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Q !L-M ff: , , , L ' Q , ,V ,rv fjz. V L X ,:.. ., ,f 'YLJ , A i V 5 f Q A V L 11 1 m 155 ' .Q I N ' 'L Q fg Q, , k 4 1 v i ' ,Oh q gp W A f 5,, 6 f 1 ,lwv 'gs ' V . nga Q S l Q? Ls 1 - . 1 ., 'Q 1 U , 4 f ff 6 b.fM , AI . .v,i x V V Q' , ., ' " T' T' '1 x f i'f ' 'A 1 1 ' ' ff ' I"r ' Q Q . i Q ' fl , fi ' n " - f ' ' ? i' A'nlAA. f, - i Vi 2 1 jf , " ff WIA, v . Q , ,. '2 XQ :QQ A + f In b m J, hi, P' Qh,V 1- h i' XR Q-. AN 'Qf 'q, v4lh. X n. ' - j g ' 1 F vs A5 I 1 ki J f " '+V' 5 Q1 vl5 i W ' . flfjlgg. I ' ' Q x n ' g , ' L f: ' 1 V r f ,,-Av , 4 ' h. Aw hVNA 1 ihih g 9Q 'a " AG J 9 f ' V:bx V q x j :l . i A 1 f b ' W A Q f' A ' A 'A. f m1 rf , V h q k V . m V q N wget ex ff , I 'f A,,, J it A A 1 ay 4 K. - A I 'l:b i iV V Z . b 99 A ND 1 T T A A2 A X rv ' 'k, ,Nw V , 1 V X- 5 K! 7 L E.' V. Vxxu T 'x'L! ,fqf ' w m 'fmx A 4 V V ' ' A .J ffl v' 4 , z gwwg Q? ,?5 Qig 4 X 0 ii W P WXQXQVNSX, QGQXQDWIX' QL N W QNX x9 Agxwg xvxwo v MTW NN NX M Z v1 Spartanas Sanctum An askance view of E. H iw W' My 'T qw f 1 Waaewarwf Deck the Hulk . . dance programs . . cards . . . party favors . . . notes . . . invitations . . . let- ters-all bring a happy glow. The memory of good times spent with good friends, the joy of receiving an office re- sponsibility, the knowledge gained from experience and books-all this crowded into one fast and elusive whirl, is a thing of the past. High school life is no more. The groundwork has been laid for an adult future and the class of "42" is looking for- ward expectantly. GLORIA DAVIDSON, 15111101- C. J. MCC ' OY, B11.vu1t'ss Mafzagrn' Rrfzvzcmber the 11210110.95 of 6'L'L'1'j'I'hi7lg? Those f i r s t classes in senior high, first parties, new friends, classes, and teachers? Everything was new and strange. Those never-to-be-forgotten days of play, work, responsibility, and friendship remain with us in retrospect. Looking back, reviving in- cidents, and remembering has been fun, hasn't it? That pressed corsage in the bottom drawer . . . menus I Princilwvs Pa S THE MI Tm: ELIPOKIA D-CONTINENT ENGRAVIYG Co. GAZETTE Lap A A. J I, ,f ,i IN y My xl IJEDICHTIUH Over fbcrc, over floere! To our boys in fbc army, fha navy, fha marines, and floc air corps, all branches of the serz'ic'e. In fbr' camln, 011 the boats, in ibn planes. Over there! In the cities, in the tropics, in the icelands, or wher- ever they may be, they know We are watching, We are waiting, and this book is especially for them. When they face a bayonet, a bomb, or a gun, we should remem- ber this is all for us, to protect our way of life. We should also remember some of our boys entered the armed forces soon after graduation, some left school before they had com- pleted their course. All of them, before they had a chance to show what they could do and in the most unselfish manner, have never realized their dreams or fulfilled their hopes, but they are out there fighting and training-all for country, all for us. To them, with the dedication of this book, the 1942 Re-Echo staff would like to say: 'lKccp 'em flying," "Keep 'em rolling," "Keep 'em smiling!" Ps 1,-1 Whethei' appropriating money, buying school supplies, hiring capable teachers or simply deciding a question of school af- Baaac! a fairs, the school board is truly responsible l in many ways for the success of our school. Although most students do not know the members of the board personally, we would like to say "thanks" to these per- sons who so willingly gave their time for the benefit of our high school. gcfacaiian OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Prcfsiflent ,,,,, ,,,... .,,, .,.,.,.,,, , F . B. HEATH Vffl,-Pl'C.Yil!l'lIf ,,,,,, c,c,c F. E. PENNINGTON SZl!JFl'i11lfL'71llf'I1f ,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,, W . M. RICHARDS SUl'l'l'fll1'j' ,,,, ,, ,cc, MISS ETHEL SHIRLEY Oflrcr lvlvzzzbns MRS.AW. D. Ross GEORGE GROH MISS ETHEL SHIRLEY ROY KRAMM MARSHALL RANDEL Scrwfuzg' fo fha Bom-J Six Una fsapezinfencfenl' W. M. Richards Helpful and cooperating for many years, Superintendent Richards has been an in spiration and an unfailing guide to us all. From his busy office come tactful thoughtfulness, efficient ability, Wise adminis tration and numerous other duties. We are proud to have this graduate of four different colleges and member of sev eral honor fraternities at the helm of our public schools. MISS HELEN FELTON Scfcrvfmfy to the S'LlfIC'1'i7ZfL'71Ll1C'71f Thorough and efficient in all she does, little known to the student body, Miss Helen Felton, sec- retary to the superintendent, Mr. Richards, handles a great deal of school business. Always on the job, Miss Felton performs her part well in the system of our school. Sc'w'n l Rice E. Brown Ewa flumupd Counselor, administrator, advis- or and friend-that's our own principal, Rice E. Brown. A true leader not only commands obe- dience-he inspires it. Our prin- cipal is a true leader. His limitless energy and great efficiency command our loyalty, his strong char- acter and winning personality inspire us to follow him. Principal Brown, we salute you! It goes without saying that the school would not run smoothly without your expert guidance. MISS VYQNDA HELFINSTINE Sr'z'1'efary fo lfae Prinfifml Want to get a work slip stamped? Like to use the telephone? Please look in your files and see how Sue is classified and where she is. Problems like these and many others are handled daily by "that person behind the dcsk,', Miss Vyonda Helfinstine-your ever present, ever ready and willing helper. High! HUGH BROGAN Assistant lo Principrzl, Business Exploration, Bookkcvlzizzg, Cozzzmcwirzl Law A. B., Emporia State College, M. A., Colorado State College of Education. GUM JENNY P. DOUGLASS Latin A. B., College of Emporia. F. JAY SOUTH Printing B. S., Emporia State College. Nine 'Q W X, FLOYD MQCUNE Senior Social Studies, Debate B. S., Emporia State Collegeg M. A., University of Colorado. 1 SOPHIE RODEWALD Gfonzctry B. S. in Education, Emporia State College. HOPE VANDEVER Girlx' Cozznsvlor, World Hixlorg A. B., University of Biikcrg M. A., University of Columbia. RUTH HOPKINS Voml Music, Geometry A. B., College of Empuring M. M. E., University of Kansas. CHARLOTTE HOWE Libl'lll'ft17l B. S., Emporia State College, B. S. in Library Siience, Uni- versity of Illinois. IRENE BROCK Typing, Business Exploration Shorthand, Booklzvepir1g B. S. in Commerce and in Education, Emporia State Col- lege. xl ORMOND PARKER Baud, Orchestra B. S. in Education, Emporia State College. LOIS JAQUITH English, IOIll'71l1li.YIIl A. B., College of Emporia. LORETTO LANGLEY i ELEANOR SIRPLESS Biology, English A. B., University of Kansas, M. A., University of Kansas. B. S., Emporia State College. We, the students, want to say, "Thank you, fac- ulty,', for a wonderful year. Another year has just passed of fine teaching, social fun, and helpful co- operation. We might say, your guidance, then for- ward! Miss Ruth Hopkins and Mr. Floyd McCune were the two new sponsors of the Student Council this year. The Kansas State Student Council Conven- tion, held in Emporia March 27-28, was a success principally because of the assistance of the faculty. Miss Hope Vandever was the only new teacher this year. Miss Vandever is dean of girls, teaches in the social science department, acts as director of the school's social program and as chairman of the fac- ulty sponsors of the Girl Reserves. MARGARET MILLER JOHN R, WILLIAMS Speech, Dramalics, English Biology, Emnomjf Gwgmpby A. B., Southwestern College, B. S., Emporia State Colleggg M- A-, Columbia UHiVEl'5ifY- M. S., Emporia State College. Ten GEORGE LODLE Mmmal T1'uir1ing B. S., Pittsburg Kansas State College. MAUDE JACKSON Amvrinm History A. B., College of McPl1ersong M. S., Emporia State College. There was such a large sophomore class this year that Miss Lillian Valentine, a junior high teacher, took over many of the senior high English classes. Another change was the replacement of Mr. Gor- don Zajic by Emory R. Arnold as manual training teacher. An addition to his department was the sheet metal class which many of the senior high boys entered. Mr. Hugh Brogan, assistant principal and teacher in the commerce department, aids in the successful undertaking of many school projects. SHIRLEY THOMSON English A. B., College of Emporia. EIz'L'z'n WOOD BLOXOM Algebra A. B., University of Kansasg M. E., University of Kansas. FRANCES KEENEY Art A. B., University of Kansas. ALFRED D. SMITH Physical Education B. S. in Education, Emporia State Collegeg M. S., University of Kansas. MARION HOWARD Sjmrzixh A. B., University of Kansasg M. S., Columbia University. J. W. TAYLOR VOL'tIff07ItlI Agl'iL'll1fZlTU B. S., Manliattnn State Col- lcgc. EDWARD PRICE Sr'ir'm'0 B. S., Emporia State College, M. S., University of Illinois. ANITA B. RICE Social Svimim A. B., University of Kansas, M. A., University of Kansas. LILLIAN VALENTINE English B. S. in Education, Emporia State College. MABEL COVER DILL Clolbing A. B., College of Emporia: M. S., University of Wisconsin. HERBERT ,IAMES English, Sruior Social Stmlicx A. B., Pittsburg Kansas State College, M. S., Pittsburg Kan- sas State College. ELLEN ICE Social Scirrzfz' A. B., University of Kansas A. M., University of Kansas. l RUTH CROSS Physical Ezllfcufiofl B. S. in Education, Hays Kansas State College. i MAY HANCOCK Foods B. S., Emporia State College, Twcl ue I V i 1 ef? ,Q QD 5 Defense Clubs "All 01lf for zlcfr'z1scf," yes, Emporia Hi has aimed in H, -4' every way to do its part for national defense. Early in the school year officers were elected by the student body to head these clubs. KUHLMANN, SAMUEL, RANDEL, FRENCH, WALLIS T011 row-First Aid Club, Radio Club SKTOIIHI row-First Aid Club, Camera Club First roza-Boys' Recreation Club, Cheerio Club 3 F011 rtvmz Much credit goes to these officers for the success of the projects undertaken by the school ranging from aviation to knitting, Some of the enterprises were knitting for the Red Cross and for Britain . . . build- ing up the morale of the armed forces as in the Cheerio club . . . and an early prepara- tion for defense work as in the sheet metal classes. The students profited greatly through this work and look forward to another successful year. Top 1'01L'-Sewing Club, Shop Club Srroml ron'-Sewing Club, First Aid Club First row-Boys, Recreation Club, Sewing and Knitting Club Fiflein T011 Vow-Rees, Day, Bratton, Pyle, Gadbery, Warner, Morris, Wiggans, Maxwell Sfmmf mu'-McCoy, French, Donelson, Wells, Marsh, Honeyman, White, Stcg, Blanchot Firxl ron'-Rntlike, Louis, Green, Graves, Lloyd, Bain, Macomber, MacFarlane