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frm Sunflower 58 J' as W' H W 'U 'S 4' ' f N J' 1 . H ., ,dy K. M v -8 .f nf ru? 'U it rf: if Q N as 3.3 1 ,Q -A " 'v 4, ' ' lv " 332,- f- 0 'V ' N N 1 ", I ' 'F . ,' D 4 A y l ' "3 "' Q 11-' ' 7 xv , . . ' Us . 1.4 I . 4 ff . X 4 5" ,D ' M x 1 'Q I ' ,Q R f K 5 '12, Q, . A . L, 5 . ,- Vp v K 'Pinky s,x, Q: HMV wr 1 I fi in Y 5 ' Q 4 Q. W -'N w. wb . ,I uk, ,bf 3 , 1 4' v In ' A Wim!! Q Q ij Q'I 'I A Q Q L '84, 'flag' gan. Qktf -' 15 .E fm ff we rs' I M 2 'Q ik N fx , , 1- I L f , A, v h X ,. V I - B 5 4. 4' 'a WYE - in A , Z . R s 5. K K t .19 K: A man S ww A 5 I y . - .., --vi -E. . ' QV-v A ' ,wah A I, . F L W 7 ' -4 f ' e'4jH'J in Q ' ,Ay ,J , 1 3 fi , w Q V Q .1 'N , 4 x iN 4 "'3f Q K , ' 1 'N W I . . -.' f s. ' 1, PA g J 1 . . f ' Q - A Q' H 3 A , 4 -. ff -:au 4' Nw A W At Q gh -'cn , , ' . . I , ff, 74 , A ETX m we my 4 W 1. Y . ,xx 'Y 1 4 5 Q ' A , f f . Wgmx M . G ' Q' 3. L . "r9",4x gg 5 A 'A' 'L ' K 1 ' ' ' . ' if A Q . f .- -,z .L - I ' 4-, Mmm if Mk, ' ,W wav MX M x I , V In H I I . I .ua f Q QT. 'fl e V fungi. .My V Aww . 9 V' 'QW , Kr, N ff A in ff ,X f , 'Dm 'aff' , 'DJ . . 4' ' ' --w......,...8 Q N, Mm, .viv A A--. , ,, nb- 1 , -94" ff fw Qtr , .wr ag. f- an 439, mf Q ,, VK J , f , ' rt ,, I Q I ' . ' Q , f 'ff ' if 8 i sq, ' 'f W "HX Q ""' 4 4f 1 ' , 4 ef W'-"z QF ' 1-if A ' J Q7!'3i,g,h7 ,L I A f? ' ' VV ' ,Q If V Y I MW yy? I wx, NEMA W' fx A 5 xv gk , .i ', X .Q if ' -rm , M ,7I'.f'im, .z , W Ei R, An Entrance f flY'?5Ei.q4i1L ' Z, T- gk Y' ., i -Le -f1'z2ag,s, f. r, A my .wg 34513 I K. , Mm if nb, MJ -., ,,,.,y.,.,,5,Al, uf 1 as as f - , W , ,V , -V 0 ,- W ff w. -g ..a:..: f A And An Exit ,M-WA ..A ,, , ......-v ..,. .-,1.- ,. 9, V. :.- ,..-1.4 .,,f,.tL-'FQQTJ 37S4aZb4-kjiibiii'-if :H 'K-f Mig: T , W 15 K as ,far 1 3 RQ , ff 4 ,E if was Am A n ,Vl :Hhs i. is if xx w if L Ski X 3 r A 'K ,Q ,, Q K . ,. 4 r -. S X ,E ' 5- - f gjggaq Q 251, , QE- - LQ ' jf' .f 1 . , ,, :,, X , ' ' -,J if Ari K . Y . , W E ,, . w 2, 5 4. 1 4 ,si A 452 1" wg N, in WW vf Q 1 ' is v .21 'gf X 4 N ,,,. ,F 5 fp, . 1 f ,, gt. fg- " if X., 13 Y 1, ' if as il.. fl km' . 1 A . F ff. , K fl 7, VA 1-A nf' 523 W' i ' - fwx-., A VV TCSA 'v ii ' .- 1 aw if 'if .W f K A fi 2 -K f .1 f. .1 , f Ei? 1 . k K Q. f f .t if 4 , ,, 1 if if W , 6 ,, X7 1 .Q J' if Wg Rf W ,Aix -M21 X gym 5 ! 5 5 5 . 1 . f V' Q -5,-,ffi5,1g, , if . H , My - H 'ff-1.-.11,'v2f,'gl,Az32ig2 A Ylgxu-1 'K 5, --ggxffzfgfs L-i . 1.5, ' f , .V,. U, -. ' Q ws' Y 3 ' .,,. ' . ,H ' ,'Yl?1L?P5"'i'+ , E . ., iwglgggi ng' Q, W? Nazi? X-'15 W ,wi--xwvii, if Lg, 9-IME, -f W'-wil -Jfg . ,.., H . A iggeeiligff V . A V . .4 ,LVL W A , Z ,AIA :,, , ., ,W 'f ',:+,Qg,p4,, -qgwfizf' " -:4,.:f"l'f4ff ,mfh ,K Af' f' -. f hw , '7-wiigfqwfv i ' f i r' 1. ' t ' - ..f,: , , AQ, 'MSW' 1' Xi K 3' , Q n QV? , M.. .,., V we 3am agen., 8 v M35 W Q? K K ,. Q' is r x . if H W F .655 :iw W K QQ I M Ig ln 4, EA' dl, wx, , w gmfrf Q' R Q 1 'Sf Lx ,, A' . MQ, K V ' 'f3'fiLSkz' mai, .,,, wwf., ff, qw G ,, km H0 " 4-ll' 1 M 'dl' QW Q 'Wu A ,,, K... . v 1 'k .59 12" Y v Z 1 2, 1 A nm. x 4. l 3 W S 'sf in w k Wai' .. in-W .5 X. Q ig ?f'3 ,SZ ,, W if is mf Q Qu ..,A -, 1. ', .yr f w"w 'f -si' 1 M is , wg tl? 4 W , -ak -Q. 'fre S + Q. Below left: Behind the Corinthian columns of the entrance into Frank A. Beach Music Hall the music students find a place to either practice or just relax. Below right: Both the men's and women's physical education classes meet in the Gymnasium, home of the physical education department. We 5' 't 'E-0 Jn? mrhchff The center of activity on campus is the administration building known to all students as Plumb Building. N .W Mzfw, K -F Q--5 ggnulll i ""--..':," W N 7, u'l!'!!"'n-svui, if ' A sign of progress on the campus is shown by the ever changing physical plant ofthe school. Two additions to the scene are the Men's Dormitory Cupper leftl and the Science Building Cupper rightl now under completion. Norton Science Hall, still in use, will be a familiar sight to E-Staters for some time to come. 17 , X L. Cnly the Navy unit may enjoy the use of the new U. S. Naval Reserve building tabovel, but all students may use the facilities available in the almost new William Allen White Library. Qlfwmh fi 55 Tw wg.. L22 aww- . rf.. -AI, W, f M, 1,p4H'u 'WTV K , E - Q, A, W Q' it ,,.W, .X 'md V' Q yd. 4 , L rip? Qu 'sign Q, Qi. . 0. My . QL gl? if' WM' - V - QQ -,, N .M MMS-,,,., my I" ' .TQ A - LST" -A 1' 1 ,fi --W Q- WJ ' "qi-1---C! '5 --- I. ""4,ff' WL ' . , V, , W- -w,-ww -wg?,W-.QW 'ggff-. 'T "' Nils.. gl--3-,Lf rf ""'m"Wl5-k.m.cp,4,.Z',., nw- X ' wWwVLQA??,mf 3, - - ,. L., ' - - J sl- -niggaz-'1- NN, .,.. ., - fir- ,,. H, ,gqgwf-,, ' ff- I A' -. ' -fx ' . ff Qin... ..,, M ..1. m5.,,,- - - - . W g 7 xx yjj -f-.4.:1:3w' -W -f,,M, 33'-----mw,.....W W ,, J I In N1 f,-,-.W f A ,- , ,H Wi'--'F?Mv,, W1-KL A- J 1.3-M. .WK 5 D. .fy "' 'V gs. -1 sf 5 I iz. + ' ' .W ,V X TM, P sf.. -Q' , f- 5: 4' -'iw-f-sv -a , .. -- , f X'7'f?'?2"2i1 , QSWWTBI ...M ',,'w" W' A Qc: 5- 'mm V 'l -M N'-5 - ' ' " ' f :A M . . , , ,. M k ., -, ,, 1, --'Q A ., Q aff , , -X ff sp, ,. My --1, . - -' f 1- . 4,--' , gp-1: ,,,, 1 - wg , ' Q ' gf A M .f..'j-"-- -'W f 'ff-"-IIN V, K W., lx hw, X- Q. .. K M .. - gm X - --www. ,. ia., f ..,-g wr! , -- -H f Z .,ff..,y,W- V f' Fi... - 'N-f-f-?.f, , I ff-.Fil-Ui ' L1-is-xp.-1. 'Mm i ww 'TWV X ' M3523 at "M"-g, " wa we-1ZW-I i5fEm1W?mEg3Xy,.ii.aIJ... ,J . . M . M W K .1 ... Lai . Vi- 141' 1- 'W' KW' " '-Wi- --M-wm.g,,14afgW5g?T-- wmarw-ww .. 'A ' --W ww 1 -A M 5 fr A ' "M ,ig- ,-fA1wLf'W"5'W"'W-N i N"'L'x'f?:'?S?Tv'--Pi v'-f'f9fv?l-Em " ,, ., R15 Q X' .qmwnns Wi' f ' , ' - X --ww, . . ,.gWumz...- , ww- wwf-'Q-f. ...WW M nw-V -f www. ,., , 3 ,QW VQM, ,N V f xg' -TLQMV f- www.. ,, A A my I 1- J-W '-gfgmiift, . Y- , 4 X K ,N mm Wwil gg?23,.i.,,? 1, ' 1-,sj'5?'5,1'gj1,35Li.3,. Wm, Q rv' ,. Q K. -'Wy A, - .. -I x aw. mfxl, M In jr - A -M, , K .V . ,:,,,4.,, .:g,J5:,.. 3- V-f f -,,. M.. A,--4 4... - A gg--'-Q--qw f- ff-J . is - mm M W A Y 'J 7 ' 'fffif ,,,,,,,,W W - ' - W -1--fwf-Lff'f'fM--'NE5'-.'f'i, -'W - ' k' -V M - nf' 'WY ''M"'X--"-'f'73NLgu,.-,:..f ,.,, . w.,.n,, ' " j "'- -eff -f ., ,W wmag'iP I I . ,Aw my . .,,,., M-1 W,,.,-H, Y - W M- 7 3921--W N A - - - , .H V. 11,3 . WM - ' MW-.,,..,M-M--1, . My , ,M - --Wm-Mmsi .. ,..,,5..i:0i, . 4 nZ"""3.- A ' "--f' --5-f - - "-'-Q M . 'M A ' 5 3,,a.vx.. Trix.:-FA .N ' X ...,,,::t-L., ,..ng.,,..q,,j?L?wm:QiS,?M, ..,M.v 9 K ..,,g,.,hr E M V If , f ff-'2Z.,,,.,, --f ., . H 'M' --' --ww AA .W - - MW --" ..." I 1 P ,K ,--, , - 1- M Lv V ., Q. .. I ,,,.A mmf? . A F, in in I - , ,5,v.,t., .i T gMm"M' - - - . .. .4f134,. --WMV K.ijfjfI?iJfww.,i , ,. 1'Q.,.gf 3f . Wm" A' , Q, , ,QMQZAQ ,WH , H Mr h XM iq k 4 kv ' v N-'rw 4. " ' '- '- " ' ..., "na, -. K ' --"- 'Jim f 4 5 ' ' '.I"L'1' ' -- , 'V'-f594i3tn'l5vf-7?ffZfRAQ1TLlIffxGff--A.-.,, Q ...ml . , r -if' 'Q'----., ' "' " ff -if--ffwf , :- . . ., My --,- - .Q W., A ' - :naw ..,.. ,. ,,,.:,:.. , K :.-If-1 J' .ji L ,., ,W 4 With the new addition to the Student Union trightl students found new opportunities for relaxation open for them. Both day and night Morse Hall tleftl bustles with activity as only a gir1's dormitory can. 1 ,, lb Af, ,ga is , K , . , ,. A Mm, ,M f Q A .h , Ig 5, k' I , v,3j,,fb1,k ,wdfr Q w x , A W A v' f' iw ' , . K 23 N - v 1 ' 1 N' L' K' 1 A .H ', ., , , 1 V , .. K A , 4 I Y K Q ' 6 3 W - X 4 , I. A f f. 9 . X S 5 K ' ixgk , 5 k 3 . . f ,ln 4 ' , 2 V .my ,yn " b ,gk -x. ' N X . A . 1 ' .- Q, ' Q ' 9 S ' f - .Ah 'f f A' . I ' Akyqffl, I , . 1 N ., A ,. . Q, . 'I 'xg 1 v- - ., "x si- K , ., , Q L f, . o, - - , 'Y , , is . Q . ' K W ,HA 1 , fvxv ,. X it W ,A we 313.5 'W C K .R Tim A f 4, r, ff ' 5+ R. -il-' , DQ 1 Q 1 iq, xx.. S ,L Ag, 3, A .R X W J c 1 1 xx Y " Q .., , 3. A . , Q , , I J , , Ji- Pm. F iflk is . A ' ' ' X ' ,ky , 4 A A HI .lx ,i , T9 x ' f ' 5 , ,, gd? --,Q ' ,.- 5 5 Y - - P ' 5, X '- Q . 2 .Q ,, 5 ,.,g. 5 :gf -' .R . f 1--va I .,, 11, 4 V- -- . 5 Q bf f'7E1f r. -ag' 1 s s 2 I A 1 --QM , A . W N . .- 4 . fr" -1. -r -.1 'vi ' Q. q,e -A .,kgs slr X 5 ,J r ., f v v ' f? x 4 4 JJ -fn 1 ,1 x A S vu 5 . ,N fx Q , , A Ln fra , 't' K , I v 6 Q , f 1 , v s 1' fy Jazegfavens, SBSH' . K Q, 5- , WQQ wq i Q - .,.Qk I., -5,- A 1 M awww. E , v i KW- w..,, Q ,nk Y if L wiwv ja , . Nfmggmwwdfggww .,.. Q. 5 li 26- , V x ,A ....,, M. V. fy . f ihiilzz. , rx 4, 3 fx K 5 S A sf N, 1 ,x K r K gg 4 ,x W mi r 1. Q sf 'Y f 'E 3 4 M ,h ,- fifglfiil ' 5.x X, .. H F , xi YK 2' 4 K 5.5 X K5 5 A fl' W2 1?-,fx Y Am-'L AA iffihsgfl' 'I 95359521 L , ' , ' K ' zisf-fgwgff . .A - K 4-3 - 7 wxwy fs ,. - Aly.. if ., Jbfvzagsamr - .A f " A - 5, f , . , if ffl f. ,img ' .Ai ,, ' siifijs V if 'lam law ,gy i' M , kL,.. ,L,,L 1 A,,,Z , Q ,,LLi -7 -W fl. M 4, ,, Mfg A f Irwin.. 23 Governor George Docking In fulfilling the office of Governor oi the state of Kansas, George Docking has been aware of the increasing importance of education to the state and the nation and has labored diligently in cooperation with the administrators and state officials to irn- prove the standards of higher education. These are the men responsible for the formulation of policy, presentation of budgets, and the selection of personnel for the state schools. Their Work this r e past year, as before, has been one of steady progress toward improvement of higher education in Kansas. n O 6 8 O S Front row: George B. Collins, Wichita: Claude C. Bradney. Columbus: McDi1l Boyd, Phillipsburqg Hurbert Brighton, Topeka Lawrence D. Morqan, Goodland, Back row: Russell R. Rust, Topeka: Whitley Austin, Salina, Clemmet H. Hall, Coffey villej Harry Valentine, Clay Center: Roy Evans. Kansas City: President Iohn E. King. President Iohn E. King President King by working with and through the proper professional and state agencies has improved and beautified the campus grounds, strengthened the curriculum. increased scholarships, increased job opportunities and pursued the policy of continued improvement and excellence of the faculty and ad- ministrators. The end result is one of rapid progress for Emporia State and the respect and admiration of the student body for the campus and its president. ! , Front Row: Mrs. King, President King Back Row: Aim King. Rebecca King iifE ' M, . ww, , gy, 3 s Another Side Administration embraces a multitude of duties. In addition to the obvious administrative tasks such as providing for staff, courses, curriculum, pencils, paper, maintenance, scheduling, etc., administrators have the problem of ex- plaining the role of their institution to the public, both here and abroad. Above, President Iohn E. King and Dr. Harrv Waters explain to a visitor from the Far East the role of the teacher's college in American education. Many such visitors from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America visit the campus each year. fi F' . , "Y L 'ir 'tr """Q vit 1-Q fig 'it' 'S W In Their Hands In the hands of the administrators, the college program is shaped and controlled. Modern education requires far more control than ever before if it is to meet the demands for a diversity of education that will serve to achieve the goal of fullest development of the potential of each individual who knocks at the College door. Among those on whom the President most de- pends to carry out college policy are R. G. Cremer, assistant to the president: Dr. Nathan Budd, director of resident instruction: Dr. Laurence Boylan, head of the graduate school: Dr. Ruth Schillinger, dean of women: V. T. Trusler, dean of men: Dixon Smith, registrar: Dr. Harry Waters, director of student per- sonnel services: I. I. Weigand, director of special events: Riley Stormont, physical plant superinten- dent, and many others who double as administrators and instructors. The student council is representative ot the entire student body. Its purpose is not only to work 1' for the benefit of the student body and the college U but to provide a bridge of understanding between U the students and administrators. With this philosophy n in mind the student council completed successfully another year ot varied activities. C e . n I T President ,,.A,,,, ,,,,,,, D elmar Pfortmiller Vice-President t,,t Roger Eickhott Secretary ...,,.. Treasurer .... Front row: Harry Waters, sponsor: Kay Utterback, Delmar Ptortmiller, Clyde Goulden, Carl Prophet, sponsor: Blanche Dunshee. Back row: Tom Wyrick, Delbert Brinkman, Forrest Newlin, Robert Kline, Sally Choice, Delores Iones, Lynette Thornton. in X 'N-.. 'Qs SENIOR IUNIOR Presxdent ......... .... C arhe Trower Presxdent ...4...,.., ,..,.., L arry Becker V1cePres1dent ,,...,,,,.,,......,, Ioann Rxtter VxcePres1dent ..,.,,A,,A,, ,,,,. L any Hunter Secretary-Treasurer ..,. Mary Ann Fulton Secretary-Treasurer ,........... Judy Martm 3 S . S I C G F S SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN President ..,,,.,,,r ,,,,, R ay Terrel President .,,,,..,,,..,,.. Gary Hemmingway VicePresident ,A,,,,, ,,,,,, S qndm Roy Vice-President ,,..,, ,,,,,,,,,..,. D on Wilhelm Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,,,,, Secretary-Treasurer .......w.. Ioan Randall Mary Kay Frederick Al are Qi 'KA si' 3 PM ,E M 2? L? I . , . 1 ' ,w Q 1- e 1 ' ,K WH L yn! 'l- f k Ay fi we ' 5 k V, ' V ' igv wfgifi . -Q H5 S 1 V hffiui ff I I I' 5 .." 2 me Eg wig Mapu! """f Left to right: I. Brinkman, N. R. Eppink, Head: Iohn Mathews, E. L. Anderson Evan Lindquist, member of Alpha Theta Rho. enjoys one of their many costume parties. Alpha Theta Rho The honorary art society, Alpha Theta Rho, has a limited membership of fifteen maiors and minors. The purpose of the organization is to foster an in- terest in art beyond the classroom. Kneeling: George Charlsen, William Allen. Cecil Howard, Gerald Pauler. Howard Yoshinobu. Standing: Mary Kretsinger, Norman Lowe, Ruth Kirby, Evan Lindquist. Mary Dettmer. Clinton Leon. Carmen Robb, Ed Deforrest. Carol Burri, Dori Dolton, Harold Bennett. O O M. Bxooks, G. Leisman, I. Novak, E. Segal, C. Prophet, H. Davies, T. Andrews Sue Griffith, Evelyn Kovar, Schirley Hudson. Carol Miser, Kathleen Icrcobs. Elaine Denton. Standing: Frances Gangel, Dr. Alfred Ericson, Robert Clarke, Dave Mickey. Biology students track down their specimens. A bird-watcher gets a grip on her binoculars as she enjoys a field trip for bird-watchers. Beta Beta Beta Tri-Beta, a national biological fraternity, is corn- posed of students exhibiting outstanding ability and interest in the biological sciences. Throughout the year, the Delta Kappa Chapter participates in various activities. Each fall and spring, a small mammal census is conducted and the results are added to the national figures. An annual Christmas Bird Census is conducted in cooperation with the Kansas Ornithological Society. The annual Founder's Day dinner was in March. fl S S S First row: G. W. Maxwell, Rida Duckwall. LaDonna Michaelsen. E. C. McGill. Head: Raymond Russell, Victor C. Hiett. Second row: H. L. Cannon. R. E. Harizler, I. W. Truax, Adelaide Kcxuzer. Herman Baehr, Tom Ludwig. Pi Omega Pi i Peggy Waller, typical business student types away Members of Pi Omega Pi, honorary business fraternity were proud that Mu chapter was selected as the most outstanding chapter nationally for the year. -Activities during the year included the annual departmental picnic, a Christmas party, the Business Education Conference, and the Spring Banquet. Work was done to enlarge the Scholarship Fund and a committee developed . and submitted a design for a pledge pin. A field trip to Kansas City was enjoyed by many. The yearbook, MU PI OMEGAN, was published under the direction of Mary Ann Fulton assisted by Ronda Sidman. First row. left to right: H. Baehr, L. Shepherd, D. Caulter, M. Duttord, B. Baltz. H. Cooke. A. Kauzer, E. C. McGill, C. Miller, L. Mitchell. Second row: E. Hudson, C. Dolsky. P. Reilly, I. Parker, V. Heidel, I. Ireland, M. Fulton, F. Boline, P. Stevens, S. Iones, R. Sidman, L. Hudson, B. McLaughlin, B. Fagg. Third row: V. C. Hiett, D. Kux, I. Totland, C. Hopkins, R. Salt, A. Bolton, R. Volker, I. Holliday, F. Whiteman, D. Fischer, R. Russell. Fourth row: G. Gamble, L. Ellis, B. Young, O. Barnett. T First row. left to right: S. S. Ward. I. Stormont, I. Steele, C. Messenger, E. Markham, M. Pfeiffer, F. Simpson, I. Criss, M. Lenz, M. Manderly. S. Karsten, E. L. Hudson. Second row: L. Keirns, D. Whitney, A. Kanarik, H, Reeves, C. Miller. G. Razor, N. Bonnewitz, R. Sidman, L. A. Hudson, M. Dufford, D. Coulter. C. Kaegebaehn, R. Scott, I. Muckenthaler, M. Reicherter, G. Gaunt. Third row. G. Mason, B. Day, V. Schroeder, V. Heidel, S. Zoschke, B. Knadler, I. Martin, C. Meadows. R. Grieshaber, H. Thompson. of Future Business Leaders of America is an organ1- F B l. A zation for students interested in the business field. U Ll G ITI Monthly meetings were held throughout the year. S 3 G The meetings were devoted to problems and things l ' r . . . U I of interest in the field. I' F1 e I e e r C S S 3 S First row: R. Volker, C. Hummert, V. Stalcup. B. Bums, B. Baltz, M. Winters, P. Allison, N. Gentry, C. Line, M. Greenwood. Second row: M. Barnett, R. Salts. R. McChristy, D. Robinson, D. Mowbray. O. Holt, P. Stevens, F. Boline. C. Trower. E. Hedrick. F. Steenbach. M. Ross, V. Hielt. Third row: M. Cassel. R. Sherwood. I. Bahnmaier, B. Redman, D. Olson, I. Karolik, D. Mc- Keever. L. Salisbury, C. Ward, V. Enos, L. Henkle. Oo 93 U C 3 i o n 5 ,, 4 f 5: A . Q , M., f 'fu J, Jin x Front row. left to right: Alex Dauqhtry, Anette Davis, Elnora Cioni. Lila Lee Budge, Kitty Thornton, Helen Douglass, Vonnie Martin, Alice Gist, Betty Sue Chapman, Norman Ashbaugh. Back row: lack Davis, Valeta Ives, Ina Borman, Ruth Otterstrom, Don Davis, Pearl Vollrath, Ida Franz, Robert Thurman, Mark Pedigo, Laurence Boylan. x - 1 if Q J ii is Bulletin Beauty in 5 "" Two laboratory schools on the campus, Roosevelt High School and Thomas W. Butcher Children's School, provide practical experience for those students planning to enter the teaching field. In these schools the student teacher meets many of the situations with which he will be confronted in the field. S T T a U c e n t A teacher does not spend all this time in classroom work, al- though this is the main facet of his profession. Other things, such as meeting parents, telling stories, and directing plays are all an integral part of the teacher's life. J? 'L H, My ' HQ V - W A VTE 5,3 Q50 i 'L K 'Sw A . fi' 9' 'FHBF Q 4 1 K5 fix ., 'Mi T, Wim, deg Qi, I .. : ,A mt V :Em Y ,, YM -mf A :L A S SN H K K ' 'f' " Q ' L' Q1 in I w 57 la,-14v:sfa1w 5w:3 2. I ,nge 2. ' ,z.r2vW,sh4.,qg7' ag K' 51 Y ' Q.1,.w.wrg3si29Eggsvs:sf 'Qf:wiwr5,s2,Q-wifi, ' 4- V ::w1f:wfXf5'g41ii5fi lv X32 s T Q W x m i? W gig 'f b -, . ' A ,QP Em: ,ggi Y ,un . , A ,af A Q, 'G 3' w I1 i S Left to right: I. P. Leibmcm, Ralph Dcxqgett. C. H. Walton, Robert Shearer, M. L. Steimetz, Everett Rich, Head: Pauline Henderson, Neil Byer. T. C. Owen. Vida Askew, Green Wyrick, Robert Hughes. Glen Newkirk, Iune Icxck Morgan. Le!! to riqhl: D. E. Txcrvis. Minnie Miller. Head: I. R. Aiken 3 u no I s Front row: Minnie Miller. S. Hetrick, I. Wallace, D. Douglas, R. King, D. Larcade, R. Pascua. R. Aikens, N. Matamales, M. Denning. Second row: I. Souto, C, Gilbert, P. Borrero, T. Wischropp, P. Smith, M. Matamales, V. Becker, I. Moles, C, Alminoque, A, Girzman. S fl First row: V. Becker, D. Larcade, D. Travis, Minnie Miller, K. Splitter, V. Horton, P. Balch P. Wright, Dr. Mosher, M. Hallart. Second row: V. Martin, Y. Hossillon, S. Chambers A. Gulledge, M. Santee, K. Aikens, S. King, K. Lindquist, B. Moore, N. Emsweler, D Hadlock, P. Bromn, N. Mclntire, V. Crowley, S. Girand. Third row: C. Dawson, K. Eaton W. Epler, I. Rossilion, I. Hovorka, R. Curzydlo, V. Smith, T. Wischropp, T. Stubbs, A Mobry, S. Han. O ITI Mrs. Margaret Pcrrkmcm, Kcrihryn Whitter, Mrs. Thedcx Ashley, Mrs Mczricm Wilson. The purpose of the monthly Home Economics Club meeting was to draw C together those interested in Home Ec- O onornics. n The annual picnic for new majors U and minors and other interested persons Q began the year's activities. Q m At Christmas, a party for under- , privileged children was sponsored by m I the club. In March sixteen members e and two sponsors represented the local C club at the state meeting. An initiation S breakfast brought activities to a close in the spring. At this time the senior members were initiated into the Ameri- can Home Economics Association. On floor: C. Miser, I. Oyler, I. Metter, I. Nickel, B. Brinkman. Seated: C. Miller, C. Loomis, I. Conyers, I. Martin. M. Weaver, C Bobek, M. Gangel, , I. Duncan, D. Ward, M. Iones, R. Scott. N. Erickson, V. Long. Standing: I. Evans, Mrs Parkman, A. Blackim, B. Barker, E. Fleming, L. Eustace. V. Nehous, C. Manda, B. Wheat, B. Edmunds. I. Gray. B. Sullivan, N. Mustoe F. Rial, M. Becker. M. Henningson, Mrs. Wilson, S. Sturgeon. N. De-Kyser, Miss Kathyrn Whitten. n U r 5 T s r 0 I 8 Left to right H. O. Woods, N. R. Ashbcxugh, Elbert Barnhart, Head: Dale Hogan, Icrck Irwin. - Alpha Epsilon chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau was organized on this campus April 12, 1949. Purposes of the national . industrial arts fraternity are to promote Pl skill, social and professional proficien- cy: and research in industrial arts. Membership in the organization is by invitation and is based upon high scholastic standing. The fraternity has chapters on more than fifty college and university camp- uses in the United States and Canada. The total membership is now more than 9,000. E. L. Barnhart and R. D. Hogan are co-trustees of the local chapter. Front row: Robert VanSickle, Iames Letelleir, Eldon McDonald. Phares Bross, Iohn Merrifield, E. L. Barnhart, R. D. Hagan, I. B, Morgan Norman Ashbaugh, Harold Woods, Menno Stucky. Standing: Darrell Zimmerman, Paul Stone, Don Blythe, Iames Anderson, Wayne Eye Richard Dawdy, Loren McLaughlin, Earl Allender, Frank Specht, Iohn Harris, Richard Schmidt, Elmer Ott, Donald Varner, Leroy Mueller William Nelson, Dell Reed, Iimmie Gladder, David Hill, Wayne Rice, Clayton Carlson, Robert Umbarger, Kenneth Feltner, Harold Tilton lames Weinmann, Ioseph Horton, Henneth Lenke, Delton lohnson, Mervin Langrehr, Wilbur Mitch. 