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' W. msd - A 4 4 W Q5 ,, A ..,' ' ' Wfw W My J MJW , QQ 1 ,K ,JL - 61,3 40 0,1 WWW 'f4 f if Ew a V Li W M W h Mf 'M ' 'ig F' J ghs,if E V V A X 33 W x M ff M ff QJJ X Q lgyf CW Q1 K Q uf , 4 I Jw ,fm -, 1 ,, A ' ,' - ',.Q fiifff q ' AA- S A xbq + Q U fi Q5 , ax wif ff X 2 Wk W W 'Q ix W fm xi if? 1 J am I I Q' M X x h. 333' .vga an .a......... I ,QSQWQ L X fQ.,f J X Q , X 3 ,I V K X... v X. lx 3 RE-ECHO THE BIG SHCDW af 1943 e llm RING MASTERS TRAPEZE PERFORMERS CLOWNS FREAKS STAR PERFORMERS FUTURE STARS CIRCUS MUSIC SIDE SHOWS EMPORIA HIGH SCHOGL-EMPORIA, KANSAS V Eff 70? Over two hundred seniors are receiving high school diplomas this year. This diploma Will probably mean more to the graduates this year, than to any previous class. The boys who enter the Service will find that there will be better po- sitions open to them. A high school diploma will also mean much to the girls, Whether they go to college or not. There probably has never been a school year when the temptation to drop out, and secure a job, has been so strong as the past one. The members of this year's graduating class are to be congratulated for remaining in high school throughout their senior year. Most of the boys in this year's class Will soon be in the Service. They probably will be sent to all parts of the World. But, let us not lose sight of the fact that some time, We hope before long, they, along With the hundreds of other Emporia High School boys now in the Service, Will return victorious. What a happy reunion that Will be! The job Will be finished. Men, Women, and chil- dren will know what real Freedom means. Good luck to all of you, Your Principal, RICE E. BROWN Vvvvv' ,M-5 42 PEGGY WELLS . . Editor in Chief GEORGE KEEPER . . Business Manager HIHG MH STEHS OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Presirlmzt ........ F. B. HEATH Vice President . . F. E. PENNINGTON Szzllwirzfelzflent .... W. M. RICHARDS Secretary . . . . MISS ETHEL SHIRLEY OTHER MEMBERS MRS. W. D. ROSS GEORGE GROH ROY KRAMM MARSHALL RANDEL Miss Ethel Shirley Secretary to the Board l51 Eoaacf of Zcfucaiian V4 "EX ' 4 4 ' ni ' 391 Q ' QVXVOQK ' A Af afafav 'AVO , H OAQAQM nv Y' 4' y X o VY' .1 '- s. 1-23 kk S gl -A 1 vv v l':EQ!k '4. .4- n'1 . a an? r rf, .v. . - Q"' vv 'YL A.. n-3" '. ' 'Q', f IQ .f N Una Swpeainfencfenl' W. M. RICHARDS The year 1943 long will be remembered. It will be remembered as a time when millions of American young men, some of them not yet out of high school, were enrolled in service to risk or to give their lives for our freedom and our way of life. It will be remembered as a time when the American people willingly submitted to rationing of transportation, food, fuel, and clothing to support our fighting men and those of our allies. It will be remembered as a time when parents, pupils, and teachers gave freely of their time in issuing rationing books, working for the Red Cross or the U. S. O., gathering scrap materials, promoting sale of bonds and stamps and working in gardens to produce much needed food. The school has been in the midst of all these activities. It has imparted knowledge, developed skills and attitudes and directed activities. It has been an important factor in developing the moral and spiritual strength which has caused people to face unflinch- ingly the responsibilities which have con- fronted them. The success of America in carrying the war to a conclusion will depend to a great extent upon how well the schools of America have done their job. It is our sincere hope that Emporia High School has done its part well. Miss Helen Felton Secretary to W. M. RICHARDS, Silpt. the Superintendent E61 MRS. PAUL BARKER Secretary to the Principal RICE E. BROWN To Mr. Rice E. Brown, our principal, we feel a tribute is due! To him goes the credit of keeping the school, with its many little de- tails, running smoothly. A true leader, he inspires obedience and develops leadership in others. Do you want to get excused? Were you tardy? Want some infor- mation or advice? Mr. Brown is the man to see! Always ready to help you be a success. Always ready to congratulate you when you have been successful. x HUGH BROGAN Assistant to Principal, Business Exploration, Bookkeeping, Commercial Law A. B.. Emporia State College: M. A.. Colorado State College of Education. l7l HOPE VANDEVER Girls' Counselor, World History A. B.. University of Bakery M. A., University of Columbia. i X l a xl fxj '11 .. Jn 51, . i s es s' if 2 ' ' 6 SOPHIE RODEWALD Geometry B. S. in Education, Emporia State College. ORMOND PARKER Band, Orchestra . B. S. in Education, Emporia State College. HERBERT JAMES English, Senior Social Studies A. B., Pittsburg, Kansas, State College, M. S., Pittsburg Kansas State College. LORETTO LANGLEY Typing, Business Exploration B. S. Emporia State College. EDWARD PRICE Science B. S., Emporia State Collegeg M. S., University of Illinois. Senior . . . MAUDE JACKSON American History A. B.. College of McPherson, M. S., Emporia State College. MARION HOWARD Spanish A. B., University of Kansas: M. S., Columbia University. ALFRED D. SMITH Physical Education B. S. in Education, Emporia State Collegeg M. S., University of Kansas. E83 SUZANNE MILLER Music B. M., Lindenwood College at St. Charles, Missourig B. S., Emporia State College. SHIRLEY THOMSON English A. B.. College of Emporia. LILLIAN VALENTINE English B. S. in Education, Emporia State College. E93 Junior . . . LOIS JAQUITH English, Journalism F JAY SOUTH A. B., College of Emporia. Printing B. S., Emporia State College. MABEL COVERDILL Clothing A. B., College of Emporiag M. S., University of Wisconsin. GEORGE LODLE Manual Training B. S., Pittsburg Kansas State College. WOOD BLOXOM IRENE BROCK Algebra Shorthand, Bookkeeping A. B., University of Kansas: B. S. in Commerce and in M, E., University of Kansas, Education, Emporia State. ELEANOR SIRPLESS Biology, English A. B., University of Kansasg M. A., University of Kansas. ELLEN ICE Social Science A. B., University of Kansas: M. A., University of Kansas. JENNY P. DOUGLASS Latin A. B., College of Emporiag M. A., Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia. MARGARET DINKLER Speech, Dramatics, English A. B., Southwestern College: M. A., Columbia University. J. W. TAYLOR Vocational Agriculture B. S., Manhattan State Col- lege. JOHN R. WILLIAMS Biology, Economic Geography B. S., Emporia State Collegeg M. S., Emporia State College. Sophomore . . . FLOYD MCCUNE Senior Social Studies, Debate B. S., Emporia State Collegeg M. A., University of Colorado. MAY HANCOCK Foods B. S., Emporia State College. ANITA RICE Social Science A. B., University of Kansasg M. A., University of Kansas. E101 THHPEZE PEHFUHHIEHS Q0 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . . Maurene Murphy Vice-president . Judy French Secretary . . . Ruthann Kent Treasurer . Robert Lee Browning llli eff a 4 and Doa 000 00 0 The seniors of 1943 have been exceedingly ac- tive throughout their high school career. They started many things, and have never failed to ac- complish what they have begun. Seniors, you will long be remembered for your Junior-Senior Prom, for your senior assembly and for the senior play. You have been a great asset to Emporia High School. elau of i943 -.ite :FA U " , -fx 4 7 . IMOGENE WALLACE-"Oh dear, what can the matter be, now?" G. R., Movie Club, Nurses Club BOB SMITH-"An artist indeed!" Hi-Y, Scrap Drive, Latin Club, Re-Echo Staff CLAUDIA LEWIS-"A smile for all" JACK DOLES-"The merry mixer and wow! can he dance!" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Cantata, The Messiah, I Hear America Singing. National Music Contest, Hi-Y, Stage Craft Club, First Aid Club, Red Cross, "Recipe for Love," "Ever Since Eve," Stage Crew of "Letters to Lucerne" MARJORIE ROBINSON-"A little courtesy goes a long way" EARL GADBERY-"Tall, cheerful and efficient" Student Council '42, Vice President of Junior Class, Business Manager of Echo, Popularity King, President of Senior Home-room, President of Senior Hi-Y, Secretary and Program Chair- man, Junior Hi-Y, Radio Club, Host Club, First Aid Club, Telegraphy Club, Latin Club, Band '40 and '41, Senior Skit, National Music Contest, District Music Contest. MARY SOWERBY-"Make good use of your time" Glee Club, Movie Club, Christmas Pageant, G. R. WALLACE LARSON-"A gentleman in every sense of the word" JOAN BAILEY-"Short, dark and sweet" G. R., G. A. A.. Pep Club, Knitting Club. HELEN HOLLINGSWORTH-"An essential 'lll61ll- ber oj EHS's band" Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, G. R., Art, Latin Club in Sophomore year. ANNETTE SNIDER-"Our literary genius" G. R., Scribbler's Club, Red Cross, Pep Club, Knitting Club. FRANCES DUNHAM-"Harmony is a thing of beauty" Concert Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A., Setting Up Conference, National Music Contest, Mixed Chorus, G. R., Pep Club, Nurses Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club, Christmas Program, "Messiah," "Elijah," Recreation Club. G. R. Conference. "I Hear America Singing." MARY GAYLE MARSH-"She makes the school a happy place" G. R. President, Band, Orchestra, Latin Club President, G, R. Setting-Up Conference '4l-'42- '43, Knitting Club, Telegraphy Club, Christmas Pageant '41-'42, First Aid Club, Student Council '41-'42, Student Council Convention, Music Fes- tival '41, District Music Festival '41, Dramatics -"June Mad" and "Ever Since Eve" and "Let- ters to Lucerne," Pep Club, G. R. Camp-Bide-a- Wee and Brewster, P, T. S. A. Secretary. Echo. G. R. Mid-Winter Conference, G. R. District Conference, Movie Club, "I Hear America Sing- ing." OLIVER SAMUEL-"High ambitions make great men" Basketball '41-'42-'43, Football '42, 'Student Council, Student Council Convention '41-'42, Hi-Y, Business Manager Re-Echo. Christmas Pageant, Echo, First Aid, Defense Council Offi- cer, Debate Club, Latin Club, Dramatics4USky Road" and "Jacob Comes Home." MADGE VANSICKLEf"The life of any class room" G. A. A., G. R., Concert Girls' Glee Club. Music Clinic "I Hear America Singing," Mixed Chorus, Christmas Pageant '41-'42, Sextet, First Aid Club, Pep