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V ' , , li.. , 5 . ,Q af L 1' f 1 f ., . ,. ,A , 'O j 5" ,, 'A"' f f Published by THE SENIOR CLASS of 1933 ff 3 ' ' X I. ,X , 'f f ,Lf ff JZ I, f if- H f I -Lfffjff' ,rd v 7 X X -r Y: n. .,i,d,. j f co KATHARINE MARBOURG Editor FRITZ GUFLE11 Business Manager f x, '33 7 if ,,'1 47:4 f' we G DEAR QLD E .H , 'S f X 7 M ' E P09- Qfxoox. fgx R 1 A X 9 W " WE C N BEAT T-I-I-I5 TEAM wE'RE PLAYING ANYTIME I GuE55. A5 we strive in athletics to surpass the accom- plishments of our opponents, so should our efforts every day reflect our ambition to over- come all obstacles in the path leading to a het- ter and nolaler life. Teamworlc is a familiar word in every Branch of athletics and so it is in life for we must worlc with and help one another if we are to reach the plane to which we all aspire. For a Foundation upon which we are later to build our lives we loolc to our in- structors just as an athlete loolcs to his coach to assist him in building mental and body strength which will stand the test when necessary. We shall all endeavor to he a credit to our school and the teachers who have coached us. QF Qs 'SG Y' W A-NY SGR FREEMAN HUCKSTEP T I ln appreciation of his leadership, high ideals, and his excellent example of sportsmanship, each of us in our heart will never For- get him. We, the senior class of 1933, lcnowing of no higher honor that we as a group can bestow on him, dedicate this Re-Echo to "Huck" 6 :fir , E1 . 3 I ? rf?f LI'I'ELl'I'l' Spirit of Em-Hi ANIMATION Spice For Crispy Days E N T H U SIA S M The Pepper Pot Boils Over EXALTATION Ginger and Jubiiation equals Good Times For All .4 M F 'f nv J' 'v 1, vi k M ANIMATION E 9 3 '5 f c'.?,""' W- - - fo FIG!-l7j FIGHT 43, Board of Education NORA WOOD Mks. W. D. Ross E. VV. DANIELS L. A. LONVTHER O. G. RINDOM F. B. HEATH J. T. ADAMS F. E. PENNINGTON OFFICERS OF BOARD F. B. HEATFI ,.....,.,....... . ........... .... - Presifleut E. W. DANIELS .,..,.. ....... V ice-President R. H. JAQUITH ,..,... ,,,,.,.. T reasurer NORA WOOD , ..,.,, ....,,,.,.,, S eeretary L. A. LOWTHER ...,. .,.... S uperiutendent COMMITTEES Fiuanre and Claims DANIELS, RINDOM, PENNINGTON Buildings aml Groumls RINDOM, DANIELS, ADAMS Teachers and Salaries Ross, PENNINGTON, DANIELS Supplies, Fuel and Fur11itu1'e ADAIVIS, Ross, RINDOM Rules, Regulations and Discipline PENNINGTON, ADAMS, Ross E L- .i l I i X my y W IEIWPCDRIA AND Will WIN TH!! GAMf 'W FACULTY MR. GEORGE A. LODLE . B. S.-Industrial Arts, Assistant Coach. Stout Institutcg Emporia Kansas State Teachers College Pittsburg Kansas State Teachers College, MIss MAY HANCOCK B. S.-Foods. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Chicago University. MR. JOHN R. WILLIAMS B. S.-Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collcgeg Kansas State Col lege of Agriculture. MISS ETHEL SHIRLEY B. S.-Commerce. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg University of Colorado. Miss ANITA RICE A. B., A. M.-History, Constitution. Wfashburn Collegeg University of Kansas. MISS DOROTHY HAMER A. B., A, M.-Dean of Girls. University of Illinoisg Columbia University. ' .sb-LL L L E ess 40: gl-ll Qkwff Q, MR. C. U. NICHOLS A. B., A. M.-Assistant Princi- pal, Commerce. Kansas City Univcrsityg University of Colo- rzdo. Miss MARGARET MILLER A. B.-Speech, English. South- western College of Winfieldg University of Californiag Colum- bia Universityg Northwestern University. Miss ELEANOR SIRPLESS A. B., A. M.-Biology. Univer- sity of Kansasg University of Colorado. O CP A MR. XTIRGIL E. HURT A. B., B. S.-Social Science. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg College of Emporia: University of Chicago. MR. F. JAY SOUTH B. S.-Printing, Journalism. Em- poria Kansas State Teachers Col- legeg University of Chicagog University of Wisconsin. Miss KATHLEEN SOWERBY B. S.-Music. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Columbia Universityg University of Wis- consin. I0 all-7GH71 FIGHT iff I 4 I ill,f Xx X 5. E - , - ' Pugc:E' E -T' Y?. ,V Ciis fMpo,QfA AND wfzz WIN THlf GAMfW 1lm Miss HELEN KAHN B. S.-Registrar. Emporia Kansas State Teachers College. Miss SOPHIE RODEWALD B. S.-Mathematics. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Coilegeg University of Kansas. Additional Members of the Faculty MISS THELMA M. DUTTON B. S.-Librarian. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg University of Iilinois. MISS ELLEN ICE A. B., A. M.-Social Science. University of Kansasg University of Chicagog Columbia University. MISS MAUDE JACKSON A. B.-Social Science. McPherson Collegeg University of Kansasg Emporia Kansas State Teachers Coliegeg University of Colorado. MISS MABEL COVERDILL A. B.-Textile and Clothing. College cf Emporiag University of Wisconsing University of Culi- fornia. MISS JENNY P. DOUGLAS ' A. B.-Latin and Engiishi College of Emporiag University of Chicagog University of Kansasg Cciumbia University. MISS SHIRLEY THONISON A. B.-English. College of Empcriag Columbia Universityg University of Coioradog University cf California. MR. WILLIAM O. JUST . B. M., A. B.-Band and Orchestra. Washington State Ccllegeg Chicago Musical Collegeg American Conservatory: Pupil of Wendcl Mcse, Lecn Scmetine, Jaques Goidon, Karel Haviiicek. MISS MARY D. SCHMALZRIED A. B.-English. University of Kansasg University of Csioradog University of Chicago. MISS STELLA E. KLEIN R. N.-School Nurse. Wichita Hospital Training Schoolg Missouri School of Sociai Economy, St. Louis. ' MW H Z Bam . f li 21. ,,- . V J 3 A Q 'H' 0- - - fo FIG!-ITL FIGHT The Sophomore Class The Sophomore class of '33 came over from the Lowther Junior High feeling quite proud to think that they had reached the first step on the ladder of success. They were new Sophomore I's instead of mere Freshmen. However, they lost much of their egotism and found that here they were not so much as they thought they were and after a little advice they settled down to make a name for themselves. They held their first meeting in the Study Hall and elected officers, choosing Joe Blackburn as their leader. They spent much of their time working on their stunt for Em-Hi Frolic. OFFICERS PI'f'Sif1I'l7! ,.,,.., .. .,,i.,,,,,,,,,e,.ee,,,,,, JOE BLACKBURN Vice-Prcsizlwzf , .,,,, .,,,. CHESTFR PATTON Secretary ...t,,.....,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NIARBETH BUscH T1'c'asz1rc1' .,,.,,,,i,,t....i,t.,,,,,,, t,,,, CHARLES WAYMA nh f Page I 4 Q ' ' in-an 4u-1n.a-uqqq.q-g.n- Wa H6111 MM I fmpo,Q1A AND wfu WIN T1-ff! GAM19' JANUARY SOPHOMORES First row, left to right: Bob Lostutter, Mark Hewitt, Helen Brown, Hope Rider, Clifford Robinson, Jane Wallis, Bill Eagle, Ida Carolyn Axe, Pearl Glick, Kenneth Tucker, Alfred Simmons. Second row: Lorrain Hillis, Betty Cramer, Marguerite Brooks, Esther Ann Estep, Esther Vandervelde, Audrey Mowl, Barbara Corbett, Agnes Thomas, Helen Ellis, Louise Sprague, Dorothy Aldrich, Peggy Dukes, Mr. Willianus, sponsor. Third row: Henry Turner, Bill Carter, Paul Conway, Bruce Blossom, Dick Sheridan, Leonard Shaw, Lawrence Turner, Creed Bick- ley, Lawrence Hickox, Philip Lord, Truman Wiegzln, Ralph Bennett. MMI f Z Page 15 .- T'g 'ffif-4- f"'Y,""' 0- - - X0 1'-'IGI-171 FIGHT SOPHOMORE I First row, left to right: Junior Keifer, Edwin Clark, Jimmy Grubbs, Charles Nash, Raymond Overpeck, Jack Pyle, Alvin Schmutz, Emmett Condon, Max Arnold, Eugene Green, Charles Wayman. Second row: Albert Rasmussen, Ruth Waldrop, Ruth Schottler, Virginia Nixon, Alfreda Brisco, Ruth Simmons, Floty Dory, Mina Judson, Mable Torrence, Betty Davis, Dorothy Widy, Annette Lum- ley, Neva Gatcwood. Third row: Merle Parsons, Chester Kipling, MarBeth Busch, Mary Virginia Bynum, Alice Wolever, Cledora Held, Margaret Maga- than, Mary Virginia Kleck, Harry Parker, Linus Austin, Dale Bu- chanan, Bill Diggs, Raymond Thorp, Loren Macey, LeRoy Gale. Fourth row: Joe Kelsheimer, Wfalter Burrell,'Ellen Kopke, Ruth Spillman, Clara Bell Renchler, Helen Rickabaugh, Annabel Price, Irene Spearie, Maxine Thornbaugh, Virginia Tabor, Marie Kempker, Mar- jorie Thomas, Mary Louise O,Brian, Ray Hiatt, Edwin Carnine. LINUS fmpofzm AND WZ'-:zz Wnv 7'H!f GAMfl MMM! WW V! X SOPHOMORE I First row, left to right: Joe Donnellan, Robert Beach, Ruth Thompson, Evelyn Newlin, Margaret McGuire, Norlene Cooley, John Zimmerman, Paul Bailey, Kirk Austin, Max Brown, Otto Eubank, Dorris Jones, Whit Turner. Second row: Lawrence Prchal, Vernon Fowler, Helen Jenkins, Winifred Saffer, Marie Loomis, Allane Hover, Elizabeth Hughes, Dorothy Knouse, Virginia W'iand, Elizabeth Peters, Kenneth Murdock, Jack Hartman, Harry Edwards, Warren Pyle, Wendell Kassens, Harold Brickey. Third row: Gallen Helfry, Anna Mae Busch, Louise Price, Louise Putnam, Ethel Marcellus, Dolly Rhode, Virginia Mundy, Robert Marx, Darold Satterfield, Edwin Hughes, Lamar Sprague, Arthur Hughes, Ioe Helfron. Page 17 L, 51'-?L, ,,,4 W 3246 A QE 01,744 0 .5 3 fq. 'H' 0- - - X0 1-'IGHZ FIGHT to SOPHOMORE II First row, left to right: W'alter Peterson, W'alter Harold Phipps, Floyd Fields, Bill Orr, David Osborn, Raymond Spady, Ivan Benson, Lucas Green, Junior Gibbon. Second row: Leah McKim, Laura XVard, Virginia Woehlert, Delores Pierson, Leo Conwell, Lorrain Woehlert, Esther Parker, Daniel Hirschler, Elizabeth French, Victor Steg, Clifford Anderson, Raymond Hunter. - Third row: Earl Ritter, Leo Gordon, Donald Hirschler, Myron ' Chester Fields, Oral Bowers, Martha Hoover, Glenn Pennington, Parker, Bill Yearout, Sara Kathryn Evans, John Crow, Edna Lamb, Charles Young. Fourth row: Lorena Wolf, Harriet Hysom, Iva Latin, Ruth Preston, Wilma Smith, Dorothy Davidson, Grace Holmes, Aileen Bla- hut, Mary Mae Bentz, Edna Mae Keen, Park Morris. ' Q Page 1 8 -1-101 S 5 EMPQRIA AND Wfill WIN 7'Hlf GAMf Spice For Crispy Days! MMM W 'W ' f, fat - ., L? 'i 1: 1, 74 gf- n C 9 3 FIGHT 5 A qv' ' 0 X . - - - IG FlGH7j 9 B f i ' A ' . Aga? 'f K Li D L-'A H 'V 1 - L'1h A 1S' ' . Football Summary gf , A I 9 3 2 ealiifi gghgtf ,.,V , lE kMagkQYS5s U L' -- The Smith crew had a most successful season, ' L ii winning seven games with only one defeat "'- or een which was received at Topeka. The most ii" spectacular game was the one played at Ottawa LI A with Emporia winning by a score of 13 to 6. '::' FOOTBALL SCHEDULE OOO? ooo'-U r-ff-vf-f,., OOOQ 5523 P-:P-:P-tO" an v-loom-"1 N11 ,IIN cage Eial e-f'5'OS nmpw Einrfg. DO m 91:31-xr-1 O -fn UAFW ,-,mi A 953 asv? cV 5 15" F3313 ll-.Ll kowN.oXI S ............. 19 October 21--Lawrence fnightj fherej ,,,,,, 6lE. October 28-Ottawa fnightj Ctherej ,,,...,. 6-E. S ....,.... 3 ZZ oo 44 QQ 35 o-rr fDt'D V171 TT ff! 551 9? NS 'Nr-x 59 35-'Q N-'FD C, lb Tl: FF FFF V350 Lx SQ First row, left to right: Murray Lohner, Meredith Foster, Sam Burnes, Arthur Clauson, Lester Walker, Lindell Petty, Donald Wfilson, Robert Wasson, Fred Nelson. Second row: Mr. Lodle, Assistant Coach, Thomas Evans, Merwin Hillis, Charles Knousc, Alex Brislen, Junior Barker, Roy Rigdon, Sam Powell, Bill Diggs, John Perrier, Kenneth Remy, Mr. Smith, Coach. Third row: Arthur Specht, Clinton Keeler, Carl Kowalski, Har Plumlee, LeRoy Gale. Kinter, Walter Harold Phipps, Bill Clever, Russel Walker, Rupggv VJ 0 X Page 2 X S A . T r.Ns : ,X I lil X X X fMpo,QfA AND wfzz ww THIX GAMfW TREVOR LEWIS Plalfback-Weight 135 2 Years THOMAS EVANS 1 Quarterbaclx-Weight 15 5 WWW W ZZ Z 3 Years LINDELL PETTY Quarterback-Weight 145 2 Years HARRY KINTER Fullback-Weight 155 2 Years LEROY GALE Halfback-Weight 165 1 Year RUSSELL WALKER Center-Weight 1 55 2 Years BOB VUASSON Guard-Weight 180 1 Year ARTHUR CLAUSON Guard-W'eight 155 2 Years ge21 ii, 2 E: ' -f: L 1-'-3"L'H-, 4 6 9 3 A qefu . W . "'f0 -FIG!-l71 FIGHT X cf .5 . CARL KOWALSKI ALEX BRISLEN Halfback-Weight 175 Encl-Weight 130 2 Years 3 Years BILL CLEVER ARTHUR SPECHT Halfback--Wfeight 145 Tackle-Weight 175 1 Year 2 Years FRED NELSON MURRAY LOHNER Tackle-Weight 165 Guard-Weight 195 2 Years 2 Years RUPERT PLUMLEE Center-XVeight 135 2 'Years 6 . D j "?""JQ' 'W' 12,04-'fv M-'auf' .Ap - , - 1 I .java ,Gila T57 Arial 4, .fb-aug, 4-'C-o-n.r,,. 1 ills , WN! E , -. Pagc Z i L, E W: Y-- 5 , 5 f , 111 0 1111 EMPGRIA AND Wfu WIN TH!! GAMfW W, 4 W CHARLES KNOUSE Guard-Wfeight 155 2 Years JOHN PERRIER End--W'eight 137 2 Years DON WILSON Haifback-Wfeight 165 2 Years CLINTON KEELER End-W'eight 158 2 Years SAM BURNES Halfback-Weight 160 2 Years LESTER WALKER End-Weight 165 3 Years KENNETH REMY Tackle-Weight 170 3 Years f'age 232.1 ? 