54 I' 3 Front row: Ruth Hanson, Gertrude Lemon, O. L. Eaton, Head: Irene Hansen, Harriet Elcock. Second row: Ada Hodgson, R. A. Fritz, R. A. Alterman, Charles Pugh, Esther VanderVelde. i s 1 r e a r i n e u mb First row, left to right: Mrs. Inez Cox. L. Tcnimoto, R. O'Gormcm, P. Ivey, Ixene Hanson Second row: G. Lemon, S. Gircud, B. Thomas, Mrs. S. Ice, R. Irey, Mrs. O. Cunningham Mrs. C. Luce. Third row: B. Gifiin, E. Vcndervelde. Dr. R. Fritz, I. Winterstein, R Gooldy, C. Long, G. Swanson, Mrs. F. Iohnson, D. Riggs, Mrs. Chappell, Dr. O. L. Eaton IT1 G 3 First row, left to right: D. Iones, P. Miller, G. Lemon, sponsor. G. Steward, I. Ritter. B. Dunshee, P. Stevens, R. Kirby, P. Balch. Second row: B. Edmunds, I. Sanders, F. Boline, K. Berthot, K. Splitter, I. Holloway, I. Miller, B. Wheat, Third few: C, Robb, M. Fulk-,nl N. Monninqer, S. Choice, K. Slentz, L. Denton, M. Fredericks, B. Lcmie. 57 8 6 ITI 8 i c s First row: O. I. Peterson, Head: C. B. Tucker, Vernon Sheffield. Second row: L. E, Laird, Iohn Burger, George Downing, Dwcmn Verodc. Q5 Kappa Epsilon fiirffjfjff Tex "fxxM.... . Kappa Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics society for undergraduate students. The Kansas Beta Chapter was Klxflg founded in 1932. It is one of the fifty chapters in the United States. Qualifica- tions for membership are based on scholarship and interest in mathematics. f l First row, left to right: C. B. 'lucKer, J. Burger, C. Trauth, I. Bishop, O. I. Peterson. Second row. left to right: G. Crumb, N. Yoder, D. Pool, I.. Laird, V. Sheffield. First row, left to right: D. Miller, K. Shaw, N. Page, D. Pruitt, N. Nacy. Second row: I. Wing, D. Lind, Lassley, W. Liggett, D. Tro- bridge, G. Norwood, R. Wright. Third row: Y. Moon. L. Hunter, C. Henry, D. Baysinqer, C. Roberts, K. Ohm, B. linsae. First row: Vernon Sheffield, Iohn M. Burger, Oscar I. Peterson, Victor Dewey. Paula Miller, Lora Eustace, Harold Bohm, Charles B. Tucker, Lester E. Laird, Carl Henry. Second row: Wayne Rice, Derald Lind, Richard Wright, Delbert Marshall, Mary Macy, Karen Shaw, Mary Hill, Norman Sellers, Francis Depenbusch, Don Mayberry, William Engle. Third row: Merlin Strahm. David Allison, Carl Roberts. Neil Yoder, lim Bishop, Iohn Reilly, Elmer Wagner, Robert Neumayer. u c s . a i e I nl C S 3 O n Lei! to right: F. G. Welch, Head: K. E. Ccxywood, M. A. Long William Schnitzer, E. D. Fish, E. D. McCullough. Ioe Rossillon finds time out from intrarnurcxls refreshing as he digs into cz slice of watermelon thoughtfully provided by the special events office. Snow Queen 1' x xxx., X" f , M V, x x Y in xg ,N Ak J f in i' 1 . J 3' 3 " 4 5. A 35 Q. 1 's x 3 , H .X R -SAE!! H Glyn f L' vig ss fy 5. jx. .iitasywry . V V 1, 44? ., 1, gp .w I k A K b .. V . Mb' ' Q5 " gb ' , ' iv Xwkf , vii. p yf' ,L . ', 4? aff 4 I ,N N I Ma ry Murphy X VLX 'X' Dr. McCullough here is addressing a group ol boys abou! the need for intramurals in college. Some hot and heavy action in the men's intramural league. First row: Virgil Person, M. Irene Johnson, Rose Hirschorn. Leopold Liegl. Second row: I. I Weigand, A. D. Schmutz, Iohn Fluke. C. M. Hendricks. E. L. Stuntzner, William Cole, R. M. Taylor Head: L. H. Marks. STANLEY BABIN was just one of the mcmy fine musicians brought to lhe campus during the year Sigma Alpha Iota Swing. p Branson, N. Mclntire, D. Cordor, M. Dodson, C. Lcxrsen, M. Nicholas, Standing: N. Hightower, B. Luttimer. I. Ienkins, B Neosnl G.. Stewerd. I. Holloway, M. Manning, N. Monninqer, K. Wooster, Mrs. Ives. 1 .x Q if K, 1 1 N First row, left to right: H. Caldwell, R. Milhon, I. Mayhan, L. Alderson, D. Ramsburg. Second row: C. Tribble, G. Anderson. H First row, left to right: Susan Schmidt, Jeanne Witt, Carolyn Larson, Henrietta Lantz, Shirley Epperly, Roxie Lou Wilson, Pat Sanstra. Second row: Deanna Cordon, Dee Wagner, Glenda Steward, Nancy Mclntire, Betty Io Carpenter, Beverly Lczttimer, Mary Ellen Lackey, Ian Holdsworth, Karin Moebus, Norma Monninger, Rosamond Hirschorn, sponsor. I' 3 S S S T e e s Taylor. Third row: C. Blackim. HC' is lEA5.lEl..5. Pftsms 'FASTELS The Emporia State Symphonxc Band made several appearances th1s year The concerts included several mstrumental solos w1th band accornpamment and also featured the Pastels A pep band, taken from games. il 5 E A N A 3 m 3 i I1 Q I lu I' a V 'W i d S r f l I1 e O I' S Q 70 5 e i First row: S. W. Crcxm, Head: W. N, Baker, W. H. Overholt. Second row: William Cloud. Glenn Crumb, Alfred Ericson. Lambda Delta Lambda Lambda Delta Lambda is an honor- ary fraternity of those who have demon- strated superior ability in the field of Physical Science. Some of the fratern- ity's functions are sponsoring a science show which goes to various high schools in the area: and bi.-weekly meetings at which members give re- ports of interesting and recent happen- ings in the Physical Science world. The Nu chapter was founded on the campus in 1937. First row, left to right: Manda, Kovar, Pruitt, Agrelius, Verhaghe, Liggett, Wing. Yoder, Morfitt. Second row. lelt to right: Henry Marshall, Hopkins, Dr. Ericson, Aldrich, Bishop. Manahan, Hobrock, Goode, Trauth, Hankins, Linsey. S l C First row: Connie Diller, M. W. Sanders, Head: Madeleine Shalabi Second row: Charles Baznik, William Ruzicka, W. H. Gray, V. T Trusler. Ioe Eisenbach. O C El C C I e U a n c e il First row, lelt to right: William Seiler, Iames Buchanan, Claude Arnett, Head: Della Warden Everett Sanders. C. Stewart Boertman. Top row: Edward Calkins, Roy Durham, Iohn I. Zimmerman Gerald Stillman Vincent, Harold Sayre. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," is the motto of Pi Gamma Mu, national social science honor fraternity. Its colors are blue for truth and white for light. The three-fold purpose is to inspire social service to humanity by an in- telligent approach to the solution of social problems, to engender sympathy toward others with different mutual un- derstanding and to support existing social science organizations by pro- moting social ability and attendance at meetings. Gamma Mu First row, lelt to right: V. Wingo, D. Mickey, I. Sutton, I. Eller, I. Ritter. I. Sanders, I. I. Zimmerman, W. Sare. Second row: B. Ore land C Lage, C. Harter. H. Stubbs, D. Thrasher, R. Zoellner, R. Overiield, C. Ratzlatt. Third row: S. Holter. I. Iohnson, B. Barker I Koops H. Kirk, R. Moritz, P. Scott. -lb- 'x First row: lim Trent, Annetta C. Davis, G. R. Pflaum, Head Second row: Delmar Hilyard, Charles Hill, Tex Smiley K. C. Bruder. m I p 3 a O I r Y 9 e i a Four productions were presented by the Players this year: AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS, an opera: TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON, THE HASTY HEART, and JOHN LOVES MARY, comedies. Admission to the group is by invitation after the student acquires sufficient points in acting and production, cmd membership is maintained by participation in one production a semester. In addition to their productions, the Players participate in Curli-Q. One of the most active campus groups, the Players spend many hours of back-breaking labor to maintain the high quality of their productions. Each year at the Speech Awards Banquet awards are presented to out- standing members of the group. This year the awards presented were: Best Actor, Curt Dawson: Best Actress, Tish Pavillardg Best Supporting Actor, Andy Brown and Best Technical Work, Ioe Rossillon. First row lett to right: Ray Wallace, Gael Hammer. R'Dee Kelly, Malcolm VVhitney, Verna Horton, Ioe Rossillon Second row Henry Tharp Sarah Price, Kerry Latferty, Ian DeBerry. Charles Hill, Dr. Karl Bruder, Steve Archer. Top row: Curt Dawson Mar garet Dennison. Karen Splitter, Patricia O'Connor, Mary Arm Satteriield, Steve Sanders, Iulia Bushey. Pi Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta, Honorary Forensic Fraternity, has a membership of over 29,000 and lists chapters in 176 colleges in the United States. Our chapter, Kansas Zeta, was founded in 1917. Since that time it has been a leader in the organization, with several of its members graduating to jobs of high respon- sibility. It is composed mostly of members of the debate squad, but it is open to any student interested in forensic work. Bottom row: Connie Foelgner, Rita Howell, Deanna Mitchell, Ienelle Cowen, Terry Mears. Top row: lim Trent, Roger Eickholi, Delores Iones, David Blackim, Major Lincoln, Don Edmunds. . . 15 i? William Fenton. Ed Baldwin i. . ' H t 4 J . uf O m Leit to right: Kathleen Fox, Dorothy Martin, Edna McCullough Head: Fxeddie Iones. i r c e m i c Gerri Wesdom, Denise Dehler. Center: F. Iones, P. Amsrud, S, Iones, D. Zeskey. Left to riqhi: K. Agrelius, C. Binder, P. Lyons, S. Tolar, M. Phillips, G. Dodds A. Son Romani, I. Wisdom, M. Dutton, D. Dehler, B. Ross, M. Denning, L. Young, S. Knouft, P. Waller, P. O'Connor, C. Weisedip. ni fs- G ,dv- Alpha B First row, left to right: I. Hediker, K. Iacobs. P. Manges. Second row: I. Besler, V. Horton, N. Win- ter. Third row: K. Fox, T. Gile. B. Wheat. Alpha Beta, honor society for Women's Physical Education majors, re- quires members to carry a 1.5 average in general academic work and a 2.0 average in health and physical education. Promotion of scholarship and pro- fessional attitude are the chief purposes of the organization. The Splash Club worked on synchronized swimming and completed the year with a demonstration of stunts and strokes. eta 8 S In Water: B. Mast, A. Rowan, G. Graeber, L. Burress. L. Randels. First Row: M. Landis, L. Young S Sanner, I. Rodgers, C. McFadden, I. Randal, H. Cox, P. Amsrud. E. Barnes. K. Fox. Second Row M Phillips, P. Mange. I. Purcell, I. Barton. K. Holter. A. Cuzman, I. Muschick, V. Beak, R. Laughler, I Winter stein. 90.5-Je O m u en S C U , i 3 S C 3 i O l"l The purpose of the WPE Club, which is composed of physical education majors and minors, is to promote leadership, professional growth, and social relationships. The monthly meetings consisted of picnics, sports night, a Christmas dinner, faculty stunts, modern dance and Splash Club demonstrations, travel talk and guest speakers. First row. left to right: I. Testof, P. Amsrud, I. Buck. S. Iones. S. Lesser, V. Enos, E. Barnes, C. Pinder, S. Zscheile, T. Gile, I. Iohnson. Second row: P. Moore, V. Beck. K. Phillips, D. Burchfield, C. Weisedeppe. Miss Martin, L. Burres, Miss Malcolm, L. Randels, K. Iacobs. Third row: P. Manges, V. Horton, I. Besler, C. Iohnson, K. Myers, Miss Rogers, S. Rhoades, Miss Fox. Miss Iones, S. Epperly The purpose of women's intramurals is two-fold. First, the participant in each of the sports may keep as fit as she Wishes and may use the facilities of- fered in the gymnasium. Second, competition be- tween organizations and groups tends to increase sportsmanship and good will. ARR n t r a or m m u e r n a I s s Marcina Bouchek moves forward to catch the ball and score a point in tennis for her organization. E E 4 E x s E a E S i i x 2 a 1 , s z s E 1 i Q 1 - u i l I I 1 i K E i 1 5 n ! Y A I x 85 I' Freshmen enjoy watermelon at the annual feed during Freshman Week. freshman Dangers Eating Waiemxelonz Rosene Adams, Mary Welsh I I wil. VK, g, 1 an Q Geac' , A L. 'Az '-H, ,cg ?""s. Mike Robb looks busy handing out cards. It will be a wait before this convo starts. School again, as these enthusiastic students wait for their class cards. Fl Dr. Miller contering with one of her students in the library. -4,1 Enrollment still going strong ot the Art table. Long lines is the price paid for not pre-enrolling. Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Sigma Alpha U O G I' S I' I I Delta Zeta O u G I' 5 G Alpha Sigma Tau's Casbah Did you get the bid you were looking for, Linda?" Sigma Sigma Sigma Card Capers F R W T U e 8 S e T G I' fl i T Y "Hello fellows! Welcome to the Phi Sigma Epsilon house," "Tau Kappa Epsilon is happy that you have taken an interest in fraternities and we hope you like our house." ,a,L,p, if Alpha Kappa Lambda fabovel Sigma Tau Gamma Heil? Sigma Phi Epsilon fbelowi ,pm .. t we 9 t Tl S C. i f G n s Discussing candidates after nominations convocations. Student council elections got under way with a big bang as each party, United Student Party and the Progressive Student Party, had huge rallies and kickoff campaigns. After speeches, parties, dances and much arguing, the new council was finally elected without the outcome pleasing to all. Awww c gg 4.5 Banners, banners, and more banners! All for the "cause". 95 King Crowns Queen President Iohn E. King escorts the 1957 Peggy Pedagog, Marsha Walker, to the microphone for the Coronation ceremony at the annual Homecoming game. Below, the lovely queen and her court enjoy the game. From left, they are Betty Ross, Mary Ann Fulton, Queen Marsha, Shirley Slaymaker, and Mary Ann Satterfield. March:-1 Walker Pedagog 1957 Above: Betty Ross Right: Mary Ann Scrtterfield Above: Shirley Slcxymcxker Left: Mary Ann Fulton I n o 9 n Alpha S1 Wesley Foundation :anna-nun Phi Sigma Epsilon, first Fraternity division BE? vm Jin A. AJ" "T 'T'-N. 1"L f f-B ,S F' - r' xr. it 1. an Q WX? 1 f , . .'19uMN .iii ' . f H Vet City, first place in the non-Greek class Hawaiian Club Mu Epsilon Nu. second place Independent division Sigma Sigma Sigma, second place. Sorority division Q 957 105 Karalyn Agrelius Miss Emporia State 1958 M E S i m T s P a s o f I' e I 8 0 Miss E-State candidates, left to right: Gerry Graber. Linda Swender Donna Merritt, Iulia Bushey, Denise Dehler, Dee Wagner. The Sunflower staff relaxed after sponsoring another Miss Emporia State contest. Social organizations and Morse Hall nominated candidates for the contest. Each of the twelve Coeds then began preparing a reading, a dance number, a musical number, or a record imitation that she thought would win her the title oi Miss Emporia State in a three minute personal appearance. Selections of the winners were made by three judges using a 30-point system. The judges considered talent, stage personality, and appearance to come to a fast decision that broke previous records. Candidates, left to right: Peggy Riley. Amelia San Romani, Deanna Wittman Lois Schweitzer, Ierri Wisdom, Kelly Agrelius. G Hasty Hea rt ll Teahouse of the August Moon" XX ll John Loves Ma ry , B n S g S i n 9 Alpha Kappa Lambda Delta Zeta First place winners of the annual Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Singing Bee were Delta Zeta sorority and Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity. Contestants in the Singing Bee were the tive fraternities and five sororities. Second place winners were Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. The winning numbers were "You'll Never Walk A1one" sung by the Delta Zetas and "Oklahoma" by Alpha Kappa Lambda. Sigma Sigma Sigma, second place. Alpha Sigma Alpha. Alpha Sigma Tau. Pi Kappa Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Tau Kappa Epsilon, second place Sigma Tau Gamma. Convocations Phoebe Erickson, winnex of the l957 William Allen White Book Awaxd. Dr. lohn Ise 116 The Mitchcll Hull Duo Entertainment Series World famous pianist Stanley Babin was one of the highlights in the 1958 Emporia State Enter- tainment Series. Agnes Morehead and Raymond Massie were warmly received when they presented "The Rivalry" on the stage of Albert Taylor Hall. t 7 A new feature was added to the 1957-58 special events calendar. This was the coffee concerts featuring members of the Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Norman Hollander and presented in the Colonial room of the student union. Pictured below is Mr. Hollander being interviewed by Delmer Hilyard, assistant director of radio, television, and motion picturesduring the intermission of the first concertp The concerts were presented "in the round" and consisted of easy listening chamber music. ' Wi TT The biggest special event held this year was one that will be well remembered in Emporia for many years to come. lt was the .music and concert given by Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong and his All-Stars. At the left is Satch entering the Civic Auditorium, wearing that ambassador grin and carrying his instrument of peace, the trumpet. Another highlight of the concert was when Louie and Delma Middleton sang a duet that "rocked" the whole auditorium. m i c Flu shois anyone? Sign up here! A glass of orange juice u day kept the ilu bug away. Bulletin Beauty Carol Shoup A o U m m 3 i e i nt r t 5 e e Members of the Sluden! Affairs Council, pictured from lei! to rlqhiq are: Gary Hemmingway. Mr. Buznik, sponsor, Ray Tarrell, Deloris Iones Clyde Golden, Roger Eickofi. 122 Pct Wilson, Shirley Knouft, Amelia San Romani, Andy Brown, Mono Schroff, Donna Choice Sondra Roy. These pretty young things led the E-State Bond this year in their performances. .-G16 Bushey and Florschutz conferring on lighting behind the scenes of a Player's production. They're on the air! Donaldson is at the controls as Bell and Miller Stand by. V'-"-"' -MW' M , ' . L 'n"sWt it if v., : 9 C G I1 n fl 5 ,ig KS, 5' y L,L- rj Shirley Smith. sophomore from Kansas City, admires a piece of modern art work. .Ae-1 I v I Newspaper photo awards being dis- played in the art gallery brought many admiring visitors. O I' t O C C E l"l S In celebration of the second anni- versary of their country's independence these Moroccan students don the tra- ditional dress of their country. The college played host to a group of grad uate students from North Africa who were study ing American educational procedures. is i A reception for Moroccan students is guided by Dr. Minnie Miller. Foreign students lost little time in meeting E-Stcrte students. 7 2 The Moroccan students were often amused by some of our typical American habits such as giving everyone a tag so that they may be identified wherever they go. The visitors received and returned music as they checked out American records and practiced singing their national songs. . ,, f, 1 , ,. l 1312 ' M 1' ' V Qtriaitk Hey, David. cz watched pot never boils! While some qet their recreation cooking, others get theirs by ecxt- ing while still others work off those few excess pounds or build up those muscles by cutting the rug. Sponsored by the Inter-fraternity Coun- cil for the first time this year was The Line of Dimes. The purpose of this was to raise money for the United Funds Drive. Ap- proximately S25U was gained from the efforts of the E-State fraternity men. An annual event of the Penny Carnival is the "Mr. Legs" contest sponsored bv Alpha Phi Omega honorary service fraternity This year s man on campus with the "prettiest legs 1S Randall Reeves Mfr' N B Q U W i i n 9 5 Below is the skeleton of the new men's dorm which was started in the fall of 1957 and which will be ready for occupancy in Ianuary of 1958. This new building will provide accommodations for approximately 150 male students in- cluding a special suite for handicapped students. gn X N x U E...- 1 M ,A 3 L'L' , - , . f , . 5 -A . 5 :,,,. K M N-LM. fy , ,M , ., 5 . , . A - ik Q K A, ,. 1 - t -ia, M f, W i. LL , W I ,A Af ,A , . ?Q,gX,,,,:. W f .. 