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.diy Ty " QM 6031 Qfgdiiyil wiZQgil,fi9j5Q6Wb snyfb X93-9j35HX9,Rx y', , by yi? if Effie Bifiwwgj 9 65 xm:Q9 QfS9UQw MH Qay dQE?.Q3gMNrwQp W MQWRQ QXZEBFKQE sy ! wiv Mmifgw 2153 ww' WMQ WWQQQ fWMgMmWw X1 JmmmQwd ? f?+O J 5 gkwg mciwex jiff QL lflcbwf fwqLffgHc6 1' dzdld the 60130 wyuf 01055 H wow RO Cid!! M90 W'H'+Qf0Lf6m fig mV' WM0Qmwmf bo V? Egg L Uwiwcuqggf QA f O X95 X , In U YJ, ,N .1 , Q F .XJ I W QCP? Wy 59 MXQDWKLQO ' :Ng Q5 ,f-Q QSBN NLTESJ 1 , x G .X V NK fad 0' 5 gm? g9,f5'Qgg5p4wfy QQ L5 n WM VQN5?g5?3?5f We We Qi N- oi ff? U Wm ,dk lb Q' gif Q Qs FX iff, M nv 9 V515 163 J-QM ' , ' x L, AQ, Q-Q54-55 r fig, JW fb fx Xp fs? . 1020 wld 041 3 Www 221425 winged I fl fi mfgm? gig Qi Hi? Ziff 5522 my mfg 332352 5950 ,J QW w'ZiEaiQ' , QPfP529f5Ng2iZ if Qs? 5 X X ESQ fj5QigQ W' sf QD Q ' 3 V666 5 , Q56 TE Student LH Faculty. . ........ . . . 11 1 1 M A 1 - Student Body . . . .8140 1981 RE-ECHO Emporia High School 3302 W. 18th Emporia, Kansas 66801 Volume LXX I 'W 'L 0 Spotlight on Exercise and Recreation Whether it was participating in a rigorous game of touch football or finding that special soft spot on the sofa to watch a good movie, everyone had his or her own way of relaxing. Many of us enjoyedjogging. either early in the morning or late at night. It wasn't unusual to see a person jogging down the street clad in a grey sweatsuit under brightly colored shorts. Some of us ran to shed pounds and others did it to get into condition and build stamina. Senior Lisa Bradley often got up at 6 a.m. to jog "forthe health of it." Though Emporia is far removed from the snow-covered slopes of the Rocky Mountains, snow skiing was fast becoming a popular sport. Around 175 of us hit thc slopes 'W 1 tk ii t X , , ,I , 5, .jymmjv X ' ri r,,' 'W , ,gi,t Opening i m..,,+ , ' - 35. .'..w,,f ,1a:.G.m.mzw11: cwest.. fif.,. .Q ...es..a.'.:g1 during Christmas and Easter vacations at resorts like Winter Park. Breckenridge, Loveland, Vail, and Copper Mountain. Those of us who had been skiing were easily recognized at school by our painfully sunburned faces. -1 With the opening of ldle Times, across from Godfather's. students found yet another way to unwind. Pinball games like "Gorgar" and "Middle Earth" were popular ways to fill our fun time, along with electronic games like "Bandito," "Witch Hunt" and, of course. "Astroids." When we were really uptight, nothing could beat kicking oft' our shoes. putting on a pair of headphones. and tuning out the world as a way of escaping from the tensions of school. jobs and home. e fs P .4 , 4 I if as gsagaira. ,tzswf 13:4 ,sr:4c'z:Lnffa2rei,1'si1amir.e.'m1r+J.e1warm g,.:: -as ff . V '-. W vfng. "H H rc "",. Spotlight on transportation Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and bicycles we all needed transportation to get around town. Most of us had to agree, cars played an important part in our lives. Freshmen only dreamed about the day when they could drive, as they sleepily boarded the school bus at the crack of dawn. Sophomores pleaded, threatened, and promised anything to get that first license. "Please, Dad, everyone I know has a driver's license. Look, I can run errands, pick up my little sister at school when it snows, and help drive on long trips. C'mon, Dad, just think of all the time I'd save by not riding the bus that I can spend on homework. Please, Dad, 'ff' everyone else .... " Remember? p Juniors that were persistent enough to get a driver's license soon tired of using the family car on Saturday night only. Summer jobs provided the cash for their first car, but they were soon tired of their '67 clunkers and waited in eager anticipation of the day when they could buy that brand new Porsche on the showroom floor. i Seniors, after buying that second car, found themselves holding two jobs to pay for gas, which ran anywhere from S7-520, insurance that was sometimes as high as S420 a year, and general repairs on brakes, mufflers and tires. All this just for that brand new PINTO on the showroom floor. llflii 5 "' ' 8299 .,, 'T' f W ,s s K W at V' t, .N Mfr if 4Jl,,,7, I 'Viz .Jig 5 A., 2.25 ,nn-w -, . 'ft ,.,.,., , f ' ' Q' 1, . . , - H Y , .Z :iw , ,,,, ,A.,,. . ,A . , i , ,,. ,,u: 1. :,: Qi? ,., , A.., , ' W .iv , M. . , we 5 ,MW , . . '-11iii--' ""f"""":,.,,, ,. ., , ' :H ,fibre f V ,ww .,,,,, L L Y l z i r ill Pick-ups were a popular mode of transpor- tation for the "ropers" in school. l2l Kelly Ratcliff, sr., shows off his Toyota jeep. 13, Wilma Mason, jr., adjusts the mirror on her moped before leaving for work. 141 Although for the most part, only juniors and seniors drove, the student parking lots were usually filled to a capacity of 450 cars. 151 John Muckenthaler, sr., drives his '38 Chevy in the Homecoming Parade October 17. Riding on the car are Gail Fuller, sr., Matt Lazzers, soph., Gary Fuller, soph., and Kurt Swint, jr. Spotlight on jobs Money continued to be a necessity to most of us. As prices rose, neither money from our parents nor the weekly allowance managed to cover the cost of owning a car, buying clothes, or paying for recreation. Many of us began to realize this and 47070 of us found jobs. Most girls around Emporia began by babysitting for one dollar an hour while many boys delivered the Gazette for about S75 a month. Then we graduated into the minimum wage bracket: the scramble of the fast food restaurants such as Vista, Hardee's, Wendy's, and McDonald's. A few of us finally managed to find jobs which were relaxing, offered great hours. and paid above minimum wage, like those who worked at jewelry stores, in camera shops, or in business offices. One problem did arise from making money: the dreaded grade drop. Going to school and working took up most of our days, and there never seemed to be enough time for homework. Finally, grades began a nose dive. However, most of us somehow managed to combine the two. It was just all a part of coping with life. E i ff ' "" L 1 V n i ' ' W. ,Z 'f 5' :rf '- -Q2 'V I ny smmmm -34 gg: ' X . EX-K , -fiat 'lv' ,.: 1 .ggwl 1' Ns 'W-Yl1 Spotlight on social Iye Partying was a major part of our year. School functions like football games and dances brought us all together, but it was after the games or dances that we broke into groups to "pa1tv." Groups of girls cruised around scouting for boys, while groups of guys parked their cars at Vista, Safeway or David's to girl watch. Sometimes we all ended up going to a party at somebody's house. We always managed to find something to do. Dating was a big part of high school life for some of us. Couples sometimes split the cost for eating out or going to the show or the drive-in, but some of us ended up watching T.V. at each other's houses to save money. fs? ' r., gif . Jw 'W' 4.5 .. "E x A ll X ,ff K 1 O DIE NA E OQGE OHFSUD While we partied, we really dressed up or we just wore jeansg there seemed to be no "in-between." Jeans were still the fad, but "baggy pants" were making an appearance. The "preppy" look was just beginning for girls, with a plaid pleated skirt, a white blouse with a little black ribbon at the neck, a matching vest, knee socks and loafers. Guys sometimes surprised everyone by wearing three-piece suits to school. Few Emporia girls actually tried the Bo Derek look, but several of us experimented with French braids or pigtails. No matter how much we partied during the weekend, we always realized by Sunday night that the reality of school would hit us again on Monday morning. ,lf we- .ff Q1 5, uk. fy bi .N 1 1 " s Neitieit J if fe . S 4 or ml ttetiwg i it W we A H MJ .-igt tot ff ki Uri 5 'J f ' N. .513 sk .RFQ Q ik QL 2 if m Wiki i QM1,gL mls L. ii ii . , ii ffl .J A s it ikifwi it 0 i Q LS CL il' 'L ijiijdi fl ' Q- vi bm A L ij 5 I ...xx ,, e-Sa-. ,- gr.. ' E ng.isrj3.' Safes tu? 4 Ai! if pig .ii if tlj The basic American diet includes a hamburger and fries with a Coke to wash it down. t2j Helayne Dorsey, jr., wears the new baggy pants fashion. 131 Julie Decker, jr., and Greg Enserro, a 1980 graduate, eat out at Pinata before going to a movie. 141 After a usual night on the town, juniors Lisa Mitchell, Julie ESU Greischar, Helayne Dorsey and Carol Fowler joke around on Vista's parking lot. 151 Emporia students often go out to find entertainment at the Petite Twin movie theater. t6j Juniors Anne Wurtz, Carol Fowler, Jill Duerksen and Lisa Mitchell engage in a pillow tight at a slumber party after a football game. Opening ZZ Aj y . X X 111 Showing their spirit by dressing as quin- tuplets on Twin Day, October 10, are seniors Kathy Parks, Angela Buck, Becky Zirnstein, Janice Butts and Lisa Cotte. l2j Performing during the pep assembly October 17 are drill team members Julie Hoover, sr., Elisa Lowen- stein, sr., Janice Roth, sr., and Helayne Dorsey. jr, 131 Demonstrating his expertise as "King of the Log" is Freshman Wally Pope at the Renaissance Festival near Bonner Springs October 4. up J.V. cheerleaders Tracy Jarvis, sr., and Jamie Henderson, soph., sell balloons the homecoming game October 17. Spartan Club sold the balloons two for a quarter to promote spirit for Homecoming. 151 Juniors Paula Facklam and Anne Wurtz take it easy at a newspaper paste-up October 6. 1 0 Calendar rr: . if ' Z i sf file 1. My .733 nv h. L A - Q fp " x . " Q .- ':-we , 's vi' " ri. 795' 'Jglv-V 1 l .tl -T . 1, V 1+ a nf' i,Ywr.- V1 ' . A Q-J' , a ,., p .5 ,v J, 'ue' 'rw' W if' .. A: V, ,, ' -wfpl , ,i 'i 1.1 V? 36 f Q 'Y 5 .,,si if 3 J! 5 f, V ,w '5 'M be 'fi ,x, 1,,,, . if r ii' 35, J 5 'wr ' M- W -, S 4. 9114 M nw ,K K, If ,wr 'wigs -1 J Q we I DE IFE g, gh "Ai aff ,4""Qf'fB'A vt ' l ' . .Syn X I . 'f . . , x I 'r 'pmw M015- X -,-,,v.w N 2 "ve gulf!! 3 1 V 1 8" " ,,,.,............l--1-- October Y .aff if 1 1 . A' 3' M 9 W ., W. ...N Scene I: Tall fi A . rudging back to school wasn't exactly the way most of us planned to beat the heat. Across the nation, temperatures were still soaring above 1106 by the end of August' g f if T' A 'A i As the first bell rang, we filed into the gym for our annual "Welcome Back! Freshman Intimidation" speech. When the last of the new students finally discovered the gym, they were trampled underfoot as we all stampeded to our second hour class and slowly settled back into the routine of school. Activities began in earnest the tirst of September. The Spartans Marching Band 'presented their first concert September 4 in the gymnasium. Then Kayettes sponsored the annual Back-to-School Dance the next night. A new system was tried for Picture Day, September 10. All freshman and sophomore gym classes filed to the auditorium the first of each hourg juniors were called alphabetically at the end ef each class. s While all the clubs were selling memberships, Kayettes found they had sold tive too many. Five senior guys had paid membership dues and were given the "go-ahead" by the sponsors. Administrators said "no," saying the boys would have to form their own club, Kays. Between September 15-20, many of us watched NBC's mini-series, 'Y Shogun. " Over 75 million people tuned in to the series, making it the most watched program since "Roots" "I thought 'Shogun' was excellent. The acting was good, photography excellent, and the costumes were really good. I think it really helped that they jilmed it on location. Although I'm not an expert on Japanese history, it appeared to be quite realistic. ' ' Arvina Lumley Presidential Candidate John B. Anderson stepped into the election spotlight when he won the necessary 1596 ofthe vote to be spiders participate in thetelevised debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters on September 21. President Jimmy Carter refused to participate, saying Anderson was not a viable candidate. Candidate Ronald Reagan, however, did debate Anderson one-to-one. The candidates were off and running in the presidential horse race, and we were gearing up for Homecoming. 12. Q..-I .4 N1--N if I x , ,Gs 143 I A J kia N ' ' 1 fx gg N . 2 jf? ffisna' W ,f ' ' , T 'T' V, ,, WP 1 i mw.,V, r Vixi jf., desk tornado N '51, 1, 'jf :y 4 a i1,,1,,fffff ,,,,,,,,,,,,f,,,,, - COKE. lhe evening of October 17 was clear and cool. Our .eyes were focused on the queen candidates as they walked on tothe tield at Welch Stadium. Tension was high while each candidate was announced. Then cheering and clapping took over when Dana Ginavan was announced as the 1981 Home- coming Queen. Preparation forthe festivities had been going on for weeks. Math Club sold mums for the football game, four organizations and four classes began planning their floats, and the band and drill team worked for weeks on a special show for half time. Meanwhile, girls were searching for long dresses for the dance while guys ordered corsages. Queen candidates, announced during the October 3 pep assembly, were Shana Bollinger, Becky Cranz, Dana Ginavan, Sandy Wells and Cassandra Zurich. A parade brought the girls to the stadium where Dana later reigned over the winning game against Leavenworth. "It was really an honor to be chosen as Homecoming Queen, but the best part of the game was watching our team beat Leavenworth. " Dana Ginavan Black Market Art Club won first place of S50 in the mini-float contest. The floats were taken to the tield before the game Friday night, and balloons decorated the stands and floated through the air during the game. "'Make a Little Magic" was the theme for the homecoming dance featuring "Monarch" the next night in the gymnasium. Decorations were peach or brown table cloths, accented with strips of crepe paper and carnations. , W I, X iggwgg Q5 , , 1 Sei? 7 A L 'friif I 2 - fi ,Q -waive. - ea ' rw- vi-J"'f2', 1 if: 1 'iii u-:vez 1 N 455 ' 4' "Qi . at . no aan! , y an . - 4, 3 , Z M V, . . YJ' " QW- iiiiifti , W, .. V, , in V., I .M 1-A f M 9 1:8 digg 6 , isp fly Spirit flowing, seniors Deborah Brown and Jennifer Wycoff cheer as they ride on a truck during the Homecoming parade October 17. Q21 Dana Ginavan shows her happiness and surprise as she watches the Homecoming football game October 17. 131 PIGSKIN QUEEN CANDIDATES AND ESCORTS: Sandy Wells and Jeff Coburn, Shana Bollinger and Arnold Graham, Dana Ginavan and Jerry Heidebrecht, Cassandra Zurich and Brad Thomas, Becky Cranz and Gabe Sosa. 143 Congratulating Queen Dana Ginavan, sr., after the crowning ceremonies is 1980 graduate Pam Haselhuhn. 151 The winning mini-float by Black Market Art Club is pulled by Melora Creager, fr. -A-av X' fl 1.4, Fall 1 5 C0111- ictober began with a big bang with the Kayette Variety Show October 1. The Kayettes donated over S500 to the American Heart Association. Following this, on October 14, StuCo sponsored the movie "Ice Castles" for our evening entertainment. October could have been named "test month." There was the S.R.A. test for sophomores, the A.S.V.A.B. Service test, the Junior Kuder test, the P.S.A.T. National Merit, and the usual end-of-the-quarter tests. "College night was really helpful because it emphasized fnancial aid information and gave us a chance to learn about the colleges we want to go to. " JejfCravens Classes began in earnest to work on money-making projects. Juniors and freshmen planned bake sales on October 11, and junior magazine sales began. The Fall Concert on October 22 featured a wide variety of numbers, including a thirty-minute song called "Gloria," Also on October 27, Kansas colleges presented information about their schools for juniors and seniors on College Night. Meanwhile, a war began between Iran and Iraq. Many of us were uneasy, wondering if a draft would be reinstated. To relieve some of our tension, the World Series began with the Kansas City Royals against the Philadelphia Phillies. All of us loyal fans were glued to the TV set from October 14-20g homework couldn't budge us. In the end, we were let down when the Phillies won in the sixth game, but we were still proud of the Royals. Presidential candidates Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were still battling for votes while the hostages, in captivity for almost one entire year, still saw little hope for release. At home, a serious problem arose in Atlantag fourteen black children were murdered or disappeared in fifteen months. The end of October brought both the end of the first quarter and the celebration of Halloween. We teased our teachers with threats of "tricks" instead of treats, while they reminded us that grade cards wouldn't be passed out until after Halloween! 'Ng ,, I ,pw- Q94 E!! we 0 ..-are -he-me + I ,,,,,, K . f W" up better" wiiflfa Marine recruiter during College' Night Octgjiger 27. 121 Watciiigag over the fnod gg fhe im Saleefivwlsefefhe Octobelffee We 'Kirk Ge5rge?Js5 ei51-whey aridfSEj1iif55hQp snows Mitcheilg how to apply fiiagkeup. Q45 Hudciling around the campfire duringgjthe band party at Camp Aleigujder October Freshman Toed Marshallfggg Bend Diregigxgjlfafyid Hodgesef DfCSSeSiffi?Qf2fg5?hFafS?1 ee ?ffQQfff49fr1vU41e11ia2??f?ES VarietyfS1iQSwii0bt0bef I Andersdd, 55 Sheryl Flizild sf., Joan Soihef, jr., Anne Someg-rg sr., andmkiaet Weaver, sr.,' pkirtraying the rock group, 'fI2EVO." , A e 11,5 We 5,2 yxizigix -M eff 1 I .ixwqislw n I ,I i9'?vf.a!35li 6 .V ' , !l'1'izii!i fig '5 1 5 I g 5 Q ,!,5 pigs ,J I mmli slw X' elee Q E me 7 Fail SCENE 2: I T R results of our school mock election early in November mirrored the national results. Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan ran away with a surprisingly easy victory over incumbent Jimmy Carter on November 4. A special election issue of THE ECHO, announcing local andnational contest' results, greeted the next morning as we 'came togschool. Seniors were already looking toward graduation as they chose announcements and other graduation items. After a slow start, our football team bounced back to win a berth in the state play-offs November 15. Prospects of our making it to the play-offs were dim, as three specitic teams needed to lose November 8 in order for us to make it. Although we traveled to state, Fort Scott dashed our hopes in the first play-off game. p The four-day Thanksgiving vacation was refreshing for all of usg we knew that ence the winter sports schedule began, we'd find our days extremely busy. Relationships among various countries seemed strained. Although talk of release of the American hostages in Iran continued, progress seemed remote. Striking problems in Poland brought veiled threats from Russia. And Jordan and Syria were eying each other with distrust. In the meantime, a devastating earthquake hit Italy, and fire engulfed the 26 stories of the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas, killing 84 people on November 21. Practice lists for the annual Christmas program were released, and winter sports practice begang the "rush" was just beginning. Gif' fs: ii' A Ayii ,, ,, 'DMI' 49 'gm' it .' 4""'i ' fe Fl ,fi F U . , , iv ini-I .1'f""w ,,, " ' 18 Winter W i ,,,f.....,...--- mn 111 Barjgdiijgiimbers trywtojiisipfwarm during foothalif-iifiyiiffs Novemliifgii. Q21 Woikiijg through tiidnight November 4 on the election newsgaper are Jeff Crzivens. sr., Julie Greischar, jr., and Pauig Fack1amQ jr. 131 Co-editof,i,Lisa Hall, sxjgjifinishes theyh yearbQ6K 5QQ?S11iw Wifi? 45235541108 fY0mg RS1???? senrafzeefmfm Mafheg Qhefqge gaing to Hallbweeii. my Dancingafffhe FBLA Dance November 6 is Wilma Mason, jr. 151 Serving themselves at a Singles Survival Dinner are Saliy Haskett, jr., and Instructorlanet Blaufuss. . 5 Winter IIE! he regular Christmas rush began with the Annual Silver and Roses Debate Tournament December 12 and 13. Some of us stayed to time debates, while most ofsus joyfully left school one hour early. Practice for the 45th Annual Christmas Program created havoc for December. For two weeks, practices were held for over 800 students from grades 6-12, disrupting classes until the program was performed December 15 and 16 at White Auditorium. "The music went very well. It hehved bring the meaning of Christmas together. " Dawn Channing, sr. Decorations around school could be seen as Christmas neared. The seniors placed first on the class windows, which Hlightedi' up the school. Holly for the Kayettes also arrived, and parties were more frequent. While the unexpected death of John Lennon December 15 shocked Americans, films of the hostages in Iran raised people's hopes for their release. The White House Christmas tree lights were lit for 417 seconds as a special tribute to the hostages. Trouble with Poland also continued as NATO told the USSR "keep hands off" Poland. "I think it was a terrible waste of a great musician- John Lennon. " Staci Lee, soph. Snow was an unexpected sight for us Christmas Day as the weather had been extremely warm for most of December. As our vacation came to an end, we realized that we still had a little more than half the year to go. 20 Winter 4 ' "ay H 0- 533 7mL1,:i,.,? ,ii EE, i,i:,- x ., .- 4 1, J. y.,.-L,,- W ,i flip, ".,, :Qg:'f'.2Q'.' l"' V' f- 1 H , ,.,,,,,1v,E5 .y.i1lW iiaivgiaff L.5,:5f x ,sr This 1 'Yfp."ga:' fMi,',3 KE X ' 'f' my 'Q r up Mx -ff figs? f xx e-,joy f " X H2-1 1 ' ' vs , ,X ,,,.'1, .Q ? 4 1 .29 J' in H, . , , V fl ? 915 19,1 Q ' :rl f wa: wx - "ij A , , ' :ifi .,. -6 25" '15, r-rr: 'I,',. 'sg f ?, 1rf11'+'1 'K :QM A 'E llie' A - 15. .44 1 LV I Q4 b 3.5, K, , L ry , H., Ti, A ' 3 , .1 H- 5 M. y fi ' Tr. N 1 ff1r E.. 51 hs ""1.. ln front school for a an an Sean jr Jody 16? Club arty ebble anta hand and soph Dorsey C Il6Xf 22 Winter mid rounds Becky Zirnstein and named as the new and Queen during a ruary 6 in the EHS Principal Jerry all the and her court Park game. one of the most exciting year. With just a few Jeff Cravens, sr., tied r in an o sented the Gabe and received little ter Sports , v pulled away to each by the senlor by DJ ,Mike Law Becky Angela Milton and and Marc Campbell, Rios, Kathy Parks and .ce U? Q1 Z, nw lf' 3r Qwnmsmg Mfr K '4'g , .," hr 3' al, - V . ,,.m,,..,,,.,, . sf 14- ' A, , f 4 an fa. ""' W 5' K ll' ., ,, Q 3.4 ff! 3 - lily 1 W ' 451 ,,iA , A , L -W f Aw-at f W T ' ' fx 9""'I'f4T ' ' ' 'S ' T ' X li' "L' V159 HW, ' 1, y 41,15 ,:g.:zglggwfwM4 ' -'ir m.s:w,..u.. . ,..' if W i Lggg p. . . ,L H f f Ngf , --fll ., fz- my. any . wi V,,MgW .fin vii-, I A 'WIA , 1 -, ' . 1- 24 f ' N ' .:1.f'fni':m i,.Q, am :vw H , .... y is 4 g E... 'S L , f .1 I Q . , . L .5 .V 1'Z+s-wif 1 .5 at ' . QY, i,,,,.,. .KF W, M E' 1... . .Q f MMW r W , -Z N' W' J. f!!64wi'P1,1 ' -1- a JW: vi i,l1 V- .:., , Ilf itvwfti, A ' ' "I was totally shocked and excited. I was happy just to be nominated. The game was really goody they really gave an effort. ?! Becky Zirnstein, sr. "I can hardly believe I won. I will never forget this night. The guys really were a great bunch of guys to play with throughout the year. They tried 4 Qs hard all year long. " ' James Stone, sr. 2 3 Winter Sports V, l, V 111 Sophomore Shzidotta Ramirez and Varsity Coach Lloyd Steelegfgeiebrate their new ,tifieias the 1981 CentenxiiQ4i'5:'1Qeague ChampioiiSi'ffi123 Kathy Parks, srqsings "Out of my Dreams" during the musical "Oklahoma" while Junior Anne Wurtz looks on. 131 During the Fifties Day pep assembly Sophomores Jamie Henderson and Amy Schelieaberger dance along with other Spartan Club memheifs and cheerleaders. f Winter! Spring to l ' 2 , 2- , -f.- am:-.V ,N 1 . 1. 12 ! ' if Q 2. ' of''vf'0-'K7?ef?.rgag-,T,,q,wgt.qj,3.k',,,,, K . f K ' ' A l M f , L -I .Q i Y X Alla , I ' 5757- y :ma k X ewoiil-iii kg' iw. s S we Carter finally reaohecl agreementishiifithstlran, leadingfiiilthe release of the Slhostages who haclbeen held prisoner for 444 days. On the same day, Janaaryo 21, Presidentfelect Ronald Reaganjaias sworn in asjgtlteg40th the goood aews,ffafafeaaraaas wash er fsohool. On 29-31, 8th annual Glaoieids Edge Tournament. The wrestleisl took third at state, and the swim team placed the highestfof any SA team at state: Journalism students dominated Regional CfmfeefsaiJMaHhaffae1liFel2Efry but of ifliaalonis, Fred , Alan Steve Won lfegionals and went on to win state flilanfand Fred Wonljrst at state, which gave them the privilegeof attending nationals at Salt Lake City in Utah. h.nn t e e Q 7 Once again theinjlnsical groups eiiteftained the time s isfaoeand 21 ,s High 'Annual Silver ancfohikoses Forensieiffournament vsieffliosted. For the first time, administrators planned ah iliarenf. Teacher meeting to inform the parents of enrollment, thus beginning the long process of spring enrollment. QQ f inthe hostages ami showed theriiffilfe cared wheitfthejz returned. " s s Steve Woogie, sr. "' - is M' .s4ZZl5JI'lT'ii J - L' Q- w.MwiwxwsQ.s5lsZ,',i if ' , , il i l i ll Junior Sarah outreach!! Ottawa opponent during the sub-state basketball tournament while Senior Tammy Nelson looks on. Q21 Practicing verb forms outside in the unusually warm weatherjis the sixth hon: Fyeneh ml glass, Q31 Charlesialleoglesi helps James ,5gtfgg5,,s3,lfg i lQfffSQPl1.g prepare hiseiifgxllnient schednlelifogsi3gggitff3lgjg year- ' wwf " 'K ' mizffr' i Winter!Sprina 5 tlj Alan Rowe, sr., and Janice Butts, sr., reenact a scene that their characters once performed during "See How They Run" November 10. t2j The Marching Band parades through downtown Lawrence September 27 during the 1980 Univer- sity of Kansas Band Day. I3l Jeff Stead, jr., and Kent Chapman rest along with other stage crew members during a Christmas program rehearsal. My Practicing along with the Orchestra for the 45th Annual Christmas Program is Junior Mark Wright. 15, Senior Donny Alcorn shows the audience his talents along with other State Band members during half time December 1. 2 6 Fine Arts SHUT II: INE GRTS I fs iggw 'ff 4' . if C ag, Director chooses dyficult play "See How They Run," presented November 13 and 14, was "a very fast-paced English farce" according to Director Kent Chapman. "I chose this play because time was running out, and I didn't have another one picked to do," said Mr. Chapman. "I had worked with this play some years ago and thought it a good one, so I thought I'd try it again." "The cast really did a good job," said Mr. Chapman. He explained that many of the characters were difficult to portray, and half of the cast was inexperienced in theater work. "An awful lot of time was spent on the production because it is such a difficult one to do," he added. "There were no major changes from previous years except for the fact that all but one of the cast members were seniors." Ken Murray, soph., who took care of sound backstage, said, "The play was extremely fast paced, so the cast had to be alert in order to catch their cues. Then they would have to rush on stage, say a line, and rush off again. This was what made the play so very difficult." Mr. Chapman was pleased with attendance at the two performances. "I saw the play and thought it was pretty good," said Gilda Polley, jr. "l've been in four other plays, but I think this was the most fun to do even though our parts were a little hard," commented Janice Butts, sr. 4 et'Penel0 Luz. ' ...... . TOOP ---- 0 Revere Humphrey Bishop .............. . . . . . .Becky Hawes . .Cliff Greenlifef . . Steve Wooils . . .Mitch Faddis Miss skmion ......,.. ........ Janice Butts Ida ......... . . ...... Tracy West Russian ..... .... R ich Brown Sergeant .... Brenton Bennett Clive 1 . . 28 Fall Play .. . . .Alan Rowe ,,-,, H' 4 x af it l.,,,,-.,,.ov"',Z .. 5 , 1'4A' l to 1 fi- l it + il .y fl ill After having passed out, Miss Skillon Uanice Butts, sr.J sleeps it off. 12j Holly Harvey, sr., works diligently in the stage craft room in preparation for the play performance. 13j Kathy Parks. sr., and Lisa Cotte, sr., mix drinks as props for use in the play. 141 Clive CAlan Rowe, sr.J supports a drunken Miss Skillon. 15j Penelope fBecky Hawes, sr.J and Clive repeat a fight scene that they had performed while touring with a drama troupe. 16j Reverend Toop fCliff Greenlief, sr.J saddens as Penelope informs him that his Bishop brother is arriving the next day. Fall Play 29 Musical a challenge "Musicals are always a challenge and a chore. This year's was really a pleasure and, in my memories, one of the top three musicals we have ever done," said Chorale Director Don Grant of "Oklahoma,', presented February 18 and 19. Mr. Grant chose "Oklahoma" be- cause he feels it is one of the finest shows ever written. "It has not been done here at the high school for a number of years," he said. The show required many special features. These included dance rou- tines, costumes, and stage sets. The dance routines were choreo- graphed by Brenda Jordan, manager of .lordan's Studio of Arts. "I think that this was the best group I have ever worked with," said Miss Jordan. "Rarely do you find a group with no dance training who can do so well, especially guys." The cast was in charge of getting their own costumes. "Some of them made them or borrowed them from somebody," said Mr. Grant. "Because the stage crews did such a good job and got the sets ready early, we were able to start practice early," explained Mr. Grant. The Chorale began practice for the musical approximately tive weeks before the show, and practiced up to five hours a day. Doug Cunningham, who played Curly, said, "I was pleased to have a major part, and it took a lot of hard work, but I would do it again!" The rope twirling performed in the show was taught by Roy Jordan, a local attorney. an V. NW, 3 0 Musical 4, ,CHARACTERS 1in order of appearancej AUNT . . . .... . LAUREY sr.. 4 ......... IKE SKIDMORE . . . SLIM .,......... .WILL PAIIKER. . . I .IUD FRY C' ........ 1, .I . .........KellyUtley Doug Cunningham ........KathyParks . . . .Shawn Smith . . . . .Don Carter . . f2iMike Gentry . . .Robert Reed ADO ANNIE CARNES . . . .... Lisa Cone ALI HAKIM ........ ..... A Ian Rowe IGERTIEEAGEAUMMINGS ttt I. . ..,... .Tracy Jarvis ANDREW CARNES . . . .... David Atherton CORD ELAM ...... A . . ...Jim Myers A A f,,.:f izi A ,I-wg ., 4 It ,k" 39.23 ,, si " " i'1z,fm"f ,f "ff 1- . 2 If-I Sif t? 53 1: it 111 Aunt Eller 1Kelly Utley, sr.J listens as the female singers perform "Many a New Day" before her niece Laurey finds that her love hasn't deserted her. 121 Curly 1Doug Cunning- ham, jr.J performs "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning." 13j Practicing the rope twirling that he performed in the show is Doug Cunningham. 14, Chorus member Denise Dungan, soph., listens to Laurey sing "Many a New Day." 151 As Aunt Eller puts on her garter, Laurey holds her skirt down to avoid disruption. 16j Ali Hakim 1Alan Rowe, sr.J expresses the emotions felt after being trapped by a female pursuer. 