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Editor-in-Chief Robert Stapleford Assistant Editor Norma Werner Business Manager Jean Brandt H% . ' " y $%f ,■ ' ■ published by The Student Body of the KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE at EMPORIA n CONTENTS Plant and Campus 8 Front Office - - - . - 16 Student Life . . . . - 20 Beauty in Tone and Hue - 28 For Store and Office - - 40 For the Classroom - 46 The Spoken and Written Word - - 52 For Life and Industry - 70 For Home and Shop - - 78 On the Field and Courts - 82 Our Social World - . - - 103 Class Distinction - 106 Social Organizations - - 126 For Service and Honor - 175 VITAL HOURS at Emporia State Frcjni the rural high schools of Western Kansas and sophisticated big town junicjr colleges, they come. They arrive shaking off the last innocence of adolescence; eager to wet their lips in the new heady wine of independent adulthood. E-State becomes truly an alma mater, a loving mother, and the men and women she sends forth into the field are ready. PREPARATION PLUS PARTICIPATION A CAMPUS social center, the Student Union is well equipped for loafing, eating, and other vital types of recreation. The Student Union is common ground for students and faculty where lectures may continue over a cup of coffee. 2i The Music Hall displays a minimum of ' 26 gingerbread and provides maximum utility in its stage, studios, and practice rooms. ...IT CHANGES A D GROWS Beautiful new buildings are mush rooming from our ever changing campus. Completed in 1951, the illiam Allen White Memorial Library is a fitting tribute to a great man who loved books and ever valued the power of words. A YEAR AGO trees jeweled with ice stood where now the new lab school grows. S WE GROW Future generations of Kansas teachers will prac- tice while preparing in a modernistic Roosevelt High that replaces a brick and stone monstrosity. The new lab school will provide practice teaching at its best. M:j : » The Christmas star atop the Adniinigtration Biiilding was visible for miles arouiirl. . . The Elementary Laboratory Building, proving ground for embryo leathers, temporarily houses secondary school training classes also. IN OUR BIG YARD A THING OF great functional beauty has been tacked to a sad stack of bricks labeled Morse Hall. The new addition will provide luxury living for many fortunate Emporia State girls. Wooster lake-side and bridge have been favorite trysting places for generations of students. A SMALL PORTION of the 1910 barn we call the yninasiuin, and an ornate eorner of Kel- logg, onr happily replaced leaking library. OLD FRIENDS GROW One of the oldest buildings on our cam- pus, Norton Science Hall, once faced a dirt Twelfth Street. The building seen at the far left is " Old Main " which stood at the present site of the sunken garden. EARDS OF IVY THE PEOPLE WH Governor Edward F. Arn The Honorable Edward F. Arn (LLB., 1931, University of Kansas City; admitted to the Kansas bar, 1930) is serving his first term as governor of Kansas. He served as the state ' s attorney general from 1947-1949 and associate justice of the Kansas Supreme Court at the time of his election. As governor, he heads all state institutions and appoints mem- bers to the State Board of Regents, which is the governing adminis- trative committee for all of the state colleges. The Board elects its own chairman and has ten members. The chairman is Lester McCoy, and the secretary, Hurbert Brighton. Other members are Walter Fees, Arthur W. Hershberger, Willis N. Kelly, Mrs. Elizabeth Haughey, Oscar S. Stauffer. Grover Poole, Drew McLaughlin, and Dr. L. B. Spake. KE IT GO President David L. MacFarlane President David L. MacFarlane (B.A., 1916, S. T. B., 1917, iNorth- western University; Ph. D., 1931, University of Edinburgh, genial administrator of our college, is charged with the responsibilities of guiding the school ' s educational effort for the benefit of young men and women of Kansas. As president, he has the cooperation of the Administrative Council in carrying out the objectives of the school. This council is composed of the heads of all departments, the registrar, comp- troller, extension director, and the student personnel director. President MacFarlane is serving his seventh year as head of the college. Under his supervision a progressive building campaign is being conducted. BEHIND OTHER DESKS Dr. James H. Buchanan Department of Education and Graduate Division Dr, Clifton B. Huff Director of Extension Nathan P. Budd Registrar Alex Dauchtry Director of the Placement Bureau " " ts Serving as members of the Administrative Council for the Col- lege are the Administrative Assistant, the head of the Graduate Division, the Director of Extension, the Registrar, the Comp- troller, the Director of Student Personnel Services, and the heads of the sixteen departments in the College. Dr. John E. Jacobs Administrative Assistant Victor T. Tr«sler Dean of Men Dr. Ruth Schilli.vger Dean of omen Mrs. Nina Fish Placement Bureau Bill Rose Bureau of Information The Student Personnel office is concerned with the welfare of all persons enrolled on the campus. All social activities are coordinated through the offices of the Dean of Women and the Dean of Men. The Information Bureau handles gen- eral inquiries about the college, while the Placement Bureau is the contact agency between students and prospective em- ployers. Credentials of all seniors are filed with this bureau. Dr. George A. Comstock Director of Student Personnel R. G. Cremer Comptroller Let Me have just one more wink of sleep before faein« the cruel worhl. . . . Gregarious girls have eoke and gab, . . . " Let ' s put it this way, " suggests Joyce Leiss. Oh, it ' s that new popular singer! I thought sure someone was hurt. . . . the cat ' s wound and the clock ' s out, off to bed after a biisv dav. I ' ll bet there ' s a funny ])ook on the inside. . . . Are you sure this is true? Yes, 3.2% of the student body agrees. . . . Two students learn more about the facts behind the Kinsey Report from highly recommended sources. ... A well rounded evening. . . . I ' ll bet you tell that to all the Itovs. AROUND Down the " Halls of Learning " stride today ' s students, tomorrow ' s teachers and professional leaders. Here the dreams of takin g vital positions in our complex world are being fulfilled. Here sound prepara- tion is gained through active and meaning- ful paiticipation. The sudden release from Mother ' s apron strings holds new responsi- bilities for those who are learning, perhaps for the first time, to be completely on their own. There are lessons, commonplace but important, in learning to get along with A WAV mi HE CLOCK people, to balance the budget, to take care of your own quarters, and in deciding which roommate should wear the last clean shirt. Through contacts with fellow students and instructors, objective understandings are obtained. Discussion and social ex- change lead to an intellectual level not easily obtained in the " outside world " . No ivory tower this — but a laboratory where the problems of everyday living are to be faced and overcome. F LIFE ENROLLMENT This year a new proi rani of sliuleiit counselors for freshmen vas introdueed. It helps the new student adjust more quiekly to eanipus life, and jjives eounselino; experience. The current semester enrollment numbers 1,003. Enrollment drops as men are ealled to service. Registration Day is started by guidance from a faculty member. Here President MacFarlane talks to a group. The next step is filling out long segmented cards which ask the same ques- tions twenty times. After a student has emptied his mind on the card, he proceeds to the Regis- trar ' s where he stands in a line and counts heads in front of him. Upon reaching the counter he exchanges his cards and his money for a card marked " Paid " and an activity ticket. And now, duly enrolled, he retires to the Union for a coke. Refreshed with the coke, he feels able to cope with one more staggering line — the book store line. Later sans cash he writes . . . " Dear Father, Say, you know that fifty dollars you gave me to live on this month, well . . . " AND ORIENTATION THE ALUMS The ALUMiM returning; this year found that the parade and house decorations had been cancelled and the money given to flood relief. The highlights of the weekend in- cluded Curli-Q, a football game, dance, and reunions sponsored by social groups. When the Hornets obligingly trounced the Pittsburg team 7-0. the fans went home hoarse and happy with memories to last another year. George Matheney, Geor- gia cracker, who must have cut his teeth sleeping at the foot of the l)e(l. . . . Three coeds ill the library; one just Iiack from a fertilizer plant. . . . Siehr the pants- less killer. . . . The devas- tating Rawley Fariisworth. . . . Cheer leaders melt fin- ger icicles during game warm up time. COME HOME Bedroom Buffonery runs riot in this act which featured Mary W ylii and Byrne Blackwood. . . . .Mr. Moon drools over Mankin in this nosey scene from Parking and Spark- ing. . . . Half-time event was the crowning of vivacious Marianne Hoch as Peggy Pedagog. Here she graciously smiles not only for the camera, but for her Hornet sub- jects as she " reviewed " them from a convertible. . . . The crowd of 4500 saw Robert Sherrer in this dynamic play, which chalked up the score for victory. Rodee scored the extra point. .■ y VADs " S - SnBF neri K - Rupp □ ria LQ □ MAKTHA BUKCH FOR QUEEN Candidates for Peggy Pedagog were selected by the football team. After a j)eriod of poster display and cam- paigning, students flocked to the polls to choose Mari- anne Hoch to rule. Peggy Pedagog, the symbol of edu- cational pulchritude, was presented with her court at Curli-Q, received a governmental kiss, and reigned over the Homecoming Ball. JOYCE MILLER RITA THOMPSON ,J ART FACULTY (top) Miss Mary Kretsinper. (center) Mr. Norman Eppink. Department Head. I ot pictured: Mr. Charles Thompson. ALPHA THETA RHO , Dillon, Homai und Nurman Epi Groend ike, Bro»n. Be er. Grundmeier ( i i-e ' dent , adeni). Vol pictured: South, Lamberl, Clark. Spoil With a flair for the imaginative and a lust for hard work, the members of Alpha Theta Rho, honorary art fraternity, started the year ' s activities by creating the sets for the Curli-Q show. Right in step with their main line of endeavor was the contest spon- sored by the Student Union Memorial Board in search of wall hangings for the Student Union. Needless to say, many Alpha Theta Rho members wielded their brushes to meet the occasion. Another feature of this organization is the opportunity it offers to acquaint the student artist with activities in the art field not presented in classroom work. Adding a note of exclusiveness is the fact that only those art majors who consistently show more than average interest and ability are offered membership. Second semester pledges were Harold Bennett, Phyllis Fox, Edgar Grafke, and Clinton Leon. A rundown of the protocol of this fraternity names Mary Ann Grund- meier as president. Jack Homan as vice-president, and Jeanne Patterson as secretary-treasurer. Down Left Beula Beyer Gridley Kappa Delia Pi. Aljiha Tliela Rho. FTA. Home Ec Cluh Betty Leonard Emporia Ali)ha Sigma Alpha. Pi Omega Pi Joyce Sheridan Clements Pi Kappa Sigma, Home Ec Club, Sigma Pi Sigma Across Top Kenneth Green [Grad) Alpha Theta Rho Burlinston Mary Ann Grundmeier .... Latimer Alpha Theta Rho. Kappa Delta Pi. FTA. Home Ec Cluh Jack HoMAN Dodge City esley Foundation, Inter-Faith Council, Alpha Theta Rho Jack South Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Aljiha Theta Rho Fay Lambert ■ ■ - Douglaston. New Jersey Alpha Theta Rho. Splash Club MUSIC FACULTY. Loiver right: Mr. Robert M. Taylor, Department Head. Top rotv: Denis Cowan, Miss Jean Giinderson, Miss Rosamond Hirschom, Miss Valeta Jeffrey. Second row: Miss Irene Johnson, Mr. Leopold Liegl, Mr. Virgil Person. Third roiv: Mr. A. D. Schniutz, Miss Virginia Segale, Mr. Vernon Sheffield. Fourth roic: Mr. E. L. Sluntzner, Mr. J. J. Weigand. BAND KS!«» ' SK .K ' In formal array tlie bantl paiise from an active schedule thai lias, as always, brought E-State prestige at athletic events and parades. Tuning up under the competent leadership of C. M. Hendricks is one of the major accredited organizations of the music department, the E-State Band. Basically, the Band comes in two styles: concert and pep. These music makers were heard at athletic functions, two formal con- certs, and throughout the state on a tour. Sponsoring Band Day, they at- tracted thirty high schoo l bands and presented a gigantic spectacle of pageantry at half-time in the Southwestern — E-State football game. The twirlers, Joyce Birney, Dot Carson, Janet Tabor, Jane McCoy and Mary Parsons, led by drum major Orpha Remer, gave the final dash of color and agility. ORCHESTRA The College Syniphonj- Orchestra under the ahle direction of Leopold Liegl. Rehearsing and performing under the direction of Leopold Liegl are the members of the Emporia State orchestra, one of the more prominent har- monious organizations of the campus. A unique feature of this year ' s program was the annual spring sym- phonic concert. As the name implies, only movements from symphonies are played and sung at this concert. Each year a local or out-of-town high school student is invited as guest soloist. A formal fall concert was played with faculty members and outstand- ing music students as soloists. Music for this concert was chosen from the works of modern composers as well as from standard symphonic repertoire. SYMPHONIC CHORUS r IM mJj JJjl 1 ' ' " in.isoie-iiiaBn i ■■■■■■■■■■■■ i 1 V. w ! ( I :. • ! in " 11 »?: Tin 11 n j. The voices of sixty men and women ring out as they tunefully follow the machinations of Dr. Robert Taylor. Singing for E-State audiences and mak- ing appearances out over the state, the choir brought the melodic tones to a smooth cadenza and sustained their song until the end of May. ENSEMBLE SINCERS Top rote: Massey, Scriven, Jones, Butin, Flair, Black, Cowan, di- rector, from rou : Haskell, Clev. enger, Slreel, Walsh, McClelland, Henry. Tra ... la ... la .. . Sing the twelve voices of the Ensemble Singers directed by Denis Cowan of the music department. They are selected by an early fall tryout. In preparation for the concerts they provide as campus entertainment, the Singers practice each Tuesday evening. So they sing on . . . ah . . . 000. THE COUNTS Left to Tight: Rabbins, Sid- ortsky, ortman, Haage, Mc- Null, Mrcud, Burn-. Tholen. Playing their way through a muhitude of school dances, the Counts have become a familiar sight and sound to E-State party-goers. Although they do not bear an official school trademark, the nucleus of the band is college stu- dents or alumni. Pat Waldron, junior, has served as vocalist for the music- makers on various occasions. TREBLE CLEF Top rou; Dressier, Patterson, Rinus, Bishop, Fislier, Gregg. Front rou: Kennedy, Young, Waldron. Dunn. Griffith, Ross. " Harmony plus " well describes the Treble Clef, a select group of music- minded coeds who spent a great deal of time entertaining E-Staters and otherwise, with their melodious refrains. Miss Hirschorn directed the group. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Always singing are the members of Sigma Alpha Iota, women ' s honorary music fraternity. In September they sang for the freshmen. In November they vocalized at the Amer- ican Composers Recital. In December they caroled. Collaborating with Phi Mu Alpha, the men ' s counter- part, they entertained the music students and faculty at a party. The Little Theater at the Civic Auditorium was the scene of the bi-annual Silver Scholarship Tea. Trekking to Lawrence in March, the members attended the Province Parley at KL. Entering into the program the E-State chapter supplied a musical number by the choral ensemble. Marilyn Patterson, Jo Anne Riegle, Phyllis Henry gave senior recitals with the fraternity entertaining the guests with a reception immediately following. li . ik . - Rings, Brings, tger. Dudgeon, PHI m ALPHA itin, HuUt ed: Scrivei Craner. Hums, M.Dermed, Sidorfsky, Black, Nay Kadell, Richard, Massey, li aldrop, Jones. Thinking in terms of musical scores, song practice, Singing Bee, Monday night meetings, Singing Bee, spring tour. Singing Bee, the members of the Beta Upsilon chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, men ' s honorary music fraternity, went about their many musical tasks. Symbolic of the high caliber of daily service they render is their most publicized activity, the annual Singing Bee. The 1952 version of the " Bee " exhibited ten campus social organizations — some clad in formals, tuxes, others in plaids, jeans — before a capacity filled Albert Taylor Hall. John McCormick, graduate student, rollicked as emcee while Merrel Flair, Melvin Graner, Jess Kadel, Warren Massey, and Rick Bobbins laid the ground work and " put the show on the road " acting as the planning committee. Phi Mu Alpha first place trophies went to Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon. A new, time consuming Phi Mu activity was the Chorale under the watchful eye of A. D. Schmutz. With the entire active membership partici- paling in a weekly three hours of rehearsal, the quality of performance was sure to be of the best. Meeting the public for the first time at the Singing Bee, the Chorale proved its musical ability as they officially opened and closed the compe- tition. Singing for the Religious Emphasis Week convocation they showed their versatility. In addition to the mid-week practice sessions, the group met in Room 208 of the Music Hall semi-monthly to discuss and plan the business affairs of the organization. Room 208 spelled something extra special to the Phi Mus. It meant that they had been recognized as an expanding, active organization because the authorities designated this room and the adjoining office as the head- quarters for the singers. Bob Burns, president, enthusiastically explained, " Yes, an office of my own! " The Chorale made its debut into E-State campusology a lively one, for they successfully maneuvered the financial backing of the Student Council and toured Kansas. Down Left MoLLiE Dudgeon Greensburg Winnetaska, Sigma Alpha Iota. Kappa Delta Pi, Xi Phi, Orchestra, Chorus, Omega Esther Rings Topeka Winnetaska, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Treble Clef Frank Sidorfsky - - - Bartlesville, Okla. Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Mu Alpha, Orches- tra, Kappa Delta Pi, French Club, Band, Chorus Across Top GOLDABELLE GrEGG Sigma Alpha Iota Dodge City Phyllis Henry Winfield Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Or- chestra, Ensemble Singers, Band, Choir Marilyn Patterson . . . . Coffeyville Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treble Clef, Symphonic Chorus Down Right Jo RiEGLE Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Xi Phi, Student Council, Kappa Delta Pi, Who ' s Who, Omega, Chorus Richard Robbins Sedan Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha, Who ' s Who, Orchestra, Band, Chorus Gary Stroud Chanute Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha, The Counts BUSINESS FACULTY. Upper right: Mr. E. C. McGill. Deparlinent Head. Down rinht: Mr. Herman B. Baehr, Miss Kida Duckwall, Mr. Raymond Russell. Across bottom: Mr. V. C. Hietl, Mr. Salter Elder, Miss Adelaide Kauzer. COMMERCE CLUB Sportlxg the new name of " Business and Business Education Club " to agree with the new name of the department, the Commerce Club met monthly for the purpose of education for the student outside the classroom in com- merce and business education, and to create better coordination and under- standing among and between students and faculty. In short, it is designed to be an outlet whereby the student may have fellowship and fun. The guest speaker ' s rostrum was filled by Chuck Wilson, sales promo- tion manager of KTSW, speaking on " How to Sell Yourself " ; Bill Bruck- ner, prominent Emporia business man, extemporizing on " How to Get Along with Others " ; Reverend Clyde Clark, minister of First Methodist Church, telling of " Religion in Business " . Picnics, moving pictures of Sweden, coffee hours and general business were the features of the remaining meetings throughout the year. Filling the official posts were Maurice Guy as president, Bill Boub as vice preside nt, Jane Smith as secretary. In summing up the year ' s over all record, Maurice happily stated " All in all, this year has been a very successful one, for a large percentage of our 120 members participated in the activities of the club. " The officers for the coming year were elected late in April as plans for another thriving session began to formulate. Hanson, Wunder, Boub, Sargent, iS ' eufeld, Locka. Posey, Strong, Knapp, IVuffer, Rowe, Danne r, Quai ill, Duckwall, Keough, Kiene. Second row. rou: McNelly Top row: Liplitcap, W liisller, Spatz, Klolz, Frisch, Adams, Guy, Reed, Waters. Second rote: Smith, Morto Woodsun, Gasmen, Vi arek, Cobble, Jevons. Lutz. Boffum rou : Duncan, Clark, McCill, Hietl, Keck, Farm! 7,.;. roir: MilU, McCallion, Coleman, eacat. Cook, Coman, Nicholson, CarKon, s.huendii land. Second row: Griffin, Furman, Thill, Knauf. Pnrkeypile, Eld er, Foraker, Seider, Wolff, Baker. Bottom rota: Irouts, McDonald, McGill, Dietrich, Huff, Lightcap, Shelienberger, Bum lan. Beck, Wie Jones, Scherrer :ardner, Horlon Leading this large group of commerce enthusiasts was V. C. Hiett, a mem- ber of the commerce facuhy who has been active in Commerce Club work for several years. Other members of the department took an avid interest in the accomplishments of this departmental organization. PI OMEGA PI a ( p ' fjf n Top rote: Russell, Colen Keck, McXelly, Briix, h Strong, Smethers, Dunes 1, Guy, Bailor, Keliipuleole, Moholson, Lookar.l, Klolz. Criqui, Farmer. Se ipp, Soherrer, Thompson, Farmer, V( acek, Jevons. front rotr : MeCill, Cobble, Russell. A GROWING organization, Pi Omega Pi, honorary business fraternity, opened its membership doors to 25 pledges this year. Breaking it down into semes- ters, sixteen were initiated first semester and nine the second period. Membership is limited to commerce majors who have fulfilled speci- fied requirements. Students are chosen for their skill and ability to excel in professional efforts, and for their showing of promise of leadership in business education. Selecting Dr. Lomax and Dr. Paul Cole as initial speakers, the group participated in the Annual Business Conference on March 22. All members contributed their individual services to serve on committees for the day ' s success. Thirty members and two faculty sponsors went to Kansas City on a tour of the Sears-Roebuck Mail Order House, the Board of Trade, the General Motors Assembly Plant, and the Fisher Body Works. Officers were President Carol Ann Smethers, Vice-President Ronald Russell, Secretary-Treasurer Mary Beth Duncan, Historian George Scherrer. Top Row Archie Ames (Cr«( ) .... Americus Sigma Phi E|i?ilon Meri.yn Blomberg Marquette Alpha Kajipa Lambda. Commerce Chih Glen Bergerhouse Emporia Tau Ka])pa Ejisilon Bill Boib Emporia Alpha Ka]jpa Lambda. ETA. Commerce Ckili Richard Carlson Burdick Alpha Kappa Lambda. Commerce Club Robert Cartmii.l Wellington Sigma Phi E]:)silon. K-Club. Commerce Club Rosemary Cobble Winfield Alpha Sigma Tau. Sigma Pi Sigma. WRA Board, Physical Education Club. Commerce Club. Pi Omega Pi WiLLiA.M Coe Ottawa Alpha Kappa Lambda, Em])oria Stale Players, Commerce Club Second Ron Seymour Coman Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma. Commerce Club Lawrence Cook ' infield Sigma Tau Gamma. Social Science Club. Com- merce Club Mary Faraier Fall River Commerce Club. ETA Mary Beth Duncan Sublette Alpha Sigma Tau. Commerce Club. Pi Omega Pi. Home Ec Club Jack Freund Atchison Gerald Erisch Westphalia Commerce Club Edward Hamada - - - Honolulu. Hawaii Hawaiian Club Ted Harder Russell Phi Sigma E]isilon. K-Club Third Rotv Robert Hollister Toronto Radio Club, Commerce C lub Ned Hoover Cottonw ood Falls Sigma Phi Epsilon Jack Huckabay Hiawatha LaVoneJevons Wakefield Pi Omega Pi John Johnson Osage City Sigma Tau Gamma Karrol Johnston (Cro(i) - ■ - Emporia Alpha Kappa Lamdba. Commerce Club Martha Jones Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma. Commerce Club. Home Ec Club Fourth Ron George Kelhpuleole - - Houdlulu. Hawaii Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi Melvin Lightcap Emporia ETA, Commerce Walter Lockard (Grad) . . . . ] Ioline Mu Epsilon I u, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Omega Pi Patricia Lynde Marion Sigma Sigma Sigma Tom Lynde I Grad I Emporia Tau Ka|)|)a E[)silon. Pi Kap|)a Delta James McCallion Garnett Tau Ka|)pa Epsilon. Radio Club, Commerce Club. Al])ha Phi Omega Peggy McNelly Lyons Sigma Sigma Sigma. Commerce Club, Pi Omega Pi, Home Ec Club Franz Mercado - - - - La Paz. Bolivia Mu Epsilon Nu, YMCA Fijih Ron Carol Nicholson Oxford Commerce Club Harold Nuffer Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma William Pang . . . . Honolulu. Hawaii Hawaiian Club Russell Pear lan (Grat ) lola Charlie Peters - - - Westfield. New Jersey Ronald Russell Emjjoria Pi Omega Pi, Commerce Club. Radio Club Richard Sakimoto - - - Honolulu. Hawaii Commerce Club. Hawaiian Club Joseph Sauder Gridley Sigma Phi Epsilon, Commerce Club Sixth Row George Scherrer - - Floral Park. New York Xi Phi, Commerce Club. Pi Omega Pi. Bulletin, Senior Class Vice Pres., Newman Club John Schrock .... Kansas City, Mo. Sigma Phi Epsilon. Commerce Club Larry Schwendiman .... Hillsboro Alpha Kappa Lambda. Commerce Club. Radio Club. Mathematics Club Albert Sill Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Carol Smethers Eureka Alpha Sigma Tau, Pi Omega Pi, ETA, Omega, Commerce Club, Kappa Delta Pi Thomas Smith, Jr. - - - - Independence Don Steffes Olpe Sigma Tau Gamma. Commerce Club. Newman Club Rudy Stelnkuhler Emjioria Tau Kappa Epsilon Seventh Row Don Taylor Dodge City Phi Sigma Epsilon Albert Waters Emporia Pi Omega Pi. Newman Club Darlene Webb McPherson Sigma Pi Sigma. Commerce Club Rodney Willia: ison .... Herington Sigma Tau Gamma WiLLiAAi WuNDER LaCrosse Sigma Tau Gamma, Commerce Club iYri ihiib ONE OF THE largest segments of the graduating class can be found in the business department. The multiplicity of activities carried on by these enterpris- ing students is reviewed on the previous pages. PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY FACULTY. Pictured in Administration pages: Mr. James H. Buchanan, Mr. V. T. Trusler. Top row: Mr. W. H. Gray, Mr. Merrill W. Saun- ders, Mr. H. E. Schranimel, Mr. S illiam C. Treniniel. . . . EDUCATION. Pictured in Administration pages: Mr. Don E. Davis, Department Head. Lower right: Mr. Rolland Alterman, Superintendent of the Laboratory Scliools. