Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1950

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Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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. X? f' ? dggggiiiikfvf 3, n W ' 5 1 H- Q, - ,. .x L '- 4, f s N111 Q - Go f i g, A , , A K Q , X ,. v , -h VFX. .3 X X - , xl E' x I-li, 1 ""LJLf U kgs- ' - X11 x 3. sg K J, , . , . A . . .. Y-4 ' rug Q ' ' "-if X., fd? 4"" -.SK 343. .kd sg: xx 4 if P0 ' " ' 1 'X Ns. 1 V f' A L- Q., H31 .Q - - , H . , 4 ' ' '- 1. ' -. . G '1 ,-N .,. , --N ' f :3- s ,Q " ' , . f ,. xy Q 1' ' " W -1 SSN 2 1 f gf R23 J:,:'fv4MA 33 mfxfkft L ' ' "W, Ex ii, , a, 'A ,, ix . ' !TZfvCl'b"'.1'?-X X mi- 'N . A' ' , 1 -'lx 'J N ,- 5 kkkxv x X Y ., 1 Y. ,fFfl4,,,,:. ,Q,,f,,,., "".,g1i1 43 i , se , J 'iam 'ihiif 3 HS 15554 ms ' ' fa XCXMY H .1 I fix 'Q is Pk Q di ey x ,, ", .LK' 'E 'i - 11 ,X S' 154 .3 ' V 4 X . 3 'L 3 ' ' 'VX ' ' S s "' is vu J K3 1 1 H V S ' .u 1-fl '- Q ,M N A BJ +V. ' x 4 S cl is N Z- 'I qw 'I . Xxx K vf 3 up x If-K di- E as ' . P J ,I '5 ' fx Q1 gfsb A ?' . -x A 3 A f A ,K 5, N.. . 2-EAS x Q Y' X A Q' Y Ev' ,fi ?f Q: Vg N . , VM . E--f .44 k ml. 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Z 6 U f t Y- ' , ' 4 PF- "" '-'fy "TJ L' -xpm 4, X - P A ,s 23 5 E 3 3:9 J Si' CX 73 53: ,W 1 2 1-, ,. rx.- ml? ' L 'fl A K -iff? Rx-H .M 3 V :lay 13:5-K: J ' NN ? vi 3 E '.,4b hf73 :Xu ...well A , N 1 4. ' . ,, ,JL 1-,M ERN wx x fir. . 'Ui gb x , -.Eb gi' 4 .Nat QQ +35 X X E O - Q- Tk ' -fl' . him ' Q. : , ' A. E i 5 , mi N AM r Gig! Q fm A 'Q 5 ' dye "l'M ',,.-Q C0238 1.--,,L,.fT"5:f9 l 5. in , HX in-r,-, f-lx? .,g?,' 'T--I I ,U N ' K -1 If T5 5 fi fi-'H.' LT: 4Af1', ' li 113 ' Q as fs fs Q V12f +3 HQ fe wg fa Q M 'QB 1 iff? 51 ' ' 4 , ,p14'. ' A , 1? . , ..:, . . . Je. W1 uk-E.. . J 'Q m Wig Um ML JQ"" , W ,, , W1 A ff? W, ' ' . 4 ,Ngiqp Qw41'jl"V'?'A , I' b' j?w ,J Q 'fm--if my W Qimffffw.--Q t --fVf,',,a,n,qg'gw,,5g 4551, 1 , N.. -asv man' " 4 ami" J--w W. f Am, . ,, 'F . E3 5, ga .. .... Q1 , ' ' V N in N.. 1 . A-Lamkin- , x ,,. b , ........, g gi? -n-655 F 1- . 5 Qfw .,.,, .A,A, Y A 'Guangxi '9s, ya-"M: ,,f ' ..k'l' -.N s Q. K.. M xx K. , 2 ,M I Sai . . 5, -- P .2 . 1.1 . A -Q 1--P k "' " IEW: r Ng 2 r Q 2. 2 A5 1 E7 5 1 "2--'SM sw. 2 as! H., , t ,, . MLN, . Q J ' QL ? K Q 1 .lf-.1 vw.: Sig i. ' uusema-uv..Q.ww. V. . --ww, 9 2 Q4 wb e Y Wg! 52322 XM 5 Q 2 7 XX xx, , - x x, x ' N. X H R. 1 Y f X gx . A N .x . X- X x .- X. K .hx xv x 3 v x .x X 5 , NN X X ."N w - ix N i . ' ' .v X, .L E v N . Y X X ix x Xxx 4 Q me 9 R r -X ,fb ,Ll 1 - . , , 1 ,ff f .W f .1 ,,.. If 4 V' nf Q, f i I V1 41, ,, IL xv , x f 1 V' xf' 1 ' ,X rl fix ff X I ,,:, f ,1 f I r X ,M'f"fVF ' mf ' Il, I 1, " Qrfv I ,ff Al iff' fl. l I X 1 1 x , ff IL ff M10 Il!! IN! by X -I rf fl! I U, X 5 x A45 -'Q ns, 4 . 1-I . Y , xr' x J' X x 'I N-41 icafion fo fke sSZl'li0l'f5 0 llle PM 50 eard QM x fy xld X - w x K 1 R' ' Nxl K . Rus il Q x, . , U ,'l. 'LN Q ' ' 1 x , K x X. i X, 1 S N P X, fi i., 1 fly i , 135 F L XYXII' ,.:.j I N r x I 1 I wh' 1 lu X' X :Af ' G fjuf' s, f ,Vw I ,j I' Q 1 , I xwb w N 1 I' KI v. i AY' 1 2 'x 1 lv 'Ml X x 1 'XXL rv il N Quay, Re ln memory of the thousands who have trod the halls of dear old Emporia High in the last fifty years, we, the Seniors of 1950, dedicate this Re-Echo to the new lk generations of the next half century who may wa through these same corridors. May their steps into the future lead in the direction of success. Our footprints in the sands of tirne can never be erased. We have tried to make them follow the right path. May you of the future have even greater success. Editor, .Toy Whitney 5 I 7 - ' elf - ' H I' wnjfy W" 'iff J' M -w g f e . 'mt aj-fy-J X y mf ,P i' 91453-f Business Manager Mary Ann Dyer ff? Editor .Toy Whitney ?'21 1 f G 1, A Efiu' ' H 297, V Xl! V QQ! 1,5-.J fo 7 sir Wk 4 J whit! R Mmnmru. awww 4-fwvl21QL.M,W,1 A,,4'iJjM.k.Z3Q?y .Q 8""'lL'1f'EbQ4.,,Cgp ' , XIVG 13 W wwf' ggi dwg?-1f . di M Qffiww Szk , ig 3212 5 ef .F -,. 5' I ,P-Q.:,,D Eff 5,2 'Db 4, , 5132 fx Xxx! 'A 1, -. 'x 'KN bi, --LQ'-"' Ev X xx, xii? dx E ' 3 SX. ex Sana 2'Q'i? 5N 3? YD, fii. XWL 4 x X, I . 'fb' .1' 1" ' X . R7 INN? WW, - Q . a T1 xnclvgrunx r 9 x x- bet MW W MQW WMM af SeC1'eta1-y Mauri Ile Dune an r C 0095 ? CNY iv D ' wa Diz- ector- of Athletics A- B- Koch 5? JOHN R. WILLIAMS BIOLOGYQ SPONSORS: HI- Y, JUNIOR CLASSQ B.S.-K. S.T.C. OF EMPORIA, M.S.- K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA. MRS. RUTH GOODWIN GIRLS' GYM, HYGIENEQ SPONSORS: SENIOR, G.A.A.: B.S-FORT HAYS KANSAS STATE COLLEGE. gdalgg MRS. LOIS JAQUITH ADOPTED SCHOOL COMMITTEE, Y-TEEN, B.A. C. OF E. F J. SOUTH PRINTING' SPONSORS- RE-ECHO B.S -K.S T C. OF EMPORIA. ,4f!4Lv XI A , SEQ? X., wr! Lff QR, x Vu A V ,XM .NRI vs. M41 421' I kg' rs ,Av S EDWARD PRICE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS. ENGLISH, JOURNALISM5 SPONSORS: ECHO, CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, SPONSORS. HI-Y, SOPH- OMORE CLASSQ B.S.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA, M.S.- INEZ GREER FOODSQ HOME LIVING: SPONSORS: SOPHOMORE CLASS, Y-TEENQ B.A.-C. OF E., Mfs-'UNIVERSITY OF COLO- 'RADO. JOHN KELSO SPEECH, DEBATE, ENGLISH5 SPONSORS: SENIOR CLASS, DEBATE CLUB1 B.S.-WICHITA UNIVERSITY. ANITA RICE AMERICAN HISTORYQ SPONSORS: STUDENT COUNCIL, Y-TEEN: B.S.-K.U., M.S.-K.U. HE SIMM, EUGENE RIDENOUR AMERICAN HISTORY HEAD FOOTBALL COACH ASSISTANT TRACK COAQH ASSISTANT BASKETBALL C ACH SPONSOR S NIOR CLASS B S K S T C OF PITTSBURG MRS ETHEL BECK CLOTHING TAILORING SPONSOR SOPHONORE ASS PEP CLUB B S S T C OF EMPOR SHIRLEY THOMPSON JUNIOR ENGLISH, SENIOR ENGLISH, SPONSOR: JUNIOR CLASS, Y-TEENQ B.A.-C. OF ORMOND PARKER INSTRUMENTAL MUSICZ SPONSOR! SPARTAN CLUB5 B.S.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA. LORETTO LANGLEY TYPINGQ SPONSORS: STUDENT COUNCIL, Y-TEENS 5.5.-K.S.T.C. OF ENPORIA. GERHARD EIKERMANN SENIOR SOCIAL STUDIESQ COACHES: BASKET- BALL, TRACK, ASSISTANT FOOTBALLQ SPONSORS: KEY CLUBS B.S.-WICHITA U., M.A.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA. 12 WOOD BLOXOM ALGEBRA, ADVANCED ALGE- BRA, GEOMETRY, SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL COACH: B.A.-K.U., M.A.- K.U. MARY ALICE STEELSMITH VOCAL MUSICQ SPONSOR: Y-TEEN, ASSEMBLY COMMITTEEQ B.S.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA, B.A.-NORTHWESTERN UNIVER- SITY. ELEANOR SIRPLESS BIOLOGY: B.A.'UNIVER' SITY OF COLORADO, M.A.- UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO. GEORGE LODLE MANUAL TRAINING: SPON- SORS: STAGECRAFT, PATROL BOYS, STUDENT COUNCIL: B.S.-K.S.T.C. OF PITTSBURG- Saw, LESTER GRIFFITH SHOP, AUTO MECHANICSQ SPONSORS: SOPHOMORE CLASS, F.F.A.g B-A.-SOUTH WESTERN. ETHEL SHIRLEY SHORTHAND, BOOKKEEPING3 SPONSORS: SENIOR CLAS55 B.S.-K.S.T.C. or EMPORIA, M.A.-K.U. ELLEN ICE AMERICAN HISTORY, WORLD HISTORYQ SPONSORS: l.R.0., Y-TEEN: B.A.-K.U., M.A.-K.U. HAROLD ROYER VOCATIONAL STENOGRAPHY, BUSINESS EXPLOR- ATIONQ SPONSORS: SENIOR CLASS, PART-TIME BUSINESS CLUBQ B.S.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA, M.S.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA. 13 EMORY GROVES VOOATIONAL AGRICULTURE SPONSORS: F.F.A.3 B.S. KANSAS STATE OF MANHATTAN MARIAN HOWARD SPANISH I AND Il FRENCH I AND llg SPONSORS Y-TEEN, ASSEMBLY COMMIT TEE: B.A.-K.U., M.A. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. CHARLLS GARRISON JENNY DOUGLASS BOYS' GYM AND HYGIENEZ SPONSORS! H'-Y, INTRA' ENGLISH III, LATIN ll: SPONSORS: LATIN CLUB, MURAL BASKETBALLQ B.S.-K.S.T.C. Or PITTSBURG, M.S.- JUNIOR R50 CROSS: B.A.-C. OF E., M.S.-K.5.T.C. OF K.S.T.C. OF PITTSBURG. EMPQRIA, MRS. MARGARET DINKLER RALPH HASKELL ENGLISH ll, SPEECH AND DRANATICSS SPONSORSI ARTg B.A.-K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEEQ B-A.'SOUTHWE5TERN COLLEGE, M.A.-COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Sl .ti Q STELLA KLEIN SCHOOL NURSEQ TRAINING AT WICHITA CITY HOSPITAL. MAUDE JACKSON LIBRARIANQ SPONSORS: SOPHO- MORE CLASS, ASSEMBLY COMMITTEEQ B.A.-MCPHERSON COLLEGE, M.S.- K.S.T.C. OF EMPORIA. MAINTENANCE STAFF THOMAS, MARCELLUS, BEACH, HOLT. VIRGINIA FORBECK SENIOR SOCIAL STUDIESQ SPON SORSg Y-TEEN, JUNIOR CLASS B.S.-K.S.T.C., M.A.-COLUMBIA 14 P23 Kms- enior ada ropkecy THE OTHER DAY AFTER SCHOOL WE HAPPENED TO PASS BY THE CHEMISTRY ROOM AND STOPPED IN T0 SEE WHAT THE UNUSUAL MACHINE WAS THAT CHALMOUS LASHEA WAS WORKING ON. HE TOLD US HE HAD JUST COMPLETED A TIME MACHINE WHICH WOULD SHOW US THE EVENTS TAKING PLACE TEN YEARS FROM NOW. VERY MUCH INTER' ESTED, WE TOOK OUR SEATS. CHALMOUS TOLD US TO FASTEN THE TIME BELTS ON THE CHAIRS AND OUR SPIRITS WOULD GO TEN YEARS INTO THE FUTURE WHEN HE THREW THE SWITCH. WE WILL NOW TELL YOU WHAT THE RESULTS WERE. WE REMEMBER QUITE WELL BECAUSE WE TOOK NOTES AS WE WENT ALONG. THE FIRST SCENE THAT WE SAW WAS THAT oF A LARGE NIGHT SPOT IN NEW YORK CITY. COMING CLOSER WE SAW BY THE NEON SIGN THAT IT BELoNGED TO nGORGEOUS GEORGEn McCoY WHO OWNS SEvERAL OTHER FAMOUS PLEASURE SPoTs AND REFRESHMENT STANDS IN THAT FAIR cITY. FASTENING OUR TIME BELTS TIGHTER WE STEPPED INTO THE SCENE AND WERE GREETED EY THE DOORMAN, LoYD JACOBS, WHO WAS JUST BRUSHING OFF HIS HAND AFTER KICKING OUT EUGENE STONEBRAKER AND JERRY SUMNER FOR CAUSING A DISTURBANCE DURING THE FLOOR SHOW. AS WE PASSED THROUGH THE DOOR, WE DROPPED A DIME INTO A CONTRIBUTUION BOX HELD BY MARVIN TIMMERMAN WHO WAS RAISING FUNDS FOR THE FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEW TIMMERMAN PARTY- WE EACH RECEIVED A FREE PENCIL. THE FAMOUS HEAD WAITER, LouIS MARIN, SHOWED us T0 A VERY NICE TABLE WHERE WE COULD GET A GOOD VIEW OF THE FLOOR SHOW. FIRST ON THE PROGRAM WAS A FAN DANCE DONE BY SUE ANN HENNING, MARGUERITA KIDD AND BEVERLY MARKLE. JERRY MINNIS, BACK STAGE HAND, WAS FIRED FOR TURNING ON THE AIR CONDITIONER AT THE WRONG TIME. POOR KIDI LOOKING ARouND, WE SAW SEVERAL OLD FRIENDS. ON ouR LEFT WERE SEATED THREE NEW STARS IN HoLLY- WOOD, LARRY SIGLER, LARRY RODGERS AND BDB LAW- RENCE. SIGLER IS CURRENTLY APPEARING IN THE Box- OFFICE HIT, "CoME AND GET ht." WHAT A LOVERI AT A TABLE ovER IN THE CORNER SAT THE NEw coAcH AT KANSAS UNIVERSITY, JESSE PRISOCK, wHo HAS JUST PUBLISHED HIS NEW BOOK ON BASKETBALL--nHow TO MAKE PASSES IN IO EASY LESSONSW. THAT GLAMOROUS LITTLE HEART-BREAKER, SHIRLEY LARAMDRE, WAS THERE wITH HER SIXTH HUSBAND, ALY KHAN, WHO RECENTLY GOT HIS DIvoRcE FROM FoRMER ACTRESS, RITA HAYWORTH. UPON LEAVING GEORGEIS PLACE, WE DECIDED TO TAKE IN A PLAY AND WE WERE NOT TOO SURPRISED TO SEE BERNIECE MEYER, SHIRLEY MAYS AND SHIRLEY KIRK STARRING IN THE THREE LEADING WOMENS PARTS IN THAT NEW STAGE HIT, HHEARTS AFLAMEH. TRIPPING BACK STAGE TO coNGRAuLTATE THE GIRLS, WE REcoG- NIzED ANOTHER OLD HIGH SCHOOL cHuM, Boa RATcH, WHO HAD THE TOUGH GUY RoLE. HEIS BEEN nTYPEDn EVER SINCE HWHAT A LIFEH IN HIS SENIOR YEAR. AS WE WERE LEAVING THE THEATER WE PASSED SOME ADVERTISEMENT POSTERS IN THE HALLS. IT SEEMS THAT MARTHA KRUEGER IS A MODEL FOR VOGUE NOW AND THE MCELFRESH TWINS, VIOLET AND EVELYN, WERE ON THIS MONTHIS HWHICH TWIN HAS THE TONI?n ADD. ONE POSTER THAT PARTICULARLY DREW THE GIRLS' ATTENTION WAS THAT or THE CHARLES ATLAS ADD. JERRY NOYES WAS PoSING IN A LEoPARD SKIN FoR THE nAFTERn PICTURE. ICR WAS IT THE nBEFOREn POSEYI CANIT REMEMBER. AS WE STEPPED OUTSIDE WE SAW THAT THE FOG THAT HUNG OVER NEW YORK HAD GOTTEN SO THICK THAT WE COULDNIT SEE THREE FEET AHEAD OF US. THE TIME MACHINE WAS ACTING UP AND WE FELT OURSELVES WHIRLING IN THE MISTY SPACE FOR A MOMENT. THEN IT BEGAN TO CLEAR AND WE FOUND OURSELVES ON THE STEPS OF OUR DEAR OLD ALMA MATER, EMPORIA HIGH SCHOOL. A5 WE WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR WE COULDNIT HELP NOTICING THE BEAUTIFUL STATE TROPHIES IN THE CASES. THOSE CASES WERE GETTING MIGHTY CROWDED. BEFORE GOING DPSTAIRS WE STOPPED IN TO CHAT WITH PRINCIPAL WILBUR MOEBUS AND HIS SECRETARY BARBARA MAPES. WE LooKED IN ON THE NEW GIRLSI COUNSELOR. WHO DO You SuPPoSE IT wAS? DoxIE Hoov- ERI THEY COULDNIT HAVE CHOSEN A BETTER ONE. WE WERENIT Too SURPRISED TO LEARN THAT RICHARD MAYES AND ROSS SCHALLEHN WERE TEACHING IN THE NEW VocATIoNAL AG DEPARTMENT, BUT WHEN THEY TOLD us THAT RONALD ROTHFELTER HAD TAKEN MISS THOMP- SoN!S PLACE TEACHING ENGLISH LITERATURE--THAT WAS A BIT Too MucH. PASSING BY THE BRoAovIEw, WE HEARD STRAINS OF RED HOT MUSIC COMING FROM THE BLUE Room AND PEEKING INSIDE, WE SAW WARREN RUSSELLIS HIGH STEPPERS. SKIPPER STINSON WAS FEATURED ON THE TRUMPET. WE STOPPED AT JIM STEVENSONIS TABLE TO CHAT A MOMENT BEFORE LEAVING. HEIS THE AUTHOR OF THAT NEW BEST SELLER, WFOREVER BEVERLYH. BEFORE GOING ON UP TOWN WE TURNED NORTH ON MERCHANT AND WALKED THROUGH THE RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT FOR A WHILE. AS WE WALKED ALONG, WE NOTICED A GOOD-LOOKING YOUNG MAN IN RED CORDS WHO SEEMED TO BE BANDING TREES. IT TURNED OUT CONIT. ON PAGE N5 eniord CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Ralph Hahn Vice-President . . Nancy Allen Secretary . . . . Hazel Wilhite Treasurer . . Avis Smith ADAMS, JOANN NHER FRIENDS CALL HER IJODY'.n Y-TEEN, JUNIOR LUB, MIXED HONOR SOCIETY. RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, SPARTAN C CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, ALLEN, BILL YOU NAME IT, HEILL DRAW KETBALL, TRACK, HI-Y. N lT.N FOOTBALL, BAS- ALLEN, NANCY Hfi ' HSOME CHATTERBOXES COME IN SUCH CUTE PACK- AGES.