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?w"""' g WGNNTTQ4, fi ci X i NYWXQQ03 :mo -f5'T1 Q Rv S, 5, 1 f ,F U M b '50 B L UH 1 Na ibfiafl' J, 5 Q s 0" .0 ,u ..- - "QT , . s'c ' I-1' s -,, . ff" F' w V r w E Rf? 3 .cf ' I , . Y A 1 Q- 6+ f' NFLOWE 5 Gfefznefhfbdlamr ffoy 621 37116 R CCEYRIGHT DESIGNED Ev- ENCRQVED by BURGER ENGRNVINGQ lmfmsas 60251, Mo. PRINTED BY THE EMPORIFJ GFZETTE 6m,oo11a, Kansas VIEWS Ss BEFIUTIES bl, C H 'Fl S E Empmia, hfynsas . ' 7 i K 11 1 , .1 ff? ku 1 :B . Alix v BH' W ' T If T l-X11 I 1 I , . , " s 1 f - y T ITU... ,V E. 4 P. A, V I ., r, X 'J y V ' ':, J' -' , ,, ,, - Y , 1, ,,. v, 4 - -'-- u 1 1 . -- . A , - - f 4 1 'YT PILPI ,ISHJSTU PY THE IQANSAS 'J STATE TJ-TATCQI-D-T15 CZCDI J Jie-JS 6mm vfamw ...H ' --P -.,.N ..,, N Q Q . T I, 1 . T 'A 1 I gf' f J- W' ' ' f i . I . l .51 " L! -: ,lf 1 'yt L e f' f fi A ,T T i 'J 5 A 1 ' , V 1 T0 Bums za rvuammzunn. NUT COR Tl-IE PRESENT, BUT con Tl-IE cuwms - we Tl-IDT WILL RECSQLL Tl-IE FISSUCIZITIUNS, unvvv I-lvurzs, ncTnvmr55, mmm THE PROUD FIC!-HEVEMENT5 OF THE STUDENTS OC ULD K.S.T.C., I-IZIS BEEN Tl-IE ENDEAVOI2 UI-1 TI-IE I926 SUNFLOWER I wN 1 ,. I, I 3 ' .iz 7 . A '1 13 , , I ' ,NH-,V IQ ' :fa A 1 .Lf . , N A, .I ' I H ,.4f V, if Y. 'e ' A - A. Ac 1 , V v V ' Q . nv -Wi An i 1 . r ' 1 ' ' I C TIN T0 Tr-us STUDENT, SEEKING rurmrz KNOWLEDGE, Psrzvevurrronz. or: smszn-, UPI-IOLDER. OC TRFIDITION, vucvomous IN BATTLEN, UNCONQUE-RED IN n::eurEnT, FUR WI-IUM ILFINSFIS STFITE TEFICI-IEIZS COLLEGE OF -EMPORIFI I5 NXZJINTFIINED. A , ' Xd, , , l', N I , , ., A J ' '::','7!' . M '-: J, X- i'i5 ,Q Av' Y I VM wwf 1 A H: -Y, l -, Y -- J' i 7' in Tl-IE CLASSES ZITI-JLETICS FICTIVITIES ORCDNIZHTIUNS bbq A: A 6, W m , gr' ' , 1 -,W lv: Q .fy lc W " fl, 'LUQQ9 1?T1l Q ' 4 f00mgf wf 4: V cgunken Garden 1 lei C a, Z Z 1 Z, , 'I +4 u I ' ' " '- -Q .V ,x zz Q. ,-.H " " '- gk X u f Yffrif? A-P wmmmke .r E b..x w .. " "'. -v- x.. I, s-.fff " ' 'f"'Nf'A -Ji,-qv ,I ,M T VL , .1 . 7 1 x '3- 3292- .. ., h , 4-1, ig 'MA fi ,,,,...'w ,, .gf 61i 2 1Qm,32'5 77622 V ...i V ' I I f X 1 I J. 14' ff f- I if IH!! rw' ,I li . H J M ' r l s Mi? i .' -.?. "U - E 1 1 v f-.., , 1 fn VI K K 'n 1 7,13 'ms' 3 - x e -,QML If - Ai '., , IT'-, 'F-1" Q- , .. --U .-.- :V ,K 1. 19.77.11 ' t , . -as L 'if' -' I . - - "v"':- pf - - N- puff M- , ---"" 444-:IIT 'f' , -..- ' ' ' A gg,--' ' --1F',I,,,T' ,M 'y1.f-- - '-S4 f'-Q-.'z,p:'1f K -1 r, l., ,V .,- S ,, .,- . ,-. If 1 ,, , E 4 ! w , sf- TY ' .gf-ra?--7l":f-'.,, ., 1 ,J -f ,gf J'-1,' -, ,, - f'-,Q:- --X ,- --g,-- , -'nv r- ff - :R-f rl , ---- --I ,,V- -Q- - - ,V -"'aL...-.-..-..,.V -in-s7'f Y - K fad Trina Ql Word of Qlppreciation., An institution of learning is made up of that something which every student, every faculty member, himself is. It grows not like a plant or an individual man, but like the race itself. To be sure, there must be at all times in the mind of some one a plan, without which it cannot develop, but the real progress which a school makes is de- termined in the main by the direction given it through the lives of those wfhom it serves and by whom it is served. And so it comes about that we hold fast our interest in each succeeding class as it comes upon the stage, plays for a time a con- spicuous part, and then passes on to join the classes of other years. The Class of 1926 is composed of a group of young men and young women who, we believe, represent to a little greater degree than any preceding class that intangi- ble something Which the School longs to be. For four years this class has breathed the atmosphere of lecture room, library, and campus, and in those years the lives of its members have been moulded and given direction which will last to the- end. Theirs is the inheritance of those qualities of life which the men and Women who have passed this way have given to the School in the half century and more since that auspicious day when it threw' open its doors to the centuries. THOMAS W. BUTCHER, Po-esiclent l l r Book I The Classes ' U I 'DU' U l Qnior Hhiummg 'QU Page 17 CLASS OFFICERS President-JOHN KINCHELOE ------ ----..- ..-.. -..... - - - Richmond President, Y. M. C. A.3 Nlfesleyaxl Club Cabinetg Xi Phi. Major-Biology: Minor-Psychology. Vice-President-JOE WEBER -..----------. .-..-......- - - .... Burns Football '22-'26g Track. Secretory-'IfHERES4 OLSON ----..--- ----- ---. .- ----...... -- Emporia, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Xi Phig Pan Hellenic: Student Alumnae Councilg Gilson Players. ' Major--Speechg Minor-English. TTGGSMTGT-NEIL SHELL ------------------ - ------- --- -- Effingham Treasurer. Phi Delta Chi: President, Mathematics Club. Major-Mathematicsg Minor-Chemistry. Historian-LILLIAN VALENTINE -.---------. ------------- - - Hiawatha Pan Hellenic: Zeta Sigma Alphag Sphinxg Scrihhlersg Alice Freeman Palmer: French Clubg Y. WV. C. A. - Major'-Eiiglisli, Modern lianguzigcs. The Senior Glass Four long years ago the Senior class of '26 began their pilgrims' progress up the hill of difficulty toward the goal of learning. Like Chris- tian, some chose the straight and narrow path, others took short cuts, while still others turned back or fell by the wayside. In a college of this kind where certificates used to be granted for a year's work, and where three-year states are still issued, it is to be ex- pected that the student body shifts rapidly. This accounts in 'part for the fact that out of the large number of Freshmen enrolled during 1922-'23, approximately twelve per cent of the same people are Seniors this year. After four years the reward of the faithful few is at hand. In their flowing robes of dignity, with their caps of intelligence crowning their heads, they are eager and ready to receive 'the scroll which to them is symbolical of all that is best in college life. Page 18 A:- Ya ..., ,MAE M, . -fa--4,----as-.,.,, ,. .... Lucille Adams ...... Emporia Mary Browning .. Hutchinson Delta Sigma Epsilon Bandg Orchestra Girls' Quartetg Treble Clef Major: Public School Music Minor: Art Dorothy Barber ..... Emporia Lambda Phi Delta Girls' Glee Club: Orchestra Rhythmic Circle Elijah Chorus Major: Music Minor: Dramatics Lola Bartley ........ Wichita Florence Boots ........ Isabel Alpha Sigma Tau Major: Commerce Minor: History and Govern- ment Edward Bradshaw Altoona Y. M. C. A. History and Government Club Commerce Club: Omega Y. W. C. A. Major: History and Social Science Minor: Commerce Cecil Butler ........ Madison Alpha Sigma Tau W. A. A.: P. E. Club Varsity Hockeyg Basketball Major: Physical Education Minor: Physiology and Modern Languages Esther Cope ......... Topeka P. E. Club: Omega T Varsity Hockey Basketball Varsity Secretary, W. A. A.: Track Major: Physical Education Minor: Physiology and Home Economics mee Club Frances Conrow .. Manhattan President, Agriculture Club Ruth Daniels Smith Center Major: Education and Ad- Kappa Delta Pig Y. W. C. A. II1iHiS'l2Fati011 Omega Literary Society Minor: Manual Arts and Scribblersg Latin Club Agriculture Major: English Minor : Latin - . ,...,... ,.. . 1 ,- f ,. 1 ,...V .-,,.,.,g,i,T..4-f:...,.! . A . -ff.-. -. -rn-.-'f' -'--- -..:' :a-:5'--".:- -f -. ,su Page 19 wifi 3, .Sl 4 r A ,Y ...Y . .-. ..-..,1...iQ .. "rm S 1 mrsmr r.,,cwvJEII2 A ff gzqglilfi-., JZ' ":t1, 1 l ,-,i .-. ' TLT. 4' 5 A s? I I i. 9 Delpha Williams . . Courtland g M?3f3hceH1StOry and Soclal Fred Essig .... Emporia Minor: English 'L Murrel Dm I I I ' . l . U Eskridge Mildied Evans ...... Emporia jr' Sphinx 51 Y. W. C. A. - History and Government Club Mathematics Club fig' Le Circle Francais Latin Club E Major: English IE' Minor: History and Gov- gjv ernment, Sociology and ,Economics 1 l 'S' Regina Doyle ...... St. Marys Anne Edwards ........ Lebo 1 i Y. W. C. A. ffl Primary-Kindergarten Club ll! Major: Education lil is 'L Mertie Edwards .... Hamilton ji!! Major: English fi A Minor: Spanish , . mia H! 1 iii: ,ii ll Ag CS all Il 'i ll ,g 54 I E. A , -T-,H X' f-iavrm-up-si----fvfwvm-' A""'j7""B!"'7aT'!'4 " Kindergarten-Primary Club Art Club Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Spanish Club Senior Advisor for Freshman Commission Major: Primary-Kindeiu garten Minor: Art Nona Finnerty ..... Hartford Pi Kappa Sigma Flore Fitzsimmons ........ Cunningham Esther Wilson ...,.. Emporia Major: Library Manage- ment, English Minor: Speech ' -ff -- -'Ii '4,x--.--, ......-......... -.-M- -V Y , , a-. .,,- Y. l 3, 4.7 'Z-f. CJ J" A f al g 6 2 0 -s. QQ- -,TEf.fW,:-111 Q 5. ff nil gi .i 1 I E i 1 '..A.. .1-3-,- i E fl Uv lat Q. iii v gi gi! gi i . 5. yi ,ru 5 1 I X, 4 gi 'x S'- --" ,'. +3-.. .. M., ., :...m- -2-.:.,i-. .aww .-......-.....,.i'T.i:: s ,.,i., 1 'A L ,',',1 .. '1 'QlI, - W'-7"' f X Edith Forrester ..... Emporia Alpha Sigma Tau Lydia Frick ........ Durham Geography Club Y. W. C. A. Alpha Pi Sigma Elijah Chorus Major: Biological Science Minor: Geography Bertha Funk ...... La Harpe Zeta Sigma Alpha President, Home Economics Club W. A. A. Alpha Art Club Major: Home Economics Minor: Chemistry Frank Gai-d ..... Minneapolis Kappa Sigma Epsilon Paul Green .. ..... Emporia Florence Grinnel Editor, Theta Sigma Upsilon Secretary, Xi Phi Secretary, Pan Hellenic Social Editor for Alumni News Y. W. C. A. Chairman, Social Committee Birdene Cole ........ Emporia Alma Haehn ...... Burlington Alphathenian Literary ' Society p , History and Government Club Y. W. C. A. Major: History and Govern- ment Sarah Haller ........ Admire President, Y. W. C. A. Major: English, Mathe- matics Minor: Psychology, Philosophy Roger Hannaford .... Marion Iefiikwfrsu-fefmdufiufgefwri-'befall' l C7 Q - . f' F-ld-L.-,.".-35.-J, elf ' .. , ,U ,.. .. .- - . . ,. -4. .- . i- l V . Page - fa -...N Kenneth Hamer .... Hamilton Editor, Sunflower President, Kappa Sigma Epsilon I Debateg Phi Kappa Delta Gilson Playersg Spanish Club History and Government Club President, Freshman Class National Pi Kappa Delta Convention Major: History and Govern- ment, Social Sciences Minor: English Raymond Harrington . Buffalo Agriculture Club Manual Arts Club Major: Agricultural, Manual Arts Jessie Harold ........ Elbing Helen Hefling ....... Burrton Primary-Kindergarten Club Omega Literary Society Halstead Circle Major: Library Manage- ment, Primary-Kinder- garten George Hensley ..... Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon Alma Hoag ........ Lebanon Primary-Kindergarten Club Y. W. C. A. Major: Education Sarah Howe ........ Emporia Freshman Commission Entre Nousg Y. W. C. A. Home Economics Club Major: Chemistry Minor: Speech Max Huebner ....... Bushton Sigma Tau Gamma Pi Kappa Deltag Debate Wrestling Teamg Y. M. C. A. Major: English Lucille Hunt ....... Americus Theta Sigma Upsilon Alphathenian Literary Society . History and Government Club Y. W. C. A. Major: History and Gov- ernment . Minor: Piano Eulla Jagnow .... Whitewater Home Economics Club Y. W. C. A. Major: Home Economics Minor: Chemistry Page 22 ,Q Q' 'L 2" ' 'Q' U" Phon Johnson ...... Emporia President, Alpha Sigma Alpha President, Xi Phi Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Student Alumnae Council ' Pan Hellenic Major: Commerce Minor: Spanish Cora Jones ......... Emporia Marjorie Jones ..... Reading Vice-President, Sigma Sigma Sigmag Y. W. C. A. Home Economics-Club ' Student Alumnae Council Elijah Chorus Major: Home Economics Minor: Chemistry ames Loveless ..... Emporia Varsity Basketball Captain, Basketball '26 Pi Deltag K Club Phi Sigma Epsilon Athletic Board Bessie Lewis ....... Halstead Omega Literary Society Scribblers Club y History and Government Club Y. W. C. A. Major: English, History Frances Woodson ...... Hope Zeta Sigma Alpha President, Le Circle Francais Sphinx Clubg Scribblers Club P. E. Clubg W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Major: English, French Minor: Physical Education Clyde McDougal ....... Lane Mathematics Club Captain, Wrestling Major: Mathematics Minor: Physics Blanche McClung Emporia Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Pi Sigma History and Government Club Mathematics Club Y. W. C. A. Eleanor Markley .... Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Edith Miller .L ............. .......... Kansas City, Mo. Kappa Delta- Pi Y. W. C. A. Commerce Club Major: Commerce ' Minor: History l Page 2.9 'rf' In . .sm ' s.---f-..lgv:'r:.v--r-f,..fr-gansun "' , , --' " ' I ff T 1 f- I F57 - ' xi Y-' 'lu .az ,a..ieAkqi...n'-w- -7- --A--f --M 4. if .Ta . M 4 1' -. 1 ,-' n 1 l..-L..-ggi '4' "f ' Isobel Milne ........ Atchison Wilma Orr ....... Fall River Alpha Sigma Alpha Rhythmic Circle . W. A. A.g P. E. Club Major: Physical Education Paul Moreland .... Burlington Phi Sigma Epsilon Wrestling: Cheerleader Treasurer, Xi Phi Pi Kappa Delta Student Alumnae Council Dgebate Life Saving Corps History and Government Club Major: History and Social Science Minor: Commerce Katherine Murphy Wichita Orville Nanninga ......... St.Joseph, Mo. Phi Epsilon Phi Phi Delta Chi Band History and Government Club Y. M. C. A. ' Major: History and Social Science Minor: Speech Dora Nickols ....... Emporia Alphathenian Omega Pi Kappa Delta , History and Government Club Major: History and Gov- ernment Minor: English Ruth Patrick ...... Oskaloosa Delta Sigma Epsilon W. A. A. P. E. Club Rhythmic Circle Major: Physical Education Esther Pfleger ....... Eudora W. A. A. Vice-President, P. E. Club Varsity Baseball, '25 Varsity Hockey, '25 Zeta Sigma Alpha Herman Remple Hillsboro Lee Rich ........ Mound City Xi Phi Pi Kappa Delta Psychology Club Sigma Tau Gamma Major: History and Social Science, Psychology ,...-L-.,.....,' 1-5,4-e -1- asia-.-ra..-girl.-vfnqwjv-via3sf9.4" :L 11 I ' ' rj lY 1:.-':f"'b1t:5:"'-"?5""""tf'f 'f"""?"""" CL g 3 .4 P' W- 'WWWW Y K l .4 was H ij, fi 4 5: K H.l.,,,, , , . g....,-. ,Y . vm ,,,,-,, - ,.,. 'M -L . .,. -,gig-if 5 igw 1-,LQ.L.gXw r- 134, Aire.-:F:fe:-ieffazefevs-14 .X If X-lf i- . 1 , , lla' -.... MELA., ' Carroll Ridgway McLouth Football Wrestling Track Scribblers Club Agriculture Club Manual Arts Club Latin Club K Club Edythe Shank ...... Atchison Theta Sigma Upsilon Edmond Sheldon .. Oskaloosa Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Trowel Club Wrestling Phi Delta Chi Major: Biological Science Minor: Chemistry Mrs. Edna Sheldon . .Oskaloosa Meredith Shepard .. Hamilton Alpha Sigma Tau Ethel Shirely ..,. Osage City Dorothy Schmanke ..... Alma Mathematics Club Major: Physical Science Minor: Mathematics Pauline Shockey ...... Derby Maj or : English Minor: History Ruby Smith ....... Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon Rhythmic Circle I P. E. Club W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biological Science Ernest Smith ......... Rozel Football Pi Delta K Club Major: Physical Education Minor: Biological Science l - I 1 Q- ri- J-..-....-.......H-..-......eM. Page 2 Blemfa Snider ........ Abilene Delta Sigma Epsilon P. E. Club W. A. A. Major: Physical Education Minor: Biological Science Paul Stockard . . . . . . Paola Everett Yust . . . . . . Slyvia Hesper St. John .......... Arkansas City Alice Freeman Palmer Alphathenian Literary Society Bryan Strange . . . Blue Rapids History and Government Club Spanish Club Clyde Swender ...... Kincaid Y. M. C-. A. Cabinet, '23, '24 Student Council, '23, '24 Sigma Tau Gamma Phi Epsilon Phi Extemporaneous Speaking '25 Major: Sociology Minor: Public Speaking Gretchen Todd . Williamsburg Home Economics Club Y. M. C. A.g Alpha Pi Sigma ' Clem Tuggle ...... Deerfield Phi Delta Chip Xi Phi Athletic Board Masonic Club, K Club Football, '24, Baseball, '23 Track, '24, '23, '26 Y. M. C. A.g Commerce Major: B. S. Commerce Minor: Physical Education Bill Upson ........ Neodesha President, Phi Delta Chi Xi Phi, Pi Delta K Clubg Bulletin Council Track, '23, '24, '25 Captain, Track, '26 Major: Physical Education Minor: Biological Science Ethel Welton ........ Ottawa 'T I Page 26 :fi-' Ann. --. , , -, - 3 - --- -1. .7 -.-4, A-I ,Pj ,LQ . fig js , Anna McLean ..... Concordia Newman Club Omega Mathematics Club Home Economics Club Leona Bangs ........ Madison Orchestra Elijah Chorus Omicron Epsilon Sigma Theta Sigma Epsilon Y. W. C. A. Alpha Art Club Major: Music Minor: Art Mrs. O. J. Cowles . .. ElDorado Leward Fish ........ Emporia Phi Delta Chi Marjorie French .... Emporia Sphinx Major: Library, English Vera Johnson .- ..... Emporia Zeta Sigma Alpha Latin Clubg Art Club Y. W. C. A. Major: Art Minor: Psychology Ruth Johnson .......... Linn Y. W. C. A.g Omega Alpha Pi Simag Latin Club Alpha Art Club Major: Art, Latin Clyde McCoy ..... l Eskridgc Commerce Clubg Wrestling Major: Commerce Minor: English Carrie Kahler . Arkansas City Y. W. C. A. Omega Epsilon Sigma Major: Biological Science Minor: Chemistry James McCoy .... Clearwater Kappa Sigma Epsilon Manual Arts Club Agriculture Club -l-Tifvv-f:'v.5,-f:rfF2--v.l-- unlxfr-und-s'ly-vanxng 7 an A " V 5:v-ww-.M115.-uv--1-044'-:aww-1-m.-rr-wmv-n. Mfr:-if. A A Page 27 FEQAJH3 s,.,..- '.l.r-0-' 'fr-..,,....s--Tm,....,1 -.-. . - ,AK f-. V-77 ,.-. U ., ,.- - ,.., -Y .1 ' -. . . .. .,,.6f2g :ga Y, 4 I I-K 4-1, i"w.'i: by jliaxef-.Q-reiii-'.e-:S-i-i-Q-T651 --.T,.y ?i W .i .Y .1 Edwin McRill .... Tonganoxie Lena Shepard ., ...... Kincaid Commerce Club Spanish Club Mrs. Bertha Nordeen ...... Y, W, C, A, . -. Ne0Sh0 Falls Major: Commerce Minor: Spanish Ruth Watson ........ Lincoln Ruth Neal ............ Paola Pi Kappa Sigma KindeI'g91'ten'PrimarY Club Robert Wilson ..... Columbus Y. W. C. A. Maj or: Education Minor : English President, Sophomore Class Phi Sigma Epsilon Debate Club Pi Kappa Delta Business Manager, The Howard Rennick .... Mulvane Majggktllgociolbgy and Economics Minor: Public Speaking Aileen Sherer ....... . ...... Henry Ellenberger ,, Emporia . . . . . . . . . . . Blackwell, Okla. Phi Delta Chi Delta Sigma Epsilon Gilson PlaY91'S ' Commerce Club Cheerleader i Major: Commerce Phl EDS11011 Phl. Minor: English Major: Dramatics George Osborne ..... Howard Sigma Tau Gamma age es L-an 1-1.4.1-fvxv. Je... w-pizmfvsuj-v-"fx ,, , ,, ,424--:fi -+G?-1'.--.,. -K .. .. .-.. ...Y-f-ra-,1 1 -. .4 P' : - i!Y'vt':'ff??v5'f"'1'l'f'1'f'1'5f::'2v'1'!QT+f"'e""' pg U1 urzic 57611-LfnfLD - 1 D F I3 5 F.-. Page 4 CI n P rift. ,.' , ' ""'A"""'n""""'-"i""'iAfV Tyff-,p 55 'e 1 .I L.. pl gf. mi E 'QQ . 'ying-ff..W-......1i...-2.4-.,-Lv. CLASS OFFICERS President-GOTTLIEB RICHMOND -.....-..-.-.. ---- ..-..--. - .... Alma Phi Sigma Epsilong Cuptaiii-elect, lf'ool'Dal11. Vice-President-RICHARD DRAKE - ..--- -- ----- --..-. - - -.-.-. Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma: Phi Kappa. Deltag Psychology Clubg Assistant Business lvlanager, Sunflower. Major-Psychology. Secretaxry-EDNA MCMICHAEL -.....-..-..--- - ..-..-..-... -- Almena Lambda Phi Delta: Gilson Playersg Rhythmic Circle. Tfreaszwer-MARGARET KELLER --- --...-..-..-. --- ...-..-.. - Emporia Xi Phi: President. Sigma Sigma Sigma. Major--Art and Mathematicsg Minor--French. HiSt07'iCl7L-OTIS THORNTON ---- -.-.. - ..-..-........-... .... M adison Vice-President, Kappa Sigma Epsilong Assistant Business Manager, Sunflower. C6718 junior Glass Student C0?l,'I'L6'l:l-ROBERT HUDKINS .-.......-..... A .......... Emporia SIIOTZSOQ'-EDNA MCCULLOUGH Colors-Purple and Gold Flower-White Carnation The Junior Classof '26 entered Kansas State Teachers College as Freshmen in the fall of '23 with an 'enrollment of five hundred seventeen members. The present Junior Class has an enrollment of two hundred members, which does notshovv a loss of memlbers from last year's Sopho- more Class. The present Junior Class has to its credit the honor of giving to the student body one of the largest and most enjoyable parties of the year. Many of its members have received special distinction in numerous school activities and school organizations on the campus throughout the year. It is with great joy and anticipation that the Junior Class welcomes the coming of their Senior days, and bid their Junior days farewell. 4 iff, Page 30 U Amanda Dikeman .... Preston Royal Alcott ........ Chanute Sigma Tau Gamma Pi Kappa Delta Xi Phi Student Alumnae Council Debate Major: History and Social Science Minor: Speech Archie Asher ....... St. John Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Manual Art Club Spanish Club Agriculture Club Major: Manual Arts Minor: Agriculture Laura Andruse ......... Iola Grace Amick ........ Marion Theta Sigma Upsilon Gilson Players Y. W. C. A. Expression Maj or : Minor : Music Helen Breising Whitewater Myrl Barnhisel ...... Wichita Sigma Sigma Sigma Birdie Visser .... Hutchinson Omicron Epsilon Sigma Kindergarten-Primary Club Y. W. C. A. lWesleyan Club Major: Primary Education Inez Visser ...... Hutchinson Glee Club Y. 'W. C. A. Orchestra Band Chorus Major: Music Theodore Bailey ..... Bucklin .,',:5- rw.. . . . . . .--. C Page --- W- Y .A- 7-.. .....i. -.--.-. ., -- -f.., 1 ,. "-" '--v.. :A- L ,,--..-- ,...i"f"f'EfX ,ffl 1, :3 ,.T..i J. ,CF 'fl FQ . xi.. ,:"-l..1,: -'f--P 1. . -:.. Mrs. Ethel Bradshaw . Chanute Y. W. C. A. Home Economics Club Major: Home Economics Minor: Public School Music Walter Buck ........ Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon Elta Cox .... Medicine Lodge May Dikeman ....... Preston History Club Geography Club Omega Literary Society Lois Davis . . . . . . Ellinwood Helen Forbes ..... Cherryvale Zeta Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A. ' Mathematics Club Major: Mathematics Minor: History Myrlie Fenner .... .... J evvel Nora Franz ..... . . . Emporia Horace Gribble ...... Ashland Y. M. C. A. Major: History and Gov- ernment ' Minor: Physical Education Lila Goodwin ...... Belleville Treasurer, W. A. A. P. E. Club Y. W. C. A. Hockey, '25, Junior and Senior Varsity Baseball, '25 Delegate of A. C. A. C. W. to Urbana, Ill. Major: Physical Education Minor: Physiology ,,.-,L --x yan.v?nwvTfRf-fs.1gff-4.a,..sil11I1f'+gqniru3nvpnuii!' gl Y 3 . I5 j,E'5VSSEEE.""""!'?f':f"'f"". ' fe: ,.:-.i--2-1-,z-'.. .Q fr iff' ' Page 39 -ivifa . my . if ,f , K .. 1 ' w-Y--T-H. --,... A... N ... V--4 -H-'H ----we 2--- .Q '..5'fi'C T-T.f'-'-1.13.1 -LT"-A-'EIQQ . l ......1."'lgif Charles Green ....... Kinsley Commerce Club Bulletin Doris West ......... Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Rhythmic Circle Myrtle Horn ...... Miltonvale Secretary, Zeta Sigma Alpha Mathemiatics Club Y. W. C. A. Pan Hellenic Major: Mathematics Minor: Physics Helen Hubbard ....... Beloit Y. W. C. A. Alpha Art Club Home Economics Club Omega Literary Society Major: Art Minor: Home Economics Willa Holland .... Macksville Harry Hankins ..... Emporia Y. M. C. A. Manual Arts Club Major: History and Social Science Minor: Manual Arts and Spanish Zeta Hankins ....... Emporia Mathematics Club Y. W. C. A. Major: Mathematics Minor: English Lawrence Hans ..... Elmdale History and Government Club Vice-President, Spanish Club Manual Arts Club Psychology Club Orchestra Band Y. M. C. A. l Major: Psychology Minor: Manual Training Myrtle Hartung . Junction City Helen Hill ........ Nickerson 4 ---.i ':"I..-...QI 7:15 IL Q fl cg. TfZ3'I"""T'l"'T'L"""',. . -.41 Page 33 -1.7 ,. .4 . 1, -- -V 1. ,--.-sm P 15,131 fr i. hy, i.m1Li: jbAa,gg ., J ll sf 'J,.,ew.l. H. Y, -. ,. . , Gertrude McKelvey .. Dighton Blanche Kent ....., Centralia Olin King ........ Burlington Sigma Tau Gamma Major: History and Social Science Minor : Chemistry Herschel Kannier Emporia Editor, Bulletin Phi Delta Chi Scribblers Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Roy Lane .......... ElDorado Phi Delta Chi Business Manager, Sunflower K Club Football 41 ' f N . ilgi Lois Mosley .......... Le-Roy Zeta Sigma Alpha Sphinx Omega Literary Society Latin Club Y. W. C. A. Major: English, Latin Loren Maynard ......... Iuka Orchestra Band Men's Glee Club Chorus Major: Public School Music Minor: Dramatics Martha Meyers Belle Plain Gertrude Moore .' .... Gardner Alpha Sigma Tau Treasurer, Pan- Hellenic Alice Freeman Palmer Major: Music Minor: Modern Languages Hazel McClellan ...... Glasco ageV34 I T5-,. .. .- ..-.-.., .,- -.--f-... -.H ...'. J,-,Vg 'T-airri Q., Y ,ry - F W I ,j-' H : -i ' ,Lu .hu .EE-'Arm-M :' 'xl' Carrol Noes . . . . . . Harper Martha Schrag Louise Val Bracht . . . Atchison Theta Sigma Upsilon Latin Club Hazel Spade . . . Le Circle Francis Alphathenian Edwin Schrag . Phi Delta Chi Glee Club Perle Poort . . . . . . Topeka Band .. Moundridge .. Admire .. Moundridge MaJor: Physical Science Marie Robbins .... Coldwater Fame Sprecher Rosalis Commerce Club Geography Club Alpha Pi Sigma Major: English, History Paul Sellars . . . .. Isabel Charles Schoonover . Kingsdown . 1,,-,.....f...Lg.,.-..L.:,-,411-1 I . Y:,.1 . .. Q . .1 --c' Elf fe.--.. 1:-M-if Page 35 :Wir p - '-i',.5.....7'i, .... 'f. 'f.f,j1-3 E1 T '1' "il-Y: ' 'T' F71--V Wahl-Q"w5-P-M fr -T-1-4-H'-11 Carl Westin ....... Courtland Pi Kappa Delta Agriculture Club Track K Club Y. M. C. A. History and Government Club Vesta Whiteside ...... Girard Alpha Art Club Primary-Kindergarten Club Major: Primary-Kinder- garten Minor: Art Lillian Woods ....... Newton Sigma Sigma Sigma W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Home Economics Club Major: Home Economics Minor: Chemistry Gladys Wiggans ...... Carlyle Gwendolyn Thomas . . Wetmore Omicron Epsilon Sigma Omega Literary Society Elijah Chorus Y. W. C. A. Primary-Kindergarten Club Ruth Thomas ...... Wetmore Omicron Epsilon Sigma Omega Literary Society Y. W. C. A. Commerce Club Nettie Schmidt ...... Canton Art Club Chorus Major: Home Economics Minor: Art , Glenwood Gilchrist .. Emporia Gosta Vilen ........ Emporia Alpha Art Club History and Government Club Agriculture Club Y. M. C. A. American Red Cross L S. C. Track Tennis Major: Art Minor: Sociology and Economics Helen Johnson Great Bend Y. W. C. A. Xi Phi Alice Freeman Palmer Sphinx Club Scribblers Major: English Minor: Spanish f---i'1"T . .Aa -- -ig, ii'gxQnJI.2'T'f.'11. f, iff-7"'-I'-""'1"""""""f .. . 'T'-Q 'A' Giga .-. .. , .-. .... . . a - D I ,ofz Om are DWI Page v '9 CLASS OFFICERS President-CHES'rER CULP -..-..-------.------ -- Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Vice-President-HARRY DOUGLAS - .--.. --.-.-- - - -- Oxford Kappa Sigma Epsilon Secretlwy-fl'1"eusufre1'-BESSIE WILLIAMS --------- -- Lebo Sigma Sigma Sigma Histor-irm-MYRLE BARKER --- -..-.--..-..- ----- --- Burns Lambda Phi Delta The Sophomore Cflass "The moving finger Writes and having writ moves on"-leaving only the dusty imprint streaked across the wall of Time. Today is yesterday's tomorrow. The sun has set forever upon the once all-important joys and sorrows of the past noon day. During the twilight has come rest and bet- ter understanding for the needs of the new morrow so close upon us. The first and the second lap in the medley of the cycle of Higher Education have been passed, and with eyes eagerly seeking a new goal, the Sophomore Class of '28 has passed the mark. Upon the personnel of this class are the hopes and futures of Kansas State Teachers College. There need be no fear. Staunchly will her loyal sons and daughters keep alive the slogan and fulfill the promise: We come and go As the years, may they be Tributes of glory to K. S. T. C. May we 'ere leaving But add just a gem, To shine forever in thy diadem. MYRLE BARKER. Page 38 li 1 'G P V x 'I 3 f .1 x. ii, .52 I Y il Ist W Ruth Austin .... Garden City 1 Pi Kappa Sigma W. A. A. Physical Education Club Life Saving Corps I E i Alice Aubry ........ Rantoul if Treasurer, Belle Lettre Literary Club History Club 2 2 if Harlow Anderson Linwood I r Alice Ayres ....... Greenleaf if Kindergarten-Primary Club Y. W. C. A. 1. 3 I ill Belle Archer . . . . . . ElDorado li I f X C 5. 2 It sl. 1 l iv, 5. ,ki i ' - v Eula Amick .... .. Marion Josephine Baker .. Burlington Thelma Beveridge .... Russell Alpha Sigma Tau Alice Freeman Palmer Y. W. C. A. Lamoine Bevan . . Lost Springs Commercial Club Y. M. C. A. Mary K. Byrnes .... '. Wichita Newman Club French Club Latin Club -XAPX Page 39 K- in N .HN wyikk X 1. Ygfdvfsxs -"' f:,.. -v.,.- - ,- -,.. -,.. - f-- '::n.-a.-.-qwh ":-:iff-P:":"'-'v11F-TTr'-ell, ,- . ...Q 'a' 1 .nj F4 1- .-01 .J - - -w f X 5 ,., , ,V A74 ...,-. .... , , A- - . . , U. ...... Y ,. A Florence Barkmann ........ Junction City Primary-Kindergarten Club John Brewer .. Emporia Junior Bourguin .... . Horton Jack Bonner . Blackwell, Okla. Sigma Tau Gamma Elise Bevan .... Lost Springs W. A. A. Charles Bye ...... Overbrook Clyde Bloxsom ...... Ashland Ralph Bartley .... Powhattan Phi Delta Chi Phi Epsilon Phi Howard Bixley .. Sigma Mu Delta Extemporaneous Alma Brown .... . . . Rossville Speaking . . Coldwater A 1 , me---,,,,.e.,.---,w....,e--,,,- --e'- am- 'ff-f'EiT 'ff' 1- - -e., ,g,.l-.,'e,.,-5.f..,a.n,,.-...'-"A -.rf r-1-rzwff'-"'1'i?'-,....- .H V - -4.1 1- - , -... M1 ,'l'-"'- ff--W f- --f-f f -A - H- Wnn .TEMP-,.w, Page 1,0 rr: 1 I PT l- Helen Broderson .. Wellington Scribblers Club Spanish C-lub Life Saving Corps Y. W. C. A. Bessie Brussow .... Woodbine Charlotte Blakely ..... Gordon Primary-Kindergarten Club Dorothy Caton ............ Kansas City, Mo. Sigma Sigma Sigma Primary Kindergarten Club W- A- A- Spanish Club AL!!! Y W C A Ceorge Coulter .... Lean WM 'Ph s1glm.Epgi1Q,11 Wldiffwij 1 1 C Scif C W 1 1.1-r-r-:lf-1-'iffginivv' -aw " '2- "'-A Page 1,1 ll .,,r.tfW' I .-W I T ,p p tgp 31: 5 'r 541 1ll'T,4f31','LE1.,3 , fl D 2 rf7...H SJ. A - L, William Carey ...... Emporia Scribblers Club Bulletin Y. M. C. A. Sigma Mu Delta History and Spanish Club John Concannon . Garden City Phi Sigma Epsilon Fred Colvin .......... Utopia Alice Catlow ......... Downs Omicron Epsilon Sigma French Club Mathematics Club Sibylla Crone ....... Madison Theta Sigma Upsilon Elijah Chorus Y. W. C. A. Madge Corbin ...... Emporia Rhythmic Circle Mrs. Lillian Carr Emporia Theta Sigma Upsilon Pan Hellenic President, Omicron Epsilon Sigma Y. W. C. A. Catherine Carson .. lola Margaret Converse Kinsley Daisy Curry ........ Madison Elijah Chorus World Fellowship ,-,.-. , 3 . W.-V . -.. -- e---------N - ---: - -'- - ' . . ,V , W .. .meqifq-v-:og-:eva-gvzag. . Y - V 1 in 'LL C1 . . ' '-r:f':-2-.': :-4.7 :J Page 42 ri. lx- ,.-j"" ' K-64-A 3 -Y - A, - f :Y nmwkm - r - , -.. , , tx , A, .. V., 4.5.9-av-1-f--fr-ref-'viaftx .JAVM7 5 'I If-.1 1-'I 1 JY, 'Elk' -. Robert Campbell .Independence Glee Club Band Orchestra Elijah Chorus Alpha Sigma Alpha Anna Carey ......... Reading - Alpha Sigma Tau Newman Club Lida Eckdall ........ Emporia Grace Fulmer ...... Emporia Jeanette Fox -. . . . . Severy Bernice De Selms . . . . St. John Mary Fitzgerald ..... Beattie Lois De Selms ...... St. John Newman Club Primary-Kindergarten Club Nellie Donnell .... Hutchinson Doris Fox .......... W. A. A. Zeta Sigma Alpha P. E. Club .Spanish Club Wichita J 1 I Y , -,.i.... ,........ . 1, .ga VP. 6 lV"'1iL'C"lf..f'.f' -ar- -- .1 Page 43 -A.-:x.:naux,Iv"n-Tznlfnie-lfllzxiw' "5"" . .""1 ' '1 , '4- , ... .. ,, ,, , ,h .fl -5 I A fx.-A r..rwu-nu'-Ha. 1' A - I 1.J 'L i Y . H! ,,"- '1' Y.,,': .. K "mean-Q Gladys Fenner .... Jewel City Dana Falkenstien ...... Onaga Commerce Club Y. W. C. A. Alice Freeman Palmer Gladys Gilbert ...... Osborne Arthur Gropp ....... Kendall Pi Kappa Delta Spanish Club Latin Club Wrestling Lena Graber .... Moundridge 'bfff' Rozella George ...... Sigma Sigma Sigma Agnes Gibbs . . . . . . Ruth Glasco .... . . . Margaret Grahamg . . . Pi Kappa Sigma Newman Club Chorus Leota Grubb . . . . . . K 5'T6LI-1-1 . Oxford Elmdale Emporia . . Paola Chanute 1 . ,. -. -- vf- 1 age .44 ,4,,,,,.,,..,,,,,, .,,-,- .--f, vi--,.,,.ar:r::u-r-'turf-Q-.4:w-gf , I V v ' Q U -, A Y,,g ,Y , -, K ,,. e --,,.,.,.." H -.-....-,,.,....+-mvvm ,Q5153 'J' ,g g.g...L:L'. 1g , ,...,., flffl' Eff, 'iljfff' 7 ,E T T fwl' 1714.1 fJ"i.'-.",E Ii? - I' -I 'fig 7' - . -- ,1 l Hn l 1 1. 'r J . I I . I 'L li I fl 'lf F , If I '. A L, U ' ' ou K ' Lucille Hammacfk . . Parsons li? Sigma Sigrna'Sigma Elsie Higdon .... Whitewater Mina Hadorn ---- Home City Kitty Hedinger ...... Canton li Alberta Hillyard .. .. Lakin gpg? Safflff Alpha gl Lucille Hunt . . . . . Grenola Mary Ann Hilton "" Emporia ., Pan Hellenic Sigma Sigma Sigma ir' Dixie Hosmer' Holton Alice Hunt .......' , Americus Theta Sigma Upsilon Elijah Chorus it i Irma Hahn . . . . . . Dighton 31, 9 gi, Fi, lilxi 'it 5 5 1 k l- P- ! 'L nn :L Q QL' Ei -G.,.L.,...'f P cb g e 4 -J-, Las - - :ig-1' ' '- l 1- -. i -if 'L .-. .' . - p- .uw.,f, ':T32l', ,-ffh 3' -. ,-, l, R 'r' George Herman .... Emporia Sigma Tau Gamima Menzo Hainline Macksville Phi Sigma Epsilon Football Track K Club Arlie Hainline .... Harold Hunt .. Phi Delta Chi ' ' ' Glee Club Band Orchestra Chorus William Hower Macksville Burlington Hutchinson Carl Horn ........ Miltonvale Phi Delta Chi Basketball Beryl Hardesty ..... Murdock Verna Hartung . Junction City Trecy Howard ...... Anthony Alpha Sigma Tau Primary-Kindergarten Club Willis Jones ........ Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Phi Epsilon Phi Mathematics Club ....,3......-1 . ,, ,.v,.,.....-.egg .a-5.1:-....-. 4' '1 - ' . ' Page '46 fi '-,..Q:+w..i,..-. --I - -1. i ,. -1. -uW.a.,...u1J.n15:Q3'-J'Ju.Q,-an "' ",f. . -"1 " ' X . " 1 nhl- .f I' 'Z 'QQ Wigzi-1.-.i.4g4s'N,..,,,3,k,,,,-,.,,,,,Q ., .... -. K - . .Y .,,,.-.Auf-. .. Joyce Johnson ..... Hiawatha Theta Sigma Upsilon Mathematics Club Art C-lub Y. W. C. A. Chorus lnerd Jones ........ Y. W. C. A. Alpha Art Club Mathematics Club Vivian J enicek ...... Mary Alice Jones .... Y. W. C. A. Geography Club Cecile Bryant ...... Pi Kappa Sigma Emporia Emporia Emporia Haviland Pearl Knorp ........ Pi Kappa Sigma Commerce Club Y, W. C. A. Ira Kirkland ........ Scribblers Club Mabel Jackson ....... Alpha Sigma Tau Alphathenian Hazelton Bushong Topeka Primary-Kindergarten Club Y. VV. C. A. Hazel Lawerance . .. Neodesha Delta Sigma Epsilon Lee Leavell ...... . . . Allen Phi Delta Chi Phi Epsilon Phi 2 J . l il S u M .. g.- , A ..g - 'X - r . aaa i . ' an !,N""., "ig ,W -WGN f .,...,X. . X Q. 1 ? A . . - an I S 1 f .gf-v-tw maxim---.'w1-.1-s.r1a-If'-111:11-v'1-vvxql I . l ,-. --'--f---- I 9--in-1'-1,,,,3,,.f.-q.,,,f4-fav-su. party-g,p-yy' Page as i we E M741 . QW . --. ,asa T - .-- ,-- 'x me A LJ4A5..2isIEH-gf-w me-1- Charles Larkin Hutchinson Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Epsilon Phi Assistant Cheerleader Herman Lenser ........ Home President, Geography Club History and Government Club Glenn Lindall ........ Agenda Sigma Mu Delta Ruth Lewis .....,.... Topeka Alpha Sigma Alpha Geography Club Howard Mclntoch .... Palmer History and Government Club Elijah Chorus Frank Eckdall ...... Emporia Phi Sigma Epsilon Pi Kappa Delta K Club Margaret Hahn .. Clay Center Harold Ward ......... Severy Margaret Gardner .. Hartford Physical Education Club W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Spanish Club Holeda Loy .... Council Grove Alpha Phi Sigma Geography Club Y. W. C. A. Page 48 igfl ' .' ..-.,. . ,Y .,.gI V, Ai. - V A ff' ', - --l Y ff- -vi' Leta Mason ...... Hutchinson Zeta Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A. Orchestra Elijah Chorus Anson Maddix ..... Deerfield Irene Marmont ..... Emporia Alpha Sigma Alpha Pan Hellenic Assistant Editor Sunflower Rythmic Circle Ralph Mangels ,..... Emporia Leora Mansfield ...... Lucas ff' '.iI'1'..'5'-V Ei ' - ' ff . , , , f . gjffrsf' ",?:"T" -' ' ' :Ti-' A ' '- Eunice McClure .... Quenemo Lole 'McConnell .. . Burlington Delta Sigma Epsilon Merhl McDonald .... .. Iola Pi Kappa Sigma Commerce Club Dorothy McFarland . Fredonia Justice McKee . . . . . . Offerle Y. W. C. A. Commerce Club Alphathenian Literary Society ' 'fx 'V'-' ,Q - ,i . . -1 -.-..-.,-,J - ,, f- .: - K , V .I.w4ar..f,v-1-fun-awiv-nv-vain-u1vn-gf - ' ' " 'I tru- -.uu,nfvvqu.ufzmr:--:v114r::w-M -vv--fi' ' 'C' Page 4.9 "W'Y"""'i"f """"'- '--'r D' ' 2 f T " 1 J, 1 'H' ge I L, r?v:vfe9":ues9142r"1-sf-w' vga . v i ,.-1: - f' ""'- A' """7lx, i mf: ff -c r .-Jr iw 'E Q .L ff Clarence Maier ....... Downs Sigma Tau Gamma Phi Epsilon Phi Pantomime Club Josephine Miller ...... Colley Mary Mitchell ........ Salina. Delta Sigma Epsilon Marian Montague .... Chanute Theta Sigma Upsilon Omicron Epsilon Sigma Orchestra Chorus Y. W. C. A. Garland Myers . , . . . . Onaga Mable Noble ......... Ottawa Alphathenian Literary Society Band Glee Club Kindergarten-Primary Club Elsie Norrish .......,. Logan Alphathenian Literary Society Latin Club Earl Ostrander Hutchinson Phi Sigma Epsilon Edna Padgett ...... Florence Zeta Sigma Alpha Horatio Parrnenter . Kingman Kappa Sigma Epsilon Band Phi Epsilon Phi Orchestra ,-'M ,..