1 V '-.AV E 'Z Y 2 3-'-fi 6 5 0-5 ' A 'H 0- - ' I0 +7GH7j FIGHT Q' S Girl Reserves OFFICERS Pl'f'5idClZf-' LORENE CRAVENS Vicc'-P1'eside11t- ROBERTA BIXLER Secretary- PEGGY BAILEY Trcaszzrer- ELIZABETH WYILSON The Girl Reserve organization is the largest in school and for this reason many different types of projects must be carried out in order to suit the taste of each in- dividual as nearly as possible. This year the girls were given a chance to express their preferences regard- ing the types of programs they desired in the meetings, by filling out questionnaires which were dis- tributed at one of the meetings. Besides the meetings there are the outside entertainments, such as the monthly dinners, teams, and par- ties. One of the main things each SCI'l1CStCI' is the big and little sister project, which is to help the new girls get acquainted more quickly and feel more at home. Every year delegates are sent to the conferences. This year ten girls were sent to Olathe to the mid-winter conference, nearly 30 girls at- tended the Setting-Up conference at which the theme for the year, "Weaving Life's Tapestry," was chosen, and five girls attended the State conference at Camp Wood. X E Pag 1111 FHS fMpO,QfA AND wfzz WIN TH!! GAMfW l WW! COMMITTEES HELEN MINAKER , 7,.. Program ROBERTA BIXLER ....,,,, .....,,. IN lembersbip ....,. ELIZABETH WILSON RUTH KNOUSE ....., Finance Social . MARY EUBANK ...,, , ,,,, ,A,, P ublifity -,,-.,v,,,, ESTHER CRAMER .... ,,. ..,, , X World Fellowship RUTH PHILLIPS ,,,,,I ,I,,,,I,,,I, S eruice ,,,,,,,,I , THEI.MA BAIN I.,, ,,,,Y,,V,, A Iusic ,,,,,I ,- f if K Puge25 CODE Gracious in manner Impartial in judgment Ready for service Loyal to friends Reaching toward the best Earnest in purpose Seeing the beautiful Eager for knowledge Reverent to God Victorious over self Ever dependable Sincere at all times ,O Miss HAMER ..,,,,... Miss ICE Miss THOMSON Miss SNIDER Miss HOWARD Miss HANCOCK Mlss SHIRLEY Miss SOWERBY 9.523 44: gllll No. Q' Junior-Senior Prcxizlelzf Vicc-Presia'cn!- FRANK FONCANNON St'c'rcfm'y T1'l't1S1H'Cl'-- W- --10 FlGH7j FIGHT Hi-Y OFFICERS BILL CLEVER ALVIN ROBOHN ARTHUR AMES The Hi-Y has had a very successful year along a social line. The Em-Hi frolic which is every two years, was held. The Em-Hi frolic was sponsored by the G. R. and Hi-Y as a money-making project. The Hi-Y also had several banquets, the Mother and Son banquet, which was held at the Y. M. C. A., and the G. R.-Hi-Y annual ban- quet at the Congregational Church. Several conferences were at- tended which Were on vocational guidance. The delegates were as follows: Wilburn Morris, Frank Foncannon, Dick DeLong, Ed Theel, Eugene Souders, Lloyd Henderson, W'endel1 Williams, Lindell Petty, Don Wilson, Bill Clever, Harold Irey and Arthur Ames. The boys were sponsored by Mr. W'illiams and Mr. Stout. F -4, f I A My l S S Page L 112, ' i-'MPCDRIA AND Will WIN THIX GAMf MW. Puge 27 i Sophmore Hi-Y President- JOE BLACRBURN V ic1'-Presicle11t- WALTER PHIPPS Secretary- LEE DAVIS Al Ie RLES WAYMAN 0 d44f! ' Program Committee- RAYMOND THORP Swtficc Committee- CLIFFORD ANDERSON EUGENE GREEN Bible Study- MILTON POOLE Social Committee- VERNON PENNINGTON M cm bersbi fl C om mit tee- J. ZIMMERMAN Vvorla' Brotberlaood- R. WESTFALL Publicity Committee- JAMES GRUBBS I The Sophomore Hi-Y was unusually large this semester which probably accounts for the successful year. The club had 62 members. They began the year by having a watermelon feed. During the fall the Sophomore clubs, both Senior and Sophomore, brought an Indian show here. In December eight or nine boys were sent to ,the Voca- tional Guidance Conference at Wichita, Kan. The book exchange and hot-dog stand has also been a big success in spite of the depression. E,. -- 5, ? - 2 2 ,4 5'2- E 9 3 . - ' ' I0 FIGHZ FIGHT 4 Qt i5QH' 0 SQ' f ' Q' Operetta The operctta, "Campus Daze," was presented in the Junior High School auditorium, December 9. The operetta was put on by the music department under the leadership of Miss Sowerby, who was assisted by the speech department under the supervision of Miss Miller, and the physical training department under the supervision of Miss Snider. The cast included about two hundred high school students. A matinee was given for Junior High School pupils, Decmber 8. It wast rn most successful project. S Pf'S5i : ' ' ' S Y 1- - . I I A EMPGRIA AND WEZL WIN THIX GAM-E Industrial Arts Department The boys in the Industrial Arts Department, under the direction of G. A. Lodle, have worked very hard on their individual endeavors which were shown in a beautiful display at the Kansas Electric Power Company. These projects were the most successful of any year. W W Q Page 29 , ff-ef, s c 963 4 5 HI tg- ' 0' -I0 FlGH71 Hear .Sept 12. I Se.Pt.13 .H Q 63a Q -- YJ ' ,' 15' L ka , 1 Seimas outa 0 yu f7iM4v it B ll' 15 -47 Y! 'I XQ!l if .ff Tilfimzm.. Oct. 10 oc-Q 17 WEB A in 5 i -if 1 Q 1 X QOM Z4 T Oct, 31 a K ' j c .H NOW 7 New 1? sg if 5fWw I -H Vi QQ 'fjigfw I I NOV Z1 Nom 2.8 :QA 'sqzg on 'L . .Y isis? O CALE DAR Off to school! We start with a groan, Pencils and pens and books to loan. The tests show up! The grades go down. And school is echoed all around. A party for the little Sisters is had. In games and puzzles we play like mad. The G. Rfs we welcome them to Emporia High, And tell them to always do or die. Football starts, and are we glad? We'll make the other teams look sad. Six straight victories in a row. Wliieli goes to show, Em-I-Ii's not slow. The magazine contest is launched with glecg Sombreros, and High hats out on a spree. The G. Rfs are out for money. The way they work is far from funny. The Hi-Y boys get together To sell hot dogs in all sorts of weather. The football fans eat with lust, As they watch the team beat or bust. Report cards out! What do we sec? Some are sad, others free. And then it's asked, "What did we learn?" Next six weeks will be a better turn. The Indians come to dance and sing- This is sponsored by the Hi-Y ringg For making medicine they get their fame 'Cause the football boys will win the game. The city had a ,Iunior election. Foncannon and Foster were our selection. To the other candidates they had to bow. Did they lose? Oh! yes and how! To Topeka we did go- To play a football game, you know. Although we cannot say we won, We had just heaps and heaps of fun. Saturday at the football game, we gazed. Against Emporia, Eureka seemed dazed. 20 to 0 was the final score. Iim-Hi was happy, yes and more. To mid-winter conference, G. Rfs are sent. For play and wisdom they are bent. They learned a lot, so I hearg They'll surely go again next year, The operetta called "Campus Dazef' Truly was the best of plays. Youths sang clearly and it was keen. It surely was a lovely scene. Q S Q be fi Pg unifg wk s F ii fy 01,55 E' fs k . 31565 5 if -:J P .1 ."' f 2 ENTHUSIAM A XAE as fq. 'H' W- ' - X0 FIG!-l71 FIGHT to Junior Class The Junior class of 1933 is considered a large class compared with the number enrolled in preceding years. This class has had its share on the Honor Roll, and of this number there have been a few in the upper ten. Among the members can be found many leaders in sports, clubs, and social activities of the school. The class was the first one to organize this year, and since then they have held several meetings. This industrious showing is the re- sults of our sponsors: Miss Hancock, Miss Jackson, Miss Rodewald, Miss Howard, and Mr. Hurt, who are all very much interested in the progress of the class. One of our most outstanding features of the year was our stunt in the Em-Hi frolic that was held the last of March. OFFICERS President r-r.ss.sss, . .... .... . ....,.,,,, LLOYD HENDERSON Vice-P1'esia'enf ,,,.,, ..,.... H ELEN STANTON Secretary ..,...,,.,.. ....... C LIFFORD WHITE Treasmer ..... , .s,, GRACE ANDERSON Q G-Spiny S Page 3 2 E 5? f O til IIS S , I EMPGRIA AND Wi LL WIN THIX GAMf First row, left to right: Marjorie Baltz, Helen jenkins, Dorothy Resch, Hazel Frost, Pauline Belfield, Arlene Sanders. Second row, left to right: Dorothy Myers, Marion Tompkins, Robert LeGresley, Socorra Ramirez, Charles Young, Lois Reams. Third row, left to right: P uline Bland, Millicent Craig, Ellen Lewis, June Knittle, Selma Kasse s, Louise Putnam. Fourth row, left to rig : Dorothy Whitaker, Verle Frost, Fred Nelson, Inez Sharrai, ' 1' e W'iley, Helen L. Karr. My Page 33 !, L23 ,, 9.523 AQ WX, 0- ' - ,fo FlGH7j Ffcaffr Q' First row, left to right: Dorothy Theye, Tom Gibbons, Lorraine Woehlert. Second row: Frank Faust, Paul Klein, Virginia Woeh- lert. Third row: Dorothea Lutt, Corinne Kassens, Robert McAdoo. Fourth row: Dale Smith, Thaeda Thomas, Elizabeth Wilson. V Fifth row: Leo Conwell, Virginia Hartman, Leona Goss. Sixth row: Virginia St. Clair, John Merrell, Marion Henderson. Seventh row: Esther Sill, Margaret Moon, Floyd Field. Eighth row: Coral Horton, Alice Stockton, Glenn Crayk. X Pa e3 at .i 5- . Y , - - , ' l N X WM W , I EMPGRIA AND Wi LL WIN TH!! GAMf First row, left to right: Mildred Benson, Ruth Waldrop, Bernard Robinson, Ona W'ortman, Victor Steg, W'ilma Jones. Second row: Bonnie Wright, Sam Burns, Elaine Young, Mildred Benedict, Marjorie Atnip, Wilburn Morris. Third row: Eugene Souders, Donna Fay Bowers, June Stark, Mil- dred Ridenour, Yolanda Merrell, Wanda Hall, Fourth row: Serena O,Connell, Robert Morse, Elizabeth Hickox, june Capps, Wendell Williams, Rosemary Anderson. W , rife-to ,,,,, A 9 AQ x as stu. 'VX' W- - - 10 Heian FIGHT Q' v First row, left to right: Winifred Mallory, Wayne Swanner, Grace Holmes. Second row: Lyndel Beattie, Phipps. Caroline DeWar, Walter Third row: Erma Robinson Pierson. , Marvin Wright, Delores Fourth row: Ed.win Theel, Gwendolyn un , Jo Douglas. Fifth row: y Maurice Gordon, Lucille Cra ee, George Hamilton. I ,-7 Sixth row: ' Harold Trey, Ruth Knouse, Daniel Hirsch- ler. V ff! l My L W Seventh row: David Osborne, Everett Hunter, Delores Tholen. Eighth row: Billy Yearout, Lydia Gandy, Lewis Knight. ffl: X W X .X Y Page 36' S , i fi A? Y 'Yi - . , , , iii-Q1 U W flWPORlA AND Wf'lL WIN THff GAMf The Pepper Pot Boils Over! The 1 I flnrzt was I pl ibn' football b 1 Z jff 37?-2 , L f,S , u -annum-1-alvirslnogqg S 0 6 3 'Btu' A 0- - - X0 +'lGh'7j f-VGH7' Q Girls' Glee Club -ra First row, left to right: Esther Maxey, Lee Ona Kuhlman, Ruth W'aldrop, Geral- dine Foster, Zella Lassey, Ruth Davis, Theada Thomas, Louise Willcs, Ruth Schottler. Second row: Ethel Jones, Mary Eubank, Eunice Kean, Irene Smith, Mary Virginia Bynum, Miss Sowerby, directorg Anna Mae Jones, Irene Davis, Margaret Shulley, June Stark, Theresa Hellmer. Third row: Marjorie Jackson, Thelma Bain, accompanist, Nadine Glass, Grace Martin, Elaine Young, Gwendolyn Mounkes, Virginia Burnap, Priscilla Brunt, Lois Reams, Lelia Munson, Mildred Barret, Virginia Hartman. Boys' C-lee Club First row, left to right: Melbourne Foster, Bernard Robinson, Dale Buchanan, Whit Turner, Norman Hester, Arnold Lister. Second row: Murray Lohner, Raymond Thorp, Donald Thomas, Virgil Bugbee, Harold Irey, Russell Kidwell, Thomas Evans, Glenn Bush. Third row: Fred Shriner, Clifford White, Paul Clay, Miss Sowerby, directorg Thomson Holtz, Kenneth Brock, Madge Shores, accompanist, Frank Foncannon, Howard Ensminger, Delmont Peterson. Fourth row: Thane Ducket, Allen O'Brian, Hugo Bixler, Fritz Gufler, Lowell Reams, Cecil Spry, George Hamilton, Charles Knouse. Page 38 X E L- L, , :il , M lil I S fmponm AND wfzz ww TH!! GAMfW Band Virginia Mott, Madge Shores, Braden Koeller, Robert Morris, Nidayvonne Maddern, Betty Jane Furman, Oleta Philips, Murray Lohner, Charles Goodwin, Eugene Souders, Irl Ritter, Robert McAdoo, Alvin Schmutz, Leonard Holingsworth, Leo Conwell, Merle Parsons, Charles Wfayman, Harry Edwards, Dorothy Myers, Maurice Gordon, Stanley Vandervelde, Elizabeth Wilson, Millard Lumley, Mr. just, director, Donald Brown, W'alter Peterson, Richard Lumley, John Waters. B Orchestra Irl Ritter, Murray Lolmer, Madge Shores, Whitby Turner, Richard Lumley, Walter Peterson, Milton Poole, Ruth Phillips, Braden Koeller, Millard Lumley, Elizabeth XVilson, John Waters, Donald Brown, Victor Steg, Helen Blakley, LaVon Thomas, Martha Hollingsworth, Theada Thomas, Daniel Hirschler, Lyndle Beattie, Arloe Crouse, Mary Mae Bentz, Oleta Phillips, Betty Jane Furman, Dorothy Myers, Maurice Gordon, Harry Edwards, Leonard Hollingsworth, Alvin Schmutz, Thelma Bain, Charles Goodwin, Mr. Jones, Barbara Corbett, Nadine Konx, Mr. Just, director. W Page 39 - A 53:11, 14, p 2 " - -1 E 44, S 0 6 3 'Btu' A 2:9 0- - - X0 f-'lGH7Q Hear Q' Girls' Athletic Association The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Association is togpromote interst in athletics for girls and to encourage good sportsmanship at all times. K It is the only opportunity of an Emporia High girl to earn a school letter for sports. Besides this it provides recreational activities in a wholesome atmosphere. It develops leadership and fosters good sportsmanship. It is a member of the Kansas State High School Girls' Athletic Association with headquarters in Topeka. A new activity was taken up this year, golf, which was under the direction of Mr. Calderwood. Meetings were held each month with an interesting program in charge of one of the following persons: Esther Cramer, Elma XVarnken, Dorothy Resch, Lena Grace Griffith, Clara Stout, Lillian Sullivan, Marie Kempker, Helen Blakely, and Gwendolyn Mounkes. Seven girls received letters and pins this year. Virginia Sullivan received the first award, an "EU, Nidayvonne Maddern, Ruth Knouse, Lois Jean Wade, Charlotte Scheel received the second award, a "K", and Helen Blakely and Geraldine Patton the G. A. A. pin, the final award. There was much done other than in activities by the G. A. A. this year. Several girls gave a program for the Kiwanis Club and the G. A. A. sponsored a program in Girl Reserves in April. They also sold candy at the basketball games and the Regional Tour- nament. They had a line party at the Granada in March. Page 40 , l g -gl Q - Y - -- 5 . G ' -i- CL-QQ I x Q E S I 4 wh fmpcofzm AND wfzz ww THU' GAMfi ta Z Girls' Athletic Association President ,,,,,,,. Secretary ...,......... Treasurer ....,,,...... Sergeant-at-Arms ...,.... Sports Manager OFFICERS VIRGINIA SULLIVAN TI-IERESA HELLMER NIDAYVONNE MADDERN RUTH KNOUSE ,.. ..I.,........