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,QVDIEWWQ W' p l fiQff5ypf55f+ ffE ff N WW Y? Q- Qixyfx W fx! 5340? NaoQ..f EQ WMM W fig XQ5 75' Q , Ev X me 5 Q W gs? S Q1 wif 4 . .fb 5. , 3 5 , ,R S ix jig ffm 3 l l, 0 .- - , gi 1-N 'JV f. , l ' x' .Fof 0, Larvae? M Yi ' if 0 ,ZMZ u 'J QW V EMM v i? MMM myvfw 9W.wj2fiQP'j A' ' Sim W vw k lfff Www? 'is if W A 52 W gi Jyxfygayydgif fWW A ww Goff wwf fn WW Www fi! JW WZZZWMLWMW JW Sbykjjy fiiiiigif WW W ,QM w:, M ,ZQQMMW 7'77wW'j,,.f , , v V L M h. N HRT . . as grfii, F f ' ' f - f , I . V ' wwe 1 - ,f jj w I ' ' I I-4 . ,- -A K Qav ff' ,Af ' "f"'Qfjf4'QQJ A"MT"fW16' W ff ff"M N55 f W ,LMC X . ,lf awww WM W mC0'm ,w9. Ry. 1 I I . 3 5Wj53 i5l 1 12515 rg '.', 1 1 1 ,- 3 1 ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' A-f"'bfff" 'W -. "1 i A ' h . A lzfwgull Hum! ua X ' 1, W '. pf .1 .,1 lik.. .hir A1 , . ,lx-I, X Y r fjifi y rv ' . f I 1 Q ' ' ' . , E ' ' , -451- -sf ' ' , g 'f - , - ' fi' Y ' fl b ' Q-, 4" I Q ef' 41 L :' 5 . I I f ,QW , , 5 'U ' ' wx ' I - I . N N, , - ' -1' " -, R . ., .fain ll 5 f -. . A xx A A ,QVMW , 1 ,1 , , , T C xl PM Nw" X V ' 'W 'N-N XV im? Lk T . H ff :R l I' in in 1 f : 7'l'?i'ti" ' . ' .11 ' . , ' ' " ' f', '- -g QS fix.. '-f . V H Buaumc-limmix 5--4 Hmmm hannah, "f -'gf 1 X I . N I X .A 'ETX' xv, , , V x F , x , A um h - 'X N V r- .f 3 U M. Y s v V ff' N21 x x v N Q N ll' ' 'S . l Q - ,L sl V I - v. l I . -r K K fi 1 ' T ' i r 5 'X , .IU I ' v-, gen x . V ' . A ,Xu 7 X v 4x I - A -. -X 2 , - . f V s . 1 1 T--. .Q pQ N i xx X 1 A X I H . V , X ,Az in , Q-N 7. 'A YJ, v M ' Q 1 2 - ' 55' I, - ,,,. . -,.: ' f f V ' z ' ' V N s Q 3 I X r 2 5 'QW-:P 4: I 8 , .:.L ,, ,Q I .e R A A 7,11 "r - Q .f ' -- - R -X ., , L 3 1 F 'NR P V ' 5 L,b -J f 3 .Y it-5 2 S Q- 4 L an-b Q , 55? - I l Q. f: . at FE-Q if - Q13- u . . - . H1 w --1 '- V- ww-Q-.' 314-',,f...-, ' n'W w:".'.14LK-'f.5..-grmug.mMm...f..sz1Ek.- ' 'W' " 7, "gmt rm..umi': uf '!4......jK 3934 Q5 'V MJ ' 57 BK .Hg o XM! - if as I W 0 THE ,SENIQQ CLASS ' D Semor HxggxnigleorelkgivpovugkifxgxsI ll e-Eclw o ,jffgg oF I7 49 ' wi' am N 6 -km s W N ' If ON i ' A - 1:-1' " E41 A ' ' X "Wg X' mmu nn x 'Q palm F1 3- 1 t wx. Fi, - M 0 www .....n, 1 Q ff w, X1, wg! f N Ji' "xXXXx - fX5j .fA -3. 9 If 4, 71 is X E 'E4'Eml!!lU.f.f CE, Qcjbfzziii Nm 1 , xxx x 'N C9 453 'fxfx-59' or 'igx C3 Y' 5 Q ,3 5 fb Si ': ' ,nf . A ali K F. MN aa. "fav if ,A "'4wW' dal-gM"""'Yi-AW' ff , " .4 W- :.,' AS -0- W Y ,. fx iziff jf X W NAVA -,LL my V. 5 0 Jlame of Me '49m4 When there comes a day when you are in a remi- niscing mood We hope you'll take this annual off the shelf, dust it, open its covers and spend some pleasant hours remembering your youthful days in Emporia High School. GAE WHITNEY, Editor BROOKS BECKER, Business Manager I Re-gdza XP r ,ye fziufib in Manmq of Rice Z. Eaawn Certain traits and attitudes seemed to be as much a part of Mr. Rice E. Brown as were his physical characteristics. Among these were loyalty, fidelity to duty, and regard for others. He was at all times loyal to the school and community which he served, to his associates in the school and the community and to his religious and moral convictions. If there were conflicts between what he believed to be right and what seemed to be expedient, conviction of right always prevailed. He was at all times loyal to those in authority and always courteous to those over whom he exercised authority. ' His cheerful friendliness, his dependability, and his loyalty made many friends among young and old. During my fourteen years of association with him I never heard him speak ill of anyone. On the other hand, he always seemed to know something good concerning anyone whose name was mentioned. Perhaps no one who has ever left the Emporia Rotary Club was more missed than is Rice E. Brown. Rice E. Brown was a good man and a good educator. The work of a good man, and more especially a good educator, never ends. The ideals lived by Rice E. Brown will be passed on from generation to generation as long as earthly time shall run. W. M. RICHARDS U1 Qcvziq-lVineu BOARD OF EDUCATION ln the passing of Wayne B. Granger, the Emporia City Schools lost a capable and loyal friend. He was more than ordinarily successful in his profession, hence, there were many demands upon his time. He enioyed his hobbies more than most men. Nevertheless, he was able and willing to find time to give for the betterment of the schools in Emporia. Courage- ous, capable, honest and sincere in all that he did he made significant contribution during his short tenure as a member DR. GRANGER of the Emporia Board of Education. W. M. RICHARDS The board of education is a vital organization that meets the first Monday of every month to solve problems dealing with the public school system of Emporia. Officers and members of the board are: President . . . WELDON HANNA Virf-Prfsidcni . . . JoE J. MORRIS, JR. Clerk ..... . NIAGDELENA Y. BAKER Twaszzrvr .....,.. LLOYD B. PRICE MRs. FRED FLEMING, MARC MARCELLUS, C. J. MCCOY, DR. C1-ms. C. UNDERWOOD, JR. E71 MAGDE1.ENA Y. BAKER Clerk of Board of Erluration Re-Zahn Una Swpeainlemfenl' 5 NW. M. RICHARDS SIllIt'l'illfl'lll!l'llf Among people in all parts of the world, throughout the ages, there has been established practices of setting a time for inducting youth into the full responsibilities and rights of adulthood. Usually at this time there is some kind of a recognition ceremony. No one seems to know just how long ago it was that our ancestors established the age of twenty-one as that of maturity. Certainly it was recognized many many years ago. However, it seems likely that if matters were to be reconsidered today, the time would be fixed at graduation from high school. This occasion, more than the twenty-first anniversary of birth, marks the real transition from dependency to adult- hood. This is true whether the individual goes on for further education or assumes at once the responsi- bilities of his life's work. My fondest hope for each member of the Senior Class of 1949 is that you have acquired from the Emporia High School that which prepares you adequately for what lies ahead. It is to that end that our hopes and our endeavors have been directed. Mics. l,i Nou: XVIIMJN 8i'ri'4'li1ii' lu lfn' S11jvi'i11lli'mli'r1i lsl 1 1 aaahw d if "F la . : - 6 : 0 ' 5f5fT'O" " S Wg. li - , . , CH ERS m VG-'CD 4 w ., , 0 05-7 f is ffl? jf ' '5 4 J I 1 sal., Congratulations to the "Forty-Ninersn! A century ago another group of "Forty- Niners" went in search of wealthg some were rewarded and others met disappointment. Most of them endured hardships and the real Wealth that was gained required untold hours of effort for its attainment. The "Forty-Niners" of the present will have a surprisingly similar experience. Vfealth, different in nature but equal in value, is available to any searcher willing to make the necessary sacrifices and do the necessary labor. May each of you strike your expected "bonanza", Q HERBERT I. BRUNING l1liRBl:RT I. BRUNING Prinrifml MAURINE DUNCAN, Svvrvfargf to Principal Miss Duncan, acting as secretary to the Prin- cipal, has managed to keep quite busy during this school year with the numerous tasks she must accomplish in order to keep the business of the school running efficiently. Miss MARY D. PETTY, Girls' Counselor All students, especially girls, have come to know Miss Petty during this school year for she has acted as girls' counselor as well as Y-Teen supervisor. L10-1 'H 'ti -ical-1..nLg11nrv"'-1:11.- 40417-Nineaa 4am MRS. MARGARET DINKLER rgnglisli, Speech and Dramatics GEORGE A. LODLE MgEEia1EI5I5?gcgCE Industrial Arts U A. B. KocH Miss VIRGINIA FORBECK CHARLES M' GARRISON Mathematics Senior Social Studies Physlcal Education 1 I 5 3 A MISS JENNY P. DOUGLASS LESTER GRIFFITH MARY ALICE STEELSMITH Latin and English Shop and Auto Mechanics VOCR1 Music U11 Re-Echo ORMOND R. PARKER Mas? ELEANOR A- STEP'-'ESS G. C. EIKERMANN Instrumental Music cence' Senior Social Studies A I Sf f 7 I W '- f- Lf WILLIAM M. GLENN MISS LORETTO LANGLEY English. Speech and Debate MISS INEZ R. GREER Business Education Hvme Living HAROLD L. ROYER MISS MARION HOWARD JOHN R. WILLIAMS Business Education Spanish and French Science U21 newn- EMORY GROVES Vocational Agriculture EUGENE D. RIDENOUR M?4imETIE?iElgBEcK Social Science MISS ETHEL B. SHIRLEY Business Education EDWARD PRICE Science MISS SHIRLEY THOMSON WOOD BLOXOM E H h Mathematics H8 S MRS. LOIS JAQUITH F4 JAY SOUTH English and Journalism printing U31 lf .. Re-Zahn J Miss MAUDE JACKSON RAKH W- HASKE7-'L Librarian Y MISS ANITA RICE Social Science -. X MRS- RUTH GOOD N " ff Miss STELLA KLEIN Physical Education 4' school Nurse ,N Y CUSTODIANS They keep the home of the '49ers spic and span. Left to right: Mr. Davnd Thomas, Mr. Ernest Marcellus, Mr. Isaac Beach, Mrs. Ernestine Holt. I 14 1 40414-!VinyL4 lp' JH' R fgs :wifi F01 , I , W fix0l Z Bi In 0 L 'S Bked ,X W W 0 OUT B Y 1 " 'F lk 9 f, X ' ",,f X V. K mf' WW ' N !w,,1lMZ' M N A I , I A ,ff if' .1 ' f -1 0 .L s "I," M' - R' x IT'U't'l UIKLMJP XXX f 1 ' 1 E , .. I if fwwmblllsg .MMU U53 5.4-5310 - Quiuae QM fb' of 1959 CLASS PROPHECY OF 1949 While one of our forthcoming, lngenlous, magnanlmous, young students. Brooks Becker by name, was floating along at breath-taking speed-one breath every ten miles-on hls way to an urgent conference to advlse our most humble sclentlsts, Bob Francis and Carl Hoffmans, his Beckermoblle was floating too high-well his eyes were dlverted toward the sun, and he was stupldfled by its golden hue. As he lost control of the Beckermoblle, he floated ln a subconscious state through space. At this untimely moment the moon happened by and the mass of the metallurglc genius, Brooks' Beckermoblle, was completely demollshed by a colllslon with the moon. The Beckermoblle was too utterly wrecked for further use so Brooks made hlmself at home on the moon and accepted condltlons as they were. He just happened to gaze out into the brightly illuminated space, and he saw the Earth float by. and atmospheric conditions affected hls eyes. I-le saw clearly many scenes that brought forth pictures of the actlvltles of his former classmates. It was happenings ten years later, for you see, lt took ten years for the llght waves of the Earth to reach the moon. But enough details of how he saw what he saw: let's see just what he dld see. As New York flew by, head chef at the Waldorf-Astoria, Charlle Freeman ls seen back ln the groove again sllnging hash with a sllng-shot. Glanclng over at Harvard Unlverslty he notices that the Chemistry Building ls on flre and he under- stands why when he recognizes Vlrglnla Wlchert, Chemistry Instructor. As Lake Success buzzes by he notlces JaNelda Crandall, Alice Spencer and Betty Buennlng, exhlbltlon swlmmers for the U. N. The Earth moves sllghtly to West Polnt and here Grace Langley ls brought before hls eyes as head Psychologist there. Also ln that same llne of work ls Alma Mitchell, Instructor in the Horace Mann School. In New York he flnds Llllle Fox singing ln the Metropolitan Opera House. As the Whlte House ln Washington, D. C., comes into vlew, he observes Arlyn Schuler auctlonlng off Mr. Truman and his Missouri Waltz records, and Eileen Towner housekeeping for the President. Zoomlng agaln at super-some speed, Brooks is able to recognize John Reber, terror of Chicago, who has cornered a frult market with the help of his bodyguards: Dave Smith, Don Sherwood, Candy Torres, and Jack Purcell, with blg boy Sherwood as their boss. Also there he sees Jo Beck coaching the Chlcago Teddy Bears! Glanclng at the better part of Chicago, he notices that Barbara Burton has taken over Marian Anderson's PIECE and wlll soon make a tour of the west. In Chlcago's famous lecture hall is Gene Bloxom, who is a diversified lecturer on the subject of "Holes ln Space" or "What went with the Women". Now as the earth spirals to New Orleans, Brooks observes Dick Sutton, manager of a gambling casino ICantinued on page 691 0 lvugqdd We, being members of the outstanding class of 1949, and finding that we, too, must pass on from E. H. S. and pass out our golden nuggets, being sound of mind and generous of heart do hereby bestow upon those not fortunate enough to be members of this remarkable class the following talents, which are many, faults, which are few, and personal possessions. To the faculty we leave the thought that when better classes are made, Emporia High will make them. To the senlor class sponsors we have only thanks for being out guiding hands these three wonderful years ln high school. To the Juniors we will our way of "grinning and bearing lt" on those days when teachers feel that they must glve tests. These days are usually followlng vacations, big games or parties. To the sophomores we will our dignity, our overwhelming athletic ablllty, our poise, our excellent looks, our abounding pep, and our lack of conceit. The braln of the chemistry class, Bob Francis, leaves his posltlon ln the lab to Chalmous LaShea. Gerry Sludwlck wllls his famed ablllty to keep-his-eyes on out-of-town cheerleaders to Blll Robinson. Ralph Hahn ls belng left a part of Marianne I-Ioch's heart, however she takes the biggest part with her to thrlll some lucky college boy. Margaret Renshaw wllls her Echo editor position to one of the lndustrlous junior glrls. The vocatlon steno meetings and Mr. Royer are belng left by Joan Tobin, Maxlne Lang, Joan Kyle, and Marylee Klene. Two sophomore glrls are belng left behind by Bob Banlster and Junior Palmer, but their interests wlll remain. fContinued on page 701 U61 J E .W-ne., . .... 4mly-Nam Qwiq-Num Time was when the '49ers were green sophomores entering high school and wondering what it was all about. As juniors they spent a very Worth- while year climaxed by the junior-senior "Merry-go-Round" prom. Casting reflections on the last and most successful year of the '49ers We see that the class is made up of individuals-each one with different talents and personalities but when linked together make a dynamic, brilliant, brainy class that has accomplished much. Under the capable leadership of their four officers they planned and presented the senior assembly, the senior banquet, and a successful senior week. The class has done outstanding Work in journalism, athletics, dramatics and in their religious and service organizations. Prvsidf-nf, Charles Freeman: Vin'-Pr1'sizf1'r1f,Gae Whitney, Secretary, Dixie Lawson: Treasurer, Maxine Gibson I 171 Re-Zahn WVU: E191 JETTY, RITA JOANNE-She's gone all through High School with a "Push". Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teen, Cheerleader, Christmas Pageant, "Revolt in Rhythm", Senior Sextette, Junior Triple Trio, Senior Trio, Sophomore Ensemble, Pep Club, G. A. A. WILLIAMS, ERNEST WAYNE - Get ready to laugh-here comes Ernie. A Cappella, Mixed Chorus, F. F. A. Secretary, F. F. A. President. Christmas Pageant. OWEN, LILA-The other half with talent also. Glee Club. G. A. A., Y-Teen, Committee for Senior Dinner, Pep Club, "Revolt in Rhythm". Christmas Pageant. SMITH, DALE LEROY - Another of our camera fiends-and he's good tool Band. Hi-Y, Key Club, Hi-Y Model Legislature. Re-Echo. Latin Club, Intramural Basketball, Treasurer of Key Club. PARKMAN, MARY LEE-She would be lost with- out Hartsell. Y-Teen, Usher, Christmas Pageant. MEARES. MICHAEL A.-His horn is his future. Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, Christmas Program, Pep Band. GROSSARTH, MARY JOYCE-A human sun- beam. Pep Club, Y-Teen, G. A. A. REBER. JOHN J. Jn.-Lodle's right-hand man, JONES, DOROTHY-What she says goes-some- times! Y-Teen, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus, Christ- mas Pageant, Pep Club BURTON, BARBARA JANE - With a voice like that-shetll go places. Mixed Chorus, A Cappella. President of Latin Club. Christmas Pageant. Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet. Harmoneers, Burrough Y-Teen, Senior Music Committee. KNAPP, RICHARD LEE-He's almost ba'hfu!. COPE, JO ANN MARIE-The highest attainment is worth striving for. Y-Teen, G. A. A., Glee Club, Honor Group. KNAUF, ALVIN-The character with character. VALYER, EUNICE ANN - The most radiant "Queen" ever! Program Chairman of Y-Teen. World Fellowship Chairman. Vice-President of Student Council, Secretarv of Junior Class. Treasurer of G. A. A.. Red Cross. Camp Brewster. Secretary of Latin Club, "One Foot in Heaven". D. A. R, Good Citizen Award, Pep Club. Christ- mas Pageant, "Queen of Courts". Re-Echo. I. R. O., Prophecy Committee, Honor Group. PYLE, WILLIAM IRA-Be quiet and they'll think you are a genius. Latin Club. TOBIN,. JOAN DELPHINE M How does she get 5116711911119 done! Y-Teen. G. A. A., Pep Club. Senior Dinner Committee. MULLIKIN, JAMES - Look, he's graduating and with flying colors. Football, Junior and Senior Cheerleader, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Christmas Chorus, Hi-Y, A Cappella. MARSH, RUTH ANN-Be pleasant and you'll al- wlly-? have friends. Y-Teen President, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club Vice-President, I. R. O., "One Foot in Heaven", Christmas Pageant, G. A. A.. Latin Club, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, Glee Club. Junior Triple Trio, Honor Group. 1 1 .,, qaaiq- Nineu WILSON, PATRICIA A. - One of the engaged '49ettes. STURGEON, JACK PHILIP-He's the joker in our deck! Football, Hi-Y, Latin Club, "E" Club. HERBERT, PATRICIA JOANN-Her heart belongs to a certain sailor. Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, "One Foot In Heaven", Student Council, Student Council Secretary, Y-Teen Secretary, Echo, Re-Echo, Pep Club, Debate, Bide-a-Wee, Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Chorus, Honor Group. SUTTON, RICHARD-Enjoy life while you can. Christmas Pageant, "Cuckoos on the Hearth", "One Foot In Heaven", Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. DAY, MARY IMOGENE-She's short and sweet and hard to beat. Latin Club, Red Cross, Y-Teen, G. A. A., "Revolt ln Rhythm", Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Re-Echo, Glee Club. CARTER, ROBERT - A handy person to have Hi-Y, F. F. A., Officers Leadership around. School, F. F. A. Secretary, State Shop Team. JAQUITH, ELIZABETH-So much. to do, but still time enough to fascinata Jess. G. A. A., Latin Club Vice-President. Sophomore Ensemble, Camp Bide-a-Wee, Y-Teen Vice-President, Chairman of Publicity Committee, I. R. O., Christmas Pageant, Junior Girls' Triple Trio, Girls' State, Junior and Senior Cheerleader, Attendant Courts, Honor Group. to Queen of U18 HUGHES, ROBERT JOHN-One of our handsornest heroes. Football, "One Foot In Heaven", Glee Club, Christmas Chorus, H1-Y. WICHERT, VIRGINIA LEE-A charming person- ality always wins friends. Y-Teen, Co-Chairman of Social Committee, Chairman World Fellowship Committee, G. A. A., Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Spring Concert, Christmas Pageant, I. R. O.. Pep Club, "Cuckoos on the Hearth" production stafi, Echo, Re-Echo, Pep Club, "One Foot In Heaven", Girls' State, Girls' Glee Club, "Revolt In Rhythm", Pep Club President, Chairman Senior Will. GUY, MAURICE E.-Always a star in any field! President of Sophomore Class, Treasurer of Sopho- more Hi-Y, President of Junior Hi-Y, Vice-Presi- dent ol' Key Club, President of Student Council, Key Club, Basketball, Track, President of Latin Club, Choral Reader, "Cuckoos on the Hearth", Honor Group "E" Club. RIGSBY, JO ANN-There's mischief behind that smile. Y-Teen, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. TURNEY, CHARLES-Your friend and mine! Secretary of Sophomore Hi-Y, Secretary of Junior Hi-Y, President of Spanish Club, Basketball, Intramural Basketball. GRAVES, JUDY-She'll always be a jewel to us! Student Council, Junior Red Cross, I. R. O., Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, G. A. A., "Revolt in Rhythm", Y-Teen, Re-Echo, Spring Concert. SHAW, GEORGE-He'll be gone but not forgotten. Stagecraft. V NELSON, GLADYS GRACE - Ambition is her middle name. Production Staff of "One Foot In Heaven". HARR, CLELAND SMITH-Not a ladies' man but a lady's man. Football, Basketball, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Pgoggmb Chairman, "One Foot In Heaven", .. ., u l PRICE, ELIZABETH MAURINE-Carefree as a bufieffly. Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Senior Sextette, "Revolt In Rhythm", Christmas Pageant, A Cappella, Sophomore En- semble, Junior Triple Trio, Senior Trio, Pep Club. BANISTER, EDWIN DUANE-At last! Fgotlgllb Basketball, Hi-Y, Christmas Program, .. ., u . E191 Re-Zcfna 20 BECK. JOSEPH ELDON-The rugged individualist. Key Club, Key Club Vice-President. Hi-Y, Foot- ball, Track, Re-Echo Staff, "E" Club, Debate Intramural Basketball, Pep Club TELFER, EVELYN-She's married to her future. Y-Teen, Re-Echo, Band, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Student Director "Cuckoos on the Hearth". HARGER, JOHN A.-Success comes if you only wait. Band, Pep Band. Stagecraft, LAWSON. DIXIE LEEgPerfect in poise, pep, and personality! Sophomore Ensemble, Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, G, A. A.. Pep Club, A Cappella, Junior Girls' Triple Trio, Christmas Pageant. Senior Class Secretary, Y-Teen Publicity Chairman. Re-Echo Staff. I. R. O., Girls' Basketball Ticket Team, Girls' Glee Club. Senior Girls Sextette, Senior Will Committee, Spring Concert. Senior Class Song Committee Chairman, Senior Trio. "Revolt In Rhythm", Honor Group. FINNERTY. JAMES EDWARD-He dances like a dream! Intramural Basketball. I. R. O.. High School Independent Baseball Team, Christmas Pageant. COLLINS, EDITH BETH-No one will be able to forget Beth's beaming personality. Student Council. A Cappella. Pep Club. Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Glee Club, Spring Concert. JENSEN. DONALD FRANCIS - You flame ilk- He'll draw it! Latin Club. "Cuck0os on the Hearth", "One Foot In Heaven", Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Re-Echo. BROCKELMAN, JOAN MARIE-Rembrandfs little sister! Y-Teen, Student Council. DICK. WILLIAM JAMES---I'm looking fm' fame and fortune, Band, Hi-Y, Latin Club. GRISELL. DONNA MAY-She will be remembered by her harmonious personality. Dramatics. Y-Teen. Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. A Cap- pella, Senior Girls' Sextette. Junior Red Cross, G. A, A., "Cuckoos on the Hearth", "One Foot In Heaven", Christmas Pageant, Pep Club. Orchestra. PENDERGRAFT, ROGER D.-Speech is great, but silence is greater. JOHNSON, ROSEMARY - She takes sunshine wherever she goes. Y-Teen. G. A. A. SHIRLEY, NORMAN D.-A good guy and a good worker. GROH2 HELEN ELIZABETH-Life is swell and funny if Helen is there. Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club. Echo Staff. HARKINS, PAT-A "lucky in love" young guy, RENSHAW, MARGARET LEE - She has a great future in the field of journalism. Adopt-a-School Committee. Echo, Echo Co-Editor, Y-Teen, Christ- mas Program, Pep Club, Honor Group. BECKER, EDWARD BROOKS-Fun, friendly and full of talk-that's Brooks. Key Club, I. R. O., Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Model Legislature, Boys' State, Debate, Golf Team, Pep Club, Choral Readers, Re-Echo Business Manager, Latin Club. Honor Group. ROE, VIRGINIA-What's the hurry? John, of course, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Sophomore Class Secretary, Glee Club. Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant. 4au'q-lVinm4 KOCH. CAROL JEAN-It's a great asset to be born good-looking, Student Council Vice-Presb dent, Re-Echo, G. A. A., Y-Teen, Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, Choral Reader, "Cucl-roos on the Hearth", "One Foot In Heaven", Pep Club. MUSGRAVE, BRUCE EDWARD-His academic and athletic ability rank high! Football, Basketball, Track, Key Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, "E" Club, Honor Group. CARSON, JESSIE MAXINE-YUu'll always have fun when Jessie's around. Glee Club, Y-Teen. HOUSER., HOWARD S.-A chip off the old block. Intramural Basketball, I-Il-Y. BRANDT, JEANETTE LEA - Those brown eyes dance and sparkle. Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, G. A. A., Latin Club, Pep Club, Student Council. Choral Reader, Re-Echo, Business Manager ot Y-Teen Magazine Sale. CHILDERS, VERL LEE - A promising future farmer! F. F. A., Red Cross. BUENNING, BETTY I-IELENE-Her best is all any- one can do. Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Honor Group. FREEMAN, CHARLES-A president to be proud of! President of Senior Class, Basketball, Echo Staff. MCMULLEN, LEILA GRACE-A sweet smile, with the cutest dimples! Band, Orchestra, Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant. PIERCE, WARREN RICHARD -- Gobs of lun- yust ask Pat. Football, Stagecraft. CRAWFORD, MARY ELIZABETH-A vital part of our organization. Y-Teen, I. R. O., G. A. A.. Band, Orchestra, Chairman of Y-Teen Worship Committee, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Re-Echo Staff. MCDERMED, DARRELL WATSON-And he shall play music wherever he goes. Band, Orchestra, I-Ii-Y, Latin Club, Vice-President of Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, Pep Band. WHITEHEAD, CONNIE DEE-A cute little actress with lots of ability. Red Cross, G. A. A., Student Council, "Cuckoos on the Hearth". Student Director, "'One Foot In Heaven". Y-Teen, Co- Chairman of Worship Committee, Pep Club. SCHNEIDER, ROBERT WILLIAM-Einstein, watch out! Here comes Bob. Band, Orchestra, Student Council, Stage Productions, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella. GIBSON, MAXINE-Her good nature is the best spoke of her wheel! Christmas Pageant, Glee Club, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Secretary, Senior Class Treasurer, Vice-President of G. A. A., Red Cross. I, R. O., Echo Staff, Re-Echo Assistant Editor, Camp Brewster, Senior Prophecy Chairman WILLIAMS, KENNETH FRANK-High ambitions make great men. CARPENTER, BETTY JO-A beautiful voice with a personality to match! Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Senior Sextette, A Cappella, Echo Staff. Re-Echo, Y-Teen, Music Chairman, Student Director "One Foot In Heaven", Junior Girls' Triple Trio. ZEINER, EUGENE H.-School is just a pastime. I J, v-. ,... I 3, 21 lie Re-Zcfm E221 SHADWICK, GERALD L.-He is, and will be, a great leader of democracy. Basketball, Track. State Hl-Y President, Key Club, Key Club Presi- dent, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, I. R. O., I. R. O. State Conference President, Sophomore Class Treasurer, Latin Club, Student Council, "One Foot In Heaven", "Revolt In Rhythm", Christmas Pageant, Boys' State, Secretary of State Model Legislature, Pep Club, Honor Group. BALDWIN, JOAN-She takes pleasure in helping others. Y-Teen, Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, G. A. A., Pep Club. AMES, RICHARD GORDON-An easy come, easy go fella. ' PARKMAN, IYLA MAY-Her pleasing personality Speaks for her. Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Co- Chalrman Worship Committee, Re-Echo. THOMPSON, NORMAN NEAL-The "T" in his name stands for taps! H1-Y, Latin Club. STANLEY, ROSALIE-Always a friend to everyone. Y-Teen, Pep Club. SCI-IULER., ARLYN L.-A likeable guy! Glee Club, A Cappella, Football, Basketball, Track. Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, Christmas Pageant. FOX. MARCINE FAYE - Em-Hi will miss her cheerful ways. Y-Teen, I. R. O., Band, Orchestra, Christmas Pageant, Honor Group. FORRESTER, JOHN H. - A11 up and 00111919 young athlete! Basketball, I-Il-Y, "E" Club, Christmas Pageant. ELLIS, JOYCE-Always pleasant-She'll succeed! Y-Teen, Student Council, Honor Group. SIMKINS, JEREMIAH KEITH - Lots of lun- always on the go. GERMANN, ROSALEE LAVERNE-Always laugh when you can, it's cheap medicine. Y-Teen, Pep Club. KYLE, JO ANN-She's never caught napping. Y-Teen. I-IAYNES, SUSAN-She's hurrying, as usual, to be with Davel Y-Teen, Y-Teen Cabinet, "One Foot In Heaven", Christmas Pageant, Re-Echo Staff. Honor Group. VOGTS, BETTY JANE-A very likeable lass. Y-Teen, Girls' Glee Club. LANG, MAXINE MARIE-She and gloom are no relation. Y-Teen, G. A. A. MCFERRIN, BRUCE R. - Melody and mischief combined. Band, Orchestra, Christmas Chorus, Pep Band. WOODWARD, BONNIE CHARLENE--Small, but oh so cute. Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus. 4af11q-!Vineu ALEXANDER, JEAN CAROL-She possesses pert- ness, pep and "Poncho". Band, Latin Club, Glee Club, Sophomore Ensemble, Junior Triple Trio, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, G. A. A., Social Com- mittee Co-Chairman, "'Cuckoos on the Hearth". "One Foot In Heaven", Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Attendant to "Queen of Courts". HURST, WILLIAM EVAN-Haste makes waste. I always say. Football, Basketball, F. F. A., Red Cross. WHITNEY, DONA GAE-Talent and more talent -What can't she do? I. R. O., Y-Teen, Student Council, Debate, Echo, Re-Echo Editor, Mixed Chorus, Senior Girls' Sextette, Vice-President of Senior Class, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant, Senior Trio, Honor Group. PURCELL, JACK M.-There'll never be another like our "Measel"l Football, Intramural Bas- ketball, Baseball. HOLSCHER, BERNIECE MAXINE-Jimmy always takes up most of her time! Y-Teen, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant. BLOXOM, GENE-Just one swell guy! Football, Basketball, "E" Club, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Chorus, I-Ii-Y, Secretary of Sophomore glass. Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Boys' Glee u . LEHNHERR, EVELYN ROSE-Her gaiety is un- limited! Red Cross, "One Foot In Heaven", G. A. A., Y-Teen, Pep Club, Latin Club, Choral Reader, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Art Committee of Senior Dinner. BURNS, ROBERT LLOYD--His piano pounding is Perfect! Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Christmas Pageant Organist, Hi-Y, Pep Club, Echo, Re-Echo, Spring Musical Concert, "Revolt In Rhythm", Latin Club, Senior Class Will Committee. GRAY, PHYLLIS-Blonde, bright, and up-to-date! Christmas Pageant, G. A. A., Latin Club, Y-Teen, 'Senior Dinner Committee, Echo Staff. KEMPKER, JOHN M.-In tune with the times. BAKER, DELLA MAE-She's here to add dignity to the '49ers Student Council, Y-Teen, SI-IERWOOD. DONALD LESTER-"Speedy", both on the court and in his car, I-Ii-Y, Basketball, Track, Baseball, "E" Club. . VAN ORDEN, JOAN-People are happy wherever she goes. Y-Teen, Re-Echo, Echo, Mixed Chorus, Sophomore Ensemble, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Girls' Glee Club. HUTCHERSON, ROBERT L.-Why hurry? I'll get there. LYNDE, MARILYN JO - A brilliant diSpOSitiO11. with hair to match. Echo Co-Editor, Junior Class Treasurer, Co-Chairman of Music Committee, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, "Revolt In Rhythm", Spring Concert, Pep Club, Student Council, Senior Girls' Basketball Ticket Team. TOWNER, EILEEN-Be silent, silence never be- trays you. Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, G. A. A., Pep Club. SCOTT, PATRICIA ANN-.She's hurrying to get fo college and Harry! Y-Teen, Senior Sextette, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant. PALMER., EDWARD JUNIOR.-Life would be quite dull without him. Hi-Y, Basketball, Red Cross, Student Council, F. F. A., Pep Club. i231 1 ! 9 uv -vp, Re-Edna si . 'W' : an :K I '32 -A ,, ".:.."i ii" 524 REICHARDT. NORMA JEAN-Silence is golden. Mixed Chorus. SMITH, DAVID GEORGE-HOne of the friendliest fellas ever. Football, Student Council, Stagecraft. WALKE, BETTY LEE-Quiet, like all intelligent people. Y-Teen, Pep Club. SHAW, ROY SHANNON-HA nice disposition and a nice guy. F, F. A., Stagecraft. SPENCER, ALICE-Reliable in everything she un- dertakes. Latin Club, Pep Club, Y-Teen, Christ- mas Pageant, I. R. O. ALLEN, DUANE-A great asset to the music and dramatics departments. Hi-Y, Student Council. A Cappella, "Dear Ruth", "Cucko0s on the Hearth", Junior Class' President, Red Cross, Foot- ball, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, Intramural Football, Key Club, Hi-Y Lieutenant-Governor, Christmas Pageant, "Revolt In Rhythm", Club. HERRING, REE-Look at those big brown eyes! Y-Teen, Pep Club. DAVIS, FRANK ALVIN JR.-Well liked by everyone who knows him. F. F. A.. Hi-Y. Mixed Chorus, Student Council, Red Cross. ANDERSON, PATRICIA JEAN-A smile that never fades. Y-Teen, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant. COFFMAN, DALE-He always does his best. VAN SICKLE, BARBARA JUNE-Always equal to the occasion. G. A. A., Y-Teen, Pep Club, Echo Treasurer. BANISTER, ROBERT DEAN-An all-around ath- lete and an all-around guy! Vice-President of Junior Class, President of Club. Football. Track, Basketball, I-Ii-Y, F. F. A., Band. Orchestra. JONES, LAMOYNE I.