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V A 1 I L' A' I 3?5??fff W ffwf ' fr-:1:Vfa Zh ffi-5f- , 5125: 1 ' V " .:,fe:pV V fwzwgs 'xy ,.V VV' . . ' 1 ' V V - 'Y , ,xu - ' ' V V . 1 gf if V ,Va V V V 2 ww V 1, Vqi A V V. 1 V 13.25 f V- VVV V f f V V V . VV . VV N . V V ' ' nw- " - V - 1 P V A ' Q Lf .' , " , ' ' '-'ag L "' V 'X ' , i ,V . 1 Eg , ,fu .V V -M.- ,:eFfQ fVf'Q V VV QV V f 'iVvf' f Q ' , 1 V 3 , WV, A4 1 , , , L 'l A E. XVZVA VV,-IVY' ' ' ' XVf VV,- gbff' ,V 'I ,V ' af,f -VQ Q 1' QgV 1 f ' ' 3 F VV V VV img V1 , , gg Vx . J, V , , V -:VY , V X V 1 3. V 3 Q' f , ' ' 3 . 5 A , Z U V I VJ? V V ,, V ,. , V , V V4 M ?fHA' V gy ,vwh f ' fix Nj-nf' 'V ,. Eff 'fi V V V V -V VV I Effgi- , VV -V fiif , V 1-VV VV VVVV VV I V, If iff X K ' V ,fV V V . if QXVV f VV Vgf fnj V VQVV - X VV , V VVV V, VV I V f V V, .VV -AV V V V V. V , , V . V xv . V V V VV ww V X U RN VJ, V4 VVV V V V V V C V V , V V P? VVVV V A 1 91 X3 gi? h H V A X X V , 01' sf' - fl?7 ' . 1 L ' E ' V 7' YV my jx: X Y V V My W V NM ,',Q I ,h S .KW Q t,,.'::gp, LW. ,xgm J, ,, A V . -. Li.- ,WMMW VVVV LVM-,V V V M A AAAVVAVL-A V. NALVMV ,QW Z7 ,,2i:,74 QZWJW 5 ' J' Zh ,,lQZ7Z2 ,ef 40, Z f ,dftz,,,4,,,J,,,, if img 5211? if gf? 9,4 wi, mmumfypgi' jQ TfQZf?!VWWf,zM M Q +gjQ.ME.gQjM.Q '4 WJ,fL4dAmfM6,.L. wwf-fwwf X fZff2gi 'PHE RE-ECHO EDITOR grmg-any Us 15 .mm BUS rfffg' 'Y T ' CM G9 "fo 0 PUBLISHED BY IHE SENIIIR CLASS IIE IHE RIA HIGH SCHUIII- EIVIPIlRIA'KII ENIIIH RUTH KUHLIVIANN A prominent member of the senior class, Ruth Kuhlmann was outstand- ing in her short span of life. The respect given her by all was a tribute to her radiant character. She Was a friend of everyone she met and to- day her absence is felt deeply by the entire stu- dent body. URIVIANIJ IVBRIEN Instantly and unex- pectedly Death took the life of Ormond O'Brien, a senior. His loyalty, service and cheerfulness will be hard to replace. In the thoughts of his friends and associates he will live on forever. IAM . Senior High School Emporia, Kansas May 23, 1941 From: Re-Echo 1941 To: To Whom It May Concern Subject: Brief History of Emporia High School Emporia's first high school erected in 1864. Garfield building later took its place in 1880. Stood on same site as present senior high although. much smaller. g Junior and senior high schools were divided in 1922 and each school met separately, with .senior high meeting in mornings and junior high in afternoon, being continued until junior high building Was completed in 1925. Present building contains forty rooms and is equipped with gymnas-- ium and auditorium which has seating capacity of nine hundred. Forwarded- Approval recommended MARJORIE DAVIS, Eclitor-in-chic f UHALTH The United States of America is a country of Yfreedonf We owe athis wonderful republic our loyalty and patriotism. Whether in war time or peace time, we should remember this. Not only do we owe loyalty to our country, but also to our school and to our classmates. Without this great spirit of loyalty and love we are nothing. l Y XXX 5 N X 233 UIIN E NTT' X T UUMMANDERS GENERALS COLONELS- TRUUPERS MAJORS SERGEANTS PRIVATES CAMPAIGNS COMBATS REGIMENTS CAMPAIGNS I ff. ' ..,. 2 af!-,.-2'-"Ai PM Q, L N : -51 -- 359,531 H vga , qw . ..... , W M ,W Q P gi ' , 5 ffz M 5 W5 e 11 Qu V W f 'ggI Y?7Zf V W Lf ww mg,jeqi,,gl , g,g, .., N .K ., Q ...- vin ,.'11'f: ' --nt 4. " . xkigxifg X . Yzfigf: ' 6143 wi .-1.3. ri- wf 1. ,x .- V U, iifllfd' 1' ' .. Ai. --is -2 . S if-' DQSLW' i N 'ai EIZEITL 5 I,vfl fo righi-George Groh, O. G. Rindom, F. E. Pennington, Marshall Randel, Mrs. W. D. Ross and F. B. Heath Board of ducation Although they don't appear often as a group, the six members of th Board of Education are highly responsible for our efficient school system The year of 1940-41 has been appreciated by the faculty and student body. Mr. O. G. Rindom, a member of the board, resigned and his place was filled by Mr. Roy Kramm. The Board's Secretary has been replaced by Miss Ethel Shirley. MISS ETIIEL 5HlRl,EY Srz'1'vlu1'y lo fbi' Board OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Pfresiclent .... - ....... F. B. HEATH Vice-President F. E. PENNINGTON Secretary .... --- ETHEL SHIRLEY T1'easm'e1' ....... .... R . H. JAQUITH Superintencleut ..... W. M. RICHARDS ll2l - 1 One cannot think about welfare of high school youth today without in- cluding consideration of the influ- ences of the war which has engulfed the Eastern Hemisphere and now threatens to extend to this nation. J Already America is preparing to de- fend herself against old world des- potism. One million young men are now in military training. Others are preparing for work essential to national defense. Volunteers who are not eligible for these classes of work are being organized for other services. W. M. RICHARDS The situation calls for sacrifice and heroic action. We are learning anew that "God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always willing to protect and defend it." Just how great the cost of such defense will be no one knows. It seems certain that it will be great enough that everyone, both old and young, will have a part. The success or failure of America will depend to a great extent upon how well the churches and schools have developed the moral and spiritual preparedness of the people to face unflinchingly the difficulties which lie ahead. To these institutions will be due the credit or the blame for Ameru ica's action in this emergency. May they renew and redouble their efforts for a stronger and better America. W. M. RICHARDS MISS HELEN FELTON Sf'l'I'!'ftll'y lo Mr. Rirlmrrlx ll3l -4? W .91 A V ,QQLFI l""' X. '--"7.I71' .a:l55'N1"' ,:f"' ' 'fifil' I xfxzifgwilil .azfil 'dl qigiiff Ft" . iz.--' 13151331 w f?ys1,l.-- -' we Qwls' wp 6" " tl wi' gems ' , ' " .LE4Ef7"w" S' " lil? ' W RICE E. BROWN ' The 1941 class is graduating during an era in American history which is unlike any preceding era. Although We are not at war, We are drafting men into the service. Even though We remain out of war, there will be many problems to be solved in our own country after the War is over. Thousands of men in service now will return to peace-time conditions. They will be looking for jobs. Our economic structure will be strained. It is time now for all of us to be studying the best means of solving these eco- nomic problems. The boys and girls of the 1941 class Will encounter these problems. May the training which you have received in your High School be of great value to you when the post-War problems arise. Your principal, RICE E. BROWN MISS CHRISTINE BONCZKOWSKI St't'l'A'flll'j' to Mr. Brown l14l -, 'b. -U-'. N. .. , '99 i 840126 5 . . . Faoult The members of the student body wish to extend their appreciation to the faculty, who have guided us through another successful HUGH BROGAN . . A.YXiXf!lIIf fo 1110 Privwilml year toward hlgher learnlng' There were two new teachers this year, Miss Brock, who took Miss Ethel Shirley's place when she took the position as Secretary to the Board of Education, and Miss Loretto Langley, who had been a teacher at the junior high. Faculty meetings were held frequently at the call of Principal Mr. Rice E. Brown. The Scholastic Honor Society committee was headed by Miss May Hancock. The Student Council was more active this year. The sponsors were Principal Rice E. Brown, Miss Dorothy Hamer, dean of girls, and the chairmen of the sponsors of three classes. Miss Hamer acts as girls' representative on the administrative staff of the school. q Mr. Hugh Brogan, assistant principal, aids in sponsoring many school projects. The school would have a hard time carrying on without these two members of the fac- ulty. MISS DOROTHY HAMER Dram of Girls flfl 1 .-S5193 YN gr V . W A' .r . '-'-Riffs? .511 XQETSN f--13'-" YQFJW u 4' ' x v -'Pix 1 .wZ5QQ5'i""' ,QE f" -:F ""' V-1'l,r4..F WO" ,,53'.23Z'x F" ,-.. " QWSYTZ u- . 1X-'wqrf 34,14 gs:- " 5:39-' . 'A , A F w . W 4 AQ!-flew... tx- nw ,ax , , W- . 1, ' ' Mxrwfrx ef 1' - I X- A xo, 'GO 'Wx ' gk aaa -mgna V' lim? 'm our Qfs ', o ,Th fw ew ' I PM our Wi 039 ,WD 5"X.,w' V JOHN R, XVILLIAMS LORETTO LANGLEY MARGARET MILLER Biology, Cnnyymfy-111,11 Offivr' TVHil1i77-Q Dl'flllIHfffX, English Grfograpby ANITA B, RICE FLOYD M'CUNE RUTHE CROSS Sm-jul 34-1,-,HT Snriul Srirnfr um! Dvlmfz' Pbyxiral Enlzzrnfiolz I-GIS JAQUITH ELFIXNOR SIRPLESS RUTH HOPKINS Soviul SL'il'm'r' :xml I0lH'l1LllfXIII Engljxb VOL-,,1 Mmjf i161 r MARION HOWARD ORMOND PARKER Spmmb Burnt' and Ol'Cl7l'XfJ'H F' fOUTH MAUDE JACKSON rm 111 , , g Social Science JENNY P. DOUGLASS EDWARD PRICE Lnlin amz' English Scicvzcc E171 CHARLOTTE HOWE Librarian i . W . SOPHIE Mathematics WOOD BLOXOM Matlaz' l11 ntirs Agia? QI V' wifi' igilxg fu' - 'rp . pig, . f-in U Lam--S1 . X-5549" .Q Sv f' .s:15?iK" .e"3f.1. 'Lv . .I."' ' V N QE' . "'AA'+?f?Mgk ' ,Fl M -. .' 25533 .xsiifggwria fwv' ..Q:.w:.5 M" w..'25ii97'X"' Kim 'Mg ,,,- QQREW 'W ALFRED D SMITH g5LUf1fS1 .ICE MABEL COVERDILL Playsiful Erfucalion mm Html' Cffffhfffg , HERBERT JAMES SHIRLEY THOMSON MAY EAENCOCK Social Srirfiw' :xml English English rmqx L , GEORGE LODLE W. TAYLOR FRANCES KEENEY Mrmmzl TTlIil1f71KQ VOL't1ff!llllII fxgl'f!'IlIfIH'f' Ari P181 f . h, .xy- ' 1 s . . we G' .XM - I, ..fa,. L: . tv ...gy -A-0" ' , T91 wi ' in 1.- Li. Qt-,WED N 3- JFENL-' ...ff UEli'xEV'm 'Ps 6Ll0l'5 . . enior President ..... --- RICHARD EASUM Vice President -- .....H.N BILL YVARRBN Secretary ..... .... J OYCE VAN GUNDY Treasurer --- ....... RUTH SAGER In the year of 1938 a large group of green sophomores started their senior high school careers. From that time until 1941 this group has been developing into the educated class that it is today. Its students have excelled in journalism, debate, athletics, music, and dramaticsg and have played a vital part in the community as Well as the school. The main social event Was the Senior Banquet, held at the Broadview Hotel on January 17, 1941. Afterwards the Junior Class invited the seniors to the annual Jr.-Sr. Prom. The class sponsors are: Miss Shirley Thomson, Miss Ruth Hopkins, Miss Ethel Shirley, Miss Mabel Coverdill, Miss Charlotte Howe, Miss Frances Keeney, and Mrs. Lois Jaquith, Mr. F. J. South, Mr. Wood Bloxom, and Mr. George Lodle. l2Ol RUTH ALDRIDGE-"Shy-if you do11't know her" G. A. A., G. R., Pep Club, Librarian, Latin Club, Open House, Treasurer of Foods Club, Hostess Club, Scholastic Honor Society. BERNIECE THEEL-"Short and snappy in eyes and size" Pep Club, G. A. A., Cheer Leader, G. R. Cabi- net, Latin Club, Geometry Club, Mid-Winter Conference, Echo, Setting-up Conference. ETHEL LITCHFIELD-"Don't dilly daily, Zife's too short" G. R., Glee Club. JEAN QUAKENBUSH+"So kind and yet so shy" G. R., Orchestra, Algebra Club, Scholastic Honor Society. DUANE BUSH-"Here's one bush worth beating around" Personality Club, Glee Club, Host Club, Mixed Chorus. MARY SIMMONS-"High priced-per-si1n1nons" G. R., Pep Club, Girls' Quartette, Glee Club, Foods Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Contest, Christmas Cantata. MARGARET M'CALL-"Time marches, and so do I" Glee Club, G. R, BETTY RECTOR-"Magnetic type-of personal- nys Cv. R., Band, Orchestra, Latin Club, Scribblers' Club, Echo. MILDRED COLWELL-My motto: "Experience is the best teacher" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, G. R., G. A. A., Or- chestra, Pep Club, Music Contest, Christmas Pageant, "The Night of Jan. 16th," "Why Move to Town," Student Council. BERTHA DAVIS-"lj you don't know-guess" G. R. MARIANNA WHITE-"What's the hurry, are we going someplace?" - G. R. Cabinet, P. T, S. A., Pep Club, Echo, "Young April," Student Council, "Stage Door," Scholastic Honor Society, Latin Club, G. R. Summer Camp. MARGARET STIFFLER-"Words are precious and must be weighed" I G. R., Pep Club, G. A. A., Latin Club, Host- ess Club. CONNIE BROWN-"A grand accompanist in many ways" Glee Club, G. R., Pep Club. Girls' Quartet, Dramatics "Night of Jan. 16th," Christmas Cantata, Scholastic Honor Society. JACK FOWLER-"The last of the FowZers?" Latin Club, First Aid Club, Hi-Y, Debate. MARJORIE HORTON-"I have my own interests" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, G. R. BARBARA COCHENNETT-"The highest attain- ment is worth striving for" G. R. Cabinet, Christmas Cantata, "Young April," Latin Club, Algebra Club, Scholastic Honor Society. LOIS RHUDY-"You know-the opposite of rowdy?" G. R., Pep Club, G. A. A., Echo, Travel Club, Student Council, Dramatics Club, Latin Club, Re-Echo, Scholastic Honor Society, Treasurer cf Junior Class. WILLA BROWN-"Accompanied by my thoughts" Dramatics, Geometry Club, Foods Club, G. R., Latin Club. ff, 5199 VYM M ll' FRF' rv-A ' fling J Qlrvrb J J-. ,.,. i. ill' .-':,"v:xx':A"!J .wrfiffiffif :ii FA -,-sb,g..- rg:-,V . 64"im' ' :f?E13'fc1-' A-0 .L-" K agar' C A I i .W .,i:g.' gi?" X 4 1 B , 1 .J. .ani 'S Iv' at , alt 0112953 9: V, Q, wif' v rs. ' , .arg 'it' l' , " -sei ,. .Tit -,r V. fs:-9" . ,,vt'Ei .-Q, 55" f., - " ' ., A , 517' .- . is-..' in Q' .. X 1 . 