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 - Class of 1930

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Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1930 volume:

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QQQ ......--....... -..H -.-W .im , . . -. , , ,uv- vz- -. -, : --: -Q3 ' Rafi.-,,-. ' -- -f.. - : - , .H - ', l71'-1Vr"-4:- o :". '4,4fl1wf:."i' N ,. -,qv '. Lf ' .gf We, the Senior Class' ol 1930, dedicate this book to Mr. Nichols, vice'-principal and finan- cial advisor, as an expression ol our gratitude toe him, He has served laithlully, not only our class, but the entire school in hundreds ol ways, little and big which ere unknown to many but appreciated by ell. He hiss one ol the hardest ol positions to lill, but he does his worli uncom- plainingly and well. We shall always remember Mr. Nichols as a true and impartial friend. , -niti, 1, me 4-1 fl" Life is an eternal quest: We are al- ways striving to reach out and achieve that which lies beyond. Ponce Del.eon spent years searching for an illusive fountain ol youth. We too are spend- ing the early part ol our lives in search- ing for that which will lceep us young. We do lcnow there is no fountain of youth, which, through its magic waters can tum baclc the years. But we do lcnow there is a fountain ol youth called Knowledge. If we drinl: often and deeply enough from it it will lceep us young in Spirit, and Mind and Body. Our immediate lountain is symbolized by Emporia High School, and in this volume we have portrayed those who have sought through knowledge to keep young in Spirit, in Mind and in Body, yet attaining the wisdom of age. May this recording of their ioumeying ever serve as a remembrance ol worth- while days spent in E. H. S. v ,pq .FH-L-. ,,.., ,L-r-:.,,.,..-un:,, f f -L - , 1 , xx v I V .4 fn I I I I vxf' f 4 1 n,v A A A 2 f I 1 X I 'ff 1 vw- .1 1 P, i l. '--""""'-4, 11 cPagc9J Xi-1 ' ,Xi 4 . K .1 , X , 'QNH1 'X ,, , .'.g,,,ff ,W , V. 5 . ,Q - I I, LW' A, ,JEAV1.1Q'v,d1"c4.J.QV.m.5.u'EL..1 ssl. PJ 17 F, out Enhaan Ce , 1!y2'.?sN FJ .Qf'1AL",'ZJf5:Q'f.rkxif Tbc' Study Hall QAbovej Senior High School K K QPagc 10? fPage11j North Erzfrmzrr' fAboveJ The Gj-'llllllliilllll f 4, 01,1 Garfield Bell fPage 121 1 1 f"'-x , - ,-.. 1' NX X' "n ' u' 0 Q ,,- 1. I X nl 0 v'- .' 7 TN x . I 1 L ., , N .- r s 1 x xl ' ,fx " 1 . , , X s I ' '3,--, "1 N fr 7 Q sg 'I 1 '. , X il. ,,- .N x ,I x - - r I X x l .I I ,I T . xl f x.. 1 . x l I ,' Q W I 1 ', xx l x ' x ' I ,- .-1, f 1 Q I . tl'- S Y ' x ln' f r 'rt IF y U vlx Q 'PHI I 1 1 f J 4 ,' - 5" '. ,nf 'ill .. SPIRIT" .kupvf L. V4.?v ,lffwk lPagel37 'S N ,fr-, Y 14 x ,.., f X "u.- . . 'I I I-' x x ' K x 4 1 I I u ,M -, I 4 The I93O Re-Echo As this book, our 1930 Re-Echo, makes its debut, we are sending with it our hope that you will keep it and enjoy it. We have worked hard that it might find pleasure in your sight. ' The Re-Echo campaign was launched with a bang April 10 by the Re-Echo chapel, "The Review of Reviews," written and directed by Virginia Lee Saunders, our clever calendar editor. John Harvey, the Junior business manager, made a peppy and clever master of ceremonies. "The Review of Reviews" was an animated summary of the con- tents of the 1930 Re-Echo. ' A number of the audience was heard to remark that it was the best chapel ever presented in Emporia High. A subscription contest was held between the fourth hour classes. The Boys' Glee Club with Otis Smith as captain won a five-pound box of candy with the highest per cent of sales. Mr. Hurt's Constitution class, captained by Charles Wager, won second place, a three-pound box of candy. Miss Howard's class, under the captaincy of Charles Sharp, won a five-pound box of candy with the highest per cent of paid-up subscriptions. The 1930 Re-Echo staff is: Lucille Helfrey, editor-in-chief, William Hart, busi-- ness manager, Cornelia Conwell, Junior editor, John Harvey, Junior business manager, Corinne Galt, associate editor, Everett Childers, assistant business manager, Elizabeth Andrews, organizations, Virginia Lee Saunders, calendar editor, Virginia Bergerhouse, er ef N. ,fl I 1 JL, ,W x"a"s" 3, fi- t we kodak editor, George Hughes, typist, joe Morris, boys' athletics, Peggy DeLong, girls' athletics, and Ted Blackburn, cartoonist. The list of the staff would not be complete without mention and a word of appre- ciation to F. J. South who calls himself "unofficial janitor and office boy," but who in reality holds the difficult and responsible position of faculty sponsor, and fulfils it most creclitably. A CPagc 141 ,i ,"'tJx- I I . if W va 11' , ig -ss. '9 A is we he 'ess,seaf'e , glee' ' lv- -E-' uf THE IQSO REECHO l 1 l , ,. Top row-Qlieading left to right!-Leota Brown, Ruth Hanna, Aileen Howell, Elizabeth XVismeycr, Evelyn Brown, Peggy Ballweg, Bernice NVhite, Loretta McCarthy, Lillian Clawson, Bernice Allen, Cornelia Conwell. - Second row--jean Piper, Ruth Winn, Ada Ludy, Helen Allen, Ruth Hodson, Bethel Mclllvain, Martha Schaffner, Maurine NVagner, Margaret Hensley, F. J. South. Third row--Eva Lou DeYoung, Anna Beth Mellinger, Lois Russell, Geraldine Monroe, Irene jacob, Rose Star, Gladys Fish, Dorothy Star, Alberta Burrell, Olive XVoolwine. Fourth row-Harold Urie, Irwin Layton, XValter Lawson, jack Lostutter, Hubert Urie, Charles XVager, S The Echo W'ithout a doubt the Echo, the Emporia High School Weekly news edition, has successfully weathered another year. The real work officially began after the launching in assembly of the Echo sub- scription campaign and the organizing of the staff to which any member of the school joe NVeigand. I was eligible. ' With a staff membership of fifty working industriously in their spare time the weekly edition appeared regularly on Friday and was delivered to the subscribers in their . sixth hour classes. l November 16th and 17th, three staff members and Mr. South, supervisor, at- - tended the iournalism conference at Lawrence sponsored by the Kansas University De- partment of Journalism. The representatives, Irene Jacob, editor, John Harvey, adver- , tising manager, and Geraldine Monroe, reporter, brought back many new ideas and plans , , for the Echo. '-li Among other new features of the paper, the past year was the ten point, two 1 column method of presenting the editorialsg the "ears" at either side of the heading and jf an enjoyable column entitled "Shades in Our Corridors." ,. All notable holidays and anniversaries such as Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, All Fools Day, etc., were recognized by special editions, three of which were six pages. L Editions dedicated to Girl Reserves, Hi-Y Music Week, and the Seniors were also pub- A lished. gf' To Joe Weigand, business manager, and John Harvey, goes the credit of the sound 1:2 financial condition of the Echo during the entire year and it is hoped that, in the future, Nair. the Echo may continue successfully. . Y 1-""-"h . fPage IS, , r . A ' .4 ' be - Al . Nr Lf "" , ' ,QT 'Q 'Pr 59,352 f C A 'W if ls v ' ' N., - -...bf N ' S V S 1 ,' - I I n H I I I 1 I 1 .r II 1, II, 0 I I I I I Gi rl Reserves . OFFICERS - . v ,Q Y ,f President .........e.... ...... , ,.., .,.,,,. . ..,. ....... M A R GARET WIDICK l I Vice-Presirlenf ...... .,,......... M AXINE GNVINN Secretary ....... -. ,,.., JANE MCCULLOUGH :' Treasurer ....... ..e....... . ......., . .,..................... JUANITA NICHOLSON COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ' Program ..... .....v....v,,.........,,.,,,,....,...........,..... ..... C O RINNE GAL'r Finance ....,,......, . ..,.. JUANITA NICHOLSON Me-mlzersbip ...,...... ..,. . , .,,...,,... MAXINE GWINN Social .,.,.. ,,,.,....,.,,,. ..,, . . VIRGINIA BERGERI-IOUSE ' Wor'ld Fellowship ....., S ....,..........,...... ELIZABETH ANDREWS Service ...,... . ,..........,. ,..,..,.,.... , ....,.,.. . .....,.. AILEEN HOWELL Publicity ..,.,....,,,.. MARJORIE RIDDLE AND JEAN REID Music ..,..,..,A S, ...,........,... RUTH BROWN AND MARJORIE MORSE ' COMMITTEE SPONSORS Program .,... ..,,,..,... . ......,,,..,..,.. .,,....,. . , . ,..,.. .,..,... M ISS HALIER Finance ..,...... ..... M ISS THOMSON Membership ...,..... .,,.., , ..., . -. MISS ICE Social ,,..... . ......,,......, .. .. .c.. MISS DARNER World Fellowship ...... ..,,.. M ISS SIRPLESS Service .,....S,....... . ,,.. ...... M ISS SHIRLEY Publicify ..,. .. .... MISS HAYNES Music .,...,. ,,..... M ISS TANNER The Girl Reserve Club is a democratic organization, including, is as it does, in its membership of 300, girls of every type. It has for r :fa if - l K- fPagcl6Q K! . S76 S3 , gf. I ' as , ' '-S f 9 - 67, WGN , - 5-S- f.-,4g' ' 44 846.7 Tit C 'sig THE IQISO RE- its purpose the enrichment of the lives of the girls, both spiritually and socially. ' V "The Garden of Life Beautiful" was chosen as the theme for the year, by a group of representative girls at a Setting-up conference early this fall. The many interesting and varied programs, Worked out according to this theme, included talks 'by Mrs. William ,Allen White, Miss Irene Dean, and Miss Helen Fair, the speaker at the pub- lic installation service this spring. Besides the regular monthly dinners and parties, the Girl Reserve-Hi-Y 'dinner and the Mother-Daughter banquet were outstanding occasions. Soon after school commenced each Sophomore girl was assigned a "big sister," who took her to the "Big and Little Sister" party, intro- duced her, and helped her to adjust herself to high school in general. The members of the Emporia organization were hostesses to 250 delegates to the state Girl Reserve conference held here in the fall. One of the features was a World Fellowship dinner. The Service Committee had charge of the Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, and of the Christmas party for the poor children. The XVorld Fellowship Committee sent a Christmas box to Korea, pro- ECHO vi U vided Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for Mexican families, and 1 pieced a quilt for a needy family. ' Funds for the year's budget were raised by the proceeds from the Em-Hi Frolic, the Magazine contest, "Big Time," and by the sale of "hot dogsn and candy at the football games and in the corridor. Miss Hamer and Miss Thomson sponsored ten girls to the Estes Park conference, and six girls to Camp Wood. Those who were sent to Estes were: Ruth Hanna, Ruth Brown, Catherine Groves, Marjorie Morse, Jane McCullough, Louise Jensen, Juanita Nicholson, Maxine i' Gwinn, Peggy DeLong, and Virgil Ferrebee. l' The girls who attended the Camp Wood conference are: Eva :I Lou DeYoung, Vesta Saffer, Elizabeth Wfismeyer, Peggy Ballweg,, 'W' Evelynanne Meredith, and Anna Beth Mellinger. F -9: :Ee Fai QYVP fPage 171 3 N9 f r iq . , L id i 1' 4 YY 55 QQJLU Y ,--K E , 1 I v 1 I .v I , ' A ll L . I ' 1 I I 1 ..a . 7 , - A ' 1 ' E . if I L. f CABINET FOR '29 AND '30 ' xi Prvsirlenf ....,..,,..,.AA..,.....,..............,.,,....., , .,.....,....,, 5.,,.,.. JOE Momus l Vice-Prrsidcnt .....,. ...... BEN STRUBI-I E Secretary ,...,..,........ ., .,...... EUGENE WALLER Treasurer ..,.,,............ ..,.... C HARLES WlI.LIAN1S Sen-'irc' Commiffcc ,. ,... --- ..... .- WALTER BIRCH Mcrlzbrrship ..................,.... . ....... . ......,. JOE WEIGAND Q World Fellowship Commiffee ...... ..... N ELsoN FUSON L" Program Commiffec' ..,..,......,., ,.... .... ..., H AROLD URIE I I I CABINET FOR '30 AND '31 ' President .4 ..,..C... ................,., A . ..............................,.... EUGENE WALLER Vice-Prcsidmt .... ,,.,,,. C HASE WILSON Secretary ..,...,........ .,......,,. J AMES KELLY ' Treasurer ..,..,,........... HAROLD WAYMAN Ser-vice Commilfvc ...... ..,,, L LOYD MORGAN Program Committee ,.,,,.. ....., D ELOY HEATH Membership Comm-ittcc ..,,. .,-,,. .,...,.,. J OE DAv1Es Bible Study Committee .... .,... A LBERT CLARK Social Connnitfcw ,........., .....,. G LENN PENNINGTON World Fellowship ..,.. ...,.,.,...,..... H ENRY LEE ff 'Q' x N ge 181 if if CPA , . if gt. we Q A We C iv .9 THE IQSO REECHO High Investment in Life Angles W'hatever success Hi-Y has obtained it is here to stay. Every modern school has a Hi-Y for a household term, But with all that there are some new angles to be considered in the big triangle. Per- haps there are some new curves-dangerous ones-which need to be measured and calculated carefully. It is still a real issue as to what the triangle is to mean as a permanent fixture in the school as well as what its task shall be. When Lafayette came to our eastern shore he did not say, "Washington, we are here," or "XVe have arrived," but he left with us the thought that he had been here and had done something f 1 I worth while. We are convinced that he did a lasting good. Likewise Hi-Y must spread its lasting good. Service is a big word which does not l cease with a little act but lives on in sweet memory. The fact that we are here now and are leaving footprints should inspire us to acts of achievements that will benefit our school and community. For the year ending more than one hundred boys participated in '.'l the Hi-Y Clubwith its bi-weekly meetings and other activities. May V 'J it be that the sentiment shall never drift to the self-satisfaction of say- 5 ' ing "we are here" but that we have been here and have measured with 1' the personal hope and purpose of every angle in the Hi-Y triangle and '12 that we are still going on. U Q -9: E52 Ill 'XVI' age - QP s, 25 ' 3 Q' ? .NE A W 3 W ,A ,bl 1 vc ,i ' I I A I ,'- T ' I 1 'i , 1 ' Fl. . I ' l l l n I I I I l 0 l I ,,. Il FC 1 , , .1 - , I u I V , '1 ln I i F I' CI i 'l Feliz Clase fthe Happy Classj is an English class taught by Miss 7 M. Etta Price. The officers are as follows: Austin Hughes, presidentg , Lorene Yost, vice-president, Sam Thomas, secretary, Ernest Owens, ,ki treasurer, Irene Helm, sergeant-at-arms. The organization was the - result of a desire to motivate the required work in parliamentary I r n . I procedure and forensic debate. The work ot the club has included Lf' organization, election of officers, selection of name, motto, rules, and f constitution, the work of committees, motions, questions, discussions, I . . . I amendments, etc. For social expression the club has had semi-annual ' picnics at Flat Rocks. At the spring picnic Miss Price's other English lg VI class was invited to join them, and accepted the invitation. 