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K i . ig V' fy . 4 t F3 I W .1 ':, , ' ,3 . .J ,Q X I ,Y my , . Ag::glsillYl' llff'5i. - IZ IIIIHIII' fl- X 1 '1 ll YUIIIIII Ill 1-1' y ll illlhlllmill 1 XJ I: nu' WW' Y M ll ull , 4QY,f ,X li ,W I , U, -, N , I: 1 W q,:A.-"- 5 x ' Nl X V A 1 xy xfxxaxgw 'V Q' W ' UM' I ' ww I ,Lf A, W N- . gf 5 lx N W' - -4, Vw: f 'r':,.Eq gi? 1 1 7 IN L l rf- ",' 5335? 1' f '5ff',5"2'2 uf . I I 1.111 wa . 52553 3? fig? 353, if S35 Q Ex- LIBRIS o o o 0 . , . ,f . 0 , J . 0 F 0 V: H 1 A Q K . .- , 3 . 0 . ' 1 ' . 9 Q q , 1 Q o .I in 'P - " 0 ' - Q ' '. ?AB11Sf1:?'SP: - ' n 0 - V so ff 0 C Xguaxeigly I. .0 o l 0 'o 6.1-we E THE l932. 75111. ANNEVQE Sf'MT3.V OF ZMYCRE-A ig P-H31-:db-,gg ec A as 5 A 9 by w. m R1 MQ. 9-we wa 40.955 ,L 'wx I RE P v R ,f X n , ' f M 4 II Ml ll N G In the diamond we have-'reflected many years of scholastic progress and achievement, from the frame school house of yesterday with its few advantages for the development of the pupils who at- tended it to the efficient' modern building of today which offersfn its students all the opportunities which eontrihute to their education and to the betterment of their lives. The high record our school has attained is attrihi7d to the spirit shown by each student and his wil'- ingness to co-ope ate with his associates. In the future it is our desiie that we may ,continue to work as citizens just as the pioneers have worked hefore us, and with the same view in minrlg to make our city greater inysize and in attributes. ,f f l f s..-A s i-if -f Emporia High School Ereeted 1912 0 i0 i P i SENATOR PRESTON B. PLUMB D DICATIO WE, the' Senior Class of l932, realize the op- portunities offered us, and to those hardy pioneers who sacrificed and suffered to make these oppor- tunities- possiblerge dedicate this book. The ex- 'X 'A X-N gf? I 3 f1f7:f' T' A, up A.-77j ".Q.v"' ML..-,g. 5 V A-In -1- V W Y f -F EW! "-:a rm Vg , . f,, ,.:-m k -1-'-M ,fi may V x Y I W - E ,. ..w....f-- i"' A -I fn f1 '2 ' -gQQ g, " ' 1 -e t. - We H fi..- -- - 'Tifffjf-girl fig Y -fi-if' Q .f jQFf, ., YY-'J 'Y 'nl"' Y -3 i? '9 A-g2""'L" :QQ 3? '11j-'- -- I Y-?-.s i r , -ff, V4-1,1 ,, X X 'A N i -- Yer, W 7 -?!:"',QQg DR. ALBERT R, TAYLOR REV. SOLOMON G. BROWN amples set by the founders of Emporia are well worthy of our note, a nd it is our wish that seventy- flVC years hence, we5lL,,Js+: CFHQ e tq ee teealeeisswfe-QL. L 'L if 'L we f es We sssk -'-s M have doge ou the seeming gener-,LQ YUM- A M3 -.f, 1 Q "'A Lf Q., fnrj 'bins -f-V 'Q .s,. as gf J i f- " 2 fi- TV Q swfz? ' ,f if 1 v kg ,,,w-F' ' 'K ' e"4'1w'ff." 'J "" 'O' ' .A Q: 1-.sf . ff ' f , I in 7:-4 1-rg f ! Q-Am rv - N I K, KK A 5-35 Vf1l?::i:f'q?g..' .Wei f f L-.V -.- mi gr 0 :E?5L:-l.:..l- -'wi A 1 I ual Yi a H X VL. :Inu f5's:"1,' fl M11"'ffE5?,:.Q.i- in A L. '-him 'X' L ..a.:1e,AQf'31f'j MY" s.Y.s , , ,gr ,Q f' 'wifi' -M' -f fksgflgi X ff, I , .,, , 5 , . V 3? 4 -mf . .T 14 . 4 Au m T A fi?" 3 f lv FL: -5 ,,A,,,,,,,,'-'Miva - WV ,. ,SW i. , - wfgf ' ' ,!.,.,L, ' 3 Ti l'i'3"A ' in M- fi, ,- 1:54517 ., - ' 4 0:7 'ml vi Y. fqr I 3 1 lwiifit' .iykid f ' I 1 . - .. M ,, , -L 5, x f N-it ,QL W X64 H H :ggi v- MI df Y I -I--Z., i A- 'Q Q- P1 4 If ,, H X Al, A K H 1 ' av- 1 4 I lu' s 1 - .- , I "V ff. X JF 1' H ----A. : M ff ,ng . 4 , fra, M I v- s a 4 n 1 I j 1 'T an ' rs V , influx 'a V, wx wr :L 1' w f , , 5 lv I N A 1 3 xi f . - 1 L........,s, , fs Mm.-ea .in iw gag -in us 4 1i'...:l' d ,,- , 'viii L- ull' V.,-S xl , ,. V, "'-b- " ' " ' AJ LW? N2 4 N I I 1 "iz-Y J: f- L-K, ' , ,,. .M 3 '41 Q .fl -i 'iv gin, Gaffii. A, " j Hi',',J?H -: , , --Y' !'f"!4i , f 7,64 ff . I 513' 1 ,. ..f' " '- V .Farr ' ..l,, 'A 1: ' x 0, , W 1 xy' ' g .Q ' ' A -eff ,K 1 -f X' . U. U li fu' r v --1 ...W , if L " 3, N 'H ,,- 4 L if ffiu 5 9' Mvlf! E oi 1 ui ' ' Mx ' I., 1' w L mf W 1 ,shi in-'lf 'TA H IGN 9 W - VEMPORIUNK :X it 2, 2-If L Q-' if - kai' bln. 5- 5 E: '. ' ' -' ,J ig '- E ' 'g 51, 3 i f 5 E ,-1 WN k'+-,WJ-?2 M., gy- K f. rl EMPGRIANS ALLi PULLINC TOGETHER -Always! EMPORIANS FHGHTI -Year After Year ,Mfla 21"-412-35. WQti2f" fx Cow Girls 19 3 2 Emporia, A Cow Town 1890 Them were the days. Fountain of youth. The Louvre's only rival. Re-Echo chapel. Three harmony boys. Blushing beauties. Emporizfs pride in 1881- Whitley Opera House. 5 e I-f!'f"5"fff2:"f2'5 . 'xl X , ...QV . K PM K. S. N., 1880. Three graces. Vfhat a cargo. Buggy days. Just friends? Garfield building. Endurance contest. Speedy F. D. of 1884. June 20-Brrrrr. wr fg .i ,5g,..,1- .ff way k emit, Am. Du-Q 'UW . N .in 'f.f"i.,'?a'7n iw -J Charter members of the Spit and Argy Club. C. of E. campus, 1910. Jay building, Fifth and Com- mercial. Best of friends? Yes. Old Gazette office. Is he True to her? Body by Fisher. Early Lyon county farm. le' l?FiZ X5 rimff' X It tflfmfmii 'ii i Q, . ' f 9:7 an ' yfiafg ips ,Qu Qty" Q N ad 1 A ,3 n ew 'I I I fl ,5- xx My L 1444 ,mi cf 41, 4 s'-Z V, f' ' , 1 . V ' i-'l o "5 ' an ,wxif "' ' U! " 'L V " 'R im' U 1 'Z -J f 'j' my i . 'sk Q .,b -..,:,....- ...M l Q 1 fu E , , 1. A I gvgf. VV K A vfge i tl I i ii 1. , -' ' e 4- " , Mfr' A A 1 'M' ff f f Q' . Q55 "affix-fQ1iz:5Qi A .1 - ' ' I 2 . 'F 1 H fd 351 i'3hi"! -Q," T: l-. -17" . 1. -wsu if M -, 'J' y'n X. . , 3.175263 xfggh' 5 W V .13'-5vi4fSsgf,y ' -..- 44 .- i 2- ,T l 'ligism' V-1 . Q X L, -. 4:1-. Most consistent. Gateway to Emporia, 1884 Very Clever-these two. Pretty good blowers. They get along. perfectly. First automobile in Kansas A Winning rock pile. 111 The main drag, 1885. We wonder when. Do we quarrel? Of course not. Are We happy? Emporia,s Inn, 1880. Setting up conference girls A sweet puppy. Knight Templars, 1890. 1 '11 Santa Fe, 1890. No, not twins. Present location Peach of a pair Kansas State Normal Special-One horse power IT! za : H H U Q F f-1 5,5 H-, O O 5' O ,- cn 'J' H E+? P-s 2. 0 D "' Cf W 2 Ch ' I 0 LT' 'X' F' su UQ Q 5 ,J '4 r-o-. ,-, O so D S 2 S Ti :N Q' 5' Q' 55' " Z4 9' s Z O va O L-4 0 8 OO 4 -. 3 3 Q gd 3 H 3 3 Qu 3 D 2 Q ' E' UQ 9,5 ra an QQ H. 3. V 2 3 va 3 fb N ' UQ E: W Ms H f IT' . 4 CD - ' E , - N W , 0 1- A ,4 'Timm' seam, 3+ ff' A ' Eh u 5 I+' " --tg 'I 491-L35 T' 'bl ' :A-lzwiyk A ' 'ffreiwlvzi -:ig fx ,4- ,M M -,V 1 ' 1 .fm Qhv' 1' '5':,'f ' L '-..'.,,,f y XJ: mi 4 Q 925 571- ,-z : , '-'-'-' ' iii? v rm 1':-:wav -A Q - Q P5 ,'.-v'.rp,.?' 'h'f5'Q'1 j . -Q N335 jggg 1 f ,rn ' A N i1gff,Qi,fff 2151 f K f,5.q.if Q , 19.2 V x fftg' -fx . wr M W: 'lwshiyf-2 ' 4. x , , . iv- I V fy , ,A q .-'f""...3.y.z,,,fQ . K fi 4 3'Y'bf"-0252 .44 ,..., ,, fu' ' 4. ,wizgfff Qfpjv iff? im. wff'Ag 4-LSI. , ' 4"'f,6, 5',:,l,.f,'!w 1 -4 I - X :gay fp: gf.: - : f ,4'3f'ffH , ffflfl gli Q A f ,:4S?, ,- ,,.fgn1. A'.x - .43-fx 'X V-:K EM P0LPg1ANS ALL! A " Aa qu., , i' Page 17 M6094 Q r 'X 9 Board of Education NORA Woon Q I E. W. DANIELS ' L. A. LONVTHER A Mns. W. D. Ross O. G. RINDOM F. B. HEATH J. T. ADAMS F. E. PENNINGTON O OFFICERS OF THE BOARD F. B. HEATH ...,,,....................................................... .. ..........,.. - E. W. DANIELS ,,... R. H. JAQUITI-I ......... President ---.--- Vice-Presideui Treasurer 0 NORA WooD ........, .........,.. S ecreiary ' L. A. LOWTHEI1 ...... .........,..................... ..... S u perintendent 5' COMMITTEES Finanfe and Claims Buildings and Grounds Teachers anci Salaries 7 Daniels, Rindom, Rindom, Daniels, Ross, Pennington, I 1 Pennington Adams ' Daniels 6 Supplies, Fuel ana' Furniture Rules, Regulations and Discipline Adams, Ross, Rindom Pennington, Adams, Ross as QQQ QQQMQQQQQQQQ fQOQOQ9 o QW RICE E. BROWN, A. B., A. M. ' Principal College of Emporiag University of Kansas Mr. Brown, our principal, has been in the Emporia schools for twenty-two years. For nine years he taught English and History, and for the past thirteen years has been the principal of Emporia High School. Both in the position of instructor and principal he has served the high school well. The watchfulness and interest he has shown concerning our school has been an asset to the growth and develop- ment of it. Mr. Brown is a member of the Schoolmasters' Club, which is 2 state-wide organization of school meng the C. of E. Chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Musical Fraternityg Athena Scholarship Honor Society at C. of E.g and the Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa National Honorary Fraternity at K. U. He also belongs to the Rotary Club, one of Emporia's 'civic organizations. Mr. Brown received his Masteris Degree from thc University of Kansas in 1923. . if -c si' QQQKQQQQQQQZKQ .. Q40 9 do QQQM Page 19 wah M0091 4 9 C A FACULTY A MR. C. U. NICHOLS, A. B., A. M.-Assistant Principal, Commerce. Kansas City University, University of Colorado. . Miss ELLEN ICE, A. B., A. M.-History. University of Kansas, University of Chicago, Columbia University, 0 Miss MARY D. SCHMALZRIED, A. B.-English. ' University of Kansas, University of Colorado, University of Chicago. MR. VIRGIL HURT, A. B., B. S.--Social Science. Emporia Kansas State Teachers College, College of Emporia, University of Chicago. Miss MAY HANCOCK, B. S.-Foods. A Emporia Kansas State Teachers College, Chicago University. 0 Q0 ' Miss MAUDE JACKSON, A. B.-History, Constifution. X , McPherson College, University of Kansas, Emporia Kansas State Teachers 'X X' College, University of Colorado. " J Miss SOPI-IIE RODEWALD, B. S.-Mathematics. Emporia Kansas State Teachers College, University of Kansas. zwqo oh no o 9QOQ9Q9QOQOQOs NC FACULTY QConti1-iuedj MR. XVILLIAM JUST, B. M., A. B.-Director of Orchestra and Band. Washington State Collegeg Chicago Musical College, American Conservatory, Pupil of Wendel Mose, Leon Scmetine, Jaques Gordon, Karel Havilicek. Miss JENNIE DOUGLASS, A. B.-Latin. College of Emporiag University of Chicago, University of Kansas, Columbia University. I Miss MABEL COVERDILL, A. B.-Clothing. College of Emporia, University of Wisconsing University of California. MR. C. D. LONG, M. ACCTS.-Commerce. Southwestern Business Collegeg Emporia Kansas State Teachers College. Mlss M. ETTA PRICE, A. B., A. M.-English. QDeceased.j University of Colorado, Kansas State Teachers College of Emporia, Park College: University of Chicago. Miss SHIRLEY THOMSON, A. B.-English. College of Emporiag Columbia Universityg' University of Coloradog UEversity of California. Miss ELEANOR QRPLESS, A. B., A. M.--Biology. University of Kansas, University of Colorado. Q01 To M404 S ohh A Mo o Pllg?21 i W A O O 4 Q 9 4 md MMM not Q N 0 9 6 Q A 9 1 4 1' X 4 . M50 FACULTY QContinuedj MR. GEORGE LODLE, B. S.-Manual Arts, Assistant Coach. Stout Instituteg' Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Pittsburg,Kansas State Teachers College. Mlss HELEN KAHN, B. S.-Registrar. Emporia Kansas State Teachers College. Mlss ANITA RICE, A. B., A. M.-History, Constitution. Washburn Collegeg University of Kansas. MR. DALE STOUT, B. S.---Chemistry, Physics. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg University of Kansas. Miss DOROTHY I-IAMER, A. B., A. M.-Dean of Girls. University of Illinoisg Columbia University. Miss BLEMA SNIDER, B. S.-Physical Education. Q Emporia Kansas State Teachers! Collegeg University of Iowa. MISS MARIAN HOWARD, A. B.-Spanish. Q University of Kansasg University of Coloradog Columbia Univcrsityg Centro Residencia de Estudianta, Madrid, Spain. - 0 05400 opp QQQQOQOQOQQQ SN' B GFQW I 0 Q o S mgeza FACULTY fContinueclj Mlss KATHLEEN SOWERBY, B. S.-Music. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Gunn School of Music, Chicago. MIss ETHEL SHIRLEY, B. S.-Commerce. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Columbia Universityg University of Colorado. MR. F. JAY SOUTH, B. S.-Printing. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg University of Chicagog University of Wisconsin. - MISS MARGARET MILLER, A. B.-Speech, English. Southwestern College of Winfieldg University of California, Columbia Univer- sity, Northwestern University. MISS JOSEFINA HUBBARD, A. B., B. S.--Spanish. College of Emporiag Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg Havana Univeri- sity, Cuba. MR. FREEMAN HUCKSTEP, B. S.-Physical Education, Coach. Emporia Kansas State Teachers College. MIss THELMA DUTTON, B. S.-Librarian. Emporia Kansas State Teachers Collegeg University of Illinois. MR. JOHN R. WILLIAMS, B. S.-Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology. Emporia Kansas State Teachers College, Kansas State Agricultural College. QQO ooo QQQQQQQQQQQ Q 6 TO 0 6 Q. 0, O 9 0. 90609 'WMO 3111 Hivmnriam MARY ETTA PRICE 18 8 1- 1 9 3 2 Miss Price had been an English teacher in our school for the past fifteen years and had won the love and respect of all with whom she came in contact. Shc passed away March twenty-second after a very short illness. Because she was intel- ligent, yet had great sympathy for her pupils, Miss Price was a very popular teacher among the high school students. She is missed by all who knew her and her place in the school and com- munity is difficult to fill. ...,: Ill1QE9lIn ,... CORNELIA CONWELL 191 3 -193 1 Cornelia was a 1931 graduate of Emporia High School. She made excellent grades, being elected a member of the National Honor Society. She was very popular with her classmates, and took part in many activities. Her last great achieve- ment in high school was the editing of the 1931 Re-Echo. Last fall Cornelia entered the Teachers College and became a pledge of the Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. On October 4, Cornelia passed away after a week's illness. All Emporia High School students, faculty, and a host of towns- people and friends mourned her passing. Page 24 'z6f0 A O 0QOQOQ9QOQOQ9Q6Q6QQQfQQf l'lSENIOR CLASS N0 MIM 5 to OFFICERS W , , , , , , , 4 0 Q 0 ALVA GOULD-Football 30, 31, Basketball 31, 32, Track 31, '32, Hi-Y '32, President Senior Class. Q DOROTHY STAR-Secretary Senior Class, Scholarship Contest '31, G. R. '30, '31, '32, Setting Up Conference '30, '31, Echo '29, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Bounceball '29, Basketball '29, Tumbling Team '29,' G. A. A. '31, Camp Wood Conference '30, Archery '30, Rifle Club '30, "Man or Mouse", Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, National Honor Society. 0 DOROTHY BALTZ-Orchestra '30, '31, '32, G. R. '30, '31, '32, String Quartet '29, '30, '31, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Violin Solo '30, '31, '32, Individual Sight Singing '29, Setting Up Con- ference '29, '30, '31, Vice-President Senior Class, National Honor Society. 