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P5 Cf fi A N Q if H U. s 5 M 1, w rf Zu E Q 54 5 i 2 7:2 W 51 E E Q ffl 5 1l 22 Q ::5'fw.nmw :vm lux-rx iw naw 5? is 2 3 5? as Q E Z E s in 9 :1 3 5 ff 2 P5 S , wwrnwvssnme-wvJz,'u:"varfanfwl-A::,:-ff' .-fmm'vx.xmnaiauwaal1alraswaamzsuf:saaar:1J+:w cveff -w 1 V 5- .wr-,, -aww'-"4fw"m M., -.1-f,wf:wvmfvsfm-:fva vmmfsfz. - fi ff in Q X EN X X-I2 A . u - 5 b " , ,V 7' 1 31 Q Q ! Vp "Mi ,- f . 2' X 4 ,IT X I '35 ,yjjlil If'Z,ffA'5,W, 5-I M ix ,. 1 NV lflffifi wg -.aww-.hx !wN lx:'g1W 1l'JfyE Q - -A. .X x -1 'ywy h H ,, 5 X Q fggfvjj . Q. J R If wi X. 14, X, Ml-Q--flfull 1"xf ,f 'ff ' ' 1 1 ' , 1 Q M M 1 , MMV 1 M NW1 M if Wil' oiflf W' lm WN , ', M Q! MQ X ' wr' E V 1! WWI 3? f 5'fy '4iEF9f4isAl5E?9ff9'1YQ W mx Z, , ' 1 H M Q1i i luM wim f M QQ -M-Q1 , w Q ' . 1 G59 ,, . Y ,'- I, 1' I ME g! 1 HU '11 1 ,.,., :M Qygl, ff '6?QV, W w RE-ECHO fr QW" QE WM GQ l ,f. . em Ks W Q27 fisfq 1 1 M ' i 'gflolisl-necT by 'tlxe I i + esirwuarz c:14fvs:a ,wi s M4 l EMP 0 RIA l 659, Qrilczri .sczr1cbcJL. iii I Empafzkg ifmgi ,f Q + l ffcziifax. ' K 11 IN CB + i 'f T7 f' ' P65629 V' j M A y .4129 A rffge Giiiiifi -'Six 1J!jEt E?gii22D . , , ' ' Y , i 3 N ' if f 5455255 f L M ' I xx u -f -f -A xi j Y Cum 1 , fb N u X in XL Q A YM ' x , ' yu NWN gsm Nwiul E WN 'VIE , i 1 U -N , M , 1 HW! 1 W ' X g wr , N' JH w",,J-jj11fN.j!'!L-4.-, QM f..1 -..N MI-HJ' 'Vi' 0P4'CV-VLAN' W N X Eun1n.e P1per E tor nch f Loren Fmdly I 927 IMI 'Q YJ 2 Qu' V X ' ' f g Ui fi f ie Xxx U 9 Business Manager N aw f C , L AAAA A 'x ,A,,,. 1 X 1 M1 zsifi w ganfw gQ,5r!1Qf1,f1g'muQmeUsu+ I1 uf ww ww if EX V' M !,,!l,! :!H,, HHH 1 1 'I ag ffk v x I! 1, I I NNI lb ri 'bl ry' fW11 WrrY N M dl lm' lr KW qrgfw ffrl HW1Mi1lrI Q 'ji il ji N ZS' d' ' d dgr De 1cat1or1 I 'f N 5 1 1 1 1 s C23 M .,T:fq if ,Ir ld rw d ,r To the Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, f'r,, r and Co-operative Clubs -ofbrrmperla , d -' r r whose members, by thelr lIlltlatlVC, A r 1r W Ur 1 co-operatibn, and. their readiness to :M L W Ur,1Ilr be of servlce to thlS commlrnrty, have r is L M d won our respect and adnrlrgtxon, ers 1 V , I r 9 N N 22..xi5f:fi1i':Rifrzsizicszirxtfiiai err WI? WX dedicated. is M Nga rr !1'rgf', b xii, .wl+H,m. ff: wry lx' ,ur 1 W W? me f mu p : M ir 1 lf W r wr, -ss ff ,wb mr r rr mr! W 'fl egglr11LW++l51!Q.. ,,, l by gr wx -few : X '4 V :E 'wr MMM Ill',111YI 1+rIiMjrrilI!Ilf1rrl l!ktL l I., i 5 w T N2 5'f' 'W"W' W WW! FVWWH' P ' 'W ' 4fQTf'5S WEE H N U Q fi 1 I .-" S ,W aff! a A flfflllw mg nf l W,,l , U H QQ! W CrderofBookS ' 5 ,S y Q KO-f Y M MZ' ADMINISTRATIQN ,W ! M552 CLASSES S 3 S f!fM JW ATHLETICS S 'S' QRGANIZATIQNS BC? fi' MISCELLANEQUS ,y M. S I , CK? J S S,?g,gQ,J,ffP ,g ,S,?SLJS,S S fillwif j3rIl11Imlxf .l l : HIU,I,Uf1!WlIlflgfLm,L-,rl L .fe ix -N lv DUUUWCRE-1scHobUf'UUU U X X U 3 Q A f i0 1 6 I Civic Religion HE first tmng a voung man or woman should learn upon entering life IS to row his welfrht in the boat A lot of people are Just passengers dead frelght Fiftv per cent of the business of any community is made by the publlc endeavors of flf teen 'per cent of its citizens The men and women who belong to the fifteen per cent are the leaders the important people the people who count the actual ruling classes even though they do not gov ern The others are the ffrumblers the critics the common herd who gather around the trough which tne leaders have spread sometlmes puttlng both feet in the trough and always grunting and squeal ing and kicking and grcwlmg because there 1S not more to go1ge They are the unhappy ones But the leaders those who do more than their part to make a town a county or a nation worthwhile are the nappy ones They enjoy life They are often poor perhaps generally They are worthwhile Riches ershlp Leaders row their weight in the boat And as you go out into life you cannot get too early 1nto the habit of public servlce Serve in your church serve in your Y organizations get into a luncheon club Join the Chamber of Commerce Don t be airald of working on a committee Run er rands take orders g1ve your time be generous with your money Invest ln your community your state your nation your race and you will be bank1ng w1th God H1s bank never breaks Faith in man and fel lowshlp with man are tne very best servlces to God W M pw s ' V IK V oor-'rnrr fb 6' U O O O O Q A n n l . I L. I 1 A c ,Q o I U U W . . AL U . . . L . U . . . - D . . "', Q .C ' ' n e , t y , ' YD ! 7 d Q V , - . - Q ! . 1 . - Q . . . I . . Q - .. . . Q 9 Q bl l 4 T . . ' ' . N U will not give you the happy distinction of real lead- El ' N . . ' n . . . . . . G 9 . . . Q . Q g T ,. , . . . . - U , y . . , . Q . K , y . ' . . . Q 7 - ' . - - n . . G ' E1 4 I1 Q n U T- 6 Q 'W W 11 1:1 D 11 a rx " n n n a Q u A Y -f l ,J 'gp Cmzzn mn 'ffh ' Q " g 'V .. I Sa ! . ' I ' 4"g,' ffm ' , -af? QQ' 4 r., - . 5 gn' I ',g. X W ,. w f fx A6 Q i I ni 4" X4 'x, , ,ff QT. if 1N,..3'f' QWVQ W l , , CA T? E - EACHKTT- 'llfk f U I 1 g yi I , L7 Olrl Grlpfifflfl H1111 1 Q f - , 1A , 1 , f, J X Sl77I7'07' High School Humboldt Paris JlIll?'0l' High School William Allen Wlzitzfs Residence Camp Fin' Scene at HlI7'.9PSI1,0f? Bend QfOT1SOIi'6Cf wwe CQQIQFIQHS ADIVIINISTRATION f" D C' ff U U U f' C RE-sci-Ion ff ff D ff ff Q ff Q Q .. R Q, 4' li my ! CD 1, v C GN D rx D Q U u U U D rn D U D U D u U u D u G fl G U Q OFFICERS OF THE BOARD Q J. T. ADAMS, President E H. A. TIBBALS, Vice-President H. W. FISHER, Treasurer G NORA WOOD, Secremry Q L. A. LOWTHIQR, Sullerinieuzlenl of Schools E1 ,li U G K COMMITTE E S Q Finance and Claims Q Tibbals Heath Triplett G Buildings and Grounds G Heath Tibbals Watkins U Teachers and Salaries Triplett Daniels Heath I1 Supplies, Fuel, and Furniture C1 Watkins T1-iplett Daniels Q Rules, Regulations, and Discipline D Daniels Watkins Tibbals J Psrmw Q W i- cx 1:1 1: Q D 11 11 ci .- D D uQ.m12mmf9 . .. 299 Page 1 G , "x " 1-X Q-,T X! xg cy w U cz U U cr C R E ., DO U cr D U v U G X . LQ 'B QD ' - -X 1 ,v I AY, lnmlwoxii qfmnxgl S " 1 ' 0 D ri D Q D RICE E. BROWN, A. B., A. M. U College of Emporia D University of Kansas Principal U P u U HARRY R. JAMES, B. S. El Kansas State 'l'eache1's College D Kansas State Agricultural College U Vniversity of Xvisconsin D Chemistry, Physics Q U Cl MARIAN HOWARD, A. B. D D Vniversity of Kansas U Colorado University U Languages ri D G D JENNY P. DOUGLAS, A. B. U College of Emporia Chicago University Dj - K Columbia Vniverslty Q Latin U D G F. JAY SOUTH, B. S. U Kansas State 'Peacliers College I1 Chicago lfniversity U Vniversity of WViscfm:-:in Printing Q i i D Cl D CORA E. HELD ri Kansas State 'l't'2iC'il6l'S College U Commercial Arithmetic C1 D G U CHARLES D. LONG G Southwestern Business College, NVichita Wichita Commerce College D Gem City Business College U Kansas State 'Pezlchers College D M. Accts., Commerce Q D E D C. U. NICHOLS, A. B. U Kansas City Vniversity Vniversity of Colorado D Assistant Principal, Commerce U U fl D nl in U D D cj J . 7 0 .,47"'WV4 , I Prnmv li Q at P' Q Lx 1:1 1: 4: cl 11 n I3 4: a n D A 13 NI- -i f M7411 - r ' -i ii VV Page 14 0 ,4-f-.X , 'f tv? f w cr o w 1: w U RE., 5 D U U cv U U U Xx I I' , ' , W sxf v vv s, L9 e QD L .fa gs.