'Q The personnelof the club includes: Dorothy Cole, Lois Crook, I Wallace Estill, Elizabeth Finnerty, Harold George, Mary Gephart, L Austin Hagins, Irene Helm, Ed Johnson, Ruth Madison, Lucile MC- Gonigle, Joe Miller, Ruth Montgomery, Muriel Murdock, Earl North- cutt, Ernest Owens, John Patton, Ray Setty, Osborne Shearer, Morris Smith, Sam Thomas, Billy Vfayman, Karol Wilhite, Fred Wfayman, Lorene Yost. t ly S, if testis., v - fPaSC2"1 'f' N E t QM, nge-,E . 'ji 1 , , X 1 THE IQSO RE-ECHO x. Y. z. Club The X. Y. Z. Club was organized for the purpose of furthering the interest of mathematics in the Emporia Senior High School. The club held two meetings a month, one of which was devoted to the study of mathematics and the other for social entertainment. Mildred Peak was elected president, Everett Childers, vice-pres- ident, and Jane McCullough, secretary-treasurer. The club was divided into five committees, chairmen of which are as follows: I Program-Rose Star. . J Entertainment-Carl Oxelson. 1 Food-Margaret Widick. Social-Virgil Ferrebee. Q General-Gilbert Meredith. -L Re-Echo Reporter-Rose Star. , The club members were: Ray Scllaffner, Joe Miller, Keith King, Henry Lee, Ralph Richards, Dale Corson, Gorman Brandley, Harry Bishop, Margaret Widick, Eva Lou DeYoung, Gilbert Meredith, Vernal ' Roth, Bernard Reeble, Martha Schaffner, Maurine Wagner, Lillian I if Conway, Florence Phillips, Everett Childers, Mildred Peak, Jane Mc- ' Cullough, Rose Star, Vesta Suffer, Margaret Lewis, Chase Wfilson, and -I Oscar Willianis. U -fr E52 ii Qvf' flhige ZIJ 3 My r Q . " P Nz f 331' , . f 1 i 03 E 'W Y N 5 if N- fx :- 1 I I f" 4 l I I . I ' . L-- V I l I I I I I I u 4 ll . ll' -J is l i V l l I, If r '1 'l Ii I I I I4 1. . u I I I ... ' 9 I I I I I 'I 'l In I . 1 4 I I L 6 7 effi The Cicero Club The Romans of 1930 to establish discipline and insure better grades establish this constitution: Upon violation of any law a penalty shall be imposed on the accused consisting of translation of a chapter of Cicero, our legal advisor. No person shall be a member who shall not have attained the age of wisdom, fifteen, unless by permission of Dictator Rice Brown. They shall not exceed the age of four score and one. ' President shall appoint committees and conduct, meetingsg vice- president shall conduct meetings in absence of the president, secretary shall record meetingsg treasurer shall accept money and swear not to spend it. No club member shall borrow from this treasury. Dues shall be 51.00. Social or club meetings shall be held monthly. Officers first term were: President, Helen Finley, vice-president, Ruth Samuel, secretary, Joe Wiegandg treasurer, Vesta Saffer. Second term: President, Gorman Brandleyg vice-president, Lois Bellingerg secretary, Violet McRobertsg treasurer, Vera Stout. Other members are: Arnold Davidson, Ella Early, Mary Gephart, Mary Jane Finney, Addie Gandy, Irene Jacob, Roland Heaney, Wilson Moyer, Thelma Pyle, Margaret Rees, and Muriel Warnken. Miss Douglass was sponsor of the club. CPage 22j wwe' -3. 03 'M ' 1. THE IQSO RE-ECHO First row-Howell, Wolevcr, Andrews, Samuels, -0. V'illiams, Meredith, French, Hanna, Catherine Williams, Star, Fish, Sawyer, Mcllvain, Stout. Second row-Nicholson, Gilchrist, Powell, Roth, Latin, Saunders, Diggs, Mcllingcr, Finley, Conner, Wiegand, Hclfrey, Galt. Third row-Mr. james, Ames, Gregory, Faust, W'aynmn, jones, Escill, Corson, Davies, Davis, Poole. Hughes, Fuson, Urie, Vandervelde. Science Club The Science Club was organized in the fall of 1929 for the purpose of doing experiments which could not be done in the class period, and to further the interest in science. The officers Were: Oscar Williams, president, Evelynanne Meredith, vice-president, Bob French, treasurer, and Helen Finley, program committee chairman. J l J I n I 'I 'I H 'I If H I iv: li U A 72' 'O P Q fs 5.4 Y 'NVP TY -if QPage23l fa. weft? S a r F3 fa f Lwif Q3 -at nv. i BOYS' GLEE CLUB Meredith, Groundwater, Edwards, Moyer, james, Miss Tanner, Knight, Childers, Oxelson, Bishop Cochcnnct, Morse, Irlenth, XVi:1nd, Rinlter, Nutting, Birch, Buchanan, Buckley, Ashbnugh, Nvntson Poole, Hoffman, Hensun. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Morse, Fcrrcbce, Rienow, jacob, Meckcl, Griffith, Denny, Smith, Hamilton, Hensley, Monroe, V'idick Peak, Miller, Green. Mcllvain, Watki11s, Shepherd, Mayes, Miss Tanner, Brown, Gufler, Shorer, Holmes, Onstnd, Hoover, Meredith, DeLong, Mott, Bixlcr, Bnllweg, Ryan. fPagc 241 Y l THE IQISO 'RE-ECHO Q: ', l 4: , . P l l . I i ,..,,,, ,, , i l ORCI-IESTR A -, Dorothy Baltz, Helen Blakeley, Marjorie Bowers, Juanita Brown, james Bradfield, Rodney Collins, Dorothy i 1 i Cole, Lillian Clawson, Cornelia Conwell, Calvin Delay, Robert French, joe Fulton, Nelson Fuson, NVilliam Filson, Ann Eulaank, Howard janmes. Harvey janmes, Mary Gephart, Merle Gephart, Alvin 5 johnson, lid johnson, Keith King, Margaret l-lainmer, Willa Heaton, Irene Helm, Dorothy Helstrom, i Kathryn Hughes, Mui-ry Lohner, Warren Lesh, Dorothy Kecfer, Martha Kenner, Edwin Maddcrn, Hershel Mouse, Bezh Mott, Berylenc Newton, Dwight Payton, jean Reid, Vance Rindorn, Margaret ., Ryan, Lyle Snodgrass. Olaf Steg,'Beniamin Vandervclde, Mary jane Shepherd, Agnes Shorer, Lola , 'Q Shorer, Ruth South, Dorothy Star, Nlaurine XVagner, jack XVatson, Burton XViand, joe W'eigand, Leonard XVilburne, Oscar XVilliams, Chase NVilson, Earl XVinter, Tommy Roberts, Xvinifred Thompson. ' I BAND Donald Brown, Rodney Collins, Calvin DeLay, Robert French, Nelson Fuson, Blaine Gregory, Alvin A johnson, Ed johnson, Keith King, Edwin Maddern, Roger Moon, Beth Mott, Hershel Mouse, John Es' Patton, Dwight Payton, Ray Setty, Lyle Snodgrass, XV:trren Lesh, Leonard Nvilburne, Earl Wfinter, Earl Northcut, Vance Rindom, Marjorie Davis, Irene Helm, Agnes Shorer, Katie Louise Young. SVP YQQ fPage2Sj ee E A ef V K, , E - -7--. "THE DEVIL IN THE CHEESE"--FOOTBALL BENEFIT PLAY CAST David McCain, Dean Napier, Jac V7eigand, justin Groundwater, Ralph Bell, Roy Service, Harold Uri: Gorman Brandley, XVulter Birch, Gilbert Lamb, Lloyd Davies, Dale Corson, Curl Oxelson, Peggy Ball weg, Ruth Hanna, Marjorie Morse, XValtcr Shaw, Price Cowan, Ruth Brown, Miss Miller, director Lucille Helfrey, Nelson Fuson. Em-Hi Rainbow Frolic The Em-Hi Rainbow Frolic given for the benefit of G. R. and Hi-Y was one of the outstanding events of the year. Joe Morris and Ruth Bixler ruled supreme as king and queen. Carl Oxelson, Crescen- tia Gufler, Price Cowan and Ruth Brown were attendants. Heralds, 21 jester and entertainers completed the royal retinue. flange 261 I "BIG TIME" First row-Kowalski. Smith. Gufler, Andrews, Monroe, Blackburn, Bell, Fuson, Doilc, Oxclson, Henson, Corson, Cromwell, Francis, Ashbnugh, Galt. Second row-Ballweg, Smith, Lattin, Rowland, Conwcll, Straetor, Knousc, Mott, Shoop, Reid, Kraum, Pot-le, Retschlag, NVilks, Jensen, Bixlcr, Brown. Third row-Morse, White, Field, W'isrneyer, Hanna, Meredith, Nicholson, Helm, XVarrcn, DeLong, Brown, Bcrgerhouse, Mayes, Ryan. Fourth row-XVilson, Sharp, XVatson, Vandervclde, Babinsky, Smith, Smith, Birch, Lamb, Roth, Heath. Uric. "Whimsy," the Senior class play, was given May 16. The play cast included: Fred Kowalski, Carl Oxelson, joe Weigand, David McCain, Ernest Gilchrist, Dale Corson, Geraldine Monroe, Otis Smith, Miss Mille, XValter Birch, Charles XVilliams, Nelson Fuson, Gladys Rish, Gwendolyn Green, Margaret Widick, Mildred Peak, Glen Conway, Marjorie Smith, Corinne Galt, Juanita Nicholson, Ruth Bixler, Evelyn Rienow, Ted Blackburn, and Earl Ferrce. CPage275 'x u ,N I I ,'s 1 .LTI s I , . J -I l J' W .- -, C i l .i -, - Il' . lv Q I I i ' Colored Y. W. C. A. The colored girls, Y. W. C. A. consists of nine girls. The of- ' ficers are as follows: Jennie XVilson, presidentg Edna Cheney, vice- presidentg Christina Banks, secretary, and -Mabel Murray, treasurer. With few in number, their year's work has been very successful. . Every Thanksgiving they give a dinner for the elderly people that if can not help themselves. They helped the poor during Christmas. i' During the Em-Hi Rainbow Frolic at the school they raised money I to bear the expenses. Also other entertainments are given to raise I money for their expenses. They have their yearly program, and at each meeting their program is carried out, such as-singing, readings, instrumental music, papers, and speakers. The programs are always enjoyed by all. Members of the club, in addition to the officers, were: Martha Lucas, Minnie Miller, Louise Daniels and Addy Gandy. F 'Y 7 QPa e28, ,0 T , 6. Q S T7 C . . A -5 v A -Zi .av as J f' y ffferf ,---,N 1, Ns N ' f'- xxx I N v' 4 N X U 0 Y-5 -"'7t7'N X - ' - N- - If , , N XII' fv'f 1 xx , ' N,,,-, KJ. , ,f ' 1 '-X W '1 1 '. NN X -' ff' 3-.N x , . x .., 0 R wx 1 1 4 , nf, 4 , . H , , ,, W ' x v , f . 1 'X g X ' ' n K , 1 -+ 1 s ' wr W as', s x .- U' ',",!"'TTT"' , - ., . , J 1 ,f 'Nw'-. ,nl All .. : l I 1 I Q, V u if lk fPagc 291 .aw Y-WY' - x fs ,J T 1 1 n 4"N ' X 'lv a 'A 1" 1 ,I I I I I .. . ll u I 4 I I I T . A I v I1 -1 -I v: W- , . I I 1 I 1 I I I n I I I I" I J a hi' I ' ' NORA WOOD J. T. ADAMS . Mns. NV. D. Ross J. T. ADAMS ......, ,' F. B. HEATH ,,.... " H. W. FISHER ....,.. NORA WOOD .......,.. . , L. A. LOWTHER ........ .DANIELS HEATH TIBBALS RINDOM Ross 7 'G' T? 6 .Ew- ,v. Board of Education L. A. LOWTI-IER F. B. HEATH O. G. RINDOINI H. A. TIBBALS E. XV. DANIELS OFFICERS OF THE BOARD P rvsizl en It Vic'c'-Prvsirlmzf Treasurer Sec refarji COMMITTEES Fimmre and Claims RINDOM Buildings and GVOIIIHIS DANIELS Teachers and Salaries HEATH Supplies, Furl mul Fzlrnifurr' Ross Ru-lc's, Regulations and Disfijzlinc TIBBALS CPIISC SOQ S1lPt?f'i7lIlL'71f1L'?l'1f of Schools TIBBALS RINDOM Ross DANIELS HEATH 9 G i THE IQ3O RE-ECHO Cgareivell Greetings -to the 1930 i Graduating Glass Your High School work is finished. It seems but a few months since you entered the Senior High School, so rapidly does time slip by. We hope that in these three short years your breadth of vision has been widenedg that you have been made to realize the real value of an education. We hope that these years have been happy ones and that you will always remember your High School days in E. H. S. as one of the bright spots in vour lives. I ' .,,. es 'e i L Q , 4 1 V X 13 , swf S 1 g 9 fPage31D A 3 Y gui, x . I v C. U. NICHOLS, A. B., A. M. Commcrrv, Assistant Prinvipul Kansas City 'University Kansas Wesleyan Business College University of Colorado ELLEN Ice, A. B., A. M. History University of Kansas University of Chicago Columbia University MARY D. Scr-IMALZRIED, A. B. English University of Kansas University of Colorado University of Chicago ANITA B. Rice, A. B., A. M. Hisfory XVasl1burn College University of Kansas G 7 -ei 1 e. .five- E. MAE HANCOCK, B. S. ' Foods Kansas State Teachers College University of Chicago Mnumz JACKSON, A. B. History McPherson College University of Colorado University of Kansas Kansas State Teachers College Sovnns RODEVi'ALD, B. S. Malbcrnatirs Kansas State Teachers College University of Kansas J. R. NYIILLIAMS, B. S. Cl7l'llIiSfl'-QV, Agrirlllfurv, Biology 'Kansas State Teachers College Kansas State Agricultural College fPagc SZJ Iwi 'K' , v THE IQSO RE-ECHO M. ETTA PRICE, A. B., A. M. E nglixb Park College University of Chicago lirmn. Sumuav, B. S. VIOLET PIAYNES, A. B. English University of Kansas University of NVisconsin RUTH TANNER, B. M. Com rn merec' M mir Emporia State Teachers College Bethany College University of Colorado Emporia Kansas State Teachers College Pittsburg Kansas State Teachers College Hays Kansas State Teachers College Columbia 'University SHIRLEY THOMSON, A. B. C. D. Lone English M. Acrls., Comlm'rvc College of Emporia Southwestern Business College, W'ichita Columbia University XVichita Commerce College University of Colorado Emporia Kansas State Teachers College NIARGARET MILLER, A. B. Euaanoa Sxitpuzss, A. B., A. M. Speech, Dirrelor of Dramaiics Biology Expression Department Southwestern College University of Kansas University of California University of Colorado Columbia University na ew . -5 i', ' L I 4 I 1 J- ,Y . 1 i I I I I I Xl il '1 lu lm v. 1. H ' V I ntl. n. 'r L I A 51' :Q 5.5 I QV? iP2se33J 'aft , 3 iii t , x r HELEN Km-IN, B. S. Rvgixlrrli' Emporia Kansas State Teachers College MABEL CovExiDxLL, A. B. Clothing College of Emporia University of Wisconsiii 1 F. jay' SOUTH, B. S. Printing v. Emporia Kansas State Teachers 1 University of Chicago University of Wisconsin Tl1ELMA DUTTON, B. S. Librarian Emporia Kansas State Teachers University of Illinois University of Kansas if-is .es 7 f. iw- JENNIE P. DoucL,xss, A. B. Latin College of Emporia University of Chicago Columbia University RUTH Bmxc MAUL, B. S., Mallarmaliri Emporia Kansas State Teachers College OLINDA Mxzmuzx, PH. B. Spanish College of Wooster University of Kansas College HARRY JAMES, B. S. Clufmislry and Pbyxics College achers College Emporia Kansas State Te University of Wisconsin ' University of Kansas QPage 345 33X '3 -Q-NC ' 1 THE IQSO RE-ECHO NVILLIAM JUST, B. M., B. A. Diwcfor of Ol'l.'b:'Sfl'll um! Buml XVashington State College Chicago Musical College American Conservatory Pupil of Wcndcl Muse, Leon Sometinc, jac- ques Gorden, Karel Havilicek DALE Srour, B. S. Cl1FlIIiXffjf' and Physics Emporia Kansas State Teachers College VIRGIL HURT, A. B., B. S. Social Sricnrr- aml Economics College of Emporia Emporia Kansas State Teachers College University of Chicago Gnoixcu LODLE, B. S. nfnnfml Arts Stout Institute Emporia Kansas State Teachers College Pittsburg Kansas State Teachers College CPa 'ia x v',l, x ' Z ' ,vyfg ' BC RAY ARNOLD Dean of Boys Drake University Phillips University Grand Island Baptist College DOROTHY Hamer., A. B., M. A. Dean of Girls 1 College of Emporia University of Illinois Columbia University IVIARION HOWARD, A. B. Languages University of Kansas University of Colorado Columbia University LUCILLE DARNER, B. S. Pbyxicul Erluralion Ottawa University University of Iowa an s..'4l I L I I I I J. 11 - , r v I - ii ii 'I 'v fb' . ll H ,. IkUv 's li V v A 1' ii 'VW' C3 47, ta. 