-.... LOUISE WILKS Page 41 5-, , U h E 9 3 4 Q NQHQ 'J . W- - - for -FlGH7j FIGHT Up and Atom Club OFFICERS Prvsiflwtlf .. .,,,., ,,,.,, ,,....,,,,. . ,,,,,,,7 . ,,,,,,,7,,,,7, ARTHUR AINIES Viet'-Prfsidmt ..v,. ,., ,, ,,, ,7 ,AA.,,.A,, ,A....A, L E IE UNA KUHLMAN Secretary ,,.,,. ..,,....,,,. ,,,, QQ .,,,,, .,., T ....,...,, f ,,,,,. C CAROL HYsoM Treasuwr' ,,,,..A,,,,,....,.,,,,, , .,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,.A,,.,,,.,,,, ,, ,,,,,, BILL COLLINS Cfaairman Program Cofnlrziffcfa, Firsf Scfnzfsfcfr ,,,,,,,,,, LESTER REEBLE Chairman Social Committee ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, . ....,L ,,,.,, , , GERALDINE FOSTER At the first meeting two hydrogen filled balloons were sent up with return address but were never heard from. One of the most interesting programs was a dry ice demonstration.. Several members of the club gave a program for the Junior High Science Club. About 20 members attended an interesting demonstration put on by the College of Emporia at the K. S. T. C. Science Club. First row, left to right: Ermin Prchal, Glen Maple, Fred McCarter, Arleigh Myers, Edwin George, Robert McClellan, Orville Rice, George Russell, Alvin Robohn, Eldon Windsor, Wendell Wfilliams, Arthur Ames. Second row: Thomson Holtz, Lucile Mouse, Olive Wilson, Nidayvonne Maddern, Selma Star, Lena Grace Griffith, Louise Wilks, Helen Colwell, Virginia St. Clair, Lorena Crouse, Margaret Morgan, Irene Smith, Ana Mae Jones, Robert McAdoo, Murray Lohner. Third row: Mr. Stout, Lester Reeble, Ruth Flecher, Katharine Marbourg, Eliza- beth Kleck, Mary Virginia Kleck, LaVon Jones, Zella Lassey, Esther Maxey, Edna Mae Hiatt, Lillian Axe, Peggy Bailey, Lorene Cravens, William Marcellus, Bill Collins, Roy Rigdon, Lowell Reams. Fourth row: Betty Jane Furman, Mary Kretsinger, Geraldine Foster, Lee Ona Kuhlman, Frank Bynum, Geraldine Patton, Charles Goodwin, Kenneth Brock, Lee Williams, Robert McClellan, Bernard Fichtner, Ralph Knouse, Richard Lord, Delbert Saffcr. A 1 HN A S L Fw 4 - , S+ E ' f rr? ' ' fr T' fM,0ofz1A AND will WIN T1-111 GAMfW Basketball Summary I932-33 The E. H. S. basketball team had a very successful season which acquired for them the championship of the Eastern Kansas League. They were defeated by only three teams: Ottawa, Bartlesville, and Parsons, winning 18 games. REGIONAL TOURNAMENT The Emporia team was host to fourteen teams at the regional tournament at which they beat Topeka to win the regional championship. STATE TOURNAMENT E. H. S. was represented at the state tournament where Emporia beat Oberlin for its first game and lost its second game to Arkansas City. Top row, left to right: Lindell Petty, guard, weight 145, 2 years, Lowell Trowbridge, forward, weight 145, 3 years, Carl Ko- walski, guard, weight 175, 3 years, Richard Rees, guard, weight 135, 1 year, George Kowalski, forward, weight 155, 2 years. Bottom row, left to right: Harry Kinter, forward, weight 155, 2 years, Elmer Embry, forward, weight 134, 2 years, Hugh Smith, forward, weight 140, 2 years, Clifford Anderson, center, weight 155, 2 years, Jack Doty, center, weight 150, 1 year. MW! l 0 Puge 43 f'1fe. free 923 'SQBQHU 0... Sb' Q' Dec. Dec. 21-Pembroke fhcr 31--Bartlesville Cllerej .,,, I0 -FlGH7j FIGHT Basketball Schedule cj .,.... 23 23- Dec. 23-El Dorado Qtherej ,,,, 22-E Jan. 7-XVichita North fhcrej..2S-E - jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 13--Parsons Qtherej ,.,,,,,,,, 20-E 20--Ottawa ftherej .......... 22-E 21-Manhattan Qhcrcj ,.,,., 17-E 24-Eureka Qhercj ,.,,,,,,,,,, 15-E 27--Topeka fherej ......,..... 12-E First row, left Vernon Pennington. to right: H. S .,,,. 20 Feb. 3--Lawrence Cthercj ,,,,,,,. H. S ..... 28 Feb 4-Cbanute ftllercj .....,.,,, H. S ...,. 36 Feb, ll-Eureka Qthercj ,,,,..,.,. H. S ..... 32 Feb 17-Augusta Qherej ,,..,,,,, H. S ..... 15 Feb. 18-Manhattan Cthcrej ..v, 32-E. H. S ...,. 33 H. S ..... 21 Feb. 22-Lawrence Cherej ,,...... 26-E. H. S ..., 30 H, S .YY,, 19 Feb. 24-Ottawa ihercj .,,,,,,.,, 21-E. H. 5,330 H. S .,,,, 19 March 3-Topeka fthcrcj ...,.,., 15-E. H. S ..... 21 H. S ..... 13 Raymond Thorp, Raymond Overpeck, Chester Parker, Second row: Harold Irey, Glenn Crayk, Clifford Rock, Raymond Spady, Glenn Busch, Wood Bloxom fcoachj, Paul Terry. - Page 44 I L 1 f Q S - Q , si , Y H natty fMPORlA AND Will WIN THII GAMf I .MMM WW Senior Prophecy High above, the stars are shining Through a dusky, magic sky And all around the future telling For the Seniors of Em-Hi. From my tower of height and wonder Far above the city's dim, I behold their fate from under A microscope of glass and tin. To this vast sky I turn my vision And far above in that starry land, I see -Marvin Ashbaugh-listen! Playing a tuba in Paul Whiteman's band. Dick DeLong is stuffing pillows For a far off Olpe home, NX'hile Katherine Hanna over the billows Sails cn Merlejones' ship, "The Foam." Murray Lohner has made a million Inventing watermelons without seeds, While Geraldine Patton with her billion Eats big chocolates while she reads. Lester Reeble fishes on the river Vfhile Junior Barker is a janitor at Sing Sing, Max Behymer drives a turquoise blue flivver And jitneys Charles Bergerhouse-Flat Iron King. Betty Adams writes a book- "The Right Thing to Say and When," Lillian Axe is playing Rook XVith her husband in his den. Kenneth Brock broken eggs mends For Eleanor Bumgarner's store, While Lcrene Cravens a family tends XVhich is always in an uproar. Frank Bynum dressed in overalls Sprays potato bugs in Ireland, While Lowell Trowbridge is still in the halls Looking for his chewing gum. Geraldine Faster hamburgers is selling Wlhile Aldro Bryan in manner slow On the Stock Exchange is telling Stricken brokers they have lost their dough. 3,V 4- , :-A, Betty Furman's brow is wrinkled sore Finding the way to remove wrinkles from prunes While Nadine Glass on a bag-pipe plays Many sour and terrible tunes. A Fritz Gufler is searching madly For a girl to marry-keep it mum- And Mildred Jones will help you gladly In her tea room if you come. Charles Knouse mows lawns in Dallas- Ruth Brown teaches art, On Clinton Keeler's hand a callous, Thereby tearing cars apart. Doris McGuire is trying to find Banana peels that will not slip, While Katharine Marbourg and her mind Invent a sleeve that will not rip. Kenneth Remy mends radiators, Lee Ona Kuhlmann raking hay Beside the side of the mighty Neosho- She will marry some glad day. Selma Star is trying to formulate A way to make garters from a gartersnake- Arthur Ames is looking through his glasses- Roberta Bixler-for her husband frying steak. Jack Wilson is flying far, The North Pole his goal he'll reach Don Thomas rides a freight car And LeRoy Sprague prooceeds to preach. Frank Foncannon-what of this lad???? Alas-he is dead and gone- The good die young and he wasn't so bad- W'e buried him out on the lawn. Iester Walker in horses is dealing- Virginia Lee Porter growing gray Inventing a zipper with free wheeling To put cn a banana some day. And now, to you, the future I have read, May you profit-one and all, And heeding what the stars have said, Will know fair Opportunity's call. E 0 3 4 gill Dec..-5 'Dec.'12. .QL do ,lf 66 C3 ff HK 'i ' y ' .fx K . I 1360.19 Jan. 5 N .fr 'M ja XX 1 .L x 'T ! -i Jim.1'2. ifJan.1'3 ATX 'ATT J full 1' ff, par gjrleego C T Feb. 2. We QQ xQvXfX E f xff5gQM x V ' ' X '. 2 ,li-F 7x 7-if i w l Feb, 23 March -Z is ' , I lil! . i , ill W ,fi l ' 0- -10 FlGH7j FIGHT CALE DAR And when they put her to the test- Maurine Knouse was at her best. The National 4-H Club delegate was she. Her honors there were good to see. The football banquet was really fine! The fighting boys were right in, line For playing football they got their name, And the football banquet spread their fame. Christmas comes again this year. A Week from school we have for ehccr. Ol' Man Depression at his best, Canlt keep us from Christmas jest. As back to school we trudge our way, We start again the school's long day. From vacation fun, and Christmas gift, YVe're ready again the load to lift. Basketball season at least is here, This is the climax of the year. One game is lostg three are Won. Which shows lim-Hils not out for fun. Before it slips from our attention, We feel we really ought to mention Our fine Senior banquet-say! It really was a gala day. Extra, extra, low downs en the high ups. Reporters testify how they cure hiccoughs. All about the news in town, The "Emporia Echol' hits them all around. And say my pen, it Won't be foiled, To tell how our basketball boys all toiled And win that basketball game we did From Topeka, that victory we slid. And for Chapels that are really fine, That Relicho chapel Was right in line. The staff got up and told their stuff, The sale of books was proof enough. The G. R. Hi-Y dinner was a real treat, The food and program couldn't be beat. From all the things the members said, They surely must have been well fed. In the basketball games we're still aflame. If this keeps up we'll win a name. Our opponents lose ene by one. To watch the battles is surely fun. The Relicho staff is not all work, Of course their duty they never shirk. But cnc night they had a dinner, All who were there. pronounced it a winner . W Page 1 -jg 4 - -- C- . 6 ,157 QI ,Le F k .3 A5 if fy, MAgB E 3 1m 'E- 572: Q EXALTATI N - - V- qziaff-wi.. 2 A 4a gllll Senior Class The Senior class was organized in the fall of the year 1932. Mr. Nichols, Miss Rice, Miss Douglas, Miss Sirpless, and Miss Miller are sponsors of this year's graduation class. This class of Seniors has much talent among their members in dramatics, music, and debate. Many of the athletic stars belong to the Senior class. On January 19, the Seniors held their Senior dinner at the Broad- view Hotel, which was a great success and was made possible by the co-operation shown by the students and the sponsors. The Seniors have tried to work out their own problems as much as possible and the class sponsors have helped in every way and we, the Senior class, wish to thank them for their services which they have given us. OFFICERS Charles H. Goodwin .,,,.,., , ...,. .,,....,..,,,,..... C ute, Humdinger, "Goodie" Band-Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Scholarship Contest '31, Hi-Y '31, '32, Echo '32, Up and Atom Club '32, '33, Music Contest '31, '32, '33, President Senior Class, Re-Echo '33, Campus Daze, Em-Hi Frolic. Frank W. Foncannon ,,,,,,,,, Frank, Winning Personality, Frivilous Hi-Y '31, '32, '33, Hi-Y Cabinet '31, '32, '33, Vice-President Hi-Y '33, Man or Mouse, Echo '32, '33, Business Manager Echo '33, Glee Club '32, '33, Hi-Y Conference at Lawrence '32, Hi-Y Conference at Manhattan '32, Hi-Y Conference at Cottonwood Falls '32, Hi-Y Con- ference at Topeka '32, Campus Daze, Up and Atom Club '32, '33, Dramaties Club '33, Vice-President Cicero Club '32, Em-Hi Frolic '33, Vice-President Senior Class. Lowell Trowbridge ,,,.,, ....,.. ...,....,,.. ......,....,,,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, L i k a ble, "Toby" Basketball '30, '31, '32, '33, Secretary Senior Class '33. Olive I. XVilson .......................,,.v,.... Orderly, Indispensable, Winsome G. R. '31, '32, '33, President Sophomore Class, G. R. Setting-Up Con- ference '33, Circulating Manager Echo '32, '33, Treasurer Senior Class, Up and Atom Club '33, Campus Daze, National Honor Society, Treas- urcr of National Honor Society, Queen of Em-Hi Frolic. '- - ' 10 -FlGH7j FIGHT 5.3 Y x 3 Page ia? S' Y fi E' I S Nl -My EMPGRIA AND Wfzz WlN'7'Hlf GAMfI Meredith Foster Lester Walker ,,,. . ,..,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,....,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,..,.,,,... . Football '30, '31, '32, '35g Track '31, I-Ii-Y , Mildred Taylor ,,,. . G. R. ,51, '53. Elvis Urquhart ,,,,.,,,,, Arleigh Cunningham ...,.. Mighty, Fun . Liberal, Wholesome 0. Marvelously Talented Esteemed, Useful Amusing Chap Marjorie Henning ,,i,....,,,,...,...,,,,,...........,......,,,.v,,, Mindful, Honorable W Echo '32, Up and Atom Club '32g G. R. '31, Chester Loomis Ermine Prchal ,,,,, Lyle Louis .,,...,, Hi-Y '29. Grace Clark ,,..,,. i.,,, . , ..... .. ,... . G. R. '32, Debate '52, '33. Candid, Lively Energetic, Precise Lenient, "Louie" Gifted, Comely WWW Z ,. , fi 7, : f4,, 0.523 AQ W, Aldro Bryan . ..., ., .....,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,. .