-",f - V E 6' D 1 Cl D Q D , El U ETHEL BROOKS, A. B. n College of Emporia P Registrar U U U b T. S. TRIGG, B. S. U Baker University Kansas State Teachers College D Mathematics, History U U El D BEETHA HAMILTON, A. B., A. M. u University of Indiana U University of Wrlsconsin 4 American History 5 K1 D MARY D. SCHMALZRIED, A. B. n University of Kansas U University of Colorado U English U I1 p rl LILLIAN WHITBY, A. B. D College of Emporia U Latin U U, U ELLEN ICE, A. B., A. M. U 3 D University of Kansas 'G History U El u W. R. RAPP, A. B. fl College of Emporia Q Kansas State Teachers College G Kansas State Agricultural College Drury College, Missouri d D Physical Education D I1 n ELIZABETH POTTER, A. B. U College of Emporia D University of California U Librarian, Study Hall Supervisor 1: I1 D Q D Il D D , .9 ,si-314 g li Al i 9 jl Eff Q Ae n n 1: 1: Lx 11 L1 B 1- " B 5 A D D DQ Q H 9 a ny , '51, mow ' .1 ' Page 18 fs-if fx D D Speech Speech, U D U U G "4,-Ns' D cr cr U U wi 'i Y If Ss w cv w U U U U R E - D U U 3 H Q 4 i Q9 Q -Il xv. "W" ' ' s. -f GD D i U U Q U GEORGE A. LODLE U Stout Institute Kansas State Teachers College, Pitts- U D burg Manual Arts P U . THORA MARTIN, B. L. ta Northwestern University, School of VIOLET HAYNES, A. B. U D University of Kansas University of Wisconsin Q D English G U D SHIRLEY THOMSON, A. B. U College of Emporia D Columbia University Q English Q D u HELEN C. KAHN, B. s. ' Kansas State Teachers College U U Commerce El D U VIRGIL E. HURT, A. B., B. S. D College of Emporia D Kansas State Teachers College U Chicago University Social Science, Economics D Ei U D ALICE J. SORENSON, B. S. G U McPherson College Bethany Conservatory D Kansas State Teachers College Q Music U D ti D GENEVRA MAE ADAMS, B, S. Baker University U D Kansas State Agricultural College University of California Textiles and Clothing U D Q D i D DI U K n D .9 ' 9 iflgvp, A 'K A.: .A 4 D. iv Sl D D A D D A A .1-inwrr A D D A 9 my. - .J izvmvl' ' Page 19 Q'wUUUU I RE.-ECHO D UDDUDUU 'LQ j Cs ' ' QD I D D D D . P U b ,B s E, . D D D D D D U D D D D D D D . D D D D D D . MAUDE JACKSON, A. B. McPherson College University of Kansas Colorado University Kansas State Teachers College History MARGARET DEAN . . Kansas State Teachers College Wisconsin University Minnesota University Physcial Education FORREST L. BUCHTEL, A. B. Simpson College Chicago University Northwestern University Chicago Musical College Director Band and Orchestra ELEANOR A. SIRPLESS, A. B., A. M. University of Kansas University of Colorado Science ADAH WADE, B. S. Columbia University Kansas State Teachers College ' Ma thema tics JOHN R. WILLIAMS, B. S. U Kansas State Teachers College Kansas State Agricultural College Chemistry, Agriculture OLINDA A. MEEKER, PI-I. B. College of Wooster Spanish E. MAE HANCOCK, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College Chicago University Foods , v"1' IX r 1 4 PEHATIV f clue qv I nl D D D X3 .a e"A'4 MN, ' H , ' l gfh as A A A A A A A A A A A ar A in Page 0 ffjzyizzed lg? S5115 CLASSES Queue-'U RE-ECHOll"f"""""' xx--,,f' 4 , ' 1 62 D n D 0 D G D U P U D U u Il D U D G p E U emor Qlass Qyjzicers " U 1926-1927 U President .................. ....... - -- FAYE BRATTON U Vice-President --------- ---- - ------- ---- P A UL WOOD U Secretary-Treasurer -..------------- -- --- --- LLOYD FAETH U 1925-1926 fl President ........................... ......... P HILIP HILL D Secretary-Treasurer ..-----..---------- --- MARIAN HOFFMAN Q 1924-1925 D President ..........................- --- EUNIOEFPIPER 'J Vice-President --.-.--..-..--------- ---- L LOYD AETH D Secretary-Treasurer -.....-......... --- ROBERT WARREN U 5 - Cl U SENIOR OFFICERS Cl ' PAUL WOOD G D Paul is a very ambitious boy, D To him singing is a great joy. Q The honorable vice-president of this year's Seniors, D He's never accused of unruly demeanors. 5 Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Contest, '26, Senior Vice-President, '27, D Scholarship, '27, Contest, '27, Southwest Music Chorus, Tulsa, Okla., Q ' Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, '27. D FAYE BRATTON U Faye is the honorable head of our class, U D A capable, charming, efficient young lass, Don't tell anybody, but this I have heard, D She likes everybody, but "Bob" is preferred- U Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Art Club, '27, President Senior U Class. U D LLOYD FAETH U "Sausage" is Lloyd's nickname, D And probably sometime he'll bring it to, fame, ll For he is very clever, tho' slow, U But he really knows howl to make things go. El Glee Club, '26, '27, Mixed Chorus, '26, Hi-Y, '24, '25, '26, Debate 'D Club, '26, Re-Echo, '26, Senior Play, "The Arrow Maker," E. H. S. D N9 Hall of Fame, "Merton of the Movies." , 9 4 cj PE Q l V! LU5 ,W I i n n an A 1:1 n 1: 4: 0 A a 1: a a u i E ni a t , 'lkvmvl' 'Q' Page 22 .lf 2 Q RE ECHO peut S raw' LII K X - Ne2ff'f"'.5,Q N11 1 W -mg 'Y , X 'I 8 ,Abi DQ , C9 4 'No 0 EUGENE GLASCO He's a boy whose endeavor Indeed is real. He's always striving 'Poward an ideal. Mathematics Club, '27, ADELINE HARPER She has two merry big brown eyes, And she knows how to use them, If there were any flirting rules, She surely would abuse them, Glee Club, Girl Reserves, "Hells of Beuujolaisf' 27, Honor Society. ETHEL FUNK Married, of course, VVho eares about this? A mighty fine pal lvherever she is. Girl Reserves. VERNELLE HIRSCHLER Vernelle is a very small girl in our school Although she is small, she's nobody's fool. Her answers are clever and quick as a dart, Her talent is present in all kinds of art. Re-Echo Staff, '263 Girl Reserves. '24, '26, '27: Glee Club, '25, '261 E. H. S. Hall of Fame: "Merton of the Movies." EDWIN HINSHAW I will say that, without a doubt, "lf1d's" surely a jolly good seout: He's bashful and he also is shy, liut l'm eertain l 1-an't tell you Why. MARY SIELERT Clover is sweet, Roses are, too, And so is this maid NVith eyes so blue. Eeho, '26, '27, BERNICE LEE She's sweet and friendly as can be, She gets her lessons well: She helps to work her way through sc-hool, 'Phat she's worthwhile you can tell. Girl Reserves, '25, '2fi. MARY CULP M,ary is one wlho's above reproaeh, She sports around in an Essex eoaeli: And where Mary is you usually SP0 Small Vernelle Hirsehler and Marjorie F. Girl Reserves, ld. ll. S, Hall of Fame. 1 X D 5 D D Ll D. ax-JEKQ I 'age ' 2 D Inn D im ll 5 in u m in m u D Cl E1 G G fl U 3 n U U lm D G n n Un lm D in n ci Xa in I Q U n J ,QD V fvnz Q-OPEFATIV c tue 'U 1: a n D cx n C3 ,mv 2 3 fe-X ,' TA . 'QW ' Ow w D w cr cr U C U U 1: cr U U U7 PQ Y, I 1 x K j 4 F' C9 0 1 '4a1v0L ' lumfioll GRACE ONSTAD Jolly and nice Not skinny or t'1ll' Dear little Grace L ' fl -.. ,O 5' E .I I , Is a friend to us all. q Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Estes, D '26, Re-Echo, '27, Mathematics Club, '27, Debate Club, '27, Honor Society, Novel IU Club, '25, Oratorical Contest, '27, "Merton of the Movies." U ROBERT STOWE "Bob" can sing quite well, Q In the operetta he was a star, Later in life in the music line Wie think he'll progress far. U "Treasure Hunters," '24, Glee Club, '23, '24, '25, '26, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' '27. U MARIAN HOFFMAN Snappy and sweet, Q With a Wonderful smile, Giving her time To things most worthwhile. Q Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Secretary of G. R., '27, Estes Park, '25, Novel Club President, '25, Mathematics Club Presi- d dent, '27, Scholarship Contest, '25, '26, '27, Re-Echo, '27, Hlonor Society, "Merton of the Movies." Q EUNICE PIPER Q She's dainty and sweet, And her hair is quite red, And everyone loves her, Q I've heard it said. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, G. R. Accompanist, '26, '27, Estes Park, '26, U Mathematics Club, '26, Re-Echo, '26, Editor Re-Echo, '27, Scholastic Contest, '25, ,27, President Class, '25, E. H. s. Hall fl of Fame, Novel Club, '25, Orchestra Ac- comipanist, '24, Honor Society Secretary, U "Merton oif the Movies." NOVELLA MCCANTS El Snappy blue eyes. Hair-oh, well, Ask us if it's red- U VVe'll never tell. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. G LoLx'1'A BIXLER A girl of intelligence, Q A sweet little miss, Of her numerous friends, The best one is "Sis." U Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Rhythmic Circle, '26, '27, Cicero Club, '25, Art Club, Q '27, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' '27, E. H. S. Hallof Fame, Honor Society. GARLAND WILSON G His life-'s in the future, Books he forgets, Ei Wiith the pleasures and joys Of his radio sets. Band, Orchestra, Glee Club. U CELIA MCCUE U Of bright and sunny nature She's a veritable jewel, 1 And she was elected Q The prettiest girl in school. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Rhythmic Circle, '26, '27, Rhythmic Circle President, Q '27, "Bells of Beaujolais," '27, "T'hlI't6Slltll Chair," '26, "Station YYYY," '26, E. H. S. Hall of Fame' "Merton of the Movies. It PERRY CLUB v H ri D 0 J 9 fvn , Q lg V 2 L1 I1 Q IJ Q I1 Q Q Q D D x I B D B amimmff - -. at Page 24 ,aw -any U Q U Q 4, jx 5 3 """"CRE.-ECHODmEmEUf""'f' pew g 3 ' C9 9 JY - fi 2'M1"""y 'Ur wflyii' s. ' W i' 62 D :J D Q D CATHERINE GANSE As a student. she's good, ffl 'Fo no one does she bow, U She's just exactly what she is I As a girl-slIe's a W-ow'! U Rhynhmirf Cirole, '26, '27, Girl Re- D D serves, '26, '27, Orvhestra, '26, IC. I-I. S. U Hall of Fame. D El CORNELL SAMUEL D You aren't quite sure which one he is? Well, then, just call him "'l'win." U xxhatever he plans to do in life, D e're sure he's bound to win. Hi-Y, '24, '25, '26, '27. U D HELEN Gouua Q She's always nice to everyone. V Pleasant memories of her we'll keep, Q She's always quiet and thoughtful, And you know, "Still wlaters run deep." U . Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Echo, '26, '27, E1 U IMOGENE SIMPSON This little lass is pretty, n And she's really very smart, D And if you don't believe it, Q 'You're just not doing your part. U Girl ,R'eserves. '26, '27, Vice-President G. R., 21, President Glee Club, '27, De- cl x hate, '27, E. H. S. Hall of Fame, Estes U Park, '26, "Bells of Beaujo1ais," Mixed Chorus, '27, Librarian, Southwest Music Q Chorus, Tulsa, Okla., Honor Society. D OPAL CRAMER U As a sweet little girl, UK! ihefs quite above par, E1 I ml in the study of art Del . v She's surely a star. Girls Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Mixed K1 C Chorus. '25, '26, '27, "Treasure Hunters," D "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Assistant Art Editor Re-Echo. '25, Art Editor Re-Echo, '27, U Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. D MARY LOUISE HUGHES G 4 Wonderful eyes, D YV,onderful curls, Q One of :I lot of Wonderful girls, D Girl Reserves, '26, U ,D LOREN FINDLY His hair is red and curly, Q In football he's not slow, D And he is business manager Q1 Of this year's Re-Echo. D Scholastic Contest, '25, '26, Football, '26, Glee Club, '26, '27, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' U P?--Ecllo, '26, Business Manager Re-Echo, '75 Hi-Y '2', E. H. S. Hill f F ,, D Honor Soeiety. 1 0 am? U D ELIZABETH WILLIAMS . . IJ She Ising when you need her, Ie' Ielp with a will, D In G. R. or elsewhere U Oh, boy, she can trill. D Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Echo, '25. Q D Q U U n .wmv J . 'v f PERA-nv 7 D n an a Lx 11 4:1 n ' r x n IJ a a Q 13 I3 X 'WMIQN' whim ' Q' Page 25 01455 U 'cv U cz U cr C7 I s L Aiiwrr rm C R E ... by U U D U cr U G Y 1. ,Qu W A QD me ff ART", 'h w ' ,,, , . 0 Q hi u D D Q HELEN GRANT D A friend to one and many, Q We'll confess we like her sort. And the best thing we can say for her D Is that she's a mighty good sport. U Rhythmic Circ-le, '26, '27, Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27. F m U HOWARD GALT 1 El Howards a football player, He's on this year's first team. U Though he's not a shiek, he likes the girls U Who are nurses, "You know what I mean." , Hi-Y, '26, Football, '26, '27. 3 U GAYLE SNODGRASS 5 She's a very sweet little damsel, Her friends she's apt to entrance, G D Andlyfouye missed the most of your school x e 5 If you haven't watched her dance. Rhythmic Circle, '25, '26, '27, Girl Re- D serves, '26, '27, "Gypsy Rover," "Pied U Piper of Emporia," "Winter's Fantasy," U "Treasure Hunters," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' ,J MARGARET MAYBERRY D 'Phe pick of "Mayberries" is Margaret, I Q guess, In most undertakings she meets with U success. Cl Herbmsost gracious pardon, we sincerely 1 eg, ?l We hlear she's afflicted with "red-headed U p aguef' DW Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Boys' Glee Q - Cgubl Accompaniist, '26, '27, Re-Echo, '27, ix " e s of Beaujo ais," Accompanist, Mixed gl Chorus. 5 I i HELEN SHAW xml Helen Shaw is another blonde, ,U lx Of very hard work she seems to be fond, UI Shes a girl all ought to know, U , For she knows how to make things go. tj ,2-Girl Reserves, '26, '27, Debate Club, '26, D l. U f ROSIE KLEMM UI Rosie gets her lessons ll Q And she studies, We will say, And when she went to school D She earned all her own way. U , Girl Reserves, '26, '27, Glee Club, '27, Dj "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Q if BERNARD MCCARTHY DJ, "Abie's" nice and friendly, rj C 1 He's never very blue, He's fond of athletics, ul And he's fond of "Kitty," too. U Q Football, '25, '26, '27, Basketball, '26, Glee Club, '25, Debate, '27, E. H. S. Hall D of Fame. U U LEONA HANSON U Leona is known to be lots of fun, K She's always the same whether rain or Dj sun, U ' At hiking, too, she's always there, And she's often seen on a lark or a dare. Q Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Art Club, '27. Q D El D D XD J ' 9 a im O-OPERHTIV l' 0 CD ctus Q NN D 1:1 u L1 IJ 11 13 cx 9 n ci 1: D cx 5 I1 Q Q 'lhvmvv E ,,,,,, A X 1-t Page 26 " 14"-px - 1, I" T Xa U C' U U U U U D U D cr v Q U 'LIKE g 5 C RE.-ECHO y6N.fN.f 5' 4 1 ' A C9 - D " ' f'wf'U"' 'M 'O '99 D ri D fn DOROTHY BURGESS D Dorothy is one of our good-looking Q scholars, D Where she goes, lots always "fo11ers," For she is always leading some fun, U And that's why we'll miss her when this D year's done. Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Rhythmic U Circle, '26, '27, Art Club, '27, "Merton of D the Mioviesf' Q U GLEN DAVIS U In the Glee Club you will find him. D For he slings a wicked tune, Now with H. S. far behind him, U YVe hope to college he'1l go soon. U Glee Club, '26, '27, Band, '24, '25, Hi-Y, '24, '25, '26, "Bells ot' lieaujolaisf' Q D n ETHEL BURNETT Her hair is black, U Her eyes are dark, Q When you're with her U Re prepared for a lark. Girl Reserves, '27, Rhythmic Circle, '27. G D MINA MEEK fl A quiet little girl, D Her name is Mina Meek, Q But for her friendship true Just lots of people seek. U Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. q D HAROLD MEREDITH ci Harold is a soda squirt D And has no time to play or flirt, G A member of the Senior Class W'ho has no time to think-alas! D Glee Club, '26, Mixed Chorus, '26, Hi-Y, fn C '26, '27, U ni LENA EATON D Lena is very modest and neat She loves to cook good things to eat. U Good grades have always been her goal, D Of course, she's on the Honor Roll. Q Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Scholastic , D Contest, '26. U EVA GERARDY D "Kate" is another actress That Em-Hi can boast of this year. U Her friends are exceedingly many, D And always want her near. Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, "Thirteenth U Chair," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "Gypsy U Rover," "Treasure Hunters," "Station U YYYY," Rhythmic Circle, '24, '25, '26, '27, "Young America," "Pied Piper of Em- D poria," "Merton of the Movies." 