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, G.A.A., CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, VICE PRESIDENT OF SENIOR CLASS, LATIN CLUB, MIXED CHORUS, ATTENDANT TO QUEEN OF COURTS, SPRING CONCERT, NREVOLT IN RHYTHMH, SENIOR PROPHECY COMMITTEE. ANDERSON, BETTY nCHEERFULLY QUIET.n Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. ANDERSON, GEORGE HOUR FUTURE PRESI LATIN CLUB, KEY CLUB DENT--REPUBLICAN, THAT ISIN , I.R.O., PRESIDENT OF OF KEY CLUB, A CAPPELLA, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAG- EANT, DEBATE MODEL LEGISLATURE, JUN TATIYE. HI-Y, GOVERNOR OF Mo-KAN-ARK DISTRICT CLUBQ ECHO, BOYS' STATE, HI-Y IOR RED CROSS REPRESEN- ANDERSON, OLIVER HMM! fIN60"f'L I 'A COMEDY IN SEVERAL ACTS.H KEY CLUB, STU- DENT COUNCIL TREASURER, A CAPPELLA BASKETBALL, PEP BAND, NTHE DIVINE FLORAN BOYS' STATE, HWHAT , MIXED CHORUS , A LIFEF, STATE STUDENT COUNCIL CONVENTION, HONOR SOCIETY. AYERS, VIRGINIA HANOTHER LUCKY GIRL WHO SPORTS A SPARKLER.n Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SPARTAN CLUB, HONOR SOCIETY. BAIRD, BILL nGREATER MEN THAN l HAVE LIvED--BUT I DONIT BELIEVE IT.n PRESIDENT or SORHOMORE CLASS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, NCUCKOOS ON THE HEARTHN, Il THE DIVINE FLORAH, SPARTAN CLUB, DRAMATICS, HI-Y, FRENCH CLUB, nWHAT A LIFE,n CHAIRMAN or SENIOR DINNER DECORATION COMMITTEE. BANISTER, EDWIN HIP AT FIRST YOU DONIT SUCCEED, COME AGAIN II NEXT YEAR. HI-Y, E CLUB, STAGECRAFT, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. BARGER, LYLE NTROUBLE IS MY MIDDLE NAME.n BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, HI-Y, BAND. 18 I Q- WSI, -SRS? - .s p Q ,A SPQNA BECK, KENNETH Nl HAD AN IDEA, BUT IT GOT AWAY.n HI-Y, DEBATE, FOOTBALL, nTHE DIVINE FLORAU, LATIN CLUB, I.R.O., ECHO STAFF, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, RE-ECHO STAFF, HWHAT A LIFEH, SPARTAN CLUB, MIXED CHORUS, INTRA-MURALS, HI-Y, MODEL LEGIS- LATURE, FIFTH NATIONAL HI-Y CONGRESS, CAMP WOOD TRAINING CONFERENCE. BENDER, FRANCES NE.H.5. WILL MISS HER CUTE LITTLE lGIGGLEl.n LATIN CLUB, Y-TEEN, DEBATE CLUB, SPARTAN CLUB. BLAHUT, RICHARD NHE IS QUIET AND wELL LIKED BY ALL.n BOYCE, GLENN HQUIET--BUT HE'S A WHIZ AT AGRICULTURE.n F.F.A., TRACK. BRIGHT, JEAN CARR M"5'. HA HANDSOME GUY AMONG HER SOUVENIRSIH TREASURER OF SOPHOMORE CLASS, RED CROSS, STUDENT COUNCIL, CHEERLEADER, TREASURER OF Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, QUEEN OF COURTS ATTENDANT, LATIN CLUB, SPARTAN CLUB, ASSISTANT EDITOR OF ECHO, HONOR SOCIETY. BROOKS, CLYDEAN NEVEN TEMPERED, SWEET AND ALWAYS THE SAME.n SPARTAN CLUB, Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, OR- CHESTRA. BROWN, WALLACE HIP THEREVS NOTHING TO LAUGH AT, START A CIRCUS OF YOUR owN.n JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRE- SENTATIvE. BRUCE, ANNA MAE nQUlET, BUT OH So NICEIH Y-TEEN, MIXED CHORUS, PART-TIME WORKER'S CLUB. BURENHEIDE, CLARA HA FRIENDLY HEART WITH MANY FRIENDS.n PART- TIME WORKER'S CLUB, Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. CAMPBELL, DUANE HHE BURNS THE MIDNIGHT OIL--BUT PREFERS TO DO IT IN HIS PLYMOUTH.n HI-Y, SECRETARY OF HI-Y- 1.9 CANADAY JOAN HHER HEART BELONGS TO BRUCE.n VICE-PRESIDENT or SOPHOMORE CLASS, Y-TEEN, G.A.A., SPARTAN CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL, HDIVINE FLORAH, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, PRESIDENT OF SPARTAN CLUB, RE-ECHO, ADOPT-A-SCHOOL COMMITTEE, HWHAT A LIFEH, NTHE YOUNG AND FAIRH, CAMP BREWSTER, HONOR SOCIETY. CHAPI N, NINSTON HWHAT DO YOU KNOw, HE PASSED--AND NOT THE FOOTBALL.u FOOTBALL, HI-Y, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, LATIN CLUB, STAGECRAFT, HWHAT A LIFEH. CLEMMER, GLENDA NSHEIS MARRIED TO HER FUTURE.N DEBATE, Y-TEEN, SRARTAN CLUB. COLE, COLLEEN HSWEET AND GENTLE YOUNG MISS.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. COOK, LONITA WHY HURRY? HE'LL WAlT.H Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. ll CROSS, JAXOUALYN f4r6' HPLEASANT AND FRIENDLY.n LATIN CLUB, Y-TEEN, JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, SPARTAN CLUB, CHORAL READERS, DRAMATIOS, HDIVINE FLORAH CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HYOUNG AND FAIRN. DANNER, JESS "STILL AS THEY GAZED THE WONDER GREW, THAT ONE SMALL HEAD COULD CARRY ALL HE KNEW." KEY CLUB, VIcE-MODERATER or l.R.0., CHORAL READERS, HWHAT A LIFEN, HONOR SOCIETY, SUMMEREIELD SCHOLARSHIP TEST. DAVIS, ROBERT HNEVER A BETTER SPORTSMAN.n HI-Y. DAY, GERRY F WORDS ARE MUSIC, llM A BRASS BAND.n LATIN CLUB, KEY CLUB, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HI-Y, HI-Y MODEL LEGISLATURE, DEBATE, SPARTAN CLUB, INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL, l.R.O., SUMMERFIELD SCHOLARSHIP TEST, HONOR SOCIETY. Ill DIEKER, RITA nSHE'S A HUMAN SUNBEAMIH SPARTAN CLUB, Y- TEEN. CL R DOUGLAS, NORMA LEE HTALL, DARK AND LOVELY.n SPARTAN CLUB, l.R. O., Y-TEEN CABINET, LATIN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HDIVINE FLORAH, CHORAL READER, RE-ECHO STAFF, HTHE YOUNG AND FAIRH, DRAMATICS, HONOR SOCIETY. DUNCAN, ALBERTA HSWEET A5 A SUGAR CAKE.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, LATIN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, nTHE DIVINE FLORAH, RED CROSS, CHORAL READER, HONOR SOCIETY. DYER, MARY ANN nSHE'S ALWAYS GOT HER MOUTH OPEN, AND BOTH FEET IN IT.u Y-TEEN, Y-TEEN CABINET, G.A.A., I.R.O., RE-ECHO BUSINESS MANAGER, CAMP BREwSTER, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SPRING CONCERT, PEP CLUB, RED CROSS, MIXED CHORUS. FANNON, BILL HHE GOES TO SCHOOL FOR A PASTIME.H HI-Y. GADBERRY, DON HA SUCCESS AT wHATEvER HE ATTEMPTS.H HI-Y MODEL LEGISLATURE, HI-Y VICE PRESIDENT, HI-Y INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS, KEY CLUB, KEY CLUB SECRETARY, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, l.R.O., PEP CLUB, LATIN CLUB, HDIVINE FLORAH, BOYS' STATE, TRACK. GAINES, DONNA HA HANDFUL OF FUN IS WORTH A BUSHEL OF LEARNING.n Y-TEEN, ORCHESTRA, G.A.A., SPARTAN CLUB. GARDNER, WANDA HSHE HAS GLAMOUR.n MIXED CHORUS, HREVOLT IN RHYTHMH, Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, G.A.A., LATIN CLUB, DRAMATICS, HWHAT A LIEEW, HYOUNG AND FAIRU, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. GARRISON, CLAIR u'WHEATIES' IS OUR MAN.n STAGECRAFT, HI-Y, MIXED CHORUS, LATIN CLUB, BAND, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. GARRETT, JOAN WSHEIS A SWEET LITTLE HEAD-ACHE.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., SPARTAN CLUB, HDIVINE FLORAH, HREVOLT IN RHYTHMH, MIXED CHORUS, ASSISTANT EDITOR or ECHO, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SENIOR PROPHECY. GETZ, GENE HSMALL BUT MIGHTY--NICE.n HI-Y. 21 TSW... GOODELL, MAJORIE UONLY ONE IN CAPTIVlTY.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, CHORAL READERS, BAND, l.R.0., HDIVINE FLORAU, RE-ECHO STAFF, UYOUNG AND FAIRH, HONOR SOCIETY. GOODELL, WAYNE HTINY, OUR FOOTBALL HERO.u F.F.A., FOOTBALL, E CLUB, INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL. GRECO, GENEVE A LADY WHOSE LOVELY EYES REIGN HAFPINESS.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, MIXED CHORUS. GROH, BEVERLY THE MODERN GREEK--A FRAT FAN.u Y-TEEN, G. A.A., ECHO EDITOR, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, LQTIN CLUB VICE-PRESIDENT, STUDENT COUNCIL, l.R.O., SPARTAN CLUB, DEBATE CLUB SECRETARY, PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN FOR NWHAT A LIFEn, HONOR SOCIETY. ll GUNKLE, BARBARA NSUCH PRETTY CLOTHESI AND SHE MAKES THEM, TOOIN SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. HAFFNER, JACQUELYN NA BLOND IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD.n Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SPARTAN CLUB. HAHN, RALPH HIDOL OF A MILLION HEARTS.n FOOTBALL, TRACK, BASKETBALL, E CLUB, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, LATIN CLUB, TREASURER OF E CLUB, SENIOR CLASS PRESI- DENT, SPARTAN CLUB, HI-Y, RE-ECHO STAFF, ALL- STATE HONORS IN FOOTBALL. HAMMOND, RUBY NSHE HAS A wAY ALL HER OWN.u HARROUFF, MARY ELAINE nPLEASANTLY SWEET.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, LATIN CLUB. HASKINS, HARTZEL WHAT I HAVE BEEN TAUGHT, I HAVE FORGOTTEN, WHAT I KNOW, I HAVE GUES5ED.n CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, F.F.A., ECHO ADVERTISING MANAGER. ZZ Y' HAWKINS, NAOMI HHER PLEASING MANNER WINS HER MANY FRIENDS.n G.A.A., Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, PART-TIME WORKER'5 CLUB. HENNING, SUE NDAN CUPIDIS LITTLE SISTER.n MIXED CHORUS, G.A.A., Y-TEEN, JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. HENDRICKS, JOANN NONE OF THE MORE FORTUNATE SPARTANETTEs-- SHE HAS A STEADY.u Y-TEEN, G.A.A., PART-TIME WORKER'S CLUB. HENRY, INA LOU HA LOVELY BLOND WITH A EHARMING SMILE.H MIXED CHORUS JUNIOR-REO CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, SPARTAN , CLUB, CHORAL READERS, DRAMATICS, CHRISTMAS THE HEARTHH, WTHE DIVINE PAGEANT, HCUCROOS ON FLORAH, HWHAT A LIFEH, RE-ECHO STAFF, SENIOR TRIO, SPRING MUSICAL, Y-TEEN. HOLZAPFEL, BARBARA HHER LOVELY BLOND TRESSES ARE THE ENVY OF MANY.N Y-TEEN, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SPARTAN CLUB. P 0 HOOVER, BRUCE I1 H+ IM SLOW YOU SHOULD SEE THF E.H STUDENT COUNCIL. NIF You THINK SNAIL WHO PASSED M - J. HOOVER, DOXIE H-V HEMPORIA HlGH'S GREATEST ASSET--WHAT COULD WE POSSIBLY DO WITHOUT HER.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., ASSISTANT SPORTS MANAGER, ECHO STAFF, RE-ECHO STAFF, SPARTAN CLUB, CHEERLEADER, JUNIOR AND SENIOR SEXTET, A CAPPELLA, MIXED CHORUS, CHRIST- MAS PAGEANT, HONOR SOCIETY. HUNGERFORD, NAOMI f'4"f' HA FRIEND lNDEED.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., SPARTAH CLUB. HUSH, DON HMISCHIEF, MIRTH AND MERRIMENT.n HI-Y, TREAS- URER OF HI-Y, STAGE CRAFT PRESIDENT, ADOPTED SCHOOL PLAN COMMITTEE. HUTH, DEAN NAN EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY.n VICE-PRESIDENT OF STAGECRAFT, TRACK, 23 JACKSON, BETH HAS BIG AS A MINUTE AND TWICE AS CUTE. ORCHESTRA, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, Y-TEEN. JACOBS, LOLYD HWEE WISDOMH. JAGGARD, NANCY nPORTRAlT OF A LADY.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., LATIN CLUB, FRENCH CLUB, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, SPARTAN CLUB, RE-ECHO, HONOR SOCIETY, SPRING CONCERT, CHAIRMAN OF WILL COMMITTEE. KENNEDY, CARA LEE HTHE FORCE OF HER OWN MERITS MAKES HER WAYN. MIXED CHORUS, CHORAL READER, G.A.A., Y-TEEN, PEP CLUB, ECHO STAFF, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, RE- ECHO STAFF, l.R.O., HWHAT A LIFEH, JUNIOR RED CROSS, SPRING MUSICAL, JR.-SR. PROM COMMITTEE. KETTNER, EVELYN HINTELLIGENCE IS ONLY ONE OF HER MANY VIRTUES.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, MIXED CHORUS, PRESIDENT OF PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB. KIDD, MARGUERITA NFULL OF VIM, VIGOR AND VITALITYIW HREVOLT IN RHYTHMH, G.A.A., MIXED CHORUS, JUNIOR SEX- TETTE, JUNIOR CHEERLEADER, PEP CLUB, MIXED QUARTETTE, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HDIVINE FLORAU, HWHAT A LIFEH, SPRING MUSICAL, SENIOR SEXTETTE, JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE, A CAPPELLA, Y-TEEN, RE-ECHO. I-R-O-I KING, BETTY ' nHER PRETTY BROWN EYES ARE INDEED AN ASSET.n LATIN CLUB, Y-TEEN, Y-TEEN CABINET, MIXED CHO- RUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SPARTAN CLUB. KIRK, SHIRLEY M,p.5.X7 M00 HTHE GIRL WITH THE SENSATIONAL 5MlLE.n G.A. A., Y-TEEN, STUDENT DIRECTOR OF RED CROSS, MIXED CHORUS, l.R.O., HTHE DIVINE FLORAN, RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE TO ARKANSAS, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, RE-ECHO, PEP CLUB, NWHAT A LIFEH, HTHE YOUNG AND FAIRN, DRAMATICS, Y-TEEN CABINET. KIRKPATRICK, JIM nAMAZINGLY EFFICIENT IN HIS QUIET WAYS.n FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, ECHO, LATIN CLUB. KORTE, DONALD HTHE MODEL AGRICULTURE STUDENT.u F.F.A. SECRETARY, STATE FARM MECHANICS TEAM, ADOPTED SCHOOL COMMITTEE . KRUEGER, MARTHA HA FUTURE POWERIS MODELH. Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB. LARAMORE, SHIRLEY HA LOVELY GIRL FROM TIP TO TOE.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., STUDENT COUNCIL, JUNIOR CHEERLEADER, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HREVOLT IN RHYTHMN, SPARTAN CLUB, ATTENDANT T0 THE QUEEN OF COURTS. LASHEA, CHALMOUS UEINSTEINIS LITTLE BROTHERN. PRESIDENT OF LATIN CLUB, VICE-PRESIDENT OF HI-Y, HI-Y CABINET, BASKETBALL, FRENCH CLUB, PROGRAM CHAIR- MAN-OF KEY CLUB, HI-Y MODEL LEGISLATURE, HI-Y NATIONAL CONGRESS, STUDENT COUNCIL, PRESIDENT OF I.R.O. LAWRENCE, ROBERT NEVERYBODYIS FRIEND.u FOOTBALL, E CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL, KEY CLUB, TREASURER OF JR. CLASS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER or RE-ECHO, RE-ECHO STAFF, NWHAT A LIFEH, JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM COMMITTEE, LATIN CLUB, TRACK. MCCOY, GEORGE WWINE, woMEN AND SONG.n FOOTBALL, TRAcK, HI-Y, STAGE CRAFT, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, E CLUB, RED CROSS. MCELFRESH, EVELYN HCALM, KlND,AND vERY NICE.n BAND. HID' - MCELFRESH, VIOLET NMOST SHY AND LADY-LIKE.n MCCULLOUGH, DIXIE HSUGAR AND SPICE AND RED HAIR.n CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, Y-TEEN. PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB. MAHON, DONNA 'WHEN IRISH EYES ARE SMILING.n Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, MIXED CHORUS, DRAMATICS, HYOUNG AND FAIRH, nWHAT A LIFEH. MAPES, BARBARA fgg. 'IA CUTE LITTLE MISS WHOSE HEART BELONGS TO THE NAVY.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., SPARTAN CLUB, CHRIST- MAN PROGRAM. jg, L- J Z5 Rl' MARIN, LOUIS NTHE LIFE OF ANY CLASSROOM.n HI-Y, PATROL BOY. Ixu. -M MARKLE, BEVERLY 'AVI' 07" " HNEVER A DULL MOMENT WHEN SHEIS AROUND.