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Functioning on the local level through the association and cooperation of students and teachers, the Future Teachers of America is an outgrowth of the Horace Mann Centennial and was established in 1940. A delegation of students attended the State Teachers Meetings at Topeka and the community Parent-Teacher Association gatherings. Leading the teachers-to-be was Leroy Crist. Colberg, Dille Top rou: Diec Wolfe, Winsh berper, Hush. Robsan. Second row: Green, Reed, Johnson, Budse, Bisliop, Crist, Calkins. Bottom row: Kimel, ( illianis, Custat- son, Hodler, Amerine. Brakes, Rob- ns, Lightcap. ELEMENTARY CLIB ( en. w ,.lfe. Mo rean, Albin, nder on Fe rcu on, I u ,U S alt r», Rob- jn. Jilead. Se ronrf r «u F nk. liilh » ill af z n ler,on N ovaU, She rraHen B Top .- Ferguso n, Ra Po Mill Borou f=h. , Daniel, Blad, Wa Idv .sel Slal Kills, Cozine, K oile, Link, Gair l.olbers, Hodle olik, Grassberger, ■r, Fisher, Budge, kimel. Douglass, nsoh. Hake, Howell, Coil. Andre r: Zenike, Ensle, I.eiss. Ames, Guilion. Golden. So Smith, Winslo Wakefield. Fa Bishop, Borman, Hall, Parsons, Colle. Centering the year ' s activity around the theme " The Exceptional Child in Kansas, " the high-purposed Elementary Club listened, traveled, and ate. Led by Lila Lee Budge the Elementarians were constantly aware of progress in their field. Eunice Anderson, Mona Anderson, Bernyce Wolfe, and August Zemke filled the bill as officers. KAPPA DELTA PI Entertainment of incoming students of high scholastic rank was the first official duty that Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity, performed this year. Furthering its purpose of encouraging scholarship and educational progress, the members awarded a Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship to August Zemke, and sponsored Lila Lee Budge to the national convention in Lansing, Michigan. Graduate student John Parr, served as president. Tup row: Green, Cole, Sidorf ky, Zemke, Wilhm, Rees, Davies. Second roir: Colberg, Henry, » olte, Mc S hener, Bucl e, Huphes, Grassbereer, Cobble, Keck. Bottom rou-: Ander- son, Green, Miller, Hoeli. Top roic; Kettner, Blackwood, Boatwright, Pan Lackand, Allbee, D ' Ovidio. Second row: Hen derson, Campbell, Rings, Kills, Bishop, Briggs Rees. Bottom row: Marsh, Viels, Beyer, Farmer Top Row Robert Allbee (C -rtt j . . . . Emporia Eunice Anderson .... Hilo. Hawaii Elementary Club, Social Science Club, Sphinx LiLA Lee Bldge St. John Kappa Delta Pi, Elementary Club, YWCA Everett Cole ( Crorf ) .... Hutchinson Elementary Club, FTA, Social Science Club Lois Colberg Lyons Winnetaska. Elementary Club, FTA Second Row MURLVN CONOVER loia Alpha Kappa Lambda. FTA Dayal Daniel (Crac ) . . - Mathura. India Wesley Foundation Iris Daniel Clifton Alpha Sigma Tan. Sigma Pi Sigma, Elemen- tary Club Mary Engle Abilene Elementary Club Arthur Fabriztus Wakeeney Alpha Kap])a Lambda 50 I bird Row Lynette Fis( HLR Seward Winnetaska, YWCA, Wesley Foundation Sally Grassberger .... Kansas City Sigma Pi Sigma, Kap])a Delta Pi. Elementary Club Pattie Groendycke - - . Medicine Lodge Barbara Groh Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club. Sigma Pi Sigma. Pan-Hellenic Council Donna Gullion Osage City Winnetaska, Spanish Club Fourth Row Bernice Ha iman Emporia Science Club Delores Harder Burrton Pi Kappa Sigma. Elementary Club. FTA Doris Hearn Emporia Alpha Siasma Alpha, Splash Club. Elementary Club MoNA Hughes Kansas City Sia;ma Sigma Sisma. Kapjia Delta Pi. Omesa. FTA William Johnson (Crarf) .... Admire Kappa Delta Pi V Top Row Grace Jones Em]joria William Kanoa .... Honolulu, Hawaii Tau Kappa Epsilon Barbara Kitts Emporia Winnetaska, Elementary Club, Kappa Delta Pi Roy Krause Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Elementary Club, FTA Eldred Lamb Wichita Elementary Club, FTA Second Row Elizabeth Laughlin .... Hoisington Sigma Pi Sigma John McCoRMicK (Cr«( ) - - - Burlington Betty Morgan Herington Alpha Sigma Tau. Elementary Club. Newman Club, FTA Gavonna Murphy Emporia Elementary Club, YWCA, FTA, Sphinx Ann Parks Montezuma Pi Kappa Sigma, FTA ' Third Row Verlin Parsons Miltonvale Inter-Faith Council Alberta Perry .... Kansas City, Mo. Elementary Club, YWCA Barbara Scott Earned Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sphinx Vera Sonne iann Blue Mound Mildred Stone Haddam Elementary Club, Omega, YWCA, FTA Fourth Row Rita Thompson Olathe Al])ha Sigma Tau, Elementary Club, Newman Club Jeanne Waldvogel .... Kansas City Delta Sigma Epsilon, Elementary Club. FTA William Wendt (Crf fi) .... Oak Hill Elementary Club Vernice Wilhoite Paola Winnetaska, Elementary Club, YWCA Polly Wood Kansas City Sigma Sigma Sigma 51 ENGLISH FACULTY. Upper left: Mr. Everett Rich, Departinent Head. Top row: Miss Vida Askew, Mr. Loy O. Banks, Mr. V. A. Davis. Bottom row: Mr. Theodore Owen, Mr. Richard Roahen, Mr. Green D. Wyrick. I ot pictured: Miss Pauline Henderson, Miss Teresa Rvan. E G A Jenkins, Keok, Mc STicrler, Hughes, Valyer, Vipola. Front npbell, Green, Budge, Bishop, Gralapp, ( olfe, Robson, Ho it: Vincent, Huffn Anderson, Starnei Springtime 1952 marked the end of the fiftieth year of Omega Literary Society participation in E-State activities. Literally speaking, the Omegans found this year to be a literary one. Meeting once a month these co-eds were entertained by programs which included book reviews, appropriate record- ings, and reports on awards in the field of literature. Thumbing through the annals of E-State history much information can be found concerning this demure organization. With an ear for humor the 1910 Omegans entertained theater goers with " Mrs. Briggs of the Poultry Yard, " a take-off on Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch. Even at this early date the reputation of Omega was dis- tinguished for one student-poet was inspired to write, " ' Happily here and there on the infinite prairies of Kansas, blossomed the lovely Stars, the forget-me-nots of the Normal. " The Sunflower of 1927 reports, " The ideals of the society are schol- arship, literary achievement, leadership, and friendship. " In 1930 the or- ganization was quite popular, for it " claimed the membership of several of the college ' s most well known leaders. " Getting back to the 1952 version of this 50 year old tale, the new members to carry on the traditions of Omega are: Pat Keck, Lila Lee Budge, Bernyce Wolfe, Barbara Jenkins, Jackie Vigola, Mary Beth Duncan, Doris Anderson, Janice Blackball, Pat Valyer, and Virginia Robson. SPHINX Slanding: Farnswonh, Presi- dent Kees, VStrick, Adkison, Using brain twisting " ' 20 Questions, " a report on the production of the Bulletin, current play reviews, and other literary ventures as entertainment, the Sphinx Club met monthly. New members Virginia Briix, Joyce Miller, Mary Britain, Margaret Rose, and Gloria Harris were pledged in March. Top Row ' am)a Bermtz Eudora Pi Kajjpa Delta. Library Science Club. Bulletin Doris Bishop Dodge City Vi iniietaska. YWCA. Kapjja Delta Pi. Omega, Treble Clef John Clifford Emporia Xi Phi, KaiJjja Delta Pi. Pi Gamma Mu Howard Collett Marion Phi Sigma Epsilon Rawley Farnsworth .... Osage City Kappa Delta Pi. Bulletin. Emporia State Play- ers. National Collegiate Players Roger Hedges Lansing. 111. Continued on page 55 Phill Jones Emporia Pi Gamma Mu, Bulletin Eugene Kettner Madison Mu Epsilon Nu, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Mu Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Bulletin Second Row YvETTE Lucas iGrad) ■ - - Paris. France Fred Markowitz Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon. Xi Phi. K-Club. Who ' s Who Fern Marsh Tola Choir, Orchestra Ann Mueldener iGrad) Lyons Sigma Sigma Sigma, Xi Phi, Sphinx William Nester iGrad) .... Emporia Kappa Delta Pi, FTA LaVonne Quincy Great Bend Winnetaska, Sphinx. Radio Club, Bulletin Everett Rees Emporia Mu Epsilon Xu. Kappa Delta Pi. Sphinx Elaine Staples Liberal Third Row Lloyd X ' ilkie . . . . Independence, Mo. Mu Epsilon Xu. Kajijia Mu Epsilon. Sphinx, Lambda Delta Lambda, Editor of The Bulletin 44 FOR THE RECORD " THE YEAR of 1952 brought many great minds to E-State. Lectures, conferences, and speeches have provided treasures of sagacity and insight that deserve to be preserved. The Editors. Dr. Henry Steele Commager, historian-author and lecturer: " By closing the avenues of criticism and discussion, only the recourse of war is left open. " " You don ' t stop Communism by drop- ping bombs; you make Communism. " ' " Cosmic truths of one day are not the cosmic truths of the next. " " A political party is a group of men and women attempting to gain control of the gov- ernment. " Outlining the evils created in American society through the acceptance of certain sup- positions as absolute truths, Dr. Commager declared, " Any one opposing ' necessarily established truths ' is considered either a knave or a fool. " Hodding Carter, editor and author: " Call it Christianity or Socialism, com- monsense, wild-eyed dreaming or a means for survival, security through joint action has been democratically agreed upon by the people of the free world. " " Out of the sea floated life. It will not re- turn to the depths. " Dr. Ordway Tead, Chairman, Board of Higher Education, New ork City: " The will to keep on learning is perhaps the single most priceless asset with which the college can endow its students. " " The role of the college today is to en- courage everyone within its portals to voice the truth as he or she sees it . . . " THE BULLETIN Former Editor ilkie W orking bhift: Sponsor Banks, Newkirk, Keck, erner, Wilkie, Peterson, Harris, Watts, Kloefkorn. Constantly struggling for better campus conditions, the Bulletin staff has, through the power of the printed word (and some have been potentially powerful), aimed its never ending, never bending policy. Editor-in-Chief Lloyd Wilkie was relieved of his position as editor of the Bulletin as a result of " directly disputing directives set by the Student Council " and other charges. The ownership of the " weapons of policy " was the main point of the controversy. Editor Wilkie ' s good-man-Fridays, who work all week, were Phill Jones, Don Zimmerman, and Glen Newkirk. George Scherrer and Ed Baran- oski periodically counted the funds as business manager and assistant. To prove the general worth and journalistic ability of those in the pressroom, which has often been questioned, were the presentations of the Medalist Award by the CSPA, and the All-American rating of the ACP. Tap roK: Kellner. Fa n «o lll, Connelly, alts, Jones. Kloef- korn, Zimmerman. Baranoski. Fredrickson, Keck, Newkirk, Peterson, Jester. Front rou : Vi il- kie. Editor; Rookwood, Sclierrer. Campbell, CregK, Baber, Harris. MrNelly, Werner, Kirk, Staple- ford. THE SUNFLOWER Editor Stapleford Staff heads: Werner, Stapleford, Brandt Aloof Anderson Striving to recoi ' d an authentic picture of campus life and personalities, the Sunfloiver staff started work on this book in June of 1951. Robert Stapleford, Editor-in-Grief, took pictures (from the Bulletin files), planned layouts, pasted proof, swept under the desk, took pictures (with a camera), wrote a little, and worried a lot. Assistant Editor Norma Werner, God bless her, wrote and wrote and wrote. Local cameraman, E. L. Anderson added the professional touches. Aiding greatly in this struggle to deliver your 1952 Sunflower were: Jean Brandt, who photographed and watched over the unsound budget; Jack South, who did the " spots " ; Verne Davis and Dale Smith, photographers; Don Glaze, Nancy Fate, Bill Kloefkorn, Ed Baranoski, Donna Mahon, Pat Mitchell, Virginia Greco, Bob Peterson, Joann Kirk, Jane Barron, and Frank Jenson, writers; Fred Willson, typist extraordinary. Standing: Werner, Stapleford. .Seated. Baranoski, Kirk, Greco, Fate, Mahon, Mitchell, Brandt. Vat pictured: Bob Peterson. SPEECH FACULTY. Vpper row; Mr. Karl Briider, Mr. right: Mr. George R. R. Pflauni, Department Head. Top Charles M. Masten. Bottom row: Miss Alice McDonnell. ISot pictured: Mr. C. R. Orr. EMPORIA STATE PLAYERS lawkins Hess, Tharp, Cropp, Rossillon, Blackwood. Second rati: Wylli, Euwer, Groh. Bottom rou : McDonald, Wells, McDonnell, Bruder, Miller, CO, Martin, Vioolcoll, Volk, Mahon. Since E-State audiences have been cultivated to expect the best in college theater, curtain time in Albert Taylor Hall is always an exciting moment for the spectators as well as the actors. The sets, costumes, lights, and props must all be authentic, and are the responsibility of those who have earned the title — the Emporia State Players. The Players, who have worked on three plays and a musical comedy this year, are famous for their stomach capacity as well as their productions. Business meetings end with life pre- serving refreshments, and they eat at a spring picnic and an awards banquet. After reaching the established goal of membership for the Emporia State Players, every Player ' s ambition is to be accepted into the honorary National Collegiate Players. Making the grade were Woolcott, Hess, Wilks, Blackwood, Deay, Farnsworth, Cropp, Miller, Watts, Volk. Antigone Opening the 1951-52 dramatic season was the all-school production of Antigone, a classical Greek tragedy, Dr. Karl Bruder doing the directing. Helen Kliele Volk handled the dif- ficult title role with deep emotional sincerity. Polished to a shining point was the cast which included David Cropp as Thebes, Rawley Farnsworth as Haemon, Pamela Bisbee as Ismene, Barbara Mcjilton as Nurse, Bob Haw- kins, Jack Price and Howard Nickerson as the three guards, Gweneth McDonald as the que en, Byrne Blackwood as the Messenger, and Duane Hill as the king ' s page. Beverly Groh was stage manager and assistant direc- tor while Dr. Bruder and his staff of special- ists were responsible for the technical angles. Tragedy stalks the stage . My Sister Eileen i uile a view . . . Sexy women, a quintet of Portuguese sailors, a bombastic landlord, and a host of unique minor characters enacted by a freshman cast, combined with the setting of a Greenwich Vil- lage basement apartment, comprised one of the dramatic successes of the year. My Sister Eileen, directed by Miss Alice McDonnell. In the title role was Barbara Jenkins with Lona Bell McNutt as her sister Ruth. The en- tire cast reads Steve Archer, John Vance, Vir- ginia Greco, Ray Murphy, Esther Wiebe, John Jacobs, Ken Perry, Jeannette Gassert, George Wiggins, Pat Kramm. Floyd Robertson, Wanda Gilkerson, Betty Parks, Eleanor West, and Janet Fisher. Special mention should be made of the rollicking interpretation of the Five Future Admirals by Ray Kolling, Ad Denning, Bob Axcell, Dave Cowan, and Char- les Clark. The Christmas Carol MeaUime at llie Cratchil household Uniquely presented by Don Hess, graduate student, the vicissitudes in the lives of the Cratchit family. Old Scrooge, and Marley in Charles Dickens ' Christmas Carol came to life on the ATH stage in a pre-season convocation. Playing to a full house were Dr. Robert Tay- lor, head of the music department, as Scrooge; David Matheny as Bob Cratchit, Bill Watts as Marley. Completing the cast were Gweneth McDonald, Maurice Guy, Joan Garrett, David Cropp, Joe Rossillon, Jess Danner, Jim Deay, Bill Baird, Keith Waldrop, Leigh Groen- dycke, Janet Tabor Sill, Jack Price, Loretta Gassert, Henry Tharp, Mary Starner, Glenda Wells, George Spelvin, Stan Juster, Dana Pfaff, Helen Kliele Volk, Pamela Bisbee, and John Vance. Margaret Roberts, Donald Wil- liams, and David Stem, students from the Lab School, enacted the younger Cratchit children. The Importance of Being Earnest Earnest was here. Featuring the nostalgic costumes of yesteryear, the Players presented The Importance of Being Earnest, the old fashioned satire by Oscar Wilde, as the third all-school production. Alice McDonnell of the speech department directed the cast, crew, and costume designers as they went about making the " Importance. " Seen in the garb of the Victorian era were Jim Siehr, Donna Mahon, David Cropp, Lona McNutt, Joleen Woolcott, Mary Wylie, Jim Deay, Robert Hawkins, and Bill Watts. Behind-the-scenes workers were Rawley Farns- worth, Doris Johnson, Lischia Newcomer, Beverly Groh, and Dr. Karl Bruder who supervised construction of the sets. But which one is Earnest? PI KAPPA DELTA Not content to sit quietly and bask in the limelight of past glories, Pi Kappa Delta, honorary speech fraternity, has had a full schedule. Busy with debate work, they have entered competitive forensic meets, attended prac- tice decision debates with neighboring universities, and entertained visiting high school debaters. Handicapped by the illness of their regular coach, Charles Masten, the squad was guided successfully through the fall semester by Bob Howard, senior and part of the Kaiser-Howard team that captured second place honors at the West Point Tournament in 1951. The squad can rightly be proud of its record. First semester compe- tition included: Manhattan Novice Tournament — one undefeated team; Ada, Oklahoma — coeds walked off with Senior Women Sweepstakes; Winfield — three teams in quarter, two superior debaters, and one superior extemp speaker. Second semester showing was also outstanding. Lincoln. Nebraska — two undefeated teams, two superior debaters, discussants; Durant, Okla- homa — five teams in quarter finals, first? in poetry, extemji, and oratory, a second in extemp. Momentarily forgetting Permanent Price and Wage Control, the squad " s main diversionary attempt was in the field of ukulele playing and group singing. Standing: Fay, Sowers, Matheny, Clements, Masten. Sealed: Starner, Mcjilton, Miller, Woolcott, « erner, John Down Left Byrne Blackwood Chanute Sigma Tau Gamma, Emporia State Players, FTA, Rhythmic Circle. National Collegiate Players, Kappa Delta Pi. Radio Club. Sphinx Glenda Wells Kansas City Sigma Sigma Sigma, Emporia State Players. FTA, National Collegiate Players. Radio Club. Newman Club JoLEEN WooLCOTT Halstead Alpha Sigma Tau, National Collegiate Players. FT. . Emporia State Players. Pi Kappa Delta. Radio Club, Student Council ' • Across Top Robert Hawkins (Croc?) ... - Emporia Mu Epsilon . u. Alpha Phi Omega, Radio Club, ■ Emporia State Players Don Hess (Cra( ) Dodge City Kappa Delta Pi. National Collegiate Players, Emporia State Players, Rhythmic Circle. Radio Club Fran Kiene Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu. Newman Club. Social Science Club Helen Kleile Chase Alpha Sigma Tau. National Collegiate Players, Emporia State Players. Rhythmic Circle, Sphinx 63 RADIO CLUB Stnndittf:: Manaliiin, Deay, Cropp, Malheny, Hollisler, Hawkins, Russell, Uemenl. Sealed: erner. Babe Wells, Vioolcoll, Miller, Slarner, Croendvcke. With the dramatic exit of KVES, campus radio station, went the hopes of the Radio Club for a calm, uninterrupted year. It was not long, however, after the stunning FCC proclamation that the interest of the department as well as the Club was focused, not on the present but on future years. Prospects for a new FM station to open with the ' 52 fall semester are (as this book goes to press) reportedly " good. " Also shiny-new will be an E-State chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, national honorary radio fraternity, which has been a special working project for the Radio Club. Club members are proud of the thriving organization that has grown out of meager beginnings only three years ago. The membership has been extensively increased and now claims the attention of two graduate students, Don Hess and Robert Hawkins, who are making thesis studies of the radio media. Proving their workability was the acceptance of membership into the national fraternity which necessitates a considerable amount of require- ment passing. Special appreciation notes went to KSTW, Emporia commercial sta- tion, for co-operation in this, a voiceless year. Meetings once a month were ruled by Bob Manahan, president; Jim Deay, vice-president : and Mary Starner, secretary-treasurer. FOREIGIV LANGUAGE FACULTY. Upper right: Miss Minnie Miller, Department Head. Lower left: Mr. J. Riley Aiken. FRENCH CLUB Back rou: Henderson, John- son. Price, Barron, Keltner, Bulin, Dick, Burns, Crum- ley, O ' Sullivan. Second roir: Siler, Sheffield, Brozec, Gil- kison, Baillie, McFadtlen, Broon, Greco, Rockwood, Cowan, Bluma, Davis, Mosher. Seolerf: Torres, Barron, Hum, Lucas, Black- hall, secretary - treasurer: Vincent, president: Viets, MacKav, Miller. Students of French grammar and literature are able to practice their newly acquired knowledge when the French Club meets monthly in the cafeteria of the Student L nion for luncheon. A French play and movie were some of the more important activities of the club during the year. Trans- lating Roberts ' Rules and administering them in the language of the French- man was the duty of Rosalee Vincent. SPANISH CLUB Slanilins: Alvarado, W ern ecke, MacKay, J cotl, Aiken O ' Sullivan, Mercado, Flores Burns, Neufeld, Rockwood Dot-anieri. Ikeliara, Harris Davis, Gullion, Anderson Hinsey. Sealed: Miller Blackhall, Hamilton, seer lary; Flores, presiden Brown, treasurer; Clev land, song leader; Golden Applvi.ng classroom procedure, students of Spanish put aside their native tongue in favor of a Latin twist and meet once a month for luncheon. Special meetings flavored with Spanish dialogue were scheduled during the year utilizing the abundant student talent as well as outside entertainment. Inter- preter extraordinary is Edwin Flores who led the club on its verbal explora- tion of Spanish lands. Beau iiionde Victor Bcrxs Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu. Spanish Club. French Club YoLANDA Greco Emporia Rosalie Stine (Croc?) . . . . Hiawatha LIBRARY SCIENCE FACULTY. f, »i.pr right: Mr. Orville L. Eaton. Department Head. Upper right: Mrs. Inez Cox. l ot pictured: Miss Irene Hansen. LIBRARY CLUB Buck roil.