGEN, KAREN Maize GENTRY, NORMAN GIFFORD, WYNONA GILE, LARRY D. GIROD, PHILLIP GARY GISH, GLEN GLOVER, IOHN GRECO, ROSE MARY GREEN, ROGER D. GRIEDER, CLINTON HAEKER, HARVEY HALBERT, MARY HALBEIB, PAT HALL, LYLE HANNEMAN, PAT HARMAN, IOE HARRIS, LILA HARTER, DONNA HARZMAN, SYLVIA HASKETT, THOMAS HATFIELD, NANCY IUNE HAVERCROFT, LOLA MARIE HAYES, LINDA HAYWOOD, GERALD R. I-IEABERLIN, DAVID HEMMINGWAY, GARY L. HENDRICKSON, PAUL HERDT, ROBERT E. HERMRECK, ARLO Rantoul Emporia Emporia Towanda Harper Emporia Topeka Eureka Olpe Council Grove Merriam Garden City Dodge City Peabody Kinsley Liberal Bern Claflin Parsons Arkansas City Partridge Emporia Fowler lunction City Dodge City Eureka Hillsboro Richmond 263 Q. if S L if -nf , i , , Q Q, . . E f f A N g is X r, we Sf , B, if ' x k 'X 5,5 E 'v f ,, ws. ,,,,.. - -' 1, f i, it L,-w I ,ie . , ,V R ..f,-- -f fi' . w if ,133 ijljt f 93" T , 1191 is 1 ,E T. -:1i'E:1fg,f: " Q1 ft --fsvesisfia 1 224? f's!2ffr2z5:f5- HIEBERT, HM HIEBERT, ROBERT HIGHTOWER, NANCY SUE HILDEBRAND, W. G. HOBELMAN, WAYNE HOFFMAN, BARRY HOLLINGSHEAD, DARRELL HOLMAN, RONALD L. HOLVORSON, ROBERT HOPKINS, ELVY HOVORKA, IOSEPH I. HOWELL, DON INGERSON. MARY HELEN IREY. IOHN STANLEY IRWIN, SCOTT IACKSON, EUNICE IEFFERS, ROBERT IENKINSON. IUDY IETER, LARRY IOHNSON. GARY IOHNSON, SIGNIE KAINE, HELEN MARIE KAISER, HAROLD KAMMERLOHR, BARBARA KAUF MAN, LARRY KEAHEY, KENT KELLER, CLAYTON KELLEY, DONALD L. Newton Hillsboro Bern Burlington Bryon, Nebraska DuBois, Nebraska Coffeyville Hiawatha St. Marys Emporia Emporia Larned Caney Strong City Copeland Rose Chanute Meade Hannibal, Missouri Larned Norton Wamego McPherson Henderson Bunker Hill Winfield Winfield Chanute fs 'U X, ., ar fi 5 aim m f l ie f W iiiif li :,' it 1 KL- si 4? ., , A , I X .... X X I X , Q vi 1123 r. -W J, ' fu. , W 2 , fag'-1-Q KELLY, LYNDA KELSEY, DEAN KENNEDY, BEVERLY KEOWN, KAREN SUE KILOCYNE, VICKY KILE, DON KILLION, SHARON KIRK, ALLEN KLEIN, BEVERLY KNOCHE, GERTIE KOBETICH, BEVERLY IEAN KOWALSKI, KAY KRAUSE, FRANK, IR. LAMBERT, GALEN LANTZ, BETTY LARMER, LARRY LAUGHLIN, RUBY IO LEEPER, IOYCE LEES, IANIS LINDT. IORETTA LIVINGSTON, NANCY LOWENSTEIN, IERMONE MANKA, BETTY MANNING, IOHN MARTIN. IOHN MASKUS, IOYCE MASON, WALTER I. MAXON, LOUETTA Waverly Marion Chase Arkansas City Kirksville, Missouri Hutchinson McPherson Emporia Peabody Spring Hill Longford Emporia Hillsboro Cedar Point Chapman Russell Wichita Holton Hutchinson Kingman Sterling Olpe Augusta Ellinwood Minneapolis letmore Wichita Elwood 265 v Q X 1 ff ,L if K f P452 we M V, SSR. gg 1 ,fa t . gi 1, . il 1 so ' 'LF F , , 4 -1 1. '- Li- , .fa -': 1-12.35 ' ' V .si ff. : few. x 4 ' F if wg 2 i K .,,A ,A . ..,.. ,. . 4 1, . ,V . ,. - qi ,Q ga . . ,si Mi , , E Q? 5 I 4' x , S WWE 6 TWT' ga,i Q-1, QQ, 354159, MCELFRESH, ELEANOR MCLAREN. IOYCE MCLEAN, DONNA I. MEDCALF, NANCY MEDLEY, DUANE MEIER, I. LYNN MENZIES, LARRY METADOLF, I IM MEYER, ANITA MARIE MICK, STAN MISER, IANE MISER, RITA LEE MOCK, PAULA SUE MODDELMOG, LYLE MOEGE, ALICE MOHR, CLARENCE A. MORRIE, FRANCES MORTIMER, BRUCE MOUNKES, KAY MURRAY, IANET MYERS, KURT NAEGELE, RALPH C. NAKAMURA, ESTHER NEAL, WILLIS NESTLER, BILL NILSEN, IOHN NOMURA, FRANCIS NORMAN. IAY C. Emporia Chanute Independence K Hugoton Tampa Haven Morrowville Emporia Overland Park Tipton Cottonwood Falls Cottonwood Falls Reece Palmer Reece Maize Coldwater Brookville Emporia Soldier Galva Ellsworth Waipahu, Hawaii Hoisington Atchison Lawrence Los Angeles, California Eureka 1 . ' ,, ii' 15. 'GV' l .. Q tt , 5- L E' Q, K, ,,- G. , AA K F' 451. - s . 1... Q 4335. li S? vt. zfgis Ms--f .sf ii ' ' in 0' , 15'-I 'ei . E an OLSON, CAROL OLSON, LINDA RAE OLSON, RON L. OTT, MELVIN OYLER, IANIS MAYER PARSONS, MARY CAROLYN PAUGH, DWAIN PEARSON, RICHARD ARLEN PEDIGO, RONALD V. PELL, LAWRENCE MCSHERRY PENNER, KAREN PERKINS, IOSEPH W. PERRY, LARRY PICKERT. IAMES W. PRATT, SHARON LEE PUGH, RICHARD PULLEY, ROGER PURCELL, IEANETTE RADER, SANDRA L. RATZLAFF, LaVERNE REAKA, PI-IILLIP REDEKER, NORMA REGEHR, GARY D. REID, PATRICIA RUTH RENTFRO, RAYMOND RI-IOADES, MARY E. RHODD, BILL RIAL, FLORENCE Salina Emporia Emporia Wichita Norwich Chanute Ottawa Emporia Geneseo Kansas City, Mo. Chanute Kansas City St. Marys Hoisington Kansas City Kansas City Mission Ulysses Herington Hutchinson Reading Olpe Inman Goodland Severy Neodesha McPherson Mission 267 Q. fy, .wt san 5 Q mg xg gf' fm, 5? 353 'X ,Q 'M it iJi K ..,t,, ,-, Mit, -2 asa, ,, . .,.: ,W , -,1 W I f- af .c ,, ,,,fvQgfi,,5,. ..11,,,f I iam. -W :ig 1 . ff '- Q, 35, 5 A f- ME ti- I A X ' mins' 1. -' I,,i RINKER, RONALD LEE Merriam RISK, GORDON Muncie ROUNSAVELL, BOB Great Bend RULE, IUDY Herington RUNDELL, GEORGE M. Stafford SANDERS, DEAN Lyndon SCHLETZBAUM, IUDY Atchison SCHROEDER, LQVERNE Tipton SCHWALM, ED Baldwin SCHWALM. IOHN Alma SELLS, IIMMY L. Emporia SHELLY, MARY LOU Ford SHERROD, LORETTA Goodland SINCLAIR, PATRICIA Hope SKIBBE, IERALD Marion SLECHTA, AMELIA MARIE Mayfield SMETHERS, IOHN W. Kincaid SMITH, DONALD E. Hutchinson SMITH, PATRICIA Americus SOLOMON, TERRY I. Emporia SRAIER, DON Tampa STIEBEN, LEE Scott City STOTTS, GARY Emporia STUCKEY, PAULA Attica SULLIVAN, BARBARA IEAN Lebo SULLIVAN, NANCY Kansas City SUTTON, DARLENE Salina SUTTON, RONDA Emporia 9' rig, l Q ' as by XX Q'-v 4 V Q 9 M, ,, i. , W Q . S.. N , tg J? , ,wx X, , li' K A 1 , .. Vk, A C .HL vi' A-, , lbrf' gi I I Q" ' K fs. :fi n I '5- 5 'is f?Xa ' 3 I 'L 59- ,C as :il 3 , 2, in .. in 'R 1 SWAN, DOUGLAS A. SWENDER, KEN TAKARA, HENRY T. TANIMOTO, EARL TAYLOR, BEN THIESSEN, NORMAN THOMAS, KENNETH THOMAS, WARREN R. THOMPSON, BILL THOMPSON, NORMAN L. TOKISH. WALT TOMLIN. KAY TRUEBLOOD, LINDAL R. UNRUH, GLENN UNRUH, MARILYN VALLIER, FRED VON FANGE, TWILA WAGAMAN, DEANNA WALKER, DENNIS WALKER, IIM L. WALLACE, IEANNETTE WARD, LARRY WARNER, SUE WATSON, EUGENE WEIS, IIM WELLS. IULANE WENDLING. IOSEPH WENTLING, ELEANOR E. Overland Park Strong City Waipahu, Oahu, Hawaii Hawaii Yates Center Meade Honolulu, Hawaii Emporia Topeka Harper Maui, Hawaii Russell Hoxie Council Grove Hutchinson Irving Salina Dodge City Ottawa St. Iohn Stafford Hamilton Pretty Prairie Independence Melvern Pratt Olpe ElDorado 269 ii t f , H 'T no , ,, ri, xg we Q , i ve "vm Q , 1, Y ig e WESLEY, IANE Great Bend WEST, MYRNA White City WHEELER, ROBERT Mulvane WHITE, BARBARA Lincoln WHITE, GLENDA RAE Emporia WHITE, LEONARD LEON Geuda Springs WIENS, BETTY LOU Cimarron WILLIAMS, RICHARD Emporia WILLIS, IOHN D. Emporia WILSON , CHARLES Council Grove WINTERS, MARIETTA Reece WISLER, GARY Emporia WORCESTER, KAY Americus WYRICK, TOM Atchison YANAGISAWA, LAWRENCE Onomea, Hawaii YOCOM. ROGER Winfield YOUNGSTEDT, LARRY P. Waterville ZERENER, IAN Cheney 271 I 4 v- an . 03 41 of ' W S OPHG GREZ vs'-' Q3 gr-vi5.x L..