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, G.A.A. MARSHINSKY, NORMA HCAREFREE A5 A BUTTERFLY.u PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB, SPARTAN CLUB, G.A.A., Y-TEEN,,CHRlSTMAS PROGRAM, ECHO STAFF. MAYES, RICHARD UA FARMER WITH A FUTURE.u VICE PRESIDENT OF F.F.A., F.F.A. TEAM JUDGING, MIXED CHORUS, HI-Y, STUDENT COUNCIL, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. MAYS, SHIRLEY NON ONE SHE SMILED AND HE WAS BLEST.n Y-TEEN, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, DRAMATICS, HTHE DIVINE FLORAH, SPARTAN CLUB, NTHE YOUNG AND FAIRN. MEEK, ROSEMARY NNEVER LET HER BE CALLED AWALLFLOWER.u Y-TEEN, STUDENT COUNCIL, MIXED CHORUS, A CAP- PELLA, G.A.A., SECRETARY, TREASURER OF SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, RE-ECHO, ECHO, SPRING FESTIVAL. MERRY, MILDRED HIMERRYI A5 THE DAY IS LONG.N Y-TEEN. MEYER, BERNIECE NHER SMILES GO EVERYWHERE.u CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, SPARTAN CLUB, NTHE YOUNG AND FAlRn, HWHAT A LIFEH. MINNIS, JERRY USATAN'S LITTLE BROTHER.n A CAPFELLA, MIXED CHORUS, TRACK, ECHO, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. MITCHELL, ALICE Hr?- HA SWEET, ATTRACTIVE, KING OF GRACE.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, LATIN CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL, l.R.O., PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB. Z6 917' MOEBUS,'WILBUR HCAPABLE AND ALWAYS BUSY.n KEY CLUB, HI-Y, SPARTAN CLUB, BAND, ORCHESTRA, ATHLETIC MANAGER, PATROL CAPTAIN. MOELLER, LAURA HALWAYS HAPPY AND FULL OF LIFE.n Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, SPARTAN CLUB. MQON, MYRNA HGRACIOU5 AND GRACEFUL.n Y-TEEN: CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. MOORE, RUTH HTRUST HER TO SEE THE FUNNY SlDE.n CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, Y-TEEN, G.A.A., HREVOLT IN RHYTHM.u MURRAY, THELMA Plrf. HSHE TAKES SUNSHINE wHEREvER SHE GOES. MIXED CHORUS, HARMONEERS, Y-TEEN, G.A.AH CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. ll NAYLOR, JESSIE HWHEN SHE SMILES, SHE SMILES OUTLOUD. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM ORCHESTRA. ll NEWCOMER, LISCHIA Mri, Ml! nHEAVEN'S PRETTY GIFT To THE EHS DRAMATICS CLASS.u Y-TEEN, G.A.A., MIXED CHORUS, nCUcKooS ON THE HEARTHH, HTHE DIVINE FLORAW, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, CO-EDITOR OF THE ECHO, SPARTAN CLUB, HWHAT A LIFEH, HYOUNG AND FAIRU. NICHELSON, MARION uHERE'S NICK, AND WE DON'T MEAN SAINTIH SENIOR CHEERLEADER, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HI-Y, STAGECRAFT, ECHO, RE-ECHO, BAND, SPARTAN CLUB, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL. 0'CONNELL, MARY ANN NFRAGILE--HANDLE WITH CARE.n Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. PIERSON, JANE HAMBITIOUS AND vERY NIcE.n G.A.A., Y-TEEN VICE-PRESIDENT, JUNIOR AND SENIOR SExTETTE, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, MIXED CHORUS, FRENCH CLUB, PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB, SPARTAN CLUB, RED CROSS, MUSIC CONTEST-DISTRICT AND STATE. Z7 Ms LQGIA M , I 494 rnq PRISOCK, JESSE f40"""' 'JL WZ' N N HIF HE KEEPS ON GROWING, HEILL BEAT US TO HEAVEN.n BASKETBALL, FOOTBALL, TRACK, HI-Y, PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR CLASS, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, E CLUB. RAMIREZ, ELISEO HAS FRIENDLY AS THE DAY IS LONG.u HI-Y, STAGE CRAFT, TRACK. RATCH, BOB uE.H.S. BEST FISHERMAN--HE'LL TELL YOU.n HI-Y, WTHE DIVINE FLORAH, BAND, BASKETBALL, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, EcHo STAFF, RE-ECHO STAFF, HWHAT A LIFEH, MODEL LEGISLATURE, SPARTAN CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL, ORCHESTRA, INTRAMURALS. RAY, NITA H50 EASY TO LOVE.u G.A.A., Y-TEEN, Y-TEEN SECRETARY, l.R.O., CHORAL READERS, SPARTAN CLUB SECRETARY, SENIOR CHEERLEADER, RED CROSS SECRETARY, JUNIQB CLASS SEC5ETfRY, ECHO STAFF. REDMAN, DON UA PATTERN FOR SUCCESS.n FOOTBALL, BASKET- BALL, TRACK, BAND, LATIN CLUB, HI-Y, INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL. ROBERTS, NANCY nHow BULL THE ROUTINE woULD BE WITHOUT HER.n Y-TEEN, PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB, PEP CLUB, G.A.A. RODGERS, LARRY u MEN or FEW WORDS ARE THE BEST MEN.u ROGERS, CHARLES HMEN OF FEw WORDS ARE THE BEST MEN.n FOOT- BALL, HI-Y. ROMER, GLADYS HNICE TO KNOW.n Y-TEEN, G.A.A., CHORAL READER, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, SPARTAN CLUB. ROTHFELDER, RONALD HSENSE?---OF HUMOR, THAT IS.u PEP CLUB. 28 RUSSELL, WARREN UBLOW, GABRIEL, BLOW.n HI-Y, BAND, INTRA- MURAL BASKETBALL, BASKETBALL. SAUDER, JULIA HOUT OF THE WORLD FACE AND FIGURE--THAT'S OUR JULIA.n LATIN CLUB, G.A.A., PEP CLUB, Y- TEEN, Y-TEEN CABINET, l.R.O. CLERK LIBRARIAN, -E Ho STAFF, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, RE c RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, HONOR SOCIETY. 5 ,dn SAWATZKY, EVANGELINE NTHERE I5 A SONG IN HER HEART.n MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, Y-TEEN. SCHAEFER, NORMA HLIFE IS SwE'T AND so IS SHE.u Y-TEEN, PEP CLUB. SCHALLEHN, ROSS E TAKEN SERIOUSLY.u HLIFEIS Too SHORT TO B F.F.A., MIXED CHORUS. SHOEBROOK, CAROLEE NA PICTURE IN THE E.H.5. HALL OF BEAUTY.n Y-TEEN CABINET, A CAPPALLA, MIXED CHORUS, PEP OSS, STUDENT CLUB, LATIN CLUB, JUNIOR RED CR COUNCIL, DRAMATIGS, HONOR SOCIETY. SIGLER, LARRY "HE SAID, 'WILT THOU?1--AND SHE WILTED." FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, GOLF, DEBATE, MIXED CHORUS, LATIN CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL, STUDENT CoUNcIL PRESIDENT, PEP CLUB, NATIONAL AND STATE STUDENT COUNCIL CONFERENCE, RED CROSS, HWHAT A LIFEH, RE-EcHo STAFF. SILL, BONITA F T.H PEP CLUB, Y-TEEN, HMODEST AND JWEE CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. SILL, RUTH HA GIRL OF CHARACTER.n PEP CLUB, Y-TEEN SING, EMMA HSHE AND VARIETY ARE THE SPICE OF LIFE. P CLUB ORUS I R O DEBATE CLUB, PE MIXED CH , . . ., G.A.A., Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. 1 QJQL Sq, 11 G, 14:4 QI- IVI '-A.ffd.f ,,4.-gn .2.Ls,l'Pl6-I U Z9 'Q SMITH, AVIS NALWAYS IN THE CENTER OF THINGS.n PEP CLUB Y-TEEN, G.A.A., VICE-PRESIDENT OF LATIN CLUB, RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, STUDENT COUNCIL, ECHO, SENIOR CLASS TREASURER, DEBATE CLUB, SENIOR SEATING COMMITTEE. SMITH, JAMES WAN ATHLETE AT HEART AND EVER So NICE.u FOOTBAL L, TRACK, E CLUB, BASKETBALL, PEP CLUB. SMITH PATSY MAN EXTRAORDINARY GIRL WITH AN ORDINARY NAME.n PEP CLUB, G.A.A., Y-TEEN, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. SMITH, PEGGY HSHE DANCES LIKE A DREAM.u PEP CLUB, Y-TEEN, G.A.A., MIXED CHORUS, HARMONY THREE, HARMONEERS, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. SPENCER, JACK NHE ALWAYS DOES HIS BEST.n F.F.A., FOOTBALL. STARLING, MARY HEFFIEIENT AND SINCERE IN ALL SHE UNDER- TAKES.u JUNIOR RED CROSS, Y-TEEN CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, PEP CLUB, CHAIRMAN OF ADOPT A SCHOOL COMMITTEE, Y-TEEN CABINET, l.R.o. MODERATOR DEBATE CLUB. 1 STERNADEL, MARTHA HA LITTLE LIVE WIRE.n Y-TEEN, PEP CLUB, JUNIOR RED-CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB, G.A.A. STEVENSON, JIM LIVE WHILE YOUIRE LIVING--CAUSE YOUIRE A LONG TIME DEAD.n CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, BAND, SPARTAN CLUB, BASKETBALL, HI-Y. ll .- ' JL STREET, PAT MP5' I"4""'-eg JJM L' HWHEREVER SHE GOES, LIFE BECOMES A LITTLE BRlGHTER.u PEP CLUB, CHEERLEADER, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, PRESIDENT OF LATIN CLUB, TREASURER OF Y-TEEN, VICE-PRESIDENT OF G.A.A., HDIVINE FLORAU, STUDENT COUNCIL, JUNIOR AND SENIOR SEXTETTE, A CAPPELLA, MIXED CHORUS, MIXED QUARTETTE, I. R.O., D.A.R. AWARD, 'YOUNG AND FAIRH, HWHAT A LlFEn, Y-TEEN CABINET, DRAMATICS. STINSON, ALVA HSKIPPER TO voU.n HI-Y, LATIN CLUB, BAND, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. 30 p STONEBRAKER, EUGENE NTHE REASON FOR THE TEACHER SHORTAGE.n HI-Y, STAGE CRAFT, INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL, E CLUB. CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, FOOTBALL, SUMNER, JERRY USO LIVELY HE BOUNCES.H FOOTBALL, BASKET- BALL TRACK RED CROSS, HI-Y, LATIN CLUB SWINT, MARALEE HHER LAUGH IS CONTAGIOUS.u BAND, ORCHESTRA, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM DISTRICT MUSIC CONTEST. TIMBROOK, MARY LOUISE HQUIET AS A CYCLONE, THAT'S lTwEESIElIn ANT, DRAMATIC, AH, HWHAT A LIFEH, WTHE YOUNG AND Y-TEEN, PEP CLUB, CHRISTMAS PAGE HDIVINE FLOR FAIRH TIMMERMAN, MARVJN E MAN DEBATE TEAM.n HI-Y, PRESIDENT, IIA ON I R O DEBATE CLUB, PRESIDENT, KEY CLUB, . . ., HWHAT A LIFEH, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, STUDENT COUN- CIL, LATIN CLUB, ADOPT-A-SCHOOL COMMITTEE, BOYS' STATE. VANSICKLE, EVELYN UGRACIOUS AND GRACEFUL.u Y-TEEN, PEP CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL. VANSICKLE, RAYMOND HMOLDED AROUND SHIRLEYS FINGER.n PRESIDENT OF F.F.A., TREASURER OF F.F.A., STUDENT COUNCIL, RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE. VOHS, BETTY HGOODNESS AND KINDNESS WALK BESIDE HER.u Y-TEEN PEP CLUB, HONOR SOCIETY. WALKER, BETH WWEILL ALWAYS REMEMBER HER.n MIXED CHORUS, STUDENT COUNCIL, LATIN CLUB, G.A.A., GIRLS' ll STATE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, HTHE DIVINE FLORA , I ECHO STAFF, CAMP BREwSTER, SPARTAN CLUB, HREVOLT IN RHYTHMU Y TEEN CABINET Y-TEEN, RE-ECHO STAFF WARRENSBURG, GERALDINE HFRIENDLY WAYS INDEEDJH CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, Y TEEN RED CROSS, P 31 EP CLUB, CHORAL READERS. WATERS, MARY ANN UA PRETTY GIRL IS LIKE A MELODY.n MIXED CHORUS, PEP CLUB, Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, STUDENT COUNCIL, VICE-PRESIDENT OF JUNIOR RED CROSS, REPRESENTATIVE FOR JUNIOR RED CROSS, G.A.A. WEAVER, MAUDELENE NA MISS--BUT NOT FOR LONG.W Y-TEEN. WEBB, FAYE HSHE AND GLOOM ARE NO RELATION.n G.A.A., PEP CLUB, HARMONEERS, Y-TEEN, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. WHITNEY, JOY HDAINTY, DELIGHTFUL LITTLE QUEEN.n SENIOR SEXTETTE, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, Y-TEEN, l.R.O., SECRETARY OF STUDENT COUNCIL, G.A.A., PEP CLUB, EDITOR OF RE-ECHO, QUEEN or THE COURTS, NWHAT A LlFEn, HONOR SOCIETY. t'Lf'5' WHITSITT, RONALD NGET THEE BEHIND ME, FAIR MAIDEN,W KEY CLUB PRESIDENT, HI-Y, DEBATE, A CAPPELLA, MIXED CHORUS, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM, PEP CLUB, FOOTBALL, ADOPT-A-SCHOOL COMMITTEE, BOYS' STATE. WHITTINGTON, MARTHA NPRIM, RESERVED, QUIET--THATIS NOT MARTY.n CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, Y-TEEN, STUDENT COUNCIL, VICE PRESIDENT JUNIOR CLASS, PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB, PEP CLUB. WIELAND, DONALD 'A SHARP DRESSER WITH LOOKS TO MATCH.n RED CROSS, HI-Y, SPARTAN CLUB, STUDENT COUNCIL, ECHO, FOOTBALL. WILHITE, HAZEL nHER BROWN EYES, SPARKLE AND so DOES 5HE.n Y-TEEN, Y-TEEN CABINET, G.A.A., l.R.O., STUDENT COUNCIL, HTHE DIVINE FLORAn, CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, PEP CLUB, SECRETARY OF SENIOR CLASS, SECRETARY or G.A.A., HWHAT A LIFEH, RE-ECHO STAFF, nTHE YOUNG AND FAIRH, DRAMATICS. WILLIAMS, ELSIE NONE OF THE MORE GRACEFUL SPARTANETTES.n Y-TEEN, PEP CLUB, VICE-PRESIDENT OF PART-TIME WORKERS CLUB. WILLIAMS, FRANCIS WBE SILENT AND PASS AS A FHlLOSOPHER.n PEP CLUB. 32 WILSON, ETHEL WILSON, PHYLLI5 YOUNG, ROBERT LATIN CLUB. ZEINER, WANDA Oil OI' Each year at the end of the first se- mester the grades are compiled for all the Seniors and those having an average of "B" or better became members of the Honor Group. The graduation class of 1950 had a group of thirty-three students and at HA SONG FOR THE WORLD ON HER LIPS.H PRESIDENT OF G.A.A., Y-TEEN, SPARTAN CLUB, CI-IARIOTIERS, MIXED CHORUS, A CAPPELLA, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. HMELODY AND MISGHIEF COMBlNED.u Y-TEEN CAB- INET, STUDENT COUNCIL, G.A.A., A CARPELLA, MIXED CHORUS, JUNIOR SEXTETTE, SENIOR SEXTETTE, SPARTAN CLUB, FRENCH CLUB, DRAMATICS, GIRLS' STATE, CHRISTMAS PROGRAM HWBAT A LIFEH, HTHE DIVINE FLORA".l"f0-Yyv 92,5 PN'5p,4g HINTELLECTUALLY INCLINED.n STUDENT COUNCIL, KEY CLUB, SAFETY PATROL, HI-Y, SPARTAN CLUB, HSMALL, BUT DEFINITELY NOTICEABLE.n JUNIOR RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE, SPARTAN CLUB. P01110 the head of the class was .Tess Denner with a perfect score closely followed by Mar- vin Timmerman with an almost perfect score. The entire group received recog- nition pins in a special assembly and the faculty gave a tea for the group. A AYERS JEAN CARR BRIGHT JOAN CANADAY, JESS DAN- BACK ROW: JO ANNE ADAMS, OLIVER ANDERSON, VIRGINI , , NER, GERRY DAY. NORMA DOUGLAS, ALBERTA DUNCAN, MARJORIE GOODELL, BEVERLY GROH. MIDDLE ROW: DOxIE HOOVER, NANCY JAGGARD, EVELYN KETTNER, BETTY KING, SHIRLEY KIRK, CHALMOUS LA SHEA, BERNIECE MEYER, ALICE MITCHELL, WILBUR MOEBUS, LISCHIA NEWCOMER, JANE PIERSON. FRONT ROW: JULIA SAUOER, CAROLEE VOHS, JOY WHITNEY, RONALD WHITSITT, SHOEBROOK, MARY STARLING, PAT STREET, MARVIN TIMMERMAN, BETTY HAZEL WILHITE, PHYLLIS WILSON, ROBERT YOUNG. 1 N W. ,r ou V Q X if .1-, ey- , J. aa 'A .. vi ff Bob Rutch Mary Ann Dyer Joy Whitney 'W W an ,Q l' """""' .V ,M K- A u'wQ l K 4 Shirls-y Kirk Kenny Beck Gerry Day Wlally Brown Bruce and Doxic Hoover Jesse Prisock Bob Lawrence 1 . lll'll0I'.'f CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . . Don White Vice-president . . . Betty Parks Secretary .... Elaine Woodbury Treasurer . . . Benita .Tones f"5- 'I I-wixk ,sr t h 4'1 my 'u Le,J4LwfNQ A 'QV' 'fl 1717 Q 5- 'A-'N 1 -11 Do- . K 'Ax 4 .17 AH If 3 f 'I A A L , - 'nn may x 379 9 W, .ji ,Sl A 'ws' X 'W' I V I - N 3 VE ' QQ- B A . 