- Con. Osma, G lapp, Ta lor. Dr. O. L. E Ealon, Pu;:h, . llev. Lame -on. Ziesler. Front roic; -4 len, Thorpe, Casleel, Sonn iiiann. Leanii.n. Hansen, Bake Marking its second year as a campus organization, the Elsie Pine Library Club carried on in the social, intellectual manner prescribed by the founder. Monthly meetings with emphasis on the literary kept the president, Mrs. Alice Lamerson, busy with bookish programs. Mrs. Helen Osma finished the year as president having been elected second semester. M. RCELEE Gk.alapp Wiiifield Elsie Pine Library Club. Spanish Club, Omega Jeanne Thorpe Lakin Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA BIOLOGY FACULTY. Upper left: Mr. John Breukelnian. DeparlmenI Head. Second dotpn: Mr. C. F. Gladfeller. Bottom roir : Mr. Theodore Andrews, Mr. Frank V. G. Agxelius. SCIENCE CLUB Top roic: McCuIlough, Rhodes, Moore, Shepler cles, Becker, Brockhouse Smith, Cantrell, Dowell Mills. Second roic: Breukel man. Smith, Overholt, H Pvle Sha Jacob, Stapleford, Boalwriijht, An drews. Bollom roic: Bak McWherter, Koch, Libb. As A SPECIAL project of this year, the members of the Science Club prepared lecture-demonstrations to be given for interested high school audiences. Membership is open to interested students. Dale Smith served as president, Elizabeth Koch as vice-president. Bill Rhodes as secretary, and Frank McCullough as treasurer. BETA BETA BETA Top rote: Reid, Vilhm, f relius, Shaw, Minter, Me dith, Clayton, Foster, Bo wriBht, Dankel, Spencl From rou: And ell. Bender, Th Wherter. Koch, Redmond, Rees, Br akeln Do. Numerous activities, such as the trip to Cheyenne Bottoms to study migra- tory habits of birds, are carried on by members of Beta Beta Beta, honor- ary biology fraternity. Virgil Boatwright was president. Baot-T lab researcher Tap Row Virgil BoATWRiGHT (C -«rf I - - ■ Clements Beta Beta Beta. Ka|)])a Delta Pi Kenneth Clayton (Cr«( 1 - . . - Dunla|) Sigma Tail (jamma. Beta Beta Beta. i Bhi. Lambda Delta Lambda. Kapjia Delta Pi Virgil DowELL (Croc? ) Lebo Science Club. Ka|j|)a Delta Pi. Lambda Delta Lambda. Beta Beta Beta Guy Kerns Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda Elizabeth Koch Em|ioria Delta Sigma E])silon. Beta Beta Beta. Xi Phi. Lambda Delta Lambfla. Kapjja ]3elta Pi. Science Club Harold McKinny De Kalb. Mo. Lottie McWherter Emporia Delta Sigma E]3silon. Beta Beta Beta. Science Club. Inter-Faith Council. Kappa Delta Pi. YWCA, Lambda Delta Lambda, Omega Kenneth MiNTER (Crarf) ... - Abilene Wesley Foundation, YMCA, Beta Beta Beta ! ccond Row Phyllis Ott Lamont Science Club Virgil Reid Benton Sigma Phi Epsilon. Kap]3a Delta Pi. Beta Beta Beta Ellis SnniONS Waverly Mu Epsilon Xu. Science Club Dwight Spencer Harveyville Beta Beta Beta Robert Stapleford Eureka Science Club. Social Science Club. ho s Who. Editor of Sunflower Jerry Wilhim Kansas City Sigma Tau Gamma. Beta Beta Beta. Newman Club, Lambda Delta Lambda. Science Club PHYSICAL SCIENCE FACULTY. Loiver left: Mr. S. W. Cram, Department Head. Top: Mr. P. Scott Smith, Mr. Ward H. Overholt. Second down: Mr. Weldon N. Baker, Chem- istry Head. LAMBDA DELTA LAMBDA f 3 9 ' ' o [ ■ Top rou: Pjle, Eccles, Itroi ' khoiise, Jacobs, Korh, I.ibbcn, McWherter, Dowell, n.ilb, Becker. Second rou-: ilhni, McCulIau):h, Rhodes, Klola , Stonebraker, Wilson, »it»!er. front rou: Cram, Sniilb. Overhoh, Baker. Striving to further interest in physical science, Lambda Delta Lambda has been active on this campus since 1937. Lester Wilson presided as president. Top Row Verne Davis Wellington R.-VYMOND ECCLES Glidlev Mu Epsilon Nu. Kappa hl Ejisilon. Science Club. Lanilida Delia Lamhda. Mathematics Chill LoYD Jacobs Emporia Robert Kj.otz Junction City Sigma Phi Epsilon. Lambda Delta Lambda. Kappa Mu Epsilon, K-Club 74 Second Roil Elva Libben Glasco Delta Sigma Epsilon. Ka])pa Delta Pi. Science Club. Lambda Delta Lambda. Kappa Mu Epsi- lon. i Phi. Student Council. Omega, Liter- Faith Council Edwin Muckenthaler Paxico Mu Epsilon I u. Science Club Merton Staley Altoona Lester ' iLS0N (CroJ) - - • Renfrow, Okla. Lambda Delta Lambda, Kappa Mu Epsilon MATHEMATICS FACULTY. Vpper left: Mr. O. J. Peterson, Department Head. Upper right: Mr. Charles B. Tucker. ISot pictured: Mr. Allan H. Albert. AT H CLUB Top rou : Daniman, W illen. Glacier, Nutlie[s, K a 1 1 a u s, Hacketl, Siefkos. Second rote: Canlrell, Harlman, Shepler, Moore. Crumley, Smith. Sealed: Linehao, Tucker, Sirone, Becker, W acek, Peler on. Untangling their thoughts from a daily diet of geometric designs and algebraic equations, the members of the Mathematics Club met one evening a month. Included in the year ' s activities were programs, parties, and pic- nics, all with the mathematical angle. Leading the group ' s activities and presiding at meetings was president Brooks Becker. KAPPA MU EPSILON Top rou: Tucker. Klolz, Hunllev, Becker. Cropp, Smith, Peterson. Sealed: Switier. Crumlev. Libben. Ui] on. ( allaiiher. Limiting the membership to only the above-average math student, the honor- ary mathematics fraternity Kappa Mu Epsilon experienced a lively year with George Crumley as president, Ray Eccles as vice-president. Down Lfjt LeRoy Crist Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda. Mathematics Club. FTA Pres. Edward Gaughan Reading Sigma Phi Epsilon, Mathematics Club. FTA James McGee - - . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. K-Cliib Gridlev Down Rifihl George Crlmley I Grad l - - - Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu. Ka])pa Mu Epsilon. Mathe- matics Club Jack Hennington Arkansas City Vernon Switzer Gridley Tau Kappa Ejjsiion. Kap|)a Mu Epsilon. Kapjia Delta Pi. Lambda Delta Lambda HOME ECO OMICS FACULTY. Lower left: Miss Kalhrjn Whilten, Department Head. Upper right: Miss Margaret Corrigan, Mrs. Annette Vincent. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top roic: Anderson, Cai ghan, Sauder, Viarrei Woodbury, Calvin, TTien Beckett, Curry, Lynch, Coi rijjan, Calvert, Beyer, Ai derson. Sealed i Vantuyl Clark, Creco, Canty, Jones McXellv, Sexton. Opening its membership doors to embrace all coeds interested in learning the art of home building, the Home Ec Club thrived. The year ' s activities included a guest speaker on cosmetics, a style show with neighboring College of Emporia home economic majors as visitors, and an annual Christmas dinner. Left Column Doris Anderson Lakin Alpha Sigma Tau, Home Ec Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Xi Phi, Student Council NiLA Jeanne Bortz Plains Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma, Home Ec Club, Omega Right Column Doris Johnson Great Bend ' innetaska. Home Ec Club, YVV ' CA, ETA Rosemary Merriweather - • - Lansing Wesley Foundation, Home Ec Club, Sphinx INDUSTRIAL ARTS FACULTY. Loner right: Mr. Norman R. Ashbaush. Mr. Dale Hogan, Mr. E. L. Barnliarl, Department Head. EPSILON PI TAU Top D ' Ov Allbee, Millie Seated: Barnllar Completing the chimes and scholarship plaques, and attending the Foui- State Conference at Pittsburg, dining at an April banquet with Mr. J. Bryon Durham as guest speaker, and picnicking in May were the main activities of Epsilon Pi Tau, industrial arts fraternity. Bob Allbee and Anthony D ' Ovidio served as presidents. Top Row Paul Ben ' Gtson I Crac?) .... Emporia Epsilon Pi Tau Charles Farrier Stl■a Charles Fra.ncis .... Winstead, Conn. Tau Kappa Epsilon Samuel Hutchinson .... Burlington Frederick Leeney - - Brooklyn, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon, Epsilon Pi Tau, K-Club Second Row Noland Lewick Lincoln Phi Sigma Epsilon. K-Club Leonard Love Eureka Alpha Kappa Lambda Douglas Minnis Stafford Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-CIub Dell Reed Towando Mu Epsilon Nu, ETA Gerald Sadowski Newton K-Club MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY. Upper left: Mr. F. G. Welch, Department Head. Top row: Mr. Clair K. Turner, Mr. Keilli Cay wood. Bottom roic: Mr. Joseph Pease, Mr. Everett Fish. ! ot pictured: Mr. Melvin A. Long. K-C L U B Clad in the traditional black, gold monogram sweaters, a symbol of ath- letic achievement, K-Club members are easily discernible as they partici- pate in campus activities. All freshmen are quickly ac- quainted with the " wear this cap or else " attitude displayed by veteran hazers. In full regalia the K-Club hosted guest teams, coaches; acted as door- men, ushers; sponsored, sold game time programs. i |QI II k ji JM j ' W HQ i HT fl i ' -i A M In - 0 1 M K-Clubbers relax for food. OFFICERS Fred Willson Walter Davies Historian President Boh Cartmill Vice-Presiflent rs Y. r .r :mn K 1 lop rou: Minnis, Kl.il , P.,rliT. I.eene , Kil;tgerald, Leoick, Carlniill, Freeman. Second row: Woodward, Callasher, Fisher, W ilUon, Rupp, olheis, Allison. Bottom rote: Pasquariello, Doganieri, Long. Top rou: Halrlier, Second rote: Reim Bottom roic: Vinii inilhe, Kipp, Gaston, Pete r. Ikehara, Gene Halm, Pan LK. Milliard, Hamada. Hahn. K. Malin, Da FOOTBALL The Hornets opened their gridiron season witli an easy 26-6 win over Southwestern Oklahoma State with halfback Galla- gher leading the touchdown parade. Gustavus Adolphus, one of the powerhouses of small college football, was held to a 7-7 tie by the Hornets. In the opening minutes of play in the Washburn-E-State game, the Ichabods ran for and completed a six-pointer, plus an extra point which momentarily stopped the Hornet eleven to the final count of 14-13. However, they came back the fol- lowing week to trounce a helpless Southwestern team 52-14. After two non-conference defeats, the Hornets were due for a win and came back to stop a powerful Fort Hays team 14-7. Sherrer, Hahn scored on long runs. (continued on page 86) " You see, it was like litis Top rote: Green, Woodruff, Oshiro, Macha, Tremaine, Ikeliara, HoUl, Hellenhacli, Wiggins, Ford, Edwards, Vance, Franazone. Second rote: Ferrin, Melzger, Millard, Robins on, Homan, Griffin, Grafke, Fitzgerald, Bellinder, LeVieux, Bennett, Shoemaker. Third rott,: M. Long, Grimm, E. Fish, R. Hahn, Bloomer, Freeman, Hatcher, Sergeant, Rupp, Rodee, Sherrer, Panesis, Kelley, Powell, Coach Welch, K. Caywood, Minnis. Front rote: Ecker, Taylor, Jacquith, Gene Hahn, Allison, Peterson, Mitchell, Reimer, Hamada, Smithe, Porter, Gerry Hahn, Gaston, Winchester. Inserts — Gallagher, Vining. Not pictured Howard, Davies. iilo iIk- MKiiiting liantls if Kell (Mil ;i piis in the SW fracas. Pittsburg had their chestnuts in the fire when they came to play the Homecoming Game at Stadium Field. It took a 69 yard run by Sherrer to prove their mistaken ideas. With the possibility of sharing the CIC crown still in sight the E-Staters took the field against St. Benedict ' s. The tilt proved successful for the Emporia boys as they romped the opponents 33-6. Seniors Rodee, Panesis, Allison, Sergeant were due for congratulations for the high calibre of sportsmanship and playing ability they have displayed for Alma Mater for the jjast four seasons. Proof of their worth in football circles is their record which shows three CIC championships in four years. Kelly crashes over the one yard line to srore in the ashhurn thriller. Kupp meets with St. Bene diet trouble at the scrim mage line. 1951 Football Scores E-State 26 E-State 7 E-State 13 E-State 14 E-State 52 E-State 7 E-State 14 E-State 7 E-State 33 6 SW Oklahoma 7 Gustavus Adolphus 14 Washburn 34 So. Dakota State 14 Southwestern 16 Omaha University 7 Fort Hays Pittsburg 6 St. Benedict ' s It ' s a touchdown — almost! Determined linemen hug the turf, the flag goes up, and halfback Rupp crashes over the white marker. ABOVE, left to riff hi: Noteworthy defensive center Haniaila : End Jac- qiiith earned berth on CIC first team; Captain " Poad " Rodee: CIC all-star Back Sherrer. BELOW, left: Another Phi Sig " Commode Bowl " picture finds Minnis kissing Queen Birney. Right: Traditional stripping of " Fran " Welch ivith Rodee at the zipper of the coach ' s jacket. F. G. " Fran " Welch, dean of Central Intercollegiate Con- ference coaches, has completed his twenty-first season as head mentor of Emporia State College gridiron teams with another championship added to his laurels. During his 21 years as head football coach and director of athletics at E-State, ' " Fran " has lead his team to 105 wins, including five conference championships. His teams have lost 66 games and tied 14. One thing is certain; any team fielded by Coach Welch and his assistants will be in top physical condition, thoroughly schooled in game fundamentals, and adept at one of the fastest, trickiest, most spectacular systems of " razzle- dazzle " football to be seen anywhere. BASKETBALL A CAGE SQUAD riddled by graduation greeted Coach E. D. " Gus " Fish this season, with only two lettermen, Fred Kipp and Fred Willson, among those returning. Because of the lack of material, pre-season predictors had the Fishmen posted mid-way in the conference race, cautiously remember- ing the setback afforded them at the hands of a potent 1950-51 aggregation. But the strain proved too much for the young squad as several tilts were lost at the hands of more experienced players who were acquainted with pulling through in the clutch. Two contests were slated for the Hornets before the opening clash against Ft. Hays State, those two tussles against Regis College of Denver and the Mankato Teachers of Minnesota. In the season inaugural, the Fish Five fell victim to the torrid-shooting Colorado quintet in the auditorium, 78-72. After dropping a pair of frays to Eastern Illinois and South- eastern Oklahoma at the annual Kansas City NAIB Pre- Christmas Tourney, the hoopsters were nipped by Mankato for their second consecutive home setback. Then came the initial conference clash at Ft. Hays State. The CIC rival was too much for our netmen as the home crew piled in 62 counters to E-State ' s 45. Asst. Coach Kaywood, Capt. Kipp, Coach Fish plan strategy. V Keith Dodd Fred Kipp Don Taylor Fred Willson Ac-tion in llie games with Si. Benedict ' s (ahuve). Viaslibiirn (right). Endeavoring to mold a working combination, Coach Fish bounced into a set of non-league contests only to remain on the loss list as Regis College slapped the Black, Gold 74-53, while Kansas Wesleyan ])oured on a 79-69 count. Taking to the road, the Hornets met Win- field in one of the closest contests of the year. With only ten seconds remaining in the final period, Dodd poked in a jump shot and a hook to knot the score 64-64. However, at the finish of the overtime, the Builders were on the long end of a 67-66 score. Three defeats in as many starts were re- corded by E-State in conference play as a cold group was overpowered by Ft. Hays 75-59. At last victory came to the hoopsters as they met and downed Kansas Wesleyan 60-57. Bracing themselves for a siege of con- ference battles. Coach Fish remoulded his offense and defense in an attempt to thwart the oncoming Raven attack. Ideal hosts — the score: Ravens 68-Hornets 63. A second meeting with the Gorillas found the Fishmen keeping pace the first half but fading the second. Efforts proved futile as the final score read 63-54. The netmen then met the sj)ice of the league, Washburn, only to be snipped 80-55. Consolation was finally felt in the Hor- net camp as the netters pulled out of their losing slump to dunij) Pittsburg 67-57. The next conference fray found the Ravens pulling steadily ahead after the first period to register a 67-48 win. CIC honors were clinched by high-riding Washburn as they clipped an ever-trying Hornet crew, 69-38. The E-Staters and Moundbuilders squared off for the final fray of the season. The Black, Gold basketeers proved too much for the invaders, and finished the season with a 62-56 victory. Elected captain at the end of the season was Junior Fred Kipp who earned a post on the CIC All-Conference team. Although pushed down several rungs on the CIC ladder, the Hornets never quit, and recorded a com- mendable chapter to E-State history. c: Reinier, Piilmer, Holme, Grafke, MoArclle, iMux .cll, Shuniut. row: Coach Fijih, Kratzer, Robinson, Dodd, Rollings, Dienrs. atr: Sline. Fornian, Kipp, ill-on, Fisher, C. Ta lor, D. Ta lo Bloxom, R. Criinm, K. Cavwood. SCORES E-State Opponent T2 Regis College 78 66 Mankato Teachers 68 45 Ft. Hays State 62 53 Regis College 74 79 Kansas Wesleyan 69 66 Southwestern 67 59 Ft. Hays State 75 60 Kansas Wesleyan 57 66 Olathe Naval Base 76 63 St. Benedict ' s 68 54 Pittsburg State 63 65 Santa Barbara College 69 53 Washburn University 80 67 Pittsburg State 57 72 Olathe Naval Base 57 48 St. Benedict ' s 67 38 Washburn University 69 62 Southwestern 56 All eyes on the Iiiill at Hecis-Hornol same. ' Conference Games TRACK Thindads begin busy season as KIolz is last runner in a winning E-State relay leani, starting positions are taken, Willson flies hurdles, and Fitzgerald bigh jumps. I With only seven lettermeii reluming for the ' 52 campaign, Coach Welch faced the task of replacing last season Hornets taken by gradu- ation and the military draft. The cindermen ushered in the 1952 track season by placing fifth in the Oklahoma A M Preview Relays on March 29. Captain Lewick placed second in the javelin event, and Will- son ran third in the 220-yard intermediate hurdles. Wichita U ' s track team blasted a long- time jinx by whipping E-State for the first time since 1928, in a dual track meet on April 2 in the Shockers ' Stadium. E-State ' s four-year reign over its own relay carnival ended on April 10 as Ft. Hays won its second championship and set three new records in the process. " Fran " , named assistant referee for the Drake Relays at Des Moines, planned to take a small squad to the relays. Head Coach " Fran " F. G. ' eleh u Top roic: Gregg, Wiggins, Harsh, Holsl, Rollings, Crafke, Willson, LeVieux, Fisher, Purkeypile, Green. Front Tom: R. Grimm, DePriesI, McArdle, Notheis, Rupp, Lewick, Fllz erald, Hutchinson, Klotz, « oodward, Edwards, Coach Welch. 1952 Track Schedule Unsung Winners of last year, the track team of 1951 took their fourth straight CIC title and hosted the first annual midwest National Intercollegiate track and field meet on June 2, 1951. Undaunted by cold weather and rain, States ' thinclads led the field in the unofficial tabulation with 28 points. Abilene Christian was close behind with 25 points. E-Staters gaining honors were numerous. Roger Ruth won the pole vault and broad jump. Bill Tidwell took runner-up position in the mile race and Bob Klotz collected another first place for the Welchmen by winning the 100-yard dash. Hugh Lewick took second place in the javelin throw, Fred Willson picked up a fourth place in the high hurdles, and the 880-yard relay team of Shadwick, Summers, Willson, and Klotz won third place. Oklahoma .4 M Relays . . . March 29 Wichita U Dual Ieet .... April 2 KU Relays April 19 Ottawa Dual Meet April 23 Drake Relays April 25-26 Pittsburg Dual Meet .... May 2 CIC Conference May 16 AAUMeet . May 31 NAIA Meet June 6-7 BASEBALL With the weatherman playing liaid-to-get- along-with, the first outdoor workouts of the new baseball season were not scheduled until March 11. Most of the practicing was done indoors because of cold w inds and rain. E-State rang up its first baseball win by downing CofE 12-2. The Peasemen grabbed a three run lead in the first inning. The second victory came as they snuffed out a ninth-inning rally to post a 3-2 victory over McPherson College. Fred Kipp pitched all the way. As this book goes to press the baseball season is reportedly looking ' " good. " The starting line-up included Kip]) or McGee on the mound; Leeney as catcher; Yonamine at first base; Waldrip, second base; Long, third base; Doganieri, shortstop; Allison, left field; Zujkowski, right field; and Reimer, center field. 1952 Peasemen in action. 1952 Schedule College of Emporia March 31 Kansas University April 12 McPherson College April 1.5 Rockhurst April 22 College of Emporia April 28 McPherson College May 7 College of Emporia May 18 Rockhurst Mav 14 Valdrip, Kipp. Yonam Doganieri. I.uni. ' . Reid. TENNIS Left to right! Eddie Hamada, Duan Scul, Charles Haines, Carol Nicholson Arliss Burns, fiat pictured: Coach Cu Fish, plajer J. B. Storey. A SIX MATCH tennis schedule in addition to the conference tourney at Pitts- burg on April 12 and 13 was announced by Coach ' " Gus " Fish for E-State ' s tennis team. Tennis playing was started late because of rain, snow and cold weather. Among hopefuls of making a good conference showing are return- ing lettermen Haines and Nicholson. The season ' s early contests were with Salina, Washburn and Ottawa. GOLF The golf team opened its spring schedule away from home on April 23 with a match against Washburn. The slate included seven matches, plus the CIC golf playoffs at Pittsburg. Coach Fish ' s squad included two lettermen, Cartmill and Williams, and a plentiful supply of promising new material. The tentative golf schedule included matches with KU, Pittsburg, Ottawa. , Menlor " Gus " Fish, Sigler, Jerry Hahn, ) Cartmill, illiams, Jean Hahn, and K Huckabay. Unidentified caddv. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Although varsity sports have a larger audience and bring more prestige to the school, intramurals have by far a larger number of students partici- pating. At E-State the following sports are included in the intramural pro- gram: Touch football, volleyball, bowling, basketball, swimming, Softball, tennis, and golf. The teams competing for the various single sport championship trophies and for the over-all intramural champion trophy were AKL, Alpha Phis, Hawaiian Club, Mu Eps, Phi Sigs, Sig Eps, Sig Taus, and Tekes. Sparking the intramurals this year were the ever strong independent teams. The Hawaiian Club captured single sport trophies in touch football, basketball, and volleyball. Directors of the intramural program this year were Joseph Pease, of the Men ' s Physical Education Department, assisted by Don Kindefather. Plenty of action is seen in every phase of intra- mural sports, and volleyball is no exception. Top Row Ernest Franzone - East Greenwich, Rhode Island Tau Kappa Epsilon Gilbert Green Waterville Sigma Tau Gamma, Beta Beta Beta. Vi esley Foundation Robert Ikehara .... Honolulu. Hawaii Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hawaiian Club Morris Yonamine - - - Honolulu. Hawaii James Knight Garden City Second Row Sarondo Panesis - - Port Jervis, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon, K-Club Myron Rodee Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club, Xi Phi Vernon Sergeant Lebo Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club Orilton Shumate .... Kansas City Alpha Phi Alpha. Alpha Phi Omega Norman Smith Emporia Down Left William Smithe - - - Honolulu, Hawaii Robert Wilson Emporia Down Right David Tremaine ... - Honolulu, Hawaii Tau Kappa Epsilon, Hawaiian Club Vincent Zu J KOWSKi Manville Tau Kappa Epsilon 97 I X OMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION. Upper right: Miss Edna McCullough, Department Head. Top of group: Miss Jeanne Chesney. Second row: Miss Jeanne Galley, Miss Marian Perry. PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Top roll-: Tliomas, Ander- son, Lyons, Morris, Holm, Vantuyl, Valyer, Clark, Sar. ren, Schmidt, Greco. Second row: Galley, Paris, Allison, Cobble, Calvin, Crupper, Dorsey , Davis, Mankin. Front rote: Ritter, Brown, Soule, Perry, McCullousli, Carson, McNultv. Future teachers acquired valuable knowledge in a painless but potent fashion through the meetings, picnics, and parties of the Physical Educa- tion Club. This Club offered training and recreation to all those interested in Phiz Ed. Dorothy Carson served as president. SPLASH CLUB AguATic-minded co-eds turned mermaids once each week when the Splash Club met to don their waterwings. The only organization that enjoyed being wet all year. Top rote: Hearn, Crupper, Calvin, Kramm, Boroughs, Thomas, McNulty, Perry. Froitt rote: Porter, Brock- elman, Meridith, Robson, Ewert. fy SIGMA PI SIGMA T ,p ruu.- Ainev Lineh iii Cerber, Overfielcl, Rose Ru l, Andrews. , auman Cunningham. Front rou : J Calley, W iebe, Daniel, Jen kins, Huches, GrassberKer Holm, Mac ' kav, Mankin. fliZj i mmMaima These smiling faces and white monogrammed sweaters denote membership in Sig!;ma Pi Sigma, the E-State organization interested wholly in the verbal support given our boys fighting for victory on the athletic battlefield. Faithfully they attended all varsity football, basketball games. o ,r 0 n l„i, rout: Evans, Oav Meredith, Allison, Brow ..ule, Swariz, Thoma front roir: I.usk, McC.O Clark, Warren, Cobble, Ga L-han, Hall, Slead. Following the gesticulations of Cheerleaders Ruth Ann Staton, Pat Street, Jane Smith, Bill Cleveland, Al Sill, Jim Siehr was only a part of the duties assigned to this group. During football season they experimented with a new method of announcing the team ' s arrival on the field. In co-operation with the Student Council they tried a system of name-calling to encourage student cheering. Rosemary Cobble was president. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Femininity in its sporting sense meets the eye of the camera as the gals take on the bow and arrow, the basketball, and the guards of Softball. Women ' s intramurals provide an opportunity for the sports-minded co-ed to participate in her favorite sports, indoors or out. The competition started in the fall with bad- minton and tennis matches. Following these were vol- leyball and swimming tourneys, and eventually the spririg weather attracted the " Babe Ruths " of the or- ganizations to the Softball diamond. In the meantime, the bowlers were rolling, archers were bow-and-ar- rowing, and the female photographers were taking to the lens. Intramurals were sponsored by the Women ' s Recreational Association for the promotion of com- panionship and sportsmanship among the participants. At the end of the season the interest, skill and work were rewarded with individual and group cer- tificates and plaques at an annual luncheon. T he three organizations collecting the most points received due recognition. Competing this year were Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Sigma Epsilon, Independents, Morse Hall, and Winnetaska. RHYTHMIC CIRCLE Top rote: Malion, Bolterwick, Allison, Thomas, Bender. Fro Jones, Slead, Rose, Clark, Lyons, Si Srhellenber er, Blackwood. I Terpsichoreans of E-State floated lightly through Curli-Q, the KU dance workshop, and the District Physical Education Convention, to a climax with their concert in May. They juggled themselves each Thursday at 4:00 o ' clock to the rhythm of sound and music, to portray life through the dance. Top Row Elaine Allison Wichita Rhythmic Circle, Splash Club. Physical Edu- cation Club Mary Jane Anderson - . . . Coldwater Sigma Sigma Sigma, Splash Club. Rhythmic Circle, Physical Education Club Mildred Golden Emporia Winnetaska. Elementary Club. YWCA. FTA Tillie Jo Lyons Eureka Alpha Sigma Tau. Pan-Hellenic Council, WRA Board. Physical Education Club, Rhythmic Circle Jalie Paris Frontenac Second Row Evelyn Rees Emporia Kappa Delta Pi, Beta Beta Beta. WRA Board, Physical Education Club. Gwendolyn Smith Emporia Winnetaska. Elementary Club, YWCA Phyllis Soule Eureka Sigma Pi Sigma. Physical Education Club. WRA SOCIAL SCIENCE FACULTY. Upper left: Mr. Claude E. Arnett, Department Head. Across top: Mr. C. S. Boertman, Mr. Walt Butcher, Mr. O. W. Mosher. Down right: Mr. William H. Seiler, Mr. H. Dixon Smith, Mr. Stillman P. Vincent. Not pictured: Mr. Roy Durham, Miss Anne Goebel, Mr. Paul Miller. SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB Top rou! Arnett. Bulin, Salz, Sliaw, Mosh Second rou : Sa.kman, Yabiku, Lockard, Bodii Smilli. Front rou: Rand, Cowan, Oyler. Films and lectures represent a majority of the main attractions featured at Social Science Club meetings. Members journeyed to Fremont, Nebraska, to attend the regional meeting of the Association of International Relations Clubs. William Rand served as president. PI GAMMA Mil ck«on. Butcher, Lockard, Satz. rou; Smith, Jones, Newkirk, in. from roi : Mosher, Rees, Joining in the fight for better campus politics, the members of Pi Gamma Mu took a firm stand and backed it up with a resolution of change advanced to the Student Council. The group, which is the honorary social science fraternity, also sponsored an all-campus coffee hour on Thursday afternoon. Sherman Oyler presided, Phillip Jones veeped, Don Zimmerman secretary- treasured. Top Row Robert Allison Chaiiute Sigma Phi Epsilon, K-Club Robert Buckner Hutchinson Sigma Phi Epsilon, FTA Frank Butln Chanute Wesley Foundation, Social Science Club, French Club, Ensemble Singers Second Row Clarence Chow . . . - Honolulu. Hawaii Tau Kappa Epsilon. Hawaiian Club Roger Ewing (Grad) - - - - El Dorado Social Science Club, FTA, Pi Gamma Mu Froilan Flores Elmdale Social Science Club, Spanish Club, Newman Club Earl Haggerty Great Bend Third Row Charles Haines Chanute Sigma Phi Epsilon Dent Ha:milton Emporia Robert Howard Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon, Xi Phi, Pi Kap])a Delta, Debate, Student Council Byron Murphy (Crac?) .... - Majjle Hill Mu Epsilon Nu, Pi Gamma Mu Fourth Row Sherman Oyler Wellington Phi Sigma Epsilon. Pi Gamma Mu. Social Science Club Bennet Satz - - - East Orange, New Jersey Social Science Club John Williams Wellington Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Gamma Mu, K-Club, Social Science Club 103 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS I Seniors George Scherrer and Glenda Wells head class func- tions as the 52ers sign off in fine style. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Hosting Seniors at the annual prom is part of Junior Class activities. Here, v-pFredKipp, secretary-treasurer Dot Carson and president Al Sill discuss plans. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Executing sophomore duties which included arrangements for the Hampton dance and plans for a class picnic were president Don Smith, vice- president Pat Waldron, and secretary-treasurer Joyce Bir- ney. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Honors with no little responsi- bility were bestowed upon Bob Jaquith, Pat Kramm, Ann Ken- nedy as they were voted to officiate for the Freshman Class. Under sraduates Francis Adams (S) Vates Center John Adams (J) Emporia Sigma Tail Gamma Van Adams (S) Garnett Commerce Club Byron Adkison (J) Oil Hill George Akahane (J) Hnnolulu. Hawaii William Akana (J) - - - Kaihia, Oalni. Hawaii Darlene Alhin (F) Wilsey Bethene Alexander (F) -----.. Madison Carol Alexander (J) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma Eloise Allen (J I Kansas City, Mo. James Allen (S) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Lucy Alvarado (F) - - - - Guatemala tity, Guatemala Lois Amerine (S) Hazelton Winnetaska. YWCA Belva Ames (Fi Emporia Alpha Sigma, Sigma Pi .Sigma, Elementary Club Harriet Anderson (Si ■ - - - - - - - Hilo. Hawaii Alpha Sigma Tau, Newman Club, Elementary Club MoNA Anderson (S» Coldwater Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club Oliver Anderson (S) Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Student Council TwiLA Anderson (Fl Ulysses Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, Home Ec Club, Rhythmic Circle Charlotte Andrews (F) McPberson Sigma Pi Sigma, Elementary Club Stephen Archer (F) Winlield Phi Sigma Epsilon Robert Axcell (F) Marceline, Mo. Sigma Tau Gamma CoNNi Barer (JI Garden City Alpha Sigma Tau. Radio Club Renae Bailey (S) Lyons Delta Sigma Epsilon, FTA, Elementary Club William Baird (S) Emporia Betty Baker (J I Gridley Commerce Club Donna Baker (S) Cimarron Rhythmic Circle, Treble Clef, Home Ec Club RoiiERT Bannister (J) Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda, K-Clul) Edward Baranoski (J) Brooklyn, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon, T ' ommerce Club. Bulletin, Sun- flower Wanda Barb (St Augusta Alpha Sigma Tau Sheldon Barnes (F) Longton Sigma Tau Gamma Jane Barron (Fl Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, .Sunflower Janice Baskins (F) Peabodv Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA Jeanne Beattie (F) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Newman Club Joe Beck (J) Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda, Commerce Clul) Lois Beck (F) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Commerce Club Edward Becker (J I Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda, Science (Jlub, lathenlatics ( lub PROGRESSING I T H A PURPOSE A.lami s. Francis . daini s. John A.lam: s. Van AJkis on. Byron Akaha ine. George Akana I, William Albin . Darlene Altsa nder. Bethe Alesa nder, Car.il Allen . Eloise Allen , lames Alvari ado. Lucy Anieri ne. Lois Ames, Belva An.lci ■son. Harrie An.lei ■son. Mona . nilei ■son. Oliver Andei •son. Twila Andrf !ws. Chariot Arche r, Stephen Axcell. Robert Bahei . Conni Baile ' ,. Renae Baird . William Baker . Betty Baker . Donna Banis ter. Robert Baran oshi. E.l«ar Barb. Wanda Barne s. Sheldon Barro n. Jane Baski ns. Janice Uf mi Undergraduates Doris Beckett ( J ) Yates Center Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, Home Ec Club Francis Bellinder (S) Wamego K-Club Caryle Bender IJ 1 Ellsworth Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rhythmic Circle Bill Bercerhouse (F) Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon Duais ' eBird (F) Olpe Joyce Birney (S) Buoklin Alpha Sigma Alpha, WRA Board, Band Pamela Bisree (J) Dodge City Emporia State Players JoANK Bishop (S) Gypsum Alpha Sigma Alpha Leonard Black (Jl Toronto Mu Epsilon Nu, Phi Mu Alpha, Science Club, Band, Chorus Robert Black (F) Russell Sigma Phi Epsilon Janice Blackball (J) Sterling Alpha Sigma Tau, French Club, Spanish Club Margaret Bead (S) Agenda Winnetaska, Elementary Club Beth Blood (J) Winfield Alpha Sigma Tau Gene Bloxom (Jl • - - Emporia Harold Boone (S) Madison Sigma Tau Gamma Marion Boroughs (S) Lyons Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club, Splash Club Phyllis Bourcain (F) Sterling Delta Sigma Epsilon, Elementary Club, YWCA Bill Braden (S) Eureka Mu Epsilon Nu. YMCA Jean Brandt (Jl Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon Jeanette Brandt (J) - - .... Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club Donna Brasier (F) Americus Band, Orchestra, Choir Irene Brigcs (J I Sedgwick Winnetaska, Treble Clef, Sigma . lpha Iota, YWCA, Band. Choir Sally ' Bricgs (Si Wichita .Alpha Sigma Alpha, Splash Club Virginia Briix (J I Herington Alpha Sigma Alpha, Student Council, Pan-Hellenic Council Bruce Brill (J I Joplin, Mo. Alpha Kappa Lambda Bob Manaluin juggles the KVE.S console James Brinkman (S) Emporia Newman Club Joan Brockelman (J) Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, .Alpha Theta Rho, Splash Club John Brockhouse (J) Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda, Science Club Joan Brokes (Si Wilson LaVerne Brollier (Si - Sublette Pi Kappa Sigma Jeaneen Brose (F) Marion Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club, Newman Club, Splash Club Clarence Brown (J) Minneapolis Elementary Club, Symphonic Chorus Helen Brown (J I Minneapolis Elementary Club Lee Brown (S) Colby Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, WR.A. Splash Club, Physical Education Club, Alpha Theta Rho Mary Brown (J) Hutchinson Betty Buenninc (S) Emporia Elementary Club June Bumcardxer (F) Eureka Sigma Pi Sigma, Commerce Club Martha Burch (J) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Commerce Club June Burnell (FI Emporia Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma Arliss Burns (F) Kiowa Robert Burns (J) Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha, Symphonic Choir Connie Calvert (J) Burrton Pi Kappa Sigma Kathleen Calvert (S) Lebo Winnetaska. YWCA, Collegiate 4-H, Home Ec Club, Commerce Club Patricia Calvin (J) Hutchinson Physical Education Club, WR-A, Home Ec Club, Rhythmic Circle Betty Campbell (J) Bethel Winnetaska, Omega Literary Society, Pi Kappa Delta Joseph Cantrell (S) Parker Sigma Tau Gamma Mary Lou Canty (S) Buffalo Alpha Sigma Tau Clayton Carlson (F) Council Grove .Anna Carpenter Cedar Point Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma Dorothy Carson (J) Hamilton Alpha Sigma Tau. Phvsical Education Club, WR.A. Band John Carver (S) Hamilton Alpha Kappa Lambda Peter Catanese (S) - - - Floral Park. New York Sigma Phi Epsilon Patsy Chapman (S) Winfield Sigma Pi Sigma, Commerce Club, Social Science Club Janice Chew (F) Lyons Elementary Club Beatrice Childers (S) Junction City Alpha Sigma .Alpha Hilary Chow (S) Honolulu, Hawaii Hawaiian Club Alice Clark (S) Rose Alpha Sigma Tau, Home Ec Club, Rhythmic Circle, Physical Education Club Charles M. Clark (F) Emporia Ila Clark (J) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma. Omega Literary Society, Com- merce Club, Home Ec Club Kathleen Clark (J) Winfield Alpha Sigma Tau. WRA Board, Sigma Pi Sigma, Physical Education Club William Clement (SI Russell Pi Kappa Delta, Radio Club James Clements (F) Burlington Phi Sigma Epsilon William Cleveland (S) Council Grove Mu Epsilon Nu, Spanish Club, Rliythmic Circle, Cheer- leader Davis. Sally Day, Edwin Day. Sanford Deilrich, Darloc. Deitrich, Nadinc Deines, Darrel Denning. Adiore 1 JSMKkd Mr- mmT M .k. Its ckson, Ronald 9 g t1. " ' •I P - 1 f ' - i " ii . Undergraduates Marilyn Clkvkngkr Si Kinsisdown Sigma Alpha Iota, Enseinlile Singers, Band, ( ;hoir Janet Cline (Fi Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Virginia Coil (S) Burrton Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club Robert Coleman (J) - - - - - ■ - Garnett Sigma Tau Gamma, Commerce Club Margaret Colle (S) Sterling Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club Marjorie Collett (Si Kansas City Pi Kappa Sigma Bonnie Collins (S) Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Elementary Club, PTA. Omega Literary Society Jane Connelly (Jt Elmdale Delta Sigma Epsilon, FTA, Sphinx Delores Cook (S Coldwater Delta Sigma Epsilon, FTA, WRA Board Elaine Cook (F) .-.----- Winfield Sigma Sigma Sigma, Commerce Club Dona Cormack (S) Abilene Winnetaska. Elementary Club, Symphonic Choir James Corner (F) Parker Mu Epsilon Nu Betty Cott (F) Milford Darline Cotton (J) Hutchinson John Couch (F) Colony Wesley Foundation Eileen Cozine (Si Greenleaf RoYCE Crawford Lincoln Marvin Criqui (J) Lyndon Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Omega Pi, Commerce Club David Cropp (J) Elmporia Alpha Kappa Lambda, Emporia State Players. Kappa Mu Epsilon Barbara Crupper (J) Hutchinson Sally Curry (Jl Emporia Home Ec Club, Commerce Club Thomas Curry (J) Hamilton Sigma Phi Epsilon Nancy Curtis Emporia Wilbur Cushenbery (S) Sharon YMCA Jess Danner (S) Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Carlene Davis (J) Chase Doris Davis (J) Holcomb Winnetaska, Sigma Pi Sigma, Physical Education Club Jerry Davis (F) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Leonard Davis (S) Liberal Sigma Phi Epsilon Sally Davis (F) Mission Pi Kappa Sigma, Physical Education Club Edwin Day (F) Lost Springs Sanford Day (J) Bucklin Phi Sigma Epsilon Darleen Deitrich (J) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, FTA Nadine Deitrich (S) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Darrel Deines (F) Russell Sigma Phi Epsilon Jerry Demo (J Eldorado Sigma Tau Gamma, Pi Kappa Delta Adlore Denning (F) Russell Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club Joan Diegel (F( Burlington Alpha Sigma Alpha, Elementary Club WiLMA Diller (J) Atlanta Winnetaska, Recreation Hour, FTA Mary Dillman (F) Cimarron John Dillon (St Garden City Alpha Theta Rho Convo time means a counter proposition Alexander Doban (Ji - - ■ Manville, New Jersey Tau Kappa Epsilon. Hawaiian Club Keith Dodd (F) Kansas City Tau Kappa Epsilon Rita Dome (F) Ashland Anthony D ' Ovidio - - - Bound Brook, New Jersey Tau Kappa Epsilon, Epsilon Pi Tau James Downing (S) Eureka Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Orchestra Carmen Dressler (SI Lebo Winnetaska, Wesley Foundation, YWCA. Treble Clef Helen Drew (F) Rolla Patricia Dunn (F) Greensburg Donald Dunning (S) Chase Wesley Foundation Donald Ecker (F) Marion Phi Sigma Epsilon Donald Edwards (Jl Burrton Phi Sigma Epsilon Earl Engle (J) Topeka Sigma Tau Gamma LeRoy Engle (J I Topeka Sigma Tau Gamma Wiley Euwer ( J ( Olathe Sigma Tau Gamma, Emporia State Players Berta Evans (F) Kansas City Sigma Pi Sigma William Evans ( J ) Toronto Jack Everton (J) Kinsley Sigma Tau Gamma, Radio Club, Emporia State Play- ers, National Collegiate Players Shirley Farmer (F) Florence Elementary Club Bonnie Fate (F) Concordia Nancy Fate (Si ( oncordia Alpha Sigma Alpha, French Club, Band. Sunflower Paula Fausett (FI Hazelton Winnetaska Patricia Fautch (J I CoffeyTille Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma Carol Ferguson (J) Council Grove Sigma Sigma Sigma, FTA, Elementary Club Fredda Ferguson (F) Severy WRA Clifford Ferrin (S) Bucklin Phi Sigma Epsilon Kenneth Fink (J) Junction City Elementary Club Janet Fisher (F) Wellington Alpha Sigma Tau, Elementary Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Treble Clef, Orchestra Jim Fisher (S) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club Greco. Virginia reen. Lovilla Green. Lucije Griffin, Elaine Griffith. Joyce Groenilyclie. Leigh Groh, Beverly Grundmeier. Elhcl er. John ell. Carol ■ris. Gloria ■rison. Beverl ■rouff. Mary sh. Robert ■t. Bill ■ter, John iman, Marvir =i l .O ,ft JMV Undergraduates Butlonis up at the Morse Hall open liouse . . . Merrel Flair (J) Montezuma Phi Sigma Epsilon, Xi Phi, Phi Mii Alpha Patsy Flinn (Fi Newton Commerce Club Delores Folck (S) Little River Winnetaska, Elementary Club Ted FoRAKER (S» Mt. Hope LiLLiE Fox (J) Hartford Phyllis Fox (J) Douglass Bill Freeman (J) Burlington Phi Sigma Epsilon, K- ' lu!) Ronald Fredrickson (.1 ) O.sage City Mu Epsilo n Nu, Pi Gamma Mu. Inter-Faith Council. Emporia State Players, Sphinx Eloise Frisiiie (J) Ft. Scott Elementary Club Carolyn Fulton (S) Winfield Sigma Sigma Sigma, Banil, Elementary Club Richard Furman (J) Newton Phi Sigma Epsilon George Gallagher IJ) Gridley Tau Kappa Epsilon, K-Club Vivian Gamher (F) Wilson Elementary Club, Gamma Delta Roger Gardner (S) Madison Joan Garrett (F) Emporia Jeanette Gassert (F) Washington Winnetaska. Wesley Foundation Loretta Gassert (J) Washington Winnetaska, Wesley Foundation John Gaston (F) Liberal Sigma Phi Epsilon Margaret Gaughan (S) Reading Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Home Ec Club, Newman Club Herma Gerber (F) Fowler Maxine Gibson (S) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Robert Glazer (S) Mulvane Mu Epsilon Nu Carole Gleason (S) Aha Vista Elementary Club Jane Goff (F) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma Marjorie Godell (S) Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA, Commerce Club Nedra Grace (F) Minneapolis Edgar Grafke (F) Bethel ZoE Gragc (F) Severy Melvin Graner (J) Effingham Mu Epsilon Nu, Phi Mu Alpha, Symphonic Chorus, Orchestra Robert Grant (Si Attica Phi Sigma Epsilon Geneve Greco (S) Emporia Physical Education Club, YWCA Virginia Greco (F) Emporia Sunflower LoviLLA Green (J) Loring Winnetaska. Elementary Club. Omega, FTA LuciLE Green (Si Emporia Elaine Griffin (Jt Burlington Winnetaska, Commerce (ilub. Recreation Hour Joyce Griffith (Fi Burlington Alpha Sigma Alpha. Elementary Club, Band Leigh Groendyke (J) - - - - Medicine Lodge Emporia State Players, Radio Club Beverly Groh (J I Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Emporia State Players, YWCA Ethel Grundmeier (Fl Emporia Commerce Club Virginia Gustafson (S) Osage City Elementary Club, YWCA, FTA, Wesley Foundation Maurice Guy (J) Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Pi Omega Pi, Athletic Board of Control Homer Hackett (S Melvern Mu Epsilon Nil, Science Club, YMCA Norma Haggard (S) Concordia Sigma Sigma Sigma Gene Hahn (F) Emporia Newman Club, K-Club Gerry Hahn (F) Emporia Newman Club. K-Club Ralph Hahn (Si Emporia K-Club Mary Hake (SI Salina Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, ' V ' RA, Bulletin Charlotte Hall (Fi St. John William Hamble ( F I Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Myron Handins (Si Colby Sigma Phi Epsilon Elmer Hanson (J I Gypsum Mu Epsilon Nu, Commerce Club John Harber (J I Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Carol Harrell ( F I Wamego Alma Harris (Si - - Dodge City Winnetaska, Band. Orchestra, Omega, Spanish Club, Bulletin Gloria Harris (J I Eudora Alpha .Sigma Alpha Beverly Harrison (J I ' aldron Pi Kappa Sigma. FT. Mary Harrouff (Si Emporia Home Ec Club Robert Harsh (Jl Cassoday Sigma Tau Gamma Bill Hart (J) Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma John Harter (Fl Bern Alpha Kappa Lambda. Chorus, Band Marvin Hartman (J I Lecompton Science Club, Mathematics Club Marian Haskell (Fl Topeka Ensemble Singers Marion Hastings (Fl Emporia .Alpha Kappa Lamlida William Hatcher (J I Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Kelly Hearn (S) Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon Carolyn Heghin (J I Lexington, Mo. Alpha Sigma Tau, Social Science Club Tedd Held (F) Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cheerleader, Radio Club Don Henderson (J I Eureka Sigma Tau Gamma, K-Club Hoffmans, Carl Hogarty, Nova Hogg, Darrell Hohne, Robert Holm, Barbara Hoist. Don Homan, Mac Horton, Bonnie Howard, Duane Howell, Reinnet Hubbard, Maxin. Huff, Marjorie Hughes. Robert Hurst, Leonard Hutchinson. Bill Hutchinson. JacI .oa. Gloria win, Charles icobs, John laggard, Nancy isen, Richard ikins, Barbara isen, Frank ohnson. Jolecn ohnston, Bessie ones. Dorothy , James . John , Nancy Kadel, Jesse Korolik, Lois Karolik, Nancie Keck, Patricia Keele, Laura Kelly, Keith Kennedy, Ann Keough, Ruthann Kerns, Je Kc r, Evelyn . Mar Kimel. Patricia King. Phyllis Kipp, Fred Kippenberger. Betty Kirk. Joann Kittle. Blanche ' Kkin. Jeraldinc Klein. Joey Klocfkorn. Bill Knauf. .Alvin Knight. Sue Koch, Carol Koch, Kenneth Kolling. Ray Kramm. Patricia Kratzer, John Krehbiel. Merle Krenger, Charles Krug, William Lachenmaier. Joyce Lake, Hazel Lamont, Myra Leiss, Arveta Leiss, Joyce Lemmon. Dean Lenager. Marjc Libben. Dorothy Lightcap. Maxine Lillian. Gerald Lineban. Catherine Link, Marcella Undergraduates Jajies Hknninc (Si Burlington Phi Sigma Epsilon Sue Henning (S) Emporia Alpha Sigma Tau. FTA. Elementary Clulj Dewain Hettenbach (J I White City- Alpha Phi Omega E. W. HiATT (Si Winfield Sigma Tau Gamma. Mathematics Cluh Charles Hiedsch (J I Zenila Mu Epsilon Nu, Wesley Foundation Caroline Hinsey (J ) Arkansas City Spanish Club Beatrice Hirano (Fi Oaha. Hawaii Elementary Club SuMAKO Hirano (S) Hilo. Hawaii Marianne Hoch (J) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma, Xi Phi, Omega, Elementary Club Bermece Hudler (J I Beloit Winnetaska, Elementary Club Carl Hoefmans (S) Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman Club Nova Hogarty (F) Minneapolis Alpha Sigma Alpha, Elementary Club, Choir Darrell Hugg (J) Delphos Sigma Tau Gamma ROUERT HOHNE (F) Olpe Barbara Holm (S) Hartford Winnetaska, Sigma Pi Sigma, Wesley Foundation, WRA, Physical Education Club, Rhythmic Circle Don Holst (J) Marysville Sigma Phi Epsilon, K-Club, Phi Mu Alpha, Student Council Mac HoMAN (F) Olathe Bonnie Horton (Si Neosho Rapids Sigma Sigma Sigma DuANE HoUARn (F) Newton Phi Sigma Epsilon, Science Club Reinnette Howell (F) Kansas City Sigma Pi Sigma, Elementary Club Maxine Hubbard (F) Mitchell Sigma Pi Sigma Marjorie Huff (F) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Commerce Club Robert Hughes (J) Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon Leonard Hurst (J) Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon Bill Hutchinson (Si Delavan Alpha Kappa Lambda Jack Hutchinson (F) Burlington Gloria Icou (S) Liberal Charles Irwin (J) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon, ( Commerce Club John Jacobs (F) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon, Student Council, Debate Nancy Jagcard (S) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club Richard Jansen (S) - ■ New Hyde Park, New York Mu Epsilon Nu, Band Barbara Jenkins (F1 Lindsborg Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma Frank Jensen (SI Admire Sigma Phi Epsilon Jim Jester (JI Kansas City Alpha Kappa Lambda JoLEEN Johnson (Fi Admire Bessie Johnston (J1 Wichita Pi Kappa Delta, Debate, Radio Club Dorothy Jones (S) Reading Alpha Sigma Tau, Home Ec Club James Jones (S) Kansas City John Jones (S) Leavenworth Mu Epsilon Nu, Phi Mu Alpha, Band, Chorus, Orchestra Nancy Jones (S) Merriam Band, Orchestra Jesse Kadel (Si Lincoln Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Mu Alpha Lois Karolik (Jl Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Nancie Karolik (Fi Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Elementary Club, Gamma Delta Patricia Keck (J I Sedan Sigma Sigma Sigma, ( ' ommerce Club, Band, Chorus Laura Kelle (Fl Edwardsville Keith Kelly (Fi Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon Ann Kennedy (Fi Emporia Winnetaska, Treble Clef, Freshman Class Sec.