-fx W x, L 'I' UH! 4? ,JJ C B X4 S, 2,221 3 , 1 CHARLES MALLORY, President OBERTA INGLES, Vice-President I SUE HAMILTON, Secretary cmd Treasurer x , -Ml LSCPHCDMCRE CLASS QFFICERS ., in L Tff ,Jn i . N N Orffsxg- fl x...1 - X1 ' as J- , W, 1555 - x . I. 1 A. . F, ,ay wr , U f - K 20' 2-:eff 1 , so -Q ,., 1 1 4, , H - 'Nm E. ADAMSON, PAT ALLISON, BEVERLY A. ALQUEST, DAVE ANDREWS, DONALD W. ARTUSA, DONALD W. ATKINS, CHARLES BAHR, ARLIN GENE BARNES, BRENDA ANN BARNETT, IUDITH BARTLETT. BARBARA BAXTER, ROYCE ANN BAYNE, BILL BEAGLEY, NORMA LEE BEAL, CATHERINE BECHTEL, GEORGIA BECKER, MURIEL BECKETT, THOMAS KEITH BECKNER, I ANET BEECHER, CONNIE BENORTHAM, ROBERT BLACK, IUDITH ANN BLAKEY, IANIS BLANCHARD, NANCY BLOWEY, MARILYN BOLEIACK, IOHN BOLINE, DUANE BORGER, LARRY BOTTENBERG, BERNIE Harper Cherryvale Winfield Coffeyville Long Island, N.Y. Cottonwood Falls Gridley Fujuaga, Calif. Clearwater Kansas City Neosho Rapids Honolulu, Hawaii Olathe Conway Springs Conway Springs Salina Garden City Neodesha Emporia Harveyville Pratt Great Bend Winfield Augusta Greenley Admire ElDorado Holton EI' -5' eff K l 2 41x it E , se Ni A K is E , it BREECH, CAROL BROOKENS, SALLY RAE BROWN. IAMES BROWN, NEAL E. BRUN ING, ANA MARIE BRYAN, LOLA BUCKLEY, BETTY BUNDY, VIRGINIA BURNS, IANICE BUSBY, DANIEL D. BYRNE, GARY CADY. IANICE CAMPBELL, ANN CARAWAY, RICHARD CARPENTER, IUDITH CARROLL, CHARLES CHLEBOSKE, IOANNE CHUBB, IAMES CLAYTON, IANET COLE, GAYE CONCANNON, T. M. CONDRA, GARY COOK, GENE DOUGLAS COULTER, NANCY COUNSELMAN, KAREN COVEY, DONNA COZAD, KENNETH CRAIR, IEFF Eureka Emporia Emporia Humbolt White Cloud Osage City Emporia Kansas City Delavan Lamont Centrailia Parker Alta Vista Lansing Kansas City Salina Sea Cliff, New York Topeka Caldwell Gardner Parker Protection Independence Kansas City Waverly Holton Emporia Levittown, New York 275 Q, 'Q 2: , 'Ki I 9 H Bair Y X fi if if T wwf' fig 5 mv" sis, Q f :ah gf it FQQ V ' h 5 , U CRAMER, NANCY B. Topeka CRAWFORD, ANN Paola CROW, ORINE SUSAN Logan CUMMINGS, KENNETH Newton DANNENFELSER, CHARLES Florence DANNEVIK, NANCY Centralia DAVIDSON, WENDELL Formoso DENNY, ROBERT Franklin Square, New York DICKERSON, IAMES Kansas City DODY. IAMES E. Lincolnville DOMANN, SHARON Winchester DORAN, IUDY Leavenworth DREHLE, DORIS IEAN Great Bend DRIVER, HOWARD EUGENE Quenemo DRYDEN, SHARON Osage City Du BOIS, LOUETTA Valley Center DUNCAN, IUDY Wamego DUTTON, IANICE Kingman DUTTON, LEROY Belpre DYE, DON Meade EATON, ED. L. Fowler ERBES, KAREN MARIE Bison EVENSON, MARIAN Lost Springs FAGER, GRACE Osage City FARBER, IOAN Hoxie FILBERT, DUANE Wichita FISHER, BEVERLY DAVIS Lyons FITZMORRIS, IOHN Coyville 12 4 ,,,, , qv ,x Q 4 1: ,"f lm. , . vb ,Y 4.- we 2 fx iv Q. wmv , ., 0 .E ty. Q' 'I' F E bv 5 X FLEEMAN, DONALD L. FLETCHER, NANCY FORESTER, DIANE FORNEY, STUART FRANCIS, DAVID C. FREDERICK, KAREN FRITZ, IANE ROGERS GARRISON, ROBERT D. GAY. IACKIE GENOVA, TONY GHAHREMANI, ALI GIBB, GAYLA GIESY, LEANA GIGER, KENNETH GILBERT, IOYCE GIMPLE, GLENN E. GIROD, BARBARA IEAN GODSEY, LaMONT GONZALES, CARMEN GREINER, KEITH A. GREINKE, RONALD GRIEST, MARIORIE GRIFFITTS, MARY GROOTHUIS, LINDA GUGLER, PATRICIA GUNTHER, MELEA HAAG, ARTHUR HAMII.TON, REGINA Topeka Chanute Edwardsville Sublette Eureka Emporia Rossville Emporia Gardner Glen Cove, New York Shiraz, Iran Emporia Moline Allen Benton Burr Oak Towanda Newton Florence Mulvane Eskridge Minneapolis Eureka Greenleaf Abilene Dighton Reading Cheney 277 .,,, dvvov Q1 , 'asf i 1 sf F , V rx 1 I 1 was J 5 X? Ei it z I .ir , nn. sag. .7 -- ,, is 5 X, 'Q tw, X lg Q 2 T17 t ,Q W a ', L ww 'RST' N" j'7iz,'?a.1I 'f A D - i tt 21 'iff' ' - ,, fx S ,Qtr mf ,. ti.. f , 53 -M 1 1. If jg p xrf V 2 XXI I HAMILTON, SUE Ottawa HAMMAN, BOB Lebo HAMPTON, ROBERT L. Ulysses HANSEN, SANDRA Newton HARBISON, MARGARET E. Cedar Point HARTER, DONALD Bern HASTINGS, ROBERT Emporia HATZ, KAYE . Sabetha HAWLEY, IEAN Holton HAXTON, RONALD Wetmore HAYES, SAM Kansas City HAYS, DORCAS Wichita HAYWOOD, BARBARA Fowler HEDRICK, WILBER Spring Hill HEIDRICK, DAN Beloit HEMPHILL, HAROLD Madison HENDRICKSON, WAYNE Eureka HIATT, NED Ottawa HOAGLAND, NADINE Erie HOLLIDAY, RICHARD Holton HOLLIS, FRANCES Hamilton HOOPER, ROBERT H. McPherson HOPKINS, MYRA Ottawa HOPKINS, VIVIAN Emporia HOUGHTON, DICK Wichita HOWARD, IUDI Oklahoma City, Oklahoma HUSTON, NORMA Olathe INGLES, ROBERTA Kansas City F E aw. up '2f .:. f ak: tx ag A . 3. Lf Q L -ta ez ' -' ' r'x 'U YU? ,- x . Q ,iiv V,,' l 1 x.4' ' or, 4' 5371, Q QQ 9' ff Q v- 5: to I X WN'f in... . I v' ,..ss t .ag X 4 Q IREY, MARVIN W. IRWIN, DENNIS IENNINGS, KAY IIMISON, CONRAD IOCHEMS, IOCKMAN. IOHNSON. IOHNSON. IOHNSON. IOHNSON. IOHNSON. TERRY DONALD KAREN RUTH KAYE MARY ALICE MARY LOUISE SHARON IOHNSTON, ROBERT IONES, PAULA KALLAIL, KAYE KEITH, GLENN A. KELLEY, BARBARA KERCHERVAL, MARY L. KINGSBURY, DONNA LEA KRUSE, IEAN LANE, GEORGE LANE, LILA LARSEN, MAX LAWSON, CRETA E. LAWSON, HAROLD LEBBIN. IUDY LEEPER, PHILLIP LEWIS, CHARLES E. LIVINGSTON, BARBARA Melvern Larned Melvern Stafford Bucklin Garnett Dwight McPherson Williamsburg Emporia Concordia Sea Cliff, New York Neodesha Wichita Kansas City, Missouri Winfield Dewey, South Dakota Abilene Stafford Emporia Emporia Louisburg Norton Pittsburg Ellinwood Harper Osawatomie Glen Head, New York 279 lm f f H X We av Q g 4 E7 3? 4 Q' mi., 9 'G x Q J Q, 1 I 5, 'U v LONG, GORDON LOWENSTEIN, MARY ANN LUEKER. DALE LUSK, IAMES LUTZ, CHARLES LUTZ, MARY ANN LYNCH, LAWRENCE LYNCH, LEONARD LYNDE, KAREN MACOMBER, IOYCE MARTIN, IUDITH ANN MARTIN, MICHAEL A. MASON, DON L. MATHIAS, LINDA MATILE, MAURICE MAXWELL, SHARON MCCALL, DICK MCCALL, LARRY McDOWELL, PATRICIA MCFARLAND, IERRY MCFARLAND, NANCY MCFARLANE, IOSEPH ANGUS MCGOWAN, IUDY MCKANNA, DONA MEANS, CHARLENE MELCHER, RUTH ANN MENDENHALL, IAY MERRITT, ANN Detroit Olpe Herington Olivet Olpe Emporia Long Island, New York Long Island, New York Meade Madison Eureka Ellsworth Council Grove Ottawa Americus Hugoton Russell Salina Salina Osborne Wichita Burlingame Dighton Newton Wichita Marion Emporia Burlington ns: A'-fx Q f 4 3 at , , , 56+ " S 61? Q, 'F ,pt MILLER, JANE MILLER, KAREN MINNIS, IANET MONEY, I UDY jfs vgxw., fir I- , I - E bf dr .qv se WRWHI X, EE QE,,EN rg 'J' s , 45,3 MOORE, EVA MAE MORRIS, CAROL MORRIS, KAREN YVONNE MOTT, IUDY MURPHY, MURRAY, MURRAY, MURRAY, DENNIS BARBARA CECILE RANDOLPH NAUMAN, IOHN NICHOLAS, GARY W. NOVO-GRADAC, SUE ORR, ELAINE OTT, RONALD PARKS, TERRY E. PERRY, KENNETH R. PETTIT, DAVE PIERSON, PAULA PINE, SHARON PIPPIN, CHARLES PLANK, MAX POST, MICHAEL POWELL, BEN L PRALL, HARRY C. PRICE, OLIVIA Elmdale Cheney Stafford Pratt Leona Arcadia Mankato Caldwell Olpe Prairie Village Prairie Village Emporia Emporia McPherson Bethel Topeka Wichita Eureka Waverly Great Bend Lawrence Lawrence Kansas City Harper McPherson Bethel Hanover Melvern 281 4 RH 4 t 6 4? I ,K ' K - a 4-.3 wg.. A f,, K W- 'iffy 'WSJ mi Q' . I. mp. T ' PUCKETT, ROBERT B. PURCELL, TERRY QUATTRINI, RONALD QUINN. IOHN RAHIMIAN, HOSSEIN RANTZ, RALPH RICHARD REABURN, SHARON REDMAN, BUDDY REED, SYLVIA REES, NORMAN REISER, LARRY C. RENNER, MARGARET REYNOLDS, NANCY LEE REZAC, LINDA LEIGH RHODES, EUGENE RICE, LYNNE EVE RIGGS, RETA BELLE RIMBALL, LARRY RING, CONNIE RITTER, IANETTE ROBERTS, DON ROBERTS, EDWARD I. ROBERTS, PATRICIA ANN ROBINSON, I EANNETTE ROCKENBACH, FLOYD ROLF, CARL ROMARY, BILL RUSH, ROY A. Sabetha Ulysses Bethpage, New York Wichita Tehran Franklin Square. New York Emporia Emporia Shawnee Emporia Great Bend Osage City Moline Rossville Wellington Wichita Cottonwood Falls Medicine Lodge Marysville Junction City Emporia Lebo Lebo Reading Belle Plaine Westphalia Lebo Great Bend Q ' IW V. ,iv ,-f 'ss Ja aw' i I e 1 1'f::2. ?T 5 ,W di-"ll if I W. s,.