--The girl with the sensa- tional sinile. Mixed Chorus, G. A. A., Choral Reader, Christmas Pageant, Y-Teen, "Revolt In Rhythm", Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club. KUNZ, WILLIAM FREDERICKAHis anibfiions are high. President of I-Ii-Y, Secretary ol' Key Club, I. R. O., Christmas Pageant. Student Council Treasurer, Hi-Y, Model Legislature, Latin Club, Re-Echo Staff. UMDENSTOCK, JOANN-Always calm and col- lected. Band, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Latin Club. Orchestra. I-IOCI-I, MARIANNE-Small, but definitely notice- able. G. A. A., Sophomore Ensemble. Latin Club, Camp Bide-a-Wee, Junior Triple Trio, Junior and Senior Cheerleader, Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus, Attendant to Queen of the Courts, Girls' State, I. R.. O., Echo Circulation Manager, Re-Echo, Y-Teen, Y-Teen Social Committee Chairman. Honor Group. PHILLIPS, ROBERT-The humorous part of our '49ersl Hi-Y, Christmas Pageant, "Cuckoos on the Hearth". "One Foot In Heaven". Track. OWEN, LELA-AA twin and smart too! G. A. A., G. A. A. President, Y-Teen. Proctor, Latin Club, Pep Club. Qaufq-!Vinm4 HAWLEY. MYRA GLEN--Sophisticated lady and iery nice too. G. A. A., Y-Teen, Pep Club, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant. WILSON, DORSETT EWING - School? A mere matter in my life. Band, Hi-Y. POHL, MARY LOU-A persistent worker. Y-Teen, Echo, Honor Group. HOFFMANS, CARL JOSEPH-Plenty of spirit and lots Ol flbilify. Basketball, Latin Club President. Track. Football, Echo, Boys' State, Hi-Y. Vice- President Hi-Y, Vice-President of Club. FOX, MILDRED JUNE-Happy as the day is long. HENSLER, LOREN-I like to work: it jascinates me. BRECHT, JOANN MARIE-Courtesy is an asset to anyone. Christmas Pageant. STAUFFER., ROBERT LEE-Well-known for being a first-class trainer. Hi-Y, Band, Mixed Chorus. Track, Basketball, Latin Club, Key Club, Choral Reader. CRANDALL, JANELDA JEAN-Live uprightly and receive a reward. G. A. A., Y-Teen, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant. BROCKHOUSE, JOHN PATTERSON-His academic rating and friendship making are tops. Key Club. Hi-Y, Latin Club, Intramural Basketball, Christ- mas Program, Pep Club, I. R. O.. Re-Echo Staff, Golf Team, Honor Group. WINZELER, DONNA LOU-Pleasant and quiet. Pep Club. Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross. BUGBEE. ALLAN A.-Mischief, mirth, and merri- ment. Hi-Y, MCGOWAN, PATRICIA ANN-A ready and willing helper. Y-Teen, Latin Club, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant. DOBSON, DUANE-Crazy, i1's true, but we can't help liking him. Band, Hi-Y, BRICKLEY, WILMA LEE - Our vim, vigor and vitality gal. Y-Teen, Pep Club. KIENE, MARYLEE-Efficient to the last letter. Band. President of Junior Red Cross, Treasurer of G. A. A., Y-Teen, Pep Club. Latin Club, Red Cross Representative to Arkansas. MITCHELL, ALMA-.lust as bright as a new penny Y-Teen, G. A. A., Red Cross, Pep Club. SHERIDAN, EARL-His camera is his fortune. Band, Hi-Y. Hi-Y Model Legislature, Intramural Basketball, Latin Club. Patrol Boy, Re-Echo. Student Council. E251 Re Zahn yi'39,3'f kat, l IZ6 I 62.55 if VAUGHN, DONNA JEAN -V Reaching a goal is worth hard work, Pep Club, Latin Club, Y-Teen. G. A. A., Glee Club. Band, Orchestra, Christmas Pageant. UHLMAN, VIRGIL LOUIS,-Dancer Deluxe! Football, "E" Club, Track. PERDARIS, SARAH JANE-A girl with lots of pep. G. A. A., Y-Teen. DUNCAN, CHESTER L. - What a physique and what an athlete! Football. Track, Basketball, "E" Club, Christmas Pageant, Hi-Y. LAW, VIRGINIA LEE-A blonde in every sense of the word. Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Y-Teen. Junior Red Cross, Student Council. "Revolt In Rhythm", Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Com- mittee for Senior Dinner. SPATZ, ROBERT GLENDENE Y A top rate me- chanic. Red Cross, Sophomore Hi-Y. Student Council. TREAR. DOROTHY MAY-Capable and always busy. Red Cross, Y-Teen. HEATH, J. R,-He's got eyes to idolize. Band, Football, Basketball, Cheerleader. FOX, LILLIE BESS - Words are precious, don't waste them. KOCH, KENNETH DEAN-He always hooks some- thing big with that line of his. Re-Echo, Track, Pep Club. LEWIS, BETTY JEAN-Always a friendly word for everyone. Y-Teen, G. A. A,. Band, Orchestra, Pep Club. Christmas Pageant. FOWLER. ROBERT-A friend indeed. Track. COZAD. LEILA MARIE-She'll never lack friends! Y-Teen, Pep Club, Student Council, Glee Club. Christmas Program, Honor Group. NIKULLA, PAUL-His good-looking clothes match his looks, Hi-Y, Model Legislature. Speech Club. BURCH. MARY EDITH-A pretty girl with tem- perament to match, Band, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Program, Pep Club. HORMEL, JEAN CAROLYN-fNice to know. HEINS. JOHN C. JR.-Being happy is no handicap. F. F. A. FRANCIS. ROBERT-Intellectually inclined. Latin Club, Intramural Basketball, Christmas Pageant. .R qaaiq-Ninead BRANDT, JEAN-The dashing young photographer, Hl-Y, "Cuckoos on the Hearth", "One Foot In Heaven", School Patrol, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Re-Echo Staff. NUFFER, SHIRLEY ELAINE-Careful boys-one at a time. Band, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant. Latln Club, Y-Teen. HOMEWOOD, JAMES D.-An emblem of depend- ability. Band, Pep Band. LANGLEY, GRACE ALETHA-Although she doesrrt say much, her presence is known. G. A. A, DRENON, RICHARD B.-His mind is always clear. LANG, BETTY EUDENE-Parker's first class band member. Y-Teen, G. A. A., Band, Orchestra. eancficf foe Q' 'an Jean Carol Alexander, Duane Allen, Ella Mae F. Alvarado, Richard Gordon Ames, Patricia Jean Anderson, Della Mae Baker, Elizabeth Joan Baldwin, Robert Dean Banister, Mary Ann Bassett, Joseph Eldon Beck, Edward Brooks Becker, Gene Bloxom, Jeanette Lea Brandt, Jean L. Brandt, Joann Marie Brecht. Wllma Lee Brickley, Joan Marie Brockelman, John Patterson Brockhouse, Betty Helene Buenning, Allan A. Bugbee, Mary Edith Burch, Robert Lloyd Burns, Barbara Jane Burton, Betty Jo Carpenter, Jesse Maxine Carson, Robert Carter, Verl Lee Childers, Dale D. Coffman, Edith Beth Collins, Jo Ann Marie Cope, Lella Marie Cozad, JaNelda Jean Crandall, Mary Elizabeth Crawford, Frank Alvin Davis, Jr., Mary Imogene Day. William James Dlck, Duane Dobson, R. B. Drenon, Chester L. Duncan, Joyce Ellls, Clinton R. Eubank, James Edward Finnerty, John H. Forrester. Robert Fowler, Llllie Bess Fox, Marclne Faye Fox, Mildred June Fox. Robert Francis, Charles D. Freeman, Rosalee La Verne Germann, Maxine Gibson, Jewell Graves, Phyllis Gray, Donna May Grlsell, Helen Elizabeth Groh, Mary Joyce Grossarth, Maurice E. Guy, John A. Harger, Pat Harklns, Cleland Smith Harr, Myra Glen Hawley, Susan Haynes, J, R. Heath, John C. Heins, Jr., Loren Hensler, Patricia Joann Herbert, Marianne Hoch, Carl Joseph I-Ioffmans, Bernice Maxine Holscher, Jimmie D. Homewood, Jean Carolyn Hormel, Howard S. Houser. Robert John Hughes, Wllllam Evan Hurst, Robert L. Hutcherson, Elizabeth Jaqulth, Donald Francis Jensen, Rita Jo Ann Jetty. Rosemary Johnson, Dorothy Jones, La Moyne I. Jones. John M. Kempter, Marylee Klene, Richard Lee Knapp, Alvln Knauf, Carol Jean Koch, Kenneth Dean Koch, William Frederick Kunz, Jo-Ann Kyle, Betty Eudene Lang, Maxine Marie Lang, Grace Althea Langley, Virginia Lee Law, Dixie Lee Lawson, Evelyn Rose Lehnherr, Marilyn Joyce Lynde, Ruth Ann Marsh, Darrell Watson McDermed, Bruce R. McFerrln, Patricia Ann McGowan, Leila Grace McMullen, Michael A, Meares, Alma Mitchell. Bruce Edward Musgrave, Shirley Elaine Nuffer, Lela Owen, Lila Owen, Edward Junior Palmer, Iyla May Parkman, Mary Lee Parkman, Roger D. Pendergraft, Warren Richard Pierce, Mary Lou Pohl, Elizabeth Maurlne Price, Jack M. Purcell, William Ira Pyle, John J. Reber, Jr., Norma Jean Relchardt, Margaret Lee Renshaw, Jo Ann Rlgsby, Robert William Schneider, Arlyn L. Schuler, Patrlcla Ann Scott, Gerald L. Shadwick, Roy Shannon Shaw, Earl Sheridan, Donald Lester Sherwood. Norman D. Shirley, Jeremiah Keith Simpklns, Dale Le Roy Smith, David George Smith, Robert Glendene Spatz, Alice Spencer, Rosalie Stanley, Robert Lee Stauffer, Jack Phillip Sturgeon, Richard Sutton, Zola Evelyn Telfer, Norman Neal Thompson, Joan Delphlne Tobin, Candldo C. Torres, Eileen Towner, Dorothy May Trear, Charles Turney, Virgil Louis Uhlman, Jo Ann Umdenstock, Eunice Ann Valyer, Joan Van Orden, Barbara June Van Sickle, Donna Jean Vaughn, Betty Jane Vogts, Betty Lee Walke, Connie Dee Whitehead, Dona Gae Whitney, Virginia Lee Wichert, Ernest Waiyne Williams. Kenneth Frank Williams, Dorsett Ewing Wilson, Patricia A. Wilson, Donna Lou Wlnzeler, Bonnie Charlene Woodward, Eugene H. Zelner, E271 Re-Zahn - Honor Group Each year at the end of the first semester the grades are compiled for all the seniors and those having an average of "B" or more become members of the Honor Group. The graduation class of 1949 had a group of twenty-nine students and at the head of the class were three top ranking ones: Maurice Guy, Gerald Shadwick and Bill Kunz, the first two of which had perfect scores. The entire group received recognition pins in a special assembly and the faculty gave a tea for the group. HONOR SOCIETY Top row: Margaret Renshaw, Carol Koch. Dixie Lawson. Marcine Fox, Bruce Musgrave, Pat Herbert. Joan Cope Second row: Mary Lee Kiene. JoAnn Umdenstock, Betty Buenning, Mildred Fox, Marianne Hoch, Gae Whitney. Mary Lou Pohl Tnzra row! Mary Ann Bassett Crocker. Sue Haynes. Ruth Ann Marsh, Brooks Becker. Elizabeth Jaquith, Eunice Valyer. Donna Winzeler Fourth row: Dale Smith, Earl Sheridan. Bill Kunz, Gerald Shadwick, Maurice Guy, John Brockhouse. E281 d aoaiff-Ninmd The juniors of '48-'49 have Well-earned the recognition they have received. The officers who have Worked so hard to make all of their activities a success are-President, Jesse Prisockg Vice-President, Martha Whittingtong Secretary, Nita Ray: Treasurer, Robert Lawrence. This year's juniors are able and anxious to step into the senior position which will be theirs next fall. - They have proved themselves to be industrious and original by the J Xt swell prom theylgaveg they have proved their athletic and mu-sical abilityg if 515 xv. . . . . . '.' " 0 Q along with the1r w1ll1ng attitude to cooperate. J . 0 .p N 9 . . J 4, '11 "' or How can they miss making next year a successful one? 4 -V ,A 1,-"ax--I-slpvxo' . 9 O 4,41-' . ff,J's, 9 'ln iv" J' W -I . ? 0. f 04 gl 'v 9' J, 'Ju .P . r Q Aff ,-' ,V at 1 W-,-, Presidvnf, Jesse Prisockg V-ire-President, Martha Whittington, Secrelary, Nita Rayg Treasurer, Robert Lawrence E291 Re-Zahn 36 w .nfl 3 I ' "" r ,ag if .. . gyfy W. A ' J ' 5 .,. - rx r V Num' x y.. wx -mx pm 5 ,,,, , MH, . UW, yx . . . 61 F A 3 ., .," Q rm M - ix, E A r ..., .1 4 k M M-if . dr ,. V . . ,. .,, X J I: ' " X ,Qjf "Q " uw- 4,11 I-'!1l'.x I ,.,. , X F za as ' .A ' ,. " 6' 4. '- 4, Y .-qlvl , Q J -.:: .Z ' an 5 X i ' grin E i '-Q-4 S '1 -.21 Xwx lm-'. V 1 I .- . if Q' Q1 ,, M 4 f h' - 5 'r ',', 'A,-"" Z V' sf afQfQ q Q ' ,Aix MW i V gigs - 5-. 1 K .f - A K 1 .X,- 1. 1- . ' sum. mv Q' N ,rms mx 'Q z .QQ ., ,... vm., Mm un. gm, :wwf rm.-ya:...a...i, f.f:.x1nxum!,xS!La.1 4 .,.,5 , A 'QL 4, 11 uf.: K . 5- A1 Ii la ' - - y I. It , -22. at h . el ., H. w t f 3 ,4 P. 4 ru v u1!..n,.0.!.!. ' m - - ..,, nn-X 5. v..u,vm yu, r.,.f..m 'pm' ww., caxmia f-umm naw fmt zu-M4 XX ,um 5 :A :. Q y 5 3 ..., Eg , .wx . ,"!' 5... A .5 fe 1. 'rlzim Mmm lm rm,-A Snark-y mm r..-0,-mm.17.1xm xuf-I 1 yu 'rmlmxn Wm! Wife A X" 1 L ' 1 U 2 , 1 , 4, XL. LL g, -XJ Ck-4414-XQ!L,A'1.-ff I 30 4adq-IV ' xrbau fi Jfspfzl Umm Camp Wandx 7+ mr V :mg M rim-mn mm Alice Mitchell Aym Ehrgursc Cmwlefll mu,-Q George Xhrv Finns' Harmuff E311 'Q' Myrna Moon 1 v, ,uv -T Q 1 , , ,gk .,, ,, . 7 5 X a' x 2 A 4 K Larry Siglrr m if N Tommy Stockton Cifm-hu Ruger: Pin Hi: Mrilu-vu 521, Y ia if f ., Q ,A x J X Marzo :-haw: " ....., 1 . f --V' -A f ' Q 2? ,LT 5 , 7 ,,.1. M .f -1? ' 1.5. as 1 74 i 954 " Qs! may., mvxfffa, Dun Kane Tom Eiinklmrnx Warren R new!! , F A Re-8640 Y 3 ' '- ,May ki? f v if , , . sf ' lf. sums' lYm4fXl,4Q1lLmgh Nw fs.. x K my wk flvrr Wnxu- llfxxhhmu Ykxh Wglkvr wr -In 41.22 it 1 X ,V im, u.,m:d.,vr Am., mf linux LM F-Lpcnwv Man-dvlww Vw . - , . ,, J ,us Pg if i' X fb - 'ff Q, . x : x .Ft - K an 1- - 5 X 21 I , 'N . 'F- X I X L M 4 - 4' 17 1 1 I Il.-lx .mm 1. www my wxuwr 'dom-Us as is ..-.Q, x p.,,- , , , f,.,..4...! Il vu-'I xumm xufga.-... Km larry n...1Q.-,Q c,.,1nmcu.s.f ff" Y ' eg W3 - f- E 5 4 ' 'M huh I mmm l nw-V, 'Tu-clwmok llnmi1l'NX hmm hw.: 1w.mmt.mm Ibn Nah-Ewrn . W'V""V V""l"' , PM V-Irv . Wmunn 1 hmm I321 L ru x Smzv-cy . Q W awk fin-dn-w Shi-lvw K ark Ymr M s 1-X . li.1l lim rd Uivw YM,-N Hwnl llflmn Qafziq- Nineu Martha Wkicringrm x:r:f me I X 5 5 my Tm Amkrwn PLMZA Xviiffm gkm ef- -f ru fr. v' Hmm Mu 55113 Bmw Ehwg o.uxm, mm sms mm srmrw lax.. H , . ,A X ms. :P w wkk gf I f 5, , c hr-,x wL-'K-mff.sQ- 2 Pxsru Willcv i3x'5X:1", -' '- X-hrzi e '- - 4 - -' .. 'Chix Garriwn Radu iii! 1 , , !xe+Aual-ni'z1-g YJ f I4 -5 .mn 1 fm Fave Welfwb M w-marie: KAL! hm H N' E331 .Ru Re-Zahn ,. we lpn 1. Totem pole, 2. Peach of a pear. 3. Peppy noon hour. 4. Studious gal. 5. 'Teachers pet. 6. Leisure hours. 7. The man behind the atom. 8. Filled-up Ford, 9. Good luck kids! 10. No pnrxmi 11. Lovely dovies. 12. Curses, foiled again. 13. The steps of E. H. S. 14. Miss Hownrd's prodigles. 15. Oops! Look again! 16. Spartan send-off. 17. Down the alley. 18. Toothless tzintruin. I 34 1 S Qmiq-Nam S The big bunch of sophomores that arrived from across the street this year have wasted no time getting into the run of events at E. H. S. This group has exhibited active interest in sports and all extracurricular activities in general. Showing ability at leadership, they have grabbed a good number of offices for next year in our organizations. However active they are though, they still have Koh, so XJ much to learn about high school. Yet, they are waiting patiently for their turn to be the upperclassmen of Emporia High School. it ' '- Prexialrnl, Marc Hurry Vin'-Presidenl, Dorla Russell: Sfrrefary, Mary Keith Riegleg Treaxurcr, Walter Stoeppelwerlh E351 Re-Zclaa Top row: Junior Walker. Dean Baldridge, Russel Mullikin, M. Strebel, Don Ramsburg, Bob Zickefoose, Don White, M. Strebel. Walter Stoeppelwerth, Calvin Murray, Joe Stein Second row: Gene Shown, Bill Shomber. Warren Watson, Loren Reber. Verlin Spatz, Richard Sturgeon, David Smith, Bob Utter Tlzzrd row: Roger White, Don Spence. Tom Rickabangh. Vernon Shirley, Marlene Reichardt, Sue Zody, Elaine Woodbury, Marilyn Tweedy, Kenny White Fourth row: Maxine Tatman, Marilyn Sanders, Virginia Thomas, Joyce Seaman, Martha Simkins, Carol Turney, Ruth Ann Shaw. Judy Teichgraeber, Terry White Fzjtn row: Bill Wagner. Mary Kay Smith, Marsha Vernon, Marjorie Shipp, Delores VanSickle, Edna Spill- man, Marie Toms. Tom Sunter r X - . , N. ,Q-in ,--.. - , . 1.1. Top row: Douglas Magathan, Bud Merwin, Wayne Palmer, Howard Peterson, Ray Murphy, Jim Maxwell. Bill Robinson, Leroy Millard, Charles Marin Second row: Jerry Ritter. Carol Lyster, Norma Pohl, Carlene Geneva Ormsby, Minnie McElfresh. Alice Needels, Diane Mueller, Tom Pagedas Tmrd row: Bob Owens, Jean Nelson, Sally Riley, Della Mayer, Maxine McFerrin, Mary Frances Overfield, Jean Rust, Dwight Perry Fourth row: Sam Ramirez, Lloyd Pine. Dottie Herrick, Joan Rogers, Lona Bell McNutt. Pat Mitchell, Laura Moore. David Osborne Firth row: Warren Quakenbush, Joyce Nauman, Sally Jo Rothfelder, Dorla Russell, Verna May Newcomer, Mary Keith Riegle, Betty Parks, Pat Mitchell E361 Qcvufq-!Vinea4 Top row: Wayne Cole, John Brown, Bill Bergerhouse, Bill Cowdrey, Terry Carle, John Beeson, Dick Coolidge, Charles Clark, John Byrd, Earl Bess Second row: Don Barb, David Buenning. Ina May Burkey, Barbara Attebery, Delpha Cunningham, Thelma Collins, Deloris Binkley. Betty Campbell Thzrd row: John Bible, Jack Cooper, Marie Bozarth, Maudie Burton, Lois Beck, Marlene Clemmer, Lonlta Cook, Patsy Baillie, Charles Bollinger Fourth row: Frances Burns, Jean Rae Beattie, Belva Ames, Thearle Beemer, Alta Brockelman, Billie Bruce, Lola Boyce, Rosa Bechtel Fzftn row: Carol Lee Arnett, Eudean Lang, Nora Albin, Terry Allen, Jane Barron, Janet Cline, Betty Becker Top row: Bill Hamble, Richard Gardner, Hal Kendig, Darrell Fanestil, Connie Hoffmans, Duane Herman, Elmer Bock. Duke Haning, Richard Houghton, Gary Irish Second row: Jerry Hickey, Don Gibson, Gene Hahn, Pat Donnellan, Gerry Hahn, Kay Jones, Bill King, Norman Hill. Eudora Jarvis Tlurcl row: Don Kyle, Lyle Glover, June Hereford, Ruth Gamer, June Guy, Pat Kranim, Bonita Jones, Imogene Gunzelrnan, Marjorie Huff Fourth rowf Charles Cookson, Ray Horton, Ted Held, Bob Jaquith, Keith Kells, Corky Ireland, Marc Alan Hurt Fzftn row: Charles Clark, Rvogena Johnson, Donna Hollingsworth, Donna House, June Burnell, Mary Alice Funk, Mary Alice Deputy l37l Re-Zahn 1. You'Il be sorry. 