'IA -,--IS LJQF I 1 1 'L M : The Faculty Club The 'Faculty Club consists of the teachers of the Senior and ' Junior high schools. The regular meetings are held the first Tuesday I in every month. Mr. James, who was president, resigned,-and Miss Eastman now is president. Other officers are: Miss Rice, secretary- treasurerg Miss Ice, chairman of the program committeeg and Miss 4 Coverdill, chairman of social committee. I., The club co-operated with other clubs in bringing Dr. Harrington I. I I here to give ten lectures. The Faculty Club attended his afternoon 'l ,' addresses every third Wednesday of each month. For this reason the j club has held few regular meetings. If At one meeting, Miss Nellie Eastman, who attended the National l . Educational Association in Atlantic City, gave a report. Mr. Rainy l- was sent as a delegate to the Educational Council of Kansas teachers in Wichitaf Mr. Lowther, Mr. Brown and Mr. Jones also attended ' this council. l I The Faculty Wives Club if The Faculty Wives Club, which was organized in 1925, consists l of the married women and wives of the men on the Junior and Senior I high school faculty. The regular meeting time is the third Thursday ' of each month at 3:00 p. m. Mrs. South was president this year and L Mrs. Williams has been elected president for the coming year. The Faculty Wives Club has had several special meetings for their families this year. A picnic was held last fall. The club had a Christmas party and dinner, a St. Patrick's Day covered dish dinner. The members attended the Ottawa basketball game in a body as guests of Mr. Brown. Q' '7' 1 Pa e 36 gp . F I Q c g J . , 725 115529 x J , S .XY , Z x . 2 , THE IQSO RE ECHO RUTH 1: Bixuax ,,..,...,.,.,,,,.,,.............,....,,,...,...,...........,,,.,.............,....,,,....,,......,...,...,, - ....,,....,,..,,,,..,.... Pr:-sldrnf Radiant, Engaging, Bvauiiful. Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Girl Reserves '28, '29, '30, Cicero Club '28, Lady of the Terrace '29, Librarian 29 30 Setting-Up Conference '28, '30, Em-Hi Frolic '28, '30, President Senior Class '30, Mixed Chorus 28 29 10, All Southwestern Music Conference, NVi:hita, '29, Honor Society, Whinisy. WILLIAM I. I-Ifuvr . ,..,............... .....,. . ........,...........,....... ,..... ........,,.,..........,.,......,................... a V I m'-PW-snlcuf Wfaggixb, Imlusfrions, Hr'urf-Brz'ulcm'. Glee Club '28, Orchestra '28, '29, Business Manager Rc-Echo, Vice-President Senior Class '30. LIARAGARET JANE WIDICK ,.......... . .,......,.. .....,....,....,..,, ,. ,,.,.,v,,............... .... , . . ........... SP!'fl'fdf'1'-TVFIIXIITPI' Mrqbly Iolly Work:-r. Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Mixed Chorus '28, '29, Cicero Club '28, Mathematics Club '30, Girl Reserves 28 29 30, G. R. Cabinet '29, '30, Lady of the Terrace '29, A Prince There Was '29, Topeka G. R. Conference '28, Estes Park Conference '28, Sight Singing '22, Echo '29, Setting-Up Conference '29, '30: Em Hi Frolic '28, '30, Honor Society, XVhimsy. Senior Class As a whole the Emporia Senior High School is divided into three parts. Une part of which is the Seniors, another the Juniors, and lastly are the Sophomores. These classes differ in number, knowledge, and size. First among the classes are the Seniors. In their number are many of the leading students of the school. It is the Seniors who lead in student chapels, the various organizations of the school, and any other project directed by the school. Many of them display their dramatic ability in a play which they give in the spring of the year. This class was organized in October of the year 1929. Mrs. Maul, Miss Douglass, Miss Rice, Miss Miller, and Mr. Long are sponsors of this notable class. In the fall of the year they gathered about the campfire, pro- jecting wieners on the ends of green sticks into the fire. These, with pickles, buns, apples, lollypops and some games completed the event. Shortly after Christmas these dignified Seniors arrayed themselves in all their finery and feasted at the Rorabaugh tea room. In the spring they again indulged in social activity. i .1 V, 'L J ,I I I J- gi ,n in 1 l . I 'I I 'I la lf I . I .lf .. 's L 1 A "SJ 924 Z4 W 'Wf- You CPage sn I 4' xi, v tioajr C ru I "' W Egg- . 1 . o- , n 1 I I .w-I n in.. 1 4 I I In 1 L, ,. I 1 i 1 I l 6 I n ul .n H ie'- .J I I ,-I ,v . Q I 1 ., I: ln 'I ll I I I i.' N ' NELSON C. FUSON i Nolzlv, Clvl'z'1', Fu f 'orilr. i 4 VINETA NI. XVOLFE. Vallmblc, Mindful, Winxomr. '-' Scholarship Contest '29, Music Contest '29. G. R. '28, '29, '30, 1 I '30, Hi-Y, Hi-Y Cabinet '29, Science Club '30, . Devil in the Cheese, Big Time, RVIIIHXSYQ Pres- l . . . ulcnt Honor Society. I I . . .. 'Q CHARLOTTE A. LANGDON Gln-1-rful, A Ill using, Lilbr. , , id G. R. '28, '29, '30, Archery '29 r W I., ul -8, .9. l I I u l Q' AGNES L. SHORER Allrarlirv, Lilzulzlr, Saxafzlmnisl. Orchestra '29, Glue Club '29. 0 I C. RICHARD BUZZARD Clam-rful, Iirflcwfira-, Buxbful. Scholarship Connesc '28, '29. F 7 10,9 cr f. fiv- P-.Q.-,. .' MAXINE A. GUINN Mmlvsi, Azlmirnl, Good-Looking. Basketball G. R. '28, '29, '30, Vice-President G. R. '29, Estes Park Conference '28, Abilene Conference '2S, Setting-Up Conference '28, '29, Em-Hi Frolic '27. ' GLADY5 I. FISH Gravioux, Imlurlrioux, Fair. G. R. '28, '29, '30, Echo '28, '29, '30, Hiking Squad '29, '30, Honor Society, Archery '29, '30, Bounce Ball '29, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Science Club '29, Library '30, EARL RICHARDS Ever Rvacly. fPage JSI , 'T C, el f- 'X 17,1 THE IQSO RE-ECHO I' V" 5 CHESTER W. ADAMS Careful, Wuyxwfril, Amiablv. Hi-Y '26, '27, '28, '29, Music Contest '28, '29, Band '25, '26, '27, '28, '29, Orchestra '26, '27, '28, '29, Science Club. D. ELIZABETH ANDREWS Dainfy Eloquvnf Arlrrss. G. R. '28, '29, '30, G. R. Cabinet '30, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '30, Em-Hi Frolic '30, Echo '28, '29, National Oratorical Contest '29, '30, Basketball '28, Big Time, Re-Echo '30, National Honor Society, Science Club '30. CHARLES A WILLIAMS Carnal, Axpiring, Wise. Football '27, '28, '29, Basketball '27, '28, Glee Club '28, '29, Mixed Chorus '29, Operetta '29, Lady of the Terrace, Hi-Y Secretary '30, Hi-Y '27, '2S,.'29, junior Class Treasurer, Hi-Y Con- ference, Herington, Wichita. HAZELTINE E. MAYES Happy, Exrellvrff Musician. Glee Club '28, '29, G. R. '27, '28, '29, String Trio '29, Mixed Chorus '28, '29. WARD G. JOHNSON Easy-Going, Generous, lake r. Ba '26, '27, '28, Orchestra '27, '28, Echo '29, Hi-Y. DOROTHY E. HIRSCHLER Dark Eyes, Honest. G. R., Echo. ESTI-IER E. JOHNSON Exfrrrllcri, Efficient, loiiy. KENNETH XV. RINKER Kidrling, Witty, Reliable. Football, Glee Club. i . IJ . X. . I . I v J. ,I i I 1 I u 1 I ln if li lu I . u -1. 'v li A 32' LW 84 an 'SVP Y O3 CPage 391- 'i , xl Nr '-ff,..Q 2 3 ,mf TNLAX T eixf 9 .. .Biff n s v , H I GILBERT F. LAMB Gullunl, Frirnrlly, Litllf. Hi-Y '30. VIRGIL. M. FERREBEE Very Mmlvrn, Fashiomrlnlv. Glee Club '28, '29g G. R. '27, '28, '29g Em-Hi Frolic '28q Operetta '29g Estes Park Conference: Society. ...ww 4 i i i .i i LILLIAN M. SHERIDAN Loyal, Mvritous, Sr-usiblr. G. R. i i DALE R. CORSON 1 Diligvnl, Rvally Capable. i Hi-Y '28, '29g Mathematics Club '29g Honor G. R. Setting-Up Conference '29g G. R. Confcr- ence at Abileneg Mixed Chorus X285 Mathematics - , Club '29g Music Contest. WILLIAM E. HUMPHREYS Wisr, Enfvrfaining, Hamly. Hi-Y '28, '29, '3o. WALTER D. LAWSON Willy, Dependable, Liluzlzlc. F 7' 06" 6 'fiv- i 1 OTTIE H. BELL Obviously Happy, Brigbi. Honor Society. BEULAH M. NVALKUP Basbful, Mr'difaiiz'v, XVnrfhy. G. R. '28, '29, ,30. QPage 401 .3 I. X. K : , U THE IQBO RE-ECHO VIRGINIA I. BERGERHOUSE Very Imlisprnsulzle Blomfr. G. R. '27, '28, '29g Glee Club '2S: Em-I-Ii Iirolic: Setting-Up Conference: G. R. Cabinet '29: Echo '28g The Lady of the Terrace: G. R. Fashion Show: G.. R. Cabinet Slumber Party '28: Re-Echo Staff: String Bean Club: Big Time. R. CORINNE GALT Really Cliurming Girl. G. R. '28, '29, '30: Librarian '28, '29: ,Setting- Up Conference '29, '30: Oratorical Contest '29g Vice-President Sophomore Class '28: Estes Park Delegate: G. R. Secretary '29: G. R. Cabinet '30: Science Club '30: Assistant Editor Re-Echo: Sauce for the Goslings '29: Em-Hi Frolic '28, '30: Big Time '30: Honor Society '30: Echo '30: Whimsy '30: A Prince There Was '29, LOUISE K. JENSEN Liiflv Kimi, Io-yfnl. G. R. '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '28, 'Lady of the Terrace: Setting-Up Conference '29, '30: Estes Park '30. Jon J. MORRIS loleing, luunly, Manly. A President of Class '28: Hi-Y '28, '29, '30: Scholarship at Pittsburg '28: Scholarship at Eni- poria '28: Em-Hi Frolic '28, '30: President Hi-Y '30: Glce Club '28, '29: Mixed Chorus '29: Lady of the Terrace '29: Music Contest '29: Football '28, '29: Basketball '28g Hi-Y' Conference at I-Ierington and Topeka: State Hi-Y Conference at Wichita: King of E. H. S. '30: Re-Echo Staff: Honor Society. AILEEN D. HOWELL Adorable Dark Hair. G. R. '28, '29, '30: G. R. Estes Park Confer- ence '28: Vice-President Junior Class '29: Li- brarian '28, '29: G. R. Mid-Winter Conference '28: Em-Hi Frolicg -Echo '29g G. R. Setting-Up Conference '29, '30: G. R. Cabinet '50: Science Club '30: National Honor Society Secretary. GEORGE R. HUGHES Good-Nalurml, Righteous, Hmmliugrr. Hi-Y '30: Scholarship Contest '28, '29: Re- Echo Staff: Hi-Y Conference at XVichita: Science Club 'J0:'National Honor Society. l NVALTER XV. BIRCH WH-j'lL"Hfll lVinsomr Blomlc. LUCILLE E. HELFREY I.0l'1IfJll' Exofir' Hr'r0im'. G. R.: Re-Echo '29, '30: Secretary Class '2Sg G. R. Setting-Up Conference '29: Scholarship Contest '29: Em-Hi Frolic '28, '30: Mid-Winter Conference '29q Devil in the Cheese: Vice-Pres- idcnt I-Ionor Society: Up and Atom Club: Echo '30. 1.3 CPage4Il ', Q . wr z 3jY 0, gf... L "' P' fl" 'N s v , s I 0 A .,'v -H., 1 ii.. in Il l I 1 1 'f-.- l.I- 'J , XJAI 1 LY . ry li X 0 x 'N . I .JI . V! ' I . -1 ll nh" . --J . 'I U .-v il 41 Q. ul' 'v ll I I 1 GLEN L.. CONWAY if Goml Lifflf' Car Driver. I Hi-Y '28, '29, Oratorical Contest '26. i W . VELMA M. BUGBEE i Very Mucb Brlorml. f G. R. LOIS L. RUSSELL 1 A Little, Lively, Rfliublf-. L' G. R. '27, '28, '29, '30, Echo '29, '3o. 1 0 f I HELEN L. FINLEY - .. High-Mimlml, Logical, Frivmlly. ' G. R. '28, '29, '50, Scholarship Contest '28, '29, Glee Club '28, President Cicero Club '29, Snow Nvhite '28, Polished Pebbles '28, Pianist Girl Reserve '28, '29, Lady of the Terrace '29, President English Club '30, Science Club '30, Em-Hi Frolic '30, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '29, Music Contest '29, National Honor Society F 7 LA VERNE G. LINDLEY Loyul Gracious Lassie. G. R. '28, '29, '30. LILLIAN CONWA1' Lilznble, Cheerful. G. R. '27, '28, '29, Echo '27, X. Y. Z. Club. ANNA BETH E. MELLINGER Ambifioux, Busy, Effirirnf, Mcrifioux. G. R. '27, '28, '29, Echo '27, '28, '29, Cicero Club '28, Scholarship Contest '29, Camp Wood '29, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '29, '30, Honor Society. ' MARGUERITE M. SELLERS Merry, Modest, Sensible. G. R. '29, '30. eg, ' ' fPnge 421 Q F' . 'G Q' ' wee , , Nffwsx .,,, XS, 65 W JZ 1 lmffw TH IQSO RE-EC O . W' VERNON FRY Illsf, Valuablv, Failbfnl. X. Y. Z. Club, Scholarship '27, '29. XVALTER O. GREEN lViry, Olrfimsfic, Gnzvxy. H1-Y. I .IOHN C. AMES Inunfy, Conrfvous, Ambiiious. Hi-Y '30, Sclwlarship Contest '29, LOIS I. DAVIS Lil-'fly Imluslrioux Damsrl. Math Club, G. R. '27, '28, '29. tk, fb I-Vmfrfq-is M j , ,I f A f' 2. 'T' ,,, 1 . X' L , CHARLES B. FIRTH Cute, Bright, Frivmlly. ELIZABETH J. RIDDLE Enlbuxiaxfiv, Ioyflll, Real. Em-Hi Frolic '28, G. R. '27, '28, '29, Rosa E. STAR -il Really Exccllrnf Singvr. f' G. R. '27, '28, '29, Basketball '27, Scholarship 1 Y Contest '27, '28, Echo '27, '28, Glec Club '30, : Mixed Chorus '30, Cicero Club '28, X. Y. Z. J. Club '29, Honor Society. ' l '- ' . I MARTHA L. XVILLIAMS l Merilioux, Likablc, Worthy. G. R. '27, '28, '29. A Q . lc if 4 E21 92 'wvf' TS. Q 3 fpage 431 , , " QM, E '19 . it f I 2 .3 jf . 5 E L W 5.1 fl" y ,,4,, , , N v 1 . I I I I . ,'v .-.. I Ii.. I I 1 I 'I N- ,. 'I I I I I I I 1 I .u il" -J I I I I I I I, 1. If I ' . Il I 1 r I I. I KATHRYN L. HUGHES ,'-Q Kind, Lillle, Happy. . 1 rest '30. . A I . . .. CALVIN E. MURPHY l Casual, Er1h'rpri.villg, Manly. ' . Hi-Y. 'I In I I 1 I I L. I " MARGUERITE I-I. RIDENOUR , G. R. '28, '29, '30, Orchestra '30, Music Con- .X 2 'ff'- -...A 1 V , 'Y Jtxzx s-04' "".xJIk4'hl.., WILLIAM D. NUT' G Wortby,Dz-panda L Niffy. Glee Club '29, '30, Mixed Chorus '29, '30, All Southwest Musical Chorus '29, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '30, President Sophomore Class. M. ,IUANITA NICHOLSON Mixrbiczfous, jolly, Nice. G. R. '28, '29, '30, G. R. Treasurer '30, Estes Park '30, Setting-Up Conference '29, '30, Echo '29, Tumbling Team '28, Em-Hi Frolic '28, Abilene Conference '29, Cabinet Slumber Party '29, '30, Librarian '30, Honor Society. MARGARET DE LONG l.: Mmlrsf, I'IlIPI1j', R4'flr'afiz'v. M'arvz'lo11x Dancer. f I G. R. '28, '29, '30, Typewriting Contest '29. G. R. '28, '29, '30, Treasurer Sophomore Class, Setting-Up Conference '29, Estes Park '29, Em- ' Hi Frolic '28, Tumbling Team '28, G. R. Fashion Show. HAROLD E. POOLE FRED SCHMIDT Honexl, Earmnvl, Plraxaul. Famous Swimlm'r. Glee Club, Relay Scholarship '27, Scholarship , Hi-Y '28, '29. Contest '28. 8 , 2 qmge 44D gf' '2 .2 In ,FS ,232 l, i be e' 1... I X.. X ' 3 , K .,Y. 'X v. 'Se' 'V' get .- i THE IQSO RE-ECHO MALCOLM E. HARWOOD Mvlbodical, Earzwxl, Hhrky. Hi-Y, Glee Club, Lady of the Terrace. MARGARET E. HAMMER Muxical Efficivnl Hrlpcr. Orchestra '28, '29, '30, G. R. '28, '29, '30, String Quartette '29, '30, String Trio '30, Music Comes: '29, '30. MARGARET ANDERSON Migbly AHrar'lil'r'. G. R. '28, '29, '30, Glcc Club '28, Basketball '28, '29, '30, Em-Hi Frolicg Echo '28, '29, JUSTIN JOHN GROUNDWATER lust Iocund Grinner. Glee Club '28, '29. DOROTHY A. DIGGS Durlr, Affrnrliur, Dvmure. E. BLAINE GREGORY Easy-Going, Brown-Eyc'a', Gentleman. Band' '28, 'z9. J X NELLIE I... MURPHY ' Nicv Looking Maidm. I G. R. -, .'l .l' ll nl EVELYN 1. RIENOW I E1:icrtainiug, Ingcnious, Rapturoux. , 'I Glee Club, G. R. "I : C l 'Il ll. nn'- U A rw ESI QV,- 1:'7' QPagc4SJ M . 9 ,f-7419K 93 Q X - , 1 . 1 . x v I w if A " I 1. , 'L I I I Q I I I I , I .4 r,' I. I. I H ll l I 1 II. 1 Q l JULIA A. BIZAL .f jolly, And Brown-Eywl. G. LUCILLE CRUMLEY I Graciour, Lmnlcr, Capable. v G. R. '28, '29, '30, Scholarship '28, Bounce . Ball '29. - NAOMI C. TROYER Neal, Charming, Tbongbtfnl. BENIIAMIN S. VANDERVELDE Brilliant Scholar, Violinirt. G. R. Orchestra '26, '27, '29, '30, Trio '29, '30, ,I Quartctte '28, '29, '30, Hi-Y '29, '30, Musi- II' Contest '26, '27, National Honor Society. T I ' H. BERNARD SMITH S. EARL BUCKLEY f Hale, Big-Hcarlcrl, Slrong. Sporly Eniz'rj1rising Boy. LI Glec Club '28, '29, Opcrctta '29, Cheerleader I A '29, Echo '29, President Senior II Class. 