4:1 ' -'N' -,is-.X . ,,.f. . ,Qs iksaqkif M ' 'fl-1.6 .ASK-P' gi... 4 Af X. fx. x .X nf? uf x 1 4 1 ,L ,X NADINE KRAMM-"Always put off today what I can do tomorrow, donft you?" G. R., G. A. A., Arts and Crafts Club, Echo. BEULAH PHILLIPS-"Uses every minute of her time" INA LOU M'KIM-"Fit to be tied-Icnotty isn't it?" Latin Club, G. R., Pep Club, Dramatics, "Young April," Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Echo, Set- ting-up Conference, Christmas Mystery, "Stage Door." CELESTE CONKLIN-"Life is but and this is our exit" Pep Club, Echo, G. R., Geometry Club, Dra- matics Club, "Seven Sisters," "The Night of Jan. 16th," Setting-up Conference, "Stage Door." LOIS LYNN LANGLEY--"Be pleasant and you will succeed" G. R., Latin Club, Pep Club. DAN M'CLENNY-"If not too many 'ziowns'WI'll win." Football, Band, Latin Club, Science Club, Treasurer of Student Council, President of Junior Class, Music Contest, Baseball, Sports Editor of Re-Echo, Algebra Club, candidate for King. KATHLEEN TOWNSEND-"Dull care be gone" G. R. BETTY SUTTON-"There'li be some changes made-now" G. R., Pep Club, Movie Club, Librarian. ELEANOR WALTERS-"Be silent and safe, si- lence never betrays you" Pep Club, Ornamental Typing Club, G. R., Foods Club, Geometry Club. GENEVIEVE FANNON-"Agreeable so Zet's join hands" G. R., Pep Club. MARGARET WALKUP-"Sweet as a sugar cube" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Hostess Club, G. R., Music Contest, Geometry Club. BARBARA ROBERTS-"Up and onward--then?" Band, Orchestra, G. R. MARTHA DAVIS-"A good listener makes one intelligent" Pep Club, G. R., Latin Club, Algebra Club, Student Council, G. R., Setting-up Conference, Movie Club. l ROSEMARY MADDERN-"A comedy in several acts." G. R., G. A, A., Pep Club, Dramatics, Glee Club, Echo, "Young April," Proctor, Summer Camp, Setting-up Conference. VERNON ROSE-"Work fast, then rest" MARJORIE LUDY-"Attractive and nice" G. R., Geometry Club, Latin Club, Movie Club. FRANCES MAXWELL-"Interested in everyone" Pep Club, G. R. KATHARINE ANN KUFAHL-"I decline-good, better, best" G. R., Mixed Chorus, Band, G. A. A., Music Contest, Drainatics, Knitting Club, G. R.. Set- ting-up Conference, Christmas Pageant, Schol- astic Honor Society. R' I f . A X . 3, ' ' Yr f f' ft E22 1-4 n Nia f fi fi if , ffl , . f X , x ,., x f RALPH PHILLIPS-"If there's nothing to laugh at start a circus of your own" Band, Latin Club, Hi-Y, Camera Club, Dra- matics Club, "Young April," "Stage Door." MAYETTA DEISTER-"Whatever is worth doing is worth doing right" G. A. A., G. R., Recreation Club, Pep Club, Latin Club. JOHN BOND-"Here is one type of security" Scholastic Honor Society, Hi-Y, FAYE BAGSLEY-"One you have to know" G. R., Glee Club. EUGENE SPENCER-"Suspence is what gets her" Radio Club, Photography Club. LUCILLE COMMEREE-"Cool, calin and collect- Pd., G. R., Librarian. ERNEST KETTNER-"A man in earnest" President of F. F. A. ELIZABETH SHIRLEY-f"Surely Shirley succeeds" Latin Club, Geometry Club, Algebra Club, G-. R., G. A. A., Pep Club. BOB METZDORF-"You hate to work for what you get" MARGARET PARKER-"Fm not a pen but 1 have a point" G. R. BILL ROBERTSON-"It's a great life---why not?" Band, Orchestra, Echo, Debate. SUE BALDWINi"I am the unbroken record" President of G. R., G. R. Cabinet, Summer Camp, Setting-up Conference, "Seven Sisters," "Night of Jan. 16th," "Young April," G. A. A.. Cheerleader, Pep Club, President and Secretary of Student Council, Debate, Echo, candidate for Queen, Latin Club, Scholastic Honor Society. DALE SWINT--"Be silent and pass for a philos- opher" Christmas Cantata, Movie Club. DORIS STEG-"It takes one to keep a secretf' Orchestra, G. R., Music Contest, Scholastic Honor Society. BILL CLAY-"Flexible--like clay can be" Scholastic Honor Society, Band, Orchestra, Music Contest. VIRGINIA SMITH-"The brick of our founda- tion" Editor of Echo, G. R., Setting-up Conference, Ottawa Conference, Glee Club, G. A. A., Stu- dent Council, "Seven Sisters," Pep Club, Dra- matics Club, Christmas Cantata, State Jour- nalism Conference, Cheerleader, Summer Camp, Quill and Scroll. TREVOR REES-"Victory belongs to the man of perseverance" Hi-Y, F. F. A., Stagecralt Club. . WANDA AUSTIN-"An 'austin' new in the mak- ing" G. R., Librarian, Orchestra. 'K' .-N31 .. X . 4 . . . ,D -..+,i.- ,,g-mo.. 'Q-M . gsxxr. ,436 '.- M72 . ' .- 522-,:m' . ,,g..-- QQ, ..-em .QL--A .3 E231 S: '. v, .ff- i 9- A 535 ' GR?- . ri H , . s S ,,-v A xi' . , 3 ,Z ,AQQQN fit K ,ergirqit t -fr.. .:!i":5i - , -fail:-M' ' N333 , Nigga... Q --Q .- 4 . -T5 'I 'K' J' -A 3,PQ'5" . 12'-'V ,.'e!'L'?x N, 55" -1 ' . -nim-Ziff - if U iw , r. .t . at .. A it " .rfiir . 5. . J- hxggkff' ' Q. .1-4' ,Xt -3: 9.51- ' . . 5' I - KI Y I, 7N.,' it 5 , lid ' K 2-V x L V ' I ki L J I r It .- 5 U. K r," 'I v 1 , nl .li ' P ' v iv J. x ,. . . ' i it ix x E241 REX GRAY-"Scholarships may be used for de- fenseu Sophomore Hi-Y, Football, Baseball, Basket- ball, First Aid Club, Host Club, Junior-Senior Hi-Y, Latin Club, Dance Band, Band, Orches- tra, Student Council, Scholastic Honor Society. MARJORIE DAVIS-"Personality plus-iCornie'." Popularity Queen, Editor of Re-Echo, Setting- up Conference, Echo, G. R., Pep Club, Algebra Club, Mixed Chorus, Vice-President of Junior Class, Orchestra, Music Contest, State Journa- lism Conference, Red Cross, Scholastic Honor Society. FRANCIS BAYSINGER.-"We're taking our base- siiiger with us" Mixed Chorus, Dramatics. Music Contest, Hi-Y, Re-Echo, Scholastic Honor Society. MARGARET JEAN FLEMING-'tEnriched with je- male's greatest weapon-speech." Assistant Editor of Re-Echo, G. A. A., G. R., Echo, Band, Orchestra, Setting-up confer- ence, Summer Camp, Dance Band, All-Kansas Band, National Music Contest, Algebra Club, Arts and Crafts Club, Knitting Club, Scholas- tic Honor Society, Quill and Scroll. JACK SHEEN-"My motto: He who hesitates is last" Re-Echo, Hi-Y, Librarian. DOROTHY MARCELLUS-"Smile all the while" Pep Club, Glee Club, G. R., Needle Craft Club, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus. WAYNE JOLLY-"And how appropriate is his name" Football, Basketball, Tennis, Echo. JEAN SAFFELL--"Gracious in 1na'rmer" G. R., Pep Club, Summer Camp, Setting-up Conference, Student Council, .Arts and Crafts Club, Echo, G. A. A., Latin Club, Algebra Club, Librarian, Dramatics, WAYNE OSBORN-"No really great man ever thought himself so" Vice-President of F. F, A., Hi-Y. VIRGINIA KELSEY-"Forgive and don't forget" G. R., Echo, "Young April," Knitting Club. RICHARD DANNEBERG-"Joker who can take it-ithe tricky" Band, Orchestra. Honor Orchestra, Music Con- test, Echo, Re-Echo, Debate, Hi-Y, Host Club, Personality Club. DORA MAY ADDINGTON-"Small, but notice- able" G. R. Cabinet, Setting-up Conference, Pep Club, Echo, Open House, Summer Camps, Li- brarian, President of Latin Club, Algebra Club, Orchestra, National Music Festival, G. A. A. BILL WARREN-"Honesty of purpose to build character is worth striving for" Business Manager of Re-Echo, Echo, Quill and Scroll, "Night of Jan. 16th," Vice-President of Senior Class, Hi-Y, Host Club, Personality Club, Christmas Cantata, Camera Club, Latin Club, candidate for King. DONNAS PORTER-"Live upriylitlyn Glee Club, Algebra Club, Latin Club, Dramatics Club, Reading for Fun Club, G. R. BILL KOPKE-"I like to work, sometimes, it rather fascinates me" Hi-Y, Stage Craft Club, Safety Club. DOROTHY LOU PHILLIPS-"Everyone likes 'jill- upsn, G. R. Cabinet, Band, Summer Camp, President of G. A. A., Pep Club, Setting-up Conference, Librarian, Dramatics, Latin Club, Echo, Open House, Algebra Club, Music Contest, Recrea- tion Club, Red Cross. PHILLIP HARVEY-"I draw the line--an artist of course" ' X "Night of Jan. 16th," Boys, Quartette, Glee Club, Echo, A Cappella Choir, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Cantata, Camera Club, Host Club, "Young April," Re-Echo, -candidate for King. JO ANN EVERETT-"Always ready, willing ami able." G. R., Pep Club, Echo, G. A. A., Knitting Club. Lew Q7 BILL BURDENA-"My name is Iiurden-but I'll bear it" ESTHER KEMP-"Life is short and so am I" G. R. FRANK VVITHERSPOON-"Af last ll diploma" F. F. A. NORMA JEAN FARR-'-Nat 'far' off??? Gradua- tzon, I mean" Band, G. R., Knitting Club. CLARENCE ARNDT-"Here's zz Future in Farm- ing after all" F. F. A., Hi-Y, G. R. Benefit Play. GWENDOLYN JOHNSON-"My thoughts are my companions" G. R. lf LAUREL FRY-"Fry io 10092 maximum, then let cool" Hi-Y, Band, Orchestra, All-Kansas Band, Dance Band, Host Club, Latin Club, Algebra. Club, Geometry Club. NADEAN STOUT-"You can but do your besti' G. R., G. A. A., Dramatics, Recreation Club. FRANCIS KORTE-"Knowledge is often painful" Baud, Hi-Y. KATHRYN LYTLE-"Fm different from anyone else." . DAVID PRICE-"I am the one who pays lyou know, the price!" Hi-Y, First Aid Club, Safety Club, Camera Club, Track. DOROTHY SOWERBY-"Graduation! Acident- ally on purpose" G: R., Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Needlecraft Club. WARREN SMITH-"Not half so common as the name." Mixed Chorus, Music Contest. CHARLENE BRIM-"Always a 'brimming' smile" DONALD WORKMAN-"How did I know I was being framed?" F. F, A., Intramural Basketball. NELMA JEAN BOYD-"Short and sweet" G. R., Pep Club, G. A. A.. Mixed Chorus, Glee Club. Music Contest. RALPH MORSE-"Chivalry is my middle name" Hi-Y Conference, Football, Truck, Stamp Club, Latin Club, Algebra Club, 'Young April? Li- brarian, Host Club. MARY BOWKER-"Pleasantly sweet" G. R., Red Cross, Librarian. 25 4-- ggi .1-. Q. IW ...sf-' 4 'giizif' f 1 , ' Zfffffx gf.2,4lffx4LZ9. f7V!f R Lfelf' Ll MQ, .1 y A l -LA QA .L.fk, i1,,Kx I' ' l TJ' 'l .Vf ,i f I rs , naar, L. 1 ,J.,, -4' .fir 1 r iw Y ii I , K x if- igllfjf k . sjsgglv QQ of fi' Z V K X , A ,ss . .L 2 f . ' --f ,.fsg2o9ll" . J t .fs " ' ..rfF?f?E' I ,r rs, . K i 6 1 ,ff:!73'tzNEv' J if L .jyd J L 3 ' rv, .-' 4.6 - . ,.,' A -, .. 'CHM x hav' .b iv' ,. ,Ut mi- tw- evra.. ,U l ,ff . f . ,P ,. ,Q 'R' Y! B' ' l26l GENE LEONARD-"Don't take life so seriouslyw Football, Hi-Y, Stage Craft Club, Geometry Club. BARBARA THOMAS-"No doubting Thomas- she's keen" Band, Orchestra, National Music Contest, G. R., Latin Club, Ornamental Typing Club, Dance Band, Concert Girls' Glec Club, Mixed Chorus, G. R. Setting-up Conference, Schol- astic Honor Society. LEONARD RICH-"But I haven't time to be a millionaire" Hi-Y, Emporia Youth Council, "Young April,'i Host Club, Scholastic Honor Society. MARY WEIR-"Knock! Knock! Was that op- portunity or a game?" Glee Club, Latin Club, Geometry, Dramatics Club, Scholastic Honor Society. JERRY BOWERS-"We only lite once" SALLY LINDSAY-"Be merry, there is Cl laugh all around" Band, Orchestra, G. R. JOHN MATTINGLY-"Life is a bumpy road- ruts, etc., but l'm on the level UV' Band, Host Club, Dance Band, Hi-Y, Debate, Echo, Nationa1.Music Contest, "Night of Jan. 16th." JERRY MBCONNELL-"Any reference to me and a blonde is purely intentional." ' Echo, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, G. A. A., G. R.. Setting-up Conference, Summer Camp, Red Cross, Music Contest, Recreation Club, Christmas Cantata. JACK UTTER-"Everyone is in the some boat, but I'lZ paddle my own" "Young April." ELEANOR COOPER-"Capable and always busy" PAT M'GUIRE-"Easy does it--but what?" Football, Track, Glee Club, Hi-Y, Music Con- test, State Honor Chorus, Boys' Quartctte, Mixed Chorus, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, Debate. BETTY BEITZ-"Perfectly harmless though" Latin Club, Echo, Pep Club, G. A. A., Glee Club, G. R., Knitting Club, Scholastic Honor Society, Mid-Winter Conference, G. R. Setting- up Conference. EDWARD FLADUNG-"Gone with the draft" v Football, Christmas Cantata. PEARL BRECHT-"Her ways are always ways of peace" G. R., Movie Club, Movie Craft Club. DON HOLDREDGE-"Great hopes make great men" LOIS PIRTLE-"Fragile, handle with cure" G. R. Cabinet, Setting-up Conlereiice, Surn- mer Camp, Cheerleader, Student Council, Re- Echo, Dramatics Club, Pep Club, G. A. A., Echo, "Night of Jan. 16th,'i Glec Club, Mixed Chorus, American Youth Forum, Art Compe- tition, Christmas Cantata, Music Contest. JAMES WELCH-."Assumc responszbillties-there is ct reward" , Vice-President of Hi-Y, Vice-President of Stu- dent Council, Track, Echo, Librarian, President of Sophomore Class, Dqamatics Club, Latin Club, Proctor. GLADYS LOU WILLIAMS-"Great is the glory of a Senior for the strife is 'Lll1'Cl:H G. R., Dramatics. HAROLD HABER-"Speech is great, but silence is greater" ERMA FOWLER--"Faithful and true" Librarian, G. R. CLARENCE SCHAFER-"He has a natural wise sincerity" DOROTHY REES-"She has no equal, but her- self" G, R., Home Living Club. DALE PARSONS--"A task shozzlcl be cheerfully performed" Football, Football Trainer, Track, Sophomore Hi-Y, Camera Club, Latin Club, Band, BETTY NINNEMANi"Thoroughly review our surroundings" G. R., Pep Club, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus. LEE BURTONA"C'lothes make thc man" Hi-Y, Dramatics. EVELYN MAE ALLEN-"Cheerjulness is a great virtue" President of Burrough Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Mixed Chorus, Latin Club, Hostess Club. CARL COLLYER-"Try reading me instead of 'C0llier"' Stage Craft Club, Track. ROSE OLIVE SCHLENDER-"What a lonesome world this would be without her" G. R. TOM GROH-"And we do inean--'Tom grow!"' Debate, Hi-Y, Red Cross, Intramural Basket- ball, Secretary of Junior Class, Host Club. BARBARA WOLF-'iRetreating from this door" G. R., Pep Club. VERNON LUSK-"Li!e's just ai bowl of cherries" Football. ELLEN FILLMORE-"Fill-more classes with the highest" G. R., Latin Club, Algebra Club. . SAM MARTIN-"We find ourselves prisoners within the circle of time" Red Cross, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Cantata, Band, Orchestra, All-Kansas Band, Music Con- test, Hi-Y, President of Esperanto Club, Dra- matics, "Seven Sisters," "Night of Jan. l6th," Echo, Scholastic Honor Society. JEAN ARNDT-"Are1i't Arndts alike?" G, R., Geometry Club. BERNARD DAVISa"It's bad, luck to wink at the wrong girl" MARY ANN WOEHLERT-"Her ways are always ways of peace" G. R. H Sagas. E271 wftiggg' .1-'1i,1i5' A fssifiii-iw Egg' -"4 rqiigsf' V-lj!" . Qu' . . Qian,- MQ je .. F95-. , 9 Q. at msgid " ' iii-' ,x W at ,-H' -"' .