Student Council OFFICERS Prcsiflcmf , .,,,,..,,,..., HELEN GRAVES Vice-President ..., VIRGIL HURT Sc'c'rchu'y ....... HAZEI, LLOYD Tl'FdS7ll'l'V ,,,. ,,,,. B . J. GREEN A fiffb .w1ccex.vf11l year rrnrfijnlefcfl. ami' the Sf1l!I'C'77f C01111ri1 has mmle bisfory in our school! Taking the leading part in the school activities, the council un- dertook the sale of defense stamps and bonds . . . promoted all school parties and the work of defense clubsg but the highlight of the coun- cil's achievements came on March 27 and 28, when it was host to the Kansas Federation of Student Councils. How were they organized? Backed by thirty-two members, in- cluding four officers and representatives from twenty-five home rooms, they held regular meetings on alternate weeks and special meet- ings whenever necessary. The principal, the girls' counselor, two fac- ulty members elected by the council, two selected by the principal, acted as advisors. Sixteen r I I i I l I l HI-Y A71!Ifh01' Wai' L'017lfJIL'ff'l1I"-fllldli Hi-Y has nuufc ,qreat st1'iz1f's.' What would hajlpwz Io our l11"1uila'e1'r'fl S01l1h0llZ01'C' if our Hi-Y bow Jia' nm' gc! lwim in line, help him bc- CGIIIE tlFLl1l!lil1fC'Il' wifb ffm xribool? The club this year undertook to present to the sophomore boys programs to im- prove their personality . . . Junior Hi-Y assemblies were based on social relationship and religion . . . occupations were the main topics of the senior boys since they are faced with the problem of a future vocation. "1942,' was a venturesomc, victorious year for the three Hi-Y clubs filled with activity, excitement, social fellowship-picnics . . . hayrack rides . . . and fun-nights at the Y. M. C. A.-sponsoring Girl Reserve-Hi-Y play and Carnivalita-preparing and delivering Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for the needy. Here's to the Hi-Y, and may its members always be true by promoting higher standards and ideals among the boys of our school! Pwsideuzi ,,,.,,,,,, Vice-PI'esiJc11i Sc'crefa1'y ,,,,,, Trcfuszmfr L Sjmnsor 7 OFFICERS OF THE HI-Y Senior Junior XHRGIL HURT Prcsiflcnf ,,,,,,t, 7 BILL WOLIYE Vice-Plvsizffffzf HUMPHREY LEWIS Svcrefm'y BOB BRIER T!'UHS1ll'l'l' L JOHN R. WII.LIAMS Sjnomor Sophomore President , ,,,,,,,,t,, ,,,,,, B OB DONNELLAN Vice-Prcsirlv11t , , tt,t,, CARL KNOUSE Sf'Cl'f'fl1l'J' . ,,,v 7 ,,,, JACK ATHERTON Tl'Ull57l1'CI' .,., RONALD MERWIN Sjzonsor ,.,. ,. ..,.. ALFRED SMITH JACK AMES DALE ALDRIIJGE EARL GADBERY ToM HURST HERBERT JAMES Sz'L'r'nteer1 First row-Publicity Committee, Social Committee Sffonzl rou'-Membership Committee, World Fellowship Committee Girl Reserves OFFICERS Prvsitlrazf ,,,,, ,,,,, ,,t.,,,,,,. ,,.,.t, , .,,,. C A R Rin ARNOLD Vice-Prcxiflcizf ,.... ,,,, K ATHLEEN CANNON SC'C1'6'f!l7'j,' ,t,.t,... ..,. CAROL BRONSEMA Tifraszziw' .,,, , ,,,,,.,. .. ,, ,,,, , XVINIFRED LOUIS All girls at Emporia High have the opportunity of belonging to the largest girls' organization of the school. Completely democratic, the G. R. finished another year with increased interest and many ac- complishments to its credit . . . Remember the Mid-Winter Confer- ence in October and the Salina, Wichita, Emporia Inter-City Con- ference in February? . . . the "Stag dances" and what a hit with the students they made . . . S100 defense bond that was purchased in order to help defend our country . . . annual heart sister week and the new acquaintances made . . . the annual Parent-Daughter program held in May . . . the money making projects-magazine sales, the Carnivalita -the G. R.-Hi-Y benefit play . . . the joy found at Thanksgiving time after distributing baskets of food to the needy? Eigbz'L'z'11 Due to the splendid leadership of our sponsor, Miss Hope Van- dever, the many new ideas that were tried have proved successful. D0 you remember who gave us one of the best assembly pro- grams of the year? . . . The Burrough Girl Reserves, of course! The chapter, composed of twenty-two members, has done much under the direction of their sponsor, Mrs. Lois Jaquith .... During their meetings they made a scrap book of famous Negroes . . . decorated the Mary XVhite room . . . had a turkey dinner at the Y. W. C. A. during the Christmas time . . . sang well-liked Negro spirituals at the Mid-Winter Conference .... The president of the club is Lorentine Butler. Ninelem First row-Service Committee, Worship Committee Second row-Burrough Girl Reserves, Program Committee Third row-Finance Committee, Music Committee Top row-Preston, Bain, Steg, Wllite, Conklin, Richards, Fuller, Getz, South. Tbirzl row-Cobb, Larson, Randel, Arnold, Fox, Nickles, Getz, Kclls, Campbell, Creager. Sefomf row-Samuels, Yearous, Choate, Maxwell, Johnson, Hopwood, Burnap, Harriman, Bronsema. Firxl row-Russell, Cornwell, Hansen, Lloyd, Brower, Marsh, Gsery, Kraus. TVl7f'l'f',S flmf wtf 1l.'I'Pk,S mlm? . . . See Mrs. Iaquifb! . . . Gr! flue press rolling! . . . Wl1z'rcf's Mr. Srmfln? . . . Hurry! The "Emporia High Echo" might be symbolized in the byword of newspapers, "Hurry." The hustle to get copy in . . . the anxiety . . . the ever increasing search for news-all are valuable for a jour- nalist career. But who can forget the "Echo,'? Surely not its victims! Re- member-"A Guy" and "A Galn?-the feud between Snooper's Snickers and the Dunce's Corner-the Spartan's Spotlight? This year all copy was turned in by the members of the journa- lism class which meets fifth hour under the able direction of Mrs. Lois Jaquith, who has charge of all copy. Mr. South was in charge of all business and of the printing department. Hazel Lloyd headed the staff as editorg Barbara Brower and Dor- othy O'Donnell, assistant editorsg Harold Geery, advertising managerg and Betty Hansen, business manager. It's been a lot of work but a lot of fun-with every member of the staff Cooperating to make this year's issues rank among the best of the paper's history. Twrnig Re-Echo September, October, November-Exchanging year books . . . probing through them . . . reading the Scholastic Editor from cover to cover . . . talks with Mr. Dill- man . . . chewed up pencils . . . and bromo seltzer . . . and then a clue! The book took shape for we had found a theme at last .... December-the staff slave over their as- signments . . . "ad" managers began to haunt downtown merchants . . . January-Mr. South returned after a month's illness and we realized how much he had been missed . . . seniors were requested, urged and finally commanded to have their pictures taken . . . February-pictures were rushed to the engraveris to meet the deadlines . . . pictures of organizations were taken and photographers were worked nearly to exhaustion . . . March junior sponsors selected representatives for editor and business manager . . . business manager meets advertising quota and lunges far beyond it . . . April-copy for books was proof read . . . last minute check-up was made . . . sections of the annual began to roll out at the Emporia Gazette printers . . . May--printing was completed . . . the lustrous red covers arrived from the Bechtold Cover company . . . books were sent to Kansas City to be bound . . . distributed the last week of school . . . business manager paid bills . . . Re-Echo staff retired to sanitarium .... Here,s to new, bigger, and better Re-Echo for Emporia High School! The 1942 Re-Echo staff was as follows: Gloria Davidson, editor, Winifred Louis, assistant editor, C. J. McCoy, business manager, Bill Saffell, Virgil Hurt, Eleanor Ran- del, assistant business managers, Barbara Prier and Jean MacFarlane, organizations edi- tors, Jean Burnap, copy editor, Dorothy Mclntosh, girls, sports editor, B. J. Green, boys' sports editor, Carol Bronsema, calendar editor, Lorene Ziener, art editor, Connie VanCleave, typist, Jack Herron and Bryan Doles, kodak editors, Peggy Wells and Oliver Samuel, junior representatives. T017 row-Samuels, Green, Hurt, Doles, Saffell, Randcl, Burnap, Mclntosh. Sccoml' 1'ow-Wells, Prier, Herron, Bronsema, Louis, MacFarlane, Zeiner. Third row-Connie VanCleave, Davidson, McCoy. Tlwlzly-Ovlf' 5 Saaielaled .falfinad Vcnimus, ifidimus, 'L'iC'fII1ZlS!-rrwl' came, we saw, we co11q110z'ra'!"-Latin? Thus answers the Latin clubs, which are organized by each class forming its own club . . . electing officers . . . drawing up a constitution . . . choosing Latin words for a name. Officers are elected twice a year so that students may have an opportunity to develop and use their ability in leadership. The meetings are held during the regular Latin class hour once every three weeks, the president and vice-president alternate in presiding at the meetings. Each student is given an opportunity to plan and participate in at least two programs during the year. Fellow Latin students will not forget the good times they had at skating parties, line parties to the picture shows, picnics, and hayrack rides, or the joy they found in helping others by distributing baskets of food to the needy at Thanksgiving time. Can- celled postage stamps were collected this year to be sold for the benefit of a children's hospital in London. Are all the officers for the year b1'exc11t? Adxum! Shirley Straight, Jean Pyle, Margaret Montgomery, Homer Davey, Jean Tyson, Joan An- derson, Katherine Taylor, Bill Woods, Paula Creason, John Rees, Ruth Granger, Gene Bratton, Marie Brinkman, Barbara Bond, Carol Drum, Marjorie Wagner, George Keefer, Maxine Gunsolly, Carl Knouse, Junior Hutton, Beverly Honeyman, Ardyce Macomber, Lucille Steckel, Edward Jones, Lewis Kecfer, Doris Butler, Nanette White, Carol Ann Wilcox, Bill Corey, Walter Rathke, Leon Austenfeld, James Walkin- shaw, Bob Donnellan, DeWayne Spat, Joan Beck, Junior Ninneman, Ima Jean Varner, Bob Embry, Bar- bara Dabbs, and Clair Thompson. The pictures relJ1'ese11t lbc vnemlacrs in all five clubs. Twenty-Two Dramatics Grease lmint . . . serilits . . . lu'0l1erfiex . . . zz f0l',Q0ff6'l1 wig or a nzofh eaten foupe --all are suggestive of fbe sixth hour d1'tll7llllljl.'S class. Highlights of the year were the one-act plays presented in assembly: "The Last Curtain," "A Christmas Made to Order,', "Jacob Comes Horne," "Someone for Bunnyf' Remember "At the End of the Rainbow," given at the Girl Reserve Mid-Winter' Con- ference, "Mrs, Harper's Bazaar," presented at the Tri-City Girl Reserve Conference? Two big nights for the dramatics class were the nights that "June Mad" and "Sky Roadn were presented, the latter being the senior play. Hours of toil were given under the capable direction of Miss Miller to produce these plays, which were received by an enthusiastic