4 .V . i N4 x k , K 'yi . .si ' 41 Q Lk '42 " X h ff, W- ' 1 :xnxx fin gi, nf? W I M M Train? runway, . A .. ,,.,. pw.: lr. . r!,,Q,,bJ-rx: ' 'f'fw- v I J' ' . ' . f . 'H , ., V lv ,- 'S . --WWC 1, I' . ff" ' 'M' .- L! V, ' 'T' , My ,'J Q f nf- K' Q W. V ,.... 4 9 r Debaters llelt to riqhtl: Rita Howell, Don Martin, Delores Iones and Kay Lindquist wait by the Emporia State car before leaving for another trip. Holding the awards they received at the annual speech banquet are tfirst row, left to rightl Don Edmunds, Iames Karolick, Ioe Rossillion. tSecond row. left to riqhtl Curt Dawson, Fred Miller. Tish Pavillard, Donella Vosburgh. Delores Iones, Don Martin. l e i V S U More instruments than guys are displayed by Max Donaldson, Carl Tribble, Tex Smiley, Doug Lyon, Don Strait and Roy Hilderman. Versatility is one of the most important attributes of any dance band, and one in which Emporia's Five Guys are not in the least lacking. As one of the outstanding bands in this area, they boast a bevy of danceable modern jazz arrangements and ballads, a quartet rnacle up of the band's musicians on a Four Freshman style, occasional vocals by saxman Doug Lyon, and a spread of thirteen different instruments. Truly we can say that The Five Guys have earned their name as the most versatile band in this area. Y s 1 W 4 A li U DJ -Y' 1 If ' ',lll if F' s'S Z1 x h fb nu PL NYS save time PM M IIIE SIMIIIIM 136 i C a m P u 5 l o I o g L Y I 137 139 4 4 K :ffww A -'K S il We K' Studies In Black and White - 4 1' I Parade 148 The taculty members on the Board are Cleft to right! Harold Cannon, Ieanette Biqqe and Dr. R. B. Russell. Q U 8 I' i c O a Forrest N ewlin Susan , E 4-sf The Board of Student Publications consists ot six voting members, three from the faculty and three from the student body. Faculty members are ap- pointed directly by the President, and the student members are appointed by the President from a list of nominees selected by the Student Council. The Board oversees the functioning of the three student publications, the Sunflower, The Bulletin, and Quivira literary magazine. l Schmidt Roger Eickhott .10 -3:1 . fe--r-x ,envs- MIRIAM GILMAN, Picture Editor PAT OCONNOR Copy Editor MARCINA BOUCEK Feature Editor -nl""""" HARRY BOTH. Designing Editor ,K 'Hg no ik i, K y 'l Luau , .W X. 4 Miss Ienelle Cowen was assistant editor. This year's SUNFLOWER was edited by Miss Gertrude Gile. The editor with the assistance of other staff members com- piled this book that the memories of your college years may survive through the long time remaining for you after you have left your alma mater. As you turn the many pages of this, your SUNFLOW- ER, you will see the pictures of your friends, your organizations, your unforget- table parties, that big game, your beloved instructors, those memorable buildings that make up the beautiful campus, and all those other precious moments that have been part of your life as a student in this college. lust for you, this creative effort was made. ,.-1-"" Q A s 4133 vuqinm Enos Charles Messick and Gary Mason, two ot the National Intercollegiate Photo Salon. O O I' 8 S U9 Happen staff photographers, admire the trophies they won in Mx 'Aly-af '25 Q 'lf Serving the student body in the best way pos- sible without violating the principles of good journal- ism was the objective of the 1957-58 Bulletin staff. Highlighting the efforts of the first semester staff was cz twelve page homecoming issue. ...,,. 5. ' ww W ww -11-tn.. -- an-1-Q. may V vw x in ... 3 . The industrious staff of the first semester pictured here are Leon Satterfield tabovel, Iohn Kloeffkorn tmiddlel, and Clair Cobb tleftl. 9 5 Gary Hunter, business manager. f' ff 'lx Deliberating over copv above is the second semester editor lim Iohnson and seated at the left of him is Ted Wischropp, assistant edl-tor for the second semester Bulletin. Other members of the staff are at the right: Paul Smith, feature editor: Sheryl Chambers, book editor: Mary Lou Bowen, art editor and at the left is Dannie Auston, news editor. X ,f ' Z fbias At the right. deliberating and concen- trating over one of the issues of the Bulletin. sits the all powerful Bulletin and Sunflower sponsor, Ierry Leibman. Harold Taylor Howard Yoshinobu ,CK Ed Baldwin .f-Suhr , Larry Salisbury Larry Winfield Gordon Risk P S I' i 0 fl f p Through the efforts of the competant printing staff of Emporia State, under the direction of Carl Hoffmans, it is possible for the great number of publications that originate here and are sent to all parts of the world. It is also through the efforts of this staff that our weekly newspaper, The Bulletin, is printed and distributed so efficiently. Homer M. Bush X Carl Hoffmans Vemon L. Young Willie A. Escxry Iohn Dillon ,592 he Q-.EYQ elm? l' E ,I 7. Lv -15 I' I' "0 vi Seated, left to right: A, Anderson, R. Lady, M. Macy, B. Burch, A. Foster, C. Larson, L. Bond W. Gifford. Standing. left to right: M. Shaner, I. Merrifield, R. Dawdy, D. Gilbert, B. Gifford D. Detewiler, V. Niehaus, M. Van Meter, M. Sheatfer, H. Davis, M. Willems, H. Merrifield, Mr Norman Ashbaugh, sponsor. 8 ' w Er I S s an ri g I U S r r Row 1. left to right: N. Bicknell, P. Wright, A. Kelly. M. Steele, S. Price. How 2, left to right: Father D. Kreymer, G, Haxton, G. Anderson, Dr. K. U Bruder. I' First IOW. left to right: R. Holverson, G. Bugg, E. Meyers. R. Simmons, D. Dody, C. Christy, K. Allen. Second row. left to right? R. Price. G. Hcllembeak, G. Gish, K. Wilson. E. Iackson, H. Leker. C. Keller, E. Winslow. Third row. leit to right: V. Divelbess. L. Perry, I. Fenton, E. Markham. M. Caldwell, N. Mustoe, S. Iane Falen. E. Elliott. S O S U l"l S 8 First row, leit to right: N. Powers, D. Dellinger, G. Gish, I. Bishop, P. Leckle. Second row, left to right: K. Utterback, M. Lenz, N. Stambach, I. Tucker, director. M. Pfeiier. M. Mauderly, P. Marston, N. Monninger, F. Schroder, A. Forkner. D. Nixon, C. Makepeace. P. Davis, D. Lake. I. Dodge, L. Harris, I. row, lelt to right: R. Zoellner, I. Leeper, P. DuBois, F. Barnett, M. Sette. M. Wallace, O. Casell, D. Chinn. G. Hammer. Nixon. Third row, lelt to right: L. Wright, I. Forkner, S. Tolar. Fourth S. Nairn, D. Norman, C. Maxwell, Xin' 8 . U I O "FM for Emporia, KSTEAFM, the student training voice of Kansas State Teachers college. 88:7 on your FM dial." President .,ssss,. Harry Roth Vice-President .st,ssV.,..... Frank King Secretary-Treasurer . ,A.Y,,.,,,.,........, .. Donellcr Vosburgh First row, left to right: Karen Splitter, R'dee Kelly. Frank King. Gene Shrader, Gail Burns, Loren Otis. Second row, lelt to right: Steve Sanders, Malcom Whitney, Done-lla Vosburqh, Don Martin. Third row, left to right: Alfred Konarik, Frank Krause, Charles Thornhill, Dick Andrews. 161 o e u "' u i c a D S First row, left to right: Kay Browning, Sue Goodwin, Margaret Denning, Don Olson, Roger Eickhoif. Walt Dengel, Gertrude Kenoke, Louise Erickson. Sandra Ryland, Louise Bondrant, Carol Brant. Second row, left to right: Norman Powers, Ierald Grayham, Ron Romano, Charles Munnert, Duane Anderson. Duane McKever, Frank Duvinel, Leroy Wickman, Sherry Brandford. Bill Baron. Third row. left to right: Betty Bichet, Sandy Ward, Ianice Wilkerson, Vern Schroeder, Darrell Murray, Karen Smith, Roberta Waring, Sandra Hays. Alpha Phi Gmega Honorary Service Fraternity First row, lelt to right: Melvin Beagley, lvan Anderson, Dr. W. Schnitzer, Daniel Iansen, Leigh Iohnson, Iohn Welch. Second row, lelt to right: Glen Sharp, Larry Becker, George Hurlburt, Burqess Ferguson, Scott McGill, Edward Garner. Norman Powers, Richard Price. Third row, lelt to right: Iames Milen, Clyde Goulden, Garry Fischer, Alex Lee, Rice Brown. Carl Harter, Stuart Cram. 6 O O 's Front row, left to right: Sally Choice. Delores lones. Mrry Ann Fulton, Ioice Miller, Katy Knapp, Kelly Agrelius, Verna Horton. Second row. left to right: Del Brinkman. William Liggett. Iohn Mohler, Ierry Keltner, Frances Gangel, Larry Hunter. Darrell Murray. Third row, left to right: Clyde Golden, Iohn Kloefkorn, Roger Eickhoff, Norman I-lolthouse, David Blackin. Ted Wischropp, Iohn Goode. Not pictured: Blanche Dunshee, Ruth Lane, Io Ann Ritter. Twenty-four students were chosen to represent Emporia State in the 1957-58 edition of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges. Within this honored group were fourteen sen- iors and ten juniors. Nominations were made by the Student Council and faculty members. The students most frequently mentioned by the faculty members were those se- lected to represent this school. To be chosen for this honor, a student must be 164 a junior. senior, or graduate student in an accredited American College or University. He must also dis- play ability and interest through scholarship, leader- ship, participation in extra-curricular activities and hold future promises in either the professional or business field. In addition, all the students chosen had an average grade of B or better. Students chosen for this honor will have a short biography of their achievements in the annual book, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." Xi Phi Ten members returned to Xi Phi, honorary leadership fraternity in the fall. The new members for the year included Betty Wheat, Ioann Ritter, Del Pfortmiller, Bob Burns, Roger Eickhoff, Pat Stevens, Carlie Trower, Larry Becker, Sue Schmidt, Darrell Murray, Deloris Iones and Glenda Steward. In the fall, the organization again handled the distribution of the student directories. Again this year, Xi Phi sponsored the Anniversary Ball, the annual all school spring formal. Kelly Agrelius, Miss Emporia State of 1958, reigned at the ball. Various outstanding service projects were undertaken during the year. First row: Delores Iones, Mary Ann Fulton, secretary, Clyde Golden, treasurer, Bill Kimbele, vice-president, Loren Obley, president. Blanch Dunshee, Glenda Steward. Second row: Fran Ganqel, Betty Wheat. Ioann Ritter, Del Pfortmiller, Bob Burns, Roger Eickholf, Pat Stevens. Carlie Trower, Carl Harter, Ron McChristy, Dick Markham, Larry Becker. Sue Schmidt, Darrell Murray, Alex Dauqhtry, sponsor. 165 First row: W. H. Gray, I. Neilson, D. Dellinger, I. Bahnmaier, C. Christy, R. Winzler. Second row: W. Arnold, B. Hinton, F. Dobrovlory, B. Forkner, L. Ellis, B. Knadler, E. Kasson. OFFICERS President Dean Dellinger Vice-president Iohn Neilson Secretary John Bahnmaier Treasurer Clair Christy Mu Epsilon Nu Mu Epsilon Nu members took part in many campus activities. They en- joyed parties throughout the year and took part in the Homecoming decora- tions. Mu Epsilon Nu was founded in 1931 to provide a better social life for the independent men. The organiza- tion's emblem symbolizes Manners, Ethics, and Nobility. a w a u i I a n OFFICERS President Howard Yoshinobu Vice-president Ken Maeda Secretary Rosita Labogen Treasurer Charles Makaoka Parliamentarian Terry Yanag First row: K. Fox, Mrs. E. C. McGill, E. C. McGill, H. row: R. Ogata, T. Shizuro, R. Nakamura, Y. Takara, Kinoshita, P. King, I. Nakama, I. Saito, L. Tanimoto, Sasagawa, R. Pascua, F. Kishimoto, T. Yadao, A. K isawa The objectives for organizing the club were to have a closer unity among the students of Hawaii, and to participate in all school activities. The organi- zation has grown from its 14 charter members to the present membership of 36 members. The year in- cluded many parties and was highlighted by a Oriental dinner. The sponsors of the group were Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McGill, Miss Kathleen Fox, and Mr. Iohn Mathews. Yoshinobu, R. Labogen, C. Nakaoka, T. Yanagisawa, K. Maeda. I. Mathews. Second L. Ginoza, E. Uyeshiro. C. Ebesuya, R. Lee, B. Oshiro. Third row: E. Makino, D. T. Kobashigawa, N. Urakawa, K. Yamamoto, H. Takara. Fourth row: I. lnouye, M. uboyama, G. Kadoyama, E. Suenaga, M. Pujilcawa. SIDE g . Q 3 ,qw 7 3 O I'l U I'l e C , Panhellenic Council coordinates the activi- I ties of the sororities. One of the main duties of the Council, which is sponsored by Dean Ruth Schillinger, is to supervise the Rush program through the distribution of information pam- phlets of information and the formulation of the e schedule. The scholarship cup which is dis- n tributed yearly by the council was awarded to Alpha Sigma Tau. C First row, left to right: Pat Stevens, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Pat Amsrud, Alpha Sigma Tau: Dean Ruth Schillinger, sponsor: Ienelle Cowen, Pi Kappa Sigma: Karen Slentz, Pi Kappa Sigma: Pauline Browning, Pi Kappa Sigma: Susan Schmidt, Alpha Sigma Tau: Io Sisson, Alpha Sigma Alpha. Second row. left to right: Ruth Kirby, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Peggy Riley, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Dian Io Zscheile, Delta Zeta: Margaret Hollenshead, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Rachel Hawk, Alpha Sigma Tau: Sally Goss, Delta Zeta: Kathy Iacobs, Delta Zeta: Carol Tully, Alpha Sigma Alpha. 9 O r U l"t C V . 8 I G I' T n The Interfraternity Council under the spon- sorship of Dean V. T. Trusler has completed another successful activity. Under the leader- ship of Iohn Mohler, president, the council .sponsored an all-Greek picnic, the entertain- ment for which was provided by the different organizations. An innovation which the Council introduced this year was joint participation in the Penny Carnival. To raise their share of proceeds, they sponsored a dime walk, which turned out to be highly successful. Bottom row. left to right: Iohn Davis, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Iohn Mohler, Alpha Kappa Lambda: Dean Trusler, sponsor: Ken Eaton. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Myron Drinkwater, Sigma Tau Gamma. Top Row lett to right: Dale Tipton. Tau Kappa Epsilon: Bob Burns, Phi Sigma Epsilon: Ray Moritz, Alpha Kappa Lambda: Bob Bicker. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Fred French, Phi Sigma Epsilon: lim Muckenthaler Sigma Tau Gamma. The pictures above and right illustrate the different phases of the party schedule that the AKL's follow. Alpha Kappa Lambda For the fourth consecutive year, the Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity walked off with top honors in the Singing Bee. This accomplishment was only one of the many honors to come to the AKL's dur- ing the year. With their participation in such campus activities as the homecoming activities and their own special projects and parties, the members of the fraternity find many ways to boost the campus extra-curricular schedule. Richard Cooper Alex Lee lohn Mohler Ronald McChristy Brice Hobrock Richard Markham Stanley Mick Dennis Knox Gerald Haxton Iack Edwards Larry Corn Alvin Koops David Allison Franz Frederick Larry Shepherd Leonard Frieson Rowan Camp Iohn Staton Loren Long Alfred Konarick Raymond Moritz Larry Hoffman Kenneth Bell Carl Harte! Iames Metzdorf David Lee Don Wilhelm Gary Chaput Gary Soloman LaVerne Schroeder Gary Richards Kelvin Casebeer Carl Roberts Iohn Leis Donald Srajer Garry Leiss Merlin Strahm Robert Riqgin Iimmy Homewood Donald Griffith Francis Gangel Darrell Murray Carl Boyer Thomas Green Iames Wendlandt my 7' 'EN-r K. nj-i, WK uf ' ae: ,k ' to we 1 g x lx kg ll G. S' W, 'X-.gr lf fx Mt Q. L sz- if 5 , 4 gl , ffm., ,. 2 nu- L 3 3.123 ,ax 1' 5. .....,, 3 mi, tr fu. Q Y 1 2 Q K 'CDL 'N x L. af r ' fri 'K xl ill it Yi t . 3 4 if I 13- rf - ., W7 y 1 L t S is , gy JSM. yy . 'Z ,f M' B 1 . .x Kp 'f 2 L K- 6 4:2 . 153-S-. .K -S - ,. 34' .,,. rr X ve f'.. 5 Q '51 i 5 'W' ' 'K' F? ,lr . ' 4 l is A r if Qi 2. 52" 'Y' 'Q' .Mt '7 X 7 IRI Pledges entertain at spring formal. Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Alpha me-rnbers enjoy their active participation in all campus events, and they work hard to do their very best for their organization. The re- sults ot their work can be seen in the excellent showing they make in every- thing. Like all Greek houses, the Alpha Sigs have their parties and their tormals as well as projects for the chapter. Ian Flair and Billy Thomp- son enjoy a dance. Alpha Sigs and their dates take time out for a chat at their Hawaiian Party. Sharon Boyle Linda Cunningham Elma Bar Sarah Stout Donna Brown Ioyce Conyers Cloyce True Iudy Fenton Glenda Razor Sara Sanner Ardis Bickel Elaine Melia Ronda Sutton lane Miser Cheryl Iameson Marilyn McBrayer Ianice Nance Sharon Tolar Roberta Morrison Donnel Dehler Blanche Dunshee Kathleene Stout Iean Gray Ioanne Huggins Jane Clark Ierry Wisdom ludith Holloway Nancy Edmunson Ioan Park lane Carpenter Io Ann Ritter Ianice Viar Marilyn Santee Nancy Livingston Ruth Kirby Barbara Gifiin Connie Miller Sondra Shepherd Etta Mae Rempel Mary Lou Conyers Cordelia Froetschner Ruth Lane Ieanette Ferrell Carol Tully Io Hannah Sisson Connie Ford Marjorie Bulkly Connie Foelgner Alice Lee Bailey Patricia Stucky Betty Lantz Dolores Bergen Ianice Flair Linda Darby F saw 34' "-T, F' ,re ar - -rt, r f .,: , bl jg' X it 1 M I if il .argl I F - F tl y 5? ,.. -f-vp i bg, ' W . ' at fy , G 34 , X ,. sin B: vhs , . AM: ,.,,.1 - s, f ny V ..,,,g, ' . X B .4 y it f M if K6 S Q1 lf' M " 15 xv ' '-in rx ., in ,Ls Y GER 1585, 3 -,f ' iiiw , . ' i 'f-F. 'ix ,Q to L I . 0 x 5 C -6 61 X r wi ir. A 9 f -v- . L 6 he f 'xv if-s: ,N E f 7-SJ X 6- G? Eur r C if 'His K1 ' ,M so in J n. A I Q' SC 8. 'aw ,gy y ,N X .., E " List., my - ' ,,, . 1 .. ,L W 3 ,X n 8 . :Ji " P- far 1' fx H "rt i i, y K y 7 4 IW!" Alpha Taus and their dates enjoy a dinner. The couples enter the dance under a beautiful arch . . . . and pass through the receiving line. Alpha Sigma Tau In addition to their support of all campus activi- ties such as Penny Carnival, Homecoming, and Sing- ing Bee, the members of Alpha Sigma Tau spone sored activities of their own. There were parties of all kinds and formals for the enjoyment of all mem- bers and guests. Y ai Marilyn Foraker Nh: z M L A . , IudY Rule " K4 f 'V if: Beverly Ginder 'V K i i ' it .ii J I Betty Ross , T, Dianna McEchron ' A A 4: v Rita Howell i t L . . H A, . I if I "' ' 1 x Glenda Steward Carolyn McCallum f 5? si k h AL Pat Amsrud Helen Cox Susan Schmidt Mary Ann Schultz Ian Cassidy Carol Miser Betty Cundith Iudy Butler Kathy O'Donnell Beverly White Carol Brant Karen Palmer Ieanne Nickel Roberta Spurgeon Shirley Epperly Gail Turner Bette Bichet Louise Bondurant Ian Holdsworth Barbara Ulses Marian Phillips Donna Rinqiesen Mona Schrotf Glenda White Iudy Diller Nancy Kline Linda Hind Linda Smith Mary Lou Dettmer lackie Sells Donna Blue Kathy Myers Sandra Carmichael Ianet Ulmer Kay Bellield Penny Coyne Peggy Waller Iarxice Winterstein Dotti Dodds Carolyn Iohnson Karen Becker Amelia San Roman Paula Miller Ianet Walsh Ioan Steele Donna Benner Priscilla Manges Ilene Sanders Shirley Knoult Patsy Schottler Gertie Knocke Ian Zerener Deanna Morey Camille Dolsky i . A Q t 6. I I 644 w e Y 1' ri , ,.L' I K -, K V A 4' - if i if 5' A I llll I L, A y yy Q 1 ' ' :VAL LPA ' ' rw- uh M B' "ai A R y ,, es A. y 6 '1' iil' 'V C -1 V V7 ' vuk ,fr 6 sr fx y sa at 4 'ii my J ' :-.i h l 'Qu' I .. P We W - jf if Q5 " " ' krh an V 'W i': K , Q C K 't ' li: . 'SE L it ' , . ' W A P" l'-, ic: I K ws B f It nv 1? . M ..,, A. K f. Ah P Q Delta Zeta Dream Man, Van Campbell, receives the traditional kiss. punch table. Delta Zetas and their dates i it 77. it turn to their childhood at t. I ,K the Kiddie Party. . fir 5 4515. of 3. Delta Zeta Following the precedent set by a busy rush week at the beginning of school, the Delta Zeta girls went full speed through the year. Planning unusual parties such as the Kiddie party and doing their part in the homecoming activities helped make the year jump. President Ianie Evans at the Ie- Kay Tomlin L .,r-Q - y ylt ty Shirley Slaymaker l A t 6' i S Annie Blackim Ian Criss ' K, fA-f , K, ff 5 Carol Ward Frances Watson Glenda Thorne nm 'il' L. .ar J K 4. it o y .,2A. Vghi - ,fy VLI: Donna Davis Dina Io Zscheile Sylvia Miller Ianie Evans Lynn Young Frances Steenbach Carman Fisher Mary Landis Karen Baxter Delores Dresker Sylvia Jones Iudy Welton Iackie Fausett Nancy DeKyser Sarah Price Sally Goss Shirley Smithson Paula Stucky Kay Hoffer Virginia Roth Marilyn Weaver Deanna Wagaman Patricia Coleman Iudy Adams Mary Ellen Lackey Mildred DelForge Lucille Westbrook Betty Io Thomas Ian Morgan Amydelle Rowan Karin Moebus loyce Leeper Barbara Redman Patricia Murray Mary Ann Simpson Iudy Martin Bernice Wetter Wanda Schmidt Katy Iacobs Helen Schupback Iudy Wills Kay McBride Dee Wagner Marilyn Ross Phyllis Dyer Karen Reed Karen Wilson Marcina Boucek Trudie Gile Patricia Berqerhouse , f-X. ' txifvv. ' ur if G' s 'ki L' . .,,.A"' ' ' V A- i3,"'lie : gn, I A .. W lm rf A.-. in he 'N sk qs in Semin K t N' is. it M g ihhalier LAI. y ry i t ,irc y D L . 