5 D ROMONA NEILL "Bony's" a friend to everyone, U Each day we like her more. D To Re-Echo she lends her aid For she's Kodak Editor. U Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Rhythmic D Circle, Re-Echo. IQ U l Q D n 6 J "lah ,X 0 'Wilt AQ CD O-OPERATVV CLUB Q ax n n n n D A Q ci A B D D D D D 'imuvw' P Zn m5'1""', a QQ- agc ' 7 4 " RE. ECHO D 'I 9' HAZEL 0LsoN AI friend to all is her delight Tlhis attitude we're sure is right' But whether right or whether wrong She's always there in music and song. Bells of Beaujolaisf FRED HOTZEL Not very fast Not very slow But a true gentleman Where'eI' he will go. rchestra 26' Gee Club 25 26' "'l he Thirteenth Chair." LOLA HICKS Lola is happy And terribly sweet. As a lone brunette She cant be beat. Girl Reserves 27' Echo 26 2. GERTRUDE OTT Gertrude Ott ambitious girl Makes things move in quite a whirl. All her grades are very good' She'll be a nurse tis understood. Scholastic Contest 26 27' Cicero Club 26 27' Honor Society. HARRY MCMASTER Harry McMaster you all must know Wherever he is he heads the show. Phe school comedian by popular vote A leader in mischief. but never the goat. i-Y , ' Iceboundg Station YYYY"' tYoung Americaf' E. H. S. Hall of Fameg "Merton of the Movies." EDITH CLARKSON If you only knew her And could see her smile You'd go to high school A long, long W'hile, ' LOUISE MARTIN Louise studies hard, And always gets E's' I know she'd cry If she got any s. Rhythmic Circle, '26, '27, "Bells of Beau- Q jolaisf' Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Echo, D '26, '27, "Merton of the Movies." D HAZEL HENSLER Hazel Hensler is quiet and sweet As a wife she'l1 be hard to beat. D We'll miss her at Emporia high For she now has a chance her "Foods U 7 D n . l D Q Ptn rv VY B 1,4 -wx' 1' X cr Q w U U U -, U U U Cr U U C7 : l lu-1 ' i 1 I Q9 LD " , I!! 5 4 1 A Hof? 4, 1 .-.0 sc., , ,D 6' D rx D r D Q D ' ' , U P A Girl 'Re-servesg Glee Clubg Orchestra, U U U D , U D D , O Y , '23, '24, '25, ' , 1 , u ' ' n D G D ri u ' l ' ' 1 ' l T n D , , G U 1 , ' U D , Y v v . . , , Q D Il U V ' , El D H , X24 '25, " " " U U El D E1 D Q D G ,D , E1 P, D I1 L1 , Y, n to try. U I1 El D X9 1 9 almva in 14110 ' 7 '- -I 4, , as IQ ' , C7 U W 2 is 4: n I1 1: 11 11 4: n " a n 4: Ll a q E Q -.4 2 Page 28 114 :ON U U3 ff U U UfRE'ECHO56NEfNEfTZfU ff Q U fm, 154, .W Q? Q ' i' ,V 4,7110 hrM:A?M,t C, .fr fa GX Q D Q D cz MABEL TILS U She's a girl of very few words, Q But always tries to do her best, In Girl Reserves she does her part, D Trying always to serve the rest. - Q Girl Reserves, '25. P u JEANETTE MAYES D Jeanette is noted for a case, Q To her the classroom is quite a dull place, For she is in for good times, too, U And usually has them, as few people do. Q Girl Reserves. D Q CHARLES MILLER D On a football field "Chuck's" certainly there, Q And after the game D He's no Worse for the Wear. Football, '25, '26, '27, Band, '26, '27, U Glee Club, '26, Mixed Chorus, '26, Echo, D '27, Hi-Y, '26, '27. G U WILMA KARR Q An honor student is Wilma Karr, Shes a worker in Glee Club and also D G. R. Q Eh? You say she must be sainted? D Well! You and "Wilmie" better get ae- quainted! Cl X Girl Reserves, '23, '24, '25, '26, Glee D Club, '25, '26, Estes Park, '26, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Camp Wood, '25, Ottawa. '26, U Citizenship Oratorical Contest, '24, Honor g Society. G U MARJORIE CAROTHERS Q Marjorie came from Roosevelt High, D She left that school with a heavy sigh. But when she got to E, H. S.. U She charmed somebody here, we guess. 5 Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Glee cum, '25, '26, '27, E. H. s. Hall of Fame. U U nz JOANNA SCHULTZ Always dainty, , D Always, neat, Q Just look at her D lf you want a treat. U D ROBERT STEEN U Another Senior you all have seen, - Goes by the name of Robert Steen. D Ulloyish Bob" is witty and clever, Q In Hi-Y work, he's faithful ever. D Hi-Y, '26, '27, Orchestra and Band, '24, '25, '26, "Thirteenth Chair." I1 D EVELYN MAGUIRE U I'l1 tell you something D If you'll keep it "mumf'- U She may be quiet D But "she's not so dumb." i U D Q 51 u 7 1 D XD U J giliy ,A 63 A xv.. ' f YQOPERZ-nv N CD CLUB Q . Z xv -U n LJ n I3 Ll 11 1: Q 1: 4: 1: D D 43 . 4 Q 'Q QWVAIIVV Plgl, 51, A' ' Q' ,1 " 's, , LQNS f Cr U U U Cr D U -, U D U O XJ Q , f A CRE ECI-IOD ff U yew. 1 f Q: Q 6 M v f , 1 7'w1i0'f' mtg, pow ' A ,U 'D Gi D 1 Q D Q Q D , Q HELEN MARTIN D Helen's one of those quiet lasses, Makes no stir, but always passes, Q You'd think that she was very shy, pf But mark the twinkle in her eye. U Girl Reserves, '26, V' Li FRANCES GARDNER DJ She has blue eyes and curly hair, U She sings in the Glee Club, too, , She's not too quiet, and not too bold, U And her friends are not a few. U Girl Reserves, '27, Glee Club, '27, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' D El V' KENNETH SAMUEL U His head was full of theories, D His theories full of sense, Q Till Physics got upon his brain K And drove his reason hence. U Hi-Y, '24, '25, Hi-Y Secretary-Treasurer, Q '26, Glee Club, '26, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' U 0 FLORENCE BRADY U You see her here, you see her there, U You see herfwell, 'most anywhere, When to cooking class she chanced to U come 5 VVe all decided-she's not so dumb! U fl f KATHERINE BASSETT D A mighty fine girl Q If she likes you, I'l1 say, But don't make heir angry U 'And stay in her way. U Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. l 1U El EVORA JACOB D Evora's eyes are merry, L1 She has a charming smile, You never see her frowin, U For she's happy all the While. U Girl Reserves. D G FRANCES WHIPPLE D Curly hair, Q Eyes so blue D That they look you Q Through and through. ' Girl Reserves, '24, '27. D ri D ERNEST SPECHT 5 "Ernie" minds his own business As if it were the law of the land, D But if you happen to need help, U He'1l surely lend you a hand. D Il D ll D 1 l 1 El l Q, ull u O J X9 0'0PERA'TIV , Q CD W i- l3 E IJ L3 13 Q D G D Cl D D D D R et' Wei'-'11 Ia- Page 30 X-an 1115 D D ll f", 7K . LCLVEBN to EMMA FERRIER Happy 'ind snappy With never a care. Always ready To take a dare. ,24Glg? Club, '23, '24, Girl Reserves, '23, HIRAM STILWELL Hiram will some day be famed as a sales- f, tx ' A-Q, to Cl El U D Q ff 3 ff .U U 4 RE-Ecuoepszfe DUUU ,ff M gg, ' 9 M is 0 f, D Q D Q n . . , Q u u D D D D D U D D u D I u an 0 u u D n D u D D U I C u x9 H man Or maybe a speaker--it doesn't matter: U The only requirement for his success is- He must be somewhere where he can chatter! Cl Orchestra, '24, '25, Hi-Y, '24, '27, Schol- astic Contest, '26. Q HELEN HOVGARD Pretty? You bet! With a lovable smile, G Not just today, But all the while. Q Glee Club, '24, '25. '26, '27, Girl Re- serves, '24, '25, '26, '27, President G. R., '27, "Treasure Hunters," "Thirteenth Q Chair," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' E. H. S. Hall of Fame. I Il ADA M0sER She's a short little blonde W'ith big blue eyes, U But she does just lots, Considering her size. Girl Reserves, Echo. G RUTH TRESSLER ,J Ruth is a singer very keen And so in Tulsa she was seen, I At typewriting too, she is very good, U And makes a record very few could. Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27, Girl Re- serves, '24, '25, '26, "Treasure Hunters," U "Gypsy Rover," Mixed Chorus, '24, '25, '26, '27, Re-Echo, '27, Librarian, Honor So- U clety, Southwest Music Chorus, Tulsa, Okla. THI-:LMA CUNNINGHAM U She's not very tall, Flirting's not in her line, Q She's quiet, oh, yes, But We like her just fine. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, El DORIS STEWART Curly hair, Q Eyes that dance, Just all ready To take a chance. U Girl Reserves, '27, Estes Park Confer- ence, '26, "Thirteenth Chair," Rhythmic Circle, '27, Honor Society, Scholarship G Contest, "Merton of the Movies." U EUGENE CRUMB A very fine boy U Is this Eugene Crumb, For I've heard it said He is not so dumb. U ,Cl Ll .D J D fs 9 HL -' OOPERAWV 'U 'ctus Y D U B D U 11 D 13 1:1 a 1: L1 Q Q . L1 I -. f ' 9, Page 31 1" "s LQM9 f w cv w U I: U U I D D D U cr U U U PQ, Sq I E - H fi' is V 'f ,f ' Q N X 7' P' -.neyg fo 62 D u U Q D ELIZABETH RIDDLE U She is quite short, D And her hair she doth curl, U In a printing class SlIe's surely a whirl. V Glee Club, '24, Echo, '25, '26, Debate D Club, '26, '27, Girl Reserves, '26, U U D MILDRED THOMAS D Good-natured and jolly is she, And her smile is quite pleasant to see. D She Works along at a rapid pace, D l With a happy smile upon her face. Girl Reserves, '26, '27. D El p SPENCER BALTZ U We think this boy would be hard to kill But he says, "Really, I feel quite ill U In the short space between my feet and U my head, U 'Cause all great men have got to be dead." Q Band and Orchestra, '24, '25, Echo, '25. D El MILDRED THOMPSON U Dependable, smiling, and true, Q Her gray eyes just shine out at you, She's peppy and sweet as she can be- U I might add, she's studious, too. L1 D LENA MILLER 5 She's very bright, D A pretty sight, U Black hair and blue eyes, And they aren't lies. U Girl Reserves, '26, '27, U 3U El ' DOROTHY OWENS .V VVith her voice she helps the Glee Club, D For the Echo her labor she spends, 51 The G. R. she aids with her brain-power, But her smile flashes for all her friends. U Glee Club: Oratorical Contest, Echo, U Girl Reserves. D , m L LUCILE LAMB D This musical lass Q In our orchestra plays, er We Wish in her life D Only bright, happy days. Q Orchestra, '25, '26. D U WHITLEY AUSTIN D WlIitley's editor of the Echo, U In Honor Society he doth shine, He's one of our uprising geniuses, D Debate is also his line. l U I Scholarship Contest, '25, '26, H1-Y, '25, 1 '26, '27, Editor of Echo, '27, Cicero Club, D I Debate Team, Oratorical Contest, '27, E. Q H. S. Hall of Fame, Honor Society. D G A m ni ' Q 7 L D ev ' 'WMV P74 Y N , 'iwvmvg' Page D J C PEIWATIV ' j tus, 9 hw 'U T1 I-J 1: Ll 1:1 D Lx n E Ll i 3. '-5' Ae ff? J' I , M, as LUCINE COOLEY Lucine is surely a gem of a lass, " 'HIE , , e 's. "" C D D D scno it UUWDUUU L QD :Q yy 0 A 1 ll U U D So we're mighty proud she's in this class: Her friends are many, her foes are few, p Although her years here just number two. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. U U m fl GERTRUDE MERRELL Steady, quiet, patient, sure, U ,jj Self-possessed. and yet demureq ' Gertrude Merrel's the sort of mouse U Q You'd like to have about the house. D Girl Reserves. G D GLENN SCHEEL u Glenn, we believe, ' D Is a studious lad. For the grades that he gets G Are the best to be had. Dj Scholastic Contest, '24, g C D fl RUTH A. WALKER 50 A, blushing cheek and laughing y UI Her modest nature do belle: -Q e Q K Ruth is an honest worker, D Steady, earnest, and no shirker. Girl Reserves, Echo, '25, '26. U D I ff VELMA CARTER Q X Velma likes to figure Dj Wuith ruler and with compass, U A d t h n ge s t e correct answer Ui With half our fuss and rum.pus. , Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Marne- U ,Cl matics club, '27, U m K, V I JOSIE HENDERSON Josie is slender and rather tall, fl C Of dancing she is quite fondg D1 Her hair is curly and very black, ' No, she isn't exactly a blonde. G C Rhythmic Circle, '27. D DU D LEE HENSLER fs Lee is one of our boys X Who makes hut little noiseg J D He doesn't like the girls Q With all their quirks and curls. U ni D HELEN THOMAS n At her school work she faithfully labors, U1 'Phe results she can proudly show: But she's not a drudge, no, far from it, U C She's a sport from the very word, "GOI" D Girl Reserves, '26, '27, G D1 in C N U1 u 1 W, DJ n I L9 J fl-Yv V R9 'Wifi f OOPERRTIV X C7 W W' 2 xg Y u Lx n L1 cx L1 BJEK9 A D D D D 5 I I- , B 4 Q L 'lhvmvl' ' " ' '. . 0' Page 33 " 43'--Rs xxyx I' NX w 1:1 U w ur I: cr C D D U D U' U U C7 P X! N , -, 4, 4 ly! 'xW ,'4'A1'0' 'Www 'DW ' s...f 4- Y Q Q 6' D I H U 1 D 1 C1 i D VIOLA WILHITE U Yes, Viola is quiet-- D Don't let that deceive you- Q She's a friend you can trust To see a thing through. P U RUTH GALT U Not so short U But sweet for all, 5 If she is- Q You might say, tall. Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27g Echo, '273 D Librarian, Glee Club, '273 Assistant Direc- Cl tor, "Thirteenth Chain" Honor Societyg D "Merton of the Movies." Q HAROLD MCMASTER U D Though short, he is mighty, His tumbling's a wow. D When it comes to cartooning, Q He surely knows how. Hi-Y, '24, Re-Echo, '26, Re-Echo Car- U toonist, '26, '27, "Merton of the Movies." El D rl ANNA AMES U Can roll her eyes Q And is full of graceg So step right up U If you want to keep pace. q Girl Reserves, Echo Staff. U ri EVELYN HOUK D This little lady's a brunette, Q She's not so very tall, And when she says she'1l do a thing, D To worry there's no call. U, Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, I U El MARIE OLIPHANT Independent and sassy, 'G D Clever and sweet. This makes a girl D Whom all love to meet. Q Girl Reserves, '25, Glee Club, '25g Echo, '27, D U LUCILLE RAYMOND ,U Lucille is a hard worker for G. R.'s, Q At making grades, too, she's one of our D stars, Q Vvhen her high school days are o'er, At C. of E. she'll work some more. D Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27g Estes lj Park Conference, '24g Girl Reserves Cab- inet, '26, '27g Echo, '25, '26, '27, Honor U D Society. D GLEN PHILLIPS U He Warbles in the Glee Club He toot-toot's in the band, G D To anyone who needs him He'll lend a helping hand. D Band, '25, '26, '27g Orchestra, '26, '27, Q Glee Club, '27g "Bells of Beaujolaisf' D I U D D 0 f 9 .dfhwq ' r PERA1Iv 4 Q Cv Q ag n n 1: A JJ L1 I: n ' 0 n n 1: a A n L5 -..' v-, xx P' 'MAN 6' Page 34 k D ' I N ,A,g,: C ,Mr he W W 1+ , K ' 4 twnivla ANNA SULZ D Anna is another blonde U With prctty big blue eyes, D You'11 find that she is very sweet, ' And her friendship you will prize. D C Girl Reserves. '25, '26, '27. D U f 'IQ X' . - Q , Q A X, 2134. G tfvffssf U " U C RE-ECHO lefffmff U U U U I ,- ' "M ,,.a:'V A 0 4, H C F c GN O 'll Q D E Q U ci BERNICI-1 MILNER "ll Quite versatile is this young lass, ffl ff So many things can she do- , ' You'll find her in Echo and Girl Reserves, ' l' In Debate and Glee Club, too. U Q Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Debate UI Club, '26, '27, Echo, '26, '27, Glee Club, '27, Q Honor Society. C ill Q C REUBEN HAMMER He's a quiet and modest boy, U7 Who soon from this high school will go, Q f A hand director he plans to be, , And success we hope he'll know. il Band and Orchestra, '25, '26, '27. Q il 7 HATTIE GRAHAM '3 ' H'uttie's got lots of pep und sm,iles4 5 Ti I 'Phat always goes for miles and miles, Q f Q And on the Echo she does work, , And never even thinks to shirk. Ui Girl Reserves, Glee Club, '24, Echo, Q K, Q ' Esriu-:R Bowms rl Short and snappy, U! Full of pep, U f ro an answer, K, You can bet. ,UI Echo, '23, '24, Girl Reserves, Honor So- 5 f viety. , K U U 7 K RUTH WORKMAN U1 Here's to the girl whom G ' We call "Strings," f Oh, what a line D1 'Phat girl slings. Q K Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, Girl Reserves, A '25, '26, '27, "Bells of Beaujolziisf' nj ri f , LOIS SONNEDECKER Ulf Sometimes happy, U C I Sometimes sad. A Just get acquainted 9 Ana you'll be glad. G f - Glee Club, '25, Girl Reserves. '25, '26, UN '27, Scholastic Contest, '26. U S l' LAWRENCE STANTON U K ' He's noted for his quietness, His friendly smile so rare. Q1 'l'he path of life he soon will trod, U NVith all its joy and care. ' Glee Club, '25, '20, '27, Hi-Y, '25, '26, ill '27, "Bells of Beziujolzlisf' E1 D 1 in L L K3 U 7 1 c 'I' f S il lg, ll! i ' J 9 :Q vv I A '4 C7 CPEJ YV A Q K s A 13 Lx n 13 -JZUA nk!