2, Tough Guy. 3. Out for a stroll. 4. Adopt-a-school parcels. 5. Perplexed. 6. Rc-hearsal. 7. Service with 11 smile. 8. Victory bound. 9. Royal Beauties. 10, King and Quevn of Hearts. 11. Barber Shop Quartet. 12. Friends get together. 13. Key Clubbers in Washington. 14. Fools of '49. 15. Egads! Freaks! 16. Caged at the Carnivalita. l'7, Backstage. 18. Friendly greeting. 19. Telegraphed humor. 20. Sip-suckers. 21. Football crowd. 22. Always together. 23. Legs and more legs. E381 Qoalq-fVinm4 ,lf"lL V 4" e A-ET b Z Q Q so Q' K V U Yi' " s. . 'IQ 9 XKQ. . ' Y Q' , 'Q . LTEZW WL.-Ml ag, 0 .1 ,x r-1 lx I .xx-Q-5XvLA',nn.ngl H',fY P4-D 0 Q f: CLU8 S A" MN- u ..u. x..n.. -' "' 'YW axxxx-' 539 . , "Wu-x kj MJen5of1 V11 Re-gcfta Student Council Twenty-five home room representatives together with Maurice Guy, Presidentg Eunice Valyer, Vice- Presidentg Carol Koch, Secretary, and Bill Kunz, Treasurer, made up the Student Council this year. The Student Council represents all the students, who through its membership may express opinions and participate in projects. Meetings have been held practically every week during the year and many projects have been carried out. A committee of the Council prepared for publication the first Handbook Emporia High has had in I0 years. It includes much information about the school for the use of old and new students. Among other important projects were the noon recreation program and a dancing class, for those who wished to improve their dancing. By collecting a large sum of money through the home rooms new trophy cases were built as a permanent addition to the school building. The Council for the second year conducted the election and planned the ceremony for crowning Emporia H'igh's Queen of the Courts at one of the basketball games. Following this event a dance was held in honor of the queen. Other projects included sponsoring the first All School Party, handling concessions at a football game, selling tickets for the Leslie Hayes benefit football game, aiding in the Adopt-a-School program, charter- ing buses for out of town games, having a booth at the Carnivalita, and last but not least installing a "Beef Box" for the use of the students. The Council is a member of the National Association of Student Councils and also sends delegates to one of the Kansas Student Council meetings. Sponsors for the Student Council are: Miss Loretto Langley, Miss Anita Rice, and Mr. George Lodle. Mr. Bruning, Principal, and Miss Mary Petty, Girls' Counselor, are advisors for the group. no Top Row: Jerry Hickey, Marc Allan Hurt, Terry Carle, Earl Sheridan, Frank Davis, Larry Slgler, Dale Coffman. second Row: Mr. Lodle, Arlyn Sehuler, Jo Ann Canaday, Sue Zody, Mickey Lynde, Chalmous La Shea, Miss Langley. Hurd Row: Alice Needels. Dorla Russell, Rosemary Meek, Beth Collins, Connie Whitehead, Shirley Laramore. Mary Keith Riegle. :fourth Row: Martha Whittington, Carol Koch, Eunice Valyer, Maurice Guy, Bill Kunz, Gae Whitney. E401 4hMdy1AMnem1 Re-Echo Cooperation, good leadership and an outstanding theme were all mixed together by the Re-Echo staff during February and March, and the outcome was this excellent annual distributed in May which you now have before you. An appropriate and natural theme was chosen-"The '49er." This theme was developed throughout the book and gave a chance for some clever Cartooning. Also appropriate is that the book is issued in memory of Rice E. Brown, who, after giving many years of outstanding leadership to Emporia High as its principal, passed on October 19. Under the direction of F. Jay South, advisorg Gae Xvhitney, editor, and Brooks Becker, business manager, chose the staff and set it to work, each doing his particular job as seeing that all pictures were taken, getting write-ups, soliciting advertisements, collecting snapshots and typing copy. Much hard work was done and many fifth hours were spent in the little office in the corner of room six getting everything written, organized and ready to be printed by deadline time. New features in the make-up and organization of the annual, along with an excellent cover, add to its attractiveness. The Emporia Gazette did the printing again this year. The cover was done in Chicago, the engraving by the Mid-Continent Engraving Company of Wichita, and the binding in Kansas City. With all of this done, the book printed and issued to you, and with all the fun and headaches over, the staff believes you will join with them and agree that this year's senior class has put out a top-notch Re-Echo. Editor'-Gae Whitney Calendar-Iyla May Parl-:man Assistant Editor-Maxine Gibson Korlale Section-Earl Sheridan, Dale Smith Buximzvr Munagrr-Brooks Becker Afhlfvirx-Eldon Beck Assixlunl Business Manager-Marianne Hoch Music Organizations-Betty Jo Carpenter Organizafionx- Typists- Jeanette Brandt, Jean Brandt, Bob Burns John Brockhouse, Evelyn Telfer, Betty Walke Senior Svflion- Copy Rcrulrrs-Eunice Valyer, Carol Koch Virginia Wichert, Dixie Lee Lawson Finander-Barbara Van Sickle Art Ediforx-Don Jensen, Pat Herbert, Advertising-Kenneth Koch, Jack Sturgeon, Judy Graves, Jan Van Orden Helen Groh, Mary Crawford, Susan Haynes Top Row: Sheridan. Beck, Jean Brandt. Jeannette Brandt, Brockhouse, Jensen Second Row: Lawson. Herbert, Koch, Burns, Kunz, Wichert, Koch Third Row: Parkman, Crawford. Walke, Valyer, Van Orden, Van Sickle, Smith Fourth Row: Gibson, Whitney, Becker, Hoeh, Carpenter E411 Re-Zcfza Echo "Spartan Scoop," " '49ers," " '49ettes," "Sport Spotlight"-these and others were the features that made this year's licho something eagerly waited for every Friday. Anyone who happened to enter room 29A during fourth hour on deadline days, Monday and Thurs- day, probably heard Mrs. Lois jaquith ask, "Don't you have a story?" "Is your personality in?" or "Can you think of anything for the column?" Mrs. -laquith felt fortunate in having a rather small class this year as there were enough stories to keep everyone busy. The class was short of boys, however, and two were drafted early in the year to work on sports. A larger, five column page paper was adopted following the Christmas vacation. Also started about that time was the "Our Town" series to which each journalism student contributed an article, usually an interview, on such subjects as limporia's history. its educational and recreational facilities, government and churches. More pictures were seen in the Echo this year. Special editions were put out for the state -:lass AA basketball tournament held here in March, when a six page paper was issued giving facts about the competing teams, a Christmas edition, and the April lfool's day edition, which brought forth many awed expressions when handed out. Regular stories were assigned, but reporters were instructed to use every inch of their imaginations in writing them. ln October the editors, Mrs. ilaquith, and some of the reporters attended the annual journalism conference at the Kansas University William Allen White School of journalism. The entire class visited the Gazette in the fall and also attended the historic sites in journalism plaque presentation in honor of WH A. Wliite in january. The lfcho ran many interviews with such persons as Governor Frank Carlson of Kansas, Roy Roberts, president of the Kansas City Star and Times, and foreign college students, as well as the "Our Town" interviews with local persons. Co-editors were Mickey Lynde and Margaret Renshaw, with Marianne Hoeh serving as circulation manager and Cara Lee Kennedy and Avis Smith as exchange managers. Harold Royer's class sold the ads. Mrs. I.ois .Iaquith supervised the Echo and F. .lay South was business and printing manager. Top Row: Beverly Groh, Mary Lou Pohl, Llschla Newcomer. Phyllis Gray, Joan Garrett .second Row: Gae Whitney. Maxine Gibson, Pat Herbert, Virginia Wichert, Cara Lee Kennedy Third 1180105 Betty Jo Carpenter, Duane Allen, Bob Burns, Carl Huffmans, Helen Groh FUIITU1 Rllwi Barbara Van Sickle, Mickey Lynde, Margaret Renshaw. Marianne Hoch E421 4011-if-fVinezz4 Y-TEEN CABINET-Top row.' Wilhite, Pierson, Hoch, Burton, Carpenter, Walker. Second row: Mrs. Jaquith, Alexander, Valyer, Brandt, Wichert, Jaquith, Miss Petty. Third row.' Miss Langley, Miss Greer. Miss Steel-smith, Crawford, Sauder. Miss Thomson, Miss Forbeck. Fourth row.' Whitehead, Street. Gibson. Marsh, Schneider, Hanifan. Y-Teen The Y-Tccn, headed by Ruth Ann Marsh, Presidentg Marianne Schneider, Vice-President, Maxine Gibson, secretary, and Pat Street, Trcasuier, was kept busy this year. Before school started, the hard- working cabinet had an all-day picnic at Lake Kahola to plan future meetings. One of the most outstanding projects this year was the formal Birthday Ball for all Y-Teen members and their dates. lt was such a success that it will probably be an annual affair. Top row: Smith. Grisell, Bozard, Murray, Guy, Whittington, McCullough, Cross. Cook, Rigsby. Second row: Wilson, Newcomer, Allen, Tatman, Fox, Binkly, Hollingsworth, Arndt, Umdenstock. Third row: Jetty, Smith, McFerrin, Rust, Kramm, Fox, Gamer Beck Cope Fourth row' Jaggard Hungerford Bechtel K'rk S' k' , , . . , , , 1 , im ms, Williams, Smith, McGuire. Fifth row: Romer, Kidd, Sauder, Schneider, Carpenter, Shoebrook, Munson. i431 Re-.Edna 'l'r:p row: Towner. Baker. E. Lang, Zody. M. Lang, Mitchell, Lowery, Willey, Pohl. Second row: Whitney, Hendrick, Hereford. Canaday. Barron. Nauman, Baille, Funk. Third row: Lyster. Parknian, Riley. Gunzelinan, R. Sill. Williams. Kettner, B. Sill, Fourth row: Van Sickle, Marshinsky, Rodgers, Kiene, Waters. Moon, Roberts, Ayers, Fifth row: Woodward, Buenning. Lela Owen, Whitehead, Brandt. Street. Lila Owen, Selling concessions at home games, sponsoring All'Sel1ool parties, Hi-Yah and Little Sister Vfeek, Recognition Service, Magavine Sale, Truth or Consequences, Heart Sister W'cclc and Party, talks by Clorese Herbert from Kansas City, Miss Harmon, rlie Superintendent of Newman Hospital, and Reverend Hage of the First Presbyteiian Cliureli, a movie -:alleel "junior-Senior l"ron1", a tour of Newman Hospital, .1 style slmw by Mrs. Beek's class, an election of officers, and many other fine programs kept tlie girls oeeupieel lliis year. More liigliliglits of tlie year were Llie Tlianltsgiving, Christmas, lfaster Assemblies and liaster Sunrise Service wliieli tlie Hi-Y, Y-Teen planned and participated in. 3 e D A ur Top row: Herbert. Spencer. Nuffer, Kruger. Moore, Winzeler. Henry, Brockelman. Second row: Albin. Shnefer, Needels. Crandall. King, Lnramore, Turney, Rothfelder, Mapes. Third row: Jones, Starling, Vaughn. Harrouff. Overfield. Cline, Mitchell. Haynes. Fourth row: Seaman, Ames, Beattie, Russell, Wilson, Gray, Koch, Beemer. Fifth row: Newcomer. Greco, Whitney. Pierson. Walker. Herring, Perdaris. I 44 1 andy-fvinwu Top raw: Powe, Hoover, Mueller, Mitchell, Parkman. Gardner, Kennedy, Cunningham, Johnson, Clemmer. Second row: Shipp, Teichgraeber, Herrick, Burnell, Huff, Lehnherr, Ray, Anderson. Third row: McNuLt, Anderson, Webb, Renshaw, Tweedy, Becker, Hawley, Deputy, Cozad. Fourth row: Brickley, House, Reichardt, Morse, Burkey, Anderson, Jones, Scott. Film TOWF Sternadel, Allen, Wilhite. Wichert, Hoch, Alexander, Price. A new program for Y-Teen was the Queen for it Day Talent Show. Barbara Burton was the proud queen. Miss Stroud from New York presented a Fashion Show with Y-Teen girls as models in which the girls learned how to keep in fashion inexpensively, The las! of the assemblies given by Y-Teen was the installation of next year's officers. The mother-daughter ten brought to Il Close another yenr's fun and service through Y-Teen. Top row: Goodell, Campbell, Attebery, Van Sickle, Holscher, Henning, O'Conne11, Second row: Law, Shaw. Woodbury, Parks, Meek, Spillman, Third row: Garrett, Roe, Gibson ,Lynde, Lawson, Collins, Tobin, Fourth rowi Kennedy, Douglas, Valyer, Hanifan, Burton, Riegle. i451 Re-Zahn Hi-Y Hi-Y played a big part in the extracurricular activities around E. H. S. this year and has already made extensive plans for next year's organization. This was the first year that sophomores, juniors and seniors have combined as one club for some time. The officers were: President, Bill Kunzg Vice-President, Don Gadberyg' Secretary, Marc Hurtg Treasurer, Ted Held. The sponsors are Charles Garrison, John R. Williams, Williani Glenn, and Edward Price. The club entered into many projects and activities during the year. Of great importance among these was the Hi-Y Model Legislature, held in Topeka on December third and fourth. Pop row: Lloyd Pine, Ralph Hahn, Don Hush, David Osborne, Lloyd Hilton, Bob Ratch, Charles Marin. Gerry Day Second row: Mr. Garrison, Junior Palmer, Duane Campbell, Darrell Fanestll, Louis Marin, Gerald Shadwlck. Marvin Timmerman, Mr. Glenn Tfzzrd row: Dick Coolidge, Rodger White, John Brockhouse, Earl Sheridan, Kenneth Beck, John Harger, Clair Garrison Fourth row: Warren Quakenbush, Wayne Cole, Marc Hurt, Bill Kunz. Don Gadbery, Ted Held, Wilbur Moebus Flltll row: Richard Homewood, Gary Irish, Kay Jones, George Anderson, Dorsett Wilson E461 qaalq- lvinwul Mixed Chorus l,.'lI'liCil1.llil1Q.1 in the .1nnu.1l Cflmrihlnmn prngmm wns Lhu main activity of llmix group of I-H vuic JCI' llw dirccliun of Nlixs Mary .-Xlicc Stculslnirlw. This luvuly PI'Ugl'.H'l1 wan givcn twice this you so 'lan .ull l'n1pm'1.1ns .md pcuplc fftlxll 5L1l'I'0lll1lflIlQl tmvm could acc xt. Him-Ll clmuxwlv was .un CXlI'.lCLll'l"iL'lll.1l' activity. un I471 Re-Zahn Top row: Bill Hamble. Duane Allen, Darrell Fanestil, George Anderson Ronald Whitsitt Second rowi Gerald Shadwick, Miss Steelsmlth, Phyllis Wilson Betty Jo Carpenter Dixie L1wson Carol Alexander, Marianne Schneider, Ernie Williams Tlura row: Elizabeth Price, Pat Street, Donna Grlsell, Beth Collins Barbara Burton A Cappella This group of select voices is the most honored musieal group of the sthool Under the dirtttion ot Miss Steelsmith, their schedule included singing for school assemblies various clubs and ehureh Ufhlllllil tions in lfmporia. They traveled to Topeka where they sang for the Stitt Teiehers meeting During the Christmas season 'they sang carols at the hospitals. They also gan an tnjoyiblt musical assembly lor tht Cottonwood Falls school. Harmoneers The llarmoneers, organiied for the first time this year, are ten in number. They are directed and accompanied by Miss Steelsmith. Their harmonious singing was very much appre- ciated in school assemblies. They have also sung twice at the St. james Baptist Church. Junior Sextette The junior Girls' Sextette has pleased many audiences this year. These girls sang in an assembly at Cottonwood Falls, as well as assem- hlies at lim-Hi. They have sung for many clubs in limporia. The highlight of their many ap- pearances was entertaining the patients at Winter General Hospital in Topeka. They were directed and accompanied by Miss Steelsmith. Senior Sextette Since this group was not organized until after Christmas, these girls didn't have too much opportunity for performances. However, they plised audiences at junior and Senior High assemblies, and they also sang at the Senior Banquet. They were directed by Miss Steelsmith and accompanied by Gae Whitney. 48 LK X ti i N V 4.,4a,-wW.i gf i :vw Band The High School Band of 1948-1949 was called by many as the best dressed band in the State of Kansas. 76 brand new uniforms were ordered and received. The color scheme of the uniforms was the traditional red and black. However, the pants were black but the coats selected were red and plenty flashy. The band made the usual number of appearances. 