- 'Qu' ...M l filet' zflfI1Y,:':" af" Qigil' on pw ,. i- ' S., J' hx,.g'!Q!' :M I 'Win' W A - 9s's'im N 1 t A W itat l izsi ELAINE SHERIDAN-"A song in my heart just for you" Girls' Quartette, Music Contest, G. R. Presi- dent, Glee Club, Dramatics, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club, Latin Club, A Cappella Choir, Christmas Pageant, Setting-up Conference, Scholastic Honor Society, candidate for Queen. EARL SHUPE-"Good things, good deeds und good people leave a pleasant memory be- hind them" Basketball, Hi-Y. VIRGINIA BARRETT-"She thinks twice before she speaks" G. R., Proctor. BOB STACK-"No needles, but two eyes in this stack" Gun Club. MOLLY LOU JORDAN-"Jordan--and won't be crossed" Band, G. R., Dance Band, Proctor. ROY BARNES-"Melody without madness" Band, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Quartette. LAURA BETTY-"She acts well her part, there all the honor lies" G. A. A., G. R. Cabinet, Debate, Echo, Setting- up Conference, G. R. Camp. Dramatics, Pep Club, Geometry Club, Latin Club. JACK WOODWORTHW-"Life is just a game of Jacks" Basketball, Football, Track. JERREY RUSSELL-"Her good nature is the best spoke in her wheel" G. R., G. A. A., Echo, Band, Latin Club. Vice- President of Pep Club, Setting-up Conference. AUSTIN SHAW-"If you don't know him it's your misfortune" MARY LOU M'CULLOUGH-"Vim, vigor and vi- ming" Band, Orchestra, G. R. BOB LEMONS-"Exceptional because he is not a bit sour" RUTH SAGER,-"Her voice is soft, gentle and low" G. A. A. President, G. A. A, Sports Manager, G, R. Cabinet, Echo, Setting-up Conference, Pep Club, Latin Club, Geometry Club, Dra- rnatics, Debate, Re-Echo, Treasurer of Senior Class. LLOYD LEWIS-"The long run in the family" Basketball, F. F. A., Host Club, Hi-Y, Echo. JUANITA KERSCHNER-"What I ea1i't under- stand, I won't believe" G. R., First Aid Club. CHARLES HALL-"This 'hall' is for fame" Band, Orchestra, Host Club, National Music Contest, Dance Band. JOYCE VAN GUNDY-"Search for the beautiful things in life-they're there" Secretary of G. R., Vice-President of G-. R., Secretary of Student Council, Secretary of Senior Class, G. R. Conference, Re-Echo, Al- gebra Club, Latin Club, Orchestra, Music Con- test, Librarian. C. S. CLAY--"MoldedYand not t?l around Joyce's finger" Music Contest, Camera Club, Band, Orchestra, Re-Echo, Brass Quartette, Scholastic Honor Society. FRANK GRIFFITTS-"Rebound followed up by the diploma" Basketball. NANCY LEE REMY-"Wish, l'd known better in my high school subjects" Echo, G. R., Dramatics Club. WARREN KEELER-"Extremely quiet, and al- most bashfulf' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Contest, Stage Craft Club, First Aid Club, Red Cross, Golf. ELEANOR BRUNT-"A live wire" G. R., G. A. A. JACK KOWALSKI--"I like 'makeupsf without cosmetics, I mean" Hi-Y, "Night of Jan. 16th," Dramatics, All- Kansas Band, Advertising Manager of Echo. MARY LOUISE MEYERS-"I hear my echo-see my shadow, but where am I?" Echo, Glee Club, G. R., Pep Club. RICHARD EASUM-"Distorted sense-of humor" Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Debate, Host Club, Latin Club, Football, Drainatics, "Night oi Jan. 16th," "Young April," Christmas Cami tata, President of Senior Class, Sports Editor of Echo. DOROTHY HUDSON-"Variety is the spice of lije, so make mine salty" President of Student Council, Scholastic I-Ioncr Society, Pep Club, Candidate for Queen, G. R. Treasurer, Latin Club, G. R. Summer Camp, G. R. Mid-Winter and Setting-up Conference, Student Council Convention, Exchange Editor of Echo, "Night of Jan. 16th," "Stage Door," "Young April." HAROLD AUSTENFELD-"The thin man-but I wont return" Treasurer of Sophomore Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Cantata, Latin Club, Algebra Club, Dramatics Club, Music Contest. BETTY EVANS-"After three years a diploma, imagine that!" PAUL KEMPKER-"A man in earnest, who knows what he's about" Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Music Contest. GRACE SLEAD--"We should be standards for our companions" Glee Club, Orchestra, Pep Club, Latin Club, Girls' Quartette, G. R. Cabinet, G. A. A., Kan- sas Honor Chorus, Music Contest, Mixed Cho- rus, Scholastic Honor Society. JAIVIES CLAPP-"This is where I get a Teal 'kickin Football. NOVELLA LODLEi"I'm leaving something be- hind-Oh, I know, Dad." ,G. R., Music Contest, Mixed Chorus, Pep Club. MAX RATHJEN-"I pass-fnot the football either." Football, Latin Club. BETTY JO HANLIN-"Hard to beat ibut who wants to be cruel?J" Orchestra, G. R., Latin Club. HAROLD PORTERA-"Sense---of humor?" Band, Orchestra, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics, Hi-Y, Camera Club, Latin Club, "Seven Sisters," Music Contest. ADAMITIA MEARES-SHA broad outlook is an asset" E291 . -,i -i ,. . , .w--A , - 'A " .vt-2 ,-zQ.,L,xff . ' fi.-34 .,'.i :A , h klb, -of 1 . -,.,... .. X .Nj 'aww . O 1 M: 7 1' if 4. ' 9 :J - 41-,.,,4?f Li ,... . , ' .w4.1,f,g,, Vf' M .,.t..,,,m 1' 0 .fl desffmf, A 4' 3.19 fs! ,. 5 I 'P-f. 1 Q , - ,.m.,,,,m. Bei- ., f V 1,1..L 4 mibka , I, '- 5 ,. s . f We I 4 ,nal I u .ce X- Q f - . DEAN ROMINE-"Time is precious, that's why we're all so short of it" Hi-Y, Latin Club, Stage Craft Club. ALICE CAROLYN MUNSELL-"Rather meek, but simple and sweet" G. R., Knitting Club, Mixed Chorus. KENNETH BREWER-"Somebody has to blow my horn after I'm gone" Band, Dance Band, Orchestra, Brass Sextet, Hi-Y, All-Kansas Band. PEGGY LOU WICHERT-"Overcome adversities or they may come over you" Debate, Red Cross President and State Rally, Dramatics, "Seven Sisters," "Night of Jan. 16th," Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Christmas Cantata, Music Contest, G. R., Pep Club, Echo. P. T. S. A. JAY PIERSON-"Harmony is an essential worth striving for" Football, Band, Dance Band, Senior Hi-Y, Rifle Club, Intramural Basketball, National Music Contest. LORETTA HORN-"You can blow and blow-I won't make a sound" G. R., Summer Camp, Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, National Music Contest, Latin Club, Dramatics. LAVETTA RICHARDSON-"Romances are not in books, they are in life" EDNA MORGAN-"A mite of meelcness" G. R. KENNETH SILL-"Windows accompany sills, but never ci peep inside." Band, Orchestra, Hi-Y, Student Council, Latin Club, First Aid Club, Scholastic Honor Society. LUCILLE GREEN-"But not so as yould no- tice it" Band, Orchestra, G. R., G. A. A., Echo Typist, Ornamental Typing Club, Algebra Club, Geom- etry Club. BILL FOWLER-"Here the conquering hero comes" BETTY HAWKINS--"Kind words merit a reward" Girls' Quartette, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Music Contest, Kansas Honor Chorus, G. R., Pep Club, Scholastic Honor Society. RICHARD M'COY-"Eureka, my last line of de- fense" Host Club, Rifle Club, First Aid Club, Hi-Y, Red Cross, Band. FRANCES WILLIAMS- "Few words constitute wisdom" G. R., Debate, Hostess Club, Librarian, Schul- astic Honor Society. LOUIS RAMIREZ--"He always aid his best" Football, Algebra Club. LUCILLE PROEGER-"Silence is golden" G. R. FRED AGUILAR-"He is a wise man who talks little" JEAN PENDERGRAFT--"ModesLy is the grace of the soul" G. R., Latin Club, Algebra Club, Geometry Club, Movie Club, Home Living Club. DONALD HECKATI-IORNf"E"UeTy inch Il gentle- man" Hi-Y, Latin Club, First Aid Ciub. MARY EMMA CANNON-"A really true friend" G. R., Recreation Club. H Al Ibis limi' wr ufmiin' like fo l't'!'UKl1iZl' EDWARD FLADUNG - BERNARD Davis ll ANDREW' STINSON ' who arr xvrzing their F01I71f7'j Trooper 'Peking Leave Gilbert, Irene Stanley, LeRoy STUDENTS WHO FINISHED THEIR WORK IN JANUARY, Burton, Lee Frith, Houston Phillips, Ralph Clapp, James Gomez, Louis Schafer, Clarence Cooper. Eleanore Hayes, Wilma Schlender, Rose Olive Davis, Bernard Henderson, Winifred Shaw, Austin Davis, Bertha Mae Holdredge, Donald Shupe, Earl Fladung, Edward McCoy, Richard Sill, Ethel Fowler, Jack Phillips, Beulah Swope, Hal 1941 Umdenstock, Harold Walkup, Margaret Whitaker, Fred Wilmore, Bill STUDENTS WHO WERE LISTED AS ELIGIBLE EOR GRADUATION ON APRIL 28, 1941 Addington, Dora May Aguilar, Fred Aldridge, Ruth Allen, Evelyn May Arndt, Clarence Arndt, Jean Austenield, Harold Austin, Wanda Bagsley, Faye Baldwin, Sue Barnes, Roy Baysinger, Francis Beitz, Betty Jean Betty, Laura Bond, John Bowers, Jerry Bowker, Mary Boyd, Nelma Jean Bradfield, Donald Brewer, Kenneth Brim, Charlene Brown, Connie Brown, Willa Burden, Bill Bush, Duane Cannon, Mary Emma Clay, Bill Clay, C. S. Cochennet, Barbara Ann Collyer, Carl Colwell, Mildred Commeree, Lucille Conklin, Celeste Danneberg, Richard Davis, Marjorie Davis, Martha Jean Day, Dorothy Deister, Mayetta Easum, Richard Ellis, Clifford Embry, Eugene Evans, Betty Jean Everett, JoAnn Fannon, Genevieve Farr, Norma Jean Fillmore, Ellen Fleming, Margaret Fowler, Billy Jean Fowler, Erma Fry, Laurel Gibson, Peggy Golden, Bill Gray, Rex Green, Carrie Green, Lucille Griffitts, Frank Groh, Tom Haber, Harold Hall, Charles Hand, Mary Kay Hanlin, Betty JO Harvey, Phillip Hawkins, Betty Heckathorn, Donald Heins, Bill Hoover, Lawrence Horn, Loretta Horton, Marjorie Jane Hudson, Dorothy Jacobs, Mildred Jennings, Ila Mae Johnson, Gwendolyn Jolly, Wayne Jordan, Molly Lou Keeler, Warren Kemp, Esther Kenipker, Paul Kerschner, Juanita Kettner, Ernest Kopke, Bill, Jr. Korte, Francis Kowalski, Jack Kramm, Nadine Kufahl, Katharine Langley, Lois Lynn Lawson, Dorothea Lemons, Bob Leonard, Gene Lewis, Lloyd Lindsay, Sally Litchfield, Ethel Lodle, Novella Love, Justin Ludy, Marjorie Luna, Emelie Lusk, Vernon I 3 Lyon, Edwin McAdoo, Alden, McAdoo, Marjorie McCall, Margaret Mary McClenny, Dan McConnell, Geraldine McCullough, Bessie McCullough, Mary Lou McGuire, Pat McKim, Ina Lou Maddern, Rosemary Marcellus, Dorothy Martin, Sammy Mattingly, John Maxwell, Frances Meares, Adamantia Metzdorf, Robert Morgan, Edna Morrow, Neal Morse, Ralph Munsell, Alice Murrillo, Lupe Murrell, Charles Myers, Mary Louise Ninneinan, Betty Osborne, Wayne Parker, Margaret Parsons, Dale Pendergraft, Jean Phillips, Dorothy Lou Pierson, Junior Pirtle, Lois Porter, Donnas Porter, Harold Price. David Proeger, Lucile Quakenbush, Jean Ramirez, Louis Rangel, Ida Rathjen, Max Rector, Betty Reed, Gene Rees, Dorothy Rees, Trevor Remy, Nancy Lee Renchler, Bob Rhuciy, Lois Rice, Francis 11 Rich, Leonard Richardson, Lavetta Roberts, Barbara Robertson, Bill Romine, Dean Russell, Geraldine Saffel, Jean Schaefer, Henry Sharp, Marvin Sheen, Jack Sheridan, Elaine Shirley, Elizabeth Shulley, Lawrence Sill, Kenneth Simmons, Mary Slead, Grace Smith, Virginia Smith, Warren Sowerby, Dorothy Spencer, Eugene Stack, Billy Bob Steg, Doris Stichnot, Charles Stiffler, Margaret Stinson, Andrew Stout, Nadine Sutton, Betty Swint, Dale Tabares, Mary Theel, Berniece Thomas, Barbara Townsend, Kathleen Utter, Jack Van Gundy, Joyce Walter, Eleanor Walters, Albert Warren, Bill Welch, James Weir. Mary Carolyn White, Marianna Wichert, Peggy Lou Williams, Frances Williams, Gladys Lou Witherspoon, Frank Woehlert, Mary Ann Woodworth, Jack Workman, Donald Ziener, Lowen e 49" ..,!1?- .. I ' l -I T.. e 99a ,,,gz,gi31.-f p WT" afifedfi me ,V ,-2+--,.. P ...mit ' efiiifh K f. 'Li-.,?4'-W' eojff' 'lroopor' Holiday The Senior Banquet, one of the most highly anticipated events of the yearivas attended byfabout one hundred seventy-five students and martyr faculty members. It took place the night of January 17th in the Broadview Grill Room, which was decorated to represent our theme, "The Gay Ninetiesf' At each table a small locomotive of ancient vintage adorned the center, and near each plate was a program, which was a small book containing the class prophecy, school songs and menu. Small nut cups behind a miniature vil- lain further carried out the theme. The class colors were royal blue and silver. After dinner an interesting program was introduced by Richard Easum, toastmaster. It included the following program: an old fashioned barber shop quartette composed of Roy Barnes, Phillip Harvey, Pat Mc- Guire and Paul Kempker sang some Gay Nineties music. Next an origi- nal melodrama entitled "A Fate Worse Than Death" or "Three Years in Captivity' was presented, starring Marjorie Davis, Bill Warren and Phil- lip Harvey. Other players were Sam Martin, Peggy Wichert and Phillip Harvey. The girls' quartette then sang "Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage," with Mary Weir featured in the chorus. To close the program Mr. Rice E. Brown led the entire group in singing the class song, composed by Sam Martin. t32l ,,,:gsW?f""f.l15!:3 .'x:L'sQ1g:?2-- X V wmv .q1fQQf.?- my ' -f 4' -4" N 1fQ"1':L Rv. bw A iw 2, .. , W' ut: . 