Emporia State University - Sunflower Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1913

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1: K. J' -4 3 A I v X. 1 1 w ,F I Q Q J 4 Oh, who will walh a mile with me A Alohg life's merry way? A oomracle, hlithe arlcl fall of glee ' Who dares to lailgh out loizol arlcl free, Avia lei' his frolie fancy play, Like a happy ehilcl, throagh the flowers gay That fill the flelcl aiicl frirlge the way Where he walks a mile with me. l -HENRY VAN DYKE 24- N THE SUNF LO ER 1 9 1 3 THE SUNFLOWER IS PUBLISHED UNDER DIRECTION OF THE COLLEGE Z CLASS THE KANSAS STATE NORMAL SCHOOL EIVIPORIA, KANSAS A 3 The Sunflowerstaff ALFRED G. HILL . .. Editor I A ERIC LARSON A ...... .'.l.BtLsowSS Manager ALFRED A. BROWN: V... . . .Assistant Business M anager PANSY MITCHELL . ,,4. .Organizations A ANNA RAYMOND- . Q .. '. . .Av4ttst. ,. . . MYRTLE RICE ..... . . Department AMOS BRENEMAN ...Athletics JAY SOUTH ..... I . . .Secondary . The Sunflower Staff of 1913 has done its best. Its only Wish is that It had been able to do better. The Staff extends thanks to the persons who asslsted them in preparing the1Sun1loWer. To the subscribers and advertlsers, who made the book possible, Inay you receive Value in full. 4 .Ni x.. H M.:- ff' .J ,Aw I ,, I H i af ft .Q ' 4, ,W Ghz 1513 Sunflvww is vwpwifulig Dwiwzivb in 1533? Qilyavlw E+ 35551, Wwifvszuv wi Wmiiiivml W ' Svimrv mah the Qvllvgv Z MMS Syvum? 6 Copyrighted by F. A. Loomis 'X 5 -117-.,. 2 , , f,,.,..1-i. K", A W, Wranglers-"' 1: nfl D. 7 ,,,,.,.f,.. .':-hx.: - ,..-, . ,.Ag?rw.,-.,..,.,,-.ba-1 -fp-....Q.- ,v - , ........ Q , , f f M L ..s . - f - - ' Y-gf , - .sr-+:nn-.':- - 4:-fun.. 4 7,7 V " W 1 ,. Y V f , V . Y! H ,Y , ....., 4 Mg, , ,ggi if 1 9 c 'Vw T"1NlClvoR ,QW f fi S i FI 5 ,:-4,-S i K F -52: 9,3-'Tig :I ,, A f 1 x r A r 1 55165 A , , F1-P.. x '--A.4...,:gMxr lk -mega-x,,s , if V 1 " Jw v G " 5532:-1.4: bf . ,L , Y ' ' qu'-Qg.g.g.-A -Q .W ' 3 '- . R . H State Architecfs Elevation for Remodeled Main Building The Board of Regents GEORGE E. TUCKER, P-resident . . . . . . .Eureka CHARLES LANDER, Vice-President .... . . .Lindsborg FRANK MCIVOR, Secretary ..... ...Hoxie W. B. HAM .............. .. .Stockton SHEFFIELD INGALLS ..... . . .Atchison H. W. GRASS ........ ...I . . ..... La Crosse Seldom, if ever, has the Kansas State Normal School had a more effi- cient and sincere body of men in charge of the affairs of the institution. They are men Who have sacrificed willingly their Valuable time for the school and the state. If Kansas can always have men of this caliber overseeing her schools, education has a bright future. With the expiration of the term of this board, in March, the follow- ing-named persons were appointed by Goviernor Hodges, for the short term, ending July 1, 1913: B. M. Dreiling, Haysg Emerson Carey, Hutch- inson, Laura M. French, Emporiag W. D. Kuhn, Holtong W. S. Burwick, Wakeeney, and George G. Bunger, Eskridge. With the retirement of the short-term board, Kansas educational institutions are placed under the control of a single board of three per- sons. They are: E. W. Hoch, Marion, Mrs. Cora G. Lewis, Kinsley, and Ed Hackney, Wellington, who compose the Educational Administration Board, which Will control the state educational institutions after July 1. 9 JOSEPH H. HILL, A. M., D. D., Ll... D. Kansas State Normal School, N President Kansas State Normal Schools orthwestern University I0 A Greeting and a Wish To understand the heart of a child, to know how to grieve with his disappointments and to rejoice with his joys, to be a seer of his possi- bilities and to know how to help him to discover himself g to appreciate the interests-and toi share sincerely in the enthusiasms of youth, to know how to transform impulses into purposes and uncurbed passions and emotions into instruments of self-directive power, to be a wise guide, a counselor, a friend of boyhood and girllioodg to know how to foster the love of knowledge, to be able to stimulate the growing mind and to lead it to a true measure of its own aptitudes and powers, to know how to relate the truth of the outer world with the inner life of the soul, in brief, to have seen the 'vision of life, complete and abundant life, and to know how to reveal it that others may discern its meaningg this is the teach-er's task and privilege, in this service comes -the teach.er's highest joy and compensation. That you may have teaching power and may know in its fullness the teacher's experience, is the best wish I can make for every student who has heard the call to teach and is preparing to enter upon this service. Sincerely, , igirfljgjgihi .ag- I I I V VV if Q. - N- TR-H - Vx I .' V -uv 'f V A '. V.r.I "V ' ' m A ,pi . , , x, L-w . .f V -dz J . , X Nz' ' V V ,ln , , V. :Uv I: ' -'f-'fvv'-vvf' F7 '. f 1 --4,2 H -1'1'1'ff ,V - -V -V.-V ---, , .. ..- .V V V ff-.... ,,,..V...., ..--,V VV... . .V - -V . ... V 5,.. .. V, f- .- ---W , , V .V - .- M- .VV-VVU. U. ..-VV-V.,-. .V . -- - V -VV,-ff.-V -V .V-.f-.,V... V- V. ...,-.--. ---fs.-V-,V-.fi-fA.f..,.-. ...-.f,..,,.,...,,,... . V .V . V' V'.' 1-'V V 'I L? 6926 'VCX-1'4" 1' mfr- ' -QTPVVV55 'fe' SIT! -'v' 1 7 -- -:,'1 V I-V 'Vffff"-HV:V.V1'.V-J,..-.-V1--X VV, . V-1--E--,Vh!r'1,-q..,1 -Nz-.-,-g.V.r V,,..v.,r. ,W .V,.,,Q-,. 1.f..:..V,-., :,..V-.j,-Q-Kg -try-,...V j',J,,,q52'f,JV,z- .3 .V Z-,,,- .,z-,V-,QV-.,5,,V1-,,,L V1 .- A I V V N , - ,V . 5,1 , ., , ,. ,N 4 3 .V it V 7-V'-V: VVM5 .3 V' 'U Y L V . 'H 'Wi JTVWF ' " '7"A"YV'V'1- "LW 51 f' RV 'WWV VFW- V ' W: ' S Q1 'A V' V ,v ' V V' , . V sv" 4,f,.tf,,f,J.' " xref! V' -iffy, -Q..-'fff f'f,.,,,'V' -4,121 -'V .' 4' . V .LV A U, .sv-gi, -V 'bag .4,V,',-:V Va- 5, V L. V gy, V ,,i- :.' :1,Q-IK -94 'ri gk., gg ,ii q:V1,:,V 1 H V-ir V..-ggVyV..7:Q. ,,,,,,,., VH- v,.,V5. -T,:.V!,u-3.Vl.31.VmVNV.. -,.'. ,,,.-13,5 -fix:-g,.,p -.1:,,..-5..f: ,,-.- ,- .L : . V Q, ., ,V I A 1 :MV - V-,--,-V. -V - V A - M ,V .VW ,W -, nan. .N ' Aim' V.-4 ,,'.'.-'.gV,..Z.'3 ...f 1. ,p.V9..,.T' 'wane' '.:,,4,.A...4 1:d.L'r "Y s ' '12Gif5Lm1LVz..:' "' saLn:.5..L.r' '.:.:J.a:g...V...-1 i.gff?'5zV.V'.V4..-'.'Y,V.."T 1....L' 1 i.1'..H.1.:51.4..-'f6..J..'-"g4m:,:1.U4...4 l' '.L-tml-L...:-." "' "aa1..-..'5t'..-'.V..- L2--1,-7.11.LQ4L'.I'IL2fiiL.LZQI:2ti.L3f1.1.LL--.Eislal'V11-LLfLL.wIL.FV..1ZIlL,VL-,,'.1. .. -...V.g.4V....n- " 1.f,:.'.V. ..v...' L::.-'.'f4..,1..V 34.4.3 Lui-1.L.LV..JV" g-:V.'4V.f4-'.- 9 T U W 1 V V 1 IE V V I I ,V V Vw N . I V' r V' 4 - V v 'f fw 1 V , , . K 1 lr! - I E Y, 1 F L tv! , ,V I . D Vi N 1 I . V 'V I N V", V' ' i K .5211 I 1 ' 4 -'M 1 'z 1 NV V I 1: ' J - iv 1' V 15? K ' 'j . f 'V 5 ' t'."sX K 7 . v NV ' - 'I " I 4" ' V ' ' I : V Lwk X' pt' J xxx 1'- ". 4 'J' A , N 14 S -' "' .lr 1 V Vrl ,V ' N L A F! 'V 'K' i F f ' 1 J IN If' H 9 ' V ' I ' ' ' . 'V 1 ,K ' 4 ' I 5 I K Q A I F .VJ 1 fr. V 74 X xf , V I V 1 , V L is X'.V X V r I f " f ?,x , J V I , ' ,X . , 1" 1 ' a I V V 'x V , ' 'V , 'I I 1' X X ' 149' I ? rf' V ' 3 '," ,f , QV 'V I ff X , 4 1 1 V rj 5 4 I f X , I X 4 .1 ' 1' V ff V , V V I I I I V V 5 ' I V V V V I V rl x C f V V I' wr ,,... 'iv 1 f :"'i'f'5f' 1 ru - Ji .ff"!' yi ffm Q A iff 1 s,.,,, fl? xi wif wr-A ff -.lk '1 . xf 1 1 4- f 1 Y Q 4 ' 4' -z , 5 I j ' 5 Q.. , 4 5 ' 4 ' , 1 IG 1, ' . 5 1. , ' """' WM- 4 yi 1 J 2 a X, 5 Z Q f ,. .f.k:M . 1 n -4 , 1 , .- - f+""' 5' 1 - ! , ' gf Nw ,vw 2 f Q 1 ,QV X 1' X xv Y B., I 1 , ,A .f jd 54- V: X f ' 1 " 6 ' N lf' X . A 1,3 1' Q X f g f' ,ffm 15 - . ,Q , 3 x .1 f I , as 1 4 nf, 4 I, -it .- K I ,gf 7 P. jf?" ' . 5.4. .-1 ,gn f I . 'lk 'P , V- ' X , f-' Q L' ' uf. .,,.. .f , f ' ,lr . I5 x , . . - My 5 -if u t Qu 'nA , Xa . Us Q . . 1 L P-iv .1 . , 4-" X. '. f 1 . A A ,fr f, . - 1 J .. ' nl 5l""li In f."w""'W"'ww...M N ar '11 f ,V fy 4,2 .fp ll 'Q xii 'I ,L iw rv, N 1 ID.. 'f--...N Will rgg, 'W M... wx U-l Ii. Q Q fl Q 1 LTL wnqq 'II DI I mln I f !.,, I w , 1 z 5 41 g I I , f H! N--'vw ' 1, -- -sq 4 I 1 J , I 3 x I W ' 1 1 1 . 'i -1 - J . 'L ' w -. 1 ON . W . J P ' r -ff -A-V-Q f --4' -- f- -V 'ff-fy --vp ---.1-r. w'f-qwvfrwzf-r-'Mr' gfvf:fuf11,1'-'fmrrt""fF'rif:-fffr''A'-f'rv-:s'a3f'1T'7"1fn7"FfPfwIitf'-'emf ,Q1-.L.f--air:-5'ff" riwvfgffai P-'A--Q'A--:w2111-f---'--Hrvwifvvrvr.-' -H .fr-F'-:M-""'t""""' H" -s ' ' y ' V bfi ' ' ' ' "1'!',w'm"3h,Mi' MY H-l"w""Y' Mfg? 55 ""'f f1f v7.f-3Z"?54f?f'.--51524.-'1'i.1'-T ' -11'Afsxc1.'x 1'-3'-.'-RFE - ' '35.'1?'f 'T X ' 1 'i . ,-.JP-7G'G 2' -, 1... 'mum ' + ' ' ' - , -Vagas-145,25-Q-Qwgzefaggaisix.-g.:.LL,sf.414,.nL-5-24+-ggi-ff:f.fa-f,:sv-A-4 ' f' " A k ' 4 f . ' 4 1- ,' 'wx t , 1 -an- ,iq K1 mf QORP744 'i 'dv UQ ,, Q if i-H " 1 CQe.e.b Hef-'fri-2-ixrjw r fi J7 ,li ll r .5315 o of i M .,,...,,- M,-,fx--52 in .. fgff - '-"' ' " ' ' ' ' ff V ' A YH X-. X 2 , Jmonmrf' C' 'v fax J f 'f ,Y W n ' , ' ' 1727 , X I WOW Kewl . I 5 H GLOTFELTER, Pd- D- JOHN - . , Illinois Normal University Training School 1 f A 1 1 , , il' if i ll h ,'- -, I N cl f , , A 'P . TW Q!! I V 1 JAMES RALPH JEXVELL, A M., Ph- D i Coe College, Clark University l principal of the Normal Secondary School 4 ,.. o CP 'U -s cn ff. QI co T3 FY' 93 T5 Q4 U .... f-s cn o FV' O fs O Pb fr 55' 0 m li lil li , , THOMAS MEDARY IDEN, Ph Butler University Dean of the College M' HARRIET I.. BARBER. A. M- Teaohors' Collopqo. Columbia Univer- sity Donn of XVomon I8 NORMAN' 'I'RIPI.E'I"l', A. M.. Ph. D. Illinois College, Indiana l'nix'ersity. Clark L'niversity Professor of Psychology and Philoso- f phy VV. DIONROE, A. DI. University of Missouri Professor of History and Philosophy of Education , ,77 W lfllllijll F. RILICY, A. ll., I'h.D. Baker I'nivc-rsily, lfnivcrsity of Chi czigo Prnfcssor of School Administration HORACE DI. CULTER. Kansas State Normal School Professor of Rural School Administra- tion ,,.ii--- ,.,.f-- --"""" .1- - 4... ,,,..,., 1 1 1 1 1 K., S i lX11'!f,, f , . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , . ,K A . 1 1 1 1 ' f --1 ,,,. I N1 N XM , , '-X It 1 If 1!.',. 1, If A, f, X I , Si Ni 11103'7f12i'i?'f- X.,. AA, " ,- K his A' ei 1 T I-. th 'iffl N ,fe 1 1.1 Q x fe h - 3 P-R5 ff-'fx-"-'-ffsrx 5,-,,f-,1 , e- egg: - to 41-lla evfrfrrf - S., -,v., i -,Av-- - E, , 111 O -,UQ waszffw-J-J is .-"fl, Qx, Cab "' Y, N xxx ' L?!'f,,1,if" ,V JDORlPf+ X XS 1 ,ii W X 1gi,7O1NQx 1 'HN 1 f fa ,I,4,..iX X xx X -1 1' vi -1,1 -. 1.x vue' b H7 I I Y HX 1 X l gy! 01 111' 1 1 1 XX LYMAN C. VVOOSTER. Ph. D. ,fa Wisconsin State Normal School, White- Q 1 water, Milton College Null Professor of Zoology and Geology ' 1 LOTTIE E. CRARY, A. B. Kansas State Normal School Professor of Botany 20 . -,mm THOMAS MEDARY IDEN, Ph. M. Butler University Professor of Chemistry GEORGE WV. TIDD, DI. S, Valparaiso University, Iowa State University Professor of Physics xi- 1 H -N, 1-1 1 .- , , H. ' " 'J . . e -,,,,: - - . fm . -5 A. 1 Y "nt 1 -.,, , .j,14,,. . ,gJ'.' ,-415 ' " " " qiaeunv-..-1'Y,J.1r.-1-.n:He....,-V. -, 1-'Ising .u.l.lf:x. A. M. 1' Indiana State Normal School, Indiana University, Teachers' College, Columbia Professor of Mathematics L. A. PARKE. LL. B. State Normal School, Mansfield, Penn- sylvaniag University of Kansas Professor of Commerce R I G. XV. ELLIS. A. M. Hamilton College Associate Professor of Mathematics ROWLAND H. RITCHIE, Ph. B. University of Chicago Professor of Speech Arts il' ,-M K W M fx f 'J Xfxi gWf4!f7 4. 4' 1' , - I 1 1,11 1 V Ygs? IN N K 1 Y. x 1 XIX . W A xy If-f'fiXAf9l,f x -X X ff, , vxkx N fx NlVXxXOR1x74l IQ., if 17' xX X f A.. - V ,4--x 55 5 X. We 22 F3215 fx-ixg' 5 x , 1 ltiyvb v. ,gi A' - a , X-1- +---e-f" - fe Q-new cz MH gre J Lg,,w32LQwssws f",-fix! ixxx x f ' ff 1,7 ,, R ig, Cf ff ff ff, YW' Xl fps Lf"wx 4 l K1 XJ XVALTER R. SMITH, A. DI., Ph. D. Missouri 'Valley College, University of Chicago Professor of Sociology and Economics CHARLES E HILL A M UH1V8I'S1ty of Mlchlgan Professor of Po11t1ca1 Science -uh.-, Lf,-N '53 W7 xi 1 if IT? SW oi K dw f . 1 Q-. , PELAGIUS WVILLIAMS, A. DI. 'X X' College of Emporia, University of is ' A Chicago 2 Professorlof European History ARPHUR 1. SPROMIL, 1 Nl Unn 61 sitx of Mlchlg 111 Professoz of NIUE! 10111 1-Iistou I ' o 1 U g I 1 ,V i F o I l k v X . 1 i . "' 5 ' p . U u . . ' f 1 - - . 1 , 1 , ' '- ' . " 4. S . v . K I , i A V .,- 'ff' - LL ,, ,C W fffhgf ' L' " """"i' ' L, - ,V. A--Higwwf Vg V H , ' DANIEL A. l'Il.l,SXYOR'l'll ll Kansas Nm-mail College Professor of Geograpliy 535 ' x i I FRANK WV. VVHITE. M. D. Tufts College Medical School, Harvard University School of Physical Ed- ucation Professor of Physiology and Hygiene ,N ' 1. f'lIARl.l'IS R. I'IIIl'l'S, B. Instr-rn Illinois Sizitr- Normal School University of Illinois Instructor in Agriculture HERBERT H. BRAUCHER, B. S. University of Illinois Professor of Manual Training 'il fl . !','l'l,j!f .fl y - 1 l ' .1 ' 1" f 1 l 1 f S I 1' f ' f' V. Li ' V fl E I 'j "ffl, f .XXX 'lx : 'I' 5'-' " iv xl .X fir, K - 'X Xu I In ,"'x,- t . X ' X-fb -xfiofi i X Y UQ K' 'fr-:s-'iiili A 1, if--ss, fs , . 1 r-,---w-as 4 M -J ,.. ., xAq f LO WIA 1 O T.. ,X - - ,I , -VW Y-f,,.,x-04, f -lsr,-f -.,,,.1 -A -x-X-,ivli-,'1i -1, -4 ,4, ,xx , I I xx x -. ---N - - NM- V - fs-fsff ,Af-. We Q X ss sf I s -,ff-.sf ,F W-xxx -N ,jf ,. Yxfylx' +V Ktkx c ---.., f'OR1Pl- lxxgxf fl A XX-X , K- ,. V I, I, 1? In A ., Xxx if ,V, xlxymi ff," Va' If ll -i it '. W V I . I ' N L.. I . i 1, X I J , X 1 'V -'lx KN' I XYQQX. V! QW 'W' 1 ffl- , l, o x IQ.. .N .f lu' -1, Qi., W xr ,DX I' EVA McNALLY. M. L., Ph. D. l ANNABELL NEYVTON. A. DI. Kansas State Normal School. Univer- QA? Ohio .Wesleyan U11iverSity,'UniverSity sity of Chicago, Kansas City , l of Mlchlgan University Instructor in English Professor of Rhetoric ARTHUR E. DIULLINS M. S Mississippi Agricultural , CATHERINE XVILSON 1- B- d M - , , 1 .c ical Collegean echan V, Michigan Stare Normal C011es'e. Uni- Instructor in English Verslty of Michi cm 81 Instructor in English 24 X I. X lYIl.l.IS ll. KERR. A. M. Bellevue College, Nebraskag Columbia University Professor of Library Science and Li- brarlan X M I I X 1 , - GERTIIUDE IIUCK, ll. L. S. l ,M Xvisconsin State Normal School, K "XX H Platteville, XVisconsing Illinois 1 State Library School V X I Professor of Library Science X, , 1 Q LILLIAN DUDLEY Kansas State Normal School Professor of Modern Languages WILLIAM LEROY I-IOLTZ. A. B. .- Baker University Professor of Latin ' l J NF X x v X ,- x X ll lr!,,f' K T!! f ml fx 1 7 I it if Mg1fp1Qi?:11i., ix X XY! 'x 1 AQ' ,fx I, '-. X is Q 'Ill f' il Qi- fs - ' , 'six ,Q gn Z5 V. tml, Q YS fs fs- fa to Q.. m L,-1? fldoomhxgb ff Q slx.,R."7,-3? '55 :fy UN 4' . v 31 N O 1 1 f Q sf K fl S gf ffl QW V. -X 1 if "K ,ru nf .f , m 1 ,yf 'ui S MM' 3 l 'x T7 S' 7 w . lr CQ Ms AEDIMA 1.. GRIDLEY Kansas State Normal School, Massa- chusetts Normal Art School Professor 'of Drawing BETH WARNER MULL Kansas State Normal Sehoq-,1 Professor of Home Economics if N 1 Kr ll i r Q5 ll In I 26 DANNETTA DI. ECKDALL School of Design, Pittsbvurg, Pa. Instructor in Drawing GERTRUDE FLINN Kansas State Normal School, Stout Institute Instructor in Home Economics w 1 v Q E 2 3 . , -3 5-r ,, ,r .13 K X X R Xi X 'X 'A 55 .1 x in I X Cl..-xlll K. 'l'L'RNER, A. B. Kansas State Normal School Director of Physical Training for Men . I. E. BROWN International Y. M. C. A. Training School Instructor in Physical Training for Men r' xl xx 1 I l X I ? , X J GEORGE A. CRISPIN Internzitionnl Y. M.. C. A. Training School, I'TZll'VEll'd School of Physical Education Director of Field Athletics .r if. H. J. CAMPBELL. A. B. University of Kansas, International Y. M. C. A. Training School Instructor in Physical Training for Men X ,,1-'x..'x.,- " 5 'AA r fix ,WF ffrf X 1 N 1 v-. l 5 1 i ' ,rf 1 I i ,Ryf-X-.ily if X X :KL Nm NL f' f 'ff' . -Xxx NX AX! 2 ffzf V-,' r,iK!,,iM 7 Vis X ' Iv 4 X agfai A fx tp ff? ,QXQ5 'C .qi in F' Sf' --. T, Z - I 1 l, ,,. -ff' f "' 'A ' P" ' FA., l,,.fA -,Q to H., O 4"P"id .fawfx-f f X . f O STX-Xb fo X K F, .Cf - X, - x ,J I fjff A .SL Q' lr, QI, I R X S Orem- X Xgbgglg --X X Maxx: N I 'Z T 1 X W l . If V, CMJ if I I f W ,4' NX ,f If A if xmnmi. 1.. SMITH ' K V ELEANOR KITCHEN . Sargent Normal School of Physical Sargent Normal School of Physical Educationi Education, Children's I'IOSD1t3-1, Director of Physical Training for RX Bost-on . Women K li Instructor in Physical Training for ' X ' Women X I V I I BERNICE 'JOHNSON Sargent Normal School of Ph Education, Children's ysical Hospital, Boston Instructor in Physical Training For Women 28 MARGUERITE c.uu1.L School of Physical Sargent Normal Education Instructor in Physical Vifomen Training for EQ! 51. 'ii 2.1 L. Y yi ? Y 'a is XV. A. VAN VORIS Kansas State Normal School Instructor in Physiology and Physics in the Secondary School C. H. BELTING. B. S. University of Illinois Instructor in Agriculture in the Sec- ondary School FRANIQ U. AGRELIUS. A. M. Kansas State Normal School, Ifniver sity of Kansas Instructor in Botany and Bacteriology f,.. FRED WEED. A. B. Washburn College, Topeka Secretary for Y. M. C. A. fx Vx ,Q 77 7 ,X U I X, .X ,XXX S , A - un 7111 TYXQXNA lug iff? We -ow If 1 -ef-"'r"'T5f-.1QjL2- L61 .M -W- r A A if S I lil Q ' f'ff7 ' 'Q CLZPO R1 A YJ? X fm QW CHARLES A. WVAGNER, A. B. University of Kansas Instructor in Mathematics in the SBC ondary School CELIA MANNING Ferris Institute, Big Rapids, Michigan State Normal School, Mount Pleasant, Michigan Instructor in Commerce Nb ow f I, -,Ms ' .I-X1 . fl fl fc-X ff: NSA -X 1, D O55 -I! 'W fr' l f 'nf f fw 'V lf' N f",V Xl ,ft nl, D 30 W. H. KELLER, A- B- Kansas State Normal School Instructor in Mathematics in the Sec- ondary School C. L. TOXVNSEND, A. B. University of Wisconsin. Browns Business College, Rockford and Pooriu. Illinois .lnstructor in Conuneroo xx 'oi ,X 1 - N K , ,,-U. ,Nu ' ' N ' . M, xx... ff Vfxf' X TX - ...--., .,.....,. , ,N ., V K, - i . 1 , ft Nt.. .M-.,,s, -- 9 t 'N, Y 5' Ks! J I j 1. ' Y Vi ' tn l X-"' X nil-", K 1 V, x .. , ft. efffr- V ' QUrnU' , 1 Q , V A x r !.-I ! I if xxx-i I W Y i It XL r H, Rl ' A v ' -Il . I-. N' ?! ,E V ,L X :xt fl riff N I 4 K A I NX fir J F- L- BLACK, A- M- lniunml, M. CAMPBELL, A. M. Christian Ijniversity. Canton. Missouri, K Olivet College' Michigan UUiV91'5it5' Of Chicago ffx' Instructor in German and French in Instructor in Latin in the Secondary S the Secondary School School Q E X N ' E Xxv IM, .... l V TA S' Q . H . , gl .Jian --Y MAUDE E. DIINROVV. A. B. KATHERINE MOIQRISON Kansas State Normal School Kansas State Normal School Instructor in American History in the Instructor in Drawing in the Second- Secondary School ary School 31 . fi it fl ff. i ll '7 E RR A lf! Elf? 1.3: 'ffl -4 ' X XXX N If I, ,G if 'fig-rfjiilhf 'YSXC5 X A 'fx mr i'1ffjQ , -X55 fr Q1-. P ff' N N - 'L .-A,-..,,fv4-ff s, E11 ,ia 2 its-XJ r F' -, , X,-fjjf 6 ...E.l,1g, Q, TQXQ - Lf' 'ff M it N px? a it fi fl ff!! Q lsfx multi 1 , f' lv- 5 V' 1 23, f S f, I. I Af if? !If W, ANNA SNYDER, B. S.. A. B. ' Kansas State Normal School, Teach- ers' College, Columbia University Instructor in English in the,Second- ary School MARY GRACE HOLMES. A. B. University of Michigan Instructor in English in the Secondary School fly 32 MINNIE E. PORTER, Ph. B. Ohio State University Instructor in English in the Secondary School XVINIFRED DAVIS, A, 11, Kansas State NL11'l11g11 School Instructor in En RTN School glish in the Second- mv.. ACHSAH HARRIS, A. B. Kansas State Normal School Professor of Elementary Education . X .,. ' I 'pl ,I E H" GRACE TEAR. A. B. Kansas State Normal School, Fair- mount College Critic Teacher in Training School- xxl I Il fs 5 X X 9 i f tix-mln' K txt X X -,Y hx ,Q 'Y-Xl mx I i ' E 1 il ! , f lf, i K ' i . . X l . 'Q 'N' fy 'f xnl ,.,, ' I hxgrff' X Af'fi'llXx,1xf' i Q A' Q I N- I M ,P V v 2 Xl I l 1--T rg d ji K Q, lyfxwu l 1 x N ,x ,Q 2 H Nuff: 1 aff ft P' Lift' LOUISE ALDICR, A. DI. f l'nive1'sity of Kansas, Chicago Kinder- ? g' , guirten College, Teachers' College, i 55 Columbia University K i Instructor in Kindergarten ll " U LENA M. GAMBLE Kansas State Normal School Critic Teacher in Training School 33 1,-TG.. .- - .- ..,?' - , i a. 1-HW m .. . - , . -..,.,..T.....41,..,. V i -A,-,J ,,...