25 times during the year, the full band made appearances and 10 times a small band was used for pep assemblies. A few of thc places the band played are listed: Ballyhoo-Les Hayes, Wichita North football game, Les Hayes game, Chamber of Commerce Farmers' Night, Rural Youth Day, Wyandotte football game, a trip to Newton, Manhattan football, K. S. T. C.-St. Benedict's game, College of Emporia vs. Ottawa, Ottawa football game, basketball games for Salina, Planeview, Topeka, Junction City, Wyandotte, Manhattan, Ottawa, Newton, Iola, for the chamber of Commerce William Allen White Plaque Dedication, and several students participated in the District and State Music Festival, Donald Thompson was the drum major, Carolee Shoebrook, Elaine Woodbury and Pat Belfield were majorettes. The following is the personnel of the band: Ohm' Dorla Russell Donald Thompson Pat Belfield Alto Clarimfl lilaine Woodbury Imogene Gunzelman Buss Clariwf Oliver Anderson Carol Lyster Marjorie Goodell Terry Carle .lim Stevenson Pat Gibson Tony Pagedas ' ord Wallace Eunice Swint ei orter Richard Housley Floyd Reichardt Skipper Stinson Bruce McFerrin Wilbur Moebus Bob Banister Clair Garrison Donald Ramsburg Tommy Pagedas Marshall McNutt jerry Crumley Calvin Faulkner Tron! ba Mex Mike Meares Darrell McDermed Warren Russell Marc Alan Hurt Tuba Lloyd Hilton Don Redman Lyle Barger Norman Hill Fluff rles rs Darrel Ramsburg Martha Simkins Robert Schneider 110 Saxophone Wylie Price Calvin Murray Marcene Fox 1 Maral win I"rz'11rh Horn Myron Corset Evelyn Mclilfresh Marie Bozarth Betty Lewis Dru mx Pinwlo Dale Coffman Marvin Srreblc Charles Bollinger Carolee Shoebrook Donna Merwin Jim Homewood Mary Burch Clurinel Tenor Saxophone' Mona Collins Duane Dobson jo Ann Umdenstock Jerry Hickey Baritone John Harger Shirley Nuffer Judy Burt Bill Brrgerbouxr' LeRoy Burns Marlene Reiehardt Donna House Bob Stauffer Duane Nuessen Jean Vaughn Corncl Ted Held Ball Lyra Eudean Lang Bob Ratch Paul Daniels Lona Bell McNutt Leila McMullen Dwight Parry l Violin Bass Viol Tenor Saxophone Re-Zcfaa , i W is C. Orchestra The High School Orchestra of 1948-1949 was called upon for several different occasions, and on each occasion was asked to play a different kind of music. For the All-School Play, popular music was furnished, for the Thanksgiving Program, sacred music and for the two nights of the Christmas Pageant the orchestra played Christmas music. For the Senior Play, again sacred music was the theme and for Easter more sacred music and for Commencement and Baccalaureate classical music. The following is the personnel of the orchestra: Martha Simkins Laura Morse Regina Johnson Clydean Brooks Dennis Knox . Beverly Snyder Allen Scheikofsky Inge Williams Pat Young Sylvia Houser Arlene Looker Pat Anderson Phillip Smith Robert Cross Barbara Pyle Barbara Ann Walker Lyle Haley C0110 Lona Bell McNutt Eunice Swint Ada Jane Jacobs Joyce Gravatt Calvin Murray Maralee Swint Oboe Dorla Russell Donald Thompson Fluff Robert Schneider Marcine Fox Clurinef Jean Vaughn Eudean Lang Marlene Reichardt Alto Saxophone Marie Bozarth Dale Coffman Donna Merwin U01 Barbara Briles Judy Burt Cornvl Wilbur Moebus Bob Banister Skipper Stinson Jerry Crumley Bob Ratch Fn'm'b Horn Betty Lewis Mona Collins Trombone' Darrell McDermed Marc Allen Hurt Warren Russell Tubu Lloyd Hilton Prrvussirm Charles Bollinger Qwlq-Nam Top row: Danner. Whitsitt. Pagedas, Lawrence, Allen, Hoffmans, Mr. Eikermann Second row: Mr. Wilson, Brockhouse, Becker, Young, LaShea, Fanestil, Stoeppelwerth, Mr. Mankin Tlizrd row: Hurt, Tinimerman, Kunz, Anderson, Moebus, Guy, Hahn Fourtli row: Smith, Day, Shadwiek, Beck, Gadbery, Anderson Key Club Iiight Key Cluh boys were sent to W'ashington, D. C., to the International Convention Where they received u special letter from the International President commending them for their achievement report which won the district contest :ind was one of the very top achievement records in the International Contest. This honor is proof in itself of the accomplishments of the Key Club this year under President Gerald Shudwick. Top row: Donna Winzeler, Joyce Hanifan, Maxine Gibson, George Anderson, Bill Hamble, Carol Lee Shoebrook, Elaine Woodbury Second row: Sue Henning, Wanda Zeiner, Jean Nelson, Pat Harkins, Mary Ann Dyer, Peggy Suddock. Betty Parks Tlurd row! Thearle Beemer, Mary Deputy, Mary Ann Waters, George McCoy, Nita Ray, Ina Lou Henry .lunior Red Cross After a big membership drive the first activity of the Junior Red Cross was to send gift boxes filled with various necessities to the war stricken children throughout the world. At Christmas the representatives sang carols at the hospitals and prepared gifts for The Heritage. The officers :ure Marylee Kiene, Presidentg Mary Ann Waters, Vice-Presidentg Nita Ray, Secretary-treasurer. The sponsor is Miss Jenny P. Douglass. lfll Re-Echo I. R. O. After eating a hearty meal at the cafeteria the International Relations Organization members meet together to discuss and gather information about people of other lands. This organization will become more important as more students realize the growing need of closer cooperation and understanding between nations. The group has sponsored several worthwhile assemblies, in one of which Dr. Dale Zeller spoke on present conditions in Germany. The State Round Table Conference on Foreign and Domestic Affairs wound up the year's work. Officers: Pat Roberts, Moderatorg Chalmous LaShea, Vice-Moderatorg Joyce Hanifan, Clerk-Librariang Marcine Fox, Program Chairman. Latin Club The Latin Clubs hold their meetings once a month. Their sponsor and teacher is Miss jenny P. Douglass. They report on Latin subjects, play games and have contests using the Latin language. The officers for the first semester for the second hour club were: Mare Hurt, Presidentg Bob Jaquith, Vice-President: and Tom Pagedas, Secretary. For the second semester: Darrell Fanestil, Presidentg Tommy Sunter, Vice-Presidentg and Belva Ames, Secretary. Officers for the first semester of the fourth hour class were: jim Maxwell, Presidentg Kay Gamer, Vice-President: and Gary Irish, Secretary. For the second semester: Pat Lowry, Presidentg Patsy Baille, Vice-President: and Calvin Murray, Secretary. E521 aaaiq-!Vinea4 F. F. A. The Emporia Future Farmers of America had fifty-seven members this year with Ernest Williams, President, Frank Davis, Vice-President, Bob Carter, Secretaryg Raymond VanSickle, Treasurer, john Heins, Reporterg Richard Mayes, Sentinel, and Emory Groves, Advisor. Frank Davis, jr., has a State Farmer Degree and John Heins, Ernie Williams and Bob Carter applied for this degree. Sponsoring an all-school party, selling concessions at football games, a barn dance for members and dates, a farm pest contest, and a cooperative popcorn project, kept our bysy farmers occupied during the year. They also attended the American Royal, the National and State F. F. A. Conventions, and judging schools at Valley Falls, Olathe, Topeka, Ottawa and Council Grove. Stagecraft It is often wondered what E. H. S. would do without George Lodle's stagecraft boys. As always, they have been a vital part in the production of the school plays, the Christmas pageant, road shows coming to town, and other miscellaneous but important jobs. U31 Re-Echo UCUCKOOS ON THE HEARTHH CAST-Top row: Bob Phillips, Jean Brandt, Dick Sutton. Maurice Guy. Bill Hamble. Second row: Mrs. Dinkler, Ina Lou Henry, Donna Grisell. Evelyn Telfer. Carol Koch. Connie Whitehead. Tlnrd row: Lischia Newcomer, Bill Baird, Carol Alexander, Duane Allen. Don Jensen. Dramatics Among the highlights of the year were the two plays presented by the dramatics department. After weeks of work the all-school play, "Cuclto0s on the Hearth" was presented the night of November 16. This play was :i real mystery thriller filled with suspense. After much reading and discussion of plays, "One Foot in Heaven" was chosen for the senior play. lt was presented February 18. It was the story of the trials and tribulations of a minister and his family. The dramaties class also presented two one-act plays in assembly. They were, "Thrce's a Crowd" with the following cast: Carol Alexander, Bill Baird, Connie Wliitelicad, Bob Phillips and Dick Sutton. The other, "Parted On Her Wedding Mom" or "More To Be Pitied Than Scorned", had the following cast: Connie W7l1iICl1C1Ll, Bill Baird, La Moyne jones, Evelyn Lehnhcrr, Ina Lou Henry, and Jean Brandt. "ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN" CAST-Top row: Susan Haynes, Donna Grisell, Bob Phillips, La Moyne Jones. Jo Jetty. Mrs, Dinkler. Second fowl Warren Quakenbush. Carol Koch. Jean Brandt, Don Jensen. Ruth Ann Marsh, Tltzrd row.' Evelyn Lehnherr. Betty Jo Carpenter, Dick Sutton, Pat Herbert, Virginia Wichert. Eunice Valyer. I-'ourrlz row: Push Harr. Carol Alexander, Gerald Shadwick. Connie Whitehead. Bob Hughes. U41 Qafufaf-lVinw4 Debate The object of much heated discussion by Em-Hi debaters the first semester was the question "Resolved that the United Nations now be revised into a Federal World Government". The debaters got much experience in staying in hotels. riding trains and meeting fellow debaters from over the state at the five invitational tournaments which they attended. Emporia played host to eighteen visiting debate teams in early November under the supervision of coach William Glenn. The tournament team consisted of Pat Herbert, Ronald Whitsitt, negative, and Gae Whitney, George Anderson, affirmative. Choral-'Readers A photograph of the choral readers has not appeared in a Rc-Echo before, but this year space was found for this skilled group who contribute much to the success of the Christmas program under the direction of Mrs. Margaret Dinkler. l55l Re-Zahn 7 1 .M rig i gr J 4 X I . industrial Arts As in years past, the buys in the Industrial Arts department turned out some beautiful, prufesvioiml- like work, and as in the past, it was stressed that the utmost safety is none too safe. The industrial Arts Llepnrunent, Linder tlie Supervision of George Lodle, is made up of classes in woodworking, advanced cabinet making, wuud turning, mcclianical drawing and architectural drawing, E561 gala- fviltelli fd 'Z 0 4? Tpx .Sis ml l 1 ws S085 PO,-'ij 54 8 I - W' I 1 Re-Zahn 4 The first week in September Coach Eugene Ridenour took over his new coaching assignment at Emporia High by checking out football suits to Emporia High's football candidates. Coach Ridenour and assistant Coach Gerhardt Eikermann then sent their team through a rugged three weeks of practice in preparation for their opening game with Wichita North September 25. The Wichita North Redskins, one of the best teams in the State, scalped the Spartans in their opening game of the season. The Spartans were weak in their tackling and blocking and as a result they were sent through long and hard drills the following week as they prepared for their next game at Rosedale. Emporia met and fought Rosedale to a tie and showed a better style play in blocking and tackling. Bob Banister turned in an outstanding game in the backfield while Eldon Beck was outstanding in his first start at guard. The next game found the Spartans taking it on the chin again as the Topeka Trojans downed Emporia by the count of 19-0. October 15 saw the Spartans lose a heartbreaker to the Wyandotte Bulldogs in a hard-fought ball game. The Bulldogs scored early in the first quarter for the first score of the game. The Emporia touchdown was set up by a 24 yard pass from Hoffmans to Uhlman and from there on it was straight line plays, with Hoffmans going over on a quarterback sneak. Bloxom converted. The Bulldogs scored their second touchdown in the third quarter. Emporia then started a drive that took them to the Wyandotte 4 yard line where they were stopped. Ralph Hahn turned in a brilliant running attack against the Bulldogs. After another hard week of practice the Spartans won their first game of the season against the Newton Railroaders. The first score of the game came when Duncan recovered a fumble on the Newton 42. A 35 yard aerial from Connie Hoffmans to Bloxom was complete to the 7 yard line. Two plays later Hahn went across for the T. D. Eleven plays late Newton scored, tying tht game at 6-6. The second score for the Spartans came when Bloxom caught a 29 yard pass from Hoffmans and carried it to the I7 yard line. Hahn again lagged it over and Bloxom's conversion was good. Chet Duncan played an outstanding game for the Spartans. The Spartans lost their next game at the hands of the Manhattan Indians. It was Hahn again who scored the only T. D. for Emporia. The Spartans hit the win column in their next game against Chanute and remained in that column the rest of the season. The Spartans had little trouble in victory number two as they rolled over Chanute. E531 he -1 .-.nn nl qmfq-Nam Ralph Hahn, Dave Smith, Gene Bloxom, Bob Banister and Duane Allen all scored for the Spartan cause. Bloxom's extra point 'icking was the highlight of the game, making six out of the same number of attempts. The next ga, e found the Spartans the underdog once again with Ottawa but they paid little attention to that as th y won by the count of 13-6. It was one of the best games of the year as the hard to compete with. Ralph Hahn and Gene Bloxom each got a touchdown. Virgil Uhlman got th! extra point on a pass from Hoffmans. Cleland Harr turned in his best game of the year against thi Spartans were becomin Cyclones. The last game of the season was played on snow-covered Schaffner Field November 19 ag inst the Planeview Gremlins. Allen, Hahn, Bloxom, Uhlman, and Harr all scored against the Gremlins. arl Hoffmans threw three touchdown passesg two to Bloxom and one to Uhlman. Ralph Hahn, juni 60 points. Gene Blox r halfback, was the high ranking offensive player with 10 tallies for a score of was second with four T. D.'s and 14 extra points for 38 points. The other touchdowns were made by Allen, Banister, Smith, Harr, Uhlman and Carl Hoffmans. The Spartans scor a total of 142 points to 117 scored against them. Emporia finished the season with four losses, one ti , and four wins to finish with even .500 which is one of the best records turned in by an Emporia High football team in several years. Eugene Stonebrake , trainer, put in much time and effort this season. SEASON RECORD Sept ber 25' here .... Wichita North 42 Emporia 0 Oct er 2 there . . Rosedale 7 Emporia 7 Oct! r 8 there . . Topeka 19 Emporia 0 Oct r 15 here . . Wyandotte 12 Emporia 7 Oct er 22 there . . Newton 6 Emporia 13 Oct r 29 here . . Manhattan 12 Emporia 6 Nov ber 3 there . . Chanute 13 Emporia 49 here . . Ottawa 6 Emporia 13 here . . Planeview 0 Emporia 47 TOTAL 117 142 l l i SOPHOMORE SQUAD The Emporia Hig sophomores, coached by A. B. Koch and Wood Bloxom, turned in a good account of themselves i playing a five game schedule this year. The most outstanding sophomore players were moved up to the 'A" squad early in the season, leaving the rest of the group to gain experience while winning three of their five games. The team split a pair of games with the Madison "B" team, 13-7, and 12-03 they de eated a strong Jr.-Hi squad 7-0 and 18-0, and lost against the Topeka sophs, 24-0. l59l Re-Zahn I. Schaffner Field, 2. Ed Banister, Guard, and Connie Hoffmans, Quarterback. 3. Gene Bloxom, End- 4. Ralph Hahn, Halfback- 5. Virgil Uhlman, End. 6. Carl Hoffmans, Quarterback. 7. Don Nickelson, Halfback. 8. Chet Duncan, Tackle. 9. Jesse Prisock, Tackle. 10. Bob Banister, Fullback. ll. Bruce Musgrave, Center. 12. Dave Smith, Halfback. 13. Jack Sturgeon, Guard. 14. Push Harr , Halfback. 15. Joe Beck, Guard. 