Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1953

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4, fy ,,.,-... f325f,,f41... lf' , 1 X f I x X, I ' V L X -, iw Jr ag X K , 4 s mm f -5. 'RN- T f df X by Jo' My ffs A. K X Q. " " 1. X If MMWA N -S 6 ' M ff! MW V'Jx RE ECHO Q PRESENTED BY SENIOR CLASS OF 53 EMPORIA HIGH SCHOOL oben, 7Kzfn,.4av4- A M72 ?Yl jp X I nk bp? , , x R 1 Q E A1 N if Q 5 Ax. . N ' Hg x xr 3 Q' In - - X I ., s s X 'JW 5 'N ' 'L 'Q 'Q . ' ' I I ' 1 A- A ' V L.. i-., X ., j 'Q 'D N 'M,u' l Q I 2 xlx M5 ' , .5 s , A , 'V ." ' 'J '-' - f "' , - . . 'l-I :rf- W 's. X 5-77,1 S SV M" Hfkngw fu- S S S ' - 5 ' . L. o I D K 4 A . ' 'fs 'I ' ,K 4 3 X A df .- wl, F Pfv . W,-x ,', wr . .x Y f - 1 11 N 3 9 .,, X 7 Y: ! f 1 Jw ' L ' i 4 '92 L. 'W xzh '. - 5 fi T 4 S I - ,I r' 9 f ' xt' ' fax io I 'X -s xt I FN K X 6 V x S if " , -' L X fx - 2 3 R X' al . Y, kl GJ ak N K SA . . N 1 S 44 w N O , lx -'Q -, '- c f A 'X' X x t 0 f jj --, 1 " gs V 1 I 1 7, S V 'L 'E IN O '1 C L 'R ,H - I W If ,I X. - x N s -,4 .Pa 5 I f ' C? ' If 4 :H 1 .s-Q - 9 Q 4 .' - , , J 'J u 3. . l v IM ,M f,, it ,A H M E- s 21 2 .A"q,- 1 J .f f S 1, , S XX 51, , ' , ' - Q u f ' 3, 1 yur, , , QJ 4' " f X Q 4 f ' , " W' , 41" .' A, I- ,Q , . ,. F, V ' 1 1 L f . l ' I I' ,W 'KX ?-, qr ' , ' ,' if If X AY I H I H 1 v f- N i 1 ,A , - f X I V .. -f f bf K A 1 af J in S A - F 5" ,I 4 A X J H4 Il ' as r ,A V., - I . 4 l I. I In J' Y ,-,ll I X X .9 if fl' M' W WT PUR fffgigk EMPORIA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOI AND IFS VIFW9 M IN THE FALL OF 1952 4,1 .4 .awe Z,-L44 .mud 1' f ' ,'-. .nav .4 ,' 75, f ., lil! N HIISH EU-I UL LPAJY liA!5'JiW7 151+ 5-'ox QA lb gf ll u ' Nl I IO HXt I l FIN U I 0 Q P lllQ lllt 1 N 5 X ll HH 0 ION N .vi X Lf 0,5 'A - , - : A " .LLL 1 Q --.Lf vb 14 ' . .' , 4 4. A... 1" 4 ' K r,..m. x sri'-I JEAN DAVIS Business Maneiger Our lives are albums written through, With good or ill, with false or trueg And as the blessed angels turn the pages of our years, ' God grant they read the good with smiles and blot the ill with tears. Our fun-filled days remain in each heart, ' Though many days have passed since we did depart. Memories live on as we fondly gaze, Upon this year book remembering "Heavenly Days." We proudly present this school annual to you, O Wishing your happy days many and your sad ones few. ' i + ff, Editor-in-Chief ffm! afdidfi usiness Manager JACQUELINE KRUEGERA adam-in-chief W XZFX j+ xd xx x xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx x x x xxxx xxxx Uxxxx x xxxx x xxxxxxx xx x xxx x xkxnxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx x Nxxxx xx K XXX XX- 5 xx x xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx xxx x x xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx xx xxx xx xx xxxx- xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx xx xxxx-x xxxxxx xxx xx xxx 'xx xx xxx xx xxx xxxx-' -xxxxx xxxx xxx x x 0 xxxxx-xxxxx x wxxxx xxxx xxx x x xxx xxx xx xxx x-xx x x xxxxx xx X-xx H vt x U Nxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxexx xxxx X x xx xxx Lxxvxx' -' . Q 37. Qxx xxx ' ' 'x-xx' -xxxxx cxxxxxx -xxxxxxx x xxx xxxx' . ' 'S. "x xx: lx xr xxxxx can U V ' 'x"xxxxx'xxx ' xx ' xxxxx L . x xxx Nx xxx oxx' x ' Y x 1 xx, xx xxxxx' xxxxxxx 'Q xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxwxxx 7 x 'xs xx x x' K xxx xx x'. xxx x' ' ' 'xxxxxxk Ol xx' Xx xx X xx fx Xb3gMNb'hm JA . 1- ' gm Corfren sm ,G 312411, T9 SENXGRS UN DERCLASSMEN XSTHPJY ANKZ ATHENS XON ADNHN ORG SP GETS VE-YJYXSXNG Q' W xg E SUNWWK UYYLXNWNY H TM? 3 ? Q -2 AD YQ 3 5 4 2 53 f S 3 sm A 3 Q Q 5 -9 x I 'S ' 4 3 1 e -lf, XJ . 'S' fx Q 7 X Ne " S .3 -.fx ,fi v-P WND' 1' ' . Q N y 'f XE , : JIS w I' X iv 'x Si! 7' J Y- my 3 V. - c 4 bf -x - 3 Q, 77 Y, X, ,b f 'QN 5 R " -,- i ff :N fig iq gk, . X -Eb Qi ' , 5.5 'w 1 5 T ,V X' .3 W , lj gi? img N 3 " Yrrx f-. N -up ,-10 ,f . -KQXM, J? 1 V P C., N- 1 dn if XJ' h I fl C-L , XJ ,xk rx -2 -,ll ZW, "-Lf' vt Q, 6, , Y C 2. R- K I ffl' .zyvx If 1 kc , 14 L 'h sc' ,Q fr,-,1 Q' fif, X 5 5 ' -Q ffl- J N 2 fx sm f X lx KA X - x ' 1 T- .4 ' v 'iii' 4 w 55 N Q Qf JM W X fx W - P 1 Kb A x fi X X F , Q X N ex SQ. xN fi . X R X 'X M w QR N N x X 5 QR- x xx X Tributes to the Class Tlzix Senior Class of '53 Has been one of the best for all to .wee xlmlritious. thoughtful and friendly to all ln each task begun they did not fall pl Soo-Hop they gave in their Sophomore year For the P..4. .systenz so all could hear That was the beginning for future fame And gate th is class a most reputable name. As the next year came they chose again The same class president their fame to maintain. The prom they aa ve was enjoyed ln' all ho znez one ,gzuen can one reeall lplll the ith uae the date they Set I' or lprzl In Palzs uhzch we tl not orget of '53 JK I ra mlent NE XL IORTER Treasurer Then SPIZLOI year we must relate P or the senzof banquet set an Important date And a prom gzten them by the junior clam For whzeh they thanlted each lad and lass The senzor assembly shoued talent rom all From zrst curtain rue to last curtatn call, U courtse senlor weelm was loaded wzth un Fvery one was zncluded not leatznff out one Bach on these achool 7 ears thew ll ondly gaze And znd them truly heatenlt dm 9 As thezr hzgh school lz e ended thzs year When graduation left each a new career iii! JMR 1ULOR f A I ' . , I. w HJ .. . -. ,, I . 'l, f . J 'Q H-ew Q r .Tl 1 ' 1 1 . ' U 1 . 'p L! . . , ,r i 'K ' ei life I'rf-xitlwzl FLOYD REICIIIARIYI' Serretary IDEIDHICS l.XNlll,lCY , ' ,T 5 t , b . F V3 N 'Ab' XX oi' ANDERSON. Y .NIH'1'l lllf B,-xII.I-IIc. Jo PATRICIA lf' lH'!IllII1llI'. :ANN Sugar mm' .Nlil-1 f' anal l'1't'I'IllIl'IIg niw. BANNISTER. JOYCE llvr fniflfllv IInInv is ll'1l. BARRETT. CAROLYN .-ill llzix mul lnmilzs mo. BATES. KAY 1 NIIw'l lwnnfllr' ul lI1IppiIIf'sx. BEI.IfIELn. PATRICIA He-r Ivvll of lnlcfnls never runs rlry. BITI.ER. KAY l'lm.w mm sllim' jI1.sI fur one BOND. JANET .4 Sllllrlf' ,lnr f'l'1'l'iYllIIf'. 'S' X if 'si' A T 'ii BOIYEN. RIITIIANN mln angv' of Ull'l1'l. BOYCE. HELEN Her llmuglzls arf' lwr rnmpanions. BRECIIT, MARY lllllffllr 1' mul l0l'll'lII!ll'. BROCKELMAN. MAYBEI.I.E nl girl Iritll a irI'r-IIIIII hmrl. BRowNINC. LORA LEE Smilr' mul Iln' Irnrlfl vnilvs I BURNS, MARIAN So Iliff' In lflmux Flllll Inn. If BVRNS. MARILYN l,f'I's all laugh tugvtlzvr. rme-tw.:-tlIrPe. BIIRT. JUDY 'l lat ul I'1Itr'llI'grwrv lmllilzfl tlmsv lllllglllflg PY FS. , J Q I CIIILIIERR. SIIIRLEY llrl IVl!llllIl'l' is llll'IlSllIQ' to all. - Ag' CRAWFORD. BARBARA A .,. if I'r'aplv an- lu-r l1II'0f1'fQ' pastime. .Iv ,Y DAVIS. JEAN if xl fare' rnixmrf- nl pe'r.w1II1lI't-V and brains. ' Q I . , . ' I iff ' I5 I "' ' A as g DIQBAUGE. SANDRA llrlirinllx. Ilvliglzlful. SIIPYS 1l'l0L'6lj'. DIEKER. PATRICIA f.'l1f'f'rl11l1If'ss is a 1'ifllll't". DILTS. TIIELMA Be silent and safe, silenre never betrays you. 'su it 727 DRAKE, MAGGIE Be pleasant and you will obtain your goal ELLIS, PEGGY Artislir' in her words and works. ERRETT, MARLENE Iarietv is tlw spife ol lille. just lrmlf at llarlvrze. FARTHING. GERALDINE ll you nefwl a lzearl. I lllllf' ww, FELTNER. NORMA IIIun't lfelIe'1'e'it but say it again. FISH. NIARY True' tu luv Ifllfll. ll'l1flI anrl .lvl'1'l'Vl11.'i, 41 W... 'E' I r I . ff.. FOSTER. DARLENE FOWLER. NIAROARET '5 if ..,xf , . x ,f 1 ' Ax gf Ol GREIDER. JOYCE Slzvfi all .vnilf-s. GUY. SHIRLEY '.0l'f'l-I' In lmwlf nl. rlelighlfzll Io know. HANIFAN. SUE llvn' is a true frienll. HENERY. VEOTA l'c1Iif'mr' mul gvrxllffrwss are powvr. HERBERT. DONNA llvighl is 11 grwzl axxvl. just look at the l'nu'a'rs mm HEREFORD. JOAN .-I lrim lilllv .whip in flu- worlfl of sorivly. A V lcl'!I1lK In lwnfl rl lzrlping lmml. If lm suifl all ffl". -11'r's an-' lmrx? FRANKLIN. WANOA .,!ll'Ill.N nn llrr' gn. GAMER. BETTY llvr laugh vlzverx ezeryone. GARDNER. PATRICIA lilunfl. blur mm. and lfrnins. GARRISON. SHIRLEY Ilvr rlolhvs are the enry of all GAVIN, DELORES .4 lrifnflly llfflln for f'rf'ryOnfn GREENO, BARBARA The life Of am' rlr1.vsrvum. HILDERBRAND, JANEY .fl .vnilv anfl a lrlvmlly way are always 14'1'lf-Orrw. HUPPER. MYRTLE Slmrl aml sfwvl aml hard Io beat. HOWELL, MARTHA Smnr .wax .wlzrfx qnivl lm! iI'x only a rumor. HUBBARD. MARJORIE lle xaifl will lhun anrl she willed. HUGHES, KAY llnslr' halh rlzarm. so Joes she. IIUTH. ROSALEA Small. Izefilv. aml migllly sweet. JEHLE, DONNA .Yervr a :lull moment in her presence. JEPPESEN, MARY Slw mul glovm are no relation.. 109- .6 . . K s N A , Nl X8 J OHNSTON, BEVERLY . 1 'six' is rh ' A rare of llle S0 . JONES. MARILYN I'r1lil'f her name, she has ori,.ir1alily. KEATING. M.ARY ANN ' il she' 'am '. Ihr' zwrlfl was inform 1 1 KIRK. MARY LOU Tha t anllv minfl ln' gentle' rleerls is known KNAUF, CARLENE Uh. l'f'f'fP mf' irlrmrfrlt. lIIlll'P ill! rs great. KOHLMAN. SHARON Ifhal ran uw sav. .she spealfs for herself. ggi? it-Y 3-+R I-fx 75137 'wvx -Raw '5 Qs Avl- iw N"T""' KORTE. DOROTIIY llwr um x un' gill' wus mul 1IlI'II,Y!Illf Klilmzmilz. lhrclzxlzx l-,lll4'l. lull nll m H11 v. lf. g,o' lung. N--r 4 N1CCALI,I'TNI. NIARJORIE .xlllllflllll nm! mul nirv. 'Q as Nhnxoxx ITZA SYLYIA - v , ffl .Sn ,szuwl II lllrf. .mf lr rmgvl grnrv. 4 Q M AXWELL. DONNA She' laugh: with mu. al ron. and all around HPII. BIEIERIIOFF. NIILDRED llvr lmrl: is alu'm's at ilu' penlf of pvrfertion. MUNSON. ARDENE Slufs slmrl unfl .vu'w'l. mul so is life. GARRIOTT. NIILDRED Thr girl Hill: ilu' SIlIlllllfIIf'1l lmir. .gk -if llzf' :wx Kmlwcmin. ,I x1tQ1'l2L1NE Slit' :lm-vfl fnlflmalflfl xlwfrwx. Sln' 1l1'sPr1'f'9 KINISII. P.-X'l'RlCIA I mug wr llll'l41lll1llN1'll In-r XIIIX. LANILLEY. DELORIQS pml. nlll4'll1'r'lluH. Lrzlmrrn. lixlxu lx Hlrnfllx rlml ffm! LOOKER. ARLENE rvlrllllf' ru Ilw flux I Nui all lllffmlx mv pf'rnllrlr'. Lowuv. ROSILEE ll rllz flnnm anal llllllwi for all lo Ufll71ll'P. 'C f' if 9:1 NEEDLES. NORMA ll1IgHiH'r'1'IIl mixfurf' ul lnirllz 111111 me'l'rinIe'r1l. NUEFER. GRACE .4 l'1lHlf'Ill in .vI1'e'rnl11r'fS. PALMER, RUTH S110 is par! of all who 1.110111 lzvr. PEAR. DELORES ljUIlI'll'.Y-Y ix an asset I0 mII'0nP. PEARSON. WYILMA .4 larlx In Ihr' H-rx las! ll'UI'1I. REBER. SHIRLEY Yun fI1SI fry In fall: lnxlvr ihrm I ran. ROBINSON. LOUISE Jffllluxl lnf1.slIl'ul nnlif llfll lfrmu' he-r. SCIIAEEER. MARLENE Happx as the flux is long. 4. fl is SCHMIIJT. SIIIRLEY Liu' riglal mul mur re'u'ur1l,s II'1'll he urerlf. SCOTT. KAY Wrfllll 1-rm iw Ilrrlw-4slIf' ran 110. STANIJIFERD. 