audience. And so closes another dramatic year for our high school actors. The cast of "June Mad,' was as follows: Helen Graves, Kenneth Snow, Julia Ann French, Bryan Doles, James Byrd, Mary Gayle Marsh, Barbara Prier, Darrell Stiffler, James Smith, Jean MacFarlane, Ira Jay South, Barbara Brower, and Glendon Iverson. The student directors were Eleanor Randel and Jean Miller. The cast of "Sky Roady included Barbara Prier, Kenneth Snow, Eleanor Randel, Bill Saffell, Warren Keeler, Jean MacFarlane, Helen Graves, Juanita Kuhlmann, Lloyd Smith, Oliver Samuel, Glenna Thompson, Virginia Getz, Carrie Arnold, Betty Hansen, and Bill Pratt. Tzvcr1fy-Three Industrial Arts Beds. tables. rfyairs. lambs, chests-in fact almost any household jcllfllifilff is made by the boys and exbibiferl Cach year in the Civic Aurlilorium. Mr. George Lodle, supervisor, has charge of five classes in the Industrial Arts de- partment. They are manual training, wood turning, advanced cabinet making, archi- tectural drawing, and mechanical drawing. Much credit goes to George Lodle for the fine Work these boys turn out. If you should step into their basement domain you would hear laughter amid the noise of hammering, sawing, and busy work. For in the informal atmosphere of their classes these boys are happy in jobs Well done in important work worth doing. Twenty-Four Future Farmers of America Frmn Kanxax City to Eureka. from srnall farms to large ranches, our Future Farin- ers of America are known for fheir interest and fine work on farms. The sixty-three boys enrolled in this national organization consist of four degrees: Greenhands, Future Farmers, State Farmers, and American Farmers. Each of these de- grees is based on achievement. The activities of the chapter have been varied and many. Our chapter was host to an officers' training school in September. The out-of-town activities consisted of a trip to the American Royal, to Barrier field day at Eureka, and many other short trips. The F. F. A. contributed much towards helping with the defense activities. This year's F. F. A. officers Were: president, Floyd Pederson, vice-president, Paul Richardsg secretary, Clifford Kopkeg reporter, Joyce Bersuchg treasurer, Douglas Pow- ellg Watchdog, Dale Hines, and advisor, J. W. Taylor. , Twenty-Five Emporia High Qrchestra Many of 11X dzzring first loom' bear swecf sfrains of Il11lSiC from across fbe way. Of Cozirse, we all know that it is our own senior high orcfaesira. We have heard it before at our school plays and we can't forget the Yuletide melo- dies they played at the Christmas pageant. Also, from the organization, a quartet of violins played at the hospital during the Christmas week. Few of us will forget "Elmer's Tune," as played by our own high school dance band at the Junior-Senior Prom. This group is composed of members from our orches- tra and band. ,Ji 5, PERSONNEL OF THE ORCHESTRA Violins-Ellinor Brown, Bctty Jane Morse, Lois Ridenour, Barbara Sha- fer, Gloria Hayes, Ruthella Hawkins, Rosalie Phillips, Marilyn Heath, Marian Smith, Henry Cobb, Bill Smith, Laura Clark, Willys Fancher, Bill Huffcrd, Arlone Garriot, Charlotte Hopwood, Jeanne Ramy. Viola-Fay Key, Hazel Lewis, George Willard, Barbara Hayes, Louise Miller. Cello-Betty Jo Hall, Margaret Montgomery, Beulah Smith. Bass Viola-Carol Ann Wilcox, Har- old Moore. Oboe-Rhea Lindsay. Fizlfzxv-Paula Creson, Amy Larkin, Er- nestine Mautz, Eberle Baldwin. Clarini'ls-Robert Warner, Jack Ames, Carol Drum, Bill Jones, Harold Morgan, Lois Johnson. Bass Ciilrinel-Dorothy McIntosh. Saxojilaones-Norma Jean Knouse, Bill Cochennet, Eugene Stair. Corllcts-Helen Hollingsworth, Jack Herron. Frenfb Horns-Charles Jones, Barbara Kraus, Rosalie Askew. Baritone-Max Williamson. Tromlzoncs- Marion Plummer, Harry Telfer, Phil Woodbury, Merle Hayes. Drums-Bob -:L Dabbs. Tuba-Rodney Holdrcdge, Norman McAdoo, Ray Fowler. Piano- Imogene Varner. X T we nly-Six Emporia High Band A shrill whistle. then a roll of llI"1ll7lX, and out sfelms the E111 lzoria High School Baud led hy our Iiwly rlrunz I7llli01'CffC', Norflza jean KI101lSt'j three vzujorefies, Connie Vrllz Cleave, Mary jo Rose, :mel Dolores Tofscheg and our direcfor, O. R. Parker. Flashing instruments, trim black uniforms with bright red belts, shining brass but- tons, black and red caps. Few of us will forget what a vivid appearance they made playing at all home football and basketball games, as well as in city parades. Our band of seventy-four members deserves much credit also as a concert band, playing everything from Rossini's "William Telln to "Daddy" They won the highest possible rating at the district contest for the past three years andf also went to the na- tional contest at Topeka. Besides school affairs, the band has been and is always ready and willing to fulfill any request made by other organizations. PERSONNEL OF THE BAND Oboe-Rhea Lindsay. Iillzies--Gloria Davidson, Paula Crcason, Mary Ann Steg, Erncstine Mautz, Amy Larkin, Nadine Noyes, Mary G. Richards, Nanettc White. Piccolo-Eberle Baldwin. Alto Clarinet -Evelyn Shirley. Buss Clarinet-Dorotliy McIntosh. Bnxxoolzr-Fay Key. CIr1r'im'lx--Earl Gadbery, Robert Warner, Jack Ames, Kenneth Peery, Adair Shoebrook, Wfillard Jones, Bill Jones, Carol Drum, Francis Kiene, Harold Morgan, Melville Archer, Jonetta Ewing, Leila Lewis, Junior Hutton, Lois Johnson, Robert Felts, Buddy Getz, Mary Jo Rose. Saxolmhourx-Connie VanCleave, Norma jean Knouse, Goldie White, Delores Totsche, Bill Cochennet, Eugene Stair, Elizabeth Richards. Cornvfx-Helen Hollings- worth, Jack Herron, George Keefer, Phyllis Hufferd, Lawrence Walker, Junior Parry, Gerald LaCerte, Donald Evans, Mary Robinson, Edna Lee Timmons, Richard Wecker, Leon Austenfeld. French Horus- Charlcs Jones, Barbara Kraus, Maxine Gunsolly, Jeanne Ramy, Rosalie Askew, Brian Shannahan. Trom- bUlI6'S-Bl3I'l0I1 Plummer, Vernon Beattie, Phil Woodbury, Harry Telfer, Merle Hayes. Tnhas-Rodney Holdredge, Carl Knouse, Norman McAdoo, Gerald Hobbs, John Hall, Ray Fowler. Drums-Henry Cobb, Bob Dabbs, Theda Simons, Wlarren Brinkman, Bob McCants. Tzwzziy-SrL'e11 T011 row-Versal Ermey, Helen Kelly, Glenna Thompson, Madge Vansickle, Helen Woodworth, Mar- vene Bretz, Trcva Mallory, Beverly Honeyman, Carol Colburn, Alice Groh, Willa Jean Saylors, Trevia Shelton, June Dell, Barbara jean Bond, Edith Grimes, Ardyce Macomber, Ethel Fancher, Leland Work- man, Scott Workman. Fourlb mu!-Ralph Sill, Bill Minnich, Rosa Mae Schwindt, Frances Dunham, Lctha Brooks, Grace Schwindt, Wilberta Gay, Anita Fulton, Beatrice Lodle, Rosella Harvey, Helen Graves, Helen Cameron, Katherine Maxwell, Dorothy Beitz, Evelyn Davis, Nadine Howard, Bill Hickey, Larry Shepard. Tbiril row-Frank Keeler, Chester Walder, Virgil Hurt, Jim Crain, Mike McGuire, Morgan Kramm, Fritz Pyle, Bernie Olin, Gene Wilson, Bob Stout, Bill Corey, Dale Hines. Svcoml row-Margaret Rowlands, Tima Sue Russell, Peggy Wells, Joann Wallis, Jean MacFarlane, Lucille Flagler, Barbara West, Thelma Dunfield, Jaunita Robinson, LaVerne Buckley, Glennis Foster, El- linor Brown, Joyce Roehrman, Jean Pyle. Firsl row-Charles Shirley, Bill Morgan, Buddy Kirk, Bob Vail, Gene Bratton, Leo Kean, Dolph W'right, Bill Reeble, Wendell Bretz, Jack Doles, John Rees. Mixed Chorus "I Hear America Sizzgingln Yes, our Mixed Chorus is a cross section of America and they sang this song at the Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, held at the Civic Auditorium. This is only one of the many colorful occasions of the year featuring our senior high Mixed Chorus under the direction of Miss Hopkins. Devoted to music and thrilling to its various moods, these true music lovers made their appearance, singing beautiful Christmas carols at the Annual Christmas Pageant, but the greatest honor be- stowed on the chorus was their help in the presentation of the "Messiah" at the College of Emporia. T1L'e11fy-Eight Girls' Glee Club The bafou is raised . . . a lamb falls over the amfieffcc . . . and a host of voices are Iiffen' in rich harmony. So many girls were enrolled for Concert Girls' Glee club that two glee clubs were organized. The members were chosen especially for the quality of their voices and for their ability to carry their own parts. Remember the group that appeared first on the assembly program at the begin- ning of the school year? Why, it was the Boys' Glee Club. This glee club is open to all boys in school and is a part of the Mixed Chorus. The club was organized on a different basis this year: full credit was given if taken five days a week and along with pleasure singing, music appreciation was added. Working together and sounding their chords in harmony, the boys, and girls' glee clubs receive applause through the last encore. TOP PICTURE'-T013 'row-Frances Dunham, Letha Brooks, Carol Colburn, Betty Crowley, Gwen- dolyn Anderson, Trevia Shelton, June Dell. SITUIIII row-Norma Jean Donelson, Ellinor Brown, Ardyce Maeomber, Patty Tholen, Edith Grimes, Norma Dow, Betty Drake, June Mann, Miss Hopkins. Firxl row-Helen Graves, Helen Cameron, Peggy Fry, Patty Enclly, Margaret Rowlands, Aleta Bras- icr, Barbara Hayes, Jean Hoffman. Lowrzix PICTURE-TOIJ row--Rosa Mae Schwindt, Madge VanSickle, Alice Groh, Glenna Thompson, Willa Jean Saylors, Helen Kelly, Treva Mallory, Helen W'oodworth, Beverly Honeyman, Norma Mayes, Barbara Jean Bond, Jean Pyle, Ethel Fancher. Scroml row-Peggy Wells, Tima Sue Russell, Lucille Flagler, Anita Fulton, Marvene Bretz, Wilberta G-ay, Beatrice Lodlc, Marie Brinkman, Katherine Maxwell, Esther Holt, Eloise Stout, Dorothy Beitz, La Verne Buckley. Firxi row-Joann Wallis, Jean MacFarlane, Evelyn Davis, Grace Schwindt, Joyce Roehrman, Nadine Howard, Rosella Harvey, Jean Thompson, Thelma Dunfield, Juanita Robinson, Glennis Foster, Barbara West. Twenty-Nine BRATTON, WALKER, HURT, M'GUIRE BROWN, COLBURN, WELLS, PRIER, CAMERON, BROOKS Girls' Sextet - Boys' Quartet Who gave singing entertainment at P. T. A. meetings . . . school radio programs . . . assemblies . . . various town churches . . . many of the community clubs? Who gave a fine performance at the Junior-Senior Prom? Why, you know-the Girls' Sextet and Boys, Quartet! What a thrill they experienced when asked to sing at the American Red Cross benefit show at the Civic Auditorium in February. The audience received a thrill also. From sacred to classical music they were a hit, however, their special feature, of special enjoyment to the students, was their presentation of many popular songs at school af- fairs. The best liked songs were "Blues in the Night" . . . "Any Bonds Today?,' . . "Maw, I Miss Your