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 - Class of 1957

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"1 '-sv. -- -- ' .1-r' 1 - 4,313- 5 , . , 1 MW . ,fi . in R . .,:,v-,GJ 9 N Qi Vo-5 " QT: - '.ywg.,..'m, iyafs ... ' 'ix 5 i . 'iff A ,gg 2 'l'I-IE vs P- fsfff ,jf 56 '17, ffl, Q . 'Q if 'Sf do Q sq 'Y , Q n . MQW? is Mg, ws My K v ig: A, I aw. N Y xg, :V " 2 s ' xc v Q ew VV. .,, ktfxi 35,1 ' fe J ii" - mo, 'WUT 'As 19425 1 PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS UE KANSAS STATE TEACHERS SSAAASA Empnfuu IRABEL HARPER Editor GERTRUDE GILE Assistant Editor LEE GASSERT CHARLES MCCOLLUM Business Managers LARRY SHEPHERD MEL TASVNEY Assistant Business Managers JOHN MOHLER Sports Editor HOVYARD YOSHINOBU Photographic Editor and Chief Photographer GARY MASON PERRY RIDDLE ED BALDNVIN Photographers E. L. ANDERSON Photographic Adviser LI. VYARREN BRINKMAN Art Adviser and Design JERRY LEIBMAN Adviser ...xx v N.. MW 'F' R 2 5 i I s wshwmw. 239- f Nj il IP ---I In , an y . ' " al. lim Emporia State is one of the leading teacher education colleges in the nation. A good teachers college offers all that any good standard college offers, plus the highly specialized courses intended especially for prospective teachers. Special- ized teacher training at Emporia State includes all phases of education from kindergarten through distributive educa- tion and library education. The administration at E-State for many years has realized that a well-trained teacher must have interests other than just education. Students have ample opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities. Some of these are connected with the students' majors interests, while others are entirely unrelated. From the social organizations to the intramurals, every program goes to help strengthen teacher education. Although the main function of the college is to train teachers , an excellent liberal arts program is offered for those who do not wish to teach. The wide offerings of the various departments of the college lead toward a Bachelor of Arts degree. Major emphasis may be in many fieldsg either for purely cultural development or for the degree re- quired for admission to a professional school. Excellent two- year pre-professional training courses are also offered. The purpose of this book is to furnish you a conducted tour through the college to demonstrate how each part of the program here at E-State relates to our major function, the better preparation of teachers. vwffv' E 1 ,, L . W, jfal 'KY ., r lil. vw in -'M . ff fa e.Mj,,fff'1' .2"" ll I ll ll ll ll , , . .:.i.,. -' - f . ,'.-fi" X , " -- --1 ..1'l"' " ff, Mi, , fzfiiw At 1 .fQ.,.,, 1' f" 4-"IH."?f f ' ' f"', , 'iff QM ,Q .2 .A-ka' Q- "1Q1m3,,7 'V sf, 'S , ,. ,, 1.qf'?:if1- ., '- 1- , ,Mi-,. tg, ,:f,g,.'2f . ,f'Mj:.:,A.-.u,.j,1'1f-mmf., , " ' A , W.. A . . . ., . Above Lgfl: Both mc-n's and womens physical cdiiuitiuii classes met in the Gymnasium, .4l1o1f1' Rzlghl: The Music Hall adds an attractive scene to the campus. Rzlghl: An elevator for use by liaiiclininppccl students was installed in the Administration building this year. . W vii-ff ' if t 'i V HA M gr 4 y mg, My l bfi? E af f 31 X, is Q l Q its Q V fi 3-ff.: fx 3 jt zl s. :leg E Q si-f fl1?2311:,ei54f' ' 5 iiillifi C 4' 12- K K 'f wa s W, in "View s 7- fs' Q25 si A:-5?2'ii?4?'g?wmeKjs,, 9551 fix ikifffiwflfvfs ' if .f2ri2fi' 1f fb. sig K mfvml is ifshagcggsifmhlsynf Q st, ww, V ,S My 1253 1 f-ff L is 1 f ' Qagsizswa ' ' .ivy 3 y-,psisssjgisi ie.. is tests vt ,M -f es? fm ,tg - f ,: si ,X I f f 'iwisii N .. fx w,qs.1,t i ,.,L ,thugs All pil fi 1 Q ., zigi' was s will ' 'tems 1 'Qfi ,. .. 5 rx J Yi 427 I, U HON mx 'E' fx! f- 'v v .N , .Al X f ,f '- Q X ' 'W ww' ,Y , -,'N"'xk Q , K Ll A My if ,Wx . q ' ' Ji -' ,f"f 2 i -.um'Korw--10951 ..,.-N-naw-l 1 f -w'N,?p 4, fn A , ..k. 7,4 QV, 4 1 ' ,ff A EQ , v KL ,W QI. 33. , I 5 f Y .X Q ,ga .Al Q ,Agar -24 'S Y fl gg gg ill 1 ll lk' fat: IF? Q . Nl S 11: 1:1 lin Ill F sl' " E , I9 IL '74 R52 'Q .X in 1:1 :nl :lu ' ' ' ag' :H las ns 9" 2 'am vm xi lf ' H 6.1. L A 1 sins: ll! Ll' nl ill HI: ng :lg ff UI Q' 'S 'V' 'S' 'Q "' Sa , if? Q ' ' Ill III IH an 1? ue , lil fa "Fw ,,' 9 " WfA 4 GA, M l-gg N QQQM 4-X ' , 5 llllll , - lliil il -5 lllllll I Q Y 55 ii 2 ll ' ll lllllll 1 I! I 5 .ll 1 . f . 2 ' :HI 1 li im llillllllllllllt ilu ill l L A " I' M gy : 1' 1 li I! Q! !! 5' U Q! '! F! 'f " ll! mmf " ' '. nslsllin' F V "' wfv -I X William Allen White Library provides a modern and comfortable atmosphere for study and relaxation. In the spring work was begun on the new science hall IQH to replace Norton Science Hall below. It is to be completed in 1958. 'N 1 '.,.-" ! fi l"'1d W g ff will i var, ' - l' ' W t' A 'Rf Nlfifpf' in g pm' !ll ,Q w Q l tc ff at H 'W u e AH Xi l ma, me , Q ' me fm f ff! ,Ya fff--:,v9.tL.'1'g 's li C ' NM --V. 4.-Ju.. 1 ' V -3:irf,YE+,. 5 44, --i if t' "41 RJR y RX X ' 2' 'V p ff, 'mpnq I K-T .. ' " , 'X li'l' 3 llgvgxf "Iii-Lkfga 5 ' ,ffx nx gg um . 'Ina I Jr X, P ' VX-JI N - Y , X xx N X ,W Y N 4, ,b K . l"'IXQ L , X SQA 5 ., XX x au, fx. , I 1 It K A.-'X K fx . , E. K K -xr-3 fi N ,ff L. ' V L, 1 'W J J fx L5 Y Nb VJ.-7' Q V 4 I v 2, -1 Q ,Qi- j L 4 T r 1 f W T 1 f , LJ 'Q 1 ' sit jk' 4 f 1 4 1 , . , M,,,1:!1 vfwww JV' I, J! M 's ,, J i H r ,f 3 1 f ' I . ily' QQ,-any rakil 'M .CK ,ff-X iffsg- . XQFQ.-ef .W-., . A th w 'TVX . ff f I ghd, 3' JI We gy! 5 6 H sr 2- 'lf .f 2 The mm addition to thc' Student Union is both 21IlIkklCl'iVl' zmrl usvful IJ C ululpus. ILxszxsoiUc'iz1ll3' mwpmwfi in Febl'l1.11x. N Q r , v ' 'Q 9, , , 'UV - ',.pv M, Q - 1, v"'3JlffS5jk wah -'Y K ka' 1 . 13 i' T54 1 S il 1 4 Q-.,' -,,f'Xc If f SX ffl M ' Q y A 'limi t t ii, if ,-Ip Q1 M l lu lit l fx iff I L' Z' r w r X . ,T X , ,. AJ, i at , Jwbhv, W M.flMmkZ:fiTcL.-,An-vu?g -fl ., 'S t i Future elementary teachers practice leaching in the Thomas Butcher school, while ----- future secondary teachers practice in the Roosevelt High School. Aburf: Plans were maids to razc- thc- old boys' dormitory and replarc it with a modern three story dormitory, Bflmr, In the Carly spring CUIlSlI'Lll'IiOI1 bcqziu uri the nvw L'.S. Naval Rc-Serv? building, 41+ , X i 1 1 E SV R U .Y fgg ,A-Y ' K-.W 4 'xx -V YJ.i.-- F' 1 P ix f-2 W4 1 GOVERNOR I would like to congratulate the students and faculty of Kansas State Teachers College for your work during the yearjust completed. Your ac- complishments, both individually and as a group, :tg have been noteworthy. As your Governor, I wish you every success and hope that your future accomplishments are of the same caliber as your past successes. Sincerely, George Docking Governor LESTER MCCOY HUBERT BRIGHTON Cfzazirmarz Sl?L'7'f'fIl7f1' Garden City Topeka MRS. ELIZABETH HAUGHEY MCDILL BOYD Concordia Phillipsburg VVILLIS N. KELLY LAWRENCE MORGAN Hutchinson Goodland OSCAR S. STAUFFER ARTHUR W. HERSHBERGER Topeka Wichita RAY EVANS WALTER FEES Kansas City Iola From the President . KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE OF EMPORIA OFFICE OF 'ms PRESIDENT May 24, l957 In the years since 1865, Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia has made great strides toward better preparation of teachers and librarians for Kansas. Although we can look back upon those years with pride in our progress, we must remember that the work is still unfinished. For progress is not static. We can measure its rate and determine its direction, but we must not view it as an accomplished fact. We stand today on the threshold of a period in which far greater accomplishments are not only possible but necessary. We must make a sound education available on a wider scale than ever before we must produce still more teachers and librariansg and we must equip our young people so that they are able to preserve the fine traditions and heritage of our democracy and to extend its benefits and blessings. We must see to it that each gifted Kansas high school graduate who wishes to attend college may do so. Such a task is not easy. It requi-res the best efforts of all of us - students, alumni and faculty. It requires support and guidance by the Regents, the Legislature and the people of Kansas. But we can dedicate our best efforts to no more fruitful purpose than this. 8 f John E. King h President ADMINI Emporia State, Kansas' leading teacher-training institution, did not achieve its position by accident. A strong faculty through the years is only part of the storyg administration plays an im- portant role in defining goals, in mapping programs and securing personnel to carry them out in order to reach those goals. More than ever before, the College is aware of its obligations of service not only to the students while in college, but to teachers Director, Resident Instruction throughout the state and nation, to alumni, and to education everywhere. DR. NATHAN BUDD In fulfilling these roles, the Col- lege provides students with expert and conscientious counseling service. It is a meeting place for teachers in all fields, and it is a research laboratory for the improvement of teaching and learning procedures. RUTH SCHILLINGER V. T. TRUSLER Dean of Women Dean gf Men DR. LAURENCE C. BOYLAN DR. ORVILLE EATON DR. HARRY WATERS Director, Student Personnel Services Director, Graduate Division Registrar .1 l RATICN One of the great losses of America's potential strength felt deeply by the Administration of the College is the large number of able high school graduates who do not continue their education. To help this situation, the College maintains both a scholarship committee and a student employment service to assist students who need such help. In addition, the College through its Endow- ment Association encourages in every way possible the gift of scholarships to deserving students by industry, labor, and civic organizations. Students are graduated, but their ties to the College remain. For in- stance, the placement bureau keeps their credentials on file , helps bring future teachers and prospective em- ployers together. There is no project that the College will not undertake within budgetary limits if it feels that im- provement ofits own program, or im- provement of education, will result. DR. ALEX A. DAUGHTRY Director, Field Services DR. JOE PEASE Director, Auxiliary Services RILEY D. STORMONT Superintendent of Maintenance R. G. CREMER Business Manager DR. MERRITT W. SANDERS Director, Bureau of Nleasurements ALDEN BOWMAN Assistant Director, Student Services ,tent .Q M, -- l I Q M58 NXt,,x""'s,. lfnsl lfuswf S. Choice, Sophomorcg D. hloritz, C. Denning. Srmnd Roux' li. Orr, Seniorg C. Couldcn. Junior: N, Rost. Senior: li. l,'ttm-rback, Freshman: XV. Schnitzer, Sponsor: H. Wfaters, Sponsor: R, liickliolli Sophomore: Nl. Selby,llunior1J. Chumbly, Freshmangsl. W'arkentin, Senior: C. Trower, Junior. Council OFFICERS President ...... ,... . .,....... .,.... D o n Moritz life'-President . . . Sfwelary ....., Trffrzszzrer . . . As the 1956-57 school year began, the Student Council returned early to help with Freshman Ori- entation Week. In the four days preceding classes the Council sponsored tours of the campus, a mixer, a water- melon feed and a talent show. At homecoming the Council sponsored all school . dance on Friday night with music by the Cell Block 7. On Saturday night, Rus Carlyle played for the public 'ml' Homecoming Dance. Varsity dances were held after home football and basketball games with music by the Pastels and The Five Guys. Members ofthe Council and a sponsor attended the ag, 1 3 t. A xiii k i Cal Pritner . . . .Carroll Denning , . ,... Sally Choice , ,Roger Eickhoff meetings of the Central Inter-collegiate Conference Associated Student councils at Winfield the first semester and Hays the second semester. In January a constitutional change was necessary to fill the office of president. The office was vacated by the graduation of Cal Pritner. In an all-school elec- tion, the students approved an amendment to the effect that the vice-president, Don Moritz, be named president and that an election then be held to elect a new vice-president. In ensuing elections, Carroll Den- ning was elected vice-president and Carlie Trower was elected Junior Representative. In March the Council sponsored the annual Penny Carnival for Community Chest charities. A new high total of approximately 15350 was collected. The business for the year drew to a close with allocation of money to departments, a follow-up of all council activities being compiled and the election of the next yearls council. as -G SENIOR A l1nz'e.' Pat Hayes, Second Semester Presi- rlenfg Dan Horiuchi, Fin! Semester Prey!- zleniq Dick Utter, Trea.s'urer,' Nlaryjo Qrmsby, Sflt'ff'fllU'. SOPHGMORE Below: Delores Jones. Vzre-Pre.s'z'a'ent,' Lee Beran, Presz'a'enl,' Pat Stevens, Sec relary- Treasurer. JUNIOR ,fllmz'e: Loren Qbley, 1D7't'.Yl-l!FlZf,' Blanche Dunshee, lfll'L'K-P765'l-d1'7Zf,' Mary Ann Fulton, Secretary- Trerlxztrer. FRESHMAN Below' Elden Turner, P7'!'.S'llfl6'Hf,' Donna Brown, Secretary-Treasurerg Steve Hig- gens, Vz're-President. 0 ""-a"f"' f f i , ,, L r 1 , a FW,,,,,., h, .. K , ,. A ,VW W, ..,.,,. , , .W ,A , dnrq-1 4 W w L X nf' K A -Nix , , 'wifi - i I f . x ' fl J Q 1 f'? wp . 'wwf' 'M A , T .. N. 71- W "' "" ,. ' W f--- f . - k X , ' 'X "' K ...fuk A ' ., fiifliif' ' S315 , LM In Rzghlfj. Brinkman, N. R. Eppink, Hcadgxlohn Mathews E. L. Anderson. ALPHA THETA RHO OFFICERS Pre.s'z'a'ent ,..,,...., Sharon Huenergardt Vzrf' Presidrnl ....... ,... H arold Bennett Sffcretagf- Treasurer. . . ....... Jane Cox Alpha Theta Rho, an honorary art xsoeiety, has a limited membership of t i i i l l i t l fifteen majors and minors, The purpose ofthe organization is to foster an inter- est in art beyond the Classroom. Throughout the year, Alpha Theta Rho carried various art projects. The members helped with Clurli-Q, made posters for Student Council and spon- sored the Beaux Artas Ball. xxx, Fm! Row: R. Kirbyhj. Cox. E. Cannon, S. Huenergardt, D. Howard, f McD1nlel C. Howard. Brinkman. SFIYIIZII Row: M. Detlmer, C. lJel'z1olis. li. l lndquist C l,c-on. H. Bennett, IJ. Dolton. .W f I Kg ,ff lX'TCI1llDCI'S ol' Alpha Theta Rho at their Christmas lla-D21 l'z1rty. fv JEf'X--- X11 l'Illhl1Si215l5 gin' svriuus zxllvxlliull lu il painting clmtrxlfmrlstluticmll. Xvi5ilUI'Nl'IliOYp21iI1IiIlQSHIlCXIIHJU. J' fi' 1 ...L 4' i r mum. ' ,psf ART GALLERY 'V -'uf' A fl, Q fa' ,, 4 . M H 'e x ing sig, 'wwf 'Q-ff i 5 uf' 4-..."2 , , Students display their art work. John Bfathcws, nrt iflSII'l1L'I1JI' p1'c'pg1r6s a picture for hillllfillg. ww wif K ,, A.. 'Q ' Kuhk ,,.... , . A ..., a : " ,- " M09 Firsl Row: Merle Brooks, C. F. Gladfblter, Earl Segal. Sfmna' Row: Gil Lois man, Carl Prophethlohn Breukelman, Headg Ted F. Andrews. BETA BETA BETA Beta Beta Beta, a national biological fraternity, is composed of students having outstanding ability in the biological sci- ences. The total membership was 45. The members took two annual cen- sus: one of small mammals and one of birds. Under the guidance of Dr, Gilbert Leisman, the tree labeling project under- taken last year was completed. A scholarship fund was founded this year in honor of Frank Agrelius, who was professor of biology here for forty-three years. The annual Founders Day dinner was held in March, and in May, several mem- bers attended a regional convention at Central Missouri State College. The annual spring :'Newsletter,' was sent to alumni members. Fm! Row: S. Hudson, K. Agrelius, A. King, B. Breukelman, E. Kovar, C. Miser, K Knapp, L. Denton, C. McDaniel. Second Row: D. Murray, R. Truhlicka, D. Otto, B Kimble, E. Lindquist, S. Roth, C. Leisman, E. Segal, G. Ratzlaff, Breukelman, T Andrews, C. Goulden, C. White, R. Clarke, B. Davis. 'Hzirrz' Row' C. liinsey, F. Cangel P. Bainer, D. Overiicld, E, Calkins, C, Prophet, K. Minter, R. McChristy, A. Ericson G. Bolton. D. Mickey, B. Fritze, M. Brooks. OFFICERS ......ConWhite President. .... . Vice-President .... . . . . .Darrel Murray S ecretary- Treasurer .... . . .Evelyn Kovar ,.,., X, .. --hu-new Nlr. Robert Clarke, Dr. Gilbert Leisman, and Mr. Carl Prophet work on the tree- labeling project which Beta Beta Beta com pleted this year. fx L 31 'Beminezm 5 5 , First Row: G. NV. Maxwell, Rida Duckwall, LaD0nna Michaelsen, E. C. McGill, Headg Raymond Russell, Victor C. Hieu. Smma' Row: H. L. Cannon, R. E, Hartz- ler,-J. YV, Truax. Adelaide Kauzer, Herman Bachr. Tom Ladwig. l"z'r.s'! Row: R. NVagner. L. Kusmaulul. NVilhite, M. Drinkwatvr, L. Dalton. G. Garrisorrxl- Kaeekell, R. Grieshaberul. Nluekenthaler, R. Russell. G. Roach. Semin! Rutu: K. Thorneul. Boline. B. Baltz. G. Cooper. li. Redman. Y. linos. S. Wlilker. G. Ring, S. Mellcnbrueh. M. Mauderlv. XV. Harrell. B. Anton. M. Satterlield. OFFICERS Pmvidrnt ......, Vzrf'-Pre.s'1'r1rnf, . . Svtirelary ,.... Treasurer. . . Future Business Leaders of Ameriea is an orga- nization for students interested in the business field. This year, the local chapter had 126 members. lvlonthlv meetings were held throughout the year. The meetings were devoted to problems and other things of interest in the field. Tours were taken to several business establish- ments. These included a tour through the Hallmark . . . . ,Christa Thompson . . .Garland Garrison . . ,Roberta Cummins . . . . .Elmer Hedrick Greeting Card Company in Emporia and the Cary Salt Kline in Hutchinson. The State FBLA Convention was held on the Emporia State Campus in Nlareh, with the loeal Chapter acting as host chapter. Several members of the organization attended the National Convention in Dallas, Texas during June. l"n.tf Rnnz' Y. Hiett. P. Stevens. N. Stambaeh. Martin. P. Bailey. P. Parker. Stormont. L. lirickson. lf. Lcclwith. li. Brooke. Xl. Lc'nz.LI. Evans. G. Nlaxwcll. Stm111flfffzt'.' D. Nlelieever. L. Srhlappi. l". Gaddis. C. Carl. Nl. Pl2'iller'. R. Swearingen. R. Sitlman. P. Truitt. D. Davis, K. Wil- son. B. Weir, P. Salmon. G. Razor, ff. Gamble. Nl. Dufford. L. .-X. Hudson, L. Hudson. B. lohnson, XY. Fujii. Tlzml lt'un': H. Kohlman, G. Wilson, C. Hopkins, R. Volker, R. Salto. D, Buss. J. Barber, R. Paige. R. Burns. C. Trower. D. Robinson, D. Hanson, .-X. Bolton. C. Buckley. G. Smith. B. Vaughn. B. Knacller. R. Souls. lfnil lffmx' li. Nlcfiill. R. lluckwall. Y. Iloldren. li. Wveir. C. lluvklc-5, S. NN'alkc'r. Cf. Cignnhle, R. St'l1t'ibe. H. Baehr, R. Russell. H. Cannon. .S'trw1ullt'fm',' C, BI'LlCl'it't'Il.-I. Mt-lton. B. Anton. li. lialtx. Ittrner. B. Ifagq. li. llunshee. C. lqhonipson. R, finnnnins. CS. Cfooper, I3. Nlcllonald. lflllff Run" li. l,t'clxxith, NV. Iiuiii, ll. Garrison. R. Soultz R. NYJQIICY. I.. lillis. I.. Slit-plierd. R. Prit-stley, ll, Cooke. I"ffztrI!1 limit ll. Knox, K. Allen. X. Ross. Nlehe. l'. Snnth. O. Heck. Ix. Martin. l'. XX'hit:-nian. Pl OMEGA Pl OFFICERS l'w.x'1'flf'nl ...... ,............ ..,. S h irley Wlalker I'I1It't'-PT6.YlIlIIF7lf. . . S6'U'K'fKlf1' ...... 'I' 1'a'11.r1n'N . . . Pi Omega Pi. honorary business fraternity, began the year with a pictnie held in eollztlboration with Fl5I,fX for all business students on the ranlpus. A eollee hour was held for alumni at ITIOIHCCUIIIIIIQ. Other activities during the year were a field trip 34 . . .Charles Buckley . . ,Carol Gamble . , .Beverly XN'eir to Kansas City and work on the I,. A. Park Scholarship. A semi-forinal banquet was held i11 May lor all Pi Omega Pi Inelnbers and their guests. A year book, Mu Pi Omegan, was published under the direction ol Glenna Cooper. assisted by Nlary Ann Fulton. X .au S xg 1 Fin! Ruin' Billv Shumatc, Don E. Davfs, Headg Anne M. Goebel. Sffllfld Row: Clifton B. Hull, Alvin li. Morris,Jan1Cs N. Buchanan, Andrew Clark. C7 1: wfglwf? ,S . 1, .S--vt. A I :F-f-'..g: . Y Y W , QW f M , Film' Holtz' A. Blackini. Nl. Pfeiffer. l,. Coonev. Xl, Mauderlv, li. lYheat.J. XN'elton, G. George, D. Nielsen, li. Ham. C. llansen. Srrfmfl limi-1 D. Kinosliita. G. Kaclovaina. S. llollingerxl. Boline, C. Hughes. Cl. Throm. R. Stem. Nl. lfowler. li. Ott, A. Turek. llklones,-I. llolclsxvorth. Thmf Runx' B. Kimble. YY. Fujii, R. Ritkev, P. llolline. Uillaspie, B. Shriner, Xl. Lockhart. l., Perry, fl. Larkin, ll, Sanborn. ll. lllackim, l'. llross. D, Mickey, D, Hill. li. Krause. ll. Roelirman, G. Post. OF AMERICA J. YN'arkentin. K. Martin. The Herbert G. l,ull chapter of the Future Teachers of America is the Emporia State professional organization for students preparing to teach. The group met monthly in the Student Union. The purpose ofthe organization is to promote interest in professional organizations of teachers and to give insight into the profession itself. This year's program was built around the theme MFTA Forges Ahead' i Approximately 300 students were members of the local chapter. Among the chapter's activities is the sponsorship ofthe Roosevelt High School FT.-X Club. Information was supplied to other interested high schools, At Christmas. three limporia families were adopted. lN1embers brought gifts to be wrapped for these families to the December meeting. Qther programs included a talk on professional relations by Dr. Carljames. a square-dance and the annual spring banquet. The Emporia State group was host at the state convention earlv in April. lfziril lfrmx' C, Gamble, ll. Weir. R, llovt. Nl, Brooks, S. Schwilliiigul. Pinder, N. Hinckley. l, Har- per. N. Sherman. CI. llutchcraft. .S'f'm11f1' Ron" S. Ulall-zcr. ff. lirackcen. li. l.eclwith, C. Thomas. K l.awrenc'e. K. XYilson, Vrigziiirl. N. l.ollar. Cl. Randel. Him! Rott? R. Brooks, B. Swover. Schulze. ll Keefe. l". Xvaterlvtirv. ll. Rcusser. li.Sl1onp. S. Xlzinka. P. Xlassey, Fniulli limi" P Riddle.-1. Sinclair. ll. Wiallacc. ll. liohlman. Il. fXlcFadden. S. Roth. H. l'ierc'e.J. Atkinson, B. Scheibe. my Fm! lffmn' AX. Kroslty, ll. llruekelman. li. Slmmiite. ll. Yeroda.-1. Yan clllllily, l'. llziyes. Cl. llen- nigh. K. Dillman, ll. llayis. S. XX'agner. S1't'HIlllll,YIIA'.' XY. Hawks. R. Swezxriingeihj. Ritter, M. Chu'- roll. K. Aelai. C. Selllll. l.. lltirt. N. Rost. Nl. llotwn. C. Deeker. Nl. lll1'lll. li. Morris. 'll11rfllt'1m'.' ll. lirinkinan. K. fXl1trtin. P. lierqerliotise.-I. .Xtkinson. S. Vvztlkt-1'. Nl. XN'gtsc'1niller. l". Claingel, ll. l'lleot'k. lf. l"rinti Nl. Raitor. lfwztrflz Kurt" l'. Nt-wkirk. S. Holier. CQ. ffratwlord. lil, lilgultint. S. Stnithson. R. Oyeriielcl. ll. Seheilue. K. llc-ssler, ll. XYheat. B. XXI-ir. KAPPA DELTA PI OFFICERS Presidml ...... ....,. ,..., ..,.... P a t Hayes V ive Prf?.s'1'rlf'nl. . ..,. Dwann Veroda Serrffrzry .,.. . . Joyce Van Gundy Trmszmfr. . . . .Gladys Hennigh Kappa Delta l'i is the national honorary educa- tion fraternity. A tea was held early in the year lor education majors and minors. Thirty-one new ments hers were initiated lirst semester. The organization. in Conkjunetion with FTA. held a tea in honor ol' the Nlaster Teacher Award winners. 38 'liwenty-one new members were initiated seeond semester. Klernhers of the fraternity are selected from the upper 2095 ol' the junior. senior and graduate elasses. Uther faetors taken into eonsideration are proliessional promise, personality and leadership ability. 'S' W i S 2 at l XYith the help of student li'ill'lll'I'S. second grade children entertain their mothers at zi 1621. STUDENT TEACHING Two laboratory schools on the campus, Roose- velt High School and Thomas VV. Butcher Childrens School, provide practical experience for those students planning to enter the teaching field. In these schools the student teacher meets many of the situations with which he will be confronted in the field. A teacher does not spend all this time in class- room work, although this is the main facet of his pro- fession. Other things, such as meeting parents, telling stories, and directing plays, are all an intregal part of the teacherls life. 4:4 ' .uf ski S YA i, 'nl ...L If Student teachers illustrate a story with a flannelgraph board. A scene from Il -junior Gilson production. Emglbs 1.517 I0 Righfjcrry P. lmilmmrm, Ralph Daggvtl, fllmrlc-s ll. Wlullon, Robert Sll02lI't'l' LCS Steimctz, l'lvc'l'1'lt Rirll, Ileadg Pauline llCIKl1'l'SUIl. Neil Fryer, 'l'hQ0flo1'c' C Owen, Vida Askew, Crm-n VVyrick, Richard Roahen, Robert Hughes. Glen New kirk.4junelIac:k Nlorgun. I: 'nf Language, Lay? In Rzghi: D, R. Travis, Minnie Miller, Hcadgj. R. Aiken, SPANISH CLUB lfml linux' T. XYist'liropp. A. Harrison. K. Hughes. G. Strader. S. Wiagner. Nl. Eniswilcr. Llkloliiisoii. S. Spears. Nl, Nlillcr. SI'UIII1ffefIi1'.' D. Chavez. KI. Arnold. K. Aikens. R. King. R. Pascua. C. lTl1ll'lN'I'2llll, S. Robertson. 'Hurd Rnzw: D. Travis. Y. True. Holer, Nl, Sny- der. lf. Sletgast. C. Roberts, R. Olson, OFFICERS Prf'.fz'11'enI ,,,.... Marbeth Emswiler l"1'cff-Pre.s'1'e1'rnf ,...... Gerry Strader Sfrrfffrzfm' ,,.. , ...... Sue Spears Trm.x'1zrfr. , . . . Jerrylohnson OFFICERS There are two organizations on the campus for students wishing to increase their knowledge of Spanish. The Spanish Club is open to all students. During the past year its members enjoyed a chili supper and a pinata party besides games, songs, and speakers. Latin American students provided extra opportunity to learn about Spanish culture with such programs as Spanish dances. Sigma Delta Pi is a national honorary fraternity for advanced Spanish students selected on the basis of scholarship and ability. Delta Theta chapter was or- ganized this year on campus. lVlenibers of the fra- ternity are Pat Halbowcr, Shirley Wagner, Kathy Hughes, Geraldine Strader, Ted Wiischropp, Ann Har- rison, hlarbeth limswiler. and Mzirgaret Fowler. FRENCH CLUB Pnandezzi .....,... Ted Wischropp lfvl-Cl'-PTI'.YIlflf'llf ...... W'illiam Eplar Sz'z'rffl11r1'- TfF!l.YIl7l'f. .Barbara lWoore The special feature of the French Club this year was the French Christmas dinner at which Dr. Vernon French of Washbum University showed pictures of Eu- rope. Mr. Robert Shearer talked to the club in French at one meet- ing. The purpose of the club is to speak French and foster interest in France. 42 F1151 Rom' M. Mille1', V. llortonul. llc licrry, T. W'iscliropp, li. Moore, VV. Flplar, S, Choice P. YN'right, ll. Travis, S1't'IIlll1'RI1I4".' R. Bateman, K. llughcs, li. Splitter. P. Balch, D. Had 3 lock, XV. l yle. K, Ulmer, ll. llctter. 'llmrl linux' A. Smith. R. Mabry. F. Turpin, Sudei man. P. Stevens, C, .'Xbbott,lI. Mulinex, R. Kr-rwirk. Honwg ' 1,50 lu Rzlghff Berniccc Kelsey, Thcdu Ashley, Marian NVilson, Kathryn W'hiltcn, lieaci. 43 1:17.81 Rnzicj. blillcr, D. Nielson. C. blanda, C, Larkin, N. Lfniclenstock, B. Wlheat. K, Whitten. B, Brinkman. .S'z'rur1fI l?u1f': K, XYilson,xI. YYilliams. Ci. Cooper. G. Jacob. Y. Long,-I. Grieder, S. Tector, XY, Harrell, G. Lvhrirh. Thmf Rozufvl. Smith, li. lfleining. l', Smith, KI, Tayloruj. Kochner, G. George. Evans. Cl. Wilson, A. Blackim. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB OFFICERS PTF,i'Z-!1l'77f .,... .,.,......,.,.. C fharlene Larkin Vzrf'-Pnfs1'rlf'nf. . , . , .Dorothy Nielsen Szfrfflarit ...... ........ B ettv VV heat T7l'1l.8'llr'FT. . . , . .Nancy Umdenstoek 'fn 'i..-+"'+ ..- 44 The purpose of the monthly Home Economies Club meetings was to draw together those interested in Home Economies. The annual pienie for new majors and minors and other interested persons began the year's activities. At Christmas, a party for underprivileged children was sponsored by the club. In March sixteen members and two sponsors represented the local elub at the state meeting.An initiation breakfast brought activities to a close in the spring. At this time the senior mem- bers were initiated into the American Home Economics Association. Grace George takes her turn setting the table in Home Manage- mcnt Class. 'llcn girls lived in the home Ill2lIl2lgi'IllK'lll quarters on cainpus :luring various times ofthe yeai tniaf, Lfffi to Rzghl: Harold Wbods, Norman R. Ashbaugh, Elbert Barn hart, Headg Dale Hogargjack Irwin. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Fm! Nmw: Ii. Mcllonalclul. Irwin, R. Un1bargcr,.I.Jenkins, I., Adt-ll. P. liross, N. Ashbaugli. IJ, Yarnci, II. Yoshinobu. .S'z'rm1fl' lfuziz' D. ZIIIIIIIKTIIIZIII. 'If Lusc. IC. Allcnclcr, K. Fcltnerul. Gladdcn, II. lDcI'ricst. R. llawtly. R. Sornmers. II. Iillon. 'll11rflRuat':J. XXICIIIIIIZIIIII. D. Hill, Dxlohnson, G. .Xtlit-rly. Y. Klisali. R. Wlatcrs. R. Scliellliaincr. R. Yolland. NI. Langrclir. R. Shcrlcy. OFFICERS P7'F.YZiIft7IZf ...... ,....,....., . . .Bob Umbarger Vlic?-P7'f'A'Z'1f1'Ilf. . , , , ,John Jenkins Swrzfffzry .,,.. . . .Glen Atherly Trmszzrfr. . . . ,Glen Brings This year thc Industrial Arts Club was reacti- vatcd after becoming inactive during Wvorld W'ar II. Nleinbership in the club is open to all majors and minors. The purpose of the organization is to broaden the rncrnbers social and educational contacts. At Christmas. thc club donated a basket to a 46 needy family. Highlighting the year's activities was the exhibition of club sponsored projects at the national convention ofthe American Industrial Arts Association which was held in Kansas City. A large group attended from the local club. EPSILON PI TAU OFFICERS Pnhyirlent . ...,.. . ,...,.. Wlayne Eye Vice-President ...... . . .Earl Allender Secretagz-Treasurer. . . . . .Don Varner I-'ml Rout' Bariihart,-I. Irwin. N. .-Xshbaugh. D. Yarner. li. .-Xllcnder, XY, l'lye,lI,A NYcin- mann, ll. Hogan. H. XN'oods. Sf'rm1filfmt'.' Nl. Bodine, R. Dawdy,A. Shzilker, D. ZIIIIITILT- inan, Lett-llit-r. hi. l.angrehr, R. Uinh1irger.E, lN'lcDonalcl. E, Ott. .1711-Ill Rom' Sack- Illklll, l.. Klcl.aughlin,lI. lXlc'rrilicld. YY. Smelscr. ll. Hill, l.. Muller. Fomffz Ruzt':N1. Stucke, XY. Nelson. XY. Nlitchell, R. Yansicklc, P. liross. ll-IUl1I1SOI'l. K. Lcnkc. Alpha Epsilon chapter of Epsilon Pi Tau was iIi21lCd iDlO U16 Org2lr1iZ2ltiOr1 this YCZIF. organized on this campus April 12, 1949. Purposes The fraternity has chapters on more than of the national industrial arts fraternity are to pro- fifty college and university campuses in the United mote skill, social and professional proficiencyg and States and Canada. The total membership is now research in industrial arts. lN1ernhcrship in the or- more than 9,000 ganization is by invitation and is hased upon high E. L. Barnhart and R. D. Hogan are CO-truS- scholastic standing. Eleven new nicrnhers were in- tees of the local chapter. Z 47 Lu, S' First Row: Ruth Hanson, Gertrude Lemon, Orville L. Eaton, Head Irene Hansen, Harriet Elcock. Second Row: Ada Hodgson, Ralph A Fritz, Rolland Alterman, Charles Pugh, Esther VanderVelde. ELSIIQ PINE LIBRARY CI.I,'B-Fzrvl Rum' C. Pugh, G. Lemon. U, Ifaton, I. Hansen, R. Fritz. D. Ileidebrecht. I.. Castl. M. Salto, IN'interstein, P. Reynolds, C. Messenger. Smnzd Rnztu' A. Hodgson. R. lrey. N. Root. I.. Tanimoto, Ii, Vander Vclde. II. Iilcock. B. Ivey, V. Dillon. A. Dible. Thin! lffmx' NI. Kettner, C. Turner, I.. Wallin, Ci. Leapley. C311-well. D. Wiley, R. Glens. R. Wills. Y. Haning. S, Hctrick. The Elsie Pine Library Club activities were planned to enable students in the Library Science De artment to meet to ether in an informal atmos- P 3 phere. Officers of the club during first semester were I.eRov Gastl. resident and Dorothy Heidebrecht. , P . secretary-treasurer. who relinquished TI'1C1I' duties to Gertrude Jewell and Marylou Salto for the second half of the year. Among the social activities were two picnics and the annual Christmas party. Highlights of various meetings included a hook review and informal talks about library topics presented by special speakers. Faculty sponsors are Miss Irene Hansen and Dr. Ralph Fritz. OFFICERS PfFA'l-I1I67lf ...... r.................. J olene Pinder I"'Il'L'1'-Pffjlfdfflf. . . . . .Mary Ann Fulton Sfrrelrzg' ...... ...... J oann Ritter Trffflxurgr, , , . . .Sweitflllgell Keeping in mind always their ideals of scholarship. literary achievement. leadership and friendship. the members of Omega Literary Society enjoyed a sue- cessful year of interesting and enioyable meetings. Each year the club chooses a special project. This YCZIIRS was 21 Christmas party for the children of the Spanish mission. The annual banquet for members and alumnae was held in May. OMEGA-Fzrsl Razr: G. Lc:n1on.xI. Pinder,J. Ritter, A. Harrison. R. Swearingen, M. Fulton, li. Dunshce,J. Griedeigkj. Cowan. Smmd Row: K. Splitter. .-X. Abbott. B. Hunt. A. Moser. Smithson. K. I-Iughes. R. Lane. P. Hayes. Third Raw' P. Balch. N. Rost. Holloway. S. Thompson. XI. McAuliffe. S. Choice. G. Hennigh. D. IN'etzler. M. Collinge. K, Slentzuj. Stark. Fin! Row: Oscar Peterson, Headg Charles B. Tucker, Vernon Shef- field. Second Row: Lester Laird, John Burger, George Downing Dwann Veroda. 1 First Row: C. Tucker, L. Laird, C. Tucker, V. Sheffield. Serond Row: D, Pruitt, P, Spohn, D. Cross- white, K. Hearn, O. Peterson, R. Nelson, K. Allen,J. Wiebe, D. Lind, D. Markham. KAPPA MU EPSILON OFFICERS President ...... ............. ..,. J o hn Atkinson Vz'ce-President. . . .... Ceorge Blodig Secretagf ..... . . .Dwann Veroda Treasurer, . . .... Verlyn Unruh Kappa Mu Epilon is a national mathematics society for undergraduate students. The Kansas Beta Chapter was founded in 1932. It is one of fifty chap- ters in the United States. Qualifications for member- ship are based on scholarship and interest in Math- ematics. There were 46 active members on the campus this past year. During the year, the chapter held three initiations, a Christmas party, a picnic, and several programs by students, faculty, and outside speakers. Thirteen mem- bers of Kansas Beta attended the National Convention of KME at Pittsburg, Kansas, this year. The local chapter of the society has the distinction of being the only chapter which has two past national presidents. Professor Charles B. Tucker is immediate past presi- dent, heading the organization from 1951 to 1955. Dr. OJ. Peterson held the office from 1941 to 1943. Other faculty members are Professor Lester Laird, Professor Vernon Sheffield, Professor Phil Cook, Pro- fessor John Burger, and Professor Ruth Otterstrom. 5 . Firs! Rufus D. Trowbridge, D. Veroda, G. Blodig,xI. Atkinson, Y. Unruh, R. Chatham, M. Holtferich. Sfconrl Row: C. Trauthul, Ring, I.. Blackul. Bishop. WY. Davidson. F. Madaus, D. Dupont, 51 MATHEMATICS CLUB l"1rxl Ifmu' I.. Laird, O. Peterson, C. Tucker, M. Macy, K. Shaw, D. Pruitt. H. Bohm ,C. Lehman Cf. 