-- , ., Y-asf : - M u ix .f -9 S' 1,9 I x nw I7 4 iw f ,xg In 21 fi ff? 1? Q7 ..,,,,,.f f- 1 4'-K-D -is -i,-gf-'- SQ-T fr O C ff aa 4'-e fq of A 'Q XX I aoarvd L 'C MV T R "'ofi2gil'.2A39i ' 'S I 1 few SX . f' " QW aw ,fn i I -K " N , " ,A yi . ' f X if i 1 f '-NX nM my Z J JESSIE L. FORDE, A. B. Kansas State Normal School Critic Teacher in' Training' School LUCY BARROLL Ld B University of Chicago Cr1t1c Teacher 111 Tra1n1n,:, SCh001 f,' 1 1 .ff 5 1.1, , - fffbs-1 GRACE VOLLINTTNE 41' . University of Chicago Y 'L j Critic Teacher in Training School .TJ -1-X I N MARX LDV -KRDQ Sec1et11x 101 'lllllllllg bghggl 1 'T - 3 o Q ,. X , ' ' ' - . R . . . I . Q L .J 1 , X -1 - . I. N Y 0' " ----2 ----V -,-...,.,,.a4zc-,:.g. '- 'fi .M . 5' 13' m YVILLIAD1 S. BIILER, Ph. ll. . - , V -,w- " ' ' " ,w-.f5f. 4 irv-3-rszzy -111 Chicago TW . ' I -:i'lS1I'3I' ROY E. COLEM.-iN Efarisas State Normal School , , c Financial Secretary ERNEST B. MATHEXV Kansas State Normal School Normal School Visitor VV. H. SIN GULAR Kansas State Normal School General Office Secretary xx- , X. Gnzjtcig LEAF Kansas State Normal School, Universi- ty of Vfisconsin Library School Reference Librarian BIAUDE SHORE .Kansas State N01-H1941 School L1b1'f1I'Y Assistant, Circulation De- Dartment f 'L"L lb 1 , V v ,I I lx . it " 'Tig g 'Q F512 X x ' 3wil'i 15" . .u",kV1,,' " X14f2E'7:1 5,9 rx tygyq i. xx? ,f1v'r,x f' ,H , ,, l if o , i W, Qu fi A-at . X l -1 , I- ' is l 4 li H 1 - f 'yn I. o , RQ, V ,I . l 1 ' l 1 i X v- 'al A ' Q -- A r 1 Yu 5 l Q I X21 v 5 L E X11 fs! W ,g ll I Ill it In U A ' GRACE XVOODXV XRD L' l University of YViscons1n L1b12iIX 'J ffwwfl, Kg . School l, fl If l Library Curaiogt l 'XX ll x ' X N' l is ii. I lhiivorsily of Wi 1J1b1'1l1'Y ixmsm 36 SUUIIS SL'ilU0l xx' ll. lulvrvmt and k xi nloging I, A NW ' p as ww xLX " l HQ, x fluff,-,. N ll ""'i.5,, X T IIAQ - XX ...-f 1 .- . , FN j Q y- gse WWA ssta LA, ,W so L l L ""? 6 it MTA Q ., -bs.- -f' ' -. ' '- YO 1 3--U v x. x fljj -1-A j,fc2,., f ' S 2 ,OORWT6 X 1 ' 4 f x N' X - ' w XIX x .11 V' I ilfflmx-, , 4XA A y 1 UEX L. V ' 1 tl L ,' ' my A344 A .as ' V v f 31. : VV XX! x I x y , . 'x V x LOUISE JAGGARD Kansas State Normal School A Recorder j S I we f i 5 up il ,U BESSIE ROBERTS D Kansas State Normal School Library Assistant FAYE HUFFMAN Kansas State Normal School Library Assistant 37 CORNELIA BIOSS, A. B. Kansas State Normal School Library Assistant u 1 -f- O 'gg-b!1,,nA-qN4:'Pv-0'l ,.,,- , f- - ,J .- N- ,,.... cl, QWJWW ,,r.,?..-W..- , E r 2 1 i rp .Kr "nf wg:-" :il , Nil ful K WEE' 1,1 1 ff glow! vk ,cv ,A 446 '-Ziigjjf , ,X ,QS-2 ff 1' Q -M-fs'-H-f-f" 'fiilw-fj S1-sf in gli 8 ' O - ,Ml rf'-Q Q ffm, Pixflgxxi-X s Y - if' ,ff 6- we . - ssc N ff! ,PA CL! .2 sss., J Foam. ,SX ff f ff' ' x- S ff fl XX3 5,5 ff ff il, ,Kg XJ K X' if XJ , N. -A ix if 7? avrxy . - lm Xl 1 ff P 'fiff , FX! - fllv , JN fl fl wr X X n , ll I , . A FRANK A. BEACH, B. L. HENRY D' GUELICH, A' B., Mus. A l University of Michigan, Syracuse DOC- l Y - - f Music Q - IJ rsity School 0 D Northwestern College, Gland Conserv i mve an-,yy of Music, New York tment and Director of Music Depal' D Professor of Theory and Hlstofy of Music - CARLTON WOOD ' Pupil of Gustav Exner, Berlin, Ger- manyg of Edward Mollenhauer, New York, and Ottakar Seveik, Prague Instructor in Violin, Stringed Instru ments and Orchestra ll ,i 38 Public School Music. Professor Of Voice Culture and ChO1'1lS XV. C. FOOTIS. A. ll. Buena Vista College. P1-inpomn Vni versity, Pupil of Austin Aher- imtliy, Otto Polilmnn, New York Instructor in Public School Music an Voice Culture d UL., , . ' f U i,,-,.,-,"'-- s . 7 fr f. ,' ,. X If K I I L'Zf?cf5"'gP QXN sprmq Q -Q x :X I 4 f-rf ,f Ci ,-5 QNX L2 A feb .5 , M ,g is .,. wN,,,I so I "XA,-X-4,,a,,f Y, C.. ,-.. f' X .ft O Taxis -m,.,,-.. ,N-,,,--'--X4-,..,wj,,,..- ,fs xx-1 ,J A C3 I i!- 1,7 1Q,,D-'4 WF. Fx X X Xxx N5 pOR1PX76 xx. N. aff! f-.f'f .fx N 1 ,"?f1'N in W f , ,fl f 1 fl , ff tl" X ,Vo x f .N 2 M K-X i Isp., '7' 1' 1 53 ' 1 Liu ,, 1 s Jw., . x ,f ,Q gi H lf' XX ': l ,FY fi i jx f , aww X , W r W' BERNICE RICE, lVIus. B. ,',1y, State University Oklahoma School ofl ' , Fine Arts, Pupil of Mrs. A. M. Vir- gil, New York,Fanny Bloomfield 5 Zeisler, Chicago, Paul Gold- ,, Schmidt, Berlin Instructor in Piano DIABEL STONE Kansas State Normal School, Department Instructor in Piano V , LLC". ,Q Q 5.51,-C I! gf - -1: f l E. FLOY SCHUIVIACHER I-Iedding College Conservatory, Abing- ton, Illinois, Pupil of Madame Parry, Chicago, Centralizing School of Music, Chicago, Pu- pil of Oscar Saenger, New York Instructor in Voice Culture 2' 1:-.5 155,35 ,. 'Q 1 . --,.V . ,.-, .,.,,g .141 f, ,emit .,i.' 1 I. .H ',--. - "" 1 . 'si, r . 1 -. w-I ,. . lv ' f .' 4- A J" :. f-1:5 'A ,,, - ,m:g:,fge,' 1,1 1a'f,:-bm 51, -, , 9 ?f'1'.iEL' ""' "1 KSCQSCQQCYQQ f ' ' -133 . ' woi:.b 93,g "e' fy,,,.,.,g,g,.:3fqf,f2 7 '-fqy.ggq.f,gP,,,,,.. A. --e-if-sgv p'f1"vf-1 'ff' 5:1 .54 . 21-7' ::,5-.nf , , uf, yy IH..V,,p:3.,ggg:,ggzggf-.g,:gi::m3q , 5 -- - ,,, V , , f . H ' J' f ' M X: W'-,-5-A . 5,,,m5f., at - ,,5:rw.l..l,,.,.., ,.,....A-:f .-Q:-r f: Q -I .:. ',':fv.:-Q.v..f-Q'Q-2:--. ' ,S .,4' -,f,,,,Qfegff X.v,p.w,-f..v.r-.,:'sg -xt .qw ' . ' 2 weis5f1g',:ff,:.xaYp24:.as:':1- 1-'Xia , ' - t X r 1 ' 1-af" 2s'.f,:+,-'i:'e'f If - 12:-X5 I ir - 'V ,, . 'a , 1 e:.'.w5fe-vi rx' f ' 1 X, ,wa -'N Q - -. f. 1 me . :mfs .fr .fa-.-521:-PZ Vkv, K- .,.-. ., ,. ., .. ., . , .. Va, X af, ,, .rr iff' sf ,L , ' 1.55, 5 2 'xgiiff isgfssfyfajg-,:,5:5,gf -,gnu " . . fsigzreg, sw. ,g'gfI'I,v f Q-' - ',4,:Yf?'2.aGxi-Qfilii' 'iiifi--f',53Mg.-f .wma 1-reef1-wlgfr:-:"-itwiilfisix-six?FSS'--'f'ff- -' .ff-1-1r,4:v f ' , . 1 - I I v34::,'5?,:S '- sting' f' rf,,.g .: ' 1 A I we P f15.s:.l1'a ' Q' :L I ff ,:. ,:.- .: 1' QY . " F ,, ., ,X Q' fiw 5431, My :fi A ' , 'J e -wg ,IRIS ' ,,.fa,,,,,,. ,- kxxsisbw. -ww ff: , -t. .,,tn.,,,,.. ,ZW I wcswws' X QS' X, -is ff - f - f ,- , was-:sf O s-fl' las-1 ,-if, f- xg . ' .es 4,-if -'L igi8,.fs.-, A wdfgf-ai - -'1-A gvafffi Af-1. a +mf,- sy sr - Emil,-iw: -S f" ,. N ' viewer : -. -' E. ANNA STONE Music College of Music, Cincinnati, Kansas 39 State Normal School Instructor in Piano ' Q A ' - , 1 i f "ff-M" U 5451: -9? , . -3 ,, -M,,,k 1 . 'x VU ljf 2 f Vxxl xy - X XX Q X r i O fix ff' it ref X it .ffff ,Xu 5 N .ff , . ' xxx v- Cl .f ' , X X so ,X IVA 'Mill , 7 ir To sg. ,XM X .N PXQ A 4 '21 -fefgf V, ff- ,fa-JL. X If Atv ', 1 ifflikr ff Hogg,-fa! it ef-J ' , .J in it 3 f J ,fxlx , yn is X -s. x 'tr fowxflw.-f .- we is of ,,,Xi-a, fl' -f' -as-J,,, L-ll-Q lx , 1. K f XY xx X V x f ,' ," ,1 ,r . 1 , , f 1 '.' 1 I , 1 if , V 11 s N fr' ' 'OORXPJXXXYX - I X x xx X , X x X K 1, W N! , ff, so ui x.. K ffflffllxy X x X L , 1, ,f llixx fff f fN'1 i 5 X MU' Q A L X lj j if 1' . f . ,f . W U, it ix If 'W .PM X, r I NI? qllfg ls f- 1 S J 4 ff iff AW X Ni N Tlgl CATHERINE STROUSE Minnesota State Normal School, Thom- as Training School . Instructor in Public School MUSIC ALICE R. WALDEN. ' Wm ll School ofa Music, 'University of Wis- consiny Pupil off 'Robert Teich- V rnueller, Royal ,Conserv- ' atory, ,Leipsig h Instructor.-in Piano 40 DIILDRED BOGIRHXJXVER Potsdam Normal Schoo I mal School of Music Instructor in Public School 31l.1SiC 1. Crane Nor- NELI. BUlkl.lNli,XMlC Lakeside I-Iospitul. Cleveland: Port land Open Air Sunitorium: Miami Valley Hospital. Dayton. Ohio Resident Nurse X ' 'I:1 yE"A - S ' Carl W. Salser Harriet Priest B B Appointment Bureau The Kansas State Normal Appointment Bureau was organized in con- nection With the Normal Alumni Association. Although less than two years old, it has established its' right to permanence by the servifce it is rendering Normal school graduates and former students, who are now in the teaching profession. L Last year 550 people were enrolled with the Appointment Bureau and 175 teaching positions Were secured. This year the enrollment Will be Over 750. The enrollment is permanent and all material concerning the members, is kept up to date. . Primarily, the bureau is designed to help successful teachers to secure the kind of positions they Want, and the chance of promotion for efficient teachers has been its aim. p Mr. Carl Salser, secretary of the Alumni Association, is 'in charge of the Appointment Bureau, With Miss Harriet Priest as his assistant., 4I ...if--"" -an K .1....l... mu-Ai!-E31 1 "qt '- The Past Year 1 th t educational institutions Educators thrlpughgufoghcefcJ3nig11i13:ficli1now6Th2 Old Order qhangefchn and ar? gomg thfnlgtti ieliiv The Kansas State Normal School is looking f01" Svrairligeacilidfttllie enueineration of the events of the year points to bigger and - f th Old Gold. , . - bettlgbrligabpi tchle meost significant chaxnvgle mwthe lifefoolfnghihifcuffginlfo 115111325 development of the organizations. en 1 .WHS . . ' - ll with every college? in the West, the old literary societies 'did natrli the needs of the students, they disbanded. But with their 250193, 110 1118 was presented to take their place. The past -year has mit H515 Dligbggfclg The seven department clubs have proved their value. T 9 D993 t, . Association is fostering a reawakening of debating and oratorica ac iv- ities. The J ayhawk-er and Representative. debating clubs and the Omegas, Ionians, Alice Freeman ePalmer-s, and Sigmas are' units Which are for- warding this movement. Socially, the class organizations have filled an important place. The dual debate with Oklahoma was lost not so much through the weakness of the Normal teams as through the shortness of time for preparation. Still the fact remains, stronger representation 1S needed in debate and oratory. D Q 0 The year has been marked by a series of movements in the faculty. The Faculty Club, the Women's Council, and the monthly dinners of the men of the faculty have brought unlity of purpose and added efli- cienc . The legislature of 1913 appropriated 3157 ,000 a year for maintenance during the coming biennium and 360,000 for repairs on the main building. While this is not in proportion with the growth of the school, it is enough that the efficiency will not be impaired. The growth of the extension de- partment, the systematic publicity work, the home extension lectures, the increased service of the library, and the high class entertainments in Albert Taylor Hall have been institutional features. The athletic record has been creditable. Every team represented in intercollegiate contests has been developed from mostly inexperienced men. The football team won five games and lost three, taking third in the Kan- sas Conference. An entirely new basket ball team won -six and lost seven contests of a hard schedule. The Normal gymnasium team won two meets with Baker and the Wrestling squad also had a winning record. Winning baseball and track teams have become a habit, and this showing promises to. be continued. The formation of the Girls, Sports and Pastimes Club withthe systematiacarrying on of interclass contests has proved more than satisfactory. With the best facilities in the state for the physical de- velopment of our students, we are setting the pace in this line, . The Normal High School has become 't It ' ' ' fosteredby a separate faculty -and its orggnigattions Z1'ZVSiZ11'f18ag3ZS'iEZ1?J? :Ellie school. In athletics, the secondary teams have been practicall d e featetd. lghe Csgllege can well take lessons from the High School isn slizlhoil s 1r1 . 1 . tgis year. Ore an one hundred' StUde11'CS C0mD1ete the high school course H The degree of Bachelo f A t ' ' - . four persons in 1913. The iife Lggtgsliififnbtelfferged upon thirty- these depends much f th 5 a .Out 170- UDOH , Or e real strength of a school lies in its alumni. "Wafve! Wave! Wave.: Wave! 5152 bczvlineo' of' gold unfold, 1" eprazries of Kan '1 ., , , The beautiful banner of g'ipCZfi,'?0e ul umm 42 l 7 fi ,,,V, f,fi'A!f'! ff X if ,X f XZ! 1 ff' X QW ffff Q . '?sf'4:2.f-' 5:. Y " ., .x ' -H' x' 1 . up-. ,.- , - , 4 - z-f-N f-N Q . ,.f'5'Tifz'',iJH'65,.rf",1.J.'2f,2.fg,.'g.---1--7532 L.: iw " -.ww " . -- V , ., N , 5' f'Qf!1,'vf?'1.E1!:11' V,.w5.'.,.-SM,""fy115 Ag. 1 , -x ' f -1 Q , . .JA - t 1 '. 5-,.1,-ff 5: x-,r'K:,4-..'..:.,3 1'-L-ywxf .-A::Py"4 f. 'L-.' l.3,"'- ., ' -- 1, ' 4' .r - ,-1,1 ..,- .gp-,,f .,-,.,...,,,1,,,3.., Ag. I . A. L., ,, .I ' , , 4. , . 1-1.E-,',If:5ii,.:'.3,.5'',-5rW1f"5-g-.51::,- I:-P ' gf ,- ' . . A 1 43 777 9f7 A rlwl ll l lx, wXQR,w7fq4 4 ,QE-iff Ywpflv if - .ff ,5 Q Q, ix -lilly! - f 'I -Q ,A Q0 8 L-" ' 'xfxfff Y,A-F4-1 "1 J ,--1 ,xxx I 'sf 1 fi sn Kaye V. f .f XXX l X N. xi, igfkypolq l PX ix iff, J XX Q. f fl l l Xi f V N fi, l,f'J,'s..H V QM i All ,iv F. E. ALDER Leonardville Major-Physics and Chemistry President College 4 Class, Stu- dent Faculty Council, Bas- ket Ball, Y. M. C. A. Cab- . inet, Bulletin Staff, Stu- ' dent Assistant in A Chemistry Frank Alder has distin- guished himself, as a chemist and a ladies' man. He is re- sponsible for the Wonderful for- mula K I SZ, Which, he claims, reacts satisfactorily in nine tries out of ten. 44 MRS. HARRIET E. BENSON Concordia Mctjoo'-Public School Mus-ic M mo r-Draw 'ing Secretary Alpha Rho Tau, Sigmas So unaffected, so composed a mind, So -firm, so strong, yet so re- fined. Mrs. Benson will teach mu- sic and art, and no one is ques- tioning how it will be done. Her class work is excellent. , Q' FTTT ' 5 7' --5.2 -, , A. , will ,X 1 F Y flktlff l l . is - xl xwlww X x X' I x XA lXXl'lll'W!K',A . W-, fx, L ., Nh'-I , "' ,. 'y ...gawk RN f M' 'f 'l 71 I qi Xl- My 75,405 V 1. sr: 'X lil' xy lift-lIl:W9,f'R x H . . , Af 'Hllv' ' M l lil 1 .l , L K XX. xxx f . 'l mg fl V VV---YIKNRX g . X . sl .f KW Jul xvxx A W lfrf I W BENJAMIN BALTZER ANNA H. BROGAN. Hillsboro M djor-Germom M mor-Psycholo gy Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Football, Track, Glee Club, Chimes of Normandy Music is Ben Baltzer's pas- time. He Warbles like a lark With a ba-ss voice. Otherwise he is a serious, industrious fel- low, Who is much interested in making the World better. 45 Emporia M djov'-Europecm H istory Student Assistant in English and History Down at Hartford, 'Nvhere Anna Brogan Was principal of the High School, the boys and girls Were anxious to go to school. Whole-hearted interest in her Work characterizes Miss Brogan. ,V ,J ,, - '-W" ""'i I. !,,' fl, . i, ff X 1 . v I f ' 1 , , ',,ff,f' it i ll 1 fl V Rx XXQXXY' Vf f . fluff!!! rf Q x. .Q J WMM1 ,XX Xxl JXXQFUVI 'NW -g,'3,jf!'-X 1' X X . Q X! w,.e.!-agxfqly Ymxsg - . ix C 'Y TX, Quin,-'-1 X X- , f- N...--"f Xf " 'T . f " ,f do ff - VX! , X ,fflwi 'v-f-- , sf' -l Nr ff if 1 'VN' It 4. fe. , i , ' -f HCV if A J? Rl jo X' A XX f 1 l f If K X ' X f V' f-., V . V . X. xy , xy Xxx ,X X ., --J 4,1-aff ff uf ffhifym f K t ffl in KXZXAKJ , J V K ' . . . .jill lfyflel 2fj'l3lll"r 4 fi g f"'d fl B ljlfl ll 5 C .wg 'llff if . P. C. FUNK ABBIE DARROUGH Hillsboro Emporia M ajofr-Germcm Y. M. C. A., German Club Peter Funk is the type of the true German student, earnest, industrious and painstaking. Funk is interested in getting more than his degree from the College 4 Class. 46 MGQ2.07'-E12Ql'Z'.S71 Y. W. C. A., Basket Bull A student who depends not on classmates or teachers for ideas, Abbie Durrougli persist- ently works out her problems. Although quiet and l'0SO1'X'Ox'l. her friends know they can count on her. my ltllgl J J 1 I ,ff rf, NY K il., N. , X o w . XXX! xX,S.i,.,Ti. A xx X x. K x -1 '-.X ii A X g- A .- AA.. .ir rw N . .im i r , ' Y--.. .. - N ' -S --- W' W -- -- H N KW 5' '- f'- RX '-- -'A 'M' S.. , A L Lf ,X N., -, J vin X Y., V l'c'Ulll?'Nk Clk ' x I X sl: K . Y,-Us-5 -Q C,-. K .. I .. xf Q . .. - dawg frixigifgi A f in in x 1 xi X x X K X' fl fi- f' ,fl V f . A ' -1 l' Xl ' N3 Af X f 7771? l rf S jf jg Kgs 1 l Vit' fW ' ,rx Il y fbi V ,lf i ,, , 'x K' X .f l l 1 l V l K gil sl W xx f AM Nl 41 l i W , l l V SQ. N P l I il J- EDWARD GILBERT GARNET MABLE EVERLEY Lincolnville a Glasco M ctjor--M cmual Trwinin g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Chorus, Student Assistant in Man- ual Training John Gilbert is the boy who put the fem in feminine. He is an artist, can ramble on the piano, and puts in his .snare time teaching the girls fancy crochet stitches. 47 M aylofr-German Secretary College 4 Class, Sec- retary Student Faculty Coun- cil, Secretary Student Vol- unteer Band, Secretary Mathematics Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, German Club, Student Assistant in German and Mathematics Garnet Everley's interest and ability is compassed only by the modern curriculum. In schol- arshipg Miss Everley stands at the head of her class. lf! f l i l .. .-,.,..-..-J -C, li 2 Y fl xi ll i Re U if 7 f7 if Ni 'QXORIQQ fx i'fl3' Tiilfihffv - flip, Q? 'AT P 3 :gii-LJZTJJ' ff My 41,00 R 1 A ,xx. ,B ff xx f f x X5 ,, Lf ,lf I JQ Xl Y 72517 Wil 1'-'3 i 3 K .. 57 I If if p p, Vid nip ink' ,Ji f ff il W A wi If WILLIAM H. GRAYUM Jones, Oklahoma M ajor-M dthefmdtics President K Club, President of Mathematics Club, Treasurer College 4 Class, A-Chorus, Glee Club, Football, ' Track, Basket Ball Besides being eiicient in every way from selling alumi- num to tearing over the hur- dles, Bill Grayum is unequaled for his constancy in paying monthly visits to his "school teacher." :LSC ' Qi EDITH E. FINLAYSON Summerfield Ma,jo1'-Houselzold Scieazcc President Y. W. C. A., Omegas, Basket Ball, Bulletin Staff, All-School Honors Thy spirit which keeps thee is noble, courageous, high, un- alterable, true. Edith Finlayson's broad- minded outlook on life, her capability and strong person- ality have won for her u high place in the school. X, K R fjfbffl -9 xi QX Q Vllfgx 'ffQ5QiQf??,I QI, N- , - .c.-l,.---.n fiilgff 5 Elfigifg. ---nl ,C Q- --'N ----f Q- ' p ,ii 6 'xml ,Q Q-Eggs -------,J -W-A -igiggkj 'Qc-.ATV XgY5x 7 Ohm is C, f ,,' ,WI Qt I L,-gffi ,f N , ..,, ..,L,. , . if X V A V 13- flq l A . Q' 1 ' X I THOMAS F. HALLY . Delphos Major-History and Econo- mics Track, Wilson Club, Yell Mas- ter, Catholic Club, Commit- teeman for Lyon County Democrats Tom Hally -spends much time Uunscijewing the uns-crutablef' His epitaph will read, "The Noblest Irishman of them all." Besides being the best yell-mas- ter in the state, Hally' is a close student of civic affairs and it promises to be the pub- lic life for Tom. W 1 . lf H ,, ,- , f ff' I I f, w V i ' s l ll I I P N 4 ' 4 VERNA GEBHARDT Alden M ajor-Biolo gy Y. Vv. C. A. The Hollyhock may. flaunt her gaudy colors, calling loudly for attention, but the sweet Violet, all unaware of her sweet- ness, wins far more notice. Verna Gebhardt, by her sweet, modest manner, her charm and ability, hold the ap- preciation of her associates. 49 L .. - , , nm- ,,.,.e2f--2- ,ri . gr, A. Aim... J--A,-Habana - -M-Viv!-VL' .AJ-nf-45 -4' N- . an-1-' 9 --4 A 'x in X7 'l l 1 ff My iQX'NV.ii HX l I iff f'ff'Qf Q- K K mg T:-,XJXXQ Qi 4' ,ff 2,11 up R, sxkx ' .KXQ fy? 'x4':',f,lLhQfN'X 'kf Y I ' 'fiesrii Af' .PV wx , R' ,f NN fl!! SF - 1, H Y -,,,,...f--., ,,,.f"' ' JI ,k Y - .vfffe-fe 1:1 Qfffi fl in T RQ-d-LIL-Qi,-x,f"N""""l ff T177 M' LJ' iffjsw! X, Fix'-3 J 'ye ll Lf ,f , X7 A15 fm XXX Xuxh X X -A - E3 . X ' 1 . gil, ff I N XXX X, X I f l L. .q R at l R, Mull' Y . 7 l P 1,-Q ' 1, ' x: l' l A . .ml C 1 l Jl ,A' p . ' S ,Alf f ffl ,I t gl! X . .NV 7 3 1 . ills., 'x l ex ,V wx , lflldlf l I Al' I f, - l f so -Dx X 7' ll' 4 "Y 1 lx X 1' 'V ff l w "ill sd f ,V 43.5 l, . ll! JENH ,ff f ' 5 -'ll V Q lf w 'l l, ll 1 , Tvs , y , X., X Al bi Lf " MANLY H. HARPER Emporia M ajov'-Pedagogy Student Assistant in Physical Science' and' Psychology, Y. M. C. A., Representatives Harper has had considerable educational experience, but he came to the conclusion that he would like his name Written Harper, A. B. We probably Will find him later as superin- tendent for some important city of Kan-sas. x , I X H ll il 50 , 1' fwff MRS. V1Rc1N1.-i P. HICKS Lakin M ajofr-H listo r y bigmas, History Club Mrs. Hicksfs quiet, dignified personality commands respect . X' - . . ' l ... ' h A , 4 ' f' V. lib Nl W , I Rl x X5 XXX 'll My x -xx, l VMV'X"UY , EM-'UW V A X WX.