- ,,,-,--,..Admirable Character, Brilliant Hi-Y '30, '31, Scholarship '31, '32, Echo '32, Up and Atom Club '32, National Honor Society. Louise M. Symes ,,,,.,,,,,,,.........,,,,,,,, .. Little, Mighty Sweet G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, Librarian '31, '32, Echo Staff '32, G. A. A. Hazel A. Thornton .v..,................. ,,,.,,....I-Iospitable, Amicable, Tactful Echo '31, G. R. '31, '32, '33. LaVon Thomas ............,....,,,,., -,,,..,,,,,,,,,,- -.,, Litlxe, Vamp, Talented Re-Echo '33, G. R. '31, '32, '33, Campus Daze. Alvin Whitaker ,,,,,,,,, W ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Appealing, Winsome Hi-Y '31, '32, '33. Lorena R. Crouse ,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, .,,.-,,,Likable, Reflective, Changeable Stare Typewriring Contest '31, G. R. '30, '3I, '32, Up and Atom Club '32, '33. Virginia L. Mott .,.....,..,..,,..,,..,,,,, Vivacous, Light:-hearted, Magnificent G. A. A. '32, G. R. '31, '32, Glee Club '31, '33, Orchestra '31, '32, Band '32, Girls' Trio '33, Debate '32, Dramatics '32, Campus Daze, Em-Hi Frolic '33. Vernon D. Griffith ,,,,,,,,,. .,,.,,,,1., , .. Veracious, Deserving, Grateful B. Joyce Courtney ........................ Bouyant, Jaunty, Casual G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, Typist Contest '32, Edna M. Hiatt .............. .,.....,........,.. .,...,Excellent Manners, High-minded G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, Librarian '31, '32, '33, Setting-Up Conference, Up and Atcm Club '32, '33. X0 +'lGH71 FIGHT Page L FHS ' 0 Q E Yu Q 0 -- X ' A:- ' - - . v R - M , if-19.4 fMpo,Q1A AND will Wnv THIX GAM15' Alvin J. Robohn ,,,,,,,.. , ,....,7,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Alert, Jaunty, Rakish Rifle Club '30, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, '33, Secretary junior-Senior Hi-Y '32, '33, Hi-Y conference at Manhattan, Up and Atom Club '31, Football '32, jr. Kiwanian '32. Juanita Brown ,..,.,..,,l,....,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,., ,,.V,.,,,.....,,,......,,.. J ovial, Blonde G. R. '31, '32, '33, Orchestra '31, '32, '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33. Orville J. Hoch .,,Y....i.7,,, ,,7,, O riginal, Jolly, Honorable Echo '30, '31, '32, '33. Priscilla M. Brunt ..,,,,,,,, . ,,... ,,,.....,.,,.. P recise, Mannerly, Broadminded G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, G1ee Club '32, '33, G. A. A. '32. Paul Lewis ,,,......,..,.3.i,3,.,..,,,,.,,,,,, , ,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,-,,.,,,,,,,, P e ppy, Lenient I-Ii-Y '31, '32, '33. Aileen Snider .,,..,,,,,.., .. ,....,,...,,,...1,,,,..,r, . ,,,,,,r, ,,,,, A ppealing, Steady G. R. '31, '32, '33, National Honor Society. Lavon jones ...,.... . ................. .......... ..... L i beral, joyous G. R. '30, '31, '32. Kenneth L. Remy .............................................. Keen, Leisurely, Real Football '30, '31, '32, Track '31, '32, Hi-Y '30, '31, Up and Atom Club '32, Echo '31, '32. Lorene' R. Cravens ............,................... Lively, Reflective, Changeable G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, G. R. Cabinet '31, '32, '33, President G. R. '32, '33, Setting-Up Conference '31, '32, Nlid-Winter Conference at Hutchinson '31, Camp Wood '31, Camp Okoboji '32, G. A. A. '30, '33, Librarian '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '32, Echo '30, '31, '32, National Hono'r Society. Bertha May Swanson ........,........ . ...... . ..... Benign, Meritorious, Sweet Orchestra '31, '32, Music Contest '31, '32, G. R. '31, '32, '33. MMI W 48f 51 Liffdca, 5'-'13 Y 7-4, E 9 3 'B Q 5140 QQ Rosemary McCarthy ,,,,,,.A.,..,...,,...... Rapturous, Mischievous G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, Echo Staff '30, '31, '32, '33, Up and Atom Club '32, '33, "Once in a Lifetime," "Up in the Air," "Treasure Chest," "Campus Daze." Arthur E. Ames .,,....... . ...,...........,.. Agreeable, Eminent, Alert Hi-Y '31, '32, '33, Treasurer Sophomore Hi-Y '31, 'Treasurer Senior Hi-Y '33, President Up and Atom Club '33, Foot- ball '31, Track '31, President National Honor Society. Paul L. Clay ...........,............,..,.,...... Pleasant, Lively, Clever Ruth C. Brown ....,..,...,..,,...,,,.,,..,..,. Reserved, Cartoonist, Blonde Re-Echo '33, Echo '33, G. R. '33. Geraldine Patton .....,..r,., . t...,,.,.,.. ..... - Graceful, Popular Officer G. A. A., G. R. '51, '32, '33, Echo '31, '32, '33, Senior Class Officer '32, "Once in a Lifetime", G. A. A. '31, '32, '33, Rc-Echo '33, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '32, Up and Atom Club '33, Glee Club '33, Music Contest '33, Mixed Chorus '33, A Cappella '33, Mixed Quartet '33. Edwin A. George ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,, ,,,.-,Energetic, Attentive, Governable Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '32, Max E. Behymer ,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,-,,-,,,,,,,,, Monopolizing, Excellent Dancer,"Bee" Hi-Y '31, '32, Echo '31, '32, '33, "Campus Daze", Dramatics '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33. Betty jane Furman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , . -,,,,,,,,,.- Buoyant, Jolly, Full of Fun Band '31, '32, Orchestra '31, '32, Music Ccmest '31, '32, Echo '31, '32, G. R. '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '32, Debate '32. Ethel I. Jones ,,,,,,,.,..,,,,...,,,,,,..,,,..,.... ..,. Enthusiastic, lnvariably joking Glee Club tsl, '32, G. R. '31, '32, '33, Mixed Chorus '32, Music Contest '32, A Cappella '32, '33. William Collins ,,,,,,,,.,,...,,..,,,,..,,,, , Waggish, Joker, Companionable Treasurer Up and Atom Club, Hi-Y '30, '3l. X0 FlGH7j FIGHT 1 ,. ,I- Q E ,Q Page 52 , :Q u1 W im W fM.00R1A AND Win WIN TH!! GAMf' 'W Glen Maple . U ,, , ,,,,. .. ,,,, Gcncrous, Masterly Up and Atom Club. M. Virginia Burnap . ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,, ,.,,..,, IN lagnetic, Virtuous, Beloved G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, C1106 Club '31, '32. Herman Thomas .,,,, Happy, Timid Hi-Y. Esther M. Cramer .,,,.,,,,,,,....,,,,..,..,....,....... Esteemed, Mindful, Candid G. R. '31, '32, '33, G. R. Mid-XVintcr Conference '31, G. R. Cabinet '33, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '32, G. A. A. '33, Up and Atom Club '33, Echo '33. Carl 1. Kowalski ...,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..., Clownish, Jocund, Knightly Football '30, '32, Basketball '30, '31, '32. Anna Mae Jones ......,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,.,, .. ..,,,,,,.. Alert, Magnanimous, jovial G. R. '31, '32, '33, Mixed Chorus '32, Glee Club '32, Music Con- test '32, Sam Powell ,....,..i,..,...... .. .,......,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.... Square Player Basketball '30, '31, '32, Hi-Y '31, '32, Track '32, Football '30, '32. Isla Lyons ,,,.,,,,,,,.. .... 1 ndependent, Lithe G. R. '29, '30, '39 Frank L. Bynum .,,,. ,,,. ,,,,. ,.,., ......,,, , , . Fair, Likable, Blonde Hi-Y '33, Echo '33, Campus Daze. Virginia XV. Forbcck ...........,,,, ,.,.,,,.,,,...,,,, .,.. V ery Wise, First-Class G. R. '31, '32, '33, Up and Atom Club '32, '53, Scholarship Contest '31, Echo '32, '33, National Honor Society. Page 5 3 .,'-fires.. WU.. 1 ig. 1 A S 6 9 3 Q Q7 'asa' Martha E. Hollingsworth .,,A. . ,........,. -- ,,,,,,.,Mi1'thful, Enthusiastic, Healthy G. R. '31, '32, '33, Orchestra '32, '33. Lillian J. Axe ......,,,,,,,,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,.,,,.. Likable, jaunty, Admired G. R. '31, '32, '33, Setting-Up Confer- ence '32, Up and Atom Club, G. R. Camp, Okoboji, '32. Delbert R. Saffer , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Dandy, Remarkable Scout Cicero Club, Latin Club. Virginia Lee Porter ,,,.,.. . ................,. A Very Loyal Pal Junior Barker ,,i,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,t,,,,,i,,, judicious, Brilliant Hi-Y '31, '32, Vice-President Sophomore II Class '31, Football '32, Basketball '31, Up and Atom Club '31, National Honor Society. Lee Ona Kuhlman ,,,,,,,,,...,...,........ ..-- -.-..,,,-.,,.,,,,,,, Lovely, Original, Kitty G. R. '30, '32, '33, Orchestra '29, Echo '31. Don Smith ,,,,,,,,,,, . ,,,..... Daring Smile Sophomore Hi-Y '30. Launa Sleisher .,,. .. Lending, Stable Gp R., Mixed Chorus '32, A Cappella '32, Glee Club '31, '32. Margaret Morgan Modern, Musical Latin Club '30, G. R. '29, '30, '31, '32, '33, Orchestra '30, '31, Music Contest '31, "Up in the Air", "Once in a Life- time", Echo '31, Up and Atom Club '32, '33. Lena Grace Griffith ...... .sr.....,.,,r..... Ladylike, Good-natured Girl G. R. '32, '33, G. R. Setting-Up Con- ference '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, '33, Up and Atcm Club '31, '32, '33, Echo '32, '33, Re-Echo '33, Journalism Conference at Lawrence '32, Dramatics Club '33, National Honor Society '33, Em-Hi Frclic '33, "Campus Daze" '32, Vice- President National Honor Society '33, I0 FIGHZ FIGHT S Page 54 5 Y Y Fgihi ,-' A: E .V Y,-Y - lji I 4 EMPGRIA AND WE'LL WWW George L. Anderson WIN TH l f GA Grateful, Laconic, Agreeable Gretta Mae Rees ,,,,,,,,.,.. .. .. .. Genuine, Modest, Reliable G. R. '29, '30, '31, '32. Mike Krueger .,,..,........ ..................... M indful, Knightly Eleanor M. Bumgarner .... ..... Engaging, Modern, "Bummy" Girl Reserve, Glee Club. Roy Rigdon ........,........., . .................................... Reflective, Rapturous Rifle Club '30, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, CUllfClCllCC '30, '3l. Elizabeth A. Reese ...... . G. R. '31, '32, '53. Mary V. Eubank '33, Football '31, '32, State Hi-Y Earnest, Amiable, Refined .. ,, Meditative, Valued, Eloquent G. R. '31, '32, '33, G. R. Cabinet '32, '33, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '33, Glee Club '32, '33, Mixed Chorus '33, National Honor Society. J. Trevor Lewis ...,...... .....,...... ........,................... J o vial, Tease, Little Hi-Y '32, Football '31, '32, Basketball '31, Up and Atom Club '31g National Honor Society. Carol L. Toll ......... . .....,....................... Charitable, Lofty Ideals, Timid G. R. '31, '32, '33, G. A. A. '31, '32, '33, Orchestra '32, Music Con- test '32g Latin Club '30. Zella P. Lassey ..................... . ............ ...... Z ealous, Promising, Librarian G. R. '31, '32, '33, Glcc' Club '32, '33, Mixed Chorus '33, Librarian '31, '32, '3s. Mf W 2 Page 55 !-L 5,4 13. 4' '3- 1 ., -4 ,-,Q-.