-Treas. Ruthann Keough (J) Dodge City Winnetaska, Commerce Club, Newman Club Jean Kerns (SI Kansas City FTA, YWCA Evelyn Kettner (S) Madison Commerce Club, Social Science Club, FTA Maryi.ee Kiene (J) Emporia Newman Club, Commerce Club Patricia Klmel (Si Viola Phyllis King (Si Augusta Spanish (.!lub Fred Kipp (Si Piqua K-Club, Newman Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon Betty Kippenberger (S) Abilene Joann Kirk (S) Bucklin Alpha Sigma Alpha, French Club, Sunflower Blanche Kittle (SI Sterling Alpha Sigma Tau, Elementary Club, FTA Jeraldine Klein (Fl Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA, FTA Joey Klein (Fl Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club, YWCA Bill Kloefkorn (SI Attica Sunflower, Bulletin Alvin Knauf (JI Emporia Newman Club, Commerce Club Sue Knight (S) Emporia Carol Koch (J Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Commerce Club Kenneth Koch (jl Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon Ray Kolling (Fl Abilene Sigma Tau Gamma Patricia Kramm (Fl Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha John Kratzer (Fl Kansas City Merle Krehbiel (Jl Rosalia Sigma Tau Gamma Charles Krencer (SI Abilene Phi Sigma Epsilon William Krug (Si Hudson Bi liiiie celebrities in an Emporia background . . . McCarty, Roberta McCormick. John H., Jr McClelland, Jo McCoy. Dolores McCoy. Donna McCoy, Rcnee McCreaJy. Lyie McCready, Pauline ia. Shirley ■edith, Doria edith, Leslit Minler. Duane Mirick. Ruth Mitchell. Patric MoUer, Georg Morris, Eileen Morse, Laura Morton. Melba MuUer. Lcroy IntrodiK-ing Elva Libben Joyce Lachenmaikr (F) Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA Hazel Lake (Ft Saffonlville Myra Lamont ( S ) Turon Alpha Sigma Tau, Elementary Club, Newman Club. FTA Arveta Leiss (F) Greensburg Winnetaska JoY ' CE Leiss (S) Greensburg Winnetaska, Elementary Club Dean Lemmon (J» Oxford Phi Sigma Epsilon Mark Lenager (F) Turon Alpha Kappa Lambda Dorothy Libben (Fl Glasco Delta Sigma Epsilon, Band, Choir, Science Club, YWCA Maxine Lightcap (J) Emporia Gerai.u Lillian (Fl Hartford Sigma Phi Epsilon Catherine Lineman (J I Osage City Sigma Pi Sigma, Newman Club, Home Ec Club Marcella Link (J) Yates Center Winnetaska, Elementary Club, Newman Club Louise Louia (S) Newton Delta Sigma Epsilon, FTA Robert Long (S) Lebo Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club Esther Lusk (F) Olivet Sigma Pi Sigma Frances Lltz (Ft Olpe Newman Club, Commerce Club Marilyn Lynch (J) Reading Home Ec Club Edward McArdle (Ft - - New York City. New York Charles McBeth (Jt Lawrence Mary McCallvm (F) Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA Roberta McCarty (F) Great Bend Sigma Pi Sigma Jo McClelland (St Topeka Alpha Sigma Alpha. Ensemble Singers, Band Dolores McCoy (J) - - - - - - - Russell Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, FTA Donna McCoy (F) Russell Delta Sigma Epsilon, Science Club. Symphonic Chorus Renee McCoy (S) - - - - - - ■ Hugoton Delta Sigma Epsilon, Band, Chorus Lyle McCready (S) Lamar Mu Epsilon Nu, Wesley Foundation Pauline McCready (F) Lamar Frank McCullough (Ji Olpe Mu Epsilon Nu. Lambda Delta Lambda, Science Club Darrell McDerhied (J) Emporia .Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu Alpha. Band (iwENETH McDonald (J I Caldwell Sigma Pi Sigma Brlce McFerrin (FI Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Barbara McGill (S) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Radio Club, Commerce Club Barbara McJilton (J) Newton Alpha Sigma Tau. Pi Kappa Delta Margaret McKenzie (F) Neal Sigma Pi Sigma Beverly McNulty (SI - Abilene Sigma Pi Sigma, Splash Club, Physical Education Club LoNA McNutt (F) Emporia Pi Kappa Sigma Ben Macha (Ft ( ouncil Grove Richard Macha (St Council Grove Phi Sigma Epsilon Joanne Mackay (Fl Kansas City Sigma Sigma Sigma, Spanish Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, French Club Richard Madaus (Ft Abilene Sigma Tau Gamma Donna Mahon (SI Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma, Rhythmic Circle, Radio Club, Chorus, Sunflower Anna Mall (Fl Overland Park Winnetaska. Elementary Club Arnold Maner (Fl Matfield Sigma Tau Gamma Bill .ALarkle (Fl Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon Beverly L ' RKLE (St Emporia Pi Kappa Sigma. WRA Board, Phvsical Education Club Brlce Markle (Fl Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon Warren Massey (JI Emporia Wesley Foundation, Band, ( ' horus. Orchestra. Ensem- ble Singers. Phi Mu Alpha David Matheny (J I Eldorado Sigma Tau Gamma, Radio Club, Pi Kappa Delta Dolores ! Laxwhll (F) Allen Jim Maxwell (Fl Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Roy Meade (St - Kansas City Tau Kappa Epsilon Richard Meadows (Ft Emporia Michael Meares (JI Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Mu . ' Mpha Shirley Melia (Fl Coldwater Doris Meredith (F) Marion Winnetaska, Sigma Pi Sigma, Physical Education Cluii. Splash Club Leslie Meredith (S) Eureka George Merwin (F) Emporia Floyd Metzger (F) Council Grove Phi Sigma Epsilon Katherine Meyer (J I Quincy. III. Winnetaska, Sigma Alpha Iota, Band, Chorus, Splash Club Steven Mikesell (F) Burden LeRoy Millard (Fl Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon . rlene Miller (.SI Mt. Vernon. Mo. Alpha Sigma Alpha Donald Miller (S) Emporia Helen Miller (F) Mullinville Pi Kappa Sigma Joyce Miller (Jt Arkansas City Sigma Sigma Sigma, Radio Club, Emporia State Play- ers, National Collegiate Players, Pi Kappa Delta, Sphinx. Student Council LiLA Miller (Fl Eureka Elementary Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Wesley Foundation Pauline Miller (Jt Whitewater Winnetaska, Home Ec Club Duane Minter (Ft Abilene Wesley Foundation " ir9 - " Undergraduates Ruth IMirick (FI Halstead Patrhia Mn( iiRi.i. (Ft Emporia l|ilia Si;:ma Alplia. .Sunflower CidHi. Mm, I, IK Sweden EiLiJ.N AIiiiiKis (.11 Ottawa Alpha Sigma Tau, Physical Education Cluh. Sigma Pi Sigma Laura Morse (F) Emporia Winnetaska, Elementary Club, Inter-Faith Council, Orchestra Melba Morton (S) Severy Commerce Club Eeroy Muller fj) Emporia Epsilon Pi Tau Patricia Murphy (S) Junction City Alpha Sigma Alpha, ETA, Elementary Club, Sphinx Raymond Murphy (F) Emporia Phyllis Nagely (SI Abilene Elementary Club. FTA, YWCA Joyce Nauman (F) Emporia Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma Marion Navrat (F) Marion Newman Club, Band William Nelson (J I Topeka Alpha Kappa Lambda James Neufeld (F) Emporia LisCHiA Newcomer (S) Emporia Radio Club Frank Newman (J) Kansas City Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega Roberta Newsom (F) Marion Band Marion Nickelson (F) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Mary Nielsen (S) Dunlap Elementary Cliib, YWCA John Notheis (S) Elmont, New York Tau Kappa Epsilon, K-Club Jerry O ' Donnell (F) Hartford Sigma Phi Epsilon, Newman (. lub Marilyn Olson (S) Dodge City Elmer Ott (S) Lamont Mary Over field (F) Emporia Winnetaska, Sigma Pi Sigma Richard Pacanini (S) ... Jamaica, New Y ' ork Tau Kappa Epsilon Rosalie Pace (F) Hazelton Harold Palmer (F) Emporia Edgar Parker (J) Kansas City Alpha Kappa Lambda Betty Parks ( F I Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Dwight Parry (Fl Emporia Mary Parsons ( S ) Manhattan Jo Ann Paton (F) Oxford Jeanne Patterson (J I Newton Winnetaska, Alpha Theta Rho Kenneth Perry (Fl Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Elton Petersen (S) Marion Phi Sigma Epsilon Howard Petersen (F) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Robert Peterson (S) Delavan Mu Epsilon Nu, Bulletin, Sunflower Eula Ruth Phillips (F) Sedan Keulan Phillips (S) Lamont Alpha Kappa Lambda William Phillips (Fl Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu George Ann Piatt (Jl Madison Gene Pingel (Fl Russell Sigma Phi Epsilon Donna Pinon (Si Florence Delta Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club, YWCA Lionel Hampton wins E-State audience Carolyn Platt ( F 1 Marion Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club Beverly Pogue (S) Minneapolis Janice Poague (Fl Wakeeney Winnetaska, Band Thomas Pomranky (Fl Eureka JoAnn Porter (Si Luray Alpha Sigma Alpha, Splash Club L HLON Porter (J I Luray Tau Kappa Epsilon, Xi Phi, K-Club Josephine Posey (Fl Minneola Band, Commerce Club Jack Price (Si Reading Sigma Phi Epsilon, Radio Club Norma Price (Fl Greensburg Burl Purkeypile (Jl Eureka Sigma Tau Gamma, Commerce Club Jean Pykiet (Fl Council Grove Elementary Club, Band, Alpha Sigma Al|)ba William Pyle (Jl Emporia L RY Quaintance (F) Gardner Winnetaska Lea Quisenberry (Fl Leavenworth Sigma Pi Sigma, Choir Charlene Rader (Fl Eureka Sigma Pi Sigma William Rand (J I Atchison Social Science Club Patricia Rarig (Si Minneapolis Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma Delores Rasmussen (Fl Garnett Elementary Club Jacqueline Ray (Jl Lewis Pi Kappa Sigma Dorothy Ready (Fl Easton Sigma Pi Sigma, Physical Education Club Patricia Rector (Fl Toronto Winnetaska Donald Redman (SI Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club Philip Reed (Jl Garnett Sigma Phi Epsilon ] Larlene Reich ardt (Fl Emporia Pi Kappa Sigma, Wesley Foundation Charles Reid (Si Benton Sigma Phi Epsilon Calvin Reimer (J) Chetopa Phi Sigma Epsilon Orpha Remer (Si Burlington Alpha Sigma Alpha. Band Annette Rensch (SI Lyons Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Clul) Patricia Reynolds (J) Dodge City Delta Sigma Epsilon . Rober .ok, Cai o ganiiiiing: Undergraduates LoNN Richards (J I Mulvane Phi Mu Alpha, Mens Choir, Band, Chorus Phyllis Rickenbrodf, (Fi Bushton Mary Rieglk (F) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma DuAN ' E RiFFEL (F) Lost Springs Doris Riggs (Fi Wellington Wanda Riggs (F) Oxford Doris Riley (Fi Council Grove Elementary Cluh Sally Riley (F) Emporia Winnetaska, Home Ec Club Annabeth Ritter (J) Emporia Lawrence Robb (J) Kansas City Sigma Phi Epsilon Gloria Roberts (S) - - - - - - Strong City Alpha Sigma Tau. Elementary Club, FTA Floyd Robertson (F) Richmond Mu Epsilon Nu Bill Robinson (F) Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon Virginia Robson (J) Abilene Elementary Club. FTA James Rockwood (J I Alission Mu Epsilon Nu, Spanish Club. French Club, YMCA Margie Rogers (Fl Lincoln Sigma Alpha Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, Elementary Club J. W. Rollings (F) Kansas City Phi Sigma Epsilon Leon Rose (F) Cunningham Sigma Tau Gamma Margaret Rose (F) Eureka Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Commerce Club. Rhythmic Circle Ann Ross (J Williamsport, Pa. Treble Clef Joseph Rossilon (F) Olpe Newman Club Patricia Rossillon (S) Olpe Delta Sigma Epsilon. Ensemble Singers, Omega Ronald Rothfelder (S) Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon Floyd Rowe (J) DeSoto Sigma Phi Epsilon, Inter-Fraternity Council, Com- merce Club Robert Rupp (F) Ness City Jean Rust (F) Emporia Gene Sandy (F) Sharon Roger Sargent (F) Westmoreland Sigma Phi Epsilon Julia Sauder (Si Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma, Home Ec Club Delia Schellenger (F) - - - - Canon City, Colo. DuAiNE ScHUL (J I McPherson Phi Sigma Epsilon Darlene Schwendiman (S) Hillsboro Delta Sigma Epsilon Pat Scott (J I Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma Prudence Scott (S) Salina Elementary Club William Scriven (S) Abilene Phi Mu Alpha, Ensemble Singers, Orchestra, Band, Chorus Dale Seacat (S) Bucklin Sigma Tau Gamma Sally Seidel (Ji - - Garden City Delta Sigma Epsilon, Band, YWCA Robert Seider (Fi Overland Park Patricia Sexton (F) Americus Home Ec Club Anita Shaw (F) Eureka Loren Shaw (S) Ottawa Science Club Ruth Shaw (F) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec Club Helen Shellenberger (Fl Bushong James Shepler (Fl Newton Phi Sigma Epsilon Edward Sherraden (Jl Emporia Elementary Club Robert Sherrer (J I Centralia Phi Sigma Epsilon, FTA, Kansas State Teachers Assn., K-Club Carolee Shoebrook (S) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Band, Orchestra James Siehr (J) Emporia Tau Kappa Epsilon, Cheerleader, Debate Virginia Slead (Fl Lebo Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma, Elementary Club Janet Slocomee (F) Peabody Sigma Sigma Sigma, Band, Wesley Foundation, Ele- mentary Club Avis Smith (S) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma Cl.ara Smith (Fl Lewis Winnetaska Dale Smith (J) Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma, Science Club, Mathematics Club, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda David Smith (Ft Emporia Donald S.mith (Ji Winfield Pi Kappa Delta, Debate, Social Science Club Jane Smith (J I .-.--... Turner Delta Sigma Epsilon, Cheerleader, Commerce Club William Smith ( S I Miller Leonard Sowers (SI Americus Mu Epsilon Nu, Pi Kappa Delta ! Larilyn Spade (Fl Admire Verlin Spatz (F) Emporia Beverly Springer (Si Abilene LARILYN Squires (S) Edgerton Winnetaska, Wesley Foundation Nancy Staples (Fl Anthony Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Splash Club, Phy- sical Education Club Virginia Stark (F) Waldron Pi Kappa Sigma LABY Starling (SI Emporia Winnetaska, Wesley Foundation Mary Starner (J) Eureka Sigma Sigma Sigma, Radio Club, Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, Splash Club Ruth Staton (Fi St. John Alpha Sigma Alpha, Elementary Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Cheerleader Dick Stauffer (S) New Cambria Sigma Tau Gamma onaha. Ma: Dung. Eliz: ckefoose, Undergraduates The frown of the Law . . . Dale Steffes (F) Olpe Sigma Tau Gamma Kay Stevens (F) Topeka Sigma Pi Sigma Mary Stewart (F) Anthony Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma Joe Stine (F) Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon William Stout (S) Hazelton Patricia Street IS) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Ensemble Singers, Cheerleader, Orchestra, Choir Marjorie Strouts (S) Wilsey Commerce Club Edna Sumida (F) Honolulu, Hawaii Gary Swanson (F) Council Grove Alpha Kappa Lambda Carolyn Swartz (F) Everest Donna Swisher (F) Greensburg Sigma Sigma Sigma Conrad Swope (S) Yates Center Tau Kappa Epsilon Janet Tabor (J) Chanute Alpha Sigma Tau, Band Mable Tabata (F) Papaaloa, Hawaii Carlos Taylor (S) Dodge City Phi Sigma Epsilon, K-Club Delores Temple (F) Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon, YWCA, FTA Henry Tharp (S) Winfield Emporia State Players Edwin Thill (F) Hamilton Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club, Commerce Club Gene Thomas (J) Kansas City Sigma Phi Epsilon Joe Thomas (J) Kansas City Sigma Phi Epsilon Pat Thomas (J) Newton Winnetaska, WRA Board, Splash Club, Rhythmic Circle, Physical Education Club, Sigma Pi Sigma Marvin Thompson (J) Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda, Commerce Club, Pi Omega Pi Grace Thowe fS) Alma Winnetaska George Traskowsky (S) Woodbine Elementary Club, Radio Club Patricia Turner (J) Tonganoxie Charles Turney (J) Emporia Sigma Phi Epsilon Marilyn Tweedy (F) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Eunice Valyer (J) Emporia Physical Education Club, YWCA, WRA John Vance (F) Macksville Robert Van Sickle (S) Emporia Jeanne Vantuyl (S) Peabody Pi Kappa Sigma Doris Veal (S) Burdick Elementary Club Arlene Viets (J) Ames Inter-Faith Council, French Club, Omega, YWCA Velma Viets (F) Ames French Club, YWCA Jacqueline Vigola (S) Osage City Sigma Sigma Sigma, Orchestra, Band, Choir. Sigma Alpha Iota Rosalee Vincent (F) Jamestown Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma, Omega, Or- chestra, French Club Charles Vining (S) Kansas City Tau Kappa Epsilon Joan Wacek (S) Irving Newman Club Jerri Wakefield (S) Eskridge Alpha Sigma Alpha, Band Margaret Walsh (J) Collyer Winnetaska, Ensemble Singers, Band, Choir, Sigma Alpha Iota William Walsh Nassau, New York Pat Waldron (S) Neivton Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Choir, Treble Clef Keith Waldrop (S) Emporia Emporia State Players, Band, Orchestra Wally Waldrip (J) Chanute Sigma Phi Epsilon James Walker (J) Milan Tau Kappa Epsilon, Commerce Club Darlene Warren (J ) - - Eskridge Alpha Sigma Alpha, Band, Choir Jo Warren (S) Anthony Alpha Sigma Tau, Sigma Pi Sigma, Splash Club, Home Ec Club, Physical Education Club Mary Waters (S) Emporia Newman Club, Elementary Club, FTA BiLLiE Watts (J) Winfield Sigma Tau Gamma, Emporia State Players Erma Wehrenberg (F) Emporia Barbara Welty (F) Matfield Green Winnetaska Arloine Wernecke (S) Hardtner Winnetaska, Spanish Club NoRjiA Werner (S) Newton Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pi Kappa Delta, Radio Club, Bulletin, Sunflower, Debate BiLLiE West (F) Oxford Mary West (F) Kincaid Radio Club Darrf.ll Whistler (F) Burlington Phi Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club Marjorie White (J) Sterling Eva Wickham (F) Bern Esther Wiebe (F) Newton Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club, Sigma Pi Sigma Edward Wiecers (S) Marysville Tau Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club Don Wielan ' d (S) Emporia Alpha Kappa Lambda, Newman Club, Commerce Club Marlene Wiens (J) Lyons Alpha Sigma Tau, Commerce Club, Home Ec Club Joyce Wilber (F) Burns Pi Kappa Sigma, Home Ec Club, Sigma Pi Sigma Marilyn Williams (S) Waverly Wesley Foundation, Elementary Club Joan Wilson (S) Haviland Winnetaska, Wesley Foundation, Chorus Phyllis Wilson (J) Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma, Elementary Club, Chorus Lewis Winchester (J) Kinsley YMCA Betty Wincate IF) Attica Winnetaska Esther Winslow (S) Talmage Wesley Foundation, YWCA, Elementary Club, ETA Vernis Witten (J) Fowler Wesley Foundation, Mathematics Club Bernyce Wolf (J) Sedan Elementary Club, Inter-Faith Council, ETA, YWCA Charles Wolff ( S ) Parsons Alpha Kappa Lambda, Commerce Club, Social Science Club Rowean WoMOCHiL (S) Abilene Winnetaska, Elementary Club Elaine Woodbury (F) Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Home Ec Club Robert Woodruff (F( Ada Phi Sigma Epsilon Millard Wren (S) Williamsburg Sigma Tau Gamma Edward Wrench (F) - - New Hyde Park, New York Sigma Phi Epsilon Mary Wylli (S) Holton Emporia State Players, Splash Club, Radio Club, Physical Education Club HlROSHl Yabiku (S) Ginoza, Okinawa Mu Epsilon Nu, Social Science Club, YMCA Masanoeu Y ' onaha (J) - . - Shuri City, Okinawa Mu Epsilon Nu, YMCA Elizabeth Young (S) Sabetha Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Band, Chorus. Orchestra, Treble Clef Robert Zickefoose (F) Emporia Donald Zimmerman (J) Toronto Sigma Tau Gamma, Pi Gamma Mu John Zumalt (S) Hutchinson Sigma Phi Epsilon ACTIVITIES Taking a minor role in the play of campus ac- tivities are the individual classes. It has be- come a part of policy for E-Staters to be E-Staters first, then a freshman, a sophomore, a junior or a senior. Freshmen were given ample opportunity to meet classmates during Freshman Week. They shared the burden of the Yellow Caps and the blunt realities that came flatly from K-Clubbers ' paddles. They partied at rush week functions at sorority, Morse Hall open houses. Orientation provided further acquaint- ance with the campus and its activities. Fully aware of the intricacies of the E-State system, the sophomores were content to meet fellow sophomores only in classes and at a final parting picnic. Satisfied to be Juniors in name only, the official act of the Junior Class was to enter- tain their superiors at the annual Junior- Senior Prom. Bearing the renowned title of Seniors, the Class of 1952 finished (in most cases) its four-year sprint in fine shape. As a class they had borne the shame of the Freshman cap; survived rugged Biology, English, Physical Science; cheered many a Hornet team to vic- tory; were Juniors, and finally reached the goal — Seniors. Undecided on money matters, the Class was still voting (as this book went to press) on the Senior Project. Some of the suggestions included a bird bath, a mammoth party, a scholarship fund and a bulletin board. Cutting class in an official way under the banner of " Sneak Day " , the Seniors spent a day of relaxation just being Seniors. They also plan to spend a night receiving diplomas. PANHELLEMC COUNCIL Top r ou : ( :i,n npll-. Becke t. Har der. Hearn, Harr son. S otfrf: Hoch, L on , M cN ' elly, Vincent, Bi iis. Croh. The Pamiellemc Council succeeded in getting its work done without peace pipe passing but many plans went into the fire, bowing to more superior ones as the elected representatives from the sororities on the campus met, discussed and decided inter-sorority rules. Led by Mrs. S. P. incent the Council sponsored the opening phase of fall rush week by inviting all rushees to relax and discuss the rules, regu- lations, do ' s and don ' ts of rush week. They also passed, administered, and enforced all rushing rules. Comprehending the need for a revision of rushing rules for the fall semester of the 1952-53 year because of the completion of the new wing on Morse Hall and the subsequent dormitory-housing of all freshman women, the council discussed with Dean Schillinger the pros and cons of deferred pledging. The 1952 version of the annual Inter-sorority formal was designated to be " Heart Throbs " and was scheduled on February 15. Mat Benton was contracted to supply the dance music. In February Delores Harder was named to fill the post of presidency succeeding Nancy Curtis. Representatives of the Council are Jane Connelly, Barbara Groh, Delta Sigma Epsilon; Peggy McNelly, Marianne Hoch, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Doris Hearn, irginia Briix, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Beverly Harrison, Delores Harder, Pi Kappa Sigma: Doris Beckett, Doris Anderson, Alpha Sigma Tau. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIE r,,,, r„u: Ineverson, Wunder, Madole. Rowe. Neufeltl. Tni le Sealed: Cropp, Coman, Flair, Hoover, Porte The Inter-Fraternity Council is the governing and law making body for the men ' s Greek organizations. Each fraternity and rushee feels the power of the Council as they make their plans for Rush Week and other social activities. Enforcement is possible through a penalty system. President Ned Hoover reported that the most important task accom- plished this year was the revision of rushing rules. He stated, " The new regulations put rushing on a more selective basis for the rushee as well as the fraternity. The possibility of last minute decisions was eliminated. " The presidency post rotates among the fraternity delegates, with each fraternity taking a year at the helm. The cycle is completed in a five year span. The 1951-52 president was a representative of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ned Hoover. Secretary and treasurer was David Cropp, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Business meetings were called by the president or by the Dean of Men, V. T. Trusler, who was the sponsor for the group. March 28 was party night for the Council as they sponsored the formal " Easter Hop. " Bill Wunder represented the five fraternities in the recep- tion line. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Mrs. Rose West OFFICERS Darleem Dietrich President Virginia Briix Barbara Scott Carol Koch Darleen Warren Martha Birch - Gloria Harris Nancy Fate - Vice President Secretary Treasurer Chaplain Registrar Editor Social Chairman Carolee Shoebrook - - - Rush Captain Joyce Birney .... Intra-mural Manager Nadine Dietrich Recording Secretary Hea L ' G a mental sigh of relief, the Alpha Sigs watched the coming of spring with the subsequent ending of a unique year. Fall rushing under the banner of " Southern Hospital- ity " enlarged the fold to include 24 pledges. After a semester of pledging — with its final stage of averaging grades, en- during Courtesy Week, counting pledge points — 24 pledges went active. Radical changes of a political nature resulted in a com- plete reversal of party backing — they voted a Progressive ticket for the first time in ASA history. Under the tuneful eye of Marilyn Patterson and Miss Jean Gunderson, faculty member, the chapter copped first place honors in the " Singing Bee " singing " All the Things You Are. " Another pleasant surprise was a substantial rise in the grade average. The social calendar was filled with red-letter days and closed week ends. Founders ' Day luncheon, pledge class " Fireman Ball, " winter " Snow Ball " in collaboration with Delta Sigs, Christmas party and spring tea for mothers, Father-Daughter banquet, and the Eastertime " Bunny Ball " were all part of the arrangements. Distinctions of an exclusive nature went to Betty Jo Leonard — Elizabeth Bird Small Award; Marilyn Patterson — Frost Fidelity Award: Joan Diegle — Perfect Pledge. 