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THE NIN '-""""'k""""'-f- .-.. UII WK EEN FIFTY FO FOREWORD WE PROUDLY PRESENT for your approval +he l954 SUNFLOWER. The sfaff believes fha+ +he seasonal division employed in The make-up of The book will give you a be'H'er over-all view of your year in college. Evenls are piclured in +he order of +heir occurrence and shorl s+a+emenl's bring +o mind Their significance. This year broughl The razing of Kellogg Library, 'rhe achievemenls of a new, acfive adminisfralion, The opening of Roosevell' High School, and +hree seasons 'filled wi+h ac+ivi+ies. STAFF EDITOR Nancy Fale ASSISTANT EDITOR Sharon Winiers BUSINESS MANAGER Jaclc Fiedler PHOTOGRAPHERS Carl Hoffmans Phil Emery John Dillon COVER Judy Teichgraeber ADVISOR Jerry P. Leibman I IN IIWEK NINETEEN FIFTY FOUR published by The sfudenfs of K A N S A S S TAT E TEACHERS COLLEGE OF EMPORIA ff, .K FALL Fall even+s. Freshmen, Z2 ' Sororifies, Morse I-IaII , 'ES-:gf I , I gg AI WINTER ' 79 ,A 1 ff I Winfer even+s,SopI1omores, 'R' Juniors, Religious Organizafion .ww C di. A I I, W I A SPRING jf Spring Evgnfs, Seniors, Fraiernifies. "--: MisceIIaneous Organizafions, Index +2 ADMINISTRATIGN 11 95-s. Governor Ed Arn Presideni' John E. King Naihan P. Budd Alex Daughiry Raymond G. Cremer Orville Ea+on Regisfrar Placemenf Officer Business Manager Direcior of Graduafe Division 4 Bill Rose Homer Davies MerriTT Sanders DirecTor of Public Relalions DirecTor of STuden THE ADMINISTRATION was given a King- size New Loolc wiTh The appoinTmenT oi Dr. John E. King To The Presidency oT Emporia STaTe. ATTer one school year, The consensus of sTudenTs and TaculTy is: On him, The iob loolcs good. One oT Dr. King's TirsT acTs was To ap- poinT a planning commiTTee. lVlosT oT E- STaTe's Teaching TaciliTies will accommodaTe 2,000 sTudenTs. Area and census sTudies in- T Union Direclor of Bureau of Measuremenfs dicaTe This Tigure will be The approximaTe enrollmenT oi E-STaTe some nine or Ten years hence. Worlc oT The commiTTee: To blue- prinT an expanded E-STaTe campus so ThaT growTh Toward The ulTimaTe goal will be orderly and conTrolled, assuring The sTudenTs ol: maximum service. WiTh a sympaTheTic Board oT RegenTs and a legislaTure aware oT Kansas' educaTional needs, E-STaTe's TuTure is assured. RuTh Schillinger Dean of Women VicTor Trusler Dean of Men 5 6 -ffi -x 5,2 ,fr ' r .If 1 FACULTY FIRST ROW James R. Aiken Foreign Languages Claude E. Arnell' Head of Social Science Norman R. Ashbaugh lndusfrial Aris C. D. Auchard . . Educafion Carrol P. Baber . . Library SECOND ROW Welden N. Baker Physical Science Elberl' L. Barnharf Head of lndus'l'rial Ar+s JeaneHe Bigge . Educarion C. S'I'ewar+ Boer+man Social Science John W. Breukelman Head of Biology Tl-HRD ROW Merle E. Brooks . . Biology Karl C. Bruder . . Speech Edward J. Calkins . Educafion Keilh Caywood Men's Physical Educaiion Margarel' Corrigan Home Economics FOURTH ROW Denis Cowan . . . Music lnez K. Cox . Library Science S. Winslon Cram Head of Physical Science Eugene Crawford Physical Science Don E. Davis Head of Eclucalion FIFTH ROW Helen M. Douglass . Educalion Rida F. Duckwall . . Business Roy Durham . Social Science Harrie+ A. Elcock . . Library Waller J. Elder . . Business SIXTH ROW Norman R. Eppink . Head ofAr1' EvereH' D. Fish Men's Physical Educalion lrene Fox . . . Ecluca+ion Clarence F. Gladfel+er . Biology William H. Gray . Psychology SEVENTH ROW Elhel Hansen . . Business lrene M. Hansen . Library Science Rulh G. Hanson . Library Science George Harrison . . Educafion Pauline Henderson . English MEMBERS FIRST ROW Charles M. Hendricks . Music lrene D. Hendricks . . Music Viclor C. Hiell . . Business Rosamond Hirschorn . Music Ada E. Hodgson . . Library SECOND ROW Clillon B. Hull . . Educalion Valela Ives . . . Music Judilh A. Jacobs . Educalion M. Irene Johnson . . Music Mariorie H. Kelly . Educalion THTRD ROW Lesler E. Laird . Malhemalics Jerry P. Leibman . . English Gerlrude Lemon . Library Leopold Liegl . . Music Dorolhy A. Marlin Women's Physical Educalion FOURTH ROW Vonnie P. Marlin . Educalion Marilyn Mason Women's Physical Educalion Charles M. Maslen . Speech Gerald W. Maxwell . Business Edna O. McCullough . Head ol Women's Physical Educalion FXFTH ROW E. B. McGill . Head ol Business Minnie M. Miller Head ol Foreign Languages Orville W. Mosher Social Science C. Richard Orr . . Speech Ward H. Overholl Physical Educalion SlXTH ROW Theodore C. Owen . English Mark Pedigo . . Educalion Oscar J. Pelerson Head ol Malhemalics George R. R. Pllaum Head ol Speech O. Everell Rich Head ol English SEVENTH RO W Alberl D. Schmulz . . Music Vernon R. Shellield . Music Belly J. Sherrer Women's Physical Educalion William H. Seiler . Social Science Dixon Smilh . Social Science Q1 FACULTY MEMBERS FfR5T ROW Della A. Warden . Educalion Raymond Russell . . Business Harry Walers . . Educa'l'ion Edwin L. Slunlzner . . Music Roberl M. Taylor Head of Music THMD ROW Charles M. Thompson . . Arl' J- -l05ePl" Welgand - - Music Ki'Hy Thornfon . . Educalion Richard B- We5llfaemPer . ' Men's Physical Educahon Mary L. Tillofson . Educahon D Kalhryn WhlHen Head of Home Economics SECOND ROW Darrell E. Wood . Educalion C. B. Tucker . Malhemalics Robin Wood Eslher VanderVelde . Library Men's Physical Educalion Sfillman P. Vincenl' Social Science Green D. Wyriclc . . English LoueHa P. Vollrafh . Educafion Dale Zeller . . Educalion IN MEMORIAM Af fhe close of +he year, fhe siudenfs and faculfy of Emporia Sfafe mourned fhe passing of Dr. Dale Zeller, pro- fessor of educafion. Dr. Zeller had served on +he faculfy For 32 years, having firsl' come lo fhe campus in I922. She was nafionally known as an aufhorily in elemenfary educalion. Her passing means lhe loss of a brillianl' leacher, and a frue friend lo 'lhose who lcnew her. 8 9 5-. ., . 5 A F- , 1 Q ' ' . 'T 'ff -i-ffl. IW' WHL F, 'C:3fa-.mf ggi 'ap-' .524 1-, l'1, . , -rf., -db.. A K " S -,L ., 1 ,. - -. 1 TfT3.1,:...:: f '1: .ii1fI-31' "--"ails fr 1' - flif 7-' '7'I.Zi.: - -ra-I . If - 'Ek 7 J 8 ii 4 p ffbirfl K .L ',""x3! 'Vi ' .JT 5 'W v ff 'ian' . v .u ,c ,. 'o ' 4 6 ." "1 Rf' Sv' X ':v ',,. -Alf' 4 1 ',' ' 3 'ta 'xx 4: . 4' iw' - A- ' ,JA-1 ur- ' VL V fs J.. f - -.-Qi 542' '-fhff'-'X HF I ' '9'7-07-3' 4 4 gf ',.H,,,, ' " - , ', 'f . 1 . . - , I ,A X f 425' fs-32, ,"' 43" -vi ae., A --,.A 1 Q tw' 'VIH-E:v.VN-3 1 . 'TL' 1 'Q R. . , 0 '. - , . " .Wh-. -3 Q 1' ' ' .I 1, .x,'si,J ' .. . Y w , ' 'Q' , . I - U fit 'ri-1 :pgx va - 1-:mmf .fr I . - , . , .'Q' P vb? ,Q 'f J ' . ran. ' wjf' ,,,4- , 1 . . .,' 1 . ,T vf..,,,:-Q- 3 "-iw niet HHN h LIBDADN fag,-'s-'a v 4 I . f' .' , .',.x v"s,. AP - jgjv. .Hr b. , - I ' - A A164 . , 7 r. ' I . - , . A 1 ,' if -4 -- , --.-A : rw- If " I 5 N . ful A V- .Q , I r , ,. ,Y ' Vi 11' - . . . ,-x ,',w.r' . -,Q . L1-arf -.f ' ' ' -' . .4 '1"llv"-.'- f " '.. if-'-.fa - -35.5 ',.l " - Q' M4..,'g-.. , ...QQF-'4 ffz "' ' , .I I A -ur . x sq ' I -"- 'T 3' df" I bf 4 , - 'li 1 ' P 4' Got i,4: QW., V ':1j.1," 'bl , . :I 4 uri' rv 5 - 'Vi'-9 , ' f X' . + ' o .4 4'-1. , ,. 59.23, , f . ' 135. .."f'-fn. -v 4 ' Q' 'am . 7, 32.0, ' , 1, .A bi . "' 1' , .vi -6 J, f f f' 3 "Satin I -. 'ff' n, .nfl 'wg' 'yu , I L24-ya' 1 . 1-I I n V , A . " - ' " ' - -425' ,- an-, J... 'J 4-fb T'-.Z -- "- gfuff-. .Jiv 9- Q- Q1 ...SWT ,- . .. . ,1 - .Ln-..l"g-3 .' - - AT EASE, GIRLS, VAN HORN IS ENTERTAINING DON'T BE NERVOUS, SAY Pl KAFS AND ALPHA TAUS 4' ,vi sv' ,' ',..--' 1 -f V A l i-.',.-' THOSE FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE SO IMPORTANT housecleaning cn' E-Sfafe The lirsl week ol housecleaning al EeSlaJre rneanl new laces replacing old in adminis- lrarion, housemolhers, and vielirns ol "srniley'l lQL1shWeel4. sixfy-four pinned While a small scale nalional debl was added up by Greek qirls, sixlyflour inn- pressed rushees wenl lwice around lhe world wilh Alpha Sigs and Tri Sic-gs, Once lo Ouler space wilh Pi Kaps, niqhlclubbing wilh lhe Alpha -laus, gardening wilh The Della Siqs and soon awalcened lo lind lhal lhey were lowly pledqes. FLAIR SERVES, RUSHEES RETURN r' 5 SIG TAUS SHUFFLE OKAY, NOW, SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE movies, barbeques and sfags highlighf boys' rush week Boys loolc lne lead aller girls' preferen- lial lo lake in 88 aller a round ol slag and dale parlies willfm AKl.'s lunclming and baclc- yarding al a barbecue, Sig Taus picnicking al Vxfilson Park and Sig Eps lnayraclcing. Plwi Sigs and Tekes, nol lo be ouldone, parlied al llie Inn and wenl slag ai llwe llouse. crbouf face and bare realify l-lowever, leminine punch and cookies, masculine smokers, and adminislralive head aclmes soon gave way To labulalion ol hours, smolllering classes, and llne same old in slrruclrors. Pledges lell lfmeir lo dulies, and aclives gave advice on pud courses and easy insiruclors. PHI SIGS. AKLs DO RUSH JOB 51 WHAT IT WAS-WAS FOOTBALL Y-4 N-L, L.f ' .iv Wg QPR lT'S A GENERAL ASSEMBLY, OR GENERAL CONFUSION fesfs, lecfures, dances, wafermelon Aller a long session To delermine if any- one was lal home upslairsfl exempled Freshmen and Those in Decile l were exposed lo regislralion, orienlalion, Then concenlra- lion, sprinkled wilh a YW parly, a walere melon leed, an all-school dance, and lho lirsl Monday blues. Girls looking over lhe I.O8 ralio and boys overlooking The girls, lell law-abiding fresh- men boys daling senior girls and freshmen girls being impressed by 'Whose who know." convos replace 11 o'clock classes Wilh eleclion convos, a welcome from Dr. King, and lhe winner ol lhe William Allen While award replacing Tuesday and Thursday I I o'clocks, all wondered "when is Jrhis week's como?" WATERMELON THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY OOPS, I LOST IT as 12 'gi V fax. Eff DEMOCRACY IN ACTION landslide for USP's Greelcs wenl lo lhe polls, emerged vic- Jroriously in spile of The lac? Thar Jrhe fresh- men almosl ruined our "democra+ic" syslem of nominalingg buf soon everyone sellled down lo being lriends again. Polilics. having lived ils lighl-hour span, loecame dormanl for anolher year. PICK A WINNER nafioncrlly, if's Kinsey and skirfs Two weelcs ol freedom and lhe bull pen was up, paddles were down, curlains wenl up on Curli-Q lryouls, and slcirls were neilher up nor down. Phi Sig girls formed 'rhe "Eine" club and Kinsey was on lhe longue--reaclions varying from mild disap- proval To more violenl counleraclion. HOW'S THIS FOR LENGTH OKAY, SAYS DICK HAWK 13 polished or polished off FacuITy Teas gave a chance To "polish The apple," buT aTTer Tour consecuTive Sunday aTTernoons oT sororiTy Teaing, They became endurance TesTs, wiTh only a Tew surviving The DeITa Sig, Alpha Tau, and Tri Sig To aTTend The Alpha Sig on OcTober I I. always fime for parfies BeTween Ialo school open house, a deIoaTe Tour, and TirsT homecoming plans, parTies sTiII managed To come TirsT on The E-STaTe coeds' IisT oT imporTanTs and Danny Baker and John INIoTheis enTerTained Telces and Their daTes aT "ParTy Time" given in honor oT The pledges. AT The same Time, Yale made a survey oT The drinlcing problem. bancls inspire Hornefs fo vicfory Parading in Tull dress, ThirTy bands marched IDeTore Tans on Band Day, one oi The long range home TooTbaII program plans. To spur an impressive 40-6 If-STaTe vicTory over SouThwesTern. While award winner here for convo While The BuIIeTin Toolc TirsT honors, The campus played hosT To EasTerner EIizabeTh TEA EVERY SUNDAY . . . TRI SIGS, ALPHA SIGS ENTERTAIN FACULTY . . . TEKES ENTERTAIN DATES . . . KSTC FOR BAND DAY I ..... . . "I" I ', - I ELIZABETH YATES, WINNER OF WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE AWARD . . . KSTE FOREVER . . . WASHBURN VS. E-STATE YaTes, auThor oT "Amos ForTune, Free Man" and winner oT The William Allen WhiTe bools award. KSTE for radio hams Washburn for red faces The radio sTaTion, dressed up wiTh a new anTenna and new call leTTers, came on The air, even Though no one could Tune Them in and l-lorneTs enTerTained Their long-Time rivals wiTh a 2 I -O vicTory Tor Washburn. in spife of fhis, classes musf go on ln addiTion To exTra-curricular acTiviTies, l-lorneTs sTill Toolc Time ouT Trom a busy schedule To aTTend classes, leaving behind dorm maTes, sororiTy sisTers and TraTerniTy broThers, room and board sharers, and wives and children. PracTice Teaching sTill Toolc iTs I8 hours oT "busy work" in The lab school in spiTe oT an exTended campaign againsT iT and The RegisTraTion oTTice had iTs usual run oT drops, changes, and subsTiTuTes. new surroundings for Educ. 90 RoosevelT l-ligh, newly compleTed and moved-inTo, gave The only incenTive To Those in Educ. 90, buT in spiTe oT This, many Tools over classes downTown aTTer a change oT policy. EUDALEY DEMONSTRATES BLUEPRINTING OFF THE PRESS clramafics gefs shorf encl of budgef STudenT Council budgeTed and appeased, wiTh a sharp decision To cuT debaTe and dramaTics and WorThal Teebly Tried To pre- olicT The weaTher. Seniors began Tiling credenTials, The CIC began To leave us behind, and rumors were ThaT Kellogg would Tall. Fashions grayed Tor boTh sexes and The girls Toolc over The liTTle boy shirT as warm weaTher sTiII Took over all. infellecfs push brooms, painf sefs E-STaTers could be seen dashing beTween classes To The library, caTeTeria, gym, or dorm To grab ThaT 65 cenTs an hour or To HASKELL OVERSEES Q-'-J 1 16 FINDER SERVES HOME-STYLE TO GERBER AND PLATT Talce advanTage oT The I5-minuTe break al- lowed by The STaTe. EmploymenT ranged Trom ediTing The Bul- leTin To running a sewing machine, Deweying cards To painTing seTs, and Trom grading papers To sweeping The audiTorium. And Thus iT is ThaT Emporia STaTe's sTudenTs learn while worlcing, even if iT is only how much has LEWICK AND STIEBEN DITTO dirT accumulaTes in one day in one class- room. E-Sfafe means business "l-low To run a mimeograph in one shorT semesTer" was The Theme oT duplicaTing ma- chines class and TuTure secreTaries and busi- nessmen discovered ThaT "E-STaTe meanT business." ready fo wear-Third floor Up in The Tip-Top domain oT A-ll'l behind loclced doors are sTored The valuables oT The drama deparTmenT, along wiTh PaT Clarlc, who makes cosTumes ouT oT chaos, as evi- denced by The Curli-Q display. SHARP'S JOB-JOBS FOR THE JOBLESS Sharp fobs Jobs became more plenTiTul around cam- pus when The Personnel DirecTor was re- placed by Jim Sharp lasT Fall. l-le now su- pervises E-STaTe's employmenT oTTice, HOFFMANS' PRIVATE OFFICE-VERY DARK SEAMSTRESS PAT CLARK WITH OFFICE BACKSTAGE screens prospecTives and provides The sTaTe and The Townspeople wiTh "cheap help." nice sef-up Carl l'loTTmans underToolc The iob oT equipping and seTTing up a darlcroom Tor The publiciTy and publicaTions deparTmenTs and wiTh sTricT conTrol doled ouT Tilm and picTures wi+h a limiT per cusTomer. STage hands were recruiTed and began painTing, erecTing seTs, and decoding com- plicaTed lighTing sysTems, buT aT leasT They were subsTanTially reimbursed Tor Their serv- ices. UNSEEN HANDS GIVE NEEDED SUPPORT f-Q. S-K. BEANIES ON DISPLAY pledge classes elecf Pledge classes elecTed oTTicers wiTh l-lodges. Maudaus, l'lunTer, lVlarTin, and Campbell indicaTed as TuTure male leaders oT The campus, and Bunge, Fowler, Van lVlarTer, Temple, and Teichgraeber worrying abouT sororiTy problems and Blosser hold- ing The leash oT IZO Freshmen girls in The new dorm. PrepugnalegiasT sTumped all and paTrioT- ism and The needle were TelT in blood do- naTing. cheerleaders hep, buf no supporf ATTer selecTion in early Fall, The chosen Qi E- CHEERLEADERS TAKE SERIOUS POSE six mainTained Their repuTaTion Tor enThusi- asm by over-exerTing aT all The games To enliven The crowd which accommodaTed by under-exerTing. beanies fake head sfarf and Curli-Q is puf fogefher Beanies Took a head sTarT in labeling Freshman, who laTer learned To walk on The side-walks and daTe upperclassmen. Think- ing iT a ioke. many changed Their minds aTTer a session in The Union wiTh "Tiny", Curli-Q began To geT ThaT puT-TogeTher look and everyone spenT aTTernoons painT- ing in basemenTs Tor Homecoming TronT porches. ARKANSAS STATE DOWNS EMPORIA 38-19 . . . SUCCESSFUL ALL-SCHOOL DANCE FOLLOWED 18 L-1 .V . -I' -'Fl HOPEFUL FRESHMEN TAKE FIRM HOLD . . . SUPPORTED BY LOYAL FANS . . . DEFEATED BY K-CLUB Arkansas Sfafe vs. Emporia Sfafe The Welchmen scored IQ, buT The Arlc STaTe Indians made 38, and The Drum and Bugle Corps enTerTained aT The halT. DeTeaT didn'T dampen spiriTs aT The varsiTy dance Tollowing The game, however. Music was Turnished by The CounTs, and Those long sighs oT relieT wore by The STudenT Council. IT'S OPEN ARMS FOR ALL AT THE DORM paddles sfill upper hand or vice versa ln hopes ThaT beanies could be TorgoTTen and acguainTances rekindled, Freshmen chal- lenged The K-Club To a Tug-o-war on The old aThleTic Tield baTTleground. However, K- Club members showed Their prowess and were as Tough as They ThoughT aTTer a side- line oT loyal rooTers wiTnessed Their vicTory. Frosh PresidenT Jim Johnson we-nT away red Taced aTTer sTaTing They would "show" The club, and his deTlaTed classmares resolved noT To Try muTiny again. Freshmen girls enferfain men af dorm Freshmen girls oT The dorm, open armed, welcomed all TraTerniTy and independenT men Tor an evening oT seeing The dorm and iTs inmaTes. The resulT-bunny hop and dancing in The Bamboo Room. BUNNY HOPPERS GET INS AND OUTS 19 SMILING QUEEN SHIRLEY REIGNS WITH ATTENDANTS . . . AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION Hemingway, CIC sfancling explored Green D. Wyrick, assisfanf professor of English, explored l-lemingway, and Cmaha leff Emporia wifh a record of one win, fhree losses, one fie, and a liffle hope for fhird place. Music Hall open, Lam enferfains Music l-lall fhrew open ifs doors fo dis- play some of ifs followers' falenfs and gef acguainfecl wifh ofhers on fhe campus. SHARP, KEATING ENTERTAIN FOR 20 I Carson holds Commocle Bowl Affer a challenging game of foofball and nonsense, Phi Sigs crowned Shirley Carson gueen of fhe Commode Bowl game and pre- senfed her wifh an appropriafe favor. Sunflower picfures were falcen amid con- fusion, rain, and "run-ouf" pafience. Alpha Sigs "clragnef" for acfives Pre-Homecoming parfies were af a mini- mum, buf Alpha Sig pledges lfhe lawl held ASA ACTIVES, JODY FOR MUSIC HALL a dragneT courT Tor Their underworld acTives in keeping wiTh currenT sales oT The many versions oT DragneT. Sig Eps held an ice cream parTy and lvlu Eps planned a l-lallowe'en parTy. no shoes makes sidewalk colcl SororiTies voTed To enTerTain The TraTerni- Ties Tor Three Wednesdays wiTh hour dances. Some embarrassmenT evolved, however, TTS . a ' ii? ' ,E I -5 ir fg- T. nm X BLOW, MAN, BLOW-THE COUNTS when due To new carpeTs, sock dances were necessary and some TorgoT Their shoes when leaving. DELTA SIGS DANCE BY THE HOUR Gladfelfefs Blue Sfem C. F. GladTelTer, associaTe proTessor oT biology, realized The urgenT need Tor a parTy place and smooTh dance Tloor and Thus emerged "The Wagon Wheel," laTer known as "Blue STem," l3uT l3eTTer known as "GladTelTer's." The new spoT TeaTured The CounTs every oTher Friday and squares on SaTurday. homecoming plans complefecl l-lornecoming cornmiTTee, PaT Waldron and Doug Lyons, Tinished plans Tor The Big Week. PTlaum, Bruder, and Hendricks Tin- ished Curli-Q lThis is The lasTl, and The Bulle- Tin announced Peggy Pedagog. GLADFELTERS, A POPULAR SPOT FOR DATERS Q' i'Qs?'il?'d: sf-fi Se 2 1 E-STATES OWN HOMER AND JETHRO CRAZY MAN KANE curfain up on lasf Curli-Q Afler a prelude of mood-selling music. 'rhe curlain wenl up on a well-pracliced. well-organized l953 version of Curli-Q, E- S+aJre's lradilional I6-acl variely show lhal has become a homecoming lradilion. The producrion included a variely of music, dancing, slci'rs, painling, and all were sprin- lcled wilh girls. rhapsody and birfh of fhe blues Oulslanding were Phil Keller, a Freshman, playing The Tamous "Rhapsody in Blue," and ihe resounding rendilion by 73 voices of "Ba+'rle l-iymn of 'rhe Republic." The slage was se'r and lhe blues are here 'ro slay, as evidenced by Par Waldron's singing and lvliss Benson and her girls inler- preling "The Birlh of The Blues." 0 6 Hats off ..- r ITS BENSON AND THE BLUES WITH A CHORUS LIKE THI LAP BIG SIX CONFER-SUBJECT, CURLI-Q BACKSTAGE MANAHAN AND MATHENY To CURLI-Q , 3 G ". Q , my gl -lli Kane Keen sfar of Dragnef proclucfion Dragnel sliared llwe limeliglil willi a slfiorl slcil by +l'1e Drama Deparrmenl, enlilled "Kane Keen, Privale Eye." "Girls, Girls, Girls" inlroduced Prof. Wal- Jron wl'1o inlroduced lo llie audience Jrlwe folly girls, exlravaganlly cos+umed-any- way, no plol was necessary for Huis acl. The final producfion of flue show, as if is rumored, brouglwl an end lo Troubles for llfie Big Five-Pllaum, Bruder, l-lendricks, Cremer, and lVlcCullougl'1, and il also brouglwf relief lo exlwausled minds depleled ol: ideas. Homecoming plans were laid wilb Jrlwe naming of +l'1e gueen candidales. Afrer an array of dinners, posing, and personal ap- pearances, llwe five candidales were pre- senled +o flue sludenf body for vole. An- -IO ONE WILL FORGET CURLI-Q THE BIRTH OF THE BLUES-MODERN RENDITION BY RHYTHMIC CIRCLE Q u e e n nouncemenl was maole in llwe Bullelin llwal Rullw Slalom, Joann Kirk, Maxine Hubbard, E-S'ra+e's own Queen Elizabellw lBe++y Kip- ancl Alice Mae Clark, slanding by for moral penbergerl would reign willw ner allendanls, supporl. RUTH STATON, MAXINE HUBBARD, ALICE MAE CLARK, BETTY KIPPENBERGER, JO KIRK 24 .?, SMILING QUEEN BETTY CROWNED Beffy porches resemble Broadway sfage sef Aller a round of royal leslriviiies includ- ing Convo presenlalion wiili clnaraclerislic songs and an open air ride in Hwe pep pa- rade, crowning came info view. A++l1e same lime. social groups began borrowing liglils, HOMECOMING DOWN molrors, nails, eic. lo linisli Transforming lronl porclies info Broadway slage seiiings. pledge power used for mechanical decorafions Pledge power was used To advanlage if meclianical means lailed, bul all ellorlrs made Homecoming successful. disappoinfing game cools enfhusiasm Only disappoinimeni was flue poor dis- play of loolball Jraclics willi Emporia losing lo Pilfsburg, bui neiilier ieam impressed. FIRST PLACE DECORATIONS-SIG TAU SPOOKHOUSE AND ALPHA TAU REST HOME -4'-Q, 25 HOMECOMING ENTHUSIASM pep convo precedes fesfivifies Preceding Homecoming weelc-end was a rigorous display ol enlliusiasm wliicli lasled Jrlwrouglw a pep convo, iniroduclion of llie ioo+ballleam,ano'rl1er appearance of Peggy Pedagog and lier ailendanls, a wallcoul across campus and a snalce dance down Commercial Sireel. Dismissal oi classes made possible lasl minure iouclies on lwouse decoralions and plans for alums. prepare for inspecfion Aiier several calaslroplnes and a liinl oi rain, judges passed lwo inspeclions on all liouses, Morse l-lall, Ver Cily, and llwe gale- way To The campus. Sig Tous, Alpha Taus fake plaques Winning Alplwa Taus fealured roclcing- cl'iair alum and Sig Taus, a l'lallowe'en niglwi- mare. Seconds Tri Sigs and Telces snipped gorillas liome and gave 3-D version of deleal. Drcrgnef and boxing mafch lvlorse l-lall lealured Dragnel, Phi Sigs a boxing malcli, Della Sigs an expeclanl vic- LOYAL STUDENTS SUPPORT PEP CONVO, WALKOUT . . . BAND GIVES NEEDED PEP gc Tory and Mu Eps kicked The buckeT. Sig Eps spelled ouT Corky's supremacy in napkins, AKl.'s were "in The book." Piffsburgers and Darwin's Theory WinneTaska oTTered PiTTsburgers aT The enTrance To The campus and Alpha Sigs liT up Darwin's Theory. Tri Sigs shipped gorillas back To PiTTsburg and Pi Kaps "gummed up The works." McKinley-fun and profil Ray McKinley and his "mosT versaTile band oT The land" reigned aT The Home- coming dance wiTh an esTimaTed 700 cou- ples aTTending. Ray showed us he could per- Torm, The crowd showed iTs appreciaTion, and The STudenT Council showed a proTiT oT 3200. celebranfs sleep fhrough classes The Tollowing week broughT iniTiaTion oT Ten inTo Xi Phi leadership TraTerniTy, The selling oT sTudenT direcTories, The TirsT CIC Torensic TournamenT, play TryouTs Tor "The lnnocenTs" and many Homecoming cele- branTs sleeping Through classes. THE VERSATILE RAY McKlNLEY baskefball schedule announced NexT came Teachers' meeTing-no classes Tor Two days, Phi Sigs winning TooTball inTra- murals and announcemenT oT The baskeTball schedule. Sunflower picfures Rolland STudios began whaT was To be a long. unsuccessTul session oT picTure Taking. wiTh siTs. resiTs, and re-resiTs and sTill no pic- Tures Tor The annual. SIG EPS BEHIND THE SCENES FORMAL INTRODUCTIONS WERE IN ORDER ,wx 'X Z7 TO THE VICTORS BELONG THE SPOILS squad fakes Trophy af Washburn Amid Homecoming plans and conTusion, wiTh only eighT days' noTice, E-STaTe de- baTers and spealcers sweeped The sTalces aT The CIC Tourney aT Washburn and came home wiTh The Trophy. AT The same Time, C oT E was obiecTing To commenT made in The BulleTin abouT a game wiTh E-STaTe, and Wanda Barb, l-lal Cannon, PaT Waldron, Norma Willson and Bill KloeTlcorn were se- lecTed by TaculTy members To be lisTed in Who's Who in American Colleges. LISTED IN WHO'S WHO WERE NORMA WILLSON, WANDA BARB, BILL KLOEFKORN, HAL CANNON, AND PAT WALDRON Hornefs give lasf fry for CIC second lvlen's FaculTy Club was exposed To Farr 28 and Lyon. l-lorneTs made ready Tor Their lasT sTand Tor CIC second place wiTh ST. SCRIVEN SINGS BenedicTs, and Don Ingwerson and Jim Sharp aTTended The NaTional STudenT Asso- ciaTion in PiTTsburg. recifals begin Music sTudenTs began Their round oT re- ciTals wiTh piano, voice, and TluTe solos and ArmisTice Day acTiviTies meanT anoTher chance To cuT classes. Friday fhirfeenfh brings Lady Luck DelTa Sigs showed no Tear oT Friday The ThirTeenTh by inviTing "Lady Luck" as guesT aT Their Fall Tormal. FraTerniTies announced a new plan OT Two-day mid-semesTer open pledging and E-STaTe's TalenT Traveled "up- AKL'S PRESENT SNO WHITE Town" wiTh enTry in 4-T-l AchievemenT Day conTesTs. Fonda, Hocliak, Nolan sfar in Mufiny The STudenT Council TosTered a war child wiTh McKinley proTiT, and "Caine lVluTiny CourT lVlarTial" sTars l-lenry Fonda, John l-lodiak, and Lloyd Nolan sTole hearTs oT E- STaTe TirsT nighTers oT The EnTerTainmenT series. In addiTion, The sTage manager shocked The sTage crew wiTh his dieT oT raw sTeak and The red-headed signalman rioTed The audience wiTh his TesTimony. ln summar- izing, Caine MuTiny-superb! Would-be sTars received TirsT-hand advice Trom veT- eran T-lodiak and all agreed acTors were preTTy human. STRAIGHT DOPE FROM ONE WHO KNOWS . . . FONDA, STAR OF CAINE MUTINY INTER- VIEWED BY McNUTT X PARRY AND AGRELIUS PINNED movies rafe downfown billing An inTluenTial campaign senT TirsT movie convo, "Kon Tiki," To Granada TheaTer, and evaluaTing AACTE group Took a "see" around The campus. vacafion shorf, buf welcome Thanksgiving vacaTion gave Time To finish over-due Term papers and caTch up on sleep, Then WinTer Tormals and pre-ChrisT- mas parTies meanT squeezing girl and Turkey inTo Tormal and parading To Phi Sig "Moon- lighT" pledge dance or TradiTional Sig Ep Swing. crngora sefs newesf fad SororiTies began scheduling Their Rush parTies and ThoughTs were on ChrisTmas va- 2'5- 'fbfr -S 29 THE KIRKS ARE SHOWING caTion. Angora collars, earrings, necklaces, and Trim were seen oTT and on campus, buT on mosT girls and anoTher Tad was born. blood for all, all for blood Gamma globulin goT a healThy shoT in The arm, by meager supporT oT E-STaTe sTudenTs. Our own l-lomer and JeThro perTormed Tor RECOMMENDED WAY TO SEE STARS TaculTy members and all soon seTTled down To The dull rouTine oT classes again. 