-1-11-aw-g,m.w:.,.w f-.-'v.w-nnwx- nql '--1--- --'-- --.-.. ,,,,,,, ,,, U.- . ,-. , l ----.Qi 1. QD "7 ',"or-rf-rar1p.w+n4An.MwLx:s-4-u.anx1:33vrSnr Page 50 - VW L'-H-:J ,,-5.-J e ,.-...ve ,n,.. -....,-..--Y A.. W "bww,-n 1.'fTl,il ,- fj',',' L. L ,fi ,.j1':xuAf5..g-.,:a....14....vwa...i,, -..--'Li-... ..,-' "1" --.N 5 ti Y --1 Weldon Padgett .. Clearwater Sigma Tau Gamma V Phi Epsilon Phi Assistant Editor Sunflower Vera Ralston . . . . . Quincy Ethel Prince . . . . . Inman Y. WL C. A. W, A, A, Caroline Riddle ..... Emporia Physical Education Club Y- W- C. A- Alice Freeman Palmer Society George Page ....... Hamilton French Club G909,'F-'Why Clllb Zeta Sigma Alpha Arlington Peavey .---- Liberal Earl Rickard ....... Emporia COI'T1n'1'eI'C6 Tau Gamma Geography Club Football Wrestling Earl Bevan ..... Lost Springs Track Phi Sigma Epsilon Track , "K" Club Thelma Porter .... Enid, Okla. Alpha Sigma Tau Charles Rapp . . . . . , Osage Geography Commerce 'iff gf 1 'ffm- f- 2 - .A Y. , W , vial: ii, 1 ftp lm. x If 1.11 .-1 V 1f.gxz:vug::-Elfrnsmlay z rrmyrhh 1 'j I 3 -. l f", ,lie-x - +...n.u:4re'H.4-:-.wvyvvxef C 'EQQ-qs-w.wf-1n.m Palge 51 ll, V- .- - - , '- ewfw- :ws--fw-wil fu ,v 54 +' 'I,,f"iI ILL a c'p1.f 1' 1? . 't-1:f+fsQ+fff-me-Ser-'vs'-f-4 if .. , W, , L 3 A 3 2 1 E 1 vc 1 fl 5 1 1 2 5. ii 'Q ll i. ,, Helen Rilinger .. Seneca . Art Club . Agriculture Club 1 I 1 I i Susan Reed . . . . . Emporia Crotia Ramsey .... Burlington fl Gertrude Pleed ....... Culver Della Radford .. Leavenworth fi Kindergarten-Primary Club :al Pi Kappa Sigma ll' Y. W. C. A. ' ilu Pan Hellenic gi dl il 3 ll 'Fl 3' . . . . . -1 E ul 5 , . ,age , .eel W , rye, , U L, . - Velclcfna Roy . . . . . . Wilsey Floy Utz .. .. Topeka Joyce Stubbs ....... Emporia Girls' Glee Club Treasurer, Y. W. C. A. Lambda Phi Delta Elijah Chorus Alphathenian Literary Society Stilla Smith ' ........ Kingman Omicron Epsilon Sigma Blanche Skinner .... Baldwin .5 ,..s.,..,- ,. J, M... . . . , . - Q. .,-f'.,e,. 1fw.-,. . QL., as ,. .1 1 34 'n la 31 .1 l l 11 ll ml Vi Z 'TJ aww- -1.N3f-l-irL!,.,.r?igL1wiG-m:vx2G',:f1-:-rvr:1v Y - tj f5f4v-""W""ff"- "A '. 1 ,L -ig , Page 50 ' "W" ' sbfk' .v ' g - -"-1 ----- 'H Af- f-3.-.4,-f, --- Ve-fr .Y -54-Aa--lk - - f - f - W f " --, .-. - - -..- Y - -.- ..- Nj -,,.. V, A. ,.. ., A... ff:-A' ":'1:'ff":"W""-H11 Y 43- 1, j'-I1-l JNL-.,:i',.N. r- ,L-JA, ,baeavgf-bc:-2:s2wa-H-2,-ii -,,,-,-, -,.-,r, -r- - -r-n -C , Wallace Sipe . . . . . . Everest Football Phi Delta Chi Mrs Edith Liggett .... Rosalia Vera Schmidt ...... Lorraine Alpha Pi Sigma Kindergarten Club Mathematics Club Lee Stickley Moran Leroy Stenzel ....... Emporia Agriculture Club Spanish Club Y, M, C, A, Cabinet Ezeta Steffey ...... Ozawkie Etta Summers "" Scott City Laura Schafer .... Vermillion Alpha Sigma Tau Mary Swanger .. Independence Leola Torry Kansas City, Kan. S7 LQ 7?f -3 Pu ya' tiki: NL'-. ft' ' -: f 1: V - - E, -..-,:, . fzff-1fv:'::"ff'?2:'-,i " l-124.5 T, if QNZQPT l4LN1'vx'+: QTL ,. Ruth Tucking .... Nortonville Home Economics Club Zeta Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A. Albert Tarro ...... Osage City Paul Thornton . . . .... LeRoy Chorus French Club Glee Club Sigma Tau Gamma Phi Epsilon Phi Helene Tornstrom .. Lindsborg Emma Tieperman Kinsley Elizabeth Urquhart . Emporia Vernon Veron ..... Ness City Phi Delta Chi Phi Epsilon Phi Band Florence Vos Burgh Macksville Violet Viola ........ Abilene Martha Val Bracht . Atchison ,, .... .,,. U... ,,,.L,...' Q - us-mfr-q1o4:xxoaarnvi'wrvxu-cczrz-ffaq. -V 1 1 'j SL ik , x-,, . Yriivi. f rage 54 1 :-a-:fiinne-ea-,airy-,J1.r' 'Q .' . 'ff L99 ' v-.-v v 1 ., . .- . ..-, X . ... . - f U .l ffl, -.. . -,li 4 l: 'V s , , . , Eula Van Wey ...... Dighton Helen W ahlford ..... Madison Bess Wilkes . . . . . . Emporia Warren Willey ...... Elmdale Sigma Tau Gamma Psychology Club Ruth Watson . . . . . Wichita Hays Wardrip ...... Madison Phi Delta Chi Cecil Ward . . . . . . 'Elmdale Anderson Wilson ...... Allen Gladys Wilks ....... Emporia Primary-Kindergarten Club Alpha Sigma Alpha Rhythmic Circle Helen Watt ....... Ellsworth Theta Simga Upsilon Y. W. C. A. Mathematics Club -.1.. , .:,---M., .,.V , f.-:E L 1-lit! VL, L - i,,,L ..,- , L..,-. ..,,,.,- ' ' Pu. g 1? l. N , n .-n.f....uxwi..-.,- q,..--.,1 irq, , ii-K , V ,n,,,-,,,..p,-,.-,-i,-..,r p-,J - -r- .--3 .- V , .' X 1- r , ", , -, - .x...i-N .-...-..p. --,.-,-ii f w Veda Wise .. Conway Springs Theta Sigma Upsilon Latin Club Spanish Club Chorus Bettey Yeager ...... Emporia Delta Sigma Epsilon Gordon Zajic .. Holyrood Madison Downing .. Deerfield Phi Delta Chi Edwin Henery .... Dodge City Inez Gardner .. Hartford Fred Moore . . Michigan Valley gi ..-a.Qiv"E IJ,-:nf . .Sai vm1ww,fvv..rwc',- V 144' "5 C , fl g 1' 5 li , , P., 1-,J ,,x,,.,.-...Q A4-.rv ,-+u.4,nf4.f.,--an-wa v r'Cl ID DI r e- . Wo Q 97 11 p' pf 4-git, resfv man ..- fgggldiu 'I mf fm Suv-.--V -V . - Page has " .1 4. V "sig , f W ' - . - , . .,Z,,: W., - ,. .,., ,. 1 , +32 1 5 CLASS OFFICERS I'resirle11,t-HARRY BURNAP -..--.- -----.---------- -- Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon Vice-P1-esident-IiA'i'HERYNE Frm ----.--..-H------ --- Emporia Lamba Phi Delta Secfretary-Ta'eu.surer-EVELEN CLEVELAND ---------- ------ M oline Alpha Sigma Tau Hlismrirm-ALFRED McKEE .----.-..-----.-------.- --- Garden City Kappa Sigma Epsilon The Cgireshman Qlass On the first day of enrollment, September 8, Albert Taylor Hall was overcrowded with students eager for the long process of enrollment to begin, of which a large per cent were freshmen. After We had toiled and perspired in the heat of the September days taking the intelligence tests, we were allowed to enroll, and the grind of college life began. In a week or so we had learned that the professors were not as inhuman as advertised. but rather, were sincere in the prop- osition of helping We poor dumb-bells secure an education. The upperclassmen soon informed us that it would be necessary to wear a freshman cap, sold, patterned, and designed, by the Phi Epsilon Phi pep fraternity at an exhorbitant price of six bits. We lived up to this ruling for several Weeks, when some of the reactionaries suggest-ed that We rebel against the upperclassmen. The idea sounded good, the plans were formulated, the caps were laid aside. However, the plans failed, paddles Were accurately and unmercifully used, and for the second time we Wore caps. On December 4, the faculty and upperclassmen were guests at the Freshman party, held in the gymnasium. Everyone agreed that this was the best Freshman frolic in the history of the institution. We are five hundred and sixty-one in number, the largest Freshman class in the history of the institution, and it is our plan to further estab- lish standards and records in all phases of Work whereby this Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia will be the best of institutions for higher learning. , up H A A ff- I 3, - , ',...... ,.,- MW .. ..- ,...-.N Page 5.9 A 1 Y' A 1' twzl 1-i -' -'Y'-' --.. -.,- - , u.z1-sure.-.vevuvan .J - -Y If W-,Y. -.,..a!z-.gi ,fA,- F: .pmt W, I N ,T ,4., -., ,- , T-1 -, Y.... .. 4.1 ,JV E311 , 1 . ,-L.-I ax Mary Akey ......... Madison Home Economics Club Y. W. C. A. Helen Atwater ....... Larned Jessie Amole .... . . . Lyons Clint Baldwin ........... . . . . . . . . . Cottonwood Falls President History and Gov- ernment Club Vice-President Geography Club Trowel Club Elva Balmer ...... Woodston Lelia Barber ........ Barnard Y. W. C. A. Alpha Pi Sigma Mildred Beatty .. Salina Girace Bedell . . . . . . . Chanute George Bell ........ Emporia Phi Delta Chi Theba Benjamin .... Deerfield Y. W. C. A. Commercial Club Omicron Epsilon Sigma ,,,, ..-W .-.. ..,,.,.-.- .-. --....4" ? ,. ' L ri-v-ngrpaxuau.-1. . -, 4, J 1 L gg 'gjygsie--A-dz-M-:mf-fi'11T ,...p-1 rw .. - ...... .. A 7 H -, - -Y age v - -.-., . - , L...--..,-q,.,.g. Maude Berry ......... Virgil Physical Education Cl W. A. A. Alice Britschge ub . . . Manhattan Wilber Biddison .... Americus Bernice Bland .. .. Orietta Bower Y. W. C. A. Chorus Debate Freshmen Commission Lucas Norton Alice Boyer ........,. Welda Freshmen Commission Alpha Pi Sigma Ralph Brandt .. Romona Y. M. C. A. Melvin Brant ........ Chanute Commerce Club Velma Brewer . Arkansas City Mary Irene Brock . Oskaloosa Commercial Club Omicron Epsilon Sigma .U ,eff-4 uh.. cbs..----v-nc:-'-1 ,- ig ll' g 1' li 0 '. ' . ..,.i-.....r,-,,.,-,.-....,-. .......,,.,L , - A ,-.g3'E,".l "MP - f -A , .. . .. .. - , --- f 4 - -' 1 4,- A -f I 'm 'x5...q 7- f "' ' ' " .....,-A' -.' -,-.,,..,...,.,.:,3r N .sg '1 .1 -1. -. 1 ..f IT f - V v-firm-1 ff.:-' Thelma Brockway .... Clifton Y. W. C. A. T. N. T. Club Home Economics Club Hazel Broshaus .... Atchison Marlin Brown ......... Perry Phi Delta Chi Manual Arts Club Mabel Bryant Dillon Y. W. C. A. T. N. T. Club Home Economics Club Dessa Bush .... Sylvia Nedra Cain ........... Perry Delta Sigma Epsilon Omicron Epsilon Sigma Laura Bell Cash .... Florence Theta Sigma Upsilon Y. W. C. A. Primary-Kindergarten Club Orville Caldwell . Moundriclge Y. W. C. A. T. N. T. Club Earl Cantrall . . . .. . Emporia L2lllG1'ZlllCG Currier .. St. John . , - f- f-,sim .- ' 'r mssv Hg,--,V-.r?,,.,H-j ,-.'.,,q,,..,-,.,, .-.:...n,...f-lu-'-'i"' V'1at,z 1... " T ' , rj, ' fr, 1,---.a,fjj'Ai' .'-.,g.-1Tjjg:.:.....-....'- ,Mfg '..'.1..'.Jai...1h Page 61 Q' i 1 r fi S v fi. 1 i 's I .. I 1 l 2 1 12. dx 1 , , i , F ' v 5 5: 3 in .ii E 2 if li ,EW 'bf-:Timm gin li- sl: JI' 5. S, IES E24 's 4 H '-.'.B.fi-'x' 5QTai1uar-.wvivvvsaljgvliqtif-Sg,i'.' 4' 7.7 --'I ' " '- M- :-' --N - .ie L,-'rg :S f .1 f'-J .P I,L."-.ff 1:11 -'G ,yi'l':t'D'1H-f"+ef'-wf'-+-ffifi Alrneda Chalfleld . Burlingame Golda Bivins .. .. Wellsville Abbott Crandall ..... Vernon Chesba Clapp ...... Hamilton Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Sigma Tau Physical Education Club Hockey Vera Cress . . . . . Emporia Gladys Claypool .. Whitewater Y. W. C. A. v Vernor Cress ....... Emporia Sigma Tau Gamma Carl Colvin ' " " ' Utopia Bertha Crosson ...... Topeka Lucille Curtis ...... Hopewell Belles Lettres Geography Club Mathematics Club Freshmen Commission Y. W. C. A. ,..n.,,,,,.,..,.,-- - -Mg.,.....,.....f..a..z.,,,.f A - ,N f'?'E""?n'f' F5 3-,iaw,,..g Te.....:...,-nr...t:.a:-,,,.,...l.-Q-eQ.L,.A1f -" ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 49- - 'll' '+...-,Er-L--f:" "V ' A ' ' 'Y Page 62 .,5l2,:'i- Avis Daney .... . . . Parker Mary Davidson ..... Agricola Beulah Dellenback .. Florence Delta Sigma Epsilon Leonard De Moss .... Kinsley Kappa Sigma Epsilon Edna Dodds ......... Lincoln Sigma Sigma Sigma W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Kindergarten-Primary Club Mollie Dolecek ...... Holyrood W. A. A. Y. W. C.iA. President Be-Square Club Geography Club Alma Downey . .. .. Joseph Doubrana .... Minniedell Dragoo Gladys Dreisbach Band T. N. T. Club Morrill Lorraine . . Lucas Bern - 'if I,-, - :43 I. 57? Sl- ff: 'f'f.44T.if.1-.,e... ,, ..A, ,,-1...-1,-......-u.,.1 1 Page 63 'x 4 ,lv ,l iligfi 1 . 1, ,rv-1" r - : I -5 .pfvar ?ff,..1f 4 ,j,.g, --. , 3... ., ., fk - T1 , 1 , . - .44 -. L- 1 H 1 . . Y- . . 1-ff. .A --P . , , LM H, , .Q ,, ... . , E 4 T 1, 4 I Gwyne Egbert .. .. Cimarron Carl Eiseubise ....... Morrill , Commerce Club Mathematics Club ll ' V' 1 El R 1 c 4 ' ..... . . , 1gL?nf1013lg.eC1l1b Oze Cl2l.11'l'I'101'e Evel ...... Oswego I Y. W. G. A' Sigma Tau Gamma 1 j, A . C, -1 E H N N C1 Halold Fahrmg .. Lebo ll CCI 'pp Q1 P111 Delta C111 'l M". B 'tha . E "z, , , ll lb el 1 bslg imponl BQSSIC Floyd . .. Amerlcus Robert Forbes .... Cherryvale Clarence Foss ...... Nickerson Sigma Tau Gamma 1 Nw, .,.., 2. ,.,. 5.3...,...L:1-z,.,.-.-.Af-,..f Nil' Ai Q-Z. rf- A ug-..-f,-.3 ,,-.JZ .7 A ., 1- 1--. -..l- , I K . , ,C 1, 1 age U4 1 . .,M...--.M-. f -- l-'1-fi-125215-11H-'eg" 1' i - Q 1 '- f - .er -.-A-'F '-w-, ,,,. ,... ...-....-, 1 l L-D A ' ., . V .- 'ITS-I-srulftorv-4.:1Z'ux1-'.'fhnna'+-1 James Francis .... ....... . . . . . . . . . Conway Springs Mary Gamber . . . . . . Culver Lois Gardner .. .. Fredonia History Club T. N. T. Club Iva May Gatterman .. Kinsley W. A. A. Physical Education Club Alphathenian Literary Society Y. W. C. A. Ferne Getchell ..... Americus Harvey Gish ...... White City Dora Bell Gordon ........ W ........... Neosho Rapids Geography Club Waldo Hagy .. . Holyrood Roy Hahn . . . . . . Dighton Ernest Holtz .... Neosho Falls T". L...-'., ...llvfi-.V-'I-'-45:3-1-f:wv:-' qi 'V ' ' 1" ' "H P ca g e li 5 "1 Iv, ll?-'Ui' 4' Thi Q fxx fi" ..,w ,.,iv-..5',1h- no-sd! - '- C Y .. ,. ..,.... f..-, , '. .. w. -"H-. , ' ,f'."f. 'Fw-. v f T.. 'F , .-A--1-fu-snumu. , . 1, 1 -.x .d-,fy 51. WU! Edgar Hamaker .... ElDorado - Football, '25 Phi Delta Chi Wilma Hamilton .Williamsburg Mrs. Zella Hans ..... Elmdale History and Government Club Agriculture Club Warren Hart ......... Miller Freshman Football Paul Hawley ......... Belpre Sigma Tau Gamma Evelyn Hoff ines . Esbon Ala Holcomb .... . . . Bucyrus John Hoover ........ Ashland Sigma Mu Delta Glee Club Debate John Hoover . . . . . . Newton Nellie Howald Piedmont u ..., ,---'Q P - 'fu .-e--.-:.a.vuP1"::w':f li .?1 A Y V ... 1 ,HQQ , 4, . - V nj, l1jfjfv-h-4.v:u-sffe::r:r:f'-s-:'r-m-qav1efg'j:'s.v1iz-dr Page 66 -' , , W2 . i n.. ,f ,Y ilk- .- .-sv.. ,. . " . 'f -1 - -v 1 1- P' - f- F--r .V A .1....., ' 1'-agv k .1 lhawwwwwmwgmq -1-..-, --,,., . Holbert Jerrick ..... Goddard Kappa Sigma Epsilon Student Council Geography Club Lucile Jenicek . . . . . . Emporia French Club Thelma Johnston ..... Haven Y. W. C. A. Lorena Johnson .... Lindsborg Lela Johnson ...... Trousdale Y. W. C-. A. Belle Lettres Freshmen Commission Clifford Jones . .. Horton Harlene Kachley ...... Rogue Y. W. C. A. T. N. T. Club Mrs. Erma Kannier . Emporia Edna Kern .. Bonner Springs Edna Kemp Gaylord ,-...4'1 Z.. --:f-1 -1-' 1- -fi -."' 'E 'dv jj: -. '-Q ::4lx1:"a. Page 67 F, . V - , ,.. 1..-gif,-V'-u.:r,:ng:-P . .- '1 '1 - ' ' '-' . - Q ' .Q - 1....',,f.-.,4.. .m..fi"" V 'Q -'fr n-V- in-,-I+. 5 av-Q-4-LN, A ,f- -a V Y .. x Wilma Kendrick .. .. Cedar Avis Kennedy . . ., .... Wichita Kindergarten-Primary Club Sigma Sigma 'Sigma W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Glenn Kistner ....... Morrill Commerce Club Mathematics Club Maynice Knowles ..... Olathe Dorothy Lusk .... Hutchinson Kindergarten-Primary Club Y. W. C. A. !-ii s Ag-.. ' . '.- , ?3'iQ3Ef.'jf' ' . L ' . Ti' ' ,, Y - . dx- :.v."- Em Cnr '- - 5 Jennie Lunn . . . . . Emporia Lois Bowers . . . . Herington Tom Lowman . . . . . . Lebo Lanola Lay .... Council Grove Pi Kappa Sigma Y. W. C. A. Orchestra Chorus Dane Lo Vette ....... Kinsley ' 'fu-1-A-'f---fA,.u.-., 1 I V D '7 Page 68 'V "A" 5' 1:71--"T T-I4:':,.m-1-T "'i""'H.1.1T3s' ZEQZEFF-.-TZ-v 'lv' -'ffywffi-::i:f""'-fax -' V. ' fi T. TQQ ' 1 3 V '-TQ .1 'Jp-5-if..-.W-'-gi.--,:i'.g.saw...--.4---..J' "T Mary Lee Long .... Columbus Alva Loney ......... Kinsley Histry and Geography Club Mathematics Club Y. M. C. A. 1 Debate John McCarthy ..... Emporia Kappa Sigma Epsilon Gilson Players ' Catherine Lippincott ...... . . . . . . . . Kansas City, Mo. Delta Sigma Epgilgn J-O9 L1llLZ 1 ........ . ..... Olpe Physical Education Club Kappa 51231112 EPS11011 W. A. A. Henry McFarland . . .. Cullison Leonard Lininger .... Bucyrus Marcie McKeever .... Bucklin Ruth Lindelovv ..... Neodesha W- A- A- A Y. W. C. A. Vera McMichael ..... Almena ,-"wr'Ex,,-:'-'-'gait-' -in 'L fi Q5 gf-"' Page 69 ' L-ji!-3-4 ul'ess.1uw....Z,---eF.Q..,,.' "" .3 , -. -. . vxm. Ja 1 ' , Nwppg.-..f ,,f,-4j,..,.L.g,, X V,-...,FI: . . " ' e n.. - Harry Madden ..... Hugoton Phi Sigma Epsilon Football Basketball Track Tom Macredie .... Clearwater Alta Markley ...... Scott City Pi Kappa Sigma Home Economics Club Martin Pelzel ........ Sharon Newman Club Manual Arts Club Salone Maurer . . . .... Haven Y. W. C. A. ' Elverta Hawley . . . McPherson Ora Hefner ..... Yates Center Golda Hill .......... Peabody Alpha Sigma Tau Y. W. C. A. Chorus Earl Hoard ...... Kingsdown Y. M. C. A. Millard Hodgson . . Burlingame W2-Wmmalj' fm:-jffer...-ef,:':-T 1 oi gf 4 '.f,'f-..fA,.:1...V .....x::.,-M ff. A, .1-:f Page 70 ,gated- qzuew-M--mwy'-il mE3Ti.::, gf ' .1 u 1.-' "Lg- - 3- f W' ' ' i T U :FQ-ssxuf-ujsfiT'ovl+ff,zw F3 -1, 4- W r Lora Meinhardt . . . Y. W. C. A. Sunflower Club Russell Melia . . . Albert Mueller .. Phi Delta Chi Charles Mohler . . . Phi Delta.Chi Dolores Moody .. Commerce Club Geography Club Y. W. C. A. Omicron Epsilon . . Emporia . . . Bucklin .. Emporia . . Emporia .. Onaga Sigma Farraba Moore Wellington Lee Mosler ......... Oswego Sigma Tau Gamma . Ruth Massengill ' .... Caldwell Home Economics C-lub Arthur Musgrave . White City Scott Myers ....... Chandler AA.u.n.un-vs--rr. . f--w- '41 .L'g 5 ., Page 71 - 4 I Y - ---.-.. i,l . A., .-, ,Q ,g,,,, - 1 il .Q ffl I 5 EI I 1 iif ESI .M Ee A. iii I I - ? z I I II. I Eleanor Neff .. Arkansas City Delta Sigma Epsilon Iii IM. rl" E? Lenore Newton ...... Mulvane f,ii Y. W. C. A. Clarence Olson ........ Miller QW - Men's Glee Club . ' . Y. M. C. A. . IIE- Robert Numemlasher . Ashland I 5 Men's Glee Club . I I Y. M. C. A. Q22 Commerce Club Andrew Olson ...... Emporia Sigma Mu Delta Phi Sigma Epsilon at Club E I I . i I I I I I I 5 I I I all Ei in . . 1 I. I ZIV I? ilg Louise Byrnes ...... Wichita I! Newman Club li Latin Club Dorothy Parcels .... Hiawatha M ' Ol ...... o C' 1, I I iifewl FHA. Sage its Merritt Owens ...... Kinsley Is Elma Patterson .... Anthony is . -It il P . :gl Eff , A if ,,,.,,.v Isl I " 4 X . Al 4 iii-W 1-. Y 1 1 -Q-1 - X I . L? LJ . ff? ,1 f-'7'f'ffH1E':aHfvfff'ff'!1A Page 72 nf' V 'f , -V.. ,..,.. .. A A -... . . .-.-.YYY 5415.05 15--'Y Y A ' ' M -y,:-.n..-- W Z7,'-MyaiiliiiijfGQEEjfTpm45guwamwa5 - -...-..i. n,-Y- Y iff ,Y , 747 27- ,i v ,-, Thelma Paul . . . . . . Mary Pecenka Edna Perry . Lois Phelan . . Darell Prunty Kappa Sigm Wichita . . . . Marysville . . . . Wakarusa . .... Americus . . . . Wellington a Epsilon Grace Reynolds .. Whitewater Esther Rich ......... Lyndon Commercial Club Frances Robinson . . . . . . . . Los Animas, Colo. Belles Lettres Elijah Chorus Y. W. C. A. Elain Robinson .... Princeton Helen Ru-ssell ..... Wellington Alpha Sigma Alpha -.ra-rng 51-.vqrrx 5',1fv3-.- v 1 4 - F -l-- - ---.-J Page 73 ,,,,, m P F ' in , j-'-1e-- -Aff-'v--0-1--f-fgeg 'fjffw j - ,L" gxjty,-C pg 3,3 w QLSL, ::...." .-' 4- ' :Wg ""' ' A Thelma Sanders Marie Satter . Alphathenian Society T. N, T. Club Chorus Erna Scheibe . Esther Scheib . Harry Seacat . . . . Burlington , , , , , Americus Laurel Setty . . . . . . Emporia Literary ' Mildred Shank ..... Atchison Theta Sigma Epsilon Celestine Shealey ..... Belpre ' . i . Waterville lEEreai'dec151t,ASunflower Club Cassie Sheldon .... Winchester Home Economies Club Omicron Epsilon Sigma . . . . Waterville . - . - - - Bl-1Ck1iH Olive Shields . . . . . . Wellsville Sunflower Club Commerce Club Mathematics Club Geography Club Y. W. C. A. .....,,,.,..f1-,:pf-nc-:,u:uvsmuunur:Ql'ihT'rlRi'an:" ' 1 ' ' ,menu-n-Q-m hr ' ' '1"'H-'Y' Pange 74 V A ,. -.-at 1 ,L sl.-,f3.i-C, ' " TW" ...Q V . -..- - ..- ,.,, 'f ' una-11,21-,-v.q m,,,g-,...g, "'y' 1 1 K -4 , -. .- - ""- -A"- - ,IT n.l.., UF 1.t31l.' 'IS EE, Lim-W-ejiii Orine Short . . . .... Hamilton Tom Shriver .... Wellington Kappa Sigma Epsilon Emma Sipe . . . . . . Everest Althea McBrier ...... Ottawa Cecil Smith ..... Y. M. C-. A. Geography Club . . . Benedict History and Government Club Hazel Smith .... . . . Caldwell Sara Smith . . . Eual Snodgrass Phi Delta Chi Esther Pedersen Elsie Sommers . . . Burlingame . . . . Emporia Horton . . Canton 1 Q 'gp ff Page 75 -ailix.-..X 5, . ,, A 5i ff4Q'fzQfr:f agfaaa'--'-W-wi iivw f -.1L'---...:. - 1- gf' lg: 1. Y' X Mary Spallinger .... Osborne Evelyn Starr ..... .... W ichita Sigma Sigma Sigma W. A. A. Y. W. C. A. Primary-Kindergarten Club Perry Stillman Nlortonville Sigma Mu Delta Ardene Stephens ......... ......... Kansas City, Mo. Lambda Phi Delta Betty Stoddard ...... Stafford Mabel Stump .... Burlingame Ellen Sutherland . . Osage City Leta Swisher ........ Lyndon Commerce Club T. N. T. Club Y. W. C. A. Lottie Toll . . . .... Morland James Fern .. Scammon 4' 1.-L 31- -5, WMWEQM WFQE QEEEEK l F7 Q. 5 lEQf9QGmQgg35gq2Q5 Page 76 - -'3'M'-'ll , K 5-1 TJ :hir Lrg if iii, QAM- , -, ,---- ---N - -l v+- -6-- f-12 Nine Tetlow . . . Belles Lettres W. A. A. , Karl Torline ...... Bessie Turner .... . Ruth Turner ....... ,Lora Vette .... Downs Spearville . . Milton Atchison Waterville Opal Ward .......... Quincy Geography Club Y. W. C. A. Viola Waugh ...... Oskaloosa Delta Sigma Epsilon Rhythmic Circle W. A. A. Physical Education Club Gerald Weaver ...... Elmdale William Weber . . . . . . Burns Kenneth Weesner . Hutchinson Sigma Tau Gamma .ff--::--?-.- -, , ., A ,, -, .,,. ...ln,...,,...-..r......,-l....,..-,-- , ,.- , 'K -r' A.--.-.,....,.......l.i.... ywv4.5vnna:n-axxrg:1uv1nw.znn.l--xxzrraf neg' I J ,.,L. 4' F VZ". .',"7""'f ?-F""f"""?"""""'.""', "f"""'.':""'. . ".""' ' -- -V F - ,, - ,-g-A-17 -- ,-,-4 N Page ' ll A :-----' .ig ' M-'T ' ,. efifff .rjwiiv jg H' . Bernice Wentz ......... Ames Home Economics Club Y. W. C. A. Dorothea Yeager .... Wichita Sigma-Sigma Sigma h W. A. A. Floyd Willman ...... Emporia Ruth Zimmerman Osborne Freshmen Commission Manual Arts Club - Y' W' C' A' Mathematics Club T' N' T' Club Carl Wilson .......... Caney Tillie Oberle ..... Carbondale Mary Winkelman .... Linwood Millicent Wright .. Westphalia H?'ffldDERQtc5i' Junction City Dorothy Seybold .... Atchison Sigma Sigma Sigma c' ,rTii"'1tLT:::'V 1 O SL. 6 Page 78 7 L, , wi,-,,-, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,, iv vn- ---i -- ---2-. 77105 ,E I T ji-I L-' QT-,wju",'fE 411A f '.Z':TAW"'f i,',', 7 x Q? 1 X Clarence Wilson ....,.. Allen Kappa Sigma Epsilon French Club Geography Club Joe Myer ............ Harper Kappa Sigma Epsilon Glee Club Doris Armour . . . lone Boden . . . Glenn Boden . . . . . Sharon Velma Parker Pi Kappa Sigma Y. W. C. A. Chorus Frances Hudelson . . . . Pamona Lucille Wilson ...... Elk City Juanita Collinas . . Sunflower Club Geography Club AY. W. C. A. John Vance ....... Macksville ElDorado . . . . Sharon . . . . . Willis Wellsville h 'WM A--Wir mu v :-2-'fzfir - F 1 - p-H V- Maw- In-YV V U X fi -',J' "'WNqhMv'MwmMEHl L fi LL 52 Wwvesmwwnwww vwqww Page 79' ,-J, nv." war 62.35 gw- 1 . . ia:-f--mm'J?27'-'iT'f-i1f':?f'?E?'l:xw,,MN , -2"':- '-'-'- ---A - A 7431, LT .D-J L-1.1 HN' :lil ff'-is X, V ,V .. . X Harold Witt . . . . . . John Rusell .... . . . Guy Bradford . Walter Schindler .... Imogene Toliver ...... Alpha Sigma Alpha Y. W. C. A. Bucyrus Climax Eureka Madison Abilene Virginia Turpin .... Winfield Ralph Grey . . . .... Liberal Paul Grey .... .... L iberal Clarence Thompson .. Bucklin Lee Stenzel . . . . . . Elmdale Track 'A I --A?-.'.....-. ,ii ... '7.'N?-"-wm'2wf-'-kffemf'-ee: if 4 H v-u..:.rns-vwv..nf.u:.J-n.-n::awun1Nrn1v-arr.-4 , :I ' 4 .Q3 Q' v 1'-sz--11--f - -1 x - 4- Pwgc 80 -1-- Mary Seipi .... Summerfield Primary-Kindergarten Club Y. W. C. A. . Social Club Anna, Jacobson ..... Horton George Richardson . Morehead Ralph Dean .. Richfield Flossie Harris . . .Havensville .. :V -A -wg. .--X.,-.V -- p, ..-., - N , b V . . rf --Q J +- , q-- ,g-1, -, .4P41'E!:Ct1':"!':,-1-fi-K--'19-gfdfd K 1' ,1, 1 -55 Y fr'-2"'gfa1:'n -if-if 1 j. 3 ' P View Page 81 -- P, .. -,A-4- .--.-..'M4.....a4z. .g,.':- '1.r,..+1 4.-.--,Li - .. ww .---f T, mfs .Ln .- ummm School Group K. S. T. C. is very attractive in the summer months as well as the W'iI1t61'g This is a group of summer school students of 1925. In' addltion to the many happy events sponsored by the school, the students enJoy boating parties, swimming parties, and hikes. - NM , ,7,g,'.,,iv,,,-i,,,:,,g,, ij ,kv A. ,.g.Z.,,,w, QTQ .f I Y 1 Book II A th le tics m fUg Jiww ldu! wx f- 1- , 4, J X gf! if ' ig' FA-n-.1: Page 8 A . .51 V 5 V F l V ' LV -Q A-A,-.,,-1...,. f Goach "iBill" Cgfargiss "Coach 'Bill' Hargiss always has a fighting machine," "Beware of the Yellowjacketsf' are the comments made by the Kansas coaches. "Bill" gathered his material early last fall as the teams on the Hargissites' schedule were strong. In addition to the regular Kansas Conference games, "Bill" scheduled two games in the Missouri Valley, Kansas Aggies and Oklahoma A. and M. This was the one year that everything looked toward a successful and victorious season. We had fifteen letter- rnen back this fall around which "Bill" could build a Work- ing msachine, filling in several positions from the eleven promising freshmen. Although it was a little too warm for good football Weather, Hargi-ss put his men through intensive training, having a real machine to buck the Aggies in the opening game. . Page T C - ,,,.. , ,. ,,..Tf.-.7 4, ,A " -5, ---.. 1:4-,f,',: 8 4 BB' ., ,ME 11.-. -T. 5, . -'A-.. if fl-'f -1'--5' .f-1,-...:.,.,...,f.....,. 1. v. .-, .A r . J . 132' . . - ., .J ., ,L-" 1 '--1-"--f'-'xi' ' w'-- f-.' .z f --2 1. 'ff 1 U- 1. -1. H,-fu.-.QB FOOTBALL SQUAD Ridgeway, Sipe, Madden, Cu1'1'ie1', Culp, Basel Smith, "Humpy" Lighter, Regnier "Gus" Fish, Currier, Hannaford, Schlobohm, Hamaker, Gribble, E. Smith, A. Hainline McGahan, Assistant Coachg M. Hainline, Clapp, Weber, Captain Crockett, Richmond, A "Andy" Olson, "Slim" Campbell, Coach H. W. Hargiss Andrew Sughrue, Freshman Coach, Hoch, Harris, Bailey, Lane, Firebaugh The 1925 Scores K. S. T. C. . .. 7 Aggies .......... ....26 K. S. T. C. . .... 13 Hays .............. 3 K. S. T. C. . .... 21 Oklahoma A. SL M. .. 0 K. S. T. C. . .. 0 Fairmount ...... 0 K. S. T. C. . .. 0 Southwestern 6 K. S. T. C. . .... 6 Washburn O K. S. T. C. . . . . .17 Pittsburg . . ... 7 K. S. T. C. . .... 12 C. ofE... ....14 Total .. ........ 76 Total .. ....56 ' IN THE CONFERENCE Won 3, Lost 25 Tied lg 600 Per Cent 9. .li ,,,i. ,,. A J A l rf - V1 f- C-., -J. ,. Page 85 CAPT. CROCKETT -L, ,? A- -33 7 T I'-311: ' '.""1l'AF T' "' -an Elie Story r With Manhattan as their objec- tive, between three and five hun- dred football fans and boosters motored northward to support '.'Bill" and his fighting Yellow- Jackets against the farmer wild- cats. The game started with a bril-' liancy that threw the Aggies' camp into commotion. The Yel- lowjackets blocked a punt and C011 I0-r Campbell grabbed the oval after he was behind the Aggies' safety and crossed the goal line for the first -score of the day within five minutes after the game was called. After this one dash of threaten- ing football the Yellowjackets slowed up, and never were able to penetrate the Aggies' line ser- iously. The Wildcats settled down to good hard consistent football, uncorking a fast offensive and tight defense. RICHMOND Cup min-Elect "HUMPY" LIGHTER H mlf back 49 ., 1-.-.ff-1e.v4,.,,-.?:., ' 'V ' ' 1 -- Page 86 Guard Campbell was the sensation of the game with his hard and fast tackling and as a receiver of for- ward passes. For consistency, Joe Weber was the outstanding man on the Yellowjacket team. We lacked the reserve man power that the Aggies had, for in the first half we outplayed the Aggies, and led the scoreg but, oh, the second half. The Aggies made four touchdowns, the final score being 26 to 7. 1 J "LS-..Z,,i,,. D " v'- '-z " NT 1 'I -" V' The second game of the season, and the first conference game was a thriller between Hays and K. S. T C Immediately after the first furious rush of the Yellowjackets, the Hays team tightened its de- fense and uncorked an offensive that continually threatened the Emporia goal line until the last quarter, when the Yiellowjackets again gained momentum and swept through the Hays aggrega- tion for two touchdowns and vic- X - - 1 . .,x.-uw..-1,wii...f . tory. FRANK HARRIS H11 lfback Oklahoma A. and M. was no HPUGH LANE Fullbaclc The real thrill came in the fourth quarter of the game with a score standing 3-0 for the Tigers and eight minutes to play, when the diminutive Harris grabbed a Tiger fumble and raced fifty yards for a touchdown. "Fat" Lane hit his old stride, .tearing through the Tiger line time after time for long gains, making the final touchdown of the game. Score-K. S. T. C. 13, Hays 3. match for the fighting Yellow- jackets. The Hargiss machine opened a brilliant offense in the second half and smothered the Missouri Valley team under a 21 to 0 -score. This victory was not due to any individual playing or outstanding stars on the team, but was the result of superb team work on the part of every man. They were sure working like a well-oiled machine, and every cylinder firing. TED BAILEY Half 111111 Q7l!l.'I'f!'l' ,,...... A, .. . ,I-.Ml Page 87 OLIVER CLAP1' . ..,4.i,gg.,s,--Wa Qg-E ,,.' ' 1 .... ..,., --ak' ...,. ,..., -.w., --1-1 1 V -I -' 'L' f'e LZ' Ft 1 The first score came in the third quarter when Lane hit the enemies' lines for good gains and finally placed the oval back of the bars. The second score was made in a similar cmanner after the Teachers had marched the ball steadily down the field by straight football, Lane taking it over for the count. Arthur Hoch chalked up the third score by a flashy 80- yard run through the entire field. Fred Lighter and Chesley Culp made several long gains. Every Trwltlre man was playing his part, getting his man, running perfect interfer- ence. The linemen would break through the Aggies' line and throw them for loss after loss. Joe Weber smleared more Aggie plays than any one mang he was always in the thick of the battle. This great victory came as a surprise to all Kansas Conference teams as well as to the Missouri Valley teams. Oklahoma A. and M. was one of the strong teams in the valley. HERMAN SCHLOBOHM Center A We did not have an opportunity ARTHUR HOCH Qmvrtei' for revenge with the Wheatshock- ers this year, and thus had to be content with a scoreless tie. You see it wasn't a real football game, as heavy rains turned Island Park from all traces of an island to a part of the Arkansas River, and the two teams lined up for a mud throwing contest rather than a football game. Neither team had opportunity of showing their strength in that sea of mud, so perhaps it was best that neither team won, as this scoreless tie let both rest in the 1.000 per cent column. wg- 1, all i f-1: Page S8 E. 5 4 :I 4 v 3 E, x -ll l n I w r l : AF-f -I ---- --+---+- , -. , ,q , I, .f. .. Y., Y- - g .,-f,',p- I, 1,1 ., lv. fl ' "fl llwir -11 ,aam:24-r'n',-11a-A.x-x::n-5.-.-.-1r.- ',I ill 'Q 5- The Yellowjackets never ser- 5 iously threatened the Fairmount' 5, goal until the last period, but ful failed to boot the ball between the ,lf goal posts. Early in the game the -5, Wheatshockers worked the ball Ili within striking distance of our ill goal but failed to kick true. After that one tense moment, they never 4 threatened our goal line again. In H the third quarter the Teachers ii. completely outplayed Fairmount, if nearly scoring in the fourth quar- v g X' ter. 1 JOE WEBER IE fill!!-l'll is Culp was only in the game a 5 ' short time, but was a consistent: yi ground gainer, and best punter. Lane could puncture the heavy lf Fairmount line to advantage in ii the mud and water. Hoch, Light- er and Harris all played up to 1 standard but lacked the punch that meant scores. gl In the l annual homecoming ? game, the Yellowjackets beat ll Washburn 6 to O, in the mud and snow. Homecoming usually means l' that the bleachers will be over- 55' "MIKE', HANNAFORD T- G'1m.7"cl 5 crowded, but weather conditions it prevented many from seeing the 5 game. A two-day drizzle made the Stadium Field more like a lake ,' than a gridiron, but the snow ' blanket hid many of the water I holes, and mxuch of the mud. Time Q would be called at frequent inter- T vals for the players to wipe the 5 mud fromgtheir eyes, ears and mouth, and obtain a new dry ball. if WALLACE SIPE ix Half and Fullback .IQ X -,ii .gin ,f WQLQE4 QQ, fi! Page S9 ARLIE HAINLINE l I ,-Y-, I -n A iz, A-M . After a hard fought first half that was scoreless, the Hargiss- men recovered their own kickoff at the start of the third quarter and marched forty yards through the mud and snow for a touch- down and victory. A series of off-tackle plays with Lighter car- rying the ball netted thirty-five yards, then old trusty, little Lane smashed the line for the only counter. E91 cl Playing on the second dry field of the season the Yellowjackets romped their way to victory over the Pittsburg Gorillas 17 to 7. The Gorillas drew first blood when they passed and smash-ed their way to a touchdown early in the second quarter of the game. Emporia re- taliated when Hainline recovered Bennett's fumble on the Pittsburg 33-yard line ,and advanced the ball to the one-yard line, Lane taking it over for a touchdown. A pass, Culp to Campbell, gave the Teach- t ,f w ll ll 4 ll it ll l , l REGNIER G?l1L9'!l l t I "ERN1E" SMITH Gmmvl 2- ' 'Lii"'3i-, ,sf,-u.1,ft.,.s'f.:":-fiFw-wif 1 -f , , Page 90 ers their second counter in the final quarter and Lane's toe netted three more points a few minutes later by a placekick from the 28- yard line. We were doped to lose this game, as Pittsburg had defeated every team in the conference with the exception of C. of E. But this was an opportunity for the Yel- lowjackets to show their ability as a miachine, playing on a dry field for the second time of the season. ,F-J ' , A "'.,..u .W-,. L.,,...',I,,T-1.12. SLIMU CAMPRELI. ,-6. .. Z X r The first quarter was largely a punting duel between Hoch and Binford, Hoch getting the long end of the yardage made by punts. He punted out from behind the goal line 60 yards and by this good work saved Yellowjackets in the first period of the game. Pittsburg recovered the ball on a Yellovvjacket's fumble, and by a series of passes were finally suc- cessful in placing the oval over ANDY' OLSON Evzcl the goal line. A little later in the same period the Teachers recov- ered a Pittsburg fumble which made it possible for us to score. The half ended 7 to 7. At the start of the second half, Pittsburg recovered their own kickoff and punted out of bounds. There followed a mad scramble in which both teams showed brilliant exhibitions of their specialties, Pittsburg in the air, and Emporia through the line. Guruvl The last quarter rally of the Yellowjackets was wonderful to behold. They start-ed off with determination of victory, carrying the ball to -Pittsburg's 35-yard line, and then, a pass from Culp to Campbell, the prettiest play of the game, gave us the .second touchdown. A few minutes later, we tallied again for a count of three by the skilled toe of Lane. CULI' H al f Imcls ...i -.. -rg .,YV. .f..--f. ', -' .-- , Vx- 1 W Page .91 HAMAKER 01111 1 Pr C. OF. E. 14-K. S. T. C. 12. Before a crowd of over 5,000 persons, the K. S. T. C. Yellow- jackets outgained, outpunted, out- held, outfought, and completely outplayed the Preachers in every department of the game 'except in scoring. After a peculiar season in which gamles with the strongest teams had been won and some with the weakest lost or ti-ed, the Yel- lowjackets, with a record of three wins, one loss, and a tie, came to the final game with the unbeaten Preachers, and although losing through a trick of fate, these Hornets completely convinced all who saw them play that they were one of the strongest teams in the conference. In the opening minutes of the game, the powerful Yellowjacket line broke through and blocked Grims1ey's punt, from where Culp, after a five-yard penalty, tore through the entire Preacher eleven for a touchdown. Early in the second quarter, the Yellowjackets fumbled on their own 31-yard line, from where it CURRIER End "GUS" FISH End Page .92 was taken to their three-yard line on a fake play, and it was first down and three to go for C. of E. The next four plays demonstrated the superiority of the Yellow- jacket line over any other in the conference. After holding for four downs on their own three- yard line, they took the ball on downs and punted, but the ball rolled outside on the 30-yard line, and on Ethe first play Gudger passed to Rieplogle for a touch- down. The half ended 7 to 6 for C. of E. ff " gk ll MADDEN .JL "' 1 v5'r-.v-'.---3 ,ff - 7 T ' '-f ff ' A . . i ,gr A seventeen-yard gain by Campbell on a pass put the ball on the Preachers four-yard line, aft- er Culp and Wigley had made thir- ty-two yards on two playsg but on the next play, another pass, Selves intercepted the ball and eluded the fast moving Yellowjackets to run 90 yards for a touchdown. The third quarter ended 14 to 6 for the Preachers, but with the ball in the Hornets possession on the red and white nine-yarcl line. me ,.l.