Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1960

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Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1960 volume:

1 .n M ,V 1 9 ,,7,,,v ' ' L .. P54 1 . ,f va wha , ,,a,,, ! L sim .1-1,. ,. ' - o --Az' "" "- "Ki "- ...-:-...-maxaman.. t T fks D . 1 V I. fri' Lt ' - ft Wk 1,223-HV . fu 'X 14,-N. . ' ,K ij 4 .,-bf '. A 'A 'H Mi ,ix x i a 'Alf' I A ' , V 'Ty' X: -'A .KX xl . r . - '-ff' - -, - NN-N X, -Q f-sf. ' STA., , .g . Jmox, 'Y :X .-if . W I-:' ,A-1 u ' - ' 5. I: V R ., Q-ff Q. af -"2 fn.- M . ti ' " 1' - f x . ' -,I 1' I' , 'rv , .. f .- -, Q' 01 , I I .. . ' ,f,3lrff, . I A -5 ' 1 - f ' , -l X . 'fm' 1 , fn' 4 -ff I'-Oi., ' 5 'ln-Q -5'-hy 'Q I' I ' L Y -I 'X ' my ' w.:. 0? ' ,-' - 4" .WL-' T' ' ,. ' 1 K, 'W-A 'j'- 5. .ni ,A ' L THIS BGOK BELONGS -sf' f-""' X X,C O U14 UOXQ of NK kkgdofif 5121,-1 ,LW Lifes, ,Camel LAM ,ffwgf JVQIS0 1 QL., -W A-V-1-J Y Z fv f VK? . ,,'.'j " 1. ' C -- 10 . , X, . Vx I n W 5 fs Z I ""1 X 1 I ,ff F 7' ' 4 . ,. fx f A ' f X K -' 5' , ' K J' 1, 1 'I f ,Af ' ' J ' , ,Y Y' g I S? if Q Jvoimoip bffypw Jvrgilffy ,L F QU, 'Xfpfvoax :gm DN wwx KW w Qxnpf Kg PU f5Vi PM V W 13:63 U 'T wx Q W THE RE ECHO wx? J Q QQ AJ fjii-5 W YN Wap? X WV an S4 JH W ,Wa Hwfo' OJ vii :Vg L. HWDPDH H 1 5 EMPORIA HIGH SCHOOL O Q5 JFK M84 E N 'YQ T ' LQN9-f , Y R' XA X ' . , NN C CN LD 1 fx I Q L ,A x X ' ' Q- fx Q E., pf' M ' , X, ' EW-I J J ,Six xx Hx J I Q V 554 NJ' A Qi? W ' H ' fy e E -'O ' f E Nw K my Qsf V :Nr Sv A, I I N K v-x K, l 1 W1 gl R ' W V ,sh 'SK 1. k' X W N f5'2 , fgI ff ' ' EN 1 J TABLE OF CONTENTS RE-ECHO STAFF E .SME I WEEE 4 ADMINISTRATION ASEE E IWEE 6 SOPHOMORES E I ,EW E E, I7 JUNIORS E EE, QUE 3'I SENIORS Wm, EEEEE 49 ACTIVITIES EE. ,MOE 86 SPORTS EEEEE E WO E 135 MW' 2 4 2 s 5 ig ? A I' ,, 3 . J MM' ,EV QW 5' 5 51,5 T J' giwf Q I v-,, K fig v' Zig i Q ff I W , ,WWW ,MW P ,g ' 4 -,fm uzffif' M62 M wwwfwuvswzwwf- A fa S ? m-wmwwum ,gf ww + Af 4 vi' A E S 3 if M iq A Q ,i gqgifi ,, 5, 2 , 5 J Amkfgnw Q 1, waL::Mi,,Q q,, ' .4 'jf - 1 55 ah, Aw 'W 4, fu Hn 7' - -N, v...,,.f Mwgififw "MQ ll "7" '11 'A"'Nl vv"""""'W fi"""A ,arf 'D M-ann Nancy Honeycuh, Edfmr. Anim Borrefi, Senior Ediwr. Jean Bullingmn, ASSiSfUf'l' Edifor www ' V " .. 'BW H 'WZ E , '44 'D E J 5 N Y ,iff ,M 'pf' ,ff 4' , ii? Qian QQ K 519- ,xx 1.1: 5' ,F mf 3 .. ,v. ......,..,...-n---rf . ' x X -. ,+ it -ff WM- ,,,,, ,, ,f ,T K A , 4 I . .A ,y 5 I 5 ,lun .X D I 17,3 kq.f X. 'Q . ' 'X Q , - . hx 4 x-. LX N U, I FY 'ef Q ,,,,.., A ' ' ' 1 , ,, .M I , , .... I 1. YE W-V I U. 4. , , A fm ,,... 7 rl V, , N4 A ' , 2-.Q f I, J ,. , 5 I 1 1- ,-, ' .' ' . L, , S. f 9 1 " JA4 , I' ? 4 I kv: 5. ' 1 . fr . xqgl, I X fx 99 . , , K. M' - Ev 15' . f 4, 4 -fax 5 1, ' , 4 I Sxfzx Q 1 ' Q v r , . i 3 Q x '11- LUX ,if ' , fn, wr 139, U Q4 -.. 4 nf 1 4a1x,."""' -'O ' ""'a 1: 'Z vi lg 44" a , -. ,sf -t . A ff, ' If , -9"-K ' 53 , 5 Y ' ' 'iz' in ,. V f H' ' 1 ' af" ' 1 1 1 .1 , . r Q, l " I wil 1 0 - ' ' Q I - Q ,Q 'vw U... - , . W ' ' K, , :.- L,-gg ,Y vgivl. 1 ' 4".nM. -Af' F "Af 3-J-.'.5i V , ,f , ,,q"" f 5 4 43? '.j,7f"' Y u, ,. , HQ.. , 'F' ff .--fry -an . , ,N 1 , ' . . Y 1 4 - 5'-. 1 , 1 f x W. -.1 ,fl ' I 4 . A f , A . - 4 .ul fa, , v I l , ' .swlfelgt .V . 1 ' vu., K x - " Q I m ' , gf,-f . '- 'if ., . "-f". .5 X' 91 5-"m':'wa 1 . . f ' " ' V k-.,- gf ' I J ' f' 1 -1 . ,. - wh- ,fri Lfv,,:v:g.. ' I vu' , 5.3 .5-A 4, t 'W J: -AK -M M " . -5, - H"-. A.- - , V. " :. 4, 7,3 s. - uf" ya, i.qe.v"f.k'i'Q"' f ' Hx 4 ' . '.w,, ,Am 1 AV.. 1141.-'vw' XQ-ing., 'fynfvttl 4 .sf ' fa .. 1- -+'.:wf'." V -' ,,f,,...-1, - 1 ' Lua. aw "wi--r A ,' ' 'W .1 ' 3' , Y 'l. gs, 4 Q af, L' 15, ,vs ' . ,351 Q 5. Q. , -f mf : 0 5 1 . ' J Q .N 3 , . 'I I , n 1 n 1' 4' Nl-v ' . H.. M94' L U - n .ww . . fi. - ' H ' melbi' V -"5" .Q-...aM..., 'A v- ' - myvanple f 4 f" x' 1.-x QA . 715 ',-,1,,.,'-gn. H V NA W 5 I 3 Mx.. .-,, ,," ,l -s 7' r , .., 'Q . Eff PM 'hah' . . H, - A 1- -1 4-I L N?-. .Ig-if . 4 I ' J.. . ,. ,A-, . up N .. ,,, 4- 5,-, A. -xv:-. ' -- Q f P . Dv: ,j Sr 1 R fv:,,,h ff -.fy-.. V-1 45.4" " If , ' ki, , 'P - . V J. W M v. , - A . , 0 X 1' 'V , -Q ' lj' -'wg' 'I K .af I 1 . K . . - A 1 VA 74? maui,-E ui ' -15 Kj -4-'S J., ' - ff? u ' A ' ' , oi? 4 ' , -. J' ' A "Y 1.1 .niggas dll .ad-rp' ,, :fm 'L 5 Q ., . . f W wi-nr ,v 'ich Egg 4 4- ,JDK X!-Q r-z :Eel ww:-V-,MJ Lf my f I"' ilwf. 9' , . ,ln l"i3,' 'egg w , 1'- , , 'y SUPERI TE DE TS MESSAGE I us difficult to have a meeting of the minds when the term extra currucular us used sunce this educational term has a multutude of connotations depending upon the unduvudual and hus background of experience To some people the term extra currucular us all unclusuve of everything outsude of readun rutun and ruthmetuc while others guve ut a much more lumuted scope And the march of time has changed the role of certaun actuvutues from the extra cur rucular to the currucular un various communutues For example when l played un the hugh school orchestra ut was defunutely an extra currucular actuvuty funanced by private lesson fees and held after school hours but un the school buuldung The same hustory can b repeated un many communutues concerning debate and dramatucs At one time any kind of health and physucal educatuon actuvuty was considered definitely as extra currucular Around World War ll time the State of Kansas Department of Publuc lnstructuon ruled that students must have a unut of health and physucal education to graduate from hugh school Hence there are many examples of actuvutues starting as extra currucular whuch became so popular educatuon wuse that the parents through school program However whether the extra currucular actuvutues are directly connected wuth the school or not for youth to secure a balanced and sound educatuon there must at all tumes be habitual moderatuon un the indulgence of the appetute for office holdung and membershup un varuous extra currucular actuvutues Thus responsubuluty for moderatuon rests prumaruly wuth the home un the relatuonshup of the youth and parents but ut should be supplemented by the advice of the counselors teachers and admunustrators of the school Whule many benefucual experuences can and do come to students un theur par tucupatuon un extra currucular actuvutues nevertheless an over undulgence would parallel an effort to develop a strong physucal body wuth dessert beung the mauor portuon of each meal Extra currucular actuvutues and much each day un the total development of the uwduvudual and contribute certaun aspects of luvung that are not obtaunable un the regular classroom However extra currucular actuvutues are not a panacea for all of educatuons ulls For ut to be most effective habutual moderatuon wuth full consuderatuon of cubuluty of the unduvudual must be the watch word Suncerely yours Carl A James Superintendent of Schools 9 Y 1 ' ' ' Il ' ' Il ll - ' ll ,, . ,, . . . . . I . . ,, . , , .. , , . . ,, . . . . . I I I ' I . . - , 9 . . . . . . .. . , . . , I ' 1 - . . I , 1 I I l their Board of Education, requested that such activities become a part of the regular ,, . ,, . . . . . I . V D I l I I U . , , V , . . . . h . . .. I I . . . ,, ,, . . . ll - H ' - ' . , ' . , . . . ,, . . ,, . ' I I , ' . , I L X15 W 415.4-Epi, wi 42 I-4.4 my , ,,u.n..r J Lefi fo Right: Miss Reita M. Richel, William F. Hsgenbari, Dr. Stanley Vandervelde, J. M. Penny, Dr. M. L. Henrikson, Dr. Carl A. James, Mrs. Funsron, J. Eckdoll, and V. L. ImMasche. CARD OF EDUCATIO J,:" .adv 'fy I-av 5 'T7' Henry Patterson Mrs. Irene Wooton Miss Reita M. Richel Mrs. Gerry Bradford School Psychologist, School Nurse. Clerk of fhe Board of Education. Secretary io the Superiniendenf 10 'hue W x xr' 1 x K x xx ss ss svn x 5 fr' PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE One phase of attendmg school that many students overlook ns the partrcupatron an extracurrrcular actrvatres The actrvltues as planned for the students of Emporra Hugh School afford the opportumty to partucupate nn musrc forensrcs dramatncs clubs antra mural and lnterscholastlc athletics conventions conferences and many other events These actuvrtues are an accepted part of the school s total program an an effort to help form well rounded crtnzens from todays youth There ns a danger of course of over partrcnpatron rn actrvrtres at the expense of scholarship The two must be kept rn balance so that the wheels of learning turn smoothly lt rs up to each undrvrdual student to determrne the amount of tume that he or she can spend profntably un the pursunt of actavntnes and strll marntarn acceptable stand h d and the well rounded student ards of scholastrc achlevement The two go hand an an provndes for both rn hrs hugh school career Sincerely Afzfif 7 - 1 at l M 1? ' 3 'itllf sl' , X 1 gem., 2 Q'-RW! . :df 943' xt x. z. , f A Ju' ' wt' 'rr- ' 'X-u."nQ.2-Q Cx Ml is: -3- -- t ,- ,T -f sql--Steers:-:cn : 2 Kunxuufuxi: .0 f wsu-xxnuzr jk .ul v.u.,..s.E,7 .,g- x xnxx!-01' ,:',5..u.x..-r xx-wqai .:,g--:Hxus mx-U, 5'- -4-if ' XiXN Q55 l ..- -- X , Q-:sux x -uv-'Y 4' 5-::::- x uns-5' -:"-.1 'Je ' ' .--Y-4' ef. .. 'FY iff .r-r.:-.:',: . ... ws .- 4:55 a ::?:"?j":.' 