30 all This and classes, foo MaTh sTudenTs "goT in on The ground Tloor" by surveying The TronT yard and aspi- ranT asTronomers sTudied The moon by nighT, alThough some were noT even enrolled in The class. a cry of help Now is The Time Tor every good man To come To The aid oT business maiors who dash Through Typing assignmenTs, dicTaTion, and Tiling. biology-a good class fo cuf "CuT-ups" scored a success wiTh The Trog and crayTish and goT all The inside dope, GC? RONEN AND RING EXPERIMENT OLSON TRIES HER HAND 1 H113 ' X iii Q... SCHMUTZ AND LAM DISCUSS CHORAL . . . JUNK AND CAMPBELL TEST MICROSCOPE while conTidenT psychologisTs analyzed Their Triends, made enemies, and uncovered Trus- TraTions. work equals mass Times accelerafion l-lopTul physicisTs sTudied levers oT all classes, compuTed mechanical advanTage, and spenT lab hours applying Theories. whaf develops in The darkroom FirsT, iT's developer and waTer, Then hypo and waTer, and who knows whaT mighT come oT This Tormula wiTh The proper environmenT. i1"'s a hard life, if you live Through if Through The guidance oT yirTuosos oT The music world, sTruggling musicians planned summer sessions, Tried shorT cuTs, and wound up on The roclcs-in geology. PRACTICE TEACHING, CERAMICS, AND LIBRARY SCIENCE . . . ALL IN THE COURSE OF A DAY l BAKER AND VAN HORN RUSH . . . STATON, PERIKLI AT PHI SIG FORMAL mid-semesfer pledges 58 lvlid-semesfer pledging was dubbed a success as frafernifies pledged 58: Phi Sigs were overrun wifh 35 and nof enough ac- fives fo go around. The Freshman class accepfed a challenge fo produce IOOO names of prospecfive sfu- denfs, and graduafe sfudenfs spenf fwo days in fesfs. Millard and Hahn fo CIC All-Sfar Leroy Millard and Ralph Hahn were named by fhe Unifed Press board of coach- es as parf of fhe l953 All-Sfar Team of fhe CIC. Sororify girls mef fogefher in a worlc- shop fo iron ouf problems and share solu- fions and Alpha Sigs wound up fhe Fall parfy session wifh a chili feed and song fesf af fhe house. fragic "Ofhello" acclaimed Shalcespeare's fragic "Ofhello," done by Players, lnc., came as fhe second "series" presenfafion, and in confrasf fo "Caine Mu- finy," "Ofhello" fulfilled fhe desire for a varied program and fhe audience wenf away safisfied. infernafional relafions fosfered Julius Gecau of Kenya, Africa, was our guesl' on campus, sponsored by fhe Presby- ferians fo sfudy American college ways. SIG EPS ENTERTAIN AT THE BROADVIEW 32 winfer's firsf signs The shiTT To winTer inTramurals was The TirsT sign oT cold weaTher, oTherwise, The calendar was The only evidence. TYSX Y' A Fall summarizes AT The close oT This Fall chapTer, The CIC xi TooTball crown was losT, buT baskelfball looked hopeTulg The Freshman class was losT, buT The Senior class looked hopeful: nine weeks' TesTs eliminaTed some worries, caused oThers, buT Time wenT by and WinTer came in. MILLARD, HAHN-ALL STARS sororifies meef fo discuss problems af workshop and luncheon meefings SororiTies seT aside a mid-November week-end Tor a discussion period To iron ouT .T 2 common problems. VisiTing noTables oT each ' -4 sororiTy presided and all aTTending aired Their gripes over lunch and in meeTings. physical eclucafion sponsors workshop, foo In an eTTorT To improve skills and Teach- ing procedures, physical educaTion sTudenTs and Teachers oT surrounding Towns meT on campus Tor a workshop, also, which TeaTured PresidenT King as The guesT speaker. ALPHA SIG SONG FEST AND CHILI FEED PAN HEL MEETS TO DISCUSS PROBLEMS 5 5 OFFICERS Shirley Temple, Vice-Presidenf, Jim Johnson, Presideni, COUNCIL-Marshall MCNUH, Ruvenu Hubbard. Clovice Chrisfensen, Socrefary. 6 is! 4 FRESHMEN FXRST ROW Irene Anders . . . Moundridge June Faye Anderson . . Lalcin Delores Arb . . . Melvern Sally Ashcrafl' . Quenemo SECOND ROW Jane Lee Axcell . . Marceline, Mo. Bob Baird . . . Emporia Eugene Barnes . . . Maclcsville Carolyn Joyce Barreff Emporia THIRD ROW Roberl Galen BarreH . . Waverly Kay Bales . . Emporia Pal Belfield . Emporia Lila Ann Bell . Claflin FOURTH ROW Phil Berg . Roberl' Bicker Shirley Blake Jeannine Bliss Donald Blow Janef Bond Jack Brenfon . . . . Emporia . Council Grove . . Kiowa . Wellinglon FIFTH ROW . . . . Reading . Emporia . . Eurelca Belly Breulzelman . . Emporia fres hmen FIRST ROW Carolyn Joan Briix . . Heringfon Merrillyn Brooks . . Lyons Joe Brown . . Emporia Billie Esfher Buckles . . Cenfralia SECOND ROW Charles Buckley . . . . Clyde Roberf Burenheide . . . Olpe John R. Burns . . Waverly Judy Burf . . Emporia THIRD ROW Jim E. Campbell .... Befhel Nancy Carson . . . Hamilfon Dona Jo Carufluers . Kansas Cify, Mo. Roberf Chafham . . Harveyville FOURTH ROW Clovice Chrisfensen Frances Clennan Allen Clinkenbeard Beverly Dillman . . . . Muncie . . Chapman . Holfon . Hessfon FIFTH ROW Carol Clowe . Bob Cook . . Glenna Cooper . Lawrence Cozad . . . . . Seneca . . Marion . Greensburg . Emporia SIXTH ROW Paf Craff . . Pauline Craig . Jim Crawford . Rachel Crawford . . . Kinsley . . . Kansas Cify . Lincoln . . Kansas Cify SEVENTH ROW Jean Davis . . . . . Emporia JOI'e'l'l'a Davis Augug-la Connie Belleville Kalhryn Dlllman , Cimarron EIGHTH ROW Jim Downs ..... Winfield Delberf Duponf . , Chase Peggy Eckles . Eureka Juanifa Esch . . Moline B . 4 any l ill ax X' 5 1 iif, ,Qs-J. ' 'sf 61g . ,- .sf 1 . A V lei 'S 1 L. Q ., Nl' A ,.f J! ni -ti iw- , an T Q T Y 'isis in Qi if W 14 .N sp ' , N i T' . N i Ei freshmen FTRST ROW Eldon Evans . . . Pal' Evans . . Ted Evans . . Margaref Findley . SECOND ROW Mary Fish .... Rodnee Fisher . Barbara Forresfer . Margaref Ann Fowler . THIRD ROW John Fraser . . . Carol Gamble . George Gibbs . . Vinnie Goodwin FOURTH ROW Jan Gray .... Tommy Green . . . Joyce Grieder Shirley Gross . FIFTH ROW Marian Lucile Haag . . Rober'I' Haigh . Shirley Haley . . Berlin E. Hammer, Jr. . SIXTH ROW Margarei' Hammond . . Sung Mo Han . James Hayes . Pal' Hayes . . SEVENTH ROW Jerine Heidebrech+ . . Janis Henning . . Janey Hildebrand . Roberf Hildebrand . EIGHTH ROW Nadine Hinckley . . . Glen Hodges . Delfon Hodgson Al Holdeman, Jr. . OH'awa Cedar Poinf . Lyons . Newfon Emporia Wellingfon Lawrence . Emporia . Severy Osage Ci+y Hollis, N. Y. . Sferling . Newfon Burlinglon . Olpe Augusfa . Holfon Osawafomie . Ulysses . Emporia Muscoiah Seoul, Korea Hoisingfon Washinglon Lincolnville Council Grove Emporia Emporia . Wichifa . Lebo . Garnefl' . Burrfon freshmen HRST ROW Larry Hoover . . . . Marion Larry Howard . . . Lincoln Richard Lee Housley . . Emporia Ravena Hubbard . . Lyons SECOND ROW Jeane'He Huff . . . Malfield Green Bob Hunler . . . McPherson Roberl' Hush . . . Emporia CharloHe Huichcraff . . Ellinwood THIRD ROW Kay Jackson . . . . Eureka Lois James . . Princelon Donna Jehle . . . Emporia Wayne James . . Clay Cenier FOURTH ROW Jo Jensen . . . . Lincoln Phyllis Jensen . Americus Mary Jeppesen . Emporia Jim Johnson . . Emporia FXFTH ROW Marilyn Jones . . . Emporia Mary Ann Kealing . . Emporia Gail Kem ke . . . . Haven Elven Kiefier . Council Grove SIXTH ROW Mary Lou Kirk . . . Emporia Dick Ki+ching . . Newfon Lloyd Krause . . Deerfield Genny Krch . . Tampa SEVENTH ROW Ani+a Krehbiel . . . Moundridge Nadine Kriegh . . Delphos Shirley Kruckenberg . . Lincoln Herberf Lane . . . Cummings EIGHTH ROW Emma Ledwifh .... Emporia Jan Lehman . . . . New+on Van LeH . . . Fowler Carol Leifner . . S+. John N eg NP 5' KGJ freshmen FIRST ROW Gloria Lewis . . . Bushong Arnold Liefz . Eslcridge Joan Lollar OH'awa Nancy Lollar OHawa SECOND ROW Wanda Loomis . . . Cheney Nancy Lynch . . Lyons Richard Lysfer Lincoln Fred Madaus . . Abilene THIRD ROW Mary Maloney . . . . Eureka Joan Lee Marlcley . Burlingame Kenne'l'h Marlinez . Marysville Pafsy Mason . Burlingfon FOURTH ROW Marjorie McCallum . . Emporia Jack McClelland . Maple Hill Margarei McCracken Emporia Marilyn McGill . Emporia FIFTH ROW Gary McGregor . . Saffordville Shirley McKinley . . Ashland Dallas McMunn . Emporia Marshall McNuH' . Emporia SIXTH ROW Larry Meierhoff . . Clemenfs Georganna Miller . . Elmdale Jack Miller . . Augusla Jim Milchell . Marysville SEVENTH ROW John Mohler, Jr. . . . Fall River Carole Moore . Wellinglon Willa Moore . Mulvane Berfella Mushrush . Sfrong Cify EIGHTH ROW Leonard Navral' .... Marion Helen Naylor ..... Newlon Lee Newfon ..... Reading Clara Nonalra . Hanepepe, Hauai, Hawaii 38 fa M F 'J- ' yuan: K. 1 Q , 4 O , .hx X lr i vfkv 4' ai 'I 'iff J 4.1 ' V4 ,, I lk N 1. .HIE S, -a 'F '31 .az-'R-' if 'S , -ff Q' if Yr L. freshmen FXRST ROW Corinne June Norfh . . Mardelle Opperman . . Marilyn Osbourn . Jackie Palm . . SECOND ROW Paula Befh Parker . . Esfher Penningfon Erwin Peferson . . John Peffersson . Saffordville Yafes Cenfer Randolph . Vliefs Kiowa . Liberal . Sf. John Floral Park, N. Y. THlRD ROW Jolene Pinder . . . Effingham Frances Plefcher Eskridge John Powell . . Emporia Russell Priesfley Lincolnville FOURTH ROW Cal Prifner . . . Kansas Cify Marilyn Ray . . . Wichifa Clarence Richardson . . Wilsey Mike Robb . . Inman FIFTH ROW Elizabefh Roberfs . . Neodesha Edwin Robinson . Florence Louise Robinson . Emporia Lila Roehrman . Losf Springs SIXTH ROW Dennis Rorabaugh . . . Seneca John Rose . . . Eureka Sfanley Rofh . . Olafhe Ronnie Rowe . . Eureka SEVENTH ROW Margaref Rufz . . . Chapman Joe Ryerson . . . Emporia Roberf Seider . Overland Park Shirley Sanner . Newfon EIGHTH ROW Janice Sauder .... Emporia Roberf Scheibe .... Marysville Charline Scribner . Excelsior Springs, Mo. Max Seacaf . . . . Bucklin 39 . x i- J s 'M I A . : . ,A -1. - 'Ha fi if .545 2 as 'F X 9 .X sz' is Arif ,ha W ,J-P352 . f' wr- -0' L , J 1 vr ' V li Qu F 'T si: , . it ' 'Y 'Q ' ' . 4.,' ,f Q "I, ' freshmen FIRST ROW Edyra Sears . . . Eureka Carol Selvy . Florence Norma Sharp . . Lyons Carma Siebuhr . . Harlford SECOND ROW Carol Sisson ..... Kingman Jo Sisson . . Greal Bend Karen Slaler . . Florence Joanne Smarl . . Mission THIRD ROW Glenn E. Smifh .... Emporia Verlene Sobke . Council Grove Harold Smi'l'h . . Emporia Bud Sleinle . . Burlingame FOURTH ROW Gary J. Sfevens Arlhur S'l'one . Sandra Lee Slieben John Sullivan . Franklin Square, N. Y. . Council Grove . . Ness Cily Slewarl Manor, N. Y. FIFTH ROW Palricia Su'Hon James L. Sweel' Earl Tawney . Jack Taylor . . . . . Lamoni' . Mouni' Hope . Ogallah . Emporia SIXTH ROW Shirley Temple . . Mardell Taylor Chrisla Thompson Dick Turner . . Emporia . . Newlon . . . Elmdale . Kansas Cify, Mo. SEVENTH ROW Virgil True . Dick U'Her . Phyllis Ulierback Fred Van Buren Fredonia . Emporia . Newlon . Florence EIGHTH ROW Joyce Van Gundy Fern Van Marler Peggy Vannaman Barbara Van Sickle . . . Emporia . A'l'chison . Ashland . Emporia freshmen FIRST ROW Richard Van Valkenburg . . Admire Dale Veach . . . . Syracuse Marjorie Veal . . . Wilsey Sharon Vernon . Emporia SECOND ROW Margaref Wada . Caplain Cook, Hawaii R. J. Walker .... Prolecfion Shirley Walker .... S+. John Geraldine Wall . . Eskridge THIRD ROW Beverly Weir .... Cunningham Ann Wiegers . . Marysville Rosemary Wiegers . Marysville Jon Wilhife ..... Emporia FOURTH ROW Shirley Wood .... Burlinglon Donald Williams . . Emporia Elsie Williams . . Emporia Peggy Williams . . Kansas Cify FIFTH ROW Roberi Wills ..... Wichifa Be'Hy Wilson . . Emporia Virdilee Workman . Emporia Sonya Wofen . . Heringfon SIXTH ROW Jane Youle ..... Winfield William Zagorski Floral Park, Long lsland, N. Y. Nancy Ziegler ..... Topeka 'F 'S 1. , , 3 1 5 Q S AN. A V 1 5 1 IP 5: 6 Firsi Row? Belva Ames, Kay Bafes, Virginia Bohn, Carolyn Briix, Jane! Cline, Jean Davis, Nadine Deifrich. Second Row: Nancy Fafe, Jo Ann Flair, Joyce Griffifh, Janey Hildebrand, Ada Jane Jacobs, Jacque Jensen, Regina Johnson. Third Row: Nancie Karolik, Mary Ann Kealinq, Belly Kirk, JoAnn Kirk, Shirley Kowalski, Nancy Lynch, Phyllis Markley. Fourih Row: Gaye Marlin, Barbara McGill, Marilyn McGill, Georganna Miller, Lila Miller, Fafricia Mifchell, Pafricia Murphy. Fiflh Row: Mary Jo Ormsby, Lela Phillips, Kay Schlichfer, Norma Sharp, Shirley Smiih, Rufh Sfafon, Jo Ann Sunfer. Sixfh Row: Pal Swiercinsky, Judy Teichgraeber, Marilyn Tweedy, Sharon Vernon, Jerri Wakefield, Geraldine Wall, Norma Willson. Sevenfh Row: Belly Wilson, Sonya Wofen. 929 WEST OFFICERS Presidenf ..... Jo Kirk Vice-Presidenl . . Rulh S+a+on Secrefary . . Lila Miller Treasurer . . . Pa+ Murphy Rush Cap+ain . . . Kay Schlich+er Aller a "round Jrhe world" spree, Alpha Sigma Alpha pledged Twelve hopefuls, and made big plans for a display ol Darwin's Theory Tor Homecoming. Jo Kirlc and Rulh Slalon were honored as allendanls in The vie Tor Homecoming Queen. The Chrislmas season lound 'rhe Alpha Sigs al The Counlry Club lor Their annual Snowball Tormal. BABY'S HOLIDAY AT MID-SEMESTER RUSH PARTY AS BIBS WERE DONNED AND RUSHEES SERVED COKES WITH NIPPLES ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA MOTHER LAWRENCE Afrer srrenuous praclices, They were re- warded wilh second place in The Singing Bee, singing "Wi+h a Song in lvly l'learJr." Climaxing an evenllul year, a colonial Spring formal was held ai The Broadview in April wilh enlerlainmenr by The pledges. ln December, The l-lome Economics Club had len needy children as guesls al a Chrisl- mas parly. The Slale College Club Con- venlion was held al Topeka in lvlarch. PLEDGES- Firsl Row' Jo Morlxley, Rulh Ann Rice, Frankie Clen- nen. Second Row: Pal Hayes, Helen Naylor, Carol Swifzer, Phyllis Jensen. 43 ALPHA SIGMA TAU MOTHER IRELAND OFFICERS PresidenT .... Wanda Barb Vice-Presideni' . . Madalyn SchmidT SecreTary .... Marilyn Olson Treasurer .... BeTTy Lewick Rush CapTain Mary Jane BoTTerweck ALPHA TAUS PRIOR-TO-SCHOOL RUSH 1006 CONSTITUTION AFTER The whirl oT rush weelc, Alpha Sigma Tau members seTTled down To a semesTer oT sTudies, and plans Tor Homecoming decora- Tions. The Alpha Taus were The new owners oT The TirsT place plaque wiTh The Theme oT "HorneTs on The Loose To STing The Goril- las," Tor Their decoraTions. Alice Mae Clark was nominaTed Tor Homecoming queen. The Alpha Taus Took a "Sleigh Ride" aT Their winTer Tormal, and were in "Tau Heav- en" aT Their spring Tormal. Members in campus acTiviTies were Mari- lyn Olson, BeTTy Lewiclc, Bonnie Knapp, in Pi Omega Pi, and Wanda Barb in Xi Phi and STudenT Council. PLEDGES-.lo Jensen, Jane Youle, Rosalie Gibbens. Second Row: Rosemary Wiegers, Ann Wiegers, Shirley Kruckenberg, Lila Bell, Connie Diller, Palsy Mason. 44 5' , x 4, 1, 5:45 Firsf Row: June Anderson, Kay Anderson, Twila Anderson, Jo Bader, Wanda Barb, Pafricia Belfield, Mary Jane Boiferweck. Second Row: Lee Brown, Mary Lou Canfy, Loreffa Carlson, Carolyn Carmichael, Shirley Carson, Alice Mae Clark, Lee Draper. Third Row: Peggy Eckles, Rodnee Fisher, Barbara Forresfer, Barbara Gayer, Janef Gray, Shirley Gross, Marian Haag. Fourfh Row: Amelia Harfman, Marjorie Henson, Beffy Hochman, Bessie Johnsfon, Bonnie Knapp, Beffy Lewiclc, Carole Logan. Fiffh Row: Marcine Myers, Marilyn Naylor, Norma Neff, Marilyn Olson, Mardelle Opper- man, Cheryl Purlrey, Mary Jane Quainfance. Sindh Row: Marilyn Ray, Myrna Rob- rahn, Reifa Sargenf, Madalyn Schmidf, Carol Unger, Fern Van Marfer, Peggy Wil- liams. Sevenfh Row: Shirley Wood, Nancy Ziegler. q'.w'-.A C' J.. '-' . ' 'fn is it Q 1, -JA-' -1 . -: ve. J no 6. Q 4' Sb Av .4 -1 41 -V Sf' Y ,Q '- 'wx xy, A . 3.2 ,Ni Firsl Row: Mary Jo Agrelius, Donna Bell, Marilyn Clevenger, Joanne Crismas, Donna Cromwell, Carloffa Dorsf. Second Row: BeHy Ficlc, Margaref Findley, Herma Gerber, Marjorie Goodell, Phyllis Gould, Peggy Green. Third Row: Beverly Groh, Donna Jehle, Kelsay Lamb, .lan Lehman, Dorofhy Libben, Donna Merwin. Fourfh Row: Janice Nixon, Marilyn Osbcurn, Dorofhy Ready, Darlene Schwendiman. Ffffh Row: Carol Swarfz, Delores Temple, Shirley Temple, Sharon Winfers. 1005 MERCHANT OFFICERS Presidenl' . . . Vivian Gamber Vice-Presiclenf . Darlene Schwencliman Recording Secrelary . Carolyn Swarlz Treasurer . . . Marjorie Goodell Rush Caplain . . . Dorolhy Ready Tlwe lall semesler llew willw members ol Della Sigma Epsilon redecoraling llieir rooms, liaving ruslw weelc, and worlcing on l-lomecoming decoralions. Tlme Della Sigs are becoming more sporls minded as llwey wenl oul lor inlramurals lor llwe lirsl lime in several years. DELTA SIGMA EPSILON MOTHER YEAROUT Well represenled in major slage produc- lions. llwe Della Sigs had Sliirley Temple and Jan Lelwman in "Li+lle Foxesuq and Plwyllis Gould and Jan Leliman in "Tl'ie lnnocenlsf' Sliirley Temple was elecled vice-presidenl ol llme lreslwman classy and Sliaron Winlers was secrelary-lreasurer ol llue soplwomore class. PLEDGES-Berfella Mushrush, Shirley McKinley, Juanifc Esch. MIDNIGHT MASQUERADE 47 KAPPA SIGMA MOTHER BELFIELD 1021 MECHANIC Rushing in from "Cul of This World," lhe Pi Kaps pledged lhree during Fall Rush Weelc, and conlinued rushing unlil lhey pledged Three more al lhe nine weelcs. Aller balancing The books and reviewing Roberls' rules, lvlrs. Clerisse, nalional Vice- Presidenl, inspecled Jrhe chapler in Novem- ber and was guesl spealcer al lhe opening session ol Jrhe Panhellenic Worlcshop. December found lhe pledges hosling al an informal parly for Jrhe acrives and all OFFICERS PreSiden+ .--- Jean RUS'f allended lhe annual Chrislmas brealclasl. Vice-Presidenl' . . . BeH'y Young HI L P , H H1 Hq f HW , Recording Secrefary . . Norma Pohl ' ?Ve PHS was e eme O .ew Treasure, . i Mary Frances Qverfield impressive dinner-dance al lhe Broadview Rush Capfain . . BeHy Young l'lOl9l. RUSH WEEK RECEPTION Pl KAP STYLE PLEDGE EDNA SUMIDA 48 rl -1 ' FN 'Nxt . 3 , y V K :F , " 1' '. fi:-, -A A Q-1 1 Firsf Row: Clovice Chrisfensen, Margaref Fowler, Bonnie Frifz, Joyce Grieder. Second Row: Barbara Holm, Barbara Odgers, Mary Overlield, Norma Pohl. Third Row: Sylvia Rasmussen, Jean Rusf, Joyce Sheridan, Marilyn Spade. Fourflv Row: Jean Sfine, Merriam Wilson, Beffy Young. .4. .4 , -'ae i V' Q , Q ,. ss- .4 'SPA Wikis gn we 5, Jaw' l " If , , Pi, 'gy-4Xg3.+., :wg- -.f. fx 111- " v M " f ' -' fha, J, ' hx- F3 .:g.V vj.,. 1. , ' v 1 .gf,ef. .4 "- ,Q '.,a?,,f' .fi . 3 'E -iii ,Wt L, 5-.....f.4Q1 gs. ' ?f?'1?,'fv':L5'???!f',ff'Q RF: ,. N' bg.,-5,,,x:LL'e 1 f!j'f3-1 ' ' f 'zfpsp UQg1gwnfFfa3Z3,,Q?2:faQf -. 1 e1?':+x,!t-.S 9:1 ag +AQggf.'-ga-cz'vLp'X'A-.. .?.1:a1r,15.1g'Vz,-.fain Psi 1.fnz,'v.,.:1,'. ef F: agp. ytqmgf ..-iwkia . " '-"R" -. ' ,y M 'lf ' ,, z' Ai -'91 M49 f -1-v wfiui ai 'uf 49 'W SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA MOTHER SULLIVAN OFFICERS Presidenf . . . Margarei' Rose Vice-Presidenf . . . Maxine Davis Recording Secreiary . Mary Keiih Riegle Treasurer . . . BeHy Kippenberger Rush Capfain . Marfha Dwelle Carolyn PIa'H TRI SIGS ENTERTAIN DURING FIRST SEMESTER RUSH WEEK 1 'vs' 418 WEST TWELFTH Sigma Sigma Sigma began The iall semes- +er by adorning sixieen women wiih Ihe 'rriangle pledge pin. I-Iomecoming was The nexi maior eveni wiih Ihe Tri Sigs claiming Miss Peggy Pedagog, Belly Kippenberger, and Ihe second place decoraiion award for Ihe gorilla-propelled ship. During The Yulelide season. 'rhey decorai- ed The Couniry Club for Iheir pledge for- mal, "San+a's Toyshopf' This year broughi a number of honors Io members oi Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pledge io Xi Phi were Margarei Rose, Jackie Vigola, Mary Keifh Riegle, and Pai Waldron. Pai also was lisied in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiliesf' PLEDGES-Carol Clowe, Laura Overfon, Sharon Huenergardf, Wanda Burroughs. 50 E 'Ni E up 9 5 -3 2 "' J .. 'A . if 5, GS' ' x H I '25 . ,, W., 9 v we 'IAA ,M 0. ts, Firsf Row: Barbara Baker, Belly Breulcelman, Merrillyn Brooks, Jeanine Bunge, Maxine Davis, Marflva Dwelle. Second Row: Joyce Evans, Louise Gibson, Jane Goff, Marian Haskell, Sandra Hedrick, Ann Hoflmans. Third Raw: Maxine Hubbard, Ravena Hubbard, Gail Kernpke, Belly Kippenberger, Genny Krch, Jean Lane. Fourllv Row: Pal McClana- han, Karol Papes, Mona Pefers, Jolene Finder, Carolyn Plaff, Mary Keillw Riegle. Fiffn Row: Margaref Rose, Janice Sauder, Carol Sisson, Lorna Smillw, Mardell Taylor, Donna Thomas. Sixfh Row: Phyllis Uflerback, Dorofhy Van Horn, Jacqueline Vigola, Pafricia Waldron. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL-Firsf Row: Beverly Grolv, Mary Keifh Riegle, Alice Mae Clark, Jo Kirk, Barbara Holm. Second Row: Vivian Gamber, Dr. Minnie Miller, Margaref Rose, Norma Pohl, Dr. Rufh Schillinger, Wanda Barb. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL iefeek women OFFICERS Presideni' . . . Alice Mae Clark SecreTary . Margaref Rose Treasurer . . . Jo Kirk ln an eTTorT To promoTe good relaTionships beTween The sororiTies on campus, and To discuss problems common To all, The Pan- hellenic Council sponsored an all-day worls- shop in November, spoTTed wiTh meeTings oT various oTTicers, general sessions, and a luncheon. Mrs. George Clerisse, NaTional Vice-PresidenT oT Pi Kappa Sigma was The lceynoTe spealcer, wiTh naTional oTTicers oT Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Alpha also presenT. The annual Panhellenic ValenTine Tormal was dubbed The "SweeThearT Swing," in keeping wiTh The season and several were caughT wiTh The ValenTine spiriT, or Their 52 daTes, under The huge hearT gracing The cenTer oT The ballroom. A scholarship cup was given aT The l-lon- ors ConvocaTion To The sororiTy wiTh The highesT grade average. This TradiTion was revived To sTimulaTe inTeresT in scholarship. SORORITIES COMBINE EFFORTS FOR SWEETHEART SWING INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL--From' Row: Larry Wall, Don lngwerson, Ed Krenger, Charles Hobbs, Danny Baker. Second Row: Adlore Denning, Bruno Doganieri, Vicfor Trusler, Darrell Wlvisfler, Dale S I INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL iefeekmeni OFFICERS Presideni' . . . Bruno Doganieri SecreTary-Treasurer . . Darrell Whisfler THE lnTer-FraTerniTy Council was composed oT Two members Trom each TraTerniTy wiTh Dr. V. T. Trusler, Dean oTlv1en, as sponsor. The big issue oT The year was in dealing wiTh The new nine-week pledging rule ThaT was approved lasT Fall. The rule sTaTed ThaT aT The close oT each nine-week period There FRATERNITIES COMBINE EFFORTS FOR A BIG EVENING would be Two days OT open pledging, wiTh no rush parTies. This spring, however, The rule was revoked and The TraTerniTies will reverT To one rush week a semesTer as pre- viously done. The nine-week meThod was used Tor only Two semesTers. The annual lnTer-l:raTerniTy Spring Formal was held in The STudenT Union Ballroom wiTh The music Turnished by The CounTs Tor mem- bers oT The Tive social TraTerniTies and Their daTes. This Tormal was made possible by The willing cooperaTion oT all The TraTerniTies. The ChieT aim OT The Council was To pro- moTe Triendly relaTions among The Greeks as well as beTween The Greeks and lnde- pendenTs. 