-... -.1 -v, ..---p M. HAINLINE End Culp again carried the ball over, but again failed to kick goal. The score was 14 to 12 for C. of E. A series of line plays carried the ball deep into Preacher territory where the game ended. In a very few more plays the fighting Yel- lowjackets would have scored again. In this final quarter, the Hornets gained 65 yards to the Preachers 7. ' Emi The following totals clearly show the superiority of the Yel- lowjackets over the west-siders: First downs: K. S. T. C. 115 C. of E. 4. Yards from scrimmage: K. S. T. C. 215g C. of E. 93. ,,,.,.::. ,:..'.j,.4f...,,..-1: i- .,,.. -, - kj, 3 r I - ...,..,. gc,-Y..-.-.. .4 . ---.H-. - ..,---3 i -111 1,7 Z BASEL SMITH End Page 9 Pictures of the Hays and Mfmlmitan Gcames Page 94 Pictures of flzc T1Lm'zIcsgi'ui11g Gram-e with C. of E . . - .U Y ,-.--- .--'-- + - 4 - -:-,-- - - T-, 0 yf, ' il I I -'J W IIN." T4 E21 , 1 f V V - V . --.A ' x 1 1 4 Snap Shots of the Mcwzhattcm-K. S. T. C. Game and the Hays-K. T. C. GfL'IIlfG gag . ,W r,,fegg j5kgs,2g,g4wW .QA mw""M'Ff 'R Olclczlzoma A. di M. Game and the Clzeerleccdevs J x J' 1 ..,. - .. .., . ,. ,.. .'f-v'7'W1-- Y 4 ' ':NlN,.... .. .A i Y Y. . - - -,.. .- 'I yvu:xsnrrvv-vs4rrr,vuxx1u.--rv.u'L:xn4ws1x-:ix1u.n.f-.l ' 'Q 4 Al . f-3 zu..-qrnmuuu-rv-v'fy-v-f,q--1n:.:gzvsn-v:nv-svvn-3 Page 95 if Yir ' J ix,-. 5 :. 2i'.l?-"?'5QiEiA'f":li':, -,gli f : f f A ' ' ji 'sf lg , -4-' - - F if H Thi Epsilon Thi Phi Epsilon Phi, pep fraternity, was organized in the spring of 1925. It's fore- runner was the Rousers Club, Which had no restricted membership. The membership of Phi Epsilon Phi is made up of four men from each of the fraternities and four non-fraternity men, and the three cheerleaders. It is the purpose of this organization to create and maintain the necessary pep in this schoolg supporting all contests in which K. S. T. C. participates. Phi Epsilon Phi plans to install chapters in several Kansas Conference schools next year, and in this small way assist intbringing about a better spirit of rivalry between the colleges of this conference. THE OFFICERS OF PHI EPSILON PHI: Henry Ellenberger -- -------------- --------------- P Fesident ' Clarence Maier -- ------ ------- V iCe'PY9SideT1t Paul Moreland ---- ---- ------------- S 9 Cfetafy Orville Nanninga -- - -------------- T1'eaS111'91' Robert Hudkmg ................ .... C orresponding Secretary Finances of Phi Epsilon Phi are handled by Miss Owen, Bursar, K. S. T. C. ' 1 .1 ,ji.:HN-f.-4.0 if--H ee-P 7 Page .96 , ,. .,,,, , ,, . 4 ., Y I , , . ,..,, 14 -,, ,, gn- -ug .. Q, 'H ii T I 5 J ' 49 W l U Bdf eibqfl 'SU Aff? ,na 4,r-'w.',-v.,r- " Page .97 COACH "MAC" MCGAHAN ffiasketball gf- IQ26 A dark cloud hung over the Yellowjacket camp when the time came for Lloyd W. McGahan to officially assume responsibility of guiding the K. S. T. C. basketball team through the 1926 season. Only two lettermen-Capt. Jimmy Loveless and Ray Baird, a sopho- more-were left of the 1924 state championship and 1925 near- championship teams. However, a combination of some fast new material and "Mads" excellent work as coach produced a team that ranked high in the Kansas Conferenceg a team that met all the strongest teams in the conference and was never beaten by more than five points. In fact, of the games lost, three were by one-point margins, two were by two- points, and two others of four points and five points to Washburn and Pittsburg respectively. There were no individual stars on the 1926 aggregation. Love- less, All-State Forward in 1924, made a strong bid for 1926 honors at the start of the season, hit a mid-season slump, emerged at Wes- leyan to score 27 points, and gloriously finished the season, for which he was placed again on the all-state. ,.... V Page .9-8 . ". H- ....--,-,.., g ,. V -A BASKETBALL SQUAD Dwelle, Trusler, Duke, Trusler, Horn McGahan, Campbell, Loveless, Hoover, Lighter, Fish THE 1926 SCHEDULE: 'liK. S. T.C. .... ..... 3 8-37 Ivanhoe DeMolay of Kansas City S. T. C.. .. .... 35-23 Friends. K. S. T. C.. .. .... 29-35 K. C. A. C. CTWO extra period-sl K. S. T. C.. .. .... 20-22 Ivanhoe S. T. C.. .. .... 27-26 C. of E. K. S. T. C.. .. .... 30-35 Pittsburg "'K. S. T. C.. .. .... 29-26 Southwestern S. T. C.. .. .... 31-26 Bethel K. S. T. C.. .. ...... 34-27 Southwestern S. T. C.. .. ....... 43-47 Washburn :"K. S. T. C. ............ 34-19 Wesleyan WK. S. T. C. ........ 22-23 C. of E. S. T. C.. .. ....... 31-32 Fairmount K. S. T. C.. .. ...... 57-40 Wesleyan K. S. T. C.. .. .... 30-31 Washburn S. T. C. ............ 25-27 C. of E. tGames on home court. Games: K. S. T. C. 10-Opponents 7. C Conferenceb K. S. T. C. 8-Opponents 6. Total Points: K. S. T. C. 468-Oppo nents 403. Page 99 "JIMMY" LovELEss 5 "TV" '4 CGM CGiean1.. If there was a star on the 1926 K. S. T. C. basketball squad, it was Captain "Jimmly" Loveless, all-state forward 1924 and 1926. Jimmy started the season with a rush, scoring 56 field goals in the first five games, and except for a short slunip, finished the season in the same style. "Johnny" Hoover was one of the freshmen Who made good. Johnny "lives" the game, playing hard every minute. He is unusually fast, and is a dead shot, a fact which can easily be seen by look- ing through the scores of any of this year's games. HJOHNNIEU Hoovmz Leo Duke is so tall he has to LEO DUKE Page-100 bend over to drop a ball in the basket. He gained prominence by dropping one in simultaneous with the crack of the gun in the first K. S. T. C.-C-. of E. game, thereby enabling the Yellowjackets to beat the Monks, 27 to 26. . . ,..,.., pu -'fr :--,- .- .ef- A" f T .. 444.1 - - .-.1-...arena--., .- ,Ya y - L- -1 f L- . -5 "Slim" Campbell showed that football is not the only sport on which he thrives. Slim, not satis- fied With honors gained on the ,i44.L,u4.-.Ln..... . v , -- -Q- gridiron, played a classy game at guard position on the basketball squad. HUMPYH LIGHTER "Gus" Fish, All-American high "SLIM" CAMPBELL "Humpy" Lighter, another sen- ior member, played the best game of his college career in the 1926 season. Humpy is one of the most consistent players on the squad. school guard in 1924, enrolled in K. S. T. C. and proceeded to show the World that he could play col- lege basketball as Well as high school. He Was handicapped most of the season with a sprained ankle. 4 f-f1sLa:.Q.v,.f-Aen,51pw5i1-.lit - .qf ' -fic f ' f, "Gus" FISH . . -. - 1, Page 101 "Wm" TRUSLER "Wis" and "Wid" Trusler fol- lowed in the footsteps of their brother "Vic," former star K. S. T. C. athlete and coach, and made "K's" in their first year of college basketball. Winning majority of the games played this year, "Mac" McGahan entered his quintet in the national tournament. The real strength of the Yellowjackets was shown by their ability to Win over Pittsburg, placing them in. the semi-finals. By this victory, and by fans' com-- ments of the style of basketball played by the Hornets, it may be said that "Mads" quintet is the strongest team in the Kansas Con- ference. The team suffered a loss when little Johnny Hoover sprained his ankle, and was unable to take part in the last two games. Johnny is "WIS" TRUSLER HORN sg jxfq. V.. Page 102 the fastest floor man in the -state, and works to perfection with Jimmy Loveless, the scoring machine of the Hornets. Leo Duke, legs, and arms, center and guard, the only man to receive special distinction by the fans for his ability to regain the ball under the basket, and protect his basket. And if ranking is to be considered, We have fourth best team in the United States. - 4' H 9 fl VW? X C-7 X X f I , x . , H -ff Nx ,f -3 X X X X X N-. T.-. ,f+"' -.' . .'v,-' 1'7" ,.'.4 -' T- .. , , - W Q .1 sy L Q. -v 1' .Li .. L ,V ,l-..-Y . , Qoach Oyfargiss COACH "BILL" HARGISS, one of the outstanding coaches of the country, presents another State Championship Track Team. He not only coached a winning team, but developed several individual stars and record breakers of state, national, and world records. We can always bank on "Bill" hav- ing a winning team. He is a constant companion to his team, and a friend to all. ummary of the .State efbffcerw 100-Yard Dnsln-Woii by Lois Williams, Ii. S. T. C.: lvissler, Southwestern, second: liige NVillia.ms, K. S. T. C., third: Lidikay, Baker, fourth. Time-9:9 seconds. Mile Ruin-Woii by VV. Nicolson, Fairmount: Upson. K. S. T. C., second: Davis, Me- Pherson, third: Axtell, Pittsburg, fourth. Time-Al minutes, 31.1 seconds. 440:Y1ll'1l IJSINII-'IVVUTI by Lidikay, Baker: NV. Smith, Baker, second: Kellogg, Fair- mount, third: Barlow, Pittsburg, fourth. Time---18.3 seconds. High l-lux-alles-VVOn by Vlfeber, K. S. T. C.: Binford, Pittsburg, second: Martin, Baker, third: Coup, Kansas Wesleyan, fourth. Time-15.7 seconds. 1-lull Mlle-VVon by Snodgrass. Pittsburg: Gunn, St. Marys, second: Fink, K. S. T. C., third: Myer, K. S. TL C.. fourth. Time-V1 minute, 57.5 seconds. Low Hurdles-lvon by Vtfeber, K. S. T. C.: George. C. of E., second: Wissler, South- western, third: Fowler, Pittsburg, fourth. Time-24.8 seconds. 220-Yard Dash-VVon by Lois VVilliamS, K. S. T. C.: Lige Vkfilliams, K. S. T. C., Second: Burgtorf, Baker, third: Hooper, Pittsburg, fourth. Time-21.4 seconds. Two-Mile limi-VVOn by XV. Nicolson, Fairmount: Frazier, Kansas Xvesleyan, second: Rossel, Friends, third: Neville, Southwestern, fourth. Time-9 minutes, 58 seconds. - Pole Vault-W'on by McKown, K. S, T. C.3 Butterfield, Pittsburg, and Replogle, C. of E., tied for second and third: Dobson and Clay, Southwestern, tied for fourth. Height- 13 feet, 2 inches. . Slxotput--Won by John Kuck, K. S. T1 C.: Purma, Pittsburg, second: Binford, Pitts- burg, third: R. Barclay, Bethany, fourth. Distance-48 feet, 11 inches. B 'ond Jenin-VVon by Cy Spangler, Bethel: L. Gunn, C. of E., second: Dobson, South- estern, tl.ird: Barlow, Pittsburg, fourth. Distance-22 feet, 4 1-4 inches. Jams-eliu-Wuxi by John Kuck, K.,S. T. C.: Murphy, St. Ma.ry's, second: Bcvans, K. S. T. C., third: Skelton, Pittsburg, fourth. Distance-199 feet, 4 inches. Discus-XVon by Skelton, Pittsburg: Purma, Pittsburg, second: Binford, Pittsburg, third: Kuck, K. S. T. C., fourth. Distance-130 feet, 7 inches. l-ligh .hunp-Quasebarth, K. S. T. C., and Barnes, Bethany, tied for first and second: Edmundson, C. of E.. and Fowler, Pittsburg, tied for third and fourth. Height+6 feet. Mile lieluy-Won by Pittsburg fBll1'l0WV, Hooper, Shnpcott, Snodgrassl: K. S. T. C., second: Friends, third: Hays, fourth. Baker finished first in 3 minutes, 26 seconds, but was disqualified. Starter and Referee--Gwinn Henry, Missouri. ., ., T . . .- -- ,,-. . . . F fsf--..-.4 -'ff--I -.-:T '-, :Y -stfz-+ -.,-,ii-sf .gf 1 1 Q 54 J Q 1 1 V' .34 .2 - '- ,.. - , Page 1 1f7'L-fr-,,:f :' -1 I 525' 5 i ' ily ,gi 2.2 S r , '4 J I' If ,L :Lil . -TN ,ik ff Mr if ,ijt I 1 , :L 7 'il 1,1 ill? " 1 l iw Ally'-lfrlf IN A i' L l' , Ei? 1 '51 li! ,,r 5. ii 5 172 FJ, 'k LT - . ,A gg .1 ' 125, av-.w-.1 --me-v-a.-as-24.64--as-S--f 2-Heb-:I-1.u-wsu-.ev1fQ: 1-v:i65-:v,q-kg Qqlgguypgfmz-:wrrmzu-:nfs Q.--c-I-xogama-mbwwxpr - , -Wi W M Y f 4 F- - - -K - 1 H ---A E -A-M-,I U- , V . A s I-U-wb-W V -V E f' ' -' -uf' , Cghe Squad ' "Bill" Hargiss-Dean Triplett , Tolle, Coffey, Ryman, Wilson, Upson, Weston, Kuck, Tuggle, Burris, Weber, Stengel, Pearcy, McKee Williams, Jacques, Fink, Garrett, McKoWn, Lighter, Knoor H. Garret, Allen, Austin, Lige Williams Concannon, Davenport,,Sn.yder, Lane, Myer, Barndt, Kuck, Hainline, Dawson, Bevan SEM' VVnrl1l's and A mn-rivan ,lax xX'1ll'lll.S and Ann-rim-an -' " , 'in ' v World Records 120-YARD .I-llfill I-IUIIDLES Record-14 4-10 seconds, TC, J. 'I'h0mpson, 1920. lnlvrvollegiatt- lll'l'lll'1l-ll I-10 set-wmt1s, IG. J. 'l'hnmpsan, Dartmoutlx, 1920, Kansas lh-lays In-1-nrul----15 5-10 sccuncls, Cl'2IXVl'Hl'l-I, liniversity of Iowa. !V0rl4l's Il1'1'0l'cl-151 fm POLE YA U Ill' t, ti inches, Charles 1l'0l'f, TJC'l1lT1ill'k. 1922. lute-rt-ollm-gxiaiv lh-1-owl-13 feet, 1 inch, H. A. Gardner, Yale, 11112, Kansas lh-lay lh-vm-el-12 feet, 9 invlles. Mc'Kmvn, Eniprwia State 'feacliers College. 16-P0 UND SHOT? UT Record-51 feet. Ralph Rose, California, 1909. Iain-rm-ollm-g'i:ute lla-1-oral--19 feet. 10 Il-4 inches, R. l.. Beatty, Columbia University, 1912. Kansas Rm-lay In-1-ard--11 feel, T 1-S inches, Parma, Kansas State- Teachers College, I'ittslnlrg:'. 100- Y A Il ll UA SH xv0l'Ill'N and A an-rivan llc:-on-11-9.0 seconds, D. J. Kelley, 19045, H. P. Drew, 1914, C NV. Patldocli. 1921. Intq-rcollegiatc Record-9.6 seconds, D. J. Kelley, Oregon, 1906, I-1. P. Drew, University ui' Southern California, 191-lg C. XV. Paddovk, University of Southern California, 1921. Kansas Ih-lay Rm-ol-el-10.1 seconds. Erwin, Kansas State Agricultural College. Ill! OA D J U M I' XVorl1l's and Ann-ricau lun-rn-ollupxizute In-nord-25 fool, 112 inches, 112. O. Guurclin, Harvard, Cambridge, Mass., 1'J"1 1 .... In-1-oral--25 feet, 3 inches. E. O. Gourdin, 1921. Kansas lh-lay llvvnrll- nu, 'I'oIlu, Tallml, Myer Kansas Relay R4-coral-2 2 XVorlul's and .'KIll0l'il'1lll feel. Graham, Kansas. 'l'XVO-MILE f.'0IlIll'lGlG RIGLAY R I11lllll1f'S, 521.4 SPC'lllll'lS, l':ll"lIllll'i2l Stair- 'l'6'2lk'ill'l'S Calif-gn !Sum- J. 220-YARD LOXV .HURDLES lh-cm-11-23.2 seconds, C. R. Brookins, 1923. Intercollegiate llocnwl-23.2 seconds, C. R. Brookins, University of iowa. 1923. Kansas Relay l:0l'0l'II-'-425.5 st-ounrls, Riley, Kansas State Agricultural Cullfzge, H A IAF-Ml LE C0l.I.ls1G IG IIEIIA Y Kansas Ih-lay In-cord-1 minute, 32 seennfls, Butler College, Indianapolis, Intl., fNor- 1 m, Kilg,'m'0, Carraway, XVOrld's and Ann-rican Gray 9 . DISCUS 'PHROXV Rom-ard-1541 feet, 1 3-8 inches, James Duncan, 1912. Isnt:-rc-calls-giauio In-1-ard--155 ft-et, 2 invhes., A. VV, Nlucks, .University nf YVisarmsiu, 1916. Kansas lhvlay lh-coral-1252 feet, 10 I2-S inches, Aug'O, T-laskel. XYm'l1l's and A mm-rican HIGH JUMI' lh-coral-li feet, 7 5-S inches, E. Beeson, California. 1914. lug.-reall.-giufu 114-4-m-41-6 feet, 6 1-S inches, Horine, Stainforcl. 1912. Kansas R1-lay In-4-orsl--6 fa-vt, 1-4 inch, Poor, l'niver:-:ity ut' Kansas. JAVEIJN xv'0l'lll'N R4-can-ll-216 feet, 10 1-3 inches, .I. Myyra, Finland, 1919. :xllll'l'il'1lll and lnteroolleglatu Record-2031 feel, tl 1-2 inches, hillton S. Angler, Uni- uisity of Illinois, at Drake Relays. 1923. . Kansas Rc-lay R1-coral-193 feet, 5 inches, Milton: S. Angrier, University of illinois. ' ga IQII :. ! 1 ' 1 , F IQMCIQGYDKCCIQZUH., Sincfe Earl 1X'l'CKrnvn has hm-n at the Kansas State 'lfezmliersw Colle-ge ho has boen busy hlw-uking 1'ec'n1'c1s. This X01-ll' at thc- Drzike Relaxys McKuw'n vaulted 13 fee-t. 2 :ind T-8 inches, which is thv- Wu1'1d's culloge record. I"eh1'lml'y 17, 1923, in the K. C, A. C. invitation mc-et in C'flHVE'l1l.i0l1 Hall. M.cKown vault:-tl 12 feet, 10 inches, setting u wm'ld's indoor record. Kucik. thv man that has the pusli that puslms u 16-pnund shot 18 feet, 11 inchvs, This is zz national i11Lm'c-nllegiate u-cord. Knck not only is g'oor1 ut push- ing the shut hut has the schrml record in jislvolin, throwing' it 1115 fer'-l. Page 107 V ,if xg , m"- --we -- 6 6'--if X I I I in I I 2. a CAPT. JOE WEBER Hwrdler CLEM TUGGLE Hflvlf-Mile Relay On April 16, the Yellowjackets easily carried off the honors of the triangular meet between Okla- homa, C. of E. and K. S. T. C., breaking six conference records and taking nine firsts out of fif- teen. Total tally: K. S. T. C. ...... 66 Oklahoma ...... 36 C. of E. . . . . . EARL MICKOWN Pole Vault Weber VV'i1m'ing the Hzvrrlles from OlClfLl1,0'I'l7-IL i.-.?i.... 3... W .. , , ,,i,,,.,'-'- . !"'-.,, 11 E1 1' 1 , C5 --H, ,,, .UT -,......LQ, A -wie-v-NA . Page 108 -T,..li.,.1.l.Y1 ,v '. .- r- ar ul I .,,,, '1T':-""1""L'!5:""""""'f4. ,.i..,-ie'-'--,, . -ni ,-,f 1,1 ,E T 4 js. E1 ,lui-,f -. L, 34.1. ALFRED QUASEBARTH H 'igh J ump Captain Weber broke the low hurdle record, Lois Williams the 220-yard dash, Earl McKown broke his own pole Vault record, and John Kuck broke both the javelin throw and shotput. In addition to these records, many firsts, seconds and thirds were made, piling up the score to a greater figure than the sum of the other two contesting schools. il, JOHN KUCK Shot, Javelin, Discus BILL UPSON Mile, Half-Mile -1. JFK " . n ' I . ,,, . , Y , lil: Q 'Si"'a- r - jr Q 1 ' -- " ' .... -2 ' .5535 i H N vi vi W wfu 1,45 ,.,3hyzgfls!HwUi we-A , . ,, 1 ',Y.::!l-4. ' QS: an if . uvuifsq Dmn Tfrigflatf VVf1fUIIf'i'l'l,fl the Dafily Workouts '--s...V-, ,,M,,,,, ,-.,.., A.-- ,. .. - ,Q--"QT 'g iff Y , -s...,s , W, .. ,.,n-,, .,..., uf 1- riavzr-:P":A.fU.'f:'-:r1.1f fi' I K. .1-, fl, 'I ' 4545?-?eAA,+1L4--f "' ' "' 'A' Page 109 wg-Aan, f fv--t. .,-,,,,,.--,- ,-,-,.,-...Y Q12jF. f'ffl'f"s'fff1f'se" I I I ' I sr iii Wlfas WILBUIQ MYER Half-Mile ., K. 'A 1 1 'lim 'fi HOWARD TOLLE Quwrtev'-Mile, Relay The Yellowjacket cinder artists carried away the state honors by running, throwing, Vaulting and jumping a total score of 56 points. State records fell so fast that it seemed that the meets of previous years were but high school meets. Nine state records were smashed, six being broken by K. S. T. C. 'mem Pittsburg, our sister school, took second place in the meet, scoring 38 points. lik ' .- :. .3 FRAN K KUCK J cw e lm Myer Wiiming the Qzcfwtev'-Mile and Tying the State Record r-na'-Mv1':-filfhamf-.-rfowaAxufsxrv.wir---'I -I ' 'J ' -1' fmt "V ' Page 110 wif", Us 'r' f'-f1':"ff"f":fff'2'1':f1s1I A "' - I X- Il i, ll Ei :lf .ill Ilzf lv 1113 il' il l i in 3 iii . ,W - 2 BILL SNYDER Q9 100-Yard, 220-Yam 1, ug ' A i W E , i E. 1? ill :yy li- ll .i AF. 'le I4 li V gr - .il i 25 2 , , 5' i . 5 1 l l Z ,f.R.:-,.. ' qi -:'za4. ,::. -.,, gl, .45 .4 -.- - . N .,,.-,., ,,,, L.. wi' ...ri-. -7. l4.x,- Earl McKoWn, competing last year on the Yellowjacket squad and who in the past three years has calledl the national sport fans' attention to his brilliant vaulting, set a new vaulting record at 13 feet 2 inches. This record has never been approached in this part of the country and probably will stand for many years in the Kansas Conference. I T I m " "g?i411vsfEv-2-anis: 'FR V gin., .Wal Kimi -lj ll EARL BEVAN J afvelin 5 ,S ' ' .1 -JL GEORGE BARNDT Discus, Javelin i 1 1 4 4 r ' A 14 , 1 ll fl Y l . All if li . ? ,i , , n if l l ,, 1 ' 3, iii. if Ili ill n' , w. 'J A he 1. 1 IVICKOQUWL Clecwing the Bm' at Tlmirteen Feet u .finer-v nu-1 ww'-an , '- 'frxu-'M' .ne '-5-T12-uivvwuui12.21134...-.,'.'..--.gggnnfhalw-A '1 v - , ,'3...,.i.g,,f.,,.y Y, Y H A Y .V Page 111 14. .r '- . . F?" . f" 5- v-,gf f,.-,'-c1'vsax-11Qf,th1Ac"J4.n 1 , . - 1 I,:f i A Lols WILLIAMS 100-Ycurd, 220-Yard 'ff .rd 4 QL 555,14- IOHNNY CoNCANNob 100- Ycwcl, 220- Yufwl Relay L.f'ffQ 1' E I l .F N s- I. 'fl ' ' if l- ' "'ll?'51Fwff"i'f3""" oifrgiil Lois William-s, a sophomore, ran one of the best races ever run on a Kansas Conference stadium, set- ting a new record of the 220-yard dash at 21.4. Captain Joe Weber established a new record in the 220-yard low hurdles at 24.8. John Kuck, the outstanding man on th-e field, broke two rec- ords, putting the shot to a new mark of 48 feet 11 inches. He also hurled the javelin 199 feet 4 inches. This is within a few feet of the worldfs record. Sport fans expect Kuck to establish a new wor1d's record before he takes his degree from this school. 2.5-qg'Ei'5f.,,liE ELIJAH WILLIAMS 100-Yard, 220-Yard 1 5 f .fff--lv V- , .. .trdxssvw E ,. . -354,1 'QE ' , .L 'iijji .Mgt :ea iff? ,, . ....- i +L . fy-A J Wimzing the 100-Yard Dash, in 9.8. ,,- ff? ., 'if " -.f f . ---,U . l -. vi- .' -H i 'Y "F . ,,,,?.,,.,,..,..s. -.Me-s...,4,,,,,,,f,.-,f....f..,.. . at ' gl- -. . ...- Page 112 L .. M- -M. l V ,gas-' ' -- l.-u n , 4 rf-amx'-n-11-"ts,:fP-P1 t " :Ly . . - -i-ig, 1-T 7 ,YY-, ,-.. ....-,.,.N,.E,, , is , , ,W q , 2'-ls' --as as-a..,L-.41'q jT-I?1F3-.C:1w"-.' sz..-,. 3 W 14-7 -4- 4'P'-- 1-ff --f - f ,Q l l - P 4 1 E ' It ,, I 1 FLEX' I-I .J 1 lli-9Yi l SCHYLER BURRIS Javelin Alfred Quasebarth, an all- around athlete, broke the high jump record at six feet. He has a higher record than this, jump- ing six feet two and a half inches, however, that meet was with the Missouri University and out of the Kansas Conference. This was the largest and best track team K. S. T. C. has ever had, and a large per cent of these men will participate from one to three more years, thus we are looking forward for more smashed records, and conference cham- pionships. Tn! llfl MENZO HAINLINE Quafrteo'-Mile Relay "fl . if 1 CHESTER DAVENPORT -Two-Mile lL:., -A - s 1 L 51-V ... Clearing the Bam' at 5 11 1-2. ,f--?? ,XM ,, - q .,.. 6 '5'ti11": I 1 i l S I. .ai . Q I l i ' I : r I! 2 i l 'T l y' W e E i l l fl 1. ' l i I f g 'i s e l ,gl . If . l l , ill l i f it ll f i I ! f l 'i32Z'g' El Tile . ....4..,..-.. ..- l 4 The 5 tate e9bfeerN There were fourteen teams that entered the state meet last year, and by their scores We can esti- mate their relative strength: . -Illilu I ' CARL WESTON H urclles K. S. T. C. . . . . . .56 points Pittsburg' . . . . .38 ipoints Baker ..... . . .13 points Fairmount ............ 12 points College of Emporia .... 10 points . 1 Southwestern ....... , . 9 points St. Mary'-s ....... .. Gpoints A ARLINGTON PEARCY Broad J wmp I I l l !l. . ANDERSON W1LsoN Broad Jufmyz K. S. T. C.'s K. U. AND DRAKE RELAY TEAM 2-Mile Relay-Tuggle, Fink, Upson, Myer Page 114 1 11 Xi ,l i HARLEY GARRET 220 H ufrclles Bethel ....... . . 5 points Bethany ....... . . 5 points Kansas Wesleyan . . . . 4 points Friends ........ . . 4 points McPherson . . . . . 2 points Hays .,.... .......... 1 point Ottawa and Washburn did not score a point. .V . LEROY STENZEL Qzmmtev'-Mile, R clay HUGH HAMILTON High. J ufmp Nu ff,,,,,.' sz 1. On the Marky Get Setg Go Y' Page 115 KJ, -M...-1-19-9-,:.-..,, .J , -v un-cfvnu-'nrfw-bf :di x"' .fd F E-11" ' -' ' 1 , .n - Q 1 Nil. .Blg all HOWARD LANE Mile, Two-Mile Af - Ls, .1111 ll AARON FINK H al f-M ile, Quarter- Mile, Relay "1 -4'- .rr -r-. l D 5. 1 4 1. ... I n 'r-.w-s4.'-r--qwqqfwfu--rw-1 There is one sure indication of spring around the K. S. T. C. cam- pus. When Dean Triplett begins his strolls over the track with a stop Watch in his hand, you can lay aside your "heavies" and rest assured that "Spring has come." Dean Triplett is always on the job, helping the coach and the men with their tryouts, and his en- thusiasm coupled With his exper- ience, makes hiin a Valuable asset in this capacity. FRANK GARRET Half-Mile McKown 'in Action 5 I ,-? 11-:,f, ' . -..Y -. .A-f -A ---v--------445. .1 , ra. xX,,,,,,e---, ',',..,--Y-.?4,jF..."f' ,3.-:,,.g,.1 '....s22.2,,. L Page 116 --E -- Iv 4 .V A A. A A .vgzg-rx: t. .-4- , . rl., 1 EU 'Ui O x H In u .I - Inor' fports in H 'DIE- age 117 l ' 5,-,I P'f',1'r' bl'ZT'f'I f Cfffennisfv Coach Clair K. Turner is a handy man around the campus. In addition to his regular class Work, he takes part and helps in all departments of ath- letics. CLAIR TURNER Coach, He sponsored one of the best parades ever seen in Emporia. Through his influence, the .fraternity and sorority houses were nicely decorated for homecoming. The Phi Epsilon Phi Pep Fraternity is the result of Mr. Turner's work. Mr. Turner did not let the above interfere with his coach- ing and developing a good tennis team. A Anderson, Drake, Freeland, Eckdall, McKim, Shull -- , . 4. - ..,, f--1-,-..-W Page 118 t P -P Three meets were held last year, this being the first time that K. S. T. C. had participated in the minor sport. K. S. T. C. .... 3-Ottawa ...3 K. S. T. C. .... 7-C. of E. ...2 K. S. T. C. .... 4-Ottawa ...2 Total ..... 14 7 place. K5 N mr.: .sf "DICK" DRAKE "Dinty" Davis, Winner of the summer tennis tournament, will strengthen the team, and at the present time is training and prac- ticing. Eckdall and Drake are taking their daily Workouts, and with the new material that is out for the team this spring, We are hoping to carry off the honors with ease. "TED" ANDERSON Captain Of this team only one man grad- uated, Ted Anderson, and al- though "Andy" was a very con- sistent and good player, we have several men that can take his FRANK ECKDALL Page 119 . . Eiffi' malt . ------ - A-f.-g- A.---?.-Y V - -lx. A 1113.3 5 'V I .' Tp -AFR' 'Q 'Lf' '.HrL.aa4..'w....f...,., I J - . , . -H .X Nonwooon SHULL drums. T fl In the first meet, Ottawa in- vaded the Teachers' court, winning three matches, and losing three, tying the meet. These were hard fought and very evenly matches. The K. S. T. C. team was com-- posed of Anderson, Shull, Eckdall and Freeland. . The second meeting was held on the C. of E. court. We dealt C. of E. a smashing defeat, 7-2. This team was composed of Anderson, Shull, Eckdall, Freeland, Davis, and Smith. The third meet was held on the Ottawa court, and after six hard fought sets, the Teachers started for home with the long end of the score, 4-2. l?.'-'llPDl I DAN MCKIM In the tennis tournament, our sl,5r7':.z LESTER FREELAND victory over Ottawa placed our team in the semi-finals, which were played off in Emporia. We drew Bethany, beating them 3-2 in one of the mfost spectacular matches of the year. We lost to Southwestern in the finals. l . 1.1-4... - l !'v1'l42H'v-' twia' il Al "-J l V CI !2"7"7l".'?'E'i".'f"'Yti'L4"E2"'T"if'ZLf'iX"f'1 A.. M .Y-f W- .. -a -- ---a , - X- --1 ,y Page 120 ,Af-X, Amir,- l 141 .-..-.,, ,M-A Y 1 YA YY "' -' - - - -- - -Y----H --l .-.-fiq-K - ff. -4 - ---- --- A-1, v--- x ---' -A-we dwg-- ,.- e - -M1 Y-if 13, ,:qi.-'l-11-g.,-Uw-t.:1,- -.,-- , W - W . a JE. E .ji 5' . ff I I 5 i , 1 E il 1. VE hi 191 tl l 2 sg' if W. LJ ii' 4 Crawford, I-Ioard, Strange, Mallary, Doubrava, Coffey iff Rice, Horton, Allen, Harlan, Moser gig' Wolever, Brandt, Moreland, Hunt, McDougal, Gropp it .iii ll' I gs Cfdhe wrestling Squad fi 1.1. Q33 Coach "Pin" Malloryfs Yellowjacket Wrestling team 3.5 has had a very successful season, having forty men to Work li i 4 with, and entering into seven matches. The total score of these matches gives the Teachers College the mat cham- H pionship in the Kansas Conference. 2 Captain McDougal, Brandt, Huebner, Moser, and E., Wolever will receive letters this year. 5 L 1 2 if I 4 . l Q. I MN- , ,... .. . ., ,. -A...- - he - .-- -Fail?-"'5?"' :TT-ik. . A ,.. Q. ... ..'! Fw--'vw-1:-Hr?-'E-'1-- 1-. . 'i J, 13" 4'-1 Cm -,:' -'-- Qin-A-any-.-?.::' Page 121 I . LW 'Q F Richmond, Loveless, Culp, Levell, F. Kuck, Fink, Upson Weston, M. Hainline, Olson, A. Hainline, E. Smith, J. Kuck, Sughrue Meyer, Weber, Regnier, McDougal, Eckdall, Baird, Lighter, Sipe Tuggle, Ridgeway, Hoch, Concannon, Lane, Bailey, Firebaugh CCl5'he "K" Climb The K. Club is an organization composed of athletes that have received .a letter in some athletic event. This group handles all the athletic events of the school, such as state basketball tournaments, track meets. In addition to this Work, the men officiate games throughout the state, and are preparing to become future coaches. . -.- 'Q' 1 Q- - H- A Page 122 Z - XS ,ful S kll H X n V J 1 5, ' ' .WWF I E X '-..v -3- I , A Kffb : ' q?- Omenlrf A fhleficzg :U H: '-xtsw . 5 , 1 .f.'99'l 'UN 'Q' ,Y YM Y V -7 ' DW! CS LTDTFLCIWNTE iran, 'lg.1L'jL"'T41T ' -. -f- -fa - ---s- -f , -1 Tepartment of 'Physical Education for Tdomen., COACHING STAFF H cad of Department --.-..... -. ..-.......--. Edna McCullough I nstwtctoi' --.-----.-..-. ....-....-......... A gnes Thumser I'I1,SM'1lCt09' ---------- - --- Catherine Callahan Instructor -- - -- --... Marion Flanders Instfructor ----. -.-......-.....-.....-.....-.. Daisy Simpson The aim of the Women's Department of Physical Edu-V cation is exercise for all women. With this end in view practically every branch of physical education is taughtg from the major sports, as hockey and basketball, to tennis, volley ball, swimming, dancing, clogging, apparatus, and corrective work. This makes it possible for every girl who will make some extra effort to win an athletic award. '-"Outside of regular class activities color tournaments are held in basketball, for all girls enrolled in that sportg class games are run off in basketball, baseball and hockey. A track me-et is held in the spring. Rhythmic circle is composed of girls chosen by the faculty because of their especially proficient dancing. They meet one ev-ening every week and work out dances for chapel, evening programs and other exhibitions. Hiking groups leave the gym prac- tically every hour of the day in spring and fall to complete a total of 50 miles. This year an apparatus meeting was held .shortly be- fore the Christmas holidays. Practically all the girls par- ticipating were physical education majors. 1 f' iaiiqi Page 12.4 WOMEN'S ATHLETIC BOARD Butler, Minrow, McCullough, Fitzsimmons, Thumser, Cope, Goodwin 'ZOJomen's :Athletic cflssociation.. The Women's Athletic Association is one of the most active and serviceable or- ganizations on the campus. It sponsors many activities during the year for the girls of the school. At the beginning of the first semester a garden party was given for all girls enrolled in school. In October four delegates were sent to the state conven- tion at Pittsburg. The local organization was elected treasurer of the state associa- tion for the coming year. On January 4th, a New Year's dinner was held at the Mit-Way Hotel for all new and old members. Abouty seventy-five girls were present. By means of hiking and making class hockey teams, about fifty girls were added to the membership roll of the closed association. The vaudeville, sponsored by the W. A. A., was given February 25. Probably the most useful thing that the W. A. A. does is to take charge of the game activities at the all-chool parties. One of the events to which the girls look forward to, is the annual dinner dance which is held in the spring just before the close of the semester. This year the associaiton observed a week known as Health Week, by outlining some phase of health for each day of the week. THE GIRL USHERS Sheehan, Cushing, Butler, McCullough, Patrick, Weaver, Tholen, Fitzsimmons, Austin, Foltz, Shank, Taylor. Page 125 -1.-. M ..--. , .xr-- , .N AT . Riddle, Fox, House, Callahan, West, Waisner, Mareau, Archer, Austin, Caton, Hahn ,Swimming In the last few years, proficiency in swimming among K. S. T. C. women students has increased so that there are at present two large classes in deep water or advanced swimming, not to mention the six shallow water classes for beginners. In addition tothe advanced classes, extra work in diving and life saving is done outside of class hours. In January two meets were held, one for beginners and one for advanced people. , Misses Lula Allison, Cecil Francis, Blema Snider and Mary Hart with six points each, , tied for first place in the shallow water meet, and Miss Dorothy Caton of Kansas City, who is a member of the K. C. A. C. diving team, won the deep water mleet. Early in February, Mr. Mareau, the National Red Cross Life Saving representative for this district, made us a visit and held several classes in life saving instruction and review. Examiners who were re-appointed for this year are: ,Catherine Callahan, Frances Waisner, Mildred House and Ellen Hahn. These examiners together with others who passed the life saving test form the Red Cross Life Saving Corps who have done volunteer work in life saving in patrolling the Neosho and Cottonwood rivers. - if H ---a H- I Page 120' VIE .554-my w-rw-wt.-vi -WA. I Qj 1 rj 'aj ' -, 4,-V .' -W L .P,.,.,,,., .!,,,,,,.,,,..,, eibfiss fDo'ro1:l1y Qatons Miss Dorothy Caton is one of the best swimmers in this section of the country. She is a member of the Kan- sas City Athletic Club, and a holder of several records in fancy diving, and the hundred yard breast stroke race. Last summer Miss Caton entered the inter-city swims ming meet at Kansas City, winning the low board fancy diving and the hundred yard breast stroke. She was a member of the K. C. A. C. girls' relay team which Won first place in the sam-e meet. This winter she entered the national Western division of the Athletic Association held at Kansas City, winning the hundred yard race, and placed second in the relay race. -enszl-iv-K5-1-'Vx' .f '- 4- 4 Q' ,-1--vfgifr A -eu.,-Lj,.'. C" V " Page 127 nlgunIIluInlunulunllunlunulnnnnlnnulunnll THE R CI IInllIu1IllnlulnlIlullIllIllllIlullIllllullllllululuuun nun:nunnuunnnnluuunnnunnnulInnlunnnnnlnununuunnnnnun HMIC LE nQ3f Q3 ms? uunnnnunnlnnlnu1unnunnunnn-unInInmnluunnulnnluum WGMEN ASSQCIATIQ lllllnlulnllnnnlllnlulnlllunlunnullllnlnnlnnnlnllllulluunululau THLETIC AUDEVILLE lnulnnn.uuul 'Y'Y1-A JUNIOR AND SENIOR TEAM Goodwin, Fitzsimmons, Woodson, Bulter, Pfleger, Wilson, Snider, Patrick, Jensen Milne, Cope, D. West Cgfockey Hockey might well be called the King of Autumn Sports for Women. The popularity of the sport has in- creased rapidly and the enthusiasm of the players made up for the defects of the athletic field. Many hockey enthus- iasts played on Saturday mornings as Well as during the week. , Every afternoon a line of girls would run across the CEIHIDLIS, line up across the field and practice passing, drib- SOPHOMORE TEAM Hart, Austin, Archer, Cushing, Bevan, Bevan, Fox, M. West Blankenship, Weaver .,':is.1"f ,. f" 1. - Y '. I , Ep.'Z- s-i':"f- -17'-,-'g-vf5f"r?3-Y Page 132 i'fMiii: FRE SHMAN TEAM Kirchoff, Reynolds, Clapp, McCullough, Stephens, Waugh, Bemis, Caton, Rhodes, Francis, Parson, Lippincott bling, lunging, and all the other mechanics of hockey which must be learned. When these were mastered the real games began and excitement ran high. Who can forget the thrill of the bully, the players on their toes, every eye on the ball, the clashing of sticks, the pass to the wing and the desper- ate battle waged in the striking circle. Perhaps the goal is made, perhaps the ball is sent outside, or it may be sent swiftly up the field by a hard hitting fullback. And then the race of the halfbacks and forward line to the other goal, and another battle fought just as furiously up there. A foul is called, the anxious players guard each other and keep an eye on the ball at the same time. Hockey has spirit and dash that very few sports have. As the season waned, class teams were chosen by the faculty, and battles raged between classes while a large crowd of enthusiastic spectators sat on the sidelines. At the close of the last game there was a feed for every girl enrolled in hockey. The feed was held around a large bonfire on the field west of Morse Hall. At the close of the festivities, which included speeches, songs and food, the long expected event took place which gave honor where honor was due. The following players who had been judged most proficient in playing ability, sportsmanship, and teamwork, were chosen for the varsity team: Cecil Butler, Lucille Carbaugh, Dorothy Caton, Esther Cope, Catherine Lippincott, Alberta McCullough, Isobel Milne, Ruth Pat- rick, Esther Pfleger, Blema Snider, Mildred West and Thelma Wilson. . Next year on the new women's athletic field, hockey will become one of the most popular sports on the campus. Everybody be there when the whistle blows for the first "bully" of 1926. Page 135' ,i ,i YM' t .-tl., -1.-,Y D- ii. ' JUNIOR-SENIOR TEAM Esther Cope Cj. c.l, Winona Woodson fgl, Cecil Butler Cgj, Ruth Patrick if and capt.J, Blema Snider fgl, Prudence Maddern ffl, and Lila Goodwin ffl. Dorris West is not in the picture. igasketballn With the coming of winter, the hockey, tennis, and hiking enthusiasts were driven indoors by the sharp winds and basketball reigned supreme. There was an unusually large enrollment in the section for underclassmen which made it necessary to divide the freshmen into three sections. When the second semester was well started, a color tournament was played. Every girl enrolled in basketball took part in these games. Four games were played every evening until the field was narrowed to four teams, the pink, brown, orange and SOPHOMORE TEAM Ermadell Craft fs. c.j, Elsie Bevan fj. c.J, Pearl Bevan Cgj, and Alberta Mc- - Cullough fj. c.J . Cecil Francis fs. c.J, Nelle Baird ffl, Lucille' Miller fgj. Dorothy Caton ff. and capt.l, not in the picture. Page 1.34 FRESHMEN TEAM Maurine Allen ffl, Viola Waugh fs. c.l, Neva Morris ffl, May Davison fgl, Mollie Dolecek fj. c. and capt.l plaid. The orange and brown Went to the finals, Where the orange triumphed. The officials of the tournament were physical education majors. The class teams were picked from those who displayed the most ability in the color tournament. In the first game the sophomores defeated the junior-seniors, 36-19. In the second game the sophomores defeated the freshman 22-21, and in the third game the freshman defeated the junior-seniors 24-13. On Monday, March 29, a basketball feed was given for all girls enrolled in basketball. At this feed the honorary varsity was named. Those receiving the honors were: Nelle Baird ffl, Dorothy Caton ffl, Mollie Dolecek fj. c.l, Viola Waugh fs. c.l, Cecil Butler fgl, and Pearl Beven fgl. HONORARY VARSITY TEAM ' Cecil Butler fgl, Mollie Dolecek fj. c.l, Pearl Bevan fgl, Viola Waugh fs. c.l, Nelle Baird ffl, Blema Snider fgl. Center-Dorothy Caton ff. and capt.l Page 135 -:rl-"' 'Sf' f ::'1 ,Q 1 ,W , ,- 1 - , Y -:,. v...' nA.5..,f5g.::1-5-QT? Sf .inf V Q. 1- " 5 A--,jrlj " qi A, A -. C Pj- :g:..a.i":.'