4 0 DONALD RESCH-Basketball '30, '31, '32, Basketball Captain '31, Football '30, '31, Treasurer Senior Class. -M Q THE SENIOR CLASS Although the Senior class of 1932 is not the largest graduating class that E. H. S. has known, it is the most intelligent, most dramatic, and most active. This illustrious class has worked out its own problems to the highest possible degree and given much aid and consolation to the struggling Juniors and Sophomores. The class enjoyed many entertaining social events during the year. The peak of activities was reached, however, at the-formal Senior banquet which was held at the Hotel Broadview. Everyone enjoyed the feast and the splendid program that was planned. 0 9 The Senior class certainly owe much to their sponsors: Mr. Stout, Mr. Lodle, Miss Shirley, Miss Dutton, Miss Coverdill, for their help and co-operation during the entire school year. ' 4 SQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ 3 QMQQQQ Maps Page 2 5 NNW O 9 0 A 4 0 9 O 4 fx fx 6 IAA VELMA LAMB-G. R. '30, '31, '32. MURRAY LOHNER-Orchestra '3Q, '31, '32, Band '31, '32, Hi-Y '31, '32, Hi-Y Conference at Cottonwood Falls '31, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Football '31. MILDRED STEVER--G. R. '30, '31, '32. PAUL HUMES- JEAN HOVGARD--G. A. A. '30, Orchestra '31, '32, Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Basketball '30, "Once in a Lifetime", "Up in the Air." HOWARD JAMES-Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Band '30, '31, '32, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32. ARLOA HEWITT-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Librarian '31, '32, Echo '31, '32. WALTER SHAW-"Devil in the Cheese", "The Haunted House", "Man or Mouse." MARGARET RYAN-Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Accompanist Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Glee Club Librarian '31, G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Pianist '30, G. R. Cabinet '31, Estes Park Conference '31, Setting Up Conference '30, '31, Em-Hi Frolic '30, "Big Time", "Up in the Air", "Once in a Lifetime", Re-Echo Staff '32, National Honor Society. JEROME BRINKMAN-"Man or Mouse." 75 Q. 0 9 9 OQQQO G ohh Q40 o ohh o Page 26 fv ' ,s VERA LOOMIS-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, Cicero Club '30, '31, Echo '32g Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Music Con- test '32. JOHN HAGINS-Basketball '31. ELISE DEISTER-G. A. A. '30, Archery '30, G. R. '30, '31, '32. FRANK BRASHEAR- , HARRIETT BANE-Orchestra '30, '31g Scholarship Contest '31g G. R. tso, '31, '32. T. W. HOLLINGSWORTH- MARGARET SHULLEY-Librarian '30, '31g Tumbling Team '30, '31, G. A. A. '30, Glee Club '31g G. R. '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '32, Echo '31, '32, JAMES BRANDT-Music Contest '32, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32g Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Boys' Glee Club '32g "Man or Mouse"g 0 "T feas ure Chest", Mixed Chorus Hz. DOROTHY DUNN- S TOM OLIVER- Q -zif,.., 6 GQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQMQQQQ QQQQQQ Paw Q90 Q '71 - '. ya.. if ' -1 MMM 0 9 O 9 Q 0 9 4 1' 4 N MARY ANDERSON-G. R. '31, '32. HARRY MORGAN- GENEVA TIMMGNS-G. R. '3 0, '31, '32, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Tum- bling Team '30, '31, G. A. A. '31 '32 '31, '32, Basketball '31, Librarian LEO CONDON- L LUCILE JONES-G. R. '29, '30, known Quantity Club '31. ALBERT CLARK-Hi-Y '30, '31, President Up and Atom Club H-Y Conference at Lawrence, '32, Music Contest '32, Oratorical Contest '32, National Honor Society. '31, Up and Atom Club '31, Un- '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, '31, '32, Sophomore Class Officer, Hi-Y Cabinet '30, Glee Club '31, RUTH JONES-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Cabinet '31, Setting Up Conference '31, Estes Park Conference '31, Echo '30, '31, '32, Lawrence Journalism Conference '31, Basketball '31, Bounceball '30, Archery '31, Rifle Club '31, Up and Atom Club '31, G. R. Mid-Winter Conference at Hutchinson '31, Librarian '32, "Treasure Chest." GEORGE JOHNSON-Cheerleader '31, Basketball '31, National Honor Society. MARTHA ALICE BRADY- 4 ROBERT HOWELL-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, - '32. 5 QQ 0 9 O o ow oeoewoogo oh ohh o Page 28 Q. AGNES HENSLER-G. R. '30, '31. KENNETH ACE-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '30, '31, Echo '31, Music Contest '30, '31, Mixed Chorus '31, "Up in the Air", Lawrence Journalism Conference '31, ANNA RICHARD-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Cicero Club '30, '31, HENRY ALDIS- LOIS GEORGE-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Cicero Club '30, Up and Atom Club '31. PAUL LEWIS- . HELEN BLAKELY-G. A. A. '31, '32, G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '30, '31, '32, Bounceball '31, '32, Basketball '31, '32, Archery '31, '32, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32. JOHN HOTZEL- LOIS REEBLE-G. R. '30, '31, '32, National Honor Society. JAMES KELLEY-Football '29, '30, '31, Basketball '30, '31, Track '29, Hi-Y '30, '31, Secretary Hi-Y '30. 0099 9 0 0 5 QQ o Q0 Qohlo Q53 Page 29 '9'9', W WW ooh. 5 ORA MAY TRAXLER-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Vice-President Cicero Club '31, G. A. A. '32, Scholarship Contest '31, '32, Type- writing Contest '31, '32, Re-Echo Staff '32, Up and Atom Club '32, Unknown Quantity Club '32, "Man or Mouse", Horseshoe X' '32, National Honor Society. GEORGE MEYER-Football '29, '30, '31, Basketball '30, '31, '32, Re-Echo Staff '32, MARGARET CARNINE-Glee Club '31, '32, Up and Atom Club 0 '31, '32, G. R. '31, '32, Band '3l. CLYDE CARLE- HAZEL SIERER- HAROLD WAYMAN-Glee Club '31, '32, "Up in the Air", Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, "Once in a Lifetime", President Sophomore Class, President Senior II's '31, Treasurer Hi-Y '31, President Glee Club '31, National Honor Society. THELMA FIELD-"Big Time", "Man or Mouse." WILLIAM FUSON-Scholarship Contest '31, "Once in a Lifetime", Glee Club '32, "Man or Mouse", Re-Echo Staff '32, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, National Honor Society. ESTHER RUMSEY-G. R. '29, '30, '31, Tumbling Team '29, Bas- ketball '29, Volleyball '29, Archery '29, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Rifle Club ,305 Vice-President Senior II Class. CARROLL LITTLE-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Hi-Y Cabinet '31, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Re-Echo Staff '32, Algebra Club '31, Secre- tary Junior Class, Echo '31, '32. 0 O 6 6 zwwo o New QQQQQQQMMQQ Page 30 0 9 Q O o 0 o LENNADALE BOYD-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Tum- bling Team '30, '31, '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, Librarian '31, '32. MARVIN KIPLING-Up and Atom Club '31, '32, HEI.EN LANE-G. R. '30, '31, '32. BERNARD REEBLE- MARGARET MORRIS-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Estes Park Conference '31, Setting Up Conference '31, Glee Club '31, '32, Re-Echo Staff '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '32, Mixed Quartet '32, Music Contest '32, LEROY RYNO-Echo '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, WYVONNE SMITH- JAMES BIRD- LOUISE CUTHBERTSON-G. R. '31, '32, Music Contest '32, AUGUST EBERLE- QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQ QQQQQA Page 31 'NON M0009 Q RUTH DAVIS-G. R. '31, '32, MusicAContest '32. i REUBEN FISHER- Q HELEN IVES-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Mid-Vfinter Conference at Baldwin '30, Glee Club '31, '32, Echo '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, G. R. Cabinet '31, "Up in the Air", Setting Up Confer- O ence '31, Lawrence Journalism Conference '31, G. A. A. '31, Basketball '30. '31, Music Contest '31, '32, "Man or Mouse." ' ' WILLIS HOOVER-Glee Club '31, "Big Time", Re-Echo Staff '32, Q A . MARY GREEN-G. R. '30, Cicero Club '30. KENNETH FARQUHARSON-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Band '31, '32, ' Orchestra '31, '32, Glee Club '32, Music Contest '32, "Man or Q Mouse", "Treasure Chest." LELIAH BOND--G. R. '29, '30, '31, Librarian '29, Echo '31, "Man or Mouse." HOMER MARCELLUS- f' LEONA FLADUNG-G. R. '31, '32, ' 0' JOE FULTON-Orchestra '29,,'30, Up and Atom Club '31, Hi-Y '30, '31, Glee Club '31, Cicero Club '30, Debate '31, Echo '31, National Honor Societyf ' 75 OQQQO QQQQOQO QMQQMMMQQ Page 3 2 i if Lf if 3 ' ,-Lx 5 15 g O xf ' .,, if . f KATHERINE' SONVERBY-G. R. '30, '31, '32, "Once in a Life-- time", "Up in the Air", Em-Hi Frolic, Archery '31, Rifle Club , , '30, Basketball '30, Up and AQII1 'Club '31, '32. ' A 0 O CHESTER FRANCIS- THELMA PYLE-Girls' Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Setting Up Conference '31, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Group Sight Singing '30, Individual Sight Singing '31, Cicero Club '31, Accompanist Boys' Glee Club '31, '32, G. R. '30, '31, '32, String Trio ,305 National Honor Society. O JUNIOR JENT--Glee Club '31, "Up in the Air", Orchestra '29, '30, '31, Hi-Y '30, '31, Music Contest '30, '31, Mixed Chorus, "Once in a Lifetime." DOROTHY HELSTROM-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, LYNDON FRANCIS-Echo '31, '32. Q EVELYN MONTGOMERY-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '32, Orches- tra '31, '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, Scholarship Contest '31, LUTHER LYONS- Q NORMA GAIL WILLIAMS- V Q BARTON CAROTHERS-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, "Man or Mouse", "Treasure Chest", Glee Club '31, '32, Music Contest. X 0 O00 O op Q oyoheqoeoeo We 400043 Page 3 3 4 QQOQ J f x f 40930 0 'i -. ff - f f Q, 4' i 5 X, M N .V If X ,X 4 X .Q LOLA DONEZ-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. A. A. '31, 32, Rifle Club '30, Librarian '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, G. R. Setting Up Conference '31, Cicero Club '31, G. R. Cabinet '29, National Honor Society. DUANE FOSTER- LOYETTE MARTINDALE-G. R. ,30, '31, '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, Scholarship Contest '31. EDWIN MADDERN--Orchestra '29, '30, '31g Band '29, '30, '31, Music Contest '30, '31g Up and Atom Club '31. CLARA LOUISE MECKEL-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Cabinet '31, Setting Up Conference '31, G. R. Mid-Winter Conference at Hutchinson '31, Estes Park Conference '31, Glee Club '30, '31, Scholarship Contest '31, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Music Contest '32, Basketball '30, '31, '32, National Honor Society. ALEX MURPHY- LOLA SHORER-Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Band '30, '31, '32, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Algebra Club '30, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32. HELENE JENSEN- HAROLD TAYLOR-Football '30, '31, Track '30, '31. 9966 9 Page 3 4 Q S 9 qwwe oeoqwoyoev is lessee 9 XX kg X QW Q 1 Q, X44 72 'rf BERNICE XWATKINS-Girls' Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Mixed Cho' '30, '31, G. R. '30, '31, '32, "Up in the Air", Echo '32. GEORGE SCHMIDT-Hi-Y '30, '31, Echo '31, '32. MERLE GEPHART-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '31, '32, Orches- tra '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, "Man or Mouse", "Treasure Chest", Up and Atom Club '31, '32, National Honor Society. , ' ROBERT COVVAN--Boys' Glee Club '30, '31, "The Haunted House." BETTY BOWMAN-G. R. '31, '32, Echo '31, '32, Business Manager Echo '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32. MAX BOWERS- ESTHER THOMAS-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '31, '32. RODNEY COLLINS-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Band '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, "Man or Mouse", "Treasure Chest", Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '32, President Orchestra '32. OLETA FEHR-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '31. RUSSELL BLESSING-Football '30, '31. o 0900400 66000000060 6 60006 OWN 600 nWEcho"31? Librarian '31, Up 3Hd'AtO111 Club '31, '32. TRUMAN SKINNER- MARY EMILY KEELER-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Setting Up Con- ference '31, Echo '31, '32, Editor of Echo '32, Lawrence Jour- nalism Conference '31, Em-Hi Frolic '31, "Up in the Air", Scholarship Contest '31, Basketball '31, Up and Atom Club '31 '32 RALPH RICHARDS- ANN EWBANK-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Qrchestra '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, TRUE RETSCHLAG-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Hi-Y Cabinet '30, '31, Hi-Y Congress Member, Glee Club '30, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Vice-President Up and Atom Club '31, Re-Echo Staff '32, "Haunted House", "Up in the Air", "Once in a Lifetime", "Man or Mouse", "Treasure Chest", Orchestra '32, Music Contest '31, '32, HILDA HALL-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R.-Setting Up Conference '31, Echo '31, Librarian '31, '32, CALVIN DOILE-Algebra Club '31, V BETTY BROWN-G. R. sao, '31, '32, Librarian' '50, '31, Echo '30, '31, '32, ALVIN JOHN STON- 4060000 o MQMQQQQQQ Page 3 6 0 0 - xrfe ff, ' "k, .. 0 ' f.. , , E , 1 1. , . b- 1 - VERA JEAN PIPER-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '30, '31, '32, Glee Club '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '32, Music Contest '32, "Man or Q Mouse", Up and Atom Club '31, '32. ROBERT MEYER-Cicero Club '30, '31, Up and Atom Club '30, . '31, '32. MARJORIE JACKSON-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Echo '30, '31, "Up in ' the Air", Glee Club '30, '32, Mixed Chorus '31, Music Contest Q '31, '32, G. R. Setting Up Conference '31, G. R. Cabinet '31, '32, G. R. Mid-Winter Conference at Hutchinson '31, National ' Honor Society. LAWRENCE WAGNER-Up and Atom Club '31, Hi-Y '30. ALVIRA GROUNDXVATER- Q DALE FLICKINGER-Football '30, '31, 0 ERMA MCKEAN-G. R. '29, '30, '31, Em-Hi Frolic '30. Q . MARTIN SCHOTTLER- ' LOIS MCCAIN-G. R. '30, '31, '32. O 0 Q CLAIR STOCKTON- I iwwmomowmom Q wi oh QQ 6000666 1 0 Q MARY UMFLEET-Up and Atom Club '31, '32, G. R. '30, '31, '32, HUBERT COLVIN--Football '31, Track '31, '32. O INEZ WHIPPLE-G. R. '30, '31, '32g Echo '31, "Man or Mouse." ALBERT JOHNSON-Scholarship Contest '31g Up and Atom Club Q '31, '32g "Man or Mouse." MARJORIE KRAUM-Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '31, I6 '32, Music Contest '31, '32, Setting Up Conference '31, Em-Hi 'E -' Frolic '30, G. R. '30, '31, '32, "Big Time"gn"Once in a Life- time", "Up in the Air." O VANCE RINDOM- 7 EDITH SMITH-G. R. '29, '50, '31, Echo '30, '31, ff" Q LYLE STOTTS- 1' i AUDREY MERREL-G. R. '30, '31, '32. JOHN KLEMf- age 38 X!! 