'I'uckrr. SITUIIIII Roux' Atkinson. D. Trowbridge, L. Bulmer. K. Bell, B. I"CFgl1SOTl,ll. Riclizircls, N. Nlzilusqiivz. M. Pziscuzil, V. Sheffield. Third Rum: G. Blodig, C. Lang, M. Holtfrerich. V. Unruh. K. Hearn, D. Moritz , R. Chatham, D. Markham, V. Dewey. Fuurtlz Raw: I.. Black. I", Mzidz N. Yoclc-r, R. Wlright, P. Spohn. C. Trauth, D. Segraves, D. Lind. l"1fU1 Row: A, SCIIZIIIKCIQKI. Ring I1 Vvroclu,-I. Bisliop. R. Nelson. L. lVIcKinney,D. Crosswhite. Two inzillieiiiutiu students dis- play their projects. CFFICERS Presiden! ..... ........... . . .Karen Shaw Vz'ce-Preszllent. . . . . .Carl Lehman Serrelary. ..... . . .Mary Macy Treaxurer ...................... Harold Bohm IUS 1 C sry. Q 2 .. 4 ,. M Mem' 'Q ff' LM lo Rzghl: Robin W'o0d, F. G. Welch, Head: Keith Caywood, Melx'in Long, 'Nil- liam Schnitzer, E. IJ. Fish, Don McCullough. M Q ,jam K-CLUB Fin! Ruztwj. Rossillon, M. Selby, C. Baumgartner, D. Boline, A. Calloway, H. Thompson. Second Raw: L. Millard, D. Dupont, R. Decker, C. Rogers, D. Horiuchi, E. Uyeshiro, F. Gangle. Third Row: Keltner, D. Utter, N. DeWerf, V, Nelson, L. Ginoza, D. Bliss. Fourth Row: D. Blow,xI. Hayes, N. Holthouse,J. Smith, M. Marsland, B. Ford. OFFICERS Preszdent ........ .............,.. ....... D i ck Utter Vice-Presz'a'en! ..... .......,... .,... C h arles Rogers Secretmy- Treaxurer. . . K-Club is an organization composed of men who have earned letters in varsity athletics. The club's purpose is to promote athletics and a healthy school spirit on the campus. This year K-Club carried on various activities. Larry Cowley James Cross Bill Dickey William Elrod Kenneth Faerber Gary Feasel Jerry Graham Max Hayen Bob Heaney Ronald Heibert 54 . . . . .Francis Gangel These included the sale of traditional freshman beanies, K-Club alumni breakfast at Homecoming, sponsoring buses to basketball games and sponsoring two scholar- ships for freshmen. Lettermen not pictured include: Jerry Hollembeak Norman James Gonzalo Javier Kay Jones Lawrence Jones Keith Kells Andrew Kirmer Loren Long Eldon McDonald Duane Mclntire Harold Murray Bill Muckenthaler Loren Obley Robert Oden Carstell Pitts Carl Pugh Floyd Quincy Ernie Raugewitz Don Schrader Frank Spect Albert Tanaka Jerry Teichgraeber Richard Thompson Ector Thyfault Scott Weeks Wayne Williams Bob Medford Ray Velasquez The All-Sports Trophy was awarded to Phi Sigma Epsilon. Individual sports trophies went to AKL for tennisg Hui O' Hawaii, archeryg Sig Eps, bowlingg Night Riders, horseshoesg Phi Sigs, golfg Sig Taus, softballg Hui O, Hawaii, track and fieldg Phi Sigs, swimmingg Sig Taus, table tennis. League trophy winners were Night Riders, Phi Sigs, Fan Dancers, Has Beens, and Hustlers in basketball and for volleyball the Sig Eps and Bombers. In touch football the Has Beens and the Sig Taus were the winners. MEN S INTRAMURALS M :mio Fin! Row: Virgil Person, M. Irene Johnson, Rose Hirschorn, Leopold Liegl. Second Rowsj. Weigand, Albert Schmutzxjohn Fluke, Charles Hendricks, Edwin Stuntz' ner, William Cole, Robert M. Taylor, Headg Leslie Marks. PHI MU ALPHA Fin! lfnwrj. NN'ilhite, R, VVagner, B. Kimble. P. Keller, V. Youngnj. Goode, A. Schniutz. SITIIIIII' Run-: K. Eaton. Schulte, D. Ramsburg, D. Hodgson. R, Mabry. Gujernigan. Third Razr: XY. Hawkey. D. Dempsey, B. Craig, D. Nloore. N. Hafensteinuj, Nlarchel. D. Rollclgll. Shcrbon. lfnzzrllz Raitt' E. Evans, D. Circle. G. Fisher. P. Kiclllaskey. NI, Burch. L. Bays. R. Roehrman. OFFICERS President ..,,.. ,... . ........ . ..,.. P hil Keller Vz'ce-Presidenl. . . .... Vance Young Secretary ..... ..,.... B ill Kimble Treasurer .,.. . . ,Charles Trauth Phi lNf1u Alpha Sinfonia is the men's honorary music fraternity composed of men interested in pro- moting music in America. Thirteen members attended the national con- vention in Cincinnati during the summer of 1956, the largest delegation in the nation. In the spring, this organization again sponsored the Singing Bee, a sing- ing competition of campus groups. The proceeds from this program help finance a scholarship program. INith Sigma Alpha Iota, the Sinfonia sponsored an American c0mposer's program in February. An outstanding project of Phi Mu Alpha is the MCIIIS Chorale, a group of 35 men under the direction of Dr. Albert D. Schmutz, the fraternityas faculty sponsor. The group toured over the state, singing for approxi- mately 8,000 high school students as well as numerous occasions in Emporia, including Singing Bee. 57 MEN'S CHORALE lf f .-,. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA OFFICERS Preszvdenf ....... Mary Ellen Gulick Vice-Prexidenl ....... Nancy Lenhert Secretagf .......... Deanna Cordon Treasurer .......... Carolyn Larson Fz'mfRuz1u' N. Mclntire, C, Larson, M. Uulick, C Stcward. D. Cordon Shand Roux' CI, Clowf' P Sutton, N. Monninger TREBLE CLEF LM to Rzght: Mary Ellen Gulick, Glenda Steward, Susan Schmidt, Nancy Mclntire, Mary Ellen Lackey, Deanna C-ordon,Jean Witt, Carolyn Larson, Shirley Epperly, Florence Halbower, Ellen Dingwall, Carol Clowe, Henrietta Lantzulan Holdsworth, Patti Wrighthloan Lam, Norma Mon- mnger. THE PASTELS The Pastels, student dance band, continued its ated in January. John Williams, bass player, was successful appearances throughout the state. selected as the new leader. lNIembership in the band constitutes a working In addition to its dance dates, the band played music scholarship at E-State. at several convocations and other school activities. Marshall lN1cNutt, the band7s leader, gradu- First Row: D. Ramsburg, M. McNutt, H. Taylor, L. Schlappi, L. Fox, R. Milhon, H. Caldwell. SEUIIIKI' R0w:J. Williams ,C. Blackim. wt Fms MPM! mtblsms 1111- 5NII1IDl11JI1lK' B111111, 111111 Lfl11'Q1 s111111s1 ,Xl11'1-11 C111lI1111111'1'. 1111111' 11s 11111111111 s111'111g1'11111'111'1. SYMPHONIC BAND 'l'l1c 1'l111p1111i11 S11111- Sy111p11o11i1' 11211111 11111111' scv- .X 111111 11111111 11111111 1111111 1116 Sy111p111111i1' 13111111 1'1'11l 11p1111111'a11CCs 1l1is y11111'. l7111'i11g 1X121I'L'l1 1111- 11111111111 pl111'1'1l 111 11111 1111sl1e11J11ll games, 11811461211 1111111611 111111 w11s 111111111 111 six 1i1111s11s UJXXTIS. l3111'111g May 11111 13211111 1111111 11s 11111111111 s111'i11g111111 Ylllll' 11111130115 ir11fl11111f11 111s11'ume111z1l solos with 11111111 1'1'1'1 181111 .-11111111 G1111111l11141'. VCC11 111str111111'11l x'i1'11111s1 a1'c11111p1111i111c11t 111111 l1'll1l1I'i'Cl thc Pastels. 11s g111's1 s11111is1. OPERA -111.111 1.11111. P1111 K111111. 111111 X1LlI'1 11111-11 G11l11111 111 .1 N1'1'Il1' 1111111 BT111- 11111 XL1111 111111 11111 'l'1111'1'," 60 Two l1g111 11111-111s by 6112111-c12lI'lO K1111111111. "'1llll' 'l'11111pl111111"' 111111 "'l'111f 0111 A121111 111111 11111 'l'11ie1" w111'1- 1111- sC111e11 218 1111' 111's1 p1'1111u1'1i1111 1111 11111 111-wly 111'g1111iz1'11 Opera 1Y111'11s1111I1 111 11112 DCfD2lI'1Illl'Il1 111' lXI11sic. T1111 11p11r11s w1'1'1t 111111111211 by 140521- 111111111 Hi1's1'11111'11, 111' 1111' E-S11111' 11111si1' faculty. 11 is 1111111111 111111 1116 11151 p1'111l11111i1111 11111116 01113111 XY11rks11Op will 111'x'1'l11p 111111 1111 21111111211 s1'1'ics 111'11p1r1'1,11i1' O1l1'I'lI1gS 211 1111: 1t11ll1fg1f. 'pkgliml S' Frm! Row: S. W'lnston Cram, Hcadg W'f:lCl0n Baker, Wlarcl Ove-rholt. Sfmrzff Rrmx' W'illiam Cloud, Glenn Crurnlb. Alfred Ericson. l"1f.s'l Rom' A. Ericson, Wh Cloudhl. Bishop, CI. lrauth, B, liiggett, A. Kingul. Millftr. S. Cmnt. SI'I'llf1fIla0li'.'J. Atkinson,-I. Wing, C. Linscy, ll, Pruitt, L, Yerlizicglie, K. Agrelius, D. Hankins. R. lJllI'lC2lIl, K. Hearn. 'l7111r1'l3rfzt'.' P. Spohn. Y. Nelson. R. Yodcr, N. lloltliouse, VV. Uavidson, C. XYislcr, Ring, Goodc. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA OFFICERS Lambda in Wayne, Nebraska. At the convention Dr. PI'1'.Ylilfl77lf ...... .....,,..... . . .Charles Trauth John Burger was elected national secretary and Bill lim"P"'-W-f1'f"17 A-,- H -lvilliam Lissfftl Liggett was elected to the National Student Board of .S'n'1'wfr1r1' ..... ..... . Ann King Directors. 'fn'r1,s'1m'1'. . . . Jim Bishop The meetings ofthe honorary physical science fraternity usually were student presentations. During the summer of 1956, live delegates at- Concluding activity of the year was the annual tcndcd the national conference of liainhda Delta picnic at Peter Pan Park. lilo 5 Hopkins and Dr. S. NYinston Crzun YX.lll'll LIS Li lf'C'Il1I'l'Ii Qll'Ill0IlSlI'2lLCS LION' niakt' it cinder firuiii sugar and sulphuric avid. 62 x., ,x 1 feta . '--.... .FS ,Xi 'PAQCIIOIDQQ LM to Rzghl: W. H. Gray, Louis Fitzgerald, Merritt Sanders, Head Charles Baznik, ocial, ' First Row: Anne Goebel, William Trimmle ,William Seiler, Claude E. Arnett, Head Orville Mosher, Della Warden. Second Row: Leo Redmond, C. Stewart Boertman Edward Calkinsulohn Richards,tI0hn Zimmerman, Wayne Wheeler, Roy Dur ham, Dixon Smith. Pi Gamma Mu, national social science honor fraternity, has as im colors blue for truth and white for light. Its motto is' "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." The three-fold purpose is to in- spire social service to humanity by an intelligent approach to the solution of social problems, to engender sym- pathy toward others with different opinions and institutions by a better mutual understanding and to support existing social science organizations by promoting social ability and atten- dance at meetings. Not pictured are R. Clantril anclxj. Wilson. St-nator lfranl-Q Carlson L'IJIlQI'illllll!ll'N E-State vc Kaya' Cummings. winner ol thi' state Bliss HOP t'onlt'sl, PI GAMMA MU f"1rxf lCmt': ll. Pohl, D. Xlivkvy. li. lmclwitli. YN lxn Jllllm 1 ti 1 s on Smith. S1Hl7lIflellIL'.' R. Un-1'lit-lcl.Ci, laxgc:-I. lflltt S llolti NX Nicnsticlt X XX in o Qpeech, First Row: Howard Holladay, George R. Pflaum, Headg Karl C. Bruder. Serond Rnwrjo Young, Tex Smiley, David Matheny, Del Hilyard. EMPORIA STATE PLAYERS Fzrsl 13rm'.'J. Young. Shirley NN'agner. U. Parker. B. Breukeliiixtiiml. Rossillon. Sl, llenniston. li. Evans. K. Brudcr. SH'fI7Ilf1eUIz'.' S. Price. R. Kelly. Y, Horton. Nl. Bernard. D. Ycat'li.AI, Grieder. C. Wihitson. B. Glover. Tlmfl lfwztz' .-X. King. T. Beattie. ll. Tharp. S. .Xrcher. l". bpdegrali. I Sauder. . lJeBarry. . Bushey. OFFICERS Preszdfnf .,.,., . . .......... ........ J oe Rosslllon Vliff-P7'z?.S'l-dfllf. . , Szwefari' ...... 'freasurer. . . The Emporia State Players presented four plays this year. The Prisoner, The Beautiful People, Tiger At The Gates, and The Crucible. Emporia State Players, campus theater organization, is composed of students who have been seen in E-State productions. Admission to the group is by invitation after the stu- dent acquires sufficient points in acting and prod- uction. lvlembership is maintained by participation in one production a semester. The organization is one of the most active groups on the campus and many people enjoy the results of its members' long hours of work. Usually all the players are involved in every . . . .Betty Breukelman . . .Nlargaret Denniston J .......,.Callritner Eldon llvans production. and all of them serve in some capacity in the production of Curli-QQ. annual variety show. Each spring at the Speech Banquet awards arc presented to the students selected best actress, best actor. and best character actor or actress. This ycar's winners were Julia Bushey. Steve Archer and Paul Bond. Henry Tharp received the award for the best technical work ofthe year as determined by the theater stalli. Judges for this seasons acting awards were lNlrs, Don lngwerson. lXlrs. David hlatheny and lX'lr. Charlts llill. 67 Pl KAPPA DELTA Fzrxl lfuzzx' S. McRill, G. Calahan. D.Jones, Gjohnson, R. Hawk. C. Morrison, ll. Morey, R. Siiearygkl. Cowen. SFl7lVlf1'RHIA'.' D, lVlartin,J..1ernigan,J. Cortez, lil. Sehellingcr. D. Nlatheny. D. lilackiin. lf. Smith. R. Priestly, P. Hawkins, lf. Baldwin. G, Mangan. H. Holladay. GFFICERS Prm'1'r1'z'nl ..,.. ......., .... D a ve Blackim Vmf-I'rm'1'1lffnl ...... .... I fred Smith S1'm'!f1U'- Trmsimfr. . . . .Jenelle Cowen Pi Kappa Delta, honorary forensic fraternity held its 20th biennial national convention in Brookings. D. in April. The local chapter, Kansas Zeta. was well represented. Local winners at the convention included Don Nlartin and George Man- gan, superior rnenis debate: Nancy Rost, superior women's extempg Paul Hawkins, superior men's discussiong superior men's sweepstakesg Delores Jones and Nancy Rost, excellent women's debateg Jesse Cortez. excellent nien's oratory and excellent XVOIHCIINS sweepstakes. Eleven new inemlaers were initiated into Kansas Zeta this year. Dave Blackim, Nancy Rost, Paul Hawkins, Don lN4artin and George Mangan re- ceived awards of Special Distinction in Pi Kappa Delta. COI1Y1'IlllOIl. 68 Debalers voicing their opinions during dehatt-r's WonwrZ'PkgAi1:aL ' -9--1-my--1 ,,,...,.-..-a ,m,,,,,,.....m.. ,,,,,,,,,,...,m--wv- ,Jar--'1""""""" LQH to Rzghl: Kathleen Fox, Freddie Jones, Edna McCullough, Head: Dorothy Martinuleanne Galley. 69 Fm! Razr,-: Amelia San Romani, Ann Dwclle, Patti Vfilson, Sally Reeder, Sandra Roy, Shirley Knoutt, Georgia Kelley. Sffwrz1lR0:1'.' Mary Lou Belt, Laura Randels, Frankie Turpinnlaniee Smith. Jenelle Kenniman ,Carolyn Carlot, Sally Choice, Nancy Keazer, Carman Seibert, Carol Allen, Gail Turner, Carolyn W'ebb, Third Row: Kathleen Fox, sponsorgtlanet Barton, Pat Nlarston. Evelyn Lang, Sondra Shepherdhjudy Welton,Jean Wertz, Mildred Lalsorge, Betty Kistner, Glenda Razor, Cheryl Jameson, jackie Green, Bark Row: Joyce Gill, Barbara Welsh, Betty Ulu Duncan, Carol Seibel, Geniva lX1illc-rr, Sarah McGrill, Mary Lentz. Sue Griffith, Carolyn Loekliarrljanet Yost, Arnydell Rowan, Carol Throni, Donna Bicknell. SIGMA PI SIGMA Leading the pep club in supporting the teams were -Don! 7'UlL'.' Patti Wilscili , Sally Reeder, headg Sandra Roy. Back Rrzztu' Amelia San Romani, Georgia Kelley, Ann Dwelle, Shirley Knouft, OFFICERS President ................ Ailene McKee Secretary- Treasurer. .Shirley Kruckenberg Alpha Beta is the honor society for Women's Physical Education. Require- ments are 1.5 average in general aca- demic work and 2. average in physical education and health. The members must bejuniors. The purpose is to pro- mote scholarship and professional atti- tude among the women ofthe physical education department. The major project was Alpha Beta Bulletin which is an alumna news bulletin to all former graduates in W.P.E. OFFICERS President ,.,.........,.... Rhonda Rath Secretagz- Treasurer ...... Beverly Cooper Approximately twenty mermaids, who enjoy acquatic activities, made up the Splash Club. Throughout the year, the group worked on synchronized swim- ming, which was culminated with a demonstration before the Physical Ed- ucation Club during its April meeting. The theme of the show was Seasons. To close, demonstrations of strokes and stunts used in rhythmic swimming were shown. ALPHA BETA i First Row: M. McKee, B. Wheat, M.AWasemiller, S. Kruckenberg, K. Knapp, N. Carson. Second Row' V. Horton, G. Gile, N. Umdenstock, P. Manges, B. Beau- champ,j. Galley. SPLASH CLUB Sealed: A, McKee, Y. Martinez, B. Romine,j, Bailey, V. Beck. L. Randels, K Calloway, B. Cooper, M. Landis. R. Rath, N. Keazcr, P. Amsrud, H. Cox, C Miscr. Slandzngj. Galley. 71 RHYTHMIC CIRCLE OFFICERS PI'l'.S'I-!ff'IIf ..,,...., , . . .Ii21I'21IYI1 Agrclius .S'1'1'N'!11f1'- 'Tff'II.YIlI'6'7', .,...,. Denise Dehler 117 ICU... S. IXIIIUIIIII. X. .XIJI111ll, S. IIIIIUIIIIJSUII. IJ. .XcIai1'. I. 51111111-rs. Ii. IIllIlI'L'I'. 511111111 l1'fm'.' ID, IJL'IIIl'I'. Ii, II1111l, I', IX-1'1mxxi1svI1. NI, IJHISHII. lf1111fl1'm1'.' I". Ram-s. K, .Xgrc-li11s. I"..I1111n's. l.XI1'Cfl11isl3. N. II1lII'IlSI4'Ill, Rl1y1I1111i1' Cfirclc' c'c111sis1s c1I'1I1c1sc' sl11cIc111s who C1111'Ii-CQ. a1111uaI variety shun. ZIIAP i11tc'1'cs1ccI 111 LIZIIILT. .-X110tI1c1' activity of rhc o1'ga111Zatio11 is touring Ihr' 1111111 J is kc at vcrx' Inusx' 1I11'c111ffI1o11t thc' Kansas hifh schools and Jmvidirlf 310 1111115 of dance. . I . , m . 1 . svhool ycar c'111c1'1a111111g x'a1'1o11s 0I'Q'L1IlIZ2lIlOIlS. IIN' 'I'I1v .AXIIIILIZII Sprmg Co11C61't closed a sumtessful group pc-1'I'r11'1111-cl Im' 1l1c' gow-1A11u1' 2lIlCI UIIICI' stair oil yc'a1' for thc group. .. . ,. IICIZIIS. IQIIYIIIIIIIC' C111'c'I1' 111c'111IJv1's also p111'11c'1patO 111 1X s11'111' 1111111 1I1r' .XIIIILILII S111'i11QCI11 3 WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB OFFICERS Prz'.s'z'de'nf. . .Betty Beauchamp l"1ir1'-PN.x'z'a'f'1zl. Nelda Windsor S1'rn'!r1U'- Treaszmfr ,..,...,... Sharlyn Lesser The XVPE Club is com- posed of physical education majors and minors. The pur- pose of the club is to promote leadership, p ro fe s s i o n al growth and social relation- ships. The monthly meetings consisted of picnics, sports night, a Christmas dinner and presentation of class and facultv stunts, modern dance and Splash Club demon- strations. travel talk and guest speakers. l'wIv7'Xf Raitt' C. Uilc. B. Ylihomas. li. Beauchalnp. D, Nlartin, K. Fox. lf. xlt'cl0ll0Ugll.J. Ga llev F -jones, Barton. S. Lesser. K. Knapp. .S'1'z'u11f1' Roux' B. XX'heat. hi. Xv2lSCIlllllCV. D. Cliavcz. P. Nlurrav. XY. Lee. BI. Becker. L. Randels. XY. Lander. ll. Sanner. C. Xlrfihristv. IJ. Zschcilc P. 'l'ruitt.il'.llunl. S. Jones. 'll11rflRfm"J. XYaclsworth. l . Xlangcs. C. Johnson. H. Cox. P, .Xinsr A nd. X. Beck. lNlI'llL'kCIllJCFg. P, Nloorc. B. Dillman. N. L'IIlKlf'IlSl0L'l'i. .X. San Romani.J. Sisson. N, Kea- zcr. Fozzrlli Rfmx' N. Carson. Bailev. S.Ciannctt. iNI.XlL'Kcc. Saito. Nlllikllllil. Y. llortt Enos. K. Myers. R. Burdick: S. Rhoadcs. Nl. Sage. i 4 WRA BGARD mn. X. 1'wI7.lfRfIit'.' U Xlartin. lf. iXIc'Collough. KI. XX'asemiller. ll. Cox. S. S2iIlIlt'l'.J. liesleryll. Nakama. li. Barnes. Sffrfnn! Irma' D. Vttxlt-r'. L. Randcls. R Nloorcxl. lI2!IllIllCFSIH2iI'li. XXYEiClSNV0I'lll, S. Lesser, N. Carson. 15. Uillman. G, Gilt-ul. liarton. OFFICERS The XN'omen's Recreation Association Board directs or spon- sors Rhythmic Circle, Splash Club. Sigma Pi Sigma and in- 1ff'51df'7f-, ---A4- -'----A- ' M 4 --'4 51111115 5411120 tramurals lor women on campus. IVIITF-PTF.SilIfl'lIf. . . .,.... Helen Cox SI'67'?fll7Z1'. .,... , ..... Jane Besler Trerzszwcr .... .... J oycc Nakama 73 First placzc went to Alpha Sigma Tau. They were followed by the Independents. Morse Hall won third place. -ff-W' WOMEN'S INTRAMURALS M., 3fSP 3 W Dr. Nathan Budd and Miss Vida Askew at E the Factilty Recognition Dinner. Peggy Xx72lllCIk, queen of the freshman Vlass, and her atteticitiiils, Phyllis Moors- und Blarjoric Bulkley. r Y rhf ir fx K ir. A swine firurn thc' Filflllli Recognition UintiCt'. pw - I, R X 2. A-,TQ -5 5 -.gg 4!-gn-1., -A gfgg , f H ..--... I t uf-1 If , , Q PEGGY PEDAGQG 3 JAN MCGREGOR Delta Zeta CAMILLE DOLSKY PATTIE HUNT Alpha Sigma Tau Sigma Sigma Sigma MRS. JACLYN DuPONT PEGGY PED.-XGOG-1956 Independent PHYLLIS DAISY KINOSHITA Alpha Sigma Alpha Pi Kappa Sigma AND FIVE ATTENDANTS 79 A 1122? ,V M if , 44' ""--.f HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES .J ,Q N0 .- W., ,. l95Ii "I'cggy I'ccIzigog"JaClyn DuPont is cimwiicd by husimiid Divk DuPont. Horiiccoiiiiiig Qll4'lTIljk1C'If'H prcscnls thc' I"ii'si Iiliicc .-Xward iii Open Cfliiss to Howard Yosiiinolxii, i'i'pi'c'- scritiiig Huwiiiizm Club, Kluiirl of Ian-antics watch an exciting play in the Homecoming Gaiiiv. The girls are Camilc Dulskv. Pauli Hum, Daisy KiriosIiiLo, f2'IJC't'lllJk1l'IYI'l DuPont,Janct Mciircgoiz and Phyllisjenscri, '1 'Una-Fr Q' Q , . , ,QF N W-xx K K LQ, H -ka ' XAW' Il 1.1 Arg we ., L- Ni y ........QW - -Nf'T"""""T'fEif , .. WH, .M:m,a5.raiuma?ie 3--. xi I 33 fwiwg, Russ Carlyle, vocalist Fran Clarke and a band member sing during the Homecoming Dance at Civic Audi- torium. HCMECOMING DANCES Homecoming Queen Jaclyn DuPont and husband Dick DuPont enjoy dancing to Russ Carlyle's music. The Cell Block 7 entertain at an all-school dance during Home- coming, The Russ Carlyle Orchestra which furnished music for alums and students at thc Homecoming Dance. ,+.. W' ,Q . ' x x V ,VJ n Qi in nX1 V -, 'Ie bf. 9 -ps A 5' x I f. 1' NGS A! X, Q. x ,p .9 1. I is . O 'Ol 'V 1 'HDV-H-'. ,, Kfmw GUNS 'rm DUNK M DGNUY XQE 41 Imam" Sigma Tau Ciurllrna. First plat: f1I'21lCFI'lilj fliX'iSillIl, l,f'f?.' Sigma Phi lipsilun. SCCUTICI plum ln ihxlcrnity division. lm'r'luzf': Hzmuiiuxx fflulr. First in :rpm-11 rlnss A JV4 .,.., .W , N , fi Vs, ' VZ, . -w.4.W.:m-r'A.:A ,. 3 '- ' 1. E' Q" If ww mf xx gf. M ,E mf ,V r-TUAW I ,g' "Y -A I ..- ' , ', ' STATE I' Q , v THEATRE, . 1 Q, gg' 0.25fv?'f', l ' "'-- ' " fQ Qf fQff M W AM 1 , f 1 , f THE BELL ,ww ' 1' 4 Q Malek gg if v gfs f,,. J t. UGUIN X N5 3" ' x , TA . , ,V sfmmerwc my WMS , - , ,. ,rs , WE .Z 4422 :xg V, 'J . , , QQQHURNET 4 ,ww . ? , Q' x l l Ahniv: Morse Hall. Second in open class, Rilgflf: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Second in su- rorily division. Iiwlwzf-.' Alpha Sigma Tau. First in sorority division. f fi ,a ff Q' ifgvi ' shams? 4554 "-fw-....,, Clurli-fl Danvvrs n'ryhuciy's Elifllllfllt' Syl'TlI7h0lliC Clmir .h K - -fp, . ,S An Old Emporia Landmark . X - s JJ 6 Finale The ninth annual Clui'li-Q again delighted record-breaking audiences consisting of alumni, faculty, students, and townspeople. The Variety show con- sisted of sixteen highly original and entertaining acts. The acts provided a variety of en- tertainment both in drama and in com- edy with elaborate sets as background. The weeks of hard work proved well worth while as crowds flocked to Albert Taylor Hall in great numbers all three nights of performance. Proceeds from the fast-moving talent show help to provide scholarships for deserving freshmen at Emporia State. Clurli-Q' Dancers 85 3 A X - 215- 3 if , . f - . nop ' 3 . W g , ,V ' l p .f :,, . ' , Alums renew old acquaintances. Russ Carlyle and orchestra entertained at dance Pi-ggy XYaller. qiicz-ii of the Fresliimiii Class, is coiigiululeiicci by Eldon i Tumor, president of the class. Szmclrzx Roy, Niiss Ii-Stale of 1936. 1'c'c'c'ix'cs il hour froin Ron iNIc7Ch1'isly ul the ariminl Xi Phi Ball. lucl Freshman Qui-cn Peggy Xhillcr' dances with escort Larry Pike. DANCES .X vouplc' jillctrhiig to llic' iiiusict ofthc' Civil Block 7 ul Ilia' ail- school ciziiiuc during Hmiicumiing. ' Q fi? 87 Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, under the leadership of Glenda Steward, sings their winning interpre- tation of "Begin the Beguinef' Under the leadership of Lee Gasscrt. Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity members sing "VVinter Song." SINGING BEE For the third consecutive year, Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity won the menls division trophy at the annual Singing Bee. Alpha Sigma Tau sorority won top honors in the women's division. Thiswas -the seventeenth annual competition sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha, men's honorary music fraternity. A crowd of nearly 2,000 attended this yearls Singing Bee performance. Jim Marchel acted as mas- ter of cermonies for the program. Dr. Robert M. Taylor, head of the music depart- ment, presented the trophies to the first place winners. Second place winners were Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Ten campus organizations participated in this high calibre musical performance. Lee Gassert, song leader for Alpha Kappa Lambda, eagerly accepts the first place trophy in the men's division from Dr. Robert Taylor. Glenda Stewart, song leader for Alpha Sigma Tau. happily accepts the first place trophy in the womc-n's division from Dr. Robert Taylor. 89 wa-:ee-, - ,vii gg f ,J-fi' vzigffa WL fm -wtf ffvfi-3, 3 , L ff? ?5Qr5fQQff5Qffq9.lyQ :V V JVM! SE. - Q 1 ww NLQVJS T V 'if' if-3? x mm 'v 1-Lr ws gifs vo MSM ibss Q xx gh, :rg Qjzi' , :fr aw- ' ' 7 :iw uri: 54" 'I ::1:.,I" iE,f.::E :LJ ' i 3 E:,:?i:,Z'5-fl H "Sf -5 QS'-L, If, 11, NR" " I"-:::'afsf5ssIg's:,:'.: f ff z2wg.fg,g .E ZS. 5:,,:f'fs:2:i15.'5 V ,fcifisxsfsrgfl W' '::ig5,". ': ff: A ,K Lissfigfg,-:gy if f- fs! 223355, 315121 X Tix'-:f'lf' J LJ, Q1 f51,,.w4 ,V " E: . bE?Yis Q5f5i'.5b,z,f A 55, X2 x ,K 5-,el5?1xqIfyf,,f, Z . MISS EMPORIA STATE Sandra Roy receives lll'Ii trophy ilflllll lrabel Harper. editor ol the Sunflower, as R'l7ee Kelly, runner-up watches. Sandra Roy dances to "Candy lJaneer's Ballw which won her the H357 "Miss lf-State" title. SANDRA ROY Sigma Sigma Sigma ,,,.......,v4,-" Kiiss Sandra Roy daneed her way to the Bliss Emporia State title for 1957, She was one of thirteen eandidates nom- inated for the fifth annual eontest hy eampus social organ- izations and lN1orse Hall. ller winning number was a dance interpretation of "Gandy Dancers Ball." A wide variety of talent was offered in the Contest, from songs to dramatic readings. The winner was seleeted by a panel of three judges using a 200-point system. The basis for judging was talent, stage personality and appearance. Representatives of the fraternities and independents served as escorts for the Can- didates. A trophy was presented to Miss Roy hy Irabel Harper, editor ol' the Sunllower, which sponsors the Contest, Nliss Roy reigned over the Xi Phi Anniversary Ball and was 2lCClZ1lHlCLl this year's oflieial Sunflower Qiueen, 91 2 'SI 92 wsmwfty MISS EMPORIA STATE CANDIDATES Pictured above are thc candidates for the lXfIiss Emporia State title. The girls and the or ganizations they represent are: Kay Berthot Nancy Keazer Kerin Bader Susie Fey Florence Halbower Denise Dehler Kay Belfield Gail Turner Mary Etling Glenda Huston R'Dee Kelly Pattie Wilson Pi Kappa Sigma Freshman Dorm Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Signia Tau Winnetaska Alpha Sigma Alpha Phi Sigma Epsilon Morscf Hall Sigma Tau Gamma Delta Zeta Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon ELECTIONS Democratic elections were held during the year to select class officers and Student Council members. There are two political parties on cam- pus. They are the Progressive Students Party and the United Students Party. The PSP party is composed of the independents and Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity while the USP party consists of the sororities and re- maining fraternities. Before each election there are pep rallies, speeches, publicity and convocations to help increase the interest and participation of the student body. Students take advantage of their privilege to elections. Voting booths are used in the elections to insure secret ballots. .twigs vote in th 5 . .XR e student x of The theatre season opened with Bridget Bolandls 4'The Prisoner" directed by Dr. Karl C. Bruder. Cal Pritner and Tom Beattie were seen as the man of state and the man of God in a harsh Conflict of will The cast included: Tom Beattie as the Prisoner and Cal Pritner as the In- terrogator. Qthers were Malcolm Whit- ney,Steven Sanders, Paul Bond, Philip Richter, Roy Bay, Raymond Wallace, and Ellen Dingwall. W I 4 V x lv K ,, 1 ' g -41,114 f as - ' wi . . ,wg - 1 A QQ Vf E.: 4:1 Aff f 11 V aizezflsv AW . f- V :jimi 5, . r S ,, ,r i.. -WWW- 'C The third play 4'Tiger at the Gates" was the high point of the sea- son, with a cast of 28, elaborate cos- tumes, the events leading up to the Trojan War were recreated and shaped into a top-notch production. The play was written by jean Gi- raudoux, translated by Christopher Fry and directed by Dr. Karl Bruder. joe Rossillon was seen as Hector the mighty Trojan warrior and Steve Archer as Ulysses his Greek competi- tor. Verna Horton the Prophetess, Cassandra, Ann King as Andromache, and R,Dee Kelly as the beautiful Helen of Troy were as near to per- fection as possible. Forrest Newlin played the role of the handsome Paris to the hilt as did Tom Beattie play the yillianous Demokos. 96 .1 ' W it s. .X-5, 1 ln a 51 -04' 5, X if U- 'A " X A ji J Tillie-V -YQ 'A 1 s .f'AWA""f1, Q' E 'B 2, ,, 'ffrafv-'K M ' ff in 9 J, , a'vl',43a' 1, "- 43: fr' if' 'fi' i"'r,vf"'.,,,vl" 1 .s, - 11'-if a , ,. f , F i 2 t ' fi ,Z 3, - ' .-we-I, ww fi HGH? Pt .ly K .,,., .- g .. rw, -M.. en A f f 3915? 'i-'AY 193 QPSK' We G GUI Afpffilzjlp N l Awards for the year Cin addition to Miss Julie Bushey "Best Actresswj were: Steve Murphy Archer, uBest Actor", Henry Tharp, 4'Best Technical Workl' Qfor lightingjg and 4'Supporting Role" to Paul Bond. i. The final show of the year was '4The Cruciblen directed by Jo Young. Steve Archer was featured as an early American lighting against the ignorance and bigotry of the Salem Witch Trials. Others in the cast were: Dessie Wetzler, Larry Fowler, Jodi Larn, Mary Ann Bernard, Patricia Reynolds, Pat O'Con- nor, Teddy Tower, Ellen Dingwall, Nancy Rost,Arline Irwin, Steven San- ders, George Mangan, Ann King, Ray VVallace. Franz Frederick, Malcolm Wfhitney, Paul Bond, and R'Dee Kelley. 97 Paul Blcy and his Trio entertain with a jazz concert during convocation hour. Josvph C. Hzirsch Continues his discussion of Amer- ican fbrcign policy at a luncheon following his mn- vuczition address. CONVOCATIONS Russell Curry explains a point ol' 1-liquettc to Pat Stevens and Barbara Hunt. Mr, Curry en- tertained an all-school convocation with his lec- turc-demonstration 0 n d a n ci n g a n d social etiquette, 'r'--Q """-num ENTERTAINMENT SERIES Students and faculty members at Em- poria State have many opportunities to hear and enjoy nationally-known experts in various fields. Convocations offer a variety of talented people of both local and national prominence. Each season, the Emporia Entertainment Series brings a number of outstanding per- formers to the stage of Albert Taylor Hall. N Si - W fi :ri if i .gyy Jiji' T 1 f .... r ' N I . r :in lg . t ... .li . .ig at i" V ':" M3 T f 3 pb- .ww .3 ln 3 l The Continental-Aires quartet entertained at a concert in Albert Taylor Hall. Dr. Walter Harrelson addresses an all-school convoca- tion during Religious Emphasis XYeek. N1 "fr Trim . .Xlbvrt Taylor Hull. 5 if Stun l'rt-ernan plays an ericorc lor 21 group of students after his successful concert in 99 it .B i-av Summer school was not only a time for studying but one in which many recrea- tional and educational activities had been included. There were trips to sect the Kansas City Aus, picnics, Watermelon leeds, dances and many other enjoyable activities. W 1. Y A Y My Q, ,N . M, W gi' f 335 ls . , 3 Y.:'t1Q5gi' rl: 1 I 58. , f as 1' fgikth .x 'ills . it ii!!! I 1-. o?'Eg as ,Q u if . M ,, Vrrk H 'Q W 1 The Elijah choir and orchestra after the annual perlormance of the oratorio. The annual performance of Mendelssohn's A total of 125 members in the symphonic Elijah was presented during April this year. Four choir which supported the soloists. The E-Stale off-campus soloists were featured. orchestra accompanied the group. FIVE GUYS Playing to many ap- preciative people the Five Guys had a very successful year both on campus and off. Lejfi' In Rztqhfi Douglas Lyon, Gilbert Anderson, Leland Gassett, Donald Strait, Charles Hill, Tex Smiley. Behind the Scenes of television, radio, and stage. Mifwellmwm DHQWWW mga-W.. 11 WHO'S WHQ IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Thirty students were chosen to represent Emporia State in-the 1956-1957 edition of Whois Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. With- in this honored group are seventeen seniors and thir- teen juniors. Nominations were made by the Student Council and faculty members. The thirty members most frequently mentioned by the faculty members were chosen to represent this school. To be chosen for this honor, a student must be a junior, senior, or graduate student in an accredited American College. He must also display ability and interest through scholarship, leadership, participation in extracurricular activities and hold future promise in either the professional or business field. In addition, all the students chosen had an average grade of B or better. In listing the names of college and university students who hold future promise in either the profes- sional or business field, NVho's W'ho accomplishes a dual purpose. First, biographical information con- cerning each student listed proves to be of aid to pros- pective employers, and secondly, students are given recognition for their efforts while in college. Students chosen for this honor will have a short biography of their achievements in the annual book, "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." ,SM Ifzmf Rrfrtz' C. Dillc-r.J. Anderson. S. lrvingul. Pinder. Y. lloldrcn. .-X. Kingul. Grieder. M. Orm- sbygj. Sisson. N, Rust. Smnzzl Row: P. Hayes. B. Kimble. D. Mm'itz,J.Jernigan. ll. Markham. BI. Selby. R. Koch. Wlirkentin. C. Harter, D. Horiuchi. C Lindahl, N. Root. Thur! lffmx' li. Lind- quist. B. Schcibrgll. l5ishop,J. Hayes. l.. Ubley, ff. Denning. R. lNlcChriSty. 105 XI PHI 06 1"z'r,fl Row: B. Breukelman,J, Pinderml. Grieder, P. Keller, D, Utter, L. Obley. SFfUl1lfRUZl" B. Kimble, P. Hayes, M, Ormsby, B. Dunshee, Rossillon, B. Scheibe. R. Koch, M, Fulton, D. Nloritl. C. Couldcn. OFFICERS President .... .......,,,,. ........ P h il Keller Secretary .... ..,.. J oyce Crieder Treasurer. . ...... Dick Utter Six members returned to Xi Phi, honorary leadership fraternity, in the fall. First semester pledges included Ron McChristy, Betty Breukel- man, Ray Koch, Bob Schiebe, Francis Cangle, Jolene Pinder, Loren Obley, Nancy Rost, Dick Markham and Carl Harter. The wearers ofthe Black and Gold second semester included Clyde Coulden, Pat Hayes, Blanche Dunshee, Bill Kimble, Mary Jo Ormsby, Don Moritz,Joe Rossillon and Mary Ann Fulton.. In the fall, the organization again handled the sale of student directories. Again this year, Xi Phi sponsored the Anniversary Ball, the annual all school spring formal. Sandra Roy, Miss Emporia State of 1956, reigned at the ball. Various service pro- jects were undertaken during the year, including the promotion of a Student Union Planning Board. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Fm! Razr: S. Roth, B. Roehrman. L. Bays, K. Bell. YV. Schnitzer, C. Goulden.xI. Cortez. R. Chal- harn. G. Fisher. Second Row: D, Jansen, A. Bowman. I. Anderson MI. King. M. Beagley. Lxlohnson, J. Sowelluj. Niilne, Powers, G. Hurlburl, S. McGill, D. Blow, K. Lcnke. H. Shumate. L. Peter- son. D. Simonsmj. Nlacy. ve Wa er A lhrniliar sight to If-State students Students receive flu shots. lust 12111. 107 Fm! Rom' B. McDonald, T, Gile, L. Harper, D. Dresker, A. King, I. Harper, C. Soule, Fagg. Sefond Razr: D. Murray, S, Schwilling, V, Enos, P. Salmonul, Griedcfr, M. Brookshl. P1nder,LI Evans, F. Steenbock, M. Drinkwater. Third Row: R. Gricshziber, C. Roberts, R. Bleidissel, L Wichman, R. Brown, D. Bell, R. Reynolds, D. Olson. YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB 1"z'r.yl l?uz1': l.. Bulincr. L. Kusmaul, M. Gilman, S. Smithson. P. 