2: 5 'F f --J-.....-..-:K-:g-wg 5-. -.,:.::"S- - --11. -rf- ,'::,:: .-.,':.--1-755, ':f:::' Tff: szffi-" ' 5' if LEP "':jZf:T2,. ?' :- -: .5 , .-., ,f.f:.,, ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' I I I ' . . . , . , . , I I - 1 F455 Mrs. Alyce Mefzler Secretary W' Jim Alderman Algebra and Geomefry Dana Atkins Biology, Physiology and Coaching FACULTY qv l x Smal 'W 2509 Mrs. Margaret Dinkler English and Dramafics Richard Doxfator QW .ff TX It .3 ,S-ff 5 J X, N . I shi 1 i if ' K ..l 55. 1 Y X. 53 XY Mrs. Ethel Beck Clofhing and Foods Wood Bloxom Geomelry and Advanced Mafhemafics Mrs. Cleda Busenbark Consumers' Mafhemahcs and Shorfhand is. 'Q' English Miss Mary Jane Fowler Girls' Counselor and Algebra 4 , 'viii K XQ Vs ' f 7 ,V I' I Carl Haney American Hisfory, Advanced Physical Educafion and Afhlefic Direcfor Mrs. Irene Hendricks Vocal Music Alberi Higgins Debate, English and Speech Charles Gowdy Senior Social Siudies, Ameri can History, Boys' Physical Education and Coaching f Emory Groves Vocaiional Agricullure Earl Haggerty Senior Social Sfudies I 3,14 . Miss Inez Greer Foods and Senior Home Living 10- 'ft NX T7 ' ' wa 9 K ffibfx - .- K, - aff ,E f VAS' Tommie Hoskins Priniing and Re-Echo Miss Marian Howard Spanish and French Mrs. Lois Jacquith English and Direcior of School Communicofions ""' pf Robert Johnson Mrs. Mabel King Driver Educaiion and Coach- Latin mg 1 'Q if Miss Loretta Langley Typing Philip Legg Librarian 'N 'tx 'Wx xv- indiv- Earl McMunn World History and Driver Kenneth Minter Biology Harold Norris Auto Mechanics, Farm Shop and Coaching I an ls e i Education ?-f AY -' lx -X flu' 3?- ,0- -'Vx George Lodle Mechanical Drawing a n d Supervisor of Building and Grounds Robert Lodle Shop and Coaching Miss Yvonne Matthews E n g I i s h, Journalism and Photography gm.- Sq? fin I Pat Sands Boys' Physical Education, Physical Science, and Coaching John E. Snyder Disfribulive Eclucafion and Office Praclice Roy Stanton Bookkeeping, Personal Typ ing and Adulf Educafion Mrs. Pai Obley Ormond Parker Girls' Physical Educafion Band and Orchegfyq Edward Price Physics and Chemisiry Miss Anita B. Rice American Hisfory QQ? Ni 1 mia' 2 v . ' vi 'X X -1 K r i Sf .x f. KV l Q ' l K X 7 ' , K 1 i 4 r l if . lv, 'X Q ig fe ,, w l 1 ' Y 'X . f ri C3 CAFETERI Lindo Fouvs, Zelda Mitchell, Lucy -A I lows, Elizabeth Morin, and Lena Kesler. K t A 1' fi Robert Gavin, Victor Sferbenz, Er- nesiine Holt, Henry Sluclr, and Fred Finley. Q A .mymu M-.N is thing I ' 4 3 ...Zn 'ts f ? ,Q fb, Q ma' . 7 ,X 5 -'fir SOPHOMORE INITIATION Standing, Left to Right: Roberta Eckdall, Libby Hughes, Mary Staf ford, and Marsha Hartman. Kneel ing: Joyce Moore, Ardith Hopkin Jeanette Tucker, and Nan Pur viance. 'X ff' 11 ,I I, .. , - Lee-as ' Q girl'- 41 'w -I5 I lf' If ,if Buena Baker Lawrence Ballard Janice Ballenfine Dona Anderson J Alb' une in Frances Anderson Juanita Andrews Viola Anthony Thersa Bailey +4 1 17 'Q' W' 1? rj T David Boles Ruby Brecht Marc Bitler Morris Bifler Carol Bogue Janice Beemer Mary Berns Jerry Anne Berrie Paula Bruckner Mark Cole Barbara Conard Harlan Combes Rosemary Crable Carol Buckrudge Karen Buckridge Linda Cookson Jay Cowan Charlotte Crable John Burroughs Lois Chaney Dwight Childears Barton Carlisle Harold Davis Paula Burris Dick Cipra Danny Clemmer Connie Clevenger Sue Dunn Sharon Ebert Roberta Eckdall QW' Sharon Erpelding John Evans June Evans Kathy Edwardson Charles Ellis Marshall Ellis Donnie Fullen Gordon Garrett .ia Phil Fleming Robert Forrester Ivan Fowler Jeanette Facklam Ronnie Facklam Andy Finuf Us X .--,. Sue Gilles W-,M Patty Gust Gaylynn Gray '11 Ronald Hanson Edwin Hardesty Faye Harris Connie Goldsberry .gm 4, 7 J liiiff' ' ' 9 ' ,L ' ' z ,f r I .k,, QW H, ' I ' 5' Gerald Green Dwight Greenlee Mike Grogan Phyllis Groh Thomas Hanifan Sandy Hansen Marsha Hartman Phillip Hahn Jeff Hawes L fi, ,W We A ad' fi 2 ,gf H? if if J ,,l M i K A, 5 M5 , , 'Over' Y . George Hayes Ronald Hayes Helen Heath Q ' Q ,gf I i- l +45 .L 'T' 'Vs David Heckathorn Ardeith Hopkins Larry Horton Libby Hughes K . " 1 1 ..,,, John Herrick Bob Hillis Shirley Hinds 'IN 5 mv ' John Steven Henry Alice Hernandez ft 'ht UI'-vu '5 Barbara Jones Karen Jones Kathy Jones Tommie Jones Richard James I Dean Hylton Tom Jaggard Kathy Jessup Erma Jean Karr A CT? Dennis Kelly Richard Krueger CMF' ,fa Richard McGlinn Barbara Mclntire Jeanne Madsen Danny Kirk Terry Makin Richard Marks Carolyn Martin Don Kusmaul Leon Laws Howard Lawson Georgene Mechtley Dean Mechlley Martin Mendoza Connie Leonhart Darrell Lingenfelter Mike Loucks 6 'wo if' in-4 NRS.,- Potty Millerskow Pot Noudet Tom Nevitt Bonnie Ott N avn4"fr Larry Mohculey Joyce Moore Gayle Morgan Eddie Milton Bob Mirch sr 'WX 'fi xi- G """,3Qfr Homer Peak David Penny u ,y Mike Pitko ii E, ff M 4 ay 'H ' fi- X 5 V 1 fy .B x g L In ki 4 x l r f Phrbofcifroulx 1' 4 I . f X 1 1 ll'lt+TIC6 X f K j fl . . FGHIDFUFVIGHCS ,1 lf, R as 54 'kef N 'Fl-s ... Jim Ragsdole is Johnny Rongel Betty Rcngel " 'tm Socorro Rangel Imogene Rathke Richard Rees Robert Resch Ken Rhoades ,amiga Sharon Russell wif LVRA S A Elizabeth Scharenberg "jg, ,fvw 1 Nancy Schoeck v tj ' ' 'ff-7' Vtgsnkv 4 iffy? Marilyn Schwindt Budd See Jon Selby K Philip Reed Robert Rice Allen Reinger Richard Roerig "4-Luv P 1 Sh, I Janet Smith a ir e Y Marie Smith s '73 "GW nip 1vT.,.,r 'ws 1' wg! fx ,.7,,,w.4 Joyce Sobke Ronald Sowerby Sandra Sparks Kloma Taylor Jan Tholen Nancy Tomlinson 'Z' -nk - laik. T' ffl Mary Traylor David Thomas K. B. Thomas Margaret Tyler '-' Robert Uhlman Ch I H Julie Vandervelde ery U man 1 , in 9 A 1 4 QW L my ff- ii 14 Y, Y Sam Wiley Connie Williams Glenda Wilson Judy Wisler 9 Virginia Walker Jerry Wathen Gary Watts in 4 :T 3 X as Leis play make beheve L1 , ,X Q 'H IX - x l N 3 Watch out Cheryl you re about to lose somethin www Www if wfmazwffiyff M W EWMQWQZQQW My Qgigiwylffjigwff Wifwyji, Xifwpfy yjxifdfffkp, L Qffi, J .9646 7 jf ., , Ji f qw jp, A F, 191 . t i .I , S xp rc, 1 , V! 1 ' U QW? K1 W WW MVN DJ U K ji! 1 N Q PM M 0 xv, X K rw AM W W? 6 7 ' Q S., f 1 ' I JU IORS W? lf NH 'Q 3' ik! -1- J 1 , 1 w ifkrm 5 Vw 1 I nf O 'X Q, , VN -Q Af 1 5231 c..,!' 5 Q4 U V-',. if- 1, Y O L if 6 N R P- "U'e-e- ' X -wg!! "f5if3"y ima' 'L' A ,H , -4 at fl 57 Vw QP? Fifi X ...B A f., DECORATING FOR THE PROM Leff fo Right: Duane Henriksan .leriiyrn Jones, Wanda Ore-gary Jane Henry and Don Rescn 'ww , . 1. 'W -K wk '42,- ,Q Mfngr A Ji x ' I' M. -. "gm 11, tml, 'H Q , A . in 'Q , .Q rl' Q 4'3lL.,,, P W , :ig ,fig 7 7 V " f Q ,,,, : , H, r' W 1 U ,, A f 'Q f Y - 5 1, 4. f . R"!f',AWQ5m!, m 'zivif' A1 1 . 'iii , -e fu. I V, K Q fe, ,,, 1i hw 4 g i wiwf 41 T jg, 3 , 1 F K f X Q X, D4 zwwf 1 WMM Kuff '1 Bron Lr- 4 s x ' J L 2 , M3 1 I W1 A 2,2 qs' 5 - J S 1 1 LQ: .Z' .f . 3133. :L " 3 " 9' jf MJ, r A ' f P 4 IV' 'J x 'ww--vw .4 y X1 'ir' Peg Adam Sharon Andrews Wei' K 'Lg' ,W Laverne Atchison Mary Aufleger Tony Baker Paula Ballnod Pat Barnharf Jan Barnhisel Lowell Bath Ronald Bartel l 40" Albert Baysinger Arnold Berns QA ext 51,- ,Xg.-- Jack Beyer Barbara Blair Carolyn Boan L -...re ' . , Emi' 'A Joe Bowman Larry Brookens J B k Pilxysurcch Joyce Burenheide 1' Marlene Burenheide Mike Cuywood Linda Christlieb Claudia Conner 5 Mcrilyne Burris ' 1 Ronald Carter 'e' 1 'P NY fs. KJ 'fx K Peggy Clifton Gary Cline Mary Clopton Shirley Collins Joey Clouse John Cooper ' "' nc opt X ,Q E ' C , - T T41 if T vi 05' la.', Q J . 'Q-in Joy Dreasher Jane Drinkwater Melvin Eberhart fail o ofa' o 0, Jerald Crowell Tommy Dailey 'T' Carrie Edwards Shella Eisenhauer Carole Ensminger Skip Evans 36 Maurice Fillmore M . my Anne Ferns Chassie Foster Mike Foster Wayne Gage 'E' Delbert Garriotf ' Pat George Kay Gulles ex Green Sally Goldsberry 'T K H l Wanda Gregory L ay I: jy arry a ey 1155 Mary Ann Hashngs Befh Hawkins Mary 'DF qi IQ? xr' 'CV' Sandra Hodges John Hoskins Mary Humphreys Gary Holcomb Ken Hopkins Pa? Kane Gerry Johnson Jerilyn Jones Nedra Keating Dick Kessler -Q'H Y ,I Ill, I , A A ri ,., If ,N ia- If -Pu' .4-al' if 304 ri, Don Irwin Gary Johnson Barbara Judd fi Il 'ffm I Bonnie King 'Y Caroline Klem Phllllp Koehler . 41' Lynn Kroum, Warren Krueger X ffm lvw-XL JFJQQ Bob Lambert Eugene Lcrgent P"-sl it 'bi Bette Jo Leffler Bron Lewls fl" Arnold Lopez If 'Qs Mory Gayle McColl CI Lindo McDaniel Carolyn Mc ure nr' 'CIZ7 J. B. McCreary 'x fl Af f 0 f 'Lo 2Zw7ig,2Q Marvin McWilliams Marilee Marcellus Dick McDougal ff Mcllvain C ,QQ Pat Meekins Donna Meierhoff Q-4? Wg 66" ' 1 X n 4 , Peggy Muller .-J'? Hellen Mitchell Judy Morfitf Larry Morgan 3' 2 , 3 . 2 -Aw. in EH X Paul Morris Earlena Mossman Robert Moyer m yell, Richard Morgan L M Janet Moore eroy oore l Li David Murphy Sally Murphy Pat Neill Wayne Noller 'lf Q19 -J ,ng fum Paul Partridge gig, Jim OMara Mike Peny ig 1:1-', 1. 'T 'tx J -r Charles Porter -V , Glen Quackenbush ' if W ' wr-W T f' X jul x A au as MWA Leland Rainey Mary Ellen Ramirez f . ik Don Resch . . h d Leon Reynolds Blll RIC Gr get 9 K if , 'x 7 , Q ' . - All fb I L' 's 'W V' A' ' 5,'?!'9-'PEM '16 'Q-1' :qi 'Q Pat Rhone K. C. Rn er Joe Rose 'Q'-rf' is f'1"v N:-:f N . 4' ' rr. r it .ar Q xt, 5, , 1 H. KW ,. 7 5? 