- iz -5 i ii K sw f 6 , 5, M, Y '--2 grim M W 5 H1 C sv . . ,wg A I F x V 3.4 sy. -3 , 'gif SAUDER, GARY SCHAIBLE, BARBARA SCHIERLING. RONALD SCHMERSEY, PAUL SCHRADER, LYLE SCHRECK, ESTHER SCHULTZE, KERWIN THOMAS SCHUPP, CAROLYN SEAY, W. RILEY SEIBOLD, PHIL SEIDEL, MYRNA SHANK, PATRICIA SHARK, ROBERT SHAW, BETH SHEPARD, LINDA SHERRER, GARY SHIMABUKURO, OSCAR SHIPLEY, IUDY SMITH, BARBARA SMITH, MARLENE SPIELMAN, EUGENE STOUT, KATHLEEN STOWERS, BOB STUTSMAN, BRENDA SUMMERVILL, IOHN SWANSON, WESLEY SWENDER, CONNIE SWOYER, IEAN C. Gridley Fairview McPherson Marion Abilene Conway Springs Melvern Emporia Kingman Drexel, Missouri Ashland E1Dorado Anthony Eureka Scranton Topeka Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii Goddard Houston, Texas Oberlin Lebo Cottonwood Falls McPherson Newton Marion Vermillion Wichita Winfield 283 ky y yy S 'Q fx. I TAGGART, DIXIE TALLEY, KAYE THOMAS, GLORIA KAY THOMAS, LINDA TOBUREN, LARRY TODD, NANCY TOLEDO, TOMAS A. TORRENCE, GARDA KAY TROLINGER, DONNA UNRUH, ROBERT UTECH, PAUL H. VALENTINE, LARRY VAN PETTEN, WILHA VERHAEGHE, MARGIE VOELAMECK. IOHN VOLKLAND, IEANNE WAIDLEY, MICHAEL WALTER. DONNA WAMSLEY, SHARLIE WARKENTIN, GWYDOTTA WATTS, DUANE WEBSTER, BETTY LOU WENDEROTT, SANDRA WENDT, IAMES WESSELOWSKI, ENGENE WIENS, DAVID WILKINSON, ARTHUR I. WILLIS, HAROLD L. Little Sua St. George Neodesha Horton Garden City Barnes Overland Park Placetas, Cuba Hutchinson Merriam Ulysses Herington mico, Wisconsin Overbrook Olathe Eureka Bushton Americus Wichita Leavenworth Wichita Emporia Burlington Dunlap White City Iewell Hillsboro Madison Mission f s ww' wt' 'fi' Wt, WILSON, IEAN BRUNNER WILSON, SAM WIZER, SCNDER WOLFORD, GRACE WOODHEAD, IACK C. WOODS. GAYLE WRIGHT, BILL YEAGER, MARGARET ANN YOUNGBERG, WILLIAM D. ZAIMA, MARY ANN ZUTAVERN, ERNA Herington Prairie Village Kansas City Madison Shawnee Peck Spivey Larned Garnett Hanalei, Hawaii Great Bend 285 I liz 1 -" 34, " FRESI-I AN .5 I 1 1 Qx 4,99 ' 0 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS PAUL SCHULER. President BONNIE ADAMS, Vice-President u ary cmd Treasurer Z T' X VR 45,9 . fy " f'f3ffSk X S Q? t gl 5 Agia? E? was x. ,gtk , 5 Akkyr gg if V Q1 1., ,. ,,A.,k,,,. 1735 '-.. ,.,,, ., J: Q5 " win .fgzegizhgqcx " J is Q' 2 gg? 43 mg. Q if U? x sl' 4 ,Zi I ,I H. :A ,, -V , ADAMS. KAREN ADCOCK, GRETA ALEXANDER, BARBARA ALEXANDER, GEORGE ALEXANDER, LOIS ALLEN, DARLENE ALLEN, PRICILLA ALTMANN, ANITA ANDERSON, GAYLE E. ANDROES, SHARON ANGUS. IERRY ARB, BARBARA ARBOGAST, KAREN AUER, CHERYL AVERY, NORMAN AYLER, IUDY BABCOCK, KEN BAILEY, MARINDA BAKER, CARLENE BAKER, IANICE BALES, REGGIE BARNES, DICK BARROW, MARION BARTON, MARSHALL BAUGH, GARY BAVERO, FRANCIS BECKER, SHERRYL BEESON, PHILLIS Baton Rouge, Louisana Everest Council Grove Greeley Coldwater Ellinwood Kansas City Hope White City Belle Plaine Levittown, New York Melverne Osawatomie ElDorado Larned Kansas City Hiawatha Sabetha Bluff City Mayetta Pratt Wichita Denton Mulvane Goff Bethpage, New York Arkansas City Marka 'f,51z,g,'i+Qia,. ,, , I ic, , ,, if 3 was . - aw L. L , - ,,, ,,. wimAi.,:,J7El, His wse,fi. . ., mfs:-..2:. 1-.wtf :-: L E syins , I y b M f -f .-mi fmsfga, gg I f"Y""f - J, 1 . . it f - Sri., .21 x BELL, CAROL BENDER, LARRY BERENDS, LOIS BERGER, SUE f BERGERHOUSE, NORMA BERNARD, PAT BERNHARDT. PAT BETSWORTH, SHARON BETTS, SANDRA BINKLEY, MARTIN BLAIR, IANICE BLAUFUSS, WILLIAM BODENHAMER, IUDY BOHNENKEMPER, BETTY BOLES, KAY BOLING, BEVERLY BOLTON, IIM BONEWITZ. IANICE BOURQUIN, DAN BOWERS, IACKIE BOYER. IANICE BRADLEY, SUE BRAMBLE, RUTH BRAMON, MARY BRESSLER, LOREE BRINKMAN, ROSALIE BRITTAIN, MARY BRITTON, ELDON I Topeka Clay Center Cedar Point Halstead Emporia Dunlap Lost Springs Hugoton Abilene Atchinson Centralia Hartford Greeley Whiting Abilene St. Marys Fredonia Mission Colby Wichita Council Grove Leavenworth Lawrence Emporia Hosington Olpe Atchison Peabody 289 BROCKUS. MAX BROWN. IILL BRUNN, LAVETE ANN BRYANT, IOHN BUDD, CAROLYN BUNDSCHUH, GEORGIA BURCH, TERESA BURLINGHAM, IIM BURNETTE, CLARA BUSEY, FRED BUSH, SHIRLEY BUSSIAEGER, LEWIS BUTTERFIELD, LINDA BUTTRON, MARGIE CALVERT, DAVID CARLIN, DIXIE CARR, LINDA CARRIER, LESLIE CARSON, IRENE CARSON, IOHN CARTER, WENDELL CHASE, MAX CHEEVER, IERRY CHEEVES, SALLIE CHESNEY, DAN CHRISTIANSEN, PAT CHRISTY, IAMES CHURCH, BETTE Lane Ottawa Whitewater Indianapolis, Indiana Wellington Prairie Village Emporia Ottawa Ashville Emporia Melverne Mission Mission Lancaster Winfield Bucklin Garnett Cottonwood Falls Council Grove Mullinville Alden Talmadge Yates Center Hutchinson Olathe McPherson Ferguson Dighton I J I n, . 14. X 2, 3' 'dn' 2 , nj 'R Mme' f' 'of' in A A-we t 3' ,352 fr HS ' 5311 .ig it if ,E I Q I I fix 1 ' ei' x f ,,,, -as ti - ., , X : if. 1 is -' f xx 1- 25, fs rj. .., 1 'Lili '- ' - A.. 1 h J K ..,.a,., j ,,, - I 2 :-' I E, in w- Q' .H,. ,, :HQ xi will if CLARK, DAN CLARY, IANICE CLAYCAMP, CAROL CLOUSE, POLLY CORBAN, CAROLYN CORREA, VIRGINIA COX, CAROLINE M. COX, MELBA COYNE, KATHLEEN COYNE, MONA CRAIG, SHARON DAHLBERG, ALAN DAILEY, ALLEN DALIGON, ERNEST DARNELL, LINDA DAVIS, LYNN DEARING, LANA DENTON, IOHN DESCHNER. MARCIA DEWEESE, TOM DEXTER, IAN DEYO, SHARON DIEKER. DOROTHY DILLION, SANDRA DOI-IN, DONNA DOUGHTY, BENNY DuBOIS, SUZANNE DUBY, LYNN Conway Springs Council Grove Benton Emporia Wellington Kansas City Augusta Clearwater Viola Wichita Osawatomie Cottonwood Falls Emporia Makaweli, Kauai, Hawaii Osborne Attica Wichita Meade E1Dorac1o Americus Bellflower, California Florence Westphalia Hutchinson Grinnell Howard Burlingame Emporia 291 M- V in in :ZZLE at 'sg ii, gr :gn 1. LX r . f r , r 'S ::,, -,: F B EEE t, i if W QM- - v J v r 2 Qs, we ' is , nn f .sm ef, ,Q A.. , ,, ei , .IN Q, 3 , Q vvav ht B """ H ifi V1 ,, . f. I I l lm ,, I lf if is A 4 , - in . QS , if 5, 1' :fl E if K 2 'Ag fx I il fi Q fi i qv ,Q Mig 1 A , Q if if NAIL, it ' fs Q, s -, Q-:ff--n 7 a Q ,S S sf ,KW 3 , X '91 fr M. . .r- A 'Ls-332 ,N--, , .. i - M v,,,. F-, ef 'S 'W if A gig A S gen. .V we an 5 1: if-ef,:.fs-W-sfxz, :,, Ya ,,.. ,A . if I' . iimi-i fi as I ' 35 as Z .,a.. ,gi m ,n I ? I 1,,,.1- 1 DUF F , BARBARA DUNCAN, BOB DUNCAN, ELAINE DUNCAN, PAT DURANT, JANET DWYER, BILL EBERLE, TED EDWARDS, ANITA EDWARDS, PATSY ELLEDGE, WILLARD EMERSON, DARLENE EVANS, CONNIE EVANS, NANCY EVERETT. IAMES F ANKHAUSER, DIANE FANSHIER, IAN FINCH, TERESA FISH, KAREN FISHBURN, A. l. FISHER, BOB FISHER, CLIFFORD F LANDERS. IUDITH FLATER, MARVIN FLOYD, KAREN F ORRESTER, LEE F OSDICK, STEVEN FOSTER, LARRY FOSTER, VIRGINIA Lyndon Overbrook Deerfield Emporia Anthony Kinsley Wichita Fredonia Blue Rapids Meade Coldwater Larned Lebo Great Bend Emporia Great Bend Ulysses Lecompton Alden Larned Waverly Great Bend Hepler Ulysses Enterprise Liberal Logan Hutchinson , Q I - I M ,, sis if 1 Lf P sf uw 5 was .. . Q,'lT3,?v2?fiw,.. ig fi...-Y fi-Sggsvk' - " -.,,.1..eg.5. 1 X ,5 1,,,,. f Q 'f -of "-9? S t. ., A, 3, ...Y 1 A ,. I A I' i Whitey, V is, . e, rs I A KZ' "fnn 1f2,f,sf--- 4 , 'S' rf ' M. A, 4 'Sw , f :Q -gif? 9 'ra M H V i ,fb I . 'lf ix 3 , K .H is ,, 5,3 ,LV P. Q. J 'N FOWLER, FRED F OWLER, TOM FRANKLIN, ANN F RASHER, SANDRA F RAZIER, BILL FRIESEN, GARY F RITZE, IULIS FRUIT, RUTH FULTON, NANCY GAINES, SALLY GALLUP, GLENNIS GARRETT, LINDA GASKILL, ROGER GATES, MICHAEL W. GERE, RONALD GILL, MARTHA GILMAN, CHARLOTTE GISLER, LEX GLANVILLE, ROBERTA GLASS, MARCELLA GLEASON, STEVE GOBLE, STAN GOLDSMITH, IERRY GOODELL, LYNN GOODIN, SUE GOODRUM, RUTH GRAF F, GALEN GRAGG, SAUNDRA Waverly Emporia Overland Park Severy Russell Meade Strong City Haviland Mission Peabody Russell Lawrence Beloit Great Bend Stafford Hasper Olivet Lincoln Ottawa Kansas City Goff Bonner Springs Wilsey Fort Worth, Texas Topeka De Soto Kinsley Abilene 293 , ,. . S EL Vx , H , aa s-- we , af: ,, Q .X V , f W f ,a 4: 1 like . , JW in 'E' S ge' is ,.?f+, . z , Q ii , if 5 sl l l Z S X52 Q45 as Sl- xnxx ll K me , Q 9222 Wea, sfsi A I' if , . 