171 Ado Annie 1Lisa Cotte, sr.J listens to Will Parker's 1Mike Gentry, jr.J reasoning as to why he is right for her. Musical ram. ' Director is pleasedg Group is balanced As always, the Christmas program was a highlight for the Chorale, and according to Director Don Grant, "This was a real quality performance. " "The Chorale is a very well-balanced group," Mr. Grant said. "The group is pretty well even as to the number of people in each section." In February, the Chorale presented the musical, "Oklahoma," The pro- duction was payed for by the Chora1e's candy sale. On December 6, members of the Chorale competed in the Kansas Music Educators Association compe- tition which was held at Emporia State University. There were seven mem- bers of the Chorale chosen to represent the Emporia District at the State competition. Chorale members presented the Fall Concert October 22 and the Spring Concert in May along with other music groups. They held their annual pizza parties after the Fall Concert, Spring Concert, and the second night of the Christmas program. They also planned a picnic in the spring. "I expected big things from them, and so far I haven't been disap- pointed," said Mr. Grant. l 32 Chorale Mixed Ensemble sings very early A morning performance at 7:15 a.m. for the Lyons' Club Breakfast was a first for the Mixed Ensemble. "Per- forming at 7:15 in the morning made it really hard for us to stay on pitch," said Lisa Mitchell, jr. By December, approximately four- teen performances had been given by the Girls' and Mixed Ensembles. For the first time, the ensembles performed for some of the grade schools. They also had a performance in Cottonwood Falls. Only twice in fourteen performances were the ensembles forced to miss any classes. Many of their performances were done in off-school time. The members of Girls' and Mixed Ensembles were also members of Chorale, and were juniors and seniors. The Mixed Ensemble was made up of half boys and half girls. Q11 Directing the Chorale is Don Grant. t2j MIXED ENSEMBLEg FIRST ROW: Tracy Jarvis, Jamie Seymour. SECOND ROW: Lisa Mitchell, Rob Hulse, Lynette White, Mike Gentry, Holly Harvey. THIRD ROW: Rob Barton, Lisa Cotte, Shawn Smith, Kathy Parks, Joe Mathis. FOURTH ROW: Fred Polzin, Jill Duerksen, Don Carter, Kelly Utley, Doug Cunningham. f3j GIRLS' ENSEMBLEg FIRST ROW: Jenelle Hensler, Lisa Cotte, Joan Somer, Kathy Parks, Sherry Bishop, Denise Coen, Jamie Seymour. SECOND ROW: Jill Duerksen, Lisa Mitchell, Holly Harvey, Kelly Utley, Tracy Jarvis, Becky Zirnstein, Lynette White. t4j CHORALEg FIRST ROW: Shannon Watkins, Jill Duerksen, Mark Christy, Lisa Mitchell, Bernie Gardenhire, Denise Dungan, Joe Morris, Jamie Henderson, Scott Pester, Nancy Schoenberger, Fred Polzin, Becky Zirnstein, John Dennison, Lynette White, Amy Shellenberger. SECOND ROW: Jennifer Wycoff, Jeff Tabares, Denise Coen, Steve Dewald, Tracy Jarvis, Doug Cunningham, Holly Harrison, Mike Gentry, Hope Ellis, Rob Hulse, Martha Berry, Dan Fisher, Lori Siegel, Aneel Taj, Cheryl Plank, Anne Wurtz. THIRD ROW: Holly Harvey, Gilda Polley, Mike Mendoza, Tori Gurley, Chris Walburn, Kathy Dase, Paul Carvajal, Vinessa Davidson, David Payne, Kelly Utley, Jim Myers, Maria Hodowanec, Alan Rowe, Jenelle Hensler, Joe Mathis, Ruth Nichols. FOURTH ROW: Jamie Seymour, Lisa Cotte, Marty Lippert, Sherry Bishop, Robert Reed, Vonda Nelson, Gary Rogers, Kathy Parks, David Atherton, Tanya Cox, David Bales, Andrea Moore, Eric Green, Valerie Unruh, Rob Barton, Joan Somer, Diane Stinson. NOT PICTURED: Janice Butts, Todd Mullendore, Nyla Marks, Tracy Jefferis, Don Carter, Shawn Smith. 151 Rehearsing for the Christmas Program are Lisa Mitchell, jr., Tori Gurley, jr., and Amy Shellenberger, soph. Girls!Mixed Ensembles, 'gm .fb iiiiiiiiigiiig, 4 f Q . 'Hifi Q-'T '....., -: id' 4, g,,Vk 2 'Q ' I .1zsr1f6Fit3w', N 1 1 DU? icult Italian son g performed by Choir A major accomplishment for the Treble Choir was performing an Italian song, "O Pastorelle Addiof' They performed this, and one other song, as part of the Music Festival in Wichita on April 1. Director Don Grant said before the performance, "I expect them to do well. They will be proud." According to Mr. Grant, having the Treble Choir join the Concert and Bell Choirs in the song, "Be Merry, Good People," was a good idea that may be carried on in following years. The Treble Choir was made up of about fifty percent freshmen. "Some of the girls will surely carry over to Treble Choir again next year," said Mr. Grant. The Choir held a picnic in the spring and attended the pizza parties after the Christmas Program and the Fall and Spring Concerts. Qlj Director Maxine Mitchell directs the Concert Choir in preparation for the Spring Concert. 12j TREBLE CHOIR, FIRST ROW: Christie Agler, Shannon Henderson, Terri Moore, Denise Dungan, Tracy West, Gloria Jacobs, Toni Rindom, Heidi Hess, Susan Zug, Rhonda Robison, Lisa Traner. SECOND ROW: Sandra Fowler, Madonna Schafers, Melora Creager, Crystal Moxley, Kimberly Martin, Ruth Nichols, Julie Walker, Carolyn Nichols, Janette Booth, Jennifer Lespagnard, Karen Kimmal, Jodi Glass. THIRD ROW: Tanya Greer, Amy Roblez, Malin Lundgren, Shelley Zinn, Sherri Kennison, Rhonda Cunningham, Lori Holland, Lynne Fothergill, Sherri Barnett, Carmen Clark, Brenda Coen, Lori Smith, Teresa Fry. NOT PICTURED: Lisa Brown, Janelle Harris, Cheri Jolxnson. f3j CONCERT CHOIRg FIRST ROW: Julie Hensler, LeAnn Estes, Julie Hardee, Sandy Keller, Kevin McCabe, Mike Wade, Brian Hayes, Eric Pool, Tammy Huston, Deena McGuire, Lori Potts, Debbie Finney. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Dryden, Becky Drake, Vickie Fowler, Mae Baysinger, Eric Logan, Terry Polzin, Steve Carvajal, Jim Shafer, Tim Wright, Scott Burris, Ginger Gast, Amy Nelson, Kelly Milton. THIRD ROW: Monica Harrouff, Penny Price, Patricia Janacek, Lee Barr, Mike Eveleigh, Darrin Jensen, Kevin Rodgers, Tracy Bowden, Kirk Vernon, Stephanie Spellman, Connie Long, Gloria Jacobs. NOT PICTURED: Lori Burton, Tracy Stead. Ml Practicing for their Spring Concert are members of the Concert Choir. 15l Members of the Treble Choir practice for an upcoming performance. Treble Choir 35 Yolmg Band pulls together A highlight for the Spartan Marching Band was being awarded all ones at the Neewollah competition, November 1. The three ones were awarded for competition in Street Marching, Half Time Performance and Flag Team. When asked how he felt about the competition, Band Director David Hodges said, "So there! We did it!" "I was looking for this year to be a rebuilding year for us, " explained Mr. Hodges. "We lost a lot of seniors last year, so our band is really young and somewhat inexperienced," he said. "We took the approach that we just might not have what it takes to be an excellent band." For the first time, the Marching Band presented a concert for parents and others September 4. "The concert went over very well and gave the kids a chance to shake some of their jitters," said Mr. Hodges. A prayer session before the competition at Neewollah made a lasting impression on all Band members. "We all just needed to be one, so we got together, held hands and prayed," said Mr. Hodges. "This really made us feel united and gave us much confidence and determination." The Marching Band began practicing the last part of July for two hours a day. When school started, they practiced from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. This did not include the individual time that was spent at home. The Band's performances included half time shows, their concert, Com-Cam, Kansas University and Emporia State Band Days, Emporia State Homecoming, the Veterans' Day Parade and the Christmas Parade. ,param wr-ww-...,.,,,W .W...,,.,. iff, . f . ww' 3 ,fun f ' fr a A if f K: Q Q, . ,,, fa, 4- kc'-,SAV ' ae QW, 2 .fe srnnrmmncmnonnunnosrnx P P P 0 P Kai I .- W-.1fa..nfva,mwfwvfznsz1ffff:r " ' 'Q Lt' ' ' .aw ,W .,...,,,,3M,,.W,o,,W.ofyW, . Q. ev lf" PERCUSSION Marty Lipper! Lori Stinnett Matt Larson Julie Noce A Kevin Marshall Velvey Blocker Keith Edwards Todd Marshall David Tracy v Ytt Ken Pope J im J Jim Scott Mogiigomerg Tim Mallams Todd Luther .lim Goodell Tom Taylor Greg Barb Chris Sanderson . P . . Debhieiiiiucalettei Dan Heisler: if John Williams Robert Donahue Mike Wade Marching Band CLARINETS Dawn Channing Becky Marin Colleen Donahue Ron Johnston W Holly Harvey if Holly Harrison Hope Ellis ki" W K K Paula faclilirn , . ,.,, Y, M K Betllgburgesgi Jan ll Ruth Luna 0 K fiifiz shell Mcxinzig u,..e QQ Christi Bradstrgf, Leiglifhnn Rhonda Fowler K TENOR sAxEs 0 David Thornton' - John R91l5141ue1..sf . YIP V' r ij .si -A fi r.,l T ' f L' W T- --,,. , ra.,. Y SDUSAPHOBES :'Tl!fJMB0N'ESf3 ,pp. . SEX FLAGS . DRUM MAJORS K -- -, 1 . 1h k.'. .. 5 1 5 Y 1 . l l X rr E e.,. . f' . P 1 Bob Cravens K 1 MSPFH iiQ?iQ0'1 Alcorn W l K Rulkgen,-llngwll Tammy Nelson gifingela Buck - -- ibana Ginavan f so Blaiii Ervgy ' - Tim Hush C002 - David5CarlsoiQi Asher Havenhill ,, gDeSiree BFOWHUIS, . K K f 5?"eE'wC'e'Se' Q fl::2YS3l':gZ" G . msgs msrnucrons Mi Ciyzcgs Wmgglm R iw is Bev? 'imteinm 1 HYAA ii lrggffa Zu W mam' B"" ,, . ii" ". 5 L P 1 af a ,r.... 0 .'lr... iii i 'iii A 'iii' , euiii' SUSDllLij'l11,EiV or l "k, pkhkky :Angie Pestemfvy V'p:k . or Linda Bgmlffgii iiiii- If flux-s.lulie..Greisrglliar. 'til 5? 1 B mr 11 . . .s ,,,.,, ,..... - ..........- -...-mfglfk , e 'S er- H . IIL- 1 .'.- -w5elaYM.D0P5eY-- -f-31 2 1. ' - Tammy same: ,'-.r',e,- ,"ddc' . Grerglmen Camplzgll s .mg Allen - ip, qgglfdthy Hai-ag? ' - 0 0 r Inn Potts Q kkir ii K. K r Andrea Moore .. K 'K . Kathy Lueker L F Canis Maier ii'i'i Auchard A 3 . Q . . ...... . .... steiiiel T was ddtt 0 ..e. ALTO ssaa c . ...r iile csire Tracy ,L r M Q? .wer gg: so P r Angela Mgtink .lj VW Shglly jackso K me .... f S if i." KIKTLL fly Tim Hush, sr., shows his excitement after the Spartan Marching Band receives all one ratings at the Neewollah competition November 1. 121 Drum major Don Alcorn, sr., leads the Band in their marching routines October 17. 131 Directing the Band during ' its halfgtime performance October 17 is Director David Hodges. my After much hard work, the Spartan drummers demonstrate their talent at the Pigskin half time performance. Marching Band 3 7 Ones highlight year Receiving ones at the state contest, held April 3 and 4, was a highlight for the Symphonic Band. Before the performance, Director David Hodges said, "With fingers crossed I hope we get ones. These kids have the abilityg they just need the desire." "The Symphonic Band is a select performing group," said Director David Hodges. "I select them on the premise of their class playing." "Our first concert was a very good concert," said Mr. Hodges. "Our Spring Concert was a light one which featured special selections and solos." The band performed on January 15 and May 12. On March 4 they held a Band Clinic and Concert. The Symphonic Band performed for the Middle School in the spring. They also took part in the Band Banquet, which honored band members. "About 350 people from the school and community usually attend," com- mented Mr. Hodges. tlj Performing at the Band Clinic Concert on March 4 is Karin Tan, soph. f2j Kirk Hinshaw, jr., participates in the Band Clinic Concert on March 4. Gi SYMPHONIC BANDg FIRST ROW: Kathy Barton, Susan Linn, Linda Fingerson, Desiree Browning, Beth Fisher, Karin Tan, Hope Ellis, Holly Harrison, Colleen Donahue, Becky Marin. SECOND ROW: Dan Froelich, Tina Allen, Kirk Hinshaw, Debbie San Romani, Lionel Auchard, Dana Ginavan, Paula Facklam, Holly Harvey, Mary Gerhardt, David Thornton, Julie Sauder. THIRD ROW: Todd Luther, Tim Mallams, Scott Montgomery, Tammy Brown, Jim Gravatt, Don Alcorn, Bob Haselhuhn, Jeff Cravens, Tammy Nelson, Asher Havenhill, Forrest Creager, Tim Hush. FOURTH ROW: David Hodges, Julie Noce, Ken Pope, Marty Lippert, Lori Stinnett, Velvey Blocker, Matt Larson. NOT PICTURED: Phil Bender, Rob Pennington, Dawn Channing, Garry Rifenbark. 38 Symphonic Band Band eager to learn "This year's band is the best Concert Band I've ever had while here at the high school," said Director David Hodges. The band competed in the State Contest April 3 and 4. "In previous years they've received 2's, and I expect much the same this year," Mr. Hodges said before the perfor- mance. All but two of the members are freshmen and sophomores, according to Mr. Hodges. "We work a lot on fundamentals, and these kids are really eager to learn," he said. The Concert Band performed in the Winter Concert on January 15. "They had a lot of stage fright in our first concert, but they soon got over that," commented Mr. Hodges. The band also performed in the Band Clinic on March 4, and in their own Spring Concert April 28. tl, CONCERT BAND, FIRST ROW: Kathy Lueker, Mauree Fisher, Shannel Eggeman, Gretchen Campbell, Tracy West, Julie Buck. SECOND ROW: Beth Burgeson, Sherry McKen- zie, Kristi Bradstreet, Ruth Luna, Leigh Ann Metcalf, Jan Zumbrum, Lori Potts, Pam Nee, John Rodriguez, Karen Gerhardt, Shelly Jack- son, Wes Fowler, Angie Roberts, Mark' Skinner, Dan Heisler. THIRD ROW: John McElfresh, Mike Wade, Robert Donahue, Jim Goodell, Karen Gukeisen, Greg Barb, Tom Taylor, Chris Sanderson, David Carlson, Blaine Ervay, Troy Barnhart, John Williams, Curt Wilhelmson, Vince Waner, Kelly Hinshaw. FOURTH ROW: David Hodges, Jim Johnston, David Tracy, Todd Marshall, Keith Edwards. NOT PICTURED: Angela Martin, Tammy Sattler, James Shepard, Rhonda Fowler, Debbie Vancelette. 123 Gretchen Campbell, fr., takes part in the Band Clinic Concert March 4. 131 Concert Band members Shelly Jackson, fr., Wes Fowler, fr., and Angie Roberts, fr., take a break after performing a song at the Band Clinic Concert March 4. Concert Band 39 Year's first concert pleasing to director "I feel our first concert this year was the best that a Stage Band has ever performed since I have been here at the high school," said David Hodges, Stage Band Director. "I only hope that they will keep building on that." The Stage Band performed at the Jazz Festival on March 7. "About 12 of l the best bands in the area were invited to attend, including us,', Mr. Hodges said. The Stage Band worked very hard in playing for the basketball games and pep assemblies. "We learned over forty new tunes in order to prepare for this year's seasonf' Mr. Hodges added. The Stage Band performed with guest trumpet player Jay Sollen- berger in a concert on November 20. Another concert on February 26 included guest trumpet player Ron A McCurdy. The Stage Band performed ttf alone on May 5. ui 40 Stage Band ', 3 f. ,I 1 t' X-ik-1 5 I 111 Rehearsing for the musical, "Oklahoma," are Brelana Johnson, soph., and Mitch Faddis, sr. 121 Going over a musical selection are members of the Stage Band.'t3D Velvey Blocker, jr., practices his music for a Stage Band performance. up Becky Atherton, soph., rehearses for the musical, "Oklahoma" 153 STAGE BAND3 FIRST ROW: Suzy Meredith, Bob Haselhuhn, Susan Linn, David Thornton, Velvey Blocker, Beth Anne Fisher, Dawn Channing, Dan Froelich. SECOND ROW: Jim Gravatt, Don Alcorn, Scott Montgomery, Tim Mallams, Todd Luther, Jeff Cravens, Tammy Nelson, Tim Hush, Mark Wright. t6y Sophomore Suzy Meredith rehearses with other members of the Stage Band. UQ ORCHESTRA3 FIRST ROW: Mary Garcia, Kaaren Fleisher, Becky Atherton, Paul Hodowanec, Brelana Johnson, Mitch Faddis, Suzy Meredith, Mark Hodowanec. SECOND ROW: Heidi Moreland, Scott Emley, Robert Reed, Mary Schafers, Stephanie McCabe, Caroline Fisher, Licia Slimon. THIRD ROW: Lesley Bedner, Erin Bellows, Patty Bishop, JoAnn Farr, Tracey Taylor, Amy Schroeder, Dwayne Haskett, Larry Dunn. FOURTH RO W: Kevin Stock, Student Teacher Duane Procter, Brenton Bennett, Mark Wright, Director Donald Kile. NOT PICTURED: Michelle Matthews, Megan Hurt. Orchestra travels to Stateg Six chosen to play All-State Six members of Orchestra were chosen for the Kansas All-State Orchestra. These members were Mary Garcia, Kaaren Fleisher, Mark Hodowanec, Becky Atherton, Mark Wright and Mitch Faddis. Mitch, however, could not attend because of a conflict with the state swim meet, and he was replaced by Brelana Johnson. Orchestra competed in the State Contest in April. "They've always done well in the past," said Director Donald Kile before the contest, "and this year should be no exception. " Orchestra members began practice for the musical "Oklahoma" approximately five weeks before the perfor- mance. i'All musicals are diflicultg this one really offered a challenge for us," said Mr. Kile. "There were some difficult spots, but I think the group did a very competent job." The Orchestra played an important part in the Christmas Program. According to Mr. Kile, "It was beautiful, just excellently done." The Orchestra also played for graduation exercises and performed three concerts open to the public. These concerts were held on October 15, March 25, and May 13. Orchestra members planned picnics in the fall and spring. After their Fall Concert, they gathered at Mr. Kile's house where they were entertained by his two-man band. Orchestra 41 llj Demonstrating how to care for a saddle is Junior Ida Lehnherr during her Oral Commun- ications class. 123 Senior Gena Lazzers and Junior Kirk Hinshaw paste up the school newspaper on a regular Monday night work night. Bl Participating in the mock election November 4 are Rob Hulse, jr., Nancy Burenheide, sr.. Charlotte Boyle, fr., Richard Magsam, jr., Tammy Nelson, sr., Carol Lang, soph., Tony Belt, jr., Todd Coon, soph., and Buster Belshe, fr. 143 Students from Physics and Marching Band classes enjoy Dr. Charles Creager's lecture on "Physics of Sound." 15j Juniors Jan Underwood and Dalaine Roark tire-polish glass while Instructor Clarence Howland helps out. l6l Senior Brenda Bletscher works with hot glass during her Glassblowing class. 42 Fine Arts ,,. Q . . C 'i . 'if cz bi Aff w te 'R Q li C' x 'tr gd 4-f' Q C l in Z' r . , . . ,,?, V gs K, ,is . v-we awww' .1 f K . gj, .,,., ., .. x 'M g 4-1 K X K i f JC Q , ff H Y ' A 'W , ff,..,, .. f. Wu , 3 ' sf Q5 iv2,,.E..i1f ,"i" , " i '-.,' " ii i i W 21 1 II. ' J ,...- if V f - 'J' " tm J- iQ H A Y Y' 1 1 5 Y? 'Www Va I Q few 'L Home Ec. patterns change to metrics Favorite activities in the Home Economics Department were special dinners. As a final test for the Foods l class, students invited someone, pref' erably a mother or father, to school for a light brunch prepared by the stu- dents. Instructor Judy Tibbetts enjoyed the Retired Teachers' Taffy Pull and the Wise Cook Dinner the most. "They offer a variety of guests and more of a challenge to the students," said Mrs. Tibbetts. The department began a new exchange program with Haynes Hard- ware. When a new model of equip- ment came out, Haynes took out the old model and installed the new one. The school paid a minimal fee, basically for service calls. Home Economics teachers noticed several patterns changing to the metric system. "I think the sooner we make the switch, the better," said Department Chairman Eleanor Buren- heide. According to tirst year instructor Janet Blaufuss. a favorite class for clothing students was the Lingerie class. Miss Blaufuss said that the students "make neat things every year that they don't think they can make." In Shirley Schoap's Guiding Young Lives class, the students visited a day care center to observe child behavior. Mrs. Schoap took her Housing class students to a solar-heated home. -Q-'e e 44 Home Ec. v f 'M ' K 3 'Q Ala wwwuquvy in Ting-..- V f 5 W-. Q wg, J 1 , .Q W' if ' f Q 1 'iff :EE k 1 x, A 1 ,L Q rett most house Y out Auto happy 0 OLIY that H class. om Arts Nxchols 18 sent to All-Stateg Classes plan picnics The Music Department hosted the Kansas Music Educators Association on December 6. At the contest, music students tried out for All State Choir, Orchestra, and Band. Emporia sent seven Chorale members, seven Or- chestra members and four Band members. Chorale performed its first concert of the year October 22. On December 2, the Chorale per- formed the ceremony which preceded the lighting of the Christmas lights downtown before the parade. Chorale members raised money once more by selling candy. The money was used in presenting the musical, "Oklahoma," on February 18 and 19. The Orchestra performed their annual Fall Concert October 15. This fall they also planned a picnic and played for several grade schools. The Orchestra worked hard during the year to prepare the music for "Oklahoma," which they presented along with the Chorale. The year was ended by the traditional Spring Con- cert. For the first time, the Marching Band presented a Fall Concert. "It gave the band an early goal to work for," said Director David Hodges. "We had a larger turnout for this concert than any other band concert." The Band marched -in several parades, including the Homecoming, VeteranistDay, and Christmas par- ades. They traveled to Independence, Kansas, for a marching band contest, coming home proudly with all one ratings. On February 3, a band from Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Min- nesota, performed a concert for the music students. The bands ended the year with the annual Spring Concert. "The band program is beginning to be stable and the kind of program I want it to be," said Instructor David Hodges. "The students take pride in it, but it does take much time and hard work." 46 Mn. Xgai New wall separates rooms, aids in Art Dept. instruction A new wall between the 2-D and 3-D areas made instruction easier in the Art Department. "The wall is an advantage," said Department Chairman Jerry Troxell. "lt cuts down on the noise level from power tools, and there is less clay and dust flying through the area." The department also purchased a new Iaminator which aids in the photography department. Art students displayed their own work at the Emporia Pub- lic Library. Students interested in the display brought their' work to school when the pieces to be displayed were chosen. Enrollment was up in the 3fD area. "Every year the 3-D area grows in numbers of students," said Instructor Debra Maxwell. "Each year they seem to be more advanced." The ceramic department gained a new area, glass blowing. "We have the only high school glass blowing departmentin the state of Kansas," said Teacher Joe Stellwagon. "We have a very good department. It is probably the best high school art department in Kansas," he said. By the end of the year, the ceramic area planned to purchase a Raku kiln which was to be placed in the court outside the Art Department. r "This year really isn't much different than last," said Mr.,Troxell. "I do seem to stay awake in ciass more than eyer before." lil Mark Wright, jr., and Dan Froelich, sr., perform with the Stage Band! during a game. Q21 Male dancers for the musical, "Oklahoma," practice during Chorale. Q31 Senior Brenda Bletscher works in glass blowing class. Q41 Sophomore Brelana Johnson smooths the clay for a wheel-thrown ceramic po . ig ,oyi Art Spectrophotometer bought for Geology Five thousand dollars worth of new equipment, including a new rock grinder and polisher and a spectro- photometer, used to measure parts per milia of solids in solutions, was purchased by the Science Department for Geology class. A A new class, Advanced Placement Chemistry taught by Clarence How- land, was added. "The Board decided they needed it," said Mr. Howland. "It was for gifted, coiiege-bound students." Chemistry I was a pre- requisite for enrollment in the class. John Harclerode added the Anatomy and Physiology class to his teaching schedule. "It was fun, very chal- lenging," said Mr. Harclerode about the class. "It required a lot of outside work and preparation on my part. It was worth the extra effort," he added. Physics, Applied Lab Science, and Photography were taught by Steve Buster, a new teacher. Total enrollment in the department was about the same, with biology enrollment going up and science going down. g ,Q . ,,,.. c , xii: VV't ei , 1-'Y ' V 'fav " ,i 5 I 1 X A ju. 5 L I K Q i :Ey ' ,,, 13,2 W , M... , t ' ' C' we ' r , og, w Kr X x1-EVQ p 'EMR -ef -- .. MN - if . . Q . ,ti I l nw. ,- as A Q11 Eicperimenting with the charges of electrons in Chemistry II is Terri Ikerd, sr. 121 Scott Mullendore, soph., studies plants in his biology class for different classifications. QSQ Gregory Bennett counts the radiation of rocks using a 'Geiger counter. Q43 Constructing a man on the screen of a micro-computer is Senior Bob Haselhuhn. QSJ Junior Mark Stukey works on his assignment in Algebra H - Trigonometry. 48 Science .Jimi EA... ii.. me 1471 A" 'V f K XM' 5 e 4 Algebra, Geometry class enrollmentup di'The Math Vliieiiiirtment purehesed two new micro-computers for General eMath, Applied Math and Computer Programming classes. "They were used for game simulation, drill work, to, show speed eandeoaccuracy in prec-, tiiiell tepplicationi, and finallylv for students to gain 'understanding how to program them," explained Gene Tib- betts, head of the department. The computers were also used by inter- n U geeteda students ,nntgide of classgoonx lfimeg: e e 5 A new quartereelass, Programming Micro-computers, was added. The class could be repeated for another querterl credit on an optional basis. iS?evg,,textbooks,Wei?e5 purchased foffthe Algebra tl ande,flh,Geometry feliigsesg "They were written more explicitly than the other books," explained Mr,T1bbetts. e o l etifoiigllfoilmenf 31? 'Algebra T- Algelife 11, ffhggi-deparmegfgfggeairolimenfg ezfsfffa. Whole, to risefpwhen asked',1W11y, ,Tibbetts Commented, "I donut why, batlfl hope itfs Q the wfgfffneesso Qfif1i?i9??51 fQf ma-ilifeiiiiileo t't A 49 T wenty-two enrolled in new Prep class The Language Arts Department added a new class, Advanced Place- ment College Prep class. Twenty-two students enrolled in the class. At the end of the year, some students in the' class tried to quiz out of English hours in college. In October, Department Chairman Dee Schwinn, Instructor Sharon Ste-, vens, and 31 students from the College Prep, Humanities, and Medieval Mythology classes attended a Renais- sance Festival at Bonner Springs near. Kansas City. There they observed the time period of the Renaissance. Booths, crafts, and plays were among the activities. Approximately 40 students com- peted in a Language Arts Olympics in November at ESU. Students com- peted in grammar, spelling, vocab- ulary, reading and writing. Over 500 students from different schools com- peted. Kaaren Fleisher, sr., placed within the top tive in the writing contest. "i thought it was a valuable experience. At first I dreaded it, but once I got into the topic, I thought it was really interesting," said Kaaren. "Department enrollment was down," commented Mrs. Schwinn, "but there is a continued interest in the quarter classes." lil Learning about business education is Terri Selby, jr., with help from Fran Hartzler. 121 Seniors Sheila Jamison and Lisa McMurphey interpret a story in their Selective Reading class. l3j Lisa Kelly, fr., writes Spanish verbs on the board for her Spanish II class. 141. Senior Lisa Hall climbs M- and later falls off oft- Jacob's Ladder at fthe Renaissance Festival October 4. 0 Ifanguage Arts' --...,..., ...Y- .lj , W Ai 5. Language classes celebrate holidays Enrollment was up in the Foreign Language Department, especially in the beginning classes. "French I and Spanish I increased the most," com- mented Department Chairman Tom Fowlerg S German I, II, III, and IV classes celebrated Christmas at students' houses. The German I party was in the home of Freshman Linda Gunkel. Parents of Senior Eric Edwards hosted the German II, III and IV party. At both parties, students ate German foods such as sauerkraut and wieners, German spice cookies, and apple strudeltAfterwards they played cards. Last summer. Instructor Chuck Peoples and several students from German classes traveled to Germany, Austria and England. Highlights ofthe trip included visits toa concentration campelin Dachau, the Hofbrau House and the Olympic Village in Munich, and the Hohensalzburg castle in Salzburg. "My favorite part was when we went to the Salzburg castle because you could see the Alps," said Jennifer Wycoff, sr. S Spanish III and IV classes attended a dinner at Mr. Fowler's house. The students each fixed a Spanish dish. Spanish II, III and Illnlasses planneda cooking demonstration in which they prepared tortillas and tacos. p French students performed French plays in French II class. The students performed "Le Maitre Pathelinnpand another play sent S from KU. 'The plays were sent from KU because the students competed there," said ln- structor Jim Knott. Latin teacher Dee Schwinn changed her teaching technique to an indi- vidual approach instead of a classroom approach. "Some sophomores had to take the class CLatin ID a different hour than it was scheduled," explained Mrs. Schwinn. t Foreign Language 1 h"ft1 Adv. Soph. History views 'Connections' Advanced Sophomore History was an added class in the Social Science Department. "Class enrollment was up mainly because of Sophomore History since it's a required class. It's holding its own," said Harvey Foyle, head of the Social Science Depart- ment. The video-tape machine, pur- chased by the library, was used a great deal by the Social Science classes. The 20's and 30's classes and the Recent American History classes each added new paperback texts. Department Chairman Harvey Poyle spent ten Saturdays video-taping the TV program "Connections" His Advanced Sophomore History classes watched the video-tape, which showed how one invention led to the discovery of another. Then the students picked a topicsand did research to show what had to be invented to produce the subject they chose. S Q11 Dirk Frazier, jr., and Shaun Nielson, sr., play a game in their Psychology class. Q21 Rosa Meza, soph., and Vickie Nielson, fr., test their typing skills in Typing I. Q31 Cynthia Glover, sr., gives her report in Kansas History. Q41 Vance Watkins, sr., works with a micro-computer before school, 52 Social Science 'Ee :WNW ' '1' Radio Shack Computer used U , ,, - D , . . ', ln 2nd Sem. Busznessfteclasses The Business Department utiiized a Radio Shack computer during second semester Office Procedures class and Intro. to Data Hroseessing cless. In Ofticet.pProcedures,istudentscould type a,1erfer, choose a format and direct theftprinter to type out a hard copy. "We hope this is a start to be able to get additional equipment," said Instructor Liz Voorhees. Students in Business Law class took a trip to the Municipal Court, .according tofDepartmentg,Ch.airman Hetold Rains, .The students observed tascourt in session and taiked to the judge. Mrs. Voorhees' Office Procedures class visited the Micoin, Inc. Word Processing Center here in Emporia December 12. 'fl thought it waswa good expegience fotjfeveryone ,togget acquaitited withdfibusiness today," comxeentedp Brenna Freeman, jr., about the trip. f p m ' I" e ssss t s.. p .... Business Phys. Education Department adds new quarter classes 5, is One of the new activities for P.E. classes was team K,-My handball, taught by Pat Sands and his teacher aide. Myrna!! l Softball! Volleyball and Badmintonffennis were two new s , l l , classes, strictly for juniors and seniors. "It's a fun class," Y gA9 Q commented Lisa Larsen, jr., about the Softball!Volleyball ll class. X "The volleyball part was the best part," said Teena ' Blazer, jr., referring to the same class. V " The department purchased new soccer goals. Otherv equipment has merely been replaced. Q ff' L EF? kHyy.1'x-"hifi 'Nuff fly Doug Collins, jr., prepares to return the ball during a volleyball P.E. Q21 Rusty Brown, soph., lifts weights during his Weight-Lifting 131 Caroline Nichols, fr., prepares for a backward dive in P.E. 14, students enjoy their Hawaiian dinner: Jeff Jackson, fr., Joe Haag, jr., Dan Vertner, soph., Brad Ott, fr., and Sandra Arb, jr. 151 Matt Watts, soph., helps clean tables in the lunchroom commons, Q61 Shirley Marple, soph,, works inthe slotball game at the E.M.H. carnival. 54 P.E. Health ff L ...A- 111 Preparing to paint salt and pepper stands are Scott Scheck, jr., John Muckenthaler, sr., Dan Nichols, jr., and Dan Williams, jr., for the Industrial Arts Club. 12j Carol Fowler, jr., Julie Sauder, sr., and Julie Greischar, jr., enjoy the Kayette Ice Cream Party August 29. 131 Tallying up scores during the Silver and Roses Debate Tournament December 12 are Albert Higgins and Russell Rogers, soph. 141 At an FBLA workshop September 13, Senior Fred Polzin presents his speech to other FBLA members. 15j Showing off his gag gifts, a dog bone and dog food, during the newspaper Christmas party is Senior Jeff Cravens. 56 Clubs n comin.. ,fy-,,,,, L-If at 1--wk' un. 111111111111111111111J1 1111111111 1 1,1111 1111 11Q1111111k11,11r.. x11 11111111112 ,1.1,,tf11,5..m, 11111 ,, 1111111,111111111111111.1111111111111.111111111111 Lx Xxx h R 1 1 1111115111 111111111 1111111 1 1 11111115 1 dl 1 11 11 1- 111113 '11-1 1111 .1 1,.. 1,1 11 L- ,. 15 sfaiixf 1.11'1 11 11.5 1 1 1111111111111 11 1'1'.lJ111111111111 11131111.5511 111111111 131, 111111111 ' , 111,1111111111111111111' xt .11.1-1111-111-111111111111111111111 111111111131111111111111111 11111111 ,1 11 ,.'A 1 g111. 11111,1mm111511, 11 1 1 111111:'1111111111 11112 1111111 1 5111111111111111. 