4 W fi ,, . f , - f ,ggga,u rg! V Mark Scheel Kathy Schmidt Theodore Schmidt Emily Roser Jackie Ross Nancy Carol Rowlands 11 Allen Scott Carolyn Sellers Nancy Senn Mike Slattery Ruth Satfer Barbara Schaefer A V"-5 Yr 4.3 1 , . 'Q Fila! V ,J Dean Smith as S ,M J ow-Q Q? Clayton Smith 'Cib- Amy' A in Dorla Spatz Janice Spencer Sharon Spencer Max Stewart Q 2' Steve Tallen Judy Stonebraker Dennis Stotts David Studer Patrick Swartz SYIWG Sweet :ny 53? X George Thornton Philip Thornton own- . -at , in-my iv., W Q 4? 'lf 07,3 -4 1 'Z-711 'lsr-..,--v XX 'NW' David Traylor Roxie Ward Joe Weigand I Charles White ,A v fe , , All Bob wnhne B Y Patt Williams arbara Wilson .lim Wisler Steve Wifie George Wathen Linda Weaver Mary Welch if . fi X , .V "hw, ewan M V ov' xitw 'P Loren Wittmer rw 'P -Qs- , ,ggi-f rx' ' ff' - fii , 46 f iel l qv' F fi 5 L V Don'l throw please? AU rw Donna Wolgosl David Woofon N. Q A yr.-f., P 44 X I 1 Carolyn Worley Carolyn Boles r AUTOGRAPHS Bored? Litferbug 47 Boiioms up? Ohhh, i!'s cold! 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'I 4' ff ' ,X Q VI ,K ' ,,,Bx s ,ff ' V 1 I A .71 . 1 ffl, ., 'Ml' fl V ' X," W' 4AAL Z X4 I " f 1 I' tif., S! if 3 n Q 1 .L gp L , MQ, ' Wag Y K p 7 Y J' 'Z Q., 1 V , M33 711' H ' ' p,.i,-P 1S'f.-' . I I.,-4f':-ffiifgy vga' 4 2 . -,zz . fd. I ' - ,, r- - if . ' , A .vi ' ,A , ,-ix, I - .M . -','v1i'- A f' --4 A ,- I V- . .3 . ,3,3,,,, pf? J., , - ,:'., ' ' A .ff 1 ",, "?- , x- W ' .. zu, I 'af .. ' ' ,rf ff-'af v f ' 41, A11 V, - . ,-I X vf . ,. , I E yf , fy 1 f gf,-,Qff-3 If A .. , 'Lf .ni ,ggi-'Q : Mu-1.-..1,' g3'.'f:'-fhsi .X-Q7, ,pr QL- ' , 'L 0 V ff 22" , jf:ff5f"72 fE'1L,':T,?' "W . .- ,L , ., . f , ' -4 , A fn 'tfili ,,-pw :Ig-W f ,L-gf. x-. 1""L., j',wx 4' . x 15.5 feygzgygggi ' . riff z ,z-Iltfgk, , , - ,,g2Iw 2' ' '1f'i'E A ff ' , ., ,..,z,,-. ,.. , 3' A - -.fa-1441 , V "ii P: ' fg -"-al ' 76 3' ,' , 2-1 A-,Qu-l' 154 " Y , '- '4- . ff" I" Y 1"-l"sfz1' ,. V:-Jlkg ,-5 V , V C 4, . ,:-'g 1 .e? 7va.. , - qs, -4,14 4'jg.,f! ,124 3 'MJ ni? 2:71 f .-11 'gr . " ."-1 H .. "1-T2',f'N.1+,,g A' 'U -' . f 05' ' ' f",,'4"' 'pf' . fi Ne- -1. ,,,, ..",,,'f -V .:- JJ- - 'f-ffm: 1 M if' 1 1,4 f. fi f. , ,, ' 1' , ,.' if .fy 75f1"7Z- 'f .X-179' .24 'Q-2: , ,2 ','?51., P47 Qv, Yr, i"'1', 7: 27355 '57 ,' ' 3'f"'f' ,L 'V RICHARD ACKERMAN RUTH ALBIN All great men are dying l How sweet and fair she seems dont feel so well mysell to be. G.A,A., Y-Teen, Junior Red Cross, Spartan Club and Girls Intra- murals. DARLA ANDREWS "I fear l'm not in my perfect mind!" Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs ol Kansas, Y-Teen, Spar- tan Club, Glee Club, Christmas Program, Distributive Education Club Reporter, and Junior Red Cross. Ribs WENDELL AC REE The greatest of all human bene- lits is independence. EMMA LOU ANDERSON "I don't know anything about boys!" Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Y-Teen, and Spartan Club. CURTIS ANTHONY Any kin to that Anthony that gives out Smillionsi? F.F.A. R " 1? T LA VON BELL She's smart, sweet,and engaged. Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christmas Program, Junior Red Cross, Office Practice Secretary and Business Education Clubs of Kansas. SADIE ATCHISON There's a man around the house. BOB BEEMER .lust a dreamer, aren't we all. Business Education Clubs of Kansas, and Distributive Educa- tion Clubs of America. CAROLYN BARRONS Real sweet and a smart little cookie. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Choral Reader, Christmas Program, Junior Red Crass, Echo Manag- ing Editor, Echo Assistant Sports Editor and Secretary. LINDA BICKNELL Laughter is the spice of life. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Echo Re- porter, Glee Club, Choral R e a d e r, Christmas Program, Junior Red Cross and Latin Club, ANNA BARRETT Hvakny Yak!" A-Team Cheerleaderltwo yearsl, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Senior Alibi Council, Senior Alibi Council Vice-President, Y- Teen, Spartan Club, Re-Echo Senior Editor, Band, Orchestra, and Christmas Program. -of T DEE BLAIR Care and diligence bring luck. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program, and F.B.L.A. MARY ELLEN BLAIR A pert, popular red-head that's hooked. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Re-Echo Staff, G.A.A., Girls' Intramurals, Echo Social Editor, Associate Editor, and Feature Editor, Christmas Program, and Junior Red Cross. MAR JEAN BLAIR Ah - MEN!! Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Office Practice Treasurer, Junior Red Cross, and Christmas Pro- gram. 41" f .WJ NEIL BITLER Happiest guy ever! Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education C I u b s of Kansas, F.B.L.A., KENNETH BRECHT Happy is he that owes nothing Emporia Distributive Education Club President, Student Council Representative, and Re-Echo Sports Editor. if-v i KAREN BOES E.H.S. welcomes her friendly, thoughtful ways. X 1 Echo Reporter. i sry., 6 'il' '9' l NANCY BROCK No one ever forgets a woman driver. Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, F.B.l..A., Y-Teen and Spartan Club. BARBARA CARLBURG MIKE BURRIS l'm old enough. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" Y-Teen, and Echo Reporter. Football, Wrestling, Band, Or- 4"" R chestra, and Christmas Program. JEAN BULLINGTON A doll with ornery, but darling actions. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Glee Club, Re-Echo Assistant Editor, Echo Business Manager Ktwo yearsj, and Christmas Program. '--t 3 PAT CASEBI ER Real gone. Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Y-Teen, and Spartan Club. 49' ,W A DARLENE BROOKS Quiet and sincere. K x K ' 2 V 1 JACK CHAPMAN RONALD CLARK Gonna have a party "l'm not lazy, just saving my Basketball and Track. energy." DAVID CHILDEARS Huslcy, loyal Spartan. Football. if ROSEMARY CLEMENTS QQ KENT CONARD "All I Have fo D0 lg D'-gum," lt's a great life if ya don't Y-Teen, Echo Reporter and Make- weaken, but who wants to be Jp Editor, and Junior Red Cross. Sffvllg. Band, Orchestra and Dance Band. RIST COFFMAN "Out ol it, man" SCOTT C RAM Nothing so much worth as a mind well instructed. Debate, Key Club, Junior Red Cross, Band, Orchestra, Student Council Representative, and Christmas Program. GERALD CONWELL He must be an artist to have a yellow custom car and a red- head, too. Sophomore Basketball. CAROLYN CRAIL "Attention . . . so am l!" Spartan Club and Y-Teen. KENNY CRAIG "Attention . . . l'm in love! Chorale Vice-President, Tennis, HiAY, and Sophomore Basketball. 5 .I KAAREN COURTNEY Who's gonna be the lucky guy? Student Council Representative, Spartan Club, Spartan Board, Junior Red Cross, Red Cross Cabinet, C h o r al Readers, Christmas Program, Glee Club, Art Club, Thespion Club Presi- dent, "More Than Meets the Eye,"' "You, the Jury," and "The Curious Savage." DONALD CROWELL Worlr is my enemy. F.F.A. Reporter, Student Coun cil Representative, Junior Red Cross, and Football. LYNDA CRUSINBERY The look of a model and sweet true ways come naturally. Football Queen Candidate, Spartan Club President, G.A.A., Girls' Intramurals, Y-Teen, Christ- mas Program, Re-Echo Feature Editor, and Echo Sports Editor. T CAROLYN DAI LEY "Don'Icha reckon!" LARRY DAVIS "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?" Key Club, Hi-Y Vice-President, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Choral Readers, Cross Country, Tennis, Chorale, Sophomore Basketball, and Boys' Intramu- rals. ALICE CUNNINGHAM "Band of Gold" I Christmas Program. HUGH DAVIS For every man there is a woman. Sunflower Boys' State, Key Club, Chorale, B a n d, Swimming, Tennis, Debate, National Foren- sic league, Student Council Representative, and Boys' Quar- tet. PAM DE MOTTE There'll be some changes made. Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Junior Red Cross, Glee Club, Student Council Representative, Christ- mas Program, Echo Editor, Re- Echo Staff, Echo Reporter, G.A.A., Librarian. JERRY EBERT Easy to know, easy to love, and a friend to all. Spartan Club, Distributive Edu- cation Clubs of America, and Business Education Clubs of Kansas. CAROL DEITRICH So darling! Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Chorale, Junior R e d Cross, Student Council Representative, Office Practice President, Business Edu- cation C I u b s of Kansas, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Sophomore G i r l s' Ensemble, Christmas Program, and Girls' Glee Club. fi ,Q KENNETH DILTS "Where is that station?" Chorale, Boys' Glee Club, and Christmas Program. JUDY DILLEY Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's the good lookin' man she caught that counts. Distributive Education Clubs of America, B u si n e s s Education Clubs of Kansas, Y-Teen, Spar- tan Club, Spartan Board, Re- Echo Staff, and Echo Reporter. :f RUTH ELLIS All doors open to courtesy. JUDY DEPUTY Not against the law. Y-Teen, Junior Red Cross, De- bate, Christmas Program, Echo Reporter, and Echo Picture and Art Editor. 