53 OFFICERS-Rachel Crawford, Kafhryn Dillman, lmarie Blosser, .lo Sisson, Paf Hayes, Wanda Loomis, Nancy Carson, Esfher Pen- ninglon, Sally Ashcraff, Sandra Siieben. OFFICERS PresiclenT .... lmarie Blosser MargareT RuTz Vice-PresidenT . . PaT Hayes Peggy Vannaman SecreTary KaThy Dillman Lila Roehrman Treasurer . . EsTher PenningTon Jo Marlcley . Rachel Crawford Nancy Carson Carol Selvy Social Chairman . Jo Jensen As The new dormiTory was in iTs second year oT use, The Tre-shmen girls obTained The privilege oT living in iT wiTh eighT residenT assisTanTs guiding Them. MCJRSE HALL freshmen They Toolq TirsT place in bowling in The in- Tramural program and parTicipaTed in all The oTher inTramural acTiviTies. The upperclass- men dormiTory and The Treshmen dormiTory combined Their eTTorTs in giving inTormal parTies, Tormals, and bangueTs. OT course, wiTh This many girls, placing signs on doors, playing golT in The halls, and Telling iolces were common pracTices. Those all nighT gab sessions will never be TorgoTTen. They could always waTch TV, play cards or lisTen To records in The Bamboo Room. When The girls were hungry, They prepared a snaclc in The lciTcheneTTe, iusT oTT The Bamboo Room. WiTh The inTercommunica- Tion sysTem, The girls could be paged in any parT oT The dormiToryg and wiTh eighT Tele- phones, They could easily be reached aT all Times. As lvlargareT RuTz, a Treshman, said, "Morse l-lall was Truly an inspiring home in which To reside my Treshman year." FRESHMAN DORM7FirsT Row: Clara Nonaka, Peggy Eclcles, Shirley Wood, Sandra Sfieben, Margaref Wada. Second Row: Donna Carufhers, Mildred Campbell, Nancy Zeigler, Fern Van Marfer, Laura Overfon, Gail Kempke, Phyllis LeVieux, Paf Hayes, Marian Haag, Sally Ashcraff, Marilyn Ray. Third Row: Pal Mason, Nadine Kreigh, June Anderson, Esfher Penningfan, Shirley Gross, Joan Markley, Beverly Weir, Phyllis Jensen, Mary Haynes, Marge Veal, Jerri Heidebrechl, Beverly McNulfy, Lila Roehram, Jane Axcell, Jeanne Kirlc, Joan Small, Carol Moore, Suzan Sfewarf, Jackie Palm, Carol Gamble, Anifa Krehbiel. ill fff xl ' fi 'Wx 'S f ls, s..AL,iif B . C' fl.. lv FRESHMAN DORM-Firsl Row- Charloffe Hufchcralf, Nadine Hinckley. Second Row: Delores Arb, Margaref Hammond, Norma Sharp, Jolene Pinder, Carol Sisson, Elizabefh Roberfs, Jeanine Bunge, Nancy Lynch, Clovice Chrisfensen, Wanda Loomis, Carma Siebuhr. Third Row' Carol Clowe, Shirley Walker, Peggy Vannaman, Marilyn Osburn, Shirley Haley, Jane Youle, Paula Parker, Shirley Kruckenberg, Paf Evans, Billie Buckles, Pauline Craig, Glenna Cooper, Karen Slafer, Carol Selvy, Dean Schellenger, Jeannine Bliss, Shirley McKinley. FRESHMAN DORM-Ffa? Row- Helen Wafanabe, Shirley Swaze. Second Row: Verlene Sobke, Mardelle Operman, Janis Henning, Rodnee Fisher, Peggy Williams, Rachel Crawford, Corinne Norfh, Jan Gray, Lila Bell, Jo Jensen, Mary Maloney. Third Row: Dorofhy Janzen, Bessie Johnsfon, Connie Diller, lmarie Blosser, Nancy Carson, Joreffa Davis, Lee Draper, Irene Anders, Charlene Scribner, Shirley Sanner, Beverly Dillman, Kafhy Dillman, Pal Craff, Chrisfa Thompscn, Phyllis Uiferlaack, Jan Lehman, Barbara Forresler. FRESHMAN DORMfhsr',l Row' Berfella Mushrush, Janice Nixon. Second Row: Frankie Clennan, Shirley Temple, Helen Naylor, Carolyn Briix, Sonia Wolen, Jo Sisson, Jerri Wall, Juanifa Esch, Merrilyn Brooks, Marge Sfrouls, Willa Moore. Third Row' Ann Weigers, Joan Lollar, Margarel Findley, Rose Weiqers, Ravenna Hubbard, Edra Sears, Nancy Lollar, Belly Slockfon, Evelyn Bradshaw, Georganna Miller, Shirley Blake, Lois James, Pal Suflon, Faye Plelcher, Kay Jackson, Margaref Walno, Gloria Lewis. ...-:S "' 'Ei' if 1'-I: Y, P1 2: --- I 3.355 ,. -1 -A- ' is-., ,ig - in -' i ,, FRESHMAN DORMITORY MOTHER CONWELL MOTHER FINKBINER Dormilory liie, wilh ils usual iloor meei- ings, check in, check oul syslem, nighrly galherings, and room inspeclion was made more pleasanl 'rhis year by lhe addilion ol a 24-inch lelevision ser and improved laun- dry lacililies including four aulomalic wash- ers and 'rwo aulomaiic dryers. One of The inilial social aclivilies for lhe Fall semesler was lhe Morse l-lall Open OFFICERS-Prudy Scoff, Shirley Bobeclc, Fran Besf, Ollie Bolfin, Rufh Crosby Bealrice Olcuno, Pauline Hall, Hoori Beslraraf. M O R S E H A L L upperclassmen OFFICERS Presicleni' . . . Shirley Bobeclc Barbara Brancll Vice-Presidenl . Pauline Hall Bealrice Hirano Secrefary . . Ollie Bollin Kala Kirkpafrick Treasurer . . Bealrice Olcuna Social Chairmen Shirley Schermerhorn . Prudy ScoH' Rufh Crosby Nellie Rosf Lovella Kueplrer l-louse. The girls 'roolc advanlage of lheir year-old ballroom and game lacililies in enlrerlaining lhe men on campus. Wilh a "Crys'ral Ball" selling, lhe girls and iheir dales danced lo The music ol 'rhe Counls al lhe Winler Formal. A Sl. Palriclcs Day informal parlry, a Spring formal, and a memorable Senior Ban- guel broughl anolher dorm year 'ro a close. RESIDENCE ASSISTANTS-BIG SISTERS 56 i 'NIO U 9 0 nv' MORSE HALL --F if Raw Hoori Besharal, Lois Ann Ericlcson. fff 1 rw TC Row Marilyn Spade, Barbara Oclgcrs, Bonnie Frilz, Mary Parsons, .loan Brolces, Margo De Wilde, Sue Brown, Mary Lou Gordon, Rosellen Slralca, Jo Ann Eley, Alice Galenline. in ia Row Beverly Koege- boehn, Nellie Rosl, Sherrol Sellridge, Anila Dalauesl, Vonna Stoll, Phyllis Gould, Donna Hill, Marilyn Halley, Joyce Niclcoley, Barbara Brandl, Joanna Burgell, Carol Swilzer, Mary Phillips, .loan Sellle, Lavella Derlell, Pal Peak, Dolores Rawlings. MORSE HALL Fifi Row Elizabelh Lamb, Shirley Bobek, Kala Kirkpalrick, Jo Berends, Mary Lou Heydeclcer, Ollie Bollin, Nina Merri- field, Alberla Anderson, Bealrice Olcuna. fefiicnc Raw Beverly Larnberl, Marianna Lehman, Peggy Green, Sylvia Rasmussen, Priscilla Capellan, Carol Slrahan, Pauline Hall, Fran Besl, Lovella Kuepker, Virginia Dillion, Doris Riggs, Mary Probsl, Kalhaleen Aebi, Mabel Tabula. MORSE HALL- -Pwr Row Melba Ernsl, Gloria lgou, Prudy Scoll, Bealrice Hirano, Merriam Wilson, Joyce Holdsworlh, Kay Young, Rulh Crosby, Belly Wurlz. fi-nova Row Cressie Young, Marilyn Day, Vera Shorl, Lea Ann Baker, Kalherine Wilhaus, Edna Sumida, Dolores Lighl, Marjorie Kling, Shirley Schermerhorn, Lou Gibson, Belly Coll, Nadine Rose, Doris Sourk, Doris Ford. alia WINNETASKA-Fronf Row: Lois Amerine, Helen Wafanabe, Joyce Holdsworflv, Grace Thowe, Jo McRae, Lorna McCarfy, Beverly Lam- berf, Rufli Ireland. Second Row: Dorofhy Marlin, Carmen Dressler, Rose Hirschorn, Mary Sfarling, Melba Ernsi, Mary Parclwer, Becky McRae. W I N N E TA S K A llndependenT Womenl OFFICERS Presidenl' .... RuTh Ireland Vice-PresidenT . . Melba ErnsT Secrefary . . Mary Parcher Treasurer . . ElizabeTh McRae OPEN To anyone inTeresTed, WinneTasl4a is The independenT group Tor women. They opened The TirsT semesTer wiTh a geT-ac- guainTed parTy which included a "Sloppy Joe" picnic in Wilson Parlc and a circus, AT meeTings, WinneTaska had several guesT speakers. AT l-lomecoming Time, alum- ni Tound Corky serving "Gorilla Burgers." Following The Homecoming TesTiviTies The Winnies' spare Time was spenT in prepara- Tion Tor The Y-Sing, and Toys were senT To The STaTe Orphans l-lome in ATchison aT ChrisTmas. 58 Spring Tound The girls busy on a proiecT oT malcing scrapboolcs Tor children. An inTor- mal parTy in The Torm oT The annual "Puff Pam Prom" was held. Members and Their daTes were cloThed in The TradiTional "PuTT Pam" cosTumes. RuTh lreland, The Winnies' candida+e Tor Miss Emporia STaTe, gave a rendiTion oT a "TuTTi-FruiTTi." IT symbolized a Typical co- ed's liTe during The week. And, ol course, The happiness Tor The Friday which never seems To come. AT The Penny Carnival where The proceeds go To The CommuniTy ChesT, The sTudenTs had a chance To geT revenge on Their Teach- ers aT The Winnies' Doll Throw. This cerTain- ly wenT over big wiTh all Those sTudenTs who Teel raTher sTrongly abouT some oT Their Teachers. ' 3 ' . 7' 'iffflj Q: 1 -f""QEffii 5 j ,uf 59324 . Wt. ya .',,'Qg' 3- -'S' X1-' ua' f lxgxxlf la Ii: .K ,L 1 -z, il, tips, , I J A-:Q 'of',, ,i'+.'- fff-q,- R '-A-' F . ,ff If N:-.vf1 aw.Qxz:w.SQ ' ' K-XL Vw" 5 Huh nr- ,'t:s' 4. "x a Lg.k '-, Q W .-Eg. 'Qg"rl1g,'C'i',.a+fu- Q, -."S'15 t - fi u -. '-93' '-:Q QD. ',f4f'7"2 any -.'-, f x . N .K KH Q X I 'l I R -.xg A! f ak - ., ,xilny Q XM :' -, 4' . I 1 s ix 4 ry .353 - 'Q ' T QNX V 'x Inks.. '-: vw. -. , . ww V- e f, fi .4', 1 31, ' K N 4-E Hwy ...Z-'A 1 Q - - "-SeffQ.f.5fff,v .,?Q v "' Q 1 -- 'Q 3:1 A ' "A" , 9',p?'m Q. ' . 1154 , 1 J" I .U I 5' 'E 1' 1.0" 0' 4 I Azfwiaff , 4 'f'f 4 - g iffilfff . -, w, 4, .ap 4, ,., ,. 1. . ,QQI :F , V- - ' ' 1. x Q, V 4-, I. ,F f f ,, f ,Q W zz-5 e I , 1 ',,.....,q--.. -..4- Mag.-.QL-..- 'nb'--sv 'Q-.1'nf QfeL4 ' 3 . r 1 I Q. l is W., f ,f 1, f, -.4--.-..... 1 avi' . wif? I . : , P , -,., , . 5 , 5 Q.: 'F .f Q 951' 1 ...LMP--. 45 -ln-Q ,f"' A . ,Q VV! . . MARRIAGE COUNSELOR POPENOE INFORMALLY WITH INGWERSON winfer is here Winfer came in wifh all ifs glory, fhough apparenfly if wenf unnoficed on campus. Wifh fhe firsf weelcs, however, came a visif from marriage counselor Popenoe who ren- dered a few words fo fhe wise, sfressing insfifufions, wifh special emphasis on fhe family. officials puf fo fesf Norfhwesf Glclahoma scored a hif and fhe audience scored fhe officials in a close con- fesf. Feafured in fhe Chrisfmas concerf fhe following weelc were 75 blended voices ac- companied by a sfring ensemble and a brass guarfef. Thus, fhe holiday season began and parfies and fesfivifies were soon fo follow. fhe bowery, fhe bowery Prior fo fhis, however, was fhe Telce fradi- fional blasf, fhe Bowery, which revived fhe "roaring fwenfies" down fo fhe lasf flapper. sweepsfakes on fhe menu for debafers Amid fhis confusion, veferan debafers leff fhe home field for fheir annual fhree-day Ada frip and came home wifh fhe sweep- sfalces. Pi Kaps enferfained fheir dafes wifh "Balloons in fhe Snow" as fheir winfer formal fheme and fhe fun had by all was nof de- bafable. Af fhis fime, if was rumored fhaf The lnnocenfs were falcing up residence in fhe Audiforium and would soon come ouf in fhe open. TKEs PARTY AT THE BOWERY 60 TRI SIG TOYLAND foyland reproduced Alpha Sigs and Tri Sigs opened The winTer season Tormally aT The CounTry Club, buT ran compeTiTion wiTh oThers Tor The same daTes. Tri Sigs welcomed daTes and spon- sors To "Toyland" and called on pledge TalenT To presenT "SanTa's Toy Shop." Alpha Sigs sponsored TradiTional "Snowball" and presenTed each guesT wiTh a brimful sToclcs ing Tilled wiTh goodies and ThoughTTul re- minders oT Their personaliTies. corn popping The fashion l:aculTy Tiresides began wiTh Tallcs spon- sored by lnTer-l:aiTh Council, in an eTTorT To acguainT sTudenTs wiTh The man on The oTher side oT The Tence. EnTerTainmenT such as corn popping was suggesTed and The TaculTy seemed eager To comply. elecfion fime for junior class The iunior class meT To choose a new leader caused by The absence oT Council! member PaT Kramm and in anTicipaTion oT The coming elecTion. smugglers, incorporafed ThoughTs were on ChrisTmas giTTs To be smuggled Trom a college allowance, wom- en's inTramurals wenT inside Tor The winTer, and all began To dream oT a whiTe ChrisTmas. ALPHA SIGS ENTERTAIN AT SNOWBALL AT COUNTRY CLUB WINTER FANTASY WITH SIG TAUS 61 Alpha Taus lake sleigh ricle Nol learing a cold winler breeze, Alpha Taus wenl sleighing lo lhe Lillle Ballroom lor lheir winler pledge lormal. Al lhe same lime, Sig Taus drilled inlo "Winler Fanlasyu and danced around a huge snowman. Chrisfmas comes early Dinners were held al lhe various houses honoring members al some and molhers al olhers. Della Sigs and Alpha Taus worked in lwo rush parlies, wilh lhe lormer al WAYNE WILLIAMS AND NORMA NEFF CAUGHT UNDER MISTLETOE AT AL- FHA TAU FORMAL "Overllow Inn" and lhe laller al a prison parly. holiday fourney af Hufchinson Emporia lrelclced lo big-lime compelilion wilh Wichila and preparalions were made lor lhe vacalion invilalional al Hulchinson. Y-Sing gives firsf real Chrisfmas fouch The annual Y-Sing broughl a hush ol seri- ousness over lhe crowd as social organiza- lions mel lo exchange lunelul lhoughls ol ALPHA TAUS, SIG TAUS FORMALIZE AT WINTER PARTY 62 .gm-r TRI SIGS AND DATES GAB AT FORMAL Chrisfmas and ioin in fradifional carols. Wifh fhis evenf, all realized fhe full Chrisf- mas spirif. Sig Ep swing and sway Sig Eps swayed af fheir annual pledge "Swing" af fhe Broadview, wifh pledges en- ferfaining in high sfyle while fhe Phi Sigs chose fhe Civic Audiforium for fhe scene of fheir formal. finals give cold shoulder lvlasfer of ceremonies Don Cannon pro- vided unigue enferfainmenf af fhe Sig Ep Chrisfmas dinner wifh an adapfafion of "The SIG EPS GET IN THE SWING AT THE BROADVIEW Nighf Before Chrisfmasn based on his life in fhe Navy and fhe final exam schedule an- nouncemenf cooled holiday spirifs. Fiedler fo Council posf Jack Fiedler was elecfed fo fhe vacanf Sfudenf Council posf while preparafions were made for fhe Chrisfmas convo and dis- missing of classes. exif hasfened Commencemenf dafe was moved up a week in order fo hasfen fhe exif of fhe seniors and fhey were promised fhe absence of finals if agreeable wifh insfrucfors. SANTA A FAVORITE AT SIG EP CHRISTMAS DIN- NER 63 HOODED CHORUS IN PRE-CHRISTMAS CAROL The Innocenfs porfrayecl ln The midsT oT a dimly liT sTage, Tour members oT The DramaTic:s DeparTmenT ITwo who never uTTered a wordl borrowed Two lab school sTudenTs and creaTed an unearTh- ly aTmosphere as a seTTing Tor "The lnno- c:enTs." chimes carol good news fo all Carollng chimes announced The nearing oT ChrIsTmas, dec:oraTions glowed proTusely on campus Trees and aTop The AdminisTra- Tion building and The laboraTory school chorus added an inside Touch To The ChrisT- mas senTimenTs by singing in The roTunda beTween classes. Chrisfmas convo ends all FeaTured In The ChrisTmas convo were The members oT Treble CleT3 Rev. Moreland, 64 PHYLLIS GOULD AND ANNE ROGERS . . . MYS- TIC SCENE OF THE INNO- CENTS TREBLE CLEF STARS AT CHRISTMAS CONYO who iold Jrhe Chrislrmas sroryg Mrs. Ives' carolersy and Dr. King, who announced ihalr vacaiion would begin irnmedialrely following. lighfs ouf Faiigued slrudenis packed suilcases, re- cenlly unpacked from Thanksgiving vacalion and ven'rured home lor a well-deserved +wo- week resl, splalfered wilrh holiday parlies, lun, sludying. presenls, and general caich- ing up. Cupid sefs record Cupid soon sei iis record wi+h lovely sparklers unwrapped from insigniiicanhlook- ing parcels and recipienis became eager io reiurn To show all. resolved Already New Year's resolulrions were be- ing kicked around ancl Jrried on for size, while old Kellogg library wirnessed daily vis- ilors eyeing ils disappearance. clebuf for cinemascope Cinemascope made iis debul in Emporia in "The Robe" and debaiers wenlr To Win- field as a follow-up lo fheir Ada lournamenr. AUDIENCE REACTION SOLEMN FOR GLAD TID- INGS 65 PARLEY-VO US OF BASKETBALL? holiday fourneys lvlid-vacalioners iourneyed lo l-lulchinson lo see lhe l'lornels play in lhe second annual CIC holiday lourney, only lailing lo see lhem beller lheir previous record ol sixlh place. The lollowing weelc broughl lans lo Ol- lawa lor lhe Kiwanis lournamenl where lhey wilnessed a one-loss, one-win round. ineligible Joe a blow As a resull ol an anonymous lip during lhese lournamenls, E-Slale's baskelball chances sullered a blow when Joe Sline was declared lemporarily ineligible lor college compelilion aller lalcing parl in a local lournamenl lasl spring. roolers pull fhrough A CIC-wide poll was lalsen concerning lu- lure games lor Sline, and loyal roolers pulled hard belore a "yes" vole was given allowing us lo lceep our raling earned when he played. wlzadjegef for Chrisfmas? Amidsl lhe buslle ol relurning, modeling new clolhes, and brealhlessly reileraling va- calion doings, Tri Sigs scurried around in lime lor a rush parly cenlered around vaudeville acls belore sellling down lo classes. long ago ancl far away All checked calendar and lound il was a long lime 'lil Easler, bul decided lo malce lhe mosl ol lhe New Year, as lillla l-lanlcins so ably displayed ils possibililies. VIGOLA, GOFF, AND PLATT CLOWN FOR RUSH PARTY VILLAIN DAVIS AND BASHFUL KIPPENBERGER HAPPY NEW YEAR! finals, sfucly, and quief prevail l-lardly had classes resumed when finals were in lhe oiling, which meanl a lol of review and hilling lhe books. lvlosl com- plied, however, and were eager io sfarlr anew in anolher course. or Jrry lhis one again. FINAL FRENZY AND FRUS- TRATION FOR GAYER AND GERLEMAN whaf CI line Enrollmenl signified a shorl ihree-day va- caiion wilh Rush Week squeezed in, buf if also meanl Jrhe usual lining up ai deparlmenl and checking slands and Jrhe final fee-pay- ing. The vacaiion mood was rafher slabi- ENGLISH LINE-UP . . . EAGER FOR CLASSES LET'S TRY THE SHORT FORM NEXT YEAR 68 rf 1 if u"'?2a.. lized and many lound lhe daily rouline ol classes ralher boring. summer fo be quife cl session Aller a preliminary round ol discussion on a 9-3, 6-6 plan ol division, sludemrs voiced Jrheir opinion on The lenglh ol The summer session. ln spire of This, The rwo six-weelc plans were ser up and McGill was appoinled direclor. round robin Girls' baslrelball began wilh a round robin and ended wirh Morse l-lall lndependenl slepping info lhe lop posirion by winning a final decision over lhe New Dorm. Phi Sigs vicfors in boys' baskefball Boys' inrramural baslcerball league proved lo be an undispuled conlesl when The Phi Sigs challced up a Three-win, no-loss record lor lhe season, wi+h lhe Sig Eps lrailing. Sunflowers for publicify Taking pily on Jrhe depleled budgel ol The Sunllower slall, Jrhe adminislralion gra- ciously condescended lo lhe purchase ol l4O annuals lo be dislribuled as a publicily venlure lo high schools lhroughoul Kansas. SOUTHWESTERN DO WN5 EMFORIA CROWNED AKL PLEDGE PRINCESS-MARILYN McGlLL Emporia - Rockhursf Skill exhilaraled over supremacy shown in an earlier game wilh Rockhursl, lhe E-Slale llishmen encounlerecl Jrhe Kansas Cily guin- Jrel lor lhe second lime, lo edge lhem our by only rhree poinrs. "Mufiny" hifs big-fime Aller a preview in Emporia, il was learned Jrhal Hodialc and Fonda loolc 'rheir play lo Jrhe big ci'ry lor a seasonal run. Good luclcl anficipafe infernafional week-end Language sludenls mel over union collee lo discuss plans for an inlernalional week- end lor foreign sludenls ol lhe midwesl. ll NON-CIC TILT WITH ROCKHURST DELTA SIGS, AKLs WINTER FORMALS was designed as a workshop To discuss prob- lems and advanTages oT schooling in a Tor- eign counTry. AssignmenT oT "buddies" compleTed Their plans and The daTe was seT Tor early March. rain, rain, rain Long-packed raincoaTs were dusTed oTT wiTh The hope oT a relieT To The waTer shorT- age in Emporia, buT hopes dwindled aTTer several weelcs oT warm, summer days wiTh only dry sprinlcles oT cool breezes. clofhing, foods, educafion Once again classes came inTo The lime- lighT wiTh escape impossible. as homemalcers discussed sewing problems and coolcing Tail- ures and educaTion maiors began Tallcing in Terms oT moTor acTiyiTy, creaTiveness, and language arTs. iT's liable To be libel Aspiring reporTers learned The seriousness oT libel and vowed To check Their sTaTemenTs and psychologisTs assisTed in The TesTing pro- COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN AFFAIRS SETS FIRST PLANS FOR INTERNATION- AL WEEK-END 70 CHEMISTRY, PRACTICE TEACHING, INDUSTRIAL ARTS-FULL DAY gram oT The lab school. professional programs added Three new proTessional programs on The graduaTe level were announced by Dr. EaTon, The graduaTe direcTor in educaTion lThe MasTer-Teacher degreel, Physical EducaTion Tor Women, and ArT. The TirsT degree was designed Tor Those desiring a masTer's de- gree, buT noT aiming aT adminisTraTive posi- Tions. SOCIAL SCIENTISTS FIND IT'S ON THE MAP 'wo - " :il '. rw . '- ra .1 .5 SOBKE, DORST SEW A FINE SEAM The remaining programs were designed as a sTep in TosTering The graduaTe program in Their respecTive deparTmenTs. coordinafor fo campus Dr. Gordon STone oT The NorTh CenTral AssociaTion was on campus Tor Two days as parT oT The annual evaluaTion program. T-le complied by giving E-STaTe an ouTsTanding raTing and commenTed on The secure aT- mosphere mainTained on The campus. 71 PI KAP TOYLAND . . . WILSON POURING fhaf is The quesfion Once again came up The guesTion oT Pan- l-lel rules-To break or noT To break. Room- maTes became non-speakers and rushees and acTives alike guesTioned The silenT period and cerTainly disagreed wiTh The provision in small prinT saying no daTes. babies clay Rushees were subiecTed To parTies revolv- ing around childhood and acTives easily Took The opporTuniTy To reverT. play by play descripfion Alpha Sigs exTended a warm welcome and served guesTs cokes equipped wiTh nipples and Alpha Taus named Their baby Theme Toyland wiTh reTreshmenTs served on comic books. fake our hand in Candyland DelTa Sigs swiTched a word and called Their parTy Candyland and appropriaTely in- cluded was The PeanuT Frolic. HH Parade favorifes-Tri Sigs Tri Sigs Tavored miniaTure records aT a l-liT Parade, and aT The close oT The week, Alpha Taus Topped all in number. ALPHA SIG BABIES . . . ALPHA TAU TRIO . . . DELTA SIG INTIMATE lax week Frarernilies were rarher lax a week laier when scheduling rheir Three days ol parries. since mid-semesrer rushing had sarisfied bolh rhe desires of earlier rushees and ac- 'rivesp however, lhe AKL's added rhree new members io lheir rolls as did ihe Telces ailer a slag parly ar 'rhe house. Phi Sigs, Sig Taus pledge six Phi Sigs sponsored a dare dance ar Jrhe Blue Siem and pledged six as a resull and RUSHEES, ACTIYES R E L A X A T T K E H O U S E F O R A ROUND OF JOKES rhe Sig Taus followed Their pariern wiih an addiiion oi six. also. undecided now Ailer rhe final pledging service, Greek men were undecided as +o lhe success of mid-semeslrer rushing. Possibly il will be pul' io anolher lesl. free frade-negafive and affirmafive An exhibirion debale wirh Jrhe Universiiy of Missouri presenlred bolh sides of ihe free COMBO ACTION AT PHI SIG RUSH SESSION 73 TRENT, JOHNSTON SHAKE WITH MISSOURI AFTER FREE TRADE EXHIBIT frade confroversy wi+h E-Slale represenfed Enrollmenl was down a lirlle wifh a de- by Bessie Johnslon and Jim Trenl ai a Tues- crease of 76. and plans were made To do a day Convocarion. lilrlle spring recruifing. lef's have anofher commiffee addifional leaders announced A+ fhe same lime, announcemenl was Xi Phi elecfed and inilialed six new made of lhe appoinrrnenl of Jrwo campus pledges who obligingly enlerlained, having planning cornrnilfees To be headed by new- been given well-chosen suggeslions. Ob- man-on-campus, Fred l-loene, as chief co- viously, help was needed in planning lhe An- ordinalor. Prediciion Ewell soon need a niversary Ball, or polrenfial leadership need- commillee lo sludy commilfees. ed a lirlle prornoring. ROTUNDA GATHERING PRECEDES CONVO L7'iK'x 74 Xl PHI PLEDGES CLOWN AT INITIATION DINNER nof long now lnlerviewing began, prospecls loolced good lor Fall leacliing, and a new sel ol recruils enlered llie praclice lield on lab- oralory sclwool sludenls. Filipinos sfudy leaching meflvocls A welcoming band was exlended lo lour islanders wlno were lo be on campus lor a semesler lo discover U S leaclling melliods al close range. Arneff funcl esfablished Dr. Claude Arnell announced a new scliolarslwip lo be presenled in memory ol llieir son lo a deserving sludenl desirous ol maioring in social science. upsef, fhen reverse E-Slale upsel lavored Forl l-lays Tigers aller selling a lasl pace only lo slow up wlwen pilled againsl Pillsburg. lvloral ol lliis slory-even l-lornels gel slung. Along willi llweir visil came scandal aboul one player being paid SIOO lo play, llien nol enrolling. plans sel for Valenline formal Combined ellorls ol all sororilies pro- duced llne malcings ol llwe Pan l-lellenic Val- online lormal wlwicb was lo be only a weelc laler, and llwe l-larrielle Gray company sur- prised all by presenling a layman's version ol modern dance. HOSKINGS TRIES . . . HAYS STANDS BY 75 somefhing new on fhe parfy line Sfuolenf Council sponsored wlwal llwey lerrnecl a "clillerenl" all-sclwool barry wiiln lmiglwliglwls being Two floor snows, coniinuous serving ol relreslimenis, and 'fables encir- cling llwe Clance floor To give il The big ci'ry loolc. Enlerlainmenl seemecl 'ro be of llie lcnoclc-down, clrag-oul variely al llie I IZOO slwow by llie Alplia Tous. parf of all-ferm profecf These class-sponsored perlies were perl of an all-Term proiecl ol The Siudenl Coun- cil in an ellorl lo increase flue recrealion lacililies ol Emporia and To encourage slu- clenls lo spend llweir weelc-ends in Emporia. 