Club, Re-Echo Staff. "Elijah," "Messiah," Girls' Trio, Scholarship Group. JEROME FLADUNG7"The dynamic personality" Hi-Y, Dramatics-"Ever Since Eve" and "Let- ters to Lucerne," Echo, Host Club. Stagecraft, Football, Red Cross, Boys' Glee Club, Track. LEONA GRIMMETT-"I'm ending my EHS ca- reer with excitement" G. R., Nurses' Training Club, Knitting Club, Typing Club, Movie Club, Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A., Sewing Club, Procter. Christmas Pageant. WILFORD RIEGLE-"I don't know how I did it so fast, but I'm graduating" Student Council, Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y. Foot- ball, Scrapbook Club, Intramural Basketball, Bond and War Stamp Sales, Youth Council, Boys' State, Junior Hi-Y Vice President and Pro- gram, Carnivalita Committee. ll2l CLIFFORD HECKATHORN-"A contented sort of person" Hi-Y, Telegraph Club. WILLA JEAN SAYLORS-"Everybody's friend" Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, Girls' Athletic Association, G. R. Cabinet, "I Hear America Singing" '41, Dramatics Club, "Mrs. Harper's Bazaar," Christ- mas Pageant, "The Messiah." GEORGE KEEFER--"He has no equal but him- self" Football, Band. Orchestra, Hi-Y, Christmas Pageant '42, "I Hear America Singing" '41-'42, Scrap Drive, Stamp Drive, Business Manager of Re-Echo. LILA LOVE-"I'm always broadening my hori- aan" G. R., Letter-Writing Club, Movie Club, Glee Club, Proctor. ERNEST JACKSON-"Quiet, but nicet' BEVERLY KOPKE-"My mind is always clear" G. R., First Aid Club, Personality Club, Glee Club, Jokes and Scrapbook Club, Proctor, Mixed Chorus, Red Cross, Sewing Club, Typing Club, Christmas Pageant. JACK HERRON-"The dashing young photo- grapheru Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, Camera Club, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Photographer for Re-Echo 1942. CHARLENE JONES-"A rare mixture of person- ality and intelligence" G. R. TOM HURSTA"Tip top boy with a brilliant mind" Hi-Y. FRANCES LYONS-"She takes pleasure in help- ing others" G. R., Hostess Club, Nursing Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club. BOB HAGER-"The picture of glowing health" Track, Track Captain '43. LAVERNE BUCKLEY-"Always busy as ll bee" NADINE HOWARD-"Just call her 'Shortyu' G. R., Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Personality Club, Christmas Pageant, Nursing Club, Pep Club, "I Hear America Singing," Na- tional Music Contest. GRACE THRESHERY"Spunky and unquench- able" G. R., Pep Club, Scrapbook Club, Knitting Club, Concert Girls' Glee Club, G. R. Setting Up Conference, Senior Home Room Vice President. EMMA MARSH-"A master of home economics" RHEA JEAN LINDSAY-"Speech is my motto" G. R., G. A. A., Band, Orchestra, Pep Club, Latin Club, Movie Club, Echo, Christmas Pag- eants, G. R. Conference rmid-winterb, Red Cross. NORMA JEAN SNYDER-"Quiet and intelligent" G. R., Student Council, Pep Club, Latin Club. IRMA GARRETT-"Small and friendly" G. R., Dramatics, Glee Club. l13l .Q 'fi QM glfgisf., X VERNON MATSON-"I'll soon be caught-in the draftl' Hi-Y, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Jr. Red Cross. KATHLEEN CANNON-"Dan Cupid's little sister" Girl Reserve Vice President, Girl Reserve Treasurer, Pep Club, Geometry Club President, Echo, Latin Club, Student Council '42-'43, Re- Echo Staff, Band, Knitting Club, G. R. Setting- Up Conference, G. R. Mid-Winter Conference, Movie Club, Camp Bide-a-Wee, District Music Contest, Drarnatics-"Letters to Lucerne," Stu- dent Council Convention. DARRELL STIFFLER-"The ladies' man" Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Dramatics-"June Mad," "Ever Since Eve," "Letters to Lucerne." MYRA LEE LANGLEY4"An ambitious student indeed" Red Cross Club, G. R. JACK TAYLOR-"The boy who makes wise choices" Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Track, Radio Club, Tele- raphy Club, District Music Contest, National Music Cont est, Christmas Pageant. TREVIA SHELTON-"Melody, with mischief" President of Burrough G. R., G. R. Cabinet, Concert Girls' Glee Club, National Music Con- test, Dramatics, Knitting Club, Regional Music Contest, Mi xed Chorus. JOHN JONES7f'Th6T8,ll nellel' be U,7l0ll1,6T like him" Stage Craft, Hi-Y. DOROTHY GECHTER-"Your life is what you make it" Glee Club, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, Echo, Girl ence, First Movie Club, CLIFFORD Secretary BETTY JO doesn't G. R., G Club, Home Glee Club. DON GETZ Reserve, G. R. Setting-Up Confer- Aid Club, Nurses' Club, President of Christmas Cantata. KOPKEA-"Quiet, but oh, so nice" of F. F. A., Welding Club, Red Cross. HALL-"Never let it be said that she have an imagination" . A. A., Drarnatics Club, First Aid Nursing Club, Latin Club, Orchestra, -"Mr. Master Mindl' Radio Club, Hi-Y, Student Council Convention. GLORIA JEAN STAIR-"A lover of art and beauty" Concert Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, Glee Club, G. R. Chris tmas Pageant. RALPH VAN SICKLE-"An unbiased mind is an asset" Stagecraft Club, Hi-Y. JACKIE LEE RIGGS-"lt'S a great life, if you don't weaken" Librarian, fense Club, FRITZ WIC G. R., Treasurer of Latin Club, De- Pep Club. HERT-"A one man debate team" MAXINE NICKEL-"The great practical joker" G. R., Movie Club, Cheerio Club, Scrapbook Club, Pep Club. JUNIOR BURNESf"A man of few words, but a whiz Stagecraft Proctor. DORIS DEL G. A. A., at industrial arts" Club, War Emergency Builders, L-"Excellent athlete and swell girl" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Burrough Girl Reserve. ll4l LOUISE SLATTERY-"Professor 'Gloom' leave my door" G. R., Pep Club, Knitting Club, Red Cross Club, Scribbler's Club, G. A. A., Echo, Dra- matics, G. R. Mid-Winter Conference. JOHN DAVIS-"Almost bashful, until you know him" Hi-Y. BETTY JOHNSON-"A rival of the 'Quiz Kids' " G. R., Student Council, Orchestra, Movie Club, Latin Club, Music Contest, Secretary of Cheerio Club, "I Hear America Singing." WARREN DRUMMOND-"I d0n'i believe in Santa Claus" Junior Hi-Y, Aviation Club. PEGGY WELLSg"What can't she do!" Editor of Re-Echo, Popularity Queen, Elected Best Citizen, President of Junior Class, Student Council '42-'43, Winner of '41 Posture Contest, Vine President of Pep Club, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextet, National Music Contest, Mixed Chorus, Chairman of Music Committee, G. R. Setting-Up Conference, Student Council, Student Council Convention, Christmas Pageant, Camp Bide-a-Wee, G. A. A., "I Hear America Singing," "Recipe for Love," "Messiah," G. R. District Conference, "Letters to Lucerne," Presi- dent of Letter Writing Club. RAY HALL-"His gaiety isn'l rationedu Basketball. MILDRED ELLIS-"Einstein's little sister" G. R., Red Cross, Knitting Club, Hostess Club, Christmas Pageant '41, Latin Club. BILL DAVIS-"An up and coming young man" SHIRLEY ROSE-"I'1n not a broken record" G. R., Glee Club, First Aid, Christmas Pageant, Proctor, Knitting Club, Recreation Club, Pep Club, Girls' Softball Team. CHARLES BUCK-"A 'buck,' but not the kind you pass" TIMA SUE RUSSELL-"Sophisticated lady, and very nice" G. R., G. R.. Setting-Up Conference, Pep Club, Girls' Glee Club, Echo, Christmas Pageant '41, Proctor, Stamp Drive, Nurse Club. CLARENCE HARR-"The gloom killer" Football, Basketball, Hi-Y, Track. ELLINOR BROWN--"The spirit of music lives again" G. R. Cabinet, G. R. Setting-Up Conference, Summer Camp, Orchestra, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Sextet, Music Contest, America in Song and Dance, Christmas Cantata, Pep Club, Dramatics, Variety Club. FLOYD PEDERSON-"Courtesy is an asset to anyone" F. F. A. CAROL COLBURN-"A song for the world on her lips" Glee Club, Sextet, Mixed Chorus, G. R. Scrib- blers' Club, Christmas Pageant. KEITH RUSSELL-"Willa's big brother" MARY ALICE GEIGER-"Always talking, but making sense" G. R., Glee Club, Pep Club, Knitting Club, G. R. Summer Camp, Circulation Manager of Echo, Christmas Pageant, Dramatics, Red Cross Treas- urer. HOWARD GOODWIN-"What a sense of humor" Stage Craft, War Emergency Builders, Sopho- more Hi-Y. llil 44110444 MW MM JDLLOKI. ci J fljii 'A uv- '12 lf. , ,V LIN LACUQ. J , ll ' .. ry. ,gf V H . 1 ,. .- I . ,G t by gf ' RUTHANN KENT4"Really nice, and has a mind of her own" Pep Club Vice Pres. '41, Latin Club, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, G. R. Cabinet, Student Council Conv. '42, Telegraphy Club, First Aid Club, Secretary Senior Class, "Ever Since Eve," "Letters to Lucerne," G. R, Setting-Up Confer- ence, Dist. Conference '41-'42, Tri-City Confer- ence. Christmas Pageant. Camp Bide-a-Wee, Na- tional Music Festival, District Music Festival, Echo, Re-Echo Ass't Editor, Movie Club '41, Con- cert Girls' Glee Club '41, Honor Group. FRANK KEELER-"Efficient in everything he undertakes" Golf, Football, Re-Echo, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Travel Club, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, Hi-Y. NORMA JEAN DONELSON-"The human sun- beam!" Junior Class Secretary, G. R., Pep Club, G. R. Setting-Up Conf., Defense Club Pres., Student Council Vice Pres., Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, "Ever Since Eve," Student Coun- cil Conv., Summer G. R. Camp, Echo, "Letters to Lucerne" Student Director, "When Amantha Comes." SCOTT WORKMAN-"Some day he'll be an avia- tor" Football, Mixed Chorus, Track Trainer '42, Junior Hi-Y, Boys' Glee Club, Honor Group. JULIA ANN FRENCH-"A leader of the masses" "June Mad," "Sky Road," "Letters to Lu- cerne," "Made to Order Christmas," "Jacob Comes Home," "Last Curtain," Mixed Chorus, Glee Club, Chairman of Radio Program, Senior Class Vice Pres., G. R. Setting-Up, G. A. A., Pep Club, Pres. of Defense Clubs, Knitting Club, Stu- dent Council '4l-'42-'43, Student Council Conv. GENE WILSON-"Enjoy life while there is still time" Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra, Sophomore Class Presi- dent, Football, Basketball, Track, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Latin Club. NORMA STANLEY-"How dull the routine would be without her" District Music Contest, G. R. Tri-City Conf., Movie Club, Band, Setting-Up Conf., Echo. Na- tional Music Contest, G. R., Pep Club, Cheer- leader, Mixed Chorus, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club, G. R. Summer Camp, Bid-a-Wee, Student Council, Christmas Pro- rams, Student Council Conv., G. R. Dist. Conf., "I Hear America Singing," Echo staff, Staff of "Letters to Lucerne." BILL EWING-"Innocense?? is bliss" JUNE BROWNING-"Always ready to serve others" Pres. of Latin Club, Pep Club. Chairman of G. R. Committee, Pres. of Cheerio Club, Setting-Up Conf., Chairman of Service Committee of G. R. DELBERT DONALD-"For me and my gal! Oh boy!" Hi-Y, Basketball. Track, Scrap Drive, Base- ball, Rifleman Club. MARIAN CHOATE-"The flower of youth" Red Cross, G. R., Pep Club, Telegraphy Club. G. A. A., G. R. Summer Camp, State Student Council Convention. Student Art Director of 'tEver Since Eve," Echo, Christmas Cantata. BOB DABBS-"The 'Krupa' of E. H. S." Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, National Music Contest. District Contest. Latin Club, Camera Club, Re-Echo Staff, Aviation Club. LOTUS WHIPPLE-"Miracles do happen - I know!" Glee Club, G. A. A., Red Cross Pep Club, G. R., Nurse Club, Echo, Christmas Pageant '41, Stamp Drive. JACK AMES-"Our future F. B. 1. Agent" BARBARA KRAUS-"Full of pepr' Pres. of Latin Club, Red Cross, Movie Club. Band, Orchestra, Pres. of G. A. A., Pres. of Pep Club, Chairman of G. R. Committee, Echo, G. R. Camp Bide-a-Wee, Christmas Pageant, G. R. Mid-Winter Conf., Setting-Up Conf., "Make Up and Live," "Mrs. Bascom's Christmas." ROBERT PRESTON-"Truly witty, and not half" Assistant Editor of Echo. DOROTHY FRY-"I'll fight my own battles" Latin Club, G.. R.. Knitting Club. DALE ALDREDGE-"Efficient and alwalys occu- pied" Hi-Y, Basketball, Latin Club. Travel Club. l16l ALFRED LISTER-"At last a diploma-ah!" Hi-Y, Latin Club, Travel Club, Band, Red Cross, Scrap Drive. SHIRLEY FORD-"A vital 'oart of our organi- eation' Band, Orchestra, First Aid Club, Knitting Club, District Music Contest, National Music Contest, G. R., G. R. Setting-Up, G. R. Summer Camp, G. R. District Conference, G. R. Tri-City Conference, Pep Club, Cheerleader, Echo, Presi- dent of Home Room, Christmas Cantata, Movie Club, Student Council District Conference, Staff of "Ever Since Eve," 'LI Hear America Singing," t'Letters to Lucernef' ROBERT BROWNING-"The dancer deluxe" Latin Club, Hi-Y, Football, Senior Class Treas- urer, Band. MAXINE STAIR-"Where's the fire? Not on my head, surely!" G. R., First Aid, Personality Club, Red Cross Club, Sewing Club. LUCILLE STECKEL-"She has an artistic mind" Pep Club, G. R., G. R. Conference, Art Con- ference, Knitting, First Aid, Latin Club, Student Council Convention. GRACE SCHWINDT-"Calm and kind, yet al- ways prepared" Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Scrap- book Club, Hostess Club, Personality Club, G. R., Echo, Honor Group. KATHLEEN FOX-"A girl of character" G. R., Aviation Club, Knitting Club, Pep Club, G. A. A., Echo, Hostess Club, Home Mechanics, Personality Club, Mixed Chorus, Scholastic Honor Society. EARL GUNKLE--"His best is all anyone can do" Basketball, Hi-Y, Auto Mechanics, Football, Football Club. ELSIE DEIKER-"The girl with the sensational smile" G. R., Latin Club, G. A. A., Glee Club. DELMA GIGER-"Small, but mighty" G. R., Nuses Club, G. R. Mid-Winter Confer- ence. EARL MAIN-"N8'U9T lTy to d9C8i1J8 f66lCh67'S, It doesn't work" VENETIA HENERY-"As friendly? as the day is long" ' Band, G, R., Art, Orchestra. MARGARET BUCK-"In tune with the times" G. R., G. A. A., Telegraphy Club, Pep Club, Dramatics, Usher at Plays, Christmas Pageant, Stamp Drive. FERNE MCMULLEN-"Never let her be called a wall flower" DOROTHY REIDLE--"The girl with the queenly bearing" G. R., Cheerio Club, Scrap Book Club, Li- brarian. RUTHANNE ARNETT-"After jour years-grad- uation!" MARY CATHERINE HEFFRON-"An athlete at heart and very nice" G. R., G. A. A., Pep Club, Latin Club, Avia- tion Club, Scholastic Honor Society, Stamp Drive, Re-Echo Staff. KENNETH PEERY-"The independent scientist" Treasurer of Latin Club, Hi-Y, Band, Orches- tra, Telegraphy Club, Intramural Basketball. ll7l .jg ff' LJ, zyyxlifjf . Mrliffwv' ' . ,iw I' ' ,511 W Y, J I if M fi if ll .f DAVID MORRIS-"Our dashing redhead" Latin Club, Band, Stagecraft Club, Student Council, Hi-Y. JOANN WALLIS-"Mischief, mirth and merri- ment" Christmas Pageant, Production Staff of "Let- ters to Lucerne," President of Movie Club, Sec- retary of Latin Club, G. R. Setting-Up Con- ference, G. A. A., Band, Orchestra, Echo, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, Junior Cheerleader, Secretary of De- fense Clubs, Student Council, Tri-City Confer- ence, Winner of Posture Contest '42, G. R. Com- mittee Chairman, Secretary of Student Council, Pep Club, Dramatics, Telegraphy Club. HENRY COBB-"Friendly and very polite" Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y President, Hi-Y Vice President, Music Contest, Christrna: Cantata, Camera Club, "Ever Since Eve," "Recipe for Love," "Letters to Lucerne." ESTHER SMITH-"By searching, you can find beauty in life" Personality Club, G. R., Junior Red Cross Sewing Club, HI Hear America Singing." GLENNIS FOSTER-"An emblem of depend- ability" G. R., Pep Club, First Aid Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concert Girls' Club, Student Li- brarian, Variety Club, Red Cross Sewing Club, Stamp Drive, Christmas Pageant, 'KI Hear Amer- ica Singing," Honor Group. LOIS JOHNSON-"Steam is on the beam, and so am I" Band, Orchestra, G. R., G. A. A., Geometry Club, Music Contest, Christmas Pageant. CHARLOTTE DAVIS-"Friendly, yes" Travel Club, Red Cross Knitting, G. R., Latin Club, Pep Club, Honor Group. HOMER DAVEY-"The rugged irtdividualisf' Hi-Y, "Ever Since Eve," Stage Craft Club. LUCILLE FLAGLER-"Her laugh is contagious" G. R., Sewing Club, Pep Club, Knitting Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Christmas Cantata. WANDA LOVE-"I have my own ideas" Sewing Club, G. R., Echo Reporter, Knitting Club, Movie Club, Red Cross, Nursing Club, Mixed Chorus, Librarian, Proctor. BOB CORBIN-"Cheerfully quiet" JUANITA ROBINSON-"Reaching a goal is worth hard work" Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, G. R. Knitting Club, Letter Writing Club, Pep Club, Hostess Club, G. A. A., Regional Contest, Na- tional Contest, Messiah, Christmas Cantata, "I Hear America Singing." DOROTHY KENNEDY-"A soft answer turrieth away wrath' G. R., Secretarial Club, Crocheting Club, Tele- graphy Club, Dramatics Club, Stamp Drive, Scholastic Honor Society. RUTH BRANDT-"Quiet, but efficient" G. R., G. R. Cabinet, Reading Club, Honor Group. VEVA VAN SICKLE-"A mite of mischief" G. A. A,, G. R. RUTH HAGEBERG-"Always look to the fu- ture, and forget' the past" Scholastic Honor Society, Honor Group. DOUGLAS GREGG-"'Up and at 'em' is his motto!" ROSELLA HARVEY-"Moonlight becomes her" Concert Girls' Glee Club, G. R. Cabinet, Mixed Chorus, National and Regional Music Contests. Setting-Up Conference, Personality Club, "I Hear America Singing," Christmas Pageant. ll8fI CLIFFORD SHAW-"Fm looking for fame and fortune" Football. Camera Club. MAURENE MURPHY-"Personality plus-" Pep Club, Cheerleader, Senior Class President, "Ever Since Eve," Latin Club, President of Senior Home Room, G. R. Cabinet, Band, Or- chestra, Knitting Club, G. R. Setting-Up Conf., G. R. Mid-Winter Conf., Dist. Music Contest, National Music Contest, First Aid Club, Movie Club, Tri-City Conf., Summer Camp, Bide-a-Wee, Christmas Pageant, Student Council Conv., "I Hear America Singing," Echo Staff, t'Letters to Lucerne." LAMAR MARKOWITZ-"E, H. S.'s handsome Romeo" Football, Track, Stage Craft Club. DOROTHY STANTON-"Haste makes waste I always say-" G. R., Sewing Club, G. R. Mid-Winter Con- ference, Red Cross. ALBERT TYLERYHI always hit the bull's eye-" Football, Track, Hi-Y, Aviation Club. HELEN FLADUNG-"Happy as the clay is long" G. R., Pep Club, G. R. Mid-Winter Conference, G. R. Summer Camp, Red Cross, Knitting Club, Echo. AUDREY ANDERSON-"Ambitious, and very nice" G. R., Setting-Up Conference, Honor Group. NAOMI MEINEN-"Gracious and graceful" G. A. ting-Up Council A., G. R., Telegraphy Club, G. R. Set- Conference, Pep Club, Proctor, Student Christmas Pageant, Stamp Drive, Air- plane Club, Latin Club. FAYE PARKS-"Diploma-Aan accident of course" RICHARD LYONS-" The model agriculture stu- dent" F. F. A. Club, Welding VERNABELLE MAST-"A Club, Red Cross Club. friend indeed" PAUL BURRISf"l'll win in the long run" Hi-Y, Movie Club, Latin Club. BETTY JEAN SNYDER-"Yes, she got her man" Echo, G. R., Pep Club, G. A. A., Camera Club, Red Cross, Movie Club. JIM WALKINSHAW-"A genius in the making" Football, Bmsketball, Track, Sophomore Class Vice President, Sophomore Hi-Y Vice President, Latin Club Treasurer, Camera Club, Movie Club, Red Cross, Junior Class Treasurer, Speech, Dra- matics, Christmas Cantata, "Ever Since Eve," 'Small Town Girl." ESTHER LEHNHERR-"My face is my fortune" G. R., Pep Club. IMOGENE CANNONi"She's short and sweet, but so is life" G. R., Red Cross, Pep Club. GENE CALVERT-"Nice to know" IDA MAE GAEDIKE-"I always speak my mind" ll9l JAMES PERDARIS-"You've heard of the pep of the peppen bor" Mixed Chorus, Stagecraft Club, Hi-Y, President of Travel Club, National Music Contest, Scrap Drive, Latin Club. ALBERTA CORNWELL-"As full of vitality as an electric spark" Editor of Echo, G. R., G. A. A., Knitting Club, Aviation Club, G. R. Setting-Up Conference, "Letters to Lucerne," Pep Club, Youth Council, Scholastic Honor Society. DON LEMONS-"A lot differcrlt than his name" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, Aviation Club, Christmas Program, "I Hear America Singing," CARY BURRIS-"Dynamite comes in small package" G. R., Pep Club, Latin Club. TOM BLACK4"Naughty, but nice" Hi-Y, Football, Basketball. NORMA JEAN DAVIS-"Silent and serene" Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, G. R., Music Clinic, Cheerio Club, District Music Contest, National Music Contest, Latin Club. BETTY LOU MARTIN-"Always calm and col- leeted" G. R., Concert Glee Club, Knitting Club, Cheerio Club, Christmas Pageant, "I Hear Amer- ica Singingf' Mixed Chorus, Stamp Drive. ESTHER MAE MOON-"Live uprightly and 're- ceive a reward" G. R., Pep Club, Latin Club, Scrap Book Club, Knitting Club, Christmas Pageant, Hostess Club, G. R, Setting-Up Conference '4l. DARLEAN STINSON-"Very pleasant, but also very timid" G. R., Red Cross Sewing Club. MAX WILLIAMSON- BETTY BAIN-"Pleasant and friendly" G. R., Movie Club, Scrapbook Club, Proctor. LAWRENCE BLEEKER-"The Rubinoff of E. H. S." Orchestra, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. MARY JO CLAUSEN- EMLYN REES-"He finishes what he begins" VIVIAN GARRIOTT-"Look before you leap" Sewing Club, Concert Glee Club, G. R., Scrap- book Club. HAROLD REES-"I'll paddle my Own canoe" Hi-Y, F, F. A. President. PHYLLIS HUFFERD-"I always have beginners luck" Band, Orchestra, G. R., Movie Club, Christ- mas Pageant, Nursing Club, National Music Contest. MAX CUNNINGHAMA"Speech is great, but si- lence is greater" F. F, A,, Scrap Drive. l20l IRVING BUTLER, JR.