Apple Piel' . . . and "The Marines' Hymn." Boys' Glee Club Top row-Virgil Hurt, Frank Keeler, Bill Minnich, Jim Crain, Mike McGuire, Gene Wilson, Fritz Pyle, Morgan Kramm, Bernie Olin, Dale Hines, Chester Walker, Bob Stout. Sc'c'011ff Tow-Miss Hopkins, Bill Morgan, Versal Ermey, Ralph Sill, Bob Donnellan, John Rees, Bill Corey, Jack Doles, Scott Workman, Leland Workman, Bill Hickey, Firslf row-Buddy Kirk, Bob Vail, Leo Kean, Charles Shirley, Gene Bratton, Dolph Wright, Wfendell Bretz, Bill Reeblc, Larry Shepard. l fhirly 'rSflIIl7iXfif'I11l'l1 Tuffy?" "'Iobm1y Gvi Your Gzmf' "I Nvrrr Took ri Lrsxon in My Lifrf' "Yau Must Huw' Born a Bwftiful Baby." "Smilz'x." "W'hisrlr Wfhilr' You Wn1'k.,, "Dorff Ask Mr' Why." "Sw0c'1' Sixh'i':1." "Playmali'x." "Old MurDm1aIi1 Hari ll Farm." "Ki'f'I1 Smiling." "Ain'f Mixiivhalfiligf RD!IjflI7'l'llNIi?1g,,, "Wham C00li'.i11,?U "You Nami' It, Wi' Cul1'f." "Hail, Hail, Mm Ga11g's All Hvrn Thirty-One "Shoot the Sberbel to Mc, Hcrln'rf." "Music, Mnfxlro, Plum." "Ami Ihr' Angfls Singf' "Ridin' High." "I Dorff Want to Walk Wilbfzzzt You." "Sffz11zIi11 'in flu' Nrrzl of Prnye1'.', "Skull HfH1'fC'!i MPM." "Ir'rx1'yx Bo1117rf'." "Lrrt's Br' Bmlzlirfsf' "Shot Sbi71f'1',X Drag." "W'hy Dmfl XVI' Do This More OffCI7?,, "WU Tb1'l'U.,, Happy Duyx Are Here Againf' nEI'l'l'j'l7IIffj',S Dain' If." "W'c' Go wffll Togc'fberf' "Gang Busters." Thirty-Two S . If 5 Y l aaa-Mall SMITH, "IU Team KOCH, Track BLOXOM, "B" Team 0144 Goa-cfaai Coach Alfred Smith, as well as Coach Bloxom and Coach Koch, are several of the factors why we have been so successful this year in athletics. These coaches have won the admiration of all the students because they not only strive for victories over their opponents but stress good sportsmanship from their players as Well. It is little Won- der that "Scorchy,' and our other coaches are respected among all high schools of this section. Our boys this year, though not always in the Winning column, played hard and well, disappointing no one. We had prospects of a fairly good team and when the call for practice came, thirty boys re- ported for the "AU squad. Seven of the thirty were letter men and the better part of the remainder were last year's reserves. Although we Won only four out of the nine games, the scores show our boys played better ball than this sounds. We scored a total of ninety-six points to our opponents, eighty-one. The boys played their best game of the year against our bitter rival, Topeka. However, the climax of the season Was the overwhelm- ing victory over Burlington, of which the score was forty-six to seven. Tlurfy Four At the and of the season, "Ob,' Lowry was chosen by the Gazette as the most valuable player of the year. The "BU team this year was composed mostly of sophomores with a few juniors. The boys played good football, not spectacular, but just a steady game. From the appearance of the team this year, the "A" team will have good material coming up next year. So long, seniors, and here's to an even bigger and better E. H. S. fighting team. TOP PICTURE-T017 mu'-XVright, Lowry, Collins, Magathan, Lowry, Bizal, Sharrai, Clapp, Pierson Markowitz, Cooley. Svmflil row-Mr. Smith, Mann, Martin, Cooper, Smith, Welker, Canaday, Miller, Utt. Firxf l'0IL'TW3lkCf, Becker, Campbell, Granger, Weaklcy, Jenkins, Hurt, Rowlands, Mr. Bloxom. BOTTOM PICTURE-T011 mu'-Pyle, Tyler, Fladung, Mitchell, Williams, Hutton, Flowers. Sfromf row-Bratton, Smith, Sill, Torres, Dell, Hufferd, Olin. Firxf rozc'-Xvorknian, Murphy, Merwin, Kccfer, Black, Robinson, Faust. Thirty-Firr' Ob. Lowry, SS D. Clapp, 75 . C. Granger, 99 C. Bizal, 89 . D. Wfright, 81 B. Collins, 93 . M. Mann, 87 . W. Jenkins, 82 B. Martin, 94 , MV. R. Campbell, 84" qaaiiall . . Half Back . Full Back . Quarter Back 1 . End . Tackle . Half Back . Guard . . Guard . Half Back . . Half Back .feiieamen M. Slmrrai, 85 . B. Canaclay, 76 K. Cooper, 97 . A Lowry, 86 . C. Rowlands, 95 XV. Cooley, 78 . V B. L. V Noir-Carl Utt,'19!Kl, Half Back Hurt, 80 . Pierson, 77 . Smith, 79 . Wfeakley, 98 fnot in the picturej. . Guard . Tackle Half Back . End . Guard . Tackle . Center Full B121 ..End uarter Back Thirfy-Six' fledullldf of Zlfze Seddon XVicl1itrl North El Dorado . . Hutchinson . Larned . Topeka . Ottawa . Wfinfield . Newton . Burlington . Total . Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Total , f I W4 T CQL:.V 2542? f Arai Zo fx 5, N pam J C, r in J, A f' .T A 4.- ff 7 4 Czeager, McCoy, Smith, Wells, Vfalkcr, Martin, Wfilson, Cooper, Lowry, Woodruff, Torres, Weakley Gccry, Mr. Smith. Baffkeiiall The basketball xr-nxrnz was like zz ,glorious ware wifb fbv Slmr1'n115 rirfing on ifx n'rr'.tf. The squad turned out for practice with four major lettermen and a nice looking group of last year's reserves. Both the squad and coaches worked hard, and they started their eighteen game season with the Wichita North Redskins as their opponents on the home court. ff The next week they journeyed to Dodge City for fs the early season basketball clinic, and they had the P 0 . e Opportunity to play before the watchful eyes of "Phog" Allen, K. U. coach. By the time conference play started, the "Av squad was composed of Wilson, Lowry, and McCoy, lettermeng and Woodruff, Walker, Wfells, Creager, Martin, Cooper, Smith, and Geery, all reserves. 'HN ,S YM. " D2 s it lf .1 Tbirfy-Eight In conference play the Spartans tied with Topeka for the cham- pionship, each of the teams winning three and losing one. For the tenth straight year the Spartans defeated Topeka on our home court. This year they won a hard fought and well deserved victory. Em- poria traveled to junction City for the regional tournament where they were defeated by Junction City in the semi-finals. If the team had won this game they would have gone to the state tournament at Topeka. The loss of Jack McCoy, regular center, after the first game with Ottawa crippled the team, but Creager filled his place very well. The "B" team composed of juniors and sophomores, mostly inexperi- enced in high school competition, did not have a very successful sea- son, but they showed fight and there will be good material coming up next year. Top row-Rees, Corbin, Hutton. Sl'L'0Ilt1' row-Knouse, Langley, Murphy, Corey, Archer, Kean, Robinson. First row-Gunklc, Black, Embry, Kuhlmann, Samuels, Wilson, Collins, Aldridge. Tb 113 Nina' Wilson, 77 BASKETBALL LETTERMEN .............Forward Walker, 55 . . . Guard McCoy, 88 . ..... Center Creager, 98 . . Forward and Center Wfells, 33 .... Forward Cooper, O0 . Forward Martin, 22 . . Guard Lowry, 44 . . ...... Guard Smith, 97 . . . Forward and Center Woodruff, 99 . .,... Guard Forty T011 row-Shaffer, Cooper, Pyle, McCoy, Kuhlmann, Crain, Wilson, Kramm, Coach Koch. Sc'L'om1 row-Hager, Tyler, Woodrtlff, Preston, Cochenett, Bitler, Bratton, Hutton, Workman. First row-Taylor, Turner, Richards, Morray, Archer, Corey, VanGundy, White. 7aack 194.2 Coach Alfred Koch issued a call to the cinder path and it brought forth a group of new men with only one letterman back. Handicapped by this factor, prospects didn,t look so good but with the new track- sters practicing, in addition to the all around coaching ability of Coach Koch, our good record was held on the cinders for an- other year. Daft' Place April 2 ......... Emporia Interclass meet April 17 ........ Lawrence K. U. Relays April 25 ....... . . Emporia Emporia Invitation meet May 2 .......... Topeka Wfyandotte, Topeka, Ottawa, and Emporia May 9 .......... Eureka Regional meet May 16 . ..... . Wichita State meet ,HV , ,o f N 5 01 'mpg I . N V Q " . ii f x f 0 . ,Ii N5 , 1' 3 Wk- K -Qui -5-Q - -LL Y f 3.-ff we fir "' HL. This year's golf team, coached by Wood Bloxom, showed a fine brand of golf, and turned in a nice record. The team, composed of Cap- tain Jack Walker, Wayne Wells, and Gilbert Creager, returning lettermen, and Bob Jones and Frank Keeler, de- serves much praise for its good play and sportsman- ship. Jack Wfalker, Number 1 man on the team, holds his berth very well. Some of the honors he holds are: Em- poria City Champ, Country Club Champ, and he also placed first in the first flight in the State Caddy tourna- ment at Wichita last sum- mer. Rah, rah, rah, rah, fight, fight, fight, fight-we Emporia Spartanettes urged our team on to victory with our rous- ing yells-also being peppy we followed our loyal cheerleaders, Jean Miller, "El" Ran- del, D. Clapp, Barbara Brower and Esther Wfoodworth-our new yells this year-Red and black is our cry v-i-c-t-o-r-y- north, south, east, west Emporia Hi is the best -we'll win by golly, we,ll win-E-nv p-0-r-i-zz-Rah, rah, rah, rah, fight, fight, fight, fight-we Emporia Spar- tancttes urged our team on to Vic-tory with our rousing yells. Forly-Tbrce Gheedeafdeu Miller, Brower, clapp Randtl Woodworth T011 row-Posture girls of "42" . . . Volleyball Champs. Srcomf row-"What's cookin'?', . . . "Steady, kidsf, Tbirzl row-"One, two, three . . . fall" . . . Basketball Champs . . . Equipped, eager, enthusiastic Q. 14. 14. in rqcfian Tfaese Sllartaizcttes are truly an azmzzing lot of lrrofirient atfolctcs. They Inlay bay- ketball like bntxbotx. baseball like l7r0fessio1mls, and 'volleyball like all xturs. ii In fact the gym floor burns under their feet with their own speed. In the great open spaces they are even better. They swim with beauty, play tennis with astonishing good form, ride horses with showmanship skill, and skate like Sonja Heinies. XVhat we are trying to say, dear reader, is that our E. H. S. co-eds go in for athf lctics in a mild sort of a way! Officers for 1942 were jackie Maxwell, president, Barbara Prier, secretary-treas- urcrg Ruth Northcutt and Thelma Dunfield, sports managers. Let's not forget Miss Ruthe Cross, who did much towards this year's success by her sponsorship. Captains for all star volleyball were Brown and Timmons, players-Heffron, Gun- solly, Kraus, West, Foster, White, Whipple, Tholen, Key, Richards, Trail, Anderson, Dunfield, Golden, Butler, Getz, Taylor, Delgado, Miller, and MacFarlane. Captains for all star basketball were Ames and Arnold, players-Gunsolly, Dell West, Miller, Timmons, Dunfield, White, Maxwell, Dell, Key, Getz, Brown, Kraus Cornwell, Butler, Anderson. Captains for bounceball-Delgado and Taylor. 