76 ALPHA TAUS PRESENT MODERN VER- SION OF DRAGNET . . . KNOCK DOWN, DRAG OUT BETWEEN DANCES ALL SCHOOL DANCE AAUW fea The women Universily club members played hosless lo The gradualing senior women of lhe College of Emporia and Em- poria Slale al a formal lea held ar Dunlop l-lall in an eliorl lo encourage membership in lheir worldewide organizalion and lo pre- senl a run-down ol ils hislory. march of dimes ln an eliorl lo malce money for conlribu- lions lo The March ol Dimes, Jrhe Sludenl Council sponsored a free dance wilh dona- lions lalcen by smiling Council members al mid-way ol lhe evening. Resulls-an inex- pensive evening and a generous fund lor lhe polio drive. inexperienced, buf loud The Phi Sig pep band was on hand al many baslcelball games lo encourage fans and il was obvious lhal lhese games mighl have resembled a Sunday service, if noi lor The noisy buclcels, pans, and cow bells pro- vided by lhe Phi Sigs. Cccasionally, lhe peppy combo loolc over lhe place of our own varsily band in slimulaling school spiril. WASHBURN VS. EMFORIA rr .R LYONS, DIMES COLLECTOR All in all, lhe ellecl was good and we were noi plagued wilh iuicy edilorials from Jrhe local newspaper. movie convos rafed Movie convocalions mainlained lheir high calibre raling wilh main allraclions being "Donovan's Brain" and French-born "Toe paze" billed al Jrhe Granada. PHI SIG ROOTERS ON HAND 77 HEARTY ATTRACTION WITH CLOSE-UP OF MILLER AND HOMAN AT PAN HEL DANCE hearfs win The climax To painsTalcing plans Tound sororiTy represenTaTives dancing To The Tunes oT The CounTs amid large elaboraTe hearTs aT Their cusTomary ValenTine Tormal. Some were "caughT in The acT" as Cupid was an early comer aT This parTy in his honor. Keep- ing The season well in mind, They chose "SweeThearT Swing" as Their Theme. new faces make firsf appearance Five new Taces were added To The TaculTy To Till-in during The absence oT regulars who beaT The bushes. JEHLE DIPS: WIN- TERS, FIEDLER, SWIERCINSKY, SCRIVEN PUZZLED OVER PUNCH x Yqb.',,y O' - Q , .Q wyfk. cg'-ff? ss. A sich gi, sa 78 A ,, union TV The Union gained populariTy wiTh The ad- diTion oT a new 24-inch Television seT and The promise oT anoTher Tor The l-lorneTs NesT in The Spring. Branclf, Rufz fake over gavel Leading a dormTul oT lively girls seems To be guiTe a iob, buT well-chosen Barbara BrandT and Margie RuT1 assumed The duTies. high school choir makes a hif STopping over Trom an exTensive Tour oT The mid-WesT, The choir oT Abilene, Texas, SPIRITUAL QUARTET OF ABILENE CHOIR AWED AND APPLAUDED high school presenTed a surprisingly proTes- sional program oT religious and non-secular numbers. All aTTending were reasonably im- pressed by Their perTormance. Sig Eps Tollowed close behind wiTh an in- Tormal dancing parTy aT The house wiTh Jaclc Bi-enTon as masTer. Ief's go fo Hays ln anTicipaTion oT an exciTing game aT PERFORMING WALDRON IN SPOTLIGHT Waldron in recifal Climaxing a Tour-year sTrain oT music courses, PaT Waldron made her reciTal debuT and was honored by SAI sisTers wiTh a recepTion. informals fill week-encI The Tollowing week-end, houses wenT in- Tormal To simple geT-TogeThers, wiTh AKl.s enTerTaining aT home and Ivlu Eps guesTing Pi Kaps Tor an evening oT dancing. T-lays, enThusiasTic supporTers insTigaTed plans To charTer a bus, buT lack oT school spiriT puT a damper on Their plans and The Team laclced supporT. raid af Mu Ep house ParTy goers were caughT by The camera, wiTh a rummy Table aT The AKL house being a good subiecT, and a raid on The ice box aT The Mu Ep house seemed To be a preTTy good idea, Too. MU EPS DANCEABLE HOUSE PARTY 79 LOOKS LIKE AN AKL RUMMY Miss E-Sfafe confesf announced fXnnouncemenT was made oT a repeaT per- Tormance of The Miss Emporia STaTe conTesT inauguraTed lasT Spring To give honor To The Typical campus coed. winner To be relays queen canclidafe A convocaTion was scheduled Tor The mid- dle oT March, when candidaTes would be presenTed and The "lucky girl" would be chosen To represenT her college aT The Drake Relays and also be named oTTicial SunTlower gueen. THE ATTACK IS ON . . . VICTIM, MU EP ICEBOX 0 N iris' T. BQ I 5 V I 5, N9 ' 80 famed cluo presenfs recifal WhiTTemore and Lowe, Tamous New York duo-pianisTs, presenTed a varied program in- cluding classic and romanTic selecTions and delved a liTTle inTo modern classics in a con- cerT in AlberT Taylor l-lall. They gave Em- porians one oT The ouTsTanding musical TreaTs oT The year. MosT amazing To onlookers was Their pre- cision and Timing. ATTer several encores, CUPID OVERSEES SIG EP HOUSE PARTY They made Their exiT and a relucTanT au- dience wenT away pleased. socially speaking Along The social line, Phi Sigs celebraTed Tounders day wiTh The founder of Their local chapTer as Their guesT and a loeneTiT bridge was proposed by The DelTa Sigs. scrabble-a rage or a puzzle Scrabble, whaTever iT is, seemed To edge in on bridge and canasTa naTionwide, buT as oT yeT, iT hasn'T invaded The peace and guieT oT The Union. TKEs WELCOME COFFEE HOUR AND ALPHA SIGS FOR RELAXING HOUR infroducing The coffee hour Talcing a Cue Trom uniyersiTy QhapTers, Telces inTroduced The Friday aTTernoon c:oT- Tee hour by weelqly inviTaTions To sororiTies Tor a suc:cessTul hour oT gab. soufhern pride in The raw WiTh The SouTh realisTically reproduced, playgoers were enTerTained in a diTTerenT manner wi+h The Tragic sTory oT a well-esTab- lished SouThern planTaTion Tamily who Teebly Try To masquerade Their poverTy. ln an eTTorT To regain Their wealTh, They ploTTed TogeTher, buT individual greed led To Their downTall and desTruc:Tion. ProTes- sional lighTing and eTTecTive sTage seTTing, and appropriaTe cosTumes added The need- ed Touch Tor The SouThern arisTocraTiC aT- mosphere necessary in The produdion oT Lillian l-lellman's "The l.iTTle Foxes." ROBERTS, TEMPLE, MATHENY TENSED FOR TRAGIC LITTLE FOXES 81 OMAHA, SOUTHWESTERN BATTLES Indians surprised by E-Sfafe The only surprise ol lhe year came when EvS+ale hosled lhe Qmaha lndians in a non- conlerenco Till and scored a win by rwelye poinls. No lealher in our hal, buf il was good praolice and gave a wee bil ol hope lor Jrhe coming lwo conference garnes. l-loweyer, hope dwindled airer Sourhwesrern challsed up a scorelul nine winning poinls and lhe gong rang. if's clark in here Thai was The linale ol CUC conierence baslcelball for lhis year and E-Slale mourned dying hope by claiming cellar righls. As an alrerlhoughl, ir should be menlioned lor The record Thar Wichila Uniyersily did all righl, loo. DELTA SIGS, SIG EPS EXCHANGE FOR AN EVENING --i?vfr' ., 82 . 43. fix ,, hinf of Spring sporfs DusTy helmeTs were aT once donned Tor Spring TooTball in an eTTorT To cover-up Tor The sad raTing in baskeTball and The candi- daTes meT Tor Track and Tennis work-ouTs and hopeTul puTTers venTured ouT on The greens. delinquency discussed and disgusfing Denver's Honorable Gulliam, judge oT a iuvenile courT, was guesT speaker during In- TernaTional Week-End and aTTer an hilarious Talk sprinkled wiTh sly grins announcing an approaching ioke, was voTed unanimously as The ouTsTanding enTerTainer oT The year. speaker hailed, buf nof foo informafive Only disappoinTing TeaTure oT C5ulliam's ,ia - AMERINE VIEWED IN GROUP ACTION appearance was The TacT ThaT he was spon- sored by The CiTizenship EducaTion ProiecT To give Emporia sTudenTs an insighT To The problem oT iuvenile delinquency, buT he only gave a Tew well-worn iokes. l-lowever, in The gab sessions ThaT Tollowed, he did explain The seriousness oT The problem. nafional and local problems sfudied, foo Also included in The lnTernaTional program was a represenTaTive oT The FBI, who pre- senTed The problem on The naTional scale and The local iudge who presenTed views on our own problem here in Emporia. CulminaT- JUDGE GULLIAM ENLIGHTENS AT SEMINAR ing The week-end was a round Table discus- sion, a business meeTing, and a luncheon bangueT. winfer closes The door When WinTer came To a close, pracTice Teaching was in Tull swing, classes were here To sTay, Singing Bee pracTices began and seemed "Time," Think week was around The corner, prospecTs oT a ROTC uniT were rumored, and commencemenT and Tinals drew near. Thus, guieTly, WinTer puT away childish Things, lived and died, and gave way To a welcome TuTure. HOCKETT PUTS ON FINISHING TOUCHES 83 1: EY J FXRST RCW 7 1 Kafhaleen Aebi .... Enlerprise J -I Mary Jo Agrelius . . LiHle Falls, N. Y. Richard Lee Albin .... Wilsey Alber+a Romaine Anderson . . Ufica c Q W . , , SECOND Row in I Kay Anderson ..... Thrall i f'- I h ,, 51" A WilleHa Anlhony . . Kansas Cify, Mo. i Barbara Balcer . . . Topelca Lea Ann Baker . Muncie uv 1 , J 6 .5 THHQD Row 1 5 -- , 1, I Donna Arlene Bell .... Buclclin ' W' ., r 5 Jo Berends . . . Garden Cify ' '71 Hoori Besharal Tehran, Iran ,, ' :U Fran Bes+ . . Hazel+on f .,., ' 'V FOURTH Row L Lf' f - if il ' 4 P 'f Richard Bliss . . . . Beloi+ H -yilldi W ' T Shirley Bobeclc . . Caldwell '75 ' ,jg ' Virginia Bohn . Alma ' , ""1 ' '-"Lili, I C Ollie Bolfin Russell '11 W, fi " li Q I Q5 ci-' FIFTH Row 7 ' 5 . rf fr N ' l ig -41 'ff ' ' Jim Brandi' . . . Florence , l 3: V Roberl L. Browne . . S+. Marys X , 2, " .,,, X Joanna BurgeH' .... Burlingfon ' z Charles Ferral Campbell . Michigan Valley OFFICERS-Doug Lyon, Presidenf: Karol Papes, Vice-Presiclenfp Sharon Winfers, Secrefary-Treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL-Jim Sharp, Kay Sclvliclwfer, Larry Wall. sophomores FXRST ROW Donald E. Cannon . LoreHa Mae Carlson Shirley Carson . . . . Emporia . . Council Grove . Council Grove Wayne S. Childs . . . Elmdale SECOND ROW Donald Ralph Coffee . . Hufchinson Gene J. Creyaufmiller . Floral Park, N. Y. Donna Cromwell . . . Sedan Rulh Crosby . . . . Ashland THIRD ROW Richard L. Davis . Ewell L. Dawson . Merrill Rae Declc . Lave'Ha Marie Derfelr . . . Emporia . . . . Lebo . . . Pro+ec+ion . Coffonwood Falls FOURTH ROW C. W. De'Hmer . Rosalie Diclcle . Virginia May Dillon CarloHa Dorsf . FIFTH B. Dianne Dow . . Donna Duncan . Marfha Elaine Dwelle Mary Ann Dyer . SIXTH Philip A. Emer . Lois Anne Ericrson . Melba Lou Ernsf . Lawrence Dee Eudaley SEVENT Leonard Lee Eudaley Joyce Evans . . BeH'y Lou Ficlc . . Harry Warren Firfh . . . . Emporia . . Olpe . Garden Ci+y . . Olafhe ROW . . . Caney . . Americus . Emporia . Emporia ROW . . . Humboldi' . Leona Americus Wichila H ROW Wichila . Lyons . Newron . Mission EIGHTH ROW William Donald Forresfer . . Bonnie Frifz . . Barbara Gayer . . Jess Gibson . Emporia . Silver Lake . McPherson . Emporia G i Af T -'R gin! 'NJ 'W K Q Fam 1 'P J sophomores FIRST ROW Louise Gibson .... Hufchinson Juanifa Gilleffe Homewood Phyllis Gould . . Greal' Bend Peggy Green . . Burlingfon SECOND ROW lrene Marie Groh .... Emporia Pafricia Ann Habig . . Marysville Kennefh Harsha . . . Lakin Amelia Harfman . Lecomplon THIRD ROW Richard Hawk . Darrell N. Hedrick Sandra Hedrick . Marjorie Henson . . . Osawafomie . . Emporia . . Emporia . Overland Park FOURTH ROW Charles Floyd Hobbs . . . Emporia BeH'y Hochman . . Ellswor'l'h Ann Hoffmans . . Emporia Bernard Allen Hogan . . Humboldl FIFTH ROW Gary Hogue . Joyce Holdsworlh Harold R. Hosey Clair Hu+chinson . . Council Grove . . . Chapman Medicine Lodge . . Delavan SIXTH ROW Ada Jane Jacobs . Jacque Jensen . . . . Emporia . . . Emporia Chesler Curfis Johnson . Emporia Eldon R. Kadel . . Americus SEVENTH ROW Jerry Kelley .... Kansas Ci+y Be'H'y Kirk . . Kala Sue Kirkparrick John Kloefkorn . . . . . Bucklin . . Council Grove . . . A'H'ica EIG-I-ITI-I ROW Bonnie Knapp . . . . Oxford Beverly Anne Koegeboehn . . Elmdale Alvin John Koops Shirley Ann Kowalski . . . Downs . . Emporia sophomores EXRST ROW Lovella Kueplcer . . Elizabelh Lamb . Kelsay Laurel Lamb Beverly Lamber+ . SECOND ROW Jean Lane . . . Ronald J. Larlcin . . Be+'re Joan Laulerbach . Marianna Lehman . Ti-HRD ROW Geor eLes agnard g p . . Phyllis Levieux . . Beffy Ann Lewiclc Major Lincoln . FOURTH ROW Dan Livingslon . . . Carole Logan . Phillips, Tex. Hiawalha . Buclclin Cedar Poinf . Holfon Florence Clearwaler . Carl+on Cedar Poin+ . Eureka . Lincoln Emporia Kansas Cify Kansas Cify Eslher Lulhro Emporia Douglas Lyon Chapman FXFTH ROW Carol Lys+er . . . . Emporia Sfanley Marshall . . Eureka George L. Marsfall . S+. Marys Gaye Marlin . Geneseo SIXTH ROW Elizabe+h J. McRae . . Heringfon Nina Merrifield . . Virgil Donna Merwin . . Emporia Floyd Mefzger . . Council Grove SEVENTH ROW Marcine Myers .... Wellingfon Marilyn Naylor . . Emporia Norma Neff . . Yafes Cenfer Bill Nicholas . . Emporia ElGHTH ROW Joyce Niclcoley . . . Alfa Vis+a Barbara Odgers . . Salina Jean lrene Olfmanns . . Moundridge Mary Jo Ormsby . . Emporia sophomores FIRST ROW Karol Papes . . Wallace Pafierson . Mona Dee Pelers Lela Phillips . SECOND ROW Sherry Purlxey . . Sylvia Rasmussen . . Dolores Rawlings . Mary E. Realca . THIRD ROW Calherine Reber . . David J. Reffiger . Joanne Ru'l'h Robinson . Louis Robinson . FOURTH ROW Myrna Robrahn . Nadine Rose . . . Leon James Sallerfield . Gerald Saunders . FIFTH ROW Lee Schaich . . . Shirley Schermerhorn . Kay Schlichler . Vonna ScoH . SIXTH ROW Joan Sellle .... Jim Sharp . Vera Shorl' . Ronnie Sibbell . SEVENTH ROW Peggy Slemp lvan Smi'l'h . . Lorna Lou Smi+h . . Roberf LeRoy Smi'l'h . EIGHTH ROW Shirley Smilh . . . Helen M. Snavely . . Doris Sourlr . . John Sparlre . s s - . . . Walceeney Augusla . Lyons Emporia . Bloomdale, Ohio Council Grove Tonganoxie Bushong . Newlon Sfrong Cify . Reading . Downs . Lalcin Tonganoxie . Plains . Downs Washingfon . Olalhe Emporia . Emporia Kingman . Eureka Hamilfon Proleclion . Moscow . Horlon Emporia Marysville . Emporia Vermillion . Goff . Lewis sophomores FIRST ROW Jaycle Spreclcer .... Wilsey H. Jean Sfine . . Kansas Cify Lloyd Slone . . Sylvia Jean D. Sfory . Emporia SECOND ROW Rosellen Sfralca . . . McPherson Pal Swiercinslcy .... Belleville Carol Ann Swiher . Gridle Melvin Tawney . . Ogallah THXRD ROW Delores Temple .... Newfon Carol Unger . . . Lawrence Mariorie Van Gundy . . Emporia Dorofhy Van Horn . . Osage Cify FOURTH ROW Roberl' James Verschelden . . S+. Marys Larry L. Wall .... Marysville Jack Wesf .... Council Grove Kafhryn Willhaus . . . Sferling FIFTH ROW Cecil Wayne Williams . . Marysville Jerry Thomas Williams . . Kansas Cify Sharon Kaye Winfers . Glasco is JUNIORS FIRST ROW Claron Adams . . Garnefl Belva Ames . . Emporia Twila Anderson . Ulysses Aubrey Bailey . . Emporia SECOND ROW Junior Baslin . . . Elmdale William Baleman . Kansas Cily, Mo. Jerry Bedner . . . Emporia William Bloomer . . Lebanon THIRD ROW Carolyn Bocoolc . Malfield Green Mary Jane Bollerweclc . Newlon Barbara Brandl' . . Newlon Jeanine Bunge . . Topeka FOURTH ROW Arliss Burns .... Kiowa Mary Lou Canly . . Buffalo Claylon Carlson . Council Grove Carolyn Carmichael . Dodge Cily FIFTH ROW William Chrislian . . . Lane Janel' Cline . . Emporia John Couch . . Emporia Joanne Crismas . . Howard SIXTH ROW John DeHoff . . Council Grove Millard Denny . . Burlingame William Dudley . . Clay Cenler John Fiedler . New Hyde Park, N. Y. SEVENTH ROW Leona Fischer . . . Seward Ernie Frinl' . . Belleville Ollo Fuls . . Emporia Jane Goff . . Emporia 90 6: OFFICERS-Ruflv Sfofon, Vice-Presiclenf: Ray Kolling, Presidenf: STUDENT COUNCIL-Jack Fiedler, Marqaref Rose, Velma Viefs, Secrefary. Darrell Whisfler. iuniors Joyce Griffilli . . Burlingfon 5 William Hamble . . Emporia Wilmer Harvey . Kansas Cily, Mo. . , 2 Lolela Hess . Hiawalha in SECOND ROV! Donna Hill . . Arlcansas Cily Viclor Hoffman . Hoisinglon Carl Hoffmans . Emporia Rufh Ireland . . Florence THIRD ROW Roberr Jesler . . Kansas Cily Melvin Johnson . . Cassoday Laura Keele . . Edwardsville Ann Kennedy . . Emporia 5 FOURTH ROW Seiyu Kinjo . Takamine, Okinawa Marjorie Kling . . Howard Ray Kolling . . Abilene .t Dolores Ligl1'r . . Buslwlon 115,51 . 13 iuni OTS FIRST ROW Kennelh Long . Phyllis Markley . Pa'l'ricia McClanahan . Jerre McComas Emporia Lyndon Shawnee Topeka SECOND ROW Doris Meredifh Lila Miller . . Pafricia Miichell Beafrice Myers THIRD James Neufielcl Ed Nicklaus . Warren Nuffer Mary Overfield Marion . Eureka Emporia Emporia ROW Em oria Peagody . Emporia Emporia FOURTH ROW Mary Parcher . Dwighl' Parry . Pal' Peak . . . . S+. John . . Emporia . Enid, Okla. Nickolas Perikli . Soufhbridge, Mass. FIFTH ROW Howard Pefersen Mary Phillips . William Phillips Gene Pingel . SIXTH Mary Quainfance Dorofhy Ready . Ruih Rice . Mary Keifh Riegle SEVENT Doris Riggs . Sally Riley . Margarei Rose Nellie Rosi . . . Emporia . Emporia Emporia Russell ROW . . Gardner . Easion . Florence . . Emporia H ROW . Wellingion . Emporia . . Eureka . El Dorado iuni OTS FIRST ROW Jean Rusf . . . Emporia Re+a Sargenf . . Wesfmoreland Roberr Schaulis . . Emporia Dean Schellenger . . Burlingfon SECOND ROW Madalyn Schmidl' . . Newfon Sherrol Selfridge . . Liberal Marilyn Spade . . Admire Mary Sfarling . . Emporia THIRD ROW Rulh S'I'a'I'on . . . S+. John Richard Sfowell . . Chanufe Carolyn Swarfz . Everesl' Shirley Swayze . . Buclclin FOURTH ROW Judy Teichgraeber . . Emporia Donna Thomas . . Kansas Cify Marilyn Tweedy . . Emporia Velma Viefs . . Ames FIFTH ROW Bill Walsh . . . Emporia Darrell Whisfler . . Burlingfon Carl Wiebe . . . Emporia Merriam Wilson . Garden Cify SIXTH ROW Belly Wingafe . . . AH'ica Cressie Young . . Clyde Kay Young . . Chanule STUDENT COUNCIL-Firsf Row' Dr. Andrews, Dick Sfauffer, Don lngwerson, Darrell Whisfler. Second Row: Kay Sclwlichfer, Ravenna Hubbard, Margaref Rose. Third Row- Dixon Smifh, Jack Fiedler, Larry Wall, Marshall MCNUH, Wanda Barb, Jim Sharp. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Presidenl .... Don lngwerson Vice-Presiclenf . . . Jim Sharp Secrelary . . . Margarel' Rose Treasurer . . Larry Wall MEMBERS ol The Sludenl Council came pack refreshed early in Seplember lo con- ducl and oversee Freshman Qrienlalion Week. For l-lomecoming, lhe Council spon- 94 sored Ray lvlcliinley and his band al a well- allended Homecoming Dance al The Civic Audilorium. This proved very prolilable, as il had The previous year. Sludenl Council sponsored an all-school dance each monih, wilh a geleacguainled dance al lhe opening ol lhe lall semesler, as well as having each class sponsor some proiecr during lhe year and reporl ils suc- cess lo lhe Council. These proiecls included ?T PREXY AND RIGHT HAND WOMAN ROSE REVIEW MINUTES I THINK WE SHOULD IMPEACH DON INGWERSON providing prospecTive sTudenTs' names Tor conTacT, disTribuTion oT surplus annuals To Kansas high schools, and all-school parTies. Revision oT The consTiTuTion was Tinally made public aTTer Two years oT eTTorT oT Councils. IT was also debaTed aT This Time as To wheTher our STudenT Council should ioin The ranlcs oT The NaTional STudenT Asso- ciaTion, buT aTTer a persuasive Talk by Paul Reaume, PresidenT of The STudenT Council of The College oT Emporia, The polls were opened and The move was voTed in. WiTh Jaclc Fiedler as chairman oT The ar- rangemenTs, The STudenT Council again spon- sored a Penny Carnival in The spring, wiTh The various social organizaTions providing The booThs and aTTracTions Tor The evening. Weekly meeTings were held To lend an ear To sTudenT gripes, and To deal wiTh social, recreaTional, aThleTic, budgeTary, and gov- ernmenTal problems peculiar To our campus. AT The close oT The year, members reviewed Their shorTcomings and accomplishmenTs and were pleased. AFTER A LONG, HARD DAY 95 FRESHMEN MEET ON RACK RIDE . . . NO HAY sluolenls who allencled Jrhe Nalional Sludenl' Conference al Lawrence during lhe Chris?- mas holidays. Also on lhe agenda was parlicipalion in Religious Emphasis Weelc and Jrhe pulolish- ing of Jrhe Wesley Window. Wilh The eslablishmenl oi lhe new office ol Direclor of Youlh Aclivilies, Jrhe group spenl a well-organizecl. aclive year. WESLEY FOUNDATION WESLEY FOUNDATION F o f R A Kennedy Margaref Mccraclcen, Wanda Loomis, Maxine MCF e e C on S o d R Mar ly Hafer, Lorene Small, Jean Rusf, Mary Sfarling, Mar lyn T eedy Th d Ro Jay Jer gan Lyle McCreacly, Gene Sfone, Wayne James, Phil Keller. KAPPA PHI-Fronf Row: Prudy Scoff, Barbara Odgers, Carolyn Swarfz, Mary Sfarling, Barbara Holm, Kelsay Lamb, Merriam Wilson. Second Row: Sandra Slieben, Charloffe Hufchcrall, Alberfa Anderson, Nadine Hinckley, Corrine Norflr, Karlene Cason. Third Row: Mrs. Maxwell, Doris Sourk, Paf Craff, Mary McAuliffe, Sylvia Rasmussen, Chrisfa Tl1ompson,Paula Turner, Mrs. Clark. K A P PA P H I imeihodasi wameni OFFICERS Presidenf .... Mary Sfarling Vice-Presidenl' . . Carolyn SwarTz The YuleTide season was a busy one Tor Kappa Phi. They had a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The Spanish children oT The Spanish lVleTh- odisT Church. Tray Tavors, a Tree, and wall decoraTions were senT To The VeTerans l'los- piTal in Topeka. Kappa Phi girls helped aT The annual Women's SocieTy oT ChrisTian Service ConTerence by serving Tables, malc- ing decoraTions, singing in The choir and ushering. ln co-operaTion wiTh oTher campus acTivi- Ties. Kappa Phi sponsored a Freshman colce hour, Dr. Howard Yader's visiT To The cam- pus. and Religious Emphasis Weelc. RepresenTaTives of Kappa Phi aTTended several conTerences: NaTional lVleThodisT STudenT lvlovemenT, STaTe lvleThodisT STU- denT ConTerence, NaTional Kappa Phi Coun- cil, and STaTe Kappa Phi Comference. AFTER-INITIATION RELAX- ATION FOR KAPPA PHI 97 .fn INTER-FAITH COUNCIL-Firsl Row: Joyce Holdsworfh, Rosemary Wiegers, Mary Sfarling. Second Row: Dorofhy Libben, Marilyn Tweedy, Mary Alice Depufy, Jean Sfine, Carmen Dressler. Third Row: Rufh Crosby, Velma Viefs, Laveffa Derfelf, Charles Firfh. Fourfh Row: Phil Keller, Harry Firfh, Bill Deffmer, Dr. Tremmel. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL NEWMAN CLUB lnler-Faillm Council nad as ils big proieci Newman ClUlD VGPVGSGWVS We CGllWOllC Hqi-5 yeepl Hqe Sieenseriiig of "Think Week"' siudenls oi llwe lwo Emporia Colleges. The e Week iiiei Wee devgfed ie feligigus em- alumni brealmfasl and Sunday Colle-es were phagig' Velma Viefg Wee president The cliiei aclivilies. lvlarylee Kiene was presi- deni. NEWMAN CLUB-Fronl Row: Marylee Kiene, Mary Alice Depufy, Shirley Kowalski, Beffy Wurfz, Pauline Henderson, Fr. Roman Pfalzer. Sncond Row: Roberf Verschelden, Rosemary Wiegers, Joan Brokes, Roberf Browne, Juanifa Esch, Ann Hoffmans, Ralph Hahn, George Harrison. Third Row' Adlore Denning, John Sullivan, Leonard Navraf, Tony Snider, Tony Yanneffe, Carl Holfmans, Bob Seider. 98 '., ll Q' 4, as Kb 5 ir ig 'LQ' 'wiw' " ww-2. .P n :EBM 1fff2'f' I NETEEN' FIFTY FO Singing Bee anficipafion Spring broughT Trying pracTices as social organizaTions "Tried" Tor Top honors aT The FourTeenTh Annual Singing Bee. sponsored by Phi Mu Alpha, honorary men's music Tra TerniTy. The possibiliTy oT winning a new Trophy spurred The women's groups To worlc ouT elaboraTe lighTing sysTems, idenTical cos- Tormance oT chosen songs. Men also were eager To recapTure The Trophy housed Tor a year aT The Sig Tau house. Music l-lall was The scene oT many infor- mal pracTices in anTicipaTion oT The Bee. which is TradiTionally one oT The biggesT musical evenTs on campus. ATTendance was good. as members Tound The Tine a price Too high To pay. NIGHTLY SOJOURNS AT MUSIC HALL GIVES THAT INFORMAL LOOK I Tumes, and lasT buT noT leasT, experT per- IN THE ST HE NIGHT-STILL AT THE MUSIC HALL 100 VISION REPLACES STUDIES Alpha Sigs, Sig Taus fighf fo hold fifle Alpha Sigma Alpha was lighling hard lo hold ils lille and Sigma Tau Gamma's goal was lo win lhe lrophy lor lhe second lime. in order lo slash il away permanenlly. lelevision popular pasfime Television ran compelilion lo sludy peri- ods, as lhe Bamboo Room al Morse Hall was graced by lhe addilion ol an allraclive TV sel. ALL-SCHOOL DANCE TURNOUT COMPLETE HODGE-PODGE AT JEANS PARTY jean faunf Sophomores inlormally welcomed all lo a iean iaunl amiclsl weslern decoralions and lhe "Woolly Wesl" was re-caplured wilh relreshmenls served lrom a covered wagon. lean frack Rumors were begun by Coach Fran Welch lhal lhe lraclc season would be lean, possibly due lo lhe ineligibilily ol Wayne Gooclell. 