5 PHYLLIS EMLEY Sweetness is a grand quality. Distributive Education Clubs of America, and Business Educa- tion Clubs of Kansas. GLEN ENSMINGER "You've Got to Be a Football Hero." Football. -...l SHERRY FELTNER Her grace will lead her to success. Senior Class Secretary, Student Council Representative, Chorale, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Girls' Ensembles, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spartan Club, Christmas Pro- gram, Girls' Glee Club, and "Around the World in Eighty Days." EDDY FOSTER A good orator who convinces herself. Debate, Debate Club President, Y-Teen, l.R.O., Spartan Club, Junior Red Cross, Christmas Program, Chorale, Glee Club and "Around the World in Eighty Days." ,pr 'Put , CHRIS FOGG "l Love My Baby, My Baby Loves Me." Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Spartan Board, Student Council Repre- sentative, Safety Committee Chairman, Thespian President a n d Vice-President, Re-Echo, l.R.O., Debate, Junior Red Cross, "You, the Jury," "Love In Bloom," and "More Than Meets the Eye." LEO FOSTER "I got an invitation, that's why l'm here." F.F.A. PATSY GAMER Memory is a source of wisdom. Spartan Club. 236 N ' 'Q'y HARRY FOWLER Whatever advice you give, be short." 'A wt, GARY FRAZIER SHIRLEY FOWLER QQ: 2 Knowledge comes, but wisdom "Who me, have ollice frouble?' .fi T ' lingers' Junior Red Cross, Y-Teen, Spar V . tan Club, Christmas Program f and Band. if lp LINDA FREDERICK Moclesty is the only sure bait when you angle for praise. Spartan Club Treasurer, Junior Class Vice-President, Y'Teen Tri- angle Chairman, Student Council Representative, Student Council Program Chairman, Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Band, Orches- tra, Christmas Program, and Spartan Board. f-7595! .ee MARSHA GANN ffmmy Doll." "' . A and B-Team Cheerleader, Y- 5-if . Te e n, Spartan Club, Girls' Ensemble, Chorale, and Chris!- mas Program. MARY ELLEN GASPER LAWRENCE GETZ "Earfh Angel" "When ya see me comin', beffer slep aside." F.F.A., and Junior Red Cross. SHARON GOMEZ "Why shoudn'f I be happy, look wha! I have lo loolc forward lo." Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Disiribu- tive Educaiion Clubs of America, Business Eclucaiion Clubs of I Kansas, Echo Treasurer, Sopho- more Class Presideni, Re-Echo C Treasurer, and Junior Red Cross Commiffee Chairman. 'Nl ROY GATEWOOD A real nice guy. vfi, 10x MARGI GOBEN CAROL GRAY "I just don'f know" Always friendly lo everyone. Re-Echo. Band, Orchestra, and Christmas Program. BOB HANSEN Best all around guy! PHILLIP GREY "My, but the world around me is growing," MARY HAMMON Happy go lucky gal. Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Junior Red Cross, Chorale, Christmas Program, Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club,ancl Student Council Repre- sentative. JOHN HAMILTON Qlllel, but noticeable. PAULETTE HARTMAN To know her is to love her and her heart belongs to a Sig Ep. A-Team Cheerleader, Senior Class Vice-President, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Student Council Representative, Student Council Sportsmanship and School Spirit Chairman, Re-Echo Senior Cap- tions Editor, Football Queen Candidate, and Christmas Pro- gram. 'S KAREN GROVES Friendship is the bond of reason. Y-Teen Secretary, Spartan Club, Chorale, Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Christmas Program, and Junior Red Cross, JACKIE HAYES "Anyone for bowling?" Sparian Club, Y-Teen, Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Band, Orchestra, ond Christmas Program. 'N-I W BARBARA HEATH She'II gef her man. Sparfan Club, Y-Teen, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Chorale accom- panist, Christmas Program, Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Junior and Sophomore Girls' Ensemble, Echo Headlines Ediior. RICHARD HEADRICK His moflo: Be sure your'ro righi, fhen go ahead. Debafe. 1-X "ISF" DOROTHY HEUSNER Crazy mixedeup gal. .mx 5 , RONALD HINES "Oh, Happy Day Laiin Club, G.A,A., Y-Teen, Thes- F.F.A. pian Club, Sporian Club, Junior Red Cross, Chrisimas Program, "More Than Meefs ihe Eye," "You, the Jury," and "The Curious Savage." Blu. HILL Qi He's why women go fo forfune : I 5 fellers. i rf if l Band, Orchesira and Chrisfmas Program. ,X GREGORY HORRELL A good example is the best JEFF HOLLAR The teachers challenge. GARRY HOPPER Always ridin' around sermon' Football, Wrestling, Intramural Junior Red Cross Assistant Basketball and Student Council Chairman. Representative up 5 u 4'1 6,42 RAYMOND HOOGENDOORN Hoogie says, "Watch the birdie." EchoPhotographer, and Junior Red Cross. CLARENCE HORN What a character! Cross Country, Tennis, and Chor- al Readers. NANCY HONEYCUTT Her winning way, which brought her much success, always be remembered. Re-Echo Editor, Echo Rei Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Red Cross, Band, Orc Christmas Program, and Public ity Manager for "You, the Jury" and "More Than Meets the Eye." ,.4f MIKE HUBERT Even tho' l'm a country boy, l got some good old modern ways. F.F.A. Secretary. JUDY JACOB A way to a man's heart is through his stomach. G.A.A., Y-Teen, Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Program, Business Edu- cation Clubs of Kansas, and Office Practice Reporter. ED JONES A wonderful guy with a roving EYE. Football and Track ANN IM MASCHE "l'lI find that man yet!" Y-Teen Cabinet, Spartan Club Secretary, Chorale Treasurer, Glee Club, Echo Circulation Edi- tor, Junior Red Cross, Christmas Program, and Sophomore, Jun- ior, and Senior Girls' Ensembles. 'U' -vsp' Y ANGIE JONES Someday she hopes to have a different set of ringsl Y-Teen Vice-President, Spartan Club, Junior Red Cross, and G.A.A. 'Y NANCY JONES Going to college for an "M,R.S." degree. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Chorale, Glee Club, Student Council Rep- resentative, and Junior Red Cross. STEVE JONES A wise man knows everyfhingg a shrewd one, everyone. Band. JOHN KERLINGER "Why be like everyone else?' Key Club Presiden? and Vice P r e s i d e n 1, Band, Orchestra Dance Band, Choral Reader, Boys' State, and latin Club. RICHARD KENNISON TOM KAUFFMAN "I was born this way, whois Whats nexi"' your excuse?" h '15 ri' A .M 1 , r 3. r Ma.-, ..',u 1 541 15595591 fi ' ' 122. P V A - a ij v ' M- f . ,-, ' . C? A is I ' if Pl' iafsf 9961 1 LINDA KIRCHER Sfagecraff is backing her dra- malic career. G,A.A., Spartan Club, Choral Reader, Thespian Club, Junior Red Cross, Christmas Program, "You, the Jury," and "The Curious Savage." fe- 4 1' JANICE KNAPP RICHARD KREUGER You don'r have io be crazy lo Bad men excuse their faulfsg undersiand her, buf if helps. good men leave lhem. Echo reporter. Wrestling, F.F.A., and Junior Red Cross, ALAN KUSMAL Already caught. MARY KORTE She'll never change her winning ways. G.A.A., Sporion Club, Junior Red Cross, Thespion Club, Y- Teen, and F.B.L.A. Ziff? SHARON KREUGER "Why be difficulf? With just a liHle more efforl you can be impossible." Sporfon Club, Junior Red Cross, Y-Teen, Chrisimas Program, and Girls' Glee Club. 'ls 46" gi WILMA KUSMAL A good wife makes a good husband. f ig QS Nx'sn' CINDY LISTER President and sole member ol the Mickey Mouse lan club, Spartan Club Vice-President, Y- Teen, Student Council Represent- ative, Christmas Program, Girls' Glee Club, Spartan Board, and Re-Echo Feature Editor. 'Cx RONNIE LA NIER ld like to get out, which way did I come in? Football, Wrestling, and F,F.A. BEVERLY LEWIS Eyes that speak and understand. Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Distributive Education Club Treasurer, Christmas Pro- gram, and Junior Red Cross. DEE ANN LEE "Gonna Get Married." Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Distrib- utive Education C l u b s of America, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Christmas Pro- gram, Art Club, Debate, and Football Queen Candidate. KENNETH LYNCH Ties that will never be broken. 2 LARRY LAWS A guy with a bright future BILL LYNN Double Trouble. Student in charge of motion piciu re proieciion. wiv SHARON MC CLELLAND Sweef and quief. Y-Teen, F.B.L.A., Business Educa- tion Clubs of Kansas, Junior Red Cross, Chrisfmcs Program, and Office Practice. PHIL Mc Aooo yn "Don'9 look back." QL Qi 95 Si K? NOLA MC GILL Ufveryfhing nice, and sweeter Ohan spice." HAL MC CLOUD MARJORIE MC KANNA A handsome man is nal quiie "Advice fo all . . . Ge! wifh i poor' Y-Teen and Spartan Club. MARY MC KERNAN "l'm crazy over a wonderful Qvy-" Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Debate, Junior Red Cross, l.R.O., Na- tional Forensics League, and Speech Festivals. of fiff PAT MARSHALL To the pure, all things are pure. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Chorale, Glee Club, Echo Sports Editor, Junior Red Cross, and Christmas Program. G?