Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1955

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Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1955 volume:

1 2 Q 1 4 I f 1 1 i 3 E v 2 f 1 - IL ,-,.-'.',v.1m. -......uf...,u-,,u.- Y .. 1 . .. , .....,. . ' an p-4" . + ,- 6 1 r ., 1 7 ' !!x.A , , f 1 I ,W --Vx , ,H , A ,V -V It I' , If I I 1 , 1 Y ' 1. I!!! ll , I V A . I H f',4,'17' 1, r A f 'un " ' 1 y I I j. v J V x A 1 f 1 I 4 ' , X 4 V yy. D r t , 1 ,f!. . Aw, , , f,A.f f , f,l , Q 1, X f Lyyjjyvfjfk A g'2vf'!J KJ , W ff J ffw ' rx ' w',f.0 HZ 1 ' oyfyyuf Q, x W pzyyav is 'WJVSVW yy, 'f gfigfafiffiy M7 A WA an sw ff 4 ,MG ff W my ,ff ff My yffflwiwlg fe W fi? gf H W Mi W X555 J if V 3 R 5224 fav I fQ-4-aff! , , L04 4 f , ,,,QYZZQQ?j'0-JK W A 14 ,Muff ,Wk W za., N 55 www - ' fi6f kQ Riff RU . 5' Q' 5 ffff 6, QV im ff, 421,15 R55 5 W 'X' N,5R WWW v +5 1 Q fgzfgg 0-45171, 3 Wy: .?f 3X Q tax N, l U5 if gf 5 r' ,QJQXJ ' mxfx - N Q A . xQ QQ, 3 fi I fmAf W OP'v?O-'fjinjd A + N Y X 'iw IffW?fW,fW1f W ?5 "1' Q v P 1-, ,fo if ww 6 A EW NJ. K It .L , L J, --1 L K lhrwf ,UQ ref, :J ' rxgll tvv Ml. L 1 1 Llfigil 6251.13 q x fu 2 1' 1 Y , Af, ,4!VfL ,G 2' ,f f 20" -ff 91 Ra- C' Cfffffif X7 217 if.7f,4,c4,J ... 1 N'-....,f""' -.., -.., ff X :"QZ7f K. I xzkf , 17"-,A X bf, ""'C?!t'?f1 1 1? X ' U L. .dt ,Tw 1 W'K"'rtfyA1y"':+V V 74,19 f LT, N mi 517 x ff1i.3lfCA 1 AQ 4, 1: - C1 M34 ff .,,, I ,, , A ,Q X N .-wfiffQf7 iifff ' 75i'lL'lL jf fi .fidlvnff . f rf442iff5Z,g,i T M L , , ' 1 - f!M,t.f JQJLMQ-'LV Ural! A Vi lrrf C i 1 . l ,lf f1,,.f'J ,,.fzQ4:1,, ,.4"w',j.', 4 51 I . iw JW 2 !fffV f,gZZi7f5 ' z ,X , 0 XUX I IV I K' A 4-I f Q A .A ' fffs, 14,43 . . 1. Q , I I t 46 LN lv A07 2 ' gffzzfiff ff"fZ"Z'l. K M X qu ,CILLX +R Q. cum I ff fl ua school puMh,e.a1'nu J ,iw ' S H AQLgcff,lfff' in Ervrpoa C 00" C' 1' Lglwx, HX KFINSFK ' HM 1 x N """f7f' .Q 'f yf' W' ,T aff: 4427" f'?77,1,,,,,O, fem? --4f5q,,7f.'!,, 5 'km "f7"",7 9776! 5 C 's I W1 ,'. sm, . .x A A Z.. y 4 Qvfff . Ag 'im Q ' 4 f K4 A f A . Qt, . . if Q , 'gf' M 1- 1. f 'K . 1 e H, ,Ar 1 vw A' Q ' N xx 9 2' 'K' 5 . -X , ,. . '1 ' ' . f , E kr M, www fig 1 .Q 1 ' x 'M 5 ' Q- mf WN-nv . f5laf5's www, 'Wa' Q "i,,'1s '24, mm .I '1 '5 X -4 .,,, . Q . ........ it : Q28 S . ,.,M Aff 'Va " Y- . f W X , ,W My mh 5 ' 'L T 'Q MM-M . .1 2 , A 'M Q-' ...M--wp. L' I X Ziff: n 7 . , - A f x 3 .,, ,- Y , mm V-x.,. P 4-QM 4. 4... ..,x ."' ..,..-,, .....L 4...W-Q-s-U-QQ.,-W, LL mm Y.. .fm 2-"MH-trump. R. D, rw -.Q -4 1-L. 'lg A KVPQ . . xfr - ivan 55' SQ .wk 48 G03 va... 1 I f i A x gif 3 i m . .. --s......z N.. i ,.' ,fa M.. 4. X A .-,,Q"f:' ' 1 , -QI. Q P . 9' 5-H rw uv., ., if A' ' i r f . E ,QQ Q I. W.. -ug -....... , I, ii---l xo' -.4 -..Q -whfl ,gi V wr wr w V ,v Q , M. MP0 ,gy-f, .W ., ,Af - y" . . an 'W- A ef, W W1- ,S ff, X .4 4 8 N FX-M v 'll 2 5 "' V Q kb L 4 Q M N YS wr' .IL-s 5 Q ff? Jfkim an-M VM1' vs .Mf,LA?'N.lvrw 'ykexyi 'gg WM Nm, si-154. 5 XL VJ Iwi' Yi A , , I if 1 ,..... 4 it, 5 . Wiai' X -, X s ' s- ' Q N .Q-1 ,WA E. " ,ww - w wf ,,nvk""'M aiu mv ji wwf nf" , I ff A4 Z! uv fZLS3! If A x 111111 K 1. Q? af 6,fLL, ffifdcju d,C l 6,j 5-LQ' ff 534067 f Q!f5.cL1Lffi5flZiyi,QDU ' :ff ' ' z1fCV!c'U, 2 Lffl, ,XX k ? L Y 5 Vpzgfc f 4 ZA . Lf up XC' C, L,,7fCl,.J. Jsfflilg' !!d6,!26 LLL' 'K ',. LQ " ,1 . , I ,L V . 7, LL I LL'UC'f,f5Q 15? 16, Cai, by v I, X - L1 I ku Qf V " OQXIA Van ff 53441 54 NM- 4971, Cin! -I ' ,-' X. 1 f' In I CLJLZ k V074 !f6bCf jJM LA?dfcV6A'41ff Pgliiff I , " 9 ff! G , , ?iQff'L,Zf KA, CC. Lili! Q,6w7c.-KU!!-X fy, ig 7 , 4, , -,, f L if 02+-ff Qc ff-'cfwfe 1-gag, gf!-aaf ,W 5 C.,C'j dflfafl- f . 1 g Q- C' Kala' ,X J? '-C-25 '25 j - g 1 ' - 1 yi ,- Another school year with many highlights is fast drawing to a close. The thrills and excitement we will long remember. For us as seniors, it is our last year in high school. For you as juniors and sophomores, there still is a glorious time before you. ln the following pages we have tried to capture those moments that have played a great part in our lives and which will in the future recall our school days at E. H. S. and all the friends we have made. Q L - Editor A K QWJ .Jkfr AM? kj' 1' ' x ill? 'I .1 if 1 r J 7 is V, Business Manager X Lvvlik Jlfl ,LH ll flf 15 cv l Q 1 'T . x, , a f X X I N J . Li Y .h is I "- .1 Tyl nl 'l v 3 P ,. NX 1 . fl .J M ' tw A ' i s . A lf' 'J X ti tit, ' 1, NUR? 31 Ntijyxl KJ -ill 5, x r. ,X xl J ui 'J li -'s ..-f"" 3 f 1 l 1 1 , J tx l X X i 0 0 5 4 lfigfx ralff f fx, ,ff - fxfx X f' , ,Pwr-g , f . K7 ,' X' -- ' ' fx X XX f ,,f K N' fy fxfxfk D W Xgxffwcx ALA f ,frxqw W , , ' ff f W NJK. Q? Y? .f" Left to Right: Pat Dawson, Vice Presidentg Doug Dwelle Treasurer Jeanie Ziegler, Secretaryg John Whittington, President. ag fs ,wa s fm., f If f Front row, left to right: John Whittington, Jeanie Zeigler, Pat Dawson, Doug Dwelle. Second row: Shirley Thomas, Mary Murphy, Linda Darby. Nancy Scott, Marsha Walkc'r, Karen Moebus Sue Manning, Joyce Jacobs, Connie Allen, Kathleen Phillips, Ann Unclerwoml. Tlzirrl row Larry Faulkenbury, Phillip Duncan, Jim Metztlorf, Buster Longstaff, Bob Bock, Mike Ryan, Stuart Cram Paul DeBauge, Bob Keefer, Larry Nimmo, Junior Moyer, Mr. Royer. +5 N31 if Qi if Q4 Y-TEEN MEMBERSHIP and PUBLICITY COMMITTEES-Seated: Miss Langley, Williamson, Hartenbower, Servey Pruitt, Mrs. Jaquith. Second row: Nail, Miller, Grogan, Ratley, Lincoln, Keefover, Williams, Moebus, Johnson Retschlag, Massey, Haiducek, Smith, Belfield. Third row: Zumbrum, Green, Overstake, Longstaff, McCallum, Carter Evans, McCallum, Ormbsy, Cade, Smith, Ziegler, McMurphy, Schaefer, Davidson. Back row: Short, Birk, Braynard Foster, Gann, Hammer, Rosenbalm, Webb, VanG0rdan, Shaver, Morgan, Endly, Yearout, Murphy, Hildebrand Cowan, Irwin. 9 1 Y-TEEN FINANCE COMMITTEE-Front row: Edwards, Carter, Daily, Miss Thomson, Houser, Hollingshead, Col linge, Mason. Second row: Lusk, Price, Redman, Brown, Thomas, Phillips, Cray, Jacobs. Back row: Williams, MCEI fresh, Germann, Griffith, Horton, Hammond, Jernigan, Houser, Jones. Wa- 2 Front row, left to right: Gerald Pauler, Charles Pocock, Paul Mordy, Lawrence Russell, Eugene Hopper, Paul De Bauge, Rusty Seacat, Bob Keefer, Tom Williams, Darrell Gilliand. Second row: Bob Dabbs, David Mendel, Kenneth Johnson, Bill Barnow, Don Herrick, Larry Schneider, Le Roy Baker. Third row: Mr. Williams, Mr. Price, Mr. Quiring, Harold Wolgast, Van Smith, Robert Kerlinger, Dick De Bauge, Jimmie Brogan, Harold Irwin, John Rogers, Fred Saffer, Wayne Lowery. weld :S I F 3+ 3.32- .ig 3. , V , 'aux gf., iifzgo rlg1,,.. John at Presidenff' DPresidem. L ry R ' - a ' ' Yn - J vrd Morfitt, T:eaK1ndred, vii. Slifer. Maya an, Sec-,eta - Standing, left to right: Rusty Seacat, Mr. Haney, Fred Saffer, John Whittington, John Vaughn, Doug Dwelle, Stanley Cook, Vernon Stanley, Jim Metzdorf, Virgil Stanley, Don Herrick, John Rankin, Jig Jones, Mr. Mankin. Seated in back: David Trimble, David Stuntzner, John McMullen, David Pool, Dick Adam, Lynn Kindred, Robert Cater, John Mayhan, David Morfitt, Bob Cooper, Paul DeBauge, Mike Ryan, Curtis Maxwell. Seated inside table: Gary Stotts, Jody Morris, Jim Wing, Jerry Parker, Jerry Teichgraeber. ?.'7.,-4, VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE BUILDING F rout row, left to right: Samuel Hall, Charles Brown, Clarence Mercer, George Dewey, John Rider, Emil Thorton, Bill Sweet, Lewis Barb, Jerry Hotzel, Glenn Barrett. Second row: Mr. Griffith Thomas Jones, Charles Schmidt, Richard Lowery, Vance McWilliams, Gary Wilhite, Bob Davis Clayton Zumbrum, Bill Hawkins, Robert Williams, Larry Schaefer, Earl Murphy, Mr. Groves. Third row: Calvin Roberts, Ray Rowhuff, Don F arthing, Bob Bock, Fred Burroughs, Jim Neilson, Ed Moyer, Don Stubbs, Wendell Wright, Larry Neilson, Larry Barnhart, Orville Mercer. Back row: Darrell Stebbins, Emil Krueger, Clayton Grimmit, Richard Short, Wayne Stebbins, Paul Beyer, Wayne Herrick, Kenneth Hanson, Duane Birk, John Flott, Phillip Duncan, Roy McCrew. 9 UU ,419 pawn! gage lil Back row left to right Mr Lodle Billy Shively David Lang Second row .lames Hardesty Marion Snyder Mike Ryan Front row Ru sell Beck Cleo Strausser Bob Dabbs Front row, left to right: Carl Bedner, Larry Nimmo, Mike Kerwick, Dale Longstaff, Charles Snyder. Second row: Russell Beck, Tom Baldwin, Bob Dabbs, Lloyd Rogers, Tom Place, John Rogers. Third row: Mr. Lodle, Lester Flott, Darrell Gilliland, Marion Snyder. Seated, left to right: Patsy Sehottler, Janice Zug, Mary Lynn Kircher, Tish Pavillarrl. Connie Allen. Ann Dwelle. Pat Clark. Standing: Pat Dawson, Kathy Hall, Dorothy Smith, Donald Mayes, I,aRr-tta Revel, Dorothy Stoeppelwerth. Charles Pocock. Gerald Facklam. Eugene Hopper, Robert Cater. Nlrs. Dinlcler. Standing, left to right: Charles Pocock, Pat Clark, Eugene Hopper, Robert Hill, Harry Roberts, Bob Cooper, Kathy 'Hall, Gerald Facklam, Janice Zug, Mrs. Dinkler, Patsy Schottler. Sally Prive. Seated: Ann Dwelle, Mary l.ynn Kircher, Connie Allen, Tish Pavillard. 