-"Smile for everyone" Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Stagccraft Club. ALICE GROH-"Another one of the famous Groh family" G. A. A,, G. R., Re-Echo Staff, Concert Girls' Glee Club, National Music Contest, Re- gional Music Contest, Echo, Mixed Chorus, Music Clinic, Pep Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club, Christmas Pageant, The Elijah, Messiah, "I Hear America Singing." GEORGE LANGLEY-"Just call him 'Redm' ROSE ANN HANSEN-"I have to draw the line soniewherev G. R., Red Cross, First Aid, G. A. A., Pep Club, Dramatics, "Over the Rainbow." ORVILLE DAILEY- ELIZABETH RICHARDSf"Her work is always at the peak of perfection" G. R., Pep Club, Camera Club, Variety Club, Treasurer Latin Club, Band, Setting-Up Con- ference, Student Council Convention '42, "Ever Since Eve," "Letters to Lucerne," Honor Group. LELAND WORKMAN-"Don't start something you can't finish" LILLIAN THORNTON-"She takes sunshine wherever she goes" G. R., Red Cross, Sewing Club. KENNETH LANGLEY-"The cream of the cropl' Dramatics, Stagecraft Club, First Aid, Scrap Drive. ELLEN ANDERSON-"Her resourcefulness will never be overlooked" ' G. R. ' ' GEORGE FAUST-"The sleeping beauty-Hr. 1" Football, Hi-Y, Auto Mechanics, First Aid Club, Football Club. GWENDOLYN ANDERSON-"Very quiet and re- served" G. R., Glee Club, Sewing Club, First Aid Club, Girls' Pep Club, Movie Club. CALVIN COWAN-"I'll take a chance" Track. ROBERTA AYERSf"A faithful librarian" G. R., Echo, Librarian. IRWIN COLLINGEf''Intellectually inclined" Hi-Y, First Aid Club, Latin Club. BILL ALLEN-"Basketball is his line" Basketball, Track, Hi-Y. GLORIA HAYESv"Vi1n, vigor and vitality" RODNEY HOLDREDGE-"Did I hear someone say 'food'?" Hi-Y, Basketball, Band, Latin Club, Orchestra, District Music Contest, National Music Contest, Student Council. 1211 Seniaa Glad of '43 William Abney, Dale Aldridge, Bill Allen, Jack Ames, Audrey Anderson, Ellen Anderson, Gwendolyn Anderson, Ruthann Arnett, Roberta Ayers, Joan Bailey, Betty Bain, Dorothy Alice Beitz, Tom Black, Carl Blair, Lawrence, Bleecker, Ruth Brandt, Ellinor Brown, June Browning, Robert Lee Browning, Charles Russell Buck, Margaret Buck, LaVerne Buckley, Junior' Burnes, Carrie Burris, Paul Burris, Imogene Cannon, Kathleen Cannon, Marion Choate, Geraldine Clausen. Mary Jo Clausen, Henry Cobb, Carol Colburn, Irwin Collinge, Robert Corbin, Alberta Cornwell, Calvin Cowen, Max Cunningham, Bob Dabbs, Orvel Dailey, Homer Davey, Charlotte Davis, John Davis, Norma Jean Davis, Williami Davis, Doris Dell, Elsie Dieker, Jack Doles, Delbert Donald, Norma Jean Donelson, Warren Drummond, Frances Dunham, Dorothy Ellis, Mildred Ellis, Bill Evans, Bill Ewing, Earl Ezzell, George Faust, Helen Fladung. Jerome Fladung, Lucile Flagler, Shirley Ford, Glennis Foster, Kathleen Fox, Julia Ann French, Dorothy Fry, Wanda Jean Fuller, Earl Gadbery, Ida Gaedike, Irma Garrett, Vivian Garriott, Dorothy Gechter, Mary Alice Geiger, Delma Giger, Marjorie Golden, Howard Goodwin, Herbert Gosser, Douglas Gregg, Leona Grimmett, Alice Groh, Earl Gunkel, Calvin Guy, Ruth Hageberg, Bob Hager, Betty Jo Hall, Raymond Hall, Rose Ann Hansen, Clarence Harr. Rosella Harvey, Gloria Hayes, Clifford Heckathorn, Mary Catherine Heffron, Venetta Henery, Jack Herron, Rodney Holdredge, Helen Hollingsworth, Elizabeth Holt, Nadine Howard, Phyllis Hufferd, Tom Hurst, Glendon Iverson, Ernest Jack- son, Jr., Betty Johnson, Lois Johnson, Charlene Jones, John H. Jones, Nadine Jones, George Keefer, Frank Keeler, Dorothy Kennedy, Ruthann Kent, Beverly Kopke, Clif- ford Kopke, Barbara Kraus, Joe Kuhlman, George Langley, Kenneth Langley. Myra Langley, Esther Lehnherr, Donald Lemons, Claudia Lewis, Rhea Lindsay, Alfred Lister, Don Love, Lila Love, Wanda Love, Frances Lyons, Richards Lyons, Ferne McMullen, Earl Main, LaMar Markowitz, Emma Marsh, Mary Gayle Marsh, Betty Mar- tin, Willa Mae Marx, Vernabelle Mast, Vernon Matson, Naomi Meinen, Esther May Moon, Winnifrede Morgan, David Morris, Harriett Morrow, Maurene Murphy, Maxine Nickel, Faye Parks, Kenneth Peery. Norma Perkins, Robert Pierson, Jack Powell, Mary Elizabeth Powell, Robert Pres- ton, Emlyn Rees, Harold Rees, Dorothy Reidel, Elizabeth Richards, Wilford Riegle, Jr., Jackie Lee Rigg, Juanita Robinson, Marjorie Robinson, Shirley Rose, Keith Russell, Oliver Samuel, Willa Saylors, Grace Schwindt, Louise Slattery, Bill Smith, Bob Smith, Esther Smith, Annette Snider, Kenneth Snow, Betty Snyder, Mary Sowerby, Gloria Jean Stair, Maxine Stair, Norma Stanley. Dorothy Stanton, Lucille Steckel, Evelyn Stevenson, Darrell Stiffler, Dorlean Stin- son, Jack Taylor, Glenna Thompson, Wanda Thompson, Lillian Thornton, Grace Thresher, Albert Tyler, Madge Van Sickle, Ralph Van Sickle, Veva Van Sickle, James Walkinshaw, Imogene Wallace, Joann Wallis, Francis Waters, Peggy Wells, Barbara West, Alma White, Fritz Wichert, George W'illard, Gene Wilson, Scott Workman, Dale Wright, Elva Zieammermann, John Zieammermann. E221 T in ' 1 Jfanaa Qaaup First row-Audrey Anderson, Ruth Brandt, Ellinor Brown, Carol Colburn, Alberta Corn- well, Frances Dunham. Second row-Ruth Hageberg, Raymond Hall, Tom Hurst, George Keefer, Dorothy Ken- nedy, Ralph Van Sickle. Third row--Elizabeth Richards, Jackie Rigg, Grace Schwindt, Bob Smith, Evelyn Steven- son, Jack Taylor. llourth row-Madge Van Sickle, Robert Preston, Vivian Garriott, Mary Gayle Marsh, Kathleen Fox, Scott Workman. Fifth row-Betty Johnson, Mary C. Heffron, Irma Garrett, Glennis Foster, Charlotte Davis, Lois Johnson. Mildred Ellis, Ruthann Kent, Willa Mae Marx, Earl Gadbery and Oliver Samuel were also among the honor students. Grace Schwindt ranked highest with Ellinor Brown and Frances Dunham, second and third respectively. E231 CLULUHS Wm We feel a tribute is due to the Class of '44 for the ever-increasing part they have taken in school activities this year. The first of the year each junior was re- quested to bring in 75 pounds of scrap metal as payment of his junior dues. The scrap metal was sold to the government. During the month of February the juniors had charge of the War Bond and Stamp Drive. They Went over the goal set at 31,000 by about 331185. This Was by far the largest amount sold in one month up to that time. The class officers have done a good job leading their class through a busy year. They are Shirley Straight, presi- dentg Ruth Granger, vice presidentg Nor- man McAdoo, secretary, Phyllis Taylor, treasurer. The class sponsors are Misses Shir- ley Thomson, Irene Brock, Mabel Cover- dill, Lillian Valentine, Hope Vandeverg Mesdames Lois Jaquith, Suzanne Millerg Messrs. F. J. South, George A. Lodle, and Wood Bloxom. JUNIOR OFFICERS President . . Shirley Straight Vice President . Ruth Granger Secretary . . Norman McAd00 Treasurer . . Phyllis Taylor ffffp' 5. 'Jn I X 1 4- Fc . SM' ts elau of 1944 E241 n -Qiggi " M '-wwf? fi afw. SHIRLEY S'I'RAIGHT PBYLUS TAYXOI Kim! . ' W' in BILIQ DBLORRS TOTQM 5 -nf! 1 ,ir as? 1 fig bww i MIZLBA JONES JAY soufrl "Q vi , .k A 4+ ffgw? QQ? Ki Q 52" I WA LM ,..,. Jw Q it x W . .,g 1.-f I fs IAQZW MARY LNB SYEG MIKE MCGUIRE .Q W2 x Q 4 .2 Q FRANCES KTENE BEVERLY' HONEYMAN BOB B0 BEATRK1 LGDLE is k 5- ,. ' ..-asm 'Q wi '55 .W :gy W f W4 4 Q , ....,. ,S A ,V I. W. BRINKMAN BGB LECSNARD MARIE BRDKMAS W wf,. Ei- Q "IQ F4 472 , z cwzzz, Q t E NANETTB WHT!! rmz. woovainiir' ,gg M Q L INA 'LOU CONKLIN ff? L fi? W1 frm ' fm? ffwi 2-fQ: faWwf iw ,wgf 'A Q .P , W I -,,- ' . f H ' 'V Y ' aff? f . p' 'I we yr .. 4 gg 4 5 3 L .gf g f If 4 L LA 1 1 . , mW H Jim smvco monmm Mommy Lmrm FULTON i mn mcmv BARBARA mmm men. smfmvs fb T3 H -b i 'Z Q i K if h ,ff i f wwwsz :mama Nwzwn rmcrwmoxw DUANE Moon mxcanu. swim mms BARBARA soN'1T'f Exif fm WWW fi? img My Rwgf .f? vfgg if W7 iff wif EW 'K ' xx ' K A 4 V f K .: QZIQ,:f- :" A A 'E -:-, R ' - :ig jf, K A E3 Aw . 1 2 M 'f A 4 .. ,mx xrmsrvrow 11.-.zxrmrm mans cms momfsou Lum. Laws FRANK :wmv Noam Dov ' E251 snrrz Arm J l if N9 a f 'W Q1 wg' H A V -f::,g:-:-' :' 5, , :ww e. max-mans cnxu, xnousn mm nscz mnvms Ancfmzn mm rms , M A' A .,.A- 4 ew ., , t ggi: U I E325555., K . A . ri . -V ii W, gg 5. 1 .1 I """ ' "" ' -.---V 11-21 H252 A x 2 '3 ..,, 4 f ' ? ,ggakmmii , " .. mmf-an wncosmsn aww :nuns mu. mums mmsn mum: rmcmcs TORRBS vom ma mama 1, . V A f Q,- if zz: ' gf H ' i f M p ' , A " G if if , K -gy: ' ., .--- V- ,Mx 'Q x V L... mmm. Hmmm wcxnwvozxcuzsrsa xr-Tmaams mmm-:LL mucus Gznuuori' cs.TH2mN1z 'WILLIAWIS aosma Pmums 2 HA BR NADINB NOYES HELEN BREWER. HELEN RMK? BETTY CEAMEK ADAYR SHDEBRDOK PAT HARRISON ww we lg YQ' JONES MABJORIH WAGNER MZILLE HAYES MARY R, RQILIWGON VEIRNBN TZLQMPRINS DUMB BUTLER, Q l If H WF iw II W x : , - 4 , ":' ' v"'g K 4' I QM 1 ' ni-82 " Q 'iq gd 'Y L., X A A M XOHN REE! PAULA CRESON BOB MELTON fn GLORIA STEDHOPT RU'r'H GRANGYTIYM ' ,max Mccmmv 4 E, , 4' g f 'F 'ak . A4 1 R ff 1 f, I H, A .. X Q 5, F, 1 X f - , A A V .-,, -- ,. Q ::q: A., "7 ' ASQ 22.53. x Y X x I , t mxunm Hmm Q sucmz sum mayoam mu. svn mm: xownw. mm x-mom snvnwsow ' 5 Xp. -: .,'-- I 1" gg- , s f "" VW 21 "'- MQ 'Ni 'L' ""' r- -4 ww? f . ,W ,.- Y i, 1 A ff E V f ia: ,1-A I E Y 2 fr X A lx. i 1 2 .A 4' X ' JEAN Burma Nonmm Mau:-oo fix' ' LAVEDA JONES NORMAN SAVAGE KATHERINE TAYLOR WAYNE ANDREV3 JOAN POLLEY mnon vm cuxm' HELEN voouvoam DEAN mass moozmz v.