4 glb. x IIII il 1W fa ' ff ikzz r , sw :-' Q ' Q, gg ' QS -:f ik 3 , . ,1 :F '-' 21 il '-h',, ,V 4 ij .5 f QW! m y . , . - if -il f 4 . , V .,. ,M K .. ,, , : " , , .,,-ru., H- gagging? ii e x' In J is-...mf 5 f Xt'-af ses .mf -K 5112 , H, N" 1 H ' ,.,. . 1 .....:y, 1 ' in 3 .ssxepfziwsriia - 4 GRAHAM, LOWELL GRAY, F ERN GREEN, NANCY GREESON, IEANNE GREINER, DALE W. GREWING, LYLE GROH, HARRY GBOOM. IANET GROTHER, CAROLYN GUION, IOHN GUSTAFSON, IAN IS HAGEMAN, LOUVENIA HALL, NANCY HALLEY, MARTIN HAMPTON, GEORGENE HARDING, DON HARKNESS, DARRELL HARMS, LARRY HARRISON, RETA HARTMAN, CAROLYN HARZ, DARLENE HASTERT, VERNON HAWLEY, KAREN HAYSELDEN, THOMAS HAYSLETT, IOHN HEITMAN, GENE HELDBERG. IAMES HENDICKSON, MARY Le Roy Emporia Arkansas City Dighton Mulvane Emporia Emporia Winfield Americus Osage City McPherson Kingman Haviland St. Iohns Ulysses Stafford Delavan E1Dorado Sterling Hope Greenleaf Garnett Kinsley Kehuha, Kuui, Hawaii Atchison Clearwater Marion Eureka A Q I K, Si.: . fax' 2 in it t th I . y., iv W :,. - E Q +1 . 7 I '- if kk'k' 'f i v,' ' es ilttt lim Q - I 1 V. 1 A .K ff iwgf --. f K will K I Q' K ,k.V . it Ii? 'S 1 Q, - "it, A w ise ,:, :. -- . F Q I 'F I I fi' . I - s o t rlls . -so 'arf' .:',' ffl?-L I Tn , gap ' YS I AA,A , Q , , 5-3 :Sm I D .. Q A elizj. :K 1: 1 ,'ifk . I I M' .fi V . - ,, - .QQ ' ' . . 3, Q 5 4' H if :S tif .W 414' , Is it Q "" , it , . 2? If x VHS 'I Y ft A I 4' D 3 S 3 Q s '1- 5, I kg E 3 'B HERBEL, DON HERL, CAROL HERRING, ARTHUR HESSER, IANICE HIGBEE, ANITA HIGGINS, IANICE HILL, IOANN HINDERLITER, GARY HOECKER, MARILYN HOLDEMAN, FORREST HOLLIDAY, IANET HOLMGREN, ANN HOMMAN, BRENDA HOTZEL, BERNARD HOUSTON, IANET HOWES, SHIRLEY HUGHBANKS, IERRIE HUNT, SANDRA HUNTER, ANN HURD, MARTHA HUTCHINSON, MARTHA ITOKAZO, DAVID IACKSON, LARRY IACOBS, AVIS IEVONS. MARSHA IOHNSON, BARBARA IOHNSON, KENNETH IOHNSON, LYLE Great Bend Great Bend Eureka Fredonia Tribune Leavenworth Iunction City Madison Atchison Cottonwood Falls Mission Ellinwood Manhattan Emporia Mound City Whiting Abilene Kingman Lebo Ashland Le Roy Honolulu, Hawaii Valley Falls Emporia Emporia Williamsburg Morgcrnville Wilsey 295 1? ff 4 6 I 'Eggs r if 2-gm ,Q 2 ..-li it . .,.:, t XX-.M 1 4 . 4 fr N 1 mn , K arent wwe, " fil- -Z 21 2 3 S 2 I 9 sw it 3. X H' ff M QA! ,535 if 4 ii- ,S ,X if IK 1 I 9 ,, ,M , it 33 ,, Q t we an 1, g LSL , .,,,: wr ,, , .M ,Wt W 'I , ., --::. ,W.2,,., f-I ,,.-,::- . w - ,fb we M Q y M g .. :., , .f'. XL W' Q ,, Hr.-X xt-"9 M , ' A f"5E' :ii 1' IOHNSTONE, AL IONES, GARY I ONES, KAREN IONES, MARVALEA IONES, MARY IORDAN, SHARON TOY, HOWARD KASSELMAN, ROBERT KAUF MAN, CHARLES KELLY, WILMA KETTLER, PAUL KING, RENETTA KIRKBRIDGE, PAT KNIPP, LARRY KOEGEBOEHN, LARRY KUESER, LELAND KUNKEL, F RED LANG, IEAN LANGTEALL. IEANNE LATTIMORE, LoWELLE LAUBHAN, GLENN LAWSON, NANCY LEHMBERG, BARBARA LIND, LARRY LINDBECK, FREDENE LINDSAY, CONNIE LINSEY, RONALD LOBAUGH, MARY West Hempstead, New York Wellington Conway Springs Kansas City Anthony Great Bend Eureka Larned Gridley Kansas City Paola Attica Kinsley Onaga Elmdale Richmond Waverly Emporia Prairie Village Ulysses Durham Kiowa Mound Ridge Emporia McPherson Protection Lebo Greenleaf Wir 1 f 4, 5 , 1 ,K tllkiis if Qkieyfs 1 I wr' K , 'ASKK at , ,vt . I .,,. f ,. r if QA 'ilk Q 3 we ata,t In 'Auf A LONG, GARY LONG. IERELEAN LONG, ROBERT LONG, VICKY LOUCKS, SHARON LOWMAN, SUE LUND, SUE LUTZ, ANNETTA LYNBARGER, LARRY LYSELL, FRANK MAECHTLEN, BEVERLY MAHAN, KAY MAHER, MARY MAHON, DAVID MAINEY, IOE MANDERSHEID, HALLIE MARMIE, KAREN MARTIN, ELLEN MARTIN, IUDY MARTIN, MARY MAYDEN, CAROLYN MAYFIELD, SHERYE MCBRAYER, KENT MCCALL, CHERYL MCCULLE, CAROL MCCUNE, LYNDA MCDANIEL, DAVID MCDONALD, RICHARD Atchison Clearwater Beloit Hamilton Copeland McPherson Alta Vista St. Iohn Garnett Concordia Clearwater Mission Neosho Falls Centerville Belvue t Fredonia Great Bend Topeka Topeka Sedan Abilene Harper Kiowa Ottawa Canton Topeka La Crosse Fall River 297 , , - ,7 V in , 370 Q 5 5 .E . ' P 1 F F it 4 yi 1 vii ,M pr 3:53 ff 'Qi' fflxr 3-PW-ft. 2 K Q ,. .gm px ggi ,' , ,,,4.-.. gt s f xv 2 5 I sw , ww if 4' S K AVWN wtqvwe 'QIIUVHX I ,. ,. 4- kv-4' .. , .,WE:, '52 , ll Y' "Q- Q veg Q,-I Q ' 5-wzfffsz' A 4,2 - ff . My 3:11 s I K, AW any '41 1 5-ng 'xii F fs E .- , ol ff RSI' ., .. w s, . ri, MCDONALD, SALLY MCELFRESH. DELBERT MCFARLAND, LORETTA MCGEE, CAROL MCGREGOR, DALE MCGUIRE, PATRICIA McKEE, EDDIE MCKNAB. PAUL MCMURPHY, MILDRED MCNEW, GLENDA MCNICKLE, IEAN MENDENHALL, SANDRA MELLY, IIM MERSMANN, MARK METCALF, ED MEYER, IAMES MICHAEL, GEORGE MIERS, SUE MILLER, DONNA MILLER, IOLANNA MILLER, KENNY MILLER, LEE MILLS, LAUREL MILNER, SANDRA MINOR, IAN L. MOLZAHN, CAROL MONTGOMERY, CHARLES MORELAND, EVERETTE F all River Melvern Arkansas City Kiowa Linn Kansas City Kansas City Arkansas City Emporia Wichita Zenith Manhattan Paola Richmond Moline WaKeeney Waverly Leavenworth Greely Wichita Kansas City Kingman Burlingame Narka Ulysses Munden Junction City Emporia 'Q 53 ,, ,gt N. an-,- ., ,A ,d k 65, rx, 1' 9' K M 3 'I -qw ww VM, , .,.....,, ww 3 N Y s-'ff' A if ,W A 1' , I x Y ,sit 1 . ,.. , , ,, , .als . Wim, A Q if G ww x.y.,N 4"""i 1, N Il ' I 2 'as ' "f A - fr-A Q .5 'Eg ' ' , T flu? 'Orff' lin. A - 'EE H 'Tj kk ,,k7kk ,, a,W I ,av i f by 2 :-l. k y ., --, ml - I ,g 'iz' T :. -V-Wu xg, J, I ,- n g r.-L Qt , . zap. f Q, ag' ,E . , , AK if D" 4. , ' ,- 'T , , I A ,gy -my s M .. 1- I MORRIS. IOHN MOTT, GERALD MOWBRAY, RHONDA MUELLER, PAM NEILL, BOB NEILL, KATHLEEN NELSON, IUDI NELSON, MARY NEWCOMB, LUELLA NOBLE, PAT NORTHCOTT, DALLAS NORTHCUTT, IANE NUSS. IAMES NYMEYER, FREDRICK OBERLE, MARILYN OBERMAYER, RITA ODEN, FIBA SUE OGDEN, IANA OLDFIELD, GUY OLDS. IOHN ORE, MARY BETH OWEN, KATHY PAGE, MARY ANN PAGEANT, BILL PALMER, IANE PARISH, ELLEN PATRY, CECELIA PATTON, IACKIE Topeka Peabody Cheney Halstead Garnett Dighton Waverly Severy Council Grove Wellington Beloit Copeland Newton Olpe Scranton Solomon Sterling Fredonia Burr Oak Winfield Burden Overland Park Oberlin Florence Lyons Goodland Hillsboro Emporia 299 S asa a X, i . if 'UQ I 51381 f.-if 3' A .1 4 Elf L fae- K 5,55 .,,, 1 r s if 'X in 3, ' -02 rf 'QV' :B ge -4' ssii . 1, S 52 5 X S F : ,"Ii-fix L ' A "i-2 4- Mi? f A ' ' 'H z " i f if ' gt ' Li IES- , we ,m,, Smw, , . PEARSE, LEANNA PETERSON, SHARON PHELPS, BRENDA PHELPS, KAY PHILLIPS, NANCY PINKSTON, GARY L. PITCHER, IUDY PITTSENBARGER, CLIFF PLOUF FE, MARILYN POELMA, BILL POINTER, ROY PRATHER, KAREN PRICE, IUDY PRUIT, EUGENE PRUITT, FAE PURCELL, BEV PYLE, NORMA RAAF, FRED RAKE, LINDA RAMSAY, DENNIS RAPPARD, MARY RATZLAFF, MELVIN RAVIN, THERESA RECTOR, SUE REEP, PAT REITZ, KAYE REUSSER, IOYCE REYNOLDS, IIM Wichita Harper Delavan Ulysses Burlingame Cedar Point Benton Gridley Canton Beloit Ottawa Eureka Emporia Emporia Wichita Piqua Waverly Gridley Lawrence Stafford Overbrook Newton Linn Kansas City, Missouri Burrton Bartlett Ulysses Topeka . f Q 'Riga s- -- in , .. by , 9 2 fx, . A 5 yy, ...Q by Ti 1 PM xfld KE-8 Ri V1-gifs 2 1 li R' ",, V, . , .ri 1 3.5. .z-J' , .32 aa. 