16. Duane Allen, Quarterback- 17. Ottawa Game- 1601 4au'q-fVine2a4 "A" BASKETBALL SQUAD Top row: Jim Smith, Chet Duncan, John Forrester, Jesse Prisock, Bob Banister, Gene Bloxorn, Ralph Hahn .Second row: Asst. Coach Ridenour, Carl Hoffmans, Gerald Shadwick, Maurice Guy, Duane Allen, Don Sherwood, Trainer Wilbur Moebus, Coach Eikermann Emporia High School cagers under the direction of head -:oach Gerhardt Eiltermann turned in one of the best and most successful seasons in years as they edged out victories over some of the better teams in the State. Their season record was 21 wins to only 3 losses for one of the best records in the State. They also had one of the best offensive records in the State. The highest score they rolled up this season was 65 points against Chanute in the regional tournament. The lowest score the Spartans scored this season was against Iola, hitting only 27 points. The highest score chalked up against them was 55 points by Salina, a game which the Spartans lost in a double over- time by only one point. The least number of points scored against the High School cagers was 18 points hy Chanute. The Spartan cagers brought home two first place trophies won in an invitational tournament and the regional tournament. The Spartans won their first trophy at the invitational tournament at Argentine by winning over Ward and Argentine, both Kansas City teams. The second trophy was fought for at Independence in the regional tournament. The Spartans won their trophy by downing Chanute and Independence. These were the first trophies won by an Emporia High team in a number of years. The Spartans, winning the regional tournament, won the right to go to the State tournament. They won their first game against Pittsburg but lost their second game to the hard-fighting Bulldogs of Vryandotte High School. Thus the Spartan season came to a quick but successful end. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM 'TOP TCU-'.'1Joe IStine, Oliver Anderson. Wayne Palmer. Darrell Fanestil, Don White, Bill Robinson, Walter Stoeppelwerth. Ray Murphy, Keith Kelis secuna row: Coach Ridenour, Larry Sigler, John Beeson, Connie Hoffmans, Jim Maxwell, Bob Zickefoose. Tom Pagedas, Wilbur Moebus E611 Re-Zahn I Huh Ihnmisrcr, Iforwgrd, 1. Ralph ll.1lm, CQu.u'd. 3. .lcxsc Prisuck, Ylfcnrcr. -4. .lim Smixlx. Cunard. Y. iiuxlld Slmdwick. l"UI'Xl'.l!'d. tv. Don Sherwood, l"urw.xrd. 7. l,ll.lllk' Allcn, lQu.1rd J I'urw.lrd. S. fv.lI'l ,IUf.lAI1l.lI1S, I5urw.u'nl, 9. Clwt IDUITCJII, fcntvr .md l'UI'W.1lAd. IU. rX1.lllI'iCk' ffm, C.u.1u1. Il. -Iulm I'urrcsxcr, l"UI'W.Il'd. ll. Gum- Iilmwmmm, Guard .md lfurwnrnl, E621 goofy-lvineu 004 .Queen of Me 60419114 SCHEDULE Emporia Salina Emporia S0 Argentine Emporia Planeview 30 Emporia 36 Ottawa Emporia Manhattan 36 Emporia 52 Topeka Emporia McPherson Emporia 31 Newton Emporia Salina fo.t.j Emporia 47 Arkansas City Emporia Ottawa 50 Emporia 48 El Dorado Emporia Topeka 37 Emporia 40 Eureka Emporia junction City Emporia 27 Iola Emporia Wyandotte Emporia Chanutc REGIONAL Emporia Manhattan 27 Emporia 65 Chanute Emporia Ward Emporia 54 Independence STATE TOURNAMENT Emporia Pittsburg Emporia 35 Vfyandotte I631 Re-Zahn EMPORIA HIGH TRACK TEAM-1949 Top row: Calvin Murray, Wllllam Cowdrey. Don Gadbery, Ray Murphy, Don White, Chet Duncan, Jesse Prisock, Bob Banlster, Wayne Goodell, Joe Beck, Ralph Hahn Second row: Bob Zlckefoose, Jerry Hickey, John Beeson, Kelth Kells, Kay Jones, Don Redman, Duane Herman, Bob Staufier, Connie Hoffmans, John Brown, Coach Elkermann Third row: Coach Rldenour, Jerry Summers, Norman Hill, Kenny Beck, Elmer Bock, Glen Boyce, Bam Ramirez. Chalmous Lashea, Warren Russell, Wilbur Moebus Fourth row: Charles Cookson, Dean Huth, Francis Burns, Charles Clark, Lee Phillips, Jerry Minnis 'hack At this writing the '49 track season is hardly half over but the Spartans are promising to turn in one of their most impressive seasons in recent years. With part of the team missing because of illness the Spartans were defeated in the opening dual meet with El Dorado but came back stronger in the second meet by placing second in the Emporia State College relays. In their third meet, which was the Wichita University Invitational, the Spartans scored 19M points for fifth place in a field of 13 class AA schools. The photograph does not contain all of the team and some of the better point makers are not in it. The seniors who will be missed greatly next year are: Bob Banister, second in javelin last year at the State meet, has an excellent chance of winning it this year. He is strong in the discus and shotput, as well as being a good quarter miler. He has put the shot 45 feet, thrown the discus about 130 feet, and has run the 440 in 54 seconds. Chet Duncan has been the best point maker in the early meets because of his ability to place first in the shot and discus. His throws in these events make him one of the best in the State and he is looking forward to winning both in the State meet, He has also been able to gain points in the javelin. He has put the shot 48 feet BM inches for the K. S. T. C. meet record and tied the record at the Wichita meet. His best discus throws have been about 140 feet in meeys and over 150 feet in practice. Gerald Shadwick has provided the most strength in the track events with his speed in the dashes and the 440. His best performance was that of running the 100 yard dash in 10.2 and he has proven to be equally as strong in the 220 and 440. 1641 Zzaaiq-Wanna Bob Stauffer, our most consistent performer the p2St two years, was delayed because of illness but will be in shape to turn in some near 2-minute half miles before the season is over. He has run the 880 in 2 minutes and 5 seconds and will make a strong bid for a place in the State meet. Underclassmen who have contributed a great deal this year and will have to carry the greater share of the load next year are: Charles Cookson, a sophomore who has performed well in the pole vault, high and low hurdlesg Ralph Hahn, a junior who is very strong in the dashes and the broad jump, Duane Herrmann, a sophomore who has done a good job in the middle distance racesg Connie Hoffmans, in the 440, broad jump and javeling Hal Kendig, in the 440, Jesse Prisock, who shows all around ability by good marks in the 440, discus and shot fwith one first so farjg Jim Smith, a good performer in all events, is strongest in the hurdles, high jump and broad jump. All of these boys will be hard to beat the remainder of their high school career, with the many others who have taken interest in this sport. W! This year the Emporia High golf squad showed many promising possibilities. It had two regulars, Larry Sigler and Dale Smith, back from last year's squad and also some promising talent from the sophomore class in Pat Donnellan, Gene Hahn, and Gerry Hahn. The team played in four matches this year, the first was at Wichita where the team took eighth place with twelve teams competing. The next was at Salina where they took second. They wound up the season with the state tournament at Topeka. Gene Hahn was low for the Emporia team consisting of Larry Sigler, Brooks Becker, Pat Donnellan, and Gene Hahn in the first two matches. Next year old E. H. S. will probably have a very good team. There might even be possibilities of a State champion- ship team. GOLF TEAM Top row: Mr. Glenn, Gerry Hahn, Claire Garrison, John Brockhouse, Dale Smith second row: Gene Hahn, Pat Donnellan, Larry Sigler, Brooks Becker, Bill King E651 Re-Zcfzo All maiur ieiter winners in thc three major sports-fmitlmii, i7.l5kClb.lii, and lrackfinay be incmburs of liiC "lf" Csluh. ltach spring an initiation is held for its prnspcciive lnclnbcrs. This year huh Banistcr was in Pix--.irieiiig Cari Hnffinam, Vice-President, and Ralph Hahn, SccrcLai'y-'i'i'casurcr. 'rnp row: Chester Duncan. Push Hnrr. Connie Hoffmans. Bob Zickefoose, Jim Smith. Bob Stauffer. John Forrester sf-umia mm: Maurice Guy. Dave Smith. George McCoy. Bob Lawrence. Joe Beck. Bruce Musgrave 'rnzrri row: Riilph Hahn. Wayne Goodell, Jesse Prisock. Gene Bloxoin, Bob Bunister. Dunne Allen I"uHl'1II rwwi Gerald Shzidwick, Don Nickleson. Jack Sturgeon. Don Sherwood. Curl Hoffmzins eheefliedfjeadf "l"mporia iicy-Huy! i'iIl1POI'i.l Ho-Ho-" This was rho cry of our eiglu puppy cheerleaders during lmrh football and basketball seasons. The cheering that icd our "A" team to victory was led by four YCI1iUl"S4lXV0 hoys and two girls. The "IS" learn hnys were urged on to victory by six junior cheerleaders. Junior Cheerleudersw-Top row: Marguerita Kidd. Pat Street. Shirley Laramore. Jim Thomas, Doxie Hoover Jean Bright Senior Clieerleziders Sm-ond row: J. R. Heath. Elizabeth Jaquith, Marianne Hoch, Jim Mnllikin i661 andy- XVMM4 Spaalaa Glad SPARTAN CLUB OFFICERS Lrft fo rigbl: Nita Ray, Secretary and Treasurerg Virginia NX'ichert, Prcsidentg Ruth Ann Marsh , Vice-President. Although the pep club was not organized until late in the fall it proved well worth the effort that went into it. Under the leadership of its officers, Virginia Wichert, Presidentg Ruth Ann Marsh, Vice- Presidentg and Nita Ray, secretaryg the members named the club the Spartan Club. A large majority of the membership was girls, but some boys pitched in with their pep to help our team to its many victories. The Spartan Club showed its ability and will to win in the pep assemblies and most of all at thc games by being behind the team all the way, win or lose. X N ,l Y. A N WQLA be fw f N Spartan Club In Action l67l Re-Zahn Top row: Zody, Woodbury, Vaughn, Beck, Nelson. Overfield, McFerrin. Krtimm, Tweedy, Neeclels. Burton, Barron. Johnson, Brandt .Second row: Burch, Gunzelman, Pohl, Seaman, Mitchell, Riley, Ames, Mueller, Becker, Huff, Attebery, Anderson, Slnpp. Lowry. Tobin, Smith Third row: Mrs. Goodwin. Towner, Sinith, Rust, Morse. Sanders, Rothfelder. Russell, Wilson, Grisell, Deputy, Teichgraeber, Allen, Perdaris. Arndt, Marshinsky Fourth row.' Lyster, Rogers. Beattie. Albin, Turney, Hoover. Wilhite, Kiene. Lela Owen. Street. Lila Owen, Williams, Roe. Smith, Funk, Goodell Flllll row: Ntiuinan, Binkley, Boznrth. Ray, Hungerford, Shaw. B. Van Sickle. Parks. Mitchell. Wilson. Whitney. Henning, Newcomer. D. Van Sickle 6.14. A. The Girls' Athletics Association is an organization which any girl may join. Some of the many projects are: bouneebnll, basketball, volleyball, swimming, hiking, and concessions selling ,it football games. Two of the outstzimling jobs were the All-School Party, and the booth at the Cnrnivnlita. Officers were: l,el.1 Owen. President, Pat Street, Vice-Presidentg Hazel W'ilhite, Secretary, Mnrylee Kiene, 'l're.isurer. l.iln Owen and Doxie Hoover were :sports nmnagers. ' The G. A. A. Activities were under the supervision of Mrs. Ruth Goodwin. 1. Championship Bounceball Team. 2. A free throw in Basketball A11-Star game. 3. Basketball All-Star champs. 4. Hittin' pretty, 5. Wonderful form 6. Stalrsteps. 7. Championship Basketball Team. 8. Runners-up in All-Star game 9. Runners-up Basketball Championship game. mi qaaiq-Wanna - 4az'uae Golf! fbiggeu aj 1959 fContinu.ed from page 161 and in his spare time doing his latest dance with Evelyn Telfer. The side addition of his floor show is torchslnger Pat Herbert, and on the same attraction is Betty Vogts, famous fan dancer. As the earth rotates slightly on its Y-axis he finds himself again looking at dear ole Kansas: his first sight is Frank Davis, residing on his big plantation as the second Jeff Wheat of Allen. The Earth spins until the great metropolis of Olpe comes into view and such characters are seen as Push Harr, the timid, quiet president of Olpe Tech. Universityg Joan Cope, favorite school teacher at the Tech. and Gerald Shadwick, who after finally graduating in 1955 became the head garbage collector of thls thriving business district. Bob Burns, after donating his life to composing his great symphony, is now about to retire in Olpe. As Kansas City rolls by he sees Shirley Nuffer and Mildred Fox proctors at Cling and Alley Pool Hall lrecreational parlor to you more refined charactersl. At that moment Margaret Renshaw's weekly newspaper, "The Hot Gossip", blows into sight and it obscured Becker's vlew -and he notices such national figures making the front page as Verle Childers, white-collar business executive, just cleaning out Wall Street: a big announcement of Connie Whitehead becoming poet lauriate pf America, and a flash announcement told him Willie Hoppe lbilliard champion! need not fear losing his crown with Duane Dobson as advisor: John Brockhouse had just replaced Ben Hogan as golf champioih. On the advertisement page he observes Rosalie Stanley's self-designed hats advertised. Highlight o the week is Lola QCliff Ogden! Owen, while refereeing a great basketball game in Madison Square Garden, has to be taken off the court by Mary Lou Pohl, water boy for the "Cinderella Boys". A'cloud covers Brooks' vision and when it clears he finds in Minnesota a dairy farm where he sees Jewell Graves working as a dairy maid. And traveling over the world together, now in Minnesota, are Joan Umdenstock and Joan Van Orden. Joan, the former, is still doing experiments trying to find where the soda comes from that is in soda pop: while Joan, the latter, is giving talks on movies to raise money for their trip. ' As the Earth cruises to Wyoming, Brooks spies that along with the Centennial celebration is Phyllis Grey, barker at the famous carnival there. Kenneth Williams is also entertaining as a famous trapeze artist. A circus, which is also with the carnival, features Imogene Day, fat lady, who is looking for Joan Rlgsby, famous brain surgeon, in hopes that she might be cured. As he looks up he is aware that the Earth is again whizzlng by and this time stopping ln the great gold state of California, And here he first notices that Blll Kunz has purchased and is running a duck farm. One for all the quacks. On NBS the great Bob Hope has been ousted by the ace comedian John Harger. Also in a big Holly- wood production are Jim 4Howardl Finnerty, Bob Fowler, Virgil Uhlman and Jessie Carson, experts on "It Pays To Be Ignorant". Howard Houser has obtained the position as a barber on one of the Palomino ranches. Iyla Mae Parkman is a cowgirl on the same ranch, acting as hostess for the dudes. In Death Valley Norman Thomson 1A-l scientist? is using Bill Hurst, Kenneth Koch and Richard Knapp as stooges for his "hot" experiments. Carol Alexander, in order to keep the movie-goers spellbound by beautiful swimming, has taken Esther Williams' place in the great film capital. At Earl Carrols he sees another famous starlet of the " '49ers", Donna Winzelerl Helen Groh ls running a celebrity Drive-Inn in Hollywood. Working for her as waitresses are Rosemary Johnson, Carol Koch, Myra Hawley. As the Pacific ocean comes into view, Brooks sees Mickey Lynde, Matron at Alcatraz. Riding the waves of the Pacific, Rear Admiral Chet Duncan's boat crosses the horizon and tangle itself in the many Pacific islands. Chet stops for entertainment and sees Don Jensen as a hulalhula dancer on one of the islands. One of the frequent ,earthquakes of the world hit just then and when Brooks next looks he finds he is above Paris, France. There he observes model Dixie Lawson in a famous bazaar. He also sees an out-door French restaurant, managed by Berneice Holscher, which is also famous for French pastry. His eyes travel through a park and fix themselves on Norma Reichardt, sultry play girl with her newest flame, Bruce Musgrave. Looking for cooler weather Brooks finds himself above the Alps at the famous resort of Joan Baldwin, Pat Anderson, Wilma Brickley, and Jeanette Brandt. The earth rocks, and he sees Gordon Ames still examining the Iron Curtain in an effort to find if it is really made of that substance. As Moscow comes into view, he finds Barbara Van Sickle attempting to sell Stalin her hair for Atom Bomb sights. After trying to get af little sleep, Brooks begins to count the ties on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and so next China is cast into his eyesight, and the first thing he notices is LaMoyne Jones's chop suey restaurant. In the back room of the same restaurant he vaguely sees Bruce McFerrin and Roger Pender- graft who are experimenting. After a terrific jolt, he wakes up to find himself in ith hour Solid Geometry with his foot smoking, and McFerrln and Pendergraft chuckllng to themselves: now he under- stands what they were doing and realizing that they would not believe his fantastic dream continues on his assignment for the day. wi Re-Zdza auinq0ulZ'fseQolJenlV Allen Bugbee leaves hls careful driving habits to Don Nlckleson. Bob Phllllps wllls his "A" grades to Bob Jaquith, who could use some. The trim figure of Joan Brockleman is left to Marilyn Tweedy, although she doesn't need lt. Evelyn Lehnherr graciously bestows her lady-like ways upon Sue Zody. No explanation needed. Ernie Wllllams regretfully leaves the F. F. A., but he takes his green boots with him. The