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. , , 1, '1 ,fl '5 .- .ff'a",l,Q-ffm' 'fr j 'L,.v:,, 55 f,""":5 'fri 1.3, -' " 'T -':4?.1s5'r.-1 1-'A' 'ly 'ff"'i.- . 'ffl' . la g- ,- ' A 4,gQ:,,-5:25 Kf' 01" "q --'-1. - , . 4 3 V , rsfgggf- :' 151' .- . -fQg..'Q:'5.f Q l ,'4? f ,z 1e, ,::g., f3 f- .f.4f,-5,.',- L " ' ' ' . , , .. 717, V' R. -.,'1 kii5: ' '31Q?.i:,T.Qf' ,',-"gg-'ggi " ii ? 'lb V T f 35 -Q 'ii'A-if " 'Y '95 " " '71 f " ' K ' F"-f'?5y 4.f.:f : .. ', L ,, , V , ' - - - H Q-A . ' 'Qv M rr I 7 1 ' ,t . A ,V -, V v I , ' :MZ LJQ V 5, W N . ' QXJBL " ,NRS Www pf, +0 A lik' wg YF V J? SW sgwffy wi QQQWQwi wyfbw EYXQW W , 'rr X I - "b A X '--ii 'fb iz ,QE 'fig . 2 ff'-1 2 GV .0 MW Q YZ ei.E12fMzLQ5 14l? , X11 if ei 1"'1:' .mah '21 .. ., .. , , 1 v 'J' ' "ba . :gl 4, 1' ,A U .l xi H uf. 1,1 'M-W-,, ,f '1Q ' ' s-'Q -: Mg. ,, 3 ls 1 if -'E 5. 'if 3 .Wg 1 4 ii. f .. . , li 1 4. 1 71 2' ,f A ,n 'Q H . '5 ',..'R. F '-Qi: - .11 'T-'t :gun V W ' ,, V , -3 rl' 5 1. 2-. X my I Mz, ', If .- 'J ' i' -',4 , 3 -Va hi Twig- '. inf' '- , ffm., .fm uf .,z,j , 1 'ivy- ."1'f, Mk 317611 . ,- V Y, ,lm V, -N ' . J 'JE qw! ., my 1 ,IFJ In .Fff 154. 1 2,5 if .'-.nl 8155" '.' T' :' i'-'is ' V. . A' ,JJ-. . E, 'wh "1 L 1,1 ,A y ., ,, . .gfiiff g LUJX, Y , " -if Lf -ui. --.-...mm -.guy H--. .-. ..,..-..n.-....,,...,--.,.-.............' A ,nf .fs , Q -. 1.-... -. ,. .-....4., l W5 235 if Ea I 9- . . . W 'www I"" ' 'UW '17 I' W I" ' 'vvri H ' ' ' ' ' V Y I J W' V, - 1'-'v ""- ?141: 'H' 'HN ,'-, '7"i,3'g5 ., n Ag tax: . we E E " f D 2 v oR 14039-f"' D l Bfbiaxhxf' gn! 570,005 WEE ian W 'ffii if eww M f W Www' f fi ' y v5 1 iL,1fM' 'igwd 4429 wsu? Rx Q,.avf in Q61 J fi 'W V' qfuq?' H QM 2?2,aQ?wQ1 fi df , iii? V553 522 QFSQZ MWZQWMQJAQXJLJ F9 'WWJT Qt Af- mf W? QP MQW' 41g f4.w" diff x 40101 fiww 1 x fa' S I9 mill 'Q in J N X tjimfrtgifmia XE - 'V ' N ,Q 1 ? -X B av .X PQ 7x Z4 LX Lllbll Se-ay THE RE-ECHO 1948 Published by the Senior Class SIVNIOR HIGH SQQHUOL, EMPOIRIA, KANSAS THE SPARTANS 25- 3 .x if p diff! K,-f 5 ,W , 95,0 . 'er -iw-il ""'f FCDREWCDRD As the school years come and go, the passage of each one leaves remembrances bound up between two coversp those of the Re-Echo. We hope this annual will keep the thoughts of high school with you always ---and if it cloes not please see anyone but us about it. Ill r. . . . SHARON ALBRICJHT 111111 s.7lla1111g1'r . . SEYMOUR COMAN ADMINISTRATION X Board of Education Being responsible for all the public schools of Emporia, the Board of Education is a vital organiza- tion. The Board meets the first Monday of every month to discuss problems that deal with the educa- tion of the young people of Emporia. As President fo-r his first year, Weldon Hanna is capably assisted by the other officers who are: Vice-President, Mr. J. Morrisg Clerk, Mrs. Magdalena Bakerg Treasurer, R. H. jaquith. The students of Emporia owe much to these conscientious people who so willingly contribute their time for us. Left to right: Mrs. Fred Fleming, Marc Marcellus. C. J. McCoy, Joe Morris, Supt. W. M. Richards. Dr. W. B. GRANGER, Weldon Hanna, and Mrs. Magdalena Y. Baker, Clerk of the Board. MRS. MAGDALIQNA Y. BAKER Clerk of Botml of Efluculion BOARD OF EDUCATION VNXIELDON HANNA . . . Presideni joe MORRIS ........ Vice-President MRs. FRED FLEMINC., MARC MARCELLUS, C. J. MCCOY, DR. W. B. GRANGER E31 A Our Superintendent l W. M. RICHARDS Sz1ju'ri11fz'r1z1z'11f It has always been a fundamental wish of Americans to place education as the foundation or the cornerstone of all the things which are strived for to better our country-understanding of others, clear thinking, and the principles of democracy. On the shoulders of our superintendent, W. M. Richards, rests a responsibility of seeing that these American ideals are imparted to us-the students of Emporia High, and to all young people of Lyon County. Mr. Richards, in accepting this task, has carried it out with wise judgment and efficiency. As the world grows ever more troubled and confused, we are grateful and proud to have Superin- tendent Richards at the helm of our public schools. Mus. LENORE M. Wu.soN Sm wlurnv lo fbi' Sllpl'l'ilIfl'l1AIt'Ill l9l ,,,--..,, .-. t-, -W -,,,. ,V -.,w, -,,,....s,,., MAURINE DUNCAN Secretary lo Principal As general secretary to Mr. Brown and Mr. Bruning, Miss Maurine Duncan's duties are num- erous. She is a graduate of Eureka High School and has attended Emporia State Teachers College. Never before have the obligations of citizenship-spiritual, political, and fi- nancial-been greater than at the present time. Since good citizenship stems largely from attitudes developed early in life, you students of E. H. S. may look back with pride upon the citizenship-build- ing activities which you supported dur- ing 1947-'48. May I extend my sincere congratulations to the graduating class of 1948. . HERBERT I. BRUNING HERBERT I. BRUNING Principal Americans are wondering what will happen during the next two or three years. We all hope that the peace, for which we are working so hard, will become stronger as the years go by. Whatever may happen, we know that the 1948 graduating class of Emporia High School can be counted on to do its part. ' ' I want to congratulate each one of you on completing your Senior High School course. You can justly be proud Q of the high school diploma which you i will receive on commencement night. Good luck to each one of you. RICE E. BROVVN I MARY D. PETTY As girls counselor and Y-Teen supervisor, Miss Man D. PETTY, al- though new to Emporia High this year, is well known to E. H. S. stu- dents. Miss Petty re- ceived her Bachelor nf Science degree from Em- poria State and Master of Arts degree in Speech from Denver University. RICE E. BROWN Dean of Svcomlary Eiluculion E101 . S" MRS. MARGARET DINKLER GEORGE A LODLE t The speech and dramatics classes are capably supervised by Mus. MARGARET DINKLER. She has molded this department into one of the finest in E. H. S. history. Mrs. Dinkler has attended the Universities of California and Illinois, obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwestern College, and Master's degree from Columbia University. As instructor of Emporia High's mechanical drawing, archi- tectural drawing, bench work, cabinet making and carpentry, Gsoncs Lonu: is one of our most active teachers. He also has charge of the stage craft crew and several adult night classes. Mr. Lodle received his Bachelor of Science degree at Pittsburg State Teachers College and attended Stout Institute, at Menomlnee, Wisconsin, and Emporia State. Miss ELLEN IC!-I teaches American history and supervises the International Relations Organization. Miss Ice earned her Bachelor of Arts and Muster of Arts degrees from the University of Kansas and has attended Columhla University and Chicago University. New to Emporia High this year is WrLLrAivr GLENN, instructor of Sophomore English and debate. Mr. Glenn has developed an extracurricular debate team which has made an outstanding record at a. series of debate tournaments. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wichita University. The clothing and homeliving classes are capably supervised by Mrs. ETHEL BECK, in her second year of teaching this department. Mrs, Beck received her Bachelor of Science degree from Emporia State. Head coach of basketball for the first time this year is GERHARDT EIKERMANN. His schedule is full with senior social studies classes, being assistant football coach and supervising the track team. Mr Elkermann is a graduate of Wichita University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. Room 35 is the room occupied by MISS VIRGINIA FORBECK who supervises the senior social studies classes. Miss Forbeck received her Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Emporia. State and Master of Arts at Columbia. MRS. ETHEL BECK G. C. EIKERMANN L 11 1 ELLEN ICE WILLIAM M. GLENN VIRGINIA FORBECK EDWARD PRICE MARRIORIE INGOLD LOUISE HOWIiLL EMORY GROVES Behind test tubes and bunsen burners in room 31 is found Euwzmn PRICE, instructor in chemistry and physics. Mr. Price re- ceived his Bachelor of Science degree from Emporia State and Master's degree fron: the University of Illinois. His interests out- side of school include hunting and target shooting. Miss Lovrsr Howau. efficiently directs the work of our art department. She was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Emporia State Teachers College and is striving for a Master of Arts degree at Colorado State College at Greeley. Among Miss Howell's hobbies are painting and tennis. In his second year at E. H. S. ls our vocational agriculture instructor, Eivionv Groves. He was awarded his Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture Education at Kansas State College at Man- hattan. Mr. Groves was discharged from the army in July. 1946. Another newcomer to E. H. S. this year is MISS MARJORIE INGOLD, who teaches girls' hygiene and gym, and sponsors the G. A. A. organization. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Emporia. Miss Ingold's favorite hobby outside of school is music. The responsibility of the business education classes falls on the shoulders of HAROLD ROYER, who also has charge of several adult night classes. Mr. Royer has degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education and Commerce and Master of Science in Education from Emporia State. Miss En-:EL Si-rnu.r-:Y finds her experience in bookkeeping and shorthand invaluable to her as the General Treasurer of Emporia High. She was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Education and Commerce at Emporia State Teachers College and Master of Arts ln Education at Kansas University. MR. CHARLES H. GARRISON. boys' gym and hygiene instructor. has charge of the boys' intramural teams and takes much interest in sports. Mr. Garrison has attended the University of Colorado and carried his Bachelor of Science and Master's degree from the Pittsburg Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas. HAROLD I.. ROYER ETHEL B. SHIRLEY CHARLES H. GARRISON E121 MRS. LOIS JAQUITH F. JAY soUTH Mns. Lois JAQUITH, instructor of Junior English and journalism, is popular with Emporia High students because of her understand- ing of young people, As sponsor of the Burrough Y-Teen and editing the "Echo" each week, she is kept busy. Mrs. Jaquith earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Emporia and has done graduate work at Emporia State. One of Emporia High's most active teachers ls F. J. Sour:-r, who has charge of the printing of the "Echo", Junior High t'Key", and sponsors the Re Echo. Mr. South was awarded his Bachelor of Science degree from Emporia State where he also did graduate work as well as the University of Wisconsin. Our instructor of Junior and Senior English is Miss Snnzuzv THOMSON. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Emporia and did graduate work at the University oi Colorado, the University of California and Columbia University. As assistant basketball coach, Woon Bnoxozvi takes much interest in Emporia High athletics. He has charge of the algebra, ad- vanced algebra, geometry and solid geometry classes. Mr. Bloxom earned his Bachelor of Arts and Masters degree from the Uni- versity of Kansas. He also attended Southwestern College. Miss ANi'r.i Rica has charge of the world history and American History classes. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas and was awarded degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts at Kansas University. Miss Rice also attended Washburn College. the University of California and University of Wisconsin. On the third floor of Lowther Junior High, you may find ORMOND PARKER directing the band and orchestra. One of E. H. S.'s most popular teachers, Mi. Parker served in the navy during the war. He attended the College of Emporia and graduated from Em- poria State Teachers College. Miss ELEANOR Sikvinss, our biology instructor on the third floor, is endeared to E. H. S. students by her familiar expression, "Oh, pshsww " She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master's degree from the University of Colorado. ANITA B. RICE ORMOND PARKER , Oo Ds .QQ SHIRLEY THOMSON WOOD BLOXOM ELEANOR A. SIRPLESS QC Q2,GDQ.J?m.. 1 1 I I MAUDE jACKSON llliRBliRT JAMES JENNY P. DOUGLASS capnbly supervised by Miss MAUDE JACKSON. She Bachelor of Arts degree at McPherson College and her Master of Science degree at Kansas State Teachers College, of Emporia. Miss Jackson has done post-graduate work at the Uni- versity of Colorado and University of Kansas. A favorite instructor at Emporia High is Annan Koer-r. This was his final year as head football coach where he proved his ability as a coach as well as leader of the players. His interest in sports will continue next year when he will serve as assistant football and track coach. Mr, Koch earned his degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education and Master of Science at Emporia State. In charge of the second year Latin class is Miss JENNY P. Douomss, who also is the Red Cross sponsor this year. Miss Douglass received her Bachelor of Arts from the College of Em- poria and Master of Science degree from Emporia State. She has done graduate work at the University of Kansas, Chicago University and Columbia University. Well known around E. H. S. for his clever jokes and vivid ties. is our Sophomore and Junior English instructor, HERBERT Jnmms. He received his degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the Pittsburg State Teachers College. The typing classes are supervised by Miss Lorr:'r'ro Lr.No1.r:Y. She received her Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree at Emporia State and did graduate work at Colorado and University of Wis- consin. Her hobby is cooking and raising African violets. A well known musician in the faculty is LESTER GRIFFITH. I-Ie was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education from South- western College and is working at Kansas State College at Man- hattan. He engoys hunting, music, athletics, Our language teacher, Miss MARIAN Howfmn, keeps her students entertlned with her Interesting experience of her trvels in Spain and Mexico. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Kansas University and Master's degree at Columbia University in New York. recelved R1 LORETTO LANGLEY LESTER GRIFFITH MARIAN HOWARD E141 T l INEZ GREER HN . W LIAMS 5'- A graduate of the College of Emporia with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and Master of Arts degree from the University of Colorado, is Mrss Imzz Gum. Miss Greer has charge of the foods and home- living classes and she stays in practice by cooking in her spare moments. Joi-IN R. WILLIAMS, biology and Sophomore science teacher, can be found in his room on third floor. Mr. Williams has done much outside work to benefit our school and he is one of the Hi-Y sponsors. He has done graduate work at Kansas State and Pea- body College at Nashville after receiving his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from fslmporia State Teachers College. Miss M-uw Aucr: SreE1LsMI'rH, one of Emporia High's busiest in- structors, has charge of the music department. Her activities included the supervision of the annual Christmas Pageant this year. Miss Steelsmith received her Bachelor o! Science degree at Emporia State and her Master of Music degree at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois. The school nurse, MISS STELLA KLEIN, is well known to E. H. S. students, as nurse for all the city schools, she has little leisure time but she enjoys traveling on her vacation. Miss Klein received her nurses training at Wichita City Hospital, Llfl MARY ALICE STEELSMITH STELLA E, KLEIN Cusiodians The thanks of E. H. S. students goes to the untiring custodians who keep the building in "apple-pie or- der" which is no small task. They are from left to right Q. is ...Q 1. "Casey" James nt the bat! 2. The Stampede 3. Serious business 4. Koch's pep talk! 5. A11 this und hc-uvon, too! 6. Swing it, kids! 7. King and Queen of Hearts 8. The Maestro 9. Stre-e-Lch, Steve! 10, Upsy-daisy 11. Queen and attendants 12. Willing workers 13. Coligratillaxtioxis 14. Don't hold your breath! - U61 CLASSES qf Q ,,f .