1111111 11 1111 1111111.11- 11 ,111 11 1-E 1 4 .1 11 1111111 J111111111'111111aQQ,11.11111 11 11 111 111111 111 ,11:11,1111111.11QM1111111111 1111111111,1.11.g11111. 1 111 111 11-11111 11111111111 1.111 111 111 5, 1,1111111'1111. 1 1111"ff 1 111-11111311 "F '-"'ffEgsg5531V. 1. 111-119131 3 -71:3 1 1 -111111'11111111111-11 1 1 J, 1 111"111111111111111111 1 1 11 11f1 11-1114.11:,1111 1 111111 1111 1' 19121 1111 1 M 11"1W1 11111 1111 11111111111111111111111111111111111-11111111.1 ,.,. 1 , ., ., 11 11, 11. 1111-111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 11 1 -T111111111111111112-11111111I1-115fQ15yg55g1d111111111i11111111111111g1Z152:i31 1101111111 51111,L":'f--1E5:fr'-FLL1.-'.'11+111111 111213 555237 11? 1 1 111111 11 1a11111m11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 ' 1111 1 1111111-31111111111W1M1111151111131-f1111111111W11W W11w11M 1 1 1111 -1 111 E111 -1 11111111111 111111 11111 ,, 1,11,11111111 11111 11111 ., 1 11 , 1 1111 1111111 1111 111 1 1 111 11111111211 111111111111111111,1 1111111111 1- 5111 11 111, 111 11 11111111111 11111111 11 , ,11 1 if . . :1, 111.1111-1111.155-15911551 ,. 111, 1 131.11111 1.--1 'vb bfi 1 211:15 , fV.f- , ,, vii! 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" 111111 111113-1111151111111'11111111111111.1111.1111111151131 -11111111.1111 '11111m111111111111121H1 , . . 11 1 1'1" 11' '11 111111 1111 .,.111111,.,1 111111. 1111111111111111211Q1wx11q111111111111 Kayettes Kayettes host Varietv Show: Proceeds 20 to Cancer Fund Kayette Club members and a few non-members presented a fashion show for the first time with help from the Guy's Shop, The Villager, and The Clothes Closet. "The fashion show was very well done and gave us the opportunity to see what was available in town to buy," said Freshman Lisa Kelly. An ice cream party for freshman girls was one of the first club activities of the year. It gave freshmen the chance to ask questions about Kayettes and helped get them interested in the club. Profits from the Variety Show, about 5200, went to the Cancer Fund. Two popular acts were the Faculty Quartet and the band, Physical Abuse. The top salesperson in the holly sales, Michelle Nee, received a gift certificate from Maurice's. Money from hollv sales was used for a girl-ask-guy dance. ,The girl-ask-guy dance March 28 featured the ,disc jockey V100. The theme of the dance was "Celebration" "lt's the only dance of its kind," said Julie Sauder, club president. The fathendaughter banquet featured Toy Caldwell- Colbert, a psychologist at Emporia State, as the speaker. Entertainment for the banquet was Top Drawer Priority, a girls' quartet. Guest speakers appeared at several Kayette meetings. Two cosmetologists, Donna Whitney and Linda Carter, demonstrated make-up techniques. Pat McClenny, a repre- sentative from S.O.S., talked about S.O.S. Csexual offense servicesb. In April, Wanda Mae Vincent, the founder of Kayettes, explained how Kayettes was foundedi "The highlight for me for all four years was just being able to be president for two years," said Julie. 58 'Kayettes gf, kwa v Yfwf Mfsf F tr Q I A -:V 1,5?'3f0B,k HHN .f 4'M:'1:f, li Q 5' ui" it s 4"'f' 1 'M " V N57 IJXL3 I N rf ug ', fka xf f' QW . ' P X Z!! v za in s , Q, Errdrasseflni! Je -. ' fm-ws 7' Spartan Club 60 Spartans support athletes, sponsor Coke, popcorn party Sponsoring a Coke and popcorn party in honor of all winter sports athletes was a first for Spartan Club. "It was nice they did it, and it made us feel wanted," said basketball player Jeff Cravens. They also sponsored two jeans dances which were put on just to give people something to do. "We made a lot of money," said President Janice Butts, "and people enjoyed it." The Spartan Club put on the Pigskin Dance featuring the band Monarch. Colors were peach, brown and white, and the theme of the dance was "Make a Little Magic." Once again club members sold Valentine suckers. Messages were attached to suckers and delivered on Friday, February 13, first hour. During poster parties, several club members stayed after school to paint posters for different sports activities. Spartan Club's main goal was to get everyone spirited and to get more people to come to games. "The main reason I ran for president was that I wanted to keep spirit up," said Janice. Spartan Club iiiilfmuxx flj The poster was a sign of spirit during the playoff game at Fort Scott. 121 Shelly Zinn, soph., holds a ladder while Lisa Mtchell, jr., puts up a poster for the Glacier's Edge Tournament January 28-30. 13j Tori Gurly, jr., and Joan Somer, jr., enjoy popcorn at the Coke and popcorn party February 6. 111 President Janice Butts takes money from Carrie Goble, fr., Marti Gill, fr., and Diane Burd, fr., for Valentine suckers. 121 Seniors Janice Butts, Jamie Roberts, Lisa Cotte, Pam Longbine, and Principal Jerry Baumgardner wait to crown the winter sports queen. 131 Shana Bollinger, sr., helps put up posters for the Glacier's Edge Tournament Janu- ary 28-30. 141 Paul Carvajal, soph., enjoys a soda at the Spartan Coke party February 6. 151 SPARTAN BOARDg FRONT ROW: Sponsor Ann North, Brenda Vaughn, Stephani Calhoun, Teena Blazer, Crystal Moxley, Carrie Goble, Marti Gill, Sponsor Fran Hartzler. MIDDLE ROW: Terri Wagers, Shana Bollinger, Angela Milton, Camala Estes, Laura Anderson, Angela Buck. BACK ROW: Janice Butts, president, Jamie Roberts, vice president: Lisa Cotte, secretary: Pam Longbine, treasurer. 161 Seniors Lisa Cot-te and Jamie Roberts get the flowers ready for the homecoming queen. 9,50-M. . ,QQ 2 t 1 . ris f S 1 K 1 V ,,, Zi: H -'f': .aan-nl Spartan Club vdg 1.1 1117 fl HID StuCo StuCo holds chain contest, Class competition promoted During the Christmas season, StuCo sponsored the first Chain Link Contest to encourage class 'competition The contest raised S100 of Christmas money for two needy families. ' StuCo sponsored two assemblies, the Campus Life and the Veterans' Day assemblies. They also sponsored the Mini-float Contest, won by Black Market, and the Winter Sports Mini-hoop Contest won by the freshman class. They bought a coffee pot for the faculty lounge, sponsored the Christmas Window Contest, decorated the Christmas tree for the front office, and served cake and punch to faculty members for Valentine's Day. StuCo continued to work on a food committee which met every month to discuss complaints in the food department. They also loaned money to any club that needed it. For example, Model UN borrowed money to pay off the frisbees that they boughtg then they repaid StuCo. "I really enjoy working with the students," said Sponsor Candy Hodge. "They show more responsibility, and they all represent Emporia High very well." 62 .StuCo 4 4- A , 'S ,--W , V, fy-4: a s ix v, S, X s P. ,Q an f' SAFE Committee discusses problems One of the main problems members of S.A.F.E. discussed and solved was the walking out problem at pep assem- blies. S.A.F.E. members decided to move the microphone to the other end of the gym. Other problems discussed were types of money-making projects for the different organizations and how to get more students involved in school spirit. Administration members of the committee were Jerry Baumgardner, .lack Mitchell, and Bob Smith or Jerry Brown. The faculty membersxincluded a tirst-year teacher, a head counselor, an experienced teacher new to EHS, the sponsor of the school publications, an experienced teacher at EHS, a department chairperson, and one additional teacher. The S.A.F.E. Committee was estab- lished to provide a method of free and active communication among stu- dents, faculty and administration. It was the main objective to identify and discuss common school problems which face everyone connected with school. The initials S.A.F.E. stand for Student - Administration - Faculty Ex- aminer. 111 STUCO MEMBERSg FIRST ROW: Crystal Moxley, Sandy Fowler, Xavier Sosa, Brad Debauge. SECOND ROW:Matt Hurt, Megan Hurt, Carol Lang, Danna Harrington, David Hoffman. THIRD ROW:Jamie Seymour, Angie Pester, Tina Stauffer, Jill Duerksen, Anne Wurtz, Nancy Burenheide. FOURTH ROW: Janet Weaver, Angela Milton, Sheryl Plank, Anne Somer, Kathy Parks. t2j After tinishing the dinner at the SAFE meeting, Gene Tibbetts listens intently to the student speakers. 131 Decorating the StuCo Christmas tree in front of the offices is Kathy Parks, sr. 141 StuCo Sponsor Candy Hodge discusses last-minute details of serving the Valentine cake and SAFE 63 FBLA Members attend Nationals, Regionals during summer FBLA club members Jay Larsen, Fred Polzin, Steve Woods, and Sponsor Elizabeth Voorhees attended the National Conference in Washington, D.C., July 1-4. Fred and Steve both won speaking awards and J ay was the State Executive Vice President. Five students - Bob Baker, Jay Larsen, Paul Mason, Wilma Mason, Toni Rindom, and student teacher Karalin McKain attended the Mountain Plains Regional Conference in Jackson, Wyoming. "The knowledge that we gained was very beneficial," said Wilma. "Attending this conference really made the people from Kansas enthusiastic about FBLA." Money-making projects included Tom Wat sales, Wrap-Co, and the concession stand during the Glacier's Edges Basketball Tournament. These projects brought in a total of about 51,500 profit. This year was the first year for Wrap-Co. "When we started out with it, we thought it wouldn't turn out very well, but we made a pretty good profit, so it will probably become an annual event," commented Wilma. "'The profit from Wrap-Co will go to the National FBLA Building Fund," stated Mrs. Voorhees. A dance was held November 6 and a skating party on February 4. The dance was attended by about 30 people from four area schools. The skating party brought 56 people from five schools. fly Senior Alan Rowe accepts awards for the parlia- mentary team's second place finish at the Regional Conference in Lebo. 12j Lisa Larson, jr., gets set to play another album during FBLA's dance November 6. 131 FBLA EXECUTIVE BOARDg FRONT ROW: Steve Younger, Colleen Donahue, Andy Glidewell, Wilma Mason, Jay Larsen, Elisa Lowenstein, Dwayne Haskett, Kirk Hinshaw. BACK ROW: Eric Fisher, Fred Polzin, Sean Fox, Vonda Nelson, Alan Rowe, Brian Hayes, Sean Milton. my Sean Milton, jr., and Sponsor Elizabeth Voorhees fill out a reimbursement form. 151 Senior Kenny Lopez relaxes at the FBLA concession stand during the Glacier's Edge Tournament. 64 FBLA l l 1 L, l W, gif' Ig, int J Ky 4-W ?' 'Q Q--45 AM fl... Af! FBLA VTHJ Six hundred dollars raised from project The Industrial Arts Club made over six hundred dollars when they con- structed mini picnic tables and sold them to students and faculty for Christmas gifts. Some of the tables were given to faculty members at the faculty Christmas party. Sponsors Paul Hastings and John Wyrick, and President Gail Fuller, sr., planned a barbecue for members and their parents. It was held in the shop so parents could see the equipment and work area. A club bulletin board was made and put up by club members. Information such as club meetings, guest speakers, and special contests and activities' sponsored by the club was posted on the board. 11j Dan Williams, jr., paints a picnic table for a money-making project. 12j INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUBg FIRST ROW: Dan Nichols, Gail Fuller, John Muckenthaler, Jeff Hodges, Scott Schoek. SECOND ROW.' Mike Olmstead, Tony Wagers, Gary Fuller, Brad Hollern. THIRD ROW: Paul Hastings, Rick Hammon, Sean Fox, John Wyrick. 13, President of Industrial Arts Club, Gail Fuller, sr., pulls the club float for the Homecoming parade, while Richard Magsam, jr., holds the award. 141 Ricky Torrez, sr., president of MAISO Club, and Peter Mendoza, soph., work at the MAISO concession stand. 151 Sarah Hutcherson, jr., president of the BSO Club, poses for a picture. 161 MAISO CLUB: Alphie Lopez, Christina Pesina, Patricia Ra- mirez, Sandra Sanchez, Ruth Luna, and Peter Mendoza. 17j BSO Club sponsor Joe Bywaters talks with one of the club's guest speakers. 66 Industrial Arts Club ii r :if wr K 13.-,. gi .. .-ef 'Gb-4' Members decorate Homecoming float A float for the Homecoming parade was decorated by MAISO club mem- bers Joey Rios, sr., and sophomores Sandra Granada and Monica Rodri- guez. Following the theme of "Make a Little Magic," the students designed a float showing a miniature football player featuring the words, "Hugg casts his spell." One of the special activities spon- sored bythe club was a "Turkey of the Year" contest. Students could pay twenty-tive cents to nominate someone as Turkey of the Year. The student winner was Sheryl Plank, sr., and faculty winner was Steve Buster. Pumpkin pies were given as prizes. A concession stand was set up by the MAISO club at one of the home games. Speakers discuss availability of jobs BSO 'Tlub invited several guest speakers to discuss jobs and avail- ability of jobs, according to Club Sponsor Joe Bywaters. A worker from the Kansas Job Employment Service and William King, Assistant Dean of Students at ESU, were two of the guest speakers. They talked about higher education and job opportunities. A field trip was planned for later in the year. lf BSOXMAISO 6 7 xix fs Campout, competition are held at Nelson 's farm Members and sponsors of Wildlife, Conservation, and Backpacking Club went on a winter campout January 17. Eleven students and five teachers loaded shotgun shells, shot clay pigeons, built tires, and went through a compass course. "It was all competitive, and the winner won a propane stove," said Sponsor John Harclerode. Last summer, during the first week and a half of June, a group from the club traveled to Colorado. Another trip is scheduled for this summer. "It will be the last week of July and the first week of August, hopefully," stated Mr. Harclerode. The trees around school were wrapped during December to protect them from wind, lawnmowers, rabbits, etc. During the Glacier's Edge Basketball Tourna- ment, club members sold T-shirts along with Black Market Club members. The shirts, which featured a silk-screen design by,Marlina Lopez, sold for 54.75. Qlj Kevin Foth, jr., wraps one of the trees around school. 121 Senior Dave Atherton shoots at a clay pigeon during the winter campout while Seani Fox, jr., looks on. Qi WILDLIFE, CONSERVATION, AND BACKPACKING CLUBQ FRONT ROW: John Harclerode, Jeff Fowler, Doug Neufeld, Steve Wilton. SECOND ROW: Vonda Nelson, Lynne Fothergill, Tiffany Hanshew, Julie Zirnstein, Susan McKinney, John Riley. THIRD ROW: Kevin Foth, Steve Younger, Randy Wood, Sean Fox, Pat Swaney, Dave Atherton, Todd Thompson. 68 Conservation wif' ,L if -Hr, . ' 3 Q lf, -' Mfr' 3' '31 0,5 ,fgfir K Q 5: :H ' ? -V422 ' It H if ,. , a- 5 Q '- . tV,g -V V it ' is i 'gf ,. , 1:51 if 7 , 1 A! a F-9' as l V,,.w ,,-4 F K .,- v, is av, is 1,4 ff ,1 lx ki -M- ,st fl weqw' 111 Frank Nelson loads a shotgun shell while John Riley watches. 121 Backpacking Sponsor Patricia Wise turns her head against the crisp wind during the tree wrapping December 6. 13j Tim Dorsey, jr., loads a shotgun shell during the campout. my P.E. CLUB OFFICERSg FRONT: Lonie Brock, president. BACK: Art Beardsley, treasurerg Curtis Smalley, secretary. ' 2 pf T 9 1.- ibay, P.E. 69 OD S11 A13 uoyv :E rn Computer software added to supplies A successful mum sale by Math Club helped furnish money to buy software and supplies for their compu- ter. Basketball concessions also aided in raising money for the purchase. Math Club members competed in the ESU Math relays in October. "The mini computer was excellent," com- mented Senior Mike Paulonis. Besides competing in Math, the Math Club hosted two speakers. John Burger, an ESU professor, lectured on probability and statistics. Later in the year, Trevor Lewis, from Architect and Associates, lectured on architecture. The Math Club also kept the computer room open every Thursday night. The purpose of Math Club was to provide supplimentary topics not available in class and to provide an opportunity to compete in mathe- mathics. "The Math Club participation this year indicated an increase in math interest," said Sponsor Gene Tibbetts. Membership of the club was up to 25. I tlj Posing in the computer room are Dana Ginavan, secretaryftreasurerg Mary Garcia, vice presidentg and Mike Paulonis, president. t2l MATH CLUBg FRONT ROW: Lisa Bradley, Scott Emley, Mark Skinner. SECOND ROW' Kaaren Fleisher, Holly Harvey, Phil McKinzie, Tim Metcalf, Pat Brown. THIRD ROW: David Hartley, Eric Fisher, Mike Paulonis, David Dillman, Steve Younger. 70 Math Club Q W .,,.,,.u an lf in 627' Three mem bers win speaking awards Model U.N. members represented India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Rumania in two conferences. In the first conference at E.S.U. in November, seniors Alan Rowe, Steve Woods, and Dan Froelich each won speaking awards. The second conference lasted three days at Friends University in Wichita during March. Money-making projects by Model U.N. began with the successful sale of frisbees. Managing the concession stand also provided needed money. The money raised helped to pay for the conferences. Preparation for the conferences began with sessions on learning research techniques, working in the library, and simulated conferences. Model U.N. members developed speaking abilities and knowledge of world news and situations through their work. "Students who would like to learn world politics, affairs, and ,ai solutions should join Model U.N.," commented Sponsor Virgil Dean. la fly Listening to Virgil Dean talk about the con- ference at Friends University in Wichita is Junior Jim Schroeder. 12j Harvey Foyle informs students about simulated conferences. 13l MODEL U.N.g FIRST ROW: Alan Rowe, Dan Fisher, Steve Woods, Fred Polzin, Mike Paulonis. SECOND ROW: Eric Fisher, Lisa Kelly, Linda Gunkle, Paula Petelle, Mark Duncan, Dwayne Haskett. THIRD ROW: Paul Carvajal, Gilda Polley, Suzy Meredith, Craig Meyer, Rob Pennington. Model 'U.N. 0 191' ..H 'E' . . .Q 'fe A Debaters win stateg Two attend nationals Senior debaters Mike Paulonis, Fred Polzin, Alan Rowe, and Steve Woods captured the 5A state championship January 4 at ESU. It was the first time in 18 years that Emporia had won state. "Winning state puts you in a state of euphoriag as long as it lasts, it is the greatest natural high anyone can experience without anything arti- ficial," said Debate Coach Albert Higgins. Senior debater Alan Rowe said, "It was really cosmicg it was great to be finally recognized as the best in the state. We had a lot of bad breaks early in the season, but at state we pulled everything together." Debate takes a great deal of time, but several of the senior debaters had no regrets about the time. Said senior debater Steve Woods, "My senior year exemplified all that is good about debate. It was fun, educational, and ultimately successful." This year, along with sponsoring the winning team at the state tournament, Mr. Higgins was presented with an award for outstanding teacher in the field of speech. This honorary award was presented to both Mr. Higgins and his wife Virginia at the Albert and Virginia Higgins Debate Tournament at Pittsburg High School. "We have a good chance of winning state again next year," said Mr. Hig- gins, Hbecause we have an out- standing group of people coming back, and with their talent, they are capable of doing it again? 72 Debate 4' ,Q 3 998, Forensics wins 14 medalsg Four gain j7rst place medals Forensics attracted many new members according to Instructor Albert Higgins. "I'm not discouraged," said Mr. Higgins after the first few tournaments. "The people Iexpected to do well did. The newer ones are progressing fine." By the middle of March, the Forensics squad had won 14 medals, 4 first place. They attended tournaments at Manhattan, Topeka High, Washburn Rural, Osage City, Wamego and Fort Scott. The Forensics squad planned to attend a tournament at Hutchinson and the National Forensics League 1NFL1 at Manhattan High School. ii 't 4 If ight! 111 During the Silver and Roses Debate Tournament, the computer was used to tabulate the scores. Here Mike Paulonis, sr., looks at a problem on the computer while Suzy Meredith, soph., looks on. 121 Sophomore Craig Meyer works as the receptionist during the Silver and Roses Debate Tournament December 12 and 13. 131 After winning the state contest, Senior Debater Steve Woods decorated the door of the Debate room. 141 DEBATE, FIRST ROW: Elizabeth Duncan, Lisa Kelly, Lori Ames, Lisa Miser. SECOND ROW: Garry Rifenbark, Jean Russell, DeAnne Eberhart, Suzy Meredith, Linda Gunkel, Maria Dorsey, Brad DeBauge. THIRD ROW: Mark Duncan, Bart Vernon, Kirk Vernon, Chuck Finney, Brian Hayes, Jim Myers, Russell Rogers, Alan Tucker, Tim Wright, L.G. Broadhead, Richard LeBourveau, Karen Gerhardt, Barry Gum. FOURTH ROW: Richard Johnson, Keith Edwards, Craig Meyer, Jay Larsen, Alan Rowe, Steve Woods, Mike Paulonis, Steve Younger, Fred Polzin, Mike Long, Doug Schneider, Brandon Bennett. 151 During a pep assembly, the four senior debate champs and their coach, Al Higgins, present Principal Jerry Baumgardner with the state trophy. The senior debaters are Fred Polzin, Alan Rowe, Mike Paulonis and Steve Woods. 161 Al Higgins is presented with an outstanding speech teacher award along with wife Virginia at the Albert and Virginia Higgins' Debate Tournament at Pittsburg High School. 171 FORENSICSg FIRST ROW: Mike Long, Paul Mason, Jim Myers, L.G. Broadhead. SECOND ROW: Karen Gerhardt, Lisa Miser, Lisa Kelly, Lori Ames. THIRD ROW: Richard Johnson, Keith Edwards, Tim Wright, Richard LeBourveau, Robert Donahue, Mark Duncan. FOURTH ROW: Mike Paulonis, Alan Rowe, Steve Woods, Russ Rogers, Jay Larsen, Craig Meyer, Alan Tucker. NOTPICTURED: Elizabeth Duncan, Maria Dorsey. 181 Tim Wright, fr., enjoys his breakfast during the Silver and Roses Forensics Tournament. Tim was only one of the forensics squad members that helped direct the other schools to the right rooms. Forensics Black Market Club gains experience making shirts, float Black Market entered the Float Con- test for the first time October 17, winning S50 for capturing first place. "We learned a lot about responsibility and the use of money," commented Marlina Lopez, sr. Members of Black Market gained experience in organization, respon- sibility, and the use of money. Selling T-shirts for the Glacier's Edge Tournanlfznt was a major money- making project. The shirt was designed by Senior Marlina Lopez, and stenciled by Student Teacher Mike Allen and Instructor Jerry Troxell. Conservation Club members and a few Black Market members sold the shirts. "It sure was a learning experience for me," said Mr. Troxell. The Art Room was open every Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. by Black Market for students. The club spon- sored an art exhibit for two weeks at the public library and rented a booth at the mall during the Flinthills Art Association in March along with holding an Art Bazaar at school. aw y 74 Black Market ill Junior Lori Stinnett observes Senior Marlina Lopez touching up a scenery picture. Gy BLACK MARKET ART CLUB, FRONT ROW: Carmen Cortez, Melora Creager, Lori Stinnett, and Sandy Belt. BACK ROW: Brad LeClear, Marlina Lopez, and Brad Marshall. 43, Senior Brad Marshall adds the final touches to his drawing after school. ...ad 5.4 N. iw, 4 Student art work featured in book A drawing of a hand holding a quill, designed by Suzy Meredith, soph., was the cover of the 1981 Echo Cham- ber. During the year, poems, creative writings, and stories were collected. The members read the stories and chose what would go into the book. By early February, these works were sent to Vo-Tech to be typed. Later, after the copy was returned, the members pasted up the pages of the book and sent them to Vo-Tech to be printed. Throughout the year, students had the option to work on the book at their convenience. Echo Chamber held a meeting at the beginning of the year. From then on, the members met only at the end of January to complete the book. Latin Club added to student activities Junior Classical League, or Latin Club, was formed this year in order to promote' Latin and the classics. In addition, it provided an opportunity for students to keep up on Latin if their schedules excluded it. Seventeen members joined the new club under the sponsorship of Latin instructor Dee Schwinn. The club met once a month during activity period, and held one evening meeting each nine weeks. They chose the motto, "Efiicimus scientiam Latinaf' or "We bring about knowledge through Latin." A flag, designed by Latin Club members, also was chosen to be displayed at club meetings. The Latin Club is part of a national organization. 111 Sophomore Megan Hurt, dressed up for Spook 'em Day, attends a Latin Club meeting along with Senior Kaaren Fleisher. 121 ECHO CHAMBERQ SITTING: Dee Schwinn, Brenna Freeman, Steve Younger, Suzy Meredith, Paula Meyers, Mary Garcia. NOT PICTURED: Maria Hodowanec. t3j LATIN CLUBg FIRST ROW: Erin Bellows, Linda Fingerson, Caroline Fisher, Elizabeth Duncan, Dwayne Haskett. SECOND ROW: Tanya Tims, Holly Harvey, Lisa Bradley, Jan Underwood, Megan Hurt. THIRD ROW: Dee Schwinn, Mark Stuckey, Becky Atherton, Mary Garcia, Eric Fisher, Kaaren Fleisher. Echo Chamber!Latin Club fI"ID u!1"Tf"9qWmlD 011951 Staff competes at regionalsg Eight travel to state contest Placing eight people in the 5-A regional KSPA Contest highlighted the year for the Newspaper staff. Staff members placed in every event entered, and Kirk Hinshaw placed in two events. Regional winners then went to the state contest at Kansas University. For the first time, the newspaper staff put out a special election issue. On November 4, several students, the advisor and the typesetter all met at the vocational-technical school. "We came out about 9 o'clock and students listened to local radio and watched national television in order to gather the news for their stories," said Advisor Eileen Peoples. "Some students' went 'down to the courthouse to interview local politicians." The paper was tinished by 4 a.m. During second hour, all those who worked on the special issue went out for breakfast at Travelodge. As another special project, four sportswriters designed the program for the 5-A regional wrestling tournament. Student teacher Mark Manning helped'with the program. Newspaper's main goal was to expand advertising. "The ads looked better," said Mrs. Peoples, "but I'd like to see bigger ads." Several controversial stories were published, including in-depth stories on teen suicide, abortion, and school drop- outs. "The infdepth stories, I felt, were of exceptional qualityf' said Mrs. Peoples. Six staff members attended summer camps at Kansas University. Jeff Cravens, Forrest Creager, and Paula Facklam attended two-week camps, and Wilma Mason, Kirk Hinshaw, and Julie Greischar attended one-week camns. ill NEWSPAPER STAFFg FIRST ROW: Editor Jeff Cravens, Julie Greischar, Anne Wurtz, Paula Facklam, Wilma Mason, Gena Lazzers, Rocky Slaymaker. SECOND ROW: Doug Neufeld, Kirk Hinshaw, Pat Swaney, Joe Morris, Scott Mullendore, Jeff Eldridge, Dirk Frazier, Forrest Creager, Advisor Eileen Peoples. 12j Dirk Frazier, jr., attempts to fix the lights on the staff Christmas tree. 13, Staying up as late as 9:30 'a.m. is not easy for Junior Julie Greischar as she tries to get some sleep during the newspaper special election issue paste-up November 4. my Exchanging gag gifts at the Christmas pany are juniors Julie Greischar, Anne Wurtz, Wilma Mason and sophomore Pat Swaney, I 76 Newspaper qv ,mr 1, K '72 4 1 - 4 ff wx. 'h ,Z 5, ,T ff ng, ajax- O 647' Yearbook Eleven eligible for state comp. at KU For the first time, Yearbook staff members took one or two places in every category offered at the 5-A Regional KSPA Contest at Manhattan. "I was expecting them to do well," said Advisor Eileen Peoples, "but I never dreamed they'd do so well!" Members eligible for the state contest March 28 were Sherry Bishop, Julie Decker, Helayne Dorsey, Lisa Hall, Staci Lee, Larry McAlister, Sean Milton, Jeff Stead and Brenda Vaughn. Gag gifts were exchanged during a Yearbook Christmas party Decem- ber 15. Among the gifts were crazy foam, plastic watches and a fake diamond ring. The Yearbook staff traveled to Ottawa September 3 for a yearbook workshop. Several other schools were there, and representatives from Jos- ten's American Yearbook Company explained different techniques and styles for compiling a yearbook. Only two members from last year's staff returned, Lisa Hall and Julie Decker. Eleven new members were added. The staff toured Josten's American Yearbook Company January 30. The students toured the plant to see how yearbooks were put together. After- wards they went to lunch and visited White Lakes Mall. Members spent many of the in- service days at school putting their pages together to meet the deadline. Students frequently arrived at school early and stayed late, sometimes putting in as much as eight or nine hours a day at school. ily Juniors Sherry Bishop, Nancy Schoenberger, and Kenia Romero rest on a car while browsing through the shopping center after the tour of Josten's Yearbook Company. 12j Jeff Stead, jr., and Larry McAlister, jr., place their orders at Dairy Queen after the September 3 Ottawa Yearbook Workshop. t3j A Josten's Yearbook Tour Guide shows the Yearbook Staff through the company plant. 141 Freshman Jami Bair and sophomore Staci Lee enjoy their pizza after the Ottawa workshop. t5j YEARBOOK STAFF: FRONT ROW: Kenia Romero, Kelly Edwards, Jami Bair, Helayne Dorsey, Nancy Schoen- berger, Lisa Hall. BACK ROW: Julie Decker, Jeff Stead, Larry McAlister, Sean Milton, Staci Lee, Brenda Vaughn and Sherry Bishop. 78 Yearbook 452 s ,,.....--vu Y.. M if in 1 1,2 aff? ..2g.M2a,i. 7a ,--V' 1 ' 4 ..fssa:f1m:g in W 'lf' ?'25Le:V meet the meet Q ..,,. 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Pep. lADgy5 .I I ,4 'M X4 0116 14516, ,thas beena cheerleaderlforlsfouriyears, Varsiiyrwminared for excellence award "Two bits, four hits, six bits, a dollar... all for the Spartans stand up and holler." And they do, all led by the varsity cheerleaders. The varsity squad was one of only four squads nominated for the "award of excellence" when they attended cheerleader camp this summer at Baker University outside of Lawrence. Also, on their first day there, they won the spirit stickg during all three days they were awarded blue ribbons. "Our main objective this year was to get more students involved," stated Kathy Parks, sr., who has been a high school cheerleader for four years. During pep assemblies, the cheer- leaders presented skits. They came up with the idea for the male cheer' leaders. 'lit was just about the best turnout awe have ever had," said Kathy. They also devised the Academy Awards skit. in which they nominated s teachers and students 'fort categories as Cutestiegs andkbest body, i i A r WyCD+Captain r Shanaeihoiilineerg who said ..thatser.thiS.lSquaa.i rea11y fwaafed. to ifsafii safidiscoyme across. tojvfhs isfawd. . safffhis year AWQ,YQJif1Zil.dQ:Q1XCA the best rlfsqlleflsi fSaid.dsrSrhaHafe girls Haveeials-nf:-sallrswe .need is' i s.the.enthusiasrni."'jf r .s Q 5 . ii Cheerleaders l an JVottends at Missouri Valley Duriirgjthe summer, the junioigl varsitycheerleaders attended summer camp at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri. On their third day there, they were presented with the spixitostieig, and throtighoutthe thgeegt day caiiiii they received two supeifioii! ribbons and three excellent ribbons. Their money-making projects in- cluded planning a bake sale, selling candy and osellirig red and blacks hats fiiilcfhgl with thefiizarsity cheeijsl leaders. s "We learned how to get along as as squadfi said Lisa Mitchell, jr., "and we beoamevery closejf r y or in CHEERLEADERS, TOP ROW' Amy Schellenberger, Kaye Wagoner, Libby Hollembeak. BOTTOM ROW: Becky Cranzg Tracy lefferis, Anne Somerg Kathy Parks, Shgniax Bollhmsevsiflelillen R0bi11sQ11se.N0T PlCTUliElZft. Sally Milfertm Cheeringtforlthe home teartiris Junior Libliy I-Iollembealr. 