beaten and battered locker of Jean Hormel is left to Jean Rust. Mary Grcssarth wills her self control to Jo Canaday Donna Grlsell, Jo Jetty, Ginny Law, and Ruth Ann Marsh want the whole student body to have part of their pep to be used at the games next year, hoping that the future outcome may be as good as ours. The debate squad of '49 has nothing to offer except good wllll The red tresses of Gladys Nelson go to some dissatisfied blonde. John Forrester wills his gosslping ways to Jlm Maxwell. Blll Dick leaves some of hls bow-ties to Mr. Rldenour so that he may continue to wow the girls. The gentlemanly ways of Norman Thompson, Glendene Spatz, Norman Shirley, and Richard Drenon are willed to Bob Utter, Bob Owens, Dwight Perry and Russell Mulllkln. Elizabeth Jaquith leaves all of her fllrtatlons to Shirley Laramore, but she wishes that she could take Jesse along with her. To llttle brother Richard goes Jack Sturgeon's "way with the women". Elizabeth Price and Pat Scott will their book, "I Always Get My Man", to Doxle Hoover. Good luck, Doxle. The class-time sleeping of Bob Carter and Loren Hensler is left to Ronnie Rothfelder. Bill Pyle and Joyce Ellis leave their chemistry lab books to Mr. Price. That's the rule. Beth Colhns, Eunice Valyer, Betty Walke and Gae Whitney combine their personalities and flnd that they have enough to sprinkle all over school. Bob 1-Iutcnerson leaves the prlntlng room to anyone who might fill his shoes-slze llVa. Jean Braxldt, Brooks Becker, Earl Sheridan and Dale Smith leave all of the pictures they've snapped to this year's Re-Echo. Dale Coffman wills part of his friendliness to Bill Baird. Mary Lee Parkman and Hartsel Haskins leave their woo-pltchlng ability to Meek and Sigler. Why we'll never know. Pat Harklns. Bob Schneider, and Bob Stauffer leave their ablllty to get things done to John Blble, Terry Carle and Bud Merwln. The pep and vltallty of Della Baker, Joan Brecht, Bonnie Woodward and Dorothy Trear are left to Betty Parks, June Guy and Carole Turney, Warren Plerce leaves with Pat Wilson, and Pat leaves with Warren's "E" sweater. Jim Mulllkln and Joe Heath combine their cheerleading and pep, but decide to take lt with them, for they never know there'll never ue anyone to equal them and take thelr places. The dlstrlct music festlval is left behind by Jean Vaughn. Susan Haynes takes all of her love-making with her to be used on Dave. The successful Student Council ls being left by Maurice Guy for next year's president. Duane Allen, Bob Hughes and Push Hart leave, as always, with their steadles. Jimmie Homewood and Lela Owen leave Richard to the underclasswomen. Alvln Knauf wills his bold ways to Kay Jones. Charles Turney, Eugene Zelner and Dorsett Wilson combine their height to give to Connie Hoffmans to help hlm dunk in lots of baskets next year. John Heins leaves all of his 57 varieties to pep up Em-Hl after he ls gone. Pat McGowan and Dorothy Jones leaves their cheerful "hello's" to Janet Cllne and Betty Becker. Clinton Eubank leaves his excuse slips to Herbie I. Darrell McDermed and Mike Meares, who have climbed the ladder of success by tootlng their own horns-ln band-leave their licorice sticks to Maralee Swlnt. Marie Cozad will her happy ways to Sue Henning. Mary Burch wills her last name to some tree, for she'll soon have another one. The cute giggle of Rosalie Stanley ls being left with Hazel Wllhlte. We hope that Hazel will be as cheery as Rosle has been. Chet Duncan hopefully bestows his football ablllty to next year's squad, so that they might make all-state also. Coach Ridenour shares this hope. And with a slgh, Betty Jo Carpenter, Mary Crawford, Marclne Fox and Maxine Gibson leave only the memory of a wonderful time ln senior high. And now, the Senior Will Committee of the '49ers dlp their pens into the lnk for the last time to sign their names to this, having passed out our nuggets. Vxnomn Wxcrinr, Drxn Lllwsou, Bos Bmms, BITH COLLINS, Eaxznrrr-r PRICI E701 I l le violnioiuiuioioi xiuioif 1111011 1:11014 301010101011 is Wcvufq-!Vineu Congratulations to Senior Class SELLERS JEWELRY Watchmaker and Jeweler Phone 1946 813 Com'l THE KANSAS ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY Emporia, Kansas vinzoioiuinii 49ers Dairy SEPTEMBER E. H. S. began its '48-'49 session on Sep- tember the seventh with two hundred and fifteen new students and three new instructors. The busy Y-Teen "Hi-yah" week began on the thirteenth. The little "sophs" really looked cute in their baby bibs. Tuesday the fourteenth we elected the new Student Council members. W'e elected our cheerleaders for this year in assembly on the twentieth. They were: Mari- anne Hoch, Elizabeth Jaquith, James Mullikin and R. Heath. E. H. S. lost its opening football game to the Redskins of Wichita North, 41-O, at Schaffner Field the twenty-fifth. OCTOBER The first of October and what a busy day! The Echo staff went to Lawrence to attend the High School Journalism Conference. The "Scrasp" our first all school party was held in the Jr. Hi gym. Everyone had a wonderful time! We tied Rosedale, 7-7, in our second game of the year. , 1 Distinctive Apparel for the high school girl SWINT'S TOP-SPOT CAFE GOOD FOOD Emporia, Kansas l71l GREEN'S ooNoco SERVICE sTAT1oN 6th and State Phone 334 PEN NA'S COLLEGE GRILL 1117 Com'l Phone 2657 Compliments of BENDER'S FOOD MARKET "The Best in Foods" PHONE 656 uiciznie 1:n2014:1:r1:xi::1:ioiolui ' siavioioitrioioisaioisrioioif vioitrifvjoioioiariojoicrjcvioit '3'.0-4.-0..,..,-0...-.....-.......... Re-gcfaa eff: l20Ql 2llQOQlPnlim'FQUQUQOQUQUQUQ4-liQ13QClQllQllQlPQUQUQUQOQ1 21.2. 2 McKEE-FLEMING LUMBER Co. 2 l Dealers in I l LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL I l Corner Fifth and Congress Phone 73 E l CHINA AND CRYSTAL 8.12231 233, ffE'Jl?k.iI.y'Li'1i5i3i2.LTL.'hc 3" I S for Occasions The Spartan Student Council journeyed to l Lawrence on the fifth to attend thc Student Q Q Cards - Stationery - Records Council Cenfcffnfc- Q O I- 'fh h - T k b' l- g our rthtixzd cgbrinie :vvitl?,Lt1l:enTroli5hs.a Qc Afdst 3 , CORONA GIFT SHOP dee- The Y-Teen celebrated its 67th birthday I I . with a Birthday Ball given in the Lowther l I Commefclal Junior High Gym on the night of the ninth. Everything was perfect! The "Counts" played I I their smooth music and remember how the I i gym was decorated with pastel streamers, I Q balloons and a huge birthday cake? i ' Th ' ' l l d ' l ' h 3 Compllments of elevenethfuileige l?'r:i:1cltlawasltslestidttifesidxemntf e I . . T ld, 1 d it - I Q U. S. Navy Recrultlng gamiyls filWviiandffte0IuiifilQlC0i'2-7,o'l'S Q , the night of the fifteenth. I st t 1 l a' The F. F. A. Leadership School was held Q here the eighteenth. Emporia High lost its best friend, Mr. Rice Q E. Brown, when he passed away on the I i and nineteenth. I g prilsglrles Qireeglannigxeistim'elected senior class E 2 Compliments of 1 Auto Supply Company Q i Parts - Accessories l YOUR BLUESTEM-FLINT . . Q Tires -- O1lS Q 2 HILLS STATION 20 East 5th Phones 809, 3234 l i Emporia, Kansas l l I COMPLIMENTS Q 2 BURGNER-BoWMAN-MATTHEWS LBR. Co. Q 101 East Fourth Avenue Emporia, Kansas Q !:orZ0io1oifrio:oioi1r1011rt4r10i4vi1b14v11rt4ri4r1o:1 1 riuissioioiuioioic Og' 7 40414-flfinma Candies - Ice Cream Short Orders - Beverages E. H. S.'s first win of the season C Wen -SECOU WZS 011 th t ty d, when the Spartans d l d r R l d 13 6 rinioioic-10101011 ioianurioioizsioioic xioicsjoicriojoioifrioqe, U1 P1 P-4 Q Q W I4 q W X 6' "1 R1 SBU! Q pq mm ZEE W 2005 2 F: fn tri Qt-P O5 . M : fp H CA OCD H l Q, elim 2 EQ " wah Bfvjvfifb "' 02 Kimi' 2 H55 O me ON W QC1-- H Ca f w -. vm? Q O QUQP10 FN '11 Mm QW-'U oem? 'ble nf maui Z E552 5 o 3, Ewmtrni m B :U H152 ... U2 55,99 - ml H O H w H Q: 5 f-s :DCD O53 O H ,Q 6 O 2.51 Q PUQQ QU: i U5 un O 'UW CD v mm "1 D' 9: f-sm - P '-'f:F'e'b O Q,-1 5 gsiwwvll E E53 5 225' E6 eg EE' 55+ 03 5' C13 3,1-P Q we mv-1 m 5 E 2 3 3 0 E H F. .G 1 50 2 - 3' I H: T P-" 5 E i og 0 F fp Q . gf! M m 5 Om 3 Pj "'! -Q QQESQ 5533355154 ga N as c,o::5 2 2 2 Q 'cs ff 'U Ib - m7 EQD 5 H an 'JU pg ra, : pq ...Cn ! Qi ta B qq'4B 4 WE Pgfi si U2 S P1063 New w Q: 2-2 wa: aGgaEgt11u1g5g,! pi' ll 2'e.,Esv5s,5g'e?EES12 Eff: Q 5' H5 UID- R-4 S Pj - 2. ' Cb "4 I OP Q 5 1-1 gi ii FTD" F2 P 8 S 1Kw11mmb1mm11mm umxmwmxwwiixwmxmma C1lCIbQlGllC4l.lC1PQfil?.,.V.DC1Y:ilC13GlC1lIlQ1 gg oo IND O-4 In O m 53 U1 5 9' 'DSU In FJ 2 B o 2 9' CD D 1+ 5 'U UUU fb 3 Q M o mgg 5 2 f- 21. v-+5 o l Jeux gg 5. wg1"g"4 2 i 5jW'U OE N Sligcgg F Cy-b 99 I o Z: "U M- 1 52-SE W N Ewaz .-.gb HU U1 CDH, Q iw:-gauges' 'f:g0'Q-p,, 0 I ,Dig MQ '4 5-ggmw 5- IPU " as G U2 'SMS' S B' O 3 :ul 55,1 CD I0 C Cl 9' ::s H: ,Q O W0 2 lm '-4 m 'U a Q me Q iorw Him H" O 5' 2 Z "" N S- Qfgg 59055 Eqmcizeo EEQQHQ :f53.,g5'7D,,'g:QpqeES'5'NR5a55'i H-.::--52 im'-'za-:"Ui,,::-ENE' E?-'.U'fv g kf:'4g"D-in 5-20253 :I',.."'5',...:n"'5'3,-.":5-3, E.'.97,..F'fb ,.,,,:'rh,,fQfv:-,,gk..'w:a:"::"::--:,- ::"ovU'0 N .-Q. IT! B hall lngye no 0:1 'nm 051.75 gw gf. Qc -2 MHBAFHD gm' . 3:0 nnvcmgog-cm Na.-iw. eq ,,, -M -. A .. - p-2.732-'gig 5"Lg'S3 ,.,,g'F,,n'5' 3. QE Z' Q -nz 22355-like a 355312 C--,1 'nvcmmnr Lv Q Q go' OS-S-H .ms S' -w 549052 33,5 o 'E5','-5-3 FF gtg. :r-323' 1 a- if Hana Q - SMF. 'Hs 0 QQ.: Q 32 Sggo' N0-P 9' f-emo cn LT? 3'-H . 5 . mg -mov N Tn v ww D Q9 '33 o ng- 53 392- :03 'aa :Wi :I ' :se Q nf D-L ,. .G 5: Eg 5" E7 O2 , :-:E:r'g :- gp- .75 U' 1 SEQ 5 GE 94 fd " 5 Fu rv vp '- if ' 12 gi "' C. "N 0 .3 53 Eiga. H JSE EE QDQQYCVYQQ DCUCUQOCC I 73 Re-Echo i741 4 DQOCOQ1 F10C0C0:0Q0Q1bC0K0I0I0C0C1D10C1PQ15I1DQ1l1CDC4lI17G4DC1PC4!I1lCibQ1bC4COz. ' Q i C N A ! N Q 2 52' Q 9 g +0 B 2 3 3- 3 l ' S pg -ap' 5 ' 5 '1 C Nmao 2 U I fl 5 53' LQ 0-'cr P "' - :U '4 n O U2 93- I i U1 QCD ' be 5 Q ev- O ' . co fc Q gj Q KD W : i Q if B - z 'fb Q w i 'D U O af 'D HU c: Q - P ,U gg oo c: -5 g Ill 2.02 ,U Q ! i IQ 'fb Pj 7-1 Q.. 15.5" . 5 U, 3 Cl m A :s Q Q rI1 F1 ,.3 H O ,, nu :D i i II 5' 5: 2 2 U' 5 Q i i l'l1 g 51' 'U O C2 F' H 'U ! 37 m p-4 O ' - 'U "' Q P1 3 F' ! ! Z 3 F' M P1 595 Dig- Q U 5- 59: :Q no g l - 5' gb 'H Z 1532429539532 QZEQEQIQG: W g i Z if m O 22 aggigg' Q L2 mga U5 Z 3 :L M 'I Ha- 1 Us u "' Q' U2 E 3, fffiifw Q-an S2 55 iw: 5 0 - m U' "-:nn funn 75 5- -- o-1 '4 :ff E Q g 5 Q4 Q P1 Z f'S,,z-Wzfehsf 50 eggs wg U2 i i U5 gt '11 U 212: 555-'L 7571 75: 1722? E53 C8 , :arf gi, 1' if esvgg' FZ , Q 'D V" a"4 54 35" W.. 'Saad EQ: - ' i 19 ,HQ 21 Q52 - 5-9-3 fn? 35 F2 ETD: 02 ' . "'E"' '-4:-Q' mn Q 5-"5'2 :F ' C 2.0-H Lp... 23' 552'-2 9. E . U 322 M 5 ngm we Q u mg.: 552 rn., :s-no V.: 5 - l aww? 'vs H are Qs fu 3 Q was 2'-ge E E EQ2 Ese - 2:5 Ur. 2 2 gr. 25 S I Q 'fra Qs. S T QQ? FS an . Q0on:u1u1cr1o:es:1x:4n:1n1u:010:0:a ,jozozoioioioinioic xioja 1411114111454 v 4Mz,,-nvfw.4 01011xinninminminrinmixii:ini-0101: 1 in 1 201030101 rinxuinini 1201010153 i i Y T ! Th S d h ' Q J. baskxgnil-leigaison oneEheljzzhienrglthfflfyglewiniiigg S over anna 5 -35. unior c eer ea ers were Q Insurance Agency chosen wo. I Q S Barbara Burton was chosen "Queen for a i H . ,. , ' 1 ' D " h Y-T "Q f h'T f I ITLSZHE fig!1H'lSt 3 gayitctmeest osenhe ntireflx:-0 t e eens or ! i Ezleryt lug On the tenth, Planeview was no match for I ' E t our super basketball team. The score: 60-30. i .. 2. 1X - - i S Th thirteenth annual Christmas Program I e Q was presented two nights this year, the six- Q i Fred Scott Kenneth A. Scott teenth and seventeenth. It was very im- i presslve and beautiful. i i On the eighteenth, the Spartans traveled . to Manhattan and scored their third win of i the season 51-36. I I W 1 4 M Ph h , 11 - i BURN AP BROS, f.,..f.'i.3yi,.,..Z .2Z"gZ.2Ze,?'F,if t"e"'y Q The children had a lot of fun and so did Q i Plumbin and Heatin Su 'lies the Y-Teen girls at their Christmas party on 1 D g gl pp the afternoon of the twenty-second. ' i l We had a lovely Christmas Assembly on Q Com'l Phone the twenty-third. Vacation until January ! , third. Q A heavy shadow was cast on our happy S holidays by the deaths of Roe G. Collins and - "The Store Where You Sav Mon " - - - i e ev D W B Granger and the serious injury of i r. . . , I Wfood Bloxom as the result of a hit-and-run i i accident the evening of the twenty-third. I 2 Compliments of g 5 1 2 DEBAUGE EPSI' 0 4 9 i o, 1.517 2 TOPS FOR QUALITY i 231 Comvl Emporia 312-314 NeOShO Pl'101'l9 4 S S Emporia, Kansas 2 i i S BOB CRAWFORD REFRIGERATION S 1 COMMERCIAL i E Sales Service 2 Best of luck to the graduates of '49 Q , fini: ia 1021riuixniuioiuininioiunicvi:viili:nininiuiuiciiuioioic10143 75 Re-Zahn 103114 iii sioioiarinioioioinvis vioioinininii 11101011 30 JAlT':1EIkAiixNLcliool on the third- Thc Spartans ended their undefcatid C CHOTTLER ELECTRIC 81 i'Z.1T.f'Ia2E'S'iT.kc' l1"Z2.,.Z I ' I SPORTING GOODS CO. it Stiident Siuniii lgcll' A. A5115 officers. ' On the seventh we had the first all-school ar 0 ie new ear. l was s onsorcd b l IshctyG.f A. llesse Ciarson End Kenny! l , Williams were King and Queen of Win l Coml Lots of fun-remember? The E. H. S. debate s ua c or he bi ournamen a W an- I MUW3NWmm10Wm3mS fLfQQhQmm?L,w.t' y I I I he Covered Wagon I I Congratulations to the class of '49 I I I I I 3 I e o ege o mporla I A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE I I I OFFERING: I -Degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, E Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education I LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERMITS: I -Close Student-Faculty Relationship I -Personal Guidance for Students I I MAKE APPLICATION TO: -Student Promotion 2 College of Emporia Q Emporia, Kansas I o 94 tie i761 rio: hzovicrioicnjaxjcriojoiivicsjoioioier:1v1oi0jojujo1o14n1o1oi4r11r1 andy-fVinm4 oznvzniozoioiozojoiuiozoicrjojcvioia xiozozojozozoioia zuzozozerzoicwifricrzericnzozcnzanzoienxozozaxzenzoif Q, 2 5 i E E I i l 2 I S cr 2: H- l s 3, 3- :rs -Q? ? Q ' lf- -5' f- Us H Q ! 'ar .... 5 2 -5 l g rw +-e as Q' as Q 7 H H l H Wa' H- s: ff' M H- Q h-A FQ 54. o-Qu Q H .:- H, ,, i Q9 Q-P Z : Q H 3 vu GQ gi' 5 El.. Q : m E cp ,ts S28 gg H H U 21 ' 2: Za? '- sv 5 1 I Cr? E 5- H- S- 3 Qt i Q., H as wr' " . 4: I H- H 'V 3 .A 22 i u ' 'P N U2 'L' i A Pl- g 0 Q u i gf zz- 5 l - um s g 22 E .. s Q H- U1 N D ! A l ! i l ! ! ! i ! ! .!..,,,. .U E771 Re-Echo 5:0D21via131:ic111121hissix1113010102011121rifliilifrisvicbiauifriaxifxiarix130301. . Th - h ' h h h d h ' Q B 85 for ui llilingcpglii-toigffai siisoawifnlllieeiieifllif I The cast for the senior play, "One Foot in l I Hcgvenili Zvljsdcholien on the tenth. era ' - 1 - Q 110 East 4th Ave. Phone 313 president mflhffweliii. Key CM' Fourteenth and fifteenth-the E. H. S. Q debate tcam hit the road again for the tour- ' l nament at Russell. . . W' d'cl '! ' l Hair Styling and 42.35 OL .lla .?Zii."52'.L2ef1i'iZl'3.1T'0'm l - l P6I'IYl3Il9I'lt Waving On the seventeenth the Re-Echo staff was i 0 . chosen, i B 1 Commerclal The sophomore class chose Marc Allen Hurt E as its president on the eighteenth. i 54.ll-LUCIQCQI1 Qily High was grozen out, in Il 0 Vl'I0 ' ' Q Civic Auditorliurhyonoi-het riineiaehtfhrlsl In the E h ' . 3 WATCHES and DIAMONDS ...T1XIiQ'.f1ie2'gfi.e'Ee,,'.I'f.s....l'el.l'i'lf,i1.1fi"'US".JSE l ei t win o t ' ' - g Phone Com'l triumph over Llheovislxxeg lxlhnyijhdzsil Igullciloig l Compliments of 1 URQUHART'S Mayes-Stout 1 i DRUG STORE isxffssshshso- 2 - RS l 1104 East 6th Ave. Phone 65 Fam Equipment Q Q 1115 W. 6th Emporia, Kan. i I Q l 1 ! 