9 5 Forty-14011 V 83565 .Z 5 QXGT .5 e 'Bog Y W A Q J Senior Q Junior--V L X L, .5 ophomore w i i P 'T 4 , X! J , King, amd .Queen Palm trees . . . soft blanket, green grass . . . a full, yellow moon and twinkling stars shining in the background . . . Hawaiian girls dancing to the soft strains of the "Song of the Islands" welcomed the honored, popular King, Owen Wilson, and the Queen, Carrie Arnold. The Queen's attendants, Eleanor Randel, Barbara Prier, and Helen Graves, wore formals of pastel shades. The King's attendants were C. McCoy, Robert Lowry, and Virgil Hurt. The Royal Couple were crowned by two small pages. After the Coronation everyone made way for the King and Queen as they led the way to the gym for the Coronation Ball with the King and Queen leading the grand march. The hands of the clock rolled around entirely too soon for all of the students but it marked another successful year of the gala Car- nivalira. Forty-Six Glad! a Pnfsizfcvfi .,..,,,,,, JOHN REITS View-P1'r'sic1c'11f ,,,,,, ,,,,..,.,. , GENE BRATTON Svmwiai-y MARIE BRINKIAAN Trwzsizrm' SHIRLEY STRAIGHT It is customary to think of the sophomore class as a blundering, bewildered group, but no--not the sophomore class of 1941-1942-we might say biggest in number and most outstanding in quality! They stood out and proved successful in all activities and organizations of the school, including athletics, G. R., Hi-Y, music, journalism and social activities. In general, their energy, enthusiasm, and poised intellectuality was recognized and welcomed by all. Their class president, John Rees, as the representative of the school, won first prize in an essay contest and was awarded a trip to Topeka. May they as juniors still add to their long list of accomplishments, We're pulling for you, sophomores. Forty-Seven eladet of '43 OFFICERS P1'esicfc11t ., .,,,,v,, ,.,,,v..,.,,,,,, 7 ,..,A,, P EGGY 'WELLS Vice-Presiflmzf ,,,,.,.,,,.,v,.,.A,, EARL GADBERY Sccruiary ,,,.,,..,. ,.,w.. N ORMA JEAN DONELSON T'1'L'tlSZH't?If ,- ....,,, ..,..L,, JIM YWALKINSHAW With their "sub-scrubv days behind them, the juniors are eagerly awaiting next year when they will be mighty seniors. They have found their place as juniors and have fulfilled their duty Well. This place will not be an easy one to fill, for the juniors have made them- selves a part of every phase of our high school life. This junior class stands as a growing challenge to the coming junior class. Juniors, We are proud of you. Juniors, we salute you! Forty-Eight 5 SXO ,U, I!! NIU U., X14 AU!z:HTlx Forty-Nine x, kat- 4. -xxx' Q HM K il DY Rx F Rl.79'i!fI.l HI' '1 IOHNSONI CIOIU I- KFFFFR AIIJRFY RNDFRSQN LAKURKGX I X 'I ' VYYN YYSDURX' RL3lH'.W TA lkaxiwlfiix' l!UKfURI1DGk NAUNH MYINHN KATU! ITN lI'xT'l?XJN VIVA VAN QILKLV Fifty 1 I 1 W ij W7 w 1 , ...,. ,,.A,A lV .Q,gt .h,:.V . I M V , ' W V, Z! , V S ' Dm , ':..,,,::" M3 A' y exll Q2 1 if NEMA 6i.'x39,il!N3,YX IM!! ,Xi,UiT Ki ihl IKUTYI HRANIYI' CMYK ORD KOPKH Cx SIJSUFKK QDGTQZU D Ky! 'I f wr 'OKI' ' ,. f f? ,':,::gf,5,g:,,':" 'V HYYIKWK ll U S I SKY R VXIXM N 3 I1 YZF: tiixwv I 'Y UQXVW5 V 'kf4YCJ'x'1'lI MA KJITSIIUN IVFRQON FDYTH CRIMES ROBERT BROVFNING ,YHWEL IAMPS EARL EZZELL CAROL DRUM F i f ty - O n e 5 'fl' Q ' sf 1,A, ' Uma Mah i.cmm1!Y XUW!wEiN!2 i.lSTiiK JUANITA IKQISINRON ISYS' PIR L Y KOPK F 51.XX'iHNS Xil RX JULIA ANN THYkNf'Yi lil' 15 WICKFRT ALBERT 'LK NTRY KWSN KUCKLFY BUD Fifty-Two Scholarship Recognition "Thru' four years" thirty-eight students of the graduating class made an average of G or above. Congratulations to all of you super seniors! Members of the faculty under theleadership of Miss Marian Howard worked long hours compiling the list of pupils who had made an average of two points. A recognition assembly was held March 25, and Mr. William Allen White was the guest speaker. The annual scholarship banquet was held May 4. The names of these high ranking seniors are as follows: Carrie Arnold, Gladys Blue, Carol Bronsema, Ellen Cochran, Jennie Collinge, Gloria Davidson, Marian Deivcrt, Ruth Getz, Virginia Getz, Helen Graves, Bernard Green, Maurine Hennessy, Marianne Hopwood, Virgil Hurt, Peggy Kells, Charles Larson, Rosa Lee, Humphrey Lewis, Hazel Lloyd, Winifred Louis, Dorothy McIntosh, Jean MacFarlane, jackie Maxwell, Austin Needles, Ruth Northcutt, Barbara Prier, Eleanor Randel, Lois Ridenour, Joyce Roehrman, Rosa Schwindt, James Smith, Ruth Stafford, Jim Uht, Mary Alice Waller, Alice Wolfe, Ruth Yearous, Lorene Zeiner, and Walter Rathke. Top row-Ridenour, Schwindt, Rhoornan, Smith, Szaffoxl, Y7olf:, Hur:, Randel, Larson, Yearous, Davidson, Waller, Hopwood, Needles. Sefoml row-Lee, Lewis, Louis, Lloyd, MacFarlane, McIntosh, Maxwell, Uht, Prier, Getz, Zeiner, Northeutt. Third row-Arnold, Blue, Bronsema, Coekran, Green, Coflinge, Deivert, Getz, Graves, Rathke, Kells. Fifty-Thee K-wa naw of ywa., mmf' No, not the play this time-but a very unforgettable event for all seniors oc- curred on the "Night of January 16th." The senior banquet, remember? Two hun- dred students, gaily bedecked in formals and dress suits, and many members of the fac- ulty assembled on this night in the Grill Room of the Broadview Hotel. As they entered the banquet room under the leadership of our toastmaster, Owen Wilson, the red, white, and blue arches of American flags on many rows of tables caught their eyes. Their theme, "Keep 'Em Flying," was carried out--by the popular patriotic song, "Any Bonds Today," played by the flute trio composed of Gloria Davidson, Ernestine Mautz and Amy Larkin, and by the Number 1 hit song, "He's 1-A in the Army," sung by Jackie Kay Timberlake." Who will forget that hilarious comedy, "Life Was Never Like This," written by Jean Burnap, Eleanor Randel, Bob Martin, and Wayne Wells? After the class prophecy, which was last on the program, we wondered if it could ever be fulfilled. To end this program, a very fitting song, "God Bless America," was sung by all. To climax a wonderful evening in grand style, the juniors presented the seniors with a prom in the Senior High gym. The nautical decorations were really "super- specialf' With deck furniture arranged on the edge of the floor, a large glittering star hanging overhead, the couples danced to the music of the High School Dance Band. At intermission students flocked to the refreshment table where they were served cake and punch. The hands of the clock slipped around to 11:30 entirely too quickly, and another successful junior-senior prom went down in the school,s history. Fifty-Fam' Fifty-Five 6 au af '42 The year of 1939 found a large group of bewildered sophomores starting out in their senior high school careers. This group of stu- dents is now the graduating class of 1942. They have gone far since that time. Seniors, looking back over their last three years of high school life, realize that it has gone by far too quickly as they say regretfully, "good-byen to their friends they have made, and to the good times they have had While in E. H. S. Contemplating their first days in high school, seniors remember that first "come to the office at oncev slip, the joy of making the school play, or another year when they took over the task of being juniors, the responsibilities of carrying out the junior-senior prom and making it a success, and lastly, they remember graduation night when they realize that high school life is the happiest time of their lives. OFFICERS President ....,,,,,,,,,i. , ,,,. OWEN WILSON Vice-Presia'f'111f ,,,,, , ,,,,,. L BOB MARTIN Secretary ...,..,.,,,, ,,,,, L oIs RIDENOUR Treasurer ...,, t,,, J EAN MILLER s 1 KENNETH SNOW-Hi-Y, ujunc Mad,', "Sky Road? RUTH GETZ-G. R., Pep Club, Orchestra, G. A. A., Ornamental Typing, Reading for Fun Club, Mixed Chorus, Setting-up Conference, Echo Typist, Cheerio Club, Scholastic Honor Society. THELMA MACGMBER-G. R., Glee Club, Latin Club, Camera Club, Sewing Club, Concert Girls, Glec Club. JEAN MQICFARLANEQG. R., G. A. A., Dramatics Club, Latin Club, 'lSeven Sisters,', "Stage Door," "June Mad," l'Sky Road," Summer Camp, Mid-Winter Conference, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Pep Club, G. R. Cabinet, First Aid Club, Student Council, Orchestra, Echo, Re-Echo, Music Clinic, Secretary of Sophomore Class, A Cappella Choir, Christmas Pageant, National Music Contest, District Music Contest, Scholastic Honor Society. EVELYN DAVIS-G. R., Glee Club, Nursing Club, Music Contest. BILL CORNWELL-Basketball, Dra- matics Club, Hi-Y. EDNA LEE TIMMONS-Band, Orch- estra, G. R., G. A. A., Pep Club, First Aid Club, Recreation Club, Mixed Chorus. WALTIiR RATHKE- Latin Club, Aviation Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Scholastic Honor Society. WINIFREDE MORGAN- G. R., G. A. A., Recreation Club, Latin Club, Geometry Club, Nursing Club. ESTHER LARY-G. R., G. A. A., Pep Club, Glee Club, Camera Club, Christmas Pageant, Music Contest. DAVID MERCER-Kodak Club, Track. MARGARET HUNGERFORD-G. R., G. A. A., Pep Club. GLADYS BLUE-G. R., Setting-up Conference, Mid-Winter Conference, G. R. Cabinet, Pep Club, Geometry Club, G. A. A., First Aid Club, Scholastic Honor Society. VIRGINIA HUMPHREY-G. R., Glce Club. Sewing Club, Camera Club. KEITH DOUGLAS-F. F. A., Sheet Metal and Xvelding Club. XVESTON COOLEY- Football, Track, Stage Craft, Hi-Y, Intramural Softball. JEAN MILLER-G. R., G. A. A., Echo, G. R. Cabinet, Pep Club, Dramatics Club, Treasurer of Senior Class, Cheerleader, Latin Club, Set- ting-up Conference. VIRGINIA EUBANK-G. A. A., G. R., Recre- ation Club, Jokes and Scrapbook Club, Avia- tion Club, Pep Club, Proctor. Fifty-Six JEAN BURNAP-G. R., G. R. setting-up Con- ference, Summer Camp, G. A. A., President of Pep Club, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Arts and Craft Club, Echo. A. C. KIRK- DOUGLASS POWELL-F. F. A. THELMA DUNFIELD-G. R., Concert Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A., Latin Club, First Aid Club, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club. DUANE CLAPP- Football, Stagecraft Club, Basketball, Cheerleader, Track, Hi-Y. GLENNA THOMPSON-G. R., Pep Club, Con- cert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Kansas Honor Chorus, Dramatics, First Aid Club, Christmas Pageant, "Sky Roadf' RICHARD MAGATHAN-F. F. A., Football. VIRGINIA GETZ--G. R., Orchestra, Latin Club, Red Cross Club, G. A. A., Pep Club, G. R. Cabinet, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Summer Camp, Mid-Winter Conference, Music Contest, First Aid Club, Algebra Club, Geom- etry Club, Scholastic Honor Society. WAYNE BROWN- PAUL RICHARD JR.