101 TROPHY TO DIRECTOR WALDRON "I Talk fo The Trees" AT lasT The long awaiTed nighT arrived and aTTer a husTle baclcsTage and a Tew prelim- inary numbers by Phi lvlu Alpha. The au- dience hushed, and The curTain wenT up on The members oT Phi Sigma Epsilon, led by Jesse Kadel, number one enTranTs in The Singing Bee. ln addiTion To Their sweeThearT song, They sang "l Talk To The Trees." "Wifi: a Song in My Hec1rT" Second place winners, and also second on The program was Alpha Sigma Alpha sorori- Ty singing "WiTh a Song in My I-IearT" and a revised sweeThearT song, led by song lead- er PaT Swiercinslcy. OuT To deTend Their TiTle, They dropped To second rank, however. "Through The Trees" Sigma Phi Epsilon, ranking second in The men's division, placed Third on The program wiTh "Through The Trees" and "CounT Your Blessings," direcTed by Murray Farr. "Lover, Come Back fo Me" Pi Kappa Sigma sTepped inTo The lime- lighT wiTh a lovely rendiTion oT "Lover, Come Baclc To Me." direcTed by BeTTy Young. "Blue Moon" Led by Bruno Doganieri, The TKES broughT Their "Telce Serenade" To The sTage, singing "Blue Moon." "Dancing in The Dark" ATTer inTermission, The audience heard Alpha Sigma Tau. led by Lee Draper, vocal- izing on The well-loved "Dancing in The Dark." WINNING TRI SIGS BEAM APPROVAL ., L , A J . .V Ar K. - , ,A I 102 T I T TROPHY WINNERS FOR SECOND TIME "The Halls of Ivy" Following close behind were The winning Sigma Taus, who claimed Tull possession oT Their Trophy wiTh "Like a MighTy Eagle" and "The l-lalls oT lvy." Their direcTor-Dale SeacaT. "In fhe Sfill of The NigI1f" The ligh+s were dimmed and The curTain wenT up on DelTa Sigma Epsilon, singing "ln The STill oT The NighT," direcTed by lvlarilyn Clevenger. "The Whiffenpoof Song" Members oT Alpha Kappa Lambda wenT senTimenTal on Their rendiTion oT "The WhiT- TenpooT Song." Bob l'laigh direcTed. "Fools Rush In" l.asT, buT Tops, in The women's division were The Tri Sigs, who added a proTessional Touch To "Fools Rush ln," which added a brighT, shiny Trophy To Their collecTion. Di- rocTor PaT Waldron was on hand To re- ceive iT. l3eTween numbers, enTerTainmenT was pro- vided by The pledges oT Phi lvlu Alpha. ATTer a shorT session oT counTing, much improved over previous meThods, The win- ners were announced To an eager audience and The curTain Tell on The FourTeenTh Sing- ing Bee. Weede in Concerf RoberT Weede, noTed bariTone. and Tor- mer sTar oT "GreaT lvlomenTs in Music," closed The enTerTainmenT series season wiTh a concerT beginning wiTh operaTic arias and ending wiTh several semi-classical numbers. SEACAT RECEIVES FOR SIG TAUS 103 BARITONE ROBERT WEEDE chorale, Schmufz, in ATH Along lhis same line, lhe lVlen's Chorale ioined wilh Prof. Alberl Schmulz in presenl- ing a lively concerl ol organ and vocal music. Slill musically inclined we were. as Carmen Dressler presenled her Senior piano recilal. Tri Sigs hop Tri Sigs inviled dares lo go shoeless al an informal "Soc Hop" al The house. Enler- lainmenl consisled ol dancing lal leasl il doesn'l hurl if he sleps on youl and card playing lloesies under lhe lablel. A slcil was presenled by The members belween hops. filled evening of Mu Ep house lvlu Eps crowded "Four Years of College in One Nighlu al an inlormal parly, wilh in- vilalions senl oul lo all independenl men. Clayfon in piano recifal Graduale sludenl, Howard Claylon, pre- senled a graduale piano recilal as a parl ol his gualilicalions for a B.S. in Educalion. Se- MU EP PARTY, "REVIEW OF COLLEGE" leclions were from a Bach concerlo and Beelhoven and Brahms sonalas. SOCKLESS DANCE TRADITION FOR TRI SIGS 104 The Te-ke serenade Under The direcTion oT alum, BerT Krueger, The Telces rounded up a porTable combo on wheels, and made The rounds oT sororiTy houses and The dorm, presenTing The "Telce Serenade." Council crppropriafes Under a new policy oT The old Council ap- propriaTing Tunds Tor The Tollowing year ldue To Their vasT experiencel The STudenT Coun- cil accepTed leTTers oT reguesT Trom organ- izaTions, seT up a TighT budgeT, and allocaTed Their Tunds To worThy causes. convo feafures high school orchesfra WichiTa EasT High School orchesTra pre- senTed a concerT oT iTs eighTy members, Teaf Turing a varieTy ol selecTions, boTh modern and TradiTional. FRATERNIZING AT lllilllllllllililllillllllllllllll TEKE SERENADE social prexys fake gavel early Social groups Took The lead in elecTing leaders Tor nexT year and began Their Two- monTh orienTaTion program Tor The new oTTicers. -FRATERNITY DANCE 105 sr-X ., Y QUEEN HOORI BESHARAT LOVING CUP TO WINNER AFTER a preliminary nominalinq session, plans were begun lor flue second annual Miss Emporia Slale Con+es+, sponsored by llie Sunflower Slall, in an ellorr 'ro clwoose llie lypical campus coed. fheme required Each conlesfanr was required To wrile a 'meme describing flue campus aclivily mosl meaningful fo lwer and Jrlwen presenlr a llwree- minule exlwiloil of lier lalenl in an all-scliool convo. l-loori Beslwaral was clwosen as lvliss E-Slale from conreslanfs Shirley Gross, Pal Wal- dron. Jackie Vigola, Ruflw Ireland, Nancy Carson, Carolyn Briix, Donna Cromwell, RUNNER-UP PAT WALDRON . . . TENDERLY JACKIE VIGOLA EDNA SUMIDA Belly Ficlc, Edna Sumida, lvlarlha Dwelle, Peggy Eclcles, Belly Young, and Alice Mae Clark. Par Waldron was runner-up. Cancliclafe fo Drake Relays, foo The chosen girl was lhe college candidale ro The Dralce Relays, reigned over The Xi Phi Anniversary Ball, and is now acclaimed as official Sunflower queen. Runner-up Pal Waldron was our candidale ro Jrhe KU relays. ALICE MAE CLARK BETTY FICK RUTH IRELAND PEGGY ECKLES PAT BELFIELD AND LEGS AT AKL PARTY emphasis on religion Realizing Jrhe need for religion in Jrhe liie oi Jrhe college sludenl, lhe lnler-Failh Coun- cil sponsored "Think Week" wilh lhoughls on religious emphasis. Dr. Bernard Loomer, ior- mer Dean of ihe Chicago Universi+y's School of Divinily, spolce al Jrwo convocalions, lol- lowed by seminars, and social groups and Morse l-lall welcomed a guesi spealcer for an evening during Jrhe weelc. Sainf Paf's day celebrcifed Si. Palriclcs day found Morse l-lall emerg- ing from shamroclcs To welcome The men on campus lor anoiher open house: buf ihis one included a can-can dance and several musi- cal numbers. GO TO HELL WITH AKL go 'fo hell wifh AKL The following weelc members of Alpha Kappa Lambda opened up Jrheir speakeasy on Norih ivlerchani lo all llappers and in- viled lhose allending To "Go fo l-lell wi'rh AKL." OPEN HOUSE BASEMENT-STYLE 108 ' ' l ' ..f-1-S f ql,R,,,,f? m u Q 4.-" -fab-1' 4 A., Q Q ',s.A VISITING PRINCIPALS BANQUET AFTER MEETING principc1I's conference E-Slale hosled lhe principals of elemen- lary schools al a lhree-day session lealuring an address by Roberl Richey, head of Ele- rnenlary Educalion al Indiana Universily, a pennies supporf campus chesf To raise lunds for The campus chesl drive, which supporls charilable organizalions, a Penny Carnival was billed al The Union in lale lvlarch. laik by lhe edilror oi The lNlalion's Schools, and group discussion a'r Roosevell l-ligh School. Dr. King greeled lhose allending lhe dinner on Thursday evening. CONCERT BY MODERN DANCERS PEGGY ECKLES, ANN KING blind dafe for Iucky winner In addilion To lhe regular chance boolhs, lhe main allraclion was a blind dale con- lesl. ldenlilicalion was done lhrough idenli- iying piclures of eyes and lips published in The Bullelin. 709 colonial fheme for Alpha Sigs Alpha Sigma Alpha followed shorlly wifh a colonial Jrheme iealruring fhe ironr porch and lawn of a Soufhern mansion, slaged ar The Broadview. Pledges donned illuminaled caps and shoes lor a minslrel number as lhe chief enlerlainmenl. PLEDGES TREATED AFTER LONG HELL WEEK Phi Sig dinner Phi Sig pledges were guesls of Jrheir ac- 'rives aiier a long-endured hell weelc of coun- 'rry iaunls and all-nighlr sessions. frack, golf, fennis An invilralional lraclr rneel was held wilh near-by colleges norrh of rhe gym, buf E- Sfalre made Hs usual record and no iurlher menlion was made. The firsr golf malch was a home meel againsl Washburn, who also broughlr 'rheir lennis leam for a brief lourney. LIGHTS OFF-ALPHA SIGS IN MINSTREL STARTING LINE-UP AT FIRST TRACK MEET 110 INTERMISSION PLEDGE ENTERTAINMENT Tri Sigs shoeless of soc hop Members oT Tri Sigma raked up an old TradiTion, shoes were leTT ouTside, and The parTy became a quieT evening oT dancing aT Th "Soc l-lop". Sig Eps hosf parenfs Taking advanTage oT The weaTher and Their spacious porch, Sigma Phi Epsilon inviTed Their parenTs down Tor a buTTeT dinner. invaders for fesfival ParTicipanTs in The disTricT music TesTival invaded The campus Tor a day oT perTorm- 1 15' 5.-B i , it , T ,339 T' - P Y' A. , ,A L-f,4p', . -x., A . -T -A . L LAST MINUTE PRIMPING PRIOR TO TRI SIG FORMAL ing, Touring, and confusion. ATTer roaming The campus several hours, The lasT number was iudged and plans were made Tor "STaTe" The lasT week in April. anofher queen Announcing "anoTher queen", The BulleTin underTook The coveTed job oT choosing E- STaTe's preTTiesT girl as a candidaTe Tor The "College Queen oT America" conTesT. along The sporfs line -l'racksTers reTurned Trom Oklahoma A 81 lvl wiTh a Third place in The college division. PARENTS SERVED AT SIG EP HOUSE Malik ly, g A' " - A ft, 111 fx ALL ON STAGE FOR DEATH OF THE KING ANDERSON, SAUDER, McNUTT STEAL THE SCENE IN EVEN THE GODS even The Gods applaud WiTh The help oT an excellenf lighTing sys- Tern and sound eTTecTs, "Even The Gods" can go on record as enTerTaining, Tragic, comfc, and wonderTul. lvlimiclcing Greek govern- menT and worship oT The supernaTural, Lona lVlcNuTT and Maurice RoberTs led The casT in The cornplicaTed sTory oT Their son's aspired revoluTion and iT's consequences. NSA, To be or nof fo be ATTer a very inTorrnaTive convo by The PresidenT oT The STudenT Council oT C oT E, Emporia STaTe poled an aTTirn'iaTive voTe To consTiTuTional changes and membership in The NaTional STudenT fXssociaTion. baby orchids af anniversary ball AnnouncemenT was made oT The awarding oT baby orchids To all girls aTTending The Tra- diTional Anniversary Ball sponsored by Xi Phi. Emporia relays Thinclads began a busy session inviTing seven schools To parTicipaTe in The Emporia Relays, Then came The KU and Drake Relays. REGISTER HERE FOR THE BUSINESS EDUCATION CONVENTION 112 2K MORSE HALL SWING IN THE BALLROOM sororify upsef Aiier several Tries al various houses. a small group oi college men chose Alpha Sig- ma Alpha as The subieci oi one of Jrhe cele- braled raids, and suffered ihe consequences. Morse Hall bonnef and Delia Sig wish "Your Easier bonneJr" iheme, lalqen from lrving Berlin's popular iune, sei Jrhe pace for decoraiions oi spring chapeaus and musical noies ar The Morse Hall formal. Delia Sigma Epsilon ioolc a wish in iheir wishing well aiier a shor+ walk ihrough a irel- lis, in a recapiured garden scene al Jrheir Spring formal in ihe loallroom. au revoir Seniors piclced up inviiaiions. paid fees. glanced again al degree checlcs, and enlered ihe long vvallc oi liie in lhe slaius oi an alum and anoiher year ai E-Siale roared io a close. PUNCHY JEHLE SERVES AT DELTA SIG FORMAL SENIORS BETTY YOUNG, DON INGWERSON, MARY MATHENY, AND HAL CANNON TAKE THE LONG STEP AND A LAST LOOK. 113 PRESIDENT KLOEFKORN OFFICERS-Bruno Doganieri, Vice-Presidenff Norma Willson, Secrefary. Q' Q11 1 I SENIORS STUDENT COUNCIL - Don lngwerson, Barbara Holm, Dick Sfauffer, Wanda Barb. HRST ROW JAMES ALLEN . . . Burlingfon Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi. LOIS AMERINE . . . Hazelfon Winnelaska, Treble Clel, Elemehiary Club FTA. MARJORIE ANDERSON . Emporia Pi Omega Pi, FBLA. SECOND ROW' PAT ANDERSON . . . Emporia Home Ec Club. LOUIS ANDREATTA . Cliffon, N. J. Spanish Club, French Club, Radio Club, Social Science Club. JOAN BADER .... LeRoy Alpha Sigma Tau, Elemerilary Club. FTA, Pep Club. FlRST ROW DANIEL BUECHLER BAKER Manor, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, lnler-lralernily Coune cil, Social Science Club. WANDA BARB . . . Augus+a Alpha Sigma Tau, Elemenlary Club, FTA, Omega, Sludenl Council, Xi Phi, Kappa Della Pi, Whos Who. LYLE BLEW .... Emporia SECOND ROW RETTA BLUMA . . . Tonganoxie Bulle+in, Omega, French Club, Social Science Club, FTA, Girls lnframurals. DONALD BOERSMA . . Newfon Phi Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT BONAR . . Dodge Cify Alpha Kappa Lambda, K-Club, Track. THIRD ROW RICHARD BOSTON, Jr. . Emporia Pi Omega Pi. BILL BRADEN .... Eureka Mu Epsilon Nu, YMCA, Bela Bela Bela, Lambda Della Lambda. EVELYN BRADSHAW . . Oakley Alpha Theia Rho, FTA, Elemenlary Club. Band, YWCA. FOURTH ROW JOSEPH BRANSON . . Wichifa Sigma Tau Gamma, Radio Club. JOAN BROKES . . . Wilson FTA, Elemenlary Club, Newman Club, Band. NORMA LEE BROWN . . Colby Alpha Sigma Tau, Rhylhmic Circle, PE Club, Alpha Thefa Rho, Kappa Della Pi, WRA, FTA. FUFTH ROW HELEN BUDD .... Emporia Kappa Della Pi, Elemenlary Club. VYRL BURGHART . . . Chanufe Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA, Ti Omega Pi. MILDRED CAMPBELL . . Liberal FTA, Kappa Phi, Splash Club, PE Club. WRA Board. SlXTH ROW HAROLD CANNON . . Hazel+on Pi Omega Pi, Bullelin Edilor, Xi Phi, Who s Who, FBLA. JOE CANTRELL .... Paola Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Della Lambda, Wesley Founda- Hon, Science Club, Mafh Club. JOHN CARVER . . . Hamilfon L L i L 175 SENIORS FIRST ROW PETER CATANESE . Floral Parlc, N. Y. Sigma Plwi Epsilon, Newman Club. FORREST CHEEVER . . Emporia Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Della Pi, FBLA. ALICE MAE CLARK . . . Rose Alplia Sigma Tau, Home Ec Club, PE Club, Panlnellenic Council, FTA. SECOND ROW RAYMOND CLARK . Neosl1o Rapicls FBLA. WILLIAM CLEMENT . . Hill Cily Sigma Tau Gamma, Alplia Epsilon Rlwo, Pi Kappa Della, Radio Club. WILLIAM CLEVELAND . . Downs Social Science Club, Pi Gamma Mu. THIRD ROW MARILYN CLEVENGER . Kingsclown Della Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Alpha lola, Ensemble Singers, Band, Clwoir, MENC. OSCAR CLIFFORD . . Marquelle JESSE COOK . . . Emporia Science Club, Mu Epsilon Nu, Mallw Club. FOURTH ROW RONALD COWAN . . Emporia K-Club. ANITA DALQUEST . . . Wilsey Pi Kappa Della, I-lome Ec Club, Sun- llower, Bullelin, Radio Club, FTA, Winne- lasl4a, YWCA, Social Science Club. MELVIN DAVIDSON . . Emporia Sigma Plwi Epsilon. FIFTH ROW MARY JOYCE DAVIS . . Sublelle Library Club, Spanislw Club. LEONARD DAVIS . . . Liberal Sigma Plwi Epsilon, FBLA. MAXINE DAVIS . . . Topeka Sigma Sigma Sigma, WRA, PE Club. SIXTH ROW NADINE DEITRICH . . Emporia Alplwa Sigma Alplwa, Home Ec Club, FBLA Pi Omega Pi, FTA. LEONARD DEITRICKSON, Jr. Emporia JOHN DILLON . . Garden Cily FTA, Alplwa Tliela Rlio. 116 ."' ,if I 1 in Fiiesr Row BRUNO DOGANIERI Bound Brook, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Della Pi, lnler- lralernily Council: K-Club, Baseball, Xi Phi. JIM DOWNING . . . Eureka Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA. CARMEN DRESSLER . . . Lebo Winnelaska, YWCA, Treble Clel, Wesley Foundalion, Xi Phi, Whols Who, Elemen- lary Club, FTA, Kappa Della Pi, lnlera lailh Council. SECOND ROW NANCY FATE . . . Concordia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sunllower Edilor, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Della Pi, Library Club, Xi Phi, Omega, Bullelin. JIM FISHER . . . Cedar Poinl Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club. JO FLAIR .... Topeka Alpha Sigma Alpha, FTA, Ensemble Sing- ers, Choir. THIRD ROW EDWIN FLORES . . Cosla Rica Newman Club, FBLA. DORIS FORD . . ForlWorlI1, Tex. SocialScienceClub,SpanishClub,YWCA. LILLIE FOX .... Harlford Alpha Thela Rho, FTA, Home Ec Club. FOURTH ROW ROBERT GLASER . . . Mulvane Science Club, Malh Club, FTA, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Della Lambda. DONALD GLAZE . . . Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bullelin. MARJORIE GOODELL . . Emporia Della Sigma Epsilon, FBLA. FIFTH Row MARY GORDON . . . Eureka FTA. BEVERLY GROH . . . Emporia Della Sigma Epsilon, Nalional Collegiale Players, Emporia Slale Players, Radio Club, Panhellenic Council, Bullelin, Chair- man Uniled Sludenl Parly. WILLIAM HAAS . . . Lincoln Social Science Club, Library Club, FTA. SIXTH ROW HOMER HACKETT . . Melvern Lambda Della Lambda, Science Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Malh Club. RALPH HAHN . . . Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon, K-Club, Foolball, Newman Club, Sludenl Council, Business Club. PAULINE HALL . . Arkansas Cily Radio Club, YWCA, FBLA, Choir, WRA. 117 i FXRST ROW MYRON HANKINS . . Colby Sigma Phi Epsilon. ALMA HARRIS . . Dodge Cily Kappa Della Pi. WILLIAM HATCHER . . Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club. SECOND ROW JAMES HENNING . . Burlinglon Phi Sigma Epsilon, FBLA. GORDON HERRICK . . Topeka Sigma Tau Gamma, FBLA. NEVOY HETTENBACK . Woodbine K-Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Della Lambda. THIRD ROW BEATRICE HIRANO Wahiawa, Hawaii Elemenlary Club, FTA, Kappa Della Pi. BARBARA JANE HOLM . Goddard Pi Kappa Sigma, PE Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Splash Club, Rhylhmic Circle, WRA, FTA, Sludenl Council, Wesley Foundalion, Kappa Phi, Panhellenic Coun- eil, Xi Phi, Sunllower. GLORIA IGOU . . . Liberal FTA. FOURTH ROW DONALD INGWERSON . Sabelha Alpha Kappa Lambda, Sludenl Council Presiclenl, Xi Phi. HELEN JACOBS . . . Emporia Sigma Alpha lola, MENC. LOYD JACOBS . . . Emporia Lambda Della Lambda, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Malh Club, Science Club, German Club. FIFTH ROW LUCILLE JOHNSON . . Emporia Alpha Thela Rho, Home Ec Club. REGINA JOHNSON . . Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, French Club, Sun- llower. BESSIE JOHNSTON . . Wichila Alpha Sigma Tau, Pi Kappa Della, De- bale, Radio Club, WRA, Band, FTA, Bullelin. SIXTH ROW JESSE KADEL .... Lincoln Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, FTA. MARYLEE KIENE . . . Emporia FBLA, PE Club, Newman Club. BETTY KIPPENBERGER . . Abilene Sigma Sigma Sigma, Newman Club, FBLA. SENIORS FIRST ROW JOANN KIRK . . . Buclclin Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec Club, Pan- hellenic Council. BILL KLOEFKORN . . . Allica Phi Sigma Epsilon, Xi Phi, Phi Mu Alpha. ED KRENGER .... Abilene Phi Sigma Epsilon, lnler-lralernily Council. SECOND ROW ALICE JOAN LAM . . Moran Sigma Alpha lola, Choir, Orcheslra, Treble Clel, Kappa Della Pi, MENC. ALAN LEONARD . . . Eurelca Tau Kappa Epsilon. GEORGE LINDOW . . Emporia FBLA. THIRD ROW WALTER LOWE Easl Rockaway, N. Y. Debale. KEITH LUSK .... Olivel Pi Omega Pi, EBLA. RICHARD MACHA . Council Grove Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi. FOURTH ROW EUGENE MARCY . . Scoll Cily Kappa Mu Epsilon. MARY WYLLI MATHENY . Emporia Emporia Slale Players, Nalional Colle- giale Players. LUCILLE McCARTY . . Ashland FIFTH ROW LYLE McCREADY . . . Lamar Science Club, Malh Club, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Lambda Della Lambda, EIA, YMCA, Wesley Eounclalion. BARBARA McGILL . . Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, FBLA, Pi Omega Pi. BEVERLY MCNULTY . . Abilene Splash Club, PE Club, Kappa Della Pi, Omega, Sigma Pi Sigma. SIXTH ROW LONA MCNUTT . . . Emporia Radio Club, Emporia Slale Players, Omega, Xi Phi, Bullelin Sociely Eclilor, Program Direclor KSTE. BECKY McRAE . . . Heringlon Winnelaslca, PTA, Elemenlary Club. JOAN McDOWELL . Hebron, Nebr. FIRST ROW KENNETH MOORE . . Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Maih Club, Science Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delia Lambda. MELBA MORTON . . Severy FBLA. PAT MURPHY . . Juncfion Cify Alpha Sigma Alpha, FTA, Kappa Delia Pi, Elemeniary Club, Bulleiin Socieiy Edifor, Sunflower, Omega. SECOND ROW WALT MYERS . . . Emporia MARION NICKELSON . . Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon. KEITH NIXON . . . EI Dorado Mu Epsilon Nu, FTA, Social Science Club, Science Club, Wesley Eoundaiion, Phi Mu Alpha, Geology Club, Chairman Pro! gressive Sfudeni Pariy. THIRD ROW JOHN NOTHEIS . . Elmon'r, N. Y. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, K-Club, Swimming Club, Malh Club, Traclc. RICHARD OBLANDER . El Dorado Mu Epsilon Nu, ETA. BEATRICE OKUNA . Honolulu, Hawaii Radio Club, Elemeniary Club. FTA, YWCA, Choir. FOURTH ROW MARILYN OLSON . . Dodge Ci+y Alpha Sigma Tau, Pi Omega Pi, FTA, Library Club. ELMER OTT .... Lamoni Alpha Kappa Lambda, Epsilon Pi Tau. MARY PARSONS . . ManhaH'an YWCA. ETA, Elemeniary Club, Band. HFTH ROW ROBERT PETERSON . . Delavan Mu Epsilon Nu, Pi Gamma Mu. Pi Kappa Delia, YMCA. BOB PHILLIPS . . . Emporia FTA, Elemeniary Club. RUSSELL PHILLIPS . Lamonf SlXTH ROW CAROLYN PLATT . . . Marion Sigma Sigma Sigma, ETA, Elemenlary Club. WESLEY FLETCHER . . Rosalia Alpha Kappa Lambda, K-Club. MARY PROBST . . Arkansas Cify FTA, Elemeniary Club. 120 SENIORS FIRST ROW CHARLES REID . . . Benlon Sigma Phi Epsilon, FBLA. JOHN SACKMAN . . Fonlana Alpha Kappa Lambda, Bullelin, Sunllower. DARLENE SCHWENDIMAN . Hillsboro Della Sigma Epsilon, Elemenlary Club, FTA. SECOND ROW PRUDY SCOTT .... Salina Treble Clel, FTA, Rhylhmic Circle, Li- brary Club. BILL SCRIVEN .... Abilene Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Choir, Kappa Della Pi. DALE SEACAT . . . Buclrlin Sigma Tau Gamma, Pi Omega Pi, FBLA, lnler-lralernily Council. THIRD ROW KENNETH SHAW . . Emporia Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Della Lambda. LOREN SHAW . . . Ollawa Bela Bela Bela, Science Club. JOYCE SHERIDAN . . Clemenls Pi Kappa Sigma. FOURTH ROW DONNA SHOWALTER . Hulchinson Home Ec Club. JOHN SHOWALTER, Jr. . Hulchinson DELORES SIMMONS . . Emporia FIFTH ROW H. A. SMITH, Jr. . . Hiawalha Social Science Club, Pi Gamma Mu, FTA, Wesley Poundalion. LEONARD SOWERS . . Americus Pi Kappa Della. DICK STAUFFER . . Slrong Cily Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Thela Rho, Sludenl Council, Social Science Club. SIXTH ROW BETTY STOCKTON . Arkansas Cily Kappa Della Pi, FTA, Elernenlary Club. ROBERT STROMATT . . El Dorado Lambda Della Lambda, Kappa Della Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Science Club. MARJORIE STROUTS . . Wilsey FBLA, FTA, Pi omega Pi. 121 1 ,fy 1-va an-..,, Fr 1 SENIORS FXRST ROW EDNA SUMIDA, Honolulu, Hawaii Pi Kappa Sigma, ETA, Elemenlary Club. JO ANN SUNTER, Osborne Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec Club. MABEL TABATA, Papaaloa, Hawaii YWCA, ETA, WRA, Elemenlary Club, Choir. SECOND ROW RICHARD THOMSON, Emporia Social Science Club, lvlalh Club, GRACE THOWE, Alma Winnelaslca, YWCA, ETA, Elemenlary Club. EUGENE TUSH, Garnell Sigma Tau Gamma, Emporia Slale Players, Radio Club. THIRD ROW GAYLORD UKENA, Severance PiGammaMu,ETA,SocialCIub,EmporiaSlale Players. ROBERT VANTUYL, Peabody Kappa Mu Epsilon. JACOUELINE VIGOLA, Osage Cily Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha lola, Xi Phi. Omega, Choir, Band, Orcheslra. FOURTH ROW JERRI WAKEFIELD, Eslxridge Alpha Sigma Alpha, ETA, Choir Bullelin, Sunllower. PAT WALDRON, Newlon Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha lola, Xi Phi, Choir, Orcheslra, Treble Clel, MENC, Whols Who. EDWARD WIEGERS, Marysville Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Kappa Della. Newman Club, Social Science Club, Men's Swimming Club. PATRICIA STREET WILDE, Emporia Orcheslra, Choir, Treble Clel, MENC, Who's Who. FIFTH ROW NORMA WILLSON, Newlon Alpha Sigma Alpha, Bullelin Assl. Edilor, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pi Kappa Della, Xi Phi, Kappa Della Pi, Sunflower, Debale, Whos Who, Omega, LOIS WINGATE, Allica Kappa Della Pi, Lambda Della Lambda, PTA, Omega, Home Ec Club. JOHN WOODWARD, Leavenworlh Mu Epsilon Nu, FTA. MILLARD WREN, Jr., Williamsburg Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha. SIXTH Row BETTY WURTZ, Clillon FBLA, FTA, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Della Pi, Newman Club. HIROSHI YABIKU, Ginoza, Olzinawa lvlu Epsilon Nu, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Della Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, YMCA, Social Science Club. MASANOBU YONAHA, Olrinawa Mu Epsilon Nu, Kappa Mu Epsilon, YMCA, Kappa Della Pi, Lambda Della Lambda, lvlalh Club. ELIZABETH YOUNG, Topelca Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iola, Xi Phi, Kappa Della Pi, Band, Treble Clel, Orcheslra, Choir, MENC. TONY D'OVlDl0 Bound Brook, N.J. Tau Kappa Epsilon, Epsilon Pi Tau, Kappa Delfa Pi, YMCA, Newman Club. MERREL FLAIR Monfezuma Phi Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Della Pi, Xi Phi, Phi Mu Alpha. WALTER GAIL Denver, Colo. Tau Kappa Epsilon. FRED GRABHORN Blue Rapids Pi omega Pa, FBLA. X-as SQ 1 GRADUATES CHARLOTTE KLUSMIRE FBLA, FTA. INEZ SAUSEN LOUIS WINCHESTER YMCA, Foofball. Hollon Greaf Bend Kinsley 123 -7 52 ,. .. , ',i'f?413"i -3 ii nh- 9' T9 ' W,',.,:, A. V I, E-'Vp 'f ff ' f-41 ,f Nr - f 3 .vs i-7 4 Pj' .