-'in li, unix- f .UL l Henderson, Goodwin, Allen, Rech, Beil, Small, Ballance, Poort, Stevens., Hart Case, I. Gatternian, Combs, Miss Thumser, Baird, Sheehan, Steves, Austin, Miss Cal- lahan, Edwards Butler, Carbaugh, M. Gardner, Sanders, Prince, McKeever, Woodson, Cope, Crowley Reynolds Sigler, Miller, Foley, Fitzsimmons, Fox, Miss McCullough, Milne, Miss Flanders, Miss Simpson Caton, Lippincott, Weaver, Carmichael, E, Jensen, Patterson, Stark, Blankenship Maddern Thysiccd Education Qlub At the close of each school year we usually feel that the past year has been more successful than former years. However, considering the favorable group of new physical education majors, this year, it looks as if the physical edu- cation department has a promising future. The course of study gives the students opportunity to choose from a variety of physical activities. The greatest aim is "health for all" and not the development of a few experts. Under the direction of our five faculty members the physical edu- cation majors have a wonderful opportunity for specializa- tion. n-Kgeiefsg ffnfflffl' LL Q :L nr li5""9'a"' H---4-:ff 'f'-f Page 136 tw -'FK' mga I A 2 1 'P Book 111 Activities k AA Y - i....,7,.Y?7.,.....,--- . g.L..?-- ,N , ,-,v,.. .-. -v- -A L.. W it-- : . .5 -I , A N If x Slikfa-15-xz.,' V l L W v- - 1 ,. 4 J I- J : T. P-if A. - ,ig 3 F i ' .4 41,7 , ' 1 ,Um .4 fx,-Vqfx V-N61 xx'-xxwxf-1 xwxxw-x . ramatlcs' 11hLLLj,.J 13 - H 1 U? -1-in-ra' . T., -,..-,.,,.-an ..,..-..-J ,. .-.. , -ff Y ,.1- ., :fn-N' Page 1?7 PROF. F. L. GILSON EDWARD STAADT Head of Public Spealcing Autlwo' of Department "'O Sole Mio" Cghe Qilson 'Players The Gilson Players are a group of students and faculty members from the department of speech, chosen by the head of the department. They present plays in many towns of Kansas, their purpose being to give advanced training in play producing to those who merit it, and to bring drama of higher quality to school audiences. 1' 3. . GROUP OF GILSON PLAYERS ON TOUR WITH THE CADMEAN CHAUTAUQUA-SUMMER, 1926 I "GIVE 8: TAKE" By Aaron Hoffman John Bauer --- ----..-.--.----------- -------- F . L. GilS011 Jack Bauer ..... .............. .... - - - Henry Ellenberger Marion Kruger --- .........-..........-.--- ---- M irlam Gilson Albert Kruger --- -....-.............-----.-- ---- K enneth Scott A --- --- fPicture not in this groupl. .--. --- Paul Thornton -..J 1- .,:- Q-'Tw --N---+I A 'Wig' J 1 r 4- - as--f-A 1 '- Page 138 JH I Tift. 5 1.-If PII: L-A-.ufvrg-Q X' 1 'QT' ' if - -4---' "CANDIDA" CAST 66 ' 77 andzcla A pleavsrmt play by George Be1'1uw'rl Shaw CHARACTERS Rev. James Mavor Morrell ------------ -----.------- --... C a rroll Noel Miss Proserpine, his stenographer --- ---- .-.....- G race Amick Alexander Mills, the curate -.----- ----.- - -- Henry Ellenberger Mr. Burgess, Candida's father -------------- --- ----- -m-.-. ' F. L. Gilson Candida, Morrel1's wife --------------- .--.-------- - -- Edna McMichael Eugene Marchbanks ------- --- John McCarthy x ,f ,,...........1".4 w' ,4..M.,.-Q.wf Tha: 'mv-fm'QTf,7"f1'it1f M- r--,f +L-u-Aff ' ' vi ' P zz g e 1 3 .9 Jfluff 1 ,4a9S'f" r.. .. Tffgflgy yy ys 1 rf-rp ldfjx,-,555 fm-fr .LjIfQg"'.fIfL'1f' l f t""o 'H 'L Tut ' N 'KO SOLE MIC" CAST "CO Sole QYDGOH CHARACTERS Karl Werner, a farmer --- - -------- .--- - --- Anna Werner, his wife ---- Elsie, their daughter Mrs. Seckler --------- Mrs. Wirklin --- Pietro ------- John Werner --- Maria ------- Dora Seckler --- --- F. L. Gilson -- Doris Pryor -- Nora Franz --- Stella Skeen --- Grace Amick ----- Mr. Staadt --- Kenneth Scott ----- Dortha Yeager Magdelena Young GILSON PLAYERS IN SCHOOL, 1925-'26 Edward Staadt Olive Trautwein Henry Ellenberger Theresa Olson Juanita Gwinner Kenneth Hamer Grace Amick Edna McMichael Carroll Noel John McCarthy Doris Pryor Nora Franz Stella Skeen Kenneth Scott Dortha Yeager Magdalena Young Maurine Sands Royal Alcott Paul Thornton I Q , uh-.64-,sg ,J ,,............,gQ-ff-iii "":iQi':rff -f ,ff'-Ziwfffar-Q' Pfge 140 Q4-xr, n' ,lj-'b9l' u..:' . 4,-f----Y,-, ,i 'J' , .f' :E LT I-T12 L.1fjX'-51,2125 W1 I-A '--- - V " -i-ill: 1--:Z-Y---?11-11 "' Qu' fag if T raw BILLIE LOVES . BETTY WW 1 f ff Q E556 ii id i4iL j3ubHcdhony H MWF ...J """' 'Q' Q Q ,.,, ..-, , , ...I P a g e 1 I, 1 KENNETH D. HAMER Eclitoo'-in-Chief CGM Sunflower We wish to thank the students and faculty for their kind co-operation throughout the year that has made it possible for us to edit the 1926 Sun-- flower. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to com- pile these records, and We hope your enjoy- ment and satisfaction will be as great While reading its contents. ROY LANE Business M cm age1 THE STAFF Hamer, Drake, Lane, Padgett, Thornton, Marmont Page 142 t ' e N?-7l?f l Bullet-in Board Fred L. Kildow E. R. Barrett Carl W. Salser William Upson Roy Lane , William Howel l Wid Trusler . HERSHEL KANNIEP. ROBERT L. WILSON Editor Business Ma-nagei The 'ifulletin Established in 1889 as The State Normal Quarterly, a fac- ulty controlled and edited publication, The Bulletin is now com- pleting its thirty-seventh year of existence. Not until 1901 was the old Normal Quarterly converted into a Weekly publication: it was then changed to The Bulletin and placed in the hands of student control. In November, 1923, it became a five-column semi-Weekly, and in February, 1926, in the twenty-fifth year of its publication, it was changed to a six-column semi-Weekly. The executive staff of The Bulletin is composed of the editor, business manager, and Bulletin board of two faculty members, four students, and a representative of the alumni as-- sociation. The business manager and editor act jointly on ques- tions concerning detailed policies and only questions of major importance are referred to the board. ' News relative to campus life is collected and Written by journalism students and by student contributors. The editorial policy is determined- by the editor, and all financial matters are settled by the business manager. T Page 14 ,lt .,- - ..-Y . "N,-re ' ' f'H-f"""e-t- ffl - .f.f.l,- 3 U ff? Ti' .lir-c-.'i'- ig an-gee?tf-,-lnf--fft-V-esa. .4 Q""" 4 "' ' X, C6116 'Ped fljen., First Published October, 1924 By the Scribblers Club The Ped Pen is a literary magazine, which is published four times each year by the members of the Scribblers Club of the Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Feeling the need of a definite incentive for a higher type of writing and a more practical goal toward which to strive, the Scribblers Club voted, in the fall of 1924, to issue a literary publication. A contest for choosing a name was held. From a list of more than two hundred and fifty names contributed, a committee selected "The Pedagogical Pen" or "The Ped Pen," which was suggested by Prof. W. H. Kerr, then librarian of Kellogg Library. Students, faculty members, and alumni of the Teachers College contribute ar- ticles to the magazine. The Ped Pen is printed in the college print shop by Everett Rich, B. S., '23, printer. STAFF Editors, 1924-'26 .....-...--. Lillian Valentine, Sarah C. Haller Ci1'czclal'ion Manager, 1924-'25 Cio'culatio'n, Mcmaigcr, 1925-'26 -------------U Randall Garrett -----.,----------- William Cary Sponsor ....-.--.--.-..-.---..-----. Mriss Teresa M. Ryan Faculty Advisor --.-------------------- Prof. E. R. Barrett HOMELAND By Randall Garrett, B. S., '25 fFrom The Ped Pen, May, 1925.5 Back to the land of the bunch-grass! Back to the rolling plain! Back where the eye will search the sky For a meager sign of rain! I'm hound for the open upland:-1, VVhe1'e starving leaves are curled, xVll0l'6 the Coyotes howl. and the prairie- owl Snoops round in the underworld. Give me the plains at midnight Yifhcn the silver moon's turned gold. And you may play your life away Vtfhcre blinding lights are sold. O, for the spicy prairie breath Of the sage and the purple spine, OI' the needle-stumps and the cactus- clumps And the red sand-Creeper vine! My heart for the Smoky Valley XVhen the wilderness winds lie still! My heart for a rest at the wind-whipped crest Of a low, long prairie hill! For I'1n ol' the open wastcvlands- Dorn 'nt-ath the brazen sky! And the ghost of the plains leaps in my veins XVhen the desert winds ride by. ElVLPO1RlA'S OLD SLDEYVALKS By Bessie Lewis, B. S.. '26 fF1'0ll'1 The Ped Pen, January, 1926.5 How dear to my heart are Em-poria's old sidewalks! Each morning anew their topography shows: Their highlands, their lowlands, their hills, and their valleys, Each characteristic mly fond fancy knows! Those rugged old sidewalks, 'Those saggy-seamed sidewalks, Those foot-tiring sidewalks I travel each day. How oft do I meet them-Emporia's old sidewalks- Each morning, each evening, each noon, and each night. In springtime I Wade them, in winter slide o'er them- . They bring every season some novel delight. Those heel-wearing sidewalks, Those sole-rending' sidewalks, Those corn-making' sidewalks I travel each day. Some day I shall leave tilGITI-"El'l'lDUl'l2L'S old sidewalks- No more their wild scenery my vision shall knowg 'I'hey'll live in my memory, l'll never fm'- gct them, l'll think of them always XVllCl'1,-Y4'l' I go. rl'll02'4t', mountainous sidewalks. Those lake-lrestrewn sidewalks. Those dear age-old sidewalk-: I travel each day. '?L::""1fi'12'? Fi-lf . "-A, ,uw M., ,,,.mi,., ,,,-. ,,..l.... ...,...... .. 'i Q3 132- CJ 'T:ff'w-"1?F-'f1-fJ211rff'- -" W ,,.Yc.....T ,- . Page 144 """'A'V' I eafuref Y" ,.. .4mm.u.., E ii 1: 5 2 H L :Nm l ,.nlvln.. ng. 1 W W 1 5 Q 1 P V Y E N4 4.--L., 4.4 I 1 5 . H g A ...N W, ,Hg - . 1, f gk A si 54 W 4 M- n " q. A Q 1 '. L ' ' ' '- , fggiizf 5 BY ,A , -qgN a':'3's,,-I:-'LW mimi v -x -rf W CQQK, mg' b f .L ff. Y Aviv- :C , 1, ,,, ,f.,,?fg+!-51351. " B, 1-gt. 3:,i1g,1r1g.- 274, A D. -f -f-,. f- , 1-.Q , - J.. b . .. -wr HQ -K, ' . :W-N-.ff L, W I, ,S 41' ., :ff 'N-,fi -r '. 4,57 H... 4. lr' - 'ff' -IKE! 1 lT:""" .L '., 1 .,f,Mh CH U: L Qi-51 if J X f Belief' M gggjrlifm V , ,, .. ....,,...4T.. ...,- f -,.m..,f. ,...,f,.Y ,...,....,-,Z -..-........ .,v. .7.n,,..w..-, V-.. Y . 1 z.: I' V 5 5 'Z'. - , . . 2 . 'V 1' M: ' ' . ...W - fu- f 'az S., f 1 f "X ' x V ' ' 1' ' A , V 1 will v Y , 17,1 - -nl ' ai 1 -V ff "5......,+-ma..--.,-...- ..,...,v..--.-. Nr-"-Q. - 1 - .w-v-.--Q-an-gg-,-Q.-a....-.-..,.a. ,QA ,,, ... ,,, - -1. ,.,,. , .. , .90 .I -1-QL.-.4 1 "1 wg ff-' " . .1 i f t7"v'-:1wf.w f .- ' "w.af,"1 13 ' r ,T T! . Er I . 1 'f ' ll v..?a.?:f'ffg V 1 H '11 -' '4 5 Nfl ff? ,. 1 ff Lip. .15 , 'A . 1 1 . --Vgwifesi X . -. . A1 ' Jw 1 - 1 ' V 1 'S A 4 V . v i : ' , -A .Q-QSM . ' :M Egg.. A- 1 f ' ,w:.. .- Q-.4 3 . Eh- -, L . L ! .. L ' .-IEQZSQN-vw: ,lf T-:ggi fL:fg'5r1'. 1.1 '- - z, if: '13 z , lv-,iff -. H -- , 14 '.f-FKIW1, 1 'f iii F". 'f'?7.1'1. L:t1 ill: ...zyfqv . J. 5'-.I-aw. - .-'.v- P' K- , . .. . . ,'lT.?'51 .'i'i"i'3f'14f P f ,-Zi.-.-'fr 14 g fi ,4 !. .K . 1... 1:-fa. : ,,., . ,,,. .f 'L'--fs? h.1,.'- -ejfl i J.. 332 Q NF2'2E's5f?"'5?f43 1 1:-N .sldifzyssif-:N ujfl,-', f22qF1T1:31 ...f.jv-Q15-I " '1 , M. 4-... .V .f , ...,, ,WI ., Q... . , W . If l.'!- Qs 1.-1 . . S. 0, HW. : 2wQ'Eg'fff'74 f - fag 4 .. 1 - if gl-1' ' - hz -' 1-. :rv lg px r.-3-Af,-. .,,,..: , ' 63:2-, -ff, L' 5.1. .EL 15,5 . 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A fe 'Rib .,-U. -I' , , NL. 711 441' f'E5Jfrw iff" aff -,.:,- 1 1 4 Lv 'I' 3,22 :ff his 5 X, -..'mj.,A,.5Lgj - 5 w E3-M '.., ' - ' 'fl 2 ,,Q...ff:p... . . y ff.: -':,.. ' 421 V . fm. 'wa , i-2?.1:fx"""f:-5fr"f"?., ' Tflvzeigvf-775Ekff-rf zf1+2f"f256?5:?i?-'PW'" fvwfva:flei?'1'??Tf?'ffr:4rf'2f3"" ?"1 '1"'f"" 1-,Nik -fx' W, -va .V ., - , mms: ,L 1. ,,,w,, , .K 'Fifi-5-'-Ava.-A-L-Lk-4-.-4..' ... V,-1 shi. - -....-a1s.,S-..g.4,,,,.,N,.,g,g.,,L,,,v1 klig... -.,i':':Q.AL. ., 1.225- L l. V- ' ' ' . ' . L .,bA , . 5g1.'V . . A ' 1 I U, W . .Gig K . , :L N1 W. fc ' 'Q ' I .Y MAN . 4:34. , V'-V 1 t fi 1,-Wi? , W ' i' .r ki ,FL I . V 57 . A Z' .,,-. ' ' 1' rf fLl.3' N - 2 gi ,rf -" It 3 .. , .1--1 5, ,, ' 1 -. . W ' - 3 '1 , 'I 2 , A P , 11. -L-, - W. y 'F' 4.'.Jif ' ' y Qlegfifv. V.: 'Z 5225-"J 1 W - ' ' .1 l . W up 1. 1 PGY? ,1'--11 -' .4 Q". .., " L 4? ' N ' -'.-,-If J Y, ' i' 5 'xg E. 1 . N . 5 V ' , 1.11 ' 1 w , , . ', :Q7 -X li V i 1 F 1 "pf , 1 E rw fa- xv 4 b W , .V .A , ,i igm L . .135 4' - fn ' I F . V ' V . 4 : .. , V! nf - ' 1' ' .. 1' . 4, , 1 5 kf ,' 'Q .V H 3 1 f ' . , ...gg T' V I .N , 5- . 1 w ' , ' ' I M53 ' j ui.-N-1 4.5, ' ltfit , .3 1,1 "Q A ' 'Nm ., 1 1" 1--213. ' L' ' ' I.-, ., H: Af ai. 1. f.3f::-Ep' iglf' 1 ' We ' . uf' nw bf Vi Q J 'E 'Pg' - , :fs 1 ' f 5 , . is ff , . I li Q? 3 , e v.+gi..iffiffA ., , K :, ww, .. . ,,,Al . , ,. ill? -. 1315. - . 4 - '55 gi: ' , I. V V --iw 532,212 . .1 , E -f-. , . .JAN 354, i xfwiq ' rl 9. 15 .fi-EJ S . ",Ng'E31 . H I Tiggjvgiv-. .i,,,,g..4, -4, ,. , I . ,fL.L,'1.,,1'y .. ,- . Lf- ,:- H -NV I, , .. 1... A, . . F- viii.. . -Y w - :him -. .. Q 1-. L ali 1- f1,.' .zf fi?" .iw fn v MJT 'ju n Q1 f .11 .E .E fig-4 , .Q 1,2 1 Q", J. I.u, tgrvz ' ff: s 3135? ' HQ 'lifeq 'Ni 1.1 ,. Q.. .,.1 1 . ,-.-,wg ,. ' X. .W -Q, . . w M M-XL' 1 . 3:5 .J 'JZ fa ,Qi :fi J iff -'We w , .1. 4 .A 'C :Q 3 ., .H 125 fq ... .f .15 1 .ff by ' a 2 5151 :fy ' 'fig vi-1 5:1 -ff DQ fs- P i 6 N .-1 1 -yn -.--me-if - nr i' r -. .- H Y- 13 - ff' ' ' ' '- L ' , ' f ' f- ggi gs Y ' ,gg , " ' L, H' A ,vm " 1 . FW If. N -- M g .n- Y ,Qs X Amir? 4, V11 ffl" -- M 4 J - ffm: xwffa, X, ' - wmv V . - - , , . , , N A :??L2'f gif: 1' ' 25. lk. :iff 5' ak, '. R, Y. Lp .B 3, ' 'F' f 9.1 Ji? L,- gggqf, 33' Tig' ,., -ww -' wax' 1-r -3 ml! I -, v fm 151 1 Tx.: 131:11 " Ql - fi 5 j. 3-, 1-if ur . V , .msg Y '. f 3 ev' . ' mv, V ' We J, -1 F3'?'fi-41.1 ,' ?f1Gf?:,:, ' L3,gQ:qn'i T V555 Qi: if :rx . tj by-a 5- 5553 " EA?f'T'f 1 N.. he 1::..,,.-.,.e.,-.- ....-.....,-6-f.:...,V1vM-... 2,.-..-u.Q-- Kansas City, Missouri April 7, 1926 Mr. llenxxeth B. Hamer, Editor, Sunflower, K.S.'l'.C. Emporia, Kansas. Dear Llr. Hamer: I am very glad to have been of assistance to you In the aaleotion of the Sunflower Beauties. It always seomo rather a hopeless tasf: to judge feminine beauty from photographs, for after the selection is made I feel Guilty because I know that many that did not place among the winners really should be there. However, the photographs are the things that final ly appear in the book and must be so judged. I nope that there will be no one offended because of the decisions I have made. with beet personal regards, I am Cordially yours! SML? Early last fall we set about to select six beauties. There were sixty-four pictures sent away in the first group to be judged, from which twelve beauties were selected. These twelve were sent a second time to thc Aims Dupoint Photographers, N. Y., Mr. Sax making the final selection of six. The SHl'lfl01IfC'l' is greatly indebted to Downs and Taylor for placing their entire stock of wearing apparel at the disposal of the Sunflower belles. We wish to thank lVlr.'Chase for the careful work and interest he gave the contestants. We wish to thank Mr. Sax and Mr. Fitzer, both artists, and judges of our Sunflower belles. Let us heartily COI'lg'l'llflUltllZC them. wwf" ' ":'tL:ff'.L+g2.A gy, ,V -E Y. ' j I 417- I-,ii ffl" '14 IL' V Q'.:-L..f-i171s1ff:1i:'Ef5f?"f'f'i??'av,3L 9 Q we 7' QQ P I n ' I-,HI-K 1 ' 2 A , Kg 'SH ' f ff - 1, z ff U64 X x, " ,CvK x P K, 'L cs-bafe v:', , Dj- ' U ,,1....a..:5.,m,fg,.fGi?i.f11.?f..,g" -gfwfy gif Ti V V- -mx MV wiv fi VF, CL Q G 1 6 1 A M3-25 v X '- 5 GEORGE R. R. PFLAUM Debate Coach A. B., Northwestern Col- lege, Naperville, Ill., A. M., Cornell University. f' 'fl ' '?T, ,rf qoffensicw EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Extemporaneous speaking is a progres- sive speech art that is rapidly coming into prominence. Last year K. S. T. C. was en- tered in one extemporaneous speaking con,- test, but this year has signed up for four such contests. These contests promise to con- tinue in growth and to offer to students in- terested in extemsporaneous speaking the best kind of training which will fit them. for prac- tical use in later life. Extemporaneous speak- ing is an art that is used in every-day life more than any other form of speech, and presages Well for the student who partir-ifwates in this form of forensic work. K. S. T. C. also fosters a state-wide high schooluextem- poi-aneous speaking contest in connection wiih the Kansas State Scholarship contest which is held May 1. EXTEMPORANEOUS SQUAD Bixby, Gilchrist, Loney, Kirkland, Holman, Swender, Essig, Mills ,. . --Nl ,. - .....-.,,a.. .4 -J Page .162 , ' , g,c4.:.... - 'i.T'I'L7'l'- -Q ' -1 gig 'Tivill fllelvatef Probably at the present time no forsenic activity creates as much interest as does debate. Kansas State Teachers College has ventured out on a number of new projects and has increased its debate -schedule as well as the other forensic schedules so that this year it has presented the largest forensic schedule in the history of the school. Early in the year members of last yearfs debate squad participated in a number of debates called "demonstration debates," which Kansas State Teachers College teams debated against each other in front of some high school audience. The object of these debates was to give the debaters practical experience and to discuss questions of interest in different communities. The sub- jects treated this year were Child Labor, the Eighteenth Amendment, and Liberalism vs. Fundamentalism. The debates met with-a great deal of success and the open forums, or public discussions following the debates proved very educational. The women's debate teams were entered in the Kansas State Debating League and ranked second, losing only two debates. The question for debate was a phase of the Child Labor amendment, and of the fourteen debates held in this league, the negative side of the question won two de- bates, K. S. T. C. team being one of the negative teams to secure a decision. Another feature of this activity were the 'fextemporaneous debates," in which a question was selected between two eams early in the morn- ing, the teams allowed to work all day, and the question discussed in the evening. These debates proved Very interesting and beneficial. THE W'OMEN'S DEBATE SQUAD McClun, Vosburgh, Karr, Nichols Bower, French, Jackson, Turner, Broshous Allen, Hart, Spencer, Loomis ee 'D 'j Q T-Q P cl, g 4: 165' rig , . ' ' 'flrfali ' K' V Wai: Y 'jj TI 1- 'lvl ,L " E :T-217 iIl1'v':r"":'- TH:-4 1f"1T',"'i-fail 'Debato CQont.j Each year the Teachers College sends its teams on extensive trips. This year a men's debating team took a trip up into Iowa, going as far north as Cedar Falls. This trip is an annual event offered to the debaters for efficient Work and service. Two debate teams are being sent out to Estes Park to the national Pi Kappa Delta tournament. Last year, aside from the regular scheduled debate trips, the Women made a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado. This Western trip is also an annual event. Seventeen debates were held by the debate squad this year with only three defeats. Aside from these trips and training in debate, the forensic work of Kansas State Teachers College offers membership in Pi Kappa Delta, the largest national forensic organization in the United States. The Zeta' chapter at Kansas State Teachers College is one of the largest chapters. This year thirty Pi Kappa Delta keys have been awarded to students who participated in forensic activities. The local chapter is on an active Work- ing basis and promises to make forensics one of the outstanding extra- curricular activities. MEN'S DEBATE SQUAD Huebner, Mills, Lindahl, Adams, Alcott, Moreland, Holman Hamer, Forbes, Seacat, Bixby, Hoover, Furst, Sellers Essig, Loney, Stillman, Gropp, Colthorp, Mase ,,,,q.....f..,FT-..4rLf aa. J-- .f-,.' 1 1 ' Q, , 3:""'f'vf+2-L':"'f""5'+"""vr"fr'-'f"W'f"1""""""' ,- Page 164 M ly- W it This negative team met Kansas City Law School, Iowa State, Drake, Iowa State Teachers' College, not losing a debate on the trip. Hamer and Alcott were chosen to represent K. S. T. C. at the National Pi Kappa Delta convention held at Estes Park, Colo. They ranked third in the nation, defeating North-. western, South Dakota, Sterling, Pittsburg, Morn- ing Side, Iowa, and Augas- tiena. They were defeated by Aberdeen. ORATORY K. S. T. C. holds ora- torical membership in two state leagues. The men are memsbers of the Kan- sas State Oratorical Asso- ciation of which 'thirteen schools are members. This year the Kansas State Teachers College represen- tative ranked third in thought and composition. The women are members of the Women's State Ora- torical Association in which there are seven col- leges. Mrs. Sheldon won first place. Page 165 X 1 , rua.: it v.wv .J '7,,- :J Q 1' reef T 'f-.,- Tl- i ' 'jf' ' ,.:...... -4, -4 .L ,, , wr HI., . -f J, haf, .W-'W-"....--7-.':U-5-W:-fff: f - A --' ' x Snaps of debate trips taken this year. Four debates in Iowa the first trip, and to Estes Park to the National Pi Kappa Delta Conventiong the second of the major trips. +J..g'.-,-f-...:,a.1.1.L-.f--,g:f.TfJg5Q.sf-f::.,-L25-d.Q' 1 53 O C- i'-F-FG-Ivifba-vw-0"" "Wf"'Refi P fi g e 1 6 6 AFNTI i"j'Q::"-"': - ,-e155 Book IV Organizations g MV' Eifxflffg E v-"-'Ev A. -,l 4.22-17 ff' X- 'X N '1 gjA,Mji4'l pf UU!" ,'- , x-f" 1' ee Rhea 2 fi nn I UI Page Page 168 -LM, .4f.f,e....,..,.. V--,H , , . U- H , 1 L -. .. L.- il:---ML, -.-L.---, 'V' F ,L-5 .qi lifnn-. u.n.rP" i..a---.. :sau Kappa Sigma Epsilon Founded at the Kansas State Normal School 1915 Flo-wer-White Carnation Colors-Purple and Gold , Publicutiovz-"Frat Food" CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Kenneth D. Hamer, Pres. Hamilton Frank C. Gard --- M. E. Davis, Historian --Douglas James McCoy --- George Hensley - ----- Emporia Juniors Otis Thornton, V-Pres. --Madison Leland Richardson Minneapolis Clearwater Emporia Walter Buck --------- Emporia Herman Schlobohm. ---- Reading' Sophomorcs Horatio Parmenter, Social Harry Douglas --- ----- Oxford Secretary --------- Kingman John McCarthy ------ Emporia Joseph Lutz, Treasurer ---- Olpe Darrel Mase --- -- Minneapolis Fresltmen Harry Burnap ------- Emporia Halbert Jerrick ------- Goddard Thomas Shriver ---. Wellington Herbert Clavvson --- ---- Newton Asahel West ---- .---- Emporia Paul Johnson ----- --- Quincy Alfred McKee ----- Garden City John Hoover --- ----- Newton ' PLEDGES Roy Leatherberry - ---- Emporia Darrell Prunty ----- Wellington Wid Trusler ----- -- Marion Leo Duke ------ --- Wichita Wis Trusler ----- --- Marion Lenord DeMoss -- -- Kinsley Clarence Wilson ..-... Emporia Joe Myer ------ ----- Emporia HOUSE MOTHER Mrs. C. W. Crawford SPONSORS Mr. Willis Carothers Mr. Franklin L. Gilson Dr. H. G. Lull Mr. Geo. R. R. Pflaum Page 109 'fp f '. , -.-Q-.rg-1,-',x-x',w-an--:sv-H -4 f-F4 J , I 1 J- I , 1- J , , ,- .4 ' ,, r 3- - ,. , ,K ,1,.aAv11J..f1ff1uu,f:-Lnm-fx-1'-nz .,R, , , A., ,-,..A ,, -. ,,-,- ,--..-, -..- l 1,1 -.....-.. 4- , -.4 5.-Q-,-f 1:-. age 1 . T - if. , , .Lnt.T"""f ir' 'L :lf vi gr arse-ff"4-L'f-wi7f1TF5514- iw- u.. ...W----.,5..:. .-- , 4 :gM-,s,J.!l" V V, ,,41v,,-.-..,, ,.... .if-V-1 Thi fDelta Qjhi Founded at Kansas State Teachers College 1921 ' Colors-Red and White Flower-White 108 East Twelth Avenue CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Henry Ellenberger---- Emporia Orville Nanninga Neill Shell ----- Edwin Sheldon - Carl Brandner -- Don Farquahrson Frank Harris - -- Clarence Barnes - Ralph Bartley ----- Harold Hunt --- Floyd Wellman - George Bell --- Charles Mohler --- -- Emporia Lee Leavell ---------- --- Allen Clarence Thompson .--- - Bucklin Effingham Clem Tuggle ---- ..--- Oskaloosa William Upson Emporia Leward Fish -- Jmz.io1's Lincoln Ray Smith --------- Mulvane Hershel Kannier Lane --..- , ....- ElDorado Roy Soplz,omo'rcs Oskaloosa Hayes Wardrip Pawhattara Wallace Sipe --------- Burlington Albert Tarro ---- ----- McLouth Vernon Veron ---- Anderson Wilson . ------- Allen F"I'GSllf'I1Z.C"l'L Berry Edgar Haniaker Marlin Brown --------- Albert Mueller - St. Joseph, Mo. PLEDGES l -- Emporia Carnation - --- - Emporia Deerfield Neodesha Emporia ElDorado Medicine Lodge .- --- Madison Everest --- Osage City ---- Ness City ElDorado Scott Meyers -- Chandler, Okla. Edwin Schrag --- Mound Ridge Madison Downing --.- Deerfield Harold Hunt --.-- Junction City Chester Laughlin --.- Manhattan La 'Verne Spear - --.--- Wamego Robert Anderson -------- Axtell Carl Horn ------ -.-- Miltonvale Harvey Gish ------- White City Kenneth Thompson .--- Neodesha , Harold Fahring ---------- Lebo SPONSORS F. B. Ross Clair K, 'Furner V. A. Davis ap-1-4 1 1--T .4-n.nn,: vu-xv.-A 4 .. A - v-1-rw.-lrnfzavy rumor- -"""" Plbgd 17 X' ,....- Y, , .ff , .,....... . ..... ., , , 1.3.--...,?.9.5,,f.g. I , W ' . '1 LJ rv' C2 xg-g,.-.-.f33Li.p,...,.,,....,.,g:rQ..4.1ai-s1a+..- 'Q-f 1. klinf--'TE-Z-19 ""' ' ' "' -"' "W ' ' P I -" ,LMSQ M ,, ,.-,,3- -Q-Us 4.07 71-:i,g.,,, V - -Q l.. N. J! LT I I F LLQP, v'1- 11 , in-L4-2g:4.:4.1T11:1, li 'f ' -H' " '-V -2:-fr ff 41w -.X nga 172 Qi-5 z.ai+'i13"e fm., L ,. -,qu T. I, Q57 31641: 515 rN1'.fZ-t31-vii. 121. e ,1 ' M A 'ri ' N Sigma CCs5'au Gamma Founded at Missouri State Teachers College, Warrensburg, Mo., 1920 - DELTA CHAPTER Installed at Kansas State Teachers College, January 20, 1920 Flowm'-White Rose Colors-Purple and White Publicavtion-"The Signet" CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Lee Rich -.--- --- Mound City Max Huebner - -.--.. Bushton George Osborn . ....-. Howard Clyde Swender . ...... Kincaid J1m,i01's Royal Alcott, President- Chanute Olin King ...------ -Burlington Richard Drake ----- -- Emporia Charles Schoonover --Kingsdown Soplz.omo'res Warren VVilley -.-.... Elmdale Alred Anderson .--.. Burlington Earl Rickard --- --- Emporia Theodore Bailey. ..-.... Bucklin Weldon Padgett --.. Clearwater William Snyder .....-. Bucklin Aaron Fink ----- -. -.... Downs George Herman. ---- -- Emporia Clarence Maier --- -..- Downs LeRoy Stenzel - ------ Emporia Roy Prickett --- -- Nickerson Paul Thornton . --..-. Emporia F"1'0SlL7lL8'l'L Vernor Cress -. .-..... Emporia George Ashley --La Grange, Ill. Edward Gordon Cottonwood Falls Willis Jones --------- Emporia Clairmore Ebel ..-.--.. Oswego Carl Colvin --- - --.-.. Utopia Clarence Foss --..-.. Nickerson Merle Cowan --... --- Emporigg, Clifford Jones --- .-.. Everest Thomas Macredie Clearwater Lee Mosler -- --- Oswego Abbott Crandall ---.-- Crandall Paul Hawley -..- ..-. B elpre Earl Cantrall -...... Fredonia Eual Snodgrass -..... Emporia Elmer Melia --------- Bucklin Kenneth Weesner -- Hutchinson Ralph Bartley -.--.- Pawhattan Dan Barthel .-.-..... Emporia Delbert Johnson ...... Wamego Forrest Wade --Kansas City, Mo. SPONSORS Mr. Rees Mr. Norman Goodbrocl I ' Q Y-B-H'1'r'T?Qi'i9?E1'?9"-if,."jZ'.f fa: f.. ""f1"-'-'m'7f""--11"-H-fl-'Q' 'P 1- ' Page 175' Page 17.4 .,,..,4.- ,. '-.. r. 1" ul I f LQF ' P 'Phi Sigma Epsilon., Founded at the Kansas State Teachers College 1910 F'lower-White Carnation Colors-Silver ---- Dodge City Robert Wilson --- Fred Lighter ------ Andrew Sughruei Roy Moser ---- Paul Moreland --..-. Gotlieb Richmond Chesley Culp -- Frank Eckdall - Kenneth Scott -- William Hower ---- Scmiors E and Old Rose --- Columbus Dodge City Jimmy Loveless ------ Emporia Pawhattan Floyd Firebaugh ------ Marion Burlington Robert Hudkins ------ Emporia J'Ll,N,i0I'S --- Alma Paul Dauner -- Hennessey, Okla. S0plzo'mov'cs -- Emporia Earl Ostrander ---- Hutchinson -- Emporia Arthur Hoch - Kansas City, Kan. Emporia Floyd Currier ------ Dodge City Hutchinson Arlie Hainline ------ Macksvilic Charles Larkin ---- Hutchinson Earl Bevan ------ Lost Springs John Concannon --- Garden City Menzo Hainline ----- Macksville Junior Gufler -------------- Emporia F7'HSl1,I7'LG'l'l Lawrence Carrier -.---- St. John Dewit Fish ------- -- Emporia Harold Dwelle -------- Emporia Harry Madden -------- Hugoton Andrew Oleson -.------------ Emporia PLEDGES Estel Spry --- --- Kansas City Stanley McCollum -- Dodge City Joe VVeber ----- ------- B urns Hugh Palmer ----.-- C01'1c01'dj:1, William Weber ---.----- Burns Alfred Helnian --- --- Norton Earl Howard -------- Emporia Vernon Griffith ------ Hartford Lester Ptacek --.---------.-.. Emporia SPONSORS Professor C. R. Phipps Professor Professor B. A. Nash F. G. Welsh Page 170 Page 1 J ,Tl?fL1. ...g. 'QE-l1.4.'fi 'jffpfr 5 T T ,Q--if JILL. Ci'-.71-E 111 , 111151 .f D DX Sigma ' GYYCM Telta Sigma Mu Delta is a new social and educational organization on the campus of the Kansas State Teachers College. Eligibility for membership in this fraternity is based upon affiliation with the Masonic or DeM'o1ay order. The purpose of Sigma M'u Delta is to promote the scholastic as well as social Welfare of its members, and friendship among all men on the campus. Flozver-Golden Calendula Colors-Sky Blue and Gold Publficaiimt-The Scimitar CHAPTER ROLL V Sen-iors W. J. Bryan Strange .--. Blue Rapids Edwin Calkins -.---..... -- Salina William Black ...-. -. ...-..-----. Emporia J imio rs Plummer Innis --.----- -- Climax Lawrence Hill --- -... Emporia Soplzomores Clinton Baldwin ---- Cottonwood Falls Charles W. H. Bye -.--.- Overbrook Howard V. Bixby .-..---.- Rossville Raymond Coltharp ...... Clay Center William Cary ....-------- Emporia Perry Stillman ----...--...-..- Nortonville Robert Forbes ......----. Cherryvale Frank Garrett -..-- ...-- D odge.City Edwin Henry --........ Dodge City Glenn W. Lindahl ........-. Agenda Anson Maddox .--...---... Deerfield Freslzmen ' Merle Allen .....-..-... Burlington Robert Nunemacher -' ....... Ashland Ralph Dean .-.....--.---. Richfield John Franklin Skinner ------ Marion Harold Hoover --.........---.... Ashland Pledges Glenn W. Gilchrist --------- Peabody Clifford Meade ...- --- Dodge City Randall VVolever ..-------- Emporia Marshall Shirley ..-- --- Emporia ' Arthur Kirby .............-.... Emporia Sponso'rs Mr. F. U. G. Agrelius Mr. H. E. Schrannnel 3. Q9 .t:"g.i'iT?:1':1'-E.-." .... -..'f..f" i, .l Page 177 2 Q .Anytime AT the House. fls PVebster zvus inefficient in giving zuszvords to desciibe ihis studzous grouyg qua have dra1on a picture for your unaguudzwL Page 178 ' - ,V Q . ---af-.-I--a'..Q I I I I I I. 'I I .I QU 'LIE f - I . - 2 2 'I I " E, je Q I -:EL ig IFN I! In I if ui ' ' B I' " f as it W IF f , rin -gp Ip sv .,', qu IB' ' II I 'WI -BE If I' ' VZ. . asji' B35 'I' I I 1 TV 724 sz I Q1 M!! QQ!-iff ororlflef IIE FMA ' EI I U: Z D 1 1 I 1 a I . . --,- , 2--'tw -"rv-1-L--I 1.- Page 179 s. M . g. fl yu 'ff QUJJ jp M n MJ X , ff J 180 . 4 ul fvvfv. . - f' .-:Karma--...z ,' 4 "r ' ' 1, ,. New ' o I ' " 1 Q ',5L-'-T3-5'i l'li1"""""""""--l'f4lv77 ,fn L, . - -.V-.,,.f,," x J Q... L-1. -e . v' fs Qllplia ,Sigma wfllplm Founded at Virginia State Normal, Farmville, Virginia, 1901. EPSILON EPSILON CHAPTER Installed at Kansas State Teachers College, 1917 Colors-Pea1'l White and Crimson Natiomnl Organ-The Phoenix Fluwe1's-Aster and Narcissus Secret Organ-Syrinx Grace Curran ...-. .... Dorothea Gufler .---..- Phon Johnson ..... -- Catherine Brower - Freida Cuthbertson Emma Jensen .--. Em.ble'm.s-Phoenix, Star, Crown, Palm Tree CHAPTER ROLL Srm'io'rs --- Atchison Eleanor Markley -- --- Emporia Isabel Milne ------ --- Emporia Esther Taylor -- Jmzioers - - - - - Junction City -------- Wichita -4 ..-...- Emporia Sylva Neill ....... ....... E mporia Soplw'n1m'es Louise Bauman .... Ft. Collins, Colo. Violet Cross ....-... -...-.- R eading Lida Eckdall ------------- Emporia Florence Kitty Hedginer .-.... Canton Carolyn Zeller ---N --..--..--. Oregon, Mo. ------ Belle' Plain ------- Atchison ----- Emporia Maurine Sands ............ Emporia Margaret Tholen ---------- Emporia Thecla Tholen ...-..-.--.- Humboldt Doris West --.--- Emporia Irene Marmont ......-.---. Emporia Gloria Moore -.--..-....-. Emporia Rachel Schlobohm ..-..-.... Reading Gladys Wilks -------- .F'I'6Sll,77?,GTL Ethel Adams -------------- Emporia Mary Alice Bordenkircher -- Emporia Iva Ferrier ..----- 4 ------- EITIWDOTIPI Madeline Finkle ---------- Emporia Jennie Jensen ------------- Emporla 1 Helen Williams ----..----. 4 -..... Oswego SPONSOR Miss Catherine E. Strouse A PA'rRoNEssEs Mrs. J. B. Brickell Mrs. Chas. Haynes Mrs. Archie Hunter Mrs. W. W. Parker - - Emporia Ruth Lewis ....-.......-... Topeka Helen Russell ..-.--.-..- Wellington Elladean Thomas -.----.--. Emporia Imogene Toliver ....-. .--.- A bilene Elizabeth Watson ..... Mrs. James Plumb Miss Mary Plumb Mrs. Edward Rowland Mrs. S. H. Warren 2.1, 2:19. 1 1,1 ..g- iz--512+ - - - - Wichita ,- -1,-,..-F...--,.. Page 181 i .. 'a . w T ! ...J . N -K., , , ,Y W .., - , --' . -- Y - Y Y . - T. .fie1ut'iFgffr?EE-Lift T445 5 1 ff J-I 'F 1 JCTK-'FE 152, QF-LTf3?':f43Ffn:2f"'fT1 ff -. - A T - - X E. . I V 239 K nf. 1 Q r R l Qu: fi ig' is Sis vig: aw if l" 5, A5 if it !l M 5 sf' ,255 51 5 5 .4 'Sn .gf 'is :L -5 af l is? ii 5 'z L - 3 ' 7 2---L .- Y - ., H 5,pg.. iF,.xg.j-M 5...fH.,.-6 1 'IL Q3 - cj I Page 182 X' ' J ,,,gf Lambda 'Phi Telta Installed at Kansas State Normal School, May, 1921 Colors-Gold Bronze and Blue Flowers-Aaron-Ward Rose and Forget- Dorothy Barber Ferne Elyea ..--- Esther Mathews Me-Not ,P?LbZ'i6lLlfi07'L--uTl'lG Triangle" CHAPTER ROLL Seniors ----------- Emporia Edna McMichael ----- ---- Almena Helen Pike ------------------ .---- Chanute Juniors ------------ Jewel Lucille Spencer ----- Sioux City, Iowa ------ ---- Eureka Sophomlores Myrle Barker .-... --------- B urns Louise Nagle -------------- St. John Joyce Stubbs ---- Mary Burnap -- --------- Emporia ----------- Emporia Hilda Miller --- - Blenda Stubbs ....- Carbondale ------- Emporia Maude Foltz ------------.. Newton Kathleen Sowerby --.-.----- Emporia Marian Hagan -..-- ---- N ewton Frances Waisner -.----.... Atchison Iyla Cracroft ...... -- Emporia Mildred Shehan ----------...... I-Ierington FT6SlL'll'L67L Mar-ineta Fife ............ Emporia Lucille Henderson ........ Neodesha I1-is Sigler .. ..........-... Norwich Edith Shanon ----.----------. Pratt Anona Edwards ....-.... Herington Ardene Stephens ........ Kansas City Keith Dole ---------------------- Almena Pledges Mary Hart ............ Minneapolis Elva Hinze ..-...-......-. Emporia Juanita G1-een ............ - Norwich A Katherine Fife --------- --- Emporia Ora Small ......... ..... N eodesha Lucille Wilson -----------.. Wichita Mildred Parsons .----...-. Neodesha Margarette Jones --- .-.. Reading HONORARY MEMBERS Otis Skinner -...--.- New York City Genevieve Hamper---Highlands, N. J. Robert Mantell -.-.-------- Highlands, N. J. SPONSORS Mrs. Frances B. Aiken Miss Catherine Callahan M-iss Martha B. Hatfield PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kopke Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Carothers Miss Ardene Phifer Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Buchtel Mr, and Mrs. J. P. Drake Mrs. Frank A. Beach Page 183 Q Page 184, l mfi fi- -xt' . ., ,,7, .,- ...M -..., QL.-f '1 T -- '-511: 'V 'CJR' -tj' ll' -' Th 35135-35,5-s'I.G1t,2g.':Eog.7,1A5,g, X -- ,i ,J 4 :Sigma Sigma Sigma Founded at Farmville, Virginia, 1898 PI CHAPTER Flower-Violet Colors-Purple and White Publication-"Tl1e Triangle" CHAPTER ROLL Se'rzim's Marjorie Jones .....---.--- Reading Theresa Olson .... Hazel Stanley -................ - Anthony Juniors Zenobia Alcott ..--........ Chanute Lucille Dauner .... Hennessey, Okla. Margaret Keller -- Anna Woodbury --- .... ---- -- Emporia Emporia Olivet Florence Deming ..---.---- Anthony Lillian Woods --- ---. Newton Soplwm-oo'es Fern Antle .............. Emporia Mary Anna Hilton .... -- Empgria Mildred Bass -- ..----.--.- Pratt Mildred Horton .-.. --- Ottawa Clarice Case ......-..------ Marion Velma Kane ....... --- Parsons Dorothea Eldred .