-F. F. A., Camera Club, Vice President of F. F. A. WILLA MAE MARX-G. R., Pep Club, Recre- ation Club, Nurses Club, Latin Club, Dram- atics Club, G. A. A., Geometry Club. BOBBIE CANADAY- Football, Latin Club, Aviation Club, Track, First Aid Club. BOB HOUSE-Camera Club, Stage Craft Club. MARION MANN-Football, Orchestra, District Music Contest. WILMA JEAN HUNT-G. R. HAZEL JUNE LEKWIS--F. R., Orchestra. LEON STEVENS- IQENNETH MERRY-Hi-Y, Geometry Club, Movie Club, Aviation Club. l'ifly-Sf'l'011 MARSHALL SHARRAI-Football, Stage Craft Club. MARY JEAN RATHBURN-G. R., Echo, Glee Club, Latin Club, Knitting Club, Geometry Club, Music Contest. PATRICIA PYLE-G. R., Pep Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club, Geometry Club, Algebra Club, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Nurses Club. TWILA WINDSOR-G. R., Camera Club. NORMA JEAN HUGHES-G. R., Glee Club, Latin Club. DALE HINES- BARBARA PRIER-Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Sextet, Pep Club, G. R. Cabinet, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Mid-Winter Confer- ence, Summer Camp, Latin Club, G. A. A., l'Stage Door," "June Mad," First Aid Club, Re-Echo Staff, Christmas Pageant, Music Con- test, Scholastic Honor Society, "Sky Road." JIM UHT-Red Cross Club, Librarian, "Night of January 16th," Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Scholastic Honor Society. HAZEL LLOYD-Editor of Echo, Secretary of Student Council, G. R., G. R. Setting-up Con- ference, Summer Camp, Glee Club, Latin Club, Knitting Club, G. G. A. Pep Club, Scholastic Honor Society. IRENE EMLEY-G. R., Hostess Club, Scrap- book Club. VERL BUCK AMY JANE LARKIN-Latin Club, Band, Orch- estra, G. R., Music Contest. BEULAH RAE HECKATHORN-Latin Club, G. R., Personality Club, Geometry Club. NORMA JEAN PERKINS-G. R., G. A. A. Knitting Club. ROBERT BECKER- Football, Hi-Y, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Welding Club. WAYNE WELLS- Golf, Basketball, Football, Track, First Aid Club, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Camera Club. MARTHA TURNER-G. A. A., G. R., Hostess Club, Proctor. BEVERLEE HELM-G. R., Pep Club, Glee Club, Camera Club, Clerical Club. Fifty-Eight GILBERT CREAGER - Basketball, Football, Echo, Golf, Arts and Craft Club. KATHRYN PETERSON-G. A. A., G. R., Pep Club, Nurses Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Student Council. VAIDA LEE BROWN-Orchestra, G. A. A., G. R., Camera Club, Recreation Club. BETTY JANE MORSE-G. R., Orchestra, Music Contest, Latin Club, Music Clinic. GLORIA DAVIDSON-Editor of Re-Echo, G. R., Band, Red Cross Club, First Aid Club, District Music Contest, National Music Contest, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Echo, Pep Club, Journalism Conference, Music Clinic, Christ- mas Pageant, Orchestra, Arts and Craft Club, Scholastic Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. C. J. MCCOY- Basketball, Track, Football, Business Manager of Re-Echo, Hi-Y, Vice President of Sophomore class, Student Coun- cil, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Journalism Conference, Red Cross Club, Welding Club, Softball Team, Debate Club, Quill and Scroll, State Student Council Convention. DOROTHY PETERSON-Glee Club, Band, G. R., G. R. Setting-up Conference, Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, Crochet Club. CARL HOTZEL-Aviation Club. WINIFRED LOUIS-Assistant Editor of Re- Echo, G. R. Treasurer, President of Sophomore Class, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Student Council, Mid-Winter Conference, G, R. Cabi- net, Summer Camp, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Arts and Craft Club, Pep Club, G. A. A., Red Cross Club, State Student Council Con- vention, Scholastic Honor Soc., Quill and Scroll. JUANITA KUHLMANN- Pep Club, Band, Knitting Club, First Aid, G. R., G. R. Set- ting-up Conference. ROBERT BRIER-Hi-Y, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Band. HELEN CAMERON-Girls, Quartet, Glee Club, G. R., Pep Club. PEGGY KELLS-G. R., G. R. Cabinet, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Mid-Winter Confer- ence, Latin Club, Pep Club, Travel Club, Nursing Club, Librarian, Scholastic Honor Society. NORMA JEAN KNOUSE-Band, Drum Major, G. R., Dance Band, Summer Camp, Red Cross Club, Latin Club, Knitting Club, Orchestra, Music Contest. ROBERT MARTIN-Football,Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Welding Club, Vice President of Senior Class, Football Club. LLOYD CARNINE-Glee Club, Home Eco- nomics Club, Proctor. LOIS DARNELL RIDENOUR-G. R., G. R. Setting-up Conference, Summer Camp, Geom- etry Club, Latin Club, Nurses Club, Music Contest, Orchestra, Pep Club, G. R. Cabinet, Needle Craft Club, Secretary of Senior Class, Scholastic Honor Society. ALICE WOLFE-G. R., Knitting Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, G. R. Setting- up Conference, G. A. A., Movie Club, Latin Club, Scholastic Honor Society. Fifty-Niue SIDNEY OLIVER-Echo. ELLEN JUNE COCHRAN-G. R., Personality Club, Latin Club, Foods Club, Scholastic Honor Society. JANE LOU YEAROUT-Band, Pep Club, Stu- dent Council, G, R., Crochet Club, Knitting Club, Red Cross Club. MAXINE SHAW-Pep Club, G. R., Hostess Club, Nurses Club, Mixed Chorus, Movie Club. VIRGINIA AUSTIN-G. R., Hostess Club, Mid- Winter Conference, Latin Club, Nurses Club. CHARLES LARSON-Hi-Y, Radio Club, Schol- astic Honor Society. CARRIE ARNOLD-President of G. R., Treas- urer of G. R,, G. A, A., Pep Club, "Stage Door,', "Sky Roadf' Drum Major, Band, Or- chestra, Setting-up Conference, Mid-Winter Conference, Summer Camp, G. R. Cabinet, Dramatics Club, Knitting Club, Latin Club, Echo, Music Contest, Scholastic Honor Society, State Student Council Convention. GEORGE OSBORNE- ECl1o, Track, Hi-Y, Aviation Club, F. F. A. LAURA VARNER-G. R., Latin Club, Geom- etry Club, Knitting Club. INIARTHA YEAROUT-Glee Club, Pep Club, Latin Club, Knitting Club. CALVIN GRANGER--Football. Basketball, Hi- Y, Treasurer of Sophomore Class. EVELYN SHIRLEY-G. R., Latin Club, Band, Needle Craft Club, Algebra Club. AGNES FREEMEN-G. A. A., G. R., Dramat- ics, Orchestra, Pep Club, Latin Club, Recre- ation Club. BETTY JEAN ROBINSON-G. R., Pep Club, Red Cross Club, Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, Algebra Club, Geometry Club, Camera Club. VIRGII. HURT- Hi-Y, Basketball, Football, Re-Echo, Student Council Vice President, Glee Club, Boys' Quartet, Latin Club, Golf Club, Music Contest, Scholastic Honor Society, State Student Council Convention. KENNETH JOE COOPER- Football, Hi-Y, Track, Basketball. ELEANOR RANDEL-Re-Echo, G. R, Cabinet, Echo, Cheerleader, G. A. A., Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Mid-Winter Conference, Setting-up Conference, Summer Camp, i'Stage Door," Latin Club, Junior Class Treasurer, Defense Club Officer, Scholastic Honor Society, "Sky Roadf, LETHA BRILES-Pep Club, G. R., G. A. A., Latin Club, Scribblers' Club, Nurses Club. Sixly CARL UTT-Football, Latin Club, Camera Club, Hi-Y. THEDA SIMONS-G. R., Band, Red Cross, Nurses Club. DOROTHY MCINTOSPI-Latin Club, Pep Club, Knitting Club, G. A. A., G. R., Band, Orch- estra, G. R. Cabinet, G. R. Setting-up Con- ference, Summer Camp, Mid-Winter Confer- encc, District Music Contest, Student Council, Re-Echo, Scholastic Honor Society. INEZ CORBINfPep Club, G. R., Latin Club, Nurses Club. -IACQUELINE MAXWELL-G. R., President of G. A. A., G. R. Cabinet, Summer Camp, Latin Club, Student Council, Glee Club, G. R. Set- ting-up Conference, Pep Club, Knitting Club, Music Contest, Circulation Manager of Echo, State Student Coun:il Convention, Scholastic Honor Society. RICHARD SANDERS-Latin Club, Hi-Y. LOIS THOMSON-Latin Club, G. R. GEORGE GOSS-Hi-Y, Echo, Latin Club, Red Cross Club. ROSE MAE BROWN-Latin Club, G. R., Sewing Club. BARBARA BRGWER- Assistant Editor of Echo, G. R., Pep Club, Cheerleader, First Aid Club, G. A. A., Dramzxtics Club, G. R. Set- ting-up Conference, 'ijune Mad," Journalism Conference, Latin Club. WILLIAM AUSTIN WOLFE-Football, Hi-Y, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Band. WILBERTA GAY-G. R., Pep Club, Latin Club, Geometry Club, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Glee Club, Needle Craft Club, Nurses Club, Music Contest. ,IENNIE COLLINGE-Pep Club, G. R., Typing Club, Knitting Club, Orchestra, Music Con- test, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Summer Camp, Scholastic Honor Society. BETTY HANSEN- G. R., G. A. A., Echo Typist, Business Manager of Echo, Glee Club, Pep Club, Recreation Club, Music Contest, Mixed Chorus, Nurses Club, Proctor, Journal- ism Conference, 'iSky Roadf' ANTHONY KORTE- Band, Mixed Chorus, Aviation Club, Host Club. BOB MCCANTS-Band, Hi-Y, Radio Club, First Aid Club. GEORGIA CECIL GROUNDWATER-G. R., Variety Club, Latin Club, Proctor. DORIS JEAN WITHERSPOON-G. R. Sixfy-Om' HUMPHREY LEWIS-Red Cross Club, Hi-Y, Camera Club, Latin Club, Band, Scholastic Honor Society. LOIS HUDSON-G. R., Scribblers' Club, Nurses Club, Echo. LORENTINE BUTLER-Latin Club, Geometry Club, Knitting Club, Burrough G. R, Presi- dent, G. A. A., Tennis Tournament, Algebra Club. ROSA LEE-Band, G. R., Pepi Club, Dramatics Club, Scholastic Honor Society. MARY FRANCES HORTON-G. R., Scrib- blers' Club, Nurses Club, Typing Club. BILL SAFFELL-Hi-Y, Re-Echo, Latin Club, Basketball, Weldixig Club, Boys' Pep Club. CAROL BRONSEMA-G. R., Echo, Mixed Chorus, G. A. A., G. R. Secretary, Latin Club, Re-Echo, Pep Club, Glee Club, Summer Camp, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Secretary of Junior Class, Student Council Conference, Scholastic Honor Society. DAVID L. JONES-Hi-Y, Stage Craft Club. GERALDINE GLENN-R. R., Variety Club, Mid-Wiiiter Conference, G. R. Setting-up Conference, First Aid Club, Pep Club. ARLONE GARRIOTT-Camera Club, G. R., First Aid Club, Sewing Club, Latin Club. Orchestra. CHARLES BIZAL-Football, Basketball, Track. -IACQUELINE KAY TIMBERLAKE-Glcc Club, G. R. MARIAN DEIVERT-G. R., Latin Club, Pep Club, Movie Club, Scrapbook Club, Cheerio Club, Scholastic Honor Society. ALDENA MAY SMITH-G. R., Movie Club, Letter Writing Club. HAROLD FGLEY-Stage Craft Club. JACK WALKER-Golf, Football, Basketball, First Aid Club, Latin Club, Track, Baseball. BARBARA MCMILLAN-G. R., Nurses Club. MARIANNE HOPWOOD-G. R., Echo, G. A. A., G. R. Cabinet, Arts and Craft Club, Variety Club, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Contest, Mid-Winter Conference, Scholastic Honor So- cicty. Sixty-Two ESTHER WOODNVORTH-G. R., G. A. A., Latin Club, Scribblers, Club, Cheerleader, Pep Club, Red Cross Club, Echo. JERRY BEDNER-Hi-Y. RUTH NORTHCUTT-Latin Club, G. R., Sports Manager of G. A. A., Recreation Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Sewing Club, Scholas- tic Honor Society. ROSA MAE SCHWINDT-G. R., Concert Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Con- test, Hostess Club, Typing Club, Scrapbook Club, Geometry Club, Scholastic Honor So- ciety. B. J. GREEN-Band, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Bus- ketball, Treasurer