4'WINKY" Krmzr lzrr mul u111'fllil.f' her. STARR. VALDA SITE A flvliwnre lass uilh plvnry of rlass. STEINKIJHLER. JOANNE I"Im1l, F105 rl. l"rI'e'fIIlslIip'- mx' lnfahlllrlry. 'Q if W5- 1 Woon, DIANA .47 'WY' if -JU '7 .6 TAYLOR. MARDELL ll is lveflrr to :war aut than rusl out. TENER. BARBARA WHIPPLE, LOUISE A smoolh and steadfast mind. WILSON, BETTY To laugh and be gay is the charm of women. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. WORKMAN, VIRDILEE Her mire is sol! and gentle, her way pleasing. ZEINER, BERNICE A litlle bunrlle of merrimenl. hull nil irnrlh and gvzulness, TIMMERMAN. Jo ANNE ,Nnrhing is nmrv simple lhan grearness. UMDENSTOCK. NANCY l,enrl her tn fl lash anal shf' u-ill l'IPIlqll1'f il. UTTER. ROSALIE lleauty is e,1'pres.se1l best lhrouph happiness VANGUNDY, JOYCE ,4 gvurl heart is u'nrfl1 gnlrl. VERNON. SHARON If tlzere's any lun around,-she'll spot it. WALKER, BARBARA Al1L'lIj'.Y ralm mul r'nllerIf'1l. BARTEL, DOWANE llr"ll plow his :wiv 10 xl BEATTIE, THOMAS The gloom lriller. BERG, PHILIP The wunl impossible is BINKLEY. DELBERT Speak little, learn murh BISHOP. JAMES He's all on another bram storm BLAYLOCK, DONALD Always talking ana' sometzmes making sense Ill PSS 1 lv-X -J' DAVIDSON. WAYNE Spffe-rlz? Sure your brenllz. FACKLAM. JAMES Cars are like tinlfer Ioys. FLOTT, DONALD Rzmzarwvx are nn! always in the book. FOWLER. EUGENE Young me-n will bf' young men. GARRISON, ROBERT Don't bother anyone,-and no one will botlrvr you. GILLILAND, LARRY llf"s xflen' rmfl snrl'-mzlil Irv gels D111 of sflmnl. 'I 6 1 Q BYRD, WILLIAM A l shall laugh VII-lXf'll In rlffalll. CHAMBERLAIN. LEONARD 'l'l1c'r1'. lmlfl ilml pow and Iffllfh fhe lzirrliv. if av' -if I Tx -ff' N CISNEROS, SANTOS Cowl nalnre' is Irnrtlz nmrf' than gulfl. COZAD, LAWRENCE A youth of quiet ways. CROSS, EUGENE 0lI, lo plmlngraplz a .N CUADRA. SPENCER Bu! let mr' Irfll you DAVIS, DALE vu' Yorlf nmflrl. llc' b!'H1'llS nnrl Pmls l'l'l'fXllliIlg I4'1'1l1 nrlion. DAVIS, DAVID Alrvarly' his in rnllegv. .-4' .Q '. 'S GLENN. LEONARD Hr affirm lhrll 4'r1l'lihv mmf. GRAMKE. WILLIAM l':.lI'II.V' nu' If I .W'l'lIl In mlh' loo HIIIP. CRUNDY. BOB The' quivl ll'l'H'l .HIIVIIII 3 HALEY. LYLE I ffnpahlv nr tallfing. but does litlle of It. HARRIMAN, HARVEY llix pf'lxnI11If1'l-I 4'I1I1.I hr' IIPIII. HART, SAM 'lwlznxr' laluv. hluv Pj PS. HESTER. RONALD III- lvrulilx nmsf Irhn .su-rI'e.s best. HIGGINS, HAROLD gan 1,1 10x Q-.4 '30 is 1 I is I N852 4, Ile lore-s In flmzfe, and we love lo dance 3 zrilh him. HOOVER, ALTON .4 rare' VIPIIIIJUIIIHI of 1l'fSIf0l?I, frolif' and fun. ' 'R Ft 1 , 'arf 5 Q A? X l ' , X Ami A -R 'Iv gou- W'-uv H0lSLEY RICIIARD Plllll. ll th: n III . HURST, RICHARD I Ivzrils arf' his main llvl' . HUSII, ROBERT I1 ruivf l,Pl01l'. lit xvf- Izvinlfle in his 'VI '. JEHLE, FRED Ilanrer? But ziefinitely. JOHNSON. JIM He ll'f'llfS II perlwfzzal smile. JONES. RICHARD He rormfx, he goes. u'e're lurky when he stays. 'Vx 'f 3 Q V, M , I 1' , 5 , , his Q X L..i arf: hu' ,git 1 Q ,. S tb' ' Q? 3, x .'?'R"' . 4 .0-' -.1 NL' 'csv' IWETZLER. DEROLD 5 KELLS. EARL ll1'l.K.KHIlI'l! Ihr' l'flll'.NI mrln H7 Ihr uwulfl. LOTE. LARRY lfvrfls Ona' gm u'hu frm gr! along ll'ff,lI?Ill !l'1llvl 1"I . LOWERY. DALE H1-'x xnzaff 'mf' haw ll'1'Nl' big IHIINTI wuts. MCEL1-'RESTL ROBERT Ir IIUVVI-f lulm lfrrm 11 In ln' nulir MCGUIRE. TWELFORD lvl. Hv'll xhatf' 4'1'rrlr'x rzrounrl llll-l'0l1l'. MCNIITNN. DALLAS li ll1c'rv'.s nulhing In laugh III. .xlurl Il I'l'I'l'llS nl mur Own, NICNUTT. MARSHALL llr has nm'lhvr rqunf nur .wr'nml. MARTIN, DONALD IfI'l'I'-Ylllfllg a prfrsnn I'0lllll u'm7I. MASSPIY. ROBERT lly hirlgflum lur Il llnllfllll. xl NllfIt'lU'UI' mam is Illlfllt'-if in hix slwerlz. 1 5' DIITCIIELL. JOHN lfvilh ll sung in his hvarl: he' shall s11r'r'1'1'r1 '47, in his uwrl.. NA1L. ROBERT II pm.: In hz' Lunml lzmlfing. PEARSON. CLARE living gnorf is boring PETERSON, LYNN flvnflr' in m1mr1e'r. PHILLIPS. LEROY .-I fun lozing fnrnwr -his not bored. 'J I3 'Msn 1 1'-J Q17 Nj "'? PORTER. NEIL lla' lvmls ilu- mall Jaxh Inzraral lllPfll1llft POWELL. JOHN His wil lhx lVHIf1'lll'll vnlv by his hmm' no x R1-znuix. JAMES ll mu nun! a lrivml. ga to jam RHICIIARIIT. FLOYD -lllzfvlir. IIIVIIII-HHHIIS. IIIIJIIHIJ' niff eg, RICE. CLYDE lflulr um! his motor S1'll0l87'0l'PI1E'1Ff1Idfft ROGERS. I'u1LlP fm! fall him Rml. Ihmmufuu, lMv1n Sonia' rm' lmrrz ,zfrval--sonzv afhzere great IIVSS. RYICRSON. JOE Orme siarled he's hard to stop. SCIIAEFER. ROBERT llf- ll'Ill'l'S with nu r1'gr4'lx. 'C' ,wwf QE .1 R SNIITII, PIIILLIII Quiet nnlil he gels in llanrl. ,.4-"S -f'7 ft--J Sroiir. PAl'l. Tlmr reminflx me ul I1 jolie. TAYLOR, JACR l I i - TRANER, WARRPIN GB gi' 4-1 'ik UTTER, RICIIARII WAI,KER, BILL , I , WllITSlTT, JERRY 'U 2 A mite of michief. -3 , 1 WHITTINCTON, KENTON WILIlITPi, JON Q - Boy with a golzlen roire WII.I,lAMS, EDWIN His rurls are real. ,.. an WINTER, ROBERT f Look out, he's loaded with fun. "'f DRUMMOND, RONALD He is a great friend of fun. Senior Activities ANDERSON. l'.-XTRICIA-Y-Teen. GAA, Pep Club. Echo Staff. Cliristnias Page-ant, Junior Red Cross, Mixed Chorus, llAll,l.lE. JOANN- Y-Teen. Spartan Club, Y-Tc-en Treasurer, Finanvc- Conimittm- Chairman. Christmas Program. CAA. BANISTER, JOYCE'-Y-Teen, Spartan Club, GAA. BARRETT. CAR0l,YN--'Y-'l'I-en Cabinet, Spartan Club, Re- Evhu Staff. BATES, KAY Y-T:-en Cabinet, Y-Teen President, CAA, Christmas Program. "Mako Mine Music," Choir, Chorale. Spartan Club. Nlusiv Cones-rt. IZELFIEID, PAT-Y-Teen. CAA, Spartan Club, Band. Christmas Program, "Make Mine-'Musicf' Ile lures lmring a guml lime. A leader in both alhlelir anrl We xhall not loolr on his like again. ,4 nirr ralrll. if mn ran run lax! enough. Persmis like him shoulrl riew-r rhangr. .YUI'lllI life. 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I , . 1 . Y A V . ' A V , 1 I . , 1 1 1 , 1 . - 1 .5 - ' -, 1 - . - . . S: . . f . c . 1 1 1 , 11 -., 1 , ., . A K v 4 ' ' 5 S . 1 'i- - 1 1 , 1 - , 1 1 . I A -1 1 l Y 1 . 1 1 L, -e 1 . . . ' 1 V 4 1 ' 'I ' ' 1 A 1 1 ' ' 1 1 5 1 1 . e 1 'S . ' r 1- - , . , I , , - ' 1 -s, 1' 1 . ' 1 1 1 " ' ' N 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 "' 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 tt, 1 ' L 1 f K 1 1 1 1 1 . . . ,, . b l . N , ' P 1 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . W . 1 1 . 1, . . ,, . Y 1 1 - I 1 1 1 . 1 1 . S I 1 ' ' - 1 'A 1 1 1 1 - A 7 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 . ' - , , 1 - 1 1 - ' 1 1 - 1 7 ' 1 ' -1 1 1 - 1 1 V- ' . L1 1 1 1 ' - HIGGINS, HAROLDM-Football, Ke Club, Basketball, Swi1 - RORABAUCH, DAVID-Football, Basketball. 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 , , - 11 '- . , , . ., 1 . 1 . . , 1 . . 1 "' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 I . 1 . . , - I I I , , 1 'Q 1 1 - , , , , , 1 1 ' 5 1 f 1 1 l . 1 - s 1 1 1 1 I' 1 ' .T ' , , , , , 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' '- 'Q ' . ' I S' , , as , . ' . 11 I I , 1 1 1 - 1 '- 1 " 1 1 ' 1 - - ' 1 I' ' ' .' L , - '- , , ' , 2 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 L, - . 1 f - . . ' H ' ' ' ' ' '11 11 51 11 ' - K' 11' - . 1 1 1 , - , , 1 1 1 1 1 , - - , , - 1 - '1 ' 1 t -I . - - 11 .L ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 11 . U. . . 1 ' ' 1:1 1 ' 1 , ' ' ' ' . , - , , 1 '- 1 1 1 1 1 - . . . , 1 y ' - 1 1 1 1 1 Y H 1 1 ' 1 1 1 A Q ,, Y v 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' . Y .A ' ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 , . 1 1 1 1 I ' ' 1 '- 1 - 1 1 1 L 1 , ' ' ' ' 1 L' 1 1 1 . , , , . . . . . ' 9 1 1 1 1 . N ' ' " 1 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 i' 1 ' 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 I ' I ' I . .- . , - , , f 1 f 1 1 - ' 'I ' ' 1 " 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , , - . . . . 1 1 ' 1 , 1. . . . , . 1 1 1 1 1 - I'lCl2fCIClSSl'I12l'l Ours Is The Clor of ' 4 Presnluzf JINI KRI FFFR Vwe Prvszdenf Nl XRSHA NIIXXVH I I Serrelarx DOIN N bE NC XT Tmnsnrwr VI' RN X HOR I OIN Rellable and "HIlbltl0l1i well express our JUIIIOI' dass 'lhe members of thls class are energetlc and have glVCIl thelr full cooperation to the ZICUVIIHQ of Lmporla Hlgh They have been capahly led by enthuelaetlc offxcers Jun Krueger 'Vlareha Maxwell Dona Seacat and Verna Horton Thls Jumor f'lass cf 53 has proven themes-Ives able to he Emporla Hlghs next leaders when as semors they wlll contmue to he a frxendly hard xmrklng claw ' , . lf, . . W, - ,Ml- , Y. A 1 1 I M , . .. . 1 . I e ". . , . . . . . . ..l T . . ' L - .. . A . 7 9 ' . - 7 ' - 7 v 1 ' .' ' ' 3- 5, 1 I x Dale Aikens Larry Alderson Robert Allen Arline Anderson Vici Bahinslcy Alice Bailey Barbara Baltz Jerry Barnett Marie Barnow Doris Barrett Shirley Bartel Ken Baysinger Frank Becker Arlen Beemer Pat Bergerhouse I . 1 , ""' 'J' lax.. -. ...- 'F Q , i i Q' -f l Xa -f A2 " "' 1 2 -4 y - -3? C 1 , N,.- . x 4 "l K 3 Il' lull 1 -cz' ll"xt.l'? 'Q Q A C -...Q 49 .' .-1 " V .s- Q-3-f I me LeRoy Bollinger Maurice Boughton Mary Lou Branstetter Sondra Brinkley Dick Brown Don Buck J im Burch Twila Butts Marjorie Byrd Carol Calhoun Eileen Cannon Bud Carlburg Loretta Casido Antonio Cedillo Jerry Chase Claude Childers Sandra Coffman Bill Cook Dolores Cook ,lane Coolidge f --H' felt 00 '15-' L - , -'vu . 3 Q .f vgy Q X I l V A f . "" Q- ff 7 -is f if ' 1 I X! l ?.' A .vb , 3- in ' 'F' t ::. U -nd' ia Betty Fowler Virgil F rederickson Gaylene Garriott John Garriott Warren Getz Barbara Gifford Darlene Gilbert Juanita Gilbert Max Gile Beverly Gilliland Dean Glover Mary ,lane Granada J im Grimes Howard Gunlcel Mary Guy Jerry Haffner Alvin Hall Donna Hammond Dwain Hammond Don Hayes 33 ,N ,Q S-o 1 ... I i i I Aleta Counts Robert Cross Lois Crum Duane Day Jerry Dick Arlene Dieker Mary Dotson Duane Drawbaugh Dennis Duncan Max Dunlevy Don Edmunds ,loellen Elliot Fred Ellis Ken Feltner Mickey Fitzpatrick ,,,, 1 'lx -Q , x I -is . x fl , Yi W , If ,W 'TY - v ng- Q2 F F ' t I X' lili t i ' se- : A o i F n. fa 33 K L IW J f' CJ ...Q ,--v Luckey Heath Robert Hildebrand Tom Hodges John Hollingshead '. V' ' Verna Hortc Sylvia Houser Bill Howell ,lewelene Hurst Ruth Huston Ceniece Jacob Robert James Jerry Johnson Shirley Johnson Claragene Johnston Darlene Judson Q-.4 f . 