--. Waynoka, Okla. Lorraine Myers ........... Atchison Geneva Freeburg -------- McPherson Marguerite Percival -.-..... Newfton Rozella George ....----.---- Oxford Marian Steetle ..... .... H oring-ton Lucille Hammack .---..---. Parsons Lorrene Warden ...-.--- Garden City A Bess Williams --------...-. .. ........ Lebo F'reslzme'r1, Dorothy Caton ..-.- Kansas City, Mo. Avis Kennedy ...... --- Wichita Edna Dodds ...-.---------- Lincoln Evelyn Starr -------. --- Wichita Dorothea Yeager --------..---... Wichita PLEDGES Myrl Barnhisal .-... --..-- W ichita Ruth Richardson --- .... Wichita Almeda Chatfield --- --- Burlingame Dorothy Seybold -- -- Atchison SPONSORS Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Eckdall Miss Katherine Fuller Miss Achsah May Harris PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Hausam Mr. and Mrs. Carl Salser Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Ross P5275 -if .,...,...,.,.-..,......, Page 185 gfww A- h -l,4.l 'Q E-'-54. 4 , -Y ..l..--l..z f.-1'-'-, .n7'9l'B.1' ?W' lf: II, Y ' 'N T 'ff,"1, .' 'U 6' 'Wk x24 ali -.L L I 4 5,517 m Ji, L'-x, 1 . s Q W I W .4 J., .,,,,.,. , .-- - -...- ., .. Tflzrf- '-....--..--...,.,.. 4. -Y .-.., -, ,V- ywuj.-uelrv-2uleo'xx1:runn'-Iwzgqk l 1 'Q I, 2 l I fi i Y' A V H v us--Q "" "'A' 7 ' U -A 7411? lk?-' ...rj Page 186 , A gis- 1 ""'i"' --"Yi T- - 1---. ze- A ' 13. -, .Q ,. . . --. fi 1 , Y Tl Kappa Sigma Founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1894 IOTA CHAPTER ..'-...s1q.Lg4..f-sw... ss.. Colm'-s-Turqouise Blue and Gold Flowers-Jonquil and Forget-Me-Not ' Publicatimv,-"The Laurel" CHAPTER ROLL Sennim' Nona Finnerty -..-.-... --..- Hartford Juniors Bernice Brush ......--..... Newton Madge Belts ......... -- Veva Koontz ---------------. Q--- Jetmore ' SO1UlL0?7L07'6S Cecile Bryant .-.......... Haviland Pauline Flack ..... Grace Clark ------ ------- A nthony Margaret Graham ......-.... Paola Pearl Knorp -------.--.--- Hazelton Lorena lVFcCaw .-..- Q ----..- E niporia Elizabeth Wood .................. Anthony Freslwnen Lanola Loy ......-.-- Council Grove Alta Markley ......-.--- 3 Scott City Merhl McDonald. -..... -- Della Lou Radford .--.. Ruth Watson ...... ...... L incoln Mary Bess Wilson ..... - - - - Newton --------- Topeka ------ Iola Leavenworth Kansas City Alberta McCullough Velma Parker .............. Willis -- - -- --- Emporia Ione Smith --------------..--.... Moran PLEDGES Doris Armour .....-...... E1Dorado Perle Poort ................ Topeka Ruth Austin .......... Garden City Beatrice Powell ............ Emporia Betty Burke -......... Independence Ethel Prince .....-......... Inman Opal Carmichael ........ Hutchinson Ethelmae Sidlow ........ Dodge City Lorena Frazier -.--------.-- Salina Mary Alice Volk ---....-.. Atchison Alice Nowles -------------- Glasgow Helen VVartick ---.--- --- Oxford Helen Winebi-ight .-........ Montrose, Colo. SPONSORS Mrs. H. G. Lull Miss Mable Jacobs Miss Agnes Thumser PATRONESSES Mrs. W. S. Kretsinger Mrs. D. D. Williams Mrs. E. W. Barker V, v.. Y,,,.-psy., ,dv :-- ww, -fn-if aww: :H-r-5. ' uh . 1 ' '. w--1--s4,..u-x-41. rw-4-"-.Lfrn 4-n,'1-f 1-'F ' Page 187 A . Af. J A Wi' 1' .As - f f W: V "'-"ff A-. V-1, .-Q .- -. ' - . - f ..... X-- ..... -. ' "' A' " "'5m""!xL 5212 gg, LA .SUIT .1.fLT".f'.' L- ,Ll-,. f M:-gm-,-J "C 1 Q' if Q5 Page 188 ' I. .1 I w,.! x J1- ap QI. f.. . ,' ti ,-V+. .,- .' A..-f . -3 . "' l' ' ' '- Z.. T-l 5 'L-4.11:-lv-1 :gf--we--1 -f, ""' .f9'?f'f5Y'f""Y'f."FElP'f",E.4 Mx., 'K' I, , LN 5- ' 1. ,- V. L-w, -, JE... -- ,."ff'f"l, ...:f',.f Edith Forrester - Cecil Butler ---- Laura Schafer .-........ Meredith Shepard Virgil Flora ----------- --- Trecy Howard -- Thelma Beveridge Ezeta Steffey --- Anna Mae Carey Qillpha Sigma Tdau Founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1900 KANSAS IOTA CHAPTER Installed at Kansas State Teachers College, 1923 Colors-E1ne1'alcl and Gold Flower- Publicfrcfiovv.-"The Ancho1"' CHAPTER ROLL Yellow Rose Seniors ---------- Emporia Birdene Cole -------------- Emporia -------- Madison Florence Boots ------ ----- Isabel Jzmio1's Vermillion Gertrude Moore ------ --- Gardner --------- Hamilton Pearl Baldridge ------- -- Kincaid Soyxhomores Chase - Magdelena Young --- .----.- Elmdale - ......... Anthony Elverta Hawley --- McPherson ---------- Russell Thelma Porter ---------- Enid, Okla, ------- Valley Falls Edna Murch ------------- Concordia Beulah Blankenship -------------... Chase ' Freslmwen VVilda Cline -------.-------- -- Kingman PLEDGES ---------- Readin Golda Hill ---------------- Peabody Chesba Clapp ------------ Hamilto f-I n Iva Gatterman ------------ Kinsley Mabel Jackson ...-.-...--.. Topeka Leta Swisher ----- --- Lyndon Grace Brown ..-..-----.--. Topeka Maude Berry ---------------- Virgil Bonnie Bishop ------ - ----- Lawrence Myrlie Fenner ---- Jewel City Evelyn Cleveland ------------ Moline Gladys Fenner ---------- Jewel City Mattiperl Cartmell ---.----- ---.. E mporia SPONSORS Miss Lena Brandoni Miss Carmille Holley PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Arnold Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Loomis ' Mr. and Mrs. Clark Jackson -+1-H--1"31iigf-wifewaive:-'feaefvifiaffi y Page 18.9 -up f :ve-Pl-I-fu . .-..-M-M. yg'g751 1: 1.1 ...,.,,-, ,. lk , U NH'---""""f'F""'fF1i'fi- ,......-...-....--. 2. Page 190 ' '-"'A J .-QL zz in 6 jjiwwawfw--1-w iii' " v V-.,V..:'s4u--x..rr-A42'-21 "" , i ,.-,-l.K J i, VTE' ' -.-f f,-ff .sm Qu mann ser:-as-1 au 4,- 4 TH ...l--X !P'E'?"'1' 5 Flower-Pink Rose Leona Bangs - Iola Bartley - Helene Fleener Cgheta Sigma Upsilon., Founded at the Kansas State Normal School, 1910 ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1921 Publicctiion--"Tlie Torch" ------------- Madison --N--- ------ Wichita Grace Amick ---------- Louise Ura Beagley ---------- Ruth Bilson - - - Co Zzrrs-Rose and Silver CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Florence Grinell -..--..-.. Americus Lucille Hunt -----......-.. Americus - - Newt on E dythe Shank ---- - J uniors - - - - Marion Pauline Rathburn - - - Val Bracht ----- .--..--.- A tchison Sopl1,o0u0'r'es -- Geneseo Lorah McCune ---- - - --- Eureka Lillian Carr .... ......... E mporia Sibyll Crone - Leota Grubb - Alice Hunt -- Joyce Johnson - - - Madison ------------- Chanute - - Americus ----------- Hiawatha Leora Cash -------------- Florence Maudie Grinell Ora Hefner -- ------------ Aniericus Reta Roth --.----- Lucille Kellogg Yates Center P, ,,..,. ,,,,-.,. f 1. , fl: 1 ,rzn , mc- ---- --- Atchison Conway Springs -- - - - Chanute Marian Montague --.------- Chanute Kathryn Peck ----- Martha Val Bracht - ------- Florence --- ---- Atchison Marie Van Wey ----.------ Dighton Helen Watt .-------- Veda NVise --.----- ----- Ellsworth Conway Springs F7'esh.men Roma Sachs -.--..----.--- Altamont Mildred Shank -.-...----.- Atchison Jessie Symms ...--------- Atchison Elsie Mae Wellman ------------ Cllerryvale PLEDGES --- Emporia lfViln1a Hamilton ...-.. Williamsburg -- Wellington Olive E. Potter -- --..-- Genesee SPONSOR Miss Queen C. Harper 151 1 S sig 52- i .lvfi ' Page 191 91-4. Lg T.IfIF.L,rJ'vjJg i l Q SL CJ W'ff.'I.'L. ..,. :l-.giix Q Page 1.9 , .vs-. .X " :J gf if if 1-.,'1',,g ', --,if ff. jj, V M ff.....,.tfL:......,A- ,e,f.,..,,.C..,, fllelta Sigma Epsilon., Founded 1914, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio Colors-Olive Green and Cream Flower-Cream Tea Rose Publication-"The Shield" Seniors Lucille Adams ......-- Emporia Ruth Bird -------- Phebe Butler -- Margaret Dean Freda Dickey ..... Blelna Snider -- ----- Great Bend -..----- Madison Emporia Valley Falls Lela. Adams -.....---- Emporia Willa Daniels ----.... Emporia Margaret Dwelle Juanita Gwinner Nelle Baird -..-...--... LeRoy Grace Blackburn Dessa Jane Bush .------ Sylvia Margaret Converse -... Violette Cushing ..-.... Mary Doyle --------- Deerfield Ruth Patrick ....---. Oskaloosa Keith Reigle --------- Emporia Aileen Sherer -- Rubye Smith Blackwell, Okla. ----- Emporia Abilene Esther Swart -- -- Hutchinson Jzmiors ' Lucille Kinney ...-.- Cherryvale Marie Specht -------. Emporia ------ Emporia Bertha Taylor ---------- Pratt ------ Emporia Thelma Wilson - Longmont, Colo. Sopho'mo'res V Lola McConnel --4--- Burlington ------ Emxporia Mary Mitchell ---------- Salina Amy Robinson ---.---- Sabetha Kinsley Ferne Toomey ------ Neodesha Downs Betty Yeager -- ---.. Ashland Peg Weaver -... --- Emporia Genevieve Kimlball ---- Neodesha Hazel Lawrence - ----- Neodesha Ffreshmen Beulah Dillenbach .... Florence Eleanor Neff -.-- Arkansas City Marcalin McMillan -- Hutchinson Mary Virginia Wylie -- Neodesha Kate Reynolds - Kansas City, Mo. Pledges Flossye Harris ---- Havensville Louise Haupt ....-..-- Topeka Ina Leavell ............ Allen Catherine Lippincott Kansas City SPONSORS Marian Flanders-Plymouth, N. H. Ruth Otterstrom ---- Chicago, Ill. Olive Trautwein ............ Winfield Rubye Odle -------- Hutchinson Rebecca Paddock - - - Cherryvale Viola Waugh ...-...- Oskaloosa Isabel Wood -.-...-.. Emporia PATRONESSES Mrs. F. L. Gilson Mrs. E. K. Lord Mrs. C. W. Lawrence Mrs. G. W. Newman -f-F-lil-ff?--4"--'+-ff'ePvr11'-+f'i- 'V 1: Y ':.,..I.L.:,.x,,1..L.m43. 4 Page 1.9.1 1 l 5 s I igl I .4 , f J 1 I ,,.fr.S7vl",,.1.g'T,'., - , . . v .-.T , .,. H . Y W' 5 ANL: N E , I ,rw J' , , ff' . . Il I ' - s - Q U Mfg' I 1 s Page 194 Air WIA I . L V -Ti fDelta Theta The Pi Delta Theta sorority is the outgrowth of the Entre Nous Society which was organized in 1917. In 1925 it became a local sorority taking the name of Zeta Sigma Alpha. On February 14, 1926, it was installed as the Beta Chapter of the Pi Delta Theta, a national educa- tional sorority with the Alpha Chapter at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. ' Colors-White, Gold and Myrtle Green -Flower-Marguerite ' Publication-"Tl1e Thalia." CHAPTER ROLL Seniors . Lillian Valentine ---- Hiawatha Ethel Shirely ...... Osage City Bertha Funk ------.. La Harpe Winona Woodson .-.-. -.-- Hope Esther Pfleger ---.---. Eudora Stella Skeen ..-.-... liffkridge Vera Johnson .............. Emporia Jzmiors Hazel Spade ---.-.--.- Adniire Helen Forbes ------ Cherryvale Meryl Horn ........ Miltonvale- Cliffie Spalding -.--.. Emporia Olive Harner ---------- Fowler Lois Mosley ............ LeRoy Florence Fitzsimrnons .....-.... Pratt Sophomofzes La Verna Johnson -..-.. Adinire Dorris Fox ---- ------ W ichita Leta Mason -------- Hutchinson Caroline Riddle ----- L- Emporia Edna Padgett ...--...-- Florence SPONSOR Miss Beulah Houlton PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Mr. and Mrs. Bert Nash Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Page Mr. and Mrs. H. E, Schrammel Miss Thora Martin E' H Page 1.95 .QVW . l""f'fi'ffi"'f"-"?T"T"5f TVA! S1 I:-41 521 ,Ffw','E. , W----u.i' ::g-W--g1 ii i'1.iT1-W W.- , fi--:f - ,I .- - - mv. vs' ' " "M- I I , J Y--f x---- - --- ff -- K- M 5,---..Yh......,..p..-..-VA-.--.--.,- - 1 vv,uLL-Ervvv-p--wnf?x-yv4.x-unfe'ivsx,:.nva.-1vq4 1 4- '3 'v f 'J n-,-vvw-n.nuna-wu-:uf.vw-ax1.u'-L.pfwnn-wrv1:vr ' - 4: -T, ' , Aj. ' ' ' ' " ' 'W ' Page 196 W - .. , 1 mi AD ,F CR :fi W 5 fociefier Page 197 Nfiiiv' ' - - - - , T" . f'h:1"':""H7f:P" "' Qg',- EZ ',T4'--Q If j- .,"f"','. 'T 'lZ,". V 1fi'3w ., , nf., .27 ,w,s,.i5f..:-f-.1-f74a- 'L gg ' r rp Page 198 f f '- r Qmega Literary Society D The Omega Literary Society, organized in 1902, is the oldest active organization in the Kansas State Teachers College. The ideals of the society are scholarship, literary achievement, leadership, and friendship. The color is Yale blue. SPONSORS Mrs. J. W. Mayberry - First S emestea' Mary Browning ....-.... -- Ethel Shirley -... .... - - Jessie Harold ....-.-..-... Helen Hefling -- - Ruth Daniels -..-...-..... Florence Fitzsimmons Helen Hefling - - Miss Faye Huffman ADOPTED MEMBER Mary Louise Butcher OFFICERS President ...-....-.. - - Vice-President --.-.. Seeretcwy -- - -..-- - Second Semester Ellen Larson ---- Lois Mosley -- Ruth Thomas Ruth Johnson ------- T1'ea,su1'efr ----- ---- Histoo"ia11, -- .-.. -- ---- Social ClLfL'i'I"l71.fL7l, ---- ME MBERS Seniors ------ Burrton Winifred Russell Winifred Russell ----- Mary Case ---- La Crosse Blanche Grimsley -.-- Americus Ruth Johnson ---- ----- L inn Ruth Daniels -T-- Smith Center Jessie Harold --- .---- Elbing Mary Browning .... Hutchinson Ethel Shirley ---.-- Osage City Bessie Lewis --- --- Halstead Blanche McClun --.--. Garnett Anna McLean -- -- Concordia Stella Skeen -- --- Eskridge Juniors Helen Hubbard - .-... Beloit Lois Mosley ----- -.-- L eRoy Amanda Dikeman ....-. Preston Ruth Thomas -------- Wetmore Berneice DeSelms .---- St. John Mary Case ---- ------ W ilmot Gwendolyn Thomas ...- Wetmore Ava Jackson -- -- Minneapolis Myrtle Hartung -- Junction City May Dikeman ..------ Preston Metella Williams ...... Winfield Lucile Glasco --------- Emporia Florence Fitzsimmons .... Cunningham Soplzomores Mildred Alexander .... Emporia Lois DeSehns --- --- St. John Ruth Glasco -......... Emporia Mabel McConnell .... Cherryvale Alice Ayres .....---- Greenleaf Marian Alexander ..-.. Emporia Ellen Larson ....--.......... Ottawa FfresI1,fmrm1, Vera McMichael .............. Almena I UNCLASSIFIED Myrtle Buck -----------.... .. Emporia Page 199 gym ',-' f .-4+--G., ..,. Ll - , ,.. ,.t.. 1: pfefmf--1-Q-Q-qf. ,.,-: ff. 2-as. 'ings 5 'CUTDI11'I.-,Cf?!XH'ji yqq,, f w yaumQ5if55qg5Qgw6EW F KQ il,!' WEFEE5EF?LI1SQ1Q11i5f -W - 'W ' L-lw.-.mfM2f4f Page 200 wr.. . IL-I . . T. . V.. , , ,,... . Y., '.,., Q..- .,.,. -. A.. CZSJHC .Sphinx A ONE-ACT PLAY Eugene O'Neil Booth Tarkinglon Lord Dunsany BY James M. Barrie Stuart Walker Herman Sudermann 1' PRODUCED BY Thirty women from the Department of English Kansas State Teachers College DIRECTED BY Miss Wilhelmina Herwig Assisted by Alice Clemens and Beulah Houlton - DRAMATIS PERSONNAE OFFICERS - President ..-.------.-....-..... Esther Wilson Vice-President ------..--..-.. Edna McMichael Secretary -----------------.--.. Helen Johnson Trerisiweo' --..-..-..-......... Louise Bauman HONORARY MEMBERS Leona Brown Lillian Bunyan Helen Johnson Hermena Dettmer Carolyn Zellar Edith Hanson Catherine Brower Mrs. Lyman Mallory Edna McMichael Lucille Spencer Belle McMaster Louise Bauman Winifred Russell Bertha Fuhlhage Winona Woodson Violet Hassler MEMBERS Nona Finnerty Doris Pryor Murrel Dill Lillian Valentine Sarah Haller Bertha Nordeen Marjorie French A Esther Wilson Lois Mosley Phebe Butlen Florence Deming Regina Doyle Marie Colburn Place-Y. W. C. A. Room, Memorial Building. Time-7 P. M., Second and Fourth Tuesdays of Each Month. Scene I-Business. Scene II-Parliamentary Drill. Scene III-The Play and Discussion. , . r- ,-1.1, I g U--'-4.-nag-.---a,y.n,--Q..-5,.'-.1-fan-nfqgiur,-r-an A Page 201 .1 - N A- - . -- . P I- '?1.'1"Z".'iT'T"""'fT'A""'f""i-3' . - ... . -L -. . - M Mx Page 202 Qllice Cgireemtm rlyalmer Society Founded at Kansas State Teachers College, 1912 The Alice Freeman Palmer Society is a social organization whose purpose is to promote and encourage scholarship, leadership, and Chris- tian fellowship. The society has for its ideal Alice Freeman Palmer, former president of Wellesley College, whose kind personality has en- nobled the lives of so many girls. va OFFICERS Fifrst Semestefr' Second Semester President' --------- Nora Franz Presiclent --..... Helen Johnson Vice-Pfresiclent -- Bertha Nordeen Vice-President --- Enna Sheldon Secremry .... Thelma Beveridge Seca-'eirwy -..-.- Gladys Fenner Toieasm'-eo' ...... Gladys Wiggins 1l'1"easzm"e'r' -- -4- Tillie Oberle MEMBERS Seniors Birdene Cole -.-.. -- Emporia Lillian Valentine ---. Hiawatha Erma B. Sheldon -- Oskaloosa Sarah Haller ....-..-.. Admire Hazel Stanley .-----.. Anthony Hesper St. John--Arkansas City Bertha Nordeen ------------.- Dwight J 2m-Liars Myrlie Fenner --.- .--. J ewell Laura Andruss -.--------. Iola Edith Hanson ........ Abilene Maurine Karr -- Conway Springs Tillie Oberle ------- Carbondale Gertrude Moore ------ Gardner Helen Johnson -- Thelma Beveridge Gladys Fenner ---- Great Bend Gladys Wiggins -------- Carlyle Nora Franz ----...--- Emporia Mildred Berkshire ---. Emporia Sophomores -- Russell Dana Falkenstien -- --- Onaga ---- Jewell Caroline Riddle -- -- Emporia Oline Chaddock - Lucille Luding -- Josephine Miller -------- Colby Magdelena Young ..-. Elmdale Ffreslmien, Great Bend -- Augusta Dorothy Geddes ----- Wellington Claire Stilson -.-.-.... Topeka Lillian Wagner -.----. Emporia Orietta Bower ..--- -- Norton SPONSORS y Miss Harriet Elcock Miss Anna Goebel PATRONESSES Mrs. W. D. Ross Mrs. V. A. Davis Page 203 2 L, Q11 vi b ,,,.,- T...,...Y .,- ..-. .. . .,..-,.---..... -. ..,-,., "7'5Yi5'f93'i'T7'f'5'Y"-'f"'PHL 339.3 :J lj 3-:,TL.cjfv-,'13 ng.i fp-r..+-+Bfe1'3gi11 L' -+7 ,,. ..,,,. ..f I - . . . -.. 'SXX 1 ,.,,,-4-Q,-.. ',L rib gg- rg Page 204 N-- NH ,ifk ax N' A l . x 1 I YV J lb fX L1 ,D U ii K' f li '1 Lil P -,J ,R F -Ly I V51-,,. -r - 47 Y--,,. .-1-111--..vg-.--v,-A-.aj ' lr -f T E L., ' , Li. -, ' - eilllphathenian Literary Society -......snga-Q-Q .q.i,tI f.. ..e,,. Y 1' The Alphathenian Literary Society Was organized in 1921 for the purpose of creating an interest in the study of modern writers and to promlote the social life of its members. During this year a study was made of the lives of great artists and their paintings. OFFICERS First S emester President -----.-- Leota Grubb Vice-President -.-. Ethel Shirley Secretary -....-- Mabel Jackson Seeoml Sefn Lester Presiclertt -------.- Alma Haehn Vice-Presicleozt ---- S ecre i ary -..-.. I Mabel Noble va Gatterman Treasurer -..-.- Myrlie Fenner Treasurer -..--- Gladys Fenner Ser'gecLnt-at-Arms - Dixie Hosmer Sergemfzt-at-Arms - Ethel Shirley SPONSORS Mrs. Elsie Pine Miss Carmille Holley MEMBERS Seniors Alma Haehn -... --- Burlington Blanche Kent --- -- Centralia Lucile Hunt ....-.... Americus 'Wilmina Orr ..--..-- Fall River Hesper St. John---Arkansas City Ethel Shirley ..---. Osage City Jzmiors Mary Meade .... ..-. E mporin Lucile Carbaugh ...... Emporia Myrlie Fenner ---..---- Jewell Louise Val Bracht -... Atchison Opal Hammer ----.---...... Piedmont , Sophomores Leota Grubb -.-----.-- Chanute Mabel Jackson --- ---- Topeka Justine McKee ......-. Offerle Gladys Fenner ..-. -... J ewell Elsie Norrish .------ . --- Logan Margaret Chandler -... Wichita Mabel Noble --..- ..-. O ttawa Ruth Bilson -.H-.- -- Eureka Eunice McClure ...... Quenemo Ruth Gamber -- --- Culver Fresltmeri Marie Sattler ---.---- Americus Tillie Moser -.- ---- -- Lam-'mt Iva Gatterman .....--. Kinsley Jennie Lynn! ---....... Emporia Vera Pollom - ---.....-.... Grantville ,p..- -Y' A - " .9-4 .,.., fir.-1,.,. F J 'l A rw-. "ur1:g,g,nr.- - - -Q-ff.. W nn,-1:1-,1 -,Jw-Tsuf.-Q 1 Page 205 if' ' ,.,4,' A ,... . .. ' -.I ll,'xv.. 4 l , .. -f.. . ... .-. -y Q - -,"f,, ' ' " ' ' H 'I ' ' I 34 ,Y 1 Q71 Q' ?1.1,'f5v3": Page 206 -'M TW' Tillie Scribblers' Cjlulv By our scribblings ye slmll know us OFFICERS P7-gsiflgm -- .......-....-..... Berneice De Selins Secretary ----- --- ---- --- ---------- Ruth Daniels IJ'l'0g'l'fli'l7l,S ------------------------ ----- H 61811 Johnson Ped Pen Editors --------- Sarah Haller, Lillian Valentine Ped Pen Business Mzmmgev' ------ 4 --------- William Cary Faculty Sponsor ..------------------ Mr. E. R. Ba1'1'8t13 MEMBERS - Seniors Ruth Daniels --- ------------------ --- Smith Center Sarah Haller --- - ----.. Admire Bessie Lewis -..... ------------ - -- Halstead Carroll Riclgway ..-- ------------------- - - McLouth Winifred Russell ...--- --------- ---- - - - La Crosse Lillian Valentine ------- -------------- - -- Hiawatha Ethyle Welton ---------- ---------- - -- ---.- Ottawa Ether Wilson ------------- --------- ----- ---- E m , poria Winona Woodson --.- ------------ .... H o pe Juniors Berneice De Selms --- ------------.-----------.-..-.. St. John Helen Johnson -.--- Hershel Kannier --- Lucile Spencer ..-. --- Great Bend -------------------------N Emporia Sophomores Sioux City, Iowa ----- Emporia Marjorie Bowman ..------ -- -------- --.... - - - Helen Braderson ...-..-. -..------- William Cary ----- Raymond Coltharp --- ...... .......... - --- Daisy Curry --.... Ira Kirkland --..- Ellen Larson .... Dorothy Willaby --- Elizabeth Ziegenbush F0'eslmn,eu -- Wellington -- Emporia ---- Bala --- Madison ---- Bushong ------ Ottawa --- Yates Center --- Ellinwood Page 207 r . -......... gb- Tkggr 5 tJ1XT.1':g,,Qjgf15: 1:fi 'r ! Jw .",,',,,' ..--,,,,.,,..,,.,..-'---,Q-,ggi-Vw jliwcr ' 'J' l :il b .4Ug+.,:j.g1Q',g",g:g3',,-1,41 3?-,1,.a1., i,3i,f, Page 208 Stucientfcvfllumni Qouncil The Student-Alumni Council was organized in 1917 and consists of three student members representing each college class and seven alumni members Who are directors of the Alumni Association. The Senior student members each year having been elected when Freshmen retain their membership throughout the four years. President Butcher is an ex-officio memb-er. The aim of the council is to develop a closer co- operation between students and alumni. From year to year it is striving to accomplish more as a student-government body. It makes the plans and programs for Homecoming and Founders' Day, and assists at Commenc-ement. Primarily it is an inter-organization of the student body and the Alumni Association. MEMBERS Seniors ' Sophomores Phon Johnson Louise Nagle Paul Moreland Frances Waisner Theresa C. Olson Violet Cushing J zmiors Freshmen Royal Alcott Dorothy Yeager Max Hu-ebner Lawrence Currier Robert Hudkins Halbert Jerrick ALUMNI MEMBERS H. M. Culter W. H. Keller fDeceasedJ Clair K. Turner Carl W. Salser Lillian Dudley Mrs. G. W. Newman Mrs. G. H. Randolph Pres. Thomas W. Butcher "R 1 .--- 3... - - - . .ul . ,.,...::..., .-. . -. ee..-.4 --..H+-,.f'.-., '.-'ar-f--.v-- -. sw- 1 - ... .. .. .. Page 009 I.-.I-C-.....--, "yn r. T: ' 'if' 1 1 fi '.',g..-.age .,.,..r.n,,., SPV 'Y "' W-luv ' .2'3'f'.' 52 K T T-T If fAf'YT4T'g'I- 3,2 A 'L-1 '+- L in wigwg V L, I: -ff :.',q,T,T::,.:..-g,.,: 3 f 1 175 r 73 N 357-Z-1-'7'f43..,.IaL,..f:Rff-LT ,-fr.-2v.,. ,. ...QS- Page 210 if- ' x Y ' Tan qflfellenic Goancil Founded at the Kansas State Teachers Coll These are the three thin 's ege, November, 1917 "Co-operation, Perfection, Expansion" gi We desire to attain in the sorority life of our college community OFFICERS Pwesiclevit .................... Della Lou Radford Recowling SGC'I"6ll!1,'l'fll . . . . . . Florence Grinell T'1'easm'e'1' ..................... Gertrude Moore MEMBERS Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Tau Irenee Marmont Wilda Cline Phon Johnson Gertrude Moore Delta Sigma Epsilon Pi Kappa Sigma Bertha Taylor Ione Smith Amy Robinson Della Lou Radford Nc-na Finnerty Sigma Sigma Sigma Lambda Phi Delta Mary Ann Hilton Myrl Barker Theresa Olson Edna McMichael Theta Sigma Upsilon Pi Delta Theta Florence Grinell Lillian Valentine Lillian Carr Myrl Horn SPONSOR Catherine E. Strouse Page 211 Page 212 -.. .V . - . , . .f...,.... i, fy, fwg G. CA. Symbol-Blue Triangle' Insignia-Y. W. C. A. To break clown bcL1'1'ie1's, To deepen thinlcing, and To widen the reach of om' love. The aim of those women who carry on the work of the Y. W. C. A. is to make the association a force behind the growth of a practical Christian idealism in the student body. The Y. W. C. A. holds Weekly religious meetings Which are open to all women in the school and which are devoted to talks and discussions on interesting and important problems. The cabinet of fourteen meets every Monday evening to plan and direct the work of the association and to gain renewed spiritual vigor, and to deepenthe thinking of its members concerning campus and social problems, inter-racial and in- ternational relations, and other current problems. NATIONAL OBJECTIVE We unite in the determination to live unreservedly J esus' law of love in every relationship, and so to know God. CABINET MEMBERS Sarah C. 'Haller ...................... Presiclent Phon Johnson . . . . . . Vice-President Blanche Kent .... ...... S ecretamy Joyce Stubbs . . . ......... Treaszww' Hazel Stanley Jessie Harold Amanda Dikeman Mildred Evans Frances Conrow Ruth Glasco Carolyn Zeller Bernice De Selms ' Margaret Keller Nellie French Miss Lillian Dudley, Chairman ..... Advisory Board Mrs. E. R. Wood, Acting Secretary ......... First Semester Miss Emily Hare, Secretary ......... .... S econd Semester .- ...,. .. e .1-Q, .Tw V--, ' 1, - fs-- . Y: H 1.4 -L Yi -NV K, , Page -I 4. ,,.,'.1?- ' '.1'fJ "avr, 'x-fu..Tr,x- -Wg , ' ' '. . -f v 1- ..- v- .,, , - -,Y-A ,W 'M ii: H 'mf T'::'!,'. 'fl lf 'TT' K ' Tri",-r.'C-,' - '.-FLW! S.-'K K1 .R -4,-......---.f.Z,.-,,.--A.-4,4-,,n.gf4L.--,,-4:-T-"E:: l , ' 1 ' , 1 V 5'k,---.1-rf! Page 214 J 7 b jf. Gilt. Q. Ml. At the end of last year the Y. M.. C. A. was a sadly de- preciated and lifeless organization. Uznder the leadership of President John Kincheloe and his cabinet it has grown until it is now a healthy, growing campus association. A Its mem- bership has been more than doubled, its activities extended, and its Christian influence considerably widened. Chief among the new items on the Y's program is the introduction of extensive Freshman work. A Freshman com- mission of six men was established to work with the cabinet and form a link between the old and new members. Weekly meetings have been reinstated as a part of the program this year. Speakers, local and outside, have bee11 secured from time to time. Music and other forms of enter- tainment were part of the program. Spirited discussions 011 topics of broad interest were held at intervals during the year under the leadership of faculty members. The Y. M. C. A. was responsible in part or wholly for having some of the best chapel speakers of the year, some of whom were Ben Cherington, Rocky Mountain regional secre- tary of the Y. M. C. A.g Miss Frances Perry, regional secre- tary of the Y. W. C. A.g "Father" Dr. T. M. Iden, of Upper Room fame, at the Teachers College. Henry Pitt Van Dusen who was a member of the Shirwood Eddy's first party and has been director of the world court campaign for the Coun- cil of Christian Associations, was on the campus for a two- days' conference. These people were all used in cabinet ses-- sions. A watermelon feed for all men of the college was given early in the fall. The Y. M. and Y. W. gave a reception at the beginning of the year for all students and faculty mem- bers. Deputation teams did some religious work in small towns near Emporia. One of the most beneficial functions of the Teachers Col- lege Y. M. C. A. is its Book Exchange, which not only helps to finance the organization, but gives students a means by which they can save money by selling for higher prices and buying for lower. President ..... John H. Kincheloe Vice-Pfresident .. ....... Royal Alcott Sec1'eta1'y ..... ' ..... William Cary T'I'6Cl82L'7'9'7' . . . . . . Hershel Kannier Page 21 Pug Xi Thi Founded at the Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, 1922 Colors-Black and Gold Flower-Yellow Chrysanthemum Xi Phi, honorary leadership fraternity, was organized in November, 1922, under the leadership of Edwin J. Brown and Carl W. Salser. The charter members were captains of the first Student Memorial Union drive. The purpose of the fraternity is to encourage and recognize qualities of leader- ship in college students. Since its beginning, Xi Phi has been very active in school affairs and has don-e much to prove that it is a dynamic organization. The fraternity has been the most active in assi-sting in handling such special occasions as the Kansas Music Festival, and has done systematic work toward increasing the enrollment of the Teachers College. Xi Phi has three chapters at present-the Alpha chapter at the Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, the Beta chapter of the Kansas State Teachers College of Pittsburg, and the Gamma chapter at the State Teachers College at Kearney, Nebraska. OFFICERS President ....... ............... P hon Johnson Vice-President . . Hermena Dettmer Secretary ..... Florence Grinell T7"6G,SZiL7"6'l' . . . . . . Paul Moreland H istofrefom . . . ............. . . . Sarah Haller CHAPTER ROLL Seniors Hermena Dettmer . Bushong Henry Ellenberger .Emporia Amrericus Florence Grinell . Sarah Haller ...... Admire Max Huebner ..... Bushton Phon Johnson .... John Kincheloe .. Emporia Richmond Fred Lighter . . . Dodge City Paul Moreland .. Burlington Theresa Olson .... Emporia Lee Rich ...... Mound City Ray Smith ....... Emporia Hazel Stanley .... Anthony Andrew Sughrue Dodge City Clem Tuggle ..... Deerfield William Upson . . . Neodesha J umlors Royal Alcott ...... Chanute Helen Johnson . Great Bend Florence Fitzsimmons .Pratt Margaret Keller .. Emporia Robert Hudkins Emporia Roy Lane ....... ElDorado Gottlieb Richmond Alma Page 017 . ----.1 . ..a --M.i.L1:z:-v f--...----- - "til -A 'efitfffi 1-1, 'fJJi-,.- '. i3TwTq,f3fPlJ:,f5- -,ij iw- '5-FM-..in-.-....i..,f..,,a-,.f:,'1 1 " "' 'T ' ,:::r-.':.-:z::::-."-m---,...u::::-.::r:m:u- , -' -. mv, W ,111 .4 , ..-,5,,,,,.5,4 " - , M...-A A-...W .gl ,. ..:,bl- 'F . Page 218 Qilllphafld Sigma Founded at the Kansas State Teachers College, 1925 This organization of Morse Hall girls is a social organization Whose purpose is to promote friendship, scholarship, and to provide social recreation. Blanche McClun Lois Davis Ruth Johnson D urhain Williamsburg --- Ga Linn rnett Abilene -- Minneapolis -- Ellin wood - -- Rosalia Wellington New Cambria --- Minneola Council Grove Bavaria Carbondale --- Rosalia --- Ottawa --- Eskridge OFFICERS P-rcsiclefit -------- --------..-.... Vice-P1'esic!e1'1.t ----- ----.-. . - - - Scc-1'effm'y-T0'casw'e'1' ---- -. --------.. --- CHAPTER ROLL Srcmons Lydia Friclc --.- ------..--... Gretchen Todd --- ----. -- Ruth Johnson -.-- - ----.- - Blanche McClun --- ----.--. ---- JUNIORS Edith Hanson --- - Ava Jackson -,.---- Lois Davis ---- --- -- Ferne Sprecher -- ------------ -- SOPHOMORES Grace Moffit. --- ---------------- ---- Ola Donlneyer -- ---- Jessie Losey -- ---. -- Haleda Loy --- --- --- Alice Beil ---- ----- ------- Tillie Oberle --- - --- ----- ----- Edith Liggett ----- ------------ ------- Ellen Larson -..------------------- Dorothy Watson .--- --------------- FRESHMEN Alice Boyer .-.---- Maymie Knowles .--- Dessie McCoy ....--.--- Elizabeth Ziegenbusch Evelyn Crouch ------------ Letha Morrow ------------ Nellie Stevenson --- Lela Barber ---- Nola Mountain --- ---- Vera Schmidt ---.- Mildred Copeland -..-- Edna Hines ----- Kathaleen Bond -- SPONSOR Miss Beatrice Benson Welda mfffff o lathe --- Eskridge -- Ellin wood Minneola Blue Rapids ---- Holyrood Barnard Ada - .... Lorraine - - - - - Severy Wellington Linn Page 219 .Wi .,, - -X -m ---gffmfgj-3 3 f, UI '.Tf,f:'.-' ETL T1 USF i..+i,!'-'LQ gf! T- f S S X Goss, Mogge, Hadorn, Smith Nowles, Cotton, Perry, Phelan Amole, Myers, Fitzgerald, Toll Cain, Smith, Montague, Corfman, Jent Nordeen, Wilson, Smith Visser, Rathburn, La Forge, Brandom Sheldon, Carr, Kannier, Brock, Benjamin Briesing, Poort, Anderson, Moody ' J.,.f..,i'm.....v:.m.eJ--""Q5-5-17'-""' " -I-""4vl' 7 TS IQ- fa ': 1iuH-3'-'FLN:nfs'ff-f:i:e'f'fr-f1."","":-" Page 220 xr, S, ,,,, ,,,f. -auf--l--..+,:w.:,,... I 'e I '-., 1 Qmicfron Epsilon Sigma Colors-White and Yellow Flower-Snapdragon Sponsor-Miss Lena Brandom N I 4 I l r Omicron Epsilon Sigma is yet in its infancy, having only been organized one year. Eligibility to membership in this organization is based upon affiliation with the order of the , Eastern Star. Its purpose is to promote friendship among the girls of the school who are members of this fraternal order. 1 OFFICERS President ......................... Lillian Carr Vice-President .... .. . Bertha Nordeen Secretary ...... ............. M ertie Edwards Treasurer ..... ................... L ois Phelan y MEMBERS Seniors ' Leona Bangs ..... Madison Mertie Edwards .. Hamilton Helen Breising . Whitewater Carrie Kahler Arkansas City Bertha 'Nordeen ...... Neosho Falls I 1: Juniors, 1 Lillian Anderson ........ Perle Poort ........ Topeka . . . . . . . . Conway Springs Gwendolyn Thomas Wetmore ' Lois Davis ...... Ellinvvood Ruth Thomas .... Wetmore Mabel McConele . Cherryvale Birdie Visser . . . Hutchinson Frieda Mogge ....... Alma Evelyne Watkins Beattie Sophomores Margery Beach Chanute Marian Montague .. Chanute Lillian Carr ...... Emporia Lois Phelan ..... Americus Pearl Fitzgerald Topeka Ruth Shotts ....... Buffalo I Freshmen Mary Irene Brock .Oskaloosa Emma Lou La Forge .... Ora Hefner . . . Yates Center ............... Emporia Mrs. Hershel Kannier Garland Myers ..... Onaga . . . . . . . . . Medicine Lodge Lottie Toll . . . . . . . . Morland Louise Anderson . Conway Springs PLEDGES g Jessie Amole . .,.... Lyons Olive Neilson .. Los Angeles Theba Benjamin.. Deerfield Alice Nowels .. Glasco ' Alice Cotton .... Downs Edna Perry Wakarusa 3 Mina Hadorn .. Home City Stella Smith .. . Kingman E' Hazel Jent .... .. Emporia lone Smith ........ Moran Dolores Moody . .... Onaga Ruth Thompson Westphalia PATRONS AND PATRONESSES ' Mr. and Mrs. G. R. R. Pflaum X Mr. and Mrs. F. U. G. Agrelius I Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wortman Miss Vina Hillerman ..,.. -,.::,-....,...,....-.W . v-ner--N.:-1' .fn-.4 1.1, ag.: 4 - L, .V .MM ., .., Page 221 1 . Q1 -,:k . , ,'l. F- 'I . Y, " TQ JI,f3,g- 7'-e X X . .wff'f"2'13-f""f'VYY T H -1 nr1'7u'1 ff Q ' V .,. n , ,ul X' ini hT'W'E? V1 11mff11a11uUf fr"Q'W H' Q ' L ' Y, 1 ,fig ' Y , Q VV! 'T PVQQTT 'VVW .:!'E',?I, 45544 Lvvs ,A J- 'qlly if 1M 951 -, 1 'L Q f gm Jim , 2 4 ' h 1341 f-f1-+Q1-,rX1f'1e N f1w.,frwf"'U'1n fn h5T?' I-'ll -ff g' We gal wwf! W g ig?" ' " 'QQ' L V v V ' F. . 2 LQ ff- ef ge e , 4, , 1. , y.ifk.ffeS2'wW ge 3' il 54 - e Env e J' e W ai aj. :JZ X-:g,tp5.O D 1 Af .'- V 1 .53 Wx 3 v' ,Q--M - . .. Lui I 1 H251 V wx ' .' I -Yr 1' I!! '55 , X F '- -9 f ' 1 414-ww N e e 5 N- X jgnmrwllj - C H N 4 Xi E2 ,, H- . Q Q S , I ' " -jviflf' f4"1l5,,'3 -4+ ' ' X . " Hs ' ' Y ' +ve' ff.- QQ . X ' 'A 553 . J dz-7 f LX ng ,gg f ,bf- e fp Q' 'f eg H- T - 1, f lofi? f"l -' ' ff" -' - W ' --'!!I':'N"1?f' 3 C63 ., hes Mx., yd v -3' X Ld ,HH e4 -xx xg? " V 1 'L Ffsfn f 13 Ne I ., , fr -, 4 , . M, fees.. ,,, X :APD ,QQ ve e . '- 11 ' vi e Q Y ' .rj 5 ' I' 'IK Y ' .. My fl? -' v r mr seq, S Ei 'f ,.,. V 11 " V I , Hg: ' E .fx 'RV' ' V y . 1 '- ' ' 1 f . I li , 5, A f e 1, - fl 1 , 4 s 1 ,- ' -e "f ' 'Y "e Q, , ,, . e h he r". fn n , " A I ' I ,- k I N f .1 'J .ff 7 -pf' fl ' WL 1 S: " "' 4- Q V1 fx M F555 ' x CrG - 4 , A iii ' L - 4"., V , e , A n he M -e W H 'fguff f f' ' Q: ,ig 1, ' , - 'v w ' His- ' .l he n n M I- --fffiz A L - R61-..ge'L , .z- 55:1-N' "U ,'r1f,.ffL-W? .?f""fLi-fp -N-:ff Q1 'x ijf 2??' H ?i7H " 4" 'lfg 5-Lf,i15,.i52.Q5?ff :Ef f-Qf.Q.f. yi-.5 We dedicate this page to the "Old Grads" of '25 and '26 who Wish to reminiscence over the many events that happened at chapel hour. Page 222 TZ V It Li, WX , E1 Nfl Q 'I' pf f qilglfif z 31 f . lg1 1g w - L fn I Q C Q' lu b .P mg Alf' Q, Page .-,lgyi il ' ,fr Y JY1..-,..!..B- ,.- ..... - - .-..... W , ., A -'- -5 M7 'fn 'ff'-'HP Ci! T I '--'F ji 5' g'i,'.,x7i- v Yu.....,.,..N -Q...-,,-11 S ., B. ,. . .-, W ,WA , ,.,-a.., Cywfome Economics Glub Todd, Mawhirter, Benson, Wentz, Bryant, Davis Miller, Sunrmers, Sommers, Hubbard, Woods, Dauner, Gardner Chaddock, Bradshaw, De Selms, Funk, Wartick, Brockway, Sheldon Stevenson, Ratzloff, Mellor, Gibb, Rinker, Brandom Tucking, Simpson, McLean, Dwelle, Essig, Zernickow Cole, Kirchoff, Farney, Yeagley, Specht, Daniels, Blrd ,"- 1-' ' X- -..M..,,--1-...,., ,,,,,.,..,. ,f,.v-gp.-F-u,-,.,-f,-,.,g 1 , V 3 U u Q 4 -,..---.o.,o,,......- -gpm. ...HA .. fl., P lb g 6 2 i H in-lilxwii YQ.: VV it F- i Tfrimcvry lQnde'rgcwten Gluh Evans, Horton, Lange, Rush, Knowles, Kane Fitzgerald, Hahn, Visser, XVatson, Hefner, Synins, Johnson Humble, MlcConnel, Miller, Jackson fPres.l, Wilks, Forrester fSec'y-T1'eas.J, Hoa Hillyard, Cowan, Poort, Utz, VVard, Barnhisel, Peterson Edwards, Fulmer, Robinson, Fitzgerald, Kinney, Bowman, Howard, Jackson Johnson, Ziegenbusch, Wohlgen1.uth, Nordeen, Whiteside, Smith, Amick, Ramsey Harris, Schafer, Steffey, Warden, Teghtmeyer, Morse, McFarland, Boller Neff, Noble, Bender, Ayres, Thomas, Converse, Shotts, Carson Page 2' ,- ozffzzfw-2-:-11. I -i 1 1 -HT? y -' 1 L ' Q L -. U -. .-- -, y ,,-.V ... - .. p, . ' . ommerce Hub 1Lungren, Parke, McKee ' 1CU1'tiS, Mogue, Burgy, Pearcy Brock, Benjamin, Butcher, McConnell, Rich Colaw, Lindall, Browning, Hausam .,,. 0 -..-. gg. ,A kgur" ,fr .- -sig-iv-.u.rf-.111-r'A.