'l'ruitt, G. Huston, R. Tuckeigtl Muckenthalcr, Samir! Row: C, Prophet, R. Hiebert, C. Henry, li. Ham, P. Stevens, E, Culbertson C. Buckley, M. Sczicat, ll. Riggin. Third Row: R, lVlCChi'isty, R. lfickhofli. D. Robinson, B. Kline A. Forkncr, R. Burns, K. Counts, H. Polson. W? Smal 1 .rg Council members Nancy Andrews, Katy Knapp, Margaret Fowler, and Shirley Schwilling work on plans for second semester rush. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS President .... ....,....,.... . .Margaret Fowler Seerelagz. . . ...... Katy Knapp Treasurer. . . .... Phyllis Boaz Rachel Hawk Panhellenic Council coordinates the activities of the sororities. One of its chief duties is to supervise the Rush program through the formulation ofthe schedule and the establishment of regulations concerning it. This year the traditional Panhellenic Valentine Dance was abandoned in favor of an All-Creek dance, which was sponsored jointly by the Panhellenic Coun- cil and the Interfraternity Council. The two councils also sponsored an All-Greek Picnic early in the fall. Both of these events were highly successful. Alpha Sigma Tau won the Scholarship Cup this year, This cup is presented annually at the Honors Convocation to the sorority whose actives and pledges have earned the highest grade point average. First Row: P. Hayes,xI. Finder, K. Knapp, M. Fowler, R. Hawkhj. Grieder, V. Holdren. Second Row: S. Schwilling,J. Sisson, M. Hollensheadhl. Conyers, S. Smithson, S. Schmidt, D. Zscheile, N. Andrews. qw 'WW- A-in Fur! Raw: D. Pfortmillc-r,xI. Campbell, V. 'l'rusler,J, Mohler, L. Ubley. Second Row: D. Vcach, D. Markham. C, Denning, G, Schaulis, D. Olson. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council, under the sponsorship of V.T. Trusler and the leadership ofjirn Campbell, president and John Mohler, secretary, completed another year of suc- cessful activities. The year was highlighted by an all CIC Interfraternity Council workshop, held at Emporia and spon- sored by the local chapter. The workshop, the first in this area, was highly successful and was attended by many repre- sentatives from the CIC schools. After a very successful Rush VVeek, during which a re- cord number of men were pledged to the various organiza- tions, the Council sponsored an All Greek picnic at Peter Pan Park. Entertainment was provided by the various organizations. The second semester began with an All Greek dance spon- soredjointly with the Panhellenic Council. Music was pro- vided by the Five Guys. The year ended with the presentation ofthe Interfraternity scholarship trophy which again was won by Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity. Entertainment from the All Creek picnic 'Il'I ww' FRATERNITY RUSH WEEK .ellmzv lqflx Bob Schcihc leads a group ol'Sigma Phi Epsilon rushc-es in a game ofcards. Abnw riglzl: Alpha Kappa Lzmlbcla members and rushcres and their dates enjoy dancing, Lzfflf Howard Gray welcomes two rushces to the Phi Sigma Epsilon house, llrlow ZW: Don Olson looks on as rushcrcs enjoy refresh- ments at the Tau Kappa Epsilon house-, livluw rzghl: Charles Buckley shows rushees a trophy won by Sigma Tau Gamma. ie 'K ' ? SORGRITY RUSH .llmzw faffff .-Xrlivvs and I'llShK'l'S crlkjuy Ll lyuffbt KiiIlIll'l' 211 the .Xlphzx Sigma vlqllll lmusv. Album Vlfflf' Daisy Kirwahilgl plum-5 Z1 1:-iurmuld thc' mwk ui' 21 I'l1Nhi'i' during Ll Pi Kappa Sigma rush pzxrtx. Nzglzh' lyk-0 Howzxrd and Iinrbzxlu Hum xlum Iwo rllslwcs SUIII1' ol' thx' pluqmlvs nun by Sigma Sigma Sigma. lfflfm NH' Sllirlvy SIIlilhSOIl shows rushecs SONIC ofthe lIli1lCI'i21lS in lhv Delta frm slluwczlscx Hr! vfL'1 ' rzgfzlx-ju Riltrr pr'4's4'r1ls il rnlshcc' to Nlmlwl' Wlxlkcr during Opcn Holm' 111 the Alplm Sigma .Xlplm house. M-48. .Eid J LI' WEEK j :S .EE ALPHA OFFICERS President.. ...................,. Johp Mlphler LAMBDA Sffg,ZJZf'f'f7'.', ' r , L - D4.12JM.2S:3 Treasurer .... . . .Larry Shepherd For the third consecutive year, the AKL,s walked off with top honors in the Singing Bee, with this year's rendition of "Winter Songn and their sweetheart song. Also placing first among the frater- nities in scholarship for the second straight year, the Interfraternity scholarship trophy went to the AKL's for another year. Dancing to the music of the Counts, the AKL's entertained their dates at the winter formal held in the Colonial Hall of the Student Union. "All That Hell Allows" was the theme of the an- nual 'ACO to Hell with AKLN party, held this year at the Blue Stem Hall with Five Guys. Climax of the social calendar was the spring formal held in the Broadview Hotel Ballroom. Don Moritz,Jim Warkentin, Chuck Lindahl, Carl Harter, Dick Markham and Ron McChristy were among those named to "Whois Who" for 1956-57. In campus politics, the AKL's placed five members. Don Moritzujim Warkentin, Clyde Gouldenulim Chumley, and Carl Harter held Student Council offices. Fran Gan- gel, Dick Markham, Clyde Coulden, Don Moritz, and Ron McChristy were initiated into Xi Phi. Plans for a new addition to the AKL house were completed in April and construction should be completed in early fall, About' lqllr Perry Riddle in a scene from the entertainment at the an- nual K'Go to Hell with AKLN party. Hfluw lejfl: Eddie Van Horn and Victor Malasquez entertain at the spring formal. Belnzlt: AKl,'s and 4 Yi their dates enjoy 21 rest between dances at one ofthe livrmals. Alfred Konarik john Koops Jim Warkentin Larry Corn Don Moritz Bob Harris Ed Thill Lee Gassert Max Gile Eddie Van Horn jim Wing Francis Gangel Larry Pike Jim Downey Darrel Murray John Staton Dick Markham Roger Farmer Perry Riddle Marlyn Burch Bob Winter Merlin Strahm Dick jolliffe Kelvin Casebeer john Mohler Lon Navrat Jim Chumley Larry Shepherd Alex Lee Don Bronson Clyde Goulden David Allison Ron McChristy Bob Newkirk Bill Harris Kenny Bell Charles Lindahl jon Wilhite Ray Moritz Brice Hobrock Jerry Keltner B ,ini I-vv'g"l1! 4 llifw 'HTC' iyrir 1 . 15 gg, ,Iii .' 9' in N wk iw 1-as-'H N-Y H? yTyy Egg ' it ,. i .2 A ""' -6 igii 4 ,, 5 'je' it 1. V .1 1 Q M ca Am, fs. li? A 312- S- .lun i"" 'fm Q' i""' .gi 1 5 'Y' L 'ze' - e"Lg:: , X-,tp-fi g y it y 5 if A f 5 W 'W' .. rf I tl hy V i:5,,,.e K ZH , . , A .- , M K .x , ,..,, ry, 2 04 A i g 1. 'W' V, 1 , - W .4 , 'v Sf! 5 ,, , , . 5 -V ' A ar. - - 1-.anew A A A i H5 ' 2 1 il? W' 'Q if I i I fi, ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Q , i ,Hf lintertainmem during one of the lorinals. UE. E' Y 'K Legg x 2 n X i 11 6 1 Q The Five Guys play :it ll formal. OFFICERS Presiden! .....,............. JoHannah Sisson Vz'ce-President ........,....... Phyllis Jensen Secretagn ...... . , .... . .Pat Hayes Treasurer .... .... B everly George Fall rush week was very successful for the Alpha Sigs. With their theme, g'Chinatown, ASA,,' they pledged twenty-four girls. The Homecoming decorations using the theme '6Round Up the Ravens" won second place in the sorority division. Epsilon Epsilon carried out the annual project of selling umuml' for Homecoming. Several informal parties were held at the chapter house, one of which was sponsored by the pledges. The theme was i'Winter Wonderland." Second semester rush week ended with the pledging of eight girls. Campus honors won by Alpha Sigma Alpha members included: Pat Hayes-president ofthe Senior Class, president of Kappa Delta Pi, Xi Phi, Who's WVho, Maryjo Ormsbygsecretary of the Senior Class, Xi Phi, Who's Who, Blanche Dunshee-vice-president ofthe Junior Class, Donna Brownfseeretary of the Freshman Class, Joan RitterfSeeretary of Omega, Jo Sisson4Who's VVho, Shirley San- nergpresident of WRA, Kay Robuck-TKE Bowery Queen, Phyllis JensenfHomecoming Queen attendant, Marjorie Bulkley4 attendant to the Freshman Queen. Jo Sisson ,F 3 fs 'i Karen Splitter ' . V Q, i 7 AV' N f Judy-jones ' 2 GFI Kay Robuvk f g ST ,-'W I Janet Stark h ff L,,,. a Cheryl Jameson I. -4 . '57 ,V I Connie Cole Marjorie Buckley Barbara Beckmeyer Connie Foelgner Phyllis Loeckle Elizabeth Schubert Joyce Conyers Linda Cunningham Mary Lou Bett Mary Gamba Marilyn McBrayer Sarah Stout Linda Darby Janice Nance Donna Brown Beverly George Marilyn McKibben Sharon Thompson Denise Dehler Glenda Razor Jo Ann Buchman Deanna Green Connie Miller Glennis Uhrich Cordelia Froetsehner JoAnn Ritter Beverly Cooper Judie Holloway Mary Jo Ormsby Janice Flair Marjorie McAuliffe Mary Lou XVall Blanche Dunshee Joan Huggins Carolyn Redfern Connie Ford Judy Wfeigand Carol Tully Theresa Evans Phyllis Jensen Etta Remple Alice Bailey Ruth Kirby Karen Thornquist Jeanette Ferrell Sue Keyes Shirley Sanner Betty Frieburghouse Elaine Melia Pat Stucky Cathy Wilson Marilyn Santee Ruth Lane Pat Hayes . iff 9' . V 1 ' ' N. J Nkrk Y 3: 22, S tow 12' citi fe K ie' if'-1 an as: , ci" ix vw' f All ME ogy! A Ya., A sa- 11- S 3 if Sf!-ff S If, gf.. E-if ' ff Q4 J? r J bf' I BV I Y Q ' V' f 1 3' "' V -A as Wi fe 2' 'Q 3 as J ww w - me ,., K 4 1 iv Z I ..t. 'Y' I in pi an M . ,- K as at be-1 x., -ff' K. ' V 3 W' lv- KJ' we S la- ch oets Q 9 A Q tri. J- ,A 3 1 -of J " , ' 'fi 1 't E W, by we ' V V r' 'Y Nr' 14 l 5.4 9 . M 2 Carol Miser and Kay Cummings entertain. President Susan Schmidt accepts the scholar- ship trophy. 'l I8 Phyllis Boaz Nancy Andrews Connie' Abbott Rachel Hawk Janice lug Bet ty Ross cl2lI'0lYI1J0l'lHSOl'l Peggy NValler Karen Palmer Helen Cox Priscilla Manges ALPHA SIGMA TAU OFFICERS Preszrlerzt, . . .......,..,..... June Anderson Nancy Andrews Vice-Preszidefrzt ...... . . .Shirley Kruckenburg Recordirzg Secretary. . . ....... Nancy Ziegler Treasurer ,....... . . .Nancy Carson The theme, g'Down on the Levy", for the 1956 fall rush week ended with the pledging of twenty-live girls. 'SCorkyls cravin' for a whipped Raven" won the AT's first place in the women's division for Homecoming decora- tions. On November 16 ,the Alpha Tau,s entertained their dates at the MFirebug,' party which was held at the house. The AT's pledge six girls during second semester rush week. Practicing for the Singing Bee started soon after the beginning of second semester. The Alpha Tau's chose the song '4Begin the Beguinev for the event. The girls who won honors were: June Anderson, Nancy Rost, and Sally Irving who were chosen to become mem- bers of "Who's Who"g Camille Dolsky, an attendant to the Homecoming Qfueeng Susie Fey, the AT's candidate for Miss Emporia Stateg and Shirley Knouft and Amelia San Romani, who were chosen cheerleaders. The end of the year was marred by the unexpected death of Mrs, Ruby Miller, housemother for three years. at ra 'gui 3 56? "Ti Q' .6 . sw, , W ., 'life V '11 CNS Assy ga-'Q Rachel Crawford Nancy Ziegler Nancy Kline Pat Amsrud Camille Dolsky Bonnie Romine Marilyn Foraker Eileen Wasinger Shari johnson Karen Becker Mary Etling Rhonda Rath Pat Gleason Rosemary Wiegers Donna Ringeisen Kay Belfield Kathy Galloway Mary Powell Shirley Kruckenburg Susie Fey Sally Winan Judy Butler Sally Irving Connie Sawyer Kathy O'Donnell Carole Allen Amelia San Romani Joyce Brown Shirley Knouft Patsy Schottler Carole Travis Jill Hylton Kaye Cummings Rae Ellen Burdick Carole Miser Charlene Schul Nancy Rost Kathy Myers Gerri Schwartzman Nancy Carson Paula Miller Susan Schmidt Ilene Sanders Sandra Riggs Glenda Steward Mary Lou Dettmer Frankie Morris Pat Smith Barbara Ulses Beverly Dillman Patty Wright Shirley Epperly Sandra Perry Roberta Spurgeon sw t ,, 1- , k,,,! mf-,Mg 7 A nk ff' S 3 -N ,,... I Li.,- 4. -vu of x. 1."Tj? v y M ..:, Q 'fs wi -- 3' as fig! 9- S ' ' 21 X I I 4 g , , , if l 'iii' 54 C 1, 7. ,f 1 W I- if ea ,. 41"-I z age, -3 1-72?- if 5:-"Zia '. -- - ,ar 4,, m , ww ff? nun 'Nu' .1 'fi ,V""N .am is . NV-.",f' f., S- 33 33? iS if .. e,,,, E xt rv- in V. 'M 4: s.1".".1,x ,Q A... 7..,..1 Q- uw- ,,.... Y as fail E sv',i Gigi Y Y Lia Q9 ' 2 . we ,,..7 bk Y' 3- 5: . 7 4-fy SY, ,, :-A 551 E1 il' N f fi: Aff.. M, I? 'f'3'l 'A mf 5 . N-fr - ,,- Nr f Aa .K KK M K ,- its -.,, ' x r -.', -on u,i 9' V ,XL Li was Nr' it V! , OFFICERS Presialent. . , . , .,.,.............,. Shirley Smithson First Vzre-Pre.s'zi11'en!. . . .... Marilyn Ross Secretary .......... ......, J anie Evans Treasurer ..., . . .Ruth Swearingen A new sorority appeared on campus this year. At the national conclave of Delta Sigma Epsilon in August, 1956, the sorority accepted a merger with Delta Zeta. Delta Zeta is a National Panhellenic so- rority ranking second in the nation in the number ofcollegiate chapters. The theme of Delta Zeta rush parties was an underwater scheme. The sorority pledged twelve girls during first semester rush. Home- coming decorations featured "We,ll Get 'Em in the End." MPoinsetta Polonaisea' was the theme ofthe pledge formal in December. L'Rock and Roll with Delta Zeta" saw the pledging of six girls. ln May. a party was held at the house. The annual "Delta Pearl" was changed to the 'cDelta Diamond' s to coincide with the new name. The subtitle was "jamaica Farewell' Delta Zetas were proud of Irabel Harper, editor and Trudy Gile. assistant editor ofthe Sunllowerg and Jan McGregor, Phi Sigma Ep- silon Commode Bowl Clueen. .. llclta Zetas and guests at the tea honoring their national oth "Delta Drcain Xian" Don Olson . THE. dances with liisa-sim-1. lrabcl llarper. Emily Brooke Mary Ellen Lackey Pat Coleman Janie Evans Annette Moser Betty Jo Thomas Glenda Berg Donna Davis Laurene Harper Betty Jo Glover Barbara Redman Dina Jo Zscheilc Sylvia jones Trudy Gile Mildred Petrik Irabel Harper Elaine Redman Sandra Robertson Katy Knapp Carla Loomis Sally Price Delores Dreskcr Marilyn Ross Judy Adams Shirley Smithson Janet Rorabaugh Annie Blackim Vvanda Harrell Amydel Rowan Mareina Boucek Kay Thorne Mary Ann Simpson Jo Lynn Borgna Ann Harrison Marilyn Satterfield Wlanda Schmidt Patsy Truitl Pat Bergerhouse Dorothy Clieevcr Barbara Mcllonald Frances Steenbock Sally Goss Mary Landis Elanie Culbertson Judy Martin Ruth Swearingvn v in , ' y - Q ' . , , 5 5,59 . ,, I ' 1 " . ' f-- -1-'L ' E ' -151, ie ' Ag " if I' I ,-". Sifggiiiff l ,' L 1' ' 'A V in ' ' I ' 5 ' l 9 ' A 4 u' 'ov I 1 3551 , I i : 3-crews i .-k' gk: y . - ' - ' 2 ' ' . ' " ' 1 - S ' f - f r Q Z. v 1 f 3 N ,, r 4 ' if F f o,t, Wtsf i A 5 is t , S , v- - if f- ,, W fu at . -. 1.11 -','. fi- 1 i 'wr in T ' lf' .Ula ..4, ' K 1 , i--f.,k r y --3 ,e , - ,.t , ff , . ii , - r sesrrrri srrr rrsr .' - KA , Q r ' , r y ,wk . F, "'t ' iv, ,,. , f .K 'hw' . My -v- i If -sy f S 'S' I 'ir' f i 1 , ' , . I x v r l I I ,L -. f , f - ff If wa, ' f a- ,Q Q U ' . - v- I L ,. . bc ' I -v , 7 W A v-N L x ff S-are L . y fr , , L - , .L ' f. r 1 V , f Wgufy I ji M, n - ,. S ,. ,F 1 'F It tg ,., niggas-i 3 . . X , W V X ,ff L .,V, x on V X , - I Q, e 'f' i,,a w., in-N ' 'X " 1 ' , . L k v 59, S 3, A , H i if .- ' s. .PL ev 1 g 'QQ S 'ggi Si J' , , 5 ' ,X -V V'-yA',' ' V K 1 ,- ' s , ' r 'J ,. iii , Na I . J ,, V V' +V ,Q vi Q, N., ' 3 EW vt . AY Y r ,f i" r 4 M Q gases M 11 r J 7 - .. :Es S kiwi. 5 f 4, , , f isffzt. g:,,,::!?Ei:25E,:,a. 2-, f H f azsggsggw '...,: - ' 19? 1 , 4 , K , i ufzsef A, - . . f, 1 E 7-ff, f ' 5 'r.... ,1 - - .,.. S- f Y' :N H1 v V , 1 '. 'f-- 1 f J' I r Q: wr 'W' ' 14' - .1 farii'-f' PHI SIGMA EPSILON Cary Schaulis crownstjan McGregor Connnoclc lit OFFICERS President ....... .............. G ary Schaulis Vz'ce-President .... .... R ichard Cundith Secremw ...,.. ..... R ichard Lyster Treasurer ...,. .... C harles McCollum Phi Sigma Epsilon began its 47th year on the campus of Emporia State with 45 actives and 17 pledges. The rush week activities were highlighted by a dance at the Sunset Inn. Homecoming saw many fraternity brothers return for the gala celebration. '4No Future for the Ravensw was used as the theme ofthe Homecoming decorations. The annual pledge formal was held at Civic Auditorium. The theme for this year was "Green Door" with a pantomine ofthe song of the same name. A large group enjoyed dancing to the music of the Counts. The first big bowl game ofthe football season, the annual Phi Commode Bowl, saw the actives defeating the pledges for another year by the score of 1346. Jan McGregor, of Delta Zeta ,was crowned as Commode Bowl queen. Second semester rush week placed 25 names on the pledge roll. The Phi Sigs once again won the intramural trophy. During lXIarch the Alpha chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon in Emporia was host Chapter for regional conclave representing the chapters of the fraternity in this area. ln the spring the Phi Sigs grew beards for the annual Farmers Ball. rwl queen. swan ,' Royce ClI'2iW'IOfCl Phi Sigs and their dates at thc annual Far- mers llall. 22 Roy Decker Ronald Hiebert Allan Kells Richard Noll Jerry Dochow Charles McCollum Melvin Tawney Ronald Cowan Arthur Oden Peter Sherrer Gene Doehow Larry Meador Ronald Ray Clark Beck Laird Jackson Richard Penning Dan Unger Walter Dengel Gary Schaulis Richard VanValkenburg Richard Lyster Charles VanValkenburg John Wiebe William Huffman John Kloefkorn David Smith George Gibbs Donald Hagan Vaughn Nelson Richard Cundith Neil DeYVerff William Rodrick Robert Burns Gary LaSage Jerry Bradford Charles Baumgartner Clair Cobb Leon Satterfield Jim Baldridge Jim Eller Robert Smith Lee Beran Larry Black Howard Gray Amory Lynch Max Hayen Lee Province Donald Bocquin ,Zi .... W :zffgsf A 1 , 223, 3 -sM 'M8fL I e Pi ig L .L --af 4 3 . 'L A 'ki av z XF .Ta vs sq.-L ,W L, 1 , 4 K K5 9 fsfwl if? ' an A, i t,f, ,L :an "" ww- L- "' x i Ml an - 'K W y , . . , wi?-. ,L1fLlWn" - Q, s 6 Q ,cya ' gif 'V i :L 'W 1...a-,Wi ii ' "" 'SZ' ,i " L I I .as .sg-J, 1 sq' A Vg- iw- :fa .fa , Il , 5 L R VL Q F BR gan- ae . 9 4? -as Ci: Q ::. ggi. If QL L t ag itii f...Z gc.. :ja .W 3 L A Q 1. QR QQ!! ,. 751 'Q ' ww! ' L L I -,gs gtk," Lid L L2 .L.. v ,.--- in S lla in mi 'fi an .4 on Q W vs I f" ,,-.L ,Law s L Kia tv-'ef C dsx:- 'Q1 X pai... Qld ELL ,gg 'K' L'i""'- ' R L V' ii L' J WV , SX S P . 2 ,wha-"' N' mf-' - dflfl ,asm A "FF-I6rfj .ar me-v-M S'-Nw-1 I L, iw mi- ww ' qgfx A vc Q ,Q-359 fa .vw 24 Pl KAPPA SIGMA OFFICERS President ............,......... Joyce Grieder Vice-President .... . . .Margaret Fowler Seeretagz ..... ..... D aisy Kinoshita Treasurer. . . . . .Margaret Collinge Donna Merritt Four social events highlighted the calendar for the Pi Kaps. 'fSilver Bellsl' was the theme for the pledge formal in December, with the Student Union Ballroom appropriately decorated. The traditional Christmas breakfast helped round out that month. Sec- ond semester carried two more annual events: the Forget-Me-Not Dinner-Dance in April, at the Broadview, and the Senior Picnic in Carmen McDaniel entertains during the pledge formal. L May. Emporia Pi Kaps were extremely active in a successful attempt to reactivate the Alpha Mu Chapter of the sorority at Hays. Several trips west helped round out a full year. In addition, the Pi Kaps participated in the usual campus ac- tivities, Singing Bee, Penny Carnival and others. Rush VVeek themes were '4Peaceful Paradisew and "Buckboard Bouncef, Pi Kaps were proud ofjoyce Cvrieder, elected to Who's Who and of Daisy Kinoshita, a candidate for Peggy Pedagog. Four Pi Kaps were elected to Omega, honorary literary society. Jenelle Cowen moved up in her affiliation with Pi Kappa Delta, honorary forensics fraternity. In February, the girls supported Kay Berthot as their candidate for Miss Emporia State. Kay Berthot sings during the pledge formal. Mrs. John Zimmerman. National Officer Mrs. George Clerisse. Daisy liinoshita. and Geniecejarob look over sorority material. Patricia CJSCOIIIIKYI Dessin- XVetzler Delores Nicklaus Signic Johnson Beunola Mead Janet He-rpich Karen Slcntz Daisy Kinoshila Joan Hammersnuirk Nlartlm Hays Nlarthzl Oldham Edith Hunter lN'largarr-l Collings lfvelyii Hum Ruth Stem Joyce Grinder Mary lfrc-dcrick Shirley Schwilling Donna Nlcrritl Pziulim' Browning Carlvm- llanscii Kay liwlliot fi21I'Illf'll XlcDzmic'l Jcrictllc' Umvcn Louise' lfricksmi Nlargzirvl Fowler' Q' 1""!' fo-'xg fiiaglhg, ,i f ag , 1 S K I K -i , x . So' -P7 ,ou .vos sf , , CZ? ,,"',5- N v-751 "QS" il" -ng'-Q ij ' 'am my Q -'V' X54 f-7 'OP' sm fm : Q Q' -i l , 1' 'G' , fi wie -au, JP r LW , Q me --.. W, Q 'UM 6' waz? my ,..: V 7-1" M, 'Q' x Yr- '1"17.V Y wwf 7 5 5 8 K. M ,Q i A JUN i A fur x 'Y' aff! :A nm A AEI Q ,H+ Q4 S-..,,,x fr i Q A in Nd ilii 1 p 161 c lI16I' o ts du L, the Calypso OFFICERS SIGMA President ............... ....... J im Cam bell P Vice-President .... ..... C arroll Denning Secretagz ,.,... ........ D ick Overfield Comptroller .... .... T erry Chamberlain At the close of the 1956-57 school year, Kansas Epsilon of Sigma Phi Epsilon boasted a membership of 72 actives and six pledges. Twenty new actives were gained during the first semester following a Rush Week highlighted by a hay rack ride and Weiner roast. Many long hours of hard work went into the Sig Ep decorations for the annual Homecoming house decorations. Using an enormous football player, a large cup and an oversized doughnut, the Sig Eps won second place in the contest with a theme of "It looks like welre going to dunk 'em, donut?,' The pledge formal with a theme of "Sig Ep Starlite" was the highlight of the first semester for the pledge class. Miss Karen Walker was crowned as queen of the formal. Needy children benefited from the Sig Ep Christmas party as many toys and gifts were collected for distribution to the poor. In March, the Sig Eps sponsored a costume party entitled, "Calypso Capers" with decorations creating an atmosphere ofa setting on a tropical island. On May 18, the annual Golden Heart Ball was held in the Ballroom of the Broadview Hotel. Highlights of the intermission were the crowning of Miss Marsha Walker as Golden Heart Ball Queen and the burning of the mortgage on the Sigma Phi Epsilon house at 1102 Commercial Street, Glenn Smith c L Herb Inn- if i I Ray Terrell ,S Dick DuPont Harlan Hamman Jack Adair Dallas McMunn George Buck Larry Keirns Bill Elrod Jim XN'esthof'f Larry Becker Jim McQuin Delbert Brinkman Arthur Picullel Leigh Johnson Phil Rogers' Joe Brown Jerry Mulinex Jim Brittain John Powell John Kaekell Gene Post Jerry Brown Dick Overfield Larry Chamberlain Jim Sherbon Kenneth Koch Erwin Peterson Jim Campbell Jerry Pauler Roger Cartmill Bruce Jackson Karl Powell Jim Koch John Davies Keith Zook Dick Forrest Dale Shepherd Sam Crawknrd Duane McKcever Jim Hayes Don Bailey Cecil XN'illiams -lack Van Amberg Roy Head Kermit McMillin Dclton Hodgson Bob Bicker George Jones Dick Waters Kr X D 551 ' .A 'Q' n L'-av 5 ' F ,P I m ,,.A i Q, 4 1 li . .S K .Q - - -: no as . f 9' Q aw it V f My 'x,y , W' 5 ul xy .P -fa t ,es ik ! 1 -af 7.55 w' A nf' ciii toyy y W D .i an .P Msg M J K ,. 1, Q, it 9' E A? ! ,pc gf is A ,L -W iiyy fi Q A M ., S, , ui: K f .k"j', Q - N gy Q If ,,... Wulf I9 W get f- 3 nf ,,..-4 jg '1' 4: 7 an 5, . M: ,. if 'ak' X'-s raw- gsm '3.f I at ff Ks . W I L . K , L we ' be 'ff L H -N it it M2 .W i . - -F lf: --nl Q21 ., -vs, I I K, -sv' K 'TT 5 t - --wfi f f X' T K lf! 2. or t L o at 'i 54 ' 15 ' .:3.' ' - : fggwwi I ..., 7 - ,pm J, we 2 .fe 4- pm 5 . we-1, V if no , Qjiffi' 3 :L ' QV ."- 'Q :Q H... f fm' YJ: - ,,.. ,f 2 ws f V It A i Q X ft' X at L Q L ii K f i lr tiat A L i gr, :iz et e ' L. 1 at X K-F -5,0 , S.. . ' At 'Y ,i A I lg I SK. enjoy a clance at the XYhitc: Ru. he 1 SIGMA TAU GAMMA Mary Ann Fulton and Bob Kline Formal. lllllllllll in fi' X OFFICERS President ....................... Loren Obley F irsl Vzice-Preszdent. . . .... John Atkinson Second Vz'ce-President .... ..... M ax Seacat Recora'z'ng Secretaq. . . ..., Carlie Trower Treasurer ......,... .... C harles Buckley The Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity began the year with the pledging of twenty-eight men in September. The Taus also got off to a fine start by moving into a new house. The fraternity again took the fraternity division Homecoming plaque for the eighth consecutive year, with the theme, HRoll Over The Ravensf' The Taus set a new intramural record in football, by going through the season un- defeated and unscored upon. The pledge formal was held at the Broadview Hotel Ballroom with the theme, '4Canadian Sunsetf' Two house parties along with several other parties rounded out the first semester for the Sig Taus. Second semester added four new pledges to Sigma Tau Gamma. Soon after that, the chapter began practice for the annual Singing Bee. The annual ccWhite Rosen Formal was held in the spring. On campus, the Taus listed: Loren Cbley in Who's Who and president of the Junior class, Bob Kline, vice-president of the Young Republicans Club, Carlie Trowerkjunior representative to Student Council, and Dick Utter, president of K-Club and treasurer ofXi Phi. fl . any . . . 1 . . J . e-1,3 i naw,-sul will - '- " K f . T3 if I ef' If! I h Lee Ramsburg W Q gi 3 . E I n lirnie Raugewitz my .4 if 'i A ft ' if Howard Polson V5 I kfr.. 3 :gi -- A Vkr i , Q 7 ' 1 - fhe White Rose Queen and lwr Court: Marjorie Bulkley. :Xlphzi Sigma V' Xlphag Emily limolqe. Delta ZCILIL Qiievn Connie Sawyer. Alpha Sigma Tau: ' F Pziulinc Browning. Pi Kappa Sigma: Sally Sturgeon. Sigma Sigma Sigma. I il i E I 128 Jerry Gump Russel Priestly Loren Obley Delbert Dupont Bob Kline Gary Hunter David Rindom Max Seacat Myron Drinkwater Carl Lehman John McDonald Rodney Beneke John Vaughn Earl Freerkson Fred Madaus Don Reinhardt Gary Christy Carlie Trower John Goode jim Muckenthaler Dwayne Shaft Gary Balch John Atkinson Sam Hart Harry Roth Larry Hoover Dennis Goss Phil Berg Larry Hunter Dennis Rorabaugh Francis Keating Sam Hassler Charles Buckley Don Kline Joe Ryerson V Si? - 'Il I ,kkrk S VA K t kl K K I it so mf sf'-2? 1 Q' , fx 3 L ,ANT Rini? 1. ,.,:' l y t,y , if, is , y ttyt, A as T 2 Sr' all ' 1 if-, ,C A , Q N Y W' J Y RY ' y ' xref yeeyytttt y fa 'Qt Q9 ha 4 4-f wx: 'ir fs in re 1 T:-w l ff H 0-0 r t c.-an or 5 ,ay 5 .1 gg, fc.. SLS 49,9 A i' 5 is-1' Nav .1 fi it-fa. ' 'IQ-"ef t.r 't:"" I if ' ' I L i is e' tv LD! Av fl '3 5 fi 'Si .w Q Q.. Q rw- ,., . rg f A gav- TH to - an w is ixw I fx? 'WN Q-A.. M 45 4 1 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Serenade following the pinning of Gladys Hennigh and Marlyn Burch. Tri-Sigmas and their dates dance at the pledge 'I 30 formal. Ann Schaechtele Diane Platt Geraldine Lvster Arlene Abbott Karen NVagor Carol Thompson Lois Tawney Mardell Taylor Gladys Hennigh Vivian Heidel OFFICERS President ...................... Jolene Finder Vice-President ....... . . .Claragene Johnston Recording Secretaq ..,. ......,. S ally Choice Treasurer ......... . . .Mary Ann Fulton With 'fAround the World with Sigma Sigma Sigmaw as the Rush Week theme, Tri-Sigma opened the 1956 fall semester, after which twenty-eight women were pledged. Early October brought once again the removal of shoes for the annual sock hop in the new Recreation Room. A faculty tea also was given during this month. For Homecoming the Tri-Sigmas chose a melodrama theme, c'Corky to the Rescuef' The theme of the pledge formal was "Par- isian Fantasyf' A Christmas dinner at the Turnpike Restaurant, a party at the chapter house and caroling at the two hospitals brought Sigma Sigma Sigma through the first semester. Tri-Sigma chose a theme of "Sigmarama" for second semester Rush and pledged nine girls. The spring formal in April and the annual lawn party closed an eventful second semester for the sor- ority. Throughout the years honors bestowed on Sigma Sigma Sigma were: Pattie Hunt, attendant to Homecoming Queen, Ann Dwelle, Georgia Kelley,, Patti Wilson and Sandra Roy, cheerleaders, Mary Ann Fulton, secretary-treasurer of the Junior class, Jolene Pinder, Virginia Holdren and Ann King, listed in W'ho's Who, Marsha Walker, Miss Santa, Sandra Roy, Miss Emporia State, and Jolene Pinder and Mary Ann Fulton, Xi Phi. gal SAT an .5 'Qi ' ,SI '57 . . K H fy- t. if A 5 Q, v - sr I I. . i s va. 'Sf as .Q Niki Stambach Shirley Fankhauser Betty Breukelman Sue Griffith Anne Bennett Pat Stevens Suzanne Sargent Kerin Bader Marsha Walker Sue Spears Rhonda Johnston Jackie Bader Greta MeMunn Jane Axcell Sally Sturgeon Sandra Roy Claragene Johnston Margaret Becker Peggy Riley Barbara Baltz Glennis Tawney Sue Reppert Barbara Jones Barbara Brinkman Marilyn Mellies Priscilla Balch Joan Draney Jolene Pirider Patti Hunt Pattie lVilson Evelyn Lange Frankie Turpin Dee Howard Nancy Page Barbara Hunt Carolyn Carlat Georgia Kelley Glenna Bonnell Margaret Hollenshead VVinnona Lander Joyce Klintworth Karen lValker Carol Clowe Mary Ann Bernard Mary Lou Jones Ann King Virginia Holdren Eileen Cannon Ann Dwelle Ivlarrillyn Brooks Kay Lindquist Ruth Huston Virginia Enos Mary Ann Fulton as-my J wut -Nu- Y-gf' 9 iq af' 1 4, 'K ntjw, . If we ,A 5 A K .fr if-Q ' 'H ,sw il AZ- , ..,, Q .. W' -fa. di r an C? 3, 3, A N it -af 2, as .-1, ' L A V. A 6' st -Q 3' "4 5 --.if Q? J. A KVL, T5 , . X K V Q SN' Y , t. i J, :ii ,safe .nw J'-WS it yi W t L li if .2 ,,,.,, 3, X Y, J ,. V ' , i is f +-'H 'N " 'Q' we My 5 P' 'J as sv ' sg WK 9 "" X .xv-W 'l v 3 -f 1:-6,5-i ,yr -'fy Y ,,.,, F f .,2-, f ,, X K W , ,Q - A VAK., . W aa 5? V -A lj-gf, t.. 5, A .L at Q .i.' an .. - A zy, me I 7 -F I . Q 'aw ' PM if ie' rf K 12- Mtv- ,,, -.f , 'Y , -Vg J2,",, TAU S KA P President ........ . ..., Dgle Xglach Vice-President .... ......,.. o n son 5'5"-CN .ri.eD..l9s2F.f,5zi5: Mike Robb with the TKE bell. The Tekes started the year in a big way with a fall pledge class of 29 men. Following a round of house parties, the Tekes began work on their homecoming display, which featured a large replica of Playboy magazine. The annual Bowery party occupied the social spotlight during December, Miss Kay Robuck, Alpha Sigma Alpha, reigned over the costumed festivities. A toy exchange, with toys donated to the Welfare Department, plus the traditional Christmas dinner brought the fall semester to a close, Second semester found the Tekes storing the bell they had Hacquiredn for football season, practicing for Singing Bee, holding coffee hours for the sororities, and preparing for the annual Red Carnation Ball. 132 'I'KE's and their dates watch the entcrt 1' n ent at the Bowery Ball, Kay Robuck. queen ofthe Bowery Ball. Mike Robb Kerry Laflerty John Anderson Robert Lambert Robert Wyngard George Hughes Claude Parks Dennis Hanson Larryklohnson Harvey Cooke Maurice West Larry Fowler Charles XYhitson David Farnsworth Dale Tipton Charles Blackirn Richard Volland Kenneth Eaton Thaine Heber Steve Dillinger Keith Sylvester Dale Veach Douglas Murphy Robert Dufhn David Norman Clarence Dellforge Gorinan Smith Virgil True Donald Marhenke Robert Day Richard Nlilhon Ronald Bleidissel Frank Robertson Robert Grundy Lzirrv King Robert Burns NVilliam Austen Donald Olson Robert Paoli John Fraser Larry Kaufman Rice Brown Fred Reed Melvin Beagley John Beutler Gilbert Anderson Pete Kahler David Blackim ? "', 13 W gas a QQ e Q :sun 1 , h ti, h aw. NW L if N' ex' E Qtf ,it Q:-.w-" i Q XM v is I is A D N 5 'an '54 -ana' W 5 Qi to "fi 0' v :Qi tetit A fr I I I iall X 59: xy.. fa-'61 If Q Q3 fu ,tg K .,. fy, 'i 'X Y, 192,14 ' -"" if ' -27. x -1. XLQ7' I "" , l tft. tim 4, ' W 1 R 5' ' t L ' t gr.. r L it-' K 5 L :fi .. iva rs I lv. 5 3 N A M' xt 'Q' -0 :a 'iw or ps at - 4 -. L: 4 ., A ' ... V --4 if ,.,w - ,,,,, Q. Snr , Q: -1 K gg" " XXV' Y T AI if , 1 33 GREEK ,'llIOZ'F lffff Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Flbrzzv' rzghl: Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, Lqfis Alpha Kappa llillllljflli lfratcrrxity. Bffow lqfl: Delta Zeta Sorority. Ifffluw rzlglzl: Phi Sigma Epsilon l"1'aturr1ily. HOUSES Almzir lejfi: Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority. A bozif rzzghii Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Rzighf: Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity. Brlnzi' Zffif Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Hflozf' rzghfi Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, ,ff 'WC 'nr'lQ F --, -3.95 Lefl: Isabelle Walker. Rzlghlx Ruby Miller, Alpha Sigma Tau. rl Rzightl Alice Sullivan, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Beluzrx l"loi'c-rice' Lesh. Tau Kappa Epsilon. lug if waxy, hn- gf- wi 5 Vx ,xv ls, , f N HOUSE 2 02+ Ahovf: Doris I"reeman, Alpha Kappa Lambda. 55 ,. A.,,.. , , .. 1 LM: Rose West, Sigma Phi Epsilon. gl l - Delta Zeta. Rzght: Florence Yearout, MOTHERS . F 5.1, J Above: Eloise Pearson. Sigma Tau Gamma. Leylx Melinda Kelly, Pi Kappa Sigma. Below: Gladys Gilbert, Phi Sigma Epsilon. ca. i ,IHA ' ip., .A l ' -,Z .ss-aw ' f1Lili951'1EQ i1i5Z5lfgx ilfsigg -1 . .. . iz.: il .iff efwwirma. kk Q I mszfvf' f N t C7 lfntf lfmtx' Gladys Kadovania. 'lltclnia liohasliigawa. l"ranccs Kishitnoto, .Xvis Nakaina. .Jovce Xakatna. Kllatencc Kashiwai, l,oi'rainc 'l'aninioto. Terry Yanaqisawa, Rosita l.illJ4JLfi'Il..IK'llI1 Saito. Sftftyffl Run" Diana Nakania. lilcanoi' Klakino , Robert Kakoqatwai Wallace Fujii. Cliatlcs Nakaoka, Stanlcv ltfaxsa. Donald Fujii, l"lorcticc 'l'anaka, Daisy Kinoshita. 'l!1mlRo1tx' liddic llatnztcla, liddie l.'vt'sliiro, Robert Ugata, Ken Hirohata, 'lioin Shizuru, Ken lviztcclzt, liarrv Ginoza, Yasuo 'l'akat'a. HAWAIIAN CLUB Howard Yosltinohu. A Hawaiian luau highlighted activities of the Hui U' Hawaiian Club. Parents and friends ofthe Hawaiian students sent fresh llowers , Hawaiian deli- casc, and other Inatcrials lor the feast through the United .Xirlines and Hawaiian Visitors Bureau. Pro- ceeds lirotn the luau will go lor a scholarship for a stu- dent lironi Hawaii. Nleinhership has increased from 14 charter meni- hers tour years ago to 152. .-Xinong the activities ofthe club this vear was a Christmas party at the home of Ul"I"ICERS l'1t'.t1'fft'11l Avis Nakaina I 'IAN'-P7't'.X'1iKfr"?Zf lfddie Uyeshiro .S't't'r1tlf1i'r Joyce Nakarna 'I 7't'll.YIlIt'I' Clarence Kashiwai IM 1'f1'f1mf'11111111121 Howard Yoshinobu Dr. and Xlrs. E. C. Nlcfiill, where new tnctnhers were initiated, and participation in the school's annual Penny Carnival. Objectives for organizing the club are to have a closer unity among the students of Hawaii, and to par- ticipate in all school activities. Sponsoring the group are Dr. Clifton B. Hull, Dr, and Mt's. E. C. lNIcCill, Nliss Kathleen Fox and John Nlathews. -mai MU EPSILON NU Mu Epsilon Nu was founded in 1931 to provide a better social life for the independent men. The organ- ization's emblem symbolizes Manners, Ethics, and Nobility. This year began with a smoker for all interested men. During Homecoming many alumni returned to the campus. At Christmas the group held a dance. During second semester the group held a smoker, a dance and many other activities. OFFICERS President ...,... ..,.............. ..... L e e Ellis Vice-President .... .... B ert Forkner Seeretagf ...... .,.. B ernard Dick Treasurer .... . . .Robert Wills WINNETASKA President Lee Ellis Winnetaska is the social organization for independent women. Fin! Row: L. Michaelsenuj. Colvin, S. Lesser, M. Salto, D. Martin. Second Rauf: Cortner. C. Lockhart, Smith,J. Shulzeuj. Ireland. 