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Aarine banc Iflf f HcketsAre J lL Ili n Homecoming Follies Set A Por Tonight T«l.-off on " Ou, To It feature of Show Vun Wires;! Word Found n ol ' l - ao ' 4 ■ . s Volumr XXXIX BH A XXJJy X JUJL riy 1 ii i . Tht Km., , Sl.l. T..chm Collete: Empori.. K.nV.». Tu7sj., Sep. --- ■■ - ■■ " •• " " ' " " " ' ' " ' " ' ' li-P-n.. K.n».». T uesj,, September 1!; - - ' Ifyollmg Sets Record reekS Name[frosAA)e„to Mee( I Last chance to Buy Mark Exceeds Lasf Yoar ' e Greeks Name Only Partial Pledge List rr-leaied (MrUal pledge tiat m-n »ill u- held oor wtek Irom i " t,i«hi. on Seplwaur 36 m Albcii Taylor Hull »i 7 p m Ail mirri in Ihe lrcjhiii n tlm wiU bf imutuJ to AUetM it eii.-uj« j by j Last Chance to Buy Mark Exceeds Last Year ' s At " Y " Book Exchange y !.L -, AA r • r- ' A«aud.«., .lo.u, U.OU, t«k, " ' cn J v ore Kavrno r-epc Irom .h, V .M c A tad ..rhjnj; 1 " ' ' S CouocW Take. Aagax»f es f Varn n9 Because ol Ab " " a and err aUciMUiit ultsi - BULLED FriJay. Novtm ' ' ' 2«. i)e ' 6)1 lEn| s. »not 1939 HE B LETIN -r7i;; tete A.rport to Deoicated Pinal Examination illuary 9. 1 40 Much Shifting decors as Officesln 5l!]« Building Are Zld f ' iM lNWasV V f eaA ' WAotoe .t t e . v,I ' -.her " Provea i, orni g enulooth mon,. " , ' " " l ' ; lv topic w.ll be. Any ,0 , .Iwo •? »• " N, •lb » " ; ' ..« « " « ' ' ' ' " !» • " ' tr IN PA holarship Frat Elects Ten o Membership This Week to .r o«I . ' fin " e ' 7 77e, I LORENZ BlIENNING, Editor RALPH IIOUSER, Business Mannger ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE STUDENTS OF KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE AT EMPORIA HEADLINES Eiirollnient Hits New High as 1800 Students Pay Their Fees — Football Eleven Loses Close One Under Boiling Sun — Peggy Pedagog Rules Over a Victorious Homecoming — Campus Politics Goes Wild in Class Elections — Don Cossack Choir Thrills Audience as Artist Series Gets Under Way — Massed Band Performs at Fall Clinic — Marine Band Busses Almost Tear Out a Maple Tree Getting on the Campus — Eva LeGallienne, First Lady of the Stage, Proves Her Right to Title by Performance in Hedda Gabler — Gilson Players Portray American Scene in Plays by Wilder and O ' Neill — Phi Sigs and Mu Eps Fight It Out for Intramural Cham- pionship — Lee Johnson and T. D. Wheat " In the Groove " for School Parties — OF THE YEAR Basketball Players Refuse to Shave — Two Airplanes, Two Instructors for Avia- tion Students — Phi Mu Alpha Scores with Great Singing Bee — Tony Sarg Enter- tains with Performing Puppets — Betty Barker Is Queen of the " Submarine " Beaux Arts Ball — Juniors and Seniors Dance at the " Balrouge, " Annual Prom — Pittsburg Crushes Hornets in Dual Meet — On Again, Off Again with the Caps and Gowns as the Season Closes — Dr. Paul Hutchinson, Chicago, Speaks at Com- mencement— These are our headlines. Look, now, more closely at the chapters written by Em- poria State men and women during the 1939-40 college year. 01 DEDICATION To Professor L. A. Parke, iiieniher of the Commerce Department faculty since 1908. Mr. Parke introiluced and con- ducted in the Lyndon High school the first commercial course to he offered in a Kansas high school. Prohahly a third of the commerce instructors in Kansas lia e had work under Mr. Parke. He is lli« ' dean of Kansas husiness education. 1; Entertainment 1 39 Organizations 161 Fraternities and Sororities 205 Athletics 237 Ind ex -264 Afe Che erat ons lOn ' risi " 9f • ' " Courses An " yMa [Much Shifting Occurs as Offices ir % dlflRy ALICE KIHG IjAdfljijjjJygt Moved fLORtnCf lUflfiD n i o Already Moved, Dean ' s ers on Change List iiisti-Hlion J5iii!iliiig is till ' zveryone Wants J nds - Council f I- more money wft.s r ' . from fil-iMr-nf »« ' llillll II K) ( .0 9 . ' Patrii L ivy...- i President Thomas W. Butcher It was September 11 that we. the students, obtained our first glimpse of the administration in 1939-40. President Thomas W. Butcher called the students to attention in the opening convocation on that day. " There must be nearly 1800 .students in this room, the largest opening as- sembly I have ever seen at a regular semester, " he said. Registration began as usual. Dr. Cram pulled levers and turned dials to control Russell Porter ' s booming voice on the loud speakers. " Class in Art Appreciation at 10:00 closed. . . . Class in Advanced Typewriting at 9:00 closed. . . . Class in Rhetoric PAYNE RATNKK Governor of Kansas and Composition B at 2 :00 closed. . . " THE BOARD OF REGENTS Standing — Ralph T. O ' Neil. Drew McLaughlin. Grover Poole, Lester McCoy. Seated — Dr. H. L. Snyder, Mrs. Elizabeth Reigart, Chairman Fred M. Harris, Mrs. Donald Muii " , W. T. Markham. [ 11 Impatient teachers exchanged permanent enrollment cards for tempor- ary ones, muttering to themselves as sharp edges gouged under their fin- gernails as they dug into the narrow partitions of the card files. Advisors scowled, " You can ' t take that this semester. . . . " Checking lines were shorter than usual. Enrollment took only two days as a result of Dr. V. A. Davis ' efficient management. Senator Fred M. Harris, chairman of the Board of Regents, addressed us at the second student assembly. He took the opportunity to remind us that education (which we were supposed to be seeking here) was a privilege not to be enjoyed by all. DR. DAVID L. M At I ' ARLANE Dean df jSt ii The Deans MAUDE E. MINROW Dean of Women [ 12 ] Irene De Miin, Kathryn Kayser and Richard L. Roahen safely returned to us with vivid reports of the war abroad, Miss De Mun having escaped from the sinking Athena. We saw seven new members tal e their places on the faculty in 1939-40. W. H. SINGULAR, record clerk in the Registrars Office, checks the course records of all the students. Yawning drawers and the safe in the BURSAR ' S OFFICE receive not a few thousands of student money each year. [ 13 ] DR. H. E. SCHRAMMEL, director of the Bui-eau of Edu- cational Measurements, super- vises the staff which compiles and records the data on mil- lions of tests. Two hiindi-ed and twenty of us have the government and N. Y. A. to thank for our education. R. G. Cremer, head man at the General Office, bossed the N. Y. A. lads and lassies. Deans Minrow and MacFarlane combined offices on the ground floor of Plumb Hall and relieved wayward students of the necessity of climbing a flight of stairs to obtain reinstatement slips. R. G. CREMER, bursar and superintendent of buildings and grounds, and Blanche MorrLs, who replaced the former Coette Newton as chief stenographer in the General Office. [ 14 ] k Important task of the N. Y. A. this year was the building of an airport for the student pilot-training course. W. W. " Bud " Wilson and Ruth Stilso n instructed the neophyte eagles. Number two on the list of N. Y. A. accomplishments was the moving of two homes which were on the lots north of the Laboratory school. One of the houses, reports say, will be- come a new Home Economics practice house. The girls ' dormitory boasted two new additions to its staff, Mrs. Pearl Finkbiner as housemother, and Mrs. Jessie M. Winchester as dorm nur.se. Additional information on " teaching requirements " was contributed by Dr. Ray C. Maul, placement bureau head, in November. Pandemonium DR. RAY C. MAUL, director of the Extension Division, calls many hopeful seniors into his office for interviews such as the one shown above. [ 15 ] DR. EDWIN J. BROWN, director of the Graduate Division. I resulted for many of us who plan the pursuit of pedagogy as a permanent profession. Exams in January turned the vineyard of l nowledge into a batch of sour grapes for procrastinating pupils. DR. E. R. BARRETT, head of the English De- partment, confers with George H. Pliilllps. 16 THE FACULTY MEN let their hair down and really enjoyed them- selves at their annual picnic. Second semester blew in on a raw wind and the faculty rapidly shuffled and dealt the cards of destiny for the next four and a half months. More classes closed in the faces of disgruntled and tardy enrollees, more sore feet resulted from standing in checking lines, and more fees were paid. Result — another record enrollment. Basketball season came and went and is best forgotten. Mayhap 1940- 41 will be a different tale. Our administration reports that our education costs a quarter of a million dollars annually. We say it ' s worth it I Discarded coats make for most of the com- forts of home in the FACULTY MEN ' S ROOM in the Union. [ 17] ART PROFESSOR H. F. JAMES, head of the Art Department, browses a bit in a spare moment. Professor James heads a depart- ment that is recognized throughout the mid- west as a leading art institution. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE DR. JOHN W. BREUKLEMAN, Biology Department head, contrives to make the secrets of plant and animal life familiar to the students of his department. [ 18 ] CHEMISTRY DR. LESLIE E. BLACKMAN, Chemistry Department head, blows up a batch of something or other. Dr. Blackman is one of the progenitors of Science Hall ' s " Open House. " COMMERCE DR. R. R. PICKETT, head of the Com- merce Department, finds time somewhere to act as manager of the Student Loan fund also. [ 19 ] EDUCATION DR. H. G. LULL heads the Edu- cation Department, which mir; teach students how to teacla stu- dents. His department ranks as one of the best of its kind in tlie United States. ENGLISH Recognized far and wide as an authority on our complicated language. DR. E. R. BARRETT directs the affairs of the English Department at Emporia State. 20 GEOGRAPHY PROFESSOR G. A. BUZZARD, he of the jabbing forefinger, em- pliasizes a point in liis daily lecture with the famous digit. HEALTH EDUCATION PROFESSOR C. K. TURNER, head man of the throat painting department, smiles and rests his hand on the hip of his favorite skeleton. [ 21 ] HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT PROFESSOR W. D. ROSS, head of the History and Government Department and Registrar, has been at Emporia State since 1920. No student may graduate witliout fii-st becoming acquainted witli Mr. Ross or with his office. HOME ECONOMICS MISS RUTH SIMPSON heads the Home Ec Department and has the difficult assignment of domesticat- ing the Emporia State coed. [22 ] LATIN INDUSTRIAL ARTS Genial CLARK JACKSON, popu- lar Industrial Arts head, paused on the steps at the rear of Plumb Hall to oblige the cameraman. PROFESSOR W. L. HOLTZ, Latin head, illustrates his lectures by making frequent use of the blackboard in his class room. [ 23 ] LIBRARY SCIENCE C. p. BABER, head librarian, in- spects some old files in Kellogg. Mr. Baber has supervision of the 80.000 volumes which are jammed into a building intended for less tlian half that number. MATHEMATICS DR. OSCAR J. PETERSON, Mathematics Department head, casts an amused glance over the class room after expounding an algebraic formula. [ 24 ] MODERN LANGUAGES DR. MINNIE MILLER acts as both friend and adviser to students interested in speaking or writing foreign languages. The department each year presents plays in German, French. Spanish, and Latin. MUSIC Smiling head of the Music De- partment, DR. ORVILLE J. BORCHERS, directs several of its ensemble groups when he is not busy with his work as general supervisor. [25 ] MEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION VICTOR T. TRUSLER, Vic " to faculty and students alike, super- vises the yearly physical examina- tions for male students and pro- foundly influences each one of them through his work in physical education. WOMEN ' S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MISS EDNA McCULLOUGH heads the department which keeps Emporia State lassies slim and trim and generally guards the health and well-being of the fail- sex. [ 26 ] PHYSICS PSYCHOLOGY DR. WINSTON CRAM heads the department which conducts many expriments the results of which are first kin to sorcery to the minds of the unknowing, unscientific student. DR. J. W. NAGGE demonstrates the use of a maze board in the study of the speed of learning. [27] SOCIOLOGY AND ECONOMICS DR. M. WESLEY ROPER, head of the department of Sociology and Economics, pauses for a moment in his daily task of sowing the seeds of knowledge in the none too fertile undergraduate skulls, and studies n pamphlet at his desk. SPEECH DR. F. L. GILSON, godfather of the well-known Gilson Players, searches the spacious files in the Speech office. 28 ] 7726 Faculty Honors Dr. E. R. Barrett was the guest of honor at a faculty dinner last sum- mer. Recognition of 25 years of service as head of the Emporia State English Department was the oc- casion of the party given in the Coffee Shop. President Thomas W. Butcher spoke to the group of Dr. Barrettt ' s valuable contribution to Emporia State. Dr. E. M. Hopkins of the Univer- sity of Kansas called particular atten- tion to Dr. Barrett ' s national work in English education. He said that he and Dr. Barrett founded the National Council of Teachers in English as well as the Kansas Council of Teachers in English more than twenty years ago. Dr. Barrett came to the Emporia State campus as head of the English Department in 1914. DR. E. R. BARRETT The faculty and guests present at the dinner honoring DR. BARRETT gave full atten- tion to the photographer who interrupted the festivities. [ 29 ] J( M CfldlPUS Radios blasted war bulle- tins at five-minute intervals. Warsaw was being bombed. Hitler was on the march. England declared war. America worried about neutralitv. The Athenia sank — and on board was Irene DeMun, voice instructor, and possibly Speech Instructor Kathryn Kayser, and the English Depart- ment ' s Richard L. Roahen ; but we could not be sure. In the midst of this turmoil and excitement, enrollment, even a record- breaking enrollment of such as the one in September, 1939, seemed defin- itely a minor thing. Enrollment was held, however, and although it hardly seemed possible in a world stirring to war drums, we soon found ourselves waking to the sound of alarm clocks, forgotten for three months, [ 30 ] iHfc. bULLJtLlliX .(illy, l- ' »brUM-7 27 £ D C UhM nVi " . ' !- t : utl»Uoi ■si =. EACHERS COLLEGE, EMPORIA haculty, and Office Assistants, 1938-39 vrldh . J3» t.,11 1( r. . ' O . W9 OdldllJJf ir PAUL miLLffI BonniE mwmi mm Hflimison ' ' -o . Administration Building i and hurrying from Cole ' s, Moore ' s, or the Grill to make the same eight o ' clock classes. It was the same old college — with a few alterations and additions. Classes seemed dull beside the hurry and excitement in I ' nion where fra- ternities and sororities were enjoying the " best rush season in years. " Greeks and Independents alike were renewing old acquaintances and dis- cussing " I wonder where So-and-So is teaching? " Then the war-delayed tourists drifted in one by one with tales of Euro- pean madness and zig-zag ocean crossings — Miss Kayser from Poland and Russia, Mr. Roahen from England, and Miss DeMun from the ill-fated Athenia. Campus elections were held with the usual party boltings and consider- THE ART GALLERY, with its ever changing array of paintings, statuettes, wood carvings, potteries, and tex- tiles, is an excellent and popular place to spend a few idle minutes each day. The benches which line the sides of the fii ' st floor hall in ther AD BUILDING made an excellent place to compare notes and assignments before going to class. [33 ] Two familiar scenes to every student— THE ROTUN- DA, and the main walk lead- ing to Plumb Hall. able noise by the Phi Sigs who expressed ambitions to become a campus political power. And about this time Dr. Walter E. Meyer who left the faculty some years ago to make good in the publishing field in Washington. D. C, returned to tell the campus about the ominous international situa- m ' W m Physical training classes in the GYM create a heavj traffic from there to the AD BUILDING. 54 N. Y. A. workers dug thi-cugh many blankets of during the past winter in order that students might walk on dry walks. wr " " - " : tion, and the Gilson Players defied theatrical tradition by presenting Thornton Wilder ' s sceneryless " Our Town " with scenery. Homecoming exploded in our faces with a 27-0 victory over Fort Hays State, the election of Independent Theresa Watson as " Peggy Pedagog, " and the dizziest of all campus shows, The Homecoming Follies, with native Hula between the acts by our petite student from Hawaii. THE UNION BUILD- ING got its face lifted last fall in preparation for another year. [ 35 Burt Harrison proves a- state- ment which he made in " The Bul- letin " and pushes a book tlirougli a crack in the top of KELLOGG LIBRARY for the benefit of doubt- ing Thomases and the Sunflower photogs. William H. Kirkpatrick, the " greatest classroom teacher of them all, " arrived on the campus to give students a new slant on education, and the government nearly scared the ]3ants off 65 student members of the National Guard by doubling drill periods and sending them on over-night maneuvers. KELLOGG LIBRARY, built in 1903 to accommodate about a third of the books and about one-foui-th of the students which are jammed within its four walls, shows signs of the strain and begins to crack wide open. 36 ] Snow weighed down the shrubbery and trees on the CAMPUS many times in 1939- 40 as Mother Natm ' e dis- played the beauty of a white winter. In a flurrj ' of mixed French and English, blonde, flapperish Mrs. John Noble invaded the campus — and left with $800 in her purse and a muddy looking canvas by her late husband in the art gallery. Home of the Home Ec de- partment, RESERVE LI- BRARY, campus garage, paint shop and ceramics lab, the gloomy old cafeteria building further exemplifies the need of Emporia State for new library facilities. [ 37] The lobby of the MUSIC HALL is a pleasant and color- ful place which few but music students take the time to really enjoy. Tiny, officious Serge Jaroff opened the artist series witli liis tremendous Don Cossack Chorus and the freshmen turned up with their annual drama, Philip Berry ' s " Spring Dance " this time. The symphonic chorus pre- sented a concert, everybody went home for Thanksgiving and returned to find the campus flooded with high school music clinic and Percy Grainger, who gave an astonishing performance on the piano. V " .i -. r i « .. gj -- ; ti;r :5E S»w» »» ' ■ " The imposing entrance fronted by a beautifully landscaped lawn makes the MUSIC HALL close to the top as one of the show spots on the campus. [ 38 THE TRAINING SCHOOL entrance at- tests further that Su- perintendent of Build- ings and Grounds R. G. Cremer is a landscaper of no mean degree. All this time football had been causing considerable excitement — espec- ially at the first of the year when Washburn and St. Benedict ' s made it look as if the newly hung victory bell would never stir in its stone tower. Iowa Teachers changed the looks of things, however, by bowing with a 34-7 score, and in rapid succession Southwestern, Fort Hays, and College of Emporia all tumbled before the Hornets. A peak of excitement was reached Armistice Day when, following a huge parade, Wi chita and Em- poria battled on the Hornets ' gridiron and Wichita emerged with a 7-6 victory. Excitement did not stop after the game as the crowd was ready to battle it out again for possession of the goal posts. To campus work- men who had just painted the posts went the victory. The Hornets [ 39 ] ROOSEVELT HIGH SCHOOL and the play- ground behind it are the scenes of much ac- tivity. It is here that prospective high school teachers receive actual practice in their chosen profession. polished off the season with a 7-0 victory over Oklahoma City U., and a 20-0 defeat of Pittsburg which brought them to the finish neck and neck with St. Benedict ' s and Pittsburg for second place in the Central Confer- ence with Wichita taking the number one position. The win, the third in three years, was impressive to Wichita who decided to leave the Central Conference and seek new worlds to conquer. In the midst of all the other turmoil, students were con-stantly reminded that the federal government was out to train ten thousand air pilots a year — and that twenty of them were to come from Emporia State in 1939-40. [40 ] [41 ] Quiet and cool, the gently sloping, grass- covered banks of the CAMPUS LAKE back (.f the Union are an ex- tremely popular spot in the spring and summer evenings. After ph.vsical examinations, schedule re-arrangements, and the matter of fees were settled, twenty students including two women found themselves enrolled to become pilots and in ,iig tim? the college airport and hangar were completed by campus workmen. Then blonde, curly haired instructor W. W. " Bud " Wilson arrived with a Piper Cub training plane and Mrs. Wilson and the three little Wilsons. And, much later, in.structor Ruth Stilson arrived to complete the air de- partment staff as the first woman instructor in the government civilian pilot training program. Christmas came and passed. Final examinations came and were either passed or flunked, and the first semester was checked off the calendar. The (lilson Players turned to Eugene O ' Neill for the second effort of the year, " Ah Wilderness, " which ran for two nights and was pronounced [42 ] Campus workmen removed and renewed the curving walks leading to the ever- bustling STUDENT UNION. good by all concerned. Eva LeGallienne with her non-supporting cast showed us how the perfect young wife shouldn ' t act. A large part of the west coast moved eastward when a ballet troupe presented can-can dancers that closely resembled the Tri Sig contribution to the annual campus sing- ing bee. Our Student Council slightly disturbed a few students and The Bulletin staff into a melee by lifting a few mags from the Union Framed by the foliage of surrounding trees, the taU columns of the MEMORIAL STUDENT UNION gleam whitely as they reflect the rays of the mid-afternoon sun. [43 ] Alpha Theta Rho. honorary art frat, changed the interior of the UNION BALLROOM into an un- derseas fantasy for the Beaux Arts Ball. The faculty find the RECREA- TION ROOM of the union a pleasant place for lunch. THE UNION BAR. (Soft drinks only and no cigarettes.) THE READING ROOM is popular with its magazines and comfortable furniture. PROFESSOR DALLEY indulges in a bit of ping-pong. 4l [44] The Town Meeting of the Aii ' . for a few days. But the Solons redeemed themselves — to the student body, at least — by showing four first run and five second run movies as convocations — more than ever before. Hornet basketball men waited until the close of the season to open their Coke time ciuring inteinubsion at the JUNIOR PROM. [45 ] TM THE STADIUM as it appears to the C. A. A .student pilots and the birds. attack and beat the conference winners. After mucli discussion the senior cla.ss decided to " .sneak " at home, did . ' ■■o, and enjoyed it — more to their surprise than any one ' s else. The outnumbered males who con.sider themselves hounded every vear First dubbed " Silent Joe " by dis- couraged students, the VICTORY BELL later chimed the news of many athletic successes to waiting fans. [ 46 ] anyhow soiiglU out less-known I ' endezvous in a vain attempt to elude the Sadie Hawkinses who roamed the campus with vengeful eyes. The spring social season with its leap year, kid, hill-billy, reverse, and other intriguing parties was climaxed by the Junior Prom. Radios blast war bulletins. France, England, Germany and Norway are still getting their share of bombs. Hitler and Stalin are marching. Ships are being sunk daily. America is worried about neutrality. But our instructors are all safe on this side now. And we hope our students all are and will remain that wav. PICTORIAL PROOF that the Wichita fans who thought they would remove the goal posts following the 7-6 victcry of the Shockers over Emporia State Hornets met with more opposition than they were prepared for. [ 47 ] Familiar campus scenes — the FRESHMAN SURVEY CLASS hurrying from the Music Hall to the Ad Building after their eight o ' clock class, and the BROAD WALK from the sunken garden to the same place. THE CAMPUS LAKE with the stadium in the back- ground as seen from the third floor of Plumb Hall. [ 48 ] Fall brings pep rallies, foot- ball games. Homecoming, and. sometimes the pealing chimes of " SILENT JOE. " Winter takes us int3 the gym for the basketball games. The Phi Mu Alpha corned s ' band entertained the crowd between halves. Spring calls for tennis, golf, picnics or just general loafing. [49 ] J V C The PHI DELTS welcomed Spring by dusting off the open-air product of Henry Ford ' s y ' " " gsniusi 5liile tlie TRI SIGS stayed liome and entertained theii- visitors in the warmth of J their esin veranda. FROLIC AND FOOD are an ever pleasant combination to Joe College and Betty Coed. Intermission at the Broad- view for the SIGMA TAUS called fcr a bit of singing. [ 51 ] [ 52 ] The photographer had or- ders to visit the sorority houses and secure pictorial facts about " what goes on inside. " After visiting tlie ALPHA SIGS and the PI KAPS, he was so shaken from tlie new experiences that he refused to go further. A.Ji. 10 ' J [ 53 ] Nature and the CAMPUS LAKE are at their best in the spring. The combination of the two is greatly enjoyed by Emporia State students. ' " VSaA .x.r. Depleted each fall to serve as the main course at a faculty dinner, the FLOCK OF DUCKS on the campus lake always manages to return to its normal size ia the summer. [ 54 ] ilMP- - The plot of ground donated to the school by Dr. Clyde Wilson and his children has been transformed into a beautiful park. Named WILSON PARK in memory of Dr. Wilson ' s wife, it has become one of the most popular places on the campus. The shelter house atop the hill is open on three sides and affords a view for several mUes across the Neosho valley. The many gravelled paths and the stone and concrete picnic units add much tci the charm and beauty of the park. .ij Sfe J5 Dr. Ray C. Maul issued a call for enrollees in the flying school estab- lished under the Civil Aeronautics Authority on September 15. At the same time plans for building an airport for the school were underway, and early in November construction of the field and hangar was begun by Emporia State workmen. The Chamber of Commerce and many private citizens lent financial and moral support to the project which was finished and dedicated by the last of the month. W. W. " Bud " Wilson and Miss Ruth Stilson were imported to act as instructors for the twenty successful applicants. They proved to be unsus- ceptible to college tradition and soloed all of their students, flunking none. It is rumored that Emporia State may be designated an advanced flying training center for next year. Kansas at present has only one advanced training center — the University of Kansas. Instructor " Bud " Wilson explains the use of the rudder control to Student Fred Voeste. Voeste was one of the first two students to take air lesson.s. Andrew Chunglo was the other. [ 56 MISS RUTH STILSON. first female flight instructor in the C. A. A., demonstrates that women can and do understand more about motors than " how to step on the gas. " , «x tm -- — ► ♦ DEEP SNOWS delayed actual flight training for almost two months this winter. A Piper Cub monoplane taxies down the runway cleared between snowdrifts for a take-off. [ 57] i A part of the crowd and some of the planes at the DEDICATION of the Em- poria State airport on Sunday, November 26. STUDENTS found that learning to fly was real work as they learned the why as well as the how of piloting. I 5S LEONARD HOOKER GILSON was the first of Emporia State ' s student pilots to solo. He took off for a twenty minute flight on February 20. A student of W. W. " Bud " Wilson, chief flight instructor here. Gilson had seven and one-half hours flying time at the time of his flight. The average time required before soloing is eight hours. [ 59 The MAIN GATE to the campus as seen from Twelfth Avenue. Students at Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia are generally a gay lot. There are none who have the worries and woes of the rich for none are rich. Perhaps it is for this reason that the spirit of friendliness and coopera- tion which is so seldom found among a large group of people is universal on our campus. Monetary caste lines are non-existent. Each of us knows of the struggle that is neces- sary in order that we may get our education and is ready to help tho other fellow wherever possible. It has been said that the thing which is of the least value to us is- the thing which has been achieved with the least effort, and the thing which we shall value most highly is the thing for which we worlved the hardest. In the following pages we present the students of Emporia State. Here they are divided into classes — the only division recognizable. — The Editor. t- rf « J , emonam To the Empoiici S ci c stmlciiti for uliiiiu 19 39-40 ucis the his yiuii- in the school of life. FORREST B. KELLUM Died February 12, 1940 JESSIE IRENE MILLER MARY JANE RALF WALTER E. LARSON DhJ folloifiii; an accident at tin- railroad crossin; at Stron} City, Kansas, on March 3, 1940. 60 li SO O ib •flllD rUR OfflCffiS •C ' -cl - Seud. y Or tV- L , 4 j( Left — Sam Estcp Bcloit — Jcin Socolofsky, Paul Mi Bcttv Lou Killc Student Council OFFICERS Sam Estep President LoRENZ BuENNiNG Vice-Prcsuleitt Jean Socolofsky Secretary About the first really concrete evidence, aside from the ill-school parties, which Emporia State students had to prove to them that their Council was really working was the repainting of the ceiling of gloomy Reserve Library, [ 62 ] and the lengthening of library hours until 9:30 p. ni. tour nights a week following the Council ' s suggestion that such changes were desirable. The much publicized interviews of the directors of the activities receiving the major portion of activity funds began early in the second semester and continued until the middle of April. A three hour meeting of the Council climaxed these information gathering talks, and a new set of rules for the administration of funds was established and approved by President Butcher. The Xi Phi initiated point system was revamped and set up during the same meeting to become effective next fall. Democracy received a boost on April 2 3 when the Council held an open forum meeting in the Little Theater In order that any student might air his views to the legis- lators. - Top — Willie Knox, Elden Erickson. Dorothy Brupgemann, Lorenz Bucnnitig Bottom — Edg.ir Meisinger. Rill Barber, Peggy C arren, Tlielni.i Klot [ 63 ] %: . I Tiu Andrews SENIORS Ted Andrews Prcsiilcnf RoscoE Boone Vicc-Prrs drnf Mary Alice Steelsmith Secretary-Treasurer [ 64] ROSCOL liOONl Mary Alice Steelsmith High-Lights Among the Headlines For the Class of 1940 The class of 1940 enrolled 752 strong in the fall of 1936. This year, with four hard years behind them, 259 will receive degrees. Carl J. Cramm, Jr., ranked highest on the total scores of the tests in freshmen entrance examinations four years ago. Alton Harness was president. The Freshman Play that year was " Remember the Day. " Roscoe Eoone played the juvenile lead while Wendell Glasscock and our current Peggy Pedagog, Theresa Watson, handled the adult leads in a manner arousing praise from even the hard-boiled Bulletin reporters of that day. Dan Wilhelm and Don Clark had the unenviable task of direct- ing the production. Records showed that the freshmen of that year cut classes more often [ 6S i ' - k fvT O r ■ 5 ABILDGAARD. DOROTHEA KARON Oxford Baclielor uf Scienct ' in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha President. Xi Phi, Sigma Pi Sigma. Pliysical Education Club, Rhytlimic Circle. ADAMS, ZOLA B Emporia Home Economics Club. Y. W. C. A-. Winnetaska. AKERS, ORLAND EUGENE Gypsum Bachelor of Science in Education History and Government Club. Latin Club. Mu Epsilon Nu. ALLRED, AVIS ELAINE Independence Bachelor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A., Winnetaska. History and Government Club. Mathematics Club. ALLSBURY. JOHN WESLEY Tonganox ie Bachelor of Science in Educatioyi Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pi Kappa Delta. ANDERSON, ELLEN MARGARET Reading Bachelor of Science in Edjication Physical Education Club. ANDREWS. TED F Atchison Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts President of the Senior Class. Science Club President. Mu Epsilon Nil Vice-President. ARMSTRONG. LeROY FLOYD Seneca Science Club. ARMSTRONG, MARY MARGARET Emporia Primary-Kindeigarten Club, History and Government Club, Geography Club. ARNDT. GENROSE Olpe Baclielor of Science in Education Sphinx, Library Science Club. AUSTIN. NELLE ALINE Cottonwood Falls Bachelor of Science in Commerce Commerce Club. History and Government Club. Winne- taska. AYERS. VfRNE MORRISON Pratt Phi Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club. BALES. ORIN ROLAND Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Commerce Club, History and Government Club. BARNABY, NELLIE MAE Ottawa Baclielor ol Science in Education Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Library Science Club, Omega. CLASS of 1940 than other .students, contrary to the collegiate trend of the time. Jocko Phillips ' old outfit rendered the popular tunes of the Spring of ' 37 and the Class of ' 40 closed its maiden year at K. S. T. C. with a sport dance at the Broadview. Bette Bechtoldt was elected president the following year. Came October and sophomore men met with the K Club and decided that both should r 66 ] dA XM BASKETT. BETTY LEE Blue Rapids Bachelor of ScicJice in Education German Club. History and Government Club, Latin Club. Y. W. C. A.. Omega. BAUM. BEULAH ARLONE Wilsey BaclieloT of Science in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Gilson Players. Omega. Y. W. C. A., Outing Club. Spanish Club, Junior Dance. BAUMGARTNER. FERNE LENORA Elbing Bachelor of Science in Commerce Sphinx. Commerce Club. German Club. Y. W. C. A.. Win- netaska. BAYS. OLGA WAUNETA Arkansas City Bachelor of Arts — Bachelor of Science in Educatioti Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club. Outing Club. BAYSINGER. KATHRYN LUCILE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Spanish Club. History and Government Club. Omega. Kappa Delta Pi. Y, W. C. A., Winnetaska. BECHTOLDT, BETTE Norton Bachelor of Science in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon. Sphinx. Kappa Delta Pi Treasurer, Xi Phi, French Club. BiilDWELL. LONNIE FLOYD LeRoy Bachelor of Scierice in Education Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Science Club. BELL. ELVA Norcatur Bachelor of Science in Education—Bachelor of Arts Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Xi Phi, Bulletin Editor-in-Chief. Omega, French Club. BELTING. ROBERT Emporia Bachelor of Science ill Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. BIRD. HAROLD D Garfield Bachelor of Science iji Education Kappa Mu Epsilon. Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Debate. Tenm.