--, wi gl Page 220' P Shirley, Addey, Kinter, Eisenbeis Smith, Linquest, Swisher, Coffman, Burgy Jones, Meyer, Bell, Thomas Sunderland, Watson, Parke, Davidson, Bevins 1 4 ' V, f J r?,.,..,,,L,,,-,-.qv.vvpw'v.--:unxxvvnq1nffvw1-.+.f " " Y , Q lf , .! i -M--.W--U-,f. -e -ef, .' 1 1 r-VF 1 ' f -4- 5, ..4:.e...-,x.,4,t.,,,,, Brenton, Ayers, Staclge, Baldwin, Tarnstrom, Smith, Urquhart Smith, Collins, Snider, Allen, Luding, Dikeman, Hartung, Mallory, Buzzard Lenser, Wilson, Shields, Turpin, Perry, Downey, Ward, Davidson, Dykes Tracy, Parcel, Holmquist, Brown, Colyer, Scheibe, Smeltzer, Curtis, Pugh Geography Club Sponsor -..-. . -..-- --- G. A. Buzzard, B. Ed., S. M. President -.--.------- ------------.- H erman Lenser Vice-President --..- .. ----------------- Clint A. Baldwin Secretary ....- ..- -.-- -.- -----.---- Lucile Luding Trcclsvl-1'e2' -.------- ---- . --- -----.-...- Orine Short The Geography Club is an informal social organization open to all geography students in college and to others interested in geography Its objects are: To enhance interest in travelogue, to present visual education Work, and to obtain as much outside information of general descriptive geography as possible. The program-s include addresses by members of the faculty and by prominent citizens of Emporia, illus trated lectures, reports on current topics of geography, and social gatherings, such as picnics and parties. The work of the organization sponsored and directed by the head of the geography department 1 carried on by officers and committees chosen from the membership. A a whole the students are drawn into closer social and intellectual rela tionship. -',.,...,:'..i. 1115--'n,-,,,,...:4-,T-tee'-..--ss," 1 ' f ' '- ,g.a..:,.,. -f fs -.....:.iL.--M., ' "A" Y P ll, y c . K sTv,.'3,i,.'..,,. QI " ' , -4 . ' .T 1 'ii-,-. - V - .. . . I . -Q . 1 H , . :F L-.. 7-A-6----1. ---- N. +-if-in F. Ellis, Richards, Phipps, Madden, Dawson, Short Colvin, Kraft, Stevens, Nicholson, Westin, Hannaford, Haus Gard, J. Weber, Campbell, W. Weber, Tarro, Vilen, Stickley, Rilinger. Welch, Harrington, Bradshaw fPres.J, Goldsmith, C. Ellis, Ridgeway cvfigriculmre Glula The Ag. Club is open to any one who is interested in the field of Agriculture or Rural Life. No fees are attached and no subscriptions are requested. The purpose of the organization is to cover, in a socialized manner, the field related to agriculture, that is not covered in class work. Capable men discuss topics of interest at the regular meetings which are held every Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock. , The club met in one joint session with the Manual Arts Club, at which meeting Dr. Lull Very ably discussed vocational guidance as it should be operating in every high school. Four outstanding lectures of interest were very much enjoyed by those who were fortunate enough to be present. One of these was by James Plumb, of St. Joseph, Mo., on "Livestock Marketinggn one by Prof. C. R. Phipps, on "Improve- ment of Waterways," especially between St. Louis and Kansas City, one by President Thomas W. Butcher, on "Some New Forces in Rural Life," in which Mr. Butcher showed what a tremendous part education has to play in the agricultural life of the future, one by Mr. Chas. A. Boyle, former head of the music department of Kansas State Normal, now local townsman and community worker. This address on "Bees" occupied the time of three meetings. The science class of Roosevelt Junior High was invited and Mr. Boyle gave a first prize of two pounds of honey to the boy or girl who would write the best report of his talks. Genevieve Hargiss won this prize and Emily Lord won the second prize of one pound of honey. OFFICERS FOR THE FALL SEMESTER, 1925 President ...............-.--.. J. Edward B1'adSh2.W Vice-Presicleut --.-.------------------- Harold Dawson Seam:tary-Tfref1.s1o7'e1' --.-...---.. Raymond D. H3.I'I'i1'lgt0H Chairma'r1, of Social Committee ----------- Homer S'fepl16HS Clzriirmfm of Program Crmifntittee -.----. Vernon Goldsmith OFFICERS FOR SPRING SEMESTER, 1926 President --------------------------- - ----- JOB Webel' Vice-President - ..-.. --..--... R aymond Harrington Secretary T'1-eusiwe-r -- .--- .------- F red Colvin -.,..: .V W ,. ..-,,,, V. . . . V, --.s,i..::,,...:.1i2.-f.. Page 2:28 . ,!f:', i -'i ' . .,,, -, ' "2-Wi"-Y 11-1'-'F 'N 'Q gf-,Q -- 'Q gms-Q' -if T 5 ,'. xg, hi ef '.,ifa.3- --.. , ....,. ,1- Williams, Fleener, Schrag, Krieger, Brown, Fagard, Goad, Kirkland, Netherland, Ducley Turner, Newbury, Hann, Masters, Newton, Overman, Cotton, Rossillon Val Bracht, Thompson, Valentine, Atkinson, Woodson, Butler, Embree Bowman, Riddle, Sands, Olson, Loomis, Eckdall, Wilson, Jackson Le GCTCZC Cgimncais Le Cercle Francais, composed of about forty students of the Modern Language Department, gives its members a great deal of pleasure, as well as the opportunity to use the French language by tak- ing part in the programs of the Cercle. Solving cross-word puzzles in French, giving dialogues, playing games, and telling stories are a part of the club's activities. Of course the main purpose is that each one become as "Frenchy" as possible. A habit the members of the club have acquired is to heartily cheer the attempts of fellow members, however faltering, to express themselves "en Francais? "Practice makes perfect," n-est-ce pas? "Le Medecin Malgre Lui," a play by Moliere, was given by members of the club at the Modern Language Round Table of the Kansas State Teachers As- sociation Which met in Emporia this year. A rnimeographed newspaper is to be published by the club this spring. Contributions for this paper will come from the various French classes. Since Le Cercle Francais is a member of the Alliance Francaise of the United States, it has permission to award two medals: a bronze miedal, struck off by the National Mint in Paris, to the winner of the 1926 State Scl1o1arship,Contest in First-year French, and a silver medal, also struck off by the National Mint in Paris, to be awarded to the person taking first place in Second-year French, for which the necessary money has been given to the club by Mr. Paul Fagard, of Emporia, and his daughter, Miss Mignon Fagard, a graduate of our school. Encouraging excellency in, and the enjoyment of the French are aims which are being realized more and more each year by Le Cercle Francais. E., W, ..s..:,,if,, . J L. 4 j, .. A g,,-.,.,,, Y if Page 229 " ' -""'T " gl - . r f 1 ,mi ,, 1 L ' iT'- '-jg... .. .,-...v-,,--J-.-r- , . -,. , , -.- Y W Lewis, Browning, Mclntosh, Nincehelser. Vawter, Moreland, Loney Strange, Haehn, Orr, McClun, Shockey, Aubrey, Snyder Tracey, Holm, Lindlow, Gardner, Case, Jent, Lenser Baldwin, Colyer, Fenner, Ross. Stanley, Gunnerson, Brite fgfistory and Government Qlub The History and Government Club was organized in 1912 by Professor Pelagius Williams as the European History Club. Its purpose then was-to supplement class work in history and to promote social fellowship among its members. The European History Club grew into the History and Government Club. It is for students who are interested particularly in the study of history and government. Its aim is to draw the students through this special interest into closer social and intellectual union. The study of many historical themes is pursued during the year. The students themselves take a large part in the presentation and discussion of the subjects. It also gives the members an opportunity to hear addresses by speakers other than members of the club. The club meets on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. OFFICERS fFiv's1 Scmclstcrj Clint Baldwin --.------------- -- ----------------- President Bryan Strange -------------------------.-.. Vice-Presirlew 1' Bessie Lewis -------------- ---------- - - S8C1'GffL7'2j-TTC!!-S71TGI' OFFICERS fSecoincZ Se'meste'r'l Bryan Strange ...------ ------ 4 ----------------- P resiclmzt Nincehelser - ..-- --------------------------- V 'iCG'P'7'CH7i!I8'lLf Blanche McClun ...-.-.-.. ---. -.-- .- ...-.. SecreiuMy-T7'c1Ls11,-f'm' SPONSORS W. D. Ross J. D. Brite ., ,,.,..:,: A ,T .TAN , 1 H if .T i,,,.Y,p,,,...:g:-.-.l.14,1.',,..-. Q- --s-gf-H Pugc :Z-1 0 . writ? - , l- 1 - g fv:-f'efnrff,f.-uefq ,-7',- -5 Y rl'-4 11 n ,4 fwfr- rw- -fu,-,iwsawqiiaf H-wi , 1 1. .i-., .,,i. I - Vilen, Williamson, Gilmore, Hartung, Dikeman, Wohlgemuth, Oberle Hubbard, Mansfield, Rillinger, Jordan, Johnson, Shotts, Sands Whiteside, Willaby, Hall, Edwards, Schmidt, Wright, Dwelle Bird, Daniels, Specht, Shank, Hefner aqzpha MTE gm ' The Alpha Art Club was organized in 1925 by the students of the Art Department. The object of the club is to stimulate interest in the study of the past and current history of art and artists, and in the new and interesting phases in connection with the teaching of art and art principles. SPONSORS Miss Nora Hall 'Miss Clarissa Williamson OFFICERS ' President -------------------- Marj ory Edwards Vice-Presiclent -. ----- -,--- -.-.. Tillie Oberle S'ec0'emry 7'1'ens1m'e1' -- .... -- Mildred Evans --A - 1--fe"--'T il, 1 I 'll f - - fe!- :-g ' 1-A.-.0 ,--- -s' L- rt ' Hvr T?-1 Y - J P cz, g cf my-1-Lh..ATs.i1' SN' -,, . ,. v-A-M WW.. ,-....,, 3 ',Y1 "'-'-f"- - .:' ' eU'1-1 -'s' f- P ""'. H' L " '..nfL.L0.h' "1 ,i , V 1 hw -, lg '-J gr- ' fl. gv ' ,rg :wk ,-,. ,. fP"'fx:Tf"'2':9 H' ' X .,,' l E. il i i f 1 1 1 l l LI ii .il E it ,gl J '?. E gli lf - l F Qi psi .EI 'I' ii, il 19' -lil 1i ,lu li it fl l .lg jxll sl: li 5 1 -, , AY...T.. ,Spanish Glub Circulo Espanol is a Spanish club, to promote the interest in Spanish-speaking countriesg to bring about a better understanding between nationsg to learn of the customs and character of the peopleg to assist in studying the language of the countriesg to learn of their geogra- phy, history, etc.g to become familiar With the great names of Spain, Mexico, Central and South Americag to appreciate the best that these nations have to offer, The club is open to all interested in these countries. ,-....c,-. , ,.,,..,- ,753 - ,L Y JA ,, ,.,-.V - fy -, T: - - A .af--,'-: rv"-'AA'-' J 1 s,.,.,s,,-,-,.- -- . 1. .L 23 Lf., f.1 ,Yrs ' Page 23:2 -nv, X' ' 5-. "....,,,,.,',' -, 1, - . .1 .- , - H--. X W - . w""w'h" -. .17 .If Y, f ..'f,l- 4..'L,1'f1?.." 4'-1. ,lF5'?fff"'1""' Shell, Henderson, Colvin, Holman, Wilson, McLean, lVI'cClun Phillips, Eisenbise, Shields, Darby, Craig, Winkleman, Donmyer Prof. Ellis, McDougal, Horton, Parmenter, Hankins, Rurnney, Ralston eiffathematics Gllftb The purpose of the Mathematics Club is two-fold: educational and social. In fulfilling the educational aim the club discussed subjects that are not usually taken up in regular class Work. Thus they cover a brief course in the History of Mathematics. Another topic which un- doubtedly will aid future teachers was the one in which a study was made of individual errors and the methods whereby they may be corrected. According to the usual custom one meeting was given over entirely to the solv- ing of puzzles and "catch" problems. -...,.. , ,. . ,.. , 'f""'i:iLf:'if-'-SA- as ....,.... ,,,. -,. ...- -rn-n-qipazlf-has-vw+iifn-frd"Dv.Bf1xiI 1 n, I - ' r' , l:, ., Vi. V fsrnofsxw..-ix,:.,,-in,-Y f,,5.s , ,.,-.- ,- ...- -HWY M i ,A il , b-, ., ,.,, ,....-. ,. ... .. Page 233 L.. .-:x':..uA,4-., v-gm I... 1" ' 'j - Tx f fgj 1 W 5-4 -,uv . 4, Q ji l',5,',5:g... ,... ...ffm Coltharp, Jacobs, Jackson, Prickett, Mosler, Schwanzle Gilmore, Ridgway, Burris, Brown, Carrier, Lininger, Witt, Baker Ward, McRill, Gribble, Baird, Holderman, Bell, Wilson, Wagner, Zajic Pelzle, Holeman, Coffey, Asher, Brown, Mangels, Smethers, Durham, Webb Regneir, Dawson, Harrington, Earhardt, Ridgway, Hankins, Wilson c7YCcmual Mitts Qluh The Manual Arts Club was organized in January, 1925, and the organization remained active throughout that year. In the fall of 1925, several meetings were held. These meetings, while mostly of a business nature, also contributed to the social life of the club members. The purpose of this club is to stimulate and direct educational progress along practical industrial lines and to foster professional feeling and to stimulate interest and growth of the department. One of the main objects of the organization of the club was the advancement of the manual arts department, and this object has been adhered to until a great deal of interest has been centered on the department. Another noticeable and laudable result has been the spirit of fellowship between the faculty members and the students. The club meetings dealt with the technical side of the work of the department, with a special emphasis on the fostering of better manual art work on the schools where the graduates of this institution may be located. OFFICERS President ...-.... -.-..... -..--. H o Ward D. Smethers Vice-President ----- ---------- - ---- William Holman Sec0"etcm"y-Trerfsufrvv' - -..-..-.... ---.- J ames McCoy SPONSORS C. L. Jackson R. L. Schwanzle T, -fav T1-5+.a?12sz,,'f A if W DAQ ff, ' -V I- M-is 1,1- lqe 2314 'r' efbfanual fflrts e---QQ.. V - MY' -- -ef --vs:-I "1. I 3: 7 " 1 I f 5 ' " . .pL..,z..,w..x-min,-.liar Latin Gull? Berkshire, Daniels, Knode, Sellar fSponsorJ Byrnes, Stanley, Byrnes, McManis, Wager, Ridgway Murphy, Grop, Val Bracht, Wise, Frances Page Holtz QSp0nsorJ, Mallory, Johnson, Mellor, Mosley, Grimsley Fuhlhage, Johnson, Tracy, Coffman, Finerty, Shriver Tuggle, Kaup, Taylor, Taylor, Rossillon, Bowers - -- V xp y -U. klgagxg .Un 3339! , f I, rf-a-f:e,X.i,. .5-,..,1 4,-wfvfvw-f'-'cp-lin,---W:-s 6 l V ,, . -.--H--,--4-.-A- any :uh lug Ufl C 55' QUE' . :Lge .Ly ' ,i va K . , -J-,...?..K., ,NJA ., , , , , i F 'ii-5 g --4 -. fr ,fs . - -. 7-522-'A'-f-5.f:,, ...ns- FRAN K AMBROSE BEACH, D7:'l"f'Cff0'l' of Ilflusic and Professor ol Public School Music. Head of Ijepnrtmcnf of Music. B. L.,A University of Michigan, Syracuse University, New England Conservatory, Juliani School of Opera, Paris. C6716 c7lfCusic qlepcrrtmenrw Students at Teachers College appreciate their School of Music, of course, but when We View a thing at close range, we are prone to lose sight of its many unusual sides. The catalog gives a list of the many and varied classes offered under the general head "Music," but it does not tell us- that over five hundred lessons in applied music are given every week, or that free instruction in violin is given to children in the Training School and the city schools, or that Work bordering on the professional often appears at the Wednesday morning recitals. The organizations that bring their Work before the public are naturally better known. There is the chorus of two hundred and fifty voices that sings "Elijah" every spring under the direction of Mr. Beach, head of the School of Music. The band of thirty players and the orchestra of forty, both under the direction of Forrest L. Buchtel, give color and depth to practically every phase of school life. They can give us "pep" music as readily as the symphonic kind. The Boys' Glee Club, directed by Mr. Beach, is a self-supporting organization, and this year it gave over twenty concerts in as many Kansas towns to an audience totaling close to ten thousand. The Treble Clef Club, directed by Miss Strouse, is composed of eight carefully selected voices. These girls emphasize a type of group singing entirely removed from the work of the other groups. Out-of-town concerts, appearances before Em- poria clubs, and a home concert, have given the organization a busy year. I The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Fay, finds plenty of oppor- tunity to prove its metal, and its concert, given with the Rhythmic Circle, is to be an annual affair. - The Faculty String Quartet is composed of professionals. String quartets are rather unusual in Kansas, and the Teachers College is very proud of this ensemble. The School of Music, which was once adequately housed in the old Eskridge mansion, has grovsm until the hospitality of several other campus buildings is now required. Next spring, however, will see the department in its new home on the east side of the campus. Perhaps this account of your School of Music makes you feel proud. It should, especially when you consider its small beginning. Seventeen years ago, w'hen Mr. Beach came to Emporia, it was one of the smallest depar'ments on the campus. Mr. Beach became dean of the school in 1913, and its marvelous growth as well as its recognized place as one of the finest music schools in the United States, is readily conceded to be the result largely of his tireless energy. Many honors have come to him, and to his school through him, but it is doubtful if any have brought him the satisfaction that will be his when he moves from his present cramped quarters to the ones now rising outside his office window. -A, E, F, ,,g,,,,T..JZq.i: -r.,:..,L.:7r9v-1T.Hwfi1,' '- 15 -"' -- 1 uf- ,,g,..Q, ,,,.,ggg,:L:4:4'..:::.".',:.. T1 , Page 238 Md- ' ' 'V .'.' it-W., ff.-.-1GfQb.g,-5-QM V3 'Q . gg 1' " rj T, T 'j -, -NV 1 5 'p'nj1.,t.. ,...,,.5f., :g,:a,.,.L?ff1 ' MEN'S GLEE CLUB Gufler, Dawson, Hawkins, Seacat, Maynard, Fern, Williamson, Hoover, Thompson Hower, Bradshaw, Prickett, Nunemacher, Campbell, Lininger, Webb, Strube, Burnap Rempel, Hunt, Goodbrod, acconipanistg Beach, director, Person, violin virtuoso, Olson, Myer, business manager, Schrzlg. Bernard Schowalter and Joe Meyer, also members of the club, are not in the picture. TREBLE CLEF Grace Curran, Myrle Barker, Lucille Adams, Mrs. Grace Thompson, Louise Nagle Jettie Denmark, Jennie Jensen, Catharine E. Strouse, Elverta Hawley, Kathleen Sowerby Y,,, . ,. A--- H- ,Q ,N 7, Y , . -..--.,........- ,f..... 4....1Lw-v--1-.keen -F ,,:fs-gsm.-.-:u.n...:..-4, . -1-fem. fff--- -me-cr.:-sr' . .- 9 i ' . . x .... e Page 239 L , f g+r.f4f l:-1 .1 L. -41W 1-, '-'sf fm? ,xi I' E T ' ,l"-T11 .T ,li T' Mfg :Zn TQJomen's Qlee Club Stubbs, Barber, Burnap, Fife, Gillispie, Viola' Sorenson, Colburn, Glasco, Porter, Hagen, Edwards, Wolfe Ate, Noble, Knettle, Nickels, Wellman, Green Anderson, Elyea, Fay, Dent, Maguire Breising, Larson, Watzel, VVatters, Bolk, Sutherland Parker, Graham, Sidlow, Burke, Diagoo, Freeburg, Elgred ,.,.. g.,.,,.-,eff-. ,:---....,,.,l,.,f..i....+..g,g' i C'- fr- -W-f-N .' -2w-f-n--- H- Puge 2.40 M fa " N m:i?:f"2E?5 iii . . ' ' , . 'mrs 'if-' V , -,-:.ma!swffM-f- ' ':!'L'I'e5 ' . W' in 5, -N' ' 5 A 'A ,,,A,gu,faewPf A- ' ,, m -. THE ORCHESTRA THE BAND Page 241 ,Bw-,5,v, 4.03.-m - .km A. .N -,- K, uk- , . . . 'W W ' gfglgggz. 5-1:13. x' 2 2 Q' 1:7 if vv-1f,f1F,Lyf1 1.f-ffqpg-fgfj-'Q-3 ,fy-37 L"'7'fVl7'f'EfT".Q T, L' 517' 1 . W' THE STRING QUARTETTE x . Lf- . ,1- x 31 Q ,E J. E w 3 D D 1- ii if ii? 'J :r'51TX f A Hi If wi Wm j ff-T r' W ? 'Pg l W T744 fi iw ,J 1 ill T31 M4 ix' W I i.4,e kg-qi' 15 'HQ gui I ' L' lg' 11 ff ' KS g , . f' " .asv-5515 I m u. k ' ib Q -1M we p -'QQ . 7 iiiiliiffsifzfmgqgff xg nSQi!v!5iu':L -- -f ZW 1, .- if' X , Qs,-452 - .-if ll f LQ.-4 Honorary fn-fir , n4. gn, Page 24 1JMWymwEGL6mL ,x, fs? si? E53 l 'E f-1 fi l , J Fi 1 I 'Ei ea, Q J, 515, ei' e We Q 1 F' .L llc' .,, .EQ ll., gli: S. n Q. QL. nil: f!EE L! 23? 55' J ,ll ,g- l'u ,gh :gg I E 'a fl' fi: :fig T gix .Ea 3. 'I 135 -r 'Y 'Al ,P 'r Y . Page 244 n. x'm f I 1 1 an N P. I , 4,1 . -2 , ... .-4-f-.n.-,.,-1:-,-,mg-.MvQ fn- -rwuigvf Paul Moreland Ti Kappa Cllelta Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, was organized in this school on May 12, 1913. TI-IE MEIVIBERS OF PI KAPPA DELTA ARE: OFFICERS ' Max S. Huebner Lucille Spencer Ralph Furst Richard Drake President -.--.. ...---..- - - - -- Vice-Presiclent --- .... --- Score tary ...-... .. .-..-. .... Cowcsgzovzcliizg Sec1'eta.ry -..-... -..--. - - MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY V. A. Davis Geo. R. R. Pflaum F. L. Gilson F. B. Ross Anne Goebel Olive Trautwein Violet Hassler Edward Staaclt Charles Maul STUDENTS IN ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP Royal Alcott Bernice DeSelms Richard Drake Frank Eckdall Ralph Furst Arthur Gropp Kenneth Hamer Max Huebner Sarah Loomis Ava Jackson Maurine Allen Maurine Karr Orietta Bower Fred Essig . PLEDGES Arthur Lee Rich Stella Skeen Lillian Runyan Lucille Spencer Hazel Stanley Carl Weston Robert Wilson Magdalena Young William Houlman Howard Bixby Glenn Lindahl Raymond Colthorp John Hoover l r Page 24.1 Kappa Cllelta fPi OFFICERS P7'9SidC7'lt ----- --------------- - - Lillian Dudley Vice-President ..-... --- E, R, Wood Counselor -....--. - -... -,- W, D, R055 Secretary-Tlreasurcv' -- -- Alice Clemgng Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary educational fraternity. It was founded at the University of Illinois in 1911 under the leadership of Dr. VV. C. Bagley now its na- tional executive counselor. Its purpose is to promote social service. It seeks to do this by maintaining high educational ideals and fostering fellowship, scholarship and leadership in educational work. It uses two media to accomplish these ends: Active chapters of faculty members and honor students in Teachers' Colleges and schools of education and a laureate chapter of internationally distinguished educators. Student membership in active chapters can include only juniors and seniors and election is based on scholarship, leadership, social qualities and promise of achievement. Not more than 15 per cent of any graduating class can be elected and election must be made from the 25 per cent of the class ranking highest in scholarship. There are now active chapters in thirty-six representative institutions. The laureate chapter is limited to fifty members elected by the grand council. Not more than five can be elected in any one year. Present members of the laureate chapter are: Dr. Frances Fenton Bernard, Dr. W. W. Charters, Dr. Elwood P. Cubberly, Dr. John Dewey, Dr. Frank Graves, Dr. Charles H. Judd, Dr. Edward L. Thorndike, Dr. Helen T. Wooley, Dr, Edwin A. Alderman, Dr. Frank Ballou, Mrs. Susan M. Dorsey, Dean James E. Russell, Dr. Lewis M. Terman. ELECTED 1925-'26 Joseph Bradshaw, Leona Brown fClass of 19263, J. Sidney Coleman, Ruth Daniels, Bertha Fuhlhage, Blanche Grimsley, Sarah Haller, Thelma Heaton, Sarah Howe, Beatrice Phon Johnson, Blanche Kent, Blanche McClun, Edith Miller, Paul Moreland, Bertha Nordeen, Wilmina Orr, Eva Richards, Hazel Stanley, Esthre Swart, Mrs. Grace Thompson, Lillian Valentine, Mary Alice Seller fFacultyJ, Dr. H. E. Schrammel CFacultyJ. Page 24.6 'ff :Q N12 MQ CE -4 pl! rf 'A E1 1' 1' A. Um A ,, XX 9 0 dmlnlffrdflon A ,,A i UQ 'KD Fug Qjicers of Instruction and dlclminisitration.. PROFESSORS, ASSOCIATE PROFESSORS, AND ASSISTANT PROFESSORS Tlz.om.rzs Walter Butcher, President-A. B., University of Kansas, A. M., Harvard University, University of Berlin, LL. D., College of Emporia. Frcmlc U. G. Agwzlius, Associate Professor of Botany.-A. B. A. M., University of Kansas. Vida. Larone Askew, Assistant Professor of English.-A. B., A. M., Oberlin College. Edwin RcL'ym.oml Barrett, Professor of English.-A. B., Pa1'k College, A. M., Univer- sity of Kansas, University of Chicago. Adu, Mflf'T'iC Bcumz, Associate Professor of Piano.-American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Allen Spencer, Chicago, Arthur Dunham, Chicago, Mrs. Johana Hess- Burr, Chicago, Thomas Whitney Surrette, Boston. F"I'fL'YI.liI Ambrose Beach, Director of Music, and Professor of Public School Music.- B. L., University of Michigan, Syracuse University, School of Music, New England Conservatory, Juliani School of Opera, Paris. .lolm Dzmcfm Brita, Assistant Professor of History-A. B., University of Wyoming, A. M., University of Chicago. Gcrtvaccle Brown, Associate Professor of English, Intermediate Grades, and Principal of the Intermediate Grades.-Ottawa University, University of Kansas, University of Colorado, University of Chicago, B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria. Guy A. .Buzzrw'cl, Professor of Geography.-B. E., Illinois State Normal University, M. S., University of Chicago. Willis Herbert Ccm'otlzeo"s, Professor of Educational Administration.-A. B., A. M., University of Kansas, University of Chicago, Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity. Horace M. Culter, Professor of Rural School Administration and Director of School Consolidation.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Vfivzcent Alexander Davis, Associate Professor of English.-William Jewell College, , LL. B., Kansas City School of Law, B. S., A. M., University of Missouri, University of Chicago. John Pctyson Drulfe, Professor of Physics.-A. B., A. M., Wesleyan University fCon- necticutj, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago. Lillian Dudley, Professor of Modern Languages.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia, A. M., University of Chicago, University of Berlin. Dcmnetm Mitchell Eckdflll fillrs. J. EJ, Assistant Professor of Art.-State Normal School, Indiana, Pa., School of Design for Women, Pittsburgh, Pa., Art Students League, New York City, William Chase School of Art, New York City, Art Guild, Omaha, Nebr., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Atkinson Mentzer School, Chicago, Chautauqua fNew Yorkj Arts Sz Crafts School, Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago. George Willflam Ellis, Associate Professor of Mathematics.-A. B., A. M., Hamilton College, University of Chicago. F'rrm.lcl'in Lconurcl Gilsou, Professor of Speech.-Ph. B., Upper Iowa University, Grad- uate, School of Speech, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Curry School of Expression. Efnwnu, L. Gridley, Professor of Art.-Massachusetts Normal Art School, University of Chicago, Dow"s Summer Art School, A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, New York University. Page 248 Hrmner Woodson. Hargiss, Coach of lVIen's Athletics, and Head of Department of lVLen's Physical Education.-Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, College of Em- poria, Harvard School of Physical Education. I ' Queen Harper, Assistant Professor of English.-A. B., College of Emporia, A. M., Columbia University, University of Chicago. 1 Achsah May Harris, Professor of Primary Education, and Head of the Kindergarten- Primary Department.-A. B., University of Michigan, B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, A. M., Columbia University. Mary Ha.rri.son, Associate Professor of Modern Languages.-B. L., Washburn Col- lege, University of California, Columbia University, University of Madrid, Centro f de Estudios, Madrid. Willifam LeRoy Holtz, Professor of Latin.-A. B., Baker University, University of j. Chicago. 1 Clark Lyman Jackson, Professor of Manual Arts, and Junior High School Manual Arts.-B. S., South Dakota State College, B. S., Stout Institute. Judith A. Jacobs, Assistant Professor of English, Junior High School.-A. B., A. M., University of Minnesota, University of Chicago. William Heber Keller, Associate Professor of Mathematics.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Chicago. Herbert Galen Lall, Director of Teacher Training.-A. B., University of Michigan, A. M., University of Washington, Ph. D., University of California. Anna McCullough, Assistant Professor of Junior High School Science.-Biological I Marine Station, Friday Harbor, Washington, A. B., University of Kansas. . Edna McCullo1lglz., Professor of Women's Physical Education.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Graduate, Sargent School of Physical Education. A James Willard Mayberry, Professor of Chemistry.-A. B., A. M., University of Kansas. i i Maude Minrow, Dean of Women.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, A. M., Columbia University, University of Chicago. Bert Allen Nash, Assistant Professor of Psychology.-Northwestern University, A. B., Washburn-College, University of Kansas. Rath Otterstrom, Assistant Professor of Intermediate Mathematics.-De Kalb ill- linoisj State Normal School, University of Chicago, University of Illinois, A. B., Lake Forest College. Lacile Owen, Bursar.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Chicago. Leonarcl A. Parke, Professor of Commerce.-LL. B., University of Kansas. George R. R. Pflazwh, Associate Professor of Speech.-B. O., School of Expression, College of Puget Sound, A. B., Northwestern College, Naperville, Illinois, A. M., Cornell University. Alfred Wilson Philips, Professor of Mathematics.-A. B., Monmouth College, State College of Washington, A. M., University of Chicago. Charles Rush Phipps, Professor of Agriculture.-Eastern Illinois State Normal School, B. S., University of Illinois, M. S., Colorado State Agricultural College. Elsie Howard Pine CMrs.J, Acting-Librarian.-Baker University, Graduate, Uni- versity of Wisconsin Library School. Wesley Roper, Professor of Sociology.-A. B., A. M., University, of Washington, University of Chicago. Felix Bruno Ross, Professor of Political Science and Economics.-Buena Vista Col- lege, Storm Lake, Iowa, A. B., A. M., University of Iowa, Leland Stanford Uni- versity, University of California, University of Chicago. Page 24.9 Wilbert Da-virlson Ross, Professor of History, Director of Public School Service, and Registrar.-A. B., A. M., University of Kansas, Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity. Teresa Marie Ryan, Associate Professor of English.-A. B., University of Wisconsin, A. M., Columbia University. Curl Walter Srnlser, Secretary of the Alumni Association, and Director of the Exten- sion Division.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, School of Edu- cation, Harvard University. Henry E. Sclzrnrnanel, Associate Professor of Psychology.-A. B., Northwestern Col- lege, Naperville, Illinois, A. M., University of Colorado, A. M., Columbia Univer- sity, Ph. D., Ohio State University. Ruth, Virginia Simpson, Professor of Home Economics.-B. S., A. M., Teachers Col- lege, Columbia University. Catherine E. Stronse, Associate Professor of Public School Music, and General Super- visor of Music, Training Schools.-Winona State Normal School, Thomas Training School, Detroit, National Summer School, Chicago. Norman Triplett, Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, and Dean of Men.-A. B., Illinois College, A. M., Indiana University, Ph. D., Clark University. Clair K. Turner, Professor of Health Education.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia, University of Chicago, Harvard University, Columbia University. Francis George Welch, Associate Professor of Agriculture.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, B. S., Kansas State Agricultural College, Univer- sity of Chicago. Jennie Willicwns, Associate Professor of Junior High School Geography, and Prin- cipal of the Roosevelt Junior High School.---A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Chicago, A. M., Teachers College, Columbia University. Ernest Ricltarcl Wood, Professor of Psychology and Philosophy, and Acting-Director of Bureau of Educational Measurements and Standards.-A. B., B. S., Ohio Uni- versity, A. M., Clark University, Ph. D., University of Chicago. Lyman C. Wooster, Professor of Biology and Geology.-Wisconsin Normal School fWhiteWaterl, Beloit College, Ph. D., Milton College, Yale University, Univer- sity of Chicago. Dean Amory Worcester, Director of Bureau of Educational Measurements and Stan- dards, and Associate Professor of Psychology.-A. B., University of Colorado, University of Pennsylvania, A. M., University of Colorado, Ohio State University. Dale Zeller, Associate Professor of Teacher Training and General Assistant to the Director of Teacher Training.-B. S., Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago. INSTRUCTORS Frances Borowslci Aiken CMrs.J, Instructor in Piano.-New' England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Alice Siever Pulsifer, Boston, B. M., Chicago Musical College, Felix Borowski and Victor Saar, Harris B. Shaw, Boston. Mary Atkinson, Instructor in Modern Languages, and Junior High School French.- Tennesse CMurfreesboroJ State Teachers College, Southern Presbyterian Univer- sity, Mlemphis, Tennessee, A. B., George Peabody College for Teachers, University of Toulouse, France. Beatrice Benson, Instructor in College and Junior High School Home Economics.- Columbia University, Ph. B., University of Chicago. Ina Berman, Instructor in Intermediate Science.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia. Lena Brandom, Instructor in College and Junior High School Home Economics.- O. B., Stephens College, A. B., University of Kansas. Leona, M. Brown, Instructor in English.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Page 250 V Mable Bzwgy CM'rs.J, I11.si1'ucfo1' 'in C0'l'l1'IllG7'C0.-A. B., University of Iowa. Forrest L. Buclztcl, Director of the Band.-A. B., Simpson College, University of Chicago. L-zclcl Cain, Instructor in College and Junior High School History.-University of Colorado, University of California, A. B., University of Illinois, A. M., University of Chicago. Crltlzerinc Ccnllolum, Instructor in Women's Physical Education, and Junior High School Physical Education.-B. S., University of Missouri. l4liC6.Cl67II'G71,S, Instructor in English.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria. Irma Dooley, Instructor in Piano.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Agnes Fay, Instructor in Public School Music.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, B. M., Columbia School of Music, Chicago. .lllarion Flantlers, Instructor in Women's Physical Education.-Graduate, Sargent Normal School of Physical Education. Ida Franc, Instructor in Intermediate History.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia. Allis Gilmore, Instructor in Art.-Chicago Art Institute. Amzcl Goebel, Instructor in Intermediate Geography.-University of Colorado, Kan- sas State Teachers College of Hays, B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Normfm Gooclbrocl, Instructor in Piano.-B. F. A., University of Nebraska, B. M., School of Music, University of Nebraska, Northwestern University, Evanston, Nora Hall, Instructor in Art.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia- A. B., Bethany College, Lindsborg. ' Violet' Ha.ssle'r, Instructor in Speech.-AB. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria. .llartlza Bates Hatfield, Instructor in Voice.-Graduate, Kansas City Conservatory of Music, Ella Van Huff, Ottley Cranston, Eduardo Sacerdote, Chicago Musical College. l'I7'lUl6l77Z'l'lLlL Herwig, Instructor in English.-Linclenwood College, A. B., B. S., Uni- versity of Missouri, University of Missouri. Cfwonille Holley, Instructor in Junior High School Mathematics.-B. S., University of Chicago. 1 Beulah Houlton, Instructor in Intermediate Art.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia. ' Emma Humble, Instructor in Primary Education.-Columbia University, University of Kansas, University of Chicago, University of California, B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Tor Hylbom., Instructor in Violin.-Graduate, National Academy of Music, Stock- holm, Member of Stockholm Symphony Orchestra, three years. Mabel Jacobs, Instructor in Voice.-B. M., St. Olaf's College, Leipsic Conservatory, Oscar Saenger, Soloist with St. Olaf's Choir, foreign tour 1913. Mabel H. JOlIfl'LSO'I'I,, Instructor in Primary Education.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Colorado. Adelaide Kcnuzer, Instructor in Commerce.-A. B., University of Kansas, University of California. Fred L. Kilclow, Instructor in English.-Whitewater CWisconsinj State Normal School, A. B., University of Wisconsin. Lucile Kfinney, Instructor in Primary Education.-The Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia. Page 251 Him, Rector Kiiigi Ulfrs. H. LJ, Instructor in Junior High School Art.-B. S., Kan- sas State Teachers College of Emporia, Chicago Industrial Art School. Flo Kizowles, Instructor in Primary Education.-The Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Enrporia. Amy Hopkins Lfl7'7'6?l'l.01'G, Ullrs. T. AJ, Instructor in Voice. - Floreiztiiie Lewekc, Instructor in English.-B. S., Central Missouri State Teachers College, A. M., University of Missouri. Lloyd McGalimi, Instructor in Men's Physical Education.-B. S., Kansas State Teach- ers College of Emporia. Vesta, C. Morfrm, Inst1'uctor in English.-A. B., University of Kansas, University of Kansas. Ralph Page, Instructor in Voice.-Strassberger Conservatory, Kansas City Con- servatory of Music, Horace Dibble, Ottley Cranston, Chas. W. Clark, Chicago. Vi-rgil Person, Instructor in Violin.