- I ' "1 f ' Y 5-- :1f X , . - .Z ,, - A, f-X Q N ' ' 1 f f 5 3 .FxY, T Q fi U I I. Q .4 fi Q S l- S ? A 1 Q Sx xfi' 23 LIQVQ f 'S - -25:5 X5 f Q 3 'Si if S 7- F ,.. Tl SS - X 4- f171 illant will ttnh Efratamsnt We, the graduating class of the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight, who modestly admit, with the acknowledgment of numerous teachers, to being the most remarkable group of Seniors ever to darken the door of our beloved Alma' Mater, do hereby bequeath various and sundry items to be cherished and cared for by next year's uppcrclassmen-although at the present time these lowly Sophomores and juniors are undoubtedly too immature to care for them properly! It is sincerely hoped by the adult and intelligent members of this present group that their childish ways may be put aside to care for the battered institution in futurc years. To the entire Sophomore class we bequeath: ITEM I. A patient suffering of teachers who, without fail, assign lengthy lessons over holidays and often important games, the gloomy halls of E. H. S., our miraculous talent for jamming loclters, and last, a shrewdly devised means of sleeping through classes with the ability to cram for a semester test five minutes before it is given-without hope that we can find a way to pass it. ITEM II. To the junior class who will reign supreme over the humble underclassmen next year, we leave our noteworthy quantities of unadulterated pep shown at all the games and the pride we display toward the boys who play them. Wi: leave utter lack of fright in dealing with any situation, even semester tests, and last we leave a sincere wish that they' will care for old E. H. S. as we have so nobly done, because in all probability our grandchildren will trudge down the same timeworn halls. ITEM III. To the Senior Sponsors we leave our thanks and gratitude for the magnificent task they have done by acting as our guidings hand to the present group since the days of our childhood, as Sophs. ITEM IV. To the Faculty we leave our profound congratulations for having lived for three awe- inapiring years with this outstanding class of '48, ITEM V. Listed below are various items left by members of this graduating class to be cherished and prized by the underclassmen related in this last will and testament: Dick Whittington leaves his quiet, courteous manners to be portioned among the entire Sophomore class at the request of their sponsors. Betty jo Leonard leaves her definitely new look to Poncho Allen, who still gives the gals that old one! Don McGregor bequeaths his gift for gab to shy Donnie Nicltelson with earnest hopes that it will fContin-ned on page 691 Senior Class Prophecy While waiting for the show in the big top to begin we decide to take in the side show attractions. We buy our tickets and eagerly step into, of all things, the House of Mirrors. After wandering aimlessly through the mirror-lined passages we think we have found the exit at last but to our surprise we have entered what resembles Rogues' Gallery, but the sign says E. H. S.'s Hall of Fame. We're rather indifferent until we recognize our very own classmates staring at us from within walnut frames. The guide comes forward' and offers to give us a brief resume of the class of '48's "claim to fame". Lurctta Smith is painting pictures of the French countryside, accompanied by her interpreter and guide, Bob Howard, who knows his way around among thc French. Ann Bourland and LeRoy Crist are currently starring in the Broadway hit "Hayseed Heaven". Wayne Thomas works in the executive offices of a large New York corporation, he sweeps out. Speaking of business, Thelda Askew was last seen selling snowballs to the Esltimos, fulfilling Mr. Bloxom's predictions. Kenneth Recs couldn't bear to give up his red Paige so he became custodian of the "old car museum"-junk yard to you. The largest ranch in the world, Lyon county that is, is owned by Edgar Brown and his cowpunchers are Dale Clements and Fred Wendal. Edward Mercer has quite a reputation as head bouncer of the 1517 Club. Lupe Mendoza and Isabelle Arndt run an exclusive beauty salon in New York under the name of "Better Beauty for Bitter Bags". Ruth Baughman is doing quite well modeling for toothpick ads. Victor Lindsay is still campaigning for the repeal of prohibition in Kansas, but he is opposed by the Carrie Nation of E. H. S., Alma Dicks. Multi-millionaire Richard Faye has just purchased a yacht from Darrell Merwin intending to take a cruise among the South Sea Islands hoping to catch a glimpse of Barbara Heffron, who is a missionary there. The popular pulp magazine "Slushy, Scintillating Stories" edited by Elva Kendig frequently publishes novels written by Shirley Boyd, the latest being "The Double Affair-We both Loved Him, He and I." David Carty, Admiral of thc Fleet, had a nervous breakdown on his last cruise and was found directing maneuvers in the bathtub. He is under the care of prominent psychiatrist Clyde Romer with the assistance of his capable nurse, Laura Tarrant. Jo Riegle, all-American halfback, will play her New Year's Day game in the Nut Bowl, cheered on by the famous cheerleader, Merle Harrison. IContinued on page 421 E191 SENIORS Ifs hard to say goodby to friends, to the busy days that made up our Sophomore, junior, and Senior years, and even to the inanimate building of Emporia High. Perhaps it's difficult for the Seniors to leave E. H. S. because we are on the brink of entering in the future and even now these three years in high school have come to symbolize the happiness and joys that can only be found when we are young. The graduating class of '48 has been an unusually active one. Scores of accomplishments initiated by its members will make this group be remembered for years to come. Key Club, Adopt-a-School plan, Queen of the Courts,-all mark a precedent of ac- tivities to be carried on by other classes. Its capable officers, Bob Toms, jackie Capps, George Emrich, and Elizabeth Koch, have been responsible for many accomplishments of this group. The Seniors who will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas will not bid goodby to every- thing in E. H. S. but the memories of the fun in Emporia High will be remembered always, it is our hope that the classes of '49 and '50 will enjoy them as much as we. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bob Toms, Presidentg George Emrich, Vice-President, Jackie Cripps, Secretaryg Elizabeth Koch, Treasurer E191 I 7 I-'P Y 44 ...J I 20 EVERETT REES - "The other hall-with his share of talent, also." Band. Orchestra, Key Club, "Junior Miss", Music Contest, I-Il-Y, Mixed Chorus, French Horn Quartette, Echo, Re-Echo Stall, Latin Club, Honor Group. EVORA REES--"That cute smile!" Y-Teen, Band, Orchestra, Christmas Pageant. FRED WINDLE-"Uncle Sam's favorite taxpayer." F. F. A., Christmas Pageant. EUNICE LEE BARRY-"What a lot ol intelligence behind those laughing eyes!" Mixed Chorus, Band, Orchestra. Y-Teen, G. A. A.. "Through the Years", Double Sextette, "Stage Door", "Dear Ruth", Debate, Y-Teen Cabinet, I. R. O., Bpring Concert, Christmas Pageant, Latin Club, Pep Club. String Quartette, String Trio, Honor Group. CLIFTON HUFF-"He'll win in the long run." Key Club Treasurer, Christmas Pageant, Dra- matlcs, H1-Y, Key Club, Red Cross, I. R. O., Honor Group, "You Can't Take It With You", Track. ROSALIE I-IOTZEL-"She always does her best." Y-Teen, Pep Club, Re-Echo Staff. LURETTA SMITH-"She works hard to please everyone, and succeeds." Y-Teen, Student Coun- cil, Office Assistant. Y-Teen Cabinet, Pep Club, Red Cross. MARY ANN RHOADES-"Oh, for some ol those 'A's'." Y-Teen, Band, Orchestra, Christmas Pageant, G. A. A., Red Cross Council, Music Festival, International Relations Conference, Honor Group. DOROTHY BURDEN-"She's no 'burden'-in fact. we like having her around." Red Cross, Y-Teen. PATRICIA SHIELDS-"As sweet as they come." G. A. A., Latin Club, Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club. NANCY FLO CURTIS-"Silent and bashlul--that's not Nancy!" Y-Teen, G. A. A., Latin Club, Pep Club, "You Can't Take It With You", Christmas Pageant, Glrls' Glee Club. ISABEL ARNDT - "Modesty and sweetness are wonderful assets." Y-Teen. LOIS GAINES-"G, A. A. will miss her." G. A. A. President, Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Band, Orchestra, District Musical Festival. VICTOR BURNS-"A loyal and upright guy." H1-Y, Latin Club, Intramural Basketball. LEE VAN CLEAVE-"Variety is the spice of life- just look at Molly." Mixed Chorus, Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club. - CLIFF SHAVER - "My name's Cliff-drop 0061 some time !That's a joke, son 1" Band. EVELYN JANE REES-"A twin with talent." Y-Teen, Orchestra, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant. Band. KENNETH REES - "He's always equal to the occasion." F. F. A., Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years". Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert. SHARON ALBRIGHT-"A success at whatever she attempts." Student Council, Latin Club, Pep Club, Y-Teen, G. A. A.. Editor Re-Echo, Honor Group. JIMMY GRAHAM-"I'll paddle my own canoe." PATSY BOSTROM-"Here's a blonde whose per- sonality ts bent in the right direction." Y-Teen, G. A. A.. Pep Club. Latin Club, Christ- mas Pageant, Re-Echo Staff. JO RIEGLE--"Long Live our Queen!" Double Sextette, String Quartette, Girls' Glee Club, Orchestra, A Cappella, Christmas Cantata. "Through the Years", Spring Concert, Concert Girlsi Glee, Junior-Senior Trio, Music Festival, Mixed Chorus, Office Assistant, Latin Club Secre- tary, Y-Teen Vice-President, Sophomore Vice- President, Pep Club, Student Council, Cheerleader, Echc Staff. Re-Echo Staff. Queen of the Courts. JEANNE SMITH - "George has spoken lor this little cutie." Red Cross, Y-Teen. JOANN BENTLEY-"As friendly a Miss as y0u'll ever find." Y-Teen, G. A. A., G. A. A. Officer, Choral Reader, Latin Club, Re-Echo Staff, Pep Club. LAURA TARRANT-"Her sweet disposition con- trasts with her fiery hair." Y-Teen, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant. BERNARD STEWART-"A handsome man can go jar." Football, Hi-Y, Track, Intramural Basketball. DONNA KEITH-"A smile for everyone." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Program, Junior Council. JEANNINE KIRK-"Be pleasant and you will obtain your goal." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Pep Club. DOROTHY EVANS-"A girl with a friendly heart." Y-Teen, G. A. A. Echo and Re-Echo Staff. Pep Club. ROSEMARY SLACK-"What would we do without he1?" Y-Teen, G. A. A., Pep Club. BARBARA HEFFRON - "Her friendly smile is worth more than gold." Y-Teen, Latin Club, Student Council, Pep Club, Honor Group. DARRELL I-IEDRICK-"Rip Van Winlcle's closest rival." GEORGIA KESTER,-"Just call her 'Shorty'." Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant. Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years", Spring Concert, Pep Club, Honor Group. JOY I-IUTCH-EHSON-"As hapml as her name im- plies." Burrough Y-Teen, Secretary of Burrough Y-Teen, "The Bad Penny". JEAN I-IODGES-"What a cute little giggle she possesses." Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club. Usher. JOYCE HOFFMAN-"A gal with a queenly bear- ing." Secretary of G. A. A., Treasurer of Y-Teen, Student Council, Red Cross, I. R. 0., Pep Club, Christmas Pageant, Spanish Club, Chairman of Finance Committee, Re-Echo Staff, Honor Group. 21 22 DEAN GR.ISELL"Wlio wants to be good-lile's too short." LUPE MENDOZA - "Her charming personality speaks for her." Y-Teen. G. A. A. ALFRED SILL-"Everybody's friend." LILA BIGLER-'Cheerjulness is a virtue." Glee Club, Y-Teen, G. A. A. ELMER BECK-"Hold your hats, folks, Elmefs grudua ting!" H1-Y, ANN BOURLAND - "There's an actress in our midst." Y-Teen, Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, G. A. A., Pep Club, "Dear Ruth", "You Can't Take It With You", Choral Reader, Girls' Glee Club, Honor Group. GLORIA DARLENE BROWN-"Her mind is always clear." Y-Teen. Christmas Pageant, Pep Club. I- LOIS JEAN TIMMERMAN-'Need cheering up? Go to 'Tim1nie'." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years", Pep Club. Echo Reporter, Latin Club. Girls' Glee Club, Christ- mas Pageant, Red Cross. BETTY JO LEONARD-"Vogue should hear about her." G. A. A., Y-Teen. Christmas Pageant. Latin Club. I. R. O., Debate, Re-Echo Staff. Pep Club, Vice President of Red Cross, Honor Group. her- BEATRICE SMITH-"Two words describe perfectly-simply swell." Burrough Y-Teen Presl- dent, G. A. A., Pep Club, Latin Club, I. R. O. HELEN WELLNITZ-"Who could ask for a better frie11d.." Y-Teen, Spanish Club. MAXINE WINDSOR - "She loves senior social studies KH" Y-Teen. BARBARA ANN HUGHES-"Sweet and gentle." Band, Y-Teen, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant. "Through the Years", Echo Reporter, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. RONALD RUSSELL-"A pleasing personality al- ways wins friends." Hi-Y, Latln Club, Christmas Pageant. JOAN KOWALSKI-"Her work is the peak nf perfection." Red Cross, Y-Teen. DAVID CARTY-"He talks little but says much." Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, I. R. O., A Cappella. BETTY LAWS-"Her happy smile is her trade mark." Y-Teen, Pep Club, G. A. A., Latln Club, Re-Echo Staff, Co-Chairman Finance Committee. EDWARD MERCER-"Still waters run deep." . .Mat SEYMOUR COMAN-"If good looks are an asset, Seymour will go far." Rl-Y, Junior Class Presl- dent, Key Club, Christmas Pageant, Band, Orches- tra, Latin Club, Business Manager of Re-Echo. ROBERTA MAXWELL - "Gentlemen prefer blondes." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus, Orchestra., Dance Band, Pep Club, Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross. FRANK WOOD-"He may act bashful, but you can't tell a book by its cover!" Hi-Y. PEGGY VAN GORDEN -- "MU3inSlGV 0f The G- A. A." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Emporia Girls' Bas- ketball Team, Pep Club. DEAN STALEY - "Pity the boys who clashed with him on the gridiron!" Football, Track, "E" Club, Red CIOSS. DEAN EGNER-"An ounce of lun is worth a ton of learning." Y-Teen, G. A .A., Christmas Pageant, "Through the Years", Dramatics, Double Sextette, A Cappella, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Glee Club. RICHARD KYLE-"Easy does it, is his mottofl MARY SILL-"Always a cheerful word." I - Y-Teen, G. A. A., "Through the Years", Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Glee Club. DARREL MERWIN - "Talent comes in large packages." Band and Orchestra. ETHEL MITCHELL-"Her clothes are the envy of all." Student Council, Burrough Y-Teen. - GEORGE EMRICH - "Give three cheers for George." Junior Class Treasurer, Hi-Y, Senior Class Vice-President, Christmas Pageant, Hi-Y Model Legislature, Cheerleader, Football, Intra- murals, Basketball. BARBARA PENNA-"Personality and pep galore." Y-Teen, Red Cross President, Mixed Chorus, Spring Concert. Double Sextette, "Through the Years", G. A. A., Christmas Pageant, Glee Club. EDWIN VAN SICKLE-"More fun than a barrel of monkeys." Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant. DELORES MORROW - "Her ready smile and cheerful ways make life a little easier." Burrough Y-Teen Treasurer, Echo Staff. JAMES RQTH-"The football team loses a valu- able member." Football, Track Hi-Y. ALBERT WATERS-"His curly looks receive many an admiring glance." Red Cross. VICTOR SCHLUP-"Quiet, oh, so nice." HARRY LACERTE-"There is only one 'Harry' in the world!" Basketball, Track, Football, Christ- mas Pageant, Glee Club, "Revolt ln I-lhythm", Hi-Y. h I F X .qi-,. . I fi' . N. -L... 23 14 X . 'WJ ,gun 'Pi 24 FRED TREAR,-"Our Future Farmer ol America." F. F. A. BOB GREENLEE-"Look before you leap." H1-Y, Intramural Basketball, Basketball. VERN NICKLIN-"We know his family will never go hungry." DONALD MERWIN-"Don't let that red hair fool you-he's as even-tempered U18 they come." Red Cross. VELDA RANKIN-"Love that cookin'1" Red Cross, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Pep Club. PERRY POWELL-"A wonderful guy, liked by all." Football, Track. GLEN BERGERHOUSE-"Lije's too short to spend it on studying." I-Il-Y. HENRY SCHMIDT-"Oh, that Town and Country car." Hi-Y, Student Council. JAMES FOWLER,-"So lively he bounces!" Cheerleader, I-Il-Y Committee, Band, Latin Club, Orchestra, Christmas Pageant, Stage Craft, 'Red Cross, Student Councll, Mixed Chorus, Echo,Stal'i. BILL TURNER.-"No one knows what he can do until he tries." Student Council. FRANCES HOSTETTER.-"True in her word. her work and her friends." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years", Student Council, Pep Club, Latin Club, Girls Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross. DALE SEARCY-"He loves to work-for his father, that ls!" Football, Hi-Y. MERLE HARRISON--"The spirit of the team." Hi-Y, Band, Stage Craft, Student Councll, Honorary Football Captain, Intramurals. DONALD DELONG-"A farmer with a future." F. F. A. DICK PONTING--"He comes and goes-lucky us when he stays." Football. MILDRED GOLDEN-"Her personality ls a gilt ol 9011" .. Y-Teen, Vice-President of Burrough Y-Teen, Chrlstmas Program, "The Bad Penny", Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club,'Honor Group. GLENN GREENLEE-"Enjoy life while there is still time." Hi-Y, ALMA DICKS-"Every minute of time is put to good use." Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Y-Teen. . ng-' '-'e1,, EUGENE LANGLEY-"Mr. Griffiihks right hand man." AGNES I-IOUK MATSON-"She's got her guy for keeps." Y-Teen, Glee Club. KENNETH BOUGHTON+-"He puts his heart in whatever he ooes after." Football, 'rx-ack, Mixed Chorus, F. F. A., Hi-Y, "Stage Door", "You Can't Take It With You", Christmas Pageant, Student Council. BILL SMELSER,-"Tall, handsome-what more could you want?" Foqtball, RICHARD BURKEY - "He doesn't have to say much-we know he'll be arofund when we need him." Football, Track, Basketball, E Club, Hi-Y. GUY ARNETI'-"He's one guy we look up to." F. F. A. DAVID BEEDER - "Twill be tough for Dave to leave-not school but Jake." I-Ii-Y, Student Council, Basketball, Track, Key Club, "Junior Miss, President Latin Club, Christmas Pageant. MARY FLADUNG-"Some say she's quiet but lt's only a rumor." Y-Teen, Pep Club, Glee Club, Christmas Pageant. DONALD GROH-"Don-ethe teachers delight, has at last got a diplomas" Student Council, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Christmas Pageant. CLYDE ROMER-"Our future psychiatrist." Latin Club. ROBERT HOWARD-"A personality resembling a three-ring circus." Hi-Y, Debate, Key Club, Student Council, I. R. O., Red Cross, Latin Club, Honor Group. DONALD HUFFERD-"Will miracles never cease- a diploma!" Band, Orchestra, Stage Craft, Hi-Y. WYATT LONG-"An alfable and courteous gentle- man." GAVONNA NEWCOMER,--"A future actress is in our midst." .. Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus,' Glee Club, Echo Staff, "You Can't Take It With You". WAYNE THOMAS-"'Blinny' to you." Football, H1-Y, Intramural Basketball. ERNEST RUSSELL-"A willing worker." Band, Orchestra. RICHARD GREY-"I have worked myself to a shadow." Track, Stage Craft, Captain of Intra- mural Basketball, I-Il-Y. MARCUS EUDALEY-"Strong, silent and 17laSC1L- lme-that's Marc." Football, Hi-Y Vlce-Presl- dent, Student Council, Honor Group. E251 flu 26 STANLEY BOSTROM-"Trainer-first class." Hi-Y. Red Cross, E Club, Trainer. DIANA JONES-"Efficient in whatever she under- takes." Y-Teen, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus. Junior Class Secretary. Secretary of Red Cross. Double Sextette, A Cappella, I. R. O., "Through the Years". Christmas Program, Echo Staff, Honor Group. HAROLD GOFF - "He'll come back up alter every down!" Student Council, Hi-Y, Football, Basketball, Track. ELIZABETH KOCH-"Leaving something? Her 'Pop', of course." Y-Teen, Secretary of Latin Club, Band, Orchestra, Treasurer of Senior Class. Red Cross Council, I. R. O., Music Festival, Re-Echo Staff, Christmas Pageant, Honor Group. DONALD DORSEY--"School is only somewhere to pass the time," Hi-Y. RAE DEANE ROBERTS - "She has a future in giouma.lis1n." Pep Club, Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant, Sophomore Ensemble. Junior Triple Trio, Latin Club, Echo Staff. "You Can't Take It With You", Student Council, Honor Group. GLEN BRADSHAW-"What's the hurry-we'ue got a lifetime ahead of US." BARBARA I-IAGAN-"Brains, poise, and Kenny too." Student Council, "Stage Door", Y-Teen and Cabinet, G. A. A., "Through the Years", Mixed Chorus, Double Sextette, "Dear Ruth". "You Can't Take It With You", I. R. O.. Red Cross Council. Christmas Pageant, Girls' Concert. Glee Club, Latin Group, Pep Club, Camp Bide-A- Wee, Honor Group. RICHARD WHITTINGTON-"Silence is golden, so Dick is rich." Hi-Y. JANE HANNA-"Wherever she goes, life becomes a litlo brighter." Red Cross, Student Council. Y-Teen, G. A. A., "Through the Years", Christ- mas Pageant, Double Sextette, "Dear Ruth", Cheerleader, Girls' Glee Club. Mixed Chorus. A Cappella, Spring Concert. Latin Club, Candl- date to Queen of the Courts, LLOYD FARR-"No one knows what he can do until he tries." F. F. A., Hi-Y. RUTH BAUGHMAN-"A gal with a voice and dis- position ol an angel." Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, Junior Double Sextette, Sophomore Double Sextette, Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert, Girls Glee Club, Senior Double Sextette, G. A. A. LEROY CRIST - "There's a track man in the Crist family." Football, Basketball, Track. H1-Y, Red Cross, E Club, I. R. O., Stage Craft, Grinnell Conference, Hi-Y Youth Government, Captain of Intramural Basketball. PATRICIA SUNTER-"A live foot two package of dynamite!" Y-Teen, Pep Club. ROBERT SMITH-"He thinks for himself." Football. Stage Craft. BARBARA GROH-"That's what we mean-Bah bGTU'9rowI" Y-Teen, G. A. A.. Pep Club, Echo Staff, Dramatics, Stage production of "Dear Ruth", Christmas Pageant, Stage production ol "You Can't Take It With You", Choral Reader, Publicity Committee of Dramatlcs Club. FRANCIS VAN GUNDY - "Idol ol a million hearts!l" Hi-Y. JUANITA SHAVER - "Another lucky girl who sports a sparklerf' Girls' Glee Club, Christ- mas Pageant, Mixed Chorus. BEVERLY FREEMAN-"Calm, kind, and always prepared." Echo Assistant Editor, Echo Re- porter, Y-Teen, "Take a Letter", Latin Club, Honor Group. JERRY WOODWARD-"Proud owner of that beau- tiful 'Hot Rod Racer'." Hi-Y. JANET JAQUITH-"Goodness and kindness walks beside her." Y-Teen. G. A, A., "Dear Ruth", Mixed Chorus, Girls' Concert Glee, Red Cross. "Through the Years", Spring Concert, "Stage Door", I. R. O., Christmas Pageant, Latin Club. Pep Club, Girls' State, Honor Group. KENNETH PHILLIPS-"Molded-around Barbie's finger." Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y- E Club. MARY JANE TATE - "The salt and pepper of E. H. SJ" G. A. A., Y-Teen, Student Council, Sophomore Double Sextette, Junior Double Sex- tette, Senior Double Sextette, Easter Program, Mixed Chorus, A Cappella, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Honor Group. HAROLD NUFFER-"A friend in need is a friend indeed." Hi-Y, Band, Christmas Pageant. ROBERTA BRILES - "Roberta's a brain but we love her anyway." Band, Orchestra., Y-Teen, G. A. A., Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Pageant, Music Contest, French Horn Quartette, Honor Group. RICHARD CARLSON-"G. B.'s the guy to go to if you're feelin' blue." Hi-Y. ALICE PHILLIPS-"She'll get ahead in the world." Band. DONALD MCGREGOR-"True Scotsman in every way, except when it comes to friendliness and kind,deeds." Hi-Y Cabinet, Mixed Chorus. 4 MAIN-"A friend to all." " "Y nd, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Christ- nt, Pep Club. ,aratj 'Tiki PHIL OSSERMAN-"This lad will go far if only- on determination." "Junior Miss", Hi-Y, hrough the Years", Mixed Chorus. Christmas ageant, Debate, "Dear Ruth", Student Council, Key Club, I. R. O., Red Cross, Latin Club, Pep Club, UNESCO Conference, Boys' State, Honor Group. BARBARA MCCLELLAN- "Out-of-this-world face and figure-that's our Mac." Red Cross, Pep Club, Y-Teen Service Committee Chairman, Re- Echo Staff, Echo Staff, Christmas Pageant, Office Girl, "Stage Door", Vice-President of Junior Class, Candidate for Queen of the Courts, Honor Group. BETTY HOOVER-"As sweet as they come, that's Betty." G. A. A., Y-Teen, "Through the Years", Mixed Chorus, Double Sextette, Pep Club, Latin Club, Honor Group. ELVA ANN KENDIG--"Leader of democracy." Echo Editor, Y-Teen, President of I. R. O., Christ- mas Pageant, G. A. A., Production staff of all- school plays, Latin Club. SHIRLEY BOYD-"By her charm and clever ways, our 'Shirl' will never be forgotten." Christmas Pageant, Y-Teen, Pep Club, A Cappella, Double Sextette, Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years", gpring Concert, "You Can't Take It With You", . A. A. ROBERT SCHMIDT - "Note that mischievous gleam in his eye." Hi-Y, DORIS ANNE COLLINGE-"There's a song in her heart." Y-Teen, Christmas Pageant. Echo Staff, Pep Club, Latin Club, Honor Group. E271 ml LEONARD HURST-"Lil8'3 100 short to be taken SefiC-1lSl1l-" .. Basketball, Ht-Y, Christmas Pageant, Glee Club, Track, Re-Echo Staff. LOTTIE MCWHERTER - "IV-'I C0811 to 326 'WMI everyone likes her." Y-Teen, Pep Club, G. A. A.. Christmas Pageant, Latin Club, I. R. O., "Dear Ruth", "You Can't Take It With You", Re-Echo Staff, Honor Group. DEAN CLAPP-"'Denemo' to you " Football, Track, Stage Craft, Junicr Red Cross, H1-Y. PHYLLIS MURPHY-"She's industrious as well as nice to look at." G. A. A., Y-Teen, Chrlst- mas Pageant, Echo Staff, Pep Club, Office Glrl. Tl-IELDA ASKEW-"He blows his own horn and blows it sweet." Band, Orchestra, Hl-Y. BELVA RANDOLPH-"Always ready to help." Y-Teen, G. A. A., Mlxed Chorus, Pep Club, "Through the Years", Christmas Pageant, Girls' Concert Glee Club. JIM COLLINS-"What do you know-he passed land not the footballlJ" Football, Basketball, Track, E Club. MARY JO BUCK--"As big as a minute and twice as cute." Pep Club, Spanish Club, Junior Double Sextette, Y-Teen, Spring Concert, "Through the Years", Christmas Pageant, Mixed Chorus, Red Cross, Music Contest, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Concert Glee Club. JACK SOUTH-"Watch for his signature on plans for a bigger and better Empire State Building." Hi-Y, Christmas Pageant, Red Cross, "Junior fuss", "Stage Door", "You Can't Take It With 'ou". DORIS RANDALL-"She's engaged-she's lovely- d11shl" .. Red Cross, Senior Double Sextette, Proctor, Y-Teen, G. A. A.. Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concert Girls' Glee, Sophomore Triple Trio, Junior Double Sextette, "Through the Years", Sprlng Concert, Echo Reporter, Christmas Pageant, Pep Club, Music Contest, "Revolt in Rhythm". LEONARD WEAVER, - "There's a, card up our stare-Leonard, ol course." Christmas Program. Mixed Chorus. MARY ELLEN BOLZ-"A friendly smile and help- ing hand are her gifts." Red Cross, Student Council, Y-Teen, Pep Club. DONALD HANIFAN - "Science calls to him-as 11008 Janet." I-Il-Y, Key Club President, I. R. O., Debate, Student. Council, "Dear Ruth", "You Can't Take It With You", Hi-Y Cabinet, Latin Club, Grinnell Conference, Track, Honor Group. JACQUELINE CRIPPS-"Short and snappy in eyes' and size." Band, Pep Club, Secretary of Band. Y-Teen. Secretary ol' Senior Class, Dramatlcs gales StaI!,'Choral Reader, Publlclty for "Dear u ". EUGENE RQINSON-"He makes with the fire- works." .. H1-Y, Track, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant, Debate, "You Can't Take It Wlth You". RQBERTA MCGUIRE-"Sorry, boys, look at ner Hurd finger. left hand." Y-Teen, Echo staff, G. A. A., Pep Club, HOBBY Group. NORMA JEAN HAASE-"It's helpful to be born 90041-l00ki1u7. Y-Teen, G. A. A., Latin Club. Girls' Concert Glee Club. Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years", Pep Club, Honor Group. RAT NEVINS-"Her absence will be fell." Red Cross, Double Sextette, Y-Teen Cabinet, A Cappella, Mixed Chorus, "Through the Years" "Dear Ruth", Glee Club, Cheerleader, "You Can't Take It With You", G. A. A., Latin Club. FRANCES CLEVELAND-"Cheerlully quiet." ROY SOULE-"'Fill-er-up' is his by-word." I-ll-Y, Basketball, Football. CORNELIUS WHITE-"He's always busy helping someone." Hi-Y, Red Cross, Junior Hi-Y Presl- dent, Senior I-Il-Y Treasurer, Student Council, Key Club Vice-President, Latin Club, "You Can't Take It With You", Intramurals, Boys' State, Honor Group. DARRELL DUBY-"Life should never be taken seriously." A Cappella, Intramural Basketball. BETTY LOU WHITE-"Her heart belongs to Joel" Y-Teen, G. A. A., Christmas Paeant, Pep Club. HARLAN SPATZ-"Olivers loss was our gain." Student Council, Basketball, Honor Group. ROBERT EDWARDS - "Whatever he does, it's done right." President of F. F. A., Secretary of Hi-Y, Treasurer of Key Club, Student Council, Christmas Pageant, Honor Group. BOB RODEE-"He'll be missed by all, especially by that cute Junior gall" Football, Basketball, 1-ll-Y, Junior Cheerleader, Christmas Pageant, Track, Re-Echo Staff, "You Can't Take It With You." ANN LOUISE JONES-"Those eyes shine just lor one." Y-Teen, Red Cross, Student Council, Pep Club, Christmas Pageant, Echo Co-Editor, Honor Group. MICHAEL DRAKE-"Speak little and pass as a philosopher." Latin Club. BOB TOMS-"The leader of the intelligent, won- derful seniors!" Band, Orchestra, Sophomore I-ll-Y President, Red Cros, Key Club Treasurer, Senior Class President. ALICE ANN BOCK-"Sht'S the WPS." RAY LOPEZ-"He's always ready to lend a help- ing hand." Track, I-Il-Y. MARGARET KUNZE .... "She sews a fine seam." Mixed Chorus, Y-Teen, Usher, Christmas Pageant, G. A. A. RICHARD FAY-"Never argue with' him-you'll always lose." Hi-Y, I. R. O., Delray. HAZEL LANGLEY-"A trifle on the quiet Side but 11108-" G. A. A., Y-Teen. EUGENE KETTNER - "The Victory Creamery would be lost without him." Christmas Pageant, Student Council, Orchestra. WILLIAM BROOKS-"A lwit in every sense of the word-that's Bill." Hi-Y, Echo, Key Club, Golf, "Stage Door", Student Council, "Dear Ruth", "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", "You Can's Take It With You", Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, Honor Group. i291 EUGENE STEVENSON-"He's the tops in every way." Football, Track, Basketball, Hi-Y, Echo Reporter, "Dear Ruth", "E" Club President, Christmas Pageant. MARY ANN BASSETT-"Why the rush-to be with her one and only, ol course!" Y-Teen, Mixed Chorus, G. A. A., Christmas Pageant, Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, Spring Concert. DONNA CAMPBELL-"She's speedin' to get to the Teachers College and a certain good-looking Freshman there," Co-Chairman of Finance Committee in Y-Teen, "Through the Years", Christmas Pageant. "Dear Ruth", Vice-President of Student Council, President of Y-Teen, "You Can't Take It With You". "Stage Door", I. R. O., Echo Staff, Honor Group. DAVE KOGER. - "Always the right man in the right place." A Cappella, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, "Stage Door", "You Can't Take It With You", "Junior Miss", Red Cross Council, Boys' Quartette, Christmas Pageant. Seniors Eligible for Graduation GRADUATING CLASS 1947-48 Sharon Albright, Isabelle Arndt, Guy Arnett, John Bailor, Eunice Barry, Mary Bough, Ruth Baughman, Elmer Beck, David Beeder, Joann Bentley, Glen Bergerhouse, Lila Bigler, Alice Bock, Mary Ellen Bolz, Phillip Bosscrman, Patsy Bostrom, Stanley Bostrom, Kenneth Boughton, Ann Bourland, Donald Boyce, Shirley Boyd, Glen Bradshaw, Roberta Briles, Gloria Brown, Edgar Brown, Bill Brooks, Mary Jo Buck, Dorothy Burden, Riehard Burkey Victor Burns, Dona Campbell, Richard Carlson, David Carty, Dean Clapp, Dale Clements, Frances Cleveland, Doris Collinge, Seymour Coman, Jacqueline Cripps. LeRoy Crist, Nancy Curtis, Robert Dell, Donald DeLong, Alma Dicks, Don Dorsey, Michael Drake, Darrell Duby, Robert Edwards, Dean Egner, George Emtich, Marcus Eudaley, Dorothy Evans, Lloyd Farr, Richard Fay, Mary Lou Fladung, James Fowler, Beverly Freeman, Chloe Funk, Sarah Funk, Lois Gaines, Herold Goff, Mildred Golden, James Graham, Glenn Greenlee, Bob Greenlee, Dick Grey, Dean Griscll, Barbara Groh, Donald Groh, Norma Jean Haase, Barbara Hagan, Donald Hanifan, Jane Hanna, Merle Harrison, Darrell Hedrick, Barbara Heffron, Jean Hodges, Joyce Hoffman. Betty Hoover, Frances Hostetter, Rosalie Hotzel, Bob Howard, Clifton Huff, Donald Hufferd, Barbara Hughes, Leonard Hurst, Joy Hutcherson, Janet Jaquith, Ann Louise Jones, Diana Jones. Iilva Ann Kendig, Georgia Kester, Eugene Kettner, Jeannine Kirk, Elizabeth Koch, David Koger, Richard Kyle, Harry LaCerte, Eugene Langley, Hazel Langley, Betty Laws, Joan K. Lawson, Betty Jo Leonard, Victor Lindsay, Wyatt Long, Arthur Loomis, Ray Lopez, Beverly Main, Roberta Maxwell, Barbara McClellan, Donald McGregor, Roberta McGuire, Lottie McWherter, Agnes Houk Matson, Lupe Mendoza, Darrell Merwin, Donald Merwin, Ethel Mitchell, Delores Morrow, Phyllis Murphy, Pat Nevins, Gavonna Newcomer, Vern Nieklin, Harold Nuffer, Barbara Penna, Alice Phillips, Kenneth Phillips, Richard Plummer. Dock Ponting, Perry Powell, Doris Randall, Belva Randolph, Velda Rankin, Arnold Ray, Evelyn Rees, Everett Rees, Evora Rees, Kenneth Rees, Nhry Rhoades, Jo Anna Riegle, Rae Deane Roberts, Eugene Robinson, Bob Rodee, Clyde Romer, James Roth, Ernest Russell, Ronald Russell, Victor Schlup, Henry Schmidt. Robert Schmidt, Dale Searcy, Clifford Shaver, Juanita Shaver, Patricia Shields, Alfred Sill, Mary Sill, Rosemary Slack, Bill Smelser, Beatrice Smith, Luretta Smith, Robert Smith, Wynona Smith, Roy Soule, Jack South, Harlan Spatz, Dean Staley, Eugene Stevenson, Bernard Stewart, Patricia Sunter, Laura Tarrant, Mary Jane Tate, Wayne Thomas, Lois Timmerman, Bob Toms, Fred Trear, Bill Turner, Mary Lee Van Cleave, Peggy Van Gordon, Francis Van Gundy, Edwin Van Sickle, Marianna Van Valkenburg, Albert Waters, Leonard Weaver, Helen Wellnitz, Betty Lou White, Cornelius White, Richard Whittington, Fred Windle, Maxine Windsor, Frank Wood, Jerry Woodward. E301 .,4 'rl ,D A .-'5' A -vo wr -. W s E' "Y EE' Scholarship Recognition Each year a few weeks before graduation a list is compiled of the high ranking Seniors by a board of teachers headed by Miss Marion Howard. This list is composed of the students who had made an average of a straight B or higher in the four years of high school. The graduating class of 1948 had thirty-six students who were awarded the recognition pins. They are: Eunice Barry, Harlan Spatz, Ann Jones, Phil Bosserman, Ann Bourland, Dona Campbell, Jackie Cripps, Bob Edwards, Marcus Eudaley, Beverly Freeman, Mildred Golden, Barbara Hagan, Norma Haase, Donald Hanifan, Ioyce Hoffman, Barbara Heffron, Betty Hoover, Bob Howard, Clifton Huff, Janet Jaquith, Bob Howard, Betty Leonard, Barbara McClellan, Roberta McGuire, Everett Rees, Mary Rhoades, Mary Jane Tate, Con W'hite, Sharon Albright, Chloe Funk, Doris Collinge, Georgia Kester, Rae Deane Roberts, Front raw: Sharon Albright, Jackie Cripps, Rae Dean Roberts, Mary Jane Tate. Barbara McClellan. Georgia Kester, Beverly Freeman. Second row: Mildred Golden, Betty Hoover, Diana Jones, Elizabeth Koch, Doris Anne Colllnge, Roberta McGuire, Norma Haase, Barbara Heffron, Ann Bourland, Mary Ann Rhoades, Tnird row: Roberta Briles, Janet Jaquith, Eunice Lee Barry, Clifton Huff, Barbara Hagan, Ann Jones. Betty Jo Leonard. Joyce Hoffman. Back row: Harlan Spatz, Everett Rees, Robert Edwards, Bill Brooks, Don I-Ianifan, Bob Howard. Phil Bossermam, Con White, E311 wi 1. The Chiefs Son 2. Aln't Love Grand? 3. Prisoner of Lo G, The Eternal Two 7. Triple-decker 8. If one should slip .. A ve? 4, Which is the tree? 5. 9. Must be true love 10. Who's Cover Girl looking at tliv cur 11. Thrvc of n kind 12. Gob of humanity 13. Lucky in love 14. Really an eyefull! U21 fs Q. A. JUNIORS The junior class has earned itself a reputation for energy and originality. The students of this Aclass have put their cooperation and abilities behind every drive sponsored by Emporia High to assume their suceess, capably led by the class officers, Duane Allen, Gerald Shadwick, Eunice Valyer, and Mickey Lymle. The "Forty-ninersv presented the Seniors with a Prom that they will never forget. With a -merry-go- round as the theme, it showed the clever, original idea of those who planned it. By their friendliness, excellent display of athletic ability and willingness to work, the Iuniors are prou- ing themselves more than able to fill the role of next yearfs leaders, as Seniors. ,I F if 3 ii! gig Af' g egg Q s ' r M. ,pw N JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Duane Allen, Presidentg Bob Banister. Vice-Presidentg Eunice Valyer, Secretaryg Mickey Lynda Treasurer 5331. V '. ,- f- is I lv 'W' gi an 1? X' . G .. Ab HMM V ' '. Ym XN,,1 ll' N, 2 ,K Jr ,, f , I s.l.1,l'.' llgsw., mga ,WK in +., we ii" W s ,, er Vngr, Bmy r -k 5' - N 4 L. 1., -Nm, I.!w,n - . f, :Mg vm K 5: K LX Xen? I :B V' S . 