4220 4 .0 3, it, ' fd " g 1 14' ,-of -far s gi IJ fitasnl X A WW: Richard Kent Marjorie King James Kohlman Eugene Krueger Jim Krueger Bob Kuller Lester Kusmaul Evan Lindquist Roy Livingston Ralph Loar Esperanna Luna Loretta Lutz Bill Manning Esta Lee Mapes Gail Martin Richard Massey Virginia Massey Marcia Maxwell Leon Mayer Donna Mays 1'O -.J . ,ss Bob Peterson Jack Peterson Roger Peterson Dale Pohl Barbara Powell Eugene Powell Dan Prchal Carolyn Price Sarah Price Lee Ramsburg Tom Ray Barbara Redman Marilyn Redman Ivan Rees Sharon Rhodes Howard Richard Roberta Roberts Ray Robinson Bill Rogers Dean Rogers -2 '43 rs 3 Calvin McBride Larry McDaniel Dorothy McCrew Hubert Meirowsky Arleen Meyer Connie Moeller Clarence Morgan Harold Morgan ,lean Morgan Virgil Morris Shirley Murphy Derry Nail Betty Nevitt Robert Paige Patsy Pederson cg .... by f g f , ' jx f fl f ii fx rf.: f.-r. 7-if is '-1' was '7 r K. H' . Ken Rogers Dean Rohr DeYVayne Rohr Pat Ross Dona Seacat Jerry Seheve Darrell Schmidt Harold Schmidt Jolm Schnoor Raymond Shepard Jerry Simmons Richard Smelser Deryl Smith Don Smith James Smith Patty Smith Richard Solis Juanita Spencer Jim Steerman Truman Strasser ix 5 1.-tx 44 ,1- the F' as Nfwnrz :lr-Q Q i .ai 'Sl '3 IQX Z7 I- 3 1 S r .9 -0. -1 R 1 ,E ,, , ,y .2 ,,. l I -Q 1" S Q ' 'Il' J I ,Q -A fi 4 K Q' . g W -C :Q Fife' , 9 . Qc, is 4-11' X -2' A 7 X 4 . Nu y Q we 1 ,A F ' J tl: hs K .5 'O 'inf .Q , vs I 5' J.-at 1 ff . 54,0 1-, .-'- so qv. V A -'E 122 Y' 4 Patsy Stone Gladys Sutton Ted Teichgraelwer Dale Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Marcia Tolle Jerry Trowbridge Maurine Traner Frank Tyler John Vandervelde Connie Van Gordon Jo Villa Joyce Watts David Weaver Joann Wlhite Malcolm Whitney Dolores Wieland Don Williams Jay Dee Williamson Vance Young 4 I Wegll Tag Along Till '55 Although this class is most often referred to as that of the infants, these '53 sophs have proven themselves to be well above this rank. They have been a most :lis- tinguished group as well as athletic and thoroughly energetic. They have set a fine example as a friendly class willing to work with everyone. The leaders, chosen by their fellow classmates, Bob Cooper. Lynn Kindred, Pat Romer and Sharon Poole, have represented the class well by their cooperation. As this class passed on through the halls of EHS. to fill the places left by uppcrclassmen, there is no doubt that they can well become one of the best classes of Emporia High students. , 4 '..v+'N -el, gnu GRA' 1,,,..,,, Vice President LYNN KINDRED Secretary SHARON POOI E Treasurer PAT ROVER I I I fa Lfjlwl, A ' ' ' , ' N Q u President ,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,, BOB COOPER Paul Buvkley Twila Buvkridgv Pm-ggy Durncll Edgar Burris Fr:-cl Burroughs Robert llurton Roberta Byrd Marilyn Cade Phyllis Carter Patricia Clark Richard .Mlam Ve-rnon .Nlfonl Nlzlrtin Alvarado P1-ggy :Xncln-ws llvrnivv llarnarml Dill Barr Ulvnn llarrvtt Linda D1-cker Carl llvmlnor Larry Dvggs Cliurlvs llilrlf-rlmark Larry Ditlf-r lmonitn lloan Robert Bock Cvvil Bollinger Nlarvia Boyn- Sliirlvy llrickley Estvlla Briggs Alice Brown Jvronw Drown - ai I - 'Nl we Y Nlurgarvt Clvmments D Doris Clvmmer Nlargarvt Collinge Elizabeth Cook Rolxc-rt Coopvr Bob Cottenmyre Enzenia Cunningham Mary Cowan Sliirls-y Crayk Mary Daily Patrivia Davidson Donald Davis Donna Davis Mary De-timer Clara Dicks Richard Die-ker Yvonne Drake- llfftty Dunahm Wayne Duncan Ann Dwelle 4 if if I ' fl ,xl I 5- Q gs, lg. fri. ' I D a , - 'XFN .1 -fl va' 'V 7K 1' Q .55 x 1 l 4 .db 3 -1'-'aw r, A-.y iff i V x I s , y Z s H H .4 -J fi 2, w 3 C' llv' 4.-- 4' '. I 1 if 2. s. ...Q 'E' 'Q Clffnw 1 3 Y a 5 .R fd 11: , ' iq 7' yr Vi , " Q 'Y-17 .9 W v N -X rvgg V3 4 lv-v Ns... I Il J' A -I . " ,4 1 -Taka fi-Y " 1 C D 71 . Ng? k I ,V . ' - .1 ffgffl 3' Q' xi Yvwdrw in A .F ' aol K X ,,- 'vw I .3 Q D7 3 -3- as if W A nh A I . 1 ,-Q' Y A Q Cl C ,Q 1 rf' 13, A i wa , .ai 5 un A . I, kia , ,. -:fi v. ki 'JM A Q ' .:. 4 -,- ,I A Q , 5 an gf ,., - , az J -N I y 1 . Wo! . .1 Q A .9 ' t dt if ' I 3 cn , R Q... .A - 6 'li if i --A ,-. sr 'E 2 p01 7 'mf K1 'Q 4xV9'I' MQW .N gg " ,V .Q xfw .nm if ' .,,,y wr- ' z 3, ,, - vac. i l A -,ii-' Shirley Edwards liivharfl Flirlwr l.:-ff Roy Estrs ii Barbara Evans Cvralml Facklam Wvslvy Fanvhf-r Larry Faulkvnbury .lumlith Faust . Lawrenvv Finuf John Flntt Anita Crwn Harold Glaze Marion Cla-nn Louise Cree-nl:-0 David Haley xx-A-x Yi! 1 M iiii ii 3. a ala' ' W Ce-orgf' Forrvstvr William Ffvitvr Eloise Franklin Cvorgv Cf-rman Cilbe-rt Graham Kathy Hull W mfla llarrrll Flame Hartenbower VC illard Hawlun Dorf f n He adl: y xi n ll Jams Hen ler we ll Robert Hill rw Holhn u Philip Hoplxln Eu nrle Hoppi r Barbara Irwin Janet JBf'flllf'Q Rlvharcl las sr lfallu-rinv elnlf- ,Iameg Karolik ' um Ke" Bobby Km-fvr lle-vm-rly Ke-f-low-r Mivhavl Kc rwiftk Lynn Kinelre-ml fl:-orgiv King llob Kinnm- 'Nlary Kirchf-r lmrvlta Knallf Sandra Kufahl Xvillllli l.a1'ke-y llzirbara Lamb David Lang Harold Lang Alive- l.im'ohu jnhannuh l.in:-liarger Gary l.ix-ingstmi Ann Longzstaff llale- Lungstaff Waynv Lowery Carla lmmiiis llurla Lusk Suv Nlzmning L:-onarml Moon' Daviml Nlorfitt .y" ...I -Q Lousa Munoz Viola Murray Mary Lou Nail Judy N4-vdlvs Frivrla Nicholas ,lim Ni:-hon l.arry Nimmo Sally 0.RTll'l1 Ke-nm-th Ohm Nlarllm Olmlhum 6 ix .x, X, an Q f ,au .,- -I Y ,Mn . v , . -. Q ' 5. F . ... lv. N as ft .4 ,Q ni' 4 wr , Q - up r if F ,. is vb 4,0- af 'X " ' v ? Y A K 4 i ,X 4,- Curolyn Nlzincla 'H " N r john Nluyliuu 6 , llc-len Nlvlflfrf-sll l " 'D A. " 'N "5 "' " " 11.1. Nl:-lllinn , ' - ' Q N' ,,, Bud Nmlillan 'L " , - i A i x, ,. L A., J . - W I .'L g' , " N Q' x. l'- 4, ?N6T?v,'4.l,q i I john N14-Xlullvn Orvillv Mercer David Nl:-mlvl ,S , M , f 4 A, 4 , Betty Miller F. 1 . l -V Q, Paul Moray A- ' r- r 9 -- Y l " lx' it 1 wr ls ' .us i Q! .. A . iris. if fr Qu - .. y fs- W -2 ,. ft j 1 -. 3 -4 - 'fr ax' pig: ' ' - 4' A , x 1 is 4: 1 1, ,X u ' , We ' ' . A fx Lim J, wx 1 - . ,Q 5" Q L' ' 'Ta' , I lx.- -y '4 fl -ax, , ,. '-'i .., U, rr , 1 "T V x7 - ' 5 w . fr x 2' 9. I D1-rm Olin llvtly Palme-r TiQh Pavillarml Larry l'iPr4'r- Charles Povovk llaxiil Pool Sharon Pooli- Nlargur-ritv Prive Sally Prive Suv Price' Dianv Pruitt lflaiinv- Rmluiun llvlnrvs Rvivhardt l.alle'!Iu R1-vol John Ridvr Eclwarcl Rilm-y Q ,Q - , 0 an 2 J 13 - 'U 3 C "is 7 J 'Q 'Y i . n as x " ...v 1 . -4.- if I - v vb ... V i .. , A , - 0 Y. uf 'T A-1 4 ' rl f -SQ if ,L f ' Q ,. Calvin Roberts Q D A 2' it '- "' 4'-D llllfly Roh:-rts ""' .Iv I s- ff 1 X - if 'Z ' L 9 5 -4 4' 31 ...u , .4 Tv. 5- -1-9 .2 if -,gi XY. Nr , 5 4 -Q pb 'NC -.nv A' AXX in . - QP 555' 624 K -a i lf ,Af W., M N , .3 'P . 4 'i tv, K Q ef if an se Qi. r N' ij " . .. , ... f-N Q, av' " .V 1.43 gl T3-2051 A ix 'Pr 1 !x.a.X! 3 6 ".. ,Q ii if 3 'ff Q SQ 'ft E cz- -, " " 35 .TL i 1.37" . ,fx 1' . - lil 'Q Q 7 Q K 1. lx A . aww , Pat Robinson Patricia Romei Lawrenee Russell Bob Saffer Charlotte Sehaefer Karen Shepherd Lola Shirley Robert Shively Naney Smith Dorothy Smith Virginia Smith Charles Snyder Carolyn Spatz Sue Spf-et Robert Sp:-nee Vernon Stanley Virgil Stanley Wayne Stebbins Ruth Stem Barbara Stewart Patrieia Stoekton LeRoy Stone Roluert Stnnelmrake Cary Story Yvilliam Sweet Carolyn Suddock Alan Tc-ner Shirley Thomas David Trimble Marvin Tweedy Ann limlerwoorl Carl Vail Elsie VanSiekle Calvin Vernon Judith Waite Marsha Walker Carol Ward Mary Waterman Nlarilyn Weaver Scott Weeks Peggy ,Innes Cary YV4-st Norma Welch Leslie Wheat Martin White john Whittington Virginia Willianls Wayne Williams Sally Williallison Jim Wing Wendell Wright ,leanie Ziegler fflavtnn Znmh Tllnn '22, H If dmmf' fjl I' 'S X N 4- l A-v - Left to right: Magdelena Y. Baker. Chas. C. Underwood, Leroy W. Raynolds, Joe I. Morris, Mack Robinson, Weldon Hanna, M. T. Coolidge. 4054- fifths -f7X A ...M NIRH, NlM.lllnl.lCNA Y. BOARD of EDUCATION pr'-S A' ' W. Nl. lllCll.-XRDS 9111 PFIVVIIPIIJPHI lflcrlr ul' Ifnarrl of Iflllllwflfl-Ill! A 3 M ' L xsm-,etg,, Ui Supf-rin1w14le'r1I 1'4'sN 'N Y IHKEN . ' ' -x1Rs IFNOR-X WIIYON xj lr 4. I V Mm, WRX XRXIII K NIORFN qc 1 rt tart la Prrnrzprrl Io tht Nl 'NIOR CL XSS of 53 hpilll xtfrrlmok IQ 'I cledlultlon 1 lulmg tl of t'1 war In thl book xou wslll md lot- of r ltlflt :tum m future star-. lt hw been 1 pleawrc to work mth xou and to ham mur uquuntcnu Mas the future brmg you happmo N Nlfn the umdom sou hate gamed thus far nd ll! tirrxmg xou through llfeb dlfflcult moment and on to a rrther and fuller hft C C FIRERMANN Prznczpal ' 1 f flrls lozznsclor As. W ,,, 17" A95 iq' 'Liv' 1 'NIR 1 L FIKPRNI 'NN lrmazpal HHN 1 .'15Sl.Slfll1l l'rm1 IDU, 'K' Tfvv HI N DIUIHUH 55111 N NIXRl XR! DINR Nw mn Jldllldlli Q S mn ur Now nnwrf' I 21 X fmlmlw 1 Ulm: lxml 0 9 Q I I nu nl l x um run n Home N 1 Inn N v N nun X HU lvl X POHUI 1 IK nm Nu en 'RU Hx lx 'W F l uf PIIIINI 1 X N XXIDI In N on I x 1 m lllllllll N 1 N111 Ill! ll I IUX x ll femur w 1 llltfdlilllfl n n X ihlXIlxlXIxXl X I mpu ml ...""'.'i ik 'S OU' YF?" MMI I QV' Jiffy nr YIElmY'f"J llll VHIII N I l l' ml unl u u x N n un or N 4 11 ll Nl N 1 ll 1 N mm ul N ut lm tern ul Nlmlm Ill I XIURN tlx0Xl N l N mn Ill Nr nlur N n 1 N an of lll i N GNN IL.. 'Z NI XRI YN HOW XRD ll In mn ur N ll :nt In nn ull Y Tun Nvnmr Honor RCIIGIGTQIIID an a mwrsx I ulum mx lmwr lty F IAN If I- 'lnurlvan H1 tory ll orlll History Npun ors IRO Y Tun BA Kansas University Nl KUIJF JH lxNUN mr'1r1an Npon or nur a s un C nnrnltlme B K XIII Iuarson Cullegm 'NI S N T I of l'mp0 'NIRN L0lN J Xl QUITH ,lunmr lan lush blmnsors X Tu-n ,lunlur Rul Lrns A B College of Emporia LQIU -vvulws owl l'x'9S-Us 'Sill W x xx QA'3KKJkxsK'V mel, sluu. vul'Ix . . mi' Q I V.. Q RQ lNlf'. lllllflfli 6-A, .' lff mls I nnnl ll. N1-nim' llun . ' . .' I sors: Sn-Ill' llluss. Y-'lll'l'llIL I. .. linllvgl- ul limi "ag Xl.X.. lniwrsily ul llnlnlmlw. NlR.'. imlllil. llllllf 'l'l'H , Aft. 'W W Nll 'la 1. lllmlxlxwlilgg Sl I snrs: ,I i 4, Class: ll..'.. li. N. 'l'. C. rf limp vriu: lI.:X.. A Ku sas tum-rsiny. W , I W., 1 l.l'1. 'tlili lQlillflfl'I'll ' flmp, Xulu Xl'1'l1lll4'N1 Npmsurst ,H-' A lflass. Nlffun lflulw: ll..'l.. ffl I "N ' 1 ' Xl.l.. ligmsus Slam' 1 A . 1 'Ita . 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DirtriI111ti1'r- Ii4Iuc'a- Ii1111 IIIIIIPN of XIlll'l'Il'llI IIS.. K. 5. 'If If. of I'.111l1111'1u: Uh.. IK. 5. FI. L, nf I'.11111111'lz1. ufuff Lf xI 1 111 N 11111 1r 11111 1 Tm n lI4 111 1 ll I ox s 1 It 1111 1111 N 1111 4 r ll 1 I 1 Il ORNIOXIJ I' Xlilxr Ii nfl 1 1 1111 IIII I'IIlll0l'ld fi. -AFN Q R I I . - gx vs. 8. Q 'C' 3 - . 5 3 L 1 . l M ' I n x I n llll N x IIIHXIN I u I I I INIXll I 1 Lu untxx ke! mll In man I n Ixan a J A-u-JR Zo 'ui'-C51-fl UV" iii f.