'Kimmel EMPORIA STATE COLLEGE VETERANS ORGANIZATION 441, ' if ? F4 T 'FE I'lIf.Yf Run" D. Buss, li. lI1'l2lIlCl, N. Cll"ll"lSlCIlSl'Il, l,. llaltonul, Yvlelxf, li. Crowell, C. lxlCclOllLlIIl. R, l'ierwiCk,J. Mcfflcmllcl. D, PrlCe.,G. Godwin. S!'L'll7lll'1fUZi'.' U. Fish. CI, BI'UVVf1,xI. xAllllll'll2lll', ll. Yuusc, I1 Smirh, I1 Horiuqxhi, B. Newklrk, Cl, W'ilson, l", Post. S. l3L1l'IN'S. 'fhirzl Raw: li. :Xllk'IlCl4'I', D. Trimble, R. Meadows, F. Zahn, L, W'z1l1rip, A, Srhnlker, Bolmm. OFFICERS Presidenl- ..... .............. . . .Bruce Crowell Vice-President. . . . . .Charles McCollum Secretagz ..... . . .... Rodger Kerwick Treasurer. . . . . .Carleton MacFarlane 140 I P lNlembcrs of xv0ICl'ilI1S Club and Ihvir dates enjoy l'l'llI'C'SllIIlCIllS during thc' clulfs annual dance, rl? We 'S 0' f """'R .9- Pearl Finkbindc-r Laura Todd MORSE HALL Three hundred and sixty-nine excited girls moved through the doors into Morse Hall to begin the fall semester of 1956. The first of the many social events of the year was the Nlorse Hall Open House for the men on the campus. The theme for the fall formal was "Snow Fantasyw with music by the Pastels. Homecoming was a very busy time for many of the girls with Curli-Q perfor- mances, entertaining guests, and working on Homecoming decorations on which they won second place. A Christmas Dinner was prepared and served by lNIiss Bishop to the lN4orse residents after which the girls were greeted by Santa Claus at an informal party in the recreation room. Morse Hall was very proud of Sandra Roy, one of its residents, when she danced her way to the title of"Miss E-Staten in the Miss E-State contest. The girls and their dates danced to the music of the Darrel Burkdoll band at their spring formal the theme of which was :4Spring Frolicsfl Two residents of lNfIorse Hall, Sandra Roy and Gwen Dodds, were chosen to ac- company and participate in a FECOM tour to the Far East during the summer of 1957. Twenty seniors were honored at the semifornial Senior Dinner for lN'1orse Hall which brought a busy year to a close. .,............ .... .. 1-W4 lffrvl l3mw.' R, King, D. Pullfm. IJ. IIz1cIIm'k, Ii. Kuvur, R. Scott, I'. IQIIIQSIUIIVY, lS,Wrigh1,W. Good- win, C. IIL1lL'I11'I'z1ft. Sfmnrl lfrmu' Iiruvrs, S. Iiullin, N. I.0IIar, V. Nivhxuls, I.,.IuI111sm1, NI. Glvcrx- wmmcl. 'I'. unge, IW. Hollsrlnw, Il. SZIIIIJUITI, S. XN'iImn. 'Hzfnf Rom' K. 'W'iIson, N. IXIm111i11sgc'1', K. IIIIIUVIIKILIISI, Il. X1o1'1'is,.I. IXIUI'gklIl, Cf. Rzmclm'I,.I. Sluiltz,-I. Ir'CIanfI. IJ. Kc:-fly G. INIUIIIL, IJ. Sch- xwinw. IQ. I"If-ming. C. xN'UOCISUIl..l. Yusl. Y. SIIUIIILXIIIZIII. Ffmrffl lx'o:r.' Ci. IIIl1IkITl'l', N. SIwr'111.xr1. S. Iimmlllxlgvx. Ix. .XvIJ1. R.SiCIIIl1lIl, Ix. Wnlmn, I.. IILICISOII. NI. DufI0rd. IX1. I'1lls, I'.. IIl1cImn.C..f1g1111- blv, S. XXILIIIKKT. IIeier1s.I3.NN'vi1 I IINIlIhlllQIl, ,gs wr l'ml lffm' R. Iiczdck. Ci. XN'iggim, Ii. ISI-vkllmc-yvlg. ll. ljmuw. .Ywfffzrl IBM.: Uillglspiv. Y. lic-wk. S J Imxsm-V, I'. Iliss, I.. XVQIIIIII. I". Iiolim-.4j. I'iIM'IlIlt'I',-I. W'111'1z.4I. I3L111u1111. 'H1nfllx'fm'.' I . XI1l1'r.1y. S IIucI C Iiolxk C IIlL,Ill N llmm NI N4 lk K I IXI1 UKJ lol lu NI Sxllu I5 SIIIIIHI SUN, 4. ' . 4. 1' 'S. . , I .. JYI . 4, AHC ' 2 ' . . A Y . I .ll . -- I ' R, Iiiwk, YV. 'I'I10dC. C. lim-ri, M. Sngvml. Ilcrldswortll, D. Baker. Iffllllffl lx'fm'.' R. SIIIIIII. Cl. Mes sclxgvrgkl. IIm14'k, D. Cfrmllc-rg Iiulinv. CI. Soulv, IS. Iiigg, CI. Cole. .-X. Rowun. M. lJrvi1x,CL. Ku flu Ix I Q YZIIIILI, M. .Xl 'ir1s011. 2. JXIIQIIISUII, K. I vcd. 1 4: Q IIZN . vm1sn.w Iva' 3 if S.Jll4.I l"m'! Rm" .-X. Sinion, G. Dwnlds. N. ROSA: P. Hoifiiw. S. ilirmiiipsciii, CI. liutloii. .X. 'liriissi-l. P. Hil- lizims. Ki. l"i'isn'li. .Yffffrzri Ifrmx' N. Nelsorixl. Hahn. S. Umiidstaff. Rugvrs. INT, II2lllQ'ill. Clijziiiic- sou, D. vvilffi, QP. Schmidt. S, Nianka, P. llcrowitsch, B. Nioore. M. Ilrgicilcfy, S. Goss, S. Lorciiz, M. Boucck. A. vl'4'IldiCk. Tfzml Row' P. Frzml, A. Vrzitil. M. Landis, S. Reeder, fir1'a'1i, P. Nlzirs- lull.-I. Burton. M. Hexiningscu. R. Luthi, M. Shadcl. ffm! 'QUIK' li. Uiriqwzill. KI. Imnf. Cf, S21XX'f't'Ik. l". iiirpiii. CI. lloliilsoiimj, Sic-vlv. S. lfvy, S. Spcgiixq Smith . I. Nivkol. SAHIIIIX Kim 5 R. Rader. I.. Nvlsuix.-1. RiilllXX'llI'Til.kI. Diiguici. U. Voiruba. NI,-Iohir mn. XI. Pmrm'li. Xl. -joiivs. il. I5i1i'1iffs. Hznfl li'fm'.' li. Niyviis. R. Biirciick. B. Giridvr. l'. Wilson. XY..Ior1c'S.J. iimiiiw. S. Riicmclu. B. I.zxli1m'1'. K 'L 4, v. is I . ,- if .pn x M , 1 m if V.- ,, :ff Cf' mi l.- . Z i 4 3 'md xy :Ei 19 S Q on na A . of of 153.7 fu a X. 'ii 'W 5.35 , 1 2' 'K .U - :mr1.,5',.' V 1 of i .. .Q Jr... i i i . new ig ,.. . g Q Z. .,,' Q, ff 7 4 VAV1 N35 T .1 ' ' .,..: 1 A S ' ' Q., as 5' w l'I'I.Xf l?uzw.' I.. lirickson, CS. Calahan. E. Brook:-, B. Cooper, M. Gzunlm, K. Haverstock, A. lisplund, T. l,21rkin, S. Hctrictk. lslffllfllf Row: NI. KlI'kIll2lll, F. W'atc1'lJl1ry. S. 'l'c'c'tn1',xI. Wvellon, S. Rnctkwcfll, M. Mauderly, ll. Svvny1'r,J. Kirkpzitriclgll. NVin121c'ks, K. l.JlIllPI',.I. W'itl, S. Curlis. l.. lilllllllifi, l.. Wlxlts. N. Dzxvis. 'IVIIVII l?fm'.' P. Salmon, A. Otto, D. Franklin, l'. Nvzlllifly K. Smith, li. Rcvnnne, 7. Ynsburgh, D, liivknvll. R. Bay. B. Ki lfzrxl linux' A. Gullvrlgc-. R. Yaklc, L. Trmlpkills. M. Bulklcy, li. Mvliu, S. Ryland. Swfflifl Rum YYn1'i11g.J. Flair. li. Si'lllllJCI'I,4I. Ferre-11.61. lfrn-lgxmc-1',J. Kinnznnnn. ll. Nicklaus. S. Sl1vpl1c'x'nl Lvlli'Igll21l'li. Blvllill. 'llzmf Rrmx' li. lxlilllillkllll. S. clll3ITllJ!'I'S. K. Urifzvll. S. lX1C'llt'IllJI'l1L'll Kryrs. R. Spurgc-rm. ll. .'Xdz1i1'. NY. l.1lIllll'I'. lg.4IUIlf'S, KI. 32111111-, M. Nl4'l5r'ayC1'. S. RUIIIIVI Slum. C. Carson, P. Rc-ynnlds. Fnzmlz Run" P. Hcrpich. C. Nlnrrisnn. Nl. Pvtrik. Xl. Plk-illk-1 NCXVIHHI1. C. Kovgrlxm-llxl. R. Ganncll.J. SIUVIIIOIII. Reppvrl. Y. lfnm. B. L1OClCl?I'l. R. N11 Huggins. RJ '97 'M-, 1 my , -.... ' q I N" ...sim '-I ia: LQ M35 :un , 244 '- I , Y . ..,.. . QA 2 -: I f r .5 . ,XA 1 ,f , i SF N... Fmt Roz:-: C. MilIer.J, YVinterstein.J. Lewis. E. Pratt. .Ynorzd Row: I.. XYaIk. P. Iiumblc, Gxlohns M. Lockhart. XY. Schmidt. S. Ifankhziiiscr. C. Sichcrt. B, XYeirshiiig, N. Keazer. Third Rouvj. Estes S,J0hnS0n,.I. Butler, INI. Smith, D. Riiigviscri. E. .'XiitIi't'ws, D. XY:-xx cr, B. Duggan, ff. Seihcl, IJ Lyon, P. Clark. N. Klinrf, I1 Reed, Ii. Ihiiitian, I.. Rziiicitfls, G. Millcr, C. Thrrim. Fourth Rum' .-X Iurck. F. Kishimotoxl. Gill. Ii. Barr. Nl. Bott. C. Iii1ss.J. Pierce. M. Hutchinson. M. NVQ-gner, .-X Ne-uriiayw. I.. Perry. I-I. Iflt-miiig. N. Rt-riher'get'. CT. NYt'bb. ll'II7.I'f Roux' I.. Sthweitzcr. Cl. Abbott, Sudc'i'r11z1n, A. St-Iiiu-tzhtele, IX. Sun Romzitiiv, B. IIOItori..I. Xciziiiis. P, Stiivky. K. Nuijigf-t', B. BtiIit'f'r. Seffrafirf Ruin CI. Thoiiipsorii, K. Luwi'eiift'. CI. Thomas, IQ. IIOIICIJ. Sc'hooi'. K. Aiktiiis. E. Laiigv. Naylor. I'. Slansbiiry. IJ. Xiorcy. N. Iloncwitz. I.. Spviia. B. Ilgirry. 'ffz1r'riRfm'J NI. I.aCkc-y. G. .-XrtCrIJui'ii. I'. Pickett. Ii. Klein. B. Nh-hl. S. Gr-itlith. P. Biunsoiii. If. Rader. R. P4-digo. S. Roy, S. W'inaiis. I.. Smith. avirz.,ff'iA2 5 'Illia :il U it " . Morsv Hall girls and their dates Glance to the music of lhe Pastels. l Sziiiclrii Rm' viitcrlalixs at om' ol' lliz- fXlm's4' llzill lkmiiiils. 46 Rulli Scliilliriger zuldrcssvs tlic' Mm 'lkmcld listens. 5 i. .M x , . Q 'Rx Q Af 1' 3. 'sc' llzill Senior' lliiiiivi' us lvlollivr ..i , ix S 1 ""V"'Yr:f ,,.,-.-X Harold Cannon, Miss Jeannette Bigge, and Dr. Ray Russell served as faculty members ofthe board. Ray Koch, at right ,was a student member. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS The Board of Student Publications consists of six voting members, three from the faculty and three from the student body. Faculty members are appointed directly by the President, and the student members are appointed by the President from a list of nominees selected by the Student Council. The 4 Roger Eickhoili 8 Board oversees the functionin I ofthe three student A publications, The Bulletin, the Sunflower, and Cluivira literary magazine. Rlembers meet twice a month, or at the call of Chairman Russell. Salaries of Jublication staff members and overall uolicv of l I , publications are determined by the board. fx: 1 1-.f ig.. : aww Y it Q t 2 vi Yauglin Nelson 1450,-John Jenking, stu- " dent, operates the fold- ing machine. Rzghlr-John Lulh1, stu- dent, folds programs on the machine. fx ff PRINT A bum' Clhnrlc-s Ii. Brooks, pressmun. and S Homer Nl. Bush. cornpositor. make thc' lock-up on Hvidelhery Cylinder Press. Rzglzl: Cfurlhl. l'I1JfYII1?!.I1S. IT1iiIlilgCI' K,Sfln.C. Press. vlmcwks job whifh is in IJIkUdL1L'liOXl in lllc' shop. O I THE BULLETIN Ray Koch, first semester editor, and Del Brinkman, first se- mester associate editor, focus critical eyes on an issue of The Bulletin just off the press. Peg Newkirk, second semester feature editor, linishing her article before the deadline. 'f l I ,, 150 Killllliil il Kaye Cummings, second semester news editor, and Connie Diller. second seniester society editor, find a spare moment to read The Bulletin, 8:4 Hun... ,, AW . ,mlml Agp AWA I 3 11 Rath 706 ?0llf7lllf tf'i'TYf1 tstit Q .sviii ,,. 'iw -if .u v ' lxuiv 3 , , N 441 fi' A .Y ,- .,.ff""'..1" i To give the students an unbiased coverage of the news on campus was the main goal of the BULLETIN staff. The first semester BULLETIN was the recipient of an All-American Award presented by the Associated Collegiate Press. This award symbolized the efforts and hard work accomplished by the staff. First semester editor was Ray Koch, ably assisted by Del Brinkman, associate editor. John Kloefkorn, news editor, Leon Satterfield, feature editor, John lNIohler, sports, and Virginia Holdren, society editor helped make the semester a successful one. Leon Satterfield was at the helm as editor-in-chief second semester. John Kloef- korn was the associate editor and Kaye Cummings, news editor, Connie Diller, society editor, Peggy Newkirk, feature editor, and Clair Cobb, sports editor. John Kloefkorn, second semester assistant editor, and Leon Satterfield, second semester editor, read copy for the BULLE TIN. and Mel Tawney his assistant, do their bookkeeping L f Clair Cobb, second semester sports editor. finishes a sports article. 'in-. HM f-www G 'J' N 1 rv w 5 G El E 5 m ru n O -:J D- vi ru 5 na vi .-v rn "1 U' C Z. 5 n vi m 5 557 .TJ N UQ . rn "1 O -1 W ,- C D- n 5 -Q 'U C E E. sw ' : O Cl! 1 D 151 John Mohler, sports editor, compiles sports records, Laurene Harper and Dan Austin check the spelling of names in thc personal data file. f.. Lee Gassert, first semester business manager of student publications, sends out bills to advertisers. Larry Shepherd was his assistant, To express the panorama of life on our campus, the 1957 SUNFLQWER intricately wove a pattern of coveted memories, telling a year's story at Em- poria State. It has tried to get a photo- graphic glimpse of all important ancl never to be forgotten events. Irabel Harper, editor, and Trudy Gila, assistant editoncheck copy for the 1957 SUNFLOXVER. SUNFLOWER 295' i ,,,, K H 42' in ll? 'T ,Lf Mary Ann Simpson Qlqflj and Pal Cole- man Cabowj crdilcd the student index, 153 s as C I QUIVIRA Quivira, a campus literary and journalistic organization, provides most of the material published by the campus literary magazine, QUIVIRA. The society meets twice a month to discuss and criticize literary efforts of the members. Seated, from lqhjerry P, Leibman, sponsorg Leon Satterfield, Charles Whitson, Raymond C. Koch, Sheryl Chambers, Nancy Root, John Kloefkorn, Dr. Green D. Wyrick, sponsor. Standing: Patty lNright ,Peggy Newkirk, Virgil True, Bob Lambert, Bob Burns, Barbara Moore, Ann Harrison, lrabel Harper. 154 SWEEPSTAKES Winners of the National Intercollegiate Photo Salon sweepstakes competition were these E-Staters CIQH lo rzlghtj Perry Riddle, Carlj. Hoffmans, Charles Messick, Howard Yoshinobu, E. L. Ander son, Gary fkiason, Cecil Howard. No! pzdureci Ed Baldwin. The photo award was made at Wliscon sin State College, Eau Claire. K Photographers 0 0 ln Achon Howurci Yoshinubu f I Gary' N1HSOI1 Pvrry Riddlt' lid Baldwin qu-:J 2 x 'N xx .. .5 ,i Sui' Rl'ilIJfTIl IM! Hlmrlcl Iavlm High! Cfhuwk Kia-Nvk ,-1 1 'G 5. 7 v ,rv k . ls., x 5 .vMMw..MV, f 'H A 3' INTER-FAITH COUNCIL OFFICERS President .....,....... Robert Scheibe Vice-President ...... .... C arl Harter Secretaq-Treasurer .,.... Janet Herpich The aim of the Inter-Faith Coun- cil is to coordinate the religious ac- tivities of the campus and of the on-and off-campus groups to the best advantage of the whole school. The council sets about this task each fall when the new freshmen ar- rive. Directories ofthe Emporia chur- ches are prepared and distrubuted and a social function is held to ac- quaint the new students with their clergymen. First Row: P. Gleason, E. Kimzey, A. Clark. R. Scheibe,J. Herpich, C. Harter, Rev. R. Moreland, M. Fowler. Semnd Row: D. Murray, S. Hofer, B. Kimble, B. Pierceul. Whitchair, F. NVaterbury,J. Sinclair, C. Firth, F. Frederick,C. Lindahl. Each religious organization, on-or off-campus, was Dr. Wfalter Harrelson, Dean of the Divinity which effects E-State students is entitled to two re- School of the University of Chicago. presentatives in the council. Faculty Firesides were held throughout the A climax to the activities of the year was Re- year. ligious Emphasis Week. Religious speaker this year CANTERBURY CLUB OFFICERS President ,........ Mabel Carmichael Vice-Presidenl .... ..... J ohn Rankin Canterbury Club, in its fourth year of existlnce on both Emporia col- lege campuses, grew to the number of fifty Episcopal students. Regular meetings, which included a Corporate Communion and breakfast, were held the first Sunday of each month. A meeting every third Sunday included instruction and social hours. Social events of the school in- cluded the annual Student-Faculty Supper. ,f Ffrsl Row: D. Bicknell. M. Carmichael, Price, Spears. Sammi Row: Father D. Kreymcr, A. Kelly, M, XValker, XY. Williams. K. Bruder. 57 -71' -3 ww 'nv-""' 5 1 A 'N nv I 4 2 ,F-KX, .K ki M K. , M, s, ,- E, in . "" , ,-sr gv'T"5s 'W' lfnif lffmx' Nl. .Xtkinson. li. .Xtl-tinson. 'lf Butts. Cf. l.tn'so11, N. Rust. Xl. Wlinitl, -QATYIIIII lfmix' Rey. N, l Xlurris. NY, Pyle. D. lX'oncl.-I, lI'C'l11I11l.ci. llenniqh. D. lvllflfl. 7711-74 Hurt" R. Nlilhnn. K. Nltirtin. B, Haier. R. Salts. Nl. liureli. DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP OFFICERS Prewdenl. . . . .... ......,.........,, R ichztrd Millioii lvlvff'-PfF.YZidl'7ZI' ...... , ..... ,..... I Diana Wfood Sf'r'1'vff1q1'-Trwfzxlzrw. . . . . .Carolyn Feldman Larson With visions till ti new eliureh building adjacent to the liinporizx State College campus. the Disciples Student lfellowsliip finished the sehool year in the old building :it 7th and Market. Next lull students will nieet in the new ehureh which will feature 21 student eentei' designed especially lei' eollege stu- dents. This yezir the group tliseztrded its old name, Christian Student Fellowship, to COIll-0I'IU with the nznne ul' the nutiuiizil orgmiiztition. .Xetiyities lust lull begun with 21 progrziin plun- ning' retreat at whieh NYz1ncl41 Pyle, Yvonne Ander- son and Nancy Rust were nuined ennnnittee ehziir- 158 inen to plan food. recreation and progrziins for the yfilli. Besides the regular meetings every Sunday evening, DSl"'ers presented the evening worship serviee at Uridley and were in charge ull the Sun- clziy morning ehureh seryiee at the local ehureh during youth week. were hosts to foreign students zit 21 dinner meeting. and pzlrticipzited in several hzinquets. Several members also attended the state retrents and work camps. Stun Hulk-r was eleeted state USF yiee-president, The linzil aetivity ul' the year was ll banquet liunoririg graduating seniors the last nl' f R Fin! Raw: N. Powers, C. lloward, D. Dellinger,J. Bishop, B. Kimble, P. Riddle, M. Mauderly, B, Shriner, B. Shoup, M. McCracken. Second Razr: K. Aebi. N. Stambach. V. Crowley. S. XN'agner. XV, Sc'hmidt.J. Flair. K. Utterback. M. Lenz. I., Perry. M. Fittsul. Staatz. Sglohnson, .-X. Rowan. J. Stormontml. Schulz, K. Cason. Ni. Pfeiffer. Lindsey. A. West, Third Rrmx' R. Zoellner. P, Countshl. Wilhite, H, Happul. llollembeak, F. Whiteman, D, Moore, D. Mayes, P. Keller, R. W'agner, D. Leker. L. Hoffman, M. Wiest, L.-Johnson. A. Forkner. WESLEY FOUNDATION Wesley' Foundation is the organization for Methodist preference college students. Sunday events included both morning and evening programs. Members ate together during the vearg on Sunday evening preceding the worship service and on Thursday noon for devotions in the Student Union. Special activities during the year included XN'SCSfXYeslcy Foundation dinner, hay-rack ride, Spiritual Life Retreat at Lake Wiabunsee, Thanks- giving song feast, program for the Methodist Home in Topeka. Christmas caroling, Student Recogni- tion Day, deputation teams, Valentine semi-formal and the Spring banquet. Officers were Bill Kimble, president, Perry Riddle and Mary Lou Nlauderly, vice-presidents, and Margaret McCracken, secretary. KAPPA PHI Kappa Phi is the campus Methodist women's organi- zation. The local chapter is Alpha Mu. The group took part in such service projects as ushering, serving banquets and singing at hospitals. i 159 First Row: Rev. N. Williams, R. Moritz, R. Huston, C. Denning, L. Dalton,J. Wilson, P. Gleason, C. Baznik. Second Row: M. Gerleman, G.Javier,J. Dick, F. Gangel, V. Dewey, R. Crawford, M. Drietz, Sxjohnson, C. Dolsky, C. Johnston, M. Hollenshead. Third Row: C. Foelgner, T. Evans, Gamba, M. Becker, D. Eisele, A. Bennett, L. Darby, Rxjohnston, B. Bolton, B. Brinkman. Ffmrlh Row: P. Huston, B. Hagemanul. Chumby, G. Hughes, G. Bolton, M. Frisch, G. Gerleman, R. Bezdek,tI. Bushey, F. Depenbusch, NEWMAN CLUB President .... ...,......... C arroll Denning Leo Dalton Vice-Presiderzl. . . .... Joe Rossillon Jim Wilson Seeretage. . . . . .Ruth Huston Pat Gleason Treasurer .... . . .Ray Moritz Jean Wurtz Newman Club, the organization for Catholic students on the campuses of E-State and College of Emporia, grew this year to include a membership of 148 students. Under the capable leadership of Father Noel Williams, chaplain, the club provided Catholic students with a spiritual and social campus organization. Among the highlights ofthe year were a pre- Christmas party and dance. The club closed its yearly activities with a picnic held for all members at the Bluestem Hall. First Row: L. Navrathl. WYeinmann, D. hloritz, C. Kogl, L. XYichman, G. Sharp. Serena' Raw: R. Pascua, R. Labogen, R. King, C, Tully, P. Schottler, B. Swoyer, R. Smith, D. Newer, C, Stefles, G. Schwartzman. Third Rowsj. NYhitehair, L. Vierthalexyll. W'urtz, G. Lounsbury, N. Ziegler, B. Ulses, R. Kerschen, L. Verhaeghe, K. OiDonell. Fourth Row: V. Malasquez, A. Konarik, P. Kem- merer, D. Vieithaler,j. Reilly, R. Paoli, D. Prchal, R. Noll. YMCA OFFICERS Prexident ............. Jim Barber Secretaw. . . . . .Jerry Sinclair The Y.lVLC.A. met bi-monthly, Highlights of the year included a Halloween party and sponsorship ofthe annual Y-Sing. This Christ- mas Songfest had approximately 600 participants. A merger was effected between this organization and Y.W.C.A. A new constitution was adopted and, it is hoped, will be approved in the fall by the Student Council. First Row: D. lN'Iurray,J. Sinclair, N. Powers, C. Harter, M Peterson J Barber Seronrl Row: P. Bross, S. Hofer, D. W'hitney, R, Riggin, D Robinson R Salts L. Rochatml. Leis, N. Wlhite. Dr. Darrell XVood reads Wfwas the Night Before Christmas" at the annual -...Z Y-Sing MIA -. l Georgia Amelia Shirley Kelley San Romani Knouft Sally Reeder CHEERLEADERS Patti Ann Sandra Wilson Dwelle Roy ik 163 .sul ISSUE IN doubt, Buck Quincy, Keith Caywood and Coach Gus Fish watch a battle for a rebound. 17-10 gl BASKETBALL Coach E. D. '6Gus,, Fish's basketball team had some anxious moments during the season, particularly towards the hectic close which saw the Hornets forfeit three games because ofthe inadvertent use of an ineligible player. De- spite this, when the smoke of battle cleared, the Hornets had compiled a 23-6 record, had taken the CIC championship, and had defeated Bethel, Kansas Conference winners, for the right to represent the district in the NAIA championship tournament in Kansas City. Chiefly responsible for the Hornet hardwood attack was the balanced scoring and the rugged rebounding ofthe first eight men. Missing next year will be the four fine seniors, Jim Hayes, Floyd Quincy, Vaughn Nelson, and Dick DuPont, but returning will be Dick Thompson, Norm Holthouse , Bill Dickey, Jim Smith, and Ron Slaymaker, Bill Muckenthaler, and Frank Specht. COACH -AND HORSES. From Lg? I0 Rzghl, Sealed' Bill Dickey, Jim Hayes, Buck Q'L1lfiCy, Dick Thompson, Norm Holthouse ,Vaughn Nelson, Dick DuPont. Second Row: Coach Gus Fish, John Martin, Bob Riggin, Neil DeW'erff, Jim Smith, Grant YValkup, Bill Muckenthaler, Frank Specht, Vernon Mosher. Third Row: Phil Kastor, Ron Nelson, Paul Armstrong, Richard Hall, Darrel Blachlcy, Gary Franklinhlack Kelly,Kenneth Palmer. ,JYQK .i,,g, 5'--"' r ' A L XJ K E1 7 524 A V c S, jqgl M41 S, I I iv-" :il es LANKY DICK THOMPSON fbelowj pushes another two- pointer goalward. At right, forward Norm Holthouse gets set to go up for a rebound, if necessary. It wasn't. f -is-Q, SE? af., ' Q . ALMOST HIDDEN by his squad, Coach Gus Fish and an ofhcial check the foul situation during a time out. UMINEV' says Thompson as he goes up tor a score. This is the kind of hustling defense Qbelowj that paid off in a C.I.C, title for the Hornets. Jim Smith C343 and Buck Quincy get a tied ball. THIS WAS the game that did it, the Hornets versus St. Bene- dict's on the Ravens' home floor. Final score: 66-57, E- State. They had to win it to wear the CIC crown. lhey hang due thu its to the Ravens. Them Qmxles gay ll wdsn 1 easy but i'W'e're champs." , 4 VICTORY BONFIRE ANNOUNCES CIC CHAMPIONSHIP jubilant students had their victory bonfire ready when the whistle blew ending the game which gave the Hor- nets the CIC basketball championship. It was a rough game most of the way, but E-State finished strong to down a fighting St. Benediet's five, 66-57, at Atchison. At righl, Coach Fish gets a ceremonial dunking by way of Celebra- tion. Demonstrating their civic pride Qbelowj ,the College of Emporia extends its hearty congratulations to the Hornets by way of this sign shown in front ofthe Teke house. AT 9 we I67 if E5 Bclhvl was pesky, but. . . . , .from ending up hcfrcf at the NAIA tourney in KL1, Clillldll-I stop us COACHES survey prospects. Front: Assistants Shorty Long, Gus Fishg Head Coach Keith Caywood. Rear' Norm Kliewer, Eddie Hamadaul. D. Hardesty, Max Marsland. FOOTBALL THE 1956 HORNET gridders: Long on effort, but short on experience, weight. 169 1956 GRID RECORD Hornets Opponents 7 Omaha 7 12 NE Oklahoma 27 13 SYN' Missouri 0 6 Washburn 34 6 S'western 13 14 Fort Hays 13 gy O Pittsburg 35 14 St. Benedicts 25 14 C Oklahoma 42 " 5 iam, 31 ., 1, 1 3 71121-:f'?"a,+ ,, Vi: 'Q fl sf' .. M A Hornet taekler about to stop a Wash- lfddie Uyeshiro lakes 011 on 1 51 yard burn back, but only momentarily. punt return against Om 1h 1 ST. llFNl'Il3IC'l"S finds the Hornet lim' tough before crashing to 21 25-14 win. 170 7, ,,,, Y , OURTH AND ONE, what do we do Watch those passes! Caywood here is uDon't be nervous son ust remember now? Line coach Shorty Long fright? and concerned about a leaky pass defense your assignments the coach reassures a ead Coach Keith Caywood confer. against St. Benedicts. substitute. , We Did Better, but. Coach Keith Caywood hoped for better things in his second year as head coach, and the first game ofthe season seemed to bolster those hopes as the Hor- nets held a strong Omaha eleven to a 7-7 tie. Against Northeastern Oklahoma, a small college power , the Hornets scored twice, but bowed l2-27. In their third game, the E-Staters looked more at home with the newly-in- stalled T formation as they blanked Southwest Missouri lii-0, their first victory in two seasons. Injuries and inexperience caught up with them, however, and the conference powers romped past them. Fort Hays gave the Hornets their second win ofthe year by a 14-13 score after a thriller which saw a Tiger touchdown bid stopped inches short ofthe goal in the closing seconds of play. HAPPY SQUAD carries happier coach oil' licltl after l4-lil victory over lft, Hays. ffevinszwsrivmz 5.nmmmnwuw'gin:f may V, Q-rw aw W 6 . Maaulma f nw ,imtuf. . CAYWOOD ISNVIN seen here, but clearly he is dominating this half-time critique as the squad listens soberly. THE HORNETS charge out of the dressing room ready fbr action against Omaha, whom they tied 7-7. CALLOXVAY about to pounce on fumble I72 Y Kew vmwmhx: 5:1 MC 1211 V' 3 aiwmwmqraaaz sv mwram 126' s, :qt FOUR RACKETEERS on the Hornet squad are, from the IW, Bill Elrod, Ron Romano, Dave Circle and Don Schrader. TENNIS Coach Robin Wood's Hornet netters compiled an enviable 10 and 4 record, losing only a pair to Wichita and a pair to conference champions Southwestern. The Hornets tied for second in the con- ference with Washburn , which lost the crown it had held for ten years. Hornet court stars were Ron Ro- mano, Dave Circle,Jerry Teichgraeber, William Elrod, Robert YVyngard, Don Schrader and Tom Beatty. In the conference meet, Circle finished third after several glittering victories over top-ranked conference talent in the singles. Beattie and Teich- graber nailed down third in the doubles. WOT INMATES out for exercise, these are coaching kibitzers watching the Hornet tennis squad work out. READY FOR ACTION are these Hornet opponents ln a doubles match on the E-State courts. w . t CIC GOLF CHAMPIONS examine their hard-earned trophy. From IM. they are Larry Siglerulohn Jenkins, Carl Pugh, Wfayne Williams, and Al Tanaka. GOLF Coach Gus Fish had the pleasure of sending another team to the NAIA tournament when his Hornet golfers swept all four titles in the conference tournament, and then bested Baker University in the dis- trict playoffs at Ottawa. The Hornet golfers finished seventh in the na- tional tourney at Beaumont, Texas. AL TANAKA prepares to sink one in a practice round at the Country Club. CROSS COUNTRY WVith fleet-footed Billy Tidwell leading the way in seven straight Cross- country meets, the Hornets took five firsts, two seconds, and climaxed the season by winning the first cross-country Conference meet, In this event the Hornets finished 1-3-4-5-6. Bill Tidwell whipped Fred Dwyer between halves ofthe Sugar Bowl game at New Orleans, flashing to a 3251.5 meet record for the 1500 meters. THE SQUAD: Artie Dunn , Bill Tidwell Tony Martone Larry ones Raw Velasquez francis Gangeluloe Mills, Harold Thompson S lrff ff iii lf.-XfXlll.l.XR SCTICNE--Ticlwcll breaking tape. DICK L'T'l'liR Qfliqfllj sets pegs for l 1-foot poll' vault. l l TRACK The Hornet thinclads under Coach F. G. MFran', Wlelch added glory to E-Statels track history, particu- larly in the relays. At the Kansas Relays, the Hornets set a new record for the mile relay with a 3: 15.1 for the distance. Bob Heaney, Dick Bliss, Duane Mclntire and Bill Tidwell carried. A week later, with Autrey Calloway running in place of Heaney, the Hornets broke the Drake Relays record in the same time. Gklahoma A 8a M Relays, sprint medley record was lowered by Bliss, Mclntire, Harold Thompson and Tidwell, who ran the course in 3:26. At the Kansas Relays, with Heaney running for Thompson, the quartet set a mark of 3:22.63 Although the Hornets finished third in the con- ference meet, Bill Tidwell set a 1251.3 standard for the 880, and Dick Utter tied for first in the pole vault. Tidwell was voted the most outstanding performer at the KU Relays, the first time the selection was made from the college division. Duane Blclntire proved a versatile newcomer with fine performances in the dashes, the quarter mile, thc shot put and the discus. A QUINTET of Hornet trackmen line up for a practice sprint. They are Autrey Calloway, George Gibbs, Carstel Pitts, Dick Bliss, cmd Harold Thompson. P ,. 1 . S u DON BLOW shows broadjumpmg form, TRACK SQUAD Front R011 Thompson Stevens Heaney Utter Tldwell Blow avler Knolle. Yfcrznd Row Cangel Alhson Calloway Downey BIISS GIDDS Mclntxre Coach Fran YVe1c,h.Th1'rd 1 lv 4- 'Fl' 5, ar , ' Q 9 E r .Y Q ., . X w, f P U57 M' U91 Tiff STATE HORNET BASEBALL SQUAD. Kneeling: Norm Kliewer, Noel McGregor Coaehes Fzrs Rum Jerry Sumner, Ron Herbert, Howard Gray, Andy Kermer, Max Hay en Ray Vel.-1sque7 Larrv Crowley. Loren Oblev. Swarm' Row: Bill Muekenthalerhjerry C aham erry Keltner Bill Dickey Floyd lguincy, Bob Medford. The Hornet nine Hnished third in the CIC. Coaehed by Noel lNfICGregor, they copped 5 and dropped 6, losing double headers to Wichita 1-0 and 6-1, and to Rockhurst 7-3 and 5-2 before splitting with Wfashburn, losing 12-3 and winning 13-7. The Hornets split with College of Emporia, drubbing them 16-4 before losing 7-1. Then the Hornets whipped XN'ashburn, 4-3, before sweeping two from Bene- dictls, 2-1 and 5-1. U .5 if ., ,I ik- HORNET TANKNIEN prepare for meet, SWIMMING Swimming is now a recognized varsity sport and a conference activity. Coach E. Don McCullough, starting with an inex- perienced group, brought the team along well enough to cop third place in the con- ference in its first year of competition. XN'ith that year of experience behind them, the Hornet tankmen are expected to provide stiff competition next season, even for some of the Big Eight schools which they will meet. First Row: Richard Brickell. Gent' Post. Scott Weeks, Loren Long, Ector Thyfault, John Staton, John Richards.XVendellAIz1cksoi1. .S'e'z'or1flRfm'.' xvilyllf' xvllll21IHS,sIlIll Wlztrticl-Q, Kziyjones, Keith Kells. Ken Farber. Eden McDonald. Coach li. Don McCullough. K..-K' 4 'v 1 E' l 1 ij N g Elm 5' n....... ,, ,, ,,A, ., , , , , ,, ,, , 4, A, Wg, W ,vw l, t fi 345 i, if if, y J , l"r'eshincn enjoy watermelon at the annual lised during Freshman Week. V Freshmen clean with toothbrushes after being caught without their beanie-s by a K-Club member. FRESHMAN WEEK 5 i 4 'l'w0 nvw Coecls are servvcl wzilwiiivloii by Cal l'r'itnc'r, Student Council pm-sitlciit. 'f N-X...-W.. 'lliree guilty girls hear the verdict ofthe K-Club Court. '43 M, ' 2 if '62 " i , , f .,- ..,,,. ' , ls .. L. , llgfwigmf- g:'wsL-,- . fSSff?22i'1'Q X W I 1 Sung Han md Dr Don ll wis check class cards during cm'ollmc-nl Enrollment II Emporia Stale in- Lremed from last xgar to 2455. This was an all ume record Lnrollmeul for a fall ENROLLMENT Bxllx SllUIIl'1IC halps new elementary education students BY' as . xii ggi " ka? .., . I' I - K I 5 E5 an I s sz K, , s fo. ' " J I. ww .sau E Q 3' . S. 4 i It, I ' A ' 'll ff i , , ig izfgfw- I- a - 1 g:5l 'V gli . L, '5 '52 ig 15? ,, as I . Ml' 5 s st" 5 si-I s Eg, .t 2 5 W' .SJ .-,,,.5x QRS., 'I + -. I si in Li . W 3- 5 .pg .as ix ABBOTT, ARLENE v., Tribune, qF5 ABBOTT, CONSTANCE L., Newton, my ADAIR, DICKIE C,, Kansas City, tm ADAIRMIACK E., Kansas City, QFD ADAMMIOHNJ., Emporia, CFD ADAMS, JUDITH A., Wichita, QFI ACRELIUS, JUDITH A., Emporia, gm ACRELIUS, PAULA K., Emporia, gp AIKENS, KATHRYN A., Alina, QFJ ALLEN, CAROLJ., Marion, QSJ ALLEN, MAVIS G., Morganville, QSJ ALLENDER, NORMAJ., Waldron, CFJ ALLISON, DAVID E., Augusta, fFj AMSRUD, PATRICIA C., Kansas City, CSD ANDERSON, ARLINE A., Emporia, CFJ ANDERSON DUANE L Hiawatha Up 9' if ANDERSON, FRANCIS C., wnito City, 4115 A ANDERSON, GILBERT w., Council Grove, Up wg 1. 2 ANDERSON, JAMES M., Roalonsy, Q15 . ANDERSON, JOHN H., Kansas City, QFQ ANDREWS, EDNA E., Cottonwood Falls, gm I A ARNETT, FRANCIS E., Waverly, QFJ , , ARNOLD, MARILYNJ., Augusta, tsp 2 I ASFAW, TEKA, Ethiopia, Q15 -Z' .1 . Y' K 'T' v i,f.:s ,,...s A Af' f A . I . itaqrai, 'V K ,Q . f ,f 4 If I ws- --...ss A. K Q Khin-fa. 'Dafa ASHLEY, SHERMAN, Quincy, in ATKINSON, EVELYN I., Great Bend, psp ATKINSON, MARY E, Csoat Bend, qsy AUSTEN, WILLIAM J., Arkansas City, Up AUSTIN, DANIEL L., Kansas city, UD AXCELL, JANE L, Topeka, UD BADER,jACQ,UELINE, Emporia, QFD BADER, KERIN D., Emporia, QID BAHNMAIERMIOHN K., Lawrence, QSD BAILEY, BAILEY, BAILEY, BAKER, BALCH, BALCH, ALICE L., Emporia, DONALD C., Lebo, QSD DONNY L., Emporia, QFD DARLENEJ., Hamilton, QSD GARY E., Wichita, QSD PRISCILLA A., Emporia, QID BALDRIDGEMIAMES R., Coffeyville, UD BALDWIN, MILES E., Herington, QFD BALTZ, BARBARA A., Emporia, QID BARBER, RONALD I., Kansas City, BARNES, DONNA L., Mullinville, QFD BARNETT, MARY L., Effingham, QFD BARR, ELMAJ., Larned, QFD BARTONMIANET E.,Junction City, QSD BASS, CARLITA K., Marion, QFD BATEMAN, RUFUSJ., Marion, QSD BATES, LOREN E,, Macksville, QFD BAUMGARTNER, NVILLIAM C., Wellington, QSD N. Nas a., ,. Q , an X .J ,K Q ur . 'EE L if 6. ,. B.. .gf 'ft QE? in 1 Q25 at . View ,-it I Ae WST' .V I pf' viii Q .ai Gif? K u.-.-- . 1 I if , hfiir van .QA 5-4 I ss.. . me , ,,W'?5-- MF N Ny sw, .fi ., K "' ., 5, .. , get BAY, RONDAJ., Waverly, QFD I - I Q Q, BAY, ROY V., Waverly, Q19 ' ff' BAYS, LARRY W., Onaga, tsp rv .4 L 53x .F-5' QS a .K K A - ' trele ram ,Q fi--- A Y I-e I , f 1' D - 9' ..L...,w 6 131.- rr fi? L W N L 3, :Tl I W .V ' if 5 in er'-as L psf . -1 42 2' Ki? 'A' 'Q lx Sys? AQN A ,, r A Liit t 5. 5 ma L3 ,rs P K A fu- LVVL Q N Li L W '5"'E X' , -. news. . ,vi ..