-University of Minnesota, William McPhail, Otto Meyer. Arclevie Pliifcr, Instructor in Piano.-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, Graduate, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Moses Boguslowski, Calvin B. Cady, Cornish School of Music, Seattle, Laforge-Berunien, New York. Clicrles Plll.dS77'LlL7'L, Instructor in Cello.-Leo L. Cayvan. Ethel Rzvnmey, Instructor in Mathematics.-B. S., John B. Stetson University, M. S., University of Chicago. Edith Rush, Instructor in Primary Education.-Colorado State Teachers College, Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Washburn College, Columbia Uni- versity. Ricclolpli Louis Scliwemzle, Instructor in College and Junior High School Manual Arts. -Diploma, Stout Institute. .lllnfry Alice Seller, Instructor in College and Junior High School Latin.-A. B., A. M., Indiana University. Elizabeth Smith, Instructor in Kindergarten Education.-Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Teachers College, Columbia University, University of Chicago. Eklwarcl Stlmdt, Instructor in Speech.-B. L., Northwestern University, Evanston. Elizabeth Anim Stone, Instructor in Piano.-College of Music, Cincinnati, Clara Louise Dunning, New York City, Mrs. Crosby-Adams, Chicago, Effie Ellis Per- field, Chicago. Esther Sivcwt, Instructor in Elementary School Music.-Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Eniporia. Agnes Tliumser, Instructor in VVomen's Physical Education and Intermediate Phy- sical Education.-B. S., University of Missouri. Olive T'l'CL'llif1UC'l7'7., Instructor in Speech.-Graduate, Southwestern School of Oratory, Graduate, Northwestern School of Speech, Kansas State Teachers College of Ein- poria, B. L. Northwestern University. Viet-or Trusler, Instructor in Men's Physical Education.-B. S., Kansas State Teach- ers College of Emlporia, University of Illinois. William Aiitlim' Vrm Voris, Assistant in Correspondence Study Department.-A. B., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Chicago. Clcm'-issu, Williamsoii, Instructor in Art.-New York Art School, Chautauqua fNew Yorkj Summer School of Art, Chicago School of Applied Art. Althea- IfV'r'iglit fMi's.D, Instructor in Intermediate Vifriting.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Emily M. Ha-re, Secretary of Young Women's Christian Association.--B. S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Page 252 Thelma Heaton, Instructor in Music.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Music. Etmz. McC04'111.ick, Instructor in English.-B. Pd., Central fMissourij State Teachers College, B. S., University of Missouri, M. A., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity. ,Daisy I. Simpson, Instructor in VVomen's Physical Education.-B. S., University of Wisconsin. Mae F. Trigg CMO's. T. SJ, Instructor in Junior High School Mathematics.-Baker University, B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. KELLOGG LIBRARY Elsie Ho'wm'd Pine fMa"s.j Acting Librarian.-Baker University, Graduate, Uni- versity of Wisconsin Library School. HfL7"'1'IGt Elcoek, Head of Shelf Department, and Instructor in Library Economy.- B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Minnesota State Education De- partment Sumlnier Library Course. Mczwrjrwie T. Fullwoocl, Reference Librarian.--A. B., Syracuse University, New York Public Library School, New York City. Faye Huffman, Head of School and Children's Department and Instructor in Chil- dren's Literature.-4B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Colorado Agricultural College Summer Library Course. 1 Mildred Palmer, Assistant Cataloguer.-A. B., College of Emporia. Maude Elleim Shore, Head of Circulation Department and Instructor in Library Ad-- ministration.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Colorado Agricul- tural College Summer Library Course. Caroline A. Newmcm, Mail Loan Clerk.-The Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria. OFFICE ASSISTANTS, NURSE, SOCIAL DIRECTOR, SUPERINTENDENT OF GROUNDS Rriymoml Griffith Cremefr, Assistant in Extension Division.-B. S. in Education, and B. S. in Commerce, Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Carl Everett Dent, Secretary of Correspendence-Study Department.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Chicago. Mrwy E. Edwcwcls, Secretary to Director of Appointment Bureau. Milclrecl F-rievzd, Record Clerk.-Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. KfLth.efr'ine Fuller, Secretary to Director 'of School of Music.-Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Beatrice Hoover, Secretary to the President.-Kansas State Teachers College of Em- poria. Amin. P. Jaquitlt CM1's.J, Social Director of Morse Hall.-Kansas State Teachers Col- lege of Emporia. Marry P. Kirtlfm CMVSJ, School Nurse.-R. N., Arapahoe County Training School for Nurses, Denverg Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. -Iucmi'ta Lewis, Assisiant to Bursar.-Baker University. Frances Smith, Assistant to Registrar. Clicwles Henry Hill, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, and Manager of Cafeteria. Page ADDITIONS TO FACULTY FOR SUMMER SESSION, 1925 Goldie Atlzcrfon, Instructor in Art.-B. S., James Millikin University, University of Wisconsin, Chicago Art Institute, School of Applied Arts, Chicago. Florence Lillian Bush., Instructor in Art.-Battle Creek College, Michigan State Teachers College, Chicago Art Institute g Pratt Institute. slime L. B. Cheney, Instructor in Art.-Pratt Institute, Thomas Normal School, De- troit, Art Institute, Chicago. .Iosapltinc F'islz.e1', Instructor in Psychology.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, A. M., Teachers College, Columbia University. Susrm F7'?:G'I'lCl, Instructor in Teacher Training.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. Mae Gray, Instructor in Art.-Graduate, Art Institute of Chicago, A. B., University of Chicago. Eirmu. Hylcmd, Instructor in Art. Hrm'fry James, Instructor in Physics.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Eni- pori, Kansas State Agricultural College, University of Wisconsin. ilrwjoric Kcolmne, Instructor in English. C. D. Long, Instructor in Commerce-M. Accts., Southwestern Business College. Lee H. McF'rw'Zn:rz., Instructor in Mathematics.-B. S., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, University of Illinois, A. M., Ph. D., University of Missouri. Thom Martiiz, Instructor in Speech.--B. L., Northwestern University. Cleo E. Mefrcier, Instructor in VVon1en's Physical Education.-B. S., University oi' Missouri. H. S. Miller, Instructor in Comnierce.-M. C. S., Ohio Northern University, M. Acct., Southwestern Business College. Cfl-IILGTITLG Mo1z.tgo'meo'y, Instructor in Teacher Training.-A. B., University of Wash- ington, University of Chicago. Jolmfz. R. Mulzum, Acting Head Department of Geography.-A. B., University of Ne- braska. Ruth. O'Keefe, Instructor in Wonien's Physical Education.-B. S., Kansas State Teach- ers College of Emporia, Northwestern University, University of Kansas. illrnrgcwet Rfwm, Instructor in Speech.-A. B., State University of Iowa, A. M., North- western University. Velma Tfl.l'HIILClg0, Instructor in Music. Wm. R. Thompson, Instructor in School Administration.-B. S., Kansas State Teach- ers College of Enrporiag M. S., University of Kansas. Conrad Vfmcle-rvelde, Instructor in Psychology.-A. B., Ripon Collegeg A. M.. Prince- ton University, B. D., Princeton Theological Seminary, University of Chicago. Cora. Vaughn, Instructor in English. Page 254 1 Q mfg Jil . ' '0 J ' ,Q 'Vai H u m o r' Some Inside 5Dope on Extra-Qurricular Page 25 cfllctifvities This section of the 1926 Sunflower is dedicated to those who have been kind enough during the school year to tell us just how to edit a college annual. As the tim.e draws near for publication we look over our work and decide that we need a lot of ad- vice along that line. In fact a great deal more than could be given us in one short year. In view of that fact we searched the school over for a suitable assistant and turned over to him. all the advice which had come to us this year, asking him to please try and give the stud-ents something they would like. The following is what he gave us. He said that he called it Cracked Mir- rors because it would probably mean seven years of hard luck for him if anybody ever found out where he was hiding now. For- tunately we had just enough remaining in the lock box after the last bill was left un- paidito buy him a one-way ticket to Arkan- sas, where he is perfectly safe, as no one will ever think of looking for him outside of the United States. Now get acquainted with the mud edi- tor-laugh when it splashes on your fav- orite enemy, but watch out that your sense of humor doesn't change when the whip cracks in your direction. CSA Qlteshmank Soliloquy l've been bawled out, bawled up, held up, held down, bull- dozed, black-jacked, Walked on, cheated, squeezed and rnooched. live been stuck for War tax, Memorial tax, chapter tax, dog tax and syntax. l've worked' like hell, and have been Worked like hell. Have been drunk and gotten others drunk. Lost all l had and part of my clothes, and because l Wonlt spend all of the little I can beg, borrow and steal, l've been talked to, talked about, lied to, lied about, held up robbed and damn near ruined. And the only reason l'm Sticking around now is tr see what the hell is going to happen next. V A.- -EJ Jag ' If , 8 X:.JiQ,. L' i , A " fi f F lfftl ' N Y ff 1 W 4: 3, , W' F 4-l's:n2:aw-1, LQ V., 1 ll ff l, 4 R '-"':f'.:liifZL!!.L'f:i5l!v' ' ' 'I Sr-iw. n al - f. 5 if niimf... One never can teli just how much a college education will help them in this world, but we understand that, a man with foresight will always marry a college grad- uate: for, if SHE cannot teach school sue-- cessfully, - well - PRESIDENT OF A LAUNDRY ISN'T SO BAD. It seems as though schools are hard to secure this year, and thus the students of K. S. T. C. should rejoice, as there is to be much connecting, we understand. That being the case, competition in this field will bring the high cost of clean clothes within the reach of every student and faculty mem- ber. He looks long in bed, but that one be- longs to his kid brother, six months old. Lane has surely had a hard timle of it this winter collecting the bills for the Sunflower. In addition to the collecting job, he has had various duties at the Pi Kap house about seven nights a week. No wonder the poor man is always late to class, taking three pledges to get him out in the mornings, and bleary-eyed all day. He was so tight that he Wanted the editor to send all his letters unsealed-"Would only take one cent." But he was the best business manager the Sun- flower has ever had, and due to his finan- cing ability we are able to offer you this t .. gyvvirfa inm- f . sl ll ' 1 ' I ' I TLS .Saks sqm Q. 1 N-, HAM wiurcrv ,..7:" I Jw , 1 . . V, 3 . . i .2 2 - N i 5 L- - ' - 7 ,A 1 ' , .W f X ,ff . . . . Ks 4. xg, ' -- I QM V M. ai'-fpz ,,,,..,. ., j Wifi - 1:.w'f 1'4i1'Yf'l'-".i'?ti u f' ...1-, publication. .7 F5551 J N. vi 4' f V4-xf' 'w ww fl ' 'f,..fq.f ' Ulu ' ' fp 'ly' 'vw' . ,E . .T Mf9',1' Wglsi agsluli lf' U! " ' "' ul.. E riff' ' at l '1il,,a'f H V .- . I 5 - 4 -'i-e - 1 1 l 7 -,......-i-.- Page 258 Wayne Rymen, the sheik of K. S. T. C., coming in from some wild party. Rymen run out of gas about five miles from town, and had to stay all night on a lonely country road until a farmer came along and gave him a lift. We are not sure who his date was that night, for he believes in giving all the girls a treat now and then. 'Date 'Males A gentle reminder was sent to all house mothers the first of the year stating the many rules that must be observed throughout the year. A few were observed after the girls paid a fine ranging from one dollar to twen- ty, a few pledges taken from them, and not being allowed to rush for a semester. Some of the rules are as follows: There shall be no rushing with men, There shall be no split dates, All rushees must be home by 10:30. And about three hundred and sixty other rules similar. No wonder so many of these rules are broken. We sometimes wonder if they are ' ever lived up to. In addition to the rushing rules, there are nearly a hundred general rules for the girls to disobey and violate. For example, four dates a week are allowed each sorority girl, and every one knows there are seven days in every week. Date must leave at 10 130, and in the general run of cases the date is just about ready at that hour. No one permitted to attend down town dances-well, they have dances down town, I wonder how many have missed one. Girls shall not go to fraternity houses nor sit on their porch. In comment to this ruling all we have to says is Ha Ha. It is being done. House mothers fret and worry, and sometimes lose their job, but the girls go merrily on breaking rules, and the men encourage them all they can. These rules are just the same as a boy eating a watermelon-"It tastes so much better when stolen." After much discussion, thought, and all that goes along in that gen- eral direction, the girls came to the conclusion that a few rules should be adopted for the faculty women. Glory to God and down with vice. RULES 1. All faculty women under the age of discretion must retire by eight o'clock. 2. All parties for faculty women must be chaperoned, preferably a chaperone per person. 3. Member may go auto riding in the city limits in the day time with a chaperone individually approved by the dean of womlen, the presi- dent of K. S. T. C., and the pastor of their church. A 4. Member may have one C11 caller a week and such call shall not last longer than two hours. 5. No card playing, dancing, or other rough stuff is tolerated. Tid- dledy Winks and Jack Straws may be played until eight o'clock. Dominoes not permitted, and each newcomer will be searched to see that she has uone. 6. Members may go to the library in groups of not less than twenty and return en masse, not later than 9:00 P. M. 7. All faculty women who catch any other violating the above rules is hereby urged to report the dereliction to the house mother and the guilty member will be penalized by having to correct all the themes and quiz papers of the accusee. This is for the purpose of encouraging spying and laziness among members. Page 259 , . ri ' if 7 " 1 . 'E Liffrvlhmsiiv .-Wymririii 4i:k:rg.r.iTKiFI7'5l i Q3 flw lt l t . Ml, .. ., . In .af , E! , F: ,n lm , -- "I '1-2 . . . , wt. My :H HMI i in - rf: 1 - 'fi' , 4 f Pa. 1f33TEE5 ,..- .rr ' f f ' , f -QM k, , 1 A J QB!! 5 In A l Oj f remit . T: ffl I I .1 . A cwse seem-in JJ' ! i.j1-4 lit 1-rmcwms ,.f'f"'j.b - gg? 1 j ,. 4. h, my ,f . - A, fmq .J.eE9. , 'q? 51 Bmmmnc- Annum: ,Vg 5 , fi in : t - 'X' xtfx R g - J,g,a? I N an El! X I' 'i s 'L .gif ' I ow xgfsfnrnnsrmiclw 'mr' BLEACHER5 Not all the college students wear their trousers over their shoes. Only the men do. Once upon a time a queen's heart Was Won by a king. He had a large diamond which cost lots of jack. People at the Wedding saw a great pair. One night, however, the king played the deuce by coming in late. Whereupon the queen grabbed a club from a tray. But the king would not admit that he Was beaten. He tried trumps, handing her four tens, remarking, "Do some shopping with what I Won." So they lived happily ever after, and no spades were needed. Delta Sig.: "Did you see Mary's gown? The material cost fifty dollars a yard." Second D. S.: "Can that be so? Then it must have cost her at least twenty-five dollars." Sigma Mu': "Would you object if I kissed you?" Zeta Sig: QN'o answerj S. M.: "Would you care if I kissed you ?" V Z. S.: KNO ansWer.D S. M.: "Would you mind if I kissed you ?" Z. S.: CNo ansvverj S. M.: "Say, are you deaf ?" Z. S.: "Hell nog are you dumb?" A L-W, ,.,.., ,T .- . - . Q- f' .144-..-..7-, ,tax-A-.1 .. 1.-'-ew. Page 260 n I I , , I l VICE VERSUS He: "Please come out in the garden with me." She: "Oh, no. I musn't go out without a chaperone." He: "But we don't need one." She: "Then I don't want to go." Son: "What's a genius, pop ?" Pop: "A genuis, son, is a man who can rewrite a traveling sales- man's joke and get it accepted by The Ladies Home J ournalf' THE FIXER Bootlegger tto man fishingj : "Have any luck ?" Man: "No." Bootlegger: "Try some of this on your bait." Man pours something from bottle over the worm on the hook and lowers it into the water. Soon a great splashing about is heard and the line is jerked up. The worm had a stranglehold on a. catfish and was punching him: in the eye with his tail. Alpha Sig: "My brother doesn't smoke, swear or drink." Kappa Sig: "Does he make all his own dresses, too ?" WHAT'S BECOME OF THE LITTLE GIRL THAT USED TO SAY, "I'LL SLAP YOU IF YOU DO?" 1 "Hi" er f ,I ' J ' "" img P Inga 267 , ...- pl A . ,M V V, -.s,,,,,,.-,,....,.. iv -fs. A f - - WE if' Q-fe NH E .: TH. one wayne . 1 LH.,-, 'fr fl' 5 V 1 A 8 L fw vSf"'.-f f . A - l , ' 1 '. A ' ' .' . .'-bi M? 1 .-9 g. .i "R, l' V T '-xl "1 , C fm M. --, 'Q i. me ' an ' ' 5 ii A "t3llf'g " 5 Qin.. nv ga ' A Q A ..iQf5f"zl ' f . 1' E Ji , tt ,gi g . Q, Am 3, .. Y, V . " gy, ir- E I, 1.3-5 . . . i I 1. it if-if or -. F. -- "W" Q 5-'H-I if SW K' JW 'N ii 3 .3. 'Nl -sawn r Ai It fi re ' seg w.,,,3,w- t F.. ll Q-,s V ,- i. .. WE' Q ll' ,V . Q 'kLh'?g'lZl can Qin. arms 'MQSPQEPB .I ' . m l: ' ' if ' ll M335-'YR 53' in 1 ,- . 5 if aigxrgqgfz Q, , Agent - it ig . 1 ' , ,. ,. , , T I f Fa?-, ,',,9i.1?'2 . sf..-M , Q . ,ig .'."'g'-Ili g ' gf., 'A ijfi ,ga ' " ff g , - -rf' lltf.. l " I ' "", ' '15, Tl L . ?:?lQ:fg,-,-11 I .fha i if. - f , ' -X " F:i4'Q-Wt' 1-me . N V 'V F0 I , H 'mol . . l . . .. . . .. . ,,,, Y .. . .- -w-....... L... ' -A -' - -WSEEW7' "l-in-'sa:1"'Lt 1 " .iw i.. 'tl'-KSZQWM xv 1 ' Q A 'H' 'Pi Kaps Are you acquainted with the Pi Kaps? If not, don't pass this outfit up. They are a group of girls every NICE young man should know. When you call at their house a Hock of charming little pledges greet you at the door dressed in short skirts, rolled hose, and sleeveless dresses-CHARMING-ARTISTIC, -QOH, MY-. They called it Hell week or something like that-HELL MUST BE WONDERFUL. Anyway, after being greeted in such a marvelous manner you are quite certain that the evening will not be a total loss. These charming little, entertainers gently grab you, jerk off your hat and coat, hanging them on the floor, shove you into a chair or davenport, crank the Victrola, turning it loose on some soft melody, as "Show Me the Way To Go Home," and then all start -talking at once. After about thirty minutes of this unique entertainment the evening's treat comes tripping down the stairs, taking her place of honor, if she be the first in line on the date list. The pledges retire to the upper berths to make ready for the next guest. There is much additional argument why you should become acquainted with the Pi Kaps. As mentioned, their hospitality is exceptional, the davenports are soft and cozy, usually not more than six couples per each. The furnace boy always has the house warm in the cold Weatherg, therefore no danger of catching cold. If in need of exercise, take your turn at the "Charleston," There are a few' rules to be observed, as all sororities have them as rather a necessary evil. Some of themore important rules are as follows: No card playing after 1:00 A. M. Dancing on the floor must stop at 10:30-on the carpet fusing it as a rnufflerl 12:00 P. M. The evening is usually featured by a small feed of some kindg however, if oyster soup is served, feed must be over by 12:00, as quiet hour in-ust be observed. The girls are noted for picking car locks with hair pins, taking a joyride in the wee small hours of the morning, frightening the poor car owner out of an evening's entertainment as well as disturbing the peaceful slumbers of the police department. Perhaps you Wonder, "How come all these goings on." You see the house mother is a perfect picture of health, and retires very early and a sound sleeper. A voice is heard, "Slip out easy boys, don't wake the neighbors." Page 262 'Phi Sig efbftemhership 'Drive MUSH WEEK, 1925 Monday-Phi Sigs all gather in for big drive, round up all athletes, put the same in corral for safe keeping, after careful investigation and searching. Tuesday-Phi Sigs tell rushees if they want to play football or basketball, they must join their fraternity. To join any other will keep them off the teams, as they Won't play with 'em. . Wednesday-Phi Sigs tell rushees that they will assure all pledges a grad-e. All they have do is to enroll. Of course the dumber ones will have to take agricul- ture. Thursday-Phi Sigs tell rushees that the . Sigma Taus are a bunch of bums, sev- eral in jail, for all kinds of law break- ing, in debt and will charge the rushees for meals, beds, steal their clothes, etc. Friday-Phi Sigs tell rushees the Phi Delts are the lowbrows of the institution, worthless, and frauds. Saturday-Phi Sigs tell rushees that the Kappa Sigs are a bunch of cake-eaters, drink lots of liquor, throw Wild parties, spend too much money, and cite to the rushees how many men they have taken from the Kappa Sigs. Sunday-An absent minded Phi Sig tells a rushee the truth, and is immediately locked in the cellar by indignant and horror-stricken brethren. What a Wonderful, uplifting, harmon- ious organization. gf? I i f 'fkf f'CV'TI'7F"' H 1 I' +1 ' is ,mjg i-.Vg T: e 'wee -'-f 'xv as ms 1 I . A FIFTY YARD Lme' i ! A mum voxip pass 'TAQKLIHG wma. wmv First Child Cas locomotive comes to crossingb: "I Wonder what makes that engine Whistle ?" Second Child: "If your insides were as hot as its are, you'd whistle, oo." ....,.,.Y-. -.1 .Q---+-. Y WMN', ,-Wm M -7,04 R 1 . -, A J ,...,...H-. iwj-, 'X-, - 11 I' ll, g a 2 If A V 'LY Jiri? Q L' -.... . . Tm -1 X Vli. I ,,.f-f"" 0 K xx 'i nu W. ro? HCS 1512: 591:59 Q ' 4 Y 1 My ,WW 4' 0 -E D A b y ,iv 3 A , , 1. 'Q , 'V V Q .ji g V0 1 fn f1'Es- f 5' ff 'rf P tl. g 0 Gan you Imagine: A dorm date out after 10:30. Peg Weaver not spreading scandal. Every one studying at the library. The Bulletin being correct. Dinty Davis Without a girl on his arm. Dr. Wooster Without his overcoat. That snap course of Dr. Lull's. Otis Thornton passing. John Kincheloe being reinstated. Study hour at a fraternity house. Dean Triplett without his whiskers. The Alpha Sigs in long skirts. Dean Minrow with bobbed hair. That wonderful memory of "Bill" Hargiss. Chapel at Cole's Cafe. Mary Doyle Without her "Chesley." Florence Boots Without her Oriville. Henry Ellenberger serious. Pflaum and Kildow preachers. Clem Tuggle clubbing off the girls. Weston and Kincheloe doing the Charleston. The Lambda Phis reducing. Gottlieb Richmond buying anything. Prof. Beach giving comps. Prof. Mayberry -smoking fags. Duke dating Bass. Miss Harrison missing a basketball game. That modest boy, Clyde Swinder. Wardrip a politician. A Freshman thinking C. O. D. a broadcasting station. THE DARK SECRET It is rumored about the campus that there is, or is to be, an organization composed of a select group of what might be termed the "Elite of the Student Body." Each member must be able to meet the following qualifications: Large pedal extremities, spindle shanks, black hair, with a permanent curl, extreme brunette com- plexion, and a clear title to ancestry dating back to the time when the good ship "Wallflower" left the shores of "darkest Africa." No one may be pledged unless she has no less than eight ,letters in each of her three names. Now I suppose that I have given away the "Dark Secret." Yes, you win your bet, it is a colored sorority. The name of the sorority however is still a secret. We have an inkling that it is either Eplsion Eplsion Bata-"Elegant Ethiopian Brunettes" or Pi Eplsion, "Pol- ished Ebonyf' Dame Rumor and Octavious Roy Cohen favor the latter name. We understand that they are having fifty-one open houses this year, each one of which is to last from Monday night until the following Sunday night. These open houses are held for the pros- pective Frat. Lambda Si, "Lovin' Sams." We and Booker T. Washington wish them all the luck that any natural born crap-shooter could have. HELLS BELLS--SEE NVHAT BROKE OUT A brilliant "feller" named Bixby looked into the future and fore- saw the necessity of an organization to take under their sisterly wing all grandmothers, discounts, offcounts, and noaccounts, with a few good cookie pushers to hold the social standards to par. ' It is really a very fine organization, and they call themselves the Sigma Mu Deltas. Although a new order, they have great possibili- ties in the future, as each semester a larger number of cowmen from cow college fManhattanl enter our school. We haven't found out all the inside dope regarding this organization, what they stand for, their requirements for initiation, their objectives, etc., but we do understand that they draw the color line. We wish this new fraternity, pardon me, boarding club, all the success in the future. Page 217 THE CAFETERIA LITERAL IVIINDEDNESS The mother who Won't fondle her babe because familiarity breeds contempt. .The young Don Juan who will try to kiss but two out of every ten girls he meets because four out of five have it. The student who tries to get a drag with his prof by cutting all his classes because absence makes the heart grow fonder. MILESTONES "This country," vi-ewed-with- alarm the sociology lecturer, "has 'progressed' from 'Am I the first girl you ever loved?' to 'Am I the last wife you're figuring on having?"' Page 268 The other day On a crowded street car I saw a dream of loveliness. In all my four years No such beauty had I seen. I decide to move closer To this modern Athene And bask in her loveliness. Suddenly the car lurched And I clumsily st-epped on Her dainty slipper. She turned upon me: "Say, Bo, keeps off them dogs I hurried on Mumbling to the motorman- "The next corner, please." V. -vw?--fe,-1.r " - -- ' 'gtg ..,,... .. Hr 'Date f7NQght at the 'Delta ,Sig Gdtfouso Gentle Reader: I make this contribution with the utmost sincerity and veracity. I speak from personal experience. I must first say that I hold the Delta Sigma girls in the highest esteem. They are the best bunch of dishwashers and scandal mongers on the camgpus, but we love them just the same. Yes, oh, how we "love" them. ' To prove they are worthy of our esteem, let us describe one of the characteristic date nights at their home and the good times had by all. Each gentleman caller must be sure that he has a sand- wich or a bottle of pickles for the picnic that is to ensue. Upon ascending the rickety "verandy" steps, he first tries the non- functioning doorbell and then knocks loudly. After an interval of about ten minutes the diminutive house mother condescends to open the door, that is, if she is not too busy to come at all. In case she is, one must brace himself and heaving mightly batter his way into the hall. At last he is on the inside. Once inside, the rest is easy. He wanders around the interior until he runs across some loving pair who seem to be completely oblivious of his presence. He then turns on the victrola, and backs himself in the general direction of the two doves, coughing loudly. After sufficient time has elapsed for them to assume a pair of in- nocent expressions, he turns around and asks for the lady of his choice for the evening. The beautiful girl tears herself from her fond hero, runs to the front of the stairs, and bawls out the name of your lady, much after the fashion of a waitress calling out an order. At this time you check in your sandwich or pickles for the large, but select coterie of non-daters that are playing bob for apples upstairs. Now you proceed to play the complete stock of records on the victrola. After doing this you take a short nap. Upon awaken- ing, you are gratefully surprised to see your date come tripping into the room. A debate on the question, "What shall we do," ensues. You make several suggestions to which your date replies, "No, we can't do that, its against the rules." At last, completely exasper- ated, you demand, "Well, what do you want to do?" Your date replies sweetly, "It doesn't make any difference to me." Furious- ly, you grasp her around the waist and dance madly about the room. If you are fortunate you may gyrate to an empty chair or loungeg if not, you wind up at the mantlepiece and placing one elbow thereon, you begin a fluent discussion of weather conditions and school work. t it Five minutes. it it Ting-ling-ting-linge ting-ling. Mother Brown rings the get-a-long-home-bell, and you rush to the table to pick out a hat and coat to wear home. Then taking your date by the hand you walk with her to the door, make a noise like you had had a "wonderful time," and tear out for some place where you can get black coffee. , V . '- y -- ---1-V--1 v- '-'f-"-"u'-r-'- Page 219 l..Iv F Page 270 THE LIBRARY fZ5'he Gen f,BesI: fakes on the Qampus . DATE RULES. . CUTTIE TRIGGS. . STUDENT COUNCIL. . PROF. ELL1s. . SCHOLASTIC STANDARDS . LIBRARY METHODS. . FRESHMAN LECTURES. . DELTA SIGS. . BEAT C. OF E. . USUNFLOWERH SALE. "T 'QM F Qollege fDcLysfand UNQQ hrs I. As .the Old College Stories Sag He Spencls It: Morning: Strolls leisurely about historic 'old campus, wearing varsity sweater and smoking a tremendous meer- schaum pipe, with his arm around the shoulders of class- mates. Attends lectures of dear old profs, all of whom are great old characters, and playing screamingly funny pranks on them. Occasionally flirting. Afternoon: Makes spectacul- ar touchdowns or homeruns for the honor of the Alma Mater before cheering grandstand in which sits the only girl. Usual- ly carried off the field uncon- scious, having won the game single-handed. Evening: Serenades co-eds, or drinks great flagons of ale and list-ens to old college yarns around frat house fireplace, or steals chapel bell, or attends theater and makes loud facetious remarks and throws peanuts. Never studies. II. As He Wonlcl Like His Family to Tlufnlt He Spenrls It: Morning: Rises at seven, has cold bath, does exercises, goes to chapel, and recites per- fectly or takes notes in all classes. Afternoon: T a k e s mild, healthful exercise, and then goes to library to do practical research, which he loves. Oc- casionally has tea with faculty members or the mlore substan- tial families of the village. Evening: Studies for several hours, or goes to instructive lecture with lantern slides, or reads helpful book. Rarely goes to parties or theater. Never indulges in so-called story tell- ing. Asleep by ten-thirty. III. As the College Town Civic Lefaigne Thinks He Spencls It: Morning: Sleeps off effects of previous night's orgy. Rises at noon. Drinks "washer" to wake himself up. Afternoon: Gambles in fra- ternity house, buys daily stock of bootleg liquor, reads llicen- tious books, tells shady stories, plays brutal sports, speeds about town at risk of life and limb. Evening: Goes to burlesque house, afterwards takes chorus- girl to notorious roadhouse in high-powered car, maiming or killing various innocent pedes- trians, or otherwise violates town laws and disturbs the peace collegiately. Usually ar- rested, giving wrong name in- variably. Seldom goes to classes, never studies. IV. As He Actually Spencls It: Morning: Shuts off alarm- clock which rings at seven, and turns over to sleep a few more minutes, so that he barely makes an eight o'clock at the other end of the campus. At- tends further classes, which he has not prepared and never in those which he has studied so he has answers down cold. Chins a bit between hours in rotunda. Reads college Bulletin with amusement and disgust. fContinued on next pagej P rr g e 2 7 1 'gig-fit F Yi f -iff -I Q75 'LT ,fi I3 .l.,fl'f1"k'-, .-T3 I 71 . "j?L:?5v95s-ft-:':::F':.".:i'r?3"'Ef' si Q T.-, sviff:--if.. -L1- : we-f-A-P+ ' ': rl 42213 : V V X ..,,+- THE ROTUNDA Afternoon.: Spends hours in athletic practice under a coach who doesn't seem to care how hard the lads have to Work. Evening: Studies for a While, stares at 'books for a While more. Decides he'1l do the rest in the morning, so calls up girl. If he can't get her, either stags to a dance, goes on a party with some of the brothers, or plays cards in the frat house, or sits in on a "bull-fest." Looks at the clock in surprise, and de- cides to go to bed. Talks an hour more and decides again. Repeats process indefinitely. Finally goes to bed Wishing he had had bfrains enough to go several hours before. SEQUEL "As he actually spends it" means nothing too. That's just the Way he thinks he spends it. Ten years from now he'll be the "old grad" and tellithat story. Twenty years from now he'll be the old man and helll brag T N- .. --N nr -.csfimezivvm aw- - ,rwrS2nFu.nZ42vq:-as -' "I about the Way his kid does it. Thirty years from now he'll be- long to the "civic league"-and he'1l be bragging about the way he and his kid did it. And then the kid's kid is coming along and-oh, all right. "Ain't it so?" .-.,.i... ILLUSTRATED "Youth Will have its fling," murmured the neighborhood terrorls indulgent mamma, as he "got" the passing Windshield with the very first rock. "Won by a neck," said the catty co-ed as the sorority sister introduced her new fiance. AT PRACTICE Spectator: "Going out for the team ?" Aspirant: "No, just out lis- tening to Hargiss so I can drive mules with the proper lan- guage." 1 , 1 fig ng-1. -y,,s,igiM.--e-rs.4'szv-,fav fa---.vw-nw-fw:+-w .3 ,J vb. -A Y .-., . , . Page 272 ly ' I 4 li li J l 1 i E 14 4. wwf-f Q-,rzwfn-f,v-, 'ww M. i fi 1? E. B L ii v E uf, 5. 1 . 6 l P E 5 1 ii, mi' JI li 1 1 3. 5 i 13? fu l A il VII,-.. ,mia Q1 i 3 s A 1 - 1-,'TL"lY-4 - ' ' - lg L '.x'.-.".' nhilig. x7"1"1EgiLi9-!"1ffei ivyrj 1.1: Y T .'-5" V T-, 7-7 I ,f -:Lf -:fe .ii .,,.,,,..-i. .:.,.' xx lf dill Else Ciifailsmcfffri Sig! OUR MUD EDITOR TURNED IN A VERY IN- TERESTING STORY ABOUT THE UQUEENS OF THE KAMPUSU AS HE TERMS THEM. YOU SEE THIS STORY IS MUCH THE SAME AS AN ATH- LETIC WRITE-UP,-Wrestling, or tumbling for ex- ample, as there was a contest held every date night in the Tri Sig house, a contest that required a great deal of vim, vigor and vitality, bravery and endurance, es- pecially for the men. It seems as though all the girls contested now and then, however, as in athletic events, they had their select and chosen five, which were deemed superior to the others. Of course on some occasions, a crowded house for example, there were no referees, timekeepers, official, judges, but on the above stated occasions, it was merely getting in condition for the real contest that would take place later in the evening, or some other evening. Perhaps, dear reader, you are wondering the name of this con- test, the qualifications, experience, and ability to get ahead. Regarding this information we refer you to the girls themselves, but we can give you the name, which is also a newly coined word, and again we Wish to give the Tri Sigs credit, for this noble group of queens have not only spent many hours in the parti- cipation, becoming highly skilled in the art, but also have spent many hours in deep meditation and fore- thought for a name, a suitable name. Dear reader, you have witnessed all-school parties, when the blare of the trumpet, almost deafened you, the whirling and swinging of the mass of dancers made your head ache similar to the drinking of a pint of Olpe corn, expect- ing every moment for some unfortunate couple to be thrown for the count, a broken leg or something worse, you have witnessed all kinds of card parties, boating parties, swimming parties, lawn parties, Sunday school parties, tea parties, booze parties and yes, even fraternity parties, but a mugging party, a good mug- ging party, the only kind that is sponsored in the Tri Sig house takes the cake, wins first second and third prices. Here, dear ladies, take your medals. . -- -'- -'X--.S -, .V ,...-.-- - f' s . D- - - J, -:D 23. LU wiv-w1' H-"'i'-'XM "W Pa g e 9 7 5' 341' ' J ,- Y Y, , ...,m:.,ia.a.-f,' ' yr, .6 5 1 A-J' - Y 4 -V 1' i',....,,.-fa: L-J I in dz: P K5 --4-- ,.,i:. f. -,- . THE PRINT SHOP He: "What's the difference between a co-'ed and a :down- town woman ?" Him: "A downtown woman generally leaves a fellow enough money for carfare home." Lee has been bothered with insomnia lately. He woke up twice during the same class yes- terday. She: "Does he know many women ?" Her: "Does he? Why the twentieth name on his telephone list is Ethel Adams." First Student: "Hey, there's a bulletin up town says the world's coming to an end at mid- night." Roommate: "Oh, h-ll I've already worked tomorrow's al- gebra." 