-Qc 111 -1 1'5" -ln.. Q--Q i' T7 KONI I I X IUNN NON x N lllllll mon 0 HII N IH NNI 1 1I mn lpurlm :mn N N 5 N Pmpnrla . N. ..I , ' Sn 1 mmm" S "1-n 'e-1 . q: '. 1 HI'I2l1 . I. ' '. l. 'I X. I IU W.'Kl'I' y, A " 'I " ' . " 'P 1'. vm ' " - ' C aCIl, ' I 4 ' I4 ' . : '- a Hravk llwirllz 51oni4r': ninr I ' , .- E Clulxq 3.S.. Kansas Univ:-rs' '. N I 7 S. E Fl 'A CT ' f V K 1 Q QQ hge: Uv' li ,x Seventeen Years A ueeess lillf' :1111111:1l l.lII'lHlItIilS p1w1g1'a1111 nl tl1e l'.111p111'111 plllllll' s4'll1111lS was Itf1'5l'llll'Il llt't't'lllllt'lt IZ! llllll IW i11 llle' llixir' :X11clitu1'i11111 :it T21-3 l'. Nl.. willl 1llllit'UXltlltll1'lf 11111 tl1u11s41114l pupils llilI'll1'llltlllIlgl. 'lllie llltI'lSllIlilF l'1'wg:1'z1111 e1v11sistml ul sewn tlillerent FLIWIIIITS. 'l'l1ex were :is fulluws Till1lt'illlX. witl1 T5 IlttIAllf'llHlltlSI HT4'lIt'SlT1l. SU: senior l1ig1l1 rl'lI4111l elwir :mtl girls' glee elulv. l2:w: jlltlllbt' lllgll selmul 1'l1111r. 200: r':L1'ulers 1..1: 1-lwrzil rezulers. -141. l'rox'i4li11g1 tlie lllllSli' for lltt' l1:1elxg1'1111111l nl lilltl1'illlX. llfiltlllxll rellezirsnls :1f'1'u111 pl1sl1e1l lllt'lI' piirpnse. tl1e t'll'llN'tlltlff. Jlllllill' lllglll. z111rl SPIIIHY lllglll elmirs gran: itItlllll0I' ll1'I'l.1lI'lIltltll'1' that stirreml the 2llllllt'll4't'. llie lzilwleaux pri-se11tecl IIIIIJIACSSIYK' SVUIICS nl llll' l.l1r1sl111z1s story :mtl llH'lltIll'fl Illlllll Sllltlt'lllS. 'l1lN'I't' were travelers. aiigzels. Sllt'llll1'I'1lS. wise lll1'lI. uml tlwse wlw l1111'l1'41x tl1eel1z11'a1etersofNlz11'y.jusel1l1.a111ml tlie .'xllgll'l llulvriel. Clinml remlers who rezul llle Svripture i11 lIlIlS0lI were slumlents nl llll' lf111pu"' 11.1 Senior lligh. The 1111-111l1ers nl tl1e nrelwstrai anal their tlireetur. Nlr. l,tlfl'il'I'. IlI'4'S1'tll!'ll the prwwes- si4111z1la111rl reeessimiul. witl1 tlllltlltt'TS ut tl1e lu-gi1111i11g ul tln- sf-em-s. ,lqllt'S1' ure 1 it ws nl tl1e prngrulii. .4 -5 ,gl 1- l. tillttlt Xl, HIC XIHCHS RANK 5 um' V- 1 Y is ,Q ,,-,.a lluela row: Wlvxlulleri. 5. Helier. .l. ltaillie. Hr. Hoyt-1, W. I.ll1'li4'X. 5. 5l1ll'I1 Xl. S!'llill'li1'l', R. liyrd. ls. Niekolus. Front ron: .l. XX ing. ff. xi1'I'IlUIl. .I. Wing. S. Marko- witz. l'. Kunish. lf, Selim-fer. li. llieker. .l. l.ipps. ps .. S - i N I ltlilN'l'lNtl CLJXSS l'iditor. l'ut tillTtlll4'l'1 Xssistunt lfditor. .loy-ee llrieder, of the l'.lll!lUl'ltl lllgrh lzeho. filI't'lIlilliUll Nlzinuger. ,luney llildehrandg Assistant. ,'xTtlt'llIl Nlnnsong liusiness Nluriugger. llurold lligxggins. As?-lslillll. Hyun lindquist. of tht- lfelio. se, ,anti ECHO . . . Covers E111 Hi Activities - . , . V , 'e' row. lf-tt to right: lol, t,1'u'nlx. lo'n lilltllllltlillt Mr. Nichols. Grietler. lieu-rly joliriston- Sllilftttl Kollnnun. Xliltlrec M4-ierhoff. Front row: Rosalie- lluth. Fornlru lil'illlxl1'y. lla-lores Wie land. Marilyn Hedrnun. Sylvia Nlarkowitz. ss . 1141. 9 wr L' KG' 1 i11 on Friday" are two phrases "Write this overw and "Get this whieh helped get this year's lfeho out every week. SUll1t'lilIlt'H even these two phrases didn't help and it and lVlr. Nic:hols's untiring efforts that the lic-ho pulled through. was only through Mr. 5outh's Some of the special issues the Helio put out this year are as follows: Halloween. Thanksgiving. Safety. Christmas. Valentine. Easter. and April Fool. There were twelve reporters on the staff. The editorial advisor was Mr. Neal D. Niehols: the printing advisor was Mr. l". Jay South. The editor was Pat Gardner: and the assistant editor. joyee Grieder. Sondra Brinkley was the sports editor. and Bob Hush and Billy Howell were the press hoys. l.eft to right: Xlzirion Ulenn. Rolsert Sllbll1'lIT1lliI'I', lion lluyt-N, WWI.-y f1fUIIllti1l'k1'F. DNIII Olin. Don Yvilliznns. Tflllllilll Sil'llllNt'l', llill llowell. Clarerief- lxlflfglilll. lioh Hush. P V er: I' . ft cn X .tv Ui ,A 'S 1,,....yve' eeond row: liolv Nlals-ey. llzit Xmlf-1'-o11. liill tlurdtnrr. .loyw CHANGE . . . Key Wford of Re-Echo . taff NLXX . NttYt'it,.u1itt NICXVSX wort' thv hywortts uf Hvzutirig the' 4-ttitnriul stuff is .Iil4'tlllt'lillt' Kruvg tht' lu tivhu Staff this yvzir. Thx' orgruiiizzitiori of who is ussistm-it hi ttirtiziiwt lttm-r. Thr' :utw-rtisinh tht- stuff wus vtizirigm-tl this yvur hy tht- zithtitimm of group was twatlvrt hy 101111 H8118 with 1111-ussistumf threw' ,luuiwrs for tht- purpose uf olwtaining vxpvri- of .hw tirfmu. thu- rt-st of tht- staff was 1-tmlpnsut viiw' for mwt yvur. 'tihv Nc'-tfvtinv has lwvn vtiarigmt Of S1'11i0I'S. xfllh tht' hupc Hi .lmllmuxuwm l?ft"f' funuilii-r The' stuff uurtu-tt fuithfullx to im-1-t alll ttvaul Nipptvmvut Vttllltlttttllgll prom. svluoi iw:-k Llt'tlXl- I. I x In .H X . I. I k . tim-s. vt1nmu'iu'e'rm'nt 1-xt-rcisvs. prm-t-ssimml, gflldllil- mu In mp' tml vm N' 'mlm tus Nm 'H if!-'fs - lu t'4nltlt'. Y timi. aunt spring sports. :Xlsn tht' vtiziiigu' of tht- svninr svvtiuii in rvgurd to zu'tivitit's and using nwrv art than t'urnu'rty. 7? B-.f 'C I x 7 5? IilJI'I'0ttl Xt, Y4'tiXFl" Hawk row: Hughvs, Ellis, Timnivrni:m. tihumtn-rluill. liurrt-tt. Wliitlingtmi. Ili-fluittl. Ytitttif-lt. Kt'Lltillg1, t'mvr'lt. Me'ivi'tmff. Front row: Wivluntl. Morgan. T4-nf-r. Nturkuitiu. l'ltt-r. Krlwgvr, Kimitlli lf,,,,l.1,-. l,.,,.k,-rv NM pivtllwrlz tlurrinmn. 1- -1-.1 AIWtiR't'lSINtl ST XFI4' Back row: Bvrg, Whipptv. l'r0I1t r0w: Higgins. Workman. Bruwn. ltuxis. Stuinkulilvr. tlauin. tlurris.-n. WS. ,4--f Ihu-k row. lvft I0 right: ,liin Krnc'gvr. Yirggil Ftanlrw. Nail. 'IK-im'ligrzie'lwi', llm ' KllSIllill1l, Mass:-y, llunlvvy. llouflvy. l'lt1-r. .-Mlant. liurahungili. XvllllllIlg.,tIl Nlr. linyvit. Front row: Scott, Hitler, Langlvy. Williamson. Davis. Spatz. Yun Gurdon Ilhott Fish. Tliotnus. Juukiz- Krin-gm-r. lf' zmiflffli it RICIIARD HOUSLEY Iliff' l'rf'si:lf'l1l l.l'l1KFY lllf-X'l'Ii SI'1'Il'fI1l',l' KXY lllrlillzn Tr'f'rlxllrfr ITlfl.Ulil'iS l.XNlLl,lCY , ,I 1 f ST DE T i ,fi i llllllllllly, f ' f f 1 --'Q ljlllllllll if ADVI GRY BO RD nl Thr- Stntln-nt Cntxiivil. acting as an zulxisnry lmurtl. spnriwra-ml tht- Qui-nn uf Courts Ccrctnnny N fur tlit- fixtli vuiist-miliw yvar. E.H.k O A nvis pt'ujvc't spmisnrt-tl hy Stuflvnl Cunncil this yvnr uns orgniiizing atntl svlling up an nffivvrsi training svlnml for vlulus untl vluss vlcvtiotis. 'lihv ulfic-1-rs unfl uns- suplmniurc' zittemlml tht- l Sluts' SllltlQ'l1ifiUlllH'll Cunvviitimi in l,awrCnr'c again this it-air. n Othvr prujt-cts that the Council carried out ' wt-rv liuving 1-lmrgv ul fmitlmll mnicvssioiis. super- vising vlziss 4-lvvtiniis. planning tht- signaturc dancv. lliIYlIIg ri Imnlll ul thu t'nr'iiuxa1lita. fl:-voratitig the Chrislnias trvcs. and helping cotwclitiate cafctvria prohlvins. stnflvnl traffic prnhlt-ins. and other sluclm-nt pruhlt-ins. KEY CL B . . . Service to school and communit sp,-ff-ffm J. .lmINsUN I'rwml lfff 1 .l. ttlslltll' 7'rf-nyurfr Nt. XII-Nt'I'T Vi, 1- l'fw.v'fl f-f1 1 F. Iilitiklitt .-Xt thc' vml uf its sixth yvar in lfinpuria High Srzlmul. thx' Kiwanis-sprmsort-rl Kvy Cluh has varriml on in tht' Sllf't't'S?il-lll tratlitinn ni its prt'rlPc'1'ssur. Seryiu' tn tht- svhmrl antl mini- lnunity is thc nlwjm-t ut ther ctulw. A "B" grmlm- awrztgr- is rvquirvrl for me-nilwrship. Alttftttfl its many othvr Imrnjwts. thv Kcy Cluh has triml sm-xvral in-w sc-ryivvs this ycar. Ttw must important ut' thvsv was playing heist tu tht- uttivials :it tht- lltbllll' gganws. The Cluh started the yvar riff with a salt' of Buzz Books aml SIHtI'tlIltll1'lltl elf-wats. They' chef-kr-d nvarly' one thuusanrl hats and 1-oats at tht- 'lluwn mul Cnuntrv FIllHkf'I'. Annthvr sc-ryive to the Kiwanis on l'am'akv Day. The Annual l'arf'nt-Sun Illllltlllt'l nas a hig sucrvss. Carver Day with spvakvrs from many cliffervnt y'm'ati1ms was annthc-r nf tht- wars' big prujCClS. A trip to the stat? Cotlyvlitioll at tiuffvyyillv :tml an alumni Iiivniv tinishe-rl thc' your for the Key Cluh. liar-tt ww. lt-ft tu right: -R. Paigv. l.. tle-alll. H. Harriman. Ntr. Ifikr-rnian. .l. Stt't'I'IttZlll. K. Whitting- lun. N. l'urtm-r. tl. Rngvrs. Sv-vmnl row: Nlr. .Nntlr-rsful. H. Higxgins. J. Sinnm-ns. ll. tluvk. ll. Pa-twr-un. AI. Wing. tl. tlnpprr, lu. l.llllllllSt. L. Kintlrut lt. Triiillnlef. 0. Poole-. D. l'tt1'r. Ntr. Niankin. Nlr. l"'rrx, Hr. l'ulman. First row: .l. Nlltrhvll. li, Wintvr. O. Pohl. J. johnson. Nt, NlvNutt. J. lhslmp, l'. H1-rkr-r, D. Ihnis, lt. Martin. ll. Stl Y S. VI: A 'T ' ' lt- t ' ,Hz e Aim to Help... The main goal of the Junior Red Cross Council was to give as much help as was in their power to those in need of help. The Junior lied Cross. one of the more active organizations in high school. has worked diligently all during the year on worthy projects. One of the first tasks which they succeeded in accomplishing was making joke hooks for the hospitals. Then as the Christmas season drew near the council members worked on Christmas decorations and linen tray cloths for Wiriter General Hospital. They also worked on other seasonal decorations. This year the council also sent a chest overseas. This chest was filled with useful school articles and many personal luxuries. The Junior Red Cross asked for help from the whole school to fill these chests. The council this year was led hy the President. Donna Jehle: Student Director., Sandra DeBauge: Treasurer. Ruth Palmerg and Secretary, Sylvia Markowitz. The sponsors were Miss Thomson and Mrs. Jaquith. The council of '52-'53 was made up of twenty members. llack row: C. Jchlc. A. Lincoln. D. Se-acat. C. Roberts, M. Daily, S. Reiter, A. Mcycr. S. Rhodes, M. Fowlcr, l. Recs, V. Stanlcy, S. Coffman, M.Nail, C. Moeller. Front row: Miss Thomson, C. Johnston. S. llcllaugxc, R. Palmer, D. Ji-hte, S. Markowitz, ll. Miller, Mrs. Jaquith. 'r-,v I K Wm AJ! Y-TEE . . . Builds a fellowship of girls ' V, ty-m,.f'i-n.p...A 5 '. ,Wim . 