- fir as fi' S xx H fx .1," A 2 'if 51 Ms... X' 1 'Q-"Y V A 'xv- 119 R ,JS v BEACLEY, MELVIN L., Srafferd, qsp BEARD, JAMES D., Waverly, qFJ BECK, CLARK R., Byers, gp BECK, VICKEY M., Leavenworth, QSJ BECKER, KAREN M., Arkansas City, CFJ BECKER, LARRY L., Great Bend, CSD BECKER, MARGARET A., Emporia, QFJ BECKMEYER, BARBARA, Wichita, QFJ BELFIELD, KAY F., Emporia, QFJ BELL, DALE P., Ft. Dodge, UH BELL, CLYDE K., Kansas City, QSJ BENEKE, RODNEY G., Lincolnville, QSJ BENNETT, ANNE N., Bethel, QFJ BERAN, LEON T., Claf1in,fSJ BERCERHOUSE, PATRICIA J., Emporia, gp BERNARD, MARY A., Russell, Up BERTHOT, KAY C., Overland Park, qsp BETT, MARY L., Norwich, QFJ BESLERMIANE H., Wichita, QD BEUTLER,-JOHN E., Hutchinson, CSD BEZDEK, ROSALIE A., Gamona, QFJ BICKNELL, DONNA L., Kansas City, QFJ BISHOP, JAMES M., Mrrlvrsrre, U3 BLACK, LARRY K., Hsrrlrrrer, gp BLACKIM, ANNASTEEN N., Emporia, Up BLACKIM, CHARLES J., Kansas City, Me., Up BLACKIM, DAVID J., Emporia, QJJ BLEIDISSEL, RONALD J., Topeka, my BLISS, RICHARD K., Logan, UD BOAZ, PHYLLIS R., Kansas City, gy BOBEK, CARLOTTA J., Caldwell, qsp BOCQUIN, DONALD, Reading, qsy BOHM, WALTER w., Holton, gp BOLINE, FAYE A., Admire, qsp BOLINE, DERALD D., Admire, Up BOLINE, JANICE, junction City, gp BOLTON, SHIRLEY M., Bunker Hill, qsy BOLTON, ALBERT O., Council Grove, Q19 BOLTON, BEVERLY A., Maize, my BOLTON, WILLIAM G., Council Grove, BOLTON, MELVIN G., Maize, CSJ BONEWITZ, NORMAJ., Wichita, QFD BONNELL, GLENDA R., El Dorado, QD BOUCEK, MARCINA M., Ottawa, QSQ BOWEN, PI-IILLIP D,, Hiawatha, QD BOWEN, RONALD S., Hiawatha, CSJ BRADFORDNIERRY V., Coffeyville, CSD BRADFORD, LARRY L., Liberal, QFJ BRADLEY, MARY C., Arkansas City, BRADLEY, RALPH E., Mound City, UQ BRANSOM, MARY P., Coldwater, CFJ BRINKMAN, BARBARA A., Oipe, QFJ BRINKMAN, PAUL D., Oipe, gy BRITTAIN, JIMMIEJ., sedan, qFp K iw . . .1i is '83 . F' ,ip-an - ln Aw' Q we? A . . SL '.,g. W. li. an if-ii 63' 42 , ay A mf - .1 , in QS. ii Q 5'1" 'B' is R srxi .4,- .-... ,gl P . .M i A-2? A .1 .- 3, kyx , . W . A ,L V. 'i . 'Q E. a 1 O , 'eq Q N ry' . up el yhy. ...A ' ,K ,nm .ig kr , pt W5 . 1' -f' B ? . in A ff' ... A A Lii F T ' . t in - 187 BROERS,jEANE'1'I'E L., Eudora, QSJ BRONSON, DONALD E., Lyndon, QSJ BROOKE, EMILY, Sedan, QFD BROSS, PHARES O., Wilsey, QD BROWN, DARLENE M., Leavenworth, QFD BROWNMIEROME F., Emporia, QS, BROWN, JOYCE M., Halstead, qsp BROWN, PHYLLIS D., Great Bend, my BROWN, RICE B., Kansas City, Me., QFJ BROWNINO, PAULINE R., Emporia, QFD BUOHMAN, JO A., Blmdale, Up BUHRER, BARBARA J., Enterprise, QFJ BULKLBY, MARJORIE A., Wienne, QFJ BULMER, LEE M., Michigan Valley, QFD BURDIOK, RAE B., Wiennn, QFD BURNELL, ORVILLE S., Emporia, QFD BURNELL, SYLVIA H., Emporia, QD BURNS, GAIL C., Delavan, BURNS, ROBERT A., Neodesha, BURNS, ROBERT W., Leavenworth, QSJ BURRI, CAROLJ., Bushong, QSJ BURTON, THOMAS E., Matfield Green, QSJ BUSHEYMIULIA A., St. Mary's, QD BUTLERNIUDITH A., Kansas City, QFJ BUTTON, CAROL L., Copeland,-QFD CALAHAN, GLORIA S., Kansas City, QFj CANNON, EILEEN, Emporia, QD 1 . .J .. , . H P ig Agni,-.. ' swf' V- F "ii g f :Lb it . 1 A ' A . f . J J - ,, . Nfwr' A :sf ,,,,ef - 5 - . 1 " 'J . .ns N xg , ,wi 'M' 1'9" .. . - ' ff . 'S . W , I - H S krirh - J. .. N e 'i Sy.: K . f 1 Je.. .. f . .f ' CARL, ALICE C., Arkansas City, CSD CARLAT, CAROLYNJ., Topeka, QSJ CARMICHAEL, MABLE I., Marysville, LSD CARSON, CAROL A., Mullinville, QFJ CASEBEER, KELVIN D., llogoloo, QEJ CHAMBERLAIN, LARRY L., Oxford, QEJ CHAMBERS, SHERYL G., Wellington, QFj CHEEVER, DOROTHY, Hutchinson, UH CHRISTY, GARY R., Gridlcy, LSD CHUMLEY, JAMES W., Ellinwood, QFJ CLARK, GERALD L., Peabody, qEJ COBB, BENJAMIN C., Plains, U5 COCSWELL, WALTER L., Vermillion, gp COLDlRON, JACK R., Columbus, qsp COLE, CONSTANCE C., Muncie, psy COLEMAN, PATRICIA A., Topeka, QSJ COLLINGE, MARGARET M., Emporia, QSJ COLLINS, CHARLESJ., Ellinwoocl, CFU COLTHARPMIAMES H., Green, QSJ CONYERS, KAREN J., Marion, KSJ COOK, BARBARA A., Amcricus, QSJ COOKE, HARVEY Emporia, CSD COONEY, LOUEEN A., I-Iollon, QFD COOPER, BARBARA A., Cheney. CFD COOPER, BEVERLY s., Crool Bend, QEJ GORDON, ELEANOR N., wolmoro, qEl W M, . , 'saw , . .Q ,E N, .. ,Q , S l-i,E',-ZIV' 2- ' fowgl - - T lik QQ R jg l :E I i 3- A , .,.., .,.. . io' Rael.. Us 1 -nfl ,of - ' N R. K av A ...wow 5 X ui r ' ' 2, ig? frm , 4 'K' fin fsi.. ' ' A f if . .. E f Y W I ,. ..k. yi i .V., .gi ..... ..- A ,J N1 . vm , E we A CORDON, DEANNA J., Wfetmore, gp , M, A-eg-,lr .fvfie f V -- wer.. A B , . . , Q : ,,.,,,R, B .E - A . ' F 'VL ,mf P9 ff .- f. C S L A-1: -' l 'il .,. Q'-F, l . .Q 5 K. .K W. lgslqggyal- 3, ..... B 1, 1,1 ..l.,,,..-,Lazy ,x..,,,, ,. . -. A ig ,Q 3- l .4 ,. .. z , vs . . vw, of 'I' ,N f -Q ' : EL wi 'SSC- mf 9 2 QQYAS . - L 'I' A , . 5 JJ M .... A in ' L 1 se, A - miss K Qs, . . N-:lr My N , gg 4 1' X 'Q K s A f ., ,. I 3 , 'F Z, an nn 4 a I U. 'ca' .Q . Vyggy 5 Kg Wiqk ,F 7,31 '20 if vi in Q., fi f 9, . .Q S ,VN ix f'::' 1.1" I""f ani. A I 0 555 haf- '-I CORDES, BEVERLY A., Meade, qFp CORN, LARRY L., Emporia, qFp CORTNER, JEANEENE J., Osawaeoinie, qF3 COULTER, DELBERTA F., Cenda Springs, qsp COUNTS, KEITH w., Madison, IFJ COWAN, RONALD P., Osage City, qFy COWENJENELLE I.,,Iunction City, QSJ COX, MARY H., wieniia, gp CRAIG, JOHN R., Dodge Ciiy, gp CRAWFORD, SAMUEL, Kansas City, qFp CRAWFORD, H. STANLEY, vespei, qF5 CRESSMIEANICE L., Emporia, gp CROWLEY, VIRGINIA C., Blackwell, Okla., QI CUMMINGS, ELLEN K., Emporia, Up CUMMINS, LARRY E., Hamilton, Up CUNDITH, RICHARD E., Sterling, qsp CUNNINGHAM, LINDA M., Kansas C CURTIS, SUSAN, Siafford, qFp DAHARSH, FLOYD A., Emporia, psp DAILEY,JANICE M., wieniia, gp DARBY, LINDA L., Emporia, qFp DAVIESMIOHN C., Concordia, QD DAVIS, ARDELLE, Burlingame, QFD A DAVIS, DARRELL D., Emporia, QD K DAVIS, DONNA R., Emporia, QSJ ' at get '31 ' " - DAVIS, NANCY A., Topeka, IFJ kiwi J DAWDY, RICHARD H., Burn, QSJ 'r R iw, CSD 7 DAWDY, ROBERT M., Burn, Q13 DAY, ROBERT L., Junction Cny, QFJ DCBERRY, JANE A., Ft. Scott, Up DEHLER, DENISE D., Emporia, QFD 'al DEL FORGE, CLARENCE J.,JunCtion City, f ""'.Q . f 'Nr' S, , e. ""r-.ti 3' .J Jef DELLINGER, DEAN E., Bucyrus, QFJ ' K A - 5 A DELLINGER, STEVE, Chase, gp 4, ,Q an W , DENGEL, WALTER L., Omen, qsy , V Nh , A DENNISTON, MARGARET S., Cheney, Q5 A S-W.,-fn f.,,,,, - ,xfnni G3 DENToN,LoRRA1NE E.,1ndependenee,qJ3 1 Q f ,,, DEPENBUSCH, FRANCIS L., zende, QFJ , p, A DERCWITSCH, PAT A., Beuevme, QFJ --L if Y' A 1:42 .u 'un DETTMER, MARY L., Emporia, CSD DEWERFF, CHESTER N., Ellinwood, QD DEWEY, VICTOR O., Gridley, QFJ DICK, BERNARD A., Mt. Hope, QSJ J Y , DICKEY, BILL A., Mulvene, 455 A DINGWALL, ELLEN A., Newton, Up Qi, ai, Vx DOBROVOLNY, FRANCIS J., Waterville, QFJ . ,-I W :A DOCHOW, EUGENE, Concordia, QD ' A DOCHCW, JERRY D., Concordia, QFJ ' hr? 4 DODDS, CWENDCLYN A,,Onaga, tsp ga ,Q DODY, DONALD G., Marion, ,V . DOLSKY, CAMILLE D., Bnelingenn, gp 7 'T' DOLTON, DONALD R., Enterprise, UH DOTSON, MARY F., Emporia, DOWNEY, JAMESJ., West Hempstead, N.Y., QFD je, if .,-1, K--if mit.. . W .5 R 5 lb Lg? K I wx 4 R-uv-"' awe 1'-.-' , . ,...,, At if N I ee "H 191 1' W . ze. :sf 1 Ge , ,- KY xg I 9 4 l 5 . f vix, , nf 'Qi W 'A NFFL F- I I . f F wwf. I "Vial :L ' ik A , 13 - . Hy' " F ttf' -7 I 'L .- Us E S,E.v,.b2l5s-52-354 . , I " iff- V .- ., X-Eff,-.. I .3 Q- 'Q ,- QVS is W X. ff K 155 if ,:gfE,,, S' A.: A iz... - 'fig-,, E , nf' Sw: 'fn -A QVPR T ' I N.,-1: f ' -V, Q 1 'C F5 " A ,Q 'W-. .fm ., A f . 49 ,Q M ' 'x N- 1 f fu- ii 1 f ., ww- 41" usa. 4-P 2 K .KK DOWNING, JACK T., Eureka, QF3 DREIER, LeROY D., Newton, 41-'J DRESKER, DELORES A., Fl. sam, Up DRINKWATER, MYRON D., Centralia, QFJ DUFFIN, ROBERT D., Hutchinson, UD DUFFORD, MARILYN J., Minneola, QSJ DUNCAN, BETTY J., Osawatomie, QFD DUNSHEE, ETHEL B., Cottonwood Falls, QD DWELLE, ANN, Emporia, CSD EATON, KENNETH L., Fowler, CFJ EISELE, DELORES I., Olathe, CSD EKLUND, DAVID R., Scranton, CFJ ELLERMIAMES C., Glasco, gp ELLIS, LEE M., Lane, UD ENOS, KATI-IRYN V., St. Mary's, QFJ EPPERLEY, SHIRLEY A., Haven, QQ ERICKSON, MARTHA L., Olathe, CFD ESHBAUGH, LETA E., Longton, QQ ESPLUND, ANITA L., Minneola, QFJ ESTESNIO S., Kansas City, QFD ETLING, MARY M., Kinsley, QD EVANS, ELIZABETH J., Hiawatha, qsp EVANS, EVAN L., Lcbo, qsp EVANS, THERESA A., Emporia, qFp EWY, MARVIN R., Emporia, qFp FAGG, BEVERLY A., Madison, Up FANKHAUSER, DAVID H., qlfp FANKHAUSER, PAUL J., Tribune, QSD FANKHAUSER, SHIRLEY, Madison, QFD FARMER, ROGER E., Kingman, FARNSWORTH, DAVID L., McPherson, QSD FARROW, KATHY J., Waverly, QFD FELKNER, RONALD B., Emporia, QFD FELTNER, KENNETH L., Emporia, QID FERGUSON, BERGESS A., Westmoreland, QFD FERRELLMIEANETTE E,, Topeka, QFD FEY, SANDRA S., Newton, QFD FISCHER, DONALD P., Waverly, QID FLAIRMIANICE L., Montezuma, QFD FLEMING, ELFREDA M., Council Grove, QFD FLEMING, HARRIE'lTI' F., Minneapolis, QFD FLORENCE, MARION L., Onaga, QID FOELGNER, CONSTANCEJ., Medicine Lodge, QFD FOOSHEE, SHIRLEY A., Garnett, QSD FORAKER, MARILYN J., Mount Hope, UD FORD, DOROTHY C., Osage City, QSD FORKNER, ALBERT W., Clay Center, QFD FORKNERHIANE, Clay Center, QFD FOWLER, LARRY J., Independence, QID FRANKLIN, DONNA L., Russell, QFD FRANZ, PHYLLISJ., Larned, QSD FREDERICK, MARY K., Emporia, QFD FREIBURGHOUSE, BETFYJ., Hiawatha, QID FRISCH, MARGUERITE C., Westphalia, QFD 1- 2 " -new ,L-FQ F 'Xe ' ' I r e in I A G U3 ,tn 'LJ 'wr .1 za K. 2 va? at H 1 s . -. 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Kfrf I VL , .1 - ,,I: A N V , FROETSCHNER, CORDELIA, Lamed, UQ FUJII, WALLACE H., Hawaii, QD FULTON, MARY A., Mission, QD GADDIS, FRANKLIN D., Ottawa, QD GAEDDERT, ROBERT E., Inman, QD GALLOWAY, KATHRYN G., Wichita, CFJ GAMBA, MARY L., Ooogo, my GAMBLE, GLEN D., Chanute, Q13 GANGEL, FRANCIS E., Louisburg, Up GANNETT, ROBERTA s., Lyons, N.Y., QF5 GASSERT, LELAND G., Concordia, Up GEORGE, BEVERLY A., Elmoolo, qsp GERLEMAN, GERALD A., Oioo, qEp GERLEMAN, MAURICE R., Oipo, qsp GIBBS, GEORGE, Emporio, Up GIFFORD, BARBARA D., Emporia, QFD GIFFORD, WYNONAJ., Emporia, QSJ GILE, ALMA G., Concordia, GILE, MAX L., Emporia, GILLMIOYCE E., Durham, QFJ GILLASPIEMIO A., Council Grove, QSQ GILMAN, MIRIAM L., Olivet, QSQ GINDER, BEVERLY B., Stafford, CFD GLEASON, PATRICIA A., Averill Park, N.Y., QSJ GLOVER, BETTY J., Kansas City, QD GODDERZ, BERTIE L., Osage City, CFQ GOODEJOHN M., Kansas City, GOODWIN, WANDA J., Westphalia, qsp GOSS, HAROLD D., Dwight, wp GOSS, SALLY O., Wellsville, qsy GOSSER, ROSETTA, Emporia, QFD GOULDEN, CLYDE, Kansas City, Uj GRAHAM, GERALD R., Kansas City, GRANT, GEORGINA M., Macksville, QSQ GREENMIACKYE M.,Junction City, CSJ GREENE, DEANNA W., Emporia., QFD GREENWOOD, MARY K., Madison, QSJ GREZZELL, KAREN, Claflin, CFI GRIESHABER, RAYMOND VV., St. Mary, GRIFFITH, SUSAN J., Mission, my OROFF, RONALD R., Oliwi, in GULLEDGE, ANITA K., Wellington, qFp GUMPMIERRY D., Oiiilioii, psp j, H I ass Q , 2 -0 Ss s ,, if CFD -9 X ls, I ...ip . S... .-. asf? K . 5, KS.. .-iw. GUNKEL, CALVIN L., Neosho Rapids, CSJ HADLOCK, DORIS L.. Meade, QSJ HAFENSTEIN, NEAL, Eskridge, CSD HAGAN, DONALD D., Hutchinson, IFJ HAGEMAN, BERNARD N., Spivey, GJ H.-XHNMIOETT.-X R., Minneapolis, QSJ HALBROWER, FLORENCE E., Anthony, HALL. RICHARD F., Russell. CFQ HAM, Evl1LYN E., 'riipeka isp H,xM1L'l'ON, lfllYLLlS. czlii-my . llfl HAMMAN, HARLAN M., Emporia, qFl 45? . Ai r Y gp ,ay 3:-I xg. -f -. If . L fl- ' 'nu f if 11. 1. na? I xxx 'X-...X i,,,,1 K. -1 i yi, i ns.: . X, S 'uf i, A wh ,,,-,,i ,gf S v ,y qi- 2,5 .ff in Q R . u ,I N lx . 1-SST I I viii , 2 ii ' - , I Di :" iii' ........, . A . 3 A . 'X Q 'I 5' 1 , , 'Sh A? h ' san gpg, 457 ,wggl A .f.i. X, :Y if hi I' h I Q Q. ff., 1, 3 M ai. in mf I gf . A 19 , ,LL Q ff fl 96 , A P ll Q A l,fL . A iiii Ai F A 'Vi . . mswxmgi , V V - fwaiafigzwlg. . R.:-.2 f 1wsz?3,!Qs,ggg,:-- V t I s 4 Ji 'Mi . ik . 5 V, ' ' ?IH1Awg.,, ' . il ., ll , ,Q p I , - Q , . , is "' . ' I KAW. .,, . x ' -A ,vw 'Uv .. . ,M k .1,,1,- .- ,. 1 I V52 , - 5, 5 A P3 in I A 1 xl We wa' 'W 1- ' I ,IL f Q14 'h iyr 4. A we 3' M5 5 Q, . ..,,, Q v A L. , mm, I , ..,: 'Q , r f 2 A U vt Ss .- .f? T.: X . A .5 : :ii -mg qv-of iw . 7 Mg. if 'x..-3' ' . .wg HAMMERSMARKMIOAN C, Denton, KSJ HANSEN, CARLENE, Peabody, CSD HANSON, DENNIS W., McPherson, CSD HANSON, KAREN R., Bucklin, CSJ HAPP, HOWARD, Palmer, QFJ HAROLD, ELLIS N., Hoxie, CFD HARPER, LAURENE A., Argonia, gp HARRELL, WANDA R., Emporia, tsp HARRIS, BILLY R., Hamilton, qFp HARRIS, BOB W., Hamilton, CSD HARRIS, VESRIE, Kansas City, CSD HARRY, BARBARA L., Beattie, QFJ HASSLER, CARL S., Chapman, CFU HAUGHT, IVIARTHAJ, ElD0rado, KSJ HAVERSTOCK, KAY, Wellington, CFD HAWK. RACHEL A, Osawatomie, Q5 HAVVKEY, WALTER D., Kansas City, QFD I-IAWKINSRIANICE E., Oxford, QFQ HAYEN, MAX D., Marion, QD HEAD, ROY G.. Millbrd, CJJ HEANEY, ROBERT A., Hempstead. N.Y. Q HEIDEL, VIVIAN 1,., Emporia, tsp HENRY, CARI. N., Michigan Valley, tsp HENSON, CARL D., Emporia, Up HERPICHMIANET L., Denton, QSJ HERPICH, PATRICIA L- Burdick, QFQ HETRICK, SANDRA K., Pratt, QFQ HETFENBACH, KATHY, Emporia, QSJ HICKS, ROY E., Kansas City, QD HIEBERT, ROBERT W., Marion, CSD HIEBERT, RONALD G., Marion, CSD HILL, TWILA, Madison, QSD HISS, PATRICIA A., Great Bend, QSD HOBAUGH, CAROL L., South Haven, CSJ HOBROCK, BRICE G., Natoma, HSD HODEL, DWIGHT D., Hillsboro, HODGSONJANICE P., Emporia, Q13 HOFFINE, PATRICIA A., Linwood, qsp HOFFMAN, LARRY V., Emporia, QFQ HOFFMAN, LaVERN C., Marion, LSD HOLDSWORTHMIANICE F., Abilene, 155 HOLLADAYJAMES C., Emporia, LSJ HOLLE, EUNICE M., Bushong, CFQ HOLLENSHEAD, MARGARET A., Chanute, HOLLINGER, SHIRLEY A., Chapman, KSJ HOLLORAN, CHARLES G., Garnett, pm HOLLOWAY, JUDITH L., Wfashington, psp HOLT, MILDRED, Kansas Ci1y,CFj HOOBLER, DALE W., Eureka, QQ HOOPES, NILAKI., Marion, CSD HOUCKNIOANNE P., Bushong. KSJ HOUSER, CAROL L., Emporia. IFJ HOUSER, KAREN S., Emporia, CFJ HOVVARD, CECIL R., Mulvane, CSD fi- ,.,. . K, f. Lyle ,dn ni, ",..'? 'f 'B+ I , AE ,n .. . - .... ' -nf ' ""' '15 H " an-A HQ. I Q . fi 'R Q- .fn -C-.. .,, . N- . '1-yi. A 1 ,fx . 'QW 'Ov' - aw- 'Y Civ' ' ' nn.. I G' . 'L "-3' . , an A' . r Vw-:ark Un """"'I ' R' - A 'if M ,. W- Rm . QQ 4V"N..- we ""f?"' T .. A f- . -A A ff ' 1' ll if ' .mf . FQ" 75 197 ,im A .L , Y ,f I 4' If' 'S+ iv W? 'P' ...Q . 1"""'jy9 fy! s HOYT, REITA C., Ford, QSD HUDSON, ELIZABETH L., Kanopolis, QSD HUDSON, LOIS A., Kanopolis, QSD HUDSON, SHIRLEY R., Rossvillc, QSD HUFFMAN, WILLIAM J., Hutchinson, QJD HUGGINS,JOANNE, Wichita, QFD HUGHES, CHARLOTTE M.. Marquette, QSD HUGHES, GEORGE L., Goff, QJD HUMBLE, PHYLLIS M., Wichita, QFD HUNT, BARBARA A., Tribune, QSD HUNTER, EDITH A.,Jewell, QSD HUNTER. GERALD L.. Parsons, QSD HUNTER, LARRY O., Parsons, QSD HURT, LAVERNE D., Kansas Gity, HUSH, KENNETH F., Emporia. QFD HUSTON, RUTH K., Emporia. QJD HUTCHINSON, MARY K., Dclavan, QFD HYLTON,JILLENE R., Council Grove, QFD IGAVVA, STANLEY S., Hawaii, IRELAND, FRANCES J., Toronto, QSD IRELAND, WILLIAM A., Holton, QFD IRVING, SALLYJ., Wichita, QJD IRWIN, PARKER T., Enterprise, QJD JACKSON, BRUCE L.. Garnett, QJD JACKSON, ELLEN Leavenworth, QID JACOB. HELEN G., Emporia. LID JAMES, SHIRLEY H., Ulysses, QJD -. 43. Q Ig ' it S. I. G' in vs Y I . . I - Y' A . E gap D 'il Rs x m I at 5, ,, I fi, . 'wr aww Ng: A K Q V' ,,if f 5 ' S '13 'F-F im, G5 - .4--. 4-. z Z: "IF J, ,,,,, ,..- ' ,V I -1 Q Asad S ,fa ..,. ,N 4. M Q. ... . ...I .L I JAMESON, CHERYLJ.,Junction City, CSD JERNIGAN, EVALEE J., Emporia, JOHNS, GERALDINE, Elmdale, CFJ JOHNSON, JOHNSON, BEVERLY J., Arkansas City, qsp CAROLYN J., Arkansas Ciiy, QFJ JOHNSON,JERRY W,, Fort Pierce, Fla., UQ JOHNSON, JOHNSON 1 LEIGH, Council Grove, U3 RICHARD E., Dnlsniss, Nels., qsl JOHNSON, SHAR1 L., Junction City, qsl JOHNSON, SIGNIE C., Norton, QFJ JOHNSTON, CLARAGENE A., Enspnnn, gp JOHNSTON, RHONDA M., Enipniin, flip JONES, BARBARA G., Topeka, CFD JONES, DELORES A., Leavenworth, CSJ JONES, GEORGE VV., Emporia, CFJ JONES, JUDY K., Emporis, QFJ JONES, LAWRENCE F., Enipnna, qsl JONES, MARY L., Reading, qFp JONES, SYLVIA A., Dodge City, QQ JONES, WILMA D., Ness City, QFD JUNGE, TELSE, Great Bend, Uj KADOYAMA, GLADYS M., Hawaii, QD KAEGKELL, LOUIS Ottawa, QD KAHLE, LLOYD L., Council Grove, QFD KAHLER, PETER D., Hastings, Nsli., gp KAPPEL, ALICE J., Abilene, qsp KARST, DONALD C., Russell, qsl 5 4 . 3 'lf-1-Af 31 'fi 55 s .s as l 's .s .1 5. 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'TT , I 44 A .-.5 KASHIWAI, CLARENCE Y., Hawaii, fSj KASTOR, PHIL B., Harper, CSD KAUFMAN, LARRY G., Bunker Hill, KSQ KIiA'1'ING, FRANCIS, Junction City, Up KEAZIQR, NANCY C., Marion, gm KEEFE, DIXIE S., Cheney, CJD KEIRNS, LARRY L., Cummings, fFj KELLEY, EVERETTE E., Hartfort, QFJ KELLEY, GEORGIA L., Leoti, CSD KELLY, ARDETH A,, Belleville, C-IJ KELLYMIACK L., Kansas City, QSQ KEMMERER, PAUL A., Humboll, QSJ KEYES, SANDRA S., W'ichita, QFI KIMBALL, MARGARET L., Lawrence QFQ KIMBLE, WILLIAM E., Mulvanc-, QD KIMZEY, EVELYN Y., Longlon. LID KING, BETTYJ., Sedan. QFJ KING, GEORGIE M., Emporia, QQ KING, LARRY A.. wacima, in KING, ROSALIE. Lmsfs. fm KING, WYNETRIII A., Emporia. Um KINGSHURY, PHYLLISJ., Abilene, KINNAMON,JONELl,E, Montezuma, QFD KINOSHITA, DAISY, Hawaii, U5 KIRBY, RUTH A., Topeka, CJD KIRK, MARY L., Emporia, KIRKPATRICKMJUDY A., Nickerson, CFD KIRKMAN, MARGARET R., Russell, QFJ KISHIMOTO, FRANCES S., Hawaii, QFJ KISNER. ELIZABETH, Plains. CFJ KLEIN, BEVERLY Pcubndy,1Fj KLINE, DONALD AI., Marirnii, KLINE, HARRY R., Marion. QSJ KLINE, NANCY L., Elnidalc. fFj KNADLER, BOB R.. Hutchinson, UQ KNAPP, KATHLEEN A., Harthrd, QD KNUUFT. SHIRLEY A.. Holton, KOBASHIGAWVA. THELMA Hawaii, Q5 Kcx:H.x1.fxMEs A., rim-lima, isp iaoizczmsouiix. ci..-xiuzxniaxig. Eimdaif-. in Roni. CLIFFORD ci.. mwiiod, psp iqmi,-xR1K. ALFRED n., Mm-ion, qFp KUUPS. ALVIN Downs, QJJ KOYAR, EVELYN Rossvillc, UD KRA'l'ZER,JACQ1UELlNE. 'l'ucson, Ariz., KSU ILXBUGEN. ROSVIIX. Hawaii. CSD LACKEY. M,-XRY' E.. Peabody. U79 l,,fXl"l"ERTY. KERRY O.. Kinsley, QQ LAMBERT. BOB D.. McPherson. QD l,.-XMKINRIOHN F., Washington. DC.. LSD L.-XNDER. XVINNONA M.. Fredonia, QFJ L.-XNDIS. Nl.-XRY .-X.. Kiowa. 153 LANE, RUTH H.. McPli:-rson. LJQJ LANGE. EVELYN M.. Cuniniings, mi, L . MN' K A V W' - .Jw . up '. UB W ff-A merv-A .1 wig wzzff l ..., E P if in "A Q . im I . ig ,iQ . 'Lv' 1' .N-Q if - If i 'i :Arif ' A t . I -- H A wil' . ., .i-i xl nf 55 'F JG: K . A . 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Scott City, QSJ LEE, ALEX B.,Junction City, LEHMAN, CARL W., Carlton, CSj LEISJOHN F., Long Island, N.Y., QFJ LENZ, MARY R., Leon, CFD LCSACE, CARY L., Concordia, fFj LEssER, SHARLYN A., Topeka, QS5 LEU, KENNETH, Harper, QFJ LIND, DERALD A., safferdville, gp LINDAHL, CHARLES W., Nickerson, QD LINDQUIST, EVAN L., Emporia, QD LINDQUIST, KAY A., Emporia, IFJ LlNDsEY, CAROL J., sunflower, qFp LINSEY, CLARENCE w., Lelee, gy LOCKHART, CAROLYN, winnelel, qFy LOCKHART, MELBAKI., Burlingame, CFD LOECKLE, PHYLLIS A.,Junction City, GJ LOHRENGEL, DONALD R., Kansas City, CSD LONG, CLIFTON M., Hiawatha, gsy LONG, LOREN C., Abilene, tsl LONG, v1v1AN A., Waverly, tsl LOOMIS, CARLAJ., Emporia, CSD LOUISMIUDY G., Peabody, CFD LOUNSBURY, GERALYNE, St. John, CFD LU'I'HI, ROSEMARY I., W'akc-field, CSD LYNCH, AMORY Claflin, CID LYON, DORIS M., Overbrook, CFD LYON, LYNN C., Waverly, CSD LYONS, PEGGY E., Eureka. UD LYSTER, GERALDINE M., Lincoln, CJD MCAULIFFE, MARIORIE A., Princeton, CSD MCBRAYER, MARILYN, Kiowa, CFD MCCHRISTY, RONALD J., Wetmore, CID MCDANIEL, CARMEN L., LaCrosse, CSD MCDANIEL, PEGGY A., Emporia, CJD MCDONALDMIOHN C., Detroit, CSD MCFARLANE, CARLTON R., Newburyport, Mass. C-ID MCGRATH, DEAN F., Waverly, CFD MCGREGORNIANET S., Saflbrdville. CID MQKEEVER. DUANE E., Holton. CID MCKIBBEN, MARILYN J., Wlinlield, CSD MQMILLIN, KERMIT W., Coldwater, CSD MCMUNN, GRETA A., Emporia, CFD MeQ'UIN,JAMES E., Council Grove. CSD MCRILL, SARA A., Ford, CFD MABRY, RAYMOND E., Little River, CSD MACY, MARY A., Ponca City, Okla., CJD MAKEPEACE, CHARLES H., Burlington, CSD 1-A 5' F aa Gi A SQ It 0' N . V f , , ' ... I A 3. .Q ,A 1 I : W. , .gf I C , r ' ,af L sa ---. " ' or W A W . ... "" " A y 4 .L N . . 5 4 ,ff Val y.y.y Ciil , . f' es A l 'fi' ,Q I I A , . W ' -1 . V I f , I V vw , A ii A iiii K A 1- L W , . Qi .N" -..':" ai? 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MAKINO, ELEANOR K., Hawaii, tsp MALLOW, JERRY D., Wichita, tsp MANAHAN, STANLEY E., Peabody, fry MANGES, PRISCILLA, Parsons, QD MANKA, SHIRLEY, Augusta, MANNING, MARTHA A., Atchinson, MAPES, ESTA L., Emporia, CJD MARHENKE, DON, Eureka, QFJ MARIN, LOUISJ., Emporia, UD MARKHAM, RICHARD E., Soldier, UD MARSHALL, DELBERT A., Topeka, QSJ MARSTON, PATRICIA L.,Junction City, CSD MARTINMIUDITH A., Sedan, CSJ MASON, MaeGARY, Independence, UD MAUDERLY, MARY L., Strong City, QFD MAYBERRY, DONALD G., Harper, QSQ MAYES, DONALD L., Emporia, CFD MEAD, BEUNOLA B., Cimarron, QS, MEADOWS, CHARLES A., Sedan., QFJ MEHL, BETTY J., Abilene, QFD MELIA, ELNA E., Bucklin, CFD MELLENBRUCH, SHIRLEY, Hiawatha, CFQ MELLIES, MARILYN, Ness City, CXIJ MERRIFIELDHIOI-IN S., Bunker Hill, LSD MERRITT, DONNA R., Wellington, QSJ MESSENGER, CAROLYN L., Gypsum, Qlfj MI-ISSICK, CHARLES A., Topeka, CFJ MEYER, BENNY E., Hiawatha, C-lj MEYER, BEVERLY A., Bern, QSJ MEYER, RUTH E., Hiawatha, CFQ MICHAEL, GERALD D,, Waverly, CSJ MICKEY, DAVID A., Atwood, QD MILHON, RICHARD C., Hutchinson, ISD MILLER, CAROLYN, Kansas City, CSD MILLER, CONNIE M., Pratt, LSJ MILLER, GENEVA M., Sylvia, CFJ MILLER, HAROLD L., Elmdaie, tsp MILLERKIAMES G., Elmdale, IPI MILLER, JOYCEJ., Dwight, gp MILLER, PAUL.-X L., Newton. tsp MILNE, JAMES F., Motmdfidge, cry MISAK, MARIIXN B., Emporia, gp MISAK, VERI. E., Emporia, C-D MISER, CAROL B., Strong City, QSQ MITCHELL, LeROY, Emporia, QQ MITCHELL, ROBERT L., Wcstphalia, IFJ MOFFIT, GAIL L., DeSoto, CSD MOFFITNIAMES L., Tampa, Q5 MOHLERHIOHN H., Scranton, CJJ MONNINGER, NORMA L,, Mcuritcztiinzi, QSJ NIOORE, BARBARA L., Council Grove, Q5 MOORE, DONALD E.. Emporia. ISI MOORE, PHYLLISJ., Council Grove, rlfj MOORE, RICHARD K., Emporia. Qlfp I4 v Vw ,Q 42:5 M 'Q . I ,D X., 5, , '83 v I. Ii ,ll qy 'E' f 1 YQ! L T ' 3 C30 iw V ,sn I , av 5' if' '75 I 3 , Q Q Q, Qtr -,P V ""' v I 'TJ' """' X", Yr in V .-'A X Q V l I 'Rf ...I-I. A at IS- ff-R A ii -:iv Q, I as i'--.Q IN.. 5 2 , I .H wk IQ -gg i I N, 1 ' - ,W '.,, l - I , fa. 9. 5: I , as Sr , -fl QQ, I t I+ E? 205 x ark 206 i, I S1- if . ,im MOREY, DEANNA, Overland Park, CFD , , W MORITZ, RAYMOND L., Tipton, UD - K I- MORRIS, EVELYN J., Hutchinson, UD ' -I Q 5 ' 5 :". I' A f hi MORRIS, FRANCES I., Coidwaiei, qsp ws nw! . 5 M ., 1 MOSER, MERLE A., Powhauan, qSp 'W MUCKENTHALER, AMES F., Sr. Mar S CF i ii. 'U Y .I , , . , I ' 1. 5 , . A A MUCKENTHALER, WILLIAM ., Paxico I I -63 , . ls: , fl X, S, .. MULINEXJERRY, Cariieii. isp , R -,Lg If-3-"' "If, A MURPHY, DOUGLAS E., LeRoy, gy if? iiii M ' Nm is MURRAY, DARREL L., Soldier, Q3 ' V W in MURRAY, PATRICIA J., Herington, ii 1 5. xr 'I , A ..-:A , MYERS, KATHERINE A., Abilene, qFy 'ii in J NAFZICER, R,ARENj,,J0hiisim, wp -f NF ii A ,,, NAKAMA, DIANA S., Hawaii. wp Q: 57. is ff"'4'-FQ NAKAMA.JoYCE, Hawaii,Qjb x 'll lo 2.7 V m 4' 'F i, :i 'Psi W iv - A .xi if Y i I ., - .1 'H ggi' ur g,,,f,,,,, . f .vw . f"'i S V 'QS fi' r Q NANCE, JANICE A., Ellinwood, qFp NAYLOR, EMMA Ay.. Ncwitiii. ii-'p NELSON, NADINE F., Biiie Rapids, isp NELSON. Richard E., Lindsborg, QQ NEUMAYER, LUELLA A. , Madison, QFQ NEWKIRK, PEGGY M, Fort Scott, CSD NEWLIN FORREST' A. Wichita flfj NILIxhl, IDAKI. Whitcwwter, FJ 1' , . ,, 3ii.,Iaj, i wg NEWMAN, VIRGINIA R., Fziiiiiwtiod, in I' if XY' Q G S.. 9'2- I -I H it .Q NICKLAUS, DELDRES A., Peabody, wp M. NIEHAUS, VA I.l'1'I'ifA A., Ciiiiwii qsp I U, NOLL, RICHARD C., Winchester, IFI IIAS I Q NORMAN, DAVID L., Enwlef, QEQ NORWOOD, GERALD L., Russell, qFl NOVAK, MARGARET R., Bel1eville,QSj OELEY, LOREN L., Newton, U5 O'CONNOR, PATRlc:lA,1., st. john, tsp ODEN, ARTHUR H., sterling, Q3 ODEN, ROBERT L., Sterling, CFQ O'DONNELL, KATHLEEN F., Hartford, C-D OHM, KENNETH R., Emporia, CSD OLDHAM, MARTHA A., Emporia, tsp OLSON, DONALD tl.. Mellllefeen, psp ORR, ERNEST L., Bethel. gp OTIS, LOREN N., Wilscy, QSD OTTO. DONNA K., Ft. Scott, LFJ OTTO, MARIE A.. Ft. Scott. CFQ OVERFIELD, RICHARD A., Hiawatha. PACE, ARONDA M., Libera1,QSj PAGE, NANCY A.. wiehnn, psp PALMER, ELIZABETH A.. Emporia, tsl PALMER. KAREN A.. Wfellington, gl PALMER, KENNETH. Kenelnll, gp P.-XNOS, GEORGE E.. Deseee, tsl PAOLI, ROBERT O.. MePllerSen. tsp PARKER. ORMONIJAI., Elnpenn, qlfl PASCUA. ROSE. Hawaii, CSJ P.'XSCL'AL. MlGljEl..C1tlha. lf? l'.X'IYl'ON. DELORICS A., Nvalton, IFJ UD R"E'AV' O 1 .l.. E KZILS: kijkr il: K " ,,. it . Q-,. 'ii H KV.L f , fe -fasagtifnief We? STE 2 3? uv ff if , 1-se egg .e ,,. KB' "f .ERR V .. WM? if 'gk ' E? S if A4 K x . I ' ' in ls, R J I Y' JI use sf -....., 'bf' X Y v. a ' . , ' if Q' W' es: -W. -ww till K wr' 1:9 " it l H L, E l gg L ggi my ,an in R259 L W nes . K' 'f fr. 1 X fl EA E 7 F 'LQ .. . my nf.. Y' ee . Mfg- L -:Nu at l' GU if I' A. x YK' .fi ,tl ge we I Qi' '- Q Y, , inf' 207 ,J 'N '2 'Ea' PAULER, GERALD L., Emporia, QFD PEARSON, LYLE E., Miner, QFD PEDIGO, RITA M., Eureka, QFD PEMBER, JUANITA R., Ness City, Up PENNING, RICHARD L., Olpe, QFD PERRY, DONALD F., Lebo, qsy PERRY, LORNA L., Waverly, QFD PERRY, SANDRA C., Caney, QSD PETERSON, DONALD R., Wellesley, Mass., QFD PETRIK, MILDRED A., Caldwell, QFD PFEIFFER, MARY A., Hamlin, QFD PICKETT, PATRICIA A., Council Grove, QFD PICULELL, ARTHUR C., Bellmore, New York, QSD PIERCEMIANICE D., Peabody, QFD PIKE, LAWRENCE E., Kansas City, QSD PLATT, DIANE J., San Antonio, Texas, QFD POLSON, HOWARD L., Centralia, QSD POST, RICHARD G., Stafford, QID POWELL, KARL F., Madison, QID POWELL, MARY M., Beverly, POWERS, NORMAN W., Council Grove, QSD PRATT, ETHEL A., Caldwell, QFD PRICE, DEAN G., Hutchinson, PRICE, SARAH V., Emporia, QID PYLE, WANDAJ., Waverly, QID RADER, ROWENA C., Carlton, QFD RADER. ELIZABETH H., Eureka, QFD l' .f1' S in f . AAA 'R 1,95 W .V vs E : ,:-, . -L It v F s , MA ,YA D. aii A Sf , 'W' a , AA . , A - A in I A I I A f .... .., 3 , 'aff Q 5, If if 9 f 'at 'S' '25 I A :li Z5 'F A . sf, gk , Ai:,r A A If - iff ' v 1 Y ' K6 A""'X f "2 I ,, ... A , i M. A- A A A " 5 .1 . f'Q N 3 ' , Q' ,.- 5 "' . D' ' ', ,,.,,..E. - "ll"-. - .-R. ff - ww-fr 'I .. '- I W 'W " S? 'M ., S' 'IE' . ,--, , E32 I 'Y 5. , Ma ! .W RAMSBURO, LEE R., Emporia, Isp RANDEI., CAROL A., Pomona, Isp RANDELS, LAURA, Anthony, IFJ RANES, FRANKLIN F., Independence, QD RATH, RHONDA R., Florence, QSQ RATZLAFF, GEORGE H., Emporia, Qj RAUOEWITZ, ERNEST E., Ccmralia, IFJ RAY, RONALD M., swing, gy RAZOR. GLENDA O.. Marion. Isp REDENBAUGH, LARRY L., Gardner, QFQ REDFERN, CAROLYN A., Manchester, Okla., REDMAN, BARBARA L.. Emporia, REDMAN, HELEN E., Emporia, QSJ C AQQKKI ESV' T -Sf' . 1 . .Quang-3 32:11 F Y .. 5: Y' lx REED. DELORIS K.. Mm0n.qI'y """ A REED. FRANKLIN I... Linwood. fsy ' it REED, FREDERICK L., Great Bend, Q3 A 4? REED1-IR. SALLY R.. cmawa. Isp A l ., REICH.-XRUT. DON II.. Empm-III. In K "". REILLIQJOHN cz.. Wkrstphalia, IFJ 'I M REMP1-Il.. E'I'TA MAE. xIafi0n.Isp I -.I I RENBEROER,NANI:YI...T0p.-k.I.IFI I . RENNER, SYLVIARI.. Rush C11-Im. wp . Q. I REPPERT. CATHARINE s.. .AR-him. IPI 1 . A my REL'ssER. DELORIcs Ii. AIUIWII-. U3 . ' 1. kv - REYNOLDS, PATRICIA M.. R.ms.Is City, In W 'W' RHOADES. SHARON K.. W'zIkcI'IIcv, nv- RICE. WAYNE R.. Saffordville. 183 3 SK 1' 1 ,ff 'NR Q24 'M V HST! N' I A-.:,,,R 'xt iii, "'Y GZ' xfl tif If 0? A A.. 15.3 fy . g .. 'CS' ' 'r Q' T if 1 ,, A . 'Sf '13 i.. . uf., 1: If . if H vf' A "5 A, .fr 0. 5 if 3 ,.,. RR .... K T an if I .fzfge ,.., I2 We 209 Q A -. :L 210 fl' H, IV. -1 --L4 xl f gm ." W-Y M . l , L'-xr A gi, I I 'i on L L' . A . , Av,A, Q I 5 if f...2f A Q' -...ij if . - -v A A "' if? FJ' A S K ., A 3 ,Lv kkz: ., W'l:: Q 3 srl- uf Y '97 ,Sl - K, ' X iiil"Ig,m"'. ka ,GW .5 lf 1 'GH E . 5? ' 1 . , 1 V QW Vg - JJ-R' ' RICHARDS, GARY L., Mulvane, CFD RICHARDS,-JOHN E., Council Grove, QFH RICKEY, ROBERT B., Kansas City, RIDDLB, PERRY C., Sa1ina,QSj RIECK, ROBBRTA M., De1roit,CSj RIGGIN, ROBERT L., Burdick, 4sp RIGGS, SANDRA M., Oxford, qsp RILEY, PEGGY A., Garnett, qsp RINDOM, DAVID T., Emporia, qFp RINGEISEN, DONNA S., Hamilton, QFD RYITERMIOANN D.,Junction City, Uj ROBERTS, CARL E., Emporia, QSJ ROBERTSON, FRANKLIN W'ichiIa, CSJ ROBERTSONHIAMES D., Madison, QFJ ROBERTSON, SANDRA Toronto, QSJ ROBINSON. DOUGLAS G., Florence, IFE ROBINSON. CARY L.. Reading. QF3 ROBUCR, KAY L.. Halstead, QSJ ROCHAT, LINDSAY D., Wilsey, KSU ROCKXVIELL, SHIRLEY G.. Sabelha, QFJ ROGERS, CHARLES XV., Lyons, QQ ROGERS, ,1oN cz., Osage City, gm ROMINE. BONNIE K., osage c:ny,q1-'I RONEN,JAMl-IS M., Stujohn, qw ROSINIC, DONALD E., Ernporia, llfj ROSS, Bl'i'lVl'Y li., Kansas City, ROSS, MARILYN F., Meade, ROSSILLON, JOHN F.,O1pe,qSp ROTH, HARRY L.,O1aihc, qsp ROWAN, AMY D., Mulwme, my ROY, SANDRA K., Shawnee, qFp I A -"' A ,Q fii ' 2?ii5Eii,j A. 'ae' ' f R f . .. RUHNKE, LINDA B.,xIunc1ion City, Qj 5 i RYLAND, SANDRA K., Caldwell, qFp SACK, MARVIN O, Elmwood, qsp SAGE, MYRNA M., Wichita, fs, STJOHN, STEPHEN J., Allen, gp 'W' Q sms SAHLBERG, JOSEPH R., Osage city, fm , .- SAITOJEAN S., Hawaii, QD SALMON, PATRICIA A., Fr. Scott, CFI SALTO, MARYLOU, Genesee, III.. KSJ SALTS, RICHARD L., Kansas City, LJJ SANBORN, DONNA IR. Scdan, CFJ SANDERS. EDITH I.,. Burlingion, KSJ SAN ROMANI. AMELIA Wichita. IFJ SANTEE, MARILYN S, Halstead, QFJ SAROENT, GAIL S.. Atchison qsp S.ATTER1f1El.D, MARILYN K., Plains SATPLER, CORVAL R., mibody, qify SAWYER. CIONNIE I.,. XVR-hita. LFE ,iss A ,,,, KKVA ' . A . fi V R at Ii Fywmf AS' E i :Rd Af A--A af . ,Q 'inn ca Ri A , I R, 'H' x. k , ..,-1 ,wg vf.A V f .-1-.M f f in lb i.. SCI-IAECI-I'l'IiLE, EI,IZABI'I'I'H A., liurc-ka. IFJ vw .L - in SCHLAPPI, LARRY NVHJUDCIIOI1 City, ISI fi A . SCIHMIIJT. SUSAN NI., Nvwlcm. UD SCHMIIJT. IVANDA I... 'llim ai I" I .,,,jQ.' . . e, mg. ' ,A - p .I I if V uv- A SCHNEIDER. XYILLIAXI Ci..NN'iCI1ilz1. II"J 1 17' . '- 5 RWE 1561. 2 1 A A ' f ' " ' ' ' .e,egH..e,,,,. ,eg-.,,f-.-:.f' 'DT-W , . , , .VAV ..l. . ,. M' - .' ' 1KsaY1K '.'- ' -P ' . sf" '- ' - W1 J ' - --" Y 'M 5?-5' 'iu221Qxl2U.ff,." f. .. .' 3:3- - , . . ..... ,V Tv . 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Scott, QSD A I ttee ' .sy W' wif A A ...as are 1'-3: a . 'lv , I - QT Sf... - D K c' saw .L LM ' 3" . +3 Xl f . 'R' if U fs. .lag "5 JET: A-7-'Sf' 'Q-J Q am na qs ,ws 6' an an as : fa-is I I..s s. Q ,. f s ll A A p f .i .5 "' -J , Q' SQ? 'R' . , -s I A I if 4 ,ww wmzww..,1.fwww13fw..,,mQfsm.- wwf-- .. A.. 1 .V if Lrg I ff" W1 WW . me 'W' Q' if! NA A E., Nr' ag, 'M far ul 'iv' 4' 'W-1 Y -JF -P fs- Y 3 Q' .IP 3 .M -" fir, K, if ', Q nr' K ,,-.-ff 'sf' 5 it .ggf 7 T ,, . .A m xx.. 'V 3 'fv- V' Y 1 1 V Y' YP' I-xv' -86-L 1 ' N xii? if .. Ne' 1, X w-nr X .. I 5..- .mn " f'v'W'- . , ,,.. X, .,. . .+..,-- 3 I 13, ' 1175 fy .l ,.-'- . 'B .AIM ax . I nw SPECHT, FRANK W., Piqua, QD SPENA, LOENE Z., Lecompton, QFD SPLI'I'I'ER, KAREN K., Geneseo, QSJ SPURGEON, ROBERTA F., Medicine Lodge, STAATZNIOLEEN D.,Junction City, CSD STAFFORD, LEWIS O., Lansing, CSD STAMBACH, NIKIJ., Osborne, CSD STANSBURY, PAT, Williamsburg, CFD S'I'ARK,JANET S., Waldron, CSD STATONMIOHN T., Snjohn, CFJ STEBBINS, WAYNE E., Emporia, QSD STEELE, EDITH J., Arkansas City, CFD STEELE, MERRY L. Aichinson, KSJ STEENBOCK. FRANCES XI., Leonardvillc, CSb STEFFES. CLARICE A., Olpe, U3 STEM, RUTH A., Emporia, CSH STEVENS, PATRICIA K., Overland Park, QSJ STEWARD, GLENDAJ., Holton, STORMONTHIANET R., Wakita, Okla- LFJ STOUT, SARAH M., Emporia, QFJ STRAHM, MERLIN P., Sabetha, QSJ STRANATHAN, VIRGINIA. Kiowa, qry STUBBS, HUGH T., Emporia, gy STUCKY, PATRICIA M., Wfichita, qFp STURGEON, SALLY. Emporia, CFD SUDERMAN, SALLYJ.. Newton, QFD SUMMERVILL, MARION E., Marion, CFD C SWEENEY, ROBERT, San Antonio, Texas, SWOYER, BARBARA A., Glasco, CFD SYLVl'ISTER,JAMES K., Waverly, CID TANIMOTO, LORRAINE A,, Hawaii, TAWNEY, GLYNICE J., Ogallah, CFJ TAYLOR, ANISE G., Emporia, TAYLOR, ROBERT K., Emporia, fry TECTQR, SHIRLEY A., Galva, CFJ TENDICK, MARGARET A., Kismei, Csy 'I'liRlil,L, MERLYN R., Norton, CFJ THODE, WANDA E., Sterling, qsy THOMAS, BETTY J., Wichita, Up THOMAS, CISTALI., Meridan, CFl THOMI, BEVERLY A., McPherson, CSD THOMPSON, CAROL, Horton, CFD THOMPSONKIACK C., Emporia, CFJ THOMPSON. SHARON Cottonwood Fa THOMPSON, SHARON L,, Gardner, CSQ TllORNl'1, KAY E., Lebo. CSJ THORNQUIST. KAREN. XVichita, CFJ THROM. CIAROLLJ.. Marysville. CFD THURS'I'ON,ulAMES R., Emporia, wp TIMM, VEl,DA'j., Abilene, qsp TINSAE, Bl-IKELE, Ethiopia, C13 'l'IP'l'ON. IJ.-XLE E.. fVICPherSon, CSI 'l'flfVll'KlNS. CLARA L.. TVllSCY. TRAVIS. C.-XROLE L., Medicina' Lodge. CSJ qsPEC.p 115.453 ,p-xx' A aw- -.fv ,.k I, S i 14. 1- s .BQ Q '2Q 't"j'9 2 ,QF ' ,wr fl f . 4346? vs, 'f'7 I f r 'r-' 'F , iv 5' ,I T f. 2. 4' -.snr X hh ,"-SP' ,,., 2 A .... R ,V sf X f-v.gy,. inf-I' isa- sr 1 'B - "-SQ. Q .i .f ,A .ff J RJ' 1? i Q 1 : In A 55 QT . . 33 1' ' 'Hiram- -fgw -vu-zzzisigssigi . i,-iifegfepitfxigez' -an W . L ar' ,-2 v i , v .6615 .Agp 'sf A A fx -fn il? ! . gg -w uf- H, S 'ef 5 N ,,,. ll 5 ,. X ' "'- , ,. k , : ' I . I - Jil. -zgssf . "xv f, . iii: 1' 12-.iw-wi-issiil: iw f .. - ' .lf fl . 1:-1 1wg,Hs?Z2wi? - V . k,.,. .. . l .f,- , . , i, .i,f-.i,,,,,.iSvlw: .f .. f M - A i -, .,,- ,H - -- . gf...wf5.Qsfi:q,R:,, i ,, ' ,:-g: 1:3 -Q,i gikg, wil ,4 S . 'K X, , 1 1 .:wQsz,,,Ef X ,Wx . l 1 f .liv e K. , W , . is- ' --:-':,. si Sw 5 Q sails' -i ibximwglg , ,Q i 'Q " 3 K f i Ta A V L S S 3691 A .Jw X 1, 'sign H, x 3 I -',f .li A f.fi,ii?Qe231.:siiE.frv-i' 2 i ' .e:'isA.i:e' .ii 1. . s 2' ' 'iiiwls ' " Z' s Ni 'f5f?QiLiki?L,?, , 1. T95 ff A -A-is - w w i-..,,,,,-,,, WA 3513535-E'gZll X X Y V, E is 3' fs E' 1 HP' . g 1- ,tixiffgiwaigglsiisl .nie-0-A ' si si'f,1,p-elk, xi --f' . Xi ,,.n 5 li .is -, , ..,, ,, ., J ll.. A ' QQ! ik' K , .: tg E E if' ,... A A i f ., 216 'fl LC, ,A Eli -3' 41 . - , i A Alll kn , ,,,,, . i ,,, -ii. 2 . . iii- fi , g TROWER, CARLIE W., St. Marys, QD TRUITT, PATSY A., Longton, QSJ TRUSSELL, ANN, Kendall, CFJ TUCKER, RONALD B., Michigan Valley, Up TULLY, CAROL D., Elliiiwood, QFJ TUREK, ARLENE M., Caldwell, QFJ TURNER, ELDON R., Salina, QFJ TURNER, GAIL, Sylvia, isp TURPIN, FRANKIE J., lmveiiwiiiili, QFJ UHRICH, GLENNISJ., Oakley, QSJ ULMER, KAREN G., Bern, QFJ ULSES, BARBARAJ., Garnett, UTTERBACR, MARIAN K., Wellington, fly VAN HORN, EDWIN M., Osage Ciiy, qsp VAN VALKENBURG, CHARLES J., Readin VARNER, DONALD L., Kansas City, VAUGHAN, ROBERT L., Kansas City, VAUGHNMIOHN R., Emporia, QFJ VEEASOUEZ, JOHNNY, Caiilnei, QFJ VERHAEGHE, LORRAINE M., Olaihe, qsy VOLKER, ROBERT E., Highland, gp VOLLAND, RICHARD E., LeRoy, qsp VOSBURGH, DONELEA P., Clieiicy, QFJ VRATIL, AUDREY 1.., llaiiied, isp W'ADSWORTH,JANlCE E., Maize, CSD WAGERS, CECIL R., Neosho Rapids, QFD WAGNER, ELMER V., Rozel, QD gl CFD WAGOR, KAREN A., NVaterville, QSj WALK, LOIS L., Leoti, QFJ WALKER, KAREN K., Emporia, QFj WALKER, MARSHA A.. Emporia, CSD WALL, MARY L., El Dorado, QD WALLACE, DWAIN E., Bethel, QFD WALLER, PEGGY J., Wellington, qFl WARD, DELGRES A., Virgil, qsp WARD, KATHY A., Belleville, my WARING, ROBERTA A., Excelsior Springs WASINGER, CURA li., Coldwater, qsl WATERBURY, AGNES F., olwwa, ln XVATKINS, RUTHIE M., Cassoclay, CFD XYATKINS, SHARON l... Cassoday. UD WATTS, ELIZABETH A.. Topeka, KFJ NVEBB, MARY C, Kansas City, CFD WEBB, VEARL M., Elwood, flfj YYEBER, THAINE G., Nlcpherson, QSH WVEGNER. MYRNA M.. clflklgli. QFJ W1-LIGANDJUDITHC., Enlp1ll'ia,fSj XYl'1lNNl.,XNN.