-. Xu X .A Q' x N LI, x .fi V l fl if A .. Q K l ntl' XX wr .P X I . . A ,F Sf lb x 3 99 I f 1 Vx X., Lf' 1. V Uv WNW 4' " Y K lil l 0 1 -f -' . W K ,rg wi., K , 0 X . -.,, 'T ,S --.. 4-J ' J ju Ps 'X Xn,,X " 'X .. 1 mv., N-. S .J Wi-Q1 X, x- N' R 1. IQ, x..,W-J vb XTX X . xx. UHlfNY1fX XX A l. '11, K.. f f i ,v,:.:.,. ..,, W. .,,, ,,., 1 .,... ,. I ,fx - M7 ffhgi . t , I X , ,E K GUY H. JAGGARD Emporia M cajor-H fistory Founders' Day Orator, All- School Honors, Student Fac- ulty Council, Y. M. C. A., Student Assistant in History Guy Jaggard has a lean and hungry look, and has an unusu- al thirst for knowledge. That he has satisfied these desires to some extent, is evidenced by the fact that he was chosen honor man of the class. x P" X fm , R I I, UI fl .7 f ' x X Xa' X ,, f 1,7 if i yi W f ,MN f fx! if , , N R r A Ml 1 YJ I 4 - 1 l 5 I Q T Y WINIFRED LEWIS Butternut, Mich, Major-English cmd Science Y. W. C. A., Student ,Volunteer Band Can teach English, history, botany and manners. Hates mathematics and cats. Loves her brothers, K. S. N., and the heathen. Believes in fresh air. On provocation says, "Roses and violets," and smiles. f VX l -if-fllf, I so-A .fSAY'1,A3.a'f4. Q44 fY'?'1Rlilt' Qi!! .f-- ' g gr 1 +.1f1j1g1,A 1-'fig-,,..,.gf' A ft if A tl O ef-'ff' f -J fr' 5'f"'L2 D Lldktilixsiltt fc' "?19iQ'2 fs----1'-V-sf A-,,,-f A ,X ps ff, fosbywx. sl 3 f?c'7ftfft5SN5 ,ff lil vf Lf lx y l XJ J 'x iw- A ft T, A lf Y f. ffl tl W il I. I ff it Xl ll , A, , V, i Nu- ,Z lx N. I tx 15. :Wf J "XY, ff KM ll A f ul ,Cf lf .1 ,N li, " yi i E A ti ta 1 ' 'l fl if s l if t ll F l 1 1 7 l VY fliil 1 xii' lx 'X j if ALBERT E. LUNCEFORD Bronson M zzjor-Pedagogy Y. M. C. A., Student Assistant in Physical Science A. E. Lunceford, a grave and reverend senior, is an estab- lished benedict, Years of teach- ing experience have made him aware of the Value of "more Normal." Science is his long suit. - W K 52 GRACE MARGARET PALMER Eureka ItlCl,fl.07'-PZlbIZ'C Sch ooI A rt President Oinegas, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, President Alpha Rho Tau, Basket Ball There is one endowed with much ability, and enthusiasm that develops it. Art is her first love. Who shall say what is next, Sports, Y. W. C. A., Societies, Poetry, or Pedagog'y'? To her friends the greatest is her own true self. it I. 1' .QA 1 " 1 el j. , z .J 5 . Q 5. ' X ' .1 ?, 1: 1 v ,ii . va . 'Q . , ' 1 .3 ' . .N 'Z .igt 3. T! Q 3. A .xp A :aff 4. ,., Q: X . K. fa .v 5 fs CLAUDE A. MCCLELAND LOTTIE M, PHILLIPS Challute Phillipsburg Majov'-Physics cmd Chefmis- May'0y-Latin try Y. M. C. A., Basket Ball, Stu- dent Assistant in Physical Science AA Neosho County farmer boy, a country school teacher, a student at the Normal School, a city superintendent, and again, a Normalite, is the rec- ord of Claude McLeland. If Claude doesn't like it, he will let you know about it. Vice-President College 4 Class, Girls' Athletlic Club, Mana- ger College 4 Basket Ball team Lottie Phillips is blest With plain reason and sober sense, an indomitable Will and an in- dependent spirit. She believes and proves that a pound of pluck is Worth a ton of' luck. l ft c if W ..gx.SxxXk1XxlM,l if 1 X! K! ff! ,ffijr Ig- "fix ish it Q in , lil, 55 fnxff- ... ,w D fsfx,...4..z-'N..fX? hrdff.--' GVAL Mg, A .e--fsfxffw fa fu J' it - .V if if 'ff' J x Ji ef gf f ow. ,i--.TA s lu, ffff - l ww id fy rlgkxb 3 J J 'K I-. ffl. 3 xx 1 L . f 9 Y 'l f- L i R s 'C ff' . I-, ll fl ,f ff! 1 . 'Q Xl' fl f - ,x . fu. l 1 n I 3 L 1 I 1 V, .X 'Q I J fkil V 1 N . flx My M l if idgfgjx V T fi i ll Nj WAYNE F. SHAW i Grenola M aj off'--S chool A dmxinistra- tion and Psychology Jayhawkers, Y. M. C. A., Stu- dent Assistant in Psychol- 083' Wayne Shaw puts in a great deal of his time getting used to being papa. His favorite phi- losopher is Heckel, Whom he says he is going to read when he has time. i 54 NORA PRESCOTT Emporia M aj oo'-Pedafgo g y Nora Prescott is teaching Normal Training in the Dodge City High School, where she is making an enviable record. She takes her degree in August. Capability and Barnes ave Nora's weaknesses. N , X fm ' xx ll y oQxlX li- X X Niall' , I I K J"N--H'-1. X KX 'I ,gxkjyyy up' TX-..,ix" M -1 -,x, 1 1 tfll V R lx f 1.3 4, , Y ' N 1, vp X- N ' f ' ' .' -1-itllhtllfxyl X '-.-...lm--"l , . s 'l-Y fx . L. V L i 4 L 3 .XR , , I V, N - I ,ffxl , J ,z l , V l. I D. S. SKOGLUND Jamestown M ajor-C ommerce . Treasurer Y. M. C. A., Jayhaw- kers, Basket 2Ball, Bulletin Staff, Glee Club, Student J Assistant Commerce Skog's record dates back to the e-arly settlement of James- town. This disproves the the- ory that he is a Swede. Skog- lund spends most of his time in the commercial department and he knows his "business," 55 ll' 1 X . iw - K ,ff .1 'w I ,ff ik f all ll ff! fl ff I I 4 'l .1 1 ETHEL ALICE STRAWMAN Emporia M ajor-M usic Treble Clef Club, Chimes of Normandy The double honor of taking the degree of Bachelor of Arts and the Diploma of the Depart- ment of Music falls to Miss Strawman. Happy and indus- icgou-s, she makes the most of 1 e. if 'K li X f V fl '.l Devil . Xb. xi-. '-X X -.1 ll lf, A X V X A ' 14' X1 X X .. X hiv - X x ll. i4,,,.--.. N XX f- .J-Q lk gf! ,Aff .J-wfjj itll -1-,,,,, , .,,..Z9 K v ,AT is-f -A 4, M., .A,,AAf -J -19 . .X "Xxx CRL r . -N... 401 iylkw 'Q' .Q fe 'D + Z-six E- ,I ' 5 J? I lu O l' fs ,A f f li .N A- ' 5727 llilllliiifgf CHARLES A. SPEER Howard M ajor-Commerce Y. M. C. A., Student Assistant in Commerce . Charlie has taken consider- able work in Commercial Law, but they say he has only won one case. He has not told- his intentions, but his ability in commerce probably will be util- ized in commercial pursuits. x C1 I .l 4 IQ 5 if s fl. V! X W I Ty l . as QD ,J 'K A I g . l 56 LILLIAN VERMILLION Emporia M ajoo'-Latin Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Sponsor C4 and 3 Basket Ball, Girls, Athletic Club Lillian Vermillion never knew what it was to lack cour- age or dream of failure. Those things she believes she believes in with all her heart. When not devouring Latin or helping the Y. W., basket ball is her favocation. Nia.-"'5 I.-" A I ! f I ,I I J , l I I 1 .T . CJ , --4-"X -A., . !,...-- P dv Af .. A A g-fi,-,-.- ,x N I, , V, P A . X.. xr -. I. ' Aff-'X"' XX ' XV., xxx.. ' Olfllxlx Xi xx X milf! I XXf4.CQI'iEfjfRt'i Q ' A Q 1 .fp 4 NN I ,Ill , .f X Q I fl - ffl I 1 xii. X X .fx fi I Illllf ill aff, ll I CURTIS T. WILLIAMS Emporia M aj or-Eng lfifsh Corresponding Secretary Col- lege 4 Class, Publicity De- partment, Student As- I Sistant in English Curtis Williams is an ar- tist With the "Queen's English." He wields the Said language most effectively. Curtis has the good fortune of being roped. Cedar Point? ADDIE M. WEGLEY Emporia M ctjor-Commerce Y. W. C. A., Girls' Athletic Club, Basket Ball Addie Wegley is a Woman of many talents. She loves music and dramatic art, and is a de- votee of basket ball. Miss Weg- ley is a graduate of the Empo- ria Business College. FRANCES L. BROWN BETH WARNER MULL HORACE M. CULTER ROBERT HARTSOCK LILLIAN N EWBREY GUY BALTZ 57 if S- ,,,,,.f J ,-- u -E.: M The Strength of Old Cold h o about the beautiful Normal campus, we can scarcely W I . realize ehlovrveminy have been here before us. Not 'less than thirty-five thousand different students have attended the Normal School Sinoe PI'0Si- dent Kellogg opened school February 15, 1865- Wlfh thls Vial? Class, there will be over three thousand alumni. Sixteen hundred o t ese are now teaching, nine hundred in Kansas. Including those who have re- ceived their training here, there are nearly thirty-five hundred teachers who have under their care, one hundred thousand children in this state. Preparation for teaching is rarely a pathway to fame, but practically all of this great body have given a good account of themselves in teach- ing, in the home, in business and the professions. Where so many have done worthy service it is difficult to select. In city sup-erintendencies, W. M. Davidson, '86, Washington, D. C., J. M. Rhodes, '89, Pasadena, Calif., L. W. Mayberry, '99, Wichita, may be taken as representative. The two largest high schools in Kansas are presided over by Normal graduates, A. J. Stout, '94, Topekafand A. E. White, '94, Kansas City, Both are immediate successors of H. L. Miller, another Normalite, now in charge of the Demonstration High School of Wisconsin University. From col- lege and normal positions might be taken a great host of names. Not to speak of present and former members of the Normal school faculty, L. L. Dyche, '77, KansasUniversity, P. A. Claassen, '94, Ohio University, Clyde L. King, '04, University of Pennsylvania, D. C. Davis, '92, Rutgers College, C. M. Light, '75, President New Mexico Normal School, W. S. Picken, '87, Hays Normal, are a few among many. E. E. Balcomb, '92, is secretary of the National Society for Agricultural Education. Grace Shepherd, '95, State' Superintendent of Idaho, is the present treasurer of the N. E. A. In the field of business are successful men as Charles S. Fowler, '92, San Antonio, Texas, head of a great realty company. and James T. Bradley, '8l, of the National Bank of Commerce, Kansas City. VRS E. Borah, United States Senator from Idaho, Bird McGuire, for- mer Ongressman from Oklahoma? W- R- Ferguson, ex-Governor of Okla- Illyoma' and Sam W' Stewart, Governor of Mfmtalla, were once students of Orgzamlalfi MCGUIPS and Ferguson were roommates. in charge? of greeting on Founders'. Day, a committee was placed tions of the Old Gold rwhehorhgliiggssgagrog to commemorate the tradi- half century mark, on February 15 1915 a e Normal School reaches the sa I 3 5. iff QQ? 'D .sgu ofa' b Li- , --w,,,. ...lg 5-i -Q . Y- f""" ,. -f, Q ,f . -'-"' fifiiame -1, 4+ 'Z -,if . r ,id-Q...-., .,,:x -- . Q ,, 4,,.....--L., -isis. " A--' ' ,,,,,,...1.f' ' 1-" ,,-51-.1---f"""" r .. . . -Q--...Q . - . .1,y -ui----'1 .....ss-2--1::"""'-- 59 g f wf,p af i b gf aj xx. ff! L N E ff fff4, ,! 'ff I ' - ' f I U ,, If l I I 4"7'Qi2'EC" X X, f ' Vf if , W I f f f f' 7 f k1H1wf7Wf fi X ' , ' , s . X - 'L-QP ,Arz- Xmf. N S N X E QF1' tifrqrmn Ji f r 61 L- ' V. it ii 35: ? A?.1 , it 2 if 1' fl 4 Q R A. , vs - A , 5 P, , J I fy 1 I I Q I . 15 1 n A 1 , 1 1 , yigxw- ., X X X X .k V M M...-mln ...W .... . , WE' QAM' MAKE' OUR Lgvzxg -SUBLINIE 61 '11 1.4. .v. c- K 'U William S. Hay 62 AEI 7 J , , ,. . . .A -. , A, ,---V--'Y ""1,,.,L..-Y--- -- e A fl 1 'Wy QXXNX XNXORMAIK Ykegi e . ,A eee ee ef e f-Y' ' ,Lv-f W -X "W I '-ff ., ,,,,,,.A, M- 2-5 gf' fkglw 5 Q35 fj e 457 ffee ee , fp ie X ORUN- XX 5 f 00 A . - I 4' I VW N. N XT ,ff z if , e V71 GEURGE A. ALLEN, JR. N5-NNIE ANDERSON Sabetha Bronson Supe1'i11tendent of Sabetlxa Schools C1'iiiC TQHCIIWS r R' H , ' e e W. 5 J " 4 1 e '. 'f s. K. ' . l - .X . . A .Q -v fu 'J , Q -gy, ' K"'v L.. W E L IRA"B'AKER e Cheliryvale L-'l.0Rl'T X VI-I ll X l.'l'7. Science .Xilimn Xfme-P1'es1dent C2 Class. Y. M. C. A.. 1.3,,g15Sh Cabinet, Basket B311 ' 64 -I Qyi' Mx, I - A e I. X K 1j'A'!'7 M N , .ff ' Q X 4+ -- -ff X " K' owes '9l",.11f- XX: N A 5519311 "la ff V-:sie 5 W- LQ -gl? "2LliiiflQQjj'Qff"''jjli-'gjjjX -A-lilly if? A175. lg! 0 Ibi - s ei - ,gh ' ,-"""f K 1 L' Q- ce Q Af LL L74 ,DO ,"+7 95. J WJ Q, A-M'-------fifsbfsr' .Qc RIA- . xt fm . .. 5,1 CNN , e . X1 ,fb ,.-fx ! f n, il Fix 1 ff qi, ff , V. ,f If r W X! I V 1 1 1 1 rs 1 A Iffxggmb 1 f WS Af 'f , WM , X l . .7 l . i' Q M I A f 5 Y ffl! w is , ' ERNA BARR X A URSULA BARTHEL Diamond Springs ' Emporia, German l Mathematics Y. W. C. A. Ig Y. W. C. A. H 1 all I . I 2 1 3 GEORGIA A. BEEBE CHARLES BELL Burns Kinsley Mathematics English Mathematics Club, Y. W. C. A., Vice- Y. M. C. A., Manager Football Team president Alice Freeman Palmer, K Club, Chimes of Normandy Girls' Athletic Club, Manager C2 Girls' Basket Ball 65 NW f fm, X . MA , X 'N X TNF:-J f ff fi N XX XQ Wil M6 gig. XX X lk .f V:-ix if ,ff If X1 fc' ,it li. Q 4.,,,f.-,,,,-.-.fffQ .1 -ffy 57 0 i O .L.,f--M--Vffmw-X My ,-fs--Y.. ...-...A:j3jj-f"f',1 kilt! QQ jixff 'N---.-f"x..u ' f 4' - ' x x, g, Rib L '-xkxikxx C . R1 ' X XQ If? Kip A ff V, ff XJ X5 . - ,X , X 1, if 'XV INZA BETZ Beloit English Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, President Ome- gas, Associate Editor Bulletin LOUISE E. BLEAM, Osborne Music History Club I NX ,ni fy ' 5: L!AQQ2yu4xE f 'fxflff ffm? fi I M1 I Y XM' 1 Xi N J-, Kf77ii'H iff AVI! 3, T1 :fli fl Jix 'Wx ws W ,f S l X 1 gf' IQAV Yi Zi 1 if Nm fi! if W .ff , if Q il t Q U Nix ' '. W 5. A MK, x1,y,f xi i is '. 66 . T , ..-.......,,, , 7-4. , V A,.-.-. ff515u.5' V x K 'Syl'- RENA BLACKXVOOD Idana. ,Mathematics Y. W. C. A., Sigmas . V i. , Q, "4 . s., M. Q ,X si lib ' .QQ Q x A x Ffa .. .. ,s . I .52 , K . W . iw -H-M if'--2-A H -:-....f...1a,.f.. CLARA ll0Gl'R Glaxsvu History HiSinI'y Pluh CX ff- ,I ,.... xXX Q' . -4 Allfxx - fp 'K '113 --A-s..f"' A -,,,,...- X--Q-- It -X ,M -,-1-' """"'1i-il.. A Y'N-----'--- ff . to 'jx' fglwi iii-7 :O 'EPWIAM ' ' ' '1 ' xii 'Vp 1.31-1-C 1 T197 1 1 cffflffz, tx XXX Y, 6 p,v7f j1v11y,f1x '- 1 - f fn jfif1fj', 111 X,.X , -f" '1W':1x l 5 1 -N L1 f 5. 42. -.1 1 1 1 .1 '11 .11 ,fr , 11 4 fl, 11 ,f' AX? K - 1 1 '1 A ! , fl f-I 1 . W1 f ff! x 1 115 11 ,,-.x 1 1 1 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 QU!" 4,1 1 1 1.11 1 I1 at 11 11' 1 1 ., X- VF I 1 Q ? F3 1 ! f 1 I I ,ff ' ff ,, 1, 1 11 1 TX l 5 ,I 11 I 1 1 ll . lf'Xx9 'i 5 "1 . U1 ZIJ1 7 J 1,1 LQ A..-,ir-xi X 1 1 Y N. ALFRED ABROWL Clay Center HAZEL B. COLE up Mathematics Emporia Captain BasketiBall Team, Mathemat- EI1S'1iSh ics Club, Y. M., C. A., Assistant Story Telling' Club Business Manager Sunflower CECIL GRAY CARL Imperial Music and English 1 I N1 ' Q ' ETHEL lNIAY CARL Imperial Music 67 1 W 'I L K 5 2 xx fx ff' 4 'J Xxp Fx HEX 1 K XJXWZ X , J ,f f x XX ,, fkffff X rv , ,1'ffQiti . 1 U k 1, 1 . 1 , 1. Q ' 3 4.5. HLLKA x I fx X X f QQl D LIRKJWJ 5 rd f f Rlmf' 'XXX C W I ? 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C., A., Treasurer Story Telling Club ,K f , N rg' JIJ xg-A Ni . 0' i I 1'ff'YH r ij!!! A-" NN F ,ffl ' , f i'ffffX T ' I pf ' VERA E. Monmiv MQ!! l Centralia , 4 I History ' R Alice Freeman Palmer 5 N .N xlkn X X I x, r l D V ETHEL MULLARKE'Y ANDREW MURPHY ' - Concordia Lapham Art ' Mathematics Finance Committee Y. W. C. A., Vice- Student FQCUUY C0UT1Ci1, Y- M- C- A-, president Alpha Rho Tau, Omegas, President Speech Arts Association, Band President Representatives, Presi- 85 dent Wilson Club, Alternate Debate Team, Baseball Basket Ball Q K xl? f' f-gf-? f,-...-f--'x. . 3 , 'QS ----"Z" A ef? ' Qjjxb 1 K,--'-T ff.. yxa xh- TN xx X -N.. t x., f Ct- .'Xx Xxx x QM KQORMAV 4 Q N X W I 1 JW 25 jpomh ' " ' AWA " ,f,',' 1- w .X-X , f7f1 an c ff If Q C ff! Nl A f . ' Xi 1, X te Y QS ff ,f f HW? Q XV sg ,1 f , f lf ' L I I i we l I S.i.s1a.,-,-- V it 1 TRESSA OGG l Emporia Mathematics X 1 IQ FRED s. 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C. lA., Alice Freeman Palmer '87 Basket Ball 'Qi XVINIFRED PFAFF Hazelton Home Economics Y. W. C. A., Vice-president Omegas FLORENCE RAGLE Iola. Art Y' W' C' A-1 Alpha. R110 Tau if f ,f1 r r' f X Ayyfy, !, , , , X l V zifflff w ,-.QM -' Nxfiqoijq It ,'x,fvf: . t 1 X wr,--A fy - -X xx I f-. Liv 11. i' f ' UIQ 1 'I ' w . .- '- fx C1F1lfqQ",37 -Xxffbcylfxylylifaf X 1' , In YW. J . X. w , 'S xl w ll, ,WI ,X S, I XX' N F 11.52, ,ff as 1' 52. V1 ,.'E1 wx ,V . VKX .D 1 ,J W' XL BJ ft YE al fi ' 1 W 1 it N f I ffa , 1 1 V . ffismt g FN? 5 N xl IU, 35 HS , , xl E! 53 1 88 ff ,' ff 1 f v,,' . -- -4- - ,J "-- - ' X t--w.,.f--...ff - -- ,Z ..-Z ,,.,,f -, CHARLES F. POMEROY Emporia History Speech Arts Association. Secretary Representatives, Oklahoma Debate Team NELLIE GERTRUDIC RAILSBACK Laulgdou English Y. XV. C. A. 1 XX' xl lf? it A tiff 'ff "fl Ksmix 'Sf it -' 1' 'w -srl :V JDK .jk NN ' ,sf A 5 tl Vet- .,-.lv-,fx , ,Aj ,zflftmn Mqgfl, if XNl,1,'1yElg,", 3. t I YA Ixvluft-x t , A 'xl v . I. 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W. C. A., Speech Arts Association, Sigmas . A Rss if J? EMILY ROGLER ' V Matield Green FRANCES ROXYE Pedagogy I..e1-iw Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club Pedlli-1'Og3' and Public School Music 90 Nii.--X iw.. 'Hx S 44 , 1. g. X-w.X-V-,,. -g,, ,,...,.. -,, 1' 1 X 1 ' 1 1 1 1 N , 5' .1 X , 1 1 . in I ,V N 1 wi 1 x X X X X Y N . , g. 1 1 . f,,,.,--Q-,., .. X- , 'ff xx 'NY , xf'-is!! M: X ful . X1 po' QPY, 'Y T, . M7 1 .V - -- K---.---X., ,,. -A 4 W1 'i A -.--,--.--. C'71 Xfseef- f " - xy QV, X ,X X N- V r- X-,-x,,.--fy W in 'KM -, in-ff N X X I 1 C ' . ' wO11'11XY'f, if if Ve X X X 1 x x. X W , "!w'1 ,Nr Xxx X 1 11 XXX A, Q ' . 1 1 1 11 N1 . I' I . I 1 1 W W 1.x J L f 1 111' A L 1 X1 lxy' J .vlrgg ' s 1 T Wi' 11 f, Q1 lf' llvify' 1,17 1 V1 1' " hx ff fs 1K1 f XFX! I 1i1F,'! ,J rl 1 1 wi ff x1' M 1 1 lf! I 1'1'k'y' ff! 'N 1 V . 1 WW ,l A -. , L. EDITH SAMUELSON Xf GRACIA SEAC-AT AXUSIA . ' Ashland English 1 English Y. W. C. A., Treasurer Alice Freeman Social Committee Y. W. C. A., Vice Palmer president Sigmas, Speech Arts Association H54 f1'. 1' . IX A 'xr 1 li 1' N11 , I . . - - . X11 J Wolcott Mathematics C .5 .5 1 LESLIE SCI-ILAGLE BERTHA M. SCHMITT Moundridge German lub German Club Jayhawkers, I-IiS1:0I'Y C 9l -- fa - .:lL4,g::11'l!mg '-P" -..- M . ,,.,af: A If ll ff 1 IX Q F. 5 f Ai . fl fx- ' R . J A ' f ,W on xv Q, Rf ,J oxx 3 .' ff XXX' H ff!!! ' YK xxx -X ,y!,...f.,nNif5 . . .R . A y X , v x V .X Y k f Q.Q!fLxf!1Z xx .xl 1, 1 . X fx' A - I-uf ,lf f H, . x X an -5 Xu X' fi f ,f UN K of ' . 'Q W . . ,A : A A ' , 1 l ,,h,,.Nm-,,- f M7 E L ,N I ,,,m-2- x....l.-"--.-f'X-1-D J ---- -xx , , 4 X, C1 o of --,W ,4 amd jc .,,.V. f 'l' " Xff f , ,Q fr-7 iii, "iyfXL'! ' A Q fb X 1 ...f N . 4 ,., Y ' X 'VMKKM ff yww' , Y aw'- l X Fl ,.x ,f l A f 1 .uv ,Kg A-1 ,M ' V ' 1 E " .i .. if li . .ini 'fl ' ! .vlly gif 93, ki WV, . 5, V W in ff V,f"yl6 ll! L, 'uliy' W ,lm ..,. All f . if H5 V1 -.N XX' 3 X w Af, ff xlffl QL! If, EULALIA SETTLE .K Burlington ' Primary Omegas ll fx Kfgffi Xie x .1,: X I . ' LUCILE SEXTON Fall River English Y. W. C. A., Speech Arts Association f WN X W Nl MARGARET SHIPHERD Emporia ALTA SKINNER Music Stafford Y. W. C. A., Alpha. Rho Tau Household Economics 92 I Omegus 1. L. KATHERINE SLOUGH Quincy Latin Y. W. C. A., Sigmas, Basket Ball LIDA MAY SMITH Emporia Primary Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club X V4.1 X 'N .ffjhs A ' L .,, x, -X S H 1 XX - V- ' -. CJ I . .Z M lwz h Af'-i f ,aff , -av- 'f l X . vu, f-'-X X , V ' MX . ,A X. M HW' ',A' Mx , 5 ylrfwx , , XM-KJ V Vw is K ,-v. y' 'sf N .AXX , it y, ff XXX 4,M if is K fx P f. fl gf , H ff I I 'Xl Xl if 1 fi it ,ffl ? r l ML " . ,fi L Wx QE f xxx 3 1 is 1 K Cla! JULIA ALICE SMITH Iola German, Physical Culture Girls' Athletic Club, History Club, Basket Ball l l CA MARY J. S OXVASH Ottawa Mathematics HH. - K lx ..g........ - . -- -f-. X, , KV? fi , M11 17 gi t Q Q Q?fs A X N X. 4 ,1 4 may ii? 5 if 953 'JN i'f.k,jl.-'ff X T 1 iq Cf ' ""X tn i 3 M-.2 ' 'M , 4, A- ,Z-X X - 1 V , ' s rv-L A ,.--...-ff'-x .nfms-.-rf' 'V -Af Eg. s ' Fixx- of-fffV"tt"'f'i" ' A -f'!f,-T: f' xUI'nl, Rf fam Y' ' Cx'-A Y P XX x I h XXX YN. 1 1 4 f 5 E113 xi f X ji? If , X J ' 'I x .A W N5 ,fy ,M Iyw . I W EDXVIN 0. SQUIRE 1 Bucklin - English Y. M. C. A., Track . EVAN R. STEVENS Mankato Mathematics Mathematics Club. -Chairman Inv1ta. tion Committee C2 Class ETHEL CpeStiT1iLES M.-KBICI. XY. S'l'RANYNlAN History Nmporixx Y- W. C. A., History Club 1'vim:u'y Story 'Polling' Club. Cl1ol'uS 94 f :wx ii 'I X 1 , lxlxlfglfi .R +R x . A . f1mm,V7 1 , mx, i K' . XX. ie-.-.X ff?" 1152? 'Q L, NI.,,,j.j,Q,QQ'ejfs"'Lj,Qf'Qi'fI,1I.....""'L'C.T. A ""i495 U7 Jr LS RN " NN "1 Ti' Q.. L .'i:..,,,45 iid ' " CH' '-"'fy','f, fy ' ' A"' if Qi- ffxl iff . A gf-' , ,fi ,, X X. A 2 - ,fm if Xxx I' f ff! 1A . 1 X X 1 1 1 1 X-fx wel, 7X ,,- f ,AX fix U A X . J l 1 lv K if H r ,. ' Vlflfti L4 ' K V ' ETHEL SWITZER i A fl ' ELIZABETH TAYLOR Emporia i A sedgwick Domestic Science I History Speech Arts Association, Sigmas, Bas- Student Faculty Council, Y. W. C. A., ket Ball , Vice-president Speech Arts Asso- Fix ciation, President Simas Ri if ii A if 'Q X If it A C ,, , sy 1 , eeaaxmm.