5 1' i 8 in fu. cf' C s- . X Q 1 A s x X" , Back row, lcft to right: Miss Langley, Sylvia Markowitz, Barbara Crawford. Kay Hates. Norma Nccdlcs. Miss Forbeck. Peggy Ellis. Mrs. Jaquith. .lo Ann Billie. Miss lcc, Miss Tomson. Third row: Nancy Umdenstock. Carolyn Barrett. ,lanct Bond. Miss Greer. Second row: Mary Jcppescn. Virdilec Workman. Arlene l.ooker. .lo Anna- Timmcrman. Shirley Carrison. .lane Coolidge, Loretta Lutz. Norma Feltncr. Esta Lee Mapes, Miss Petty. First row: ,loyce Van Gundy. Directors of Y-Teen Without this group of girls Y-Teens would be useless. These are the girls and sponsors who make all the plans and see that everything runs smoothly in this organi- zation. one of the largest in the school. The cabinet held their meetings on the second Tuesday of every month. These meetings were held either in the school dining room or in one of the members' homes. There were sometimes covered-dish suppers after which the meeting was held. and at other times after the business had been transacted refreshments were served. At these meetings each chairman told of what ber com- mittee had been doing and what it planned to do in the future. The girls and sponsors all worked eo-operatively with one another, and through their co-operation Y-Teen was once again to remain a success. The Y-Teen officers for this year were: President. Kay Bates: Vice l'resident. ,lane Coolidge: Secretary, Joyce VanGundy: and Treasurer, ,lo Ann Baillie. WORSHlP-Back row, left to right: Greenlee, Lamb, Needles, Crayk. Stockton, Robinson, Clemmer, Evans. Third row: Hopper and l,owry. Second row: Bowen. lx-dwith, Powell, Mayes. Cilbert, Price. Palmer. Rhodes, Miss Forln-ck. Front row: Crit-dvr and Looker. P6 'the gf Publicity The Publicity Committee, under its talented Chairman and Co-Chairman, Peggy Ellis and Carolyn Barrett, ami its Sponsor. Mrs. Lois Jaquith, has made many attractive posters to publicize Y-Teen and its activities. The posters showed originality and talent. The pub- licity committee has always been ready when called upon. PIIHLICITY COMNllTTEE-llack row, left to right: Ander- son, Mrs. Jacquitb, Smith. ll:-rbert. Manning, Williamson, Shirley. H:-atllvy, Cowan. Barrett. Gavin. Middle row: Hughes, Stem, Riecitardt, Houser, Morgan, Ellis, Rodman. Urs-cn. Nail. Front row: Boyce. Irwin. III J cn- 5.5 .---'-3 E155 :x UQEHQ :x -S23 -.,,, :ogg ,,,,,m'U D3 :OPP ::-""2 .-5 535. Q ... o"4:Q, gd. . '-HS., Rm :LOG ,D o -165 "'F-72. 555' 5'5- DJ 25-3- CUFQ mic 9.-""' -. ,,, 9 3' :im Worship of the Chairman, Ruthann Bowen, and the Co-Chair man, Arlene Looker, and Miss Forbeck they have planned the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter pro grams. Q-E -Uvcir ar - 0 9 and moan 'V' ' 5 '-U1 Shine bg i 0 must love owl get f3lil5lC COMMITTEE ---Back row, li-ft to right: Zeiner, Villa, Langley, Meierlioff, Johnson, Daily, Harrell, Price, Clements, Dotson, Burt. Middle row: Casida. Romer, Jehle, Huth, Knauf, Bergerhouse Jvhlc. Kunish. liricklcy, Hn-idel. King, Knauf. Front row: Hartenbower, Lincoln, White, Meyer, Feltner, Garrison. Cuy. Stienkuhler, Drake. v 7 Music The music committee had charge of planning music for the Y-Teen meetings and special meetings. They also took charge of passing out the song books and collecting them. A skating party was one of their outside activities. Norma Feltner is the Chairman, Shirley Garrison the Co-Chairman. and Mr. Ivan Trusler is the Sponsor of the Music Committee. Social iii. The Social Committee is one in which both work and fun are involved. Among their many projects were the chili feed. adopting a family at Christmas. selling pencils with the basketball schedule on them, the spring semi-formal. and the mother-daughter tea in the spring. This year the Chairman of the committee was Sylvia Markowitz. Co-Chairman, Barbara Craw- ford. and Sponsor. Miss lnez Greer. 'llsfot-ISI, .um n, he la , . - it 553, Goal of Su' SOCIAL C0fllNllTTEEYRack row. lf-ft to right: Franklin Andrews. Creeno. Price. Ward. Hall. Middle row: Peak. llunham. llenslcy. Smith. 0'llrir-n. llollings head. Maxwell, Palmer. Jacques. Faust. N1-vitt, Vansickle Mctlrew. Pavillartl. Front row: llahinsky. Keating. Reber. Miss Greer, Markowitz Crawford. Dwelle, Walker. Price. lVlembe1'sl1ip 0 'if ' -, P9 23 is Q Q Q ' .ill ' I 3 5 ff' is Q 7 f T- 'il lf il ' ' . A, pg l, I Membership Committee strives to have eompletc membership of all Senior high girls in Y-Teen. They also plan little sister week. which takes place during the first week of school. The committee this year was capably headed hy Jane Coolidge. Chairman. ,lo Anne Timmerman, Co- Chairman, and Miss Loretto Langley, Sponsor. MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE' Back row. left to right: Dilts. Cannon. Johnston. Davidson. Jones, Dicks, Brockelman, Schmidt, Seaeat, Williams. Smith. Middle row: Huckridge, Price. Lusk. Speck. llettmer, Davis. Ziegler. Poole. Calhoun. Kufahl. Redman. Front row: Hereford, Elliott. Cade. Uldham. tfoolitlge. Tir:- merman. Edwards. Spatz. Underwood. ang hill, of cv line, and GW World Fellowship 1 World Fellowship is necessary in this day and age. Through the Y-Teen Committee by the same name a closer fellowship of girls and boys throughout the world has come about. With the aid of the able Chairman and Co-Chairman, Nancy Umdenstock and Luretta Lutz, as well as their Sponsor, Miss Rice, a closer tie has developed among the organizations of Y-Teen. WORLD FEl.l.0W'5llll" Rack row. If-ft to right: llammond. Carriott, Waite, lloyce, Drake. Cook, Manda. Redman. Cun- ningham. Miss Rive. Loomis. Kirk. Middle row: Card:-ner. Toile, Fish, Pruitt, Munson, ll. Kreuger. Front row: Hildebrand. Hannifren. Lutz, llmdenstock, Van- Cordon, J. Kreuger, McCallum, Kirk. Service The Service Committee does just what the name indicates. They serve their teachers, community, and fellow students. The Service Committee's big projects are adopting several families at Thanksgiving, and one at Christmas. The Service Committee made their quota by working in the concession stand, candy sales, and selling play tickets. The Committee Chairman is Norma Top row: Roberts. Massey, Keefover, Longstaff, Jacob, Weaver, Bransteader. Guy. Stone. Middle row: Murray, Ross, Traner. Counts, Cook, Kircher, Granada. llarnard. Collinge. Boan, Miss Ice. Front row' Smith Murray Miller Needles Mapes Kin . . . . . , , ., ., g, Wieland, Barrett. Needelsg Co-Chairman, Esta Lee Mapes, and Sponsor Miss lce. ive us U ma e ou helergfqmhhg , r' O gage Finance o Og The Finance Committee took part in the selling of tickets for the all school play. At Christmas time the Finance Committee, along with another, adopted a family. The girls made their quota through ticket sales, candy sales, and various other sales. The committee was headed by the Chairman, Jo Ann Baillie, Co- Chairman. Janet Bond, and Sponsor, Miss Thomson. Top row: Burns. Fowler, Errett, Watts. Butts, Huston, Brink- ley, Cillu-rt, Tener, Pederson, Schaefer. Middle row: Jones, Byrd, Thomas, Briggs, Fowler, Baillie, Anderson, llannister, Sutton, Thomas. Front row: Byrd. Starr. Robinson, Moeller, Murphy. Gilliland. Jil-iz 'T' r be .6 C qi' us Top row: llaltz. Nicholas, Hurst, Coffman, Gamer, Dir-ker. Nuffer, Wood, Carter. Miss Cresap. Middle row: Barrel, Spencer, Walker, Whipple, DeBauge, Judson. Taylor. Bailey, Brown. Front row: Horton. VanCundy. Kohlman, Jeppesen, Workman Shepard, Suddock. 1 Program The Program Committee, under the direction of Virdilee Workman and Mary Jeppesen, Chairman and Co-Chairman, and Miss Dorothy Cresap, Sponsor, has planned many interesting and educational programs for the enjoyment of the members. Some of the more interesting of these were a speaker from Australia and a panel discussion on Y-Teen by members of the committee. ,. 'JN' -is 8 t- .9 O A G P 'j nf. r ' i i 1 of-, p, Standing, left to right: Mr. Williams. Buchanan. Bruner, HOPE. Wilhite, Mitchell, Bishop, Rogers. Heath, Kenny, Hafner, Lowery. Ce-tz, Cook, Alvarado. Seated: Winters, Mordy, Cross, Martin, Harriman, Garrison, Mr. Anderson, Stout. T MODEL LEGISLATURE . . . Hi-Yis largest project The Hi-Y is a branch of the Y.M.C.A. and its pur- pose is to serve the home, school, and community by putting into every day practice high standards of Christian living. Meetings were held during the year every other week. lnspirational speakers and informal discussions aided in accomplishing the Hi-Y purpose, and also made it possible for more to participate in the pro- grams. ln addition, several other speakers and dis- cussions in the program schedules were interesting as well as informational on topics of current interest. Our membership this year was over the forty mark. There was no determined membership drive, so the fellows who joined were those who were interested in the club. Membership is open to any and all boys enrolled in the high school. The largest project undertaken was the State Hi-Y Model Legislature. Eight boys were deelgates this year. and it took up most of the club's time from September to December. The Emporia Hi-Y Club was also active in other state Hi-Y activities. The fall district meeting and the Pre-Model Legislature meeting were both held in Emporia, with our boys serving as sponsors. All other meetings in other towns were well attended by the club. Our club was a prime factor in starting a new Hi-Y Club at Elmdale. ln school affairs the Hi-Y was active. They sold concessions at the football games, sponsored Thanks- giving and Easter programs in connection with Y-Teen, ran a booth at the Carnivalita. sponsored a watermelon feed, and assisted in many worthwhile civic projects around school. The officers for this year were: President, Don Martin: Vice President. Harvey Harriman: Secretary, Phil Bergg Treasurer, Paul Stout. The sponsors were Mr. Williams, Mr. Price, and Mr. Anderson. X Everybody On tage! "The Curi ri L p, s' tx Front row, left to right: Jam-y Hildebrand, Mary Ann Keating, Kay Scott, Jack Mitclicll, Je-an Davis. Second row: Shirley Cuy, Mrs. llinkler, Joanne Stcinkuhler, Jim Johnson, Joyce Cried:-r, Harvey Harriman. Mary Jeppesen. Don Martin. l'l1il Rogers. ous Savagef, a comic fantasy, and the a success as it was well received lw the audienm senior play. were presented on February 20 by an The play was under the direction of Mrs. Margaret all-senior cast of five lmoys and six girls. A comment Dinkler. made concerning the play was that it must have been - 5' 1 ? tx J fx N X if .inpka ' 4 J Lili.