-ef "U ' . ' ', ..q ...A ff- .,'a. Firsf Row: Roberf Bonar, Clayfon Carlson, John Carver, Jim Downs. Second Row: Eldon Evans, Ea' Gralke, Tom Green, Roberf Haigh. Third Row: Richard Hawk, Cecil Hufchinson, Don lngwerson, Roberf Jesfer. Fourfh Row: Dan Livingsfon, Larry Meierholf, John Mohler, Elmer OH. Fill!-1 Row: Wallace Pallerson, John Sackman, Jerry Williams, Jon Wilhife. ff? 10775 1802 MERCHANT OFFICERS Presidenl' .... Ed Graflce Vice-Presidenl . . Jerry Williams Recording Secrelary . . Bob Jesler Treasurer .... Dick Hawlc Aller adding lourleen pledges lo llie ros- ler ol Alplna Kappa Lambda, llie lall semes- ler was busy willi llwe pledge snealc, parlies, and llie annual pledge lormal. Marilyn McGill ol Alplwa Sigma Alplia was crowned "Pledge Princess ' lo reign over llie pledge lormal. SINGING VERSION OF HELL PARTY ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA MOTHER CHEAL ln lvlarcln, llwe clwapler liouse was lrans- lormed inlo an early lwenlies spealceasy lor llwe annual "Go lo l-lell willn AKD' parly. Qyerseeing llwe polilical scenes ol E-Slale was AKI. Don lngwerson, Presidenl ol llie Sludenl Council. lwenly-one men were pledged during llie year. PLEDGES-Firsl Row- Lewis Robinson, Jr. Wurfman, John Gregg. Second Row Leonard Navrof, John Koops, Gerald Saunders. 125 PHI SIGMA EPSILCJN MOTHER GILBERT OFFICERS Presidenf . . . Darrell Whisfler Vice-Presidenf . Ed Krenger Secrelary . . Don Boersma Treasurer . Bill Dudley During lhe lirsl semesler, Phi Sigma Ep- silon was l4epl guile busy rushing. A lolal ol lorly-eighl pledges was lalcen, and six more were pledged during second semesler. GAR 'N CARD SESSION 922 MECHANIC ln inlramurals, lhe Phi Sigs won lirsl in loolball and baslcelball, lhird in Iennis, and lied lor lirsl in volleyball and bowling. Aside Irom sporls, lheir lirsl semesfer formal was Hlvloonlighl Serenade," and ol course. The never-To-be-forgollen Farmer's Ball in lhe spring. Phi Sigs in campus aclivilies were Darrell Whisller in Sludenl Council and Xi Phi and Bill Scriven, Presidenl ol Phi Mu Alpha. PLEDGES-Firsf Row: Ronnie Sibbiff, Ben Wegley, Ted Evans, Larry Howard, Marvin Buss, Bob Milner, Bob Passmore. Second Row: Dick Nangle, Bill Scriven, Dick VanValkenberg, Dick Sfur- geon, Galen Forgy, Richard Lysfer, Al Holdeman. Third Row: Daryl Murphy, R. J. Walker, Jim Jensik, Jayde Sprecker, Lee Newfon, Nevoy Heffanbach, Bob Smifh. 126 5 Firsf Row: James Allen, Arf Bloomer, Donald Boersma, Bruce Bowman, Jim Brandi, William Chrisfian. Second Row: Merrill Declc, John DeHoH, Bill Dudley, Jim Fisher, Merrel Flair, Bill Hafcher. Third Row: James Henning, Gary Hogue, Mac Homan, Edon Kadel, Jesse Kadel, Richard Kifching. Fourfh Row: Bill Kloelkorn, John Kloel- korn, Ed Krenger, Jack McClelland, Richard Mocha, Floyd Mefzger. Fiffh Row Marion Nickelson, Howard Pefersen, Leon Safferfield, Roberf Schaulis, Lloyd Sfone Earl Tawney. Sixfh Row: Melvin Tawney, Darrell Whisfler. Q 5 i970 lj X L E . Jw ,-A 1' 5 ,X-.."4,,f' A l N'-' gl r irsf Row Roberf BlCk8l' Jack Brenfon Jim Campbell Donald Cannon Peler Cal ane e Wayne Davidson Second Row Leonard Davis Adlore Denning Bill Deffmer Donald Glaze Ralph Hahn Myron Hanluns Third Row Delfon Hodgson Carl Hoff mans Elven Kieffer James Lane Carol Leifner Gerald Lillian Fourfh Row Douglas Lyon, Sfanley Marshall, Kennefh Marlinez, Dallas McMunn, Jim Mifchell, Bill Nich- olas. Fiffh Row: Eugene Pingel, Gene Posf, John Powell, Calvin Frifner, Charles Reid, John Rose. Sixfh Row: Bill Scheibe, Roberf Seider, Jim Sharp, Glenn Smifh, lvon Smilh, Roberf Smifh. Sevenfh Row: Jim Sweel, Jack Taylor, Larry Wall, Joclc Wesf, Wayne Williams. 1102 COMMERCIAL OFFICERS Presiden+ . . . Adlore Denning Vice-Presidenl' . . . Larry Wall Recording Secrefary . . Doug Lyon Treasurer .... Gene Pingel Sigma Phi Epsilon reproduced lhe "Hor- ne+'s Nes+" on Jrhe lronl porch as decora- lions for Homecoming and opened house 'ro Sig Ep and Phi Dell alums aller The game. Second place wenl lo +he Sig Eps in bas- lcelball inlrramurals, buf They alleged 'ro lirsi place in bowling. Al 'rhe Singing Bee in March, lhey Jroolc PLEDGES-Firsf Row: Al Clinkenbeord, Larry McKisson, Bob Cook. Second Row: Erwin Peferson, Jack Miller, John Roberf- son, Jim Crawford. SIGMA PHI EPSILON ,,7. , ' 1 1 S 'CN MOTHER WEST second place singing "Through lhe Trees" and "Counl Your Blessings." Epsilon chapler played hosl lo and walked oil wilh lop honors in a baskelball lourna- menl wiih lhe olher Kansas chaplers ol Sigma Phi Epsilon. ln lhe spollighl were Jim Sharp and Larry Wall, Sludenr Council, and Doug Lyon, Presidenl ol lhe Sophomore Class. SIG EPS GO INFORMAL AT HOUSE far- T i ,I 129 SIGMA TAU GAMMA MOTHER NEWTON limi 1027 CONSTITUTION poliTical Tield, wiTh Dick STauTTer, Ray Koll- ing, and Jim Johnson being elecTed To campus oTTices. Homecoming arrived, alums reTurned, and OFFICERS PreSi0lenT ---- Dale SQGCBT Taus won The TirsT place Trophy in house dec- lsf V'Ce'P'e5Tde"T - REY K0ll"'9 oraTions wiTh "Spook The Gorillasf' 2nd Vice-PresidenT . . Charles Hobbs . . Recording Secrefary . . Dick McClain Smqmq Bee Tollecl around and The TGUS' Treasurer , , , Jim Downing direcTed by Dale SeacaT, placed TirsT. This When TirsT semesTer classes began, Twen- Ty-nine men were sporTing Sig Tau pledge pins. The Taus Took an acTive parT in The was The second consecuTive year Tor win- ning, so The Trophy belongs To Them perma- nenTly. The annual WhiTe Rose Formal and The 49'er parTy compleTed The year. PLEDGES-Firsf Row' Bill Davies, George Marsfall, Richard Davis. Second Row Ray Schreffler, Roberf Rogan, Rona ld Larkin. WHO'S BEING RUSHED? 130 Firsf Row: Oliver Anderson, Phillip Berg, Joe Branson, Charles Buckley, Vyrl Burg- harf. Second Row: Joe Canfrell, Bill Clemenf, Donald Coffee, James Downing, Del- berf Duponl. Third Row: Bill Hamble, Gordon Herrick, Charles Hobbs, Larry Hoover, Roberf Hush. Fourfh Row: Jim Johnson, Jerry Kelley, Seiyu Kinjo, Ray Kol- ling, Major Lincoln. Fifih Row: Fred Madaus, Gary McGregor, Warren Nufler, Dwighf Parry, Russell Priesfley. Sixfh Row: Sfanley Rofh, Ronald Rowe, Joe Ryerson, Dale Seacaf, Max Seacaf, Richard Sfauffer. Sevenflv Row: Gene Sfone, Eugene Tush, Richard UHer, Fred Van Buren, Don Williams, Millard Wren. 'a ' 'r 1 A I 24-Cx Firsf Row: Bob Baird, Daniel Baker, Arliss Burns, Larry Cozad, Gene Creyaufmiller. Second Row: Bruno Doganieri, Donald Dunning, Jack Fiedler, John Fraser, George Gibbs. Third Row: Roberl Hildebrand, Bob Hunfer, Alan Leonard, James Neufeld, John Peifersson. Fourfh Row: Mike Robb, Virgil True, Gary Sfevens, Bill Walsh, Edward Wiegers. Fiffh Row: William Zagorski. 612 WEST TWELFTH OFFICERS Presiclenf . . . Bruno Doganieri Vice-Presiden+ . . . Ed Wiegers Secrefary . . . Arliss Burns Treasurer .... John NoTheis Tau Kappa Epsilon began The school year by redecoraTing parTs oT The house. ExhibiT- ing These new decoraTions, The Bowery ParTy was held aT The chapTer house. Joey Kline oT DelTa Sigma Epsilon was Bowery Queen. During The Fall, Homecoming arrived. and The Telres won second place wiTh "A STudy in 3-D." PLEDGES-Firsf Row: Dick Turner, Dole Veach, Bernard Hoga Second Row: Phil Emery, Bob Wolfe, Bob Grundy. TAU KAPPA EPSILCN .A , . ,v . ggi I MOTHER LESH The Telces added someThing new To Tra- TerniTy serenades by baclcing Their musical numbers wiTh a "Traveling combo." Friday aTTcrnoon coTTee hours were iniTiaTed on The campus by The Telces. Bruno Doganieri, Arliss Burns, and Jaclc Fiedler were members oT Xi Phi. TURNER PROVES PROWESS OF TEKES 133 EPSILCN 132 WEST TWELFTH GOBUNS and wilclnes invaded llie Mu Ep- silon Nu l-louse, wlwicli liouses independenlr MOTHER CAMERON men, al a l"lallowe'en parly. Dancing and OFHCERS card playing comprised llwe evenings en- Presiclenf .... Kei'l'l1 Nixon lerlainmenl. HOWGH3 MCPl1f1il Anollier Fall parly lound llie lwouse Jrrans- Vlcepresldenl ' '. B0bPe+e'S0'1 formed by moons and slars lor a rnoonlilr Secretary R'Cllj!Ldyibg::1 evening of cards and records. Glen Hodges AT llie annual Penny Carnival, llwe Mu Eps Treasurer . Howard McPl1ail llepl everyone Occupled Wine lo gel Oul Wayne Childs of llieir well-guarded iail. MU EPSILON NU-f-Firsf Row' Hiroshi Yobilru, Franlz Solis, Wilmer Harvey, Wayne Childs, Glen Hodges, Mr. Calkins. Sm ond Row: Jim Monroe, Bill Braden, Dick Oblcrncler, Keifh Nixon, Bob Pelerson, Howard McPhail. A T : X 7 V 7 vi" 1. 2,1-. - :Al 'u..". 0 4 . "w S: i 4" " . is if 4 Q -4-" A ,- 'I . 'C 134 EMPORIA STATE MEN'S CHORALE Tl-TE Emporia STaTe lvlen's Chorale consisTed oT Phi lvlu Alpha members and anyone inTer- esTed in music Tried ouT wiTh The group. The Chorale, under The direcTion oT Pro- Tessor SchmuTz, made several Tours oT Kan- sas ThroughouT The year. They perTormed in TronT oT large audiences in Marion, McPher- son, Salina, Abilene, JuncTion CiTy, lvlanhaT- Tan, Wamego, and ST. Marys. Cn Their sec- ond Tour, They wenT To Topeka, l-lighland Parlc, Florence, lNlewTon, Mound Ridge, Pea- body, CoTTonwood Falls, EI Dorado, Augus- Ta, and Plainview aT WichiTa. This group sang beTore 8,000 people during The year, averaging 450 per program. They presenTed a home concerT in The spring, aTTer all The Tours. The Chorale also sang here aT The Principals ConTerence. MEN'S CHORALE--FirsT Row: Dr. Schmufz, Doug Lyons, Ed Nicklaus, Bill Scriven, Jim Downs, Galen Forgy, Wilmer Harvey, Dan Living- sfon, Keifh Nixon, Phil Keller, Darrell Ramsburg, Delfon Hodgson, Jesse Kadel, Dick Hawk, Ken Marfinez. Second Row- Jon Wilhife, Millard Wren, Murray Farr, Ivan Smifh, Willard Shepherd, Frank Bufin, John McClelland, Bob Haigh, Larry Meierholf, Daryl Murphy, Don Coffee, Bill Kloefkorn, Dale Roller, Eldon Kadel, Marion Navraf. co "' Q' v- Q fi Q "' 'nz'-v SIGMA ALPHA IOTA-Ffanr Row: Paf Waldron, Sherrol Sellridge, Ann Kennedy, Joyce Holdsworfh, Marilyn Naylor. Second Row' Jackie Vigola, Mary Rufh Dillman, Marilyn Clevenger, Beffy Young, Joan Lam, Dorollvy Lilnben, Pal Swiercinsky, Trng' Raw Mrs. Ives, Joyce Griffilh, Bonnie Friiz, Helen Jacobs, Fran Besf, Virginia Bohn, Beffy Lauferbaclc. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA TREBLE CLEF lWomen's Honorary lviusicl lWomen's lvlusicl Sigma Alpha loTa ioined Phi Mu Alpha in Comprised oT Twelve members, Treble sponsoring The Music l'lall lviixer. Then, aTTer CleT enTerTainecl aT The TaCulTy dinner, aT weeks oT noonehour rehearsals, members The ChrisTmas ConvocaTion, and Tor Re- vvelcomed Their Province PresidenT. ligious Emphasis Weelc. ChrisTmas oaroling During The year, SAI helcl recepTions Tor and singing aT reciTals was also on The Senior members who gave reciTals. Jaclcie agenda Tor This group. Several Tours were Vigola was PresidenT. ConclLiCTec:l. TREBLE CLEF-freer Raw Lois Amerine, Carmen Dressler, Joyce Hnldsworflv, Pal Wilde, Pal Waldron. Second Row' Joyce Grilfilll, Belly Young, Ann Kennedy, Carol Clowe. Third Row: Barbara Bake., Prudy Scoff, Mary Haynes, Fran Besl. 3 SYMPHONIC CHORUS-V-FirsT Row: Joyce Holdsworfh, Joan Lollar, Beairice Olcuna, Velma Viefs, Harry Firfh, Jaclc McClelland, Louis Anderson, Bill Scriven, Phil Keller, Sally Riley, Jerri Walcelield, Anifa Krehbiel, Lois Ericson, Shirley Wood. Second Row: Fafricia Suffon, PUT Waldron, Marilyn Clevenger, Lee Draper, Dan Livingsfon, Dale Roller, Frank Bufin, Alice Joan Lam, Carol Sisson, Nancie Karolilc, Joyce Niclcoley, Loreffa Carlson. Third Row: Sandra Sfieben, Margaref Rufz, Jan Lehman, Vivian Gamber, Bonnie Frifz, Gene Sfone, Jim Downs, Lloyd Krause, Irene Anders, Jerine Heidebrechf, Pafsy Mason, June Anderson, Mardelle Opperman, Twila Anderson. Fourfh Row Janice Nixon, Mary Sfarling, Pauline Hall, Marilyn Naylor, Fran Besf, Beffe Lauferbach, Marion Navraf, Daryl Murphy, Merrel Flair, Larry Meierhoff, Raberf Chafham, Wilmer Harvey, Kafherine Dillman, Margarei Hammond, Mary Keifh Riegle, Georqanna Miller. SYMPHONIC CHCRUS SIXTY voices under The direcTion oT ProTes- sor SchmuTz rang ouT aT many public ap- pearances This year. The Symphonic Chorus sang in The sixTh annual Curli-Q show. They sang The "BaTTIe T-lymn oT The Republic" in a blue baclcground ThaT was very impressive. The girls wore all whiTe while The boys wore darlc suiTs. The members all wore robes aT The annual Religious Vesper Service aT ChrisTmas Time. During second semesTer, They were very busy working on The Eliiah which was pre- senTed in The spring. Again, The girls were all in whiTe while The boys were in dark suiTs. The Eliiah TeaTured guesT soloisTs Trom New Yorlc. The choir broughT melodic Tones To a srnooTh cadenza and susTained iT unTil The end oT school. PracTicing oT This group could be heard every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in The aTTernoon in The Music T-Tall AudiToriunn. The sounds carried across The campus during The springTime, making every- one wish he were in The chorus. 137 V3:'3"" . J' 4: nip :Q-a..,-:,' A '- "f '- ffrtii, 'Q'.1f.1x-.nnkifitl J - , f-4,1 4: .5-Cha'-4-"!f'P"f' 3 Dv, ,...,,?. .. 41 vga.. .r "'f fmsf-Li qs I gy. ,Vs- ,vs tl Q ff sw-- f eff: f-, ...,f,. . ' ' ""' ..,.' f -.f. 4r"s..2-UWM-1.1us-1 ww r ' -' ,,l.' ... W- 4 .L - ,.,.,..---rf .., . ,,.,,f .-a . .r..,,: 4 RW- s 'F' -can TA.. C' ., ,. 4-ff. -5131-P gg .f -ff- If , 1,- 113-H5 ,- 17" 1- gn eww NU YQ ' ' 'L tr - 'f,1 T ' 30" Mkkwek BAND MEMBERS-Marion Navraf, Edyra Sears, Pal Bellield, Carlene Dieboldl, Evelyn Bradshaw, Fran Besf, Beffe Lauferbach, Marilyn Ray, Sherrol Sellridge, Jackie Vigola, Billie Buckles, Carol Clowe, Lavelfa Derlelf, Kalhryn Dillman, Mary Rufh Dillman, Lois Erickson, Nancy Lollar, Joan Lollar, Marilyn Naylor, Carol Swifzer, Geraldine Wall, Sonya Wolen, Carol Sisson, Dorolhy Libben, Margaref Ham- mond, Phil Keller, Bonnie Frifz, Gene Slone, Bonnie Knapp, Pal Swiercinsky, Galen Forgy, Daryl Murphy, Virginia Bohn, Marilyn Cleven- ger, Jack McClellancl, Ed Hoskin, Anifa Krehbiel, Marian Haag, Marshall McNuff, Larry Mierhoff, Carolyn Briix, Darrell Ramsburg, Jo Sisson, Bill Scriven, Sally Ashcralf, Charles Buckley, Gerry Goodwin, Juanifa Esch, Connie Diller, Jim Facklam, Roberf Haigh, Richard Hawk, .lerine Heidelarechf, Lloyd Krause, Dale Roller, Ted Ronen, Virgil True, Wilmer Harvey, Jack Ring, Kala Kirkpalrick, Jolene Pincler. BAND ll-lE bearing ol drums announced llwe lirsl appearance ol lbe K.S.l.C. band as il pa- raded al me loolball games. Cn Band Day, llwe members were lnosls lo sludenls lrom llwirlyelliree lwiqlw sclwool bands llial parlicie pared in llwe celebralion. During llle spring, llwe band members were found quile busy, 'rouring Norlln Cen- lral Kansas presenling concerls in Marys- ville, Waslwincgron, Belleville, lvlanlcalo, and 138 Minneapolis. A lormal concerl was diven in Emporia in lvlay. Several new inslrumenls were purclwased lor llwe band lliis year. Two new basses and a percussion seclion wlwicln included a bass drum, lwo concerl drums, and lwo lield drums seemed lo fill llwe bill. Dorollny l.ibben and Roberl l-laigli served as librarians, and Dr. Hendricks direcled. I'-s--Q Il 7 '-.ifiiff-" xml. 'ff- pfb- -an .Air ,H 9 'Q gl MEMBERS of fhe Emporia Sfafe Orchesfra worked hard all year preparing for fheir con- cerfs. Under fhe direcfion of Leopold Liegl, fhe orchesfra presenfed a concerf in De- cember feafuring Edwin Sfunfzner as cello soloisf. The orchesfra played selecfions from Beefhoven, Bach. Boccherini, and l'landel. The annual spring symphonic concerf had only movemenfs from symphonies played and sung. Soloisfs in fhis concerf were John Vander Velde, Piano: Mary Dofson, Violin: Gary Duncan, French l-lorn: Jacqueline Vi- gola, Oboe: Sfanley Avery, Piano: Mary Rufh Dillman, Clarinef: Jackie l-liclcs and Kay Schmiff, Cellisfs: Paf Waldron, Soprano: and Philip Keller, Piano. Finale of fhe concerfs in G-minor by Mendelssohn was a brillianf and spirifed movemenf in old Rondo form. If was virfuosic in characfer, ancl possessed a lilfing melody and rhyfhmic flavor which ap- pealed fo bofh performer and audience. Sfudenfs and faculfy members find fhe orchesfra an ouflef for fheir falenfs if fhey are inferesfed in music. Music from modern composers as well as from fhe symphonic reperfoire was usually played. The orchesfra is cerfainly nof audience shy as if performed before fhe public many fimes. ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA-Firsf Row: Mr. Person, Pal Wilde, Dr. Mosher, Denis Cowan, Pal Waldron, Mrs. Baker, Mr. Sfunfzner. Second Row: Louis Anderson, Beffy Young, Mrs. Hendricks, Ann Kennedy, Marian Haskell, Beffe Lauferbach, Jacqueline Vigolu, Sherrol Selfridge, Marion Navraf, Marilyn Clevenger, Barbara Odgers, Pafsy Mason, Alice Joan Lam, Anifa Krehbiel. Third Row: Mr. Liegl, Dorofhy Libben, Joan Lollar, Phil Keller, Mary Rufh Dillman, Bonnie Frifz, Jim Facklam, Virgil True, Lloyd Krause, Ed Hoskin, Mrs. Guy Scoff. L-in 5 4 it FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Firsf Row: Margaref Wada, Kafhaleen Aebi, Mabel Tabafa, Becky McRae, Lois Wingafe, Shirley Gross, Marjorie Sfroufs, Beffy Wingafe, Lillie Fox, Beafrice Hirano, Clara Nonaka. Second Row: Merriam Wilson, Beafrice Okuna, Maxine Hubbard, Pafricia McClanahan, Mary Edith Probsf, Jackie Palm, Anifa Dalquesf, Joyce Nickoley, Marilyn Day, Peggy Slemp, Mary Lou Gordon, Ruih Ireland, Rosellen Sfraka. Third Row: E. J. Calkins, Vivian Gamber, Jesse Kadel, Mary Jeppesen, Sherman Bow- man, Merle Paulson, Bob Ford, Donna Thomas, Elizabefh Lamb, Barbara Holm. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA-Firsf Row: Kala Kirkpafrick, Evelyn Bradshaw, Edna Sumida, Delores Lighf, Mary Parcher, Lorna McCarfy, Lila Miller, Rufh Sfafon. Second Row: Joan SeHle, Carol Swifzer, Marilyn Halley, Rosemary Weigers, Lyle McCready, Marianna Lehman, Beverly Koegeboehn, Laveffa Derfelf, Nellie Rosf. Third Row: Shirley Bobek, Pai Evans, H. A. Smifh, Richard Oblander, Keilh Nixon, Mary Helen Dover, Gaylord Ukena, Pal Murphy, Alice Mae Clark, Beffy Slockfon. F T A lFuTure Teachersl OFFICERS PresiclenT . . . Merriam Wilson Vice-PresiclenT . . Sherman Bowman SecreTary-Treasurer . Mary Helen Dover l:uTure Teachers oT America, wiTh an in- creased membership oT I2l, acTively par- TicipaTed in several group proiecTs. The organizaTion was TorTunaTe in having The DirecTor oT Field Programs Tor The KSTA, as well as Dr. lVlerriTT Sanders and Alex DaughTry Trom The campus, as spealcers. 140 One oT The highlighTs oT The year was a charTered bus Trip To The Boys' lndusTrial School aT Topeka ThaT enabled Them To sTudy The educaTional program oT a special school. RepresenTaTives aTTended a meeTing held in April aT WichiTa in an eTTorT To organize FTA on a sTaTewide basis. A May bangueT honored Those who will be enTering The Teaching proiession in The Fall. OFFICERS Wanda Barb BeTTy Lou COTT Vivian Gamber Grace Thowe PresidenT .... Vice-PresidenT . . SecreTary . Treasurer . . Publiciiy . Belva Ames ElemenTary Club is an organizaTion open To all Those inTeresTed in elemenTary educa- Tion. During The year, meeTings were held once a monTh aT which spealcers Tried To pre- senT Topics oT special inTeresT noT covered in The classroom. These speeches were Tol- lowed by discussion by The members. Mrs. John lNloTheis, Miss RuTh STouT, Reverend STephen Williams, Mr. Orville J. l-loch, Dr. Don Davis, Miss RuTh l-lanson, and Miss Agnes EngsTrand were spealcers Tor This group. EducaTional problems were discussed by represenTaTives ol The adminisTraTion, com- muniTy, and The church as To whaT is ex- pecTed oT The Teacher. Good professional magazines Tor elemenTary Teachers were crilricized and an elemenrary supervisor spolce on how The sTaTe deparTmenT can help The Teacher, as well as The proTessional sTandards ol cerTiTicaTion. ThroughouT The year, several social meeT- ings were held in The STudenT Union wiTh re- TreshmenTs served aTTerward. A spring ban- gueT concluded The acTiviTies oT The club. Sponsors ol The group This year were Miss Ina Borman and Miss l-lelen Douglass. ELEMENTARY CLUB ieiemenisfy Teachersl ELEMENTARY CLUB-Firsf Row: Wanda Barb, Joan Bader, Jane Youle, Jo Jensen, Joan Brolces, Beffy Calf, Edna Sumida, Beafrice Hirano, Rosemary Wiegers, Dianne Dow. Second Row: lna Borman, Jean Sfory, Vera Shorf, Doris Sourlc, Dolores Lighf, Joyce Niclcoley, Rosellen Slraka, Kala Kirkpalrick, Mary Reaka, Beverly Koegeboehn, Donna Duncan, Lila Bell. Third Row: Bob Ford, Helen Douglas, Ruflv Ireland, Belly Wingafe, Peggy Slemp, Kafhryn Willhaus, Ben Brower, Nellie Rosf, Grace Tlvowe, Carmen Dressler, Merriam Wilson, Belva Ames, Bill Phillips. if ill ali' 141 ' u , 1 V ,. 4 ln 1 l T , Q 5 ri- 195 Q. i T. gl 2- -Emi? 'ff ' 1 EMPORIA STATE PLAYERS-Firsf Row: Maurice Roberfs, Beffy Fick, Beverly Grolw, Kay Anderson, Mary Wylii Maflweny, Amelia Harf- man. Second Row: Dr. Karl Brucler, Dan Livingsfon, Janice Sauder, Lona MCNUH, Phyllis Gould, Gaylord Ulxena, Millard Denny. EMPORIA STA OFFICERS Presidenl . . Mary Wylii Mafheny Secre+ary . . . Beverly Groh Treasurer . Be++y Fick EIv1PORlA Slale Players is an organizalion lor lhose inleresled in slage work, whelher acling, crew work, or direcliong and lor lhose inleresled in radio work. This group parlicipaled in lhe school pro- duclionsg and while lhe members work hard. They gain much experience as well as have a good lime working logelher. 142 TE PLAYERS In Nalional Collegiale Players, honorary lralernily, were 'rwo members 'rhis year: They were Beverly Groh and Mary Wylii lvlalheny. All Jrhe members worked hard backslage, or were in Curli-Q, 'ro make il a success. Several of lhem parlicipaled in lhe Farm and Home show demonslraling slage make- up. The annual picnic and speech recognilion dinner ended 'rhe year. The dinner was for members ol Radio Club, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Nalional Collegiale Players, and Emporia Slale Players. l-lere, recognilion was given lo lhose oulslanding individuals in speech. KAPPA DELTA Pl-Firsf Row: Bruno Doganieri, Mary Mafheny, Lischia Newcomer, Lois Wingafe, Beafrice Hirano, Carmen Dressler, Masanobu Yonalla. Second Row: Offo Fuls, Hiroshi Yabilcu, Bob Sfromaff, Belva Ames, Norma Willson, Alma Harris, Tony D'Ovidio, Mr. Wafers. Third Row: Mr. Budd, Forresf Clreever, Mary Sfarling, Beverly McNuliy, Beffy Sfoclcfon, Nancy Fafe, Pai Murphy, Leon Hef- fenbach, Bill Scriven, Bill Phillips. KAPPA DELTA PI ll-lonorary Educafionl OFFICERS Presidenf . . . Bruno Doganieri Vice-Presidenf . . Alma Harris Secrefary . . Carmen Dressler Treasurer .... Be'H'y Young Hisforian-Reporfer . Lischia Newcomer KAPPA Delfa Pi recognizes oufsfanding con- fribufions fo The field of educafion and sfrives fo mainfain a high degree of profes- sional fellowship wifhin fhe group. Members are selecfed from fhe upper fwenfy-five per cenf of fhe iunior and senior classes. Facfors faken info considerafion in selecfing new members are professional promise, high scholasfic sfanding, personal- ify, and abilify fo express fhoughfs and ideas. The inifiafion banguef in fhe spring was one of The highlighfs of fhe year for Kappa Delfa Pi. George l-larrison of fhe Educafion Deparfmenf was fhe principal speaker. Also in fhe spring, lofa Chapfer of Kappa Delfa Pi senf Belva Ames as ifs official rep- resenfafive fo fhe nafional convenfion held af Purdue Universify. This organizafion sfimulafes high profes- sional, infellecfual, and personal sfandards. Dr. l-larry Wafers was counselor during fhe year. 143 F.B. L.A.