13, Junior Kay Wagoner keeps bundled up at football regionals held at Fort Scott in November. Q41 Presenting Senior Boby I-Iaselhuhn with the spirit stick' is Senior She.halBollinger. 61013 Overall Day, the varsity? eheerleaders raisefihe students to theiiff feet with 'the routine, 'Two Bits." 163 .IVA cheerleader Tracy Jarvis, sr., leads the crowd in a cheer. 173 Terri Wagers, sr., and Lisa Mitchell, jr., take a step toward a victory. Q81 JV CHEER- LEADERSQ Shelly Zinn, .Renee Lopez, Jamie I-Iendersoggl Lisa Mitchellg' Terri Wagers, flfraey Jarvis: 193 Showing their spirit' at a home baskiiff ball gameare the JV cheerleeders. Cheerleedersi F rash cheerleaders enjoy football most The freshman cheerleaders had one week to practice before their first game. Carrie Goble, captain, said, "We were glad it was out-of-town because we really didn't know what we were doing." She went on to say, "Two varsity cheerleaders drove up and helped us out." They liked football best because, according to sponsor Donnia Hinrichs, "It was outside during the nice weather." Their best cheer was one made up by Diane Burd called "Watch Out." As for their first pep assembly, Carrie said, "We were really nervous and forgot the cheer. When we got into our mount someone on the bottom slipped, causing the top person to fall, and then everybody started laughing." They sold hats and mittens with the varsity and junior varsity as a money- making project. ill The cheerleaders execute a mount at the Ottawa game on January 12. 121 Freshman Carrie Goble performs ata football game against Shawnee Heights on October 9. 130 FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS TOP T 0 BOTTOM: Shanna Ropfogel, Diane Burd, Carrie Goble, Lisa Metcalf. 141 Freshman cheerleaders Shanna Ropfogel, Diane Burd, Carrie Goble, and Lisa Metcalf cheer at a game against Ottawa on January 12. 86 Cheerleaders 'K J fr' as ' " ',. .L W' l Q 1 r-,wa f- l 1. Jr F' , 57 71" ' 'Q . if Q F 4. ,rw-ty, p atlgd. JH. .H ' fn of af 1 , at ' rar5,5"' 'iam A 'Q ,, Y' in s , ey ri? ' f F., gf u , v , , Q Ns, 4 5 ax! ,YQ , i, . x, ,L 1,9 A 5 x- , in J ,yn an 4-of rr 1 T 3 and for theiltirst time at a wrestiingmeet. Drill team earns one rating, practices long, hard hours Drill Team received a one rating for the first time at the Neewollah Contest on November 1. "We couldn't have done it without the help of Mr. Robert Aman," said Angela Buck, co-captain. S T 1 Time and dedication were integral parts of being on the drill team. "The girls worked hard during the summer learning commands and marching maneuvers," said Janice Roth, captain. y During the summer, Drill Team served dinner at many college banquets and worked at the dunking booth at the fair. "We worked hard this past summer raising over a thousand dollars for our new uniforms," said Angela. The drill team performed at ESU's and Kills Band Days, in parades, at home football games, in a playoff game, and at a special Marching Band Concert. They also performed at three home basketball games, at the SA State Tournament, Qlj Putting the finishing touches on a routine at a basketball game Jan- uary 13 against Seaman are Julie Sauder, sr., and Andrea Moore, soph. Q21 Drill Team performs at a basketball game with Seaman on January 13. Q31 ,Juniors Anne Wurtz, Kathypllardy, Julie Greischar and Helayne Dorsey nervously waitlfor the announcement of their ratings at the Neewollah Contest November 1. 143 DRILL TEAMg FRONT ROW: Lisa Cotte, Angela. Buck, Janice Roth, Desiree Browning. SECOND ROW: Julie Hoover, Elisa Lowenstein, Angie Pester, Cass Zurek, Kathy Barton, Anne Wurtz, Becky Mawr M 1 Lizirnstein. THTRD ROW: Gilda Polley, I-Ielayne Dorsey, Julie Greisehar, jglnlie Saudefjilvlarlina Lopezgandrea Meoreg Kathy Hardy Qifig M y,,, rar . ,,.,,,,k MGM,- ,sau 4 4 , i ! 1 1 1 4 1 i -nmnirvv-1 1t.iif'ff1Qi 1 , 1 , , fl -- , M m,, ,LA S 1 - x if .. , ,W rtwg U" - fe W 5 5 f 2 V , ,, " L iw was A 1 1n""15i sm- of di "-....::-' 4,1 ,l,-,:""""""""""" e ...W H. .. , X. --. t 7 4 fl in lf: U . , M L , . X K . ,,.wx! 3 . ,,., Y 0 'I - ng .2 "ea ff is I 4' v . 3 i we - 4? as ,Q- ' QT x! f ' ' J . - '-,, A " my 7 had 106 yards and Lonie Brockgh.ad80, fiientx-al i offensiiieifiaftiicir ' proves liytiifffffliiiffihe -downfall for thegS1Qiartans 'in their season vanessa Although the Spartans had 188 total yards on the ground, they were able to score touchdowns only twice and failed toiconvert the point after -either -time. Another jgioriehdown run sbyg-fiBernie pgafdeflhifee beck fo l1??1MIif??t??8?' was-yard whistle," and 'tije5Spai'tans were then- triiahte to put the ball invthelend zone. SaIinagCentral's winning score came' with only thirteen ,seconds left on a touchdown pass that was tipped twice by Emporia defenders before Central caught it to beat the Spartansg, - ,sjigmporla -- s y ig r A ffaking advantagelfeofi Ottawa inistaiesy -and turnovers, Emporiahnilt up a large early lead, and then just kept the Cyclones from scoring. Bemie Gardenhire rushed for two touchdowns, and Jerry Heidehreeht ran 55 yards fora score 'and threw a S-yard pass to Mike Beran for another. The catalyst of theogyietory, however, wasithYgSpartan defense.f5Efnporia forced two turnovers early in the garnefto keep the ball in the hands of the offense. - Emporia 0, Searnan 13 Although the Spartan defense put out an outstanding effort and held the Seaman offense scoreless, defensive play alone was not enough. The Viking defense-scored twice on Erriporia turnovers to get all the points they needed. Emporia had almost 200 yards in offense to Seaman's 69Q but could not seem to move the ball when theyhgot close to Seaman's goal line. The first Seaman score came early in the second iquarter as a Seaman defensive back picked up an Emporia fumble deep in the Vikings' territory -and raced untouchedifor a touchdown. A S ' Emporia 7, Shawnee Heights 12 Using four personal foul penalties against Emporia's defense, Shawnee Heights marched ninety yards with less than 4 minutes to play for atouchdown and a 12-7 victory. Donny Gutierrez hut aside from -those two backs, -Einporia managed only 21 other offensive yards. The Spartans' only touchdown came after a 41-yard drive. lt ended with Brock scoring from I9 yards out. Shawnee Heights' first touchdown was practically given to them when Emporia fumbled a punt on their of own 14-yard jlineg fflhe Thunderbirds plays. 1 f Emporla 14, Bulilergi v 7 S iri' - Two Kelly Cox interceptions, one for a 23-yard touchdown, helped the Spartans to a 14-6 win over Buhler. The Emporia defense rose to the occasion as they Buhler from scoring again M gjafter the Crusaders gained an early leadgogigctheir FistlP0SSffSSi01lresF51if'555i?fi1TfaHSfai16dii?vAE5ff?5gfif5fv Edown the tirst.threi:f5fiiiies'1they had thelliglg but after Cox's touchdowns shifted the rnornentem, they were able to get almost 200 yards in offense, all on the -ground. After iEmporia's second touchdown! on a long drive,l the Crusaders had thefiiallvthree times in Spartan territory but werefgnnahle to come more-pointsr of criv 3 5Jyg5fg5j5jgf?p S Football 'papa n Q: 1 M, mwwlmw-.,,ff wwf. W we .4.m, :A 4 ,M Z ww., 1 1 M AQ vv.. ,,,,,L,.,.,.7 , 5: QM' '76 .r I E354 g . 'wk f gn . if Junior attitude j Team loses close ballgames Even though the junior varsity fooifhall team finished the season with no wins in six games, their record really didn't reflect the team's attitude, according to Coach Clayeifarenti. "The team never gave up in any of the games and played just aboet every team toywithin a touchdown," he said. ffrhefe were 3 rafeifefacfofs ihaffrfua us throughout me year," said Coach Parenti. "One thing was that we only had about fifteen players, and most guys had to play both offense and defense. That can get pretty tiring. Also, we never got to practice has a unit, which is just something you havegptei put up with atfthe junior varsitylevelf' e l glgffjg? ps ' Junior Jeff Stead added, "We probably coulda have won some games if some ofthe players Wouldrft have had to go both ways. The team just got worn out." "We played just about everybody n tough," Junior Dan Williangsgencled. 'flllreghibrepaks seemfjogfgol our way- 1 f e 'ell 'Y ,ff ill Lookingfor yardage against Washburn Rural, L f 7 X is Dvnifisiiiifieirezv srrmflfhs neSPf11'ff111s kiskeff or unit closesgiii' on a Highlanldfikirk ball carrier.lI3l5 A W Junior fullback Dan Hargett waits for a pitchoaf. Q41 Bernie Gardenhire, jr., tries to slip away from a Highland Park defender November 7. 151 Senior ,Bob Duncan tackles a Seaman runner. QQ The varsity defense pushes a lp , ball careiefio ihe ground1Seprember 29. f ,W 2 .ff of if 5 5 -so Football 91 Improved performance brings S0Phf57i10"eS ' recordltii Finishing the year with tive wins against only two losses, the sophomore team ended a very successful season. The team lost only to Lawrence and Shawnee Heights. They defeated Counci1iGrove, Seaman, Manhattan, Hayden and Newton. r r tyse 5 rg "We had asgoodyear," said Joe ,M6rris, soph., "and we improved a lot over last year." Joe remarked that one of the squad's best games was against Hayden, "because even though Hayden scored on the first play, we were able to come back and win? "The strong points of our team," said Chris Keith, soph., "were the linebackers and offensive line." Coach Tony Brown agreed, citing linemen Gus Sosa, Steve Howland, and Randy Smith and linebacker Eric Knight for their Play' S s S ........... I gn i K+' I s,,L,.,,V LIV, V X K A 1 A 1 A t an A un 1 4- ' '.,n4 ,,n eirra 'I' -- vif., V , .'-, W -I at " ' in 2.' A fly SOPHOMORE FO0TBALLg FIRST ROW: Richard Felipe, Jay Wilson, Bryan Miller, Chris Keith, David Hofmans, Chris Nicholas, Head Coach Tony Brown. SECOND ROW: 'Mark Christy, Eric Knight, Gus Sosa, Jim Sutton, Brian Kitchen, Curtis Mader, Coach. Phil Thornton. THIRDZROW: Scott Richardson, Rtiss Hamman, Craig Meyer, Doug Schneider, Matti Larson, Von Kopfman, Coach Dwayne Perkins. FOURTH ROW' Steve Howland, Joe Morris, Scott Mullendore, Rusty Brown, Jeff Eldridge, Brett Sneed, Arnold Ayres. OJ Russ Krier, soph., tries to get outside against a Shawnee Heights opponent in the October 9 game. 133 Rolling out against Shawnee Heights is David Hoffmans, soph, g s Football is. y f 1' l hi! il, Q ff ,war 5 4 I be gi. Y 1 Ja- 'W-fiip ii --Av 5' - -f s ign Bm '55'h',B-he Ziwfst fe .4iQ4E.33w'7 321425-1 till' ,,43,g',g, Q.: , 3JW5r,'g,,ia',-?w,5fgef ' Q Sa+ref,'Sfaiii'BFa:77ir'L1' i' ,.14.'?iL'i',L!.,1 ' A iig 'M A 5 N I . 'F ,smmm 2'.,nm'n in -1-M rl... K eg, 5 was ij'-5f ,44,, 74 ..f S8 64-330, . M.. - - ' .,,,, . ' I M, f"!'i,,, f, A I, I -, A -r,f ',eV , - ,, ,Qs r g I ei, ,SJ oy mm:-ef. ""'Q" , t, ,..,, 2 4-W W, 4 . ww" E wr... imma ' '67 'fr' W , we , rv' We f ip, ma - Q iz, W 5 K , f , 4, , sr- "A, Q lk' , 152- 1' '-is A ff X' 'i' f r.gV,, -it Good defense keys The freshman football team com- pleted an outstanding year. After their lone defeat to Junction! City in thQ secondsgaihe, the teaniifelosed out the? season with iive straight victories to end up with a 6-1 record. ' Coach Ron Darmon commented that most ofthe games were pretty much the samefw- defensive struggles. "Our last game against Logan was indicative of how tough our defense was. We only gave up three yards rushing the whole game." Todddones, fr., added, "The best part of our team wastthe defensive line. It kind of held the whole team together." ill David Burcl, fr., tries to bring down a Fort Riley runner October 22. f2j FRESHMAN FOOTBALIQ FIRST ROW: Todd Jones, John Stone, Steve Carvajal, Troy Price, Brian Hayes, Dan Evans, Mitch Eveleigh, Lance Baum- gardner. SECOND ROW: Mark McEachern, Pat Houchin, Kirk Vernon, Jay Muckenthaler, John Somer, Brad, Heath, Kevin McCabe, Rusiy Heins, Bob Lambert. THIRD ROW? Trey Hawes, Robert Donahue, Kip Ashmore, Mike Eveleigh, Marlon Torrens, Jeff Schneider, Mike Guion, Harold Piper, Dan Lanzrath. FOURTH ROW: David Burd, John Nichols, Doug Mullen- dore, Jeff Lynch, Brandon Bennett, Marty Jones, David Lili. Pete Shaw, Head Coach Ron' Darmon. FIFTH ROW: Trainer Eddie Getz, Xavier Sosa, Richie Lopez, Mike Howland, John Dickerson, Will'Lopez, Doug Main, Coach Virgil Dean, Coach Greg Bennett. 133 The freshman defense swarms a Ft. Riltey ball carrier. Q43 Mark Mcliarzhern and Mikel-lowland look to the sidelines for instructions October 22. Football 93 Q F225 Iv . 254 .. . -J Bw, -Www , V .V .H W -. ,. 'fi ff 5 . GV ,IG ' us l 3, AJ, '- M V nl my - -, T, " ' nf f- Q W - Mwmg ,dffffh - .. mg l , N 1- ' I . " 5 ' f me 65 . q ' A1" 4. m Y ' c B W 1 I-L fm fl fx ,W Q 2 4, 95' E f e gy f Q. ,gf X 35- X 'ef . 4, I l 9 MM' 94 Volleyball - 5, , J LJ qrfffl 'Elk WW 5? Rf 'X -.S 5. J. vw 4 . , 4.13.1 e . 'K M "N 3? Fug s . .J f ,wugm i5wHjef,,:. .,,zg may Q 1 , 1 V' X 4- X pgpuaodmwd' -,vw -ae fa - ,,,, , as 2 9 ance he , ' i ff aaiz' ' W 54 , '7'.,.- . 5.3, are . if : ., .,f-W. fd-f - up-lf. I ,L-r.a,.1.,,,.-1, ,owl-.1.. - H . hi., l ,g-Wi., ., , , at .,1,.,,,c,f i,,,,.i-,,,.,,,-,,,,9o..,--VM., is 3, Z., 4,-, , Vafslfy wlleyball, y Teamwork, hustle on defense, and good blocking helped the volleyball team capture second place at sub-state No- vember 1. jj k we jscflfhey won iirstiinsgiboth the Wichifagiinvitatlonaliyandgjthe ffljlighland Parkyafiiiizitational. plays f f f 14 ,K s fu ll- ffl W ,ff fa f' "1 F?-"4 'Af' 138' ilk ' W is-EZ ,V 1 f .1 1: 414, iz. ,Lg ,rg 4 1 U 1 l ,S 1 , , 6- wf, - 1 ef if ' grew a If it fl ,1 we .aff Q., f fa? 9 r r W we W ea. .f,.""' .fl ' elf in x :Vg 1 ' ' afffflghlflr f 'fn' f ' 6 rg M f 'V , ,. vigiewr t .M ,,,f,,X,- . I V ,Mi Q5 ' "-'sire s 'xw?:2 f,h,- . if .ai , f ,,ff.,,,,,,' ,, wg, Ji,-st W undefeated, andtheywon second :inithe Centennialigeague Tournament. ' ii D According to first-year coach Willie Smiley, the girls really worked as a team. "it's hard to single out one player when it's a team effort, 'f said Coach Smileygfloach Smiley alsojfelt ilaejjgirls had an eaeellent attitude. glayed asyajteanrf she said. "They really gave their aglifati sub-stateff'llffffgff ' "I enjoyed playing on the team this year," said ,Debbie SanRomani, jr. "It was a lot of fun." Another player, Junior Tina Stuaffer, said, "I think that this year we should have gone to state, but we didn't because we fell apart in sub-state." Sheyykadded, "I liked ,year becauseythe coaching was goodgfand everyonegiffiiialong i iiwNeXt year Coach Smiley would like to' incorporateiithe one-set into the offense and try 6-2 offense. One other thing Coach Smiley wants to work for is more school spirit for the team. t "I really enjoyed coaching this year," concluded Coach Srniley. "I had a good group of girlsfandhad lots of fungwith lfheinf' I ffff' D D 113 Debbie SanRomani, jr., practices digging the ball before playing Washburn Rural on September 23. Ol Tina Stuaffer, jr., does an overhand spike back to Washburn Rural on September 23 while Sandy Dennison, sr., prepares to back her up. 131 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TEAMg FRONT ROW: Coach Janet KBlaufussJ'Wa.y, Coach Willie Smiley. SECOND ROW: Tlirainer sarah, Hutcherson, Janet weaver, Mana Huigslfinian. THIRD Rovncgiepbie SanRomani, Brenda Haskett, Tina Staufferi BACK ROW' Sallyfliaslnett, Connie Duby, Sandy Dennison. Q43 Janet Weaver, sr., lobs the ball While Debbie SanRomani looks on. 151 Senior Janet Weaver serves the ball against Washburn Rural on September 23. 16, The team has a pep talk just before playing Washburn Rural on September 23. Q73 Preparing to hit the ball back to Washburn Rural on September 23 is Senior Marla Hurshman. ' Volleyball Jr. varsity serving shows improvement According to first-yearieoach Janet Blaufuss, serving wasgjgone of the biggest improvements for fate junior varsity volleyball teaml I e C "There was really good serving this year," said Coach Blaufuss. The team had eight wins and four losses. The most exciting games for the team were those against Leavenworth and Hayden. They had to play all three games, but they eventually won. Although many players on the team improved, Coach Blaufuss felt Danna Harrington was most improved. "I think they did well working in a group," said Coach Blaufuss. "lt was a total team effortf' lll JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALLg FRONT ROW: Serena Nelson, Tina Allen. SECOND ROW Tammy Sattler, Carol Lang, Jamie Hurshman. BACK ROW: Nancy Burenheide, Coach Janet Blaufuss, Coach Willie Smiley,- Danna Harrington. f2l Tina Allen, jr., serves the ball against Olpe on September 8. 96 Volleyball M? 4 s if ' A 5 his 931 . Depth is strongpoint for women 's tennis Depth was a strong point for the women's tennis team. According to Coach Ruth Smith, there were "a lot of good tennis players." The team sent two juniors, Nita Wineinger and Libby Hoiiembeak, to state. "I think this was a good year," said Libby. "I enjoyed going to state since l've never been before." She went on to say, "Pm looking forward to next year." "I had a great time," added Nita. "We had a really challenging season." The team captured three tirsts, at the Seaman and Wamego Invitationals and the Triangular Meet, which was held here. They also placed third at the Salina Central Meet. The team's most exciting trips were Wamego and Seaman. "We won and had trophies to bring home," said Coach Smith. Pam Longbine and Michele Matile were outstanding players. "We had a good year plus a great time," said Pam. "Even though we're losing Pam, we hope to have just as good a team next year," said Michele. "1 think they did really well," concluded Coach Smith. She added, 'Tm looking for improvement next year." tl! Pam Longbine, sr., returns the bail to her Highland Park opponent on September 23. 12? WOMEN'S TENNIS TEAMg FRONT ROW Pam Longbine. SECOND ROW: Linda White, Nita Wineinger, Darcie Bailey, Mary Wurtz. THIRD Row.. coadh Rum smith, Kim wineinger. BACK ROW: Carey Hattic, Anne Wurtz, Sherry Allen, Angela Milton. NOT PICTURED: Mi- chele Matile, Libby Hoilembeck. 133 Nita Wineinger, jr., smashes the ball against her Seaman opponent on September 23. Q43 Junior Anne Wurtz serves the ball to Seaman on September 23. 98 Women's Tennis vw ESM. Q me Q M wiS"322fZZ1S?ZZiZW'Y 525522535525 M3 :NM making W xt g W pzwmwg Q mgigvmzwe,-si' Q fl Q 1 P wi 5 g 5 20 5' 5' 4 1 f 5 5 Y Q x S-:saw S5529 Tiwffli 55551252233 f1?f"?Z?-3232? Z wwuwwwaw M Q 4 ff W vmmgif W4 , 5 5 3 zwssffgs bv 2 ,S Bmggwigm Uwswskwesww Q ESEQZZTSSS .wwwdq 'W mgzfwfw? M-ww.wsg5Z'S3 Xffmgw , 55525233 WW yep, Q ssumdsfxxweg ,wwswmiwibzg ,,,,,Wmm W-zgsmssg Wgzfszwfw Vsmiiiiwimx ggxgwixii 5:13212 ZS? l'1'2'SLff2S A3115 Qsfiii , N if T215-5523225 X .,.,...,Wm1 qs m 5115253338 5524325 H 'PZ-S W wni vvbv N , 'L ,E,gW,5g55z'gWg55555 -JVQ f A ,MS.H.-Vmyw,,.Nn-.,N,q.,w..gg,QUgf- -V -H L- Mvxwgkii .. , - .. ,, ,,.,,gn,J, M M .W wmapwq mm wa .ifsfiwiq Leadership guides cross country men Junior Jon Pool and seniors Cliff Greenlief and Brenton Bennett paced the men's cross country team through- out a good season. S g The Spartans took foiirth at the Centennial League meet: quali- tied for the state nieetffandf finished thirty-fifth. i it f "I was pleased with the way the year went," said Coach Pat Sands. "We had many strong runners, and our seniors were good leaders." The highlight of the season, ac- cording to Coach Sands, was the September 26 meet at Seaman. "About everybody ran a really good race there," Sands remarked, Brenton Bennett added, "The year went pretty well, but I feei we should have qualified for state as a team." fly Jon Pool, jr., runs for 35th place at the state meet at Manhattan November 1. f2j Working hard at the September 13 meet is Peter Torrey, sr. Q31 MEN'S CROSS COUNTRY TEAMg FRONT ROW: Stuart Williams, Everett Spell- man, Richard Moellman, Brett Hurshman, Mike Horak, Mike Long. MIDDLE ROW: Eric Pool, Mark Greer, Paul Carvajal, A1iie'Lopez, Jon Pool, Jeff Heese. BACK ROW? Asher Haven- hill, Eric Fisher, Mitch Faddis, Peter Torrey, Brenton Bennett, Cliff Gteenlief, ,Jeff Miller, Kenny Lopez, Coach Pat Sandsp 141' Sophomore Everett Spellman passes a Kapann5Mt.ei.Ca1'me1 opponent at the Manhattan meetf5ft5j 'Pushing for the finish at a September 13 meer Sis Brenton Bennett, sr. 167 Cliff Greentief, sr., leads the pack at Manhattan. X I Cross Country "'f'fi32f'A3:t" 'Vim . V - K K' . ,Acxiom-I lu , .ev - I 1, A AA fktkg ' ,nit at ea . 'agfgmiiiks -'f we w QL-was wtg,"..'N , ., . .sis no 'wr' S ri . K "J , S ' f 'Y ta , fa aa: 'J K 'v y he at yet 4. 11 1' . .J 9 y f gig 5 54 ' .. V ,,, av A r ' . f A is t Q Y S Ve l 5 .N l I ..A, E V, ,V it . , to 'l:, ' f ' l ve- , :Anya . vat!" Us , nav Q V Q Wa S S ' as ..,. W. a hx h ,fn W , Q, .S , . y V i i ' ' 'wg KBC j' I 2 A E V J . , i QQ? C'i' 5 Q M 5, ",l it , 2 ffggmx , L ' ' -'jf' S ,fx , r - 4 S ly W, 'L' ,.c-ai-lx "' 4' JH' , r ' y. r -fi rliia fi 'fr V , ig' V- y Le x , 1 Bk 40, 5 'egffgsggkiafy , 1' ,. ,f V ' fp? fb, fr ,M f. . l M .Af ZAVV , 1 l t . 'i " 1 - .Q : W Q if A gr' fy W le, .1 f W, H . . X 'vnu' J 'fr ' i 4 -A I' , fi J,',Q.' H 2 wa , . . aff A fr sl f Z 4 -J ' z ..,,A X14 'iw wi! 'Vins sg ei ,X - 3 X 'n League e stztle taken or no won the Centennial League meet. and took third at the state meet tofinash out an excellent season The Spartans were cons1sterifgly strong .throughout zlhei Year. eeoe I f74 Senror Houehm ' oe team s most l rsoufstanding mereber, finishing near the top in every meet and placing seventh at state. "Heather was a real tough runner," noted Coach Pat.Sands. "A lot of our suecess throughout the year swasgdue tothe!-,.u U Vt.,.' i . -is j One thing that really hurt the team was Heidi Moreland's arm injury. "Heidi finished second in league the year before," said Coach Sands. "So her inability to run for most ofethis season had toliave an effect on.us:fFor the most partfthough, it was agreat year." ' 111 Senior' Heather Houchin pushes for a fifth-place finish at a Manhattan meet. 121 Erin Bellows, fr., runsat the September '19 meet. 131 Running at ajyiehita meet is 'Ifamn1y.fPat- iterson, soph. 14l'Qoaeh Pat Sands confers with junior Jon Pool at Seaman. 151 MEN'S VARSITY CROSS COUNTRYg FRONT ROW: Everett Spellman, Alfie Lopez, Jon Pool. MIDDLE ROW: Mark Greer, Asher Havenhill, Kenny Lopez. BACK ROW Brenton Bennett, Cliff Greenlief, Peteif1giTorrey, Paullgaryajal. EQQWOMENFS caossaeoumrnrg FRO.3Z172gRO W: iErin Bellows Q TaixrgihyPattison, Yvoneiwfonroe, Heidi Morelandgjfihris Harris. BACK QROW: Heather Houclmin, Colleen Donahue, Tammy Wessel, Dalaine Roark, Coach Pat Sands, flross Country 5 i s V- . ,. .V.k .3 L, .,:k 5 ,,.A K - ki ef A-,5 . 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"It's nice to know the other coaches respect your sabilityj' d The varsity squad closed out the season with a first-round loss in the subgstate tournament played at Emporia. They were defeated hy'Paola inwa close game, 63-61. Good team spirit and morale throughout the year, however, pleased Coach Linhart. "This team had a good attitude and worked hard," he said. "I enjoyed the year." it v ,Lex V sie 1131 Mews VARSITY BASKETBAIJ4 FRONT. RCW? .iDzivit1r HQffmQt1S. Marty.-Lippe1't,e James Stooq Ar1ee1rTaj,M.Iohn Rothg BACK R0VPCff.Ieff7 EIdrtdge,'1Peter Torrey, JoeA1igu5tynQ Kelly Rateiiff, r J eff .CravensQ1Matt Hurt, -Bon rCatter. 121 - Senior Kelly iRatelifffdstregglesYfor fi lreboxmde -against fSeama1ieede4Janie.ry 13. toy i Joes 'A??21IS'fY11+fi15LQ so purses rupee :shotj against Sffawheef rH!-fight?-d Q41 dsfiiiiifiiigd YQYSHS 5 Highhnd P2452 2 e SSH rff5?5ftiafYYE5? 155 50913513955fD4Yiddfi0ffme1iSdfrISIdSs4I1iQ1'S KoliyldReifiifffHiiiiiJaieesgSiimeiaili l5?'?Fi0f? 99111 CWB? iW?ii2ffDf ii?Qb913f2Si1?4ef1iY1S1e0ffaWegF?b1iU?fY 15? 555165 Fsfm-if We e 9fW95lf9?'L as i?Y3?f? ?fS?ii!SfQ5??f1?4111 Ui LlTHDf9f'??5t'QYe LiP9"??'f??i3 S?H!P'?s?ie11He slietvfiff ive!esfets'wins?faerelHief11eP4eRtrK2 Ssfif be 02tMsnfs smear, 124 t L J, -.5 """'-nv...- f 5 men"svQggiggfsgggaba1 a ' fa EHS Opponent 39 Ottawa L 32 46 a .. Washisungiliural 64 sp a Highxanaaggm Wzsa s4fwga mmwmaawgus E5v A Q 35 -A L f f Leaven-wmffh' ' 576 55 L Hayden W 79 54 Seaman '68 45 Schlagle 64 48 5. Wichita Hgights 97 41 t A a GreafBG9S1 l a 465555 0 Buhler' L L A 68 5' Ottawa mA ' 61 53 A Highland Park 62 36 Shawnee Heights 65 66 Hayden 80 S3 ' Seaman W 63 42 Washbummlrai S7 48. a a ' g ' Manhattanl ' a' 69' 47 ' Leaveuwvfth ' 65 63 Paola 65 a Men's Basketball I J. V2 wins 2 gamesg Improvement shown After winning its contest, Ljwith Ottawa on Decembergiigilie nieifs M gamer varsity c b askethallfg greasy c won jonlyeone of its remaining -to finish at 2-14. H i H The only other win carrie against Seaman on January 13. The team, however, did show some improve- ment, according to Coach Ron Dar- mon. "We improved our basic basket- ball skills and gained some valuable game experience, ' i said Darmon. The main weakness off the steam, according to Coach Darmong was the height ofthe squad. 'fwefreailyihad no ser' he Said-. ti! iiiw ' 'Even though we ygames, we improved ias ffiliec year progressed," ended Junior Aneel Taj. "It was kind of a learning year? ' Men's Junior Varsity Basketball EHS Opponent 52 Ottawa 41 37 Washburn Rural 48 27 Highland Park 75 36 Shawnee Heights 47 S3 Leavenworth 90 48 Hayden 61 52 Seaman 48 41 Schlagle 57 54 Ottawa 57 28 Highland Park 48 50 Shawnee Heights 55 40 Hayden 57 59 Seaman 65 43 Washburn Rural 60 33 Manhattan 55 43 Leavenworth 7 64 111 Joe Morris, soph., shoots for two against Seaman. The Spartans lostsS2-48 inlay overtime. jimi Joe Augustyn, jr., and JCi5'?QiiSf?f6I'riSl'e-S0Ph-- guard a Manhattan player 133 Jumon vansmf BASKETBALIQQYRSTROWW Trainer John Long, Manager'Mike Scott. SECOND ROW: John Roth, Joe Augustyn. Aneel Taj, Jeff Eldridge. THIRD ROW? Joe Morris, Scott Mullendore, Coach Ron Darmon. Rocky Slaymaker, Paul Carvajal. M3111 an early season sophomore game, Paul Carvajal takes a jump shot in the Seaman game. ISD S008 Mullendore, soph., looks for ansopening in a sophomore game against Seaman while Steve Carvajal breaks to get opens W 7, I Men's Basketball Q I -' " ,.,f,.,mpf- A ,A K fa Z EN goin so 4- , 1 X M -l' ae .l 5 3 ,, , , U ,, i A il ' ff' 5 ' ' 2 b, f A h 3 3 "" I W iff? ' ,f '1 ,Q . m'Mlk:1N A 5' "' 5 .V ff ,V ' -' . 1 'm y f 1 ,. . ,- ,. X ,. 'ga g ig E Ji: , 1 W I 4 X x v 1 f 1 .W 7 1 Y ,4 A 3 M- 3' 35 ' 4'.'. - fs 1 . rg fur L...W,g..awwbmwwwwgawwwwwfzHsff:g::4gggm-Wzwf.' 'xx Mwwgwg-fgffg Q3 ,..,.,aHr"" 9' .,,,r nf' , E, 1. f W., i fivepiif in out-offvwffi 5 iii gpg, , M. , iwwmw ur... 9- 2 5 .5 wfthalxytsiigiigriidgiietgrminationg'' the year 4witb?agl to Junctiotii . B-team C?ii1i6? 4 f Offdwaa a115f Ef f ff g3gf1 g lR9F???E. J9hf1A Stvxwfrreygg Glrmgfbeeikwsz i HQ??f1??!?i!i5??S??53?!1??93?1?FQf- 12? T0ddg5fPf'f'f?f'4i I fl 1vr""'i. i 533111?ffEf32??3f5?E2???4if!?4F4f?Eae51?'5 lines UP 955235 2E?U!9f?011'C1fY Simca sipf . 0PmN?ENT A A g L ,, Q, , ,5,,5Qgh. 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Q23 Senior Dana Ginavan guards her Seaman opponent on January 13. 131 Sandy Dennison, sin, and Sarah Hutcherson, jr., show their excitement after winning Sub-State one March 7 against Chanute. 141 WOMENS VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAMg -FROM TOP T0 BOTTOM: Debbie Sankomani, Danna Harrington, Tammy Nelson, Sarah Hutcherson, Sandy Dennison, Brenda Haskett, Tina Stauffer, Marlina Lopez, Dana Ginavan, and Coach Lloyd Steele. Q53 Tina Stauffer, jr., tips off the bali against her Ottawa opponent on March 7 whiie seniors Tammy Nelson and Lisa Bradley look on. - Womexfs Varsity Basketbail EHS 1 f UPPWIGBK1 60 . . Shawnee Mission West S 1 S61 48 1 ,Washburn Rural- 1 - f 39- 49 1 Highnma Park 1 1 1 130 55:1 'Lawrericefg ai i 1 1 Q59 1461 , 1 snawaeefneignog 1 1 1411 Sai 1iLevewofa h + 1 S ' o 59 f 1 f ,YIHf1ydsn 1 1 J 3136 S52 - .roa Sffsmanl. A asaiia A 1 Manhaaan a 3 Juncfasnicigy 1 151Sh?9m? 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The 200-yard medley team, consistingfjof Mitch Faddis, .Ion Pool, Dan. and Marc Campbell, placedffseiQQiidg,,.They too set a new .Wade Fotherglll, sophbfrneteg and Freshman Eric Pool also competed at state. C "The team's had a goodyeaxf' said Co-Captain Marc Campbetl. "In the future, I hope they do better," said Marc. "I think beating all the other SA schools showed we have a lot of talent." "I think we had an exceptional year for the number of people we had," said Co-Captain Mitch Faddis. "I hope that our success will bring more people out for the team next year, because what they'll really need is depthg that's what we needed this year," he added. According to Coach Terry West- brook, state's always the most exciting meet. "That's what we swim all year for - state," he said. s The team ended the ,season with A . , - . sevenwins and four lossesglfges e til Jon Pool, jr., does a December 12, which was held hereQf12l Senior Marc Campbell receives an award at the state meet on February 20 and 21. Marc placed second in the 100-yard butterfly. Q33 MEN'S SWIM TEAMg FRONT ROW: Brenton Bennett, Marc Campbell, Eric Pool, Dan Nichols. BACK ROW' Eddie Campbell, Wade Fothergill, Jon Pool, Mitch Faddis, Brad Bohm, Brad Heath. 141 Senior Brenton Bennett prepares to dive at a meet in Manhattan on February 2, 112 Men's Swimming 1 -at YL 'I if va n 'L 0 1 'W -9 MH 0 iw BW 'Y . , Nw., 1 fda tt, V, ,.,,, aeemgj awhmestfy H ml? "7 'ix' 1. , -1, ff 'Q A Y' yw. 1 5 GI A ,b me .fe ttf " - - vi A 'n f e f may I swf. ' 1512135 ' M 'i5""' iq? -Ski' 72 og, " ji ' f Qu 9' 1 fa 9 Jr J a M 'm a N Wim f 3? 1 7 -M.. lf, hr Q, 'Us ' vp- M 'W 9 gf 'X QA-f?,2v:,fs-, .- sz., ,., ' V ,f ,, a f i Iizy .Nt r -ei 61 ,,.-ps M-Q' l imiwiiflgdiif Swimfmifs building for future team W' "Obviously, since there are so many freshmen, this is a building year," said swimming coach Terry West- brook. "We are building and plan to have a strongeritearn a few years from now." W W Only tive giris returned from last year. They are seniors .lan Bohm and Janice Butts, and sophomores Megan Hurt, Stephani Calhoun. and Heidi Hess. i 51 W i ln order to go to state, a swimmer must have a qualifying time. "I think Stephani Calhoun might have a chance at state," said Westbrook. "She's pretty fast and ,might be fast enough." "I think if I practice hard, l could have a chanceat the S0 or 100ifree- style," said Stephani. "I would really like to qualify and plan to work hard toward it." "We may not be as fast as years before, but we're still working just as hard," said :Janice Butts. "Our400 free relay team IMegan Hurt, Jan Bohm, Stephani Calhoun and Janice Buttsl might have a good chance at state. We want to be ready for that," concluded Janice. At their ,first meet March 9, the team took second place in the 200 freestyle relay and fourth in the 400 freestyle and special relay. i1yVinessa Davidson, soph., concentrates as she climbs onto the starting block. 123 Freshmen Maria and Miaf Dorsey swim ,during an after-school practice. 