929 West Alpha Sigs have rounded social calendar Come on, Staton, Porter says it ' s time to get up . . . Karolik eyes confirmation of Burch-Williams engage- ment . . . ' " Snowball " . . . " Hell " is such an intrig- uing game . . . Hearn, Street, Staton, Huff, Mahon are at it again — eating. Dance, rush, win, rest, engage. Men in house! . . . audience approval of Hearn, Burch silent methods . . . song leader Patterson joy- ously receives first place " Bee " trophy . . . Birney, Beck at mirrors, Parks on hair, Fate, Mitchell, Staton grace bed . . . everyone loves a pinning. Top rotn: Ames, Barron, Beallie, Beck, Birney, Bishop, BrigRs, Briix. Roto : Burch, Childers, Cline, D. Deilrich, N. Deilrich, Diegel, Fate, Foulch. Roto III: Gibson, Griffith, Harris, Hearn, Hogarty, Huff, L. Karolik, N. Karolik. Roio IV: Kirk, Koch, Kramm, Leonard, McClelland, McCill, Mahon, A. Miller. Roio V: L. Miller, Mitchell, Murphy, Parks, Patterson, Pogue, Porter, Pykiet. Roto VI: Rarig, Renter, Scott, Shaw, Shoebrook, Slead, Street, Staton. Roto VII: Tweedy, Wakefield, Warren, Werner, Woodbury. ALPHA SIGMA TAU Mrs. Gertrude Bueliaiian OFFICERS Doris Anderson - President Carol Smethers Vice President Betty Morgan . . . . Recording Secretary Blanche Kittle - - - - Corresponding Secretary Rose:marv Cobble Treasnrer Sally Curry Helen Kleile Volk - Iris Daniel - Jo Warren Editor Cha])lain Historian Custodian Rush week " On an AST Cruise " ended with the pledging of eighteen girls. The decorations at the fall pledge formal " Deep Pur- ple " featured a star-studded false ceiling and glittering silver letters spelling " " Alpha Sigma Tau Deep Purple. " Hosting the district convention, E-State was the scene of a meeting of the delegates from Colorado, North Dakota, Missouri, Kansas. A total of thirteen were pledged second semester. They were: Mary Jane Botterweck, Shirley Farmer, Geneve Greco, Virginia Greco. Reinette Howell, Bessie Johnston, Jo Leiss, Joan Paton, Wanda Riggs, Anne Ross, Helen Shellenberger, Pat Valyer, and Lucille Wallace. Those who represented AST in extra-curricular activities were Tillie Lyons, president of Rhythmic Circle; Dorothy Carson, prexy of Phiz Ed Club; Doris Anderson, ruling Xi Phi, Home Ec Club; and Helen Kleile Volk starred as " " Antigone. " Patsy Chapman, Joleen Woolcott and Anne Ross performed in " Burglar ' s Opera. " ' " Tau Heaven " was the theme of the traditional spring formal. 1006 Constitution Street Sorority life . . . Ross vocalizing in formal background . . . rushees walking the gauntlet . . . bunking party means con- gestion but fun . . . winter formaling . . . " Now, watch me do a card trick. " ...means happy faces. . piggy gamming . . . Mcjilton, Cobble, Daniels, Clark, Anderson, Canty study AST style . . . for sale, hats . . . master with charges. Top roic: D. Anderson, H. Anderson, T. Anderson, Baber, Baker, Barb, Beckett. Roiv II: Blackball, Blood, Brown, Calvin, Canty, Carson, Chapman. Roic III: A. Clark, K. Clark, Cobble, Curry, Daniel, Duncan, Fisher. Roic IV : Frisbe, Hake, Heghin, Henning, Jones, Kittle, Lammont. Roic V : Lyons, Mcjilton, Morgan, Morris, Olson, Roberts, Rogers. Row) VI: Smethers, Sill, Thompson, Volk, Warren, Wiens, Woolcott. DELTA SIGMA EPSILON Mrs. Alice Bollinger OFFICERS Elva Libben .... President Elizabeth Koch Vice-President Joan Reynolds .... Secretary Jeanette Brandt Treasurer Pat Rof.siLLON . . . . Corresponding Secretary Renae Bailey .... Social Chairman Delores McCoy Pledge Mother Beverly Groh . . . . Publicity Chairman Pledges numbering 16 were the result of first semester rush- ing for the Deha Sigs. " Fashion Parade " was the theme sug- gested in the favors, decorations and dress of the active chapter. Founder ' s Day was celebrated by the active chapter and alumnae with a united church attendance, followed by a din- ner and afternoon program. On October 27 the house was bedecked with jack-o- lanterns, streamers, and candles in favor of the eerie as the Delta Sigs observed Halloween. Pre-Christmas activities included a formal, " The Snow- ball " , in collaboration with ASA, participation in the Y-Sing, and a party with the alumnae and Mother ' s Club. " Alice In Wonderland " was the theme chosen for mid- year rush week. Frances Lutz, Norma Price, and Shirley Rhoades were the new pledges. The scene of the spring formal was the L nion Ballroom with music by the Counts. An informal house party was also on the social calendar of spring events. Jane Smith was a cheerleader and the secretary of Commerce Club. Elva Libben was elected to the Student Council, Who ' s Who, Xi Phi. Elizabeth Koch won the DSE scholarship bracelet and is a member of Xi Phi and listed in Who ' s Who. 1005 Merchant Street Delta Sigs smiled through good year . . . Rushing means eating, drinking . . . small wonder Louia has roped-in-feeling as pledges sneak . . . blending with " Country Style " jeans, cottons, led by Rossillon . . . officers Brandt, Libben, Reynolds . . . Mother Bollinger passes. chapter house scene of varied activity Schwendiman, Goodell, Bailey conflab over the choice of records . . . dancing in chapter house . . . Brockleman, Carpenter, Pinon discuss in dress-up . . . Delta Sigs find men, food always a good mixer . . . Mother and younguns Cook, Bourgain, Groh, Smith, McCallum. Top row: Bailey, Baskins, Bourgain, Brandt, Brockleman, Carpenter, Collin. Row II: Connelly, Cook, Flinn, Coodell, Barbara Groh, Beverly Groh, Kerns. Row lit: Jerry Klein, Joey Klein, Koch, Lachannieier, D. Libben, E. Libben, McCallum. Row IV: Delores McCoy, Donna McCoy, J. McCoy, McWherter, Posey, Pinon, Reynolds. JRow V : Rossillon, Schwendiman, Seidel, Smith, Temple, Thorpe, Waldvogel. MORSE HALL Mrs. Pearl Finkbiner Mrs. Cornelia (lonwell Watching the progress of the new South wing on the dormitory, the girls walked to classes from the northwest corner of the campus, where Morse Hall is situated. The executive body of the dormitory is the house council, which consists of the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, two social chairmen, and eight floor representatives. The council does not have a regular meeting time, but is called together by the president when- ever necessary. " April Showers " was the theme of Morse Hall ' s annual s])ring formal April 5 in the Student Lnion Ballroom. Fresh floral arrangements constituted the principal decoration. OFFICERS Sally Grassberger - President ROSEALARV MeRRIWEATHER Vice-President Marilyn Lynch - - - - Secretary Darlene Webb - - - . Treasurer Esther Winslow . . - - GwENETH McDonald - Social Chairmen Betty Buennin ... - Publicity Bessie Johnston - - - - Inlranuiral Manager Pat Dlnn Song Leader Soulh wins " t Morse Hall Top row: Davis, Turner, Lucas, Holmes, Ott, Quisen- berry, Bour ain, Ready. Second rotr: Allen, Budge, Swart, Fisher, Farmer, Howell, Wolfe, Green, Gigstad, Bernitz. Front row: Miller, Shaw, Cotton, La erquist, Wylli. Top row: Cozine, Novak, Cott, Colberg, Gustafson, Winslow, Rader, McKenzie , Swisher, McAuliffe, Mere- dith, W. Riggs, D. Riggs, Paton, Nagely. Second row: White, Ferguson, Raven, Carpenter, Smith, Mall, Higley, Quaintance, Dieck, Wallace, Cox, Dome, Stevens, Parsons, Brokes, Brown, Bunigardner. Front row: Alvarado, Evans, Williams, Lutz, Slead, Higgins, Griffith, Johnston, Davis, Robson, Kippenberger, Springer. Top row: Strong:, Campbell, Harvey, Wingale, Mi Niilty, Crupper, Folk, R. Groendycke, Graf, Kautzer Thompson, Keough, Igou, Anderson, Heghin, Ewert Second roir: Lusk, Fate, Woodson, Miller, Rector, Giillion, Mirick, Melia, Blad, Allen, Gamber, Gerber Hoder, ernecke. Front row: L. Groendycke, Har- rell, Taneya, Britain, Whitney, Hall, Andrews, Hurel Gleason, Rasmussen, Clevenger, Swarlz, Buenning Top row: Fousett, Froemniing, Drew, Alexander, Wild, Jenkins, Mackay, McDonald, Davis, Grassberger, Dunn, H. Anderson, Strouts, Albin. Second row: Smith, Hubbard, Schmidt, Sumida, E. Anderson, Fry, McCready, Grace, Scott, Leiss, Kling, Light, Ricken- brode. Page. Front row: S. Hirano, B. Hirano, Whit- tington, Tabata, Johnson, Veal, Maxwell. Fun for all at the Dorm Request time at the piano draws a crowd . . . letter writing, a daily habit to Charlotte Andrews; hurry- ing her on to the complimentary close is Joan Ewert on the light switch with Carolyn Heighin looking on . . . fall open house found this basemenf, scene with Jean Pykiet behind the pusher . . . midnight pastime. PI KAPPA SIGMA Mrs. Bernire Sniitli Enhancing the atmosphere of South of the Border, the Pi Kaps featured Bolivian candy backed with the theme of Mexico as they entertained in first semester rush week. The chapter was enlarged to include twelve pledges. Social calendar included Founders ' day celebration, pledge parties, ' " Isle of Golden Dreams " and " Shamrock Shuffle, " Mothers Day dinner. Pledging second semester were Delpha Cunningham, Mary Frances Overfield, Barbara Holm, Patsy Bailey. Bridge playing, telephoning, seri- ous lliinking all were parts of Pi Kappa lite. OFFICERS Be erlv Harrison 132 West 12 Street President Nancy Curtis Vice President Pat Sti.nson - Jacqueline Ray Secretary Treasurer Top row: Brollier, Calvert, Colletl, Curtis, Davis, Gaughan. Rate II: Harder, Harrison, McNutt, Markle, Miller, Nauman. Roiv 111: Purcell, Ray, Reichardt, Rust, Sheridan, Smith. Row IV: Staples, Stark, Stewart, Vantuyl, Wilber, Young. SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Mrs. Alice Sulliviin OFFICERS Marianne Hoch Jane Anderson Peggy McNelly President Vice-President Treasurer Pat Keck Corresponding Secretary Julia Sauder . . . - Recording Secretary Martha Jones Kee|)er of Grades The first page of SSS ' s snapshot album pictures fifteen new faces receiving pledge pins as foreseen by the rush theme, ■ " The Fortuneteller. " Costume boxes were invaded for the Halloween party and returning alumni found the November page filled with snapshots of Homecoming Queen Hoch and her attendant Joyce Miller. ■ " Silver Seasons " was the theme of the pledge formal at the Country Club. Fli|)ping the annual pages brings January to view with Maxine Davis, irginia Robson, Betty Kippenburger, Maxine Hubbard, Beverly Springer. Gweneth McDonald, Marian Haskell forming the second semester pledge class. The " Bee " runner-ups busied the spring months with the annual " Soc Hop, " Founder ' s Day Celebration, Mother ' s Weekend, and a formal dinner for seniors. Blackfaced mem- bers entertained at the Penny Carnival and closed the social activities with " Pur]ile Fantasy, " lawn party. Campus wheels placed in scrapbook history are Hoch, Riegle, Mueldener— Xi Phi; Riegle, Wells— Who ' s Who; Miller, Riegle — Student Council: Keck — editor of student handbook; Miller — Bulletin society editor; Vincent — presi- dent of French Club. 418 West 12 Street Top row: Alexander, J. Anderson, M. Anderson, Bender, Boroughs, Brose, Chew, Clark. Roll ' : Coil, Colle, Cook, Ferguson, Fulton, Goff, Henry, Hoch. Row III : Horton, Hughes, Jaggard, Jenkins, Jones, Keck, Lambert, Lynde. Row IV: McNelly, Mackay, Miller, Cochennet, PlatI, Rensch, J. Reigle, M. Reigle. Row V: Rodee, Rose, Sander, Scott, Sloconibe, Smith, Starner, Vigola. Row VI: Vincent, Waldron, Wells, Wiebe, Wilson, Vi ' ood. Tri Sig album ... Anderson plays havoc with sleeping hours . . . chapter house floor feels thud, slide of many feet . . . second placers in " Bee " harmonize to directions of Waldron . . . Tri Sigs mix with other formally clad E-Staters at all-school dance . . . protocol Hoch, Keck, Sander, Anderson, McNelly pose. hints of good times I! Time out for relaxation and ice cream eating . . . unknown mysteries are to be found on the door steps . . . still on steps, but eating this time . . . funny faces, clever costumes met in vine-covered room . . . natives Anderson, Hughes show how it ' s done. WINNETASKA Cal- The WINNIES started their year, which saw plenty of action on the social front, with the traditional Pow Wow Week. Homecoming found them behind the Informa- tion Booth in the Rotunda. Sadie Hawkins Day was appropriately observed with a costume party fea- turing dogpatch styles. Christmas time brought an even ing of carol- ing with the Mu Eps, brother or- ganization, and a gift exchange. Other big events were the " Black Magic " spring formal and the " Puff Pam Prom " . Comradeship is one of the special features of the innie life. Top row: Welty, Leiss, Gullion Harris, alsh. Starling, Diller, Link, ' inpale. Dressier, Thowe. Second row: Calvert, Hinsey, Gassert, Graham, Kitts, Meyer, Wilson, Squires, Fischer. From row: Campbell, Williams, Perry, Mrs. G. D. yrick, Evans. ernecke. Top row: Blad, Keaiigh, Gassert, Schellenger, Rings, McAuliffe, Morse, Newsom, Eby. Second row: Hadler, Wilhoite, Johnson, Kautzer, Bishop, Patterson, Golden, Anierine. Front row: Colberg, Kennedy, Cormack, Womoehil, Griffin. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Mrs. Dorotliv Brown OFFICERS David Cropp President Don Ingwerson . . . . Co-President Merlvn Blomberg Vice President Richard Carlson - . . . Treasurer Bill Boub Recording Secretary Don Wieland Corresponding Secretary Dale Parker House Manager Don Farmer Rush Captain Bill Hutchinson . - . . Social Chairman Charles Wolfe - . . . Pledge Trainer Making a place for themselves in campus life, the Lambda chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda celebrated its third anni- versary as an E-State fraternity. Their year began with the usual rush parties, consisting of a chicken barbecue, a dance at the chapter house, and a smoker. Masquerading as devils, demons, and other characters from down-under the chapter and dates frolicked at the house under the banner " Go To Hell With AKL. " Winter rush parties featured another session of dancing and smoking. Clayton Carlson was pledged. A spring formal featuring the movies of Hawaiian life, and an informal house party, were other dates on the social calendar. Leon Richard led the group as they participated in the competitive Singing Bee. They sang " Hail Our Fraternity, " " Mother Macree, " and the AKL Sweetheart song. Responsibilities of faculty sponsors rested on Edwin Stuntzner, Ted Andrews, and Charles Thompson. Representing the AKL Chapter on the Inter-Fraternity council were Donald Ingwerson and David Cropp who was secretary. Leroy Crist was prexy for the Future Teachers of America and Frank Sidorfsky was named to Who ' s Who. 1802 Merchant Top roiv: Banister, Bloniberg, Boub, Brill, Carlson, Carver, Conover. Row II: Crist, Cropp, Fabrizius, Farmer, Harter, Hastings, Hutchinson. Row III: Ingwerson, Jester, Kerns, Lenagar, Love, Nelson, Ott. Row IV: Parker, Penka, Phillips, Redman, Richards, Schwendiman, Sidorfsky. Row V: Small, Swanson, Thill, Wieland, Wolfe. Multiplicity of activities enhances AKL year Bolstering suits, ties the chapter finds itself open mouthed over the direc- tion of Richards . . . Mother told a funny story . . . " no, No, NO don ' t play that card, play this one, " Jester advises . . . with inappropriate props the AKL ' s carry on . . . " by the shocks of grain we danced " . . . little does Chai ' lie know of the oncoming onslaught. EPSILON Mu Epsilon Nu, independent men ' s social organization, was founded on this campus in 1931 and is now a national organ- ization. With emphasis on open membership the MEN have promoted a fuller life for those not belonging to a social fraternity. In September rush week they jjicnicked with the Win- netaskans in Wilson Park and danced at the Inn. Setting up a permanent scholarship fund, they made plans to give fifty dollars at the beginning of each second semester to a worthy independent student. Walter L. Davies, junior, was selected as the " worthy one " and received fifty dollars in February. Somewhere in the shuffle of providing the airmen with lodgings, the Mu Eps lost their house last year. It was neces- sary for formal meetings on Wednesday nights to be sched- uled in room 105 at the Student L nion. Winter social activities included a formal dance with the theme ' " Rain, " a joint dance with Winnetaska and a trip to Lawrence where they were guests of the Beta Chapter at KU. There they attended sjiecial meetings and a dance. Outstanding Mu Eps include Lloyd Wilke, editor-in- chief of the weekly newspaper. The Bulletin; Everett Rees, president of the Sphinx Club. OFFICERS RON ' ALD FrEDRICKSO President John Jones Vice President Everett Rees Secretary Frank McCullough - Treasurer Ray Eccles Sergeant-at-Arnis Lyle McCready - . - - Social Chairman Melvin Graner ... - Music Director Victor Burns Intramural Chairman Bill Braden Chaplain Top row: Hetirin;; officers Fredrickson, Eccles, McCullough, Burns. Front row: New officers Mills, Simmons, Rees, Phillips. Top row: Yonaha, Flores, McCreadv, Siniiiions, Yabiku. Row II : Cleveland, MeCullough, Bailev, Burns, Eccles, Ramirez. Row III: Masten, Fredrickson, Lawson. Lockard, Peterson, Phillips, Gray. Row IV : Adams, Robertson, Rees, Hanson, Mills. Recreational, academic pursuits... Staging a chummy stag line . . . avid readers of Mademoiselle, Esquire . . . selection of music made serious by Rees, Mills, Flores, Adams, Yonalia . . . Mu Eps fill the booth to capacity at Farrows . . . serious expressions, candles denote installation. ...fill the days, nights Fredrickson rolls a strike as spectators Flores, Mc- CuUough, Hanson, Cleveland watch his technique . . . enforced housing rules find campussed ilke, Fred- rickson, Graner, giving attention to the lessons . . . 10:30 eating, drinking time; Wilke delivering . . . Look Out! Girls! ... A Polly Ann combination — empty glasses, TV. PHI SIGMA EPSILON Mrs. Gladys Gilbert OFFICERS Myron Rodee President Merrel Flaip, Vice President DUAiNE SCHUL Treasurer Bob Russell Asst. Treasurer Dick Furman Social Chairman Sheral n Oyler ... - Corresponding Secretary Elton Peterson .... House Manager Dean Lemmon . . . - Rush Captain Henry Patterson Secretary Bob Sherrer Sergeant-at-Arms Dean Lemmon .... Publicity Chairman Bill McCrabb .... Historian Under the leadership of four presidents — Myron Rodee, Kenneth Klassen, Merrel Flair, Duane Schul — the local chap- ter of Phi Sigma Epsilon rushed, slagged, danced, voted, and fraternized the 1951-52 year away. Rushing brought them 30 pledges first semester, six sec- ond semester. These were Bill Kloefkorn, David Smith, Gene Sandy, Bill West, Art Bloomer, and George Wiggins. They stagged at " Men Only " rush parties with a similar occurrence at the annual " Farmer ' s Ball. " On March 8 they could have been found dancing at their spring formal where they crowned Mother Gilbert as the " Cinderella " for the evening. The presence of the Phi Sigs was made known at all var- sity games for the Pep Band blew loud and long under the direction of Jess Kadel. At E-State polls Don Madole was elected President of the Student Council; Ted Harder, president of the Senior Class; Bob Jaquith, president of the Freshman Class. Fraternizing took odd shapes and forms at the annual Commode Bowl demonstration. Joyce Birney was chosen queen. 922 Mechanic Street Top row: Allen. Archer, Bloxom, Clenienis, Collelt, Crawford, Criqui. Davis, Day. Roio ; Ecker, Edwards, Ferrin, Fisher, Flair, Freeman, Fiirnian, Grant, Harder. Roiv HI: Hatcher, Homan, Howard, Irwin, Jacobs, Kadel, Kindefather. Klassen, Kratzer. Roiv IV : Lemon, ' Long, B. Macha, D. Macha, Maxwell, Metzger, Millard, Minnis. Roic V: Nickelson, Oyler, Patterson, E. Peterson, H. Peterson, Reinier, Rodee, Rollings, Schnl. Row VI: Sergeant, Shepler, Sherrer, Stine, C Taylor, D. Taylor, Vance, Whistler, Woodruff. Versatile living habits... Madole directs bearded gentlemen in ' ' Dry Bones " . . . Kindefather makes objective study of ins and outs of Grant ' s attire . . . dancing formally . . . Bloomer, Wig gins comprise half of pretty foursome . . . Archer, Ben Macha, Ferrin serious over outcome. of Phi Sigma Epsilon West finds difficulty in reading during Kindefalher impromptu concert . . . Taylor, Minnis, Day in deep concentration . . . Stardusting . . . storytelling in the Kindefather fashion . . . engaged: Flair, McClelland. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Mrs. Grace Ballwef; OFFICERS Ned Hoover President Floyd Rowe Vice President Joe Sauder Comptroller Philip Reed Historian Bob Buckner .... Secretary Roy Krause Guard Alvin Rusk Sr. Marshal Bob Hughes Jr. Marshal Leavlng 31 years of Phi Delta Chi history behind, the Kansas Epsilon chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon celebrated its first anni- versary on February 10, 1952. In their first year on this campus the Sig Eps initiated 17 new members as a result of first semester pledging. Homecoming events were marked by the return of a large number of alums. Pledges had no worries over the usual decorations, for the money was sent instead to the Kansas Relief Flood Fund. Christmas was celebrated by the fraternity in the usual manner with a dinner and the contribution of a toy by each member to be given to a needy family. Informal house parties were headed as the " Halloween Sock Hop ' ' and " Dixieland. " Formally speaking, the Sig Eps danced at the annual ])ledge formal, " The Swing " and the " Golden Heart Ball. " Another highlight of the year was Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s blue ribbon winning performance in the " Singing Bee. " Gary Stroud lead the group in " Moonglow, " " When I Grow Too Old to Dream, " and the Sweetheart Song. Pledges second semester were Edwin Day, Gene Hahn. Gerry Hahn, Charles Clark, and Frank Squillace. 1102 Coninieri ' ial Top row: Allison, Ames, Black. Brandt, Brockliouse, Burkner, Carlniill. Row II: Calanesc, Curry, Davis, Deines, Denning, Gaston, Gaiiglian. Row III: Haines, Hankins, Hearn. Hoffnians, Hoist, Hoover, Hughes. Row If: Jensen, Klotz, Koeh, Krause, Lillian, McArdle, Noonan. Row V : O ' Donnell, Price, Reed, C. Keid, V. Keid, Rolib, Bobbins. Row VI: Bothfelder, Bowe, SareenI, Sander, Sclirock, Stroud, G. Thonia Row VII: J. Thomas. Turney. aldrip. Williams, rench. Highlights of Sig Ep year Christmas . . . following the custom, Glaze adminis- ters . . . handshake for success in " Bee " competition . . . across the bar . . . serving cheesecake these days. .include baths, exercises, trophy, girls Shower curtain, mouth and Saucier . . . Sponsors Wyrick, Davis, Peterson, Sullivan, Hogan, Meredith, Alterman chew hay under crepe paper topping . . . time out for shoeless dancers atop the straw bundles . . . lost in " Desert Paradise " . . . night class in calisthenics. SIGMA TAD GAMMA Mrs. Alice Potts OFFICERS Seymour Coman ... - President Bill Hart 1st Vice-President Bill Wunder 2nd Vice-President Maurice Guy Treasurer Dick Fay Recording Secretary Lee Domingo Corresponding Secretary Don Henderson ... - House Manager Jim Downing Chaplain Dale Smith Saga Correspondent Darrel McDermed - Historian Sigma Tau Gamma activities were strengthened by a larger social program this year, beginning with ' " Snowflake Frolic, " the fall pledge formal, and climaxed with the annual White Rose Formal and dinner on x pril 26. The Rose Queen was chosen by the Pittsburg chapter from a group of girls repre- senting each sorority. Other social functions included two house parties, a stag, picnics and dances. Delta chapter pledged a total of twenty-eight men this year. Homecoming activities centered around Scott Mouse ' s cabin on East Lake again this year. Several members of the Pittsburg chapter were entertained as well as the many alums who returned for the festivities. In February a large delegation from Delta chapter par- ticipated in a province conclave held at Pittsburg State Teachers College. An informal party following finals closed the social calendar. Outstanding Sig Taus include Zimmerman, staff of Bulletin; Demo, Matheny, top debate team; Fay, prexy of Newman Club and head of TOP party. 1028 Constitution Street Top row: Adams, Anderson, Barnes. Blaekwood, Burns. Cantrell. Coleman Row II: (Ionian, Cook, Danner. Demo. Downing, Eii»er. Everlon Row III: Fay, Green, Guy, Hanible, Harger, Harsh, Hart Row IV : Henderson, Hialt. Hogg, Johnson, Kolling. Krebbiel, MeDermed Roiv V : Madnus. Malheny. Mears, INuffer, Parry. Perry. Pomronky Row VI: Purkeypile, Rose, Seacat. Sill, Smith. South, Stauffer, Row VII: Steffes, Walls, Vi ilhm. ren. W under. Zinimernian Fraternity life . . . Ohs and ahs for the latest showing of fashions in Esquire? . . . Burns, Hiatt dualing on the uke with an unknown arm, ash tray in protest . . . presenting Mr. Pomronky . . . realization comes to KoUing that the cake is gone, eaten . . . formal dances are always rollicking affairs. ..speaks own language Intermission time . . . too late for Wunder . . . long intermission . . . Kolling happily abides by Golden Rule . . . Sig Taus content to talk, smoke, entertain or just rest amongst the trophies. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Mrs. Helen Alherlon OFFICERS Mahlon Porter - J. McGee - - - Brooks Becker - James McCallion Fred Leeney - James M. Siehr - Ed Baranoski - Pyrtanis E|)i-Pyrtanis Grammateus Pylorites Hegamon Hypophetes Hislor George Keliplleole - Crysojjholes Tau Kappa Epsilon, during its initial year as a national fraternity on this campus, made great strides toward the principles for which it stands. In all three fields of fraternity life, academic, social, and athletic, great improvement was made. Some of the fraters represented in these fields include Howard, Porter, Sherrer, members of Xi Phi; Becker, presi- dent of Math club and vice president of LDL. In athletics Tekedon had its most powerful influence, the gridiron being more or less dominated by Panesis, Porter, Tremaine, Vin- ing, Oshiro, Ikehara. On the cinders they were well repre- sented by Notheis, Rupp. The entertainment world was not without its share of Tekes. Siehr performed in Curli-Q and three dramatic pro- ductions. The Polynesian Band, too, claims four members of TKE, Tremaine, Kelipuleole, Akahane, Oshiro. The Tekes placed second in the annual " Bee " and held a strong position in intramural sports. In the realm of politics were Smith, sophomore class, and Sherrer, senior class. Socially Tau Kappa Epsilon has been its usual active self. Both the annual " Bowery Party " and " Salad Slide " were marked with their usual gaiety. 612 West 12 Street T »p roiv: Biiranoski, Bei ' ker, 15. Berfierlioiise. G. BergerIioii e, liodd, D ' Ovidio. Francis. Row II: Howard, Hursl, Kanoa. Kelipuleole, Kells. Rote III: Leeney. Lynde. McCallion. Mt-Gee, Bill Markle, Bruce Markle. Row 11 ' : Meade, Meadows, Nollieis, Paganini, Panesis. Row V : Porler, B. Robinson, L. Robinson, Sclierrer, Smith. Spalz, Sleinkhuler. Row VI: Swilzer, Swope, Treniaine, Vining, Walker, W eigers, Ziijkowski. TKE ' s fraternize... ' " Starch, " Neufeld, Baker adorn balcony with scene . . . McCallion telephoning at a different angle . . . general jam session . . . Scherrer, Leeney pose witli dames at " Bowery " . . . long faces, open wallets means pay-up time as Porter accepts from McCallion, Neufeld, Pasquariello. ...spotlighting social events " Bowery " legs . . . illegal handshake as Pasquariello receives, unbeknown to Robinson . . . pictorial review of bottles . . . gambler Robinson with child Pasquar- iello on an evening " out " . . . " Clear over here is where I live. " STUDENT COUNCIL Don Madole, president Virginia Briix, secretary Doris Anderson Ralph Halin Oliver Anderson, treasurer Don Hoist The Student Council, whose seats are filled in spring and fall elections from candidates of the TOP, Progressive political parties, fulfills a multi- plicity of duties as members act in the capacity of student representatives. John Jacobs Jo Riegle, rice-presUlent Elva Libben Elaine Woodbury Joyce Miller Joleen Woolcott Council members meet weekly to discuss events of pertinency which have transpired during the week. During the past year, the Council has been instrumental in promoting and sponsoring activities which include the Penny Carnival, blood donor campaigns, allocation of funds, Lionel Hampton dance, and encouragement of student participation on committees. Sponsor Alvin E. Morris, Anderson, Bishop, Dudgeon, Flair, Hoch. Setting their standards high, the members of Xi Phi theoretically base their new membership upon a criteria of loyalty and service to school, leadership shown in activities and a cooperative nature demonstrated in the classroom, and general campus participation. E-Staters are aware of this fraternity through the Xi Phi student- fac- ulty directory, which has been gracing the telephone stands of students for 29 years; the " Anniversary Ball, " only all-school formal dance; and the TTOC (Toughest Teacher on the Campus) election which Dr. Karl Bruder won easily. Here, then, are E-State leaders: Doris Anderson was a major in home economics. She led the AST ' s and Home Ec Club as president, senior representative on Student Council and a member of Kappa Delta Pi. Versatile Doris Bishop has to her credit membership in an education society — Kappa Delta Pi, English literary club — Omega, music organiza- tion — Treble Clef. She was also a member of Winnetaska and YWCA. MoLLiE Beckett Dudgeon is the only Xi Phi member graduating with a degree in music. Extracurricular activities have included Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Orchestra, Chorus, Omega, and Winnetaska. Junior Merrel Flair has been busy with a varied activity program. Serving the PSE fraternity as president for a portion of the year, he sang with Ensemble Singers, Phi Mu Alpha Chorale, and Symphonic Chorus. He represented his fraternity on Inter-frat Council and played in the Sym- phonic Band. In a student-at-large poll he was chosen BWOC, Big Wheel on Campus. Xi Phi Hoiiiecomiiig queen, Marianne Hoch, is aho a iiieniber of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Omega, and Elementary Club. She is a junior and is major- ing in elementary education. Biology-minded Elizabeth Koch graduates with an AB and a BS in Education. She holds membership cards for Beta Beta Beta, Gamma Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Science Club, and DSE. El A LnuiE.N majored in chemistry. She was a member of Lambda Delta Lambda, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Omega, DSE, Science Club, Inter-faith Council, and she was senior Student Council representative. Fred Markowitz received a BS in Education in January, 1952. English being his major, he fit easily into the work of the Information Office, where he was employed second semester. He was a member of PSE, K-Club. and was nominated for Who ' s Who. Mahlon Porter is a junior who is working for a BS in Eilucation. major- ing in business ed. He has been a varsity football letterman for three years, thus a member of K-Club, also president of TKE fraternity. He was the busines s manager for the gametime programs. Jo Anna Riegle veeped throughout the year for SSS and Student Council. She holds memberships in Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, Omega, Chorus, and was nominated for Who ' s Who. George Scherrer graduated in May with a BS in Commerce. Organizations gaining his attentions were Commerce Club, Pi Omega Pi, and Newman Club. He was business manager for The Bulletin and served as vice-presi- dent for the Senior Class. Kocli, Libben, Markowitz, Porter, Riegle, Scherrer. WHO ' S WHO Top row: Budge, Clifford, Hess, Howard, Kills, Volk. Row II: Koch, Libben, Markowilz, Parr, Rees, Riegle. Roil ' ; Bobbins, Sidorfskv, Stapleford, ells. W ilkie, ool.ott. Additional honor comes to the outstanding student with the nomination to represent E-State in the survey " Who ' s Who in American Lni ersities and Colleges. " In theory, as well as in practice, the candidates are chosen on the basis of excellence and sincerity in scholarship: leadership in extracurricular activities; service to the school: and promise of future usefulness to society. In other words, the students on this page have been found guilty of making good grades without studying as they spent their time on outside projects. INTER-FAITH COUNCIL Each year the Inter-Faith Council sponsors Religious Emphasis Week on the campus. This year the week was divided into days, three days each semester. The theme was " Dynamics of Religion. " During the first semester, the council brought Dr. Harvey Pott of the lliff School of Theology, Denver, as the keynote speaker, followed by informal discussions. For the second semester, local talent was utilized for extensive classroom discussion. A con- vocation of religious music was presented by various college music groups as the main feature. Purposes of the council are to foster friendly relations among several religious organizations on the campus, and to bring to the attention of the students the part religion should play in their college life. Plans are being made for next year when tlie nationally known Uni- versity of Christian Missions will be on the campus to conduct a week of intensive religious activity. The Inter-Faith Council is composed of representatives from the sev- eral college youth religious organizations, including the YMCA and WCA. Officers of the Council are: president, Eugene Kettner; secretary- treasurer, Arlene Viets. Faculty sponsors are: Dr. William Tremmel of the ])sychology department, and Dr. William Seiler of the social science department. NEWMAN CLIB n ieland, Ihil. knuuf, J i Ku -illon. Fa e. Put Ru. illun. Lill Acting as an integral part of many students ' lives, the Newman Club was organized to offer Catholic students an opportunity to meet together for religious activities and social events. The year ' s projects included a dinner with the Inter-Faith Council which over 100 students ate and enjoyed. They planned a Mother ' s Day luncheon, inviting all Catholic students ' mothers. Still eating, they met regu- larly at 10:30 o ' clock Sunday mornings for a coffee hour. Turning from eating to dancing the Club sponsored the " Mardi Gras Ball " which they plan to make an annual affair. Lona Bell McNutt was crowned queen and all money earned by the voting for the royalty was forwarded to the Student Council to be added to the E-State Foster Parent Fund. In December all Catholics were invited to attend a seasonal dance. The Emporia chapter is a part of a nation-wide chain of Newman Clubs, for a delegation can be found on almost all college campuses. Stu- dents of C. of E. are also invited to participate in the various activities. Presiding over the 1951-52 season was Dick Fay; Jim Noutn, a student from C. of E., acted in the capacity of vice-president; and Glenda Wells wrote minutes as secretary and Fred Kipp watched the money. WESLEY FOU DATION Fkacticai. a|)])liiation of their high ideals and philosophies has resulted in the entire inrinhersliip of Wesley Foundation, Methodist college students, kee])ing in mind the motto, " We want to do something for someone else. " Aiming the year ' s program of activities at this goal, the group spon- sored an all-church singing fest, presented an Easter play, took an active interest in the Spanish Mission, and applied elbow grease in the redecoration of their meeting place. Furthering their own knowledge of the religious aspect of every day life, the group participated in panel and group discussions, listened to guest speakers, anil inaugurated an extensive " get acquainted " program. They also relaxed at several social get-togethers. Acting as the nucleus for the Emporia chapter was the First Methodist Church with James L. Andrews, graduate student, pastoring the college grou|). Mr. and Mrs. Dixon Smith were faculty sponsors. Rosemary Merriweather was president. Jack Homan, vice-president, Lois Colburg secretary, and Barbara Holm treasurer. Top rou: K Minler . kinder. »en,on. Ma -ey, M,Crca l , i.iilli U. Minler Bull. S.r ,nH rou : B. Ande P. Anderson. Tli,. .e McFerri n. Marlinu. Hj rrauff, ((verfiel.l. I r p en. Sniil 1. Antlrex- Third rou Willi CalherE, W ir aale. .. Ga er 1, Rfiihardl, J. (.a-serl, Kenne.l. fr,„tl r, „: H,.n,,,i ri-. t.. lea. Jol,n Mr. Andrews writes that the special features of the year were, " On Janu- ary 5, 20 members spent the day at Eskridge in their mid-winter retreat. The succeeding months have seen three deputation teams go out to churches in this district. " An activity of great significance has been the organization of tlie Alpha Mu Chapter of Kappa Phi, organization for Methodist girls. Cul- minating a year ' s work, the membership now totals 35. " As a result of the Kapjja Phi and esley Foundation we have reached 200 students in the two colleges. We are proud of this record. " We feel that the organization is moving into new fields of effective- ness in the realm of personal religion and training for goodchurchmanship. " Reviewing the liigli spots of the esley Foundation ve;ir- the group works, sings, and discusses. YMCA The MCA is regarded as being in its essential genius a world-wide fellow- ship of men and boys united by a common loyalty to Christ, for the purpose of developing Christian personality and building a Christian society. The YMCA met on Tuesday evening of each week. The group in con- junction with the YWCA, held parties observing Halloween, Valentine ' s Day, and Leap Year. The year was highlighted in the spring by the YM-YW Banquet and the YM-YW Retreat at Lake Kahola. Working hand-in-hand, the two groups sponsored the Chili Feed, Fresh- man Picnic, " Y " Book Exchange, and the " Y " Sing at Christmas time. " Y " members have assisted in maintaining an information booth, organizing student activities, and in raising funds for worthy causes. Officers were President Lewis Winchester Vice President William Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Wilbur Cushenberv Social Chairman James Rockwood Sponsor Barrel E. Wood Prexy Winchester sums up the year ' s work as " elevating " and states, " The YMCA on our campus exists solely for the guidance and betterment of male students, particularly young students. " YWCA Beginning with the picnic for freshmen each fall during the orientation period, until the district convention in the spring at Pittsburg, members of the YWCA lead a very active life fulfilling their purpose which is " ' . . . to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. " YWCA spring activities included an April Fool ' s party, retreat of old and new officers to Lake Kahola, and a tea for high school seniors. Officers were: President Arlene Viets Vice President Doris Johnson Secretary Lynette Fisher Treasurer Lois Colberg Worship Bernyce Wolfe Membership Jeanne Thorpe Social Beatrice Daniels Music Carmen Dressler Publicity Virginia Gustafson Inter-Faith Council Representative - - Esther Winslow Under the head ing of special meetings were the book review by Mrs. Pine, " Music of Many Lands " ; a program by Mr. Sheffield; adoption of revised constitution, and the presentation of the play Esther. otc: Dressier, Thorpe, V. Viels, Colberg, Winslow, ( illiams, Srhmidt, l.ibben, Tho Golden, D. Johnson, M. Johnson, Budge, Seidel, Daniels, Hansen, front r„tr: A. KAPPA PHI Top rate: Ferpu on, I Williams, Col here. Hake, Starling, McAuliffe, Schel- Currv. Paton, Rises, Holn L. Cassert. Third row: H rano, McKenzie. Melid, Ra: Dri Biiinuardner. Holmes. Front ruu : Howell, Merriweallier, s.i.ll, Mrs. J. L. .Vndrews, Mrs. D. Smith, Mrs. E. E. Ca.lberv. Viinslow. All METHODISTS, the members of the E-State chapter of the national organi- zation of Kappa I ' hi met the requirements and were installed in April as the Alpha Mu (ihapter. Rosemary Merriweather was president and an- nounced that the working membershij) included 35 co-eds. CHRISTIAN YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Top rou-: Hay, Enple, Dil- lon, li ood, Adams. Seronrf roic: Wilson, Huff, Allen, Griffin, Miller, front row .- Bishop, Swisher, Green, Wolfe, Baker, Keck. Pat Keck held the gavel for the Christian Youth Fellowship, the college- age group of the Christian Church located at Market and Seventh Streets, as they participated in Thanksgiving, Christmas observances, and hosted the College State convention. i INDEX - Classified Adminis+ra-Hon 16 Alpha Kappa Lambda 152 Alpha Sigma Alpha 128 Alpha Sigma Tau 132 Alpha Theta Rho 29 Art 28 Band 32 Baseball 94 Basketball 89 Beta Beta Beta 7! Biology 70 Bulletin 56 Business 40 Commerce Club 41 Counts 35 Delta Sigma Epsilon 136 Education 4 6 Elementary Club 48 Emporia State Players 59 English 52 Ensemble Singers 34 Epsilon Pi Tau 81 Football 85 Foreign Languages 65 French Club 66 Freshman Class Officers . . . . . 107 Future Teachers of America .... 47 Golf 95 Home Economics 78 Home Economics Club 79 Industrial Arts 80 Inter-Faith Council 100 Inter-Fraternity Council 127 Intramurals, Men ' s 96 Intramurals, Women ' s 101 Junior Class Officers 106 K-Club 83 Kappa Delta Pi 49 Kappa Mu Epsilon 76 Kappa Phi 186 Lambda Delta Lambda 74 Library Club 69 Library Science 68 Math Club 76 Mathematics 75 Morse Hall 140 Mu Epsilon Nu 155 Music 3 I Newman Club 181 Omega 53 Orchestra 33 Physical Education, Men ' s 82 Physical Education, Women ' s .... 98 Physical Education Club 99 Physical Science 73 Pa n-Hellenic Council 126 Phi Mu Alpha 37 Phi Sigma Epsilon 159 Pi Gamma Mu 104 Pi Kappa Delta 62 Pi Kappa Sigma 144 Pi Omega Pi 43 Plays 60 Psychology and Philosophy 46 Radio Club 64 Rhythmic Circle 102 Science Club 7! Senior Class Officers 106 Sigma Alpha lota 36 Sigma Phi Epsilon 163 Sigma Pi Sigma 100 Sigma Sigma Sigma 146 Sigma Tau Gamma 167 Social Science 103 Social Science Club 104 Sophomore Class Officers 107 Spanish Club 66 Speech 58 Sphinx 54 Splash Club 99 Student Council 175 Sunflower 57 Symphonic Chorus 34 Tau Kappa Epsilon 171 Tennis 95 Track 92 Treble Clef 35 Wesley Foundation 182 Who ' s Who 179 Winnetaska 150 Xi Phi 177 YMCA 184 YWCA 185 Faculty and Staff Agrelius, F. U.G 70,71 Aiken, J. R 65,65 Albert, Allen H 75 Alterman, Rolland 46 Andrews, Theodore 70,71 Arnett, Claude E 103, 104 Ashbaugh, N. R 80,81 Askew, Vida 52 Baber, C. P. Baehr, Herman 40 Baker, Weldon N 73,71 Banks, LoyO 52,56 Barnhart, E. L 80,81 Boertman.C. S 103 Borman, Ina 48,71 Breukelman, John 70,71 Brjder. Karl 58, 59 Buchanan, James H 18,46 Budd, Nathan 18 Butcher, Walt 103, 104 Calkins, E.J 42 Caywood, Keith 82,85,89,91 Comstock, George A 19 Corrigan, Margaret 78, 79 Cowan, Denis 31,34 Cox, Mrs. Inez 68 Cram, S.Winston 71,73 Cremer, R.G 19 Daughtry, Alex 18 Davis, Don Davis, V. A 52 Douglass, H 48 Duckwall, Rida 40,41,43 Durham, Roy 103 Eaton, Orville 68 Elder, Walter 40,42 Eppink, Norman 28 Finkbiner, Mrs. Pearl 140 Fish, Ev erett 82,85,89,91,95 Galley, Jeanne 98, 99, 100 Gladfelter, C. F 70 Gray, W. H 46, I 56 Grimm, Robert 85,91,93 Gunderson, Jean 31 Hansen, Irene 68, 1 85 Hartzler, Findley Henderson, Pauline 49, 52, 66 Hendricks, Charles 31 Hendricks, Mrs. Irene 31 Hiett, V. C 40, 42 Hirschorn, Rosamond 3! Hogan, Dale 80,81 Huff, Clitton 18 Huffman, Faye 53 Jacobs, John E 19 Jeffrey, Valeta 31 Johnson, M. Irene 31, 185 Kauzer, Adelaide 40 Kretsinger, Mary 28 Lemon, Gertrude Liegl, Leopold 31,33 Long, MelvinA 82,85 MacFarlane, David L. (Pres.) . . . . 17,22,85 Mankin, Mrs. Jeanne 98,99,100 Masten, Charles M 58,62,156 McCullough, Edna 98,99 McDonnell, Alice 58,59 McGill, E. C 40,42,43 Miller, Minnie 65, 65 Morris, Alvin 177 Mosher, O. W 66, 103, 104 Orr, C. Richard 58 Overholt, Ward H 73,71 Owen, Theodore 52 Pease, Joseph M 82 Perry, Marian 98,99 Person, Virgil 31 Peterson, Oscar J 75,75 Pflaum, George R 58 Rich, Everett 52 Roahen, Richard L 52 Rose, Albert C.,Jr 19 Russell, Raymond 40,41,43 Ryan, Teresa 52 Sanders, MerrittW 46 Schillinger, Ruth 19 Schmutz, A. D 9,31,37 Schrammel, H.E 45 Segale, Virginia Jean 31 Seller, William H 103 Sheffield, Vernon 31,55 Smith, Dixon 103, 104, 182 Smith. P.Scott 71,73 Stuntzner, E. L 31 Taylor, Robert M 3! Thompson, Charles ....... 28 Tremmel, William C 45 Trusler, V. T 19, 46, 127 Tucker, Charles B 75, 76 Turner, Clair K 82 Vincent, Mrs. Annette 78,125 Vincent, Stillman 103 Vollrath, Pearl Warden, Delia Weigand, Joseph J 31 Welch, F.G 82,85,88,92,93 Whitten, Kathryn 78 Wood, Darrel 184, 185 Wyrick, Dorothy 15! Wyrick, Green D 52 STUDENTS Adams, Don A 186 Adams, Francis Wayne . . . 108, 156 Adams, John M 108,168 Adams, Van E 42, 108 Adkison, Byron L 54, 108 Akahane, George G 108 Akana, William F 108 Albin, Darlene Joyce . . 48,108,142 Alexander, Ada Bethene 108, 142 Alexander, Carol J. . . . 108, 147 Allbee, Robert .... 49, 50, SI Allen, Doris 48, 142 Allen, Eloise LaRose 108, 141, 186 Allen, James A 108, 160 Allison, G. Elaine . 99, 100, 101, 102 Allison, Robert Dean . . 84, 85, 105, 164 Alvarado, Martha Luz Amerine, Lois M. Ames, Archie Lee Ames, Belva June Anderson, Doretta Phyllis Anderson, Doris N. 49, 53, 6( Anderson, Eunice Faye Anderson, Harriet Anderson, Mary Jane Anderson, Mona Jean Anderson, Oliver Ray Anderson, Twila Jean Andrews, Charlotte Ann Archer, Stephen M. Axcei:, Robert Walter 66, 108, 141 47, 108, 151 45, 164 48, 100, 108, 131 142 79, 135, 175, 177 48, 50, 142 48, 108, 135, 142 99, 102, 147 108, 147 108, 168, 175 79, 108, 135 48, 100, 108, 142 108, 160 103 B Baber, Constance M. . 56, 64, 108, 135 Bailey, Kenton Lee 156 Bailey, VonitaR 108,139 Baillie, Patsy Marlene .... 66 Bailor, John 43 Baird, Charles William .... 108 Baker, Betty Lucille . 42, 108, 186 Baker, Donna Jean .... 135,108 Bannister, Robert Dean . 108, 153 Baranoski, Edvvard Francis 56, 57, 108, 172 Barb, Wanda Mae .... 108, 135 Barnes, Sheldon Arthur 108, 168 Barron, M.Jane . . 66,108,131 Baskins, Janice Marie . . 108, 139 Beattie, Jeanne Rae . . . 109, 131 Beck, Joe E 42, 109 Beck, Lois Marie .... 109, 131 Becker, Edward Brooks 71, 74, 76, 109, 172 Beckett, Doris Radine . 79, 109, 126, 135 Bellinder, Francis Joseph . . 85,109 Bender, Caryle J. . 71,102,109,147 Bengtson, Paul E 81 Bennett, Harold Edward .... 85 Bergerhouse, Bill Dean . . . 109, 172 Bergerhouse, Glen Edward . . 45, 172 Bernitz, Wanda Delene ... 54, 141 Beyer, Beulah Lucille . . 30,47,49,79 Bird, Duane DeLose .... 109 Birney, Joyce ... 88, 107, 109, 131 Bisbee, Pamela Jean .... 109 Bishop, Doris Elaine 35, 47, 49, 53, 54, 150, 151, 177, 186 Bishop, Joann Lee . . 47, 48, 109, 131 Black, Bob Dean .... 109, 164 Black, Leonard Alan ... 34, 37, 109 Blackhall, Janice Ruth . . 66,109,135 Blackwood, Byrne David 47, 49, 59, 63, 102, 168 Blad, Margaret Anne 48, 109, 142, 151 Blomberg, IVlerlyn George . . 45, 153 Blood, Beth 109, 135 Bloomer, William Arthur . 85,91 Bloxom, Gene .... 91, 109, 160 Bluma, Retta Aleen 66 Boatwright, Virgil . . . 49,71,72 Bodine, Merle 104 Boone, Harold W 109 Boroughs, Marian Beatrice 48, 99, 109, 147 Bortz, Wila J 79, 145 Botterweck, Mary Jane .... 102 Boub, William Dale . . . 41,45,153 Bourgain, Phyllis Joan . . 109,139,141 Braden, Billy Lee 109 Brandt, Jean Lee . . . 57, 109, 164 Brandt, Jeannette Lea . . 109, 139 Brasier, Donna Jo 109 Briggs, Irene Joan . . 36,49,109 Briggs, Sally Lynn 109 Briix, Virgmia 43,109,126,131,175 Brill, Bruce Mitchell . . 109, 153 Brinkman James Milton . . 109 Britain, Mary Jane .... 142 Brockelman, Joan Marie 29,99,109,139 Brockhouse, John P. . 71, 74, 109, 164 Brokes, Joan Carol . . 47, 48, 109, 141 Brollier, LaVerne E. . . . 109, 145 Brose, Jeaneen Lee . . . 109, 147 Brown, Clarence D 109 Brown, Mrs. Helen Louise . 109 Brown, Mary Lou . . . 6, 109, 141 Brown, Norma Lee . 29, 99, 100, 109, 135 Buckner, Robert Dale . . 105, 164 Budge, Lila Lee 47, 48, 49, 50, 53, 141, 179, 185 Buenning, Betty Helene 48, 109, 142 Bumgardner, June Louise 41, 109, 141, 186 Burch, Martha M. . . . 26,109,131 Burns, Arliss Duane .... 95, 109 Burns, Robert L. . . . 37, 109, 168 Burns, Victor Arthur 66,67,155,156 Butin, Frank Edson 34, 37, 66, 104, 105, 182 Calvert, Constance J. . . . 109,145 Calvert, Lenora Kathleen 79, 109, 150, 151 Calvin, Patricia Ruth 79, 99, 101, 109, 135 Campbell, Betty Ann 49, 53, 56, 109, 142, 151 Cantrell, Joseph Sires 71,76,109,168 Canty, Mary Lou . . 79, 102, 109, 135 Carlson, Clayton Dale .... 109 Carlson, Richard Lee . . 42,45,153 Carpenter, Anna Margaret . 109, 139, 141 Carson, Dorothy Arlene . 106, 109, 135 Cartmill, Robert S. 45, 83, 84, 95, 164 Carver, John Rayferd Catanese, Peter Joseph Chapman, Patsy Ann 109, 153 109, 164 109, 135 Chew, Janice L 109, 147 Childers, Beatrice May . 109,131 Chow, Clarence G 105 Chow, Hilary Gath 109 Clark, Alice Mae . . 79,102,109,135 Clark, Charles Allen .... 109 Clark, Ila Mae .... 42, 53, 109 Clark, Kathleen . 99, 100, 102, 109, 135 Clayton, Kenneth Dean ... 71, 72 Clements, James David . . 109, 160 Clement, William Donald . . 62,64,109 Cleveland, William Neil . . 66,109,156 Clevenger, Marilyn Fern . 34, 36, 109, 142 Clifford, John William . . . 54,179 Cline, Janet Lee ... . 109, 131 Cobble, Rosemary Ann 42, 43, 45, 49, 99, 100, 135 Coe, William Wesley 45 Coil, Virginia .... 48,109,147 Colberg, Lois Elaine 47, 48, 49, 50, 141, 151, 182, 185, 186 Cole, Everett Sickler . 49, 50 Coleman, Robert Earl . 42, 43, 109, 168 Colle, Margaret Joyce . . 48,109,147 Collett, Howard L 54, 160 Collett, Marjorie Louise . . Ill, 145 Collins, Bonnie June . . . 111,139 Coman, M. Seymour . 42, 45, 127, 168 Connelly, Jane . . 56,111,126,139 Conover, Murlyn Dean ... 50, 153 Cook, Dolores June . . . 111,139 Cook, Elaine Belle m Cook, Larry Edwin ... 42, 45, 168 Cormack, Dona Mae . . . Ill, 151 Cott, Betty Lou . . . 48, 111, 141 Cotton, Darline Ruth . . 29, 111, 141 Couch, John David Ill Cowan, Donna Elaine ... 66, 104 Cox, Mary Alice 141 Cozine, Eileen Clare . . 48,111,141 Crawford, Royce Kendell . Ill Crist, LeRoy .... 47, 77, 153 Criqui, Marvin W. . . 41,43,111,161 Cropp, David Fred 59, 64 ,76, 111, 127, 153 Crumley, Gerald Ray ... . 66 Crumley, George Leon ... 76, 77 Crupper, Barbara Lee . 99, 101, 111, 142 Cunningham, Delpha L 100 Curry, Sally Jo Pyle . 