2 FIRST ROW: ALLEN, AMES, ANDERSON, ARNDT. SECOND A35 gg ROW: ATTEBERY, BAILLIE, BALDRIDGL. THIRD ROW: Q- in BARS, BARRON, BEATTIE, BECHTEL, BECK, BECKER. EE? Q, FOURTH ROW: BEEMER, BEESON, BERGERHQOSE, Bass, K' I, N Ill rfb AFL 'Yrgf' L1 '11-RJR' gf A-.LL ggv fl 41' f ,I fx' A , vu ffm QL. .If nldfn I-lk 1 Q T, . .'W ". -E A ' i, :,,, K. ' BINKLEY, Bocx. FIFTH ROW: BOYCE, BCZARTH, BROCK ELMAN, BROWN, BRUCE, BUCHANAN. SIXTH ROW: BURNEY BURNS, BURNELL, BURTON, BYRD, CAMPBELL. SEVENT H ROW: CARLE, CLARK, CLEMMER, CLINL, COLE, COLLINC5, .fi KY 11lP it jig' ,A I gl.. A A 3 A A if I I A 'a I I I'.. A - A I A ,.,, AQ - , 1 1 -' I A QQ 45' If I ' 1?,jmiiF ."' JM KH3,v 3 A I NMYN xx cl A K .L A x D' 4 Q x1 ug QQ? 191 ,-'Q HE 1 N K 14311 . fc 3, FIRST ROW: COOLIDSE, COOPER, COUEDREY. SECOND ROW: CUNNINGHAM, DAVIS, DEPUTY. THIRD ROW: DON- NELLAN, ECHOLS, FANESTIL, FUNK, GAMER, GIEISON. FOURTH ROW: GLENN, GUNZELMAN, GUY, HAHN, HAHN, HANDLE. FIFTH ROW: HANINS, HARRIS, HASTINGS, HEADRICK, HELD, HENDERSON. SIXTH ROW: HEREFORD, HERRICIQ, HILL, HNFFMANS, HIILLINGSWORTH, HOME- wOOD. SEVENTH ROW: HORTON, HOUGHTON, HOUSE, HUDSON, HUEE, HURT. 'f3!'6'P XT Q: ,,,: X5 ! . E .. - ,.. " I' . dk xy A W A S fm A X X wh f' ' I Q, WX I ?9 Ale. -'Q , , 4'-' ' 5 I R. L I v Q xi fx if X . 1 ' if A E . X in Af x 1 .., " Y RQ .m x yin E WTS X X Eg fi :Ig AJ NI. . fl 3 .5-A Q AS. -is Mk . . his NI. FLM.. Q, 4' R . ix ff .fi X g M 6 A .. .'.- i f T S. 1 ... M 4 .I Q9 Ffh- Kg T31 dd! -CSI? IN 1 I Y! K VA WF v KM' N ffm. any X IK Y M, 'Z X Q L 2? sr , li.. K.-a. WFP' Nur' 1 - 15 I X hp? I fo fi S 3' if 'ar y Ir, , 1 ' JA 'I J ix - I y, ,041 'Q' 'ff I LAK 'iff 'Q' X A vdi fig I LST' ""Illll IW? 'VI MX ? QF' !-wk. TF' M? ' ' -gg, lx' "' Q 'ig' I-N C .gk in 5 'ww 4, 10" .pk I 5 E' n an FIRST ROW: IRELAND, IRISH, JAMES. SECOND ROW: JAQUITH, JARVIS, JOHNSON. THIRD ROW: JONES, JONES KARLOLIK, KELLS, KENDIG, KENNEDY. FOURTH ROW: KERWIQK, KING, KRAMM, LDWRY, LYSTER, MCNUTT. FIFTH ROW: MCFERRIN, MCELFRESHQ MAGATHAH, MARIN MARKLE, MARKEE. SIXTH ROW: MAxwELL, MAYES, MEAD- ows, MEJIA, NERWIN, MILLARD. SEVENTH ROW: MITCHELL MOORE, MORSE, MJELLER, MJLLIKIPJ, MUNSDN. x 1 Rs. 0' 'un J.- :H 'Uv 'H 5q,aX V ... I Q 5 1 I D- A ii I TEA W ,EA Q f f .fgzll E ff if uikliv if X H- U X -:XIQ 51 FIRST ROW: MURPHY, MURRAY, NAUMAN. SECOND ROW: NEEDLES, NEWCOMER, NUFFER. THIRD ROW: ORMSBY, OSBORNE, OvERFIELo, OwENs, PALMER, PARKS. FOURTH ROW: PARRY, PETERSON, PHILLIPS, GLOVER, PINE, POHL. FIFTH ROW: QUARENBUSH, RANERIZ, RAMSBURG, REBER, REIcHARDT, RICHARD. SIXTH ROW: RICKABAUGI-I, REIQLE, RILEY, RITTER, RUBINSON, ROTHFELDER. SEVENTH ROW: RUSSELL, RUST, SANDERS, SCHEVE, SEAMAN, SHAW. , disk , I 33 1, L li ir I 4 T N RI , fi! 11' I 9 , LI . 'Q Q 0 ct gqik Q58 x A,, TWG" D,--. lgwk fp, 'Nm dfx is ge " at 'ww quqp ' '?1F xxx WAR., wr. I..-In 'ff 19. Q f S ,L' 1.3 -.L-... Ri I LS 'Q' 5 -5 f. 5 XX X Arif I ip-if N f'I ' FI JI "ff X If MIQ AE I I Al 1 , LL- F . , :as 5 iff ' 1 R' bij 'li X, " 3' F." , I I ,- 'fn T E I .. W ag "!' I' 44 E I ll AAA I . 1 E A I R .. ff-Fifi' 'xkf Q ,E - X , ' ' f, . ' 1 XfEs?7lIff'T'A , HV If I 1 I A Qivwfa . F . 4. 1 I I ' If! FIRST ROW: SHERIIIII, SHERRIII, SHIRLEY, SHOMBER. g "wXI5SfW, SICOND ROW: SI-IQWII, SIMKINS, SMITH. THIRD ROW: ' ' SMITH, SPATZ, SPLNCE, SPILLMAN, STINE, STOEPPEL- Tmvh Hwwg n Mr ww gr ks ,f xm , ix XLR WIIIIIII. FOURTH ROW: STIJRQEI-III, SUNTER, TATMAN, Y 4 bmi, TLICHEHAIUER, THOMAS, THOMPSON. FIFTH ROW: TOMS, f '3 I EY, IWLLDY, UTTLR, VAN SICKLE, VERNON. SIXTH IL 5 Y y,fX VILLA, WArKIuz, WATSIN, WHITL, WHITE, WHITE. any SIVENIH ROW: WILLIAMS, WIHDLE, WQODBURY, ZICKE- VUOJL, ZWDY, WALKER. '-5 'Z I "'-'H X I L R 'E' naw asf' Ii ,gx Q'Wiv J' 54 Iva F' xx --1 I'I' I , Q' I ' ,M Y If . W if AIN 41 fMu Q' di? K. ii If y fx J'- 1.5535 -N ,- IK? 'QB' 'QI 'VW A ., at ' ,B - My I r XL IQQK 1 ,GSR y I i I s- ,Ag .,XL ,uanqs NN Yltf L5 if i , hx? I A Ei SWE fgkgn 'V I"3'f.."" ' fwh" nam Hllf 'NI I 'Q' 'I' Q 'T' . l 4 !? Q x R, Ki N .SZIQ 0l'l'l0l'05 CLASS OFFICERS President . . . Richard Raynolds Vice-President .... Pat Gibson Secretary , . . . Ann Zody Treasurer . . .Pat Van Sickle BACK ROW: DEAN GIDRY, JESS GIBSON, RICHARD GIDBS, LEONARD EUDALEY, BILL DETTMER, BOB DUNCAN, LAWRENCE EUDALEY, RICHARD GILDER, JACK GARRETT, JAMES DUNCAN, DONALD GRIMES. SECOND ROW: EARL FUSTKR, LOWELL FOX, MARTHA DWELLE, MARY JANE GREY, JOYCE GRAVATT, GLADIS TYLER, IRENE GROH, GRACE HALEY, ANN FISH, ELSIE HUMPHREYS, DONNA DAVIS. FIRST ROW: BEOLAH GILBERT, CAROL DAUHS, ELAINE ENDLY, ELAINE GRIFFITTS, JANE GORP, PAT GIBSON, SHARON HUENERGARDT, PATTY STECREL, JAYNE LEE, VIRGINIA DAVIS. 0l'l'l0I'e5 BACK ROW: CALVIN FALRNER, GENEVA HORN, LOUISE DAvIS, JIM ALEXANDER, CHARLES HORRS, JIM CRARTREE, RICHARD BANISTER, JERRY CRUMLEY, DUANE CLINTON, BOB CAMPBELL. SECOND ROW: MARY DOUGHTERY, DEAN ANDERSON, DWIGHT BUSH, ROBERT CROSS, ED BEACH, FRANK ARNDT, MYRON CORSER, RICHARD BURNS, RwUERT CARLBERG, ELEANOR AIKEN, BETTY BROWN. FRONT ROW: MURIEL GRISELL, BARBARA BEESON, PAT CRUMPACKER, MONA COLLINS, ANAOELL BALDWIN, BARBARA BRILES, COLLEEN BARRETT, BETTY BUYER, PAT AHLSTROM, CHARLEEN BAUGHMAN. BACK ROW: JIM HAWKINS, JAMES HOTXEL, RICHARD HOLMES, JOHN JACOBS, CARL KOWALSKI, BURKE KRUEGER, CURTIS JOHNSON, DEAN JUDSON, DENNIS KNOX, HARRY HERZER: RONNIE HUGHES, BILL DANNER. SECOND ROW: RICHARD DAVIS, JOE HENSLER, DON HORTON, SHIRLEY KOWALSRI, ROSALEE HARBOUR, PAULINE HATCHER, JO ANN JACOBS, DONNA JAERGER, ANN HISKEY, MAXINE HOCH, WILMA KING- FRONT ROW: CHARLENE HOLDEN, LOIS HURT, ELIZABETH JAMES, ELSIE HORNDON, SANDRA HEDRICK, DONNA JOHNSON, ANN HOFFMANS, JACQUE JENSEN, ADA JANE JACOBS, ELIZABETH KNIGHT. 52,9 BACK ROW: FRANK LEHNHERR, DON LAw, DON LAUDERBACK, DUANE NUESSEN, ALBERT HOLT, DON LAwS LESLIE LANGLEY, JERRY MCCLOUD, JOHN MERIDETH, WAYNE NEEDLES, BILL NICHOLAS, BOB MARCELLUS SECOND ROW: MAJOR LJNCOLN, BOB MORTON, WARREN MOORE, BETH PETERSON, MARY JO ORMSDY. MAJORIE POTTER, NADINE MAYS, CAROL MOILLER, NADINE OSMAN, EUGENE OSMAN, BILL NIELSON FRONT ROW: LELA PHILLIPS, DELORES PRICE, ROSIE NIKULLA, CONNIE MILLER, CHASSIS MADDOCK DONNA MORRIS, DONNA MERNIN, CALLIE MURPHY, ROZIE MARCELLUS, MARY ANN POGUE, PEGGY NELSON SAM GOODWIN, DON THOMPSON, RONALD THOMAS, CLIFFORD WALLACE, CARL WISLER, JOHN PIERETT, JIM SMITH, BILL FORRESTER, JOHN CLEMENTS, CARL PETERSON, DALE PHILLIPS, QUENTIN WALKER, HARVLD NEVITT, JOHN TORRE5, DEWAYNE TELFER, RUDEY VILLA, FLOYD WILLIAMS, FRANCIS SMITH, BILL MUNKES, ALOERT SPENCER, DAVID WILLIAMS, JOHN UNDERWOOD, JIM THOMAS, GRACE REAMS, ROGER WILSON, ALEITA WRIGHT, EVA LOIS WEAVER, PAT VAN SICKLE, DONNA WATKINS, NORMA STARR, WAUDA WATSON, ANN ZODY, JUDY ZINK, NAN TIMBROOR, JANIS WILSON, MARJORIE VAN GUNDY, JOANN WHITE. 32,9 0I'l'l0l'26 JAMES SIEBENALER, VIRGIL RICE, CECIL QUACKENBUSH, RICHARD REYNOLDS, LEONARD PARKER, JOE POWELL, EDWARD SETTGAST, WYLIE PRICE, ALLEN SCHICKOFSKY, CHARLES PHILLIPS, BILL SHEPARD, DARRELL SCHROEDER, LEE ROY PHILLIPS, MORRIS SHORT, LAMOINE SUMMA, MATT SUDDOCK, JO ANN BUCRTEL, LUEILLE SCHNOOR, SHIRLEY STIFFLER, DOROTHY SHIRLEY, JIM PITTS, DARRELL RAMSBERG, CONNIE VILLA, MILDRED SILL, KAY SCHLICHTER, EUNICE SWINT, BETTY RIDER, SUE ROGER, SHIRLEY SMITH, BEVERLY SNYDER, GERALDINE RIODLE, MARY ROBERTS AND BETTY JO SPENCER. A if enior Cfada rola ec? CONIT. FROM PAGE I6 TO BE MARION NICKELSON. WGOT TO PROTECT DADIS INTERESTS FROM THE VERY BEGINNINGU, HE TOLD US. SUDDENLY WE HEARD A LOUD ROAR OVERHEAD AND LOOKING UP, WE SAW A BRIGHT RED PLANE DOING LOOPS AND SPINS. MARION TOLD Us THAT IT WAS ELISEO RAMIREZ, THE STUNT FLYER. HE HAD A JOB WITH THE AMERICAN PRETZEL COMPANY DOING SKY WRITING. WE IMAGINE THAT HE WAS GIVING THE COMPANIES BUSINESS A NEW TWIST. THEN CHARLES ROGERS CAME BY IN HIS NEW I960 BUICK AND OFFERED TO SHOW Us AROUND THE TOWN. SO, WE GLADLY HOPPED IN. HE TOOK US OUT BY A SPACIOUS NEW BUILDING WEST OF TOWN. IT WAS FOUNDED BY INA LOU HENRY AND IS CALLED THE HOME FOR B.0.M.'s ITHIS STANDS FOR BLONDE OLD MAIDSI. BARBARA HOLZAPPEL, EVELYN KETTNER AND BETTY KING WERE RECENTLY EXPELLED FOR, OF ALL THINGS---GETTING MARRIED. ROSEMARY MEEK IS RUNNING A DANCING SCHOOL NOV, WITH THE ASSISTANCE or CARA LEE KENNEDY. Mlss MEEK IS TEACHING ALL PUPILS THE nROSIE-BUGW WHICH HAS COMPLETELY REPLACED THE OLD JITTERBUG. FAYE WEBB, STAR PUPIL HAS ALSO INVENTED A NEW VERSION OF THE JITTERBUG, CALLED THE SPIDER WEBB. ONE OF OUR OLD CLASS MATES, DIXIE MCCULLOUGH HAS JUST VON A BEAUTY CONTEST. SHE WAS VOTED "MISs CARROT TOP OF I96O". BEST OF LUCK T0 YOU, DIxIEI WE ALSO HEARD THAT MARY ELAINE HARROUFF HAD OBTAINED THE POSITION OF PERSONAL SECRETARY To THE OWNERS OF THAT LARGE FARM IMPLEMENT COMPANY, KORTE AND SPENCER. IBETTER KNOWN TO Us AS DON AND JACKI- JEAN MARSHINSKY HAS OPENED A NEW PLACE OF BUSINESS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE OLD BRUNSWICK. ITIS CALLED WJEANIEISN AND ONLY FEMALE SNOOKER PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED. WE STOPPED IN TO PLAY A COUPLE OF ROUNDS WITH MILDRED MERRY AND NAOMI HAWKINS BUT THEY BEAT US BADLY. JOANN HENRICKS, BAR MAID, SERVED US A DELICIOUS MUG OF ORANGE AID AND FEELING QUITE REFRESHED, WE AMBLED ON DOWN THE STREET. WE PASSED DON REDMAN, WHO WAS WHEELING A BABY CARRIAGE ALONG. IMAGINE HOW SURPRISED VE WERE TO FIND IT HELD TRIPLETSI MY HOW TIME DOES FLY. WE STOPPED IN AT ROMINE'S'FOR A COKE AND FOUND LITTLE BETH JACKSONIS PICTURE ON A VITAMIN ADVERTISEMENT- AFTER OUR COKE WE JOURNEYED OVER TO THE EMPORIA GAzETTE TO TALK TO FORMER GRADS OF E. H.S. WHO ARE NOW STAR REPORTERS ON THE GAZETTER. JIM KIRKPATRICK AND NAOMI HUNGERFORD. LOOKING THROUGH THE PAST FILES AND FROM THEIR OWN MEMORIES THEY GAVE Us THE DOPE ON WHAT HAD HAPPENED. WE RAN ACROSS JOAN GARRETT IN HER 30 ROOM MANSION, WRITING ON HER 3uTH BOOK. IN HER SPARE TIME SHE TOLD US, SHE IS COACHING HER EIGHT BATON TWIRLERS IN JOURNALISM. BRUCE HOOVER AND JOAN CANADY WERE MARRIED AND WERE RAISING THEIR OWN STAGE CRAFT BOYS. JOAN TOLD ME THAT THE YOUNGEST WAS CUTTING HIS TEETH ON HER ARMOUR SHE WORE IN UJOAN DE ARC.n RALPH HAHN WAS STILL HAVING HIS WOMEN TROUBLE. HE HAD TAKEN OVER DOROTHY DIXIS nADVICE TO THE LOVE LORNH COLUMN AND HIRED ALBERTA DUNCAN TO DO HIS SECRETARIAL WORK. BARBARA GUNKLE AND DONNA GAINES WERE THE MOST RECENT ADDITION TO BARNUM AND BAILEYIS MUSCLE DANCERS. CLAIR GARRISON WAS FOLLOWING UP HIS MUSICAL HERITAGE. HE HAD BEEN SELLING G-STRINGS TO GYPSY ROSE LEE FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS. THAT SENATOR FROM KANSAS, OLIVER ANDERSON, WAS VACATIONING IN FLORIDA WITH HIS SEVENTH WIFE AND HER MOTHER. AFTER EIGHT YEARS IN A BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP, CLARA BURENHEIDE AND RICHARD BLAHUT HAD BOUGHT A SMALL HORSE RANCH IN TEXAS. BEVERLY GROH, THE MILLIONAIRE SOCIALITE IN NEW YORK IS STILL BREAKING MENIS HEARTS. THEY FOUND WINSTON CHAPINIS BODY AT THE BOTTOM OF EAST RIVER BECAUSE SHE WOULDNIT HAVE DINNER WITH HIM. GERRY DAY NND JESS DANNER WERE STILL LITTLE SMARTIES. THEY HAD TAKEN OVER ED PRICEIS AND ELLEN ICEIS PLACES RESPECTIVELY. SUGAR THROATED GEORGE ANDERSON CRASHED THE METROPOLITAN. HIS APPLE CART UPSET ON THE FRONT STEPS. CECIL B. UEMILLE,WAS SELLING SHOE STRINGS ON THE STREET CORNER SINCE BILL BAIRD HIT HOLLY- WOOD. HE WAS NOW PRODUCING HMADAME FIFEn STAR- enior RING THAT GREAT FENCH ACTRESS, WANDA GARDNER. GENEVE GRECO IS RUNNING AN ITALIAN RESTAURANT IN ENGLAND AND ALL HER WAITRESSES ARE HER FORMER SCHOOL MATES, JACQUELYN HAFFNER, RUBY HAMMOND, RITA DEIKER AND COLLEEN COLE. HER CHEF IS THAT FRAIL LITTLE HARTZEL HASKINS. WALLY BROWN WAS STILL AROUND KEEPING EVERY- ONE AMUSED WITH HIS JOLLY PRESENCE. DEAN HUTH, CHORUS LINE INETRUCTOR, WAS WORK- ING AT BLUE MOON IN KANSAS CITY INSTRUCTING THE CHORUS GIRLS, JO ANN ADDAMS, BETTY ANDERSONJ GLENDA CLEMMER, JACQUALYN CROSS AND CLYDEAN BROOKS. THAT HANDSOME, MAN ABOUT TOWN, DON GADBERRY REALLY TURNED OUT TO BE A KNOCK OUT AND HE CER- TAINLY DOES. HE HAS BEEN BEING A BOXING CHAMP FOR T YEARS. ROBERT DAvIS WAS A SEA CAPTAIN AND AS WE SAW HIM HE WAS IN A GREAT SEA BATTLE WITH THE ROGUE OF THE SEAS, DUANE CAMPBELL. THE STAR PERFORMER FOR RINGLING IS THE FAS- CINATING, CAPTIvATING BARE BACK RIDER, MAJORIE GOODELL. WE WERE GETTING HUNGRY so WE DECIDED TO GO TO DINNER. WE DINED AT THE BIRD CAGE, A BEAUTI- FUL CHINESE RESTURANT OPERATED BY PRETTY EMMA SING. WE WERE GREETED BY MARALEE SWINT WHO CHECKED OUR HATS. SHE ASSURED US VE WOULD ENJOY THE FOOD SINCE WAYNE GOODELL AND GERALOINE WARRENSBURG WERE HEAD COOKS. WE WERE TAKEN TO OUR TABLE BY LAURA MOELLER AND WAITED ON BY THREE FORMER E. H.S. G,RL5' NANCY ROBERTS, MARTHA STERNADEL AND RUTH MOORE. WHILE WE WERE EATING HAZEL WILHITE BOUNCED UP AND INFORMED US WE WOULD NOW SEE THE FLOOR SHOW, SO SHE BENT DOWN AND CUT A HOLE IN THE RUG. THEY REALLY DID HAvE SOME GOOD ENTER- TAINMENT, THOUGH. NITA RAY AND JIM SMITH DID A DARLING DANCE. NEXT CAME A TORRID TORCH SONG BY HATOMIC AVISH, MISS SMITH TO YOU. AFTER THE FLOOR SHOW WE PAID CASHIER GLADY5 ROMER AND LEFT. AS WE WERE WALKING UP THESTREET WE MET NORMA SCHAEFER, BONITA SILL AND MAUDELENE WEAvER, THEY ASKED US IF WE HAD BEEN OUT TO THE CARNIVAL EAST OF TOWN, WE HADN'T OF COURSE SO WE WERE OVERJOYED WHEN CAROLEE SHDEBROOK CAME 6156 POP QC? ALONG IN HER OLD BEAT UP l95O CHEVVIE AND OFFERED US A RIDE OUT TO THE CARNIVAL. WE WERE VERY MUCH SURPRISED WHEN WE FOUND SO MANY OF OUR OLD CLASS MATES WORKING THERE. RONALD WHITSITT COULDN'T SEEM TO MAKE THE GRADE AS A POLITICIAN so SETTLED FOR THE POSITION OF CARNIVAL BARKER. HE TOLD US NOT TO MISS THE NGIRLIE GIRLIE SHOWW FEATURING JOY WHITNEY, MARY LOUISE TIMBROOK, JULIA SAUDER AND