1 ri' X V I l .1 1 , I K n-1 Xx ,x15..', UAH' I E' : , . ag - V' V 'iff - , ggi x- um , .4 , + -ff: Cf Hx Lf M x x 1 1 Nl X 'NA ' ll'-Yv,rI'.K,1w Umm- ' s fx 'U' ' F V ,J K . wi , 'Ili x NQ Eftyav ' , . HU, A gf , ' y .' 1 gh - cu, N ww sghmimf, Iulc lnmx..x, mgfi.. imm.-,, clude, N . 1 . . . .- . X . Y f W . 1 Bucnnmg, umm- Img, xmas mm!-, vm- - - , - f .,, ,T 2 . , 1, : , 'Q 'I fb Miglia. Paul lL.,9am..n. MMM! K mlfdi- Lim Q ' Q 6 i' , ii 'V . s N... . Q sa lmE.mm.X1,xg K. Wu nu S: ua gum, In-,R M-N any wma. xx., 5 1, tm Cnpvmrr. Beny czmr., Hmm V ' V, 9 P f' 2 179, ,Mr ,M up, Marcuw Mun, Mn-C x 5 a. . V M.-m,q,1.c w.Y.W.vf, mmm num, mmm lhmxs. llvwal-I .. xx',u4,r1, xy 1 gf U' - 11 K I 34 Brvcfwl, ,mn Hrrberc. Ihr Kmnczh Rewhzmic. Norma 4 Simkms, jerry 3 Puhi, Mary Lam Smith , Dale iff' in :' . .... ...,. M , i: 4 e Q Q f , ..,, A Smfrk. David Mfpflowrx. PM . ,.., 5 5 K Rv Q.. , 5 ., in xl f-ff 1 2 KJ, Hxmmvrt Buxlm Van ilrdfm, joan Amvx, R, Gurdm , x . f-- .. l .-fam 1 : 4 . , rx 5531? x L',, - f : ' , Dfw - - , Q . L 1 ri -flv ifsf-'f"k W , 7 '3-:'32,2.:-' CTWQ11. Lili Tick Hmckvinkan. 'Gan fig ' gg., U y K A - - X A 2,3 V 1 Y iff. T A , M ,,, X.lQlf. "" MA AA X 1 , - Foerasxcr. Ioim Rufcnxary Candida Rubens 'Pac lmssm,Don vw, na ,..-4 -- Koch,CAm1 Phillips. mem Lawson, Dune Lu Richard Eiiia Kunz, M1 rw M.. .H-2 'Ii Spencer. Ahce Climon G ramen in. Carver, R when Branch, kannerrc - T-'33 ,- fk r: m..x-, v-vu-10.1 I-fmkfwf.. Roger w'1mQw.i. Cnnnm sh.,.!Ms., l?:r,1Li umm, r..,..,f,. n :mn u.,.,x,, ,, ,i ' mv ' 'F' , Q as 1 , , ...Q .. , , ul., - - f - .. 1 X . . wif' v 3 -' . . 4 . .1 If . x ,a - ".iT,3",'2-F' A h 7 uumvxx. mu IM.-K, nw.,-.X zu..u.x.n, :mm B,1m.n.-sl.. umm-, mm L,,,,,,,, v 4 A , K ,ag 2 ,K ef , A K , " 1 I Q -2 -K i,.5.N. ,. . ,. ft? Q 5 Q sf . I , E N 'Z 'Ni g 15 , - +3 Q - N Ei. V b , ' 1 , '. in f, V' 'X' - ' 3 . Q 4 ' ' ' Q? ', f' X l ' Q1 ff' K ,I K, W , fit' Q A Nu., Q.. Mm 11,,m.:w.fwf1 cmvrml, Nfary PN.-nw, Izumi m.4,k4 nz xg ,V xi., -I yr in if . If , f , 1 ... N -as ,, Q A I 7 V, V 5, N y X 4, , 1 , ii Q Alf ' 1 4 I ' 1" . 5 A VU! vnu , '37 1 , A P ' P 1' I A x.,,,n.n r-1 ,W mr. rm 11,-1-N ww Iafml, L-.1 Plvwvrd. nm Q -3 ,E .. QQ. Y! 4-3 AR f , N- f A s 4 . . f . .,1 ,.k, 9 f , . .. x f H' 1 , ks x L x' f ffm - . X if fw- , mu, y1,X,,1. xx qs..-W-, if-my M-fa.-. Nhrv Vue. Xx'Jh,m1 L-11, 2 Q NT1w'wr. 'S-u-cr ', 'W K' V ,Ji j . Y' I5 ' Y . 4' n ' v , F .. I A x ' K 5 .K 4 , W , .V , :wr V p , if , 1 ' . ' , I V r V, I Y f , 'uf Qi r ' "" Kang 'Nh' Q L J 35,2 1 . ' 1-W..-. xr..-.-Q.. xml.-v, rl -ff hunk. :aww Rlgxbv. lmmn Schrwidcr, Yfmherx, x,-.uv ,H sm X ' , ww Q, , ' . 1 ' A... 1- 'E ' A A ! , WP, I mf- if ' Q , . ' X Q 4 ' . I 'XX f' ' as K 1 hrkman, lyla May Fhvn, knherx Ulm. kqn, Sbgrvuod, Don Marsh, Rmb Ann Hum. Wnllhm Yfocb, Marianne Us 1 A x a f , Q S ' L A i " ,j I f X , I , W wd Y .A , Nzmbv. xmsic lhlxxur, me-md 'r'0wm. Ifvlmn I H!! G... 1 , 1 ., gym 1 - vu - .5 .,L. Ms , 1 . V, C H ,' b' yi h J! 4,' R5 m P I 1 . V .YH . L mam., in QQ.-m,L.s1 mmiii- ., -Q' . 1 . 5 -' -V ' f f , QQ ...f A ... i A Ru.-1.-v, XMIM' IM-1---, Yfmnn Timm, 'Qmfm' Q ,,,,,. ,MM N K W1 X Q1 lm My! MWF IH in' 'Q I 3 a b, . ',v M Ang 3. ,z ' . .f , f., .- I. , - g ,, . f 2 ..,, A ,vi I W K . A E fi:1f:i 'K '- 'MW w w. , sg , ,Q .-q, - l A , , , rw sa.1y,.'. cum, mmm sammy. Nvrnun vm. r'1amm cmiaalx, mm mv. :mmf 'K . ' Q . ,, xy.-xwlifn. 14-n,. 1 mx. ms szm-,N x vm f 12., vm sf M rvmm, rm K L 4 ..,, , , ii ,N 1 'r , gi iw.,-dk 3 ,NN !I.xrr, Claims! A Gmail. Oman: Mdkrmer, Dm-:ll U71 .1 -and nw me 1, Hang on, guys! 2. Bovy of blushing beauties 3. The Three Musketeers 4. Three gay-one so sad! 5. Now wait a minute-! 6. Maniacal murderer strlkes! 7. She's too fat for me! 8. Advertising? mote sigrn 9. Smile of beauty 10. What! Again? 11. Cuties three 12. A lovely mess 13. Egad Freaks! 14. Tired 15. He's a shy guy 16. Ouch! That. hurt! 17. Smiling. though frosty 18. Strong, silent type 19. Ah, spring- 20. May we addgdrool! 21. Bookworm 22. Our athlete plus I 38 1 SQDPHQMQRE 'As the "infants" of E. H. S., the Sophs arrived frofm the esteemed position as the Freshmen of Lowther junior High School to the rather lowly rank of the "youngsters" of Emporia High. But although uninercifully teased by upperclassmen, the Sopho- more class has distinguished itself with many extra- cu ricular activities, and bouncing energy dealing wi Nh all problems. 'The leaders chosen by the class of 195 0, Bill Baird, Ie Bright, joan Canaday, and Virginia Roe, have wel represented them by resourcefulness and coopera- tion on many school projects. The Sophomore party, badked by those capable four, was given in May and was enjoyed by the Sophs who are eagerly awaiting thd day when they may fill the shoes of the upper- classmen. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Bll Ba rd Presxdentg glean Canaday, Vice-Presidentg Virginia Roe, Secretaryg jean Br gh: Treasurer U91 I-'rout row: M. Stm'n.xdf'1. G. Greco. D. McCullough. B. Mapes, G. Warrensburg, A. M. Bruce, S. Mays Sl'f'U7ld rum: M. Merry. J. Hendricks, C. Burenheide. N. Roberts, M. Swint, J. Cross, M. A. Dyer Tlllrrl r1f1r.' V. M1-Elfrvsh, E. Mclilfresh, B. Meyer, J, Naylor, N. Schzmfvr, E, V. Van Sicklv, L. Movllvr l"4fllI'lll 1'1H1'.' M. A, Write-rs, M. L. Moon. M. Krueger. M. Starling, N. Douglass, J. Hunlfan lmrlc row: J, Kirkpatrick, W. Ziglcr, R. Mayes, E. Nvvitt, G. Anderson, F. Williams -v .,... Fmni rum: S. L. Bossernizm. B. King, M. Timbrook, B. Holmpfel, S. Kirk, M. Goode-ll, J. Garrvtl Sm-mir! rozrf E. Suvuutzky, M. Weaver, G. Romer, I. L. Henry, S. Pc-rdnris, B, Sill, B. Anderson Tnzrrl rom: W. Zqinvr. A. Vantuyl, R. Herring. R. Hammond, R, Sill, N. Willey, W. Gurdnvr, V, Ayers l"uurH: row: D. Hoovvr. V, Rov, B. Jackson. J. Haffnvr. C, Brooks. A. Duncan, J. Phillips. lmvlr rout' C. Garrison. R, Van Sickle, H, Haskins, B, Hoover. D. Hush. L. Burgor l40J Front row: F. L. Ee-nder, A. Smith, N, Allen. J. Sauder, N. Jaggard, R. Meek, J. Bright .Svcmzd row: T. Stockton, L. Rodgers, W. Kedell. D. Hull, R. Whitsitt, R. Mendenhall Tlrlrrl 7'o1l1.' G. Getz, M. Timmerman. C. Rodgers. L. Daily, G., Boyce, F. Kinsey. T. Blzioklnurn. I-'ourtlt ww: C. LaShea, W. Allvn, J. Carter, L. Hollard, C. Dreasher. S. Stinson Back row: W. Russell. R. Young, J. Stevenson, R. Blahut, D. Wicland 7'-if Frou! row.' G. Day, J. Thomas. B. Walker, H. Wilhite, J. Mimiis, L. Jacobs. R. Davis Second row! N. Ray, V. Hager, M. E. Harrouff, M. Suddock, B, Gunkle, D. Gaines, D. Cowan Tnzrd Vow: D. Huth. F. Webb. T. Murxny, S. Laramore, L. Newsomer, M. Kidd, J. Pierson 1-'ourtlv row: A. Millf-r. N. Stout. J, Vain Gordon. G. Clemmer. P. Smith, D, Powv, P. MCGllil'D liaclv row' D. Gudhery. H. Stoeppelwvrth. R. Lawrence, L. Sigler, R. Hahn. K. Beck E411 I-'rant row: Martha Whittington. Pat Street. Betty Lewis, Marianne Schneider, Naomi Hawkins, Norma Jean Marshlnslty, Mary Ann 0'Connell. Second row: Jack Hovorka, Evelyn Kettner, Ruth Moore, Alice Mitchell, Caralee Bhoebrook. Lloyd Hilton. Third row: John Beeder, George McCoy, Winston Chapin, Lester Duckett. Louis Marin, Don Redman. Fourth row: Ellseo Ramirez, Vernal Waite, Jack Spencer, Don Kordey, Frank Unruh, Tracy Downs, Wayne Davidson. Back row: Don Nlcltelson, Jerry Sumners, Melvin Huffman, Ross Schallehn, Marion Nlckelson, Rob Ratch. CLASS PROPHECY fCwztinurd from page 182 Elizabeth Koch is the first woman governor of Kansas. She is constantly annoyed by lawyer "fast talkin"' Phil Bosserman who persistently tries to obtain a pardon for Victor Schlup who embezzled a penny from the Sunday School collection. Arnold Ray has gone through the ups and downs of the hotel business, meaning he runs the elevator. That swanlt restaurant "The Dirty Dish" is owned by Roberta McGuire who whips up delectable concoctions for food connoiseur Bob Toms. Architects jack South and George Emrich have designed a new skyscraper for Rock-a-Baby Center. Here is located that high-powered five kilocycle radio station owned by Frank Wlood. Their featured vocalist is the tarnished voice of Tin-Pan Alley, Harry LaCerte, who sings with Everett Rees' "Ragtime Rowdies". Looking toward the higher type of music, playing at Carnegie Hall is Eunice Lee Barry's all girl concert orchestra. Among the members are Roberta Briles, Lois Gaines, Roberta Maxwell, Alice Bock, Beverly Main and Frances Leisure. Our guide informs us that the foremost pearl diver of the world, Richard Burkey, at last found his Jewel. An exclusive dress designing establishment has been founded in New York by Mary Ellen Sill, assisted by Jeannie Smith and Ethel Mitchell, while directly in back is Beverly Freeman's Alley Apparel Shoppe patronized by Fifth Avenue Socialites Hazel Langley and Barbara Groh. E. H. S.'s contribution to the finer arts are in the form of Joyce Hoffman's oil paintings which are actual reproductions of the oil fields of Don Hufferd and Cliff Shaver. The guide shows us the many papers running the syndicated funnies of cartoonist Bud Van Sickle whose comic strip, "Bloody Buzz, the Battler" thrills Perry Powell, who runs a nursery school for babies between the ages of 18 and 25. In the field of medicine and science is the renowned surgeon Dave Becder who cuts up a lot. Our guide tells us that a tour of the John Hopeless Hospital will reveal Dorothy Evans, occupational therapist, orthopedic surgeon Richard Plummer, oculist Norma Haase and heart specialist Leonard Hurst. Trying to discover how to take your education in pills and eliminate schools is scientist Richard Grey. On the same subject Albert Waters is tearing apart his father's cars to make a robot to take his place in school. fConlinued on page 712 l42l I N.-.. M ACTIVITIES 1,9 E QQ Q' ff W XXX X , V W 'I fl 1' I I ' II W ' , .f4w' I II X I M mf f If q R NZ' vit i' X , X X K 1 ff x.v,Q.'- I43I Student Council The past school year, the Student Council, headed by Phil Bosserman, with twenty- ninc representatives, worked to promote and further school activities. Their goal was to build an interest among the students of Emporia High School in their school's work. The projects accomplished by this organization were as follows: built interest in Student Council electionsg sold season football ticketsg concessions at first home gameg noon entertainment programg chartered buses to different schoolsg handled the publicity of Fire Prevention Weekg sponsored the all-school party after the Ottawa game, January 9, with the Six Countsg helped to establish the "Adopt-a-School" Plan for the schoolg rearranged and decorated the trophies and trophy casesg furthered interest among students in Student Council activities. The Student Council established a precedent for future basketball festivities by climaxing the season with the crowning of a basketball queen. The Student Council is the governing body for the students and therefore it is their organization through which they may express their ideas and projects for the school to participate in. - il ev S I Front row: Barbara lieffron, Bob Howard. Pat Herbert, Don Hanifan, Phil Bosserman, Pat, Street. Secznid row: Merle Harrison, Larry Sigler, Marvin Timmerman, Seymour Coman, Con White, Bill Brooks, Kenneth Boughton. Third row! George Lodle, Miss Loretto Langley, Jane Hanna, Mary Jane Tate, Joyce Hoffman. Miss Anita Rice. Fourth wwf Ethel Mitchell, Exelyn Van Sickle, Dean Egner, Luretta Smith. Sharon Albright. Frank Davis. Back row: Harlan Spatz, Maurice Guy, Douglas Hull, Richard Grey, Dave Smith, Duane Allen. i441 Dramcfics Under the capable hands of Mrs. Margaret Dinkler, with Diana Jones and Barbara Hagan student directors, the all-school play "Dear Ruthl' was presented November 21. V 'ev 1' r Q v-r New W Mont row: Gene Stevenson, Dona Campbell, Aim Bourland, Barbara Hagan, Diana Jones, Duane Allen. Baelc row: Phil Bosserman. Pat Nevins, Jane Hanna, Janet Jaquith, Don Hanifnn, Much discussion and deliberation was necessary before "You Can't Take It With You" was selected as the Senior play. This hilarious three-act comedy was presented February 21, with jackie Cripps and Janet Jaquith as student directors. Miss Mary D. Petty was Mrs. Dinklerls assistant. Besides these two successful plays the dramatics class presented some one-act plays in assemblies. They were "Glub Glub", "The Ring and the Lookn, "Easter Tidings", and "Command Performanceu. Besides all this the dramatics Class also helped present the Senior Assembly. -s an Front row: Mare Eudaley, Janet Jaquith, David Koger, LeRoy Crist, Barbara Hagan, Dona Campbell, Kenny Phillips. Second row: Gene Robinson, Ken Boughton, Bob Rodee, Con White, Don Hanifan. Jack South, Clifton Huff. Buck 'out' Ann Bourland. Pat Nevins, Shirley Boyd, Nancy Curtis, Gavonna Newcomer, Jackie Cripps. l45l Front row: Marianne Hoch, Ann Jones, Elva Ann Kendlg, Beverly Freeman, Rae Deane Roberts, Jackie Crlpps. Second row: Doris Anne Colllnge, Shirley Boyd, Mildred Golden, Mickey Lynde, Phyllis Murphy. Ann Hughes, Dona Campbell, Thzrft row: Barbara Groh. Joan Olm, Jo Riegle, Everett Rees, Jim Fowler, Lois Jean Tlmmerman. Gavonna Newcomer, Back row: Diana Jones, Margaret Renshaw, Bill Brooks, Gene Stevenson, Norma Hanse, Doris Rendall, Delores Morrow. Echo "Have you seen your beat?" "ls your personality in?", are some of the many questions asked by the Iicho sponsor, Mrs. Lois jaquith, as she prepares to get copy for that Echo that appears every Friday '-801110 llllw . The journalism class this year was large, which made it difficult to get inches. In order to divide the stories, numbers were drawn and stories chosen in that manner. The boys this year were quite out- numbered by the girls,-the ratio being one boy to every five girls, Hint-hint, boys, Mrs. jaquith would like to see some more boys in her journalism class next year. "Small Talk", "Spiffy Spartan", "Sparklin' Spartanette", "The Birthday Column" and various other features and editorials have been featured regularly in the Echo this year. Student opinion polls brought out many interesting answers from students. Polls on universal military training and the adopt-a-school plan were conducted by the journalism students. Features on the different nationalities of the students also appeared in the lfcho. The licho has vigorously backed the adopt-:1-school plan from its beginning, with editorials. front- page news stories, features, polls, and also printed articles writttn by students from various English classes. This ear, for the first time, a six- ave a r was ut out b the 'ournalism class. It first a -ared Y P B P P9 P y l PPC on the day of our Topeka football game and a picture was on the insert, plus an ad about the game, backed b fift down-town merchants. This was considered to be the 'reatest achievement of the Y Y A B ' I 'ournalism class of '47 and '48. Another sur rise was 'iven the student body, when the Christmas issue l P b was delivered and contained ei hc a es. This ave the class a better chance for inches but also it 8 P 8' S meant a lot of extra work. Monday is deadline day for the Echo on pages one and six. Many Mondays after school various members of the class can be found sweating over a story and trying to meet the deadline. Wednesday is the deadline for the paper which comes out a week and a half later. This is the reason some of the stories and column seem a little aged. lllva Ann Kcndig, editor: Ann Jones, co-editor: and Beverly Freeman, assistant editor, will never forget their Monday night grinds working over the copy. Marianne Hoch served as circulation manager. Gene Stevenson had charge of getting ads for the Echo. Mrs, Lois -Iaquith supervivsed the Echo and F, South was business and printing manager. U61 Front row: Mildred Golden, Barbara Hagan. Seymour Coman, Sharon Albright, Barbara McClellan, Jane Hanna, Shirley Boyd. Second row: Jo Riegle, Betty Laws, Eunice Lee Barry, Joann Bentley. Doris Anne Collinge, Patsy Bostrom. Pat Nevins, Joyce Hoffman. Third row: Luretta Smith, Elizabeth Koch, Lottie Mcwherter, Betty Jo Leonard, Dorothy Evans, Phyllis Murphy, Jackie Cripps, Bahck row: Everett Rees. Bob Edwards, Marc Eudaley, Leonard Hurst, Frank Wood. Re-Echo Putting out an annual is a pretty big job, as the members of this year's Re-Echo staff found out early in the year. F. J. South, Re-Echo advisor, and other faculty members, had a hard time choosing' the staff for the 1948 yearbook, but after they were chosen and okayed in the office in February, things really began to hum in the printing room. When the assignments were made, each member went to work getting write-ups and advertisements, collecting kodak pictures and doing other work to make this year's Re-Echo a "super" job. The staff also helped choose the cover of our yearbood and everyone has agreed that it is one of the best covers E. H. S. has ever had. After much discussion, the Spartan was chosen as the theme of the book. The Re-Echo staff found that it takes a lot more to edit a yearbook than they thought it would. The cover was done in Chicago, the engraving in Wichita, the printing in Emporia and the binding in Kansas City. But, thanks to the Re-Echo staff of 1948, their advisors, and many business establishments, the annual of Emporia Senior High School went to press on time in April and then came out to the student body as you can plainly see, a really swell book that the staff and school can well be proud of. The 1948 Re-Echo staff was as follows: Eililor ........ Sharon Albright Kodak Srvlion . . . Pat Nevins, Betty Laws, Arsixlulll Editor .... Barbara McClellan Patsy Bostrom, Lottie McWhorter, Busirwxx Manager ..... Seymour Coman Eugene Robinson Axsisfuul Bu.vim'xx Manager . . Marcus Eudaley Afblrlirs , Doris Anne Collingc, Leonard Hurst Orgrmizafions ..... Eunice Lee Barry, Muxiv Orgzmizafions . . Jo Riegle, Everett Recs Mildred Golden, Phyllis Murphy Typisls . . . Joann Bentley, Lee Van Cleavc Senior Srrfion ....... Shirley Boyd Copy Renziw ....... Elizabeth Koch Culrmlar . . . Jackie Cripps, Luretta Smith Fimmcier . ..... Dorothy Evans Art Eiliiorx . . Joyce Hoffman, Jack South, Aclrvrlising . . Bob Edwards, Bob Rodee, George Emrich, Bud Van Sickle, Barbara Hagan, Jane Hanna, Betty Jo Leonard Bob Howard, Frank Wood wi Hi-Y Clubs SOPHOMORF HI-Y The Sophomore l'li-Y, organized three years ago, is an organization for the younger boys of the i helps keep the age limits apart and gives more officers leadership training. e programs consisted of talks on vandalism, racial and religious tolerance, and boy-girl relations. it group assisted in selling concessions at a football game and sponsored 11 school party. school. l Th ' 'l'l ' The officers of the club went to a conference held in Marion last fall. Officers were: Marvin Timmernian, Presidentg Chalmous l.aShea, Vice-President, W'arren Russell, Secretary, and liugene Stonebraker, Treasurer. Wilbur Moebus was program chairman. lfdward Price and llerhert james are the sponsors. JUNIOR Hi-Y The purpose of junior Hi-Y is to serve the home, school, and community by putting into everyday practice high standards of Christian living. At the regular meetings during the year inspirational speakers and informal discussions aided in accomplishing the Hi-Y purpose, and also made it possible for more to participate in the programs. The junior Hi-Y sold concessions at one football game, helped sponsor an all-school party and the l-.aster Sunrise Service, sold lf. H. S. pennants, badges, and pencils with the I947-48 basketball schedule on them. Representatives were also sent to several conferences throughout the year. Officers for the junior Hi-Y were: President, Maurice Guy: Vice-President, Carl Hoffmansg Secre- tary, Charles Turneyg and Treasurer, Bob Stauffer. Mr. Vlfilliam Glenn and Mr. limory Groves were lllk' fliilnblllui. SENIOR Hl-Y To eeate, maintain, and extend Christian principles throughout the :school and community has been the purpose of the Senior Hi-Y this year. They sponsored the "Gold Medal Basketball Tournament", assisted the Key Club in their vocational survey, sold tickets for all athletics, and had charges of concessions at a few of the football games, and helped sponsor an all-school party and the liaster Sunrise Service. Several interesting speakers have been provided for and by the Senior Hi-Y boys. Through combined work and play the boys of the Senior Hi-Y feel they have had a :successful year. Officers for the year were: George limrich, President: Marc liudaley, Vice-President, llob lfdwards, Secretary, and Con W'hite, Treasurer. Mr. Charles Garrison and Mr. Harold L. Royer were the sponsors. Frou! ruin: Phil Bossernian, Con White, Treasurer: George Emrich, President: Bob Edwards, Secretary: Cliff Shaver, Jim Fowler, Second. row! Kenneth Boughton, Clifton Huff. Eugene Robinson, Lloyd Farr, Don McGregor, Bill Brooks. Tltirft row: Harold Royer, Sponsor: Jim Roth, Stanley Bostrom, Everett Rees. Bob Howard. Charles Garrison, Sponsor. Fourth row: Bob Toms. David Carty, Bob Rodee, LeRoy Crist. Don Hanifiin. Buck row: Richard Fay. Glenn Greenlee, Richard Carlson, Dale Searcy, Seymour Coman, Frank Wood. l48l 4J':' h 'N' T' . .. ffl? L Front row: Bill Fair, Carl Hoffmans, Maurice Guy, Charles Turney, Bob Stauffer, Dorsett Wilson. Second row: Frank Davis, Dale Smith, John Forrester, Arlyn Schuler, Gerald Shadwick, Brooks Becker. Third row: Emory Groves, Sponsor, Earl Sheridan, Ed Banister, J. R. Heath, Jack Sturgeon. Fourth row: Bill Kunz, Gene Brandt, Bob Banister, Eldon Beck, John Brockhouse, Allen Bugbee. Back raw! Darrell McDermed, Gene Bloxom, Bob Burns, Cleland Harr, Duane Allen, Bruce Musgrave. Front row! Ronald Whitsitt, Chalrnous LaShea, Marvin Timmerman, George McCoy, Warren Russell, Gerry Day. Second row: George Anderson, Charles Rogers, Louis Marin. Winston Chapin, Lyle Barger, Skipper, Stinson. Thlrd T0w.' E. Price, Ralpr Hahn, Larry Sigler, Douglas Hull, Jack Hovorka, H. James, Fourth row: Marion Nickelson, Jim Thomas. Donald Hush, Robert. Lawrence. Kenneth Beck, Clair Garrison, Bob Ratch, Buck row: Lloyd Hilton, Don Nickelson, Jim Stevenson, Bill Allen, Robert Young, Robert Davis, wi Y-Teen Selling concessions .ii liomc gzunes, taking part in the "Adopt-a-School" Plan, sponsoring an all- school party, .ind helping give assemblies are among the projects that have kept Y-Teen busy this year. During "Little Sister Week" the juniors and Seniors became ecquninted with the Sophomorcs. Then came initiation closely followed by the choosing of conzmittees. Some of the committees sponsored Thanksgiving projects. Witli the Hi-Y, Y-Teen members planned and pnrticipritcd in the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter assemblies and the Easter Sunrise Service. 1-'rout row: Mickey Lynde, Luretta Smith, Joyce Hoffman, Pat Herbert, Dona Campbell, Elizabeth Jaquith. Barbara Penna, Marianne Hoch. .Second row: Dixie Lawson, Ruth Ann Marsh, Betty Laws, Pat Nevins, Gavonna Newcomer. Susan Haynes, Barbara McClellan. Third row.' Ila May Parkman. Miss Ellen Ice. Miss Mary D. Petty, Eunice Valyer, Eunice Barry, Diana Jones, Back row: Virginia Wichert, Miss Loretta Langley, Miss Virginia Forbeck, Miss Anita Rice, Miss Mary Alice Steelsmith, Miss Shirley Thomson. I"T07ll row: Doxie Hoover. Beth Walker, Mary Jo Buck, Leila McMullen, Jane Pierson. Nancy Curtis, Barbara Groh. Marguerita Kidd. Second row: Georgia Kester, Jeannine Kirk, Betty Laws, Alice Bock, Lurotta Smith, Pat Shields, Rosalie Hotzel. Third row: Dorothy Evans, Rosemary Stack, Lottie Mcwherter. Laverne German, Dorothy Jones, Beverly Main, Nancy Roberts, Elizabeth Price. Fourth row: Norma Haase, Margaret Rcnshaw, Marcine Fox, Norma Douglas, Martha Kruger. Joyce Hanlfan. Back row: Ruth Banghniun, Virginia Roe, Joan Baldwin, Martha Whittington, Dixie McCullough, Barbara Van Sickle. l50l Front row: Bonnie Woodward, Rea Herring, Pat Kunze, Shirley Mays, Imogene Day, Jean Smith, Barbara Mapes. second row: Carol Alexander, Judy Graves, Phyllis Murphy, Barbara Hughes, Jackie Cripps, Bobbie Maxwell, Frances Hostetter, Lois Timmerman, Third row: Evelyn Rees, Nina Willey. Mary Grossarth, Virginia Law, Ina Lou Henry, Mary Ann Rhoades, Marjorie Goodell. Fourth row: Nancy Allen. Avis Smith. Betty Anderson, Joan Kyle, Wanda Gardner, June Goodell, Iyla Parkman, Fifth row: Nancy Jaggard, Mary Parkman, Lois Gaines, Rosemary Johnson, Mary Pohl, Joan Koch. Back row: Julia Sauder. Rosemary Meek, Jean Bright, Juanita Brim, Mary Burch, Betty Lewis, Sara Bosserman. "Heart Sister Week" came witli its flurries .ind bustle and was as usual enjoyed by everyone. Completing the list of enjoyable Y-Teen assembly programs was the installation of next year's officers and the Senior recognition. The mothers' Ida in the Y. W. C. A. and the :ill-Y-Teen slumber party liclcl in the Junior High brought to a close n year of fun and service through Y-Ttcn. Front row: Belva Randolph, Jean Marshinsky, Joan Garrett, Donna Grisell, Jeanette Brandt, Mary Lee Kiene, Joan Tobin. Second row: Alice Mitchell, Ruth Moore, Margaret Suddock, Mary Dyer. Maudeline Weaver. Naomi Hawkins, Third row: Pat Anderson, Alice Spencer, Jacquelyn Haffner, Shirley Nuffer, Joan Umdenstock. Joan Rigsby, Myra Hawley. Fourth, row: Joan Kowalski, Barbara Heffron, Alice Phillips. Virginia Ayers, Darlene Brown, Ann Bourland. Back row: Jean Hodges, Bernice Holscher, Evelyn Lehnherr, Evelyn Telfer, Lamoyne Jones, Jo Jetty. G l51l I-'mm row: Hazel Wilhite, Shirley Boyd, Mary Jane Tate. Shirley Kirk. Betty King. Mary Timbrook, Barbara Holzapfel. Peggy Van Gordon. Second row: Margaret Kunze, Mary Ellen Sill, Hazel Langley, Virginia Hagar, Pat McGown, JaNelda Crandall, Betty Walke. Third row: Geraldine Warrensburg, Pat Sunter, Lupe Mendoza, Joan Brockelman, Alberta Duncan, Norma Schaefer. Pat Scott. Fourth row: Phyllis McGuire, Lee Van Cleave, Curalee Kennedy, Joan Canady, Mary Harrouff, Jo Riegle, Doris Randall. Back row: Patsy Smith. Dixie Powe. Mary Starling, Betty Leonard, Janet Jaquith, Jane Hanna. , s- ,Q 1 Fzrst row: Phyllis Grey, Lila Owen, Rae Dean Roberts, Connie Whitehead, Leia Owen, Rosalie Stanley. Second row: Joan Van Orden, Maxine Windsor, Gladys Romer, Joyce Ellis, Carol Koch, Dixie Cowan, Jacqualyn Cross. Third row: Joan Bentley, Sharon Albright, Patsy Bostroin, Doris Collirxge, Helen Groh, Clara Bureiiheide, Jessie Carson, Helen Wellnitz. Fourth row: Evora Rees, Clydean Brooks, Frances Bender, Joan Olm, Betty Buenning, Jonn Henricks. Fifth row: Elva Kendig, Maxine , Mary Ann Barrett, Sam Perdziris, Jean Vaughn. Eileen Towiier, Back TOIUI Llschia Newcomer, Shirley Laramore, Beverly Grnh, Wilma Brickley, Maxine Lang, Mary Crawford, Pat Roberts lzsl Burrough Y-Teen Burrough Y-Teen has been very active this year. In October they cooked and served a dinner in the dining room. At Thanksgiving time a tea was given at thc Y. W. for their mothers. Heart Sister Week, February 9-13, was enjoyed by all. Also they sponsored an all-school party, April 23rd. Officers were: President, Beatrice Smithg Vice-President, Mildred Goldeng Secretary, Joy Hutcher- son, and Treasurer, Dolores Morrow. Mrs. Lois jaquith was their sponsor. E ,Front row: Deloris Morrow, Ethel Mitchell. Joy Hutchinson, Mildred Golden, Beatrice Smith. Back row: Nita Ray, Thelma Murray, Faye Webb, Barbara Burton. I. R. O. A new club in Emporia High this year was the International Relations Organization. This luncheon club met on Thursdays in the cafeteria. The purpose of the I. R. O. was to give members a better under- standing of national and international affairs. Officers were Elva Ann Kendig, Moderator, Elizabeth Jaquith, Clerk-Librarianq and Elizabeth Koch, Treasurer. Miss Ellen Ice and Miss Virginia Forbeck were sponsors. Front row.' Don Hanifan, Janet Jaquith, Diana Jones, Eunice Valyer, Betty Jo Leonard, Phil Bosserman, Richard Fay. Second row: Miss Ice, Joyce Hoffman, Lottie MeWherter, Judy Graves, Lee Barry, Elva Ann Kendig, Mildred Golden. Third row: Gerald Shadwick. Bill Kunz, Pat Herbert, Virginia Wichert, Dona Campbell, Elizabeth Jaquith, David Carty, Miss Forbeck. Back row: LeRoy Crist, Clifton Huff, John Brockhouse, Carol Alexander, Pat Roberts, Ruth Ann Marsh, Marianne Hoch, Bob Howard. U31 Junior Red Cross The election of home room representatives started off the activities of this year's .Iunior Red Cross. Under the leadership of President Barbara Penna, they sponsored an assembly, put on their membership drive, sent a Christmas box to The Heritage, and with the cooperation of the entire school filled Red Cross overseas gift boxes. This organization was also in favor of the Adopt-a-School Plan. I-'ourili row: Kenneth Rees. Bob Rodee, Gene Bloxom, Dean Clapp, George McCoy, Clifford Huff. Bob Flott, Second row: Shirley Boyd, Barbara Hagan, Eunice Valyer, Bob Toms, Mary Ann Rhoades, Mary Ann Waters. Geraldine Warrenburg. Third row: Nina Ray, Mary Lee Kiene. Virginia Law, Diana Jones, Don Sherwood, Jean Bright, Nancy Allen, Miss Douglass, Back row: Jeanne Smith, Janet Jaquith, Betty Leonard. Judy Graves, Connie Whitehead, Barbara Penna. Debate Meeting and defeating some of the top teams of the state was the job of the year's debate teams. Four invitational tournaments and the regional comprised their schedule. Also they attended a debate clinic at Kansas University in October. QC A 'Q ww 1-is Sitlmg, lcfl to iight: Bob Howard, Richard Pay, Lee Barry, Phil Bosserman. Standing, left to rzglzli Betty Jo Leonard, Don Hanifan, Bill Fair. U41 Key Club Front row: B. Kunz, G.'Day, J. I-Iovorka, H. Stoeppelwerth, D. Smith, S. Coman, M. Timmerman. Second row: E. Beck, D. Hanlfan, B. Becker, D. Kcger, C. White, D. Beeder, R. Lawrence. Third row: Dr. Clifton Huff 1Sponsorb, C. Huff, B. Howard, P. Bosserman, B. Stauffer, B. Toms, D. Gadbery, W. Moebus, Jim Putnam 1SponsorJ. Back row: G. C. Eikermann. A. B. Brooks, D. Allen, B. Musgrave, G. Shadwlck, B. Edwards, E. Rees, Chief of Police Ben Duncan. Latin Club There has been only two Latin Clubs this year. These are made up of thc second and fourth hour Latin classes. Miss Jenny P. Douglass is the sponsor and teacher. The club hold their meetings on every other Friday. The clubs elect new officers for each semester. The officers for the first semester for the second hour Club were: Henry Stoeppelwerth, Presidentg Jean Carr Bright, Secretary, Avis Smith, Vice-President. For the second semester: Barbara Burton, President, Alberta Duncan, Secretaryg and Leonard Holland, Vice-President. Officers for the first semester of the fourth hour class wcrc: Chalmous LaShca, President: Marianne Schneider, Vice-President, julia Sauder, Secretary. Last semester officers were: Pat Street, President: Beverly Groh, Vice-President, and Carolee Shoebroolt, Secretary. I-'ronz row: J, Mlnnis, C. Garrison, R. Hahn, J. Hovorka, L. Sigler, W. Chapin, G. Day, L. Holland. Second row: P. McGuire, J. Cross, B. Groh, B. Walker, A. Smith, N. Allen, J. Sauders, N. Jaggard, A. Mitchell. Third row: Miss Douglass, S. Haynes, J. Sumner, J. Bright, F. Bender, B, Burton. P. Street, B. King, M. Schneider. Fourth row: S. Stinson, K. Beck, L. Barger, J. Hanifan, W. Gardner, C. Shoebrook, S. L. Bosserman. A. Duncan. Back row: N. Douglas, D. Redman, G. Anderson, H. Stoeppelwerth, R. Lawrence, D. Gadbery, C. LaShea, M. E, Harrou!f, R.. Young. U51 Band Again this year, as in the past, the Emporia High School Band was called upon to play for many engagements. Approximately 30 times this year, the band has responded to the call to suit up and furnish some organization with music. Besides playing for all home games, the band attended out-of-town games, and performed at the Regional Tournament, the Christmas parade, a military funeral, Wheat Train, Rural Youth Day, and Junior and Senior High School assemblies. Breaking a tradition of the past, the band did not enter the district music contest this year, for lack of competition, although several soloists, representing th-e band, did so. With the graduation of last year's twirlers, the organization was at a loss, until some very capable talent was discovered in Donald Thompson, Elaine Woodbury, Pat Street, and Carolee Shocbrook. Despie their inexperience and youth, QPat and Carolee are sophomores, Elaine is a freshman, and Donald, head drum-major, is an eighth- graderj the kids all turned in professional performances. For the first time this year, the band was organized under elected officers. Bob Toms was chosen President: Thelda Askew, Vice-President: Jackie Cripps, Secretary- Treasurer, and Mike Meares was an efficient Assistant Director. The band is looking forward to receiving some new uniforms in the near future. 'VL' ,Q 'v Cboe: Dorla Russell, Donald f5H6T11psol1. Bassoon: Mary Ann Rhoades, lilizabeth Koch. Alto Clari- net: Marylee Kiene. Bass Cl. . Evelyn Telfer. Flute: Robert Schneider, Evelyn McElfresh. Piccolo: Caralee Shoebrook. Clarinels: harles Rogers, Lois Gaines, ,Io Ann Umdenstock, Jean Vaughn, Eudean Lang, Shirley Nuffcr, Leila McMullen, Evora Rees, Marjorie Goodell, Evelyn Rees, Pat Kunzc, Jim Stevenson, Marion Nickelson, Pat Gibson, Tony Pagedas. Alto Saxophone: Jacqueline Cripps, Mar Swint, Donna Merwin, Marie Bozart, Ted Merwin. Tenor Saxophone: Mary Crawford. Cornets: helda Askew, Bob Toms, Richard Plummer, Bob Ratch, Bill Dick, Skipper Stinson, Wilbur Moebus. Cornets: Bruce McFcrrin, Bob Banisttr, Clair Garrison, Alice Phillips, Dorset Wilson, Marshall McNutt, Tommy Pagedas, Dale Smith. French Horns: Roberta Briles, Everett Rees, Betty Lewis, Pat Street. Baritones: Bob Stauffer, john Forrester, Bill Bergerhouse, Ted Held: Trombones: Mike Meares, Darrell McDermed, Byron Neinstedt, Warren Russell, Earl Sheridan, Donald Hufford. Basses: Darrel Mcrwin, Ernest Russell, Don Redman, Lloyd Hilton, Lyle Barger, Duane Dobson. Drums: Jessie Prisock, Lester Duckett, Clifford Shaver, Mary Burch, James Fowler. Donald Thompson was the Drum Major: Pat Street, Caralec Shoebrook, and Elaine Woodbury were the twirlers. U61 l Orchestra Emporia High School's Orchestra was asked to furnish music for many events this year, as in the past. 'Highlighting their schedule was "Dear Ruth", the Christmas pro- gram, the Senior play, "You Can't Take It With You", Commencement, and Bacca- laureate. This ear's orchestra enrollment was smaller than usual, because orchestra met as a Y class in Hour 4. With the available instrumentation, the group enjoyed playing mostly popular numbers. 