'U' , A I ,,. ,V I , gqi' ' R A' Q A, , H All l. G, 3 ,, -as W 2 A ' at f.. A if - t ,.,. ws, O 4 ' , ' vt RHEA. IOHN RICE, VERNON RIDDLE, IOHN RIEGEL, DOROTHY REIMAN, REVA RIGGS, IAN RITTER, KATHLEEN ROBERTS, MARGARET ROBERTSON, WANDA ROBINSON, VIOKY ROCKWRLL, DOROTHY ROGERS, RETA A ROTH, IIM ROTHFUSS, DARLENE RUMAGE, CAROLYN RUTLEDGE, MARTHA ANN RUTTER, NOELENE SALMON, FRANCES SAMPSON, BARBARA SAMUEL, BARBARA SANDSTORM, IUDI SAUDER, PAMELA SCHIERLING, KATHRYN SCHOTTERBECK, HOWARD SCHUYLER, BETTY SCHWARTZ, IUDITH SCHWARTZMAN, IOHNNY SCHWINDT, DOROTHY Paola Emporia Mulvane Allen Hoisington Oxford Iunction City Long Island, New York Ottawa Kansas City Sabetha Emporia ElDorado Kincaid Kansas City Lebo McPherson Fowler Denver, Colorado Burlington Abilene Emporia McPherson Hamilton Winfield Dighton Tampa Emporia 301 , , nn . ,Mg 5 E , fi '- , 'i wi l 297414 51 I 1 l , 12? 2' , I , Eg g ESV 1 as DN Fifi k is X . ,W aff , 2, f SCRIVNER, LORETTA Peabody SEAMANS, CORWIN Mankato SETTER, MAURICE Greeley SHOUGH, MARY Benton SHUMAKER, SANDRA Wichita SKARPHOL, CAROL Madelia, Minnesota SMERCHECK, IOAN Greensburg SMILEY, PEGGY Bucklin SMITH ELAINE Wichita SMITH, MARY BETH Augusta SMITH NANCY Augusta SMITH, PAULA Ulysses SMITH, SONDRA Lyons SPARKS, ROY Emporia SPRECHER, RUTH Fort Scott SPRY, MARSHA Overland Park STACEY, SANDRA Ellinwood STAINBROOK, BETTY Overland Park STALEY, DONNA Admire STALLINGS, ESSICA Ulysses STANTON, NOEL Emporia STEGAL, STEPHEN Sublette STEINHAUS, ALAN M. Wantagh, New York STEWART, IUDY LYNN Kansas City STEVEN, IOYCE Herington STORMS, CAROLYN Wellington STORRER, MEREDITH Holyrood STOUT, CLARA Wichita it I I as NN ' k'kk - A 7' I I : 5' f .I " ,ig iz? .,, , it i A , Af. f s ,. 1 'R it Q .. ,,tfs,:,:: W,,' , Q - he WM .ft : - f'-.fm av "ff-N1---ff: ' it m f at hi t? 1 ,, 1 I STRAUSBAUGH, IERALD STRAUSBAUGH, IEROME SUITS, DIANNE SUMMERVILL, MICKEY SUTTON, DARREL SWANSON, IAMES SWANSON, VERNON SWENDER, SHARRON TARWATER, IOAN TAYLOR, IACK THOMAS, ANN THOMAS, PRICILLA THORNBURG, DAVID THORNE, IANICE TOBUREN, IOYCE TORNQUIST, ELMER TRAPP, IOYCE TRAYLOR, PHIL TRUELOVE, IIM TUCKER, KAREN TWIETMEYER, CAROL ULRICH, CAROLYN UNRUH, KATHY UTT, IOE VAN SICKLE, I. D. VELASQUEZ, VIRGINIA VERNON, LINDA WAETZIG, SHARI Louisburg Louisburg Emporia Marion Lewis Salina Larned Kansas City Merriam Kansas City Fredonia Ulysses Hill City Lebo Cleburne Lyndon Kansas City Emporia Burlington Macksville Cheney Atchison Protection Mulvane Grandview, Mississippi Gardner Oberlin Osage City 303 ::' ." M5?:Vl5"lf5?E '13?G5'+'H'I::5f? , ,,, A I2 ,.,,... ,,.,... I ,, ,.. .. -"- we wfgj"...g, ff' I fiffenf. 1:21 . lm 4- f F, ,: as "2 ff+i?:'I? 2,2 5 :" Q 3, V, .., .:5:EE: f , ,. ,:f', I y L k - 2b 3 ..-Aw 'W afJ14f22 is - -wwf .3 1 .... ,. , fe, 1 - " , QW 51 in "W .: : f " .. '5'9Vi,7l!2 15535 Ney, me -if sf. f ' - 1 5332 iff ,. , , gms 1 1' i f I 'ifzifjff ,,-wg' I iw I -,Igfisef, ,, gl 1151, 1 ,RAV fnn L , , igiizfsiiifiar -a 11' ,, gg . ' ' up I ta i hw, ,If K , Qi, . jf iw ., H lf' 2 . 2 Q W I ' -em fi 2:- .,.. . ,..v ..,.. .. .. V If when 7 I l gr? 'P r ,Q 1 I 9 I f M ,F ' -422 El Q5 L M Q -all 41? R E .c 1. 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GARY WARD, SHARON WARNER, ELAINE WEDEL, KAY WEIGEL, IILL WELLS, ANDY WERTZBERGER, IUDY WEST, NANCY WESTPHAL, WINNIE WHEELEN, KENNETH WHEELER, DAVID WHITCOMB, IANET WHITE DON WHITE, DONNA WHITE, GEORGIANNA WHITE, RON Topeka Harper Florence Williamsburg Emporia Emporia Coffeyville Moundridge Hoisington Clovis, New Mexico Kingman McPherson Tonganoxie Oswego Mulvane Cedar Point Burlington Newton Canton Emporia We M ,II -.., 'QE :Mile -' K 55,5 ,L MQ? - 12121 ' I -f. Tk: I - 5 .,,, , E , . , , - " 3 ' 'Q' ' 1 ,, ., ,f,,r,,, .,,., 5, ,g,,ff-515, 1, ,.... , .,,, Kwik I 3' Hi? , I e'iI ex W - L , .-we, 5 8 K 3, R 752 39 I ::,,,. I .,:. .. I ig ' I Q I WILEY, DAVID WILHITE, KAY WILKERSON, SIDRA WILLIAMS, IACK WILLIAMS, KENNETH E. WINGARD, AUDREY WINKLEY, YVONNE WOODRUFF, IAN Emporia Emporia Council Grove Gridley Reading Talmage Stafford Meade WULFEMEYER, CAROL Moscow YAMANE, IANICE Kapoa. Hawaii YERKES. L. G. Atchison YORK. IANICE Dwight YOUNG, LORETTA St. Iohn Adams, Donna Adams, Karen Adams, Kay Adams, Ronald Adamson, Patrick Barnes, Brenda Barnes, Donna Barnes, Gary Barnes, Oscar Barnes, Richard Barnett, Iudith Adcock, Greta Agnew, Alfred Agrelius, Iudith Aikens. Kathryn Albright, Gary Alexander, Barbara Alexander, George Alexander, Lois Allen, Darlene Allen, Priscilla Allen, William Allison, Beverly Allison, David Alquest, David Altmann, Anita Alton, Arah Lee Amerine, Marcia Anderson. Gayle Barr, William Barrett, Harry Barrow, Marion Bartlett, Barbara Bartley, Eleanor Barton, Marshall Basham. Iudith Bass, Carlita Baugh, Gary Baumgartner, William Bauero, Francis Baxter, Royce Bayne, Bill Beagley, Melvin Beagley, Norma Beal, Catherine Bechtel, Georgia Becker, Karen Appl, Marilyn Anderson, Iames Edward Anderson, Iames Eugene Anderson, Iohn Anderson, lean Andrews, Berlene Andrews, Donald Androes, Bonnie Androes, Sharon Angus. Gerald Applebee, Iimmie Arb, Barbara Arbogast. Karen Armel, Arnett. Gloria Francis Artusa, Donald Ashley, Ianice Ater. George Atkins. Charles Auer, Cheryl Auerback. Neil Austin, Lowell Avery, Norman Ayler, Iudith Ayres, Willis Babcock, Kenneth Bahr, Arlin Baier, Barbara Bailey, LeRoy Bailey, Marinda Baker, Donald Baker, Gene Baker, Ianice Baker, Carlene Baker, Richard Balen, Gary Bales, Reggie Ball, Iudith Ballard, Marshall Becker, Margaret Becker, Muriel Becker, Sheryl Beckett, Thomas Beckner, Ianet Beecher, Connie Beekman, Iohn Beeson. Phillis Belfield, Kay Bell, Carol Bello. Hosalinda Bender, Larry Benortham. Robert Beran, Tony Berends, Lois Berger, Sue Bergerhouse, Norma Berglund, Ioel Bergsten, Laverna Bernard, Patricia Bernhardt, Patricia Berry, Glen Betsworth, Sharon Betts, Sandra Bichet, Betty Bichet, Frederick Bicknell, Donna Billing, lean Bingman, Kirker Binkley, Martin Black, Doris Black, Iudith Blackwelder, Ian Blair, Ianice Blakey. Ianis Blanchard, Nancy Blaser, Ellen Blaufuss, William Bledsoe, Milicent Bliss, Donald 174. 235. 227. 129. 175. 176. 175. 175. 171. 144. 142. 176. 175. 217. 217, 217. 