Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1951

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Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 58 of the 1951 volume:

" , ' 3 , , 4 1-wx. '-qi , V. A, .5 . . -., ' - - , 1, I, , V, ' - V .- , -- ,Q V. 1 - V' Q 4.6 . W , '. . . - , -Q 3. - , .. f' ' . V , 1- ,Z b .1-, ff' V , ' ' ' T. ' 'a , i ' -' 1 ' fx S: - 5 -:S fp . ' ' 4. A.. . Q, "1 ,tu , 5 Ls ws ..- ., - .J c wi .. , ' L IA . A nb, ' 2 r".:l Q it ... F11 iq? 5- ,A-X YF Q , ui 011 TIL PM V? T. at 14" ,. lif ,gg L . ai . 552 '. il 1 :ii-I I Ai 49. Hr! i"? 51 Q .1 J. 95 L v F 'i ' Q nr 1 U 'JL 9 .af L 1 KW. n. Ali' :v '27 T. 53? 2,2 age if 25 'Bi Fi 'IX 1 -T52 5? rf- L5 .A 3 335 35 5 222 si ,gi , V 'E' , V 7 V 1 P' 'Q Pmaivietaauqrzicwziwwhanaaswamfr L'-f MQW '1f"-'Q Q a-....,.f:.g.':'s:-s:1.' .. -. in , A ,,.,a.-1g.gf:igf4nw :Q tIv4.f-,:f,:- X Q wx S., ,. 1, , -.11-.. 4. X tw: , w,s 'f .nfy--1 M - V ,Y J k y"Pf.fw't7fq, X r X '+V Ze' 12 .2 ff g3:i u.f4f! , sw f -,fffgi Q, jf Q, J f ?f.5f:ss ,f l ' lrkffi - V -1 li 'fl -I .VL A ' ' Q, ., ggiW-1s,fA Q.r,.',-'zz-,ff kgi.i:4,i3vf,f-, y,. . I .x k - ' . , .. ' , -.....--g r' N fl, I A K Y ir: 3? 'rs' ' 1. 4, . .- nf W . n- A F '44 1 1 ci, . v 1 , f - X -W ,, ,f . . w 1 ' " " J-f,,,g 42' 'musmgml , A V' f i A' ,+ff'. 'f.2qff-75mf:hqf. 2 A ' '- . "fl32'f1.:W9fl5'F' , . ,gf . V. 1,3 Vx -' N - :WWA A ?k'. f 'AQQ ., R I-fyA,5,x-, ' ' I it 'iv M ii l ..:o..'o ,gf MYERS by-11 YE RBOO KS 'Q "0 Q Q' -'.','.-'.',':. h me PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY n. ..':: :Q MYERS AND co. INC. TOPEKA, KANSAS Qin, ,sy I Q 3 ?1i5al?.4w ',,.,,k.---stwr ,.-,ff , .- -1 i -,png ggiyzggi V X 43 ...1::,Qag,,x.,f:f:gg-. ,-X, fam-.1-f Y 1. -me .- ,.: -. 151- zf 'H ' -A ' " - v' ,h 'v 'v 1 , ' iw 'aff-5+ iv 1 1 1 l - - 'f ffPr2:A1i:f 2f?f".f aw E',LQW.g34?4Lrt 13,f -'. -Q ' G ' 1'1" :"j ff -a .f u " 3'?ffQ',-'i..,f0'.' - W A f' " ' ' , H' .E 2 - ' 27-f f53'f,F,5 .' ffl ?if 4- 'C54' A ' V V V " A ,, W Q.v, fi k,.. K, , - .. K H 1, 'Es-. I 1 ,L ,, A .n -' '51 4 A may ' .yAF,v. L' 1 , fr' - ..: u .1 T . "-QNX , f , nw vv , f -1 ' - Y ff '- w 1- . ' VM . ., ' - Sf- Q' W -ra J , x X 13 Tfigw. t , .- cr 4-, ' n , . . ,. , , f, - . 3, .. -f" Pm-. . 'N .W 4, V . in N 1: A XM -M14 ng' gi. A L- ww-,w:.q,.f.-'A ,., -, nu 6 1,4 . . ' 3.1, , x f if ,,M. .,,, MqQf4i.mM.'a:m.,fb . N., .. ,417 1 Re -Eclhmw 119511 u X Q Q 0 Us .. ,X,,,,-1' ,JW-' XG, LEFT 'YO RXGWY1 Marc Maruclkns, Charms C. Underwood, M. 'Y . Coohdgu, MagdcXun.xBnkcr, l A Tk Ckcrkg Mack Robinson, Sn Moms, lr. , Vxcc-PrcsidcntgW. M, Rxuhaxrds, Wchlon Umnnx, Pug- - Q' idcnt. Q - . V A C MRS lerk of BOAIEAKER Of J X X E ducati sec MRS retarbf f . LENORZX ikflpt. ILSON SUP13 w. M. RICHARDS 1 Q, On jacu fy MRS. LOIS JAQUITH English, Journalism, Sponsors, Echo, Adopted School Com- mittee, Y-Teen, B.A. -C of E. ELLEN ICE American History, World History, Sponsors, l.R.O., Y Teen, B. A. -K.U. , M. A. -K.U. INEZ GREER Foods, Home Living, Sponsors, Junior Class, Y-Teen, B. A. -C. of E. , M. A. -University of Colorado. ELEANOR SIRPLESS Biology, B.A. -K. U. , M. A. -K. U. ORMOND PARKER Instrumental Music, Sponsors, Spartan Club, B.S. -K.S.T. C. of Emporia. MRS. ETHEL BECK Clothing, Tailoring, Sponsors, Junior Class, Spartan Club, B.S. -K.S.T.C. of Emporia. , .-was R K 1--119+ 'ES-M g gm, , Bl-1 32. EDWARD PRICE Chemistry, Physics,Sponsors, Hi-Y, Junior C1ass,B.S. -K. S.T.C. of Emporia, M.S. -University of Illinois. RALPH HASKELL Art, B.S.-K.S.T.C. of Emporia. JOHN KELSO Speech, Debate, English, Sponsors, Debate Club, B.S.- Wichita University. CHARLES GARRISON Boys' Gym and Hygiene, Sponsors, Hi-Y, Intramural Bas- ketball, B.S. -K.S.T.C. of Pittsburg, M.S. -K.S.T.C. of Pittsburg. 9 GCM SHIRLEY THOMPSON Junior English, Senior English: Sponsors: Y-Teen, Junior Red Cross: B.A.-C. of E. MRS. MARGARET DINKLER English, Speech and Dramatics: Sponsors: Assembly Com- mittee: B. A. -Southwestern College, M. A. -Columbia U- niversity. LORETTO LANGELY Typing: Sponsors: Adopted School Committee, Sophomore C1HSS: Y'T6Cr1: B.S. -K.S.T.C. of Emporia. MARY ALICE STEELSMITH Vocal Muic: Sponsors: Y-Teen, Assembly Committee: B.S. -K.S.T.C. of Emporia, M.M. -Northwestern Univer- sity. JAMES C. BISHOP Latin, English: Sponsors: Senior Class: B. A. -University of Texas. VIRGINIA FORBECK Senior Social Studies, Algebra:Sponsors: Y-Teen, I.R.O. Senior Class: B.S. -K.S.T.C. , M.A. -Northwestern. rx YQQYTM J ,pf-+s.., GERHARD EIKERMANN Senior Social Studies, Head B Coach, Assistant Football Coach: Sponsors: Key Club: -K.S.T.C. of Emporia. asketball Coach, Head Track B.S. -Wichita University, M. A. F. J. SOUTH Printing: Sponsors:Re-Echo, Senior Class: B.S. -K.S.T.C. of Emporia. EMORY GROVES Vocational Agriculture: Sponsors: Iunior Class. F.F.A.: B.S. -Kansas State of Manhattan. EUGENE RIDENOUR American History, Head Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Assistant Basketball Coach: Sponsors: Sophomore Class: B.S. -K.S.T.C. of Pittsburg. 11 w I J 5 3 . Ar- fi +9f""s f5Q?3'f5wm . 4 A if 9 B, .eu . ' ' ,J LQ lx -X., 1. P, Vffia "e:zc"58'f4-.K+ 15 fig' Q' 1' Y f x x enior Cfado 0 heard President. . . Vice-president . . . . . Joe Stine Diane Mueller Secretary. . . . .Mari1ynTweedy Treasurer . . . Sara Buchanan BETTY BEC KER "Perfect in poise, personality, and pertness." Spartan Club, Choral Reader, Mixed Chorus, Student CouncilSecretary, G. A. A. Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, Re-Echo, Camp Brewster. -I 953 THEARLE BEEM ER "She may act bashful but you can't tell a book by its cover. " Y-Teen, Y -T een Cabinet, Red Cross, Spartan Club, Student Council, Latin Club. JOHN BEESON "DuneerDeluxe. " Football, Basketball, Tennis, E-Club, Track, Christmas Page ant, Re-Echo. Bl Ll. BERGERI IO US E "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " Band, Stage- craft. EARL BESS Hlrnaigiiie, A diploma. " F.F.A. Q. I Q 'YQ s 1 DELORIS BINK LEY Y "Friendly Definitely. " Y-Teen, Spartan Club. 'IJ' 42 Q-'Xt ,A 'N 5. 'Q 1 3 'Qui 'J Q 1 . L A.. 19 I K 1rx,4 - l ... i 4-N-JV JIM BOCK "A1l great men are dead and I don'tfeelwe1l myself. " F. F. A. , F.F. A. President. LO LA BOYC E "I'll paddle my own canoe." Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Christmas Pageant. ALTA BROCKELMAN "Her work is always the peak of perfection." Y-Teen, Spartan Club. JOHN BROWN "Pleasant and friendly." F. F. A. , Student Council, Track. BILLIE JEAN BRUCE "Sometimes I'm wise, and sometimes otherwise." Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Part Time Workers Club. SARA BUCHANAN "Maybe I don't think what lsay, butl say whatl think. " Spartan Club, Y-Teen, G.A.A., Dramatics, Orchestra, Band, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Senior Class Treasurer, Re-Echo Staff. 17 sb JACK COOPER "S0l'llCIllllCS I sit and think, sometimes I just sit." Intralnural Basketball, Spartan Club. Q 1 . y ' Pg Bitt coworzrv F ' ' ' " 'The Skaters' Waltz' is his thcmesong. " Boys'G1ee Club, Christ- . mas Pageant, Spartan Club. XX DELPIIA CUNNINGHAM "My kingdom for a man." Y-Tccn, G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Spring Concert, Christmas Pageant, Spartan Club, Glce Club, Red Cross. .U MARY ALICE DEPUTY 'Q "A rare combination of personality and poise, that's our Deppie.' Y-Teen, Y-Teen Treasurer, Y-Teen Cabinet, I.R.O., G.A. A. , Latin Club, Red Cross, Choral Reader, Spartan Club. PAT DONNELLAN "Women mean nothing to nie. " oo ' , p F tball S artan Club, Christ- nias Pageant. NAOMI ECIIOLS "Haste makes waste I always say. " Y-Teen, G.A.A., Spartan Club. id' 535-gms .,.. f . - DARRELL FANESTIL "His head is in the clouds and his feet are all over the ground. " Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, Christmas Pageant, I. R.O., Key Club, Key Club Treasurer, Key Club Secretary, Boys' State, E-Club, Basketball, Debate, Spartan Club. BOB FLOTT "I never try to deceive the teachers, it doesn't work." Mixed Chorus, Track, Red Cross, Spartan Club. MARY ALICE FUNK "Intelligence is bliss, and boy is she blissful. " G. A. A. , Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Latin Club. RUTH ANN GAMER "Beware, I may start something yet. " Y-Teen, Spartan Club. DON GIBSON "Who wants to be good, life's too short." Intramural Basketball, Spartan Club. LYLE GLOVER "Speech, oh it's wonderful. " Choral Reader, Student Council, Adopted School Committee, I-Ii-Y, . . ., p O. Secretary-Treasurer. I R O S artan Club, l.R. V55 NORMAN HILL "He will never be forgotten " B d . an , Track, Spring Musical, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, Spartan Club. CONNIE HOFFMANS "Ye gods, I'm a man after my own heart." Latin Club, E-Club, Key Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Spartan Club, Boys' State, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, Christmas Pageant. DO ' NNA HOLLINGSWORTH "Happy as the day is long." Y-Teen, Spartan Club. RICHARD HOMEWOOD "Glad to come, gladder to go." Hi-Y, Stage Craft, Adopted at School Committee. K ENNETH HORTON "Wish he could study like he can drive." F. F. A., F. F. A Treasurer, Glee Club, Christmas Pageant. in RICHARD HOUGHTON 4 """' "What I have been taught l have f orgotten, what I know l have guessed. " F.F. A., Spartan Club. f Q 'Y-np. 'Inf DONNA MAY HOUSE " What's ina name." Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen, G.A.A., Christ- J 1 mas Pageant, Librarian. BILLIE HUDSON Y-Teen, I.R.O., Debate, Spartan Club, Debate Club Vice- President, Treasurer of the Business Education Club, Red Cross. MARJORIE HUFF "She was a vision of delight when first she burst upon my sight." G.A.A. , Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Spartan Club, Echo Staff, Re-Echo staff, Christmas Pageant, Rodgers and Hammerstein Y Evening, Mixed Chorus, Junior Triple Trio, Glee Club. , MARC ALAN HURT 'Sf' "One of those easy going hunks of humanity." Key Club, lli-Y President, Hi-Y Vice President, Key Club, President Student Council, President Sophomore Class, Hi-Y Model Legislature, President Latin Club, Band, Orchestra. CORKY IRELAND "Our little solid sender." Hi-Y, Spartan Club, Football, Tennis, . Glee Club, Intramural Basketball, Christmas Pageant, Re-Echo, I 'Q Adopted School Committee, Mixed Chorus, Choral Reader. GARY IRISH "The o make people think you are." Hi-Y, Hi-Y Vice-President, l-li-Y Model Legislature, Latin Club, Key Club, Debate, Christmas Pageant, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Re-Echo, Debate, Club Secretary, L3lillC1l1b. Spartan Club, Honor Group, Football. - next best thing to being wise is t It ' ,,,' 2.1 PAT KRAMM .6 X Junior Triple , "Vogue should hear about her." Mixed Chorus, Trio, A Cappel1a,Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, I.R.O. Moderator, G. A.A. , Re-Echo Staff, Student Council, Spartan C1ub,Girls' State, Christmas Pageant. PAT LOWRY G. A.A. Sports Manager, Spartan Club, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, Latin Club President. - BETTY CAROL LYSTER MIN "One of Parker 's little musicians. "LatinC1ub, Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen, I.R. O., G.A.A., Echo Staff, Christmas Pageant, Spartan Club. NIE MC ELFRESH "l work sometimes it fascinates me." Part Time Workers'C1ub, Spartan Club. MAXINE MC FERRIN "She's a brain, but we love her." Mixed Chorus, Trio, ACappella, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Mixed Quartet, Re-Echo Staff, G.A.A., I.R.O., Glee Club, Spartan Club, Christmas Pageant. LONA MC NUTT "Oh keep me innocent, make others great." Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, Echo Staff, Re-Echo Brewster, Spartan Club, I. R.O. , Mixed Chorus, C Christmas Pageant, Operation Goodwill. 'vi'- -ci audi' -Q-ri Junior Triple Staff, Camp , horal Reader, all cr Us DOUGLAS MAGATHAN "F.F. A., the First Field Arti11ary." F.F. A. Vice President. BILL MARKLE "A basketball player from the word go. " Key Club, Basketball, Stagecraft, Football. BRUCE MARKLE "The other half." Key Club, Football, Basketball. CHARLES MARIN 'School is just a passing fancy." Patrol Boy, Hi-Y. DELLA MAYER "Full of fun." Student Council, Spartan Club, Y-Teen. IIM MAXWELL "His better half graduates next year." Latin Club, Football, Basketball, E-Club, Track, Boys' State. WARREN NUFFER "I believe in taking life easy" Hi-Y, Spartan Club. GENEVA ORMSBY "Short and sweetwas she, firm rooted her popularity. " Y-Teen Christmas Pageant, G.A.A, Spartans Club. MARY OVERFIELD "I will have the last word. G.A.A., I.R.O., Y-Teen, Spartan Club, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant. BOB OWENS "Talks little and says much. " Tennis, F. F.A. , Intramural Bas ketball. HAROLD PALMER "A man's best friend is an easy teacher," Basketball, Track Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Glee Club, Spartan Club