'f Y ruicn E444 Szagf SALL JUDY WEIGAND Editor Asst. Edil0f .1533 Z f 'xg rust 'Of NAS' r ' 51 AYYZWY P00 i Lackey NG Y-ogre ' Vis. Hui- XNTX . W 1 Ba. H -wan ' gack CQQOCXCYUQ' ef. geffl, Bedf' BUSINESS ADVERTISING-Mr. Royer, Anderson, Buckley, Price, Becker, Bartel, Lambert, Cowan, Morfitt, Fillmore, Alford, Barnard, Horton, Griffiths, Schulcnberg, Rodriguez, Foster, Miller, Bouse. lisp. mice Lincoln' Ed CIRCULATION Ehirley Beckley' die Schulenbefg' EDITORIAL STAFF-Seated, left to right: Kircher, Allen, Linebarger, Daily Dow, Dwelle, Weigand, Smith Standing: Revel, Mr. South, Richards, Olin. V' tg it :U S Zfalgaafwl , N-2 Front row, left to right: Shirley Thomas, Margaret Becker, Pat Romer, Greta McMunn, Mary Lou Whitney, Nancy Scott. Second row: Sharon Poole, Linda Becker, Catherine Jehle, Pat Rob- inson, Paul DeBauge, Bill Barr, Miss White, Miss Petty, Mrs. VanGundy, Mr. Eubank. Third row: Lynn Kindred, Dick Adam, Mr. Butterfield, John Whittington. 'Zed tty. Q-..,,h ,Avi-' 1 Front row, left to right: Betty Palmer, Sue Manning, Judy Weigand, Kay Lindquist, Sally O'Brien, Vicki Bixler, Nancy Scott, Janice Zug. Second row: David Stuntzner, Gerald Pauler, Cary Mc- Millan, Bob Dabbs, Miss Thomson, Mrs. Jaquith, Ann Dwelle, Jerry Teichgraeber, Paul DeBauge. Left to right: Bob Cooper, Treasurer, Lynn Kindred, Secretary, Gilbert Gra- ham, President, Marvin Tweedy, Vice President. Hmm Front raw, left to right: John McMullen, John Rider, Dale Longstaff, Gilbert Graham, Lynn Kindred, Bob Cooper, Marvin Tweedy, Carl Haney. Back row: Ralph Brown, Larry Simkins, Bill Barr, David Pool, John Whittington, Dick Adam, Larry Nimmo, Gary West, Wayne Williams. Front row, left to right: Scott Weeks, Paul Huston, Don Stubbs, Mike Waters, Lindo Lopez, Jig Jones, Warren Thomas, Lloyd Kufahl, Richard Horn. Back row: Ronnie Blaylock, Roy Kane, Gaylord West, Charles Wilson, Mike Ryan, Keith Andrews, Virgil Stanley. 6 1-if-i" WL A 1 AJ lk ji Front row, left to right: Marjorie Osman, Greta McMunn, Bonita Ohm, Jeanie Ziegler, Kay Lind- quist, Louise Greenlee, Barbara Evans, Donna Davis, Rhonda Johnston, Pat Dawson, Judy Rosen- halm. Second row: Barbara Barger, Shirley Edwards, Evalee Jernigan, Katherine Aikens, Betty Morris, Phyllis Retchlag, Prue Faulkenbury, Joyce Jacob, Pat Davidson, Clara Dicks, Ann Under- wood, Linda Darby, Margaret Parks, Mrs. Van Gundy, Miss McJilton. Third row: Carolyn Holman, Velma Tucker, Donna Barrett, Rose Carter, Kay Daily, Mary Lynn Kircher, Sally. Williamson, Margaret Becker, Carla Loomis, Martha Frederickson, Shirley Potter, lone Stuck, Dorothy Stoeppel- werth. Back row: Barbara Henricks, Sarah Hutcheson, Pat Dow, Martha Ormsby, Brenda Bruckner, Ann Longstaff, Virginia Smith, Donna Griffith, Irene Horton, Kathleen Phillips, Pat Krueger, Joyce Bischoff, Barbara Mercer, Karen Walker, Mary Frederick, Mildred Caldwell. t rr'f N y R .W h ,E ,,, . t, We re' M1 , , ,y H , , W, if 1 A . L' 1 t f f 'Zhi .aa , 52 I 3? :ext 5 XF I "" 5' A f. at Q 'W , sw . "5-'S-f':-:2" '+ if 4 V. W- '-wffa 2 """ il 5 at ff L Fil' ' fb ff, .... aw.: .. . K W .M-i. W : H5 ffl:- - .. N,5imf, K Q .' :NX-3 , f 5 5 5 m I Q if A 'yi A ft di mv V I 3 ,, . f .,,,,- 5 v fe won 'wgngwv nm,-M ,xy 51 MARSHA WALKl'.R JIM NNE KAROLIK. 1 www JO HANNAH LINEBARQER i f' 5 ' f ANN UNDERWOOD PAT DAWSON JEANIE ZIECLER as as-H "B" TEAM CHEERLEADERS-Connie Allen, Carolyn Spatz, Van Smith Karen Walker, Ann Dwelle. 1' o Wfapudu Left lo right: Elaine Harte-nliower, Pat Shaver, Donna Rosvnbalm, Vivian Webb. gmac! OBOE Judy Weigand Jeanette Fry BASSOON Sara Massey ALTO CLARINET Velma Tucker Vivian Webb BASS CLARINET Judy Jones Maleta Hamble FLUTES Arlene Richardson Brenda Bruckner Barbara Hammer PICCOLO Margaret Parks ALTO SAXOPHONE Dick Davis Patricia Dawson Carol Forrester TENOR SAXOPHONE Norman Largent Barbara Bogue CLARINETS John Mayhan Judy Faust Anita Green Mary Lou Nail Elaine Hartenbower Jerry Parker Van Smith Donald Mayes Janice Morgan Carolyn Davis Shirley Woodworth Phyllis Troyer Linda Grey Mary Ann Lutz Pat Lewis Norman Rees TRUMPETS Tom Krueger Stuart Cram George Lodle Linda Darby Lloyd Rogers Eugene Ensminger John Glover Orville Spray Rodney Alderson Richard Scott Darrel Troyer FRENCH HORNS Kay McBride Carol Houser Carol Stolfus Marjorie Phillips Joan Lockard BARITONE Donald Neufield Dean Yager Richard Fry David Rankin TROMBONE Carl Vail Vernon Alford Harold Alford Kenneth Cozad Charles Rummage DRUMS David Mendel John Nielsen Bob Stephen Jack Smith Kenneth Andrews Keith Andrews James Karolik BELLS Patricia Smalling Karin Moebus TUBAS Vernon Metzdorf James Hill David Lang Harold Lang DRUM MAJOR Elaine Hartenbower TWIRLERS Vivian Webb Patricia Shaver Donna Rosenbalm 0 VIOLINS Judy Weigand Kay Lindquist Lloyd Rogers Frannie Sue Ashby Carolyn Schupp Marcia Alderson Stephen Selby Larry Moreland Donna Huenner Patty Marshall Alice Vantyl VIOLA Lila Hildebrand CELLO Bernice Barnard PIANO Patricia Shaver OBOE Jeanette Fry CHIMES Patricia Smalling FLUTES Arlene Richardson Barbara Hammer Margaret Parks Marty Ormsby Pat Dorrel CLARINETS John Mayhan Doris Black Ronda Sutton BASS CLARINET Judy Jones TENOR SAXOPHONE Norman Largenf BASS Harold Lang TUBA James Hill MARIMBA Ginger Peak TRUMPET Tommy Krueger Stuart Cram George Lodle Linda Darby John Glover Lloyd Rogers Louis Jones FRENCH HORNS Kay McBride Marjorie Phillips Carol Houser TROMBONES Carl Vail Vernon Alford BARITONE Donald Neufeld SNARE DRUM John Nielsen TYMPAN I James Karolik Sz xx Y 1 .AL 51 Q ?Y ::.. 9 A Ja. s T4 if ff ? NN, .ug -w 'T' ., H up mg 'LJ' N il. A , .3 55: 5 5133 , 1 -mail? L 5 V T 1 Q ,.,, V2Lit1w,,:3'1f 'sniff' Magis ,Z 1 iw sf fir Lf Z i d!! f " Ev L i ga 5? i ggi? 'il 'H fi J? 1- 3, txw N ww,M,, 4. , 1 sw W., , X f -222523 'if QTQIQQQQ fa Mm K 15? L7 V' 35521. K my it i my 'au f lfl, z, , . Q 4 3 N. 13 ik . . Wg gm N Q I a Q 4 ,L 1' A 1 . km y A v- .Y Z . .... " L ' Q Q H 'K 'E res L2 k ig! 3:- Q, X .. .. . 1592. Y X . , 4. ' , m y W M I U W A , --WN f.,fffgg A. -. ,QL If 2 , if , I YIL 23 33 f , g 351 7. WE: V h M M X, V f-5-0' 3, 3551: 2' -L-fb, H1 M H., .. W . K - 1 1 ff- li' 'A 9 k M ,il my 41 gk ,K sf V E 'ig ii 1? Q ,ggim Q as mg, L 1 4 x E 5' s . gf, ax gg i 7' - ,ls 1 . 'qwfffi U P' an gas -eff K I ' S Back row: Hayes, Davidson, Lamlwrt, Osman, Stuck, Stavkton. Dorsey, Hutcherson. Third row. Caldwell, Burvh. Phillips, Lambc-rtson, Carter, Thomas, Lamb, Duby, Powell. Serond row: Miss White. Javquvs, Stinson. Robinson. Rc-is:-n, llelfie-ld, Mrflallum, Hurst, Miller. McCallum, Carnf-y. Front row: Andvrson, Dehlcr, Longstaff. Tatman, Hamnwr, Cann. Faust, Oldham, Foster, Schwindt, W'0od i -aa' lt wg as . . age' 2 Back row: Cleo Straus:-r, Donald Mayes, Scott Wee-ks, Miss White. Front row: Wendell Weave-r, David Jones, Frank Johnston, Danny Poll, Cary Wilhite. 'Vis .Q s r 1 5 3 ! - Back row, left to right: Virgil Stanley, Vernon Stanley, Wesley Fancher, Harold Wolgast, George Cermann, Rusty Seacat, Bob Keefer, Gerald Facklam. Front row: Joyce Hensley, Wanda Harrell, Mary Frederick, Carolyn Spatz, Carol Miser, Sharon Poole, Mary Jo Cowan, Delores Reichardt, Doris Kay Black. .4-g al . J, 4 Q .... ... ' Bark row, left to right: Janice Zug, Joyce Hensley, Prue Faulkenbury, Doris Spencer, Carol Miser, Jean Burch, Marilyn Carle, Mary Jo Cowan, Denise Dehler. Front row: Judy Brooks, Rhonda Johnston, Mary Frederick, Vicki Bixler, Sharon Poole, Kathy Hall, Pat Romer, Franny Ashby. Nanny Smit. '33 exfet' Left to right: Carolyn Spatz, Pat Clark, ,l0Hannah Linebarger, Mary Lynn Kircher, Yvonne Drake. Seated: Doris Kay Black. Q K I Y Q GQJ Back row, left to right: Wesley Fancher, ,lim Metzdorf, Harold Wolgast, Gerald Facklam. Front row: Brenda Bruckner, Accompanistg Virgil Stanley, Vernon Stanley, Rusty Seacat, Bob Keefer. - P ANGEL SCENE F THE WISEMEN THE NATIVITY 4 dpbfwffpujmwwdfwm Z1 Qmgsf xl i 'xi fa I' 4 5'w, is ,Z I ,7'f ?Q F' ' f, 2 ' "fr ... A Z-jf x 1 Q J ff! Je f? X M-,M , k f f gfxffw 3 3,8 f , 'gb Eg I ,wp X Q07 MS fwff M X AE J Wx 'W' f ff' ff ...Y The crowning by Cilhert Graham. The football was presented to Pat by ,Iollannah Linebarger l Seated at the game The royal entrance. PATRICIA DAWSON Queen The Queen, her attendants, and the escorts. The candidates: Patricia Dawson, Marsha Walker, Sally 0'Brien, Mary Daily, Connie Allen. Bottom row, left to right: Bob Cooper, Bill Barr, Wayne Williams, Larry Nimmo, Fred Burroughs, Gilbert Graham, David Pool, Mike Kerwick, Scott Weeks, Marvin Tweedy. Second row: Head Coach Ralph Brown, Trainer ,lerry Brown, Virgil Stanley, Stan Cook, Lindo Lopez, Lloyd Kufahl, Ronnie Blaylock, Keith Andrews, Lloyd Rogers, Charles Brown, Coach Carl Haney, Coach Jim Bell. Third row: Buster Longstaff, Donald Stubbs, Paul Houston, Mike Waters, Richard Horn, Ernest Baysinger, Paul Beyer, Bud Hinshaw, Ken Andrews, ,lack Smith. Fourth row: Trainer Gary Stotts, Richard Lowry, Leo Lutz, Larry Simpkins, Cary Shepherd, Eugene Ensminger, Larry Cile, Trainer Jody Morris, Trainer Dean Morton. SEASON'S RESULTS Emporia Opponents Eldorado ,,,,ee,, ,,.,,,,,, 1 9 6 Junction City ,,,,, Ynrrr, 2 6 7 Garden City .e,e,ee 6 13 Planeview rrrrrr 40 19 Haskell ,,e, , ,V 4.0 7 Salina e,,, 0 27 Ottawa .,,,,,,,, ,ASAC 2 7 '7 McPherson ,,.,, ,ACCA 3 3 6 Clay Center .e,. eeet,. 3 2 14 Total Scores .,.,, ,,,,,,,, 2 23 106 CARL HANEY RALPH BROWN JIM BELL Coaches 11 4 X Ronnie Blaylock Gilbert Graham Marvin Tweedy David Pool Larry Simkins rr Q- f'f-35iavi'- Bob Cooper Wayne Williams Larry Nimmo Fred Burroughs LiIld0 Lopez v 61 mb? .QW W Xi ' 1 Richard Hom Mike Kerwick Charles Wilson Mike Waters Larry Bitler kv Keith Andrews Dale Longstaff Bill Barr Virgil Stanley Scott Weeks Buster L0ngSlaff .l8Ck Smith Ken Andrews Richard Lowry Donald Stubbs Larry Gile Gary Shepherd Gary McMillan Ernie Boysinger Paul Beyers Kraig Hanson Eddie Schulenberg Eugene Ensminger Bud Hinshaw Charles Brown 1? 