of Student Council, Schol- astic Honor Society. RUTH YEAROUS-G. R., Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, G. A. A., Latin Club, Summer Camp, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Knitting Club, Echo, Music Contest, Schol- astic Honor Society. DON BERGERI-IOUSE-Camera Club, Print- ing Club, Hi-Y. WANDA ,JEAN FULLER-G. R., Echo, Latin Club, Geometry Club, Knitting Club. LEONARD HARRIMAN-Football. JOYCE BERSUCH MAURINE HENNESSY-Concert Girls' Glee Club, G. A. A., Echo, G. R., Nurses Club, Orchestra, Red Cross Club, Latin Club, Knit- ting Club, Scholastic Honor Society. MELVIN LUSK-First Aid Club. BILL PETERS-Latin Club, First Aid Club. GENE MCELHANEY-Typing Club, Track, Li- brnrian. MARY JANE DOTY-G. R., G. A. A., Pep Club, Camera Club, Proctor. HELEN GRAVES-President of Student Coun- eil, Glee Club, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, G. R. Cabinet, "Young April," "Stage Doorf, "June Mad," Pep Club, G. R. Setting-up Con- ference, Mid-Wiiiter Conference, Summer Camp, Echo, Music Contest, Christmas Pag- eant, Scholastic Honor Society, "Sky Road." JAMES TAYLOR SMITH-Hi-Y, Radio Club, Latin Club, Drrnnatics Club, "June Mad,' Scholastic Honor Society. WILLIAM JONES-Band, Hi-Y, Printing Club. Si.vty-Tlarre ERNESTINE MAUTZ-G. R., Band, Orchestra, Mixed Chorus, Knitting Club, Pep Club, Scrapbook Club, Cheerio Club. MILTON RICE-Track, I.atin Club, Aviation Club. MABEL RICHARD-Glce Club, Mixed Chorus, G. R., Sewing Club, Latin Club, Hostess Club, Reading for Fun Club, Music Contest. VIRGINIA WATKINS-G. R., Nursing Club. BILL WOODRUFF-Basketball, Host Club, Track, Aviation Club. DOROTHY O'DONNELL-G. R., G. A. A., Pep Club, Student Council, Assistant Editor of Echo, Mid-Winter Conference, G. R. Set- ting-up Conference, Latin Club, Dramatics Club. DON MILLER-Football, Basketball, Track, Hi-Y, Latin Club. HELEN KELLY-G. R., Pep Club, Mixed Cho- rus, Glee Club, Proctor. JOHN SENN-Stage Craft Club, Rifle Club, Hi-Y. JENNINGS BRYAN DOLES-uYoung April,', "june Madf' Dramatics Club, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Contest, Echo, National Music Contest, Re-Echo, Debate. ROSE PHILLIPS-G. R., Glee Club. OWEN WILSON-Basketball, Vice President of Junior Class, President of Senior Class, DONALD BROWN-Arts and Craft Club Track. y RAYMOND CAMPBELL-Football, Track, Aviation Club. RUTH STAFFORD-Proctor, G. R., Scholas- tic Honor Society. HOPE PERDARIS-G. R., G. A. A., Glcc Club, Latin Club, Movie Club, Dramatics Club. BILL PRATT-Hi-Y, Welding Club. LLOYD SMITH-Football, Basketball, Hi-Y, Track, "Sky Road." Sixty-Four HARRTET TRAIL-G. A. A., G. R., Reerca tion Club, ,lokes and Scrapbook Club, Avia- tion Club, Librarian, Proctor, Pep Club, Foocls Club. LEONARD XVILHITE-Track, Radio Club, Latin Club. -lUNlOR CALVFRT-Football, Baseball, Hi-Y, Football Club, Latin Club, First Aid Club. CPIARLOTTF RYNO-G. R., Pep Club, Host- ess Club, Typing Club, Scrapbook Club, Cheerio Club. MARVIN CYPHFRS-lieho, Basketball, Glec Club, Mixed Chorus. GFRALDINE WILCOX-Cilee Club, lieho, Pep Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Clinic, Christmas Pageant. RGBFRT LONVRY-Football, Basketball, Presi- dent of Junior Class. MARY ALICIE XVALLFR-Glee Club, G. R., Pep Club, Latin Club, Knitting Club, Real Cross, Echo, Sewing Club, Scholastic Honor Society. CHESTER W'ALKliR-Stage Craft Club, Foot- ball, Hi-Y, Latin Club, Glee Club, Mixetl Chorus. HARRY TFLFER-Band, Orchestra, Dance Band. CORA HOBBLF-G. R., Sewing Club, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Mid-XVinter Confer- ence, Travel Club. CLIFFORD ROWLANDS ,ITM CRAIN-Track, Glen Club. HAROLD GFFRY-Basketball, Hi-Y, Real Cross Club, Student Council, Advertising Manager of licho, Latin Club, Librarian, Retl Cross Rally. CONNlE VAN CLFAVli-Bantl, Dance Band. Drum Major, Cv. R., G. R, Setting-up Con- ference, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Re-lieho, Red Cross Club, National Music Contest, Dis- trict Contest, Christmas Pageant, Arts .intl Crafts Club. JOYCE ROliPlRlVlAlNl-G. R., Latin Club, Glee Club, Concert Girls, Glee Club, Pep Club, Knitting Club, Nurses Club, Dranmties Club, Mid-Winter Conference, Mixed Chorus, Schol- astic Honor Society. BOP: JONES-Golf, Hi-Y, Track, Camera Club, First Aid Club. EUGENE FRANKLIN HICKEY-Typing Club, Red Cross Club. Sixiy-Five ALBERT BOXVKER-Radio Club BOB COLLINS-Hi-Y. LORIEN MERRY RICHARD GARRETT MARTHA JANE FOLSOM-G. R., Cv. A. A., BOB KTBIG-Basketball, Football, Hi-Y, Latin Pep Club, Knitting Club, First Aid Club. Club. + + + Seniaad, 516956-le aaa Qaacfualian Carrie Arnold, Virginia Austin, Robert Becker, Jerry Bedner, Don Bergerhouse, Joyce Bersuch, Charles Baal, Louise Blanchat, Gladys Blue, Albert Bowker, Pearl Brecht, Robert Brier, Letha Briles, Carol Bron- seina, Barbara Brower, Donald Brown, Rose Mae Brown, Vaida Lee Brown, Wayne Brown, Eleanor Brunt, Verl Buck, Jean Burnap, Hugh Burris, Lorentine Butler, James Byrd, Clifford Calvert, Jr., Helen Cam- eron, Raymond Campbell, Bobbie Canaday. Lloyd Carnine, Duane clapp, Ellen June Cochran, Jennie Collingc, Bob Collins, NVeston Cooley, Joe Kenneth Cooper, Inez Corbin, Bill Cornwell, Jim Crain, Gilbert Creager, Park Cross, Marvin Cyphers, Leona Daily, Gloria Davidson, Emogene Davis, Evelyn Davis, Marian Deivert, John L. Deitrich, Bryan Dolcs, Mary Jane Doty, Keith Douglass, Thelma Dunfield, Irene Emley, Virginia Eubank, Harold Foley, Martha Folsom, Agnes Freeman, Lesta Garriott. Wilberta Gay, Harold Geery, Ruth Getz, Virginia Getz, Geraldine Glenn, Madge Goll, George Goss, Calvin Granger, Helen Graves, Bernard Green, Georgia Groundwater, Betty Hansen, Leonard Harriman, Ruby Mae Harness, Beulah Heckathorne, Evert Heins, Beverlec Helm, Maurine Hennessy, Eugene Hickey, Dale Hines, Cora Hobble, Marianne Hopwood, Mary Frances Horton, Bobby House, Lois Hudson, Norma Jean Hughes, Virginia Humphreys, W'ilma Jean Hunt. Virgil Hurt, David Jones, Robert Jones, W'illiam Jones, Peggy Kells, Helen Kelly, Bob King, A. C. Kirk, Norma Jean Knouse, Anthony Korte, Juanita Kuhlmann, Amy Jane Larkin, Charles Larson, Esther Lary, Chester Lawson, Rosa Lee, Hazel Lewis, Humphrey Lewis, Burgess Lindsay, Hazel Lloyd, Winifred Leuis, Robert Lowry, Lazaro Luna, Melvin Lusk, Bob McCants, Curtis McCoy, Gene Mclilhaney, Dorothy McIntosh, Barbara McMillan, Jean MacFarlane, Richard Magathan. Marion Mann, Robert Martin, Jacqueline Maxwell, Ernestine Mautz, Robert Mayes, Kenneth Merry, Loren Merry, Don Miller, Jean Miller, Betty Jane Morse, Candida Murillo, Austin Needels, Ralph Nickel, Ruth Northcutt, Dorothy O'Donnell, Sidney Oliver, George Osborne, Hope Perdaris, Norma Jean Per- kins, Bill Peters, Dorothy Peterson, Katheryn Peterson, Rose Phillips, Douglass Powell, Bill Pratt, Bar- bara Prier, Patricia Pyle, Eleanor Randel, Mary Jean Rathbun. Walter Herman Rathke, Barbara Ray, Fred Renchler, Milton Rice, Mabel Richard, Paul Richard, Lois Ridenour, Betty Jean Robinson, Joyce Roehrman, Mark Rose, Charlotte Ryno, Bill Saffell, Richard Sanders, Rose Mae Schwindt, John Senn, Marshall Sharrai, Evelyn Shirley, Aldena May Smith, James T. Smith, Lloyd Smith, Ruth Stafford, Harry Telfer, Doris Thompson, Lois Thompson, Jacqueline Timber- lske, Edna Lee Timmons, Harriett Trail, Martha Turner, Evelyn Uhl. Jim Uht, Carl Utt, Connie Van Cleaye, Jim Van Sickle, Laura Varner, Chester Walker, Jack Walker, Mary Alice Waller, Vernon Weakley, Bonnie Jean Weddle, Wayne Wells, Geraldine Wilcox, Leonard VC'ilhite, Gwen XVilson, Twila Wiixdsor, Doris Jean NVitherspoon, Alice Wolfe, Bill XVolfe, Bill Woodruff, Esther Woodwortli, Ruth Yearous, Jane Yearout, Martha Yearout, Lorene Ziener. Si.x I y-Six Sixiy-Seeefz In Memoriam 03 NJ Honest, loyal, sincere and clepemlable. This was Tom Telfer. Tom, who but a sborf while ago walkecl with us in the halls of E. H. S., who was interested in lvaml anal enjoyed boxing. Death Came quickly aml quietly io Tom. No fuss, no botloer, but he was like fbazf. Quick io learn. quiet aml marfrrerly in his ways. A friend to all, flue absence of his cheery, helpful ai- fitarle is missezl by fhose frienrls, associates. and members of his senior class in whose memory be will live forever. 101 1 1 2 I 3 1 2 1 1 2 2 1 1 i 1 -usuzuzuzuzuzimxixirx "KEEP 'EM SHININGH GOLDEN CYCLE SI-IINING PARLOR Q 411 1 1 1 11,1 so 2 1- 102111011riuinqmiuxm 1 I2 an cz as Quinn: 1:11. 0.0 I. L. BUTLER, Prop. 619 Commercial U Magid .g6MltCd'lfy edlftpfdlty CTOIlgl'llf7lI!lff0IIX fo ilu' Class of "42" VIRGIL E. HURT 81 COMPANY, Incorporated Owning and OI74'l'Ilfillg THE KANSAS STANDARD LIQUIDATING SYSTEM Cojlyrigbl 1938 STRAND TI'IFATRI2 BUILDING 'K PHONE S66 IZMPORIA, KANSAS KENNETH VAN SICKLE, INC. INVESTMENTS FOR INCOME STOCKS BONDS F WILCOX DRUG STORE 'I O Curb 86 Fountain Service K M. J Prcsxiption Specialists 0 PI-IONIQ S05 S03 Commcrcinl St. Emporia, Kaus. H Q I CO. CflllIIIIiII7l'l7fS of ANTISEPTIC GIMP J- C- DUMM PM FW Aff! FURNITURE Co. En 101 3014020 Sixly-Eigbl Q .011 ii ! Q U u H H 1 1 ! U E 1 3 0.0 Si 41101:11:xiiiinxnioiuiiiioirii "Ez'z'ryffai11g for Your Musical v Sgyyipd' HOTEL OV ER-LEE mclunnevs AND CAFE 1Nw'U'0sA'1'LD 410 Com'l Phone 1080 ll. P. MCKINNEY E. L. WILIR DUTCWS CAFE MAYTAG SALES Co. "Wbrr'r' EIlll70l'f1lll.Y Dim"' T 4 A Maytag Wfashers and Ironers QUALI Y TOODD Philco Radios and Refrigerators SERVED AT A SAVING Perfection Oil Stoves THE PAINT MART THE PAUSE MARC MARCELLUS PAINTS vVALI.PAPER . , , "Q'S EMPORIA PASTRY SHOP Wi' Slwciulizi' in Qualify Paxlry THAT REFRESHES PARTY ORDERS FILLED Phone 142 612 Confl 1003 East Sixth Ave. Phone 2625 Roller Skating Other Amusements Cafe in Connection PUBLIC SLQSSIONS EVERY DAY 2-4 P. M.-ISC plus Tax 7-10 P. M.-250 plus Tax XVI? SOLICIT YOUR PRIVATE PARTIES Call Us and Make Al'I'Ill1gf'IllL'lZllS 4-7 P. M.-15c plus Tax-10-12 P. M. CLYDE SHARRAI QMnnager and Ownerj .rly-Nim' 111101 1 1010190202411 1 1 "Sr'1'L'i11K, 111 fbe Public IlIfL'l'C'Sf, EGR BETTER CLEANING C11111fe11ic'11c'c' and Nc'c'c'ssify . . .U C ll 2014 K T S W a Emporia, Kansas MUTUAL KSN BOB TURNER , if 1 if 0 f .4 , ,, E, , M3 sf- 5g',' V ' fx XX Wishes You AU Best of Luck Ream into BARHKUHLMANN CO' ROMINE'S DRUG STORE ROYAL TYPEWMTERS after School PRINTERS, OFFICE OUTFITTEIRS STATIONERS School Books and supplies for Grades, junior and Senior High 24 West Sixth Phone 344 SAMUEL BOOK STORE EMPORIA, KANSAS G,-11-img C, iiii 1 5 for All o ivfv uxions Phone 59 S26 Com'l WARREN MORTGAGE CO. Apprceiates its Students from E. H. S. W'illard O. johnson, Pres. N iii ill i Eli l 1 llliU10l0lUllPlll4! E iii 1 l I TKT i 1 ii SOVUI 4111112 4101:riixiuiuinirxifninioininioinioii130101020301111010: Q24 Q ! 