-.xmzn .f 'lf j W F x 'NW Q. , y 12+ ,,,,,.. 5 I ,. , 3 ml 1.,. . ' g X ii i. 4 5 W ,'.' Q W N if , X m l Yi 1 A Em A cunonv PARRY gun BMUM TREVA MALI-ARY FLORA BENT2 5 smnuiv Mccov i ,A ,,.. 'Q , ,- s Q' if gl' Q E ig Q 3 5 . 71 . , 1 . , EDWARD JONES JUNIOR METCALFE CAROLANNVILCOX GERALD LA CERTE JOAN ANDERSON FLOYD SUTTON l27l DON OSEORN H. M. , PAT OMEARS VERSAL ERMEX' M 33 ,ii , uf f uniofa 01644 Merril Aikman, Freda Ames, Melville Archer, Eugene Aye, Ellen Arndt, Joan Ander- son, Leon Austenfeld, Bill Barncord, Dale Bitler, Marie Brinkman, Wilbur Barrett, Flora Bentz, Lucille Blahut, J. W. Brinkman, Betty Bass, Marcella Blahut, Letha June Brooks, Wilma Bethke, Gwenda Braum, Marjorie Burden, Joan Beck, Barbara Bond, Ellinor Brown, Wayne Barker, Arline Bitler, Doris Butler, Bob Baldridge, Norman Betty, Patricia Blake. Don Burris, Gene Bratton, Jeanne Belting, Hazel Brown, Keith Crawford, Wanda J. Campbell, Betty Crawley, Don Caywood, Paula Creson, Barbara Cooper, Barbara Chapin, Marjorie Cunningham, Betty Cramer, Roy Corbin, Ina Lou Conklin, William Cochennet, Robert Curtis, Dionysia Delgado, June Dell, Morris Dell, Robert Donnellan, Eugene Day, Lyle Davis, Barbara Dabbs, Carol Drum, Norma Dow, Patty Endley, Versal Ermey, Billy Eubank, Johnetta Ewing, Robert Embrey, Maxine Ellis. Lawrence Eicher, Marjorie Fanestil, Roberta Foster, Jimmy Fouke, Ray Fowler, Dean Fisher, Betty Frownfelter, Robert Foster, Roberta Foote, Anita Fulton, Ethel Fancher, Peggy Fry, Eldon Gillum, Ethel Mae Gosser, Erma Lee Griffith, Ruth Granger, Edith Grimes, Bob Greene, Winnifred Getz, Maxine Gunsolly, Delores Garriott, Wayne Gunkel, Virgleene Greene, Maxine Hammond, Patricia Harrison, Juanita Hensley, Elladean Her- zog, Bill Hickey, June Hodges, Bill Hufferd, Bill Hunt, Opal Hunter. Royena Hayes, Barbara Hayes, Muriel Hoffman, Tommy Hutcherson, Nadine Hecka- thorn, Bob Hostetter, Marilyn Heath, Beverly Honeyman, Merle Hayes, Jean Hoffman, Challa Ireland, Edward Jones, LaVeda Jones, M-elba Jones, Richard James, Willard Jones, Charles Jones, Jewell James, Loyce Jordon, Carl Knouse, Agnes Korte, Morgan Kramm, Fran Kiene, Frank Knapp, Buddy Kirk, Lewis Keefer, Virga Lou Kragon, Matilda Luna, Gerald LaCerte, Lester Lawson. Richard Lyons, Bob Leonard, Beatrice Lodle, Helen Lewis, Betty Latta, Albert Lowry, Lagora Longbine, Nevada Lewis, Wilma McCullough, Junior Metcalfe, Harold Morgan, John McGaffin, Louise Miller, Norman Morray, Ardyce Macomber, Dean McGee, Richard Murphy, Norma Mayes, Robert Mercer, Duane Moon, Treva Mallary, Mike McGuire, Sally Minor, Shirley McCoy, Ronald Merwin, Bill Morgan, Norman McAdoo, Wilma Mercer, DeKoven Moore, Rhetta Mast, Betty McKenney. Margaret Montgomery. Wilfred Marks, Bernard McIlvain, Elsie Mitchell, Rita Nau- man, Raymond Nott, Junior Ninneman, Nadine Noyes, Don Osborn, Marjorie Ormsby, Pat O'Meara, Jean Pyle, Clifford Parry, Bob Payton, Phyllis Polley, Rosalie Phillips, Fritz Pyle, Dorothy Powell, Marion Plummer, Jack Plummer, Dora Lee Porter, Melvin Quack- enbush, Bernard Redman, Mary G. Richards, Tima Sue Russell, Bob Richter, Willa Rus- sell, Lawrence Ramirez, John Robinson, Bill Reeble, Jeanne Ramy, Clifford Rich, Roy Russell. John Rees, Margaret Rowland, Lupe Rangel, Lupe Rodriguez, Earl Randolph, Mary R. Robinson, Larry Shepard, Florence Snider, Arlie. Stewart, Chas. Shirley, Ira South, Stan- ley Storrer, Leon Schallehn, Adair Shoebrook, DeWayne Spatz, Bob Stout, Jean Shawgo, Marian Smith, Martha Stehlik, Dale Schlup, Ralph Sill, Gertrude Spencer, Shirley Straight, Agnes Schoeck, Trevia Shelton, Stella Mae Smith, Darlene Stevenson, Mary Lee Smith, Mary Ann Steg, Jimmy Smith, Marian Steckel, Ted Schlup, Beulah Smith. Virginia Spencer, Floyd Sutton, Katherine Taylor, Clair Thompson, Vernon Tomp- kins, Jean Thompson, Duane Timmons, Phyllis Taylor, William Trear, Ed Tobin, Patty Tholen, Jean Tyson, Kenneth Terry, Ted Turner, Fulgence Torres, Delores Totsche, Al- berta Vandenberg, Myron VanGundy, Ima Jean Varner, Dale VanSickle, Bill Williams. Gordon Wells, Fred Williamson, Ralph Wheeler, Max Williamson, Marjorie Wagner, Carol Ann Wilcox, Lucille Worcester, Helen Woodworth, Wayne Whitaker, Richard Williamson, Jeanne Walkinshaw, Catherine Williams, Dolph Wright, Elaine Waldrop, Marie Wilhite, Leland Workman, Nanette White, Goldie White, Bill Wood. l28l is rx , I 19 . . . SapfLamaae4'?9QZtg"i il" N I Q-in-ui, jk e RQ A, Q JI' 1 u he 1'-x Illflrl S I "4-...n Z ? "1 Q fx SOPHOMORE OFFICERS A salute to the up and coming Sopho- President ....... Glenna, Davis rnores and Class of 1945. We hope that Vice-president ...... Pat Ford their energy and vitality will not weaken Secretary , . . Jackie Snyder throughout their remaining years in Em- Treasurer ........ Bob Bizal poria High School. Glam of 1945 STHH PEHFURHIEHS BASKETBALL Our teams this year were made up almost entirely of new material. Although these boys lacked experience they didn't lack enthusiasm. They had a tough schedule and they played it to the best of their ability. Allen was high point man. The boys came through with some Very fine points despite their defeats. FOOTBALL This year's football team was a hard fighting team, They played a solid game. kick for the extra points f 500 The boys had new uniforms this year and they wore them with bravo! We dis Qt covered a lot of new prospects this year and are looking forward to a brighter future TRACK Forty boys signed up for track this year. The boys ran the Air Corps obstacle course this year in addition to their regular track event. We hope this will keep all the Senior boys in condition so they will be in top fighting condition when they are induct- ed into the armed forces. Physical educa- tion is stressed more strongly for all boys and going out for track was a good start. . 0? fr With Ick Payne a sophomore coming in to Q F ,X - . . - Kc - . . 00 - 4 . ' H ll30l Bill Allen . . Jack Powell . Fulgence Torres Clarence Harr Dale Aldridge BASKETBALL LETTERMEN . . 66 Bill Collins . . . . . 99 Rodney Holdredge 44 Carl Knouse . . 98 DeKoven Moore 77 Oliver Samuel . FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Scott Workman 1755, Guard Bud Pierson 1775, Full Back Jack Powell 1785, End . . Jerome Fladung 1795, Guard Dale Wright 1815, Tackle . Oliver Samuel 1825, Center Bernie olin 1835, Tackle . George Keefer 1845, Tackle Bill Hufferd 1855, Guard . George Faust 1865, Guard 155 Clarence Harr 1875, LH Back 158 Bill Collins 1885, Q Back . John Robinson 1895, Q Back Lamar Markowitz 1915, RH Robert Browning 1925, Cen. Tom Black 1955, RH Back Albert Tyler 1935, Q Back Frank Mitchell 1805, End 158 . 150 148 145 146 140 180 1321 "B" FOOTBALL SQUAD First row-Frazier, Plyne, Hager, Riegle, Jones, Archer, Gladfelter. Second row-Harr, Hall, Main, Jones, Hunt, Lowery, Rameriz, Knouse. Third row-Foote, Shown, Jones, 0'Mara, Butler, Daniels. TRACK SQUAD First row-Perdaris, Eicher, Van Gundy, Fouts, Fowler, Albin. Second row-Walkinshaw, J. Smith, Hickey, Kunze, Frazier, Dick Hager, Archer, Third row-Schlup, McGee, Luallin, Leland Workman, Hausley, Bob Hager, Cowen Fourth row--Coach Smith, Lowry, Donald, Woodward, Fisher. John Hall and Bill Allen were also out for track. I331 5 TELL'-.r Q0792 550,101 C 5 Xuucli. A CN-Q 'fe DQ Q1 M7033 ,P-by K vfefvu' Xifubs y efzeefzfeacfefzd. Murphy, Stanley, Ford The old "Spartan Spirit" is personified by the girls in those bright red sweaters with the Spartan emblem. They may be seen at every game, Whether football or basketball, lending their vocal and moral sup- port to the team. A The Pep Club is a real and active symbol of our democracy. Any girl who is Willing to give her support to Emporia High School, especially at its athletic events, is invited to join. Officers and cheerleaders are elected by the members. This year's officers are: Barbara Kraus, president, Peggy Wells, vice presidentg Maxine Gunsolly, secretary and treasurer. Shirley Ford, Maurene Murphy, and Norma Stanley Were the girls you saw out there leading the Pep Club and student body in the yells! pep- Gini E341 FUTURE STHHS First row-Kathleen Cannon, Maurene Murphy, Mary Gayle Marsh, Shirley Ford, Ruth- ann Kent. Second row-Peggy Wells, Norma Jean Donelson, Judy French, Elizabeth Richards, Mar- garet Dinkler, Alberta Cornwell. Third row-Jerome Fladung, Henry Cobb, Darrell Stiffler, and Jay South was also in the play. fbawnaiioi Assemblies this year were highlighted by th-e colorful one-act plays presented by the Dramatics department: "Small Town Girl," "Recipe for Love," "When Amantha Comes," "Mrs. Bascom's Christmas," and "Make Up and Live." The two big plays of the year Were the G. R.