4 l' ' MARTHA C. RENNER IRENE CONWAY I Mefborlical, Clzcerful, Knowing. Iurlnsirioux, Capable. Orchestra, G. R. G. R. '27, '28, '29, Echo '27. ef 'Y Eff fP:mgc-16, ' 0 2 32592-A or '39 ra S 1 1 I ,Jf54.'9-.,J ,f V' r 1 THE IQSO 'RE-ECHQ HOXVARD XV. THOMAS KAROL A. WILHITE Handy, Worfby, Tbougbtful. Kiml, Amusing, Wbolvxomr. WYANDO R. AUSTIN MILDRED E. PEAK Willing, Rrlinblr, Amiablrn Modcsl, Eugr1giu.S', Prelly. G. R. '27, '28, '29. Glee Club '28, '29, '30, G. R. '28, '29, '50, Mixed Chorus '28, '29, Cicero Club '28, Math Club '30, Echo '29, Lady of tl1e Terrace, Abilene Conference '29, Sight Singing '28, '29, G. R. , Setting-Up Conference '29, Em-Hi Frolic '23, ,' Honor Society. . x I G. EARL WINTER LILA M. BITLER 1 Ggllnni, Eururxt, Wire. Liftlv, Mirlbful, Buoyanf. Orchestra '26, '27, '28, '29, Band '27, '28, '29, G. R. '28, '29, '30, Tumbling Team '30, Em- v Echo '28, Music Contest '27, '28, '29. Hi Frolic '28, '30. V I Lf. IRENE HOLDEN A BONDALA FORD ',: Merry, Imle1u'un'r'nf, Happy. Brigbf, Failbful. ',' if ' i Contest '29, Honor Society. ft' I - Echo '28, '29, G. R. '27, '28, '29, Typing i 1 NQVW ,-vw- 'fi CPage 472 .e-J T " 'F 3 ' 2 .iqe x A J v ' v v CLARA A. LOCKARD EDVVARD R. SIELERT Clmrming, Admin-J Lady. G. R. '29, 'JOQ G. R. Conference '293 Basket- ball '28. LESLIE E. UTT Enterluiuing, Rvul, Sunny. Hi-Y. MARJORIE B. RIDDLE Loyal, Enlbuxiastic, Unsrlfisb. Modern, B:-uigu, Radiant. G. R. '27, '28, 'Z9g G. R. Cabinet '29g Tum bling Team '27, '28g Baskerball '27g Em-Hi Frolic '27g Echo '27. MYRTLE A. LIEXVIS L. FERN' LATTIN Migbly Aflructiuc Lassie. Logical, Fricndly, Loyul. G. R. G. R.: Echo '27, '28, '29g Librarian '29. HELEN L. SAMUEL MAC B. GRANT HuPPi,LiH.1y Studmt. Mindful, Brirfg Gooil-Nafurvml. G. R. Hi-Y '28, '29. u '7' - Q- 7333- CPage 481 cm, j, J. ' --K-. THE IQSO RE-ECHO DONALD M. RICHMOND JANE CANNON Dnmly Muxiviulz, Rvully. logful, Eulbuxiuxlir, Clrfzfw. Orchestra '26, '27, '28, 295 Band '26, '27, '23, G. R. '27, '28, '29, Echo '28, '29g Librarian '29, PH-Y '27, '28, '29. '27, '23, '29. HELEN M. ALLEN NAOMAI SHONKXVILER llumly. A'I1'l'ifil'JIlX, Alblrlir. Nrni, luunfy, Slylixb. G. 11.3 Echo. ALBERT HAMMER Alvrl, Ilnudxunlv. BERNICE V. ALLEN Glcc Club '27, '28, '29g String Beans '27, G. R, '27, '28, '29, '30g Music Contest '27, '28. RUSSELL H. THOMAS RMI, I1K'tlI'l'j', True. Hi-Y. HARRY L. BISHOP llllyy, Viruciolls, Aspiring. Hard-W'orlQi11g, Likuble, Blonde. Echo '29, G. R. '26, '27, '28, '29. Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '30, Glcc Club '29, '30, Basketball '30, Science Club, X. Y. Z. Club. E u .I 'r i. u L 1 1 I I J. xl 1 I n u v I xl -I .Ie U A in 'N Vf' 'E fPagc 491 Z: . f?.Y Q, WZ, r rul- O3 ,A 7.22 H61 K. . l 4 X 1 X ' TED P. BLACKBURN Tnlvlzfvcl, Pojmlur, Busy. Football '28, '29g Track '28, '29, The Prince There Xvasg Let's Move the Furniture, Senior Prrgramg The Rise of Silas Lapliamg Hi-Y '28, '29g President junior II Class '29, The 13th Hour, Re-Echo Staff, Rc-Echo Stunt, Big Time, LIELEN M. XVILKS Happy, Mirlbfnl, W'iusom1'. President Sophomore Class '28, Librarian '28, '29, '50g G. R. '28, '29, '30g Basketball '28, '29, CARL E. OXELSON Culv, Engaging, Om'ry. RUTH V. HANNA Iirally Very High-Millzlz-11. G. R. Echog Librarian '29, '30: Secretary Junior Class, G. R. Setting-Up Conference '28, '29g Estes Park Conference '29, Mid-Winter Confer- enceg Topeka '28. I' 7 Q58 C. JACQUELYN NELSON Gnzrionx, jolly, Nivv. G. R. '27, '28, '29. li. RAY SCLIAFFNER Eulrrprisiug, Rrgqlflar, S CLARA M. EISENHAUER Culc, Mindful, Ermrgvfic G. R. '27, '28, '29. BEN T. STRUBE Buxhflll, Tuff, Steady. ' Football '28g Scholarship C CPagc SDD 3 f ' w A 1- THE 1950 RE-ECHO F. MARKIORIE SMITH Fair, Nlmfrsf, Slt"1'1'f. GILBERT S. MEREDITH G1'nr'ro11s, Slllllljf, lI'li.VCl7il'I.'0Il5. Hi-Yg Glee Club '28, '29, Mixed Music Contest '28. Chgws '333 G. R., Librarian, Glce Club, Echo. T. EARL BAIRD Trulbfnl, Enh'rprisiug, Buxy. DOROTHY L. AUSTIN ' Dvpvurfublr, Languirl, Ahracfivv. G. R. '23, TZ9, '30, ECIIO '28. RUTH L, HQDSQN BLANCHIE M. FULMER Rmjj-Y L,.,.,.1,H,.,,,,',.,,'. Brigbl, Mrrlilnfi1'v, Pima G. R. '27, '28, ,29, '30, Scholarship Conresc G- '27. '28, '29, '30s Treasurer Q- R- '27: '27, '28, lsaskcfbqll '2s, '29, '50, Echo '28, '29, Mwlvhlll Camps ECHO '28a Typvwrlrins COR- '30g Tumbling Team '29. WSU '29- ERNEST T' OWENS XVALLACE W. ESTILL Enlrriuizzing, Tcasr, Opiimisf. l'-711J'1Uf11'fl, Wiffjh 15"S"3.'i'1K- Football '27, '28, '29, Basketball '29, Hi-Y ,27, '28, '29, iii J I 1 I I 1 I n I I I I 'I 'u 'I lu f If I .4 I lf . A S? :Z I NV? .1503 fPagc 511 L ,V F3 . A X 6'924"C""f"9-5-- 'B 'TQCQQW I' 3375 x fr x - -' 't l f , . i l i s 51 L I l I-IAROLD R. URIE Hamlmnzv, R1-filml, Umzxxuming. Hi-Y '29, '30g Chairman Program Committee '30, Glce Clubg The Devil in the Chcescg Lady of the Terrace '29, Scholarship '29g Echo '29, '30, Sophomore Class Vice-President '29, Spokes- man Club ,304 Seience Club '30, Wichita State Hi-Y Conference '30g Em-Hi Frolicg Thank You Dsctorg H:n:r Society. MARY If. CHARTIER Mnrb 12xlw'1m'11.Comm-llor. k NV. HAROLD YOUNG Worthy, Hours! Youtb. Glce Club '29. VERA F. STOUT V ullmlzlv, Fri:-mlly, Smsiblv. Library, Cicero G. R. Scholarship Contest '29g G. R., Club. VIRGINIA SIMMONS I GLEN R. WHITE Very Swwf. G!'llfI!'1IIUl1Ij', Rrfinvd, Wisr. G. R. '27, '28, '29, '30, ECIIO '27, '28, '29, '3il. Hi-Y '28, '29, ROBERT E. FRENCH L. PEARL HOLLINGSIIEAD R4-ally Enviulzly Fiur. Likable, Pleasant, High-Spirifrzl. Orchestra and Band '27, '28g Hi-Y '29. G. R. '28, '29, '30, Basketball. Q' 7' TSC CI'age S21 -o 1 et fw- 'FI j, 7 THE IQSO RE-ECHO GEORGE I-I. OSBORNI2 Good-Nulurril, Honrsf, Original. Hi-Yg Banrlg Orchestra. EVELYNANNI2 MliREDlTl'l Elll'bllllfX Mru. G. R. '28, '29, '30, Glec Club '29g Camp Wixcxil '30, Sctting'Up Conference '30g Operetta '29g Em-Hi Frolic '28, '30, The Rise of Silas Laphamg Secretary junior II's '29, G. R. Fashion Show '29. DOROTHY JANE SAXVYER Da'ln'm1nblu', Iinglvr, Sirlrvrv. G. R. '23, '29, '30, Libr.1ri.m '2s, '29, 'sol' Echo '28, '29, '30. R. PRICE COXVAN R1'asonal1If', Popular, Comummliug. Glue Club '29g Band '29: Orchestra '29, Opcrctrn '29, Echo '29g Music Contest '29. -Y LETHA L. STOCKTON Liu-ly Lifflc' Sporl. G. R. '30. ERNEST j. GILCHRIST Eflivrprising Iorular Gl'lll'IL'IlllHl. Track '27, '28, Football '28, '29, Glee Club-i '28, '29g Mixed Chorus '29g Opcrettn '29, Hi-Y if '28, '29, '30g Music Contest '28. f' I I ANNA LIENORE MYERS 3' Ajvfwuliug, Lmlylilzv, MoJr'ru. , f G. R. '27, '28, '29, Setting-Up Confcrenccgl : G. R. Fashion Show. ' : . I U . I VERNAL G. L. ROTH --I Very Goocl-Nnhmul, Loyal, Rvliublr. 1: Foorbnll '23, '29, Hi-Y '27, '23, '29, '30, Leis 'Ig Move thc Furnitureg A Prince Thurc NVas: Track fi '27, '29g Math Club '30. MU: U . I 4 251 it an 'Nvf' 'Y 41 O3 fl'.igeS,iy , 'Q O 1 V' 'A N: 3 0, 1- ew it ' 2 5 "5'Ni ii lil" .Q-, s. u ,i I l 1 . ,'v .w.. r ii.. i. I I L . I 0 I l l I I I I I 1 I .- .i ii" id 1. 1 i u 'f i I, ll' 'i 'v ll I I I lu .I 1 i "' XVILLARD CLARK I Worthy Ca11rm'1lor. Q, I ' CLYDE O. BUCHANAN in Cuxuul, Odd, Busbfnl. Lf f Opcretta '29. i ' G. MARIE GRIMES -. Grufrful, Mvfbozlirrll, Glad. Q A i ESTI-IER L. GORDON .1 Engaging, Likublr, Grateful. G. R. '27, '28, '29, EmfHi Froiic 8 7' 11 ,Q 1726 -4, 0 3' BETHEL F. MCILVAIN Bonny, Fine, M1l5iC'dI. G. R.-Echo Staff '27, '28, '29, '30, Glee Club '28, '29, '30, Mixed Chorus '28, Tlxe Lady of , the Terrace. DONALD L. BALTZ Di-ridmlly Likablf' Boy. Glec Club '27, '28, '29g Mixed Chorus '28, '29, TED W. LORD T7'ClllfIlIl0llSij' W'r'1l Likzffl. Hi-Y '27, '28, '29. M. BERNICE WHITE Modern, Buoyunf, Wir1so111z'. G. R. '27, '28, '29, '30, Echo Frnlic '27, '295 Big Time. ,Page S49 JK Q7 i ,X '29, '30, Em-Hi 'M , ' ' iff" liiji TH Efw6'lQ3CD"' E- DORIS MAE XWOLEVER Dandy, Mwlvl W'olm1 u. Chorus '29, '30, Scholarship Contest '29, G R. '28, '29, '30. J. Jos XVEIGAND Iunnly, Iolzing W'orlzr'r. Echo '27, '28, '29, '30, Music Contest '28, '29, '30 '29 tra '29 '30 Orchestra '27, '28, '29, '30, Science Club '30, Northeast Kansas High School Orches- '28, Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, '30, Hi-Y Conference journalism Conference '28, Cicero Club '29. The Devil in the Cheese, Em-Hi Frolic '23, WILLIAM Ii. HARRIS lV0fkl'l', Euruvsf, 1'I1'1ll'fj'. G. LOY FRY Gfllflfllldllljl, Loyal, Friv0lo1lS. Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, Scholarship Frulic '28, '27, ii . V I ' 4 ECHO X Em-E ii '30 Wfhimsy. ' L E. IRENE JACOB WINNIFRED A. HOCH 1 Exrifablr, Im1'r'pr'm1r'uf, folly. IVilliug Amlzilioux Hr'l1n'r. 3, Echo '2s, '29, '30, Echo Editor '29, '30, Glec G. R. '27, '28, '29, 1 '- Club '29, G. R. '27, '23, '29, '30, Cicero Club 2 '29, '50, Em-Hi Frolic '30, juornnlism Confer- ence '29, Basketball '29, '30, Archery '29, Mix-:cl i Chorus, Music Contest '29, '30, G. R. Confer- : cncc '29. Nl . -5 LLOYD M. DAVIES GERALD' R. XVHITI2 - 'I Logiral, Manly Dr'bn1'1'r. Gallant, R1-liable, Worllvy. L. Glee Club, Hi-Y, The Devil in the Cheese, Hi-Y '27, '28, President Freshman Class, Secretary Hi-Y, Schol- C nrship Contest, Science Club, Spokesman: Honor 1 Society. -,r . 22, QW' Q '5 CPage ss, W if 3 . iw If is . , . . RQ' 'I' A1 -3 , ' - 2 .f-,...u es gf f N: .. W sl grey'-1-,x AAA' .QA fx I X, '--,... 'C ' if Q . a x r ' I I I 'l'1,'- .1.. 1 .... qm 1 I l I 'Q ll U I u I u A 'F' ' I ' 1 I I n u I 1 4 I .I I .AH I .D I I ,-I gl 1 I r 1 n, I ll 4 1 '1 ll I I I l -I. In I I 1 . , JOHN C. POXVELL z fully, CUIIl'f1'Ull.Y Pr111c'f'. v Basketball '28, '29g Hi-Y '27 ul I : JOSEPHINE R. CLAXVSON Q' G. R. '28, '29, wo. I I I CLARENCE H. GEORGE 0 ' Inyful, Rr'flv1'fiz1', Currful. . Culmblr, Hours! Grufl1'umu. C. PHILIP MAXEY Cufv, PIc'nsm1f, Mvritionx. Hi-Y. MARY M. ARMSTRONG Mmlrxf, Mmfifatiw, Ambilimlx. G. R. '3Og'Scl1olarship '28, '29g Honor Society ALMA M. HUNTER Always Migbiy Honest. Q'-A G. R. 1 " :ni 2 INEZ REDMAN CLYDE C. WISLER I Illlfrlllxirv, Eugagillg, Rmliunl. ClJl'l'l'fIll, C0lll'ff0llS, Wfinsomv. ' G. '27, '23, '29, '30. x 8 'Y O!" .E C giv- fl'ag4: 563 .J I 43 Li fi J fr' 1,- el THE nqzo RE-ECHO 'S X. ,:.2 BUD SHRINIQR ELSPIETH O. BRACKNEY Bunyan! Sf mlvnl. C. CATHERINE SOUDIERS Cburilalllv, Cnurfvoux, Su'1'r'l. G. R. '28, '29, '5O. JANE EDXVARDS Iam' E.vn'l'.v. G. R. '27, '28, '29. DALE HARLAN Dr'liba'rah', Football '2 9. H funlm mr. 93 Exlvrnzvrl, Olrfimisfic, Bonny. G. R. '28, '29, '30. DEAN NAPIER Duunllrxs, Nifty. Hi-Y '27, '23, '29. ' EVRRETT D. CHILDERS Eminrul, Dark. Capable. -J Hi-Y '27, '28, '29, Glcc Club '28, '29, Echo T", Staff '29, Math Club '29. 1 .1 I I J Q RUTH 12. BROWN YI 1 2 , . Rffillfcl, Engaging "Br0u'lli1'." . G. R. '27, '28, '29, Glee Club '27, '28, '29, ' Glcc Club Accompanist '28, '29, G. R. Accom- pnnist '28, '29, G. R. Cabinet '28, '29, Scholar- Q 2 V ship Contest '28, Music Contest '28, '29, Estes L' '29, Setting-Up Conference '28, '29, Lady of the I' Tcrrzcc '29, Topeka G. R. Conference '28, Pres- ident Junior Class, Em-Hi Frolic '28, Slumber ff Party '28, '29, Mixed Chorus '2S. 1 ' C 1 U l A 7 P C Id F -wr 1,3 .2 4' A vs. gaxqvr L . Qpage S71 lil' ' 1 K ,Lf N. I Q ,w I . I I 'ri ,'. -1-I I .... I.n ll I. IL. , . .x I .J I I I !Ig-, I I .I In Ii" -I f. .1 ,I u I , , I 1 ln ' ' i fxr ' ' A I lj' IIOWARD KNIGHT GERALDINI3. LIONROE i Hfay'fy,Kru11. joyful, Grnrrful, lI'I11xival. i Hi-Y '28, '29, '30g Glcc Club '29, '30g A, Echo '29, Glec Club '28, '29, '30g Mixed u I I I I I I I . vIoLA M. CONNER Vtllllllblf, Munnisb, Cntr. Prince There Was. I Two years :xt Lyons: I year at Marion, Trcas I urer I..ion's Roar '29. 'I la I 1 JOHN WITTE I folly, W'orflJy. 5 Hi-Y. VIRGINIA LEE SAUNDERS I Viruriollx, Lorablv, Smurf. G. R. '27, '28, '29, ECI-I0 '27 ship Contest, Re-Echo Staffg Editor Echo '29 Cicero Club 'ZSQ Honor Society. Q' I . Chorus '28, '29, '30, Music Contest '28, '29, '30 Operetta '29, Em-Hi Frolic '28g A Prince Then Was, G. R. '28, '29, '30. SAM THOMAS Small Tvusv. - I-Ii-Yg Band '27, '28. CHARLES VVAGER Clownixb, Wiliy. Echog Scholarship '27, '28. SCOTT R. GAFFNEY Sporty, Rakisb, Goozl-Looking. , '28, '29g Scholar- x 7' i cvagem 3 , ' -2 417' if eq ,,,.-. rim- 'Wino WX I THE IQSO RE-ECHO RUSSEL JACOB Right Iornml. KATHERIN If. KEIWIB Krvn, Kimi. Girls' Basketball '27, '28. G EARL FERREE ' Earnest, Finr. Band '28, '29, '10, Orchestra '28, '29, 'aog NVhimsy. IRENE HELM Irrcsisiably Hulrlly. Band '29, '30, Orchestra '29, '30, Music Con- test '29, '30, Big Time, Archery Contest '29: G. R. '28, '29, '30: Up and Atom Club, Feliz Clase, Em-I-Ii Frolicg Play Day '29, '30, NEAL HANNA Naizfr, Hamly. KATHERINE WILLIAMS Kindly Worllafz. . R. '27, '28, '29. TOM FORD Tarffui, FI'i!'llllIJ'. Band '27, 528, '29, Orchestra '27, '28, '29. J I I . 1 s J. ,", . I il 'e . ." . M i In H I .. '-I U 1 A IQ' ,Q Ja I 'N"f' Y.'j G xx ra." Wage S93 0 -.P L 3 ,lr . K "'-lai"" X I I I'l" ' ..1,' .I.. I I I I ,I l ks ,. I I I I I I I I I I , . 1. Il u 'f N51 II I 'I 'I 1' MARTHA M. LUCAS : hlrwfy, Mindful, Liftlv. l . .f ROBERT H. SNOW I Q I Ra-Iiablv, High-Mimlml, I Honor Society. ' I . I I . Il I 'f 'I is I I I I l I fu in .J I I ' I I I F 'Y 'f 2,0 C iw- CI-IRISTINE V. BANKS Cbl'l'l'fIII, Vuluablr, Buxy. G. R. '27, '28, '29, '3o. MINNIE Q. MILLER Snmrf. Modest, Quivf, Musical. Glce Club '27g President G. R. '29. I'-11' I 'cg av' v- Kijage 601 ,QI K9 X THE IQSO REECHO j. D. Purrvl CLAx:Nc1 Mcfu: Msnjoiuxa Mouse Vit'c'-Pwsizfvlil Prvxiilwlf S1'1'rv!m'3'-Trvuszlrm' Junior Class The Junior class of '30 is one of the most wide-awake classes that has ever been in Emporia High School. i In school life, scholarship is the first aim. Anyone looking at the honor roll will see that we have upheld this aim. Then we are to be found in the orchestra, band, and glee clubs, doing our part to make the music contest a success. Some of the hard working mem- bers of the Cicero, science and mathematics clubs are Juniors. Emporia's successful basketball and football teams were helped much by talent from our class working for the school, the class, and reflecting honor on themselves. We didn't want to confine our life to studying and we had I: ,i ! L I several social functions to divert our minds. Last fall we had a skat- ing party and later the members of the class enjoyed a line party at I the Granada. Now we are planning more good times. , We feel that we are an important part of E. H. S. and if the ' Seniors have any doubt as to our ability to fill their places, they will cease worrying when we take up their position next fall. We' wish the Seniors all the good luck in their lives and hope they will come back to visit qs after they are gone, .nl The Sophomores have looked upon us and our position with envy. I 'l Now it is time for them to uphold the high standard of the Juniors. ' We think they will do well, and we will give them a helping hand ,,' whenever they need it. .. , We wish to thank our able sponsors, Miss Hancock, Miss Jackson, ' ' Miss Rodewald, Miss Sirpless and Mr. Hurt for all they have done to A make this year a happy milestone in our high school careers. 