133 Erin Bellows, frail-Ieidi Hess, soph., Gretchen Campbell, fr., and Coach Terry Westbrook relax after their iirst meet March 9. Q41 WOMENS SWIMMING 'I'EAMg BACK ROW' Janice Butts, Megan Hurt, Polle Anna Nelson, Beth Burgeson, Cassie White, Michelle Paulonis, Virginia Cast, Coach Barb Clark. SECONDQQROW: Robin Tomey,,l-Ieidi Hess, Steph'aniefMcCabe, Debbie Wilhite, Mia Dorsey. FRONT ' ROW: Gretchen Campbell, Stephani Calhoun, Erin Bellows, Maria Dorsey. NOT PICTURED: Vinessa Davidson. Women's Swimming 113 Wrestlers win third at stateg Noce takes championship Although hampered by injuries to key people throughout the year, the varsity wrestling team placed third at the SA state tournament in Newton. "We should have won state," said Senior Bob Duncan. "But injuries were really a problem this year." Seniors Benji Coria and Donny Gutierrez were among the injury victims. Coria, although he qualified, was unable to attend state because of an arm injury. Cliff Noce, jr., was the only Spartan to take a state cham- pionship even though Emporia ,placed four in the finals. It was Noce's second championship in two years. Senior Joel Rios, Sophomore Jim Hahn, and Senior Donny Gutierrez were state runners-up for the Spartans. "We were disappointed with third at state, but we're looking forward to next yearf' Coach Pat Sands commented. "Our freshman and junior varsity squads both had excellent seasons, so we should have good personnel next season." P134 Wi if F AN ,AN j 9 at U j, - W ,A ,Mig x , Q A-4' ' S t W A' Yi -My f ue 4 b ' Si kr? , if E C 3 I U , A V - K gy Q W 1 t k r 3 , 1 , -id . . it Q , .. , . a 'h' X ,J .,',, V1-5 ' 'i.' ' 4" I ,as if 7 'Y ,W K lpl Y 5 Q . V A- '- my is-' . ..,.i ....i . ' ' . gf A X ' """"" f . g g, ' I I - is 3 Varsity Wrestling Salina South Dual 1st Highland Park Invitational lst Hayden Dual lst Coffeyville Double Dual 2nd Wichita Heights Invitational lst Seaman Dual Ist Leavenworth Dual lst Shawnee Mission South Double Dual 1Sf Centennial League K 2114 sn Regional lst 5ub.5tafe tied for lst State 3rd ill Sophomore Gus Sosa gains control of his Newton opponent. Q21 Trying to turn over a Seaman wrestler is Johnny Drake, sr. Q33 Junior Cliff Noce struggles against a Leavenworth opponent. 143 Maintaining control of his match is Joel Rios, sr. 151 Trying for a takedown against his Hayden opponent is Junior John Dennison. Q61 VARSITY WRESTLING: FRONT: Cliff Noce, John Dennison, Jim Hahn, Gus Sosa, Joel Rios, Edward Head. BACK: Donny Gutierrez, Benji Coria, Bob Duncan, David Bales, Asher Havenhill, Johnny Drake, Marty Tabares. Ui Senior Bob Duncan tries to get a Newton wrestler to the mat. f8j Trying to gain control of his Hayden adversary is Kelly Cox, jr. 114 Wrestling MN, 4 ,aan-u ,ggi M4- inzk--X I5 , , X.7,,,:x-W 2' ., if .L Y ' . p 14 I many ,,,, - .-' 2 in UAKVMVJ' k ky q I , J V, F . - ,.,..... - 'Y' s N ?' v v - rw W M ' x vj X x gm,-fgjj' V A - A 'L gawk Nfl' , f W 3 SZ 1 6 4 4 4256? 2-' IIA' J M 'W' L I A55 ' . 1, -.1 f J' 4 M if 3 if ,gg 'Q .L J in I 2 J 'rl I 9 A Z' W Q v 50 N 5.2 We . 4 Q 5 ' I . Q '15 IQ I A 1 ,X f W 'T 9. -. D it 7, x I , ' v. I 4' Us 4, I 5 E' K 5 v I X f -'Fl . , :MW Q-34,sf:f ff 4251 'W-if-.ef-vfff qizw '.fzel1sE'l"""V' fry 9 313' A Em 1- H H A - ' W x x up t Junior .Varsity Coach Paul Dorathy, inhisffirst year of scoaohainggyiled the B-team to a 7-1 dual recofcl aaa one tournament victory. 1 l ' yi W "Coach Dorathy didea good job for his first year," said Seniors Rick Torres, D . at y e After losing their opening imatch against Salina South by one point, the team came back with dualwins against Hayden, Seaman, and Leavenworth and tookithe Coffeyvillee and Shawnee Mission South double cluals. They also won the eight team Topeka West J.V. Tournament. "We wrestled pretty well," said P. J. Mendoza, jr. "This team ought to be able to move a lot of people up to the varsity level next year." Junior Varsity Wrestling Salina South Dual 2nd Hayden Dual lst Coffeyville Double Dual lst Seaman Dual lst Topeka West J.V. -Tourney lst Leavenworth Dual lst Shawnee Mission South Double Dual lst 111 Matt T orres, jr., tries toturn over his Hayden opponent on Deeemberl 17.123 Marty Tabares, sr., eyes his Leavenworth adversary, 131 Sophomore Asher Havenhill. maintains his neaexpclgf on ya Hayaen Wildcat.. 143 isumon VARSITY' HWRESTUNG5 -i-i g g i.e efffiilief Maheixe A Doliathyz i BACK2 siee Mae , fgfarresg false I.opez,lJeff M'ain'QzKendall.Sancls, 'P.1IJMendoia,1 Corey-Miller, Rielc1Torres,-Roh Winter, Mayo fravar. uazyqavar,iGag aliicxfaeai iiiee i E Li ww, Us . L-S-2 73 Q, 1 ff' . 1 W 6 Wrestling 1 ' . 5 . . E f,-' 4 M 1 i l- if 'if 2. 5 4 ? 3 5 i , VVi2 55-631-r' Vf.i:""' :MQW WV? ,1 f R MN ,U 10 Q? XX 'Half i X tlj Willie Smiley opens another present during the surprise baby shower held for her . by members of the Language Arts Department. 121 Enjoying the food at Lake Kahola during the Back-to-School Faculty Picnic is Kent Chapman. 13j Chaperoning students at the Pigskin Dance are Patricia Wise, Greg Bennett and Phil Thornton. Q41 Feeding the ducks at Lake Kahola during the faculty party on September 7 are Laurie Voorhees, Stacee Hastings, John Harcle- rode and his' son, Jonathan. 153 Giving a pep talk to the junior class on selling magazine sub. scriptions is Patricia Wise. 1 1 8 Fat S CT vu: ACULTY K "f-,, , W W 'Qs xx , A w Qi gk I xi ' ' , , Z yn 5 , A " I 5 I hu 'V mf 4.. ' 5 , 5 Miz? 2' ' 'v ' ' ,,. ,...,, ... - LV , pp lv,-.-.--.M H , I -, A 'fi , ,i I 1' "..ff ' -. V ' ,LL:,, 1 ' 'U i , ,,,,,, pf, ,, '11 I u , .Q S 3, A X f 3 5 ,V " lb if ,t ,,f,,,, .,,f. 14 "J .. 1 29 ...f 1 2 1 1 , M, A' f 'G , sf-'W' W f Jw-"1 3.51, ,,,,,.,5es?W2' , ff' , V ff' ,A w g. gy ,. ,N . ,g f,,. . --lg , I ,A , H , . s"f,,' - 2' , X. '- ':"Zf' ,,.,w'.z5,"1 A . V' ' .Silt . f. A 'T,g,f,, I'Q,,,,, SP9 fK w sw VJ,,,,.,g 'W nw al' jf ww fu-A my. xg- li ' f qi' , . . mg WJ , M ff 11 - av ff 1,3 , 4 3 W' 'S . ff Q ,mhz .f H :Eli ,,,, Q1 ,. N f f ' ' V 'Qlf"' ' 1 ' ' .Ziff ' ' ' ' f r s K K I 5 .lax ,QQ l I gy, ' . 31. f , A ,.-, f " ' - - " . " y X Q, lg .ww ,. gg ' 'Z qf - f v. V ,f,.. V, I r L . L . . 1 A 1 V . . . A gy .W . - , ..f - vt' . 2 f V. H . , ' ,' M, e+""' , W ' ,,- - A W r I 4 W .sf -i n ,.,1, . , . , ff I -, , . ' ivq , , ' 'f K' , bk. ' VV . V . ,,g,.G J Qs h , . 6 fy , , , A , 1 7. A ' " my A 1 A-X .Jack Mitchell enjoyed times when former students dropped Administrators: Having been both a coach and a teacher, Gerald Baumgardner has enjoyed hearing from former students that have done well. tPrincipalD A student drew a characterization of Jerry Brown that hangs in his office. CAssistant Principall Two students helped Dan Lumley conduct a workshop on classroom discipline at the university. tDirector of Secondary l Learningj ' I by just to say hello. tAssociate Principall Bob Smith has received letters from students he had fifteen ' years ago. tAssistant Principal, Athletic Directorl t1jADMINISTRATIONg FRONT ROW: Dan Lumley. SECOND ROW: Bob Smith, Jerry Brown, Jerry Baumgardner, Jack Mitchell. t2j Bob Smith and his wife, Ruth, eat their meal at the faculty picnic September 7. 131 SCHOOL BOARDg FRONT ROW: Kathryn Perkins, Karleen O'Brien, Norma Stinnett. SECOND ROW: Bill Samuelson, Joe Morris, Duane Henrikson. BACK ROW: Donald Law, Harold Hosey, Chuck Hanna. my Dr. Hosey watches as the Spartans are defeated in the play-off game November 14. t5j Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Classified Personnel: Rex Lorenzg Administrative Assistant: Carroll Schubert. Q 1 2 Administrators ll? P' 'iv F' 3 f I.. af, il "I have always been interested in education," said School Board President Bill Samuelson. "I feel that by being the president of the Board, I am being of service to the public." uelson is responsible for con- ducting and planning School Board meetings. He also assigns committees when something needs to be done. "I sign the payrolls," h said. "When something is to be signed, I sign it. Dr. Samuelson taught high school for three years in Mineral, Texas, before moving on to college education. "I feel that by being involved with education, I am contrib uting to the security and well-being of school children he concluded. School Board .r I is I 'I'-. ,Ji- 2 X As Board president, Dr. Sam- ttr e Language Arts: When Kent Chapman left a teaching position in Washington, Kansas, the senior class dedicated that year's annual to him. tDrama Coachj Seniors presented Fran Hartzler with a lovely piece of jewelry after a senior play. tSpartan Club Sponsorj Albert J. Higgins CNational Forensics League Coach! Candy Hodge's freshmen once waited until she cracked her first pun of the dayg then they all bombarded her with balls of paper. tStudent Council Sponsorj A class presented Carol Hurtig with roses when she was a substitute teacher. tCheerleader Sponsor! Students brought Carolyn Koch ham sandwiches and flowers on her,birthday. tReading Lab Teacherj A few students helped Sue McKinney move to a new house on the last day of school. CWildlife, Conservation and Back- packing Club Sponsorl When Marvin Mader taught at Lowther, students brought him gifts, cake and cookies because theythought he was a 'nice guy.' Eileen Peoples' students treated her to a surprise birthday partyg however, it wasn't her birthday. KECHO Sponsor, RE-ECHO Sponsor and Senior Class Sponsorj Students presented flowers and gifts to Nancy Rugh when she returned from a maternity leave. Delores Schwinn fLanguage Arts Department Headl Willie Smiley's Chase County students gave her a surprise wedding shower. She received cleaning supplies and cans of food without labels. tHead Volleyball Coachj Sharon Stephens recalls a lovely baby shower given by her students before the birth of her son, James. On the last day of school, Phil Thornton received Star Wars toys from his science fiction class. CAsst. Football Coach, Asst. Men's Track Coachl Barbara Walker will always treasure a small dog and a mallard duck carved for her by a student. tll LANGUAGE ARTS, FRONT ROW: Dee Schwinn, Fran Hartzler, Candy Hodge. SECOND ROW: Sue McKinney, Barbara Walker, Nancy Rugh, Carolyn Koch, Marvin Mader. BACK ROW: Eileen Peoples, Albert Hig- gins, .lim Hannon, Sharon Stephens, Willie Smiley, Phil Thornton, Kent Chapman, Carol Hurtig. Q21 Candy Hodge demonstrates her school spirit on Spook'em Day, October 30. t3j Phil Thornton enjoys his meal at the Language Arts picnic September 3. 143 Nancy Rugh, student teacher Lois Johnson, and Barbara Walker, with other Language Arts teachers, relax at the Language Arts picnic September 3 at Jones Park. 122 Language Arts fx" Q. I ,ii-gfifeagir 'rf ww. W. H 9. CT' ' 5-Y., j ffl' r 4 og' JE' M.,.-,-'xiii 4J EM is New is : Q 'xN K .f X ' 1 ll ,, ,,f4 QX,,, . ,X,,,2Q N A p I Q". j I 4 I wj , A -Q-- fir NJ U0 .sq V Rx I "" 1 ,. Girls! Girls! Girls! For sixteen years Sue McKinney has been leading Girl Scouts. Ms. McKinney teaches the girls camping backpacking and outdoor games. Although she is fr not directly involved with the I A, - girls now she feels scouting is .J important. It teaches the girls iiiiii leadership along with other skills that will help the girls either now or later in life," she explained. Ms. McKinney remains active with the Girl Scouts by training leaders and doing short term "projects" with groups that request them. "I was a Girl Scout for eleven years myself." She went on to say, "I don't feel that there have been very many changes in scouting. The girls still like to have fun, just like they did when I was a scout." "The main reason I do it is to have fun," said QT Ms. McKinney. "It also puts me in contact with- younger children and their parents." "Aside from some rather strange meals, short nights and being dumped out of my sleeping bag occasionally, there haven't been any major disasters." Language Arts Social Science: Ron Darmon felt special when someone said he learned a lot in his class. tMen's Football Coach, Men's Basketball Coach J Virgil Dean appreciated students who put forth a little extra effort in his class. CModel United Nations, Men'sF00tba11 Coach J A student brought Harvey Foyle a homemade fruitcake last Christmas. fDepartment Chairman, Model United Nations J Students gave models and displays to be used in Jim Hannon's classes. The night before Halloween students placed political signs in Bill Linhart's yard, and wished him a happy Halloween. CMen's Basketball Coach J One year a group of seniors made Ann North feel like a real person, not just another teacher. 4Spartan Club J The women's basketball team that took second in the state gave Lloyd Steele an autographed basketball. fWomen's Basketball Coach J Former students and gymnasts have returned to tell Bob Wilburn what they are doing and how they are getting along in the world. CMen's Gymnastics Coach J '." ,. 5. A.. 5. tlj While teaching her Sophomore History class, Ann North is amused by a student's remark. 12, Harvey Foyle enjoys the comics during the ENEA picnic on September 17. 13j SOCIAL SCIENCEg SEA TED: Virgil Dean, Lloyd Steele. STANDING: Harvey Foyle, Bob Wilburn, Bill Linhart, Ron Darmon, Jim Hannon, Ann North. my Virgil Dean prepares his lesson book for the day. 151 Jim Hannon trades stories with his Westem Expansion class. 124s0cia1 Science a-W", if 4 1 '--r W 3.1, .L H Z 2 i r if A? if ' cf w p if Z Harvey Folye has been roofing and painting houses for live or six years. "I do it to make at ps money," he said. When asked if yy, a he would go into it full time, he 'Vi replied, "I have considered lt, e 9 ' K is but I don't know." I ,,,, "There are advantages in the job compared to teaching," said Mr. Foyle, "like making more money and being your own boss." However, he also pointed out disadvan- tages. "You are constantly in danger of falling off the roof or being burnt by shingles heated by the sun." When asked how he gets his jobs, Mr. Foyle replied, "People know from experience that I do a good job, so they return to me for business and recommend me to other people." Social Science 125 Science: A student helped Greg Bennett clean out a science lab on his own time. CFreshman Men's Football Coach, Men's Track Coach J One of Steve Buster s classes gave him a Christmas party and a tie after they had treated him roughly throughout the year. 9 Bob Clements remembered a time when Cliff Noce skipped his class. CFreshman Men's Basketball Coach, Men's Football Coach 7 Former students have come back to tell John Harclerode they are glad he made them work hard in high school. tWildlife, Conservation and Backpacking Club Sponsor J The Student Council voted Clarence Howland the most inspirational high school teacher. The first year Frank Nelson taught, his home room students bought him an annual, signed it, and presented it to him with a refund. CWildlife, Conservation and Backpacking Club Sponsor J John Riley's geology students furnished him with all the rocks he needed. CWildlife, Conservation and Backpacking Club Sponsor J During her first year of teaching, three students took Patricia Wise out for pizza. tWildlife, Conservation and Backpacking Club Sponsor, Junior Class Sponsor J Q ' of 4 tl, John Riley identifies different clouds for juniors Lori Stinnet and David Thornton during a lab. 12h Greg Bennett shows Freshman Christie Agler how to use a geiger counter. 131 Bob Clements prepares a microscope slide during his sixth hour Biology class. Mt SClENCEg FIRST ROW: Patricia Wise, John Harclerode, Frank Nelson. SECOND ROW: Greg Bennett, John Riley, Clancy Howland, Bob Clements, Steve Buster. 151 John Harclerode lectures to his sixth hour Biology class. 126 Science Q? Q I J by X ' g pi ..., i pgggy. b - 11- John Harclerode has been taking pictures of wildlife and nature for three years. "I like being able to take pictures and sharing them with others," he said. According to Mr. Harclerode, photography is a very expensive hobby. "I have put about 52,000 into my equipment," he said. He also sells his pictures, and has been doing this for about a year. Mr. Harclerode uses a lot of his pictures for his classes. "Whenever I don't have a specimen, I usually have a picture I can use." Mr. Harclerode has also considered turning to professional photography. "I'm not really sure," he concluded. Science Ahuh: A group Catherine Brown had for three classes planned a picnic at her place and gave her a gift. L o C Lawrence Eudaley has appreciated students saying "thank you" upon completion of a class. CMen's and Womexfs Head Golf Coachl One of Connie Johnson's classes bought her a step stool to reach the top of the chalkboard. fliayettesl A student helped Cheryl Moddrell move into her new house. fliayettesl Former students have expressed appreciation to iGene Tibbetts for enhancing their education. CDepartment .Chair- man, Math Clubl C One of Larry Williams' classes held a surprise birthday ,party s for him. fFreshman Class Sponsor, 7th Hour Supervisorl Foreign Language! One night Tom Fowler's class gave him a surprise dinnersand then took him to the movies. lllepartment Chairman, M.A.I.S.0. Sponsor! A student did some oil paintings of French cities and land- scapes for Jim Knott. CFreshman Women's Baskethali Coach, Language Artsl Three students set Charles Peoples up in the used Christmas tree business: however, the business failed. tAssistant Wornen's Track Coach, Language Arts! One of Delores Sehwimfs Latin classes held a surprise baby shower for her. Cl-Echo Chamber Sponsor, Junior Classical League Sponsor, Language Artsh .JQF Charles Peoples has always wanted to sell real estate. "I ' . N ' like to see different houses and help people tind the right house," he said. I, up I Mr. Peoples saw an adver- p.s'pg .tisement in the paper this past 'E'.-""""-- plsfp . to I summer for a rel estate agent. s f lcip ' He looked into it, and decided p so C I totry it. , . C' C Q "I had to study a text and then take a one-bday cram course," he explained. Mr. Peoples tinally received his i license on August 25. Will he quit teaching to sell real estate? "I haven't 0 made up my mindf' he said, "even though the pay for selling real estate is better than what I am getting, now." 128mm X 'TQ-...LW .-- ... , - .. 'Q' .4-Ng? A A K S. 'i"iQ1,.. ' -W , ' A is s - r X if 9, ss . fi ' 'li if N133-fs-1,N2:' ' 'X 4 5" LQ. Q if I-'If . on i , o. ,. - go' at s ,... ' .J . , 1 rf? L as-..,.,.f ....... J 1 o. . . we Q s'f. - . -, L., , V . - L M l ' C " 1 . , ,.. qff' , llc.. 1 , Q Xb 'gifs 4s 1 l pu- Y! W if f I 5 I f . , l - f 2 ni-""" 1,54 f 115 Connie and Meghann Johnson have lunch at Kahola Lake during the annual Back-to-School Faculty Picnic on September 7. l2l Harold Schwinn lights the candles as Delores Schwinn looks on at the Foreign Language dinner on September 10 at Charles Peoples' house. GI MATH3 SIIYYNG: Cheryl Moddrell, Connie Johnson, Catherine Brown. STANDING: Gene Tibbetts, Larry Williams, Lawrence Eudaley. 14, Tom Fowler presents a slide show about Mexico during his 6th hour Spanish class on November 13. Q53 FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Delores Schwinn, Tom Fowler, Charle'3'Peop1es and Jim Knott. Foreign Language 129 i i Business: N One of Jan Bradbury's classes gave her a hard time all year, but at the end of the year they gave her flowers and F apologized. Harold Rains remembers when his dog was stolen and the whole student body searched for it. When they did not find his dog, they gave him a stuffed dog to replace it. ?3 One of Beverly Toso's shorthand classes gave her a surprise baby shower. Elizabeth Voorhees received personal notes from students who had graduated thanking her for her encouragement, confidence and guidance. Special Education: i Joni Black's students have given her many art gifts which she displays in her house. One of Glenna Harrison's students made her a special . Halloween cake. 3 The first year Donnia Hinrichs taught, her students gave her a bouquet of silk flowers. 3 Juniors Kelly Cox, Hud Gibson, Phillip Mejia, and Doug Cunningham gave Pru Schmidt moral support for over a month after her son was killed. 5 Connie Somer appreciated the Home Economics students sharing their classes with her classes. A student sent Pam Swafford six baby red roses because her husband had not sent her any. ily Norma Hodges straightens out her desk before going home. Q23 PHYSICAL EDUCATIONg FIRST ROW: Linda Fox, Norma Hodges. SECOND ROW: Bill Cinelli, Bill Linhart, Pat Sands, Terry Westbrook, Dave Hugg. t3j SPECIAL EDUCATl0Ng SITTING: Glenna Harrison, Pam Swaf- ford, Prue Schmidt. STANDING: Connie Somer, Donnia Hinrichs, Joni Black. Ml BUSINESSg SITTING: Elizabeth Voorhees. STANDING: Harold Rains, Lawrence Eudaley, Beverly Toso, Jan Bradbury. t5l Elizabeth Voorhees picks up the test for one of her business classes. Business!Special Education -saw. V ,." ' fir :lim , Physical Education: One of the nicest things that ever happened to Bill Cinelli was when the student body voted him teacher of the year. Some students made a special effort to talk to Dave Hugg about a class or season when it endedg their appreciation helped keep him in the teaching and coaching business. Students decorated the offices of Linda Fox and Norma Hodges for their birthdays last year. A highlight for Pat Sands was when the wrestlers took state. Terry Westbrook received a plaque from his 1978 Senior Swimming members. Wil LL "" .f Y ., W Zi . I , , 1 4 .Q if ,.,, , y , w .E V F . if N I . at As the head of FBLA, nylyi Apll Elizabeth Voorhees has made F y p p . AT fx 4 '..fi F ' 4.3 many improvements for the 3, f. i club. Mrs. Voorhees has been 1.5.5. y jj J the head of FBLA for 15 years. ,::AV5 5 yyfy F p , "Since I became the head of FBLA, I have tried to expand A 'Um f f f. la 4 ful, ' J 5 1 QQ: 3'- 4 , the club,', she said. . Mrs. Voorhees' efforts have L paid off. Since she became the head of the club, she has increased communications between members and the executive board. The number of members has also risen. "This year we had the second highest membership in the state, but the number of members fluctuates every year," she said. Mrs. Voorhees tries to get students involved in the FBLA, but she leaves the decisions to the students themselves. "I have encouraged students to run for state office, but the students usually come to me and say that they want to run for a state office," she said. By encouraging students, Mrs. Voorhees hopes that they will learn leadership, vocational and personal skills. L. Physical Education Music: On April lst, a class wrote Don Grant an "April Fool" letter, saying, "Since we usually give you a hard time, we thought we would write you a letter and let you know how much we appreciate you as a teacher? CSenior Class Sponsor, Chorale Sponsor, Music Department Headi Marching Band found out about David Hodges' birthday and surprised him with a cake. He also got a very special card from the seniors. CBand Sponsorl The Orchestra has given Don Kile a flower before special concerts. C0rchestra Sponsorb Maxine Mitchell received two corsages before a concert, one from Chorale and one from Concert Choir. Chorale was afraid Concert Choir would forget. fConcert Choir Sponsorj tlj David Hodges directs the Stage Band. 12h Don Kile directs the Orchestra as they prepare the music for "Oklahoma," Gy MUSIC: Maxine Mitchell, David Hodges, Don Kile and Don Grant. 132 Music 1 .. . ' ,,.. 1 5 H A' i ":kL A I 2 .1, . fhki. ' . , i ff "I , R. - I ., .,,, ' W' S ft Ml. a I I 53, ...WJ -ff.: omg. f an f. f:f.f'f1g. 1- 31 1 . ,,... ...tm , .,.,,,.,,,,. ..,, I .. , ,,, .,.,,.,, ,, .,- ,,,. , .W ,-fN, ,,, , 'fi-fm. 1'-fret, mg a I -,f ia ., . ,wa kl fwivmgj 2 V. Ay ' u Qg3gwM. ' 5 I "?lli'P"I'i'a ij 5 ll iffy 4 lf? T, ,,,, 1. ,fini . , .1 I Q, X X I 'f .. , .3 ,, ,kk , 5 G i YQ' .tg f I . T42 A,, I aaw.aaaa 5,511.22 1. . Qqlvy' Art: Debra Maxwell's most rewarding experience has been to see students with "troubles" in their lives change for the better. Joe Stellwagon enjoyed having Kelly, Wifey, Shana and Wonder Woman at noon. Jerry Troxell was coming up the walk with a projector in one hand and a dozen books in the other. A girl Saw him Coming and held the door. CHe was almost halfway through beforefshe slammed it on his foot.J CArt Department Head, Black Market Club S onsory llj ART: Joe Stellwagon, Jerry Troxell and Debra Maxwell. l2j Art teacher Joe Stellwagon finishes a snack in the art room. 131 Art teachers and students show their creativity by making special masks just to have their pictures taken. Art teacher Debra Maxwell has been making jewelry for eight or nine years. Mrs. Maxwell's college major was sculpturing. However, she took up jewelry making as an extra interest. In the past, she has made jewelry to sell. "The best selling items have been earrings and rings," she said. "I have sold mostly things to wear." Since becoming a teacher, most of the jewelry she has made has been for herself, as gifts and as classroom examples. Most ofthe items she' makes take around two months to complete. "The longest I have ever worked on one project was nine months," she added. Mrs. Maxwell teaches two art classes. One is a basic jewelry class in which students make certain pieces of jewelry and learn the basics of jewelry making. The other is called Projects. In this class, students choose the pieces they want to make and work at their own speed. "Art is something everyone can enjoy because it is a self-expression," said Mrs. Maxwell. "You must be very involved in order to stay with it." AUI33 Industrial Arts: After his first year of teaching, a class presented Wayne Eikenberry with a S20 gift certificate and a card saying, "Thank you for a great year." Paul Hastings has received coffee cake and cookies at Christmas time every year. Clndustrial Arts Club Sponsorl A former student returned to Emporia High to visit Richard McCoy. He commented he needed more knowledge in Navy tests about metal. This resulted in additional areas of curriculum to be added to our program. Clndustrial Arts Department Headl A group of students found out it was John Wyrlck's birthday, and they planned a party. It didn't do much for the lesson plans, but they all had a good time. tlndustrial Arts Club Sponsorj flj Paul Hastings explains a procedure to his class. GI INDUSTRIAL ARTS FACULTY: Richard McCoy, Paul Hastings, Wayne Eikenberry, John Wyrick. 134 Ind. Arts ,.- . sk -il - 1 l First year Industrial Arts teacher John Wyrick has lived in Emporia all of his life. He graduated from Emporia High School six years ago. Have things changed much since he was a student here? "No," he said. "I had some of the same teachers that are still teaching now." One teacher he had was Industrial Arts teacher Richard McCoy. "I was a cage proctor for Mr. McCoy. One day he caught me doing something I shouldn't have been doing. He gave me a seventh hour which I never served." Mr. Wyrick's parents were both educators, so being a teacher came naturally. He became interested in being a teacher while going to college at Emporia State. "I enjoy being a teacher," he said. "It gets better all of the time. When a day goes well, it doesn't even seem like work." 4, as 1 f. cf, Fra. Home Economics: A student taught her mother a skill she learned from Faculty Eleanor Burenheide. The mother called to say "Thanks" CHome Economics Department Headl Shirley Schoap received an "appreciation" grad- uation gift from a graduating senior. fSophomore Class Sponsorl Judy Tibbetts was called into the oflice in order for her classes to set up surprise baby showers for the birth of both of her daughters. A student gave Janet fBlaufussj Way a fruit basket for all of the help given to her in clothing class. lJ.V. Volleyball Coachl 111 HOME ECONOMICSg BACK ROW: Shirley Schoap, Mildred Steeves, Janet CBlaufussJ Way. FRONT ROW: Judy Tibbetts, Eleanor Burenheide. 12l Proctor Sally Haskett helps Judy Tibbetts dish up a dinner made Single Survival class. 131 Eleanor Burenheide figures grades on Day January 16. 3 Home Ec. Nurse: Students have made Irene Buckley feel needed every day for 25 years. -.S'.S.P.: Barbara Holscher remembers when students helped her get up an icy hill last winter. Counselors: i -' - ' ' Several former students of Nancy Humes wrote her letters, remembering fun things they had done in English class and reminding her of what she had taught them. Donny Alcorn helped Bob Lodle get his car started on a cold winter day. A student who had originally dropped from school called Gene Otis from California to let him know he had graduated from high school. He later called from Hawaii and said he had graduated from college. Librarian Arvina Lumley has changed or expanded the school library every year since shels been here. "I think it is impor- tant for the students to use the library, so it is my job to get them iyy to like the library." a llttr tyyl tyisya 'B ievaixw 'V Part of this has been accom- B' 5' plished when she arranged for ii' plants and cushioned chairs to be put in the library. When asked what change was made this year, she V replied, "We put a television in the library so students can watch the news in the morning." She has also added a video tape system in the library which is available to teachers. Mrs. Lumley also prepares carts of books and slide shows. "I want the teachers to know that they can use L the library, too," said Mrs. Lumley. "Since we have t made the library more comfortable, more and more students have come to use it," she concluded. 136Nurse!S.S.P.!Counselors Secretaries: Janice Barrons appreciated things the office proctors did for her. A student pushed Gloria Brown's car out of a snowdrift last winter. Students came into the office with candy to sell when Rose Ann Bura was on a diet. Janet Weaver and Sandy Wells sent Donna Eudaley flowers and a note saying, "Have a good day." Gaye Schumann and Kendra Ferrell gave Adele Knight cookies for Christmas. The senior class officers sent Jan Redeker flowers for helping pay bills for their Worlds of Fun Day. A student gave Sally Sanchez a ride to the veterinarian when her cat Jennifer was sick. Librarians: Tom Haskett had car trouble early this year, and a student gave him a ride home. A student pulled Jeanette Hoy's car out of the snow one winter. Arvina Lumley felt important when students said she had been a positive influence on their reading habits. Cindy Peay appreciated students who were helpful and fun to work with. ff A .xr J -W 5, i e .ei , 5 'tlj NURSE: Irene Buckley. COUNSELOR: Gene Otis. S.S.P.: Barbara Holscher. COUNSELORS: Bob Lodle, Nancy Humes. 12j Librarians Tom Haskett and Jeanette Hoy check for overdue materials. BJ Counselor Nancy Humes goes over a class schedule with Junior Kathy Bastin. My LIBRARIANSg FIRST ROW: Arvina Lumley, Cindy Peay. SECOND ROW: Tom Haskett, Jeanette Hoy. f5j SECRETARIES, FIRST ROW: Sally Sanchez, Adele Knight, Rose Ann Bura. SECOND ROW: Janice Barrons Gloria Brown, Donna Eudaley, J an Redeker. Secretaries! Librarians 137 Cafeteria: Margie Scott thought it was nice whenever students recog- nized her outside of the school. When Keith Stuewe first arrived in Emporia, an elementary student mistook him for the new school principal. i Y fix cs' ?f""""'i all Ms 1 ggpusllili qg gunna!!! ypqaulllk 138 Cafeteria l I .1 Q Maintenance: Home Economics students brought Jess Blocker Christmas cookies for his family. ,, Students have given Bob Burroughs cookies for the different holidays. Bus Drivers: Ted Fowler appreciates students who help him when he is on a new bus route. Students have given Virginia Fowler directions to other it . students' houses when she was substituting for another bus driver. ir fl ,M V ,, Q, jj ' sun a. ,,.- f A' w , X' ff... gii-4...-Ma, f -f , 3 'i N . B ' ir' -E Bud Morton has been driv- - ing a school bus for about six years. When he first drove a school bus, he had a regular bus route, but he then changed 'Y ,V H to just driving activity buses. ,P 7 "There is no repetition when driving activity buses," he in said, "and a lot of things K Q jig Q ' 4. v 'U it .Q ,i .,f. f ' f t- , ,,hf , i W fly CAFETERIAg FIRST ROW: Glee Piper, Barbara Unruh, Peggy Scott, Davijean Barker, Kathy Gibbons. SECOND ROW: Edith Meier- hoff, Roberta Hines, Doris Williams, Jackie ' Harder, Leona Zirnstein. THIRD ROW: Char- lotte Korte, Keith Stuewe, Marla Black, Norma Duncan, Jane Meierhoff, Mary Buckbee, Marge Scott. t2l Cafeterian Leona Zirnstein prepares hot dog buns for the day's lunch. 131 Custodian Bob Burroughs relaxes after a long day on the job. 143 Custodian Pat Alvarado goes over paper work during his lunch break. t5l MAINTE- NANCEg SITTING: Linda Tipton, Ethyl Scheve, Edward Bautista. STANDING: Billy Gosser, Louie Reynolds, Jess Blocker. NOT PICTURED: Pat Alvarado, Pam Been, Bob Burroughs, Clayton Suddock. 