'f' '-'. A ,'. , X. My p 5 3 ii 'Q' gig' :.:, flt- T' .iv ' S Vt' f L ri il . L Ah ,Q 5.45 ' . Q, , 'Q' K 'I 6- feil ' it f" it 'V 1 VKI: Q1 K K A Q" K it f L iii ,V ilv lanet Stormont V, Florence Simpson Dorothy Cheever ff "I: lk ,U 'F' .. 4, ms 4 1 N' -y ...K V V Q - Vx K ki 5 ' c ' L K l "" ' 4 Q Carla Loomis M L L M ,' x . ll. Commode Bowl Queen, Dianne Platt, is crowned by Phi Sigma Epsilon president Delmar Pfortmiller. They're oil and running. Phi Sigma Epsilon Nineteen fifty-eight was a year of progress and lite for the members ot Phi Sigma Epsilon. This was to be the year that the plans they had been making for so long would result in action. They were able to start building for their new house. The year's activities included the an- nual formals, and the Farmer's Ball in addition to the Commode Bowl. The actives and pledges worked together to produce the homecoming decorations which won them first place in the homecoming com- petition. Dancing to the music at their Christmas formal are ma Sig's and their dates. or: ' . ig if Q Above: Paul Beach. tif. - . ,V 3 Below: Gary Schauhs, R. I Walker ny Phi Frank Gaddis ' Larry Quikel David Mickey Robert Humiston Robert Burns Arthur Oden Ronald Bruce Donald Lohrengel Raymond Feltner lerry Bradford Van Campbell Iohn Kloefkorn Stanley Brown Robert Clark Ronald Cowan Fred French Ronald Ray Ioseph Curchy Darwin Barnhisel Bud Darnell Leon Beran Clark Beck Delmar Pfortmiller Charles Westin Ierry Dochow Richard Cundith Gene Dochow Ronald Hiebert Neil DeWerfi George Gibbs Arnold Heide Thomas Fincken Iames Eller Melvin Tawney Robert Cable Howard Gray Stephen St. Iohn Iames Anderson Robert Oden Richard Noll G 'CI' S M M-L I 125 as 1 ,Q 3 T53 'iff' I , t 'Ui' ' A 3 Q nl 1' e. My 0 ,rW, x'S , .Q Q. , ' 'X A L, W gi, we ff? R if A il Sf:-'lf U we .c km- Er ni, 12 if A A 1 hx 4, 4,3-,- f -- .. ,, 5, , ' s W ri-fy f - 6 u ,fa i . . L MQ i 'I' ' Y Ks 'r C Q ,V We KW k. K ' '-,, K. t Q -tl 'ESC .N g , , QQ A 5' 'R no L. R' l 3 1 'Q' ' R 4 -Q as 1 ' if 'Y 9 15 'SE' Hn 4 3 ,.. Qy 5 Pi Kappa Sigma boasts of a very ac- tive schedule. In addition to the Pledge formal, and the annual Forget-me-not-Ball, the Pi Kap social calendar included a "Red soc hop" in honor of St. Valentine. Van Lett was elected "Mr. Heartbreaker of 1958" at this party. Plans were in the air all year for the tri-annual convention which was held in Miami, Florida, during the summer. Pledge sneaks and active pledge ac- tivities make up a great part of Pi Kap life and the pictures here show this phase. Marie Meyer Peggy Wright Ioyce Damman Karen Slentz Lorraine Denton Geneice Iacob Mary Kay Frederick Carlene Hansen Ede Hunter Ienelle Cowen Miriam Erdtman Delores Nicklaus Sandra Hetrick Nancy Mustoe Pauline Browning Donna Merritt Paula Ivey Barbara Groothuis Carmen Robb Martha Oldham Patricia O'Connor Deanne Larcade Elsidale Conley Louise Erickson Daisy Kinoshita Phyllis Wright Shirley Schwilling Evelyn Ham Barbara Iohnson Carroll Throm Kay Berthot Donna Marsh W ev ng, t lv Ng E .x vi My af ' 'R . 3 'Q' "J , X eff 'Sf x 1 N ' 'N-.f 1- k1,..,.,, lv- X- iv: 'Y .1 , 3 M M K ii 'iv' 54 . i or X '5- 1 if A 45- 'R I K x ps, Q. I is ZA in t ff.- 4 4: is sv wt lt's Phyllis Blosser and Neil Salander, and they could have danced all night, Bicker and Hollenshead, Reed and Stevenson cut a rug ! gnu-"""' Bertrand F. Thompson, Syracuse: Louis lohn Kaeckell, Ottawa: David Iones, Emporia: Iames Leo Hosier, Atchison: Richard A. Overfield, Hiawatha. Raymond Eugene Shrader, Con- cordia, Gary Stotts. Emporia: Charlie Leigh Iohnson, Council Grove: Kermit Wesley McMil1in, Coldwater: Merlyn Ray Terrell, Norton. Paul Edward Huston, Emporia: Glen Unruh, Council Grove: Harvey Harold Haeker, Council Grove: Ion Scott. Augusta: Glenn Charles Sharp, Medicine Lodge. Sigma Phi Epsilon The annual Golden Heart Ball and other gala occasions were enjoyed by the Kansas Epsilon chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon this year. The Sig Eps were active in all phases of campus activity, and they distinguished themselves with their work. This was certainly a good year for the Sig Eps. ? 1 . 'L L ,t " , EP' L 'D' .ix ' if if ' 5 is . L C-g gr 5. , - is 19, ki is ' K All ll , mg. il af, p M, p 'T "' . f", . Q4 X ' fl i Larry Chamberlain Carl Dettmer William Post Iohn Luthi Iames Armstrong Frederick Dirreen Iohn Davies Delbert Brinkman Evertt Kelly Harlan Hammon Keith Zook Roger Manda David Circle Gerald O'Donnell Arthur Piculell Don Bailey Terry Chamberlain Ierry Mullinex Vernon Sears Charles Meadows Van Smith Leonard Turner Larry Becker Ronald Reed Reed Goss Don Strait Larry Kevins Gary Wisler Aryl Clason Russell Reeves Randall Reeves Roy Head Robert Bicker Lyle Wall Robert Butler, Ion Rogers Walter Grether Richard Forrest Phillip Langley Duane McKeever lames Sherbon lack Williamson Charles Holloran Roger Cline Iimmie Brittain Ierome Brown Robert Seider George Iones Neil Salender Keith Scott Maurice Boughton Michael McGill Karl Powell Samuel Crawford sf w E e 1+ it n M -L, 'ii JF r ?:' wu..l 3' - A' . 1 f N 3' r t L w ,f t F "- for we f " i it-' 'QM' fg-A I L V , as 'V Tlx ,sg A nktz my 5 V 0 -5 my xt , 1 K as it in i , I S f x in ,wi i .- l r 'tv K L H A ' MSW SL. " - .I '-,. .- ef if ' l nnttt -Q A ', r 4 is t X1 1 X li - me is , , ' as 1 . ,L 5 ... 'gg . wt i o is be R ge ' :-, -f.. 1 t i gl gi nt U W K 1 Q' R in :V nm if 8, ,Q K ., I I V :,. G ,V A nr as ' fe ' U' G' nfl I' he .3 A n A n 3. in-1 ' 'i --.. , 2' ' KV I K' 'Y K ' -lax 'QQ he vm' F tif tx "f..y ,L G Q' T M I- it 4 gil What a swell party this is! Sigma Sigma f Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma participated in many, varied activities throughout the year. On this page, photos from several parties are shown. A car washing project was also undertaken which added to the success of the year. Scrubba. Scrubba, Scrubba! No fair peeking! L , sc it E , 52 Fulton, Riley, Bcxltz x J 4 , f 5 "7 2 'E' Lf V S ' "las: as G we Tawney and Schaulis Kitten McCourt Ruth Huston Ianice Osborne Rhonda Iohnston Niki Stambach Gerry Graber Karen Downing Barbara Edmunds Ruth Dingwall Linda Swender Sue Spears Carolyn Pinder Margaret McClain Karen Wedell Iudy Ball Ann Schaechtele Sheryl Stevenson Diane Platt Sue Reppert Kay Lindquist Pat Stevens Donna Choice Nancy Page Ioy Testorti Greta McMunn Sandra Roy lean Schrader Darlene Zoschke Ann King Sue Goodwin Mary Lou Iones Barbara Iones Margaret Becker Muriel Ward Georgia Kelly Myrna Winter Vivian Heidel Rosemary Lenniger Virginia Enos Iudy Schletzbaum Margaret Hollenshead Sally Sturgeon Margaret Goddert Sue Griffith Evelyn Lange Patti Olson Shirley Fankhauser Claragene Iohnston Priscilla Balch Kay Brown Ann Bennett Carol Thompson Sally Choice Barbara Brinkman J B.- Qi? LLL I GH! BEE! SF ,468 , 2 at gk, , 1 ' G' -fe? A . if J- 'Q . -,, 'VK new S V... I gl VA f- 'f -' f,.,, 1 he f 5" K lin ggi B, xx D 13" R Q' Q fi -K it 6' ,-1 'Vw X .af G: 'Sm if nam - ' 'M X, K wk 5- WJ., ,th Q nf' - ws ilr i ,F , gg r a 5 . an 5 sf ti K. -H 3' sr: xl if 7 if Q E 5: W? H S K .Hn 1- ww! " F HY 'B '5- t B E W Iim Moffitt and Don Reichardt "entertaining" at Christmas pany. "Farmer Mapes" cutting a rug at the Scrounqe party. White Hose Queen, Carman Fisher, with her escort Ernie Raugewitz, being crowned by national traveling secretary, Roy Bennett. 186 Sigma Tau Gamma The Sig Taus got off to a rousing year with a very successful rush week. The first big event of the social calendar was the annual Halloween Scrounge party followed by the pledge formal in November. December brought the Christmas season with the annual Christmas buffet dinner for the sponsors and their families, followed by a dance at the house. The second semester brought the George Washington Hop, a combination Va1entine's and presidents birth- day party. One more party was held before the spring White Hose formal and that was the Roaring Twenties party with bathtub gin and the whole works. One thing the Sig Tau's were proud of was winning the All Sports Trophy in the men's intra- mural sports league. lim Johnson Iim Moiiit Iohn Lincoln Bob Kline Warren Thomas Iohn Vaughn Sam Hassler Iohn McDonald Francis Keating Bill Muckenthaler Kay Shank Hon Slaymaker Carlie Trower lim Muckenthaler Loren Obley Gary Coulter Frank Duvanel Dick Williams Howard Polson Ernie Raugewitz Sherman Ashley Duane Anderson Iohn Goode Gaylord Maples Don Reichardt lack Downing Gary Balch Myron Drinkwater Gregory Koppes Carl Lehman Stuart Cram Gary Davis Gary Hunter Ed Schwalm Clinton Lacock Elmer Hedrick Tom Henley Larry Hunter Hon Rinker 5- 'R' 2. 'C' 5 'W23 46" 2 iv wi.-A! 'E W f Q31 ni, E' is 1 r 5,1 ... ...gh , " Q Q if 'K '1 F 1 I kb: ga: L are ,QV-. ,wr l gg., K wg-f' I i Il-J Mr at 7 1, we m y E D .rw 'N -VM tk gtvii. -' Q' R' Y it x E M., . F it 8 an F' 3 r J' ZEN' C' my ,.wf.k'..WYXk . I j K or ' 'X K1 f Kf- X5 xv' Lal' "' k . fi. 1, K'-1' ' f - X 19: -,A -r W K -MR., ' is Y' sw' 4 ray w. Q in- r-fL 5 7 1 7 What is Kaiser saying? It must be a good story, Stout. Miller, Beagley and Paoli listen with interest. Thane Weber misses the ball as Thompson, Dehler, Weber. and McGonagle indulge in polite conversation. Shades of the Bowery Ball. Bob Paoli and Camille Dolsky pose in their go-to-meeting clothes unnoticed by Gary Carlson and Delaine Larson. 188 Tau Kappa Epsilon Pictured here are some of the parties and events of Tau Kappa Epsilon. The highlights of the year were the annual Bowery Ball and the Red Carnation Ball. The year's program allowed for diverse types of entertainment. lalf :'l"f 2555 . ZZ 'lm Ron Bleidissel Robert Paoli Duane Youse Roy Young Billy Thompson Kenneth Eaton lim Wartick Harvey Cooke Douglas Murphy George Hughes Melvin Beagley Robert Simmons Harold Kaiser David Farnsworth Larry Eiker David Heaberlin Charles Whitson Gary Carlson Thaine Weber Charles Blackim Gorman Smith Bob Lambert Harold Heaberlin Dennis Hanson Victor Dewey Gerald McGonqle Robert Burns David Norman David Blackim Iohn Anderson Robert Wyngard Pete Kahler Gerald Sherrader Don Olson Frederick Reed William Walsh Bill Davis Alfred Agnew Evan Myers Steve Dellinger Kerry Lafterty pi: K id, is -if , fl! Q -g.. L, i , Jamal? -any Qrirsy X - A Y it ,. .fl it ' f i xv sql.. Q-I , 'V' ' ' a sigh ig r Bs' ,Q ll ff -Lf ?jc , F.,,. A fi? D' xl - 'QQ ,, ,,,l1 QF V l .ul K kt 'K W1 V . Mr x J D 'T W E A Q gl 4. s C 'Qt T Z e M' fl A G 'lll '-rf-' si Algal Y f iis f so me .. 3 ., af D, ., lffj y s .R ...D WAX! - T' T' t new 9' ' 1 , me tl it e The Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority house Clem. Mrs. Alice Sullivan. Tri-Sig sorority house. AIT iv- Alpha Sigma Tau sorority house. Pi Kappa Sigma sorority house Sigma Tau Gamma house and mother, Elouise Pearson. . ' "' In .A I bzz, i 'T 'v 1 ,mg - 1 9 as Ry ' we X E 1 l house- Pi Kappa Sigma house and house- molher, Malissa Kelly. '3 sf' Alpha Kappa Lambda house and housemother, Gladys Gilbert www.. .,, 3,355 wx was Alpha Sigma Alpha house and housemother Isabelle Walker. i z gf so i 'Q 192 Sigma Phi Epsilon house and housemother Rose West Delta Zeta house and housemother. Florence Yearout. Phi Sigma Epsilon house and house mother, Gladys Gilbert. Tau Kappa Epsilon house and house- mother Florence Lesh fly 6 1 24 ff 'wks Il' 5' Q 7- A, .in V, it lf, f 41 . 'lf fx t L ' Ahll "" J' ef W.. . JM. , -A . . fir.: V' K" ' Q H 0 3 I' S 6 rf Pearl Finkbinder Laura Todd Four hundred excited girls moved through the doors into Morse Hall to begin the fall semester of 1957. The usual nightly gab fests, room inspection and floor meetings helped make up dormitory life. The first of many social events of the year was the Morse Hall Open House for the men on the campus. Homecoming was a very busy time for many ot the girls with Curli-Q performances, enter- taining guests and working on Homecoming decor- ations. A Christmas Dinner was prepared and served by Miss Bishop to the Morse residents after which the girls were greeted by Santa Clause at an informal party in the recreation room. The year was rounded out by the annual Morse Hall Spring Formal, held in the Colonial Room of the student union. sw, .5 Ground Floor, South Wing: Karen Grizzell, Barbara Moore, Ioyce Miller, Harriett Fleming, Lynette Walk, Carol Siebel, Elma Barr. Donna Wewer, Iudy Welton, Myrna Sage. Ground Floor, North Winq: Delberta Coulter, Lois Hudson, Louise Hudson, Marilyn Duilord. Ronda Sidman, Evelyn Kovar, Faye Boline, Ioan Ireland, Norma Monninqer, Kay Wilson, Kay Utterback, Mary Pfeiffer, Elinor Markham, Mary Lou Mauderly, Clarendene Koegeboehn, Eleanor Barnes, Barbara Antone, Barbara Cooper, Sandra Hetrick, Iune Duncan, Ioyce Morgan, Barbara Thomas. R 2871 195 W V,f. . Q -f We, .,A. ,,,, .., 4. dn 153593: :rims Second Floor, South Wing: Sandra Aebi, lla Lauer, Vivian Briggs. Ianice Osburn, Ardis Bickel, Carol Shoup, Marietta Winters, DeAnne Larcade, Amparro Guzman, Linda Hind, Hattie Stephenson, Iacquelin Iohnson, Margie Cassel, Linda Henlcle, lane Miser, Penny Coyne, Ianice Buck, Loretta Ealers, Ianet Lauby, Leila Griest, Ieanette Purcell, Ellen Ford, Iane Clark, Karen Brewer, Sara King, Darlene Zoschke. Roberta Morrison, Ianis Viar, Kay Tomlin, Karen Baxter, Mary Gardner, Cynthia Anstrom, Anna Lee Burress. Carol Brant, Pat Williams, Donnella Vosburgh. Kitten McCourt, Ian Zerener, Sara Sanner, Nancy Livingston, Ierry Wisdom, Lila Harris, Iudith Dodge, Arlene Turek. Second Floor, North Wing: Elba Iavier, Phyllis Mahoney, Iudy Wildman, Ianet Moles, Kay Waters, Deanna Whittman, Lila Byers, Ina Carpenter. Sue Goodwin, Donna Davidson, Marie Emerson, Beverly Kobetich, Kay Brown, Linda Swender, Anita Meyer, Doris Ogden, Iudy Schletzbaum, Cloyce True, Lucille Westbrook, Shirley Hudson, Mary Drietz. Iackie Faussett, Ethel Pratt, Io Donnell, Beverly Kennedy, Ioan Handel, Marcia Holman, Arlene Kuboyama, Celia Thompson. Caroline Fieser, Beverly Oyler, Darlene Wilson, Geraldene Wilson, Carolee Pees. Donna Sanborn, Dorothy Schweizer, Barbara Wright, Delores Patton, Rosalie King, Nancy Edmundson, Lora Eustace, Dondra Steele, LaVerna Bergsten, Mary Io Bufion, Ruth Dingwall. Genevieve Hummell, Donna Dodd. 196 Third Floor. South Wing: Glenda Thorne, Reta Rosine, Earlene Robinson, Ianice Smith, Judith McCurry, Bette Bichet, Carmen Fisher. Lynette Thornton, Barbara Sullivan, Marian Phillip, Beverly White, Iudy Diller, Phyllis Schlessener, Iennis Reusser, Barbara White, Iva Sue Crawford, Donna Blue, Barbara Wilson, Nancy Mustoe, Ioretta Lindt, Iudy Wright, Virginia Stalcup, Rita Howell, Lou Maxson, Betty Io Duncan, Sylvia Renner, Geraldine Iohns, Margaret McClain, Geraldine Holt, Mona Schrofi, Mary Lou Conyers, lean Hcrtchett, lean Gray. Margaret Sasagawa, Ieanne Onoye, Mary Io Porter, Linda Huston, Iudy Rule, Dottie Dodds, Delores Bergen, Alberta lackson, Sara Falen, Doris Miller, lda Muschick. Kathryn Aikens, Nelvo Wood, Betty Mehl, Iolene Staatz, Patricia Hiss, Delores Wagner, Carlotta Bobelc. Evelyn Morris, Kathleen Yamamotto, Sandra Haynes, Marcia Holloway, Ioyce Dammann, Elsidale Conley, Sharon Boyle, Miriam Erdtmann, Elizabeth Harris, Sue Wisdom, Phyllis Moore, Ianis School, Sharon Rhoades, Gail March, Helen Shick, Betty Lantz, Phyllis Dyer, Rosalie Garrison, Ellen Suenoga, Ruby Laughlin, lvonne Grossardt, Esther Larson. Kay Wrocester, Betty Io Hammers, Helen Kain, Patricia Hoffine, Shirley Karsten, Gail Moifitt, Peggy Oneal, Ianet Barton, Patricia Marston, Ioan Park. Ianice Withington, Florine Waterbury, Nora Urakawa. Katy Lawrence, Pat Derowitsch, Ada Craig, Iudy Kirtpatrick, Sheryl Stevenson, Barbara Barlcyoumb. -wi 'iw . I -Q ., .,.,z.L ,.., A A A r A 19 Fourth Floor. South Winq: Pat Schank, Emmalou Quincy, Sheryl Chambers, Carolyn Pinder, Karen loerger, Iudy Ball, Karolyn Decker. Patsy Martin. Kathleen Stout, Bernice Wetter, Dee Mitchell, Miriam Rogers, Loretta Iohnson, Ianet Murray, Barbara Nestler, Patricia Allison, Beverly Neavitt, Ioan Robinson, ludy Nickel, Patricia Weiser. Shirley Smith, Marlene Nicholas, Elizabeth Binder, Ellen Blaser, Kay Phillips, Neta Thornburg, Karen Wedel, Iudy lenkinson, Ieannette Wallace, Frances Watson, Sharon Pratt, Deanna Wagaman, Donna Choice. Cornelius Karen, Nancy Christianson, Mary Brune, Vivian Cerre, Helen Briggs. Icy Testorff. Naomi Erickson, Mary Steele, Karolyn Grinlinton. Fourth Floor. North Winq: Norma Bonewitz, Gwendene Reiii, Iane Harper, Gail Halpern, Peggy Wright, Phyllis Wright, Doyce Swayne, Loretta Sherrod, Sharon DeHann, IoAnn Gillaspie, Ianice Boline, Verona Wene, Iacquiline Webber, Iucly Ienkinson, Jeannette Wallace, Karen Downing, Nancy DeKeyser, Beverly Thomi, Sharon Mills, Shir'ey Mamka, Myrna Henningsen, Ianet Young, Ian Lai, Ian Daily, Sheryl Chambers, Pat Branson, Dessie Wetzler, Nancy Brooks, Carole Foster, Ioan Colvin, Clara Swayne, Margaret Denning, Simone Guiard. 198 First Floor, South Wing: Iudy Fenton, Barbara Mast, Sharon Tolar, Alice Rose Maege, Sondra Patton, Paula Mock, Ioyce Neville, Florence Simpson, Carol Thiessen, Ianet Walsh, Ialayne Cauble, Mary Halbert, Margaret Ann Gaddert. Dianne Hood, Myrna Winters, Margaret Stilwell, lean Holm, Carlene McFadden. Donna Harter, Nancy Hightower, Delia Burchfield. Donna Roller, Terry Mears, Iudy Hallaux, Mary Hill, Carol Barnard, Beverly Sawin, Sylvia Miller, Vonda Knier, Ian Beineke, Rosemary Greco, Myra Wallace, Vivian Hartman, Sandra Rader, Ruth Briggs, Gloria Schneider, Patricia Davis, Patricia DeBois, Sandra Nairn, Carol Crotts, Lynn Young. Nancy Medcalf, Charlene Larkin, Linda Ruhnke. First Floor, North Wing: Mary Greenwood. Carol Burri, Virginia Stranathan, Phyllis Dingsbury, Ioyce Leeper, Gertrude Knocke, Paula Stucky, Marie Iohnson, Valeta Niehaus, Mary Welsh. Rosene Adams, Iackie Sell, Elfreda Fleming, Shirley Wilson, Carolyn Messenger, Donna Barnes, Nancy Ernest, Patricia Reid. Mary Priston, Carol Randel, Leta Eshbaugh, Dixie Keefe, Clara Chamber, Janis Oyler, Ianet Oyler, Darla Iantz, Lola Havercroft, Rita Corcoran. Patricia SinClair, Louise Bandurant, Sue McMillian, Janice Criss, Iudy Wills, Sharon Weirich, Melba Lockhart, lean Womacks. Lorna Perry. 199 A petri ri If WW h Y 200 llfllf Class of '08 at Senior-Alumni dinner following graduation ceremonies. "Traffic director" Caywood directing grand march into Civic Auditorium 8 We all received our certificates from President Iohn E. King. Here we all scxt together for the last time, our class of 1958, 400 strong 5 Ni? W 2 ww Amwwm, K . ,Amex , 1:2542 N xg E-State's pioneer movement in the summer theater program proved to be a most successful venture helping to make this year a big one. E-State's Sum- mer Theater is the only program of its kind offered by a school in the state of Kansas or in this area. The summer theater group presented eight highly entertaining productions during the summer season. Students enrolled for the entire season earned up to twelve hours credit and gained both experience and knowledge in lighting, set building, sound, ushering, acting, properties, house managing and costuming. Dr. Karl C. Bruder and Charlie Hill of the speech department directed the plays. 204 Ladies in Retirement Allie Kcry Grove, "Miss Rubber Face of the 1958 Summer Theater. 206 2 I 'i Mzgi., qv T: Come on. boys, bring back a winner! 2 What does Silent Ioe sound like? We wanna touchdown! C 6 G I' G 8 G I' S -fr ' .5 'a f 209 na Rosen baqm 1: Q.: fn. , L. fwwmiwwglg 'hw '.--,', "'--' N in-' . , , ,. +L 'KK-H ,f .3 ff 1 , ,, A l,m.,.QAw,,.,,,,,,,.,,. ,,,,.m.d:g Aw.-mwifu, ,,x..,,,,fjgWwNM gm Qu-' xg gf ' 1 i ,U Www . A 1...4m .af W .,,f.,W.,,. O 94:11 .9 .A 1-...f X -:if -.ga -'fb M V f' x 13 5 X 1 WM Sports Play Their Part At E-State, varsity athletics play their proper role as a part of the physical education program. Under the capable direction of Athletic Director Fran Welch, the athletic program is well-balanced, does not emphasize intercollegiate athletics at the expense of an all-round program of physical development for all students. DICK THOMPSON battles successfully for a tip-in against St. Benedict's. x 5 X Varsity Athletics Varsity sports at Emporia State play their im- portant but proper role in the college program, and are only a part of the well-balanced program of physical education at Emporia State. The hands that have very largely shaped this Welch, athletic director, program belong to Fran who realized early in his career as teacher, coach, and administrator that to be effective, physical ed- ucation must complement and supplement the aca- demic program, serving the same ends as general education does. As head of the department of health, Men's physical education and recreation, Fran supervises an integrated program that serves all men on the campus. Mental health and physical well-being key- note the program. Service courses endeavor to im.