-1:1-9 D B D 5 QQ XJA Q W Wvmw' I -, W n, ,. 'gi Page .55 DORIS JONES Doris still owns her long black hair, For acting she has a. talent quite rare, Another thing she is very frank And always in on any prank. Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27, Mixed Chorus, '24, '25, '26, '27, "Gypsy Rover," "Treasure Hunters," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' Rhyth- mic Circle, '26, '27, Re-Echo, '27, Estes, '26, Girl Reserves, '27, Ulvllerton of the Movies." IRENE MORRIS A girl who is very charming, A girl who is very sweet. Her manners are quite disarming And she's mighty hard to beat. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Rhythmic Circle, '26, '27, CECIL FREEMAN "Bus" is athletic, To the school he is a joy, Because he's most perfect gentleman And best all around boy. Football, '24, '25, '26, Basketball, '27, Band, '24, '25, '27, Re-Echo, '27, "Young America," "Station YYYY," E. H. S. Hall of Fame, "Merton of the Movies." EDNA SOWERBY Edna works on the Echo staff And on her lessons, too, And if she doesn't get them in, She says, "It will never do." Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Echo, '26, MARGARET MCPROUD "Bill" is a student, lanky and tall, No, you're Wrong, she's no boy at all. But still she takes manual training, and In mechanical drawing she sure beats the band. Cicero Club, '24, '25, Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, Girl Reserve Cabinet, '27. ETI-IEL GRIMSLEY Ethel's a girl who never can frown At anyone she knows around town: She's wittv, shc's wise, and she's clever And when'she's gone, we'll miss her fore QVGF. Mathematics Club, '27, Girl Reserves, '24, '26, '27, Scholastic Contest, '24, '25, '26, PHILIP HILL Philip makes good grades with ease, And never thinks of P's, Because he has his Work on time, He sails along witlI E's, Band, '25, '26, '27, Orchestra, '24, '25, '26 '27, Re-Echo, '27, Hi-Y, '26, '27, Scholar- ship Contest, '26, Honor Society. MARGARET PATTON A mighty flne scholar, A good girl, too. Ask her to help you, She'll do it, too. Orchestra '26, '27, Glee Club, '26. P 1,1 36 v UM U ,JA x 4 -, I' , 7 D l l , 's 'Q ,sv 'xx ' 4' ...P D X U D D D DORIS BRAYDEN For two years the treasurer f G. R., Doris helped us make our money. When next year she will not be here, XVe confess it will seem a bit funny. "rl Reserve Cabinet, '25, '26, '2"g Eeio, I. JAMES MCGUIRE "Jimmy" was with us but one short term. But in that time his popularity spread like a germ: At football and basketball lIe's always in the game, And when it comes to glee club, we wouldn't call him lame. Football: Basketball: Glee Club. , NX. cr v: w cz cr U cr C R E -, D U D D U U C7 U , Co Q5 ' ' 1 GN U U Q U 0 Q U U bl I I P ZF U U U D G IJ IVA DILLEY U Just a quiet Little scholar U Wfith the boys U f . She doesn't bother. U1 Girl Reserves, '26, '27, Q OWEN SEAGENDOLLAR D Owen in our band does play, I! Too much of his talent we can't say. Havs a .regular fellow, we all know, U And with the girls he's not so slow. Q Gllsangi i24,2g25, '26, '27, Orchestra, '25, D ne u J, . Q TERESA GILSON D "Tess" made the Honor Society, 11 C She's a leader of her class, Del Andlfier sohool WoI'k's not all she's known G Y K For shes a pretty and popular lass. A Glee Club, '26. ,275 Girl Reserves, '271 U1 Honor Shoeletyg "The Flower Shopf' "Bells G ot Beau,1o1aisg" Librarian, '26, '27, "Merton D of the Movies." Q x RHEA LIND p She's a very artistic artist I1 Of her beauty we're very proud: Her friends admire and likes her so that U She's generally with a crowd. Q Girl Reserves, '23, '24, '25, '26, Re-Echo D Art Edltor, '263 Rhythmic Circle, '25, '26, U '27: "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "The Thir- teenth Chair:" Secretary of Class, '26. D KENNETH WILLIAMS U Another brunette is Kenneth, D With a quiet and studious air: I1 When the honors are passed around, L., Igeils suge tlol get his share. G j ic 0, ' 75 onor ociety. C ELMER BROWN D Brownie's our best boy singer, G M.,usic will give him a career. U He's a veritable "m-an about," U People know him far and near. Glee Club, '24, '25, '26, '27g "Treasure , D Hunters," "Bells of Beaujolaisf' "The U Thirteenth Chairf' "Gypsy Roverf' Hi-Yg E. H. S. Hall of Fame, Band and Orches- D trag Music- Contest: "Merton of the Q Movies." D 1 U l D D O : 'fry' . .N"'4 ' r PERATN 4 Q cv ,, , 5 I: rx an n u 11 I3 ci ' 0 a a I1 :J I: u E Q Y , . , MMR' A 'Q' Page .37 ofv ,eil Q - .fox 1 C RE. ECHO? L fl! x 7 "Vo Y ftqmyvl' I GLADYS JEANERETTE She has blg eves lhat shlne so bright And she does ewerythlng Vhth ill her mlght lrl Reserxe-. y JOHN ANDERSON John hae 'ln ambxtlon Fhati. hard to beat But he t'1k6'S ex ery ldv lntuge Io Catch up on hlq Qleep Scholarehlp Contest 25 26 Fel o 1 X RUDOLPH EBERLE Rudolph 12: qulet and rlther em ut He will Qtudv lf told to Sturt If '1 friend to hlm 'ind newer 1 foe Hee qurely 1 hov you d llke to know VELMA HEIN She llkew to Qklte she l1ke': tc dune If Someone vlye Come on lets go She: ready most anv tlme Glrl Reeerves 24 Z Drmmqtlcfq ALIFF ARNDT lheorems don t Du7Ale this woman Cluse she knows how to work em Qhes tlwlvs there to do her dutles She doexn t know how to shllk em Mathemltles Club 2 Gul Reqeues FARL WALKER PIXPCI to hxs dutv me the North Stir to its pl we qt! ught 1U hls path 'wx lhe bee ln lte. hommg rice HENRY GETZ Dont like High Sthool'7 Ill Qay I o A Certain gxrl lxkes me Don t you wxsh Vou knew" Merton of the MOXIPCI MYRTLE BENDER Myrtle Bender IS merry Ind droll lo hear her laugh IQ good for the Qoul Her frlende are manv her foex flrt few We hope ln the world Qhell get her due url Reserxes 2 24 .n "WV ' V CD V Penn-rw ll Q3 207' 965 D B .1 D D B D B 0 A B D D A B 9 "f i 'ffl' Page as 'Q' 1' 0 WSC Q cr cr w w U D U D U U Q U - i x vw U 0 j Q3 Q- QD ' f-f l!! 'x.-.f', Q, Q GU U Fl D W q U y u D " 52' i f ' ' u D G' V, vit., 124' 25' 12'f-, v27' U U Q U V vs .' 4 , ' ' ' U D , , .','.,,' ,1.,,1,'26: D H'- ', '27. U G U U D ,C ' U , , 'l C S' r KS V A U ,, , , , 1 . , - G U A I n Y , . 1 , , 1 2 ' . D And have PL grand: good time. q H Q D ' . , ' , 4" 51 2 1 ' ,, , '24. Q D fl D :wif .1 J ' f A' - ' I 2 El D .-. if H' V, iq L '26, '2T. I U U v A , ' , zz D El D . . . l Q D ' . U d - U h D , , Y lv. G D G 1 D 71' I . I , F -D 1 ' J p ' U U I1 D 1 U U D 0 ,-. 