161 BUS DRlVERSg FIRST ROW: Denise Edwards, Rita Andersen, Norma happen on the trips." Mr. Morton is not sure what kind of group he likes taking the most. "Athletic trips seem to be the most exciting," he said, "but I enjoy them all because I like young people." Thenfarthest trip Mr. Morton has ever been on was to Oklahoma City, but he has stayed overnight in many cities. "Sometimes it is too late to start back, or the activity lasts more than one day," he said. I What does he do during the activities? "I like to go in and watch the activity," he said. Gurley, Mary Gravatt, Jackie Morgan, Barbara Pringle. SECOND ROW: Norma Herndon, Bob Clifton, Archie Slaven, Rosemary Marin, Virginia Fowler, Ted Fowler, Marion Johnson. THIRD ROW: Clifford Judd, John McCreary, Bud Morton, Elmer Humphreys, Maxine Dailey, Audrey Agin. NOT PICTURED: Fred Kline, Letha Sumner, Marge Spillman, Anna Mae St. Bonnett. MaintenancefBus Drivers QA S 11j Seniors Janice Butts and Kay Nelson chant along with the Spartan Club during a football game. 121 Tim DePaepe, jr., Kurt Swint, jr., and Becky Atherton, soph., listen to Librarian Tom Haskett explain about the use of the library. 13, Relaxing in the library during a long day is Senior Sandy Wells. 141 Joking around at the cross country pizza party November 10 are Seniors Cliff Greenlief and Brenton Bennett. 15j Imitating cheerleaders as a show of spirit are Seniors Mitch Faddis, Kenny Lopez, Cliff Greenlief, Todd Mullendore, Brenton Bennett and Rich Brown. I 1 4 Student Body xx CT VIII: TUDE ODY b4F!'tj QS V ,, I X M , I 'ni f I f W I , ,1.:, f .Q .- 'I -T412 ' .-'7 "" ' f,,, '1 'f .5 1 Q- 'iw "'A ' -'-iV-W- J ii' 5, L' ek ' my N + f I I Q- w---. ,I . ? 1 III I , flu, , . 93918 Sf'3l'? 'M' ww . - g.. ,Q Seniors Planning the Wlnter Sports Dance was the maln goal of the senior class officers Flnanclng the dance was no problem according to President Kathy Parks were lucky We had a lot of money left from last year Sald Kathy We started wlth about S545 The colors for the dance were lavender pink and blue and the theme was Sometlmes a Fantasy Whlle not that many money ra1s1ng projects were planned the senior class entered the Homecoming Float Contest and the Chrlstmas Wmdow Contest They took fourth in the Float Contest and placed first in the Christmas Wmdow Contest We really put a lot of hours 1nto that Kathy sald We worked every night for about two weeks Jumors Jumors concentrated on ralslng enough money for the J umor Semor Prom May 2 Magazlne sales added S1 000 to their savings Anne Wurtz and Doug Collins tied for first place in the contest with 24 subscriptions aplece Anne however sold a special T V Gu1de subscription to give her a total of S261 ralsed to Doug s S247 Several students served for a banquet held at Emporia State Umverslty last March to add another S200 A bake sale was held downtown ln conjunctlon with the Saturday October fest Proceeds from that were over S100 Sophomores Taklng second IH the Homecomlng Float Contest to President Megan Hurt We were very happy about 1t she sald Makmg money for next year s Jumor Semor Prom provlded the sophomores wlth a goal Money raising projects like the Homecoming Float and Christmas Window contests along w1th a bake sale and selling T shlrts helped bolster thelr savlngs They also took second IH the MIDI Hoop Contest We malnly concen trated on the school sponsored projects sald Megan l1ke the Float Contest and bake sale Freshmen Capturing first place ln the MIDI hoop Contest gave the freshmen more confidence rn school actlvltles We just dldn t know what we were doing at the first of the year sald Presldent Crystal Moxley The m1n1 hoop was made out of colored tissue paper glued to the flat surface of the hoop It was really dlfficult said Crystal We worked really hard on it A fall bake sale started the class finances off with S30 along w1th S35 from the M1n1 hoop Contest We were just starting off so we ll have enough money when we re Junlors said Crystal ' I ' . "We I! l ! ' as ' sr ! . l 1 Ll ' 57 l - - as ' 37 ' li ' , . !! I , . ' ! Y ' , highlighted the year for the sophomore class according ' ii . , . . 9 - . , . . . . ,, . ' r 1 ii ' Y! . . , . l ,, . . . .- , . Si ' Y! ' ' l LK ' 77 , ' . . . , , . . ,, . , . Class Officers Class Officers LW7f4?X"'y Jeff Adams Ken Adams Creig Agler Don Alcorn Sherry Allen Gabe Alvarado Laura Anderson Tom Andrews David Atherton Jocelyn Auchard Bob Baker Mike Barnett Mike Bartlett Kathy Barton Art Beardsley John Beckstrom -1 - f . Say' Seniors Mitch Faddis and Brenton Bennett talk with Air Force Recruiter Steve Brewer during College Night October 27 Representatives from over 50 colleges and the military services visited with juniors, seniors and their parents. Q seniors Qgmmgn ,wtf QQLQQLU V SXJXCLU VX, iXX:0-QBQVX-,, H C4f.9Q00ZcZ'462 M' ECHO editor Jeff Cravens, sr., works on copy for the all-night election issue of the newspaper November 4. , - ,QM Brenton Bennett Mike Bird J ananna Bohm Shana Bollinger Lisa Bowers Lisa Bradley Don Britain Lonie Brock Deborah Brown Pat Brown Richard Brown QMJJQ1, ffhnff? f 145 if C' Richard Benjamin Q 741144 any Umm WML Q.: if ' ,I f' mg., ' -5- 3 C E O x Angela Buck Kevin Burenheide Nancy Burenheide Janice Butts Ma11ctCampbell Cris Capes Dawn Channing Pat Clark Penny Clements Jeff Cobum Benji Coria Vicky Corpening Lisa Cotte Linda Cowden Becky Cranz J eff Cravens Dqug Creel Bob Cuadra Sue Cunningham Jeff DeBauge seniors IC? COL we ,f-L Z C Goree' Jawa KJJIHWQ Q U-M Dale DeLong Sandy Dennison Kevin Dieker Kenneth Dorsey Bob Duncan Eric Edwards Todd Ellenwood Larry Emley Todd Mullendore, sr., shows more than his school spirit when he, along with five other senior guys, dressed as a cheerleader for the first game of football playoffs November 14. 55423 xXCLtwwc,,cmxJ seniors 147 W Sv it Q.. O S Ch in fx fb 3 fi' x Qs QT CN 148 Most high school semors would probably rather take their cars to a professional garage to be repaired than do it themselves but not Kelli Graham She does it all herself 'I' My dad bought Mom an MG that was all rusted out, so we sanded it out and built it back up with putty. Then we painted it," said Kelli , explaining how she got started on car repair. Kelli has been restoring cars for three years. Last April, she bought a '63 TR 4. "We had to take all the paint off the car, down to the bare metal. It had seven layers of paint. Then we painted it back to its original color," commented Kelli. Other things she has done include replacing radio knobs, windshield wipers, lights, etc ..., replacing the bonnet ftopl and replacing the seat covers. "lt had the original leather seats, but they were really in bad shape," she said. Kelli does all this at home with a little help from her father. "I'd like to work for someone eventually, but not now. It's just a hobby, 'I can't drive a road grader and work on cars all my life," said Kelli. "My dad's a conservation contractor, and that's what I would like to be." Wm WWW 52505 afewffi auf DLLLQLMEA . Rodney Gunkel Christine'Glitierrez Donny Gutierrez Lisa Hall Rick Hamman Brian Hanson Terry Hanson Danny Harder 77626 Q6 M! My ' O 24wM7f'WJmff My 1 Senior Board members Sheryl Plank and Cliff Greenlief discuss plans for graduation 'announcements with a Herff- Jones representative October 6. ' Bryon Estes Camala Estes Mitch F addis Dan Fisher Kaaren Fleisher Dan Foster Ron Fowler Dan Froelich Gail Fuller Julie Gamblian Mary Garcia J acque-Garten Nancy Gast Dana Ginavan Lori Glasbergen Arnold Graham Kelli Graham Cliff Greenlief seniors 149 if fa i x U is fs? CT' We ..D X1 rl Mark Harrouff Holly Harvey Robert Haselhuhn Dwayne Haskett Kim Haun Becky Hawes Kandi Hedrick J erry Heidebrecht nv' 1 WMQ - ' ' ,V g ,f f s Yr ww 1 1 Marc Campbell, sr., a member of the stage crew, leads a camel on stage during a Christmas program practice. The actual program was December 15 and 16 150 15? M, H 1 gtlqhudi RU 6 5215245 .Xxx , Trudy Hendrix Greg Hensley Linda Hernandez Lori Herrman Randall Hoch Maria Hodowanec Lori Holland Brenda Holmes J ulie Hoover Heather Houchin Matt Hurt Tim Hush Terri Ikerd Sheila Jamison Tracy Jarvis Kathy Johnson Ron Johnston David Jones Susie Kenney Steve Kitchen KODM, 30:03am fihfff' f Seniofsl-51 2 2 J 99 3 5 l YQ J fy - 755216 0,141 , MLM Lao! F- .J 'xk,uw,'ne,g--W QJJJUUNMJ The front row, traditionally reserved for senior girls, is alive with spirit when students dress in overalls for the pep assembly on Overall Day, October 3. Sara Koehler Patricia Lambert Connie Lanzrath Gena Lazzers Charlie LeClair Sheryl Leeds Jay Lenigan Susan Linn David Linton Pam Longbine Alfie Lopez Kenny Lopez N 152 Q egg CJAMM MQW Q?Z!Cf7f76Zf60'b fi t u it X0-1 ,Hof i Q Kevin Lopez Marlina Lopez Elisa Lowenstein Jeff Luna Brenda McCabe Rod McGinnis Lisa McMurphey Tom Mains QQ .J Becky Marin Sharon Meinholdt Tim Metcalf NJ FF l X While representing the U.S.S.R., Rob Pennington, jr., and seniors Steve Woods and Mike Paulonis look over their notes before giving their speech at the Model United Nations Meet November 5. M7 Algae 153 Connie Mayer , If "i A N fl Uflml 3, S I Q 5 5 Elizabeth Miller Jeff Miller Sally Miller Dana Mills Angela Milton Belinda Modlin Sue Ann Montgomery Gina Morris John Muckenthaler Todd Mullendore Paula Myers 154amw To some dolls conjure up visions of little girls teacups and plgtalls Dana Mllls however has made a hobby of dolls Dana s grandmother an antique buff supplies most of the dolls for her including Dana s first and favorite doll Rosalyn My grandmother brought lt to me from Italy she was visiting her sisters She wanted to give me a present on the day I was christened explained Dana She found it at an antique store It didn t have a name Just a sign under it that said born in 1806 Dana has several other dolls including an old cupie doll she found herself She likes to look at doll books to see if any of her dolls are pictured ln them In one book she found a doll that she would love to have lt s a widow doll with red hair and dressed in black She has a short black ve1l that kind of covers one eye I saw it in a book and just fell in love with it it s so cute I think it would be something weird Dana s not sure exactly how much her collection s worth but she knows it s valuable She wants to give it to her children and have them keep it ln the family The mam problem with doll collecting as a hobby is its cost Said Dana It s an expensive hobby You have to be pretty well off I m not well off but my grandma IS I Pm rQcLm1 23 IKVLQAJCUXJ Kay Nelson Tammy Nelson Leonard Newlin John Nichols Shaun Nielsen Rebecca Nixon Hugh O'Reilly Kathy Parks Michael Paulonis Brad Pedersen Tami Peterson Tuy Phan Louise Phillips 1 Shellee Phipps Seniors Jennifer Wycoff and Deborah Brown, and Junior Julie Greischar scoop out ice cream at the Kayette party for freshmen August 29. swim Xkme J -SUM 155 1 CX TX 'L 'Q x 55 fX of 'x xo N if SQ Y RJ r 'D KN I 15 5 XXV? ZQWMW .9 Allen Schmidt Kevin Schneider Brian Schrooten Danny Schumann David Schumann Leonard Sill Don Sleezer Dana Smith Anne Somer Gabe Sosa Debra Spellman Lanelle Steadman Experimenting with electrolysis, Seniors Lisa Bradley and Holly Harvey attempt to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water during an A.P. Chemistry lab zsasm 32W Lf GMM 7561! Ygwyccmas . ML 44252 Pwfiwww Secretary Donna Eudaley measures Lonie Brock, sr., for his graduation cap and gown. Seniors waited in line in front of the main office January 12 and 13 to be measured. L James Stone Julie Stone Jeff Tabares Mario Tabares Tanya Teichgraeber Brad Thomas Andrea Thornton Rick Torres aaa! f X wougsgm SQHQ .seniorsl 5 Ex fx N ix N X N? l x QRC rxa f III: IQ x .1-5 V M5 NS .Q Q 3 'XX XX 'J Y My in 6271.243 " Doug Pinegar Sheryl Plank Gary Poff Fred Polzin J o Potter Melissa Price Kelly Ratcliff Lois Rife Joel Rios Mike Risley .f Jamie Roberts Wh' Word of mouth travels quickly and that s good news to Senior Fred Polzin Fred sings at weddings for friends as well as being in Mixed Ensemble and president of Chorale Fred has been involved in music since his fifth grade music teacher Mrs Lennon first sparked hisinterest I had an elementary school teacher who got me to try out for the solo in the Christmas program I didn t get that one but I did get another solo said Fred She took me aside and taught me While still in grade school Fred sang solos at Mary Herbert and was cast in a part in the high school musical South Pacific I played the part of a young boy commented Fred That was fun Fred has also sung professionally for two years He sings at weddings mainly. "A close friend of the family asked me to sing at their wedding," Fred said. Since then he has had five or six other jobs He doesn't advertise his talent but relies on word of mouth Fred also doesn t have a set fee 'They usually do end up paying me, but I don't charge any set fee," he said. The hardest job was when Fred sang for a baby's funeral. " was really sad because I had to sing something like 'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep'," he said. "I had to stand behind the coffin and look at the parents." Occasionally Fred thinks about performing in a band. "I think it would be really fun to do vocals in a band," he said. "It would be pop or modern." Right now, though, singing is just a hobby for Fred. "I don't know if I'll ever do anything with itg it's just a pastime." 1 Seniors ' '- ' K fcL.l.,,,ICiw'f Anna Rodriguez Janice Roth Alan Rowe Martha Rupert Amy Sadowski Alisa Sanders Julie Sauder Darrell Schaefer Cheryl Schamle Danny Scheve Steven Schlotterbeck cuwcikf LJQI4 I5 seniors x w. CF'- i I V 'Q Peter Torrey Bemard Toso Conoha Tovar Rhonda Truelove 8.65 T i M rg ,- ' wr ' A N ' 2 Qizfwr, A i , , -wr, ,Amar am W . f fi H: W or A .:-- 3-. , , lr r m, , . ' fi '- - ' '-'Z . f.:---W, . 4 . K. ' - 43, - -'-451 J ,- .. . M123 v 6 'eff' Kayefte President Julie Sauder helps unpack the Christmas holly sold by the Kayettes. The group made over 511004 through the holly sales. Valerie Unruh Terri Wagers Greg Wagner Kris Walker Zmffdf 52-fw f 7QJfco1i7C i - V 5: f Q ' 4 f - .Q . MAJ ja f Pafdiaa Vance Watkins Janet Weaver Tim Webb Lori Wecker Joe Wellnitz Sandy Wells Lynnette White Connie Wiedmer Steve Woods Jennifer Wycoff Steven Younger Debra Zinn Becky Zirnstein Cassandra Zurek Seniors V ligwff' Jifyffii JZfW?Ei?f5iS:'iS'fY xi ,Q if i 1 f IZ" at 5 'W 2XffQi'm, N Q M' if ww ' "W"'ffW 1 ,xwfwy HQ. 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Vi lie y Robin Emley m Sill-iiii.,i if.B18iH6EfVaY ssjlqggepmie Fabrizio Barbie Fast Richard Felipe a ,1-,lLi:ida Finger-son V Debra Finney Beth Fisher Wade Fothergill JeffFowler . ' ' f Gary Fuller Susan Germann . vi: A lj Mary Gerhardt ' Micheiie Gibson Wiliiam Alfred Gimsonj i Laurie Ginavan M .Keily Glaze i5f5fQQfigiim1iiy Golden 2' iv , f Q Si A J Z , ef M Q E K 'N eenn in ,qi A i ff ' M 4 . fm 34 I fb:-nA. in L .J y feene e ia ' Richardson, sbphn the blackheard - i f were Mike Long, soph., Keiiirriiitzlirooten, soph., and L David Diilman, soph., are werking an a verb contest in 'Ibm Fowier's first hour Spanish H class. 2 Q C Sensational ysophs ethe class class . V ' -i'f',3'ff1:'ig -A I ki I E Dan Goodell Ricky Goyette Sandra Granado h Donna Gregory L Paul Gutierrez if in Jim Hahn ' Tammy Hale Russel Hamman Melissa Hankinson - Danna Harrington William Harris Holiy Harrison ' A Sobhfiiiibfes 12. U, in if? it ""' i,,, ig, y 61541. -,. f if ""m I- . 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X.. .4 ag 5, fr Denise Koehler Darryl Kopfman - D RussKrier "2 I'- Shelly Krueger ' L- 3, ' Kim Kuhlman W ' Carol Lang I ' : Sophomores display Christmas window... ,Ely if ix f .if ,I V 'L Staci Lee ,y ,X . Jennifer Lespagnard ' sa.. 'X A' ' ij'?""5: 1. ' ,,.,V 'V m V ' Raymond Lewis ,aw M Q M' Q KristiLitke " D . L Mike Long 'VAV an M if H Low s ai Todd Luther " ii i ' or e a Brenda McElfresh A' V , V. -A V ,f ail i s John Mceifresn . fr- if M fi s f -. I Sandra McElfresh ' F ' 'F 5 3. , V i L' s. "N Roger Mecin l ra i ii'r ix or-1 , ' . ex f ' 2 Wayne McMurphey Catarina Mcwiliiam Curtis Mader Phillip Madrigal Tim Mallams Shirley Marple Sophomores , ,. M-- 1 tiL5"'i 41 ef l W . P cancelled after 27 years... Voyager leaves .legacy of ideas... .mgff .,, , I V fi M 41' I M UV lui 'R an can fe.. f a , W Fwffw.. 'vp A ,V 'W 46, 1 I ,ggix 2 f', f ' ' I ' A4 '. -: -. Qu H f K , W K' . fn ,.y, cc . n o , .,.. ,aa V419 . ww , yy ,, . W, "WIA-' JJ' -EMT ,...yP253.2Zf'anieiiflbyffyil'' ' M Eg!! Wm Q. 4 5 I ff' qv? f ,, N v. 4 M - Lf 53, sf , .gg 5? , ...WW 2 ii" ' V ' Qi hwy W Q A .6 Q fr. f K ' me fig? Y 'Fw Q 3 Q . J ' H wma: L ,,:.,,, H - . as 'I' w 1 'earl . l y 5,i ,.,..,., Vgw, 'Z' vw, N 29 . . in i ,. A 'iw Brad Marshall N Norman May Karen Meehtiey Susan Meiefhoff Michael engloza Christinefkllcgoer I Suzy Meredith Craig Meyer Rosa Meza Bryan Miiler Corey Miller Wade Miller Deanna MBIS' n Richard Mosiillman ' Connie Mellen Yvonne Monroe Andrea Moore Heidi Moreland J oe Morris Raynwnd Morris Scott Mullendore Ken Murray N James Myers Pamelzghlee' N L ea. laeee o . a l A V . . I if Vonda Nelson ' 'o"l M N 'K Doug Neufeld ef? we r e 1 A, -Q -. ' ,,- Q Q - , Chris Nicholas , L' x ' ,Q l A in , " in Qi Jenny Nixon ' ,J f Q 'Z' ' 2 lx Julie Nose l o l 5 l ' 1 Milton NOXGS 2 .M ,A . . o ..... 1 ace. A l , I .. a Sophchicres make Homecoming for pep asnelably... Garry Rifenbark, soph., takes a long-deserved break from the hectic schedule at the Silver and Roses Debate Tournament December 12 and 13. .Sophomores James Olmstead Bridget O Mara J enika Ott Ronald Palmer Tamara Pattison Michelle Paulonis Christina Pesina Scott Pester Steven Petersen Jimmy Petesch ,1 " ff K , I if if, , fi 9 J l ,, .,,,,.W,,,,,, , ,,.., 4, , A lf. 7 1 W' if Ma. . v 5 ,1 f I . I ,,., Spotlzght on . Q .,i Jemka Ott Paihting is not one of the most popular hobbies in high school today But Sophomore .lenika Ott really doesn t mind Jenika has been painting for 14 years now I like to paint so I can let out my frustrations said Jenika. Jenika paints about 14 hours a week and she says it costs her about S45 a month It would cost her more if she couldn t borrow art supplies from Jerry Troxell s art classes. Jenika's parents help supply some of the materials and even give her some ideas for subjects. ' Most of my paintings are like dreams," said Jenika. "I see the things in my dreams, or I paint them as dreams." When Jenika lived in Wisconsin, she had tive years of art training, and some of her paintings were displayed at the Community Art Center for about six months. On January 10, Jenika had more paintings displayed, this time at the Emporia Public Library. Jenika does not know what she will be after she gets out of high school, but she thinks she would like to become a commercial artist or have some other career related to art. 'R' X it L. " L. X Emporia Mental Health sponsors Non-AlcoholicD1'illk COMGSI'-.. bla. . ' , gi k i 1 2 1 I Sophomores show spirit... Duane Pickett Jennifer Plummer Wally Pope Tina Pritchard Roger Proehl Sharlotta Ramirez Robert Reed Morgan Reynolds Tina Reynolds Billy Rhodes James 'Rhodes Scott Richardson Garry Rifenbark Toni Rindom Kevin Risley Horace Roberson Lisa Roberson Billie Robertson Sophomores , , .,,, ii, ,ft 's" A Q . . ni ,M lj N ' ' ini? ' , , ,v . M , , Ag . ilwix . , i'i ,, g fii . ,, it li , yrrr S , 5p.,,,, ,,, ,,...,ii li. 4 .rri ig, , ...si sap? ,, VV -rw. 1 ,,, ,, Q, W , ,.. ,Q I Q ,W f ig l 1 Q21 j' ' A W 751 Q. ,ev , 'i1'f, M VVV , ,N , L 1 W , . H ' ' ee .232 A " - I: if . . i v I v K tw It Q. . 2 is R 'im - 76 .4 .,, 9 f ., 'fwho shot JR?"...'Da11aS'again leads CBS 10 ratings victory... ' I? J 5 4 ,, , X ' 'mi Z , 2 K W , X "' 'Sw Q' S Zim 1. .V f 1,, ,V i ,ig M .. I ff,gifA f Y W .. i. , 3?1?55?ZKP1?i59H h V p Ggiysggiigefs ' . 5 ,gffdfiguel Rixssil Rodgers Chziribita Rupert Jean Russell k -wi ,f-, W e I s,wm,, 1- f , Y v 2' f V4 9 W 44 v .. Q ' x M. -.f - 1 ,,, .: Z 'V f 1'l' -f S ' I M I if A 7 , ,V V- , 6 . AA at -mx S "hav ., ve-VP gg ' :V -, - Q 'QQ X S L , Qu M 2' 8 , ,V K ,.., , x 5 , 55516: Virgifiiiscarberry Madam Schafers John Schieriing RQSSQI Schiesser Jani iihblihhmmer Dou g Schneider Patty Schrader Kevin 1Schrot'ten Amyi.Shel1enherger Pat 19? Sophomorfes Ssell T -Shifts. . . ,fm-frfff,f,.bl-W,QQ-,IWWAZ ,,,,., ,,.. , . ,.,, fp! sv. James Shown Mark Skinner Jane Smith Q .fggliwgm . Lori Smith ,Randy Smith Timothy Smith 'Zina Smith ,Brett Sncd , j Sosa ,Chuck Speer ,Janice Spellman Btad Steadman Li? Stephens gJxiAhn Sterbenz Stewart' lyiffgbii, ,big ,g,RUSS,Kfi?Pf,g592?2eei5i??9WSihis Sriiiife mr my ' hAY1h Y 1sw1i?43s335s22w5fz'Q f 'Q S Sophomores Smokers urged to kick the habit on Thursday, November 20... Asher Havenhill, soph., dances with Dana Ginavan, sr., at the Band Dance on Thursday, December 11. Yi Sophomore class completes reading Ia b 'E"""' w . W- ..., ict y as , 7 KRW 1 9 I ,, ,. ., .K 5 if 31 LK A 5 . 7' E 4' vets? A v 1 2 r ' it g l' may . . 3: . em Becky Atherton, suph,, shoWs.afChfistmas card to Space Cadet Megan Q D Hurt, soph., in their suphomere English class on Space Day Decem- 180 Sophomores Marilyn Still Diane Stinson Kevin Stock .lay Stockwell Kent Strand Sean Stryhal James Sutton Patrick Swaney Brenda Swint Karin Tan Todd Thompson Robyn Tomqy Suzy Torres e Dave Tracy e Tuan Tran 1 if ' 'iid' R'-X f . J ww , e it 0 ft -1 af .- We, . t . it I I ., ge 15 . as an X' Q 7 xx' A 4 . yi r 6 N its N :gl ,,.f I if 5 ., ,, , A R V -'." u:'1 EN SY' ,HPF l etee x 'asf 11. H 1, g 4 Q 'A I+. x ? Af at 'E PW? .. 1 t F U able sports newark to become contergrlgrin advertising... iI5ii3Q5Tf?3?iQ1" "I r Vi' d 2 f Kifgfiffucker 'Angela Turner ' ' ' A X + x A X J W is y , 9. Z' J 4' 1 :.:g. . A ' M ij? i " '11 . Y . z Qs' N ex ?1 .-n by , f, ,,,. ., 'f -if s. f as f , 'rw 1. A A fx VM- ? 5 ar.. 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Sharp difference Randall Aeschliman Christie Agler Todd Alfred Larry Scott Allen Todd Alvord Lorie Ames Alan Anderson Sherry Arnold Ignacio Asensio Kip Ashmore Ranelda Atchison Jami Bair Lee Barr Brenda Barrett .I oe Barrett Lorrie Barret Lance Baumgartner Mae Baysinger Richard Becker Jeffrey Bedner Tammy Bell Tommy Bell Erin Bellows Buster Belshe Brandon Bennett Patty Bishop Bradley Bohm Janelle Booth Tracy Bowden Trent Bowden ,W 'NL X .L V! A V ,, K t 3 t , ..,, .,z ,, 2 , 4 W .Wh my - -, ft, f roi. - 3, i , , , , . A V it kai A I I , V ' 25 lit " Nalin 2 X., Y gig? 4 at , R if ,I IE - t ,a i . 5 if N f ' ie, f l x W 3 ' .g ff.. . " T ,,'h , , ll , M . lj - V " , .. Vl ., ,- f. . M ' ,XT .. f- -.-A f -T , ,yylyy ,' 4 ., 'Jw- out ' Q ,K 5- -'UQ -vc , R, N... if? ' W ff' 23- 'RJ . , . , iff ""-' EJ., ' at T 21 r 1 A -9? .f-. v 5 SQ' ay' 3 mga -5 ,1 Jr!!! v-- Vfl. Y"'3w V N f-wt.--. 3 ui ' y yryy it c A T fi... ff 'g X-"' , L Q.. X "rf 'M x Crystal Moxley, fr., and Barry Gum, fr., sell baked goods for the freshman class at the Octoberfest on October 11. The class made about S35 from the project. Freshmen in Senate contest... T. K actors-0.K. contract, end strike... E, an-MH' I , , H! "H" W af. ht 2 . ., ',4w5z.,W KN . L ,., V 431, W "-W' - .. 'Q E W Q 5 ff 4195 1.525112-f ll.. " V , .f.f'i1 W, . ,. '95 ,V..,.,,, A H I ' h H 1 .bf ,se KW e U wif' 1 - im . 'V ,V ,' Cl,'i,:a0 1, ..,, l -Y e z? 'HIAAA SEV' r I .,,, it 'A 'Ww w with , - J,.',.,A A ,B AQ tfuzf' y, H lv.. :S f 4. My . ,, JW a, J , af. ,...., 5 ,ily W l iz: . M '.': " " ' ilf' .4 I M. :Ti 5757" wi f QA L l W . 1 'ui B lil 5 ,,, ps L , .M 5: 12:5 , tm. ' V-'vw x "rw tr A 7 41 We If Charlotte Boyle Christi Bradstreet Dena Briggs Jeff Brown Kristi Brown Lisa L. Brown Lisa M. Brown Julie Buck Greg Buckbee David Burd Diane Burd Beth Burgeson Scott Burris Lori Burton Steven Cain Gretchen Campbell Tricia Cantrall Suzanne Carlson Lawrence Carson Steve Carvajal Belinda Casida Kevin Casteneda Robert Alan Chambers Brenda Cheek Vonya Cimino Carmen Renae Clark Brenda Coen Staci Coffelt Raffaline Coleman Stacy Colglazier Tony Corpening Carmen Cortez Linda Cortez Tara Cortner Melora Creager Andrea Creswell Debora Crowell Roy Crowell Freshmen all till lu S Ill ll Eli l lNl Reagan wins by landslide... Battle Mark Danford Jessi Davis Kevin Davis Kirk Davis Marsha Day Bradley DeBauge Darryl DeLong Cindy Deskines Johnny Dickerson Kris Dill Alan Dilts Robert Donahue over handguns moves from . l i iK .y j l 'F , V, V , 4-,. sew ft ,Q -2 -..,, 5 wW,,,.. 5 Freshman spirit - catch it Michelle Dorathy Maria Dorsey Mia Doresy Becky Drake Elizabeth Duncan Natalie Duncan Lawrence Dunn Deanna Eberhart David Keith Edwards Shannel Eggeman Rebecca Epp Leann Estes Troy Estes Daniel Evans Michael Eveleigh 'Mitchell Eveleigh JoAnn Farr Eric Fay Charles Finney Ann Mauree Fisher Caroline Fisher Rhonda Fowler Sandra Fowler Vickie Fowler 184 Freshmen . ff ,., if - fs:-fe--f - V - is i we y s. fy gg .., y Xxx Xt w as Q QQ l ri, . -V . ,'N.x 'js r "PY 3 rj, H' ,aw N. 21: iely il. F 1 ,y .. - 1. at A A -..- vi. ver 5. D , - Rc f M l .my kk,,,, . -r ....., ,,l. y im fa ,W . Mn ,,,, .L ws. Freshman Amy Schroeder enjoys "chowing down" with friends at lunch. Spotlight on Kevin Casteneda In just one year s time Freshman Kevin Casteneda has accumulated 30 pigeons. I got involved with pigeons just because I like birds said Kevin. At the Hutchinson State Fair in November Kevin s birds took three firsts one second and one third The birds were judged on the size of their bodies and their color. According to Kevin, it is very easy to take care of birds. "It only takes three hours a day and S7 a month to care for them," he explained. "The S7 takes care of the food and medicine. The medicine, like shots, costs the most," he said. Kevin explained that the food Ccorn, wheat and gritl is very inexpensive. Kevin has a wide assortment of pigeons which includes thirteen Rollers, seven Fantails, four Chinese owls and four Tumblers. Kevin commented that the hens live three to four year and the cocks live five to seven years. "To find out i Chrysler cuts prices IW... Wes Fowler 'kt' ' ' Tracy Fry if Virginia Gast Karen Gerhardt Edward Getz Marti Gill ' Carrie Goble Troy Greenwood Washington to state capitals... f N f they're cocks or hens, you have to wait for matin , jjt l K 'G ' jiii season," he said. Kevin continued that the hen bobs he jljj head, bloats and ruffles her feathers. The cock makes a lot , iv .4 Tanya Greer of noise and twists and turns as if dancing. G jf 4 Carolyn Griggs ' "I never name them or get 'attached' to one particular K Q 1 Wd," concluded Kevin. T , ii lij N gi N,f"" ' ,..f.' A V j . V V lll , I Patricia Grossenbacker ,ki ph f . , I gps A .llr A M Sl Karyn Gukeisen 5. ii.. 2 .l r my in ,,1,., L 1 G Michael Guion "" s s T . ..,. Barry Gum ' . A itit'i T an Linda Glmkel l M . V AI Julie Kay Hardee , . f ...ff , ..,.rrr 9 X O 6 O , Freshmen said, Go Big Red af . Q 1 1 , Z. ,M . W 3 , ares., s .. , , Laura Harrell Janelle Chris Harris Lena Marie Harris Monica Harrouff Trey Hawes Kevin Hay Brian Hayes Steve Hayes Bradley Heath Alan Heddens Anne Heese Rusty Heins Freshmen 1 Quebec drops capitols... Begin flies home to political crisis... sf -1 Freshmen Angela Roberts and Janelle Booth pull Wes Fowler, fr., onto the floor at the B upper-classmen watch. f and Dance December 11, while Freshmen plan bake sale' Danny Heisler ' ii A A Shannon Henderson , V QQ - V' Allen Henerv .. , ' Q -' F 1' '-1? f. as +- Julie Hensler 1 ii 'T F ' 5 f- A lf, U Shannon Hensley .Q N 1 x I Y I. up Tamela Herndon 7 i S 4 1' A x 1 lf- , S Kelly Hinshaw W " 'F 'f Carrie Holcomb V Q fciimuwmw., an Tammy Holden 6 i fi ' V I' f Andy Gene Holland I ' . f i Teresa Holtz i .2 r, Michael Horak - if f ' Patrick Houchin Michael Howland Michael Hubbard Cara Hubert Bret Hurshman Tammy Huston Randall Ikerd Jeff Jackson Shelly Jackson Albert Jacobs Gloria Jacobs Patricia Janacek Sandy Jenkins Darrin Jensen Cheri Johnson Frances Johnson James Johnston James Jones Freshmen ,V qs- ' I ,Q am 4 -Y vc 4 , -Qs... -Q... 'Wm isa 95? f if fl rg? f J .+ s L' as ,Z ,, L I za gh f W vi fl. 9 4 43 V . ri .ff , . ,W Qs 41' W, ,V , .. N ,,, 5-5 Y' l 'lm Ju, wg J al , J if 5. E5 in A . I , i e ff ' 7' ...i li, Q . , V 2 4' N ' ' 1 I s" ' ' ' 1-1 ifflrfii- . iii M ' -f . 5 ii .2 A , .f 3 t ' . we 4, si f Mountain climber who fell says he 's lucky to 1 we 'Q 7' Y 4,7 g ,. I 'Q gi qw-. 1 I , ,, ,K ttti T K ' rssr ' Q ' "'L M 41 1 L K s. ssss V- -ef' We 'K T 1 ev lf 4 4. :Y J t we as . .. is s , l t . 1- S .. 3 ,. Ia 5 . 4 . ., , . ,, 21, N A lf X ,1 f ,X A A I If 2 ' x l 'Z ,ip 1 '7 't so if' -I 2 t Wmaimeeuj , , 'ea ' ga fr t H. 1. . , . FL IRM., ' g'1 f l+ 41' 1 fn ' l ,S t n A be alive... Marvin Jones Todd Jones Chris Keith Sandra Keller Lisa Kelly Sherri Kennison Kendra Knausman Beth Carol Kulas Robert Lambert Daniel Lambeth Lois Lamoureux Daniel Lanzrath Richard LeBourveau Wiletta Lewis David Lill Mike Lill Rhonda Linck Eric Logan Connie Long Richard Lopez William Lopez Michelle Louk Bobby Lowman Kathy Lueker Ruth Luna Cam Linh Luu Jeffery Lynch Kevin McCabe Stephanie McCabe JoAnn McClintick Freshman football posts 6-1 record Freshman Representative Crystal Moxley decorated the Christmas window, "The Friendly Beasts." They took fourth place in a contest between classes Freshmen Hostages send Christmas messages to U.S. North Carolina Tina McDonald Deena Kay McGuire John McKinney Rex Albert McKinnsey Sheri McKinzie Robin McLellan Tara McNally Shirley Mallory Maria Marin Todd Marshall Angela Martin Gary Martin Kimberly Martin Cheryl Mason Michelle Matthews Leigh Ann Metcalf Mary Lisa Metcalf Kelly Milton ' J' 'iq f ff-at .f f J v 1 ka ,I g X J ii s pm. 'ha li ar. , W -, C Spotlight N John Speer '51 The ball flies from his hands... it curves to the left... now it's straighten- ing up... it's going down the middle... and it's a strike! Freshman John Speer has been bowling forsix years and truly enjoys the activity not to mention the accumulation of seven trophies This year his team, the Baseballs is holding first place. They have been to four tournaments two in Wichita and two here in Emporia They took first in all four. I ve only been in three tournaments said John, but hope to be in more. John has a very high score of 200 and says the lowest he ever got was Freshmen decorate Christmas window Jesse Miser Michael Mockry Crystal Moxley Jay Muckenthaler Douglas Mullendore Michelle Nee Amy Jo Nelson Curtis Nelson Polle Anne Nelson Shireen Nemnick Carolyn Nichols Vicki Nielson Edelmiro Ortiz Bradley Ott Louis Paccapaniccia Vicki Palmer Shaun Pederson Robert Peres Freshmen AW X' I- iw- . ..5,5,,.w, , ..t, ' M K . A ... glg . . ,,..'- its . - ..i. A jg 2' W e W it A A 'rm Q5 . I , f' ,Qs-' 1 -dn. ar g -V, . I ilii , .M f ii :L tm acquittal opposed... Despite Dallas watchers, ABC is no. 1... 'i.'rf f':w nw' f 1 ef . . 4 g 1. au 4 Na A jf ha. than e ". if MW Q kpc' . ffwf. 9 1' SN pf? r if 4. .4 . ,. Vw 'bib 1 ' Q Q ' Q My it hx ze Q K Q Ty Peterson Harold Piper Terry Polzin Eric Pool Lori Potts Penny Price Troy Price Matt Puwis Maria Ramirez Sherry Redding LeeRoy Renfro Ted Requena Angela Roberts Kevin Rodgers Jessica Rodriguez John Rodriguez Sandra Rodriguez Shanna Ropfogel l Freshmen win chain contest 3 2 f wwf-',,. Freshman Jami Bair enj0YS the yearbook Christmas V l V 'V party December 15. - ii . bQQZ""' of I l ecaa nssel ... an 4. 9 an has 'fm f 'ww ao, f . ., fr Q gr . Q 'P i rr: , ' lt. JIU 'l 5 'bm fx M rf' Hugh Sanders Chris Sanderson Kendall Sands Mike Scheller Jeffery Schneider Amy Schoeder Sam Schumann 'Todd Scofield Jeff Selby Brenda Sexson James Shafer Clifford Pete Shaw Kaylen Shephard Greg Shipley Sarah Short Licia Slimon John Somer Xavier Sosa Jim Sparks Jane Speer John Speer Freshmen Woman walks away after leap into river from Topeka bridge... NOT Kim Channing Dorothy Druden Glen Edington Debra Finney Marcy Grossenbacker Kevin Gumfory Jim Benjamin Hill Lorinda Hawkins James Darrin Doug Bonita H Oe kers Everett Spellman Stephanie Spellman Mike Stair Tracy Stead Bryan Stine Glen Stockton John Stone Tammy Suchy Anna Tabares Kelly Tabares Tracey Taylor Don Thomas Jim Thomas Billy Thompson Marlan Torrens Naly Tovar David Uttinger Deborah Vancelette Kirk Vernon Michael Wade sq' W?" 