17 , :Eg ii Qvf' Q 'I QPngc 612 t Q lv A ft., 3. it 3 ,,-Ax 93 'wit A EH- .. First row-Peggy Ballweg, Ivan W'hipple, Althea Hinze, Wilson Smith, Lulu Ames. Second row-Luther Williams, Clara Straeter, Erma Thomas, Evelyn Jacobs, joe Miller. Third row-Viola McRobcrts, Lillian Cracroft, Manard Powell, Adeline Swint flleceascdj Fourth row-Leota Brown, Mary Gephart, Marguerite Rowland, Martha Nellc Poole. Fifth row-Evelyn Brown, Grover Piper, Bonnie Martin, DcLoy Heath, Ruth Virginia Samuel Sixth row-Charles Sharp, Elizabeth Wisnieycr, Maurinc Wagner, Ada Lind, Lloyd Stubbs. QI'age 625 7' , AX l X , N if, X 1 i lm ,. X Q , rf X- 1 i il! -il First row-Evelyn Madison, joe Davies, Orvetta Phipps, Harry Traylor, Ruth South. Second row-Fred Kowalski, Viola Caron, Leona O'Brien, Nellie Butler, Fred W'yman. Third row-Josephine Marcellus, Muriel Murdock, Arthur Rcenc, Hazel Davis. Fourth row-Sylvia Mounkes, Merle Butler, Cornelia Conwell, Maurine Knouse. Fifth row-Vivian Tucker, jack Whtson, Lois Bellinger, Jack Lostutter, Evelyn Tompkins Sixth row-Tom Babinsky, Ella Early, Helen Hamilton, Lois Bradley, Ray Setty. QPage 635 1l.,s 1I'Y 1 - v , 1 1 I 1 1 .1., ,: 111. 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 " . 1. , W 1 1 1 1 I I 1 .1 11 11" ul' n 1 -1 u ' I I I1 I 1 I I 1 s I 1 .1 1 1 I I 1 I I '. '1 S1 I 1 1 I I Lx rx ,1 1 ll 1 First row-Imogene Shoop, Paul Hoffnian, Dorothy Cole, Ralph Richards, Vesta Saller. Second row-Chase Wilsoim, Lorem: Yost, Lorenc Hoch, Alma Denny, Oscar Wfilliams. Third row-Eva Lou DeYoung, Alberta Burrell, Mcrlc Turkle, Florence Phillips. Fourth row-Evelyn jones, Marjorie Davis, Olive W'oolwinc, Mary jane Finney. Fifth row-Mary jane Shepherd, Calvin DeLay, Crcsccntia Gufler, Otis Smith, Margaret Lewis. Sixth row-Emmett Jones, Beth Mott, Martha Schaffncr, Livonia NVJIFCD, john Harvey. C' 7, ff 'Wage 641 0 0' C7 gc -4, N It eq - A "C THE IQSO RE-ECHO Sophomore Class The Sophomore class, though a peppy bunch, had only two special events this year. !They "broke loose" and had a picnic on May the 19th. Perhaps they, in not indulging in social activities, have concen- trated their efforts on more important things. At any rate they are I found in orchestra, glee club, on the honor roll, in Hi-Y and G. R., and in athletics. - I At the first of the year, a meeting was held and officers elected. Harold Wayman was elected presidentg Ralph Bell, vice-presidentg Joe Fulton, secretary, and Donald Cuthbertson, treasurer. I 0 M I xl .n. v -9: E52 - Qvf CPagc6SJ - ,J In . hc L :gr y Foster, Little, Listler, Farquharson, Rindcm, Shar, Colvin, Tillotson, Maddern, Collins, Brinkman, Mc- Rcberts, Lohner. Iohnson, McClure, Wagner, R. Moon, Yates, Fchr, George, Eisenhaucr, Smith, McCarthy, Martindale, Folson, Gunkle, Bell. Meyers, Storrs, Cook, Fulton, Lesh, Retschlag, Clements, Morris, jackson, Suwerby, Rumsey, Ryan. Kraum, Keeler. . , , Edwards, Cuthberison, Johnston, Howell, Hodson, Lee, Valenzuela, Snodgrass, Moon, Sturbe, Ryne, Mor- gan Jent. Mr. Lodle, XVayman, Hoch, Schottler, Brill, Piper, Star, Thomas, Maybclle, Miss Shirley, Mr. james. Meyers, Ashbaugh, Ives, Thompson, Meckel, NVinn, Onstnd, Remy, Tibbals, Williams, Sowerby, Rumsey. CPagc 661 THE loso RE' Oratorical Contest The annual high school oratorical contest, conducted in this ter- ritory by the Kansas City Star, was held in Emporia High, March 28. The international contest has a two-fold purpose. The increas- ing interest in and respect for the basic principles of government and the promotion of a better understanding between nations by means of a frank and friendly exchange of national viewpoints. As in previous years, the contest in U. S. eenteredaround the Constitution of United States. This year, for the first time, the orators, after the first elim- ination contest were judged both on a set speech not exceeding six minutes in time, and on a four-minute extemporaneous one. Twenty Ecuo 4 i dollars in prizes were presented to the contestants by the Kiwanis club . of Emporia. The orators were coached by Margaret Miller. The contest was judged by Mr. W. D. Ross, Mr. F. B. Ross and Mr. J. H. Lawrence. i Elizabeth Andrews won first place and Wilson Moyer second place. These two represented Lyon County at the district contest held at Herington, April 11. The contestants and the topics of their orations are: Harold Urie-The Origin of' the Constitution. Vernal Roth-Our Constitution. 'C Nelson Fuson-The Constitution in the Daily Life of the In- I dividual. ' Elizabeth Andrews-The Privileges and Duties of a Citizen Under the Constitution. ii Dale Corson-Interpretation of the Constitution. A Wilson Moyer-Enforcement of the Constitutiony 05 'XVI' 0 3 flange 671 p 'A ia , L 1 sftgvayi L in s .D aeeeee- '+ e eelee 'ta r QD f V N . I Z National Honor Society First row-Nelson Fuson, presidentg Ailccn Howell, secretary-trcasurerg Lucille Hclfrey, vice-president: Gladys Fish, Elizabeth Andrews. Second row-Vera Stout, George Hughes, Bondnla Ford, Helen Finley, Benjamin Vandervcldc, Emma Scharenberg. Third row-Harold Uric, Corinne Galt, Anna Beth Mellinger, Ruth Bixlcr, Harold Poole, Virginia Lee Saunders. Fourth row-Mary Armstrong, Margaret Wfidick, Dale Corson, Ortie Bell, Ruth Hodson, joe Morris. Fifth row-junnita Nicholson, Mildred Peak, Robert Snow, Lloyd Davies, Rose Star, Ruth Brown. if , , Wage asp " if' y . 5 . ., .M ML. . . N i i"'-- '.,ff THE :QSO RE ECI-no Emporia, Kansas, May 4, 1945. DEAR VIRGINIA LEE: I never realized that so much time had slipped by until I re-read your letter and noticed thetdateqi And here it is May 4, 1945, fifteen years since we attended that memorable National Honor Society dinner. Those surely were happy days, weren't they? We had a reunion of the 1930 group the other night and I know you will be interested in hearing about it. The group was small but with as much pep as ever, and we heard from most of the absent ones. V Juanita Nicholson, Ottie Bell and Lucille Helfrey are married now. Almost any morning you can hear them singing cheerfully to the sound of coffee boiling over or maybe the pungent odor of burning toast. Do you remember Nelson Fuson and Dale Corson? They are in Greenland now on some northern expedition. The dear fellows are still single, but can you blame them when the verb in Eskimo language meaning "to love" is racterinchatzopenbedsoqupe. That is probably why the nights in the north are sc long. Corinne Galt is a Y. W. C. A. worker. They tell me she was thinking about taking up residence in Holland, but changed her mind when she discovered that in that country all given names after,the first name are taxed-so, evidently not wishing to have to pay any money on the name Rachel she's moved to New York. Such Scotch! George Hughes is an M. D. He's practicing in Moscow, which is a rather uniquecity in that it fines any individual the equivalent of S5 for calling in a doctor unnecessarily. Rose Star and Margaret Widick have certainly put Emporia on the map. They have a flourishing business here called "The Educational Products Co.," and their chief product is canned alphabet soup. although it is whispered that the inventors, Benjamin Vanderveldc and Harold Urie, are working on some new methods of preparing canned chemistry and constitution for this company. Just think what heroes they will be in the hearts of the students if they can perfect such a device. Vera Stout, Elizabeth Andrews and Aileen Howell are serving as excellent inspirations to the youth of today and have had such marked success in their school work that they have succeeded in eliminating chewing gum from the public and I'm really worried for poor Mr. Wrigley and the upkeep of his six palatial homes. Ruth Brown has joined the pedagogical profession, too. You may see her waving her baton in room 10 in E. H. S. They say that Harold Poole has "struck it lucky." He owns a large ranch in Colorado, and reports have it that there is nothing for him to worry about now except the weather, politics and the outcome of the younger generation. Has anyone told you what excellent dietitians Anna Beth Mellinger and Emma Scharenburg are? You should read their latest book on "How to Slenderizef' Joe Morris is running for senator in the next election. His Scotch jokes are certainly getting him plenty of votes. , Mary Armstrong has perfected a device whereby chemistry instruments are made transparent so that the students can see through their experiments. Three cheers for Mary. Lloyd Davies is the head of the astronomy department at Yale, and is getting himself talked about on his latest theory that the moon may have something to do with the tide, but it undoubtedly has more effect on the untied. Smart fellow, he speaketh words of wisdom. He says that he will soon be com- municating with Mars. Believe it or not-Ruth Bixler's teaching Latin. I asked her a question the other day that in spite of my three hard years' labor at the subject I had never really understood, that is "Why do words ha IC roots?" And Ruthie kindly informed me that it was so the language could grow. Bondala Ford and Ruth Hodson own the Vanity Fair Shoe Shoppe-spelled with two P's if you please-here in Emporia., I bought my shoes to wear to the 1945 reunion from them. I asked them what kind of leather makes the best shoes. They didn't seem to know, but kindly advanced the information that banana peelings make "dandy" slippers. Fortunately or unfortunately, I know that only too well. Robert Snow is a college professor and they say he requires such high standard of work that flunking notices are far too numerous to suit his students. Feature that-from Robert! Gladys Fish is hostess on one of the Cunard pleasure ships. She says she enjoys it very much in spite of the fact that all the men on board look as if they had never heard of calories or at least didn't know what they were. This stationery that I am writing on comes from a clever little gift shop owned and managed by Helen Finley. She says ,that the rise and fall in paper prices doesn't worry her as writing paper will always be stationery. Optimistic woman. As for me, I do not write anything so puzzling as Einstein's theory ner yet so fascinating to the public as Elinor Glyn's work but I am getting along quite well, thank you, and am finishing my third book for publication. Your friend, . MILDRED PEAK. ll J is li. 'L I.. ,i I I J- fl ,. ,A n I I l I n ,u il 'I '1 M 'I '. in I V ' I it. 'S -li i L I A 'os 24 9.4 cu VK' Y . 3 CI'age 69j ' A .aye ..--A" K ' INDUSTRIAL ARTS DISPLAY The articles displayed licrc were designed and made by the E. H. S. boys in the Manual Trainin Department under the supervision of Mr. G. A. Lodle. Tlic boys show artistic work in their designing and skill in their work. Y fllagc 701 4"'- . -. a H, ,- . 1 u x ' f' 's I x .1 4 S Q , x U 1 r'-s ,.' 7 1 ,N x Q a 1 ,...,. ,x ' f 1 s xl ' a'1' x x ,' 1 x x',' 1' ' K xx i I .31 'x ll f""'jf xx fl 'r x . n r , R , .-1 , N.- I -X 4 - V- l 4 y 7 ..-, --,,n, I 'u 1 x K 1 K . ,7-.,,,- ,aus-frfr-1-qY'L'1,-ungl I 1 s nl - ' . ' 1 I K 1 - 1 1 I, Q-xvbxln ,uf all .. BODY K 311. M . C ll Ax " ,P Ql'.lge 7 l J 'nl ,Pc-. -I tl x ,"'- 7 X v '-lvx . . r' ' , fl' 's 1- ,, , in ,. I I' I I n I I, H.. y - ll I I 4 1 s ll 1" i IW. Io l ,, .K ' I . 3. , I I I I D I I I I -u .L in ,. nl n ' Q 1" ,Qt .. I ' H 1 ' ' f 4" ,ll ex If ' . JAMES KINTER Cajzfaiu, Foolball Captain Kinter lead the Red and Black team throughout the season and he proved to be a very successful leader. He also was the triple threat. He has another year to play. EUGENE XVALLEIL Caplniu, Buslertbull I il' Gene did not only shine on the football field bu: I he was as brilliant on the basketball court. At the f , A elcse of the season he was chosen honorary captain. Q." 1.3. He led the team in many games and showed his f ff - ability as a leader. - I rf . ss... 1 2 - i K ' Concrt FREEMAN HUCKSTEP ' ii This was Coach Huekstep's second year as coach I - at Emporia High School. He has not only developed ' f iv ' good teams but he also stands for clean athletics. He I , 'H has developed some promising athletes and should I ' have great success next ycar. 5. 