- GAYLE NAUDET There's not even one in a million like this crazy gal. Spartan Club, Y+Teen, Junior Red Cross, Choral Readers, Christmas Program, and Girls' Glee Club. If RONALD PAYTON "l'm leavin'." Football, Wrestling and Track. CINDY PIPER "l'm looking lor a man," Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program, Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, and Echo Stall. DALE NUESSEN "Stop the world and let me off." Hu-Y President. rl ' 's 1 GARY PEDERSEN "Aw, quit nr" F.F.A. President, and Student Council Safety Committee. SUE PRICE Quietness is her virtue. Spartan Club and Junior Red Cross. RONNIE PRINGLE f J ',-,aff This is not the real me you re seeing F.F.A. Treasurer BEN RATHKE ORTENCIA RAMIREZ "What is this thing called law?" The gentle mind by gentle deed Stagecroft and l.R.O. ls known' JOYCE QUINTANA A quiet tongue shows u wise head. Y-Teen, Oftice Practice, Junior Red Cross, Business Education Clubs of America, and G.A.A. CHARLES PURVIANCE "ls there really a good reason why l'm so good looking?" Basketball, C r o s s Country, Tennis, Key Club, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Chorale, Christmas Pro- gram, E4Club, and Junior Red Cross. JEAN RESCH "Getting ihere is only half the lun." Spartan Club and GAA SALLY RICE She's bound to be a farmer's wife. Spartan Club, Spartan Board, Y-Teen, Latin Club, Girls' Glee Club, and Chorale. ' :ar JANET RILEY Someone extra special Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Student Council President, A and B Team Cheerleader, Chorale, Glee Club, Debate, Latin Club, Christmas Program, Junior and Senior Girls' Ensembles, and "You the Jury." CHARLES RUSSELL A specialist in the philosophy of mischief. Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs ol Kansas, Hi-Y, and FB. L.A. LELA RICHARD She laolcs mild, but so does dynamite, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Junior Red Cross, Christmas Program, Glee Club and Echo Stall. MARILYN ROMER Well lcnown for her crazy, un- ending hen-chuclrle laugh. Spartan Club, Spartan Club Secretary and Treasurer, Spar- tan Board, Chorale Secretary, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Girls' Ensemble, Christmas Pro- gram, Y-Teen, Re-Echo Business Manager, Echo Copy Editor, Sophomore Class Secretary, Girls' Glee Club, Student Coun- cil Representative, Junior Red Cross, F.B.L.A., and G.A.A. RUSS RUSSELL "Sorry officer, l didn't know there was a law against that, too." Chorale, Cross Country, Traclc, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, and Swimming. ff-' W A 5 RICHARD SCHLUP "Do Ya Want to Dance?" LEWIS SHORT BRYAN SHEWMAKE "Someday, somewhere, some- E.H.S. just won't be the same how . . ." without this crazy guy. Football, Key Club, and Track. JACK SCHOECK EVTTY ww ROGER SCHMIDT Far from court, free from care. The will to do anything and Stagecraft President. JANET SLOYER Sunshine in her smile, Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Glee C l u b, Choral Reader, Echo Reporter, and Junior Red Cross. the soul to dare. Senior Class President 3- DARLA SMALLING "l'm craclrin' up!" Junior Red Cross, Sparian Club, Y-Teen, Echo Feafure Editor, Assislonf News Edifor, Secrelary and Reporfer, Re-Echo Sporfs Editor, Christmas Program, Band, Orchestra, G.A.A., and Glee Club. ,O-J' V. ff --4. .K l ROBERT SMITH One who always fhinks for himself. xl XE, s, ,' Qi , 4, V47 , RODERIC SPENCER A good man is beffer lhon riches. Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Boys' Intramurals and "Around Ihe World in Eighiy Days." BRIAN SMITH "Don'1 bug me." -QQ ad" ,Ns af' RONALD SPEER JUDY SPILLMAN The more undersfancling fhe Hl'm funed Io Channel EHS fewer words. day." 'E' veg' RONNIE STUNTZNER "Just dribbling along." Basketball, Key Club, Cross Country, Chorale, and Student Council Representative. '17 N-...l' SARAH STEERMAN Understanding and kind hearts mean more to us than anything. Y-Teen President, A and B-Team Cheerleader, Spartan C l u b, Spartan Board, Thespian Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Girls' Ensemble, Football Queen Candidate, "More Than Meets the Eye," and "You, the Jury." DON STOREY "Tell me a story." SHARON STONEBRAKER Dynamite comes in small pack- ages. GERALD SWEET The sweetesi, craziest and best guy you could ask for. F.F.A Vice-President, Christmas Program, Band, Wrestling, Soph- omore Basketball, and Junior Red Cross. EUNICE STlLLWEl.L "Satisfied" Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Junior Red Cross, and Glee Club RW J"-if f'-'N I 'EF' s L A SAM TOMLINSON LINDA TRIPP "l'II gei by." Always smiling, loads of fun, and lots of laughs. Spartan Club, Spartan Board, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Echo Staff, Re-Echo Business Manager, Student Council Representative, Junior Red Cross, and Girls' Intramurals. i' S STEVE TRIMBLE "I represent a party that does not yet exist," National Forensics League Pres- ident, Key Club, Debate, Debate Club Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, President of 14th Annual Conference on For- eign Alfairs, Golf, Hi-Y, E-Club, Sophomore Basketball, Latin C l u b Vice-President, Choral Reader, Christmas Program, Patrol Boy, Junior Red Cross Publicity Co-Chairman, o n d Intramural Publicity Chairman and Board of Advisors. DARYL TROYER He who endures with patience is o conqueror. Football, Basketball, Track, Jun- ior Red Cross Chairman, Latin Club, Chorale, Band, Choral Reader, Key Club, Boys' State, and E-Club. REBECCA TUCKER Her brilliance will carry her far. Spartan Club, and Y-Teen. fi -A BUD TUCKER Want to wrestle anyone? Football, T r a c lc, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Junior Red Cross, and E-Club 'Q NANCY WALKUP "Fancy Nancy." Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Glee Club, Christmas Program, and Junior Red Cross. ar-7'.g ORA LEE TYLER A good natured girl who always has a smile. JANICE VER BRUGGE "Just Sailing Along." Spartan Club, Y-Teen, F.B.L.A,, Junior Red Cross, Office Prac- tice Vice'President, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Christmas Program, Student Council Representative, a n d Girls' Glee Club. JOY VAIL She's got what it takes to succeed in every way. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Chorale, Student Council Representative, Office Practice, Christmas Pro- gram, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Junior Red Cross, and Girls' Glee Club. MIKE WARREN Lots of laughs, lots of fun, and ooo what a doll! Key Club, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Choral Reader, Chorale, Swimming, Tennis, Stu- dent Council Representative, Hi- Y, and Intramurals. 1' ROY TURNEY "See you around, like a white- wall." Distributive Education Clubs of America, and Business Education Clubs of Kansas. JOHN WEAVER Some lollcs are wise and some are otherwise. Key Club, Senior Class TreGSUf9I', Hi-Y, Boncl, Chorale, Choral Reader, and Latin Club. LOIS WEIDNER Her radiance malres her our "queen". YATeen, Spartan Club, G.A.A., Christmas Program, Echo Staff, Student Council Representative, Junior Red Cross, and Football Queen. 'Lv K W- xx ELEANOR WEBB Ellie Mae finally found the right man, Spartan Club, A and B-Team Cheerleader, Yfieen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Christmas Program, Chorale, Glen- Club, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Girls' Enseme ble, Re-Echo Junior Editor, and Latin Club, JERRY WELLS Penny and penny laid up will be many. Thespian Club Secretary-Treas- urer, Swimming, and Echo Photography. LINDA WHITSITT A little body often harbors a great soul. Spartan Club, Junior Class Secretary, Chorale, Girls' Glee Club, Student Council Represent- ative, Y-Teen, Senior Alibi Council Secretary, Christmas Program, and Junior Red Cross. DENA WHEELER in 'Dungaree Doll." if nlfm day Sfagecraft a n d Sophomore Basketball Jus! dom whaf comes nofurally F.F.A and Jumor Red Cross RUSS WILSON l'Have car, will travel," Sophomore Basketball and Echo. ROBERT YAGER Where there's o will, there's a way. Football, Basketball, Track, Latin Club, E-Club, Key Club, Hi'Y, Choral Reader, Band, Student Council Representative, Sopho- more Class Vice-President, Jun- ior Class President, and Junior Red Cross. DAVID DOTSON Drag ya for a bottle of . . milk!" Key Club, Sophomore Baslcet- ball, Track, Cross Country. RUTH WITTE A nice mixture of lun and dig- nity. Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Chorale, Glee Club, Junior and Senior Girls' Ensembles, Junior Red Cross, Christmas Program, and Student Director of "The Curious Savage." DON BROWNING ,lb CARL LINCK "lt's not what you do, but what "Now, don't be that way!" you get away with." F.F.A. Thespian Club Vice-President Choral Reader, and Debate. JUDY LOUCKS Sweet as "Honey", Distriburive Educafion Clubs of America, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Glee Club, Business Education Clubs of Kansas, Christmas Program. 'EN WILLYA PEARSON "How 'bout ihai l" MARSHALL PARTLOW "Peg O' My Hear?" Basketball, Track, Sludeni Coun- cil Represenfafive. KEN THOMAS "Pardon me, bu! may I have my infroducfion back!" jo X. 1 JANE NICHOLS "Lei's a have a party!" Y-Teen, Jr. Red Cross, Spartan Club, Christmas Program, Glee Club. Splishl splash: UTOGR PH I 4 Back af the old homestead. Uh oh, someone's peeking! f ' ' : A 1 1 , o l ' lk A 371.1 ?f' - . v52M,g,,...1f"f'iv' Dog pile! Nifty couple. Wow! Swim, Polly, swiml Prghy ffigky, GlGIl1OUI' gd' ? ? ...... 