'ss ' D6 0 Steen , I 5 Jew Solis ylly H M .Ale Stryhal " H H Mis li Zuniga Eddy. -iwgi ,al s 2 is if f , ,U J vs, , , .,,,,,,. , in ,kt.. 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Laura Anderson Powder Puff 3.4. Variety Show 3.4. Kayettes 1,2.3.4. Board Member 1,2,3,4, Spartans l.2,3,4. Board Member 4, Kayette of the Year 3. Christmas Program 3.4. Ski Trip 2.3. Dnvld Atherton Wildlife, Conservation and Backpacking 3,4, Forensics 1, "Oklahoma" 4, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2. "Brigadoon" 3, Christmas Program l,2,3,4, Chorale 2.3.4, Concert Choir 1, Spring Concert l.2,3,4. Fall Concert l,2,3,4, Music Contest 2.3.4. Jocelyn Anchard Yearbook Staff 2.3. Kayettes 1,3. Spartans 4, Christmas Program 3,4. Bob Baker FBLA 4. Mlke Bamett Wildlife, Conservation. and Backpacking 2, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, Ski Trip 3. Kathy Barton Drill Team 2.3.4, Variety Show 1.4, Kayettes 4, Spartans 1, FBLA 4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Briga- doon" 3, Christmas Program 2.3.4, Orchestra 2.3.4, District Band 2.3.4. Spring Concert l.2,3,4. Fall Concert Music Contest l,2,3,4, Marching Band l.2.3.4. Band Officer 3.4. Marching Contest 2.3.4. Symphonic Band 2.3.4. Concert Band 1. Stage Band 1.2.3. Pep Band 1.2.3. Arthur Belrdsley P.E. Club l.2,3,4. V-pres. 4. Football 2.3.4. Phll Bender Newspaper Staff 2'3',4, KSPA Regionals 4, State 4. German Club1',2'.3",Spring Concert 1',2'.3'.4, Fall Concert 1'.2'.3', Music Contest 1',2'.3'.4. Marching Band l'.2'.3',4, Sym- phonic Band 2',3',4, Concert Band 1'. Pep Band 3'. Brenton Bennett Men's Basketball 1. Men's Track l.2,3,4. Cross Country 2.3.4. Co-Captain 4, Men's Diving Team 2,4, Captain 4, Style Show 4, Senior Board, Debate 1.3.4, Forensics 3. "Oklahoma" 4. "See How They Run" 4, "110n in the Shade" 1. "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 3, Christmas Program l.2,3,4. Orchestra All State Orchestra 2.3, District Orchestra 1,2,3.4. Spring Concert, Fall Concert l,2,3,4, Music Contest l,2,3,4, Stage Band 2. Mlke Blrd Football 1.2.3, Powder Puff Coach 3, Wrestling 1. Men's Track 1. Radio and T.V.. Who's Who Y Among American High School students 3, ski Sr. Accomplishments Trip 3. Brenda Bletscher Powder Puff 4, Women's Track 1.2.3, Black Market 4. Yearbook Staff 2.3.4. Jan Bohm Women's Swimming l,2,3,4, Captain 4, Water Polo l,2,3,4, Kayettes 1,2,3.4. Spartans l,2,3,4, Christmas Program 1.2. Orchestra 1,2, Ski Trip 4. Shnnl Bollinger Cheerleader l.2,3,4. Head Cheerleader 4, Powder Puff 3,4, Women's Track 2.4, Women's Swimming l, Women's Diving Team 3, Kayettes 2,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, Board Member 4. Junior Board, Junior Class Treasurer, "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, Pigskin Candidate. Kansas Scholar, SAFE Committee, Emporia State Writing Contest 4, Citizenship Award 2. Women's Gymnastics 1.2.3, Captain 3, Ski Trip 3.4. Llsn Bradley Powder Puff 4, Women's Basketball 1.4, Women's Track 1.2.3, Co-Captain 3, Women's Golf l.2,3,4. Captain 3,4, Junior Board, Math Club 3,4, v-pres.. Junior Classical League pres. 4, Kansas Scholar. lonle Brock Football, Co-Captain 4, Powder Puff Coach 3, Men's Basketball 1.2, Men's Track 1, P.E. Club 2.3.4. pres. 4, All-League Football 3,4, Honorable Mention 2. All-State 4, Shrine Bowl 4, State Player of the Week 4. Debbie Brown Women's Swimming l. Variety Show 4. Kayettes 2.3.4, Board Member 3.4, Spartans l.2,3,4. Ski Trip 4. Trip to Mexico 1. Pat Brown Men's Basketball 1.2.3. Men's Golf 1.2, Boy's State 3, StuCo Rep. 3. v-pres. 4, Senior Board. Junior Board, Math Club 4. Kansas Scholar. Junior Rotarian 4. Junior Class v-pres., Who's Who in American High Schools 3. Intramural Basketball 4. Ski Trip 4, Trip to Mexico 3. Rlch Brown Men's Basketball 2,3. Style Show 4, Senior Board. Junior Board, Newspaper Staff 2. "See How They Run" 4. Kansas Scholar. Ski Trip 4. Trip to Germany 3, Angela Buck Drill Team 2.3.4. Co-Captain 4, Style Show 4. Kayettes 2.3.4, Spartans 2.3.4. Board Member 4, Senior Board, Junior Board, Christmas Program 3,4, District Band 2, Music Contest l.2,3,4. Marching Band 1,2.3.4. Symphonic Band 2.3. Concert Band 1.. Marching Band Contest l,2,3,4, Drill Team Contest 2.4. Flute Quartet 2, Woodwind Choir 2.3. Spring Concert 1.2.3. Fall Concert 1,2,3. Trip to Mexico 3, Nancy Burenhelde Women's Basketball 1, Women's Volleyball 4. Kayettes 2.3.4, Spartans l,2,3,4, StuCo Rep. l,2,3,4, v-pres. 3, pres. 4, SAFE Committee 4. Nat'l StuCo Conference 3.4, Junior Rotarian 4, Citizenship Award 3. La Sertoma Award, Emporia State Writing Contest 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, Christmas Program l,2,3,4, Concert Choir 1. Fall Concert 1. Spring Concert 1, Ski Trip 3,4, Trip to Mexico 1. Janlce Butts Powder Puff 3,4, Women's Swimming l,2,3,4, Captain 4. Water Polo 2.3.4. Girl's State 3, Kayettes l,2,3,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, pres, 4. Board Member 3.4. Senior Board, Junior Board "Oklahoma" 4, "Ring around Elizabeth" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3. "Winnie the Pooh" 2, "Never Too Late" 2, "Mrs. McThing" 1, "See How They Run" 4. Christmas Program l.2,3,4. Chorale 4, Spring Concert 4. Fall Concert 4. Music Contest 4, Ski Trip 4, Trip to Europe 4. Marc Campbell Men's Track 1.3, Men's Swimming l.2,3,4. Captain 4. Water Polo l.2,3,4. Winter Sports Candidate, Christmas Program 2.3.4, Ski Trip 4. Trip to Mexico 3. Crls Capes "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Ring around Elizabeth" 3. "Brigadoon" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3. "Winnie the Pooh" 2, "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, "Never Too Late" 2, "Hansel and Gretel" 4. Christmas Program l.2,3,4. Dawn Channing Variety Show 3.4. Spartans 2. "Oklahoma" 4, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Brigadoon" 3. "Winnie the Pooh" 2. Christmas Program 2.3.4, Orchestra 3.4. District Band 2.3.4. Spring Concert l,2,3,4, Fall Concert 1,2,3,4. Music Contest l.2,3,4. Marching Band l.2,3,4. Sym- phonic Band 2.3.4. Concert Band 2. Stage Band 3.4, Pep Band 3.4. Jeff Coburn Football l,2,3,4, Wrestling 1.2, P.E. Club 4. Radio and T.V. 3, Pigskin Escort. Llsa Cotte Drill Team 2.3.4. Property Manager 4. Women's Swimming 3. Style Show 4. Kayettes 1.2,5,4, Board Member 3. Spartans l.2,3,4. sec. 4. Senior Board. Junior Board, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How TheyRun" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "Ring around Elizabeth" 3. "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2. H1109 in the Shade" 1, Christmas Program l.2,3,4. Chorale 3.4, treas. 4, Girls' Ensemble 4, Mixed Ensemble 4. Orchestra 1.2.3. v-pres. 3, District Orchestra 1.2.3, Spring Concert l,2,3,4, Fall Concert l.2,3,4. Musicfontest l,2,3,4, Marching Band 2.3.4. Ski Trip 4, All-State Choir 4, Citizenship Award 1. Becky Crnnz Cheerleader 3.4, Co-Head Cheerleader 4. Kayettes l.2,3,4. Board Member 4. Spartans l,2,3,4, StuCo Rep. 3, Junior Board, Forensics 3. Pigskin Candidate. Who's Who in American High Schools 4. JeH Cravens Men's Basketball l.2,3,4. Men's Track 1. Newspaper Staff 2.3.4, Editor 4. KSPA Regionals 2.4. State 4, Junior Board, Junior Rep., Senior Rep., "Oklahoma" 4, Kansas Scholar, Christmas Program 2.3.4, District Band 3,4, Music Contest l.2,3,4. Marching Band l.2,3,4. Symphonic Band 2.3.4, Concert Band 1. Stage Band 3.4. Pep Band l,2,3,4, Junior Rep., Outstanding Junior, Senior Rep. Rene Cundlff Drill Team 2.3, Women's Track 1, Style Show 1.2, Industrial Arts Club 1.2, Debate 2, FBLA 1.2.3. Mixed Ensemble 1.2.3. Spring Concert 2, Marching Band 2, Stage Band 2, Pep Band 2. Jeff Dellauge Wrestling 1.2.3. Men's Tennis 1. P.E. Club 1.2, Boy's State 3, Kansas Scholar, KU Honor Scholar, National Merit Letter of Commen- dation, Ski Trip, Trip to Mexico 3. Kevln Dleker Industrial Arts Club 4, Stagecraft "Brigadoon" 3. Robert Dtmcan Football l.2,3,4. Wrestling 1,2.3.4. Captain 4. Erlc Edwards Men's Golf 1.3.4. Captain 4. District Band 3, Marching Band 3, Symphonic Band 3, Music Contest 3, Ski Trip 1.2.4. Trip to Europe 3. Bryon Estes Spring Concert 1.2. Fall Concert 1.2, Music Contest 1.2. Marching Band 1.2. Concert Band 1.2. Pep Band 2. Camala Estes Women's Tennis l. Kayettes Spartans 1.2.3,4, Board Member 4. Freshman v-pres.. Christmas Program l, Concert Choir 1. Spring Concert 1, Fall Concert 1, Trip to Mexico 3. Mltch Faddls Cross Country 2.3.4. Men's Swimming 1.2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Water Polo 1.2,3,4, Boy's State 3, Senior Board. Wildlife, Conservation and Backpacking 1. Math Club l,2,3,4, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2. "l10" in the Shade" 1, Kansas Scholar. Christmas Program l,2,3,4, Orchestra 1.2,3,4, All-State Orchestra 2.3.4, District Orchestra 1.2,3,4, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, Music Contest l,2,3,4, Ski Trip 4. Who's Who in American High Schools 3.4. Dan Flsher Wrestling 1'.2', Cross Country 1., "Okla- homa" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, Chorale 2',3,4, Concert Choir 1'. Orchestra 1', District Chorus 3.4, Music Contest 3.4, Concert Band 1',2', Dimensions Swing Choir 1'. Kaaren Flelsher Senior Board, Math Club 3,4. "Oklahoma" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, "11Oo in the Shade" 1. Kansas Scholar, Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, Orchestra 1.2,3,4, pres. 4, All-State Orchestra 2.3.4, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, Music Contest 1.2,3,4, Commended Student. Junior Classical League 4, Dan Froellch Men's Track 3. Variety Show 3.4, Black Market 3, Echo Chamber 4, Model U.N. 2.3.4, Honors Recital 3.4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4. "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, District Band 2.3, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, Music Contest 1.2,3,4, Marching Band 1.2,3,4, Symphonic Band 2.3.4, Concert Band 1, Stage Band 2.3.4, Pep Band 2.3.4. Gall Fuller Men's Track 1.2, Industrial Arts Club 3.4, sec.-treas. 3, pres. 4, Wildife. Conservation and Backpacking 1.2. Radio and T.V. Julie Gambllan Women's Tennis 3. Kayettes 1. Spartans 1.2.3. Mary Garcia Echo Chamber 2.3,4. Junior Classical League 4, v-pres. 4, Math Club 2.3.4. v-pres. 4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Brigadoon".3, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, "l10" in the Shade" 1. Kansas Scholar. Nat'l Merit Commended Student, Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, Orchestra 1.2,3,4, press manager 3.4. All-State Orchestra 1.2,3,4, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, Music Contest l.2,3.4. Jacque Garten Black Market 4, Kayettes 1. Spartans 2. Stage Crew "Never Too Late" 2, "Bye, Bye. Birdiel" Z. Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, Ski Trip 3.4. Dana Glnavan Powder Puff 3.4. Women's Basketball 1.2,3,4, Women's Volleyball 1.2, Women's Track 1.2,3,4, Co-Captain 3.4. Spartans 1.2,3,4, StuCo Rep. 1, Junior Board, Math Club 3,4Lsec,-treas. 3.4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, Pigskin Queen, Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, District Band 2,3,4. Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Marching Band 1.2,3,4, Symphonic Band 1.2,3,4, Trip to Europe 3, Kansas Scholar. Junior Rotarian 4, Who's Who in American High Schools. DAR Good Citizen 4, Band Officer. freshman rep., sophomore rep.. v-pres. 3, pres. 4, Drum Majorette 3.4, Marching Contest 2,3,4. Women's Gymnastics 3. Lori Glasbergen Kayettes 3. Spartans 3, Ski Trip 3.4. Amold Graham Football 1.2,3,4, Men's Basketball 1.2.3, Men's TSI1I1iS 1.2. Boy's State 3, Forensics 2, Math Club l,2,3,4, Pigskin Escort, Kansas Scholar, Who's Who in American High Schools 3.4. Trip to Mexico 1. Kelli Graham Women's Volleyball l". Captain 1. Style Show l'. Kayettes 1',2, Spartans 1',2.3, Christmas Program 2.3. Chorale 1f.2,3, Spring Concert 2.3. Fall Concert 2.3. Music Contest 1',2,3, Freshman Class v-pres.", "Brigadoon" 3, "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, "Laura" 1"', Trip to Mexico 3. Cliff Greenllet' Men's Track 1.2,3,4, Cross Country 1.2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Style Show 4, Boy's State. StuCo Rep. 1.3.4, pres. 1. v-pres. 4. Senior Board Junior Board. Forensics 1, "See How They Run" 4. "Hansel and Gretel" 4. "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3. "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Winnie the Pooh" 2, "To Kill a Mockingbird" l. Kansas Scholar, Ski Trip 3.4, Who's Who Among American High School Students 3, Intramural Basketball 2.4. Rodney Gunkel Ski trip 4, National Rifle Association 4. Chrlstlne Gutierrez Drill Team 3, Powder Puff 4, MAISO 1.2,3,4, Freshman Rep.. Sophomore Rep., Spartans 4. Kayettes 4, Christmas Program 4, Trip to Mexico 1.3. Lisa Hall Powder Puff 3. Yearbook Staff 2.3.4, Co-Editor 4, KSPA Regionals 2.4, State 4, Kayettes 3, Spartans 1.2.3. Ski Trip 3. Rlek Hamman Men's Track 1. Industrial Arts 4, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, Debate 1.2. Brian Hanson Men's Track 1. Football 1, Men's Basketball 1.2. Mark HIIIDUH Radio and T.V. Holly Harvey Kayettes 2.3. Spartans 2. "Oklahoma" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, Math Club 4, Kansas Scholar, Christmas Program 2.3.4. Treble Choir 2, Chorale 3.4, Girls' Ensemble 3.4. Mixed Ensemble 3.4, Women's Quartet 4, District Chorus 3.4, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 2.3.4. Music Contest l,2,3,4, Marching Contest 2.3, Marching Band 1.2.4, Concert Band 1. Junior Classical League 4. sec. 4. All-State Choir 4, Trip to Europe 4. Dwayne Haakett Model U.N. 3.4. FBLA 3.4. "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2. H1100 in the Shade" 1, Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, Orchestra 1.2,3,4, District Orchestra 2.3.4, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, Music Contest 1.2,3,4, Junior Classical League 4. Klm Haun Powder Puff 4. Kayettes 2.4. Spartans 1.2,3,4, Christmas Program 1.2.3, Spring Concert 1, Fall Concert 1. Ski Trip 2. Becky Hawes Cheerleader 1.2.3, Powder Puff 4, Kayettes 1.2,3,4, Spartans 1.2,3,4, Sophomore Class Secretary, "See How They Run" 4. "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Ring around Elizabeth" 3. Ski Trip 2.3.4. KandlHedrlck Black Market 3, sec. 3. Spartans 1.2,3,4, Christmas Program 3.4. Jerry Heldebrecht Football 1.2,3,4, Powder Puff Co-Coach 3.4, Men's Basketball 1, Men's Track 1.3, Pigskin Escort. Ski Trip 3. Trudy Hendrix Drill Team 2,3. Powder Puff 3.4, Wildlife, Conservation and Backpacking 4, Spartans 2.3, Christmas Program 3.4, Spring Concert 1.2.3, Fall Concert 1.2.3. Music Contest 1.2.3, Marching Band 1.2.3, Symphonic Band 3, Concert Band 1.2, Citizenship Award 3. Inrl Hermann Kayettes 2.3.4. Spartans 1.2,3,4, Trip to Mexico 1. Randy Hoch Football 1. Men's Basketball 1.2.3. Marla Hodowanec Echo Chamber 4, Spartans 1. Kayettes l. FBLA 4. "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4. "Hansel and Gretel" 4. "Ring around Eliz- abeth" 3, "Brigadoon" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3. "Winnie the Pooh" 2. "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, "Never Too Late" 2, Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, Chorale 2.3.4, Concert Choir 1, Spring Concert 1,2.3,4. Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, Music Contest 2.3.4. Susan Holland Science Club IO". Julie Hoover Drill Team 4, Property Manager 4, Women's Diving Team 3. Spartans 1.2,3,4, Christmas Program 4. Women's Gymnastics 1.2.3. Ski Trip 4. Heather Houchln Drill Team 2. Powder Puff 3.4, Women's Basketball 1.2.3, Women's Volleyball 1. Women's Track 1.2,3,4, Captain 4, Cross Country 2.3.4. Captain 3.4. Kayettes 1.2,3,4, Spartan Club 1.2,3,4, Senior Board, Christmas ,Program 2, Spring Concert 1, Fall Concert 1, Music Contest 1, Marching Band 1.2, Concert Band 1, Trip to Mexico I. Marla Hurshman Women's Basketball 1',2,3,4. Women's Volley- ball l'.2,3.4, Co-Captain 4. Women's Track I". FBLA 3. Ml!! H1111 Men's Basketball 2.3.4, Men's Tennis l. H1100 in the Shade" 1. "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, "Brigadoon" 3, Orchestra 1.2.3. District Orchestra 3. Spring Concert 1,2,3, Fall Concert 1.2.3. Music Contest 1.2.3. Tim Hush Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.3.4. Music Contest 1.2,3,4, Symphonic Band 3.4, Concert Band 1.2, Stage Band 2.3.4, Pep Band 2.3.4. Terrl lkerd Women's Track 2. Spartans 1.2, Kayettes 1.2, Women's Gymnastics 1.2.3, National Junior Classical League 4, Tracy Jarvls Cheerleader 4. Powder Puff 4. Women's Diving Team 3. Spartans 1.2,3,4, Senior Board. Junior Board, "Oklahoma" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, Christmas Program 1.2,3,4, Chorale 3.4. Girls' Ensemble 3.4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Concert Choir 1, District Chorus 3.4. Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 2.3.4, Music Contest 2.3.4. Marching Band 3. Ski Trip 2.3.4. Kathy Johnson Women's Swimming 2. Newspaper Staff 3, Yearbook Staff 3. Spartans 1.2.3, Ski Trip 3. Run Johnston Freshman Basketball Trainer, Wildlife, Conser- vation and Backpacking 2.3, Spring Concert 1.2,3,4, Fall Concert 1.2,3,4, -Music Contest ,1.2.3. Marching Band 1.2,3,4, Symphonic Band '3.4, Concert Band 1.2. Sr. Accomplishments ill Q U! 1 UC Steve Kltchen Football l,2,3,4, Men's Basketball 1,2 Men's Track 3, Christmas Program 3,4. Patrlcla Lambert Women's Gymnastics 1. Connle Lanzrath Spartans l,2,3,4, Gena Lazzers Women's Track 2, Newspaper Staff 3,4, Asst. Editor 4, KSPA Regionals 4, Kayettes l,2,3,4, Board Member 3, Spartans l,2,3,4, Christmas Program 3.4. Charlle IeClalr Men's Gymnastics 1.2,3,4. Captain 4. Sheryl Leeds Powder Puff 3, Variety Show 3,4, Style Show 4. Kayettes l,2,3,4, Sec. 3, Board Member 3,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, Board Member 1.2.3, Christ- mas Program 4. Jay Lenlgan Football l,2,3,4, District Orchestra 1.2, Spring Concert 1,2, Fall Concert 1.2, Marching Band 1,2, Music Contest 1.2, Concert Band 1, Symphonic Band 2. Susan Llnn Variety Show 3,4, Black Market 3, Spartans l,2,3,4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, Christ- mas Program 3,4, Orchestra 3,4, Music Contest 1.2,3,4. Marching Band 1,2,3.4. Concert Band 1, Stage Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 2,3,4, Davld Llntnn "Brigadoon" 3, Chorale 3, Concert Choir 2, District Chorus 3, District Band 3, Spring Concert 3, Fall Concert 3, Marching Band 3. Concert Band 2.3. Pam Innghlne Powder Puff 3,4, Women's Tennis l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 3, Captain 4. Kayettes l,2,3,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, treas. 4, Ski Trip 3,4. Aide Inpez Wrestling 4. Men's Track l,2,3,4, Cross Country 1,2.3.4. MAISO. Kenny lopez Football l',2',3', Men's Track l'.2'.3',4, MAISO 4, Spanish Club 1',2',3', FBLA 4. Marllna Lopez Drill Team 4, Powder Puff 3,4. Women's Basketball l,2,3,4, Women's Volleyball 3, Water Polo 1.2. Black Market l,2,3,4, pres. 4, MAISO 1, Kayettes 2,3,4, Spartans 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, Marching Contest 4, Marching Band 4. Ellsa Lowensteln Drill Team 4, Property Manager 4. Women's Volleyball l. Girl's State 3, Kayettes 1.2.3. Board Member 3, Spartans 1.2, Junior Board, Debate 1.2.3, Forensics 1.2.3, FBLA 3,4. sec. 4, Marching Band 4. Jeffrey Luna Football 1.2, Men's Track l. "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4. Brenda McCabe Black Market 1.2.3. Wildlife, Conservation and Backpacking l,2,3,4, sec.-treas. 3, Christmas Program l.2.3,4. Rod McGInnls Men's Basketball 1.2. Men's Golf l,2. High School Rodeo 3,4. Sr. Accomplishments Tom Malns Freshman Basketball Trainer, Men's Basketball 2, lndustrial Arts l,2,3, pres. 3, Kansas Scholar, Debate 1.2. Becky Marin: Powder Puff3, Women's Volleyball 1, Women's Track 2.3, Black Market 1,4, Wildlife, Conser- vation and Backpacking l,2,3,4, Christmas Program 4, District Band 4, Spring Concert l,2,3,4, Fall Concert 1,2.3.4. Music Contest l,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Symphonic Band 2,3,4, Concert Band 1. Tlmothy Metcalf Boy's State 3, Debate 1,2,3, Forensics 1.2.3, Math Club 3,4. Jeff Mlller Men's Basketball 2, Football 1, Men's Track 1, Cross Country 4, Baseball Club 2.3.4. Sally Mlller Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Head Cheerleader l,4, Co-Head Cheerleader 3, Women's Track 1, Kayettes 1.2.3, Spartans l,2,3,4, Board Member 1.4, Concert Choir l, Christmas Program 1, Spring Concert 1, Fall Concert 1, Ski Trip 2.3. Angela Mllton Powder Puff 4, Women's Tennis 3,4, Kayettes l,2,3,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, Board Member 4, Junior Board, Winter Sports Candidate, Kansas Scholar, Christmas Program 1, Concert Choir 1, Spring Concert 1, Fall Concert 1, Ski Trip 4. Todd Mullendore Football 2, Variety Show 1, "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "Brigadoon" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, Chorale 2, Concert Choir 1, District Chorus 2, Spring Concert 3, Fall Concert 3, Music Contest 2. John Muckenthaler lndustrial Arts 4, treas. 4. Paula Myers llcho Chamber 4, Kayettes 1, Spartans 1.3, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, "Winnie the Pooh" 2. Kay Nelson - Women's Basketball 1, Women's Volleyball 1.2 Women's Tennis 3, Kayettes 2,3,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, Board Member 4, StuCo Rep. 3.4. sec.-treas. 4, Senior Board, Junior Board, Christmas Program 1,2,3. Tammy Nelson Women's Basketball l,2,3,4, Variety Show 3,4, Spartans 1.2, "Oklahoma" 4, Christmas Pro- gram 4, Music' Contest l,2,3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Symphonic Band 1,2,3,4. Stage Band 2,3,4, Pep Band 3,4, District Band 4. Band Property Manager 4, Marching Contest 2,3,4. John Nlchols Men's Gymnastics 2,3,4, Co-Captain 4. Shaun Nielsen Football 1.2.3, Men's Basketball 1, Men's Diving Team 2, Kathy Parks Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Co-Head Cheerleader 4, Powder Puff 3,4, Women's Volleyball 3, Women's Track 1.2, Variety Show 4, Girl's State 3, Spartans l,2,3,4, StuCo Rep. 4, Senior Board, Junior Board, Senior Class President, Junior Class Secretary, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Brigadoon" 3, "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3, Winter Sports Candidate. Christmas Program l,2,3,4, Treble Choir 2, Chorale 3,4. Girls' Ensemble 3,4, Concert Choir 1, District Chorus 3,4, Spring Concert 2,3,4, Fall Concert l,2,3,4, Music Contest 2,3,4, Ski Trip 2,3,4, Wh0's Who Among American High School Students 3,4, Women's Gymnastics 1.2, EHS Honor Student. Mlke Paulonls Football 2, Men's Tennis 2,3,4, Co-Captain 3.4, Men's Track 1, lndustrial Arts Club 1.2, Debate l,2,3,4, pres. 3,4, Forensics 3,4, pres. 3.4, Model U.N. 2,3,4, Parliamentarian 4, Math Club 2,3,4, pres. 4, National Merit 4, Kansas Scholar, StuCo Rep. 1,2,3,4. Tuy Phan lAmanda Frsnclsl Spartans 1, FBLA 3. Shellee Phlpps Women's Volleyball 3, Variety Show Stage Crew 4, Kayettes 3,4, Spartans 3,4, "See How They Run" 4, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3, Christmas Program 3,4, Marching Band 3, Trip to France 4. Sheryl Plank Cross Country 3, Variety Show 3,4. Kayettes 1,3,4, Board Member 3, v-pres, 4, Spartans 1,3,4, StuCo Rep. 4, Freshman Class Secretary. Senior Class Secretary, "Oklahoma" 4, Christ- mas Program 1,3,4, Treble Choir 3, Chorale 4, Concert Choir 1. Spring Concert 1,4, Fall Concert 1,4, Music Contest 3.4. Gary Poff Football l,2,3,4, Men's Basketball l, Men's Track 1, P,E. Club 4, Black Market 4, Radio and T.V,. Intramural Basketball 2,3. Mellssa Price Women's Basketball 1.2, Kayettes 1.2.3, Spartans 1.2, Junior Board, Women's Swim Team Manager 2. Fred Polzln Men's Tennis 1.2.3, Variety Show 3,4, Boy's State, StuCo Rep. 1.2.3, Junior Board, Debate l,2,3,4, National Debate Tournament 4, Foren- sics l,2,3,4, Model U.N. 2,3,4, sec.-treas. 4, Foreign and Domestic Affairs Conference 2, Model U.N. Trip to New York, Student Congress 2,3,4, Sophomore Class President, Math Club 2,3,4, FBLA 3,4, FBLA National Leadership Conference 3.4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, "Brigadoon" 3, Christmas Program l,2,3,4, Chorale 2,3,4, pres. 4, Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4, Concert Choir 1, District Chorus 2.3, Spring Concert l,2,3,4, Fall Concert l,2,3,4, Music Contest 2,3,4. Kelly Ratcllif Football l,2,3,4, Captain 4, Men's Basketball l,2,3,4, Men's Track 1,4, P.E. Club 3.4, Black Market 4, Winter Sports Candidate. Joel Rlos Football Trainer l,2,3,4, Wrestling l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4, Men's Track 1, MAISO l,2,3,4, sec.-treas. 3, v-pres.,4, Senior Board, Junior Board, Winter Sports Candidate. Christmas Program l,2,3,4, Powder Puff referee 4, Ski Trip 3,4. Jamle Roberts Powder Puff 4, Women's Tennis 2,3,4, Variety Show 4, Kayettes l,2,3,4, Spartans l,2,3,4, v-pres. 4, StuCo Rep. 1. Sophomore Board, Christmas Program 1,2,3, Concert Choir 1. Spring Concert 1, Fall Concert 1, Ski Trip 2, Trip to Mexico 3. Janlce Roth Drill Team 2,3,4, Captain 4, Lieutenant 3, Women's Golf 3,4. Kayettes 1.2. Spartans 1.2, Christmas Program 1,2, Orchestra 1, Marching Band 2.3.4. Anna Rodriguez MAlSO1.2,3,4.sec.-treas. 2, Spartans 4, Alan Rowe Variety Show l,2,3,4, Style Show 3.4, Men's Swimming 1, Kayettes 4, Spartans 4, Debate l,2,3,4, Forensics l,2,3,4, N.F.L. National Debate Tournament l,2,3,4, N.F.L. District Debate Tournament 4, N.F.L. Chapter v-pres. N.F.L. District Student Congress 2,3,4, Model U.N. l,2,3,4, sec.-treas. 3, FBLA 3,4, Parlia- mentarian 4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4. "Mrs. McThing" 1, "To Kill a Mockingbird" I. "Winnie the Pooh" 2, Kansas Scholar, Christmas Program 3.4, Chorale 4. Spring Concert 4, Fall Concert 4, Music Contest 4. Martha Rupert Cross Country 2', Treble Choir 2", Girls' Ensemble I", Mixed Ensemble 1'. Concert Choir 1', Music Contest 1'. Amy Sadowskl Wildlife, Conservation and Backpacking 1.2.3. v-pres. 3. Spartans 4, Ski Trip 4. Alisa Sanders Cheerleader l'.2'.3, Head Cheerleader I', Drill Team 2'. Cross Country 1'.2'. Spartans 3. Julie Sauder Drill Team 3.4, Variety Show 3.4, Kayettes l,2.3.4, pres. 3.4. Board Member l,2.3.4, Spartans l,2.3.4. "See How They Run" 4. "Hansel and Gretel" 4, "Mrs, McThing" 1. "To Kill a Mockingbird" I, "Never Too Late" 2, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2. "Winnie the Pooh" 2, "A Clown .and His Circus" 3, "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3, Christmas Program l,2.3.4, SAFE 3.4. Junior Rotarian 4, Band Officer 4. sec.-treas. 4. Marching Contest 2.3.4. Spring Concert l,2.3.4, Fall Concert I.2.3.4. Music Contest l,2.3.4. Marching Band l,2.3.4, Sym- phonic Band l,2.3.4. Ski Trip 3.4. Larry Savage Football 1. Ski Trip 3, FFA 3.4. Darrell Schaefer Men's Diving Team 2.3. Captain 2, Variety Show 2.3.4. Stage Crew ."Never Too Late" 2, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2, "Winnie the Pooh" 2. "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Brigadoon" 3. "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3. Christmas Program 2.3. Ski Trip 2.3.4. Dan Scheve Men's Track 1.2. Boy's State 3, Kansas Scholar. Ronald Schlotterbeck Wrestling 1.2.3,4, Men's Track l,2.3.4, P.E. Club, Radio and T.V. 3. Kevln Schnelder Football 1.2. Men's Track 1, "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, Debate 1.2. Intramural Basketball 2.4. Dan Schumann Stagecraft "Oklahoma" 4, "See How They Run" 4, "Hansel and Gretel" 4. "Brigadoon" 3. "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3, Anne Somer Cheerleader 4, Powder Puff 4. Variety Show 4, Kayettes l,2.3.4. Board Member 4, Spartans I.2,3,4, StuCo Rep. 2.3.4. Junior Board. Who's Who Among American High School Students 3,4. Ski Trip 4. Gabe Sosa Football l,2.3.4. Men's Basketball 1.2.3, Radio and T.V.. Pigskin Escort. Winter Sports Candidate. -Debra Spellman Women's Volleyball l. Debate 1.2. James Stone Football 1.2, Men's Basketball l,2.3.4. Captain 4. Men's Track I. Junior Board, Winter Sports King. Junior Rotarian 4. Ski Trip 3. Jeff Tabares Men's Tennis 1.3.4. Captain 4. Men's Track 2, Men's Swimming 2,4. Water Polo I, MAISO 1, Math Club 2. FBLA 2.3. Men's Gymnastics 1, "Oklahoma" 4. "Brigadoon" 3, "A Clown and His Circus" 3, "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, Christmas Program l,2.3.4. Chorale 2.3.4, Men's En- semble, Concert Choir I, District Chorus 3.4, Spring Concert l,2.3.4. Fall Concert l,2.3.4. Music Contest 2.3.4, Ski Trip 4, All-State Choir 4. Marlo Tahares Football 1.2. Wrestling 1.2.4, Christmas Pro- gram 4.4 Tanya Telchgraeber Powder Puff4, Women's Swimming 1.2.4. Black Market 4. Kayettes l,2.3.4, Spartans 1,2,3,4. Christmas Program 1, Concert Choir I. Ski Trip 3.4. Brad Thomas Football l,2.3.4. Powder Puff Coach 4, Pigskin Escort. Andrea Thomton Kayettes 1.2.3. Spartans 1.2.3. Peter Torrey Men's Basketball l,2.3.4, Men's Track l,2.3.4. Cross Country l,2.3.4. Style Show 4, Senior Board. Kansas Scholar. Rlcky Torres Wrestling 3.4. MAISO l.2.3,4, pres. 3.4. Senior Board. Junior Board, Christmas Program l,2.3.4. Concha Tovar MAISO l,2.3.4. Kayettes 3.4, Spartans 1.2. FBLA 3.4. Christmas Program l,2.3.4. 1980 Graduation post, Trip to Mexico 3. Kelly Utley Variety Show 2.3.4, Newspaper 5taff2. Kayettes 2. Debate 2.3.4. Forensics 2.3.4, Model U.N. l,2.3.4. vvpres. 3.4, "Oklahoma" 4, "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 3. "Brigadoon" 3, Christmas Program I.2.3,4. Chorale 2.3.4, v-pres. 4. Girls' Ensemble 3.4, Mixed Ensemble 4, Concert Choir I. District Chorus 2.3.4, All-State Choir 2, Spring Concert l,2.3.4, Fall Concert l,2.3.4, Music Contest 2.3.4. Terrl Wagers Cheerleader 3.4. Head Cheerleader 4. Variety Show 4, Kayettes 2.3.4. Spartans 2.3.4. Board Member 4, Ski Trip 4. Vance Watldns Newspaper Staff 3, Chess Club l'. Janet Weaver Powder Puff 3.4, Women's Volleyball 1,2,3,4, Captain 4. Variety Show 3.4, Girl's State 3. Kayettes l,2.3.4, sec.-treas. 3.4, Board Member 2.3.4. Spartans l,2.3.4, StuCo Rep. 1.2.4, Senior Board. Junior Board, Senior Class Treasurer, Ski Trip 2. Tlm Webb Industrial Arts Club 2, Wildlife, Conservatio and Backpacking 1.2, Radio and T.V. Sandy Wells Powder Puff 3.4. Variety Show 3.4, Kayettes l,2.3.4. treas. 