'eet V , fp Q16 6 6 60606 'Q p 4000 QQQQ 0 , if . , . ,,. 'f if . gl' JI V Q QQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ, Page 39 RHEA LITTLE-Em-Hi Frolic '30, G. A. A. '30, '31, President of G. A. A. '31, Bounceball '30, '31, '32, Basketball '30, '31, '32, G. R. '30, '31, '32, Scholarship Contest '31, Tumbling Team '30, '31, Horseshoe '31, '32, President Unknown Quantity Club '31, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, National Honor Society. BRUCE LOOMIS-Hi-Y '29, '31, Glee Club '31, '32, Echo '31, MILDRED MOWL-G. R. '30, '31, '32, VERLE WILHITE- IRENE McGLINN-G. R. '30, '31, '32. RGDGER MOON-Orchestra '30, '31, Band '29, '31, Hi-Y '29, '30, '31, Up and Atom Club '31. WILLA HEATON-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, G. R. Setting Up Conference '31, Orchestra '30, '31, '32, Music Contest '31, '32. TOM PYLE- LOIS KYLE- RICHARD LEE-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Vice-President '31, Football '31, Basketball' '32, Glee Club '31, '32, Hi-Y Conference at Manhattan '31, Hi-Y Conference at Camp Wood, Mixed Chorus '32, Vice-President of National Honor Society. O06 GQOQQQ M0004 4 I, MARIAN TIBBALS-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Conference at Camp Wood '30, Estes Park Conference '31, Setting Up Conference '31, Echo '32, G. A. A. '31, '32, G. A. A. Cabinet '32, Basket- ball '30, '31, '32, Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Mixed Chorus '31, Music Contest '31, "Up in the Air", Bounceball '30, '31, '32, , Archery '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32. ORVILLE WELLER- VERA BENTZ-Basketball '30, Bounceball '30, G. R. '3 0, '31, Vol- , leyball '30, Archery '30, G. A. A. '30, '31, '32. ALDEN SHERIDAN- FRANCES ONSTAD-Echo '31, "Up in the Air", Setting Up Con- ference '30, '31, G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Cabinet '30, '31, Glee Q Club '30, '31, '32, President Glee Club '31, Treasurer Junior Class, Mixed Chorus '30, '31, Music Contest '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Estes Park Conference '31, Carnp Wood Conference '30, Sextette '31, Em-Hi Frolic '30, President of 0 National Honor Society. KERMIT DAVIES-Hi-Y '29, Football '29, '30, '31. ESTHER KERR-G. R. '31, '32. KEITH SELLERS-Scholarship Contest '31,' Cicero Club '30, '31, President Cicero Club '30, Secretary Cicero Club '31, National Honor Society. HELEN YATES-Girls' Glee Club '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, G. R. ,'30, '31, '32. 5 GEORGELEOCPER-Hi-Y '29, '30, "The Haunted House", "Once MMM QQQQQMQQQQMQQQQMQQQQ Page40 , L Q QQQ ,, - ---- - - - - -- --I----W -'------ --, -ff G. R. '30, '31, '32, Estes Park Conference '31, Setting Up Con- ference '31, "Big Time", "Up in the Air", "Once in a Lifetime", "Man or Mouse", "Treasure Chest", Secretary Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Lawrence Journalism Conference '31, Re-Echo Staff '31, Editor Re-Echo '32, Orchestra '32, EDWIN KIRK- EDITH EISENHAUER-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Scholarship Contest '31. LLOYD MORGAN-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Hi-Y Cabinet '31, '32, Hi-Y Conference at Lawrence '30, Hi-Y Conference at Elmdale '31, Cicero Club '30, '31, Scholarship Contest '31, Algebra Club '31, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Echo Staff '31, '32, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Football '31, Re-Echo Staff '31, Business Manager of Re-Echo '32, Treasurer of National Honor Society. RUTH WINN-President Junior Class '31, G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. R. Cabinet '31, '32, President G. R. '31, Setting Up Conference '30, '31, Camp Wood '30, Estes Park '31, G. R. Mid-Winter Confer- ence at Baldwin and Hutchinson, Glee Club '30, '31, '32, Vice- President of Glee Club '31, Music Contest '30, '31, 32, Mixed Chorus '30, '31, Echo '30, '31, '32, Lawrence Journalism Con- ference '31, G. A. A. '31, Up and Atom Club '31, 32, "Up in the Air", "Once in a Lifetime", "Treasure Chest", National Honor Society. - CHARLES MCGLINN- DELLA CLEMENTS-G. R. '30, '31, '32, Estes Park Conference '31, Echo '30, '31. MASON CARR-Hi-Y '30, '31, '32, Up and Atom Club '31, '32, Debate '31. DELORES HONEA--G. R. '30, '31, '32, Orchestra '30, Echo '31. ROLLO COCHENNET-Glee Club '29, '30, '31, "Up in the ir." o coop ohooh 4 Mop Q oh Page 41 v 'NON 1" 13 p, ., ,, , up . XX! w g ' 3 3 ' - , , 2 . w " " V x V A N . X . 1 X jj! Q I 4' 'V x lvl xuf. 1' .1 X . A , gf , 35' r A." u Il 1 Ne S 2 -J' A 6 . xxx,-V I , 3 9 NOLA DAVIDSON-Basketball '3Qg Volleyloalll-A-'30, Bounceball '29 Archery '29, '30, Hiking '30, G. R. '29, '30, G. A. A. '30, '31 '32g National Honor Society. 3 MARVIN JONES-Hi-Y '30. OPAL LISTER-Glee Club '31, ,323 G. R. '30, '31, '32g Echo '52 Up and Atom Club '31, '32g Music Contest '32, 0 LUCILLE REMY-Cicero Club '30, '31, G. R. '30, '31, '32. C . ftl' ELEANOR HEANEY-G. R. '30, '31, '32, G. A. A. '30, '31. ,Q JOHN STRUBE- f 'R GLADYS FAY BRILL- O X WINSTON MOON-Basketball '31, '32. A BARBARA BEACH-4-National Honor Society. "Af MARGARET ALEXANDER- X O Mm ' 30+43mw+m33 0 0 Page 42 I Q Q Q 0 S 0 0 sa I so Q ao 0 ,Qs Q Q, O 0 Q, Q, , Q O 'O Q, Q. Q Page 3 JUNIOR CLASS ' OFFICERS Fmrz GUFLER ,.,,,. ...,,....,..,,........... ..........,... P r esidenf Lnsrizn REEBLE ...... .... - ......, .,... V i ce-President EUGENE BURDICK ....... - .,....,.. Secretary LOUISE SYMEs ....... .............,., .....,. T 1' easurer The Junior class of 1932 is one of the largest if not the largest of any Junior class in the history of the High School. It has contributed very generously to the various activities in the school and in doing so its members have not sacrificed scholastic achievements, as is shown by the number of students on the honor roll. As we begin to realize our junior year is drawing to a close We are confronted with the seriousness of becoming Seniors and- the dignity which must be upheld. A Senior is always envied and is looked upon as one setting a precedent. In this respect may We pay tribute to the Senior class of 1932 and say the example set by them in the classroom and various organizations of the school is of the highest type and we wish them success in any line of endeavor which they may choose. It is the wish of every member of the present Junior class, when they become Seniors, to so conduct themselves both as individuals and as a class that their achievements may set examples for the underclassmen. In the past year we have had the very able assistance of our sponsors, Miss Schmalzried, Miss Sirpless, Miss Douglass, Miss Miller and Miss Rice and We want to thank them for the interest which they have had in our advancement. to o SNNN Q do . 1' fix V ff O 9 I' . J? Top Row, lrft to right-Francis Austin, Elizabeth Reed, Forrest Daughdrill, Kathryn Hanna. Serond Row-Anna May Jones, Margaret Wolfe, Helen Colwell. Q Third Row-Evelyn Ruth Nuffer, Mable Martin, Edna May Hiatt, Sam Powell. Fourlh,R0w-Charles Knouse, Roy Rigdon, Jack Wilson. Fifth Row-Pauline Bland, Thelma Thompson, Bertha May Swanson, Betty 6 jane Furman. ' Sixth Row-Donald Thomas, Norman Goss, William Marcellus. Seventh Row-Alvin Whitaker, Olive Wilson, La Von Jones, Keith Farqu- harson. 6 Eighth Row-Lee Williams, Delbert Saffer, Martha Shaffer. f' A Ninth Row-Irene Smith, Myrtle Gunkle, Lorena Crouse, Don Wilson. 34540 4045004 OQOQOQOQOQOQQ o N0 o 1 ' x WSWS l 9 Q C T017 Row, loft to right-Margaret Martin, Dick DeLong, Lucille Seilert, Charles Goodwin. Second Row-Edna Thimes, Virginia Lee Porter, Margaret Morgan. Third Rofuf-Eileen Stanley, Ray Morgan, Beth Fulton, Lowell Reams. Fourth Row-Edward McCreary, Lorene Cravens, Albert Green. Fifth Row-Donald Smith, Paul Wagner, Joyce Courtney, Francis Kemp. Sixth Row-Helen Lewis, Bertha Staley, Frank Foncannon. Seventh Row-Robert Hedges, Geraldine Foster, Junior Parker, Arthur Ames. Eighth Row-Mildred Barrct, Nadean Knox, Charles Bergerhouse. Ninth Row-Floyd Ensminger, Lawrence Martin, Geraldine Patton, Doris McGuire. l QQQQ o o QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ op o Page 45 .is QQQQQQ Nohf 9 Q X X 9 Q 1 Y 6 v c 9'Qt0f Top Row, left to right-Virginia St. Clair, Trevor Lewis, Margaret Coe, Alvin Robohn. Second Row-Lee Ona Kuhlman, Evelyn Hillis, Nadine Glass. Third Row-Juanita Brown, Louise Boles, Leroy Sprague, Lillian Axe. Fourth Row-Fred Carter, Peggy Bailey, Lucille Crabtree. Fifth Row-Herman Thomas, Lena Smith, Stanley Vandervelde, Leroy Hughes. Sixth Row-Marjorie Scott, Nidayvonne Maddern, Delores Tholen. V Seventh Row-Ethel Roles, Keith Deitrich, Mildred Lumley, Louise Cannon. Eighth Row-Ethel Jones, Juanita Stinson, Kenneth Brock. Ninth Row-Hazel Thornton, Marion Henderson, Katharine Marbourg. QQMQQQQQQQQOMMLNQMGfi Page 46 iw Top Row, left to right-Donald Cuthbertson, Virginia Burnap, Virginia Forbeck, Bill Alexander. Sz'cond.R0w-Kenneth Remy, Josephine O'Neil. Third Row-Arthur Specht, Ralph Smith, Junior Thompkins, Melvin Fry. Fourth Row-Mary Kretsinger, Harold Coe, Lowell Trowbridge. Fifth Row-George Russell, Marie Pregor, Ralph Knouse, Francis Henderson. Sixth Row-Lewis Knight, Max Seilert, Mary Smith. Seventh Row-Esther Maxey, Nora Davies, Louise Wilks, Lyle Lewis. Eighth Row-Clinton Keeler, Vincent Wallace, Juanita Cooley. Ninth Row-Melvin Quick, Anna Copeland, Bonita Davis, Stephen Henderson. 0QoQoQoQGQvQoQoQOQv 6 Page 47 N1 OQQQ NWO to 9 9 'Q 0 6 o 4 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ELIZABETH WILSON .......,............. . ................ --,, .w,,.,.... President G'AROUNE' DEWARi1ig-f 'i.--ggggg.--1g,.---gg--. -Q .... gi Vive-President LLOYD HENDERSON ..... ......... S ecretary HELEN STANTON ..LL., ..,.............. ...... T r easurer The Sophomores in all their glory arrived at the Senior High School prepared to awe the Seniors, but after several squelching looks and a lot of good advice from them, we almost decided we Weren't as Wonderful as we had imagined ourselves. We have tried to live up to our high ideals and we distinguished ourselves along certain extra- curricular activities just to show the know-it-all upperclassmen that We are a most superior group. Our class further distinguished itself by placing many members on the term honor roll. 'We have been a depression hit class and for this reason and inclement weather our many planned parties and picnics did not materialize, but we had one line party to the Strand. At any rate, We have proved to our- selves, if to no one else, that we are much more wonderful than any class before us and we are confident that we are better than any to corne after. so 0 Q QQQQQM 0 0054000400 Page 48 6 Q OO O SOPHOMORE I CLASS Top Row, left to right-Dorothea Lutt, Margaret Moon, Lee Ona Goss, Verle Frost, Eunice Kean, Thaeda Thomas, Esther Rake, Marvin Thompkins, Dorothy Theye, Mary Jane Diggs, Theola Gray, Helen Stanton, Oma Delle Newlin. Second Row, left to rigfof--Russell Walker, Fred Davis, Paul Kline, Franklin White, George Hamilton, Harold Irey, Howard Deputy, Laura Nichel, Dona Faye Bowers, Esther Lynn, Lois Reams, Dorothy Myers, Dorothy Resch. Third Row, leff In right-Gwendolyn Mounkes, Grace Anderson, Mildred Benson, Orin Stoker, Clifford White, Eugene Souders, Lloyd Henderson, Virginia Mott, Ruth Knouse, Helen Louise Karr, Rosemary Fasken, Grace Martin, Selma Kassens, Corinne Kassens. oQoQoQoQo ooo QQOQOQO 4 Page 49 4 0000 at oh, X SOPI-IOMORE II CLASS Top Row, left to right-W'ayne Watson, Arthur Gran- deen, Arthur Clausen, Dick Lord?-Gary Hankenson, Edward Sheridan, Wilburn Morris, Edwin Theel, Robert Morse, W'illie Bugbee, Milton Siegle, Robert Schmidt. Second Row, left to right-Arnold Lister, John Merrcl, Harry Kinter, Lyndell Petty, Russell Kidwell, Melburn Foster, Tommy Nevitt, Lyndell Beattie, Clifford Rock. Third Row, left to right-Frank Warren, Inez Grace Sharran, Carolyn DeWar, Elizabeth Wfilson, Page Grif- fiths, Lena Grace Griffith, Selma Star, Lawrence Var- ner, Barton Eccleston, Millard Lumley, Curtis Fischer. zodpqo QQQQQQQQQQQMQQQQQQQQ oo Page 5 0 PULLING TOQETHER -MAIW SI Page 51 l QQQOQQ 0 . f Q V O f, 6 9 Q 1 X ga 0 4 9 Girl Reserves OFFICERS RUTH WINN ...,,,,.,,...,.........,,.,,..,,,,,,......,,, ,,,,........ P resident FRANCES ONSTAD ,.,... - ...A,..., ..,.,.. Y 'ice-President LORENE CRAVENS ....... ,.....,, S ecretary BETH FULTON ,......... .,,.. T reusurer The Girl Reserve organization includes nearly every girl in F Wschoolg therefore, it must appeal to the interests of many types. This is done through interesting and worthwhile programs, definite projects of service, and various social activities such as teas, monthly dinners, picnics, and parties of all kinds. At the beginning of the school year, a group of representative girls meet in a setting-up conference to plan the year's work and to choose a theme, the theme this year being "The Budding Rose." The big and little sister plan helps new girls to feel more at home in Senior High School, and many other things are done during the year to make others happier. In order to receive more inspiration and enthusiasm for their work, about twenty girls are sent to one of three conferences: Estes Park, Camp Wood, and the mid-winter conference. we Q QQQQQQQ OQOQQQOQOQOQQ O Q00 GIRL RESERVES fContinueclj COMMITTEES Chairman Committee Marjorie Jackson Program Frances Onstad Membership Beth Fulton Finance Margaret Ryan Music Mary Kretsinger Publicity Helen Ives Social Ruth Jones Service Clara Louise Meckel XVorld Fellowship Our Girl Reserve triangle Three principles contain, Each one of which, neglected, Brings on regret and pain. Our minds and souls are quite As are our hands and feet, Anxt one omitted or abused Might cause complete defeat In this Fm sure you will agre Nor offer doubt or strife, That proper care of all the three Makes for the rounded life. as real 6? Sponsor Miss Hamer Miss Ice Miss Thomson Miss Sowerby Miss Howard Miss Snider Miss Shirley Miss Sirpless '15 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ OQOQOQO O oh Pgeii QQQ QQ ohh Junior-Senior Hi-Y Club OFFICERS CHARLES KNOUSE ...... ..... .... . . .,, ...,. ............. P 1' esideht RICHARD LEE ........., .,,,.., V ice-President i 'X CARROLL LITTLE ........ ............. S ecretary EUGENE BURDICK ..,,. .I... T reasurer 9 This year's club has been active along several lines of endeavor, O chief among these was the series of vocational guidance talks by Emporia men which was jointly sponsored by the Hi-Y and Kiwanis Club. Other activities were the Father-Son banquet and the regular 4 bi-weekly meetings with talks by prominent men. The Hi-Y also sponsored a play, 'lNew Brooms," and jointly sponsored "Treasure I Chestu with the Girl Reserve. 4 m HISTORY OF HI-Y CLUBS 4 f The Hi-Y Club in Emporia High School dates from 1908. In I this year the first club, called the Y. M. C. A., was organized with 1 1 Rice E. Brown, then history teacher, as the faculty sponsor. The first state Y. M. C. A. camp was held at Soden's Grove, 1911. The 4 club has always been active in Bible study and in life and vocational problems. A member of the Hi-Y, John Stanley, was the first student Q 0 Y. M. C. A. secretary employed by Emporia. Q 4 , 0 QQQQQQ QQQQM oQoQo9oMQoQyo,QeQ Sophomore Hi-Y Club THE CABINET FORREST DAUGHDRILL ...,..vv..... . ...,..,.,.,,.,.,... ............. P resident HAROLD IREY .........A.....o,. . .... Vice-President Q EDWIN THEEL .....,....,,, .......... S ecretary BILL CLEVER ..,.., ..,... T reasurer f "- 0 The Sophomore Hi-Y during its second year of organization has striven unusually hard "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." This year We have particularly stressed a high standard in clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship. Some of the things which our members will long remember are: the watermelon feed at which nearly thirty good melons quickly dis- appearedg our noon lunches every Tuesday at the "Y,'g the Father and Son banquetj the hot-dog stand at the football gamesg the Hi-Y tennis HONOR ROLL OF PRESIDENTS tournament. 1908 Don Peters 1909 Wilbert Fuller 1910-11 ' Kenneth Ireland 19 10 Leon Knight 1911 Roscoe Graves 1912 Charles Johnson 1913 McKinley Pratt 1914 Amos Curry 1915 Luther Aue 1916 L917-18' Q 1918 1919 1920 o 9 0 Schuyler Garth Carl Garth John Durfy Elmer Cooper Wilmot Day 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926- 1927- 1928 1929 1930 1931 Noel Franklin Dale Scheel Joe Dumm, Jr. Eugene Link Jay Thomson Harold Bishop Harold Reeble Rice Brown, Jr. Joe Morris Eugene Waller Charles Knouse SOPHOMORE HI-Y 193 0-31: Eugene Burdick 1931-32: Forrest Daughdrill QQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ o ohh Page 5 5 o e 9 6 9 Q 4 QQMQ Q 9 WOM Now First Row, left to right--Virginia Burns, Imogene Wilson, Anna Copeland, Bonita Davis, Jennie Wilson Srfroml Row--Alberta Holt, Alberta Rogers, Doris Collier, Lida Gandy. Third Row-Miss Walls Qsponsorj, and Mrs. Stafford Qadvisorj. Colored Girl Reserves The Colored Girl Reserve has done more this year than in previous years and we consider this year a very successful one. Some of the activities of our club have been: a program once a month at one of the three colored churches, singing at the First Christian Church, a HalloWe,en banquet, a Christmas party for small children, singing at the Broadview Hotel, a banquet at the Y. W. C. A., a breakfast Easter morning for members of the club, and singing in the Re-Echo chapel program. The officers of the club are: Bonita Davis, president, Al- berta Holt, secretary, and Jenny Wilson, treasurer. fo My OQOQOQOQOQOQQ ohh 'QW Page 56 First Row, left to right-Eleanor Heaney, Page Griffiths, Lorene Cravens, Geraldine Foster, Elma Warn- ken, Delbert Saffer. Second Row--Mary Kretsinger, Dorothea Lutt, Miss Douglass, Stephen Henderson. Third Row-Merle jones, Roy Rigdon, Paul Lewis, Carl Faust, Alvin Robohn, Thomson Holtz, Frank Foncannon, Kathryn Hanna, Donald Thomas. ' The Cicero Club Only those taking third year Latin may belong to the Cicero Club. Since it is so exclusive, only nineteen members compose this club. The purpose of the Cicero Club is to make better Romans of its members. A constitution much like that of the United States Qbut not quite so lengthyj was adopted limiting the members in their rights of citizenship. The club lets the outside world know what it is doing by a Latin newspaper. Those who can't read Latin are just in the dark. Officers of this organization are: Geraldine Foster, president, Frank Foncannon, vice-president, Mary Kretsinger, secretary, Page Griffiths, treasurer. pooch ohoooooohh o o 4 MNOW 9 O o 9 4 O 0 0 0 First Row, left to right-Paul Lewis, Keith Deitrich, Forrest Daughdrill, Frank Foncannon, Junior Cook, Joe Fulton, Edwin Maddern, Clifford White, Ralph Knouse, Glen Maple, Charles Goodwin. Second Row-Mr. Stout Qsponsorj, George Sparks, Roberta Bixler, Selma Star, Lena Grace Griffiths, Vera Loomis, Katherine Sowerby, Helen Ives, Betty Bowman, Marian Tibbals, Mary Umfleet, Lois George, Evelyn Jones, Rollo Cochennet. Third Row-Murray Lohner, Keith Farquharson, John Klem, Marvin Kipling, Virginia Lee Porter, Ruth Jones, Merle Gephart, Helen Yates, Edith Eisenhauer, Opal Lister, Dorothy Helstrom, Audrey Marril, Lola Donez, Margaret Carnine, Willa Heaton, Homer Marcellus. Fourth Row-Lawrence Wagner, Albert Johnson, Ruth Winn, Francis Onstad, Vera Jean Piper, Dorothy +0404 O Star, Mary Emily Keeler, Helene Jensen, Alvin Robohn, Dick DeLong, Lee Embry, Albert Clark, Ermin Prchal, James Brandt, Rodney Collins, Robert Meyers. 9 Up and Atom Club The Up and Atom Club is a science club composed of students who have a special interest in science work. This year we had seventy- five members. O Many interesting and unusual programs were presented and all of the members gained some new and helpful information. Entertaining if demonstrations were given by different members of the club, educa- 0 tional films were shown, and talks were given by outside speakers. A skating party was held at Soden's pavilion on November 9th, at which everyone had a good time skating and eating refreshments 4 which were prepared by the social committee. Officers of the club are: Albert Clark, president, True Retschlag, vice-president, William Fuson, treasurer, Jeanette Retschlag, secretary. , Joe Fulton was treasurer during the first semester. The committee Q chairmen are James Brandt, program, and Rodney Collins, social. 6 T 9 0 OQOQQ QQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQQQOQO 4 Page 58 4 Q 9 9 9 o The contestants and their sub'ects are, left to ri ht: 1 g First Row-Albert Clark, "The Ade uac of the American Constitutionhg Lola Donez, "Roosevelt and q' Y . . 1 the Ccnstitutionng Doris McGuire, "Constitutional Civil Libertics"g Irene Smith, "Abraham Lincoln and the Constitutionf' Second Row-Charles Knouse, "The Citizen, His Duties and Privileges Under the Constitutionng Miss Miller Ccoachjg Forrest Daughdrill, "The Constitution, A Guarantee of the Liberty of the In- diviclualf' e Cratorical Contest The annual High School oratorical contest conducted by the Kansas City Star, was held in Emporia, March 10. The contest centered around the Constitution of the United States. The purpose of this contest is for the promotion of a better understanding between nations by means of the exchange of national viewpoints. Twenty dollars in prizes were offered by the Kiwanis Club of Emporia. Miss Doris McGuire won first place in the Emporia contest. The judges were K. W. Davidson, Vincent A. Davis and F. B. Ross. oh QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ o Page 5 9 600 ppp O Q. 9 0 O 0 9 0 0 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-Davies, Robison, Massey, Bumgarner, Smith, Kretsinger, St. Clair, Beach, Morris. Second Row-Foster, Fulton, Kean, Williains, Yates, Retschlag, Piper, Jones, Shulley. Third Row-Tibbals, Winn, Maxey, Carnine, Ryan, accompanist, Pyle, Lister, Loomis, Boler. Fourth Row-Onstad, Glass, Kraum, Hovgard, Miss Sowerby, direc- tor, Garrison, Ives, Mouse, Gephart. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Top Row--Cowan, Loomis, Bergerhouse, Lee, Carothers, Foncannon Irey. S Second Row-Fuson, Farquharson, Smith, Miss Sowerby, director Wayman, Fulton, Collins. Third Row-Gufler, Warren, Smith, Pyle, accompanist, Sparks, Deputy, Rindom. Fourth Row-Cuthbertson, Johnson, Reams, Clark, Specht, Bowers. ,V 4 Page 60 ORCHESTRA Hirschler, Beattie, Collins, Deitrich, Farquharson, Goodwin, Gordon, Herzog, James, Koehler, Lesh, Lumley, Lohner, Ritter, Seigle 9 Steg, Waters, T. Retschlag, Hovgard, J. Retschlag, Kraus, Loli, Baltz, Blakley, Brown, Ewbank, Furman, Gephart, Gray, Heaton, Baltz, Blakley, Brown, Ewbank, Furman, Gephart, Gray, A. Phillips, D. Star, S. Star, Shorer, Swanson, L. Thomas, T. Thomas. Wfilson. 3 5 BAND I Bergerhouse, Conwell, Forrester, Farquharson, Gordon, Goodwin Q Hazlett, James, Lohner, Lumley, Lesh, Morse, Herzog, Steg V Seigle, Carnine, Myers, Nuffer, Maddern, Mott, Furman, Phillips. 0 0'0'0'4 Q f Q 0. 0 9 9 9 0 o o 0 9 QQQQ o ole QQQQQQQ 000 0 o o 4 Ooh 4 ECHO Q1 Editor BETTY BOWMAN Business Manager 0 ' The campaign for subscriptions began in the second assembly when Mary Emily Keeler, the editor, and Betty Bowman, the business V -Another successful year for "The Emporia Echon has come to a close and the school publication has satisfied its readers regularly each week. manager, talked. O Q October 9th and 10th, six staff members journeyed to Lawrence O to attend the journalism conference sponsored annually by the K. U. department of journalism. The representatives were: Mary Emily Keeler, Ruth Winn, Mary Kretsinger, Ruth Jones, Kenneth Ace, and Harold Coe. The name of the publication has been changed this year from "The Echof' to "The Emporia Echo." New features of the paper are: "Hits of the Week," "Breezy Brevitiesf' and "Atoms of Science." 6 Seniors, April Fool's Day, and G. R. were recognized by special editions. 6 zwwe oheoqo AQGMMQQMMM MARY EMILY KEELER x r f 0 Q. 9 9 Page 62 R JEANETTE RETSCHLAG E-ECHO Editor LLOYD MORGAN Business Manager First Row, left to right-Rhea Little, girls' athletic editor, Margaret Ryan, organizations editor, Margaret Morris, assistant editor, Lloyd Morgan, business managerg Jeanette Retschlag, editor-in-chief, Ora May Traxler, typist. Second Row-Mr. Stout, sponsorg Mr. Nichols, financial advisory True Retschlag, kodak editor, Miss Dut- ton, sponsor, Carroll Little, assistant business manager, Katherine Marbourg, junior assistant editor, Miss Coverdill, sponsor, William Fuson, calendar editor. Third Row-Mr. South, faculty advisorg Fritz Gufler, junior assistant business manager, Willis Hoovff' cartoonist, George Meyer, boys' athletic editor, Miss Shirley, sponsor, Mr. Lodle, sponsor. The Re-Echo has been a definite part of Emporia High School for many years and each year it grows larger and better in some way. The 1932 Re-Echo, working under adverse conditions, has continued to add new features and to rank high with other annuals throughout the state. The members of this year's staff have been willing to work and co-operate with the faculty and the student body and it is through their combined efforts that this book has been published. The first meeting of the Re-Echo staff, which was held in Sep- tember, was in the nature of a social event. The staff held business meetings once every two weeks throughout the year. The Re-Echo chapel, February 19, launched the subscription sale of books. Thirteen pounds of candy were offered as prizes in the subscription contest which proved to be a hard fought battle. The last event of the year for the Re-Echo was the annual picnic which was held the last week in May. At the picnic, books were presented to the members of the staff after which a very elaborate feed ensued. MQQQQM row oswfo rqoosi Page 63 . 'NVQ "MAN OR MOUSE" First Row, left to right-Doris McGuire, Thelma Field, Helen Ives, O, 0 Ruth Davis, Bill Clever, Mary Kretsinger. ' Second Row--True Retschlag, Walter Shaw, Donald Cuthbertson, Q Louise Cuthbertson, Rodney Collins, Miss Miller Qdirectorj, Wil- liam Fuson, Frank Foncannon. V Q 0 0 0 "TREASURE CHEST" QG. R., Hi-Y Benefirp First Row, left to right--Jeanette Retschlag, Frances Onstad, Irene Smith, Ruth Winn, Mary Kretsinger. Second Row-True Retschlag, Miss Miller fdirectorj , Rodney Collins, Doris McGuire, Barton Carothers. 0 0 0 000 0 0000000 0 00000000000 Page 64 Q ilzfif,owf,ZMfZiM First Row-Frances Onstad, president, Richard Lee, vice-presiclentg Ruth Winn, secretaryg Lloyd Mor gan, treasurer, Dorothy Star. Second Row-Nola Davidson, Merle Gephart, Thelma Pyle, Ora May Traxler, Margaret Ryan. Third Row-Rhea Little, Harold Wayman, Mary Helmer, Barbara Beach, Clara Louise Meckel. Fourth Rauf-Dorothy Baltz, Keith Sellers, William Fuson, Joe Fulton, George Johnson. Fifth Row-Albert Clark, Marjorie Jackson, Chase Wilson, Lois Recble, Lola Donez i'National Honor Society L A II. t -F ' .fl-A4A,,A,a!5A,AesiAo 'Ala f .rr 1 ' ' ff' M V' PM ff? W1",3l fi' +V if C . 5 f l I ' ' 'YQ' l 4 w va , W , Y I A . , . X -. v Xiq v -. s ,,- I , . 1 . . , f , ,, W I ,f f j p ' . ,gf V if f. of ' rg , qv 1 , . , f a f iw. , . 1 ,ii if iv Page 6 5 img, ,2 ej- yi I 32, QP? 'V F f fr Y 2 Hp ' F35 . C5 W 23 'L .lr is grim .As - sage' i, if 5 Jr" fix - PL 'L I 3 fs A, Q, INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT The boys in the Industrial Arts Department have shown much skill and artistic ability in the beautiful pieces of furniture made this year under the direction of Mr. George A. Lodle. . Page 6 6 6595525 X, 1 NX ANS FIGHT After ear! New Q 4' Q 0 9 O 9,0 Top Row, left to right-John Strube, Guard, Weight 170, Kenneth Remy, Tackle, Weight 1705 Donald Resch, Center, Weight 145, Richard Lee, Guard, Weight 155. Middle Row-Melvin Miller, Tackle, Weight 1825 Coach Huckstepg Wayne Boles, Guard, Weight 165. Bottom Row-George Meyer, Quaterback, Weight 137, Hubert Col- vin, Halfback, Weight 15 5 3 Harold Taylor, Halfback, Weight 1693 Charles McGlinn, Halfback, Weight 167. QM Q. Q Q QMM ohh 000000400003 Page 6 S lfjza t'9'000 O Q Toji Row, left to right-John Perrier, End, Weight 137 g Kermit Davies, Tackle, Weight 170, Lester Reeble, Guard, Weight 145g James Kelley, End, Weight 158. 0 ' Middle Row-Lloyd Morgan, Center, Weight 1585 Lodle fAssistant ' Coachjg Dale Flickinger, Quarterback, Weight 145, Lester Walker, End, Weight 155. Bottom Row-Glenn Fish, Tackle, Weight 1735 Alva Gould, Full- , back, Weight 173, Russell Blessing, Halfback, Weight 1483 Ed- mond Hays, Tackle, Weight 169. 0 9 0 OQOQOQOQOQOQQQO ohh .ppl Page 69 QOQQQQQ i 4 Petty T011 Row, left lo righl-Specht, Stoker, Nelson, Plumley, Morris, Lohner Second Row-Mr. Lodle Qassistant coachj, Walker, Brislen, Clawson, Vnrner, Corbett, Knouse Kinter Tbirzl Row-Burns, Hollingsworth, Evans, Howell, Lewis, Henderson, Wilson Q 9 Cheerleaders-Johnson, Ace, Asllbaugh Football Summary-I9.'5I W The 1931 football season was one of the most successful ones in recent years for the Huckstep crew. They won five games, tied one, 9 and lost two. To climax a great season they decisively defeated Ottawa, the state champions, by a score of 21 to 6. 