4 Their younger years. H A real winner. In the good old days of last sum- mer. Hil Hol Silver and awayl e Sarah, you haven'f got a chance. As pretty as al- Pe,-1 and P,-effy piano player, ways. , f , 4- ACTI ITIE X X I K dh uf' X' 'ill vp J Q--Af' a. , as ,ff ,HB- '1 DOUG- 'I 1, 5 u ""' V ni' 'ff ' J , 4 '35 1 -' I ' W -, ' C QM F 6 D A K .Vi L K 'Y 4 - I xt J 1. , ., ' 1' 4' mx X to xx. tx I ', 'I' ' k ' I l ' I A Q , V' f 3 ' - . TM- X1 X2 faq-"3 ,- V xx 'X , ,K - x YM! Ib ' . , 7 xx 1 J 'A xx .A f A 'Ji df , ' N V H-fag X WW' ' KK M , '-. ' , ' ' ' 4 ,5 is ii y 1 ,it 4 R l 1 G ,. . 58 xx I h ' I yt U 1 ' ' f e l k 1 ' ' .. 1 . sq X ' 5' ' ' N 4 '-- 0- 50- -J-ad .. I 42,-r - z '- Y 3 I A , ff. 'fi -5 ii' , ,, B' fl J ni. "L, . s,1l'A K Y Q ' I ' ' , g.-. 55 1 . ,594 J t x M . f 'lil' .,". l ' fd' 1 ' C. H .QW " gf' ..v.. f.. 'ff' " , ' g iv lx .a' ,X 4 A A ' fl , ' I 'VPS 1 ' 1 7 .D V. ' " ' 's Q., . fl? -. V, 1 Y 5 ,V -, L ' ' "1 " , 45 . K 4 ' .,,, , N I ,, V 'Hr - J., W M L ,,,.,,k W - ' 1, . 1, - , ' ,f 1' Q r dc? , -f -if 'M A Q , I . 31 gk , , r LL mx ' ' 'f f ,Q , bak" at I 1'-gi . ' .51 A- f , if I. 5'.' . , I Q,- . .-Lak. .4 .fi V. L left fo Righf: Mickey Williams, Vice-President, John Kerlinger, Presidenfg Duane Henrikson, Treasurer, Dennis Sfoiis, Secrefary. KEY LU -0 - . i , , . 1 1 xii? -W ' J ,'.qi19Fff1e:. A " Y -,f..1w .Y.4:,zL,,. ' ' K' . ,W 5 W 'JSE'-fl1v.i,f,un-...... Fronf Row, Leff fo Righf: John Kerlinger, Dennis Sfoffs, Duane Henriksen, Mickey Williams,4Bryan Shewmake, Steve Trimble, Scott Cram, Daryl Troyer, Bob Yager, John Weaver, and Larry Davis. Second Row: David Dolson, Skip Evans, Mark Scheel, Gary Ace, David Woofon, Hugh Davis, Charles Purviance, Ronnie Stunizner, Mike Slahery, Mike Warren, and Richard James. Third Row: Mr. Minfer, David Penny, Kenton Rhodes, Dennis Kelly, Bill Richard, John Cooper, Phillip Thorfon, David Murphy, Phil Fleming, and Sam Wiley. 88 'G STUDE T COUNCIL June? Riley Ronnie Sfunfzner Pfesldeflf Vice-Presideni le Sharon Andrews Duane Henrikson Secretary Treasurer y :- Fronf Row, Lei! fo Righf: Sharon Spencer, Paulefte Hartman, Marilee Marcellus, Chris Fogg, Janice Ballenfine, Kathy Jones, Faye Harris, Sharon Andrews, and Rita Anderson. Second Row: Eleanor Webb, Sherry Feltner, Linda Fredrick, Joan Hinshaw, Janet Moore, Paula Balliod, Carolyn Boon, Peg Adam, and Janet Riley. Third Row: Mike Hubert, Dennis Kelly, Duane Henriksen, Bryan Shewmake, Marshall Parilow, Ronnie SYuntzner, Pa? Swartz, Bob Wilhite, and Homer Peak. 89 The 1959 Football Queen is . . Miss Lois Weidner. Queen candidates and their escorts. Left to Right: Lynda Crusinberry, Ronnie Stuntzner, Paulette Hartman, Hugh Davis, Dee Ann Lee, Charles Purviance, Sarah Steerman, Steve Trimble, Lois Weidner, and Marshall Partlow. 9- Time out for refreshments. Queen Lois is presented the traditional autographed football by team captain Bryan Shewmake. 11 .gs 3 1.5 Queen Lois dances with Mr Taylor 7"r K ,, 'W . af ILO al. 7' 'a liisffw' Xj .ff-""'!"' W, ybf W I, e , M" Q Vx W 4 3 , A ,fe 1,.My 'www 4, l' w A N X X 4 K Fooiboll Queen S Lois Weidner S SPARTA LUB Left fo Right: Lynda Crusinbery, Presidenfg Cindy Lisier, Vice-Presidenig Ann lmMascl1e, Secrefaryg Marilyn Romer, Treasurer. 'wh ,.-.. -rfv "si -.1 'QQ -CQ BGARD Fronl Row, Lefi fo Righf: Lynda Crusinbery, Chris Fogg, and Ann lmMascl'ie. Second Row: Sharon Spencer, Cindy Lister, and Marilyn Romer. Third Row: Marilee Marcellus, Sarah Sfeerman, and Linda Tripp. Fourfh Row: Paula Bruckner, and Mr. Parker. ,W 1, , N- ff. , , ., , F, , . ,W W V N' k " ' ' fag """' ,, .,, - , .. .1 I 1 Qi, U W F Q' ' Eg HA ,ii-,X .vw 545 .ia 'gf -,H ,Q ,,' 3 :, 5, K ' J , R 1 i lzmfg I Y Vt, V K 4,,. X' KM :Fas V' 2 ,f Q gkfvgy -f fa gg , annum: 5' Q , .S M 51 , W ' 4 Viv 4 .1 I ,Q - H,k,ga.' tv at H ia . - ' s . .V M ., f -r -A W fy ' y - , , , Q ' f af -W .1 . . f - V , ' ' Q 5 . i ' " Q , e 'O 1 1 xv' vq A 5' l X , 5 . , Y, A ,. v' n ' Q ,, :Q 1 1 " ' L fA 5 M 2 " 'V 2 r f 4 "I . , ' k f ., ' V ,f I A., , v v tw . f . ,, .ww -. --f .. 4 LLM F A 91 L i 1 x . :J Y-l ,U 37 if fp 1 mv te Q Q I . ,E M .,. Q LJ ,, Q It 5 - 1. f . - '1-" v -. f 2 Q 'f' 'Q' 4 -x 7. F ' b ' I N 1 Q V V J .. 2 12 ' , 4 vw, .Qc Q . 7 - 1, F 9 N' 5 ' 5 .3 s W 3 an Y P .Q 3 5, 3 S ,QW t 8 t uf 4 ' .A 5 M Qi R . S 4 r at I Q I' 3 Q ' Aww X I ry f I " 'A fwwxz 2m4au22Hfwmeww.1w Q ww wmmf mum m rw ?mmmmm w A , Wg fmmmmm Luww mmmmr ilMW. sumti -may , VQQ' , M A , . , B Xf 7 1 5 1 x A . 1 B , ' -Kg' 1 -9. 1 . if qs I ! ! n 1- X - 'Qu F352 PAULETTE HARTMAN HEER MARCIA GANN MIKE BARRETT 94 SARAH STEERMAN Head Cheerleader LE DERS :sq R. ELEANOR WEBB JANET RILEY ANITA BARRETT MARTHA WEBB Queen ccindidafes ancl their escoris, left fo riglnf: Ed Jones, Kaaren Courrney, Larry Davis, Aniia Barreif, Daryl Trcyer, Linda Whifsift, Glenn Ensminger, Eleanor Webb, Bryan Shewmake, and Janet Riley. Queen Linda receives the bouquet of roses from feam capfain Bob Yager. Pauleffe Hartman and Mary Ellen Blair serve punch or the Queen of Courts dance. A L UEE COURTS .,- x7 F ,vw A-lun A""' F' VW 3' Y... Al ,Al n x S 4 Q fb is if at sg' ' f ,x 'S lf: Q nw - ' 3 -, my 4 w ' if 1 X ,f B ., r"" I ,.. , qi H: ' " I ,li V ' ' , " A , wh " 6,2 , GV V G 4, L ?" ,,. V V' BASKETBALL QUEEN linda Whifsift PRESIDENT on -I .1 Ronnie Stuntzner VICE-PRESIDENT Kenneth Craig SECRETARY Mr' Marilyn Romer TREASURER f"N "if Ann ImMasche or etiw 00? x 5066 vs The Emporia High School Chorale meets daily under the direction of Mrs. Irene Hendricks. Unlike other classes, membership in the 75- voice Chorale is based on voice auditions held the preceding spring. Differing, also, is the fact that the Chorale's school year is filled with various activities which reach beyond the class-room to the com- munity itself. It performs for many of the civic organizations in town such as the Rotary and Lions Clubs, and for Newman's department store's Christmas party. A treasured tradition of the Chorale is its part in presenting the Christmas program at the Civic Auditorium with the junior high and elementary schools of Emporia. On the spring agenda, are the Chorale's yearly spring concert and "The Seven Last Words" presented during the Easter season at one of the churches. These activities keep the Chorale busy learning music ranging from "Broadway Hits" to Bach chorales. Besides the community demands, the Chorale presents special assemblies for the student body. The Chorale also attends a Broadway musical in Kansas City each year. Tickets are furnished for each member from the treasury with money obtained from varsities sponsored by the Chorale and gifts from community organizations in appreciation for Chorale performances. The trip to the C.K.L. music conference is also an anticipated event. Being in the Chorale is hard work, but the sound of applause ringing in the ears of its members is rewarding. 99 h-mul Froni Row, Lefl fo Right: Bette Jo Leller, Helen Heath, Mary Stafford, Janice Spencer, Pafii Williams, Jeanne Morris, Cheryl Ullman, linda Whitsift, and Carole Ensminger. Second Row: Sally Ashby, Karen Groves, Mary Hamman, Eleanor Webb, Sherry Felfner, Ruth Wifie, Tom Nevih, Risf Coffman, and Kenneth Dilfs. Third Row: Kay Gilles, Libby Hughes, Karen Jones, Emily Roser, LaVerne Alchison, George Warhen, Don Irwin, Richard Morgan, David Murphy, Joey Clouse, and Dean Smiih. Bock Row: Sue Gilles, Bonnie King, linda McDaniel, Carolyn McClure, Dwight Greenlee, Dick Cipro, Hugh Davis, and Bob Oehleri. ACCOMPANIST Barbara Heath 100 Front Row, Lefi fo Righf: Eddie Brumbaugh, Lois Vail, Carol Deifrich, Judy Wheol, Judy Harry, Pa! Barnharf, Bron Lewis, Rila Anderson, Wanda Gregory, and Erma Jean Karr. Second Row: J. B. McCreary, Clayton Smifh, Nona Harris, Ann ImMosche, Janet Riley, Peg Adam, Jane! Moore, Marcia Gann, Sarah Sieerman, and Marilyn Romer. Third Row: Nancy Jones, Julie Vandervelde, Carolyn Dailey, Kaihy Jessup, Pot Marshall, Sandra Hodges, Paula Bruckner, Donna Wolgasf, Kafhy Jones, ond Sally Rice. Bock Row: Phil Fleming, Som Wiley, Kenny Craig, and Ron Siunfzner. ASSISTANT ACCOMPANIST l. Pa? Barnharf 'IOI .MW M Q 'T 2 55 . Q3 fs if ff' 'Qi M' 4 I f 1 . ' fe ff ,, , i , f LY -KL x ' B , T 9 H I Q ' :f 5 .J f 4 - 5 I X 1 1 , vs' , f T ' f ' ' in I A 1. 1 1 5 'gg V' ff? 'E i A5 R 9 1' whml Xin? i MA 5 ' B .V Y -ix ' f 6: 1 ' It LLP x E "- " ' 5 K Q .. ' x A L.. Mi 1 Q ull ,-- -wifi-1-+1--a - i ,,.V Qju,-, -1-Q A -Q X 35 ui 9 Sf XX D 5 J , , 'Z '?I XM ' + E7 a . .'-gk 'gps 153' Q, x f, - f :fix WT? 7' f Q-swf? 1, V, 6 wg A ' Al fx A., " N4 I X ., f fy 'Q G J 'ig .W ' h 1' mmf:-"1 iii. X 'iv X S xx, l y I sw if M ,Ang , Qknmm , QW . . ' YE' . , WH' 'ff' ur. ' 1 ' - 113 .h ,-. . f '-, qw, I - ifh ' I E. .wad 0 ,, 'uk inqw V' qc! 1' x ,ng XM. Nw. 