79, 111, 135, 186 Curry, Thomas Eugene . . . Ill, 164 Curtis, Mary Flo ... . Ill, 145 Cushenberry, Wilbur Louis . . Ill, 184 D Damman, Daryl D 76 Daniel, Ruby Iris 48,50,100,135 Daniels, Mrs. Gwendolyn Beatrice 185 Dankel, Omer Leroy 71 Danner, Jess .... 41,111,168 Davies, Walter L. . . . 49, 83, 84 Davis, Carlene Beth . Ill, 141 Davis, Doris M. . 66,99,100,101,111 Davis, Jerry Lee ... . Ill, 160 Davis, Leonard A Ill, 164 Davis, Mary Joyce 66 Davis, Maxine 141 Davis, Sally Ann .... 111,142 Davis, Verne Donald .... 74 Day, Edwin Belmont, Jr. . . . Ill Day, Sanford Aulls . . . Ill, 160 Deay, Jas. M 59,64 Deines, Darrel Duane . 91, 111, 164 Deitrich, Darleen Ruth . . Ill, 131 Deitrich, Nadine May . 42, 111, 131 Demo, Jerry R 168 Denning, Adiore Henry . . Ill, 164 DePriest, Henry James, Jr. ... 93 Dick, William James 66 Dieck, Marguerite Ruth ... 47, 141 Diegel, Joan V 111,131 Oilier, Wilma Josephine . . 47,111,151 Dillman, Mary Ruth Dillon, John Edward Doban, Alexander Dodd, Hiel Keith Doganieri, Bruno M. Dome, Rita Marie . Domingo, Lewis Lee Dorsey, Doris M. D ' Ovidio, Anthony Alfred Dowell, Virgil Eugene . Downing, James Lee Dressier, Carmen Irene 35, 111, 150, Drew, Helen Marie Dudgeon, Mollie Frances B Duncan, Mary Beth Dunn, Patricia Jane Dunning, Donald Duane Eby, Alberta Mae Eccles, Raymond D. Ecker, Donald LaVern Edwards, Donald Lee Engle, Earl Orlando Engle, Leroy Edward Engle, Mary Camille Euwer, Wiley D. Evans, Berta Louise Evans, William A. Everten, Jack Eugene Ewert, Jo Ann 111 . 29, 111, 186 111 85, 91, 111, 172 66, 84 111, 141 180 99 . 49, 81, 111, 172 71,72,74 111, 168 151, 182, 185, 186 111, 142 leckett 36, 39, 177 42, 43, 45, 53, 135 35, 111, 142 111 151 71,74,155,156 85, 111, 160 85, 93, 160 111 111, 186 48, 50 59, 111, 168 100, 111, 141, 151 111, 182 111, 168 99, 142 Ewing, Roger Williams, Jr 105 F Fabrizius, Arthur Luther . .50, 153 Farmer, Charles D 81 Farmer, Don Lee .... 43, 153 Farmer, Mary E. . 42, 43, 45, 47, 49 Farmer, Shirley ... 48, 111, 141 Farnsworth, Rawley ... 54, 56, 59 Fate, Bonnie Jean .... 111,142 Fate, Nancy Lee . 47, 57, 111, 131 Fausett, Paula Mae . . Ill, 142 Fay, Richard Eugene . . 62, 168, 181 Ferguson, Carol ... 48, 111, 147 Ferguson, Fredda Marlene 48, 111, 141, 186 Ferrin, Clifford M. . . . 85,111,160 Fink, Kenneth W 48, 111 Fischer, Lynette Marie 50, 151, 185 Fisher, Janet Mae . 35, 48, 111, 135, 141 Fisher, Jim Edward . 84,91,93,111,160 Fitzgerald, Alfred M. . . 84, 85, 92, 93 Flair, Merrel Dean . 34, 111, 127, 160, 177 Flinn, Patsy Sharon . . . 111,139 Flores, Edwin 66, 156 Flores, Froilan 66, 105 Foick, Delores Rae . . . Ill, 142 Foraker, 0. Ted . . . 42, 111 Ford, Arlin Edward 85 Foster, Harlan F 71 Foutch, Patricia Ann . . 48,111,131 Fox, Lillie B Ill Fox, Phyllis Ill Francis, Charles Nagib ... 81, 172 Franzone, Ernest Ugl . . . . 85, 97 Fredrickson Ronald 54, 56, 59, 104, 111, 155, 156, 180 Freeman, Bill ... 84, 85, 111, 165 Freund, Jack L 45 Frisbie, Eloise E 113, 135 Frisch, Gerald Robert ... 42, 45 Froemming, Shirley Mae . . 113, 142 Fry, Pauline Eloise ... 48, 113, 142 Fulton, Carolyn Grace . . . 113,147 Furman, Richard Charles . 42,91,113,160 Gallagher George Ray Gamber, Vivian Lee 76, 84, 85, 113 48, 113, 142 Gardner, Roger Lee .... 113 Garrett, Martha Joan .... 113 Gassert, Jeannette . 42, 113, 151, 182, 186 Gassert, Minnie Loretta 113, 151, 182, 186 Gaston, John Roland 84, 85, 113, 164 Gaughan, Edward Dauid ... 77, 164 Gaughan, Margaret Ellen 79, 100, 113, 145 Gerber, Herma Lee . . 100, 113, 142 Gibson, Maxine .... 113, 131 Gigstad, Joanne Irene ... 48, 141 Gilkison, Wanda Lou . . . ■ ■ 66 Glaser, Robert Charles . . . 76,113 Gleason, Carole Gay . . . 113, 142 Goff, Jane Annette 113, 147 Golden, Mildred W. . 48,66,102,151,185 Goodell, Marjorie Ann 113,139 Grace, Nedra Etta .... 113, 142 Graf, lona 142 Grafke, Henry Edgar. . . 85, 91, 93, 113 Gragg, Zoe Ann 113 Graham, Lou Ann . . . 150,151,180 Gralapp, Marcelee Gayle ... 53, 69 Graner, Melvin 37, 113 Grant, Robert Lee . . . 113, 160 Grassberger, Sally 47, 48, 49, 50, 100, 142 Greco, Geneve 99, 113 Greco, Virginia .... 57,79,113 Greco, Yolando 66, 67 Green, Gilbert Arthur 47, 49, 93, 97, 181, 168 Green, Kenneth M 29, 30 Green, Louilla June 48, 49, 53, 113, 141, 186 Green, Rose Lucile 113 Gregg, Eugene 93 Gregg, Goldabelle Noland . 35,36,39,56 Griffin, Donald David .... 85 Griffin, Iva Elaine . 42, 113, 150, 151, 186 Griffith, Joyce Ann 35, 113, 141 Groendycke, E. Leigh . 29, 59, 64, 113, 142 Groendycke, Pattie Ilene . 50, 142 Groh, Barbara Joan . 50,126,139 Groh, Beverly Jean . . . 59,113,139 Grundmeier, Ethel Mae .... 113 Grundmeier, Mary Ann ... 29, 30 Gullion, Donna Mae . 48,50,66,142,151 Gustafson, Lucille Virginia 47, 48, 113, 141, 185 Guy, Maurice Edward 42, 43, 113, 168 Hean Doris Virgn 26, 50, 99, 113, 126, 131 164 H Hackett, Homer Lee . Haggard, Norma Jean Haggerty, Earl Dean Hahn, Gene Francis Hahn, Gerry Emanuel Hahn, Ralph Jensen Haines, Charles Everett Hake, Mary Margaret . ' Hall, Charlotte Elaine . ' Hamada, Edward K. . ' Hamble, William Rich Hamilton, Dent Friffiths . Hamman, Bernice Hankins, Myron M. Hanson, Elmer Leroy Harder, Delores Ann Harder, Theodore Harger, John A. . . . Harrell, Carol Jean Harris, Alma Pearl 53, 56, ( Harris, Gloria Marie Harrison, Beverly Lee . Harrouff, Mary Elaine Harsh, Robert Leonard Hart, Williams. Harter, John Edwin Hartman, Marvin Russell Harvey, Mary Ellen Haskell, Marian Ruth Hastings, Marion Gail Hatcher, William Edward . Hawkins, Robert Ernest 71,76, 113 113 105 64, 85, 95, 113 84, 85, 95, 113 4, 85, 113, 175 95, 105, 164 , 113, 135, 186 , 100, 113, 142 , 84, 85, 88, 95 113, 168 . . 66, 105 50 113, 164 41, 113, 156 50, 126, 145 45, 160 113, 168 113, 142 , 111, 150, 151 113, 131 113, 126, 145 113, 182 93, 113, 168 113, 168 113 76, 113 142, 186 34, 113 113, 153 4, 85, 113, 160 59,63,64 Hearn, Norval Kelly Hedges, Roger Alan 54 Heghin, Carolyn Marie 113, 135, 142 Held, Tedd Martm 113 Henderson, Don ... . 113, 168 Henning, James Robert .... 113 Henning, Sue Ann .... 113, 135 Hennington, Jack Lee .... 77 Henry, Phyllis Ann . 34,36,39,49,147 Hess, Don R 59, 63, 179 Hettenbach, Dewain A 113 Hettenbach, Nevoy Gene .... 85 Hiatt, Everett William . . . 113,168 Hiebsch, Charles 113 Higgins, Patricia Ann .... 141 Higley, Bettie Marie .... 141 Hinsey, Caroline Sue . 66, 113, 151 Hirano, Beatrice Kikuko . 48, 113, 142, 186 Hirano, Sumako .... 113, 142 Hoch, Marianne S. 27, 49, 53, 113, 126, 147, 177 Hodler, Berniece Regina 47, 48, 113, 142, 151 Hoffman, Carl Joseph . . . 115, 164 Hogarty, Nova Ra Donna . . 48, 115, 131 Hogg, Darrell B 115, 168 Hohne, Robert Joseph . . . 91,115 Hollister, Robert Hackworth . . 45, 64 Holm, Barbara Jane 99, 100, 101, 102, 115, 186 Holmes, Betty L 141, 186 Hoist, Don Lee 37, 84, 85, 93, 115, 164, 175 Homan, Jack Wesley . . 29,30 Homan, Mac Delano Hoover, Ned L. Horton, Bonnie Jean Howard, Donald Duane Howard, Robert Lee Howell, Reinnette Hubbard, Joyce Maxine Huckabay, Jack Paul Huff, Marjorie Lou Hughes, Mona Jean Hughes, Robert John Huntley, Lawrence Hurd, Temple Lee Hurst, Leonard Lee Hutchinson, Jack Lee Hutchinson, Samuel Andrew ... 81 Hutchinson, William Edward . 93, 115, 153 115, 160 41, 45, 127, 164 42, 115, 147 115, 160 105, 172, 179 48, 115, 141, 186 115, 142 45, 95 42, 115, 131, 186 47, 48, 49, 53, 100, 147 115, 164 76 142 115, 172 115 I Igou, Gloria Jo Ikehara, Robert Ingwerson, Donald Wayne Irwin, Charles James Jacobs, John Robert Jacobs, Loyd D. Jaggard, Nancy June Jansen, Richard Lawrence Jaquith, Robert Irwin Jenkins, Barbara Bea Jensen, Franklin Loyd Jester, James Franklin Jevons, L. LaVona Johnson, Doris Bernice Johnson, E. Joleen Johnson, John Norman Johnson, William Howard Johnston, Bessie Lou Jones, Dorothy Lee Jones, Grace Hampton Jones, James Frank Jones, John W. . Jones, Martha Louise Jones, Nancy Lou Jones, Phillip 115, 142 66, 84, 85, 97 127, 153 115, 160 115, 160, 176 71,74 115, 147 115 85, 88, 107 53, 115, 142, 147 115, 164 56, 115, 153 42,43,45 47, 79, 151, 185 115, 142 41,45,168 50, 184 62, 115, 141 115, 135 51 . . 42, 115 34, 37, 102, 115 41, 45, 79, 147 115 54, 56, 104 K Kadel, Jesse John . . . 37,115,160 Kallaus, Roland Chester .... 76 Kanoa, Wm. Kakela .... 51, 172 Karolik, Lois J 115,131 Karolik, Nancie Jane 48,115,131 Kautzer, Norma June . . 142 151 Keck, Pat 42, 43, 49, 53, 56, 115, 147, 180, 186 Keele, Laura Louise .... 115 Keliipuleole, George P. . 43, 45, 172 Kelley, Kenneth James .... 85 Kells, Keith Elbert . 115, 172 Kennedy, Mary Ann . 35, 107, 115, 151, 182 Keough, Ruthann . 41, 142, 115, 151 Kerns, Guy B 72 153 Kerns, Jean Ellen .... 115 139 Kettner, Eugene John 37, 49, 54, 56, 66, 104, 180 Kettner, Evelyn Darlene . 115 Kiene, Francis A (,3 Kiene, Marylee . . .41, 115, 181 Kimel, Patricia Rae ... 47, 48, 115 Kinderfather, Don i o King, Phyllis J 115 Kipp, Fred L. 84, 85, 91, 94, 106, 115 Kippenberger, Betty 115, 141 Kirk, Dolly Joann . . 56,57,115,131 Kittle, Blanche Arlene . . . 115,135 Kitts, Barbara Deane 47, 48, 49, 51, 151, 179 Klassen, Kenneth C. Kleile, Helen R. Klein, Jeraldine Grace Klein, Josephine Marie . Kling, Marjorie Ruth Kloefkorn, William Charles 160 63, 135, 179 115, 139 . 115, 139 142 56, 115 Klotz, Robert Joseph 74, 76, 84, 93, 164, 190 Klotz, Victor Arthur Knapp, Richard Lee Knauf, Alvin Joseph Knight, James Edward Knight, Sue Kathryn Koch, Carol Jean Koch, Elizabeth Ann . Koch, Kenneth Dean, Jr Kolling, Ray Edward Kramm, Patricia Lou 99, 101, 107, 115, 131 Kratzer, John Francis . . 91, 115, 16O Krause, Roy Dean ... 48, 5l ' , 164 Krehbiel, Merle Dee . . 115 16S Krenger, Charles Edward . . . ' 115 Krug, William Donald .... 115 . . 42, 43- 41, 43 42, 115, 181 97 102, 115 131, 115 71, 72, 139, 178, 179 115, 164 115, 168 Lachenmaier, Joyce Arlene . Lagerquist, Janet Sue Lake, Hazel Pauline Lamb, Eldred Brauneck Lambert, Carolyn Fay Lamont, Myra Jane Laughlin, Elizabeth Alice Lawson, Donald Lee Leeney, Frederick Francis Leiss, Arveta Jo ... 48, Leiss, Joyce G. . 47, Lemmon, William Dean Lenagar, Mark Duane Leonard, Betty Jo . . . LeVieux, Donald Gene Lewick, Nolan Hugh Lewis, Lawrence E. . . . Libben, Dorothy Ann Libben, Elva Mae 71, 74, 76, 139, Light, Delores Maxine Lightcap, Maxine E. Lightcap, Melvin EIroy Lillian, Gerald Leo Linehan, Catherine Ann Link, Marcella Theresa Lockard, Walter J. 41, 43, 45 Long, Robert C, . . 84 . 115, 139 48, 141 115 51 30, 147 115, 135 51 156 81, 84, 172 .15, 142, 186 .15, 150, 151 115, 160 115, 153 . 30, 131 85, 93 81, 84, 93 . . 37 ,15, 139, 185 .76, 178, 179 142 42, 115 42, 45, 47 115, 164 76, 100, 115 48 115, 151 49, 104, 156 94, 117, 160 Louia, Louise Lorraine Love, Leonard L. Lucas, Yvette IVlichelle Lusk, Esther Leanora Lutz, Frances Elizabeth . Lynch, Marilyn Mae Lynde, Patricia Jean Piatt Lynde, Thomas Carl Lyons, Tillie Jo Ellen Mc 117 81, 153 54, 66, 141 100, 117, 142 42, 117, 141, 181 79, 117 45, 147 44, 172 99, 102, 126, 135 McArdle, Edward H. 91,93,117,164 McAuliffe, Mary Ann . . 141,151,186 McBeth, Charles David .... 117 McCallion, James C. . . 42,45,172 McCallum, Mary Maude . . 117,139 McCarty, Roberta Lee ... . 117 McClelland, Jo Ann 34,101,117,131 McCormick, John H., Jr. 51,117 McCoy, Dolores Elge . 100, 117, 139 McCoy, Donna 117, 139 McCoy, Renee Jane . . . 117,139 McCready, John Lyie . 117,156,182 McCready, Pauline Marie . 117,142 McCullough, Wm. Frank 71, 74, 117, 155, 156 McDermed, Darrell Watson 37, 117, 168 McDonald, Gweneth Elaine 42, 59, 117, 142 McFerrin, Bruce Raymond . 117 McGee, James Lewis ... 77, 172 McGill, Barbara R. . . 42,117,131 McJilton, Barbara L. . . 62,117,135 McKenzie, Margaret Fern . 117, 141, 186 McKinney, Harold Edward ... 72 McNelly, Peggy Louise 41, 43, 45, 56, 79, 126, 147 McNulty, Beverly .... 117, 142 McNutt, Lona Belle . 117, 145 McWherter, Lottie B. 49, 53, 71, 72, 74, 139, 180 M Macha, Ben Edward Macha, Richard Fred Mackay, Joanne Elaine 66, Madaus, Richard William Madole, Donald Wilson Mahon, Donna Lea Mall, Anna Marie Manahan, Robert Lawrence Maner, Arnold Hubert Markle, Beverly Ann Markle, Bruce M. Markle, William M. Markowitz, Fred Anthony Marsh, A. Fern Massey, Jewel Warren, Jr. Matheny, David Leon Matthews, Robert Louis Maxwell, Dolores Noreen Maxwell, James Morrison Meade, Roy Wesley Meadows, Richard Lloyd Mears, Michael A. . Melia, Shirley Rae . Mercado, Franz Paz Meredith, Doris Jean . Meredith, Leslie Paul Merriweather, Rosemary Merwin, George W. . Metzger, Floyd Dent Meyer, Katherine Charlotte kesell, Steven R. ard, LeRoy Lloyd er, Arlene er, Donald Eugene er, Helen Nadine er, Joyce Ellen . 49, er, Lila Christine er, Pauline Joyce . s, Jewell 42, nis, Darwin Douglas 117, 160 85, 117, 160 100, 117, 142, 147 117, 168 127, 175 57, 102, 117, 131 117, 141 64 117 117, 145 117, 172 117, 172 54, 178, 179 49, 54 34, 37, 117, 182 62, 64, 168 184 117,142 91, 117 117, 172 117, 172 37, 117, 168 . 117, 141, 186 45, 66, 180, 184 100, 117, 141 71, 117 79, 186 117 85, 117, 160 . 36, 117, 151 117 84, 85, 117, 160 117, 131 117 117, 142, 186 , 62, 117, 147, 176 48, 117, 131, 141 . 26, 59, 64, 117 ,71, 155, 156, 184 81, 84, 85, 88, 160 Minter, Duane Nelson Minter, Kenneth W. . . Mirick, Ruth Mary Mitchell, Patricia Moiler, George Moore, Kenneth Virgil Morgan, Betty Jo Morris, Eileen Louise Morse, Laura Lee Morton, Melba Irene Muckenthaler, Edwin 0. . Mueldener, Ann J. Muller, Leroy Charles Murphy, Pat Helen Murphy, Byron Elmer Murphy, Gavonna Jean Murphy, Raymond Warren 117, 182 , 72, 182, 184 117 57, 117, 131 117 71, 76 48, 51, 135 99, 117 117, 151 42, 117 74 54, 147 81, 117 117, 131 105 51, 54 117 N Nagely, Phyllis Marie . . 117, 141 Nauman, Joyce Ann 100, 117, 145 IMavrat, Marion Leon ... 37, 117 Nelson, William Gustav . . . 117,153 Nester, William C 54 Neufeld, James Louis . . 41,117 Neufeld, Joseph John ... 66, 127 Newcomer, Lischia Ann . . . 54,117 Newkirk, Glen A 56, 104 Newman, Frank R 119 Newsom, Roberta Mae . . 119, 151 Nicholson, Carol Dean . . 42,43,45,95 Nickelson, Marion E 119, 160 Nielsen, Mary Fern .... 119 Noonan, John Winsor .... 164 Notheis, John Arthur . 76,84,93,119,172 Novak, Anna Estella .... 48,141 Nuffer, Harold Donald ... 45, 168 Nuffer, Warren Oscar .... 41 O O ' Donnell, Jerry Francis Olson, Marilyn Joan Oshiro, Walter O ' Sullivan, Jerry C. Ott, Elmer Mather . Ott, Phyllis Irene Overfield, Mary Frances Oyler, Sherman John, Jr. 119, 164 119, 135 85 66 . 119, 153 72, 141 100, 119, 182 104, 105, 160 Page, Rosalie Joan . . . 119,141 Paganini, Richard Nathan . 119, 172 Palmer, Harold Wayne ... 91, 119 Panesis, Sarondo Michael 84, 85, 97, 172 Pang, William S. K 44 Paris, Jaiie Lee ... . 99, 102 Parker, Edgar Dale . . . 119, 153 Parks, Ann 51, 131 Parks, Betty Jo Ann .... 119 Parr, John M 49,179 Parry, Dwight Leroy . 119, 168 Parsons, Mary Ellen . 47,48,119,141,186 Parsons, Verlin Keith .... 51 Pasquariello, Dominic Joseph ... 84 Paton, Jo Ann . 119,141,186 Patterson, Henry James .... 160 Patterson, Marilyn Therise . 35, 39, 131 Patterson, R. Jeanne . . 29,119,151 Pearman, Russell Leavell .... 45 Penka, Elvin Jerome .... 153 Perry, Alberta Vivian Bean ... 51 Perry, Gerald W 184 Perry, Kenneth Lee . . . 119, 168 Peters, Charles Roy 45 Petersen, Elton E 119, 160 Petersen, Howard Kyle . 84, 85, 119, 160 Peterson, Robert Clark . . 56, 119, 156 Phillips, Eula Ruth 119 Phillips, Keulan Russell . 119, 153 Phillips, William Francis Piatt, George Ann Pingel, Eugene Pinon, Donna Lee Piatt, Carolyn Louise Poague, Janice Dale Pogue, Beverley Ann Pomranky, Thomas Rex Porter, Jo Ann Doll Porter, Mahlon Erway 84, 85, Posey, Josephine Louise Price, Jack Davidson Price, Norma Ann Purcell, Ann . . . Purkeypile, Burl R. . Pykiet, Jean Ilene Pyle, William Ira Quaintance, Mary Jane Quincy, LaVonne Marie Quisenberry, Ana Lea 119, 155, 156 119 . . 119 119, 139 119, 147 119- 47, 48, 119, 131 119, 168 102, 119, 131 119, 127, 172, 178 . 41, 119, 139 66, 119, 164 41, 119, 141 145 42, 93, 119, 168 119, 131 71, 74, 119 41, 119, 141 54 119, 141 R Rader, Erma Charlene . . . 119,141 Ramirez, Samuel Hernandez . . . 156 Rand, William Theodore, Jr. . . 104,119 Rarig, Patricia Jean . 48,119,131 Rasmussen, Delores Jean 48, 119, 142, 186 Raven, Mary Ann .... 48, 141 Ray, Jacqueline C 119,145 Ready, Dorothy Marie 119, 141 Rector, Patricia Joan 119,142 Redman, Donald Charles . . 119, 153 Redmond, Lois 71 Reed, Lloyd Dell 47, 81 Reed, Philip Lynn ... 42, 119, 164 Rees, Evelyn Jane . 49, 71, 102, 104 Rees, Everett John 37, 49, 54, 155, 156, 179 Reichardt, Marlene Joyce . 119,145,182 Reid, Charles Burney . . 119, 164 Reid, Virgil Paul ... 71, 72, 164 Reimer, Calvin Lloyd 84, 85, 91, 119, 160 Remer, OrphaGlee .... 119,131 Rensch, Shirley Annette . . 48, 119, 147 Reynolds, Patricia Joann . 119,139 Rhodes, Billy Lee ... . 71, 74 Richards, Lonn Edward . . 37, 119, 153 Rickenbrode, Phyllis Ann . . 119, 142 Riegle, Jo Anna . 36,39,147,176,178,179 Riegle, Mary Keith . . . 119, 147 Riffel, Dwane Edward .... 119 Riggs, Doris Imogene . . 119, 141, 186 Riggs, Wanda Lea .... 119, 141 Riley, Doris Elaine 119 Riley, Sally Lee 119 Rings, Esther . . 35, 36, 39, 49, 150, 151 Ritter, Anabeth .... 99, 119 Robb, Lawrence Gale . . . 119, 164 Robbins, Richard . 35, 39, 164, 179 Roberts, Gloria Ann .... 47,119 Robertson, Harold Floyd . 119, 156 Robinson, Bill Eugene . . . 119, 172 Robinson, Charles Leo ... . 172 kobson, H. Virginia . 47,48,53,119,141 Rockwood, James Bitneau 56, 66, 119, 184 Rodee, Myron Wayne . 85, 88, 97, 160 Rogers, Marjorie Carolyn . . 121, 135 Rollings, James William . 91,93,121,160 Rose, Margaret Frances . 41, 100, 102, 147 Rose, Wayne Leon .... 121, 168 Ross, Anne Renfrew .... 35, 121 Rossillon, Joseph Pierre . . 59,121,181 Rossillon, Patricia Louise . 121, 139, 181 Rothfelder, Ronald R. . . . 121, 164 Rowe, Floyd Arleigh . 41, 121, 127, 164 Rupp, Robert Dean . . 84, 85, 93, 121 Russell, Ronald Dean ... 43, 45, 64 Rust, Margy Jean . 100,121,145 Sadowski, Gerald 81 Sackman, John Wallace .... 104 Sakimoto, Richard T 45 Sandy, Gene Elbert 121 Sargent, Roger Marsh 41,85,121,164 Satz, Bennet Alan .... 104,105 Sauder, Joseph Louis ... 45, lb4 Sauder, Julia Ann . . . 79,121,147 Schellenger, Delia Dean . 42,121,151,186 Scherrer, George Joseph 42, 43, 45, 56, 85, 106, 172, 178 Schmidt, Vivian Mae . . 99,142,185 Schul, Allan Duane . . . 95,121,160 Schrock, John Daniel ... 45, 164 Schwendiman, Darlene Mary . . 121, 139 Schwerdiman, Lawrence Wesley 42, 45, 153 Scott, Barbara R. . . . 51, 66, 131 Scott, Pat ... . 121, 147, 186 Scott, Prudence Clarene . . 48,121,142 Scriven, William Richard . . 34,37,121 Seacat, Dale Noble ... 42, 121, 168 Seidel, Sally Elizabethanne . 121,139,185 Seider, Robert John .... 42,121 Sergeant, Vernon Karl ... 97, 160 Sexton, Patricia Irene . . . 79,121 Shaw, Anita Fern .... 121,141 Shaw, Loren R. . . . 71, 104, 121 Shaw, Ruth Ann .... 121,131 Shellenberger, Helen Lou:se . . 102, 121 Shepler, James Creighton . 71,76,121,160 Sheridan, Joyce Mae ... 30, 145 Sherraden, Edward D. . . . 48, 121 Sherrer, Robert H. . . . 88, 121, 160 Shoebrook, Carol Lee . . 121,131 Shoemaker, Harold Ray .... 85 Shumate, Orilton L 91,97 Sidorfsky, Frank M. 35, 37, 39, 49, 153, 179 Siefkes. Kenneth Lee 76 Siehr, James M 121 Sigler, Larry Barnett .... 95 Sill, Albert Arthur . . . 45,106,168 Simmons, Henry Ellis . . 72, 155, 156 Slead, Virginia Lee 48, 100, 102, 121, 131, 141 Slocombe, Janet Laurel . . 121,147 Small, Herbert Hall .... 153 Smethers, Carol Ann . 43, 45, 135 Smith, Avis Rita . . . 48,121,147 Smith, Clara Jean 121 Smith, Dale L. . . 71,74,76,121,168 Smith, David C. A 121 Smith, Donald G. . . . 107,121,172 Smith, Gwendolyn Beatrice ... 102 Smith, M. Elizabeth .... 142 Smith, Martha Jane . . 42,121,139 Smith, Norman Calvin . . . 97,121 Smith, Thomas Everett, Jr. . . . 45 Smith, William Dale .... 121 Smithe, William Stanley . . 84,85,97 Sonnemann, Vera Arlene . . . 48,51 Soule, Phyllis Ann . . . 99,100,102 South, Jack Melbourne ... 30, 168 Sowers, Leonard N 62, 121 Spade, Erin E 121 Spade, Marilyn Irene .... 121 Spatz, Verlin Gene . . . 42,121,172 Spencer, Dwight Louis . . . 71,72 Springer, Beverly Jean . . . 121,141 Squires, Marilyn Virginia . 102,121,151 Staley, Merton Robert .... 74 Staples, Elaine 54 Stapleford, Robert . . 56, 57, 71, 72, 179 Staples, Nancy Ann . . . 121,145 Stark, Virginia .... 121,145 Starling, Mary Elizabeth 121, 151, 182, 186 Starner, Mary E. . . 53, 62, 64, 121, 147 Staton, Ruth Ann . . . 48,121,131 Stauffer, Richard LaVergne . 29, 121, 168 Steffes, Dale William .... 121 Steffes, Donald C 45, 168 Steinkuhler, Rudy Edward Stevens, Margaret Kay Steward, Mary Jo Stine, Joe Franklin Stine, Rosalie Stone, Mildred Irene Stonebraker, LaVelle Virgi Stout, William L. Street, Patricia Louise Strong, Patricia . Stroud, Gary Joe Strouts, Marjorie L. Sumida, Edna Masako . Swanson, Gary Wayne Swart, Pearl Elizabeth Swartz, Carolyn Joan Swisher, Donna Faye Switzer, Vernon Jule Swope, Conrad Colman 45, 172 121, 141 121 91, 121, 160 67 White, Marjorie Marie 123, 141 Whitney, Margie Jean .... 142 Whittington, Leonera Charlene . . 142 Wickham, Eva Ada 123 51 II ... 74 121 34, 121, 131 41, 43, 76, 142 34, 37, 39, 121, 164 42, 121, 142 121, 142 121, 153, 182 48, 141 100, 121, 142, 186 121, 141, 186 . 74, 76, 77, 172 121, 172 Tabata, Mabel Noboko . Tabor, Janet Elaine Taneya, Kyoko Jane Taylor, Donald Gene Taylor, Carlos Dean Temple, Delores Ann Tharp, Henry Elliott Thill, Edwin John , . Thomas, Gene Dale Thomas, Joe Gale Thomas, Patsy Ann Thompson, Marvin A. Thompson, Rita Ann Thompson, Rosa Joan Thorpe, Jeanne Elizabeth Thowe, Grace Irene Traskowsky George Edwar Tremaine, David K. Tucker, Donald R. Turner, Patricia Turney, Charles Edwin Tweedy, Marilyn Marie Valyer, Eunice Ann . Vance, John F. . VanSickle, Robert Lee Vantuyle, F. Jeanne Veal, Doris Nadine . Veits, Arlene Ruth Viets, Velma Evelyn Vigola, Jacqueline Vincent, Rosalee Vining, Charles Evan 121, 142 121 142 45, 89, 91, 160 85, 91, 121, 160 121, 139 59, 123 42, 123, 153, 181 123, 164 123, 164 71, 100, 102, 123 43, 123 26, 51, 135 142 . . 69, 139, 185 123, 151, 182, 185 i ... 123 85, 97, 172 71 123, 141 123, 164 123, 131 53, 99, 101, 123 85, 123, 160 123 79, 99, 123, 145 48, 123, 142 53, 123, 180, 185 49, 66, 123, 185 36, 53, 123, 147 53, 66, 123, 147 84, 85, 123, 172 w Wacek, JoanM. . . . 42,43,76,123 Wakefield, Jerri Lu . . . 48, 123, 131 Waldrip, Ralph E. . . . 94, 123, 164 Waldron, Patricia Ann . 35,107,123,147 Waldrop, Bernard Keith ... 37, 123 Waldvogel, D. Jeanne . . 47, 48, 51, 139 Walker, James Albert . . 123,172 Wallace, Lucille 141 Walsh, Margaret Mary 34, 36, 123, 150, 151 Walsh, William Henry .... 123 Walters, Albert L 45 Warren, Darlene Dora . 79, 123, 131 Warren, Mary Jo . . 99,100,123,135 Waters, Albert Bernard ... 42, 43 Waters, Mary Ann .... 48, 123 Watts, Billie Dean . . 56, 59, 123, 168 Webb, Darlene 45 Wells, Glenda M, . 59,63,64,106,147,179 jelty, Barbara Jo 151 Wendt, Wm. Russell 51 Wernecke, Arlaine Lillian . 41,66,142,151 Werner, Norma Jean . 56,57,62,64,131 West, Mary Eleanor .... 123 Whistler, Darrell Lee . . 42, 123, 160 Wiebe, Esther Virginia . . 100,123,147 Wiegers, Edward Frances 123, 172 Wieland, Don Francis 42, 123, 153, 181 Wiens, Eulalia Marlene . 79,123,135 Wiggins, George Robert ... 85, 93 123, 145 142 49, 71, 72, 74, 168 48, 51, 151, 185 54, 56, 179 95, 105, 164 Wllber, Joyce Eileen Wild, Patricia Ann Wilhm, Jerry Leo Wilhoite, Venice lona Wilkie, David L loyd Williams, John K. Williams, Marilyn Ruth 47, 48, 123, 141, 151, 182, 185, 186 Williamson, Rodney L 45 Willson, Frederick Albert 83, 84, 89, 91, 92, 93 Wilson, Anita Joan . . . 123,151 Wilson, Phyllis Ann . . 123,147,186 Wilson, Lester V 74,75,76 Wilson, Robert Wayne .... 97 Winchester, Lewis L. . . 85, 123, 184 Wingate, Betty Louise 123, 142, 151, 182, 186 Winslow, Esther Florence 47, 48, 123, 141, 180, 185, 186 Witten, Vernie Elzen, Jr. . . . 76, 123 Wolfe, E. Bernyce 47, 48, 49, 53, 123, 141, 180, 185, 186 Wolff, Charles Wayne 42,123,153 Womochil, Rowean Artia . . 123, 151 Wood, Polly 51, 147 Woodbury, Marjorie Elaine 79, 123, 131, 176 Woodruff, Robert Gaynor . . 85,123,160 Woodson, Janice Genese . . 42, 142 Woodward, Royce L 84, 93 Woolcott, Bernadetta Joleen 62, 63, 64, 135, 176, 179 Wren, Millard Rodney . . 123, 168 Wrench, Edward E. . . . 123, 164 Wunder, William Harrison 41, 45, 127, 168 Wylli, MaryV 59,123,141 Y Yabiku, Hiroshi Yonaha, Masanobu Yonamine, Morris M. Young, Elizabeth Zemke, August C. Zickefoose, Robert Charles Zimmerman, Donald EIRoy Zujkowski, Vincent Joseph Zumalt, John Ronald Too Late to Classify 104, 123, 156, 184 123, 156, 184 94, 97 35, 123, 145 48, 49 123 56, 104, 123, 168 97, 172 123 iXi » ' K: A. i 4 1

Suggestions in the Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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