4 r as 31 1 h , ., . ,j!.i...,f:- 'fl' ' li I rf- - - Q '-tfriif Leo Lutz Stan Cook Paul Hutson Bill Rogers Lloyd Kufahl I i ,- 0.-0 .QW ity ve-n jf-univ. lu-r LiII!'I1li21Ill4. and the- 1-warts. Mary Dulson, last ye'ar's que-rn, presents jvaniv with thx' silver basketball. fi Yffuibf A 13: N A WEHFSEQEF1 fgww,,1,w' fs ""-vijf ,hifi 4 X wx "WW dm 1 1 JHXNIE 711551-ER Entrance of the Queen at her danc HPF!! A J! b5""'g Qu:-vn jf-univ and hr-r um-mlants. W KJ THE CANDIDATES-Ann Dwelle, Carolyn Spatz, Sharon Poole, Ann Undvrwnml. ,ll'21lli1' Zivglvr. F' 3.50, 2 4 A LM L ann. L we "A" TEAM-Front row: Coach Carl Haney. Gllbert Graham. Marvin Tweedy, Lynn Kindred. David Stuntzner, Dale Lungstaff, Coach Ralph Brown. Bark row: Larry Simkins, Lindo Lopez, Larry Bitler, John Vaughn, Bob Cater, Dick Adam, Ronnie lilaylovk. 338i f 4 35 EE N512 --mi! "BH TEAM-Front row: Dean Horton, Stanley Cook, Buster Longitaff, Mike Waters, Coach Ralph Brown, Coach Jim llell. Bark row: Jody Morris, Hike Ryan. Nlarwin Curley, ,lim N11-tmlorf. K1-nnf-th Andrews, Leo Lutz, Ki-ith Andrews, Glenn llcllurphey, Roy Kane. hell Q' 0 1, mylx 'Sl H y I v .gr dh L iv 'Q "1'l"'-'75 '24' ,' I n ' if 54-Mii H - 2,35 '11 ll Hr Top row, left to right: Rankin, Baker, Jones, Ryan, West, Lefp go righgg jig Jones, Mike Ryan, Roy Kane, Gary We 1 Thomas. Bottom row: Fillmore, Teichgraeber, Barton, West, John Mayhan. Solomon. 1 JIG JONES ROY KANE MIKE RYAN CARY WEST JOHNI XIAX HAN John Nlawhan et a new school record m cro s countrv wlth a tlme of 9 36 on the K U course. ld. JIM BELL foach Which way did they go?? Sleeping Beauties Little Red Riding Hood The Four Musketeers Rock 'em, Sock 'em! The night before the morning after! .v . kkk: V3 Q gi i . . it VW t 5 in g tf fmmz if .L . ' 'Y M' -4 . . I it 1 -,VL it . riii , wif K . M I K 5, 1 5 E W ir A ,JP A 5 f. git. ' , 3 . K A'.. ' ..,.f-g fit, 3-is-ii, K 7 A - 1-e- if L What the . . .??? And they wonder why they're fat! Oh, Happy Day! Seven Come Eleven The Line-Up Homeworkl?7 is their favorite subject Their Pepsgdem Smiles! Oooh, flour!! MSee, hear, and speak no evil." ?4wffv 7 T Qi, M b - xx xx wi ' I if KN . -M 'mx XX' U xm . 4-M L V N S K pj ! ff if 1 1 w A YS If -L 'W Q JM ft Q WV , 4 2+ 5 S q X XXX Q ' X "RSX X XX ' ' X Ti K X . X .X xx XX - XX X xX 'X X X .XX ' X X X vxs .wx ,M ,W ,154 a. :Eg , fn el- ' I, fgiafv 1 , X NYY. s f I ,U I Q SP 2 fx 5 4 34 Q- M! 575: sh 3? JOHN R. WEBB Assistant Principal, Senior Social Studies N,-1' A-dmv' 7 0 K" it silbg 5 N .Q x 'bv x - MRS. ODELLA BAAK MRS. ETHEL BECK JIM BELL English Clothing Physical Education, Biology, Track Coach r. . l WOOD BLOXOM Mathematics F' 1 149' 1-'lux' J. WARREN BRINKMAN J. RAIJPH BROWN DUANE BUTTERFIELD MRS. MARGARET DINKLER An C1-ne-ral Sci:-ncv, Foot- Driver Training, English, Dramatics, ball Coach. Assistant American History Speech Basketball Coach 7 7 OTTO EUBANK Industrial Arts INEZ CREER MRS. ETHEL GRIFFITH Foods, Senior Home Shorthand, Living Bookkeeping LESTER GRIFFITH EMORY GROVES CARL HANEY MARION HOWARD Shop, Auto Mechanics Vocational Physical Education, Spanish Agriculture Social Studies, Basketball Coach MAUDE JACKSON Librarian MARY PETTY Girls' Counselor, English A I' In ,ii - , 5 'A E r. EAREL MCMUNN ORMOND PARKER EDWARD PRICE WAYNE QUIRINC Physical Education, Band, Orchestra Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics 75e MRS. ARVILLA STOKES Secretary to Principal MRS. LOIS JACQUITH LORETTO LANGLEY GEORGE LODLE BARBARA MCJILTON English Typing Industrial Arts Senior Social Studies, Speech, Debate bf? L History Q Q Q Algebra 764 If wr if gs., X... "s.- t -qui' ANITA RICE HAROLD ROYER F. JAY SOUTH American History, Vocational Stenography. Printing, Senior Social Studies Consumers lNIathvmatir's. Journalism Business Exploration SHIRLEY THOMSON English JOHN R. WILLIAMS Biology ii' MS. MRS. LOUISE VANGUNDY SARA WHITE LILLI Physical Education, Vocal Music Hygiene AN WHITBY Latin STELLA KLEIN School Nurse I - ll 'asf rc., ,V ELLEN ICE . . . More than 5,000 Lyon county students have . . . passed through the doorway of room 29, learning from Ellen lce the duties of citizenship, and the rich story of our nationls past. Here is almost a half century of high usefulness to our town, which ended as school closed last spring and Ellen lce shut the door of room 29 forever behind her. . . . YV. L. WYHITE I, . Iv W. .s.., ' W' 'U' 7 ., it ' - L , 41 ,, iff? 1 . 7 3- A . . l - - i ,... A A . A . Y I: S s ,F Ma y ' x 150,35 X ., I sms? ig: WN 5 lx i ", I .Q S 5 FX' X . , s ,z f Q .f . Left to right: Ernestine Holt, Mike Ast, D. R. Thomas, Ernest Marcellus. fl' Left to right: Linda Fouts, Lucy Grimmett, Florence Freeman, Mildred Beyer, Lena Kester. I L 1 Y 4 K l?7 4 ? Il ,Wi X 5 N 5, i Q Xwfffq , 'Praiegla fg v', f - M cum. IW- W 9 Wil -an '..JQ, h if "X, MJ FQ 'f' ff X . , 1 f w m ' X 'X X .-., f ' Q' , f Q Q f I 7 f ,,,-,-2. 252 2, X X ' J 4 , ' if 2 fx f 5 ' Gia AL H. 1JiFl1 M fi+ 4-. LXR xwaxkix-ihxkx if 'N 9'-wg ,K L LXLAX AW If 1 "ff 1 i 1 i 1 I W-N, ll E Q it E fi LGT! ff 5 i 1-1 llyli INN I I1 f A .Hin 221 X a ,if N Pr 171' Sf' ' Tr Mildred Caldwell Rose Carter Leo Case Sharon Coffman Stanley Cook Edith Cox Stuart Cram Jeannette Davidson Carolyn Davis Donnell Dehler George Dewey Pat Dorrell Carol Dorsey Karen Dyer Janet Endly Everett Ensminger Nancy Evans Donald Farthing Darrel Fillmore Lester Flott Carol Forrester David Forrester Alma Foster Bartrella Foster Martha Frederickson Monte Sue Gann Leota Germann Verna Cermann Laura Anderson Kenneth Andrews Keith Andrews Franny Ashby Hazel Ayers Leroy Baker Dixie Barnard Bill Barnow Bob Barr R. J. Barrett Wealtha Bartel Bob Barton Ernest Baysinger Sandra Beck Mary Jane Bedner Chickie Bible Mary Kay Birk Joyce Bischoff Doris Black Ronnie Blaylock Paul Boughton Louise Bouse Sharon Braynard Judy Brock Edith Brockelman Jimmie Brogan Judy Brooks Brenda Bruckner Barbara Burch Barbara Buster - .Sf wmfs K, WM J -af ati fu enfleld nmltt mer athorn herson hnson ieger u r leger mbert ambertson llllan Carolyn Mason Sara Massey Curtis Maxwell Kay McBride Carolyn McCallum Marilyn McCallum Eleanor McElfresh Roy McGrew Myra McMurphey Vance McWil1iam Barbara Mercer Clarence Mercer James Metzdorf Alvin Miller Ruth Miller Karin Moebus Leonard Morfitt Janice Morgan Joe Morris Junior Moyer Mary Murphy Larry Stockton Dorothy Stoeppelwerth Carol Stolfus Gary Stotts Sarah Stout Iona Stuck Rhonda Sutton Warren Thomas Larry Tomlinson Phyllis Troyer Bill Tucker Nancy Van Cordan Mary Vaughn Mary Villa Wendall Weaver Vivian Webb Gary Wilhite Gary Wisler Nancy Wood Shirley Woodworth Jessie Yearout Donald Neufield Bill Nickel Dan Pool Martha Ormsby Marjorie Osman Kathleen Phillips Shirley Potter Rachel Ramirez Ruth Ramirez Barbara Ratley Donna Reisen Cary Rich Lloyd Rogers Judy Rosenbalm Charles Rummage Mike Ryan Philip Schaefer Charles Schmidt Eddie Schulenberg Mary Ann Schultz Norman Sellers Pat Shaver James Shaw Gary Shepherd Donald Shirley Richard Short Camilla Smith Jack Smith Sue Smith Marion Snyder Terry Solomon Doris Spencer Orville Spray Darrell Stebbins Bobby Stephens Judy Stinson . T wr VN, 4 K' 'air .40"X .43-ur 'fl-4? E g!W+.fUx QW ,, 1 1 I A , gg LV ff f 4 f Jwgi: E , . ,M my R V. , .W K M...,.1,,k,Q, . 1 v 'Qs ILNIOR CI ASQ OFFICFRQ lrewlent ROI PK 'NI KNIT X fd'- dk' lzze Pre HIFIII' SKI I Y STURL FON Sezretary RHUNIHX ,IOHINNIUN Truzsurer HOB KP RI l'Nf ER Nfkkg 1- Kathryn Aikens Thomas Baldwin Lewis Barb Barbara Barger Larry Barnhart Donna Barrett Russell Beck Marcia Becker Margaret Becker Kay Belfield Paul Beyer Duane Birk Vicki Bixler Thelma Brockelman Charles Brown Beverly Browning Pauline Browning ,lean Ann Burch Mary Burroughs Harold Cade Pat Carney Robert Cater Rosalie Chapman Mildred Cole Delores Collinge Darrell Cross Robert Dabbs Kay Daily Linda Darby Richard Davis in ' Pat Dawson Dick DeBauge 'Y' .Qi X .QW in-W f Xxx .ii gf, .1 we-7 , f -61' S7- -. ,f-. Z 5 gr if ,J we X ,,, Y 91'- eat Robert Davis ,gr "E -6-V '45 ,Q F 'f IH Paul DeBauge mes 4 1 :L fue ' +35-f . Q .f . 'S fr , f l' ' ' 'Y ,. 1 K We ,t,,,iL.'-, i,-r . ,, 5 1 " i'A' ,H-2 ' I I 'gli - . , , '."i:if7'f 'ii- iff :', liiira 7 TLS' ' F fam ress l 3 v .3 ,ef .Q f 5 ,A g,.,:.,yf,a'j.j:,1'.I5,' " All A if .A ,' -Q ,5 fa x is ' 3:2 " , v -xl ' A . ri 's s I 5 X S' y f y ff-'SZ HW a J 35 fix gn I 1, i J 'x X? 4 E Denise Dehler Pat Dow Rhonda Duby Phillip Duncan Douglas Dwelle Harold Erwin Roberta Facklam Prudence Faulkenbury Tom Fitzpatrick Mary Frederick Richard Fry Martina Gaspar David Gilbert Darrell Gilliland Gerald Green .loyce Grogan Louise Haiducek Harlan Hamman Phyllis Hammond Kenneth Hanson Beverly Hayes Donald Herrick Wayne Herrick David Hill Barbara Hinrichs Bud Hinshaw Carolyn Holman Elvy Hopkins Richard Horn Judy Horrell Jerry Hotzel Carol Houser Karen Houser Mary Housley Wayne Hufferd Arla Hurst Paul Huston Joyce Jacob Evalee Jernigan Frank Johnson Norma Johnson Rhonda Johnston Jig Jones Judy Jones Leroy Jones Louis Jones Robert Kerlinger Emil Krueger ,ff -Lc'6?'L1'f1f:vzz v'4-fffycwf !Norman Largentif Kay Lindquist George Lodle Buster Longstaff Richard Lowry Roger Manda Jane Marlar Donald Mayes Gary McMillan Greta McMunn Glen McMurphey Judy Morgan Betty Morris Dean Morton Earl Murphy John Nielsen 41" ' W x r ., 3 Je, ,W ' J 1 NO! Larry Nielsen Bonita Ohm Betty O,Mara Maryanna Overstake Jerry Parker Kenneth Parker Margaret Parks Gerald Pauler Anna Mae Peak Norma Pearson Marjorie Phillips Tommy Place .loan Powell Catherine Rangel John Rankin Phillis Retschlag Mildred Richards Blas Rodriguez John Rogers Lloyd Rogers Ray Rowhuff Fred Saffer Margaret Sanchez Alva Schaefer Larry Schaefer Larry Schneider Patsy Schottler Clara Schwindt Margaret Schwindt Nancy Scott' Rusty Seacat Diane Settlemeyer Wilma Short Billie Shively Norma Sielert Ida .loy Sill Larry Simkins Pat Smalling Van Smith Jerrold Spady Martha Stout Cleo Strasser Donald Stubbs David Stuntzner Sally Sturgeon Richard Tatman Wilma Tatman Robert Taylor Jerry Teichgraeber Noble Thorton Velma Tucker John Vaughn Karen Walker Mike Waters .ludy Weigand Gaylord West Mary Lou Whitney Billie Jo Williams Robert Williams Tom Williams Charles Wilson Harold Wolgast Janice Zug Delores Zumbru III 1 in u.,4-y.'