1 O FOOTBALL SCHEDULE, 1931 1 Sept. 26-Manhattan Ctherej ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 0-E. H. S. ,,,,, ..,r,, . 0 Oct. 3-Eureka Qtherej H ,,,,,,,,, 0-E. H, S, ,,,,, 26 , Oct. 10--Fredonia fherej ,,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,,,,, 0-E. H, S. ,,,,, 35 Q Oct. 16-Hutchinson fnightj ftherej .18-E. H. S. ,,,,, 7 Oct. 24-Burlington fherej ,,,..,.....,,.,,,. 0--E. H. S. ,.... ..,,,, 4 6 Oct. 30-Marion Ctherej ,,.,., ...., 0 -E. H. S. ..... ..,..,, 1 3 Q Nov. 14-Topeka fherej ...... , 7-E. H. S. ..... 0 NOV. 21-Ottawa fherej ,, .,.,. 6-E. H. S. ,.,,, 21 Opponents ...... .,,,.,,.. 3 1-E. H. S. ...., ...,,, 1 48 5 f.. 1 75 QOQOQO QQGQOQOQO oeeeteewweee 6 Q L: 6 0 A Gould, Colvin, Petty, Clever, Sprague - Jones, Taylor, Meyer, Holtz Track Summary-I932 , After track had been on a decline for several years, it was again put upon its high standard through the efforts of Coach Huckstep. The track team, made trips to a number of track meets, mainly: Lawrence, for the K. U. Relays, Baldwin, Eureka, to qualify for the Q state track meet held in Emporia. E. H. S. had one of the best half-mile relay teams in this section V 6 of the state. This team was composed of Hubert Colvin,'I.indell Petty, Alva Gould, and Bill Clever. Q 6 6 , Q 6. SQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ oh C 6Q6 6Q6Q6Q Page 71 060606 E First row, left to right-Resch Chonorary captainj, center, johnson, centerg Lee, guardg Moon, forward, Kowalski, guard, Meyer, guard. Second row-Kelley, guard, Smith, forward, Fish, guardg Trowbridge, forward, Hagins, forward, Carle, centerg McGlinn, forward. M0004 O 9 0 Basketball Summary-l93I-I932 The Emporia High School basketball team had one of the most 0 successful seasons since that of 1924. They were defeated by only two teams: one the first semester, and one the second semester. The team was victorious in nineteen games. i O Many of the first team boys graduated at the end of the first semester and in January only one regular appeared. However, Coach Huckstep had plenty of good material to fill the places of those who graduated. O E. H. S. closed its basketball season at the State Tournament in Wichita, winning its first game from Arkansas City and losing its second to Parsons who went to the finals. 4 Q4 s 9 f o 1 O Quo o o 10004945404 o Menu Y H, ,, SECOND TEAM Left to right-Reams, Anderson, Kinter, Hollingsworth, Embry, Powell, Kowalski, Petty Q Basketball Schedule 9 Jan. 8-Burlington Qtherej ..,.. ..., 1 1-E. H. S. ..,,v, ,,,,.. 3 3 Jan. 9-Burlington fherej .,......... ,-,.. 7-E. H. S. ...,... 29 Jan. 12-Peabody ftherej ........,,,.,, ,,,, 1 1-E. H. S. ,,.... ....., 2 2 Q Jan. 15-Wichita North ftherej ,..,,,,,. 15-E. H. S. ,,,.,, ..,,,. 1 8 Jan. 16-Augusta ftherej ....,.......,. M- 19-E. H. S. ,,,,,,, ,... . . 14 Jan. 23-Ottawa ftherej .,,,., ,,.. .... 1 4 -F.. H. S. ....... ...... 1 7 Jan. 29-Abilene fherej .,.,,, 14-E. H. S. ....... ..... . 19 4 Feb. S-Lawrence fherej ...... ,,,, 14-E. H. S. ....... ..... . 20 Feb. 6-Clay Center fherej ,,,,., ,,-, 7 -E. H. S. ....... ...... 2 0 Feb. 9-Eureka fherej ...,..,,,, 13-E. H S. .............. .- 32 Feb. 13-Topeka Cherej ...,..,,,,, .,,. 1 S-E. H. S. ................ 20 Feb. 19-Manhattan Ctherej ..,.... ,,.. 1 2-E. H. S. ....... -- ,... 22 Q Feb. 20-Clay Center ftherej ..,.. ..,. 1 S-F.. H. S. ....... ...... 2 1 Feb. 23-Eureka ftherej . ,.,,,,,, .... 1 2-E. H. S. ....... ...... 2 S Feb. 27-Ottawa Cherej ...,,...,. 16-E. H. S. ....... .... . , 25 March 4-Manhattan fherej ...........,..... .. 12-E. H. S. ,, ,,.,, ,.,... 2 8 0 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Osawatomie ..... ....,,,,,,,,..,,.,.................... 1 7-E. H. S. ....... ..,... 2 4 , Lawrence ,,.., ,,.. 1 6-E. H. S. .,,,,,, ,..,.. 2 6 QQ ottawa ,.., .........,,.,...,...,............... 1 2-E. H. s. .....,. ....., 1 3 Q Q STATE TOURNAMENT Arkansas City ..,.,.,........,........,,................ 18-E. H. S. ..,.,,. ...,., 2 0 l Parsons .......................... ....... 2 7-E. H. S. ..,,... ....,, 2 2 0 Q O onents ....... ....... 2 SS-E. H. S. .....,.......,., 475 , PP Q QOQQQO o QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ dawg Page 7 3 4 M00 MNMQ Q O 9 0 fi 4 0 4 6 to 9 Members of the Girls' Athletic Association Two clog dancing groups Girls' Athletic Association The Girls' Athletic Association is composed mainly of those girls interested in extra-curricular athletics for girls. It is a member of the Kansas State High School Girls' Athletic Association with headquar- ters in Topeka and follows the state point system. Under this system, upon earning 600 points one may get an "Eng with an additional 400 points one earns the state "K"g and with a total of 1400 points one earns the final award which is a badge. The club has for its purpose the promotion of interest in athletics for girls and the encouragement of good sportsmanship at all times. Meetings are held monthly. There were also several social events held during the year. A Hallowe'en party was held at the Y. W. C. A., and a picnic at Peter Pan Park. A Girl Reserve meeting was supervised by the G. A. A. early in May. During the last week in April the G. A. A. sponsored a posture contest which was won by Helen Ives. Y 5 OQQQO Q 0Q9QOQOQ6Q6e9 we egos W9 o Q of QQ 0 1 4 I Senior class basketball team, sophomore class basketball team, girls' tumbling team Bounceball teams, Junior class basketball team, horseshoe pitchers 0 0 GIRLS, ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION QContinuedj 1931-1932 OFFICERS Presidenf ..... ,........,......,.......,,.....,...,..,.,..... R HEA LITTLE Secretary ..... .,...... N OLA DAVIDSON Q Treasurer ................,,....,., ...... G ERALDINE PATTON Sergeant-at-Arms, 1931 ..... ........ G ENEVA TIMMONS Sergeant-at-Arms, 1932 ,....... ,.,..... L ENNADALE BOYD Sports Manager ......,......,t.... ....1... M ARION TIBBALS Q 9 9 o Co oo QLMQQQQQQQQQCQQQ QQQQQ5 QQ 0 The Senior Prophecy Mid its lights and scintillations I can see the future shining, Shining on my friends, my classmates. I can see them in their wanderings And I see their occupations, and How they make their bread and butter. I can see our brave class president- Alva Gould, our mighty athlete, Charging through a successful season As the star of the New York Giants. In the studios so spacious Of the Embry Radio System- - George Sparks croons the latest song hits, Written by the melodious Blakely. Then in George Burnap's theater Appear a troop of actors, dancers: Thelma Field, second Pavlowa, Walter Shaw and Jeanette Retschlag. Loyette Martindale is teaching Spelling in the Lebo College. Edith Eisenhauer is owner Of New York's most gaudy night club. I can see Joe Fulton working In the laboratory odorous, Helped by Albert Clark, his partner, Smashing atoms into pieces. . Then beneath a pile of papers I see Ora May Traxler working, Making an encyclopedia From her great store of knowledge. Mary Hellmer is the owner Of a chain of dry newspapers, And Miss Meckel, great essayist, Writes the editorials for her. In the snows of Northern Greenland Hunting for the expedition Of ill-fated Barton Carothers Is the noted Edgar Schmucker. In a sky high office building Studying under Dr. Brinkley Is Lloyd Morgan, famous surgeon, Down below him howl his victims. Then the diamond slowly darkens As a veil drifts slowly o'er it, And the futures seem more gloomy For the ones whose fortunes follow. Frances Onstad is no longer But is-now meet, Mrs. Collins. Mildred Mowl and Margaret Ryan Both have joined the ranks of wedded. Lois Reeble, brilliant student, Still goes to Emporia High schoolg Now with Glenn Fish, she's a teacher, Teaching childish sophs and juniors. H. C. Jent, poor boy, is dead now, True, they say, the good all die young. 'I5 4 it no Q QQQMM Richard Lee is in Chicago Hunting gangsters like Bruce Loomis. Rhea Little has the worst job- President of our glorious nation. While Clair Stockton cuts a few throats At the barber shop of Hagins. Now the crystal clears and brightens, And the pictures are more happy. Thelma Pyle, concert pianist, On her second, tour of China Finds the artist Lucille Remy Painting fences for the Russians. In the wilds of cold Siberia, Is True Retschlag, super-salesman, Selling Frigidaires to natives, and Celluloid frying-pans to the people. Edwin Maddern now is flying O'er the jungles of the Congo Taking gum drops to the traders, Willis Hoover and Max Bowers. Marjorie Jackson swings a hatchet In the speakeasies of Plymouth. Lola Donez is interpreter For the League of Nations Council. Margaret Morris is the well-known Authoress of 'lW'hy Men Leave Home". Barbara Beach is now the president Of the great Beach School of Music. Marvin Kipling, chain store magnate, Buys his food from Robert Cowan, Foreman of the Curly Q Ranch, And Howard james, the master farmer. Junior Francis now is making Mass production types of "Moonshine", The new ultra-violet ray lamp, Rodger Moon is its inventor. Then among the towering buildings Of the mighty town of Olpe, I can see wise Jerome Brinkman, Builder of that lordly city. Treading amid the admiring crowds comes Ruth Winn, society matron, Leader of New York's "four hundred", Wedded to the mouse-trap millions. Lyle Stotts and Robert Myers, Strong men, are in Ringling's Circus. Round them rides great Della Clements, Tight-rope walker and trick rider. Thus the diamond foretells fortune, Shows us in our ccming travels, Helps us then to meet the future, And courageously press on forward Till we meet and beat life's battles. Pressing forward, success finding, And all the time forgetting never Good old E. H. S. our high school! Q code Q oh o Q W0 4 6 'W sts. W 49 :YB .il rx-Ny CALE DA AN ADS X Q. 144527 K Q NX Q9 00? answer. But luckily a Big Sister comes to the reseue. ,g NVQ: are hardly over the pleasant shock given X us when we saw the new dress the stage is I kk 'L 'WV wearing. XVe saw red when the curtain was I f . X pulled all right. ' A-S C . "ii N 15-First call for the football bo's. Coach un l . A . l . I i I J Huckstep hopes for a championship team this Q! C 54A year as twelve lettermen report. 1 17-The G. Rfs start the year off with the NUM SEPTEMBER 8-We are back to tramping the halls again. 9 -"Say, mister, whereis the study hall?,' inno- cently asks a Sophomore. "On the fourth floor, kid," the lordly Senior condeseends to introduction of officers. The Hi-Yls discuss their programs for the coming year. Ruth W'inn and Charles Knouse arc their respective presidents. 18-Organized noise starts in Room 10 as the Girls' Glee Club is chosen by Miss Sowerby. 19-The G. R.'s have a Setting Up Conference overnight. We wonder if they "set up" all night or early in the morning. 9994995 6 9 6 6 6 At v Q 9 6 6- faQipazfgseeiseosieeffigegagesegseo wgeea. Page 77 0RABAUGH'S-- We are interested in you because YCU are our customers. Our success depends upon pleasing you, 6. Q 0 0 y You are always welcome at 9 RORABAUGH'S i if The Best Place to Shop After All Q J ewelry- The Age-old Symbol of Affection Q The jewelry art dates back to 600 B. C., but is just as interest- ing to the modern youth as it was Q to the youth of ancient days. In selecting new jewelry we keep youth uppermost in our minds. Q You are always welcome to come in and see what we have-no ob- ligations to purchase, 6 Qwmxlrlllllflfbijyb . aagillrltwmlius 75 23- 30- The Boys' Glee Club is organized. Im- mediately the cry is raised for a party for the two glee clubs. -The Re-Echo staff is organized, tentative assignments given out. From the sound which issued from the scccnd hc-ur physics class it must be the Fourth of July. Bernard Reeblc says it was an accident. -Our first football gcme, and it with Man- hattan, is a tic. How did they hold our "mighty forces" to a score of 0-0? -A nice big five-pound box cf candy goes to Mr. Lcdle's second hour class. Personally we doubt whether the "football chocolates" will be appreciated as much there as in our second hour class but to the victor belongs the spoils. 29-The science enthusiasts organized the Up and Atom Club. Vera Jean Piper elected chairman of the clean-up committee and Big Bob Meyers is elected bouncer. Frances NVillard receives the plaudits and the attentions of the two Hi-Y's. Mean- while in the G. R. camp the Army and the Navy are being groomed for their annual battle over magazine subscriptions. g0Q4Q4 OQOQOQOQOQOQGQOQOQOQOQOQ Page 78 Shee ey's Good Bread It ls Sliced For Your Convenience At Your Grocers- LESI-l'S SHOE STORE "Just Beautiful Shoes" Nettleton Shoes ooao P Stetson l-lats E9 i Haifa E go fof el Kuppenheimer Clothes Arrow Shirts Photographs To Be of Value Should Please Granada Studio Phone 705 D. D. Degler, Prop. FOR . . . lce, Coal, or Distilled 0 Q Water Q -Phone 122 Emporia Ice 8: Cold 9 Storage Co. OCTOBER 2-The Hucksteppers get in to their stride and lay Eureka out 2670. More power to them. 3-School Work lags as the World Series begins. 5-Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle. One might even say the sky is weeping but it has a good reason. Cernelia Ccnwell, last year's Re- Echo editcr, died last night. 6-Pref. Fitz de Snaczer, eminent Patagonian 7 seientisi, and Dr. Ni:rf: Glyseryniski, Cf Ox- ford, alias Bill Fuson and Roger Moon, test the affeetitns cf the members of the Up and Atom Club. W'hat makes the boys so in- different? Because the girls are "hotter." -"How many 'scripticns' have you got?" 'Tm fer the Navy!" and similar cries are echoing through the halls. All the boys are seen with small Army er Navy footballs. Where'd they get them? 8-Listen to the birdies. The C. ef E. Girls' Quartet entertain us. So do the cheer- leaders. 10-Our first home game, and Fredonia wilts under us, 35-O. At the same time the Cards clinch the series so we can study next week. W'ho said that? Q oqciqofofoh ohpgoh 4 000 Page 79 it appears that Ada Wright and Rhea Little head the list. 20-The serious Seniors elect. Gould takes thc Barr'Kuhlfnan CO. chair as Mr. President of the reigning class. Printers, Office Outfitters, Sta-tioners DE NT I ST C Twenty-four West Sixth Phone 344 EMPORIA, KANSAS , N - , xi 12-This week is the lull before the storm, and ' what a storm tsk-tsk-it will be if the mut- terings of the teachers are any warning. 