-.4-..a....w..-.KA ............ .......1..L ........a.....Q,.,L ...N ADDIE THOMPSON LENORE THODIPSON Moran Baldwin Home Economics Elnghsh Y W C A. Omegas Y. W. C. A., Alice Freeman Palmer 95 .1-'49 f if? fi 7 ,V If y xJ,.fP----.,-1 . Kwik-il! fff ff QW it 1 if Y X N ri X k XX-X QQRfVI,4rw ' Yi'-ix QQ cvfff' ZX' lffi ,I figoffxl fkifi---,I 1-Ay,,., V4-,,-,, I-,,,--'W , V, g--ff'-i fg x XX is W M , Q- , Y,,, iff ,..,,Ww,,'- .,., m,f ,Z 6,12 , 4 X 4 V P F C Sf 11-1- fd" S 1 qfiv fxl ' -ig. ' 212 Ziff? fqfw, fx fxixkxf . i , . , , 4.-f A' fi ,ff ,ff if X K f NELLIE THOMPSON Grenola. Science Secretary Speech Arts Association Omegas, Bulletin Staff J rv fi? lx Jr li Nrrrlslfi W J 1, f xx ,tx Ml, x u 1 K - 1 f NX is IMP 'xx u f f HX V' A15 xvfw in il n I 1 ,fl PEARL VAN NICE ' Richland f Domestic Science 1 Y. YV. C. A. 4 , "" Kim: . r is R N H-J' Xi if gixiv HELEN XVAGNER Abilene Primary G EOR G lil R AY XY A IT liingnmn Physics Y. M. C. A.. J:li5'lHl.NVk0l'S. I4Iistol'Y.C1ub 96 . , Q ff- I 'V RQ ffif-ff ,flffrml ,team 4 23,17 ' Al ,f , fgg X mr pil-'-w Q.wN,A,,-xw,,,- Xxx 'Xxx S 'V' X' 0 FRED C. WALTERS Iola History History Club ff ev N3 . ' ssl, We M se f L-ftw R DSN Tell 1 QQ M Q ii 1 i r RUTH VVERNER Alden Y. W. C. A., Omeg21S 97 X X X i PEARL XVAYMAN Emporia English Social Committee, Y. W. C. A. DOLPHUS XVILLIAMS Langdon Agriculture . ,A A ,'.-nn. T "ff " " " " VL- . -Q- -- -,-,- -...-li--en:-.1-gig, llKkNlxl NXIIIIK S qdlrm Tort, Mathematlcs H NI C, X liepxuexmtmtnes Treasurer College 2 Class N: A r , l fy 1 .4 f , , ,-If 1 l We 1 X - X W f' f , f f' ,X .H ff' 4, X-Siu-jlx - nz' .,,' ..- J x ' x . NX M X7 H U NX f U YI I P 1 1 1 wi XV A XVOOD Emporla. I-Ilstory Student Faculty COUHCII Replesenta t1V6S Ass1stant Buslness Manaaer N Bulletm 0111 Ru xomxq Empom. hsrumu TBIINBR. Manual Tlalmng Jumllou Cllx Y M C A Botmux , u a 9 FH ,ff X 3 lf :Q Q X' re u w X.: 1 M -'.."". '.,:M -ff ' '- -' M. p. , 10-e 5 W ' z", . ', ' r 2 I' on .fxifhx Q if VIQXK l Q K NN X. A , 9 F .Wm vi , 'KQV .f V Q s, ff . IA i , n '-Rfk". ' . ' u e 1, -J W - V1 - A 7' F v Y Y - Nur - 1 - , . 1 A K- --,- ,A 4 1 A. 4, f .' n ww ff ,VI sf' ff "fi, "X X f' I, ,, x -. ,f""'r fifai' ' ,f' vs, X ., . ROHM, fe, ' 'Q 33f4Ti'4 P A541-sa----X...--X W N,.N,-r,-N,,s, 957xffiS? ff LQ V,-- mrs, .. A --X U7 sr,,yYgl, 53 qifgijgj' ,Mx z, fffrv X XNML fy ' Q'd"-H"X"' ' "N-f f-xg is via '15""Zs-' S sz-Q5 L, ff, 'QORIAF5 X'k1xXX . 7 XxX r ' ,f5,fy X 'Q , " 7 ,, x,XX,xfxf x A f,- .f Vg fix, fn N X xy ffff X, 1- M X f'X l , W , X y, ' 'Z' V! W V Si 1 Q? f an 1-1 A , :Qui -X I . MANDELINE BECK XX rf GUY BOOKER VVa1nego r Emporia Jgrawing 1 - Chemistry ' Track, Football H L WE 1 2 E if. 1 5 E i X Sk P , af- y. .4..l' - . ... - mn-.. MAUDE ELIZABETH GLOVER LOUISE VIN.CENT Kansas City Kansas C1ty Psychology School Administration 99 .f- gn' The College Z C1353 ,ii- OFFICERS Presizlent ....... ........... . . VEALEEEONNELL l ' ic' e-Pres id e nt .... RA I Sm.e,a,,.,, ...... VVINNIFRED PFAFF Trefzszzrer Scrgean t-at-arms ........ Sergeant-at-alrms .......... . . . . - C11 a I'I'NlClJL Clzafrnmn Social Committee ...... Membersliip Committee ...... FRANK WILLIAMS WILLIAM HOGUE ERNEST REES A WALTER E. FICKEL IRA BAKER EVAN R. STEVENS Chairman Invitation Committee Clzairman. Pin Committee ..... FRANK MILLER Clzazrman Play Committee .. . E. ERIC LARSON Sponsor . CHARLES E. HILL Activities of the College 2 Class are Well shown by the commlttees named above. A monster picnic last fall, a St. Patricks Day party, and the class banquet were the big social events. A Miss Caroline Medders, of the Speech Arts Department, has the class play in charge. The class pin is shaped like a shield With a "K" in the center and the numerals " '13" on the ends. ' Marie Keenan, Flore B - Alfred Hill, Williamwgusg iozugixgjsr, Nell Norlin, Ethel Ireland, Pearl Buck . A GROU P or cz S NOT TAKING THEIR LIFE DIPLOMAS IOO I I E Normal Campus Scenes lol Kindergarten Department The Kindergarten Department under the direction of Miss Louise M. Alder, offers a two-year Normal course which aims to give a thorough and pralctical training, and is especially designed to meet the demand for thoroughly trained kindergartners for the public schools. The kinder- garten is slowly but steadily being made a part of the school system of Kansas. There are twenty-five students enrolled as kindergartners th-is year. The department offers also, helpful courses to students specializ- ing in primary Work. A l - A Well-equipped kindergarten in the Training School gives the stu- dents opportunity for obse-rvation and practice in teaching. The Kinder- garten Department 'as an integral part of -the school -system, seeks! to keep in touch. With the broadening educational field, and to bring its practices into accord with modern thought and methods. . ,THE CLASS or 1913 ' A lg MILDRED SQUIRES A EDNA GUILD Bern Kindergarten and Life Diploma Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Ionians, Story Telling Club, President Kindergarten Seniors PANSY MITCHELL A Topeka Kindergarten , Annual Staff, Basket Ball, Social Committee Y. ,W. C. A., Presi- dent Ionians BLANCHE HORNER Cambridge Kindergarten and Life Diploma Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club JANE GROVES Carlsbad, New Me-Xico Kindergarten and Life Diploma Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club - ANNA SCHAEBER Pavvhuska, Oklahoma ' Kindergarten Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club Neodasha . Kindergarten K Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club MARY HASWELL Garfield, Arkansas Kindergarten , Y. W. C. A., Omegas, Story Tell ing Club ELIZABETH FIFE Ludhiana, India Kindergarten Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club MARGARET ROWELL St. J ohn' Kindergarten Y. W. C. A., Story Telling Club CATHERINE STUBBS Florence Kindergarten Y. W. C. A., Director Foreign As sociation Pageant Play W f y X ff -'X Q29 '5 IO5 College l C1333 111- h ec olim memifrtfisse jmJab'it." MOTTO: "F0rsan a - D th- O perchance it will delight us hereafter to 'remember these mgs COLORS: Lavender and Whzte OFFICERS . .- , R ISAAOS Vice-presidefnt.JAMEs F. NICHOLS 5'.?i',gffff',t' RLIEETHOYDWELLE Treaswrfefr RALPH COLEGROVE 6511, .J ...... 0 H VANCAMPEN Sergecwzt-at-ow ms ........ ARRY b . HEAR THE FRESHMEN CROW! Early in September a .sturdy bunch of individuals invaded the Kansas State Normal School. Soon after the invasion they Were known as the College 1 Class. The spirit they have manifesteduhas often been imitated but never equaled. The class also holds the record for motley appearance. having representatives of the Cimbri and the Teutons and also a gentle- man from the Orient. Here let the gentler .sex be mentioned. One can talk about his pre- mium on gold! But in the C1 classof the State Normal School are Fair Damsels whose premium Will long exceed that on gold. These maidens are destined to stand out in the state in all their glory and proclaim, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"-for our descendants. ' Over half of the football squad last fall belonged to the C1 class. The basket ball team has two Freshmen.. In track and baseball, no ungathered glory ever shone brighter. Strong class teams in basket ball upheld the College ls on both sides of the gymnasium. The class is represented on the Oklahoma debating team and also is strong in the Jayhawkers and Representatives. D . As the heyday in their blood is Warm, the Cls did not let the social initiates'..iIf.yS.i1.if.im'fahthefe was 5-time at SM Y .ln e m. n e T ' annual C1 banquet took placegy - . wary 13' at the whltley' the Th-IS Class ls mafchlllg 011 135 Strong and is promising to change the face of the history of the t t 3 It ' t ' ' untrammeled by the "Golden Elidagns oflillizfldzxlqgg to leave a government An All-School Party IUG Partridge, McDowell, Butler, Reynolds, Supple, Ginn, Mitchell, Stevenson, Jones Katsuizumi, Riley, Stevenson, Downs, Evans, Klamet, Laming, Hardy, Fitzpatrick Swayze, jevins, VanCampen, Doyle, Payne, McClure, Wayland, Isaacs V V H .. . k Q A: Q ,V ,, , Y-.w. ,,y,,,... ..,..... .,..,- ......-, , K W Eakes, Boughton, Edgington, Cosancl, Petermeyer, Withers, Cure, Wolfe Briggs, De Forrest, Shively, Etzold, Hutchison, Cullison, Burchfield, Warner, Burns Harrison, Dodge, Sacldlemeyer, Ramsburg, Mccollough, Berry, Marcellus V 1- 4 ,Ji 'f' LJ- Y' 'sk Howell. Lappifl, Ditmars, Behmer, Neuloer, Pocock, Tucker Howe, Eells, Fife, King, Stone, Michaels, Henry, Clarkson Engluncl, Deyo, lngersall, Fulton, Bonwell, Scott Withers, Motes, Berneking, Smith, Balsmeir, Hanselman, Thompson Allen, Harris, Summer, Rollman, Albin, Nanninga, Cortner, Rupp Clark, Towlcs, Fowler, Nichols, Noftsker, Nanninga, Osborne , . 4 ew 1-' -1 -44 'M+15e.4t.l'i.sffz,:,..4,'3x1 5' 'fx Friend, Correll, Ringberg, Molesworth Holmes, Dwelle, Gardner, Withers Birdsall, Wristen Mclntosh, Thomas, Loevenguth, Monroe, Holmes I I 1 I 1 1 Q 1 W 1 1 The Department of MUSIC The year 1913 marks the seventeenth anniversary of the establish ment of the Department of Music . The department has grown steadily until now It occupies a building of its own vxith vsell equipped studios and excellent facilities for carrying on the work The history of the department shows that one hundred students have completed the diploma Several hundred students each year recene instruction in music along special lines suited to their 'respective needs ' The attendance this year shows a gain over that of last year The classes are larger and the interest in general more evident A gratify ing .improvement 1S also noticeable in the class of students who have 611' rolled in the d-epartment, -especially, as far as their training in music and the public school is concerned. By far the largest pe-r cent of students completing courses are high school graduates. This condition makes it possible to oflier more advanced Work in music, the-reby raising the mu- sical standards. ' ' e During the past year, several new courses in the theory and history of music have been added to the curriculum, especially d-esigned forpub- lic school and high school instruction. Also- a course for teachers in piano methods for children and juveniles. The piano juvenile department has been much strengthened by the addition of newjteachers and material equipment. Three rooms are now devoted to this work. With a staff of well trained and :experienced teachers, moderncourses and methods, and superior equipment, the department of music looks for- ward to greater accomplishments and more eiective work in the serious study of music. r T i - ' I ' ' o n Q , 7, 7 . 0 course since its estab-lishment, and ninety students the certificate course. . C . 0 U I 1 I l O I 1 9 7 ' lil: l - .--Y e V ,Y -+'- --Q 7. 4- 1 ' C? X' -f-'-'-..f -j,....1'-:5:E f , f.-5-i'e1-4-' U ,.--E- -- L-f- n- ,..,..-- ,..-f" : . seg f-::fL ---,-.T at l If , l 'V' -lil M lf! 1 ff: I II3 3 :e f J i 2 2 2 mwmmmwmwtt, ,Xx. .xxx , Nc. , Vesta Sexton, Voice Ethel Alice Strawman, Voice Fred Leonard, Piano Edna Campbell, Piano Cappy Williams, Violin MUSIC DIPLOMA CLASS i I 15 cn, . , 1.. .YAT-y .1 ,J -'LYQWT " "-f'T'-"""'T"TT:'1rRT'-1-f a A . he .x 1 - -wr ,.,.w--.ii -. .,, , .- I. M, A Ccrtificate Class ll 6 Nha... .-.NA--"" A - f Q. 1 K Q -Q Q45-'9 Nlvulfiq ' if ' Certificate Class I I7 ,fi ,-...- 'vs-fiwfn' u7............... A-, , l The Kansas State Normal School Concert Company Thie Kansas State Normal School Concert Company is now in its sec- ond season. The members are Alice R. Walden, W. Claire Foote, and Carlton Wood. Each is an artist. Miss Alice Walden, pianist, is a pupilof Robert Teichmueller, Royal Conservatory of Leipzig. She has played with success both in the East and West. Miss Walden combines 'excellent technique with a' fine mu- sical understanding, and her interpretations are marked by purity of tone and artistic expression. r The vocal representative is Mr. W. Claire Foote, baritone. Mr. Foote has a splendid voice of appealing quality. His beautiful -songs have never failed to please his audience-. He is a graduate of Princeton University and a pupil of Otto Pohlmann and Austin Abernathy, of New York. Mr. Carlton Wood features With his violin. Mr. Wood began his mu- sical education in America, and studied with Edward Mollenhauer. He spent four years abroad enjoying the advantages of in-struction under such noted teachers as Gustav Exner, Stephen Suchy and' the incomparable master, Ottakar Sevcik, of Prague. The programs presented are selected to meet the demands of the public. lf enthusiastic, appreciative audiences have any significance, the Concert Company has met With success. no . M D, lg,-+.:'--""- M 'U f 'v u ,xxx M V V T W V V M V N ' V Wm vu " ' . .va ' "-' Y-A K., v :kv-S-ts N I L --Vi -Alu JL- --H- , ,mng smctgr ,,,,,,. Normal Orchestra Assisted by Visiting Musicians at Symphony Concert, Carlton Wood, Conductor A11-1311931 ' Public School Music C As a. seedy-looking individual appeared before the bar, the judge, thinking that he saw a familiar face asked, 'fWhen did I la-st see you ?" "Ten years ago, your honor, I was your daughter's ,music 'teacherj' re- plied the prisoner. -"Thirty years," was the sentence.. Wlith a full realization of the responsibility assumed, the members of the class in Public Music, of 1913, have chosen this branch for several reasons. Their credo include-s the vbelief that every,boy' and girl should have opportunity to learn to appreciate the beautiful as Well as -to ac- quire an ability to read the masterpieces of music, that persons musically gifted can employ their talent for the greatest service in the training of children in public schools, and that training for this service can be best obtained in a' properly equipped' 'Normal school. No institution in the West offers at course at once, so practical, comprehensive and efficiently presented as does the Kansas State 'Norm-al School. The twenty-four hours' special Work in music does not alone. r-epresent the Work accom'- plished by this year's class, .as one member has completed the degree course, thrree the life diploma course, and eleven get three-year state cer- tificates. For the first time, a graduate Will receive a diploma in public school music, representing' a. year's Work above the certificate. Although music is now elective, there has been a demand for four- teen classes' in sight reading and related Work. Seventy-one students have taken individual voice training, and in a.ddition to the College Glee Club, High School fGlee Club, Ladies'fQuartet and Treble'Clef Club, three hundred sixty-seven' students were 'enrolled in the Choral Union and High School choruses. The department reached approximately 75,000 people this year, through the traveling lectures on the Appreciation of Music. Requests from fifteen states 3 have been received asking for outlines of the "Learning to Listen" courses, as conducted at the'Kansas State Nor- mal School. . ' Q l2l - 1 XXXX QQ Q X X Xxxx X Q xxx X X X .1-'f,..,,.z11 , 4 1 ..,,.. .W . paw: ' fy. ,- ',,,v,.M 1: ,mv 1-wi 4 5 im 'zsf . 5' ?l 1Ji" 'ff:1 ,fu - A ,, ,,c.'..,4,.:,. : ,v.. 5, KN 4 V ' ff I W N -N Ks' ,. 7' X -gf -.4 Af '- ' '26 , .X 6 gf"'f1 A 2" :..ii, 523535 f ,' V w. Q V ,kv W f + AIX- I gt, Q,.w.i, Q A f V W , V, vp- ,,Mk-a:v:.g.,-,:w,- -. , 5 + , 'z C xf Certificate Class in Public School Music 123 ..,... , ,........,,,-v--' . " .. - -., ' L ' -u , V, -- 4-' --. W - .--fu. Grayurn, Baltzer, Chauncey, Lewis, Wood, Skoglund, F. A. Beach, Director Weed, Scott, Molesworth, Seal, Leonard, Van Campen, Harris COLLEGE GLEE CLUB M . Wh' . . B orton 1te, Ireland. McCollum, WllllamSOH, Stites, Trumble, Hunt 1 Myers NORMAL HIGH scHooL GLEE CLUB l24 town' Reppert' Mr' Foote, Leader .,.....,,,, ........Q........:. ,. ,,.....4:...:....v - --V l I I I The Girls' Chorus of the Secondary School MISS MILDRED BOOMHOWER, Director MISS LOUISE EVANS, Accompomist MEMBERS HAZEL MARTIN JENNIE GORDON IRENE KILBRIDE ALOIS CLARK MILDRED RUNDUS ISABELLE BRUCE ADELE POWER GLADYS DAVIS SUE KUYKENDALL CORA VVHALEY INA ROBINSON MABEL MCCONNELL MABEL FALLIS DELLA MAXON LILLIAN TRACEY EFFIE NELSON DOROTHY EASTMAN EDNA COLEMAN EVALYN BLIANCHARD LEONA BAPTIST E INEZ WARD The Girls' Chorus spe-nds two- hours a Week on three-part choruses Much time has been Spent upon old English music for the May Day Fete The girls have gained a real appreciation of music. They have been un- tiring in their efforts for precision and exactness which mark true mu- Sicianship. 125 f - 4 .ff S-V - L X- ' X- ' 4, ,,,,.,..,- ,,.,...- ' A -I x 1... - A ..,...4- -.,, Principals, Chimes of Normandy Chimes of Normanc y, Prcsenlcd by Department of Public School Music Nw M 1 R' . E. Floy Schumechezg ?I,,Q,g:elVIarie Courtnght ' Floy Carpenter NORMAL GIRLS' QUARTETTE Cat1'1erine:Strouse Vesta Sexton Myrtle Rice . h d Abigail Dowclen Katherinefl-Iemphill Margaret Shu? lsr E.thel,Alice,Strawman Isabel Bfuce Marie Couftfl t g Eulaha Tucker TREBLE CLEF CLUB l28 uf I .3 1llLIilliiiiWiYa -LEII A! 4 Agriculture The Agriculture Department is one of the growing courses of the Nor- mal School. A great step in advance was taken when Mr. C. R. Phipps, of the University of Illinois, organized this department two years ago. The work was a success from the start. Last year every class was crowded, notwithstanding that all the work was elective. The opening of the summer term foundso many teachers who desired a better' knowl- edge of farm crops and farm animals that another instructor was needed. C. H. Belting, also of the University of Illinois, was secured. Mr. Phipps and Mr. Belting are products of the Illinois farm and have led the prac- tical life of the farmer, from youth. . The agriculture course as given here fits the teacher for the work whichis now being required in high schools and rural districts. The-re are now ten classes reciting daily. In these classes there were over two hundred enrolled during the first semester and fifty more in the last semester of this schoolyear. The courses oiered in Agriculture are Farm Crops, Animal Hus- bandry, Farm Management, School Gardening and Landscape Art, and Horticulture. To assist in experiments, there is a large laboratory and the -school garden, which is located on the north side of ethe campus, on the imposing ridge that looks over the Neosho Valley, which formerly was so poor that the only thing raised there since the sixties, was a crop of dust. Now the garden "brings forth fruit in its season," thanks to commercial fertilizers and other soil invigorating concoctions. A spirit of comradeship has sprung up among the members of the Agriculture classes, and the "back to the so-il" movement has claimed a large number of the most efficientand ableof the students. By-I the per- mission of the "Powers That Be" this department intends to keep. on growing and its purposeshall be to make the teacher an agency by which every child in Kansas will look upon farming not as a life of dirt and drudgery, but as an honorable profession. t i . "Battle boys like the hfistofry book, Anal the 'girls like their lgrammafr, too Bat when the teacher teaches What kfillecl the ICTOZ9 of peaches, , Theh ts when they all come through. ' - -A. F. 129 ful: ,J EO! . . A . Wm..- .... .,..- ...., - ...x.,x. ......xx,. ,..,, x - .M ..... ,i..--"' ' Ili B R 1r'5':... N' "'.J2 ,,.v fra , LA W o ,Of 1-fd 2:1 "0 9 ,fl y fy.. , 1 . -Q:-'1'f1.f"f'1 al ,- fzfffw' 1,114 X H vfffx., , ,Im 1'X-.PV x 'J72 N 'f q,j'H'Ix, Qf ?4f4wfJ 'U N A fk Sw .'fff'41r A ff-V "Ml F ? 