4. Board Member 2.3. Spartans l,2.3.4. StuCo Rep. 4, Freshman Board. Freshman Class Treasurer, Pigskin Candidate, Christmas Program 2.3.4, Ski Trip 3, Men's Swimming Manager. Lynnette White Variety Show 3, "Oklahoma" 4. "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2. "Brigadoon" 3, Christmas Program l.2,3,4, Chorale 2.3.4, Girls' Ensemble 3.4, Mixed Ensemble 3.4, Women's Quartet 3.4. Concert Choir 1, District Chorus 2.3.4, Spring Concert l.2,3,4, Fall Concert l,2.3.4. Music Contest 2.3.4, All-State Choir 2. E.S.U. Writing Contest 4, All-State Choir 2. Dlana Wilson Cheerleader I". Drill Team 2',3'. Women's Basketball I',2'. Women's Volleyball 1'.2'.3', Women's Track l'. Steve Woods Men's Tennis 2.3. Variety Show 3.4, Boy's State. Black Market I. Kayettes 4. Spartans 4. Debate l,2.3.4, Forensics l,2.3.4. Model U.N. l,2.3.4, pres. 3.4, Model U.N. Trip to New York 3, Chess Club 1, "See How They Run" 4. "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3, Kansas Scholar, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Student Congress l,2.3.4. Jennifer Wycoff Powder Puff 3.4. Women's Swimming I, Kayettes l,2.3.4. Board Member 3.4. "Okla- homa" 4. "Bye, Bye, Birdie" 2. "Brigadoon" 3. Christmas Program l,2.3.4, Chorale 2.3.4. Girls' Ensemble 3. Mixed Ensemble 3. Concert Choir I. District Chorus 2.4. Spring Concert l,2.3.4, Fall Concert l,2.3.4. Music Contest 2.3,4, Ski Trip 4. Trip to Germany 3. Steve Younger Men's Tennis 1,2,3,4, Wildlife. Conservation and Backpacking 3.4. Echo Chamber 3.4, Asst. Editor 4, Radio and T.V., Debate 2.3.4. Model U.N. 3. Math Club 3.4, Chess Club 1.3. FBLA 3.4, Trip to Mexico. Debbie Zlnn Kayettes 1.2.3,4, Spartans l,2.3.4, Winter Sports Candidate, Ski Trip 4. Becky Zlmsteln Drill Team 2,3,4, Style Show 4. Kayettes l,2.3.4. Spartans I.2,3,4. StuCo Rep. 3. Senior Board. Junior Board. Debate I. Forensics 1.2.3, "Oklahoma" 4. "Hansel and Gretel" 4. "Bye, Bye. Birdie" 2, "Brigadoon" 3, Winter Sports Queen. Christmas Program l,2.3.4, Chorale 2.3.4. Girls' Ensemble 3.4, Concert Choir I, District Chorus 4. Spring Concert l,2.3.4. Fall Concert l,2.3.4. Music Contest 2.3.4. Ski Trip 4. Trip to Europe 4. Marching Band Contest 2.3.4, Drill Team Contest 2,4. Who's Who Among American High School Students, Cassandra Zu.rek Drill Team 4. Women's Volleyball l'.2'.3". Wildlife. Conservation and Backpacking 3'. Spartans 4. Pigskin Candidate. Drill Team Contest 4, Sr. Accomplishments Clark, Patrick 146 dam Adams, Jeff 144 Adams, Kenneth 144 Adams, Kim 172 Adkins, Randall 162 Aeschliman, Randall 182 Agln, Audrey 139 Agler, Christie 34, 126, 182 Agler, Craig 144 Aguilar, Mina 172 Alcorn, Donald 27, 37, 38, 40, 144 Alfred, Todd 182 Allen, Kenneth 181 Allen, Larry Scott 182 Allen, Robert 181 Allen, Sherry 98, 144 Allen, Tina 38, 96, 162 Alvarado, Duane 172 Alvarado, Gabriel 144 Alvarado, Marie 172 Alvarado, Pat 138 Alvarado, Phyllis 181 Alvord, Todd 182 Ames, Lorie 73, 109, 182 Anderson, Alan 182 Anderson, Eric 162 Anderson, Laura 17, 59, 61, 144 Anderson, Rlll 139 Andrews, Thomas 144 Arb, Betty 172 Arb, Sandra 53, 171 Armstrong, Stan 162 Arnold, Sherry 182 Asensio, Ignacio 182 Ashmore, Kip 93, 182 Atchison, Paul 181 Atchison, Ranelda 182 Atherton, Becky 22, 41, 82, 99, 141, 172 180 Atherton, David 33, 68, 144 Auchard, Jocelyn 144 Auchard, Lionel 38, 172 Augustyn, Joe 88, 162 Augustyn, John 88, 102,104 Ayers, Arnold 92, 172 Bailey, Darcie 98, 172 Bair, Jami 78, 182, 189 Baker, Bernie 172 Baker, Bob 144 Baldomino, Roxanne 172 Baldwin, Ruby 162 Bales, David 33, 88, 114, 172 Ball, Laura 172 Bannon, Deanna 2, 162 Barb, Greg 39, 162 Barker, Davljean 138 Barker, Deborah 162 Barker, Raeann 172 Barnett, Michael 144 Barnett, Sherri 34, 171 Barnhart, Troy 39, 172 Barr, Lee 34, 105, 182 Barrett, Brenda 182 Barrett, Gene 172 Barrett, Joe 182 Barrett, Kevin 172, 181 Barrett, Lorrie 182 Barruns, Janice 137 Bartlett, Charles 161 Bartlett, Mike 144 Bartlett, Mike C. 172 Barton, Kathy 38, 87, 144 Barton, Robert 162 196 ,,,,,e,, Bastin, Katherine 162 Bastin, Kathy 136 Baumgardner, Jerry 22, 61, 73, 120 Baumgartner, Lance 93, 105, 182 Bautista, Eddle 139 Baysinger, Clayton 162 Baysinger, Mae 34, 192 Beardsley, Arthur 69, 88, 144 Becker, Richard 182 Beckstrom, Donald 172 Beckstrom, John 144 Bedner, Jeffrey 182 Bedner, Laura 162 Bedner, Lesley 41, 172 Bell, James 162 Bell, Tammy 182 Bell, Tommy 182 Bellows, Erin41, 101,173,182 Belshe, Buster 2, 43, 45, 182 Belt, Sandra 74, 162 Belt, Tony 43, 162 Bender, Phil 38 Benjamin, Julie 162 Benjamin, Richard 145 Bennett, Brandon 43, 105, 182 Bennett, Brenton, 41, 93, 100, 101, 106, 140,141,144,145 Bennett, Gregg 48, 93, 118, 126, 127 Beran, Michael 81, 88, 162 Berry, Martha 33, 46, 59, 143, 172 Besendorfdr, Chris 181 Bird, Jane 172 Bird, Mike 145 Birk, Scott 161 Birk, Tammy 161 . Bishop, Patty 41, 172 Bishop, Sherry 33, 78, 162 Black, Joni 130 Black, Mull 138 Blackburn, Mary 162 Blazer, Teena 61, 162 Bletscher, Brenda 43, 47, 151 Blocker, Jess 139 Blocker, Velvey 35, 40, 172 Bohm, Bradley 106, 182 Bohm, Jananna 145 Bolden, Tyrone 88, 162 Bolen, Mark 163 Bollinger, Shana 14, 61, 85, 145 Booth, Janelle 34, 98, 182, 186 Bourroughs, Bob 139 Bowden, Tracy 34, 182 Bowden, Trent 182 Bowers, Lisa 145 Bowman, Lisa 172 Boyle, Charlotte 43, 183 Boyle, Cynthia 163 Bradbury, Jan 130 Bradley, Lisa 70, 81, 99, 145 Bradstreet, Christi 39, 183 Bradstreet, Dawn 172 Briggs, Dena 183 Britain, Donald 145 Broadhead, L.G. 73, 172 Brock, Lonie 69, 88, 145 Brooks, Fanny 163 Bura, Rose Ann 137 Burd, David 93, 183 Burd, Diane 61, 86, 183 Burenheide, Eleanor 135 Burenheide, Julie 163 Burenheide, Kevin 146 Burenheide, Kim 172 Burenheide, Nancy 43, 96, 146 Burgeson, Beth 39, 183 Burris, Jana 59, 163 Burris, Scott 34, 117, 183 Burton, Lori 34, 183 Buster, Steve 126 Butts, Janice 10, 22, 27, 28, 61, 83, 113, 140, 146 Bywaters, Joe 66 Cain, Michael 173 Cain, Steven 183 Calhoun, Stephani59, 61, 113, 173 Campbell, Edward 106, 173 Campbell, Gretchen 38, 113, 183 Campbell, Marc 22, 106, 146, 150 Canaday, Bruce 161 Cantrall, Tricia 183 Capes, Cris 146 Carlson, David 39, 173 Carlson, Suzanne 183 Carr, Monte 163 Carter,Don33,81,102,110,163 Carter, Steve cmajai, Paul 33, 61, 71, 100, 101, 104, 172, 173 Carvajal, Steve 34, 93, 105, 183 Casida, Belinda 183 Caskel, Kathy 163 Carson, Lawrence 183 Casteel, Kathy Castenada, Kevin 183 Gllryd n Cortez, Linda 183 Cortez, Nancy 181 Cortez, Rosemany 163 Cortner, Tara 97, 183 Cortner, Todd 181 Cotte, Lisa 10, 29, 31, 33, 61, 87,146 Cowden, Linda 146 Cox, Kelly 88, 114, 163 Cox, Tanya 33, 163 Cranz, Rebecca 14, 85, 146 Cravens, Jeff19, 38, 40, 57, 76, 102, 145 145 Creager, Forrest 38, 76, 163 Creager, Melora 15, 34, 74, 183 Creel, Doug 146 Creel, Mike 173 Creswell, Andrea 97, 109, 183 Crippen, Serena 173 Crisp, Mike 173 Crowell, Debora 183 Crowell, Roy 117, 183 Cuadra, Robert 146 Cunningham, Doug 31, 33, 88, 163 Cunningham, Rhonda 34, 173 Cunningham, Susan 146 Dailey, Maxine 139 Dains, Chris 173 Damron, Michael 173 Damron, Robert 163 Danford, Mark 184 parmon, Ron 93, 104, 124 Dase, Kathy 33: 163 Davidson, Vinessa 33, 97, 113, 173 Davis, April 173 Davis, Jessi 184 Davis, Kelly 173 Davis, Kevin 184 Davis, Kirk 184 Davis, Lacy 163 Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Catherine 128 Debbie 14, 20, 59, Glorla 137 Jeff 183 Jerry 120 Kelly 171 Kristi 183 Linda 163 Lisa L. 183 Lisa M. 34, 183 Pamela 172 Pat 70, 145 Richard 141, 145 Rusty 53, 92, 172 Shawn 172 Tammy 38, 171 Ted 172, 176 Brown, Tony 92 Browning, Cindy 163 55 Browning, Desiree 38, 87, 163 Browning, Jay 161 Buchanan, Harold 181 Buck, Angela 10, 61, 83, 87, 146 Buck, Julie 39, 183 Buckbee, Greg 116, 117, 183 Buckbee, Mary 138 Buckley, Irene 136 Chambers, Robert Alan 110, 11 Channing, Dawn 38, 40, 146 Channing, Kim 190 Chapman, Kent 27, 119, 122 Cheek, Brenda 183 Cheek, Linda 163 Childears, Debora 97, 173 Christy, Marc 33, 92, 173 Cimino, Vonya 183 Clnelll, Blll 88, 131 7,183 Clark, Carman Renae 34, 97, 183 Clark, Scott 173 Clark. Vickie 173 Clements, Bob 88, 105, 126, 127 Clements, Penny 146 Cleveland, Judy 163 Cllfton, Bob 139 Clopton, Donald 173 Coburn, Jeff 14, 88, 146 Coen, Brenda 34, 183 Coen, Denise 33, 163 Coffelt, Staci 97, 109, 183 Coleman, Mia 163 Coleman, Raffaline 183 Coleman, Tyrone 163 Colglazier, Stacy 183 Collins, Doug 53, 163 Conklin, Deanna 173 Coon, Todd Michael 43, 173 Coop, Betty 163 Coop, Doug 173 Cooper, Roger 181 Coria, Benji114, 146 Coria, Yolanda 173 Corpening, Thomas 173 Corpening, Tony 183 Corpening, Vicky 146 Cortez, Carmen 74, 183 Day, Marsha 184 Dean, Vlrgll 93, 124 DeBauge, Bradley 73, 184 DeBauge, Jeff145 Decker, Julie 9, 13, 78, 163 Defoor, Jeff 173 DeLong, Dale 147 DeLong, Darryl 184 Dennison, John 33,114, 163 Dennison DePaepe, Deskines, Deskines, ,Sandra 80, 95, 112, 147 Tim 140, 163 Cindy 183, 184 Scott 173 DeWald, Evan 173 Dewald, Steven 33, 173 Dickerson, Johnny 93, 184 Dieker, Kevin 147 Dill, Billy 173 Dill, Kris 184 Dillman, David 70, 173 Dilts, Alan 184 Doane, Joanne 161 Doane, John 173 Donahue, Colleen 34, 64, 101, 163, 168 Donahue, Robert 39, 73, 93, 117, 184 Donelson, Deanna 164 Donelson, Rod 173 Dorathy, Michelle 46, 116, 143, 184 Dorathy, Terri 108, 164 Dorsey, Helayne 8, 9, 11, 78, 87, 162, 164 Dorsey. Kenneth 147 Dorsey, Maria 20, 73, 113, 184 Dorsey, Mia 113, 184 Dorsey, Tim 69, 88, 164 Downing, John 2 Dragoo, Aurie 164 Drake, Becky 34, 184 Drake, John 114, 181 Drake, Randall 164 Dryden, Dorothy 34, 190 Duby, Connie 95. 164 Duerksen, Jill 8, 33, 46, 143, 164 Duffey, Jeff164 Duncan, Bob 88,91,114,147 Duncan, Elizabeth 73, 184 Duncan, Mark 71, 73, 173 Duncan, Natalie 184 Duncan , Norma 138 Duncan, William 173 Dungan, Denise 31, 33, 34, 173 Dunn, Laurence 41. 184 Eberhart, Deanna 73, 184 Edingto Edward n, Glen 190 s, David Keith 39.73. 184 Edwards, Denlse 139 ' Edwards . Eric 88. 147 Edwards. Kelly 78. 164 Fothergill, Lynne 34, 68, 164 Foth. Kevin 20, 68. 88. 164 Fothergill. Wade 106, 174 Fowler, Fowler, Fowler, Fowler Fowler Fowler . Fowler, Fowler, Fowler. Carol8, 9, ll, 51, 59,162,164 Cindy 164 Jeff68, 174 Rhonda 39, 92, 184 Ronald 149 Sandra 34, 59, 184 Ted 139 Tom 129 Vickie 34, 184 Fowler, Vlrglnla 139 Fowler, Wes 39. 185. 186 Fox, Llnda 121 Fox, Sean 16, 20, 64, 66, 68, 164 Fuyle, Harvey 71, 124, 125 Frazier, Dirk 52, 76, 82, 164 Freeman, Brenna 164 Froelich, Daniel 38, 40, 42, 149 Fry, Teresa 34, 164 Fry, Tracy 185 Fuller, Gail 5, 66, 149 Fuller, Gary 5, 66, 174 Eggeman, Shannel 39, 184 Elkenberry, Wayne 134 Eldridge, Jeff 76, 92, 102, 104, 173 Ellenwood, Todd 147 Ellis, Hope 33, 38, 174 Elliot, Matt 173 Emley, Larry 171 Emley, Larry 147 Emley, Robin 174 Emley, Scott 41, 70, 164 Enserro, Greg 80 Ensminger, Dallas 171 Epp, Rebecca 97, 109, 184 Ervay, El Estes, Br aine 39, 174 yon 149 Estes. Camala 61, 149 Estes. Le Estes. Sa ann 34, 184 ndra 164 Estes, Troy 117, 184 Endaley, Donna 130, 137 Eudaley, Lawrence 99, 128 Evans, Daniel 93, 184 Eveleigh, Michael 34, 93, 184 Eveleigh, Mitchell 93, 184 Gamblian, Julie 149 Garcia, Mary 41, 70, 149 Gardenhire, Bernie 33, 88, 91, 164 Garmann, Rosanne Susan 174 Garriott, Shawn 164 Garten, Jacque 149 Gast, Nancy 149 Gast, Virginia 34, 97, 113, 185 Gerhardt, Karen 39, 73, 109, 185 Gerhardt, Mary 38, 174 Gentry, Mike 31, 33,110,164 Getz, Edward 93, 195 Gibbons, Kathy 138 Gibson, Andre tHudl 164 Gibson, Kevin 165 Gibson, Michelle 174 Giese, Anne 165 Gill, Marti 61, 195 Gimson, William Allen 174 Guion, Michael 93, 185 Gukeison, Karyn 39. 185 Gum, Barry 16, 46, 73, 105, 143. 182. 185 Gumfory, Kevin 190 Gunkel, Emily 165 Gunkel, Linda 71, 73, 185 Gunkel, Rodney 148 Gurley, Norma 139 Gurley, Tori 33, 60, 181 Gutierrez. Christine 148 Gutierrez, Dominic 88, 114, 148 Gutierrez, Paul 174 Haag, Joseph 53, 165 Hahn, Jim 114, 174 Hale, Tammy 174 Haley, James 171 Hall, James 181 Gllub Gllutcherson Hendrix, Trudy 151 Henery, Allen 186 Henerv. Kim 166 Henrikson, Duane 120 Hensler, Janelle 166 Hensler, Julie 34, 186 Hensley, Greg 151 Hensley, Shannon 186 Hernandez, Linda 151 Herdon, Nonna139 Herndon, Tamala 186 Herrera, Esther 175 Herrman, Lori 151 Hess, Heidi 34, 113, 175 Hlgglns, Albert 57, 73, 122 Higgins, Bradford 181 Higgins, Vlrglnla 73 Hilbish, Julie 175 Hill. Jim 117 Hinderliter, Lynette 175 Hlnes, Roberta 138 Hlnrlchs, Donnla 130 Hinshaw, Kelly 39, 186 Hinshaw, Kirk 38, 64, 76, Hively, Seth 88, 166 Hobble, Elisha 175 Hoch, Randall 151 Hodge, Candy 122 166 Hodges, Dav1d16, 37, 38, 39, 108, 132 Hall, Lisa 13, 18, 50, 78,148 Hamman, Rick 66, 148 Hamman, Russell 92, 174 Hammonds, Todd 181 Hankinson, Melissa 174 Hanna, Charles 120 Hannon, James 122, 124, 125 Hanshew, Tiffany 68, 165 Hanson Brian 148 Hanson. , Terry 148 Hardee, Julie Kay 34, 185 Harder. Harder, Daniel 148 Jackie 138 Hardy, Kathy 87, 165 Harclerode, John 68,119,126, 127 Harbour, Kyle 165 Hargett, Danny 88, 91,165 Harrell, Laura 185 Harrington, Danna 46, 96, 112, 143, 194 Hodges, Jeffrey 66, 166 Hodges, Norma 97, 130, 131 Hodowanec, Maria 33, 151 Hodowanec, Mark 41, 166 Hodowanec, Paul 41, 166 Hoffmans, David 102, 175 Holcomb. Carrie 186 Holden, Tammy 186 Holland, Andy Gene 186 Holland, Kristine 175 Holland, Lori 34, 151, 171 Holland, Susan 161 Hollembeak, Libby 85.98, 166 Hollern, Brad 66, 166 Holmes, Brenda 151 Holscher, Barbara 138 Holtz, Margaret 171 Holtz, Teresa 186 Hook, Cheryl 166 Farr, Gail 164 Ginavan, Dana 14, 15 180 Ginavan, Laurie 174 Glasbergen, Lori 149 Glass, Jody 20, 34,181 Glaze, Kelly 174 Glidewell, Andrena 42, 64, 99, 165 Glover, Cynthia 52 Goble. Carrie 61, 86,185 Golden, Jimmy 174 Goodell, Dan 174 Fabrizio, Stephanie 174 Goodell, Jim 39, 165 Facklam, Paula 11, 19, 38, 76, 164 Gosser, B1l1y139 Faddis, Mitch 40, 41, 100, 106, 140, 141, Goyette, Ricky 174 144 Graham, Arnold 14, 88, 149 Falley. Patrick 88, 164 Graham, Kelli 149 Farr, JoAnn 41, 184 Fast, Barbie 174 Fay, Alane164 Fay, Eric 184 Felipe, Richard 92, 174, 175 Ferguson, Sue 164 Ferrell. Kendra 164 Fingerson, Linda 38, 174 Granado, Ignacio 165 Granado, Sandra 174 ,38, 70, 112, 149, Harris, James 165 Harris, Janelle Chris 34, 101, 185 Harris, Lena Marie 185 Harris, William 174 Harrison, Glenna 130 Harrison, Holly 33, 38, 174 Harrouff, Mark 150 Harrouff, Monica 34, 195 Hart, Steve 171 Hartley, David 70, 166 Hartzler, Fran 50, 61, 122 Harvey. Holly 29, 33, 38, 70, 150 Haselhuhn, Robert 38, 40, 48, 85, 150 Haskett, Brenda 95, 108, 112, 175 Haskett, Dwayne 41, 64, 71, 150 Haskett, Sally 19, 95, 166 Haskell, Tom 136, 137, 141 Hassell. Jim 175 Hastings, Paul 66, 134 Hattic, Carey 98, 175 Haun, Kim 150 Havenhill, Asher 38, 100, 101, 114, 116. 175, 180 Hawes, Becky 29, 150 Hawes, Trey 93, 105, 185 Hoover, Julie 10, 20, 87, 151 Hopkins, Kevin 88, 166 Horak, Michael 160, 186 Hasey, Harold 120 Houchin, Heather 82, 101, 151 Houchin, Patrick 93, 105, 186 Howland, Clarence 42, 129 Howland, Michael 93, 117186 Howland. Steven 92, 175 Hoy, Gina 175 Hoy, Jeanette 137 Hubbard: Michael 186 Hubert, Cara 186 Huddelston. Brad 166 Hufferd, LeAnn 166 Hugg, Dave 88, 131 Hulett, Dennis 161 Hulse, Ruben 33, 43, 166 Humes, Nancy 136 Humphreys, Elmer 139 Hurshman, Bret 100, 186 ,170 Hurshman. Jamie 96.172.175 Hurshman, Marla 95,161 Hnrtlg, Carol 122 Hurt. Matt 102, 151 Finney. Charles 73. 184 Finney Finney . Chris 164 , Debra 34, 174, 190 Finney, Robert 161 Fisher, Fisher. Fisher. Fisher, Fisher. Fleishe Foster. Ann Mauree 39, 97, 184 Beth 38, 40, 174 Caroline 41. 184 Dan 33, 71,149 Eric 64, 70, 71, 100,164 r, Kaaren41, 70, 149 Dan 149 Grant, Don 33, 132 Graves, Andrew 161 Gravatt, James 7, 38, 40, 165 Gravatt, Mary 139 Green, Eric 33, 88. 165 Greenlief, Cliff29, 46,100, 101, 140, 141 143 Greenwood. Troy 185 Gregory, Donna 174 Greischar, Julie 9, 17, 19, 20, 57, 59, 76, 87,155,162,165 Greer, Mark 100, 101, 165 Greer, Tanya 34, 195 Griggs, Carolyn 185 Grossenbacker, Marcy 190 Grossenbacker, Patricia 185 Guerrero, Patricia 165 Guerrero. Ricky 88, 165 Hawkins, Lorinda 190 Hay, Kevin 185 Hayes, Becky 166 Hayes, Brian 34, 64, 73, 93, 185 Hayes, Steve 185 Head, Edward 114, 166 Heath, Bradley 93, 106, 185 Heath, Tamara 161 Hurt, Megan 41, 46, 82, 108, 113, 143, 175. 180 Hush. Tim 36.38,-40,151 Huston, Tammy 34, 186 Hutcherson, Alvina 161, 166 Hutcherson. Eva 175 Hutcherson, Sarah 3, 24, 66, 95,112,166 Heatwole, Brad 175 Heckman, Rob 175 Heddens, Alan 1, 5 Hedrick, Kandi 150- Heese, Anne 46, 97, 143,185,186 Heese, Jeff 100, 175 Heidebrecht, Jerry 14, 88, 150 Heins, Rusty 83, 185 Heisler, Danny 39, 186 Henderson, Jamie 11, 14, 33, 85. 175 Henderson, Marlene 175 Index 197 Glk rd lkerd. Randall 186 lkerd, Terri 48, 151 lsenberg, Albert 171 Jackson, JeffS3, 186 Jackson, Rick 161 Jackson, Shelly 39, 186 Jacobs, Albert 186 Jacobs, Gloria 34, 186 Janacek, Chris 175 Janacek, Patricia 34, 186 James, Christina 175 James, Teena 166 Jamison, Sheila 50, 151 Jarvis, Kim 166 Jarvis, Tracy 11, 33, 85, 151 Jefferis, Tracy 33, 85, 175 Jehle, Jeffrey 171 Jenkins, Sandy 186 Jensen, Darrin 34, 105, 186 Jensen, Janell 33, 166 Jones, Casey 161 Jones, David 151 Jones, Gary 167 Jones, James Clifford 186 Jones, Kelly 167 Jones, Marvin 93, 187 Jones, Todd 93, 105, 187 Johnson, Brelana 40, 41, 46, 173, Johnson, David 166 Johnson, Douglas 167 Johnson, Cheri 34, 59, 186 Johnson, Connie 128 Johnson, Frances 186 Johnson, Kathy 151 Johnson, Lois 122 Johnson, Marlon 139 Johnson, Ralph 175 Johnson, Rhonda 175 Johnson, Richard 73, 167 Johnson, Ty 175 Johnson, Wallace Johnston, James 39, 186 Johnston, Ron 151 Johnston, Teresa 175 Judd, Clifford 138 Karr, Kevin 161 Kastner, Lloyd 175 Keith, Chris 187 Keller, Sandra 34, 109, 187 Kelley, Donna 171 Kelly, Lisa 50, 71, 73,187 Kenney, Meri 1SusieJ 151 Kennison, Fred 6, 167 Kennison, Sherri 34, 187 Kenvick, Debbie 161 Key,iPenily161 Keys, Chris 181 Koch, Carolyn 122 Index 175 Koch, Denise 176 Koch, Michael 164, 167 Koehler, Denise 176 Koehler, Nancy 167 Koehler, Sara 152 Kopfman, Darryl 176 Kopfman, Von 92, 176 Korte, Charlotte 138 Klle, Don 41,132 Kimmal, Karen 34,176 Kirk, Tammara 176 Kirshner, Laura 176 Kitchen, Brian 92, 176 Kitchen, Steve 88, 151 Knausman, Kendra 187 Knlght, Adele 137 Knight, Charlotta171 Knight, Eric 92, 176 Knott, Jlm 129 Krier, Russell 176, 179 Krueger, Shelly 176 .Kuhlman, Kimberly 176 Kulas, Beth Carol 97, 187 Lang, Carol 43, 47, 96, 108, 143, 176 Langley, James 190 Landis, Darin 167 Lanzrath, Daniel 93, 187 Lanzrath, Toni 167 Lambert, Katherine 167 Lambert, Patricia 152 Lambert, Robert 93, 187 Lambeth, Daniel 187 Lamoureux, Lois 187 Larsen, Jay 64,73,167 Larsen, Lisa 64, 171 Larson, Matt 38, 92, 176 Law, Donald 120 Lazzers, Gena 76, 152 Lazzers, Matthew 5, 181 LeBourveau, Richard 73, 187 Le Clear, Bradley 74, 88, 167 LeClair, Charley 110, 152 Lee, Staci 98, 176 Leeds, Sheryl 59, 152 Lehnherr, Ida 42, 167 Lenigan, Jay 88, 152 Laspagnard, Jennifer 34, 176 Lewis, Raymond 176 Lewis, Wiletta 187 Lill, David 93, 187 Lill, Mike 187 Llnhart, Bill 124, 131 Linton, David 152 Linn, Penny 167 Linck, Rhonda 187 Linn, Susan 38,40,152 Lippert, Martin 33, 38, 88, 102, 167 Litke, Kristi 176 Loch, Michelle 109 Lodle, Bob 136 Logan, Eric 34, 105, 187 Long, Connie 34, 97, 109, 187 Long, John 88,104,167 Long, Mike 73, 100, 176 Longbine, Pam 61, 98, 152 Lopez, Alfred 69, 100, 116,152 Lopez, Kenny 64,100,101,141,152 Lopez, Kevin 153 Lopez, Marlina 74,87, 112, 153 Lopez, Renee 85, 176 Lopez, Richard 93, 117, 187 Lopez, William 93,117, 187 Inrenz, Rex 120 Loughran, Jeff 161 Louk, Michelle 187 Lowe, Bobbi 45. 167 Lowenstein, Elisa 11, 64, 87m 153 Lowman, Bobby 187 Lundgren, Malin 34, 167 Lueker, Kathy 39, 187 Lumley,ArvIna137 Lumley, Dan 120 Luna, Jeff 153 Luna, Ruth 39, 66, 187 Luther, Todd 38, 40, 176 Luu, Cam Linh 187 Lynch, Jeffrey 83, 105, 181 Lynch, Kathy 171 McAlister, Larry 13, 78, 167 McCabe, Brenda 153 McCabe, Kevin 34,93,117,187 McCabe, Stephanie 41, 113, 187 McClintick, JoAnn 187 McCoy, John 6, 167 McCoy, Richard 134 McCreary, John 139 McCullough, Darin 190 McCullough, Lisa 167 McDonald, Tina 9, 188 McEachen, Joseph Mark 93, 105, 190 McElfresh, Brenda 176 McElfresh, John 39, 176 McElfresh, Sandra 176 McElfresh, Todd 167 McGill, Roger 176 McGinnis, Rod 153 McGuire, Deena Kay 18, 34 McKinney, John 188 McKinney, Sue 68, 122 McKinsey, Rex Albert 188 McKinzie, Philip 70, 110, 167 McKinzie, Sheri 39, 188 McLellan, Robin 188 McMurphey, Lisa 50, 153 McMurphey, Wayne 176 McMurphy, David 88, 167 McNally, Heidi 167 McNally, Tara 188 McWilliam, Catarina176 Mader, Cassie 167 Mader, Curtis 92, 176 Mader, Marvln 122 Mackey, Gary 181 Madrigal, Phillip 176 Magsam. Richard 43, 66, 167 Main, Doug 93, 190 Main, Jeff116, 181 Main, Kenneth 181 Mains, Tom 153 Mallams, Tim 38, 40,176 Mallory, Shirley 188 ' Manning, John 181 Marin, Becky 38, 153 Marin, Maria 188 Marln, Rosemary 139 Marks, Nyla 53, 167 Marple, Shirley 53, 176 Marquez, Rene 181 Marshall, Brad 74, 177 Marshall, Kevin 171 Marshall, Todd 39, 188 Martin, Angela 39, 188 Martin, Gary 188 Martin, Jim 181 Martin, Kimberly 34, 59, 188 Mason, Cheryl 188 Mason, Paul 167 Mason, Wilma 4,19, 64,76,167 Mathis, Joseph 33, 167 Matthews, Michelle 41, 188 Matile, Michele 98, 167 Maxwell, Debra 133 May, Norman 177 Mayer, Connie 153 Mechtley, Karen 177 Melerhoif, Edith 138 GNemnieh Melerhoff, Jane 138 Meierhoff, Susan 177 Meinho ldt, Sharon 153 Mejia, Bonita 190 Mejia, Philip 83, 167 Mendoza, Michael 33, 177 Mendoza, Peter 66, 116, 167 Metcalf, Leigh Ann 39, 188 Metcalf, Mary Lisa 86, 188 Metcalf, Timothy 70, 153 Messer schmidt, Kimberly 167 Mercer, Christine 177 Meredith, Suzanna 40, 41, 71, 73,177 Meyer, Meyer. Craig 73,92.177 Jay167 Meza, Rosa 52, 177 Miller, Bryan 92,116,177 Miller, Corey 177 Miller, Elizabeth 154 Miller, Jeffrey 100, 154 Miller, Sally 85, 154 Miller, Wade 177 Mills. D Mills, D ana 154 eanna 177 Milton, Angela 22, 61, 98, 154 Milton, Kelly 34, 188 Milton, Sean 13, 20, 64, 68, 78, 168 Miser, Jesse 188 Miser, L Mitchell Mitchell isa 73, 168 , Angelia 16: ,Jack 120 Mitchell, Lisa 8, 9, 16, 33, 59, 60, 85, 162, 1 Mltchell Mockry . Mockry , 68 , Maxine 34, 132 Michael 188 Tony 168 Moddrell, Cheryl 128 Modlin, Belinda 154 Moellman, Greg 161 Moellman, Richard 100, 177 Mollett. Connie 177 Montgomery, Scott 38, 40, 168 Montgomery. Sue Ann 154 Monroe, Yvonne 101, 177 Moore, Andrea 13, 87, 177 Moore, Terri 34, 168 Moreland, Heidi 41, 101, 177 Morgan Morgan ,Jackle 139 . Penny 168 Morris, Gina 154 Morris, Joe 33, 76, 92, 104, 177 Morris, Joe 120 Morris, Raymond 177 Morton, Bud 139 Moxley, Crystal 16, 34, 45, 46, 61, 97, 143, 182, 188 Mpwo, Mbalanda161 Mullendore, Douglas 83, 188 Mullendore, Scott 48, 76, 92, 104, 177 Mullendore, Todd 33, 59, 141, 147, 154 Muckenthaler, Jay 93, 188 Muckenthaler, John 5, 57, 66, 154 Murray. Ken 177 Myers, James 33, 71,73,177 Myers, Paula 154 Nee, Michelle 188 Nee, Pamela 39, 177 Neer, Debra 168 Nelson , Amy Jo 34, 97,109,188 Nelson, Curtis 188 Nelson, Frank 69, 126 Nelson, Kay 20, 22, 140, 155 Nelson, Tammy 22, 38, 40, 43: so, 112 155 Nelson, Polle Anne 113, 188 Nelson, Serena 96, 168 Nelson, Vonda 13, 33, 64, 68, 177 Nemnich. Shireen 188 GN6llf wi nt Neufeld, Douglas 68, 76, 177 Newlin, Leonard 155 Nicholas, Chris 92, 177 Nicholas, Ronald 168 Nichols. C arolyn 34, 53, 188 Nichols, Daniel 45, 57, 106, 168 Nichols, John 93, 190 Nichols, John 3, 155 Paccapaniccia, Louis 188 Nichols, Ruth 33, 34, 168 Nielsen, Shaun 52, 155 Nielsen, Vicki 52, 188 Nixon, Jenny 177 Nixon, Rebecca 155 Noce,C1iff88,114,168 Noce, Julie 38, 108, 177 Nokes, Milton 177 North, Ann 61,124 Notson, Marc 168 Oelkcrs, Ron 190 Olmstead, James Michael 66. 178 0'BrIen, Kazleen 120 O'Mara, Bridget 178 0'Mara, Kelly 168 0'Reilly, Hugh 155 Ortiz, Edelmiro 188 Otls, Gene 136 Ott, Bradley 55, 188 Ott, Jenika 178 Pace. J oe 181 Palmer, Ron 178 Palmer. Vicki 188 Parenti, Clay Parks, Kathy 10, 22, 24, 29, 31, 59,85. 143,155 Parks, Todd 171 Pattison, Tamara 101, 178 Paulonis, Michael 70. 71, 73, 153. Paulonis, Michelle 113, 178 Payne. David 33, 168 Pederson Pederson Brad 155 Martin 168 Pederson, Shaun 188 Pennington, Robert 38, 155, 169 Peay, Clndy 137 Ch Peoples, Peoples, Peres, Gi aries 24, 128, 129 Eileen 13, 67, 122 lbert 161 Peres, Robert 188 Perkins, Kathryn 120 Perleins, Dwayne 92 Perry, Bret 169 Persinger. Milly 161 Pesina, Christina 66, 178 Pesina, Ray 181 Pester, Angela 20, 87, 169 Pester, Scott 33, 178 Petelle, Paula 71,169 Peterson, Steven 178 Peterson, Tami 155 Peterson, Ty 189 Petesch, Jimmy 178 Phan, Tuy 155 Phillips. Louise 155 Phipps.She1lee 7, 155 Pickert, John 88. 169 33, 46, 155 Pickett, Duane 178 Pineda, Angela 181 Pinegar, Douglas 156 Piper, Glee 138 Piper, Harold 93, 189 Plank, Sheryl 17, 33.46, 59, 143. 149,156 Plummer, Jennifer 178 Poff. Gary 88, 156 Polzin, Dirck 169 Polzin, Freddie 33, 57, 64, 71, 73,156 Polzin, Terry 34, 189 Polley, Gilda 33,71.87,169 Pool. Eric 34, 100, 106, 189 Pool, Jon 17, 46, 100, 106, 143, 169 Pope, Kenneth 38, 169 Pope, Wally 11, 178 Potter, Jo 156 Potts, Lori 34, 39, 189 Powell, Linda 169 Price, Melissa 59. 156 Price, Penny 34, 189 Price, Troy 93, 189 Pringle, Barbara 139 Pritchard, Tina 178 Proctor, Duane 41 Proehl, Roger 178 Prosper, Charley 169 Purvis, Matt 189 Ragsdale. Gloria 171 Rains, Harold 130 Ramirez. Maria 189 Ramirez, Maria171 Ramirez, Michael 169 Ramirez, Ramirez, Patricia 66 Sharlotta 24, 108, 178 Rathke, Teresa 169 Ratcliff, Kelly 4,22.88.102,156 Redding, Sherry 189 Roth, Janice 11, 87, 157 Roth.John102.104, 169 ' Rowe, Alan 27, 28, 31, 33, 59, 64 157 Rugh, Nancy 122 Rupert, Charlotta 179 Rupert, Louise 169 Rupert, Martha 157 Russell, Jean 73,179 Sadowski, Amy 157 Sadowski, Christopher 179 Samuelson, Wllllam 120 Sanchez, Sally 137 Sanderson, Chris 39, 189 Sands, Kendall 116, 117, 189 Sands, Pnt100,101,131 Sanders, Alisa 157 Sanders, Hugh 189 San Romani, Debra 38, 95, 108, Sattler, Tamara 39, 97, 179 Sauder, Julie 38, 57. 59, 87. 157 Savage, Larry 161 Schaefer, Darrell 157 Schafers, Madonna 34, 41, 179 Schafers, Mary 169 Schamle, Cheryl 157 Scheller, Mike 189 Schellhammer, Jan 179 Scheve. Danny 157 Scheve, Ethyl 139 Schierling, John 179 Schiesser, Russell 179 SchlotterbeckLRonald 88, 161 Schlotterbeck, Steve 157 Schmidt, Allen 158 Redeker, Jan 137 Reed. Robert 33,41,178 Renfro. Lee Roy 189 Renfro, Robert 169 Requena, Ted 189 Reynolds, Forrest Morgan 178 Reynolds, Louie 139 Reynolds. Tina 108, 178 Reynolds, Tony 169 Rhodes, Billy 178 Rhodes. Jimmy 178 Rhodes.Shani169 Richardson, Scott 92, 174, 178 Rife, Lois 156 Rifcnbark, Garry 38, 73. 177, 178 Rlley, John 2, 68, 69, 82,126 Rindom, Toni34, 178 Rios, Joel 22, 88, 114, 156 Risley, Kevin 178 Risley, Mike 156 Roark, Dalaine 42, 101,169 Roberson, Horace 178 Roberson. Lisa 178 Roberts, Angela 39, 186, 189 Roberts. Jamie 22.61, 156 Robertson. Billie 178 Robinson, BirdeII69 Robinson, Jo Ellen 85. 169 Robison, Rhonda 34, 179 Roblez. Amy 34, 169 Rodgers, Gary 33, 179 Rodgers, Kevin 34, 189 Schmldt, Pru130 Schneider. Doug 73.92. 179 Schneider. Jeffrey 93, 189 Schneider, Joe 17, 169 Schneider, Kevin 158 Schonp, Shlrley 135 Schoek, Scott 66, 169 Schoenberger, Nancy 33, 78, 170 Schrader, Patricia 179 Schroeder, Amy 41, 182, 189 Schroeder, James 168, 170 Schrooten, Brian 158 Schrooten, Kevin 179 Schubert, Carroll 120 Schumann, Daniel 158 Schumann, David 158 Schumann, Gaye 170 Schumann, Sam 189 Rodriguez. Rodriguez, Rodriguez. , John 39. 189 Rodriguez Rodriguez, Rodriguez. Anna 157 Jacqueline 169 Jessica 189 Monica 179 Sandra 189 Rogers, Russell 47. 73. 179 Romero. Kcnia 78, 169 Ropfogcl. Shanna 86, 189 Schwinn, Delores 122, 129 Scarberry, Virginia 179 Scofield, Todd 105, 189 Scott, Marge 138 Scott, Michael 104, 170 Scott, Peggy 138 Selby, Jeff 189 Selby. Terri 50, 170 Sessions, Kendra 161 Sexson, Brenda 97,109, 189 Seymour, Jamie 33, 59. 170 Shafer, James 34, 189 Shaw, Clifford Pete 93. 189 Shellenberger, Amy 24. 33, 85, 179 Shepard. James 39 Shepherd, Kaylen 189 Shipley, Greg 189 Shipp, Patrick 179 Short. Sarah 189 Shown, David 171 Shown, James 179 Sigel, Lori 33, 170 Sill, Leonard 158, 171 Simmons. Kim 170 Skinner, Mark 39. 70. 179 ,71, 73, 112,169 Slaven, Archie 139 Slaymaker, Rocky 76, 104, 170 Sleezer, Donald 158 Slimon, Licia 41,189 Smalley, Barbara 170 Smalley, Curtis 69, 170 Smlley, Wlllle 95, 96, 118, 122 Smlth, Bob 120 Smith , Charles 161 Smith, Dana 158 Smith, Jane 179 Smith, Lori34.179 Smith, Phillip 181 Smith, Randy 179 Smith, Richard 181 Smith, Robert 170 Smith, Ruth Smith, Shawn33, 81, 88,170 Smith Smith Sneed Sneed Solis, , Timothy 179 , Zina 179 . Daniel 171 , Brett 92, 179 Jesse 190 Somer. Anne 17, 59, 85, 158 Somer, Connle 130 Somer. Joan 6,17,33,60,170 Somer. John 93.117, 189 Sosa, Gabriel 22, 88. 158 Sosa, Gus 92, 114, 179 Sosa, Xavier93, 117,189 Soule. Ernie 161, 170 Sparks, Jim 81,189 Speer. Charles 179 Speer, Jane 189 Speer, John 189 Spellman, Debra 158 Spellman, Everett 100, 190 Spellman. Janice 179 Spellman, Stephanie 34.97. 1 Spencer, Clay 170 Stair, Mike 190 Stanton. Rochelle 170 Stauffer, Tina 95, 112.170 Stead, Jeff 13, 27, 78. 88. 170 Stead, Tracy 34. 190 Steadman, Brad 179 Steadman. Lanelle 158 Steele, Lloyd 22, 112, 124 Stellwagon, Joe 133 Stephens, Liz 179 Stephens, Sharon 122 Sterbenz, Janet 170 Sterbenz. JoAnn 179 Stewart, Roberta 179 Still.EIden170 Still, Marilyn 180 Stine, Bryan 117, 190 Stine, Mike 171 Stinnett, Lori 38. 74, 126, 170 Stinson, Diane 33, 108.180 Stockton. Glen 117, 190 Stockwell, Jay 180 Stockwell, Renee 170 Stone, James 22, 102,159 Stone, John 93, 105, 190 Stone Julie 159 Strand, Kent Stryhal, Michelle 190 Stryhal,Sean180 Stuewe, Kelth 138 Stukey, Mark 48.170 Suchy, Tammy 109, 190 Suddock. James 171 Sunter. Steve 171 Sutton. James 24, 92.180 Swafford, Pam 130 Swaney. Patrick 68. 76, 180 Swent, Bobby 181 Swint. Brenda 180 Swint. Kurt 5. 141. 171 0 'index 199 Tabares, Anna 190 Tabares, Jeff 33, 159 Tabares. Junior 181 Tabares. Kelly 190 Tabares, Mario 114, 116, 159 Taj, Aneel33, 88, 102, 104, 171 Qlgabares Vancalette. Deborah 39, 190 Van0rden, Karen 171 Vaughn, Brenda 20, 61.78.181 Verlin, Brenda 181 Vernon, Barton 73, 171 Vernon. Kirk 16.34, 73.97, 190 Vertner, Dan 53. 88, 181 Vertner. Pam 181 Vierick, Robin 161 Viles, Lewis 171 Voge, Janie 181 Vo, Quan 161 Voorhees, Elizabeth 64, 130, 131 Tan, Karin 38,176,180 Taylor. Tom 39, 171 Taylor, Tracey 41 , 190 Teichgraeber, Tanya 159 Thill, Shirley 171 Thomas. Brad 14, 88, 159 Thomas. Don 117, 190 Thomas, Jim 190 Thompson. Billy 190 Thompson, Todd 68, 180 Thomson, Eric 171 Thornton. Andrea 159 Thornton, David 38. 40, 126, Thomton, P1111 92, 118, 122 Thurston, Regina 171 Tlbbetts, Gene 128 Tlbhetts, Judy 135 Tims, Tanya 171 Tlptnn, Llnda 139 Tomey, Robyn 113. 180 Waddell, Teresa 171 Wade. Michael 34, 39, 190 Wagers, Terri 59, 61, 85, 160 Wagers, Tony 66, 190 Wagner, Greg 160 Wagner. Rodney 181 Wagoner, Kay 17, 46, 85, 143, Walburn. Chris 33, 171 Walgrove, Jane 171 171 TOFVCY- Wallen Torrens, Marlan 93, 190 Torres. Lorraine 171 Torres. Matthew 116, 171 Torres, Richard 66, 116, 159 Torres, Suzann 180 Peter 100, 101, 102, 160 Walker , Barbara 122 Walker, Caroline 190 Walker, Julie 34, 190 Walker, Kris 160 Walker, Todd 105, 190 . Elizabeth 190 Toso, Bernard 160 Toao, Beverly 130 Tovar, Concha 160 Tovar, Mayo 116, 171 .Tovar, Naly116, 117,190 Tracy, Dave 39, 180 Tran, Tuan 180 Traner, Lisa 34. 181 Traner, Mark 181 Troxell, Jerry 133 Truelove, Rhonda 160 Truelove, Vickie 171 Tucker, Alan 73,181 Tucker, Lisa 171 Turner, Angela 181 Underwood, Jan 41,171 Underwood, Richard 2, 171 Unruh, Barbara 138 Unruh, Rhett 161 Unruh, Valerie 33, 160 Waner. Vince 39, 190 Watkins, Shannon 33, 171 Watkins, Vance 55, 161 Watts, Matthew 53, 181 Way, Janet lBIau.!ussl 95, 96, 135,198 Weaver, Janet 17, 46, 59, 95, 143. 161 Webb, Timothy 161 Wecker, Lori 161 Weidenhaiiu, Karin 171 Wellnitz, Joseph 161 Wells. Sandy 14. 59, 141, 161 Wempe, Chris 181 Wernli, Nancy 161 Wessel, Brenda 181 Wessel, Tammy 101, 171 West, Tracy 34, 39, 190 Westbrook, Terry 131 Wheller, Brian 171 White, Earl 181 White, Linda 181 White, Lynnette 33, 98, 161 White, Ray 181 Whitehurst. Roxie 171 Whitmore. Bryan 181 Wiedmer, Connie 161 Wllbum, Bob110, 124 Wilhelmson, Curtis 39, 190 Wilhite, Lori Ann 108, 181 Wilhite, Debra 113, 190 Williams, Daniel57, 78. 88,171 Wllllams, Dorla 138 Williams, Jeff 171 Williams. John 39,105,190 uuey, Kelly 31. 33. 161 Uttinge r. David 190 Williams, John 181 Williams, Kenneth 181 Wllllams, Larry 128 Williams, Mike 190 Williams, Steven 161 Williams, Stuart 100, 181 Wilson, Jay 92,181 Wilson, Leslee 181 Wilton, Michael 171 Wilton, Stephen 68, 181 Index Wineinger, Kim 98,109,190 Wineinger, Nita 98,171 Winter, Robert 116. 181 W1se,Pa!rlcla1l8,119,126 Wood, Randy 3, 68. 171 Woods, Kevin 88,171 Woods, Steve 71, 73, 153, 161 Wright, Mark 40,41,47.171 Wright, Michael 27, 171 Wright, Tim 34.7.1190 Wurtz, Anne 8, 11.17, 24, 33.46, 59, 76, s7,9s, 143, 162, 166, 171 wunz. Mary 98, 181 Wycoff, Jennifer 6, 14, 33, 59, 155, 161 Wyrlck. John 66. 134 Younger. Steven 64, 68, 70.73, 161 Zinn. Debra 22, 161 Zinn, Shelly 34, 60, 85. 181 Zirnstein, Becky 10, 33, 83, 8 Zirnstein, Julie 68, 171 Zlmsteln, Ieona 138 Zug, Susan 34. 181 Zumbrum, Janice 39. 190 Zuniga,Da1ila181 Zuniga, Misael190 Zurek, Cassandra 14, 45, 87, 7,161 161 urek x.,.f -k ky N XWQJ My AW OW Wswwgfys-NW XMJBLJ 1 X iqjmmf r 0005 2Xi3EXXDJOxQx6' Siva 566, ffm, U W kg can chaff? S5 Q? Jimi QQPCB vnu? Zxfjgxvqvgdk W3 G CW QTML' . l N A Au, K4 fy WjQ , w5W QfXi,, M Qgww fm W 1 f ' ' GJ x A V V dy ifbifiiyi we , ww ' 11993 Qfb' I P'QGZ39i99o?Nk QA? sf! 03555 X A N3 Q W nfdlgdjgg F ff A i5zEQfKg,dWV

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