15-Hi-Y and G. R. 7 16-Next week canit stay off but three days it A more, meanwhile we must prepare the home E folk. ' 17-The Em-Hi gridsters hit a stump as Hutch- 'I af" I . - . J , my , inson beats us 18 6. Better luck next time. I- A , il--Y Y , 3,-1. .. I 19-With much fear and trembling We approach Q our teachers to get our cards, after We get 22--A musical assembly. Mr. just presents some -A them we reproach them. When it's all over budding and some blooming musicians. Mr. ' Q 4 if H7112 W O The Spirit that prompted you to come to us i for your Annual Photograph is sincerely appreciated. And We trust you were Well l pl ease din every Way with the result. 4 RIGG STUDIO gf Swv +m+mwww+wmwi Page 80 W9 Brown talks on the life and example of Edison who died last week. -Our umi ht forces" a ain assert themselves g Y g as weshow Burlington our heels land stiff armsj 46-0. To date we have made one hundred six more points then our opponents in football. - -The two glee clubs ride uhayrackn out to Dryer Park. The evening is spent singing the "good ole songs" and more recent hits. -The divisions of the Up and Atom Club are getting busy. Several have had meetings and a few are working on programs for the club. -The football play has been chosen and try- outs will be next week. We wonder who the heroine will be. Don't everybody speak at once. ' -Miss Miller presents a little play to the Girl Reserves, while Mr. Cutshall speaks to the combined Hi-Yis. -Behold the conquering heroes come. We beat Marion 15-0. Which seems rightly un- lucky for them. Wl1o's next? Tonight is Hallowe'en and in this town, "the police will get you if you donlt watch out." That Graduation Watch Diamond Ring, or Costume Neck- lace will be most appre- ciated if it comes from UGHESJTCD JEWELERS Five Twenty-five Com'1 Phone 482 M EM aan S915-Inq? w 2 Q f -5 o s Q O Y 9 he 400N'OF 'VF F. A. LOOMIS, Portrait Photographer Bmporia's Headquarters for High School Clothes Home of the New Things First The PALACE CLOTHING CO. Fifth and Commercial H E. AXE, Mgr. Bread, Rolls, Cakes, Pastries By the Axe Bakeries Four Oh Five Com'1 St. Emporia A good place to Eat, Drink and be Merry NOVEMBER 4-Two days holiday for teachers' meeting. Maybe I can get caught up in my studies by next week. The band and orchestra skate at the rink. We wonder how much time they spent sitting down. Q 0 9-We make out our programs this week. I 0 -qnmmgzzggg B suppose we do it so we can have fun of changing them next January. 10-The Boys' Glee Club gets out fourth hour to get its picture taken. Look at the birdie and smile. o ooooobaoorvoaoooooooo 00000 Page 81 A QQQQQ NNW 4 Q 0 O 1 0 0 o 9 QM' E,GNE.R'S BAKERY Fifteen East Twelfth Avenue Fancy Pastries For School Parties THISTTLTETHWAITE 6: BOLER Seven Thirteen Commercial J EWELERS -- OPTOMETRISTS H. THISTLETHWAITE, Certified Watchmaker O. M. BOLER, Optometrist Chapel today. The Speech H class gives a fantasy, "The Clock Struck One." As an Armistice program O. R. Stites speaks. 12-While the Re-Echo staff meets the Up and Atcms have their pictures taken. How are scientists supposed to look anyway? 13-Friday the thirteenth, but it doesn't make much difference as all school days are un- lucky. The Seniors choose their rings. -Many tears are shed as Topeka beats us 7-0 on the home field. They said it was a field but all we saw was some mud. LEATI-IERBERRY' S Rexall Drug Stores Parker and Shaeffer's Fountain Pens CARA NOME TOILETRIES MEM BER GMRS-IN7f? 49 ll CA"lVNO 5 0 E 5 3 Rl 53 CT' 0 -4 ff Q v-4 its C5 2 CD TZ: Z00N.0Y' Photographer EIVIPORIA SPORT Sl-IOP Seven Oh Five Commercial St. Headquarters for Athletic Goods 17-The nine delegates which the G. R. sent to the conference at Hutchinson came back all pepped up to get to work. 19-Clubs today. The Hi-Y has a French meet- ing and close the day with a Father and Son banquet. Major Ericcson, till lately of the reformatory, speaks. -Miss Miller chooses our debate team though the schedule is not Worked out. -What's dope to an Em-Hi football team? We beat the hitherto undefeated Ottawa team 21-0 which finishes the season for this Q OQOQQQQQOQOQO 000046004 Page 8" '??,. N We Assume All Responsibility ROBERTS-BLUE IVICKEE-FLEIVIING LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Materials Fifth and Congress Phone 73 year with a total of one hundred forty-eight points for Emporia and thirty-one points for our opponents. Yea, team. 23-The Madrigalians from the Teachers College entertain us with a musical chapel. Rev. George Mitchell closes the meeting with a talk cn Thanksgiving. 24-The Radio Division of the Up and Atom Club furnishes the program for the regular meeting today. The G. R.'s celebrate the fiftieth anniversary cf Girl Reserves with a banquet at the Y. W. KANSAS ELECTRIC POWER CO. 25 -The whole school's talking about the Thanks- giving vacation and the football game be- tween C. of E. and K. S. T. C. The weather locks bad for a good game. The Seniors have a line party to the midnight show. Mr. Stout quite enjoys himself. 30-Vacation over already and what a reception we get-report cards! Three pupils make four and one-half E's. Twice as many girls as boys get cn the honor roll. What's the matter withi the boys? DECEMBER 2-The G. A. Afs meet to plan an Animal Party. We always thought the G. A. A.'s were girls. 3--At the G. R. and Hi-Y meetings the foot- ball play cast gives teasers for the play to- morrow night. Such mellerdrammer. iooooo ole QQQQQ o QQQQQ Page 83 Q o 0 GQ 9.9.9 e ,. x , Compliments of HAROLD R. SUTTON SCI-IOTTLER ELECTRIC CO. For Electrical Furnishings fr Twenty-four East Sixth THE CORNER ELEC IC SHOP Phone 205 .Z , A ' .' si LT A A2 f .. fwfr: g if 9, 4. 4- 5 8 9 R -The football play, l'Man or Mousef' A full house and lots of money for thc athletic as- sociation. An attempted murder fno they are blanksj aids the action. -Members of the Up and Atom seem to like to fall down too. They have a skating party with refreshments and such refreshments. -Students in Miss Hubbard's Spanish classes show their proficiency in that language by presenting a program in the auditorium. It sounds fine even if We can't understand them. -Emporia honors her team in the right place. ge: gf At the annual football banquet the letters X X yr H are presented. At least that will add some QQ' ke color to the scene. 10-There is a Santa Claus after all. Mr. Brown wishes to convince the skeptics so he declared yy t Lunlbef Phone 67 O - ig, We at .- . . fn Emporia, Kansas Phone 67 iar' P I 6 RUDY DOVVNS, Thirty-six Steps from Commercial ,ja ECONOMY SHOE STORE ' Nine East Sixth Ave. ji J r it A H i-s 1- A A 1 Rf' v V ' -, f , 1 , . 5 , i .V Q ix, u v 1 v' 1 of . Page 84 y 6 f . ' ' " 5BANGfgE5Qgf CLOTHING in' AND SHOES ummm 1 a half holiday to see the Santa parade down main street. -XVhile the rest of the school are pitying Santa's poor reindeer the Hi-Y delegation to the conference at Manhattan starts gaily off. --In chapel the Girls' Glee Club gives its debut. Thqx G. A. A. has its Animal Party at which several movie stars fpsuedoj appear. We always considered the stars rather catty so they were probably quite at home. -It turns out to be a lucky day for the Hucksteps. -Open wide please-for its dental inspection day. We go slinking down the halls visual- izing future trips to the dentist. --The G. R. and Hi-Y clubs jointly celebrate the Christmas season with carols and a Christmas play by the Speech II class. The G. Rfs also have a dinner at the Y. W. -The Echo ccmes out with numerous letters to Santa Claus. If he answers all of them he'll get into trouble with the teachers. We wish the teachers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and away for a two Weeks' holiday! JANUARY 5-Back in school again with that new beret or necktie. They cught to give us another week of vacation to recuperate from the last two weeks, but now we're into the grind again. 6 -The Senior II's met with Miss Thomson to fill out their information blanks so that the teachers will know where to send them when they graduate. 7-Another assembly rolls around again and we hear Dorothy Baltz play the violin while Dr. Dando gives a talk on prayer. The G. A. Afs at their meeting decide once again to feed the starving public at the basketball games. 8-The regular Every Pupil Scholarship contests 9 in the various subjects cast a pall of gloom over the High School which is dispelled only after the news reaches us that our team won its first game over Burlington with a score of 33-Il. -Burlington ccmes to Emporia but is disap- pointed for we beat them again, this time only 29-17. Not such a bad start. Emporia State Bank Six Oh One Commercial SATISFACTORY BANKING SERVICE For Really Good Photographs The Chase Studio Five Twenty-Five and a Half Com'1 11-The lordly Seniors have a meeting and hear that the rings were to be ordered immediate- ly. The formality of the banquet is also discussed and it is decided that dates are not necessary. Immediately afterward the Up and Atom have a meeting at which Albert Clark made some rather shocking demon- strations, Also movies on various subjects are shown. H 12-We add another star to our basketball crown by beating Peabody. 14-The G. R. and Hi-Y's have their meetings. '15 .ooo QQQQOQO LQQQQQQQQQQQ Q do Page 8 5 oeoeog - 7-7-- "For Your Golden Years" 09.4.90 6 9 9 4 6 O 4 4 X 4 , QQ oy 5 The College of Emporia of- ,-91 fers to the youth of Kansas, and especially of Emporia, a million dollar plant, a fac- ulty of devoted professors, a history of 50 years of ser- vice vvith distinguished alum- ni, an atmosphere of ideal- ism, and a program of prac- tical work that will prepare students who come properly prepared for its courses, to take a man or Woman's part in the contest called Life. It is the purpose of the Col- lege of Emporia to make its ideal of service as joyous as possible, for after all the col- lege years are the golden years of life. Fiftieth Year Begins September 6 HE CoLLEoE OF EMPoRlA Emporia, Kans. . JOHN BAILEY KELLY, D. D., PI'8Sid6Y1'C Q 0 Q wwmmm mmgm Q 6 ' 1 Emporia Plumbing 8: Heating Co. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating Authorized General Electric Home Appliance Dealers W I Marsh R D Marsh THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK 6: TRUST CO. Capital and Surplus, 5B125,000.00 Emporia., Kansas At the Senior I-Ii-Y meeting the conference at Manhattan is reported on. 15-We down an old rival and gather another victory by beating Wichita North High, 18- Q 0 0 ' 0 0 0 N Q .. 7 .-.. Dry Cleaning -' i":7'f, , ' y ff Rug Cleaning Q fr Hat Cleaning if -ff: J 'iii'-""' X Q M 36131 I I 1 Xml MSN! "'CTivL'E' - . ' Four Twenty-one Merchant Phone 127 O mvwvgp ks-5 .Phone 809 COMPLIMENTS Derby Products 0 PELNNINGTON OIL COMPANY Home Owned 24 Hour Service Q - 9 3 THE WARREN MORTGAGE Co. Q Emporia --------- Kansas 0 Zmowmww mm' 'MJ 000000 0 9 O , X l 0 4 1 V! 4 0 I, 4 19 20 21 25 I 1 You are always welcome to visit our school New Terms: June, September and January ,,,,,C,,vE McLaren Autocrat Tires, Warranteed for Life Against A11 Road Hazards ' sf" 'Cf J. I. Case Tractors and Implements MOON AUTO SUPPLY co. Twenty West Sixth Phone 100 1S. But pride cometh before a fall and on the sixteenth we drop our first to Augusta. -The various Senior II's who have graduated and still lounge around the halls are met with sighs of envy by all concerned. The teachers all vie with one another to see who can give the hardest tests. -More tests but we have a brief respite during chapel when we sec "Who Says Can't?D given by the Speech II class. -The last day of school this semester and two days of vacation but another semester hovers on the horizon. Those on the program for the Senior banquet rehearse their parts before the admiring sponsors. -The Senior banquet comes off with a song. As the diamond was the theme it was of necessity quite brilliant. 22-Back to school again to enroll and get our grade cards. The Christmas vacation didn't seem to soften the teachers' hearts a bit. As an introduction to the new semester the basketball team starts things off right by beating Ottawa 17-14. -The new semester officially begins and the lines in the halls to Mr. Brown's office get longer than ever. Victory Creamery Co. Manufacturer of Victory Dairy Products Phone 2405 Twenty-two East Seventh Smart Fashions Always AT THIS DEPENDABLE STORE- Millinery, Ready-Tlo-Wear, Lin- gerie, Foundation Garments, Hosiery, Gloves, Handbags, Silks, Linens, Etc. Dru Goods Co. Fidelity State 6: Savings BANK Emporia, Kansas 26-The Hi-Y-book exchange continues to do a thriving business though the rush is past. But the rush to change schedules is still going strong. THE ONE THING YOU NEED- at the most desperate time of need is Money. 27--To make up for the Seniors who have grad- uated and left, we have seventy-six new students to step on our toes in the corridors. Mr. Hanson, the new HY" secretary, tells the Hi-Y's all about Chile while the G. R.'s In our Savings Department We will Pay You to Save, and you will have money in a pinch. learn etiquette- ,I 0 'W 0 0 00000000000 0 00000000 Remington Portable Typewriters JT I ' ..'. 'J -V . Q XJ 11:35-l ' 'Q . . f ' te'a3FXs' K-gf' " 'Q ,f gi. fig, yi f?2f?zQiefe7't7' f -?f-ilyfiqe, .Qjfxb1f'ftw'f it f T H 731: 615,-.VQN vi, W X x it e , 4 .,.,.iz.:1sg',ilgg14 ii TE if ' - " '10, 9 0: EM , sw P 1 4, wi-'Bll,,,,,, an if J - , of . Ju V3?"W?r - QC A f se'-1-67 i i0Q'il'- , QQQKJJJ w'i"'? L ,f '!Q, 0 ai! - f A 1 i Typewriter Repairs and Supplies Eckdall 84 Mf:Car'l Booksellers to the People 29-After having fifth time we start regular classes, New team, for we tion, begins well by beating Abilene, 19-15. FEBRUARY changed our programs for the gins. After trying it once the Sophomore Hi-Y cabinet decides to have regular Tucs- lose four members by gradua- day noon meetings. 3-The C. of E. Girls' Glee Club entertains us again in chapel. This time they have some "hot" quartet and solo numbers. 