1 0 0 I Fl' 6602 5 Junior Class President ...... - - ROBERT LOW RY Vice-President - - - .... OWEN WILSON Secretary ...... - - T CAROL BRON SEMA Treasurer - - - - - - ELEANOR RANDEL The Junior class has played a more prominent part in our school ac- tivities and achievements than ever before. The J unior-Senior Prom Was one of the nicest given in a long time. They Worked very hard on the decorations and their Work was greatly appreciated by the Seniors. The Juniors Were an immense help in G. R. activities and on the cabi- net. They more than once had leads in the various dramatic productions presented throughout the year. Also the football and basketball teams have been aided by our Junior boys. The class officers were elected around the middle of the first semes- ter and have led their class Well through the two unusually busy semesters. The class sponsors were Misses May Hancock, Ellen Ice, Jenny Douglass, Margaret Miller, Anita Rice, Eleanor Sirpless and Messrs. John R. Wil- liams, Floyd McCune and Hugh Brogan. The Juniors have shown fine Work and co-operation this year and plan to do the same or better in their Senior year. l33l F -Q s 'x Y .Q 4, A fb TM! BMS! xx Ax ua LO'-'Ii 'K bin rx-'xml D.fW.91,,,W?E?S,B5,7q yi, .QQ 7'. Q I J P 'Q R ? . 'MW-VINE WILUDIS OWU WILSON vmzmws on Gxumxr mama cum. Maxam . . pfffv- , ' ' A11 . :f J ,ff ' ' ,E 4 jf , . ,H , 1 ,AS-ffjjf A , v A , H '5 pr- ' ' f BILL SAFE!!! Hibnfk 3sllY.X'A1N K:'.NUhL BRYAV 1101.25 V I P A ' .i A ' V: , I Lf- J S :-,:- hw ' ' "" ' 'X" ' ' fl K mm zwamms Jmwm mu: sw mfxxxf vm yshi' K X I I .4 vga . XJ, 1 LMARI -.. 1 Q MIAL Macxnnr Hr xrfmw X A Jam mms mmm xx Tix' 1 QJAULN mu.m,f.K GEORDF M093 manmx 8, ,. Q,:sf Y Ni VAMIIA .mlm mr swim' BILL Yiwu xsmwrf RUTH GHZ CHARLES LARSGN E341 5LBi.RT TYLER Hmm KELLY KYNNHFH SNOW JT M, A f 'sw-1 pwijsij M H ,J wwf! ,L AL ! xW I " wg? i351 -5 giilfix S' W' R -sri:--viiffif " -HIT' ' , 153-1' ' nf: U, . " . X yu" X., . Q. dx.. I .if W.. .wi-435 fy ,as 1 Mgt-M - -.Mfg . " , 2-..-+ - why .VS .s .?gZfii:':a ' -0 Y . , ,fn- 1 4 1- - Q5 0 ' x X Ae M WWW MQW Zfiw ,4 WW X 1 f, .. e FQIXJ Hg? V, , ' 1 r 3 'I , i I, 1,5 .,.,, ' ,,, 5 X 4 .QI f f 4 5 Q L I 5 e 'fp . I' 2 A . , . 'g N X I ' 0 nf" wfsmmxuma 'Q-U'S'i'I cwwxs Mun' P-E'f'iiRL'f RUN Htwlmrx' MVIS LITHA mins RUTH YS nw: AUG voLrL xrmwzni SRACK vfxfvcrrr LOUS Kusrcv CQOLEY BETTX Mmm, xasf. arnxrs JENN11. CULLNGE ww pry. wevrr vxxcmn vwxrws fWqEgQy.yur.:v BILL vmifr M, e1smAK5g1jgkxQRRQY W' W4 CWI' . ,,f9f T?LE5 i361 EY sms M XNFTW ax am MW: ,xx X-.1AriF.mxmz4lf AUT WLM X SXCTTY RQAERT lvrmxsix A DTH PKYER. kms 55W ,WNW Mm, Ury mannixna suowmx Suomi. KWLKEY i371 0 f fd 1 1fLi.f.-fir, k Lili 'X .eg-I I. .LA ego. A ,ir-399' . .Gigi , Y. , -.-fro' """" Tfio -,f .iilflil ' uf? - ,gp N- ff.,-.V Y mug.. . .,-.- dm ok -09,3 ' U arm., . J. s ,.f-Firlgsfilm on W 2 ,fe V . -F. ,,. . . fggsffi' " . I-- ' HR:- ' .A P gg-' c 4 uhiav' ,-were ' Ag?" rivafes . . Sophomore President ....... ................. G ENE E. WILSON Vice-President --- --- JAMES WALKINSHAW Secretcwy ....... ......... J UDY FRENCH Treasurer .........,................... JEAN KRUEGER The Sophomore class of 1940-41 has been an important addition to Senior High. They have excelled in music, athletics and some of the girls have been able helpers in the Girl Reserve Club. The class sponsors are Misses Maude Jackson, Marian Howard, Sophie Rodevvald, Ruthe Cross and Loretto Langley, and Messrs. Alfred Smith, Herbert James and Ormond Parker. ' el lilo l38l GMM if 0 'A Ak. ,gist ' . fa ,.--- It 1, 4. gs. li: DA l W l l OWZLKL fs . . BA KETBALL The Spartan squad began practice with one major letterman, the rest of the team was to be made up of juniors and sophomores. With the ma- terial at hand the coaches drilled the men hard and journeyed to Wichita to defeat the North Redskins in their first game. Emporia High was given the opportunity to play the first game in the new Civic Auditorium, the opponent was Winfield, state champs of the preceding year. The Spar- tans held a lead, but the game ended with the Vikings in front by two points. After conference competition had started the first team was made up of Embry, the major letterman and captain, Wilson, McCoy, Griffitts, Cornwell, Lowry, Rose, Woodworth and Lewis. Two others who saw a lot of action were Shaw and Shupe. Both boys graduated at mid-year. During the conference game at Topeka the team was given a set back by the loss of Owen Wilson, a regular and junior, who sustained a broken shoulder. The Spartans went on to gain a tie for the conference cham- pionship and went to Fredonia for the regional, but were defeated there by a tall and fast Chanute crew. The state tournament was held in Em- poria in the new auditorium, where a host of good basketball games were watched by the fans here and around. Wyandotte was the Class AA win- ner. The B team had a fair season with their fairly unseasoned squad. The B team contained very good material, a few of the boys went on to the A squad as the season progressed. i40l Shaw, Smith, Cornwell, Wilson, Lewis, Crcager, Woodruff, jenkins XValker, Slack, Rose, Embry, Griffith, McCoy, R. Lowry Wichita North - - - there Winfield ..... --- here Dodge City -- --- here Fort Scott --- --- here Wichita East ..... here Augusta - - - - - - there Wyandotte - - - - - - here Ottawa --- --- here Topeka --- -- there "A" SCHEDULE They 21 29 18 32 36 22 40 26 27 We 27 E411 Haskell Indians Newton .......... Fredonia - - - Wyandotte 1 - Ottawa - - - Topeka - - Fredonia ..... REGIONAL Chanute ......... rbfy --- here 19 here 42 --- here 19 -- there 24 --- there 38 --- here 23 --- there 15 TOURNAMENT there 26 will .., M if Q -- "1 -' W .metal X 35 .X 3.15, . ,.-. .-nm . G.. 1. , -,J is .w .A A..- ,, uid.. -Irv ' ai ...ffm , .V . --X -gf .154 v, U. X ii 515. .l.. Ju .. ,G FSR- If f v jeff I , 4' 51. UL ef t, ,f If fff- Ly' ii ,1 lf Y xi ' Af 4 me' if faifla' . -aft YW A N . YS l' .. ,x nu --ri-f' ,'.'g:':H,7' fa Q,-,f , Ninjgaf: fi' bk R as . 1 .- W-1 4 . W, : ,. 9 1 ,H .vi "' A., gn Qzf- ,X FQYTW3' " Torres, Hurt, Wilson, Miller, Saffell Gunkel, Walkinsliaw, Robinson, Samuel, R. Lowry, Weaklcy Black. Johnson, Kulilmnnn, Smith, Aldridge, Holdredge "B" SCHEDULE AND "AH RESERVE Wichita "B" -- -- - ---34 Topeka "B" -- ----27 Emporia "B" -- ---20 Emporia "B" -- ----15 Madison "A" -- ---17 Madison "A" .....-... -------25 Emporia "B" - ---26 Emporia "A" Creservesh -----34 Buffalo "A" -- ---23 Newton "B" ......... -- ----22 Emporia "B" ...... ---28 Emporia "B" -- ----18 Matfield Green "A" -- ---39 Hamilton "B" -- ----15 Emporia "B" .... ---22 Emporia "B" -- ----16 Admire "A" ......,,... 0,23 Fredonia "BH -- ----28 Emporia "B" freservesi ...... 9 Emporia "B" -- ----16 Wichita East "B" ....... ---ZO Wyandotte "B" --- ----31 Emporia "B" -- M-21 Emporia "B" -- ----23 Emporia "B" - ---26 Ottawa "B" -- --U34 Augusta "B" --- ---13 Emporia "B" -- ----26 Wyandotte "B" -- ---24 Topeka "B" - ----24 Emporia "B" - ---19 Emporia "B" -- ----22 Ottawa "B" ,U ---26 Fredonia "B" -- ----29 Emporia "B" -- ---18 Emporia "BH -- ----20 E421 ..1:QQZ.15' R ,.-1115555 if ,-,'E-+x,- ..-n-.exp ..p 1 dt' fm, i H' NLQESA. Qu. K'-fn I FUUTBALL The 1940 season opened with worries and headaches galore for the coaching staff of E. H. S. Coaches Smith, Bloxom and Koch, who took over the position of "B" coach after Mr. George Lodle's resignation, buck- led down to their task in earnest. They started with four major lettermen and built the squad around them. The Spartan schedule began early and practice was hampered some- what by the spread of infantile paralysis, which closed the school. After practice had begun in earnest, Duane Clapp, letterman and regular tackle weighing 210 pounds, was lost 'to the squad by an injured shoulder. Emporia High was up against one of their toughest schedules in some time. They were up against Topeka, who was rated the best in the state 3 also they played Newton and Lawrence, two other top rankers in the state. Besides Newton, Emporia was opponent to other strong non-conference teams. The "B" and "C" teams had a fairly successful season and a lot of good material for following years was brought to the surface by the watch- ful eyes of the coaches. At the end of the season the banquet honoring the team was held and Jim Clapp was selected as captain. Captains for next year have not been chosen 3 however, the seniors of the 1940 squad wish the teams of future years lots of good luck. BLOXOM, "B" Tcrzm SMITH, "AU Team KOCH, Track I 43 l gin' .mfs K- ..-g iw' A fssssfl P 'A zu me . :law K A 1' gigs' WZ" .1 f 1 95 .K Q l hug.- kv E44-l LETTERMEN MARSHALL SHARRAI -- 150 lbs Sr. I, 2 years, 5 ft. 8 in. MARION MANN -.... - 160 lbs Jr. II, 2 years, 5 ft. 10 in. CARL UTT ........... 160 lbs Jr. II, 2 years, 5 ft. 112 in. BUD PIERSON ....... 180 lbs Jr. II, 2 years, 5 ft. 10k in. BOB METZDORF ..... -. - Sr. II, 2 years, 6 ft JACK WOODWORTH .... Sr. II, 2 years, 6 ft MAX RATHJEN ....... Sr. II, 2 years, 5 ft DAN MCCLENNY ..... Sr. II, 3 years, 5 ft. 159 lbs 2 in. 180 lbs 4 in. 153 lbs 7 in. 140 lbs 6 in. . LETTERMEN BILL WILMORE ......... 160 1bS. Jr. II, 2 Years, 5 ft. 10 in. AUSTIN SHAW ......... 160 lbs. Sr. II, 3 Years, 5 ft. 10 in. WAYNE JENKINS ....... 145 lbs. Jr. I, 2 Years, 5 ft. 5 in. BOB LOWRY ........... 145 lbs. Jr. II, 2 Years, 5 ft, 8 in. WESTON COOLEY ........ 175 IbS. Jr. I, 2 Years, 5 ft. 105 in. HOUSTON FRITH ........ 150 IbS. Sr. II, 2 Years, 5 ft. 11 in. ED LYON .............. 160 IbS. Sr. II, 3 Years, 6 ft. E451 19 ,W DU' 4L in-A" vita tw ie.-1' ,wqrgivi ...QSESYF .Ag csigeix-V ,7s"A5l?"4 ' ff-339 ,-.1 - .'::L.--' 'A bw h 1555! e' .. QSXETSE' P w' ,ibut :' 4"-K QSEYQVNI 'fa K we x 1" eygfwf .Ev A ewfrglgitkq. gr. sf "A" Team Squad "B" Team in Action "A" Team in Action "B" Team Squad E461 . Q. .X-5 -. v ii.-, 'RACK Track season brought forth a new coach and a lot of new men. Al- fred Koch was in charge of the squad, which contained but a few Seniors. Among the regulars were Ralph Morse, Jim Welch, Harold Euwer, Jack McCoy, Max Rathjen, Bob Lemons, La Mar Markowitz and Bill Woodruff. An interesting note about the squad is that it contains only four Sen- iors, the smallest in the history of the school. The track prospects for the future years are exceptionally good with the Sophomores and Juniors now out. Duff' March 29 April 5 April 10 April 18, 19 April 26 May 3 May 10 May 16, 17 TRACK SCHEDULE Plum' Wyandotte Topeka Ottawa Lawrence Emporia Ottawa Eureka Wichita U. Tea mx Parlicipaling Wyandotte, Rosedale, Ward, Emporia Topeka, Emporia Ottawa, Emporia K. U. Relays E. H. S. Invitational Conference and Wyandotte Regional Meet State Meet E471 'L , . .w is Fr W 'iii -- 6 5 o o o -' i n- G. A. A. The G. A. A. is an organization that offers to every girl student an opportunity to engage in physical education and athletic activities. There are three awards offered to the members of G. A. A. The first award, which is a chenille "E" in red and black, is given after the girl has earned 600 points. The second award, a chenille "K" in brown and gold, is given after the girl has earned 400 additional points. The final award, a small gold "K" pin, is presented after the member has earned 400 addi- tional points, making a total of 1,400 points. The girls can get points by participating in organized activities such as bounceball, basketball and volleyball, in unorganized activities such as bicycling, horseback riding and swimming, and by taking achievement tests, keeping health charts, and by enrolling in hygienic courses. This year the G. A. A. has had three tournaments, bounceball, volley- ball and basketball. The captains for the bouneeball tournament were: Russell, Lary, Louis and Randel. The all-star bouneeball players were as follows: Dell, Allen, Haire, Henderson, Timmons, Lary, Eubank, Randel, Louis, Golden, Betty, Lloyd, West, Trail, Campbell, Delgado, Russell, Northcutt, Arnold, Sager, Brown and Dunham. The captains for the volleyball games were Haire, Campbell, Dunham and Maxwell. The all-star volleyball players were as follows: Brown, Haire, Del, Henderson, Timmons, Getz, Dunham, VVhite, Brunt, Maxwell, Lloyd, Prier, Campbell, Allen, West, Fubank, Yeurous, Russell, Butler, Marx, Sager and Delgado. The captains for the basketball tournament were Phillips, Kraus, Freeman and Everett. The G. A. A. also has a tennis tournament every year and sponsors a posture contest. The officers for this year were: president, Dorothy Lou Phillips, sec- retary-treasurer, Jean Miller, and sports manager, Ruth Sager. The club owes much of its success this year to its sponsor, Miss Ruthe Cross. She has aided the organization and G. A. A. is grateful to her. l48l .s:.jg'Q' ' ' .. -JQQQQSEEQ' .. '-W'5l5'A" 658 .,-ails? .. .I .: .M A-iS'3a,F: .-t. pl ..,,U... -:g.f" 7 0 ,. .Q . ,a.. .Mi , S . . Ears? lm .m11'Q",f K .. 3" 9 partan Pep Ulub On every day that there is a game, Whether football or basketball, you will most likely see many bright red sweaters and Spartan emblems Worn by girls who are members of the Pep Club. This is evidence of the good old "Spartan Spirit," which really goes into action When the Pep Club girls assemble at any game. The club is open to any girl in high school provided that she is willing to give her support to Emporia High School in any of its athletic events. Officers are elected at the first of the year by the girls of the club. They are: president, Winnie Louisg secretary, Jean Saffell. Also the club elects the cheerleaders, so that the officers and the cheerleaders are chosen by the girls themselves. ' The Pep Club is one that never has too many members so the old adage, "the more the merrier," can be readily applied. This year's cheerleaders are Virginia Smith, Lois Pirtle, Berniece Theel and Sue Baldwin. l49l -l , P' 5. 9 "hx .-aryl '-if' t ' .ASH-F-9" fart v . cw.. .. :sf .. ,rm "+?5i'til . y . A...Fw- .-1' Q-rfggw.