- r 'UV' MA Nw E E 'N f rs- gh Q X 5 X5 .df TD Me an -.v-'ff ffl g, j of r i ,J , 2 152 L. . -cv A by-N, 3 , Rf' ' S 4... if ii- 151'-l Ml .. 1 J, s...,,-' gpg- lf A Q M e 1 L v3""f be uk 'D as 27' -- auf , e 5-ff :rf . GE V i ,siiw f V i J IE fer ATX 0 ...UU 5 X I K UNL ,-1 1-Az... 'Y' ,X ,, I H ' U I Inf :QP I E' .I my I W..M-WM if j.,I+!"?jI1 I IQ" MMM., ,.L., ,,,, ,LLL I f Q ', Q ,, I 'I 5 WWI ,I I 1',,,f:, 1 - , 77, My lg, nw fzfwfw ns- ww QI -12' . I ,-as ,. ff -Y-I fs SENIOR CI ASS OFFICERS lresulent , ,, , , , , LXINN KIBDRED Vice President ,,,,,,,,,,, , , , , ,,,,, ,, JOHLE HEINSLEY Serretrzry H, ,, ,,,, ,,,, H, SUE SPECHT Treaslzrnar , , , NIARSHA WALKER . if ALVARADO, MARTIN I Love Girls Patrol Boy. Peg of My Heart BARR, BILL Dollar BARNARD, BERNIECE ZIFA5 Ttl ry. .lust In Love Orchestra, Y-Teen, Band, Christmas Pro- gram. BECKER, LINDA I Love a Parade l Y-Teen, Spartan Band, FBLA. BEDNER, CARL Enjoy Yourself Stagecraft, "B" Basketball. BEccs, LARRY Siranger in Paradise Track, Trainer, Cross Country, Choir, Spar- tan Club, Re-Echo Staff, Sophomore Bas- ketball. BITLER, LARRY Hajji Baba Football, Tennis, Basketball. BOAN, LEONITA I A I'll Always Be in ,Love Y-Teen Cabinet, IRO. ANDREWS, PEGGY . . Y-Teen, GAA, Choir, Chorale, Christmas Program, Girls' Clee Club, Music Concerts. Somebody Goofed Football, Golf, Track, Christmas Program, Spartan Club, "E" Club. BARRETT, GLENN I Bet a Dadgum, Doggone, Dadburn Vocational Agriculture. ADAM, DICK S. P. I Love You Basketball, Track, Cross Country, "E" Club, Key Club, Spartan Club, Student Council, President of Latin Club, Choral Reader. ALFORD, VERNON Mr. In-between Band, Orchestra. ALLEN, CONNIE '. f, A-Youfre Adorable Echo, Y-Teen, Glee Club, Spartan Club, Student Council, "Pride and Prejudice," Christmas Program. ful ll 1-jwfq, BUCKRIDGE, TWILA Y.--t"' 'f Where Is Your Heart Y-Teen, Spartan Club. BURRoUcHs, FRED How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on Farm the Football, FFA, Secretary. CADE, MARYLYN ANN Rohr' ' Young at Heart Spartan Club, CAA, Choir, Ensemble. CARTER, PHYLLIS H fS VJ?-f1'l 'll mas Program. BOCK, Boa Home on the Range -0' if BOLLINGER, CECIL I Get a Kick Out of You Vdf-I9 nf. If I Give My Heart to You Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program CLARK, PAT ,Lyon - I Feel a Song Coming On Spartan Club, GAA, Band, Choir, En- sembles, Y-Teen Cabinet, Orchestra, Christ- FFA, Vice President and Secretary, Stu- dent Council, Christmas Program. CLEMMER, DoR1s . I'm Used to You Y-Teen, Spartan Student Council. Sophomore Basketball, Choral Reader. BOYCE, MARCIA A I'm Your Girl Club, Choral Reader, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christmas Program, Glee Club. BRICKLEY, SHIRLEY ANN Happy, Happy Heart 4 . GAA, Glee Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Pro- gram, Spartan Club. BROWN, ALICE MAE A ' Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue Latin Club, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christ- mas Program. BROWN, JERRY Take Me Out to the Ballgame Hi-Y, Secretary, Boys' State, Sophomore Basketball, Business Manager of Re-Echo, Track, Football and Basketball Manager, Latin Club, Choral Reader, IRO. BUCKLEY, PAUL Let Bygones Be Bygones Football, Track, Clee Club, Cross Country. Five Foot Two Oh, Happy Day COWAN, MARY JO Spartan Club, Y-Teen, GAA, Choir, Cho- rale, Ensemble, Christmas Program. DAILY, MARYCM6. David poolb COE, BOB Slowpoke COLLINCE, MARGARET UW ffl l'l41ff7 R0 b 'Wt I'1l Be Around Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christmas Program COOPER, BOB King Without a Queen Track, President Sophomore Class, Presi dent Hi-Y, "E" Club, Key Club, Football Spartan Club, Band, Choral Readers, Re Echo Staff. +I, v DETTMER, MARY LOU Scatterbrain Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Choir, GAA, Glee Club. DICKS, CLARA JANE ' .4 I Don't Love Nobody Y-Teen, GAA. DRAKE, YVONNE . I Wedding Bells Y-Teen, GAA, Clee Club, Chorale, Choir, Ensemble, Spartan Club, Christmas Pro- gram. DUNCAN, WAYNE Hotrod Race DWELLE, ANN Tlpm P3075 You M usta Been a Beautiful Baby Y-Teen, Red Cross, "B" Team Cheerlead- er, Spartan Board, "Pride and Prejudice." Re-Echo Staff. DAVIDSON, PATRICIA MAY There l've Said Iz Again Y-Teen, GAA, Spartan Club. Football Queen Candidate, Y-Teen Treas- urer, GAA, Music Concerts, Spartan Club, Glee Club, Christmas Program, Red Cross. DAVIS, DONALD Skatefs Waltz Patrol Boy. ,om 7 i. DAVIS, DONNA RAE 1 , Smile Student Council, GAA President, YTeen Spartan Club, Christmas Program T? FANCHER, WES Wine, Women and Song Club, Choir. FAULKENBURY, LARRY Making Whoopee Council, Spartan Club. FAUST, JUDITHMQ-ROM, 5 I When You're in Love Band, Glee Club, YTeen, Christmas Pro gram. FFA. FINUF, LAWRENCE Heart of Gold Basketball, Track. FORRESTER, GEORGE I'm a Lonesome Polecat Stagecraft, Spartan Club, Intramurals, Basketball, Track. GERMANN, GEORGE With a Sang in My Heart Choir, Choral. GLAZE, HAROLD In the Mood Spartan Club Representative. GRAHAM, GILBERT l'ue Cot a Way With Women Football, Basketball, Track, "E" Club President, Vice President. GREEN, ANITA i Don't Let Me Dream Y-Teen, Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Pro- gram, Band. FLOTT, JOHN I'lI Never Pass This Way Again EDWARDS, SHIRLEY 'Df ,gkttfn I'm Noborly's Baby Y-Teen, Spartan Club, CAA, Assistant Sports Manager of GAA. EVANS, BARBARA I Love the Sunshine of Your Smile Y-Teen, GAA Secretary and Treasurer, Spartan Club, Christmas Program Usher, Choral Reader. FACKLAM, JERRY Mr. Taptoe Orchestra, Choir, Chorale. Football, Basketball, Track, Boys' Glee Fnotball, Christmas Program, Student HENSLER, JIM He's Just a Shy Guy lntramurals. HENSLEY, JOYCE -- ' Too Marvelous for Words Y-Teen Cabinet, Latin Club, Spartan Club, Debate Club Secretary, Choir, Chorale Treasurer Junior Class, Sec.-Treasurer IRO, Jr. Red Cross, Vice President Senior Class. HILL, ROBERT Can This Be Love? Golf Team, Latin Club, Christmas Program, Spartan Club, Re-Echo, Choral Reader. HOLLINGSHEAD, MARY ANN Beautiful Dreamer Y-Teen, Spartan Club. HOPPER, EUGENE Pretty Words Debate, Latin Club, Spartan Club, Hi-Y Secretary. IRWIN, BARBARA Da vi . GREENLEE, LOUISE Pretty Eyed Baby Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christmas Program, Choral Reader, GAA Vice President. Living on Love Y-Teen, Choir, CAA, Spartan Club, Christ- mas Program. JACQUES, JANET Tulips and Heather Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Choral Reader, Glee Club. HALL, KATHY H9'H'enbQSh' You and the Night and the Music Y-Teen, Spartan Club, GAA, Choir, Choral, Boys' Cleo Club, Girls' Cvlee Club ACC., Christmas Program, Red Cross, Play, Re- Echo Staff. HARRELL, WANDAE-IOJCUOISQ Sweet and Lovely Choir, Chorale, Christmas Program, GAA, Spartan Club, Y-Teen cabinet, Y-Teen Camp. HARTENBOWER, ELAINE :QCP Oh! Y-Teen Vice President, Spartan Club Choral Reader, Band, Twirler, Drum Major HAWKINS, BILL Where Did the Wild West Co? FFA, Student Council, State Farm Me chanics Contest, Christmas Program. HEADLY, DOREEN ' , It's Love Y-Teen, Re-Echo Staff. s KINDRED, LYNN l've Found Myself a Million Dollar Baby "E" Club, Key Club, Basketball, Golf, Student Council, Latin Club, Senior Class President, Christmas Program. KING, GEORGIE l'm Always Chasing Rainbows CAA, Latin Club, Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program, C-lee Club, Concerts. KIRCHER, MARY LYNN if They Didn't Believe Me Y-Teen, GAA, Spartan Club, Plays, Choir, Chorale, Christmas Program. KUFAHL, SANDRA if-1 fm I Could Write a Book CAA, Y-Teen, Spartan Club. 1 LACKEY, WILMA , W A Little Sunbeam Y-Teen. JEHLE, CATHERINE Thumbelina Club, Choral Reader. LAMB, BARBARA JEAN What a Crazy Mind Concerts, Y-Teen, Glee Club, Christmas Program. GAA, Band, YTeen, Red Cross, Spartan LANG, DAVID lt's in the Book No. 1 Intramurals, Band. JONES, PEGGY LOU Hep Cat Baby Glee Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program, Spartan Club. KAROLIK, JAMES Crazy Man Crazy Band Cheerleader, Orchestra, Spartan Club, Echo Staff. KEEFER, ROBERT D. Baby Face Choir, Chorale, Hi-Y, Student Council, Spartan Club, Concerts. KEEFOVER, BEVERLY C, ham ber' likin- True Love Goes Ort' and On Y-Teen, GAA, Spartan Club, Clee Club, Christmas Program. KERWICK, MIKE Taking It Easy Stagecraft President, Football, Christmas Program. LOWERY, WAY'NE Tell life a Story