-I.-XMES A.. Atchison. UB VVELLNIAN, FRANCIS CN Nlzlclisoll, flfj XYELSH. BARBARA l... Ellllllglliilfl. llfj WEST, ANITA E., Qillillcy, QFD XYEST, GARY l.., EIHplJl'lZl, ISJ XYEST. NLXURICE P.. Vll0fOIllf7. lSj WVESTERHAUS, SALLI L., l'll0I'CIll'C, QSJ ,Mo., QFJ if If E W lf -af A 'A M 5 Q ,. . V A. :. xl,-'lily-7 41 95.1, ,Q f . .A A A Aly. ..,-f. . . .. . - .ll-A 4' fl.: gr? gl. . - M -1-:K " .155-1 7 ':.-5153.5 va - an ni'3'm'.q A llf , ff iig ,... ..... . . H , A 4 - si.. -, rw' . ,. , - lisa-All .-. I -' 6, . A' . .. . L . I . 4. S , g .K --pr-I 1- 3 'nw ,-NV 'Q LL '23-Q ..z, X lll ff.: :N . ev .. .-f . iff A . A -. A -ff-,J x we AL A iv-me A ,E ll? ' Q 0' . .f '-" ' Y A l.ll 5 I :LQ ,Q fan. N 21 ff!! fx 7 Aw K WESTHOFE, JAMES R., Gardner, tsp WETZLER, nEsslE, Junction city, tsp WEWER, DONNA J., Leoti, QFD WHEAT. BETTY A., Allen, Up WHITE, LAWRENCE K., Westphalia, QFD VVHITE, NORVAL L., Westphalia, QSD NNI-lITEHAIR,JAMES A., Abilene, QID WHITEMAN, FLOYD E., Valley Center, QID WHITNEY, DENNIS E., Florence, QFD WHITNEY, MALCOLM C., Emporia, QDD WHITSON, CHARLES C,,JunCtion City, QDD WICHMAN, LeROY H., Seneca, QFD VVIELAND, DOLORES A., Emporia, QFD WIERSHING, BETTY L., Madison, QFD VVICCINS, CAROLYN L., Bonner Springs, Q WILLIAMS, BILLIEJ., Emporia. QFD WILLIAMS, DWIGHT F., Ottawa, QFD WILLIAMSMIOY, Waverly, QFD XNILLIAMS, MARGARETJ., Wfaverly, QFD VVILLIAMS, M. WAYNE, Emporia, QSD WILLIAMSON, DELORES M., Matfield Cr WILSON. CATHERINE E., Overbrook, QJD WILSONMIAMES W., Linwood, QVID NVILSON, KAY E., Cottonwood Falls, Q-DD XYILSON, PATTI. Leon. QFD SD een, QFD NVILSON, SHIRLEY A., Cottonwood Falls, QSD ,,-VE: ' an 4 'gy .az 4? 2, X D ii ' 'uf 'sv . Q. Yi ' V K V. i . .4 or .xl ,am its Q ,VX rj jx 'ff " "' "D m nf N. gf .. V1 ax QQ .L Q, 7 'V 'sz' -- . , A t..l. ei W' Q Q if ..t. 9 new 11- ' 1 4. me 'NJ' - if .Rv Q if E .,,V . ,. D , ....Q,, .D,, 4 , Q -4 A . r . A t.. . . W D. QT DFW iti 9 . I.. 9 . . E E f E t.5 4 1 A f Y i i .... Qiiii . tt5f': ....,2.ltt,: ii if ltlit iite . ...A VVINANS, SALLY I., Ncwmn, QFD W'ING,sIIMMIE D., Emporia, QSD XVINSLONV, ELVIN H., Talmage, QFD XVINTERMANTEL, CHARLES E.. Baldwin. NVINTERSTEIN,LIANICE L., Liberal, QFD WINZELER, ROGER J., Madison, QFD XVISCHROPP, THEODORE w., Vassar, QID w1T'1', JAMES M., Derby, QFD w1'r'1'. MARION J., Mu1iim'i11Q.QifD XN'OMACKS.tIEAN. Moline. QFD XVOODSON, CIAROLI-l I... Penalosa, QID WRIGHT, BARBARA L., Viola, QFD WRIGHT, P.-x'1Ti'j.,'i'.,p.fka, isp wR1csHT, RICHARD Q., Sitka, QFD wL'R'i'z.JE.-xx xi.. Linn, psi QFD XVYNGARD, ROBERT L., East Orange, QFD YAKLE. ROBERTA R., Delavan. QFD YANAGISAXVA, TERRY T., Hawaii, QJD YOIJER. NEIL R.. Clicm-y, QSD YOSHINOBU, HOWVARD H., Hz1waii,QID YOUNG, DON R., Westphalia. QFD YOUNG, XN'll.l.l.'XlN1 T., Wichita, QSD YOUSE. Dl,'.'XNE YY.. Clay Center. QFD ZQXHN, FLOYD D,, Emporia, QJD ZIMMERNI.-XX, DARREL E., Dc-Solo, QSD ZOELLNER, ROY R., Leavenworth, QFD ZOOK, KEITH L., Gzirnctt. QSD 5 rg. rm --of 1, 1.45 . . ,fi -L 'Sk , up 1u. ,,, Q wi , 'Z D TP, 1 Q Q in 1 iiii -i, f - L8 . f "Q 12' U vi 4 FW, O if sw -3 fx A ,L D Q ... xl 'L if -ff' ,,f'al.ii . mill.. an .Q f ws- ,Y on .xii .Dyk In ., ,'1'- f if Q A Q 152- .... .EW :A Y . i -an We . ii x' ' 'sf ,D . Q ,wi 'ff' iz .J-nw R . W., X .ff 7. DLI. gf I ., JR Lfx 4. 1 'QB i 3 ,K -fa ff-Q ' 2:1 'S J ODQ. ,D 21 9 . I dv 'YT' Quik WR M' ,Li ,Y ,A 'F' Ci , an zscl-IEILE, DINA J., Burlington, qsp ZUG, JANICE 12., Emporia, QFJ KLINTWORTH, JOYCE, E1D0md0, Up KLOEFKORN, JOHN L., Attica, gp MAUDERLY, MARY L., sm-,ng Cn-y, my MEDLEY, SOREN R., Tampa, QF3 MERRITT, ROBERT E., Ellinwood, CFJ NELSON, RICHARD E,, Lindsborg, QD SATTERFIELD, LEON ,Plains, Qjj RF? R STANDER, WAYNE R., W'ilsey, QFJ WELTON, JUDY A., Hoisington.1FJ v Us a Marching at lhc head of the hand were Ardctth Kc-lly, Karen Hanscnulill Hilton, Nancy Kc-azer, and Adabel Hunter, Xfilh flt'll'l'llliIl2lli4JI1 on lhvir t-2ll'K'S thc' IJl9lYK'I'S rc-turn uv thc' iivlcl. Bill 'l'ic'lxn-ll and Ann Roningcr workout on Ihr in door trzlrk. R1 ...Nh .1 .Q ',:ffez,1Sz sr Q5 miif' '-HQ, ' Wg , K 51,-It ' - ,jr 1, ' . 1-1 L ' 'fisffgv 1 I LL"L I A f, 11,1:fff1 v , 1, . 1i' sz ' 1 , K ' , ' ""'t?ff? Ei:1,11' -W . i1I1E'EVi1E1K'f ,,E, Q., "'tfl2E4s? f1,: mi ie ,W .J tttt A A . iii 3 l . , ! 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AN TOM BARBARA L., Montezuma, Business, FBLA , Pi Omega Pi. ARCHER, STEVE, Winfield, Speech and English, Debate, Emporia State Players, National Collegiate Players, Newman Club, Pi Kappa Delta, Summer Theatre. ARNOLD, S TONER P.,' Emporia, Business. ARNOLD, W' DA VID: Kansas City, Speech and Social Science, Phi Sigma Epsilon. ATHERLIC FRANK G., Burlington, Industrial Arts, Industrials Arts Club. ATKINS, PA UL L.,' Peabody, Accounting, Sigma Tau Gamma. ATKINSON jOHfV E., Carlton, Mathematics and Physical Science, Sigma Tau Gamma, FTA,Kappa Mu Epsilon,Lambda Delta Lambda. BA COM ARTHUR E., Emporia, Business Administration, Pi Omega Pi, Veterans Club. BAILEIC LETHA P.,' Neodesha, Business, FBLA. FTA. BAIRD, BOB L.,' Emporia, Physical Education. BARKER, BILLY B.,' Douglass, Social Science, Veterans Club, Mu Epsilon Nu. BARNES, Sl-IELDON A.,' Longton, Business Administration, Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA, Veterans Club. BEA TTIE, THOMAS Ng Emporia, English and Speech, Emporia State Players, French Club ,K-Club, National Collegiate Players, BEA U CHAMR BE TTY A,,' Pomona, Physical Education and Biology, Alpha Beta, Women's Physical Education Club, Women's Recreation Association. BECIQ OR VAL Wg Prescott, Business Education, FTA, Pi Omega Pi, UBEA. BECK ROBERT L.,' Arkansas City, Business Administration. BECKENHOLDY2 GLEE A., Moline, Business Education. BEINE, RUTH A,,' Yates Center, Elementary Education, FTA. BERG, CARL P., Emporia, Mathematics and English, Sigma Tau Gamma, FTA, Mathematics Club, Young Republicans Club. BERG, GLENDA H., Emporia, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta, FTA, Young Republicans Club. BICKER, ROBERTJJ Council Grove, English and Speech, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FTA. BLACIQ LON L., Hoisington, Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda, Mathematics Club, Newman Club. BLA.N'KINSHIP, LLVN H., Emporia, Industrial Arts. B1.A?'LOCK, DONALD D., Emporia, Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon, BLODIG, GEORGE B., Atchison, Mathematics. BLOW, DONALD lf., Reading, Physical Education and Business, Alpha Phi Omega, Track. BOES. WILBERT F., Hartford, Business, FBLA. BOLTON, BARBARA .VLA Fredonia, Elementary Education, FTA, Newman Club. BORG.'N'A, ,YO L., lNayerly, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta, FTA, Young Republicans Club. BRA CKEEN. CHA RLLVE F, Emporia, Business, FTA, Pi Omega Pi. BRliL'KEI,.llA,N'. BIfTTTx7.,' Emporia: Speech and Biology, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Emporia State Players. Home Econ- omics Club, National Collegiate Players, W'ho's W'ho, Young Republi- cans Club, Xi Phi. BROOKS, .l1ERRIl.I,I'.N'A.: Lyons, Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma Sigma, FTA, Rhythmic Circle, Sigma Pi Sigma, Young Re- publicans Club. BROOKS, WILBUR R., Reece, Elementary Education, FTA. HROSIUS, HAROLD R.,' Emporia, Social Science. BROIV.Y,j015 P.: Emporia, Social Science and Physical Education: Sigma Phi Epsilon, Athletic Council, Newman Club. BRI',YO, LOIYIS IJ.: Emporia, Chemistry. Bllfffti 1.IiS1,EI'f1.,' Nladisong Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FBLA, Veterans Club, HI'CKI.EI, CHA RLES Clyde, Business and Social Science, Sigma Tau Gamma. FBLA, FTA. Pi Omega Pi, Young Republicans Club. BI'LffLlf7f 'IIlO.lI.-15' Fowler, Business Administration, Phi Sigma Epsilon. liI'RCll, .ll.vlRl.I'.Vl11g El Dorado, Business .Xdministrationg .Xlpha Kappa Lambda, Ensemble Singers, FBLA, Inter- Faith Council, Mt-n's Chorale. Phi Mu Alpha. liI'SS. IJ.-IRRELL IJ., Iolag Business Administration: FBLA, Veterans Club. ,f . ttsc ,ln T X av ,E1. . . 1 'iEi"- .V - .. .I -ff' A s ,,,. , .,, . ,, . Tiiiiiiigli N V V . .Ji -' ' f ' Q I 3. D g . I'v'- C N' :fin wr V R. 1. f x 121 R ,fi i D -.--. 1 -ur N'- aailf fda:-it .. xg Z? -v ., .af ,- fills ' ' w . K I , .aw V Wt rg t I .r- 5 K. as -sv-""" A. F' Sis - xx 'uf' -f 9' ure' Y . ."'T"" L." tv -W if s -H . "T7',34CDf 'J"'s"'4-if '. Q vi N' XM, ' '. ff., 223 sw I fy . J ati. W A 224 ' ' ' f f . A 'Q f , II? ' .:,.'- 'ff ,Q ,n as 4' gm gp.-wt?" ,JW WVV, N,--w , . ,. 'Wm ,T Q? - A -rg i o ,Q ., , 'S f., ' R f- SA X 'S J,,,..." N v.. I to I 535 . , 'W' y ,av : A 'Ji' f I I N T I 3. . ,,., qt., -CV H 'Y .,,-' Qi 'EZ' , E as-1. , f f-M. Q 17 l f? A ,-oi'1hq1-,K A ow., if Qs.. 1 . -lg kt .. ' wliiii up nie? t fxin s -sf' , . . ,,,, ,, af' ,-"L CA CE, j0H,N'1l..' Highland, Biology, CA.1'IPBEI.L, CIIA RLES F5 Topeka, Social Science, FTA, Men's Physical Education Club. C'.4.llP1iELL, jA.lIES E., Kansas City, Business Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FTA, Interfraternity Council, NEA, UBEA, Young Repub- licans Club. CA,VN'0,N', DO.Ni4 LU E., Emporia, Business Administration. CA.,VTRl1., ROBER M.: Mission, Social Science, Christian Fellowship. CARSO,N", ,VANCY Hamilton, Physical Education and Business, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Beta, FBLA, FTA, Rhythmic Circle, XVomen's Physical Education Club. CARTER. M'ARTI,V.' Sawyer: Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club. C.A1R'f.lIILL, ROGER E., Wellington, Speech and English, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Emporia State Players, FTA. ClI.f1THA.W, ROBERT D., Harveyvilleg Biology, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Beta Beta, FTA, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club, Symphonic Choir. CII.-l IEQ. DURISJ Bolivia: Physical Educationi Newman Club. C.'I,0H'E, CA ROI. Seneca, Music. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Band, Choir, Orchestra. Sigma Alpha Iota, Treble Clef COLE, HAROLD l1f'.,' Emporia, Business: Tau Kappa Epsilon. 620011, HOB G.: Emporia, Busincssg Sigma Phi Epsilon. f.'UUl'lflf, CI,E.YV.-I .lf..' Greensburg, FBLA, Horne Economics Club, Uniega, Pi Omega Pi. C.'UI'lfEY1fIA. lIEI.lz',Y lf: Emporia: Home Economics CR.-HC, ll'IL1.I.'l.'ll II.: Garnett, Business .-Xclministration: Mt-n's Chorale, Phi Xiu Alpha. C1341 lli1'iURDf Rflfffllfll KHINIS CNY: Speech and English. Alpha Sigma Tau, Radio Club. CR.f1 l1'l"URlJ, RUIYYE lui: Lincoln: Phi Sigma Epsilon: Business Ad- ministration: FBLA, Veterans Club. CRUlI'El.l.. BRIYXE G.: Chestertun, Indiana: Business: Veterans Club. C.'l'1.lfl:'l3'lfS'0,Y, l'lI'l.-l,Y E.,' XYiel1itag Elementary Tillllflllltllll Delta Zeta, l"'l'A, Young Republicans Club. CUi'lI.'llI.'V.S', ROBERYQ1 P.,' Ft. Scott: Business, FBI..-X, Pi Omega Pi, Ywtzx. D11CU.S"l.-1, 11011-1 l,lJ I1 '.,' Roslyn llvights, N.Y., Business, FBLJX. D,-ll.lU.Y, LEU R.: Chapman, Business .Xclministrationg FBLA, New- man Club. Veterans Club. IJ.-1I'llJ.8'Il,V, ll'.41fYE Emporia, Physics, Kappa Xiu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambcla. DA if ARTHUR V., Arkansas City, Retailing. DEMPSEK CARL D.,' Olathe, Music Education, Band, Choir, En- semble Singers, FTA, Men's Chorale, Phi Mu Alpha, DePAOL1S CLARITA R., Emporia, Art. DEPUTQC MART A,,' Emporia, Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Inter-Faith Council, Newman Club. DERRICIQ ELAINE E., Abilene, Elementary Education, Choir. DERRICIQ RONALD Pg Abilene, Elementary Education. DETTER, HOWARD NI., Emporia, English, French Club. DILLER, CONNIE L.,' Belleville, Music and English, Alpha Sigma Tau, Band, Choir, FTA, Orchestra, Sigma Alpha Iota, Society Editor Bulletin, Whois Who. DILLMAM BEVERLYA., Hesston, Physical Education, Alpha Sigma Tau, W'omen's Physical Education Club, WVomen's Recreation Association. DILL,MA.NQ KA THRKN' L., Cimarron, Elementary Education, Band, Choir, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Orchestra. DONLEK BARBARA L.,' Emporia, Elementary Education, FTA. DONLEK BUDDY E., Emporia, Retailing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, " , 3 ,A I Nfl . C.. xt . . ,, Fit f 1g'5. .'g. 4. f- ,. ,. 'QF' 3 .ivan . L: Q.. v T ,,, .. -t an Ngnve - fr""fe ww, ' fi .... , ,gt . w.ssg.sw DRANEYC LYOAN 1.5 Hiawatha, Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma - 'i': Sigma, Newman Club, Young Republicans Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. g IJlfN'.N', DALE E.,' Burlingame, English. , A -T J Dllvl-'OJV71 DELBERT H, Chase, Physical Science, Sigma Tau gg K qu K Gamma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club, Science Club, V V, t V zztk TA J T Young Republicans Club. ii Iii- :-1' t ' its lk DuPON72 jA CLTN Kansas City, Art, Homecoming Queen. DuP0,VT RICHA RD Kansas City, Physical Education and Social L . Science, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Basketball, K-Club. H my J 7 EDWARDS, ARCHIE T., Sulphur Springs, Texas, Biology. 'Tig Ma' EI.I.IOTT DONA LD L., Quincy, Biology, VVesley Foundation, Baseball. ELRUD, WILLIAM P., Arkansas City, Industrial Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club,Menls Physical Education Club, Tennis. EXVGLE. ROBERT Michigan Valley, Biology, Mu Epsilon Nu. EUSTICE, RICHARD E., Emporia, Business Administration. El 4 NS FLDON C Ottawa Speech and Sotial Science Xlpha Kappa Lambda, Debate Emporia State Players Phi Mu Alpha EVANS, PATRICIA R., Cedar Point, Elementary Education, Sigma A t -dw 'I '43 ,. NJ .fr 1, , . , J i.s ' s 3 is fb' Sigma Sigma, FTA. " ,mf NM 22 'YP' Men's Chorale. N Q . .:,..,. h A V. .Nur . .2 I -v st Q 226 EYE, WA YNE H.: Enterprise, Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club, Men,s Phy- sical Education Club, FINLEK LA URENCE C., Deerfield, Ill., Business Administration. FIRTH, CHARLES T5 Nlissiong Business, Canterbury Club, Inter-Faith Council, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda. FISH, .MART E., Emporia, Elementary Education, ETA. FITTS, NIARTHA A., Osage City, Elementary Education. FLOOK, FREDRICK E., Olathe, Physical Education and Social Science. FORRESI RICHARD C., Floral Park, N.Y., Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. FOWLER, MARGARET A., Emporia, English and Foreign Language, Pi Kappa Sigma, FTA, Inter-Faith Council , Mathematics Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Spanish Club, YWCA. FOX LARRTj'.,'Junction City: English, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, Pastels, Phi Mu Alpha. FRASER, LYOHN W., Severy, Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. FREERKSEM R07 E., Lebo, Accounting, Sigma Tau Gamma. FRITZE, BERNARD H.,' Westfall, Biology, Beta Beta Beta. FULLER, A RLETA W., NNaverly, Elementary Education. GANIBLE, CAROL Osage City, Business, FBLA, FTA, Kappa Phi, Pi Omega Pi. GEORGE, GRA CE E., Augusta, Home Economics, FTA, Home Economics Club. GLICK, GEORGE G., St. Marys, Business Administration, Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA. GRA If HOWARD E., Dexter, Social Science and Physical Education, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Men's Physical Education Club. GRA YE, DONALD, Tabor, NJ., Retailing, FBLA. GRIEDER, LYOTCE M.,' Olpe, Home Economics and English, Pi Kappa Sigma, Emporia State Players, Home Economics Club, National Collegiate Players, Omega, Radio Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Whoys Who, Xi Phi, Young Republicans, GRIMSLEIQ DALE D., Americus, Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club. GRUNDK BOB D.,' Emporia, Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. HALBOWER, DONALD B., Anthony, General Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon. HALBOWER, PATRICIA If., Emporia, Foreign Languages, Sigma Delta Pi. HANNAFORD, ROGER W., Marion, Social Science. ie I ""' 'G' ""' A e A A ew el:-My si . . . A .,.., . EA V, gl i 'ii 4 't'i ii UQ' , U' i A -' 35:39 g 'A ,uuh , I .5-i. Q E If KW L nn... 1 ..E2 I E I . Q ' Q .-... ' - f , ,K . ' I 'W' ' Q iw x K A , .V,V if Ark In ix? Q , . - if. A M .....'2 -ff .M . iiii I if f L? 5 if Q " 3 'se' ' gb its S' X- 4, . ii 5 ii -- . ,v,. .fl ,vs N., 1 1' W M 2- ,awijv 1, rar J -wig 7 gg' ,,...E AA HA RPER, IRABEI, N., Argoniag Elementary Education, Delta Zeta, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Quivira, Sunflower Editor, Young Republicans Club. HARRISON, A,WVA E., Hutchinson, Spanish and English, Delta Zeta. FTA, Omega, Quix'ira ,Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club. HARRISON, .WERLE L., Emporia, Business Personnel Administration, FBLA. HART SAN! D.,' Emporia, Business, Sigma Tau Gamma. HARVEY, ROBERT L.,' Kansas City, Physical Education, Basketball, Men's Physical Education Club, Track. HA WKINS, PA UI. W., Booneville, Arkansas: Social Science, Pi Kappa Delta, Social Science Club, Young Republican Club. HA WKS, WILMA S., Garnett, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi. HA TES, DONNA P., Washington, Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Newman Club, Omega, Senior Class President, HA TES, KYANIES E., Hoisington, Physical Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Baseball, Basketball, K-Club , Mathematics Club, Men's Physical Education Club, Who's W'ho. HA TS, MARTHA L., Lyndon, Elementary Education, Pi Kappa Sigma, FTA. HEIDEBRECHI ,MEL VA F., Music, Sigma Alpha Iota, YWCA. HENNIGH, GLADTS A., Ulysses, Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma Sigma, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Omega. HILL, DA VID E., Kansas City, Industrial Arts, FTA, Industrial Arts Club, Science Club. HILL, GOLDIE A.,' Emporia, Home Economics. HILLIARD, BETTY' H., Caney, Social Science, FTA. HINCKLEK NADINE XVI., Wichita, Elementary Education, FTA, Kappa Phi, Social Science Club, Winnetaska. HODGSON, DELTON L., Garnett, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Men's Chorale, Pi Mu Alpha. HOFER, SAM L.,' Cedar, Social Science, FTA , Inter-Faith Council, Spanish Club. HOLDREN, MARY V, Syracuse, Business and English, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, Society Editor Bulletin, Who's Who. HOLTFRERICI-L NIA URICE D.,' Dodge City, Mathematics and Physical Education, FTA, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club, tm. 5. , , I f. 'J' :- 3 sw N 4 U E: 'xx' 5' . fff 'QW .- ff A f g ji! "g is i' ffl' fy -"1 - 5 . M.- W' ' 4.3, 1 is fy N 'mt . . . qi ,fnw , 5 : 0 k-,z , Q H W "i:. v X V . I r j V 1 3. . . it 51. ill?-54? ,,.. f ,J in is .M KN if 1 it 1 Men's Physical Education Club, YMCA. ji , g,,, V' ,EF I 11 if Y H00 VER, LARRY L., Marion, Biology, Sigma Tau Gamma. W ' W fi, HORIUCHI, DAAC' Hawaii, Physical Education, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Hawaiian Club, K-Club. HOWARD, DELORES M., Mulvane, Art, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha 1' Theta Rho. Kappa Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Young Republicans Club , I -,K gg YWCA. L V K J Y My K5 HOWARD, LARRYD., Emporia, Industrial Arts, Phi Sigma Epsilon. . , Ling.. , 227 Pk :,, LV LV K , asa I H5 V ,lg T, Hwy V xg I 9 1 1 tififgsiisgitwaie - ' I me uf' se 4 E ., Q- YM. . A -We + .ug 4. .4- it H n s 3 do tm 11329 is . .. ., J: A f' at 5 it I Q I 'Sas ff t . A I3 .iii A 1' t '4'ff1ffQ2'fiffi ?3143: - if .w..1ms. c. 5' sa C Q, we west 8 , W : ith ik ,Ls 'JP 2 ,gm sa 4 " Q. - I iz, i i... -- its 5jfE.E' Q Q'!'3im -Q . 'N IIIIENERUARDT, SHA RONA E., Phoenix, Arizona: Art: Alpha Theta Rho. Cheerleader, Home Economics Club, Inter- Faith Council, Sigma Pi Sigma. III YIIIES, Ix'A THRIA' A.: Emporia: Foreign Language: French Club, FTA, Omega, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club. IIl'.'VT, PATRICIA A., Bethel: Physical Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rhythmic Circle, VVomen's Physical Education Club, Splash Club. IIUTCHCRAFI CHARLOTTE, Nl.: Ellinwood, Elementary Edu- cation: Ensemble Singers, FTA, Spanish Club. IDOL, PAUL E,,WVhite Cloud: Physical Education: Mcn's Physical Education Club. IREIf RUTH L.,' Emporia, Library Science and English: Elsie Pine Library Club, IVEIA, BARBARA .Mg Ottawa: English and Library Science: Elsie Pine Library Club,Q'uivira. CKSON. LAIRD H.: Cedar Point: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Epsilon. JAIVIES, DONALD W., Emporia: Mathematics and Physical Science: Mathematics Club, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, W'esley Foundation. LYENKINS, JOHN B., Newton: Industrial Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club, Golf. A7E..VSEN, PHYLLIS A.g Americus: Retailing: Alpha Sigma Alpha, FBLA, Rhythmic Circle, Spanish Club. JERNIGANQ E. KYAIK' Emporia: Social Science and English: Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Kappa Delta, Social Science Club. x7OII.iVSON, DENTON L., Greenleaf: Industrial Arts: FTA, Industrial Arts Club, Pi Kappa Delta, Veterans Club. l7OIINSOfXQ LARRI'K.,' Eureka: Mathematics and Social Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, Choir, Curli-Q, AYOIINSON, AflARI'A,,' Lindsborg: Elementary Education: -FTA, l7OHNSON, RICHARD D., McPherson: Mathematics and Industrial Arts. i7OII,'VSTE.V, THONIAS D., Peabody: Biology and Social Science, Sigma Tau Gamma, FTA, Co-Chairman USP, Science Club, Young Republicans Club. JOLLIFFE. RICHARD L., El Dorado: Business: Alpha Kappa Lambda, FBLA. JONES, GLEN D.: Deerfield, Business Administration: FBLA. KASPER, PA UL T: Alma: Social Science. KELLER, PHILIP C '.,' Greensburg, Music: Band, Choir, French Club, Men's Chorale, Orchestra, Phi Mu Alpha, Wesley Foundation, Who's VVho, Xi Phi. ISRELLS, ALLAN E., Emporia, English and Social Science: Phi Sigma Epsilon, Men's Physical Education Club. KETTNER, .MARY L., Emporia: Library Science: Elsie Pine Library Club. KIRKPA TRICIQ WIUVONA Emporia: Social Science, Biology Club, Winnetaska. KOCII KENNETH D., Emporia, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon. KOCI-INER, x7OA,N1VE .Hg Fairviewg Home Economics, FTA, German Club,Home Economics Club, Wesley Foundation. KRA USE, LLOYD A.,' Deerfieldg Music, Band, Choir, FTA, Orchestra, Men's Chorale, Phi Mu Alpha. KROSKY, ANNA IJ., Council Grove, Elementary Educationg Kappa Delta Pi. KRUCKENHERG, SHIRLEY E.,' Lincoln, Physical Education and Business Education, Alpha Beta, Womenls Physical Education Club, FTA, Pi Omega Pi. LANE, j.4i'l4ES II.: Cummings, Retailing, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FBLA, Young Republicans Club. LANG, CIIA RLES L., Cuba, Mathematics: Mathematics Club. LED WITII. EMAIA E.: Emporiag Business, FBLA, FTA, Kappa Phi, Pi Omega Pi. LEE, l'VII,MA G., White City, Physical Education, Winnetaska, Women's Physical Education Club ,NNomen's Recreation Association. LEYHERT .V.4.Vf.'lix7.: Stnjoseph, Missouriq Music Education: Sigma Alpha Iota, Treble Club. LETT, VAN E.: Fowlerg Business and Social Science: UBEA. LEWIS, lf.-1 I' Hutchinson, Biology. LILES, DANIEL II., Ulysses, Business Administration. LOLLAR, .'VA.'VCI' L.: Ottawa, Elementary Education, Band, En- ? if 'I Q S 725 i 11922, ' ' ws, 54' vi L eif.. " ' g l 3 Pl! E : is K . 4 em2H,zastss2new. , f f- is ,M Q ,g.gf,w sv ,slim 5-sw we . ft, We H 4 i Wi' f B 4 33 f 9 pa 9 L ' ia 1 3 ax, 4. i ,Q X 5 ,S 3 W it M .V A, Q P3325 iii. e H3293 if ,gggggwt as Q 1 wif X , fi S f. 1 . Q -. .wif A 5 633461 A to F semble Singers, FTA, Inter-Faith Council, Orchestra, YXVCA, ,ax . W'omen's Recreation Association. NA' M- LONG, EARL R.: Madison, Business Administrationg Baseball, Bas- 'ff' Q ketball, Football. L V fl LOPEZ REFESJ Emporia, Accounting, FBLA, Veterans Club. LUNDGREJV, DELIVIAR G., Topeka, Social Science. Q LUSE, FLORENCE H.: Arnold, Home Economicsg Home Economics Q I j Q , ' Ciub. , K A 'Y 'Q LUSE. THOILIAS E.: Coldwater, Industrial Artsg Industrial Arts Club. LYSTER, RICHARD II., Lincoln, Business, Phi Sigma Epsilon, FBLA, FTA, Inter-Fraternity Council. ilfIcCA FFRET, AYOAJVQN' W., Emporia, English and Speech, Newman Club. f - .. E:.:M.a I 3 I 'tit N 2 93 "' r is ik 3 . I Ufrrfif :--' it x iii Clif I In-Z . . ffl if . ,, MfCLASIfEIi, PAIVL TJ Cuba, Music Education, Band, Choir,Or- 8 wx Mimi. ' chestra, Phi Mu Alpha. I .'VIrCI,OUD. K7OH.V L., Emporia, Businessg Sigma Phi Epsilon, Veterans Club. K McCOLLUM, CHARLES Hg- McPherson: Accountingg Phi Sigma 7 .A in GN Y la Epsilon, Bulletin, Business Manager Student Publications Board, i. an 'qs ' ws ' FBLA, Veterans Club. At., in MIM X 229 ,L W , Avila. . .. f 30 'ww-535 W,,Lq-W, ,.,' ,-,L.i, . e ' El 4 , . fffiifisl 'P ' -.Q ., f l' ' - A I .. li' 1' . im M, fi A A .Q -sf as ' .--ef.. .EA W I :f ffw .1 ' it 9 1 4,5 My is . ,L S . . 1 " '-' . 3 P ' 2 'W Pi 1? A -if s few VZ' 1' 'mf .. ' isstgiiife-' ,f.1zai2s:s' . .wp .-. ,,. , ..ff,,,s-ff 1,3392 .14-1 . - Gigs gli' .. . 2 . - .152 . ' ' .- as - ... .. i-1. if 1 1"- 1 21 """"'1g,-..:A7Ii l ""h T' at 'HH' 'WYE 'ww F at-lv M .IL.,f ., , 12 " ,. lslgsw 9 A W.. t ,, XX, Wa- 'f i fA' V k . .. , U' Q . PM A lil .. 1545 McCOLLUM, CLA RA N., Hawaii, Speech, Pi Kappa Sigma, FTA Hawaiian Club, Mathematics Club, Speech Club, YVVCA, NRDONALD, BARBARA J., Blue Mound, Business, Delta Zeta FBLA, FTA, Pi Omega Pi, Young Republicans Club. McFADDE.M HAROLD L., Stafford, Business, FBLA, FTA, UBEA. McGREW, JA CKSON M.,' Lebo, Biology. McINT1RE, NANCY L.,' Burlington, Music, Choir, Curli-Q, MENC. Sigma Alpha Iota, Treble Clef McKEE, AILENE P., Arkansas City, Physical Education, Alpha Beta, FTA, Women's Physical Education Club, Women's Recreation Associ- ation, Sigma Pi Sigma, Splash Club. McLAUGHL1N, LOREN G., Lebo, Mathematics and Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club. ML'.WUNM DALLAS D., Emporia, Personnel Management, Sigma Phi Epsilon , Young Republicans Club, MUVUTP MARSHALL, Emporia, Music, Band, Choir. Pastels, Phi Mu Alpha, Student Council. MADA US, FREDERICK C., Abilene, Mathematics and Physical Sci- ence, Sigma Tau Gamma, FTA, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda, Mathematics Club. MALASQUEQ, VICTOR G., Peru, Business, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club, Spanish Club. MARCHEL, JAXVIES C., Attica, Business Administration, Men's Chorale, Phi Mu Alpha. MARKHAM, BOBBY G., McPherson, Business, Veterans Club. JVIARTIN, KENNETH D., Osage City, Business Administration, FBLA, Pi Omega Pi. MARTIM KENNETH E., Council Grove, Business Education, FBLA, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi. XVIASSEQC PA ULINE S., Emporia, Elementary Education, FTA. MA TZEN, PATRICIA A.,' Viola, Elementary Education, Delta Zeta Ensemble Singers, FTA. MEADOR, LARRTJ., Coflneyville, Social Science, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Social Science Club, Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Young Republicans Club. MEADOVVS, RICHARD L., Emporia, Industrial Arts, Veterans Club. IVIELTOJNC j'OETTA WI, Coffeyville, Distributive Education, Pi Omega Pi. ,MELTON THOMASA7., Coffeyvilleg Elementary Education, FTA. NIIKESELL, EVELKV P., W'infield, Elementary Education. AIIKESELL, STEPHEN R., Burden, Business Administration. NIITCHELL, jIM D., Mountain View, California, Speech, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Golf, Radio. v a 'f f5 mt Ak MORITZ DONALD M., Tipton, Mathematics and Physical Education, Alpha Kappa Lambda, FTA, Mathematics Club, Men's Physical Education Club, Newman Club, Student Council Pres- ident, Veterans Club. MTERS, BETH N., Oskaloosag Elementary Education, FTA. NAKAMA, A VIES T, Hawaii, Biology and Social Science, FTA, Hawaiian Club ,Newman Club. .VAVRA71 LEONARD F., Marion, Biology, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club. NELSON, FRANK L.,' Emporia, Biology. NELSOJNQ ROBERT L., Emporia, Physical Education and Mathematics. NELSOAQ VA UGHN C.,' Natoma, Physical Science and Mathematics, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Basket- ball, FTA, K-Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda. NELSOJNQ WILLIANI G., Chanute, Physical Education, Phi Sigma Epsilon. NEWKIRK, ROBERT E., Independence, Business, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Veterans Club. NEWLIM CHARLES S., Horton, Physical Education and Industrial Arts, Baseball. NEWTOJW LEE W., Reading, Accounting, Phi Sigma Epsilon. NIELSEJNL DOROTHY A., Dunlap, Home Economics and General Science, FTA, Home Econ- omics Club. NIENSTEDT, WILLIAM F., Emporia, Business. NYE, MARVIN El Dorado, Accounting, FBLA, Tennis. ORMSBTQ MARTJ, Emporia, Business Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, FBLA, FTA, Who's Who. ORR, EDITH A., Sabetha, English, Alpha Sigma Tau, Student Council. OTT ERMIL Madison, Elementary Education, FTA, Kappa Phi. OTT ESTHER Lamont, Business, FBLA, FTA. PA RKER, DA VID E., Highland, Speech and Social Science, Emporia State Players, National Col- legiate Players, Pi Epsilon Delta, Pi Gamma Mu. PARKER, PA ULA B., Kiowa, Retailing, FBLA, Kappa Phi. PARKS, CLAUDE D., Hutchinson, Industrial Arts, Tau Kappa Epsilon. PA ULL, LOREN Ellsworth, Business Administration. PERIKLI, PA VLO K., Southbridge. Mass.,Business Administration, Phi Sigma Epsilon. PETERS, ALBERT' Belleville, Business. ,GE Q 5 0 .4 .. ., H - x za- . . y .5 f 2 . kry v , " it 4 S? S. A ,f , tf. f': ff at .... if 7 Sf'-if I aaaa , wh sa. A 3 V .- , - 3 'e gg A 'Mi .ff . "' . I if T55 1-.fx iff 4.3.5. .... I awww , 525319, .fvg,1sgts.,g,x , fs 3 if 3. X .. , . ,. 1 Riva 'Ni 3 f. .. ss, J 'Qu - , 3 12 S3273 , VV 4 N I fi. , , ,iw A h if . . .. Fit' fl 'ef' f WH f , I 'W' or in .1 in-5? .....-w S an-:sr VV,, s.,,. . ' Q x il fri k 'I ' ,ffl i F K gg., . AEQI I 'M , , Q..-,E A li' ,. . an E. c c A PETERSON, ER WIN A.,' St. John, Biology and Physical Science, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Football. PETERSON, MER WIN D.,' St. John, Biology and Physical Science, YMCA. PIERCE, ROBERT B., Osage City, Business Administration. PIERCE, WILLIAM F., Osage City, Elementary Education, FTA. PINDER, jOLENE S., Effingham, Home Economics, Sigma Sigma Sigma, FTA, Home Economics Club, Who's Who, Omega, Xi Phi, Young Republicans Club. POHL, DALE L., Emporia, Social Science. POWELL, BARBARA A.,' Emporia, Social Science, Curli-Q, Rhy- thmic Circle. POWELL, x7OHN W., Emporia, Business, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FBLA. PRIESTLEQQ RUSSELL N.,' Centralia, Business Administration, Sigma Tau Gamma, FTA, Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Omega Pi. PRITNER, CALVIN L.,' Kansas City, Speech, Emporia State Players, National Collegiate Players, Student Council President. PROVINCE, CLARENCE L.,' McPherson, Biology, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Science Club. PUCH, jA CK C., Emporia, Business Education and Social Science, Sigma Tau Gamma, FTA. QUINCT, FLOYD W., Great Bend, Physical Education, Baseball, Basketball, K-Club. QUINN, EDNA M.,' Leavenworth, Elementary Education, FTA, Kappa Phi. RAGAN, ROBERT H., Kiowa, Business, Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA. RANISBURC, DARRELL S., Emporia, Music, Band, Pastels, Phi Mu Alpha. REA, JOHN L.,' McPherson, Business Administration, Phi Sigma Epsilon, FBLA. RICHARDSOJSC DONALD A., St. Louis, Missouri, Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon. RIEGLE, ELIZABETIIA., Emporia, Home Economics, Home Econ' omics Club. RING, ,YA CKIE D.,' St.xIohn, Physics and Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda, Mathematics Club, Science Club. ROA CH, GLENN A., Macksville, Business Administration, FBLA. ROBB, XVIICHAEL N' Emporia, Social Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon , Young Democrats Club. ROBERTS, RICHARD L., Emporia, English. ROBIJWSOJW BILL E., Emporia, Physical Education and Social Science. RODRICIQ BILLY K., McPherson, Business Administration, Phi Sigma Epsilon, FBLA, Veterans Club. ROEDER, MIL TON C., Westmoreland, Physical Education and Social Science. ROEHRMAN, ROBERT G., Woodbine, Social Science, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Mu Alpha. ROGERS, jANIS A., Minneapolis, Elementary Education, FTA, Kappa Phi. ROGERS, PHILIP W., Emporia, Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. RONEM THEODORE C., St. john, Business Administration, Band, Choir, FBLA, Young Republicans Club. ROOT NANCY A., Hutchinson, English, Elsie Pine Library Club, Quivira. RORABA UGH, MEL VIN D., Seneca, Mathematics, Sigma Tau Gamma. ROSE, NADINE Tonganoxie, Elementary Education, Band, FTA, Orchestra, Sigma Pi Sigma, YWCA. ROSS, ALLEM' Parsons, Accounting, Pi Omega Pi. ROSSILLON, x7OSEPH P., Emporia, Speech and English, Emporia State Players, National Collegiate Players, Newman Club , K-Club. ROST, NANCY A., El Dorado, Biology and Speech, Alpha Sigma Tau, Beta Beta Beta, Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, Student Council, Xi Phi. ROTH, STANLEY D., Emporia, Industrial Arts, Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Phi Omega, Beta Beta Beta. RUBIN, LORENA NI., Hope, Elementary Education. RUSSELL, ROBERT E.,' Abilene, Business Education, Phi Sigma Epsilon. RUSSELL, WARREN jg Emporia, Biology, Band. RTERSON, XYOE F., Emporia, English and Physical Education, Sigma Tau Gamma, Menus Physical Education Club. SANNER, SIIIRLEYA., Newton, Physical Education and Social Sci- ence, Alpha Sigma Alpha, FTA, Pep Club, Splash Club, Women's Physical Education Club, Women's Recreation Association. SA UDER. LYANICE A., Emporia, Accounting, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Emporia State Players, National Collegiate Players, Pi Omega Pi, Who's Who. SCIIALKER, ARNOLD Holton, Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau Mathematics Club. SCIIALLEHN, LA VERN G., Emporia, Accounting. SCIIA ULIS, CART W, Denver, Colorado, Business, Phi Sigma Epsilon, InterAFraternity Council. SCIIEIBE, ROBERT D.: Marysville: Business. Social Science and Physical Education, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FTA, Inter-Faith Council, Pi Omega Pi, Xi Phi, Westminister Fellowship. SCIIENKEL, RAT S., Creat Bend, Industrial Arts, FTA. .ga 'S-2-7,1 Nor 11... 