227, 274 240 240 240 288 274 143 240 288 274 260 288 260 240 288 240 288 274 274 240 274 274 274 240 240 274 288 274 274 274 241 288 241 289 241 289 274 241 289 289 289 260 260 289 289 260 289 289 260 241 175 260 241 288 260 274 260 289 274 274 176 289 174 260 Blowey, Marilyn Bocquin. Margaret Bodenhamer, Iudy Badge. Glory Boggs, Harold Bohnenkemper. Betty Bolejack, Iohn Boles, Kathlyn Boline, Duane Boling, Beverly Bolton, Iames Bonewitz, Ianice Bonewitz, Norma Borders, Ierold Borger, Larry Borgna. Mac Bottenberq, Bernard Bourquin, Daniel Bowers, Iacqueline Bowlby, Marilyn Boyer, Ianice Bradford, Larry Bradley, Sue Brake. Hilarion Bramble, Ruth Brandenburg, Robert Bransom, Mary Branson, Martha Brant, Carol Breech, Carol Bressler, Loree Brewer, Karen Briggs, Ruth Brinkman, Barbara Brinkman. Rosalie Brittain, Iames Brittain. Mary Britton, Eldon Brockus, Max Brookens, Sally Brown, lames Brown, Ieanne Brown, Iill Brown, Marlin Brown, Neal Brown, Rice Brown, Stanley Browning, Nancy Bruning, Ann Brunn. Laveta Bryan, Lola Bryan, Wanda Bryant, Iohn Bryson, Arlon Buckley, Betty Budd, Carolyn Bulkley, Margie Bundschum, Georgia Bundy, Ierry Bundy, Virginia Burch, Barbara Burch, Teresa Burchfield, Delia Burlingham. Iames 23, 74, 5, 274 241 289 260 241 289 274 289 274 289 289 289 241 260 274 260 274 289 289 260 289 241 289 241 289 260 289 260 171 275 289 260 260 241 289 241 289 289 290 275 275 241 290 241 275 241 241 260 275 290 275 261 290 241 275 290 241 290 261 275 261 290 261 290 Burnell, Orville Burnette, Clara Burns, Ianice Burns. Robert Burns, William Burress, Anna Burton, Charles Burton. Nada Busby, Daniel Busey, Fred Bush, Shirley Bussjaeger, Louis Butterfield, Linda Butterfield, Mary Button, Garth Buttron, Marjorie Byers, Lila Byrne, Gary Cady, Ianice Calderon, Robert Caldwell, Mildred Callaghan, Bernard Callison, Austin Calovich, Francis Calvert, David Campbell, Anna Cantrell, Kay Caraway, Richard Carlin, Dixie Carlson, Richard Carpenter, Gene Carpenter. Ina Carpenter, Iudith Carpenter, Larry Carr, Linda Carrier, Leslie Carroll, Charles Carson, Irene Carson. Iohn Carter, Wendell Casebeer, Kelvin Cauble, lalayne Caywood, Mason Chambers, Clara Chandl er, Eldora Chaput, Garry Chase. Max Cheever, Ierry Cheeves, Sallie Chesne Chinn, y, Daniel David Chlebowski, Ioanne Choice, Donna Christiansen, Patrick Chrostu, Iames Chrostv, Iames Chubb, Iames Chumley, Iames Church, Bette Clark. Dan Clark, Robert Clary- lanice Claycamp, Carol 175. 231, 172, 235, 227. 176, 172, 217 233 217, 217, 233. 82. 177, 227. 229. 176, 227. 235 217 233 217 221 , 1 1 Clayton, Janet Clouse, Pauline Cochran, Joyce Cole, Gaye Cole. Zoe Anne Collins. Janet Comas, Dolores Conard, Erik Concannon, Thantus Condra, Gary Connors. Vincient Conyers, Mary Cook, Delores Cook, Gene Cooke, Judith Coons. Linda Cooper. Barbara Cooper. Richard Corban. Carolyn Corcoran, Rita Cordon, Eleanor Correa. Virginia Cottril, Charles Coulter, Gary Coulter, Nancy Counselman, Karen Davidson, Arnold Davidson, Wendell Davis, Bill Davis, Kyle Davis, Lynn Davis, Marie Davis, Patricia Dawe, Tamara Covey. Donna Cox, Caroline Cox, Gerald Cox, Melba Coyne. Kathleen Coyne. Mona Coyne, Penny Cozad. Kenneth Crabtree, James Craig. Ada Craig, Sharon Crail. Beverley Crair, Jeffrey Cram, Stuart Cramer, Carter Cramer, Delores Cramer, Genevieve Cramer, Nancy Crane, Gary Crawford. Ann Crawlord, Stanley Crawford, Leon Cross, Ronald Crow, Susan Cummings, Kenneth Curtis, Susan Cyphert. Frances Daharsh, Floyd Dahlberg, Alan Daily, James Daligon, Ernest Dall. Sylvia Dalton, Paul Danitschek. Gene Dannenielser, Charles Dannevik, Nancy Darnell, Linda Dawson, Curt Louis Dawson, Helen Dawson, William Day, Robert Dearing. Lana DeChairo, Thomas Deckinger. James DeForest, Edward Deighton, Ned DeKeyser, Nancy Delich, David Dellinger, Dean Dellinger, Dwight Dempsey. Carolyn Denny, Robert Denton, John Deschner, Marcia Devault, Bobby Deweese, Thomas Dewey, DeAnn Dexter, Janet Deyo. Sharon Dick, John Dick, Robert Dickerson. James Dickinson, James Dieker, Dorothy Dill, Roger Diller, Judith Dillon, Sandra Dingwall, Ruth Dirks, Dewayne Dixon, Ralph Dlouhy, Joseph Dodd, Donna Dodd, Dottie Ann Dodder, George Dodge, Judith Dody, James Dohm, Donna Domann, Sharon Doran, Judith Doughty, Benny Douglas, Ruth Downey, James Downing, Karen Dozier. Suzy Drake, Gary Dreasher, Richard Drehle, Doris Dreier, Sandra Drinkwater, Myron Driver, Howard Drumright, Arthur Dryden, Ruth Dryden, Sharon 229. 175. 221 102, 156 217 235 143, 171 229 175, 221 171 176. 219. 77. 176. 221 227 172. 219. 174, 172, 219. 177. 235. 219, 231. 175. 229. 175. 225. 68, 69, 77. 217, 233. 261 276 257 242 291 261 261 219 165 261 262 242 291 242 242 243 243 262 243 243 235 262 276 291 291 262 291 225 291 291 235 243 276 262 291 142 262 291 225 243 243 243 262 262 243 262 276 291 276 276 291 225 262 262 217 243 243 276 243 243 276 243 243 276 Dryden, Shirley DuBois, Louetta DuBois. Suzanne Duby, Lynn Duff, Barbara Duncan, Elaine Duncan, ludy Duncan, Patricia Duncan, Robert Duran, Robert Durant, Ianet Dutton, Ianice Dutton. Leroy Duvanel, Frank Duvanel. Ianet Dwyer, Billy Dyche, Robert Dye, Donald Dyer, David Dyer, Phyllis Early, Cheryl Eaton, Eddie Eaton, Kenneth Eberle, Theodore Ebisuya, Calvin Edgerton, Betty Edson, Dean Edwards, Anita Edwards, Patricia Edwards, Roger Ehlers, Loretta Ehlers, William Eighmey, Iames Eiker, Larry Eilert, Edwin Elledge, Willard Eller, Rodney Elrod, Iesse Emerson, Darlene Emerson, Marie Enos, Virginia Ensminger, Eugene Ensminger, Larry Erbes, Karen Erickson, Martha Evans, Connie Evans, Nancy Evenson, Marian Everett, Iames Fager, Grace Fahrney, Kenneth Falen, Sara Fankhauser, Dina Fanshier, Ian Farber, Ioan Farmer, Roger Feese, Donna Felkner, Mildred Feltner. Raymond Fenton, Iudy Fenton, William Ferrell, Ieanette Fieser, Caroline Filbert. Duane Fillmore, Darrel Finch, Teresa Fincken, Thomas Fish, Karen Fishburn, Andrew Fisher, Beverly Fisher, Ioseph Fisher, Robert Fitzmorris, Iohn Flanders, Iudith Flater, Marvin Fleeman. Donald Fletcher, Nancy Flook, Roy Floyd, Karen Ford, Mary Ford, Rex Forester, Diane Forney, Stuart Forrester, Lee Fosdick. Stephen Foster, Larry Foster, Robert Foster, Virginia Fowler, Ellsworth Fowler, Fred Fowler. Thomas Francis, David Francis, Gene Franklin, Ann Franklin, Donna Franklin, Gail Franklin, Gary Fraser, Sandra Frazier, Bill Fraizier, Fae Frederick, Karen Freeman, Kay Freerksen, Glen Freiburghouse, Betty Frey, Iohn Friesen, Gary Fritz. Gerald Fritze, Iulis Froese, Lyle Fruit, Ruth Frye. Mildred Fujii, Donald Fulton, Nancy Gaeddert, Margaret Gaines, Sally Gallagher, Michael Gallup, Glennis Gamer, Robert Gangel, Mary Gardner, Mary Garrett. Linda Garrison, Gail Garrison, Robert Garsh, Marjorie Gaskill, Rodger 229. 259 235 227 221 231 227 225 233 174 177 kL Gates, David Gates. Michael Gay, Iacelyn Gegen, Karen Genova, Anthony Gentry, Norman Gere, Ronald Gerleman, Iean Gertsen. Marilyn Ghahremani, Lotfali Gibb, Gayla Giesy, Ierry Giesy, Leana Gifford, Wynona Giqer, Kenneth Gilbert, Ioyce Gile. Larry Gill, Martha Gilman, Charlotte Gimple, Glenn Girod, Barbara Girod, Phillip Gish, Glen Gislar, Lex Glanville, Roberta Glass, Marcella Gleason. Stephen Glover, Iohn Glover, Margaret Goble, Stanley Godsey, Lamont Goetz, Melvin Goldsmith, Ierry Gonzales, Carmen Goodell, Lynn Goodin. Sue Goodrum, Ruth Goodwin, Sue Gould, Bonnie Gove, Barbara Graber. Gerald Graff, Galen Gragg, Saundra Graham. Dale Graham, Lowell Graham. Sam Gray. Fern Gray, Phyllis Greco Rosemary Green, Chester Green, Nancy Green, Roger Greeson, Ieannette Greiner, Dale Greiner, Keith Greinke Ronald Grewing, Lyle Grieder, Clinton Grieshaber, Raymond Griest, Marjorie Grifiitts, Mary Grimes, Iames Groif, Ronald Groh, Harry 17l 176 229 177 172, 175, 225 235. 219 171, 229 221, 227 231 231 144, 145 219 221 231 219 233, 259. 