-. e 3 e.,,H. Aoi wi Stella R. Schneider ,,,,,,,., . ,..,..... . ..... -- Systematic, Remote, Self-contained G. R. Selma S. Star ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,e,.,. Striking, Swell Sport Dramatics Club '33, G. R. '32, '33, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, '33, Music Contest '32, Iournal- istic Conference '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Echo '31, '32, '33: Orchestra '32, National Honor Society. Kathleen Weaver ........,................... "Kate," Wholesome G. R. '3 0. Mildred Walkup ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,-,,-,-,,,, Masterly, Wayward Glee Club '29, Echo '32, '33, Re-Echo '33, G. R. '29, '30, '31, '321 Shirt Sleeves. Louise Boles .............. Laudable, Brief G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. A. A. '30, '31, 132. Lester Poff ..... ,,,,, L iberal, Pious Hi-Y. Louise M. Wilks .,.,.,,,-,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,, Leader, Mixer, Winsome G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, G. R. Setting- Up Ccnference '32, Glee Club '32, '33, Librarian '32, Echo '31, '32, '33, Re- Echo Staff '33, Treasurer Glee Club '32, '33, Lawrence Journalism Conference '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, '33, G. A. A. Sports Manager '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, '33, "Campus Daze" '32, National Honor Society '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33, Dramatics '33, A Cappella '33, Mixed Chorus '33, Music Contest '33, Jack Wilson .... .,..,.. J olly, Winsome Esther Maxey .... Enthusiastic, Merry G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, Glee Club '30, '31, '32, '33, Music Contest '31, '33, A Cappella '33, Mixed Chorus '31, '33, "Campus Daze", Setting-Up Conference '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Marion Childers .......... Mild, Clever Hi-Y '30, Scholarship Contest 531. I0 +'lGH7Q FIGHT P11256 8.3 - .4 , - ' : 1 H7111 1 X EMPGRIA AND wfu WIN THII GAMf' Edward McCreary ...... ......,..,...........,.....,., E arnest, Mild Edna M. Bugbee .,,..,,..,, ..,.. E nviable, Maidenly, Benevolent G. R. '31, '52, '33. Lowell Reams Glee Club '30, '31, '32, '33, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Echo '31. Llvely, Remote Marjorie Scott ...,. .,,,. M ighty Sweet G. R. John Perrier ..,,..,,,,,.,,........,,,,,,,,,,....,,....,,,.,,..,,.,......,....... Jocund, Precise Football '30, '31, '32, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Track '32, '33, Up and Atom Club '31, '32. Helen Minaker .,,.r,.....,.,.,,,,...,.....,..........,,,,,.,,, Humorous, Meritorious G. R. '31, '32, '33, G. R. Program Chairman '32, '33, National Honor Society, G. R. Setting Up Conference '33, G. R. Mid-Winter Confer- ence '33. Verna Mae Hennlgh ,........i,,,,,.,...,,, .. .....,,..... Valuable, Modest, Gleeful G. R. '30, '31, '32, Vice-President Sophomore Class, "Up in the Air." LeRoy Sprague .............. .....,.........,... ..... ......... L i kc-:able Smile Track '31, '32, '33. Madge Shores ..................................................... . ........ Maidenly, Sunny Accompanist Boys' Glee Club '32, '33, G. R. '32, '33, Orchestra '33. Ruth J. Phillips ..........................,................. Responsible, Just, Pleasing Orchestra '31, '32, '33, G. R. '31, '32, '33, G. R. Cabinet '32, '33, Setting Up Conference '32, Echo Staff '31, '32, '33, G. R. Camp Okoboji '32, National Honor Society, Up and Atom Club '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33. X A 'Page 5 7 3 me. f1"'t-1. 3 -Z E ess 'fn s Q' gl-ll Fritz Gufler .,,.,, Fashionable, Gallant Hi-Y '31, '32, Re-Echo Staff '32, '33, Business Manager Re-Echo '33, President junior Class '32, Echo Staff '33, Glec Club '32, '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33, Mixed Chorus '33, Music Contest '33, "Campus Daze." Mary Kretsinger ...... Merry, Kidding G. R. '31, '32, '33, G. R. Cabinet '31, Setting Up Conference '31, Camp Wood '31, Mid-Winter Conference Baldwin '31, G. A. A. '31, Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Music Contest '31, Echo '31, '32, '33, Assistant Editor Echo '32, Editor Echo '33, "Once in a Lifetime", "Up in the Air", "Treasure Chest", "Man or Mouse", Lawrence Journalism Conference '31, Up and Atom Club '33, Cicero Club '31, "Campus Daze." Nadine Glass ,,,,,,,,,.,. Naive, Gracious G. R. '31, '32, '33, Echo '31, Glee Club '31, '32, '33, "Big Time", "Once in a Lifetime", Candidate for Queen '33, Re- Eeho '33, "Campus Daze", Mixed Chorus '33, A Cappella, Mixed Quartet. Geraldine Foster ,,,. Gravious, Favorite Glcc Club '31, '32, '53, G. R. '31, '32, '33, "Up in the Air", President Cicero Club '32, Assistant Editor Re-Echo '33, Mixed Chorus '31, Music Contest '31, '32, '33, G. R. Setting Up Conference '32, '33, Up and Atcm Club '33, Pep Club '32, National Honor Society. Betty Adams ..... .... B enign, Aclmirable G. R. '31, '32, '33, ECl'l0 '32. Chas. Bergerhouse..Carefree, "Berger" Cheerleader '33. Donald Brown .,,,,. Diligent, Bashful Roberta Bixler .,,,,,.. Righteous, Busy Vice-President G. R. '32, G. R. '31, '32, '33, Up and Atom Club '32, '33, Setting Up Conference '32, G. A. A. '31, Li- brarian '31, '32, G. R. Mid-Winter Con- ference, "Campus Daze", National Honor Society, Music Contest '33, Glee Club. Marvin Ashbaugh, Musical, Ambitious Boys' Glee Club '29, '30, '31, "Big Time", Hi-Y '29, '30, "Up in the Air", Cheerleader '29, '30, '31, '32, Echo- '30, '31, Up and Atom Club '31, Lester Reeble ,,..,.,.. Lasting, Rakish Football '32, Science Club '33, National Honor Society. '- - - for -FlGH7j FIGHT l I 4 1 m iwl S 5 S - L - 4 J- 1 - Y m 4 :satan EMPORIA AND WEZL WIN THIX GAMf Charles K. Knouse ,..,.,,,.....,,. ,,.,,,,,,v...... ,,,, Cheerleader, Keen Kid Secretary Sophomore Class, Secretary Sophomore Hi-Y, President Junior- Senior Hi-Y '31, Football '31, '32, Oratorical Contest '31, Up and Atom Club '31, Hi-Y Cabinet '32, Hi-Y Conference W'ichita '29, Hi-Y Conference Lawrence '30, Hi-Y Conference Manhattan '31, Secretary Conference Manhattan '31, Hi-Y Conference Elmdale '33, i Candidate for Em-Hi King. Doris McQuire ,,,.,,.. ,,,,,..,....,, . . ,,.,,, Dramatic, Good-looking, Modish "Once in a Life Time", "W'ho Says Can't?", "The Clock Struck One", "Jazz and Minuet", "Man or Mouse", "Treasure Chest", "Up in the Air", "Shirt Sleeves", "Campus Daze", Debate Club '33, G. R. '31, '32, '33, Echo '32, O-ratorical Contest '32, '33, Senior Class President '32, Librarian '31, '32, Em-Hi Frolic '33, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, ' Candidate for Em-Hi Queen. Norman Goss ..,,.,,,........,,,.,,,..... ,.,,, N ifty, Gay L Tennis '32, Hi-Y '32. Kathryn Hanna ...,.,, W ,.....,,,, ,,,........,..,,....,.....,,...,,,,, ' 'Kay," Humorous Cicero Club, G. R. '31, '32, "Shirt Sleeves." Donald C. Wilson ........,,..,.. . ..,,...,,,,,,,,,..,.,,..,, "Darn Cute," Wayward Football '31, '32, Hi-Y '31, Nadine N. Knox ......,....,,.,.,,,..,,,........,,,,,,,..... Neat, Natural, Knowing G. R. '31, '32, '33, Camp Okoboji '32, G3 R. Setting Up Conference '32, Orchestra '31, '32, '33, Echo '32, '33, Music Contest '33, Glee Club '33, Mixed Chorus '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33, G. A. A. ' Peggy C. Bailey .,..,,....,,,,,.,,,..,,...,,.,,,..,,.,...,,,.... Peppy, Capable, Bright G. R. '31, '32, '33, Hutchinson Conference '31, Camp Okoboji '32, G. R. Setting Up Conference '32, G. R. Cabinet 33, Latin Club '30, National Honor Society. George E. Taylor ,.....,,,......, ,,.,,, G enerous, Even-Tempered i Football '31. 1 Olena M. Brooks .....,....... ,......,... O ptimist, Mild, Backer G. R. '31, '32, '33. Katharine W. Marbourg .,,,... ......,..... , W Kitty, Well-liked, Mischievous G. R. '31, '32, '33, Up and Atom Club '33, Setting Up Conference '32, Re-Echo '32, '33, Editor Re-Echo '33, Mid-Winter Conference '32, "Campus Daze", National Honor Society, Em-Hi Frolic '33. W Page 7 9 14- 52: lg., 5' 7, , 'E Y '- 'if ' ' ofa 'fo gllll Sb' Thomas Evans ,7,, ,,,, T iny, Expressive Football '30, '31, '32, Basketball '30, '31, Track '32. Irene I. Smith ...,,...,... .. .,....,.,,. ,. ,..,, ....,,,,,, Inspiring, Impish, Sunny G. R. '31, '32, '33, "Treasure Chest", Mixed Chorus '32, Glee Club '31, '32, Music Ccntest '32, Setting Up Confer- ence '32, Oratorical Contest '32, "Cam- pus Daze", "Jazz and Minuet." Robert Douglass ,,,,,, Real Disposition Helen L. Colwell .,.,..,.,... . .,.,....,,.. Hearty, Logical, Cheery G. R. '31, '32, '33, Echo '32, Librarian '33, Up and Atom Club '32. Virginia I. Sullivan ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.. Very Independent, Sport-lover G. R. '31, '32, '33, Up and Atom Club '33, President G. A. A. '33, G. A. A. '31, '32, '33, Echo '33, Em-Hi Frolic '33, Librarian '33, State Scholarship Contest '31, Robert Hirschler -, ......................,.... . Rambling, Hilarious Martha Shaeffer ,,,,,, Moody, Sensible G. R. '31, '32, '33. Thelma Thompson ,,,,.. Tease, Timid Fred McCarter ,,,, ,,,,,, F avorite, Mild Hi-Y '33. Mary Gale Gaffney ...,...................... Merry, Generous Girl G. R. '31. O '- - for +'lGH7j ffcaffr X E , L Qi P48Q my 1 1 I 1. :EWXPGRIA AND WEZL WIN THII GAMf MW! Dick DeLong ,,,,A,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,...,..,,,.,,.,,,.,,,.,.,,,,,.,.. Demanding, Debater Hi-Y Officer '29, Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Echo '32, Hi-Y Conference Topeka '32, Debate Club '31, National Honor Society. Josephine O'Neil ,.,,, ...... J ubilient, Optimistic G. R. LeRoy Hughes ,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,........t,,,,...,,,,.,,........,,,, Leisurely, Humorous Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, '33, Hi-Y Conference Lawrence, Camp Wood '31, Frances Kemp ,,..,,,....,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,..,.,,...,,.,,,,,,...,,.,.........,,,.,,,,.... Fine Kid G. R. '30, '31, '32, Girls' Athletic Association '31, '32, Glee Club 30, G. A. A. George Richard ,,.. ,....,,...,,. G entle, Reflective Mildred Barret ,,,.,,,,.,..,,,,,...,, ..... M aiden of Broad Opinions G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33, Betty Wade ..,,.,.,,.,,....,,,.,.... s..,r B rilliant, Willing Worker Librarian, G. R. '30, Lee Williams ...,..A.,,..,,......,,,,,,,,......,.,,.....,,,.,,..,,,.... Logical, Wholesome Up and Atom Club '32, '33, Debate '32, '33, Glee Club '33. Grace Hollingshead ,,,,,,,,,,,,........ ,r,. G rateful, Happy G. R. '29, '31, '32, G. A, A. Margaret Wolff ,,,,,, ,,.,,, M agnetic, Waggish G. R. '30, '31. P 61' "g" ff 2 c"1 -Z: 'Q-L 663 '5 'H' 0- -X0 1F'lGH71 FIGHT Wallace Long ..., ...,. W itty, Lenient Nidayvonne Maddern ..,,.A..,. ...... ..,..,.. Never Malicious Band '32, '33, Orchestra '32, G. R. '33, G. A. A. '32, '33g G. A. A. Treasurer '33g Camp Wood '32, Up and Atom Club '32, '33, "Shirt Sleeves" COrches- traj '32, National Honor Society. Lena Smith ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Likable, Simple G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33. Gene VanOrden .- Generous, Virtuous William Marcellus ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.......,... ..-,--,,,,,.-,,.,.,,,,,,,...W Winsome, Mighty Up and Atom Club '32g Scholarship '31. Francis F. Austin ,............................. Fascinating, Felicitous Acquaintance G. R. '29, '32, Echo '29. Myrtle Gunkle ...... Mannerly, Gifted G. R. '29, '30, '31, '32g G. A. A. '30, '31, '32, Echo Staff '31, '32, Mabel Martin ,.,........, Modern Mixer Echo '31, '32, G. R. '31, "Campus Daze." Marvin E. Gilman ......... . .....,............ Manly, Efficient Elma Warnken ,....,.,,,,,. .... . ., .,.,,. . ..., Esteemed, XVholesome G. R. '30, '31, '32, '33g Scholarship '31, G. A. A. '31, '32, '31, Cicero '32. N Page 62 3 i. g g , 5 f f E- : HIS 1lm W EMPGRIA AND Will WIN THIX GAMf Mable Allen w,,,...v.,,, Majestic, Adventurous G. R. UO, '31, 132. Elmer Eubank ...,.. ...,,,, E ngaging, Earnest Orville Rice ,,,...,,,,,,....,.i,,,,.....v,v........,,,......,,..... ...... O rderly, Real Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '32. Stanley L. Vandervelcle .................................. Stable, Laudable, Valiant Band '30, '31, '32, National Honor Society, Orchestra '33, Hi-Y '32, '33. Bertha Staley .....................,, . ,,,..........,...,,...,., ....... B uoyant, Stately G. A. A. ,305 G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '32. Ralph M. Knouse .........,.................... Reliable, Manager, Kind-hearted Hi-Y '30, '31, Up and Atom Club '32. Charles T. Herzog ................,.,,.... Competent, Trustworthy, Habitual Music Contest '31, '32, '33, Orchestra and Band '31, '32. Nora E. Davies ......... . ...............r... .,....... N ifty, Ever-.Delightful G. R., National Hcnor Society. Carl XV. Faust .... . .................... ...... C alm, Worthy, Firm National Honor Society. Theron Hillis .,,..,. ..,. T ease, High-spirited A Rage V6 3 Z' ::. ' 1- E 3 5 'H' 0- '10 +'lGH7j ffcaffr S Robert McClellan ,,,v.. Rakish, Manly Hi-Y '31, 332, '33, Up and Atom Club '32, '33. Ione Moore .,,.,. Intelligent, Maidenly G. R. '29, '32, '33 George Russell ...,...,.,,. Grateful, Real Up and Atom Club '32, '33, Echo. Arthur Spechr .,.........,., Alert, Stable Fcotball '31, '32, Glee Club '31, '32, '33, Music Contest '32, '355 Ofclwsffa '29s "Campus Daze." Melvin Qui. Hi-Y '32, '3 Dramatics C Bonita .Davi Colored Gir Colored G. Anna E. Copeland ,..... ,r Alluring, Expressive, Captivating Colored G. R. 331, '32, '33, Secretary Colored G. R. '31, Vice-President Colored G. R. ,325 Secretary Colored G. R. '33, V. Stephen Henderson ........... .... ........ . Very Seldom Haughty V Additional Members of the Senior Class Bertha Anderson, Laura Banister, Thomas Breed, Kenneth Brock, Dale Bolton, Harold Coe, Robert Coe, Margaret Coe, John Corbett, Arnold W'alter Davidson, Billy Davis, Beth Fulton, Reuben Fisher, Bernard Fichtner, Tcny Gwinner, Alberta Holt, Dorothy Hensley, Mildred Helden, Robert Hedges, Helene Jensen, Carl Jacob, Merle Jones, Murray Lohner, Gerald Moore, Ray Morgan, Paul Martin, Opal Parmer, Elizabeth Reed, Mary Helen Smith, Cecil Spry, Byron Storrer, Hugh Smith, Edward Schwindt, Donald Thomas, Harold Taylor, Edna Thimes, David Tompkins, Leonard Welborn. ,ll ll Page 64 M Wm! a Z Page 6 5 ff"XPQRlA AND Wfzl WIN THlf GAMf Disseminators of Em-Hi-Spirit .! ?14, E: ii 'E 'Y-, 1? 'g-V l ofa Aq NIR, W. - - fo FlGH71 FIGHT' Q' National Honor Society First Row- Arthur .Ames, President Lena Grace Griffith, V-Presidmzf Geraldine Foster, SCC1'CfL1I'y Olive Nwilson, Trc'as1l1'c'r Second Row- Katharine Marbourg, Aldro Bryan, Louise Wilks, Lester Reeble Third Row- Edna Hiatt, Lorene Cravens, Virginia Forbeck, Junior Barker Fourth Row- Dick DeLong, Peggy Bailey, Nora Davies, Trevor Lewis Fifth Row- Roberta Bixler, Nidayvonne Maddern, Aileen Snider, Mary Ewbank Sixth Row- Stanley Vandervelde, Helen . Minnker, Ruth Phillips, Carl Faust, Selma Star. C I my A Y Page 66 E -i c L: 5 1121 n W li " ly!! i f A' 'X gf L X' JQ I Eff tk I Ca X -Q c . 1 Q. 'iiiiii i A5 i aff fr 4 1... L M 11, at K L I Ay 2 4 f EXYXQDGRIA . AMD.. .wifi fr r-Wav 7fH!f GAMff 1 f e A ' a my , yi -s, -,2,.. at 1 if X r 'N ,J is ,!. Lffwi WW W ' 'x v' The Colored Girl Reserves presented a Frolic King and Queen The Em-Hi Frolic, which was held March 31, was a huge success. Every organization showed co-operation in putting on the stunts. , Nearly every organization in school put on a stunt. The Hi-Y Club gave a minstrel show. The Sophomore Hi-Y's entertained with a recreation room in which were fea- tured doll racks, shooting gallery, darts, ping-pong and ducks. The Up and Atom Club presented many interesting tricks in a mystifying program and also had a snake show. Night in Harlem at the Cotton Club. The Sophomore class had a crazy house, the Senior class had Ballyhoo dancers. The Echo staff sponsored a make-up booth to create the carnival spirit. The Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation gave a pantomime of a mock wedding which was very clever. The crowning of the King and Queen was made the climax of the entertainment and took place twice during the evening. Olive Wilson, who was crowned queen, is a member of the Senior class and who has been very prominent in all school activities such as: Echo, G. R., "Campus Daze,', Treasurer of National Honor Society, and Treasurer of Senior class. Our King, Bill Clever, also has partici- pated in Football, Cheerleader, Campus Daze, Presi- dent Jr.-Sr. Hi-Y, Dramatics and many others. After Virginia Waldrop, many activities some of which are: the coronation a trio, composed of Mott, Thaeda Thomas and Ruth sang. LaVon Thomas, Pauline Belfield and Junior Mahoney each danced. June Capps was court jester, Jean Hanna was master of ceremonies, Geraldine Patton and Ona Elizabeth Wortman were heralds. Delores Pierson was an attendant and Eleanor Brown and Donald Jones were crown bearers. The attendants of the King and Queen were Doris McGuire, Harry Kinter, Geraldine Foster, Charles Knouse, Betty Adams, Frank Foncannon, Nadine Glass and Carl Kowalski. Page 67 - .az- : f, f- 21 Y f -.- C 9 3 '5 A Q W- - - fo -FlGH71 FIGHT The Echo MARY KRET'SINGER Editor FRANK FONCANNON Business Manager The Echo staff, with Mary Kretsinger as editor, Wendell Williams as assistant editor, and Frank Foncannon as business manager, has put out an unusually good paper this year. The numbers that should be remembered in particular are: the Christmas number, the April Fool edition, the Senior edition, the Hi-Y edition, and the G. R. edition. There were several new features this year such as: The Gossip Monger, Correct Pronunciation, Typist Taffy, Press Pussy, Hits of the Week, and Theater News. The Echo staff met every Monday after school for usually half an hour. During this time, pointers were given the staff on newspaper writing, such as: correct spelling, writing leads, proof-reading, writing heads, and copy reading. The Emporia Echo this year has been one of the breeziest papers that Emporia High School has ever put out. The stories showed both thought and skill put together with knowledge and cleverness. During the fall five members of the Echo staff went to Lawrence to attend the Journalism Conference sponsored annually by the K. U. Depart- ment of journalism. The representatives were: James Grubbs, Wendell Williams, Selma Star, Lena Grace Griffith, Louise Wilks, and Mr. South. -G l x uii Q ' E Page 6 8 5 EMPGRIA AND Will W WIN TH!! GAMff Re-Echo KATHARINE MARBOURG Erlifor Fnrrz GUFLER Busifzess Manager The Re-Echo, the Emporia High School annual, was again pub- lished by the Senior class. An art editor has been added to the staff. The staff, although Working under financial difficulties, has done remarkably. This was accomplished only by the co-operation shown the staff by the student body and faculty. The Re-Echo staff met every other Week on Thursday. The annual Re-Echo chapel was held January 15, after which the sub- scription sale of books was launched. Eleven pounds of candy were the prizes in the subscription contest which proved to be a last minute battle. The annual picnic was held in May at which time the staff was presented with their books. Z P 6 9 4lge 22 ff , , . ,Ce M S 6 9 3 'ben' " Zi, "- - - I0 +'lGH71 FIGHT 1' Track Summary-I933 We can be justly proud of the Emporia track team which repre- sented Emporia High this year. An exceptionally large number of boys responded to the call by Coach Smith. Each trackman put forth his best efforts throughout the season. The members of the team worked hand in hand with their coach to make the season a successful one. First row, left to right: Bill Collins, Paul Bailey, Paul Terry, Arwin Hillis, Kipling, Myron Fields, Merwin Hillis, Frank Faust, John Perrier, John Rumage. Chester Second row, left to right: Henry Turner, Milton Siegele, Arthur Clausen, Sam Powell, Bob Wasson, Glenn Crayk, Lloyd Henderson, Gilbert Carson, Trevor Lewis, Kirk Austin. ' Third row, left to right: John Cox, Merle Parsons, Gerald Moore, john Zimmer- man, Luvoid Holt, Albert Rasmussen, Sam Burnes, LeRoy Harrison, Clifford Rock, Kenneth Fry, Donald Brown, LeRoy Sprague, LeRoy Gale, Mr. Smith, coach. lfagww X , E S S P sanity fmpofzm AND Wfzz WIN THlf GAMfW WW, Senior Will We, the Senior Class of 1953, being of sound mind, hereby and herewith, after due consideration make our last will and testament. W'e revoke all previous wills or promises, and respectfully ask that they be wholly disregarded. To the members of the faculty we leave our numerous wads of chewed gumg hoping that? they will instruct the succeeding seniors as to the beautiful sentiments expressed by --this monument of the past. To the Juniors we leave our indifference to the frequent quizzes given by our teachers and our non- chalance to their commands. ' To the Sophomorcs we bequeath our quiet dignity and friendly manners, feeling that they are sadly in need of both. Tearfully we leave behind to Mr. Brown our many unexcused absences and hope thatl he will dispose suitably of them with tender memories toward the late Senior Class. Mary Kretsinger leaves to XVendell Williams her pilotship of the Echo and also her loud voice. She requests that he use the latter in bawling out the many dumber members of the Echo staff. Charles Knousc wills his curly locks to Fred Shriner who evidently desires them. Katherine Hanna gives to Ada Irene Wright her ability to talk and chew gum at the same time. She feels that Ada has the dormant ability to keep this art from perishing. Lee Ona Kuhlrnan bequeaths her Coquettish airs to Esther Rake Who, we feel sure, will use them Well. Lester Walker leaves his prowess on the gridiron to Billy Yearout, whose mammoth frame is sure to menace the opposing team. ' Meredith Foster, Marvin Ashbaugh and Max Behymer, will their ability to make the lowest possible grades without flunking to Bill Clever, Bill Gamersfelder and Melbourne Foster knowing that they need and will use this gift. Doris McGuire gives to Ruth Knouse her personality which, she is sure, will be used with as much success as its present owner has had. Arthur Specht bequeaths to Thomson Holtz his sylph like figure feeling that Thomson needs it as much as anybody. Selma Star, Lena Grace Griffith, Geraldine Foster and Virginia Forbeck leave their places on the honor roll to anyone who is able to take their places. Katharine Marbourg tearfully leaves Lindell Petty to Dorothea Lutt. Fritz Guflcr bequeaths his business ability to Gary Hanlrenson and Lloyd Henderson. Grace Clark gives her gold digging powers to Theada Thomas. Charles Bergerhouse, Frank Bynum and Kenneth Remy leave their habit of hanging around the lockers of certain feminine members cf the student body to Kenneth Fry, Irl Ritter and Victor Steg. To Mildred Benson, Betty Furman wills her quick twisty movements. Charles Goodwin is thankful to be in a position to will anything. He wishes next year's president good luck. Rosemary McCarthy leaves her school girl complexion to Lcis Rcams who she feels, is able to make the best use of it. Murray Lohner leaves his' surplus obesity to Eugene Scuders. Louise Wilks bequeaths her ability to roll her eyes to Elizabeth Wilson hoping that it increases the G. R. candy sales. Don W'ilson wills his perfect physique to Chester Kipling requesting that he keep it out of the rain and feed it well. Betty Adams bequeaths her plentiful supply of sarcasm to Verle Frost with the advice to always keep it in good condition and never pull the same crack twice. Lorene Cravens hopes that the G. R. will not go to ruination without her. Lastly we appoint the Faculty cf the Emporia High School to be the executors of this, our last will and testament. In witness whereof we have set our hand and seal this 19th day of January. Witnesses: Mr. Lowther, Mr. Brown. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1933. W Page 71 .gi ?"'1,L I ,A f' V '-2 , - 2 L 4-f . no-aus A N 6 5 egg. 2: ' 0- '10 FIGHZ FIGHT E - l March 5 ' March 9 fe , gffog 8. E27 .3 1. 'T QLG4 1' . March 23 1431, -s 9- Nu? -x 'HL f Lf f kiTNQ I' March 27 , March 30 Q5 so , ff f a IWIMMIX APrIl I3 Arr-1120 . mix A M7 N if s ,flliglik eq W 94 X , kfgyxf U be big? TT I A fl 27 'V ,MQ-Vg D If FP' , l 1 if 37 ' , 1 K 0 . if ,H 5 f 'L TqH.a"'f' 'T l 1 " 7 , -I I I E71 il it E' lli, Tir' ' f T 3113 2 Y May 26 fer? ' Ng' , X05 ll-V' I4 , R ' CALE DAR The Topeka team was a prize, Our secre excelled theirs in size. Our basketball boys may be small, But you must remember, size isn't all. ln the basketball games we're still afire, We'll take Topeka right into the mire. When they saw what we could do They knew from the start that they through. WCIE3 The Dramatics Club shows its stuff, Their plays and talents are good enough. They work and act day by day. The satisfied audience is their pay. The Honor Society is nothing new, But an honor shared by very few. The upper third of their class are they, Great people they will be some day. Our team continued its winning streak. Their play in the tournament was unique. Next week to Topeka they will journey, There to seek laurels in the State Tournament. Students galore filled each hall, A happy time was had by all. The frolic was a welcome occasion, Each stunt was given a big ovation. XVe welcome track with a grin, Determined that we'd burst or win. The team was O. K. down to the letter, We cculdn't ask for anything better. A dinner given for a worthy reason, The climax of a successful seasong A letter tu every player, a special mention, A great basketball team deserving attention. A music contest was proof enough To show that the contestants knew their stuff. All dolled out in their best, They were good enough to stand the test. As actors, we seem to fit In the Senior play, we did our bit. The characters were above par, For a better play you'll have to look far. Before commencement, one Sunday night, XVe dressed in our best, assured we were right, The minister told us the way to do, To always do right, will carry us through. We'll never forget that fateful day, When Mr. Lowther gave our diplomas away. It was on our Commencement night, The bovs and girls were a lovely sight. I Elly x i S E h + Page 7 X, 2 - : U-t i-'MPCDRIA AND Will WIN THII GAMf Ginger and Jubilation-Good Times for All! The rl la gen- W W 3?'73Z , , 7 , 1 1 Y 1 c 7 - ' N ages 4 Q. gill! xg , Q' W- - - X0 -FIGHTQ FIGHT 1. Best of friends 4. Peach of a pair 2. Heart-breakers 5. Hochy and his echo 3. The four graces 6. We .wonder when Are we happy! We should say. That's why cases in Em-Hi are increasing every year. The picture of the dancers is, of course, a group from "Campus Daze." These attractive girls are heartbreakers as you see. The four girls in the center are our vamps, but, oh, how we like them. 4 m- 1 W 5 S , c-if P"K I t fMPORlA AND WEZL WIN THlf GAMf f 1. Camp Okoboji 2. Contentecl 3. Consistent 4. Smile sweet 5. The Evil Eye 6. How long will it lst? 7. Inseparable-Yes 8. Pals always 9. Three musketeers 10. Always together Wlxat do we have here? just a group of delegates from Okoboji. They look like they were enjoying themselves. There must be plenty to look at in the Evil Eye judging by the :rowd that gathered on the frcnt steps. The wind must have been blowing when the three musketccrs had their picture taken but they don't mind. O nv ages 'fo gllll X QR, W- - - X0 FIG!