'I in : fBl'I!1ll'l . i CHEERLEADERS : 5 ,- Smith Gufler Bradfield Buckley , , fu - . N . f' .N I I ' I ' I . I F 7' -Q fy c fw- QI'agc 723 J an THE 1030 RE-ECHO H Cl-IARL13 XVILLIAMS, Half. NVeight 160. Chuck was a splendid interference man and he was mighty hard to stop when he got into action This was his second and last year. james KELLY, Emi. Weight 150. Bud didn't get into' many games but made a goal account of himself when he did. He has two mu--e years to play for the Red and Black. Kuamw Davies, Tarlelr. Weight 170. Kermit was the younger of the Davies brother combination at tackle. He saw much service this fall and showed that he had the making of a real football player. JOE Dnvnss, '1'urlz1a'. Weiglit 180. joe proved to be one of the fightingest tackles Il H. S. has had in the history of the school. He often threw the opponents back for a big loss. He will have two more years to play. ERNEST OWENS, Guard. Weight 175. Ernie played his second and last year at guard He was in every play and his fighting spirit kept the team going. He was injured in the last game that hc was playing for E. H. S. Tueonoiua BLACKBURN, Half. Weight 145. Ted was a fast and shifty halfback and was hard ' to tackle. He will graduate this spring and he will be missed next fall when the call is given. CSV. 1 1 GSM' Mae, u IJ 1 lu 'L A i l l Jw fi ,i I 1 a I 1 I n .I -1 all I ll, '. li 1 I .u ii. u U A 3? ve 5.4 ul 'XVI' Q3 q'l"agc 711 vu: 3317 N al- L ui br s ,-,-4' e 03 gmfw 15 in 43" 1 -er er c iw- JOHN STRUBE, Guard. Weigl1t 165. john is a recruit from Roosevelt junior High, whose fight and ability won him a place on the first team. He has two more years to play. PHILIP MCCARTHX', Emi. Weight 159. Phil, the fighting Irishman, was a terror to all his opponents. On punts the safety never got past Mac. This was his last year. EUGENE NVALLER, Q11arff'rlmL'k. NVeigl1t 140. Gene plays a good game at all times. He is shifty. i heady and runs the team in great style. He will be hack to help next year. Jon Moluus, Ci-nivr. Weiglit 140. joe was shifted from quarterback to center early in the season. He was light for this position but was in there all the time. This was his last year. TONY GUINNER, Tavlalv. Weight l90. Tony was the largest man on the squad. This was his first year and he will be back next year and make a strong bid for a regular position. CLARENCE Glzonciz, End. Weight 170. Clarence has played his second and last year. He was one of the best defensive ends that E. H. S. has had. Wage 741 pi 1 THE IQSO RE-ECHO ROBERT HAINLINE, Emi. Weight 165. Bob always played hard and the opponents' tackles found it most difficult to get by him. He has one ITXOYE ye:-If to play. -IGHN Pownu., Crnfrr ami Turklc. W'eight 160. This was Iohn's first year at football but he soon learned the game and became a big help to the line. He will graduate this spring. KENNETH Rmxsk, Half and Full. Weight 150. Kenny has played his last game for E. H. S. He is a constant threat in the backfield. He could run, pass, and kick. He will be missed next year. Emmsr GILCHRIST, Guard. Weiglit 145. Ernie played his first game of football this fall and he played it like a veteran. He had a special sense of diagnosing plays. He has played his last game for E. H. S. COURTNEY LUCAS, Half. Weight 130. Courtney was the smallest man on the team but his speed made up for what he lacked in size. He made his second letter this year and has one more year to play. QPagc 75, K.. x-JA A 'N L 32? L'. 's, ,, ,i I l J- gi 1 i .Nz L 'i lv .1 I. ni. .a. l la v I -'r :E VI' Q3 if N- fx v ,N I .'v I Y i I I . It, I l I I I U I I I I I . .I nl II" IJ I I I" , i I, 1 .m i, 'I 'I lr I I 1 I I ' 1 I I I , I I I I I 'I If I I I I I F 'Y -6' 756 -4,035 Football Summary-I929 Old-time interest in football at E. H. S. was shown at the be- ginning of the 1929 season. Coach Freeman Huckstep had the hard task of moulding a winning combination from a squad of men, few of whom had played together before. The season started out very well, and at the end of the third game, Emporia had a perfect record. When the season ended the Red and Black had won two games, tied two, and lost four. Most of che games were very close and the Huckstep crew usually outclassed their opponents by making more first downs and gaining more yards from scrimmage than their rivals. ' The season was a success for Coach Huckstep not only de- veloped a good team but a group of clean sportsmen. With a large number of experienced players returning next year, E. H. S. should have an all Victorious football team. SEASON Manhattan ........ , .,.,,..Y. ,-,,.- 0 --Emporia ,,., .. ...... . 0 Cottonwood Falls ....,, ,..... 0 --Emporia ..... ....... 6 Burlington ---,- ....,..... ,.,,,. 0 --Emporia .,,.. --.----20 Salina ......,,,. .r.... 6--Emporia --... 0 Eureka ,, ,..,,.. ,,,,.,, ,, 32--Emporia ..,., 2 Marion .... ,. ...... ..,.,, 0 --Emporia 0 Junction City . ,... 6--Emporia ..... 2 Topeka ..........,, ....,, 12--Emporia --,,. 6 Wage 763 Q3 up ip hi .WZ iTHE lQ3O RE-ECHO Basketball Summary-I930 With a victory for the first game, Emporia High was proud of her 1930 basketball team Then three defeats nearly discouraged the boys but they came back with ven-- geance and by the end of the season they had a fine record--twelve victories and only four defeats. Gene Waller was the cnly "regular" back this year. Morris Smith, John Powell and ames Kinter, lettermen, were also back and stepped into the regular work-creditably. The Em-Hi basketball fans are building high hopes for next year's team since only one player, john Powell, will graduate. As a whole the 1930 basketball team has had a very remarkable season and was not defeated until the semi-finals at the district tournament in Ottawa. Abilene .,.,.. Eureka ....., SEASON RECORD 20-H--F mporia 8---Imporia Manhattan ,....,, .,....... 2 2--Emporia Ottawa ......,........s... .,.....,. 2 5--Emporia Council Grove .....,. ,.....r.. 7 -- -Emporia .... Eureka .,,.......,...., .,..,..,. 3 3---Emporia .... Burlington .,..... ......... 1 4--Emporia Salina .. ....,. .,......s 1 5-----Emporia Abilene . ..... .......,. 1 9- --Emporia ,,.. Burlington ....,.,., 14--Emporia Fredonia .......... ......... Junction City Peabody -, ,,.... 1 2--Emporia .,, ,...,.i.. 2 0--Emporia Junction City ...,,. ,.,....,. 1 9----Emporia Manhattan .,,.... ......... 2 8--Emporia Ottawa ......... ........, 2 2--Emporia fPagc 77D ,Z N-,tin Osb- --q--NX eg, eg 1 S---Emporia .... Nz M a 12 25 14 16 39 37 31 31 29 35 19 22 25 23 44 19 'XVI' -I I 3 4? FQ. A A 32? 6 its fPage 78y Momus SMITH Forward and Center Morris has played his second and last year of basketball for E. H. S. He was Il very de- pendable man and will be missed next year. CHARLES MCGLINN Forwurzl Chuck played his first year for E. H. 9. and developed into one of the most valuable players on the squad. He plays a flashy game and always helps with the scoring. Joi-:N POWELL Center John is the man who in the majority uf games got the tip-off and started the play towards his goal. He was a consistent scorer and a hard fighter. JAMES KELLY Guard Bud didn't get into many games until late in the season, but when he did, he made his presence known. He has two more years to show his stuff. 'D C iii EUGENE WALLHA POT!!-'IIVII 'ene was a small but mighty forward He G . was a fast man on the floor, playing as well defensively as offensively. GLENN F1511 Gmrrrl Glenn was ineligible the first semester of this year but he played regularly during the remainder of the year. The opponents found him to be a great defensive player. JAMES KINTER Guurrl Jim was not only a brilliant football player but continued his athletic career by playing guard on the basketball team. He earned his second letter this year. SAYLOR CMYK-Deceased FoI'1I..'aI'd Saylor played a good and clean game. He was always ready to do his part when called upon. He has played his last for Emporia High School. DONALD RESCH Guard Don proved to be one of the most valuable men on the team because of his defensiw THE IQSO RE-ECHO l I I I 1 I I I I I li 'L, I, II ., ability. I-Ie showed his ability to play lusty X V ketball at the district tournament. XX V or-X 'T :fe a.d 1 pf' I 5 ,p.. . r qvfs Z..-v.. LPage79J M in ' 9313 Ny e 4 fb G,,,S3' L W Y mx Q I GIRLS' TUMBLING TEAIN1 Margaret Shulley, Lila Bitler, Esther Rumsey, Helen Allen, Bernice Allen, Lennodale Boyd, Rhea Little Hazel XVcbb, Dorothy Star, Laura Holden, Alberta Burrell, Ruth Winn, Geneva Timmons, Christen' Green, Peg Hensley. - BASKETBALL TEAMS I ll niors S0!7lJOIHOH'X Seniors Arrbvry Harsvsbon' Pitching r i V 'L P V fPage 801 'ff X fri-A 3 I? 1: F' ' if 'iiifii 'V' Q ff" 5.1 ri , N. A-:Lf .M lf ...Q-A -A, .. T. 1 -:.:ef- ' .1 - ,, -,,, 'C--,5 xr-, LJ fx 5,--NR:L,, 344 -ere ' ' " .EH Sm 1" i -'fr ' '- if 2 . 4-.,,- , j, ,Y 5-f . ,fn . ,M 51+-f .ei-. f -9- g ,f .A-L, ,-...,s A 1 - '. k I S X ' 9' N A N - .X r w 1 n - I. K U I Y A 4 7t7 ,N x . I x 'F Ns If 1 . s Nil' 4'f , N ' 1 ' N, "1 f' ' X xx , I N q, r 1 x , f x . . f 1 R s r 1 K , , I X 4, Il 1 I 4 ,N I I s I n ' ' If xx ' I I s I 5 4, E TY-i'i"'f""'. . 7"- Q . pl' SF H I B 4 Q V , 'xx QPage 8 U 'fs ,ag K". 1 1 X ,..x f X "2 If wx l v" - Wage 821 1 wif '91 'Q 'Em-.F il 1' f' l 'v G. fb,.w.,f sm ' f ,W QPagc 831 1 f Q 9 ' fx,l I 1 Rx: ev + N, ,fx xx I v H Y v N fw, W ' 1 , f " Q- 2,7 ,i .1- . Z 76.2 A-att. H51 2215 -.. .. N1 . x 4 1 H if v l 1 l I v 'x a 1 u , A." A 1. UL H. , 4 ,. 5 Lu . P . ,Q ,.,- . . 1 .-,,, f?:-J' ' N -"V L" 3 W0 EFI ' ,J , 7407 Q, ,QQ A 1 " ,M if -1 fi? xzff 'Elf dv? ,N nf -vi mf' QPagc 841 X - 'WR -1'-., ',.-1 ,,,, Wx ,TV K, ,if - ' 5-25-f,fQ"""f QPage 85 Q Gage 86j 1 N. XXA Y ' 1 1 1 x ' - . ,M ' x ...Q xg- E3 4 I J f x xwq f'-3 ..'rl: ' XJ V f ,.,,,-, W 1 1 ' K . L- iw ' Wage 877 xx 1 I I J 1 u 1 4 f . 5 i x X. r ,, .1 w 1 :FX QQ .ya 1 '.: v' v X fJ fl. vxx 2 f-.- 'KH X , F IQLN, il' XXX ,X 1 xx N .wx v l Senior Class History Ati the beginning of the school year of 1928 a small army of boys and girls, appearing to be com- posed mainly of arms and legs, crossed Sixth Avenue in all pride and pomp from the junior to the Senior High School and they were known as Sophomores. In the Senior High School were two other bands known as Juniors and Seniors who looked with dis- approval on these pompous Sophomores and decided that pride must have a fall, so with neatness and dis- patch, without delay and without mercy these young upsrarts were made aware of their inferiority. But among this band of Sophomores were some brave ones who were imbued with the fighting spirit and they said "Though we are humbled and down in the dust we will HOC stay down," and their names began to appear on the honor roll. At this season great excitement arose. In this group were a boy and a girl who developed a strange malady tumble wrestle minute f irmity natural In They began to act in a very peculiar manner. The girl would run and jump and twist and and turn many, many somersaults, and the boy acted with great fierceness and would grapple and with his fellows in great rage and ferocity. The wise principal and faculty examined them with care and declared the malady was not often fatal although quite contagious. In Lloyd the in- was called "football" and in Juanita "athletic tumbling." The disease was allowed to run its course in the school and none were killed and few were seriously injured. February of that year the names of those Seniors who had been elected to the National High School Honor Society were announced and when' these Sophomores saw how excited and how pleased and proud the Seniors were of this honor they asked "What is it all about?" Mr. Conrad Vandervelde ex- plained In it in chapel and then and there a number of these Sophomores resolved to aspire to this honor. a few weeks the scholastic contest was held and to prove that their resolutions were not in vain many of them entered these contests. Thus ended the joys and tribulations of the first year in Senior high. At the beginning of the second year a number of this important group who were now called juniors, because of their qualifications and accomplishments were placed in various responsible positions. Ruth Brown was chosen as accompanist to the Girls' Glee Club and the Girl Reserves and was called upon at all hours to furnish music. Virginia Lee Saunders, noted for her clever and witty writings was made editor of the school paper. The Echo. During this year a certain paper sponsored a great oratorical contest and Corinne being inspired to orate, labored long and hard and won the contest in this district. Spring came and the members of the 1929 Honor Society were chosen. The Juniors were awed and pleased that the upperclassmen had been so honored and again resolved to win like honors. Many en- tered the scholastic contest again this year and to our great joy Emporia won the beautiful cup. The summer passed and this band gathered for their last year at high school. They realized that there was much work to be done. The class was organized and a popular little worker, Ruth Bixler, was chosen president, and they called themselves the "Class of l930." The two great Christian organizations of the school needed leaders. Two of our number possessed the necessary qualities and Margaret Widick and joe Morris were chosen to lead these organizations. This group possessed not only oratorical and musical ability but literary ability as well. When the Re-Echo was in need of an editor-in-chief the talents of Lucille Helfrey entitled her to the position. One girl though a Ford traveled fast by way of the typewriter and won many trophies in the field of business training. At the end of the football season a feast was held for the great heroes of the game and they called it a "football banquet." The Senior girls said, "We have abetted and encouraged these heroes, we have aided them in their studies in order that they might continue in play, now surely they will repay us by inviting us to their feast. But, no, ungrateful though it be, most of their partners were chosen from the lowly Junior and Sophomore classes. And these worthy Seniors were compelled to serve food to them on that momentous occasion. So busy were all of these students that when one day in February they heard that their wise prin- cipal and his worthy and impartial assistants, who had been such a help and inspiration to them during these years, had selected the members of the Honor Society of 1930 they looked with excitement and consternation at one another. When on the morrow, these 29 fortunate ones were called to the stage they were filled with joy to be so honored. And now this group who hitched their wagon to a star and guided by the dim light from a nearby peak sailed triumphantly through the happy memories of "Our Yesterdays," and have landed safely near the placid pool of "Our Todays." -MILDRED PEAK. F 7 7. fPage 881 iw is rj- L. I ,Ji THE IQSO RE-ECHO 1 9 A i., NX ' e . N f 4 ef 7 Z7 ja 6 ! Nlil -'-1 5 -f-1 et A AJ 1, 5?f 1 2' rape-fcl4mffN e DAR DS i 23-Reverend Large makes chapel talk about CALE -School begins with enrollment of 670 and Frances E. Willard. Brown gives the I U three new teachers. Malcolm and Chu., kickoff for the football ticket campaign. ll latte are Still lntnng it off lovingly. 24-Journalism class visits Gazette and get ' -First chapel. Bender sings. Students get inside ninfcn OH how to make quick l first look at John Harvey with his mouth "PLD Mathematicians have big time cc J Q closed. john was one of the leads in the 3 Picnic- ' i i' Eclwfs Campaign pantomime- -Hi-Ys first "eats" this year. N l -Friday. G. R45 stick snnersltntlnn in -G. R.s show little sisters big time at their pockets and meet at Jensen's cabin PMW- ' to make Plans for year-S work' 27--Seniors rest austere mincls at picnic. ' -Tanner chooses glee clubs which explains Schmelzfled Wim football c3UdY- A 'i the Weird noises tllnt have been Coming 23-An indestructihle force meets an im- from Room lo- . movable object. Manhattan-Emporia play lf -Morris declines election and Bixler is scoreless cle- ' pf , made president of the Seniors. w-t 1' -First G. R. and Hi-Y meetings. Widick A and Morris are presiding, and Helen 3-Hi-Y-G. R. recognition service. Earl 'gif Finley is pounding the gavel in the Buckley heads Senior IX's. The Granada Societns Ciceronis. opens. a NV? iso: 457 . P 89 E-J 'iq ' it lax C 480 J Y I ,jr P Size! ca i L W V 67' 4-An Em-Hi teacher is heard bemoaning the fact that life is 3-4 be and 1-2 if. 24 " 122.4-"1 1 ?' -, S-Emporians knock Chase County High for a touchdown. Score 6-O! Barr-Kuhlmann Co. Prim'rrx-Offin' Ouififtrrs-Stafioners West Sixth Avenue Phone 344 EMPORIA, KANSAS Emporia State Bank 601 Commercial Street SATISFACTORY BANKING SERVICE Have One On Me? 9-Ciceronians solve wet weather problem by going to "Dryer" park for picnic. 