-j. BOGANEY, HOWARD W Coffeyville Burliclor of Science in Education Collegiate Club Vice-President. BOGUE. KATHRYN MARIE Emporia Bachelor of Science iii Education Alpha Sigma Tau, Physical Education Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, History and Government Club, Y. W. C. A. BOHN, HOMER RICHARD Chmax Bachelor of Science in Commerce Bachelor of Science i?i Education Kappa Sigma Epsilon President. Commerce Club President, Xi Phi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Bulletin Business Manager, Mathematics Club. BOONE, ROSCOE PASKE Toronto Bachelor of Science iji Education Y. M. C. A.. Mu Epsilon Nu. Pi Omega Pi. Pi Kappa Delta, Commerce Club. History and Government Club, Vice-Presi- dent of the Senior Class. work at enforcing freshman rules. If memory serves correctly, they en- forced them, too. Under Bechtoldt s direction, the class traditionally entertained the entii ' e student body at the annual semi-formal Christmas Party in the Union. Harold McFarland, Jr., was selected to pilot the third-year cruise; and CLASS of 1940 [67 ' , JfOi n f -I « 4 BRODDLE. BERTRAM REX Eureka Bachelor of Science in Education Latin Club. BRUNING. HERBERT IRVING Robinson Bachelor of Science ;n Education History and Government Club President. Mu Epsilon Nu Treasurer. Y. M. C. A. Executive Secretary. BROWN. JOSEPH PAUL Wellington Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Delta Chi. Biology Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, French Club. BRYANT, GLENN Cedar Vale Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Delta Chi. Science Club, Y. M. C. A., History and Government Club. BUENNING. LORENZ J Cottonwood Falls Bachelor of Scieiice i?i Commerce Phi Delta Chi. Xi Phi, Sunflower Editor. Student Council Vice-President. Commerce Club, Pi Omega Pi. Mathematics Club, Kappa Delta Pi. BULLARD. AMY VIOLA Caldwell Bachelor of Science iJi Education Omega. Y. W. C. A., liibrary Science Club. BURLING. TINY Arlington Bachelor of Science in Education Women ' s Athletic Association. Physical Education Club, Outing Club. Latin Club. Home Economics Club. Geography Club. Y. W. C. A. BURNS. CARTER LAWRENCE Melvern Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon President, History and Government Club. Industrial Arts Club. 3UTTERF1ELD. EDWIN LEROY OvcrbrooK Bachelor of Science in Cotnmerce Mu Epsilon Nu, Commerce Club. Spanish Club. CAMPBELL. VIOLET ESTELLA Emporia Bachelor of Science in Cotnmerce Commerce Club. Alphathenian. CANFIELD. DALE KINGSTON Belleville Bachelor of Science nt Education Phi Delta Chi Vice-President. Science Club. CANN. BURNICE Caldwell Bachelor of Science in Educatioti Alpha Sigma Tau President. Pan-Hellenic. Geography Club. Presidents ' Council. CHILDS, HAZEL EDITH Herington Bachelor of Science iii Music Sigma Alpha Iota Vice-President. Symphonic Chorus, Symphony Orchestra. Omega. CHRISTENSEN. MARGARET ANNETTE .... Wetmore Bachelor of Scietice in Education Winnetaska. Sphinx. Y. W. C. A.. History and Govern- ment Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. CLASS of 1940 as always, activity was practically nil until Prom time. Louis Kuhn and his orchestra played for the strutting upper-classmen that year. " Blue Heaven " was mighty popular, thanks to Lee Johnson ' s boys, and the third- termers selected this as the theme for their Prom. Dean Maude E. Minrow announced that high school students were banned from attending the Prom by Emporia State rulings. [ 68 ] CLARK. HAROLD M Strong City Bachelor of Scieiice in Education Phi Delta Chi. K Club. Industrial Arts Club. CLINE. MELVIN Linwood Bachelor of Science in Education Mu Epsilon Nu President, Industrial Arts Club. COCHRAN. ALICE RUTH Rice Bachelor of Science in Education y. W. C. A.. Geography Club. COCKLEY. RUTH ELIZABETH Peabody Bachelor of Science in Music German Club. Madrtgalians. Symphonic Choir. Omega, Band. Women ' s Glee Club, Sigma Alpha Iota, Y. W. C. A., Winnctaska. COPELAND. JENNIE ETHEL Idana Bachelor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club. COPLEN. ALTHEA KATHLYN Wichita Bachelor of Science in Education Winnetaska. Alphathenian. Y. W. C. A., Library Science Club. CRAMM. CARL J.. JR Russell Bachelor of Arts Pi Kappa Delta. Band. Orchestra, Mu Epsilon Nu, Science Club. CRAVENS. NADEAN PRANCES Pratt Bachelor of Science in Commerce Alpha Sigma Alpha. Commerce Club. CREAL. MARY Quindaro Bachelor of Science in Editcation Collegiate Club. CUNNINGHAM. MARY ANN Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Bachelor of Science in Education Sigma Pi Sigma. Pi Omega Pi. Winnetaska. Commerce Club. History and Government Club, Y. W. C. A. CURTIS. ROSS Lincoln Bachelor of Science in Education Science Club Vice-President. Lambda Delta Lambda, Mu Epsilon Nu, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Y. M. C. A. DALY. KATHLEEN NAOMI Pratt Bachelor of Science in Education Home Economics Club Secretary, Women ' ,s Athletic Asso- ciation, Sigma Pi Sigma, Science Club, Y. W. C. A. DANIELSON. EUNICE MAEBERT Lindsborg Bachelor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A., Primary-Kindergarten Club, Latin Club. DANNER. JACK ALBERT LaCygne Bachelor of Arts Science Club, Mathematics Club, Phi Mu Alpha Treasurer. Came the night of the big event (April 28, it was) and, to (luote the vord.s of an in.spired reporter : " Blue and silver stars shone under blue and white lights, green and silver ferns backed by blue metal foil ornamented the pillar columns, and blue metal foil covered the rail and ornaments on the orchestra balcony. White lilies and ferns on the balcony and around the fireplace completed the CLASS of 1940 [ 69 ] !S 9! " jf ilri. DECKARD, MELVERN Valley Palls Bachelor of Science in Education Mil Epsilon Nu. Industrial Arts Club. DEISTER. JOSEPHINE PRANCES Dodge City Bachelor of Science i7i Education Theta Sigma Upsilon. Alphathenian. Library Science Club. Pan-Hellenic. DeVALL. JEANNE Stewartsville. Mo. Bachelor of Science in Education Primary-Kindergarten Club. DICKEY, HELEN MARIE Leoti Bachelor of Scierice in Commerce Pi Kappa Sigma. Pi Omega Pi. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Com- merce Club. Mathematics Club. Spanish Club. DIXON, HERBERT CARL Kiowa Bachelor of Science in Education K Club Vice-President. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Pootball, Basketball. DODGE. DANIEL JUNIOR Lincoln Bachelor of Science in Education History and Government Club, Mu Epsilon Nu. DUNHAM, MARY ETHEL Eureka Bachelor of Scietice in Education Omega, Library Science Club, Y. W. C. A. ESTEP. SAMUEL D Emporia Bachelor of Arts Student Council President, Y. M. C. A. President, Pi Kappa Delta Treasurer, Xi Phi Treasurer, Mu Epsilon Nu, History and Government Club. Debate, Golf, K Club. EVANS, MARGARET LOUISE Emporia Baclielor of Science in Education Primary-Kindergarten Club, Y. W. C. A., Sphinx, Splash Club, Sigma Sigma Sigma. EVANS, RUTH ELIZABETH Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A., Commerce Club, Physical Educa- tion Club, Splash Club, Sigma Pi Sigma, Sphinx. EVERITT, IRIS ARLINE Concordia Y. W. C. A,. Primary-Kindergarten Club. History and Government Club, Spanish Club. EWBANK. WILLIAM L Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Geography Club, History and Govern- ment Club. PAULKNER, PRANK DAVID Severy Bachelor of Science in Education Lambda Delta Lambda, Kappa Mu Epsilon President, Science Club, Mathematics Club, German Club, Y. M. C. A. FEATHER. MARIE ELIZABETH Minneapolis Bachelor of Science in Commerce Omega. Y. W. C. A.. Commerce Club, Pi Omega Pi, History and Government Club. CLASS of 1940 decorations. " Some 230 couples participated in the Grand March, but many a late- comer missed this promenade. " Gift blue suede copies of the " Rubiayat of Omar Khayam ' contained the dance programs. " September, 1939, rolled around and Ted Andrews was without com- [ 70 ] ( (! O FELT. VIVIAN FRANCES Hutchinson Bachelor of Science in Education Sphinx, Library Science Club, History and Government Club. FERRIN. GORDON Pratt Bavltclor of Science in Education French Club. Y. M. C. A., Bulletin News Editor, History and Government Club. FIELD. FLOYD J Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Mu Epsilon Nu, Commerce Club, Geography Club. FINDLY. JANE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Alpha Sigma Alpha, Commerce Club. FINNERTY. JOSEPHINE Hartford Bachelor of Science in Education Alice Freeman Palmer, Primary-Kindergarten Club. FINNERTY. MARGARET Hartford Bachelor of Science in Educaiio7i Latin Club. Alice Freeman Palmer, History and Govern- ment Club. Spanish Club. FISHBURN. TWILA Haven FISHER, MARIE St. John Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club. Spanish Club. FITZGERALD, LURA CHRISTINA Empoiia Bachelor of Science iit Education Y. W. C. A., History and Government Club, Alpha Sigma Alpha. FLANAGAN, LOIS LOUISE Dodge City Bachelor of Science in Education Theta Sigma Upsilon Treasurer, Alphathenian, Pan-Hel- lenic. Library Science Club. FLOYD. ( ALICE i JEANNETTE Topeka BacJtelor of Science iri Music Omega. Xi Phi Preside nt, Madrigalians, Symphonic Choir, Sigma Alpha Iota, Y. W. C. A. Vice-President, Winnetaska President, Kappa Delta Pi. FORRESTER. ADA LOU Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Library Science Club, Home Economics Club, History and Government Club. FRANKLIN. RUBY LEA Newton Collegiate Club. GARTHWAITE, MARY KATHERINE Wichita Bachelor of Sciejice in Education Latin Club, Kappa Delta Pi. Y. W. C. A.. Omega, Winne- taska. petition for the presidency as a Coalition Party candidate. " Class consciousness " was non-existent as seniors swung into the last long lap of the four-circuit race for their sheepskins. But " Sneak Day " reared its ugly head and peace was no more. Prexy Andrews called several meetings before sufficient of the mem- bers to constitute a voting quorum saw fit to answer his summons. Final- CLASS of 1940 [71 ] 9SP5 ■hMA GEORGE. ROBERT L Neosho Falls I Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Commerce Y. M. C. A.. Mil Epsilon Nu, Commerce Club, Industrial Arts Club. GILBERT. WYNFORD GEORGE Clearwater Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Commerce Y. M. C. A., History and Government Club, Commerce Club. GILLETTE. KATHRYN Coats Bachelor of Science in Education Pi Kappa Sigma. Xi Phi, Pi Kappa Delta Vice-President. Sigma Pi Sigma, Women ' s Glee Club. Symphonic Choir. Y. W. C. A.. Latin Club, Gilson Players. GLATT. ELIZABETH R Enterprise Bachelor of Science iii Education Sphinx. Latin Club. Wmnetaska. Y. W. C. A. GODDERZ. FRED MEYER Osage City Bachelor of Science in Educatio7i Mu Epsilon Nu. Alpha Theta Rho. GOLDSMITH. ANNE GRACE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Alpha Sigma Alpha. Pi Omega Pi Vice-President. Omega, Y. W. C. A,. Commerce Club . Kappa Delta Pi. GOODWIN. CATHARINE BARBARA Gypsum Bachelor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska. History and Government Club GRAY. GERTIE MAGDALENE Towanda Kappa Delta Pi. Pi Omega Pi Secretary, Omega. Commerce Club. History and Government Club, Y. W. C. A. GROVES. QUENTIN DALE Burlingame Bachelor of Science in Education Kappa Delta Pi President. Y. M. C. A. Treasurer, Mu Epsilon Nu, Football Captain, K Club, Xi Phi. GRUNDY. HERMAN BENJAMIN Piedmont Bachelor of Science in Education Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi. Commerce Club, Latin Club. GUGLER. MERLE EDWIN Woodbine Bachelor of Science in Commerce Phi Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club. Mathematics Club, History and Government Club. HALDEMAN. MARY LOUISE Kansas City Library Science Club. German Club, Orchestra. HALE. MARC Salina Bachelor of Science in Educatio7i Alpha Theta Rho President. HAMILTON. BERYL A Longton Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. Pi Kappa Delta, History and Govern- ment Club. CLASS of 1940 ly, oil a Monday night in February, some 95 of them managed to struggle forth from their various domiciles much as the groundhog peers forth only to be frightened by his own shadow. Drummer Tiemann started the ball rolling by moving that the Senior Class journey to the fair city of Wichita for the annual outing. Student Council President Estep demonstrated his political acumen when he coun- 72 ] HAMILTON. DOROTHY ANN Argonia Bachelor of Science in Education Alphathenian. Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A. HANCOCK. GARNETT BEATRICE . . . Lexington. Mo. Collegiate Club. HANEY. FLORENCE HELEN Partridge Bachelor of Science in Education Alpha Sigma Tau Vice-President and Rush Captain, Pan- Hellenic. Library Science Club. HARPER. BARBARA ELLEN Hutchinson Sigma Sigma Sigma. Alpha Theta Rho. HARPER. LeROY ALFRED Wichita Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. Football. K Club Secretary and Treasurer. Science Club. HASENBANK. LORA ADELINE Alma Bachelor of Science in Education Alice Freeman Palmer. Library Science Club. History and Government Club. Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A. HASKELL, DONNA MARIE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Omega. Library Science Club President. Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club. History and Government Club. HASLOUER. AGNES LaVERNE Abilene Bachelor of Science iJt Education Alpha Sigma Tau Secretary, Alice Freeman Palmer. Ger- man Club, Home Economics Club, Symphonic Choir. HARTWIG. ALONZO HARM Home Bachelor of Arts Band. Orchestra. Y. M. C. A.. Sigma Tau Gamma. HAYES. VIRGIL EDDIE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club. HELLMER, MARTHA FRANCES Olpe Bachelor of Science in Education Winnetaska, Primary-Kindergarten Club. HENSLEY. CLOIDE JUNIOR Madison Bachelor of Science in Education Industrial Arts Club. Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A.. Science Club. Collegiate 4-H Club. HE YMAN, HENRIETTA ( KATHERINE i Burns Bachelor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A.. Spanish Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club. HINES. FAYE LAURISSA Emporia Bachelor of Scieiice in Music Sigma Alpha Iota, Symphonic Chorus, Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. tered this move with an amendment proposing that those who wished to go to Wichita should take up theii ' funds and go, while those whose desires for travel existed not should take up theirs and remain here to commune with their alma mater. This amendment passed and patriot Roscoe Danier Boone urged that the class hang together if they wished to hang at all. So Tiemann withdrew his motion without opposition. CLASS of 1940 [73 - - ' . " H. Allium Xtf4. S S ' ' i liki» diiBil smd HINSHAW. MABEL HARRIETT Hutchinson Bdvhchn uf Science in Education History and Government Club, Geography Club. HOBBS, CORRINE Topeka Bachelor of Science in Music Delta Siyma Epsilon, Sinma Alpha Iota. Y. W. C. A., Symphonic Chorus, Piin-HoUenic. HOGAN. DARRELL R Hamilton Phi Delta Chi, History and Governiiu-nt Club, Commerce Club, HOGAN, ROBERT D Emporia Bachelor o} Science in Education Industrial Arts Club. HOUSER. RALPH EDWIN Green Bdcltclor of Science iJi Conivicrce Pi Omega Pi President, Kappa Delta Pi. Xi Phi, Com- merce Club. History and Government Club, Y. M. C. A.. Sunflower Business Manager, Kappa Sigma Epsilon. HOWELL, MARGARET HELEN Parsons Baclielor of Science in Education—Bachelor of Arts Alphat.henian, Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club, Latin Club. HOWLAND. PAUL LESLIE Emporia Baclielor of Science in Education Y. M, C. A. Cabinet. Industrial Arts Club, History and Government Club. HUEBERT. ANNA Newton lUichalor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A.. Library Science Club. HUMPHREY, BILL Emporia Bachelor of Arts Kappa Sigma Epsilon Vice-President, Geography Club President. ImMASCHE. VICTOR LYLE Saffordville Bachelor of Science in Education History and Government Club. IVES, MARIAN Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pan-Hellenic Secretary, Home Eco- nomics Club, Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club. JACOBS. HAZEL OMA Elmdale Winnetaska. Spanish Club, Primary-Kindrrsarten Club, Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club, Alphathenian. JEWELL. HELEN MAXINE Peabody Bachelor of Science in Commerce Y. W. C. A,. Sphinx, Commerce Club, Women ' s Glee Club. JOHNSON. HAZEL FRANCES Pomona Bachelor of Science in Edtication Bachelor of Science in Commerce Alphathenian Treasurer. Y. W. C. A., Commerce Club, History and Government Club. CLASS of 1940 Estep then moved to stay in Em|)oria. After an intense discussion in- volving many of the various personalities of the class this motion passed by a vote too close to give either the backers or the opposition much satis- faction. Verbal blood flowed freely and it looked for a while as though various members might hang after all. President Andrews wisely ad- [ 74 ] 4% r " 4 aA it JOHNSON. LELAND FREDERICK NetawaUa Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Mu Alpha Secretary. Phi Delta Chi. Band, Men ' s Glee Club. Inter-Fraternity Council. JOLITZ. GORDON DALE Abilene Bachelor of Scieiice in Music Band. Orchestra. Phi Delta Chi. JONES. JEAN ELIZABETH Ottawa Bachelor of Science in Music German Club. History and Government Club. Sigma Aljiha Iota. Symphonic Choir, Y. W. C. A.. Omega. KEIMIG. ELIZABETH MARIE Zenda Bachelor of Science in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon President, Primary-Kindergarten Club, Sphinx. Presidents ' Council. KELLAR. RICHARD PATRICK EI Dorado Bachelor of Science in Educatioii Sigma Tau Gamma. Tennis, Mathematics Club. KEOUGH. MARGARET MARY Dodge City Bachelor of Science in Commerce Commerce Club, Y. W. C. A. KILLE, BETTY LOU Attica Bachelor of Scieyice in Music Band. Orchestra. Symphonic Choir, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Student Council. KIMEL. I HELEN I MAURINE Clearwater Baciiclor 0 Scierice in Education Y. W. C. A.. Hi.story and Government Club, Home Eco- nomics Club. KING. LAWRENCE WARREN Melvcm Bachelor of Arts French Club. Spanish Club, Mu Epsilon Nu. KING. MARYALYCE El Dorado Bachelor of Science in Education Theta SiRuia Upsilon, French Club. KNOUSE, DOROTHY LUCILE Emporia Baciiclor of ScieJicc in Education Alphathenian. Y. W. C. A.. Home Economics Club Treas- urer. History and Government Club. KRAUS. ALOHA FA YE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Women ' .s Athletic Association President. Splash Club. Physical Education Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. LACKEY. RUTHAGENE Inmau Bcchelor of Scieiice in Education Sphinx Secretary. Library Science Club. Women ' s Glee Club. LAIRD. LESTER EDWIN Madison Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta Pi. Lambda Delta Lambda Treasurer, Kappa Mu Epsilon. Science Club. Mathematics Club Secretary and Treasurer, Mu Epsilon Nu. journed the meeting and that was all I ' or that ni ht. Eugene Tinky " Peters made The Bulletin headlines by pushing the circulation of a petition charging that Prexy Andrews had violated par- liamentary procedure in the previous meeting and attempting to reopen the e ntire " Sneak Day " question. He succeeded in obtaining 180 signa- tures but his brain-child died shortly after birth for only 50 signees showed CLASS of 1940 [75 ] ' i " If It 7 . - LANGVARDT. ARTHUR LeROY Junction City Bachelor o} Science m Education — Bachelor of Arts Kappa Delta Pi. Y. M. C, A.. Latin Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, History and Government Club. LASH. IRFNE MAY Scandia Bachelor of Science in Education Alice Freeman Palmer. Y. W. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club. Winneta -.ka. History and Government Club. LARSEN, HARRY DEAN Navarre Bachelor of Science in Education Kappa Mu Epsilon Treasurer. Mathematics Club. LAWSON. ALFRED JAMES Kiowa Bachelor of Science in Education LEDFORD, CARMEL McCune Bachelor of ScicJice in Education Bachelor of Science in Ct-vinierce Y. W. C. A., History and Government Club, Commerce Club. Latin Club. LITCHFIELD. MRS. LUCILE VAN VORfS .... Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Omega. Kappa Mu Lambda. Library Science Club. Y. W C. A. LOCKNER. LOUISE HANNAH . Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Treble Clef. WTmen ' s Glee Club. Kappa Mu Lambda. LOOMIS. JANE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Commerce Alpha Sigma Alpha. Commerce Club. History and Govern- ment Club. LUTHI. WILLIS ERWIN Gridley Bachelor of Science in Commerce Phi Delta Chi President. Commerce Club. Latin Club. Y. M. C. A. McCLELLAN. JO Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon. Alpha Theta Rho Secretary and Treasurer. Y. W. C. A. McCLELLAN. LLOYD Emporia McFARLAND. ROBERT HAROLD Severy Bachelor of Scierice in Education — Bachelor of Arts Science Club. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Xi Phi Vice-President. Lambda Delta Lambda. Mathematics Club. Mu Epsilon Nu. McPHERON. FRANCES LUCILE Newton Bachelor of Science in Education Alphrithenian. Library Science Club. MILLER, PAUL Eureka Bachelor of Science in Education Pi Kappa Delta. Lambda Delta Lambda. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Collegiate 4-H Club. Y. M. C. A.. Student Council. Science Club. Mathematics Club. Debate. CLASS of 1940 up at the next meeting. Seeing his backers dwindle to less than a third of their supposed strength, Peters prudently dropped the idea. The appointed day dawned cold and raw and happy seniors buried their noses, some under covers and some in other places, and spent the morning doing nothing. The afternoon saw all but ten of the last-year people at- tending Selznick ' s four-hour vei ' sion of the Civil War and its social and [ 76 ] f2 " y ' v L l iI)k kM A Jim . H MILLS. MARGARET ELIZABETH Lansing Bachelor of Science in Education MORGAN. ANNABELLE Phillipsburg Bachelor of Science in Music Alpha Sigma Tau, Alice Freeman Palmer, Sigma Alpha Iota. Orchestra. Women ' s Glee Club. MORITZ. LaVERNE GRACE Junction City Bachelor of Science in Education MORTON. ROBERT CLAYTON Waverly Mu Epsilon Nu. Science Club. Commerce Club. MORTON. ROBERT WEAVER Severy Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts Science Club, Mathematics Club. Y. M. C. A. NEUDECK. LUCILE K Kansas City Bachelor of Science in Educatioji Sphinx Vice-President. Library Science Club. Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. NEWCOMER. IMOGENE Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Theta Rho. French Club, History and Government Club. NEWMAN. DOROTHY ELLEN Chanute SitiTia Sigma Sigma Recording Secretary, Library Science Club, sphinx. NICHOLS. DARYL EDWIN . Eureka Bachelor of Scieruc m Educatioii Bacheii r of Scio ce in Commerce Commerce Club. Mu Epsilon Nu History and Government Club. NIENSTEDT, WILMA ... Hartford Bachelor of Science hi Commerce Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pan-Hellenic Council. OSBORN. I CLARA i JANE . Eureka Bachelor of Scien " .p n Education Alpha Sigma Alpha. Home Economics Club. Art Club. Y. W. C. A, OSTLUND. ZILLAH V. . . . Washington Bachelor of Science jn Educatioyi Y. W. C. A. President. Xi Phi. Kappa Delta Pi Secretary. Latin Club, Alice Freeman Palmer PETERS. DOROTHY HELEN Valley Falls Bachelor of Science m Education Alpha thenian Secretary. Library Science Club, French Club. Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska. PETERS. EUGENE JOHN Emporia Bachelor of Scie7ice in Commerce Sigma Tau Gamma Historian. Conunerce Club. economic upheavels, " Gone With the Wind. " Dinner at seven followed. Broadview employees ducked barrage after barrage of hot, buttered rolls and served the hungry horde. As soon as the floor was cleared, dancing began; and, with the aid of both of the campus dance bands, continued until three in the yawning. Twixt then and the dawn the celebrators wended their way homeward to spend the CLASS of 1940 [77-1 PETERSON. RALPH WILLIARD Chanute Bachelor of Science in Education Sigma Tau Gamma. Pi Kappa Delta. POINTER. BEULAH Silverdale Bachelor of Science in Commerce History and Government Club Secretary-Treasurer. Com- merce Club, Winnetaska, Pi Omega Pi. POTTER. TRESIA JANE Winfield Bachelor of Science in Music Madrigalians, Symphonic Choir. Women ' s Glee Club. Y, W. C. A., Sigma Alpha Iota Secretary. PRATHER. ROY SEYMOUR Reece Bachelor of Science in Education RALF, MARY JANE Arkansa.s City History and Government Club, Winnetaska. RAMIREZ, SOCORRO MARIA Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education French Club. Spanish Club President. RANDOL. FRANCES ADAH Girardeau. Mo Library Science Club. RAPP, BARNEY Norcatur Bachelor of Science in Commerce Phi Sigma Epsilon Secretary-Treasurer, Commerce Club, Mathematics Club. RAY, THELMA LOUISE Council Grove Bachelor of Science in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sphinx, History and Government Club. Y. W. C. A.. W. A. A. REED, CAROLINE GRACE Cassoday Bachelor of Science in Education Splash Club, Gilson Players. Physical Education Club. Rhythmic Circle. REGIER, REUBEN RAYMOND Hillsboro Bachelor of Science in Music Madrigalians. Symphonic Choir. Men ' s Glee Club, Sym- phonic Orchestra. Phi Mu Alpha, History and Government Club. Y. M. C. A.. Band. REHBERG. ARLONE LORENE Bennington Bachelor of Science in Music Sigma Alpha Iota President. Symphonic Choir, Rhythmic Circle. Omega. RESSEL, PAULINE ALPHA Colony Bachelor oj Science in Education Bachelor of Science in Commerce Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Commerce Club. Omega. REYNOLDS, CHARLENE JOSEPHINE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Collegiate Club. CLASS of 1940 day sleeping- — and the opinion seemed evenly divided whether a bed or a classroom was the better place to woo the peaceful arms of Morpheus. Easter vacation afforded opportunity for physical and mental recovery and marked the passing- of the first nine weeks of the last semester. The last winds of March blew the spring social season into full [ 78 ] -7 ' =% 5sJ " " " . r l ir ' ' ' ' ' •r RHEA. MILDRED MAUDE Yates Center Bachelor of Science in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma. Rhythmic Circle. Sigma Pi Sigma. Outing Club. Physical Education Club. W. A. A. Board. RICE. DONALD MARSHALL Greeiisburg Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Delta Chi. RIECK. ALVIN F Ramoua Phi Sigma Epsilon. German Club. Science Club. RIGGINS. BILLY HARPEIi Severy Bachelor of Science in Education Kappa Sigma Epsilon Treasurer. Mathematics Club President, Science Club. RIPPETOE. MABEL JEANETTE Wayside Bachelor of Science in Education I rench Club. Winnetaska. History and Government Club. ROBERTS. DONNA LOUISE Neodesha Bachelor of Science in Education Alice Freeman Palmer, r ' rencji Club. Y. W. C. A. ROMINE. AARON MERRIT Garden City Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. K-Club President, Xi Phi. Track Captain. ROUNDY. FRANCES E Wathena Baclielor of Science in Education W. A. A.. Y. W- C, A.. Physical Education Club. Spanish Club. Home Economics Club. History and Government Club, OuLJng Club. ROWLANDS. EDWIN REES Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Industrial Arts Club. RUNYON. PHYLLIS HARRIET Peabody Bachelor of Science in Music Symphonic Choir. Women ' s Glee Club, Sphinx. Band, Y. W. C- A.. History and Government Club. RUSKIN. ROBERT EDWARD Paola Bachelor of Arts Lambda Delta Lambda Vice-President. Kappa Mu Epsilon. Science Club, Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Mathe- matics Club. SANDERS. RUTH LEONA Miller Bachelor of Science in Education Alice Freeman Palmer Treasurer, Y. W. C. A.. Library Science Club. SATTERWHITE. JAMES Kansas City Bachelor of Science in Covnnerce Collegiate Club. SCHMUTZ. ALVIN WALTER Emporia Bachelor of Science iii Music Phi Mu Alpha Kappelmeister. Symphonic Chorus, Orches- tra. bloom. The Beaux Arts Ball was the last week-end in March and, two weeks later, was followed by the annual Prom. Seniors turned out in droves as thoughts of strict teaching contracts and hard-boiled school boards brought home the realization that come May, all this would be no more. Greeks and independents danced, sang, and played in order that they CLASS of 1940 79 1 SCHOONOVER, S. ALIETA Topeka Winnetaska Vice-President, Sigma Pi Sigma. Commerce Club, Physical Education Club, Y. W. C. A. SCHROETTER. WILMA LOUISE Silver Lake Baclielor of Science in Education Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club, Outing Club. SHELLEY. FRED Wichita Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts History and Government Club. Y. M. C. A., Mu Epsilon Nu. SHERIDAN, RICHARD BERT Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Track. Historv and Government Club. Commerce Club, K-Club. SIMS. JOSEPH WILLIAM Independence Bachelor of Arts Collegiate Club, Science Club. SMITH. ROBERT LYALL Belleville Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. History and Government Club, Agri- culture Club. Golf. SMITH. ROLAND CUSHMAN Elkhart Bachelor of Science in Education Mu Epsilon Nu. SMITHHEISLER, MERCEDES R Richmond Bachelor of Science in Commerce Sigma Sigma Sigma, Commerce Club, Y. W. C. A. SOCOLOFSKY. JFAN Marion Bachelor of Science in Commerce Xi Phi. Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. Y. W. C. A.. Finance Chairman. Commerce Club. Sphinx President, Win- netaska Secretary, Student Council Secretary-Treasurer. SPENCER. DOROTHY ELIZABETH Whiting bachelor of Scierice in Education Omega. Library Sc ' ' iice Club, History and Government Club. Y. W, C A SPRAGU2. ELIZABETH LOUISE Emporia Bachelo} of Science in Education Sphinx, Y V C, A.. Winnetaska. SPRECHER ELDRED ALVIN Junction City Btchelor of Science in Education Latin Cii ' b. Y M. C. A.. Mu Epsilon Nu, History and Government Club. SPRINGFELDT. VIRGIL L, ... Lorraine Sigma Tau C-amma Treasurer, Commerce Club, Latin Club, History and Gc ernment Club. STATES. JO:- . Buffalo German Clui. CLASS of 1940 might cram as much and as many memories inio their remainiiipf inuler- graduate days as possible. Through all this, with examinations looming in the tcroground aiKl hopes of a .iob in the back of every senior ' s mind, studying became Iho order of the day — and the night, too, if nothing more entertaining could l)e found to do. so V Zl • -- ' J - T ' " l kLll d STEAD. I LOLA t LUCILLE Kingman Bachelor of Science in Education Omega. Spanish Club. Latin Club. Mathematics Club. STEINWEDEN. ROSE MARIE Atchison Bachelor of Science in Music Sigma Sigma Sigma Song Chairman, Rhythmic Circle Secretary-Treasurer. Sigma Pi Sigma. Symphonic Chorus. Alice Freeman Pahner, Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. STEELSMITH. MARY ALICE Abilene Bachelor of Scieiice in Music Xi Phi, Sigma Alpha Iota. Symphonic Chorus, Omega. Alice Freeman Palmer President. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Winnetaska. Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class. STILWELL, WILBER MOORE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Alpha Theta Rho. SUMMERS. FRANCES MARIE Dodge City Bachelor of Science in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma President. Y. W. C. A., Alice Freeman Palmer. Library Science Club. Sorority Presidents ' Council Se:retar, , TATE, DONALD J Brookville Bachelor of Science in Commerce Mu Epsilon Nu. Pi Omega Pi Treasurer. Kappa Delta Pi Historian. Pi Kappa Delta. Commerce Club. TIEMANN. A. G Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Delta Chi. Spanish Club. Band. Orchestra, Chorus, TODD. CHARLES O Topeka Bachelor of Science in Education Y. M. C. A. Secretary. Collegiate Club President. Men ' s Glee Club. History and Government Club. VANCE. LEWIS M Cottonwood Falls Bachelor of Science in Education Latin Club. VANDERHOFF. MAXINE Neodesha Bachelor of Science in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma Corresponding Secretary, Sigma Pi Sigma. Alpha Theta Rho. VANDERWILT. MARGARET ETHEL Solomon Bachelor of Science in Education Alpha Sigma Tau. Library Science Club. Y. W. C. A. VASSAR. VERA VIRGINIA Pawnee Rock Bachelor of Science in Education Pi Kappa Sigma. Pan Hellenic Council President. Home Economics Club. Xi Phi Secretary. Sigma Pi Sigma. Science Club. Y. W. C. A. VEAL. ALLEN RICHARD Burdick Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A.. Science Club, Mathematics Club. VOIGT. ( DORRIS I LoRENE Topeka Bachelor of Science in Education W. A. A., Winnetaska. Primary-Kindergarten Club. Graduation activities, the official ones, began on Sunday, May 19. The baccalaureate sermon was delivered by Dr. Albert Wentworth Palmer, nationally known clergyman. Came Thursday before the eventful day, and many seniors enjoyed the annual Commencement Dinner. Eating was hearty but, f(n- some, it CLASS of 1940 SI 3 ' -4 4! 1- irA WALKER. ALICE CATHERINE Sun City Bachelor oj Science irt Education Y. W. C. A.. Science Club. WARD. FLORENCE ANNA Arkansas City Bachelor of Science in Education Theta Sigma Upsllon. History and Government Club. Geography Club. WARKENTIN. ANN ELIZABETH Hillsboro Bachelor of Science in Educatiori Omega President, German Club President, Y. W. C. A. WARREN. WILLIAM HOYT Garnett Bachelor of Arts Lambda Delta Lambda President. Science Club. WATSON. THERESSA MARY Winfield Bachelor of Scieiice in Music Y. W. C A.. Sigma Alpha Iota. Madrigalians. Chorus. Orchestra. Alice Freeman Palmer. Omega. Peggy Pedagog. WATTS, DOROTHY Kansas City Bachelor of ScieJice in Commerce Alpha Sigma Tau. Alphathenian. Commerce Club. WAYMAN. CHARLES WILLIAM Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce Sigma Tan Gamma. Commerce Club. WEINMAN. HELEN ELIZABETH Atchison Bachelor of Science in Education Winnetaska, History and Government Club. Primary- Kindergarten Club. WHEAT, THOMAS D Augusta Bachelor of Science in Music Phi Mu Alpha Historian. Phi Sigma Epsilon. Symphonic Chorus. Band. WHINERY, ROBERT H Oxford Bachelor of Science in Educati07i Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Science Club. WIAND. VIRGINIA MAE Emporia Alpha Sifma Alpha. Primary-Kindergarten CKib. WILCH, KYLE LEONARD Richland Bachelor of Science in Education Kappa Mu Epsilon Historian, Mathematics Club. Com- merce Club. Y. M. C. A.. Science Club. WILKERSON. JOHN Olathe Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon. Bulletin Sports Editor. WILKINS. VIRGINIA BELLE Winfield Bachelor of Sciei ce iJi Education Sigma Alpha Iota. Omega. Winnetaska Song-Leader. Sym- phonic Choir. Intermediate Orchestra. I CLASS of 1940 seemed like tlie last meal of a condemned man. Tomorrow they were to be cast forth into a new world. The seventy-seventh Commencement exercises were conducted on Friday morning. May 24, by Dr. Paul Hutchinson, editor and author. And the class of ' 40 is history. I 82 ] CLASS OF 19 40 WILLIAMS, BEATRICE LUCILLE Coffeyville Sigma Sigma Sigma. Primary-Kindergarten Club. WILSON. MILDRED EVELYN Great Bend Bachelor of Science in Education WOOD. CLARENCE A Humboldt Bachelor of Science in Education Phi Delta Chi Sgt. at Arms. WOOLPERT. MARIAN Topeka Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club. French Club. Women ' s Glee Club. YEOMAN. MARAGARET MARIE Kingman Bachelor of Science in Education Omega Treasurer. Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club, Primary-Kindergarten Club. Treble Clef Club. The rolluuirr Are Rtiijiicnti uf Dc nii W josc Putiirc Are Nuf S jou-ii: BERTHA MAE ALEXANDER Sterling Bachelor of Science in Education MAE ANDREWS Bloom Bachelor of Science in Education WARREN LEWIS BAIN Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce LOWELL BROOKS BAUMUNK. JR LaHarpe Bachelor of Arts GERALD ALBERT BONJOUR Moline Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts HELEN MABEL BRADFORD Eureka Bachelor of Science in Education ESTHER ELOISE BRODBECK Pattonsburg Bachelor of Science in Music DALE METZ BURNETT Dodge City Bachelor of Science in Education DAUGHERTY WEBB CLARK Wellington Bachelor of Arts HELEN GRACE COOPER Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education LAWRENCE VERE COTTON Miller Bachelor of Science in Commerce RALPH ROLAND DICE Neodesha Bachelor of Science in Music LORENE OPAL DURR Dighton Bachelor of Science in Commerce EDGAR WILLIAM EIKERMANN Fowler Bachelor of Science in Education WILHILMINA ALBERTA ENGLER Chapman Bachelor of Arts ELEANOR MARTHA McDONALD Summerfield Bachelor of Scieyice i7i Education VERA MARGUERITE MOON Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education KENNETH PAUL MURDOCK Emporia Bachelor of Arts WILBERN WINSTON PARKER II Emporia Bachelor of Arts VIRGIL DENNIS PHELAN Holyrood Bachelor of Science in Education RUTH JEANNETTE PHILLIPS Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education LEONA B, PRATT Black River Falls. Wis. Bachelor of Science in Music MAX DALE ROBISON Florence Bachelor of Arts ORVILLE BERGIER ROSS Peabody Bachelor of Science in Commerce JEROME JOSEPH ROSSILLON Olpe Bachelor of Science in Commerce JOHN HENRY SCHULZE Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education MARY JANE SHEPHERD Emporia Bachelor of Science in Music CHARLES TRUMAN SKINNER Emporia Bachelor of Arts EDITH ALDENA SMITH Emporia Bachelor of Science in Education L.iVON BERYL SMITH Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce RUTH HELEN GRUEN Abilene Bachelor of Science in Education KENNETH DALE HENDRICKS Kiowa Bachelor of Science in Commerce CHALMER J. HOPPER Allen Bachelor of Science in Education CHARLES EDWARD LETT Fowler Bachelor of Arts LESLIE EARL LOSEY Independence Bachelor of Science in Education ROBERT CARL MAREK Oshkosh. Wis. Bachelor of Science in Music LORA VINITA SMITH lola Bachelor of Arts ELMER ETTORE STORMONT Dighton Bachelor of Science in Education HERMAN PAUL THOMAS Emporia Bachelor of Science in Commerce FRED J. VOESTE Olpe Bi chelor of Science in Commerce JAMES EDWARD WILCOX Goft Bachelor of Science in Education JOHN JOSEPH WRITT Topeka Bachelor of Science in Education — Bachelor of Arts [ 83 ] i i i May Moore, Ecideo San Romant, Dorothy Cotton JUNIORS Dorothy Cotton -- - Prcudent Nora May Moore Vicc-Prcs Jriif Egideo San Romani — Sccrc aiy-Tirasiircr With the Junior Cl.iss trcisury still suffering from a big shindig thrown during their fi ' eshman year, the class of 1941 w.is wisely inactive during the first semester. Prom time came on April 12. Clyde Smith and his K. U. orchestra furnished sweet and hot music for the " Bal Rouge. " (French for Red Ball, they say.) Lillian Pierce and Robert Oilman were assisted by Mr. Culler of the Art department in planning and executing the decorations. President Dorothy Cotton and her guest, DeWayne Cary, led the intricate Grand March. I 84] itaifeKk AESCHLIMAN. RUTH ALBERTA Cciltralia History and Government Club, Y. W. C. A. AHLSTEDT. LOUISE Kansas City Wmnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club Outing Club. ALEXANDER. BETTY fmporia Delta Sigma Ep.sllon. Hist.or.v and Government Club, Spanish Club. Commerce Club. ALLBAUGH. FRANCIS ALDEN Rwhland Mu Epsilon Nu. Men ' s Glee Club. Y. M. C. A , Geography Club. History and Government Club. ALLEN. I MARY I JOSEPHINE Wurii)n Mathematics Club. Commerce Club. AMES. VICTOR B Ameriats Phi Delta Chi Treasurer. Commerce Club. Hi.story and Government Club. Men ' s Glee Club. ANDERSON, DAVID HUBERT Chanute Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A. ANDRE-WS. ANNA MAE Bluom Orchestra. Women ' s Glee Club. ANGELL. HAROLD LEWIS Howard Commerce Club. History and Government Club. Men ' s Glee Club. CLASS OF 1941 ASHBAUGH. VIRGINIA LEE Netvton Delta Sigma Epsilon Rush Captain, Splash Club, Rhythmic Circle. W. A. A. ATCHISON. JOHN H Overbroolc Commerce Club. Science Club, Historv and Gov- ernment Club. BACHMANN. BETTY JEAN Newton Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Alpha Iota. Orches- tra. Baiid. Symphonic Chorus, Madrlgalians, Quintette. BAEHR. RUTH SUZANNE Newton Y. W. C. A.. History and Governinent Club, Winnetaska. BEICHLEY. LAURA MAXINE Minneapolis Alphathenian. Winnetaska, Primarv-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club, BLAIR. NANCY JANE Chapman French Club. History and Government Club. Outing Club. BORNSCHEIN, FREDA ROSE Ellsworth Sigma Sigma Sigina Treasurer, Y. W. C. A.. Omega Vice-President. Primary-Kindergarten Club. BORROR. AVELIN BERNICE Westphalia Comnierce Club, History and Governinent Club, Winnetaska. BROOKS, MERLE E Louisburg Men ' s Glee Club, Symphonic Choir. [8J BROWNLEE. ELIZABETH ANN .... Sylvia Delta Sigma Epsilou. Y. W. C. A, Cabinet. Alice Frcimai ' Palmer. BUSH, ROBERTA Douglas: Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pan Hellenic Council Phy.sical Education Club. Outing Club. W. A. A Board. BUZZARD. ROBERT Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club, Geographv Club. CARPENTER. WILBUR JOSEPH Bskridge History and Government Club. Mu Epsilon Nu Y. M. C. A.. Spanish Club. CARTER. MARGARET KATHERINE . Utireka Sphinx, Y. W. C. A., Orchestra, History and Government Club. CHOO, BEATRICE WENONAH . . . Honolulu, Haioaii if. W. C. A.. Junior Dance. CLEVENGER, MARJOHIE JEAN .... Knujsdown Hume Economics Club. COPFMAN. FLOYD HURST OBCrbrooS: Commerce Club. History and Government Club Science Club. Y. M. C, A.. Mu Epsilon Nu. COLLINS. MARGARET EMILY Emporia Symphonic Choir. Primary-Kindergarten Club, CLASS OF I 9 J 1 CONROV. DONALD C Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon. Industrial Arts Club Vice- Pie.iid(i.t. K-Club. COOPER. DOROTHY ELLA Carbotldaie Sigma Alpha Iota. Women ' s Glee Club Vice- President. Y. W. C. A.. Home Economics Club. CORN, ZELDENE Chanute Sigma Sigma Sigma. History and Government Club. COTTON. DOROTHY VERNON SI .lohii Pi Kappa Sigma. CRILL. MARJORIE HELEN Arkutlsas City Alpha Sigma Alpha. Symphonic Chorus. CROSS. ELMER EARL Midian Track. Mu Epsilon Nu. CULBERTSON. M. EMERSON Yates Crnlcr Latin Club. Y. M. C. A.. Mu Epsilon Nu. Indus- trial Arts Club CUMMINGS. lAGNESl CATHERINE . Topeka Commerce Club. Y W. C. A.. History and Gov- Frnme.U Club. CURR1 " . HELEN JUSTINE Emporia Home Economics Club. 86 ] C} c o DABBS. DOROTHY MAYE Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Science Club. DARBY, MYRLE INEZ Chapman Y. W. C. A.. Wmnctaskn. Outing Club. DAVIS. DELORICE IRENE Rcecc Winnctaska. Symphonic Chorus. DAY ELLIS M Belleville Phi Sigma Epsilon. Industrial Arts Club. DAY. ROGER LEROY Gridlev Mu Epsilcn Nu. Y. M. C. A. Vice-President. ' His- tory and Government Club Vice-President Pi Kappa Delta. Commerce Club. DERDFN. ELEANOR JEAN Attica Alice Freeman Palmer Secretary. Orchestra Sigma Pi Sigma. Y. W. C. A.. ' History and Government Club. Chorus. DEVORE. LEONARD IDENIRE . . . Emnor ' a Mathematics Club. Latin Club. DINIUS. ARLYNE ESTHER Quinctl DOUGLASS. JACQUELYN Burlington Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Junior Dance. i: L A S S ( F 19 4 1 DOWNS. TED Empor.a Gilton Players. Science Club. Mu Epsilon Nu K-Chib. Track. DULANEY. BETTY ARLEENE .... Winlield Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. M.ithematics Club. EARL. VIRGINIA MARIE El Dorado Splash Club. Y. W. C. A.. Physical Education Club. Outing Club. Commerce Club. EBERHART. ERNON Turon Mu Epsilon Nu. Collegiate 4-H Club. Science Club Y, M C. A. ELLIS. JACK Liberal Phi Delta Chi. Commerce Club. History and Government Club. EMERY. CURTIS ROY Abilene Phi Sigma Epsilon. History and Government Club " Y. M. C. A.. Mathematics Club. ENOCHS. FLRNE LUCILLE Tonganoxie Alpha S.gma Alpha Chaplain. Outing Club Presi- dent. Alice Freeman Palmer. Y. W. C. A.. French Club. History and Government Club. ERICKSON, ELDEN BERT Concordia Kappa Sigma Epsilon. French Club President. German Club. Spanish Club. History and Gov- ernment Club, Student Council, Y. M. C. A. ESHNAUR. MILDRED MAE CuJdson Commerce Club, Winnetaska. [ 87 ] EUBANK. HORACE W Coats Sigma Tall Gamma. French Club. EVANS. JOSEPHINE ELLA Wnsliinr ton Alpliathenlan. Y. W. C. A.. Symphonic Chorus. Women s Glee Club. Madrigalians, Orchestra. PINNERTY. JOSEPH L Hartjord Phi Delta Chi. Latin Club. Spanish Club. PITCH. JEAN Arkansas Cttv Symphonic Chorus, Y. W. C. A., Orchestra. FITZWATER. EVERETT LYLE Solomon Y. M. C. A.. Mathematics Club. Latin Club. History and Government Club. FRANKLIN, LAURA MABEL Burn.i History and Government Club. Latin Club. FRAZIER. GRACE ELIZABETH .... Kansas City Collegiate Club. FRENCH, DAVID A Emporia PULTS. BETTY LOU Kansas City Pi Kappa Sigma Vice-President and Rush Cap- tain. Sigma Pi Sigma Secretary. Rhythmic Circle. Physical Education Club. Pan Hellenic Coiuicll CLASS OF 19 41 GALLEA, ROY D Neodcsha Phi Delta Chi, Band, Symphonic Chorus. CARTON. DALE Norton Science Club. Mathematics Club. GAULT. VIRGINIA AILEEN Richmond W A A. Treasurer. Physical Education Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. Outing Club, Junior Dance. GILKISON, RUTH HELEN Lamed Pi Kappa Sigma. Y. W. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club. Science Club. Home Economics Club. GILMAN. ROBERT HALDON Meade Alpha Theta Rho. GOOCH, JOSEPH W Minneapolis Phi Sigma Epsilon, Latin Club. GOODRUM. BARBARA LEE Rossvilie Winnetasl.a. Primary-Kindergarten Club. GOSS. ROBERT HARRY Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Geography Club Vice- President. Commerce Club. GRIFFITH. FRED SPENCER Emporia Football, Basketball. [ 88 ' la fi. " p, I utA HAASIL ' , M. DEAN Marion Sigma Tau Gamma Secretary. Commerce Club Vice-President, History and Government Club. HAMMAN. MARVIN P Hiirtlord Phi Sigma Epsilon. Football, Industrial Arts Club. Science Club. HARBAIJGH. ELIZABETH E CuUln nlcr Pi Kappa Sigma. Home Economics Club. Physical Education Club, Splash Club, W. A. A.. Science Club. Mathematics Club. Sigma Pi Sigma. HARMAN. CARROLL LEE Alchisor. Alpha Sigma Alpha Secretary, Sigma Pi Sigma. Physica! Education Club, W. A. A.. Rhythmic Circle. Gilson Players. HASSARD. GEORGE HENRY Cedar Vale Band. Orchestra. Symphonic Chorus. Men ' s Glee Club. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Phi Mu Alpha. HASTINGS, BETTY JO Osiimilomic Winnetaska. History and Government Club. Outing Club. HATFIELD, EUTH EVELYN Copeland Theta Sigma Upsilon Vice-President. Orchestra. Chorus, Alphathenian, Y. W. C. A. HAUGH. NELLIE FRANCELIA Chunute Commerce Club. HAWEECKER. MAURINE ALICE Marion S.yma Alpha Iota, Baud, Sphinx, Symphonic Choir, Y, W. C. A., Winnetaska, Treble Clef Club, Primary-Kindergarten Club. CLASS OF 1941 HEATON, JAKE SCHERZER turned Y. W. C. A.. Pi Kappa Sigma. History and Gov- ernment Club. Women ' s Glee Club. HENDRY. HELEN Newton Delta Sigma Epsilon. Sigma Alpha Iota. Sphinx. Symphonic Chorus. Treble Clef Club. French Club. HESS. GAIL IRVIN Johnson Sigma Tau Gamma, Commerce Club. i ILL, LOREN ELWOOD Foioier Mu Epsilon Nu. Mathematics Club. Commerce Club. HILLER. ROSALIE LURA Hutchinson Y. W. C. A. HINSHAW. GLYDE ELIZABETH . . . Medicine Lodge Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Y. W. C. A. HOARD. ELBERTA LOU Anthony Sigma Sigma Sigma. Commerce Club. HOLLEN. MARTHA MARIAN Sdlinn Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A.. German Club. Collegiate 4-H Club. HOWARD. JEANNE Atchison Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club, Science Club. 89 HOWARD. THERESA ELIZABETH Parsons Collegiate Club. HUBBARD. GEORGE L Goddard Phi Delta Chi. Commerce Club. HUNSAKER. VE KAY Americus Delta Sigma Epsilon, Primary-Kindergarteh Club. IHDE. HERBERT Elmo History aiid Government Club, Matheinatics Club, Commerce Club, Y. M. C. A., Mu Epsilon Nu. Student Manager of Student Uiiion, JACKA. DONALD LaPAWN Tongano.vie Football. Latin Club. JAENICKE, ARLENE CAROLYN . . . Junction City Y. W. C. A Cabinet, Home Economics Club, History and Government Club, Mathematics Club, Outing Club. JAMES. MARIAN Merriam Pi Kappa Sigma. Science Club. Alice Freeman Palmer, Physical Education Club. JOHNSMEYER. PHYLLIS HELEN Topeka Commerce Club. Y. W. C. A.. History and Gov- ernment Club. JOHNSON. DORTHA Statjord Primary- Kindergarten Club. CLASS OF 1941 JOHNSON. EARL HUBERT Sublette Phi Sigma Epsilon, Science Club, Industrial Arts Club. JONES, DWIOHT WATSON Caney Phi Delta Chi Secretary, Phi Mu Alpha, Men ' s Glee Club, Orchestra, Band. JONES. NORMAN ERNEST .... Furt Smith. Ark. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Latin Club, Industrial Arts Club. JONES. ROBERT PERRIN Iota Phi Delta Chi. Science Club. JUHNKE. ROLAND T McPherson JULIAN. DONALD ARTHUR MoUne Phi Sigmfi Epsilon, Science Club. KADEL, RUTH MARGARET Scoltsville Winnetaska. KAUFMAN. EVADNA Pretty Prairie Primary-Kindergarten Club. Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A. KIMBERLIN. JAMES RUSSELL Winfield Football. Mu Epsilon Nu. Ik ii a i rc? •9 !, • . I yu J 4iiii KINNAMON. VIRGIL MORHIS Syloia Mu Epsllon Nu. History and Government Club, Mathematics Club. Science Club, Lambda Delta Lambda Secretary. KLOTZ. THELMA FAY Emporia Science Club Secretary. Student Council. Win- netaska, German Club. KOHLER. LOIS FRANCES Ellinwood Y. W. C. A.. Coiiimerce Club. Hi-story and Gov- erninent Club. Geography Club. KRAMER. AMOS RAYMOND Marquette Y. M. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club Mu Epsilon Nu Secretary. LASH. EVA MABEL Scavdia Alice Freeman Palmer. Winnetaska. HLstory and Government Club. Y. W. C. A.. Latin Club, Collegiate 4-H Club. LAWMAN. MARY ELIZABETH Severy Physical Education Club, W. A. A. LEISER. MARGARET KATHRYN Madison W. A. A.. Physical Education Club. LORENSON. VIRGINIA JUNE Abilene Alpha Sigma Alpha. Primary-Kindergarten Club. LOUIS. MARY LOUISE Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma. Physical Education Club President. Rhythmic Circle. Sigma Pi Sigma, W A. A. Board. CLASS OF 1941 McBRIDE. CLAIRE WILMA Water I ' illc Winnetaska. Coiunierce Club. McDERMED. WILLIAM CARVIN Meridcn McKAY. JACK FRAZER Marion Phi Delta Chi, McLIN. PAUL EDWARD Council Grove French Club. Mu Epsilon Nu. McMillan. RALPH EDWARD ... Hutchinson Phi Sigmr Epsilon. Football. MADTSON. DOROTHY LUCILLE Ottawa Alpha Sigma Alpha. Y. W. C A. MALONEY MARY LORETTA Kansas City W. A. A. Secretary. Science Club. Pi Kappa Sigma Press Agent. Sigma Pi Sigma. Y. W. C. A., Physical Education Club. French Club. MARSHALL. MARJORIE ELIZABETH .... Clilton Primary-Kindergarten Club. Alphathenian. Y. W. C. A.. Symphonic Chorus. MARTIN. DOROTHY EDITH Hiaumtlia Y. W. C. A. [ 91 ] MARTIN. MILDRED EUNICE Doui luss y. W. C. A.. Wimietaska. MATHEWS MADELINE LUCILE Beverly Bai.d. Wc. men ' s Glee Club. MEARS. ELIZABETH ROSE Hulslead Delta Sigma Epsilon. Primary-KlndergarLen Club. Sphinx. Sigma Pi Sigma. Pan Hellenic Council. MIGHT. MAMIE VIRGINIA Hutchinson History and Government Club, Library Science Club. MILLER, JESSIE IRENE Great Bend Home Ec: ' nomics Club. Band. Mathematics Club, Winnel:,.ska. Y W. C A . W. A. A. MILLER. H ' CILE VIRGINIA Corning Alice Freeman Painter. German Club. MILLER. MAXINE GENEVIEVE Rossuille MOORE. BETTY JANE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. Pan Hellenic Council. Sigma Pi Sigma, Y. W. C. A . Comn.erce Club. MOORE. NORA MAY Minreola Alphathenian President. Women ' s Glee Club. Sigma Alpha Iota. Vice-President of the Junior Clas.s CLASS OF 194l " MOUSE, VIRGINIA MARIE Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club. History and Go eminent Club. MUENZENMAYER. BERNICE L Woodbine History pnd Government Club. MUNZER. CORA A Eskridge Y. W. C A,. Winnetaska. Physical Education Club. MURPHY, RALPH Pretty Prairi? Band. Orchestra, Madrigalians, Men ' s Glee Club Publicity Manager. Phi Mu Alpha. NASH. LEONARD CHARLES Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon. Alpha Theta Rho. NORFLEET. MARY JANE Coffeyrille Sigma Sigma Sigma. OGREN. MARGARET JEANNE .... Arkansas City Alpha Sigma Alpha. Primary-Kindergarten Club. French Club. OLSON. MARGARET ELIZABETH Newton Primary -Kindergarten Club. O ' MARA, MICHAEL JOSEPH Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu, Commerce Club, Spanish Club. V g MtA r 92 1 ri i PARKS. PAUL HOWARD Eureka Sigma Tau Ganinui Vice-President. PEATLING. LORENA MAE Abilene Y. W. C- A., Pnmaiy-Kindergaiten Club. PENNER. BERTHA L Hutchinson History and Government Club. Winnetaska. German Club Secretary-Treasurer. PERRY. LAURA LOUISE Greenleal Y, W. C. A.. French Club. PHILIPS. MORTON ORLA Edgcrton History and Government Club. Science Club. Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A. PIERCE. LILLIAN DIANNE Kansas Cily Theta Sigma Upsiion. POOLER. MARY ELEANOR Emporia Alpha Sigma Tau. French Club. History and Government Club. Contmerce Club. PROSSER. QUENTIN THERON Perrn Industrial Arts Club. Y. M. C. A.. Men ' s Glee Club. History and Government Club. Track. PUTNAM. MRS. KATHRYN BADGER . Matfielcl Green Prima ry-Knidergarten Club. CLASS OF 1941 PUTTROFP. ALICE JEWEL Newton Splash Club. Library Science Club. Y. W C A W. A. A QUILLEN. VINCENT GLENN McPherson Phi Delta Chi. Commerce Club. Spanish Club. RAMSEY, MARY LOUISE Topeka Primary-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A. RASMUSSEN. CHARLOTTE EMMINGHAM . . . Vliets READ. MARVYL ZELL IVic7i;(n Commerce Club. History and Government Club. Wiiiiietaska. REEBLE. WM. KELLER Emporia Lambda Delta Lambda. Kappa Mu Epsilon. RICHERT. ELVIRA Newton French Club Secretary-Treasurer. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Winnetaska. Sphinx. RISSLFR. KENNETH RAYMOND Eskridge Commerce Club. History and Government Club. Sigma Tau Gamma President. Interfraternity Council. ROULUND. LUCILLE Meh-ern Commerce Club. History and Government Club, Winnetaska. [93 ] 1! ROWLANDS. HUBERT LLEWELYN Emporia Mu Epsilon Nil. Pi Kappa Delta, History and Government Club. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Debate, Latin Club. RUSSELL. MARGARET ANGELINE . . Geuda Sprijigs Women ' s Glee Club. Outing Club, Primary- Kindeigarten Club. Geography Club. RYAN. THEA CHRYSTENE WelWigton Vvinnetf ska. SCHIRMER. ALICE SOPHIA .... Bonner Springs Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Alphathenian President, Primary-Kindergarten Club, Spanish Club. SEEFELD. TWILAH MAE Chilocco. Olcla. Omega. Kappa Mu Epsilon, Lambda Delta Lambda. Y. W. C. A. Treasurer, Winnetaska, Science Club, Mathematics Club. SEELEY. ROBERT NEIL Norto7l Symphonic Chorus, Latin Club. Y. M. C. A. SEYPERT, MELVINA FRIEDA Meade V innetaska. Commerce Club. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W, C. A.. Mathematics Club. SHANNON. DICK Cha nute Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Basketball, Tennis, Com- merce Club, History and Government Club. SHEA. WM FREDERICK , ArkaHi,as Citi} Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Men ' s Glee Club. French Club, Latin Club, Band. Basketball. C iT A S S OF 19 4 1 SHEPHERD. DON L Admire Phi Sigma Epsilon. Pi Krtppa Delta. SHERMAN. PHYLLIS MAY Eureka Y W. C, A.. Winnetaska. SKULL. MARY MAY Eureka Alpha Sigma Alpha. Commerce Club. SICKLES. MARGARET F Virqil Delta Sigma Epsilon. Sphinx. Commerce Club, Spanish Club. SIMMS. DOROTHY ELLEN Meeker. Colo. Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska. SISSON. MARY IRVYL Harveyville Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club. SMITH. EDITH ALDENA Emporia Omega. Histor,v and Government Club, Winne- taska. Y. W- C, A-. Library Club SMITH. MAXINE YVONNE Minneapolis Womtns Glee Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club, Y. W. C. A. SNODGRASS, VERA BERNICE Grenola PI Kappa Sigma President, Sigma Pi Sigma, Collegiate 4-H Club, History and Government Club, Womeli ' s League Council. Y. W. C. A. I 94 ] te i SNYDER, PARKE Protection Sigma Tau Gamma, Inter-Praternity Council, Commerce Club SPBAGUE, NORMAN Powhattan Mu Epsi lon Nu. Commerce Club, K-Club STECKEL, GRACE PEARLE Quincy Home Economics Club. History and Government Club. Science Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, Y W. C. A.. Winnetaska STEG. PAUL O Emporia Orchestra. Band, Phi Mu Alpha Vice-President String Quartette, Chorus Presidant STENZEL. LENORE MAY Marion Sphinx Treasurer, Latin Club, Winnetaska " STEWARD. MARY BETH Emporia Y. W. C- A . Home Economics Club STEWART, JANE MARIE Coldwaier Pi Kappa Sigma Secretary, Rhythmic Circle President, Sigma Pi Sigma, Primary-Kinder- garten Club President, History and Govern- ment Club, W. A. A. STOCKTON, CLAIR BERNARD Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon STORMONT, ELMER E Dightov Phi Sigma Epsilon CLASS OF I 9 4 1 SYMNS, ANNA HAGAMAN Bendenn Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A., Collegiate 4-H Club TAYLOR. BETTY LORENE Arkansas City Collegiate Club. Home Economics Club TAYLOR. IMARYI ANN Wellington Primary-Kindergarten Club. Alpha Sigma Alpha THOLEN. TOM EDWARD Emporia Phi Delta Chi. Commerce Club TRIEMER. ARTHUR E Strong City Phi Delta Chi TUBES, HELEN ELIZABETH Washington Alpha Sigma Alpha Rush Captain, Pan-Hellenic Council, Symphonic Choir, Orchestra, Y. W. C. A. TWIBELL. ARNITA MYRNICE Salilla [95 ] VINCENT, ALICE HELEN Elkhart History and Government Club, Library Club, German Club WALKER, ESTHER MAE Emporia Home Economics Club. Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A., Science Club WALRAFEN, MARY (RAYl Peabody Y. W, C. A. Secretary, Winnetaska, Geography Club WAMPLER. DOROTHY MAE Garden City Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. French Club WARREN, DONALD CALVIN Sterling Mu Epsilon Nu, Commerce Club, History and Go ' erinnent Club WATERMAN, LAURA M rva ' jidi Alice Freeman Palmer, Commerce Club, Physical Education Club, Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. His- tory and Government Club. W. A. A. WEBB, H. VERNON Lincoln Mu Epsilon Nu. History and Government Club WEMPLE, HILDA LENA Wichita Y. W. C. A.. Geography Club. Primary-Kinder- garten Club WHIPKEY. MARGARET CAROLYN Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon Vice-President. Sphinx. Women ' s Glee Club. Geography Club. Y. W. C. A. CLASS OF 194 1 WILD. FRANCIS L Pleasiniton Men ' s Glee Club, French Club, Commerce Club. Y. M. C. A., Mu Epsilon Nu WILSON, DOROTHY MARIE Strong City Alpha Sigma Alpha, Primary-Kindergarten Club, Rhythmic Circle Recital M.mager WOOD, WILLIAM J Belpre Mu Epsilon Nu. Geography Club WRIGHT. RUTH OPAL Lyons Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A., Winnetaska, History and Government Club WRIGHT, WAVA G Jetmore Delta Sigma Epsilon, French Club, Outing Club ZIMMERMAN, WM, HARRISON Emporia Phi Delta Chi, Commerce Club, Hictory and Gov- ernment Club m I 96 1 SOPHOMORES Oi ivE Ferrin I ' li-siilciif Election of class officers for Sophomores was decided three days before the designated day for balloting. The deadline date for presentation of nominating petitions passed and the only petitions presented to the Student Council were those circulated by the powerful Coalition Party. After a routine meeting during which " election " was held, Olive Ferrin was de- clared president; Martha Meyer, vice-presi- dent; and D. R. " Doc " Bulmer, secretary- treasurer. The second yearlings entertained the entire student body at the annual semi-formal Christmas Party in the elegantly and appropriately decorated Union on December 21. Lee Johnson ' s orchestra furnished both sweet and liot tunes for the pleasure of introvert and extrovert alike. The remainder of the year was uneventful as far-sighted planners saved meager class funds for an expensive junior year. Martha Meyer Vice-Prcsiclciit D. R. " Doc " Bulmer Secretary -Treasurer r 97] ADAMS. WILLIAM FRANK Clay Center History and Government Club, Y. M. C. A., Mu Epsilon Nu. Debate. Commerce Club, " Our Town " ALDRIDGE, BILLIE JEAN Sedgwick Spanish Club. Commerce Club. Sigma Sigma Sigma ALPREY. lOPALi IRENA Greensburg Outing Club ALSPAW. ROBERTA MAXINE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. Home Economics Club. Sigma Pi Sigma ANDERSON. MARY ALICE Emporia Science Club. Mathematics Club, Splash Club ARNETT. ADA MARIE oipe ATHERTON. DOROTHY Emporia Coinmerce Club. History and Government Club Alpha Sigma Alpha AYERS, GLENNIS EVELYN loUl Sigma Sigma Sigma. Symphonic Choir Treble Clef BACON. BEATRICE LUCILE White City Collegiate 4-H Club Vice-President. Y. V c A Primary-Kindergarten Club C:LASS of 1942 BARKER. BETTY MARIE Norton Sigma Sigma Sigma Rush Captain. French Club BARNCORD. ROBERT CHARLES .... Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu BARTLEY. GARRETT WILSON .... Pomhattan Football. Latin Club, Commerce Club BARRETT. ELOISE MARIE Randall Collegiate 4-H Club. Y. W. C. A., Primary- Kindergarten Club BARRETT, THELMA MAXINE . . . Ouetiemo Y. W. C. A. ■ . . V ' lenemo BATES. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH . . Garden City Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten ' BAYLESS. MARVIN j o Mu Epsilon Nu. Latin Club. Commerce Club Football. Track BEAN. VELMA IMOGENS Protection Delta Sigma Epsilon. Alphathenian. Y. W C A Commerce Club BECKMANN, RUBY AUGUSTA .... Gavlord Y. W. C, A. .... LrdjHora A atk isl. i [ 98 ] BEEDLE. ELSIE RENE Mat ield Green Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club BERGEVIN. HELEN W Win ield Pi Kappa Sigma. Primary-Kindergarten Club. Junior Dance BIEGLER. JEAN Lamed History and Government Club, Commerce Club BIGLEY, I ALICE I VIRGINIA .... Arkansas City Geography Club. Primary-Kindergafrten Club, History and Government Club. Outing Club BIPPUS, EVELYN MARY Liberal Y. W. C. A., History and Government Club. Commerce Club BLAIR. BOYD ALLEN Horton Mu Epsilon Nu BOWER, BERNARD W Dodge City Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Science Club BRAMMER. VELMA LUVERNE Rosalia BRENNER. MYRA K Bvrdick Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A. CLASS OF 1942 BREUER. EARL HARRIS Waverly Science Club. Mathematics Club BRILES. DOROTHY ANNA Pomona Home Economics Club BROOKS. NORMA MAXINE Wellington Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. BROOKS. STEWART BYRON Emporia Symphonic Choir BROOKS, WAYNE ELBERT Emporia BROOMFIELD, MARTHA RAE Toronto Y. W. C. A., History and Government Club. Latin Club. Winnetaska BROWN. MARY ELLEN Neal Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska. Primary-Kindergarten Club BRUCE. FLORENCE ELLORA Amerieus Y. W. C. A. Winnetaska. Commerce Club. Spanish Club BRUEGGEMANN. DORIS MARCINE . . . Clay Center Sigma Sigma Sigma. Home Economics Club, Primary-Kindergarten Club [99] BRUEGGEMANN, DOROTHY ORENE . . Clay Center Sigma Sigma Sigma. Home Economics Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club. Student Council BUMGARDNER. HENRY LEE Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club BURDETTE. JUANITA KAY Altamont Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club BURNETT. ROBERT GEORGE . . . Conway Springs Mu Ep.silon Nu. Mathematics Club. Geography Club BURNS. WARREN LEONARD Eskridgc Mathematics Club. Science Club. Mu Epsilon Nu BUTLER. LOIS IDA Leiois Y. W. C. A., Women ' s Glee Club BYRD. ELLEN LOUISE Sharon Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Alpha Iota. Symphonic Chorus. Spanish Club. History and Government Club CADWALLADER. VIOLA AILEEN Corbin Physical Education Club. Y. W. C. A.. Outing Club. Women ' s Glee Club. Winnetaska CALDWELL. NOLA BELLE Getieseo Splash Club, Outing Club. Physical Education Club CLASS OF 1942 CARLSON, MARY ELIZABETH Americus Alpha Sigma Alpha. Primary-Kindergarten Club CARPENTER. HELEN IRENE Eskridge Primary-Kindergarten Club. Winnetaska CARTER. BETTY FRANCES Cunningham Winnetaska. History and Government Club. Y. W. C. A. CASTOR. (LOTTIEl BEATRICE Solomon Women ' s Glee Club. Orchestra. Y. W. C. A. CHAPMAN. LEOTA MAE Waverly Science Club. Y. W- C. A.. Winnetaska. History and Government Club CLARK. ELDON Newton Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club. Latin Club. Geography Club. Track CLARK. LAURAINE LIZETTE Lawrence Winnetaska. Primary-Kindergarten Club, Outing Club. Y- W. C. A- CLAYTON. MARGARET ELEANOR Wilsey Primary-Kindergarten Club. Outing Club COSTELLO, LEO N Tampa Sigma Tau Gamma. Varsity Basketball fy ' - " v L 100 mU4 i.1 » », t.1. Kju SL. jLaJL tvo -C U « C L-A A j-ox 1 COTT, HOOVER WILSON Hugoton Phi Delta Chi, Symphonic Choir, History and Lio ernmeiit Club CRANSTON, MARJORIE OPAL Winfield Wiiinetaska CRANSTON, MILDRED NADINE Win ield CRAWFORD, GERALDINE Ouerbrook Commerce Club, History and Government Club CRISWELL, BARBARA LEE Junction City Winnetaska, Commerce Club, Mathematics Club. Women ' s Glee Club DABBS, MARJORIE LYNNE Emporia Sigma Pi Sigma, History and Government Club DAVIDSON. CLARA LOUISE While City y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska, Georgraphy Club DAVIDSON. JOHN HOWARD Olaihe Mens Glee Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, Y. M. C. A-. Debate DAVIS. ELIZABETH R Barclay Commerce Club CLASS OF 1942 DAVIS. LOUIS KEITH Saliua Lambda Delta Lambda, Mu Epsiloii Nu, Y. M. C- A, Scieiice Club DIETRICH, MARY ALICE Richmond Sigma Alpha Iota DODGE, MERLE J Burlington Mu Epsilon Nu. Men ' s Glee Club. Collegiate 4-H Club Pianist DIETZ. MAXINE ELDENA Strong City Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club. Band, Orchestra DIXON, ARLINE SILVERS Marion Winnetaska, Y, W- C- A., Alice Freeinan Palmer, Geography Club DOBBS, (DOROTHYI NADINE .... Williamsburg Band. Women ' s Glee Club. Spanish Club. Win- netaska. y. w. c. A. DONNELLAN. QUENTIN ALBERT Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon. K-Club DRYDEN. ROBERT JOSEPH Ellsworth Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club, Spanish Club, Mathematics Club DUNLAP, BARBARA REX Winfield Delta Sigma Epsilon, Splash Club [ 101 EDDS, DOROTHY EILEEN Emporia Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma. Rhythmic Circle. Primary-Kindergarten Club Treasurer EDMONDS. VAUGHAN WILLIAM .... Emporia Science Club. Track ELIOT. MARJORIE Arli7igton Winnetaska. Primary-Kindergarten Club ERICKSON. MARJORIE NAOMI .... Burdick Y. W. C. A,. Winnetaska EVERETT. DAN KENNISON Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon PAIDLEY. EDRA RUTH Wakefield Primary-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A. FAY. CLARICE Olathe Pi Kappa Sigma. Primary-Kindergarten Cliib PERRIN. OLIVE Pratt Delta Sigma Epsilon. Sphinx. History and Gov- ernment Club. Commerce Club Secretary-Treas- urer. President ol Sophomore Class FERRIS. CARL CLEBURNE Vdall German Club Vice-President, Mu Epsilon Nu CLASS OF 194 2 FITZGERALD. MARY JOSEPHINE Ottawa Physical Education Club. History and Govern- ment Club FLEENER. MARGARET BELLE Greenshlirg Primary-Kindergarten Club. Winnetaska Y W C. A. FLEMING. DORIS EDNA Piper Primary-Kindergarten Club POLCK. VIRGINIA RUTH .... Little River Y. W. C. A. FORNEY. JUNIOR CLYDE Newton Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Basketball FOSTER. MARY KATHRYN Geneseo Sigma Sigma Sigma. Geography Club. Science Club. History and Government Club. Primary- Kindergarten Club, Outing Club FREEBURNE. GLENN FREDRICK . . . Emporia Band. String Trio Pianist. Mens Glee Club Ac- companist. Symphonic Choir. Phi Mu Alpha Kappa Sigma Epsilon, French Club FREEMAN. KATHLEEN Ashland Theta Sigma Upsilon President. Pan-Hellenic Council Treasurer. Splash Club, Commerce Club. Mathematics Club GALLOWAY. MARTHA ELIZABETH . . . Newton Y. W. C. A.. French Club [ 102 ] GEIS. QUENTIN GEORGE Durham Sigma Tau Gamma. Science Club GEISSLER. VERNON VICTOR Durham Science Club GEORGE, BILL WOODROW Elmdale Latin Club. Football. Track. Basketball. Phi Sigma Epsilon GIBBS. JOYCE ANNE Reading Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club GIGER. EDWIN GILLETT Elmdale Geography Club. Mu Epsilon Nu. Science Club GILSON. LEONARD H Emvoria Phi Delta Chi CLICK. HOWARD LEE Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A. GORDON. BARBARA ALICE Burrton Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A. GORDON. CALVIN WAYNE Centralia Mu Epsilon Nu CLASS OF 1942 GROGGER. CAROLYN Solomon Women ' s Glee Club. Latin Club. Y. W. C. A. GROH. MARY JANE Emporia Pi Kappa Delta. Science Club. History and Gov- ernment Club. Y. W. C. A. HAPPNER. IMOGENE LORRAINE Emporia Physical Education Club. W. A. A.. W. A. A. Board HALL. MARTHA LOUISE Emporia Alpha Sigma Tau. Alice Freeman Palmer. Pri- mary-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A., Pan- Hellenic Council HAMMER. WARREN HERBERT Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon HAND. HELEN ESTHER Partridge History and Government Club. Latin Club. Y. W. C. A. HANKINS. ROBERT M Florence Science Club HANSON. (MARIE I lONE Osage City Science Club. Home Economics Club. Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska HARDEN. GERALDINE Protection Delta Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma. Primary- Kindergarten Club [ 10} J HARDENBURGER. FLORENCE MAY Narka Y. W. C. A., History and Government Club, Winnetaska HARRISON, BETTY DEANE Buffalo Band, Orchestra, Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A., Sphinx, Women ' s Glee Club, Symphonic Choir HART. DOROTHY IRENE Overbrook Primary-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A. HASLOUER. ROSEMARY JOAN Abilene Alpha Sigma Tail Historian, Latin Club. Mathe- matics Club. Outing Club, History and Govern- ment Club HAWKS. RUTH ELIZABETH Holton Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club HEISEY. MARNO M Frankfort Alice Freeman Palmer. Winnetaska, Women ' s Glee Club, Collegiate 4-H Club HENDRICKSON, VON LEE Norton Sigma Sigma Sigma. French Club. German Club, History and Government Club HETZEL. ANDREA VERDINE Newton French Club. Splash Club HILL, GEORGIA MILDRED Plevna Women ' s Glee Club CLASS OF 1942 HILL. JOHN HAROLD Waverly Y. M. C. A. HOBBS. ELIZABETH LEE Powhattan Collegiate 4-H Club, Y, W. C- A.. Winnetaska, Science Club, Geography Club HOWELL. RUBY ALICE Ottawa Sphinx, French Club HOWLAND. MARJOBIE RUTH Emporia Winnetaska. Alice Freeman Palmer. Science Club HOYT. EDITH LORENE Hartford Geography Club, Y. W, C. A.. Mathematics Club HUBBARD, RALPH W Topeka Mu Epsilon Nu HURLE, LOIS MARGUERITE Osage City Winnetaska, Biology Club, Geography Club. Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club INNIS, JO ANN Meade Winnetaska, History and Government Club JEFFERIES, BETTY ILENE Newton Delta Sigma Epsilon, Primary-Kindergarten Club, Y. W. C. A. Ikh i: [ 104 ] Jh i£i fe JEZEK. FRANK JOHN Ellsivnrth Mathematics Club, Commerce Club, Mu Epsilon Nu JOHNSON. HELEN MABEL Marysville Primary-Kindergarten CUib JOHNSON. JIM A ElUnwood Phi Delta Chi JOHNSTON. MARVIN E Bu lalo . Y. M. C- A,. Commerce Club. History and Gov- ernme.it Club. German Club JONES. LEAH MARIE Lebn Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, History and Government Club, W. A. A.. Winnetaska JONES. MERLE LOUISE Hurllorcl Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club KAAD. LOREITA MAXINE Randall Y. W. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club KALB. I EVA I PAULINE Canton Alphatheiiian. Y. W. C. A., Primary-Kindergarten Club. Winnetaska KENDALL. MARJORIE ISABELLE Emporia Collegiate 4-H Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club, Winnelaska CLASS OF 1942 KENNEDY. THOMAS JOSEPH Emmetl Track, Latin Club, Commerce Club, Mu Epsilon Nu KERNOHAN. MARTHA LOUISE Sharon History and Government Club, Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A. KERSLEY. BETTY LOUISE WcUsville KESTER. DAVID WM Eureka Y. M. C. A.. Pi Kappa Delta. German Club KIMBALL. DOROTHY ALINE .... Medicine Lodge Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Alpha Iota KIRGIS. VIRGINIA ELOISE Beloit Y. W. C. A.. Geography Club KLICK. FRANCES NAOMI Toronto Y. W. C. A. KLOPPENBERG. IRENE ELENOR Hanover Spanish Club. Latin Club. Y. W. C. A. KNOUSE. MARY JANE Emporia Pi Kappa Sigma. Band. Orchestra [ 105 ] KNOX. ABBIE LOUISE Piedmont Alpha Sigma Alpha. Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club. Science Club KNOX. ROBERT MURRY Piedmont Science Club. Collegiate 4-H Club. Sigma Tau Gamma KOCHER. MARTHA ALLENE Coats Alpha Sigma Tau. Y. W. C. A.. Latin Club KOOGLE. VERA PEARL Chapman Women ' s Glee Club KRUG. GENEVA CLEORA Hudson Y. W. C, A.. Winnetaska. Science Club KYLE. VlflLBUR R SaflordiiUe Commerce Club, Spanish Club. History and Gov- eriiment Club LAIR. ROBERT LOUIS Newton Kappa Sigma Epsilon LARSON. WALTER ERNEST Augusta Mu Epsilon Nil. Band. Coininerce Club LAWLESS. BARBARA JUNE Wichita Sigma Sigma Sigma. Commerce Club. HOine Eco- nomics Club CLASS OF 1942 " LAWRENCE. JOHN EWING Pomona Phi Delta Chi. French Club LEACH. PRANCES Meade Winnetaska. Geography Club LECKRON. BETTY LORRAINE Abilene Y, W- C. A.. Winnetaska. Primary-Kindergarten Club. Geography Club. History and Government Club LEROUX. MERL ALFRED Preston Commerce Club. Band. Sigma Tau Gamma LEWIS. MARY JEANE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. Commerce Club LINDAMOOD. NEVA MAE Quincy Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Outing Club LORENZ. ELIZABETH FAITH Tescoti French Club. Y. W. C. A. LOWE. ROBERTA M Clyde Winnetaska. Geography Club LUSHER. CAROL NORMA Canton [ 106 ] McBOYLE. FAITH ERNESTINE ... . Abilene Latin Club. Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club, Pnmar.v-Kmdergarten Club Mccormick, bob scammon Symphonic Chorus. Phi Delta Chi McCOY, WILLIAM O Partridge Science Club Mcdonald, maurice vail Beioit Sigma Tau Gamma. Debate. Orchestra McGOWAN. FRANCIS K Vermillion Mathematics Club. Science Club. Y. M. C. A. McGUIRE. DONALD LeDEAN Holtan Mu Epsilon Nu. Band. Syiiiphonic Chorus MAILS. JEAN Tonganoxie Alphathenian. Women ' s Glee Club. Primary- Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A. MALIK. JOHN Burlington Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mathematics Club. Science Club MANGELSDORF. RUTH LAMOYNE . . . Kansas City Pi Kappa Sigma. Pan-Hellenic Council. Home Economics Club CLASS OF 194 2 MARCY. CLELIA MARIE Fall River Winnetaska MARSH. SUE ALICE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha MARTIN. HELEN IRENE Welda Theta Sigma Upsilon. Women ' s Glee Club MARTIN. ROBERT EUGENE Hiawatha Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Industrial Arts MENDENHALL. GEORGE VIRGIL . Cottonwood Falls Phi Delta Chi. Spanish Club. Commerce Club, Men ' s Glee Club MERRITT. MARGARET MAXINE .... Burlington Winnetaska. Geography Club. Science Club MEYER. MARTHA JEANETTE Jewell Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Alice Freeman Palmer, Winnetaska. History and Government Club, Band, Vice-President of Sophomore Class MEYER. VIRGIL MAYNARD Carlton Commerce Club. Y. M. C. A. MILLER, AGNES V IRGINIA Howard Y. W. C. A.. Primarv-Kindergarten Club. Outing Club [ 107] MOBLEY, LILLIAN CHABLON Madison Alpha Sigma Tau, Commerce Club. Y. W. C, A. MOON. LLOYD ARTHUR Liberal Wii Delta Chi. Alpha Theta Rho MORRIS. HELEN MAURXNE Westmoreland Winnetaska. Primar.v-Klndeigarten Club. Science Club. Y. W. C. A. MORTON. MARGARET ELAINE Severy Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kinderganen Club MOTT. ROBERT ALLEN Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsllon. Industrial Arts Club. His- tory and Government Club MUNROE. ROBERT ALLEN Douglass Phi Sigma Epsilon. Debate. Track NEIS. RUBY MAE Eiidora Commerce Club. History and Government Club Spanish Club NELSON. ARDEN VERNICE Courtland Primary-Kindergarten Club, Winnetaska NEWTON. ERWIN. JR Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon CLASS OF 19 1 2 NIXON. BARBARA NELL Oxford Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club NOLAND, WINIFRED CHRISTIANA . . . Emporia Pi Kappa Delta. Debate. Winnetaska. Y. W C A.. History and Government Club. Women ' s Glee Club. Sigma Pi Sigma. French Club NORVELL. LAWRENCE W Garnett Band, Orchestra. Symphonic Choir. Men ' .s Glee Club. Mu Ep.silon Nu OBLEY. BILL . . Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon. History and Government Club. Geography Club OSER. RUBY JOSEPHINE Qrcttt Bend OVERPECK. EMILIE MAE Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma Vice-Presi- dent, Commerce Club PATTERSON, iLOISi NADINE .... Junction City Delta Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Junior Dance PATTIE, BETTY NELLE William sbur,j Sigma Pi Sigma, Primary-Kindergarten Club PERKINS. EVELYN CHARLOTTA Bronsoii Winnetaska. Outing Club. Home Economics Club Women ' s Glee Club ■hm [ ins 1 PERRY. GLADYS DORENE Cussoday Geography Club, Winiietaska, Y. W. C. A. PETERS, BETTY JEAN Valleu Falls Fr-ench Club, Alpliatheninn, Commerce Club Y W. C, A. ' ' PETERSON, GENE Clearwater Phi Sigma Epsilon PETTYJOHN, RUTH ETTA Dwic ht Y. W. C, A., Collegiate 4-H Club, Winneta,s ' ka PIERSON, LOIS ELLINOIR Emporia Primary-Kindergarten Club POLLEY, BONNIE JEAN Emvaria Alpha Theta Rho POWELL, RICHARD A Kingsdown Y. M. C. A.. Commerce Club, Debate PRCHAL, LUCILLE KATHERINE Emporia Winnetaska, Science Club PRO. WILBUR Kiowa Phi Delta Chi, Science Club, French Club CLASS OF 1942 PULLINS, DARLEEN JANE Council Grote Delta Sigma Epsilon, Science Club, Y. W. C. A. PYLE, BARBARA ELOIS Emporia Alpha Theta Rho, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Science Club, Sigma Pi Sigma RAIKES, HELEN ESTHER Osage City Alphathenian, Y. W. C. A,, French Club. Sym- phonic Chorus REES, CHARLOTTE LOUISE Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Women ' s Glee Club RHEA, ROBERT PERRY Yates Center Kappa Sigma Epsilon RICHARDS, LAVINIA Topeka Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A. RIDDLE. CLARANELL Winfield Pi Kappa Sigmi. Rhythmic Circle. Primary- Kindergarten Club RINDOM. GAIL GRANT Emporia Siema Tau Gamma. French Club. History and Government Club RIONDY. MARGERY MILLER Emporia French Club r 109 ] RIPPETOE. PEARL Topelca Y. W. C. A.. Winnetaska. Outing Club RUDE, ESTHER FRANCES Topeka Physical Education Club RYNDERS, RUTH KATHRYN Wichita Pi Kappa Sigma, French Club SAINER. CELIA ANNE Bison y. W. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club. Orchestra SANDQUIST, RUTH LUCILLE . . . Burdicl- Y. W. C. A., Winnetaska SCHAICH. ELLA BETH £,,„„ Y. W. C. A.. Alice Freeman Palmer. Winnetaska, Home Economics Club SCHMITT, WILLARD LESLIE Pawnee Rock Band, Men ' s Glee Club, History and Government Club. Brass Quartet. Sigma Tau Gamma. Sym- phonic Chorus SCHRADER. RUTH ZELMA Olirei Alphathenian. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A Winnetaska SCHURLE, PERN VIOLA Manhattan Y. W. C. A., Primary-Kindergarten Club CLASS OF 19 4 2 SEITZ, GEORGE RALPH jiUf,„ Mu Epsilon Nu SENEKEK, BETTY GILMORE Onaija Y. W. C. A., Geography Club, Delta Sigma Epsilon SEVERNS, MARY ELEANOR Richmond Commerce Club, Physical Education Club SKOCH, CARL EUGENE Irvina Spanish Club SHUSS. HILMA IRENE Larned Spanish Club, Y, W. C. A., Physical Education Club, w. A. A. Board SIEBERT, ELIZABETH Marion Delta Sigma Epsilon. Primary-Kindergarten Club Secretary, Y. W. C. A. SIGEL, JOHN FREDERICK Garnell Mii Eoslln-i Nu, Science Club, Men ' s Glee Club Y, M. C. A. SINK. ROBERT EDWARD Culver Phi Sigma Eosilon. Men ' s Glee Club Secretary- Treasurer, French Club, Band SMITH, CHESTER ARTHUR Harvevville Mu Epsilon Nu, Y. M. C. A. mbdjk 1 10 ] j ik llj SMITH. ELGEVA L Greensburg Wimietaska, Science Club, Home Economics Club SMITH. VIRGINIA LEE Peabody Delta Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club. Alpha- thenian SNEED, LEONA Haviland History and Government Club. Winnetaska Collegiate 4-H Club SOCOLOPSKY. BETTY JANE Marion Sphinx. Winnetaska Publicity Chairman. Band Orchestra. Women ' s Glee Club President. Y W. C. A. SPLICHAL. FRANCIS Mundcn Y. M. C. A. ■ . . . munacn STANLEY. BUD B Montezuma Mu Epsilon Nu. Commerce Club. Y. M. C. A. STAUPFER. MEHLON ROY Newton Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Track. Science Club STAUPFER. ROBERT W Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon. Track STOLPUS. ALBERTA ANNETTE Reading Sigma Pi Sigma, Outdoor Club. Collegiate 4-H Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club. Physical Education Club CLASS OF 194 2 STOLTE, EDNA MAY McLouth Y. W. C. A. STUTSMAN. HUGH J Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon. Mathematics Club. Science Club SWEARINGEN. ROBERTA MAXINE .... Topeka Y, W. C. A-. Winnetaska. Geography Club SWIM. GLADYS MARIE Eureka Y. W. C. A.. Geography Club. Primary-Kinder- garten Club. Outing Club. W. A. A. SWING. MARY JO . Newton Outing Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club, Women ' s Glee Club. Band, Y. W. C. A. TAYLOR. MARY LEE Topeka Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. THERIAULT. ADA PRANCES Kansas City Commerce Club. French Club. Sigma Sigma Sigma THOMPSON. THELMA RUTH Lost Springs Primary-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club TIMBERLAKE. EULA NADINE .... Williamsburg Women ' s Glee Club I 111 TINKLER. EVELYNE PAULINE Gypsum Band. History and Government Club. Commerce Club. Collegiate 4-H Club President, Winne- taska, Y. W. C. A. TOLAND. GENEVA St. John Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Primary- Kindeigarten Club TOMSON. EITA NADINE Paxico Sigma Sigma Sigma. History and Government Club. Commerce Club UHLAND. NORTON Lamed Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Geography Club. Latin Club, Commerce Club VANNAMAN. CECIL LeROY Kiowa Phi Delta Chi. Chemistry-Physics Club VARNER. WINIFRED ELIZABETH Wichita Splash Club, Rhythmic Circle, Outing Club, Physical Education Club VAUGHN. MARY FRANCES Kiowa Y. W- C. A., Winnetaska, Primary-Kindergarten Club WAGNER, JAMES EDWARD Emporia Basketball, Mathematics Club, Science Club. Mu Epsilon Nu WALLINGPORD. NANCY PATRICIA .... Ashland Y, W. C. A.. Alpl ' athenian. Primarv-Kindergarten Club CLASS OF 1942 WARNKEN. ESTHER IRENE Hartford WARREN. VERNA MARIE (PEGGYI Garnett Omega Secretary. Y. W. C. A. Creative Leizure Chairman, Winnetaska Treasurer, Student Council WATSON, STUART RODELL Emporia Phi Delta Chi, Varsity Basketball, Golf, K-Club, Geography Club WAY, RENA ESTHER Talmo Winnetaska, Alice Freeman Pahner, Geography Club, History and Government Club, Women ' s Glee Club WEALAND, BETTY JEAN Wichita Winnetaska, Alphathenian, French Club WEAVER. KENNETH BERNARD Holt rood Mu Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A.. Men ' s Glee Clulb WEAVER. WINIFRED MAE Dunlap WEBB. HOMER JACK Matfield Green Mu Epsilon Nu. History and Government Club I 112] WEIGAND. ELIZABETH Emnorir Delta Sigma Epsilon. Alice Freeman Palmer Splash Club President, Sigma Pi Sigma Rhythniic Circle. Physical Education Club Club. " w ' T " a " ' ' " ' ' ' - - - ' ' ■■ ° " " " 8 WEST. ELOUISE ERNESTINE .... Yates Center French Club ■ • ■ . rotes cenler WHEELER. DAISY MAY Peabodv Winnetaska. Mathematics Club ' ' " " ' " " i ' WHITAKER. (ADDlEi JOSEPHINE . . Dunlav Wmnetaska. Y. W. 0. A.. Women ' s Glee ' ciub Geography Club WILCOX. (MRS. I NELVA HARRIS Qolf " ci°b " " ' ' °° ' ■ ' ' " ■ " ' ' " ' ■ Club, Home Economics W ' y- MS. A LEEN Jamestown WILLIAMS. LILLY ELLEN Russell Springs Winnetaska. Outing Club. Y. W. C. A. WILSON. LUCILE Emporia Commerce Club. Alpha Sigma Alpha WILSON. WESLEY FRANCIS Gar ietd Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Geography Club CLASS OF 194 2 WOODS. CARRIE SALINA Clearwater Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A.. Primarv-Kindergarten Club. Women ' s Glee Club. Symphonic Choir WORK. ALVA LYLE Newton Sigma Tau Gamma. Band. Men ' s Glee Club YARGER. LEOTA RUTH Centralia Primary-Kindergarten Club. Y. W. C. A. YATES. HELEN VIRGINIA Wellington Symphonic Chorus. Y. W. C. A. YOUNG. DEWEY H Clay Center Phi Delta Chi. Science Club. History and Gov- ernment Club. Mathematics Club ZENTZ. ALMA ELAINE Greensburo Sphinx. Latin Club. Winnetaska. Debate ZIMMERMAN. EDITH GRACE Madison Y. W. C. A.. History and Government Club ZOLLARS. VERNON REX Hutchinson Symphonic Choir. French Club. Y. M. C. A., Intermediate Orchestra. Men ' s Glee Club [ 113 1 FRESHMEN Above Christine Anderson President Left Ruth Emig Vicc-PresiJenf Ida Jacks Secretary -Treasurer Last September about 8 50 high school students enrolled to form the largest freshman class ever recorded by the registrar. Entrance examinations, in which Margery Louise Hanson received highest rank, occupied the first few days of their time and served as an effective preventative for homesickness. Campus politics displayed its power to wondering freshmen as the steam-rolling Coalition Party elected its nominees for all class offices . Tryouts for the Freshman Play were begun September 27. " Spring Dance " by Phillip Barry was selected as the vehicle for the continuance of the traditional event. From over 150 eager and ambitious students the cast was selected, with Phyllis Hughes and Leslie Freeman in the leading roles. Many fond parents and curious upper-classmen saw the production on November 22 and gave high acclaim to Beth Phillipson for her role as Sally Prescott — the ultra in college sophistication. The entire cast, Dan Wilhelm as coach and Russell Porter as production manager, were congratulated by press and public alike for a most commend- able performance. Studying occupied the time of the neophyte scholars for the next month and a half and then came finals! Those who successfully crammed their way through into the second seniester cele- brated their victory on February 6 with a party in the Student Union. Locale was " Dogpatch " of " Li ' l Abner " fame. Jack Wichert created some consternation with his realistic and prize-winning costume as " Lonsome Polecat. " And Betty Jane Newcomer captured first honors as " Daisy Mae, " shapely pursuer of " Li ' l Abner. " Spring parties, picnics, and studying filled the remainder of the year. 114 wul-mk ADAMS, ARDONNA JEAN Dezter Junior Dance ADAMS. DOROTHY JUNE Emporia Winnetaska, Commerce Club ALBERT. ESTALYNN ROSADEL .... McPherson Geography Club. Y. W. C. A.. Science Club ALDRIDGE. BETTY LOU Sedgwick Spanish Club. Commerce Club ALLEGRE. ELDON EUGENE Osage City German Club. Science Club. Glee Club. Phi Delta Chi ALLEN. MARY ELIZABETH Wichita Glee Club. Collegiate 4-H Club ALLISON. MARGURITTE ALICE Olathe Winnetaska. Y. W. C. A, ANDERSON. JEAN MARIE Topeka Science Club ANDERSON. MARIE CHRISTINE .... Concordia Symphonic Chorus. President of Freshman Class. Alpha Sigma Tau CLASS OF 1943 ANDERSON. PEARLE LUCILLE Hope Glee Club. Y. W. C. A.. German Club ANDERSON. ROY M Clay Center Science Club, Mu Epsilon Nu. History and Gov- ernment Club APPLEBY. DOUGLAS LEIGH Peabody Men ' s Glee Club ATHERTON. BETTYANNE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. Sigma Pi Sigma. History and Government Club. Junior D ance Group BOBBITT. JACK J Haddam Mu Epsilon Nu. Basketball BAHR. ARTHUR WILLIAM Gridley BAKER. DONITA ALBERTA Enterprise Y. W. C. A., Band BAKER. JOHN HAYNES Burlington. Iowa Science Club. Town Meeting BARB. ETHEL MAY Weo! Y. W. C. A.. Glee Club. Band [ IH BARBER, BILL Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon, Student Council BARNES. RUTH M Harper Outing Club, French Club, Winnetaska BARNTHSON. HAROLD EDWARD .... Hiawatha Mens Glee Club BASE. VIRGINIA ENOLA Newton Women ' s Glee Club, Band, Orchestra, Winne- taska BEAN. JAMES CLAYTON Madison Men ' s Glee Club, Y. M. C. A., Science Club, Mu Epsilon Nu BELSHAW. PATRICIA AILEEN Wilson Band. Women ' s Glee Club. Brass Sextette. Winne- taska BENDER. HAROLD JAMES Ellsworth Mu Epsilon Nu. Men ' s Glee Club. Band. Com- merce Club BENDER. MARGUERITE CLARA Wichita Delta Sigma Epsilon BERGMAN. VIOLA M Newton Women ' s Glee Club. Winnetaska. Commerce Club CLASS OF 194 3 BERTRAM. HAZEL ALLEN Russelt BETHELL. MARJORIE Williamsburg Winnetaska BIBLE. BEULAH BELLE Cullison BIBLE. CECIL MANNING Cullison BIRCH. LAUREN EUGENE Wichita BLEHM. FRED WARREN Florence Mu Epsilon Nu BOECKMAN. MARCELLA MARY Frankfort Y. W. C. A. BOHEN. DARLENE JACQUELYN .... Minneapolis Alpha Sigma Alpha. Junior Dance Group BORDEN. MELFORD LYLE Bunker Hill tmd iuM ii [ 116] o p — J K ' v Kfei i4l dUd BORDEN, MRS. NORMA ALBIN .... Bunker Hill BORNHOUSER. ILAH MAY . . . Tornnln Theta Sigma Upsllon ' ' ' • " °™ ' " ' ' BOSTON. THOMAS WILLIAM .... Kansas City Y. M, C. A.. German Club BOWDEN, CHARLES ROBERT . . Lyons Band, Phi Delta Chi BRIM. LEONARD ROBERT Americus Mu Epsilon Nu BROCKHOUSE. KATHRYN JANE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha BROOKS, HAROLD KEITH Eviporia German Club, Mens Glee Club, Symphonic Choir Industrial Arts Club BROWN, ELDON HAMILTON Pueblo Colo Y. M. C. A.. Band. Orchestra BROWNE, BILL DECK Newton Kappa Sigma Epsilon CLASS OF 1943 BROWNE, MARCELLA Vermillinn Y. W. C. A. vermiuwn BROWNING, DOROTHY MAY Garnett Winnetaska, Home Economics Club BUCKLEY, LEAH MARIE Sedgwick French Club. Y. W. C. A.. Outing Club BURCHAM, HELEN KATHERINE .... Centerville Winnetaska, Geography Club BUSH, PATRICIA ANN Douglass Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma. Commerce Club, Spanish Club BUTTERPIELD, MARION BERNARD . . , Onerbroofc Football, Industrial Arts Club, Track CADE, DONALD ROSE Williamsburg Basketball CAMPBELL, BARBARA JEANETTE Emporia Winnetaska, Latin Club, Y. W. C. A. CAMPBELL, PAYE NOREENE Larnea Pi Kappa Sigma [117] CAMPPIELD, DONALD G Atchison Commerce Club CANADY, KENNETH EUGENE Newton Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club CAEBIENEE, KATHRYN L«VADA Lucas Alpha Sigma Alpha, Primary-Kindergarten Club CARL. PHYLLIS ARLENE Douglass Y. W. C. A., Wlnnetaska, Collegiate 4-H Club CARSON. JACK WESLEY Netawaka Mathematics Club CARTER. MAXINE Wilsey Women ' s Glee Club CHILDEARS. PRANCES M. . . Emporia CHRISTLIEB. DELLA PEARL Hamilton CHUNGLO. ANDREW B Hadley. Mass. Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Men ' s Glee Club. Mathe- matics Club. Latin Club CLASS OF 194 3 CLASS, DEAN WHEELER Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma CONKLIN. DOROTHY JEAN Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. History and Government Club, Junior Dance COOK. MARGARET ANN . , , . Wllitino Y. W. C. A. CORBETT, ROBERT HAROLD Anthony Kappa Sigma Epsilon CORDTS. VIRGINIA RUTH Orerland Prmiary-Kindergarten Club. Winnetaska COSSAART, RUBY MARGARET Hurka Y, W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club COX, TREASA Tonganoxie Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A., Women ' ,-; Glee Club, Science Club CRABTREE. BETTY LOU Emporia French Club, Winnetaska CRAMER, HELEN JOYCE Lebo [ 118 ] 1 till CRANSTON. VIRGINIA MABLE Winlield Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club CROW, ALICE FRANCES Bcnniiuitnn Y. W. C. A-. Primary-Kindergarten Clul) DAILEY. CLARA IRENE Lawrence Winnetaska. Collegiate 4-H Club. Matliematics Club DAVIS. JANE Emporia DAVIS. MARJORIE ELIZABETH Empnria Woinen ' s Glee Club DAY. EDA MAE Allen Winnetaska DECKER. IRIS RUTH Goddard Collegiate 4-H Club DeGRAPP. BEULAH VIVIAN Westmorelimd Geography Club. Winnetaska DEPEW. HOWARD HERBERT Newton Science Club CLASS OF 194 3 DILLARD. EMIL LEE Langdon Mu Epsilon Nu. Men ' s Glee Club, History and Government Club. Y. M. C. A. DILWORTH. GERALDINE WANDA Emporia Band. Orchestra. Women ' s Glee Club. Winne- taska. Brass Quartet, Brass Sextet DIXON. DOROTHY ANNE Partridge Winnetaska. Y. W, C. A. DOHRING. IRENE ROSE Dunlap Commerce Club DONNELLAN. ' WINIPRED JEANNETTE . . . Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. Sigma Pi Sigma. Symphonic Choir DORSEY. LORRAINE Junction Cil-J Geography Club. Wiiinetaska DOXON, JOHN ELMER Formoso Y, M C. A., Basketball DRAPER. LOLITA JEAN Blaine Women ' s Glee Club DUGAN. DICY Circleville [ 119 ] DUNCAN. ELLA PERN Argonia y. W. C. A.. Wlnnetaska. Geography Club DUNCANSON. MARTHA Tonganoxie Y. W. C. A.. Geography Club DUNN. VIVIAN JEAN Clearwater Y. W. C. A., Geography Club EATON. HOWARD KENNETH Walnut Mu Epsilon Nu EATON. MONA MERLE Ellsworth Wlnnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. EISELE, WILLIAM BOGART Carlton ELDER. ELDON JAKOB Atchison Alpha Theta Rho EMIG. RUTH MAE Abilene Y. W. C. A.. Wlnnetaska. Vice-President of Freshman Class ERDMAN. CAROLYN V Cimarron Wlnnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A., French Club CLASS OF 194 3 ESHOM. ELLAGENE Windom Wlnnetaska. Y. W. C. A. EVANS. DOROTHY MAXINE Madison V. W. C. A.. Physical Education Club. Commerce Club. Outing Club EVERTSON. BETTE JEAN Melvern EWERT. VIRGINIA CHRISTINE .... Leavenworth FEHL. JOAN JUNE Wichita French Club. Outing Club. Women ' s Athletic Association FELTON. LURA ALICE Councif GrOiie Wlnnetaska FICKERTT. MARGARET Peabody Junior Dance. Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club FINDLY. LEE BERT Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma. Science Club FISCHER. EUNICE MENA MARIA Seward mL.ii ' J H ' jr-mu [ 120] I o, o c ■r y H FISHER, ROBERT BLAINE Peabody Band. Mens Glee Club FLUMMER, RAYMOND D Eureka Mu Epsilon Nu FOLCK. JACQUELINE ANNE .... Junction City Women ' s Glee Club. Geography Club, Winnetaska FORD, PHYLLIS LORRAINE Reading Women ' s Glee Club. Winnetaska FOUNTAIN, WILMA LEE Langdon Geography Club. Winnetaska. Primary-Kinder- garten Club FRANK. MARJORIE EMMA Waverly Women ' s Glee Club FREEMAN. LESLIE JAMES Americus Men ' s Glee Club. Freshman Play. Phi Delta Chi GASTON. PHYLLIS YVONNE Wakefield Y. W. C. A,. Outing Club GEIGER. EDWARD L Wellington Kappa Sigma Epsilon CLASS OF 1943 GERARDY. CATHERINE Hanover Outing Club GERMAIN. JUNE E Bern GODFREY. AUDREY VIOLA Augusta Y, W. C. A.. Winnetaska GOLDSMITH. GEORGE WILLARD Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma. Commerce Club GCOCH. NILE J Peabody Band. Men ' s Glee Club. Symphonic Choir GOODWIN. JOHN KELLY Emporia GOODRUM. DONNA CLAIRE Rossville Winnetaska GRABER. MILDRED DORA Pretty Prairie Alpha Sigma Tau GRAHAM. CHRISTINE Winjield Winnetaska [ 121 ] GRAHAM, GLENNA MARIE Neodesha Winiietaska. Symphonic Choir GRAVES, ANITA JANE Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma, Commerce Club GREEN. BETTY LOU Jewell Band. Commerce Club. Winnetaska GRIGSBY. VERA MAXINE Attica Geography Club GRIMWOOD. ELEANOR ANN Cedar Point Commerce Club GUSTAPSON, AGNES VICTORIA Miller GWARTNEY, LLOYD THOMAS Easton Mu Epsilon Nli HAAS, BEULAH LUCILLE Madison Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A.. Collegiate 4-H Club. Home Economics Club HAASIS. HERMAN LOUIS, JR Marion Sigma Tau Gamma. Science Club. Mathematics Club CLASS OF 1943 HADDEN. WILMA JEAN Hutchinson Alpha Sigma Alpha. History and Government Club, Junior Dance HAGEN, LEOLA BELLE Topeka HAGINS. MARY ELIZABETH Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma HALL, DORIS NAOMI Wetmore HAMILTON, GAIL WESLY Argonia Mu Epsilon Nu, Y. M. C. A.. Mathematics Club HAMILTON. MARJORIE A Princeton Commerce Club HANSON, EVELYN FLORENCE Gypsum HANSON. MARGERY LOUISE Ness City Woinens Glee Club. Home Economics Club. Winnetaska. Outing Club HARDER. LOIS CARRIE Dunlap Women ' s Glee Club. Geography Club. Y. W. C. A. [ 122 ] m ' m Mm ei HARRIS. NADINE SYLVIA . Eudora Wlnnetaska. Collegiate 4-H Club. Mathematics HARVEY. MILDRED LE Montezuma Winnetaska HAZLETT. ELIZABETH Amerinis Winnetaska. Outing Club, Physical Education Club. Sigma Pi Sigma. Rhythmic Circle HAZLETT. NORMAN Amcricm Phi Sigma Epsilon HEARON. KATHRYN LOUISE Gejieipn Y. W, C, A. • • ■ . ' .seneseo HEATON. BETTY LEONE Topeka HEDLUND. HAROLD ALBERT Montezuma Mens Glee Club. Symphony Orchestra HENCHEL. HELEN PAULINE Bushong Outing Club, Women s Glee Club HENRICKS. DENNIS ELDON Empuria CLASS OF 1 9 4 3 HIERONYMUS. MARGARET Admire HILL. RAY EUGENE Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma. Band HINERMAN. ORVILLE H. JR Sallyards Orchestra. Band. Mens Glee Club HOBB. ALICE E Lincoln HOLMBERG. MYRNA JEAN ... Miller Outing Club. Collegiate 4-H Club. Women ' s Glee Club HOLMQUIST. DARREL NATHANIEL . . . Smolan Men ' s Glee Club. Mu Epsilon Nu, Y. M. C. A. HOOPES. ALVENA Pomona HOOTEN. HAZEL LaVERNE Junction City Geography Club. Winnetaska HORAK. HARRY RAYMOND Munden Y. M. C. A. .... Munatn [ 123 ] HOTTLE. LOIS KATHRYNE Lebo Wlnnetaska. Spanish Club. Home Economics Club HOUGH. PRANCES MARIE Abilene Y. W. C. A.. Commerce Club. Outing Club, Wlnnetaska HOUGHTON. DORIS MAE Fredonia Women ' s Glee Club. Outing Club. Spanish Club HUEBERT, LOIS FAYE Halstead Geography Club. Outing Club. Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. HUGHES. BERNICE Eskridge HUGHES, PHYLLIS ANNE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Commerce Club, Freshman Play HUGHES. MARGARET EMILY Emporia Freshman Play. Commerce Club HUNTER. EVELYN MARGERY Tonganoxie Winnetaska HUNTER. HORTON HAYES Geneseo Sigma Tau Gamma, Geography Club, Football CLASS OF 1943 HURD. ROBERT JUDSON Holton Men ' s Glee Club. Commerce Club. Sigma Tau Gamma. Tennis INGRAM. CLENA VEE Canton Geography Club IRELAND. PRANCES IRENE Coats Y. W. C. A.. French Club. Outing Club IRWIN. BETTY Neosho Rapids Splash Club, Outing Club, Physical Education Club IRWIN, KATHARINE EVELYN Liberal French Club JACKS, IDA LaVERNE Richmond Secretary-Treasurer of the Freshman Class VASSALLO, FRED JOHN Harrison Phi Sigma Epsilon, Track JEHLIK, ALYCE AGNES Munden JOHNS. JULIUS JESSE Johnson Men ' s Glee Club, Mu Epsilon Nu, Spanish Club, Y, M. C. A. ik [ 124] JOHNS, RUSSELL MARTIN . . ;„;, c„- " Y ' m c ' a ' " " - ' " EP=»°nNu. Spanish ciSb. JONES, FRANK W, Matliematics Club Emporta JONES. MARJORIE HELEN . «„,.;.,„. Orchestra. Chorus. Winnetaska ' ' ' ' « " " ' " «son KADLEC. HELEN MARIE . „,,,., ,,, Y, W, C, A., Outing Club BellevUle KARH. JOHN ROSS Emporia KARSTADT, CLELA ELLEN R,„„ „ , Y, W, C, A,. Geography Club ' ' ' ' Be„n,ngto„ KASSENS, THERON GEORGE r,„„„, Mti Epsilon Nu Emporia KEELER. DORIS JEAN Formoso KEELER. VIRGINIA . . . . Emporia CLASS OF 1943 KEENER. GEORGIA MAE . . f,„„„, Y, W, C A tinporia KELLER. GEORGE HAROLD , »„„,„■;,. Mu Epsilon Nu. Collegiate 4-H Club ' ' - " " " " ' " KELLEY. VIOLET PAE WestphaUa KELTNER. ROSE ELIZABETH Stilwell KEMMERER. KATHERN IRENE . . . Mankato Home Economics Club ' ' " ' " " ' " ° KESINGER RUBY PRANCES Tongano.ie V, w, C. A,. Winnetaska, Geography Club Y, W C, A,. Commerce Club KILLE, ROBERT JOHN Attica Kappa Sigma Epsilon, Pootball. Commerce Club Mathematics Club KIMMEL. KENNETH S McLouth [ 12J 1 KIMMEL, WINIFRED ARLEENE McLouth Women ' s Glee Club KING. MARTHA LOUISE Assaria Science Club KING, MILDRED ANNE Douglass Physical Education Club. Outing Club. Y. W, C. A. KNOX. WILLIE SAMUEL Piedmont Science Club. Collegiate 4-H Club. Student Coun- cil. Mu Epsilon Nu KQEHLER. NEYSA CECELIA Emporia German Club. History and Government Club. Winiietaska KOHMAN, ARLENE PRANCES Snlina Alpha Sigma Tau. Home Economics Club KOLTERMAN. PAUL W Onac n KNOEPPEL. PAUL EDWARD Emporia Commerce Club. Industrial Art.s Club. Sigma Tau Gau.ma LADNER. PEGGY MARIE Emporia CLASS OF 1 9 4 3 LAMBERSON. HELEN MAE Burns Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. LANG, WANDA MAY Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha LANGLEY. EVERETT V ARREN Emporia LANKARD. NORMA RUTH . Garnett Y. W. C. A. LAUGHLIN. DOROTHY LEE . . Americu f. W. C. A. Americus LeGRESLEY, LEON RICHARD Emporia LENTELL. DORIS MARIE Wilsey LEWERENZ. RUTH GERTRUDE .... Lincolnville Wlnnetaska, Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club Home Economics Club, Outing Club LEWIS. ELEANOR MAE iebo Winnetaska. Science Club 126 1 Mi LLEWELYN. JANE EVELYN Bala Women ' s Glee Club. Wlmieta.ska. Y. W. C. A.. Geography Club LLEWELYN. LAURA ANN Bala Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A.. Geography Club LONG. RUTH IRENE Freeporl Winnetaska, Geography Club LORSON. JOAN MARIE Chapman Spanish Club. Outing Club LOVE. DORIS AILEEN Burlingame Y. W. C. A.. W. A. A.. Spanish Club LOVELL. MABEL IRENE Burden Y. W. C, A., Home Economics Club LYTLE. EDWARD CASWELL Emporia McADAM. JOHN RICHARD Kingman Phi Delta Chi. Men ' s Glee Club McANARNEY, HARRY EDWARD Reading CLASS OF 1943 McCarthy. EDWARD VINCENT Xopeka Symphonic Chorus. Phi Delta Chi McCOLL. LAURA Osborne McCONNELL. OLIVE MAE Clay Center McCORD. C. COURTNEY Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu. German Club. Mathematics Club McCULLOUGH. MILDRED PRANCES .... SIrawn Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club. Geography Club. W. A. A. McCUNE. RACHEL FLORINE Pretty Prairie Geography Club. Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kinder- garten Club McGUIRE. HARRIET GERALDINE .... Emporia Sigma Pi Sigma McMAHAN. AUSTIN ya(es Center Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Mathematics Club McNABNEY. HOMER Americas [ 127 ] MACURDY, ILA CARLEENE Emporia Alpa Sigma Tau. Home Economics Club. Y. W. C. A. MADSEN. VIRGINIA LEH Emporia Frencii Club, History and Government Club, Winnetaska MAHIN, PATRICIA JANE Norton Sigma Pi Sigma, French Club MANNING, FRANCES EVELYN White City Collegiate 4-H Club, Winnetaska, Latin Club MAUDERLY, ALLEN J Clements Mu Epsilon Nu MARCELLUS, ARLINE E, Garnett Y, W C- A., Winnetaska MARRS, IRIS Westphalia Winnetaska MARSHALL, IRENE E Reading Y. W. C. A. MARTS, EVA MAXINE Chapman Primary-Kindergarten Club, Winnetaska. Geo- grapliy Club, Y. W. C. A. CLASS OF 19 43 MAUCH, ETHELED LACY Ness City Wnnietaska, Outing Club. Primary-Kindergarten Club MAUCH, THAYNE Ness City MAUPIN, JACQUELINE MARIE .... Pawnee Ruck Pi Kappa Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma, Spanish Club MAYNARD, CHARLES ALBERT Pratt Band, Mu Epsilon Nu MESSICK, ROBERT OLIVER Emporia Phi Delta Chi MEREDITH, MARGARET LOUISE .... Waknrusa Women ' s Glee Club, Y. W. C. A. MEYER. HELEN LOUISE Topeka Pi Kappa Sigma. Commerce Club MEYER. PAULINE MAE Lost Springs Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club, Symphonic Chorus, Outing Club MINNER, DONALD HARRY Lost Springs Latin Club ill [ 128] ' f n tH tik MISER. HELEN BERNIECE .... Cottonwood Falls Commerce Club. Winneta.ska MOORE. CHARLES ARTHUR . . Tetprrillr Commerce Club. Band. Y. M. C. A. ' ' • " ■ " " " " ' ' MOORE. MILDRED ALICE Olathc MORGAN. ROBERT WILLIAM .... Emvorm Kappa Sigma Epsilon • • . . Lmpornx MORGAN. TERESA EVELYN «„„„ „„ Women ' s Glee Club. Wlnneta.ska. Y. ' W. C. " ° MORRIS. LENORA AHLINE .... Emnorin Sigma Pi Sigma tinporm MOSER. BARBARA KATHLEEN nvpi n Alphathenian uneiaa MOTT. lALICEi ERNESTINE . F,„„nr,„ Alice Freeman Palmer. Freshman ' Play, Historv and Government Club ii»vuiy MOUSE. SCOTT Sigma Tau Gamma Emporia CLASS OF 194 3 MULKEY. MARJORIE KATHRYN . Emvorin " I ' ' normcs ' SSS ' ' ' " ' ' " ' " Sigma, -Horn? " " s ' clTe- C ?b " " ' " " ' - " - " - " • " o u rcir- ' ' ° ' ' ' ' ° Unco„n,ne MYER. LORETTA r,,,, ,-,, MYERS. ROLAND PAYETTE Florence Ml] Epsilon Nu NEAL. VIVIAN JANE Anthony Sigma Sigma Sigma. Commerce Club. Historv and Government Club NELSON. WALTER PAUL Coneordio Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Commerce Club. Spanish Club NESMITH. GLEN LOUIS Belleville Phi Sigma Epsilon. Latin Club. Football [ 129 ] NEWCOMER, BETTY JANE Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club NEWTON. RACHEL JANE Reading Y. W. C. A. NEYER. LEO JEROME Junction City Science Club NIELSON, LOU JENICE Bennington Women ' s Glee Club NIEMEIER. ARVIS ORA Hope Y. W. 0. A-. Women ' s Glee Club. Collegiate 4-H Club NUFPER. DOROTHY MAE Baldwin Women ' s Glee Club NUNEMACHER. PRANCES Ashland Sigma Sigma Sigma. Band. French Club OSBORNE. MARY A Eureka Alpha Sigma Alpha, Science Club. Sigma Pi Sigma OSHEL, DALE DANA Edgerton Mu Epsilon Nu. Collegiate 4-H Club. Y. M. C. A CLASS OF 1943 " OTTENSMEIER. ESTHER HERMOINE ■. . . Tampa OWENS. HELEN ELIZABETH Emporia Alpha Sigma Tau PARKEN. ELAINE JUNE Dwight Collegiate 4-H Club PATON. MONICA Winjield Winnetasiia PATTEN. JUDY Hutchinson Delta Sigma Epsilon. Symphonic Chorus, Y. W. C, A. PAYNE. MAXINE LOUISE Kingman PECKHAM. MARY MILES Emporia Sigiiia Sigma Sigma, Sigma Pi Sigma. Women ' s Glee Club PETERSON. PRANCES JEAN Emporia Winnetaska PETERSON. RUTH MARIE Delevan Collegiate 4-H Club, Y. W. C. A. l.M) ] ' it ' I i Vw- - ,v JiiL PHILLIPS. GERALDINE MICKEY .... Concordia Alpha Sigma Alpha. Spanish Club PHILLIPSEN. BETHMYRL Wellington Pi Kappa Sigma, Freshman Play PINKSTON. DOROTHY ELIZABETH . . Cedar Point PITTS. MARJORIE FAYE Culver Women ' s Glee Club. Winnetaska POTTER. GERALDINE LOUISE Elgi7l Pi Kappa Sigma. Women ' s Glee Club POULSEN. EVELYN Tonganoxie Winnetaska. Spanish Club. W. A. A.. Sigma Pi Sigma POYZER. JUANITA JEAN Neosho Rapids Women ' s Glee Club. Y. W. C. A. PRATT. ELDA LAUREEN Lewis PRUITT. LOUISE Emporia CLASS OF 1943 RAZOR. WANITA IRENE Marion Winnetaska. Y. W. c. A.. Women ' s Glee Club. Home Economics Club. Spanish Club REED. HELEN EVELYN Gridley Geography Club. Science Club REES. JEAN Seloii Winnetaska. Women ' s Glee Club. Outing Club RICHARDSON. MAVIS EILEEN McLouth Sigma Pi Sigma. Women ' s Glee Club RICHMOND, EVELYN ELAINE Marion Winnetaska RIDDLEBARGER. CHARLES ALBERT .... Paola Mu Epsilon Nu ROBBINS. ALICE GENEVIEVE Rose Commerce Club. Y. W. C. A, ROBOHN, HAROLD RAYMOND Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon. Football ROGERS. ATLANTA CATHERINE .... Elk Falls Science Club [ 131 ROGERS, ERNEST ROY Liberal Phi Delta Chi. Commerce Club ROSACKER. MARY ELIZABETH Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon. Home Economics Club, Y W. C. A. ROSIER. DOROTHY ANN Garnett Delta Sigma Epsilon. Splash Club ROSS. FRANKLIN HARVEY Jewell City Y. M. C. A.. Commerce Club ROSSILLON. MARJORIE ANN Olpe ROTHE. CHARLES LOUIS Meade Band, Men ' s Glee Club ROWE, BETTY L Jeioell Winnetaska. Y. W. C, A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club RUSSELL. DOROTHY MAE Derby Outing Club RUSSELL, MARY EMILY Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha, Junior Dance CLASS OF 194 3 RYNDERS, DOROTHY ELLA Emporia SAPPELS, DALE EMERSON Moline Phi Sigma Epsilon, Latin Club SAUDER. KENN ETH W Emporia Phi Delta Chi, Science Club. Y. M. C. A. SANDERS, DONALD EUGENE Miller Y. M. C, A-, Mu Epsilon Nu SANFORD. MARIETTA MAYE Belleville Y. W. C, A.. Collegiate 4-H Club SARENSEN. SHIRLEY ANNE Netawaka Women ' s Glee Club, Primary-Kindergarten Club SCHEIBE. HARLAN WILLIS Watereille Mu Epsilon Nu SCHENK. VIRGINIA Olmitz Outing Club, Home Economics Club. Winnetaska SCHMEDEMANN. WILMA MARIE . . . Junction City Symphonic Chorus. Symphonic Orchestra i M mi ffT ' - 132 ] SCHNEIDER. DONNA MARJORY . Sedamirk Winnetaska ■ ■ • . ! eagwiclc SCHROEDER. EVERTON T. . . Brrrrl,, Club ' " " P ' ' " ' ' " ' Mathematics Club, ' Science SCOTT, CARL EDWARD . . R-,„n.rf„,„„ Latin Club, Y. M. C. A. Kingsdown SCOTT. JEAN „ Prima r,v-K.ndergarten Club Overbrook SHEEN, JOE, JR. „ Sigma Tau Gamma Empnna SHEELEY, VESPER M., JR. . Em„nr,„ Sigma Tau Gamma Emporia SHEPARD. DON HAROLD . ' ir,.pr„ Mathematics Club. Science Club ■ ■ ■ • ■aeierj SHEPHERD. VIRGINIA RUTH „„„, Y. W. C. A.. Women ' s Glee Club SHEPPARD. RUTH Lincoln Science Club, Winnetaska, German Club, Mathe- matics Club CLASS OF 1943 SHERRADIN ROBERT CARR Chapman Mu Epsilon Nu. Men ' s Glee Club, Band SHOTTENKIRK, LEWIS HENRY . . Garlield Kappa Sigma Epsilon SIMPSON. DANA WILBUR Miltonvale SKINNER, BETTY LOU Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Spla.sh Club. Rhythmic Circle, Y. W. C. A. SKINNER. HALEY Sabetha Sigma Tau Gamma SLACK. PATRICIA ARLENE Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon, Spanish Club SLOAN, CHARLES DAVID Lebo S.vniphonic Chorus, Mu Epsilon Nu, Latin Club SLOAN. GERALDINE Selden Women ' s Glee Club [ 133 ] SMERCHEK. ALTA ROSALIE Waterinlle Winnetaska SMITH, ELSIE LEONA Parker Winnetaska, Geography Club SMITH, JAY EDWARD Olathe Phi Sigma Epsilon, Men ' s Glee Club SMITH, MAURICE C Cedar Vale SMITH, PRESTON ELWOOD Abilene Men ' s Glee Club SMITH, RICHARD EARL Olathe Kappa Sigma Epsilon SNODGRASS. MARTHELLE DORIS . . Williamsburt Winnetaska SNOW, MARGARET Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon. Splash Club, Symphonic Chorus, Science Club SODERSTROM, ANETHA B Hoisington Winnetaska, French Club CLASS OF 194 3 SOMERVILLE, THRESA MARIE Wellington History and Government Club, Outing Club, Winnetaska SOUDER, CHARLES LOVELL Scammun SPADE, GENE Admire Phi Sigma Epsilon. Men ' s Glee Club SPOHN, MAXINE Culver Women ' s Glee Club, Winnetaska SPRAGLE, SYLVIA BELLE Altamont Y. W. C. A.. Primary-Kindergarten Club. Win- netaska STALLARD. BRUCE KENNETH .... Geitda Springs Science Club STEARNS. DERALD VERYAL Haddam Latin Club. Mu Epsilon Nu, Basketball STERBA. SUZANNE Newton Delta Sigma Epsilon. Y. W. C. A.. Commerce Club i dk t0f2i ' % ,- f i 134] m STEVENSON. IRENE GLADYS Wetmore Alpha Sigma Tau. Junior Dance. Spanish Club STILL, ELIZABETH URSULA Woudston Alpha Sigiiia Tau. Geography Club, y. w. c. A. STOLPUS. RACHEL LUCILLE .... Neosho Rapids Wonieii ' s Glee Club STRANSKY. NORA BETH Mundcn Y. W. C. A.. Outing Club STULL. GRACE BESSIE Beeler Coiiimerce Club. Y. W. C. A. STULL, RUTH MARY , . . Beelpr Y. W. C, A. " SULLIVAN, JAMES E Neosho Falls Y. M. C. A. SWISHER, CLEDA NERENE Gypsum Y. W. C. A. TESKE. FREDA MAE Onaga Winnetaska CLASS OF 1943 THOMPSON. FAYE MARGUERITE Howard Winnetaska, Y. W. C. A.. Outing Club THOMPSON, RALPH FRANKLIN Go Y. M. C. A., History and Government Club TIEMANN, ADELINE CAROL Lincoln Latin Club TIEMANN, VIRGINIA MAE Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha. German Club TIPPIN. CHARLES RAYMOND Richmond History and Government Club. Freshman Play. Men ' s Glee Club TIPTON, GERALDINE MARGARET .... Toronio TOWNSEND. MARY LILLIAN Atchison y. W. C. A., Latin Club [ 13J ] TRITT, MARY ALICE Lewis Orchestra. Women ' s Glee Club. French Chib ' lURNER. INA MAXINE Ottawit Science Club. Collegiate 4-H Club TURNER. MARY JOHANNA Ottavi ' l Geography Club. Science Club TYLER. BEUBERTA Emporia Sigma Sigma Sigma. Sigma Pi Sigma. Y. W. C, A. UHL. GLADYS BURDETTE Emporia Band. Winnetaska UNDERWOOD. VERA MARIE .... Uatjield Green VAUGHN. HARRIETT LEE Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon VOGAN. LOUISE MAXINE Culver Winnetaska WALRAPEN. NORMAN . . Emporia CLASS OF 19 43 WALTZ. HERBERT ROBERT .... Arkansas City Phi Delta Chi. Band WEIR. GLENDA FERN Stujlord Band. Y. W. C. A.. Commerce Club WELLS. MARY JEANETTE Elmdale History and Government Club. Y. W. C. A. WELLBORN. LOIS MARJORY Emporia Winnetaska. Home Economics Club WEST. MARY JEAN Hartford Y. W. C. A,. Winnetaska, French Club. Women ' s Glee Club WHEELER. LESLIE JUNIOR Newton Men ' s Glee Club. Band. Siuiflower Photographer WHITAKER. BLANCHE LUCILE Emporia Winnetaska. Geography Club .. ■n [ 136 ] V f " 3 WILLITS, ETHEL PRANCES . . , . Reading Commerce Club, Y. W. C, A.. Winnetaska WILSON. BARBARA JANE Waterville Science Club WILSON. DOROTHY JEAN . . . LeRnv Y. W. C. A, ■ ■ ■ ' WOOD. MARY ALICE McPlierson Winnetaska. Symphonic Chorus WOOLLEY. BEULAH Osbonie Women ' s Glee Club WRIGHT, MILDRED MAURINE . . . Radium Orchestra, Women ' s Glee Club. Winnetaska YADON. ERMA HATTIE Council Grove Delta Sigiiia Epsilon. Geography Club. Women ' s Glee Club YEHLE. KENNETH ORVILLE Wellington Men ' s Glee Club YOUNG, PRANCES LOUISE .... Conway Springs Alpha Sigma Tau. Women ' s Glee Club. Primary- Kindergarten Club CLASS OF 1943 WHITE. MARION EARL Plevna Mil Epsilon Nu. Y. M. C. A. WICHERT. JACK A Emporia Mu Epsilon Nu. History and Government Club WICKLUND. LAURENE ELEANOR .... Marquette WILEY, EUNICE JUNE Jnnclion City Collegiate 4-H Club. Y. W. C. A. WILLIAMSON. JEAN EDNA Eudora Winnetaska WILLIAMSON. MARY JAYNE Newton Wiiinetaska ZAJIC. VIRGINIA RUTH Holyrood [ 137 " There is probably nothing lil ' ;e entertainment for hav- ing a good time, " someone once said. They were right. Emporia State has had its share of both entertainment and good times in the past year. To start the year out right, we danced a little to Lee Johnson with Elmer " Wham " Jensen, and to T. D. Wheat, one of Johnson ' s old arrangers. Variety along with smooth music makes for good parties. The Gilson Players with Mr. Porter, Jane Lee Swope, Carroll Lee Harman, Bob Stauffer and a hundred or so more, re-did Wilder ' s " Our Town " in a manner that sur- prised everyone. It was, we think, the best play for audience appeal which was presented this season. By DAVID FRENCH and JANE SOCOLOFSKY — ' . ' t- ' J i I „.,,n .cUn Colic,.. Empon. 1 vasco ' r nce rtT: " " CO ' " " " » » State To, , THE UNITED STATES MARINE BAND, " the President ' s own, " arrived in town by bus and was welcomed by the Emporia State marching band. DR. ORVILLE J. BORCHERS interviewed W F. Santlemann, second leader of the Marine Band over KSTW. Captain Taylor Branson, director, was ill and had surrendered his duties to Mr. Santlemann. 140 ] The first senior recital to be given on the pipe organ was given by iVTary Alice Steelsmith, girl extraordinary and an organist not to be sneezed at. Later recitals were executed by Al Schmiitz, Jr., Theresa Watson, Jan Floyd, Hazel Childs, Jean Jones, and many others. Homecoming, which should be, and was, one of the biggest shows of the year, drew attention where attention should have been attracted long ago. Theresa Watson scooped the crown in a beautiful ceremony. The boys on the stage crew who saw all of the ceremony said th at they could see through the whole affair — that, however, is another story. The bonfire — remem- ber? — burned down a week ahead of time and accusations popped as freely as firecrackers on the Fourth as to " who did it. " We still wonder. The snake dance down Commercial, the burlesque campus show, and the mid- night movie helped make the week-end a memorable one. Hats off to Dr. Gilson ! And to the gridders who won another homecoming football game for us. From the ridiculous to the sublime in as short a jump as from Albert EVA LE GALLIENNE as Hedda Gabler in Ibsen ' s play of the same name offers her favorite toy, a dueling pistol, to Earle Larlmore as Eilert Lovborg with the more or less subtle suggestion that he use himself for a target. [ 141 ] r Big. booted memb er.s of the DON COSSACK CHOIR perfonned with iiiiUtary precision under the direction of tiny Serge Jaroff. Expert string-pullers of the TONY SARG MARIONETTE show jerked Robin Hood and Friar Tuck through some of their adventures in the Sher- wood Forest of merry old England. 