1 efiilafii Violins: Roberta Maxwell, Beth jackson, Donna Grisell, Beverly Snider, Donna Gaines, Clydean Brooks, Ann Janes, Laura Morse, Dennis Knox, Johnson, Carol Lyster, Muriel Grisell, Imogene Gunzekman, Pat Young, Inge Williams. Russell, Lona McNutt, Barbara Beeson. Bass Viols: Ada, Jane Jacobsfjoyce Gravatt, Calvin Piano: Burke Krueger. Oboes: Dorla Russell, Donald Thompson. Flutes: Robert Schneider, Caralee Shoebrook. Clarinets: Henry Stoeppelwerth, Lois Gaines, Charles Rogers, Evelyn Rees. Saxophones: Maralee Swint, Mary Crawford. Bass Clarinet: Evelyn Telfer. Bassoons: Elizabeth Koch, Mary Ann Rhoades. Trumpets: Bob Toms, Richard Plummer, Bob Ratch, Bill Dick. French Horns: Roberta Briles, Betty Lewis. Trombones: Mike Meares, Byron Nienstedt, Darrell McDermed, Don Hufferd. Tuba: Darrel Merwin. Drums: Duane Dobson. i571 Mixed Chorus For the first time in its history, the Mixed Chorus was organized as a class, instead of an activity. It met three days a week, fifth hour, under the direction of Miss Mary Alice Steelsmith. lts enrollment was nearly seventy. The schedule included participation in the Christmas program, which will be presented two nights next year to take cate of the immense crowds. Besides this, it appeared in the Easter assembly, and its annual spring concert, "Revolt In Rhythm". Music Groups A CAPPELLA The A Cappella has played an active part in the musical field this year. They received highly superior rating in the music contest and performed capably before civic groups of the community. Also they have sung on various occasions in school. SENIOR DOUBLE SEXTETTE The Senior Double Scxtette also received highly superior in the music contest and perhaps made appearances more than any other musical group in school, They have worked together for three years and this was easily visible when they sang before assmblies, Y-Teen meetings, and outside clubs. Lee Barry was the accompanist. JUNIOR TRIPLE TRIO A newly-organized group, the Junior Triple Trio, composed of all girls, has sung before church circles and in the Spring Concert. Their accompanist is Rae Deane Roberts. SENIOR TRIO Mary ,lane Tate, Ist sopranog Shirley Boyd, 2nd soprano, and Jo Riegle, alto, compose thc Senior Trio which has been quite active for two years. School parties, Y-Teen, G. A. A., assemblies and the Senior dinner are just a few of the places they have appeared. HARMONY THREE Ethel Wilson, lst soprano, Peggy Smith, 2nd soprano, and Barbara Burton, alto, called themselves the "Harmony Three" and pleased many audiences. Some were the "Revolt in Rhythm", Y-Teen, and school parties. They were accompanied by Miss Steelsmith. ' im GF 4 ii is Stage Craft A helpful organization in Senior High is the Emporia Senior High Stage Craft, The boys in this group have worked hard this year helping various other organizations to put over their activities. They set the scenes for the school plays, "Dear Ruth" and "You Can't Take It With You", and for the three Clair Tree Major plays, "Alice In Wonderland", "Mrs, Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch", and "Sleeping Beauty". The Christmas Pageant was made more of a success through the cooperation of the Stage Craft group. Another helpful thing they did was to set thc scenery for "Harvey" which was presented April 2 at the Civic Auditorium. Not only did they do all this but they also put up bleachers in the Auditorium and at the football field. The officers of Stage Craft were: President, Dean Clappg Vice-President, Donald Hufferdg Secretary and Treasurer, Dave Smith. Other members were Dick Grey, Angel Rodriques, Bob Smith, Candy Torres, Pat Harkins and jery Simpkins. George Lodle was sponsor. -was Front row: Jerry Simkins, Candida Torres Middle row.' Pat Harkins, Robert Smith. Dean Clapp, Dave Smith. Top row: Don Hufferd, George Lodle, LeRoy Crist, Dick Grey, Angel Rodriquez. l59l v-A G. A. A. Any girl in sehool could belong to the Girls' Athletic Assoeiation this year. The purpose of G. A. A. is to give its members opportunity to participate in planned recreational activities outside of regular school hours. The girls took part in such activities as swimming, hiking, bowling, tennis, volleyball, badminton, tenniquoits, brscball and basketball. Teams for these sports were organized by student leaders. Points were given for purriipation and awards made for accumulation of points. One of the outstanding things the G. A. A. did this year was give an all-school party. Prominent leaders of G. A. A. were Lois Gaines, Presidentg Maxine Gibson, Vice-President, Joyce Hoffman, Secretary, and Eunice Valyer, Treasurer. 1.4. .... -x ... 1... . .... Front row: Jean Bright, Doxle Hoover, Margaret Kunze, Naomi Hawkins, Sarah Perduris, Joan Cope. Second row: Donna Groell, Joan Garrett, Beverly Groh, Patsy Smith. Dixie Powe, Carolee Shoebrook, Myra Hawley. Third row.' Mickey Lynde, Viola Wilson, Beatrice Smith, Llschla Newcomer, Shirley Laramore, Virginia Roe. Joan Canaday, Jeannine Kirk. Fourth row: Joan Olin, Faye Webb, Ethel Wilson. Nina Willey, Marianne Schneider, Carolee Shoebrook, Mary Ann Dyer, Joann Uindenstock. Back row: Barbara Mapes. Ruth Moore, Alice Mitchell, Pat Street, Betty Lewis, Hazel Wilhlte, Donna Gaines, Nita Ray, Lupe Mendoza. l ea, Front row: Belvn Randolph, Mary Elaine Harrouif, Lois Gaines 4Presidentl, Pat Kunze, Joan Henrlcks. Second row: Evelyn Reese, Hazel Langley, Peggy Van Gorden, Phyllis Gray, Joan Bentley, Sharon Albright, Doris Randall. Third row: Marguerita Kidd, Julia Sauder, Avis Smith. Nancy Allen, Rosemary Meek, Nancy Jaggard. Sara Lou Bosserman, Shirley Kirk. Fourth row: Ann Bourland, Joan Tobin, Mary Lee Klene, Jeanette Brandt, Carol Koch, Lila Owen, Betty Laws, Joyce Hoffman. Back row: Jane Pierson, Betty Buenning, Eunice Valyer, Connie Whitehead, Mary Crawford, Maxine Gibson, Lela Owen, Lottie Mcwherter, Dorothy Evans. wi F. F. A. The Future Fdrnicrs of America is ii national organization for l'V.1l"l1l boys studying vocational agriculture in the public schools. The Ifmporia Clmptcr of F. F. A. has sixty-enght active members. Bob lidwnrds, Frank Davis, Lloyd lnirr, Kenneth Boughton, and Don DeLong have rcccivcd their State Fiirmcr dcgrccs. Officers for the club wcrc: Advisor, lfmory Groves: President. Bob Iidwardsg Vicc-President, Frank Davis, Secretary, Ernest XVillinnisq 'l'rc.isurcr, Lloyd Farr, and Sentinel, Fred Windlc. Front 701Uf Duane Barrett, Warren Watson, Earl Bess, Francis Burns, Carl Dreasher, Ross Schallehn. Second row: Mr. Griffith, Kenneth Horton, Lyle Christy, Wayne Palmer. Douglas Magathan, Don Richards, Mr. Groves. Back row: Richard Houghton, Duane Byrd, Jim Boch, Wayne Goodell, Jim Hoover, Loren Reber. Front row: Jack Spencer, Frank Davis. Jr., Bob Edwards, Fred Windel, Loyd Farr. Earnest Williams. Don DeLong. Second row: Kenneth Rees, Richard Moyes, Raymond Van Sickle Everett Nevitt Bob Banister, Kenneth Boughton. Third row: Lester Griffith. Fred Trear, Hartsel Haskins, Vern Nicklin. Don Boyce, Glenn Boyce, Emory Groves. Fourth row: Orkillc Farr, Junior Palmer, Donald Korte, Loy Dailey, Roger Penclcrgraft, Wayne Ziglar, Back row: Roy Shaw, Bill Hurst, Virgil Uhlinan, Bob Catrtcr, Verl Childers, Jchn Hines, E611 Industrial Arts Under the supervision nf George Lutlle, the industrial arts classes have completed another pro- gresxive year. The skill and artistic ability is slinwn in the beautiful pieces nf furniture made by the XlllLlL'lllS participating in these classes. Classes offered in the industrial art department are: meclaanieal drawing, arcliiteetural drawing, wood working, advanced cabinet making, and wood turning. Safety first is stresxed and Mr. Iiodle can proudly say liis department has one of the finest records in the State nf Kansas. E621 ATHLETICS X K UUYIKWCR 1 X 'X Q X Q x, 1 V , X J if .1 GQJQ , it S -22 3 i631 W Football On the first day of school, with the temperature 105 degrees, the football team began to prepare for a season of hard fought football. The record book this year will be rather misleading with the two wins and seven losses recorded there. It does not tell of the effort constantly put forth by the Spartans and their coaches. They had to fight tough opponents, four of these- Wyandotte, Wichita North, Great Bend, and Topeka-ranked among the top ten in the state. The season's opener was with Wichita North who trounced us 49 to 6. The first victory was won against Burlington with a score of 19 to 6. The second win of 6-0 was played on Schaffner Field with Chanute. Failure to convert cost the Spartans two of their games against El Dorado and Ottawa, both coming out 14-12. The average weight in the line was 170 pounds while the backfield had 162-pound average. Jim Collins, Senior halfback, topped the scores of the year with a total of 48 points. Gene Bloxom, Junior end, came in second with 14 points, closely followed by jim Roth, quarterback, and Ralph Hahn, Sophomore halfback, each with 12 points. Tackles Bob Smith and Dean Staley both played good hard ball during the season. Dale Searcy, substitute center, helped break up many of the opponents' plays. Merle Harrison, guard, was a constant performer, and was elected captain at the end of the season. Collins, Hahn, and Goff displayed good running abilities. Roth and Hoffmans did most of the passing for the Red and Black. Richard Burkey's hard tackling brought down some of the statels best players after they had eluded the Spartan line. Many thanks should go to Coach A. B. Koch and the assistant coaches, Wood Bloxom and Gerhardt Eikermann, for coaching a hard fought year. A lot of credit is also due Stanley Bostrom, trainer, for all the time and effort he put in this season. Wichita North 49 . there . . Emporia 6 Manhattan 32 there Emporia I3 Great Bend 30 . . here . . Emporia 6 Chanute 0 . here Emporia 6 Burlington 6 . . there . . Emporia 19 Ottawa 14 . there Emporia 12 W'yandotte 32 . there . . Emporia I2 Topeka 19 . here Emporia O lil Dorado 14 . . here . . Emporia I2 Front row: Richard Burkey. Ed Banister, Warren Pierce, Burlin Hammer, LeRoy Crist, Kenneth Boughton. Bruce Musgrave, Stanley Bostrom, Ralph Hahn. Second row: Harold Goff. Robert Rodee, Dean Staley, Chester Duncan, Dean Clapp. Dale Searcy, Kenneth Phillips, Perry Powell. Cleland Harr, Merle Harrison. Back row: Conch Bloxom. James Roth, Marcus Eudaley, Bob Banister, Gene Stevenson, Robert Smith. Coach Elkermann, Gene Bloxom, James Collins, Bill Smelser, Virgil Uhlman, Carl Hoffmuns, Coach Koch, WJ ' I 1 Front row: Jack Spencer, Loy Dailey, Winscn Chapin, Jerry Sumner, Ronald Whitsitt. Second row: Richard Mayes, Larry Sigler, Bill Allen, Wilbur Moebus, James Kirkpatrick, Lyle Barger, Marion Nickelson. Bavlt Tow! Coach Koch, Eugene Stonebraker, Charles Rogers, Robert Lawlence, George McCoy, John Beeder, Ralph Hahn, Coach Eikermann. The Emporia High "B" team had a bang-up football season, winning three out of four games. On September ZS they traveled to Eskridge which fell in their path with a loss of 20-24. The Spartans defeated El Dorado on their home ground October 7 with a score of 22-13. On October 15, the Spartans suffered their first loss to Newton by a score of 6-19. On October 23 the "BD team gave out with a 14-12 victory over the Madison "A" team on Schaffner Field. The game with Madison was the closest one of the season. Starting with a scoreless first period, Bob Banister collected the first winning touchdown pass from Carl Hoff- mans in the second quarter. In the third period, the Bulldogs returned with a lateral pass, which put the ball up to the two-yard line, and carried over for a 7 to 6 score. An attempt to complete a pass for the extra point failed. The Spartans soon made the second winning touchdown pass and successful kick, making the score 14 to 6. In the third quarter, a 31-yard gain' for Madison helped put the ball on the Spartans' two-yard line where Peace carried it over to make the score 14 to 12 in favor of the Spartans after a pass for the estra point failed. The fourth quarter ended without much threatening of scoring. The team, consisting of Seniors Juniors, and Sophomores, is coached by Gerharclt Eikermann and Wood Bloxom who taught the boys a number of new plays which showed worthwhile results. The members of the first strong were "Push" Harr who filled the fullback positiong Carl Hoffmans showed interest in his quarterback position, Ralph Hahn, who showed his skill, played opposite J. R. Heath, making the two halfbacks. On the line there were Jim Mullikin and "Ellisy" Hammer showing some good blocking as guards, accompanied by Warren Pierce and Ed Banister for tackles, aided by Kenneth Boughton and LeRoy Crist as ends. Last but definitely not least was the center position filled by Bruce Musgrave. The team,s average weight was approximately 147 pounds. ' These boys didn't get much publicity but they worked hard all season to prepare for next year's football season. - wi Basketball The lfmporia High Spartans lifted the lid of the 1947-48 basketball season on the home maples by out-pointing Manhattan 28-22. Head Mentor Gerhardt Filtermann led led his charges through an 18 game season, winning 9 and dropping 9 after facing per- haps the roughest basketball schedule ever played by the Spartans. Mid-season highlight was the invitational tournament where lim-Hi played host to NVichita North, NWyandotte, and Coffeyville. Upset in the first round game by Coffevville 32-21, the Spartans were then nosed out of third place, 32-30, in a nip-antl- tuck ball game with XVyandotte. Probably the heartbreaking loss of the season came at junction City, when the Spartans lost a close decision, S1-SS, in an overtime. Another exciting incident occurred when a last minute rally proved the difference in tl Spartan 28-27 win over Arkansas City. The regional play was the last of the season for the Spartans. Paired off against Manhattan the Spartans rose to a -14-33 victory. The Spartans then encountered the Salina quintet and were set back 55-57. SCliliDUl.li lfmporia 28 Manhattan 22 lfmporia 48 Rosedale 31 l"mpi,ri,1 W Salina S6 l-mpnria Newton 1-8 l' mporia lil N1cl'herson 41 l'mporia . , . Ottawa 3 I l mpoi ia 51 Plainview 25 l' mpuria .... 'liopclta -Hi llmpnria 28 .Xrltansas City 27 lfmporia 1Uvertimel unctinn fity 55 lfmporia ZR 'aalina -H l'mporia . . , Manhattan il lwnpvria -HJ Ottawa Bl l'mporia lil Dorado ill liniporia 48 Clhanute 42 l'mpoiia lfurelta 27 lmporia ,ill Arkansas City 56 limporia ..,. Inla 40 Franz row: Don Sherwood, Carl Hoffnians. Maurice Guy. Harry LaCerte, Leonard Hurst. Dave Beeder llarlan Spatz. Set-om! row: Coach Elkerinann, James Collins, Bob Banister, Chester Duncan. Gt-ne St:-vt-nsun Guin- Bloxoin, .lisa Prisoek. Stanley Bostrom. Buck' row: Robert, Stanffer. Gerald Shadwick. Bruce Musgrave, John Forrefter, Cleland l-lzirr, Duane Allen, Junior Palmer, Ralph Hahn. i661 Sophomore Squad Emporia I-ligh's 1948 Sophomore squad was one of the most outstanding teams in several years. Coached by Wood Bloxom, they met a tough schedule of schools includ- ing the sophomore squads of Newton and E1 Dorado and "A" teams of Lebo, Americus, Matfield, Cottonwood Falls, and Reading, meeting defeat only twice, Two of these sophs, Jesse Prisock and Ralph Hahn, moved up to positions on the "B" squad and Jesse climbed further up the ladder to win a major letter on the "A" team. The success of this squad can be Contributed to their excellent teamwork and will- ingness to stay in training. Nineteen boys were on the team at the end of the season. Front row: Lyle Barger. Warren Russell, Winston Chapin, George Anderson, Chalmous LaShea, Bill Allen. second row: Jim Kirkpatrick, Jim Stevenson, Roscoe Mendenhall, Lloyd Hilton, Bob Ratch, Don Redman, Loy Dailey. Back row: Marion Nickelson, Larry Sigler, Don Nickelson, Bob Lawrence, Henry Stoeppelwerth, Lester Duckett, Jerry Sumner, i671 Track lx. ll. S, has some up in 48 with one of the most nutwiandnig track squads seen in several yenrw. loo often before the sport has been tn'ersl1.idowed, but the boys, under the guiding h.ind of Cierhardt Iiiker- mann, lm developed it into li sport ui' which limporia High ein be justly proud. The se.isnn opened on March 29th with thirty boys coming out for practice. A series of tough meeix were p.irticip.ned in by the squad. 'lihey elmlked up .1 sizeable portion of points. The te.nn entered meets in Ottawa, K. U.. linker, Topeka, lil llorndo and Kansas State Relays. K ' ' ri-f B . f ,. . 'hr 7 . -- - . 5 f Q ,nv r- - .sv-L ' 5 a N 1 K J . ' fn fs ' we 5 -T ' E if iiyii iff . 