'rv 1 ,XA Y TEEN KING Glen Ensmmger and his escort Eleanor Webb 'C' .fo A ,, 'Af4 Us Q. KING CANDIDATES, Left fo Righf: Ronnie Stunfzner, Marshall Partlow, Glen Ensrninger, Daryl Trayer, and Scam Cram LOLLIPOP B LL i -6. ul u za U 2 fe it AN Flutes: Carol Gray, Mary Welch, Terrance Ryan, Linda Frederick, Ruth Safler, Anita Barrett, Donna Meier- haff, and Nancy Honeycutt. Oboes: Judy Lockard and Sally Ashby. Clarinets: Joe Weigand, Sharon Spencer, Kent Conard, Erma Jean Karr, Carrol Meekins, John Rangel, Shirley Fowler, Henry Pine, larry Krom, Joyce Moore, Jeanette Tucker lBassJ, Brenda Gage lAltoJ, Kay Haley, Sue Dunn, Joy Dreasher, Mary Rameriz, and Carole Ensminger. French-Alto Horns: Hugh Davis, Anna Hegenbart, Mary Ann Traylor, and Nancy Gray. Baritone Saxophone: Tom Traner. Tenor Saxaphones: Gary Cline and John Rodriquez. Alto Saxophones: Debra Duffield, Shani Wooton, Caroline Klem, and Patricia Meekins. Trumpets: Bobbie Ann Kyle, Jackie Hayes, Sharon Wilhite, Gerald Sweet, Bobbie Elliott, Raymond Rodriquez, Sharon Benson, Margaret Facklam, Jeanette Wamser, Jim Barnett, and Dean Hylton. Tubas: Rodney Houser, Allen Kemp, Sam Wiley, Phillip Burch, and Marvin McWilliams. Barifones: Jim Mossman, Darrell Brock, and Bill Davis. Trombones: Karen Boes, Lee Burdorf, Ronald Facklam, Jim Wisler, Bob Wilhite and Lowell Bath. Director: Mr. Ormond Parker. Drum Major: Carolyn Robohn. Maiorettes: Pat George, Kloma Taylor, and Linda McDaniels. Bells: Darla Smalling, Connie Cleavenger, and Carolyn McClure. Drums: Jon Selby, Mike Burris, Barton Carlisle, Walt Campbell, Bill Hill and Larry Brookens. Not Pictured: Marilee Marcellus, piccolo, Roderic Spencer, clarinet, Randall Grundy, trumpet, Betty Jo Lefler and Jackie Mouse, drums. 110 1 f-Qs, T57 3.4-'g-'X ...EXE CAROLYN ROBOHN KLOMA TAYLOR 1 'un MR ORMOND PARKER Ba dm sie Ns fx fab PAT GEORGE fa? fo-L -xv LINDA M DANIELS Maloreife M 1 H i., Lef? 10 Right Jean Bullingion, Business Managerg Carolyn Barrons, Managing Edif tor, and Jane? Slayer, ASSl57Unf Managing Editor. lg Left fo Right Barbara Heath, Headline Edi- far, Ann lmMascl'1e, Circulafion Ediforg Judy Depufyl Picfure Ediforg Lela Richard, News Edifor, and Darla Smalling, Assisfanf News Edifor and Secreiary, Ed-5 f On I . 'wr' A '1 .. Ls? E , xx -vii .ICU THE ECHO STA Leif fo Righi: Pa? Marshall, Sporfs Ediiorg Mary Ellen Blair, Feaiure Editor, Lois Weidner, Assisfanf Copy Ediforg Marilyn Romer, Copy Editor, Rosemary Clements, Make-up Editor, and Cindy Piper, Assislanf Feafure Edifor, f-Fl ,i PJ LISTS Q. , S. y F. A I I Y. . Z ,"J . -1 Left to Righl: Carole Ensminger, Carolyn McClure, Rulh Seller, Pa? George, Shirley Collins, Barbara Carlburg, and Marjorie McKanna. ECHO, JR. STAFF Left fo Right Delores Duesler, Jerry Wells, Mary Gayle McCall, Gerry Johnson, Nona Harris, Paffy Wil- liams and Janice Knapp. i 1 -4 M'N'+--.,,,. Lei! to Right Wayne Gage, Linda McDan- iels, Wanda Gregory, Nancy Se-nn, and Shella Eisenhower. 4 Sealed, Leff fo Righf: Pat Casebier, Nancy Brock, Judy Louclls, Judy Dilley, Dee Ann Lee, Sharon Gomez, Je"VY Eben, Gnd Phyllis Emley. Standing: Neil Bitler, Mr. John Snyder, Emma Anderson, Beverly Lewis, DU"lU Andrews, R0y Turney, Charles Russell, Russ Russell, and Bob Beemer. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATIO 4 ,J .-.. 'lv 9 Leif lo Right: Orville Burnell, sfudenl leacherg Beverly Lewis, Treasurerg Larry Keirns, ffudenf leacherg Darla Andrews, Hisforian, Neil Bitler, Fresidenfg Dee Ann Lee, Vice-Presidenrg Mr. John Snyder, inslrucforg Jerry Eberf, Secrelcryg and Mary Headrick, student Yeacher, 4 o o First Row Left to Right Angle Jones Senror Representative Jerrne Anne Berne Sophomore Representative Carolyn Boan Secretary Treasurer Kay Grlles President Nan Purvrance and Erma Jean Karr Sports Manager Second Row Mary Stafford Mary Beth Traylor Pat Naude! Sandra Sparks Barbara Jones Marsha Hartman Karen Jones and Mrs Pat Obley Sponsor Thrrd Row June Evans Carol Bogue Marulee Marcellus Roberta Eckdall Mary Lee Korie Kathy Jones Theresa Barley Barbara Mclnhre and LaVerne Aichlson Fourth Row Reanna Cox Lynda Crusmbery Mary Ellen Blaur Lmda Klrcher Kathy Ed wardson Sue Grlles Jan Tholen and Mary Berns Fifth Row Georgene Mechiley Loss Chaney Ruth Albin Carolyn Marian June Albrn and Charlotte Crable Not Pictured Jerrlynn Jones Vice President THE PIAN CLUB Seated Left to Right Sharon Spencer Jerry Wells Secretary Treasurer and Reporter Chrrs Fogg President Carl Lnnck VlcePres1dent and l.lndaKII'Cl1er Standing Mrs Margaret Dunk ler Ruth Waite Sally Ashby Arnold Berns Kay Marshall Joey Clouse Paula Bruckner Dorothy Heusner Mary Lea Korte and Mary Ann Ferris , aria' THE CURIOUS SAVAGE L ill Left fo Right Jerry Wells, Lindo Kircluer, Kczaren Courvney, Sfudenf Direcforg Mrs. Margaret Dinlxler, Direciorg Mr. Phillip Doroiluy Hr-usnc-r, Carl Lincls, Joe Wcrlgund, Paulo Bruckner, lvgg, Terl1nrrolDirf-dorg ond Ruiln Wiflv, Sludf-nl Diredor. Mory Ann F1-rris, Joey Clouse, Sharon Spf-ncvr, Sully Ashby, 9 o Prclwl Paulo Brucknf-r Sally Ashby Ruth Wlffe, Buddy Smnll, Properhes, Mr Plmlllp Legg, Teclmrcol Dlrerfor, Mrs. ve Mary Amr Drug Dorgvhy Heugnr- Joey Clougf- Shgron Morgore' Dmlrle-r, Dire-dur, Sandro Sparks, Swdenl Drrecforg zncer D n w Q wc e George Lodlff Svgge Movy Leo Korw Svudenl Dru-der, Jon Tholcrn, Propefrres, ard Manager, Curl Lmck Rodnck Spenqw Arnold Bwrns Marie Judy Dc-puvy, Swdenr Dfredor STAGE CRAFT F.B.L.A Q- Yukety yukl Some of our fovorne ieachers Yea Popl HRISTM As the familiar melodies of age-old Christmas carols float from the in- struments of the band members, the audience watches black and white robed choir members march solemn- ly behind candle-bearing choral readers. On December fourteenth and fifteenth three thousand peo- ple anxiously watch the proceed- ings of the 24th Annual Christmas Pageant. QI NK P GEAN The beautiful singing of the well- selected choirs, the scripture spoken by the choral readers, and the authenticity of the tableaux, all blend together to tell the magnifi- cent Christmas story. As the har- monizing voices ioin in the beauti- ful lyrics of "Beautiful Savior", and the band ioins in on the A-MEN, the audience feels the real meaning of Christmas. Left to Right: Kay Marshall, Jae Bowman, and Mike Petty portray Wise Men in this tableau scene. W, ,, . W, Ft "'5"mm.s.,,.. Choral readers, First Row, Left to Right: Lelo Richard, Carolyn Barrons, Janet Sloyer, Dorla Spatz, and Mary Ann Ferris. Second Row: Linda Weaver, Jackie Ross, Jan Tholen, Lindo Cookson, and Gayle Naudet. Third Row: Dorothy Heusner, Linda Bicknell, Darlene Brooks, Sharon Stonebraker, and Barbara Carlburg. Mrs. Hendricks leads the Chorale in singing beautiful Christmas songs. These are the stagecraft boys who partici- pated in the Christmas program. Lett to Right, Bottom Row: Bob Rice, Larry Horton, Homer Peak, John Rathke, Dean Lingen- felter, and Mark Cole. Second Row: Tony Baker, Gary Holcolm, and Charles Mer- cer. Third Row: Mr. George Lodle, Sam Tomlinson, Ben Rathke, Glen Williams, and Jack Schoeck. N 'Q T, , A , . 5 The angels for this special night were Chris Fogg, Linn Piper, Judy Deputy, Dixie Marlar, -lflne Nichols, Mariorie McKanna, Mary Ellen Blair, La Von Bell, Janice VerBrugge, Carolyn Crail, and Nancy Walkup. Linda Kircher portrayed Gabriel. . x i li Zz Cindy Lister portrayed the Vir- gin Mary. The beautiful creche scene draws the Christmas program to a close. 1 HO GRS 5 FOR Notnonal Merit Scholarshup fmolnsts ore Left to Rrghf Bob Yoger Davud Dotson ond John Weaver Student rankvng an the mnty ninth percentnle on the Na honal Merit Scholorshnp tes! are Left to Right Bob Yager Dcvud Dotson John Weaver Kaaren Courtney Steve Trlm ble Nancy Honeycutt and Daryl Troyer Sponsors are Mr Wnllnams and Muss Fowl Q in WY For the second consecutive year E H S has receuved the Kansas Peace Officers Safety Award Acceptung thus award are C ns Fogg chanrman of the 195 9 Safety Commrttee Janet Ruley Presudent of Student Councnl and Pruncupal M Taylor 'QR W4 Q "Ury Much excitement prevauled when the new band umforms arrlved at EHS They were trned on by one and all but as always the unevutable happened A few changes had to be made even though everyone was frtted for them the prevuous summer These West Ponnt Bull Hull and Mary Welch outfits wnth hugh wausts and long tauls are modeled by he new EHS bandsults are beung modeled by Nancy Honeycutt Bob Wulhlte Pat Meeluns and Gerald Sweet .0--I The EHS bond In nts brand new OUTTITS ns seen In action T27 I Z , i 5 ' l iv" I i ,A ' V M. 4 ' an , ' - I V fa , - I I S , .Q THE LIBI This building serves Emporic's teenagers with year-round fun and recreation. Resting with refreshments until the next dance begins. :- -4 J, '5. E.H.S. students gather at the "Y" four nights a week to dance to their favorite hit tunes, I, 5 The Kirston Quintet plays for the Key Club Benefit Dance. Left to Right, David Gilbert, Bob Fisher, John Kerlinger, Larry Cornett, and Kent Conard. Students and teachers alike dance to the pleasing tones of the Kirston Quintet at the Key Club Dance. The first all-school mixer commences the social season at E.H.S. 129 ACTI ITIE FULL FU Homer and Jethro and his corncob pickers start their senior year off with a BANG! Ere Can you guess who these junior beauties are who dancing to "The Monster Roclc and Roll?" These sophomore hula dancers are Left to Right: Robert Resch, David Penny, Phil Fleming, Tommy Nevitt, George Hayes, and Milne Grogan. Our own C. K. L. beauties are left to right: Marshall Partlow, Kenny Craig, Robert Yager, Bryan Shewmake, Daryl Troyer, Don Resch, Dale Neussen, and Bill Hill. "Jf Q 1 1 Sarah Steerman, Peg Adam, and Sally Goldsberry A prepare for Y-Teen activities for the ensuing year. Loyal E.H.S. fans sing the school