1 E H H H Q U ! U B U H ! Q E I ! U u U E U U i 9 fty 0.0 A 'S 1 ! H ! 0:0 Sz' 1-I1 znxnzrlammcnrnum1:010111101010111101wanna:-vzuqn up 1 1 1111 Cl1lIlQl'llfllIHffljlIS Io flu' Cluxx of 1942 SAFFELUS BIINDIX HOME LAUNIJRY SI5IwI51. GAs REFRIGEIRATOIKS CIfIAM1sI11zs GAS RANGES MCKEE-FLEMENG LUMBER CO. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Fifth and Congress IOOQZ Home OIb'lIt'l! Phone 73 KUALITY KUP COFFEE Emporia Wlloleszllc Coffee Co. BAIRD CLEANERS for Blillllfjflll Dry CIl'HlIflIg Phone 939 13 E. 6th Ave. EMPORIA ICE Sr RED,?jQfIvj1E1IfACY COLD STORAGE CO- MW! your fricmlx af our Fozmtain 624 Com'l Phone 6 I llllllllllllllllllllll l llllllllwllwmllllullmmm ll gro ery business 111 Law ren t K1ns1s Hs ilu of ood mei If llllll I llmlllllllllllll Ill - ll ,lr I I Seventy-five years ago Theodore Porlmlcr started II wlmlcsnle It Ill ....,,, lll ..,,. N C-' -' ' 1 C-, 1 -in i '1 ,L S , .-- l ,,....,I, Il l ...,, ll' nl- chwnhse embraced three tsstntml elements I RE UIZE F0 nooulgrps' J nooucrs , 1-.., ii... GOOD SERVICE--HIGH QUALITY--REASONABLE PRICES To this day the Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered steadfastly to these principles, and with the growth and enlargement of its business, it will continue to adhere to them. Our Products are Marketcd under Two Brands: POEHLER KING qrnncyp SUNBURST QExtra Standardj THE THEU. PUEHLER MERIIANTILE DU. NVHOLESALERS OF GOOD FOODS liolzlnfzfzl 1867, Inf. 1889 A Kansas House for Kansas People 1010111 1 -. -. 1 1 ani 1 1 1 1,11 1 11,1 1 az-:ini 1 1 31111 Lwlfy-Olzr' Qfovznx 1 ! . ll ! A U U min: 1 11110113 3 1 1 141 'riuiihisrlsoioiozwxinioxoimxzsnocnuaoux., 0:4 ! THE TOPIC CAFE NWC Feed the Champions of E. H. S. 506 Commercial Phone 941 : - ! DRY CLEANING C l RUDY DOWNS ' HATS CLEANED SHOES AND BLQCKED 12 East Sixth Avenue Q - l 1 Ph one 127 FRED J. SCOTT E INSURANCE AGENCY cyxle H Wang DIDCBQA "l11szu'c5 Anything Against ' Gund El"l?1'yf!0i7'lg,, on 10 EAST 6TH 5 Fruen -I. Scorr KENNL'I'1'I A. Scorl' E 1 H DR. PILPPIZR PICKS YOUR ENERGY UP ' 1 EMPORIA STATE BANK A f II' 1 I ' .J gf. i 3 601 Com'l .... ........ ' E ' ' 'S in' 1 ic rm' U SATISFACTORY BANKING 'ml' C' 'I' T' ' 'O L '03 Lf M ii At 10, 2 and 4 O'c1ock SERVICE Tasfc' Tfyut Flavor Q 3 XV. I. MARSH R. D. MARSH U EMPORIA PLUMBING AND HEATING ICO. U Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating i Authorized General Electric Home Appliances Phone 223 712 Commercial E , THB ' : Cut1e1'Y YN E S 0. Hardware Radios Q ' SPOrt Goods Palm 31,5-can congruent sos WHHP11PCf U Phone 105 : Q Suwlzly-T1L'o asian up an iw:-.,-.-asusimzoaimioioxnxwin::oz1-in:amz-zazimicrimaimiimmz 1 i 1 2 3 as 3 Qozozocnmliuzoetom 4-:arrinnsipiixgixiirdnimcmxwub as as-manner ua :am GROI-I BROS. 423 Commercial St. FURNACES-SHEET METAL Phone 232 Phone 321 32 8 Confl MORRIS DRUG CO. MONTGOMERY WARD 81 CO. Emporia's Largest For All Needs IRELAND SHOE SHOP 707-I1 Cnm'l Phone 614, 2337 BUY 31,000 On the Installment Plan EMPQRIA SPQRT 51-1011 Y0u'll be pleased with the case 705 Connncrcial and speed your 51,000 accumu- lates through regular savings plus your liberal earnings. HEADQUARTERS FOR THE ATHLETIC MUTUAL BUILDING Sl GQODS LOAN ASSOCIATION Emporia If You Care- Better Portraits Made Our Business GRANADA STUDIO PHONE 705 D. D. DEGLER, P UNDERXVOOD, REMINGTON, L. C. SMITH, and CORONA TYPEWRITERS-RENTALS-EXCHANGES-SALES ECKDALL Sz MCCARTY 1' uly- Tb rw' A ofyxuiuiucbx10101:xc-1:1x1411oCzrm14x:ninC:01m101011111A11111x1n1010irr1u1o1u O 039 u A l U . ni .e 5 Comvllmenfs M. L. KRETSINGER, Agent g - , . . II Q Class of 1942 just "Good" Insurance U OVER EMPORIA STATE BANK Q BUTTER-NUT BREAD Phone ,06 5 II 2 U .,. LITKE-STEPHENS Q FURNITURE Co. Q H HUMPHREYS, BAKERY Quality Furniture-Frigidaire H Phone 300 507 Com'l C U n II C 2 II U KANSAS LUMBER CO. Q Service that Serves Material that Satisfies 2 Phone 37 617 Mechanic St. Q -rc li . : Q The Wforld Moves and So Does Bailey ' U We Send Our Compliments to the U Class of 1942 , Ill U E THE BAILEY TRANSFER CO. E ' 7 U 5 n U , . ,. U ' ----" ' ' U Q., U Q -' -R ' ' H . .R I 1125-'Ui'-1. f ".. ? 'Q '- : i .-'-'i , 3 E -..,. .-,. U U 5 -5 .1 ,.-- -"",. L A"" ff "" ,.,, f U - "" if "r' A 'A"' W 4'A' 5 in 5 -:f i U Rivr, u """' ' -ff? ' zz .: .1-522255 "-' 1 iffjiff ff A E .,.. -'-' U 3 ,'-': ii ll I ,VA A ef ' 2 ,'r' T U g H 2 H U . .A ll Q We Assume All Rcsizonszbzlzty H g Q i ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME U 2 II ! Phone 76 ! H ! i ,,:, -11u1c11n1rxio1oqno1n1u1o1o1n1o1nio1 u1u1n1u1o1u1u1o1 1 101010102 Sfrcnty-F0 H V' o V','mi.1osn1qp...11...11z.-..11..1 tion! 101411011rzoioirxxuxuioi 141 1 iii an 1 1 looming: 1 1 1 1 111 U Q LEATHERBERRYWS ' REXALL DRUG STORE ZIMMERMAN ! Prescriptions 1 N Shaeffer Fountain Pens INL' Cara Nome Toiletries ! g Shop Compare PENNEY6 SX, ' 5- g Q ,o Q HUGHESTODD g Diamonds-XVatehes Phone 482 523 Commercial Q g LIFE INSURANCE URBAN C. BROWN and JOHN HANCOCK LIFE ! Phone 403 Office with Warren Mortgage Co Two Good Names to Remember Wlmen Buying Q THE HSMPORJIA GAZJETTJE i Printers and Publishers COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Q EMPORIA, KANSAS i Printers of the C. of E. Alla Rah, the K. S. T. C. Sunflower and 3 the Emporia High School Re-Echo Sr'w'11ly-Filfc' ug.-. ...,- Euan ri- 101:-ix: U U ! II Insurgmcc-All Kinds Haag Waslicrs Gibson Refrigerators 5 HILTON at HEATH SCHOTTLER Insurance Agency ELECTRIC CO. Tl1cPC1ol:iEbig35ldg. Ijnzvi-mf: Sc Sirollzbrrg-Carlson Radios E .Iohn M. Hilton Dcloy Ii. Heath 610 Comil Phone 205 H 1 1- 13,3 H Y Q., Q U FOR RELAXATION-SEE A MOVIE You'll Find the Pick of the Pictures g at thc U aanacfa ancf Sltfzancf U ! U U ! U FORT JEWEL SHOP Diamonds Wtltchcs so , I-Iigh School Jewelry l E SPl',ClIAl, Iixulmvlxo E l COUCYS, Chili, XVUUPY5 Compliments of I CONEY ISLAND JONES-ANDERSON 5 phone 391 17 E. 6th CLOTHING COMPANY il U U II THE SMITH LUMBER CO. Lumber, Building Material, and Coal A. H. SMITH, Mgr. Clean Coal Phone 39 Good Lumber Q A U U I.ct's Mcct at the Iimporin Creamery and Get One of Those Big Q 50 CONES EMPOEIA CREAMERY 212 Comll 1128 Com'l E ! 5 St'L'r'1lly-Six oqzncnoqzitas lx.limlcnrlxoiuioingvlzuiocpoxoii annznzoxnxucmigux mcpfve, goin 11111:24rinxnznznxuzux as cm my an an 1 az: PERRILL-WOOD in 'A g g Funeral Home X. Sillrcrcf Sz'rz'ir'v fr V ' V, A . Q 11 Hl'Y,,3 A , GRP I- . , wa ll 1. .. l v J -.-.. Phone 30 627 Merchant .jj-I: I ' , , ii. X COMPLIMENTS or 0' , , S. H. KRESS Sr CO. TURRELL,S Cook Paints 85 Wgmllpapers Sc, 10c Sl ZSC Store Headquarters for School Supplies THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO Capital and Surplus Sl33,000.00 Emporia, Kansas Dining Room Coffee Shop Banquet K HOTEL MIT-WAY IEMPORIA, KANSAS "WlJr'rr' Emlmria Enix" VICTORY CREAMERY CO. Pasteuriled -lll- Honwgenized Grade "A" Milk and Cream I"f1m'y IN CTVIHIIII for Purfivx Phone 2405 22 E. Seventh Axe BURGNER-BOWMAN-MATHEWS LUMBER CO. 101 F. Sth Ave. 4-Square Lumber Coal DuPont Punt Phone 7 H. F. Wfieker Mgr COMPLIMENTS The Palace Sth and Commercial :uni as 1 1:11:11-cn 1 1 an an q:'am eaugoz 1-1 qommrzugni l'Ilfj"SL'l F71 cpuapoxuxuz an :nz 1011213111112-1131:iiiixniiziiizuqpu This direcfory of Emllzoria Doctors is pzzblishml in the Re-Ecko for the f'0l7l'Ul7iL'lIfY' of Ihr' jmblic. J. J. HOVORKA, M. D. SURGEON Phone 428 Citizens Bldg CLYDE WILSON, M. D. Phone 271 K. E. P. Bldg H. W. MANNING, M. D. Phone 316 Gazette Bldg C. E. PARTRIDGE, M. D. Physician 85 Surgeon Phone, Office 2505 Home 2362 Citizens Bank DAVID R. DAVIS, M. D. Phone 1337 Gazette Bldg. CHAS. C. UNDERWOOD, M. D. Diagnosis and Internal Medicine PHILIP W. MORGAN, M. D. X-Ray Room 408, Citizens Bank Bldg. phone 313 Gazette Bldg Office Ph. 456 Home Ph. lI32 If No Answer Call Phys. llxch. 441 MARSHALL RANDEL ALBERT CORNWELL NIIIS7ll'tll1l'C' Pays" THE PHOTOGRAPHER COMPLIMENTS OF PENNINGTON SUPER AUTO SERVICE HOME-OWFNED-24-HQUR SERVICE Phone 1038 DERBY PRODUCTS Sth 86 Com'l Congratulations to the Class of 1942 from Fmporin Lodge of Jerry Tholen, 137th F. A., U. S. Army Jack McCoy, High School Darrel Stiffler, High School Pat McGuire, Washington, D. C. Bob Martin, High School Harold Austenfeld, Alumnus Bob Foncannon, C. of F. Richard Easum, Teachers Dun MeClenny, Teachers, Chairman Don Knopf, Teachers Jim Putnam, Lawyer U. S. Navy George Groh, C. of E. inzriinzuiug-0101 1 irizoznxoinlozuici 1 Fred Griffith, Pensacola Base, John Mattingly, Teachers Bill Davey, Teachers Bert Smith, Santa Fe Jack Kowalski, Teachers Wendell Link, K. U. Bill Mnrtiil, C. of E. Joe Turner, 137th F. A., U. S. Army 1010101411411 13 1 1 v usb U 5 U 1 l H 1 U H ! l l ! B ! Q a U u U l 1 1 1 l H ! U i 01:30 Sl'l't'lIf1'-Eigbf Qzonx 1 in if ! Head-fo-Foot O111'fiffz'rs SINGER I i Easy Terms Make thc Best Easy to Buy i f Singer Sewing Machine CO. - f T. G if GR. i ' Commercial Ni1ii4cii111lVlBank Bldg. i Ii I2 W. nh Phone 1179 i ' 'W Q Compliments of g 1 - TEICHGRAEBER i ' ' MILLING COMPANY 5 l O 4 'ie ROBERTS ! LEATHER GOODS ! Brucknefs Clothes Luggage-Shoe Rebuilding ! IliSi.iIlCliVe and Gifts of Lcnther Q Cggt N0 More 414 Com'l Plionc 638 Q Must Your Friends in this 8 ' Friendly Store g AGENCY C S17 Merchant ! -1-1 1--- Emporia, Kansas : SHQIJ FQR MEN "E1,'cry1fhi11g Il7X1l!'llI7'.lf',, i l ! l l . ! 09111' I!I2ZI1'iiD5f Q'lfUIIB1'21f1Il21iiU115 in 1111: Sunni' g Qllass--anh nur best fnislies that the future fnill bring in gnu ehergiliing that fnill mukr g fur gum' happiness- Eli has hven um' plrzls- ure in Serbs the Seniur Glass as fnnll as 11112 5 glfzxrulig zmh the renmining 5-inhwt hung nf E gum: fine lgiglg sclqunl During ily: past gran H U giruzthiiivin 35101131 i Flnuzr 3311- Sivhlgnff H Gfarneral CH'iz111z1gvr U H i ! . Sc'z'c'nt51-Nim' iuioiniciinxsxiuio:oi :ii 1 1 1.: 1 inzuznzozoiui 2 111: uqbuzoi :u1oas,icmxiuiuiuiuvx 03:03:15 1 cm11::Locumxioinzuiixzuczcxini 0:0 The COLLEGE 0 EMPORIA5 SOUND EDUCATION IN LIBERAL ARTS Sc MUSIC Culfzzrrzl Azfvazzffzgav Cbrixiiau Aflzzoxplufrc' Ccnzplcffcf Equiplfzenf Nlfl1iI7IllllI Cosf Dix. DANIISL A. HIRSCHLER, Prvxidmzf The Citizens National Bank Capital and 8550 5 0 Emporia,s Oldest Q -1j::::.:'.-:. 2 Surplus I 2 and Largest X X D Q " " s 5p334,000.00 qve gy' Bank LOANS Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Vault Checking Accounts Trust Department Time Certificates Foreign Exchange "Il Dnwx Maki' 11 Diff:-rfnrr Wlzfa-r V011 Dn Ynnr I3n11,Qil1g" iniiicsziiux cnuxfcnuioi 1 1 301 1 xox 1:11 1:1 E I I ! I Q U ! 9 9 H Highly uziozo 1 F N Y v ' 1 , 1 ' 1 i Q W 1 , 1 N 1 w 1 w i

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