9 Q92 Q c RE zcnol l t ' C' 'w , V "?'w1nW"' WINIFREDE GUFLER She's one of our best little actors She can easily sing any song' Wlhen our school singers went to 'lulsft Winifrede went ftlong. Glee Club 26 27' Bells of Beiujolftis' birl Reserves '26 27' Station YYYY' Mixed Chorus 2 ' Southwest Music Chorus Tulsa Okla.2 Honor Society' Merton of the Movies." D U CHARLES DAVIS "Chuck" is a football player, U A fast and good one, too, U A valuable asset to our school and 'l'hat's not saying all he can do. D Football, '24, '25, '26, Band, '24. U I' --Asst K 'ON fx , X cr U cr 1:1 U cv .,, D U U U cr D U , 5 C Ji : ' get ,av 92 Q5 4 " f 1 X ,110 , ' 's r' Q C CP D rv D G n , ' V rl D , , , f , .. K 1 ,U Q rw ' ' 6' Y n D LOUISA HINZE Q Can she vamp And roll her eyes? D Just ask us, U We tell no lies. Orchestra, '23, '24, '25, '26, Glee Club, U '24, '25, '26, Rhythmic Circle, "Gypsy G Rover," "Treasure Hunters," Girl Re- U' serves, Mixed Chorus, E. H. S. Hall of U Fame. D BEATRICE ANDERSON Q Just like sunshine D She helps all the while, G By giving to us Her wonderful smile. U Glee Club, '25, '27, "Bells of Beaujolaisf' U Rhythmic Circle, "Winters Fantasy," D Girl Reserves, '25, '26, '27, Music Contest. Q U LLOYD DAY U He's the one we call "Pinkie," We're not sure how or why, IJ But when he rolls his eyes around U It sure makes some girls sigh. u . U ELIZABETH TURNER U' Red hair's the queen of all the rest, 51 And she has surely gut it. If you could only see it once, U I'm sure you'd never doubt it. IJ Citizenship Contest, "2-l. D Ll FRANCES DRAPER D Frances Draper's a bright little girl Q 1 And she's friendly to everyone, She's never lazy or never still, D But she's always on the run. Q Girl Reserves, '26, Rhythmic Circle, '26, "Arrow Maker," "Station YYYY." G U . HAROLD BISHOP U D A boy who made the Honor Roll, A credit to his school, D He's the best debator of the year U And never acts a fool. Hi-Y, '26, President Hi-Y, '27, Echo, '26, D '27, Debate, '26, '27, Scholarship Contest, Q '24, '25, '26, '27, E. H. S. Hall of Fame, Honor Society. D Q D U D D 0 J 9 v OOPERATIV CQ jf '- I 1 Q n n 1: Ll I1 DX-JEX9 " Q a 1: a n 43 E Q -, Q .9 Page 39 Q Q, 'WW Q CRE Ecnob , , ' D04 -e , wmv CHESTER DRENON Everyone likes him He s an actor of renown And with his car full of girls He rides around town. Pied Piper f Emporia' Arrow Maker' 'Thirteenth Chair' Station YYYX' E. H. S. Hall of Fame. MIRIAM GILSON Mims a girl worth knowing Shes a friend to everyone. She can sing and she can act And do everything else thats done. Glee Club 24 25' Girl Reserves 24 Maker' 'lhirteenth Chair' 'Treasure Hunters. GARDNER WINN Gardner is clever and active He helps in most things that we do' He came to our school from Korea And were glad that he came to us too. i-Y ' Icebound' Bells f Beaujolais' Glee Club 25 26 27' Mixed Chorus 26 27' Ottawa Hi-Y Conference 25' Manhattan H'i-Y Conference 26' Cicero Club 27' Honor Society. WALTER JACOB Walter likes the school and city But says, Thats not the life for me Give me the farm the horses and cows And all the rest can drift to sea.' Citizenship Contest 23. RosE MARTHALFR Rose is sweet and cute And shes not a bit dumb' Wihen she uses those 'come hither eyes The boys will always come. Girl Reserves, '24 25 '26 '27' Rhyth- mic Circle '27g "Merton of the Movies. DAVID JONES In band you will find David And he plays right well there toog Whenever anything goes wrong 'Dave' knows just what to . B nd, '25 '26. RICHARD NORTHCUT Richard is another one Wie need so in the band. We're sure that some day later A fine job he will land. nd '25 '26 . MERLE HARVEY He's an athlete and an artist Hes a very good singer, too' His particular titles are "Squishy' and ..Eggs,, And to know why you need a clue. Football 26' Basketball 27' Bells of Beaujolais' ee Club 26 2 ' ixe Chorus 26 27' E. H. S. Hall of Fame' Re-Echo Cartoonist 26 27. 7 I ,':S, rzssx cz U cr U U VU -, V U :I D U U U U 1 5 Z V V ? Q 1 1 v 17 C9 - CD ' I " W 5-an O C? D ri D Q D y W v U U l .. H 5 0 U P ' m 5' .. , ,, 1 IJ D , , Q D '25, '26g E. Si Hall of Fameg "Arrow: U D G D ' Ll D ' ' . tl H Y .26, .27, .. y 0 U V y ,Y , , . . . , Y G D 1 6 l n U .. , ' Q D ' H ' ' n D CI D . ' U u , ' Dm u ' cl v , n fn . , do ' Q 3 , D G D El D on rx Ba , , , '27 D C1 n , . fl D , I1 D , .dl . ", " 7, M d U D V . 1 .. Q D U D D 1 J 9 .e""""a, C, A N I Q '7 L vi I7 . it I x ' - Quinn: " xv-ml Page 40 LOUISE LAWRENCE "Ham" is our winning orator, And her grades are always high, She drives a Dodge coupe now, In which she's apt to whizz by. Girl Reserves, '26, '27, Echo, Rhythmic Circle, '26, '27, Glee Club, '26 Oratorical Contest, '27, Mixed Chorus, '26 Debate, '26, Honor Society. '26, ROBERT WARREN "Bob" is the most handsome boy in school By general vote this was decided. He gets along fine with all the girls, And on his popularity he is prided. Hi-Y, Band, '24, Orchestra, '23, '24, '25 Echo, '24, '25, E. H. S. Hall of Fame, 1 FRED MULLINS In a poor little broken-down Lizzie Fred sports around in great style, With his witty remarks, entertains us And studies-well, once in a while. v THOMAS HOLMES "Tom" is a gentleman true, He has a personality rare, If a stranger, you can know him By his friendly, jolly air. Hi-Y. MARJORIE FINLEY Marjorie's an honor student, She never wastes her time, In orchestra, too, you'll find her, 'For music is also her line, Orchestra, '24, '25, '26, '27, Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, Scholarship Contest, '25, '26, E. H. S. Hall of Fame, Honor Society. Ross RICHEY Ross is not at all flashy, And he is not at all bold, But he made the Honor Society And in that volumes are told. Hi-Y, Honor Society, "Merton of the Movies." ELMER CLAWSON E1mer's a shark at Chemistry, He shines in a Physics class, too, How he does it we cannot imagine- 'l'o pass either is all we can do! Hi-Y, '24, '25, '26, '27, "Merton of the Movies." DORIS MURPHY Doris is pretty and sweet, She never frowns or frets, And naturally her charms are great For a certain boy named "Getz," Echo Club, '26, Girl Reserves, '27. l Page 41 Q X ,. X, XXV Vina , X Avpwyioi D I A mx 9 Q O NT w cf w U 1: U U 6 br D U U U U U Ui xi Civ ,N A CD 49, at 'D fo fb GX JACK WILSON U D Q Jack can sing, Jack can play, D He dances, too, Q In a, remarkable way. Hi-Y, '25, '26, '27, Glee Club, '25, '26, '27, . D "Bells of Beaujolais," Mixed Chorus, '25, U '26, '27, Music Memory Contest, '26, Vice- D President Hi-Y, Class President Sopho- D , more, Cicero Club, Southwest Music Chorus, Tulsa, Okla., Honor Society. D U ILSE STEG D She can play most anything U You happen to have around, In musical ability U She surely does abound. U Orchestra, '25, '26, D G D HAROLD RICHARDS U "DOO's" our shiek of '27, U Good looking and awfully nice, Q He likes the girls, the girls like him, And them he can entice. D E. H. S. H2111 of Fame. U D Il D ROBERT GIERSCH G ' A boy full of fun and pranks, Q Jokes are his specialty. U X He's quite the friend tO people, too, Q Y And they like his rascality. 1 ' Q U ALTHEA GROUNDWATER U She's only been with us D In Em-Hi a year, G W, But she's made us all like her, And we wish her good cheer. U El E1 U LORENE FORD She came from Salina, D This sweet little lass, lil We're happy to have her In Our Senior Class. G D Girl Reserves, '27, D G PRESTON MOON PrestOn's a likeable chap D VVhO never gives a rap U Xvhether or not his lessons are done D Just as long as he has some fun. G D ri EDMUND ARNDT D Edmund is sturdy, staunch, and true, Q Studies Well if you ask him to, A. friend to all he tries to be. D But he is bashful, as you can see. U D ll D Il D D x9 , 9 Aeghmvd ' V COOPERAYIV 4 Q CD Ti ts Q :x Lx n 13 13 11 11 13 9 L1 cx 1: a 11 13 E ri mx , 'lzvmvl' ia Page 42 Q ,-4"-ss -ff ' UQUUWUU RE-EGHOJDDUUUQUE I , C9 v ' - ' i 9 I' 0 in Q D Q D u 5 LEONA PAYNE U Leona is always smiling und happy, ,She is liked by all who know he1'. D Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. Q U U in CORDYLA YOUNG U This girl they will "Cm'dy" Is very nice. D Wlien she sets at FL thing Q It's done in at triee. ' D Girl Reserves, Glee Cluh. ll P u ERNEST WEST D "Mark Antony" a Is quite the shiekg He's very kind-hearted, D Always looks clean and sleek. Q D ALBERTA ARMSTEAD Q Alba-rta's as sweet ns sho can he, U And everyb0dy's friend. For anything that's to he done, U Her aid she'l1 gladly lend. U Girl Reserve Cabinet, q RIE PARKS D MA 4 Marie Parks is a