'i'fe1?147 Z'2fg5f,7f? A X Q-i 5 , 0- ', if-.ff K fxfoif X 7 ' "" N o 0 1 xo sb X N N l .. Q. P 0 . , ,f f kf " ' I 1 J 'P A al x M X y - E ' , 1 . "" ,,, ,ff ' ' K QiMx X . x R 4 , MS1i0HNv.N.gws X ISI fp- if ...nhvfn 1 ,lv fr! A' ' V 'X Ida Sylvester Riley Benjamin Rundus Munden Y. M. C. A., Rhodian C. s. Club, Track Gracie Saueressig Emporia Y. W. C. A. M ny Amos Rundus Muriden Y. M. C. A., Rhodian Hanna 0'Connor Blaine Girls' Dramatic Club, Girls' Athletic Club, Basket Ball Gladys 116111011 Parker Y. WV. C. A., Girls' Dra matic Club W- Edwin Fickel Agenda Avis Grahzun Neodasha Basket Ball l3Z Vunnie E. Wa1'd Emporia Y. XV. C. A., Girls' Dra- matic Club, Secre- tary N4 Class Mildred Paxton Emporia Jay South Kansas City Y. M. C. A., Jayhawk- ers, Editor Normal High School Num- ber Bulletin, Sun- flower Staff Hazel Howard Emporia Basket Ball, Secretary N3 Class first sem- ester' Lenore H. McCollum, Santa Fe Abigail Dowden Emporia Chimes of Normandy, Chorus Beatrice McCollum Santa Fe Marian MurPhY Emporia 133 5 2 1 Nellie Prather Protection Basket Ball CliE01'Il Meairs D o dge City Captain Normal High School Football team N. Club Carl VVhite .Emporia P C. S. Club, Pres. N. I-I. I S. A. A., Capt. H. S. Basket Ball Team, Baseball Team, N Club lliinnie VVi1s0n Topeka Vioe-president Sigrnas NI!I1'g'Il1'0t Pringle Rose Basket Ball . Ma1'i0n F. Stark Elk City Wren WV. Pierson Burlington Mgr' Cfouege Baseball P Team H. s. Football Team, K Club U ' Vernie Prowallt Emporia B 135 n X. Xvalter McColl1un a Santa. Fe , , C. A, Track, 1. M. - Tl.emSu1.e1- -N4 Class Clara Delander Kinsley Y W. C. A- Ruth Tholnas Narka, Basket Ball, German Club Ada 14 rye Emporia, Minnie Blackwood Emporia Earl Brown Att1C8.. Basket Ball , Emma Wedell ' Emporia, W C A Secretary Y Slgmas Basket Ball Ethel Watkins Mont Ida, "- G1r1s Dramatw Club l36 Gladys Mauck ft Emporia German Club, Basket Ball HHITY H. Thoxnas Fort Dodge Jayhawkers, Football team, Basket Ball, Baseball, Orches- tra, Track Ida Agnes Steckel Woodbine Y. W. C. A., Camp Fire Girls, Girls' Athletic F Club, Basket Ball I Freda Hoerman Linn Basket Ball Lloyd Carey Reading Football, Basket Ball, Baseball ' N. Reba Rothrock Culver Girls' Athletic Club, ' Basket -Ball Jennie Gordon ' Emporia ', Secretary-Treasurer of Camp Fire Girls ' R. Opal Bond Emporia Girls' Dra. Club, Camp Fire Girls, New El'-91' Girls' Athletic - Club, Basket Ball 137 Ruth McDowell Emporia Tvillizlln Austin Emporia N4 Basket Ball Xvzllter G. lllyers Hamilton Y. M. C. Baseball, Track Josephine Weaver Topeka President New Era So ciety, Girls' Dramatic Club Elsie Perle Stout Emporia Y. XV., Girls' Dra. Club, President Camp Fire Girls, Capt. N4 Bas- ket Ball, Girls Cheaer Zbeader, Girls' Athlet- ic Club Joseph D. Buchman Council Grove Football, Baseball Gladys Williams Emporia l3Q A Edna Frye Burlington L I -SEPTEMBER- is L B , Wmzmwm an 1, 4 an was ufmvif Ever f'A1U5'? A l it -r'fv1'11m 7'fME.- fy' time fl , ll fxvxxgmk ,A f . , iw 'I ' - PNK' f K lily, 'f I p ' x Z f f Qf X 'wt pads.- -oc E - , -M 'Qopfg Novsmmm- , -Daneman- I- samf fi GIIIBEP -QQD 5 .gum xx. --H i -- mis-4 if . Q j, , -wb, fw vl 1 Pk G 1,1 x -- --'Nc gofuur hear-Ts dbsures' A We gokoma. T5 ny? Turkcl - I r -" 'R ' N - .. - Y r. ,KK 5 Wu ggi' our Pic-'1':E'gl3'E'ZJ1QgH4M:r '!'lge,A'UXvl-If ff V I I ' f 4 - 'mg . 5 f t - :ZQXXL X rv ' 4 , ' P F ff Z I - 1 JK. k-'X"XfffN,- ,, 45' Z gg? 6? , f 'f ' f 4 f W' 1,!.t ffzfyfffr wus QQ ,. 1 V 73 ff , , 2,,Nf Z!Hf--S4 f 14: f ,CQ 9329! , 'ii E K i , , 4 -:EA'X-,l....:x -3.4 sr 'TMARQH' -ATPRILT' -MAY- SJDQ sm, 7IV x ' tg , A 0 lx ' 4,94 .mv""' J? t .I Cp ' If JL an gg 7 fy' 1 kv? -N X J s 1 11,-an-.4 Q1-gf.f??w1,A.,Wr..pr C H Tr kmwfs "'The,'Pi1'c.hv.r-'PlwTF'lou1-563125 4 in ldrf. - q gig, QC. ' , '- JuNE -VaozTfonJ0yS -' ' 2 SS 'J -, Q ' . :-ffuzf IW' 5 9 'fs-if Pg- ,. ,1 I1 Q , ,f h, 14 Q W . A iw I fu W , f wa x- L,f1 " ., - 'L., ,,.- 7 51-L-'fi35? "J --- E11 f I 1 -E -+"i ' fffl 'ltl I , :Z . Mb' 4 1.22, ,. 7, :3-,Tm QL-,,. 'T- f ypf .. ,jf ly 5 'I ,,. - N v f uw ffff f f .sh M l tif fjfpfi fl! Q!! - .-1 J ig .galffffffff 5 'Ti' ,fi 2' A if!!! Qfgylxfi or 5 X !'. .,- ,.. ' fd f'f7fff'vf- 32' ,,. -5 args - ' ...Thgxnflgaijpiisiwilnd-ihzn xiii in . ,JY l4l Qlidilnlux -masiznnf-as The Normal 3 Class , Class 0ffiC9I'S, first Se1119Sl3G1' J Classofhcers, Second semester. NEAL IRELAND . . President 'CHARLES WEBER . .R .... President MAE BRANSCOM . . .Vzce-President p , IVAN TRUSLER . fl. .Vice-President HAZEL HOWARD - - . 4 Secretary KATHERINE RAILSBACK .Secretary HAZEL WALIQER ..... . Treasurer HAZEL WALKER ...,'. T,.eaSu,re,. The Normal Juniors, more generally known as the N3s, are, iffyou' accept their opinion, the one big pebble on' the ,Normal High School beachg While they lack the Saigacity and dignity of the Seniors, they also lack- their egotism. The aim of 'the Juniors is that 'happy ,medium of common sense and sociability. . ' . A A Eight Junior boys Were on the' footballsquadplast fall and four- ,Hof the boys onthe Secondary basket ball team. are J univors. The championg ship basket ball team was Samuels, captaing lHendrickson, Kappleman, Simpson, Young, and Mehl. The Junior Igirlsfteam 'did creditable Work. The N3S had their first picnic under the shady trees of Soden's'hPafrk early in September. Games were played, and W-hen evening came,,all' gathered around a fire and roasted' Wienies. Geometry.: and- Latin were forgotten. 'The second Junior party 'Was in Belles Lettres .Hall,.fin' Dee cember. A spelling match, bean raceS,efunnel races-and ag Shadowgraph, were some of the enjoyable features.. - N ' ' -"i i . N ' The Junior-Freshman tug of War, the only class -scrap 'Hof the year, grew out of a .misunderstanding concerning class colors. Both classes used the Same colors, purple and White, in the All-School parade. I After the parade, the Juniors challenged the Fr-e-shies ,to atug of War, and a, picked team from each class met 'in battle array, one November after- noon, in front of the grandstand. The J Uniors .proved their superiority by Winning two' out of 'three pulls. I q' A . 1 . . u Thus ends the history of the .Normal Juniors, with a proud record for the past, and With a future that Shows bright promise. A Ap ' ' MYRTLE DUER LEROY RILEY -I - HAZEL SMITH. . CHARLES GRANGER -LEONARDNSTARK ' C ETHEL URSBOURN ' GILBERT PETERSON FRED, FROST I. ' u Y MABEL HARR OWEN SEAMAN 1 CHARLES WEBER 1 GOLDIE GUNZELMAN CLIFFORD HALL' 'NEAL IRELAND f I LEOLA LAMB MABEL MARKS ORPHA ALDER EDNA KING HAZEL WALKER ELIZABETH LEWIS SADIE KENNEDY EVA YOUNG SARAH LUSK BLANCHE CRANDALL I43 E x Normal 2 Class A OFFICERS 5 S ' First Semester - President ......... HARRY COLE Vice Pres. . FLOYD HENDRICKSON Secretary ........ LEWIS CLARK Treasurer ...... G. C. RAYMOND Sergeantaat-Arms COLORS: Old Rose and gray lSecond Semester President.. . .lg . .. GOLDIE EATON Vice-President .. ALFIE NORTON Secretary. ....f VERA DELL JONES Treasurer ........ HARRY COLE CLARENCE CHITTY. MOTT.OZ To work and to win YELL: Rickity rick! Rickity russ! N2s! N2s! That's Us! Taken from Dr. JeWell's Book of Nursery Rhymes Nineteen thirteen finds us here, Not as green as last year. There are many things you'll see, Make us proud as proud can be. A When it comes to basket ball A A . Our soph girls beat them all. There's our alert captain, Ella Ray. . . -- Who with thes-e girls 'won the day,- Misses McConnell, Miller,'Borror, Ray' and Jones, All survive wwithout broken bones. The boys, too, played basket ball, And won victories-but not all. See Cole and Merrill, Finley and Clow, Godsey and Norton, who will tell you how They practiced for many a day And were defeated in' the final fray. "-- J Football, too, some have played, But of this no boast is made. Last fall we made a trip In Miss Boomhower's 'airship. Next we went to S0den's Grove A Filled a street car with the load- On Hallowe'en and Christmas, too,', g Recreation was ours for true. Time and study, wiithoui Smewwre, To the teachers we're a'pl6dSW0 And all the school should be , Proud of the N2s,tlike'me.f- : 145 9 . M.. N 7 1 w Normal I Class A . OFFICERS A I - J F757 St Seme , O SecondVS'e'mQestie'r. -' Secretary ........ A. . . LOU, ,HAYS To-easuv-efr ....... HELEN MOODY Sergeant-at-arms GUY J OSSERAND The-Normal 1 classiis one of the most enthu-siastic and industrious' Or- ganlzations of the Institution. The class met, the first day'Of'SchOO1 and began active Work. ' V ' J ' ' f F ' The 180 members of the Freshmen compose the largest class of the Normal High School. Three class ,Social events Were given. each One' a success. The tug Of War With the NOrmal,3S Was hotly contested, the Juniors Winning two out of three trials. Only, lack 'OfRexperience,-,caused the lighter Freshmen to lose. A . I ' " I' The N1S were Well represented .On the Normal High1SchOOl basket ball, football and baseball squads The christian A " t' - I . SSOc1a,I1OnS, Debat ing Societies, and the Girls' Dramatic Club Of the High. School find many Freshmen members. , gr X " CLASS YELL ii Biff, boom. bah! I Biff, bOOm,fbah!. L Freshmen. Ffrfeshmeng Rah, Tak, frah! A, J A 'E ' stew' . A A P1-esteem: ......... E. J. BROWN A President it AGU A ' A V J R ..... Y JQSSERAND V Secretary-Treasurer . . . . .O . .... O. . .. CDONAW SEACAT M Sergeant-at-arms .... LEE STITES HERBERT BARBER J OSEPHINE CARLYLE EMMA OVERMAN ROBENA PRINGLE HERBERT ADAMS A EMERSON HYDE HARVEY ELMORE J EDWIN KELLEY MABEL FALLIS DONALD WELLS AGNES ADAMS LESTER MCGILL CHARLES PETERMAN N ELLIE STOUT A ELIZABETH BROWN ESKER WARREN RUTH SWIFT' MILDRED RUNDUS GUY JOSSERAND 'EDWIN J. BROWN DONA SEACAT LLOYD BULLEN FRED WOOLARD g HENRY FALLEN WILLIAM JOHNSON ARZIE STARK SUE KUYKENDALL I,47 JANET ANDERSON ' MYR.TLE I KUYKENDALL ' EDNA FLEMINGA I HALZEL WILLIAMS -A FLEETA FOX , A J JAMES FLETCHER A LEE STITESA- - RULSSEL STITES GLADYS LIPPE ROSE DOWNEY MISS ALLEN CHARLES BULLEN VERNE YINGER I Cpunrnr Lans m,Lgssue's Tmlrmq THF' .fjl.LE,oL00L PARADEL T'ARTmq :hIgrjAyD,,y ILETEI TEE NARHALQIRLS Vaiden A T1 SWG Q I 4 s 1 Athletic Association Ufficers . . . . . . . . .President W' Pi, igHlNiI'1OIizCA.N D ..... Vice-President CHAR E .... Secretary IRA SCOTT ........... .... FOOTBALL 1912 - . . . . 'Captain W. P. White .......... ........ , Charles Bell .......... ......... . . . Manager FOOTBALL 1913 b 'I u Charles Morgan ....... ........ . . . Bfaptazn LeRoy Isaacs ............... . . . anager BASKET BALL . Alfred Brown ........ ...... . . Captazn Bruce J Osserand ............ . . . Manager BASEBALL . Amos Breneman ..... ...... .... A A Captazn Wren W. Pierson .......... . . .A eManager TRACK A I Harry Van Campen ................ Captazn Adrian Foncannon .... . --------.-.- 0110997 BOARD OF ATHLETIC CONTROL PRESIDENT JOSEPH H. HILL.Chafirman G. A. CRISPIN ........... ,General Manager Of Athletzcs R. E. COLEMAN ........... Treasurer IRA SCOTT ............... Secretary NORMAN TRIPLETT , LEROY ISAACS W. L. HOLTZ BRUCE J OSSERAND. CLAIR K. TURNER WREN W. PIERSON F. W. WHITE ALFRED G. HILL Miss MABEL SMITH W. P. WHITE FOUNDERS' DAY ALL-SCHOOL HONORS IN ATHLETICS H. W. HARGISS DAVID WOOSTER - RAY ROBERTSON H ARRY COLE LEONARD HURST ROY CAMPBELL W. P. WHITE I.:- -g 150 COACH GEORGE A.. CRISPIN A man who can take an inexperienced football team, after the season has started and successfully complete one of the hardest schedules in the his- t0I'Y of the school, deserves credit. Coach George A. Crispin accomplished thisq In other sports he 11-RS Droved efficient. I-Iecoached an entirely new squad into a basket ball team which hem its Own with the colleges of Kansas. Crispin is a graduate Of the Springfield Training School. He spent a year as assistant to Coach Warner, of Carlisle. Next year he will have better material, and the 'record of the Normal athletic teams promises to be better than ever. under his leadership. 'May success come to Coach Crispin, a gentleman, a true sportsm an, a good leader and coach. ' Coach Fred L. Honhart, Who resigned just at th ' I e opening of the football season, October 1, to take up work in the Louisville Medical School, closed three years of service at the Normal School. During this period, the standard of athletics was raised from an almost high school class to th t ' L 1' ' e op of the Kansas colleges.. During the school year 1911-12, the teams of the Kansas State Norma appreciation, the Athletic Board voted Coach Honhart the K and-'sweater of the school. 1 won 34 outxof 46' contests. As an CAPTAIN w. P. HDUCKYH WHITE Leroy Position, right half Age 22 years, Weight 163 f'DuckY" White was the only member Qf the mam' Whq miie ' the "All-Kansas." White could always be C9un-ted uponiggr als I distance, and on defense he was evxceptipnally ,ftronfgx A' Spdeee at a good Dunter, and a hard, clean Player "Ducky Whlte' ma - . 1stars.i It ideal captain, and he ,ranks with the best of Norma l5I I CLYDE CULTER Emporia Position. center Age 18 years, weight 155 Clyde Culter is the lightest center in Kansas college foot- ball. He has no equal in the passing department in the state. Culter handles himself Well and is a sure tackler. He is a graduate of the Em- poria High School football squad and the Normal Re- serves. IIAUIJON .mimgg Emporia Position, 1-ight end Age 20 years, weight, 135 lfladdon James was captain of the Emporia, High School tqczun a year ago 13st fall. .lannes is reliable, handles the lorwurd pass in great style und is strong on defense. He will long be remembered as the man who put the mud. on XV:lshburn's clean Slate. CHARLES BELL Manager Kinsley Position, lleft guard Age 20 years, Weight 163 Charles Bell was a "find" He had always played in the backiield, but because of the scarcity of linemen he played left guard. Although light, he opened big holes in- the line. The third -team in 1910, the Reserves in 1911, were Be1l's stepping stones. 1 .V tmp f-, 'W gf .l.' - ff 4, ,, mix- . ' , ,,,, .-4 u .as ., I53 I - . -" iff . 1 5.-f --M--Y, , AMOS BRENEMAN Emporia Position, quarterback X, Age 18 years, weight 155 Amos Breneman is an alumnus of the E. H. S. school of football. He started at left end but was switched to quarterback. where he stayed. "Brenie" is captain of the baseball team and center on the basket ball team. He is considered the best athlete now in school. ALFRED HILL Emporia Position, quarterback ASQ 19 YGELPS, weight 130 The smallest football play- or in Kansas college football, Alfred Hill, won his second K playing football. Aggie rooters are still talking about his tackling. Alfred. is a good open field runner. "Hillie" learned football at Emporia High School. WILLIAM GRAYUM Jones, Okla. 'Position, left end Age, 25 years, Weight 163 Bill Grayum, for hard' work alone, deserves his place on the team. He had the knack of getting behind the line and downing a runner from the rear. His speed accounts for his ability to cover punts and his record as a hurdler. He takes his degree in June. ha,..gu4,. .., A H- f- - ' I I55 G cn r:'rlrll'llTf IIEIEEIII- 1 The l9l2 Football Season P . The football season of 1912 was one of the mostsucceggfulr the Normal has had. Starting the season with four "K" mein, two of whohrwere rega ulars in 1911, and with a new coach after the sea-son was Well underwvay, it is remarkable that a team could be turned out that lost only two ooo- ference games. The Normal rating in the Kansas Conference was third.. Next season, with practically a veteran team assured, the best schedule the Normal has ever had, and the best coach in the -state, prospects -could not be better. The members of the squad Were: Captain Wh't 1 1 is B . 1 e, Morgan,fgWooster,, reneman, Hill, Culter Josserand Bell S , , , cott, Co-legrove, Larson, James 4 Grayum, Ditmars Nanninga N ' 1 ,- , , annlnga, Gregory, Baltzer, Lamb,-Wolfe, Crosswhite, Nichols, Sweatt Cosand Diggs Fr d , 1 , , e ricksoh, Owens, and Isaacs, Who is next year's manager. 7 r scoREs Fon 1912 ' ' Q 9 September 24 Cooper at Emporia tt . . . . . . . .Normal 49 Cooper- r. . October 4 . . .Southwestern at Winfield N ormal 22. Southwestern 24 16 October 19 . .K. S. A. C. at Manhattan Normal ' 7 K. S. A.,.CI .22 October 26 . .Fairmount at Emporia . . . N ormal '33 Falirmount November 2. .Washburn at Emporia N ormal' 7 Washburn' L . November 15. C. of E. at Emporia ....... Normal 3 C. of 1 ..... 30 November 22 .N Missouri at Warrensburg . . .N ormal 13 Missouri . . Q34 November 28. Friends at Emporia ....... Normal 13141-Wrfiends ...pg O SCHEDULE FOR 1913. . September 24 .... ............ C ooper at Emporia- f October 3 ...... . . . Open 1 W n A - 1. October 10 .... . . .Open y 1 . . P October 18 , , , . . S. A. C. at Manhattan . October 26 ,,,, . . .Baker at Baldwin K ' November 1 , , , . . . Washburn at Topeka . November 7 .... . . . Southwestern at EIIQDOFI3 . November 14 , ,, Fairmount at Wlchlta . . .4 . November 21 . . . ..... College of Emporla at E1T1D01'1a. November 27 . .. .... ,Warrensburg Normal at Emporia I57 ! + Normal High School A h t letics ' Owing to the ruling of the IZ C 11 , 1 . . . players of high school -standing tojncsoiii ety qgelponferenqe prohlbltm the teams of th ' ' 8' D e ln intercollegiate athletics s e Normal High Scho 1 h b 1 ' 1 ' lege squads. H. J Campbell c O ave een Separated fr Q - r oach-es! the Secondary. teams Olallndhsi-ncgligr his leadership, the teams have made excellent records. ' , 1 The football season of 1912 opened with line mateyi 1 1, inite schedule owing to 'th - . . t l 1 e financial condition of the Hzligh Association. Training was started underth e direction of Cgach 'C ' '- until he took charge of the 'Varsit 2 . rispin, YS uad. Mr. hi 1' . coached until Mr. Campbell arrived. q Only one gamrepivglslclolgtrafdelthgi one by a fluke. The "Ns" were awarded to Captain M-eairs Manager Madden, who is captain-elect for 1913' Hirschler B , drickson Thom 7 I ks , ' , as, Edwards, Kuntz, R. Clow, and Plile?rson.a Others Goin the squad were: Raymond, Kappleman, Trusler, Ptacek Lewis 'Finl Peterson, Ireland, Pennington Pr 9 V .9 ' ey! , escott, Cole, J d,.C. 1 , .L k- man, Laird, Stites, Unruh, and Cushman. Osseran alley 'OC The record of the N ' ormal High School football team: C . . Normal High School ........ 26 Lewis Academy . ........,. P. . . .7 Normal High School ........ Eureka High High School .... V. . .0 . Normal High School . Emporia High School ........ ...8 ' Normal High School .. 7 Eureka High School .... I ...I ..7 ,, Normal High School ......... 0 Chanute 'High 'School . . .... , .0 Normal High School ......... 27 lola High School .... ' ......... Y,-0: " Five of last yea'r's basket ball team reported atthe -first call forjcan- didates besides some fast recruits. Carl White was elected captain and Ralph Samuels manager. H , 7 , , ,C Q. av ' Ten games were played on the regular schedule, besides two practice contests with the Normal 'Varsity five and the Reserves. Both were'de4 feated. Captain White led in scoring, making eighty-four goals from the field and thirty-eight on free throws. Harold Simpson, forward,counted thirty-three goals, Kappleman and Clow, at center, .each tossed eighteen, Freeman, forward, scored eleven, Hendrickson, guard, madeten, and- Samuels, six field goals. These composed the first teamg Substitutes Were Godsey and Finley, forwardsg Carey, centerg Young,'Lew1s, and Merrill, guards. ' 1 'V f . . THE BASKET BALL RECORD W V 4, " .1 .H N. H. S.. .32 C. of E. Freshmen 21 N. H. S.. .44 Topeka .Sig -.20 N. H. S.. .29 Emporia H. S. N. H. S.. .75 -C.ouncilllGfrove ...12 Q V. N. H. S.. .73 Eureka H. S. .... N. H. S....19 C.zof E.gFreshmenA21 N. H. S.. .50 Hamilton H. S. .. N. H. S.. .46 Emporia H. S. ...27 q H. S1..34 Eureka H, S. .... N. H. S.. .23 Iola I-1.1 S. N. H. S.. .28 C. of E. Freshmen N. H. S.. .27 lReno H. S. -52. . .A Normal High School Athletes also have baseball and track schedulf-BS arranged for the spring. In the class basket b.all.tournament,pl5h9 1N01" mal 3 class won the championship of the Normal High-gSClf1OQ1f i 1 . -- ..