4-Dcris McGuire is elected president of the et9'6+9 Q 9 6 6 559 Senior l's and the Senior lI's vote on their X01 1 announcements. A If S-The big double-header basketball game is a S complete success for Emporia. In a packed A QA gym the C. of team beats Baker and we W' M Q-,AN swamp the famous Lawrence team, 20-14. , qv uf X: ' All ilg l!l:l.l: 'Q 0 , I - Romine s Economy 6 ' Drug Store The Students' Store 9 ' Fountain Drinks - Sandwiches Q Q Q l 5 Cosmetics, Stationery, Etc. 3 5 W,,-2' SERVICE WITH A SMILE wif' -Z-,-31,37-..:.",z1,.'5,,7.,. -.,, 'AQ 2-Under the auspices of the G. A. A. the Ninth and commercial 6 girls' round-robin basketball tournament be- Half Block North of Granada Theatre 4 s ,V L ' , 1, M , , 9 , 9999 tttttttgtttttittittwstttitg Page 89 4 ii' f ' The Citizens National Bank L Emporia's Oldest and Largest Bank Capital and Surplus 5400000.00 Financial Strength Conservative Management COMPLETE FINANCIAL SERVICE MMM . Compliments I Q C lVlcl..ellan Stores Co. C to The to Store of Super Values s' ' , t. , 1-00 IX SeY.i12i,2i2.,21fQazgC1a1 S S1-00 6-Our winning streak continues as we beat Clay Center, 20-7. -Six Em-Hi students are entered for the ora- torical contest to be given next month. Emporia is getting to be a windy city. -A new parking slab is being built by the hitherto unemployed and new we can park cur cars within a block cf the building. We add another victory to our string by beating Eureka, 33-13. -Regular rehearsals for the G. R.-Hi-Y play, 'Treasure Chest," have started and already We can see the change in the characters act- ing. -The assembled G. R. and Hi-Y hear ex- convict Snow Allen, tell of the penalties paid by the criminals in society. He also gives us an illustrated course on starting the downward path. -The game cf the season! We beat the touted Topeka team and tooted them off the court, 20-18. If the tears of joy shed after the game were put in one tank you could drown in it. -XVe leave the snow which is melting and decide that the only way to get out of school is to get the mumps or the "flu." LYRIC THEATRE GOOD SHOWS AT LOW PRICES Attendance appreciated 10c Admission 156 One class has only four out of twenty left in it. --Miss Sowerby is having tryouts for mixed chorus which is practicing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. --The dress rehearsal for the Re-Echo chapel goes off like a worm, but the highwayman came riding anyway. -The worm turned! When you wash red flannels do you dry clean them, asks Jean Piper. -The team takes a trip north and beats Man- hattan again, 22-11. zoqoh o 4 QQQQQQQQQMM 4 Q o Page 9 0 1 1 1 A h 20--It also finishes Clay Center, this time 21-15. The Columbia Building 22-The way slips are flying third hour there and Loan Association must be a lot of Juniors having their pic- tures taken' Five Seventeen Merchant Phone 478 23-The Up and Atom meets and sees a film while the mixed chorus practices. In the OFFICERS and DIRECTORS C. J. McCoy, President 0. T. Atherton, Vice President J. H. Hilton, Secretary C. H. Lambert, Ass't Sec'y and Treas. evening We make our victories nine straight by beating Eureka again, 25-12. 24-George Washingtcn's twc-hundredth birth- day anniversary is celebrated by a special chapel. Judge Huggins tells us of the real T, W Butcher F. B. Heath Washington. He explains that the so-called H. W. Glass D. W. Morris "myth,' is untrue. E, M. Robinson The World moves and so does Bailey. We send our compliments to the Class of 1932 TI-IE BAILEY TRANSFER CO. Hardware i ne: Cutlery s t G d AYINI E 5 , Radios por OO S A11-DWAl2.E. 0 , Wallpaper FSIASF-.?? Ff'NIN4I DPIVXVIK Ifrl Palnt MARCH 9 1-Mr. Hubble, safety first man of the Santa ESTABLISHED l885 Fe, tells us cf the number of automobile casualties every year. Fashion Headquarters 2+The Y. M. C. A. has a father and son ban- FOLII' Twellliy-five COI1'1II1eI'Cia1 quet and our Hi-Y presidents give toasts. Ready-to-Weiar and Millinery Noted for Quality Moderately Priced -'G-r" . '57 25-" The Treasure Chest" is indeed a treasure for the G. R. and Hi-Y. 26-Again we get revenge on Ottawa by defeat- ing her 25-16. This makes sixteen victories and only one defeat. 29--The Re-Echo sales contest is won by Mr. P E -QQQQQQQ.. l Stout's fourth hour class. Mr. Lodle's class won first on the most sold subscriptions while Mr. Stout's class Won for the most , paid-up subscriptions. Q o OQOQQQOQOQOQO o o o oh M9006 4 O 0 9 9 9 9 0 O QMM Q Q 9 0 O 9 O 4 to 0 If it'S New, E 0 , If it's l-lere, 1' 1-1 no LOWERPRICES It'S Good t S ere IN TI-IE Hfmror sMpo1alA 623 Commrncunl, ST. Emporia, Kansas Six-O COF FEE EMPORIA WHOLESALE COFFEE Co. -Twenty-five Seniors mount the stage as mem- bers of the Honor Society. The past presi- dents initiate them. Frances Onstad is elected president for '32. -We close our regular basketball season by slaughtering Manhattan again, 28-12. The regional tournament is next week. -A day of tears for we get our report cards. Ora Mae Traxler makes five and a half E's as usual. The booby prize is won by well, We won't get personal. -The Sophomore Hi-Y's have a hot noon meeting-they serve chili. Miss Thomson has one of her regular spelling bees. -Hi-Y and G. R. The local oratorical con- test is held and out of five orators, Doris McGuire wins first. -We sweep through the first round of the regional tournament by beating Osawatomie, 24-15. Keep it up! -Wa hoo! We win the regional by beating Lawrence and Ottawa in the same day, 26-16 and 18-12, respectively. Thatls winning a trophy. -The Sophomore II's meet to see about their pictures and then decide that what they l-lead to Foot Outfitters RUCKNERW5 Everything New Always- Even the prices MORRIS DRUG CO. Four Twenty-three Commercial Phone 68 Compliments to the Class of l932 Emporia Telephone Co. 75 OQQQO QQOQO Q45 want is a party. Such frivolity would be impossible in the Senior class. 15-The Hi-Y cabinets have a noon meeting while at the Up and Atom Club a new treasurer is elected to collect dues. It will take several treasurers to collect money from us. 16-NVhen we hear Mr. Finney's anti-hoarding speech we decide to try to find the nickel we lost last year. 17-At the state basketball tournament we get through the first round by beating Arkansas Page 92 'Q'0'9'9'0'9'9 Tl i WWm,m,m,MW W Sixty-five years ago Theodore Poehler started a wholesale 'mlllllllill grocery business in Lawrence, Kansas. His idea of good mer- prmml, .VA iigllllglm, chandising embraced three essential elements- Good Service, High Quality, Reasonable Prices The Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered steadfastly to these principles, and, the policy of selling only to the Independent retailers, believing that the life of our community depends on supporting the home-owning merchants. Our products are marketed under two brands SUNBURST 1Extra Standardj POEHLER KING CFancyJ THE THEO. POEHLER MERC. CO. Topeka, Kan. Lawrence, Kan. Emporia, Kan. McPherson, Kan. A Kansas house for Kansas people that boosts Kansas schools Founded 1867 Incorporated 1889 THE. SMITH LUMBER COMPANY Corner Sixth and Constitution Lumber, Building Material and Coal Clean Coal Good Lumber A. H. Smith, Manager Phone 39 City. Arkansas City beat Augusta and Augusta beat us, so we are back where we started. Our casualties are too much for us and Parsons beats us 27-22. We soothe our spirits by remembering that we beat the state champ earlier in the season. Our record is 19 wins and 2 losses. -The weatherman goes back on us and we slide to school through four inches of ice and sleet and snow. -With Miss Priceis passing, Em-Hi loses one of her best teachers. The entire school is shocked by the suddenness of her departure. -The Speech class is Working on more plays to be given in chapel. Also one to give at the Honor Society banquet scheduled for April first. 24-Twenty-seven Emporians hear Doris com- pete at the regional oratorical contest. She takes third place. School is excused fourth hour to go to Miss Price's funeral. 25-The G. R. and Hi-Y have their delayed meetings. APRIL 1-The torch cf high standards is passcd on at the Honor Soiety at the Harvey House. Joe Fulton exclaims at thc amount of udog' which was put on for the affair. 4-The Sophomore Hi-Y at a noon meeting decide to have a tennis match. We expect GROH PRINTING CO. Nine East Fourth Phone 2365 0 Compliments of S. I'I. Kress 6: Co., 5, IO and l5c Store 0 Headquarters for School Supplies You Are Welcome Here ,QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q QM Page 93 F. W. Woolworth Co. Headquarters for School Supplies 5c, l0c and l 5c Store Six Oh Nine Commercial Emporia the main reason is that they wish to make it rain for farmers. 6-Those ever re-occurring Every Pupil Scholar- ship tests. Why is it so many people get sick on the day of examinations? G. A. Afs meet. Cz Brogan's Perfect Bakery Six Twelve Commercial Street The Taste Tells 'N' ' f 7-Lorene Cravens is elected president of the Q 0 0 0 0 "A X f 'Ni G. R. at the regular meeting. Eighteen men 0 , aid the Hi-Y boys in their hunt for voca- .V A, f tions. -Much to the dismay of the school, Coach Huckstep goes to Halstead for an operation. if We wish him a speedy recovery. O pw.-ewin -The dandelion garden crop has exceeded all expectations. Keep Off the Grass signs arc -'VN useless now with nice flowers to walk on. Q Q V X 12-The Sophomore Hi-Y cabinet meets at noon. 0000 . Z I Q psi J The Up and Atom Club is entertained at O tl I l ,K the College of Emporia. We think the ac- ,,N7,-2f"'- ' counts cf six-foot tape worms were stretched A F4 K Raoul' 5 a little. fff-,ly 13-Since the basketball banquet has been called 0 J,,.f off in the absence of Mr. Huckstep, Mr. R E TS INGE R o INSURANCE s Fire-Automobile-Accident r Over Emporia State Bank P110119 306 O HOTEL ' BROADVIE Q 4 Q A monument to the growth of Emporia, Whose Conve- niences are for your comfort U Swv o oeoeoeobogoeohbobobv og 6 UTRADE WITH THE BOYS" Visit our Clothes Shop for Quality Clothes Priced Reasonable l.lQliSAlld0TSOIlcl0IlllllgQ Lowther presents the letters to ten basket- ball boys. The debate class asks whether it is better to be a big frog in a little pond or a little frog in a big one. -The results of the Every Pupil Scholarship eontcst show that though we have a few dumb students the average is high. -We do the fire escape act in 80 seconds flat. -Girl Reserve week begins. New they'll tell us what it's all about. Girl Reserves have their mother-daughter banquet. , -Tryouts for the Senior play are held. The play, "Shirt Sleeves," is a depression comedy for a change. The idea is to relieve the cle- pression fcr the Senior class. -Intense training for the music contest is well under way. It costs the school over thirty dollars to enter at .20 per. -The contestants have their first airing at the Junior High chapel. Or was it to see if they were good enough to sing in the chapel? -The music contestants and groups sing and play for us in a special chapel. This year we should rate high. -Visitors are swarming in frzm all over the state. If each one was to pick ten dan- delions from our lawn perhaps the grass would feel encouraged again. Solo events are sung and played at the Teachers College. -The Up and Atom club entertains the Teachers College Science cluh with demon,- stratiens. What's left of the dry ice Mr. Stout uses to instruct his classes. Z.. 4-- The T Green Lantern Searls congratulations to all the 11z:'ml9ers of the Class of 1932 MML Fountain Service Toasted Sandwiches HARRY C. HILL 28-Group events are on the stage now. Emporia ranks high. 29-The last day of the contest and the musicians leave, Now only a few brainy looking people remain for the Scholarship contest on the morrow. Since we are-n't entering we are not interested. 30-The K. U. relays take the time of our athletes, While waiting for the regional tour- I'i1lTlCI'lt. MAY Bill Clever is elected president of the Senior Hi-Y at a special meeting at the "Y." Mr. Hansen takes us on a tour of South America. The manual training department displays its handliwcrk in the windows of the Kansas Electric Power Co. -Helen Ives is crowned pisture queen. She should be able to balance it well enough. -The Hi-Y officers of the state congregate here to discuss the summer and next year. COMPLIMENTS OF artin Laundry Co. L AUNDERERS . DRY CLEANERS Qooo QQ 0 0 6 0 O 9 0 9 3 f'f'N9'r'f'f'f'fWW' Q ww Page 95 NNW SAVE as you go -at Penney's! Vast economies are easily achieved at Penney's. You harbor no misgivings that you may be paying too much. One shopping tour - and you're con- vinced. You discover with pleasure that you've actu- ally saved-and substanti- ally, too! Prices here are always low-to help you save as you go! Q J. C. PENNEY if 9 COW Inc. 6-Grade school kids put on a big musical pro- gram at the junior High. They should have entered the state contest. 9-Freshmen commission of the Teachers College entertains the G. R. 10-G. R.'s hunt for the treasure stolen from Davy Jones' locker. XVhy didn't they notify 20- Thc Senior play, "Shirt Sleeves, is pre- sented in the Junior High auditorium. We decide we're glad we aren't twins and laugh with the crowd. -The state track meet at the K. S. T. C. stadium is attended by many athletes. The girls are all on the lookout for the good looking ones. -The last week for Seniors is begun and Rev. Large speaks at the Baccalaureate Service. -Once again the halls seem deserted as only a few Seniors are seen wandering through them, taking a last look. 24-Re-Echo staff celebrates the finishing of the annual with a picnic where the first annuals are distributed. -Classes are over for everybody which makes all happy except those who collected too many "unexcuseds." -The Seniors sheepily receive their sheepskins Qbest grade linenj and realize that the years spent in E. H. S. are at the end. -The year is over, the dandelions are bloom- ing and the old swimming' hole is calling. G. R. and Hi-Y camps receive their summer quota and here's good-bye until we meet again in the dim dark future. :Ba ii Mr. Brown? , 5 Q - 11-Signs of graduation Cwe hope they aren't pre- Q XX Q maturej. Seniors passing their cards around. 1? X ir! 12-Senior chapel is adorned with a play, 'iThe y gseem'-Fiillvtz weddin H SN' 4'1 g' r f e 'Wai' .-The regional track team meet is held at X Q Eureka. Our boys represent us well. --The Senior play is receiving its final touches. 4 I V The whole town is being scoured for prop- Crties. if ' xy N .