Debate, IRO, Hi-Y, Speech Choral Reader. MANDA, CAROLYN Cabinet. MANNING, SUE Angel Eyes MAYHAN, JOHN Clarinet Polka .IRO President, Band, Orchestra, Echo Staff, HE" Club, Christmas Program, Track, Key Club. 3 MCELFRESH, HELENv,,'l'i1ff fm ,-'Ur 'PW 'V I When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christmas Program. MCGLINN, C. J. Blame it on My Youth Hi-Y, Track, Cross Country, Christmas Program. LOOMIS, CARLA HFS 5lMlD'9 Don't Let the Stars Get in our yes You're So Understanding Choral Reader, Spartan Club, Y-Teen Red Cross, Student Council, GAA, Y-Teen, Choir, Chorale, Ensembles, Re-Echo, Glee Club, Spartan Club. LANG, HAROLD It's in the Book No. 2 Band, Orchestra, Intramurals. LINCOLN, ALICE .Q fig, L A, Pretty As a Picture Spartan Club, Latin Club, Y-Teen, Echo Staff, Re-Echo Staff, Christmas Program, Play. LINEBARGER, JOHANNAH Fi " T7 fl' Embraceable You Christmas Program, Echo Staff, Ensembles, Spartan Club, Football Queen, "A" Team Cheerleader, Choir, Chorale, Red Cross, Y-Teen, GAA. LONGSTAFF, ANN MLKPDCWQA You and Your Beautiful Eyes GAA, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Glee Club. LONGSTAFF, DALE Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair Football, Track, Basketball, "E" Club Treasurer, Band. Festival. LUSK, DORLA Crook' I Can Dream Can't I Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program. J NAIL, MARY LOU Almost Always Red Cross, Y-Teen, Choral Reader, GAA, Band. NELSON, JANIE STIWDSUD' Janie With the Light Brown Hair Spartan Club, Y-Teens, Red Cross. NICKOLAS, FREIDA R iekclbcmwgh ' Ask Me No Questions Concerts, Christmas Program, Y-Teen, Spartan Club. MUNOZ, LOUISA Lady of Spain MCMULLEN, JOHN The Old Master Painter eil, Track, Re-Echo Staff, Key Club, "E" Club, Red Cross, Spartan Club, Christmas Program. MENDEL, DAVID Nature Boy Spartan Club, Band, Hi-Y, Football. MERCER, ORVILLE DEAN Three Little Words FFA. MILLER, BETTY liuhlnlqnn A Anywhere I Wander Red Cross, Christmas Program, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Clee Club. MISER, CAROLB FUC3 I Didn't Slip, I Wasn't Pushed, I Fell Band, Y-Teen, Red Cross, Choir, Chorale, Spartan Club, Christmas Program. MOORE, LEONARD At Last, Az Last Printing, Choral Reading. MORDY, PAUL Wait for Me Hi-Y, Spartan Club. MORFITT, DAVID Silent Knight Key Club Treasurer. NAIL, ELSIE VAN SICKLE Here Comes the Bride Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Glee Club, Choir, Concerts, Christmas Program. Basketball, Cross Country, Student Coun- PAVILLARD, TISH PM Little Things Mean a Lot Y-Teen, "State Fair," "Pride and Preju- dice," Choral Readers, Red Cross, Spartan Club, Re-Echo Staff, Choir, Student Coun- cIl. PIERCE, LARRY Marching Along Football, Stagecraft. PococK, CHARLES You Are My Lucky Star Debate Treasurer, Hi-Y, "Pride and Preju- dice." FFA. Council, Club. PooL, DAVID Mr. Touchdown Football, Track, Key Club, Junior Class Vice President, Sophomore Basketball, Spartan Club, "E" Club. POOLE, SHARON 4 Girl of My Dreams Glee Club, Sophomore Class Secretary, Chorale, Choir, Ensemble, Spartan Club President, Football Queen Candidate, Re- Echo Staff, Latin Club Secretary, Red Cross, Y-Teen Cabinet, GAA. NEILSEN, JIMMY JOE Lazy Bones PRICE, MARGUERITL Sentimental Eyes Christmas Program, Y-Teen, Spartan Club NIMMO, LARRY I Think Ill Fall in Love Football, Hi-Y, Basketball, Track, Student Christmas Program, Band, Spartan O,BRIEN, SALLY H nhl? Spartan Club, Latin Club. OHM, KEN Intramurals. If You Should Ever Need Me Debate, Y-Teen Cabinet, Re d Cross, What Is This Thing Called Love Track, Basketball, Hi-Y, Cross Country, OLDHAM, MARTHA ANN Ain't She Sweet Band, Glee Club, Christmas Program, Y- Teen, Concerts, Spartan Club. OLIN, DEAN I Never Talk Mach Cross Country, Echo Staff. PALMER, BETTY V' A J In My Own Quiet Way Red Cross, Spartan Club Sec.-Treasurer Christmas Program, CAA, Y-Teen. Spartan Club. IRO, Echo Sta PRICE, MARLYN LQ Sweet Sue Red Cross, Girls' og lei Clee Club, Y-Teen. PRICE, SALLY MQSON lf l Knew You Were Coming l'ri Have Baked a Cake ff, SI Program. Y-Teen, C PRUITT, DIANE ' Tell .We Why Y-Teen Cabinet, Spartan Club, REDMAN, ELAINE If -e'l"l JN l'rn Your Girl Y-Teen. Christmas Program. Spartan Club. f I I REICHARDT, DELOREs L, .if W El?" Unforgettable Y-Teen Secretary, Spartan Club, Latin Club, Choir, Chorale, Christmas Clee Club, Latin Y-Teen. RICHARDSON, ARLENE -..NIV X Getting To Know You Band, Y-Teen, Spartan Club. REVEL, LA RETTASVYTCX Crazy Bout Ya Baby Spartan Club, Y-Teen President, Red Cross, Christmas Program, Latin Club, Fcho Staff RIDER, jon N And So To Sleep Again Basketball, Football, Stagecraft, Hi-Y, Track, Cross Country. ROBINSON, PAT Forfes-hr l'm Sitting On Top of the World Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Choral Reader, Clee Club, Christmas Program. ROMER, PAT lv- FWF'-.t f Beautiful, Beautiful Brown Eyes Treasurer Sophomore Class, Vice President of Spartan Club, President of Spartan Club, Band, Choral, Choir. RUSSELL, LAWRENCE Somehow, Somewhere, Someday Hi-Y Vice President, Spartan Club. ROBERTS, CALVIN Tumbling Tumbleweed FFA, Red Cross. ROBERTS, HARRY llll Be There Hi-Y, IRO, Basketball. tartan Club, Christmas lee Club, Eeho Editor. "VI I. tl. Christmas Program, Club. SPATZ, CAROLYN Dex WCLSG I7 Dancing Princess Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Choir, Ensembles, Re-Echo Staff, Student Council, Cheer- leader, CAA, Glee Club, Christmas Pro- gram. SPECHT, SUE 'lic N bf! C199 If You Knew Susie Like We Know Susie Christmas Program, Y-Teen, CAA, Spartan Club, Glee Club. STANLEY, VERNON Count Your Blessings Debate. Key Club. Choir, Ensembles, Red Cross. Student Council, Hi-Y. STANLEY, VIRGIL I Believe Football, Debate, Key Club, Hi-Y, En- sembles. STEBBINS, WAYNE llust Can't Remember the Words FFA. DCHAEFER, CHARLOTTE I Beg Your Pardon Y-Teen, Spartan Club. STEM, RUTH If I Were a Boy Red Cross, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Student Council, Christmas Program. .1 - STOCKTON, PATSY RQGIQKQV That's All She's Waitin' To Hear Christmas Program, Y-Teen. Music Con- certs, Spartan Club, Clee Club. SERVEY, DONNA Cot No Time Y-Teen, Spartan Club. SHIVELY, ROBERT l'll Get By Football, Hi-Y. SMITH, DORTIIY I'rn Satisfied Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Red Cross, Christmas Program. "7 SMITH, VIRGINIA ,I at Sometimes I'm Happy Glee Club, Christmas Program, Choir, En- sembles. Re-Echo Staff, Spartan Club, CAA, Y-Teen. SNYDER, CHARLES I Was Lucky Stagecraft, Band. UNDERWOOD, ANN CAR0LClNlr3--J'1nn 7 mol Lost in Lovellness Ki l'l0l Spartan Club, Clic-eI'learler, Student Coun- cil, Vice President, Latin Club, CAA, Foot- ball Queen Canrliflate, Re-Fvhru Etlitor, Christmas Program, Y-Teen. VAIL, CARI. .llusir .Walter llantl, Orchestra, Cleo Club, Cross Country. VERNON, CALVIN l Tau! l Taw a Putty Tat WAITE, JUDY ELAINE Anyone Ilan Fall Spartan Club. Teen. The Happy Wanderer Hi-Y, Football. in Love Y-'le-en, lflee Club, Christmas Program, WALKER, MARSHA Looe ls the Sweetest Thing Spartan Club, Cheerleader, Senior Class Treasurer. CAA, Re-Echo Staff, Student Counul, Choir, Christmas Program, Y STONEBRAKER, ROBERT EDWARD WARD, CAROL l-sC1f1Clt.S My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time Y-Teen Cabinet, Spartan Club, Christmas Program. , rf Tia- 5 'li TT K 'YQ' SIIDDoc:K, CAROLYN .glhombgff l Unnlt Lllff? This Time of Living 01 Y Tun, Christmas Program. SWEET, WILLIAM Somebody Loves Me FFA. TIIoIvIAs, SHIRLEY TLEEN lvlcuu well All l Want is a Chance CAA, Y-Teen, Stuilent Council, Spartan Club Secretary. f 'V4-A TIMMONS, SAM Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Student Council. TRIMBLE, DAVID , Gee, l Wish l Had fl Girl Key Club, Colf Team, Basketball, Track, Latin Club. TWEEDY, MARVIN l'd Like to Get You On a Slow Boat to China Fotball, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Junior Class President. Student Council, Choir, Ensemble, "E" Club. WEST, GARY When You're Smiling WHITE, MARTIN Hi-Y. ,A WATERMAN, MARY ffl' 'T 'I Till We Meet Again Spartan Cluh, Christmas Program, Y-Teen Cleft' Club. WEAVER, MARILYN ' It Ain't Necessarily So Y-Teen, Christmas Program, Spartan Club WEEKS, SCOTT Knock on Wood Football, Choir, Patrol Boy, Intramurals Track. Cross Country, Track, "E" Club. lf I Give My Heart to You WHITTINGTON, JOHN High and the Mighty Basketball, Track, Cross Country, ME" Club, Key Club, Spartan Club, President of Stu- dent Council. WILLIABIS, VIRGINIA WILLIAMS WAYNE Youlre My Everything Football Band Orchestra WRIGHT, WENDELL llm an Old Cowhand FFA. ZIEGLER, JEANIE - QCJ.e.-- How Do You Speak to an Ana? Secretary of Student Council, GAA, Y- Teen, Choir, Spartan Club, Cheerleader. ZUMBRUNN, CLAYTON Don't Fence Me In FFA. I Like It, I Like It Spartan Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Program. J WILLIAMSON, SALLY SUE O G' P024 Y Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Spartan Club ChflSlm3S Program YTeen Student Council, Clee Club, GAA. WING JIMMIE DEAN Bell Bottom Blues Cross Country, Key Club, Boys' State, Trainer. Len .sift . get .. Thr- gang's all he-re Mmmm . . . thls is life! L'mk'k7 4 A. ,, ' 4. , Q .ix r ' 'Mig q it . we Qi!" 'mi if . Q 4' Gentlemen prefer brunettes. H-fwevieanwwifa -'e' What? It was football llotlorns u Jr-V K ,.r: l ewee fele f eee' V - f - -'-v M 1 My turn's next! I just cl0n't get it! All right Shadow, this is it! "Co, Spartans, Col" LPVS S0 his team! You should have seen the one that got away. "The Roaring Twentiesv Let me out!! ,, far ,,. 