3 EMPORIA BOWL 2 g "JUD" and "PAT" E Q . l i 716 Commercial Phone 966 I l l l l l l l l 2 FANESTIL PACKING co. Q I Processors of I S BLUE STEM and FLINT HILLS 2 Q brands of QUALITY MEATS 2 Q QUQUQO- -1Pnl,MlDuiMll,llQ1lQll,llQl5,f5,1.Cl,1-l-lPalDQ1 f! ,DWQOQCQ Us aadq-Nam illiillhlilQUQ4li0QlllUl0QllQlli0l ll0Q4 Q 514 Qllilllfiiiiiiillll llilllillll Qi On the twenty-fifth another victory was I Headquarters for a1d:ZdBR1xlgeEi:0l:hiSSp1a8rtFg1s trounced the Cha- Q CURLEE CLOTHES ' ' l 1127 C0m'1 14 West 6111 -IQ1iZ2'lci,fVfiZerCJIii5-f'lmlifl Ziilhifffil Emporia game on the twenty-eighth. By the Compliments of :E 12132, mage score was 48-275 Emporia on g We celebrated Kansas Day on the thirty- Q first, with a very interesting radio skit in i The Home of Fine Flowers assembly' 2 I SKELLY OIL CO. I Sixth and Congress Phone 493 g "Complete line of Skelly Tires and Batteries" Dodge-Plymouth Cars, Dodge Job-Rated Trucks LAWRENCE MOTOR COMPANY, INC. l Phone 255 510 West 6th Avenue E l I We thank the high school students for their past friendship and welcome their future good will I ECKDALL 8. MCCARTY 2 Cutlery I-I A V S Hardware Radios Sport Goods Q Paint QM-QA-Ny Wallpaper l PHONE 105 COOLIDGE IMPLEMENT Co. International Motor Trucks McCormick-Deering Tractors Q SALES - SERVICE 520 Constitution Emporia, Kansas Phone 845 l l BRATTON HoME sz AUTo SUPPLY 2 FISK TIRES - SPORTING GOODS Q 420 Commercial Street Phone 110 2 Q Q4-qv: qi qu ,111 -.1 qi .,:, u o 1 it w v r uiuioiuif in ini: if 1 11031 if 101010103111 1791 'Q Re-Echo na .24 xioioiexjlrioioiojojojoicvim r14r:1r:crjcni1n1cr14x:1r14v14x11 xiojnnjeriujsrioioioioioicxjwnirrjcria v .0 Spady Beauty Shop FEBRUARY - The Emporia High Spartans left for the 1124 Commercial Argentine Invitational tourney on the fourth. Iiggliaimrgeallz' wamliairg-Siame with Ward that , The Spartans returned from Argentine with 8 the first place trophy, after trouncing Argen- ' ' 50-26 h f'f h. W- ll cl CO' Speour worligeifmil tehm. L were rea Y pmu Venetian Blinds Awnlngs The ninth-Rall! Rah! Rah! There we go Wlnd0W Shades yelling our lungs out again-and not in vain, 612 Merchant Street Ph0l'l6 559 either! We defeated Ottawa 36-24. Em oria Plumbin 8z Heatin Co. Inc. 9 R. D. MARSH W. I. MARSH A. T. SUGHRUE O. A. HARGER Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Contractors Refrigerators, Cleaners, Disposals, Electric Sinks, Home Freezers, Water Heaters, Washers, Dryers, Ironrite Ironers and Gas Equipment 712 Commercial Phone 223 Emporia, Kansas The Citizens National Bank Capital and Surplus 1 5 .Eglin ' R Emporia's Oldest and S'p400,000.00 X T II" Largest Bank Ing a ' Loans SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT CHECKING ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT TIME CERTIFICATES FOREIGN EXCHANGE It Does Make a Difference Where You Do Your Banking 5:43, H01 0 Wulf-Nam izerxcriizq HQQIQDIIQ1-CD1 Q1 ml QUQUQUQUQIIQUQUQUQUQ IQUQUQOQUQOQ' .3 I s"a""Sui?1ZidF'3aEn PW Roberts Leather Goods l Step in and step out in the . , Best at Lowest Prices Luggage - Shoe Rebulldmg Teen-Age Saddles or Sandals Q i Pedwins 8a Roblees for Guys At S l 2 703 Com THE BOOTERY Phone M4 414-416 Conn Phone 638 S i g HUGHESQQDD Compliments of 2 S Diamonds - Watches F Jztc. 2 " rnl re an 5 Phone 482 523 Com'l u u omp y Q l 5 BERG sl FRosT l i GRANGER' Q Prescription Specialists S 2 Q PHONE 497 l 1 West EII'1p0l'i3., Kan. For Girls and Women TATE'S RUDY DOWNS 5 i Q GROCERY si MEATS SHOES 5 1512 West 6th Ph0I16 677 12 East Avenue I l i LITKE-STEPHENS I . JIM WILCOX 2 Furniture Company Wnu I I I l Emporia, Kansas 1 nsure t E 5 507 Com'l Phone 300 Phone 143 Q Q i I Q Heart-Sister Week ended on the tenth with i l "Better Foods Since 1885" a party in the gym. Those mysterious notes, l Q FANCY GROCERIES FINE MEATS candy and presents were lots of fun. I l FRESH VEGETABLES Imogene Gunzelman and Jerry Ritter reigned 1 36 ff:a:,g'::d"5::3: 'Titel-fszifl-Wx: 2 Q sponsored by the Y-Teen. D Sch 1 B k d S 1' . i Gfaiigs, Jiiiiirafnd siiiioiesnigi The Spams fomed on the Tfoff-'15 f?-4? I l on the twelfth ro make Emporia Highs Q Samuel Book Store fourteenth win- I I Greeting Cards for All OCCaSiOI'1S Amid the snow and freezing weather, many Phone 59 526 Comrl Emporia High students visited the French E "Merci" train the thirteenth. I W h d r in i a bl h l fourtientii, :hyd yhfir. Ehiiisnwaiiii ay vdry? g encr eti s aker, s k durin he "D- I mocfacy? Wziks Herg? Zampaign? I E i i 17 East 6th Avenue Plaiinsdfor thehnew trophy case-were dis- i Mr. and Mrs. L. O' Gibson lijsiifteeliliilng t e Student Council meeting i ,Q 101014 I i1zxiir14ri4xi1vi1rinrinvi:n1imi1 81 o 5'Dc oiiv:oioioioioi4xioi011n21 Re-Zahn 9:0 I 111 2010101011rioiviuiuxoarriungogoiogogogiignii 1,,1,,3,,3,,3,,3,,1,,:, I The fifteenth-What a thriller of game! I Up on our toes most of the time yelling! lt l I was really a nip and tuck basketball game I but the fighting Spartans defeated the New- U Q Strand Theatre Building 'on R3""'t'dc'5 5"30' l l Our senior play, "One Foot ln Heaven", was l really a big success on the eighteenth. Q y l I 'The Spartans won another battle by the Q l k ut th t tl h h f I I s in L eir ec 1, w en t ey won rom tie Diamond Rings i Watches Ark City Bulldogs, 47-45, on the nineteenth. i Q Commercial The F. F. had a "mughncck" party on I l the twenty-third, to close their pest contest. Q l g Q A SELBY PORTRAIT I Stop up and "shop around" l l 2 i I 3 l l l l STUDIO l 2 Over McLellan's Phone 3200 2 L 2 l l l l l l l 2 2 Q l Q l Q I Q I 3 Q r N l g WE ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY A Q 1 2 ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME 2 I Phone 76 1 office:-'11vzonozozug-sin:-i101o1uqu Liga.. 14 10.1011 1. .png 10104, ,1.,1.0:O fsz Qddylkmna O xg: fioioioiq rioinnioiuifriniui 1 1031 ioioiz xirxirricxicnitbiarisviaricbicsiu 'Q Eleven boys from Emporia High attended I -sf'- ! l ! ! ! ismini:vinioiniuiuifxizrimnio E331 ioiaxiaxioioinioierioicricri 'U 'U ::' :- O O :: :s U cn he cn he 5 M ,H 5 I 5 E Egg my Q Q 335 m Sm Q SHED Emgg 2' CHQ 'i UQ Z ' P cn Sz G HH! tn C3 U, .., QU mga, , Q3 9, rn as 5 E5 2 3: 2 5253-U2 5555 5 Q WU 'Ci U1 V1 'DSM Q 350,50 2625+ Q.. FD ' Q CDS Ib,-1' D o 'O' O rr m www 'aww ,-.films tn Zz 'D P5 U2 -13513 mn.m'11 BH U2 2392 on Q Q U, 32-5-1 wam 2 Haag zz? fr: O ca fD5SU : 5' P1 569m 5552 5 I 4 ?w5m ff :1-25: --3 1: Pi pa 5-Ewgg Q 3 CDDUQ U "' 2.29 3 1 mv-nd M 3 I' M322 mowg sg gf 'U Ugg-gg gl 5 30:-Tp-4 gi- 5' S. po W E-:EIU I2 53 E 55 ESQ? Ego 8 E O 682,-:lj 'P I 2 Qggigvi M22 U35 sf pu U we., Sz: gig.: H1 w P, -, gg 5 k,f- cfs:-Hs.. : Q gk: U2 Q-Qyg 1 u: 2 1 xi.: mia? E' o 'S Q QS' .ae f-'gi' QUE- inf-'-5' C 4 E pq ai 'Er f-':!'-eOE- "1 C '1 Q - 1 Hg, -er gag 'D E 5 "f FU U2 Seng g as 2,52 Q52 gan. G I5 5 - 2 ...rg f. : T,-5' E 3 -15 G 3' Z 3-3 Egg- 332- 5'5"-3"S,' Z :So Q 515 -U :-1 0.255 QE " .52 P Z2 E'E gn? Ffmrg u . O D nam '-4 5 E 9, Z : was Ji: vegs ,,,, "'--2 :Ru 203 '.:.'. E Q P' P4 959, PEQ'5,:3 Q . 51 "rf, 2 rg-,ng-no 0 R2 30 .2a'o"" H. N nn? F-1:-lh'U 93- 5: 52.5 f5.f5'55Eg 9:0 rjozojois 11010101014 via oczoiozozozojoxf vxoiozoioiozoic Re-Zclza Roy's Super Service ROY SOULE 12th and Merchant Phone 1622 Bon Ton Cleaners For That Better Cleaning CALL 130 827 Com'l Phone 130 Compliments of and our second loss, but we shouldn't feel badly because just look at all those seventeen other victories! The artists of Emporia High went to the High School Art Conference at K. U. on the fourth. "Loads of fun and really different", would describe our Carnivalita this year. It was held the night of the fourth in the junior High gym and was sponsored by the Key Club. On the tenth the Spartan ball team jour- neyed to Independence' and came back winner of the regional. The score was 54-36. The AA state basketball championship tour- ney got underway at noon on the sixteenth. That night we played Pittsburg and came out on top with a 57-33 win. The night of h h- ll, l W d :9Ei3iIvcI1tteii1:i:s a Ziazywtimuxiiirrielnt Tlx h b ' k k d d N - ioheiaEIngtTli1Zsstai:g Bulioivzn ijfuzvemdid lille, C0m'1 Phone those four days when all the teams were here were :i lot of fun. MORRIS DRUG CO. Phone 232 423 Commercial Compliments of EMPORIA ICE Sz COLD STORAGE CO. Ice IS What It Is Cracked Up to Be 224 Commercial Phone 122 GARRISON MUSIC STORE COMPLETE MUSICAL SERVICE 715 Commercial Phone 2125 NAVRAT OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 504 Commercial Smith-Corona Typewriters - Fine Stationery Drawing Sets and Supplies TOMS MOTOR CO. SALES SERVICE 910 Commercial Phone 178 84 0:0 ! l l l l l l l l l I l l l l l l I l l l l l l l 'I' 40414-Nam Oi'itlg.,il,Zilguxuzuioinzhini ,Z 1 '3' I0211101111010101ugO:O1sr1O1OI4O:o- I Compliments of On thc seventeenth the members of Spartan ! Q football teams were awarded their letters. l i I fTl? Km Club delegates from Emporia High I et Or as in on on t e wen - U second. gt ' D. C., h t ty i I shire hxcatviinggod flfnlisnslifashiohn 2 i chapter of F. F. A. :as 'host to cihc rannpriii-all i 9 F. F. A. District Mechanics oo. E S Emporia High honored twehty-nine seniors i I For Good Ice Cream gfvelilgi-fjifilglgr Gr0UP in assembly on the i i COlYlI1'1eI'Clal legllhgz' EmPf71'i2 illigh iiudents had the privi- S i the night of thi twbiity-e:ig::l1.Anders0n sms i 2 Compliments of E . Dr.8V. S. Hancock mpoaamllgglement t ' Y - 721 Comm? qrqletrlst Authorized John Deere Sales 8a Service ! rcla Phone 146 Phone 1029 Emporia, Kan. g l Q Q Compliments of Mit Wa . . Q - y Billiard Parlor Q g Meet Your Buddies Here Q 506 Comm ' 1 See ' E ercia Laffy - Andy - Eddie E I . l I Compliments P 0 3CCO Q l ' Em Orla T b 1 RICH COAL CO. Candy C0-, IHC- 9 l 517 M h . Tobaccff - Candy - Notions l l EC 3Il1C 19 East S1Xth Phone 42 Q i EMPORIA, KANSAS Q l l 2 zenith and Westinghouse Radios Q i for SCHULTZ l i Beautiful Dry Cleaning 718 Sadie Selvfce and Appliances 3 .. C 7 OU1I'l'l.el'C1a, Emp ' , K l 5 Oml alld 13 E. 6th Ave. Your Westinghouse Deztllbi' an Q l I 3 CROWN DRUG STORE F CRAWFORD 2 urniture Company Q STOP-SHOP- SAVE 606 Commercial Street 2 i WINTER-ATTEBER Y Compliments of g l FURNITURE CO. i , ELECTRIC 1 l 509 Coml Em - K En-- porlaf 311535 312 Commercial S 8 Re-Zahn . ioininininzoif 1010101011 ini r1o11rio1o1uiu1o14 2014 ioinioioifbzo ' 1 APRIL I Friday, April the first, was really a busy I T. 8 day at E. H. S. The annual District Music l Competition and Festival began its two day i Ph0ne session. The Key Club Career Day was very I interesting and it helped many of us plan I I our vocations. We'll never forget all the fun l we had at the April Fool party sponsored by I the faculty. Everyone said it was one of the I i best parties of the year. l Student Council officers were nominated for Q next year at the Student Council meeting the CLINE AUTO SUPPLY fifth. Q The Third Annual High School Conference I . on Foreign and Domestic Affairs was held on l Wholesale Auto Supphes the Emporia State Teachers College campus I l the eighth and ninth. Members of the I. R. O. I 419 Comvl Phones - 491 and the other students found the discussions I very interesting. Empgria, Kansas The fourteenth--Another impressive and l beautiful Easter Assembly. l Vacation on the fifteenth- ! At last the long looked for day arrived: I the Senior Dinner and the junior-Senior Prom on the twenty-second. The Prom "April l Showers" was really cute and original. l All the different high schools were here for Q Q the State Music Contest the twenty-third. The beautiful Y-Teen Installation Service I was held in the Lowther junior High audi- ' torium the twenty-eighth. I SHOE SHOP Compliments of 2 HOFFMAN'S Q Food Market I 626 West 6th Phone 973 Q EMPORIA FLORAL CO. I 2 Two Shops to Serve You l 6th and Commercial 12th and West HEATING, ROOFING dz SHEET METAL 325-27 Commercial Street Phone 3274 EMPORIA, KANSAS 'O:llQOQllQOQOQOQ11014FQ!lQOQllQllQiliilQ0,llQ4lQ1DQIDQ45QOQ1l.4l.1lQ1DQO,4PQfD, iw aaaiy-Ninma O ,f1o2o1o1o:o1o1o11vzozozoiomoxozoxozoiw in is is zozuzuxoioroiusiofi l l POLK-A-DOT CAFE MAY Q - The fifth found the F. F. A. boys and I Commercial their parents enjoying the luscious food at I i the eleventh annual F. F. A. Banquet. i BOB and DUTCH DABBS, Props. I l The sixth-It seemed hard to realize, but this was our last all-school party of the year. l The Quadrangular Track Meet Cwyandotte. Q I Tglopeka, Haskell, and Emporiaj was held here I I I C SEVERE . 2 B l h ld h ' ' d'- l toriiiifriaotlrfliee t:2i1tyisec:rid.t Slhgvlfevigiinii I l H. Hilton Longberry delivered the class l sermon. S The twenty-third-At last, that long looked I f cl "S'Wk"!P',"', DAIRY PRODUCTS piifiif, df.'i.m,e'l'f.,.i ...fl ,....iZZf'ef...,5'S'21f.i, Q wasn't ir? That all-school picnic the last day U I 22 East Phone 2405 of school was swell too! l Commencement was on the last day of i school, the twenty-seventh. The address was i l delivered by President Paul McCleavc of the i COI11pl1I'I1CI1tS of College of Emporia. Q Q W'ell, it looks as if this is the end of I Q Q e three, fun-crammed, wonderful years at E. I I W H. S. for the "Forty-Niners"g and we just Q I e hope the juniors and the sophomores have as i aun much fun as we did. l U l E LAUNDRY AND I S l DRY CLEANING l l I - Phone 127 ' l ' 1 2 Mack F. Robinson I l , Conoco Station i l Comphments Phone 2054 6th and Union l I of the Emporia, Kansas i MERWIN'S 9 1 M C A Auto Body and Fender Service g l Wrecked Car Service I Repairing and Painting l l Phone 2013 310 Com'1 Emporia 3 2 ARNEY-SCHULENBERG MOTOR CO., INC. Q I There's a FORD in Your Future l I 210 East 6th Avenue Emporia, Kansas Phone 2940 2 QW7.1im5,1-QQYUQPM.1I,lllilla0QUQU,UQUQlYa0Q4PQUQOQUQUQUDQ. E871 Re-Sch 53? H M m mn Tal Wm! MW will W nw 1 W11 1 1. v 'I 1 I " - 21' L ' ' ':,." A.. I.f1.' rl'-'3 1- - -' X114-3,r ,,.:g2.,.1.11, ' 11' u 1 .f 114 ' ,1.,.. .- .:- - '..-2 , xi 5.15,-u "i " -4. . -4, F. 1 ' 1. . . 11. v 11 11 1 Q ,I ,.. If 'D 1,11 E21 1' -.1 -' - f - 1- Fi. H H 11 L wig. '1 1 -at -Ti . . ,. .. 17 " If 4. 1 . 1.1 ' Q' , .. 1.1.-1 sn- -1, . -1- .-:1 'Sq-f 1.- I I i 1 J ' 11'-'-'1 . we" 1, ?I53'?15H'1 1I.,,.11., ...M-,1.,-11. ,. V . - .1 ' !.11L7" ,. 1. Q-',I ' f1T"l:' I1 Q . 1 I.: Vf V. - ,- ..,w.7,..Lyfb 4.1, . ' ' ' MI. 113. 1 1- , I. fl .' 7. - Al . 11' '..a 5 ,I 1 . i- ' .f. 4 -111.1 .1 1-Qi". ,,-.Il.,.., T L., ...r , A- - 115,58 ' , J: 1,-' 7+ 14. 11 I 11 'I 1 .1 , 1.. Ew a M . - ,nf 4.-1 1-1-1f. 1. .... -.1 15... -. . 11 vm ., M - . .. ,'1-1':w- ' , rl 1. 1 :.f 1- A1 '.. -1 '11 r'-Fl 1E J' 1 L' 1 '51 11' 5' Ir A ' ' 1 XI' f vf ir. 9 . , ,ir . .,A J w 1 ' 1 ,I -111 . - I , I A .dv N- , -A 11 V' H1511 'V-1. 1 A 1131! gg Tri .,:"' if 'U "K,-.IQ f. -x.,'?'1 Q L. .1 Z' 311,-pai sfffiigs . v f1i'53'1g :TI"TI,1 E 932' I ' F? If-:.s'fl1 5115" 9' 1 f,',-.1,:-1123. , . ZFSIII I 'I I I fn' , ,V ,- - 'i'. - ' , E'j. . .. 1. 1 . .1 .'11'- H ,. A . ,L - ,. . 5 1 .:' 1' W L 2 ,1 , . .,. . 1 3- .' ' ' x Wm -,tg 1 -,1 - 114 " N ' ' .u.,. ..' 1141. . . W1 .af , - 1. Q. 1 , -1.- L . ., I ',.1, .. , , .K -.1,. . , .5 , . L., :ff .X - ' "' " ' .Cf 2 - . J . 1 .. v. :- . " QC- 1 I . ' 2 gy: 11 r 1 . . ,,, . 1, 1 1,-75'f.'2' Hg-93 4: I .1 ,Q,,.x1 I - ' ff 1 ' '. -:xV?i1.1,,. 1' I I I Ji- -- ff' ' 1-'Q -' X ' -.Q , 1 , . no ' . 1' .3 ' 1 . ,1 .,, , ' ' '-,Q',5.,1f -- f- . .j'.-.C f . 51 1 173 . -ll.. - . J ' ":'7 - ,- ' "5 . -.1 r ,1 . P . 'i f ,1 .. x ,. 1' " ' .' "7 1. W1 ,Jr Z- -'C 1 P 1 I- 1 MII' X JL ' - , --v' :'q'unJ " "' -.1 " J .19 1: .jf ,N ui '- ', 1'f1-'NL' 1 .-J. 1 1297: . '15 1 1-af: - ' . I - - ,,-. H -4 . 1. . T . '. , .gi ' -L ' 1 ' .lm - 5.34 11 W , -' 1 1 111, I I .-1 .V . 1 :LAY -. - V -'T'-7' .S , ' i. I- ,-' :1 , Ev ...Q fi' .'f7'JI 'I 1-EWS' , . ,.,.m. -i -1 'uf - 9v,32.f'.:5Ql' ' 3'f'.' Z'f , I 'L .,,-I 1. a g 9 - .nk-u . " ' Q3 1Pl-.' 1.1 3,1 :I1 K' If ' 1 1 1 5, 1 ,1 ..: ' fd' ' I IL1 ' 'I . , 1 '1- -f' I ...M-, T, -aswfpgsr. :J -1 A1 3 1: JJJQI YT: '-CK' . 3: , -1 '11 J' .Q be ,. 3751 F557 ax... .. .. - N - ML H23 l I 1-+1 :RI-515: ,f L Q'-,:.f'g7,.L , ?:?:.f'ST '- xr ,, I 113 I' '11, ,w . W2 .,,'Lg .Z 53 25' " 1 1 : 1 I TH 'A 1 S ' .1 ,, 1 14 "- ' 'A"1.1 ' nr 1 1 1'- V' ,U 1 1 1. 1 1 . I 1 I , Il I -:I 1 A 16 ,J A i1 5 1 , 1 . . id, ,J 113411 1 .- 1 ' 'PQI 11 I ' 1 1 1 1 1 !113gf Q , 111 ,V . ..1 II L 11 I 1 1' I 11,1 z J, 2 1 1 1 ugiyii S 1 I 1, a. Y 'I I W X I -J 13 'QI 1 1 Y' 1 1 LI I ' 2' 1 I IMI .QI nl 1 - , 4 1 s, 1 1 v 1 , F 11, It 1 1 '1' 13 -'L I ' - , ff I :1 ix YH LL 1,3111 M . 11 1 111 1 , 15 5 fp' ' ,QII .-QF., up 11 V x' A. II ' IHI1' Wk f"1' I 4 .1 ,. L, .Q ..-.m1'.f.l. ..l.,l.5u,,. I . 1' 411, 1 'L ,iff 1 1' ,WIN P I m' I 1 X ,1 H rg 1 4, 111, 5,1 I1 s x, 1,1 I: 1 1 '?.1.11"1 11 551 11 ' 1 I- I jg? :XII Im TT I 1, ,, 1 I5 If 1 11" -1 hS, '1.1 A' - 1 . .4 5 'fm .H 4, I 11 ma - " 1' 1- H1 4 LM! 1 I '1 Hg, :Ti aI" ' ' 1: SEI f ' .I L1 4, J G , 41 1 ,r . 2 11, Q 1, 611 ' Jr I A .M ft? If , 1.1.1 g ii, 1, I.: s 1 HF L, I I 11 r a n III 4 1 I '-E1 1,1 I 1 1 I 1 I .if I I 1 H X 1 1 - I 1 ' I 1 . I .1 U 1 I I 1 ,1 1,, LI f1 I' fi ' Q 11, . gh -afw: L., ,X X 1 . " .- I wif M ,M Qfffxa Gyawa MW W vm Q . 'rs . W ,. f. 1 . ..-eun:..1u..m,.LE.4..di" J y? fmjg? flffwiz ,A iw 9 5 ' 5 Y ' ' f6m,w W WM 7527 ffWw' Ql5 WWW fjgffiiiigj ' ffgfffww ff fd J,Z5??'? Pr' H WW

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