-5 8 mtg. ta . wr F, Front row, left to right: J. Coolidge, S. Guy, J. Steinkuhler, A. Meyer. J. Davis, T. Teichgraeher, K. Scott, D. Pohl, M. Keating, J. Creider, B. Powell. Second row: P. Stout, J. Hildebrand, D. Edmunds, V. Young, M. Jeppesen, L. Whipple. V. Work- man and Mrs. Dinkler. A cast of five boys'and eleven girls presented the all-school play, "Men Are Like Streetcarsf' It was presented on November 21 and was under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Dinkler. Active Is The Word . . . immrgim -F 0 'I The F F X rs at n ltlonal orgamzatxon for farm hots untxl they reath the age of 25 years and who study vomtlonal 'lgruulture m publlc schools Some thmgs that efuh of the four classes do are testing mllk prunlng trees running terrace lmes xac clnatmg plgs and cattlf and juclgmg lnestock Semors recommended for the btatc Farmmr Awxrfl are Dale Dans Clare Pearson 'mtl Lcomrcl Chun berlam lutles l r tht ar 'irc Cllflqlllii cm sus barn partx projects of popcorn St'llll1g comessxons lt foot mall games pest control contest IIN lu 1 partles 'kan Bac row left to right Mr Froves B Framkr R ja gfr B Roger L fhamlnrlam L qchallehn D Bartel B Schaefer ,I qmnth D Glour L Ku maul F Burroughs G Barrett ,I Nlelsen W Rlley V Barb Nl Whxtmzy H Ruhard 0 N11 rur Nllddle row ,I Whltsltt D Duncan W Wrxght R Brown D Thomas C lwwler D ont I Ree B Bock A Hall C Pearson D Davn D Nlnnnlt Front row B Byrd C Zumbrunn C Roberts Hawkm L l' c ott R 1 Rolnnson R Peter on L Love L Phrllnps W qtflmlnn There IS an actlve membershlp of 15 ln FFA The F F A charters '1 hus to Kansas Clty to attencl the Amerlcan Royal Lrvestock and FFA Natlonal Conventlon for one day They compete Ill dlstrlct and State judglng contests Each boy has a llvestock project at least one half are purebrede Offlcers of the chapter thls year were Advlsor Lmory Groves Preslclent Leonard Ch'llHTN.!'l'llH Vue Presldent Clare Pearson becretary llowane Bartel Treasurer John Smlth Reporter Dale Davxs Sen tlnel Robert Schaffer The F FA w1ll have a new bullcllng for classroom work There will be two classrooms a testmg room plus showers anrl lockers The CUIIQIFUQTIOD of tht blllldlflg IS underway ic? , . s . '-r J MIIB A ll DEBATERS-Standing: H. Harriman, J. Farthing. J. Bishop. E. Hopper. Seated: L. Heath. S. O'Brian. J. Hensley. Miss Cresap. D. Edmonds. C. Pocoak. W. Lowery. This year the llmporia High Debate Squad had many new members as well as a new coach. Miss Dorothy Ann Cresap. The squad debated the question: "Resolved: That the Atlantic Pact Nations Shoulr' Form a Federal Union" at the University of Wichita, Kansas State Teachers College at Pittsburg, 'nt at the following high schools: Topeka. Atchison. Shaw- nee Mission. Coffeyville. and Vvyandatte. The debaters held one of the largest invitational tournaments in Kansas in which more than 150 de- lntmrs from 21 Kms is schools participated At the 1-G I-ruffle nf rf'-' x c , IRO-Standing: J. Krueger. Miss lee. J. Hereford. M. Burns, D. Rogers. J. Ryerson. D. Pohl. J. Brown. P. Berg. V. Fred:-rickson. D. Martin. F. Jehle. Miss Forbe-ck. Seated: D. Seacat. C. Johnston. K. Hughes, L. Lutz, V. Horton, M. Nleierhoff. Nl. Fish, E. Lead- with. J. VanCundy. B. Powell. The lnternational Relations Organization. under the leadership of the Sponsors. Miss lee and Miss For- beck: Moderator, Verna Horton, and Secretary- Treasurer. Mildred Meierhoff. promoted meetings for discussion of national and international, issues and problems. Meetings usually began with a panel presentation of the subject being discussed. The meeting was then end of 230 rounds of debate Russell was proclaimed winner. Winfield placed second and Shawnee Missior and Wyandatte carried home the third place trophies. Officers for the year were: President Don lfdmundsg Vice President. Sally OiBrien: Secretary. Joyce Hensley: Treasurer. Charles Pocock: Assistant Coach. Jim Bishop. 1 Harvey Harriman. Luckey Heath. Don Edmunds, and Jim Bishop entered the District at K. U. this year. They competed with teams from Atchison. Shawnee Mission Topeka, and Vlfyfmdotte. K I thrown open for group discussion. During the year members of the organization heard speakers from other countries and saw films on mode of living of other nations. For the first time this year, the organization set a goal. which was sending a CARE package to foreign country. SOIHC 1-'sn-. - ,Z .l' ll'l4 ,45- s 1 TAGECR FT and P TROL BOY Helped Take 652-537 Z1 ueeess. cw' '81 ., Tln' Patrol llnys lmvv work:-fl l141r1l In keep :lm-ixlvllts R frtnn l1z1ppe11i11g Jlfttllllll s1'l11ml. Tllvy :1r1': ,lznnes K Reflivk. Captain: Robert Nail. I,,ll'lltf'Il8IIlI E. Tyler, Q3 R. Burton. L. Ritlvr. M. Alv11rz1rlu. S. Xvvvks. lin. lmzlr. Q J. Si'lllllNlI' ancl Mr. l,mll1-. SINIIISUT. P XTROI. BUYS STKFF CHXFT llll'Plll1Pl'l 1 L l I 0 111 nn erwlc C ann 1 Q ann 'XII' L ll1 ,I Barnettl not lll4IllI'tll The INCIIIITPTS of Stagecrwft h ne smrkul to 1n 1ke '1 gn 1t 1111111 1 tnltus 1 sucu tue ycir Among theie are thru Clare Tru M'1j1r lluw tle 1llx 1 p fn t1 semor play, ChI'lqtIT'l3G pageant CllI'1Qllll'lS dccordtlone 1 su 11 ull football lllfl baeketlmall garnc-Q and Qchool part1eQ Pic - ar': . ,etc-rson, ,. Ninnn . W. Da" ls . XI. K' "'k. I.. NI D "ls, S. C'SIl1'TO,, T. llnrlgvs. .l- Rimlvr. E. Williams, ll. lJI'ilWl13llgIll. K. F0'llIll'!'. J. llulmlwin. l,. l'i1-ru-. U. l,1-11g1Ntz1ff l . . Ol -. . 's " - . Q 1 2' ' ' 2 . fi 1-'11""".'z.' 'HSS I1 '2 . . " T ' " 1 'f J 1 3 1 -.-1-lnnl lt lv ' '. . , . . '. .5 P " -. nu"1, . 1 Let There Be . . . MUSIC ' MN TRI NI I R I. lhnrmr JACK NIITKIHIILI, l ff'.SIllf71f OFFICERS JS fb F1 ,IANIC IIOOI.llNlI'f KAY SCOTT -qf'f'Vf'IIlft' Vive' I'rf's1'rlw1t The Ifzlll Convert. Christmas program. music Con avhicvelnents of the Senior High A Cappella Chuir. a test. and the Hpring Convert were the outstanding group of 65 voices that sang precluminantly religious music. Hark row. left to right: Fruit. .lfYlIl'1SI0ll. Walk:-r. Pavillarrl. Heath. Gilt-S. Horton. Elliott. llmson. llyrcl. Svlmllx-uri. Hrnwningg. Mulrvvvs. Nivliolas. Kirvhvr. Fourth rnw: YIIFIISIPF. Wurknmn. Hates. Shirley. Kvlla. Trow- S1-vmnl row: Tiinnu-rnian. Halvinsky, jollnsnn, Kunish, I.inf'- hrimlge. Flott. Gavin. Cf-tz. Haffnvr. Privr-. Nlvivrlmff. Guy. hargt-r. lfr11inpiu'kvr, W'zilker. Davis. Svliafvr, Hartel, Sturm, Front row: Ilerefnrd, liilhf-rt. Carrisnn, Harriman, Kerwick, Young. Hlimle-s. Hull. Murray. Blaylock, Mitvlie-ll, R:-ilivk. Wilhitc, Ste-inkuhh-r, Hughes, Thirml row: Jon:-S. W'hippIc-, IIx'nsIf'y. Massey, Rohr. Jaines, Nuflvr. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL A CAPPELLA CHOIR Proved B Our PGI'f01'lllZl11CCS BOYS' Qlf-XHTE'1'TE Qt' ft I,e-ft to right: I.. Heath. U. Martin, ,l. Mitvhell and ll. llzirriman. CHORALE This newly organized group of thirty,-two seleeterl voices sang spirituals. saerecl. and some secular music-. They partieipatetl in the Fall Convert, music contest, and Spring Convert. The two outstanding aeeomplish- ments of the group were the noratorioii from the "Seven Last Words of Christi, hy Dubois. which were ACICUNI PA NISTS J. tIO0I.lIJ1lE Ill SIQ4-UjgX'I' M. MAXWELI. S. 1LMtRlSON given on Coorl Friilay evening. :mel were the first presentations hy any Emporia Senior lligli School group of major sacred work. aml the program of Christmas carols that was provitleml for the Christmas shoppers in limporia :mtl later lvromlvnst. This group also gave many eonevrts for servire elulws in lfmporia. Bark row, left to right: Harriman. Redick, Shirley, Kells, Third l'0W: Hall. Rhodes, Hughes, Meierhoff, Slvinkuhler, Massey, Rohr, Crumpacker. James. Elliott, Dotson, Murray. Sc-voml row: Nlitvhell, Heath, Stone, Wilhite, Flott, Giles. Front row: Director, Truslvr, Kunish, Cilhert, Garrison, Rates, Young. Scott. Coolidge, Lineharge-r. y Small Groups and oloists vk row. If-fl to right: Harriman. Shirlvy. Nlassvy. 'Nlitrl1vll. Willuite-. Xuung Prom row: Svott. Hatvs. Kunieh. Hughvs. SI1'iIlkllhl1'T. ljtllqrll. MUSIC . . . The Orchestra The flfL'llCSlI'Zl this yPLlI' was cmnptm-fl of fifty nwnihcrs. Svwiul of tht- ninth ffraulc xiolin Stuclvnts wore uscml on sma-ral ucralsiniis in orflvr tu muml out ll --will r- :- Uruua. Tho orclmstra mrmiclval swim- ness tunvs for the :Xll bclmol Plan. vluwfl 1' l. l . . . . - I - tim nights for the Christmas program. furmshvtl musu- for thc bcmur plan. thn- l'lilSS SCTIUOII Zllld COllNllClN't'IllPlll. YlUl,lNS llllxll XIM5 ltnixl-yt liilllliilll l31llIL 1,4-ix Crum .luyvv xxlilltx 5xlxi.i ll4IlIxl'l' . l'hillip Smith IH H' llv-mlil l"m'lxl:m1 M1l"?ill""l lyilfkg R1-lwrl tlru-x lhw-rnlu lll'u1'lxll4'I' 'i1""t""' F"'H"'l lQl,XRlNIC'I'S lllllly NX vlgxln-l Km Umhluixl .Iulm XlAlNlli1ll lpwll SM-fpl. larry xl1l!'I'N1lIl Html linuwx Xflll l'urI4-r mmn.- sm- .Xfhlny mlffiiif:-k'hlq Ylllll llmmlel Xian-Q "N" 'l1"t"U"" nXl.'I'U sxwviiuxii lflQI4l,1i llmmtliy Nivflr:-w l"iI fllllx "i"k"1"N . .. llvlnivi- llzuuaml Martha bel-arlly f M ,, ,,,...,.,-..,, I I4XSNtIl.XlilNl'T Tl IH l'al Smulling junly Alomw TRI ' Nl l'lf'I'S ,Ivrry 1.h1i-1' l.:ixsl'1'l1n'm' l it IDKPXIS ,lulm XIl'lN0Il Kvilll fiullllle llzirulul NN Illf,1llNl john 4.411--'null tvvllliull l,ll4ll" liuui- .lnm-- llminlil Smith lm- Klllllxllllfgl 'l'RUXllillXlC Waym- Viiilliamx x4'l'llliIl Xllnrwl john Rankin lCl'l'll0Xll Xl Lyle- llalvy Rll'll1llA1l lfry HIGH SCHOOL BAND NIENIBERS OIIOE ,Indy Weigand ll.-XSS lfL.-XKINli'l' Catherine .lehle Fl .l i'l'l-f Martha Oldham Margaret Parks Brenda llrnckner ALTO SqXX0l'll Dorothy Nlelirew Sally 0'llrien l'at Dawson Dick Davis TENOR SAXOPHON E Velma Tucker Marjorie Osman FRENCH HORN Karen Houser an Activities Make Up Band Year The High School Band this year was composed of seventy-four members. Fourteen members are Seniors. twenty are juniors. twenty Sophomores and twenty students were used from the ninth grade. The band got off to an early start by playing for the Republican parade. For this. the band received a check for twenty-five dollars. which was placed in our trip fund and the latter provided the members with a fine trip. It played for the four home football games and provided some very fine "Precision lNlarching." The members ol tlte band with their snappy uniforms, acted as ushers for the Nlarine Band program. They also participated in the K. S. T. C. Band Day and made the football trip to Ottawa. The band played for all nine home basketball games. i 3 'au' i til L.- QX 0 Barbara Powell Dorothy Smith Karen Nloebns Carol llonser lil.-XRlNlC'l'S Richard llonsler Neal linrtet' belle Lross l'at llereerlions Larry -Xlderson ,loyee Watt- john Nlayhan Nlary Lon Natl Anita Green .Indy Faust lieyerly Keeloyer :Xlice Lineoln jerry Parker Van Smith Mary Honsley Donald Nlayes Doris ltlaek Tlil'Nll'lf'lS Marshall NlcXntt ,lolm llollineshead James Smith Lee lianislnirg Donald Smith jerry lfhase Larry Nimmo Dayid lang Harold Lang llnrold XX olglast beorge l.odle Kay Xlcllride Elil'HONll'NlS Lyle Haley Ronald Hester Carl Vail Richard Fry john Lipps 'I'li0Nlli0Nl-IS lfngene liox Paul 5lotlI .lim l"a1'klam Jerry lhek Bobby tlrnndy Yernon .Xlford Wayne Williams Hob Coop:-I' Pat Renter 'llll-X Lawn-nee flomd l'hillip Smith Marvin Tweedy ,lohn liarriott IJRLNIS l.e-Roy Ihiriie- Bob Winters Larry Nlellaniels ,lim Karolik Dayid Mendel Bolt Sallcr IRELLS liarbara llaltn l'at Clark TW l R l,lCliN Elaine llartenbo Yiyian Webb DRUM Nl.