1 f I , ff if f fi F4 y Q -1 v 9 ef Wlllllf lllll, 1 17177711 vsr-'M i l -. in 1 f I W j' ly J.,-,,, Apaf 1- A.. sg -- lil ',,, REDDY ' , V KnLowATT - jhwyswwgqqr I, F :Xu 4 r , If ,, 5 wwarqgg 9 P . I V D X 7 Q ff, ,N Q , Mu Wishes luclc 'lo all sfudenis and '55 grad- uafes, and remember, your faifhful elecfric servanf is always ready fo serve you wifh pleniy of elecfric power-ai' home, ai' work, ai' play. Complimenis of ANDERSON'S GREENHOUSE The Horqe of Fine Flowers Complimen+s of HOFFMAN'S FOOD MARKET 7 Painfs Wallpaper Linoleum MARC MARCELLUS Wes+ 6'I'h ai' Ches+nu'l' ipf- .,- , -9 -E ..V,, , I up .T 13 Klbdom 3' Riverside 6ara'ens Twenfy Thousand Fee+ of Glass RIVERSIDE GARDENS, FLOWERSHOP AND GREENHOUSES Phone I048 Memorial Drive Emporia, Kan. Our hearfiesf congraiulaiions 'lo 'I'he graduaiing class of '55. We are ever grafeful fo +he members of 'l'he faculfy and +o +he siudeni' body for 'lheir paironage. BROADVIEW HOTEL ELMER W. SIEDHO'FF Manager mth 'EEPNS JOHN M. HILTO DELOY E. HEATH Phone 478 Emporia, Kansas Columbia Building I no w ns A-S , Dee. 'Phone 497 BERG AND FROST Prescripfion Pharmacy The Pharmacy Where Your Prescripiion Comes Firsf I9 Wesi' 6+h CARL F. BERG C. E. FROST 1 i KTSW Emporia-Speaking "The Richesl Man Cannol' Buy for Himself Whaf fhe Pooresf Man Ge+s Free by Radio" -SARNOFF The MUTUAL BROADCASTING SYSTEM F . "'I Complimenfs of BLAYLOCICS CAFE Open 24 Hours a Day VIRGIL J. RICE Dis'IricI' Ageni' Norfhwesi' Mufual Life Insurance CITIZEN NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Wa+cI1 and WBICIIGS Jewelry Repairing DIGMOFICIS MORRIS DRUG CO. Phone 232 423 Commercial O. D. HARRIS D. W. MORRIS EIgin, Bulova, HamiII'on Gruen, Longines, Whiffnauer ALSPAW'S JEW-ELRY 707 Commercial Sfreef Emporia, Kansas Rig? J- I. sf 'fs J5' ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL Home I R ' I MR. AND MRS. HARRY w. BARNE1'r YQK X Phone 76 -E is a . . THE COLLEGE OF EMPORIA Offers a 8200.00 SCHOLARSHIP To Every Emporia High Graduafe By special acfion of fhe Board of Trusfees of The College of Emporia, any graduafe of an accredifed Lyon Counfy High School will be granfed a "Trusfees' Scholarship" of 5200.00 per year, 'lhese scholarships being in addifion fo any of fhe over 250 ofher scholarships available fo enfering sfudenfs who qualify for fhem. The College of Emporia, offers you a wide program of "Liberal Arfs wifh Chrisfian Emphasis." A small school, if offers you as one of ifs sfudenfs fhe disfincf advanfages inherenf in fhe small college: indivi- dualized insfrucfion, a friendly afmos- phere, and an excepfional sfudenf- faculfy relafionship. Hs feaching graduafes, ifs business and science graduafes, ifs religious leaders, and ifs sfudenfs in scores of ofher fields and professions have re- ceived fine fraining for fheir life work and for morally-responsible cifizenship. lfs music facull-y is parficularly ouf- sfanding, and almosf every C. of E. sfu- denf finds if possible fo falze parf in fhe musical evenfs of "The College." Wonderful new science facilifies will be available early in I956 when fhe S290,000 science hall is builf and equipped. The College of Emporia is accredifed by fhe Norfh Cenfral Associafion. and by numerous ofher accredifing agencies. LUTHER E. SHARPE, Presidenf THE COLLEGE OF EMPORIA EMPORIA, KANSAS l-1,, Il 'Huw'-"' SCHULENBERG MOTOR CO., INC. NAVRAT'S I6 Wesi' 6+h Emporia, Kansas Schoo' SUPPlie5-TYPeW"i+e"5 20l Easf 6+h Phone 2940 Educafional Games-Greefing Cards YQUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER You Can Pay More Bui' You Can'+ Buy Be'H'er Congrafulafions '55 EMPORIA PASTRY SHOP nn 6l2 Commercial Phone I42 I "95'3,fa.,RN"5.c5c5P!9Y E 10Ef6th--Emp0S3,KmS. FARMERS SUPPLY l402 Easf 6+h Phone I346 EMPORIA, KANSAS GEORGE GROH AND SONS Furnaces and Roofing LENNOX AND SECURITY FURNACES 325 and 327 Com'I Phone 3274 HOCH'S DAIRY MACK F. ROBINSON Phone 2054 6+I1 and Union EMPORIA, KANSAS a -W A fx... In Emporia, H"s Music by Grade A Pasfeurizeci M THE COUNTS Dairy Produds K .,,,fl1'::" DAIRY QUEEN H 0 in W1-'17 OM GENQED p.:S" "A Treai' for Tasfe, a Food for Healih I708 Wes'I' 6'rI1 EMPORIA A Bob Bowman, Manager PHONE I347 RED X IA, KANSAS EMPOR 634 Commercial Emporia, Kansas I I LAWRENCE MOTOR CO.. INC. POOLE'S "The Schoolgirls' Heaclquarfers For Smarf SporI'swear" DODGE Job-Rafed Trucks DODGE-PLYMOUTH DAVIS-SPECHT Cars Super Service 5I0 Wesi' 6+h Avenue PHONE IIB? 730 Commercial Emporia, Kansas EMPORIA, KANSAS THE EMPORIA SPORT SHOP Sfrand Thea'I'e'r Building IIAYNES HUGHES AND CO. Diamonds-Wafches PHONE 482 523 COMMERCIAL "SAMUEL'S BOOK STORE" School Books and Supplies 526 If2 COMMERCIAL Z X 5222325 -! Ia il - 3 I If 4 ' ' v'..,gSv,': ' I fzkeigarr I M lizizgiih " V. - ,, MUTUAL BUILDING AND LOAN' ASSOCIATION "Mos+ Likely To Be Remembered For Their Smar'I' Appearance" Are AII Sfudenfs Who Buy Their Clofhes ai' 4 E!E..'QfE.E I POWELL MoToRs, INC. ,zgsgftfgeh Lx STUDEBAKER AND PACKARD W M I N N fxlr M Sales Service N g 5 rm - Mwlymv 'vw ,.A. I 1- w " FAN-ESTIL PACKING CO. Emporia, Kansas Processors of Blue Sfem and FIin'I Hill Fine Meal Proclucis SQUARE DEAL CLEANERS Our Slogan-"SuclcIen Service" 2I Com'I Sf. Phone 834 GRANGER'S Ready-Io-Wear ' For Girls and Women S 623 Com'I 8: BATTERY SERVICE GREEN'S CONOCO SERVICE STA. 6+I1 and SI'a'l'e Emporia, Kansas 8I5 Commercial Phone 776 Emporia, Kansas :J .X-. .. ,li-CongraIuIa+idns iIO'Q'I'I16 Class of '55 . I lil LYON STATE BANK . A N , 5 , A I. 4 I X lx . . E-, Member 3 A Ifederal Deposif Insurance Corp. 1 Q? K America enioys I the pause that refreshes "A'I' +l1e Sign of Hue Elgin Clock' Sali' Feriilizer Seed STANLEY JEWELRY 6 I 9 Commercial PEAK FEED AND SEED CO Purina Chows-Mill Feeds 1 Phone 342 6I4 Mechanc Emporia, Kansas RICKERD TRANSPORT INN 3f4 Mile Wes? of Ciiy Limifs On Highway 50s CAFE-SERVICE STATION--GARAGE 24 Hour Service EMPORIA, KANSAS i Com plimenfs of DUMNIS ' V 'FN ISU A Good Name In Furni+ure our 5o+h Year E. S. DUMNIS JOE DUMNIS 1'--v 'ln ' A 5 ff E --,1 'ff Lllfllyl ', f il ,Y 'W , E , 51,1 :gift E, g I ' . L ,Av WARREN MORTGAGE sg INVESTMENT COMPANY R.P.wAmN.P-mm .Qeal Ccsfafe Baum and gnvesfmenfs w. A. vlcl PRESIDENT R. H. BREWER. Blcnznnv-Tnrzuunnn I .idnzawcglfkzw J' MAYTAG SALES CO. 6I5 Com'l Phone l0I5 LISTEN TO THE LATIMER Lafe News. 6:I5 P.M., KTSW Complimenfs of BAILEY TRANSFER 8: STORAGE CO. I50I Wes'l' 6+I1 Phone I92 Complimenis of MCVEY FUNERAL HOME Harlan McVey F. R. McVey Bearrice McVey srunlo H Over McLeIlan's FLEMING LUMBER AND MATERIAL CO. Dealers In Lumber and Building Maierials Corner of 5'l'h and Congress Sis. Phone 73 TH CITI EN ATIO AL BAN llml v BLM fam pwuff A ww gfwv- , f i A H I fmtiwmaldw 'Capnfal and Surplus fqgs Q. mP0fliS Ol SI' and Q I 9009 0' U I 'H'UwAM QU 41 f Q., Om? lx JT WMIAQL W M A ' F 2 XCLUM I' ff , 505- ,gy JL. 3222165 ACCOUNTS If SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT TIME CEIIlcTIFTCE:1SI'cES1NTS'.f K, " -EIOLRSEIGIEPEPSKILIIZATENILE II' Does Make a Differ You Do Your Banking THE EMPORIA GAZETTE PHIL WOODBURY Radio, Television, Records 86-G SI7 Merchan+ II03 Commercial CircuIa+ion ABC 8760 Phone 20 ELLIOTT MOTORS, Inc. EMPORIA NEWS DEPOT 04, mM09T:i:.l.1x2lQvENuE Magazines and Greeiing Cards M EMPORIA ANSAS 725 COMMERCIAL STREET 5 l BRATTON HOME 'A' MCANTEE A' 3, AUTO SUPPLY INSURANCE AGENCY I Fisk Tires-Sporfing Goods 703V2 Commercial CompIimen'l's of DR. W. S. HANCOCK Complimenfs of QP'I'0m9'I'l'lSI' BROS., 72I Commercial Phone I46 Wholesale Foods EMPORIA, KANSAS I434 D CLINE AUTO SUPPLY IREKLAN Wholesale Au'I'o Supplies 4I9 Commercial S+. Phone I96 and 49I EMPORIA, KANSAS D'DDE ROBERTS LEATHER GOODS OFFICE SUPPLY 8: PRINTING, INC. 0 Q h 24 Wesf Sixfh-Emporia, Kansas GIHS of Lea' er School Books and School Supplies 4l4-I6 Commercial Phone 638 EMPORIA PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO., INC. R. D. Marsh-O. A.. Harger-A. T. Sughrue-O. J. Samuel GENERAL ELECTRIC 7I2 Commercial S+. EMPORIA. KANSAS Phone 223 APPLIANCES JONAS GRQH Complimenis of FURNACE 8: ROOFING CO. INLAND OIL, INCORPORATED 324 Commercial Phone 3277 CO. ANDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY Radio Service R. I. "Bob" Anderson-Gene W'hiI'e RCA Vic+or Radios "AII Kinds of Insurance" 45 RPM Records I5 Wesi' 6I'h Phone 306 ,,,,,m BAIRD CLEANERS ,mm THE SMITH LUMBER Ca" 939 CO TWO HANDY LOCATIONS I3 Eas'I 6I'I1 IOI9 CommerciaI Phone 39 EM"OR'A' KANSAS HANsEN's SERVICE STATION A CompIeI'e Line of ,,R d.+ R . .. Lumber and Building Maferials a 'a or epmrs 6'l'h and RuraI Phone 3I28 Bes'I' Wishes From Compnmenk of PAIGE ELECTRIC Th S B"3VV:1'ELLS f Y D ' 6l8 Wes+ 6+I1 'Phone 933 Hate Iznisuy Izrese Iallelczlinz IIOI Commercial Phone 3 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE CONJEY ISLAND I7 6+h ROYAL F. MAYHi1N, Owner 4I7 Com'I Ph, 2436 3 ps' 4? -r,- G an ! GARRISON MUSIC STORE .ES CompIeI'e ,Musical Service OLBVI' kk 7I5 Commerciai Phone 2I25 B W 1 A ff . 3 fe f if 5f"QIE:5f.J gf NICKELSON LUMBER COMPANY Emporia, Kansas SIXTH AND PRAIRIE AVENUE Phone 5 I 6 EMPORIA STATE BANK Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corp "The Friendly Bank" EMPORIA BOWLING "ExciIing and HeaIIhfuI Recrea'I'ion" 4I9 If2 Commercial Phone 2609 BEATRICE FOODS CO. Aa M ll xv fL!