'L B A ' .,., 5 B . - Q " M . i - ii' t ic . . K ' X R V' - Y I-'rom rnwf Merle Harrison, Hartsell Haskins, Robert Fowler. Robert Stauffer, Ralph Hahn. Don Sherwood. Jerry Sumner. Winston Chapin. Second row: Raymond Van Sickle, James Smith, Kenneth Boughton. Virgil Uhlmztn, James Roth, Richard Burkey, Maurice Guy, Don Nickelson, Duane Allen. Hack row: A. B. Koch. Bob Bunister, Lt-Roy Crist, Kenneth Koch, Jess Prisock. Gerald Shadwick, Bruce Musgrave, Dick Ponting, Couch Eikermann, Robert Lawrence. Golf One of the newer sports of lf. ll. S. is the golf team, .ibly supervised by NX'ood Blmmm. Ten boys are on the squad thii year, of which two are regular players from lust year. Three of these boys :tre freshmen who are slmping up excellently and promise it notenble future te.im. Mntehex were scheduled with the following golf xquaidsz Topeka, Salina, Hutchinson. Coffeyville, .ind Wieliitn, lint .ind North. The State Tourney in which the teams participated in was at lfmporia on May 14th Lind lith. Front row: Larry Sigler, Gene Hahn, Pat Domtellan, Gerry Hahn, Bill Fair, Hut-lc row-' John Hovnrku, John Broekhonse, Brooks Becker. Bill Brooks, Da1e'SmiLh. l69l Cheer Leaders "We're from Emporia and we couldn't be prouder-" Yes, we are proud of our cheering section and justly so. The abundant pep of E. H. S. at all the games is well known throughout the state. Although there was no organized pep club this year, the entire school body turned out in large numbers at every game to spur the boys on with hearty cheers and yells. The pep section was ably led in the "A" games by five Seniors-three girls and two boys. They are Pat Nevins, Jane Hanna, Jo Riegle, George Emrich, and James Fowler. The junior cheerleaders were there at every game to inspire the "B" team on to numerous victories. These five are Elizabeth Price, Marianne Hoch, Elizabeth jaquith, Rita jetty, and James Mullikin. With their rousing cheers, the Spartans and Spartanettes did much to urge our team on to victories and proving their excellent sportsmanship at defeats. Bottom row: Fat Nevins, James Fowler, Jane Hanna, George Emrich, Jo Riegle Top row: Marianne Hoch, Elizabeth Price, James Mullikin, Jo Jetty, Elizabeth Jaquith LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT fConIinm'a' from page 181 be of use to him in overcoming his bashfulness :around girls. Wyatt Long will gladly leave use of his last name to Gerry Day who needs a little lenth somewhere. Betty Laws bequenths her friendly ways to Jess Prisock who 'tis rumored is quite anti-social. Barbara Penna just regretfully leaves the familiar old halls of E. H. S. to next year's Seniors who will learn to become quite attached to them too. Eugene Langley wills some of his detained slips to Angel Rodriguez. Mary Ann Rhoades wills some of her A's to Eugene Stonebraker. Rae Deane Roberts bequeaths her curly black hair to Phyllis Gray. Evora Rees leaves her seat in Mr. Parker's band to Pat Kunze. Evelyn Rees leaves with her twin brother. Ronald Russell leaves his camera to Dale Smith. Gloria Darlene Brown :leaves her horses for juniors and Sophomores to ride the last day of school. Dorothy Burden goes without all the pencils that she has loaned as none brought them back. Victor Burns gives his paper route to Beth as she is the only Walker he can think of. Roberta Briles takes her horn along to accompany her. Richard Carlson gives'the "X" to anyone who wants it, especially an algebra student. Dean Clapp leaves stage craftg the craft to Mr. Lodle and the stage to any of nevxt year's actors, Frances Cleveland donates her books to the school as she has lost the key to her locker. jim Collins doesn't waht to part with his sports ability but he will spare one curl to his admirers. To future organizers jackie Cripps gives as much of her planning technique as she can do without. Nancy Curtis reluctantly gives her energy to any underclassman affected with a lack of red corpuscles in exchange for his liver pills. Don DeLong bequeaths money-making success to the F. F. A., but sends his income tax to Uncle Sam. Donald Dorsey leaves-ea goodby. Darrel Duby leaves his Indian ancestors' drum for Miss Langley to beat time for the beginning vypists in case the record player should break. fCuntinued on page 702 i691 I! .a.F5,A" -I I 1 LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT IContinued from page 69 Q Dean Egner gladly bestows her gift of forgetting the words of a song on some singer who isn't easily embarrassed. Marc Eudaley bequeaths the feminine sighs he attracts to any aspiring joung Junior. Lloyd Farr leaves vocational agriculture-at lastl Fred Trear wills his attentive attitude in class to George McCoy, who we are sure will use it wisely. Roy Soule and his little red car are leaving this year. We'll miss them both. Bill Brooks wills his great golf ability to john Brockhouse. Of course we'll miss the charming personalities of Rosemary Slack, Beatrice Smith, and Alfred Sill, who are graduating this year. Dick Ponting gradly wills his social studies book to any ambitious Junior. Ann jones bequeaths her busy days to anybody with enough strength to live through them. Ken Phillips bequeaths his method of charming Barbie to Carl Hoffmans who has somewhat similar problems-at least in their girls' first names. Don Merwin leaves his abilities in repairing cars to Bill Fair who can use them in respect to a certain multicolored jalopy of his. Velda Rankin leaves her ideas of cute clothes to any Junior who would like to have them. Bob Rodee leaves his little black Ford to any junior who wants a good "A" model-A that is. jim Roth leaves his athletic ability to Ralph Hahn-as if he needed it. Dale Searcy leaves with his diploma-maybe! Doris Randall leaves with her giggles and all. Henry Schmidt wills the rumble seat from his Town and Country car to be installed on jack Hovorka's inadequately equipped car. Juanita Shaver leaves E. H. S. to handle pennies at Wfoolworths. Don Hanifan and Janet Jaquith leave to the Juniors "breakfast food"-Mush to you. Phyllis Murphy leaves her job in the office to any other industrious student. jane Hanna leaves her tap-dancing ability to Gene Bloxcm. that peppy junior boy. Millie Golden leaves her charming personality to Barbara Burton. jerry Woodward takes his "Hod Rod Racer" with him as it's too valuable to leave. Dona Campbell generously bequeaths her post as Y-Teen President to thc lucky Junior girl with the numerous headaches that go with it. Betty White just leaves with all possible hasteg why? just glance at her left hand and you can deduce the answer. Leonard Vfeaver leaves for James Mullikin all of his orncriness in Mixed Chorus to cause patient "Teach" to wonder what she has done to deserve such pupils. joan Olm gladly leaves her technique for skipping school to any underclassman who feels he can get away with it better than she. Viola Wilson departs with her cut little giggle because we wouldn't know her without it. Maxine Windsor sadly leaves her gay times in Senior social studies to all the Juniors who certainly don't know what they're missing, with gentle hint from Maxine to count their blessings while they may. Maryanne Van Valkenburg bequeaths her culinary arts to Judy Graves who is unable to even boil water without scorching it. Delores Morrow leaves her weekly "Happy Birthday" Column in the Echo to any prospective journalism student who is crazy enough to want it. Pat Nevins cheerfully beqneaths her man problems to a certain Soph gang who firmly believe they have enough already. Vern Nicklin leaves his talent for growing crops to Hazel Wilhite who needs a talent for growing! Barbara Hagan leaves all her possessions-but Kenny! Sharon Albright leaves an outstanding edition of the Re-Echo. John Bailor wills his talkativeness to Bill Baird. Mary Baugh leaves many a student sighing :wer those blue eyes! Elmer Beck leaves his curly hair to Kenneth Koch, with hope that he will pass it on when he graduates. Mary Ellen Bolz wills her sewing ability to Margaret Renshaw, although Margaret doesn't need it. Lottie McWherter leaves her gentle manner to Suzie Haynes who can certainly make good use of it. Agnes Houk Matson just leaves as quickly as possible for a certain sailor the lucky girl possesses. Lois Jean Timmerman and her domesticated friends of the first hour foods class leave their cooking ability to anyone wanting it,-heaven help them. Eugene Stevenson leaves, willing his "Clark Gable" personality to Larry Sigler. Mary jane Tate graciously wills her lovely soprano voice to Bctty jo Carpenter. Pat inter wills her cute figure to Elizabeth Price. That's understandable. To Pat Scott goes "the new look" from Lee Van Cleave. Guy Arnett and Robert "Mert" Smith hand over their combined height to Jerry Sumner. Harlan Spatz just leaves. What, he only came this year. Francis fAtlasl Van Gundy leaves with those broad shoulders. Mary Lou Fladung wills her curly locks to all lowerclassmen who plod to school with their hair up. Sara Funk wills her brain to Ed Banistcr believing he is in bad need of any kind of brain. fConti11ued an page 712 E701 class Paomascv W 1Coniinucd from page 422 Out in Hollywood ,Gavonna Newcomer has crashed the movies-she fell out of the balcony into the screen. 3 On the set of the mlovie "Y. M. C. A." for Yonder More Cows Arej is the dynamic director Seymour Coman and the western 'star Bob Edwards with his co-star Mary Ann Bassett. In the little theatrie off Times Square our guide informs us that Con White is finally on the stage but is going to have to give it up because his hands get sore pulling the curtain every night. We're told that if iou're traveling by car Mary jo Buck's face will appear on thousands of tooth- paste ads and it seems li e old times. The guide has recently been in a large city Cabout the size of Olpej and tells us of the things he saw there. l Ernest Russell is niw selling monogrammed handkerchiefs and Glenn Bergerhouse runs a "Burger- house" down by the w terfront. The dime stores are run by Doris Anne Collinge and her assistant, Helen Wellnitz. The cities super service station where you can tank up at low cost is operated by Robert Schmidt, Bill Tiurner, and Bob Greenlee. Eugene Robinson is doing quite well as a billiard ball and cue chalk saleiman. Although they never won a Pulitzer Prize, books which are widely read are: "The Chaser or How to Catch a Man" by Diana jones, "Marriage or Bust" by Barbara McClellan, and Eugene Kettner's "Advice to the Lovelor ". We ask our guide f spcrts have any Emporia High School athletes and find that Stanley Bostrom is trainer for the New lYork jerkies, and Bill Smelser and Bernard Stewart are playing for the Chicago Dubs. Dean "Sugarfooti" Staley and "Killer" Mickey Drake are to be matched soon in the world's prizefighting championship where Staley will challenge Drake's title according to their press agents "Front Page" jim Fowl-ir and Ray Lopez. The skating team of Belva Randolph and Peggy VanGordon are to participate in thisl year's Olympics. Pat Shields will be there to sell popcorn. Francis Hostetter ii in Alaska looking for a long-lost Em-Hi student and visiting Joan Kowalski who is there on her honeymoon. A well-known old folks home called "Pedagogue Paradise" is run by Chloe Funk and Harold Nuffer. Some of the better known residents are Wood Bloxom, champion checker playerg Herbert James, bridge sharkg Miss Virginia Foribeck, noted sociologistg Shirley Thompson, literary criticg and john R. Williams, bacteriologist. They areiall living in luxury on the magnificena pension provided by the State of Kansas. As it is about time for the show in the big top to begin, we thank the guide for his interesting stories of our former classmates. He explains to us the way to return to the midway and we depart happy to know what has happened to so many of our friends. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT l 1Continued from page 702 Harold Goff leaves? his football powers to Candy Torres in hopes he may slip back through enemy lines unseen. j jimmy Graham bequcaths his differences with Miss Forbeck to anybody having enough persistence. She hopes that none aceepts the challenge. Dean Grisell leaves his "off with the wind" motorcycle talents to Bruce McFerrin-not that he needs them. ' Glen Greenlee leavqs his bright pink blushes to Mickey Lynde. Don Groh leaves-hmid signs of relief from his various weary teachers. jean Hodges leaves,E. H. S. to enter Ralph's domain. Betty Hoover leaves her furious speed in beating the bell by a few seconds to some unwilling junior. Clifton Huff wills lhis Senatorial know-how to our future Congressman, Gordon Ames. Barbara Hughes wills her quiet and sincere disposition to Gene Bloxom. Richard Kyle leaves nothing-it's all too valuable to leave. V Georgia Kester leavbs with-Darrell Hedrick. Jeannine Kirk willd her shorthand desk to next year's occupant. Donna Keith leavcsl the old Alma Mater to enter into a new one. joy Hutcherson leawes some of her rhythm to Nita Ray. Lila Bigler leaves her note-writing powers to any needy junior or Sophomore. Graduation day finds Joann Bentley willing her neat locker to Lischia Newcomer. Patsy Bostrom wanlts to will her precious smile to any lucky Soph or Junior.. The stuffed owl iri the Ag building is willed to Richard Mayes by Kenneth Boughton. A quiet dispositioniis willed to John Beeder by Donald Boyce. Glenn Bradshaw leaves typing class--with pleasure. l And now, we, thelundersigned, lift our weary fingers to scratch our names on this, the last will and testament of the class of '48. Bob Howard 3 Beverly Freeman Elva Kendig Jo Riegle Lupe Mendoza 1 Shirley Boyd Barbara McClellan E711 02:11 riojoqpoi rzoioiojoioiojiiiiiieriaxjoiavioiiijeiji rioiojnioioioxoii :mio xiozojoiozoiojoioiojcvioi 020.14 wining 1 iiiiii1102112011111114lainieninioiuinioioii 3 rioioioioigzg S1'jrlz'n1ln'r 2 On September second, school opened with Q a In-at wave, literally! Because of this un-- , . 0 " usual heat only half days of school were held I PSI' V the second week. I ummm...-t Our first big Fall Frolic in the junior High i gym and sponsored by the Hi-Y, was held l the nineteenth. Really was swell and we could listen to our opening football game i against Wichita North. We lost though, 6-49. i Neosho Phone 4 On the seventeenth, the Key Club was i E . K organized--the first one of its kind in Kansas i mporla' ansas and sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. i Cheerleaders for '47-'48 were elected in ' assembly, Riegle, Nevins, Hanna, Fowler. and I ' Emrich. Congratulations, kids. U Compliments of Another new group, the International Re- i lations Organization Club was organized on i the twenty-second of September for all those ' interested in international affairs. I Our first home game against Great Bend I opened at Schaffner Field, the twenty-sixth. i We lost, though, 6-30. l Orlobrr I On October second the F. F. A. boys had ii Q Exchange Phone big watermelon feed where they also did a good job initiating the greenhands. I l he College of Emporia 2 A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE OFFERING: Q -Degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, I Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education I LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERMITS: -Close Student-Faculty Relationship -Personal Guidance for Students MAKE APPLICATION TO: g -Student Promotion I College of Emporia I Emporia, Kansas I I 141111: iuiuioierioiui 1011101010213 1 111103 1 iuioioioiotwzi f72 nioioicijoioiojojoiciioitrioic li A JONES CONSTRUCTION COMPANY OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS AND BEST WISHES FOR THE FUTURE Next was a game with Burlington, there, o E the third. We got more than we asked for, too. Besides a big victory, 19-6, we also had a rain before the second half. Mud! fiimxioioioisidniiojoic nj-o:o11rjo:o1o1oj4r11xjo1sn1oioi4 ozoxxozojojojoza Furniture Company 606 Commercial Street Compliments of J. C. DUMM Furniture Company On the tenth, we Spartans traveled to Wyandotte, but were defeated 12-32. Th lcky F. F. A. boys went to the American Royal in Kansas City, the four- e u teenth. We lost our second home game against El Dorado on the sixteenth. Despite the fact that it was one of the season's best matched and exciting games the final score read 12-14. BERG 8z FROST Prescription Specialists Compliments of S. H. KRESS 8z CO. Phone 497 19 West 6th Emporia, Kan. Compliments of Diamonds Watches Pearls Rings FQOD MARKET Silverware Clocks Glassware China "The Best in Foods" PHONE 656 519 Commercial Cutlery 1' ' E Hardware Radios Sport Goods Paint 1 Wallpaper PHONE 105 111101 icioiri 141 1 iciiusztiinqcnicnirrimri 15141010101 1 10101 Us vioiojojoi 01010101011-ioioianioioitvjlozo o1o:o1o1o1oioi0i4rj4ri1 3 'U' D4 rioioioiojoioioioier1ojo14u:tn1anjo1o14r:av1o1r:o14rjcri411av14nj4 in viniuioioioifrioioioininioio 1031110101Lvitliviniioitiioioioinioi DIDDE OFFICE SUPPLY 8z PRINTING CO. ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 24 West Sixth Avenue Phone 344 RED X PHARMACY J. J. KOWALSKI Meet your friends at our Fountain 624 Com'l Phone 6 Home Appliance Store NORGE Sales 8a Service 726 Com'l Phone 430 ROSS LATIMER'S Maytag Sales Company Listen to "Kate Smith Speaks" 11 a. m. "Waltz Time" 6:15 p. m. KTSW - Monday through Friday October seventeenth found the debate team traveling to Lawrence to the K. U. meet held there. The spoolts and goblins found the Spartans and Spartanettcs in the junior High gym or .' COITl,l Emp0rla at the Manhattan football game on the 1.-1 :xr-'sa .ff 1-, in , ii' . titit' 1, "eggs-1.:s1,, A' 11 "l'T:f f 55f'f1"' . ' iF 'A" ifi'Qf.1.. iSe:1:::. ft if iiiiii' A5i3f5if5fi5i' .I3iz52?2::g1,:.111.1g-i-'-:rfV-I:5A1'I-H1535::5:::5::if:f',,iq y ,. ammo ""' ,Q., 5E5:5:5:5:313:5:5:5:5:3:E:E:. E5E1E1ErE3E3E3E5:,: . .,.,.:.:.,.,.,:,S5E5E5i51 :3:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:5:552E3E5E5E' A. . '11IE5E5E3E3Egi5E55E5E3E5E5E5E5E5E5E3:3E5E5E5EgE3E5:3E5252335:5:5:5:5:3:3:5:5: Egigigiqigf . . . . . . .. ..,.,..............:E1S5:5121E1ErEr?:E1E2E2E2E2E1:-:-. .'.'Z-.fE2S2S?:E:E:E:E:S:E:E:2:E:E:E:ErErEfErErE1Er.-. . . 1 Z:2E:Ei:i:Ei3SrE:E:551352351512525252Er221225251ErErE1i1ErE1ErE........ .rzfsarz FRED J. SCOTT Insurance Agency "Insure Anything Against' E L 't'ryllJing', 10 East Sixth Fred J. Scott Kenneth A. Scott of the Emporia-Chanute game on Schaffner Field. Turned out to be a well-earned vic- tory played on a slippery field. 