142 ] RUSSELL PORTER of the Speech faculty acted as narrator during the Gilson produc- tion of " Our Town " and every one went home convinced that there was something new under the sun. Taylor Hall to the Granada — we saw " The Great Commandment " when November was yet young. Liked it, too. Councilman Paul Miller gets credit for the movie convocations this year, being the entire committee on the matter. The band this year put out some right snappy stuff, and carefully rode the ridge between the long-hair classics and .jitterbug swing in a compro- mise satisfactory to all concerned. Twixt them and the announcer, the crowds at football games received mighty nigh as much entertainment as they did from the mighty warriors of the gridiron. A gust of beards, boots and dialect followed clo.sely, which can only be construed as being another way of saying that tiie Don Cossack Choir crowded onto the auditorium stage and rattled the rafters with their singing. As long as we are considering the musical aspects of the year, we bow [ 143 ] More of the happenings of " OUR TOWN " and the peculiar antii.s ui inopless actors and actresses. At the top. the dead sit waiting for a new arrival to their ghostly community; and. below we see a typical street scene sans street and houses. an acknowledgement to the orchestra and Mr. Sheffield ' s piano solo. Ar- tistry. Also to the S.vmphonic Chorus and glee clubs and the boys and girls in silk and wigs — the Madrigalians. Armistice day with the parade, the speeches, and Wichita ' s R. 0. T. C. band made that week-end more than the usual date, dance, and drivel week-end. Then came the Frosh Play with the cast doing credit to their class, the directors and Mr. Barrie ' s " Spring Dance. " For a long time it was a ma.ior mystery what all those folks did on Thurs- day nights about 8:00 in the Union. Then we found out. They go to hear the radio battles on " Town Meeting of the Air. " Dr. Mock proved in said meetings that teachers can be real people if students give them a chance. Chalk one up for the Doctor. The Council next raked up " Bluebeard ' s Eighth Wife " and " Hounds of the Baskerville " for student showing. Both movies were fun but the latter was definitely hard on the fingernails. [ 144 ] The touching reconciliation of the two quarreling yoimg love-birds in " AH WILDER- NESS " afforded opportunity foi ' strange background and lighting effects. " Ah Wilderness " ' came next from the ever-busy Gilson Players. It was performed right nobly, too, by the old regulars. Dr. Gilson, Clark, Swope, Gillette, Stauffer, Baum, Harman, etc. With some of the lines and situa- tions presenting the problems that they did, we began to wonder if life in the early part of the century was as dull as our elders would have us think. DORT CLARK, as the black sheep of the " Ah Wilderness " family, creates no end of confusion with his boisterous and slightly befuddled entrance after an old-time picnic. [ 145 ] THE FRESHMEN presented their annual play. " Spring Dance, " last fall; and gave a quite credible in- terpretation of the trials and tribu- lations encountered " when a young man ' s fancy turns . . . " Seldom heard of and almost never seen, the STAGE CREW spent many long and weary hours paint- ing, repairmg, and remodeling stage sets. r 146 ] Decorations at the rotunda welcomed the retui ' ning " old grads " to a festive and vic- torious HOMECOMING. Actor Charles Laughton leered through an amazing array of Hollywood ' s horror make-up in the " Hunchback of Notre Dame " and when we last swallowed our heart, e swear there were teeth marks on it. The Tri Sigs and the Sigma Taus were satisfied with the outcome of the annual Phi Mu Alpha Singing Bee. They won. Le Gallienne sort of sneaked up on us. With her non-supporting cast, Sigma Pi Sigma led the SNAKE DANCE down Commercial Street before the big game. [ 147 ] she managed to struggle through Ibsen ' s " Hedda Gabler " ; but no one got very excited about it. Here on the campus a group of aspiring play- wrights were gathering in weekly meetings and Elva Bell snatched onto a third place in a national original one-act play contest. Celebrities on every side of us ! The San Francisco Ballet came and went and left its mark. Soon after its appearance, three men enrolled in one dance class and two in another — and the classes had been one hundred per cent feminine. The seniors swung out for a gay sneak day in Emporia. GWTW, the steak at the banquet, the dance, and the supreme ecstacy of ignoring classes without the slightest twinge from all too calloused consciences made the seniors the most envied group on the campus. And speaking of imjiortant people, we felt as important as if atop a triple deck sundae when the kids in the Music Clinic and more recently when the high school boys and girls were here for the Musical Festival wide- --2iSP The proscenium arch frames effectively the crowning of Theresa Watson as PEGGY PEDAGOG for 1939-40. Jan Floyd, last year ' s reigning Queen,, has here relinquished her crown to her successor. 148 ] Tkeresa Oi atson - Pegg Pedagog 1939-40 Early arrivals to the JUNIOR PROM at the Memorifd Student Union. Senior President Ted Andrews and his wife, and Junior President Dorothy Cotton and lier guest, DeWayne Gary, led the GRAND MARCH at the Junior Prom. [ 150 ] The arrivals at the JUNIOR PROM included Theresa Watson. 1939-40 Peggy Pedagog. Ralph Dice is the happy gentleman who is helping her remove her wrap. Stiff, white bosoms gleamed under neat bow ties and evening gowns of as many colors as the rainbow swished and sparkled at the Prom. Intermission gave time for a little rest and a drink. [ HI The crowd at the ■ ' Submarine " BEAUX ARTS BALL entered the festive scene through ■ gaping hole in the side of sunken sliip. Alpha Theta Rho, honorary art fraternity, gets thanks for one of the best parties of the year. eyed and awed at us " college students. " Were we like that too? No answers, please. Tony Sarg ' s Marionettes were here too. No one but the grade school kids seemed excited though. Maybe we are too naive. Came " The Twins, " unheralded and unsung. We hardly knew they were here until Saturday morning when the fortunate few who saw it still laugh hysterically at the thought of the lines. " Mrs. P ' ' raser " closed the Gilson season with a definitely English and amusing bang. Thanks here and now to that group of hard working and sincere actors and actresses — the Gilson Players. For a week or so it looked as though the antics of self-styled, self-ap- pointed campus politicians would be more amusing than the possibility of Dean MacFarlane coming to school in Scotch kilts. But it all blew over again after the Spring elections and we slid back to the normalcy of final examinations. And so we closed another year. Those of us who are sentimentalists feel just a little pang of regret. Those of us who are not just sigh and think " no more eight o ' clock classes. " And here we say, if we may quote a classic line, " So long. See you next fall. " [ 152 ] BETTY BARKER. QUEEN OF THE BEAUX ARTS BALL Lailics-in-Waiting DOROTHY FELTS HELEN TUBBS student ACTIVITY FUNDS paid for many special show- ings of botli first and second run pictures at the Granada this year. Granada Manager. Mr. Ray McLain. deserves many thanks for his help and cooperation in making these convocations possible. One of the most popular events in the SCIENCE HALL OPEN HOUSE was the roasting of wieners on two ice picks with an electric current. Visitors sampled the result and pronounced it good. 154 ] Robert M. laylur, Ralph Muipliy, Mary Jane Shepherd, Kuih Cu .k.ley, ticuy Jean iia .hiiian, Theresa X ' atson, Jeanettc Floyd, Jean Jones, Josephine Evans, Reuben Regier, Dr. O. J. Borchers, leader. Madrigalians The Madrigalians arc a group of nine students and two faculty men who sit around a table and sing in an informal manner without ac- companiment or direction. The group, patterned after the old English madrigalians, creates an atmosphere of the music of Eliza- bethan England, according to Dr. Orville J. Borchers, director. Several voices are heard in combination, yet remain independent of each other. The type of music used by the Madrigalians is intimate and in- formal, as is the presentation. Although they present the highest type music, it is given in a light, festive manner. Both classical and modern compositions are used, but the madrigals of the Elizabethan period are given preference. This year the Madrigalians took a week ' s concert tour of Kansas and Colorado, leaving on April 14. [ 155 ] Symphonic Chorus This h.is been the tenth season for the Symphonic Chorus under the direction of Dr. OrviUe J. Borchers. Hazel Childs accompanied the group this year. According to Dr. Borchers, the " Syjnphonic Chorus " is often called " Symphonic Choir " but Chorus is the correct term. A choir ordinar- ily sings only sacred music. Since the Chorus performs music both sacred and secular, the name choir would be inappropriate. The Symphonic Chorus this year has little duplication in its per- sonnel with other vocal groups from the Music Department. The entire group participated in the community church service at the opening of the new Civic Auditorium in Emporia. [ 156 ] Mens Glee Club Tilt membci- ' ihip of tlie Men ' s Glee Club this year marks an all-time record for the group. The club this year made its first tour of Central Kansas. Wayne Brooks, president, and Glenn Frecburnc, bvisiness manager, made the plans to visit the various Central Kansas cities. Included in the repertoire of the group on the tour were negro spirituals, folk ballads, and modern classical songs. Dr. Orville J. Borchers directed and Glenn Frecburnc ac- companied the club. n • . (, Women s Glee Club The largest ensemble group from the Music Department this year is the Women ' s Glee Club with over 150 members. It is also the largest membership of any time in its history. Miss Irene DeMun directed the group and Miss Tresia Potter accompanied it. [ 157] The Men ' s Glee Clith tnivcled by bus on their tun-dity tour of Cen- tred Kiiii ii toufis. Symphony Orchestra The Symphony Orchestra of 77 members, under the baton of Orien D.illey, presented its first concert of the year on December 17 in Albert Taylor Hall. Outstanding fea- ture of the concert was the presentation of the Fifth Symphony of Jean Sibelius, Finnish composer, who is acknowledged the greatest creative force in the musical world today. Early in April the group made the first tour of its history and visited Eastern and Northeastern Kansas towns. This tour, made by bus, included the exchange concert with the University of Kansas Symphonic Orchestra. The onhfiira fills the qhliiolisilc s oj ,■ Allnrl Tiiylor Ihill stag,- [ 158 ] Emporia State Band The Emporia State Band, under the direction of Orien Dalley, has enjoved one of the most successful years in its history. In addition to playing for the football and basketball games, the band has presented several concerts for students and townspeople. This spring the band voted to forego a proposed tour of surrounding towns and petitioned the Student Council for permission to use the money saved by this move zo buv much needed uniforms. The Emporia State inarchhtg batui eoiishts of eventy t-wo pieces this year. [ 159 1 »1 Xi Phi, honorary Ifnilcrshi frafervify, hirtiateJ their tn-w incnihcrs with a Jiiiiwr hi t jJl. Initiates ate their dessert uithoiit spouns in the al ' liruied jilejfic fashion. (TUt i ' The number of organizations which are active on the Emporia State campus is conclusive evidence that students here are " joiners. " The organizations represented on the following pages are of all types — honorary, literary, social, departmental, etc. We regret that it is impossible to present all of the organizations on the campus; however, we have represented the greater majority of them here. They are presented here, not in the order of their importance, but divided into the various classes into which they fall. Various mem- bers of the organizations have collaborated with the staff in the writing of the accounts which accompany the pictures of the groups. Hopuig that you will keep in mind that to err is human and to forgive is divine, we have arranged and edited them to the best of our ability. — The Editor. [ 160 ] s»? ' XiPhi OFFICERS Jeannette Floyd Prcsiilcnf Harold McFarland Vicc-Pirsidciif Vera Vassar Secretary Sam Estep Treasurer Bette Bechtoldt H ' ntorian Sponsors Dr. Ray C. Maul Dr. Edwin J. Brown Ostlund, Groves, Beef toldt, Steelsmith Andrews, Cotton, Bohn I ! [ 162 ] To — Roger Day, Dorothea Abildgaard. Aaron Romine, Jean Socolofsky MiJJIc — Freda Bornschcin, Loren? Bucnnin . Flva Bell, Sam I!srcp i.r — Harold McFarl.ind. Dr. i:dwin J. Brown Xi Phi Xi Phi, Emporia State leadership fraternity, took unto itself this year the promotion of the proposed point system designed to spread the various campus offices among a larger group of students. Each student felt the work of the organization in the fall when he or she received the Xi Phi compiled and published Student Directory. The Anniversary Dinner and Ball on May 11 in the Student Union topped off the year ' s activities for the group. [ 163 ] Pi Omega Pi OFFICERS Ralph Houser Presiilciif Ann Goldsmith Vice-Vrcsitlcnf Mary Ann Cunningham Secretary Donald Tate Treasurer Mu chapter of Pi Omega Pi, national hon- orary commerce fraternity for akmmi and students, began the year by voting to pledge scholarly commerce students at the beginning of the semester or term in which they will complete the ninety hours of college credit necessary for membership. Breakfast meetings were the next innovation and sleepy-eyed members met monthly through- out the year at the Union Coffee Shop. Donald Tate represented the chapter at the national convention at Pittsburgh, Pennsyl- vania, during the Christmas holidays. Sprmg election of new members resulted in the pledging of Hazel Johnson, Jane Loomis, Parke Snyder, Gail Hess, LaVon Smith, Lois Kohler, and Wynford Gilbert. The annual field trip to Kansas City on April 3 completed the year ' s activities. lioonc, Bucnning. Cunningham Dickey, Feather, Goldsmith Gray, Grundy, Hiett Houser, Parke, Pickett Pointer, Socolofsky, Tate [ 164 7 iT . ■ ■ i i Lambda Delta Lambda OFFICERS HovT Warren . . . Prcsidtiif Robert Ruskin Vice-Prcs Jcuf Virgil Kinnamon Secretary Lester Laird Trcasimr John Writt - Scrgcunf-iif-cinm Dr. L. E. Blackman . Sl i!sor Nu chapter of Lambda Delta Lambda this year presented its annual awards to the most outstanding freshman student in each of the two sciences, chemistry and physics, to Louise Pruitt and Howard Depew, respectively. Se- lection for this honor is made on the basis of scholarship, personality, and professional promise. Dr. J. S. Hughes, outstanding chemist from Kansas State, spoke at the yearly open meeting. Members of the organization present papers of scientific interest throughout the year as part of the monthly programs. Articles are also submitted to the official publication of the fraternity, the " Filter. " This spring, as in the past, the group co- operated actively in presenting the annual Science Open House. liLicknian, Curtis, Davis Faulkner, Kinnamon, Laird McFarland, Miller, Peterson Reeble, Ruskin, Scagondollar Secfeld, Tucker, VC ' arren [ 165 K.ipp.i Delc.i PI, .in Honor Society in Education, was established at the University of lUinois in 1909. This society aims to foster high standards of teacher preparation and to invite good fellowship among those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students and workers in the field of education. Iota chapter at the Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, one of over one hun- dred and ten chapters located throughout the United States, was installed on March 15, 1920. Kappa Delta Pi is proud of her laureate members, among whom are John Dewey, Edward Lee Thorndike, William Heard Kilpatrick, Charles A. Beard, and Walter Dam- rose h. Iota chapter is a progressive organization that brings stimulating current problems and topics of educational value before its members; for example, at the March meeting visual education was discussed. In the spring Kappa Delta Pi ' s year ' s activities close with its annual banquet. OFFICERS QuENTiN Groves Prcsiilciif Jean Socolofsky ' Vice-President ZiLLAH OsTLUND Secretary Bette Bechtoldt Treasurer Donald J. Tate Historian Kathryn Kayser - Counselor Dr. Minnie M. Miller Member Executive Council Dr. H. E. Schrammel Chairman Membership Committee Jean Socolofsky, Ralph Housir, Herman Grundy Program Committee Kappa Delta Pi Ai jiH Kathryn Bay dinger Bette Bechtoldt Jeanetcc Floyd Anne Goldsmith Gertie Gray Quentin Groves Herman Grundy James R. Hanna Ralph Houser Arthur Lani;v.irdt Zillah Ostlund Jean Socolofsk) ' Donald Tate [ 166 ] Robert Gilman Fred Goddcrz Marc Hale Barbara 1 larper Jo Mc( Icll.in L,lc) d Muoii Leonard Nash Imogene Newcomer S i % N ' r } ml f- p Bonnie jean PoUey Barbara Pyle Wilbur Stilwell Maxine Vanderhoff mM Alpha Theta Rho OFFICERS Marc Hale Prcsiiiciit John Schulze Vice-Prcsiilciit Josephine McClellan Secretary-Treasurer This year marks the first mile-stone of the newly organized honorary art fraternity, the Alpha chapter of Alpha Theta Rho. The movement for the fraternity was stim- ulated by Miss Virginia Wheeler, and later it was formed and brought into existence by Professors H. Francis James and Norman R. Eppink. It is necessary that a student distinguish himself in the art field and display certain latent merits in order that he or she be eligible for membership. By promoting the annual Beaux Arts Ball, Alpha Theta Rho makes itself known and appreciated by the entire student body. War scares resulted in the selection of in " Under-Seas " theme for the decorations and costumes this year. To say that programs, decorations, and costumes were unique is to say too little. This staff of artists can rightfully be proud of the results of their efforts. [ 167 J Toll row — Bird, Blackmjn, Cram, Curtis, Dickey, Faulkner, Hanna Miilillc row — Hardy, Laird, Larsen, Malik, Marsh, McFarland, Miller Bottom row — Peterson, Phillips, Reeble, Ruskin, Scagondollar, Seefeld, Tucker, Wilch Kappa Mu Epsilon OFFICERS Frank Faulkner . Praidcnt Pascal Ray Hanna Vicc-Praidcnt Gauss Harold Bird Kecordiiij Secretary Eratosthenes C. B. Tucker CorrespoitJtn; Secretary Descartes Dean Larsen Treasurer Bhaskara Kyle Wilch Historian Ahines Dr. Peterson Sponsor Thales The K.ms.is Beta ch.ipter of Kappa Mu Epsilon, national honorary mathematics fra- ternity was established May 12, 193 5, at Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas. Its membership is open to students majoring or minoring in mathematics who meet certain general and mathematical scholastic requirements. The purpose of Kappa Mu Epsilon is to develop appreciation for matlicmatics and to stimulate interest therein by a closer fellowship among those interested in mathe- matics. This it does in several ways: by its monthly meetings, where topics of interest are discussed; by its annual publication, K M E, which furnishes news of members, both alumni and active, by sponsoring the mathematics club, an organization open to anyone interested in mathematics. Members whose pictures do not appear above are; Dr. L. E. Blackman, Helen Carman. Ruth Otterstrom, Mrs. Ruth Harris, Otho Rasmussen. 168 ] ( - ' To ruir — Hachm.inn, Byrd. Clulds. Cocklcy. O opcr, Floyd, Grigsby MiilJlc roH — Hawbccker. Hendry, Hines. Hobbs. Jones. Kimball, Moore Bottom row — Morgan, Potter, Rchberg, Steelsmith, Watson, Wilkms Sigma Alpha Iota Iota Gamma is the chapter of Sigma Alpha lota, national profes- sional music organization for women, on the campus. The primary purpose of the organization is to promote professional and scholastic ideals among the women music students in the college. It is interested in furthering the activities of the ' music department in the college and in the state. Iota Gamma was founded as Pi Alpha Nu, October 12, 1938, and became a chapter in Sigma Alpha Iota April 2 9, 1939. The musical activities of the chapter for this year included the monthly musicales, the Annual MacDowcll Musicale and Tea, and the annual Easter Vespers on Palm Sunday. Students who show professional promise and scholastic attainment are elected into membership by Sigma Alpha Iota. Miss Catharine E. Strouse is sponsor of the group. 169 5 .i . jj,t; — Uuiduii Julit -, Ralph Dice, Reuben Regier, Paul Stcg, Jack Danner, Dwi i;ht Jones, Tom Tholen, Vale Page, George Hassard, Alvin Sclimutz, Lawrence Norvell, T. D. ' heat, Mer! Leroux, Julian Aubuchon, Morris Jones Sciitcil — A. D. Sclimutz, Wayne Brooks, Levi Barnes, Glenn Freebourne, Niles Moffat, Orville J. Borchers Phi Mu Alpha OFFICERS Ralph Dice Presidetit Paul Steg Vice-President Leland Johnson — Secretary Jack Danner Treasurer Alvin Schmutz Kapellmeister T. D. Wheat Historian Vale Page Warden Orville J. Borchlrs Supreme Coiiinilman Beta Upsilon, Emporia State chapter of Phi Mu Alpha, again made its presence among active organizations an established fact when it conducted the annual singing bee. The events of the year, aside from the singing bee, are numerous. Among them are the Phi Mu Alpha American Recital, the Founders ' Day Recital, participation in the All-Kansas Music Festival and the All-Kansas Clinic. Membership in this organization is based upon professional promise, scholarship, and recommendation by a member of the music faculty. [ 170 1 To j — Roscoe Boone, Mary Jane Groh, Kathryn GiileiLe. Sam Estcp Muliflc—Uuhen Rowland, Winifred Nuland, Paul Miller. Ber 1 Hamilton. Donald Tate Ri ht — Carl J. Cramm, Jr.. Donald Slu-pard, Roger Diy, David Kester Pi Kappa Delta Emporia State ' s Zeta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta is the second largest in the world. The purpose of this honorary organization is to develop intercollegiate oratory, debate, and public speaking. A badge of distinction, proficiency, and honor is conferred upon deserving candidates. Zeta Chapter during the past year has lived up to the purpose of the organization. Emporia State was represented at the Pi Kappa Delta national convention held in Knox- ville, Tennessee. Four delegates participated in extemporaneous speaking and the stu- dent legislative assembly. The Student Speakers Bureau, sponsored by Zeta Chapter, is another mark of progress. This is a free service offered to Kansas organizations. Student speakers, qualified in many fields, are available to discviss topics in which Kansas communities are interested. [ 171 ] Top row — Barnaby, Cockley, Baskctt, Jones, Stead, Haskell, Spencer Middle row — Garthwaite, Sleelsmith, Bear, Scefeldt, Litchfield, Gray, Mills, Baysinj;er Boltom row — Floyd, Huffman, Dietrich, Warren, Bornschein, Warkentin, Dunham, Smith, Maybcrry, Bell Omega Omega Literary Society discovered tlie first tangible evidence of success in the pursuance of their theme for this year, " A Search for Hidden Treasure, " during the pledge conducted mectmg on Novem- ber II. Ella Stout, Judy Patton, and Rosemary Dabbs, guests for the evening, gave a musical program that proved to be the treasure of the year. On December 9, the Omega girls enjoyed a picnic at the Butcher cabin. Santa Claus came early this year and slid down the Union chimney into the collective laps of the celebrating Omegas. The society this year for the first time issued a magazme which was published the first week in May. I 172 ] Sphinx OFFICERS Jean Socolofsky President LuciLE Neudeck . — Vite-PrciiJetil RuTHACENE Lackey Secretary Lenore Stenzel . Treasurer Miss Pauline Henderson Sponsor Organized iwcnty years ago, the Sphinx Club, this year, celebrated its wooden anniversary. The .-.nnual forni.il banquet, held in the Spring, featured this theme with Miss Teresa M. Ryan, founder of the organization, as guest of honor. The first portion of the year was spent in the study of current poetry and its appreciation. A rush tea in the Fall, a Christmas party, and an outdoor campfire meeting in the Spring were among the special activities of the year. Various musical selections furnished variety at the regular bi-monthly meetings in which both club members and guest speakers participated. Top row — Arndt, Baumg rtncr, Bcclitoldt, Carter, Christcnscn, M. Evans Second row — R. Evans, Fclc. Ferrin, Glatt, Harrison, Hawbccker Third row — Hendry, HowcU, Jewell, Kcimig, Lackey, Mears Fourth row — Xeudcck, Newman, Ray, Riclicrc, Runyon, Sickles Fifth row — B. Socolofsky, J. Socolofsky, Spraguc. Stenzel, X ' ' hipkey, Zentz [ 173 ] €l JhM : ,,. Bean, Belchley, Campbell, Coplcn Dcister, Evans, Flanigan. Grigsby Hamilton, Hatfield, Howell, Johnson Kalb, Knouse, Mails, Marshall McPheron, Moore, Moser, B. Peters D. Peters, Raikcs, Schirmcr, Schrader Smith, C allingt ' ord. XVatts, Wealand Alphathenian OFFICERS Nora May Moore PrcsiJcii Alice Schirmer Vicc-PrtsiJciif Dorothy Peters Secretary Hazel Johnson Treasurer Josephine Evans „ Sergeant-al-arni:. The Alphathenian Literary Society was founded in 1921 to further the study and en- joyment of literature, both old and new. This year the programs are centered around modern drama and current books. Special programs of the society include " Poetry Night " , " Crea- tive Night " , and " Hobby Night " . The im- portant social events of the year are the Fall Rush Breakfast, the second semester Rush Party, the Christmas and the Spring dinners. Sponsors of the organization are Mrs. Elsie Pine and Miss Delia Warden. 174 Alice Freeman Palmer OFFICERS Mary Alice Steelsmith Prcs ' ulcnl Irene Lash Vicc-Prcsiilciit Jean Derden Secre ary Ruth Saunders Treasurer Lora Hasenbank Hhtoiiaii Alice Freem.an Palmer Literary Society em- phasized contemporary drama, poetry, moving pictures, and fiction this year. Members and guest speakers presented the works of Ameri- can authors during the bi-weekly Saturday afternoon meetings. At an outdoor breakfast In the Fall, the pledges of A. F. P. presented a take-off on an organization meeting. The Christmas meeting program featured a tea, and a formal dinner on April 27 climaxed the social functions for the year. After the banquet, which used the " Ship " theme, the members were entertained by the sponsor, Miss Harriet Elcock and the patronesses, Mrs. A. V. Davis and Mrs. W. D. Ross, at the home of Mrs. Davis. Brownlee, Dcrdcn, Knoch, J. Finnerty M. Finnerty, Hall. Hasenbank, Haslouer Heisey, Howland, E. Lash, I. Lash Meyer, Miler, Morgan, Mott Ostlund, Sanders, Schaich, Steelsmith Steinwedcn, Summers, Waterman, Watson Way, VC ' eigand [ 175 ] Science Club The Science Club, created in the Spring of 1 13 9, is a fusion of the former agriculture, biology, and chemistry-physics organizations and is the first club on the campus to pioneer in such a cooperative effort. Science Club ' s monthly meetings aim to create and promote a deeper interest in all fields of science. The first year ' s membership exceeded 95. The scientific scope of the programs for the vear was varied and included a playlet on the moon, hobby horses of faculty men, an explanation and demonstration of amateur radio communication given by station W9VVW, trends in the airplane industry by Captain William Ong, a movie entitled " Rivers, " and an illustrated lecture on a packing plant ' s products and by-products. The social activities of the Science Club included a Christmas party, mid-year banquet, and a spring picnic. The Science Club sponsors the Open House which this year filled Norton Hall Front rolf — Steckel, Klotz, Warren, Andrews, Seefeld, McFarland, Eberhart, Curtis, Dr. Cramm Midiih ' row — Veal, Wilson, Osborne, Groh, Williams, Prchal, PuUins, Chapman, M. Anderson, J. Anderson, Walker, K.isha, Kriig, Pro Bitck row — Gladfelcer, Rossillon, Brewer, Morion, Cramm, Knox, ?iayes, Harper, Shepard, McGowan, Bryant [ 176 ] I I ' Yont row — Nienstedt, Pyle, Jones, Dabbs, Julian, Ward, Danner, " Walker Miilillc rou- — Gillies, Russell, Clevenger, Smith, Jacobs, Wheeler, Hanson, James, Vassar, Hensley, Never, Faulkner, Dr. Blackman Bink row — Malik, Wilch, Seagondollar, Stallard, Whinery, Bird, Wagner, Davis, Cooper, Sauder, Bower, Stauffer, Meisenheimer, Anderson Iron nm—Vro i. Agrelius, McGu rc, Daly, Howland, Yehle, Prosser, Berry, Dr. Brcukelnian MiJJlc row — Kin n anion, Rceble, Rosenberj;, March, Zimmerman, Edmonds, Johnson, Lewis, Andrews, Siull. Ruskin Back rou — Dunfi L, Tressler. Yound, Langley, Depew, Wiley, Bean, Carton, Downs, Findly with unique and startling ideas planned to interpret many everyday phenomena. The Open House event this year drew a crowd of approximately 3,000 people. The future success and advancement of the Science Club is assured by the scientific outlook of its members, and the potential possibilities in store through the joint efforts of so many departments. [ 177] Bill k )ini — Muurc, Aycrs, RicIicslhi, Mfiidciilull, Meyer, Zinimcrnian, Gilbert, Baylcss, Guglcr, Bates, Hide, Hayes, Snyder, Haasis, Larson, W ' dd, Wilch, Atcliison, Anj ell, Uhland, Buenning Miihllc loif — L. A. Parke, R. R. Pickett, Rouland, Crawford, Tichenor, X aterman, Kohler, Mouse, Sickles, Smith, Bean, Patterson, Newcomer, Sterba, WiUon, Marsh, Bieglcr, Pointer, Read. Neis, Ketch, Myers, Grundy. Bohn, Hiett Front roll — Stull, Nienstedt, Neal, Graves, Tonison, Hoard, Bush, Smitliheisler, Lewis, Lang, ShuU, Cun- ningham, Baumgartncr, Johnsmeycr, Cummings, Stark, Ferrin Bill k J fiir— Bender, Bruce, Dady, Frcfman, Sheridan, Ban ley, Joiinston, Roush, R. Day, Fowler, F. Day, Cramm, Nelson, Erickson, Bumgardner, Kille, Anderson, Loomis, Findly, Robbins Mil ill f mn- — C ' eir, Tinkler. Green, Karns, Selig, O ' Mara, Tholen, Hill, George, Stanley, Jezek, Field. Hubbard, Perry, Criswelt, Socolofsky, Campbell, Ressell, Cravens, West Front roiv — Johnson, Gray, Dickey, Cotton, Led ford, Jewell, Kcough, Lshnaur, Feather, Seyfert, Hough, Evans, Phenneger, C ' atts Commerce OFFICERS Homer Bohn „. President Dean Haasis Vice-President Olive Ferrin Secretary-Treasurer Arlene Stark Social CLniinuan The Commerce Club started off the year with more than 120 attending the Fall picnic. The club meets each month, with the Christmas party and the banquet in April being its two biggest social functions. The Commerce Club is one of the activi- ties of the Commerce Department, which trains more commercial teachers for Kansas high schools than any other college. Any student who is taking work in the Commerce Department or who is interested in the business field may belong to the club. Business men of the community appear before the group throughout the year to give the students a more thorough understanding of practical business affairs and modern business methods. [ 178 ] Latin Club SODALITAS LATIN— MAGISTRATUS A. Langvardt it K. Gartiiw ' aite Consnlrs M. FiNNERTY ., Scri m D. Gebhardt „ Acrariiis L. Vance . . Ciisfos D. Helstrom et E. Glatt Tibicinae W. LeRoy Holtz et M. Alice Seller Sponsored The Latin Club met the second Wednesday of each mon th with varied programs suitable for each occasion, closing with the annual banquet and Roman dinner on Mav 8. The average attendance of the club ' s meetings was sixty-two. The club ascribes itself to a creed supporting things practical and progressive and upholding the ideal that the study of Latin should bj a privilege accorded students in any tax supported school. IfJf iW; B,:cli rou BruJJIu, Shci, IKA ' nrL, WIiUl, R.n. IVurson, D.iv. l.ndhcrj;, l tt lohii. Il.ulcss, Muhkt, Knits, SpriJicr, Uhl.ljld, Rowlands Middle roll ' — Scott, Chunglo, Sclig, Fitzwater, Stovall, Myers, Alley, Hawes, Culbertson, Grogger, Burling, Dodson, Folks, Holtz Front ran — Hazenbank, Howell, Lash. Stenzel, McBoylc, Franklin, Zentz, Kochcr, Haslouer, Ledt ' ord, Hand. Alexander Back roil- — Freeman, Bartley, Freeburne, Seeley, Schartt. George. Jeffers. Stearns, Kenncday, Finnerty, Osborn, Jones, Saltels, Gooch Middle row — Manning, Allen, Broomfield, Danielson, Townscnd, Ticmann. Kloppenberg. Helstrom, Miller, Glatt, Ostlund, Finnerty, Gebhardt, Garthwaite, Holtz, Gillette Front roll — Scales, Zarker, Innes, jacka, Caywood, Goldsmith, Long, Langvardt, Stead, Campbell, Miller [ 179 ] Bull! mil — Vincent, Anderson, Kohler, Cliilds, Voigt, SheppirJ, Mutn xnmaycr, Berry MhlilU ' riiw — Allesre, Aiken, Aeschliman, Ladwig, Grossart, McCord, Hayes, Johnson, Selig, H. Brooks, Sander, V. Brooks Front roil — Nelson, Klof , Tiemann, BaunigarCner, Hollcn, Penner, Ferris, Warkentin, Miller German The German Club is .in org,anlKation for those who arc interested in the German language. In addition to the reguhir meetings once a month, the club annually sponsors a German movie, a play and a Weihnachts Fest. The officers for this year were: Ann Warkentin, president; Carl Ferri ' ;, vice-president; and Bertha Penner, secretary-treasurer. Biirk row — Taylor, I- dnian. Tnti, Ramirez, Lorenz, D. Pcteis,Crabtree, Cann, Riondy MiJillc roll — Miller, K. Peters, Sodcrstrom, Woolpert, Theriauit, Moslier, West, Pro, Rynders, Baldwin, Brownlee, Zimmerman, Wright, Nunemachcr, Wild, Wampler, Smith, Gebhardt, Frecburne, Madsen, King, F.ubank, Mahin, Harrison, Ferrin, Butcher, Shea, Aiken. Froii row — Howell. B. I ' eleis. Barnes. Ireland, Salisbury, Noland, Swope, Frickson, Watson, Richert Le Cercle Francais is an organization composed of }-rencli students and others interested in thi? French language. A luncheon each week and a monthly program of talks or music give the members an opportunity to speak French at informal meetings. " Mayerling, " a French movie, was given at the Granada Theatre and the play, " A Louer Meuble, " by Gabriel D ' Hervilliez was presented by the students on Modern Language Evening. The officers for this year were: Elden Erlckson, president; Jane Lee Swope, vice-president; and Elvira Richert, secretary. French [ 180 f - ir lft Hack row — Muldi cw , Bruce, Klippcnbcrg, Dubbs, Jacobs, Stead, Schirmer, Moritz, Paulsen, H Ju ;luon, Hyrd, Shuss, Sickles, Aiken MiiiiHc roiv — Moore, Baldwin, Jolins, Quillcn, O ' Mara, Johns, Erieksoii, Finnerty, Tucker, Dryden, Sullivan, Neson, Phillips, Harrison, Stovall Front row — Maupin, Aldridj;e, Aldrid.ne, Bush, Parks, Ramirez, Stallcup, Miller, Larson, Miller, Neis, Razor The Spanish Club, comooscd of students of the hini ' u.iee, this year spon- sored the presentation of the Spanish movie, " El Rancho Grande, ' at the I T CLIj.lS£j. Granada Theatre on November 14, 193 9. Tito Guizar showed the boys and girls how the true Spaniard speaks — and acts. Back row — Perkins, Macurdy, Mulkey, Carrington, Haas, Gixen, Kenimcrer, Kohman, Steward. Gunkel, VC ' cigand, Currv, Adams, Haslouer, Jones, Cooper, Miller, Walker, Hanson Middle row — Holmquist, Love, Taylor, C ' Jlcox, Stout, Razor. Stiffler, Lewercnz, Steckel, Schaich, Park, Gilkison, Lovell, Doro- thy Brueggemann, Doris Brucgjicman, Copeland, Mangbsdorf, Clevengcr, Wellborn, Briles Front row — Alspaw, Deckard, Steg, Miller, Hanson, Osborne, Vassar, Daly. Knouse, Ives. Archer. Groh, Roundy. Patterson. Kimmel, Harbaugh Home Economics The Home Economics Club began the year by picnicking at Butcher ' s Cabin. Reguhir meetings were held the first Wednesday of every month. At Christmas the club adopted a needy family and sent them a box filled with food, toys for the children, and dresses made by the girls. [ 181 g,„. ,„,( — Eliot, Hall, Stolfus, Tohnd, Bergevin, Riddle, Fountain, Crow, McCune, Williamson, Swing, Morton, Heymjn, Ramsey, Scliirmer, Woods, Kalb, Hurle, Thompson, Wilson, Jacobs, Wilson, Bornsclicin, Bates, Pierson, Spencer, Kendall MhlJIe rou — Young, Sarensen, Voigt, Leckron, Kaufman, Olson, Putnam, Eisenluit, Dixon, Hellmer, Bacon, Lorenson, Carbicner, Carlson, Ogren, Nelson, Miller, Beedle, Morris, Hawks, Swm, Hart, Lordts, Scott, Brown, Doris Brucggeman, Dorothy Brucggeman, Wilson, Clayton Vioui row — Marts, Cossaart, Newton, Edds, Stewart. Siebcrt, Mclioyle, Kemp, Townsend, Huns.iker, Collns, D.inielson. Yeo- man, Marshall. Sehroetter. Pcatling, Burdette, Fleener. Pattie Primary-Kindergarten OFFICERS Jane Stewart -- — Preshlcii NoLA Newton - .- - Vicc-VmiJciit Elizabeth Siebert Snrvlary Dorothy Edds - Trcasiti ' -r Emma Humble - Sfmiiwr Gi-adys Kemp — -- Sponsor The Pr!iTinry-Kindorg;irtcn Club was one of the first dcpart- ment.il clubs lo be organized on the Emporia State campus. The club was organized for all students and faculty interested in primary-kindergarten education. Major social functions of the year were the Christmas party and the Spring banquet. The Training School class- rooms offer actual practice in the management and teaching of chiltlren in pri- mary and kindergarten grades. 1S2 ] lll.isftr lH!rJi ffiipa ' m K ■ » i - ' »— x rlliPX ' Fx ' J ' P 1. ' - i " ' ' M M T TTSijmKI Htti rvfii if ' ii ii« B(ir tow — Met- aria tui. 1 uckcr, Manning. Martin, liaitlc) ' , ilcli, Irtcnian, Shcpard. Hondurant. N ai;ncr, Younj;, Schrocdcr, Carpenter, Bird, Hanna, Kellar, Neycr, Curtis, Bucnning Miiliilc roil — Riggins. Peterson, MciMahan. Kille, Morton. McGowan, Marsh, Rice, McCord, Jones, Birch, Thompson, Carson, Brcucr, Dcvorc, Ruskin, Laird, Pliillips h ' roit roir — Dorsey, Seefcid, Dulaney, Sten .el, Miller, W ' anipler, Stead, Wellborn, Shcppard, Hoyt, Seyfert, Crebwcll, Anderson, Hooten. For more than a generation, the Mathematics Club has been cne of the active departmental clubs. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Programs are varied, but gen- erally students participate actively. Occasionally special speak- ers appear before the club. Mathematics Buck roll. — Bjbcr, Coplcn, Hancy, Peters, Randol, Dunliani, O.r, Huebert, Christen, Felt, Lackey Miiliilc row — Shore. McPhcrson, Youngs, Arndt, Barnaby, Pine, FhTnagan, Deister, Vander Velde, Cole, Spencer, Hasenbank, Puttroff, Might, Smith, Litchfield, Hiller, Miller, Eshnaur, Vanderwilt Front roil — Summers, Newman, Bullard, Haskell, Mills, Neudeck, Klliott, Haldcniaii, Forrester, Sanders Library Science The Library Club is composed of junior unci senior library majors, the faculty of the Library School, and the staff of Kellogg Library. The programs for the year consisted of book reviews, poetry recitals, and dramatic skits. Nineteen of the members attended the joint Kansas-Missouri Library Convention in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, October 26 and 27. The club had charge of an A. A. Milne radio program and a book exhibit at Lawrence during the Kansas corn husking contest. Officers for this year were: Donna Haskell, president; Lucilo Neudeck, secretary; Margaret Mills, treasurer. Miss Evelyn Elliott and Mrs. Elsie H. Pin e sponsor the group. [ 183 ] Back row — Parken, X ' " iley. Oshel, Langvardt, Eberhart, Brookovcr, Dodge, Hcnslcy, Carl, Sm. ' cd, Ii. Lash Mulillc luir — Hciscy. Miller, Steckel, Decker, Peterson, Hobbs, Hollen, Allen, I. Lash, Phillips, Nicmeicr front row — Manning, Kendall, Bacon, Tinkler, Gladfelter, Stoltus, Holm berg, Pettyjohn Collegiate 4-H The Collegiate 4-H Club is composed of former 4-H members and others interested who wish to continue their 4-H activities. The aims and purposes of the club are to promote group cooperation among the members, to introduce ideas which will be helpful in organizing and promoting agricultural movements in 4-H clubs, and to discuss prob- lems confronting rural youth today. Highlights of the year ' s activities are the annual 4-H barn dance and the mid-semester banquet and party to which members of the Manhattan Collegiate 4-H Club were invited. Bark barn rote — Kelly, Allbaugh, Culbertson, Estep, Mock. Boercman, Hamilton, Christensen, Baysingcr, Johnston, Bales, Fowler. Webb, Dillard, Shelley, Bryant, Akers, Prosser, Day, Aeschiiman, Angell, Ihde, Mitchell, Woolpert, Rowlands Middle row — Lunt, Bear, Steckel, McBoyle, Carter, Vincent, Goodwin, Zimmerman, Wells, Moritz, Might, Chapman, Baehr, Noland, Madsen, Hadden, Knox, Conklin, Howell, Sneed, Franklin, E. Lash, Rcgier, Sprccher, Dodge, Roundy, Coffmaii, Kohler, Ledford, Boone Front roll ' — Read, Cummings, Johnsmeyer Crawford, I. Lash Afeis, Bicgle Dodge, Roundy, Poin:er, Bruning, Ross, Hand, Smith, Hieronymus, Plattner, Allred, The History and Government Club attempts to present in its meetings those points of historical and political interest which are not ordinarily discussed in social science courses. Considermg the fact that the troubled foreign situation has already been so widely and fully discussed, the cabinet purposely avoided this field. The club promoted several activities during the year, among them the annual banquet and the attendance of a large delegation of students at the International Relations Conference at W ' infield. History and Government 184 ] The Sunflower LORENZ BtlENNING Editor RALPH HOUSER Business Manager GENE RICE and LESLIE WHEELER Staff Photographers [ 185 ELVA BELL Editor-in-Chief BURT HARRISON Managing Editor GORDON FERRIN Associate Editor TOMMY LADWIG and HOMER BOHN Business Managers The Bulletin [ 186 ] ! The Print Shop Homer Bush, Manager Carl Diddc, Printer Ralph Knouse, Linotype Operator; Leon Smith, Printer; CUnton King, Binder 187 Mu Epsilon Nu Mu Epsilon Nu, with a first semester membership of more than 175, is one of the largest organizations on the campus. In actual practice its primary function is to give the independent men an op- portunity to participate in social activities which thuy, as non-Greeks, would otherwise be denied. Membership in Mu Ep is open to all men students who are non-members or inactive members of any Greek social fraternity. Quite a number of Greek leaders received their preliminary training in Mu Ep. Mu Epsilon Nu meets regularly every Thursday evening. A one- hour dance in the Student Union Ballroom is held in conjunction with Wiunetaska, followed by a business meeting. Several hours are spent at the first of each year in giving dancing instruction. One meeting of each semester is devoted to an outdoor picnic, usually a hayrack ride. Also, during each semester, two or three special indoor parties are held in cooperation with Winnetaska. Some of the talent that appeared on the party programs was, to say the least, surprising. Melvin Cline piloted the organization through a successful first semester which was climaxed January 1 3 by the mid-winter formal. At their first " Cram Session " the Mu Ep members and their guests forgot for a time the impending ordeal of finals. The second semester opened with a " bang " with newly-elected prexy Roger Day digging out the half-forgotten constitution and getting it amended to fit the workings of th; present organization. The neces- Tin- mil ' I ' M!) Mil : i ajjucn: Ros fi Diiv. linsiJiiil : Aiiioi Kruiini. lin- ImuJiii ; Gi ' o ' X ' ' Killii . ttiiiMivii-; 1 !a il FtilJs, sftriiary. 