172 175 1 1 Grollmes, Linda Groom. Ianet Groome, Roger Groothuis, Barbara Groothuis, Linda Grother, Carolyn Grover, Arland Gugler, Patricia Guion, Iohn Gump, Ierry Gunkel, Calvin Gunther. Melea Gustaison, Ianis Gutsch, Darrell Haag, Arthur Haeker. Harvey Hageman, Louvenia Halbert, Mary Halbleib. Patsy Hall, Lyle Hall, Nancy Hall, Richard Halley, Martin Hamilton, Regina Hamilton, Sue Hamman, Bobby Hammer, Gael Hammer, Lois Hampton. Georgene Hampton, Robert Hanneman, Pat Hansen, Sandra Happ, Howard Harbison, Margaret Harding, Donald Harkness, Darrell Harman, Ioe Harms, Larry Harms, Rosemary Harold, Ellis Harris, Lila Harris, Ronald Harrison, Eugene Harrison, Reta Harrison, Sandra Hart, Delbert Harter, Donald Harter, Donna Harter, Iohn Hartman, Carolyn Harz, Darlene Harzman, Sylvia Haskett, Thomas Hassler, Carl Hastert, Vernon Hastings, Robert Hatfield. Nancy Hatz, Kaye Haun, Eugene Havercroft. Lola Hawley, lean Hawley, Karen Haxton, Ronald Hayes, Linda Hayes, Samuel Hays, Dorcas Hays, Robert Hayseldon, Thomas Hayslett, John Haywood, Barbara Haywood, Gerald Heaberlin, David Headrick, Mary Heaney, Robert Hedgecock, James Hedrick, Wilbur Heid, Ted Heide, Arnold Heidebrecht. Janet Heidrick, Dan Heitman, Gene Heldberg, James Hemmingway, Gary Hemphill, Harold Henderson, Carl Hendricks, David Hendrickson, Mary Hendrickson, Paul Hendrickson, Wayne Henkle, Linda Henley, Thomas Herbel, Donald Herdt. Robert Herl, Carol Hermreck. Arlo Herring, Arthur Herrman. Oscar Hess, Glen Hesser, Janice Hetrick, Sandra Hiatt. Ned Hiebert, James Hiebert, Robert Higbee, Anita Higgins, Janice Highfill, Claudia Hightower, Nancy Hildebrand, Robert Hildebrand, William Hill, Fred Hill JoAnn Hinderliter, Gary Hoagland, Nadine Hobelmann, Wayne Hodges, Russell Hoecker, Marilyn Hofer, Ianet Hoffman, Barry Hoffman, Larry Holdeman, Forrest Hollar, Maurice Holliday, Janet Holliday, Richard Hollingshead, Darrel Hollis Frances Holloran, Charles Holm, Janis Holman, Ronald Holmes, Warren Holmgren, Ann Holt, Maxine Holub, Adolph M. Holvorson, Robert Homman, Brenda Hooper, Robert Hopkins, Raymond Hopkins, Myra Hopkins, Vivian Horrman, Lavern Hotzel. Bernard Houghton, Richard Houston. Janet Hovorka. Joseph Howard, Judith Howell, Donald Howell, Rita Howes, Shirley Huff. Hal Hughbanks, Jerrie Hunt, Sandra Hunter, Anne Hunter, Dale Hunter, Gerald Hunter, Janet Hurd, Martha Huston, Norma Huston, Paul Hutchins, Martha Hyde, Sue Hynek, Dennis Ihde, Patricia Ingersoll, Patty Lee lngerson, Mary Ingles, Roberta Inkanish, Gloria lrey, John lrey. Marvin Irvine, Keith Irwin, Dennis Irwin, Scott Itokazu, David Jacks, John Jacks, Norma Jackson, Eunice Jackson, Larry Jackson, Ronald Jacob, Avis Ianzen, Joel Javier, Gonzalo Jeffers, Bob Jehle, Frederick Jenkins. Gary Jenkinson. Judy Jennings, Kay Jeter, Larry Jevons. Marcia Jimison, Conrad Iochems, Carl Jochems, Terry 77. 175. 177. 225. 23. 177. 264 246 295 117 211 264 295 278 264 278 278 246 295 278 295 264 278 264 219 295 174 295 295 295 245 246 174 295 278 246 295 257 246 246 264 278 246 264 279 174 279 264 295 246 221 264 295 246 295 246 246 264 246 246 264 279 264 295 279 177 279 Iockman. Donald Johansen, Roy lohns, Geraldine Iohns. Myron 4 Iohnson. Iohnson. Iohnson. Iohnson, Iohnson. Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson. lohnson. I ohnson. Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnson, Iohnston. Iohnston. Barbara Carolyn Charles Gary Iames Karen Kaye Kenneth Loretta Lyle Mary Alice Mary Louise Richard Sharon Signie Rhonda Robert Iohnstone, Albert Iones. Iones. Iones. Iones. Bonnie Gerald Karen Marvalea Iones. Mary Iones. Iones. Paula Sheryl Iordan, Donald Iordan. Sharon Ioy, Howard Kaeqi. Richard Kaine. Helen Kaiser, Harold Kalrogawa. Robert Kallail, Kaye Kammerlohr, Barbara Kasselman, Max Kasselman. Robert Kaufman, Charles Kaufman, Larry Keahey, Kent Keith. Glenn Keith, Kitten Keller, Clayton Kelley, Barbara Kelley, Donald Kelley. Everette Kelly. Lynda Kelly, Wilma Kelsey, Herbert Kennedy. Beverly Keown. Karen Kercherval, Mary Kern, Io Kern. Phil Kessler, Mary Kettler, Paul Kilcoyne, Vicky Kile. Donald Killion, Sharon King, Renetta 153. 174. 77, 125, 174 174 23, 124 175 23, 227 153. ,, 4.1.,, . 225 279 128 247 247 295 247 133 264 171 279 279 295 221 295 279 2'l9 247 279 264 247 279 296 219 296 296 296 296 279 247 247 296 296 247 264 264 247 279 264 247 296 296 264 264 279 225 264 279 264 247 265 296 265 265 265 279 247 227 221 296 265 265 265 296 King, Robert King, Rosalie Kingsbury, Donna Kingsbury, Phyllis Kirk, Allen Kirkbride. Patricia Kirmer. Andrew Kiser, Robert Klein, Beverly Klein, Noel Knaak. Iohn Knipp, Larry Knoche. Gertrude Kobetich, Beverly Koegeboehn, Larry Koehn, Kenneth Kogl, Clifford Kolterman. Iohn Kowalski, Alice Krause, Frank Krey, Deanna Kruse, lean Kueser. Leland Kuhlman, Bonita Kunkel, Fred Lacey, Robert Laird, Leo Lambert, Galen Lane, George Lane, Iames Lane. Larry Lane, Lila Lang, Iean Lange. Evelyn Lange, Royal Lanqteau, Ieannine Lantz. Betty Larmer. Larry Larsen, Esther Larsen. Max Lattimore. Lowelle Laubhan, Glenn Laubhan, Lavern Laughlin, Ruby Lawrence, Kathryn Lawson, Creta Lawson. Harold Lawson, Nancy Lebbin, Iudy Leeper. Ioyce Leeper, Fhilip Lees. Ianie Legg, Glenda Lehmberg. Barbara Leis, Iohn Lemay, Roger Lents, Arma Lewis, Charles Lewis. Elaine Lietz, Myron Lind, Alma Lind, Larry Lindbeck. Fredene 247 247 279 176 265 296 247 247 265 247 247 296 265 265 296 247 247 247 265 265 221 279 296 225 296 247 247 265 275 257 247 279 296 247 153 296 265 265 247 279 296 296 247 265 175 279 279 296 279 265 279 265 247 296 257 248 248 279 248 248 248 296 296 Lindquist, Kay Linsay, Connie Linsey, Ronald Lindt, Ioretta Linebarger, Iohanna Litchfield. Vyrl Livingston. Barbara Livingston, Nancy Lobaugh, Mark Lockhart. Melba Lohrengel, Donald Lojka, Glen Long. Donald Long, Gary Long, Gordon Long, Ierelean Long, Loren Long, Phyllis Long, Robert Long. Vicky Lopez, Erlindo Loucks. Sharol Lowenstein, Ierome Lowenstein, Mary Ann Lowman, Keren Lowman, Sue Ludvicek, Barbara Luelcer, Dale Lund, Susan Lusk. Iames Lutz, Annetta Lutz. Charles Lutz. Mary Ann Lybarger, Larry Lynch. Lawrence Lynch, Leonard Lynde. Karen Lysell, Frank Macomber, Ioyce Maechtlen, Beverly Mahan, Kay Maher, Mary Mahon, David Mahon, Mary Mahon, Roy Mainey, Ioe Mallory. Charles Manahan, Stanley Manderscheid, Hallie Manion, Iudith Manka. Betty Manning, Iohn Maples, Gaylord Marhenke. Donald Markle, Bill Markle, Bruce Marmie, Karen Martin, Ellen Martin, Iohn Martin, Iudith Martin, Iudy Martin, Mary Martin. Michael 172. 172, 227. 175. 225 296 296 265 219 248 279 265 296 248 248 248 248 297 280 297 248 248 297 297 128 297 265 280 225 297 280 297 280 297 280 280 297 280 280 280 297 280 297 297 297 287 221 177 297 273 248 297 225 265 265 248 248 248 248 297 297 265 297 280 297 280 Maskus, Ioyce Mason. Donnie Mason, lune Mason. Walter Massier. Mary Matheson. Patricia Mathias, Linda Matile, Maurice Mauderly, Mary Maxson, Louetta Maxwell. Sharon Mayden. Carolyn Mayer, Benny Mayfield. Sheryl McBrayer, Keith McBride, Calvin McBurney, Kathryn McCall. Larry McCall, Richard McCall. Rosita McChesney, Iack McCourt, Mary McCulle, Carol McCune, Lynda McDaniel, David 176. McDonald, Richard McDonald, Sally McDowell, Patricia McElfresh, Delbert McElfresh, Eleanor McFarland, Ierry McFarland, Loretta McFarland, Nancy McFarlane, Angus McFillen, Roger McGee, Carol McGowan. Iudy McGrath, Dean McGregor, Dale McGuire. George McGuire, Patricia McKanna, Dona McKee, Edson McKenzie. Robert McKnab, Paul McLaren. Ioyce McLean, Donna McMullen, Linda McMunn, Greta McMurphey, Mildred McNew. Glenda McNickle, lean Meadows, Charles Means, Charlene Medcall, Nancy Medley, Delmar Mehl, Betty Meier, lay Melcher, Ruth Melly. Iames Mendenhall. lay Mendenhall, Sandra Menzies, Larry Merritt, Ann 172. 