-' U, iv- X-Jgtg. i L ga, W Yi' 3 V ,. JA-:Jai .fm,o.ifei cg wftltggia' ashym f ' ..g'ixQ 'i' ' , , ' Q U, 2 U ffm-E ,ag f x -pq gi: age... f 6 ' A .. 0- . .N .W - . tafzw' 9, .c , . visa Xff The Echo has completed a successful year's Work under the super- vision of Mr. F. J. South. This year a journalism class Was started under the instruction of Mrs. Lois J aquith. The class contributed copy to the Echo department through- out the entire year. Mrs. Jaquith also acted as head copy reader. The staff was headed by Virginia Smith, editorg Marianna White and Sam Martin, assistant -editors, and Betty Hansen, business manager. All of the feature heads were changed this year and several new col- umns Were started. Among them were Spartan Sidelights, Duets, Corri- dor Chatter, Kopy Kat, and Silhouettes. Representatives of "The Echo" Went to the Kansas State J ournalists' Convention at Kansas University in Lawrence. The representatives were Virginia Smith, Marianna White and Betty Hansen. Mrs. Jaquith ac- companied the group. l50l wif!-rl .mx . .efiiit .SE 1 . fix -- ,L -:fir -'vqbl ' . ..f.,w2ffl M3525 0 ,Q 'iii 'X . , ,-nir'1 ' ,Tv W.. M.-V?,f,',f eg. is ,w Km' .ntl -1 C A -- Q t. if xfihf "' KK 99+ i + . " .mga 'gi rv, 2- Qgqsir' M .w 5: G E 'J lie-Echo The theme for the '41 annual came to us like a bolt from the blue and the editor and her assistant started planning the "dummy" during the summer. When school started the first part of the semester Was spent in learn- ing about the details of publishing a yearbook. The staff Was chosen and their assignments were made. Several changes had to be made in the "dummy" and a lot of Worries and headaches accompanied the publishing of the Re-Echo, but We almost decided that everything happened for the best. For the first time in several years this annual has had an added color. The staff has Worked hard to edit the Re-Echo to please you and We hope that you are as proud of it as We are: The 1941 staff is composed of: Editor, Marjorie Davisg Business Manager, Bill Warren, Assistant Editor, Margaret Jean Fleming, Assistant Business Managers, Richard Danneberg and Jack Sheeng Organization Manager, Francis Baysingerg Senior Section Editor, Lois Pirtleg Calendar Editor, Joyce Van Gundyg Boys' Sports Editor, Dan McClennyg Girls' Sports Editor, Ruth Sager, Ko- dak Editors, C. S. Clay, Dale Parsons and Dean Romineg Typist, Lois Rhudyg Junior Representatives, Gloria Davidson and Curtis McCoy. lill saga' .1 . U ..s'fQ' if , ,aa 9. ia' . :grit , .f ffl' ,X 45" fi?-'P fit, 1,5-' . .. ssl ,V- bi..t5P lg arfiikiii Dramatic In addition to the regular Dramatics class, a Dramatics Club, which met during the regular activity period, was organized, taking the place of the former after school club. The students studied voice and diction, pan.- tomime, emotions, and make-up. Several one-act plays were presented in assembly and Girl Reserves. They were "The Ring and the Look," "Those Christmas Gifts," f'Rich Man, Poor Man," and "Murder by Morning." Two major plays were given this year. The first was "Young April," which was the G. R.-Hi-Y benefit presented on November 8. Those in the cast: Leonard Rich, Ina Lou McKim, Richard Easum, Sue Baldwin, Philip Harvey, Bryan Doles, Jack Utter, Dorothy Hudson, Helen Graves, Rosemary Maddern, Marianna Wliite, limelin Luna, Barbara Ann Cochennett, Virginia Kelsey, Ralph Phillips and Clarence Arndt. This was the story of the experiences and troubles of the lovable Me- Intyre family, especially concerning the love affairs of the two children. "Stage Door," presented April 18, was a combination Dramatics class and senior play. The cast included Celeste Conklin, Philip Harvey, Bill Warren, Dorothy Hudson, Helen Graves, Peggy Wicliert, Sue Baldwin, Evelyn Allen, Connie Brown, Dora May Addington, Carrie Arnold, Eleanor Randal, Jean MacFarlane, Mary Weir, Ruth Sager, Laura Betty, Barbara Prier, Elaine Sheridan, Ina Lou McKim, Pat McGuire, Paul Kempker, Dan McClenny, John Mattingly, Katherine Kufahl, Ralph Phillips, Leonard Rich, Barbara Ann Cochennett, Jean Saffell, Loretta Horn, Sam Mlartin, Bill Robertson and -loe St. Clair. lS2l Latin Club Each Latin class is organized into a club of its own which meets dur- ing the class hour about every three Weeks. The officers are elected twice a year, and the president and vice-president take turns in presiding at the meetings in order to give more students an opportunity to develop leader- ship in a group. The programs consist of a Latin roll call of some sort, reports on Roman customs compared with modern days, and a Latin game. The programs are planned by a different group for each meeting so that every student has a chance not only to participate but to help plan two programs during the year. The social affairs of the year usually consist of a skating party, line party, and picnic in which all the clubs join. The clubs do community service by helping some needy family at Thanksgiving time. The following students have served as officers during the year: Rodney Holdredge, Virgil Hurt, Kenneth Peery, Gene W'ilson, Kathleen Cannon, Ilarl Gadberry, Maurene Murphy, Iilizabeth Richards, David Morris, james Smith, Bill Peters, Milton Rice, Mildred Rees, Wiilla Jean Saylors, Bud Pierson, Oli- ver Samuel, june Browning, Mary Alice Waller, Thelma Dunfield, Lawrence Hoover, Barbara Kraus, Mary Gayle Marsh, Joann Wallis, Norma Stanley, Ruth Ann Kent, Bobbie Corbin, Paul Burris, Jackie Lee Riggs, Francis Waters, Bob Vail, Mildred Ellis and Junior Walters. Miss Jenny P. Douglass is sponsor of all the clubs. i 53 l U- N' i' g kjiiyks, 4 W V' -2 in .i Q. .. Ar. ' at-fr 1, 66,9 M so A' 'lf . P-of 5-::1"-v' 0 o.. rggwg du A., , us-- is 1. ,,.- . ix Mgr. f' Lo-'f'o't MQ' Sophomore Hi-Y OFFICERS -- HENRY COBB, RODNEY HOLDREDGE DALE ALDRIDGE - ....... DAVID MORRIS Co-Presidents --- Secretary --- ........... ---- Treasurer -- Reporter -- Sponsor --- ----------- BOB STOUT --- MR. ALFRED D. SMITH The object of the sophomore Hi-Y is to help the new members to es tablish themselves Within the school. Often When entering senior high boys do not understand the activities and regulations of the school. There fore the object of the club is to get them acquainted. During the year, the club sponsors many activities such as a chili feed G. R.-Hi-Y play, and Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets for the needy l54l enior Hi-Y The Hi-Y is divided into two chapters. One Week there are chapter meetings, the next Week all three clubs meet together, each chapter fur- nishing the program in its turn. The aim of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community higher standards of Christian character. The jun- ior club tries to help its members learn to get along with other peopleg the senior club tries to help the boys select a vocation wisely. The Hi-Y assists With the G. R.-Hi-Y play and with the Carnivalita, and makes up Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. Occasional play nights at the Y. M. C. A. and picnics provide entertainment for the mem- bers. Delegates are sent to district and state conventions. Mr. James is sponsor of the junior group. The officers are: Presi- dent, Jack McCoy, vice-president, Duane Clappg secretary, Virgil Hurt, treasurer, Weston Cooley, program, Bill Wolfe. Mr. Williams is sponsor of the senior club. The officers are: Presi- dent, Marvin Sharpg secretary and reporter, Bob Lemons, treasurer, David Price. T551 1 ,self -" v 3 - K.. ..3g,gq.1.- .1 X W e rs-53V ."1i'kw,i5'v' .,,.,. , . - X .5:,y3,r N35 ' .1 A, ii .Q:f,,..9 ,, ua" 4. ,,i, f we 1,,.i..- . -4, , . .- ww 1 wax ri? 1, ser' ' me T31 llrche tra The E. H. S. Orchestra of 65 members was smaller this year than in the past. The group was augmented by students who were unable to en- roll for orchestra, and made several fine appearances during the year. Besides playing for various school plays, the orchestra played for the school broadcast, and helped in putting over the Christmas Pageant. At the end of the year, the orchestra played for the Baccalaureate and Com- mencement exercises. The Board of Education purchased a new cello for the orchestra. The H. S. Dance Orchestra, composed of twelve members, furnished the music for the various all-school parties which were held throughout the year. Tl-lli PERSONNEL OF THE ORCHESTRA Sffiffgl, Violins-Betty jane Morse, Lois Ridenour, Mildred Colwell, Henry Cobb, Gloria Hayes, Bill Smith, Vaida Lee Brown, Wfillis Fancher, Agnes Freeman, Ellinor Brown, Marian Choate, Ruthella Haw- kins, Rosalie Phillips, Marian Smith, Willa Russell, Marilyn Heath, Juanita German, Bill Hufferd, jean Mattox, riolas-Hazel Lewis, George Willard, Fay Key, Louise Miller, remix, abou-Rhea jean Lindsay, flllfl'SLP3l1l3 Creson, Ernestine Mautz, clnrifielx-Margaret Jean Fleming, Harold Porter, Bill Robertson, Gene Earl Wilson, Xll.YOIlh0IIFX-COI'lI'llC Van Cleave, Norma Jean Knouse, Rex Gray, alfa r'la1'il1f'f-Doro- thy Mclntosh, burr 4'lul'il1i'f-Barbara Roberts, cello-Doris Stcg, Grace Slead, Edna Lee Timmons, Betty jo Hall, Margaret Montgomery, Beulah Smith, bars L'i01TM3TjOfi6 Davis, Jennie Collinge, Dorothy Brad- field, Berry Johnson, Carol Ann Wilcox, Harold Moore, pixma-Jean Kreuger, brass, i'orm'f.v-Helen Hol- lingsworth, Laurel Fry, Phyllis Hufferd, lirrllfh l70l'l151S2lllY Lindsay, Loretta Horn, Barbara Kraus, Nor- ma Jean Farr, fI'fJlll!7!llI4'S-'cllCll'lCS Hall, Jay Pierson, Harry Telfer, fllbU'KCl1l1CIll Brewer, IPUI'l'l1XXf0!1, zfymjmlfi, Bob Dabbs. tS6l ,,r i. v . Band The E. H. S. band of 80 members started the season by appearing the very first week of school at the first football game. Besides playing for all the home games, the band made the trip to Lawrence and marched at and Statue of Liberty were Very good. all the home basketball games and their appear- wonderful sight. One trip with the basketball was to Topeka. Our band also played for K. S. the half. The fire baton The band played for ance on the stage was a team was made, and that T. C. and C. of E. football and basketball games. Aside from playing for the various athletic events, the band broad- cast their musical numbers several times over the radio. The Board of Education purchased a new bass clarinet and baritone saxophone for the band. The drum majors for the picture are Norma Jean Knouse, head drum major, Twirlers Connie Van Cleave, Mary Lou McCullough and Mary C. Hand. THE PERSONNEL OF Tl-Ili BAND Ohm'-Rhea Jean Lindsay, fluivx-Paul Creson, Amy Larkin, Maureen Murphy, Gloria Davidson, ,loan Wallis, Earnestine Mautz, picfolo-Eberle Baldwin, Calvin Granger, urlrzlelx-Helen Hollingsworth, Molly jordan, Roy Barnes, B. J. Green, Jack Herron, Phyllis Hufferd, Alfred Lister, Tom Telfer, Rich- F1!ll'i77t'fX1M3fg3fCl Jean Fleming, Bill Robertson, Harold Porter, liarbxxa Thomas, Rosa Lee, Gene E. Wilson, Earl Gadbery, Gayle Sullivan, Mary Gayle Marsh, Kenneth Peery, Katherine Kufahl, Lois johnson, Robert Browning, Norma Stanley, Bill Wliite, Carol Drum, Junior Hutton, Evelyn Shirley, Robert Warner, Mary ,Io Rose, Robert Feltsg ,WIA!lfll1Il77L'.Y1CO1lHlC Van Cleave, Norma jean Knouse, Betty Richards, Mary C. Hand, Rex Gray, Goldie White, ulfo c'lu1'ir1r'l-Dorotliy Me: Intoshg bass r'iar'im'f-Barbara Roberts, Fl'!'l1l'b balm--Sally Lindsay, Barbara Kraus, Loretta Horn, Nor- ma ,lean Farr, Lucille Green, Shirley Ford, Rosalie Askew, Charles Jones, 17lIl'ff0l1PS1D3lC Parsons, Bud ard NVeeker, George Keifer, Laurel Fry, Pierson, Max XVilliamson, C. S. Clay, 1il'0IIIl7!IfI!'X?Cl13flCS Hall, jay Pierson, Phil Woodbiiry, Harry Tel- fer, Anthony Korte, Marion Plummer, Bud Riegle, Merle Hayes: Ilzbzzx-Kenneth Brewer, Bill Clay, Ken- neth Sill, Clifford Rowlands, Rodney Holdredge, Bill Wolfe, 111711115-Peggy Gibson, Bob MeCants, Thedn Simons, Bob Dabbs, Mary Lou McCullough. l57l 'Z ws-. ,,,5,.. Nw-1 - . wx-- .--et Uv ,ea .-1 PI f' , . 'A-F1932-' ..1:1gi9'i" Ax T .,,,s. l,,.,,,,,,,, -.VYIDIS ' fifig' 3 '., 'Iii fwrgl ii L. QAQQST' me -'t gms- ,n-' el?:,,S3'e" Nair.: . , -4. C . -Q: f' .AY ffixfllg MW... .195 'il3"M,.1g1Y?e .. '-.' Elf .'f:.,W.eP" q .fa :X 4 ,.7:tiX-St" ' ii - Ezfwitfliib ,. AA... Q, ..,. f.. x f' Qwgiffii 'l.Y'ffl?fsQ2l"" SEEXX' Firsl row-Forges, Matson, Shuck, Doles, Russell, Cramer Second rou'-Fowler, Shepherd, Keeler, Wolfe, Bretz, Sill, Lemons Tbirrl raw-Brown, Murrcll, Porter, Olin, Cyphers, Hopkins Fourfb ron'-Kempkcr, McGuire, Bush, Lemons, Doles Boy, lllee Club ' This year's boys' glee club is larger than it has been in several years. They sang at several churches, a P. T. A. meeting and at a Broadview din- ner. Miss Hopkins entered the boys in the spring music contest, where they received a rating of highly superior. I The boys' quartette was chosen from this group and was practically rushed off their feet with requests to sing. One of their specialties is a barber shop quartette which sang at the "Gay Ninetiesw Senior Banquet. From there on they were asked to sing at many places, and always obliged, bringing their mustaches, derbys, and plaid vests along. The glee club also sang at the Christmas Cantata and the Fiestaval Exhibit, accompanied by Connie Brown. l58l Second hour: First row--Doan, Dunham, Dunfielcl, Meislcr, Beitz, Luna, Harvey, West, Howard Second row-Evans, Swindt, Kopke, Geiger, Martin, Stair, Rees, Thompson, Richards Third row-Eckerly, Humphreys, Hansen, Grimes, Groh, Sowerby, Ellis, Green, Holt, Jennings Fourth row-Dell, Shelton, Cox, Anderson, Davis, Colburn, Hawkins, Simmons, Deisrer, Smith Fourth hour: First row-Brady, Horton, McCall, Wells, MacFarlane, Robinson, Brewer, Fry Sccolzrl row-Zinc, Peterson, Brown, Slead, Porter, Spinnett, Brown, Marcellus, Phillips Third raw-Dickinson, Robinson, Sheridan, Harriman, Mann, Crowley, Ycarous, Thomas, Weir, Hughes, Hopkins Fozzrifh row-Anderson, Day, Grant, Stout, Woelilert, Powell, Maddern, James, Neidholt, Buckley Girl' Glue Club This year the girls' glee club was so large that it was divided into two groups, one meeting second hour, and the other, fourth hour. From these groups a concert girls' glee club was organized. They sang at many places, such as the Masonic Hall, over the radio and at four of the churches of our community. The glee club entered the annual music festival at Emporia and received a highly superior rating. l59l N 4 A AQ7- lf? ,: ,N vie., mwxg, 7 irq -.ff e .5- Nlixed Choru lfirzxf ron'-Taylor, Lemons, Sliuck, Shepherd, Forbes, Matson, Wolfe, Olin, Doles, Sill, Hurt, Keeler, Perdaris I .Swoml ron'-Lemons, Rundel, Brorisema, Prier, Davis, McConnell, Brown, Slead, Wfells, Tliompson, Beitz, Stair, Hopwood, West, Dunficld, Howard, McGuire Tbirzl Volt'-Porter, Kulilmann, Bush, Beitz, Miessler, Hansen, Peterson, Horn, Kufzilil, Groli, Rees, Thomas, Weir, Scliwindt, Porter, Slielton, Robinson, Harvey, Doles, Kempker l'iUlH'fZ7 raw-Cypliers, Sliaefer, Shelton, Davis, Colburn, Sheridan, Harriman, Hawkins, Fox, Simmons, I, MacFarlane, McCall, Scliwindt, Spinnett, Wilson, Murrell Nth., .CAN ,ty .t -gf ' 1 , Lire 5,,J ' f'..J.x 1 ' ,. 