188 OFFICERS Mi-i.viN Cline . I ' nshlcn Til) A.NDiuws y icc-Prcsidcnl Amos Kuamlr . Secretary HiKBiRT Bruning T vciisurcr sity of raiding the libraries to drag in a quorum will not soon be forgotten by some of the members. Ag.iin in the second semester, on March 16, the members and their dates danced to the music of Lcc Johnson and his band. The dance committee in- dulged in a fantasy of " Bluebirds in the Moonlight. " ' During the first semester Mu Ep retained its in- dependent status by refusing to " play ball " with the Greeks in banning corsages from semi-formal parties. Later the members reversed their decision. (Under fmancial duress, we suspect!) Mclvin Cline, Ted Andrews Amos Kramer, Herbert Bruning M« Epsiluii Xii holdi IIk h its business meeting each Thursday night in the Alumni room in the Union folluuiuf ' our of dancing with the members of Winnetaska, sister organization. [ 189 Both Wium-taska iiiiJ Mii lilt vienibcrs coutributc their ii ' ickeh each ucck to pay the orchestra which plays for their hour ' s dancing. Buck row — Bob McGinncss, Carl Ferris, Lonnic Bcdwell. Lloyd Rinkcl, Dale Oshel, Roland Smith, Eldin Hipp, Glenn rullor. Ralph Wiley, Robert Burnett, Roger Day, Allen Manderly, Ralph Scitz, Robert Ruskin Third row — Emerson Culbertson. Roscoe Boone, Gail Hamilton, Fred Godderz, Louis Evans, Leslie Martin. Lorcn Hill, D. R. Bulnier, Donald McGuire, Seldon Tucker, Francis Wild, Clinton Richeson. David Anderson, George Shoaf, Melvin Clinc, Howard Glick, Pete Roth, Richard Osborn Second roil — Hubert Rowlands, Quentin Groves, Claude Hoover, Marvin Baylcss, W. H. Gray, J. V. Nagge, Paul Howiand Front row — Lloyd Gwartney, Chester Smith, David Fisher, Russell Johns. Walter Larson, Floyd Field, Lewis Martin, Wayne Brooks 190 ] n r Qjtx h f i [ f jll [ vMH 1 ■ yf • V r Back roil — Lym.in Ray. ' ayne Chambers. Homer £ ' ebb, Clyde Roush, C ' ilIie Knox, John Sigel, Paul Miller, Harold McFar- land, ' crnon I.bcThart, l).i id Fowler, Carl Cramm, Lawrence Norvcll. Courtney McCord Middle lOH — Philip lilenJer, Paul Hahn. Edw. Roddy, John Bro- kever, Mearl Dod e, Harry Roberts. Harold Barnthson, Julius Johns, Marion X ' hite, Edwin Giger, Bob Sherraden, John McAdam, Vernon Webb, Boyd Blair, Warren Bain, Charles Bowden Front rou- — Layton Dyer, Paul Holmes, Junior Hensley, Herb:rt Bruning, Amos Kramer, Ted Andrews, W ' illbur Carpenter, Darrel Holmquist, Max Johnson, James Bean Throughout the year the Mu Ep intramural teams, under the leadership of Fred Day, struggled to retain the trophy they won last year. Apparently unweakened by an " Independent " schism in the ranks, the y maintained a neck-and-neck race with their perennial foes, the Phi Sigs. From time to time rumors have been circulated that Mu Epsilon Nu actually played campus politics the past year. It is surprising what one may hear at times! New Pre Day proia himself capable of handlitti the hiisim ' is meetings. [ 191 ] Winnetaska OFFICERS Jeannette Floyd Presiiieiit Alieta Schoonover Vice-PresiiJe it Jean Socolofsky Secretary Peggy Warren - Treasurer Virginia Belle Wilktns Music Chairman Sponsors Miss ln.i M. Borm.in Miss Maidia Dryden Patronesses Mrs. W. H. Gray Mrs. Victor C. Hiett Mrs. Joseph W. Nagge )(■.;; i t W ' ini rii MlvhL ' E. Mhirnir foiin-.l time to attend the W iinn-tti ka tea at uhich Mary Alice Stcehmith poured. Winnetaska does mean " pleasant friendship. " This is the eighth year the organization has brought the opportunity for social and cultural relationships to girls not affiliated with Greek-letter societies. Besides the regular Thursday night hour of dancing with Mii Epsilon Nu, brother organization, and meetings afterward featuring guest speakers, the social activities of the organization have been varied. [ 192 ] The first form.il ot tlie year was the Fall Fiesta, featuring a Mexican tlieme in dec- oration, music, .ind refreshments. Soon after were tlie annual hayrack ride and the informal Thanksgiving party with Mu Epsilon Nil. A tea each semester lionore.. ' charter members, faculty friends, ami alumni. At the beginning of 1940 came the " Sadie Hawkins " Party, again with Mu Epsilon Nu. Three dinners, at which each patroness was acting hostess, were given by the organization for separate groups of Winnetaska members. Then with the Spring Formal at the Student Union Ballroom on March 9, Winnetaska ' s social events were concluded. Winnetaska, however, has not been .t segregated organization. Through the partici- pation of her members in all campus activities she has been a part of the entire school ' s program for enlarging the individual opportunity for social advancement. Buck row — Mae Day, Eva Marts, Marjoric BciIk ' U, Twilali ScctVId, Laura Cliilds, Fstlifr ' S ' ay, Myrlc Darby, Kathcrine Garch- walte, Dorothy Hamilton Middle row Betty Wealand, Virginia Wilkins, Mary Alice Steclsmith, Ruth Kadel, Freda Teskc, Virginia Madscn, Dcloricc Davis, Evelyn Hunter, Nadine Dobbs, Kathcrine Burcham, Elaine Salisbury. Elsie Smitii Front row — Donna Goodrum, Maxinil Plicnneger, Feme Baumgartner, Jean Socolot ' skv. Thehna Kloty, Viola Bergman, Jessie Irene Miller, Laura Waterman [ 193 ] The Vnim ifik.i ,i irl ili lthiy thcii move cti(iii fact ill I heir htisnnss ina lilies. Winnetaska Back rim — Marjoric HowUnd, Beulali Lucille Haas, Jean Rees, Arden Nelson, Ruth Long, Marjorie Pitts, Maxine Voj;an, Clelia Marcy, Myra Brenner, Ncysa Koehler, Lois Hurle, Gladys Uhl, Jean Pendlay, Evelyn Poulsen MJdJIel row — Pearl Rippetoe, Marjorie Cranston, Lora Hasenbank, Elizabeth Glatt, Hazel Jacobs, Ruby Daily, Betty Carter, Cora Munzer, Martha Kcrnohan, Elizabeth Lee Hobbs, Evelyn Perkins, Elgeva Smith, Mary Ellen Brown, Neva Lindamood, Lilly Williams, Lois Pendlay, Arline Marcellus, Dorothy Browning, Dorothy Adams, Iris Marrs, Teresa Morgan, Jean Williamson, Evelyn Richmond t ' roit roll — Beulah Pointer, Kathryn Baysinger, Kathleen Daly, Mabel Rippetoe, Avis Allred, Juanita Burdette. Margaret Christensen, Maurine Hawbecker, Betty Dean Harrison, Wanita Razor [ 194 ] Back row — Mar,i;arct Mills, Ann Cunningham. Martha Broomficld, Carrie Woods, Mary Alice Wood, Martha Meyer. F.thclcd Mauch, Marjoric Kendall, Barbara Criswcll. FJlagenc Eshoir.. Ruth McLin, Frances Hough, Lavernc Moritz Miilillc row — Marian Woolpert, Josephine Whitaker, Dorothy Peters, Frances Manning. Lur.i Felton, Mclvina Scyfcrt, Roberta Lowe, Helen Berniece Miser. Betty Lou Green, Roberta Swearingen, Marguerite Allison, Margery Hanson, Marno Heiscy, Ellora Bruce, Leona Sneed, Margaret Fleener. Alma Zentz, Florence Hardenburger, Mary Jane Ralf, Marvyl Read. Nellie Wilson, Leota Chapman, Mildred Wright I ' ront fdu — Betty Rowe, Carolyn Erdman, Jane Llewelyn, Ruth Wright, Bertha Penner, Fvelyne Tinkler, Marian HoUcn, Phvlli ' . Carl, Grace Steckel, Fsther Mae Vt ' alker, Helen ?vIorris, Dorothy Dixon l-is iif liiUilliS iij htitl thf ublvs for each of the Winue u ku fonnul ilinners, one of which is shoicn here. [ 195 ] Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS Sam Estep . Prcsiilciif Roger Day Vicc-Prcsidciit Charles Todd -. . Secretary QuENTiN Groves Treasurer Herbert Bruning Executive Secretary Cabinet Lonnle Bcdwell Hubert Rowlands D. R. Bulmer Robert Ruskin Burton Harrison Bill Shea George Hassard Paul Smith Paul Howland Francis Splichal Marvin Johnston Feeling that the personal problems of the members would be more pointedly brought out in discussions rather than lecture-talks, most of the weekly meetings of Y. M. C. A. this year were of the former type. Tlie discussions were led by such nationally known personali- ties as Congressman Ed Rees and Kirby Page and such faculty mem- bers as H. G. Lull, Miss Maidia Dryden, Richard Roahen, C. S. Boert- man, and M. W. Roper, just to mention a few. The year ' s activities started with a Campus Tour for freshmen and an All-School Mixer in the Union in cooperation with the Y. V. C. A. The fall drive for members started with a wiener roast for all men of the campus and closed with almost all of the more than one hundred members attending a chili feed. One of the most interesting of the new expermients the Y. M. C. A. initiated this year was the Monthly Fun Night for young boys of the [ 196 ] back rniv — Seagondollar, Bean, Splichal, Davis, Meyer, Brown, Shelley, Kester Miifiile rotr — Veal, Harrison. Ebcrhart, Kramer, Boston, Curtiss, Anderson Fioiif rnir — Ferrin, Erickson, Johns, Dr. M. W. Roper, Dr. C. E. Arnett. Sauder. Hcnslcy Sp.inish Mission here in Empori.i. The Y coopcr.itcd most successfully with the town organization of young men. The Wit.in, on this project; and because of the success of the activity, an over-night camp is being planned as the final event. It will, in all probability, be the first op- portunity of its kind for the majority of these boys. Another entirely new activity this year was the joint week-end The Y. M. C. A. cihiitcl mepts. [ 197] Ai ' i i ' r nt — Phillips, .irii i-s, i riinm ;, ,ottnian. Shields, liulm:T, Ihdf, i . Smith, H.iniilri)n. Oshcl MitlJIc roll — Todd, D.iy, Albaugh, Scclcy, Howland, Roddy, boone, Carpenter I ' iinit nut — j. Johns, H.issard, Estep, X ' . H. Singular, E. J. Calkins, Johnston, Bedwell Cabinet Retreat with the Y. W. to Lake Kahola. The year ' s program will end this summer with the trip to Estes Park toward which the Cabinet has been working all year. To supplement the discussions at the regular Monday meetings the Cabinet carried out a program of additions to the Y office and reading room, hang-out of all the Y fellows in their spare moments. In order ST ' The ncif rhih-room furuifrirc i niiU ' f jt- Y. M. rot)in ricii more luijtiihiv for (j ' ,t, ' ; ,i; fiiJints,. I 198 ] A n Vffttfl f 1 Ihrk rtitf — Bryant, lowlcr, Si i;cl. Hill, Prosscr, Nurvell, Fisii r Mhltltv row — Langvardt, Wilch, Sprcchcr, Shea, Powell, Andrews, iid, M. Wlii.e Fruiif row — Culbcrtson, Doxon, Marsh, Uillard, McGown, Mor-on, Rvr.kin, Rdwl.uids to ni.ikc tlic reading of such book as: XX ' iinl, Stiinl, iiinl Sfcirs; 1 he Iin- 1)1)1 film c of L ' n ' ni; ; Inside Europe; and Days of Our Yciirs: and sulIi magazines as: Life. Rcinlcrs D; s;i ' s , bitcrcollc iiui, Thuc, and Metronome; and such newspapers as: Neu York Times and The Christian Srienee Mo)iifor more enjoyable the office and reading room was entirely refurnished with new club room furniture constructed on the campus by N. Y. A. labor. T ji- Y ' . cbili jail jy,ii))i litonJ u hi}; siicei-ss as thoics of itijlf s itJt))ts jhiifuuk of the " south of iht ' bor.lir " ilisb. 199 ] Zillah Ostlund. Jeancne Floyd Mary Ray Wilnien, Twilah Scefeld Fern Enochs, Jean Socolofsky Alice Schirmer, Ann Brownlce Ruth Cockley, Martha Meyer Mary Alice Steelsmith, Peggy Warren Arlene Jaenicke, Elvira Richert Y. W. C. A. CABINET Zillah Ostlund President Jeannette Floyd Vice-President Mary Ray Walrafen Secretary Twilah Seefeld Treasurer Mrs. Elsie H. Pine Sponsor Fern Enochs Martha Meyer Jean Socolofsky Mary Alice Steelsmith Alice Schirmer Peggy Warren Ann Brownlee Arlinc Dixon Ruth Cocklev Arlene Jaenicke Freda Bornschein Elvira Richert The Young Women ' s Christian Associa- tion has been a singing organization this year. Each activity has been accompanied by a song. This " Y " year began in the only way a Y. W. year can legitimately begin — with a week of festivities honoring freshman women. A Green Tea, a Mixer, a Campus Tour, and a Big Sister project all concen- trated on welcoming the first-year students. 200 Biuk ruu — Jonivs, Vassjr, I ' catling, Bcir, Stultc, Swcaringcn, Allison, Hollen, Jewell, Kcough, Bacon, Eshom, Zimmerman MiJillc row — Knox, Steinwcdcn, Smithhcisler, Morgan, Eisenhut, Gourley, Osborn, Myers, J. Evans, Billups, Duncanson, Harder, Meredith, Kernohan front roir — Tinkler, Carl, Morris, Walker, Daly, Falck, Barnes, Greenwood, Huebert, Lankard " Morning comes early and bright with dew, " sang the cabinets blithely at Lake Kahola when the men and women retreated for a week-end of planning and inspiration. Camp- fire singing lasted far into the morning. The membership campaign ended to the strains of " Camp Hymn " and " Home on the Range " at the wiener roast at which 2 00 women ate. At five every Monday afternoon, the cabinet met to discuss business and projects. At six, twenty invited members joined the cabinet around the fireplace to eat supper and get acquainted. The Y. W. ciibnict look liiiu- out from ; uurk ciiry MnihLn ' " iil helil a sK i ii r hi I he Y. V " . room hi the Viioii. I 201 Biuk rati — MiIIlt, Noland, Walker, W ' jlLTiiian, rclcis. Cliapniaan, Pu cr, lio t, Kuciur, Ireland, W ' cicr, Jolinsmcyer, Cuna- mings, Lcckron, Emig MitlJU- roll — E. Lash, Dunn, Kohlcr, McBoyle, Broomficid, Hatison. Woods, Peters, Steekel, Frdnian, Hawks, Browne, Ketch, Thompson Vtuiit nut — Bruce, Hand, Hardenburger, Krug, Marshall, Schrader, Scliroetter, Ledford, Allred, Taylor Alw.iys accompanied by song, the meetings varied in tlvjir emphasis. One night the group heard negro poetry; another evening they were challenged by Rev. Orlo Choguill ' s worship service. Once Congressman Rees discussed problems centered in Washington; again, Don Smucker of the Fellowship of Reconciliation talked about the peace group. While the women fashioned accessories witii varn, they sang carols in a pre-Christmas meeting. Although there was no singing, there was much talk during the " Philosophical Buzz Sessions " when religious matters alone were discussed by both men and women. These sessions took place on Tuesday evenings. Wc jniii the Y. W. )jj:cc a btny, and u ' triictiic, {jUta ' . 202 ] Biiik run — Cus ajrt, Crow, lownsLrul, Cliikicirs. l- ' dw.irds, Marsli.ill, PctciMni, Mont , ' clU, Hjskcll, S,intord, Swim, Spencer, Mills, Hucbcrt Third roit ' Klick, li.uiir. Gray. Miller, Nelson, Sandquist, lirb, |i)hnson. Cook, Mun cr, Hobbs, Heaton, Seyfert, Hart, Hough Si ' fonJ roll- — Ivaad, Xarrett, Pctt john, X ' ilson, G. Stull, R. Stull, Haas, Niimeier, Whitaker, Hamilton I-ronf roll — Bates, L-au.i;iilin, Cranston, Erickson, Everitt, Vi ' iley. Kimel, Kurstadt, Eoren , Duncan, McCunc, Newton Dow n by the lakeside, witli ducks qu.icking ncirby, the music of " O M,ister Let Mc Walk With Thee " echoed softly .icross the w.iter e.irly one March morning when tlie Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. met in an Easter Sunrise Sevice before classes. Active commissions of specialized enthusiasts met once a week to discuss personal and family relations, citizenship, the World Student Christian, religion, or creative leisure and to carry out projects. i f 1 fj JJ 1 MU ' Va . - ' i « , foin ly sl)ousond hy Y. M. and Y. W., the four marriage lectures ghen in the hulhooin uere siirprisitixh ucll attctidi ' d and gaie rise to much clamor for more of the same. 203 -7 ' ' y i C C £■ R ATERNITIES and sororities on the Emporia State campus are not, we believe, as class conscious as those on many campuses in our country. The truly democratic spirit which prevails throughout the student body is again reflected in each of these or- ganizations. Certainly, petty rivalries and jealousies do exist between them at various times. But let the occasion arise for a concerted action, and these rivalries and jealous- ies are forgotten in a spirited, united movement. The accovmts which you will read in the pages of this section are, as nearly as is possible, exactly as they were written and submitted by a member or members of the organization which they concern. We have not attempted to edit them, partly because the facts are known only to the members of the organizations and partly because wc believe it is every man ' s privilege to blow his own horn. The Editor. [ 204 ] AC m I t f SB III I SOCIAL SfflSOfl I ©It a iqma ep ' lon orontv N Snyder, Liitlii, Juhn Dii, Ur. U. L. Mad .irl.iiic, liulin, 1 luiiiplircj ' , Ajcrs, Risilcr Inter-Fraternity Council OFFICERS Parke Snyder PnsiJciif Verne Ayers . Yicc-Prcsidcut Bill Humphrey Secret ary-Trcamrcr Members SJ; iiiii Tiiii Ciiiiinmt Parke Snyder Ke[inetli Rissler Phi S ; i!iii lijisiliiii Verne Ayers Cuter Burns Kal ' lni Si; iini lipsilim Bill Flumphrey Homer Bohn Phi Delia Chi Lcc Johnson Erwin Luthi Composed of two representatives from each fraternity on the cam- pus and Dr. D. L. MacFarlane, Dean of Men, the Inter-Fraternity Council is the supreme court of the men ' s Greek organizations. The duty of the council is to formulate and promote the rules, activities, and standards common to these fraternities. Promotion of coopera- tion between fraternities and independent groups on the campus and maintenance of friendly relations between the Greek organizations are the chief aims of the council. 206 ] To 1 — Vassar, Ives, Cann, Freeman, Nienstedt, Bush, Barker MiJJIi — Deister, Flanagan, Fults, Mangelsdorf, Haslouer, Hall Loiter — Atlicrton, Enochs, Aispaw, Mcars, Hobbs Pan Hellenic Council OFFICERS Vera Vassar Chair man Marian Ives Recording Secretary Bernice Cann Corresponding Secretary Kathleen Freeman - Treasurer The Pan Hellenic Council is composed of three members from each sorority on the campus. This year it provided a loan fund which served in an emergency for sorority and non-sorority girls. The 1939-40 council made arrangements for exchange of dinner dates with the different fraternities. The council also sponsored the annual Inter- Sorority dance March 4, at the Student Union Ballroom. The purpose of the organiza- tion in its work is that of maintaining a spirit of friendship and cooperation among sororities. [207] Kappa Sigma Epsilon Kapp.i Sij;m.i Epsilon is today the second oldest fraternity on the campus and this year celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary witli tlie traditional Founders ' Day Banquet. Two associated organisations, the Kappa Sig Mothers ' Club and the Kappa Slg Alumni Club, have added much in frater- nalisni and good lellowship to the chapter. Meetings arc held periodically in the chapter luui ' .e at Sll C ' onstitution. The Kappa Sig ' s nineteen first-semester pledges gave the annual Bowery Party on October 21, and the fifty-five members ransacked attics and basements for appro- priate costumes. Other traditional social functions of the year were the Homecoming Dinner, the Christmas Stag Party, second- semester Rush Party, Foimders ' Day Ban- quet, and the Annual Salad Slide. OFFICERS HOMIR Bt)MN Prcslchllt W ' u 1 i, M Hi ' MPiiKEY Vicc-Pnsitlcnf RoBi RT Lair . Scrrcfary William Riggins Treasurer Sponsors Mr. Dan I,. Wdhelm Or. S. D. Mock Dr. Harold M. Priest Mr. Theodore Owen Dr. C. Stewart Boertnian Mr. Theodore Newcomer Mr. Frank C. Clough Dr. II. G. Lull Dr. George R. R. Pflaum Mr. F. L. Gilson Housemother Mrs. Cornelia Conwell (f . €i» Mrs. C. H. ConwcU, Daniel L. Wiliiclm, Harold liird Homer Bohn, Bernard Bower. Bill Browne Henry Bumgardner, Robert Buzzard, Kenneth Canady Andrew Chunglo, Eldon Clark. Roben Corbett Quentin Donnellan. Robert Dry den, l.ldcn I " rickson Kcnison Everett, junior Clyde Buz ard, Kenneth Freeburne Edward Gcli;er, Warren Hammer, Robert Goss [ 208 ] -»i« rt» « «. .2»-V -ij»--v,N . — ■ ■ V — • ♦- - Virgil Hayes, Bill Humphrey, Robert Kille ii. - Robert I.air, Austin McM.ilian. Robert Martin 1 Robert M« rji.in, Robert Mott, Walter Nelson • ' Bill Obley, Perry Rlie.i, Harold Robohn Everton Scliroeder, Dick Sh,innon, Lewis Shottenkirk Richard Smith, Roy Staufter, Bernard Stockton Norton Uhland. Robert ' hiner -. ' eslc ' ilson (f Q ' fTs " O- a O: 9 Ck C - Kjppa Sigs enjoy the warmth of the inornivx sun anil the cool of the afternoon shaJc on the front porch of the chapter home at S 1 1 Comtitnlion. Tlie " Reverse " party w.is started this year by the second-semester pledges. It w.is the first of its kind to be held on the Em- poria State campus, accordinj; to existinjj records. The Kappa Sig chapter is well representee in most extra-curricular activities. It has members in both dance bands. Symphonic Chorus, Men ' s Glee Club, the school band, and on both the football and basketball teams. Besides this thc ' stand out scholastically and in leadership. There are members in the Gilson Players, Xi Phi, Pi Omega Pi, Kappa Delta Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, and Phi Mu Alpha. Offices in many departmental clubs are also held. [ 209 ] o ' - w f-5 Q © G ' Q ' M : . . .r.»J, • ' - ' c ! ff-i- ' Ta.J5 ' j Mrs. Florence Lesh, F. U. G. Agrclius, } idrm Aliegre, X ' ictor Ames, Charles Bowden, Paul Brown, Glenn Bryant, Lorcnz Buenning r Dale Canfield, Harold Clol i, HoovujT Cottt. Jack Ellis, Robert Fankliouser. Joseph Finnerty, Leslie Freeman, Roy Gallea Raymond Gates, eonaj rGilson, |9arrel Hogan, George Hubbard, [ini Johnson. Leiand (ohnson. Uwight Jones Phi Delta Chi fX OFFICERS Erwin Luthi Prcsitlciif Dale Canfield Vicc-Preshtciif Tom Tholen Secrcfaiy George Hubbard Treasurer Sponsors Dr. V. A. Davis Dr. E. J. Brown Mr. C. K. Turner Mr. F. U. G. Agrcllus Mr. R. P. Jensen Housemother Mrs. Florence Lesh Ah, yes. History is a great thing. Ever since that group of doughboys first returned from France, memories of life in a pup tent, gay Paree, and French mam ' selles have been history. In fact, about six hundred and eighty actives, alumni, and pledges of Phi Delta Chi will soon be history. As per usual the Phi Delta got started last fall with a speedy rush week and the result — fourteen little goodies! Social events and highlights were many. The Swing came first with its many balloons. Some said it was something to blow about and really went off with a bang. The stag Christmas Dinner came next, and the pledges came in with teeth showing and no holds barred in their letters to Santa. Came the serenades; the " Sheik " was dug up and refurbished much to everyone ' s enjoyment; and the new no ] Q f tt Q ct q 5 „ :i7 y i y 5 ' Robert joncs, Joiin L.iwrcnce, Willis Lutlii, John McAdam. Edward McCarthy. Bob McCormick, Jack McKay, George Men- denhall Lloyd Moon, Vincent Quillen, Wilbur Pro, Donald Rice, Ernest Rogers, Kenneth Sauder, Tom Tholen, A. G. Ticmann Arthur Triemer, Cecil Vannaman, Stuart Watson, Richard Wiens, Clarence Woods, Dewey Young, William Zimmerman favorite song of the year, " If You Love Me — Relax, " warbled forth. House parties were too numerous to draw more than a nod. The gang got together for intr.imnrals this year and built a basket- ball team around six tall timbers who towered through into a clean sweep. Tennis intramurals resulted in a repeat performance with three Phi Delts in the semi-finals and two in the finals. The second semester rush week netted thirteen pledges, soon to be- come famous for their histrionic abilities and ingenviity in planning " surprise " endings. All in all, 1940 has been successful to quite some little degree. Dr. V. A. Davis, Mr. R. P. Jensen, Dr. E. J. Brown, Mr. C. K. Turner, and Mr. F. U. G. Agrelius, Phi Delt sponsors. [ 211 ] Phi Sigma Epsilon OFFICERS Carti R Burns Praidiiit Don Julian Vicc-Prcshiciif Barney Rapp Sccretary-Trcasurci- Ralph McMillan Scrgcaiit-at-Arni Merle Guglf.r , Corresponding Secretary Bob Staufier, Cecil Meirhoff , RtiiL) Capta ' nn Prior to opening of school, members of Phi Sigm.i Epsilon here celebrated the start of their 29th year — which makes the Phi Sigs the oldest fraternity on the campus and the oldest of the entire national Phi Sig organization — with the house at 1119 Mer- chant compctely redecorateii. Rush week, featuring a dance at the Country Club and a watermelon feed, ended with 17 pledges. In football, the Phi Sigs made up 15 of the 2 5 outstanding football players. One, Lee Harper, was contracted to play with the New York Giants, a professional team. He will play along with four other Phi Sigs from here. In intramurals, the Phi Sigs were unde- feated in touch football, t ook second in volleyball, bowed to the Phi Delts in basket- ball, came through O. K. in swimming, and forgot about tennis. Homecoming saw the house ciecorated ni the usual Phi Sig manner, and no small men- tion was made of the Phi Sig publicity ac- tivities in the Homecoming Vaudeville. C. B. Tucker, John Allsbury, Verne Aycrs Bill Barber, Robert Belting, Carter Burns Donald Conroy, Ellis Day, Curtis Emery Bill George, Joseph Gooch, Merle Gugler Beryl Hamilton, Marvin Haniman, LeRoy Harper Norman Hazlett, Earl Johnson, Nt rman h)nes O f ) ( r O, cr m. a o :3 r f f m - • ■ -■ - I J k dh 212 ] f O { T r , O, pk, o - o , c? O i Donald |uli.in Ralph ' MlMIIIjii Robert Munroc Leonard Nasli Trwin Newton Gene Peterson Barney Rapp Alvin Rieck Aaron Rominc Dale Saffels Don Shepherd Robert Sink jay Smitli Robert Smith Gene Spade Robert Stauffer I ' Mmer E. Stormont Hugh Stutsman Fred Vassallo |ohn W ' llkerson An alumni dance was instituted with the Grads joining the chapter for a Homecomini celebration on October 12. A committee, headed by Verne Smith, established better alumni relations with regular letters. The annual feature, the Farmers ' Ball on November 2S, again attracted alumni and chapter members to the biggest affair of the Phi Sig year. Pledges, with Max Marshall and Earl Johnson in leading roles, furnished entertamment. Don Conroy and Jack Snow were on the regular starting basketball five. Wayne Goldsmith led the Phi Sig at- tempt at city and intramural honors. The traditional Phi Sig spring formal was forgone this year. Track, with Aaron Romine, Bob I,iby. Jim Wilcox, Wayne Goldsmith, iuA Freddy Vassallo from the Phi Sig house, came and went. Wendell Goldsmith, at the same time, directed spring foorba ' l. T )(- much ilisnis cil Vhi r Fiinncr ' Hiill. 1 1 3 .x y •- ' . Q OFFICERS Kenneth Rissler Prcs Jciif Parke Snyder Vice-Prcshlciif Paul Parks Vicc-Pmiilciif Dean Haasis Secrefary Virgil Springfeldt Treasurer Johnny Williams Rush Capfaiit Eugene Peters Sergeant -at -Anns Sponsors Mr. L. A. Parke Dr. M. Wesley Roper Dr. L. E. Bl.ickman Mr. A. D. Sclimutz Mr. Glenn Low Housemother Mrs. Allice Potts Sigma Tau Gamma ' - = , le heat and dryness of September, Sigma Tau Gamma conducted its rusl week with dinners, a show, a picnic, and a dance with Dale Brody ' s dance band furnish ing the " jam and jive " Twenty-four men were pledged. From this pledge class came one Bill Whitmore, artist, boxer, and jitterbug, who designed pledge pms and pledge boys which decorated the ballroom for the Pledge Party. Miniature wooden pledge pins by Marlowe were presented as favors at the party. Virgil Springfeldt and Dean Haasis, bridge partners for three years, won the annual Student Council bridge tournament. The alumni organized and elected Orville Hoch president. The group meets once a month at the chapter house. The Sigma Taus enjoyed their Thanksgiving turkey together with a stag dinner at the Polka-Dot, and took guests to their Christmas dinner at the same place. Plenty of mistletoe was provided at the tables for the latter dinner. Afterwards all attended the all-school Christmas party. The Sigma Taus showed t heir cooperative and musical ability by winning the annual Singing Bee. Hobson Crockett and Merle " Gabe " Leroux deserve much of the credit. The " Forty-Niner " party with its boots and chaps and old costumes proved as usual to be the party at which all Taus " let down their hair " and had a big time. No stiff shirts. No dancing with your own date. But plenty of pistols and flimsy clothes. A hill-billy band furnished the music. Thirteen men were pledged during the second semester rush week. Two new chap- ters were added to Sigma Tau Gamma — one in Louisiana and one in Arkansas. Dick ! I 214 ] f iUc 4:1 Thtc ' V! . ■y. I !y aA a y» ' 2 . i aU n fS " Gabe " teroux were bitten by the " bug " and put out their pins. Kenneth t t y V Rllsslcr was elected pre ident ot the collegiate Republican club. - ' J In 1940 Mother Potts celebrated her twelfth anniversary as housemother of Sigma J J !r 1 au Gamma. ,.— . ' ' The chapter ' s Spring I ' ormal was hold in May at the Broadview. The alumni were ( y • C y guests. ' With sprins; in their hair and finals over the Sigma Taus held their Farewell Party at K h r Mrs. Allice Potts Dean Class » Horace Eubank V William Ewbank 4 Bert Findlv eorge Goldsmith Dean Haasis Herman Haasis Alonzo Hartwig Gait Hess Ray Hill Morton Hunter Robert Hurd Richard Kellar Paul Knoeppcl Robert Knox Merle Leroux Maurice McDonld Scott Mouse Paul Parks Eugene Peters Ralph Peterson Gail Rindom Kenneth Risslcr (jU- Willard Schmitt . . . Sheen ■, " Vesper " Slieclcy ■-Haley Skinntr r Parke Snyder » Virgil Springfeldt 4 Charles Wayman ( Alva Lyle W Lyle Work f " rji ■ ' ! f- f« ' jkjk it, M-fc f r Ck r •I ' f) • ' ' - ' ' — ' -f ■ T t. T ' h Pi Ktips capfiiretl jii t n ir m In- roni jn-f fiou bcturvu Greek j{)n is for the best tioiincotni}![ Jei oriif om. Pi Kappa Sigma PI Kappa Sigma was founded at Michigan State Normal School, Ypsihinti, Michigan, A local club, Sigma Gamma, became Iota chapter on February 22, 1918. The sorority magazine, " The Laurel, " is issued quarterly to members and alumni of the thirty chapters. A national convention is held every three years. Four of our actives attended the District Conxention which was held at Pittsburg, Gite a fitoup of fiirU u Ithiuo tiiul some spaif tinit- iinJ ihtir rs ti iuill finit i tl y iiit i ing. ( I 216 ] Tilt in thi ' thiiltfcr room is iin occiiioii for can-fill Jiiil proJHi hcbiiiior. A cull from the hny-frniit Iniiigs a big smilr to the face of thU Pi Klip. Rchxiii ' lifter a hurJ Jay. u ' k: Kansas, on October 14 and IS. First Honorable Mention for the Efficiency Award was given to Iota chapter this year. Founders ' Day was observed with a formal dinner November 17 at the chapter house. Following the dinner, the Pledge Party was given at the Country Club. The social calendar included the Christmas Party, Valentine Party, Spring Formal and- Farewell Partv. [217] p 1 OFFICERS ■ Vera Snodgrass ' President A Betty Fults Vice-President P Dorothy Cotton Corresponding Secretary P Jane Stewart Recording Secretary A Helen Dickey Treasurer Patrons anu C Patronesses J Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Schmutz 1 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McKinney 1 Honorary Patroness h Mrs. H. G. Lull 1 Housemother i ■ • Miss Emma |oncs A Emma Jones, Helen Bcrgevin Ellen Byrd, Faye Campbell Dorothy Cotton, Helen Dickey Dorothy Edds, Clarice Fay Betty Fults, Ruth Gilklson TriL ' d thouy h ii x ' lf " i ' ' ' . ' ' ■ ' f front tenuis, f olf, or s mly, a mirror still holds an cnJitrin fascination for hvr. [ 218 ] Gf a Kathryn (jillette. tlizabeth Harbaugh, Jane Heaton, Clyde Hinshaw,, Dorothy Kimball, Marion Jamc Mary Loretta Maloney, Ruth Mangelsdorf. JacqueHne Maupin, Helen Meyer, Bethmyrl Phillipsen, Geraldine Potter Clarjncll Riddle, Ruth Rynders, Vera Snodgrass. Jane Stewart, Geneva Toland, Vera Vassar Actives Dorothy Kimball Pledges Ellen Louise Byrd Mary Jane Knouse Ardonna Adams Dorothy Cotton Virginia Price Helen Bergiven Helen Dickey Loretta Maloney Faye Campbell Dorothy Edds Ruth Mangelsdorf Betty Dulaney Betty Fults Jacqueline Maupin Clarice Fay Genevieve Geiss Claranell Riddle Elizabeth Hazlett Kathryn Gillette Ruth Gilkison Bette Harbaugh Ruth Rynders Vera Snodgrass Clare McBridc Helen Meyer Jane Heaton Jane Stewart Lucille Myers Betty Hinshaw Geneva Toland Beth Phillipsen Marion James Vera Vassar Geraldine Potter [ 219 ] Delta S f-s croii-il their fiovch at lOOS Mvrchiiut to iiii c j a jew imjortunafcs i aifini to ti ila s tin a Utiiiii slxhij: ajte - KODtl. A jii; f Dull h Willi! II! ! I ill I he eeiifei of the fh)tii, sniiiilcv ones eoieviii} the l xht . an J al li}i)j}i iitc table decorations ( ut a true Holland atuiosfiherc to the Delta Si Sfirinf Dinner Dance. 220 I OFFICERS Fl IZABETH KeiMIG Margaret Whipkey V rc-Prcsiilcii Delta Sigma Epsilon Mrs. T. B. Ford VeKay FluNSAKER Fccdnl iii; Secretary Nadine Patterson Treasurer Virginia Mouse Curresl)i inliiig Secretary Helen Hendry Sergeant Josephine McClellan Historian Elizabeth Siebert Chaplain Patronesses Miss Gertrude Brown Mrs. C. F. Arnett Honorary Patroness Mrs. F. F. Gilson Housemother Mrs. Nellie Hall Tlic pe.d of activity and interests for new students at Fmporia State was reached duiini; rush week, with much i;ood-natured rivalry raging among the campus sororities. Rush Captam Betty Mears and her assistant, Virginia Fee Ashbaugh, were in charge of the week cf rushing for Delta Sigma Epsilon. Activities continued until formal pledg- ing on September 2 3 when fifteen girls became pledges of Delta Sigma Epsilon. Much of the enthusiasm of the Delta Sig Conclave at Cincinnati was brought to the actives, pledges, and alums on September 2 5, when delegates Elizabeth Keimig and Nadine Patterson told us the highlights of the convention. The first part of the eve- ning was spent in observance of our Founders ' Day. On November 4, after weeks of secret planning, the pledges gave the actives " The Football Frolic. " This pledge party really turned into a coming-out party, as each of the fifteen pledges made her debut spotlighted on a miniature football stadium. As always, we had a Christmas dinner party at the house for our mothers, alumni, and patronesses. " Santa " Keimig presided over the Christmas tree and many lovely gifts were exchanged. Next came our Christmas Snow Ball at the Country Club, another " golden memory " of the year. I f fii ri iffli r 1 I • ■?fe.i ' T v ' S? ' , ' ' •- " sjpp 1 n ' a? dSl " l W ,Tt -. ' ' r 1 SiiarkiUin ens ami uide imiUs pioic ll iit, uhile tlic college girl may no liiiifiii lyflnic in Santa Clitas, sfje is still plcasi-tl to receive the ijis. [ 221 " I " DcTonifhiii ni: the porch welcomed the Delfn Sig , ;r,iils thu k fur the Homecoming week-end. M.iny honors have come our w.iy this year. Elizabeth Keimig was elected presi- dent of the President ' s Council, making the third consecutive year our president has iielu this office. . . . Betty Mcars was one of the attend.ints for the crowning of Peggy Pedagog. . . . Olive Ferrin was elected presi- dent of the Sophomore class. But the biggest thrill of all was the keeping of the Scholarship Cup again this year — and per- manently! Out of the twelve years the cup has been in circulation, Delta Sigs have had it eight years! Another outstanding annual event ot the year ' s social affairs was our spring formal dinner-dance. Holland was chosen as the theme this year and the Dutch atmosphere was created by the clever decorations. Social events were concluded in May when Delta Sig mothers came to Emporia for our Mothers ' Day celebration. E I T A $ E P $ I I N Mrs. Arthur J. Hall, Betty Alexander Clivc Ferrin, Gcraldine Harden jo McClcllan, Elizabctli Mcars Thelma Ray, Charlotte Recs Virginia Smith. Margaret Snow [ 222 ] I V Virj;inia Aslibaugli, Vclma Bean, Bctte Bechtoldt, Marguerite Bender, Elizabctli Ann Brownlec, Barbara Uiinlap Helen Hendry, Corrine Hobbs, VcKay Hunsakcr, Marian Ives, Betty Jefferics, Kiizabeth Kcimig Virj;inia Mouse, Betty Newconier, Imngcne Newcomer, Judy Patten, Nadine Patterson, Darleen Pullins Mary Rosacker, Dorothy Rosier, Margaret Sickles, Elizabeth Sicbert, Betty lou Skinner, Patricia Slack Su annc Sterba, Harriett ' .ui,i;hn. Tlizabcth Weigand, Margaict W ' liipkc) ' . ' a a W rig lit. I nia Vadun [223 ] Al[}b(i S s } iic ii fi ' iiti(! - ii-fSKii! (if tin- iill-Ainci ictiii s iiniinT jioit on the lhniiiits liiiiii jioniing tfjcir bo isc uf 116 Wc t Turlfth. Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Epsilon cli.iptcr of Alpha Si,i;m.i Alpli.i li.is completed .i socially and scholasti- c.illy successful year. Mrs. Rose West, hcuseniother, Edna McCuUougli, sponsor, and Catherine Strouse, hcnoraiy sponsor, have graciously guided the girls through the year. OFFICERS Dorothea AciincAARD Prcsidciif NoLA Newton Virc-Picsitlcii Carroll Harman Sccrc ayy Jane Loomis Trciisiiiir Helen Tubes Rush Cap iiiii A shi -jcsl ill i ji i jiipfrr hoiisi ' . [ 224 ] Rtifiiloitt shots lit the Alpha S ,? home. The iiutlc h stiU nil - jiortiint, hift booh t:inl slmlieK nnisi be : ncii then- share of eHenhon. Alpha Sigma Alpha pledged nineteen girls in September and three more girls at mid- year. The first social event of the year was a pledge party. The annual Hay Rack Ride was held this year minus the hay racks because there were ncne to be found. This didn ' t spoil the fun, for the girls used cars instead. At Homecoming, the girls decorated their house and entertained over a hundred .■ lpha Sig alumni with a buffet supper. Christmas season was a busy one for the Alpha Sigs. The girls entertained their mothers with a house party; and the pledges all composed and sang- original sorority scngs. Santa Claus visited the house and tlie girls traded gifts. The annual " Snow Ball " party was held at the Country Club, with Lee Johnson ' s band to lend to the gaiety of the evening. Midst second semester enrolling, rush week and various other activities, fifteen new- initiates were taken into Alpha Sigma Alpha. During the lull in between semesters, the girls had their house rcfinished. Paint, paper, and new drapes, and a general house cleaning kept the girls up until the wee hours of the morning. Alpha Sigma Alpha presented a stunt at the annual Plu j lu Alpha Singing Bee. [ 225 J A I P H A S I G A I P H A Dorotlifa Abildgaard, Roberta Alspaw. Bcttyamii; Athcrton, Dorothy Atlierton, Uark-nc liolicn Katliryn Brockhouse, Kathryn Carbiener, Mary Carlson, Jeane Cochran, Dorothy Conklin Nadcan Cravens, Marjorie Crill, i ' inifrcd Donnellan, Feme Enochs, ne Findly Lura Fitzgerald, Anne Goldsmith, Wilma Hadden, Mary Hagins, Carroll Lee Harman The Spring Forni.il w.is their List dance. It w.is held at the Student Union. The Mother ' s U.iy Te.t was one of the loxehest events of the year. Every girl Invited her mother to be a guest of Alpha Sigma Alpha for the day. They were entertained with a program. Dorothea Abildgaard, president, is a senior this year. She is the second Abildgaard to have been president of the sorority. Alpha Sigma Alpha with happy memories looks ahead to the coming year — a year of work and making new friends. [ 226 ] - P (iy ' Fl ' y ' lis Hughes, Rctty Lou Killc, Abhic Knox, W.inda L.ing, Mary Jane Lewis y Jane Loomis, Virginia Lorenson, Dorothy iMadtson, Sue Alice Marsh, lietty Moore F.rncstine Mott, NoLi Newton, Margaret Ogren, Jane Osborne, Mary Osborne Geraldine Phillips, Mary Russell, Mary Shull, Ann Taylor, Virginia Ticniann Helen Tubbs, Virginia Wiand, Dorothy Wilson, Lucilc Wilson, Margaret Yearout [ 227 ] OFFICERS BuRNicE Cann Vrciiilciit Helen Haney Vicc-Pranlciit Agnes Haslouer Scncfury-Trcasiircr Mary Pooler Chciphi ii Rosemary Haslouer H ' nfotiau Helen Haney Rush Ciiji ii ii m- The Al p .hi Ttiu house. Alpha Sigma Tau Patrons and Patronesses Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Paul Shebilsky Pan Hellenic Representatives Martha Hall Burnlcc Cann Rosemary Haslouer Housemother Mrs. [ " rank Nason Sponsor Miss Helen Garman Alpha Sigma Tau was founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, in 1899. The sorority was organized on the Emporia State campus in the fall of 1920, and was known as Delta Gamma Rho. On April 4, 1923, Delta Gamma Rho accepted the invitation to become the Iota chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau. The open motto of the sorority is " Active, Self- Reliant, and Trustworthy. " Its official publication is the " Anchor. " Five actives of the Iota chapter attended the seventh National Convention of Alpha Sigma Tau, held in St. Louis, Missouri, August 25-2S, 1929, of which Pi chapter was the hostess. Those attending the convention were: Martha Hall, Agnes Haslouer, Burnice Cann, Rosemary Haslouer, and Annabelle Morgan. Social events of the year included the annual I ' all Pledge Party, the I ' ounders ' Day dinner, Christmas dinner and party. Treasure Hunt, Valentine Pledge party, St. Patrick ' s day tea, and the Spring Formal. [ 228 Mrs. Frank Nason, Christene Anderson Ruth Barnes Kathryn Marie Bogue Burnice Cann Jacqueline Folck Mildred Graber Betty Lou Green Martha Hall Florence Helen Haney Agnes Haslouer Rosemary Haslouer Beity Heaton Lois Hubert Frances Ireland Allene Kocher Arlcne Kohnian Ila Macurdy Helen Bern ice Miser Lillian Mobley Annabelle M( ri;-in Helen Ower n Mary file.indr Pooler Mavis Richardson Betty L. Rowe Irene Stevenson Elizabeth Still Mary Jo Swing NLirgaret Vanderwilt Dorothy Watts Frances Young Virginia Zajic [ 229 Theta Sigma Upsilon I „ I, ,.11 ,;ii „l the Theta Sig chapter hmiu- al 1011 Menhaut is a picauint pLu ' f nii nurtti spring afternoons. OFFICERS Kay Freeman — Prcsidcuf Ruth Hatfield Vice-Prcsiilciif Lois Flanagan Treasurer Josephine Deister Sccrcfary Pan Hellenic Representatives Kay Freeman Lois Flanagan Josephine Deister Sponsor Honorary Sponsor Miss Pearl Weidman Miss Queen Harper Patronesses Mrs. Elsie H. Pine Mrs. R. R. Pickett Mrs. R. E. Wortman Mrs. Fred Scott Mrs. G. T. Ozenberijer Housemother Mrs. W. S. Ruggles, Jr. We, the Theta Sigs, can boast increasing our sorority rolls four hun- dred per cent this year — a record of which we are very proud. Fifteen of us are now wearing the ribbon, pledge pin, or shield of tlie only sorority Alpha chapter on the campus. 230 ] This ye.ir ' s existence of the small but mighty Thctas has been a constant round of play, work, and sisterhood. Our social debut was made during the era of " Open Houses. " Later, at our Pledge Party at the Broadview, Theta Sigs and their guests danced to music as played bv the best bands of the nation; and the climax was the noisy deflation of the hundreds of balloons used as decorations. Our sponsors, patronesses, and guests were entertained at two teas — at Christmas and Valentine Day. The annual Minerva Day Dinner was an added feature of the Homecoming festivities. Founders ' Day was fittingly celebrated with a formal dinner in March. A gala climax to this year ' s social season was the Spring Formal, when we glided across the spacious floor of the Union Balliooni to the superb swing of T. D. Wheat ' s orchestra. Mrs. W. S. Ruggles Pearl Weidman Ilali Bornhouscr Joscpliinc Deister Lois Flanagan Kathleen Freeman Ruth Hatfield Marian Hollen Doris Mae Houghton Maryalycc King Helen Martin Leah Park Lillian Pierce Klgeva Smith Dorothy Wamplcr Florence Ward {Gh-nJii GrcciiuooiVs picture is uof shouii) 231 The Tri Si hniisc till drc Hii up for Hon Sigma Sigma Sigma OFFICERS Frances Sijmmers Prcmliul Ari ENE Stark Vicc-Prcsiilcnf Dorothy Newman B.fCor({i)i ' Secretary Maxine VANnERHOFF C;,rres piifiiliii ; Sfirrl,n FrF ' )A BoRWSCHEIN -.- iri l ll ii Bitty Barker Rush (. ij !ii:ii Pan Hi LI r .ic Uri ' Ri senta ri i s Wilma Neinstedt Rober:.i Biisii B -tty B.irker Sponsor Miss Irene DeMun Chapter Hostess Mrs. J. Fred Boggess Patrons and Patroness- s Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Meredith, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Norman EppinV Actives, r.trv Lou Aldridge, . q Jc.in Allridgc, Glcnnis Ayers, B liy Jeanne B.iclimann, Betiv Bar- ker, Beulah Baum, Freda Birnschein, Doris Braeggc- mann, Dorothy Brueggemann, Roberta Bush, Doro- thy Dabbs, Jackie Douglass, Lorene Durr, Mary Kay Foster, Anita Graves, Barbara Ellen Harper, VonLcc Flendrickson, Elbcrta Hoard, Barbara Lawless, Maiy l.ouiH- Louis, Mary Jane McMahon, Vivian Ne.il. vanci ' Sri miners, Tri Si prcxy and Mot Iyer Bo vsi Icciit tlx ' way to titc diiiht room. Clitiuitr tl.jv i .hij)f( ' r house l,fc. liituilun juni t f fi ' L-ry Wilma Neinstcdt, Dorothy Newman, Mary Jane Norfleet, Frances Nunemacher, Emilie Overpeck, Velma Parks, Barbara Pyle, Mildred Rhea, Mercedes Smithheisler, Arlene Stark, Rose Marie Steinweden, Frances Summers, Nadine Tomson, Beuberta Tyler, Ada Theriault, Maxine Vanderhoff, Lucille Williams. Plcil; cs: Patricia Bush, Dorothy Felts, Patricia Mahin, Marjorie Mulkey, Patty Merrill, Mary Miles Peckham, Willa Mae Teem, Freda Teske. Pi chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma received its charter in Emporia in 1917. It is one of the 3 5 active chapters of the oldest educational sororitv that was established in Farmville, Virginia, in 1898. When Sigma Sigma Sigma became a member of A. E. S. in 1911 most of our chapters, not on teachers ' college campus, became Delta Delta Delta chapters. Thus Tri-Sigma and Tri-Delta became sister sorori- ties. The outstanding social events of the year have been the annual Pledge Party, Christmas Party, Mid- Winter Formal and Spring Formal. Two new loving cups grace the mantel of 310 West Twelfth this year. One is the loving cup presented by Phi Mu Alpha for winning the Singing Bee, and the other was presented for the highest grades in the active chapter examination. Another honor this year came when Betty Barker was chosen by Thomas Hart Benton, famous artist, as queen of the Beaux Arts Ball. Yyf The Tri Si; s auaitcd tin- tirntal of SiUita in formal attire. [ 233 ] LL. .|; iq,iJ-.M- ; Down the steps ami off on the Ciirly morning jaiitit to class. . . . The fu ' iii Bi iie ; em(nni roiH-t nuirshniiillows at the chapter hoic e fivepliice. . . . The two female fled iliii. ' is of the C. A. A. hail from Si inia S ,i, ' ; ( Sifima. Home ay,aiu after the Inirfy, anil time for a little " ood-ni Jjtin ' before going in. [ 234] Cram session Food session Bull session . Card session . [23J ] f ' HE year of the big drouth and iincer- I 1 tain Emporia State teams started vL like the proverbial house afire with the best early-season football prospects in years showing up some two weeks before the more academic scholars settled to reading their assignments. Not only did 17 letter- men make their appearance but rumor was rearing its ugly head with the shout that the freshmen not only had something on the ball but knew what to do about it. Of course, F. G. " Fran " Welch, starting his tenth year as athletic director and head football coach started his annual moaning with nobody paying much attention to the annual occur- ence. Things got better and better during th-i early drills. Practice sessions were held three times a day. Old squadsmen practiced and perspired in the morning. Freshmen worked and sweat in the afternoon. All, both new and old, labored and saw the ef- fects of a summer ' s idleness running out their pores. Summer malted milks and other drinks no longer left their tattle-tale marks on gridmen ' s tummies. Muscles soft from inaction and others bound by hard work began to loosen up. By the time school started, practices slowed down to two a day with three dis- tinct backfields apparently ready. Ample line replacements were also in the fold and Bulletin sports writers were predicting a victory string of at least six games. Along about that time, a bell tower, fi- nanced by relief agencies and about $500 left over from the student activity emergen- cy fund in 1938-39, was erected south of the stadium. Almost everybody thought it would be worn out by the time the season was half over. Minor injuries played a little part in the season ' s worries but they were discounted by the showing of several outstanding fresh- men and by the way the reserves were plugging the hole left by the graduation of Wendell Goldsmith and the guards who played on both sides of him. That was the week that Line Coach Kutnink stopped long enough to shout that his basketball team didn ' t have a chance, despite all of those let- termen and big freshmen. HERE ' S HOUI n 1940 by JOHfl iUILKEflSOn and BERnHRDIflyLOfi [ 236 ] 3 ± 3 10 O u E ? ' li« :; .- ' ' sff " y ,o ta Chart and Statistics of Game FOOTBALL TICKET PirrSBURC TEACHERS KMPORIA STATE STADIUM Stucfifnt $«ctioni Men ' s Athletics Staff V. T. Truslcr, F. G. Welch Everett Fisli, Paul Kutnink II.K1 IKAI I SlJL ' AD Cooper, Marshall, Nesmith, Osborn, Stearns, Kimbcrlin, E. McMillan, Danner, Eikerman, Ireland Kutnink, Caywood, B. Goldsmith, DePew, Jacka, Snow, Griffith, George, Galbraith, Hoyt, Welch W. Goldsmith, Scales, McGinness, Writt, Meng, Harper, Groves, Dixon, Hamman, Clark Conroy, R. McMillan, Stormont, Donnellan, Long, Bartley, Johnson [ 238 ] ir Huber, Lib) , W. Goldsmitli. l-orncy, U. Vv ' jtion, Caywood, Ucpew. Ircljiid, G.ilbr.iitli, Lous Wilcox, Peterson, McGinncss, George, Writt, Spraguc, S. Watson, Meyer, Griffith, Taylor, Hoyt Sheridan, Snow, Conroy, R. McMillan, San Romani, Groves, Hamman, Dixon, Harper, Uonnellan, Clark, Romine K Club OFFICERS Aaron Romine President Herbert Dixon Vice-Pnsideiit Wayne Goldsmith Secfetary-T reaauyer The K Club is composed of all men who have earned letters in active intercollegiate competition in the various sports sponsored by Emporia State. The club sponsors the sale of the freshmen caps each fall and enforces the traditional freshman rules. K CLUB PKEXY, Aaron Romine, explains vigorously that all freshmen must buy caps. [ 239 ] t ' aywood, Hanunan, Hoyt, and George meant trouble to any team. Meanwhile, continued word came that the backfields — all three of them — were showing power and ball-handhng magic. The Hne wa.s lool ing good. Phi Belts and Phi Sigs got their first chance to chime " Our cheerleaders are ice-cold " the day Washburn came to town for the season ' s opener. It was a hot and still day with mo st of the students coming in on their activ- ity tickets, a fair delegation — including a shorts-clad drum majorette that distracted the attention of the above-mentioned fraternal organizations away from the " yell kings " — was down from Washburn, and a few spec- tators paid the price to get into the stadium. Unfortunately, Washburn ' s line was a little too good. They provided aid for the Ichabod runners and managed to plough through the Hornet forward wall in time to nip the plays in the well-known bud. Wayne Gold- smith got away for several sizable runs but the Washburn tacklers kept the running attack handcuffed most of the afternoon. In the line, the lone freshman starter, Dave Scales, played outstanding football. The highly-advertised reserves failed to get into the game for the Hornets; only six backs and a dozen linemen were used. Both of the Washburn touchdowns were made on horse-shoe plays which worked against the tired Hornets, who were not yet in condition to play 60-minute football in sum- mer temperatures. After another week of practice, the same group started and played against St. Benedict ' s here in the conference opener. St. Benedict ' s had a big, rugged squad and were liberal in their use of reserve power. The Ravens ' scored first, solving the Emporia State pass defense with little trouble. The Hornets came right back and scored on a 40-yard run off a pass interception. Ed Eikerman, place-kicking artist who seldom missed all season, was called into service. His kick put Emporia State ahead. [ 240 i y - k S i:f:-. ' ' 4 Wz rf .. • ' 7il Caywood dumps Anisbaugh, Washburn end, on his nose after he has snagged a liigh pass troni Emmot. Hoyt, Hornet safety man, spills a racing Washburn back who brought an excited Emporia crowd tc its feet in protest to a near-touchdown play. where it stayed until the last minute of play. A series of long passes worked with ease against the weary Hornet defense and St. Benedict ' s had the game in their pocket. It was in this game that Melvin " Shorty " Long, sawed-off transfer from Arkansas City Junior College, really started to show up as a guard. The bell tower began to be called " Silent Joe. " P ' ollowing the big letdown of hopes for a great season, the team took to the road. The first game, with Iowa Teachers in Cedar Falls, was just what the home folks had been waiting to see but now had to miss. With Gordon " Babe " Hoyt galloping around for three touchdowns and the entire squad seeing action, the Hornets were avenged for their one-point trim- ming a year ago. The stand-out in the line was Herbert Di.xon, the con- verted fullback who was performing well as center. The Iowa game started things off. Through the next week ; the squad, and especially the encouraged reserves, started to show additional interest. The squad was again on the road with Winfield ' s pride, the Southwestern [ 241 ] Dixon gallops over to covei ' an intended receiver as An- drews of St. Benedict ' s faded back to pass. Wayne Goldsmith takes the ball from Hamnian on a spinner play and goes over his own right end for a 6-yd. gain. tP ' r- Builders, providing the opposition. Southwestern hadn ' t been able to do much in early games — against the Hornets they were able to do even less. Lee Harper played outstanding football in the line at first but the varsity was taken out after three quick touchdowns. The reserves finished the rout with Bill Ireland playing the starring role. Southwestern was a loss as well as a victory as Wayne Goldsmith, one of the brightest lights of the backfield, broke his leg in the early minutes of the contest. Goldsmith was injured in a pileup .just as the first of the six touchdowns, five conversions, and a safety were unleashed against the Southwestern defense. All of the traveling scjuad played. The Hornets were really excited after scoring 77 points in two games. The team worked as hard as the Homecoming committee during the next week as the entire school planned for the Homecoming festivities with Fort Hays State being the fattened calf. Invited guests were the 1914 team, which had scored 182 points and kept its goal-line uncrossed in five games, and the 1929 team, which went good for six games before losing the last two. Fraternity and sorority houses were decorated, a proposed 242 ] ' ■. ' ■ -36 .: w -■■ Hamman spins and plunges between ris ' ii tackle " Long John " Wiitt and right guard " Shorty " Long for a short gain against Fort Ha vs. Hoyt tries a right end sweep from the 50 and, with his interference behind him, is tackled by three Hays Tigers. parade fell through, and considerable entertainment was furnished in a program on the eve of the game. People deserved to be in fine spirits as the daj was perfect, sunny and with little wind. A small delegation of students from Fort Hays attended, along with a sizable group of Hornet alumni. The game was all Emporia with four touchdowns and an uncrossed goal line giving the old grads plenty to cheer throughout the evening. Most of the squad saw action. Harold Clark, a durable end, and Marvin Hamman, hard driving fullback, were the big stars in the battle. " Silent Joe " chimed in C sharp, accord- ing to Bandma.ster Dalley. A couple of dances that evening made history as hilarious affairs. Through the next week, the smooth-running club counted their 101 points in three games and admired their uncrossed goal line. Another cau.se of joy was the point-after-touchdown ability of the team. Eikerman [ 243 ] had led the way in converting all but two points out of the total made. The line was playing great ball and giving the goal line and their own back- field plenty of protection. The reserves were playing just like they had been advertised early in the season. Throughout the town, people were getting excited about the next con- test — the resumption of athletic relations on the gridiron with the west side neighbors, College of Emporia. There was a conspicious lack of interest on the campus as most people thought C. of E. had been demanding the game to swell a slim exchequer and that Emporia State authorities had been pushed into the fray by business interests downtown. " Experts " downtown were predicting a close game with C. of E. ' s mighty eleven given a chance to win. It took the Hornets exactly eight plays to score their first touchdown, eight more to score the second, and then the reserves took over. Keith Caywood, the brilliant sophomore, did manage to find time to make 35 points, although he played less than half of the game. Outstanding in the line was Captain Quentin Groves, who had been hoping for a chance like that. The game was thorough massacre. C. of E. scored late in the first half on the recovery of a fumble and a pass. One thing really baffled the C. of E. players. The fall had been one of the driest in the history of the state. There had not been a rain for months. Yet, this game was played on a muddy field. It seems as if the stadium has a regular network of outlets, about eighteen of them, located in strategic points on the field. Groundkeepers insert sprays into the out- lets nearly every day, let the water run a few hours, remove the sprays, Bud McMillan leads Bill George through a gaping hole in the left side of the C. of E. line. [ 244 ] The crowd at the C. of E. game grows bored and dis- plays a curious mixture of re- actions as they watch Cay- wood start on his way in the touchdown play shown below. and i ' iiid the field fresh and green the next day. As usual, the workers inserted the sprays the night before the game and departed, leaving Cay- wood — who does that sort of thing — behind to turn off the flow in a few hours. He took a nap instead. Awakening nearly twelve hours later, he found the playing field turned into a sea with the game just a few hours off. After C. of E. had taken that beating, with the same Caywood being »i Caywood easily shakes himself from the " Fighting Presbyterians " and goes unmolested across the tally stripe for six of his total thirty-five points in the game. George and Dixon come up from behind to give him blocking if it is needed. It wasn ' t. [ 245 ] ♦r- I S ' v- V ' vf Slli ' iH ' %£■ ' . W m m. a„ . Upper — The left side of the Hornet line stops the Wichita backficld cold. Ming and scales elude Wicliita blockers and charge over to help their fellow linemen. Lower — McGinness and VV ' ritt break through but fail to block Wichita ' s punt. Scales and Clark, ends, wheel and race back to protect the receiver. the chief offender, the Presbys were .sure they had been tricked. The score would have been higher on a dry field — and that fumble which set up the C. of E. touchdown probably wouldn ' t have happened. Wichita, perennial champion of the circuit, was the next rival but Em- poria State was really optimistic with the record of 163 points scored, 7 scored again.st them, and an almo.st perfect po " iit-a. ' ' ter-touchdown mark in the books. The night before the game showed considerabh activity with somebody, supposedly Wic hita rooters, invading the stadium and painting signs on the stadium and decorating the goal posts — all in W. U. colors, black and gold. The grounds force, which seems to be g itting into this chronicle often, was out bright and early, cleaning the paint off of the stadium and repainting the goal posts with white paint. Emporia State scored early on Caywood ' s long run but he missed tha [ 246 ] COACH KUTNINK diagrams a play to the Hornet basketball men. try for the extra point. The Wichita team scored on a pass, and converted to tai e the lead and to give everybody in the stands the impression that the battle was going to be a high-scoring affair. Nobody worried — but that first quarter score dragged through the second period, through the third, through the fourth — and Wichita was winner and still champion. But the sport wasn ' t over. With the victory in hand, Wichita fans, — 400 and a band strong — transported here by a special pep train, started pouring out of the stands to tear down the goal posts. They reckoned without that wet paint, and the first there were thoroughly smeared. They also reckoned without the Emporia State delegation — which climbed out of the east, or sun-side, of the stands and started across to defend the posts. The Wichita fans were driven back into their stands — where they stayed until losing in- terest and leaving the stadium. Later in the evening, however, a few, supposedly of the Wichita fans, came back and tore down the posts. While the varsity was having its ups and downs, the freshmen were scheduling a few games with mediocre success. Gus Fish ' s six- man team from Roosevelt was bowling over all available opposi- JACK SNOW, ace Hornet center, lays in two of the tion in an Undefeated season. 183 points which gave him high-scoring honors. And intramurals got under way [ 247] with the Phi Sigs undefeated and unscored on as champions of touch foot- ball. However, they had to have the help of the Phi Delts in winning the championship. The Mu Ep-Phi Sig game opened the series and was a tie. Both were undefeated until the Phi Delts trimmed the Mu Eps to take second place. P eeling that the season was practically over, the Hornets didn ' t have much kick but managed to nose out Oklahoma City University on the foreign soil the next week. That was the day Hoyt averaged 47 yards with his punts and John Writt played such a hangup game in the line. There was some talk at the time that the game was Okla- homa City ' s last as practically no people ever attended games and the team was a fi- nancial pain to the University. About ten days were left before the season ' s finale v.ith Pittsburg on Thanks- giving Day, the Re- publican variety. Re- member how it was? A proclamation by Democrat President F. D. R. that Thanks- giving Day be moved from the traditional last Thursday Avas ig- nored by Republican Governor Ratner, who left it where it had been. T h e whole thing caused plenty of grief but Pitt-Em- poria kept their game on the Republican date. It rained and was cold — proving, some- what, that the ele- ments were on the Democrats ' side. But that didn ' t keep Pitts- burg from being the betting favorite as the VARSITY LETTERMEN ' ' ' ' Jld tied Wichita Jack Snow, Deane Wateon ' " had featured a Keith Caywccd, Junior Forney pair 1 scamperuig [ 248 ] 1 halfbacks in winning more than their share of a tough schedule. It was a distinct sur- prise when Caywood rushed over two touchdowns to cinch the game, and scored another that was called back because ox a minor penalty. Bernard Taylor, the little freshman from Colby, also got away for one touchdown — he looked pretty fun- ny, just having en- tered the game and being a bright gold spot in 21 other play- ers, all muddy and un- recognizable. The victory left Emporia State in a tie for second place at the end of the season. Caywood was the con- ference leading scorer and was selected on the all-state and all- conference teams. Long was picked as all - conference guard and on the second all- state team, Hoyt was given all - confeirence rating. W r i 1 1 was second all - conference and honorable men- tion on all-state. Ham- man, Clark, and Dixon made second team on the all - conference. The selections were tho.se of the Associated Press. In an election after the game, Hamman and Long were chosen co-captains for next season. Basketball, which had been underway for some time, settled into a more serious pastime with ten lettermen, three provisional lettermen, and .i bevy of other pro.spective aces reporting. Again the experts were picking Emporia State for the Central Conference championship. Before basketball really got under way, some intramural play was held with the Mu Epsilon Nu and Sigma Tau Gamma lads making the others VARSITY LETTERMEN Jerry Dunfield, Jack Bobbit Don Conroy, Raymond Meyer (Norman Sprague ' s picture is not shown) [ 249 ] PROVISIONAL LETTERMEN Jackie Lorifv, Willie Knox James Wagner, Darrel Steins look pretty bad in the volleyball tournament. The Mu Eps were leading until the final round when they were beaten by the Sigma Taus, who had already lost a game. The next sport was swimming — ending up in a Mu Ep tie again, this time with Phi Sigma Epsilon. The two organ- izations were the only ones rep- resented by a full team. Basketball was rated as the sport of the year with cham- pionship predictions flying around the campus. Coach Paul Kutnink was making no predic- tions. The team was missing Ike Emrich, star of the previous year, and a pair of reserves, Harold Jones and Lester Huber. Back from a year ' s layoff was Earl Mullens and Don Conroy, the two most bemoaned men of 1939. The fres hman prospects looked good. A total of ten let- termen and three provisional lettermen were ready to start the court wars. A tip-off on the season came, unrecognized, in the first game of the season when it took an overtime period topple Wash- burn. Emporia State took a commanding lead after eight minutes of play, dropped to a sluggish tie, advanced to a safe margin with slightly over two minutes to play, and then sa v the Ichabods knot the count. In the playoff, Jack Snow dropped in a pair of setups. The next two non-league af- faii ' s, McPherson and Washburn again, were won with compara- tive ease and the odds started to go up on the conference title. Instead of staying at home to admire the Christmas tree decorations, the Hornets scurried back to their basketballs and worn-out sweat suits to enter the Sunflower invitational tournament in Topeka. A school named the New Mexico School of Mines beat the Hornets in the opener but the boys came back in the next two to soundly trounce Baker and Colorado State. In that Colorado State game, 108 points were scored for the year ' s high with Don Conroy contributing 16 of the Hornets ' share and convinc- [250] Track and field events bring out the boys in the short pants and spilled shoes. ing followers he was ready to pace the Hornets to the title. Keith Cay- wood was selected on the tournament all-star squad. Another new year ' s game found the Hornets finding out they couldn ' t drive to Maryville, Missouri, and beat the Teachers College there in one day. Still undismayed, but with the campus a little baffled as to exactly how good the team was turning out to be, the Hornets started out to play in the Central Conference. The first game was with Fort Hays which, even with Snow ' s 14 points, was all in Fort Hays ' favor — by a narrow margin. A week later, the Hornets were trimmed by St. Benedict ' s here with a score advertised in The Bulletin as the worst defeat in years. At this time, Caywood and Snow resolved never to shave until the team had won a Central Conference game. Several others hinted they meant to follow in the anti-Gillette campaign but they were dissuaded by parents, supervising teachers, and girl friends. [ 251 ] In TRACK, clianipionship hopes were held all season as better anrl better performances were turned in by a group of veterans includhig Co-Captain Jim Wilcox, Freddy Vassallo, Charles Zarker, Chester Peterson, and Dick Sheridan in the distances; Aaron Romine, Sam But- terfield, Charles Haven, Elmer 252 ] Cross, Bob Liby, and Wayne Gold- smith in the middle distances; and Ramon Noches, Bernard Taylor, Diclt Givens, and Ted Downs in the dashes. In field events, Co-Captain John Writt, Elmer Carpenter, Dave Scales, and Tom Kennedy were out- standing. Bob Stauffer was ace hurdler. 253 ] i Dr. H. M. " Hal " Priest has instituted and instructs a class in FENCING for those inter- ested in the art. In the next contest, Meyer came out of the second string to pace the Hornets in an easy win over MePherson. The less said about the next four games the better. In slightly over three weeks, the Hornets dropped into a nice, safe; hold on last place. The campus was losing interest in basketball and pessimism re igned su- preme when league-leading Pittsburg came to town for a warm-up before battling second-place Fort Hays. At the close of the game, everybody was shocked to find Fort Hays in first place and Emporia 40-39 winner over Pitt. The league cried " luck " and " upset " for a week and then league-leading Fort Hays came in. Snow got 11 points but several of the other boys made a few to cinch the victory. Everybody knew the team would avenge an earl- ier defeat by Wichita. They did — and the Hornets crawled out of the last place in the league. South- western came next and won and the spurt and sea- son was over. Emporia State had crawled back into last place. All-star selections placed Snow on the All-Confer- ence club with Caywood and Watson mysteriously disregarded. Class is over and lime Icr a shower before runnnig lo the next one. [254] St ( I Gus Fish coached the Hornet golf aiifl tennis teams. The tennis team was com- posed of Jack Hall, Hugh Stutsman, Hooker Gilson, Duane Wallace, and Harold Bird. After losing several practice matches, the team made a creditable showing for a team missing its ace players from the previous years in the conference meet. In golf. Fish had a pair of veterans, Sam Estep and Stuart Watson, who performed well with a couple of newcomers, Bill Barber and Eldon Shupe, rounding out the team. 255 ] Mens PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES and intramural contests took to the out-of-doors with the coming of spring. Tender, white skins took on a reddish tinge from the hot rays of the bright sun .is the umpire called batter-up for the Softball games. [ 256 ] INSTRUCTORS Miss Edna McCullough Miss Alice Donnelly Miss Cecile Gilbert Miss Daisy Simpson t Women s Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association provides many activities on the cam- pus. The purpose of this organization is to promote athletics, create a love for sports, and to foster the ideal of good sportsmanship. mm. The VV. A. A. Board. [ 257 ] Members of the PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB are the only participants in women ' s athletics who are peiinitted to wear shorts. These shorts, green in color, consti- tute the semi-official emblem of the organization. Physical Education Club The Physical Education Ckib is composed of majors and minors in the Department of Physical Education for Women. Its purpose is to promote professional interest and co develop leadership abilities in the members. The meetings which are held once a month include professional talks, din- ners, and social gatherings. I 258 ] SPLASH CLUB meetings are generally held in the swimming pool in the gym- nasium. Splash Club The Splash Chib is organized to further the interest in swimming, to promote hfe saving ability, and to give opportunity for recreational activ- ity. The club has tried to carry out this purpo.se through its program of life saving training, instruction in strokes and diving, formation swim- ming, water games, and parties. [ 259 J lU ' spleiulent in white sweaters and skirts, tlie nie!iil)ers of SIGMA PI SKiMA are a familiar sight at all athletic contests. Sigma Pi Sigma Sigma Pi Sigma, women ' s pep organization, is the spar] tliat ignites the fire of enthusiasm at the Emporia State athletic events. Distinctively marl ed by their white uniforms and their gold gloves, they are a pleasant sight to all fans. Between them and the band, lagging school spirit has been somewhat revived during the past year. Members are selected for their general appearance, marching ability, and knowledge of school songs and yells at try-outs held in the fall. Comely Sigma Pi Sigma women add zest and eye-appeal to any parade. [ 260 ] Rhythmic Circle The Rhythmic Circle is the honorary dance ckib on the campus. Beauty, poise, and grace are their by-words. To use their bodies in the highest form of self-expression — the dance — is their aim. The members are the women who have passed the entrance test and are especially interested in the Modern Dance. The Junior Dance organization includes those women who are interested in the dance, but who have not, as yet, passed the final entrance test. MEMBERS: Betty Weigand, Caroline Reed, Winifred Varner, Doro- thy Clements, Betty Fults, Betty Harbaugh, Dorothy Edds, Marian .Jones, Dorothea Abildgaard, Mary Louise Louis, Harriett Wilson, Mildred Rhea, Rose Marie Steinweden, Claranell Riddle, Virginia Lee Ashbaugh, Marie Bogue, Jane Stewart, Dorothy Wilson, Nelda Taylor, Ellen Anderson, Vir- ginia Gault, Elaine Salisbury, Geraldine McGuire, Ruth Shepherd, Mar- garet Fickert, Beatrice Choo, Hazel Bertrum, Virginia Louis, Helen Ber- given, Lou Neilson. [ 261 , » ' -iv S " -:j-: i«? ' -y ' ' .; ' " " " " " Outing Club The Outing Club is composed of Emporia State women who are inter- ested in out-of-door activities. Membership is open to all who wish to join. Activities of the group include hiking, picnics, bicycling, and various other out-door events. Just organized this year, the club has always proven itself a success as the number of its members testify. If coming events do cast their shadows before, this club is destined to become one of the mo.st popular oi ganizations in the Women ' s Physical Education Department. A WOMEN ' S PHYSICiL EDUCATION class pauses for a bit of instiuotion in the liow of their game. I 262] Women ' s Intramurals TEAM MANAGERS [263 ] Index FACULTY ... 177, 210, 180, 24, Rutner, Payne, Governor Board of Regents Butcher, Thomas W., President ; grelius, F. U. G. — Aiken, J. R. Arnett, C. E. Baber, C. P. Barrett, F,. R. 16, 20 Blackman, L. E 19, 16!, 168, Boertman, C. S. Borchers, O. J. .- 2S, 140, !!5, Breukelman, J. W. 18, Brown, E. J. :.. 16, 163, Buzzard, G. A. Calkins, F. J . — Cram, S. W. ... 27, 168, Cremer, R. G - Davis, V. A. Donnelly, A. I. KlUott, E. - Fjsh, F. D Gilbert, C. F GiUon, F. L Gladfelter. C. F. 176, Gray, W. H. Harrison, M. W. Hiett, V. C. 164, Holtz, W. L 23, Huffman, F. ..