-Hi-Y play, "Ever Since Eve," and the Senior play, "Letters to Lucerne." The first was a comedy Written around high school lifeg the second more of a serious nature Writ- ten about a girls' school in Switzerland at the beginning of the War. The cast for "Ever Since Eve" was: Maurene Murphy, Darrell Stiff- ler, Norma Jean Donelson, Dean Fisher, Elizabeth Richards, Jay South, Mary Gayle Marsh, Jerome Fladung, Henry Cobb, Fritz Pyle, Rolly Wes- ley, Jack Doles, Homer Davey. The cast for "Letters to Lucerne" was made up of: Mary Gayle Marsh, Judy French, Maureen Murphy, Kathleen Cannon, Peggy Wells, Alberta Cornwell, Elizabeth Richards, Shirley Ford, Ruthann Kent, Dar- rell Stiffler, Henry Cobb, Jay South, and Jerome Fladung. i3Sl Sllucfenl eaunc ' First row-Taylor, Cannon, Rees, Donelson, Wallis, Bratten, Kells. Second row-Wells, White, Ireland, Stanley, Taylor, Ames, Rose, Wilson, Snyder, Meinen, Steg. Third row-Creson, Kelsey, Kuhlmann, French, Dick, Peery, Riegle, Gunsolly, Davis. In this, its sixth year, the Student Council was very successful. The Coun- cil has had charge of the sale of war bonds and stamps. A goal of 31,000.00 was set for each month. The Student Council is largely responsible for the success of our all-school parties. The Council meets every other Wednesday alternating with assembly. There are 27 members and four sponsors. OFFICERS John Rees .... President Norma Jean Donelson . . . . ..... Vice President Joann Wallis . . Secretary Gene Bratton . . . Treasurer Sponsors: Rice Brown, Hope Vandever, Floyd McCune and Herbert James. E361 Q. Galina! First row-Peggy Wells, Kathleen Cannon, Treasurer, Mary Gayle Marsh, President, Marie Brinkman, Secretary, Nanette White, Joann Wallis Second row-Carol Ann Wilcox, Maxine Gunsolly, Marjorie Hall, Barbara Kraus, June Browning, Shirley Straight, Ellinor Brown Third row-Jean Pyle, Ruth Brandt, Freda Ames, Carol Drum, Helen Woodworth, Ruth Granger Senior Ili-Y President-Earl Gadbery ' Junior I-Ii-Y President-Carl Knnuse L' Sophomore Ili-Y President-Dirk llager i371 fy- 24244-4' . , F' . ZZ First Row-Beach, Jensen, Gay, Rogers, Kelsey, Sweet, Kuhlmann, Faust, Key, Randolph, Miller. Second row-Chapin, White, Williamson, Colman, Wilson, Groh, Knapp, Ellis, Douglass. Third row-Dick, Braum, Keine, Stahl, Wamser, Stout, Hansen, Burenheide. Fourth row--Evans, Luallin, Moore, Richardson, Horton, Spencer, Deiker, Davis, Spencer, Smith, Hoover. Fifth row-Hobbs, Mantooth, Moon, Spencer, Feik, Gladfelter, Bizal. "Will the meeting please come to order!', The Latin Clubs are now officially in session! There are three Latin Clubs. Each Latin class is organized into a club which meets during class time every three weeks. In order to develop leadership and initiative officers are elected twice a year, and the president and the vice-president take turns conducting the meetings. Officers who have served this year are: Louise Miller, Bob Gladfelter, Jim Fouke, Jacquelyn Davis, Philip Jensen, Patricia Rogers, Betty Kelsey, Walter Hurt, Laura Mae Kuhlmann, Robert Bizal, Marjorie Wamser, Clinton Chapin, Elsie Dieker, Josephine Beach, Nina Horton, Wilma Ellis, Henry Dick, Ione Coman, Mary Lou Wilson, Lloyd Hoover, Norma Lee Sweet, Don Luallin, Jerry Smith, Pearl Stout. Members of the clubs participate in the planning and the presentation of the programs twice a year. The programs usually consist of a roll call, a comparison of modern customs with those of Caesar's time, and a Latin game. l38l CIRCUS NUSIC TRIO SEXTET Ellinor Brown, Peggy Wells, Madge Ellinor Brown, Margaret Rowlands, Jo- Van Sickle ann Wallis, Peggy Wells, Madge Van Sickle, Martha Stehlik 7aia amd Smale! The girls' Sextet and Trio have done much toward entertainment for the different organizations in Emporia this year. The Trio is composed of Ellinor Brown, Peggy Wells and Madge Van Sickle. Those in the Sex- tet are Ellinor Brown, Margaret Rowlands, soprano, Joann Wallis, Peggy Wells, second soprano, Madge Van Sickle, Martha Stehlik, alto. There were two girls' glee club classes, one second hour and one third hour. From these classes the Concert Girls' Glee Club was chosen. This group sang at several of the churches, the state meeting of Parent Teach- ers Association, the Kansas Educators' Conference, over the radio, and at the Class Sermon. They also sang at several assemblies. All music groups were under the direction of Mrs. Roger Wager the first semester, and under Mrs. Jack Miller's direction the second semester. Both were very fine instructors. f39l Maven! Ghama MIXED CHORUS First row-J. Davis, Ross, Howard, Wells, Wallis, West, Foster, M. Robinson, Flowers, Schwindt. Second row-Dunham, Thresher, Suzanne Miller, Harvey, Gaedike, M. Smith. Third row-Rowlands, Stanley, Fanestil, Shirley, Aikman, Madison, Bond, Pyle. Fourth row-Bratten, Bleeker, Finnerty, Kirk, Main, Saylors, Groh, Fifth row-A. Schwindt, Horten, Gosser, Donnellan, Rees, Brooks, R. Robinson. Sixth row-N. Davis, W. Smith, J. Smith, Keeler, Korte, Reeble, James, M. Van Sickle, Drum, Stehlik. Seventh row-Stair, Embry, Collins, McGuire, Torres, F. Robinson, T. Van Sickle. The mixed chorus is composed of the Concert Girls' Glee Club, and the boys' glee club, under the direction of Mrs. Suzanne Miller. The highlight of the mixed chorus activities this year was the Christ- mas Pageant presented in conjunction with the grade school chorus and Junior High School chorus. The boys' glee club also sang at several assemblies. I 40 l emma gm' glee e all , ff lfirst row-Wallis, Gecht-er, Howard, Ross, J. Davis, Foster, West, Wells, Flowers, G. Schwindt. Second row-M. Robinson, Brinkman, Pyle, Thresher, Dunham, M. Smith, Fanestil, Stan- ley, Harvey, Gaedike. Third row-A. Schwindt, Horton, Brooks, VanSickle, Bond, James, R. Robinson, Miller. Fourth row-Rowlands, W. Smith, Drum, Groh, Saylors, N. Davis, Stehlik. Boyd' Qlee Glad First row-Bratton, Shirley, Madison, Van.Sickle, Aikman, Main, Rees, Reeble. Second row-Miller, Kirk, Finnerty, Donnellan, Robinson, Bleeker, Keeler, Korte. Third row-Stair, Torres, Gosser, Collins, Embry, McGuire, Langley, Smith. i411 Bam! amd Gfwheaha BAND MEMBERS. Flutes-Paula Creson, Nadine Noyes, Venita Henry, Nanette White, Wayne Smith. Oban'-Virginia Key, Mary Lou Peters, Robert Mitchell. Baxxoone-Harold Moore, Gloria Hayes. Alla Clarim'f-Charlotte Hopwood, Nadine Bitler, Shirley Ladner. Bari Clurilwf-Jeanne Ramy, Joanne Ramy. StI,XIl17l7077l'X, A110-Goldie White, Bill Cochennet, Marjorie Wagner, Delores Totsche. Su,x01vb0m'x, TK'l1Ill" Pat Tholen, Pat Phillips. Burifom' Saxopbom'-Adair Shoebrook. Clarilwfx-Mary Jo Rose, Buddy Getz, Gene Wilson, Willard Jones, Lois Johnson, Wanda Place, Ione Coman, Colleen MeCants, Shirley Lee, Doro- thy MeMillan, Nadine Gay, Harold Morgan, Francis Kiene, Adair Shoebrook, Bob Smith, June F. Atte- bury. Curllvis-Helen Hollingsworth, Donald Evans, Henry Dick, Clifford Perry, Mark Wliitla, Phyllis Hufferd, Betty Lary, Gerald LaCerte, Donald Koons. 1'll'l'lIl'l9 Hurnx-Rosalie Askew, Charles Jones, Norma J. Kopke, Barbara Hayes, Bdl'if0l1!'XLM3X Williamson, Albert Ropfogel, Leon Austenfield, Norburt Pier- son. T1'u111bw1r's-Marioil Plummer, Vernon Beattie, Merle Hayes, Keith Stafford, Phil Woodbury, Wil- ford Riegle, Kenneth Pohl. Tnbux-Ray Fowler, Norman McAd0o, Rodney Holdredge, Carl Knouse, John Hall, Charles McDonald. Drums-Henry Cobb, Don Luallin, Bob Dabbs, J. W. Brinkman, Lee Nelson, Jeanne Lambert, Donald Walrafen. ORCHESTRA MEMBERS. Violins-Lawrence Bleeclter, Barbara Shafer, Gloria Hayes, Charlotte Hop- wood, Rosalie Phillips, Marylin Heath, Virginia Key, Jeanne Ramy. Violu-Barbara Hayes, George Wil- lard. C0110-Mark Vfhitla, Margaret Montgomery, Buelah Smith. Burr Vial-Harold Moore. Piano-lone Coman. Fluff'-Paula Creson, Nanette White, Venita Henry, Nadine Noyes. Clurinvix-Mary Jo Rose, Buddy Getz, Gene Wilson, Wanda Place, Colleen MeCants, Harold Morgan. Suxollbam'-Goldie White, Pat Phillips. Corm'l.v-Helen Hollingsworth, Donald Evans, Betty Lary, Clifford Parry, Gerald LaCerte, Phyllis Hufferd. Fl'!'lll'h Horns-Rosalie Askew, Charles Jones. Eizjrlmllinm-Max Williamson. Trom- fwm'-Marion Plummer, Vernon Beattie, Merle Hayes, Phil Woodbury, Kenneth Pohl, Wilfizrd Riegle, Keith Stafford. Baxxvs-Ray Fowler, Carl Knouse, Rodney Holdredge, Norman McAdoo. Drums-Bob Dabbs. Donald Walrafen. E421 suns snows Km? am! .Queen One of the highlights of the year was the annual "Carnivalita." Con- fetti, noisemakers, crazy hats, many varied booths, all went together to make it a big success. At nine o'clock the concessions closed and everybody filed into the auditorium to witness the big event of the evening, the crowning of the Popularity King and Queen. Large, scintillating letters spelling Victory Couple, swinging between a huge, glittering "V,i' formed the background for the throne. As the identity of the couple had been kept secret, all eyes were on the stage when the curtain parted. There on the throne, flanked on both sides by the attendants and pages, was the Queen, Peggy Wells, and the King, Earl Gadbery. The attend- ants for the Queen were Alberta Cornwell, Kathleen Cannon, and Maurene Murphy. The King's attendants were Jack Powell, Darrell Stiffler, and Bill Allen. The tiny pages were Sue Russell and Max Dunlevy. A quartet of Emporia State Aviation Cadets provided a delightful program with both their solo and quartet numbers. The dance band played for the Coronation. After the Coronation the King and Queen followed by the attendants led the way to the gym for the Coronation Ball. i43l First row-Polley, Dabbs, Hall, Russell, Lindsay, Cornwell, Flaldung, Kraus, Wallis. Second row-Gadhery, Brinkman, Heath, Russell, Mallory, White, Ford, Murphy, Geiger. Third row-Ireland, Donelson, Fladung, Foster, French, McGuire. Zahn Hurry! Hurry! is the password and countersign down at the Echo headquarters. "Deadlines" have to be met. Time, tide, and the Echo Staff wait on nobody. A journalism class under the direction of Mrs. Jaquith turned in all copy. Remember the Ramblings Column and later the Gremlings Column? The Spartan Hit Parade and Here Are the Words were favorite spots of the Echo. An addition to this yearls Echo was a news item each week telling about an E. H. S. boy in service. This year's staff was headed by Alberta Cornwell, editor. Her able assistants were: Assistant Editors, Robert Preston, Nanette White, and Marie Brinkmang Business Managers, Earl Gadbery and Shirley Ford, Circulation Manager, Mary Alice Geiger, Sports Writers, Mike McGuire, Jerome Fladung and Don Fanestil. l44l l Frances Dunham, Glennis Foster, Peggy Wells, George Keefer. Bob Dabbs, Madge Van Sickle, Alice Groh, Mary Heffron. Bob Smith, Jerome Fladung, Frank Keeler, F. J. South Re-Zahn The Re-Echo staff was confronted With a great many difficulties this year, priorities being not the least of them. A late start added to their troubles. The graduation of Oliver Samuel, business manager, at mid- semester was an added difficulty. After many Weeks of indecision, George Keefer was appointed business manager. Having only one photo- grapher, a shortage of film, and time! 7 Rush to the engraver, rush to the printer-Wait, Wait, While ye ol Editor slowly goes batty. At last, everything in readiness, and the main hope is that you enjoy the annual, and appreciate the fact that you will have a keepsake of your high school days. The staff under the direction of Peggy Wells, Editor-in-Chief, are: George Keefer, business manager, Ruthann Kent, assistant editor, Bob Dabbs and Alice Groh, assistant business managers, Frances Dunham, copy editor, Madge VanSickle, senior section editor, Bob Smith, art edi- tor, Kathleen Cannon, typist, Mary Heffron, girls' sports editor, Frank Keeler, boys' sports editor, Glennis Foster, organization editor. l45l fwcfudlaial 14414 Industrial Arts classes under the supervision of George A. Lodle have completed another successful year. The beautiful pieces of furniture show the skill and artistic ability of the students participating in these classes. i . Classes offered in the Industrial Arts Department are Mechanical Drawing, Architectural Drawing, Bench Woodwork, Advanced Cabinet Making, Wood Turning and Vocational Carpentry. Courses offered in evening school are furniture repair, refinishing, upholstery, and home mechanics for girls. The following students have done outstanding work this year in the Industrial Arts Department: Junior Burnes, Howard Goodwin, John Jones, John Zieammerman, David Morris and Bill Hufferd. Students in the Industrial Arts Department have done additional work outside of class that included stage work, collecting junk, Junior Red Cross, and a Cabinet for the Girl Reserves. Much credit is due the students of the Industrial Arts Department. I46l First row, left to right-Edwards, L. Farr, J. Fowler, Wright, Torrens, Johnson R Fowler Van Gundy, Kusmaul. Second row--Ellis, Osman, Magathan, Stolfus, D. Gunkel, Albright, Ludy, Wllliams Edie H. Rees, Lyons. Back row-E. Rees, Landrith, Whitaker, Davis, Trear, Dailey, Kopke, Heckathorn Cun ningham, Strebel, Foster, Mr. Taylor. 