0' -552 xa. ,I 2.05. 1 ,V . K, Kyiv' -. .- gm .f .h I , , 1' .xv-an A 'Q 'nn an-. I 1 'g ' . K ... . ' Q Vik 52' I --' aw f . W, 1 ew 4-vs . . msd C" ' I . '. , - ,ad 2 4 . :. -1' ll . 4 ' , 234 .- st' WI . 4,lL ,,., ,,-l. 6' .. ... .. . F' fl L, fs H f tm egg- . i 79. I "'-: . STS. ,K g at Tw :,.:EA .: . l. SN.. l '-2. Y ix ,ff S . 1 ' WSF' NW QQ' ggi-"""P4 ilsggliilililffwllili i ,. ,wg-W. - . S X ,Q , 9' S 3 S. 1 sql- W .7 wept: 's si - x if' . ...nf -xg -L K 3 Y Y .Q M4 , tw-: ,r ,, 3 'N iam , . L WTS, X K '51 'Nr' ' m,A 9 'ills il: 5 l . fer' fr A-. A A SCHMIDT, PHTLLIS A., Lawrence, Elementary Education, FTA. SCHRADER, DON G.,' Emporia, Business Administration, FBLA, Football, K-Club, Tennis. SCHROEDER, EDGAR E., Emporia, Mathematics and Physical Sci- CHCC. O SCHUL, FRANCES G, McPherson, Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Tau, Committee Of 50 ,Curli-Q, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Rhy- thmic Circle, Sigma Pi Sigma, Symphonic Chorus, Treble Clef. SEA CATS MAX E., Bucklin, Business, Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA, Young Republicans Club. SEAMAN, ROSELMA, J., Waverly, Elementary Education. SHEA, MARGARET A., Arkansas City, Elementary Education, FTA, Newman Club. SHEPHERD, DALE L., Marysville, Accounting, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SHERLET, RA YMOND E., Lansing, Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, Mu Epsilon Nu, SHERMAN, NORMA F., Toronto, Elementary Education, FTA. SHUMA TE, HARGEST H., Kansas City, Elementary Education, Alpha Phi Omega, Men's Physical Education Club, SMELSER, WILLIAM L., Emporia, Industrial Arts, Epsilon Pi Tau, Industrial Arts Club. SMITH, DA VID C., Emporia, Business Administration and Physical Education, Phi Sigma Epsilon, FBLA, Men's Physical Education Club, Veterans Club. SMITH, FREDERIC F., Plains, Business Administration and Social Science, Pi Kappa Delta ,Pi Omega Pi, SMITH, GLENN E.,' Emporia, Retailing, Sigma Phi Epsilon. SMITH, PA ULINE P., Kansas City, English and Home Economics, FTA, Home Economics Club, Omega. SMITH, ROBERT A., Council Grove, Business Education, Phi Sigma Epsilon. SPOHM DORIS M., Inman, Elementary Education, Ensemble Singers. SPOHN, PA UL A.,' Inman, General Science, FTA, German Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda, Mathematics Club, Science Club, Veterans Club. STA TEN, GERALD E., Hamilton, Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Lambda. STEFFENS, VIRGINIA L., Independence, Elementary Education, Elsie Pine Library Club, FTA, Young Republicans Club. STEFFES, PA TSI' H., Olpe, Education. STEINLE, BUD S.,' Burlingame, Physical Education, FTA, UBEA, KBTA. STRADER, GERALDINE H., Hutchinson, Foreign Language and Library Science, Elsie Pine, French Club, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Omega, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club. STRADER, HAROLD F.,' Lyons, Biology. SUNTER, THOMAS L., Emporia, Business Administration. SUTTOM PA TRICIA A., Lamont, Music, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treble Clef, Sigma Alpha Iota. SWEARINGEM RUTH E., Hiawatha, Business, Delta Zeta, FBLA, FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Omega, Pi Omega Pi, Splash Club, UBEA. SWISHER, RICHARD D., Reading, Business. TANAKA, FLORENCE H., Hawaii, Elementary Education, FTA, Hawaiian Club, Winnetaska, YWCA. TA WNEIQ LOIS jg Ogallah, Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma Sigma , Elsie Pine Library Club, Young Republicans Club. TA WNEIQ MEL VIN L.,' Ogallah, Accounting, Phi Sigma Epsilon. TA TLOR, jOAN M., Emporia, Retailing, Alpha Sigma Alpha, FBLA, Pi Omega Pi, Sigma Pi Sigma. TA TLOR, MARDELL L.,' Emporia, Home Economics, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Home Economics Club. THILL, ED WIN jg Hamilton, Business, Alpha Kappa Lambda, FBLA, Newman Club. TID WELL, BILLTD., Kiowa, Physical Education and Biology, Beta Beta Beta, Men,s Physical Education Club, Track, Xi Phi, THOMPSON CHRISTA L., Elmdale, Business, FBLA, Kappa Phi, Pi Omega Pi. TOWER, TEDDY R., Prague, Okla., Psychology, Radio Club. TRUE, VIRCIL L.,' Fredonia, Spanish and English, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, Orchestra ,Quivira, Spanish Club, TRUHLICKA, ROBERT E., Barnes, Biology, Beta Beta Beta. TURNER, CARROL L., Amarillo, Texas, English and Library Science. TURNER, jA CQUELTN P., Topeka, Business, FBLA, FTA, Pi Omega Pi. 1 TURNER, RICHARD M., Kansas City, Missouri, Business Admin- istration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. UMBARGER, ROBERT L.,' Garnett, Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club. UMDENSTOCIQ NANCY If., Emporia, Home Economics and Phy- sical Education, Alpha Beta, FTA, Home Economics Club, Womenis Physical Education Club. UNGER, DANIEL Vf, Emporia, Business, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi. UTTER RICHARD Sf Emporia' Physics and Mathematics' Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Mu Epsilon K-Club, Lambda Delta Lambda Track Xi Phi W'ho s Who. fi. ,W 5. ag f -asffz.eaz1i..7w.:i sfi.:fg.w:-sf:-.g,.f:-g:gt,e.1p., . .,,,1,.w W, .,,. twig. . ..., Z-I .-1. -' ---'i'-' '-- - -. fr meg I s I , . f SP S K M Q 4148321 A el as S 7 si ..1fb-mesz1,.wz1mf:2 1.-'wg1,.e-1352.53 :aa-f..,,s-f 5 is . 0 fy.-f'.1,-.,.e-ff-'V . f,.. f1Z.f.--v11a.w1.i- 21,-11 .. :tee--V, - f ... sw rea .. T' H5215-Riggs eat. Htfwgiwx 1, ..,,. g 5,53 S A ms' sc QQ, M Q . 3 ,gm W ig, X? 5 S 1 ' X gk 36? a S f 56515555 wife, file -. -:, .E I 2 iw fe 3 A . ... . i. ,. e . it .s'Q ' I 'ie,,'1. .... I . K I .. 1 .1..I,. ps, , I U. .KMA . .. 15 ,, wifi is I , ,s Y ' ' . - 33 -57556 - W... 31' Y 3 jst Q W .,1: , a?gg,fgi,., J - A. 5' we 9 -I P5 J I 7 3 L , v - , ..,- X i , , Phi Epsilon Men's Ph sical Education Club. ii VAN AMBURG jA CK D ' Marysville' Physical Education' Sigma A 1 . I awww-im an. s 235 VAN CUNDK JOYCE I.,' Emporia, Business, FBLA, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi. VAN VALKENBURC, RICHARD I..,' Reading, Business, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Basketball, FBLA. VA UGIIM RONALD F,,- Madison, Business Administration. VEACH, I.. DALE, Syracuse, Social Science and Speech, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Emporia State Players, FTA. VEAL, DORIS ,V.,' Wlilsey, Elementary Education, FTA. VERODA, DWANN E., Cuba, Mathematics and General Science, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club. VOTRUBA, DELORES,' Wichita, Elementary Education, FTA, Kappa Phi, Wesley Foundation. WACNER, RICHARD H., Kansas City, Business Administration, Choir, FBLA, Men's Chorale, Phi Mu Alpha, Pi Omega Pi. WACNER, SHIRLETA.g Kansas City, Speech, Emporia State Players, FTA, Rhythmic Circle Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Club, Wesley Foundation. WALKER, SHIRLEY E, St.sIohn, Business and English, FBLA, French Club, FTA, Kappa Delta a Pi, Pi Omega Pi. WARKENTIJNQ LeROI'j.,' Inman, Elementary Education, Alpha Kappa Lambda, FTA, Student Council, VVho's Who. l'1'ASE."VIILI,ER, .VIARIANN L., Lehigh, Physical Education and English, Alpha Beta, Bulletin, Inter-Faith Council, Intramurals, Women,s Physical Education Club, NVRA, WATERS, RICHARD D., Macksville, Industrial Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club, Men's Physical Education Club. WEIR, BEVERLTJ., Cunningham, Business, FBLA ,FTA, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Phi, Pi Omega Pi. WELSH, CLARENCE M., Colony, Physical Science. WIEBE, KYOHN E., Newton, Business, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi. WIEGERS,sROSEzWARIC' Marysville, Art, Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Theta Rho, FTA. WILEIQ DON D., Emporia, Speech, Elsie Pine. WILEK DONNA S., Emporia, Music Education, Symphonic Choir. WILIIITE, KAROL j.,' Emporia, Retailing, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Choir, Ensemble Singers, FBLA, Phi Mu Alpha, Men's Chorale, WILI,IA.MS, CECIL I'V,,' Marysville, Accounting, Sigma Phi Epsilon, FBLA, K-Club, Golf, Radio Club , Swimming. WILLIAMS, JOHN B., Waverly, Music, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pastels, Phi Mu Alpha. WILLS, ROBERT C., Wichita, Business, Elsie Pine, Mu Epsilon Nu, YMCA. WILSON, KATHLEEN Burlingame, Home Economics, Home Economics Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. I . .ggg ss.. llal S -'Z .1.. :is f5Jff.i7'5E??ifi7QiZ55l53. : ' ,453 Q I' - A i -' to 'S S for naw f I A A' A I 1' gif 71 We 7 . ss fziaist. , H 2. ff,af2f.s. ' ' aff S f . . - gziesfggezfffzw 7 - nga :f. , ,,,-g:,,.id.:-,:.,- .. ..r ,,.. r. . ..,.. . ., l Q if ,Q . f ii. , i it 'n y WH' wg. l ,ja ky ,Q fm ' 3 K"'!h. flu f KM' my ... 5 "' ll'll.l1f7Il'l1', Dl1'l,f.'0 Il.: ljiltblill liinlwgy zmcl Social SK'll'IlLK. llvf,YIJ.S'Ufxl. lI'.ll.Xlf ll'..' l'n-gxlmclyg Biology. Q l A , ll'l.Y7'Iflf, lflllflflfl lixnporizxg llusiucsx .Xclminislmliong .Xlplm L lxuppa l,a1mlJclz1. l"l3l,.'X. XYOIIIIQ RL'Ill1lJllC21I1S. fl"lII'I'lf.S'. ll'Il.l,l.I,ll R.: li.lIlSLlSclllf'1 BllSlIli'NS .XClIlllIllSlI'21YlOH. ,:l1fGl.l'.'lf, .XHl.NlfI' I,..' 'l'opck:1: BllSlHl'SSi1I1Cl liuglislmi .Xlpllu Sigma an lllilll, l'll5l..'X. Frcnvlr Club. Nvwmam fllulm, c,llllVll'i1. K I -may 7 Q'1llBEl..ll.-IX.j'Hll.N.X'lli.' Ciuodlumli Builllvsx and l lxysicwil l'lCllli'2i- liuug Nlcnl Pl'1'YSlK'lll EllL1L'2lll0Il Qlllllb. lx'l"R Il'ICfhl. Rllllfllflf L.: l'l11xpcu'ig11 .Xccmlrllillgg XvCIL'I'2lIlS fllulp. J VI All ll I0 YE: lilllpcwiug l':lCIUCIll21l4y l'lduL'z1liung Kappa D4-lm l i. 1.. 'Q .K 'fwalfsidf Ji . l ' Q a 35 r.-if . -u-1 -wie.. T ef? 1 lil' alll? Qllfif - 1 E50 N 5 k l K K ,V sum Jvk V W -. X .,l7"'7""E",,,,. Tl .mu.u........-f ' Q S Q F e Q .I ML f Q4 I H-sql l tv-gf If -ap : f Z ' r m lm 'H , G' X 'VJ i Students wave- good-by as they board thc' bus on ll O W HAINER, PHILIP L., Ottawa. CIII,','V, HAI C., Korea. DIBLE. A1..UlfDA, Rsxllmrd. FRINI ERNIE, Belleville. IIAN, SUV! AI., Korea. IIARDESYVIQ SCOTT Boulder, Colo. fL-1 Ifff, RICIIARD C., Osziwatorniv. lIlf1,VES, j0A,Y, Abilene. RAITUR, 1W.4Rf A., YVz1Vcrly. SALNERS, ERNEST U., Osawatomic. SOUTO, j0SE M., Cuba. WERTS, MA TTIE, El Dorado. GRADUATES mc-lr' way to thc' lfzu' East to c'I1lvI'lain trumps. 1 . x f Y 'N X l 2 I sa,..3Dl 'xy' rim,-', 3 4 4 ig .. Q 'fb Q S . 4 R X . N' kip i' ' F .Mu x. ' f r ,Wg aff' W 1 f " W J 1 " M 'xqw' . IWW.- 1 ' nh , -f 3, 4 M f f 525 , A' " mek " 'f TI ' W 'MMV , 5 Q z",:'il-fF5514Kli'"EWR',i3'1???97Z22ffl5i2if15413- .7 , f , fiasen, -W .. V Q ' - 1 V ' as ' ' X , f , , Y 2 G Q 51 15 ' H M' fx " , 5 1- f , mi,.a,g"k yy-I 'I 'M 1 115 E5 Q, 3 , " ,, ' 'gi V ' iii' .U -L gf. 4""" f A "":f F 1 ,I T'-ig" ' v ff' l M. , , fi' FA A4 1 5 Lf- J -- ' 5 4 F V' i ' R' - + :rf-v:Qv::qffgg5s.L I Vs-51. ,fl 1 " fr " A I . J A 'O Q 1 1- 2, Q W, Q- - ' f W rw, ' f-f ' ' ?, T i 1 2 A V' 1 gk . -ff 'V ' " ' .F f'-.. , v ,V ., ff -Q -in 3, -f , M 9 A L12 f -N - 5 H . W' - 9, 1 'ff 1 ' X ' yy JP' 1 9' ' 1 f Q.:-. W "' ,A is 5 M ...nw N, 1' I ' 1' ,Y gi, l We 5' ""' ' as ,Q M ' 15 ' av K x X s 5. X we- I P :3 t,.,,,-nw ,.-, , ?':f?f' ?v' ,QQ-ff 240 vu.. XII 1Ilvr1l1x'vwlldlwmn- IINIVIIN In lIl1'SIJl'i1l'xl'I VFSNIKLII xluzh nl 14-41-1x'c's hu fllpltbllll -.wo-qfk E? . mm me "' Q55 i M1 .. I . -+.i'q+fw.mmx-- 'V La 4- 1' 'Y' 5 " ff fff , 21.1, V' -rw f' Fwy :rss 3 11, 5 is. 'Q if fl lixc'rc'isc's over' they leave thc zxudilorium. 1"zu'4'ms and ixricnds Corxgruullutl' thc' grzlduules. Alpha Beta ........ 242 Administration . ..... . Alpha Kappa Lambda .... .... Alma Mater .....,... Alpha Phi Omega. . . Alpha Sigma Alpha. . . Alpha Sigma Tau .... Alpha Theta Rho .... Art Gallery ..,..... Band .........,. Baseball ....... Basketball .,........ Beta Beta Beta ....... Board of Publications .... . . . . Bulletin ........ ..... Canterbury Club ..... Cheerleaders ....... Choir ........... Class Officers. . . Convocations ...., Cross Country. . . Curli-Q ......, ' . Debate ....,,....,..... .... Delta Zeta ..........,.. ,.,. .... Disciples Student Fellowship. , . . . . . Elsie Pine Library Club ...... .... Emporia State Players ................. Emporia State Veterans Organization ,... Enrollment .......... Epsilon Pi Tau ..... FBLA ........... Five Guys .... Football ....... French Club ..... Freshman Week .... FTA .......,...... Greek Houses ....... Greek Housemothers. . Golf .,...,...... . . . Graduates ...... Graduation .,.... Hawaiian Club ..... Homecoming ........ Homecoming Queen. . Home Economics Club.. . . . . . . Industrial Arts Club. . . Inter-Faith Council. . . Interfraternity Council Intramurals, Men,s. . . Intramurals, Womenls. K-Club ............ Kappa Delta Pi .... INDEX .18 114 254 .71 107 116 118 .27 .28 .60 178 164 .31 148 150 157 163 102 .23 .98 175 .84 .68 120 158 .49 .67 140 183 .47 .33 102 169 .42 182 .36 134 136 174 238 239 138 .80 .78 .44 .46 157 111 .55 .74 .54 .38 Kappa Mu Epsilon .... Kappa Phi ............. Lambda Delta Lambda .... Mathematics Club ....... Men's Chorale ........ Miss E-State .... Morse Hall ...... Mu Epsilon Nu ..... Newman Club. . . Omega ........ . . Opera ............... Panhellenic Council. . . Pastels ............,. Phi Mu Alpha ..... Phi Sigma Epsilon ...... Photographers .......... Physical Education Pi Gamma Mu ....,.... Pi Kappa Delta .... Pi Kappa Sigma .... Pi Omega Pi ..... Plays. Print Shop ..... Quivira .......... ..... Rhythmic Circle ........ Rhythmic Circle Concert Seniors ................ Senior Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma Sneak ....... Alpha Iota .... Phi Epsilon .... Pi Sigma ...... Sigma Sigma... Tau Gamma .... Club , W omen s Singing Bee ......... Spanish Club .... Splash Club ...... Student Council .... Student Teaching .... Summer School .... Sunflower ......... Swimming .......... Tau Kappa Epsilon .... Tennis ............ Track ......... Treble Clef ....... Underclassmen ...... Wesley Foundation .... Who's Who ........ NVinnetaska ............. WRA Board ............. Young Republicans Club .... Xi Phi ...,.............. ......115,184 Abbott, Arlene ...... Abbott, Constance .... Adair, Dickie ....,.. Adair,jack ........ Adam,John .... Adams,judy ..,. Adams, Van ,.... Adell, Leland ....., Aebi, Kathaleen .,... Agrelius, Judith ,... Agrelius, Karalyn .... Aikens, Kathryn. . , Allen, Carol ..... Allen, Kerns. . . Allen, Mavis ,.... Allender, Earl ..... Allender, Norma ..... Allison, David ..,.,.. V---2,145,134 Bell,Dale..,..... Amsrud, Patricia. Anderson, Arline. Anderson Duane. Anderson Francis Anderson Gilbert .,.. Anderson, James. . Andersonhjohn. . . . Anderson, june. . Andrews, Edna ..... .......,.223 Andrews, Nancy ,.... Anton, Barbara ,,.. Archer, Steve .... Arnett, Francis, . . Arnold, Marilyn. . . Arnold, Martha ..,. Arnold, Stoner. . . . , . . Arnold, David ....,.. Arterburn, Gwendolyn .... Asfaw, Teka ......... Ashbaugh , N. ...... . Ashley, Sherman ..... Atherly, Frank .... Atkins, Paul ..,..,. Atkinson, Evelyn .... Atkinson, John .... Atkinson, Mary .... Austen, William .... Austin, Daniel .... Axcell,Jane .... Bacon, Arthur ..., Bader,Jacqueline. . Bader, Kerin ...,,, .,...,,..223 Bahnmaier, John .,.. Bailey,Al1ce.. ..... Bailey, Donald ,... Bailey, Donny ,... Baileyhloan .... Bailey, Letha .... Banier, Philip .,.. Baird, Bob ,.... Baker, Darlene. . . Balch, Gary .,.... Balch , Priscilla. . . Baldridge,James. . . Baldwin, Miles ..., Baltz, Barbara. . . Barberhjames .... Barber, Ronald .... Barker , Billy ..... Barnes, Donna .,... Barnes, Eleanor .,.. .,..49,72,184 . .... 42,145,184 ....72,144,184 ......127J84 .......H.184 36J21J45l84 ..........222 . ...... 46222 37442459222 , ...,.... 184 ..31,62,72,184 . . . .42,145 ,184 , .... 119,184 ....34,51,222 ....,.....,.184 . 46,47,14O,222 ..........184 ,..73 ,119,184 .,....,..184 .....184 ....,..184 ,..133,184 .,.....184 ...133,184 ..l05,222 36,l10,118,222 .. . ,33,34,222 ,....,.67,222 ....184 ....184 .....42 ...,222 ....222 ....145 ..,,184 .....46 ..,..184 . . . 46,222 ......142,184 ....37,51,52,62,129,222 .........H..i42J84 ,....,..H..133J85 ,....185 ...131,185 .,.....222 .....131,185 .U.92J31J85 .......185 ..,117,185 ..,127,l85 ...,.185 .....,..73 ...33,36,222 .....,31 .,...222 .....142,185 ....H..129J85 ...4l49J31J85 ..,M..123J85 .....N..68J85 ...33,34,131,185 .....,..33,161 . ,..... 185 . . . . .65,222 ...143,185 .....73 Barnes, Sheldon ..,. Barnett, Mary. . . Barr, Elma .... Barton, janet .... Basnet, Mary. . ,. , . Bass, Carlita ........ Bateman, Rufus .... H Bates, Loren . ...... . Baumgartner, William .... Bay, Ronda ...,..... Bay, Roy ...... Bays, Larry ..... , Beagley, Melvin. . . Beard,,Iames ...... Beattie, Thomas ..... Beauchamp, Betty. . . Beck, Clark ....... Beck, Orval ..... Beck, Robert .... Beck, Vickey ....,. Beckenholdt, Glee .,.. Becker , Karen .,.., Becker, Larry ......, Becker, Margaret. . , . Beckmeyer, Barbara, . Beine, Ruth ......... Belfield, Kay ..... Bell, Clyde, . . . Beneke, Rodney. . . . Bennett, Anne. . . Bennett, Harold. . . Baran, Leon .... .... Berg, Carl .......... Berg, Glenda fSee Hustonj Bergerhouse, Patricia. Bernard, Mary .... ....... Berthot, Kay ........ Besler, jane ,.,.. Bessler, Beverly .... Bett , Mary ...... Beutler, John ..,. Bezdek, Rosalie. . Bicker, Robert ...,, Bicknell, Donis. . , Bicknell, Donna ,... Bishop, james ..., Black, Larry ...... Black, Lon .,........ Blackim, Annasteen, . Blackim, Charles. . . Blackim, David .,., Blankinship, Linn .... Blaylock, Donald .... Bleidissil, Ronald .... Bliss, Richard .,.... Blodig , George. , . Blow, Don ,,... Boaz, Phyllis .... Bobek, Carlotta .... Bocquin, Donald ,..., Bodine, Merle ..... Boes, Wilbert .... Bohm, Harold. . . Boline, Derald ..... Boline, Faye ..... Bolinehlanice .... Boltin, Shirley. Bolton, Albert. . . Bolton Barbara, . . . Bolton , Beverly Bolton, George. Bolton, Melvin. H..140Q22 .,,....l85 ....l45J85 ,...73J43J85 .........143 ....l45J85 H....42J85 ..........1a5 H..,54J32J85 .....144J85 .......,..185 ....57JO7J85 U.107J33l86 ......U.186 ,....67222 .....73222 .,..123J86 .....34222 .,...U..222 ....73J42J86 ..,..,,..222 H..36J19J86 ,., ....... 127J86 ..,.73J31J60J86 ..N.1l7J42J86 ..........223 ,N.92J19186 .M105J15J86 ...ioagae .....129J86 .aisigsogse ......,.27 ...123J86 ,..129223 ....37,127,186 ..,,..67,131,186 . . . ,92,124,125,186 ,,.......73,186 . . . 117,145,186 .......133,186 . . . 142,160,186 ...,.127,223 ...........,.144,157 51,52,62,105,159,186 .......51,52,223 . . ,37,44,121,186 ,. ..59,133,186 ,..37,68,133,186 ..........223 ...1o8433J87 ...H.54J87 ..,.5L52Q26 .,.,54J07226 .H..118J87 H..142J87 ....187 ...,U..47 ..,,52,140,187 ..H,.54J87 .....H142J87 ,...3357J42J87 ...,..,1424s7 ..H..33J87 ....160,223 ....145,187 .....31,160 ....187 243 ......144,l89 .........188 244 Bolton, William. . . Bonewitz, Norma. Bonnell, Glenna, . . Borgna, jo ....... Boueek, Marcina. , Bowen, Delayne . . . , Bowen, Ronald. . . Brackeen, Charline Bradfordhlerry. . . Bradford, Larry. . . Bradley, Mary .... Bradley, Ralph. . . . Branson, Mary .... Breukelman, Betty ........l87 ....145,187 ......131,187 .........121,223 ...38,121,143,187 ....,.....,187 ..........187 . . . .84,87,223 ....123,187 ,........187 ..,36,143,187 ........,.......187 ..,.,..,.,..,.,. 145,187 .81,87,67,106,131,223 Brinkman, Barbara, . . . , ...... 44,131,160,187 Brinkman, Delbert. . . . Brittain,Jimmie. . . Broershleanetta. . . Bronson, Donald. . Brooke, Emily, . . . Brooks, Merrillyn. Brooks, Russell .... Brosius, Harold. . . . Bross, Phares ..., Brown, Colin ..... Brown, Darlene. . . Brown, Jerome .... Brown,joe .,,... Brown,,Ioyce .... Brown, Phyllis. . . Brown , Rice ...... Browning, Pauline. Buck, Lesley ....., Buckley, Charles. . Buchman, Jo ..... ...37,127,150,187 ........127,187 ........142,188 ...........115,188 . .... 33,121,144,188 .,..37,108,131,223 .. ....... 87,228 ...37,46,47,161,188 ...........140 ......188 ....127,188 ........127 ....119,188 ......117,188 ....108,133,188 ............125,188 ..............127,223 88,84,108,112,129,228 ............117,188 Buhrer, Barbara .... .......... 7 2 ,145,188 Bulkley, Marjorie. Bulkley, Thomas, . Bulmer, Lee .,..., Burch, Marlyn .,.. Burdick, Rae ..... Burnell ,Orville . . Burnell, Sylvia .... Burns, Gail ........ Burns, Robert A., . Burns, Robert Wh. Burri, Carol ...... Burton, Thomas .... Bushey,Julia ..... Buss, Darrell .... Butler, Judith ..... Button, Carol. . . Cage, John ....... Calahan, Gloria .... Caldwell, Harry ..., Calloway, Autrey. . Campbell, Charles. . Campbellhjames. . Cannon, Donald. . Cannon, Eileen. . . Cantril, Roger. . . Carl, Alice ....... Carlat, Carolyn. . . Carmichael, Mable. . . Carroll, Marilyn. . Carson, Carol ..... Carson , Nancy .... Carter, Martin ,,.. Cartmill, Roger. . . Casebeer, Kelvin. . Cason, Karlene .,.. ....117,144,188 ...52,108,188 .....57,115,223 ...73,1l9,l43,188 ..,..,,..,.188 .........188 ...........188 .,.......133,188 ..,.,33,108,123,188 .......142,188 . . 67,160,188 .....83140,223 ....119,145,188 .. .... 143,188 ........224 ...68,144,188 ......,.,59 ........,54 ...,.......224 ....111,127,224 ...........224 ....27,36,131,188 ...........224 .......33,189 .,..131,189 ..,.157,189 ........144,189 . . . .86,78,119,224 ,..........224 ......127,224 ....115,189 ......159 Chamberlain, Larry. Chambers, Sheryl. , . Chatham, Robert. . . Chavez, Doris ..... . Cheever, Dorothy. . . Choice, Sally .... . . . Christensen, Norm Christy, Gary ...,.. Chumley, James .... Circle, David .... Clark, Gerald ..., Clark, Pat ..... Clark, Robert .... Clowe, Carol ..... Cobb, Clair ...... Cogswe ll, Walter. . . Coldiron,Jack. . . Cole, Constance. . Cole , H arold .....,. Colman, Patricia. . . Collinge, Margaret. . Collins, Colthar Charles... .. .. p, james. . ,. Colvin, Margaret. . . Conyers, Karen .... Cook, B arbara .... Cook, Bob .,.,.. Cooke,Harvey, . . . . 3.11 ..., ......127,189 .51,52,107,224 . ..,.. 42,73,224 ....121,l89 ....22,42,49 ......,....40 ......129,189 22,115,160 ,189 ...189 ...,...145 ....58,131,224 ...123,151,189 ..........189 ......,...189 ...l17,142,189 ....,..,..224 ....36,l21,189 ,. .,.. 49,189 ........189 ..........189 ...125,139,142 ....110,117,189 ,.....,,,,189 ....,...224 ..,.34,133,189 Cooney, Loueen .... ...... 3 7,189 Cooper, Barbara. . . ..... 144,189 Cooper, Beverly .... ...... 1 17,189 Cooper, Glenna .... , ,33,34,44,224 Cordes, Beverly .... ....,,.... l 90 Cordon, Deanna. . . ...... 58,189 Cordon , Eleanor. . . . ..... . . 189 Corn, Larry ....., ..... 1 15,190 Cortez, jesse ....... .,.,.., 6 8,107 Cortner, Jeaneene .... .... 1 39,143,190 Coulter, Delberta. , . ...... 142,190 Counts, Keith .... . . ..... 108,190 Counts, Stephen. . . . Courtney, Helen .... Cowan, Ronald .... Cowen Jenelle, . . Cox, Hannah .,.., Cox, Mary ..... Craig, J ohn .... Craig, William. . . Crawford, George. . . Crawford, Stanley .... Crawford, Rachel. . . Crawford , Samuel. . Cress, -Ieanice ...... Crosswhite, Darrell. . Crowell, Bruce ....... Crowley, Virginia. . . Culbertson, Vivian. . Cummings, Kaye. . . Cummins, Larry ,... Cummins , Roberta. . Cundith, Richard. . . Cunningham, Linda. Curtis, Gene ....... Curtis, Susan. . . . DaCosta, Donald .... .,.... Daharsh, Floyd ..... Dailey, Jan ..... Dalton, Leo ...... Darby, Linda ...... Davidson, Wayne. . . Davies, John ....... Davis, Ardelle .... .....159 ..........224 ......123,190 .49,68,125,190 ,,......27,36 ....36,73,190 .. .. .. .190 57,224 ......37 .. .. .190 ...119,160 .. .. .127 ..,190 .....51,52 .....140,224 ......159,190 ..108,121,224 65,119,150,190 .........,19O ,......34,224 ...128,190 ...117,190 .....190 ...144 ,....224 ...,..,., .190 ,,.......190 33,140,160,224 36 ,117,16O,190 . ,.... 51,652,224 .....127,190 ......190 Davis, Bill ..,.. Davis, Darrell. . . . Davis, Donna ..., Davis, Nancy .,,. . . Dawdy , Richard. . . Dawdy, Robert .... Day, Arthur ..... Day, Robert .... DeBerry, Jane ..... Decker, Carolyn .,.. Decker, Roy ....... Del Forge, Clarance Dehler , Denise ..,., Dellinger, Dean .... Dellinger, Steve .... Dempsey, Carl ..... Dengle, Walter .... Denning, Carroll. , , Denniston, Margaret .,,.. Denton, Lorraine. . , DePaolis, Clarita. . . Depenbusch, Francis ..... DePriest, Henry .... Deputy, Mary ...., Derowitsch, Pat. , . , Derrick, Elaine, . , Derrick, Ronald. , , . Detter, Howard .... Dettmer, Mary ,... DeWerff, Chester - - Dewey, Victor ..., Dick, Bernard, . . Dick,Jerry ..... Dickey, Bill .... Dillinger, Steve. . . Diller, Connie ..... Dillman, Beverly. . . Dillman, Kathy .... Dillon, Virginia. . Dingwall, Ellen ,.., Dobrovolny, Francis Dochow, Eugene. , . Dochow, Jerry .... . Dodds, Gwendolyn , Doody , Donald .... Dolsky, Camille .,.. Dolton, Donald .... Donley, Barbara. . . Donley, Buddy ..., Dotson, Mary ,..... Downey, James .... Downing, Jack ...., Draney, Joan ..., Dreier, Leroy ..., Dreitz, Mary ...... Dresker, Delores ..... Drinkwater, Myron .... Duffin, Robert ..... Dufford, Marilyn. . . Duggan, Betty .... Duguid, Joyce. . Duncan, Betty. . . Duncan, June ...... Duncan, Richard. . . Dunn, Dale ..,.... Dunshee, Blanche. . Dupont, Delbert. . . DuPont,Jaclyn .... DuPont, Richard. . . Dwelle, Ann .,.... Eaton, Kenneth .... Edwards, Archie. . ....H..31 . ,...... .190 ....33J21J90 .H..144J90 ...,47J90 ....46J91 .......225 ...133J91 U..4257J91 .....,..37 ......54J23 ..U..l33J91 ...7Z92J17J91 ..U..159J91 .....M.191 ...U...57225 ....H..123J91 ....22J05J11J60 .....H.67J91 M..31J91 .,..27225 ...160J91 .. ...... 46 ....,... 225 ....72J43J91 .......,225 .......225 ...H..42225 ....27J19J91 ,.H..54J23 U..52J60J91 ......,,191 .......l60 .....,,l91 133 ...l05,150,222 ,,..73,119,225 ....37,225 ......49 ...143J91 ....H.191 ...l23J9l ...123J91 ..,..,H,.143J91 ,. .,....,........ 191 ...,36,79,8O,119,191 ....U...27J9l . .,.. 225 ....225 ..U37J2 ...115J91 .....192 .,,13L225 ..,...,...192 ...H.37J42J60 H..36JO8J21J92 U..33J08J29J92 ....U..133J92 ....33J42J92 .......l45 ....,..143 ,..145J92 ....142 62 3L36A9JO6J17J92 ,,..,. ..51,129,225 . . . . . . .78,80,81,225 . .. , .54,80,81,129,225 ......l3L163J92 .U.57J33J92 ........225 Eickhoff, Roger .,.. Eisle, Delores .... Eklund, David ..... Eller, Jim .,..... Elliot, Donald, . . Ellis, Lee ......,.. Elrod, William .... Emswiler, Nancy .... . . Engle, Robert ..,.. Enos , Kathryn .... Epler, William .... Epperley, Shirley. . . . Erickson, Louise. ,... Eshbaugh, Leta .... Esplund , Anita. . . Estes, Jo ...,.,., Etling, Mary ...... Eustice, Richard .... Evans, Eldon .... Evans, Evan ...,. Evans,Janie. . . Evans, Patricia. . Evans, Theresa .... Ewy, Marvin .... Eye, Wayne .... Fagg, Beverly .,,,... Fankhauser, David. , Fankhauser, Paul. . , Fankhauser , Shirley. Farmer, Roger ........ Farnsworth, David. . Farrow, Kathy ...... Felkner, Ronald .... Feltner, Kenneth. . . . Ferguson, Bergess. . . Ferrell, Jeanette .... Fey, Sandra ...,.., Finley, Laurence. . Firth, Charles .... Fischer, Donald .... Fish, Mary ...... Fisher, Gary ..... Fitts, Martha .... Flare, Janice ..... Fleming, Elfreda. . . Fleming, Harriett. . . Flook, Frederick .,.. Florence, Marion .... Foelgner, Constance , Fooshee, Shirley ..... Foraker, Marilyn. . . Ford, Arlin ....... Ford, Dorothy ..... Forkner, Albert .... Forkner,Jane ..... Forrest, Richard .... Fowler, Larry ..... Fowler, Margaret .... . , Fox, Larry .,.,.... Franklin, Donna .,.. Franz, Phyllis .,.... Frederick ,Franz. . . Frederick, Mary .,.. Freerksen, Roy , . . . . . Freiburghouse, Betty .... Frint, Ernie ........ Frisch, Marguerite. , Fritze, B. .,...... . . Froetschner , Cordelia .... Fujii, WVallace ...... Fuller, Arleta .... Fulton, Mary .... H...22JO8 H...60J92 .,......,..192 H...65J23J92 ....U...225 ,U.139J92 .,,.127Q25 33,73,108,131,144,192 ................42 .n.....H1i9J92 ....33,125,144,i92 ..H..36J42J92 ...H144J92 ...,H.145J92 ....92J19J92 ,....U..225 ..H..,5757Q25 ..........H.l92 ...33A4J08J21J92 ............225 ,..117J60J92 .........192 .,..47225 ..,.34,108,142,l92 ...........192 .........193 ...131,145,193 .,..115,193 ..,.133,193 .U..36J93 ...,.l93 .......193 ..U....52J93 ...Ul17J44J93 ....92J19J43J93 ........H..226 ...U..157226 .......193 U...36226 ....H..57JO7 ,..M..142J59226 ,H1l7J43J59J93 M....44J43J93 .H.36J45J93 ..........226 U.117J44J60J93 ........H..l93 ...H..119J93 ........54 .......117,193 ...108J59J93 .........193 ....U....127226 ........H..l33J93 ..37J1o425i57226 ..,,.H....59Q26 ...144J93 ..H143J93 .....U157 ...123J93 .U..129226 H..36J17J93 ......H..37 ...143J60J93 ........31,226 , ...... ,117J94 H..333437J94 ....49,l06,131,194 245 246 Gaddis, Franklin, . Gaeddert, Robert .,.. Galloway ,Kathryn .... Gamba, Mary ..,. Gamble, Carol .... Gamble, Glen. . , Gangel, Francis. . , Gannett, Roberta. . Garrison, Garland. Gassert, Leland ,.... Gastl, LeRoy ..... George, Beverly, . . George, Grace, . . , . Gerleman, Gerald. . . Gerleman, Maurice Gibbs, George ..... Gifford, Barbara. . . Gifford, Wynona ..... Gile, Alma ..,...,. Gile , Max ,...... Gill, Joyce. .,.. . Gillaspie, Jo ....... Gilman, Miriam .,.. Ginder, Beverly ,. . Ginoza, Lawrence. . . Gladden, Jimmie, . Glaum, lone ...... Gleason, Patricia. . Glens, R. ...,.... . Glick, George ,.,. Glover, Betty .,.. Godderz, Bertie, . Godwin, G. ...,, . Goode,John ....,. Goodwin, Wanda. . . Goss, Harold ...... Goss, Sally ...... Gosser, Rosetta .... . . 33,194 ............194 .......U.119J94 ...117J44J60J94 ...313437J42226 3L3754J15J60J94 .. ...... ,,...73J44J94 ...,..,..33,34 U...89J15J94 ......U..49 N...117J94 ....3l44226 U,.160J94 ....160J94 .H.123J94 .......U..194 .,...,....,.,.194 .,.,71108J21J94 .......U115J94 .H....145J94 .....37J42J94 U...108J94 .,..143J94 ..M.54 .....,.....46 ...,...H.,.237 .H119J57J60J94 .,.U.....U.49 ..,,......226 ....3Q67J21J94 . ....,. 144J94 ......H.,,140 ....57,62,129,194 .....142l95 .....129J95 ...U..l21J43J95 Goulden, Clyde ,.... .,.. 2 2,106,107,115,195 Graham, Gerald ..... .,....,........ 1 95 Grandstaff, S. ...,. , . . . , .140 Grant, Georgina ..... Gray, Howard .... Graye, Donald ..,. Green, Jackye ..... Greene, Deanna .... Greenwood, Mary. Grizzell, Karen. , . Grieder, Joyce .... ....,..l95 ....112226 .,,. .,.., 226 .....36J43J95 U.,.117J95 ........,.,...,.,..........142,195 .................,...,.....l44,l95 . . .36,44,49,67,105 ,106,l08,110,125,226 Grieshaber, Raymond ....,.........,.,..,.. 33,108,195 Griffith, Susan .... Grimsley, Dale, . . Groff, Ronald. . . Grundy, Bob .... Gulick , Mary ...,. Gulledge, Anita, . . Gump,Jerry, , . . , Hadlock, Doris. , Hafenstein, M.. . . . Hagan, Donald, . . Hageman, Bernard Hahn, Joetta .,.. , .... Halbower, Donald. Halbower, Florence, . Halbower, Patricia .... Hall, Richard ....... Ham, Evelyn, . . , . Hamilton, Phyllis .... Hamman, Harlan . ....36,131,145,195 ..,.........226 .,U.....H195 ....133Q26 ...U.5850 U..144J95 ....129J95 ..,.,42J42J95 .. ..57,72,195 ....123J95 .,,,160J95 ...36J42J95 .......226 ...92J95 .......U.,,226 ,....,.,,H...195 H..37JO8J25J95 ........H..195 ....H127J95 Hammersmark ,Joan .... . , . 73,125,195 Han, Sung ........, Haning, Virginia. . , Hankins, Dale .... Hannaford, Roger. , . Hansen, Carlene .... Hanson, Daryl .... Hanson, Dennis ..,. Hanson, Karen, . . Happ, Howard .... Harold , Ellis ..... Harper, Irabel .... Harper, Laurene .... . , Harrell, Wanda ..., Harris, Billy .,.,.. Harris , Bob ..... Harris, Besrie ..... Harrison, Anna ..., Harrison, Merle, . , Harry, Barbara ..... Hart, Sam ...... Harter, Carl .,.... Harvey , Robert ..... Hassler, Carl .... , . . Haught, Martha, . . . Haverstock, Kay, , . . Hawk, Rachel ..., Hawk, Richard ..... Hawkey, Walter, . Hawkins,Janice, . Hawkins, Paul, . . . Hawks , Wilma ..., Hayen, Max .... Hayes, Donna. . Hayes,James. . . Hays , Martha ..,. Head, Roy ....... Heaney, Robert ..., Hearn, Norval ....... Heidebrect, Dorothy ,... Heidebrect, Melva .... Heidel, Vivian ...... Heiens,Joan ....... Hennigh, Gladys ..... Henningsen, Myrna .... Henry , Carl ......... Herpich, Janet ,,.,. Herpich, Patricia .... Hetrick, Sandra ...... Hettenbach, Kathy ..... Hicks, Roy ...... ,... Hiebert, Robert .... Hiebert, Ronald ..,. Hill, David .,..... Hill, Goldie ...,. Hill, Twila .....,. Hilliard, Betty, ..... Hinckley, Nadine ..... Hiss, Patricia. , , . . . Hobaugh, Carol ,... Hoborck, Brice. . . Hodel, Dwight. . . Hodgson, Delton. , . . Hodgson, Janice , , Hoffer, Sam ...... Hoffine, Patricia ,,.. Hoffman, Larry ...... Hoffman, LaVern ..,. Holdren, Virginia .... Holdsworth,Janiee. . . Holladay, Jane ..... Holle, Eunice ,......... Hollembeak, Gerald ....., Hollenshead, Margaret ..... Hollinger, Shirley, ..... . , ,..183 ....49 ....H..62 ......H,,226 .H.37J25J95 . ..,.... 196 ....33J33 .....196 .....H.,,,H159J96 .. ,.,.. .......... ,,196 37,91,108,120,l21,227 H.....Hl08J21J96 .....3144J21J96 ., ...... 115J96 M....H115J96 ....,........196 . ..36,42,49,121,227 ,....,...,...227 ...,U,.l45J96 ...H..,129227 .M.105J57J61 ......H.,237 H.,129J96 ....143J96 H...144J96 M.,68J10J96 ..,,..238 .H.57J96 . .,.. 196 ....68,227 ...............,....37,227 .. ,.36,37,49,105,106,110,117,227 ...54J05J26J27227 .......,......,....125,227 ..U....U127J96 ..,.....196 H..5L5Z62 ....H..49 ,.U,227 ,.M..196 ......H142 .N.49J30227 , .....,. 143 ..U..l08J96 ..H125J57J96 .,.H.144J96 ....49J44J96 ...,H..l97 .....H197 ........197 ...H.123J97 .37 516,11-7,227 ,.......227 ,..197 .....227 ..H..37227 .H.,142J97 .,.,..197 ....115,197 .,...,....197 U.,127J57227 ........,......197 ....3Z42b5J61227 ..,H,.37J43J97 .U.,..U159J97 ...............197 U.34J05J10J31227 .,.H..37J42J97 ,....,,,197 H,.,.U145J97 ,,....,,.....159 ..M110J31J60J97 . ...... 37J42J97 Kimzey, Evelyn.. . Holloran, Charles. . . Holloway,Judith. . . . Holt, Josephine ..... Holtfrerich, Maurice Holthouse, Norman .... Holtsclaw, Marie. . . Hoobler, Dale ..... Hoopes, Nila .,.. Hoover, Larry ..... Hopkins, Charles .,.. Hopkins, Elvy ..,.. Horiuchi, Dan ..... Horton, Verna, . . . Houck, Joanne ..,. Houser, Carol, . . . Houser, Karen .... Howard, Cecil. . . Howard, Delores. . . Howard, Lory ..... Hoyt, Reita ....,.... Hudson, Elizabeth. . Hudson, Shirley ....... Huenergardt, Sharon .... Huffman, William ..... Huggins, Joanne .... Hughes, Charlotte ,..,. Hughes, George ...,. Hughes, Kathryn. , . . Humble, Phyllis .... Hunt, Barbara. . , Hunt, Patricia. . . Hunter, Edith ,..... Hunter, Gerald .... Hunter, Larry ..... Hurlburt, George ..,. Hurt, Laverne ..... Hush, Kenneth ..,, Huston, Glenda .... Huston, Paul ......, Huston, Ruth .,...,,.. Hutchcraft, Charlotte .... Hutchinson, Mary ,.... . , . . Hylton, Jillene ...... Idol, Paul .....,. Igawa, Stanley .... Ireland, Frances ..... Ireland, William ,,.. Irey, Ruth .....,.. Irving, Sally. . . Irwin,J. ..... . . Irwin, Parker ..,. Ivey, Barbara. . Jackson, Bruce. . Jackson, Ellen ..,.. Jackson, Laird ,... Jacob, Helen .... James, Donald .... James, Shirley ...,., Jameson, Cheryl ,... Javier, Gonzalo .... Jenkins,John .... Jensen, Phyllis. . . Jernigan,Jay. . . . Jernigan, Evalee. . . Jernigan, Gary .,., Jewell, Gertrude .,., Johns, Geraldine .... Johnson, Beverly ,... Johnson, Carolyn ,,., Johnson, Delton .,,.. .....H..197 U..49J17J97 ....U...l97 ....5L52Q27 ...H.5i62 ....142 .,..197 U...i97 .,..129Q27 ......U...33 .............62 ..,,54Jo5J4o227 .... ..42,67,73 .U.142J97 ...,...197 ......U..197 .....,27,159,197 . . . .27,113,131,227 ............227 ...,.U.37J98 ....33J42J98 ....31J42J98 U....27228 .N..123J98 ...117J44J98 ....37J42J98 ..,133J60J98 ........,42,49,228 . , ......... 