- part skill and competence in team sports and in- dividual sports that have carryover value to later life. An intramural program provides the incentive of competition at a level that the average student can enjoy, and for those who excel, and who would provide somewhat unfair competition for most of the students, there is a program of varsity athletics that includes track, football, basketball, tennis, golf, baseball and swimming. Before stepping down from his duties as head football coach, Fran's teams were invariably ranked with the small college powers and won more than their share of conference championships. His track teams have produced such national figures as Archie San Romani and Bill Tidwell, to mention just two, and his cross-country teams have bested some of the top university teams in the nation. As a consequence, Fran was one of the first to be voted into the NAIA track Hall of Fame. Despite a fine record of success in all varsity athletics, the emphasis at Emporia State has been placed on the values of competitive sports--sports- manship, teamwork, cooperation in planning and executing plays- -rather than on winning for the sake of winning. No effigies adorn the campus when a ballgame is lost- -as some games must always be. The Sunflower is privileged to salute Fran Welch, a tireless worker for the cause of truly amateur athletics, a veteran official of the AAU, a great coach and athletic director. ' 2 214 King Football It looks good, but Lee Beran finds this one sailing beyond his outstretched fingers in the game against Washburn. ' Rebuilding Q fi! Coach Keith Caywood finds that pre-season work- outs with young players is the key to rebuilding the tecxrn. Line coach Shorty Long watches his charges pre pare ior rugged competition. Cuywood and Long watch tensely as their Hornets open the secrson. Hornet lineman trips up cr St. Benedict's back. Gowdy moves in to throw cr block Q Bainter warms up his passing arm. Calloway moves in to break up a pass play. S L 'L 'X Hornet halfback Iim Hayes chases Mark Flynn, St. Benedict's all-conference quarterback. 217 2 The Present Coach and players watch action on field from E-State bench. The Future Gridders listen intently as Caywood gives them halt-time advice that will help build better team. The 1957 squad posted a 2-7 won-lost record. Sometimes it looks had . . . . . . but we keep on fighting. Seniors Among the six seniors leaving the team are Charlie Gowdy, Marvin Selby. Eddie Uyeshira and Norman Iames. Not pictured are Bill Orth and Derald Boline. LEFT. TO RIGHT, tseatedl: Keith Kells, Eldon McDonald, Stuart Cram, Iim Cross, Kay Iones. Ierry Sprague, Mac Borgna. LEFT TO RIGHT, tstandingl: Ierry Goodbar, Ken Faerber, Iim Wartick, Loren Long, Richard Brickell, Gary Franklin, Harold Haeberlin, Coach Don McCullough. Seniors are Kells, McDonald and Cross. Swimming 220 E-State's tankers competed in their second sea- son as a school swimming team, and turned in a performance that was more than satisfactory. The squad competed well against such tank powers as Kansas State and Pittsburg, and the Hornets proved their desire and ability to come from behind when they nipped Ft. Hays State 43-42, after trailing going into the final relay. Coach E. Don McCullough's charges placed second in the CIC meet behind the experienced Pittsburg State team. All-conference Sicxymcxker hculs down c rebound as Smith watches. The Roundball 7 Z,, 3 , . -.,- ' -v.-,. 5 za. 1' so 7' 3 f,., I Eglqrgfa-4 "" s .nhl Y 9. U 'N Xxx., K "?s. An E-State guard drives for the basket. m A , ,ifyftft kfky ."- V I f'1"?,,. 'Wow' Oops - two Hornet opponents col 5:5 lide cxs Thompson goes cxfter ball. it Thompson fights lor a loose ball. A Great Try Gus Fish's hoopsters posted a sea- son record of 10 wins, 7 losses- -a mark any coach could be happy with. The Hornets, however, were forced to settle for a second place in the CIC with a 7-3 record. E-State was edged out of a title tie in its last conference game, los- ing to Southwestern, 58 to 57. The heart- breaking defeat ruined Hornet chances for a play-off with crown-winning St. Benedict's. Blachly connects for two against surrounding Omaha players. jf ,lf 'wkf Up and over goes an E-State pole- vculter. Thinclcxds stretch for the tape in the Hornet - Ft, Hays dual. Mclntire puts the shot. Track 2 Rex Ressler, freshman from Wellington. displays his winning form. Ressler, who was an outstand- ing periormer in the dash events, is a good example oi the material Fran Welch's track teams produce each year. 4 Rounding third and heading home are these two cross country runners in a dual meet. -.,4 QF is A ,ff Cross country team pauses for cameraman in pre-meet warmups. Thinclads charge up stadium hill. 225 Coach Chuck Sisson shows how it is done at batting practice. Baseball The diamond sport is another young sport at Emporia State. Playing on their own permanent diamond for the first time, Chuck Sisson's squad posted a 5-9 seasonal mark, and a 3-win, 4-loss finish in league play, good for third place. The Hornets play in the Kansas-Missouri Collegiate Baseball Conference. lt's a hit! Hornet batter lashes out a line drive in season opener. Rockhurst hrs! baseman stretches for the throw in a close play. Rockhurst placed second in league play. Golf The golf team had a winning year,' although the linksters were unable to successfully defend their CIC title. The Hornets racked such impressive scores as 18-0 over Southwestern, and 9Vz to 8Vz over Pittsburg. the team that came back to win the conference crown. The Hornets, led by Carl Pugh, placed second in the loop meet with 12 points, to the winners' 17. 227 2 Carl Pugh. ace of the Hornet link team. and CIC medalist tor two years straight. displays his putting form lor coach Gus Fish. Team Leader Pugh Coach Fish and team mate Gene Schrader admire Pugh's conference medal, Pugh shot 221 for the 54'hole match. ii , . . ..., .5532 L55 1222311 -,z fist 4 Tennis Shown at left is Dave Haeberlin, one of the stal- warts in the Emporia State tennis team. Others on the squad are Dave Circle, Ron Romano, Ierry Teichgraeber and Harold Haeberlin. The tennis team had a winning year, boasting a 7-5 season mark going into the CIC match. The Hornets won such impressive victories as a 9-0 win over Northwest Oklahoma State, and a 5-2 victory over Southwestern, the team that later won the con- ference championship. E-State's netmen tailed to place a man in the top tour spots in singles play. yet displayed such strong team play that they were able to grab second place in the CIC clash. .sw . ,. f we , E as ,1 L L' - ,ik2,,51,'vk. f5fQ'1?'W?, : im , 'Fl M, xv iszilagg 1 K.. . if if 1 4- I as ,. J' -sv 1.1 w N N NJN Ei ,E 231 l , u 4 s g Cf' Y I ' QQQIIV at .I in I -1-L .5- .EEL A V S 5: M- nu, EN 'tw' di 1. iv 'BM' -req , I N ...f- 'E' Top Row AGRELIUS, P. KARALYN Emporia Biological Science ALBRIGHT, GERALD LEE Rose Hill Business IAd.ministrationI ANDERSON, DUANE LEE Hiawatha Business IAdmi.nistrationl Second Row ANDERSON, ELIZABETH PAYNE Emporia Speech cmd Art ARMSTRONG, IAMES IOSEPH Emporia ARNOLD, BILLY IOE Chanute Business lAdministrationl Third Row ASENDORF, WALLACE LEON Garden Plain Physics and Mathematics ASFAW, TEKA Ethiopia Business IEducationl AUSTIN, DANIEL LEE Kansas City Social Science and English Fourlh Row BAILEY, ALICE LEE Emporia Business IAdminist1-ationl BALTZ, BARBARA ANN Emporia Business IAdministrationl BARBER, RONALD IRVEN Kansas City Social Science Fifth Row BAXTER, BOYD DEAN Emporia Business and Social Science BAY, ROY VERNON Waverly Elementary Education BECK. CLARK RALPH Byers Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science Sixth Row BELL, DALE PERRY Fort Dodge Speech and Social Science BENNETT, HAROLD EDWARD Scott City Art BERGERHOUSE, PATRICIA IOAN Emporia Business lllducationl Seventh Row BESLER. IANE HANNA Wichita Women's Physical Education BICKER, ROBERT IOSEPH Council Grove Speech and English BISHOP, IAMES MARTIN Mulvane Physics and Mathematics Bottom Row BLACKIM, ANNASTEEN NELSON Hutchinson Business and Home Economics BLACKIM, CHARLES IAMES Wichita Psychology and Music BLACKIM, DAVID IAMES Emporia Speech and Social Science Top Row BLISS, RICHARD Logan Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Biology BLOOM, BEVERLY MAE Hope Music BLUNT, ROBERT LEE Muscotah Business iEducationl Second Row BOHM, HAROLD WALTER Holton Mathematics and Science BOLINE, DERALD DEAN Emporia Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Mathematics BOLINE, PAYE ARLEEN Admire Business tEducationl Third Row BOLTON, ALBERT GUY Council Grove Business tAccountingl BOUGHTON, MAURICE DEAN Emporia Speech and English BOWEN, PHYLLIP DELAYNE Hiawatha Business tAccountinql Fourth Row BRANNON, VIRGINIA ELIZABETH Miltonvale Elementary Education BRANNON, WALTER C. Miltonvale Industrial Arts BRINKMAN, PAUL DELBERT Olpe English and Social Science Fifth Row BROSS, PHARES OTTO Wilsey Industrial Arts BRUCE, RONALD DACK Cofieyville Industrial Arts and Business BURNELL, SYLVIA Emporia Art Sixth Row BURNS, ROBERT ALLEN Neodesha English and Speech BURROWS, CLIFFORD WARREN Manhattan Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science BUSHEY, IULIA ANN St. Marys Speech and English Seventh Row CARROLL, LeROY VAN Emporia Business iAdministrationl and Social Science CASSELL, ORTHEL ERVIN Mexico CHAMBERLAIN, TERRY LORAN Emporia Business tAdministrationl Bottom Row Cl-IEEVER, DOROTHY ARLENE Hutchinson Elementary Education CHILDERS, CLAUDE EUGENE Emporia Business Ukccountingl CIRCLE, DAVID EDISON Arkansas City Music 'ELS il? 'FS C ' J I x 3, sz- 1 gf .ei , ba if wg ' TQ V 31 I f i' J . ,Z QE n tw SF ., .4 es W 'SW F M XR A g if A A if If Sv' if 5:': "" Q :E X Kiwi 1 XX , ' 1 sf . , S, E K Q 11 ffl! 'H a r is Q.. ' I ' QQ H , ellse h f" mL S xv ' ntol, ' : ii ,:-' . V ., :6--: -H ,,,,,,s.,t ' , k estl S li l:-. I '. I 'Z 1"1 1 kde- . 1', X VA g 1 I we I Top Row CLODFELTER, DANNIE KEITH Waverly Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Mathematics COGSWELL, WALTER L. Vermillion Social Science COLEMAN, PATRICIA ANN Topeka Elementary Education Second Row COOKE, HARVEY IOHN Aberdeen, N. C. Business tEducationl and Social Science CORDON, DEANNA IACYNTI-I Wetmore Music COX, MARY HELEN Wichita Women's Physical Education and Speech Third Row CROWLEY, VIRGINIA CORINNE Blackwell, Okla. Social Science and Music CUMMINS, LARRY E. Eureka Business lAdministrationl CURCHY, IOSEPH Emporia Fourth Row DAILEY, IANICE MARIE Wichita Business lEducationl DALSING, MAX VINCENT Sabetha Biological Science and Social Science DAVIS, DARRELL DEAN Alma Business IAdministrationl Fifth Row DAVIS, HELEN MAY Syracuse Elementary Education DAWDY, ROBERT M. Emporia Music DELLINGER, STEVE EMMITT Chase Industrial Arts Sixth Row DENNISTON, MARGARET SUE Cheney Speech and Social Science DePRIEST, HENRY I AMES Kansas City Industrial Arts DETTMER, CARL WILLIAM Emporia Business IAdministrationl Seventh Row DeWERFF. CHESTER NEIL Emporia Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science DICKEY, DELORES YVONNE Mulvane Elementary Education DINGWALL. ELLEN ANN Newton Speech and English Bottom Row DOCI-IOW, EUGENE LEE Concordia Business tEducationl DODY, DONALD GENE Marion Physical Science DOLLAR. IOHN ALBERT Emporia Business lAccountinql Top Row DOLSKY, CAMILLE DOLORES Burlington Business fEducationl DOLTON, DONALD RAYMOND Emporia English and Art DOTSON. MARY FRANCES Emporia Music Second Row DRIETZ, MARY CELESTINE Liberal Elementary Education DRESKER. DELORES ANN Fort Scott Elementary Education DUFFIN, ROBERT DANIEL Hutchinson Industrial Arts Third Row DUNCAN, IUNE ELAINE Nickerson Home Economics DUNSHEE, ETHEL BLANCHE Cottonwood Falls Business tEducationl EAKINS, LAVERNE HURT Kansas City Elementary Education Fourth Row EDMUNDS, BARBARA ALLEN Emporia Home Economics and Business ELLER, IAMES CHARLES Glasco Social Science ELLIS, LEE MILTON Richmond Fifth Row EMSWILER. NANCY MARBETH Emporia Foreign Language EPPERLEY, SHIRLEY ANN Haven Women's Physical Education ERICSON, HELEN MARGARET Emporia Home Economics Sixth Row ESAU, FRANKLIN K. Emporia Biology ESHBAUGH, LETA ELLEN Longton Elementary Education EVANS, EV AN LLOYD Emporia Business and Social Science Seventh Row FEHR, IOHN IOSEPH Chanute Business tAdministrationl FELTNER, KENNETH LELAN Emporia Industrial Arts FEZSEL, GARY L. Emporia Bottom Row FIATTE, RICHARD LEE Emporia Business and Social Science FISCHER. DONALD PAUL Waverly Business lEducationl FLORENCE, MARION LeROY Onaga Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation cmd Mathematics :iv ' as is is 1 is . it 45, Rb. , . li 'E' if R L f 3 a 'tkk ,,1-ft K ' I' V . SWIM ' 35 h,' K if I ,,,ti is ""9t?7S 2 ig i I 1 E 8: W K? w i , ii if ,H .wg 'QQ if M iii S-if it Q 1, Q gi Q! 1X .fd Sl 'PN lf" .Ml-X w e 'ir 'sv , FN f XP I N -sv' 1 .Q ii YQ: Q, Top Row FORAKER, MARILYN IOAN Mount Hope Music FORREST, RICHARD CHARLES Floral Park, N. Y. FREDERICK, FRANZ IOSE Emporia Mathematics and Physical Science Second Row FROETSCHNER, CORDELIA SUE IANE Larned Women's Physical Education and Business FUIII, WALLACE HIDEO Hawaii Business tEducation cmd Administrationl FULTON, MARY ANN Mission Business tsecretcaial Traininql Third Row GADDIS, FRANKLIN DeLOSS Ottawa Business lAccountinql GAMBLE, GLEN DALE Chanute Business lAccountingl GANGEL, FRANCIS EDWARD Louisburg Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Biological Science Fourth Row GARRISON. ARTHUR DEAN Emporia Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science GERLEMAN, MAURICE RAMON Olpe Business tltlianaqementl and Social Science GFELLER, ROSEMARY RUTH Burns Elementary Education Fifth Row GIBBS. GEORGE Emporia Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Physical Science GILE, A. GERTRUDE. Concordia Women's Physical Education and Social Science GINOZA, LAWRENCE HIDEO Hawaii Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science Sixth Row GISH, GEORGE WASHINGTON Harper Music GLEVE, ERWIN EMIL LeRoy Business tAdministrationl GOODE, IOHN MERTON Kansas City Chemistry Seventh Row GRAHAM, EDGAR LOUIS Topeka Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science GRAHAM, GERALD ROBERT Kansas City Social Science GRAY, HOWARD EUGENE Dexter Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science Bottom Row GROKETT, MARCIA GAE Neodesha HAGEMAN, BERNARD NICKOLAS Spivey Elementary Education HANKINS, DALE EUGENE Buhler Physics Top Row HANKINS, DON CARSON Emporia Business iManagementl HANNA, KEITH Emporia Social Science and Industrial Arts HARMS, ROSE MARY Whitewater Elementary Education Second Row HARSHA, KENNETH K. Emporia Social Science and Business HARTER, CARL LEROY Emporia Philosophy and Sociology HAWK, RACHEL ANN Osawatomie Speech and English Third Row HAXTON, GERALD RAY Wetmore Business lAccountingl HAYEN. MAX DARRELL Marion Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Business C1-idministrationl HEAD, ROY GERALD Milford Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science Fourth Row HENDRICKSON, CHARLES FRANKLIN Eureka Business KManaqementl HICKS, ROY EDWARD Kansas City Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Industrial Arts HODEL, DWIGHT DALE Hillsboro Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Business Fifth Row HOFER, SAM LEE Cedar Social Science and Spanish HOLLENSHEAD, MARGARET ANN Chanute Business and Library Science HOLLOWAY. IUDITH LYNN Washington Music Sixth Row HOOBLER, DALE WAYNE Eureka Business U-iccountingl HOOKER, CLIFTON LEE Emporia Business lRetai1ingl HOPKINS, CHARLES RAIMAN Kansas City Business iManagementl Seventh Row HORTON, VERNA LEE Emporia Women's Physical Education, Speech and French HUBER. BEVERLY FAGG Madison Business tSecretaria1 Traininql HUGHES, GEORGE LEE Goff Business lEducationl Bottom Row HURLBURT, GEORGE TROY Emporia Business Wianagementl HUSTON, RUTH KATHRYN Emporia Elementary Education HUTCHINSON, DONALD WILLIAM Burlington Business tAccountinql KA2, g g , ,c,t Izn' 'F-v' Q ,hs X w s? SH, , .. . S QQ: ,, X 3 M at .Z .M .. 1 r'fwfi44E 11 :,-erm.- f . :- .- .f .wang -gm 1 :1 A www, Q A -' 92593.-2s,,.'xsi 2 We , ii' S ig ik 5 'gk 'V 5 -. , Ei V ll i 1, 48. V Jin L f , I X ,,l1 I I if 3 K I a s S ," '- ,t,, l if , 237 23 'tt 'lr Q 55, .wg.s,,.,,: .V I . sm. lg ' HEL Zim in ,hi t if 5 , , gi ,. .. - -v W' wi gh at v, 'J Yu' .xy 4 11 .5 1 - at 5 'ft ni, , if. '. 2. 'Q at wi, 1-its Q i. we .Q 'uf eggs ,stP""- Y is "9" I E M 5 2 1 EL bnl- j ,.,. , 4 1 I J ,gf 25 3 'mi a 2? 3l52'g -if tit Top Row IGAWA, STANLEY SEIII Hawaii Biological Science and Social Science IRELAND, CORYDON HAMILTON Strong City Business tAccountingl and Social Science IRELAND, FRANCES IOAN Toronto Business and Mathematics Second Row IACKSON, WENDELL CORDELL Arkansas City Business tAccountinql IACOB, HELEN GENEICE Emporia Home Economics IACOBS, KATHLEEN ANN Hartford Women's Physical Education and Biological Science Third Row IOHNSON. CHARLES LEIGH Emporia IOHNSON, IDA WATKINS Cassoday Elementary Education IOHNSON, JERRY WALTER Fort Pierce, Fla. Social Science Fourth Row IOHNSON, LAURA ELAINE Emporia Elementary Education IOHNSON, RICHARD D. McPherson Mathematics and Industrial Arts IOHNSTON, CLARAGENE ANNETTE Emporia Home Economics Fifth Row IONES, SYLVIA ANN Dodge City Women's Physical Education and Business KADOYAMA, GLADYS MAE HIDEKO Hawaii Elementary Education KAECKELL, LOUIS IOHN Ottawa Business tltetailingl Sixth Row KAHLER, PETE K. Arkansas City Business lEducationl KEATING. FRANCIS LEO Iunction City Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Business KEEFE, DIXIE SHARLENE Cheney Social Science and English Seventh Row KENT, RICHARD WAYNE Emporia Business lRetailinql KERWICK, RODGER LEWIS Emporia Business tAccountinql KIMBLE, WILLIAM EARL Mulvane Biological Science and Speech Bottom Row KIMZEY, EVELYN YVONNE Longton Elementary Education KING, FRANK S. Marysville Speech and Biological Science KING, LELAND CLYDE Emporia Speech and Social Science '93 Top Row KING, WYNETKA ANN Emporia Biological Science cmd Chemistry l N" KINOSHITA, DAISY AIKO Hawaii Elementary Education ' KIRBY. RUTH ANN Topeka Art Second Row an-3 e Wi A , if KIRK, HENRY LEE Arkansas City Social Science KISTNER, RUSSELL LORAN Waverly Health, Men's Physical Education and 'B-,V Recreation and Industrial Arts N KLOEFKORN, IOHN LEE Madison 5 English - L'-. g Q N A W if! ',, , K Q1 Q f KNOX, DENNIS IRVIN Emporia O Q '. E 4 Business lEducationl :., . ' KOBASHIGAWA, THELMA SACHIKO Hawaii Elementary Education Q KOOPS, ALVIN IOHN Downs W Social Science and Business Fourth Row H I KOVAR, EVELYN MARIE Rossville 1" Biological Science and Physical Science E LAFFERTY, KERRY OTHO Kinsley Speech and English LAGE, GEORGE R. Kansas City Social Science t . Fifth Row Y I LAMBERT, BOB D. McPherson 'S Ehqliill HQ Q. K LANE, RUTH HELEN Mcphefson li Q Elementary Education , ,I LANTZ, HENRIETTA RUTH Chapman Q' Elementary Education Sixth Row I LARKIN, CI-IARLENE KAYE Florence Home Economics I ' LARSON, CAROLYN FELDMAN Garden City --. L' - 3 ' LEE, ALEX BELL Iunction City Seventh Row h LEE, DONALD 1. cimnuie , ' y Business tAdministrationl L I ,gy 5: 1 F Wk A 4 LEFORD, EDGAR ERNEST Emporia - W A Y, ' is Business lAdmini.stzationl Q ' :gg LEON, CLIFTON IOHN Arkansas City L V . I A M ,L Ivf - .' ,Qi I Bottom Row LETT, VAN EDWARD Fowler LEWIS, IOHN HARLAN Lebo .E E ' Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science LINDQUIST, EVAN LEROY Emporia Art and Biological Science Business and Social Science I 3? gr. , 1 4, , R. ' f X E y . . H 1 Q Y XX 4 H. I .Q c an t""' I 5 if ,,.: r , as 1. -I ix QW' I .K .A as N L16 .4 Q "' 5' S' ,I f A .I 5 lm YZ, K . V , , , :bf Dt V 55 ... , sg sv? ,7 2 We .. S' of ,wt Top Row LINSEY, CLARENCE WAYNE Lebo Biological Science and Physical Science LUSE, CECILE FOWLER Coldwater LUTHI, IOHN FRANKLIN Milford Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Industrial Arts Second Row McCHRISTY, RONALD IOHN Wetmore McCLASKEY, PAUL TRUMAN Cuba Music MCDANIEL, PEGGY ANDREWS Emporia Women's Physical Education and Home Economics Third Row McDONALD, G. ELDON Fall River Industrial Arts MCGREGOR, GARY ALAN Strong City Industrial Arts MCINTIRE, NANCY LOU Burlington Music Fourth Row MCKEEVER. DUANE ELDON Holton Business Wlanaqementl MCLAUGHLIN, BEVERLY LUCILE Emporia Home Economics and Women's Physical Education MacFARLANE, CARLOTON ROBERT Newburyport, Mass. Elementary Education Fifth Row MACY. MARY ANNETTE Ponca City, Okla. Mathematics and Social Science MANGES, PRISCILLA DEANE Parsons Women's Physical Education and Social Science MANKA. SHIRLEY DEE Augusta Elementary Education Sixth Row MANNING. MARTHA ANN Atchison Music MAPES. ESTA LEE Emporia Business lSecretarial Traininql MARIN. LOUIS