4. 62. 14. l47l The Emporia Chapter of Future Farmers of America is a part of the national organization for high school boys studying vocational agri- culture. The officers for the year 1942 and 1943 are Harold Rees, president, Emlyn Rees, Vice president, Bill Evans, secretary, Max Cunning- ham, treasurerg Robert Foster, reporter, and Bill Landrith, farm Watch dog. The forty-nine members have done much for the War effort. The increase in size and scope of farm crops and livestock produced has been marked. In the shop, members have repaired machinery, built poultry equipment, hog feeders, cattle feeding bunks, and a Wide Variety of small repair jobs. The members are meeting the challenge of production for War. Q 949 ,- "' O x Yi s' Aofzzofotp, S 5,09 S ,5 ' s 5 4 ' 9 0 S 0 :Wt :V ,Q ,O .Q 1 ,Q ,Ov 3 4843 0 v 9 1 .-r 4 4 ' I o 4' 1 W' il . 'W' E 0 5 re 1 1 x' 0 Ezs 5f:Q'.6 9,009 QQ OO. .Qs 1 Qs' 5 0 " 59 9 Q . A xx : g' ,5 ' K 2' ' ' ,J-I nv Baggy! Smiles! 1 N Hi! Goon Gang R V for Victory All alone, and lonely? Three Musketeers Merry Sunshine Frame Up . . . Goodlooking . . . cars! Innocence? - A f-' N E, 'TS G it - ll'-X' if ' Us lf X L 48 2 ERN i 'L XQXUXQ f :Wu GG " X TUNNFJ- 31.4153 You name it! Daddy Struttin' along The B. Boys Working hard Together . , . again Peek-a-boo Glamour Gals Just call her "Willie!" What pretty scenery Guess who?? Recreation Droopsl E491 ,.,--- easel fifty if 3, itgii' in +1 'kts iii-x x X N 1 I D . ,. ,r1i5f,r,.,,.i.,1.2...,1Vi .,.,.,. .,.:-.:- V .H I- VA IIIQ, 3 XM? .L -- ,AQH :Tl f X zTL31.1g?.f X " if 'l' Nik. -'Q K f i f t X 2 r Q, 5333325512: A x i it xxx A :ZEEZEEEW +553 +1 x 'iquh -. E Q x ' ' ".1,, A x Z .1,. g. ,,.VA I A . .,,.: Q tai i ehec .i 1 i thu QQ 3 "" lfifllt- W' g 5223- "::: 555535552- X f fx 6 N if k C fm YJ WZ 1 ' + To our boys in the service. What can we sau? What can we say, we who are here at home, safe? We who have so few sacrifices to mahe. We who go along from flag to dag the same as always. What can we say to cnr boys in the service who are giving their lives? Giving up their dreams of the future. Giving up the people they love and the homes that they love. We say: God bless them and keep them, and may the lore of God be made to shine upon them and bring them peace. ISO! Gian Will We, the Senior class of '43, being of sound mind and a healthful body, do hereby bequeath the following to the poor unfortunate victims who fall into our footsteps: To the Sophomores, we will our talented brains and good looks. To the Juniors, we will our overwhelming ambition, hoping that "theirs" will not be censored. To the Senior sponsors all we can do is thank them and give them hearty congratula- tions for their survival this past year, but to keep them from missing us, Alice Groh will leave her ability to be late every day, and get by with it, to her sister, Dot Groh, who has already accomplished this art-How does she do it? Earl Gadbery wills his long legs to Norman: McAdoo whom We hope will puit them to good use on his paper route. Bud Pierson and Dale Wright, the two-ton Tonies of the football squad, take all they have because they would look funny without it. Gene Earl Wilson will gladly leave his extra piecesj left over from watch repairing to the scrap metal drive. Peggy Wells bequeaths her right arm to Marjorie Fanestil to carry on the G. R. songs. Maxine Nickel leaves her ability of spreading news to Freddie Williamson. Willa Jean Saylors leaves-with George Keefer. Barbara Kraus wills her athletic ability to next year's football and basketball teams. Louise Slattery bequeaths her broken and unbroken record collection to Ruth Granger. Junior Butler leaves his patrol boy station to Charlie Foote. Treva Shelton wills her "Song Bird of the South" reputation to Charlotte Shelton. Francis Waters takes his speeding with him. Alfred Lister leaves his jinx in the printing room to Mr. F. J. South. Maurene Murphy, Shirley Ford and Norma Stanley, the cheering cherubs of '43, leave their vim, vigor and vitality to the Juniors who will be wearing their shoes. Jerome talias "Whiz,'J ialias "Jerry"J Fladung wills his flashy skating ability to anyone who dares tackle it. Alberta Cornwell willingly leaves the position as editor of the "Echo," and a. used flashlight for dark nights after working on the paper, to her successor. LaMar Markowitz bequeaths his football helmet and his way with the women to Clair Thompson, who we know will make good use of the latter. To the Hlove-worn" of Emporia High whoever they may be, Kathleen Cannon and Darrell Stiffler leave their ability to kiss and make-up. With regret Jack Ames leaves his Rose CMary Jol in school, but to no Junior or Sophomore. Joe Kuhlmann leaves his basketball shorts and long reach to Carl Knouse, hoping both will fit. Ellinor Brown leaves her "EU grades to Bill Hickey. Norma Jean Donelson bequeaths her acting ability, throwing in the Southern accent, to Jeanne Walkinshaw. Mary Gayle Marsh bequeaths her executive ability in handling G. R., but not Oliver Samuel, to her successor. James Walkinshaw wills his curly locks to Jack Plummer. Jim Perdaris hates to part, but he must with his quietness, and while it must be wished off, he will leave it with Dean Fisher. Jack Powell, Bill Allen, Rodney Holdredge, Ray Hall and Oliver Samuel leave their championship cup to the Y. M. C. A. club room to be used for a Tiddley-winks bowl. Julia Ann French leaves her microphone to anyone who doesn't have mike fright. Notice to all underclassmen: The Seniors listed below are leaving at Senior High an accumulation of "What have you," to anyone who desires such or can qualify for same. The list to be posted includes: David Morris' whoopee, minus fenders, and breaks, Robert Lee Browning's brown and white checked shirt, Tom Hurst's voice-box, Marion Choate's purple evening pajamas, Don Lemons' red sweater, Mick Lindsay plus horse, Carrie Bur- ris's thimble, Henry Cobb's right arm to be used on the bass drum, Betty Jo Hallis soda fountain squirt to another jerk, Ruthann Kent's plaid shirt to be used strictly on a ranch, Madge VanSickle's winning smile, Robert Preston's ramblings, Dorothy Gechter's blond hair, and Kathleen Foxs aeronautical ambitions. Lastly we appoint and nominate the sponsors of the class of 1943 to be the witnesses of this our last will and testament. We, the Seniors of '43. WITNESSES-Miss Loretto Langley, Miss Maude Jackson, Miss Sophie Rodewald, Miss Ruth McCrosky, Miss Marion Howard, Mr. Herbert James, Mr, Edward Price, Mr. Ormond Parker, Mr. Alfred Smith. COMMITTEE-Joann Wallis, Robert Lee Browning, Dorothy Gechter, Kathleen Fox, Earl Gadbery, Ruthann Kent, Jerome Fladung. lill Glafu fhaphecq BILL ALLEN-Coach of the all-county basketball team of Olpe HU." BARBARA KRAUS-All American halfback and will play her final game at the Rosebowl. RAY HALL-E. H. S. coach of the Intramural All Stars. MAURENE MURPHY-Professional model for winter woollies. EARL GADBERY-Orchestra leader for the Gazette carriers. DAVID MORRIS-College professor of Fine Arts. SHIRLEY FORD-Stars in Broadway hit "Arkansas Traveler." BILL EWING-"Chl Gee! I'd like to be a G-Man and go bang-bang-bang!" ROBERT LEE BROWNING-Hunting Rommel in North Africa. RUTHANN KENT-Runs a Boarding School for Old Maids. N AOMI MEINEN-Seen with three red-heads, one big and two little. MARY GAYLE MARSH-Has a skunk farm in the Cascades. ROSE ANN HANSEN-Free as a Bird in a Gilded Cage. HOWARD GOODWIN-The iceman. lVlARIO'N CHO-ATE-Teaches new farm tricks to the F. F. A. DARRELL STIFFLER-Insurance salesman. Sure of everything but his love life. PEGGY WELLS-Finally got her chance on the stage but quit because the trunks were too heavy. KATHLEEN CANNON-Model for "Slim-Jane Pretzels." BETTY Jo HALL-Newly discovered Mae West. EMMA MARSH-Professional fingernail polish peeler off-er. LAMAR MARKOWITZ-Dandelion digger at the White House. GRACE SCHWINDT-Swam the English Channel. FRANCIS WATERS-Stable boy at the "Nags and Bags" race track. GLENNIS FOSTER-A parachutist. NORMA JEAN DAVIS-WON the baton twirling contest at the county fair. RODNEY HOLDREDGE-Private secretary to Hedy Lamarr. HENRY CU'BB-HlS latest book is "Corn," by Cobb. ALBERTA CORNWELL-Her favorite flower is a Rose. HOMER DAVEY-Peafl diver in the South Seas. TOM HURST-New announcer on Jack Benny's program. Competition for Benny. JAMES WALKINSHAW-OHCS a lover always a lover. MARY ALICE GIEGER-Head of the P. T. S. A. JACK POWELL-Floor walker in the utoddling-kiddies" department. CAROL COLBURN-She has just broken her seventh engagement. DOROTHY GECHTER-Is now wearing her hair "up," JUDY FRENCH-Scrubs floors in Radio City. MICKEY LINDSAY-How she loves the horses. JOAN