1,1 . ., 5 fa: r fr ffm. pl llill' I3 I - f S .. 5,54 McGuire, Kempker, Lemons, Harvey Slieridan, Slcad, Simmons, Hawkins, Brown l 60 l f 1 1,0 . V .- - , , M.-'f' ,g Y S . . , , 1 ,. . ,. ,V H. , ,, .. . ' K Q ' xl ' O X tudent Council OFFICERS DOROTHY HUDSON - - - ........,.. ...... P resident JAMES WELCH .... - - - Vice-President SUE BALDWIN - - - ..... Secretm-y KENNETH SILL .... - - E - - TVGCLSZVLTQ7' The Student Council increased in prominence as vvell as in member- ship during this year. Membership, as provided for in the Constitution, was one representative from each home room, making the Council mem- bership approximately 35. Meetings Were held in the dining room twice a month on Wednesday, alternately with assemblies. Because of the numerous projects carried out by the Council, it gained more prominence With the students and faculty than any year before. This year, the Kansas Federation of Student Councils met in Wichita. Our Council sent eight delegates and two sponsors. Emporia Was the Vice- President of the Convention this year and next year We Will be President and the Convention Will be held here. E611 eriiigfe' .. 'WS-STK" ,Q Yi, ,lf X.. ,.,k,.,. W 'X ' " fsiifii 1-NEB V l. si- --,ei .ans mpc- :. ,il .V '25 , . llirl llc erve The goal of the Girl Reserves this year has been one which every girl in the club could apply to herself. At the Girl Reserve setting-up con- ference in the fall, the Word 'fJoy" Was chosen as the theme of the club for the year. "J" standing for Jesus, "O" for others, and "Y" for yourself. Some of the girls Who attended camps last summer brought home many ideas for carrying out the club activities. Various school events which the Girl Reserve club sponsored Were: Teas for the sophomores, the Valentine Tea Dance, Heart Sister Week, and Carnivalita. A successful yearls program has been carried out under the able lead- ership of Elaine Sheridan, president, Joyce Van Gundy, vice president, Ruth Sager, secretary, and Carrie Arnold, treasurer, assisted by the vari- ous chairmen and faculty sponsors. The Burrough Girl Reserves is the colored girls, chapter of the Y. W. C. A. One of the Burrough Girl Reserves projects has been the redecora- tion of the Mary White Rest Room in which their meetings are held. l62l .J-5 lilly W oholar hip Recognition Thirty-eight students of Senior Hiji were honored this year in the newly organized "Scholarship Recognitionl' group. The .students thus hon- ored made an average of G or above during their high school career. This organization was founded by the Board of Education and the Faculty. Students chosen were based on scholarship alone, there were no opinions voiced which altered the situation. Each pupil had above a 2 point average and no one below this was honored in the new organization. A Scholarship Recognition dinner was held on April 23, given for the group by the Faculty. A patriotic program was held, which was in tune with the red, white and blue decorations. Those students in the Scholarship group were: Ruth Aldridge, Mary Susan Baldwin, Francis Baysinger, Laura Betty, Betty Beitz, John Bond, Connie Brown, Bill Clay, C. S. Clay, Barbara Ann Cochennet, Eleanor Cooper, Marjorie Davis, Martha Davis, Margaret Jean Fleming, Rex Gray, Betty Hawkins, Dorothy Hudson, Katherine Kufahl, Lois Lynn Langley, Sammy Martin, Charles Murrell, Ralph Phillips, Lois Pirtle, Jean Quaken- bush, Lois Rhudy, Leonard Rich, Ruth Sager, Elaine Sheridan, Kenneth Sill, Grace Slead, Doris Steg, Berniece Theel, Barbara Thomas, Joyce Van Gundy, Marianna White, Peggy Lou Wichert, Frances Williams, Mary Weir. l63l Red Cross Club Stage Craft Club Arts aml Crafts Club D7'CLWLCl7fl'CS Club Scrlbblers Club E643 Travel Club Hbst Club Host Club Movie Club Knitting Club Recreation Club E651 ,ctw .fx "-51,9 A l W .--asf' v P X IN Q- LFS it A Rf 6, -af! . . . X. vm ,f ...A x - -g ha. serv?" N., ' -.H 1-1 . .lx " .Stal -i-'fait .sr -0 .w 1' ' or - ...N EE' zfy3x,3-,.r1- . X if . 'xxx ,Q 4 . .:'f"' tw F X , A' I 'A...: ri -" .tai if" ' 1 ,.,v' H.. iw g. l H ,f drift" af, Q 'F ,I l V .fu ' , N 4,fA ' L Vlvifvz -,Q-ai alavcfu Firs! ron'-D. Gunlccl, Peterson, Van Gundy, l-loch, Day, Barncord, H. Rees, L. Remy, Foster, D. Osborn Sefonfl 1'0lL'1MHg3Il1HH, P. Gilbert, Evans, G. Csborn, 1'c'p01'fz'rg W. Osborn, 1'ir'z'-jrlwizlrlfi, M. Sharp, president, Arnclt, treasurerg Douglas, secretary, Iverson, Morrny, C. Gilbert Third row--Schlcndcr, Bersuch, C. Heins, K. Sharp, Cunningham, Aye, Roberts, W. Gunkel, Richards, E. Rees, Lyons, Taylor, i1:fzf'is01' Fonrlla 1'o'w-Witlierspoon, T. Rees, B. Heins, Kettncr, B. Remy, Lewis, B. Hines, Merry, E. Heins, Powell, C. Kopke, Dailey F. F. A. The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of farm boy's studying vocational agriculture in public schools. There are forty- four members in our chapter. There are four degrees in our organization, the Green Hand, the Fu- ture Farmer, the State Farmer, and the American Farmer. Each of these' degrees is based on achievement. The activities of the chapter have been varied and many. Our chap- ter Was host to an Officers' Training School in September and a District. Farm Mechanics' School in February. A trip to the National F. F. A. Convention, the American Royal, and a summer camping trip to Ponca City, Oklahoma, were enjoyed. District Judging schools, the State Judgl ing Contest, and F. F. A. Parents, Banquet are important activities car- ried out during the year. The Board of Education provided a new brick shop building for our department this year. The boys gain skills in jobs of blacksmithing, car- pentry, sheet metal, and overhauling farm machinery. l66l Lspafc e5 The King This year the King and Queen were crowned at the annual "Carnival- ita." Once more the halls were filled with people throwing confetti and making as much noise as possible on noise makers. At nine oiclock the concessions closed, and everyone went to the auditorium to see the King and Queen crowned. The identity of the Royal Couple had been kept a secret, and so for once in the evening, everyone was quiet as the procession came into the auditorium. On the stage glistened a huge silver half-moon in the dim blue light with mysterious silver stars hanging from above. As the procession mounted the stage, all eyes turned on the Queen, Mar- jorie Davis, and the King, Eugene Embry, both attired in the regal white. The Queen's attendants, Elaine Sheridan, Dorothy Hudson and Sue Bald- win, wore pastel colored formals which fitted in beautifully with the back- ground. The King's attendants were Bill Warren, Phillip Harvey and Dan McClenny. Two small pages placed the crowns on the Royal Couple. After the crowning a short program was given, which was followed by the reces- sional. The Coronation Ball was held in the gym afterwards in honor of the King and Queen. Thus a most successful evening was closed. and Queen l67l .. ,gf l ii xqg,.y,.L.ef ' 11213 .1-"mf , . .WW-u--' ,ug?,zv2' ,Q -:ii -segieir' ,. .LTV A I vw " 4. i,.1?"' fail? Sw .. ,L Q:-1 Q Q n we N ,if bggs- s , ,..r sv E681 Section "Only a. Bird in a Gilded Cage" "King cmd Queen of Hearn" "So what if we do have similirr tastes ?" x'Ga.s House Gang" "So I my to kim, etc., etc." "Which is the szlliiest ?" Q, Penny for ymfff' atho u4gkats " Yea--team fights" " who says i691 ,745 ww. 4 41 +V ' '- ft, 14, Z- n W' 0- f-H , J - -Q, " -, ,va ,5 1 MEC: 5 gm , A: 4 4,- n ," A Q' , 1 ,fall ' 'H 5,150 Vx ' , ,n VU' Q- A U 1.1, f W ff'- , fy 1f'4d ! 'fd 1-if A L 4 I U ini- W ,wg- Q. 0 t Digi' P f, I 4- -,n Q. , JI ' Q in ,1.A- Q .14 I X n .bm liumqi. .14 ,W o 'fi-,,Q4,,'J I !' fi Jima.. H f- Q -A W .f .--1. .,v MQ ,, ., , 1 :vii rash: -0- af g g 1 A A 4- a ., lndu trial Art This year the students, as usual, have completed another successful year in the Industrial Arts Department. With the experienced teach- ing of Mr. George Lodle, and all the modern machinery and equipment of a professional es- tablishment, the students have turned out such beautiful ar- ticles as cedar chests, beds, lamps, tables, dressers, foot stools, and book cases. Five classes are offered, con- sisting of manual training, wood burning, advanced cabinet making, architectural drawing and mechanical drawing. When a student completes his training in the Industrial Arts Depart- ment, he has learned all the practical knowledge of this course. V 3 If - -- ffisri. -- M I ,git 'Ml .raft -G75 O Epi i93iR.?'., A rw 1 s-.W -f . o. . 7 133 -'x 9559" - Q! K pl" . .,,. it A' 3:19 ,J K tl' . Q . A . Herbert l. Demmin l o Frederic A. Demmin ' . 1 , Paul W. WOIthiHQtOIl N 31 I 0 0 0 o v . ,,... f ' "' A "" f 1192. Lawrence W. Dillman . Glenn Golton Ha W. Golton rold 71, your annual problems are given positive direction. Experience, ability, a high quality product and a willingness to serve, guarantees you the fulfillment of your every desire in making your book all you Want it to be. The Mid-Continent Engraving Co. in Wichita rooooneowovov'00ooov:l2OS.S'l.F1'6.I1CIlS0v0""0' ' " L. D. Phone 3-8254' ' ' ,-FTE' f X J v a?i'Fii3.r-" Q r .. x. .if- . ..-Q ntl " ,,,fr:rf' J' we .jifggsii ' Q 0.1 i l U U E U U H H n . , gin-. Awww .1 w- - ' . Y..-1 um, .1 4-QYQX5' M W, -, ' i oiorioiuioxo1o1o10101nz:ni0101oa:n1o1u1o1o1u1411o1u1ocso1o1 1 11111 Q ! ! ' M K' ' U Q c mney s i g For Your Musical i Service i G J. P. MCKlHH6 E. L. Weir C ! ! - i HOME LUMBEIQ SEPTEMBER i Q 16-Arrived at the Camp at 8:00 o'clock i ' ' this morning. Just had 10 minutes to say Q All Kinds Of 5 'QHello" to everyone, find my tent, and ! ! report to- duty. ADidn,t have to start on the old routine until today on account of the ' . G Fourth and Mechanlc Phone 67 i infantile paralysis epidemic. The health of- ! -1Y-OQUQUQUQUQIIQUQ1IQUQUQUQUQ 6 ! Q 17-Gee, the privates weren't the only ones ! ! that didnit know this place. The scrgeants i ' and we majors didn't exactly recognize all C 2 those clean rooms and everythin . 'Wonder N S Q Q 5 how long they'll stay that way?J I ' U 2 G 18-Got my first letter from Molly-am I ! I tickled pink! Let's see what she says- : ' "Those G. R. girls are sure good to the new ! ' i Sophomore girls that ventured over to our H 5 building. They're having a special 'Helio 2 ! Week.' Every day therels something special Q i -teas, picnics, etc." Now isn't that just n 5 H N11 1 1 1 1 1 it111101011114114:101411DZ01011iio1n1o1o1o1o1rr1oq U H H H H U H E H E Q .1 E W e Assume All Responsibility Q ROBERTS-BLUE FUNERAL HOME l i Phone 76 i vfo 110101013 up 11 111o1o1o1u1r1u1::1o1 1111114101011101010101011 l72l 9 0.0 sea i.- .1-1 Ribble' if'-:-1 r is 'twin 41351. - Aff" . .Q 11 . fri' akssyv- 001010101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1u1u1n1n1o1.1vqpuxinznznxuznxuxuznxfQ, JJ. may g g like za girl? Write about things that I donit Q i if care nothin, about. And here she says that ' : they're going to have a Setting-up Conference i , Q on the 2Ist. I donit even know what them C 2-In Assembly today' Band Dlfecfof Par' things arc- ' ker taught us the new Camp song he com- e i posed during the summer. Pretty good one! H 20-Wfell-we met Burlington tonight on - the football field and sent them home with ! 4iI'IllfClliHS0I'l boys played us tonight :ind H 3 550113 gf 7-0, favoring ug, Last year xVC i WCIII l10Il1C glO3.Iil'lg OVCI' H SCOYC of I4-I3. : won from them, too-and the score was the C VCYY Same- Sorta Sfffmgci but then ifs il ! 10-In the letter I got today, Molly said ' IWPPY beginning- ' she was still awe-stricken from the wonder- i ful Candle Lighting Service that the Girl Q 24-Callcdhus all mgcfhcf fm' HH A55Cml91Y - Reserves had. Seems to me like they,re al- U t0 hear 1 H18hWaY Patrolman- I ber Slfls ! ways doing something wonderful--according H sure do fall for those guys-uniforms and ' to Molly, anyway, 1 guns, and all. But then I don't look so bad : U m my uniform' ! ll-Came home feeling not too happy nor ! 