-l7j FIGHT Q' 1. Old friends S. The vagabonds 2. Jackie 86 Blackie 6. The heavenly pair 3. Such devotion 7. Are We happy-Yes 4. Tea for two 8. Frankie, Where art thou? More cases. The more the merricr. It's just a tea the Girl Re- serves had for the big and little sisters. I Wonder where the vagabonds have been? They do look lonesome. These are a few reasons why Em- Hi is so peppy. if 4 Eli: X i WX E I 1e99 annie-niounuouaunr-901 samsung I fmpofzm AND wfzr WIN THIX GAMfW J , UMW A X - Zfsffxe We . ff- Qs u .Z,..,,g-X 01+ A. LM ,SOJQ sq V2 I 1 l To Um' Adizertisem' The High School Re-Echo is one of the best ad- vertising mediums you can find. It is read far more thoroughly than the daily paper, Through it, you can reach and impress all these young people and their families. We wish to express our appreciation to the mer- chants and townspeople for their fine co-oper- ation and Willingness by advertising with us this year. Our advertising section proves to be a big factor and help in enabling us to edit a Re-Echo each year. So-Many thanks. THE RE-ECHO STAFF. Pugcf 77 - Z 1 23-1, ,,, n ages 4 qtghll xg' Q' 0 ' ' ' f0 FlGH71 FIGHT The Theo. Poehler Mercantile Co. Founded 1867 Incorporated 1889 Lawrence, Kang Topeka, Kan.g Emporia, Kang McPherson, Kan. g NNlllllllll1uunmuuumUlulllllllllllllllllm Poehler King is the lllllnll kllllllllllli . llllllllillll Make Poehlef King brand to go buy. your buy-word 1.12251-0'g' Poehler King fFancyJ Sunburst CEXtra Standardj Aunt: "So you're going to college? I suppose you will start in as a fresh- man?" Nephew: "Freshman nothing. My pa pretty near owns that college. He ought to be able to get me a good position as vice-president of the sen- ior class." Hard: "Do you serve lobsters here?" Tack: "Yes, we serve everybody here-sit down." NEW PROCESS LAUNDRY '23 Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning l-lat Cleaning Y-3 Romineis Economy Drug Store The Students' Store Fountain Drinks - Sandwiches Cosmetics, Stationery, Etc. SERVICE WITH A SMILE Ninth and Commercial Half Block North of Granada Theatre Ross B.: "Aw, all teachers are hard- boiled." Teacher: "Well, do you know why?" Ross B.: "Nope" Teacher: "The students keep them in hot water all the time." Freshman: "I c-c-can't find words to express my indignation." Senior: "Then why get wild when I say you're ignorant?" PHOTOGRAPHS Quality - Service Lower Prices GRANADA I STUDIO ,ls 421 Merchant Phone 127 X Phone 705 DI, D. DEGLER, Prop. W Q X Page 7 X E -s.Y - :-- J gl- Ta K5 i ueihq .EMPORIA AND wfzz Wnv THlf GAMfW You can get All the School Books and Supplies at SAIVIUEL'S BOOK STORE Phone 59 Kodak Developing 526 Com'l THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Capital and Surplus 5I5400,000.00 Financial Strength Conservative Management COMPLETE FINANCIAL SERVICE Q:.i IW.,f as A aJ + gg J 'J ffzlll ,jx " ,X .D-gil f'7'f" fest? wt as Miss Ice Cto constitution ciassj: "This chapter is entitled 'Reign of King Corn., This has nothing to do, however, with prohibition." Miss Douglas: "What do you con- sider the greatest achievement of the Romans?" Jimmie Grubbs: "Speaking Latinf' Music Teacher: "Why aren't you playing your violin today, Elaine?" Elaine: "I haven't any bow, teach- erf' Music Teacher: "Weil, don,t Iook at meg I'm married and have two chil- dren." COMPLIMENTS OF S. I-I. KRESS dc CO.,5c, IOC and I5c Store umm Headquarters for School Supplies-You are welcome here W W Pzljt' 79 .22 ,f - 0523 4a gill SQ' Q' '- - ' 10 1FlGH7j FIGHT Emporiafs Headquarters for High School Clothes Home of Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes The PALACE CLOTHING CO. FIFTH AND COMMERCIAL IIIMNAIM Fox Midwest Theatres are Rep- resentative of the finest in en- tertainment, excellence of pro- gram and service. STIEAN ll They call her almond bar because she is sweet and nutty. Freshman: "Pardon, but are you the author of 'How to Become an Idiot, in ten easy lessons?" Senior: "Sir, you flatter me." Vivian: "I hear that you were a self-made boyf, Elbert: "I amf, Vivian: "Why did you make your- self look like that?,' W. I. MARSH R. D. MARSH Emporia. Plumbing 8: Heating Co. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Authorized General Electric Home Appliance Dealers Phone 223 712 C0m'l Teacher: "What would Washington have done if Lafayette had not answered his call?" Student: "Get his nickle back." He couldn't get there on account of an accidentg so he sent this tele- gram: "Cannot come Washout on the line!,' He received this answer: "Borrow a shirt and come anyway." "Where are you going to eat?,' "Let's eat up the street." "Aw, nog I don't like asphalt." Mary Kretsinger: "I could dance on like this forever." Frank Foncannon: "Don't say that, you're bound to improve." Teacher: "Johnnie, make a sentence with the word 'trianglef " Johnnie: "If the fish don't bite on grasshoppers, try angle worms." McCarthy Hardware Co. Sporting Goods of All Kinds: RUDY DOWNS E 'WH'-""""" """' I "TQl '?Ql THIRTY-SIX STEPS FROM COMMERCIAL . Sl-IOES 12 East Sixth Avenue X S Page 80 S NI- f 1 . M M h EMPGRIA AND WEZL Mm! W WIN THIX GAMf SAVE as you go --at Penney's! Vast economies are easily a c h i e v e d at Penney's You harbor no misgivings that you may be paying too much. One shopping tour - and you're con- vinced. You discover with pleasure that you've actu- ally saved-and substanti- ally, too! Prices here are always low-to help you save as you go! J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. LEATI-IERBERRY' S Rexall Drug Stores Parker and Sha.effer's Fountain Pens CARA NOME TOILETRIES Miss Thomson: "It is a very lab- orious task--i' Don Wilson: "To get my Ford to 3, run. Co-ed: "I'm Worried about my complexion doctor. Look at my face." Doctor: "My dear young lady, you'll have to diet." Co-ed: "Oh, I never thought of that. What color do you think best?" Emporia Lumber Ed' Coal Co. Emporia, Kan. Phone 67 First Tramp: "You know it used to be my boyhood ambition to wear long pants." Second Tramp: "Yeah." First Tramp: "Uh huh! And now I guess I wear 'em longer than anyone else in the world." Senior: "I hear your dad is ill.', Frosh: "Yes, quite ill." Senior: "Contagious disease?" Frosh: "I hope not' Doc says its Compliments to the Class of 1933 overworkf, , Emporia Telephone Co. K RE TSINGER, INS URA NCEE Fire, Automobile, Accident Over Emporia State Bank Phone 306 Page 81 e1, iii' 1-L1 Eff-L 9.583 K xb' W- - - I0 -FlGH7j Hcaffr We Assume All Responsibility ROBERTS-BLUE Head To Foot Outfitters 'BRug5Nf:g s Clothes You Are Proud to Wear Manufacturer of L1 Phone 2405 ! 22 East Seventh Victory Creamery Co. Victory Dairy Products Page X2 Q X S g f , 1l il X HIS W EMPCDRIA AND Wfzz WW THII GAMfW If it's New, EW QNQ If itis Here, It's Here Lowsppnlcss It S GOOC1 IN THE' HEARTOF EMPORIA 623 COMMERCIAL ST. EMPORIA, KANSAS m il it yi fe f I I I X If ii' J ,zf'f"Q'L"' v , ij fli'4lATis i MEMBER I f 5 L EWWZ Q , J Q'7l0N.0Q'V'S? 1 -ef Emporia State Bank Albert Cornwell 601 Commercial Photographer SATISFACTORY BANKING SERVICE Compliments of HAROLD R. SUTTON l "XX'hy doesn't your lamb follow you to school anymore?" "NVhat, at sixty miles an hour?,' ' "I hear John is growing 11 mustache on the installment plan?" 705 Commercial "He is? HOW? "Yes, a little down each Week." HEADQUARTERS FOR eyilez "I never saw such dreamy M ATHLETIC GOODS b ?he:n"You never stayed out so late f e ore. Z . 4 Pugt' 83 'e4 5:':, -fig. C 9.53 i:',Xf"H' '. - - 10 -FlGH7j FIGHT of it SCI-IOTTLER ELECTRIC CO. f OI' Electrical Furnishings 24 East Sixth THE CORNER ELECTRIC SHOP Ph0I16 205 Teacher: "I want the life of Julius Caesar?" James: "You are too late, Brutus For Really took ir." Good Teacher: "Do you know anything Photographs about your geometry today?" The Chase Studio 52519 Com'1 Jim: "Yes,m, it has a brown cover." Teacher: "How do you know when winter is approaching?" Bright Student: "It begins to get late earlier." A. I-I. TI-IISTLETI-IWIAITE J EWELER Certified Watchmaker 713 Commercial THE SMITH LUIVIBER COMPANY Corner Sixth and Constitution Lumber, Building Material and Coal Clean Coal Good Lumber A. H. Smith, Manager Phone 39 Fidelity State 8: Savings Emporia, Kansas THE ONE THING YOU NEED -at the most desperate time of need is Money. In our Savings Department We will Pay You to Save, and you will have money in a pinch. A d place t Eat, BANK Driirhili and be Islerry .awyw ' Eyponm KANSAS Hardware THE Cutlery Sport Goods A 0- Radios Wallpaper QEBMAEEEEQ Paint Z - E Page 8 4 I ling ' N fMPORlA AND W5 'LL WIN 7'Hlf GAM-E iff W! f , You are always Welcome to visit our school New Terms: June, September and January Phone 809 Derby Products COMPLIMENTS PENNINOTON OIL COMPANY Home Owned 24-Hour Service McKEE-FLEMING LUMBER CO. Lumber ancl Building Materials Fifth and Congress Phone 73 L l 'ad T f X53 fl tx XX M- "- dl - K V - " ff A Of - f i f r i ar fs ' f . ' ""'-lllefff 3 , ee or P 1 a O. T x la an . ' I MEMBER Brogan's Perfect ,yxEkS,lNr,-4, Q Bakery P-1f, .5 612 Commercial Street The Taste Tells F. A. LOOMIS, Portrait Photographer F. W, Woolworth Co. W Headquarters for School Supplies 1 JWW 5c, l0c and l5c Store 609 Commercial Emporia s5 g :It J S 6 . 9 5 'Btu' " :It "- - - I0 1FlGH7j FIGHT Q' HE EMPORIA AZETTE The Gazette printed this book- We are proud of it and hope it meets With your approval Irate Parent: "Sir, why did you kiss my daughter last night in that dark corner?" Flaming Youth: "Now that l've seen her in the light, I sort of wonder myself." up on that cart?" Visitor: "What is that thing Wound Fireman: "Fireman's hose." Visitor: "You canit tell me that a fireman or anyone else ever had legs that would fit those things!" SI-IEELEY'S RAINBOW BREAD At Your Grocers The World moves and so does Bailey We send our compliments to the Class of 1933 TI-IE BAILEY TRANSFER CO. Six-O COFFEE EMPORIA WHOLESALE COFFEE Co. S - - Q P iiittllttit l1i :NS S Q fM,0o,Q1A AND will WIN THlf GAMfW W W W Booksl Books! Books! Typewriters ECKDALL 6: MCCARTY lf'ff:' Child: "Did you see Oliver Twist, ' 1 P Aunty?" - i , Aunty: "Hush, child. You know I ' ' ' A xx never attend those modern dances." He: "Why don't men that go to ,fly ' "" '1""" Ai, heaven have beards?,' Ili,-k 'yi Him: 'iBecause they have fl close -V ' b shave getting there." ,fuy . ,f 1 ,-521:45 U - V - gn! --- II,ilIff 5i"'5fI'lI A " ' Did you hear about the one-eyed M I :QI X V i Scotchman who demanded a half-price - 'Ki' "'A I 1, ticket to the movie? TI-IE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK gl 'TRUST CO. Capital and Surplus, S'p125,000.00 EMPORIA, KANSAS STUDENTS- FGR ' U . Try our Chocolate C I Milk Shakes Ice, 03 Q Kraum Drug Store Of Dilstllled Water -Phone 122 The Columbia Building and Loan Association 517 Merchant Phone 478 OFFICERS and Directors C. J. McCoy, President J. M. Hilton, Secretary C. H. Lambert, A.ss't Sec'y and Treas. T. W. Butcher F. B. Heath H. W. Glass D. W. Morris E. M. Robinson Emporia Ice 8a Cold Storage Co. Ralph: 'IMy clothing store! My Clothing storelu Friend: "What happened to your clothing store-burn down?" Ralph: "No! I sat on a nail and my clothing's tore! My clothing's tore!" ?7 gin , 4 is 6 e .5 3 HQ 1 QS' 0- - - I0 FlGH7j Hear Q' -H I I l 5lSf FALL OPENING Tuesday sEPTE1v1BER th The Logical Place To Go for Your College Education-Write For Particulars To Emporia Students 5537.50 a Quarter Includes Everything New Low Rates The College of Emporia JOHN BAILEY KELLY, D. D. President CXvmx7D E O E ts O '1 he m m 1 V--1 G1 I fa 21 G2 '-U DU ta CD Us +4 +A m 'SU be Z U1 A W L L ex Pa L -2 ,Q': o31111 iui Wu I fM,0oR1A AND Wfzz Wnv 7'Hl,f GAMf0 . s.