BAILEY-RUHS a parking lot in the Arabian desert. DOROTHY FRY-Reducing exercises-Be spry with Fry. DOROTHY STANTON-Best dressed missionary. IMOGENE CANNON-There's still a Cannon Fruit Market. TREVIA SHELTON-Has just finished her third moving picture. FRANK KEELER-Making tooth brushes for Unpack That Snack Tooth Brush Manufacturing Co. HELEN AND JEROME FLADUNG-Running the "We Suit Youi' Apartments. FRITZ WICHERT-OWHQT of the College Grill. NORMA JEAN DoNELsoN-Head bouncer at the Stork Club. CARY BURRIS-Third from the left in the Rockettes. TIMA SUE RUSSELL-Still working for her seven-eighths oi' a credit so she can graduate. ANNETTE SNIDER-First woman governor of Kansas. l52l 1:11:11 1: in 1 1: 1 111 ini-1-1 11-3 41:12 1 un xozoioiogoqum 1 11111 1 1:1 3 1 cn 2 11111 1014110ioinioioioi 1 1 1 11212 1 io: 2 "KEEP 'EM SHININGU GOLDEN CYCLE SHINING PARLOR I. L. BUTLER, Prop. 619 Commercial W. I. MARSH R. D. MARSH EMPORIA PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Authorized General Electric Home Appliances Plmne 223 712 Commercial Congrnlulafions fo fbe Class of "43,' VIRGIL E. HURT 81 COMPANY, Incorporated Ou'llil1lQ :mil OI7P1'dfi11lQ THE KANSAS STANDARD LIQUIDATING SYSTEM C011-yrigbf 193 8 STRAND THEATRE BUILDING 41 PHONE 566 IEMPORIA, KANSAS WILCOX DRUG STORE DUTCH'S CAFE Fountain Service "Where Emporianx Dine" Prescription Specialists P 1 S03 Commercial STSJNP 505 Emporia, Kans. SERVED AT A SAVING EMPORIA PASTRY SHOP PAYS We Spmfiulizr in Qualify Paslry PARTY ORDERS FILLED 707 Com'l Phone 142 612 Com,l Roan: info ROMINITS DRUG STORE afirfr School ISSJ 1413112111212iiiriiiiiiiiiriuiziii -: ,V -: A:-1 1 1.01-1020 ! ! U :gi if 'V" f U U .V , .,.. J ! ' 4"' H 1 gg aj: "-" 1 251: ,151ef2EiL521a:i:3.5:2l5ZI "" ,.A- J :2,2i:?T 1 -"2v I '--- 111 '-4' 2 '--1 "" U -'--- G 5 -- - "" "" f ., 1 --" II 1 Q,Q U II We Assume All Responsibility E ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME Q Phone 76 E E Coneys, Chili, Wimpys U I , ' CONEY ISLAND 5 Phone 391 17 E. efh H ll Compliments of SCHOTTLER A J ONES-ANDERSON ELECTRIC Co. CLOTHING COMPANY 610 Com,l Phone 205 i VICTORY CREAMERY Co. U Pasteurized -I l l- Homogenized E Grade "A" Milk and Cream ' Phone 2405 22 E. Seventh Ave. Q U COMPLIMENTS E The Palace E Sth and Commercial C l M M Q 2 Q Q Q WlQ0-0QOQOQOQUQOQ - Q Q QI QI-1- Q 11,050 I 54 l 1 l O 0.0 loan: zz 1 1 1111: 1,111 1 3 1 1 11:11 a i School Books and SupplieS for l h i Grades, jumor and Scmor Hugh i SAMUEL BOOK STORE i Grrrling Canlx for All OFFll.Yi1IllX i Phone 59 526 Com'l Q DRY CLEANING ! BAIRD CLEANERS ! HATS CLEANED for g AND Bf'll1lfif1lI Dry Cleaning i BLOCKED Phone 939 13 E. 6th Ave. i g phone 127 RED X PHARMACY i J. J. KOWALSKI i Mvvi your fricmfx af our Foimfain i Cgle 624 Com,1 Phone 6 Q CWEW Dfoceem Q Cfund RUDY DOWNS Q SHOES g 12 East Sixth Avenue I I i 5 FRED J- SCOTT EMPORIA STATE BANK Q INSURANCE AGENCY 601 C ,I ! OITI g HIlIS1U"!'S Anyfhing Againsl i EH-yyflgingv SATISFACTORY BANKING E 10 EAST 6TH SERVICE g FRIED EI, SCOTT KENNETH A. Sco1'T i E DR. PEPPER PICKS YOUR ENERGY UP g EMPORIA SPORT SHOP E 705 Commercial 5 I A I 2 Three Goml Timm 10 Enjoy Lifr Mon' A T TIC ! At 10, 2 and 4 O'clock A HLE l GOODS Q Tasfr' Tlmf Flavor I ISS .gui 11111111 1 311: 1 :ug 1134111 1 1: 1 1 1 1 1:1101 10141 viuioi 1011111 3 in: 1 in in iuiixioioiuioiui xi 1 up 1 new o-moi 1 uinqooiuiuiniuii 2:13 Students Welcome Graduation Gifts 2 32, f R 1 ! EMPORIA BOWL I If ea I ll and n ian Jewe ry i TEN PIN SANDWICH SHOP at 714 Com'l Phone 431 the E , 1 II ' REDDY KILOWATT 5 ' Wishes You All i E L BEST OF LUCK: U U THE KANSAS ELECTRIC POWER CO. 1 MAYTAG SALES CO. THE TOPEC CAFE L Ill Maytag XVashers and Ironers 4 . L Philco Radios and Refrigerators We reed the Champlons of E' H' S' 1 Perfection Oil Stoves . S06 Commercial Phone 941 U 1 1114ll1ill1111,111i1iiii1ii'i11,,JNVIINNSQNWUIWY 131511111311111:1iii:i1i'w:,JH1ii11,:1ii'11iQjHHM E Seventy-six years ago Theodore Poehlcr started Il Wholesale i lll '4"'--' --iii grocery business in Lawrence, Kansas. His idea of good mer- llllll ""-" '-"" l - Q-Q-my ehandise embraced three essential elements- H A-gIgU'C?Ti' r5'6'1fu'eo-rw ' -ii' V 2 U GOOD SERVICE-1-HGI-I QUALITY-REASONABLE PRICES ' To this day the Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered steadfastly to these principles, E and with the growth and enlargement of its business, it will continue to adhere to them. E Our Products are Marketed under Two Brands: ' POEHLER KING flrancyj SUNBURST fExtra srfmdnfdp U II THE THEU. PUEHLER MERCANTILE CU. E Mc'PH1TRSON, KAN. LAWRENCIC, KAN. EMPORIA, KAN Q WHOLESALEIKS OF GOOD FOODS U Fomzdml 1867, lm: 1889 E A Kansas House for Kansas People E i 1561 f19ur lgearliesi fllnngraiulalinns in the Seniur Qllass--muh nur best fnislqes ilqai the future iuill bring in gnu ehergihiug that fnill make fur Quur lgappiuess- fllt has been nur pleas- ure in serhe ilge Seninr Glass as fnell as the glfzxrultg anh the remaining siuhenl hung uf Qnur fine lyiglq selgnnl huriug the past gear- '1Bruahiriefn Karel gilmer 115- Siehlynff cemmi ,gimmga The Citizens National Bank Capital and ,56 0 Emporia's Oldest Q f.fi'f.Zi?. 3 Surplus E '32 Q and Largest 5 ' f ' S5339,000.00 '-M ,-5 Bank LOANS Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Vault Checking Accounts Trust Department Time Certificates Foreign Exchange "Il Duct Maki' u lJiffi'1'1'l1z'1' W'b1'l1' You D0 Your Balllzilzgv 1011 1 1 21,111 1 1 1 1 1 131,11 1 1 1.1 71 1 an :nz-14-si,-4-01411111 11:f1:11:i1:-11412111 11:-12111.41111...1:r11114nu111101u4-111K11 ,:,, Will Rogers once Wrote: "Statistics have proven that there are 25 Bath Tubs ! sold to every Bible. And fifty to every Dictionary, and 389 to every Encyclo- g Q pedia. Proving that, while we may be neglecting the Interior, we are looking after the Exterior." We are not selling bath tubs but we want you to know We are selling 100 ll times as many Bibles and Collegiate Dictionaries as there are bath tubs being sold E in Emporia. E ECKDALL St McCARTY ' 1 i Compliments of THE PAINT MART E J, C, DUMM MARC MARCELLUS I FURNITURE CO- PAINTS WALLPAPER U i "In the Public I111fc'1'cst, COHUE11i6l'1CL' g and Ncccsxzfy . . . IRELAND SHOE K T S W SHOP ! Emporia, Kansas Q MUTUAL KSN U U U FOR RELAXATION-SEE A MOVIE g You'll Find the Pick of the Pictures at the i i l ! VCUZH CL KUZ V602 ! J Sf J Q l Cutlery TH' ' E S Hardware Radios Q A a Sport Goods pmt PHOKI sos Wallpaper Phone 105 i If You Care- Better Portraits Made Our Business i GRANADA STUDIO PHONE 705 D. D. DEGLER, Prop. 1111111411111 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 141 11 1 1 1 in1111141:u1u1n1oza1:mo:o i581 21111101 :xi 1 xioiuiuinznio 1 3 1 -oioiu-u--n-wagner 1- 1-1 ni :oil 1-11:1-1 -1 1 io- 111- get COMPLIMIQNTS OF ' For Bruises S. H. KRESS sf Co. glfif and Cuts Sc, 10e 8C 2Sc Store Headquarters for School Supplies At Your Drug Store I oz. 50c,4 oz. SL25 GW G I M P Diamonds Watches MVARSHALL RANDEL FORT JEWEL SHOP High School Jewelry SP1-Lcml. IZNGRAVING HII1SIll'dl1Ct' Pays" COMPLIMENTS OF PENNINGTON SUPER AUTO SERVICE HOME-OWNIiD-24-IIOUR SERVICE Phone 1038 DERBY PRODUCTS Sth SL Coml LEATHERBERRYS REXALL DRUG STORE Prescriptions AL'S SHOE SHOP AL KING, Prop. Shueffer Fountain Pens 723 COIT1,l Pl101'16 993 Cara Nome Toiletries Two Good Names to Remember When Buying LIFE INSURANCE URBAN C. BROWN and JOHN HANCOCK LIFE Phone 403 Office with Warrexx Mortgage C HANNA 81 KEEFER FOOD MARKET 628 Com'l Phone 219 Compliments F. W. WOOLWORTH Headquarters for School Supplies 609 Commercial Now as always- smartly styled quality clothes RUClwER'5 Head-to-Foo! OIlffiffL'VS COMPLIMENTS OF- Blfildlw Em110ria's Sfyopllzlug Cwzfm' Since 1868 591 iniinzoioirrioiuiuxni ini 1 1 it 1 mmuioininioii 1 in 2 oz 9 BUY 31,000 Q On the Installment Plan GROH BROS. ll You'll be plcascd with the case E and speed your 31,000 accumu- C lates through regular savings U plus your liberal earnings. U THE Phone 321 328 C0m'l MUTUAL BUILDING Sz E LOAN ASSOCIATION Emporia U HUgHES,T0DD LEATHERBERRYS I REXALL DRUG STORE D1amonds-Watches II Prcscri tions 2 Phone 482 523 Commercial Shacffcf FO'-lpflflin P0115 U , Cara Nome Toiletries U LITKE-STEPHENS FURNITURE co. Q 4. .. -H-U H.. fu. Quality Furniture-Frigidaire Phone 300 507 Com'l H U U U U U U THE EMPURTA GAZETTE U U U Printers and Publishers i COMMERCIAL PRINTERS U EMPORIA, KANSAS g i Printers of the K. S. T. C. Sunflower and thc E Emporia High School Re-lfeho i U U U U Q 111103411 1 1 1 ii 1 an an 1 0911 :Linz 1 111 1 111 4: 1 1 3011010 l60l fo 9,0 o:oi1o11-i------------3-----------1 ! ------------- -------'--- ! i This clirc'c'fo1'y of Emllmria Docforx is This zfirecfory of Emjwria Denfists i !I1l17liSlJL'tf in the Rc'-Echo for flu' frm- is jmlllisfacrf in thc Rc-Erho for the i z'ff11ir'11rr' of flu' jmblif. r'0n1f011ir'm'1' of ilu' public. I I I Q J. J. HOVORKA, M. D. J- M- GORMAN I Sur Dentist : geofl g Phone 428 Citizens Bldg. Phone 447 Gazette Bldg- I I C. E. PARTRIDGE, M. D. DR, E, W, MULKEY is Physician 8C Surgeon Dentist Phone ffi-- ' - ' ' ' O Lt 250, Home 2362 406 C117C1lS Bank Bldg : . . t ' ' ! Citizens Bank I Phone 498 ROBERTS ! CLYDE WILSON, M. D. LEATHER G00135 A u a e- oe e ui in ! I L gg g Sh R b 'ld g ' Pnone 271 K. E. P. Bldg. Gifts of Leather i 414 Com,I Phone 638 I I WARREN MORTGAGE Co. S CONGRATULATES g CLASS OF 1943 Q 28 W. sth Ave. TELEPHQNE 403 I g I-In BBY Hausa i 1003 East Sixth Ave. Phone 2625 Q Roller Skating Other Amusements g WE SOLICIT YOUR PRIVATE PARTIES i Call Us and Make' ATTd11gClfI677fS i CLYDE SHARRAI g PUBLIC SESSIONS EVERY DAY 7-10 P. M.-25c plus Tax I I , McKEE-FLEMING LUMRER Co. i LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL ! Fifth and Congress 1001 Home Owned Phone 73 ! E611 Luc. 1 1 3 iuiuin 2 111 20301010111101413111I1 1 2 I3:1n1o1nQo1 Autographs Autographs Autograph Wjslwifwwf W WWW , 7 1 K NW Q W Y v 9 ,XJ X 1 QNSJQ Q 55 G S ws T Ml an RA, , , .. . , m 11 I , nf- A ggi' eww .,.., .. ,,,. . E L3 E. V 4 ' f' Iv ' , 'f-.V-affmfvmuvf-m-wwvf f - .1 C. Y , 1 Wu:-1+ 5 A Riff ,.kw'i'Aa, ,,f,w"""M"w f .fi E1 : FZ ' 4.,5v.f' 1M,,,ff- 'wr A , www I . 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