271WC,1t to E1 Dorado tonight and ! too sad becanse We didn't lose .and we didn't i emerged from the haze with a score of 6-6. ' beat Argcmme' Of Course it was 3 UC' i Can't win every time, but then we didn': i dummy! 13'13' Q lose either. Gang at home went to first all- : ' camp party. Pretty swell, I hear, all fixed 8 16-All of US MHi01'S voted 011 thc Camp i up with rodeo decorations and Major Phillip i ring f0d21Y- KNO- 3U gOI if- Tl12E,S the ORC : Harvey sang some cowboy songs. I voted for. It sure is classy-lookinil ! ..,-,,-.,:.,:.,:.,-.,-.,:.,:,.,:.,: I :.,:.,:.,:.,...,:.S.,:.,:.,-.,...,-.,-.,-.,,-.,.. 3 Z' l g Roarn into I - . 2 a I BAURRlKLH1Lh4AIUW Q PUQNHDHZS i C0' after School Royal TYDGWFVCSFS i ..,:.,:.,:.,zu:.,:.,:.,-.,-.,:.,....:.,- Printers, Office Outfitters I I 2 Stationers School Books and Supplies for i Grades, Junior and Senior High 24 West Sixth Phone 344 g Syamuel Book Store i EMPGRIA, KANSAS ! Greeting Cards for A11 Occasions i Q Phone 59 526 Com'1 mm---::::::,--g:-:::zzmmmmmmq VVAJUREFJh4CHfTChACH2CXJ. Q CGNGRATULATES U CLASS OF 1941 Q I 28 W. 5th Ave Telephone 403 ...,..,.,-..-.,-.,-.,....,...,...,- -,-.....-..- - - -.....-.- -.-.-.,-.,-.,-.,-.,. fm . S 57.7 K t if , ng j 3 Appreciates its Students from E. H. S. Willard O. Johnson, Pres. 101 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 11:1o1u1o1o1n1n1o141 1:1 14:1-u1o1n1u1o1io.o I73l ,egg ,-1'Ux.g."' V .QW Xb' ,..:5i!'R ..i-f.i3.- IH' ent- "' as?-fig' Q fi- .wils i ,na ff , ' iw' .-' - -5. x' at , iv Y fs.. ofa: ig- ' ! Yagi' ' P ff' digit? ,tr-'K QR rt U U u U U U H ! U U H H H Q i Oli 1 l 1 11-24 l lit?-iili l lvilllllillhlllill Q1-0Q0,llD0llll Qllllll i I7--The Army band went with us to Law- foy' A rencc tonight, but still Lawrence beat us 24- Beautiful Dry Cleaning Q Don't know whether-it was the.l:-and or ' just us guys. Anyway it almost killed mc. Plf1OHe 939 13 E. 6th Ave. ! ' 18-Our good editor, along with some ru-"3"-il'-''-U-'i""'-aiu-0101! - others, attended a Journalists' Conference at X ! Lawrence over the week-end. Bet they bring ' home some good ideas. J. J. KOWALSKI i , C 25-Oh-h-h, this game is sickening! There Meet your frlends at our Q goes the signal and the Trojans won 19-0. PiOl1Ht3,ll'l Think I'll go home, take a couple boxes of Comvl Phone 6 aspirins and go to bed. -,,:L--:L-L-:g Zgwmwwwwmmwmm ! a feeling something was going to happen, ' and when I reported to duty, I found out- i grade cards! Emporia Wholesale Coffee Co' ! 31-Halloween! Hcar they're going to bc -ii-.sa-nqpiiq-iqoqnqiiqunuzeqiiquq ' Pretty Strict about the Pranks that are Pulled i tonight. Anyway, after getting beat by Ot- : tawa 7-0, I didn'c feel like doing anything Q ! and the fellows back home went to the Camp i costume ball instead of prowling around QI COLD . 5 Ime- i itwllllllwulwiiumllllllllllllllllllll ll Seventy-four years ago Theodore Poehler Started 3' 1Willllltumrrnmi.i:1iN1llllllfllllllllllyjwx Qlmlmllh wholesale grocery business in Lawrence, Kansas. His Qimmw Jwwjiwi idea of good merchandise embraced three essential " """" " u elelnents' lun? W zzdaoucrs nonu'co'rs J Good Service-High Quality-Reasonable Prices To this day the Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered steadfastly to these principles, and with the growth and enlargement of its business, it will continue to adhere to them. Our Products are Marketed under two brands: POEHLER KING Cl7ancyD SUNBURST CEXtra Standarclb The Theo. Poehler Mercantile Co. Topeka, Kan. Lawrence, Kan. Emporia, Kan. McPherson, Kan. IMPORTERS, MANUFACTURERS, WHOLESALERS Founded 1867, Inc. 1889 A Kansas House for Kansas People 020,11 .- 1. - Q - - -. -0-ii-0q.i.-0-0-0 .zuiniuiniuiui 11 1 1 1 1 111 E741 ioinltul iuiuiololuitl 1 1 ini NOVEMBER l-Oh, what is so rare as a day in Novem- ber when all the instructors go off to zz meet- ing? Docsn'l rhyme, but you get the gen- eral idea- 4-Wc acted just like grown-ups today and voted in the election. l heard Roose- vclt and Burke were leading, but then you never can tell. I never am surc till the day thcy'rc inaugurated. 8-Wliilc the play "Young April' was go- U U U 11Ilinilriuiuirliniuiuiuitl ion: THE TOPIC CAFE We Feed the Champions of D N 3.-A .I .1 E, H. S. 506 Com'l Phone 941 RUDY DOWNS SHOES 12 East .Sixth Avenue D 1 xlnzuznzo10101111010in 1114 104 ing forth at home, we boys took a licking U at Newton 274-13. I hear wc "fought hard H and but wcuwcre just outweighed by those Rail- roaders. If-A If ll+This is sure a month of months! 'lm -- -93-gig? Armistice Day and we didn't have to rc- port for duty, most joyous thought. :- w . li ! 12-The representatives from the Camp Council taught us the correct rules for using the flag. That's something we all ought to know. Nz.: : - : 2 - - :,: Z I.- CADILLAC EMPORIA STATE When You Drink H U II BANK ,H5y,!,, Com H SATISFACTORY BANKING Q YOU Drink 3 Bite to Eat SERVICE At 10, 2 and 4 O'clock i TASTE THAT FLAVOR 5 W. I. MARSH R. D. Marsh EMPORIA PLUMBING 81 HEATING CO. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Authorized General Electric Home Appliances PY10116 223 712 Commercial nomo 011:41 Y- 1 , U 0 1 1 L 1 1 - -- 1 -ri-n-4-10-ug. -1-1-ry-0-0-0-ning CUUCTY TH?NES 0 Hardware Radios I A ' Sport Goods Pamt Qian com PHONE 105. Wallpaper Phone 105 l 7 io: . .fa Lf v .fig bi 392-' wgggqif' A 1 ' .,V-fm, .i .fn .fa-555.3 ' 1-zfiyfli Su -ii gn' " Q. S A i mga' .vxfliiiiiiild ii ,ff .. ft-QFQSW' ,R va. use Fw .I .. .. 11. ...U .qi " .-,r1.-.P . 1..-- .-in ,.-AER' N, AL:--" ,kisfil W... tfll A J .Q 533' ., 0.9391 11: wiv .fi Qtqmwf . .:,. , PMS.. ' .i. I amgxsrer ! 3 .I . X H U Q l u u H l H 10101011 no 1 111-11 iclozoxis :fo 1 1 1 1 1 1 , i141-1 i:m1o1o1o1u1i'14:1a:-n1o1o1 15 -W'hee-whee-wheel Played Yates Center and beat 'em 20 to nothin'. I8-A familiar face was gone today. Miss Nora XlVood resigned. She's been Secretary to the Board of Education for 22 years now. 22--Sent some debaters up to Topeka and won 60 per cent of the debates. They're DOI as close-mouthed and timid as we think, I guess. Molly said in her letter that she's going to fl G. R. Mid-Wiiiter Conference at Paola this Week-end. Hope she remembers that lim still her best boy friend. 25-Majors are having their pictures taken now. If you don't think we're intelligent looking, just look in the front of the book. Ctlust take a peek, I said, not too long of a look.j 28-As live said before, this is a month of months. Thanksgiving today and no drill- ing, nor anything. 29-Nothing particular-except is full Cand sleepyll. CVCYYOHC nnioioioioioioi 1:1 1n1o1oe BUY 31.000 On the Installment Plan Youll be pleased with the ease and speed your 31,000 accumulates through regu- lar savings plus your lib- eral earnings. TI-IIE Mutual Building 8: Loan Association Emporia u1u1o1o1o101010101 1 11 1111 1 1:11 1:0101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 4lD1111i111i1x11n MORRIS DRUG CO. 423 Commercial St. Phone 23 10 IRELAND SHOE SHOP EMPORIA SPORT SHOP 705 Commercial HEADQUARTERS FOR ATHLETIC GOODS If You Care- Better Portraits Made Our Business GRANADA STUDIO Phone 705 D. D. DEGLER, Prop po1o1n1o1u1u1n1 i1u1n1u1n1-ri i'1o1o1o1n1u1o1o1o1u1u1o1u1n1n Underwood, Remington, I... C. Smith, ancl Corona Typewriters-Rentals-Exehanges-Sales ECKDALL St MCCARTY 141:11 I76l 01111 :r1n1n 1 1:1411 o1o1u1o1u1 11 DECEMBER 2-The Army Pep Club started the sale of season tickets today. They divided into two parts and the two winning girls get free trips to Kansas City. What Z1 life! 6-Wliile most of the guys at home went to the all-camp Christmas party Qfine one, I hear-prettily decoratedj we fellows opened up the basketball season by heating XVichita North in an exciting overtime game 23-21. 8-Lots of people from all over Kansas were here today in green, red, purple, orange, black, blue and white uniforms to be in the All-Kansas Band, Orchestra and Glee Club. Put out some pretty good music! 01 1 101010111101-011111 1: 1 -101111010101 10101901 12:1 1n1o1:w1 M. L. Kretsinger, Agent Q Just "Good" Insurance U Over Emporia State Bank H Phone 306 E ' : 'I ::':""":""':'l:":":'l"" 2 LITKE-STEPHENS i FURNITURE CO. i Quality Furniture - Frigidaire Phone 300 507 Com'l 1o1n1o1u1 1 1 1:1 1o1o1n1oq 90101 m1u1u1o1u1o1 1o1u1o1o1o1o KANSAS LUMBER CO. Service that Serves--Material that Satisfies Phone 37 617 Mechanic St. nsn14:1u1.:1u1 1m1n1vLu1o1:n1u1u1i, 1:11:11-11:11:111110101 1:1010 1 41101 The World Moves and So Does Bailey We Send Cur Compliments to the Class of 1941 THE BAILEY TRANSFER CO. 911111 1:1 1n1u1n1n1af1n1411111110 14:1-1111111111:1011101 1 1:1 101 Newton Brothers BUICK - PONTIAC - GIVIC TRUCKS USED CARS 102-110 East 6th Phone 8 1n1n1o1 1 1:1 1:1 1 1-1 1 111 I77l -..3 ...ei!i?i3' .. 4Q---W f ur ,asv l hikiiiklrfi 0:01 1 1 1 1111 an 1 1 1 an 1 1:11 1 1 i1u1n1n1u111r1u1 11,1 10111 ri ! ! I , 9-IlveryLhing's so spicy' and nice QXmas 5 Leatherberry S : decorations, I meanj-makes me think of S - dear old home. Oh Well-will have a nice ll Drug Store ' Xmas right here, ,cause Santa Claus visits all E Prescriptions i over the United States. And besides I've i Shaeffer Fountain Pens i been Pretty good 'lm Year' G Cara Nome Toiletries Q 10-Excitement! Excitement! Excite- mj: :U-,uznzi-:U-0:0261ADI-N ! ment! First home basketball game in the ' - . new auditorium. Played Wiiifield and they E I P t 6 beat us 29-27. Almost never beat us, though. 2 t ays 0 i 11-Heard that the lucky girls that sold H at1 - the most season tickets were Kathleen Can- ll ' non and Ruth Ann Kent. i 9 ' 15-Friday the l5th! Every once in a i S i while these days happen and I go around : practically scared out of my wits. CGuess U 101.1-nu1u1u1n1nq.uqp01 an-pi. ! tl-1365 why I got out of gtgp in drill pl-35- i ' tice this morningj But the evening ended 2 ' up nice with a Christmas Cantata. II H H - I 1 i 19-Oh-h-h dear! What am I going to get 2 DiarnOndSTWatCheS S Molly for Xmas? I've only- thought on this 'I for the past month and still I havent got K anything, and only "4 more shopping days H Phone 482 523 Com'1 till Xmasf' U ...-......-..-....-.,- -.,........,-.,...,....-.,-.,.......,.,...T...- - ..,- .. .. -.,-.,- H E Two Good Names to Remember when Buying i LIFE INSURANCE ! URBAN C. BROWN and JOHN HANCOCK LIFE g Phone 403 Oifice with Warren Mortgage Co. H H E Printers and Publishers i COMMERNCIAL PRINTERS Q EMPORIA, KANSAS i Printers of the C. of E. Alla Rah, the K. S. T. C. Sunflower and i the Emporia High School Re-Echo 0:41111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 21 1 an 1 14-10-p01u10101i,1,,, i781 1o1u1s11n1:11s11 1111111111 11114111 1-11 11111111111111111-11114119 111111511 T -.-.. -.- 20-Plnyed Dodge City and "wlioopcc,'A U 25-Xmas day! Yep, I have been foorfl, . . 5 won with a score of 28-18. Ilm improving U kause Santa was here' on those long shots. I 27-Secozd . 1 'Y' l. '-cl tl' - 23-Vacation all this wack! Wfhat can'f. L . dl gm? vlclxjglc .IFS PW, Ido and what Worn I do? U cation an Won it, too, - , wiii ore H Scott, I guess you know who the "one" is. -114-1-m:11g11:111.1q.i1111111141: 1414 H c 28-Another game tonight with Wicliitii COMPLIMENTS OF East. Can't be lucky all the time so we H lost 36-19 S. H. KRESS 8: CO. U 5c, 10C and 25C Store H 31-New Year's Eve. Celebrated. Tl1at's Headquarters for School Supplies 'BH I remember' I 211:11.-211:11:11.911:nz-11:11:11-.1:i1q11q1 .11411u1u1u1r11u1111411111111 111411111411 THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. Capital and Surplus 3131000.00 Emporia, Kansas 1n14v1c11o1411 1 1 1 1111011110141-:414 h411u1111u1u1 1 1 1 101111411-41 Dining Room Coffee Shop Banquet Room HOTEL MIT-WAY Emporia, Kansas "Where Emporia Eats" 1o1o1c11u1a11u1s11m1 1 1 1 1411 :ui 1 111:1111111411111o1r11u11z11n1u1 VICTORY CREAMERY CO. Pasteurized - Homogenizecl Grade A Milk and Cream Fancy Ice Cream for Parties Phone 2405 22 East 7th Ave. 1-111111111m11u1u1n1a11n11c11111111411 nm11111o1u1u1u1411411n1411o1i11411n1z1 BURGNER-BOWMAN-MATHEWS LUMBER CO. H. U. SLACK Jayhawk Coal Du Pont Paint 101 E. 4th Ave.-Phone 7 141111 1 1 1 1 1 111111:-11110141111 111111111111 in 111 -1 -141: 111111 COIVIPLIMENTS The Palace 5th and Commercial 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1u1o1u.-:411 1 11 4111101111 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1.15: I79l Qo -' i YS12i"f -A L q 1' of. ' I U ! E I H ! E ! U I I I U E I ! ! I I I ! H U ! I E ! I! Q ! 10:0 if uw. . V . -is -.,eel5f" ,. ,.sgf?gi Fi' ..i:t:.'lfff11-J' 1 i,fiiVi H ' Lv' ,wxgsr fx, ,:. o2o:1o1o1o1o1 1 1 1 1 1 1o1.nupu1o1o1 11 1 1 1 1111111 1 1 111:11 i-.-:stil E i C 323 Wyaiidottc 40, E. H. S. 17. Two out of . three for us-I'm sure gettin' good! ig l1This is one tinie of the yearlwhen that 24-one Sad game-Sergeant Owen Wil- ' morning-after-the-night-before feeling always Son got his Collar bone broken and the Tro- i Comes to mc' inns beat us 27-22. i 3-Brushed my suit, shined my shoes, and 25-Molly Wrote that she went to the nn- : went down to the Football Dinner to hear nual G. R. Nlid-Winter Setting-up Confer- ! Coach Warreii speak and to get some of that ence at the Y. NW. over the Week-end. ' roast turkey! Dropped in at the all school i party for a little while. i 4-Trimmed Augusta 28-22. i 15-16-17-End of the semesterg final ex- . i aminations Qooh-h, -'geometryjg and grade 8-Those Ralliaiirsl Semisus lilcrimcl in , cards-why docs everything have to come all camp on 3.50011 0 to our ' n WU C ' at once? I was having so much trouble at the game, - Molly was off at Salina to another G. R. 2 17-Tonight was the Majors' Banquet. WHS C0"'fCfCnC9 and Pfobilbll' having YOU good of ' that food ever good! And the program, it H Umc- H was 3 Whiz! Gay Nmctlcs theme-melo' 10-14-Wfhat a week! First of all we beat 2 drama and barbcrshop quartctte. Went to the F Wd . 