4- -V-, -- -'vim --lfwtf'1"+'A"1WUE:'i-ii-':'?1ai:'. fl. 1, A f 1 She was only a taxidermist's daughter, but boy, she knew her stuff. Dean: 'UI fear that you are quite immodest, dear. Your knees are showing." Co-ed: "How indelicate of you to notice such things!" STUDENT POLITICS I've taken her to a lot of things, A whole lot more than I oughter, For she's awfully dumb and homely-but- She's my math professor'-s daughter. First Delta Sig: "How can I smoke and keep father from smelling tobacco on my breath ?" Second Delta Sig: "Oh, that's easy. Cover it up with rye." Page 5274 -,,,-L...,f' . W -Ay N ,.s.,.1-- , 4:g,g,L.s.a-q-Q-94.-1.0-e-J..-..-...A ...uv-.4. -. . i ..'- -' , . . . - ...... .-,---,-.. 'Ghe fDecline Q' e7XCoclesty A Abe Martin Well, we no sooner flounder out 0' a sea o' raccoon coats, when we find ourselves with a long, tortuous :short-sleeved summer ahead. Winter or sum- Irrer, rain or shine, we're hemmed in on ever' side by long, yeller legs an' pink knees. One o' th' most remarkable things t'day is how any red- blooded male kin keep his mind on his business when he looks about him an' if such a thing could be possible, our girls are more disturbin' sittin' down than they are movin' about. Those Whose memories hark back t' th' days when a crowd used t' congregate t' see a wom- an climb in a buggy, when th' opery, Th' Mascot, wuz sung in long skirts by order o' th' con- stable, and when women an' young ladies wuz upholstered an' only showed ther stockin'.s when they slipped on th' ice, must be appalled at th' progress degeneracy in wom'en's styles has made. No wonder we feel that it would be a mistake t' give independencel t' th' Fili- pinos when we see what givin' independence t' woman's waist- line has brought about. What would th' fond and dot- in' mother o' yesterday say if she heard about th' one-piece slip? It used t' take a young lady four hours t' dress fer th' theayter, but t'day she kin dress while th' curtain's goin' up. Girls don't try t' hide nothin' these days but their real dis- positions. They dress so thin that th' sale o' trunks has fallen off eighty per cent, an' they kin visit a month on a cigarette car- ton full o' clothes. In th' ole sane, modest days, a feller used t' court a girl fer two or three years, an' finally have t' lead her blushin'ly t' th' altar, but in these days 0' Ford coupes, skimpy apparel, synthe- tic gin an' cigarettes, th' thing t' do is grab 'em young an' mar- ry 'em before they git rubbed off, an' repent eventually. She: "I love to ride." He: "You'll have to if you do " Stude: "How many cigar- ettes do you -smoke in, a day?" Thornton: "Oh, any given number." She: "Are you a track man ?" He: "Say, girlie, you should see the calouses on my chest from breaking tapes." Item in Bulletin: "Roy Prickett is doing nicely after having donated six-pence to the Starving Armenian Fund." There are two kinds of flat tiresg both make you stop! She: "Do you college boys waste much time?" Student: "No, most girls are quite reasonable." . K I -,c.e...., .. ' ,.sj. .--,yy 1. :z -5-5-rf WT' Page 275 . ..---f..-Tp.-4'-.-" 'av ' . ' ' 'I MEN THAT PASS IN THE NIGHT. CA Zllystery Storyl The bleak December wind howled desolately through the flapping shutters of the ancient abode that once had been the shelter of Cha.rles Cannon, spiritualist and medium. The four men seated around the heavy oak table shifted un- easily in their chairs and hunched their shoulders as though they could feel the bit- terness of the fourth, watching eagerly for a single movement that would betray his thoughts. Their resolute features and de- termined attitudes revealed the weightiness of the question at hand, and it was evident that the decision rested with the fourth member. "Come, come," rumbled the voice of the towering giant at the head of the table. "You have not all night to decide." Number four raised his head and from his quivering lip you could notice he was afraid. The man with the undershot jaw twitched it perceptibly. The one with the thick black beard ran his knotty fingers through it. "Well," said number four re- signedly, "I guess I pass." Whereupon the game con- tinued. When some big Prune, The son of a Nut, Marries a Lemon, - And the Pear Have a Peach for a daughter, With Cherry lips, And Roses in her cheek-s, How in the Devil Can you believe in Heredity? When bigger fools are to be had, colleges will get them. T... I T. - v lg...-1,,,..,,-. ,Y ' IF LIFE WAS ONLY THUS. Dear Son: How come you asked me for only twenty-five dollars? I know that's not enough so I'm doubling. No, I don't want your frater- nity pin. I have one man's pin now and one is enough, I say. The dean is pleased to ian- nounce that a new system of registration has been devised whereby all red tape is elimin- ated. Shut the door, Jim, if the prof hears the bell ring he'll stop talking and we'd rather listen to him than go to lunch. What of it if you are broke? It's not your money I Want, dear, it's you. Oh, my husband understands me all right. It's my nasty dis- position that causes all the trouble. Best eggs! twenty cents a dozen. PURE MINDS. A few historical incidents, showing the power and purity of mind of several historical figures. , First Incident: Scene-The boudoir of Queen Isabelle. Christopher is discov- ered hidden under the bed by King Ferdinand. King Ferdinand: That's all right, old fellow, I've lost a lot of collar buttons myself. May I help you look? Second Incident: Desdemona Cas Othello .starts to smother herb: How strong you are, darling! Be careful and don't muss your prec- iousest's hair up. Third Incident: Prohibition Officer fputting money in wallet! : I betcha got pajamas in that suitcase! -- - - '- F l -' I f J Iva.-n---.-4:---+-.-rg-wr-rf-, ..,.-. rf age 076 inf' C , N i"LlEf'f""'T"3fi"'T"' V rm.,-1. QQ' T X 'M L- ' r' ' Q'-1 -L ' E if-1 'jfs:..q-'E...n.." 12- ass..-ar:...5 . 4. J-s .:'.-- , ---' .J DID SOMEBODY SAY WE HAD DATE RULES ON THIS CAMPUS? Ask any Theta Sig, they don't know of any rules, or perhaps they do know of the rules, and that accounts for the continual use of their fire escape, and that beaten path running back of the house through the grape arbor. Remarks that we have heard by different Theta Sigs are: "It is such a convenient house to slip in and outg" "Well, Iill go car riding with you, but we mfust be back in time for my eight o'clock class 3" "Meet me in the alley, I'll slip out the back way." From one of the upstairs windows, "Here, catch my coat and shoes, I'll be right down." "You'll have to park the car up the street about a block." They always slip out so easy and carefully, you can hardly hear them six blocks away, es- pecially when they slide down that fire escape. THE TRUTH AT LAST IN LETTERS. 'ii dearest: "Well, old girl, Kfor you know you are onel it was with a great sigh of relief that I put you on the train last month and sent you back. Both the rail- road and myself appreciated your -slipping me the trainfare at the last moment. You really had me worried for a time. "Why, oh why, didn't you eat more at the formal paid-for din- ner, instead of waiting till we hit a restaurant that night? And about those twelve addres- ses of my classmates that you carried home with you-there are several excellent correspon- dents that you missed. I am en- closing several names of some u.:-gwz--an-nfs :Tv-'mast-ev-svn-Q-cryra-tfffssf ,- X ,D. underclassmen. They will be available for the ball in several years. I know you try not to miss a thing. So many of the boys have been telling me what an entertaining young lady you are that I am almost believing it now. "I was really very .glad to read your letter to my friend Jack, even though it did reach him a week before I heard from you. Your choice of endearing expressions can vary with the individual, I see. I know that you are large-hearted and that you love both of us. Why not multigraph your letters and put more time on one that way? "Of course, you know that I liked the prom very much, and that you were no drawback. What a good time we both had. I almost wish we had got togeth- er on it a little more. "I know I will hear from you when you reach my name on your Notre Dame list. I am rather busy writing to three other girls-squaring things up for not taking them to the prom-so your delay in writing will not be noticed. Omit tell- ing me of the cute things those three men who will take you out at home say. And if you go to The Tent again, and dance late and catch a cold, don't write and tell me about itg buy a box of cough drops. I shall expect as much sentiment in your let- ter as you wrote to Jack. You know me to be Your loving man, "Sweet-, dear: "As I would like to come down and see several of the fel- lows at school during Com- mencement week I am answer- ing somewhat sooner than your fC011tl11l16d on the next pagej "' -,Q-W -ug J.,-ff V.. L. .7-1-..-...w1..2!.F3m..--L:- -... ,. .-. . I . in Plbge ell 4 importance demands. Also I wanted to tell you that I was fully conscious of the cheap time you showed m-e during the prom. Why, dear, we never used a cab but what you kept your eyes on the meter instead of on me. "As for your behavior, I noticed that you rather missed sticking very close to this fire- side. How did it happen that I could taste tobacco on your lips when I kissed you after you had been walking with Mary Smith-you told me you never smoked? Was she merely hold- ing the cigarette for Jack? "You know, dear, you have the most atrocious line of old jokes. Perhaps you didn't know that Jack gave me the money for the trainfare back. A real boy, Jack. You should see more of him. "If you thought I was a good thing why did you mind sharing it with your friends? It was some party, I realize, although you couldn't help that. How- ever, I like you a lot, old bean, and I'll aways open your letter -last. I'd love to see you at Commencement. What train shall I take? I am really in- terested in Notre Dam-e. Yours occasionally, K. S. A. C.: "I wrote to the paper to find out how long cows should be milkedf' K. S. T. C.: "And they said K. S. A. C.: "The same as short cows." Kappa Sig: "Changed your bed linen yet?" Roommate: "I-Ieck, nog 'taint worn out yet." The undergraduate work- bench-the back seat of a sedan. Alpha Sig: "Sheep are cer- tainly stupid animals." Phi Sig: "Yes, my lamb." Flea Cto elephant getting off the arkj : "Don't shove me, big boy." "We've certainly seen a great deal of each other during our lives," said one chorus girl to another as they retired from the stage. Strategy is darn poor judg- ment that happened to work out okay. Do teachers colleges breed the proverbial absent-minded- ness of the college prof? We'l1 say they do-the chapter house of one of our K. S. T. C. frater- nities almost burned down when the "brother" firing the furnace one morning spit in the stove and built a fire in the coalroom. Theta Sig: "Stop! You've gone far enough." Phi Delta "I won't stop." T. S. fwith sigh of relieflz "All right, I've done my duty." Jack: "I was out with a strange sort of girl last night." Jacko: "Yes, yes, go on." Jack: "About eight-thirty she called me the light of her life, and at nine o'clock she put out the light." l . . . I ..,-.. Page 278 r 'W ' ' 7 T 1'-5'-fi QTFSA-21 nu.- ., -,N ..,..w...,.4--H,.,,VIL J. 1 , fn- I-N J N ll ,V MAYNARD'S CO-EDS-A K. S. T. C. ORCHESTRA LOVE HINTS. 1. , The most successful lover, nine times out of ten, is the most successful liar. 2. Love .sobers the gayest. Who has ever known a man in love to be "The life of the party ?" 3. Marriage: love's hang-over. 4. The real tragedy of love lies not in our failure to discover the truth but in our ability to do so. 5. No man ever loved a woman on account of her strength, no woman ever loved a man on ac- count of his efficiency. 6. It is wholly futile for a man to speculate upon the reasons -v-v-. P,--f 1 1 '2 for a woman doing this or doing that. Any opinion thus formed is invariably worthless, for un- der no condition will a woman ever do that which a man be- lieves she will do. 7. Wise is he who knows nothing of women. "What's the admission ?" "Fifty downstairs - twenty- five upstairs." ' "What's upstairs?" "Heh, hehg I remember my girl was talking a blue streak when we went over 'the em- bankmentf' "What was she saying." UNO-I7 It is surprising, really, how few murders take place in col- lege. AH" Page 27.9 151- -- ' 'fir-1-:'f:"'-::'5':'fe'e en Z 'mv Q. 1 'e , I T? T A' ii ff, 155.5 51.-. gg,-,...---,..,.s..... 1 Thi 'DeltcLlQl1i Ladies and gentlemen may we present the prize egg plant of the campus, the Phi Delta Chi fraternity. Oh! Yes, they have grown very rapidly but did you ever cut one open-nothing but bad air and seeds. Uh-huh-yeh-slick on the outside but have so many soft spots composed of the greatest collection of Willies, tea hounds, and Paw-knee social stars ever known on the campus. Yea verily, and as doth a bee flit from flower to flower, so does this said organization fly yearly from house to house. They are never long enough in one house to find their way in the dark. TRAINING SCHOOL ITEM The little boy sat disconsolately on the curb and sobbed as though his heart was breaking. The Kind Old Lady stopped and asked sweetly: "Is a itta boy cwyin'? Tum, tella nice wady wassa mattaf' "If you are inquiring as to the cause of my lachrymose condition," answered the K. S. T. C. training school student looking up at her pitying- ly, "it is because I have been unable to find any suitably intelligent play- mates whose eugenic constitutions are in harmony with my patheological tendencies and whose hereditary affiliations meet with the approval of my parental relatives since we moved to this damn place from Olpef' Popular Song: "They Call the Baby Coffee, 'Cause He Keeps Them Awake at Night." Here lies the body of Willie SO WHY STUDY? Bass, The more you study, the more He tried the gag, "We're out of you know, gas." The more you know, the more Dean Triplett: "Ever had economics ?" ' Freshman: "No: just meas- les and chickenpox." Active: "Congratulations, old man." Newly Pledged: "Same to you." 56 He's a fraternity man." "How do you know ?" "He answered to four names In class this morning." Being shot at sunrise is la great thing if you can afford it. you forget 5 The more you forget, the less you know- So why study? The less you study, the less you knowg The less you know, the less you forget: The less you forget, the more you know- So why study? One of the 40 Per Cent: "Say, do you fix pipes?" Plumber: "Sure" One of the 40 Per Cent: "Well, I've got a corn cob up in the room I'd like to have you look over." 52,545-wgzlakbh.g.Q:i,,i1.5,...-,151,,,,-:ifyf -1 C3 'h-...Mr-. , :N,,+.f..-s,,,n.w-fwfr-aw.-t434f.i-rj--:Q-f-3 11 Page 280 1-, -fit:5,4:L'iu1J-74.21.-:'z:i.:nv--mnsj1' 'E ' -Q C 1 . ', ','i-f,4-k.v.kfiuIGrwTqf1rE2T-1-,ieiunnn .-W5 ' ' .V -if ..T.:.:.-- . .. ... .--Wi -W .., . """':i1??'1ff!:2lk QI Q ' 5 g-S TNTQJ ,L ldlfji'-," If A-.X ,lkf':r:i:i.iiEz:?:?' M V - 4-Q,-fi, x -ee -We -V-1 e e We-J X 5 Y Ghe End of a Terfect fDaze Itts 2 A. M., but all isn't well. For before we unscrew our midnight Mazda and put away for the next Sunflower editor to use for company during the wee small hours, we must use this last page to tell you how thoroughly we have enjoyed going without sleep, busting our courses, missing our meals, and getting cussed out by everybody since we became the unfortunate editor. SU' 'UQ Q 'ii F L . ' e H lf... L.. Y - 1 yu-IU? The task of thinking up as many new ideas as possible and grinding them off over the three hundred pages of this 'volume has not been a small one. Nor hasQour path been strewn with roses, rather with thorny bushes that bear them. Obstacles have confronted us at every turn, often we did not turn. Some of them we overcame, some of them the lack of time, ingenuity and finances prevented us from overcoming. Throughout the book we have given our best in an endeavor to make this book representative of the K. S. T. C. student body. We know you will find mistakes in our book, but in view of "them sleepless nights"-hesitate to apologize. So before we put our Underwood, light globe, cigarets, our book, and ourselves to bed-in short, as we come to the end of a perfect daze, we take this opportunity to wish the class of '26 God speed, with the hopes that in the future this volume will be of some assistance when you wish to reminisce over them good old days of 1925-'26, i -K. D. H. in 1' P a g e 2 8' 1 cvflutogmphs f if V ir. -M. y:,,,,,,,. - ca.-.v24,g,L W q K , . I 1 KA,..X,,4, fllq ,Ls-kk: A M 11 , N' A1 yoga- uhm , N 1 "A-4.-,,i'uL4 w- -1 WNH-2.LLx-nr 'X I ,if Q'ff.,.,..- ' -- ' f-- ' ffm? QAWL . 'C-,af ,.,..' , I-7 1 r- 2. 6, 'f 7 A -v fx 1.5-aiu. fff, G71 , , -,.,,,- fY,J . --ff , 'L-7',5 71 2 J J- 1 f20"71gf "I Y-ff' - 1,1 ,ff lfifg' 44" 'Gi' 7 . ' f J 5 1 SQA fi- . A 1 T -f4f'rvr,q,4., , .Q 5 L59-:Masai J fi JJ!-'f.E'..X. I7 y ' i J . .77 . . I 1,-:,. A' ,fsxh V 1 K ,.3- ' K 'x ,,,A...,.' i , , f J -iff 1 -J: J M.2kcezc2.ww:fR- ' d"l'wQF""'. fi". 'MPM Q . ,. T.,,. .Aj - . . ,I 1- . x- ' I 2, . ' . H -1 r .. if '- 2y.2-'42-ffl-ag, EU-MVB vga WYQS, K I Page 999 ig. Al g 5. 1 .J 1' 'H- h-,V.- I1-qi '53-,LQF 7, -.- fx '- L f , .iQll:"l.,fT-gf gwf, ' ' " -f -'L-5 ILT' P .. ,-,' ,-,M-NX 2 r gi: v , 3: 1 y if . l .I X500 64 1 , , Q 56349-ffJ,.f mp, ., K, 115 Jw ,cm mx-fi if yzifvgo ff I ' ' ff-V'f,,.qf!Aj12 A, X I ,COMLLM9 C-tw QQ Q Yi I flz12fff,,5-fn Ma ' I 3 fly, , V .,41fg,flJc f A KAJJL. I -4 E Q - I I Ll . I VW 121.411, as , - fl-ffflf 4'0"'53fw ,HQLTL "4Vf1fL-,W V '!?1!lLtyQ'4,fZJ ZL13Sr,4.-'aa-D.-,LZL VVJVILL? afi df-'U Ji! ,cg A , 'JW . 4MeL'Cj, ' .,. f,,j". . - f f f f ff , K I ,M A ' N 'fjy' MX V, if -. fn 5- .. f, 5, , ! . 1 J, ., , . VI, fx :AF Mf?'5"i3,zf4'ff ,, V V' -f , , , ' ' K ' A E JN! fQf.L'ff,f Lf, H XY".-4?,,LA , fx X' D135 .JQ wail' v 4 i ,fU,,liIIYy an, I I I , f!,fiJz26Q 41.0 lf!! N6 X". 1 A 4 ,gf Xfiwlw . , ff pw ' J UVQ 1 . W A - I yi!!-Sy. J. V' 'TRL-LL :ilk A XM! ,lot-It K L I ..- ixf' ,iw f- ff, ff Afffff' if " Ax vu BOW W 4A + XM, K7 W f 014 Q , . A - , -Ay1 A,,., f 55.4 , "if 'ff',, if ww,2Qf5f'g, Y ii I V-LN ,V 'JMS' 'rkr"d Ik !"'i-if K . , X 191A-V f N, P 3' ff XZ" fi-9415--.f,2,z' " ,J ffb 1 , '-fC' . 1, 'AI' fff W Y' " ,V I f", I I :'- ' - Q '. 4 ' ,ff A " 5 A dry? - f' M' ff ff 'M f' 1 , ,, , .j .5 2" L ,sh A f I, ' J-V12 ' ' E 'Ain' . J ,. , V 7,1-bf it 4:4 I- If -, ,. Ji! In .xmlt f -191,4 QQ!! I -J U .Hr If! -uf ,f 2311! ' 1 A K f. VI4A J , I. I. V ,J rv . V 1. Q, , V , 5 fy 1 Kg, ,A .1 , ,L , ff M7194 MJW f -I ' , F S : Z , .vm LAY! , Y, V l . ,1 -d '. 3'-'?w1,7 M Y' YA 'D+ S f . f Q . , x g ' '1 - Eid ,MJ i - I, Q ' ' , ' 'EH-4H"1i1 sxfx' ".-' , 1,41 . l , f, jf? 1 HV. 1314 XV, V'ilNgig,61 Y " , . I V T 4.0.00 V ' ' ' g A , A NM 2 1 m Rx H at - Q .Q Q s liwxk!-K' ! M 7 i '--, 'Q - . A 1 A U ? : 'P age 283 A- .W 5'. we -A lf .H+ -.. . 75 'I Hn- ffjic, 5' T T ,TC 131-,.f' iff Tl' 111' . - - r " r f .. A Adams, Lucile .. .. Adams, Ethel ..... C6116 Indy ...,19 ...1S0 Byrnes, Louise ... Barber, Dorothy .. Bartley, Lola ..... Barnhisel, Myrl .. T" .ff.15 ....lU .,1 .J . 1. Agricultural Club . . .. .228 Baker, Josephine ..... 339 Administration ........ . . .247 Barker, Myrl ......... . . . 38 .ldpha Sigma Alpha. . .. . . .180 Barkmann, Florence .. ....40 .V pha Sivma Tau .... ,. .. .188 Bartley, Ralph ...... .. .40 Alice F1'l?6lH2ll'l Palmer ., .. .202 Barnes, Clarence . .,. .. . . 41 Alphathenian .......... ...20-l Baldwin, Clint ... .58 Alpha Pi Sigma. ....... ...2l8 Balmer, Elva .. .Evil Alpha. Art Club . . ...231 Barber, Lula ...... .5.. Alcott, Royal . . . .... 31. Barrett, Edward . . 174 Allen, Bertha .. . . .163 Bauman, Louise .. 180 Amick, Grace .. . . .91 Bangs, Leona .. .27 Amick, Eula .... . . .330 Band ...,...... 141 Andruse, Laura .. . . . . 31 Baird, Nelle ...... 102 Anderson, Harlow . . . . .39 Baldridge, Pearl . . . ISS Arnole, Jessie ..... ...50 Bass, Mildred ..... .41 Anderson, Alfred . . ...lT2 Bailey, Theodore . .. .31 Alcott, Zenobia . ...IS4 Beveridge, Thelma . .351 Armour, Doris . . .... T9 Bevan, Lamoine . .. ,119 Archer, Nell . .. .... 39 Bevan, Elsie ..... .40 Asher, Archie .. .... 31 Bevan, Pearl .41 Austin, Ruth .. ..5:J Bealty, Biildred .. .50 Xubry, Alice .. . .?9 Bedell, Grace ... .59 Akey, Mary ....... ,... fi 9 Bell, George ...... . 50 Atwater, Helen .... .... 5 0 Benjamin, Thelma .. .511 A thletics, Men's ..... .... S 3 Berry, Mallde ..... .60 Athletics, VVomen's . . . .123 Belts. Madgeline .. 180 Ayres, Alice ....... . .39 Beagley, Ura. ..... 100 Bevan, Earl .... .51 Beauties ........ 153 B Bixby, Howard . . . Beil, Alice H. .... . .' Boots, Florence ... ...- 19 i3nts0n, wivilbm- .... .150 Bourguin, Jllllllii .. .... -10 Bevins, Golda .. .. .152 Bonner, Jack .... 4:0 Bilson, Ruth . .v .... ..., 1 S10 Bower, Ovietta - - - - - -'30 Bird, Ruth ...... ' nm Boyer, Alice .... .... 'Q 0 Bloxsorn, Clyde .40 Eocien, glenn --.... ---- 1 5: Blakely, Chai-lotta . JCC 611, -0116 -------- - --f- Bland, Berniece ....... ..... 1 Bordenkirclier, Mary . . . - JSO Blankenship, Beulah 183 BOVSEIGTHY Lflibld .--- - -- ---- QE Blackburn, Grace .. 192 Bra Shaw. E war' .. . Bradshaw, Ethel . .. .... 31 Browning. Mary . . .... 19 C Breising, Helen . Brewer, John .. .... 40 Caton, Dorothy .. . .41 Brown, Alma ..... . . . . 40 Carrie, 1Vill1am .. Brown, Kenneth . .. .... 41 Carvin. -Max ..... .4.f I3l'OCl9l'S0ll, Helen . . .... 41 Carr, Lillian ...... .-lg Brusslow, Bessie .. .... ell Campbell, Robert .. .43 Britschge, Alice ... ....ix0 Carey, Anna .... . .4-- Branclt, Ralph .. .,.. Q0 Cam, Nedra ... .61 B1-ant, MQlxvi11 , , .... Q0 QHSII. LELUPEL . ..... - Q1 Brewer, Yelmbu .... .... g?Ll'lI?VSlgi Ojrvillle .. B' k, lvlary ....... . ..... v 'antira , Tar . . . . Brgfzkway, Thelma .. .... Gl Carson, Catherine .. .42 B1-own, Mfarlin ..... .... 1 Chatfield, Almedu - Broshous, Hazel .... v CTHDIJ, Cheslm ---- - ,L Bryant, Nlabel .. .... il Eiliyivook Gilfldyg .. B ' 'f t. Ce ilu . . .... -1 jo vin, 'ar ...... .3- Biggn Desi: .nu H .... gollins, Juadritii ... B lford. Gu ... ., . .1 .ommerce " u J .... H- Biiigh, Berniexce . .. . . guns'erse,ulXIa1'garet B tl1', Cecile .... . o on, 1- ice .... .. . - Bgclzl Xvlultep ,, .. . 32 Colvin, Fred . .... .. . 413, Rurnap, Harry .. .. goiifftliiiociqq, John .. .. B '1.. M: .. .on er, eorge .. ...ii Best? , , . . .186 Cox, EltaT ...... . Bulletin .......... . . .143 CUWIGS. Ollie . . . - 31 Byrnes, Mlary K, . . .39 Cole, BS1'dlHG ..... . . Bye, Charles ,,,, .. .110 Conrow, Frances .. .. .. -. -.f..f+ef-ce.e.wv-ee-eeefeeAmari 'ii9i'AT.vT. ii-iffve--fsfeni-.-w Page 284 I jrmmmwwwwnimi Cope, Esther .... Crandall. Abbott .. Cress, Vera. ..... Crass, Venora ..... Crasson, Bertha. Culp, Chesley C1'0l'lB, Sibylla .. Curry, Daisy .. Currier, Lois Curtis, Lucille .. D Daniels, Ruth . Davis, Lois .... Danoy, Avis ...... Davidson, lvlary .... De Selrns, Berniece .. De Selmis, Lois ,... ., Dellenbacli, Beulah .. De Moss, Leonard .. Dean, Ralph ....... Dettlner, 1-Iermena. .. Debate ........ ...., Delta Sigma Epsilon .. Dill, Mlurrel ........ Dikeman, Amanda .. Dikemlan, May .... ,. Doyle, Regina .... Douglas, Harry Donnell, Nellie .. Doleok, Mollie .. Downery, Alma .... Doudrava. Joseph .. Dodds. Edna. ...... Downing, Vlfilkins .. Drake, Richard . . Dragfgo, Minnieclell .. Drcisback, Gladys .. Drainatics ........ . E Ebel, Clairmore Eclidall, Frank . . . Eckdall, Leta . . . Edwards, Anne . Edwards, Mertie . Egbert, Gwyne .,.. Eisendise, Carl ...... Ellenberger, Henry . Elmore, Viola ...... Epp, Cecil ....... ldssig, Bertha . . lflssig, Fred .... Evans, Mildred .. F Fahring, Harold . Fenner, Wbyrtie . . Falkeustein, Dana .. Fenner, Gladys . .. Fern, James .... Features . . . . . . ..... . . . Flnnerty, Nona ..... .... Fitzsimmons, Florence Fitzgerald., Mary ....... Fish, Leward ... . . . . .. Fife, Katherine ... Floyd, Dessie ... Forbes, Robert . Foss, Clarence .. Fox, Doris ..... Fox, Jeanette Forbes, Helen ..... Forrester, Edith .. Frick, Lydia .... Franz, Nora .... Francis. James .... French, Marjorie .. French, Nellie .. French Club Funk, Bertha .. Fulmer, Grace .. ...G . . .76 45 -'F '-..'4J.N 5 . 'l U .bl G2 GZ G9 38 42 .42 .61 .62 .19 .32 .63 .43 .43 fx 6 .63 .81 216 161 192 .20 .31 -1 .02 ...20 .38 .43 .63 .63 .63 53 .56 '30 . . .ilu 63 137 4 47 4 3 ...20 20 ...b-l ...64 28 64 ...64 64 20 ...20 ...64 ...32 ...-1-l ...44 1 ...20 ...20 4 3 ...27 ...5S ...64 ...64 ...G4 43 40 ... o 32 ...21 ...21 ...32 ...G5 ....27 214 229 ...21 ...43 -ill, G Gard, Frank .... 21 Gambier, Mary .... .... G 5 Gardxier, Lois ....... .... C 35 Gatterman, Iva Mae . . .... 65 Gardner, Margaret . . . . . . .43 Gardner, Inez ...... .... 5 li George, Rozella . .. ....44 Getchell, Fern .... .... 4 5 Geography Club .. ...227 Gish, Harney ... .,.. 65 Gilbert, Gladys .... ...44 Gibbs, Agnes ...... .... 4 -1 Gilchrist, Glenwood . ...36 Glasco, Ruth ....... .. . -L4 Goodwin, Leia ..... ...32 Gordon, Dorabclle . . . .65 Graham., Margaret . . . . .44 Grubb, Leota ....... . . .4-l Gropp, Arthur ... . . .44 Graber, Lena ...... . . . 441 Gribble, Horace . . . .... l A Green. Paul ......., . . .21 Grinnell, Florence .. . . .21 Green, Charles ..... Gray, Ralph ....... .... S 0 Gray, Paul .. ...S0 I-I Haller, Sarah ....... . . . 21 Hannaford, Roger . . . . . .21 Hamer, Kenneth ...... .. .22 Herrington, Raymond . . .22 Harrold, Jessie ....... ...22 Haeha, Alma ....... . . . Z1 Hankins, Harry . . . . . . 33 Hankins, Zeta . . . 33 Haus, Lawrence . . . . .321 Hartung, Myrtle . . . .... 33 Hammock, Lucille .. .. . 45 Hahn, Erma . . .... .... 4 5 Hainline, Menzo .. .... 46 I-Iainline, Arlie .. .. .46 lelardesty, Beryl . . . . . .46 Hartung, Verna . . . . . -ill 1-Kahn, Roy ...... . . . 65 Hagy, VV'aldo ..... . . , 65 Hamaker, Edgar Hamilton, XVilma .. ...GG ...GG Haus, Zella ....... ...66 Hart, Vvlarren . . . . . .66 Hawley, Paul ... ...GG Hawley, Elverta .. . . .70 Hahn, Margaret ... ...4S Harris, Flossie .... ...Sl Herman, George . . . . .46 Iiefling, Helen .. . , .22 Hensley, George . . ...22 Hedinger, Kitty . . ...45 Hefner, Ora ...... ...T0 Henry, Edwin ..... ...56 Hill, Helen ......... .. . 33 llillyard, Alberta .. ...45 'I-lipgdon, Elsie ...... ...45 Hilton. Mary Anne .....,...... ...45 Hill, Goldie .................... . . .70 History and Government Club ... ...230 I-Ioag, Alma . .................., ...22 Howe, Sarah ........ .... . . . . . .22 Horn, Myrtle ... . . .33 Hollaiicl, YVilla . . . . .33 Hodorn, Mina ... . . .45 Hower, Xifilliain ... ...46 Horn, Carl ...... Howard, Tracy 'I-Foltz, Ernest ...... Hoffhines, Evelyn .. Holcomb. Ala ..... Hoover, John ,... . Howard, Nellie . I-Ioard. Earl ...... Hodgson, Millard I'l:flSI'l1Q1', Dixie Huebner, Max .. Hunt. Lucille .. ...-16 ...4G 65 ...66 ...GG ...GG ...66 ...70 ...70 ...45 ...22 .,.22 " ... -iz ..,i.- ,,,, ,,,s"! 5 V 1- rY M-4 -if V V -Y W Page 285 if .M l I-llubbard, Ellen Hunt, Lucille' F. .. Hunt, Alice ......,.. Hunt, Harold ....... Hunt, Harold ....... Home Economics Club Huclelson, Francis Hudkins, Robert . . . . J Jacob:-son, 'lrfannah Jackson, Maisel .... Jagnow, Eulla .... Jenecek, Vivian Jerrick, Albert .. Jenieck, Lucile . Jent, Hazel .... ...2i Jones Cora . . . . Jones, Marjorie . Jones, Iberd . .. Jones, Mary . .. Jones, YVillis .... Jones Clifford .. , Johnson, Phon . . Johnson, Vera, .. Johnson, Ruth . . Johnson, Helen . .. Johnson, Joyce ..... Johnston, Thelma .. Johnson, Lorena . . Johnson, Lela . . . K liannier, Herschel .. Kahler, Carr1e ...... Kannier, Mrs. Erma. Kackley, Harlene . .. Kappa Sigma. Epsilon Kappa Delta. Pi ..... Kestner, Glenn ...,. Kennedy, Avis .... Kendrick, 1Vilm.a .. Kent, Edna ... .... . Kern, Edna ..... Kent, Blanche .... Kieller, Margaret .. King, Olin ...... Kincheloe, John Kirklin, Ira. ..... .. Knorp, Pearl ...... Knowles, Mayrnie .. L Lane, Roy ........ Larson. Ellen ...... Lambda Phi Delta .. La tin Club ........ Larkin, Charles Lawrence, Hazel .. Lewis, Bessie .... Level, Lee .... . . . Lenser, Herman . . Lewis, Ruth . . , . .. Lindahl, Glenn Lippincott, Catherine Linninger, Leonard . Lindelow, Ruth Liggett, Edith .... Loveless, Jimmie .. Lowman, Tom .... Loy, Lanola ..... Lovette, Dawes . Loney, Ala Long, Mary Lee ,. Losey. Jessie Loy, Haleda Lutz, Joe ..... Lunn, Jennie .. Lusk, Dorothy .. , - .. .,..Y - Page 286 .33 .45 .-15 .46 78 22-1 .79 213 .81 .47 .22 .47 67 67 220 .253 .23 .47 .47 .4li .67 .23 .27 .27 .36 47 67 67 .67 .34 .27 .67 .67 168 247 .GS .68 .68 .67 .GT .34 .30 .214 .18 .47 .47 .68 .31 21S lS2 236 .48 .47 .23 .47 .48 .48 .48 .69 .69 .69 .53 .23 .68 .68 .68 .69 .69 218 .4S .69 .GS .653 M McCoy, Dessie .. .. McCoy, James McCoy, Clyde ..... McClellan, Hazel .. McClure, Eunice .. McConnell, Lola McClun, Blanche . McCarthy, John McBrier, Althea .. McDonald, Merhl . McDill, Edwin McDougal, Clyde .. McFarland, Henry .. McFarland, Dorothy . Mclntosh, Howard .. QMcKee, Justine Mclfee, Alfred .... McLean, Hannah .... Mclieever, Marcie .. Mc:Kenly, Gertrude .. McMichael, Edna . McMichael, Vera .. Maddix, Anson . . . Mansfield, Le-ora .. Maier, Clarence .. Mason, Leta ..... Marmont, lrenee .. Markley, Eleanor . Mlarkley, Alta .... Macradie, Tom. Madden, Harry .... Massengill, Ruth . Maynard, Loren .. 1l'llG1l.1l'G1', Salome Manual Arts Club Mathematics Club ... Melia, Elme ....... Meinhart, Leora .. Mellor, Alice Miller, Edith Mlilne, Isobel ..... Men's Glee Club .. Mille1', Josephine .. Mitchell. Nfary lvlforeland, Paul .. Moody, Dolores ... Montague, Mary .. Mogte, Freda Morrow, Letha Moore, Gertrude .. Mohler, Charles .. Moore, Farraba .. Mlosler, Lee .... Mosley, Lois ..... Moore, Fred ...... lVl'urphy, Catherine .. Music ............. Mueller, Alvord Miisgraive, Arthur Myer, Jae ..,...... ltiyer. Scott ...... Myers, Garland .. Myers, Martha. .. N Nanninga, Orville Nangels, Ralph .. Neff, Eleanor .... Newton, Lenore . Neal, Ruth ...... Nichols. Dora Noel, Carrol .. Noble, Mable Norish, Elsie .... Nordeen, Bertha .... Nowels, Alice ....... Nunemasher, Robert 0 Oberlc, Kellie .. Oberle, Tillie . . Omega . .7 ..... . ,. re. T ..-. , .,... c. ...12 9 ...'Zh v . .M-we 3. " 218 '77 IIIQ1 34 ...49 ...fi9 23 ...SU ...A5 ...49 ...28 ...69 40 . ...4S i ...lil ...5b 27 ...Gil ...Sl ...30 ...69 ...-lil ...-ill ...5O ...LID 49 23 'fro in fff76 ...1 .x ...,Al ..'70 ...4 ....J .233 Tl . . .1 '79 . ...-ei .2.n .239 ..50 .50 .2-l .71 .50 220 218 .34 71 71 34 55 or, ....L 2537 '1 fi 'flii ...71 50 Y-l f ..J-i ...-if! 7 2-L ...50 50 QQ 'iiib T? .....7S .....2lS ....fI.98 1 -r ' .fi .a,IvJn-fe... , -L . Omieron Epsilon Sigma Olson, Andrew ........ Olson, Clarence ....... 222 H., .. ...I..u ...il Olson, Theresa ... ... 15 Olsen, 1NIa.1'ie ... ...72 Orr, Wilma .... 2-I Oratory ....... . . .165 Orchestra ...... 214 Ostrander, Earl .. . . .50 Owen, Merritt .,.. .. .72 Osborne, George . . . .. . -18 P Padgett, NVeld0n ... . . .51 Padgett, Edna . .. .. .50 Paul, Thelma . . . . .734 Parker, Velma .,.. .79 Patterson, Elma . . . T2 Parmenter, Horatio . . .50 Page, George ........ .51 Patrick, Ruth .......... , . .24 Pan Hellenic Council .. ..2lQ Pedersen, Esther ...... ,..7:J Perry, Edna .......... .73 Pecenka, Mary .. .T3 Pelzel, Martin .... .TO Pearcy, Arlington . .51 Ped Pen .......... 144 Pfleger, Esther ... . .24 Phlean, Lola Irene . .. .73 Phi Delta Chi .... .. 170 Phi Sigma Epsilon 174 Pi Kappa Sigma 186 Phi Delta Theta ,. Ulf Pi Kappa Delta .. 241: Poort, Pearl .... .35 Porter, Thelma . .51 Prince, Ethel ............. . . .51 Prunty, Darrel ............. ., .75 Prim-ary-Kindergarten Club . . .... 225 Publications ...... . ...., ..... .... l - ll R. Rapp, Charles ....... . . .51 Ralston, Vera ...... ..5l Radford, Della Lou . . ...52 Ramsey, Cortea. .... . . . 52 Rimple, I-Berman ... ...24 Renniok, Howard .. -- Reed, Susan ....... ...:JZ Reed, Gertrude . ...52 Reynolds, Grace .. ...73 Ridgway, Carrol . . . .25 Riddle. Caroline .. ...51 Richard, Earl .- .... Rilenger, Helen . .. .. Rich, Esther ......... ...r3 Richmond, Gottlieb .. ...30 Richardson, George .. ...Sl Rich, Arthur ..... .. Robbins, Marie . .. Roy, Veldeva ., . 1 .. Robinson, Frances Robinson, Elain Russell, Helen ... Russell, John .. ... S Scealey, Celestine .... Scheibe. Esther .. . Seheibe, Erna Sattler, Marie Sanders, Thelma .. Schafer, Laura Schmidt, Vera ...... Schmidt. Nettie . .,.. . Schoonover, Charles .. Sc-hrag. Edwin ....... Schrag, Martha .... Schindler, NValter Scribblers .......,... Schmanke, Dorothy Seacat, Russell ..... Setty, Laurel ..... ...Ti ...35 ...52 ...73 7 'S T2 ...SO ...74 ...74 T4 ...74 74 ...53 ...53 ...36 35 ...35 ...Z-I5 S0 206 ...25 ...74 ...7-1 4.4 Sellers, Paul ....... ,,,, 3 5 Seabold, Dorothy ... ,,,, 76 Seit, Mary , ...... ,,,, 3 1 Shank, Edythe ..... ,,,, 2 5 Sheldon, Edmond .... ,,,, 2 5 Sheldon, Mrs. Edna ... ,,,, 25 Shepard, Meredith . . .,,, 25 Shirley, Ethel ...... ,,,, 2 5 Sliockey, Pauline . . ,,,, 25 Sherer, Ailean . ., ,,,, 26 Shepard, Lena ..... ,,,, 2 3 Shank, Mildred ...... .... 7 4 Shutherland, Ellen .. ,,76 Sheldon, Cassie .... ,,,, 7 4 Shields, Olive .... ,,,, 7 4 Short, Orine . . N75 Shriver, Tom , N75 Shell, Neil .... ,,,, 1 3 Sipe, XVlall:1ce ....... ,,,, 5 3 Sipe, Erma ........... ,.,, 7 4 Sigma Tau Gamma . , , , ,172 Sigma Mu Delta ..... ,U176 Sigma Sigma Sigma . , ,,1S-1 Skinner, Blanche ... ,,,, 52 Smith, Ruby ....... ,,,, 2 5 Smith, Ernest .. ,,,, 25 Smith, Stella. . ,,,, 52 Smith, Cecil .. ,,,, 75 Smith, Hazel . ,,,, 75 Smith, Sara . . ,,,,75 Snider, Blema .... ,,,, 2 5 Snodgrass, Enal .... ,,,. 7 5 Spallinger. Mary . . . ,,,, 76 Soomers, Elsie ... ,,,,75 Sphinx .....,.... ,U200 Spanish Club . ,,,232 Spade, Hazel .. ,,,, 35 Stockard, Paul .. ,,,, 26 Strange, Bryan .. ..,, 26 Stubbs, Joyce ... ,,,, 52 Strickly, Lee .... ,,,, 5 3 Stengel, Leroy .. ,,,, 53 Steffey, Ezeta . .. ,,, ,53 Starr, Evelyn ... ,,,,76 Stillman, Harry .. ,,,, 76 Stephens, Ardene . ,,., 76 Stockarcl. Betty .. .... 76 Stump, Mable ... ,,,, 76 Stenzel, Lee .. .. ,,,,30 Student Council . ,,,208 Swisher, Lela .... ,,,, 7 5 Swender, Clyde .. ,,,, 26 Swangle, Mary . . ,.,, 53 Summers, Etta . .. ..,, 53 Sunf-lower Staff . . ...142 Sprecher, Fern ... ,,,,35 St. John. Hesper ... ,,,,26 T 'l"arnstrom, Helena . . . . 54 Tall. Lottie ........ ..,. 7 6 'l'arro, Albert ....... .... 5 4 'l'etloW, Nina ........ ,. ....7T 90 Theta Sigma Upsilon .. . . .1 Thomas, Gwendolyn .. .... 36 'l'hom-as, Ruth ..... . .... 36 Toinpson, Clarence .. ....SO Thornton, Otis ..... .... 3 0 'I"hornton, Paul .... .... 5 4 Tieterman, Erma . . .... 54 Todd, Gretchen ..... .... 2 6 Toliver, Imogene . .. . ...SO Tosline, Karl ..... ,... 7 7 Torry, Lcota . . . .... 53 Tucking, Ruth . . .... 54 Turner, Bessie .. , . . .77 Turner, Ruth .... .... '7 7 Turpin, Virginia . .. ....SO Tuggle, Clem .... .... 2 6 Treble Clef ..... .., . . .239 U 'Urquhart, Elizabeth . .... 54 llpson. Bill ......... ... . .26 Utz, Floy .,.. ..... . ...52 5 ' cfs- Kea. 1 . Page 287 x 4 A -ll , , , , Q , W -- V- ia-""W 4'fF-T537-v"ifi'li 'fir-1.1, Lf: 'fgf r .T j A A-' 'M iv -Yr, . ' ,rf 2 A wi-gl-.-. 4 e, -.. V Xwggins, Gladys . .30 V W'ilks, Bess ...... Valentine, Lillian .. 18 'XVi11y, V131-1-en .55 x7iLlB1'tLCllt, Louise .. 35 NVils0n, Anderson .55 Vance, .Tohn ...... . 79 TVilks, Gladys .55 Vanwfey, Eulu. ..... 55 Hfise, Veda ..... .55 Valbreacht, Martha. . 54 Hfilson, Curl ..... .TS VGU3, LHUPQ1 ---- -..l. 77 XVilkeln'mn, Mary .TS Veron, VCFUUH - 54 Vwilson, Clarence .79 ViO121, Violet -- 54 YVils0n, Lucille .. .79 Vilen, Gostai -- 36 Wilson, Bob .... .28 ViSS61', Inez ..... 31 Yvitt, Harold .... .80 ViS'SB!', Birdie ....... 31 Yvlliteside, Vesta, .36 Vosburgh, Florence . 54 Vwoodson, Frances .23 XV'o'ocls, Lillian .36 XVholfo1'd, Helen . .55 xv XVnmen's Glee Club 240 Nvatson, Ruth .. .., 28 XVzu'd, Harold .. 36 YVHISDI1, Ruth 55 'VVPlI'd1'l1J, Hayes .. 55 Xi Phi . 216 VVa.ttS, Helen 55 Vward. Cecil 55 WVzLrd, Opal 77 Vlflallgli, Viola. .. ig VVest, Doris 7 A, wx, A. f Vlfeston, Carl .. 36 YVelton, Ethel .... 36 Y "Yf?,' x L ' Q12 'W'ea1ver, Gerald 77 if M' C' fx' 914 XV'eber, VVilliam .... 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Suggestions in the Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

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