145,198 49J238J13J31J98 ... .73,79,80,l31,228 .......M.125J98 ....U..129J98 ..,129J98 .......1o7 ......U...37J98 ..36,92,108,121,223 . ....,....,,.,., 160 ....U13lJ60J98 .,.37A2J42Q28 .H..145J98 ...l19J98 .......228 ...,.....198 .,.142J39J98 ...U..140J98 , .,.,,..., 49228 ....36J05J19J98 U.......M..46 ..........198 H...49228 ....l27,198 ., ,,..... 198 .......123,228 .....44,l24,198 1 ..........Z28 ..............19a M..36J16J43J99 ............160 ..,..U...46228 ....79gut11722a .....68,105,228 .......199 .....57 .......49 .....l45,199 ..........33,199 .. . .68,73,l42,199 .. . . . .46,47,228 Johnson, Jerry .... Johnson, Larry ..,... Johnson, LaMoyne. Johnson, Leigh. .... . Johnson, Mary ...,. Johnson, Richard. . Johnson, Richard E. Johnson, Shari ...., Johnson, Signie .... Johnsten, Thomas. . Johnston, Claragene .... Johnston, Rhonda. . Jolliffe, Richard ,... Jones, Barbara .... Jones, Delores. . . Jones, Ge orge.. . Jones, Glen ..... Jones,-Judy .... . . . Jones, Lawrence. . . Jones, Mary ....... Jones, Syl Jones, Wi via .... Ima .... Junge, Telse ..... Kadoyam Kaeckell, a, Gladys. Louis .... Kahle, Lloyd. ,,., . Kahler, Peter ...... Kanarik, Alfred .... Kappel, Alice .... . Karst, Donald ...., Kashiwai, Clarence . Kasper, Paul ...... Kastor, Phil ....... Kaufman, Larry ..,. Keating, Francis .,.. Keazer, Nancy .... Keefe, Dixie. . . . Keirns, Lary .... Keller, Philip .... Kelley, Everette. . . Kelley, Georgia. , . Kells, Allan ..,.. Kelly, Ardeth. . . Kelly, Jack ....., Keltner,Jerry ...,. Kemmerer, Paul ..,. Kerschen, Rose ,... Kerwick, Rodger. . . . Kettner, Mary ,... ..........42,199 ..,.107,133,159,228 ,.....,127,199 ...36,143,228 ...........228 ....119J45J60J99 ..H..125J59J99 . ............ .228 .....36J31J60J99 .....36J31J60J99 H.....M115228 H..l3lJ44J99 .. ..37,68,142,199 ....H127J99 .....,..228 ...36J16J99 ........H.199 U..131J43J99 ....36J3J21J99 ...,..143,199 . . . . 142,199 ....,37,142,199 .....33,199,127 ....-..199 ....133,199 .,....160 ....199 ....199 ...200 ....228 .......200 . .... 133,200 ....,..129,200 ....7192J45200 ...M.37J422O0 H......H127200 . . . .57,60,106,159,228 .....13L163200 .H....,M123228 U..679192J57200 ..............200 .....,M..54J15 .....160,2O0 ...........160 .....42,140,237 .. . 36,419,228 Keyes, Sandra ........ ..,............ 1 17,144,200 Kimball, Margaret. . . , ..................,... . .200 Kimble, William .... King, Bet ty ..... King, Georgia ..... King, Larry ..... King, Rosalie .... King, VVynetka .... Kingsbury, Phyllis. . . Kinnamon, Jonelle ..., ..... Kinoshita, Daisy ..... Kirby, Ruth , .... . Kirk, Mary ......,. Kirkman, Margaret .... Kirkpatrick,Judy. . , . . Kirkpatrick, Wynona. . , . Kishimoto, Frances .... Kisner, Elizabeth .,.. Klein, Beverly ..... Kline, Donald ..... Kline, Harry ..,. Klintworth,Joyce. . ....31,37,59,105,l06,157,159,200 .,. ,. ....36,157,200 .....l44,20O ........33,20O ..........,.l33,200 U....42J42J60Q00 6ae7Jo5J0si31go0 ............142,Z00 . .....,..... 144,200 .. ..37,79,80,l13,124,125,200 .,.......27,1l7,200 .........2O0 . . . 144,201 ....144,200 .....65,228 ....145,20l . ..... 201 ,....145,201 .......129,201 ....108J29201 H..131J43220 247 248 Kline, Nancy ...... Kloeikorn, john .,.. Knadler, Bob ..,. . . Knapp, Kathleen .,,, Knouft, Shirley. .,.. . Knox, Dennis .,...,,.. Kobashigawa, Thelma. . Kochhlames .......... Koch, Kenneth .,.... Koch, Ray ..,......... Kochner, Joanne ..... . . Koegeboehn, Clarendene .... . . , Kogl, Clifford ......,. . . Kohlman, Harold .... Konarik, Alfred .... Koops, Alvin ...... Kovar, Evelyn .,..... Kratzerhlacqueline ..,.. Krause, Lloyd. ,..... Krosky, Anna .....,... Kruckenberg, Shirley. . . Kusmaul, Lester ....,.. Labogen, Rosita .... Lackey, Mary. . . . Lafferty, Kerry. . . Lage, George. . . Lam, Alice ..... Lambert, Bob ...... Lander, Winnona .... Landis, Mary ...... Lane, James .... Lane, Ruth ..... Lang, Charles .... Lange. Evelyn ..... Langrehr, Merrin .... Lantz, Henrietta ,... Larkin, Charlene. . . Larson, Carolyn .... LaSage, Lary ....., Laubhan, LaVern .... Lawrence, Kathryn ,... Leach, Inez ......... Ledwith, Emma .... Lee, Alex ........ Lee, Wilma ..... Lehman, Carl .... Leis,-john ....,, Lekar, Kick ...,.. Lenherl, Nancy ..,.. Lenz, Mary ..,.,. Leon, Clinton .,., Lesser, Sharlyn. . . Letellier,Jim .. . Lett, Van ...,.,.. Leu, Kenneth .... Lewis, Kay.'.. . . .. Liggett, William ..., Liles, Dan ..,..., Lind, Derald ..... Lindahl, Charles. . . Lindquist, Evan .... Lindquist, Kay .... Lindsey, Carol ..,, Linsey, Clarence .... Lockhart, Carolyn, . Lockhart, Melba. . . Loeckle. Phyllis ...... Lohrcngcl, Donald. . . Lollar. Nancy. . . . Long, Clifton . . Long. Earl .... . . . 119,145,201 . . . . 123,151,220 .,.31,73,110,121,201 . . . .72,119,163,201 .......201 ....127,201 .........,..127,229 . ..................., 150 36,44,105,106,142,229 ....,.......144,201 ,...l60,201 ....33,37 ....115,201 ....,..1l5,201 . . . 31,142,201 ........,201 ..,...:17,229 .. . . ....:s7,229 . . .36,73,119,229 ......33,108 ......,l60,201 . . . 121,145,201 .,..133,20l . ...... 65 ..........l33,20l ....73,1:s1,144,201 .....121,143,20l ......,l26,229 . . . 49,117,201 . . .... 52,229 ...131,l45,201 . . . ,46,47,202 ..........202 ...37,44,144,202 .,......58,202 .....12i5,202 ..........202 ......117,145,202 , ..........,. 202 .. . .33,34,65,137,229 ....,.,...115,202 ..........73,229 . . 52,129,202 .. . . 67,202 ..........l59 .. . .33,l43,l59,202 .. . 73,143,202 . .... 229 ....202 ....229 ..........229 .....,.51,52,202 ...105,115,l59,202 ....27,i51,105,202 .......1is1,202 .......159,202 ..,...31,32 . . . .37,112,1I59,202 . .. .. . 145,202 ....l17,202 .......202 ...l57,142,229 ........202 ......229 Long, Loren .... Long, Vivian. . . Loomis, Carla .... Lopez, Reyes ....... Louis,-Iudy ......... Lounsbury, Geralyne. Lorenz, S. ......... . Luse, Florence .,.. Luse, Thomas ..,. Luthi, Rosemary. . . Lynch, Amory ,... Lyon, Doris ..... Lyon, Lynn .. . . . Lyons, Peggy .... Lyster, Geraldine. . . Lyster, Richard .... McAuliffe, Marjorie. , McBraye1', Marily .... McCaffrey, Joann .... McChristy, Carol ..,. McChristy, Ronald ..., . . . McClaskey, Paul. . . McCloud, John ....,. lN71cCollum, Charles. . McCollum, Clara .... McDaniel, Carmen . . McDaniel, Peggy. . . . McDonald, Barbara. . McDonald, G, ...... . McDonald, John ....,. McFadden, Harold. . McGill, Ralph.. .. . McGrath, Dean. . McGrego1',Janet. . . McGrew, Jackson .... Mclntire, Nancy. . . McKee, Ailcne ..... McKc-ever, Duane. . . McKil1ben, Marilyn .... lXfICKlI1l1Cy', Lawrence .... ly1cLaugl1lin, Loren. . MclWillin, Kermit . McMunn, Dallas.. . McMunn, Greta .... McNutt, Marshall.. . MCQ-uin, James .... McRill, Sara ..,..... Mabry, Raymond .... MacFarlane, Carleton Macy, Mary ....... . Madaus, Frederick. . . Makepeace, Charles. . Makino, Eleanor .... Malasquez, Victor. . . lXf1allow,Jerry ..... . lylanahan, Stanley. . . Mangan, George .... Manges, Priscilla. . . Manka, Shirley ...., Manning, Martha .... Manninger, Norma . . lylapes, Esta ......... Marchel,-lime .,... Marhenke, Don .... iylarin, Louis ..... Markham, Boby. . . . Niarkham, Elinor ,.., Markham, Richard. . lyiarshall, Delbert . . . Marsland, Max ..... ....202 .....44,202 .. . 121,203 .. .. . . .229 ....145,203 ....160,203 ....143 .......229 .....,46,229 .. ..36,143,203 .........203 ..,..36,145,203 ...,..,203 .......203 ......36,203 ....36,123,229 . . . 49,117,203 ..,.117,144,203 . .,............... 72,73 . 36,87,105,l08,1 15,203 .........,....57,229 ..,.....140,229 ...l23,140,l51,229 McCracken, Margaret .... ., ,... 27,31,124,l25,203 .....,.........203 ..,.34,108,121,203 .........4fs,47 ,...129,203 ...37,230 . . .78,80,121,122,203 . . 58,230 .....71s,231 . . 153,127,203 .. . . 117,203 ..... . .52 .....47,231 . . . . 127,203 .. . . 127,230 . . .:a0,1fs1,203 . . . . 50,2141 . . . . . 127,203 . . . .fa0,144,201s ... .42,57,203 .........203 .........,52,203 . . .51,52,129,2:s0 ..........20fs .........204 .. . 52,160,230 .........Z04 . ..... 204 .... 68 . . . .36,7f5,204 ...37,143,204 .......204 ....142 . . . . . .204 . . 57,230 ....133,204 ......204 230 51,52,105,11l,115,204 .. . ,..54 Marston, Patricia. . . Martin, Donald .,.. Martinhludith .... Martin, Kenneth. . . Martin, Kenneth E. Mason, Massey, MacGary. . . Pauline. . . Matzen, Patricia. . . Mauderly, Mary. . . Mayes, Donald. . . . .........230 .....36,143,204 ....33,36,121,204 ....34.37 .......204 ..............37,230 .................131,230 33,37,145,159,204,220 . ,.....,. ......, 1 59,204 Mayberry, Donald .,,. .,..,..........., 2 04 Mead, Beunola. . . . . Meador, Larry .... Meadows, Charles. . . Meadows, Richard. . Medley, Soren ...... Mehl, Betty ....... . Melia, Elna ........,... Mellenbroch, Shirley .... Mellies, Marilyn ...... Meltonhloetta ...... Melton, Thomas. . . Merrifieldmlohn. . . Merritt, Donna .... Merritt, Robert ......, Messenger, Carolyn . Messick, Charles .... Meyer, Benny ..,. . Meyer, Beverly .... Meyer, Ruth ...... 1N1ichael, Gerald ...,. Mickey, David .,., Mikesell, Evelyn . . . . Palmer, Elizabeth .... H......68J44 Mikesell, Stephen. . Milhon, Richard . . Millard, LeRoy. . . Miller. Carolyn .... Miller, Connie. . . Miller, Geneva .... lN4iller, Harold .... Miller,james.. . Miller,-Joyce. . . Miller, Paula. . Milne, James, . Minter, K.. . . . Mitchell,Jim .... Misak, Marilyn .... Misak, Verl ..... Miser, Carol ,... Mitchell, Bob ..,.. Mitchell, LeRoy. , .. Moffitt, Gail ...... Mof'fitt,james ..... Mohler, john ...... Monninger, Norma. U..l25204 H..l23Q30 ..N.,204 ....140Q30 ...U..220 ....,145204 H..117J44Q04 U.,.33J44204 . .... 131204 .H..34230 .......230 .....47,204 ....125,204 ...,.......220 .....49,l42,204 ....,..,.204 ......,205 .......20o ....l44,205 ...........205 .....31,37,65,205 ....,......230 M..59J33205 .,....U..54 ....l45205 H..117Q05 ..U145205 ......205 .......205 . , , .44,62,205 . . . . 119,205 ,. , . 107,205 .......31 ....230 .......205 ,..U..,46205 .H,31J19205 ......H.205 ....,.205 H..142205 . .....,,. 205 ....111,115,205 ., ....., 58,205 Moore, Barbara .... ,.., 4 2,143,205 Moore, Donald .... ..... 5 7,159,205 Moore, Phyllis ,.... , . , . . .73,205 Moore, Richard .... ......... 2 05 Morey, Deanna .... .........,... 6 8,145,206 Morgan, Beverly .... ....,..,.......,,..... 1 42 Moritz, Donald ..... . . .22,52,106,115,125,160,231 Moritz, Raymond. . . ............,. 115,160,206 Morris, Evelyn .... ..... 3 7,142,206 Morris, Frances .... ,,.,. 3 6,119,206 Morrison, Mary .... Moser, Merle ,.,.... Muckenthaler,sIames. . . Muckenthaler, William.. . Mulinexhlerry ,.., . . , . . ....36A9J21206 ....33J08J29206 .....,......206 ....,...42,127,206 Murphy, Douglas ..... ...,........,. 1 33.206 Murray, Darrel ..... Murray, Patricia. . ....31,l08,1l5,l57,16l ... , . . . . 53,142,206 Myers, Beth ...... , Myers, Katherine .... Myrick, Peggy ..... Nafziger, Karen .... Nakama, Avis ..., Nakama, Diana .... Nakamahjoyce .. .. Nance,janice. . , . . . Navrat, Leonard. . Navrat, Lon ,...,, Naylor, Emma .... Nelson, Carma .... Nelson, Nadine. . , Nelson, Richard. . . Nelson, Robert ,,.. Nelson, Vaughn. . . Nelson, William. , . Neumayer, Ann. . . Newkirk, Peggy fsee Newkirk, Robert. . Newlin, Charles .... Newlin, Forrest. . . Newman, Virginia. . Newton, Lee ...... Nickel, Ida ....... Nicklaus, Delores .... Niehaus, Valeta .... Nielsen, Dorothy. . Nienstedt, William Noll, Richard ..., Norman, David. . , PJ Myrickj Norwood, Gerald .... Novak, Margaret, , . Nye, Marvin ..,.. Obley, Loren .....,.. . . O'Connor, Patricia . Oden, Robert ....... Oden, Arthur ...... ............231 ....73,119,143,206 ...,....37,206 . . , 145,206 .....231 .....206 ....73,206 ...117,206 ...160,231 . ,... 115 .,.145,206 .....143 ..,143,206 ........206,220 ...,....51,52,231 .. . . .59,62,123,231 ......,..47,231 . . . . . 145,206 .,...115,140,231 ........231 ....,..206 ...144,206 ..........231 .......,l42,206 .....125,144,206 .....142,206 ....37,44,231 . ..,., 65,231 . . . 123,160,206 .....133,207 .......207 ...142,207 .,.231 CJ ... .,.. 105J06J11J29207 ...........125,207 ...,,..207 ,....123,207 O'Donnell, Kathleen .... , . , 119,160,207 Ohm, Kenneth ..., Oldham, Martha. . . Olson, Donald ...,. Olson, R.. ,.,. . . . Ormsby, Mary ..... Orr, Edith .....,. Orr, Ernest .... Otis, Loren ..., Ott, Elmer, . . Ott, Ermil. . . Ott, Esther ..... Otto, David .... Otto, Donna ,... . . . Otto, Marie ....,..... Overfield, Richard .,... . . Pace, Aronda .... Page, Nancy ..... Paige, Robert ....., Palmer, Karen. . . Palmer, Kenneth. Panos, George ..., Paoli, Robert. . . . Parker, David ...,.. Parker, Ormond. . Parker, Paula ..,. .....31,37,127,207 I' .......,........125,207 108,111,112,120,133,207 . .........,.......... 42 ......,.105,106,117,231 ......,..22,231 ....207 ....207 .,.,..47 .,..37,231 ...,.231 ......31 ,.....,.36,207 .......,..144,207 .....207 ...131,207 .....,33 ...207 ...207 .....,.207 ........207 ..,133,160,207 ....67,231 .....207 ...,33,23l 249 250 Parks, Claude ..., Pascua, Rose .4... Pascual, Miguel. . . Patton, Delores .... Pauler, Gerald .... Paull, Loren ..... Pearson, Lyle .... Pedigo, Rita ,.,. . . Pember, Juanita ..,.. Penning, Richard. . Perikli, Pavlo .,.. Perry, Donald ..., Perry, Lorna. , . Perry, Sandra ..... Peters, Albert. . , . . Peterson, Donald. . Peterson, Erwin. . . Peterson, Merwin. . Petrik, Mildred .... Pfeiffer, Mary ..... Pfortmiller, Delmar Pickett, Patricia. . . Piculett, Arthur. . . Pierce, William. , . . Pike, Lawrence., . Piercehlanice. . . Pinder, Jolene .... Platt, Dianne.. .. Pohl, Dale. ,.,... Polson, Howard. . . Post, F. ......... . Post, Richard .... Powell, Barbara. . Powellhjohn. . . Powell, Karl. . . Powell, Mary ..... ....M133231 H.,42J602O7 ...U.52207 ...142207 ,..l27208 .....231 ...H..208 ...145QO8 ,....20a ...123208 ....,.H..231 ....,,.,U..2O8 H..37J45J59208 ....,H.119208 U........231 ...,.200 .....U..127232 .. ..,.......... 161232 36J2lJ44J59QO8 ..,.3137J44208 ..,.........111 ,.....145,208 ,,.127208 .... ,..37,232 ....M.87J15208 .......,H.......N..145208 ....3749J05J06J08J10J31232 ..,.....U.....,..H..362O8 M..,....H....,.H..65232 ...108,208 ........,,140 .,..37,127,208 ..,.....232 ...127232 .......,l27,208 ........,119,208 Powers, Norman ..... .... 1 07,159,161,208 Pratt, Ethel .,..,. Prchal, Daniel. . , . Price, Dean ...... Price, Sarah .,.,.. Priestley, Russell. . Pritner, Calvin .,.. Province, Clarence. Pruitt,,Ianet .. .. Pughulack ..... Pyle, Wanda ..... Quincy, Floyd .... Rader, Elizabeth. . Rader, Rowena. . . Ragan, Robert .... Raitor, Mary, .... ,... Ramsburg, Darrell. Ramsburg, Lee ..,. Randel, Carol .,.. Randels, Laura .... Ranes, Franklin, . , Rath, Rhonda ..,. Ratzlaff, George. . . Raugewitz, Ernest. Ray, Ronald .,... Razor, Glenda .... Rea, John .,...... Redenbaugh, Larry, . . . Redfern, Carolyn. . Redman, Barbara. Redman, Helen. . . Reed, Deloris, , .U...36J45208 , ........... ,160 ,..,...a,.140208 .36,67,12l,157,208 .. . ..,... 34,68,129,232 ,..H..22J82232 .......H.232 ..U5152b2 .......232 ...,4220a ...232 ...145208 ...142208 ...H..232 .,...U..37 ...57j9232 .....,U..209 .U.37J42209 ....73,145,209 ,M.,.72209 H..36J19209 ...H.31209 .......209 ..M..l23209 . . . 33,117,209 ...U,..232 ........209 ,,..H117209 H..33J21209 . ,... 121209 .H115Q09 Reed, Karen .,... Reed, Franklin .... Reed, Frederick .... Reeder, Sally .... Reichart, Don ,.,. Reilly,John , . . . Rempel, Etta ,..... Renberger, Nancy. . Renner, Sylvia ..... Reppert, Catherine. Reusser, Delores. . . Reynolds, Edna .... Reynolds, Patricia. . . Reynolds, Rex ..... Rhoades, Sharon. , Rice, Wayne ...,.. Richards,tIohn ,... Richards, Gary .... Richardson, Donald .... Richey, Robert .... Riddle, Perry ..., Pieck, Roberta. . . . . Riegle, Elizabeth. . . Riggin, Robert. . , . Riggs, Sandra. . , . Riley, Peggy ..... Rindom, David .,.. Ring, Jackie ..... Ringeisen, Donna. . Ritteruloann ...., Roach, Glenn .... Robb, Mike .,.... Roberts, Carl ....., Roberts, Richard, , Robertson, Franklin Robertsonhlames. . Robertson, Sandra. Robinson, Bill .,.,, Robinson, Douglas. Robinson, Gary ,... Robuck, Kay. . . . Rochat, Lindsay. . . Rockwell, Shirley. . Rodrick, Billy ..... Roeder, Milton ,.,. Roehrman, Robert. Rogers, Charles .... Rogers, Janis ..... Rogers, Philip .... Roller, Dale ..,.,, Romine, Bonnie. . . Ronen, James .... Ronen, Ted ,..,... Root, Nancy ...... Rorabaugh, Melvin Rose, Nadine ...,.. Rosine, Donald ..., Ross, Allen ...... Ross, Armin .... Ross, Betty ..., Ross, Marilyn ..... Rossillonhlohn. , . . Rossillon, Joseph. , . Rost, Nancy ...,. Roth, Harry. . . . Roth, Stanley .... Rowan, Amydel. . . Roy, Sandra ...,, Ruhnke, Linda .... Russell, Robert .... Ryersonhloe ..... Ryland, Sandra. , ...142 ........209 ....,H,133209 U..143J632O9 .H...1292O9 M,..160Q09 H..36J17Q09 ,H..145209 ..U..l44Q09 ..U.131J44Q09 ...U.,37Q09 ...,H,,209 ..H..49J44 .......,.,108 ....73J43209 ......,.209 .H.52Q10 .....210 ,............232 . ,.,.., ........ 37210 H.37J14J15J59210 .,.U...,M142210 ...,.........232 ...H108J61Q10 H...U119Q10 ..H,l31210 H.,,.Ml29210 ., .... 51,52,62,232 ........l19,145,210 .....37,49,113,117,210 ........U..33232 . , . . . 122,132,232 . , . 42,108,210 ......232 ....U.l22210 ,. ,...,..... 210 .H..36A2J31210 H....,..U.,232 ,U.33J08J6l210 .,..........210 . .. . 116,132,210 ,..,H16l2l0 . ..,. 144210 ,....H.l32233 .............233 ..H.37j7J07Q33 M...,U.5421O .H.36J42Q33 H...l27233 ..U....U.57 ...U119J4421O ,U......,210 .. ,.... .233 H..49J05233 .H,.129233 ...143233 .....21O U.233 H..34 .....210 .....U.121210 .. . ,.., ......... , 211 ......54,67,106,233 2z3749J05J99233 ........H,210Q1l .,.....,.....31,37,1U7,233 , .......... 36J21J42459211 ....3a4637p1431J45J63211 . ....... ............. 144211 .........,,,.,.....,.,233 ,..129233 ,..14421l l 1 ......,..73,117,233 t Sack, Marvin ..... Sackmanhlohn. . . Sage, Myrna. . .... , . St. John, Stephen .... Sahlberthloseph . . , . Saito,Jean .....,. Salmon, Patricia Salto, Marylou. . . Salto, R. ...,. . . Salts, Richard ,..... Sanborn, Donna ..., Sanders, Edith ,...,. Sanner, Shirley ...,.. San Romani, Amelia. Santee, Marilyn ..... Sargent, Gail .,..... Satterfield, Leon ..... Satterfield, Marilyn. . Sattler, Corval. ..,. . . Sauder, Janice .... Sawyer, Connie ..... Schalker, Arnold. . . Schallehn, bavern. , . Schaulis, Gary ,,..., Scheibe, Robert .,... Schellinger, Edward. . Schellhamer, Ralph. . Schaechtele, Elizabeth ,.., Schelske, LeRoy Schenkey, Ray ..,... Schlappi, Larry. . . . Schmidt, Phyllis .... Schmidt, Susan ...,. Schmidt, Wanda ..., Schneider, Larry .,.. Schoof, Janis ...,... Schottler, Patricia. . . . . Schrader, Don ..,... Schroeder. Edgar .... Schubert, Elizabeth. . Schul, Charlene .. .. , Schultehjerry ....... Schulze,Jane. ,... Schweitzer, Lois ...,. Schwartzman, Gerri. Schweizer, Dorothy. . Schweizer, Louis ..... Schwilling, Shirley. . . Schwindt, Margaret. . Scott, Keith ......,.. Scott, Ruth ..... Seacat, Max ....., Seaman, Roselma. . . Segraves, Dale .... Seibel, Carol ..,. Selby, Marvin ,,,.. Shadel, Mary .... Shaftulohn.. .. Sharp, Glenn .,,. Shaw, Karen .... Shea, Margaret. . . . Shepherd, Dale .... Shepherd, Larry. . . . Shepherd, Sondra. . Sherbon, James ..... Sherley, Raymond. . . Sherman, Norma .... Sherrer, Alvin. . . . . . Shinogle, Ferdanana. , Shoup, Barbara ..... Shouse, Ronald .,.. .....,211 ...,...,.47 ...73,142,211 ........21i ......,....211 ..,.....36,73,211 ... . ,33,108,144,2l1 .,. . .49,139,142,211 ...65,161,211 ..,37,l42,211 . .,.,.. 72,119,211 ...63,73,119,145,211 .......117,144,211 .........i31,211 ,...123,151,220 ...33,121,211 .,........211 ..........67,233 ,,,.24,36,119,l43 ......42,57,140 . ....111,122,123,233 34,37,105,106,157,233 ....145,211 .........,233 ...,33,59,212 ........143,234 .......110,199,211 ....121,145,159,21l .......145,212 . , . 119,160,212 . . ....... 234 .........234 ......117,144,212 .. . .36,37,199,234 ........57,159 .......37,139 ..,.....145,212 ....119,160,212 ....,.....,142,212 . .37,108,110,125,212 . ..,...,., 212 .......142,212 ... . 108,129,234 ......,..234 ,. . .145,212 .. . .22,54,105 ....143,212 ....129,212 ....160,212 ...32,144,212 ........234 ....127,234 ...34,115,212 .,....144,212 ...57,129,212 . . . . . . . . .46 .....37,142 .. . . 123,212 , ..,.... 212 ...37,159,212 ........212 Shrader, Raymond .... Shriner, Beryl .... Shumate, I-largest. Sidman, Ronda. . . . Siebert, Carmen , . Simmons, James. . Simmons, Robert. . . Simon, Anita ..... Simpson, Mary. . , Sinclairhlerry . . Sisson,Jo ......, Skeels, Kenton .... Slentz, Karen ..... Sluder, Donald ..., Smelser, William. . Smith, Arthur. . , Smith, Barbara. . . Smith, Charles .... Smith, David .... Smith, Frederic. . . Smith, Gorman. . . Smithnlanelle. . . Smith, Jim ..,.. Smith, Johnnie .,.. ........212 ...37,142,159 ......107,234 ...33,142,2l2 ....145,2l3 ....143 .....,213 ...,....213 . ,..... 36,121,213 ..,....37,157,l61 73,105,1l0,116,213 ...49,125,213 ........213 ....47,234 ..,..42 .,...,..213 .........213 .. . . 123,140,234 ...34,65,68,234 .....33,133,213 ..,44,139,143,213 .........213 Smith, Karen ..... ...- 1 44,213 Smith, Linda ..... ---- 1 45,213 Smith, Meredith.. ---A 145,213 Smith, Patricia. .. - - 36,119,213 Smith, Pauline .,.. ----- 4 4,234 Smith, Robert A.. . . ...... 123,234 Smith, Rosalie .... ...... 1 42,160,213 Smith, Rosetta ....... .... ...,..........,....,. 2 1 3 Smithson, Shirley, Sneary, Ruth ..... Snyder, Marvin. . . Sommcrs, Richard Soule, Caroline. . . Soule, Roy .... ,. . Sowell,-jerry .... Spears, Sue. . . Spatz, Verlin ,... Specht, Frank .... Spena, Loene. . . Splitter, Karen. . . Spohn, Doris ..,.. Spohn, Paul .....,... Spurgeon, Roberta .... Staatz, joleen ...... Stafford, Lewis. Stambach, Miki ..., Stander, Wayne. . Stansbury, Pat. . . , Stark, janet ....., Staten, Gerald .... Staton, John ....., Stebbins, Wayne .... Steele, Edith .,... Steele, Merry ...... Steenbock, Frances. . . Steffens, Virginia ..... Steffes, Clarice ...., Steffes, Patsy .... Steinle, Bud. . . . Stem, Ruth ..... .,.. ..... 36,37,49,108,110,113,121,213 ,. ..................... 68,213 . .............. .... , .42,213 .........,46,213 ...36,10'8,142,213 .............33,34 42,131,143,157,213 ............214 ...,...,.145,214 ....42,49,11e,214 .,......,..234 . . ..51,52,62,234 ....119,144,214 .,.36,142,159,214 .............214 . . .33,131,159,214 ,..........220 ......145,214 ....49,116,214 ........234 .....115,214 .....,214 .......,214 ......143,214 ..,.108,121,214 .,,.......234 ....160,214 ......234 ..........234 ...,...,37,125,214 Stetgast, E. ....... ..........,....,. 4 2 Stevens, Patricia .... . . .33,42,98,l08,13l,214 Steward, Glenda, . . . ........ 58,89,119,214 Stormont,Janet .... ..,,. f 53,144,l59,2l4 Stout, Sarah ......... .,.. 3 6,117,214 Strader, Geraldine .... ..... 3 6,412,234 Strader, Harold , . . . . Straham, Gene. . . Straham, Merlin .... ........235 ......2l4 ...115 ........,,25h Stranathan, Virginia. Stubbs, Hugh ....... Stuch, Menno ...., Stucky, Patricia. . . Sturgeon, Sally .... Suderman, Sally .... Summervill, Marion. Sunter, Thomas ..... Sutton, jackie ,..... Sutton, Patricia ...., Swearingen, Ruth. , . Sweeney, Robert .... Swisher, Richard .... Swoyer, Barbara. . Sylvesterulames. . . Tanaka, Florence. . Tanimoto, Lcrraine. Tawney, Lois ..... Tawney, Glennis ..,. Tawnev, Melvin .... Taylor, Anise ..... Taylor, Harold .... Taylor, Joan ....,., Taylor. Mardell ..... Taylor, Robert ,,.. Tector, Shirley ,..,... Tendick, Margaret. . ....,....5l,52 Terrell, Merlyn ..... Tharp, Henry ..... Thill, Edwin ,...,. Thode, Wlanda .... Thomas, Betty. . . Thomas, Cista ..... Thomi, Beverly .... Thompson, Carol .... Thompson, Christa. . Thompson, Harold, . Thompson, Sharon. . Thompson, Sharon L Thorne, Kay ,..... . Thornquist, Karen. . Throm, Caroll .... Thurstonulames. . . Tidwell, Bill .... Tilton, Harold. . . . Timm, Velda .... Tinsae, Bekele. . . Tipton. Dale ...... Tompkins. Clara .... Tower, Teddy .... Trauth, Charles. , . Travis, Carole ....., Trimble, Richard. . . Trowbridge, Donald. Trower, Carlie .... . True, Virgil ......,. Truhlicka, Robert . . . Truitt, Patsy ....... Trussell, Ann ...... . Tucker, Ronald ..,.. Tully, Carol .,.... Turek, Arlene .... . Turner, Carrol .... Turner, Eldon ..,. Turner, Gail ,.,... Turnerxjaequelyn. , . Turner. Richard ..,. Turpin , Frankie. . . ....142,214 ...,.......214 ...,........47 . 36,117,145,214 ....,..131,214 .....42,145,214 .........214 ....,..235 ............65 .. ...... 58,235 33,37,49,121,235 .,,......,.215 ..,..,.....235 .37,114,160,215 ..,....133,215 ,......56,235 . . . .36,49,215 .......235 ..,.131,215 ....l23,234 ....,.215 ,.,,.59 ......235 .....44,235 .....,...215 .....44,144,215 .,....143,215 ....126,215 . . . . . , . .67 ,,..115,235 ....142,215 . . . 73,121,215 .....39,145,215 ........,215 .....:s4,145 .......235 ,. . 49,117,215 .....72,l43,215 ,33,12O,121,215 ..,....117,142 ....37,145,215 .......,.215 .......235 .......4e ....142,215 .. .215 ....133,215 ....144,215 .235 ...51,52,62 ....1l9,215 .........14O . .22,33,129,216 .....42,13:s,235 ........31,Z35 ....33,7fs,108,121,216 .....36,14:s,216 . ...... 108,216 ....117,1tS0,216 ...37,145,216 ., . . 49.235 .......98,216 .....92,142,216 ......,.:a4,235 .42,131,141s,216 Uhrich, Cvlennis. . Umbarger, R. ..... . Ulmer, Karen ...... Umdenstock, Nancy ..,.. Unger, Daniel ..,... Unruh, Verlyn ...,. Ulses, Barbara .......... Updegraff, Frederick .... Utter, Richard ..... Utterback, Kay ..,, Uyeshiro, Eddie. . . Van Amburg, Jack .... Van Gundyhloyce ..,... Van Horn, Edwin, . Van Valkenburg, Ch arles. . . Van Valkenburg, Richard .,.. Varner, Donald ....,....... Vaughan, Robert, . . Vaughn,-Iohn ..... Vaugh, Ronald .... Veach, Dale ......, Veal, Doris. ...... . Velzsquezulohnny. . Verhaeghe, Lorraine Veroda, Dwann .... Vierthaler, Dennis. . Vierthaler, Larry.. . Volker, Robert .... Volland, Richard. . . Vosburgh, Donella. . Votruba, Dolores. . . Vratil, Audrey ..,. Wadsworth,Janice. . Wagers, Cecil ..... Wfagner, Elmer .... Wlagner, Richard. . . VVagner, Shirley ..., Wagor, Karen ..... Wlalk, Lois ...... VValker, Karen .... Walker, Marsh .... Walker, Shirley .,.. Wall, Mary .... , Wlallace, Dwain. . . Wfaller, Peggy ,.... Wallin, Lorene, . WN'altrip, Lloyd .... Ward, Delores .... Ward, Kathy .... VVaring, Roberta. . VVarkentin, LeRoy. . VVasemiller, Mariann .,.. Wasinger, Cura .....,. XN'aterbury, Agnes. . XVaters, Richard .... Watkins, Ruthie .... Watkins. Charon. . . . W'atts, Elizabeth .... Webb, Carolyn .... Webb, Vearl ...... Weber, Thine ..... VVegner, Myrna .... Weigandhludy ..... VVeinmann,James. . XVeir, Beverly ...... Weirshing, Betty .... .. 114,117,216 . ...,...... 42 . . . .36,44,73,235 . . . 51,123,235 52 ....36,119,160,2l6 ......54,106,235 ....22,144,159,216 . ..127,235 .,......37,236 ...1l4,115,216 .........235 ....123,236 ...,.46,216 ..,..33,2l6 ...129,217 . . 111,133,236 .........236 ..........216 ....62.160,216 ....37,51,52,2:s6 .........160 ..,......160 ...,......2l6 ....33,46,133,216 .....144,216 ....144,236 ...,143,21cs ....73,21fs ...........,2l6 . ............ 216 . .33,34,57,159,236 1sfs,37,42,67,159,2:s1s . ...,,.... 145,217 . .... ..... 1 31,217 ......13l,157,217 . . . .33,34,37,142,236 ..........117,217 ........37,217 ....a7,144,217 .......42,49 .......14o ....142,2l7 ..,......217 .......144,217 .. .22,57,1o5,2is6 ... . .37,73,236 ....,....119,217 ....37,144,157,217 ......46,127,236 ..........,217 .......217 ....144,217 ....145,217 .,....217 ....133,217 .....145,217 ......:a7,117,217 .....46,47,160,2l7 . .33,34,:s7,142,236 252 Wellman, Francis. . Welsh, Barbara .... Welton, -Iudy .... VVest, Anita. . . West, Gary ....., West, Maurice ..., Westerhaus, Salli. . Westhoffmlames. . . W'etzler, Dessie ,.,. VVewer, Donna .,.. Wheat, Betty .... , White, Cornelius. , . XNhite, Lawrence. . VVhite, Norval ..... Whitehair,James. . VVhiteman, Flloyd. Wfhitney, Dennis. . . W'hitney, Malcolm . XN'hitson, Charles. . Wiichman, LeRoy .. Wliebeulohn ...... ......217 .,......217 ....37,l44,220 ....159,2l7 ..........2l7 ....133,159,217 ...,......217 ......,.127,218 ....49,73,125,21ts ....1115,160,218 .. . .37,44,73,218 ..,...,..31 .,.........218 ....,....161,218 ... .... 140,157,16o,21zz ... .,...,. 34,159,218 ........16l,2l8 .....,... .218 .......67,133,2111 .......10zs,160,21a .. . .34,5l,l23,140,236 Wiegers, Rosemary .... ........,., 1 19,256 Wfieland, Dolores .... NYiershing, Betty. . . W'iggins. Carolyn. . VViley, Don ....... VViley, Donna ..... XVilhite, Karol .,., Wilhoite, Delco .... XVilliams, Billie .... NN'illiamS. Cecil .... NN'illian1s, Dwight. . NYiIliams,JOhn .... NN'illiams,Joy .... . XN'illiams, 1Nayne. . XVillian1s, hlargaret vV1ll121Il1SUIl, Delores... XN'illis, Russell .... . XN'ills, Robert .... Wilson, Carl .,.... 1 ......218 ...l42,218 ....33.57,115,159.2l56 .....,..2.s7 .. .. . .2124 ...127,2:s1s . .. . .2111 59.2315 ....44,2111 2.157.218 ..,14ls,2111 . . . . .2111 ....49 ......,236 ...140 Wilson, Kathleen .... . Wilson, Pattie ...... Wilson, Shirley. . . W'inans, Sally .... Windsor. W'ayne .... Wing, Jimmie ..., Wingo, Virginia ...... VVinter, Bob ......... Wintermantel, Charles. . . Wintersteinulaniee. . . Winzeler. Roger ...... Wischropp, Theodore . XVisler, Carl ......... YVitt,xIames ......... VVoodson, Carole. . . W'right, Patty ...... Wright, Richard .... VVurtz,xIean ........, W'yngard, Robert .... VVinslow, Elvin ..... Yakle, Roberta ...... Yanagisawa, Terry. . . Yoder, Neil .......... Yoshinobu, Howard .... Young, Don ......... Young, Vance ..,... Young, W'illiam ..., Youse, Duane ..... Yust. Glenna .... Zahn, Floyd ....... Zemites, VVilliam .. . Ziegler, Nancy ...... . Zinibelmarnjohnnie. . Zimmerman, Darrel. . Zoellner, Roy ....... . ..,........44,142, ....92,131,143,1611, ,218 ...119,145, . .,........ 142 ....62,115, 2.24.21-1.54 . f. '. 49,1215 ...,42 236 218 219 237 219 .65 ,237 219 ,219 219 ,219 .62 219 .,.....142,219 ......52 .....1.1.s, 219 ....42,119, ,219 ...142,160, 219 219 219 ...1-14,219 . . f15Q,'5Q . . . 46.1111 . , . .1-Nl.- 219 ,219 ,219 219 .57 219 219 142 ....140,2l9 ...l19,16U ...,46.47 237 237 237 ,219 219 H 1 H Zuni, K1-1111. . . .... ........ 1 27,210 NIM- CmhC"1H'f' - '--- 44-110918 Zgchfiiie, ima .... ..., 7 1s,11o,12o,1z1,22o 11VllSOl'l. Gerald .--v - ' ' ""' 33 Zuqulanitte ..... ............... 2 20 XN'ilson,James. . . . . . 160,218 i 1 I v .4 L ' bl , ' . 3 i'l9'vi ,521-2-u. fin' 1 3. L 9' Jn' f' .154-44' .- ,f'9Qi5'? 4 1 . fp s. 1 F5376 A " v i-'T -5 . . . . P". a- :' 1 12 9 ' , . ,f 51.422 -' Q' Wa. ,I H ' , , H H : ff mf .3 " 253 254 ALMA MATER In Kansas fair, where vales of sheen Spread natures wealth before our Two rivers kjoin their banks of green And stately halls of learning rise. CHORUS Oh, Alma lNIater, college dear , Thy glory perish never! XYe raise our voices once again To sing thy praises ever. Broad Wester prairies bright with gold Flaunt wide thy colors in the sung Thus shall thy fame for aye be told As long as time and tide shall run eyes XVe, the staff of the 1957 SUNFLOWER, hope you have enjoyed your tour through the campus of Emporia State. Wie feel that each division of the yearbook represents a facet of college life. All of these are vital to a well-balanced college. We believe we have this here at E-State. XYe also believe that each of these divisions goes toward the main functions of the college, the education of teachers. Our sincere thanks to allethe people who helped in the preparation of this volume of the SUNFLOWER. Special thanks to E. L. 'fAndy" Anderson andtl. Warren Brinkman of the art department for the layout and design of the division and sub-division pages and all their help and encouragement, Dr. Karl Bruder, Mr. A. E. Bowman, Rex Reynolds, and Joe Rossillion and his stagecrew who helped make the Miss Emporia State contest possible, Mr. Ralph Daggett for the use of the personal record and publicity files, Dan Austin for his help with the student section, Nlary Ann Simpson and Pat Coleman for their help in labeling pictures and preparing the index, my sister Laurene for typing the index, the SUN- FLOXVER advisor, B-Inj. P. Leibman, and my very helpful assistant, Trudy Gile. XVhen a yearbook is completed, the staff can always see places it could have been improved. However, we hope you enjoy our efforts. We have tried to present an accurate record of the year 1956-1957. Irabel Harper, Editor 5 YEARIOOKS 15- ,,,,4, ,,, x 3. ,, 4. V, ' . sw,-, ., -. ..,,. - ww .A f . x ..' ,, vm ' , -, 1 ,. ' L . M.: , . ,,4. A - - J i 'V mp! W 1" A A 24 4 X G , f ' . ,. ' . .,,.Q, , , JL a ,, , 'C 4 :Ap-,"-ul, N, k Q -f kh r. , . Q -if--fzi "'f-4l1ftbg."m-fit' -' ' W ygsg, . k wa-A ' f -i i i?- ,'1 ' 'P' ' aj x 9 - s, NN .K Q..-, 1' glen f W..-'1 , ,mt it 3" avfsif Y -.:,'agg ., , ig, ,154 . Akxzlvg 'stf W . , ii, f 139' , , ,551 415, ,lex 4? x 'lv 5725 '?f.-H' . .mp 479. .gi J .EA . .51 Q' 1' . 41, ,gt ,. K, 4' , 15553 . .2 5, ,:'- Q5 z Q, egwn. A rf .- - 5 yr. Qrbwu- wr- " "' " as f-'WVS9-5 X 'Q' 'yn s? if -ff,-A "5"ff1'51? "' u:"a'..f.., 'F ' by 'L' 7 , V , b . .. . - A F ,, .-sw -, fugi.-Q-NNZWQ mx? -A -:-:f iff :ff--Vi " -pe a: -L-1-r, ., 311- 5 Q. Lv- 15x34-:l'.f 4, f.-if ' 2 'g4,.i.,,t i,g,,,,, ,.-,,.,.:.,,4.,L.4.+- WL, 2 --gr.: --'::AL,ki3e5rh V' :I 3-2' :L :gi w - ,, , .-,.,', - ,g,.n,,.:s3..s:f!,,., -- -QM -- V ---- .1 f -Q f - - V , ,,- A' ' ' .. ' "I if!" "" 75511,-QQ LE-T' 3. .7125 7 -P - 1 . , , x . A V .,--.ZH ' V-QQ., , .ff1:-,-'5:. ngr-- W'--2'-1 '2'1.,.gn1-fit ,M . , . , f. ,, X, l . - fr. 3-.--.-r ftfaf' ' i . " 'ff -11 -,xr-1-iw - -1:-4. 1: ' -'-1- '- -- -" - " - Y" '-' ' ' ' A "fn "E ' ' " X ' . .. sf-'ff - '4 1 f - - f- ' - - . - - L -

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