LISCHIA NEWCOMER. WE HURRIED TO GET THERE IN TIME FOR THE FIRST SHOW, BUT WERE DELAYED BY A VIOLIN PLAYING GYPSY WHO PROVED TO BE PAT STREET UNDER A BLACK WIG. Il KNEW SHE WOULD MAKE GOOD., SINCE WE WERE ALREADY LATE FOR THE FIRST PERFOR- MANCE AT THE MGIRLIE SHOWH, WE DECIDED T0 TAKE IN A SIDE SHOW. SOME OF THE OUTSTANDING ACTS WERE: ROBERT YOUNG AND RAYMOND VANSICKLE, WEIGHT LIFTERSQ JESSIE NAYLOR, FIRE EATER1 WNLMS WILSON AS HUMAN CANNON BALL: ALICE MITCHELL AS SNAKE CHARMER2 AND DON WIELAND A5 SWORD SWAL- LOWER. AFTER THE HGIRLIE SHOWU WHICH ALSO FEA- TURED ETHEL WILSON, THELMA MURRAY AND PEGGY SMITH AND THEIR DANCING TRIO OF WOOGIE BOOGIE, WE DECIDED TO TAKE A FEW LAST FLINGS ON SOME OF THE GAY RIDES SINCE FRANCIS WILLIAMS, MANAGER, GAVE US SOME PASSES. ON OUR WAY OUT WE BOUGHT SOME COTTON CANDY FROM RUTH SILL, SOME POP CORN FROM EVELYN VAN SICKLE, SOME ORANGE ICE FROM MARTHA WHITTINGTON, CANDIED APPLES FROM WANDA ZEINER AND BICARBONATE OF SODA FROM MYRNA MOON. CAROLEE HAS ALREADY LEFT SO MARY ANN O'CONNELL TOOK Us BACK TO TOWN IN HER STATION WAGON. WHILE ON THE WAY BACK TO TOWN WE TURNED ON THE RADIO AND HEARD COMMENTATOR MARY STARLING TALK ON INTER- NATIONAL AFFAIRS. NEXT WE TUNED IN AND BETTY VOHS, PATSY SMITH AND ELSIE WILLIAMS ON A PANEL DISCUSSION ON FEWER BURNT MEALS MEANS FEWER DI- VORCES. MARY TOLD US OUR OLD FRIEND NANCY JAGGARD HAS JUST RETURNED FROM A TOUR OF PARIS, FRANCE. NANCY REPORTS THAT HER TRIP WAS QUITE EDUCATIONAL. ON THE NEXT STATION WE REALLY HIT THE JACK POT, ON FRED WARING'S SHOW WE HEARD A TRIO OF EVANGE- LINE SAWATZKY, MARY ANN WATERS, AND DONNA MAHON WERE SINGING HBABY FACEH DEDICATED TO'ED BANNIS- TER. WE HAD JUST SETTLED BACK IN OUR SEATS T0 ENJOY THE SONG WHEN THE AIR BEGAN TO GROW MISTY AND WE KNEW OUR TIME WAS RUNNING OUT SO WE BID FAREWELL TO ALL OUR CLASS MATES AND RETURN T0 THE PRESENT. WE THANKED CHALMOUS FOR HIS PATIENCE AND COOPERATION AND SIGNED OUR NAMES TO OUR NOTES-- NANCY ALLEN INA Lou HENRY GEORGE ANDERSON AND JOAN GARRETT 46 F71 . fp W an IQ-ECA, "This e est They've worked long with little rest Writing stories and collecting for ads They've both worked hard, lasses and lads. Miss Whitney, our editor, cou1dn't be beat As h s e worked to make the book so neat. All the rest of the staff To make the Re-Echo beyond compare." year's Re-Echo staff was one of th b did their share, Put , e members of the Re-Echo staff found out just how big the job really is. After Student Council chose the Ed't ting out an annual is a big job and th 1 or and Business-Manager and the remainder of the staff,thingsbegan to hum in the printing room. The assignments were made and each member went to work, The staff Chose the cover and after some discussion, chose "Shoes" as the theme. You can plainly see that the efforts of the staff were not in vain as they present this Re-Echo which they and the entire school can be proud of. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHI' MEEK JAGGARD MA , , , RSHINSKY, WnLHsT5, DYER WHITNEY, PIERSON, HENRY. SECOND ROW: Kroo, RAY, Cots, KENNEDY, KIRK ADAMS, GQQDEEL, CANADAY, HAHN- THIRD ROW: SHOEBROOK, BECK, NICHELSON RAT a CH, DOUGLAS, RUTHFELDER, LAWRENCE, KENDIG. 48 Nl CHEL ON A RETT GROH NHWCOMER, BRIGHT. SECOND Row: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G R , , ATCH MARsH1NsKY, HEREFORD, ALLEN. THIRD ROW: GETZ, BECK, MEM, Q,-,NE RAY ANm:RsoN, KIRRPATRICK. FOURTH ROW: HUMPHREYS, Hoovia, HENDERSQN, LZAO There have been times when the co-editors, Beyer y Lischia Newcomer, along with assistant editors, Ioan Garrett and Jean Carr Bright and Sponsor, Mrs. Lois Jaquith were in doubt as to whether or not an Echo would be delivered on Friday. But they pulled through and an Echo was gotten ready ------ somehow. "Dear Diary", "Chicks", "Chucks", "Inside E. H. S." and "As We See lt" were features which appeared regularly and were eagerly a- waited for by students every Friday. The class was exceptionally small and Mrs. .Taquith frequently had more stories than reporters. This year the boys totaled to the same number as the girls, six. Because of the small class, all re- porters found it easy to reach a high total of inches. Early in the fall semester the editors, some of the reporters, and Mrs. Jaquith attended the annual Journalism Conference at the Kansas University William Allen White School of Journalism. The class also visited the Emporia Gazette and saw the process by which a daily paper is printed. Other members of the Echo Staff were .lean Marshinsky, as Cir- culation Managerg Janet Cline and Cara Lee Kennedy as Exchange Manager. Harold Royer's class sold theads. Supervision of the Echo was by Mrs. Lois .Taquith and F. .Tay South was business and printing 1 Groh, and manager. 49 Lgguclenf Kounci ONE OF THE FIRST ELECTIONS WHICH TAKES PLACE AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR IS THE SELEC- TION OF ONE STUDENT FROM EACH HOMEROOM, TO BE A MEMBER OF STUDENT COUNCIL. OFFICERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL ARE ELECTED IN THE PRECEDING SPRING BY VOTE OF THE STUDENT BODY. OFFICERS ARE LARRY SIGLER, PRESIDENT, MARY KIETH REIGLE, VICE- PRESIDENTQ JOY WHITNEY, SECRETARY, AND OLIVER ANDERSON, TREASURER. THE PURPOSE OF HAVING A STUDENT COUNCIL, WHICH REPRESENTS ALL THE STUDENTS, IS TO PROMOTE A MORE DEMOCRATIC SCHOOL GOVERNMENT, WHERE COUNCIL MEMBERS MAY EXPRESS OPINIONS, AND ALSO PARTICIPATE IN PROJECTS SPONSORED BY THE STUDENT COUNCIL. THE COUNCIL HAS MET REGULARLY ALMOST'EvERY MONDAY OF EACH WEEK DURING THE YEAR. EM-HI'S COUNCIL IS A MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT COUNCILS, AND ALSO SENDS DELEGATES TO ONE OF THE KANSAS STUDENT COUNCIL MEETINGS. IN ORDER THAT EACH REPRESENTATIVE WOULD GIVE A COMPLETE REPORT TO THEIR HOMEROOM AFTER EACH MEETING, THE COUNCIL SECRETARY MIMEOCRAPHED THE MINUTES OF EACH MEETING AND HANDED THEM TO THE TEACHERS. THIS WAS THE FIRST YEAR FOR SUCH A PLAN AND IT HAS WORKED SATISFACTORILY. AMONG OTHER IMPORTANT PROJECTS WERE THE NOON RECREATION PROGRAM AND THE PLANNING OF THE ELEC- TION FOR CHOOSING A QUEEN OF COURTS, TO BE CROwNED AT AN EMPORIA HIGH BASKETBALL GAMEQ THE DANCE HELD IN HONOR OF THE QUEEN, AND THE SELLING OF PLAY TICKETS FOR AN ADOPTED SCHOOL BENEFIT. OTHER PROJECTS WHICH WERE SPONSORED BY THE STUDENT COUNCIL WERE THE FIRST ALL-SCHOOL PARTY, HANDLING CONCESSIONS AT A FOOTBALL GAME, AND A BOOTH AT THE CARNIVALITA. SPONSORS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL ARE: MISS ANITA RICE, MISS LORETTO LANGLEY AND GEORGE LODLE. HERBERT I. BRUNING, PRINCIPAL, AND MISS MARY D. PETTY, GIRLS' COUNSELOR, ARE ADVISORS FOR THE GROUP. TIKDI Huw, LEFT TO RIGHT: TEICHGRABER, REIGLE, SIGLER, ANDERSON, WHITNEY, P. WILSON, SMITH. SECOND ROW: HOOvER, GIBSON, RUSSELL, HURT. J. WILSON, GROH, BRIGHT, CANADAY. THIRD ROW: JACOBS, LANGLEY, PRICE MITCHELL, WATERS, BECRER, WILHITE. FOURTH ROW: LODLE, RICE, LAWRENCE RATCH, HAMBLE, HURT, MAYES. FIRST ROW: RIDDLE, HOFFMANS, STECKEL, ZODY, BECKER, ROTHFELLER, HERFORD, ALLEN, JONES SANDER, CUNNINGHAM, MCFERRIN, MUELLER, NEEDLES. SECOND ROW: RUSSELL, SHAW, KENNEDY MARCELLUS, HUNGEROUF, TIMBROOK, DAVIS, TURNEY, AMES, GUNZELMAN, GOODELL, GROH, MERWIN MCCULLOUGH, ANDERSON, ROGERS. THIRD ROW: PARKS, BARTTY, ALSTROM, SMITH, PRICE, ZODY, JONES, DNELLE, ORMSBY, GROH, KENNEDY, KIDD, VANSICKLE, SWATSKY, ADAMS. FOURTH ROW: LARAMORE, ATTEBERY, KNIGHT, HORN, SEAMAN, SAUDER, KAROLIK, PETERSON, WEDD, HARRODPE TYLER, SHOEBROOK, KRUGER, MAYS. Sponsoring an all-school party, sell- ing concessions at games, sending Thanksgiving baskets to needy families, and giving food and toys to the Mexican Mission at Christmas time are a few of the projects that have kept Y-Teen busy this year. At the beginning of the year there were recognition services, Little Sister Week, choosing of committees, and the successful Y-Teen Ball. 1 1 1 een The programs of Y-Teen have con- sisted of speaker, song fests, panel dis- cussions and field trips. The mother- daughter tea and the installation of next year's officers brought to a close a year of fun and service through Y-Teen. The officers of the organization this year were: President, BelvaAmesg Vice- President, Jane Piersong Secretary, Nita Ray and Treasurer, .Tean Carr Bright. BACK ROW: KIRK, THOMPSON, LANGLEY, HOWARD, STARLING, DYER, MCNUTT, STEELSMITH, TEICH- GRAEDER, BAOKER. SECOND ROW: RICE, MQFERRIN, SHOEDROOK, DOUGLAS, KRAMM, FORBECK, lcE, ALLEN, GREER. FRONT ROW: PETTY, KING, SAUDER, BRIGHT, AMES, PIERSON, RAY, STREET, WILSON BACK ROW: BARRON, BUCHANAN, HATOHER, JACOBS, DOUGLAS, SQHNOOR, SMITH, BURENHEIDE, FISH, GAMER, NELSON, STIFFLER. SECOND ROW: RIEOLE, TATMAN, JOHNSON, BECK, MOORE, HISKEY, MAHON, TWETOY, HETRY, TIMRROOK, STREET, HAWKINS, MERRY, GAINES, BEESON. THIRD ROW: JAMES, MOORIS, ARNDT, HOUSE, VANGUNDY, RILEY, DIEKER, SCHAEFER, VOHS, AYERS, BROWN, PIERSON, MURPHY, HLNDFRSUN. FOURTH ROW: DABOS, MURRAY, HEAORICK, GIBSON, DEPUTY, DYER, WILSON, RAY, WILHITE, BEENER, HNDLY, MAPES. FRONT ROW: SCHLICHTER, SIMKINS, HUENERGAROT, PHILLIPS, HURT, JACOBS, JENSEN, GRISELL, SNYDER, ROBERTS, LISTER, DUUGHTERY. ' een FIRST ROW: KIRK, HOOVER, CLEMMER, CLEMMA. SECOND ROW: NEWOOMER, HARRENNING, WILSON, ALLEN, JAGGARD, BOUOH, GARDNER, BURKEY, FUNKE, POHLE, SHAMAN, UNRUH, WHITNEY, GARRETT. THIRD ROW: SING, COLE, WHITTINTON, WATKINS, KOWLWASRI, NEWCOMER, BRIGHT, COOK, STARLINQ, CLINE, MITCHELL, WILSON, HUFF, GREOO, HEORIOK. FOURTH ROW: ANDERSON, VAN SICKLE, MAYS, HOLZAPHEL, KING, CANAOAY, ROMER, BOZART, SHIRLEY, SHARON, POTTER, EKELS, RIECHART, JOHNSON. FIFTH ROW: ROGERS, SMITH, VAN SICKLE, SPILLMAN, BURTON, WILLIAMS, MCNUTT, KRAMN, WOODBURY, JAMLL, SILL, UAILLY, LOWRY. FIRST ROW: DWELLE, STERNADEL, SCHLICTER, HEREFORD, KIRK, NEEDLES, HENNING, ADAMS. SLCOND ROW: PIERSON, CROSS, DOUGHTERY, MERWIN, MUELLER, DUNCAN, HENDRICK, SWINT, F. HENDRICK. THIRD ROW: WILSON, BOZARTH, MOUNKE, RITTER, STINE, WIELAND, MAYES, POHL, TURNEY, HUDSON. unior Q 60645 THIS YEARYS JUNIOR RED CROSS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST ACTIVE IN ITS HISTORY. THEIR ACTIVITIES HAVE INCLUDED SENDING COOKIES AND TRAY MATS TO WINTERS GENERAL HOSPITAL, SENDING EDUCATIONAL GIFT BOXES TO fUROPE AND EACH MONTH HELPING, IN SOME WAY, AT THE HERITAGE. AT CHRISTMAS THEY SANG CAROLS AT THE HERITAGE AND AT OTHER TIMES THEY HAVE GIVEN FRUIT BASKETS AND DECORATED TABLES, THE OFFICERS OF THIS CLUB ARE STUDENT DIRECTOR, SHIRLEY KIRKQ PRESIDENT, ALICE NEEDLESQ VICE-PRESIDENT, JOANN DAVISQ SEC- RETARY, JUNE HEREFORDQ TREASURER, SUE ANN HENNING AND SPONSOR, MISS JENNY P. DOUGLAS. TOP ROW: QUAKENEUSH, EUDALEY, WISTER, MEEDLES, CRAUTREE, CRUMLEY, KRUGER, SETTGAST, REYMONDS, MEREDITH, JOHNSON. SECOND ROW: GRIMES, GIBBSI LINCOLN, BURNS, SUMMA, LAW, HODHS, ALExANDER, SHEPRARD, KNOX, UNDERWOOD. THIRD ROW: DAVIS, WIL- SON, HERZER, MURRAY, WATKINS, BROWN, POGUE, GROH, WOODHURY, PARKS, STECKEL, KOWALSKI. FOURTH ROW: OSMAN, RIDER, WEAVER, SCHLICHTER, DOUGHTERY, BEESON, HURT, VANGUNDY, MURPHY, BEEMER, LEE. ofafin THIS YEAR'S LATIN CLUB HAS DEEN ONE OF THE LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS TO THE AUUPTLU SCHOOLS WRU- GRAM. IN THE MONTHLY MEETING THEY REPORT ON LATIN SUDJECTS, PLAY GAMES AND HAVE CONTESTS USING THE LATIN LANGUAGE. MISS JENNIE P. DOUGLAS IS SPONSOR OF LATIN CLUB. THERE WERE TWO CLUBS THIS YEAR. ONE MEETING DURING SECOND HOUR AND THE OTHER DURING FOURTH HOUR. SECOND HOUR FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS WERE RICHARD RAYNOLDS, PRESIDENT, JIM ALEXANDER, VICE-PRESIDENT, BILL SHEPARD, SECRETARY5 IRENE GROH, TREASURLR. SECOND HOUR SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS WERE DON LAW, PRESIDENT, DENNIS KNOX, VICE-PRESIDENT, MARY DOUGHERTY, SECRETARY? JOHN UNDERWOOD, TREASURER. FOURTH HOUR FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS WERE HARRY HERZER, PRESIDENT, BURKE KRUEGER, VICE-PRESIDENTQ WAYNE NEEDLES, SECRETARY, LAWRENCE LUDALEY, TREASURER. FOURTH HOUR SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS WERE ELAINE WOODDURY, PRESIDENT, DONNA WATKINS, VICE PRESIDENT, BETTY PARKS, SECRETARY? BARBARA BEESON, TREASURER. Sponsoring an All-school Party, a booth at the Carnivalita, selling football and basketball programs, have been among the various accomplishments of the Emporia Hi-Y Club. The club members have gone to many conferences, the oustanding one being the Hi-Y Model Legislature. They have also held conferences at the Emporia Y. M. C. A. -U First semester officers were George Anderson, president, Chalmous La Shea, vice-president, Duane Campbell, secre- tary, Don Hush, treasurer. Second semester officers were Marc Allen Hurt, president, Bill Hamble, vice- president, Roger Wilson, secretary, Ma- jor Linclon, treasurer. Sponsor of the organization is Charles Garrison. FRONT ROW: GARRISON, COLE, IRLAND, BAIRO, SHERRIN, DAY, HURT, HAMBLE. SECOND ROW: PRICE, HUSH, QUACKENBUSI-I, LAw, LINCOLN, OSEMAN, NUFFER, WILLIAMS. THIRD ROW: BYRD, LASHEA, MARIN, PARRY, ANDERSON, GAOBERY, BECK. FOURTH ROW: WILSON, CLINTON, QUACKENBUSH, LANOERBACK, CAMBELL, OSBORNE, GARRISON, MARIN. FIFTH ROW: CRABTREE, KRUOER, wALLAcE, RATCH, TIMMERMAN, JOHNSON, IRISH, PHILLIPS. wivxe-'X m-. f -, : E., Z 3 Q Q H I, thu f , .. g K gig' ii gr i :F 2 Hi 2? rLL, X XL v N v Q: X, 5 I , N X ' l. ' w St x' N' i Q gg aff ' 24 'ef' 3 '95 554 ge syn fog. ng, ' 9 A i 5 if i 's 'N 5:55 5 5,5 E 5? vf Y? H? 25 'f 5 5 3' 9 85? gy 'gf' 'few SD I 4 fx I?3?' J5X,15QS Q ' ft V if ff ai V Q Q V V uf K N pf K , 1 K. Qax . 