- Jackson, C. L. James, H. F Jensen, R. P Kayser, K. -- Kutnink, P. F. . 11 . 11 . 10 211 181 197 183 , 29 177 184 170 177 210 21 198 176 14 211 257 183 238 2S7 28 184 190 181 178 179 172 2 3 IS 211 166 23 8 Lull, H. G. MacFarlanc, D. L. . McCullough, E. O. Maul, R. C. Miller, M. M. Minrow, M. E Mock, S. D. Mosher, O. W. Nagge, J. W. 12, 26, 25, 166, 180, 27, Parke, L. A. ... . 8, 164, Peterson, O. J. 24, 65, 168, IMiilips, A. X ' . 168, rhillips, G. H - Pickett, R. R. -- 19, 164, Pine, E. H. - Porter, R. R Roper, M. W 28, Ross, W. D. 22, Schmutz, A. D. Schrammel, H. E. 14, Shore, M. E. - .-.. Simpson, D. I Siinpson, R. V. Singular, W. H. Stilson, R. Taylor, R. M. Trusler, V. T. Tucker, C. B Turner, C. K W ' eidman, P. J Welch, F. G Wilhclm, D. L. W ' ilmn, W. W. . 13, 26, 165, 168, 183, 21, 20 206 257 15 181 . 12 184 180 190 178 183 183 16 178 183 143 197 184 170 166 183 257 . 22 19S . J7 155 238 212 211 231 233 208 . 56 STUDENTS Abildgaard, Dorothea 66, 163, Adams, Ardonna — — - Adams, Dorothy 115, Adams, William ' - Adams, Zola - 66, Aeschliman, Leonard 180, Aeschliman, Ruth Ahlstedt, Louise - Akers, C)rland 66, Albert, Estalynn Aldridge, Betty Lou . 115, Aldridge, Billie 98, Alexander, Bertha 83, Alexander, Betty — 8 5, Alfrey, Opal Irena Allbatigh, Francis Alden 8 5, 184, Allegre, Eldon .- US, 180, Allen, Ada - - Allen, Mary Elizabeth — " . 115, Allen, Mary Josephine VUey, Cyrus Allison, Marguritte Allred, Avis Allsbury, John 115, 19 5, 66, 184, 194, 66, Alspaw, Roberta 98, 181, 207, Ames, Victor .-. — 8 5, Anderson, David 8 5, 178, 190, Anderson, Ellen - - - Anderson, Jean Marie — — 115, 226 IIS 194 . 98 181 184 8! . 85 184 115 181 181 179 222 . 98 198 210 179 184 . 85 179 201 202 212 226 210 197 . 66 176 114, lis, .. 98, 176, 115, Anderson, Marie Christine Anderson, Mary Alice Anderson, Pcarle Anderson, Roy M. 115, Andrews, Anna Andrews, Mae Bird 83, Andrews, Ted ... 64, 66, 162, 176, 189, 191, Angell, Harold 85, 178, Appleby, Douglas Archer, June Armstrong, LeRoy Armstrong, Mary .. Arndt, Genrose .Arnett, Ada — Ashbaugh, Virginia — Atchison, John Alhcrttin, Bettyanne ... Atherton, Dorothy — Aiibuchon, Julian Austin, Aline Aycrs, Glennis Ayers, Verne 66, 173, 8 5, 8 5, 115, 98, 207, 66, 178, 206, Bachmann, Betty 8 5, 15 5, Bacon, Beatrice .. . , 98, 182, 183, Baehr, Ruth 8 5, 184, Bahr, Arthur Bain, Warren 83, B?ker, Donita Baker, John 229 1S3 ISO 177 85 177 199 184 115 181 66 66 183 98 223 178 226 226 170 66 98 212 169 201 203 1 15 191 115 lis 264] 66, . 63 - 98, 66, 181), 178, 115, 116, 153, 172, licldwin, James Bales, Orin ... Barb, Ethel — Barber, Bill Barker, Betty Barnaby, Nellie Barncord, Robert Barnes, Levi Barnes, Ruth ... 116, 180, 201, Barnthson, Harold 116, Barrett, Eloise 98, Barrett, Thelma Maxine „ Bartley, Garrett 98, 178, 179, 183, Base, Virginia - — Baskett, Betty Lee 67, Bates, Josephine 98, 182, Baum, Beulah . Baumgartner, Betty Baumgartner, Feme 67, 173, 178, Baumunk, Lowell Bayless, Marvin 98, 178, 179, Bays, Olga — Baysinger, Kathryn „. 67, 166, 172, 184, Bean, James ,. 116, 177, 191, Bean, Velma 98, 174, 178, Bear, Pauline 172, 184, Eechtoldt, Bctte 67, 162, 166, 173, Beckmann, Ruby — Bcdwell, Lonnie 67, Beedle, Elsie Beichley, Laura Maxine Bell, Elva 67, 163 Belshaw, Patricia — - 190, - 99, .85, 172, Belting, Robert - 67, Bender, Harold 116, Bender, Marguerite - 116, Bergevin, Helen ... 99, 182, Bergman, Viola 116, Berry, William 177, Bertram, Hazel bethell, Marjorie 116, Bible, Beulah - -. Bible, Cecil Biegler, Jean 99, 178, Bigley, Alice Virginia Billups, Ethel Bippus, Evelyn Birch, Lauren 116, Bird, Harold - 67, 168, 177, 183, Blair, Boyd - - - - 99, Blair, Nancy Blehm, Fred Blender, Philip Bobbitt, Jack -. Boeckman, Marcella Boganey, Howard Bogue, Kathryn Marie - 67, Bohcn, Darlene 116, Bohn, Homer 67, 162, 178, 186, 206, Bondurant, Dewey - Bonjour, Gerald — Boone, Roscoe ...- 65, 67, 164, 171, 184, 190, Borden, Melford -- Borden, Norma Bornhouser, Ilah - — 117, Bornschein, Freda 85, 163, 172, Borror, Avelin .-. Boston, Thomas - - 117, Bcwden, Charles 117, 191, Bower, Bernard 99, 177, Bradford. Helen - Brammcr, Velma - 181 184 203 212 207 183 98 170 229 191 203 98 23 8 116 172 203 67 180 193 83 190 67 194 197 223 201 223 98 19S 182 17t 186 116 212 I7S 223 21S 191 180 116 193 116 116 184 . 99 201 99 183 208 191 . 85 116 191 115 116 67 229 226 20S 183 . 83 198 116 117 231 182 . 85 197 ,210 , 208 . 85 , 99 117, (,S, 185, Brenner, Myra 99, Brcuer, Earl 99, 176, Brilcs, Dorothy 99, Brim, Leonard Brockhouse, Kathryn Brodbeck, Esther Broddle, Bertram „.. Brookover, John Brooks, Harold Brooks, Hubert — Brooks, Merle .. Brooks, Norma „ Brooks, Stewart Bryan — Brooks, Wayne 99, 170, 180, Broomficid, Martha 99, 179, 195, Brown, Eldon 117, Brown, Joseph Paul 68, Brown, Mary - 99, 182, Browne, Bill ». 117, Browne, Marcella 117, Browning, Dorothy 117, Brownlee, Elizabeth 86, 175, 180, 200, Bruce, Ellora 99, 178, 181, 195, Brueggemann, Doris 99, 181, Brueggemann, Dorothy 63, 100, 181, Bruning, Herbert 68, 184, 189, 191, Bryant, Glenn 68, 176, 184, 199, Buckley, Leah Buenning, Lorenz — 194 183 181 117 226 83 179 191 117 180 85 99 99 190 202 197 210 194 208 202 194 223 202 182 182 19S 210 117 63, 68, 163, 164, 178, 183, 185, Bullard, Amy — 68, Bulmer, D. R. 97, 190, Bumgardner, Henry 100, 178, Burcham, Helen Kathcrinc - 117, Burdette, Juanita 100, 182, Burling, Tiny - — — 68, Burnett, Dale - Burnett, Robert George 100, Burns, Carter - 68, Burns, Warren Bush, Patricia - - 117, 178, Buch, Roberta 86, Butler, Lois Butterfield, Edwin Butterfield, Marion Butts, William Buzzard, Robert B)rd. Ellen Cade, Donald — Cadwallader, Viola — Caldwell, Nola 86, 100, 169, 181, .... 117, 117, 178, .. 68, Campbell, Barbara Campbell, Faye Campbell, Violet — Campfield, Donald Conady, Kenneth — 18, Canfield, Dale ...- 68, C.mn, Burnice 68, 180, 207, Carbiener, Kathryn 118, 182, Carl, Phylis 118, 1S3, 19 5, Carlson, Mary 100, 18 . Carpenter, Helen Carpenter, Wilbur Carrington, Elizabeth Carson, Jack Carter, Betty — Carter, Margaret Carter, Maxine Carter, Melba Castor, Lottie Cay wood, Keith 179, 239, 23 8, Chambers, Clifford - Chapman, Leota 100, 176, 184, 195, 86, 183, 191, 118, 100, . 86, 210 183 198 208 193 194 179 . 83 190 212 100 181 207 100 . 68 117 179 208 218 117 100 100 179 218 174 118 208 210 229 226 201 226 100 198 181 183 194 173 118 184 100 240 191 202 [ 265 ] Childears, Frances Childs, Hizel IIS, 68, Childs, Laura 180, Clioo, Beatrice — Christen, Anna — — — Christensen, Margaret 68, 173, 184, Christlieb, Delia - Chunglo, Andrew 118, 179, Clark, Dougherty — Clark, Eldon „ 100, Clark, Harold 69, 210, 238, Clark, Lauraine - Class, Dean „ 118, Clayton, Margaret 100, Clevenger, Marjorie „ 86, 177, Cline, Melvin 69, 189, Cochran, Alice Cochran, Urilla Jeane Cockley, Ruth , 69, 15 5, 169, 172, Coffman, Floyd 86, 184, Cole, Lucy Collins, Margaret 86, Conklin, Dorothy 118, 184, Conroy, Donald 86, 212, 238, Cook, Margaret - 118, Cooper, Dorothy 86, 169, Cooper, Helen - Cooper, Warren 177, Copeland, Jennie — — - Coplen, Althea - 69, 174, ISl, Corbett, Robert - 118, Cordts, Virginia — — Corn, Zeldene - . 69, 178, 101, 178, 101, 178 . 86, 183, Cossaart, Ruby .. - 118, 182, Costello, Leo ,- - -- Cctt, Hoover — 101, Cotton, Dorothy 84, 86, 162, 178, Cotton, Lawrence - Cox, Trcasa Evelyn — Crabtree, Betty -l. 118, Cramer, Helen — - - Cramm, Carl „ 69, 171, 176, 178, Cranston, Virginia Mable 119, Cranston, Marjorie 101, Cranston, Mildred „ Cravens, Nadean Crawford, Geraldine Crawford, Phyllis Creal, Mary — Crill, Marjorie — . Criswell, Barbara Cross, Elmer Crow, Alice .„ 119, 182, Culbertson, Emerson 86, 179, 184, 190, Cummings, Agnes Catherine -.. 86, 178, 1S4, Cunningham, Mary Ann 69, 164, 178, Curry, Helen 8 6, Curtis, Ross 69, 165, 168, 176, 183, Llabbs, Dorothy 87, Dabbs, Marjorie - - - Dailey, Clara - Daily, Ruby 178, Daly, Kathleen 69, 177, 181, 194, Danielson, Eunice 69, 179, Danner, Jack - 69, 170, Danner, Ralph Darby, MyrI 87, Davidson, Clara — Davidson, John Davis, Delorice 87, Davis, Elizabeth Davis, Louis 101, 165, 177, 203 169 193 86 183 194 118 208 83 208 23 9 100 215 182 181 190 69 226 200 198 183 182 226 239 203 181 83 23 8 . 69 183 208 118 86 20( 100 210 21S . S3 118 180 118 191 205 194 101 226 184 178 . 69 226 195 . 86 203 199 202 195 181 197 177 101 119 194 201 182 177 238 193 101 101 193 101 197 Davis, Marjorie Davis, Mary Jayne Day, Eda Mae Day, Ellis Day, Fred 119, 87, ..- ...- 178, Day, Roger .. 87, 163, 171, 178, 184, 188, 190, Deckard, Melvern Deckard, Wilma Decker, Iris Ruth 119, DeGraff, Beulah D cistcr, Josephine 70, 174, 183, 207, Depew, Howard 119, 177, 23 8, Derden, Jean 87, DeVall, Jeanne — - Devore, Leonard 87, 179, Dice, Ralph 83, Dickey, Helen 70, 164, 168, 178, Dietrich, Mary 101, Dietz, Maxine -. Dillard, Emil 119, 184, Dilworth, Geraldine . - — DInius, Ariyne - Dixon, Arline - Dixon, Dorothy 119, Dixon, Herbert 70, 23 8, Dixon, Ruth Dobbs, Dorothy Nadine 101, 181, Dodge, Daniel 70, Dodge, Merle , 101, 184, Dodson, Marie Dohring, Irene -. Donnellan, Quentin 101, 208, Donnellan, Winifred 119, 226, Dorsey, Esther 119, Douglass, Jacquelyn Downs, Ted 87, Doxon, John 119, Draper, Lolita — Dryden, Robert 101, 181, Dugan, Dicy Dulaney, Betty 87, Duncan, Ella Feme - 120, Duncanson, Martha — - 120. Dunfield, Gerald - - - — Dunham, Mary 70, 172, Dunlap, Barbara 101, Dunn, Vivian 120, Durr, Lorene , - Dyer, Kenneth - - Earl, Virginia 119 119 193 212 179 198 70 181 184 119 231 239 175 . 70 183 170 218 172 101 199 119 . 87 101 195 239 182 193 184 191 179 119 239 238 183 . 87 177 199 119 208 119 183 203 201 177 183 223 202 Eaton, Howard - — Eaton, Mona - - Ebcrhart, Vernon 87, 176, 184, 191, Fdds, Dorothy . 102, 182, Edmonds, Vaughan 102, Edwards, Delores Eikermann, Ed 83, Eiscle, William Eisenhut, Nora - 182, Elder. Eldon Eliot, Marjorie 102, Ellis, Jack 87, Emery, Curtis 87, Emig, Ruth 114, 120, Engler, Wilhilma Enochs, Fern Erdman, Carolyn Erickson, Elden - . 63, 87, 178, 180, 181, 197, I:rickson, Marjorie 102, Eshnaur, Mildred ., - 87, I-shnaur, Robert 87, 175, 200, 207, 120, 180, 195, 191 S7 120 120 197 218 177 203 23 8 120 201 120 182 210 212 202 . S3 226 202 208 203 183 17S [ 266 ] Eshom, EUagcne - 120, 195, Estcp, Samuel 62, 70, 163, 171, 184, Eubank, Horace 88, 180, Evans, Dorotliy Evans, Josephine .— 88, ISS, 174, Evans, Louis Evans, Mari;arct 70, Evans, Nellie Evans, Ruth 70, Everett, Dan Kennison 102, Evcritt, Iris 70, Evertson, Bettc Ewbank, William 70, Ewert, Virginia Faidley, Edra - Fankhauser, Robert ---- Faulkner, Frank 70, 165, 168, Fay, Clarice 102, Feather, Marie - - 70, 164, Fchl, Joan Felt, Vivian 71, 173, Felts, Dorothy Feiton, Lura 120, I ' crrin, Gordon 71, 180, 186, Ferrin, Olive 97, 102, 173, 178, Ferris, Carl 102, 180, Fickertt, Miargaret „ Field, Floyd Findly, Audrey Jane Findly, Lee Bert Finncrty, Joseph Finnerty, Josephine 71, Finnerty, Margaret — , - 71, 175, Fischer, Eunice Fishburn, Twila Fisher, David Fisher, Nettie Marie 71, 178, 71, 120, 179, 188, 178, 177, 181, 190, Fisher, Robert Blaine ,.- Fitch, Jean Fitzgerald, Lura Christine 71, Fitzgerald, Mary Fitzwater, Everett 88, Flanagan, Lois ... 71, 174, 183, 207, Flecncr, Margaret 102, 182, Fleming, Doris Floyd, Alice Jeanette . 71, 155, 162, 166, 169, 172, Flummer, Raymond Folck, Jacqueline 121, Fclck, Virginia 102, Folks, Florence - - Ford, Phyllis - Forney, Clyde Junior - 102, 208, Forrester, Ada — - 71, Foster, Mary Kathryn Fountain, Wilma 121, Fowler, David 178, Fowler, Floyd 184, F ' rank, Marjorie — - Franklin, Laura Franklin, Ruby Frazier, Grace Frecburne, Cecil — Freeburne, Glenn — Freeman, Alfred 201 19S 215 120 201 190 173 178 173 208 203 120 215 120 102 210 177 21S 178 120 183 153 195 197 222 190 120 190 226 215 210 175 179 120 . 71 199 . 71 121 226 102 179 231 195 102 S8, 179, 179, 180, 102, 179, Freeman, Kathleen 102, 178, 207, Freeman, Leslie 121, FVench, David Fuller, Glenn — Fults, Betty 88, 207, Ga lbraith, Harry 23 8, Gallea, Roy . 88, 200 121 229 201 179 121 239 183 102 182 191 199 121 184 . 71 . 88 208 170 183 23 1 210 . 88 190 218 239 210 Galloway, Manila C-arthwaite. Katiierine 71, 172, 179, Garton, Dale 88, (iaston, Phyllis Gates, Raymond --.. - Cj. ' ult. Virginia - -- Gebhardt, Dorothy 179, Geigcr, Edward Louis 121, Geis, Quentin Geissler, Vernon - George, Bill 103, 179, 212, 238, 239, George, Robert - 72, Gerardy, Catherine Germain, June Gibbs, Joyce . - - Giger, Edwin — 103, Gilbert, Wynford Gilkison, Ruth Gillette, Kathryn 72, Gillies, Karlcen Gilman, Robert Gilson, Leonard Glatt, Elizabeth Click, Howard - Godderz, Fred Godfrey, Audrey 72, 88, 181, 162, 171, 179, 72, 59, 173, - 72, 103, 179, 103, 167, Cioldsmith, Anne 72, 164, 166, Goldsmith, George Willard - 121, Goldsmith, Wayne „ 179, Goldsmith, Wendell — (toldsmith, William - - Gooch, Joseph - 88, 179, Gooch, Nile J. - — - Goodrum, Barbara — Goodrum, Donna 121, Goodwin, Catherine 72, Goodwin, John Gordon, Barbara Gordon, Calvin - Goss, Robert 88, Gourley, Helen - Graber, Mildred 121, Graham, Christine Graham, Glenna „- - - Graves, Anita 122, Gray, Gertie - 72, 164, 166, 172, 178, Green, Betty Lou - 122, 178, 195, G reen, Rosemary - Grenwood, Glenda — — Griffith, Fred „ . - 88, 238, Grigsby, Phyllis 169, Grigsby, Vera Maxine - Grimwood, Eleanor Grogger, Carolyn Groh, Mary Jane Grossarth, Karl Groves, Quentin - — 72, 162, 166, 190, 198, 238, Gruen, Ruth Helen Grundy, Herman - — 72, 164, 166, Gugler, Merle 72, 178, Gunkcl, Agnes . - - Gustafson, Agnes - - Gwartney, Lloyd 122, Haas, Beulah 122, 181, 194, Haasis, Herman 122, Haasis, Merle Dean — ---. 89, 178, Hadden, Wilnia 122, 184, Haffner, Imogene Hagen, Leola Hagins, Mary Hahn, Paul - 102 193 177 121 210 88 180 208 103 103 240 17S 121 121 103 191 178 218 219 177 167 210 194 190 190 121 226 215 238 239 238 212 121 103, 103, 171, 176, 193 184 121 103 103 208 201 229 121 122 178 203 229 181 201 239 174 122 122 179 181 180 122, 239 . 83 178 212 181 122 190 203 215 215 226 103 122 226 191 , [267] 72, 72, Haldcman, Mary „ Hale, Marc Hall, Doris ,.. Hall, Martha 103, 17S, 182, 207, H.;milton, Bc-ryl .., 72, 171, 184, H.-milton, Dorothy 73, 174, 193, Hamilton, Gail , 122, 19U, Hamilton, Marjorie - - - — Hamman, Marvin ... 89, 212, 238, 239, Hammer, Warren 103, H.-.ncock, Gamete . — Hand, Helen -- 103, 179, 184, Han y, Helen . - 73, 183, Hank ins, Robert - — - Hanna, James 166, 168, Hanson, Evelyn - Hanson, Margery Louise - 122, 177, 181, Hanson, Marie lone „ 103, 181, 181, 103, 19S, 122, Harbaugh, Elizabeth . 89 Harden, Geraldine Elardenburger, Florence 104, Harder, Lois -- - Hardy, Dwight Harman, Carroll 89, Harper, Barbara 73, Harper, LeRoy . - 73, 176, 212, 238, Harris, Nadine - - — Harrison, Betty 104, 173, Harrison, Burton 180, 186, Hart, Dorothy 104, 182, Hartwig, Alonzo - 73, Harvey, Mildred Hasenbank, Lora 73, 175, 179, 183, Haskell, Donna 73, 172, 183, Haslouer, Agnes 73, 175, 179, 181, Hasloucr, Rosemary 104, 207, Hassard, George — - 89, 170, Hastings, Betty Hatfield, Ruth 89, 174, Haugh, Nellie Hawbecker, Maurine 89, 169, 173, Hawes, Junior -.. Hawks, Ruth 104, 182, Hayes, Glenn 176, Hayes, Virgil 73, 178, Hazlett, Elizabeth Hazlctt, Norman 123, Hearon, Kathryn — .- Heaton, Betty 123, 203, Hcaton, Jane 89, Hcdlund, Harold Heisey, Marno 104, 175, 184, Hellmcr, Martha 73, H.Jstrom, Dorothy Hcnchel, Helen Hendricks, Kenneth l Hendrickson, Von Lee 104 Hendry, Helen 89, 169, 173, 22 3 Henricks, Dennis 123 Henslcy, Junior 73, 177, 184, 191, 197 Hess, Gaii 89, 215 Hetzel, Andrea 104 Heyman, Henrietta 73, 182 Hicronymus, Margaret 123, 184 Hill, Georgia Mildred . 104 Hill, John .. 104 Hill, Loien - - 89, 178, 190 Hill, Roy 123, 199, 215 Hiller, Rosalie - 89, IS! Hinerman, Orville 123 Mines, Faye 73, 169 Hinshaw, Clyde Elizabeth 89, 219 181 167 122 22) 212 20 198 122 240 208 73 202 229 103 183 122 195 202 219 222 202 201 168 226 167 23) 123 194 195 203 215 123 194 203 229 229 198 k9 23 1 . S9 194 179 202 180 209 123 212 123 229 219 123 195 182 179 123 1 linshaw, Mabel Hipp, Eldin Hoard, Elberta ... Hobbs, Alice E. . Hc»bbs, Elizabeth Hobbs, Corrine .. Hogan, Darrel ... .. 104, 74, 184, 194, 169, 207, 74, Hogan, Robert Dale HoUen, Martha ...... 89, 180, 184, 195, 201, Hclmberg, Myrna 124, Holmes, Paul Holmquist, Claribel Holmquist, Darrel 124, Hoopes, Alvena Hootcn, Hazel 124, Hoover, Claude Hopper, Chalmer Horak, Harry Hot tie, Lois Hough, Frances 124, 178, 195, Houghton, Doris 124, 181, Houscr, Ralph ... 74, 162, 1 b4, I6b, Howard, Thelma Jeanne Howard, Theresa Howell, Margaret 74, 174, 179, Howell, Ruby 104, 173, Howland, Marjorie 104, 175, 177, Howland, Paul 74, 190, Hoyt, Edith 104, 183, Hoyt, Gordon 238, 239, Hubbard, George 90, Hubbard, Ralph 104, Huber, Lester Huebcrt, Anna 74, 183, Huebcrt, Lois 124, 201, Hughes, Georgia Bernice Hughes, Margaret Emily Hughes, Phyllis Humphrey, William Hunsaker, VcKay Hunter, Evelyn 124, 74, 206, 90, 182, 124, Hunter, Horcon 124, Hurd, Robert 124, Hurle, Lois 104, 182, Hide, Herbert 90, 178, 184, ImMasche, Victor Ingram, Ciena Vee Innis, Peter Innis, Jo Ireland, Frances Iieland, Harry liwin, Betty - Irwin, Katherine . hcs, Marion Jacka, Donald 124, 180, 202, 238, 74, 181, 207, 90, 179, J.cks, Ida 114, Jacobs, Hazel 74, 177, 181, 182, J,:enicke, Arlene 90, James, Marian 90, 177, Jefferies, Betty 104, Jeffers, William Al yce lehlik, Jewell, Jczek, Frank Johns, Julius Johns, Russel — Johnsmeyer, Phyllis Johnson, Dortha Johnson, Earl JiJinson, Hazel Johnson, Helen Johnson, Jim Helen 74, 173, 178, 10 5, .... 124, 181, 191, 125, 181, 190, 90, 178, 184, .- 90, 177, 74, 174, 178, 74 190 178 123 203 223 210 74 231 184 191 181 191 124 183 190 , S3 124 124 203 23 1 185 . 89 90 184 180 194 198 202 240 210 178 239 205 229 124 124 227 209 223 193 215 215 194 198 . 74 124 179 104 229 239 124 124 223 23 8 124 19 t 200 219 223 179 124 201 178 19S 197 202 . 0 212 203 105 105 268 ] Jolmson, Lcl.ind 7S, 206, jolmson, Mii x Johnson, Thomas . Johnston, Marvin 105, 178, 180, IS-I, Jolit , Gordon --- 75, Jon.s, Dwight 90, 170, Jones, Elwood Mori is Jones, Frank 125, Jones, Jean 75, 169, Jones, Leah 105, 181, Jones, Marjorie - Jones, Merle Jones, Norman 90, 179, Jones, Robert 90, 177, Juhnke, Roland Julian, Donald 90, 177, Kaad, Loreita „- 10 5, Kndel, Ruth 90, Kadlec, Helen Kalb, Pauline lOJ, 174, Karns, Glenn ..- Karr, John K rstadt, Clcla Kasha, Bet rice Kassens, Theron Kaufman, Evadna 90, Kccler, Doris Kccler, Virginia Keener, Georgia Keimig, Elizabeth 75, 173, Kcllar, Richard 75, 183, Keller, George 125, Kelley, Violet — Keilum, Forrest Kelly, Vincent Kcltner, Rose . Kcmmerer, Kathern 125, Kendall, Marjorie „ 105, 182, 184, Kennedy, Thomas „ 10 5, Kent, Helen „. „ ,.. Keough, Margaret 75, 178, Kernohan, Martha 105, 194, Kcrslcy, Betty Kcsinger, Ruby Kcstcr, David 10 5, 171, Ketch, Winifred 125, 178, Kllle, Betty 62, 75, Killc, Robert - 125, 178, 183, Kimball, Dorothy 105, 169, Kimbcrlin, James 90, Kimel, Helen Maurine — 7 5, Kimmel, Kenneth Kimmel, Pauline Kimmel, Winifred King, Lawrence King, Martha King, Maryalyce 75, 180, King, Mildred Kinnamon, Virgil 91, 16 5, Kirgis, Virginia Klick, Frances 10 5, Kloppenbcrg, Irene 105, 179, Klotz, Thelma . 63, 92, 176, 180, Knocppel, Paul Knouse, Dorothy 75, 174, Knouse, Mary 105, Knox, Abbie ... 106, 184, 201, Knox, Robert , 106, 176, Knox, Willie „„ 63, 126, Kochcr, Allene 106, 179, 202, Kochlcr, Neysa 126, 180, Kohler, Lois .. „. 92, 178, 184, 210 191 238 198 170 210 170 183 172 201 125 105 212 21 1 . 90 213 20i 193 125 182 178 125 125 176 125 182 125 125 125 223 215 18S 125 . 60 184 125 181 195 179 1S2 201 201 105 125 197 202 227 209 219 239 203 125 181 126 75 126 23 1 126 177 105 203 181 195 215 181 181 227 215 191 223 194 202 Kohman, Arlene Kolterman, Paul Koogle, Vera --- Kramer, Amos ... Kr:;us, Aloha .— . Krug, Geneva Kyle, Wilbur 92, 126, 181, 188, 189, 191, 106, 176, 75, 173, 180, Lackey, Ruthagenc Ladner, Peggy Ladwig, Charles Thomas L.-:ir, Robert 106, L.-,ird, Lester 75, 165, 168, Lamberson, Helen Lang, Wanda 126, 178, Langley, Everett 126, Langvardt, Arthur 76, 166, 179, 184, L.uikard, Norma 126, Larsen, Harry 76, Larson, Joan Marie Jb Larson, Walter 60, 106, 178, Lash, Eva 91, 17 5, 179, 184, Lash, Irene 76, 17 5, Laughlin, Dorothy 126, Lawless, Barbara Lawman, Elizabeth L.-wrence, John 106, Lawson, Alfred Leach, Frances Lcckron, Betty 106, 182, Ledford, Carmel 76, 178, 179, 184, LcGresley, Leon Leiser, Margaret LentcU, Doris Lcroux, Merl 106, 170, Lett, Charles Lcwcrenz, Ruth 126, Lewis, Eleanor „ 126, Lewis, Mary 106, 178, Liby, Robert Lindamood, Neva 106, Lindburg, Clifford Litchfield, Lucile 76, 172, Llewelyn, Jane 127, Llewelyn, Laura Loc kner, Louise Long, Melvin 179, 23 8, Long, Ruth 127, Loomis, Jane 76, 178, Lorenson, Virginia 91, 182, Lorenz, Elizabeth 106, 180, Lcrson, Joan Lcsey, Leslie Louis, Mary Love, Doris Love, Lenora Lovell, Mabel 127, Lowe, Roberta 106, Lunt, Margaret Lusher, Carol I.uthi, Willis Erwin 76, 206, Lytic, Edward McAdam, John 127, 191, McArnarney, Harry McBoyle, Faith 107, 179, 182, 184, McBride, Claire McCarthy, Edward 127, McClellan, Josephine 76, 167, McClellan, Lloyd McColl, Laura McConnell, Olive McCord, Courtney 127, 180, 183, McCormick, Bob 107, 229 126 106 19 75 202 106 183 126 186 20S) 183 126 227 177 199 201 168 181 190 202 184 201 106 . 91 211 76 106 202 202 126 . 91 126 215 . ?3 181 177 227 239 194 179 183 195 127 76 239 194 227 227 203 127 . 83 . 91 127 181 181 195 184 106 211 127 211 127 202 91 211 222 . 76 127 127 191 211 269 McCoy. William , McCuIlough, Mildred McCune, Rachel 127, 181, McDermed, William McDonald, Eleanor — McDonald, Maurice 107, McFarland, Robert Harold 76, 163, 16S, 168, 176, 183, McGinness, Robert 189, 23 8, McGowan, Francis 107, 176, 183, McGuire, Donald 107, McGuire, Harriet 127, McKay, Jack 91, McLin, Paul .— - McLin, Ruth McMahan, Austin 127, 183, McMillan, Ralph .. 91, 213, 238, McMillin, Ernest McNabney, Homer McPheron, Frances 76, 174, Macurdy, Carlene 12 8, 181, Madscn, Virginia 128, ISO, 184, Madtson, Dorothy 91, Mahin, Patricia . 128, Mails, Elizabeth 107, Malik, John 107, 168, Maloncy, Lorctta 91, Manderly, Allen - Mangelsdorf, Ruth 107, 181, 207, Manning, Frances 128, 179, 184, Manning, Sheldon Marccllus, Arline 12 8, Marcy, Clelia 107, Marek, Robert 107 127 203 91 83 21S Marrs, Iris -. 128, Marsh, Ralph 177, Marsh, Roger 168, Marsh, Sue Alice 107, 178, Marshall, Irene — 128, Marshall, Marjorie 91, 174, 182, Marshall, M ax Martin, Clyde Leslie Martin, Dorothy Martin, Glenn Martin, Helen 107, Martin, Lewis Martin, Mildred Martin, Robert 107, Marts, Eva Maxine 128, 182, Mathews, Madeline Mauch, Etheled 128, Mauch, Thayne Mauderly, Allen Maupin, Jacqueline 128, 181, Maynard, Charles „ Mears, Elizabeth 92, 173, 207, Meisenheimcr, Lester - - Meisinger, Fred Edgar Mcndenhall, George Virgil 107, 178, Meng, Marcus Meredith, Margaret 128, Merritt, Margaret Mcssick, Robert Meyer, Helen 128, Meyer, Martha 97, 107, 17J, 19S, Meyer, Pauline — Meyer, Raymond Meyer, Virgil 107, 178, Might, Mamie 92, 183, Miller, Agnes 107, Miller, Florence -. Miller, Francis 191 ZV) 199 190 177 210 91 195 209 239 238 127 183 229 195 227 180 174 177 219 190 219 195 183 194 194 83 194 183 199 227 203 202 238 190 . 91 183 231 190 92 209 193 . 92 195 128 128 219 128 222 177 63 211 238 201 107 128 219 200 128 239 197 184 182 179 179 Miller, Ilah Mac Miller, Jessie 60, 92, 181, 183, 193, Miller, Lucile 92, 175, Miller, Maxine Miller, Paul 62, 76, 165, 168, 171, Miller, Ruth .. Mills, Catherine 172, Mills, Margaret 77, 19 5, Minner, Donald , 128, Miser, Helen 129, 195, Mitchell, James Lester Moblcy, Lillian Moffat, Niles 108, Moon, Lloyd 108, 167, Moon, Vera Moore, Betty 92, Moore, Charles 129, Moore, Gilbert Moore, Mildred Moore, Nora Mae ... 84, 92, 169, Morgan, Annabelle 77, 169, 175, Morgan, Robert 129, Morgan, Teresa 129, 194, Mont , LaVerne 77, 18 1, 184, 19 5, Morris, Helen 108, 181, 195, Morris, Lenora Morton. Margaret 108, Morton, Robert Clayton Morton, Robert Weaver 77, 176, 183, Moser, Barbara 129, Mott, Ernestine 129, 175, Mott, Robert 108, Mouse, Scott 129, Mouse, Virginia 92, 178, Muenzenmayer, Bernice 92, Muldrew, Lida Mulkcy, Marjorie 129, Mullinix, Orlie Munroe, Robert 108, Munstermann, Rosana Munzer, Cora 92, 194, Murdock, Kenneth „ Murphy, Ralph 92, Myer, Loretta Myers, Evelyn Myers, Roland 129, Myers, Virginia 129, Nash, Leonard , 92, 167, Neal, Vivian 129, Ncis, Ruby 108, 178, 181, Nelson, Arden 108, 182, 194, Nelson, Dorothy Nelson, Ted Nelson, Walter Kcsmith, Glen Neudeck, Lucile Newcomer, Betty - 77, 130, Newcomer, Imogene Newman, Dorothy . Newton, Erwin Newton, Nola Newton, Rachel Neyer, Leo Nichols, Daryl Nielson, Lou — 181, 129, 173, 178, . 77, 167, ..77, 173, 108, 182, 13 0, 130, 177, Nicnmeier, Arvis 130, 184, Nienstedt, Wilma 77, 177, 178, Nixon, Barbara Nolarid, Winifred 108, 171, 180, 184, Norflect, Mary Jane Norvell, Lawrence . 108, 170, 191, N uffer, Dorothy 181 202 183 92 191 181 183 203 179 229 184 229 170 211 83 227 178 181 129 174 229 209 201 203 201 129 182 77 199 174 227 209 215 223 108 181 181 129 213 129 203 83 155 129 178 179 201 213 178 184 203 180 178 209 238 183 223 223 183 213 226 201 183 77 150 203 207 108 202 92 199 130 [ 270 ] 130, 108, 92, 182, 92, 92, 178, 179, ..- 77, 180, 150, 176, Nuiicm.iclicr, IV-iiiccs Olik-y, Willi.im OKrcn, M.iri;arcl Olson, M.irs.lrt ' t O ' M.ir.i, Michael Orr, Opal Osborn, Lee Osborn, Marjorie Osborn. Richard Osborne, Clara Jane .. Osborne, Mary Oser, Ruby Oshcl, Dale 130, 184, 190, Ostlund, Zillah 77, 162, 166, 17J, 179, Ottensmeier, Esther Overpeck, Emilie Owens, Helen 130, Page, Vale Park, Leah 181, Parken, Elaine 13 0, Parker, Wilbcrn Parks, Paul „. Parks, Velma Paton, Monica 93, Patten, Judy .„ 130, Patterson, Lois Nadine 108, 178, 181, Pattie, Betty Nclle .. 108, Payne, Maxine Peatling, Lorena . 93, 182, Peck ham, Mary Pendlay, Irma Jean Pendlay, Lois Irene -— Tenner, Bertha 93, 180, Perkins, Evelyn 108, 181, Perry, Gladys Perry, Laura 93, Peters, Betty 109, 174, 180, Peters, Dorothy 77, 174, 180, 183, 195, Peters, Eugene 77, Peterson, Chester Peterson, Frances Peterson, Gene Peterson, Ralph 180, 179, 130, 109, 78, Peterson, Ruth 13 0, Pettyjohn, Charles 131, Pettyjohn, Ruth 109, 184, Phelan, Virgil Phenneger, Maxine -- 178, Phillips, Morton 93, Phillips, Geraldine 131, 181, Phillips, Ruth 83, Phillipsen, Beth 13 1, Pierce, Lillian 93, Pierson, Lois 109, Pinkston, Dorothy Pitts, Marjorie Plattner, Irene Pointer, Beulah 78 Policy, Bonnie Pooler, Mary Potter, Geraldine Potter, Tresia Poulsen, Evelyn Powell, Richard Poyzer, Juanita Prather, Roy Pratt, Elda Pratt, Leona 164, 178, 184, 109, 93, 78, 131, 109, 131, Prchal, Lucille 109, Pro, Wilbur - 109, 176, 180, Prosser, Quentin 93, 177, 184, Pruitt, Helen Louise 180 209 226 132 181 183 238 201 190 227 227 108 198 200 130 108 229 170 23 1 184 83 215 181 130 223 223 182 130 201 130 194 194 195 194 109 178 202 202 215 239 203 213 215 184 179 203 83 193 198 227 184 219 23 1 182 131 194 184 194 167 229 219 169 194 199 202 78 131 83 176 211 199 131 109, 176, 93, 93, 109, 167, 93, 181, . 109, 60, 78, . 78, 180, 93, 78, Pullins, Darlecn Putnam, Katliryn Puttroff, Alice Pyle, Barbara Quillen, Vincent Raikes, Helen Ralf, Mary . Ramirez, Socorro Ramsey, Mary Randol, Frances P,.app, Hubert 78, Rasmusscn, Charlotte Ray, Lyman . 179, Ray, Thelma 78, 173, Razor, Wanita 131, 181, Read, Marvyl 93, 178, 184, Reeble, Willi.im Kellar 93, 165, 168, Reed, Caroline „ Reed, Helen ,; Rces, Charlotte . 109, Rces, Jean 131, Regier, Reuben 78, 15 5, 170, Rehberg, Arlone 78, Ressel, Pauline 78, Reynolds, Charlene Rhea, Mildred Rhea, Perry 109, Rice, Ronald Rice, Earl Rice, Eugene 185, Richard, Lavinia Richardson, Mavis 131, Richert, Elvira 93, 173, 180, Richeson, Clinton 178, Richmond, Evelyn 13 1, Riddle, Claranell . 109, 182, Riddlebarger, Charles Rieck, Alvin 79, Riggins, Billy 79, Rindom, Gail 109, Rinkel, Herbert Lloyd Riondy, Margery 109, Rippetoe, Mabel 79, Rippetoe, Pearl 110, Rissler, Kenneth 93, 206, Robbins, Alice 131, P oberts. Donna Roberts, Harry Robison, Max Robohn, Harold Roddy, Edward Rogers, Atlanta Rogers, Ernest Romine, Aaron Rosacker, Mary .- Rosenberg, Philip Rosier, Dorothy Ross, Franklin Ross, Orville Rossillon, Jerome RosslUon, Marjorie Rossillon, Norbert Rothe, Charles Rouland, Lucille .... 131, .. 191, , 13 2, 79, 163, 213, 132, 132, Roundy, Frances 79, Roush, Clyde Rowe, Betty 13 2, 132, . 93, 181, 178, 195, Rowlands, Edwin — — Rowlands, Hubert .. 94, 171, 179, 184, 190, Rude, Esther Runyon, Phyllis 79, Ruskin, Robert 79, 165, 177, 183, 190, 223 182 183 177 211 174 195 181 182 183 213 93 191 222 194 195 177 78 131 222 194 184 169 178 78 79 209 79 183 211 109 229 200 190 194 219 131 213 183 215 190 180 194 194 215 178 79 191 83 209 198 131 211 239 223 177 223 132 83 83 132 176 190 178 184 191 229 79 199 110 173 199 [271 ] Ruiscll, Dorothy Russell, Margaret Russell, Mary , Ryan, Thea Rynders, Dorothy Ryndcrs, - 94, 132, Ruth 132, 110, 179, 180, Saffels, Dale 132, Saincr, Celia Salisbury, Elaine - S.;n Romani, Egideo - - Sanders, Donald 132, Sanders, Ruth 79, 17 S, Sandquist, Ruth 110, Sanford, Jennie - Sanford, Marietta Sarcnscn, Shirley — 132, Sattcr white, James Sauder, Kenneth 132, 177, Scales, William „ 179, Schaich, Ella . 110, 17S, Scharff, Harold Scheibe, Harlan - Schenk, Virginia Schirmcr, Alice ---. — 94, Schmcdemann, Wilma Schmitt, WiUard Schmutz, Alvin Schneider, Donna Schoonover, Alieta Schrader, Ruth Schroeder, Everton Schroeder, Harold 174, 181, IS 110, . 79, 110, 174, 133, Schroetter, Wilma 80, 182, Schulzc, John .- Schurle, Fern — Scott, Scott, Carl Jean Scagondollar, Worth 165, 168, Scefeld, Twilah .... 94, 165, 168, 172, 176 Seclcy, Robert 94, Scifz, Ralph - Sclig, Leonard — 133, 13 3, 177, 183, 179, 110, Sclig, Ralph 178, Scncker, Betty Scverns, Mary — Seyfert, Melvina 94, 178, 183, 19 5, Shannon, Dick . 94, Shea, William 94, 179, 180, Sheeley, Vesper - 133. Sheen, Joe, Jr. 13 3, Shelley, Fred 80, 184, Shepard, Don H 13 3, 176, Shepherd, Donald Lee Roy .. 94, 171, Shepherd, Mary - 83, Shepherd, Virginia — Sheppard, Ruth 133, 180, Sheridan, Richard ... 80, 178, Sherman, Phyllis „ Sherradin, Robert . 13 3, Shields, Ivan Shoaf, George Shottenkirk, Lewis Shull, Mary Shuss, Hilma Sickles, Margaret .. Siebert, Elizabeth ., 94, 94, 173, 178, 110, Sigcl, John 110, Sirr.ms, Dorothy Simpson, Dana Sims, Joseph Sulk, Robert 133, 178, 110, 181, 182, 191, 132 177 226 . 94 219 180 213 1 10 193 . 84 180 183 203 203 132 182 79 197 23 8 181 179 132 132 200 132 215 170 133 . 80 202 209 185 202 . 83 110 179 182 197 200 198 190 179 180 110 110 203 209 199 21 5 215 195 183 213 155 133 183 259 94 191 198 190 209 227 181 223 223 199 94 133 80 213 Si sun, Mary Skinner, Betty Lou Skinner, Charles .... Skinner, Haley Skoch, Carl Slack, Patricia Sloan, Charles Sloan, Geraldinc Snierckek, Alta Smith, Carol Smith, Chester Smith, Edith Smith, Elgeva Smith, Elsie Smith, Jay Smith, LaVon Smith, Lora Smith, Maurice Smith, Maxine Smith, Paul Sn ith, Preston Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Roland Smith, Virginia 133, 133, 133, 110, 94, 172, 183, HI, 194, 134, 134, 180, 111, 134, SO, 80, 174, 178, . 80, 178, Smithheisler, Mercedes Sneed, Lcona Ill, 184, Snodgrass, Marthelle Snodgrass, Vera 94, Snow, Jack 23 8, Snow, Margaret 13 4, Snyder, Parke 95, 178, Socolofsky, Betty Jane 111, Socolofsky, Jean 94 223 83 215 110 223 133 133 154 177 190 184 23 1 193 213 83 83 134 . 94 198 134 209 213 190 222 201 195 134 219 239 222 215 173 62, 80, 163, 164, 166, 173, 178, 193, 200 Soderstrom, Anetha 134, 180 Sonierville, Theresa 134 Soudcr, Charles 134 Souder, Kenneth 211 Spade, Chester Eugene 13 4, 213 Spencer, Dorothy 80, 172, 183, 203 Spencer, Mary 182 Splichal, Francis Ill, 197 Spohn, Maxine ..- 134 Sprague, Elizabeth 80, 173 Sprague, Norman 95, 259 Sprecher, Eldred 80, 179, 184, 199 Springfeldt, Virgil 215 Stallard, Bruce 134, 177 Stallcup, Billy 181 Stanley, Bud .. 111, 178 Stark, Arlene 178 States, Joe 80 Stiuffer, Roy 111, 177, 209 Stauffer, Robert HI, 213 Stead, Lola Lucille 81, 172, 179, 181, 185 Stearns, Derald 154, 179, 258 Suckel, Grace 95, 176, 181, 184, 195, 202 Stcelsmith, Mary Alice . 65, 81, 162, 169, 172, 175, 195, 200 Steg, Nora - 181 Stcg, Paul 95, 170 Steinweden, Rose Marie 81, 175, 201 Stenz cl, Lenore 95, 175, 179, 18i Sterba, Suzanne 134, 178, 223 Stevenson, Irene 15 5, 229 Steward, Mary 95, 181 Stewart, Jane 95, 182, 219 Stiff ler, Mary 181 Still, Elizabeth 13 5, 229 Stilwell, Wilbur 81, 167 Stockton, Clair 95, 209 [ 272 ] Still t us, Albirl.i Ill, 182, Sioifiis, Rachel .-.- --- „ Stoke, Edna 11, Stormont, Elmer . 83, 213, Slout, Veima . -,- Stovall, Paul I7S , Straiisky, Norma . Sttill, Grace 13S, 177, Stull, Ruth 135, 178, Stutsman, Hu h Ill, Sullivan, James E. 1 3 5, Summers, Frances .... Swearinger, Roberta Swim, Gladys Swing, Mary Jo Swisher, Clcda Swope, Jane Lee Symns, Anna .- 81, 175, HI, 195, 111, 182, 111, 182, T. ' te, Donald 81, 164, 166, Taylor, Bernard Taylor, Betty 9 5, Taylor, Mary Ann 9 5, Taylor, Mary Lee .„. 111, Taylor, Nelda - Teskc, Freda 13 5, Theriault, Ada - 111, Tholcn, Tom 95, 170, 178, Tiiomas, Herman Thompson, Donald ' Thompson, Ralph i..— Thompson, Thclma . Tichcnor, Mary Tiemann, A. G. — Ticmann, Adeline „ Tiemann, Virginia ,.. Timberlakc, Nadine Tinkler, Evelyne -.. Tippin, Charles I ipton, Geraldine 111, 81, 179, 180, 112, 178, 184, 195, Todd, Charles 81, Toland, Geneva .— 112, 182, Tomson, Nadine 112, Townsend, Mary „„ 13 5, 179, 182, Tressler, Robert Triemer, Arthur 9 5, Tritt, Mary 13 6, Tubbs, Helen ' . 95, 153, Tucker, Seldon 181, Turner, Ina Turner, Mary Twibell, Arnita Tyler, Beuberta Uhl, Gladys 136, Uhland, Homer Norton 112, 178, 179, Underwood, Vera Vance, Lewis Vanderhoff, Maxine Vanderveldc, Esther Vanderwilt, Margaret . . Vannaman, Cecil Varner, Winifred 81, 81, 183, 112, Vassallo, Fred 123, Vassar, Vera .... 81, 162, 177, 181, 201, 207, Vaughn, Harriet Lee 136, Vaughn, Mary Veal, Allen 81, 176, Vincent, Alice 96, Voeste, Fred 56 Vogan, Louise 13 6, Voight, Lorene 81, 180, ( ' agner, James 112, 177, Walker, Alice 82, 176, 184 135 201 238 181 181 135 203 203 213 181 183 201 203 229 135 180 95 171 239 181 227 202 180 193 180 211 83 183 135 182 178 211 13 5 227 111 201 135 135 198 219 178 203 177 211 ISO 227 190 136 136 . 95 13 6 194 209 136 . 81 167 183 229 211 112 213 219 223 1 12 197 184 , 83 194 182 183 202 96, 181, 195, 112, 96, Walker, i!rnestine Walker, F.sther W ' allingford, Nancy .. W alraten, Mrs. Mary W ' alraten, Norman Waltz, Herbert W ampler, Dorothy 96, 180, 183, Viard, Florence 82, Ward, Mabel Helen Warkentin, Ann 82, 172, W ' ai nken, Esther barren, Donald Calvin Warren, Peggy 63, 112, 172, Warren, W. Hoyt 82, 165, Waterman, Laura 96, 175, 177, 193, Watson, Deane Watson, Mary Theresa 82, 149, 155, 169, 175, Watson, Stuart 112, 2 11, Watts, Dorothy 82, 174, 178, Way, Esther 112, 175, Wayman, Charles 82, Wealand, Betty 112, 174, Weaver, Kenneth - Weaver, Winifred ....- Webb, Vernon 96, Webb, Homer 112, Weigand, Elizabeth 113, 175, 181, Weinman, Helen Weir, Glenda 136, 178, Wellborn, Lois 136, 181, Wells, Mary 136, 184, Wemple, Hilda West, Elouise 113, 178, West, Mary Jean Wheat, Thomas - — 82, Wheeler, Daisy Mae Wheeler, Leslie Junior — Whinery, Robert 82, Whipkey, Margaret 96, Whitaker, Blanche Whitaker, Josephine 113, W hite, Marion White, Marlin Wiand, Virginia .. 82, Wichcrt, Jack - Wicklund, Laurene Wiens, Richard Wilch, Kyle 82, 168, 177, 178, 183, Wilcox, James 83, Wilcox, Nelva 113, Wild, Francis 96, 178, 180, 190, Wiley, Eunice 137, 184, Wiley, Ralph 177, Wilkerson, John - 82, Wilkins, Virginia 82, 169, Williams, Aileen 113, Williams. Beatrice Williams, Lilly 113, Williamson, Jean 137, Williamson, Mary 137, Wil 1 its, Ethel Barbara 13 7, 182, 177 201 174 200 136 136 231 231 177 180 112 . 96 200 176 202 239 H3, 136, 177, 173, 195, 137, 191, Wilson, W ' ilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Wilson, Dorothy Jane 137, L rotliy Marie 96, 182, Lucile 113, 178, M i I d red Nellie 176, Wesley . 113, ' ood, Clarence 83, )i■ood, Mary Alice 137, Wood, William 180 239 229 193 215 193 112 112 191 191 223 82 202 183 203 96 180 136 170 177 185 209 223 136 203 199 179 227 137 137 211 199 239 181 199 203 190 213 193 176 . 82 194 194 182 137 203 182 227 227 85 195 209 211 195 . 96 [273 ] " ()i " ds, Carrie „ £ ' oolIey, Beula h W ' oolpcrt, Marian Work, Alva ...„. Wright, Mildred 113, 1S2, 19S, 83, ISO, 184, 115, 13 7, Wright, Ruth 96, " Wright, Wava i ' ritt, John Yadon, Erma Yarger, Lcota Yates, Helen . Ycarout, Margaret 96, 83, 180, 238, 137, 202 Ychle, Kcnjicth 137 Yeoman, Margaret .... 195 Young, Dewey „ 2 1 S oung, Frances 19S Zarker, Morris 19S Zajic, Virginia 223 Zcntz, Alma 239 Zimmerman, Edith 223 Zimmerman, John R. 113 Zimmerman, William 113 ZoUars, Vernon 227 113, 137, 113, 177, 182, 173, 113, 96, 137, 177 . 83, 182 183, 211 183, 229 179 137, 229 179, 195 184, 201 177, 180 178, 211 113 274 ] Ofuioc rapk [ 273 ] CjLitoc rapks [ 276 ] . ' v: ' ' . ' ,Si. " ' %,%„ its ' ' Courses ' Volume XXXIX m " " ' Zr , " — ■ ■ - - = — Iiy UlM Sets Record rieage List ' r.ri :r „„,„„,, f r rii sa — :;,r-:;r ' " " " - ' " ' " ™- ' ».... v». - ntnuod ■ p«-t»ai Dit gr Hat I iiin , ' -i=» T " ' Council T Aagaiines SyT»»» ' v; ' t ' iCity - Emporia Stele Airport Dedicalea P» ' l« Sunday AH. t CaptainJ " • ' " " ■IllOIli illg BuiWing Are Mo ed IN .n.llv k..ov«n educator. e„,s a. 10 " ' " " ' " " ' " «■ .thbevenins «n-™- I ' cVaWpic « ' ! " ' ' • A " - should hear a ma " Ve « ve-„a,on V r ll-f ' --Si ' . »»lr.V « " .re ' Number 29 nuary 5. 1940 Number 31 s More Lights Installed ' Resei ' vva J Polarship Frat Elects Te S.S;fr ' !f M embership This Weel

Suggestions in the Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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