-UOR l'at lielfield FX partau Club Boosts School pirit Sl'Xll'l'xXN tIl.I'l5 llflnlllll V-l,1-tt to right: Miss Towson. Nlrs. llf-ok. Mr. Truslvr, Marshall Nll'Nllll. Yin- l'r1-sitlviitg 5z11111l1'11 llt'll1lll1t'. l'rr'si1l1'11t: Nlr, lillltilllli. Nlary .-Min K1'illlUgI. Sf'l'Y't'l2lI'y- 'llft'L1Slll't'l'1 N111 vlllIIlI!l0IlS. ,ln-an Nlorgan. .Xnn llwm-llv. Kay Svott. The first Change the Spartan Cluh niacle in their activities this year was the way in whivh they choso the vlioorloaflvrs. Thore wore five vliosen froni each vlass lmy that vlass. 'lllwn from those fiftrvn the whole sc-hool voted o11 ton for team ancl the othvr fin' wvrv ll toani, Sonn' of thc other projcvts thu harl uc-rv the vrowniiig of thf' Footliall Q111-vn. the coat room at tht- liaslwthall gZ1ltl0S anfl thx' lf lorlnvcl at thc liaskctlwall ganies. J oellf-n Elliott Steinkuhler Coffman Linebarger Zxgler Marcia Betty Walker Wilson ll 'l'l'f.'KlNl tlHlfl4lRl,l'lAlllCllS--l.1-tl to right: lh-tty Nvvitt. Carolyn Spain. Carolyn l'1'i1'e-, l'at Row, Jeanie Davis Head Cheerleader HT S J Q i lf LEf:c' J 4 1 lavkiv Kriu-gm-r, Sandra llellauge, FOOTBALL QLEEN KLXNIJI D XTICS FUR l"OU'l'Ii.'Xl.l. Ql'lCliN Kay Scott. Jeanie Davis. .loellvn llilliott. SANDRA DeBAUGE The Qlll'il'iN at the time of the crowningg. The candidates and their escorts at the Pigskin Prom. They are, left to right: Jackie Krueger and Ne-al Porter, Jeanie Davis and Jerry Johnson. Sandra Dc-Range and Floyd Reichardt. joellcn El- liott and Dick Utter. Kay Scott and Rolwrt Alassvv. A memory that will live with Sandra l5eBauge occurred at the half of the Emporia-Wfellington football game on October IO. 1952. It was at this time she was crowned third Football Queen of Emporia Hi. She was chosen by the student body from five candi- dates selected by the football team. There was a pep parade down Commercial Street in the evening just before the game. in which the candidates rode in convertibles. The candidates entered in convertibles and stopped in front of the Emporia cheering section. The band and Spartan Club formed a heart and an arrow on the football field. After tense moments of waiting. Sandra DeBauge was crowned Queen of 1052. She was escorted to the center of the heart by Floyd lieichardt. Sandra was then crowned by Bucky Burnell and pre- sented flowers by Kenton Whittirigtcuri. The band played "Let Me Call You Sweeetheartw and "If You Were the Only Girl in the Wtmrlfl." After the game she reigned at the Pigskin Prom held in her honor. Jack Mitchell sang "Embraceable You" and "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody." Sharon Kohlman gave a skit in her honor. Her attendants were jackie Krueger, Kay Scott, Jean Davis. and ,Ioellen Elliott. - I ix S 1 '3' I , ,,. in' 'XY Y Q0 . . , I . . ES? Ji Y if. 1X X . Zi' ' I ' V.. f vs.. ' Nix.-I' 'Q 1" X , E , . :V . k l EMPORIA HIGH FOOTBAL Sf-pt. Sept. Oct. Ovt. UCL Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. 10- lil Dorado 267,lllIll'tilllI City 3-Topeka I0-Vvvllingtnn I. E l1lIlHI'i2l mporizl Elllpwfill EllllNlI'iZl IT-Parsons . lfmpuria 24+Wy'a11clcmtte lfmporia 3lfSalina 33 Emporia SAIMUIWVII Fmpnria 14k-Haskvll 20 lfmpuria f H TY ,: ,v 5. at ,x N ' Ww41 ..g ' f,.y -7 SQUAD I 6 0 6 I 0 T T I0 A Al DC 3 Y 2,7 X2 C D .--X ,- .'. I -.fn 1, J 'VA-11' 4. . 1 VUL wank fx wunhdmx n HASKEL I, 1 6 Hit 'em agum i. Lek 5" xx aw r"5-if ,M ' M.,.3. keep dui ba 1 1 1 I4 ' '-1 ' ,y A J' p 1 ' J I I 1,1 I V ....,......... . 1 l'll'lIITl'll :ilvow airs' lluvk row. Ivft to right: U. Schractler, K. llousle-v. lf. Rvivlinrtlt. .l. l'owe-ll, .l. lleter-ou. R. Solis, lf, llvrlm-i'. ll. Sll't'l'llHlll. .l. llurrh. Thirmi row: ll. Nlvflliiiin. R. Jones. K. Whittington, N. 54 Second row Nlitcln-ll. D lloughton, li 'Nli my l Nlure First rowzf trihuu l llfith 'Nl lm lorta-r. ll. llzirriuizui. ll. Nlartin, l.. Kiutlred. ll. Long:-tziff. YV. Tranor. f cm Ruhnour Sport or ECLUB... promotes athletics and sportsmanship The lf Cluh is an organization vousisting of hoys who havv varmwl a major lettor in footlvull. lmskvt- lmll. or track. Tho aims of the- E Cluh aro to promote- athlvtivs and sportsmanship. Although it is host known for its initiations. it also takes part in many othvr school avtivitics such as the Cziruivalita. Thv officvrs this war wvrv: l,Tf'Sltlt'llt, Don Martin: Vim' llrvsiile Slllfll'yl 'lin 1-urtr ru 4 ut N ionsoii. for tht- lffilulm irt Mr llultuour 'Vlr luumi s 1 Mr. Waugh lfzivh spring 1 uwuilwrs ziurl their flitis Ihr llllllt ff :turf of tht program is tu 4 it I Sixth Annual ueen of Courts JUNXNNIC S'l'lflNKlllll.lfR Queen of Courts I iv. ff V W n'X . Queen ,loanne being kiss:-rl by Floyd Reiehardt Q br' I Tllli ROYQXI. lf0l'R'l' ln the front: ,loan Hereford. Sylvia Markowitz. Joanna- Ste lNleN Porter. The auditorium was clothed in darkness. The ext-itea ment of the erowd was felt as the sixth annual Queen of the Court was soon to ln' Crowned. A spotlight illuminated eaeh of the five eandidates as they entered lwy separate doors and were est-orted to the throne of traditional red and lwlaek near the south goal. llpon the entrant-e of the last eandidate. Joanne Steinkuhler. Mr. Hikerman. departing from the eustomary procedure. announeed that she was the 1953 Queen of the Court. Floyd Reichardt crowned her and gave her the traditional kiss. Neal Porter presented her with a bouquet of red and white earna- tions and also tlifl the honor of kissing her. The Band then played If You Were the Only Girl in honor of the new Queen. Then Queen Joanne and her Prineesses ascended the 'inkuhler. Ruth l'almer. IM-lores Langley. llaek row: .lov Brown, Marshall utt, ,lack Nliteliell. .lim johnson. llon lllayloek. Floyd Rt'lI'll3l'tli and Neal and Delores Langgley. Sylvia Markowitz, Queen anne- and Ruth Palmer. throne upon whieh they were wheeled around the Court. The throne was then plat-ed lweneath the Spartan eheering seetion eompleting the eeremony. A dance was held after the Emporia-Topeka game in the l,owther junior High gym with the Counts furnishing the music. The program consisted of Harvey Harriman singing The Desert Song, and Mary Dougherty. last years Queen. presented Queen Joanne with a hasketliall auto- graphed by members of the team. All of this was preceded by the selection of five girls ehosen hy the A team. who were: llelores Lang- ley. joan Hereford. Ruth Palmer. Sylvia Markowitz and Joanne Steinkuhler. Lt M Tlll-I Qlil-HSN and PRINCESSES -Joan llvn-ftril I' 111por1 1 I7111por1'1 F111p11r1 1 I' Illpllfl 1 IL111por11 I' 111por1'1 IN lllpllfl 1 Fmporl 1 I' 111pur1f1 I' 111p0r11 BA SKETBALL A TE AM XXI left I1 lg.I1I m red 'N ' rtfr 11n11 1 1r1a 11141 T.1wr raI1.1111 K VIIIIIIII ten F IIIH 1 r1It ll Fl D11r'1fI0 Ott 11111 9aI1111 Dom 1 Cltx Ark C111 ,Iu11rt11111 C111 011111 1 W1 a11cI11tte Nalnm Mc I IILFQOII QCHEDUI E J IIHIFI 1 E111por1a I' 111por11 I lllpllfll I' 111por1 1 EIIIPOTIZI I' lllllllfl 1 IL111por11 ILIIIINDTI 1 I 1111 1 I 1rs1111Q 511111110 'NI1w11111 1 1111 I Q W 1 1111Iottc NCMIUII I11 r fupa I11 I11 r B TEAM Pront row C Be-dmr J Trowbrldge D Long taff ,I Kruegmr B Kullcr W WK, A.TEA-, -. .- ,rw 1 I.. Ki 1 . In -.11 11.-11 .11 S-1 111-r. 11. T11--15. J. C, C - , , " ' ' gg 1 . . -' 'Ia . J. Ste-1-r111z111. I". IIl'l'IxQ'I'. .I. I'uw1-ll. Q 'i ST , , V 63 H11 'z H1 'I' 1 -ka . '. .11 1 1- 4: 1 1 911 71 .1 . A t A 'Q .11 A' ' , 61 1 z .12 .I. ' - . I '1 118 IH' 1' .' . . 60 2 Ii 511 VI i 'I ' 1 ':ll.I I'I111pori11 55 COIIIIIIIYUS 511 I'3lllllUfIZl fl-1 -'xfglvlllilll' I .1 48 1' JA . 41 1 l f 'I-I -2 ' 3 '. so -' 3 5 . fa . ' . .. of: 1 Q 'Q 50 1 -1 6.1. I -1 NIc'I' - son 1 'z . 36 -' 57 .1 "II: I ' '1 Q 'K 02 f ' C , T5 'a 50 I NIc'I' - son I I , W , 53 ' D ' . 68 B-TEAM---Ilack row. left to right: A. Be-P111Pr. D. Adams. J. Sl'IlI'lf1UI'. J. Wl1i1Iing1o11. R. R11I1i11w11. nr 26 ...- Qteerman X U J Tnlor N Porter D Qchrader f 1 l BASKETBALL 52' D McMunn errj WLQUCQAC I Q C ene Rldenour Relchardt TRAINERS Joe Brown Phxl Berg K Whltlmgton J Powell Tx s evd x Ben kcr C Graham X W K f A N , W W X 1 J If '- I . V gf J ,, X , VLL:: xx , K' x , X X " i '- IW 3 ' L - Q 1 ' x v . , N rs . 'Y x - ' x ' ' I W , r f' X Ya J, R 1 1 r A f X V Q Y' - , 'x L. Kindred x , fb - X D tl! V , . ' 2 1 - - LD N X ' ' H 'H . A ' F. ,- ' Y ' I F. ' n , Y V ' x ' . - J , x 1 9 I N g 3 HQ 1 f H 1 1 ' ff 4' . K . f fy ,f 1' I u A Q X U ff ' f 'T X Ni .. 4 .' x A 1 Y X Y GI IMPbES UF BASKETBAII FMPORIX 'Sa COLUMBUQ v4 60 Gy CITY FMVORKN M DOD EMPORIA so OTTAWA fz 'T' hM1 omy FMPQRI 66 TOP1.Ixx 0 A 48 DOINNI CNW In I 'N J Y I 2 a. W N , - .- 4 I' 1 i A L I. xgnd X Q, - X tn. .. . 9 x ig A It 5. 1, 1?--7' ' 123 x ,L X- . W l 5 :J K , w,,,ga 7 . ' f " H .- F, k J 9' A , - K X. I K I ' n 1 - J 4 '1 75 KW - J ,- 4 f X, - , X N 4 f 7 , 3 A , Didde OFFICE SUPPLY at PRINTING Co. 24 Wes+ Sixfh - Emporia, Kansas CompIe+e for Modern Business HOME APPLIANCE STORE NORGE SALES and SERVICE Emerson Radios and T.V. 726 Com'I Phone 430, KELL'S KURL SHOP 604 Com'I Phone 33 ' ALsPAw's JEWELRY EL C ' I S+ ee G-IN BIJLOVA QJATCHES HAMILTON DIAMONDS GRUEN WATCH AND LONGINES JEWELRY REPAIRING WITTNAUER EMPORIA WOODWORKING SHOP So Commercnal Telephone 3089 WE BUILD ANYTHING IN WOOD Complimenfs of BAILEY TRANSFER 81 STORAGE CO. I50l Wes+ 6+h Phone I92 MORRIS DRUG CO Phone 423 Commercual O D HARRIS D W MORRIS PERSONALITY PORTRAITURE COLLEGE STUDIO Phone 2434 lI07 Coml Specvallsfs In fhe Phofography of Young PeopIe f 1 707 ommercla r I Emporia, Kansas 232 ' I I3 . ' , by I' . Y ,a mai. Z K I :M A ' II I 'uf .K T' ,ir Y I YP . K X K ' ...Y " ,' Lf Ii ' Q l 1 ,D . fy ' KOCH APPLIANCE CO. Lum p Radio Service RCA Viclor Radios ' sg. 