IOSEPI-I Emporia Biological and General Science Seventh Row MARKI-IAM, RICHARD EDWARD Soldier Mathematics and English MARTIN, ROBERT EUGENE Cottonwood Business tEducationl MASON. GARY MAC Independence Business lAdxninistrationl Bottom Row MEADE, ROY WESLEY Kansas City Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Business MEALMAN, GLENN EDWARD Kansas City Business lEducationl MERRITT. DONNA RUTH Wellington English and Speech Top Row lg., ' MEYER, BENNY EDWIN Hiawatha 'st .if Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Industrial Arts A MICKEY, DAVID ALLISON Atwood - Social Science and Biological Science MILLARD, LeROY LLOYD Madison Business tAdmirxistrationl Second Row L, gm lf legs il I , R - 4 , fc, g 'Tf'tf MILLER, IOYCE IEANETTE Dwight Home Economics MILLS, NORMAN DEE Pratt Biological Science MISAK, MARILYN IOYCE Caldwell Elementary Education Third Row A '53 g 10 MISAK, VERL EUGENE catdweu j Health, Men's Physical Education and it is Recreation and Industrial Arts MOFFITT, JAMES LEE Tampa eylhk Speech and Social Science -A MOI-ILER, IOHN HENRY Scranton .K,V - Business tAdministrationl ' , .mt I f Fourth Row J 'Q SN I gp MOORE, BARBARA LEE Council Grove . , xi I if' English and French ' fl MOORE, MARY CATHERINE Emporia 6 ' ' ' Elementary Education MORITZ, RAYMOND LEON Tipton I Social Science Filth Row MORRIS, EVELYN IOAN Hutchinson , Home Economics .,,, MUCKENTHALER, WILLIAM IOSEPH Paxico I rw y MUELLER, MAX WILLIAM Burlington 4-3 Social Science j Sixth Row MURPHY, DOUGLAS EUGENE Emporia hw . Q Business tAdministrationl 'W , 'Q V l MURRAY, DARNEL LEE Soldier K K . Biology and Physical Science A, K MYERS, CHARLES IAY Emporia ,iid ' Health. Men's Physical Education and A Recreation and Social Science ' 5 Seventh Row " I , NAKAMA, YUKIKO JOYCE Hawaii A - , ,B I A ,N Women's Physical Education and Art ' r 5, L, A NIEHAUS, VALETA ANNETTE Ottawa 1 ,QL tw... L I Home Economics ' NUESSEN, DUANE CLAIRE Emporia L A -f Physical Science and Mathematics Q Bottom Row A, OBLEY, LOREN LYNN Newton 2' -I 7 Business ,Q 4' J A 47" , Qs ODEN, ARTHUR HAROLD Sterling is Social Science 'MI X' O'DONNELL, KATHLEEN F. Hartford it K , , A Business tEducation and Secretarial Traininql 5 I' 5, A 6, T E Ki 4 x -J ,N use t ' i ,Q - 2 ,. Q, , " x Y' t Bait, ' J I x fi' X ' M E y all my y Q is L.. , 'E' Q- 'see . I mtr I 'T' A ' - if it A? . ntts, , y 3 ti. ' 5 1-, W' A ,ff , 2, A I E, ,sy if 'F'- ie " f:. i ii nw ' gl m U.gQan-A' .x 'hm-.y , tit-W or E, 'bk , ,-IS Top Row ORTH, WILLIAM E. Andale Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation. Social Science and Biological Science OTT, ERMIL KAY Lamont Elementary Education OVERFIELD, RICHARD ARTHUR Hiawatha Social Science and Biological Science Second Row PAIGE, ROBERT GEORGE Emporia Business CEducation and Accountingl PALMER. KAREN ADELE Wellington Business IEducation and Secretarial Trainingl PALMER. KENNETH HARRY Kendall Health. Men's Physical Education cmd Industrial Arts Third Row PARKER, IUANITA KAY Emporia Business lEducationl PARKER, THOMAS IRWIN Enterprise PERRY, DONALD FOSTER Emporia Business and Social Science Fourth Row PFORTMILLER, DELMAR RHYNOLD Natoma Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Industrial Arts POST, LEO ROLAND Macksville Business fAccountingl POWELL, KARL FLETCHER Madison Business IRetailingI Fifth Row POWELL, MARY MALINDA Beverly Home Economics PRICE, DEAN G. Hutchinson Social Science and Biological Science PRICE, SARAH VIRGINIA Emporia Speech Sixth Row PUGH, CARL EDWARD Kansas City Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science PURCELL, TIMOTHY PATRICK Emporia Business IEducationl RATZLAFF, GEORGE HARVEY Madison Biological Science and Social Science Seventh Row RAY, RONALD MARSHALL Sterling Industrial Arts REDIKER, GEORGE ARNOLD Emporia Mathematics and Business REDIKER, IANET BOND Emporia Women's Physical Education and Home Economics Bottom Row REDMAN, BARBARA LOUISE Emporia Business lEducationl REED, FREDERICK LeROY Great Bend Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Industrial Arts RIECK, ROBERTA MARVINE Detroit Speech and English ' WI Top Row RITTER, ICANN DOROTHY Iunction City English and Social Science ROBBINS, GWEN GOOCH Eureka English and Speech RODGERS, LARRY RALPH Melvern Business iAccountingJ Second Row ROGERS, CHARLES WAYNE Lyons Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Biological Science ROSS, MARILYN FAYE Meade Business tEducationi RUHNKE, LINDA BERDINE Iunction City Business tSecretarial Trainingl Third Row SAITO, IEAN SAYOKO Hawaii Business and Women's Physical Education SALTS, RICHARD LEROY Kansas City Business tEducation and Retailinql SCHAULIS, BETTY IEAN Emporia Biological Science Fourth Row SCHAULIS, GARY WAYNE Emporia Business Uidministrationl SCHMIDT, HENRY FRANCIS Emporia Business tAdministrationl SCHOOLCRAFT, EDWARD BLAINE Agricola Social Science Fifth Row SCHRADER, IEAN MORGAN Emporia Biological Science SCHRAEDER, CHARLES HOWARD Nickerson Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science SCHULTE, IERRY LEE Garnett Business iAccountinql Sixth Row SCHWILLING, SHIRLEY MAYETTA Topeka Elementary Education SCOTT, ELTON E. Emporia Industrial Arts and Mathematics SCOTT, KEITH SHIPLEY Syracuse Business Uidministrationl Seventh Row SCOTT, PHILLIP LEE Arkansas City Social Science SEIDER, ROBERT IOHN Kansas City Business tEducationl SHEPHERD, LARRY H. Council Grove Business tEducation and Administration! Bottom Row SHERBON, IAMES WESTON Arkansas City SHIRE, ZANE CLAIR Fredonia Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science SHYNE, GEORGE N. Pueblo, Colo. Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Business tAdministration , eg 'M' rs, JL if-r f 1' ' Q I R I ' r Q if t 1 W ' ,K,k V V gm 15: 3 as " .. ig i .Q kv ,. .,-' I 'S --:, is 'I' 5 is 'E I 'V ' 2 , A x Iwi 1' iiX'ES . fs. L fi I T ' rim L im, n w.. H . gs., 1, s, I at 'Q X if A it . fr A Q ' i cm f A , Q, N A f 'ii , P z - Qt Vx 5 5 Q tr wx? f si r' R 244 ' i f A Q 445 'K . , A MRQA f X 3 . at 5 K. V A355335 I . if 1, 1 Y nv 'T ,T 4 It Ek, . is 'al l "li l -so Rea 'Ras' Wa , 5 .87 6 flih q Top Row SIMPSON, MARY ANN Kingman Elementary Education SISSON, IO HANNAH Great Bend Women's Physical Education and Speech SMITHSON, SHIRLEY IUNE Delavan Elementary Education Second Row SOULE, CAROLINE LOUISE Kansas City Elementary Education SPANI, ROBERT EUGENE Chase Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation, Social Science, and Biological Science SPATZ, ROBERT G. Emporia Business Uidministrationl Third Row SPATZ, VERLIN GENE Emporia Business Uiccountinql SPECHT, FRANK W. Piqua Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Industrial Arts STAATZ, IOLEEN DEANNA Iunction City Elementary Education we Fourth Row "" I ST. IOHN, STEPHEN IERALD Allen , , -' " Business iRetai1ingl A .T STRAIT, DON L. Emporia Business iEducationl and Social Science I STREIFF, WARREN LYNN Emporia Business iEducationl and Social Science Filth Row STUBBS, HUGH THOMAS Macon, Ga. Bi' E Qi' Health. lVIen's Physical Education and Recreation and Social Science SUTTON, IACKIE IUNIOR Iunction City Social Science SYLVESTER. I. KEITH Waverly Mathematics and Biological Science Sixth Row TAWNEY, MELVIN L. Ogallah Business IAccountinql TAYLOR, A. GYNELL Emporia Elementary Educaiion Tl-IARP, HENRY ELLIOTT Winfield English and Speech Mathematics and Physics V Seventh Row 'R I , 71 THOMAS, BETTY JO Wichita iyli - .. , I , A N' Lg Women's Physical Education and Psychology 'Y yy " .tys. l " f THOMAS, LOWELL IAMES Troy ' - 1, m fg ' Social Science and Biological Science . f THOMPSON, RONALD FRANK Kansas cny X S R Biological Science and Chemistry A . .. Bottom Row Q f 1, , THRASHER, DARRELL LEE Arlington ' , .7 if 1 ', ' 1, .7 xv X Social Science L I A ta- ' i-ir Q I TOTLAND, JACK ELDON Emporia . I i I Business iEducation and Accounting! 'R ' . ' TRAUTH, CHARLES ARTHUR Emporia we I van. Top Row I -A , V 1 -, AV was TRAVNICEK, EDWIN EUGENE El Dorado , V I I f Social Science - 'f Q' Al TRIMBLE, RICHARD L. Topeka TROWER, CARLIE WAYNE St. Marys Business iEducation and Accountinql 'Ll Second Row V TUCKER, RONALD BRUCE Michigan Valley t , 1' V N Biological Science and Social Science V W 6. V TURNER, E. GA11. Langdon nnnn S ' r,,, I cenn Elementary Education V A .- f W ' V A A ULSES, BARBARA IUNE Garnett I - ""' ' . Elementary Education L n Third Row f A I VALLIER, STANLEY KENNETH Paola W I, my Business Uidministrationl and Social Science . VANMETER, MARIAN LEE Tnnyef ,Ely il Elementary Education "" V n.- VARNER, DONALD LESTER Kansas City X if Industrial Arts 4 Fourth Row VELASQUEZ, RAYMOND Gardner ' . Health, Men's Physical Education and f in ' Recreation and Industrial Arts 5. -I V' 1 , 5 'l VIERTHALER, DENNIS N. Zenda X - ' E, Health, Men's Physical Education and -' . Recreation and Biological Science ' 1- f ':" 2 VOLKER, ROBERT EDWARD Highland Business lAccountingl Filth Row I VV WAGNER, DEE E. Cimarron V"V V Q - Q- Music ? eff LFE' sl WAGNER, ELMER VERNON H0291 V ,I fi , ,V E' Industrial Arts ' VL V '. -- ' WALKER, R. I. Protection ' . I I Business Uidministrationl Sixth Row WATKINS. SHARON LUCILLE Cassoday Women's Physical Education and Business :M Q WEIGAND, IUDY Emporia I Elementary Education 39 ' ', IX? WEINMANN, IAMES ARTHUR Atchison Industrial Arts J ..Z, ,il Seventh Row WETZLER, DESSIE Junction City Speech and English ' WHEAT, BETTY ANNE Allen -n gs 'S Women's Physical Education VV and Home Economics , uf . A WHITEHAIR, IAMES A. Emporia , ,,,, H , Business and Social Science 'L' I Bottom Row WHITEMAN, FLOYD ELTON Valley Center Health. Men's Physical Education and Recreation and Business WHITSON, CHARLES CLYDE Iunction City English and Speech WIESEDEPPE, CAROL SUE Seneca Women's Physical Education and Biology 4 H. M, Rx, ,fini mx , First Row Qi, i,,g ' X wiLsoN, CARL DEAN Douglass Q Ei Business lManagementl ' ' vi, WILSON, GERALD KIRBY Leawood Business lbllanagementl 1 Q H WILSON, JAMES WILLIAM Linwood -,. fb-2 Q, 'EIT' , -Wi, as-5. Social Science and General Science 4 Second Row WINGO, VIRGINIA LEE Walton ' Social Science and English WINTER, NORMA RUTH Virgil Women's Physical Education and Biological Science E 1 ,W WISCHROPP, THEODORE WILLIAM Vassar Foreign Language and English 4'9" ff' Third Bow is WOOD, RONDAL EUGENE chase " 5551 ! Business KManagementl f i,-' YANAGISAWA, TERRY TOMIYO Hawaii I ni Elementary Education URI, UYEsRiRo, EDWARD YASUTAKE Hawaii Health, Men's Physical Education and Recreaiion and Business Fourth Row YOSHINOBU, HOWARD HISASHI Hawaii Industrial Arts and Art YOUNG, WILLIAM T. Emporia Business Uidministrationl and Social Science i E First Row BARKER, BILL B. BRACKEEN. CHARLINE F. GRANER. LOUIS M. Second Row HORIUCHI, DAN KNOUSE, DOROTHY IRENE LEE. SUN BAE Third Row MCLAUGHLIN. LOREN G. MARCHEL, IIM MARTIN, KENNETH EDWIN Fourth Row PRICE, R. V. PRINGLE, IAMES ROBERT SACKMAN. IOHN Fiiih Row TANAHARA, YOSH IO Emporia Garnett Emporia Hawaii Horton Korecx Emporia Emporia Council Grove Hutchinson Emporia Emporia Okinawa Mg, f' + ,,n I .ich 'W' am tv, k it' I W. .4 3, . I 1 T221 If ibn. my Ps w f X? A fin 1' M. X E '32 , A 'Q- , iv ' I , I Li I ,, - s as 1 0 '9- , . 1 , 'XX V QT gr.. I O .1- CN A. 4 24 , fr A I-Q. 'UQ .. H 5 ,I 7? V 2? ,, A s I W H' . 44' 'qs .1 'E ! :Z E Ish Q 1 gi I I gg T4 K G3 J . W1 I X IW X .H 93 as Top Row ADAIR, DICKIE CATHERINE Kansas City Sophomore ADAM, IOHN IAMES Emporia Iunior ADAMS, IUDITH ANN Wichita Sophomore Second Row ADAMS, LILLIAN ROSENE Lyndon Freshman AEBI, SANDRA IO Enterprise Freshman AGNEW, ALFRED ELDON Weskan Sophomore Third Row AIKENS, KATHRYN ANNETTE Alma Sophomore ALLEN, CAROL IEAN Marion Junior ALLISON, DAVID EDWARD, IR. Augusta Sophomore Fourth Row ALLISON, PATRICIA CAROL Augusta Freshman ALUMBAUGH, MARCIA YVONNE Topeka Freshman AMSRUD, PATRICIA GAYLE Kansas City Iunior Fifth Row ANDERSON, ARLINE ANN Emporia Sophomore ANDERSON. FRANCIS GLEN Emporia Iunior ANDERSON, IAMES EDWARD Burlington Sophomore Sixth Row ANDERSON, IOHN HUGHES Kansas City Sophomore ANSTROM, CYNTHIA LEE Osage City Freshman ARMBRUST, RONALD GENE Abilene Freshman Seventh Row ARY, NOEL GENE Lewis Iunior ASHLEY, SHERMAN, IR. Quincy Sophomore AUERBACH, NEIL LEWIS Valley Stream, N. Y. Freshman Bottom Row BAHNIVIAIER, IOHN KEITH Lawrence Iunior BAILEY, DONALD CLARK Lebo Iunior BAILEY, LEROY Sabetha Freshman 8 l Top Row BAKER. DARLENE Iunior BALCH, GARY EUGENE Iunior BALCH, PRISCILLA ANN Iunior Second Row BALES, LEO DON Iunior BALL, IUDITH IOAN Freshman BARNARD, CAROL IEAN Freshman Third Row BARNES, DONNA LA VON Sophomore BARNES, DUANE ERROL Freshman BARNES, W. D. Sophomore Fourth Row BARNETT, FRANKLIN IOHN Junior BARNHISEL, DARWIN DALE Freshman BARR, ELMA IULIA Sophomore Fifth Row BARR, FRED LOREN, IR, Sophomore BASS. CARLITA K. Sophomore BATES, LOREN EUGENE Sophomore Sixth Row BAUGHMAN, IUDY KAY Freshman BAXTER, KAREN LEE Freshman BAYSINGER, BILLY LYNN Freshman Seventh Row BAYSINGER, DALE VERNON Junior BEACH, LONNIE PAUL Iunior BEAGLEY, MELVIN LYNN Iunior Bottom Row BEARD, IAMES DAVID Sophomore BECK, VICKEY MAI Iunior BECKER, KAREN MAURINE Sophomore Hamilton Wichita Emporia Densmor Atchison Madison Mullinville Mullinville Osawatomie Winfield Ottawa Larned Emporia Marion Macksville Derby Russell Lamont Lamont Emporia Stafford Waverly Leavenworth Arkansas City , k A MSA K , I ll' .. , .. I vlll L Sf, -4 5' . S 1 A B' W- . ,V S . I " QW' f W ,Q ttsaf' I X 1 . A K ,,,L, i E1' i M '-f K A 'IF rr., .r- 1 B jx Zh yigls 6 1 I fp I ,K ,X ,Q ,. - QR' ,M + ttt I ff-1 M I , ,,,' ' ALA .5 .Q xx: in ,4 L ., lt . I 'F qc: ' N J ft., . N ', bi I Xb lin L 'ss 'W xr ,"" I .., ,PW et' F fr 252- 51 ' X X . S A A 1 O Ni 'I A X I I ff' -, S. L ff 5 6, x i hitch .'.' - " -5 I 555' , I -.we wc:-f -z y ky W .ct i Z ' V A 3 -Q7 71 3 3 at I Q: I .,,A Q Z xii I n 43 I X , ,ug .i.,, , , W, yy Top Row BECKER, LARRY LEWIS Emporia Iunior BECKER, MARGARET ANN Emporia Sophomore BECKER, VIRGINIA LEE Independence, Mo. Freshman Second Row BEINEKE, IANET SUE Nickerson Freshman BELFIELD, KAY FRANCES Emporia Sophomore BELL, CLYDE KENNETH Kansas City Iunior Third Row BELL, Z. MARILYN El Dorado Iunior BEMIS, BARBARA LEA Waverly Freshman BENNETT, ANNE MARIE Bethel Sophomore Fourth Row BENTZ, GEORGE WESLEY Peabody Freshman BERAN, LEON THOMAS Clallin Iunior BERGEN, DOLORES ANN Newton Freshman Fifth Row BERGSTEN, LGVERNA ANN Barnes Freshman BERRY, GLEN ALBERT Virgil Freshman BERTHOT, KAY CAIVIILLE Overland Park Iunior Sixth Row BICHET, BETTE ANN Florence Freshman BICKEL, ARDIS ARDELL Topeka Freshman BICKNELL, DONNA LEE Kansas City Sophomore Seventh Row BINDER, ELIZABETH ANN Waterville Freshman BLEIDISSEL. RONALD I. Topeka Sophomore BLUE, DONNA KAY Wellington Freshman Bottom Row BOBEK, CARLOTTA IOY Caldwell Junior BOLINE, V. IANICE lunction City Iunior BOLTON, BEVERLY ANN Maize Sophomore Top Row BOLTON, MELVIN GENE Iunior BOLTON, WILLIAM GARY Iunior BOND, LINDA BETH Sophomore Second Row BONDURANT, N. LOUISE Freshman BONEWITZ, NORMA IEAN Sophomore BORGNA, MAC BRYAN Freshman Third Row BOUCEK, MARCINA MARIE Iunior BOWEN, MARY LOU Sophomore BOWEN, RONALD S. Iunior Fourth Row BOWSER, LARRY LEE Freshman BOYER, CARL IOHN Iunior BOYLE, SHARON RAE Freshman Fifth Row BRADFORD, IERRY VERNER Iunior BRANT, CAROL IANE Freshman BREWER, KAREN LYNN Freshman Sixth Row BRICKELL, RICHARD LYNN Sophomore BRIGGS, HELEN IANICE Freshman BRIGGS, RUTH MARIE Freshman Seventh Row BRINKMAN, BARBARA ANN Sophomore BRITTAIN. IIMMIE IOE Sophomore BROERS, IEANETTE LUCILLE Iunior Bottom Row BROOKS, NANCY ANNE Iunior BROWN, IEROME FRANK Iunior BROWN, IUDITH KAY Freshman Maize Council Grove Clements Great Bend Wichita Richmond Ottawa Emporia Emporia Emporia E1 Dorado Great Bend Stigler, Okla. Lucus Wichita Emporia Reading Topeka Olpe Sedan Eudora Hawaii Emporia Kansas City L 37 if fry 'I' ar We OW, fr: f so "'4r:"' 'lb' P Q , X f Meg. Q K' ii,- ,gt I 4. A K. iw'--v V a x A4 ,K 1 I sw, , I' I pg. C M I -,, M Q, I 'P W, , ,fb , 4 M ,., ' 8 no 'A 'we 4 F' ' - ,xt f .K A , be ,J-v-. . ...J 436 V Q' Y li A Gr in X 55 fx fwyx S K. S.: li Mnx ,R ,M s 2 3' I B SM Fw? ' ' it . IL W .4 ' f lillli fl , ' I -,f- I '3 ' ,X if 5 KW S if I E Q ? I 1 Q E, tt , V 3 54' ,Q . '- Q' Top Row BROWN, PHYLLIS DONNA Sophomore BROWN, RICE E. Sophomore BROWN, STANLEY D. Sophomore Second Row BROWNING, PAULINE RUTH Sophomore BRUNE, MARY LOU Freshman BUCK, IANICE IEAN Freshman Third Row BUFFON, MARY IO Freshman BULKLEY, MARGORIE ALICE Sophomore BULMER, LEE M. Sophomore Fourth Row BURCH, BARBARA RUTH Freshman BURCHFIELD, DELIA MARIE Freshman BURNS. ELSIE IANE Freshman Fifth Row BURNS, ROBERT W. Junior BURNS, WILLIAM DUANE Freshman BURRESS, ANNA LEE Freshman Sixth Row BUTLER, IUDITH ANN Sophomore BUTLER, ROBERT EDWARD Freshman BYERS, LILA FRANCES Freshman Seventh Row CABLE, ROBERT RAY Iunior CAIN, THOMAS RUSSELL Iunior CAMP, ROWAN EDWARD Freshman Bottom Row CAMPBELL, GERALD VAN Sophomore CARLSON, GARY NOBLE Iunior CARMICHAEL, SANDRA ELAINE Iunior Wichita Emporia Mulvane Emporia Bethel Kansas City Emporia Wichita Michigan Valley Emporia McGrew, Neb. Harper Leavenworth Delavan Augusta Kansas City Belleville Great Bend Cherryvale Emporia Natoma Wichita McPherson Dodge City Top Row CARPENTER, BETTY IO Sophomore CARPENTER, INA IANE Freshman CARSON, CAROL ANN Sophomore Second Row CASEBEER, KELVIN DWIGHT Sophomore CASSEL, MARGIE RAY Freshman CASSIDY, IANICE SUE Iunior Third Row CAUBLE, IALAYNE Freshman CERRE, VIVIAN GERALDINE Freshman CHALKER, HAROLD DEAN Freshman Fourth Row CHAMBERLAIN, LARRY LEE Sophomore CHAPUT, GARRY LEE Sophomore CHINN, DAVID LAWRENCE Freshman Fifth Row CHOICE, DONNA LOU Freshman CHOICE, SALLY SUE Iunior CHRISTENSEN. GERALD Senior Sixth Row CHRISTIANSEN, NANCY SUE Freshman CHUMLEY, IIM Sophomore CLARK, IANE MARIE Freshman Seventh Row CLARK, LARRY GLEN Freshman CLARK, ROBERT DAVID Sophomore CLARK, ROBERT FORREST Freshman Bottom Row CLASON. ARYL BENTON Freshman CLINE. ROGER ALAN Freshman COLLINS. I. DENTON Freshman Humboldt Great Bend Mullinville Hugoton Latham Nickerson Mount Hope Atchison Herington Oxford Concordia Iunction City Leavenworth Leavenworth Kew Gardens, N. Y. Kansas City Ellinwood Strong City Conway Springs Conway Springs Formoso Burlington Kansas City Sun City ,S .- A X . ft QF' " "Qd 'K 1 , Lrib A I . , fe 2.5 " ' ,, A i :VI I. er wg t . , '- ,m y ,DVKI I , - V-: : - , . 'Ai ,rki fi' -K A G ' 1 J' Jw, Qi ,,r..rf it .,e . 1 C 'E 'Q 5 . , ,Q ' 6 sr! I! it I sl 5 ? 'f K 'lb I A 'I L Q Q 'W v ilk 4 , Qfg A x 5 4 .. 'S fx I J X fin V- -M, T- as 1 r A . Q -v 0+ 3 "' is-f it A Q N" A 'ibm rw... bg ,M Y GL. I-ri., , - if , . fi f,, M: K I Jinx :wk ... X Top Row COLTHARP, IAMES HENRY Iunior COLVIN, IESSIE IOAN Iunior CONLEY, ELSIE DALE Freshman Second Row CONYERS, KAREN IOYCE Iunior CONYERS, MARY LOU Freshman COOK, MARY DARLENE Sophomore Third Row COOPER, BARBARA ANN Sophomore COOPER, RICHARD LEE Iunior COOTS, MILDRED LOUISE Freshman Fourth Row CORCORAN, RITA M. Freshman CORDON, ELEANOR NADINE Sophomore CORN, LARRY L, Sophomore Fifth Row CORNELIUS, KITTY KAREN Freshman COULTER, DELBERTA FAYE Iunior COULTER, GARY LYNN Freshman Sixth Row COUNTS, KEITH WILLIAM Sophomore COWAN, RONALD PRICE Sophomore COWEN, IENELLE IRENE Iunior Seventh Row COX, GERALD BRUCE Freshman COYNE, PENNY ANNE Freshman CRAIG, ADA RUTH Sophomore Bottom Row CRAM, STUART PROUD Freshman CRAMER, DELORES LOUISE Freshman CRANE, GARY RALPH Freshman Emporia Eureka Olathe Marion Marion Burton Cheney Hutchinson Horton Onaga Wetmore Cherryvale Madison Geuda Springs Geuda Springs Madison Osage City Iunction City Augusta Wichita Eureka Emporia Emporia Severy Top Row CRAWFORD, IVA SUE Freshman CRAWFORD, SAMUEL IESSE Sophomore CRISS, IANICE LAVON Freshman Second Row CROSS, RONALD FRANKLIN Iunior CULBERTSON. IAMES MAX Iunior CUNDITH, RICHARD EARL Iunior Third Row CUNDITH, RUTH ELIZABETH Sophomore CUNNINGHAM, LINDA MAE Junior CURTIS, SUSAN MARIE Sophomore Fourth Row CURZYOLO, ROLAND Freshman DAMMANN, IOYCE ANNE Freshman DARBY, LINDA LEE Sophomore Fifth Row DARNALL, CLAYTON BUD Iunior DAVIDSON, DONNA IEAN Freshman DAVIES, IOHN C. Junior Sixth Row DAVIS, BILL DAVID Iunior DAVIS, DONNA RAE Iunior DAVIS, GARY LEE lunior Seventh Row DAVIS, NANCY ANNE Sophomore DAVIS, PATRICIA LEE Freshman DAWSON, CURT LOUIS Freshman Bottom Row DAY, ROBERT LYNN Sophomore DeBERRY, IANE ANN Iunior DECKER, KAROLYN ORLENA Freshman Elmdale Kansas City Los Alamos, N. M. Hutchinson Fredonia Sterling Sterling Kansas City Stafford Argonia Kansas City Emporia Sterling Oak Hill Emporia Iunction City Emporia Kinsley Topeka Harper Russell lunction City Fort Scott Williamsburg ' wt l E kv .f NW r as-nr 'Q 'I 181' Aix 'G' 1 Q. . PQ ' Q Fi' I fa? ,Q t, . .. A kibswht I Q I mtl I af " , 'F' K :, ., I f I i ,,r, y A, I - H, L , WX X I , f P eff.: C E r rh - p 4 ? I f LA 'tr 1 . X4 ' -sy n - if .. "lei, th y ' T 'gi 1' iii ag rr, . - sl X 9 -f- I I la . I I 3 Top Row DeHAAN, SHARON LEE Freshman DEHLER, DONNEL DELAYN Freshman DeKEYSER, NANCY LOU Freshman Second Row De1FORGE, MILDRED Sophomore DELLINGER, DEAN EDWARD Sophomore DENNING, MARY MARGARET Sophomore Third Row DENTON, LORRAINE ELIZABETH Iunior DEPENBUSCH, FRANCIS LEE Sophomore DEROWITSCH, PATRICIA ANN Sophomore Fourth Row DETTMER, MARY LOU Iunior DEWEY, VICTOR OWEN Sophomore DICKINSON, IOHN ALFRED Freshman Fifth Row DILLER, IUDITH MAXINE Freshman DINGWALL, W. RUTH Freshman DIRREEN, FREDERICK WILLIAM Freshman Sixth Row DLOUHY, IOSEPI-I FELIX Sophomore DOBROVOLNY, FRANCIS IOSEPH Sophomore DOCHOW, IERRY DEAN Sophomore Seventh Row DODD, DONNA MARTHA Freshman DODD, DOTTIE ANN Freshman DODDS, GWENDOLYN ANN Sophomore Bottom Row DODGE, IUDITH ANN Freshman DONNELL, IO ALLENE Freshman DORREL, PATRICIA DIANE Freshman Great Bend Emporia Deerfield Emporia Bucyrus Emporia Elk City Zenda Belleville Emporia Gridley Emporia Belleville Newton Olmitz Holyrood Waterville Concordia Carter, Okla. Eureka Onaga Greensburg Chase Emporia Top Row DOWNING. IACK THOMAS Sophomore DOWNING, KAREN RAE Freshman DRINKWATER, MYRON DALE Sophomore Second Row DRYDEN, IOYCE YVONNE Iunior DRYDEN, SHIRLEY ANNE Sophomore DuBOIS, PATRICIA ANN Freshman Third Row DUFFORD, MARILYN IEANNE Iunior DUKE, WILLIAM ROBERT Freshman DUNCAN, BETTY IOANN Sophomore Fourth Row DURAN, ROBERT DANIEL Freshman DUVANEL, FRANK DALE Iunior DYER. PHYLLIS IO Freshman Fifth Row EARNEST, NANCY ANN Freshman EATON, KENNETH LEW Sophomore ECKERT, DONALD DEAN Freshman Sixth Row EDMUNDSON, NANCY IANE Freshman EDSON, DEAN BURTON Freshman EDWARDS. IACK K. Iunior Seventh Row EDWARDS, WILLIAM S. Freshman EI-ILERS, LORETTA MAE Freshman EICKHOFF, ROGER CAMBLIN Junior Bottom Row EIKER, LARRY EUGENE Sophomore EKLUND, DAVID RAY Sophomore EMERSON, MARIE PEARL Freshman Eureka Deerfield Centralia Topeka Emporia Halstead Minneola Newton Osawatomie Manter Benton Chapman Wichita Fowler Great Bend Fredonia Topeka Hutchinson Irving Caldwell Peru, Neb. Liberty, Mo. Scranton Liberal K S .. if ' W I 'Hwy 1. 