5115 m 'K , is 5 -1 gy., Ns-f 1 Ap, Q. iQ !likx'f"' 15Ug',-ss"'gG ' if ef Q ei Qfzfsi eg Eg R fp' if 551 XM Lx! 5 AJ f fx W X M 'Q Eb 53 ima we - il S X 1 Q, 3 A Ya. as 'Q ix. f F, . . A, K , sr an 5' 1. .X ', .M if - ww Q. U5 , Q 9' " if if 5 fwix' XV Q Q Q W ig Q F 5 wk vi Q , if 9' v 3.x ,Lg ' is ' li .4 - R f' . 'F f. ag F -ff! fm. 1fl?."',gi-M M2310 4 ,. I 4' Q Nw, , f , it V wY v B y vw. ME' -5 f 5 ' Egg? 5 EF. 51, A, , f ' -L f W M, wwf 535 Si "l V if fs x 'swf - . JK Q F if n wg F w 4 V Q, ' Ni 5? of Simpklms, RQIGAER, Hurr, G I-l--., LE' Illl-' aEE"'v PiER50N' ST HUOyER1 s1rEL"WTH' WXQJ Quaffeffe Two girls and two boys made up this small group. They have sung for many clubs and business organizations and have also appeared in assemblies and Spring Musical. The group was accompanied by Miss Steel- srnith. KENNEDY, NEVC UNZLEMA N. Mrrf-, --li--l enior egzxfeffe The Senior Sextette has sung in Junior and Senior High assemblies, talent shows, and at many Emporia clubs. Miss Carolee Shoe- brook accompanied the girls who were under the direction of Miss Steelsmith. LEFT To RIGHT: HAMBLE, STREET, KIDD, RITTER. unior NP e rio This group of nine girls has entertained at many clubs and assemblies throughout the year. Some of the places they have appeared are: Queen of the Courts, Junior and Senior High assemblies and various com- munity programs. Miss Steel- smith directed this group. H I Cyl'-ff 0rcLe5fra XMOGENE GUNZELN N Lows CRUM DER5oN JANILL CE THE PERSONNEL: VKOLINS1 DENNKS Knox, LAURA MURSE, SARA QUCHANAN, INGE WILLIAMS, DONNA GAINES, MARY DoT5o BEYTY GAMER, LYLE HALEY, DoNNA BAUGHMAN, PHILIP SMITH BARBARA POWELL PAT A BARUARA WALKER, CAROLYN SUDDDCK. CELLO: EUNICE SWINT PAT CLARK BERN1cE BARNARD BASS VIOL JOY GRAVATT, ADA JANE JAQDDS. PIANO: CARoLEE SHDEDROOK FLUTE MARY GUY HAROLD H GGINS CLARINETS MARLENE REYQHARDY, PAT GNBSON, RICHARD HOUSLEY JUDY FAUST SAXOPHONE ALTO MARALEE SWINT MAR1E BUZARYH, DONNA MERWIN, BARBARA CRAwFoRD. SAXOPHONE TENOR BARDARA BRvLE5 JUDY HURT TRUMPLTS MARSHALL MQNUTT, JERRY CRUNLEY, DONALD RAMSBURG FRENCH HORN DARELL RAMSFURG TROMBONES MARC HURT, CECIL QUACKENBUSH, J1N FAQRLAN. EUPHONIUM CHARLES HODD TUBA DONALD REDMAN PERCUSSKON oY BURNES. DUANE NUESSEN, LER The Em . I underthed. P01-La High School 01-Che Con ' t lI'CCtlO1'1Of Mr O stra S15 ed of 50 - rmondpark the usual numbemembers and played fi? The Orch r of school functions Play po 1 estfa Was caued ' Sac dpu ar music for the 5 h upon to re - c and music for the Christ 001 playg, Se Processional music f maSProgram rmon and the High Sch or the Class TT7C1'1t, O01 Corrlrnence Th rolled ijarseigiixgglumber of Students in, met only two timemernbers aS orchestra 1X4 Credit S a Week and rec ' twe it ' HOWeVe1',' whene ewed a EQ m-embeT5 Were addeger needed' 8 O sized Orchestra f .and made People commented that ti fifty. Many sounded its best this e Orchestra mas program. year at the Christ- 58 M. -MJ QI A V1 HJLRSO J A wusow, EUNICE 5 WWLUROOK. CLARINETS: OL, CAROL LN MARY GUY, HAROLD Hxccnrvs AL w.NT' TERRY CARLE, NEAL PO T VER ANDERSON, MARLENE RUCHA BARBAR YSTER, MAR:E BQZARTH MARAI-Eg SWTO LLARINETS: IMOQENE GUNZELMZ mg RICHARD HOUSLEY FLUTES SST A ' N, g ' A : 'T SHALL Mcgiliss, JUDY BURT. BARITONE SAZgpJZKEwAAmRU:N, BARBARA CRAWFORDLAASE WUODBURY. BASS CLARINET? wow, JEAN PQIESSZIN ZAULKNER, DWGHT PARRY SLIJERRY HICKEY. CQRNETS: 1505 QA-TEFIILYJ TENOR SAXOPHONESQ GRIFFITH JOYCE S, EAN JUDSON, BILL D . PPER STINSON, WYLIE P , ERRY CRUMLEY, MAR- , GRAV ETTMER. FRE RICE, BILL S EORSER, CHARLE5 HOBgl'T,REgZLi TYUMPHREYSI PAT BELFIVQFEI DARRELL RAMSBURG, SE5ZfAZE':L YJOHN UNDER- ACKLAM PAUL STOUT , ULLER TROMBONE ' ONES: TED HL NS, ELA1Ng ' . . ' S3 WA 1, LU, BILL BE DRU , TUBAS, DQNAL RREN RUS RGERHOUS , MS. DUANE NUESSEN, LEROY BURNE3 RSSSAS, Ly,-E BARGER, DONALD RiZ'!gLRMARg HURT, CECIL QUARENQSSHMYRON 1 INTER, GLOCK G, HI The Emporia High School Band of eo members had a busy year during 1949- 1948, The Band with their new red and black uniforms and under the capable juirird THOMPSON. WOODBURY, BELFIELD, SHOEBROOK, ENSPIEL: DONNA LIP SM1TH, LAW i , Jrm House, RENCL CUZAD. leadership of Ormond Parker played for the home football games, the home bas- ketball games, the Town S1'nOk6F, Rural Youth, paraded in the Marine Band Parade and ushered for the Marine Concert, attended the D. S. T. C. Band Day, tOOk one trip to Lawrence for the K. U. Band Day, played for Junior high assembly, for senior high assembly and for the C. of E. assembly. Donald Thompson, twice State Cham- pion Baton twirler was the capable Drum Major. He was assisted by three fWi19I'SI Caralee Shoebrook, Dlaine Woodbury and Pat Belfield. Several of the band members partici- pated inthe State contest and again won the coveted honor of Highly Superior- According to the rule which allows 33lf3 precent of the band members to receive a Music Lyre, twenty membeI'S will receive the aWa1'dS- FIRST ROW: BIRCHMIER, JONES, BYRD, WHITSITT, PHILLIPS, DANNER. SECOND ROW: GRIFFITH, DUNCAN, REOER, HUUGHTON, RICKABAUGH, BOOK, VAN SIQKLE, MAYEs, HUGHS, MAGATHAN, KEELER, NEvITT, GROVES. THIRD ROW: DAvIS, BARB, HORTON, BARS, DAILY, CLEMENTS, CHAMERLAIN, SIEBENALER, BOYCE, BROWN, SUDOOCK, DAILY, SQHALLEHN. FOURTH ROW: TELFER, HAWKINS, SMITH, BUSH, ARNOT, BURNS, SPENCER, SPENCER, SCHALLEHN, WATSON, FOWLER, THOMAS, PEARSON. FIFTH ROW: MOUNKES, OWENS, RICH, WINDLE, PETERSON, GOODELL, RYBURG, KERWIQK, PICKETT, BYRD, ATCHISON, BEss, WALKER. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for farm boys study- ing vocational agriculture in public schools. The Emporia Chapter of F. F. A. has sixty-five active members. Five of these are State Farmers. Sponsoring an all-school party, selling concessions at football games, a barn party, Pest Contest, pop corn project, and a Christmas Card sale kept the boys busy during the year. Officers for the club were Advisor, Emory Govesg President, Raymond VanSickleg Vice-President, Ri- chard Mayesg Secretary, Don Korteg Treasurer, Kenneth Horton, Reporter, Jim Bock, and Sentinel, Ronnie Hughes. 2? This year the governor of the Mo-Kan- Ark district was George Anderson, amem- ber of the Emporia High Key Club. Eight members along with George attended the Little Rock, Arkansas District Key Club convention in February. In April, members of the club attended the International con- vention at Columbus Ohio. Key Club has sponsored several im- portant projects. The most important was CLA the Carnivalita and Career Day. First semester officers were Ronald Whitsitt, Presidentg Walt Stoeppelwerth, treasurerg Marc Allen Hurt, vice presi- dentg Gerry Day, secretary. Second semester officers were Ronald Whitsitt, presidentg Walt Stoeppelwerth, secretaryg Darrell Fanestll,i Treasurerg Bruce Markle, vice president. FIRST ROW: DAY, HOFFMAN, CARLE, ANDERSON, FANISTEL, WHITSITT, MARKLE, HAHN, HURT, GADBERRY. SECOND ROW: LASHEA, DANNER, MARKLE, PINE, IRISH, Mozsus, UNDERWOOD, RAYNELS, WlLsoN, FALKNER, PUTNUM. THIRD ROW: LAWRENCE, EIKERMANN, MURPHY, 5PATz, YOUNG, HOBBS, CRABTREE, MERDITH, MANKIN. FIRST ROW: GOOOELL, STREET, RAY, STARLING, MITCHEL, GUNZELMAN, AMES, KIRK, LYSTER, DANNER. SECOND ROW: SAUDER, DAY, DYER, KNIGHT, MORSE, DMUGLAS, OvERFlELD, KRAMN, TIMMERMAR, SING, LASHEA, Pins, GLOVER. SHwTH, lei, FQRBEQK. Every Thursday noon I. R. O. rneets in the Junior High School dining room The main purpose of this organization is to better inform its members about in- ternationaland public affairs. This year's program has included discussion groups and outside speakers. This year the or- ganization has been particularly interest- edin international affairs. The sponsors of I. R. O. are Miss Virginia Forbeck and Miss Ellen Ice. The officers for the year were, Moderator, Mary Starling, Vice- Moderator, .Tess Dannerg Clerk-Librzizw ian, Julia Sauder. BACK ROW: STONEBRAKER, BANlsTER, RAMERIZ, Mccov SHERRiN, Lootc. FRONT ROW: Homewooo, Nmcxccsom, MER ww, HUTH, Husw, SHEVE. faeC,1f Stagecraft---the club that played a vital part in the production of the three school plays, the Christmas Pageant, and road shows coming to town, is sponsored by George Lodle. This year for the first time the Stage- LQDLL, SMLTH. craft boys had a basketball team which won the majority of their games. they also received letter awards for service to Emporia High. President of Stagecraft is Don Hush. Z1 , - n 2 - m 2-I '13 g O 15 -I mi? ' z YW 0 Cf 2 F '15 C o 'jx mm 3- 'S -im Em c Eff' 500 O C 5 b H X F1 F z Om Cc 1 w W I 5. w Wm - 0 2 O H Z U X o m 2 O P S r U m x 0 - I 1 P m 3 r m m - m ,wawhw Paffof V as oya These twelve boys are - responsible for our safe cor- ners every morning and noon. Mr. Lodle is sponsor of the group. One boy not in the picture--Duane Clinton. , . a :iw fe 45, 4 V A - Q X -5,3 A' I ,dawn 5 I Mein, 35 59? ggfgfgfs 5 . J' H53 H 1 A ig 'B' M' 'WAX -Qi' gh 333335 My I i Vai fe : K W- was - ,W Bw 1 W? Q if 5 Fwifs I . , ?'f is if my ,X A , 5 vm .wav K Q gf 2. x -N -K .., if K . 3 3' ,ef ffgfmk 'gf' I . wa, 'L f 5 . i' 5 Q f ji: L3 ,N . . f X tk' K: I - H . iff? In Y 1 .- 4 X , ir I 'f:gf.Q,-22 Q X51 i . 11' , ,.,, - . , b ,X AX , 2 -. -S 1 I . , in A A' I ,g ., M lv ' A K , " WWW . :7 xl ,. fffl ' g- i 4 5 :ff ,-I 'ilk y L ,- 4? ' 3 1 A" 'gil' f . A 'iw - -. if 1 I kk 5:1 fu , il R gum WN: v , . A ,. .,.- , K Q il Q- 3 'Y - fw -Q gf 5 ,Q - ff' X . '52 1. -f , -MA ..fQ6T.z . ' . gg I ' ' R .ii 7 at ,. -Q Ni B A3 . '1- ' .F 1 T 9,74 ' M . N Eifi lg, 5' 1 ' Y 'fha s A f T ., fu 1 sw 1 Q as .wx R Q lf' ES E a Q is X N f ,-,Q gtk? ' ' za M? 'il xi K 3 I si E l Q S' I pr ,K ., .X wgwwm 'ww ' QE ww' Q Vw ., if if W X We Q Yi my 5 Q .Qs 'W ww M if wi W QS. if is , ig' in ,af Qi rv w fm 5 gh .f , 'Q' 5 Y Sv Q N J SS X? 'Q S SQ it " ' xg" Q, S ' Q .742 .f4v!0lofecJ Moo! Commiffee The Adopted School Committee is a comparitively new organization in E. H. S., but it is also one of the most worthy. The committee is composed of a repre- sentative and a sponsor from each other organization in school. These committee members were responsible for planning our aid to our Adopted Schools in Temini, Greece and Vienna, Austria. This junior Marshall Plan promoted the play "Young and Fair," sent nearly S600 to the Greek school in cash and collected and shipped 48 boxes of used clothing to the needy children. The children in our Adopted Schools expressed their appreciation by preparing a movie, sending small gifts and 'writing hundreds of letters. TOP ROW: HusH, HAHN, RAY:-4on.os, TWMERMAN, CAMPBELL, WHITSITT. SECOND ROW: Geovzs WILLIAMS, Loma, Kztso, RICE, LANGLEY, PETTY. FIRST ROW: PARKS, w1LsoN, GROH, Renata JAOUITH, CANADY, AMES, SING. FIRST ROW: CooLxDGE, PINE, Huosom, JACOBS, GROH. SECOND ROW: MR. KELSO, DAY, DQUGHTERY, SCHLICTER, Hoses, CRABTREE. Qbelale CM For the first time since 1938, the Emporia High Debaters brought home a trophy by winning firstplace at the Kansas University District Tournament for Class AA schools. The Debaters were hosts to eighteen Kansas Schools during an in- vitational tourney held in January. "Resolved that the president be e- lected by direct vote of the people" was the question which caused much heated debate between the affirmative and nega- tive debate teams. Billy Hudson, Dick Coolidge, Lloyd Pine and John Jacobs were members of the trophy winning team. Debate Coach was John Kelso. Another first for the debaters was the organizations of a debate club. Offi- cers for the club were presidentg John Jacobs, vice-presidentg Billy Hudson, secretary-treasurerg Dick Coolidge. VIRUI RIM: LYSTER, HEAORICK, TEICHGRAEBER, VANGUNDY, STARR, RIEGLE, GOODWIN, JOHNSON, MADEOCK, SILL, AIALL , 5HAW, AT1EnERY, ANDERSON. SECOND ROW: HOLDEN, GUNZELMAN, HEREFORD, RUSSELL, ROTHFELDER, H rr, RILER, CUnwIwGHAH, TYLER, WEBB, LEE, FUNK, SIMPKIHS, MUWSON, EHDLEY, SPERCER, RDDERTS, THIRD ROW: SMITH, BEESwN, SLHLICTER, DUUGHTERY, BUCHTEL, WATKINS, KNIGHT, HORN, BOZARTH, ARNDT, OSHAN, GRIOLLL, MAQCELLOS, SNYDER, WHITE, HURNOON, MITCHELL, BEYER. FOURTH ROW: MORSE, HOCH, GRIEEITTS, ALn'w H, PRICE, Z DY, GREY, BARUOUR, RILEY, NAUMAN, BAILLIE, LOWRY, NEWCDMER, ROGERS, PARKS, gpm VIRST ROW: 5Iwu, 5AInT, JENSEN, VANSICKLE, MERWIH, JACOBS, BRILES, HUNDERGARDT, GIBSON, PHILLIPS, STEELLL, TIMUOOA, RIDDLE. SECOND ROW: GAIHES, VERNON, ROGERS, HUFF, BECKER, SEAHAN, WILSON, HOPE- WAUS, JAERQER, HISRLY, FISH, STIFFLER, KOWALSKI. THIRD ROW: ORMSOY, DWELLE, DAVIS, BROWN, POTTER, MAY5, TWEEOY, RUST, OVERFIELD, POHL, DAVIS, BARRON, CLINE, DEPUTY. FOURTH ROW: BEATTY, PETERSON, NIGHT LO, JACOUS, HATCHER, SMITH, DAVIS, KRAMM, KAROLIK, WOODDURY, JAMES. BUCHANAN, JOHNSON. F Q RNQSK' .1 --T"'-.:.-...,,-W ,FYI V 5 Q Kg: 1 Q S nf. -us., N f 1'-Q., li' 3 -. .xx WY U 'K Y, nl .iq ff xx 95 ,Q V. fx Ll '95 s 'Q-' ' 1 S at if " Ph xv ri! Q lx f , ,xg 3 'VFW' gk., O 'oo rj HGQWWYQ ov..- si gf .,, . Www Q " v - P Q S ,T P55 'gf 3 Q t V 'Q Q X 4' ww .f k MW Fx If GQ M I W' Q, X I X fr 3 11.5, Lx, VD X 7 , TOP ROW: WALLACE, SHEPARD, RAYNOLDS, BANISTER, PowELL, LAws, JACOBS, CURTIS, COACH, BLoxoM. MIDDLE ROW: DUNCAN, PRICE, ALEXANDER, LINCOLN, LAWRENCE EUDALEY,MERIDETH THOMAS, CAMPBELL, GIBBY. FRONT ROW: BURNS, GIBSON, LAw, LEONARD EUDALEY, BEDNER FOSTER. 