-Fronf Row: Mr. Hieff, Befiy Wurfz, Doris Riggs, Beverly Lamberf, Marylee Keine, Jackie Palm, Charloffe Klusmire, Sharon Winfers, Carolyn Briix, Kelsay Lamb, Laveffa Derlelf, Bonnie Knapp, Joanne Robinson. Second Row: Rufh Crosby, Marilyn Halley, Charles Reid, Roberf Seider, Jeanine Bunge, Carl Hoflmans, Juanifa Esch, Melba Ernsf, Carloffa Dorsf, Carol Swifzer, Beffy Lewiclx. Third Row: Gail Kempke, Roberf Browne, Roberf Verschelden, William Deffmer, Ollie Bolfin, George Lindow, Forresf Cheever, Pauline Hall, Janice F B L lBusinessl Sauder, Chrisfa Thompson, Ravenna Hubbard. OFFICERS Presiden+s . George Lindow Belly Wurfz Vice-Presidenl . . Marjorie Kling Secrefary . Marylee Kiene Treasurer . . . Charles Reid Publicily Chairmen . . Jim Neufielcl Roberl Verschelden llXl A MERCER wilh lhe Business Club lasl summer, FBLA became lhe deparlmenlal club ol lhe business deparlmenl. Approxi- malely sixly sludenls were on lhe rolls ol Jrhe organizalion. A field lrip 'ro Kansas Cily in lhe winler lo visil The Board ol Trade and lhe Federal Reserve Bank was one ol The highlighls oi 144 The year. Anolher maior evenl was lhe annual Pi Qmega Pi and FBLA Banguel in lhe spring. Melba Frnsl, Slale Corresponding Secre- lary lor The year, was elecled lo The ollice oi Slale Vice-Presidenl lor lhe year l954- 55 air lhe second annual slale convenlion held on Jrhe KU Campus. Thirleen FBLA members and rheir sponsor, lvlr. Maxwell, also slale sponsor, allended lhis conyenlion. Qlher proiecls ol 'rhe year included serv- ing as a courlesy group lor Jrhe Business Edu- carion Clubs ol Kansas Convenlion, assisl- ing Pi Omega Pi in a deparlmenlal picnic for new business sludenls, and presenling a skil oullining The aims and obieclives ol The club lo lhe Dodge Cily l-ligh School slu- denls. P I 0 M E G A P I in-ionofefy Businessl OFFICERS PresidenT .... Dale SeacaT Vice-Presideni' Margarei' Rose SecreTary . . Marjorie STrouTs Treasurer . . Doris Riggs Pi Omega Pi members sponsored The SixTh Annual Business EducaTion ConTerence on April IO, which broughT high school sen- iors and college sTudenTs Trom all parTs oT The sTaTe To hear represenTaTives oT The School oT EducaTion aT New York UniversiTy and a represenTaTive oT The NaTional Cash RegisTer Company lead discussions on The problems oT business machines. LaTer in The year, They visiTed Boeing, Cudahy lv1eaT Paclcing PlanT, and The Cole- man CorporaTion oT WichiTa. Alums were guesTs aT a coTTee hour and a geT-acguainTed picnic was held Tor business sTudenTs. CulminaTing The year's acTiviTies was The publicaTion oT Mu Pi Omegan, annual publi- caTion oT The organizaTion, and The yearly Pi Omega Pi bangueT. Pl OMEGA Pl-From' Row: Oliver Anderson, Mr. Russell, Jerry Bedner. Second Row: Marjorie Sfroufs, Marjorie Kling, Margaref Rose, Marilyn Olson, Miss Hansen, Miss Duckwall, Mr. Hieff. Third Row: Beffy Wurfz, Joyce Griffifh, Doris Riggs, Mary Jane Quainfance, Nadine Deifriclr, Marjorie Anderson, Carolyn Swarfz. Fourfh Row: Mr. Maxwell, Dale Seacal, Forresf Cheever, Hal Cannon, Bill Fowler, Ronald Merwin, Keifh Lusk, Maif Scherer. Ffffh Row: Mr. McGill, Dick Macha, Dick Bosfon, Carl Wiebe, Mr. Elder. 145 0 0 I 0 O ,,.. 'I Q T Qin AQZEATXLE ' ffl I-if ifiifhf Pl KAPPA DELTA-Fronf Row: Kay Anderson, Shirley Bobek, Karol Papes, Ravenna Hubbard, Ann Wiegers, Joreffa Davis. Second Row: Richard Hawk, Norma Willson, Bessie Johnsfon, Charles Masfen, Anifa Dalquesf, Jay Jernigan. Third Row:-Jim Johnson, Bob Peferson, Charles Hobbs, Jim Trenl, Ed Wiegers, Bruce Baker, Major Lincoln. Pl KAPPA DELTA inonofafy speecn OFFICERS PresiclenT . . . Norma Willson Vice-Presiclenl' . Dick Hawk Secre'I'ary . . Karol Papes VAPOR locks, losT evidence, sTale iokes and a limiTed budgeT plagued The year Tor The debaTers and Coach lvlasTenp however, The year bore iTs share oT wins and Trophies. l:raTerniTy acTiviTies were a Tar-cry from The speaking podium: They pasTed Tavors and planned dinner Tor visiTing high school debaTers7 acTed as Time keeper or errand boys Tor The E-STaTe sponsored Tournamenlrq hosTed high school guesTs in The spring, and co-operaTed wiTh Their colleagues, Alpha Epsilon Rho and E-STaTe Players, To make plans Tor The Speech RecogniTion Dinner. fa l 2.53 146 T R E N T, H A W K STUDY STATISTICS . . . BIG FEET ONLY OBVIOUS FACT nv 400 4 30 5 RADIO CLUB OFFICERS Presidenl' .... Lona McNuH' Vice-Presidenf . . . Joe Heafh Radio Club has had a busy year, as I954 saw Ihe inauguralion of a 250-wall FM edu- carional radio slaiion on our campus. Radio Club members served on Ihe slail of Ihe radio slaiion as engineers, dislc ioclceys, news-casl announcers, copy-wrirers, and sporis announcers. Radio Club members were eligible for Ihe Radio Awards given al The annual speech banguei in Ihe spring. ALPHA THETA RHO -Firsl Row: Phyllis Meredifh, Belly Fick, Pal Mifchell. Second Row: Belly Hochman, Lillie Fox, Scoffy Thompson, Lucille Johnson, Jo Berends. Third Row: Judy Teichgraeber, John Dillon, Palfy Marlin, Dick Slaulfer, Charles Thompson. RADIO CLUB-Firsf Row: Cheryl Purlcey, Belly Fick, Barbara Van Sickle, Beafrice Olcuna, Genny Krch, Lona McNuH'. Second Row: Mr. Orr, Doug Lyons, Jess Gibson, Rachel Crawford, Ann Wiegers, Pauline Hall, Vera Shorl. ALPHA TH ETA RHO ll'lonorary Arll OFFICERS Presidenl' . . . BeI"I'y Hochman Vice-Presiclenf . Lee Brown Evelyn Bradshaw Alpha Thela Rho can be seen in aclion over Ihe campus furnishing arlraclive posi- ers reminding sludenls of campus iunciions, and behind 'rhe scenes of Curli-Q. Their meelings were designed for learning and working, wilh Jrhe Spring compelilion being Ihe moslr powerful incenlive for Iheir arl' worlc. 147 FRENCH CLUB-Firsl Row: Wiesz, Firfh, Viefs, Craig. Second Row: McNair, Han, Torres Poffer, Mrs. Poffer, Schmidf, Walker, Riegle. Third Row: Loolxer, Mrs. Hurrf, Henderson, Andreaffa, Mrs. Baron, Baron, Johnson, Cline, Fale, Young, Timmerman. Fourfh Row: Dr. Miller, Hill, Bufin, Solis, Dr. Mosher, Bluma, Sweef, Smifh, Hirschorn, L. Thornburg, P. Thornburg. F R E N C H C L U B OFFICERS Presidenl' . . . Velma Viels Vice-Presidenl' . . Pauline Craig Secrelary-Treasurer . . Harry Fir+h French dinner lable chailer over demi- lasse commanded Jrranslaled responses ar lhe French Club luncheons in The Sludenl Union. The Chrislmas Dinner was held al lhe Kaslle Grill wilh French lownspeople as guesls. LIBRARY CLUB OFFICERS Presidenl' .... Joyce Davis Naomi Gullion Secrelary-Treasurer . Sue Brown Shirley Bobeclc The programs of Elsie Pine Library Club varied from lislening lo records lo reading plays. The Club senl a CARE package of books To a children's library in Korea and sponsored a public lea lor Dr. Shipman ol Jrhe Linda l-lall Library, Kansas Ciry, Mo. LIBRARY CLUB-Firsf Row: Nancy Fafe, Sue Brown, Shirley Bobeck. Sec- ond Row: Marion Evans, Frank Bufin. Third Row: Marilyn Olson, Gerfrude Lemon, lrene Hansen, Joyce Davis, Georga Wengerf. Fourih Row: Orville Eofon, Ada Hodgson, Naomi Gullion, Diane Dow, Esfher Vande-rVelde, Inez Cox, Elsie Pine, Anna Hansen, Leland Corey. 148 ? KAPPA MU EPSILON-Fronl Row' O. J. Peferson, Offo Fuls, John Nolheis, Mary Frances Overlielcl, Laura Keele, Nancy Fafe, Mason- obu Yonaha, Roberf Glaser, C. B. Tucker. Second Row- John Couch, Lyle Mccready, Homer Haclceff, Lloyd Jacobs, C. D. Auchard, John lce, Roberf Sfromaff, Kennefh Moore, Joe Canlrell. Third Row: Roberf Vanfuyl, Dwighf Parry, Vern Wiffen, Eugene Marcy, Law- rence Hunfley, Kennefh Shaw, Nevoy Heffenbach. KAPPA MU EPSILON ll-lonorary Malhl Kappa lvlu Epsilon's doings included a ioinl Chrislmas gill exchange parly and a picnic wilh fhe lvlalh Club. C. B. Tuclcer served as nalional presidenl, while lvlasano- bu Yonaha wielded The gavel of The local chapler. MATH CLUB The lvlalh Club concenlraled on lhe more general and amusing lacls ol malhernalics. Vernie Whillen presenled an illuslraled lec- 'rure on Greenland a+ 'rhe Chrislrnas pro- gram. Dwighl Parry served as Presidenl. MATH CLUB-Fronl Row: O. J. Peferson, Ofio Fuls, Jean Sflne, Mary Frances Overlield, Laura Keele, Nancy Fafe, Clovice Chrislen- sen, Dwighf Parry, C. B. Tuclcer. Second Row: Roberf Chafham, Jack Ring, Jesse Cooke, Richard Thompson, Roberf Glaser, John Sho- walfer, Kennefh Shaw, Lloyd Jacobs, John Nofheis. Third Row: John lce, John Couch, Lyle McCreao'y, Homer Haclxeff, Joe Canfrell, Delberf Duponf, Kennefh Moore, Masanobu Yonaha. V' 149 SPLASH CLUB-Fronf Row: Barbara Holm, Ann Holfmans, Shirley Sanner, Hoori Besharaf, Diane Dow. Second Row: Beverly McNuHy, Esfher Penningfon, Carole Moore, Geraldine Wall, Doris Meredifh. Third Row: Miss Mason, Jan Lehman, Phyllis Ufferbach, Nancy Lynch, Jo Sisson, Wanda Burroughs. RHYTHMIC CIRCLE-From' Row: Norma Nell. Second Row: Rose- mary Wiegers, Jean Davis, Mardelle Opperman, Barbara VanSiclcle, Peggy Eckles. Third Row: Judy Buff, Ann King, Phyllis Jensen, Don McCowen, Nancy Crebo, Nancy Carson, Verlene Sobke. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUBS The Phys Ed Club headed by Lee Brown had members who were maiors or minors To promole leadership. "Swim like a fish" symbolizes lhe girls in Splash Clubg as lhe members could be seen doing slunls wiih Doris lvleredilh as prexy. Rhylhmic Circle members worked hard on lhe "Bir+h ol The Blues" presenled in Curli-Q. They presenled lheir spring concerlr wilh Norma Nell as presidenl. WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB-Fronl Row: Beverly Dillman, Nancy Umdensfoclc, Melba Ernsf, Danna Showalfer, Ada Jane Jacobs, Peggy Eckles, Norma Neff, Karen Slafer. Second Row: Shirley Sanner, Connie Norlh, Maxine Davis, Doris Meredifh, Barbara Holm, Belly Jane Benson, Edna McCullough. Third Row: Nancy Lynch, Jo Sisson, Sally Ashcralf, Beffy Chrisfensen, Shirley Kruckenberg, Beverly McNulfy, Jo Davis, Caihy Reber, Margo DeWild, Nancy Carson, Peggy Slemp. 150 SIGMA PI SIGMA -From' Row: Clovice Chrisfensen, -vu' Jean Sfine, Barbara Holm, 0. 9 Kala Knkpqmck, wma A Moore, Jolene Finder. Sec- PQ ond Row: Marilyn Mason, ' Doris Merea'ifI1, Ollie Bolfin, Marianna Lehman, Phyllis UT- A nixui ferbaclc. Third Row: Kafha- Ieen Aebi, Elizabefh Lamb, A Nina Merrifield, Joyce Nick- oley, Doris Sourlc, Merriam Wilson, Joyce Grieder. . els-Q ,cf 1' W lPep Clubl OFFICERS Presidenf .... Jean Sfine Vice-PresiclenT . . Doris MerediTh SecreTary-Treasurer . . Barbara Holm MEMBERS oT Sigma Pi Sigma worked hard This year To increase school spiriT aT games. Noise-malcers in pep rallies and aT games added To The aTmosphere oT enThusiasm. Sigma Pi Sigma is open To anyone inTer- esTed in yelling aT games. The members sold programs aT TooTball and baslceTball games CHEERLEADERS, NORMA NEFF, SHERRY PURKEY, KEN MARTINEZ, DICK KITCH- ING, JEAN DAVIS, AND SHIRLEY GROSS . . . VIGOROUS SEXTETTE ThroughouT The year. They also served in The presidenT's box aT halT-Time oi TooTball games. "l-liT iT again" led This group wiTh Norma Nell, Jean Davis. Cheryl Purlcey, Shirley Gross, and KenneTh lVlarTinez as cheer- leaders. The end oT The year Tound Sigma Pi Sigma sTill Trying To increase The size oT iTs group. No maTTer how disagreeable The weaTher was, or how Tough The opponenTs were, Sigma Pi Sigma was righT in There TighTing. ,l 5 a elf 1, ' I 151 I f' ii if Ti Q i +V 1 l Q W. R. A.-V Prcnf Row- Dorolhy Marlin, Norma Nell, Mabel Tabafa, Barbara Holm, Maxine Davis, Peggy Slemp, Dorofhy Van Horn, Mary Keilh Riegle, Kay Schlichfer, Edna McCullough. Second Row: Doris Meredifh, Bessie Lou Johnsfon, Pauline Hall, Mary Frances Overlield, .lean Sline, Phyllis Gould, Joanna Burgeff, Jo Berends, Jo Sisson. WRA lphysicai Educaiionj OFFICERS Presidenf .... Maxine Davis Vice-Presidenf . . . Doris Meredifh THE Women's Recreaiional Associaiion was in charge of womens pnysical recrearion ac- iiviiies. WRA managed women's infra- murals, and made sure Jriialr everyiiiing ran smooiixiy. SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS Presideni' . . . Kenne+h Moore Vice-Presideni' Dwighf Parry Demonsiraiions were given Hwrougnouf The year by ibe Science Club 'ro iniereslr new slrucienis, and af meefings, science papers were presenied by Hwe various members. SClENCE CLUB--l-rowf Row Roberf Sfromaff, Kennefh Moore, Loyd Jacobs, Mary Jo Agrelius, Doris Riggs, Homer Haclceff, Lyle Mc- Cready. Sfcond Row Merle Brooks, Tom Johnslen, Joe Canlrell, Dwighf Parry, John Breullelman, Merle Bodine, S. W. Cram. Third Row Eugene Crawford, Jesse Cook, Leroy Schelske, Charles Hobbs, Robe-rf Glaser, Weldon Baker, Ted Andrews. 152 BETA BETA BETA ll-lonorary Biologyl OFFICERS PresidenT .... Jack CarTer Vice-PresidenT . . Loren Shaw BeTa BeTa BeTa sponsored Trips To Audu- bon Screen Tours in Topelca, and The Linda T-lall ScienTiTic Library in Kansas CiTy, The annual Tall and spring Mammal Census, and The annual Bird CounT. BETA BETA BETA- From' Row: Merle E. Brooks, Tcm Johnsfen, Kay Schliclwfer, Doris Merediih, Mac Ho- man, Bill Braden. Sec- ond Row: Leroy Schel- ske, Claire Sclvelske, Jack Carfer, Bob Wimmer, John Breu- lcelman. Third Row: Loren Shaw, Paffy Marfin, Leslie Mere- cliilz, Ted Andrews. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA ll-lonora ry Physical Sciencel OFFICERS Presidenl' .... Loyd Jacobs Vice-PresidenT Homer HackeTT Under The direcTion oT Their sponsors, Lambda DelTa Lambda gave eighT programs To sTimulaTe inTeresT in science among high school sTudenTs. Three members accepTed graduaTe Teaching assisTanTships. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA- FronTRow:Kennell1 Moore, Loyd Jacobs, Lois Wingafe, Lyle Mc- Cready, S. W. Cram. Second Row: Roberf Sfromaff, Joe Can- frell, Homer Hackeff, Weldon Baker, Bill Braden. Third Row: Eugene Crawford, Claire Schel- slce, Lawrence Hunfley, Roberf Glaser, Dwigfrf Parry. O I 153 6 YI HOME EC CLUB Pal Anderson led Jrlwe l-lome Ec Club in aclivilies wiili llwe December meeling de- voled lo liosring len needy children. OMEGA Book reviews and commenlaries were pro- grammed lor Omega Lilerary Sociely dur- ing The year. Nancy Pale served as Presi- denl. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-Firsf Row: Lucille Johnson, Joyce Grieder, Mary Lou Canfy. Second Row: Twila Anderson, Jane Goff, Pal Anderson, Lois Wingafe, Anifa Dalquesl. Third Row: Janef Bond, Pal Habig, Nancy Umdensfock, Hoori Besharaf, Donna Showalfer, Sally Riley. Fourfh Row: Sylvia Rasmussen, Rosemary Schallehn, Myrna Robrahn, Margaref Corrigan, Alice Mae Clark. OMEGA-Firsf Row: Gerfrude Lemon, Velma Viefs, Lona McNuH, Nancy Fare, Jackie Vigola, Mary Keifh Riegle. Second Row: Lois Wingafe, Kay Anderson, Wanda Barb, Pai Murphy, Carol Swifzer, Kay Schlichfer, Sharon Winiers. Third Row: Bar- bara Baker, Aleen Bluma, Sherrol Sell- ridge, Karol Popes, Shirley Bobeck, Jean Lane, Beffy Fick. PI GAMMA MU Pi Gamma Mu discussed problems per- laining lo currenl evenls Jrlirouglioui llwe year. Bob Pelerson acled as president SOCIAL SCIENCE During Hs lorry-firsr year, fhe Social Science Club sponsored llwe foreign and do- meslic affairs conference, and promofed +l'1e associalion willw 'flue Unilred Nalions. 154 Pl GAMMA MU-Earl Haggerfy, Hiram Smifh, Gaylord Ukena, Hiroshi Yabiku, Bob Pelerson. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB-From' Row:Jo- ann Eley, Hoori Besharaf, Nadine Hinck- ' ley, Nariko Ohama, Hiroshi Yabiku, Louis Andreaffa, Pierre Weisz, Alfon Lee, Wil- liam Seiler, Doris Ford. Sfanding: Ernie Frinf, Ruflr Rice, Roy Durham. EPSILON Pl TAU-Firsf Row: John Couch, Mr. Ashbauglv, Gerald Lillian. Second Row: Mr. Hogan, Ml. Barnlrarf, Merle Bodine. EPSILON PI TAU in-ianarsry ificiusmsi Arlsl OFFICERS Presiclenl' .... Gerald Lillian Vice-Presiden+ .... Elmer OH Secrefary . . Merle Bodine Treasurer . John Couch Wilh an allempl lo sludy lnduslrial Ari problems ol every day lile and lo promole inleresl in ine field, Epsilon Pi Tau carried on lime lradilion ol mounling and producing llwe plagues lor llwe every-pupil sclwolarslwip conlesl. ln addilion lo llfmis aclivily, llwey also made minialure anvil paperweiglfils bearing llwe lellers KSTC lor llwe Exlension Division, wlwiclw mel in April. ln Oclober, llie members lrelclced lo Pillsburg one briglwl, early morning 'ro al- lend Jrlfme Four Slale Regional lndusrrial Arls Conference. lnslallalion ol four new members succeed- ed in lalcing llie members away lrom ine worlc-slmop April 24. Tlie inilialion was lweld in llwe Sludenl Union and a banguel in lionor ol Jrlwe new members was lield immedialely following al llwe Lillie Kaslle Grill. Dr. King was lime guesl spealcer. The new iniliales were Claylon Carlson, Clio Fuls, Jolwn Saclxman, and James lrwin. 155 V-0, . . S 1 ,, Y ffm M '71-x Z4 , - V: A ff: ' ' f5-f - ' V .,.,w H 1 -' lt sa-"' . .gs , - .gg 5 . ' IQ 5 4- .4 3 U' I if I F if-Lt r ' 4 . Y Q J- ? .4 wa' 5 .. f .W5-.xg Y xt.. v .:4 'A .,. ' 1 ' vm-L -Q- 14 :GQ ' Q It ff j f :F nv' 2' 'sf qi. r-go my :1-,V -- - n ' Lx, - 1"kf'k-ji ,,.,,..g do ' 843 v v V x a-1.T----My ,W-,.,,,,,,,,... We-4--1C"'Z.'7,i -Q44 Q-lp. .f -.... .--.. YWCA Y. W. C. A.-From' Row: Lois Erickson, Margaref Wada, Clara Nonaka, Mabel Tabafa, Laveffa Derfelf, Cressie Young, Beafrice Okuna, Joanne Robinson, Velma Viefs, Joyce Holdsworflw. Second Row: Grace Thowe, Carmen Dressler, Rosellen Sfralca, Paul- ine Hall, Fran Besf, Joyce Nick- oley, Mary Parcher, Rufh Cros- by, Lorna McCarfy. YMCA OFFICERS OFFICERS Presidenl . . . Joyce Holdsworlh Presidenl .... Harry Firfh Vice-Presiclenl . . Velma Viefs Vice-Presidenl' . . Louis Winchesfer Secrefary . . Pauline Hall Secrefary-Treasurer . . Hiroshi Yabilru Y groups promoled The Sludenl World Day ol Prayer service and raised lunds lo send olelegales lo 'me summer conference. YMCA worked ioinlly willw YWCA in sponsoring several Freshman week aclivilies and lime annual Y-Sing al Clwrislmaslime Y. M. C. A.-Lewis Winclresfer, Bill Braden, Harry Firfh, Lyle McCready, Hiroshi Yabilru, Dar- rell Wood. -H' , N' 'J ' 1. - MADMAN LEIBMAN, ADVISOR EDITORS HAL CANNON, NORMA WILLSON BULLETIN STAFF GETTING a lale s'rar+, slall members of The Bullelin slrained and slrove +o give sludenls a larger, more picluresgue newspaper. The resull--higher on guanlily, lower on gualily -second place award in ACP ralings. Pride of The lirsl semesler was lhe len-page Homecoming issue-largesl in recenl years. l-lal Cannon and Norma Willson were al lhe helm, assisled by Leonard Sowers, l.ona lvlc- Nufl, Richard l-lawlc, Beverly Groh, and John Saclcman. Arliss Burns and Jaclc Fiedler han- dled lhe books. Wilh lhe slarl ol second semesler, Can- non lcepl bawling. Assislanl edilors were Norma Willson, Richard l-lawlc, Millard Den- ny, John Kloellqorn, Pal Murphy, and Carl l-lollmans. No excilemenl unlil lhe paper slirs The polilical pol, Then wowl BULLETIN STAFFS FIRST SEMESTER AND SECOND 5' 158 SMILING STAFF MAKES WORK LOOK EASY EDITORS SHARON WINTERS, NANCY FATE SUNFLOWER STAFF AFTER The TirsT layouTs were made, The sTaTT oT The SunTlower seTTled down To rouTine Taslcs. ATTer choosing a Three-division plan, and Trying To TorgeT The juicy fEl4OO debT, The SunTlower began To bloom again. WiTh The able assisTance oT The AssisTanT, Sharon WinTers, who wroTe all The copy Tor organizaTions, Time could be spenT on plan- ning. Due To The ineTTicienT help oT The sTudio conTracTed To Take picTures, The deadlines arrived wiTh many picTures compleTely miss- ing Trom The Tiles. AT mid-semesTer, The Typing sTaTT oT Bon- nie FriTz, Jerri WalqeTield, Mary Jo Crmsby, Joyce Greider, Merriam Wilson, Barbara l-lolm, lmarie Blosser, Verlene Soblce, AniTa DalguesT, and PaT Murphy began The long Trelc oT beaTing ouT page-by-page copy. As an encore To The TirsT Miss Emporia STaTe ConTesT, Joyce Greider assumed The responsibiliTy oT sTaging The choosing oT l-loori BesharaT as The annual queen on March 24. PaT Waldron was runner-up. Judy Teichgraeber underToolc The iob oT designing The cover, and EdiTor, Nancy FaTe, was on hand To oversee The worlc oT all. PicTures were Talqen by Phil Emery, Carl l-loTTmans, and John Dillon, and Jaclc Fiedler plagued The Townspeople Tor ads, as parT oT his job as Business Manager. 46. HARD-WORKING STAFF . . . CUT AND PASTE, WRITE AND TYPE, SUPER- VISE 159 FOOTBALL TEAM--Ffrsf Row: Sibbiff, Heffenbach, Bloomer, Pefersen, Grafke, Millard, Gibson, Ring, Quincy, Leilner, Hahn, Deck, Thompson. Second Row: Welch, Perikli, Buss, Hulford, LeVieux, Halcher, Goodell, Fisher, Dawson, Gardner, McGee, E. Peferson, High- field, Passmore, Long. Third Row: Fish, Horiuchi, M. Peferson, Forgy, Basfin, Roberfson, Kolacny, Roberfs, Fulfon, Tawney, Prifner, Furufa, Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Ridgway, Anderson, Caywood. Fomfh Row: Sfowell, Campbell, Rowe, Holdeman, Evans, Jones, Lewis, Green, Junk, Liefz. S P O R T S FOOTBALL RESUME Quincy I9 Washburn 2I Arkansas 28 Soufhwesfern 6 TENNIS TEAM-Ffrsf Row: Jim Johnson, Arliss Burns, Lloyd Sfone. Second Row: Robin Wood, .lack Miller, Tom Beaffie, Don Boersma. Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Omaha 32 Hays 7 Piffsburg 9 S+. Benedicfs I9 GOLF TEAM-Gus Fish, Wayne Williams, John Jenkins, Ramon Schrefller, Larry Wall, Richard Lysfer. A VL 2 A X ll M - fy' Q ' 'V x .R - P Y L T L"'V?i f, , , NW fs ,, L 'w r' 1 Q Q- if pf- ,f X bf M ,fix X 9 sf: 160 AI, TRACK TEAM-Firsf Row: Clair Hufchinson, Richard Bliss, Verlin Unruh, John Hufford, Henry Thompson, Ed Hoslcing, Wesley Plefcher, Ronnie Sibbiff, Dick Uffer. Second Row: Beg Wegley, Earl Myers, Don Le Vieux, Ed Graflce, Gene Posf, Don Blow, Jim Hayes, Dick Scoff, Fran Welch. Third Row: Bill Pierce, Jim Armsfrong, George Lespagnarcl, Bob Harvey, George Gibbs, Jimmy S P O R T BASKETBALL RESUME Sfine, Merrill Deck. Emporia N W Oklahoma 66 Emporia Rockhurs+ Emporia Omaha Emporia Augus+ana 62 Emporia S+. Benedicfs Emporia PiHsburg Emporia Wichifa 79 Emporia Washburn Emporia Washburn Emporia Pi'Hsburg 66 Emporia Hays Emporia Omaha Emporia Be'rhany 68 Emporia PiHsburg Emporia Hays Emporia McPherson 65 Emporia Soufhwesfern Emporia S+. Benedicfs Emporia S E Missouri 68 Emporia Rockhursf Emporia Sou'rhwes+ern Emporia OHawa 59 Emporia Wichi+a BASKETBALL TEAM-Firsf Row: Fisher, Chrisfian, Eudaley, Sfine, Nelson, Jensik. Second ly, Marlin, Welch. Third Row: Cowan, Roberfs, Kells, Williamson, Caywood. 3 L 1 YP: J WJ X 6 r 6 r S 'xlgohf flggh' ' 32 Vx ax U , fee Row: Fish, Hoslcin, Sprecker, Bloomer, Cober V K-CLUB-From' Row: Lewis Winchesfer, Leroy Millard, Howard Pelerson, Bill Hafcher, Henry Thompson, Ralph Hahn, Merrill Declc. Second Row: Nevoy Heffenbach, Wes Plefcher, Joe Sfine, Ronnie Cowan, Lawrence Euduley, Wayne Goodell, Keifh Caywood. Third Row: Ronnie Sibbiff, Bob Harsh, Jim Fisher, Ed Hosking, Bill Chrisfian, John Nofheis. K - OFFICERS Presidenl' . . . Howard Peferson Vice-Presidenl . . Bill Chrislian Secrefary-Treasurer . . Jim Fisher Corresponding Secrelary . Bill Dudley Hislorian . . . Lawrence Euclaley K-CLUB, as a Tradilion, began ihe year by plopping brighl yellow beanies on lhe heads ol all Freshmen, who lell embarrassed, bul leli The paddle ii refusing io wear Them. Tradiiionally, also, a bull pen was sei up in The rolunda lor ihose noi cooperaling. 162 CLUB A+ Homecoming, The K-Club welcomed 'rheir alums and The usual bull lesl wiih The relurning lellermen followed. K-Club served as hosl +o guesl leams and coaches during Jrhe year, and acied as door- men, ushers, and program sellers lor lhe alh- lelic coniesls. The alhlelic group insligaled a new-lype all school parly. ll was named ihe "K-Club Slreei Dance," and was lhe lirsi ol iis kind on ihe campus. lniliales lhis year were Bill Anderson, Mar- vin Buss, Jim Fullon, John Hullord. Carol Leiiner, Jaclc Ring, and Jim Roberls. Aclminisfrafion , , Alpha Kappa Lambda. Alpha Sigma Alpha S Alpha Sigma Tau S Alpha Thefa Rho , Band ,S ., w,,a Baslcefball Team , Bela Bela Bela .. Bulle+in ., ,, ,, ,, Delia Sigma Epsilon S Elemenlary Club S .S S. Emporia S'I'a+e Players ,, S ,.,, ,, , Epsilon Pi Tau. S .. S Facul+y .S S, ,, Foofball Team, , S, French Club S,,S,,S Freshman Class,S, ,S,, S ,S ,,,., . S Fulure Business Leaders of America S Fuiure Teachers of America . Graduafes ...., S. Golf .SS.S.,S,. SSSS, Home Economics Club.. S lnfer-Failh Council. SS S lnfer-Frafernify Council, , Junior Class S,S,,, S ,, K-Club ,,,,, ,,,,,,, Kappa Della Pi. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Kappa Phi, S, ,S S Lambda Della Lambda Library Club S Mafh Club , S Morse Hall, S Mu Epsilon Nu S Newman Club Contents Omega .S Orchesfra ,, ,S,SS,, ,. Physical Educalion Club Pan-Hellenic Council.. Phi Mu Alpha. ,,..... SS S Phi Sigma Epsilon ..S,. Pi Gamma Mu Pi Kappa Della ,,,.SSS,, Pi Kappa Sigma. S. Pi Omega Pi.. . Radio Club ,,,,, ,, Rhyfhmic Circle S SS,SSS S Science Club S Senior Class ,, ,S ,S Sigma Alpha lofa .,SSSS Sigma Phi Epsilon ,S Sigma Pi Sigma,, ,,,, .. Sigma Sigma Sigma ,....S S Sigma Tau Gamma... .. Social Science Club ,,,,.,.. Sophomore Class. SS..S , Splash Club, Siudem' Council S Sunflower ,,,,, S SS Symphonic Chorus, Tau Kappa Epsilon ,SSS,S, Tennis , ,, Track ,S.S S Treble Clef Wesley Eounclafion . , Winnefaslca S, S, ,,,,,S Women's Recrealion Assoclahon Xi Phi. S. S YMCA YWCA S S S T E E A Adams, Claron Euqene 90 Aebi. Kafhaleen Joan 57, 84, I40, I5I Agrelius, Mary Jo 46.84, I52 Albin, Richard Lee 84 Allen. James I I4, I27 Amerine, Lois M. 58, II4, I36 Ames, Belva June 42, 90. I4I. I43 Anders, Irene Mae 34, 55, I37 Anderson, Alberfa 57, 84, 97 Anderson June Faye 34. 45, 54, I37 Anderson Kay Elizabelh 45, 84, l42, I46, I54 Anderson, Louis Paul, Jr. I37, I39 Anderson, Mariorie II4. I45 Anderson Oliver l3I, I45 Anderson, Pafricia Sexfon I I4, I54 Anderson, Twila Jean 45.90, l37, I54 Anderson William Jose h I60 ' P Andreafla, Louis W. I I4, l48, I54 Anfhony, Willeffa 84 Arb, Delores Marie 34,55 Armsfrong. James Joseph I6I Ashcraff, Sally Edifh 34. 