'W vw 45 RPM Records ANDERSON INSURANCF AGFNFY '3 K Kinds INSURANCE Alll W + f HAYNES high school sludenls and no wonder' The Hardware Company have a complele Ime of cosmehcs and foulely ries Schafer pens and pencils and school sup plies besides fhose founfam specnallhes 'lhal all Emporia High enloy RED X 634 Coml Emporia Kansas Meel' you al' RED X IS a familiar cry among Roberts Leather Goods The College of Emporia W Fully Accredlled Degrees In Bachelor of Arls Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Educahon CLOSE STUDENT FACULTY RELATIONSHIP PERSONAL GUIDANCE FOR EACH STUDENT Admissions Office College of Emporia THE EMPORIA SPORT SHOP Strand Theater Bulldung Make Your Kodak and Supply Shop GRANADA STUDIO D D DEGLER P p CCINEY ISLAND I7E h HUGHES TODD DIAMONDS WATCHES Phone 482 523 CornI Comphments ot YMCA Phone 497 Berg and Frost The Pharmacy Where Your Prescrlptlon Comes Fnrst I9 West bth CARL F BERG C E FROST FRED SCOTT KEN SCOTT FRED J Scott INSURANCE AGENCY Protectlng Smce I927 O E p Wmter Attebery FURNITURE COMPANY 509 Commercial Congratulatlons to the Class ot 53 Lyon County State Bank Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Phone 7D5 Emporia, Ran. . bt '- I PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY I . Sth - Em oria, Kans. I THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Capnlal ancl Surplus SAVINGS ACCOUNTS CHECKING ACCOUNTS TIME CERTIFICATES ll Does Malte a Dafference Where -': 1 V I Emporlas Oldesl Loans SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT TRUST DEPARTMENT FOREIGN EXCHANGE You Do Your Banlung Where Men Shop When They Wanl' lo Buy 'rh Bes'r BRUCKNER'S Slore for Men POWELL MOTORS Inc STUDEBAKER Sales Servuce Stanley Jewelry 6l9 Commerclal al' 'rhe sugn of 'rhe Elgin clock GRANADA THEATER Maytag Sales Co 6l5 Coml Phone l0l5 LISTEN TO THE LATIMER Lale News, 6:l5 pm., KTSW WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE 4l7 Com'l Phone 2436 James B. Orpul, Owner ROYAL F MAHAN, Mgr FORT JEWEL SHOP JEWELRY WATCHES SILVER CHINA GLASS SI9 Com'l xl! I urs.: 6 X 0 I 5550.000-00 P and Largesl Banlc e . Our I1ear+es+ conqra+uIahons +0 fha graduahng cIass of 5? We are ev r grafeful +0 I'I1e members of I'I1e faculfy and 'ro ine s+ucIen+ body for +I'1eer pafronage BROADVIEW HOTEL ELMLR W SIEDHOFF Manager DeBAIJGE BROS Inc VVIwoIesaIe Foods ENIPORIA KANSAS LAWRENCE MOT OR CO nc DODGE Job rafed Trucks DODGE PLYMOUTH Cars 5IO Wes? 6h Avenue Emporia Kansas Remember Sensor PICIUFES are +aIcen only ONCE IN A LIFETIME O er McLeIIa Complimenfs of . I ' ., I . ' S T U D I O - v n's KTSW Emporia Speaking The rachesi' man cannoi' buy for himself wha+ +he pooresf man ge+s free by Radio SARNOFF e MUTUAL BEATRICE FOODS CO U? I ' O gill IE 2I2 Coml Phone I803 BROADCASTING SYSTEM J A WCHELL M 9 THIRST TOO SEEKS QUALITY A I I dU 4? .. "' 3 Garrison Music Store COMPLETE MUSICAL SERVICE QLDIES 7l5 C 2 25 f 5? H ' 16.24 in I ' I EE:-'-:a:ew. Q 2141 I 1 1 , ' H I' - Q Th , , , ana er I I B QQ' ' In ' N .--' I ' U", 'N " J'-A Bo'HIe ncIer Au'I'hori+y of Ihe Coca-Cola Company 0 ! ' ' Q kk ommercial Phone I L gif, yy! is A gf! Lf" x P f' o A DOWNS SHOES I2 Easf bfh Ave Balrcl Cleaners Call 939 TWO HANDY LOCATIONS I3 Easf 6+h IOI9 Commercral TH E EMPORIA GAZETTE BI7 Merchanl' E R BARR L Frazrers CARL IDUTCHI DABBS Emporra s Frnesf Cafe I3 W I 6I'h A PHONE 548 EMPORIA TENT ancl AWNING CO VENETIAN BLINDS AWNINGS WINDOW SHADES 6I2 Merchanf Sfreef Phone 559 Sporf ng Goods Special School Prices SCHOTTLERS ELEC 81 SPORTING GOODS CO C BRATTON HOME Gr AUTO SUPPLY FISK TIRES SPORTING GOODS WAYNE KENT Studro 528 Coml Phone 520 ANDERSON S GREENHOUSE The Home of Fme Flowers SERVICE STATION Phone 3I28 pl ff Crawford Oll Co EMPORIA KANSAS Hoffman s FOOD MARKET 626 Wesf 6'rh Phon 973 George Groh and Sons FURNACES 84 ROOFING Lennox anal Securrfy Furnaces 325 and 327 Coml Phone 3274 l u I essee es venue I 6 Phone 205 6I0 om'l -- I Complimenfs of I . 6+h and Rural P . Complimenfs of OOYT1 lfnen 5 O . 1 9 I IRELAND Shoe Shop ELLOTT IVIOTCRS, Inc, SALES and SERVICE I07-IO9 Wesl Sixlh Avenue Emporia, Kansas Cline Auto Supply WHOLESALE AUTO SUPPLIES 4I9 Commercial Sl. Phone I96 81 49I EMPORIA, KANSAS VIRGIL J. RICE Dislrlcl Agenl Norlhwesl Mulual Life Insurance CITIZEN NATIONAL BANK BUILDING vlcToRY QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 2405 22 E 'rh FLEMING LUMBER 81 MATERIAL CO Dealers In LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Corner 5I'h 81 Congress PHONE 73 ana' DIIATB 9 REDDY KILOWATT Wlshes luclc l'o all sluclenls ancl 53 gracluales and remember your fallhful eleclruc servanl' as always ready 'ro serve you wnlh plenly of elec'I'r1c power a+ home al' work al' play POWERQMI LIGHT COMPANY HOCH S DAIRY 53641 Milk Grade A Pasleurlzed Dairy Producls PHONE I 347 oaK ,J .. .,. 'SQL ,. .5 L:-315-U,-fvgfyl q 3 I ' ' F x , , -' '31, Y A - fs I f - - x , J Q ' fflif' ' . It on ,fM"" . lt' . . E. H - 'Noun' R . I I ' - Emp fi. 233,452 f I' . v I ' ' I Owe-A sf. usrlulxm, Er' ,I 41. HOMQGENQED vs, Mll LK W ll :ITE I 1. 5 ? - I EE? - ' "0cI..R,,h " COMPLIMENT5 OF EMPORIA STATE BANK S Member Federal Dep s'+ I sur nce Corp. Open 24 Hours a Day The l:"e"CIIY Bank WILCOX INSURANCE AGENCY EMPORIA KANSAS 524 I 2 Coml Phone I43 Judson Bowlmg Alley 4I9lf2 COMMERCIAL ST PHONE 2609 Granger s READY TO WEAR MEADOWBROOK CREAM ERY 22 Commerclal Slreef o G ls 623 Com I GRAND CAFE MARC MARCELLUS I+s a mce place fo brmg your KENNETH RINKER 'Famuly and meel' your friends Phone 2300 24 HQUR SERVICE Wesl' Slxl'l1 Ave al' Clwesfnul' if SHIT-K I 5' I-ls ROBERTS BLUE FUNERAL HOME MR and MRS HARRY W BARNETT Phone 76 I O I n 5 ll U ll I ' I I F r ir and Women I f , . . ?s.'.v'5w-I -X-it e,"gfh.,.6' xiii' Q in -' ' .- gl' ' -' '. L A ,I , 1 A V ,, -.f r, fi ,iv ts'- I -nw., X"l X ,- ,ass ,f p' .""'ff- '1 1 I xilv. Q ' . ,. K- It Q I v- . , - y ., W If A . 31,2 N H -15 11, 'Q , -s-Q1-3 . ,An -YN'-5-" 5 N"-4-M' " . . -1 'LS ' ,gp 4 v POOLE S e School Gurls Headquarfers For Smar'r Spor+swear 2ND FLOOR Congralulahons 53 Emporla Pastry Shop 6I2 Commerc al Phone l42 Mutual Bulldmg and Loan Assocmhon Pepsl Cola Botthng Co We manufacfure Pepsl Cola Masons Roof Beer and all fhe +as+y flavors In fhe Hornei' Beverages MAYES STOUT IMPLEMENT CO YOUR ALLIS CHALMERS DEALER IIl5 Wesf Suxfh Avenue Emporia Kansas THE SMITH LUMBER COMPANY Phone 39 Emporna Kansas A COMPLETE LINE OF LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS Qwzdefrw ! Klndom 3' Riverside Gardens Twen+y Thousand Feel of Glass RIVERSIDE GARDENS FLOWERSHOP AND GREENHOUSES Phone l048 Memorlal Drive Emporia Kan I .......W..l, .,1,.,. ,A , I , . '.,,f"""-- -,,,. ,W X . ' i v 1' Q. f-,-1 3 X Z1 I- s tl li X , x E ' U I ' I ' . is I I "' ' ' ss' I Ill all 1 ll Ill ' 0 0 0 , . ARNEY SCHULENBERG Moron co :Nc in-2 East 6th Phone 2940 Your F e dly Ford Dealer You can Pay more But You Cant Buy Better JONAS GROH FURNACE 8. ROOFING CO KANSAS CITY We tha k the h gh school studenis a d faculty for theur past fr endsh p a d welcome then fut re good w II ECKDALL 81 McCARTY Inc ,f "' ' If x x ri n 324 Commercial Phone 3277 623 Eos? 6fI'1 Avenue III n i i I n PRODUCTS CO INC EMM Z,7QJ"""":7j'f . 1 , ., K , lx '., 1 Krueger Plumbing and Heating 519 Merchant Phone 467 -, 'Ants 'Fi ' ' PACKED cs ' 'X I it kwwMn,..n , 4.1 1' FANESTIL PACKING CO. Emporia, Kansas Processors of'BIue Stem and Flisnt Hill Fine Meat Products A TIRES X GOODYEAR Service Store General Electric Appliance Magic Chef Gas Range 727 Comme c aI Phone 622 FRANK TOMS MOTOR CO. Sales Service 910 Commercial Phone 178 NASH FRED S DERBY RESTAURANT Just Good Food 24 ho rs ser ce U S 50 West NEILL S AMAZING COFFEE COOLIDGE IMPLEMENT CO INC International Harvester Farm Equipment Trucks Pho e 845 520 Const tut o n EMPORIA KANSAS EMPORIA LIVESTOCK 81 SALES CO E pora Ka sas SALE EVERY FRIDAY 1 00 P M PAUL HATCHER o e 3221 Empo a Kansas LESTER PYLE Empora Ka sas OLMA PEAK Pho e 2854 W E Kan as WARREN PYLE po a Ka VA! J Y -'I 11 1 vw . . . r i I 1 U vi . . Q1 IL. ' ' i i I n O m i , n , : . . Ph n n - ri , . mporia, s i , n Em ri , nsas ,ti V.. j. - I -A ,- ' 1 +-5 ' - Y. 4 4 .I If E' " ' if x.- Y- . ""' t " ' 'fy A I- fa K A - ,n -, , ' ,.,- h -4.4 t. -, M A qw ia. 1 - f ft-.styf if -- ' it.. . - P ' LAURENCE H. COFFELT I ' ' Neon a Specialty A SIGNS of all Kinds g 341 Mile west of city Iimits on highway 50s 'N I nil CAFE - SERVICE STATION -- GARAGE 24 Hour Serv'ce ' , I I Compiiments of L LCM' WIJ39 LIMMN - 4 P RIA, KANSAS ,s M, an ,V .QMAUIL J, ,f MV KI PENNINGTON 54Cw,,, Qyjjf M ,ly . , . ,if I I-M31,,,. 'yi M,-MM 9994, 0 Y Auto Supp y Compcmyif A QMZH ,Lo jd HEBHIQJ, 'yr Compliments of S fI OL' lj' Vj,Ij',f"'i BHCRMERS suPPLY 7, -" Vi- 'W' P F A R R 0 W' S 1532 East 6th ,L cihogeiiljjg - A . II The store where you don't V EMPORIMKANEAM' ig IJ have to buy Io be welcome ' , , R A I V .. " I I ' IIOI Commercial Phone 3 9 ' ' FJ? fNICKELSOuiUMBER coMPANY 4 Slxt ci Paine Ave Phone 516 LW EMPORIA KANSAS NEWTON BROS 'Tami -A TRUCKS U STIRES Ample Free Parking S 4th d 'I02 East 6th Phone pace on Merchant Em rua Kansas J' 43 r fi-I F' Aff lv A I I4 or ' I+ I. . I of A rj , n -7' , J I la X 4, A If YK-P ' . - L49 - . - A A A Q I I 0 Anlll - ' ' I W DIVISION Cf lllllll. nfl' 8 .- 'gfiii ' IF II I I I . I . -3. . I I 1 'A A , I Q -us? f f' SENIORS fi, M , J QQWM WW gdfwf Mfjdkvifk WWW ww mw- SPEED UEWMW ybwqvzfwp 2 RE N5g'fi5WdMZZ7ZZ WV N 2 Wliwwm M E XS W!-5 A may my Ggiigx Qyiwffgd bwamimqzgfkqf rg X E QW XX ' "' ' N , JC: XX 7 QXXVS K HMV? QQ? Q ' N' xgx , - K Nw X 1' Q Ng L A23- - If ,U T hb,4 OOQACC my J J A I-N 4 W ' 4 f i ', 'if 5 Jffiwffxfiwf mf f W U W ,Y W- f' ' , H . we t f 'X S 44 N X 'Q 6 Q, - ay CY 6 Q , 41. 7416 I Ks o x XV igi U 5 xx K A ,Q g x 'I' X 4 'X 1 Q A 'Q Q A N -X '- rx - 'N 'X X -. 5 , X .V x. - k .N , , Q Q F ., P - Xl it -. Y v 4 1 , ., ' X rx V X 'Y Si X3 Q- L M Q lf' 2, C' .K XA N N' ' I lf YT X , J 5 1 M A X X' - X ' , . A h , 1. ' N5 ' w ,ku f - N ' X A V N' ' L V v' Y . xg-. 1, , x N - ' w V x M Q bxv 7 gk Tx X 3 r-5 "f x - . Q . ' N S '3 Q F N ' ' Q N9 5 Q ' , Q C I ' ' V w A Q , I ri it f 1 F I Y , K g .Th " V K X , J X: x x 'X 3 xi , f X3 G at x. . A- -5. Aa E' , A ' Q 'V Tr 1 4 ,- 1 r .H . -4-.LIN 'naw 54 A F srrf 'luis 1,4 .1 --. if ff' v x,f',. A .J D1 9 1 .gf N- f 5 ,ww hw r N 'QS' - sn' y 7 f --,' ,lg ., , 1, if 4 . xru, ,Qi ,7 ' V- wwf- V1 2 fm. rj ff YA , y rye- E 1 27 , . J' wif .- Mn ' , ,L ,Jr 5, 1 M1 ,LA i H. . v- --3-W ' f -1' 1, A-13' H v. fm, Y. - ,, 5 .- ,V - 451- V ' 'w' -' V. r . .. 5 x' .,'i'M- f '.,,f' 1' ' ' 35-" hx ' o if fc U fx iff 535' -I' M . ivy' ' Ego' , .I I fl , Gi, J ..,,-U., 'Vi' -V ff, , J-.,,e... I . J- .W 'Y' .F h , 5' ,- , , ::7f' "' V' " ' R " "' i'.fw,,J ,,.f N1 ,, -.Q ,A ,,' .. t . fm , V . r s 5, ,A ,Y rp 4 il Q V TJ. Q4 RJ ... A. T4 E., uf? if 534- ,-, . " Q32 Y ,Q 32" J - , q ,- 4 Ls Y J' N 6 'Q V M ily fggftn ...f K . , 1-':'f."W-J' ' Q' ilk -Awxfjdfj' I , 'cv' "' . ff? K 1-1 "'m'-,f,..--121 Winf- I , , H 5 ik - . ,

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