3 A, , .Q V ,gy 'KI L ,b" ' KI ' .- it A su . I ,-,' i ka i ' R' , .," ir . as La' "' sp X H , re -T' M ., L A' Vx .I .L 55 "M or ? as QR i X 'K Q :""". X X Q pg I IN .Q my .5 Sf, ,... mir s D , an -- if 1 7 2 P 'F F I fd . ,N 5 - H 9 ds.. 1 if 'Q' S: in 'it E is 3' it 'US' h5x " K G., y in fx J? I Sf R it MW al w if A I the if ' fi 4 "Wt Top Row ENGLAND, PHIL DENNIS St. lohn Sophomore ENOS, KATHRYN VIRGINIA St. Marys Sophomore ERDTMANN, MIRIAM ANN Great Bend Freshman Second Row ERICKSON, M. LOUISE Olathe Sophomore ERICKSON, NAOMI IEANNE Mission I Freshman EUSTACE, LORA ELIZABETH Wakefield Freshman Third Row EVANS, ELIZABETH IANE Rulo, Neh. Iunior EWY, MARVIN ROY Emporia Iunior FACKLAM, GERALD ROY Emporia Iunior Fourth Row FALEN, SARA IANE Lost Springs Freshman FANKHAUSER, SHIRLEY ANN Madison Sophomore FARNSWORTH, DAVID LEE McPherson Iunior Fifth Row FARROW, KATHRYN IEANNE Waverly Iunior FAUCHIER, HAROLD DEE Emporia Freshman FAUSETT, IACKIE KAY Hazelton Freshman Sixth Row FELTNER, RAYMOND LAWRENCE Burlington Sophomore FENTON, IUDY LEE Osborne I Freshman FERGUSON. BERGESS ALDEN Westmoreland Sophomore Seventh Row FERRELL, IEANETTE ELIZABETH Topeka Sophomore FIESER, CAROLINE FERN Norwich Freshman FILLMORE, DARREL Emporia Freshman Bottom Row FINCKEN, THOMAS GEORGE New Hyde Park, N. Y. Freshman FISCHER, GERALD ROBERT Freshman FISHER, CARMEN KAY Freshman Emporia Peabody Top Row FISHER, GARY MAX Iunior FLAIR, IANICE LOUISE Sophomore FLEMING, ELFREDA MAY Sophomore Second Row FLEMING, HARRIETT FAYE Sophomore FLOOK, IOHN LESLIE Iunior FOELGNER, CONSTANCE THAN Sophomore Third Row FORD, DOROTHY CONSTANCE I unior FOSTER. CAROLE ELAINE I unior FREDERICK. MARY KATHRYN Sophomore Fourth Row FRENCH, FRED K. Iunior FRIESEN, LEONARD DALE Freshman FUIII. DONALD TSUGIO Sophomore Filth Row GAEDDERT, MARGARET ANN Freshman GANGEL, MARY AGNES Sophomore GARDNER, MARY MARGARET Freshman Sixth Row GARRISON, ROSALIE Freshman GENTRY, NORMAN N. Freshman GERLEMAN, GERALD ALFRED Sophomore Seventh Row GIFFIN, BARBARA IANE Iunior GIFFORD, BARBARA DEAN Sophomore GIFFORD, WYNONA IEAN Iunior Bottom Row GILL. IOYCE ELAINE Sophomore GILLASPIE, IO ANN Iunior GINDER, BEVERLY B. Sophomore Emporia Montezuma Council Grove Minneapolis Olathe Medicine Lodge Osage City Wichita Emporia Emporia Inman Hawaii Halstead Louisburg Emporia Lewis Rantoul Olpe Hutchinson Emporia Emporia Durham Council Grove Stafford vi' ,. Q' 1 in L it ,, KW In J ia- S JL , . Xa y 5 ogy! 5' 'E : if K G R ' if if 5 N. '-EW, X X. ls I Y K I ,I 'rfr 1 A :-,..v: df If , 'Gif' Yjp? 2 6 K. 5 2, A , an My 462744 . 5 at 'WI s h? -, F G it Y fi 'P as F 6, W 34 he ., 5 hx' F o f 've' we ,Xi ' Sf'-55, A Vp E ft -my .. fi .A if rl Top Row GISH, GLEN LeROY Harper Freshman GLADDEN, IIMMIE LYLE Nickerson Iunior GLOVER, JOHN GAIL Emporia Freshman Second Row GOLDEN, LARRY STEPHEN Council Grove Freshman GOODWIN, CAROLYN SUE Great Bend Freshman GOSS, REED GENE Ottawa Sophomore Third Row GOSS, SALLY CLARE Ottawa Iunior GOSSER, ROSETTA Emporia Sophomore GRABER, GERALDINE Pretty Prairie Sophomore Fourth Row GRAY, IEAN LYNN Newton Freshman GRECO, ROSE MARY Topeka Freshman GREEN, IACKYE MARIE Iunction City Iunior Fifth Row GREEN, THOMAS GERALD Burlington Sophomore GRETHER, WALTER STONE Merriam Freshman GRIESHABER, RAYMOND WAITE St. Marys Sophomore Sixth Row GRIEST, LEILA LOUISE Cottonwood Falls Freshman GRIFFITH, DONALD IAMES Seneca Sophomore GRIFFITH, ROBERT RAYMOND Lewis Freshman Seventh Row GRIFFITH, SUE Mission Iunior GRINLINTON, KAROLYN MARIE Atchison Freshman GRIZZELL, KAREN VIRGINIA Claflin Iunior Bottom Row GROF F, RONALD RAY Olivet Sophomore GROOTHUIS, BARBARA LEE Greenleaf Sophomore GROSSARDT, IVONNE SUE Clailin Freshman Top Row GULLEDGE, ANITA KAY Sophomore GUZMAN, AMPARO Freshman HAEKER, HARVEY HAROLD Freshman Second Row HALBERT, MARY HELEN Freshman HALL, RICHARD FULTON Sophomore HALLAUER, VIRGIL IOHN Freshman Third Row HAM, EVELYN EMMA Iunior HAMILTON, PHYLLIS LORRAINE Sophomore HAMMAN, HARLAN MARION Sophomore Fourth Row HAMMER, GAEL WARREN Freshman HAMMERS, BETTY IO Freshman HANSEN, I. CARLENE Iunior Fifth Row HANSON, DENNIS WAYNE Junior HAPP. A. HOWARD Sophomore HAROLD, ELLIS NORMAN Sophomore Sixth Row HARPER, IANE KAY Freshman HARRIS, CAROLE LYNNE Sophomore HARRIS, ELIZABETH ANN Freshman Seventh Row HARRIS, IOHN DAVID Iunior HARRIS. IULIE ANN Freshman HARRIS, LILA LEONA Freshman Bottom Row HARRISON, EUGENE OLIVER Sophomore HARRISON, IUANITA RUTH Freshman HARRISON, SANDRA MARIE Freshman Wellington Colombia, S. A. Council Grove Merriam Russell Horton Topeka Cheney Emporia Burden Clearwater Peabody McPherson Palmer Hoxie Wichita Emporia Wellsvillu Emporia Virgil Liberal Delavan Raymond Sterling sap 3 Q Q t .3-A like G- Q' in Q95- 4 ,- 'Fi as An in V451 ,X if , 'Kr ft N, R 'Q 1 IP 4, ,N A I I , , in 5 , if me is I "'I "' TE ,L , ir . sa, ,L I - 4 X ff 3, , .. My 5 as 4- -xt I G 1, -ff v xx ' I ! K J K' ei- ll I Q 1: "'9hv'f' 35 3 X f X 5 S "' rm, I . EQFN' F -6: , . ' It A. , K ' ' fuk' 9,315 - 42,1 if , I W W 5 L f if ,L in I A , , rr if "- ' I ifif' 5' wk Q i I Top Row HARROD, LAUREN WESLEY Iunior HARTER, DONNA MAE Freshman HASSLER, CARL SAMUEL Sophomore Second Row HAVERCROFT, LOLA MARIE Freshman HAVERSTOCK, VERA KAY Sophomore HAYES, GEORGE JOHN Sophomore Third Row HAYES, IAMES LEE Iunior HAYNES, SANDY LOUISE Freshman HAYWOOD, GERALD ROBERT Freshman Fourth Row HEABERLIN, DAVID FRANKLIN Sophomore HEABERLIN, HAROLD LEE Freshman HEANEY, ROBERT ANTHONY Sophomore Fifth Row HEDRICKS, ELMER EUGENE Iunior HEIDE, ARNOLD EDWARD Sophomore HEIDEL. VIVIAN LOUISE Iunior Sixth Row HEMMINGWAY, GARY LLOYD Freshman HENKLE, LINDA IEAN Freshman HENLEY, THOMAS CARL Freshman Seventh Row HENNINGSON, MYRNA LEAH Iunior HENRY, CARL NOEL -Sophomore HERDT. ROBERT E. Sophomore Bottom Row HERMRECK, ARLO Freshman HETRICK, SANDRA KAY Sophomore HIEBERT, RONALD GEORGE Iunior Yates Center Bern Chapman Partridge Wellington Bethpage, N. Y. Hutchinson Great Bend Fowler Iunction City Junction City Hempstead, N. Y. Peabody Wakeeney Emporia Dodge City Welda Spring Hill Laurel, Neb. Michigan Valley Hillsboro Richmond Pratt Marion Top Row HIGGINS, IAMES FLOYD Freshman HIGHTOWER, NANCY SUE Freshman HILDEBRAND, WILLIAM GLENN Freshman Second Row HILL, MARY ELIZABETH Freshman HIND, LINDA LIANE Freshman HISS, PATRICIA ANN Iunior Third Row HOBROCK, BRICE GORDON Iunior HOCKETT, BETTE Iunior HOFFER, KAY MARIE Freshman Fourth Row HOFFINE, PARTICIA ANN Iunior HOFFMAN, LARRY VAUGH Sophomore HOFFMAN, LaVERN CHARLES I unior Fifth Row HOGLUND, IOAN LEE Freshman HOLDSWORTH, IANICE FEROL Iunior HOLLAWAY, MARCIA RENE Freshman Sixth Row HOLLORAN, CHARLES GUY Sophomore HOLM. DORIS IEAN Freshman HOLMAN, MARCIA ELLEN Freshman Seventh Row HOLT, LILLIAN GERALDINE Freshman HOMEWOOD, IIMMY DEAN Freshman HOMEWOOD, RICHARD L. Iunior Bottom Row HOOD, R. DIANE Freshman HOPLINS, ELVY RAYMOND Sophomore HOSIER, IAMES LEO Sophomore Leavenworth Bern Burlington Liberal Hartford Great Bend Natoma Goddard Iewell Linwood DuBois, Neb. Marion Park Forest, Ill. Abilene Great Bend Garnett White City Leavenworth Abilene Emporia Madison Montezuma Emporia Atchison ,, 2 . I if ' . J 5. , .,I fs-.L if I I 2 xx V 4 il , ,sf , I w gl 'I Q11 I I n Ai if if if-i-Q ' I 1 me R tiist x I ' 1 . me I L l I ,X E 1 .J -fa ' I T2 ZX 4 l 2 4 3 H4390 W ew hx ii X3 4 a iv ,w x. C .4 r 5 5 LXR' is A wg. t ..vK,? I x "" Q if RN-Vx , f 8 '- ,L Y- '. nz? C fx I It 2.. .N UE 1, 1 'E' if I L'-fe , i l .vlvv z I S' - I I, I t f L .f 'sf 1 "' AV.-, , I ' . m .. Top Row HOUSE. PAGE MERRILL Iunior HOVORKA, IOSEPH IEROME Freshman HOWARD, CECIL R. Iunior Second Row HOWELL, RITA IOAN Freshman HUDDLESTUN, IRA GEORGE Freshman HUDSON, ELIZABETH LOUISE Iunior Third Row HUDSON, LOIS ANN Iunior HUGGINS, IURA IOANNE Sophomore HUMISTON, ROBERT DALE Iunior Fourth Row HUMMERT, CHARLES IVAN Iunior HUNTER, EDITH ANN Junior HUNTER, GERALD LEE Iunior Fifth Row HUNTER, LARRY O. Iunior HUSTON, LINDA COLLEEN Freshman HUSTON, PAUL EDWARD Sophomore Sixth Row IHDE, GARY LEE Iunior IOERGER, KAREN SUE Freshman IRELAND, WILLIAM ALBERT Sophomore Seventh Row IRWIN, SCOTT Freshman IVEY, PAULA IEAN Sophomore IACKSON, ALBERTA MARIE Sophomore Bottom Row JAMESON, CHERYL IEAN Iunior IANTZ, DARLA IEANETTE Freshman IAVIER, ELBA ELIDA Freshman Cleorw ater Emporia Mulvane Haven Melvern Kanopolis Kanopolis Wichita Kansas City Topeka Iewell Parsons Parsons Eureka Emporia Emporia Harper Holton Copeland Ottawa Eureka Iunction City Durham Guatemala, C. A. Top Row JOHNS, GERALDINE Sophomore JOHNSON, BARBARA LOU Junior JOHNSON, CAROLYN JEAN Sophomore Second Row JOHNSON, JAMES A. Junior JOHNSON, JACQUELIN Freshman JOHNSON, LARRY MAX Freshman Third Row JOHNSON, LORETTA MAE Freshman JOHNSON, ROY VERNON Sophomore JOHNSTON, RHONDA MARIE Sophomore Fourth Row JONES, BARBARA GAIL Sophomore JONES, DAVID ALAN Freshman JONES, DELORES ANN Junior Fifth Row JONES, GEORGE WILLIAM Sophomore JONES, KAY DOYLE Junior JONES, MARY LOU Sophomore Sixth Row KAINE, HELEN MARIE Freshman KAISER, HAROLD LEE Freshman KCIKOGAWA, ROBERT MASARU ' Sophomore Seventh Row KARSTEN, SHIRLEY MAE Junior KASHIWAI, CLARENCE YOSHIO Junior KASSON, EARLE LAMAR Freshman Bottom Row KEIRNS, LARRY LeROY Sophomore KELLER, CLAYTON WEYANT Freshman KELLEY, GEORGIA LEE Junior Elmdale Cunningham Arkansas Emporia Emporia Arqonio Madison Osawatomie Emporia Topeka Emporia Leavenworth Emporia Emporia Reading Wamego McPherson Miami, Fla. Hamlin Hawaii Lawrence Cummings Winfield Leoti as ,Q 1 4.8 ' wm"f5fg5,.2 '. in 4: 4- we s I K ,. E b' I J .fi T vs' , X I 1 Q ,,, E M s i J G. H if?- sb-X ,ff :Eff 5 K GL J - f I ,fs - ' 3 ..,: I L . yy Q, '. -R , 4 " I - . 1-up mt, 'R 1 gi XV -L N.: I 'F-I x -5, P I , Q6-Q 'X ,I jp .-, -K , . A f- 1 . ' N x Z ef lx 1 fi qw Ulf A T W H Q I r lu 3 G' is y I J Q' f Q' f' ., , , 7 I , ll lm 2 W if K, 45 5,1 E, Y 'W' 5 x If as ",v. GIF 'QQ 2-.i "AA-' -. I Af Top Row KELLEY, PATRICIA LOUISE Freshman KELLY, ARDETH ARLENE Junior KELLY. EVERETT Sophomore Second Row KELLY, IACK L. Iunior KEMMERER, PAUL ANTON Iunior KENNEDY, BEVERLY ANN Freshman Third Row KING, ROSALIE Sophomore KING, SARA ANN Freshman KINGSBURY, PHYLLIS IEAN Sophomore Fourth Row KINNAMON, ADA IONELLE Sophomore KIRK, ALLEN GREGG Freshman KIRKMAN, MARGARET RACHEL Sophomore Fifth Row KIRKPATRICK, IUDY ANN Sophomore KISHIMOTO, FRANCES SUMIE Sophomore KISNER, BETTY Sophomore Sixth Row KLINE, HARRY ROBERT Iunior KLINE, NANCY LEE Sophomore KNIER, VONDA LEE Freshman Seventh Row KNOCHE, ELEANOR GERTRUDE Freshman KNOUFT, SHIRLEY ANN Iunior KOFETICH, BEVERLY IEAN Freshman Bottom Row KOEGEBOEHN, CLARENDENE Junior KONARIK, ALFRED D. Sophomore KOPPES, GREGORY IOSEPH Freshman Merriam Lincoln Hartford Emporia Humboldt Chase Ulysses Lyons Abilene Dodge City Emporia Russell Nickerson Hawaii Plains Marion Elmdale I-Iugoton Spring Hill Holton Manchester Elmdale Marion Waterville Top Row KUBOYAMA, ARLENE C. Hawaii Freshman LABOGEN, ROSITA Hawaii Junior LACEY, LOUIS ROBERT Caldwell Sophomore Second Row LACKEY, MARY ELLEN Peabody Sophomore LACOCK, CLINTON D. St. Marys Iunior LADY, RUTH ANNA Abilene Iunior Third Row LAMBERT, E. GALEN Cedar Point Freshman LANDIS, MARY ALICE Kiowa Iunior LANGE, EVELYN MARIE Cummings Sophomore Fourth Row LANGLEY, IOHN PHILLIP Augusta Sophomore LANTZ, BETTY LEE Chapman Freshman LARCADE, DeANNE MARIE Independence, Mo, Freshman Fifth Row LARSEN, ESTHER MARIE Emporia Freshman LARSON, DELBERT MARTIN Topeka Iunior LATIMER, BEVERLY IOAN Fort Scott Sophomore Sixth Row LAUBHAN, LaVERN EDWIN Durham Sophomore LAUBY, IANET LEANN Kingman Freshman LAUER, ILA MARIE Abilene Freshman Seventh Row LAUGHLIN, RUBY IO Wichita Freshman LAWRENCE, KATHRYN ALICE Williamstown Sophomore LEE, DAVID WAINWRIGHT lunction City Freshman Bottom Row LEE, TI-IANA ANN Eureka Freshman LEEPER, IOYCE YVONNE Holton Freshman LEHMAN, CARL WILLIAM Carlton Iunior S in W IV! .ff ,Q f Lx -,sf 'il -va ' Z' .V w , y ,rf D I rx ... Qi!! K ., .- Xe' .wr- y if ,Ht W' Qt ,. W we Q, .. I Q' 7 et., at Ni 6- 1 f ,, E, I ,yz if as 3, All I My gr .. ri. Wm, , fair if 'S , L ,, I y at x L, h , as , wi I t I y y .eg 7 6 2 -gf' .6-Ts ,Y .wi is ll ,. 'i ti" y mq E ys, y i it 5- W ' ff 'ff 1 S 'er vs f 'Q . 'i y J 4 -w K H dx. dx I b A J wi AA I C: '.'!n-hzpxf , A '23, A kg 1, ' W M i A :fig ,O 'A . , is f'1r'In fy-33 W xv' -T Rini Top Row LEIS. IOHN F. Sophomore LEISS, GARRY V. Freshman LENNINGER, RO SEMARY Freshman Second Row LENZ, MARY RUTH Sophomore LESSER, SHARLYN ANN Iunior LINCOLN, IOHN MAIGR Sophomore Third How LIND, DERALD ARVIN Iunior LINDQUIST, KAY ANN Sophomore LINDT, IOYETTA ANNE Freshman Fourth Row LIVINGSTON, NANCY ERLENE Freshman LOCKHART, CAROLYN A Sophomore LOCKHART, MELBA Sophomore Fifth Row LOCKWOOD, ANITA KAY Freshman LOHRENGEL, DONALD RAY Sophomore LONG, LOREN GLEN Iunior Sixth Row LONG, VIVIAN ANN Iunior LOOMIS, CARLA IEANNE Iunior LUDING, IOHN F. Iunior Seventh Row LYON, DORIS MAXINE Sophomore MCBRAYER, MARILYN Sophomore McBRIDE, E. KAY Freshman Bottom Row MCCALLUM, CAROLYN GAYLE Freshman MCCLAIN, MARGARET ANN Freshman MCCLOUD, JERRY F. Iunior Long Island, N. Y. Greensburg Olpe Leon Topeka Emporia Emporia Emporia Kingman Sterling Winfield Harveyville Baldwin City Kansas City Abilene Waverly Emporia Augusta Overbrook Kiowa Emporia Emporia Marion Emporia Top Row MCCORMICK, IACK I. Iunior MCCORMICK, RUTH Iunior MCCOURT, DOROTHY CATHERINE Freshman Second Row MCCURRY, IUDITH ANNE Freshman McDILL, ALMA IANETT Iunior MCDONALD, IOHN CAMERON Iunior Third Row MCECI-IRON, DIANNA MARIE Sophomore MCFADDEN, CARLENE IANETTE Freshman MCGILL, MICHAEL EDWARD Freshman Fourth Row MCGONAGLE, GERALD DEE Freshman MCKENZIE, ROBERT MEADE Sophomore MCKINNEY, LAWRENCE DUANE Sophomore Fifth Row MCMILLAN, BEVERLY SUE Freshman MCMILLIN, KERMIT WES Iunior MCMUNN, GRETA ANN Sophomore Sixth Row MADDEN, VINCENT IAMES Freshman MAEDA, KENNETH H. Iunior MAGOUIRK, SONDRA ANN Freshman Seventh Row MAHONEY, PHYLLIS MARIE Freshman MAKINO, ELEANOR KAZUKO Iunior MAMIGONIAN, POLLY ANNE Sophomore Bottom Row MANAHAN, STANLEY EUGENE Sophomore MANDA, ROGER NORMAN Sophomore MAPLES, GAYLORD Iurxior Emporia Emporia Atchison Eureka Emporia Detroit Pratt Stafford Sedan Syracuse Neal Wichita Great Bend Coldwater Emporia Glen Cove Hawaii Ulysses Lindsborg Hawaii Wichita Peabody Emporia Newton Pu iii im.. Q cr Zi Y A 1. Q s ,Q-rl H. if.. . s t Q 1 - in W Q t, I S QW xi ,..A s'I I fs' ,f 1 J 'A rn' V ici' , I' i an "I Rv, -e K Oxy " 1Z":Yk" 9, I V 2 9 'E Nt I I 'K Q r. Wir donkey , I -1 i 'T' Q A , is -git Q V - I " 'K . t A I 45, A A as , X. I D f'ii A so a , 5 Qu- it it Q 5 1- ,., an ,P . I M iq :iii . 270 5 an " jg 'ef , 'sr' X55 , . ' . ,. K1 , REF 1 I fi' ,N -'Si if. 'E ie' A. K , I I SZ? I A 'W ' A Z- in A QQ, wx ., E B. if ,, ' ,1' I ff gr: at W 2 it -v. ra I gl , X 'mv 'Ci It 3 X . , I. ., 'OABQ , ps 1 asf 'Nuff nk . 4 X Top Row MARCH, GAIL MARIE Iunior MARHENKE, DONALD D. Sophomore MARKHAM, ELINOR ANNE Sophomore Second Row MARSH, DONNA MARIE Iunior MARSHALL, DELBERT A. Iunior MARSTON, PATRICIA LOUISE Iunior Third Row MARTIN, IOHN WILLIAM Sophomore MARTIN, IUDITH ANN Iunior MARTIN, PATRICIA LOUISE Freshman Fourth Row MATHESON, DENNIS LEE Freshman MAUDERLY, MARY LOU Sophomore MAXSON, LOUETTA Freshman Fifth Row MAXWELL, CURTIS GEORGE Freshman MAYBERRY, DONALD GLENN Iunior MAYES, DONALD LEE Sophomore Sixth Row MEADOWS, CHARLES ARTHUR Sophomore MEARS, TERRY LOUISE Freshman MEDCALF, NANCY IEAN Freshman Seventh Row MEDLEY, DELMAR DUANE Freshman MEHL, BETTY IEAN Sophomore MEIER, IAY LYNN Freshman Bottom Row MELIA, ELNA ELAINE Sophomore MEREDITH, WILLIAM HAROLD Freshman MERRIFIELD, HAROLD EUGENE Freshman Kansas City Eureka Soldier Fowler Topeka Iunction City Minneapolis Sedan Princeton Emporia Strong City Elmwood Emporia Harper Emporia Sedan Leavenworth Hugoton Tampa Abilene Haven Bucklin Belle Plain Bunker Hill Top Row MERRIFIELD, IOHN STANLEY Iunior MESSENGER, CAROLYN L. Sophomore METZDORF, IAMES NELSON Freshman Second Row MEYER, ANITA MARIE Freshman MICK, STANLEY FRANCIS Freshman MILI-ION, RICHARD CHARLES Iunior Third Row MILLER, CONNIE MARDEE Iunior MILLER, DORIS IEAN Freshman MILLER, GENEVA M. Sophomore Fourth Row MILLER, HAROLD LISTER Iunior MILLER, PAULA LOU Iunior MILLER, SYLVIA MAE Freshman Fifth Row MILLS, SHARON RUTH Iunior MILNE, IAMES FRANKLIN Sophomore MISER, CAROL BETH Iunior Sixth Row MISER, LINDA IANE Freshman MOCK, PAULA SUE Freshman MODDELMOG, LYLE ALAN Freshman Seventh Row MOEBUS, KARIN ELIZABETH Freshman MOEGE, ALICE ROSE Freshman MOFFIT, GAIL LOUISE Iunior Bottom Row MOLES, IANET ESTRA Freshman MONNINGER, NORMA L. Iunior MOORE. ALVIN WAYNE Sophomore Bunker Hill Gypsum Emporia Overland Park Tipton Hutchinson Pratt Burdick Sylvia Elmdale Newton Atchison McPherson Sedgwick Strong City Cottonwood Falls Reece Palmer Emporia Reece DeSoto Humboldt Montezuma Emporia , f it ,, ? bf- s X Q N' 1' if h I Q 'XLJ vi e .. J' , I .-. . DV. E1 E il' 5. ' , lr If ' A as' , -G- SA A. ' ew I. , 5' ., ' zz X -hx I 1 1 SWL . '1 45? - ,. 'ze N " Us Vx 5.4 X l f 7 ftiiff X- I ,Y R ' I ., 755 . ' l 9: K g. , I r , if , is its .X in 1' K sa, my K ,W Q S J i' E 1 Q ,,-- v ain L ITF I E -.iii kg lqlm L I. ez I Y, ,,s, L new , ., F fa W ,ow ..,,.. "' A A2 , ,L Q str 7 Top Row MOORE, BARBARA IEAN Emporia Freshman MOORE, DAVID ALLEN Hiawatha Sophomore MOORE, DONALD EUGENE Emporia Iunior Second Row MOORE, PHYLLIS JEAN Council Grove Sophomore MOREY, DEANNA IEAN Shawnee Sophomore MORFITT, DAVID GENE Emporia Iunior Third Row MORGAN, IANE M. Hanover Freshman MORGAN, IANICE LEE Emporia Freshman MORRISON, ROBERTA IRENE Atchison Freshman Fourth Row MUCKENTHALER, IAMES F. St. Marys Sophomore MUCKENTHALER, WILLIAM IOSEPH St. Marys Freshman MULINEX, IERRY ALLEN Garnett Iunlor Fifth Row MUNSON, WILLIAM DONNELL Hutchinson Sophomore MURPHY, MARY EDITH Emporia Freshman MURRAY, JANET SUE Soldier Freshman Sixth Row MURRAY, PATRICIA IOAN Herington Sophomore MUSCHICK. IDA MARIE Pittsburgh, Pa. Freshman MUSTOE, NANCY LEA Peabody Freshman Seventh Row MYERS, G. EVAN Dodge city Iunior MYERS. KATHERINE ANNE Abilene Sophomore NAEGELE, RALPH CRIS Ellsworth Freshman Bottom Row NAFZIGER, KAREN IOYCE Farmington, N. M. Sophomore NAIRN, SANDRA IO Pawnee Rock Freshman NANCE, IANICE ANN Eilinwood Sophomore Top Row NEAVITT, BEVERLY ANN Freshman NEUMEYER, LUELLA ANN Sophomore NEVILLE, IOYCE CAROLYN Freshman Second Row NEWLIN, FORREST ARTHUR Sophomore NICHOLAS, LAURA MARLENE Freshman NICKEL, IDA IEAN Sophomore Third Row NICKEL, IUDY ANN Freshman NICKLAUS, DELORES ANN Sophomore NILSEN, IOHN THOMAS Freshman Fourth Row NISHIMURA, DEAN Sophomore NOLL, RICHARD GREGORY Sophomore NOMURA, FRANCIS S. Freshman Fifth Row NORMAN, DAVID LAWRENCE Sophomore NORWOOD, GERALD LEE Sophomore NOTESTINE, NEIL Freshman Sixth Row O'CONNOR, PATRICIA IOAN Iunior ODEN, ROBERT L. Sophomore O'DONNELL, GERALD FRANCIS Iunior Seventh Row OGDEN, DORIS IEAN Freshman OHM, KENNETH R. Iunior OLDHAM, MARTHA ANN Iunior Bottom Row OLSON. DONALD GARY Iunior OLSON. PATRICIA IOAN Sophomore OLSON, RON LEE Freshman Atchison Madison Wichita Wichita Coldwater White Water White Water Peabody Lawrence Hawaii Winchester Winchester Fowler Russell Pretty Prairie St. lohn Sterling Emporia Spokane, Wash. Emporia Emporia McPherson Leon Burlington QR ' I ' 0 as . 