E Club. BETTY PARKS " Life's bundle of enthusiasm. " Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus Choral Reader, Jr. Red Cross, Adopted School Committee, Y- Teen, G. A. A. , Student Council, Secretary-Treasurer of Spar- tan Club, Junior Class vice-president, Echo. "The Divine Flora "The Young and Fair." n Wt. :ref DWIGHT PARRY A "Sorry spoken for H1 Y Band HOWARD PETERSON "Pity the boys that clash with him on the gridiron Football E Club Christmas Pageant JEAN PHILLIPS "Jeanne with the light brown hair Y Teen G A A Band Mixed Chorus Spartan Club LLOYD PINE "He's off on another brainstorm H1 Y Debate I R O Key t ' Club Latin Club Echo NORMA JEAN POHL "Oh for words to do her Justice Y Teen Spartan Club Latin Club G A A Christmas Pageant junior Red Cross president of Business Educational Club WARREN QUAKENBUSH "I dare you to talk faster than Ican Hi Y Patrol Boys Mixed Chorus A Cappella Model Legislature MA RILYN SA NDERS "Not allblondes are peroxide. " Y-Teen, G. A.A. , SpartanClub, Red Cross. RICHARD SCHEVE "If you've got the money honey, I got the time. " Latin Club, Stage Craft treasurer. JOYCE SEAMAN "I have worked myself to a shadow. " "Divine Flora," "The Young and Fair," Y-Teen Y-Team Cabinet, Latin Club, Spartan Club, Choral Reader. RUTH ANN SHAW "She does not command success, she does more, sh it." G. A. A. , Y-Team, Y-Teenllabinet, Mixed Chorus, Christ- mas Pageant, Spartan Club, "Rogers and Hammerstein Evening, " Camp Brewster, Re-Echo Staff. CHARLES SHERRIN "He was always in a class of his own." Ili-Y, S tan Club. DARLENE SHERRIN "Speech is great but silenceis greater. " Y-T een, Spartan Club. Echo, G. A.A. , e deserves tagecraft, Spar- ig wiki '3- VERNON SHIRLEY "Why was I ever born lazy?" Spartan Club, BILL SHOMBER "It's a great world if you don't weaken. "Spartan Club. GENE SHOWN "He's a wonder when he's awake." Spartan Club. DAVID SMITH '3- 'wo N Ns . 57.1 .!'.,- L "Fate tried to conceal him by naming him Smith. " Stagecraft, Pageant. MARY KENNEDY SMITH "Dependable plus." Librarian, G- A - A- . secretary of Stagecraft, Basketball, Glee Club, Hi-Y, Christmas Y-Teen, secretary of Y-Teen, Latin Club, Camp Brewster, I.R. O. , Choral Reader. VERLIN SPARTZ. "No, I won't bite." Key Club, Latin Club, Spartan Club. 27 MARILYN TWEEDY "Her step is music, her voice is song." Christmas Pageant, Y- Teen, G.A.A. , Spartan Club, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella. SCC' retary of the Senior Class, "Rodgers and Hammerstein Evening," Y- Teen Cabinet. BOB UTTER "Magnetic type, personality of course." Ec o Staff Re-Echo staff, Christmas Pageant, Basketball. ' J M, DELORIS VAN SICKLE "Never a dull moment when she's around," Spartan Club, G. A.A. , Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Choral Reader. MA RSHA VERNON "Almost bashful till you know her. " Y-Teen, Spartan Club, G. A. A. GENEVA VILES "Carefree and always smiling. " Spartan Club. WILLIAM WAGNER "A favor done for a friend isjustone more friend. " Spartan Club. ,any 1 ls A r X LEONARD WALKER "What I have been taught I have forgotten, Whatl know I have guessed. " Tennis, Spartan Club. WARREN WATSON "I don't care what happens, just so it doesn't happen to me." F.F.A , Spartan Club. DON WHITE "Agreeable and easy going guy. "Football, Basketball, E Club, Latin Club, president of thejunior Cl S mas Pageant. KENNETH WHITE "Men of few words are the best men. " Intramural basketball. ass, partan Club, Christ- ROGER WHITE "You can but doyour best. " Hi-Y, Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, Spartan Club. BETTY WILLIAMS "The trouble with me is, I'm never on time." Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, Spartan Club, A Cappella, G.A.A., Christmas Pageant, Harmonizers, OREN WINDLE "He loves the sound of his own voice. " F.F.A. . Spartan Club. 29 IR. CLASS OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Beeson, Zody, Price, Hobbs unions uniom Ferguson Forrester Foster y . 'Q "Qil?g. in SR x 2 , is s K m ,, rg 4, A Eudaley Eudaley Fish h,. 1 X!! Fox Faulkner Garrett I 3 A Gibbs gsb M. gal ' " Q an Q- " Q' 5' X L . -K F: . 1 , if - n V' X . Gibby Gibson Gibson Gilbert .J ik 1 'Q I K hh i z:h. y . Q. s . I an , an M ' -e fi " ig. Q , is ' e- 5 lgiggi-1, 1 K' or X r ' . af' . ,. gr . ' 7 Godolphin Goff Gr avatt Gray Griffitts gi fi' NN - . if -G fx. .. 4 H. Q is 5 Xl SS R Q as , .N , i,.LL Grizzel Groh Haley Harbour Hatcher if PW' K. Gilbert sc." 1 ii- Grimes ft 0 1 e az. My 'vm , Hawkins 'xff""':-5 -iff .ffqw V 2 iifxf - X, X X.. A L 5' is 1--mi 'P?.Q,j:!:1 ' -.rf-'.,f::, f . 22-iii iv. fm 4, G ' Q 'R F 5 i F F "' V vw- ' F - i. 43 1 . A - 1 .ps-gf 5 .Q J V. ' - .a K 155 j . L F ,F W 5.35 " 1 f . 1 -1 " Hedricks Hensler Herzer Highley Hiskey 3: . Q W Hobbs Wasil 3 iff L . wg F 7' 41 if . X. " K 'jk , K , 5, H0ffmaHS Holden Holmes Holt Horn Horton ,E 4 . - ea-1-gf, . c . ,T iff ' . v- 'Lia gr- 1 Murphy . 'Q 143- f ' gflfi ' Q s L 1 w,gf'i . . .v r 1 "Ft - - . .L-L X H if 2 iilffi V Nicholas wk U Ormsby Osman Osman ' . 5 ,, A -9 22: 5 . i 1 - Phillips Picket Pitts h . 15 K . W ' X 4 " ' .Af Needles Nelson V xiigilifizi Q . R' i .i-gag. -1 1 wk .iv A 3 Q LK. f sb R - ' J i X Nielsen Nikulla K ,. - -ffxifi, ' A ii 'L "ff fl ? ifefihfff ,A S S de, Fi . Rl Parker Peterson K7 Q K 'W' K Potter Powell i Nevitt ' A P 2711 s .-if 1 J! u Nuessen k - W -s.,Qks15g 1,3 . KMC A x Peterson f mv TQ if A QR X .xt 4 . X A Q - Fw, 3 V -...-f Rig? N. Pratt c 1e .e P el.L is t q is iw' we N 1- R . S, ,i A 1 , .3 .W I I y H53 is v' .S f -fs L ,R A 1 Price Price Quackenbush Ramsburg Raynolds Rhodes Tiki - ' ' -9 ' S 3 jg- Wax ew. ' A-P - " 1 . 1 V A E 8 xx Q 8 -f , .gk S 'F' . s K 'P X of Q I " , mi K. X . gr I Q f fi I .fm R - L. Rice Rider Riddle Roberts Ryberg Schlicter , S .. 1 S Q 5 A sf .' " 'L Q-f , 3. 4. 1 fi ti 1 1 f 1 R R Q f "" ' ' L f ' 7 Q' 'J Schnoor Schroder Settga st Shepard Shirley Short SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS 52,9 0I'I'l0l"20 CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . Kenton Whittington Vice-President . . Marshall McNutt Secretary . . . Betty Wilson Treasurer. . . Jackie Krueger t 5: 5 . - E e . I .. I ,f if is-Q - r ' '--. ' 4 fr e- Q, li. , -. .- ,A lg ' N -F51 5, G , . R, riff? L I - 'Q' X Q N. rx? 3? 