-. -----H-"YN i J F E l l ,, ALI-'Rl:IlJ BROXYN Cnptnln Play Venter Position. gunrcl Age 24 years. he-ight 5 feet. R inches A dependable player. will- ing to szicriricv pr-rsonzil glory for the good of the Basketball - Thi-I DI'0Spects for a winning team looke-d slim when Coach Crispin issued the Iirst call tor basket ball players. There were no "K" men left from last year's championship team, of the HV9 regulars, Captain Robertson, WQOS- fer: LOSGY and Binyon had graduated and Mul- VHHGY WHS teaching. .Wed-ell, the utility man, had also finished. Brown and Br-eneman were the only subs from last year's team in school. These, combined with J o-sserand and Neuman from the second team, formed a foundation for the five. Frankenberger, from the Hays Nor- mal School, filled in admirably at one forward, and the unexpected development of Harry Brown, at guard, filled out an evenly balanced team. The live played in streaks and when going good, ,put up a classy exhibition. The best games were played against Washburn and Haskell, on the home court. C Most of the members of the team expect to return to school next year, and with the addi- tion of some of the 1912 champions and high school recruits, a winning team is expected. The College 3 and 4 team won the class basket 7 team. Captain Brown made a good leader of the baslcr-t tgurngment, ball uintet. Brown layed . baskol: guard. I-Ie gained Records of the players' his experience with "Ole" . Losey on the Clay Center W I High School team. p1al-el-S .Goals Free Throws Fouls Halves played Frankenberger, forward ...... 33 2 22 I , Neuman, forward ...... ...44 71 11 . Breneman, center ..... . . .94 4 21 Capt. A. Brown, guard . . . . 2 1 19 H. Brown, guard ............. 35 11 Manager Josserand, center .... 12 6 Holmes, guard ............... 11 I 8 White, guard .. ............. 1 RECORD OF BASK ET' BALL TEAM' , January 14, Aggies, at Manhattan. . Normal 13gi1?SE- ' January 17, C. of E., at Emporia . . Normal Fliendsn ' January 23, Friends at EII1D0I'i-9' Normal "" Washbmll January 29, lfVashburn at EI11D01'i9J- - Normal Campbell .January 31, Campbell, at EII1D01'ia - - Normal Fairmount February 7, Fairmount, at Wichita. Normal Friends: . February 8, Friends, at Wichita... Normal Baker February 14, Baker, at EII1D01'ia- Normal Fairmount February 18, Fairmount, at Emporia Normal Baker ' 'I February 28, Baker, at Baldwin Normal Washburn March il. Washburn, at Topeka ' ' ' ' NOrma1 Haskell . . March 3, Haskell, at Emporia' ,Normal C. of E. March 7, C. of E., at College Gym.. . Norma Normal Opponents 5 l6l AMOS BRENEMAN Emporia Position, Center Age 18 years, height 5 feet, 1055 inches. Brencman easily led the team in scoring. Although naturally a forward, and short for center, he outplayed every opponent. Against Ba- ker. he threw eleven goals. Emporia High School taught Amos basket ball as well as football. Last year he was n sub on the state champion LOIIITI. XVILLIADI NEUMAN Hanover Position, Forward :xg-e 21 years, height 5 feet. 7 inches Neuman ranks with the best as a free goal thrower. He generally tossed- a good bunch of goals from the floor also. Neuman became a reg- ular when Breneman dis- placed Josserand at center. Neuman played on the sec- ond basket ball team for two years. DONALD FRANKENBERGER Emporia Position, Forward Age 19 years. height 5 feet, 6 inches Frankenberger is "some" floor player. He is fast and small and with his tricks and beadwork he held his own with the best of opponents. He was always after the ball and he had the knack of getting rid of it quickly. Don played two years at 'the Hays Normal. 1 . l62 HARRY BRGXYN Piqua Position. Guard Age 23 years. height 5 feet. T inches The Aggie game was Browifs first match basket ball game. He developed rapidly into one of the best floor guards the Normal has had and his "dead eye" goal shooting added 80 points to the Normal total. Harry played more time than any other player on the team. Bl 0 Il.'l'0 N .l-I 0 Llll E S Baldwin Position. Guard .Ngo 21 years. height 5 feet, T inches lloliness regular place is l'orwa1'd. but he Iilled in at S-'uard in good shape, f-M01.tH is 21' hP11'd Dlityer. He was vziptain and forward last year on the Normal High School team. He promises to be a regular next season. E 'Isuzu'-4. K 'A "" ' ' ' 1'.L2Z'l?' z,,gg,1,5,1..Mf - ..,-,fflg 'V --+17-LL Q i l 1 a BRUCE JOSSERAND Mgr. Colusa Position, Center Age 22 years, height 5 feet. 105 inches "Joss" started as regular center, but was handicapped by a weak ankle. I-Ie was a member of last year's squad. Josserand was the only heavyweight on the team, but his weight did not affect his speed. Playing the floor is Josserand's strong point. girl .QM P Q e I 5, v l 1 i Q l l' Ili? yy. 1 , U fn ii ll ,,, I 1 ici' 3. 4 if .li ' lg! fs .QL :ml Q ? 8 .rv 1 i A I . , i if gl .1 . fa Ha 4 1 --of Q- --ff- - --rv--f--gg'-""' " ' . 163 I I I M. ui I-F' OX w I Frankenbergcr, B. Jensen, Jenscn Bottomly, Isaacs, Trusler, Seaman, Diggs Clair Turner, Director T RESULTS OF GYMNASIUM MEETS K. S. N. ........ 29 Baker ........ 16 K. S. N. ........ 30 Baker . . f ..... 15 WINNERS OF GYMNASTIC EMBLEM Donald Frankenberger, LeRoy Isaacs, John Jensen, Ivan Trusler, Wel ford Diggs, Howard Seaman, Bernard Jensen WINNERS OF THE "K" IN THE GYMNASIUM MEETS Bernard Jensen, John Jensen, Donald Frankenberger, Ivan Trusler TUMBLING TEAM Donald Frankenberger, John Jensen, Howard Seaman, Ivan Tru-sler Exhibitions were given at Chanute, Cheney, Hartford and OS-age CIW WRESTLING MATCHES Hogue, Normal, threw Fast, Baker, time, 40 minntes. H0gue, Normal, threw Kerns, Baker, time, 8 rn1nuteS. Stites, Normal, threw Safrite, Baker, Time, 8 minutes. Stites, Normal, threw Safrite, Baker, time, 10 minutes. Cole, Normal, Wiedrich, C. of E., draw, time, 35 mmute-S. I65 ., .. .......,--- ' ' ' Crosswhite, Pierson, Hirschler, Schlagle, Burkhead, Bottomly Edwards, Carey, Hill, McConnell, Dent, Paul, Chauncey, Wooster Miller, Bullen, Field, Breneman, Frankenberger, M. Chauncey, White BASEBALL SQUAD Baseball The baseball prospects for 1913 are th be-st gf Amos Breneman, last year's shortst 1 d any -Of' the Sports. is manager. The six "K" men on thlepscf1?acl'a311f Bifaelnleiiilad 'llgfe? ,PIQFSOH Pierson McConnell, and Wooster. The te ' ni le d' Mluer' ' . . 3 . . "Ducky" White, whose outside work is too lllelagyvliiklgalggbgll the loss of Breneman and Field are catchm . Alb t ' - , , 1 white, compose the twirling staff. 'lghe iniicild hllaIs1llell1cC1Zlf1lEEnata1g1119 tckfossf David Wooster, second base, Donald IFrankenberger shortst S H asel Rowan, third base, with Amos Breneman as utility man. 'Crgiiivhillg who was the leading hitter on the Normal Summ 7 . 1 ' Q ' Hill, Edwards and Chauncey form the outfield sqLgd?c1TOllJfl 2331211 ligslgll, uniforms. The suits are white with black stripes. ' ' H' f - new Manager Pierson and Coach Crispin have arranged a-SChedu1e of about twenty games. This is the largest number of 'contests ever played by a Kansas State Normal team. ' ' A The schedule follows: 1 -A 1 April 14, Normal 10, Aggies 8, at Manhattan.. April 15, Normal 6, St, Marys 6, at St. ,Mary-s. I April 22, Normal 8, Kansas Wesleyan-s 2, at Empo-ria, 'A April 25, Normal 6, Baker 3, at Baldwin. April 26, Normal 1, Ottawa 0, at Ottawa. C A C April 29, Baker University at Emporia, May 2, College of Emporia on Normal Field. May 8-9, Bethany College at Emporia. May 13, College of Emporia on -Colle-ge Field. May 15, Kansas Wesleyan at Salina. ' May 16-17, Bethany College at Lindsb-org, 1 May May 21, Haskell Indians at E-m-poria. 30, College of Emporia at Emporia. ' THE 1912 RECORD A The record of the 1912 Baseball Team follows: 5 Normal 8 .... Bethany ....... 5 Normal 1, .... K, Sf. A. C. 4 Normal 3 .... -Bethany .... . 5 Normal 1. . . .Baker Q . . . . 2 Normal 6 .... C. of E. ........ 7 Normal 7 ..., .Warren-sbuljg' L - A 2 4 Normal 2 ,,,, Southwestern , , 0 Normal 10 .... Warr'ensburg 4 Normal 0 ,,,, Baker ,,,,,, , 4 Norm-al 10' .... PC. -of E., .... 0 Normal 11 .... Bethany . .. . 1 Normal 36 .... C. df 1 Normal 2 .... St. Marys . .. . . 4 ' ' " 4 . Captain Herod, Field, Priest, Pierson, McNally, McConnell. W00S'0GI', Breneman, Wedell, White and Hirschler were awarded KS-4. ' THE NORMAL CITY LEAGUE 7 V 7 The team representing the Normal ill 15116, ,City ,slflgg mer School took second place, Winning H1119 game? an 7 ' A 1 '- with Athletics were first. The Normal team Won thedggsgsiiigsSeflgiptain the Athletics. The following men were awar 1 , - B , Hirschler, Armstrong, Crabtree, McNamara, Anderson, Pearson, 1'0Wn Laird, Hill, Herod and Pratt. 167 Track SCHOOL TRACK RECORDS NORMAL KANSAS STATE Time, 10 1-5. Dickinson, 1910g 100-yard Dash ................. Diggs, 1912. 1912 ...'r' , 22 2-5. Disesg - 220-Wd Dash " 54 2-5. van Campen, 1912. 4-l0,ya,rd Dash .. ...Timm 2:8 1-5. Gambliuu, 1910. Halt Ml e ..... H .Timm 4:46 4-5. Gambm, 1910.. Mile ........... Time, 10:33. Miner, 1909. Two Mile ............. - - - 220-yard Hurdles ....... . - - 120-yard High Hurdles . . . . - - Time, 28 4-5. Hurst, 1911. frime, 16 3-5. -Hangiss, 19095 Camp- bell, 1910. 1 Tim-e, 3:38. Brown, Ewen, David- fsuon, Naanes, 1909. Height, 11 feet. Hurst, 1911. High Jump U .....'.Height, 5 feet, 5 inches, Camp-bell, Mile Relay .. ' -- ' Pole Vault . . . 1910. NJ Distance, 20 ft., 6 in.,.Hurst, 19111. . Distance, 129:35 CS-tate Recordj, Cole, 1912. ' 5 -Distance, 37:9. Cole, 1912. Distance, 140 ft.. Stevenson, 1912. Hammer, Cdiscontinued-J . . . . . .DisItance, 112 feet, 7 inches. Davies, - -1903. . . ' Broad Jump . . -- - Discus ...... - - - Shot Put ............. . . . Javelin ............... . . . The above records were gathered from incomplete data in the Physic- al Training Building and from the files ofthe Bulletin and Gazette. There may be corrections toibe made but the recordsuhere given will, at least, form a working basis for the future. . The Track Schedule for 1913: April 26, Normal vs. Baker at Baldwin. May 3, Normal vs, C. of E., at Emporia. ' May 15, Quadrangul-ar meet at Emporia with Haskell, C, of E. Ottawa and Normal. il '. , ' May 24, Kansas College Meet at Emporia. . ' ' With the best quarter-mile track in the state and. an almost perfect 220-Yard Stralght away," track and iield athletics at the Kansas State N0fma1'SCh001 h9fVe eVe1'Y eI1C,0lI1'21gement. The 1913 'team .has several fast performers and more consistent work than ever before is being aCC0If1P11Shed- Welford Diggs, captain of the track team, Nichols, Fon- Ca11110I1, J31T19S, Van Campen, Coffman, Stevenson, Buck,"Shupe, Dewey, Iliiiilfgr Nanninga and Murphy are' the probable point Win- Th 191211 k 'S . . State llntercollegizatetelargaletfsaptured fourth placg Wltnl 16 ppmts ln the The results of the other meets of 19122: I V U l Normal .......... 60 Baker 4 Normal """ "-- ---- - - - 83 C. of E. .......... 43 To wina"K"' '-' . Campen, Stevensdri tghclle, lglzyslfssagillo H1-ake 10 points. Diggs, Van awarded letters in 1912. ' O m' Larson and Miller were l68 3,13-.44 .- 11 wi ii I l 1 N, S As 3 us,L.qi" I - I S 'N N' 4 . X5 - ,Am fc :Ally ' . . ik 'a' I xx J f ff' Q f 7 L ir' z.-l': , i-el Sporting Events of 1913 I69 i E 7 Y I n I 4 w I f l 1 Q a r, v, .. -wma Arotocws 'ro siftw scofrfr. - 'i if 2 l lB1-e,a.'l'heSHl"'C a' fan with 'pool '20 Ciefafir Who cioril' cgeihoises in 'hisdlweacl I ' 7 when oor"li2f11W""5- llmnr the music of the yells-rousing yells- ' What xi glorious victory their frantic - strain foretells, With their rip, rip, rah, rah, boom! How inspiring is the sight, I-lnil our team of laddies daring. Proudly forth our colors bearing. To the fray in glad delight! Sec them measure with their foes. l-Inger waiting to oppose, Mid the rip-rah-tangleation bursting forth in beats and swells, Mid the yells, yells, yells, yells, Yells, yells, yells- Mid the shrill reverberation of the yells. Hear the loud bombastic yells, cheer- ing yells! ,.-f What intense exertion their sharp thrilling note impels! Hear the cheering, urging lines- One and all- Shouting furiously their rhymes. Now how quick the shouting quells-- NVhat a tale of victory the decisive moment tells, See how breathless the suspense! Eyes aglow and muscles tense! How it dwells! and dispels The loud palpitating swells, Of the desperate, enthusiastic yells, yells, yells,- Of the ripping--roaring-rousing of the yells. ' -Modeled from "The Bells," BY Edgar Allan Poe. ' 170 O , g GITIS Athletics g N V L L ?! S We D . X , - is yt Q f z XM NAQT ' Q fi I - bww- TRAlNlNg-6 B CS' eyyqnegvdx A , X96 1 2 f i CQ-ifw Marc l'1l'r1g C 1 ,lr-xxx Mi,kittLeFxmgev Sinewarn Lkffclo 1- L.-.tg H, W d UCS- 1.eFt-Twist. '.Ai.:KX A11 -' N11 lun T- S oi.. 0 Kfalg ZF 'gif 9' 'T'hv'mbL'1?'f AbbV'l'Wl , '- ' ' Le .-N. .' an 3 , .f,V'.!J S- Mligyah A, . x gl v - . 'T-M M, 1 ff .Y-wav--1: - f 1 , -z 3 gown img, X si 2521,-AJ iceasg 51'rxrL1n2 K F A UJKCQLNQ me Hel 1,Louk- N'B'Li:9.'2.L! Qrlyx Fcvns . A ' ' X'-xx 1:51.-0:1 'P on . A LQ-I..-., Q,.5q.5m -+1- - 2- uhm cmwwthw. E-Q:.1,.,:rgQp.qo':Q nxurcnl ,Ch-' ,ll , Leftl.. Q .bl n 1 L ASEQT 96. ' 1 " 1 Q 4.c.nw. mCwavnTWf2e' ! "' "5 f, .fK's.,.,,,yw7.,f' "' - E ' ,-5,5 5.Le,.1.- Knc gl j' 1' 5' ' O 1 , ' 4' ., . X fl .5 XX M ve, E W .XL ff A ? t 'cv H -f, J 1 'Jn :X :i v 3,1 - I' I "rf .I xx Xa l'fi,?'f J T' X K XJ' ff ' - -1 Q 5 XX1 T" a A":!' "' W T- ' 'l J.. 5 --:pil XX L-A", XM gal I oo1Toe vPWqrD'T'w1a1.! , .L iief-D 1 xc' Klgkt T N 9.Toe 71aIl5 5'9e"YnD 'n L fl X X Wx fwL 5- YN WM I Cl Lxxt., ax X ll! li Q Q x Q M .D't px- xXla:,.fHeb'1.f1rwf1 J FWGVC N 52" 5 D r:vv.1r I -' , f R2-"7"5'? LE Ft F' F y-JD ' h KVLP Lo rx :S 1 I w QYLQQ 9 U1-'IJZRU Nogglg C1 1: xr. 1 U: 9 X X 5 -gonecgxght - ,Trnuve ' A out 59c"'L? 5 ., Q. 'K ,' ' Face! -w QJN" L'm -.421 fl If ' 'JUl:.ifALICE5mLtH .- fm , 4 , n K '13, .. 'Tv-use! fl l lJ,fg 1 .PN 5 vq . L, xx X xx 'r.'cw 15 Q, ylkkujbysluj- evil P0 tvvisli- jf lx?-T,xe6'L C.u-Low-ni! X!! ! lt , I ' . .o , 5 5 I ff' a 'I I f d Lf P- my W ful . .' l . f' -3 . v- 1 J ll f ll I I J W b 1 U '. ' X a ' " I l T f ' . ,,-.Us - Q I I, ' I , - L ' ! xx vi, If Q f j 5 . f 1 ...Q ! U 'F ' F v . y 1 I LLL! f I tag: Class in Aesthetic Dancing ! l F ai l V i u A 2 I I Class in Advanced Floor Work I73 r 11 5 i 1 Addie Wegley, Grace Palmer, Edith Dixon Edith Finlayson, Inez Wegley Lillian Vermillion, Ethel Beedles, COLLEGE 3 AND 4 BASKET BALL TEAM Rogers, O'Connor, Nelson, Mauck, Stout, Wedell, Steclcel, Bond NORMAL 4 BASKET BALL TEAM I74 4 .., ..-.-Y -........-f -?-,.Y -, College Basket Ball Squad llxglx School Basket Ball Squad I75 Moor Prem FQSQ-r'Bm-A-X-. In til-jRo,d,4rJjfHCcvosP. ' QQQYM 'L3y'r1" QQ..-13 ' -"fin" "-A9 QTf'b5'1Q:22i l-:?'flf"xPrvff2 an KA I M IN G The Tmining S:-hool boys under I. E. Brown, one of the gymnasium teachers, h2lV9 the best possible instruction in plzvsical training. The Work is Organized On 3 play basis. M'-amed football. basket ban. baseball and gymnasium teams are organized ln season. The Model School modified football team Won the championship of the Grammal' School League last fall. 176 v A 0 51 'X J ' I - fgklzu' - G Wa 'W f' 9 F 'wie-gm, 14 1 f fx s gl 'IU x Q 'ez ,U l!I -! xW! w, r J' -f f 1:-0 l , lflf- wi - 7 ' J- W -W j 1 lf? :. 1,,, W -F ' ffsii. A 'V QQ' W ' K , . Hay xg ay X :Q-jf f I njg ni 0, ' ! 1 .Ill Nl- 'l 'N -Qs ,- 4 ffl "' 4 ' sf ' '34 1 sf 6 9 ' U9 lv ly 'D , K 1 . 1 2, 1 f? fi fi 65' QT LQ' U5 fi 6 f' i ' ,Q 1? 694 U Lia A I ff' f Q A 5 . ff., a s 7QAl.Ff -.s ' 'Q-Sf -afi niafv 43037 1:1 I 1.79 5 x 1 ' N-4 4-sf Z I77 VIH li .4 .. H f. A "f W7 nf Allq sn. f I Jrg - 1, . Q s. 5 1- E, ,Q ,-2 1-'V ,v, . ,Q . ,L if ,, ,xg ,. sr P5 RC v x x wr ,I .V af P ,Q 52511, sf Aw f Qi ms If 52 . .ar -5- , ,I ,,. I 7 fx. JTIF F , fr 1 X' A 9 , Qlclaliomn Del:-ating Squad ' Kansas State Normal School vs. Qlclahoma Normal School, March 4, l9l 2 QUESTION: "Resolved, That all vessels of the United States passing through the Panama Canal should he exempt from canal tolls." Affirmative Team at Emporia: Carl Burkhead, Charles PomeroY- Oklahoma won the decision by a vote of two to one. Negative Team at Alva: Edgar Ross, H. H. Stevenson. Oklah0l119- Won the decision by a vote of two to one. Kansas alternates were Wilbert Fuller, Guy Balllzi Andrew Murphy' ISI Part of the Speech Arts Association The Speech Arts Association The Speech Arts Association was organized to meet the need for a central body which would represent all phases of the speech arts. Its membership is made up of those studying and practicing any of the speech arts, eitheir in the classes of the Department of Speech Arts or in the clubs and societies formed for special Work. i The Association takes charge of all contests in speech arts between the Kansas State Normal School and other schools, and also between the subsidiary clubs and societies of the association. .Several contests in debate and other phases of speech arts have been hleld. n The officers for the current year are: President, ,Andrew Murphy? vice-president, Elizabeth T 1 Bruce J osserand. ay org secretary, Nellie Thompsong treasurer, I82 Representative Club ORGANIZED 1907 i ' ii Critic, CHARLES E. HILL The Representative Debating Club has for 't ' 1 S object the 1' ' and development of the arts of debate, extermp p omotlfm mentary Practice. 1 . Q . . Oraneous Speech and Darlla- 'p The schoo-l year of . 1912-l3f hasbeen o f ' 15 it i in 1 ' the members. Interest inthe club has beenlehighin Zrisegigilii gi tvlillue to was a-mocktrial. This was carried out 'With regular cou t e year As critic, Charle-s E. Hill has done much' toward the progressrofptilieierililgyi. bers. Andrew Murphy, Ernest Reese. and Irving Ross have acted - president during the year. ' 4 h as jayhawker Club ORGANIZED 1910 W GFFICERS First Semester Second Semester -vw President ...Q J. C. LOEVENGUTH President ....J. C. LOEVENGUTH Vice-President H. H. STEPHENSON Vice-President W. W. MCCONNELL Secretary .... BRUCE J OSSERAND Secretary ....... EDWIN BROWN Critic, G. W. TIDD 1 Starting in the Secondary School, the J ayhawker Club is now one of the two leading debating societies of the Normal School. The object of the club is to promote a more efficient investigation, discussion, and de' bate of questions of vital interest to Kansas and to Kansans. URGEUIQF meetings are held every Saturday morning at 10:30. Fifty minutes 13 given to a prepared debate, then general d'iscussion,. and then the tflliffi report The ex erience in debate proves instructive and valua e 0 . p - '- Public speaking. - The Jayhawker 'Club Was hampered lastfall because tex' Oftgxigg men returned, but hard work has brought the work to a hlg 61' S than ever before. l83 - l1uuL Ein., .f.v......,.....- M -- ' ' ' C. E. Hill, Williams, Colegrove, Ireland, Beecher, Pomeroy Hogue, Kraemer, Rees, Wallace, Katsuizumi, Freclrickson, Burkhead Murphy, Cosand, Brown, Holmes, Peters, Ross - REPRESENTATIVE CLUB South, Schagle, Kimzey, Nichols, Fuller Skogluncl, Slough, McConnell, Stevens, Borror, Scott, Molesworth G. W. Tidd, Paul, Nanninga, Loevenguth, josserand, Crosswhite JAYHAWKER CLUB hx -.., QQ., -.. -mx., -Q. X. V A 5'flL25e1! 1. x 'H F xx -- .NF nh P -h .QA . ,.,...,-f' ' ------'H---:rf ,Jw--' .PV ,S '1 . ff , 1 w I iff, k,j'f , . r I X 1 1. Q. X -1'2" i if I I Q ' ' 1-X-o-41-Q . - SV, , tu, , ,l . . 1 . Y I ' F z 5, WN I. n I f 1 Q 9 4 4 4 .I 'I i 6 Q 6 3 I K I I 1 I N f 1 Y - 1 . K g . 4 5 5 i E l9l , z Li 1 Nfl! 5 Y 1 F 1 f W 1 N 1 1 s P 1 . F 1 I 1 I . 1 F' 1 I 3 1 w ' E ' 1 I N A 13 Q E 1 N j - , I L it Q, 3? 5 4 1 5 E I if Q ' . .5 J 1. X , il P , 4 ?' 4 6 1' i 4 L gf 3 F F? i 'Msg fi I P4 ii . f i I S 3 I 1 i 4 5 192 ' ?.l i ' ' L ii 1 3 ef l Alice Freeman Palmer Society in FOUNOEO, QCTOBER 23, 1912 O ll O 'I' ' -0 O 1....f 7"-'NE OFFICERS . First Semester President and Organizer .....e ANNA RAYMOND Vice-President . PEARL NICHOL-SON Treasurer .... HELEN ROLLMAN Secretary ..... SELMA BALZIMIER Sergeant-at-arnis ............ .... LENA SCI-IULTHESS Q Seboncl Semester Presidentg A. . g' LENA SCI-IULTHESS Vice-President .. GEORGIA BEEBE Treasurer . .' EDITH SAMUELSON Secretary ..... .