10-Ruth Brown thanks the doctor in play ,?. Q I in assembly. G. R.s givc dinner and '9 -. launch magazine contest. , z , o 3 fa X ' L EHPRCL' Q. ' lx 0 :zo ll .WW ji- - A BQRLINQTON Q ' I U I I A T, d I , N xi Cl 3? ? , X , gf. 3 S Q2 . li X Thanks, jim, I will, I 11cuer refuse .1 . soda -wben if's offered to me af Y our J- The Red X l e c, X Q, 4 Pharmacy i 7 ' J. J. KOWALSKI Teveemvmimi 624 Commercial Street I U ll-liz-me Owens secs his dreams came true fieeg - TQ- ' QPuge 907 " 14 fifieriim THE IQ3O RE-ECHO EMPORIA'S HEADQUARTERS FOR HIGH SCHOOL CLOTHES Home of ibn New Things First ALACE CLOTHING CO. Fifth and Commercial Street when he intercepts a pass and helps Em- Hi beat Burlington 20-0. -Darner starts her girls on horseshoe pitching contest. Football buys have watermelon feed. They must have had :i good time for all George and Black- burn could say when questioned was "I was there, and Lucas was there." -That the Juniors had been on a skating party was quite evident to Miss Douglass when :i certain pupil of hers declined' skate as "skate, slipene, falli bumpusf' -job's Daughters present Corporal Eugen. Evelyn Rienow is ii Wow imploring Clay- ton Roth to "Do Do Something" in a perfectly "Kaneingly" way. G. R.s and Hi-Y meet. Cornwell "shoots" G. R.s. -Another Red uprising brought down- Blues win magazine contest. Rain ruins Em-Hi, Salina beats 6-0. Cheer up! -Price orntes at English picnic at Flat Rudy Downs ECONOMY SHOE STORE Thirty-Six Steps from Commercial 9 East Sixth Avenue THE SMART YOUNGER SET i Rocks. 4 li -' -Howard Knight entertains Hi-Y pic- finds Poole's always prOgI'6S- i " nickers with auto accident. give, nqgdern and Well up i with the times in all depart- .LR ments appealing to youth. T' 1 1 6 -ffx You are always welcome I - X - ' here, to visit, to look or to - U M1 M N-f buy as you desire. ' s 4 .I 'IW S if . l 1 .t Dru Goods Co. Q, . . ,Q Hgdhni I 74-Glce clubs and Baltz furnish musica chapel for E. H. S. students. fllage 911 M 'A 'Q I A vc . 3 jf . L Q4 sy, K QA. . ' FORTY-EIGHTH YEAR OPENS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER '9 J 6955 A leffrr or postal aflzlzvrssrd to K. W. Davidson, Publicity Dirrcior, will bring romplclr' iuformafion to your door. 03123 TI-IE COLLEGE .OF EMPORIA "Thoroughly Equipped, Univcfrsallj' Accrcrlitcrlv if jx A JV . Q' -l . 4P11gv927 , T7'Q,i E4 3 ! S E- 9 lm- X yi .Af,1.TT1?'jg?AmERiJj THE IQQSO REECHO YV WAV 12 Y,-4. ,iwliisii 1 AZ! ., 3 .- ,. i-'of - A 52 2 Sl '-2, 5-2. .-' Q' .5 fl ' , - Jffmn. . ' - 1' .v gg' ' V :v'5?"?:M51 ' af 5: a I iff . 4 'f' fs, - L -W-W ag - ,X L. I. , ef' is LAY AWAY f 'fa "-a'f,J1 'f ' 1- , ' ' MQ- . .. f "2.:.511-'fi lf HES ZQQL62: ' "fern ' K I '.'f7'f I '.,r.. 'A win'-'. - 5 A, 1 1 'f."-'f4fx12:':a vwxif. f--U ' . . e.. f01' the h.f,.1.y!2f ,,' A w4:1fAM::,- MG' ' - h .,..,,..,d,,,,,, ',K4f7,q.zp,5.l H -. . -ss Q R, . 12f.x,'ff1f-if-, 1 .-Jw -.1 . , ff-:f ' f Hkgcy. iyizaggjiq Cd- . - CA., -.g,, , cgi 0 A-ff w e-1-is RAINY DA Y XI gi., I STVW ::1: ' TT ,4 'T ,. 9. - vu., :S 'si' .--ffz Lfgg. . Ls i 2.3, Af ' 'fill A- . ii - f ,Ji'5s3i'E?'i5?-'Q -'L-"9 ' f7L5"1f.fw 7' L I ' V- +'ssil44wv ss:.:ww f 2 , ,fs is Y Some day, you can never tell just when, you may be vitally ia ncedibf some ready cash. The squirrel, protected by an all wise nature, lays away a store of food for the days when he will need it. Nature has given you a brain that urges you to save too. What you are worth in the future depends more on what you save than what you earn. Lei us tell you about our Savings Arvozznfx CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Emporia, Kansas - 25-Eureka's giants beat Emporians 3l-2, and put some of the fellows out of a "dating commission." Helen Allen pitches a wicked horseshoe and wins tournament. -Four hundred G. R.'s confer in "Bill Wl1ite's Town." -South's solo fall "hit" of the evening at Echo's skating party: however, Clarence FURNITURE CARPETS RADIOS I George won the honors as thc "Fall" 'i, number-done attractively in black and our stock is the largest and the :Dost I'- blue' . . complete in this part of the state and I -31-Teachers' meeting. Vacation! Wlioops, I. my clear, and how! we feature quality, service and price. g if '. .. ' ' I NOVEMBER E -Captain Kinter hurt in Marion game. ' Score 0-0! J. C. if -Reports. Cheer up. "No matter if your I: grades are low, and compliments are few. 1 lf Q Remember that the mighty oak, was once ' ' l' a nut like you." Organize Science Club A SMP Abwm, in Qlmliiydd ,ai . with James as Sponsor' A Sfrfr Behind in Price -Miss Schmalzried is given five cents ' worth of asafoetida because the clerk 21-23 West Sixth Avenue ,gr wouldn't change her order and spell Scmalzried and asafoetida for any nickel. Phone 485 Can't blame him-much! Y 3 QPage93l . ' A - Y' I 9 T ff'J"9r'r-A F3 R f. "'i wifi 7 fu The Younger Set 'L 4 will find the smartest fashions each season in wearing apparel and accessories-lor school-sport and dress occasions. . J.C.PENNEYGQ I l 'wmv in un your mu WWWNW' -vm un vnmamo 'i rl il" nl N 1 .- 1 - I l'j sv , 0. . GRADUATES: 1 R11 1111 ffii 11151 111f 21111 11' 1111111 -fiirlf 11111111 111' 1-1111 ::1:1:::1:::::x11:1::1::1 ::: 1 ru: 1 :::::::::z:::::::::::- .1:::: G EN EML Pmnrerts- Wfc wish to thank you for your liberal patronage and trust we may 6-First lecture course number-Dr. Ira Hilton jones, chemist. "War, because of the work of chemists, has been made an international suicide." True, doctor, l 7-Father dcesn't always payg the Hi-Y boys give their dads a banquet. Inter- esting assembly, tap dancers and colored i ccntinuc in the future as "your Uue- photographers." , ' Cordially, RIGG BROS. STUDIO i L" MORTGAGE CO. girls sing spirituals. Applause! Encorei 9-Another "dirty" game for our ICZIII1. WARREN Wfas thc field muddy?-ummmauhl and how. Emporia loses to Junction City 6-2. ll-Armistice Day! Chapel in the morning. : F. D. Ross talks. Vacation in thc after- : , K noon. Emporia has first night football Emporia ansas , game-a big success. 5 -,- o r HM That Graduation Watch : liijilll Diamond Ring, or Costume Necklace will ' ' be most appreciated if it 'V 'W R 7' W?-Y comes from Elgin, Hallmark and Longines med at JEWELERS Sl and up ' S25 Commercial Phone -itil 6 'Y 14,9 ,716 t .Sw- QPnge 941 G7 41,3 THE IQFSO RE-ECHO BALLWEG' S Smart Millinery Apparel 425 Commercial If you are thinking about buying a gift in remembrance of any special occasion start your search here for something suitable right now. Qmthlillllllhbjjw wel " I3- 14'- 15- Snow! Hi-Y-G. R. club meetings. Football benefit play, "The Devil in the Cheese." Thoughtful junior suggests that proceeds be divided among Captain Kinter, who was hurt in the battle of Marion, Right Guard Owens who re- ceived injuries in the siege of the To- pekans, and Otis Smith-the great little hurrah boy-who strained a lung or two at the home game. Good work Lucille. --G. R. blue 'team gets reward for magazine subscriptions. -Mr. just and Miss Miller's pupils give Em-Hi a snappy assembly. -Darner opens bounce ball season for the co-eds. Emporia gets its money's worth at the Scotch play, "The Bonnie Brier Bush." -Topeka beats Emporia, 12-6, and breaks Owens' leg at the hardest fought game of the season. I I v i if ,D 5 Victory Creamery Co. bi Mauufacf14.rcr.t of Q Q Victory Dairy Products S ' 5 , . l Ph 2405 To M' One ml nh . Y E 22 East Seventh ' . I E . F. A. Looivus ilsl .Btn-:XbulYN Portrait 95 L 25-Room 108 at the Newman hospital oe- A cupied by "Ernie" Owens seemed to be Photographer the meeting place of nearly 200 people, many of whom were high school students. A- as Q 1 lPage 951 A I i A N, Q an . X' A 33? Q ,,,Q..,, 0-3 ,DM .V ,' Ask the Bunch They Know! A 26 28 3 -Mathematicians entertained by the trou- bles of "The Idle Rich" at the Granada. -29-Thanksgiving vacation! E. H. S. Hi- Y representatives go to Wfichita. DECEMBER 1-Ciceronians have big time at Helen Fin- ley's. -Seniors vote on rings and pins. The King is dead--long live the King. Bas- ketball ascends the throne so recently vacated by football. 4---Dentists get "inside" information on the state of Em-Hi'ers teeth. S-Girl tumblers and Livonia Warren spend chapel hour in showing E. H. S. "How It's Done." ., 6-Many Emporians learn there arc such I 1 . 1 1 I ' 1 lf x 1 things as tears of happiness at the third number on the entertainment course: "Take My Advice"-the funniest and cleanest play Emporia has seen for months. , 10-Em-Hi entertains football boys at: a banquet as a fitting climax for this sea- 1 ' son. - i The best place I0 stop for SOCl1lS after N 13-Another Friday. Junior High cantata a school, or after a show, hike, or game. SUCCCSS in wife Of SUPCfSfifi0nS- I i 17-Another big event checked off the cal- You'll always find rich, smooth malted milk, tempting sunclaes, and delicious A sodas at L' 31 , . I 3 Morris Drug Co. T 423 Commercial Street i r 20 endar--the G. R.-Hi-Y banquet. 19--Earl Buckley returns to school in a rather dilapidated condition? ?? -A student's succor-vacation. -Girls must be good--all three teams tie in bounce ball tournament. JANUARY , 3-Complete basketball schedule. 5 ill l11P.ffff'.::"".2':f'c , Emporia, Kansas Phone 67 ff Geff- lf cvngwo , i 1526 y A 'hw 3. i,v.,,?3- X' Q? ,H 0.-. hi- lf. 3- .55 e ,nf , THE IQISO RE-ECHO Typewriters! L. C. Smith, Standard and Remington, Corona and 'Underwood Portables For Sale, Exchange or Rent All Books for all Schools-New--Used ECKDALL fr McCARTY Dependable Photographs M ALBERT CORNWELL Q Photographer -fir Y if kwigfggvj Nz , Q n 49 fa .ff-ef wiilryfp n A W if . -,LJQ 1'-'F xii' 0 1 t All the newest photographs-artistically produced- ' made for high school students. - TI-1E ALVORD STUDIO 719 Commercial L , S ' 7-Students get a big kick out of signing : "Meet the Gang at Biuisn sociology questionnaires. 1 9-Two Junior high girls show G. R.s how : they "pull the strings" on the Marion- ' . ' RUCILNEI-TS n .Q .1 ir" ul ., SHOP FOR MEN W' "Clothes Youlrc Proud to Wear" I 1 ,x .,' 10- ettes. Em-Hi's Rainbow Frolic shines in spite of heavy snow. Joe and Ruth preside as king and queen. ' 11-Huckstep's over-anxious cagers lose first game to Abilene, 20-12. ' . 15-Em-Hi's boys win second game from I l , . il' . an 1 Eureka, 25-18. A compensation for the football catastrophe. , 16-Many walk in the "valley of the shadow if s of finals" while others' cups "runncth : Wholesale over" at the Senior banquet. ' 17-End of first semester-Whoopee! Thirty- I Coffee six graduate in January class. Expres- 1 sions of sorrow. Did you hear about l 306 Commercial Blackburn's catastrophe-51 3-4 credits! f 18-Manhattan wins a hard fought victory " in a fast moving game from Emporia. i Among the spectators: Ernest Owens and I ' Rice Brown, Jr., both on crutches. Q' TAKE IT To BEACH- 25-:Em-Hi's closest athletic rival, Ottawa, Q ..-1-HE DRUGGISTH- defeats Huckstep's crew, 25-16. : 20-Strains of Schlepegrell's overture, "Nar- I n Q "Prescripiio11s a Speciallyv u' N Beaclfs Cash Drug Store - cissus" heralds the 1930 debut of the high school orchestra. FEBRUARY i . . 1-Basketball team starts the month right 1 Commercial at Ninth Emporia, Kan. by winning from Eureka, 37-33. lVlcCARTl-lY HARDWARE CC. Phone 26 "The End of Your Quest for Quality" 509 Commercial Q' '?' 1 Y X fPage 981 0 F' 4.6726 ' 'Q w X fa -A' QE--as he-PET.-sro it THE IQBO RE-ECHO Are you careful to weigh values and get maximum usefulness from your clothes, furnishings, and shoes as you are in buying other things? You surely ought to be" HANCOCK 6: BANG THE MODEL CLOTHING AND SHOE CO Men's and Boys' Outfitters Emporia Keeping up the good work," the quintet piles up a score of 31-13 on Burlington's men. -The team goes on a rampage and beats Council Grove by 30 points. Prof. Drake, of K. S. T. C., gives a "flashing" per- formance at Up and Atom Club. -Old G. R.s welcome new members with a candle light service. -Highs continue to win. Salina falls be- neath Em-Hi cagers on-rushing attack. Scouthood celebrates its twentieth birth- day. -Dreamy Spanish music accompanied by flashing, intriguing eyes thrill Emporians at the fourth lyceum number presented by Ramos Mexican orchestra. -The National Honor Society welcomes 29 more of Em-Hi intelligencia. -Emporia's luck still holds and Abilene loses to us 29-19. -Defeating Burlington 3 S-19 brings Huck- step's men to their sixth straight victory. A lot of students nearly lost their love for Abraham Lincoln when Miss Shirley gave them a brief story of his life in shorthand. Abraham is hard to spell in longhand, but in shorthand it looks like the longest distance between two points. -More thrilling than a wild west show was the basketball game in which the Fre- donians played the defeated. SAlVlUEL'S BOOK STORE 'Y q Candy, Fruit, Picnic Supplies Always the Best At Reasonable Prices Harvey Grocery Co. The Smith Lumber ' Company Corner Sixth and Constitution Lumber, Building Material and Coal Remember the good lunches and candy you I found at the Turkish last year? Well l we'll have them and more too, when . you come back next fall. , I The Turkish Candy Co. "Quality Always." P. S.-Pass the good word I on to the Freshmen. X I ,I 'l ll., '1 I I ,I .ni QTHE BOOKNOOKJ 5 All City School Books Here Memory Books and Graduating Cards 'Cs' -2 s f' -303 lk CPage99D M . ' , , ,,.. 6' , if 9 Nr a .2-ZF I I . v ' U I - M Wm HW Sixty-three years ago Theodore Poehler started a wholesale 1 ll' wi l' "ll llll Q Wlllfllm 1 ' . I I 1 Y X 'fi' grocery business in Lawrence, Kansas. His idea of good mer- . 