'S+ ' , x 'fl' is I X S. 5 'Nw X X X i ,gl 3 x a 'r .. , ' V . X - Q - m wx 5 fs X X ,Sue N X is 1555 kg? X ,F x 8 X wx is H 'L F W X K f I 3 ragi- 'tm' W5 R- S 5' H+- R ef t I X ff f K S . ff, W .x, ,rflf1:'5ii VL.. ' Q , X 'b 1, rg X s '.. "g' ' 'Wa ,f x A Q N' 512' , I S I I Q' t 52,0 0I'l'l0l'25 ROW 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gavins, Gililand, Glenn, Gramke, Greeno, Grieder, Hannifan. ROW 2: Harriman, Hart, Haley, Harwood, Henry, Herbert, Hester, Higgins. ROW 3: Hildebrand, Hoover, Hopper, Housley, Howell, Hubbard, Hudson, Hughes. ROW 4: Hurst, Hush, Jehle, Jehle, Jeppesen, Joergensen, Jones, Jones, ROW 5: Jones, Jones, Kayhill, Keating Keeler, Kelis, Kelly, Kirk. ROW 61 Knauf, Knight, Kohlman, Korte, Krueger, Krueger, Kunish, Langley. ROW 7: Ledwith, Likes, Looker, Love, Love, Lowery, McCallum, McElfresh. ROW 8: McElfresh, McGuire, McKinstry, McMunn, Mcnutt Markowitz, Marks, Martin. ROW 9: Martin, Massey, Maxwell, Meierhoff, Meinhardt, Metsler, Mitchell, Morgan. E 1 52 . , , 3 1 rs. N t. . db K Q 1 , U' 5 A X y chulil 2 X A I1 .af ' WV BACK ROW: Clark, Stoeppelwerth, Utter, Pine, Russell, Hurt, ECHO ADVERTIZERS Jaquith, Held, Hatcher, Hoffmans, Hurt. SECOND ROW: Ly ster, Huff, Arndt, Parks, Mitchell, Barron, Riegle, Cline, SEATED: McNutt, Attcbery, Morse, Anderson, Johnson, Jacobs, Rider, lliskey, Phillips, Baughman. ery, Royer, Binkley. - FIRST ROW: Robertson, Holt, McCloud, McElfresh. SECOND ROW: Love, McE1fresh, Garriott, Hopper, Hildebrand, Gricder, Robinson, Murphy. THIRD ROW: Pearson, Foster, Windel, Reber, Boyce, Hen- s 86066000 00 Behind the scenes on publishing the Echo, there were times when the co-editors, June Hereford and Terry Allen were afraid the rigid deadlines could not be met. However with the capable help of its sponsor, Mrs. Lois Jaquith, the Echo al- vvays pulled through. The 34-member staff consisted of juniors and seniors who took journalism. The papers were printed by the printing classes under the instruction of F. lay South. Harold Royer's business exploration students solicited advertising. Oren Windle is advertising manager, Lois Beck is accountant, and Janet Cline, exchange editor. PRINTING LEFT TO RIGHT: Williams, Shep herd, Shirley, Smith, Smith, Stan A I J SPONSOR: Mrs. I aquith a CO-EDITORS: Allen, Hereford 'CIRCULATION STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Price, Baughman, Beck, Ormsby, Mervvin. ley, Hush, Hudson, Palmer, Brew- erFoster, Gibson, Smith, Walker, Harwood, Peterson, Walker. - lm Y-Teeners stepped into an eventful year from its first activity, Little Sister Week, whose purpose was to promote the acquaintance of old and new members. The annual party, Candy Land Ball.contributed to the social activity as the main fall event. Y-Teen undertook the Thanksgiving assembly and served our community through baskets of food to needy families. At the Carnivalita, the Y-Teen sponsored the Black Derby Night Club and a cake walk. Christmas spirit was expressed through an assembly, caroling and the delivering of toys donated by Sears Roebuck and Co. During February, Heart Sister Week resulted is a closer relationship among the members. At an exciting basketball game, the Dads were entertained with pleasure. At the end of the year a tea was given for the Mothers. Spring projects were the decorating of the Y- Teen room. and contributing money to the Adopted Schools. Y-Teen and Hi-Y were in charge of the beautiful Sunrise Service and school assembly taking place at Easter time. Y-Teen as a religious organization took part in the World Youth Day of Prayer sponsored by the churches of Emporia. At the closing of the year, the election of new officers brought forth a lot of interest to both the retiring officers,officers-to-be, and the organization which they will lead in the coming year. The Installation Service con- cluded the Y-Teen year, and it is hoped that Y-Teeners of the year ahead will find in this organization enjoyment, service , and companionship as this year has so successfully proven to be. This year's officers we re: president, Judy Teichgraeberg vice-president, Barbara Beeson: secretary, Mary K. Smith: treasurer, Mary Alice Deputy. Y-TEEN CABINET THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hurt, Hereford, Riegle, Shaw, Kramm, Tweedy, Woodbury, Barron, Cline, Huff, SECOND ROW: Allen, Seaman, Miss Langley, Miss Rice, McNutt, McFerrin, Becker, Mrs. Jaquith, Ames, Beamer. FIRST ROW: Miss Ice, Miss Forbeck, Miss Howard, Miss Petty, Teichgraebcr, Presidentg Beeson, Vice-President: Deputy, Treasurerg Smith,Sccrctaryg Miss Thompson, Miss Steelsmith, Miss Greer. foo Q 0 Q 9 wr SOCIAL AND WORD FELLOWSHIP COMMITTEES FOURTH ROW: Cunningham, VanGundy, Barrett, Belfield, Deiiauge, Garrison, Undemstock, Rhodes, Dilts, Drake, Steinkuliler. THIRD ROW: Scott, Taylor, Williams, Boyce, Reiehardt, Jacobs, Hatcher, Mayer, Bruce, Jones, Rotlifelder, Goff, Sanders, SEC- OND ROW: James, Krueger, Utter, Palmer, Davison, Hoffnians, Needles, Peterson, Nauman, Crawford, Jaques, Williams, Turney. FIRST ROW: Krueger, Tatman, Dougherty, Baughman, Becker, MeFerrin, Miss Rice, Miss Greer, Allen, Hurt, Hedrick, Bates, Barrett, Lyster. ' jen PUBLICITY AND MUSIC COMMITTEES FIFTH ROW: Burt, Nelson, Hiskey, Dwelle, Jones, Merwin, Overfield, House, Smith, Attebery, Schaffer, Munsen, Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Howell, Likes, Kayhill, Horn, Murray, Greider, Haley, Bond,Gunzelnian, Whipple, Phillips, Guy,Osnian, Meierhoff. THIRD ROW: Reber, Hildebrand, Huenergardt, Brunell, Van Sickle, Briles, McNutt, Jehle, Kennedy, Morse, Marcellus, Grisell, Unrah, Greffith, Headrieh. SECOND ROW: Russell, Wilson, Jeppesen, Barron, Seaman, Miss Petty, Miss Langley, Miss Steelsmith, Krarnru, Tweedy, Hughes, Kunish, Fish, Hudson. FIRST ROW: Jacobs, Jensen, Anderson, Watkins, Sehlicter. I -is f. xv it unior Q 60:55 ked this year as one of Many new projects and services to the community have mar ' ' R d Cross. The organization got under the most outstanding in the history of the Junior e ld N vember 12 to 15 at which time most of the way with the membership drive he 0 students were enrolled in the Junior Red Cross. Long range projects included a school chest, promotion of the International School Art Program. All three of these activities were designed to promote friendly relations with the young people of other countries. A drive was held to collect pocket reading ' t Winter General Hospital along with tray b ks and playing cards which were sent o oo covers