-- ,,..., X 4 17-Oscar, supervisor cf the printing room, is sentenced to be hung. He's been on a shoe- H string a long time, anyway. K- . . Nl Z PE N -Seniors are being snowed under by letters T ' Q from colleges. We are still looking for a col- 0 lege that will pay us if we go there. T h Noovev 'I' Qtetgi . WWWWW WW? 9WWW'9 'F Page 96 9'f Q opp o oo o Mohheo M q Senior C lass History The history of the senior class, taken from the diary clippings of a mouse was revealed at the senior banquet, and proved of so much interest to those present that we deemed it wise to make a permanent record of it which would enable the entire student body to enjoy it, and so we print it here. August 31, 1929-Turned three somersaults getting down the stairs today to tell my husband that I heard Mr. Brown say that school will start next week and there'll be a large class of sophomores. And oh dear! dear! my family only half-grown. How will they ever live among so many noisy feet? It all happened early today, a bright sunny morning fthis is dated September SJ, they came, 250 strong. Some from the Lowther Junior High School and some from the country round about. But this new class of sophomores isn't so bad, and from now on I'm going to take special notice of it, for just today little Willie Mouse was caught in a corner by a group of these new sophomores. I was sure it was his last, for any one of them could have easily stepped on him, and I said, "Quick, Henry, the f1ir!',, but just then I heard Donald Resch say, "Let's catch him alive and give him to Margaret Morris." Then Kermit Davies spoke up and said, "Oh no, let's not be so hard on himg let's let him go, he's so cute and he's not even half-grown yet." September 15-The teachers and upperclassmen seem to be taking special notice of this promising bunch, for with their "fifty-seven varieties' of pranks and jokes no one will see a dull moment through their three short years of training. Each one, with a mind 199.4496 pure", looked Mr. Brown in the eye as if to say, 'lWe are ready for work, and when the teachers are through with us they'll know that "they have had their iron todayn. Here's one in Qctober-Had to stay in the Study Hall to avoid detection today while the sophomores had a meeting and elected Harold Wayman president, who prom- ised to give them "service with a smile". January 11, 1930-Thought it was "time to retire" last night but heard a great commotion and found practically everyone in school back and each one making three times the normal amount of noise. Someone called it the Em-Hi Frolic but I thought it was a "crazy-house". Here's another quotation-Another September has rolled around and the "pause that refreshes" is over. This year the Jolly Juniors decided to "say it with flowers" instead of studying, but at the end of the first six weeks they awoke with a bang and decided to bank on nothing but good solid work, for "It does make a difference where you do your banking". October 27-My favorite class must have thought that "it pays to choose a sex" that can get things done, for they chose a girl, Ruth Winn, to lead them. This year must have gone smoothly, for the next entry I found was in the latter part of the year. Warm spring days find the Juniors, who believe in "safety firstn, still hard at work but often wishing for "economical transportation" to the "ole swimmin'-hole". Lucille Remy would have "walked a mile for a camel" to pony her through Latin. " 'Not even their best friends would tell them' how they acted when they be- came seniors,', is a quotation I found a few pages farther on. Page 97 Q00 0 6 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 4 O90 September 17, 1931-This year their heads are turned toward diplomas. Today in the hall, where it was "IS degrees cooler inside", I heard Evelyn Montgomery ask Wayne Boles how it would feel to have a diploma. He replied, " 'Ask the man who owns one'." ' January 20--"4 out of S", returning, have made outstanding records. Dorothy Baltz, with her violin music, has pleased all ages, and "even children cry for it". When they hear Marion Tibbals sing, they know that she has "been kind to her throat". The "floating power" of their grid warriors won them many victories, even Ot- tawa went down in the mud and mire before their uvibrationless motion". As autos bore their muddy heroes back to town amid the snake-dancers' hideous cheers, 'lthere was not a cough in a carload". For the class has learned that "chief of values" was health. No better proof is needed than their 89 "sun-kissedv lasses with that "school-N girl complexionv and 82 boys with their knowledge that "it pays to look well". Hubert Colvin made a "step to successv by his willingness to help people. Rodney Collins made a name for himself at the Science Club "free-wheeling" party by serving hot-dogs, for everyone said, " 'They satisfy'.', And Vera Jean Piper Q Q 'i made known her cooking ability by makink cocoa that was "good to the last drop." N C if Lois George put on "the best show in town" by being a shock-absorber for Mr. 0 Jones's electrical stunts. XA , Frances Onstad and Dorothy Star have mutually agreed to "beware of substi- it Y tutesl' since the Football Banquet of 1931. Albert Clark has found "the great American valuei' by living up to the motto "be square". t f I don't want to brag too much, but let me read you these quotations. Q Junior Cook asked Miss Thomson if she didn't think this was the best class she'd S ever sponsored and she replied, 'Q 'Goodl They've got to be goodl' H and when Nola Davidson asked Mr. Lodle if there could be any better group, he replied, " 'When bet- ter classes are made, Emporia will make them'." Even a janitor who "chases dirt" "at 10, 2, and 4" around the halls of E. H. S., fi remarked that to the best of his experience their class was by far "the best in the ' ' long run', 6 "And now Alva Gould, with his "wizard control" is piloting them safely through If their senior year. Q- "There's a reason" why the whole class has showed the school "style without ex- , S travaganceu. 0 Armed with their diplomas, they shall "startle America" "asking no favors, fear- ing no roadsv, for they are bent on getting a higher education. Next year will find some at the "home of the Yellowjacketsn, some "safe with the preachers", and some X at the "school that gets results". And as they leave their dear E. H. S., "the flavor lingers" but they must leave to show the world that they are the "cream of the crop". X, , 9 4 MMM OQQQOQOQOQOQOQO 0100940 Page 9 A Senior Class Will We, the dignified members of the senior class, of 1952, being in a sound and disposing state of mind, do hereby bestow and bequeath upon faculty, sponsors, and schoolmates, the following faults, talents, and personal possessions, both tangible and intangible to wit: To the faculty we will our honest confessions that we are not Solomons, with the suggestion that these said confessions be used to help instruct the incoming sen- iors, that they may not err as we have done. To our sponsors we can do no more than to express cur appreciation for their assistance in helping us to prepare for our last stand in dear old E. H. S. May they have success in arranging another senior banquet to equal the one of '32. To they juniors who have been promised standing as seniors, as an award for their diligence in work and conduct, we leave our skill in appearing to be in blissful ignor- ance. This asset is to be used during the first twelve weeks of the next school year in order that the faculty may be able to find a use for its share of our booty. Alva Gould, our amateur boxing champion and president of the senior class, de- sires that his prowess be transmitted to Mike Kreuger. Dorothy Baltz, our vice president, bequeathsiher popularity and demure ways upon Doris McGuire, feeling she desires the former and needs the latter. Albert Clark, renowned chemistry and physics shark of our class, leaves his po- sition in the laboratory to Thompson Holtz, in view of the fact that Thompson has already done much towards following in his footsteps. Although we feel that it is not necessary, Helen Ives insists on leaving her sur- plus Vanity to Lee Ona Kuhlman. Junior Cook Wants John Strube to inherit his interest in the Vogue Magazine, to be read during fourth hour study hall. Mary Emily Keeler bequeaths her agility, which saves her from being late by a half minute, to her brother Clinton. i Helene Jensen very graciously bestows her lady-like ways upon Betty Jane Fur- man, hoping she will use them to the best advantage. George Sparks blithefully leaves his manly grave to Carl Kowalski, effeminate member of the junior class. Alvira Groundwater leaves her ability to appear studious and busy in the library to Rosemary McCarthy in order that Rosemary may be able to spend more time there. Harold Wayman wills his place in the glee club to Frank Foncannon, hoping Miss Sowerby will be able to mould his discordant tones into a semblance of music for Mary K's sake. i Bill Fuson leaves his place as class jester to Forrest Daughdrill, who has the un- cultivated ability to carry on the good work. Murray Lohner, with a mournful sigh, gives his sylph like figure to Carroll Hysom. Mary Green, Vera Bentz, Rhea Little, Clara Louise Meckel, and Mary Hellmer be- QQQQQ ooo 0 OQQQOQO Q 0 ohh Page 99 r 000004 0 9 0 O O 0 0 0 queath their places on the honor roll to anyone in school who can "soft soap" the teachers enough to get the grades. Mason Carr, Carroll Little, Alex Murphy, Jerome Brinkman, Robert Howell, and Keith Sellers wish the following to inherit their unassuming gentlemanly ways: Elvis Urquhart, Gene Van Orden, Paul Clay, and Meredith Foster. Ruth Winn leaves her position as president of the Girl Reserves with all the dignity appertaining thereunto to any statuesque blond, five feet ten. George Burnap, George Johnson, Vance Rindom, Rollo Cochennet, and Rodney Collins, give their position as "ladies, menu to Marvin Ashbaugh, Lyndon Francis, Max Beehymer, Charles Bergerhouse, and Winston Moon, who they know, have long envied them this positon. True Retschlag tearfully leaves Virginia Lee to the care of some deserving under- classman. Curtis Jones, who has long been a member of the high school student body, be- queaths the place to Don Cuthbertson who is a close second. To Jack Wilson, who is to become an aviator, Lloyd Morgan gives his red head mewsaas a headlight for night flying. Henry Aldis wills his initiative and industry to ,Kenneth Remy, who so sadly needs it. In conclusion we leave to the entire student body our grades, that they may inviegle the various instructors into placing them on the honor roll. We feel that the., resent ,Junior class needs these grades, worst of all, as statistics show that this R ,J 'htlass as been leading them oathe honor roll the past twelve weeks by a count of 40 to 17 R32 Lastly, we appoint and nominate the sponsors of the class of 1932 to be the executors of this our last will and testament. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal this 21st day of January, 1932. THE SAENICDR CLASS OF 1932 Witnesses: Mr. Lodle, Miss Thomson. 300000 0 0Q0Q0 00000050 000 Page 100 if f T AUTOGRAPHS A f f k 'q J. , mkxkli. xfa. IL' X A , .L YgT,g'ffoYd-QLYX- I M MKCFWS- LE?-' KD 'NON ' f X X 0 . E V!W fx. 41,51 l H Q? Q? 0 VI f 9 X X Q ,, , ? .., Q ' 0 ,Nr :va'AL'., ! 3 A Q ,z'f'x9'f'f'Q9Q0Q0QoQoQoQo Moya .,..., ,,. . , ,, ,,,., ,W 7--.,.,..-V V, Y . .,, , TY ...., . , .,, AUTGGRAPHS . MMMQ O 0 ' 9 T 4 0 + 0 Q 4 Q Q o 4 2 ? ? www w +m+w+owmmm 0 AUTOGRAPHS swim 9 f Q , v 0 0 0 0 2 00 ' ' 0 9 Q z Q o o QOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQOQQ OQOQOQ . , ,,,.. 1 - ., .-,f...,,.,V f., .,QV, . ,,,,v,,.. . . .. ,. .,. ALITCGRAPHS M0094 0 0 9 0 9 o Q O 0 0 0 0 Y 9 Q ? mm fmmmmmmmw N9 4 9 .., ,.,.,. .M- - V Y. .M., .T , V- lc ALITGGRAPHS t0Q9QOQ 0 0 9 0 Q 9 0 0 Q Q 0 V ' 3 Y 0 Y Y mmowowmmom mm M- --1 A AUTOGRAPHS MQW? ? 0 o ? Y O 4 O 0 Q 0 0 Y QOQQQO OQOQOQOQQQOQQQOQOQOQQQOQ 4 fe AUTOGRAPHS 6000000 4 0 0 o O o 0 0 V o 0 ? 4 0 4 0 . Y ,'f',','.'.'.'f','V.9,'9'.fff, 1.-gg-,qv-.-V.,--Y.,A XL rr 4 . V,-ir: V hr A. 9 , 1 AUTOGRAPHS P MMM? 0 v O o o 9 o 9 4 Q ? Q 4' Q Y WOW' 'NNOWW'NNN9NW'9 . Q N9 o ?, - -'., ,W -f, . M- ,f...,. ,.,,.. W., l, ,,,,,..-. ., v,..r.W,,.,..:..-,7,.,,v,..,...T,,gm . il' V N ' X- , l . - -' 1 -, ,YM Y 1. V ., - , 1 , 'A 'u-'A ' , wx 1 AuToc:RA PHs 1 4? t'0'NQ 0 4 O 4 0 o 9 Q 0 0 9 MQ 0 4 0 4 O , 0 0 SQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQMQQQ: QQQM3 Page 109 , The following Emporia Physicians are 11ae11zbers in good standing in the Lyon County Medical Society J. B. Brickell, M. D. Phone 135 Citizens Bank Bldg. M. T. Capps, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat , X , Phone 558 Citizens Bank Bldg. M Q 4 ky W Q 4 A, W. Corbett, M. D. Q Surgeon and X-Ray Frank Foncannon, M. D. Surgeon Phone 46 Citizens Bank Bldg. J. Hovorka, M, D. Phone 428 Citizens Bank Bldg. C. W. Lawrence, M. D. Surgeon. Phone 487 Emporia State Bank Bldg. H. W. Manning, M. D. Q Phone 165 507 Commlefcial Phone 316 Citizens Bank Bldg. Q 0. Corbett, M. D. Philip W. Morgan, M. D. Phone 323 507 Commercial Phone 318 Citizens Bank Bldg. l David R. Davis, M. D. D. L. Morgan, M. D. O Phone 1337 Citizens Bank Bldg. Fh01'1e 1055 Citizens Bank Bldg- X 9 F. A. Eckdall, M. D. Phone 12 425 Commercial M. A. Finley, M. D. Phone 521 Strand Bldg. ' 75 OQQQO OQQQOQO C. E. Partridge, M. D. Phone 1055 Citizens Bank Bldg. 5 OW J. A. Woodmansee, M. D. . 1 Phone 1667 Citizens Bank Bldg. op QQOQOQOQOQO l Page 110 .YW v H .W iii ' V - - v- ww.: ' www-v:v?1-i 010 Q. Q 4 Q 3 Tlae following Emporia Dentists are - mefnbers in good standing of the I-'Ind' Lyon County Dental Society Ph ne 786 613 Commercial Fox, Morgan, Phone 1042 Citizens Bank Bldg- Phone 1042 Citizens Bank Bldg. John M. Gorman, D. D. S. R, N, Moxley, D, D, S, Phone 447 Citizens Bank Bldg. phone 392 Mutual Bldg. . Q'9'0'Q L. E. Harris, D. D. S. C. W. Roberts, D. D. S. E Phone 871 507 Commercial Phone 487 Emporia State Bank Bldg. in 0 0 4 Q 6 7 THE EMPQRIA GAZETTE The Gazette printed this book-we ar proud of zt and laope it meets l with your albprova . 0 0 9 OQOQQQOQOQOQOQQQOQOQOQO Qfbffs Page 111 - v ,V .. ,Vik VV'V Q , ' ' VwV,x.VVmuV'VVVVVV f - V 'ff' -., . , A V-VVV A ' 1. V ' 1 ., "-' . VV . "K ""7..1,w f V' K. V -7 V,-' 'W Q-.,-Wm, 5 V' V V V . V 3V . - V - V V .V '?,AVr 1? .V JV ,VV V ,VT V. . ia- W? ,V V , VVVVVV M, . . ' ' A ' i -Q., V 5 : .- . , - . fr .. V' V - .AJ V, 4--1 .. A, - :gf , . ' V Y'-V. .gf if V X '- - A,-' ,A 1- 'y,a"M-9F'.V -, - ., ' .V .Vg V -V V-. V- Tp. --V.4.g' - 'QV -.A+ V A.-gg At z- f- if ' . ,V - ' - ' fi?-,fif fi' - , ' Z' , list? win". '44-1,5 ,YQ-VA -Vfgj' SQV -V,VV 'H - ' VV A V f , - V . 'W " - , ." - V. , 'Q' Ar Vwiw' f '.---Q f A 1. ' - , -E -' yr 51 K ' 3 w Q ""?"rfA'1f 11' i::3lJ-2"'8vl'g 5-L2 , , ' . , .. 4' 454 '- ' - " . '11 1.71 ' -.VVf"':-A-5'1" iff' -?-"Aw A 'Q :T " i ' . V . - , ,f'I'?4VAA- . ,. A . 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