- VERA HOLMES Sergeant-at-arrns . .ETHEL GEORGE Success came to the Alice Freeman Palmer Society from the start. Clever programs, attractive posters, displaying the talent of its mem- bersg jolly good timesg and the spirit of comrade-ship, have made the year Worth While. Theusociety chose for its ide-al,1 Alice Freeman Palmer, president of Wellesley College, Whose strong and kindly personality has ennobled the lives of so -many girls. iMiss Gertrude Buck and Miss Georgia Reneau were the first spon- sors. When Miss Reneau resigned, the other girls' societieswere in- vited fto join in a. -farewell spread. The Ome-gas Were entertained by a "Ladifes' Home Journal," programf For any kind Of advice they need only to ask the L. H. J. With talent, Originality, and enthusiasm, the Outlook for the future of the Alice Freeman Palmer Society is bright. ' l S cms' Dramatic Club -1-in I . , y . OFFICERS President . O BLANCHE CRANDALL r - ' . .... P BERTHA ELLIOTT Sec Treas L KIRKPATRICK Vice-President MILLIE ROBERTSON Assistant .. ETHE Sergeant-at-Arons . Q . . ULA WISHARD M NNIE E. PORTER Sponsor .............. MISS I d In November '1912 The The Girls' Dramatic Club vvas Organize ' 11001. lcLittle - . ,f , , , . ' ' li 'S membership 1S limited to girls Of the, Normqalbblig Boagding House," Women," "A Christman Mummingf' UMTS' 1 K 1 s produced. and "The Tea Party at Cranfordf, are among the Shorjc p alt es of the d s in the dramatic fea ur The members of the club are the lea -er , h School. Pageant Of Spring games by all girls Of the Normal Hlg I93 , x ,, , W, I 4 Scott, Orsbourn, Hewson, Rothrock, Weaver, Hayes, Lockman, Fawl, Rusoe, Nelson, Ludwig Robinson, McConnell, Fox, Tilforcl, Waugh, Fallis, Fletcher, Lennon, Fawl, Elliot, Ward, Qakley Duet, Downey, Smith, Whitehouse, Crandall, Parker, Miss Porter, Kirkpatrick, Maddox, Hall Davis, Swenclig, Orsbourn, Woodward, Kirkpatrick, Brown, Fleming, Rundus GIRLS' DRAMATIC CLUB ann 1 ' Q -ig., . , 'L'- J'-.J . --4 f.g,, i n , L The C. S. Club S - ORGANIZED NOVEMBER' 27, 1912 President .... AMOS B. CARLILE Secretory .... p ...... JAMES Fox Vice-President . . . LESLIE YOUNG . Treasurer' .... RUSSELL UNRUHE Faculty Sponsor . . MAUDE, E. MINROW y Q CBofo1'e joining the C. S. Cflnbl S Mr. Jones, Ca Normal High School boyb -"'Er, er, Mary, I guess I'll Walks home from School with you", - , ' Mary-"You may do as you like, Mr. Jones." CTWO blocks and not a Word Spokenb. H . E L Mr. Jones-"Er, Mary, let me give you a lift on your boolgs. Mary-"I am doing very Well, thank you. Here is Where I live. Good day, Mr. Jones." 4 Mr.1JoneS-"So long, Mary." . L S Cflfter two onontlts' fznenzbership in the C. S. Club? ' Mr. Jones-"Good morning, Miss BroWI1, I am dellghlled toisgiollzlll Permit me to accompany you home fromfschool and to Carly YOU1 iwary-"Certa.inly, Mr. Jones, I Should be pleaSGd to MVS You' 3 gorious day," etc., etc. S H , A ,- Mr. Jones, Chanding Mary her booksl- AHOW me to ggasgkgfgkigf' this delightful time and the pleasure of your. Company' Iver., pleas- Mary-"Thank you Very much.. Mr. J ones, lt has been a ' ant Walk. Good-bye.?? y H " Mr. Jones-"Good-bye, Miss Brown. E . f . ., S L ' boys who The C. S. Club iS composed of thirty Nflfmaf H1121 iciylslcifi-ESV, grace, Pefiognize the need of the ability to meet. poop G gained the Hub was and composure, and that definite results mlffhl be about the organization Organized. To Miss Minrow who helped bringp 1? Club meets 1-egularli' S C S Club much of its Success is due ela games and 911 Week to discuss Social forms and ubflges to p y 138111 friends P ,l-BQ X of th . . , i , . ' A ter- : 4 . 0 , S' , 195 - - -X--Q.,-.hm A J '-'L-...-,,.,,,L-3 gfstin M --A... .51--- Sfifes- Hyde, RilCY,ilRaYT1'101'1d. Hodeck Rundus VPospish l S D I Unruhe, Carlile, Smith, Jaquith, George Hall B,uck lie , , man, eterman Smith, Freeman, Konantz, Miss Porter, Merrill, Gregory, Granger Rhodian Debating Society ORGANIZED 1911 1-1- OFFICERS President ...... .H. H. KONANTZ . Sergeant-at-arms, ........... Vzce-President . . FRANK MERRILL ............ EDWARD RUSSELL Secretary ...... EARL FREEMAN 1 u Treasurer . . .D CHARLES GREGORY Asszstant ....... J. C. RAYMOND Sponsor ...... Miss MINNIE E. PORTER , The Rhodian Society has proved itself strong and vig0I'0US in the two Years of its history. The membership is open to men in the If0I'IH21 High School. Its roll of thirty is filled usually from the stud-ents 1n.th6 regular courses in public speaking and debate, Who find, in th1s society, the Opportunity for additional training and Practice' I97 ra- K' ,, arf! ...M . ur , ,, , W Q , ,, ,, Y, ,A V B., 1 ' fa Y G e l ' " "4- Betz. Parke, Maude E. Corbett, McCarty, Finlayson, Cuilcl, Palmer Vermillion, Norlin, Merrill, Milton, Everley Y. W. C. A. CABINET Young Women's Christian Association 'li a General Secretary' B MISS' MAUD . T a EE. CORBETT Preszderct .... EDITH FINLAYSON S T 5 - Vice-Preseldefngt .. MARYA MERRILL e Tiizilgrgl' i. ..".LiigiIiIiiAIOl1iiAc1E3i,iRpI'g Advisory Board: iMiss Dudley, -Miss 'Gridley . , Snyder, Mrs. Eckdall, Miss N ewton,iMrs. J. H. Hill, Mrjsiillotlziiilcliitiizi' Culter. ' B r ' ' There is always a sense of power in belon i t , , a . 8' 118 0 an? or ' t' that is large, both in numbers and scope of work. This is geaslpbzciiaiiig true of the Young Women'-s Christian Association be i ' . . - E , , cause it is the larg- est organization in the world, for women. It is world-wide in its ex- tent and brings the message of "abundant life,?" not only to the young woman in a' student center, but 'to the girl -behind the counter, in the factory, or in the rural district. To the girls of the State Normal School it appeals throu h 't . , B g 1 s rest room and employment bureau and its eight departments of work: Mem b h. g . . . y . . . . ers ip, social, B1ble study, missionary, social service, finance, visiting and religious meetings. Through these departments girls are c ' , r oming to understand better how to work, they are developing qualities of leader- ship. For the Christian Association means to the girl individual develop- ment with a strong sen-se of community responsibility. T This ye-ar the regular meetings have been-held at 7:15 on Saturday evening. The steadily increasing attendance gives proof of the estimate which the girlsplace on such ,meetings as the ones led by Mrs. Kerr, Miss Dudley, Miss Barber, Miss Blair and our traveling secretary, Miss Riggs. P -y r , . . ' . One interesting sign of growth has been the carrying on of a separ- ate religious meeting by the high schoolgirls. Sixty girls were pres- ent at the first meeting. The interest and enthusiasm are an indication of what may be done by the younger girls. Miss Corbett, who came to us as general secretary this Year, has proved herself a warm and valued friend to the girls. BSC-31189 Of her ready sympathy and broad eXpeFi911C9, 'fhelgifls have grown to Counsel with her. He-riwork has been highly appreciated' . I In the Christian Association new friendships are formed, YOUQSQ 811' S are influenced by the contafit With HDIJG1' A Class girls' and Oldif mil Stlilaiiii developed by their interest in those yOuI18'61' and less experience . 1 is themselves. School 'life means more because of these thmgsiq gfrahillfself eager to put her life wherefit will count fm' th? mos? bfit Azsociation and for others while in school, the Young Women S Chmstlan . t- of . . , . an org-M1123 lon furnishes both the opportunity and the motive- y0i1ng women for young women. I99 A YOU11g Mens Christian Association ' General Secfretoovy ...... o FRED E. WEED . President . BENJAMIN MCINTOSH Secretary , Vice-P1-esiclent LEROY IsAAos . T7'6UiS'LL7'gI" IRA SCOTT . l ---. . D. S. SKOGLUND Advisory Boafrd: President Hill, Mr. All A ' - Phipps, Mr. Harry, Peach. V A en, Mr. Williams, Mr, The significance of the triangular emblem. of the Young Mews Christian Association has been fully realized in the accomplishments of the association of this year. ,lt has filled an important place in the lives of the men of the -school. g . The slogan of the men under the leadership of Secretary Fred iWeed was "service," and a full realization of the meaning of that term was felt long before the close of the year. . A change in theigeneral plan ofthe association, 'providing for the full services of a secretary,'carried with' it an increased financial obligation. . Two factors have stood out strongly to the 'credit of the, Y. M. C. A. this yearz' First, the information bureau established early in the fall for the general purpose of .advising and assisting new students in getting acquainted With the school, and second, the systematizing of the work inthe employment bureau under the direction of Secretary Weed. With the cooperation of students and tovvnsmen, he was able to catalogue the work that could beoffered to. students and on demand to supply good help from the-ranks of the student body. In the first three months of the year, overninety jobs a month were secured through the bureau, for the accommodation of those Who desired the Work to help them through school. A P i The association has been instrumentalin bringing to the school S0IT1e of its greatest speakers, Dr. F. W. Saunders, "Dad" Elliott, J- K- Cod' dine, C. K. Hall, Roy- B.. Guild, and' others, are ,numbered EUHOHS those who came underthe auspicesof' the Y.-M. C. AQ The series of meetlllgg held the fallunder the leadership of "Dad" Elliott had a lasting ig immense effect' upon the men A of 'A the scho01'. A Standard of te highest development of spirit, imind and b0dY is the goal of Success O which the association, aspires. a A 201i The Upper Room Our Upper Room Bible Class, wiiichhhad its ago in Irvington, Indiana, has for fifteen years, beenlncietwentytone years organization for young men...in our city. It is the largest Illost Important in existence. There are now 4,300 names on the roll T dtnzesiof Its kmd than the combined alumni of the three colleges of Emporia - 'Surf more Deen T. M. Iden, is in touch with pieeiieeiiy eu of them. ,Min .uih eadeff The .class was organized primarily fOr1Bib1e Study, and niet? Year? Saturday evening during school, near the business part of town toexbiirbt accommodate the men and boys of all the schools a S who find 1t.conven1ent.to attend. On its roll are the-names of some of the most prominent men in the state and other states aswell. There is no charge O1"eXpen-se connected with membership. Allare welcome to the benefits and privileges of the.Upper,'Room. 4 Our .leader is a big, kind-hearted man, who is devoting his means, talent,.and scholarship to theinterests' of ,his boys. . He goes about his WOI'k in 3, quiet Way, with his ide-al' that of characterbuilding. To ac- complish this, he endeavors to supply ,the physical, intellectual and spir- itual needs of his boys. It has been truly said. that his influence in the formation of Christian ideals is greater than any other educator in the state. .His chief thought is how he may better train fortruer manhood. His, ideals in regard to physical perfection have not been realized, but with the completion of our permanent home- in the near future, this phase of the work will be promoted. The Upper Room'-s effeiiie toward education in the highest sense, stands asa monument to the work of the leader. On its tables are the best periodicals. 'The library contains sev- eral hundred volumes which deal, with 'the problems and needs of young men. The walls are hung with a rare collection of reproductions of mas- terpieces of part. ' Many of these werebrought by Mr. Iden fI'0IT1 his visits to Europe and Palestine. ' ' W . . 'T The most helpful part of the work isithe h,0L1I' Of devotion from 7:30 to 8:30 Saturday evenings. If The piano announces the call to order, when all join in singing for ten or fifteen minutes. Then the leader reads lei- ters from 'absent members. T Special music follows, the Scr1IJi2L11'e lesson is read and the personal application' made. blo- 'fellow gets awvbyl IOS- the impressionigiven at these meetings. The d1StI'1b.Llt1OI1-Of leaf e s co . , , . f . Ild the talnlllg a carefully Prepared lesso1Tif0I' the next mefffmga aglraiifui familiar benedietieii, "Blest Beihe Tie' That Bindse GH S. e . . , W Room and have feliiii the grip of Dr. Iiieiiifei1ieiiid,uie img y . May Heav- his being, een fully eppreeieie whatthiS'1?1?:'Z?EEng1iZ1:Self so unself- f2H's rich blessings come down upon him w 0 J. R. S' lshly for our sakes. ' ' nd the business men l '203 ...V Quant, - R 'gut . ,. Axnyg, :aTLuwQ.1zg , , ,..,... .. A . ...ak -p-,.-4-.5-4-,' - M- ,M J, . -. , W ' -' ...u . Q. , ,nv , . V -tg' W - 'j- ' 1 .-.. . . 1'-. ' - 1. ,Q 'A W' ' .mfrunfs 'Fw ilffa A Q , , : ',.,' "11'-L. .':'.Z'. .-'1:.f.....- ..... - ,.,4.t-L......,. -,.,.,1...gg,,:L:,..4:...,,. Ndrmal Catholic Students' Society I ., W ........,....-....t............+ ,..,q..,--...,,..,...,.........-.... .... ......-...,....l -- - --- -' -.... N it Normal Catholic Stuclenlfs Society FOUNDED MARCH 28, 1912 . . OFFICERS President, ....... MARY MCNABB Vice-P0 S' vcszclent .... A Scoretary-7'1'edsurer . .. ,LIZZIE SMITH - HUGH OWENS SPONSORS MISS JOHNSON, MISS CAHILL JOSEPH BUCKMAN' HUGH OWENS I THOMAS HALLY CHARLES POSPISIL STANLEY POSPISIL JOHN DAILEY ,J EDWIN BROWN MARY HENRY HANNA O'CONNOR .HELEN LYONS I LAURA MCCAY I ALBERTA THUDIUM MEMBERS' IRENE KILRRIDE MARY MCNABBA LIZZIE SMITH - MARIE SUPPLE A SADIE REYNOLDS MARGAR.ET HOWE ADELE POWER ALTHA FAWL EDNA FAVVL - ROSE, DOWNEY MARIE KEENAN MARTHA STRUTZEL , MISAS ABROGAN FRANCES LYNN JAMES DOWNEY M'AYfCLARK BERNARD JENSEN JOHN JENSEN FRANKIE KELLEY KATHRYN MARTHALER WINNIFRED GALLAGHER ROSE DCRE THERESA, STRUTZEL GRACE. WOODS From a group of Catholic Students gathered together to plan for the donation of a Window to the new Catholilc Church in Emporia, sprang the Organization known as the N ormal, Catholic Students'..Society. I The meetings last springand Summer 'were entire-ly social, but at the OPC-Jlling of the falls term, a systematic course of study Was Outlined- The Society meets in room thirty-two on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. The first part of thehour is taken-up With historical study and the second half ,is devoted to a discussion of religion-S behef' Ammfg th? historical topicsfe discussed are: "The Catacombs," "The Converlswnhon Constantine? CfTh.e Separation of the Eastern 'and Western C lurgzuil- and "The Reformation." ,In the religious discussion lgaxe beent-Suriv and jects as: "The Sacrifice of the MaSS,', "Confession, Purga 015, "Infallibi1ity." I I I I ' 205 Wood, ilimison, Gallagher, Brown, Stevenson, Hall, Stiles, Rees, Benson, Smith, Chauncey, Wilson Fredrickson, King, Hicks, Fife, Perkins, Bogue, Hutchison, Brogan, Katsuizumi Nincelielser, Wayland, Harris, Foncannon, P. Williams, Hamill, Keenan, Lyons, Walters EUROPEAN HISTORY CLUB - .....,, v Mbbv. ,J , 'bv- ,I I U I , Q ' I s I AA f' I jr , ' Y 1 15 N ,vi ' J gif 1 'F if " , , I , I v W 11? gif 4 I 3 3 5 1 I 5 I ' n V Z 1 , , f 7 S Q , 1 ' .2 4 7 A ' i f ' 1 f 1 '. 3. 1 5: '. 2Il 1 1 Milton, Bergen, Strawman, Pierson, Guild, Copeland, Fitzpatrick, Bingham, Rogler, Horner, Eastman Groves, Michaels, Smith, Ingersoll, Diclcason, Laming, Motes, Squires, Carr, Nicholson Payne, Howe, Cole, Fife, Hepworth, Duffy, McDowell, Eells STORY TELLING CLUB in W PA ,A V i Vrjjift K hlirgnrcm,,dYi,r,tux,,.,,,,,,,,4 , . .. 1. WV, - V-----A+-fm V Af, - -ng-. f a ...t , v , N V! ...A ,, :ww .fl-:ww ,X .1 X wyfqv XFX 'is 6 ' v 4 1 1 Qi X. ,,...--rv ,xi . I .L ,gb . A-,fn , is -4x,x:1.L Y ..- ' ,, . -AA-' 'M " ' ' ' f gr:--4-""" Y ,tx w 1 . . f FRIENDS ' Imunl Bun Vrnm rnmm up,Tneur1ay Rlglnf-Hftrn' lil no A f , :L1..,y'r1....- umm- 'E' , . u,pl.n'x num. mv nn' 'mr' me 'ummz 1nu:l.v uu.u,- llllln plum! If-ml in flu' limi mu, mf- x.,nm.l 'I'wAm l....n.'.1 k ,ml Yun-arlp Ifuawd llvlvul Au -' Q..- J., -mm-'A I, ST .1 ,. 1 4 ,nw M.. ...,,. Agafg 7,22 ., .31 ii' --..- .. Z 9 ' 12,2225 , E""0R"'1- KNEE- lA.'iL'AH1' 2.5, ms ,AA ,,-,,. ...Y 2111 1,7 9' ,,..v -4 ...MAQAAAAA LAABQLLETI 11'-fr ' N . VV!!! I 'au -1 ,AY ' """"""'-f-M--.,.- f - . I . '..,,A, i '4 ". lx '- 'v-. -.... nl..-.-.a-.f..,,, -.,. ...... ..... ... -.-., 1. - 5, 1 3, ,...-' N nl.. rv. u-n f-un.. W, y....., ,, ...,...m,,,,.A- !',n.-.. Z U,-.-. 1... Q ,AEM AA A ' 'uw I..-e mm .fi f. : -I ' uf ' ' I ' "' P "" '--1' --W., l A. 1 L - .. xr" '- M- , 4 ., . ,A ,A A , 5: 1'-",,'f.,f,24,Wo eo .,....... - I ' ' ' tif -', ii- 2 E T -'f-. f,,,gA4f-If 411 un- -'4.":,-- 1 I ," F "f ,. n xl, f 1 ..- ' - . 4 - ,. 9 f . ' li 4 ,v 'Q -' --1. nn i V u,,.m Af... mmm! my u ,..... ' - - -- ' -r -M .I A I ' "" " ' " ' A. 'HQ' vu--mf um ..f...m-.ml "" ' "' - ' fn. 4 A, A Av.f.1r.ng vm lv? r.,.4,.,.. ,-,,, ' Lf"-if-H 'Q- ,A , 'g,,....fg1.v-- -. A. ,A AA UUR PERSCRIPTIUI FUR THIS SEKESTEB 5 'T' '- - '- - A, AWAVWV' AA, ,A A .-A.n.n-.nv ,mn . ,,,. m... gm1.u.- i m X, U Alryvn plana neun. ,A A - A , , .. ' v Q vfylif ":'::t.1f-xsxlv 1'5" fum.. Your ITB' Ch-'UCC-The "BuIlclm" lor Ihr Rn! ol! .. ' , Q Q 3. -A I A -. A,..4g -....n I '- ' . A-. ,.w..... --.mm the Your lor 75 Cena ' , -'A .nu-r" , A111 I gf, p. X , ,--V - A 4 4-5' H Eff. 'BIRT T '-' - ' AP . A . A AAA A - ,... 4 -,-ax. , HDAY Gunn mc, ro - ' .n mu If , u- 1,..,.,,, I ,I 1 , 4, -. , n g 'IN 1 1 4 X 4, , ' , f. mul lg- Q, ... ... mf I.. 1...--1 "Y A QA , ,, 1, A A - - f . . , . .., A , ..,,...,.,.. ',, ang A ,,, ,N Q.. rr-'1 4- 1,-1 1 A KANSAS :KIND KABS.-N , V Q' . - . 4 0 - 1 4- ' 02 . ' , Y 1 ' 'Il.-rum.,-fl. UAH? ,I .111 ,Aim-vm umvlhl Q , -1- ' ' W hr! dl-5 mn u-rg? "' AH.. 4. Q ibn 'n,,.,,.. ' 'BA 'Hr 'A A A A A 'A A " M' v " ' uIh.l..rn1r-l.'.h...n 1.40, ,z'f,.X-1 ,qv A - 'VA AA::IAAAIvun, nun- u nu n nu. ..:u . ':,A A A' ' "Q ' , my .nm u..- n.n.... .QA af.. 'f if ' ' ffl' A I-.4 un... un. nam-1.--n 1, sjifs A LA' ' ,,.,m.,1 ,Ai .VA 1 - 1 ' " -' --1 1 ' AA A " In nn -.l.-...M nun.-.n . ' ' ' . ' . . .' .-' .' I ' 'p 1 H --1. .. , . ,A UI.. .I n. . ,A ,A , ,A . . ,W . 1...-wr. un- q..-nn h. X-Z' .r-., , .",, -vm... ,..,ff ff' .TA ' li ' Aw, ..w . , 2. ,Q V . ., -...nl-mn.a1m :n pull. ' V-A, , 'Q qX,,,.,,,, A, fA' N .1 , 3 5 3 ,',A', -.' w A- Q. 5, A , . . , .. .. un nn-I ul..-1. un nw --..u..l', .A 312,43 :vu ,t"1y', . A' Af' ' 5- A4 'f, Z ' l 1- 3 1 . .. -. .. N'-mnlilu. 'th-h grams: nm 'A-A 5 45 ,4-' llduo--'nm I. ' ' ,"- , ' .- A A 1 f. ., an-..-., am uf-1 ...W-.1 me Wynn. Vx -uw ' A - , 15 '4 Af . - Z ' ' ' . -'mm K . ' H ' 1 .ru vm mu lulml-n.: v.. .in un- "HN m"h' A ' .,'0,A ', 4,' """ """ " A., A . 1 M- 'H' - 0-f-E lnnr. lu-uuud. -L umnr. NH.. Ihh- uhh- u . AA A 1 4-rv-. X":,m,.- n,- rf..-,,,A A A , . , 1 - I ' mum .M 1-mn..-.-n.-M., ,IL ,bx nA an n- ,fgA p, Jiri, 1... u.. Ah, PMAAM A A- A, A -...MA A . W ... .. l..r--m nm. gl.. 1.-.mayb -'-,A ,, ,?HfIl.l'n , 'A A .. -A no QI - U r.. ...nf um v... .mt A , 'A. ' . ' " ' ' Il ln- -L.-dnl mlnnln n 3:5 ", 90, V-""'M1- ' mu-"":1,, W-'7"'l"-A Th- znnmu' "--'k.- ' ' ' 'W' ' ...A A A .15 U fr-mwgg, L.,-ua .mu'iAA,,,,..- M... ..,, TAA, A 1' -- 1- -.AAA A 'I H'- .AA L -1 'H uAAAAA,gb 6' ,QA ali' fn 5,-,,,mi-,AF 1-XAAAAAJ ,nn .Aa l.. AAA A A. A A . . - . J -f A ., A ,.., . ,,. ,E .- 3:22 4, ,AA 1, 4561 4. ul ,.nnnn1A A ,-,'.-- .l..- l..r.- .HAAAIAAAAAAAAAAAA AA 'Ad .' Q' AA- "' ' A":A A L 2 :A -Ay , 0535 15, lg' . .Ipun-:nhlLd'fw"n1..mI, ' Ty., 9...-...n ' ' , - f A f .- " , 'Q H' ii W. ff, ' 'A 11.-- ....-...um .11 .. .-. n. ...--u.- , 'l' 1 '- G- - - - - . ' l. nn.. xv- 'Z v lf- ru- '!.- l...', , , - .V A 1 ,Q I -s .- nw-1 uf :hp m..l...l. lb. I-nur - , ' . - 1 ' l.- f - v . - : -,A . .-, V 'lb-'I-aUfu'1...' Q . . .Q H 0 HA .-.A '- -A . - u.m-1 In uh- -.nn ..r mf mm.:-. ' .f H- Q, 1 -. , ... - ,f,1,,, .',' fy' Syl' . of mnvfu-.Alu r....u...,. '1- up f' . Aw- f '-- ' f. ' " " t ' ml"-' IJ fl -' R' ""i'.' ""f',- A x 1 4 t M .f ' H" f kAA:.'Af ,J -, ' ,fy ,-..v':..:AAA' A , -- . AAA . .. . n f 'AIAA A4 AA Kp, .1 , Ah Av x AA,x . " a,,, .. V- . 3 . - , , V qt, A. I' vpn." NV -.. Q- Th- In FA 1, ,H - ,R.NA',, . ,N ,x AA L 4' + ' 1- .v w - f -1 V , rv' 5. , P f Y- -I . . X . 1 x Y- f.. .gv .. ,f , ,AQQA AA. xr A A , 4 4 . . . ,Ay . V ,A A ' a , . .. 4 ' .3 -r-. .A I v. . ,AAAAA . A 33 4 F "5 F' .h. :A . N' ' -A ' A A 5 ' . Y. t I ' -- 'B . - , .. H, . , . 'l.. Q: .1 ,e . , . . . f , 4- . - A ,. ,. 