1949 SPAR TAN SCHEDULE September Z2 El Dorado 0 Emporia 14 September 30 Junction City 14 Emporia O October 7 Topeka 6 Emporia 0 October 14 Wyandotte Z0 Emporia 7 October 21 Parsons 12 Emporia 38 October Z8 Manhattan 34 Emporia 2.0 November Z Rosedale 6 Emporia 26 November ll Ottawa 0 Emporia Z1 November 18 Planeview O Emporia Z4 55 fin A record of five wins and four losses was turned in by the Emporia High Spartans under the guidance of Coaches Gene Ridenour and Cr. C. Eikermann, at the close of the l949 football season. This was a better record than that of last season which was four wins, four losses and one tie. The Spartans were also able to chalk up 126 points to their opponents' 74. The Spartans inaugurated their 1949 football campaign with a 14-6 victory over the El Dorado Wildcats. The Spar- tans' first counter came in the third stanza when Hahn raced 63 yards to score. Beeson's place kick made the score read 7-0. Hahn smashed over for the second score and Hoffmans passed to Prisock for the extra point making the score l4-0. El Dorado was able to get 6 points in the last quarter. Junction City outplayed the Spartans in the next game, which the Blue .lays won 14-0. Hard-charging fullback Ron- nie Clark won the game for the Blue Jays. Although Emporia outplayed Topeka in their best game of the year, they lost in the last seconds of the game with a 6-0 count. The Spartans next journeyed to Wyandotte where they were nipped by the Bulldogs Z0-7. Wyandotte scored in the first, second and fourth quarters. Emporia got their lone tally in the 59- cond quarter on a pass from Hoffmans to Priscok, Beeson booted the extra point. Sumner, Zickefoose, Hahn, Prisock, Robinson, and Beeson turned in 18 points for an easy victory over the Par- sons' Vikings with a score reading 38- 12. The Manhattan game was close in the first half with Emporia leading 13-7 at halftime, but a four-touchdown splurge in the last half by Manhattan made them an easy 34 to Z0 victory. The Rosedale game saw Ralph Hahn score twice and his brother Gerry, once. Zickefoose also made a T. D. during the game. Beeson and Iaquith scored an extra point apiece to make the score- board read Z6-5. In the Ottawa game Emporia couldn't make headway through the Cyclone line, so they took to the air and scored three touchdowns. Hoffmans passed twice to Prisock for counters and once to Robinson. Beeson was suc- cessufl in niaking all three of his con- versions attempts. The Planeview game saw nine seniors playing their last football game for Em-Hi! Jess Prisock, Robert Law- rence, George McCoy, Wayne Goodell, Winston Chapin, Gene Stonebraker, Jerry Sumner, James Smith, and Ralph Hahn. Hahn scored three touchdowns and Zickefoose one, to chalk up a win of 24-O Ralph Hahn led the team this year with his ability to run the pigskin to pay-dirt nine times, and catch passed for two touchdowns. Hahn also ran over for an extra point to ring up atotal of 67 points. The shiftylittle half-back re- ceived All-State honors for his devices. Jess Prisock was next in line. He made a good target for Connie Hoffmans who passed to him four times for touch- downs and three times for extra points. Hoffmans' passing gave Bill Robinson 18 points to tie with Bob Zickefoose who galloped to the goal-posts three times for his 18 points. Next came Jerry Sumner and Gerry Hahn with six points each. Bob .Taquith rounded out the scoring with 1 pointon ai extra point pass from Hoffmans. Credit must go to Hoffmans on the scoring. Even though he didn't score, he was responsible for 64 of Emporia's total of 126 points, with his passing. The team and its fans are grateful for the time Wilbur Moebus put in as trainer. TOP ROW: ZICKEI-'oosE, HOFFMANS, LAWS, MURPHY, WHrTE, Pmsocx, GOODELL, PETERSON CHAPIN, SMITH. MIDDLE ROW: COACH RIDENOUR, ROBINSON, SHEPARD, MURPHY, JAQUITH, MCCOY, MILLARD, LAWRENCE, BEEsoN, R. HAHN, COACH EIKERMANN. FRONT ROW: RAYNOLDS, GIBBY, HICKEY, GERRY HAHN, DONNELLAN, GENE HAHN, SUMNER, BANISTER. minutes left and the second one, tha ma ing An def in thre ceptxons Spartans Hoffma s 1 g n and WHITE Bob ' Em W Prls BQIEI Phil!! Ydl Passes Yds Pun Dona, lu' vrluuy., uriuuer an -iili X . Lp1i I ,sq I . . I s . .es l.q 7 I I ' I' It want The Spart and Parso Plc JAQU n TH .1 UICHCS OI I ' the ba vuteueu pmrnguiih 1 LOD 'ful rn 1 gm, , STER the second ' school i at Wthe pay-o oming on mme the Emporia the 3' osi' n lt' down on a 22-yardveffort fr up 12 Spartans ash ,S HWS the Bulldogs fh' fouVlGrout to Joe Kohler. T d urge with T01 me l stfrflgs' E lpolnt was missed by Cloh W The conte lome by tg bmpona Pa' Q The two clubs played on C sl I On my :Ks 3 glaigafye Qerms in the third A Beeson lm Ah J P , It than nalf of the ,. the rm .er ess ris done get nose ,M HA HN nfs! a thixrrgf f ,sto Opera! N worry 'med mei ' as Y Stltuto hal' . s one .1 the l pleted for 1.-100 'ri L ren rncomp le dl Late, for .s have ffiemis. r were umbl, Wm also uiedjm it Vlesohsgtes Umpire-VL' dots rorwar is a un or 1..- -et . d unesm but little oi Wvandott Dail' et' the firs lba' i own ndeief hand in the l9 to 0 victory up by the Trojans over the ns, and he can be counted we in the Emporia hair more fer this season sms iff defensive workout against plays took up A 1 t of the practice time Gisev ing ind SUMNER : was re- fd by the Mel. ans on the Zersfer after Coach Gene the sq und through scrimmage Pre- work was a a new play plus . Lehar e set up Pierce, Kings, 1211 Ml LLARD t me Em Ergcgxa. by aSSiSn' 4 , is is fore- Bob Wyandotte before - r ' X rose, who Wyandotte status of lnst .I City. TOPOIKB . an out Kozhler points- I still was ,.. ' .:.....-..-- u...-:..--4 Cy W' me .Empms sewn r C i he worked IHS Extra Point-Bee: N195 ifter' The summary 'ds eHSCr pR I SOCK fhe ble First Downs H, 5 ' ceis A In to vet Yards rushir e ' .... .oe........ ruriyihg. rs, nfifvjs Ffol wise the squad is in top shape - ..s, -, f V- f- F- ,me mmuus Dfrjffesd hele for encounter with the one, despite their records for tbobbre' Ram- fld8V eason. Their break lrwo yards t losmft Stfioak 1 to Prlsock o 0 ou s an in next prev I . , , 4 . . ,ondition of g rpms across , .... h lscoring play. le, brvirh 'sons a' les rr repf time. mach. ed ' yn' l to bol. ,rs 1 i the Emp Vikin lg was re ,es r worry partan o or act that sh. wi riree of f h of the 1 the sta .fhich al del Emporia' effort Junctf the 1 and . wht .. n to get ne viable Zicxcrooss , the poria high sc....,... .,....... W f Fight- 7 ..s home base at the Emporia fonslve Seri Ssoneb Q State stadium to clash with Par- noon as 4 HAHN d t N- L-rg-'--Wi' , sons high Friday night at 7:30 Sought to 1 U Y. OSS are e OD Y g 0-clock, and C. of E' takes on for against Baker. The bwedes are ng alternates selected DY l foreign sou to meet Bethany col, top of the conference race, and a. . l our but other members 011 the 5 len in Lg,,,1gh,,,, th. ,,,.,,, ,,q,,p,, being given prominent mention ton Ithem to 1 M4.4,n,. -11 ft... . MURPHY ala, MURRAY .e fix I 'HS Elven field that was ba wut ate aes FIRST ROW: RIDENUIJR, FANESTIL, POWELL, Pmsock, WHITE, SMITH, MAXWELL, EIKERMANII. SECOND ROW: Horr- MANS, PALMLR, Ronmsorv, STOEPPELWERTH, ZICKEI-'oosE, HAH:-I, Mozaus. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Plane View Pittsburg McPhe rson Salina St. Mary' s Topeka McPhe r son Haskell Topeka Ottawa Wyandotte Chanute Topeka Haskell Wichita East Salina Ottawa Arkansas City Eldorado Junction City Newton Parsons Theirs Ours 32 54 30 56 38 63 72 46 40 35 26 42 39 55 17 93 50 68 41 55 31 44 41 73 44 58 34 54 45 42 50 55 34 53 18 55 51 75 40 77 55 42 50 58 Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Ian. Ian. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. The Emporia High School Spartans, under the direction of head coach, Gerhardt C. Eikermann, turned in an outstanding record of 20 wins and only 5 loses during the entire season. Their wins included a victory over State Champion Salina, who was not defeated by any other team in the State of Kansas. The defense of the Spartans was ex- cellent as they held their opponets to an average of 39.8 points for the 25 games. The superior shooting of our cagers netted them a 54.4 game average. The team brought home two trophies won in the Hutchinson invitational tOurI1a- ment and the regional tournament. The Spartans won their first trophy at Hutchinson by winning over Topeka and Mc- Pherson and losing to St. Marys to take a fourth place trophy. ln the regional tourna- ment Emporia was first place by downing Chanute and Independence. The Spartans winning the regioanl tournament, won the right to go into the State Tournament. There they lost to Mc- Pherson by an upset. This ended a suc- cessful season for the Spartans. 76 f 'N WM N.. V WX Av X f -wtf IN Q i . wiv wa? 2 Q iwikmkw i 1. Nix. .W S 5---.. b wx 'X 4 CTE e Co c sc ll g ...cf . WL! ff S S951-.5 R: i f NX. ,,m..-.W . SL MA.. N X' N S' Nm N ix- if X if P nz F !t .. Yssiir, 1- I ,.: K IS! 'Q k 'S k ! X ' my . xx .. 5 . pg: 5 . vu W3 Q--. -xx QQ gg: ,X gl l.. kg .- Q . ,Vs li lynn ' Q" -U D wwf! 'W .1-I T.. .5 S I I l .ali vi I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .Toy Whitney JIM SMITH, PAT STREET, NANCY ALLEN, JOY WHITNEY, SHIRLEY LARAMORE, JEAN CARR BRIGHT, MARION NICKLESON, JESSE PRIsocK. 79 I FIRST ROW: EUDALEY, THOMAS, LINCOLN, CAMPBELL, DAVIS, GIBBY, EUDALEY, OSBORNE. SECOND ROW: BANISTER, DUNCAN, .JAQUITI-I, MAXWELL, PALMER, RAY- NOLDS, HOLT, KowoLsKI, BOCK. THIRD ROW: MR. RIDENOUR, WHITE, HAHN, NoYEs, BUCKLEY, MILLARD, ZICKEI-'oosE, PETERSON, BYRD, MR. EIKERMANN MOEBUS. FOURTH ROW: KENDIG, SMITH, GOODELL, SMITH, LAW, MURPHY, POWELL. jI'aCL Due to an early Re-Echo dead-line this picture was taken the first night of track practice. Since that time many have dropped out and new members were added. This book was on its way to press before any track results could be obtained. March 31 Dual meet with El Dorado here April 5 Invitational Meet at K. S. T. C- BDU! the CO1lege and Em-Hi invited schools to participate in the track meet. April 14 Haskell night relays at Lawrence April Z1 K. U. Inter-scholastic meet at Lawrence April Z9 Baker relays at Baldwin May 5 Quad meet at Haskell High May IZ-13 Regional meet at Eureka May 12-20 State Meet at Manhattan 80 TOP ROW, LEFT To RIGHT: JIM MAxwELL, WALTER STOEPFELWORTH, JIN SMITH BILL RUBINSON, JESS PRISOCK, WAYNE GOODELL, JOE POWELL, ED BANISTER WAYNE PALMER. THIRD ROW: MR. EIKERMANN, DARRELL FANESTIL, RICHARD STUR- GEON, RQBERT LAwRENcE, Bos JAQUITH, CALVIN MURRAY, EUGENE STONEBRAKER SECOND ROW: CONNIE HOFFMANS, GENE HAHN, RALPH HAHN, HowARo PETERSON GERRY HAHN, RICHARD BANISTER, RICHARD RAYNOLDS. ,ff cf CLA This group consists of all of the boys who have made a major letter in football, basketball, or track. There are sophomores, juniors and seniors in this organization. It is especially known for its initiations. The sponsors for the "E" club are Eugene Ridenour and Gerhart Eikerman. 81 M W ' 175- ' 1i15KW 4x?"f"' my 'iff- T 'unix 5 ,Li 7' --ef Ka --sq fini-f1?'r 1 X If +4 wg" H vp?-rl , P ,X 1 Msyw' '--ef'-M QW, ,A We N' A W in Y' W 1 ' X hfax an 9 ,Qs lr J. M- gt -1 f . 'Q Si s .ff 'F' N lf M ' my . 8 X - gf H ,M , Q25 S , Q rv ks. Q Jr-Qi ' I X V' ' N. Q 5 M Q 5 I 1, ,fi 4, Mi m f T Tj?ff"L ff vw img, N lf X 5 g T 21- 'Q if 1? 4 5 Q1 1 ,Q gy 4. fi ' R S3 V N" -1 ' px vw ' R 'ff' N K cr S4 an BE' ,1...QQ ,, W A W cf: 'P'-" W L .g "I fu ' 'E' A F- M' 'W 1 im' 4 45" S' W 9 W. A' real L - Q-Q 'rr' 'tfwff Q rx , X N N K B 1 . v X Q Af Q- k 3- f I' YIM' gf Asad vi, Q ' , A 5 M A Q' 5 '4 Q 3. P ,. M, .M Q M N N if' " as TN V 131 Fad Q hd' W :FY " . 5,,Q,, I-A xml: f A-Q 5-CF" I x N iff 3 x 'T T N, ff X R ,YQ Q gm S5 g lg A - ,-5. 15 , .Q , 1' . ll -if. gn, :rf Q, 5. , ..- gw -NS' 'YN as .K ' W W fi' f 1 WN' PEI' 'xx . My gp. n 'v fi! gs. Q fpfa fn isa .112 H W :rg 6+ if -5 .J 'fs-.Q fs vm if ,.. - N M we , Q an QV 5 W g -fgmxcg A 4,,M q5ff-fsk , MQ ' ' A' ,' - Qi' sh '-Qu nb gi xi ,Avi sf' Q, RA gk-.Q ' S ,Q . K A 1 ti 3? he-, Q 'W Q, AQ, , i Q 5' ... X A Fm , A AI , "vL.x,C '-g,,Ef!, . ss' F 4 A A Q gi 'W Q 'fi-2 X X 1L1.":i2fk X -X1.. X XX a kfgl A K ,-L. ,1 tw.. Mm P , g x'1"Y'i 9' g . w 'Ni W , Q ,P , ,X -,gf L Miz: q 5 ,,-, W X I 4 5 ' :er 4 2 s. S 8 ish, Q-si E 24,2 Q. 'U ,W 4-11. lf: :Q x. WB?