song after the Spartans win the Emporia Invitational Basketball Tournament, I Mr. O. R. Parker directs the German Band at the March of Dimes Sports Festival. Members are Kent Conard, Sharon Spencer, Joe Weigand, Karen Boes, Sharon Wilhite, and Lowell Bath. SOPHOMCDRE ITI Pncnlc dinner preceding achvmes Roberta "" Nan Eckdall Purvlance lubby Mary Hughes Siafford Oppsl Looks luke Kcrhy Jones dropped her egg The penalty says she has To clean up the mess wnh her hands Ughl g QI ' says ous Chaney 132 The wmnersl Leff fo Raghf Jamce Bal lenhne Mary Stafford Sue Gnlles and Julie Vandervelde Joyce Moore Ardeuth Hopkins Always eahng" Jeanette Tucker Nan Purvlance i 'if' , . I I I I 1 1 1 ' I I- 'f r" ' ,sped . X' , -' .,. Q , "I of i' I. ' Romer: A real sharp pencil - Huh? i Haney: What a lcpfull Ouchl , fvg . I, l'f6"",J ' Alam Q 4, YVJ ,Lplyfi fzdyna , fi J M ,V .ZYN-if ee, X53 , ' X , up . ,L ,-. L df! ' J!! ,Lj,fQff'- V- U? '1 J, L Le ll N, pdl' V Lijvj jlffl ' LLL xJ'T,41" "W 6' " 07 vf V A ' f 1 V ,Z JJLLQJLL V? J . A v h ., V , V I, I j .fir 1 mf r' w f ' 1 If J lf ' N" if J I ef Yl,If 1 A 4 V I X L4 If GL, f Y' f f f j x K f I7 if dj' 1, 1 ' ' SHSN "V , ff " ,Ml ' -. ' Jljbf nllb' N N -I, .Z V' ,gfzll ' l,' ,'L1cJf,i':I!:,S yr ,lil jf VA ,,f'1.f "- . ' 'JT If V X V ff' !L1fQf3 fm ' X Xrljyplv f U HERE Here nowl We'lI have none of thai. 3 ' 2 M Af los! I A if moment of pemel ,f K' L ,- Young hopefuls 134 .fff fi X! ,,f ! sc No Commeni -1 XVCXJJ' f 1-TFP! , ' Q ' I ff D . My . P if L my X '-,' u A ' ,W 1 n PN I 1. Til, V y f Y Qflqnlo Al ,Y in fg ,, ' . f, Y N0 L' ,'Nx, , 1 L1 W Q' . N JN' IQ-1 N ' -fx' 3 X4 1H':AJ K QV M11 Thinkin' gal. W ,A 4, T5 tus: L xx ,. 1 I J lWO'4A K K V Q xi? ff" , ,f f .X ff! " js 1 ,A 4 jf KJ, r X. D , K J I I I J!! V I f If If! fff! XJ "I-iff" Y! f' 'JJ I Q 1 fx I I 1.1 I VI If? :I . ' I T , X , 'ff I .1 if K A 1 ..- jf ll sm ,nf W ' er, .. , 47" A . ' ,.. is Q Q? x A honors we we . on fe . ai Henrik Uophies e A Pioce pee, and D nd 'hu ull" Gafxl nd. 0 UM Kickotaihe Rirsi, Seto Y a '00 on Q. mee CMJ-- COU TRY 136 ,CIW ' 1 j 8 is .was . 'Ni T X eqm copfo' e 'Hs mn were Ch for fl-,fs g, Urles purviqYSQr,S cross nge coun Q fr 'ld Y Gary Ace. in M--e 91? ,funn 'Q' 5' C.K.L. champions, Kneeling, Lell lo Right: Tom Neviff, Gary Ace, and Duane Henrikson. Sfunding: Ronnie Sfunfzner, Charles Purviance, Bill Richard, and Clarence Horn. fi Front Row, Left to Right: Daryl Troyer, Glen Ensminger, Sam Wiley, Loren Wittmer, Ken Helstrom, Ron Payton, Garry Hopper, Bryan Shewmake, Mike Petty, Don Resch, and Bob Yager. Second Row: Trainer John King, Rist Coffman, David Murphy, Milne Burris, Dick Cipro, Jim O'Mora, Glen Quaclienbush, David Rongel, David Penny, Pat Neill, Ed Jones and Trainer Joe Bowman. Third Row: Norman Thomas, George Hayes, Steve Witte, Phillip Thornton, John Cooper, George Wothen, Dean Smith, Larry Morgan, Milne Caywood, and David Childears. Fourth Row- Dwight Childears, Johnny Rongel, Dwight Greenlee, Bob Rice, Lynn Kroum, K. B. Thomas, Phil Fleming, John Herrick and Bob Resch, Back Row: Coaches: Charles Gowdy, Robert Ladle, Head Coach Dana Atkins, and Robert Johnson. Coaches: Robert Ladle, Robert Johnson, Head Coach Dona Atkins, and Charles Gowdy. luke' F 4 ' 1 1 4' 4' ,sf ,, " gf "' rj 3 '42, 'n J1- nv ' 1 'Q N.- . lfxw X' ,Yu 4 Ll 4 A I 50 "-an . ., V, 4 918 'QA' an ff 1 ,V It . , we 3 ' F xl fi ' . .-mu . K. - A s J 'K ' ' I " Eze'2, . I -P-'an' .4 ff' ct' X P IM x i' i , - Pi 451, Q . Q 6 x V' 90 iQm.,, ' I mm 2 X ' ""K1'Mm ' W , X ,I , - .1 ', R N 1 'T' FQ 1 Y ,W ga 75 1 , U ni. .. . EJ,-. " ,.N ' 1 .51 12 . A? 'ua '03 'V' ,NM , f' L frif-,.f:4lYv,h?:' Q 'ii ' f 4 'if' 1,i"fq:-J if Wi - '4 so 1 I efp' Q. Q! :W 9'- k 4- Q 6 Q23 1314171 tl rf ai 1-039' .A 1 ,6.,f,, X . we B s . x 'Q , Lf: A ffl I 'U sin, f I Q1 3 . , jj J 5 van ' A Ari sl Y J M ' " If n ' hh Vf f. L f . 2 23111 1 if 43 4 Kia f' fig' ', 0 1: , I? Q! 5 5 1 jam ,, 4 4 ' A is L , Q 5 A Q 4 .M 'QV 5 -.4 'N l 654 va H. 8, qwgaf 1 f Y fa v X , , Q K . ,Q I 4' ' x ,av M'-wg-fy-,,,, p Couch Ailuns hopes and prays for a victory as Ensmlnger advances fhe ball down the field 142 'W x 'f ,' ,, f X H Seated, Left fo Righf: Dennis Siohs, Eric Copf, Ken Helsfrom, Bud Tucker, David Rangel, und Clark Whit- siit. Kneeling: Bob Lamberr, David Penny, Sieve Wifie, Ran Payian, Mike Burris, Arnold Lopez, and Garry Hopper. Sfanding: Bob Oehlerf, Pot Neill, Dennis Kelly, Jell Mcllvain, Johnny Rcngel, K. C. Rider, Andy Finuf, Eugene Largeni, and Charles Gowcly, Coach, WRESTLI "Y v ,, or '? 4 2 0 x i v " y . Reiurning leffermen Vo Yhe wrestling fenm were Ron Payton, Mike Burris, Garry Hopper, and Bud Tucker. 143 Q, aww, I 5 S K Q5 pl 4' .1 -'ii kms-A DUANE HENRIKSON 5? f 1 iff MIKE SLATTERY BOB YAGER GARY ACE Empona Clay Center Emporia Abilene Empona Ottawa Empona McPherson Empona Junction Caty Empona Manhattan Empona Clay Center CHARLES PURVIANCE i BA KE ' 50 61 ' 45 ' 63 ' 59 45 ' 40 43 ' 59 ' ' 49 ' 45 46 Emporia 55 Salina 59 ' 42 47 TBALL PAT SWARTZ Emporla Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporna Emporuo Emporlo BILL RICHARD Abnlene Newton Junctnon Cnty Manhattan Ottawa Salma Wuchlto South 'e JIM 0 MARA DON RESCH MARSHALL PARTLOW X 9' I47 S 5 5 I I S5 I , I 3 I t 914, H23 ' 42 ' 54 4 ' 29 52 Emporia 38 McPherson 53 I ' 45 ' ' 50 ' 36 64 ' 49 52 ' 56 ' 66 ' 63 ' ' 56 I 7 4 'J I LIL Q ' If iw Q ' f "4 2 f f ' 5 A 5' i ' 6 - l .7 i I ., A-Team, Front Row, Left to Right: Mike Slattery, Bill Richard, Jim O'Mara, and Pat Swartz. Back Row, Duane Henrikson, Gary Ace, Don Resch, Coach Bob Johnson, Charles Purviance, Bob Yager, and Marshall Partlow. B4Team, Front Row, Left to Right: George Wathen, K, B. Thomas, Jim O'Mara, and Skip Evans. Back Row, Coach Bob Lodle, Sam Wiley, Mike Slattery, Bill Richard, Max Stewart, and Pat Swartz. 148 Precise timing and teamwork may help Duane Henrik' son make a decisive point as he shoots tor another basket, 'B W Left to Right, the EHS starters for this season were Duane Henriksen and Gary Ace, guardsg Don Reach, centerg Charles Purviance, Robert Yager, and Marshall Partlow, forwards. Partlow, after the first game, was out of the line-up due to a knee iniury, Both teams look in surprise as Gary Ace unex- pectedly shoots for a basket KC K xixgo xc? .oo K -xo A R09 ox we -10' me s O 90 Specfafors and team members wafch in anxiefy C09 699 to see which team will rebound the ball. 509 xx Coach Johnson congrafulaies ihe EHS squad afier they had won ihe tournament trophy. 1 3- 1 9, Wifi.: ,, ,.g,. -U 5 5 A-, . .,. ff 515' 9 L I-W 8 1 K 4 .gf ,WH 29'- V' ' W ik 1 . it 'r .. ,Vi 7, "fs, mf , , 1' 1 A f: 7 Y, . ', " '- J 'L 33" biff mzf V ' yi., 1 in 579 I V,,., A if J L ,Ln QI, , an L I vi " f 1 ,, M ,Y , A QL: , ' A i , , ' , aw, ,Aff Y if Y' A SS, 3 YT, .-wa W.. . -11 iv ei: Nell Butler Sally Rlce Paula Bruckner Browme Scout Troop of 1953 Emlly Roser Eleanor Webb LaVon Bell Sully Ashby Linda Trlpp HOW WE L0 Manlee and Mike Marcellus Jamce Knapp 152 1 Paulette Hartman Roberta Eckdall Sharon Spencer OKED THEN Paula Bruckner Marllee Marcellus and Connie leonhart Lynda Crusmbery Judy Harry and Mary Welch Mary Welch and Don Reach 153 Janic., Knapp and Lynda Crusinbery if-N vi' I 169' i ,wx ff' 4, 1 i True bue romans'7 fy f 8 V! sv x Shake nf all about fhokey pokeyl N-n Taken. not u seeonfi too soon . I I f 5 I' .- ta 140 A 4 ai' eu Wooforf V-,J Quite pm up 5 f 4 0 1 1 x N 1 'd'J s I 1 v 0 Q P 1 1 1 f . NA ' ' K 0 K 1 0 , . ' K . Rev' nt up Max' I X M S P54 I 1 'X " .I looks luke Bron lust go! up -41 Chums always Yee Aleel Sleepy Head Welch Caught Af lastl 'I55 The Ballel Squad Ashby IS mad? 'ki 1 wi : W ai 4 e X Being sneaky? .,....J Hpppy Hpppy Happy Geftmg faxed up 156 Q- Q WW Jifgwfjyjpy Wgiwglffjw CPM Mwybffffffjff M jf X Q35 Y' My ob ' x5 W Y' - - . 1 GQ! , ' . ' tf 1 yi 1 Vp-f'f H ' ff . 1 G J. 6!J 0ff'f'AjJ,W Wd' fmf' f 'Cv Q' f .fr ,, 2 3' 1 M ff W M! giywyfy vw W ,MW J M h Sh ? h . sf .S W' ay, Be om no ess SQ rg! " 4 f 11. 1 If -v xt? R Apu CA NDID SH OT S A 1,- QQ Look whos back for seconds and thirds What a skunk The latest an styles modeled by E M Dowd dont col: so slxeptucol f I H A show of mcusslve strength? QAQN 'ff-. pw Dug those crazy legs Legs Legs legs Rex and Regina of l958 Mop head Mossmon Whnch one ns the monkey What o blcmlx look T nd on look at those werrd expressnons . , , I dl .. I e Y n ' 9 ' . 1 Q w ,V I . ft ' . . 1' W ' tr . V I 'l ' . H Q 1 W M , W 1 , W t",Y J t , I Q ' "M Q. , ,,, M ,-E W , W - ' ' nz. A , . Q "glial . v ' "' ' A v ' I . s x" fe .n tw e We fff " v ff fx' K N -.. A Q 5 V h Q9 , , V xt , H... ' ,' I I 'is .R ' , I Q 1 Y . U I, . V I . . Y ' q f - ,, 23 K ' ' 1, V l ' C T I gi Q ' , ,N X ' , 1 ,nl , ' ' , , 3' I Q - A , l 4 'f ' F he E A? Q 4' ,. X Y . w X I . I M , 1 V X x, x1 K xx X , X JJ if .J w ,J . ,jx V I I ,N ,N 'eil ., rq x. J iv? umos Cnty Mo L, ff '13 Q ...,, .sg .J fi N' x EA QA! fi-Q' 'Qi Elf MYF? f' Km f ' V 1 1 I,-.L d 'S . 1 F w- ..v W ng Q f- + ffa-F W, 4 - 'Q g 1 f " s! 1 C 3-a 4 VO my -. J' A A -.M r ,N .1-. ! if w-. , 1, 'X W was f , .diy shall' TE ? Q 1 , MN 'wsu ' '

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