3 gl K "ia i. 18 p .an I iris in I I rw: Q if A 31 I . MGP if 'ies ' v7 ,I ff? UQ .. A 1' 5: I :sv I 7 4. R A - V. - Top Row R: T X .. A if V 3' V ONOYE, JEANNE K. Hawan , Q '.., 1 S f Freshman nf OSEURN, M. JANICE Topeka . Freshman l Q OSHIRO, BERT BEACH Hawaii Iunior V Q Second Row ,g A E 'W ' .E OT1s, LOREN Wnsey ?i, ', Iunior F VV OYLER, BEVERLY ALLEEN Norwich Freshman OYLER, IANET FAYE Norwich Freshman Third Row K OYLER, IANIS MARIE Norwich ai E Freshman if PAGE, NANCY ANN Wichita z Iunior . PALMER, ANN TRUSSELL Kendall Sophomore A I Fourth Row - , A . PANOS, GEORGE EDWARD De som H Iunior E, Hr ' PAOL1, ROBERT OWEN McPherson . .. ' Iunior -...J PARK, JOAN KAY Pasadena, Calif. Iunior Fifth Row Wg PARK, YOUNG WHAN Korea as Freshman PASCUA, ROSE Hawaii - ' Iunior A PATTON. DELORES ANN Walton Q Sophomore Sixth Row PATTON. SONDRA SUE Walton Freshman PEDIGO, RITA MAE Eureka ,L Sophomore 1 " PEES, CAROLEE ANN Madison 3 Freshman R... fx ' ' EV -1- V - Seventh Row ' A PERRY. LORNA LEE Waverly Y -:Y Sophomore 'Q , V 1, PFEIFFER, MARY ALICE Hamlin , , V ll 'R 56 1... Sophomore 1 . ff PHILLIPS, KAY FRANCES Wichita K My SF' , V' ' --', Freshman ,:. ' E N 23, , Bottom Row A V V PHILLIPS, MARIAN FRANCES Kansas City - ,W A - T' Freshman . .,.. . 1 , Q V .J PIOULELL, ARTHUR c. Bellmore, N. Y. . ,"', VV I It-lhibl' ' A t " V, V VV -it . f PIERCE, GREGORY L. Emporia V Iunior 3, f 5 . 274 Top Row PIERCE. IANICE DIANE Sophomore PINDER, CAROLYN K. Freshman PLATT, DIANNE IUDITH I unior Second Row PLATTNER, LENIS ANN Iunior POLSON, HOWARD L. Iunior POOL, DAVID VERLE Iunior Third Row POST, WILLIAM CARL Freshman POUNDS, CHARLES ROGER Iunior POWERS, NORMAN WALTER I unior Fourth Row PRATT, ETHEL ANN Sophomore PRATT, SHARON LEE Freshman PURCELL, IEANETTE MARIE Freshman Fifth Row PYLE. JOHN HENRY Freshman QUICKEI., LARRY H. Sophomore RADER, HANNAH ELIZABETH Sophomore Sixth Row RADER, SANDRA LEE Freshman RADKE, WILLIAM EDWARD Freshman' RAMIREZ, RACHAEL BERNICE Freshman Seventh Row RANDALL, IOAN ELAINE Freshman RANDELS, LAURA Sophomore RATZLAFF, MERLE DEAN Iunior Bottom Row RAUGEWITZ, ERNEST EMIL Sophomore RAZOR, GLENDA GAYLE Iunior REED, KAREN EDREN Sophomore Peabody Effingham San Antonio, Tex. Bern Centralia Emporia Stafford McPherson Council Grove Caldwell Kansas City Ulysses Hamlin Wellington Eureka Wilsey Hoisington Emporia Gardner Anthony Hutchinson Centralia Marion Belleville Q ! M A' i' "' .J Q9 ,A 1. 6 X . 02: 1 I If wiv? G IF If - 6.2 git I 'CEPR g 3 J . I xt W e g ls y will , '51 'Q K A, f ,. Wi so s x 7, I 5 ,Z V up Vu -1, G it 7 7 if A 1,.,. g rsh fr A 4 L if 2 'L' tk g I QV, 5,9 , I ks K' 154 W 1 5 . wr- -f .I 'it A L it L 4 Q' .1 A' M Sr - I ' we X. .,, Q. in g ld Vu, 1 .ii bm A 1 , . 51 I V 1:2 on ,Q :ik . I I . . -1 Top Row REED. RONALD DEAN Freshman REEVES, RANDALL DURWOOD Sophomore REEVES, RUSSELL BELDON Freshman Second Row REICHARDT, DON GENE Sophomore REID. PATRICIA RUTH Freshman REIFF. GWENDENE Iunior Third Row REILLY, IOHN CHARLES Sophomore REINERS, WAYNE LEE Freshman REMPEL, ETTA MAE Iunior Fourth Row RENNER, DONNA IANEL Iunior RENNER, SYLVIA JEAN Sophomore RENDLLET, DONALD P. Iunior Filth Row RENTFRO. RAYMOND LEE Freshman REPPERT. CATHARINE SUE Sophomore REUSSER. IENNIS ELAINE Freshman Sixth Row RHOADES, SHARON KAY Sophomore RIAL. FLORENCE MARIE Freshman RICE, WAYNE ROBERT Junior Seventh Row RICHARDS. GARY L. Sophomore RIGGIN, BOB LEE Iunior RIGGS. DEAN EDWARD Iunlor Bottom Row RILEY. PEGGY ANN Iuntor RINGEISEN, DONNA SUE Sophomore RINKER, RONALD LEE Freshman Great Bend Medicine Lodge Medicine Lodge Emporia Goodland McPherson Westphalia Belvue Marion Cunningham Rush Center Sterling Severy Atchison Mulvane Wakeeney Mission Emporia Mulvane Burdick Dodge City Garnett Hamilton Americus Top Row ROBB, CARMEN LOU Emporia Iunior ROBERTS, CARL EDWARD Sedgwick Iunior ROBERTSON, IAMES D. Madison Sophomore Second Row ROBINSON, DOUGLAS G. Florence Sophomore ROBINSON, EARLENE OMA Lebo Freshman ROBINSON, GARY LEE Reading Sophomore Third Row ROBINSON, IOAN Sedan Freshman ROGERS, IOHN D. Emporia Sophomore ROGERS, ION GUY Osage City Freshman Fourth Row ROMANO, RONALD IOI-IN Franklin Square, N. Y. Sophomore RONEN, IAMES M. St. Iohn Iunior ROSINE, RETA MAXINE Lebo Freshman Fifth Row ROSS, BETTY ELEANOR Kansas City Iunior ROSSILLON, IOHN FRANCIS Olpe Iunior ROTI-I, VIRGINIA GREEN Emporia Iunior Sixth Row ROUNSAVELL, BOB D. Great Bend Freshman ROWAN, AMYDELL Mulvane Sophomore ROY, SANDRA KAY Shawnee Sophomore Seventh Row RULE, IUDITH Herington Freshman RUMMELL, GENEVIEVE Augusta Freshman RUNDELL, GEORGE MACK Stafford Freshman Bottom Row RYLAND, SANDRA KAY Caldwell Sophomore SACK, MARVIN EUGENE Ellinwood Junior SALANDER, NEIL VICTOR Newton Freshman v. ff gg- 1 . g fi , It Xtavr' vi ITV. ' kk! . A M , Q iN li I' vs If Z 1:3 6 2: X l L I . n , S I au , wg-QQ, A is. ,gat X, I . ... L Q is 4' M A .R . sf :Q xx Y 4, I E' i - 31? "Q-.V -fu... .Q if U I ' Q HSI of , .sw 1. - K , , , 78 t I K, Q2 K 'sec 94 , an-Q ' R, f, 'Fe :sf I-I if - as ' 3 M N as IL, ' S x 5 A Y 'sf I A Wx yn I if I is fa Aa Q Tren. I i s 7113? fu'r- , 3 1 1 f LX 1 A 5 'V 15- can R yenen tl I 5 A f '. 5 t ' I G1 . ,M is , , ,M 1 Ili: 4 K 4 I I an i W E Top Row SALISBURY. LARRY LEON St. Marys Freshman SAMUEL, BARBARA ANN Burlington Freshman SANBORN, DONNA LOU Sedan Sophomore Second Row SANDERS, EDITH ILENE Burlington Iunior SANNER. SARA LOU Newton Freshman SanROMANI, AMELIA IANETTE Wichita Sophomore Third Row SANSTRA. PATRICIA ANN E1 Dorado Iunior SANTEE. MARILYN SUE Halstead Sophomore SASAGAWA. MARGARET T. Hawaii Freshman Fourth Row SAWIN, BEVERLY IEAN Barnes Freshman SAWYERS, DONITA KAY Emporia Freshman SAWYERS, IONNY DeLAINE Emporia Freshman Fifth Row SCHAECHTELE. ANN Emporia Sophomore SCHANK, PATRICIA MARIE Great Bend Freshman SCHELLHAMER. RALPH EVERRTT Emporia Iunior Sixth Row SCHICK. HELEN MARIE Kansas City Iunior SCHLAPPI, LARRY WELDON Junction City Iunlor SCHLESENER. PHYLLIS IANICE Hope Freshman Seventh Row SCHLETZBAUM. IUDITH ANN Atchison Freshman SCHMIDT, RICHARD ALLEN Emporia Iunlor SCHMIDT, SUSAN MARIE Newton Iunior Bottom Row SCHMIDT, WANDA LEE Peabody Sophomore SCHNEIDER. LARRY LEE Emporia Sophomore SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM GEORGE Lynnwood, Calif. Sophomore ' Top Row SCHNOOR, IOHN FRANKLIN Freshman SCHOOF. IANIS ELAINE Sophomore SCHOTTLER, PATRICIA LEAN Sophomore Second Row SCHRADER. STEPHEN EUGENE Sophomore SCHREFFLER, KARYN SUE Freshman SCHROEDER, LaVERNE HENRY Freshman Third Row SCHROEDER, LYLE ROBERT Freshman SCHROFF. MONA GAYLE Freshman SCHUGART, LARRY LEE Freshman Fourth Row SCHULTZ, HENRY LLOYD Iunior SCHULTZ, MARY ANN Freshman SCHUPBACH, HELEN EATON Iunior Fifth Row SCHWALM, ROY EDGAR Freshman SCHWEITZER, IVAN IOHN Freshman SCHWEITZER, LOIS ELAINE Sophomore Sixth Row SCHWEIZER, DOROTHY MAE Sophomore SCHWEIZER, LOUIS WILLIAM Junior SCHWINDT, MARGARET ANN Sophomore Seventh Row SCOTT. IAN K. Freshman SCOTT, RUTH ESTHER Iunior SEARS, VERNON HAROLD Freshman Bottom Row SEGRAVES, DALE DAVID Sophomore SEIBEL, CAROL IANETT Sophomore SELBY, STEPHEN PHILLIP Freshman Emporia Council Grove Emporia Osage City Eureka Tipton Green McPherson Great Bend Hillsboro Emporia Kiowa Baldwin Clay Center Princeton Westphalia Westphalia Olpe Augusta DeSoto Hoisington Caldwell Leoti Emporia Q, me .. 45-if 'Wi 4, 1 ' 'N ating sm . It ,yt 1 5 7 3 -. ,.., A. I .4 " ,R Kg 1 i J .5 to Vw I Lg f'- I ' me al '.e Q51 25" If N I nsn 5. :ti If " Ti .f . - 4 -7 mt' 7 J ik L I .Ash E : " R F 3:1 ,4- are QF! -Y ,- Wi,- M2 I Lf, rr 'R' we ls 'it-I, it I ' "'I I Q. ' Q ., J? S' K E K IA , 1 fllizsizgt K L 280 5 by 3 t Q1 41" ' , 57' R Q 4 Q, S. -5' , ,L f '1 .3 KM! Rf' 405 dw ,,, 1' .,.,,Lx -3,33 ' 1 We Q A were 1 na, it ,L Y .. gg. S V Y 5' ,ff I' Him f l gy " V.A as X. ' , A Top Row SELL, IACQUELYN KAY Wichita Freshman SETTE, MARLENE Belpre Freshman SHADEL, MARY IANE Sabetha Sophomore Second Row SHAFT, GARY DWAYNE Matfield Green Freshman SHANER, MARION IOSEPH Lebo Sophomore SHANK, HARVEY KAY Abilene Iunior Third Row SHARP, GLENN CHARLES Medicine Lodge Sophomore SHAVER, PATRICIA IOANE Emporia Freshmcm SHAW, KAREN ELAINE Coats Sophomore Fourth Row SHEPHERD, SONDRA KAYE Sylvia Sophomore SHERRADEN, GERALD EUGENE Iunction City Freshman SHERROD, LORETTA Goodland Freshman Fifth Row SHIMABUKURO, STANLEY MINORU Los Angeles Sophomore SHOEMAKER, IACK F. Kansas City Sophomore SHOGREN, GERALD Lindsborg Junior Sixth Row SHORT, GEORGE WARREN Clifton Freshman SHORT, WILMA LEA Emporia Sophomore SHOUP, CAROL MAXINE Larned Freshman Seventh How SHRADER, RAYMOND EUGENE Concordia Sophomore SIDMAN, RONDA IOAN St. Iohn Iunior SIEBERT, CARMEN AGNES Marion Sophomore Bottom Row SIMMONS, ROBERT RAY Ashland Sophomore SIMPSON, FLORENCE LOUISE Kingman Freshman SINCLAIR, PATRICIA ANN Herington Freshman Top Row SIOBLOM, DARRELL STANLEY Iunior SKIBBLE, IERALD DUANE Freshman SLAYMAKER, RONALD LEE Sophomore Second Row SLAYMAKER, SHIRLEY TEMPLE Iunior SLENTZ, KAREN RAE Iunior SLUTCUP, VIRGINIA Freshman Third Row SMITH, GORMAN HAROLD Iunior SMITH IANICE IO Freshman SMITH KAREN ELOISE Sophomore Fourth Row SMITH LESTER S. Iunior SMITH LINDA LOU Freshman SMITH MEREDITH ANN Sophomore Fifth Row SMITH, PAUL GREGORY Iunior SMITH, SHIRLEY ANN Freshman SMITH, WILLIAM VanHORN Sophomore Sixth Row SNEARY, RUTH M. Sophomore SOLOMON, GARY EDWIN Freshman SOLOMON, TERRY I. Freshman Seventh Row SPEARS, SUE CAROLYN Iunior SPENCER, CHARLES PHILIP Sophomore SPLITTER. KAREN KAY Iunior Bottom Row SPURGEON, ROBERTA FAE Sophomore SRAIER, DONALD E. Freshman STAMBACH, NIKI IUNE Iunior "kg It gt Emporia Marion ul' "I' Emporia Q K Emporia Caldwell Emporia McPherson Lebo -4- ,,, ' 9, Burlingame ' L Emporia ,gt Stafford E Q' - EI Dorado I J " I I Wichita W I K' - . Kansas City X QF, Emporia ,V K - I Haven . Av-w Herinqton 1 I If I Emporia In Fort Scott Atchison Geneseo H V Medicine Lodge Tampa ' -Q' X 'P' Hx - Osborne , U I 5 2 1 4 4f5'fi,a 2352 C.. Q 4 ff semi e fi , may S ,QQ V Q K Q VFR W ia A i Ji? IQ ., f .5 L'L1 j m ,,, I .qi I r ,ge K E 'Q . A i ,. I Top Row STAMM, LARRY Freshman STANDER, WAYNE ROY Sophomore STATON, IOHN T. Sophomore Second Row STEBBENS, WAYNE E. Iunior STECKMAN, IOHN L. Freshman STEELE, E. IOAN Sophomore Third Row STEELE, MARY TODD Freshman STEELE, SONDRA ANN Freshman STEENBOCK, FRANCES IEAN I unior Fourth Row STEPHENSON. HATTIE ROSA Freshman STEVENS, PATRICIA KAY Iunior STEVENSON, SI-IERYL LEE Freshman Fifth Row STEWARD, GLENDA IERRINE Iunior STILWELL, MARGARET YVONNE Freshman STOLFUS, CAROL ANN Freshman Sixth Row STORMONT, IANET ROSE Sophomore STOTTS, GARY LEE Freshman STOUT, KATHLEEN LOUISE Freshman Seventh Row STOUT, SARAH MARGARET Sophomore STRAHM, GENE I. Sophomore STRAHM, MERLIN PAUL Junior Bottom Row STUCKY, PAT MARLENE Sophomore STUCKY, PAULA IEAN Freshman STURGEON, SALLY Sophomore Sedgwick Wilsey St. Iohn Emporia Emporia Arkansas City Kinsley Barnes Bala Cottonwood Falls Overland Park Kansas City Holton White City Emporia Wakita, Okla. Emporia Cottonwood Falls Emporia Bern Sabetha Wichita Ottica Emporia Top Row SUENAGA, ELLEN AIKO Freshman SUGIKI, ALAN T. Freshman SULLIVAN, BARBARA IEAN Freshman Second Row SUMMERVILL, MARION EMERSON Sophomore SUTTON, RONDA G. Freshman SWAYNE, DEENA DOYCE Freshman Third Row SWENDER, LINDA RAE Freshman TANIMOTO, LORRAINE ATSUKO Junior TAWNEY, GLYNICE IEAN Sophomore Fourth Row TEETS, IRENE H. Freshman TEICHRABER, IERRY Sophomore TERRELL, M. RAY Sophomore Fifth Row TESTORFF, IOY DIANE Freshman THIESSEN, CAROL IRENE Freshman THOMAS, BARBARA CHARLENE Freshman Sixth Row THOMAS, WARREN RUSSELL Freshman THOMPSON, BERTRAND FLOYD Sophomore THOMPSON, BILL FRANK Freshman Seventh Row THOMPSON, CAROL LUCILLE THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON THOMPSON, THOMPSON Sophomore CELIA DIANE Freshman DON FRANCIS Sophomore Bottom Row EVELYN R. Freshman HARRY WALTER Freshman MYRA IANE Freshman Hawaii Hawaii Lebo Marion Emporia Kanorado Kansas City Hawaii Ogallah Concordia Emporia Norton Wichita Beloit Horton Emporia Syracuse Topeka Horton Gardner Atchison Shawnee Syracuse Allen ,-Qs. X fx n. ff' ' I xxx I gf. 8 ll I 3 Q' ' in-fl 3 . ibm' A in gf: x, s Q hw 1 1 I K 2' 3 4 5 L xv J 4: 'Qi A 5 X t 5, 'S il us: a 9 I ,Li . . 3 ,pr . ' .N L- I j K ,, fm .-wifi? WL. . . l f or ia A' I a it --fm Alyyj T y ...x 21- H l L li. I-if A . 'x 'F' A , qv N pg tx I5 A I Y fbi? I I M X .Jw JY ' 1' a Flag" ' F my ' A Eff? , ' 'wg ': L.,t 84 . s- 'R lg wa ,lm 'A We . jx ti ,WM VUE f- dm 125 A ,l an ,Ass ., ,, 5.-'A 1: , M -ff? .T .. .. ZII S ew' 5 ,.. . ,. N1 sal N- and 1 I Top Row THORNBURG, NETA FRANCES Freshman THORNE, GLENDA IRENE Freshman THROM, CAROLL IOAN Sophomore Second Row TOLAR. IUDITH LYNN Freshman TOLAR, SHARON RENA Freshman TOMLIN, CAROL KAY Freshman Third Row TROSTLE, ERNIE C. Iunior TRUE, CLOYCE MARIE Freshman TULLY. CAROL Sophomore Fourth Row TUREK, ARLENE MAE Sophomore TURNER, LEONARD L. Sophomore ULMER, IANET KAY Sophomore Fifth Row UNRUH, GLENN EUGENE Freshman URAKAWA, NORA M. Iunior URBAN, ROBERT LAWRENCE Iunior Sixth Row UTTERBACK, KAY Sophomore VAUGHN. IOHN ROLLAND Sophomore VERHAEGHE, LORRAIN E Iunior Seventh Row VIAR, IANIS ELAINE Freshman VOLLAND, RICHARD L. Iunior WAGAMAN, DEANNA MARIE Freshman Bottom Row WAGERS, CECIL ROY Sophomore WAGNER, DELORES IEAN Junior WALK, LOIS LYNETTE Sophomore Hill City Lebo Marysville McPherson McPherson Russell Murdock Belle Plaine Ellinwood Caldwell Mission Valley Center Council Grove Hawaii Emporia Wellington Emporia Olathe Council Grove Emporia Dodge City Neosho Rapids Kansas City Leoti Top Row WALKER, HM L. Freshman WALL, LYLE F. Freshman WALLACE, DWAIN ERSKINE Iunior Second Row WALLACE, MYRA LOU Freshman WALLER, PEGGY I. Sophomore WALSH, IANET CAROLYN Freshman Third Row WALSH, WILLIAM HENRY Iunior WAMBSGANSS, EDWIN F. Freshman WARD, CAROL IEAN Freshman Fourth Row WARD, DELORES ANN Iunior WARD, LARRY WALLACE Freshman WARD, MURIEL ANN Sophomore Fifth Row WARING, ROBERTA ANN Sophomore WARNER, CLARENCE E. Sophomore WARTICK, IIM RICHARD Sophomore Sixth Row WATERS, LORETTA KAY Freshman WATKINS, RUTH MARIE Sophomore WATSON, FRANCES LEE Freshman Seventh Row WEAVER, MARILYN LOUISE Sophomore WEBB, VIVIAN KAY Freshman WEBBER, IACQUELINE Freshman Bottom Row WEBER, THAINE GEORGE Iunior WEDEL, KAREN KAY Freshman WEIDMAN, ALVIN L. Freshman St. Iohn Marysville Bethel Osage City Wellington Collyer Emporia Marion Emporia Virgil Virgil Emporia Excelsior Springs Bun Oak Wellington Wellington Cassoday Kansas City Emporia Emporia Wichita McPherson Moundridge Sylvan Grove 1' ,ew I I X I Qs! g ' a M , La: 4, . V E7 Q a i QD. Q? . I I I 5. we X, t I . U 1 , ,. x S Q it .i y H gi - sz, , l 1 Se s i,QeL.,5 ' Qu ai i 554 L sz: o f-fff .K ,. Q, ,L ,X ,ef 'OC' :sz L ri' I J gl A N h ff fs nu , N ,rl 5 mt 9' g L to 1, , . iw 5' S.. M QVLI I LWLAK W? 1,v. y n ? -6 , X f1..f'.. Top Row WEIRICH, SHARON KAY Freshman WEISBROD, DUANE TUCKER Sophomore WELCH, IOHN GREER Sophomore Second Row WELLMAN, FRANCIS CLYDE Sophomore WELSH, MARY MARGARET Freshman WELTON, IUDY ANN Sophomore Third Row WENDLAUDT, IAMES ERWIN Freshman WENE, VERONA SUE Freshman WENTLING, FARALANE ANN Junior Fourth Row WESTBROOK, LUCILLE FAYE Freshman WESTIN, CHARLES ANDREW Freshman WETTER, BERNICE HILDA Freshman Fifth Row WEWER, DONNA IOLENE Sophomore WHEELER, IANICE ANNETTE Iunior WHITE, BARBARA IEAN Freshman Sixth Row WHITE, BEVERLY ANN Freshman WHITE, GLENDA RAE Freshman WHITELEY, PAUL LAM Iunior Seventh Row WHITNEY, DENNIS ELVIN Sophomore WICHMAN, LeROY HENRY Sophomore WIERSHING, BETTY LOU Sophomore Bottom Row WILHELM, DON CLAIRE Freshman WILKISON, IANICE IRENE Sophomore WILLIAMS, BILLIE IO Sophomore Council Grove Radium Emporia Hamilton Alma Hoisington Herington Harper El Dorado Peabody Formoso Washington Leoti Leon Lincoln Kansas City Emporia Morehead Florence Seneca Madison Russell Emporia Emporia Top Row WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Paola Freshman WILLIAMS, RICHARD IAY Emporia Freshman WILLIAMSON, DELORES MAXINE Hamilton Sophomore Second Row WILLIAMSON, IACK NEAL Prairie Village Sophomore WILLIS. IOHN DAVID Eureka Freshman WILLS, IUDITH DEANNE Beloit Freshman Third Row WILSON, CHARLES ROBERT Madison Sophomore WILSON, IVAN EUGENE Emporia Sophomore WILSON, KAREN S. Kansas City Sophomore Fourth Row WILSON, KAY ELAINE Cottonwood Falls Iunior WINGATE, LARRY ROY Harper Freshman WINSLOW. ELVIN H. Talmage Freshman Fifth Row WINTERMANTEL, CHARLES Baldwin Sophomore WINTERS, MARIETTA Reece Freshman WINTERS, MYRNA SUE Reece Freshman Sixth Row WINTERSTEIN, IANICE Liberal Sophomore WINZELER, ROGER IAY Madison Sophomore WISDOM, IERRY MAE Newton Freshman Seventh Row WISDOM, SUSAN ILEEN Kansas City Freshman WISLER, GARY LEE Emporia Freshman WITHINGTON, IANICE IEAN Hutchinson Iunior Bottom Row WITT, IAMES MICHAEL Derby Sophomore WITTMAN, DEANNA IANE Pomona Freshman WOODWORTI-I, SHIRLEY ANN Emporia Freshman un., ,, fc' 6' tif' fs- is ,rf 'M as ,kr-,. t ,X L ii All E s I iid' ii.. I 456 im, 5-.Ai 'fa tl .-Q ,va r-1 rv t ks E Elvff. 5 4 2' 35? :y,r 1 I it . ., ,,, '97 il, ,Ng W 9 287 ' 4 I :sf L, ,ie f .- ' J, L I iv S Q gl K +5 'Evil ra . 38,1 ! 25X i- Q av ,V eh I sv: 49 33 F6 X , I , ea. I al, 7-L N :,: i I I 6 , I. X gf, 7' X . ' . if - , , , p pf, L... Top Row WORCESTER, SHARON KAY Americus Freshman WRIGHT, BARBARA LEE Viola Sophomore WRIGHT, IUDY LOU Stafford Freshman Second Row WRIGHT, PATTI IOE Topeka Iunior WRIGHT, PEGGY ANN Pratt Iunior WRIGHT, PHYLLIS IOYCE Pratt Iunior Third Row WRIGHT, RICHARD QUINTEN Sitka Sophomore WYNGARD, ROBERT East Orange, N, I. Sophomore YADAO, FLORENTINA S. Hawaii Iunior Fourth Row YAMAMOTO, KATHLEEN Hawaii Iunior YODER, NEIL RICHARD Cheney Iunior YOO, DONG SUNG Korea Iunior Fifth Row YOUNG, DON R. Westphalia Sophomore YOUNG, ROY LEE Hutchinson Iunior YOUNG, S. LYNN Wichita Freshman Sixth Row YOUNGSTEDT, LARRY DEAN Waterville Freshman YOUSE, DUANE WILLIAM Clay Center Sophomore ZERENER, IAN LEE Cheney Freshman Seventh Row ZIMMERMAN, DARREL EDWARD DeSoto Iunior ZOELLNER, ROY ROBERT Leavenworth Iunior ZOOK, KEITH LAVERNE Emporia Iunior Bottom Row ZOSCHKE, DARLENE Atchison Freshman ZSCHEILE, DINA IO Burlington Iunior ZUVANICH, I. ROBERT Oxford Freshman 11,9 my W 41 ff' . . . ,tt Linen. Ns N t Q ,'?'Ae t we , at -is 45 A f ff' f' ,,0-Awtmm,t-tm wt, V W - 1 fw tw , W' . me W f .2 as-' msg, wggg?'.,gjsg A W uf? 4.4: -F 4 s Hs A ' W A :wi gin ffj ' 4 "- N 1 , , Xe I 'v,.,7, 'ff 'ti ',,Q,,,, ' , ' ff A 6 . g ,fx is , s ff-at-'Y X-912 5 .t 4 .. , in, tt, N 5,2 it his D. fs 4 Q' " ,ta W .iw - , 2 A ig gtg ' . ,W ,xg . 4, fi., .law a . tfsme Q fy, ww I-W' ' Q .. asf' ' W ,M ' J v ,1,,Jf'? , W. vw, gs, Q is V v l -9, lr sf, . 5 , ,N . t . , .e Y, 17 ' e in K L. 1 'P . - as , V 1 . uh es: 1 as 1 , A uf Q' W, W 1, A K4 M105 wifk, ' ff Vu.-Q X all . f 1"'Wfm W' WBMW-z' my wt ' ' K t j ,t s In Kansas tcur. where vales of sheen Q. , f g ' t Q V ff I i x E s E l L, Jus: 'iris ' 'pkg ,Q 'K ,QQ ' ow 4 t Spread iiature's wealth before our eyes! Q Two rigors joirt their banks of green A g 'Ma if it -isa an . 'S Y, And state M ,halls of leaiting rise. it ,A 4, 32 , 9 I .sf fs-1. we r . . gg 3 4 X- Q' .tx 1 t .tv cno Us ' t at s 3 1 1 1. s , f Q ' , ." ' V F- llllma Mater, Xc?g?dear, M 2 ' Thyzglqry perish neverlh 1' We raise our voices once agah To sing thy praises ever. Broad western prairies bright with gold flaunt wide thy colors in the sun: as 'lfhus shall thy famgg 1315 Kaynemhe told 4 'W , X , gg, . As long as time and tige st-tall I 2s-H'1: 1 Y 4 . My If Af? sims i , ,ga .is s'3'4'-tn-'if- ...gy S Alma Mater ln Kansas fair, where vales of sheen Spread natures wealth before our Two rivers join their banks of green And stately halls of learning rise. CHORUS Oh, Alma Mater, college dear, Thy glory perish never! We raise our voices once again To sing thy praises ever. Broad western prairies bright with gold Flaunt wide thy colors in the sun: Thus shall thy fame for aye be told eyes As long as time and tide shall run. fjijfl .1 ZX Ll 'P' W A L S W O R T H lu Bound EY 1 v I

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