made by Junior Red Cross members. The students assisted the County Chapter twice by serving in the canteen when the Blood Bank came to Emporia. Other local activities included providing a needy family with Thanksgiving dinner, assisting as the Heritage at Christmas, and working on small projects for the children's ward at the Newman Memorial Hospital. Officers of this organization are student director, .Tune Hereford, president, Sharon D elle, secretary,Marjorie Hubbardg treasurer, Huenergardtg vice-president, Martha w Bill Robinson, and sponso ' r, Miss Shirley Thompson. THIRD ROW: Nelson, Moore, Hurst, McNutt, Homewood, Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: Bush, Buchtel, Beck, Davis, Zody, De Bauge, Jeppesen, Farthing, Allen, Arndt, Cunningham. FIRST ROW: Hereford, Miss Thompson, Jacobs, Hubbard, Dwelle, Huenergardt, Robinson, Shirley, VanGundy, Flmk. serv vw 39.39 ee ,QnQ .g.,'1 Q W 5 ' We is fs 9? fy! lg 'gig ,fa af 5 QQ " W 3 Q f' ,sr Xqf if 1: s, A M ba Pggwvxsfgnix Q, h' sz. wg Us K1 a .vis A .. . : EYEQ? W M 4. if V ,v-Q4 . 95,53 , 63 9, 9 QQ v 5, ig' -sf '-gg qs 1 M- M w 'ff 5513 Q us. :Hn 'f Eff., Er fs ' I, ' 8 ffwxf' V 3 F5345 'Q 95,4 Q 1 71fV9f,: I 95,gg25,Q , 1, A S 0 4 Pi- - V -an H 5? vi Q? 9'5"" Q fi ,R E EJ' gf' ,UA EL AI .. 1 4. ie, .ft s I , 1 J. . .Eh sl VIOLINS Sara Buchanan Regina Johnson Imogene Gunzleman Laura Morse Dennis Knox Phillip Smith Arlene Looker Mary Dotson Lois Crum Barbara Powell Sylvia Houser Janice Trickel Carolyn Suddock Gerald Facklam Donna Baughman Kay Lindquist Fred Saffer Ed Waterman Judy Weigand Lloyd Rogers VIOLA Berdie Mitchell CELLOS Duane Nuessen Eunice Swint Pat Clark Bernice Barnard Delores Hartenbower BASS VIOL Joyce Gravatt Ada Jane Jacobs PIANO Donna House OBOE Donald Thompson FLUTES Harold Higgins Mary Guy CLARINETS Neal Porter Marlene Reichardt Clifford Wallace Richard l-lousley Judy Faust ALTO SAXOPHONE Donna Merwin Barbara Crawford TENOR SAXOPHONE Barbara Briles TRUMPETS Marshall McNutt Jerry Crumley Donald Ramsburg James Smith John I-Iollingshcad FRENCH HORN Darrell Ramsburg BARITONE Lyle Haley TROMBONES Marc Hurt Cecil Quackenbush Jim Facklam TUBAS Lawrence Cozad PERCUSSION LeRoy Burnes Bob Winter Don Harwood OPCA 25 ifa The Emporia High School Orchestra under the direction of Ormond R. Parkergplayed for several occasions this year. The Orchestra played for the meeting of the Women's City Club, for the All School Play, the Senior Play, for Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. The high school orchestra was augmented by several of the better students from the ninth grade in Jr. High and it did a good job at our yearly Christmas Program. 53 Completing its fourth year in Emporia High School, the Kiwanis-sponsored Key Club has made itself successful. With service to the school and community as its object, this organization carries out many projects. A B average is required for admittance to this club composed of 201, sophomores, 402 juniors, and 402 seniors. The furnishing of the school with a badly needed accessary--clocks for the third floor hall--was one worthwhile though expensive project. Promoting school sprit by means of "Beat Ivlanhattann tags, helping out the teachers by taking tickets at the football games, giving an assist to the Chamber of Commerce by checking hats at the Town and Country Smoker are a few more of the accomplishments of the organization. Each year a Parents-Son Banquet is given for the fathers and mothers of the Key Club members. An excellent meal precedes a short program explaining the Key Club. Food sales, rummage sales, concessions at football games and the Carnivalita con- stitute the means by which the Key Club finance their achievements, and also part of the club members expenses to the International Convention at Miami, Florida, June Z8-29, The breaking off of Kansas from the Key Club Mo-Kan-Ark district, prompted the staging of the first district convention at Emporia. April 7 and 8 were the days in which this event took place with the Emporia High Key Club as hosts. Vocational guidance is another purpose of the Key Club, and the annual Career Day is a result. The fourth annual Career Day was held April l with more than fifty speakers visiting Emporia High and giving E.H.S. students advice on their various vocations. FIRST ROW: Davis, Hoffmans, Meredith, Stoeppelwerth, Fanestil, Hurt, Faulkner, Markle. SECOND ROW: Mr. Higgins, Hobbs, Mr. Mankin, Reynolds, Hahn, Hahn, McNutt, Pine, Spatz, Underwood, Irish, Brinkman, Mr. Perry, Mr. Eikermann, Mr. Putnam. BACK ROW: Whittington, Grimes, Carle, Murphy, Jacobs, Settgast, Coolidge, Markle, Bishop, Crabtree. 55 m Paffof Ogd m The patrolboys are responsible for the safe streets around Emporia High. Sponsored by George Lodle, these boys are on duty every morning and noon, doing all in their power to prevent accidents and insure safe pedestrian crossings. Stage Craft is an honorary organization that deserves a lot of credit! The club was started in 1939, as the Industrial Arts Club until it was changed in 1941 to Stage Craft. The club composed of not more than fifteen members is sponsored by George A. Lodle and its various jobs are: working on the Christmas Pageant, school plays, school parties, working on major stage productions,and the boys are ushers for 66 games. Stage Craft's intramural basketball team is in its second year and is doing well. To become a member the boys must be in an Industrial Arts class and be industrious. The officers are chosen at the end of the previous year. This year's officers are: president, Bud Merwingvice- president, Richard Homewood: treasurer, Dick Scheveg secretary, Dave Smith. Two boys with three years' service graduate this year. They are Merwin and Homewood. All the boys have been awarded a major letter for their service. The members are:Charles Sher- rin, Jerry McCloud, Bill Nicolas, Bill Markle, Bruce Markle, Bill Jones, Floyd Reichardt, Bill Bergerhouse, and Leroy Millard. fag? a f 57 CAOPCJ Ql":f The Choral Readers like the Mixed Chorus perform a very important part of the Christmas program each year under the direction of Mrs. Margeret Dinkler. This year the readers consisted of two groups,one of boys and one girls who participated both! nights. Their duty was to say from memory the scripture form of the Christmas story. As usual the Choral Readers were rewarded for their early morning sessions in the auditorium by giving a beautiful per- formance. ' ' x FOURTH ROW: Ireland, McNutt, Nuffer, Deputy, Hughes, Parks, Law, Glover. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Dinkler, Hildebrand, Held, Seaman, Beach, Beck, Holt, Crabtree. SECOND ROW: Van Sickle, Carlburg, AI1dCrS0r1, Hawkins, Mitchel, Barron. FIRST ROW: Berg, Dougherty, Foster, Hereford, Baughman, Grieder, Moore. FIRST ROW: Kelso, Bishop, Kohlman, James, Dougherty, Krueger, Schlicter, Irish, Lincoln. SECOND ROW: Iaquith, Massey, Knox, Jacobs, Groh. THIRD ROW: Settgast, Crabtree, Coolidge, Hobbs. :mega fe For the second consecutive year, the Emporia High debate squad won its way to the state tournament and tied for third place wins with Coffeyville and Winfield. The state team was composed of Elizabeth James and John Jacobs, affirmative, and Gary Irish and Dick Coolidge, negative, with Sharron Kohlman and Charles Hobbs as alternates. John Jacobs tied for top speaker ratings at the tournament. Kay Schlichter, John Jacobs, Gary Irish, and Dick Coolidge won first place at the dis- trict qualifying the squad for the state. The outstanding negative team at the meet was the Coolidge-Irish combination with Dick Coolidge tying for top speaker honors at the tourney. The squad debated the question Resolved: "That The American People Should Reject The Welfare State' at the following trips: Wichita clinic, Salina, Topeka, Winfield, El Dorado, Hutchison, Madison, Wichita North, Wyandotte, Haven, district and state. The Schlichter-Jacobs team entered the semi-finals three times during the invitational tourneys and these beginning debaters, Jackie Kreuger, Jim Bishop, Ed Settgast and Jim Crabtree won the second place trophy at the Madison meet. The four state debaters won over seventy percent of all their rounds during the year. Highest speaker points during the season we re accumulated by John Jacobs, Dick Coolidge, and Gary Irish, respectively. President of the Debate Club,Dick Coolidge, was in charge of the annual Emporia De- bate Banquet and tournament director for one 'of the largest invitational tourneys in the state held at Emporia High. Twenty schools participated in over 225 rounds of debate for four trophies. 61 The Industrial Arts department, under the supervision of George Lodle, is made up of classes in woodworking, advanced cabinet making, wood turning, mechanical drawing and architectural drawing. The boys in this department have turned out some beautiful, profes- sional-looking products. 1 I G 426 X71 Q:-NJ 3- - K . A . , , Q I R il' Y. N Y V .,...- -. X- ' -R Lg B iz , '1 h F x Mk ' f -2 R Yx. X 5, , as b , 11 M "'f ' 5? Y 1 3 - ffvf iv 51 sk X f A wi' wg? 4:32, ii gig? Sf? x ' f - Ning-3 R359 Q 1 Q why .... A , J: : K 1 1 '.?f. G5 N gb xg 9 W4 f gl , , ..H f-3 V. ,P f ' 'Rf '9 , - j , K1 K If E w i Q K z A A' X 1' mf w L Ffff 5. -RWTH .- W M -gi 3' ' E L'-fziff -if 'QR Q f Rf- f' M , Q ii 4 2 ' mg Q fag M A W N ,-1 X -A M Q x fg vw A- f K - -J VS fi: 5 ---. I 5 X S - K A ' 3 53 V ' A , ' .. 5. P' ' X +5S. Q X f A ., 3 xg Q S 11. x Q xy 7 Q - K Mx 9 SA Q F X . X in is Q, xx 5 X R . egg if Q 1 f y Q k WN vi is 5 S ,gk X R . AW, -1 R' .SM :N K Q W S ,sci X , ' -. 3 wx gg .Q sg i X - -3 X ,B - -if , AES 1 - J 5 ggi. 1 Q A 1 1:5 1 fi ifii X" Qk.Ek,f,q?k XL ix 'ww if fi Fw X W . E Nga' f .. 32,3 4 - -Q fi ,km 5 i N VA.. QF . . X T 2 .. X xi k fbiiifggkff Y H -if ' , , , Hs' 2 xxx gs .M ., .. wgffg- 1 mg Q i gm W fffj Vik? 1 ' m-.5 Q 3 Q, ti xg, X Eye . N QQ Www nt.: 'sh ls NXJEQJ K , f w Vw W Peterson QOIJIZIHOH N-N 'iv- f -ww 1 ' I X y . Sivlviw. Ks V Jig. K ., .avg . X .., xi-W' ,- - L1 , 1 ' .N f5Q,glg W 21 11:1 Ce , ug , 3 4 ,?f3a,',1L X. y 'Q - M --.,.,.f,- ,,.Q'fLQ-1 391 .- A ffi.Af7- 'mf f -V 1,w'91 5S"1.-ftfuf' .-X fwigi ,.1i,iEf'i . Riga . ---f fy, ,H in gf-ef m.1 :Q .1 J aff ygilgggnfijlgx 3-Maxi ws,.,k 8 'wx 'w- 1 ,WS 'r W .A - 7'74' -an 1, 'K' Y. :X-' an Slsxxfk. "- ' Y ' Kellb Hahn lofdaf Btoeplw. Iwux Th -+-an-...,,. fa ,ms TS' Q Q Duncan ' ' , P-mu A PXYCQ K 'lf 'fxs-. QQ' -ff" P' in , 1 wing Q, -'svn Y Q1 f J. L.'Q-,Vguff '- ' 21. 4 .Q Q ,- 1 .1- wa-X 4- 'Mig X 4, 1 fi ' . ,. Z. ILXIQC1-ODS e M58-.,-'L x ,giver .x , ' , Y. J Q k ' x , NJ 1 , QNX Q , Mmm . -X -. 1 :Q -A Q. E xg. an 'J fFeJ'5.f41' 45' K Qrcfmx i700fLJ Fig mi, N X X5 . -if . X. gif S' XS X R X 3 vi XXX is X N 5 Sf. f A kliw-Ss..,Q, sig .... N, x as 5 Y X. Q . ., . ,.,X..w f TX.. 3 W' 5 .. AS , . V fgfil if K . K its 5 if Q? X - f . f - XX QX ki, 5' 'QA RX QX, fl if J - .. 5 kk .5 TQ' .K 5 - mNi,iXiX- K K K F .4 s ,V 5 ' Q " K f if . - PX ifE:5.'9?S1 -E - ,. ,X . . XIXX . A .Q Lk.. Q . . Xi f : Q K m X-Q., XQXX S fx . X . wr' . X fe ' NJA 2 Q ,X -Q a A r-. 3 A . L L X X. Adi: ' . 3 X jw . -., -: . JN ., :tg Q .N ' Mgt My .f 4 P Xp.: K V S .f .Ak gs K " ' cf.. gs I V 'Q .f,.: X " f ' www, " Q H n rv! fe? N. N 'ws Nasa 'XV fikh FRONT ROW: Utter, Burnell. SECOND ROW: Bearh, Winters, Blaylock, Shirley, Schraeder, Garrison, Jones. THIRD ROW: Martin, Reichardt, Powell, Holt, Harriman, Mitchell, Kelly, Asst. Coach Ridenour, Thomas, Daily, Gibby, Banister, Flott, Duncan, Traner, Kells, Reynolds, Smith, Wallace, Rogers, Coach Eikermann. FOURTH ROW: Kowalski, Housely, Whittington, Porter, Walker. Rorabaugh. PCIC FRONT ROW: Gerry Hahn, Gene Hahn. BACK ROW: Bill King, Carl Wisler. STANDING: Owens, Knox, Beeson, Garrison, Gilbert, Jacobs, Berg, Winzler, Schroeder. SITTING: Walker, Higgins, Hurt, Hester. April April April April April April May May May TRACK SCHEDULE 18- Newton Dual-H Junction City Invitation Newton Dual-T Emporia Relays-H K. U. Relays-T Hutchinson Relays-T 3 Sunflower League Quad, Regional State Meet 1-T ennid Y 3 vs ,adrian :wwf i . Q6 we A 'CO' D01- my iq wax IQ RUS K WZ' Barbara Attebery A S611 Tedd Held partan Club Board, LEFT TO RIGHT: lvndig, Regina Johnson, Dick Cool- Pat Mitchell, Penny Morgan, Mrs. Mr. Lodle, Miss Petty, and Mr. Park- unior Cheerleaders: Jane Goff, Ann Delores Price, Barbara Beeson, and 1 Huenergardt fnot picturedj. Q-+""s' vi WLM! CND Kay Jones if v"" "'w-"f'f-3-7 .4-' THE SPARTAN CLUB, Em- poria High School 's pep club, was composed of all the stu- dent body. The efficiency of the organization was carried on through Regina Johnson, presidentg PatMitche11, vice- presidentg and Betty Parks, sec. - treasurerg and several faculty sponsors 4 A Q' :M pg K. . .gisnvi ' k' .,E1.g.,. Z-gf-' 5 . . I W 5 ,Q X mf --1f.