-f1lvS55' 1 2I2 Com'I Phone I803 J. A. MITCHELL, Manager FRANK TOMS MOTOR CO. Sales Service 9 I 0 Commercial Phone I 78 FORT JEWEL SHOP Jewelry-Wafches-Silver China-GIass 5I9 COMMERCIAL CompIimen+s of STRAND THEATRE E. O. Briles A W . ni? I , X Phone 37 617 Mechanic EMPORIA LIVESTOCK 81 SALES CO. Emporia, Kansas SALE EVERY FRIDAY, I:00 P.M. PAUL HATCHER Phone 322I Emporia, Kansas LESITER PYLE Emporia, Kansas OLMA PEAK Phone 2854-W Emporia, Kansas WARREN PYLE Emporia, Kansas WILSON IIVIPLBIVIENT COMPANY zoze wEsT slx'rH AVENUE EMPORIA, KANSAS TELEPHONE 1892 URBAN C. BROWN AGENCY P. O. Box 444 70I Commercial Phone 26 Emporia, Kansas LENIGAN MUSIC COMPANY 823 Commercial Sfreel' Emporia, Kansas Phone 78I PETER PAN ICE CREAM STORES "Three Convenienl' LocaI'ions" IIl5 Commercial-5I7 Easl' 6'Ih 22 Commercial Complimenis of MOSSMAN FOOD MKT. 623 Easl' 6I'h Avenue WILCOX INSURANCE AGENCY Emporia, Kansas 4I2 Com'I Ph. I43 GRANADA THEATER aw 70 I Commercial Slreel EMPORIA, KANSAS cmlslmazvunawf M2323 FRED'S DERBY RESTAURANT "Jusl' Good Food" 24 HOUR SERVICE U. S. Hwy. 50 Wes+ 'We Insure Everylhing Bu'I' I'he Ashes" www WMM-Z www AM? W W ll W WWLKWQMEM M Q? H J fi 65 Sway 343W 5 M My QE x Sw WQWEA I M , ,f W qd,-.v,ff,q,z, VV ,4 1406 . fi!!! Q05 fufvun.f4,fya,J'gbZ4A,0!f N 44043-f afv-JJ 'fm' DfX.,13LvfJofA,D ,nm-fl-P159 Jzzpufmlw .f?St'a,o"-vf'J8fw'au7N fi?-vb av ' MWw'f5Wf'53 -yew 5' My ..1 law if A 'I- .- I 21 I Pf- AU UN' , Q wwf? W ' 1:5 fx S5 my - dxf! .M vxfx Exp by 2 b Mwiwf Na A F 'Qu j A , x xg Q: X 5 g XQLQ xl 5 N "ww N L Y f 9 -H163 Jfizgf EAR E ggi A DU, w 5 MM , - C X - 5 A X ,ij QQ 1 ., pw! I -Wy X W 1' is ,T ga I, . M 6? H S 'f 3' I 411, ix QQ ,, -2 Nr?Q..,. J ,kg x W T2 'f f Fm 4 1f Q 5 OK , , J I f 1 ' J' j'7f"! 'f' f' , ' 1' . v , , , , , I ,4 I f , A M 'QV ' wdfl Aff QMZWW W M ZWMWW WMM l Jf' Wffw if . I if Ah, f 5 M.. L ,-lx if , J! AA 'r 7 A Q I NX K f - 1 J I E if, lg, Lrg I fd -.Q +P If x 1' V X ' U L 1, 1 ., J ' ' , W' R ' 2 , , V 1 J GK ' X ' N fs 0 1 I og , ff , 1' MN ff ,Wy af ,J ' S' figx aff ff 'W 4 Sy v Z' 2 Jap, Q JM N my QB M W M QV iw aj Qld , M777 - f ' Q21-fl. 71192, , f' f 34' fL6'K6ff?,AdaA,, ff! L4 Je 'Lf ,Ll 4, A 'Zigi Z 1-OL xf " - Li.- fl flffcfwca- 'aff Ziff, r' xt 47, df f-UM If 25 H7 , ,ff nf' 1 0 A ,Zia I Awff MAQJVYL 1 , ' ,JK GLYMZJ- 14 ' if :f C " 'A r A lf f J .' , I J . 5, Lf Lf- j Z ullr .Qs 51.19 F I ',-l 1 7 U7 ,f" L 77I,LZ1,!,f' . 5 J LW'-lQ"A2f!'. 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Zim W X: X wx" Ewur-QF .Ay-Xin .Ii'Q5xE.? 1 ,V WM A . ' ' 1 -' 1 , 1 - b I ff"L""'lk 0. A,4Jl' ' A' , Q Z. Q ' J , , X CW . dw f' ' V 1 ! l fx I Hx , Af .Q J x H V2 ' ff I X AI kj U. I' W' fp 7 1 " f "" , f Y' I A I I I .i' f I "GKUW K-Q - 5" :Lai Q '14 " 1'T'f ,PL 1, HW I Cf ,0 ' n v- . X 1 ,J A ff ' QQ"1Xfx N3 ,, xx Ml, X imm A A ,, K x QA X . v , I ..-1 X 51. Q X-1 Xx -Q ' X Wxexk c v-.1 ,. XL AX-a xxx'-e ,CW NRL 5 'N-'XQ"N" 'Y-Z 'ix-gg-QQ QNCJ be G -ci -K ww' Q-vw-4 n-bf v" xN,,..,,, ,.4..w+N-NR S..:m. .,f.-CX XM Cxkwx-xg, MQ:-:Qilf-f, N x x, 3 5 I X R gf "'-' f ya N, . ME R, M ffw Q ZM WNY r I X Q-X ' 4k A I' ' IM A -may N ,Q amy L i ,yr . - X J 5!,fVfb www .mf bu X, Q QL' U ynyxf T A Q 'W Of 'H JJ x K M, , by ,fu AA al- A MWA,-1 mv! ,Cf K V IXJXJ ff- ' . G, A '07 n ,ly A , . A 5 A jf? V A 'Y ,ff Qu xg' L' QU ., LAW4 ,. M, V, ff' f 1 L41 flu . A L, 11571 U' A VH Kllfi 1 if fy, 4 uy V ,lf .Qf L, . rl. 7 1 ,ff ,VL f,, . Y LQ!! 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A tea was given in their honor by the faculty in the afternoon. Back row: Dick Adam, Linda Becker, Alice Brown, Margaret Collinge, Bob Cooper, Mary Dailey, Donna Davis, Shirley Edwards, Barbara Evans, Gerald Facklam, Anite Green, Louise Greenlee, Wanda Harrell, Elaine Hartenbower. Second row: Lynn Kindred, Joyce Hensley, Bob Keefer, Leonita Bban, Alice Lincoln, Wayne Lowry, Dorla Lusk, Carolyn Manda, John Mayhan, Carol Miser, David Morfitt, Janie Nelson, Sally 0'Brien, David Pool, Diane Pruitt. Front row: Delores Reichardt, LaRetta Bevel, Arlene Richardson, Donna Servey, Carolyn Spatz, Sue Specht, Virgil Stanley, Patsy Stockton, Shirley Thomas, David Trimble, Ann Underwood, Carol Ward, Jim Wing. lv? J-.4 Luang, Shim ip A Bb ni Emporia High debaters participated in ten tournaments this year and com- pleted one of the most successful debate years in the scbool's history. Kay Lindquist, Tom Williams, Martha Stout, and Don Herrick, working as a four speaker team won first place in the district tournament. The district victory entitled them to represent the school at the State AA debate tourna- ment, where they placed seventh. This was the first year that Emporia has participated in the state championship tournament since 1951. Other debaters on the squad this year included Margaret Parks and Wayne Lowery, alternates for the first team, Marcia Becker, Barbara Buster, Dorothy Stoepplewerth, Carol Forrester, Eugene Hopper, and Gary McMillan. Besides the first place trophy from the district the debaters won third place trophies at the Shawnee Mission and Fort Scott tournaments. The Shawnee Mission trophy was won by Martha Stout and Don Herrick while Dorothy Stoepplewerth and Don Herrick accounted for the Fort Scott award. ln addition Kay Lindquist and Tom Williams reached the quarter finals at Hutchinson and Martha Stout and Don Herrick missed the semi-finals at Pittsburg by an unlucky draw with Wyandotte when both teams were tied on wins and points for semi-final qualifications. After the debate season was completed in early February, the speech stu- dents concentrated on the spring speech events. Five Emporians received I ratings at the district speech festival in March. They were Connie Allen, Wayne Lowery, Eugene Hopper, Don Herrick, and Barbara Buster. Connie Allen and Don Herrick went on to receive l ratings at the State Speech Festival. Connie in humorous reading and Don in extemporaneous speaking. The activities of the year were concluded by a Speech-Dramatics banquet, held May 20. The theme of the banquet was "Under the Big Top." The Q0 . Q speech and dramatics awards of the year were presented at the banquet. ra! 5 'Q . . , . 5 Q Officers of the Debate Club were: Wayne Lowery, President, Tom Williams, Vice President, Don Herrick, Treasurer, Eugene Hopper, Secretary. Miss ' ' O Barbara Mclilton was the debate coach. , Q . . The Emporia Senior High dramatic students have joined the National Thespian Society, which is a non-secret, non-social organization devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts in the secondary schools. Those who have earned membership in this organization are, from left to right: Kathy Hall, Connie Allen, Eugene Hopper, Pat Clark, Mrs. Dinkler, Tish Pavillard, Mary Kircher, Patsy Schottler, Gerald Facklam, Charles Pocock, Darrell Cross, Janice Zug. Missing from the picture are: Pat Dawson and Ann Dwelle. I K Q O O M4 Q-v-wmqmm. Aww., -, Q, H F A fx ww" Q gl I ' img, fl 'W J --..-Q 1, , Q55 S54 1 4 ig Wu' N 'J V 1 3 s X H S. al , 5 sf 4 , ,, 233 N v Ls gf ti , S , x . V ' 1- MS. kg ,K ,WEE H' 1 2 N ' mf i xY . A xx xv mai yn 53 iff 7 may 222225 -922355 - Y - 1 4: i X N X Q -.Nw-alex. , W. hi, LM . -Q Wfvmf-5 1' Y' 3553551 "5 Q7- D REV. BENJAMIN L. SCHMIDTKE Pastor of the Old Mission Mvthorlist Church in Kansas City Class Sermon Speaker DR. LUTHER E. SHARPE Prcfsidc-nt of the Collvgv of Emporia Commenrement Speaker 4. 5-5m.H.l Simkins. llustou. lllaylock, Cook lllaylovk. Ohm. Pool Kant-. Nlayhan. Ryan Wf'4llf'y TPIIIH Firxl l'lrlr'1' Tfvplly-'ll11'PliH First l'lm'r' T1'npl1y---Hrllfwllile Team Rave 71466 lioyx Qunlzfuwl for .Slate WIPPIH-FFOHII Kane. Pool. Blaylock. Huston, Pool. Nlorton. Blaylovk Simkins. lVluyhun. lfarlf: floarh Be-ll. Huston, Ryan. Morton. .llile Rvlm' TUIIIH - Set Nvu' Srlzoul Rerunl Coopz-r. Amie! DAVHJ POOL BOB COOPER JOHN MAYHAN MIKE RYAN Javelin, Low Hurdles llisr-us Mile-Third Half Mile New School Rerord ., '- sm il! ,- l' Q-'H A 2 If Q if Front row: Coach llrown. Mayhan. Kanv, lllaylovk. Huston. Simlcins. Ryan. Morton. Wf'st. Cilc-, Rogvrs. .lliflrlle row: Cnavh Bell. Stotts. Solomon. Paulf-r. lVlf'Murphy. Pool. Brown. l.op4-1. lloopvr. Ohm. Thomas. Cook, Cram. Spray. Coach Hanvy. Baflf row: lfns- mingvr. llrogun. lluka-r. Lutz, liarnow, Wilson. Furlhingr. llovorku. Kufahl. Svhulvnlwrgg. llvy:-r, gl 9 4 ,, Il Y I . Y i 1 X W 4 2. 