-, ,pm i f X 'BANG '1?, AlgiG Jw 1' I 'mr Dunlnm L1 Soomlnf CLOTHING AND SHOES Ralph went to his friend's house to play. He was told that Jack was tak- ing a nap and was sent back home. On his return his mother asked: "XVhat's the matter, couldn't Jack play?" "No," replied Ralph, "he,s taking a nap." "Well, why don't you take one and then play afterward?" "I will, if you gimme onef' said Ralph. Barr-Kuhlman Co. Printers, Office Outfitters, Stationers Royal Typewriters 24 West SiXth Phone 344 EMPORIA, KANSAS MORRIS DRUG CO. 423 Com'l Phone 68 A Scotchman put a penny in a machine and if he could hit the punching bag hard enough he would get his penny back. They found him unconscious with both his arms broken. Sunday School Teacher: "Now, what is the golden text for this Sun- day?', Hardware Dealer's Son: "Repaint, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." COMPLIMENTS OF- 5 Emporia's Shopping Center Since 1868 HU PHREY'S BAKERY Loaf-at all grocers ff Phone 6 1 8 8 West Eleventh if9 ,, . QE as fo'-Yfu' 0- --10 1F'lGH7j FIGHT a Q3 l AXE. BAKERY Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Pastries H. E. AXE, Mgr. 405 Commercial , Wife Cabout to start off shoppingj: Smart Fashlons Always 'swim kind of 2 bridge lamp shall 1 get, dear?" AT THIS DEPENDABLE Husband: "Oh, any kind so long as STORE it gives light enough to see by and is , heavy to throw." Milllnery, Ready-to-Wear, Lin- too gerifer Foundation Garments' Desperate Suitor: "Willie, I'll give Hosleryg Gloves, Handbags: you a quarter if you'll get me Il lock Sllksy Llnens, Etc- of your sister's hair." W'illie: "Gimme a dollar and I'll get A you all of it. I know where she hangs O I it.,, Compliments W 7 C sc lVlCl..ellan Stores Co. 5 to The to Store of Super Values S 1 .00 617 Commercial St. S 1 goo Emporia, Kansas ,J y 'i T: ' :Q Get a Milk Chocolate 'LXQMX XT or a Big Cone for 5c at the 1 "fG.E!., ' 0 e A3 . 1 EMPORIA 1 mf w ere CREAMERY ,l IH 4. M . vm,EC,,vE McLaren Autocrat Tires, Warranteed for Life Against All Road Hazards Sea m J. I. Case Tractors and Implements Cl: Y MooN Auto SUPPLY co. 105 West Sixth Phone 100 if I Teacher: "Where are your notes on The young Lemleys, who have two A the game?" boys and one girl, want another girl, ill! Boy: "In my hat." but Mrs. Wetherbone was tellin' Mrs. Q Teacher: "Oh, I see. News in a Lemley that statistics show every X 5 Q nutshell." fourth child is Chinese. E in t' P ' ti fMPORlA AND WEZL WIN THII GAMf 4 1 1 I The following Eonporia Phys-zfoiftns are members in good standing in the Lyon County Medical Society Frank Foncannon, M. D. Surgeon Phone 46 Citizens Bank Bldg J. B. Brickell, M. D. Phone 135 Citizens Bank Bldg. J. I-lovorka, M. D. Phone 428 citizens Bank Bidg M. T. Capps, M, D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Phone 558 Citizens Bank Bldg. C W. Lawrence, M. D. Surgeon Phone 487 Emporia State Bank Bldg A. W. Corbett, M. D. Surgeon and X-Ray Phone 165 507 Commercial H. W. Manning, M. D. Phone 316 Citizens Bank Bldg O. Corbett, M. D. Phone 328 507 Commercial Philip W. Morgan, D. Phone 318 Citizens Bank Bldg David R. Davis, M. D. Phone 1337 Citizens Bank Bldg. D. L, Morgan, M. D. Phone 1055 Citizens Bank Bldg F. A. Eckdall, M. D. C. E. Partridge, M. D. Phone 12 425 Commercial Phone 1055. Citizens Bank Bldg - ci M. A. F-mley, M. D. A. Woo mansee, W 1- M. D. iw Phone 521 Strand Bldg' Phone 1667 citizens Bank Bldg. f 5g91 ?-L, , ,C 063 'fo gli! W- - - I0 +'lGH71 Hear The following Emporia Dentists are members in good standing of the Lyon County Dental Society The following Optometrists are members in good standing of the Lyon County Medical Society John lVl. Gorman, D.D.S. Phone 447 Citizens Bank Bldg. Paul lVl. Shebilsky Optometrist M. D., Eye Specialist Second Floor 613W Com'1 John E. Morgan, D.D.S. Phone 1042 Citizens Bank Bldg. R. N. Moxley, D, D. S. Dr. W. S. Hancock Specializing in Examining Eyes and the Fitting of Glasses Phone 146 Kan. Elec. Power Bldg. Servant Girl: "Madam, master lies unconscious in the hall with a piece of paper in his hand and a large box along side." Pl'10l.'1E Mutual Wife Uoyouslyyg "gh, my new hat has arrived." Miss Burns: "What made the tower of Pisa lean?" ' Mildred: "I don't know, but if I :K did I'd take some of it." H 'l '-' I ,,. an. l fi Freshman-grassy! 7 I Sophomore-sassy! Q 6 . ' 'll " Junior-brassy! , WY ,,,, ,, L-Ls ' , ,-,,, Senior-classy! I 'f 01 X -1- lllnlylgm l:ll:lrl Il-lg Clifford Anderson: UW' ere you the ' 5" 'IIIIESQ' l 'liflllilllllilr barber who cut my hair last. Ililllii l Y !!Illl'l'l:l::::i Observing Barber: "I couldn't be, Eggs, 1 'gggggiggggggggg sir, I've only been here six weeks." ""' . '-""""" Husband: "Remember, the hand I I .- that rocks the cradle rules the world. M Don't forget that, dearf, .' Q Wife: "Then you come right in 4 , D and rule the world. I'm tired." ' K O T . " EGNER'S BAKERY 15 East Twelfth Avenue y FANCY PASTRIES FOR SCHOOL PARTIES Q S S O ii PHse - V Y 111159-9113231531 all fMPGRlA AND will wnv THIX G W llm W Congratulations to the Senior Class. This newspaper appreciates the cordial relationship it has always enjoyed with E, H, S. EMPORIA TIMES "Why does a Scotchman have a rich sense of humor? Because it is a gift." Farmer: "Hi, there! What are you doing up in my cherry tree?" Youngsters "Dere's a notice clown dere to keep off de grass." Senior: "In Siberia they donit hang a man with a wooden leg." Freshie: "Why not?" Senior: "They use a rope." Mr. Stout ftaking the rollj: "I wish all those that are absent would please answer promptly." Mrs. Smith: "Is the sun down?" Bob: "No, the son soon will be down to dinner." She: "My husband certainly does enjoy smoking in his den. Has your husband a den?,' Other She: "No, he growls all over the house." Lyon County State Bank Emporia, Kan. Commercial Savings A Good Place to Do Your Banking Fred Scott Insurance Agency "Insures Anything Against Everything" 11 West Fifth Avenue FRED J. SCOTT KENNETH A. SCOTT Congratulations to the Senior Class From J. C. Dumm Furniture Co. Sixth and Merchant Tel. 485 A party stood before a cage con- taining a bird at the London Zoologi- cal gardens. "Its a heagle," said one. "Its not," said another. "Its a howl." They appealed to a bystander. "You're both wrong," he said shortly. "Its a nawkf, Young Husband: "Yes, clearg but there is such a thing as enlargement of the heart, you knowf, "Tom, dear, you mustn't ask papa tonight. He lost a whole lot of money in stocks today." "Just the right time then. He Won't have nerve enough to lecture me about the care of money." "A man is never older than he feels," declared the aged boss. "Now, this morning I feel as fresh as a two- year-old!" "Horse or egg?" asked his steno, sweetly. Page 93 5 , ,.2f,:,. E o 3 4 gllll 0 ' ' ' f0 -FIGHZ FIGHT Mostly "W'hat are our girls coming to? To the boys, of course." "There are three quick ways to transfer information," says Bill Clev- er. "Telegraph, telephone, and tell a woman." "Why are jokes like nuts? Because the drier they are the better they crack." take so much notice of other women? You used to tell me I entirely filled your heart." "Why is a girl like a streetcar? Be- cause if you lose one, you needn,t worry-another will soon come along." ,Dickyz "Where does the fire go when its goes out? Mother: "You might just as well ask me where your father goes when he goes out." He: "I remember when your hair used to be heavy and wavy." She: "But the tide's gone out now." Do you know why we call our lan- guage the mother tongue? Because father never gets a chance to use it." Grandma: "Aren,t you ashamed to scratch Aunty when she can't see?" Bright child of three years: "Well, you can feel it." Teacher: "Now, boys, all who de- sire to go to heaven when they die, stand up.', Jimmie remained seated. Teacher: "Why, Jimmie, don't you want to go there, too?" Jimmie: "Yes Ma'am, but not if that bunch is going." Duds. "You look as if you were beside yourself," as Jones said to the dude who was standing beside a donkey. "Here, Pat," said the dealer, "is a clock that will run eight days with- out winding." "Faith! and how long will it run if you wind it?" "What on earth induced you to marry a man so utterly your inferior?" "My dear girl! because I never met a man who was not." Fritz Gufler: "Something is con- tinually preying on my mindf' Nadine Glass: "Don't worry, it will die of starvationf, Miss Miller: '?Eleanor, where did you get that gum?" Eleanor Bumgarner: "I don,t want to tell the truth and I don't want to tell a lie." Miss Miller: "Don't be impudent, tell me where you got that gum." Eleanor: "Under your deskf, "Hey, waiter! There's a piece of steel in this bacon. What's the mat- ter?" "Dunno, Must be a razorback hog. n "Are you laughing at me?" de- manded Mr. Hurt. "No," came the answer in chorus. "Well," insisted Mr. Hurt, "what else is there in the room to laugh at?" "Say, Smith, how do you like that cigar I gave you? If you smoke 1,000 of them and save the bands, they give you a talking machine." "Huh, if I smoked 1,000 of them I wouldn,t need a talking machine, I'd need a harp." A Page 4l 94 AW : M fMpc9,Q+Ae AND Wfu ww THIX GAMff MW W W f -But We Had to Fill This Space Political Speaker: "I'm pleased to see such a dense crowd here tonight." Voice: "Don't be too pleased. We ain't all dense." Dumb Dora: "I don't see how foot- ball players ever get clean!" Ditto: "Silly, what do you suppose the scrub teams are for?" "My dear, he looked so stupid when he proposed to me." "W'ell, darling, look at the stupid thing he was doing." Don't marry a musician-,ll be able to read your notes. Strolling along the quays of New York harbor, an Irishman came across the wooden barricade which is placed around the inclosure where immigrants suspected of suffering from contag- ious disease are isolated. "Phwat's this fince for?" he in- quired of a bystander. "Oh, was the reply, "that's to keep out fever and things like that, you know." "Indade!" said Pat. "Oi've often heard of the board of health, but be- jabers, it's the first time Oi've seen ir!" The lecturer asked his little girl if she liked his address, and she said 'iN0.,' "Well, what did you like-the first part?,' "Yes." Did you like the last part?"' Yes." "Well, what part didn't you like?" "Oh," said she, "there was too much middle." u ec Fond Parent ffinishing storyj: "And so they lived happily ever afterf, Angel Child: "Gee, Pop, lucky they didn't get married." "How's your farm work coming?" "Oh, fine! Got the billboard and hotdog stand painted, and the filling station stocked full of gas." Mother fteaching alphabetj: "Now dear, what comes after O?', Child: "Yeah!" Joe: "How come you go steady with Eloise?" Hal: "She's different from other girls." Joe: "How's that?', Hal: "She's the only girl who will go with me." "Yes, my husband's laid up, a vic- tim of football." "But I didn't know 'e even played the game." 'UE doesn't. ,E sprained 'is larynx at the match last Saturday." She: "I hope your recent marriage has turned out a great success." He: "Oh, quite, I've already made three plays out of my wife's past." Miss Kahn: "Lee Ona, why are you late?" Lee Ona Kuhlman: "The bell rang before I got here." Eugene Souders: "I've got on my golf sox today." Lena Grace Griffith: "How's that?" Eugene Souders: "Eighteen holesf' Miss Thomson: "What makes you chew your book?" John Zimmerman: "I'm trying to cultivate a taste for literature." Mr. Stout: "My girl is like an angel." Mr. South: "How so?,' Mr. Stout: "She's always up in the air, always harping, anything to wear." and never has X - Pagz' 95 ,, E:f'X'f"D if- A H 3- 4,7 f J1- -g fa . E 9 5 3 f q.Y,""' 0- - - X0 HGH73 FIGHT Q3 AUTOGRAPHS I I I I I 1 I I I I X - g Page 96 S -l , - 3- i: 5 i,f Y- g : ',- ' I-I f Y 1ggg munity 'I W EMPORIA AND WEZL WIN THII GAMf I i ! I A U T O G R A P H S I I i E WW X ii-i7 411i 4' 4-4, . agg5 E 9.53 if,-tan '- - - fo +"lGH7j FIGHT AUTOC RAP H S my n W X X A X Page 9 8 S Q - , ,Y tool9o thuiisualnaiaiag itch- Mm! :EWIPORIA AND WEZL WIN Tl-llf GAMf AUTOGRAPHS I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I i . W I f?1 , .. L. f 1 1 -: YA 1' YL C :13Qa1uQ1 Bti ' E3 9 .5 3 f"X1'H' 0- - - I0 FIG!-171 FIGHT Q3 AUTOGRAPHS Q X Page 100 X 5 , , H? g -Y Y- - -' E eg us-:tg If EMPGRIA AND WE'LL WIN THIX GAM-E AUTOGRAPHS I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I i I I I I I W g4fj 1 5512 224 i,S ff if i uQ 6 e .,, 3 . Zffu 0- - - X0 1'-'lGH72 FIGHT lf I I I AUTOGRAPHS I I I I I I I I I I I I f I I HIS X I S I, I: Pfgf ,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,-,I l,-.-,- - W E I .-,,- kv nuitslttunlt-lluillldl h ununu9Q Mx EMPGRIA AND W:5'LL WIN THIX GAMf AUTOGRAPHS i I I I 2 . 3 X 3 ' if I g 10 'L if 44, 5 Y , -, E W , ,Y Y 1, . u 411lg93

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