2, 19 Tl Z V ., X kl Y,, f II "Snow-flalceistu Sergeant-Major Prom aftcr rg cum J- D' lm ml .Wm 5 'mm ' the ban uct Molly telling about the Heartsister Xveek and H q ' inviting me up for a Valentine Tea Dance, C 18--Hcreis the scores of 3 games of latc-- but I Cfluldnlli SU because I had I0 80 I0 ! Qtgawn 20, E. H. S, 315 Haskell 19, E. H. S. W'ynndotte and show those guys how to nialse 5 -.,:.....,-.,:..:......:.,:.,-.....,:.-... --1-u-1---i-fi-0--I-0-if-41--i-----M Q FORT JEWEL SHOP 5 AFFEL1-35 i Dlamonds WatChe5 Congratulations to the E High School Jewelry Class Of 1941 H Special Engraving 11 West Sixth - Phone 537 Q -ii-i- ----f--ff-ii--i-----ii-t- - -i -.-.--..-..-..-..-.-..-.,...,-.,.-..-... ! Club Clothes Stetson Hats Cone s Chili Wim s . . g y ' ' py Wilson Shirts Q Coney lsland Jones-Anderson g Phone 391 17 E. 6th Clothing Company i ...,-,- -... - -..-..-......-..-..-.........-.........,...............-.,...,-..-.,-..-..-... Q THE SMITH LUMBER CO. ! Lumber, Building Material, and Coal ! A. H. Smith, Manager g Clean Coal Phone 39 Good Lumber i -i.:..:.,:.,:.,:..:.,:..:..:.,:.,-.,:.,-.,:i.:i,:..I..:.,....:U:..:..:.,-..-..-..-.,. i Let's meet at the Emporia Creamery and get one of those big i 5c CONES g 212 COI'n'l 1128 Com'1 'E'10101n1u1o1u1n1n1 1 1- 1 1o1ii1n1n1n1ii1n1n1o1o1o1o1u1z110101 l80l ll 0M14111111x11m1o1o1o1u1o1o:n1mx-1 1u1n1oqpn1o1n1o1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 10 some baskets. Even though I didn't do so bad, they won 24-20. 21-One of the best games of the season -us licking Ottawa, 41-38. Sure was a good turnout of spectators, too. 28-The game of the year! Tonight we met the Trojans and for nine consecutive years now, we have embarrassed those play- ers. Tonight we embarrassed them with a score of 34-23. But then we were pretty gentlemanly and held a Varsity Dance for them after the game. Did that husky ever get set back a notch when he came up to cut in on one of my dances with Molly, and I said, "We're going steady and they don't cut in on steadies here.', MARCH 3-The other day when I was out running around the block in my track outfit, people stopped and stared like I was goofy. XVhat's the matter with 'em, don't they know track season has opened? 12-I hear Cby way of Mollyj that those Burrough G. R.'s are sure smart the way they redecorated their Mary W'hite Rest Room. And did all the work themselves, too. Molly also said that her G. R. club had elected new officers for next year and that Carrie Arnold is the new president. 13-Turned high-brow today and went and heard the Philharmonic Orchestra. This camp needs something like that. 19-State Basketball Tournament started today in the Auditorium. W'e're sorta out because we were eliminated in the Regional Tournament by Chanute. Sure am going to have fun watchin' those other teams play though, Haven't decided yet who I want to win, but this camp is sure run over with basketball players. no1u1o-- 1 -iw-u1u1o1o1o1 -4- 1111: Gunsolly-Nash Co, NASH DEALER SERVICE STATION 617 Merchant Phone 843 Cities Service Products 5014110101 1o1o1o1u1,o1u14110141 o 1n1o1o:p 1o1o1o1n1o1u1o1o1o4 ALBERT CORNWELL THE PHOTOGRAPHER 1o1o1o1u1n1o1o1 1 1 1o1uqnnc .-he .251 vi ' g COMPLIMENTS OF g PENNINGTON AUTO SERVICE i HOME OWNED'-24-HOUR SERVICE ' H i Phone 1038 DERBY PRODUCTS 8th 86 Com'1 Q i ..........,.........-.,zo:.,:..:.,:.,:..:..-.,E.,:.,-.,:.....,:D:i,:..:..:..:..:..:.,:..- i Congratulations to the class of 1941 from Emporia lodge of ! i T ll I i ! i Bill Martin, C. of Ii., Clmfrimzif Bill Davey ,,,,..,,, ,,,,.. 'I eachers Richard Easum ,,,. High School C Don Knopf ............ Teachers Bert Smith ..,..... ........ ' Feachers Jack McCoy High School ! Jim Putnam ........ .... . .. Lawyer jack Kowalski ....., High School Darrell Stifiler ... High School ' Pat McGuire ,, . High School Wendell Link ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, K. U. Bob Martin ,,,,,,,, High School i Harold Austenfcid, High School Dan McClenny ,,,, High School John Mattingly ,, High bchool e Bob Foneannon ,,,,,,,,,, C. of E. George Groh ,,,,, C. of E. 9 Honorary because they are in our country's service i Jerry Tholen, 137th F. A., Little Rock Fred Griffith, Pensacola, Florida G i Joe Turner, 157th F. A. Band, Little Rock ! Q XVitan Publications, Lawrence, Kansas ! Exclusive Publishers of Md7111Kl'X Make Men, Lady Lore, Life Begins Ill' 17 4-zo 110141101111::14sap:i1431uup1.1i:zu:gimmm111nxt,xix11nz:ritv1awx1n1o1o1u1u1o1o:io!o l81I eiiili' giiigigiflzip .-:. " :Q-.4 . were . .sei if-YN 'SWF -A 5.1. C. ri.. T53- -- mf J.. Q! . Sa.- .4 t -551' nf TS' .Q- . . f'5",-g.?ffl'3ffi"'i V -' az?-S' s WIS' 1?-aw ,,. 'W - ..f::"l'2iE.i' . .. - . - nc' -+1 Ji ,, :I A ia Vg . ." ,' .-' 'I ,s 1 I Qgaav .: L' WHL ozoniuioi f' E xi, H JS-" . M-eoigw ' as' se-45-U t Do: 1 1 Head-t.3-F00t Outfitters.-.,- -.,-i,..,-. Q - -1- - - - - - - - -V Q 'ziiii ! Q. I' 122522 ! ! Bruckner"s Clothes, ARE distinctive and ! Cost No More. your friends in this Friendly ! store l I RUDIQVEIYS SHOP FOR MEN uzozuioxnzoinii 1 1 -v-o 21--Delegates from our Camp Council went to a convention at Wichita today. 28-Was old E. H. S. a crazy house to- night! And the noise! But everyone was quiet when the King and Queen started marching in Cguess I found out how I rate in that electionj. But I was plenty happy when I saw who the Royal Couple was-and then the Coronation Ball-I've still got con- fetti in my hair- I didn't go to Kansas City to the track meet, but the guys that did brought home second place-not a bad start. APRIL 4-5-Camp was crowded with people car- rying musical instruments for the District Music Contest. I Wonder why I never took up anything like that? 1010101010:-11 1 1 3 1 1 zo: Ghur heariiest Qlnngrainlatinlts in the Senior Qlvlzrss--zxnh our hest fnishea that the fniure fuill hring tu gnu efiergthing that fnill make for gum' happiness- Q11 has heen our pleas- ure in serfwe the Senior 0112155 as fuell as the gllztrultg mth the 1'211T21i11I,IIg stuheui hung nf guur fine high srhnnl huring the past gear- Qrnahhiefn Eliuiel Elmer 1311, Siehhuff fgeneral ifilanager gzg 111211 1:1 3 1 1 1 111 gin l82l 34130101 1 1 1 1 1 3 111103024 E ! U H ! U ! ! U U U U H Q ! ! U U U E ! U ! U H H U U U ! U H U E ! U l ll u E ! n U II i ofa 05 nc' :zu-: 111 :za uzuzuinzc :oz 0 oz ln: 0 zur. u mimi: 021110: y-:oi U H ! Q E Q 11.0 ' 1:1 1 1-1 1 1:11 11 1 11 11 11 11 1. 11011 The COLLEGE 0 EMPORI . . . hopes to he seeing 'you poi 1 1 cpu: 1 1 xzzixpqnezzfzzz-1122111911: The Citizens National Bank Capital and 6,91'Ns"""fQ.p Emporia's Gldest Surplus 2 and Largest s326,o00.0o 'Q X Bank X.4"SMB69' LOANS Savings Accounts Safe Deposit Vault Checking Accounts Trust Department Time Certificates Foreign Exchange "It Does Make a Difference Where You Do Your Banking" 4-1111: 1 1 -1 1:1 11 1-1 1-2 ami 1 31:1 1--1 ici 2 1 1 2 20103034020 ISSJ in-' J-px, A . xagr. . A , '- .-m:Qxsf- .regggeilrr .ggi-if is -Still' , . 'ir 'QWFSQ' A- .. Qw- Q , ' .. Dgxiffi' J' f tr:-ew if -:E Agia' XF" 'sfiilsg' .,'55xf63'l 3,1 C' i- '5 'gy eq :iw Q . g,,-.-..-.,-.,-..-i..i,..,-.,-.i...,.t.-....,-.,-....,-..-.,..,....,...,-.....,- -.,-..-i,.'.,:, az: " X U Z ' S ! W' 7-One of the best Camp Assemblies yet. Q Ginnie: Wliy' are hens immortal? i The interestin' speaker was a former blind prank Griffin: I du1mo-Y,'5yp i i boy-'Mr' George Campbell of Oklahoma' Q Ginnie: Because their sons never set!!! 2 g 10-In her letter today, Molly said that H ni:ge-pi,Quai1-pii:m.e1eqege1e1ii4 i Rev. Mize was the speaker at the G. R. Eas- 3 , G i ter Service. I used to go to his church when InSur3fnCe'A11 Klnds g e I was in town. Went down to Ottawa to f ! run my 100 yard dash-didn't do so good Q C31 i E but our team :is a whole came out with four Q Insurance Agency ' i htm' ! The Columbia Bldg. f Q H Phone 478 Q Q ii-vacation-coed Friday-do I need to C John M. Hilton Delsey E. Heath ' ' say any more? pexegnqwgii-p0104.-izezeqniiqnexea E i ! Haag Washers Gibson Refrigerators E i 18-Tonight I presented "Stage Door." ' 5 5 Course there were some others.in thelcast i U ! C32 altogetherj, but I made a fine showing. i Q 25-The Scholarship Recognition Dinner . ! Q was held for the majors that made it. I E Emerson 85 StrOmberg'Car1SOn Ramos U Q wasn't there but I heard that somebody got 2 610 Comfl Phone 205 H i "Happy Birthday" sung to him. l -U-0-0: - - - - -0-M i A - - ii--i--i-rip.,-iiziirii- - A g - i ' ROBERTS u Q U LEATHER GOODS 2 Q MAY H Q Luggage--Shoe Rebuilding i 1-Molly said she took her mother to the E G1ftS of Lealfhel' C G. R. Mother-Daughter Dinner tonight-that Q , 2 ! was right nice of her. 414 Coml Phone 638 Q 3 U-.-.mi i-.i-1.-..-ei-.i..i.-.i-.,-t,. II C I ii : ! .2-Circus Day!! Bud Andersonys annual E We Thank You for Your Business U . Zireus day-I always did like these kind of 6 For the Past 32 Years 3 ays. A e ! I We Hope to Sell You' More ! 12-We'rc having a big camp exhibit dur- i i i the Fiestaval W6Ek1fh31lkS to Mr. Etl i i STORE 2 ! 18-Class Sernwn Ifmighf- i -e-s.-.....,-.,..f,-,.--..Qs-QQ.,-.Dui-1 i i 23-Commencement! I used to think this g Sclentlflcally Alr-COnd1tl'Oned 5 C night would never come-now I'm sorry it C Y ! has-Oh well, buck up ole boy! Remember ' g the graduation dance right afterwards! Q R. E' nBObU Dabbs, Owner Q e . - Il ' Ernpor1a's Newest and Finest i i -..-.,...,-.,-.,-..-.,-..-..-.,-.,....-.,. E g Chailes Hull: "So Elizabeth can keep a E Q U A secret ongcr than Jane can? i H ' Francis Baysinger: l'Yes, Elizabeth stutters." i i i 517 Merchant E ' An old maid is a girl who Could have : , - - gotten any man she pleased, but she didn'L . Empolmlar Kansas A Q please any. i U , H H i i Everything Insurable i sfo 1 10141101030101tiznzoguznxuzuqpezi-1 1 w:u101u1n:n:n1iizuxuznxuziozo l84l 0 0 11iioioioiuioingiri1.101011allrcbnlozn1101910102:ixoioqnoioiirioiuin Montreal Star: A gossip is one who talks W'hat Would You Say? to you about othersg a bore is one who talks What did one piece of coal say to the other to you about himselfg and a brilliant con- . piece of coal? vcrsationalist is one who talks to you about C "I ain't nobodyis Fuel." fFuel-ish, isn't it?j U yourself. - W1 dtd 1 -I h D mat 1 tie penci say to t e paper. "I dot my i's on you." A boy and his mother stood looking at C1 dentist Show Case. What- did one mint at Ham's say to the "If I had false teeth, Mother, I'd take that Otlff fnmrs? l . n pairf' said the young boy pointing. Folled 383111 CTW' YOU get HU UI-lush James? interposed the mother' What did the new-modeled car say to the "I-Iaven't I told you it's bad manners to pick old-modeled Cary your teeth in publicw "Your runningboard is showing." Do you know? Why is Ireland the richest country in the Little poodle world? Asleep on a log Because its capital is always Dublin. Forest fire CDublin or nothing.J V Hot dog. Did you know Adam was a dancer? ! NO' did you? . , 1 ! First Golfer: 'QConfound it, sir, you nearly Sure, he fell for the big apple, didnt he? ' hit my Wit-en wfhen is 3 farmer 3 magician? E Second Golfer: "Did I? NVeil, have a When he turns his cow into a pasture. i Shot at mme' i poznzozuzoznz za: 1030101114 Sense and Nonsense: ' We are the peasants the peasants are we, Q G We are the peasants of Bowling Green. ! COIHPIIIIIEIIACS1- Please do not bowl on the Green, i 'Class of the green belongs to the king, G the king belongs to the queen, ! the queen belongs to the prince, what PRINTS .... ' Foot PRINTS .... Finger prints .... . ' Qwhistlej here Prince! i Up popped thc devil-I am the devil. . . 2 The devil you are .... ! the heck I'm not .... I End of act Two-scene three. Q Moral .... Don't mistake asthma for pas- ! Sion' Hmmmm HOW? Your moflwf? l ,-..:.,: :.,:......:..:.,...,-..:.,zu-. General Observation. C ' If girls, bathing suits get any smaller, we'll Q have to go in swimming. ! ! SALES SERVICE If you want your wife to listen to you, ' talk 'U Your Sleep' l 211 E. 6th, Phone 2940, Emporia, Kan I D0 l1lQYlQU lil l lllliflli Ol 0 UQUQU lYMI-1lQ1QIInUQDQUQUDUQOQUC l McKEE-FLEMING LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Material Fifth and Congress 100W Home Owned-Phone 73 QUQUQIYQUQUQUQQQOQUQIl-UQAIQI QUQTQIlQUQOQIl,Al-UQOQUQDU-UD!QUQUQK 8 .v YQ? - o O20 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 1 o 0.0 .::.:-Ip .. ,,. .AYf15" .- r- 'i'93" , ,,,,ie:ii5?i'x Fi A35 .--E I '-141' .. Mngigsg' mmm ,fri A . . -' 'ig-.-,-I-' 33: .eva mf :. 1" Re. z--,ut.-- -' a- -iw .. 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Mr. Williams: 'lAnyone wishing to get a H Q Q microscopic view of a worm may see me after class." ! ei xg eu Q H U II : H xv E Do you belong? 2 T 2 Most girls are Girl Scouts till they :irc I ! U sixteen, then they become Boy Scouts. E II II - C -U: : : : :f-: : : :1: --:M -.,...,:.,-.,:.,-.,:.,:,:.,:.,:i,-.,:.,. l H . REEBLE WOOD U II ' II , G c Il 5 FUNERAL HOME. i "Sincere Service" L U -- Q Harold Reeble C. Dan Wood 5 Mrs. C. Dan Woods H : 3 i 2 Tel. 30 627 Merchant 5 -.,-..-.,-..-.,...,-..-i,-..-.,-..-,.-.....,l......,....,-.,-.,-.,-.,-..-..-..-.,-..-.,-.,. 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