1' Sqlllllfl, ?lllllll'l',,,'l chandising embraced three essential elements- ' I 1 . flee I Good Service, High Qualify, Reasonable Prices I f The Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered steadfastly to these principles, and. , ' the policy of selling only to the Independent retailers, believing that the llfe of our commun- "- I ity depends on supporting the home-owning merchants. ' I Our products are marketed under two brands: l I SUNBURST fEXfl'9. Standard, POEHLER KING QFBDUYJ TI-IE. THEO POEI-ILER MERC. CO. ' Topeka., Kan. Lawrence, Kan. Emporia., Kan. McPherson, Kan. ' A Kansas house for Kansas people that boosts Kansas schools I Founded 1867 l Incorporated 1889 I , V l , , 1 22-Em-Hi basketecrs celebrate Washington's E ' In 1 7: birthday by a victory over Junction City. por a 23-Lady Luck must certainly have a "case" . . . Shop . 1 r on the team-they take their ninth con- 'l i V' secutivc victory, from Peabody. U . 1 If 25-A charming Senior miss discovers Tom 705 Commercn Street I ll Babinsky's favorite crack to be-Aves of I u similar plumage conjugate in the closest Headquarters for I U' proximity. . ' 26-Gilbert's Quartet, the fifth number of Athletlc Goods f the entertainment course, made a hit "C with its Emporia audience, and got safely i through its performance without singing ' LEATHERBER Y' 1 28-Many girls discard their petticoats for R S -' h' ' . . A t err brothers trousers-at the G R Jack Rexall Drug Stores , and jill party. junction City falls vic- , tim to Em-Hi's five basketeers. Juniors , if are champs in girls' B. B. tournament. Parker and Sbacffer S ln -l . : A Fallflfllln P6718 l u 1--The team avenges a former defeat by l making 44 to Manhattan's 28. can Nome Toiletries fm N Q v , F. M. ARNOLD, President K 3 F. H. ARNOLD,'Vicc-President W. MAX HARRIS, .Cashier - H. A. OSBORN, Vice-President R. I. ANDERSON, Assistant Cashier Capital and Surplus EB120,000.00 Emporia, Kansas E' 'Y' A Q Q' QPagc100J ?fG,fv . ,. N-ff 9 U' W3 ' Q07 ,fa-es-- THE IQBO RE-ECHO I 6-Emporia High grieves over the death of two of its finest members, Saylor Crnyk and Bill jenkins, who met an untimely death this evening. 7-"Big Timex- the G. R.-Hi-Y benefit play, L jazzes its way into the hearts of Em-Hi f students. 9--Throngs crowd the Junior high auditor- ium as they go to pay the last tribute to their friends, Saylor Crayk and Bill Jenkins. . 10-Ottawa proves to be Em-Hi's white ele- phant for the cagers luck is broken and DRY CLEANING they lose lg-22. I2--Discovered, among those present, two radio experts: George Osborne and Lee HAT BLQCKING Embry. 14-Honor Society has banquetg Lloyd Davies heard denouncing the "criminal "printer" who knocked the "1" out of his name. lf-I6-Em-Hi cagers win their way to the semi-finals in tournament, but are stopped there by Ottawa. 421 Merchant Phone 117 17-Gene Waller elected honorary captain of basketball team, a crowning victory to his splendid showing this season. You Wfant to Appear Well at All Times. Wear Rorabaugh-Paxton if L 1 4 5. .APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES 5 ' i- . I ' X and look your best , , - I I I Style . . . Quality . . . Value V X5 if ,.l': 3 I Rora bau h Paxton E 3' , In the S00 block :Ig 1 'Nvf' You CPage 101, , 93 mf--if ,M . 1 'jfs' W' mf 1 ax YQ , 'gr . :ogy l I : N ' 20-G. R.s elect the diminutive Beth Mott to 4 head their club. FORHH- 25--Bockewitz' cartooning and humor bring , ' a climax to an unusually successful year t of popular entertainment course numbers. I C 1 27-C. of E. boys' glee club, quartet, and , ces oa 9 brass quartet "listen pleasantly" to Em- ,L Hi's ears. , : or D1Stllled 28-Elizabeth Andrews walks off with first 6 honors at oratorical contest. Wilson : Water Moyer, second. r a n . . J phone '22 F. P. Fan' 6: Son U 1 f f Paints-Wallpaper-Glass I EMPORIA ICE. 8: Picture Framing S04 Commercial Street A COLD STORAGE CO. Phone 712 This book was printed by The Emporia Gazette We hope it will please you' BOOK AND COMMERCIAL PRINTING Q- 7' - S 0 QPage 1021 . 7 ' C I0 THE IQSO RE-ECHO 8 Emporia, Kansas APRIL 3-G. R. install officers. Em-Hi sad over K the second tragedy of the season, the death of Adaline Swint. -"Happy Days Are Here Again" rang through E. H. S. corridors as Re-Echo lnum-hes mln with n jaznv review ff -2.53 H 22 Ei A Ng l ll, el-mjfbwlfkl cis 11-Hi-Y host to the neighboring clubs. 14-Grade cards! Helen Finley still heading the honor roll with five E's. Whoopee! 17-Robin Hood and his men invade Em-Hi corridors in the form of girl archers. 18-Good Friday .... No school! -Boys' Glee Club get manv glnnfer of env" and admiration .is tney trip merrily through the halis munching luscious chocolates given to them as a reward for their "splendid showing" in the Re-Echo campaign. h -Members of the Board of Education and their wives are guests at a dinner given by the Foods 3 class. 25-A sweet essence of carnations Qif you want to be pocticnlj wafted itself into the nostrils of E. H. S. students when Hi-Y boys observe Motl1er's Day, by wearing the flowers and by Il Mother- Son banquet in the evening. 26-Emporia "gets in" again by winning the sectional typewriting contest. Congratu- lations! Girls have big time playing .xt K. S. T. C. Z8--Ta, ta, te, dum, dum-and the music contest takes off with a bang, or should we say blare. GIEANAII Phone 3 S0 FOX MIDWEST TI-IEATRES Arr' couducica' fo please ibn mos! crilical Enjoy here tba last words in cniertai1zmc'nt Phone 700 J l I I I li .l. fl . In I I i I 'I 'M. 'i If i ,. .ir -1. 'v Li A W 2:2 n.d I ' "'l'I ANI! 'SVP if 3 41. QPage 1031 H N 0 . ag , J 'QTJQY i is ,,.-ef5,.., N' of ,H e Q e Y , 3 MAY ' 2-"All's Well that Ends Well," said Shakes- l peareg but I ask you, William, what is 4 there to do when a music contest docsn't , "turn out" to suit you. +. l i 16--Nelson Fuson with considerably more I clothes on than he had in "The Devil in l the Cheese" and Otis Smith, piloting the l love interest, make many feminine hearts i "spin" in the Senior play, "XVhimsy." l il 18-Revelends Hoffman and Poole give Sen- .. iors .1 spiritual boost into the world at Y 'A f , baccalaureate. 'Ill ix' 23-Dr. Kelly delivers commencement ad- ' dressg some sentimental Seniors seen shedding 4 ., salty tears. - n .1 I . ' ,f jf - - fl 'I , Ll 'A xmfxr ' fff' g Q , fipatuckla-mtl ,I The Kansas State Teachers College M EMPORIA f""s sd Fall Scnzvxfcr Opens September 8, 1 930 r 7 o 5 fPnge104j i ,i 7' ' , 1 ,fe - ree W 3' 33" 45 ff-erm, R, - 1. J will l lllvlollli W THE lQ3O REECHO SEE QU-21 25' 'K 4 May the 1930 Re- Echo bring back to you fond memories of an eventful year and may those mem- ories, as recalled through the preced- ing pages, inspire you with the energy and enthusiasm of youth tempered with the wisdom of age. THE MlD-CONTI- NENT ENGRAVING COMPANY 5 Wichita, Kansas , , f V .1 L .1 bosb44s4:.?:4:+4++ys+++4c+a44.ysgo E57 ' 544: ng t f 5144? :QQ ai 'Nvf Y Q 'J gm c1057 ' ' , f ' X s e O .T f F if e f " 'W 2-f ,ff-e"'q"""ss 3 . ---Af 'A' - . . 19,9 Petals . . . I e 1 l Last night as I was sleeping I saw a rose so fair. It was in Emporia High School It filled the classrooms there. Each petal was a student , With face both sweet and bright. ' Attentive in its classes . 1 I ' - And studying late each night. Ye seniors O ye petals i Lift up your voice around- A thank you to the faculty It A thank you to Mr. Brown! J h The air grew tense with mystery , -i The underclass men rage. fi - I Mr. Lowther with diplomas stood On the Junior High School stage. L' The girls in pretty dresses, f Dark-suited boys that night- f-. It WHS Olll' 0Wl'1 COIIIHIEHCCITICIII 'And what a lovely sight! I Ye seniors i O ye petals Lift up your voice and lend it- I In praises to the school board And to the superintendent! And then again the scene was changed . No rose there seemed to be if The wind had blown the petals off 'J To fall promiscuously f Each one his work had chosen I Bud Birch sold Pontiac cars, Justin Groundwater did his best To sell five-cent cigars. Ye seniors O ye petals Lift up your voices, all- A thank you to Miss Miller And thanks to Mrs. Maul! I seemed to seefair William I-Iart Go speeding down the street, Joe Morris, our popular king, Umpiring a football meet. Price Cowan seemed to be An actor of renown, As also was the pretty girl We know as Miss Ruth Brown. fy Ye seniors 0 ye petals Lift up your voice so nice, A thank you to Mr. Williams, Miss Price, Ice, and Rice! Lloyd Davies, always diligent, Had won broadcasting fame, And writing books had been the line To which Miss Helfrey came. Ruth Hanna still was working hard Not doing anything, And fair Ruth Bixler, you could know Would in the opera sing. Ye seniors O ye petals A Lift up your voice in song- ' A thank you to Miss Douglass, And thank you, Mr. Long. Young Donald Baltz had patented A golf ball made of cork, Earl Buckley was a traffic cop On Broadway in New York. Leslie Utt ran a restaurant And did it not so dumbly. In the kitchen was his wife And chief cook, Lucille Crumley. The Margaret Widick Beauty Shop Was noted near and far Because of such a permanent She gave to Rosie Star. Elizabeth Andrews, Socialist, Was constantly orating Everett Childers, business man For Harriet was working. My dream began to fade away But came back clear once more To find myself in this tea room With classmates as before. The rose still yields its sweet perfume Each petal in its placeg Long may it grow in E. H. S. With beauty and with grace. Ye seniors O ye petals I'l1 lift my voice to say Happiness to each of you, Success in every way. F 'Y I I QPage 1061 7 C fo 3 11 cm, ZQQGQLL ' '12, k? .f, , . .4 f .1 1 4-1 . , rf X., , 4 1 .4,,.L,u .. -. THE uqso RE-ECHO cvflutogmphsfv I, 3,5 . I- if .ff QfL , fj f 'Y-' , X? O Zo U' K 3 I .ff 1 '3W6'K"?MfiLL7f'i4 5pH'L7Q MLA 77?SEoWvJJa Z zifwf 1-Quo 'i -'A 3 O JLu4.a., fdfdfaf 7,L,M4 W" iw A5164 K 5 . Q ik, Q 'E kv ,,,Vx?.i1fLvg7,, X-V 3 QW mcg ' J, g "" ' I y fx' ' 3 QsnTfQDQ'fra A 1, qvagexory B . A - F3 we L W 'E x :lv 2 KQ ID qyllutograplmsfv V 1'7,h' .. f David 714 C - 1 f 'f' XL, az x -A- sew Cx, ,N, w -G ,I iy VAA1.A , . y Q f n , 1 -,q f,- 4,.QfHii2,,if'Av',f 'f , -6 Aj a f.L,.QRM 5 di Q4 jjj 10 N, , X mf- ' X - 'J'f'.g,LwxggT'K -Pf:-, A' vYl,M,wmJ V. I - Q L . 1 I 'Q , U xr - QM V ,gaffj 4 wsfw-41fJ5'X, 'Cf NXNAQBJUSSJQQ 9 U3 KLM . V' A fy LVM.,-f' ' ww f 1 CN . an - fPage IOSL 7 6 fu' ,W .443 ' T HE lQ3O 'RE-ECHO g vflutographsxv q Q ,2 K K 1 S Q' ff- ffl VIVV VAQN QQ, by XS A 3 f , f gm . P x QMQ ' '5 O Y ' X30 l 5 ' KX U i I Q ' , Y V, Ng , 'J ... . xQ-A M Q if H XX Q , -fb-TQQLR ,gf O 9 ' ' mmm .2 L X ff f4W Q y Ei ZJYVWH Tm , w P j ,Q M '-..X QM, ww.wGfw-uf f Q A I X4 ' WU 'ww il, I ' -,: 1 4 'NXfi'NX,N' ,Lf may: I rlyfvdf' ,il , Qf,,,,-""'4S KH-s'X'W WC9 ZEN - '35 V0 I I ff K A . X sg CfbQ'U,fifQk Q' 5 ' 1 1 Ykxrxa.. 3 Av X Wage 1092 '. . X A New ggi Q, 1 3 G 'WV ,4-..f 4'r-nh- 0 M , , x -5 fy cflutogmphsfa 1 f , t x. EJ k' ,Lo Y ii N5 lg, .. , J E ,. K' LOL Cciflliffsw? 'Jug A-V! ,1,MS: , x . fx X, ' U, A in W L - ,TQ , , ,, Q, 1 W W v jx .Af LN Ak M A 1 . 2 cf ' , . d40W1-0 , f ,A m ' 4Qff f W .. , , , 5 fpwge, .987 I E: 0"-M il 0- X A g ,. 5- 1 ,. . . .g f- f - gif Q fsf Jif g1i, 5 Ziifxgx 5 ' 'N Q X xwwf . I , J ,T X 5 F' . Ei I . M I e -r ,Q V qmgeuop er'gi .Ewa ,Q if 'QNX i v THE IQ3O RE-ECHO Qllaaa will We, the Senior Class of 1930, being of sound minds and unquestionable bodies, hereby, herewith, and after due consideration, make our last will and testimony, out of the kindness and generosity of our hearts, leaving our wealth of talents to our less fortunate fellow wayfarers, the underclassmen. May they accept and profit by these benevolences, increasing their worth tenfold. In particular: V Aileen Howell cheerfully bequeaths her good nature to Eva Lou DeYoung. Me and My Shadow refuse to leave our beauty and 'Wit or our wealth to any mere underclassman, no matter how deserving he may be. Sam Thomas unsmilingly wills his somber appearance and grown-up manner for vica versaj to Merrill Hensen in hope it will not be superfluous. Rose Star unselfishly bestows her "permanent" to Lorene Hoch because she thinks Lorene must be tired of straight hair. Bud Lawson divides his love for E. H. S. and his reluctance to depart from its protective corridors and classrooms between John McCreary and George Burnap. Wilson T. Moyer unobtrusively bequeaths his "Rudy Valleeish" voice and modest manner to Izzy Smith. . Evelynanne Meredith coyly leaves her capability to capture the stronger sex to Margaret Ryan, to whom also, Evelyn Rienow gives her gift for "keeping her man. Ted Blackburn bravely leaves Elizabeth to any boy who is worthy of her because he believes that there are no such. John Powell kindly donates his position as center on the basketball team to Lyle Stotts. Joe Morris leaves 'his admirable faculty of getting along with teachers and women to Tommy Babinsky. Mildred Peak bequests her intellectuality to Ruth Virginia Samuels, hoping to save her from a flunker's doom. Peggy DeLong generously donates her slender height to Lois George. Irene Jacob laughingly bequeaths her infectious giggles to Marjorie Davis. ' , I, 4 Anna Beth Mellinger in her sisterly love leaves her studious ways and brilliant i mind to her more frivolous brother. Elizabeth Andrews, Corinne Galt and "Jerry" Monroe dramatically will their , ability to get in all the plays to Crescentia Gufler, Marjorie Morse and Beth Mott ' "respectfully," "Wally" Esrill generously donates his carefree strut to Tommy Roberts, won- dering what he'll do with it. A r Joe Weigand hurriedly turns over to Bud McCue his business-like rush. I , Virginia Lee Saunders daintily bequeaths her attractively striking ability to 1: wear modish clothes to Peggy Ballweg. ' 'ig The White twins, in all seriousness, donate their gay times to the Walken- fi twins. i- 1 The Senior girls regretfully leave jimmy Bradfield to the underclasswomen. Bud Birch leaves his egotism to Wilson Smith, Jimmy Bradfieldvand Marvin Ashbaugh, knowing there'll be plenty for all! .gr RSVP l"""'- . 3 CPage 1 l 1 J ' k ' A gs-Q. ' 43 - A x ii L iii p Ps te W sf xg 5 ag - PM , 1 w ,-.-, I ,S ,,,.-, 1 I s x N f 1 x . ' x - C , N -I Y -x 7 'I 1 ' r -. N X f , N x-' ff 1 f 1 ,' 1 N x' 1 l x v 1 'N ,.' ,. Q l .1 x W .I l ' ,Ns 'Y' fxx xx, 1 I , X 1 fl 4 4 x , I - ,, , x W I I , X x 1 . s , x x . 1 1 , x , , 1 I , l 1 . K' . ' 1 1 f ,-,vi ' ' aww! 1 K w vgv-1"-uf , 1.-1. 1- .uf ' , -Q ,I x 1 . , 2 ,' rxv5'L'x ,nf xl! .. FI- v 4' - '.-If! L, 1 Lfx ' lP:1gel12j DQR f X f 5 f X "Dux . x I I i 1 n 1 'J ,u- 1? 'tn-3 vig? r-an L 'Q , 'Q-'74 VT- A4 ,J .A

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