0- If , , . Av , A. A.?f:A:frlA. Aybfif Af 1, -.,' . A .-,Af A .-A A-A H 3--M, -1.4.3 -- .1 - - H"".'f. X. - fs- Ns sq. . 1 1 W . , """"":'.X':T"rX'Al'? rwvae'-'. ll ' xv v . Q- f lun nu 0 5. Q., 'Jude ..nu..- sf 4' v-A! A AA: .., . U, A mn ...Q r..rhA,,AN. ...,..u-I -P Q' lg.. 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A vu-f n.-n.- ut YA 'I -f v L ' 5 A-."A mv- ' 'AA lu n--u 'I-.v.,.-..,f, Q' AA -'AAA A ' N, . 1 ' 4 "'lwlN1 hom' .I-.u ln yf ' A .-" X,-' ,' V" .' Q" , r ' ', ummm! :nh lm! .ku-.,,,i,f.L 'P fe, Vo' ," ,W A-S' -"Av z- . xullu tl nu.-J. fum' : , ' , ",- ,N Q-' A.' A,"'A 1' AA" A' --4 nun .1-n..h:..n u ,J ' ' ' . ".' K , 6 , :nu nn Wm ....' Q ff-". 1 .J H.-X -' .' ' ,. A- .- ., - X V v x f v . V lk Nunn- w ,. . ' . P- AV 7- .' A - -." ' ' 'Q .. , - 3 y. m n' xv A ns ,:.'.' -'1"""" ' ' f hun ' ' ' ' ., . . 4 .. 4. J I 9 - AXA Hot gk -v H 1, ' v www' u ll Ilruvnru- x", 'mf gf, ANAAA, ..,.,,,- . lullryu-nlllilff: 11" Fisk. .' , A. AA AAHAAA nhunu 553511, -+ ' ,.Lu. I lhullolnl 'Py"r,A. - . t Nf'f.,,..""' , , A.. A : . . A wl'ruASw3 A,v...u'vl., - ,A, .,.,,,,l,.A,..,,.,A .. .. -- A AA 'U 'WN' u-...-fd!-nun Pr ...L AA, 1 N . 3 - A I., ,5..,... ..,..,- - . . .. - - -" 1 BKINCIUIIKI pm ut lm..-I. NAA,-AY Af. A,,,....,..i.,,-x.,.-..H- -. x... . . . -- f-" ' huulsn ulnvduuh-e wh.-so 1-Ln G'Al yiypu, -.. n .. . r--Qu - , -1. - - '- 1 ' " " A N A ,W L ,A A NA A K lvillnnhl Ibn lc uhur: AA NA, in f-H-1-1.4-, ..1v'-.Annum f 1 ' ' -' ' V' " - ,. 1 ,- I fi 2 A ' ' 1 is A' ,. A a. , ,-r-....,..... ..-,- w. - V Iii' .,. lm.: -4- .. ,,'A Ihr..- ' 4 Ll School Days, School Days, Dear Qld Golden Rule Days This Historical Narrative will dwell - n C in school life during the past year. only on the thmgs Worth While The iirst few days of school were -s representatives of the Fast Set. The opening hymn on the first d . school was "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!" C Tom Ha-lly led th ay O1 vice. This recalls the time Mr. Kellogg, the first President of the Sizhsoerl- read from the Bible when school opened. Times are changing Q, The football season was at hand. Coach Honhart's wife had a hunch that Fred might make a good doctor. So our Greatest Man resigned and went to Louisville. Affairs were in awful shape at K. S. N. Then a jolly Dutchman appeared and became the Normal's' hope. The climax of the season came when six of the football team invited their out-of- town wives to the Normal-Friends game. y . Trouble was brewing among the girls. "Let us have our rights!" they cried. They demanded football and compromised on soccer. The girls did not develop enough public spirit, however, to let the boys see the sights. On October 29, the women's number of the Normal Bulletin was issued. Appearing just before election, this settled whether women should vote. The argument of the Normal women was, "Look at Us." The men' did and fled in terror. The Wilson Club's chief activity in the campaign was to see who was to get the expenses offered for al delegate from the Normal at Topeka by the.Democratic Committee. It was Homecoming Week. The whole Normal paraded. Dean Iden rode horseback. Next Homecoming Week, Deana Barber will appear sim- ilarly attired. . C The New Year brought the All-School party in the Gym. Everybody carried home cooking. One misguided rube brought some onions and the young women held their noses while talking to their escorts. The new semester was celebrated by the girl who came to the main entrance of the Normal and knocked at the door. i . Lonesome young men down town, hearing that all dates with Normal girls must be registered with the Dean of Women, sent a .representatlve to get three dates for the following Sunday 2lfte1nn00n'. The Anfmal FHSQ began. The Staff, composed of the biggest dunces ln Captlliltyv Sven - ket th ' ' 13 . "What fools we mortals be. Bas I ree months chasing pic ures ' h th Season, then, ball attracted attention. The team hurried throug te t ra was a Only obstruction besides the College, Agglesi Baker' e Ce e ' Splinter that slipped through Bre at F riends. dd' the wonderful This ends the history of the school year, Only a mg record' of the College 2 Class. They are in a class by themselves. peut in d0dging club stewards and neman while he was on the gym H001' t 2l7 1 l QQ 5 2 5 I ll 5 5 L E Q F - r Z r A I I Q rr w.T"""if -CY .,.,-, , '., 1'i'3flf" , 1 qmglf ,NV --. ang - 1 . ..,-A.. . K -- SSL, E K 5 if x UA V4.5 1 I . 4 I 5 . g-mill' X SL! rect? rioLo HER b0Ll-Y SU-'S WE J-CWELL Offqf-1 Au. QF Dzugrrx-mu-fwi 'Ms Amar? L I -EST ,ii Cifhwfg US Awsfih. Sr?-HRT' 1 I I 'N fflf C uL'f1fri L'y'.,f,,f5 H A s 4 :. ff! ,.f . . " , 'Eff LWTLE PALS ARE R014 OLIVE IHEJL Qulg-,'0E"f,:f Ngqf PRESIDENT J-65145 ' J' - You ff 15W""T Dm: Pri:-no ofrfgq wfiu. liffaum Sn! 1 f'VV If ,hfirif SGH? 0f'L:'FLE Kin i"f?, 1 4,,,f ,M ff flfw mrgf Lf' fwfrflef iH?fS:fI'f!5hl?TY Ldoidu' iofzqaf !1DD, f 1' c-,xeixf SWF' Q4 me Roucirf 1 ,, 219 . - 5f:Ew5 WEMPQHY-is Y . ' TUE Go Less . , ., l FLAT-IPOCIVS. G9 sw- f J ,T l at " Y " li y H 'va me g xfw'--C 11, CQ L LAKE woo fre . ' is Ngo I S R CouN'rRYcLus2, 'Eff-' ,-i-' if . M I ,,,,1,j' 1 ,,,.-' . xxx 'xffgklf o .,.- -' ll' !""In.,l' . o A xfvx-Tl'x'x .J lxxx. , ,x""'1',t.Lf C Qefjg-LQPHQ 9 .-.. Florin. o' so at A oil Z q., -yr 'T'-Ra1m:TFrJ I I FAVORITE PUBLICATIONS R. E. Coleman--Keeping up with Lizzie. H Floy Schumacher-Parker's Rlght of Way." Shorty Meairs-Little Women. Pan-sy Mitchell-The Wall of Men. QHW. Edwin Fickel-Grimes Gold- ' I V ,I ,ur 1-V H i , NO BoNEs LOOSE ' I Elizabeth appeared at dinner in all her glad ragsp Soon the Voice of the rag man Was, heard, calling, "Rags, old clothes, bo-nes." Nichols: "Elizabeth, crawl un- der the table."i ' Jack Raymond and A Hodeck must go down in fame as the Nor- mal students Who made 31.56 G TI-aggggde Jenks '- Arkansas apiece, for going down to a ,col- . Mr. Foote-The Choir Invis- Ored Church andfsondlglliggtligg- lble' frm? Shoiflli a efohibition and F. E. Alder-EVerybody's. ac' preac 6 on p Emma Cowan-The Last Word. Hodeck led 'the prayers' A C. OF E. STUDENT'S OPINION . 7 W What do I think of the Normal? What does a dog thlllk If 3 C3126 negfsnthal Puppy has mastered the rudimelllglry 231195105 gidwjatlgggome - z o y mg he learns is to chase a cat. tr-2151. fe ani the Cat respects HCquainted the hound loses his hatred for the e 1 , . the dog. So it is with College and Normal students.. WZ 133113 telfllxgclg much Of YOU Normalites at first, but We get used tfghifgg alto COnSid,eI.a, Vanis ' ,ever . . hes as We see more of you. Talfgflg. ,Y t S, who hke to tiong th - h rah roo er , e old maid school marms, ,the Fgung athlete? who cant swat, foot agalnst C. of E. and youi aspirlllg Y ft low defeat, you are not a bad set, you Normalites, aH.fgi2iiIICfi3'g?3Ve,ggS a the College and was notfbrave enough to commit sul , last resort,,I would enroll in K. S. N. 221 ,EDT K- Lge, .X -Q ,I , , . . wh I TQ? lvl.: ,vu-5 4. ,,.,,.,.-Q. ,, E ..4nv- . ,N , , fm. 1' , 433' WILLI5. Ks na H.GLGTf UJLR Ndhafff. , 223 . .,. , wmv, wrV1f-H N S Mr. Glotfeltefs Answer Weaccept the bold, bombastic challenge of the swelling senrors, mod- estly and kindly. We have not decided the score, -but -shall not humlllate them by making it excessive. Our team will consist of Mr. Mullins, who will play center. Mr. Mullins has the longitude of the International date line, but is almost devoid of latitude. Crispin, the opposite of.Mull1ns, will play fullback. He has been on a diet of raw meat to make him fierce. Singular will play forward and also backward. Claire Turner will set any broken necks. Dr. White' will have charge of the emergency hos- pital and will carry the ginger bottle. Brown, a deep sea fisherman, and Campbell, who had his training chasing jack rabbits in Oklahoma, will officiate at the goals. Dr. Triplett will be in the judge's box to keep tab on the cases of neu- rosis without psychosis, in other words, bonehead plays. Dr. Smith will do the fancy steps. Mr. Charles Hill cannot be at the game on account of domestic felicity. Farmer Belting, our White Man's Hope, is be- ing trained for .sub-center. Farmer Phipps is training for goal shooter. We expect his knowledge of "craps" to stand him in good stead. He is an expert on fowls and .will tend to this department, Dr. Ide-n will offer the invocation and Professor Foote with his unparalleled company of barn-stormers will sing the doxology. Between halves, it is planned to have a dozen. ormore of the beautiful maidens of the faculty perform the Highland Fling. . s H 274 fic ,ffl I.. H 225 , Q X X, ,X .NIWW Eckdall Mgcaftyls i resting i Our bookstores are your bookstores - l Are ready to accomodate you in any manner , in Our motives are more sentimental than sordid. ' Glad t0 Cash Your checks or or sell you stampsi - Same courtesy as though more lucrative ' . Make our stores your headquarters 3' , Have never lost a Normal.student's account 1 Of hundreds of checks casheclg have not lost one I Your credit is established' at these stores it When teaching, send us yourorders large or., small - T Can supply any boolipuhlished injthe -World reasonably If not in stock, will order forkyoupromptly. ' , Duplicate or reduce all competition. See? '.Tryusi ' We wish you, our friends ofthe class of '13, all Of th? good ihere is in life, which yolur work among .us has shown you so well tomerit. . . ' ' V ' l Eckdall 8: McCarty i Normal Book SIZOIC Green Book Sign Near Normal 227 ...,. i ' f- ,L Egg, f f"' 6 - I IN PRINTING COMPANY TI-JECCEIDMIS-IDEiRi!ilAL AND SOCIETY PRINTERS EMPORIA, KANSAS 'MASONIC TEMPLE PHONE 688 I' MORRIS DRUG CO - DRUGGISTS 423, Commercial, Phone 68 Emporia, Kansas MYSER BROTHERS SINCE I 895 The home offine china, rich cut glass, art brass, electroliers, etc. The big china store with a state-wide rep- t t' f hi h uali and 1 u a ion or g q ty ow prices. You are always - welcome 609 Commercial Street, Emporia, Kansas D. L. M o RGAN PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON West Sixth Avenue Over Citizens National Bank SMITH LUMBER CO. A. H. SMITH, Manager Lumber and Building Material Corner Sixth and Constitution Emporia, Kansas f , . I N S 1 I X x 1 , I f N 1 WW i X ' - 53:11 I 5:j.g' '-I'5rf 2:, .. ,E - , 1552::5:5:,:5 :2x:vs:z31:f:2:5:5- Z -:L-..,:,. -::.f. -'4:A:4x.rf.1': :1v:1:q:-:-'.--r""- fszt-,Q-:,1:: r::q:y :px-:-:r: -, -4:. a:5:4: ::9::-1-,wmr S Z f A Q 2 ff ' ff S Mik a ,Af f f f Q , 4 " 1' om. 5 1 ,I 1,31 Y 6, 74, 1 3 XML, '+,, gi ,zfQ?4?,f3f .I 1, 2 'W K ,, 4491- 0 55? Maya 'X Q N, aff 77 6 5 xpgi if ,M 5 0 A f f ' fW?3: X114 1 ' of 'Wy f 4 N QNX 4, yf, ,iz ,fa XA! Q yi Zf?'f""'fff.+ VS' 'Qt xr , ff f 41f?f4f 1 fff, 99, , X y 1 Q fgafffffzff ,f ,fvwvzwtfs-te , W + we .W"'f' ' f SM 'N :':f.P'ffj'5:Ef: ' ' i' f'l':"'fFI 1:15"-FrE:3?ef3i37.iJ'5f'. -I-'rr-'vcyv' .,-:-4-I:-V , " ,:-f',f-:,:af-f2ff-4-:--2-r-'-H:-:K-1:14m:,::m:-Q-.-4.-:r:2":r-:-:-:-n:2:1'v- fry Xg1'M'-Q'-V I 1 ' COI..YAR'S BARBER SHOP Students eat, drink and be merry at the Turkish Candy Co. The home of good things to eat 228 Kansas State Normal School r CPEIYUTICHY of Music I-IE. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC is an integral part of the Kansas State Normal School, ancl' offers superior aclvan- tages for the stucly of music. Well organized courses are offered in piano, 'voice culture, Violin, or- chestral ancl loand instruments, theory and history, of music. , Also special courses in piano for teach- ers of public school music, ancl for others, who clesire instruction in playing music suitable for kincler- garten,Vgracles and general school exercises. Courses leading to a cliploma of graduation and to a certificate of merit are offered. g Send for Cczmlag Jqalalress all commumcalzons to 73resia'eni of Kansas Slate Ofmdl SCIIOUI qfmporia Kansas 229 "The High Moral Tone W 3' V . , o 5 S 9 C, x D Q-1 S.. -'Q F R. '1 A X 5 X px Atieniion -NORMAL i ,Attention PETERS HARDWARE COMPANY ls 'headquarters for the lead- ing athletic and sporting goods. Our stock-is always complete with the very best for all branches of athletics. . QHDO not forget the "BUSY Corner" when you are wantj ing anything in basket ball, track, tennis, baseball or gym- nasium outfits. ' i PETERS HARDWARE VDr. A. W. Corbett Office 5-I8 Commercial---Over Good Luck ' Shoe. Store ogy.. Hours: 9:3010 10:30 a. fn., 2 lo 4 ' and 7 to 8 P- im- Office Phone I63 Residence Phone 339 A W. O. Roberts i Tailor Suits Made as Ordered 'Repairing a Specialty E ' 'A -A Over Stag Shop Bgzoigczgyisngf Phone 128913 We lnvite Your n Banking Business s llIAncl are glad to open an account with any farmer, merchant or other individual desiring prompt, efficient and satisfactory service. We transact all branches of the banking business, handle savings accounts, rent safety deposit boxes, collect drafts, and allow interest on time deposits: lllifhe return of every dollar deposited in this bank is guaranteed. r The Emporia State Bank STUDENTS! While on the way down town ' don't forget to stop at Green's, ' SOI Commercial. lnspectour gro- ceries and fresh meats. Why let picnics and luncheons give you trouble when a trip to our store will give you what you want at the most reasonable prices? Stop in and wait for the car. , ' W. I-I. GREEN' Phone I 044 T. A. LEACI-I DENTIST Telephone 498 Over Model Clothing Co. . l H. A. TIBBALS R ' Registered Optometrist i f E - Glasses Filled and Salisfacliohi' i Q i IE G 1 d S S r R umm ee Q ,, cLUTHilNEi gp.-5 S ' so r E1'FiP01'ia, KaI1Sas We Miake a Specialty of Fine' - is Q Watch Repairing '- i J S i YOUHQS Men S Qnrinigt mmm ' 526 Commercial Street U i ' U Emporiai Kansas ' Vi S. T. WILSON C. M. WILSON K THE STAR GROCERS OF EMPORIA A Complete Line of Slaple and Fancy Groceries PHONE 42 S 625 COMMERCIAL Try Goods, Shoes, Millinery W omen's Ready-iw Wear Q i DRY Goan Co G - - s a A. sT..EM 5-. f' The Store W here Qualify 13 Always the First Consideration 239 "' -frvwyfm ------ X X 1 I .- - PATTERSON LOIB Miuqnm APT'i1"'Q 1012.0 Com, L LJ f F QF 'YU TMA. XVfWBANT U?-8 Cu mEwa.vm- M Q X' m Wggg W5 wma 241 rd! AA WJ A: K NIIQ- f -f ,N ' ' . .al V , .,Q...,..-. ,..,... ga NRL-4-A .I ICS I il HE SIGN or-' THE Doc and the dia- Tp S5 FM moncl and D. 6: M. guarantees the 1 X i T quality of the baseball, bat, glove,' football, basket ball, tennis racket or article of athletic clothing on which it is found. The D. 6: M. line of athletic furnishings at special prices, feature this department of our store. Out- of-town students especially are invited to come here and make themselves at home, The Hardware in ' Y' -' l "GET IT AT GRAHAM'S" c Fme PICUITCS, BQ0ks for Libraries, Stationery and Wall Paper at the i GRAHAM BGOK STORE 623 Commercial Street . E'mP0l'ia, Kansas i . . LOOMIS i PHoTocRAPHER 242 4 , 66 HE camera cannot lie" is an D oft-repeated saying. In fe ality the camera is the worst of all liars in unskillful hands. Our Pictures Are Trutlzful, Yet Pleasing I L. G. Alvord R ' . 133:22 Wig Bath N0 Adlacent Building ng ate' No Inside Rooms I-IGTEL WHITLEY E-mPoria, Kansas On Sdflfd Fe Trail Across the Street From Opera House A A anal Near Garages Two Hundred Feet of Porch European Plan Steam Heat JASON AUSTIN , I4 West Seventh Avenue P r0pricf0r W. R. IRWIN Newton Baseball, Football, Tennis and A A Athletic Goods Works 4 Kodaks, Cameras and Photo Supplies 506 Comercial Street Emporia, Kansas 329 Commercial Street Emporia, Kansas F Q W. Haight, Pres. R. E.. Wortman, Mgr. PIONEER MUSIC CO. Emporia, Kansas Everything in Musical Merchandise All the Latest Popular Music Pianos Rented-Pianos Sold on Easy Terms MRS. CARL BALLWEG ' Ladies' Hatter ' I Students Receive I 0 Per Cent Discount On All Goods Bought 425 Commercial Street Emporia, Kansas I F A f, W uf. ,f,,,,f,.f.. f , .I I 3 244 I x, 1 I F h i 6159 Tpququ Lgxop ANL IR f PBI-1 for ' L ,L Xlqsfwg' Aifiar H1221 xffiffiw X X f N x Q 47ar-U5 W fi A J Au X Ninnqzr .NCjfv:I.xs.E1S1" 'YL EW? 4.x - 246 AuerbaChrQGuettel- Home of Hart, Schaffner 6: Marx Q7 ' Clothes---"L" System Clothes g J for College Men W CL THING co 5Ol'Com'l NL N. camersth Ave. Stetson. and uqravenetten Hats? Manhattan Shirts, just Wright" and Washburn T Shoes, I-leicl Caps ' A All the leading lines that students want---Prices consistent with reasonableprofit---One price to all r ROWLAND PRINTING COMPANY I9 West Fifth Avenue . K f x Book, Commercial anclsoclety Printing T ' V Engraved Invitations ancl Cards I f T .. X mfr? f p s y Telephone 201, Emporia, Kansas The Martin Laundry Company T I3-I7 West Fourth Avenue, Phone 96 The Only Modern French Dry Cleaning System in the City ' Try It Gas Irons Operate for One-Half Cent Per Hour The Emporia Gas Company Telephone 286 "A Gas Range is a Coal Stove With a College CSJUCUUUV' 247 Auld Acquaintance You know, Of course, With, Fill teachers and pupils, H1090 famlllaf geographical aids, I The Rana McNa11Y Maps and Globes 4 But do you know that in the early days Rand' McNally 8: Company mapped the great West when de- tailed delineations of that section were obtainable from no other source but the government? 1 When you have schools of' your own, remember , this, and 'remember that with Rand McNally Sci Com- pany you willffind the largest col- lection A of Qmaps . and globes in America. - A , .Rand McNally 8: Co. Chicago , ' A . New Yorkv Th e Emporia Gazette Book and Commercial Printing - N,s Il Cs sil- .IIIIJ ':"l.1-f eluidlaziff '-v ni ' KANSAS EDUCATION . Kansas is 'developing distinct educational ideals and plans. The best of these ideals and the most usable of these plans are found in the pages of The Kansas School 'Magazine Continuing theelntefestate Schoolman A Pllliliglififl monthlywexcept July and August, at Emporia, Kansas. Sub SCI'1Pfl0I1,e,Sl.25"perg year. Ask ffor a sample copy. Keep up with Kansas education.. A Red Cross Pharmacy ' X Headquarters For lce Cream Sodas Q Come in ancl see our new iceless fountain Everything new and clean 624 Commercial ' Why Not Get The Best? A E. E. Anderson A lVlen's Tailor 5 I6 Commercial, Upstairs Phone 598 l 248 ANQ 8 , 1-No O sf 1 or-51. of Je L.o -.1Nnfu,'IgQLru g U Q:r'v1L'-1 Fu 7 --- Sunflower Illustrations By i ' Hammersmith Engraving Co. The College Publishers Artists, Engravers and Printers S Makers of High-Grade College Annuals Two Complete Plants 501 South Dearborn Street, Chicago l I6 Michigan Street, Milwaukee A Visit to Crosby's Has An Educational Value l qll-lere the' trend of the newer fashions finds earliest reflections, here the newest products ofathengreatest mills and factories of Europe and America find first representation, here big lots of goods bought at under their value, as concessions present themselves are brought for speedy disposal. p qIRecent improvements and the addition of. two new buildings permit us to proclaim our store the largest in the state. .A distinction we are indeed proud of. qllt always has been and always will beiour purpose to make ours the store accomodating, the homelikeistore for everybody. We will serve you well when you come in person and just as well for anything you may inquire about through the mail. qIAnd so we invite you to come and bring your friends, that they may enjoy with you, the facilities we offer for pleasurable and profitable shopping every day in the year. The Crosby Bros. Company Topeka, Kansas ZSI The Shopping Center of Kansas is Located at This Big Store Qllwhere fashion has its highest' interpretation. qlwhere merchandise comes and goes so fast and in such quantities that the stocks are always new and fresh. Q qlwhere you will be offered only goods of reliable quality. ' qlwhere you can always find the qualities you want+at the right prices. V qllivery town in Kansas sends customers to this store, for we re- fund railroad fare to out-of-town shoppers, according to the amount of goods' purchased. We also pay parcel post and express on all mail orders in Kansas. Q The Mills Dry Goods Company Topeka, Kansas 252 r 4 ' "' Y"i""l'i"""""""

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