-1-11 xg -if-1 -i" 5' FL .. M' -1- ' K1 ' , 5 ,. A Y I ,gl E 1 Wu W5 4 S. S, ilk' 'Q' g MW' I A - 3 . The ,, Bo Echc 1950 FXS! Coney Island 17 E 6th Koch Appliance Co. Radio Service RCA Victor Radios 45 RPM Records CONIPLIMENTS OF WINTER-ATTEBERY Furniture Co. SEPTEMBER CALENDAR 1951 The mightiest council of the student body, the Student Council--what else, began its duties on Monday Septem- ber ll with the officers and representatives. The hectic Y-Teen Little Sister week provided more fun than ever before with its busy schedule. The Sophs looked like the sweet innocents they aren't in their big bows. "The Welfare State" started takinga thorough thrash- ing from the debaters as it was the chosen topic of debating. The two new teachers added new interest to the Halls of E. H. S. Mr. Bishop QTexy taught the Latin and English "Peasants" of room 24to be humble. Miss Green could al- ways be found in the gym fif we looked hard enough and if it was in the first semestery, playing with her girls and looking like one of them. Yea, Teaml The winners of the Senior Cheerleaders were Dorla Russell, Mary Keith Riegle, Kay Jones, Ted Held and Barbara Attebery. There's pep for you! Organization Prexies gave their all to a wonderful school mixer and a dandy program for our first party on Friday the 15th. The money began to come in from the concession stands at the K. S. T. C. games--one ofour money mak- ing plans for the year. 'Our Thread, Weaving a Pattern of Life' became the theme for the year and was presented to the Y-Teen at a lovely recognition service for the Y-Teen girls. Our fighting Spartans went down to a 13--Izdefeat at El Dorado in our first football game of the season. Personality Portraiture College Studio Specialists in the Photography of Young People A Cappella was organized. and started their bursts of melody and harmony at noon practices when there were none to appreciate. As a result of our great democratic principles, class Presidents were elected. . .Stine, Beeson, Whittington. Three of our busiest clubs sent members to important meeting--the debaters to Wichita to a debaters' clinic, Con, IWC. someStudent Council membersto Lawrence and a number of Hi-Y'ers to the Model Legislature. Success comes to those who try! Our Spartans won a 34--I2 victory from Junction City for us on September 29th. 507CommerrialStree! - '1'cleplaoneNo.300 EMPORIA, KANSAS OCTOBER The day at last arrived when Mrs. Dinkler was again seen in the halls after an illness of four months. Sweet music swelled from the new electric organ which was installed in the Junior High for the use of all the schools. 517 Mechanic Phone 307 Three extra bus loads of Pep went with our boys to Topeka, which kept the hard fought game but heartbreak- ing score of I3--20 from being to tragic. We were all proud to observe United Nations day here in school with the rest of the world. S Wellington Crusaders downed our football men to 13-- Service Station 7 score in the fateful Friday the 13th. Our second win of the game of brawn was I4--I2 in Sth and State Phone 334 our jaum to Parsons EMPORIA, KANSAS we Kofi e of gmporia Degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education Close Student-Faculty Relationship Personal Guidance for Students Apply to: Public Relations Cffice College of Emproia CLEANERS CALL 939 Two IIANIJY LOCATIONS 13 East 6th 1019 Commercial THE EMPORIA SPGRT SHOP Strand Theater Building Compliments of J tv "The Pause That Refreshesn Emporia Coca-Cola Bottling Co Z South Com'1 WE ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME Phone 76 Phone 49 7 BERG AND FRCIST PREBDRIPTICIN PHARMACY MACK F. ROBINSON Conoco Station Phone 1054 6th and Union Emporia, Kansas The Pharmacy Where Your Prescription Comes First SHOES 19 West 6th Carl F. Berg C. E. Frost ' 12 East Sixth Avenue SKELLY OIL CO. Sixth and Congress Phone 493 "Complete lineof Skelly Tires and Batteries" MORRIS DRUG CO. Phone 232 423 Commercial Compliments of A O. D. Harris D. W. Morris SPORTMAN BARBERSHOP 422 Com'1 DECEMBER Our Congratulations to Emporia Senior High Schoo1's Class of 1951 IRISH SE BOLD 24 E 6'h IMPORIA PHONE 740 Competition and fun rated high on the second at the "one and only" Camavilita. The most enjoyable money making project of the year. Em-Hi gained political distinction when Marc Hurt won Lt. Governor at the H1-Y Model Legislature. With 'Teach' recovering from her accident, we searched for a month for a snazzy sub and found just that in Miss Katherine Strouse, a veteran music instructor of Emporia. The sought for revenge for last year's state tournament becarnea mirage, as the McPherson Bullpups wagged their tails with a victory of 45--43. With the singing of "Beautiful Savior, "both nights of the Christmas Program were successes, with Miss Strouse conducting this the I5th annual program. - Hauownuzt- HOUSEWARES3 Auto suvvurs JANUARY Congratulations were in order when the Spartans brought home a first place trophy from the Ark City ln- vitational Tournament. Again the Y-Teen'ers gave out the good cheer by help- ing eleven families enjoy Christmas, who otherwise would not. Delores Price, our Football Queen, was given honors along with the Football boys at the first Em-Hi Football Party ever to be held. 4. Garrison Music Store Complete Musical Service 715 Commercial Phone 2125 ,QR JW' i ' - 4 'z Frank Toms Motor Co. 9 , f Marc Marcellus Kenneth Rinker Sales Service Phone 2300 West Sixth Ave. at Chestnut 910 Commercial l 7 H 7 Phone 178 T. Jensen 8: Son, Inc. Phone 123 FRED J. SCOTT . Insurance Agency Comphments OH 10 East Sixth S GREENHOUSE Fred J. Scott The Home of Fim' Flowers Kenneth A. Scott 9 FREEMAN'S LUNCH Distinctive Apparel for the high school girl 315 West 6th George Groh And Sons FURNACES 81 ROOFING Warm Air Furnaces Roofing Sheet Metal 325 at 327 Com'1 Phone 3274 Compliments of Complirnents of BAILEY TRANSFER 8: STORAGE CO. Motufsales, Inc. im wen nn Phone 192 BRATTON HOME SL AUTO SUPPLY ARNEY-SCHULENBERG M01-OR CO., INC. Fisk TIRES - SPORTING GOODS 201 East 6th Phone 2940 Your Friendly Ford Dealer You can Pay more but you can't Buy Better. Compliments of HOFFMAN'S Food Market 626 West 6th Phone 973 se IRELAND SHOE SHOP NEWTON BROS. 102 East 6th Phone 8 Emporia, Kansas Congratulations to the Class of '51 The Apparel Shoppe 717 Com'1 Ph. 1668 Compliments of Burch Food Market 517 West 6th Phone 3204 Compliments of TED RADIG ELECTRIC 312 Com'l PENNA'S College Grill 1117 Com'1 Phone 2657 Compliments of DR. W. S. HANCOCK Optometrist Where Men Shop When They Want to Buy the Best 721 Commercial Phone 146 Q STANLEY JEWELRY . Slore for Men Watches and Diamonds 5 1 Ph. 395 707 Com'l EMPORIA PLUMBING 8z HEATING CO. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Authorized General Electric Home Appliances Phone 223 712 Commercial Congratulations to the class of '51 L on County tate Bank Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. WAYNE KENT? JEWEL 3 Diamond Rings Watches 528 Com'l Phone 520 519 Commercial . School Books and Supplies for Compliments of Grades, Junior and Senior High J- C- DUMM Samuel Book Store Greeting Cards for All Occasions Furniture Company Phone 59 526 Conn OO EMPORIA IMPLEMENT COMPANY AUTHORIZED JOHN DEERE SALES C+- SERVICE PHONE lo29 EMPORIA, KANSAS D . ' c . , X X 2 ' xy xx, x ni ...il L - xx-X X , 1, , ' ,U a.,.,..... ,. ,,.. ,,......,. X s. . .-, . mx ' ' ., . .. A ' . N A " ........ , h- . .' was Mags, i W r...aL...,- ' -it-?.S."6"1!S"" . .-wa... - FANESTIL PACKING CO. Emporia, Kansas Processors of Blue Stem and Flint Hill Fine Meat Products lf you lose a fin in a fight, don't worry you'11 soon he all right, for nurse Carol Turney will be there to give you comfort and a little care. And next we find two twins named Hahn possessing little brain or brawn. They thought to be dentists of high esteem, but now are Pro golfers their dream of dreams. Behold is a scientist in the dark and the deep, for many a year she's had little sleep. And what be Marilyn Tweedy 's sought- after goal? She discovered the cure for the commond cold. Now who is that on thecoral square? You can tell from here it's Della Mayer. Della was a girl with lots of knowledge, she hooked her a man from K. State College. Verna Mae Newcomer didn't make a blunder when she took to designing in the land down under. With laugh that can be heard for miles, she 's created some "ronchie" styles. This next little girl at whom we'll gander, goes by the name of Marilyn Sanders. Marilyn took to business selling Chrysler cars, but drove them so fast she's now behind bars. The next sea patronwe shall name will surely go dorm in the hall of fame. The Frank Buck of old E. H.S. ? That'sright, it's Earl Bess. As we swam on throucgh the murky menace, we saw John Beeson playing tennis. Goo old John never made much dough, butas hed say,' "That's the way it goes. " Traveling on we behold a sad sight: Darrel l-'anestil shot at mid- night. And now you ask what made it this way? Sent out to get meat, he bought Cudaliay. Shut off the lights, crawl under a shell, I think I have spotted Key Hole Kel s. But in business Keith Kells really clicked. When he Went to work, he bought the Brunswick. There stands Bil1Cowdrey weighing 402g you want to know why, Ithink I'll tell you. Bill Bought a large farm and planted a cropg it was all corn, the kind you can pop. This next little mermaid with whom we'll dwell makes the water race and swell. If you know her, then sing asong it's Sally Roth- felder, the living Atomic Bomb. In a sea field all plowed in neat rows, green sea moss, some thing like spinach, grows. John Brown is the proud farmer who cultivated this farm which with a blue ribbon is rated. The beckoning cry ofa grocery store to "the Wayne Cole" was not a bore. l-le opened up on down.under's main drag, and busi- ness for him will never lag. In a little white cottagea l made of shells and covered with sea weed, Joy it spells lives Bob Flott with his newly wed bride. Their happiness is always renewed with the tide. ln the summer of '51, Tedd Held decided to chuck his fun. He joined the navy, and quickly rose to fighting Admiral against his foes. If your submarine needs repairing,a,t Richard Houghton you should be staring, because he 's the ablest mechanic ever. Ile knows the workiizgs of each sealand lever. Aroun the curve and up the road, lives Don Barb in a handsome abode. Tired but happy, he's plowed the soil, and his plantation is shown for his toil. Maxine McFerrin said, "In Congress l'l1 be?" And so she is, doom deep in the sea. She's a representative of King Neptune's states, and as a top Congresswoman she rates. Around this gal many lads have tarried. She has her shares of Toms, Dicks and Harrys. I-Ier name, Darlene Munson, will give her away. In sealand she is living and here she will stay. BROOKS GROCERY Better Foods Since 1885 Fancy Groceries - Fine Meats Fresh Vegetables PHONE 36 Compliments of DE BAUGE Bnos., INC. Whmak 7440 EMPORIA, KANSAS O ,WN .glnior Enya, .xgufogralagd Aipjgjfgw wig? pin! F dw , Wm Y' Ya fn ,gy W 25 S5322 ysig rg M. Ci,-Q02 X MQW, its E 32 ff fig R claw' . x 7: J X . 3 Q dm Rf is 43 '11, , fl WPEMYMJ w 3 X W 'N r W P urs Onyxxx QOLUQJ iff? 5 Inzzswxnm Q V Qflxv LEX -4-.-Ma, 'A K x X., I .':'1: 'L ' x f ' 1 xl .,.,- , A Q'- ' F ' .,-. -My. ,v ,K- ff 4, ., , . .,:j 1-,.. 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"H" 21.1, 1 .any ,'?.v ' .SQ " fr - Q"n"Q , . A, ,,, , -ggi-.4., V- .. on -. ', L:-LE: :iff l,.fzk:'.. I -.A ...,, ' .,,.,. 1' r' t. , ,. g, - Q--V , +. .W N 11 W ' 3 y 'w L -A191 ,Z I 5 , .r .Q A., J' .M V .no 1 . 'f ,,3g?'h!-5 .+,,-7,, .. ,, ,.,, ,.':,, fy.-ti' I 3' Y , ".,. .51 .i4..W 4, I , .4'I' "f- 'jk ,frm-1' ,. fn! Q:-, hi 3 Y' V 1 , f '-,-,fg F -' .I , ,-., .fp . ,PQ--l., y .v ' ', ff ,. 4, .fy : . 1, ,,I,. N .i , H-r':','-'L ' " '. X - - ,yu MJ. J' w gn . , ,,,., MT. .,' Q-19.3 . ,.-4,1-,.,' . gg 4 ' Z. - W4 if ' M. .- 3 V., .Xu-al. , ' , . ilffr-, ,.,.1 f ' v , Q M . we-,..e, .1 . . 4 , , , 1 - -'Q' QP", N-Plzigg 1 ffiffil QL' '.f'1hL.g . 1. -' ,mx I, 1, VAA. .. , gefh..v.L.,4 A X.. 1.. 4. W w- ,A ff - V, ....v, .1 - , :,yxg .-.,,. F --..,x, . 'L.,,,,w 1, MW ,,,y .ww cr.. K' '- S-.,A, , . 1 ,1,..,,, , I E- W H 14, 4 .. y -fb :W Q' , -rf. 5, 3.-,J ,.-,fu 'Y 2, -. ,J FN? ,Ax t., 41.14. Jgfwi. .. J ,,.m,. N K . f L , rl ,r-',, ,,.:. g-ww ,5. Q. . 5' +L 5 1 +1 -..1 '43 A fi if Us 'Lu fi ., 5 ' I. nj 'Q ii .Fr -... 'l. 35 :if - - li: .f 755 59. 6 '77 -1 ll A 1-1 . H ' S "-" ' "'-1 ' -' -if '- ---- - Q. . -,-, -.- . - .. . ,,,, ' ,H ..-v. -,-,,,, ?! ':k ?"5i " .vda5l'?3AE"?' "-'Ev33"'7'y A' f x "mf" ' v1.2 1 "'9" "' f"'1'i' -1-'7-w,-H1.i?P izfazr-Z' -"'- - V-vb" Y 9' . if Bw 1 . V 1 ,A 4 H L I .Q 1-4'-A W: is ,, , g 'Q I - ,- I

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