54. I38, I50 Axcell, Jane Lee 34,54 Bader, Hellen Joan 45, I I4, I4I Bailey, Aubrey Dwighf 90 Baird, Roberl' Lynn 34, I32 Baker, Barbara B. 5I, 84. I36, I54 Baker, Bruce Elliolf I46 Baker, Daniel 53, II5, I32 Baker, Lea Ann 57.84 Bollin. Ollie Louise 56, 57, 84, I44, I5I Bonar. Roberl II5, I24 Bond, Janef Alice 34, I54 Boroughs, Wanda Louise 50 Bosfon, Richard II5, I45 Bofferweck, Mary Jane 45,90 Bowman, Marlowe Bruce I27 Bowman. Sherman William, Jr. I40 Braden, Bill L. I I5, I34. I53, I57 Bradshaw, Evelyn Carol 55, II5, I38, I40 Brandl, Barbara 57, 90 Brandt James 84, I27 Branson, Joseph Aaron I I5, I3I Brenfon, Jack Lee 34, I28 Breukelman, Belfy Jean 34, 5l Briix, Carolyn 35, 42, 55. I38. I44 Brokes, Joan Carol 57, 98, I l5, l4I Brooks, Merrillyn Anne 35, 5I, 55 Brower, Benneff Earl I4I Brown, Anna Sue 57, l48 Brown, Joe Pefer, Jr. 35 Brown, Norma Lee ' 415, I I5 Browne, Roberf Louis 84, 98, I44 Buckles. Billie Esfher 35.55, I38 Buckley. Charles Edmund 35, l3l, I38 Budd, Helen Esfher I I5 Bunge. Jeanine 5I, 55, 90, I44 Burenheide, Roberf Anfhony 35 Burgefl, Joanna 57, 84, I52 Burgharf. Vyrl Dean I l5, I3I Burns, Arliss Duane 90, I32, l56, I6O Burns. John R. 35 Burf, Judy Eloise 35 Buss, Marvin Wayne I26, I60 Bulin, Frank l3l, l35, I37, l48 C Clennan, Frances Ann 35.43.55 Cleveland, William Neil I I6 Clevenger, Marilyn Fern 46, I I6, I36, I37, I38, l39 Cline, Janef Lee 42.90, l48 Clinkenbeard, Allen C. 35, l29 Clowe, Carol 35, 50, 55, I36, I38 Coberly, R. L. l6l Coffee, Donald Ralph 85, I3I, I35 Cook, Bob Gene 35, I29 Cook, Jesse I-larold I I6, I49, I52 Cooper, Glenna Marie 35,55 Corey, Leland Aubrey I48 Coff, Befly Lou 57. l4l Couch,John David 90, I49, l55 Cowan, Ronald Milfon II6, l6I, l62 Cozad, Lawrence Henry 35, I32 Craff, Palricia Sue 35. 55,97 Craig, Pauline Phyllis 35, 55. I46 Crawford, Jim R. 35, l29 Crawford, Rachel Ella 35, 55. I47 Creyaufmiller, Gene John 85, I32 Crebo, Nancy Louise I5O Crismas. Joanne 46,90 Cromwell, Donna Lou 46. 85 Crosby, Anna Rufh 56, 57, 85, 98, I44, I57 Dalquesf, Anifa Mae 57, II6, I40, I46, I54 Davidson, Wayne Sherwood I I6, I28 Davies. I-larold William l3O Q . Mildred Marie 54, II5 Barb, Wanda 45, 52, II4, II5, l4I, I54, I56 Barnes, Oscar Eugene 34 Barreff, Carolyn Joyce 34 Barrefl, Roberf Galen 34 Basfin, Junior Wayne 90 Bafeman, William Paul 90 Bafes. Kay Lorraine 34,42 Beaffie, Thomas Newell l60 Bedner, Jerry Lynn 90, I45 Belfield, Charlene Pafricia 34. 45, I38 Bell, Donna Arlene 46,84 Bell, Lila Ann 34, 44, 55, l4I Berends, Shirley Jo 57, 84, I47, I52 Berg, Carl Phillip 34, l3l Besharaf, l"loori 56. 57, 84, I54 Besl, Fran 56, 57, 84. I36, I37, I38, I57 Bicker. Roberl' 34, l28 Blake, Shirley Marie 34,55 Blew, Lyle E. I I5 Bliss, Richard Kennefh 84, I6I Bliss, Theda Jeannine 34,55 Bloomer, William Arfhur 90, I27, I6O, I6l Blosser, Imarie 55 Blow, Donald Eugene 34, Ibl Bluma, Reffa II5, l48, I54 Bobek, Shirley Ann 56, 57, 84, I40, I46, l48, I54 Bocook, Carolyn Mae 90 Bodine, Merle Wayne I52, l55 Boersma, Donald II5, I27, I6O Bohn, Virginia Helen 42.84, I36, I38 164 Campbell Cam bell Charles 84 Campbell, ,James Richard l60 p ,Jim Eu ene 35 l28 Campbell, Davis Davis .Carolyn Jean 35, 42, ISI .Jorelfa Mae 35, 55, I46, l50 Davis, .Mary Joyce II6. I48 Davis, Davis. Davis Leonard II6, l28 Maxine 5l. II6, I40, I42 Richard Lynn 85, l30 Dawson, Ewell, Jr. 85, I6O Cannon, Donald E. 85, l28 Cannon. Harold Lee II5, I45, l56. l58 Canfrell, Joseph Sires II5, I3I, I49, I52, I53 Canfy. Mary Lou 45, 90, I54 Capellan. Priscilla F. 57 Carlson, Clayfon 90, l24 Carlson, Lorefla Mae 45. 85. I37 Carmichael, Carolyn Roseann 45. 90 Carson, Nancy Carolyn 35.50.55 Carson, Shirley Ann 45, 85 Carfer, Jack Lee I53 Carufhers, Dona Jo 35, 54 Carver. John R. II5, l24 Calanese, Pefer J. II6. l28 Chafham. Roberl' Duane 35, I37, I49 Cheever, Forresf Cleveland I I6, I43. I44, I45 Childs, Wayne Scoff 85, I34 Chrisfensen, Beffy Lou I5O Chrisfensen, Clovice Elaine 35, 49, 55. l49. I5I Chrisfian,William 84, 90, I27, I6I, l62 Clark, Alice Mae 45. 52, II6, I40, I54 Clark. Raymond B. II6 Clemenf, William Donald I I6, I3I Day, Maryln Louise 57, I40 Deck, Merrill Rae 85, I27, I6O. l6l, l62 DeHoff, John Raymond 90, I27 Deifrich. Nadine May 42, II6, I45 Deilriclrson. Leonard B. I I6 Denning, Adlore Henry 53, 98, I28 Denny, Millard Ferrell 90, I42 Depufy, Mary Alice 98 Derfelf, Levelfa 57, 85, 98, I38, I40, I44 I57 Deffrner, William 85, 98, l28, I44 DeWild, Margaref Lucille 57, I50 Didde, Rosalie Elaine 85 Diebolf, Carlene Kay I38 Diller. Connie Lee 35, 44, 55. I38 Dillman, Beverly Ann 35, 55, I5O Dillman, Kafhryn Louise 35, 55, I37. I38 Dillman, Mary I36, I38, I39 Dillon, John Edward 85. II6, I47 Dillon, Virginia May 57 Doganieri, Bruno 53, II4, II7, I32, I43, I56 Dorsf, Carloffa Lou 46, 7I, 85, I44 Dover, Mary Helen I40 D'Ovidio, Anfhony I43 Dow, B. Dianne 85, I4l, I48 I-W., Downing, James Lee 117, 131 Downs, James Carle 35, 124, 131, 135, 137 Draper, Wanda Lee 45, 55, 137 Dressler, Carmen 58, 98, 117, 136, 141, 143, 156, 157 Dudley, William Howard 90, 127 Duncan, Donna 85,141 Dunning, Donald Duane 132 Duponf, Delberr Henry 35, 131, 149 Dwelle, Mar+ha Elaine 51,85 Dyer, Mary Ann 85 Eckles, Peggy Ellen 35, 45, 54, 150 E1ey.E1izabe+1iJoAnn 57, 154 Elvin, Clifford Oscar 116 Emery, Philip Anlhony 85, 133 Erickson, Lois Ann 57, 85, 137, 138, 157 Erns1,Me1ba Lou 57. 58. 85. 144, 150 Esch, Juanila Mae 35, 47, 55. 98, 138, 144 Eudaley, Lawrence Dee 84, 85, 161, 162 Eudaley, Leonard Lee 85 Evans, Evans, Evans Evans Evans Eldon 36,124 Joyce 51,85 , Marion Reeder 148 , Palricia 36, 55, 140 ,Ted Joe 36, 126, 160 F Facklam, Jim Arlhur 138, 139 Farr, Leonard Murray 131, 135 Fale, Nancy L. 42, 117, 143, 148, 149, 154, 156, 159 Fick, Belly Lou 46.85, 142, 147, 154 Fiedler. John Charles 34, 84, 90, 91, 132, 156 Findley, Margarel Anne 36.46.55 Firlh, Charles Thomas 98 Firlh, Harry Warren 85. 98. 137, 148, 157 Fischer, Leona Selma 90 Fish, Mary Elizabeih 36 Fisher, James Edward 117, 127, 160, 161, 162 Fisher, Rodnee Elaine 36.45, 55 Flair, Jo Ann 42, 117 Flair, Merrel Dean 127, 139 Flores. Edwin 117 Ford, Doris Alma 1. 57, 117 Ford, Roberl E. 140, 141 Forgy, Galen Lloyd 126, 131, 135, 138. 160 Forresler, Barbara Jean 36, 45, 55 Forresler, William Donald 85 Fowler, Billy Lee 145 Fowler, Margarel' 36,49 Fox, Lillie B. 117,140,147 Fraser, John Wilbur 36, 132 Frinl, Ernie L. 90, 154 Frilz, Bonnie 49, 57, 85, 136, 137, 138, 139 Fuls, Offo Philip 90. 143, 149 Furu1a,51anley 160 G Galenline, Alice 57 Gamber, Vivian 52, 137, 140 Gamble, Carol Jean 36,54 Gardner, Donald Eugene 160 Gayer, Barbara Lee 45, 85 Gerber, Herma Lee 46 Gibbens, Rosalee Ann 44 Gibbs, George 36. 132, 161 Gibson, Jess Max 85, 147, 160 Gibson, Louise 51.57.86 Gi1le11'e,Juani1a Mae 86 Glaser, Roberl Charles 153 117,149.152, Glaze, Donald Eugene i 117, 128 Goff, Jane Annelle 51, 90, 154 Goodell, Leslie Wayne C5oode11,Marjorie Ann 46, 117 Goodwin, Vinnie Garold 36, 138 Gordon, Mary Lou 57, 117, 140 Gould, Phyllis Jean 46, 57, 86. 142, 152 Grafke, Henry Edgar Jr. 124, 160, 161 Gragg, John Lee 125 Gray,Jane1 Lee 36, 45, 55 Green, Peggy 46.57.86 Green,Thomas Gerald 36, 124, 160 Grieder, Joyce 36, 49, 151, 154 Griffifh, Joyce Ann 42, 91, 136, 145 Groh, Beverly Jean 46, 52, 117, 142 Groh, Irene Marie 86 Gross, Shirley Lou 36, 45, 54, 140, 151 Grundy, Bobby Dean 133 Gullion, Naomi 148 I60, 162 Haag, Marian Lucile 36, 45, 54, 138 Haas, William Henry 117 Habig, Palricia Ann 86, 154 Hackell, Homer Lee 117, 149, 152, 153 Haggeriy, Earl 154 Hahn, Ralph 98,117,128,16O,162 Haiqh, Roberl Gene 36, 124. 131, 135, 138 Haley, Shirley Mae 36, 55 Hall, Pauline 56, 57, 117, 137, 144, 147, 152, 157 Halley, Marilyn 57, 140, 144 Hamble, Wm. R. 91,131 Hammer, Berlin E., Jr. 36 Hammond, Margarel' Anne 35, 55, 137, 138 Han, Sung Mo 36, 146 Hankins, Myron 118, 128 Hansen, Anna Minerf 148 Harsha, Kennelh Kaye 86 Harris, Alma 118, 143 Harsh. Roberl Leonard 162 Harlman, Amelia J. 45, 86, 142 Harvey, Roberl' Lee 161 Harvey, Wilmer 91,131,134,135,137, 138 Haskell, Marian Rulh 51, 139 Hafcher. William Edward 118, 127, 160, 162 Hawk, Richard Cowen 86, 124, 131, 135, 138, 146 Hayes, Donna Palricia 36, 43, 54 Hayes, James Edward 36. 161 Haynes, Mary Elizabelh 54, 136 Hedrick, Darrell Wayne 86 Hedrick, Sandra Ann 51,86 Heidebrech1,Me1va Jerine 36, 54, 137, 138 Henning,James 118,127 Henning,Janis 36,55 Henson, Mariorie 45. 86 Herrick, Gordon A. 118, 131 Hess, Loleia 91 Heflenbach, Nevoy Gene 118, 126, 143, 149, 160, 162 Heydecker, Mary Lou 57 Hildebrand, Janey Mae 36,42 Hildebrand, Roberl Edward 36, 132 Hill, Donna June 57, 91, 148 Hinckley, Nadine Marie 36, 55, 97 Hirano, Bearrice 57, 118, 140, 141, 143 Hochma Hodges n, Belly 45, 86, 147 Glen Eldon 36, 134 Hodgson Dellon Leon 36, 128, 131, 135 Hoffman Vicior Francis 91 Hoflmans, Ann 51, 86, 98 Hoifmans, Carl Joseph 91, 98, 128, 144 Hogan, Bernard Allen 86, 133 Hobbs, Charles 53, 86, 131, 146. 152 G Hogue. ary Dale 86, 127 Holdeman, Alpha Abraham 36. 136, 160 Holdsworlh, Joyce Elaine 57, 58, 86, 98, 136.1 37, 157 Holm, Barbara Jane 49, 52, 97, 114, 118. 140,141,142,156 Homan, Hoover, Mac Delano 127, 153 Larry Lee 37, 131 Horiuchi, Dan M. I60 Hosey, Harold Roy 86 Hoskin, Edwin 138, 139, 161,162 Housley, Richard Lee 37 Howard, Larry Dean 37, 126 Hubbard. Joyce Maxine 51,140 Hubbard, Ravena Pauline 34, 37, 51, 55. , 4 144 1 6 Huenergardl, Sharon Frances 50 Huf1,Jear1e1le Louise 37 Huflord, John Newlon 160, 161 Hun+er, Bob 37, 132 Hunlley, Lawrence 149. 153 Hush, Roberl Kennelh 37, 131 Hu+chcraf+,Char1o11e 37, 55, 97 Hulchinson, Cecil Clair 86, 124, 161 lce, John William 149 1gou.G1 oria Jo 57, 118 lngwerson, Donald 53, 114, 118, 124, 156 lreland, Rufh 58.91, 140, 141 Jackson, Kay J. 37,55 A Jacobs, Jacobs, Jacobs. da Jane 42, 86, 150 Helen Schenck 118, 136 Loyd D. 118. 149. 152. 153 James, Donald Wayne 37,96 James. Lois Mae 37, 55 Janzen orolhy 55 . D Jehle, Donna Marie 37, 46 Jenkins, John Bruce 160 Jensen, Jacque 42, 86 Jensen, Norma Jo 37, 44, 55, 141 P Jensen, Jensik, J Jeppese hyllis Ann 37, 43, 54 im Lee 126,161 n, Mary Chrisline 37, 140 Jernigan, E.Jay 96, 146 Jesler. Roberl' Eugene 91. 124 Johnson, Chesrer Curlis 86 Johnson, Jim A. 34.37, 131, 146, 160 Johnson, Lucille Haas 118, 154 Johnson, Melvin Ray 91 Johnson, Regina 42, 118, 148 Johnslen, Thomas Duane 152, 153 Johnslon, Bessie Lou 45.55, 118, 146, 152 Jones, Allred Leroy 160 Jones, Marilyn Jeanice 37 Junk, Gerald Arlhur 160 Kadel, E K idon Ray as. 127, iai, 135 Kadel, Jesse J. 118, 127, 131.135, 140 Karolik, Nancie Jane 42, 137 165 Kealing, Mary 37, 42 Keele, Laura Louise 9l, I49 Keller, Philip Charles 96, 98, l3l, l35, I37, l38, I39 Kelley, Jerry W. I3. 86 Kells. Allan Earl l6l Kempke. Gail Elain 37, 5l, 54, I44 Kennedy, Mary Ann 9l, 96. I36, I39 Kieller, Elven Wesley 37, l28 Kiene, Marylee 98, II8, I44 Kinio. Seiyu 9I, l3l Kiopenberger, Belly 5I, II8 Kirk, Belly June 42. 86 Kirk, Jo Ann 42, 52. l I9 Kirk, Mary Lou 37 Kirkpalrick, Kala Sue 57, 86, l38, I40, l4l, l5I Kilching, Richard 37, I27. l5l Kling, Mariorie Rulh 57, 9l, I45 Kloelkorn, Johnny Lee 86, l27 Kloelkorn, William Charles I I4, I I9, I27. l3I, l35 Klusmire, Charlolle Rose I44 Knapp, Bonnie Joan 45.86, I38. I44 Koegeboehn, Beverly Anne 57.86, I4O. I4l Kolling, Ray Edward 34, 9l, l3l Koops, Alvin John 86, I25 Kowalski. Shirley Ann 42, 86, 98 Krause, Lloyd Allen 37. 54. I37, l38, I39 Krch, Genny Theresa 37, I47 Krehbiel, Anila Janel 37.54, I37, l38. I39 Krenger, Charles Edward 53, II8, l27 Kriegln, Nadine Marie 37, 5I, 54 Kruckenberg, Shirley Eileen 37, 44, 55, I50 Kuepker, Lovella Kalherine 57, 87 L Lam, Alice Joan ll9, I36. I37, I39 Lamb, Elizabelh Nan 57.87, I40, ISI Lamb, Kelsay Laurel 46, 87, 97, I44 Lamberl, Beverly Nelle 57. 58, 87, I42 Lane. James Herberl 37, l28 Lane, V. Jean 5I. 87, I54 Larkin, Ronald J. 87, I3O Laulerbach, Belle Joan 87, I36, I37, l38, I39 Ledwilh, Emma Ellinor 37 Lee. R. Allon I54 Lehman, Jan 37, 46, 55. I4O Lehman, Marianna Jo 57.87, I5l Leilner, Carol Byron 37, l28, I60 Leonard, Alan J. II9, I32 Lespagnard, George J. 87, l6l Lell. Van Edward 37 LeVieux, Donald Gene I60, l6I LeVieux. Phyllis Anne 54, 87 Lewick, Belly Ann 45, 87. I44 Lewis. Gloria May 38, 55 Lewis, John Harlan I60 Libben, Dorolhy Ann 46.98, I36. I37, l38, I39 Lielz, Arnold 38, I60 Liqhl, Dolores Maxine 57. 9l, I40, l4l Lillian,Gerald I28, 155 Lincoln,John Maior 87, l3I, I46 Lindow, George R. II9, I44 Livingslon, Daniel Roberl 87. I24, l3l. l35, I37, I42 Logan. Carole Evelyn 45, 87 Lollar, Joan 38, 55, I37, l38. I39 Lollar, Nancy Lea 38.55, 138 Long, Kennelh 92 Loomis, Wanda Norene 38.55.96 Lowe, Roberl Waller I I9 166 Lusk, Keilh N. II9 Lulhro, Eslher Mae Lynch, Nancy Carol Lyon, Douglas Kenl Lysler, B. Carol 87 Lysler, Richard 38 I45 87 38, 42, 55, I50 84, 87, l3l, I35, I47 I26, I60 4 Myers. Bealrice Lee lBuschel 92 Myers, Marcine Ann 45. 87 Myers, Waller Charles I20 Mc McAuliffe, MaryAnn 97 McCallum, Mariorie Lou 38 McCarly, Lorna Lucile 58, II9, I40, I57 McClanahan. Palricia Lou 92.140, l5l McClelland,John 38, I27. I3I, 135, I38 McComas, Jerri Ann 92 McCowen. Don I50 McCracken, Margarel Ellen 38. 96 McCready. John Lyle 96, II9, I40, I49, I52, I53, I57 McGee, Garlh I60 McGill, Barbara Rulh 42, II9 McGill, Marilyn 38,42 McGregor, Gary Alan 38, l3l McKinley, Shirley Anne 38.47, 55 MCKisson, Larry Everell I29 McMunn, Dallas 38, I28 McNully, Beverly 54, II9. I43, I50 McNull, Lona Belle II9, I42, I47, I54. I56 McNull, Marshall 34.38, l38 McPhail, Howard B. I34 McRae, Becky Ann 58, ll9, I4O McRae, Elizabelh 58, 87 Macha, Richard II9. I27. I45 Madaus, Frederick Clark 38, l3l Maloney, Mary Louise 38, 55 Marcy, Douglas Eugene I I9, I49 Markley, Joan Lee 38.43.54 Markley, Phyllis Ann 42,92 Marshall. Slanley 87, l28 Marslall, George Leo 87. I30 Marlin, Gray l6I Marlin, Levona Gaye 42. 87 Marlin, Palricia Ann I47. l53 Marlinez, Kennelh 38. l28, l3I, I35. l5l Mason, Palsy Jo 38, 44. 54. I37, I39 Malheny, Mary Wylii II9, I42, I43 Meierholl. Larry Gene 38. I24. l3I, l35. I37, I38 Meredilh, Doris Jean 92. I50, I5l, I52, l53 Meredilh, Leslie Paul l53 Meredilh, Phyllis Fox I47 Merrifield, Nina Rulh 57.87, l5l Merwin, Donna Lee 46, 87 Merwin, Ronald Earl I45 Melzger, Floyd Denl' 87, I27 Millard. LeRoy Lloyd I60, I62 Miller, Georganna 42, 55, l37 Miller,Jack Joe 38. I29, I60 Miller, Lila 42, 92, l40 Milner, Roberl Melvin I26 Milchell, Jim Dean 38, l28 Milchell, Palricia 42.92, I47 Mohler, John Henry, Jr. 38, I24 Monroe, James Erwin I34 Moore, Carole Jeanne 38. 54 Moore, Kennelh Virgil I20, I49, I52, l53 Moore, Willa Pauline 38.55, l5l Morlon, Melba Irene I20 Murphy, Daryl Emerson I26, l3l, l35, I37, l38 Murphy, Palricia 42, I20, I40, I43, I54 Mushrush, Berlella F. 38.47, 55 N Nangle, Richard James l26 Navral, Leonard F. 38. I25 Navral, Marion Leon 98, l3l, l35, I37, l38, I39 Naylor, Helen Marie 38.43.55 Naylor, Marilyn Joy 45, 87, I36, I37, l38 Nell, Norma 87, I50, l5l, I52 Nelson, Vaughn Claylon l6l Neuleld.James 92, l32 Newcomer, Lischia Ann 43 Newlon, Lee Warren 38, I26 Nicholas, Bill Lee 87, l28 Nickelson, Marion I20, l27 Nicklaus, Edward Leroy 92, I3I, l35 Nickoley, Joyce 37, 57, 87, I40, l4l, ISI, I57 Nixon, Janice 46.55, I37 Nixon, Keilh Eldon I20, I3l, I34. l35. I4O Nonaka, Clara Milsuko 38.54, I40, I57 Norlh, Corinne June 39, 55, 97, I50 Nolheis, John Arlhur I20, I49, I62 Nuller. Warren Oscar 92. l3I 0 Oblander. Richard I20. I34, I4O Odgers, Barbara Jane 49, 57, 87.97, I39 Ohama, Noriko I54 Okuna, Bealrice 56, 57. I20. I37, I40, I47, I57 Olson, Marilyn Joan 45, I20, I45, l48 Ollmanns, Jean Irene 87 Opperman, Mardelle Sue 39, 45. 55. I37 Ormsby, Mary Jo 42,87 Osbourn. Marilyn Faye 39.46. 55 Oll, Elmer Malhew I20, I24 Overlield, Mary Frances 49.92, I49, I52 Overlon, Laura Louise 50. 54 P Palm, Jacquelyn Lucille 39. 54, I40, I44 Papas. Karol Kay 84, 88. I46, I54 Parcher, Mary Ellen 58.92, I40, I57 Parker, Paula Belh 39, 55 Parry, Dwighl 92. l3l, I49, I52, I53 Parsons, Mary Ellen 57, I20 Passmore, Roberl Bruce I26, I60 Pallerson, Wallace R. 88. I24 Paulson, Merle J. I4O Peak, Palricia Chrislina 57, 92 Penninglon, Eslher lrene 39, 54, I50 Perilcli, Nickolas E. 92, I60 Pelers, Mona Dee 5l, 88 Pelersen, Howard Kyle 92, 96, I27. I62 Pelerson, Erwin Arnold 39. I29, I60 Pelerson, Merwin Donald I60 Pelerson, Roberl Clark I20, I34, I46, I54 Pellersson, John 39, I32 Phillips Phillips ,Bob Barnard I20 ,Keulan Russell I20 Phillips, Lela Luella 42,88 Phillips Phillips. ,Mary Louise 57, 92 William Francis 92. l4l. I43 Pierce. William Franklin I6l Pinder, Jolene Sue 39, 5l, 55, l38. l5l Pingel. Eugene Phillip 92, l28 Plall-, Carolyn Louise 5l, I20 Plelcher, Frances Fay 39, 55 Plelcher, NVesley A. l2O, I6l, I62 Pohl, Norma Jean 49. 52 Posf, Richard Gene l28, l6l Powell, John Warren 39, l28 Prieslley, Russell Neil 39. I3l Prifner, Calvin 39, l28, l60 Probsf, Mary Edith 57, l20, l40 Purlxey, Cheryl June 45.88, I47, ISI Q Quainlance, Mary Jane 45, 92, I45 Quincy, Floyd W. l6O Ragan, Roberr Harold l30 Ramsburg, Darrell Spencer l3I. I35, l38 Rasmussen, Sylvia Maxine 49, 57, 88, 97, l54 Rawlings, Dolores Dalene 57. 88 Ray, Marilyn Jean 39, 45, 54, l38 Ready, Dorolhy Marie 46,92 Realra, Mary Evelyn 88, l4l Reber, Catherine 88, ISO Reid, Charles Burney I2l, I28, I44 Relriger, David 88 Rice, Rulh Ann 43, 92, l54 Richardson, Clarence Marlin 39 Ridgway. Arlhur I6O Riegle, Mary Keilh Sl. 52.92, I37, l48. I52, I54, I56 Riggs, Doris Imogene 57, 92, l44. l45. I52 Riley, Sally Lee 92, I37, l54 Ring. Jaclrie Don 138, I49, I6O Robb, Michael 39, l32 Roberls, Elizaberh Jayne 39,55 Roberls. Jim Alberr I6l Roberfs, Maurice Eugene l42 Roberlson, John Deal l29 Robinson, Edwin Hayes 39 Robinson. Joanne Rulh 88, I44, I57 Robinson, Louis Leroy 88, l25 Robinson, Marian Louise 39 Robrahn, Myrna Lee 45. 88, l54 Roehrman, Lila 39 Roehrman, Phyllis Muriel 54 Roller, Dale Edwin l3l. l35, l38 Ronen, Theodore Galvin I38 Rorabaugh, Melvin Dennis 39 Rose. Rose. .92, I45, l56 Rose. 9 I Rosf, Rolh John LaRue 39, l28 Margarel Frances 34, 5l, 52, 84, Nadine Joyce 57. 88 Nellie Mae 57, 92. l40, l4l ,Slanley 39, l3l Rowe, Ronald Eugene 39, l3l, l6O Rusf, Rulz, Mary Jean 49, 93,96 Margaref Ann 39, I37 Ryerson, Joe Frank 39, l3l S Saclcman. John W. l2l, l24 Sanner, Shirley 39, 55, l5O Sargent Reira Alene 45, 93 Sallerlield, Leon James 88, l27 Sauder, Janice A. 39, 5l, I42, I44 Saunders, Gerald Eugene 88, l25 Schaich, Lee Lamc-nf 88 Schallehn, Rosemary Ann l54 Schaulis, Roberl Edward 93. l27 Scheibe. Roberl Dean 39, l28 Schellenger, Delia Dean 55, 93 Schelslce, Claire l53 Schelslre, Leroy John I52, l53 Scherer, Malhias A., Jr. I45 Schermerhorn, Shirley Ann 57, 88 Schlichrer, Kay 42, 84, 88, I52, l54 Schrnidi. Madalyn 45, 93, l48 Schreiiler. Ramon C. I30, l60 Schwendiman, Darlene Mary 46, I2l Scoll, Prudence Clarene 56, 57, 97, l2I. I36 Scoll, Richard Merrill I6l Scolr, Vonna 57, 88 Scribner, Charline Belle 39, 55 Scriven, William Richard l2l, I26. l3l, l35, I37, l38, I43 Seacal, Dale N. 53, l2l, l3l, I45 Seacaf, Max Eugene 39, l3I Sears, Edyra Elaine 40, 55, I38 Seider, Roberl 39, 98, I28, I44 Sellridge, Sherrol 57, 93, I36. l38. I39. l54 Selvy, Carol Lee 40, 55 Selrle. Joan Lee 57. 88, I4O Sharp, James Theodore 84, 88. l28 Sharp, Norma Lee 40, 42, 55 Shaw, Kennelh Vern l2l, I49 Shaw, Loren Ray I2l, l5l, l53 Shepherd, Willard lden l3l, l35 Sheridan, Joyce Mae 49, I2l Shorl, Vera Louise 57, 88, l4I, I47 Showaller, Donna l2l, l5O, l54 Showaller. John Fredriclc, Jr. I2l, I49 Sibbifl, Ronald Roger 88. I26. l6O, l6l, I62 Siebuhr, Carma 40, 55 Simmons, Delores l2l Sisson, Carol Ann 40, 5l, 55, l37. l38 Sisson, Jo Hannah 40.55. l38. l5O, I52 Slaler, Karen Charlene 40, 55, l5O Slemp, Peggy Lou 88, I4O, I4I, l5O, I52 Smarl, Joanne 40, 54 Smifh, Glenn Everell 40, l28 Smilh, Harold Edwin 40 Srnilh, Hiram A.. Jr. l2l, l40, l54 Smirh, Ivan Claire 88, l28. I3l, l35 Smifh, Lorna Lou 5I, 88 Smilh, Roberl' A. I26 Smirh, Roberl' LeRoy 88, I28 Smirh, Shirley Ann 42, 88 Snavely, Helen Marguerile 88 Soblce. Verlene Ellen 40, 55, 7l Solis, Frank I34, I48 Sourlt, Doris Mae 57, 88, 97, l4l. l5l Sowers, Leonard Norberl' l2l Spade, Marilyn lrene 49. 57,93 Sparlce, John Raymond 88 Spreclcer,Jayde 89, I26, l6l Slarlinq, Mary Elizabelh 58, 93, 96.97, 98, l37, l43 Slalon, Rulh A. 34, 42, 9l, 93, I4O, I56 Siauller, Richard L. ll4, l2l, I3l, l47 Sleinle, Buddy Siuarl 40 Slevens, Gary Joseph 40, l32 Slewarr, Suzanne 54 Slieben, Sandra Lee 40, 54, 97, I37 Sfine, Hazel Jean 49, 89, 98. I49, l5l, I52 Srine, James W. l6l Srine. Joe Franklin l6l, I62 Slocldon, BellyJoleen 55. l2l. l4O, I43 Srone, Arlhur Gene 40, 96, I3l, I37, l38 Slone, Lloyd Allred 89, l27, l60 Sfory, Jean D. 89, l4I Slowell, Richard O. 93, l60 Slrahan, Carol Ann 57 Slralra. Rosellen Marie 57, 89, I4O, l4I, I57 Slromall, Roberl' Weldon l2l, I43, I52, l53 Slrouis, Mariorie Lois 55, l2l, l40, I45 Slurgeon, Richard W. I26 Sullivan, John Michael 40,98 Sumida, Edna M. 48, 57, l22, I4O, l4l Sunler, Jo Ann Porfer 42, l22 40, 55, l37 Surlon, Palricia Ann Swarlz, Carolyn 46, 93, 97, I45 Swayze, Shirley Ann Sweel, James Loring 55. 93 40, l28. l48 Swiercinsky, Palricia Joan 42.89, I36, l38 Swilzer, Carol Ann l44, l54 43, 57, 89, I38, I4O. T Tabara, Mabel 57, l22, l40, I52. l57 Tawney, Earl Alfred 40, l27 Tawney, Melvin Lee 89, l27, l60 Taylor, Jack Lee 40, l28 Taylor, Mardell Lorella 40, Sl Teichgraeber, Judy 42, 93, I47 Temple, Delores Ann 46, 89 Temple, Shirley Maxine 34, 40. 46, 55 Thomas, Donna Lee 5l, 93, l4O Thompson, Chrisla Lee 40, 55, 97, I44 Thompson. Henry Raymond l6O, l6l, I62 Thomson. Richard Wayne l22, I49 Thowe, Grace Irene 58, l22, l4l. I57 Trenl, Jimmie Douglas I46 True, Virgil Lewis 40, l32, l38, I39 Turner. Paula 97 Turner, Richard Miller 40, l33 Tush, Eugene l22, l3l Tweedy, Marilyn Marie 42, 93, 96. 98 U Ulcena, Gaylord Eugene I22, l40, I42, l54 Umdensloclc, Nancy Kay l5O, l54 Unger, Carol Jean 45, 89 Unruh, Verlyn Ralph l6l Uller, Richard Slewarf 40, l3l, l6l Ulferbaclc, Phyllis Anne 40, 5l, 55, l5l V VanBuren, Fred Louis 40, l3l VanGundy. Joyce Irene 40 VanGundy, Mariorie 89 Vanl-lorn, Dorolhy Jean 5l, 89, I52 VanMar'rer, Fern Jeanine 40.45, 54 Vannaman, Peggy Joan 40, 55 VanSiclcle, Barbara 40. I47 Vanruyl, Roberl Vernon l22, I49 VanValkenburg. Richard Lee 4l, I26 Veach, Lynn Dale 4l, I33 Veal, Mariorie Carol 4l, 54 Vernon, Sharon Sue 4l, 42 Verschelden, Roberl James 89, 98, I44 Vieis. Velma 34, 9l. 93, 98, I37, I46, l54. I57 Vigola. Jacqueline 5l, I22, I36. l37, l38, I54, I56 W Wada, Margarel 4l, 54, l40, I57 Wakefield, Jerri Lu 42, l22, l37 167 Waldron. Palricia Ann 5l. I22, I36. I37. I39, l56 Walker, R.J. 4l. I26 Wallcer, Shirley 4I, 55 Wall, Geraldine Faye 4I, 42, 55, l38 Wall, Larry L. 53, 84, 89, I28. I6O Walno, Margarel Louise 55 Walsh, William l-lenry 93, l32 Warlman, Corlland Day, Jr. l25 Walanabe, Helen 55,58 Wegley, Benjamin I26. l6l Weir, Beverly Josephine WeisZ. Pierre I48, I54 Wengerl, Georga Erma 148 Wesl, Jack Fredrick 89, l28 Whisller, Darrel Lee 34, 53, 84, 9l, 93, I27, l56 Wiebe, Carl l-l. 93, l45 Wiegers, Ann L. 4l, 44, 55, 146, I47 Wiegers, Edward 40, l22, I32, I46 Wiegers. Rosemary 4l, 44, 55, 98, l4O, I4l 4l,54 Wilde, Pal Slreel I22, I36, I39 Wilhaus, Kalhryn Ann 57, 89, l4O Wilhile, KarolJon 4l, l24, l3l, l35 Williams ,Cecil Wayne 89, l28, l6O Williams, Williams Williams, Williams, Donald Lewis 4l, l3l Elsie May 4l Jerry Thomas 89, I24 Peggy Ann 4l, 45, 55 Williamson, Keilh Dwayne l6l Wills, Roberl Charles 4I Willson, Norma 42, ll4, l22. l43, I46, 6 I58 I5, Wilson,BellyJane 4l.42 Wilson. Merriam Darlene 49, 57, 93, 97, I4O I4l l5l I56 Wimmer, Roberl B. I53 Winchesler, Lewis l57, l62 Wingale, Belly Louise 93, l4O, l4l Wingale. Lois Jean l22, l4O, I43, l53, I54 Winlers, Sharon Kaye 46, 84, 89, I44, l 54, l 59 Willen, Vernie Elzen, Jr. I49 Wolfe, Bobby Lee I33 Wood, Shirley Joann 4l. 45, 54, I37 Woodward, John Gary l22 Workman, Virdilee 4I Wolen, Sonya Sue 4l, 42, 55. I38 Wren, Millard Rodney, Jr. I22. l3l, l35 Wurlz, Belly Louise 57, 98, l22, I44, I45 Y Yabilcu, Hiroshi I22, I34, I43, l54. l57 Yonaha, lvlasanobu I22, I43, I49 Youle, Sarah Jane 4l, 44, 55, l4l Young, Correen Kay 57,93 Young, Cressie lvlae 57, 93, l57 Young, D. Elizabelh 49, I22, 136, I39. l56 X Zagorslmi, William Joseph 4I Ziegler, Nancy Lou 4l, 45, 54 Friends and earnesl supporlers ol Emporia Slale lhe Sunllower and ils yearbook, Phil Woodbury Radio and Television I IO3 Commercial Farrow's I lOl Commercial Bruckner's Clolhing 7 I 9 Commercial Granada Thealre George Groh 8: Sons 325-27 Commercial Baird's College Branch one block soulh of campus. Poole Dry Goods Company 627 Commercial Bon Ton Cleaners QL ner:-5 Q '31 D fi en A o IANSAS Liv v M0 827 Commercial 168

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