6-0. Norrrnbrr November fifth we played Ottawa, there. Lost another close game, 12-14. On the sixth and seventh we had our first vacation. Hurray for teachers' meeting. It was also the seventh at our teen-age center, "The Covered Wagon", had its formal opening. Sad, but true for the Seniors, came our last home gridiron game, the fifteenth. Be- cause of the bad weather, it was postponed from Friday night until Saturday afternoon. MORRIS DRUG CO. Phone 232 I74 visit 423 Commercial l 02' rjoi4r10itr1oi0i1v:oj1r1oi1r1o1a1 O 500014 011 io: n2mx1tn1oin1o1oio11iiu14 DC 9 -4 nina M11 11411010101011ei0:ev101cnjoj1rj4vj0i4njoj1v1cnjcni1a:1nj1r:1r1er14v11r11 Quin: flfiur heartiesi enngraiulutinns in the grahuaiing elaaas nf '48, me are eixer grateful in the members nf the faeulig zmh in the siuhent hnhg fur their patrnnage. Ernahhiefu gfilntel Flmer M- Siehhnff gmlanager 101 vi sin: xiuintoioi 2 1414114111121 10101 in 1 livin: vi vioiuiuix U51 r1o1o1oi01o1oj10:0 11110101u1oj4r1:4ri4m3pjcx1o1o1c:o10io14r14vj414nIv1fr11x11vj4-14 4.3 l BRATTON HOME SL AUTO SUPPLY FISK TIRES - SPORTING GOODS l 420 Commercial Street phone 110 By the twenty-first, Em-Hi had collected . S125 and 470 pounds of wheat for the Friend- COfT1pl1l'l'lel"ltS ship Train which came through. m'ied"ffffafife Cfllfflllfilllfalilfhutiii .llficlliii I cast. It was really swell, kids. Typewriter Company Af '2Eve',if5-f?l11'T '5E,,.f'l'2,'f.2f E?.iihi"'e' 0" Dl'1ll'lll ber Royal Typewriters , As December rolled in, the grid dinner for COml Phone the football squads was held. 5 - A l ,,,li.. ifw? 1"l 2 X SCOTT'S ICE CREAM A 1 Q li ' 721 Commercial Dr. Pepper Bottling Co., Emporia, Kan. Q HARRY F. ALSPAW Roberts Leather Goods Q , Luggage - Shoe Rebuilding W t h d D a C es an lamonds GIFTS OF LEATHER i Phone 395 707 Com'l 414-416 Com'l Phone 638 S twenty-fourth.h WZ had lots of fun at the COHg'l'3tUl3ti0I1S party, even t ou we did lose a mudd game l2-32- g Y LITWIN'S ,The whistle blew for the starting kick-off i with plenty of swell backing from the cheer- . l mg section, we were defeated, 0-19. COU1lTleI'Cl3.l l l l l GRCH BROS. 3 FURNACES - SHEET METAL l AND ROOFING 2 Phone 321 328 Commercial l v F011 H Q xl t OX .. A v1oi1x1o:1ljo11ri4r14rj0i4lio1aricr1oiiri1rj4 0 0.0 Ozoxiuioifniuiuiuioini in 1011:-in-iuinioimni 1 1010111241111 1 111: r1cvjcx1oj4x1trj1xi4r11rio:o:o1o1ii3o:ar1nri4ri1r11ri4riojojoiojcxioiojoioju vjoiujoioifrioxcrio 0:0 101011 ITI It U ITI C I' 0. g A complete line of lumber and building materials 2 at reasonable prices. j S. R. ARMOUR, Manager PHONE 39 I School Books and Supplies for Q Grades, Junior and Senior High 5 Samuel Book Store 5 Greeting Cards for A11 Occasions Phone 59 526 Com'l E TeerXiAggk lwegfly-Gofcsfolagglsand On the fourth, the Em-Hi band along with R bln. Pet? inset? ddle Oxfords lots of the guys marched in the Christmas Q 0 ee'f eswong 0I?'DreSs parade. Lots of fun, but brrrr, it certainly was cold wasn't it, kids? No school. irsmart Shoes That Fitn The fifth, some of the Hi-Y boys traveled Q ,103 Com,1 Phone 144 to Topeka to attend a model legislature. Q Our first basketball game was played with ! Manhattan in the Civic Auditorium on the I fifth-and we won a good game, too, 28-22. 1 The debaters went to Wellington on the i fifth and sixth and came home victorious 1 EM' over Wichita North. I ' ' 2 i C nlnt WIS 2 35 et 3 gafne Wlt Jtyuyuu Salina and was the weather bad! We come out underneath 30-56. 2 , The l2th Annual Christmas Program was Clofbts That Look BFHN. ' ' Longe' presented. As usual it was beautifully done. E We played McPherson here on the sixteenth ! but lost 30-41. Q -IluiDQIIQUQUQUQUQUQUQ I H1l-lQiDil:UQOQllQil-0QllQll20a Qllflfullalfxi E771 0:0 v 0.0: 11011 :Q iniuinz riuioiuinioiuxioizaiz mlllU.1D4inD1laPQOQllQ0.ilQIlQOQllQliQliQllQ0,0QOQ15,0,0Q0,0,0, N AVRAT OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. 504 COMMERCIAL Everything for the office and many things for the home - Th ' th l d th t t'lt f the Compllments of seasone 05:55 buteweoldfrie 0:11 oon top, 40-31. After the game we had a wonderful party called "Ballerina in a Winter Wonder- land" from 9:30 until 11:30 planned by the Sd C '1.P.S.M' 'ddb Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Rothfelder ,pls fgfx 53:::,'--Remenfzffyas Pm' e Y 25 west sm Avenue Phone 1680 POI-'K'A'D0T CAFE Briggs dz Stratton Engines and Service Carburetors, Magnetoes, Windshield 410 C0m'l Wipers, B. K. and Bendix Brakes EMPORIA KANSAS BOB and DUTCH DABBS, Props. Spartan team traveled to Planeview on the , nineteenth where we whipped them 51-ZS. COmp11mentS of The kids that couldn't make the game at- tended the all-school Christmas party spon- sored by the F. F. A. at the junior High gym. WepldhttAkC't D b to .nd KT. .QT mi.. SML! 2L'...fZZ"'f.iT Auto Supply Company The score was 28-27. . Parts - Accessories Iauuary ' . january fifth and back to school ready for Tires 1 0115 'll h d k. J "' W' 20 East 5th Phone 809 On the sixth we played host to Salina but lust, zs-44. EMPORIA, KANSAS Shows you varctl wwugb lo l'11-y Ibc' best Stop up and "shop around" STUDIO Over McLellan's Phone 3200 PARKER'S Kal-melkom Shop T. Jensen 8z Son, Inc. Popcorn - Candies - Nuts Phone 123 805 Com'l Emporia, Kan. 11413021114 i niuioinioznioiu 30103014 11010101143 rjoioioioioioia '20 x:4r:o14v:4v11x1cx:njcrio1o10j1xio:lrd.g. 0 114 :Citric 0:01101nic11010111011xjoioj4r1cu1o1ojcxj1x14v1o1cr11rj1xj4ni4r14x:4r11rio:4x1c 1014111xitnifniniuioioioiuioix vi1x1n1o:1xiuioioiuioitmic11021siuininioizxioiuilxic 1010101 WE ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME Phone 76 W. S. HANCOCK, O. D. Specializing in the Fitting of Glasses 721 Com'l Phone 146 EMPORIA, KANSAS Congratulations to Senior Class SELLERS JEWELRY 'Watchmaker and Jeweler Phone 1946 813 Com'1 We traveled to Chanute on the thirteenth for a 48-42 win. Dcbnters went to Salina on the sixteenth to the semi-final debates and lost by only one debate. Mit-Way Billiard Parlor Meet Your Buddies at the Mit-Way Billiard Parlor S e Laffy - Arfdy - Eddie Special Attention to- Vocational Agriculture Loans Savings Accounts LYON COUNTY STATE BANK 508 Commercial BANK MONEY ORDERS - EVERY BANKING SERVICE Mrnzbvr Fmfvrul Drp t Irlszlruvfrf' Corjmrafion OSI A RUBY DUWNS JONES HATCHERY SHOES and Hardware Supply 12 East Sixth Avenue 10141111 ini 1:1 141131211 1413411 l79l oi Q1111:jc11011nic1010101011111x1o1ojo14v14r1cx14xj4:11xj1vj1s14r:4s11r10j4xioj1o:o rioiujoiojoioioioifr 'bbc viiriniuioiuini si :ici ni :ini sq Q' l l Q COMPLIMENTS OF l 2 Mr. and Mrs. Howard McVey Q and Hal l l g On .the twenty-sixth the "Price-of-a-Show" campaign started and turned out to be quite Q American-Italian Food a success with a total of SZ34.8l. 2 E Spilghetti thF0xltl:-nirzch boys! rieceiwi-id football lettirs og tea S 1 avioi e . irie . ere arrison was eecte i captain. ! i The seventeenth the Spartans and a few I ofltheir routers traveled to Ark City to drop Q 2 oss MMG' Weddings-Family Groups Em ria Hi h la ed hos o four s hoos ' ' when Ptzhey held ltyheilr secoridtannual ifivitai- Chlldren-Copy Workiliodaks tional tournaments on-the twenty-third and A11 Reaggnable i twins!!-fourtlqv Encgiporia Q?AlSoffe1?1'vilt an cn to yan otte w IC ic :ta ort , i got first place and Coffeyville second. On the twentieth Em-Hi's Adopt-a-School plan waslset into motion. hCommittees started D. D. Prop. writin etters o see w a forei n sch ls we might be am: to help. I 8 oo Phone 705 Emporia, Kan. l Em oria Pastr Sho P Y P KELL'S KURL SHOP Q Call us for your party orders 604 C ,I Ph E PHONE 142 Om one 33 l l Q GARRISON MUSIC STORE l COMPLETE MUSICAL SERVICE 715 Commercial Phone 2125 l I , PHONE 67 SERVICE Q Al S Boot 8L Shoe Shop HOME LBR. sz SUPPLY co. i Expert Shoe Repairing 4th and Merchant Emporia, Kan. I 723 C0m,l A11 Kinds of Builders' Supplies' Q GRANT TRAVIS, Mgr. Phone 2954 'P-11rienic:icxi:sicrio1oini:1iu1ui1li1xioi4rioicricxilri1li1lZ4li1ritri4bi1ni1p1f l80l 4' xioivvjoioioiojoiojcrioisniaviavif 'X spain? ni :init 11114 2 3014 3 11: 1 in 1 ioquuguiui xi: it in 1 I1 mini: 101 vi:nicrj-1vjenifnifrifxiwninyjcricrbsjaxierjtrjeviexifrjcrirvi11014111vieviavier1oQ:o:o14vj1v14r14r1o1:x1cnjcr:cr11.j1rjo:o11n1ewa Q 0.014 C Phone 578 7th and Commercial 5 The Apparel Shoppe YOUNG S C t S .t D MT Rexall Drug Store Oa S' ul S' resses' lhnery Prescriptions, Sheaffer Fountain Pens 717 Commercial CARA NOME TOILETRIES Rosedale also traveled to Emporia thc thirtieth to be romped on 48-32 for the Spartans' sixth win. February February third, we went to Newton-the place where they grow them tall-to lose, 34-66. Your Bluestem-Flint THE EMPORIA Hills Station SPORT SHOP Strand Theatre Building The Citizens National Bank Um W' I X 'Capital and Surplus ff g qggc X Emporia's Oldest and S400,000.00 J Largest Bank X , N 'n f' Loans SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULT CHECKING ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT TIME CERTIFICATES FOREIGN EXCHANGE If Dom Maki' a Diff1'rc'l11'1' Wfbvn' You Do Your Banlzjng 410111101 11-xi :ini vin: viii: ioioioxozuioi 11 1 11 14:1 1 wif 3010: E811 Ozoric in 3 10101131 ic 24 211111121103 1 ri 110111311014 1 in in 1 3 ri rio1oiar1ojo1o1an:0:4ricrj1n1oj1 ozoujnioia DALE MERWIN RADIATOR WORKS Radiators CLEANED REPAIRED RECORDED NEW RADIATION OUTBOARD MOTORS REPAIRED AND SERVICED Phone 859 309 Merchant Compliments of Burch Food Market CLINE AUTO SUPPLY 517 West 6th Phone 3204 Wholesale Auto Supplies JIM WILCOX 419 COITl,l Phones - 491 Ingure It Emporia, Kansas Phone 143 On February sixth, the Rc-Echo staff was PAINT WALLPAPER announced and at the all-school party, "Cupid Ball" by H1310-P11-Figs and Queeg Oyf P5235 Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kiefer, Owners iifi.,iiiiw.fffQthe'1ucSs2iff.',iQ.a" Ai e 3 502 Com'l Phone 1150 Gifts - Pictures The seventh found the Spartans on thc Household Uti1iti9S - Religious Goods road to Ottawa where we had a "repeat dc- fm " 0 come uu on o b s orc of 4 -31. i L I I P Y C 7 BROOKS GROCERY ii- iifimfisiar-iiiiif,-i,fifmTilil-eiihii-f-Zigi "Better Foods Since 1885" riidtzs :crd lozids of :ind do lhvzisythzlbiigt Fancy Groceries 1' Fine Meats party when the names were disclosed with Fresh Vegetables luscious candy and gifts. RICH COAL CO. 517 M h , Food Market ec me 626 West 6th Phone 973 COMPLIMENTS BURGNER-BOWMAN MATTHEWS LBR. CO 101 East Fourth Avenue Emporia, Kansas sz 1 '11 ini: it ioininixrinioiawioioic nioioioioioioicxjoixricricozo viojojojojoioit x1n:ojn1oicr1oi4x1cn14x1o:4-1cuioio11n:1 0 V31 1111 1 1 101111010101 11 1:11:11 1 1111111 1 1 1 1 1 111 111 Compliments The Palace -73 1 Flfth and Commercial Distinctive Apparel Men's, Women's, Boys' Outfitters for the high school girl Dodge-Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-rated Trucks LAWRENCE MOTOR COMPANY Phone 255 510 West 6th Avenue We los a swell nmc o To aka here on he fourteenth. Final Score Evas 4?-46. I The game at Junction City turned outlto Emporia liceaRTfl1EZhEE3xll?i'isbsnt in the overtime period OUR COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1948 THE EMPORIA GAZETTE 1011 1 10111101 14 1 ,111 1101111 1: 1 1 1 1 1:1 111111 1014 i831 4:01:11 viojojozojoieszojerzojoioza 101010114 .:. 4:1034 nie riuiuioioiflioioiuinic rioioiniuiuioioioiaxioioioicri W. I. MARSH R. D. MARSH EMPORIA PLUMBING SL HEATING CO. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Authorized General Electric Home Appliances Phone 223 712 Commercial Murvh n he re ional ournamens here arch tenith, the Spfrtans difeated Manhattan fn-31. Reall was hard on he chcerin sec ion, bu we hid a victory anygvay, didnfwerkids? t A QUALITY Compliments of DAIRY PRODUCTS TED RADIG 22 East 7th Phone 2405 ELECTRIC 312 COm'l "You Can't Take It With You" was the zany three-act comedy presented the twenty- first by the Seniors. What a zany family! Portraits of Distinction Kraum's Drug Store A M Nmmeyu ROMINE Where you get those 528 C , 1 Delicious White Tops - 15c Ommercla 203 Com'l Emporia, Kan. Phone 2114 BUCK gl LEWIS L. A. Searcy Transfer Local and Long Distance Moving ARCHITECTS Grating - Storage EMPORIA, KANSAS 18 West 6th Emporia, Kan- Te1.1i?i.0i0aii?hi 552322 991 After the first tournament win wc were hen sla ed o la Salina-who dcfea ed us 8 I5-57 oh Ngareli Ilwelfth. You guys Iliad swell season hou I1 and i was sad o realize West Phone that this genie wis the last. I THE RIVERSIDE GARDENS COMPANY Tuxmfy Tlrouxaml Fam' of Glass Riverside Gardens, Flowershop and Greenhouses Phone 1048 Memorial Drive Emporia, Kan. i841 O 0.0 :trois riojoioiojojrrjoicrilricnjcnifrir: 14: is-if Q l i l ! l i I l E ! ! ! E l I ! ! i l Q ! I l E l Q E.- :ni 3 ii 1203 12 rx 1 vi 1 nz in 14 zu 103011131121 Quin: 11:11:11 xii 101 Thirty-six Seniors were on the Honor Roll this year and a recognition assembly was held on thc twenty-fifth. That's swell work, kids! f I As April rolled in so did the first spring track meet-wixh El Dorado at Schaffncr Field. Chalk up another victory for us. he i. . . s onsore an a -school noxlty f1artyAonAMar5h nineliieenth. ilihe ad- mission was one cent for every two inches of U7 P 'mf your waistline. With an interesting program, games and dancing, we had loads of fun. ' CROWN DRUG STORE STOP-SHOP--SAVE COMPLIMENTS OF EMPORIA ICE SL COLD STORAGE CO. i DON MOYES Compllments Of 1. G. A. FOOD STORE "Your Little Superette of the West" Frozen Foods - Choice Meats GI' i - FI' h V ll bl ocer es Ice Claim ege a es BROS" INC' Compliments of ANDERSON'S 231 COm'1 Emporia The Home of Fine Flowers HANNA'S GRANGER'S FOOD MARKET READY-TO-WEAR 16 West 6th Phone 147 Shoes Millinery ioioioioioiui niuiuioioiisiuioii11411010111111 iii ioiuiniuiog E351 v 110.0 vii v11v1cx14vi1vj4v14vi4r11-11114111 vioiojoioioif 1011 vzojozojoioxoiojoxivjoioic O14 6 go szozozozozozozozozoz-iqwq,3 vjoioiojojoioja nj0:o:o1o:4x1oj1n1mn:1n14sjo1sr1avicr14vin:1r:1x1cr11 THE KANSAS SOYA PRODUCTS CO., INC. Then the long-looked-forward-to events. The Senior Dinner and Junior-Senior Prom , on the second. The circus themed dinner was wonderful and was a swell send-off for the Prom. Everyone had loads of fun dancing in and out of the merry-go-round decorations. It was an ever-to-be-remembered event for years to come! On the third, the Spartan track team trav- eled to Ottawa but because they were four hours late and they only entered five events. E- H- S' Rings M1511afZi.iZlZ'?..Tli"1lt.TREK Tglilifff nce of which Gerald Shadwick was elected WEBB-HADEN SPADY Equlpment Company BEAUTY SHOP J , I, Case Farm Equipment Everything in Modern Beauty Culture 722 Com'l Emporia, Kan. 1124 C0m,1 PTIOIIS 351 3 MOORE S BAIRD CLEANERS Rexall Drug Store For School Suppgfjsgpgggglaln Same BEAUTIFUL DRY CLEANING 1101 C0m'1 Phgne 3 1019 Com'l and 13 E. 6th Ave. HARRY ROPFOGEL SCHOTTLER Empgria 610 Com'l Ph0Ile 205 EMPORIA FLORAL CO. Two Shops to Serve You 6th and Commercial 12th and West Congratulations Class of '48 5111221 Shop "Emp0ria's E.x'c'l1zsi1"v Shop for Sweels" 813 Commercial Emporia, Kansas 0:0 11110101014vin114vioiuioixvintage:-ioioioioinxif zo1o1oi:uioio2oio31 i861 1011020 210101011 111' mic njoioioifxioioicrioifricrjc 101014111 1:34 x11ri1rj1rjcx:o1oio:o1av:o1cv1n51n1o1oi4 azo., siaujeniarioifvzoiojojcnjojiixiniojcnjiijs ,Q vjoicrioizviojojojciicrioiciioimijciii 0,101 :oz 21211 11:11 1 ii: 11 io: LITKE-STEPHENS Furniture Company THE KANSAS 507 Conliiilpomi Kanifiione 300 ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY - PENN A'S I COLLEGE GRILL Emporia' Kansas 1117 Coma Phone 2657 We thank the high school students for their past friendship and welcome their future good will ECKDALL 8L MCCARTY to be next year's President. As well as being educational it was loads of fun. , Also on the tenth the track team attended the E-State Relays where they came in sixth against the tough opposition. In an assembly on the eleventh, thirteen major letters were presented to the basketball boys. jim Collins was elected Captain. The fourteenth Em-Hi was a changed place -yes, Career Day. For four different hours there were speakers representing dozens of vocations. Everyone termed the day a success. The tenth annual F. F. A, Banquet was held on the fifteenth, umh-that luscious food! The annual musical "Revolt in Rhythm" was held in the junior High auditorium on April twenty-third and another all-school Kid Pary. It was loads of fun-and oh, some of those games! May twenty-third, the Seniors attended Baccalaureate. The sermon was by Dr. Phillipp Mcrgler. last on the list for the departing Seniors was Commencement, May twenty-seventh, on the last day of school. The address was by Oscar Stauffcr. Sc-We bid farewell to "dear ol' E. H. S." and we'll always remember her no matter where we go. THF FND 4itsim11:iioioioioioioioiiiiiii i the sixteenth. Net proceeds went to our i Adopt-a-School plan for Greece. g 0 g HUGHES-Toon ' p , 2 Diamonds - Watches ' Q Phone 482 523 Com'1 W A l l . Q Cannon's Tire Store Frank Toms Motor Co. I Service - Tires - Batteries General Auto Repairing 2 815 Com'l Phone 776 213 Com'l 87 9 0,0 x1ix11rjcvj1vi1i11n14i:iii4i1an:1 sjoioiojoioinia xioioinioiojx nic , 4:0101 ijrix 114 ixoioi nitric 10:4 Q 50 y X X 4'-fwfw yf4jjj1 W My jf, Jw My .45 W .ms . ,J wil ffilgcin i V 'Pl ' is W XS. Q22 'J a X. Q f u 'Q . 0 Z if J, il Q yy! 'ANP x" -1' 6' V D' I :I 9 V' Q y ,Q 6: XP 'Q ,:,, N9 J 1 Ir -+P l" y . N.: Jr ,793,, 52" off' JR' ay" jf' Y' S. - 'f 1 'L If... 1 ' N 4' ' 'Si' 159 U21 "4" " mime " .1-ff Q Q,-'Ji' A 'll ,' -.1 ' z 11 'fa- ul . . 1 , F' , 1-Q. D .- 'r' r .M - ru .YA " Ii. 1 ,K 1.-7 "N . ,, A. 3-PF ."' ' f P E: r-. ' ' 1' .M , V W 3, 1 . .t , 1 7 , . .W,'.,, QM . ,,W A -- P. V . . . .4 J +.-,qv ffm .' . , 5 "Q,"'2 'A-41. 1. QT1' . - 13' 7-' 1 YQ ',. 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W., U .V - .,a . .ML I C M s x A 1 ' A- pi , .:g'. 5 1: Tf, '- -. ,'g,rL ii. 7 4 . 51.5. j?'g'vg.f- ,A r Aria xtjzk u ' - - ' .. 'V , .' v',, .A,.g-r FT ,:.4'l-1 I- Y' .19-i , 3 ' I--. A ' - iw? Qw.. . , ...f .' ,1 -' N. I- . :fn .-,f3.g'..... .. :- ,V -1' 4 '. . ,1!.-:- ,-.3 ', ' " , '. .-':,,F':-35.4.4 . " ' 1" -- f X .f W r 'fin--1 . ,N - p., ,- ,, " .'-"..afH. ' 11, tl.:- . , , . .. itfgqft-3, . :Lg K s -wfdl' . . 5-:H W 49-i"-... -w.-Q-sg-,. .. .1."'IfA,-'i 1".!' a. T 6-Q.- f :fu . W . 4-. " 'r 1- W c -A , 1. Q., VK1 231 - "4"-TFA ' L.-rl 5, . xf W ' ki .,' R. 1 3 ,, . F L f . ig ' u Av tb, X 'Tri Q-I 1' - 5: .7E'is5'3i-STWV71 ,5,3.v1g,:: '1 2 1 .'..:,,14:w. v . x . 'V-2, .-.Ei-, ,rw 4 VV5. 5 'J 4' '1.:3'+ ' - 3' --1 -my L15 - x .. nf, ZF., uv. . YV .Isla V ,' '-',,f,v,. ,.. : . " - ' '. -1 -- ,1 ,w zz , E .- 7 R U -. ,n 'NN . J. " ' I - . TH? ". ,H . 4 I v " .-- . , iff, . , -.gd-x. ' Y A W 4, .' -Q-e., ' lr TXT' 'l:l':" ' Y J Q . ' 1? 5 1 . -vy . ' :R H .' 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Suggestions in the Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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