-is L.. ' fl g - f 31 4 l R emember- CrRANGER'S Ready-To-Wear For Girls and Women 623 Com'l Senior pictures are taken only ONCE IN A LIFETIME" QSTUDIO Over McLellan's Compliments RICH COAL CO. 517 Mechanic BOB CRAWFORD REFRIGERATION Commercial Sales Service Best of luck to the graduates of '50 flDur lyeuriiest cungrutulatinns in the grahuating class nf '5U. me are eher grateful tn the memhers nf the farulig sinh in the stuhent lmhg fur their patrnnzzge. yrnahhiefn Qilniel Elmer 335. Siehhnff Cmanuger X EMPORIA TENT and AWNING CO. Compliments of Venetian Blinds Awnings TED Window Shades 312 Com'l 612 Merchant Street Phone 559 Compliments of HUGHES-TODD Diamonds - Watches HEREFORD MOT OR Phone 482 523 Com'l Sales, Inc. W. H. BROOK and SONS GROCERY "Since 1885" . Better Brands . Higher Quality . Top Service Emporia's Finest Compliments of ROTHFELDERS'S CAFE 506 Commercial I 1 i 5 MUTUAL BUILDING and LOAN ASSOCIATION Compliments of GR EEN VALLEY FARM MORRIS DRUG COMPANY Phone 232 42.3 Commercial St. NEWTON BROTHERS Phone 8 102 East 6th Ave. Buick---Pontiacs---G.M. C. Trucks PHDNE 497 BERG AND FRDET PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY Tux PnAnMA:v Wnlnx Ynun P C F CARL F. EERE C. E. FRDBT 19 WEST 6 we Cofdge of gmporia A Liberal Arts College Degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education Close Student-Faculty Relationship Personal Guidance for Students Apply to: Public Relations Office College of Emproia FREElvlAN'S LUNCH 1 315 West 6th BENDER 'S FOOD MARKET 9 l Dt l Distinctive Apparel Compliments of for the high school girl TED'S GR ILL Compliments of Lunches, Sandwiches HOFFMAN'S Choice Food Market 626 West 6th Phone 973 Steaks Compliments of THE BOOTERY S- H- 81 CO- Your Family Shoe Store Good Shoes For All At Reasonable Prices--National Adv. Shoes Such as W Roblee for Lads Teen-agers for Lassies Your Clothes are Always "TTY a Palr'At "Daisey Fresh" When cleaned at THE BOOTERY ZUBER CLEANERS CO1'1'l'1 Phone Z1 East 6th Phone 3120 GREEN'S CONOCO Service Station CLINE AUTO SUPPLY 6th and State Phone 334 Wholesale Auto Supplies YOUNCVS 419 Com'l Phones 196 - 491 REXALL DRUG STORE Emporia Kanqaq The Best Malts, Milkshakes, Sundaes, Soups and Sandwiches in town 603 Commercial Courtesy The LYON COUNT Y STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of PAIGE ELECTRIC CO. Al'S Boot 8a Shoe Shop Expert Shoe Repairing 723 Com'l Compliments of the Y M C A WE ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME Phone 76 GRAND CAFE 410 Commercial Serve Finest Chinese and American Foods HARRY F. ALSPAW Watches and Diamonds Phone 395 707 Com'l THE EMPORIA SPORT SHOP Strand Theatre Building Compliments of KELLS KURL SHOP BAILEY TRANSFER 604 6om'1 a Co, Merle Norman Cosmetics um wen mi Phone 192 PTIOHG 33 BRATTON HOME 8z AUTO SUPPLY FISK TIRES - SPORTING GOODS 420 Commercial Street Phone 110 TOMS MOTOR CO. Sales Service 910 Commercial Phone 178 Dodge-Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-rated Trucks LAWRENCE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 255 510 West 6th Avenue EMPORIA PLUMBING and HEATING CO. INC. R. D. Marsh W. I. Mar,sh A. T. Sughrue Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Contractors Refrigerators, Cleaners, Disposals, Electric Sinks Home Freezers, Water Heaters, Washers, Dryers, Ironite lroners and Gas Equipment 712 Commercial Phone 223 Emporia, Kansas zfvgiq, -,v- T T53 HOME APPLIANCE STORE Roberts Leather Goods Norge Sales and Service Luggage - Shoe Rebuilding Eureka Sweepers GIFTS OF LEATHER Stewart - Warner Radios 414-416 Com'l Phone 638 726 Com'l Phone 430 gazeffe Qjrinfers IRELAND S17 Merchant Street EMPORIA, KANSAS SHOE SHOP 9 WILCOX INC. AGENCY , Marc Marcellus Kenneth Rinker Phone 143 Phone 2300 West Sixth Ave. at Chestnut Compliments of RUDY DOWNS ANDERSON'S SHOES GREEN HOUSE , Tlx Home of Nm, Howm 12 East Sixth Avenue NICKELSON LUMBER COMPANY "Get it at Nick's--there'll be no kicks" SIXTH 81 PRAIRIE AVE. PHONE 516 EMPORIA, KANSAS 1 I o FANESTIL PACKING CO. Emporia, Kansas Processors of Blue Stem and Flint Hill Fine Meat Products FRANK SMITH MOTORS, INC. "Hudson" Sales and Service 206 Commercial Phone 2240 COMPLIMENTS OF EMPORIA ICE Sz COLD STORAGE CO. ARNEY-SCHULENBERG MOTOR CO., INC. There's a FOR D in your future UAYONES Cutlery Hardware 210 East 6th Avenue Phone 2940 Radios Sport Goods Emporia, Kansas Phone 105 Paint Wallpaper Call GEORGE GROH and SONS For All Warm Air Heating Sheet Metal Work Roofing Phone 3274 325-2.7 Com'1 910311053 QQ EMPORIA IMPLEMENT COMPANY AUTHORIZED JOHN DEERE SALES G SERVICE PHONE 1029 EMPORIA, KANSAS Sporting Goods Special School Prices CHOTTLERS ELEC 8: I PORTING GOODS CO. iE5Pspl0l,Q Phone 205 610 Com'l " """ " TOPS FOR QUALITY Compliments of A SJISNNIINGCTON :212-314 Neosho St. Phone 4 u o u om an , . N Parts--Accefjosries--2iris--Oils hmpoma' Kansas East Fifth Avenue Phones 809-3234 Emporia, Kansas T. JENSEN and SON, lNC. McKEE-FLEMING LUMBER CO Phone 123 Dealers in Lumber and Building Material FORT JEWEL SHOP Corner Fifth and Congress Diamond Rings Watches phone 73 519 Commercial Compliments of DR. W. S. HANCOCK Optometrist Beatrice Tnods Co. 721 Commercial Phone 146 1 "AR OMA CAFE " Spaghetti and Meat Ball Ravioli Fried Chicken Steak GARRISON MUSIC STORE COMPLETE MUSICAL SERVICE 715 Commercial Phone 2125 212 Com'1 Phone 1803 .gznior gow MMM 4? Wwjfisf ,N f ,ff 23 Xixhrfj 4ffgvl77-7-H 5? E ww ggi? S ag fubfnpiyfv 2 Elfgif Qgwjygl Og E Nw? gfifm , Ca Llulal' September E. H. S. opened its doors for the 49-50 year beginning September 5, with 255 new students and one new faculty member, John Kelso. The old institution's halls were really bustling. Student Council members were elected in home rooms Tuesday, the 13th. This C. is headed by Larry Sigler, year's S. Presidentg Mary Keith Riegle, Vice-Presi- dentg Joy Whitney, Secretary: and Oliver Anderson, Treasurer. On the sixteenth, the G. A. A. held their "Open House' to introduce new girls to the organization. Monday, the 19th, the Y-Teen "Little Sister" week began. The sophs had to wear badges identifying themselves: boy were they cute. This year's Y-Teen slogan is "My Y-Teen Way of Life." At last, our first football game of the season arrived on Thursday, the 22nd, when we played El Dorado at 8:00 on the Em-State field. The Spartans downed the Wildcats 14-6. The Spartan Club had a big pep parade up Commercial street to the game, with more than 200 students partic- ipating. Boy, what fun! Senior class officers were elected on the 27th of September. The Seniors of "50" will have as their officers: Ralph Hahn, Presidentg Nancy Allen, Vice-Presidentg Hazel Wilhite, Secretary, and Avis Smith, Treasurer. Things were really poppin' onSept. 30th. The Student Council sponsored an all- school party and we had our second football game, which was played at Junction City. We lost our game, 14-O. October Each home room elccted a Jr. Red Cross representative Oct. 3rd. The 6th of Oct. found the junior class at the polls electing their officers, which are: Don White, President, Betty Parks, Vice-Presidentg Elaine Woodbury, Secre- taryg and Bonita Jones, Treasurer. The Topeka Trojans invaded the Spartan camp on the 7th of Oct. and took home one of the most heartbreaking victories that Emporia suffered all year. The Trojans were able to score a touchdown in the last 5 seconds to win the game 6-0. Richard Raynolds, Pat Gibson, Pat Van- Sickle and Ann Zody were elected to head the Sophomore class in the election Monday, Oct. 10. of 67021115 The Wyandotte Bulldogs nipped the Spartans 20-7 when we journeyed to Kansas City on the 14th. The football boys weren't the only ones to go to K. C. The F. F. A. boys went there also on the 18th to attend the American Royal and see all of those beautiful horses. On the Zlst of October, the Spartans downed the Parson Vikings 38-12 on the E-State Field, which ended a 3 game losing streak. Come on team and fight! The Y-Teen Birthday Ball was really one for our memory book. The Counts gave outwith beautiful music and everyone looked so sharp. Who will forget the night of Oct. 22 ? The All-School play was given in the Junior High auditorium the 27th of Oct. The play was the "The Divine Flora." Everyone did a wonderful job in their part and thanks a lot kids for a very entertaining evening. While E. H. S. students square danced at the F. F. A. All-School party in the Junior High Gym, the football team fought alosing battle with the Manhattanlndians in Manhattan. The final score of the game,which was played Oct. 28, was 34-20. November On Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 10:50, students filed into the dimly lighted auditorium to the most memorable assembly ever given in E. H. S.It was the presentation of the picture of our friend Rice E. Brown. The picture is now in the main hall and a part of E. H. S. The Spartans tamed the Rosedale Wildcats here Nov. 2, as they tromped them 26-6. Oh those wonderful teacher's meetings, which mean rest for the 3rd and 4th. Wow! Were those Spartans hot the night of the llth of Nov. They mopped up the entire E-State field with the Ottawa Cyclones, and marched to a 21-0 triumph. Twelve Emporia High boys went to K. U. to the Cross Country meets and took 9th place on Nov, 12 Onthe 18th of Nov. the Debate team went to Topeka and tied for 3rd place. The men of the gridiron journeyed to Plainview where they won 24-0 making a season record of 5 wins and 4 losses. The G. A. A. all school party was also on this night where students danced under the large "Harvest Moon." December The Znd of Dec. marked the beginning of the Spartans court battles. They returned to Wichita where they sent the Plainview 5 run- ning for cover with a 54-32 victory. 99 "Come right this way" was the famous call at the Key Club sponsoredCarnivalita in the Junior High gym Dec. 9.Gosh! but wasn't it fun throwing balls at people's heads, getting married and sending those crazy telegrams ? On the 10th the Purple Dragons were de- feated by the Red and Black Spartans in a clinic game on the Civic Auditorium court, starting the undefeated home court record. The final score was 56-30. E. H. S. students and faculty worked had-md to prepare for the annualChristmas progra ' , which was given in the auditorium the l5th and 16th. This is one of the biggest, best, most impressive programs of the year. On the 20th of Dec. the McPherson Bull- pups came growling into Emporia, only to be set back on their haunches with a score of 63-38.The Junior cheerleaders were elected during this game. They are Mary K. Riegle, Barbara Atteberry, Sally Rothfelder, Dorla Russell, and Russell Mullikin. Oh unhappy day! On the 23rd of Dec. Emporia High lost their first game this year to the Salina Maroons--a chalk up of 72-46. After a game like that it's nice Christrnas vacation comes along. While most students were resting during the holidays, our 'up and at em" team was fighting in the Hutchinson Tourney on the 28, 29, 30. They brought home the 4th place trophy. January Back again to the old grind of things on Tuesday, the 3rd of Jan. My! but wasn't it hard to get into the swing of things again? The Haskell Indians, of Haskell Institute, journeyed to Emporia where they suffered a tremendous defeat of 97-17. The halls of the old institution were crammed packed, as students from 21 Kansas towns marched in to the Debate tournament which was held here the 13th and 14th. Fri- day evening the Hi-Y sponsored a Hi-Ya all- school party, while many loyal Spartans and Spartanettes rode the rails and crowded the highways going to Topeka, where we beat the Trojans 68-50. The Ottawa Cyclones blew city very confident on the l7th, but went out rather meek, as they bowed 54-41. E. H. S. added Wyandotte to their win list onthe 20th of January. The Spartans were able to add up 44 to the Bulldogs' 3l. Tuesday night, the 24th of January, the Emporia High cagers were victorious over the Chanute Comets by a score of 73-41. Joy Whitney was selected by the student body to reign over the Emporia High courts as Queen of Emporia High. She was crowned and presented with a bouquet of white carna- tions, while the same evening the Spartans into our fair to Spartans, beat the Trojans 58-44 in their 3rd meeting of the years. February 54-34 was the score when the Spartans went to Lawrence and defeated the Haskell Indians. The wonderful senior play was the 3rd of Feb. Those kids were really sharp when they gave the Broadway hit "What A Life", a play about Henry Aldrich. Emporia's word Wranglers went to the State Debate meet at K. U. Feb. 3 where they brought home the 7th place award. This ended the season with 602: wins. When the Spartans went on the road to battle with East High, they came home with their 3rd defeat of the season 45-42. Emporia cagers pulled all of their tricks from the bag on the 10th of Feb., a date that shall be remembered by a1l,beCauSe We beat Salina, one of the top teams in the nation, 55-50. Heart Sister week brought with it the usual hurry and flurry during the 3 day period, ranging from the l3th to the 15th. Emporia received a big Valentine on the 14th saying "You've beat Ottawa 53-34, and I love you, could you ask for more ?" The Spartans' only Saturday game was on the 18th with Ark City on the Auditoriurn court. We won 55-l8! El Dorado bowed to Emporia, 75-51, Tuesday, the Zlst, on the auditorium court. Our last home game was a 77-40 victory over Junction City Feb. 24. Those adventurous Key Clubbers went way down to Little Rock, Arkansas to attend a Key Club Convention the 24th. Then they came back on the 27th. The Spartans traveled to Newton on the 28th, where they were defeated 55-42. March March 3, Emporia beat Parsons 58-50 in a second overtime. On this same night the Y-Teen held an all-school Party. The theme was Spring Preview. Due to a strict deadline that had to be met we were unable to finish the calendar with all the facts but there are a few things left. March 9-10-ll ---- Regional Tournament at Neodasha. March 10---"Young and Fair" a benefit play for the adopted school in the Junior High auditoriurn. March 15-16-17-18 ---- State Basketball Tournament in Topeka. March 17--All-school party. April 7--Senior Dinner and Junior- Senior Prom. May 5--Pep Club all-school party. May 21--Class Sermon 7:30 May Z4--Commencement 8:00 100 iNy..Q J!, ,jgyw K E 2 yy. ' XR, sw, wgigf5Q KJQYSEEEHQ FQWWQQ WWMWQQXNRSQRQ WMV? ffkf Amyfm x 'X iqgli Q gy Q4 f?wZM 4 Q 2 K out I 4421! , W X In X 4: N fwwbdwwf QWTW' 5 ff ,3 MYERSQ- YEARBCOKS THE PACEMAKERS or ouAmv W' ,, MYERS AND co.lNc. TOPEKA, KANSAS 1 , lk" .. 4? I I ,-if ff ' if y zf',f'V'fff QM fa , tx , mNmwvWWfHVEv:fwwwMvMW,M4f , -D4 -7- , . ,, I ,,,. M .ww A 'ZyW'zQvwfw hff-WMn f ,jf 1 4 I 4 4 Q Q r 1 E 5 5 5 i E M535 ,ff wif! W MW 'J M59 fQW'ffi Jwggwi 95 ' ' ' w"J,,,fbf'j5ij,,A yvwagpygyfl fiifgf fax! ff? Q-CD xx fam NP- A. 10 N ff M' n"Yf0ff'lMf - " 'Il , 6 1 Ip!!! 0' Jia! SLC? I H N5 ' ff-' if ' fy ' 2' 21th is cy. - .li sxitil v-CC' fix x ,. -Q2 W ' s 4" , 4" xxx - P 'lil J ka fx: 9- -'x 6 aff . .riiioi r 4' " 1761 . ,-2 Rx Niki ', s XX, X ,J if 1 ' Z ,L K A gf Qi ' NA U ' , p ' Q ,Z f K X Q k 4 'ii 'X 1 if I I I fi ' AJ Rx f a fp ' A I K A ff' Af fy -f if uf ' f' A , Af' v f f 9 f' ff' an FIN V . 75 fy' Tp A' W fy A 0 Tl 7 A -IN s In .WN-I 4 X? if

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