231 177 23. 227 175 176 221 153 217 235 219 227 23 176 231 227 176 177, 233 172 233 177, 217 221 225. Mersmann, Mark Metcalf. Edward Metzdort, Iames Meyer, Anita Meyer, Iames Meyer. Rita Michael, George Mick, Stanley Miers, Sue Milhon. Marilyn Miller. Miller. Miller. Miller. Miller. Miller. Miller, Miller. Donna lane Ierry Iolanna ludith Karen Kenneth Lee Mills, Carol Mills, Ioyce Mills, Laurel Milne, Iames Milner, Sandra Minnis, Ianet Minor. Ian Minton, Clark Miser. Iane Miser, Rita Mitchell, Rome Mock, Paula Moddelmog. Lyle Moeder, Mildred Moege, Alice Mohr, Clarence Molzahn, Carol Money, Iudith Montgomery, Charles Moore, David Moore, Eva Moore, Phyllis Moore, Tom Moreland, Evrett Morey, Deanna Morgan, Beverly Morgan. Thelma Morris, Carol Morris Frances Morris Iohn Morris. Karen Mortimer. Leland Mott, Gerald Mott, Iudy Mounkes, Kay Mowbray, Dale Mowbray, Rhonda Mueller, Pamela Mulder, Iulie Murphy. Dennis Murphy, Geraldine Murray, Barbara Murray. Cecile Murray, Ianet Murray. Patricia Murray, Randolph 172. 69, 70. 171. 175. Mustoe, Nancy Myers. Katherine Myers. Kurt Naegele. Ralph Nakamura. Esther Nakamura, Roy Nakaoka. Charles Nauman, Iohn Neal, Willis Neely. Louis Neill, Kathleen Neill, Robert Nelson, Iudith Nelson, Mary Nestler. William Newby, William Newcomb. Luella Newlin, Forrest Newlon, Michael Newton, Marilyn Nicholas, Gary Nichols, Karen Nichols, Lance Nilsen, Iohn Noble, Patricia Noller. Nancy Nomura, Francis Norman, Iay Northcott, Dallus Northcutt. lane Norton, Iudith Norwood. Gerald Novogradac, Sue Nuss, Iames Nymeyer, Frederic Oberle. Marilyn Obermeyer, Rita Oden, Fira Oden, Robert Odqers, Gerald Ogden, Iana Oldfield, Guy Vernon Oldham, Martha Olds, Iohn Olson. Carol Olson, Linda Olson, Ronald O'Neal, Orless O'Neal, Virginia Ore, Mary O'Rourke, Daniel Orr, Elaine Orr, lack Osbourn, Betty Oshiro, Irene Ott, Bobbie Ott, Melvin Ott, Ronald Owen, Kathryn Oyler, Ianis Padgett. William 177 219 129, 233 229 23 172 172. 231 144 171 217 229 225 175 Page, Mary Palmer, lane Parish, Ellen Park, Iean Parker, Ierry Parks, Dean Parks, Donovan Parks, Terry Parry, Patty Parsons, Mary Patry, Cecelia Patton. Delores Patton, Iacqueline Paugh, Dwain Pavillard, Carmen Paxson, Iudy Pearce, Leanna Pearson, Richard Pedigo, Ronald Pell, Lawrence Penner, Karen Perkins, Ioseph Perkins, Kenneth Perry, Kenneth Perry, Larry Petersen, Iohn Peterson, Patty Peterson, Sharon Pettit, David Pfaft, Roger Phelps, Brenda Phelps, Kay Phillips, Nancy Phipps, Ioseph Pickert, Iames Pierson, Paula Pine, Sharon Pinkston, Gary Pippin, Charles Pitcher. Iudy Pittsenbarger, Cliff Flittser, David Plank, Max Ploufie, Marilyn Plummer, Clarence Poe, Iohn Poelma, William Pointer, Roy Post, Michael Post, Richard Powell, Benjamin Prall, Harry Prather, Karen Pratt, Ethel Pratt. Sharon Price, Iudy Price, Olivia Price, Richard Pruitt. Eugene Pruitt, Fae Puckett, Robert Pugh, Richard Pulley, Roger Purcell. Beverly Purcell. Ieanette Purcell, Terry Purvis, Teddy Pyle, Norma Quattrini, Ronald Quinn, Iohn Raat, Fred Rader, Elizabeth Rader, Sandra Rahimian, Hossein Rake, Linda Ramsey, Dennis Randels, Laura Rantz, Ralph Rappard, Mary Rasmussen, Nancy Ratzlaif, Laverne Ratzlaff, Melvin Raugewitz, Ernest Raven, Theresa Reaburn, Sharon Reaka, Phillip Rector, Suzanne Redeker, Norma Redenbaugh, Larry Redman, Clarence Reed, Robert Reed, Sylvia Reep, Patricia Rees, Norman Reeves, Constance Regan, Edward Regehr, Gary Reichardt, Don Reid, Patricia Reiser. 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Laverne Schroeder, Milton Schuler, Paul Schultze. Kerwin Schupp, Carolyn Schuyler, Betty Schwab. Dorothy Schwalm, Iohn Schwalm, Roy Schwartz. Iudith Schwartzman, Geraldine Schwartzman, Iohnny Schweitzer, Albert Schweizer, Dorothy Schweizer, Iay Schwindt, Dorothy Schwinn, Myron Scrivner, Loretta Seamans, Corwin Seay. Riley Seibel. Carol Seibold. Phillip Seidel, Myrna Selan, Iames Sell, Iacquelyn Sellers. Charles Sells. Iimmy Selvy. Betty Setter, Maurice Seymour, Ann Shank. Gary Shank, Patricia Sharp, Robert Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Karen Shelly. Mary Shepard, Linda Shepherd, Sondra Sherrer, Gary Sherrod. Loretta Sherwood, Richard Shields, Ierry Shimabukuro, Oscar Shimabukuro, Stanley Shipley. ludith Shizuru, Thomas Shoemake, Darlene Short, Wilma Shough, Mary Shrader. Raymond Shriver, Tommy Shumaker. Sandra Simmons. Mary Sinclair, Patricia Solomon, Terry 233 Sjoblom Darrell Skarphol. Carol Skibbe, Ierald Slaymaker, Ronald Slechta, Amelia Smerchek, Ioan Smethers. Iohn Smiley. 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Harold Teichgraeber, Ierry Terrell, Caston Terrell, Merlyn Thiessen, Norman Thomas, Thomas. Thomas. Ann Gloria Kenneth Thomas, Linda Thomas, Priscilla Thomas, Warren Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thornburg, , rainy Bruce , Carol Celia Edwin Norman David Thorne, Glenda Thorne, Ianice Thrasher, Donald Tice. Larry Toburen, Ioyce Toburen, Larry Todd, Nancy Tokishi, Walter 221 219. 75. 217 125. 175 239. 225. 174 173. 225 235 231 217 221 235 176, 225 142, 172 235 Toledo. Tomas Tomlin. Kay Tornquist, Elmer Torrence, Garda Tranbarger, Gary Trapp, Ioyce Traylor, Phil Trolinger, Donna Trueblood, Lindal Truelove, Iames Tucker, Karen Turek. Arlene Mae Twietmeyer, Carol 175 Ulrich. . Glenn Unruh, Unruh, Unruh Unruh Unruh Carolyn Kathleen Marilyn Robert Ruby Urakawa, Nora Utech, Paul Utt, Ioe Uyeno, Irene Valentine, Larry Vallier. Fred Van Horn, Edwin Van Petten, Wilha VanSickle, Iames Vaughn, Iohn Velasquez, Virginia Verhaeghe. Margaret Vernon, Linda Viar. 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Richard Wiand, Sandra Wichman, Leroy Wiens, Betty Wiens, David Wiley, David Wilhelm, Don 77. 225 225 227 171 175, 239 227 175 221. 172. 82, 225 175. 175, 221 175, 23 229 219 219 75. 177, 235 175 231 1 1 227. 1 . 254 304 254 284 269 254 304 254 254 254 254 269 284 254 172 225 284 175 304 254 304 255 255 227 269 255 255 255 304 269 255 284 269 284 269 304 270 284 270 304 304 255 219 304 304 270 255 304 270 304 304 304 270 270 304 255 175 255 259 255 270 284 304 23 Wilhite, KayAnne Wilkerson, Sidra Wilkinson, Arthur Wilkison, Ianice Williams, Iack Williams, Karen Williams, Kenneth Williams, Patricia Williams, Richard Willis, Harold Willis, Iohn Wills, Iudith Willson, Charles Wilson, Charles Hugh Wilson Charles R. Wilson, Donald Wilson Jean Wilson, Ierry Wilson Karen Wilson Samuel Wilson, Shirley Wimer. Virginia Wingard, Audrey Winkler, Theodore Winkley, Yvonne Winters, Marietta Winters, Myrna Winzeler, Roger Wirta, Warner Wirth, Betty Wisby, Warren Wisler, Gary Wizer, Sondra Wolford, Grace Wolgast, Harold Wolters. Iames Woodhead, lack Woodruff, Ian Woods, Gayle Worcester, Kay Wright, Richard Wright, William Wullemeyer, Carol Wyrick, Tommy Yamane. Ianice Yanagisawa, Lawrence Yantzi, Ierry Yeager, Margaret Yerkes, Lawrence Yocom, Roger Yoo, Dong Sung York, Ianice York, Karen Yoshiyama, Ioji Young, Don Young, Lorretta Young, Pauline Youngberg, William Younger, Ierome Youngstedt, Larry Youse, Duane Zaima, Mary I : 5- Qs- v Zemites, William Zerener, Ianice 175 219 Zkerara, Zenichi Zutavern. 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Suggestions in the Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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