2 71 E . , A LX ll , jf mn ,Q 1 'S ff ,A . i vi QQ . Q Ti' 25 I-55 -YA :ik S Mm ...av 5 , in Q if H JI K 95" I 5 i t II.. Q ,Q c"cq4 ' '. no 1 att' :noun 'U 'il N w THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 Connie Allen leaves her stage personality to Patsy Schottler. Peggy Andrews her cheery smile to Billie Jo Williams. Ber- nice Barnard leaves Dixie to fill her vacancy. Linda Becker her baton twirling ability to Vivian Webb. Leonita Boan re- gretfully leaves her place on the Y-Teen Cabinet. Marcia Boyce and Judy Waite-the inseparables-leave together. Shirley Brickley sadly leaves her favorite class, English. Alice Mae Brown her sewing and cooking ability to anyone whose aspirations lie along the same line. Sandra Kufahl her un- usual ability to write to any junior who needs it. Marilyn Cade and Mary Jo Cowan their giggles to all of the sopho- mores who are a little too quiet. Doris Clemmer and Pat Robinson leave sparkling person- alities and friendly manners to anyone who would be willing to use them to advantage. Pat Clark her beautiful operatic voice to Prue Faulkenbury. Margaret Collinge her studious ways to be carried on hy her sister Delores. Mary Daily all of her possessions except David. Donna Rae Davis wills an abundance of determination to next year's senior class who will surely need it. Mary Lou Dettmer leaves chewing gum beneath many of the chairs in E.H.S. Clara Jane Dicks and Pat Davidson some of their extra happiness to brighten the halls of E.H.S. next year. Yvonne Drake bequeaths her skill- ful sewing fingers to Barbara Barger. Ann Dwelle leaves some of her popularity to be divided up among the underclassmen and takes the rest to college with her. Shirley Edwards. Louise Greenlee, and Barbara Evans bequeath their trials in chemistry to anyone who will be willing to accept them. Judy Faust and Anita Green'leave two chairs in the clarinet section of the band to Carolyn Davis and Janice Morgan. Catherine Jehle, Kathy Hall, Betty Miller, and Mary Lou Nail some of their excess exuberance to the teachers of Em Hi. Wanda Harrell bequeaths her many happy memories of E.H.S. to anyone who doesn't have plenty of her own. Beverly Keefover. Barbara Lamb. Virginia Williams, and Phyllis Carter leave high school to enter mar- ried life. Joyce Hensley leaves the song in her heart to cheer and encourage those who come after her. Mary Ann Hollingshead the memory of her sweet smile to all who have known her at E.H.S. Barbara lrwin, the chatterbox, bequeaths her in- tense interest in Senior Social Studies to Arla Hurst. Louisa Munoz, Janet Jacques, and Pat Stockton their quiet ways to the f'Sophs." Peggy Jones wills her cowboy boots and levis to Mary Murphy. Georgie King and Carol Jean Ward will all of their conversations in their sewing class to Mrs. Beck. Mary Lynne Kircher her dramatic talent to anyone who will make good use of it. Wilma Lackey her quiet dignity to all who would enjoy it. Alice Lincoln her stature to Judy Mor- gan. JoHannah Linebarger her radiant beauty and sparkling personality to the underclassmen. Ann Longstaff and Virginia Smith bequeath their jitter- bugging ability to Nancy VanGorden and Nancy Evans. Carla Loomis wills her modeling aspirations to Sandra Beck. Dorla' Lusk and Helen McElfresh leave their politeness to the "Sophs." Carolyn Manda and Diane Pruitt an outstanding grade average behind them. Sue Manning bequeaths her super-friendly smile to the underclassmen. hoping that they will use it to welcome next year's "sophs." Carol Miser wills some of her height to Nancy Scott. Janie Nelson leaves a baby cyclone where she just passed by. Sally O'Brien tosses four advanced math books in for anyone who is in a working mood. Martha Oldham and Tish Pavillard their wide-eyed expressions to Pat Shaver and Karen Moebus. Betty Palmer and Donna Servey leave quietly, but certainly not without notice. Sharon Poole, who has given her best to Emporia High, leaves a vacancy that will be hard to fill. Elaine Hartenbower her lovely dark hair to Marilyn McCallum. Freida Nicholas, Marguerite Price, and Elaine Redman leave their sincerity and dependability to Barbara Barger and .ludy Rosenbalm. Jim Karolik, Larry Bitler, Paul Buckley and John Rider their "full-of-fun" ways to be used by any- one feeling a little "blue," Bobby tLiberacel Keefer his piano and vocal ability to be divided up among next ycar's Boys' Glee Club. Gary West leaves advanced math just a little confused. Jim Wing, one of our "A" students is leav- ing with Carla, his steady. Wayne Williams and Fred Bur- roughs their football positions if we can find anyone big enough to fill them. Bob Coe leaves his physique to Jody Morris. C. J. McClinn leaves his friendly smile in the memo- ries of all of his classmates, Wayne Stebbins his place in F.F.A. behind him. Wendell Wright for a life Qmwn on the farm. Harry Roberts, Ken Ohm, Leonard Moore, Harold Glaze, and Lawrence Finuf leave quietly, but they leave us all happier for knowing them. Dick Adam divides his brains up among the sophomore class knowing they will' be used to great advantage. Vernon Alfred his motorcycle and jacket to "hot-rodder" Elvy Hopkins. Martin Alvarado his M-L rifle to any up-and-coming National Guardsman. Bill Barr be- queaths his magnificent physique to his lowly sophomore brother, Bob. Glenn Barrett leaves with a diploma! Carl Bedner some slightly used cigarettes to Dick DeBauge. Operator Larry Beggs his way with the ladies to Rusty Seacat. Cecil Bollinger wills his missing front teeth to anyone who needs a couple. Bob Cooper, Larry Faulkenbury, and Wesley Fancher be- queath their ways with sophomore and junior girls to next year's senior Romeo. Donals Davis leaves on roller skates. Wayne Duncan with Linda Becker. Gerry Facklam his dra- matic ability to future Spartan actors. George Forrester with carburetors and fuel pumps on the brain. George tClarkl Germann a host of swooning underclass-women. Gilbert Gra- ham a pair of football and basketball shoes that will be hard to fill. Bill Hawkins his business-like ways to Bob Davis. Larry Pierce his desires to become a stock car mechanic and ace carburetor cleaner to posterity in general. Charles Po- cock for Summer Stock. Calvin Roberts bequeaths his office of F.F.A. president to Lawrence Russell his scraped bumpers and wrinkled fenders to anyone who would like to pay for having them straightened out. Charles Snyder leaves Mr. Lodle with one less willing stagehand. Vernon and Virgil Stanley little unaccomplished in their three year stay at Emporia High. Bill Sweet, John Flott, Jim Nielsen. Robert Shively. and Clayton Zumbrum their chores at school for more chores on the farm. David Trimble his worn-out slide rule and log tables to Harold Wolgast. Marvin Tweedy his important quarterback position on the squad to Ronnie Blaylock. Carl Vail his many important band duties to Don Neufield. Calvin Vernon the roar of his straight pipes ring- ing in Mr. Bloxom's ears. John Whittington his student council presidency to Pat Dawson. Robert Hill his extra golf tees to anyone who happens to have a collection of golf tees. Bob Bock, Jim Hensler, and Orville Mercer their quietness to the incoming sophs. John Mayhan, our favorite clarinetist, many lively tunes ringing in our ears. Scott Weeks the chem- istry and math departments in an uproar. Chef Eugene Hopper feels well-fed after a year in the foods class. Mike Kerwick a big hole in Coach Brown's line for next fall. Lynn Kindred leaves, but will not soon be forgotten either by students or teachers. Dale Longstaff bequeaths his small basketball shoes to Buster. Wayne Lowry leaves to follow a brilliant career as a man of eloquent speech. John Mc- Mullen leaves his "handwriting on the wall." David Mendel leaves Bobby Stevens in charge of the rhythm section of the band. Marilyn Price and Delores Reichardt their eternal willingness to help to all of the underclassmen. Sally Price the job of wardrobe mistress to anyone who loves to work with greasepaint. LaRetta Revel one Y-Teen organization in excellent working condition to Rhonda Johnston. Arlene Richardson her flute to Brenda Bruckner. Pat Romer leaves her pet, the Spartan Club, to Judy Morgan. Sue Specht and Carolyn Suddock their lovely red hair to anyone who would like red hair for a change and would take care of it. Shirley Thomas her bouncy personality to Nancy Jo Wood. Ann Underwood and Jerry Brown the publishing of next year's Re-Echo to anyone who can do as wonderful a job. Elsie Vansickle Nail her blond prettiness to Linda Darby. Marsha Walker and Carolyn Spatz leave their cheerleading ability to Karen Walker and Vicki Bixler. Mary Waterman, Charlotte Schaeffer, and Ruth Stem their gentleness to the seniors who will take their place. Marilyn Weaver bequeaths her gracefulness and trim figure to Marty Ormsby. Jeanie Ziegler leaves her delicate beauty to the lucky 1956 "Queen of the Courts." Vivian Heidel her win- ning ways to Pauline Browning. Paul Mordy is the third Mordy brother to leave Emporia High with high honors. David Morfitt his ability to study to the sophomores and juniors. Larry Nimmo turns over a new leaf and leaves his partying ways at Em Hi. Dave Pool and Dean Olin leave the sophomores and juniors to hold down Emporia's prestige in javelin throwing. David and Harold Lang leave their teachers still confused. Martin White leaves his friendliness to all who have known him. I 'il "' r ' 7sgln.nade' YEARBOOKS DALLAS. TEXAS 4 - 1-...L P "' O' Q MK ,.v ' wdww ., 'J ' V125 hui Y Arlene Richardson 1521 Berkeley ' Mu- O 1 SEIH HHH E1 CIEINELLSIOW SI EIITID HA 'IN cu H- er '4 CVT, A 3 W-rv Y - ,-O Wa- ,4:ff1L 1 1'-db. Hi , , . , 4 f . JT, it .' , ' W V EIN? 1 '- YL 9 5, A A 'J E ix D LL' ELLSIOW EIIYID N VELX :IO PIDVS NI DIIJLLS CINV - HEIAOD :IO EICIISNI ' P10098 3'I EINO .LHS XOOH .L OH HH DNDIDLLS HHH DHS Ol gf W, ,..x,I, Y.V. ..- .V 1,-a..,fw.i. , .,-,N .,X', M ' f w l K Tfg. if, fin .2- wviljfyf My M? 2 ABQ ' J l Q l l iJ'Qf'3iAg W6 Q15 5 'Gif Jw vw , N Q J?-Nw, if-H Ewamw i Ll l A 3 Q3 l 7 ,Ibn wd,M,, ffy, 9" " wwl-'MQ 0 W aw 9"uAX"'f .l Wwf uw- If W M 4 M Qf-Wa g, X f.,'f'jgf, Q ,V-.ep wig., -V ,'A.N N , K' 'f,f H 'JQQMLQK -f,L.f in ,Y-WL , , , ,W "3 - PiF+':Q.'. - I,-,M -QTHJ . . "- 'Eta-'ff7'.. - 1' ., . .f1':' '.:,.

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