quiet girl, D Her fun is not in it social whirl, U But she is nice and folks like hor, ton, d D Somi-dziy something worthwhile shu'll dn. Gil-1 Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27, U 1 I U Q in NEIOMA GANDY Q You've often seen her in the halls, And heard her quaint, droll wit, D And though she may say something sharp, Q Youfll know wha1t's hack of it. D Girl Reserves. U D MARGARET ROGERS Q She has good looking dimples, D And she shows them in her smile, A She doesn't say so much, But what she says is well worthwhile. D Girl Reserves. El D ri RAY MACK D This little guy, Is always happy. U He entertains with remarks D That are witty and snappy. G Track, '26, D Q D ii Il l i U I1 eff: 9 45 'll A f 00PrnA-nv X V I Q tus f x tzhlipx K H hi 31 i Page 43 1 25257 , 1 "UWU" E- H UUDU'UU ?x Q ' R sc oh QQ J D D P D D D U D U D A D D D D U . l u U . D . D D . . D , D ' l D D . D D D D X9 4 4:15.94 all wi D D D FAY MACK For putting on and "being nice" She simply doesn't care? But is always simply her true self, And of friends has a liberal share. Girl Reserves, '24, '25, '26, '27. -MAUDE IRENE BARNETT An Honor Society lass is she, Cute-looking and rather drollg If you want to see her name in print, Just look on the Honor Roll. Girl Reservesg Vice-President G. R., '25 President Colored Girl Reserves, '2 Honor Society. emor Glass ,Song We the Seniors, All the Semors Of Ernporm High, Toward the best Of all success Strwzng, you and I. When onward from this school 'we go, To lwe, and learn, and die, Our love, we know, Wzll ever grow Each day for old Em-Hi. K Ill '3q..z2-9.9 x, ,L , 1 6' n Q U U EI D U U G G E! G D Q . oorsna-nv A fl n a u ri n cm n L1 n Il n n G n n n 9 nnenneee Danna , Q 'M or Page 44 ze' ' QW ' D I, 1 W H 1 i f RE ECHO 5 V ln V W U U V U D U U U U U U NN lass Glrronicles And it came to pass in those days that a castle was builded of red brick and stone, fair to the sight and wondrously revered. And when the youth of this land, called Emporia, did look upon the castle, they said, one to another, Come let us see this King, named Brown and view his mighty works and enter into these events which have be n made known unto us by our forebears And lo, it was in the year 1923, and the youth of the land came to dwell within the walls of the castle, and they remained. But, in as much as they were a wicked people and also exceedingly green, they found small favor in the eyes of the King named Brown, and the Captains of his host named Faculty And It came to pass that there was persecution among the people and behold it was led by a captain of the Kmg s host, a man named Trigg and, lo he was alded by B1ll, son of Rapp, and Violet, daughter of the house of Haynes and C U , son of Nichols, and it came to pass that the youth suffered greatly Therefore there remained of thelr number but a small remnant of then' ranks numbered in the year of the King 1923 So the Kmg, named Brown, sent into all the country round and did bring from the land of Roosevelt youths to take their places And for as much as they were young and full of the goodness known as cockx ness the class fared well and their number grew and multlplled and the class waxed great exceedlngly And so there was peace 1n the " C? D D P D ll B e .ii D D D . . '. D . V . , - , . 7 I D . . U ' I . . D a . n D I 1 I n U h , ' . D , . u 1 D . . ' n ' ' , U . . . . , . , A u ' 1 ' 9 U ' . I , . . D ' ' . 5 . I . , L . . . D ' . . ' ' 1 ' CK ' .77 .9 it . 1: cz A a n I1 4: L1 " D B A D A D u W D Q land during the year of the Kmg 1924 And, lo, in the year of the King 1925 the class grew overmuch 1n power and in mlghtlness But the King named Brown and hi mlghty army wlth his captain named Trigg and George, son of Lodle, together with Maude daughter of the house of Jackson and Etta daughter of the house of PIICE and Ada daughter of the house of Wade d1d band together and d1d once again slay the enemy in the year of the Kmg 1925 And, behold the class subsided and did once more take unto themselves their rightful status And there was peace in the land And in the Vear of the Kmg 1926 the class did grow ln wisdom and ln knowledge And concerning the athletic events d1d they show great power also, and behold, they were champions in football and D debate, in basketball and in music And only in scholarship were they defeated, carrying themselves l1ke unto men And it came to D pass that some damsels of the class did take unto themselves new D power and did organize a government calling themselves the Ribs And as a mark of their superiority dld therebv cut off their halr and, D behold, they went among the people shlngled and shorn And in next order the people did meet together in the building which is called the U gym and did take unto themselves entertainment and exulted greatly D whlle the captalns of the guard, sons of the houses of Long and James, D legild , A ll Q 1 W, 'sawn ' -Zvukl' Page 45 I W RE ECHO D n QQ ' I D D and maldens of the houses of Held and Douglass and Howard d1d watch uneaslly, ln secret fear of the wrath of the almlghty Kmg named Brown But, lo, so It happened that the revel passed quletude And thus 1n the year of the Kmg 1927 the class of the year of me Kmg 1927 now called Semors began to study more although slr nge to relate lost no whxt of sleep therefor And they suffered no one to tr1umph over them, no, for 1n athletlcs, debate, muslc and scholarshlp they smote wlth vengeance and drove the enemy irom the f1eld And behold they beheld the1r power and stralghtway be came d1gn1f1ed and d1d take unto themselves the robe of Senlors and d1d act accordingly But thelr membershlp had decreased durmg the1r sojourn 1n the land of the Kmg named Brovxm, and behold, many had dropped by the wayslde Most of then' number were strong ln heart and d1d carry the banner to the end alded by the Captams of the Kmg s Host But some d1d say unto themselves Behold I need not an educatlon and I wlll leave the castle of red brlck and stone d w11l take unto myself manual labor and w1ll earn my l1vel1hood And lo others d1d say I am gomg to take unto me a Wlfe, and so for var1ous reasons the number of the people d1d grow less But the band now called Senlors d1d accomphsh mlghty acts and d1d brmg honor upon the castle And lo Eumce, daughter of the House of Plper together Wlth the sons and daughters of all the worthy houses of the class d1d show thelr wlsdom and d1d bulld the book called Re Echo 1n the year of the Kmg 1927 saylng 'Behold thls book whlch we have bullded And among the class were those fllled wlth exceedmg knowledge and wlsdom who were honored for thelr deeds and were elected to the Honor SOC16ty But the whole of the people called Senxors d1d feel the need of pra1se and celebratlon and assembled together IH the part of the land called the Broadvlew and d1d have a banquet of reJo1c1ng and lo they called lt a Semor Banquet And 1n latter days masmuch as they were Sen1ors, they took un to themselves rlngs nd p1ns and d1d adorn themselves wlthal And lo the day of thelr departure from the castle came upon them un aware, and they were sore dls ressed But they were glven then' dlplomas and lo they departed from the castle unto the vast place called the World LOUISE LAWRENCE Class Clwonwler yt, X ' U Hlllvx ""'E""' ,f5'7'7l'. 2 W W U W U U U -.1 D D U EY cr U U I ' Y I- CQ 2 Q5 ,, Ks..-",r D D I . I Y D I . . . . , . ' in D ' ' P . l . I , I 1 1 v 7 9 y u 2 , ' - u Q , 1 u u D l . ' . . . ' l , l . - IS . x I D . I . . . , . . U ' 7 l . - , u , U . V . . . ,, all . D 9' I . 9 H l I U H U , . , . . . U ' . . l y ' 3 B cc - n ' , ' ' A 7 3 D . . . ,, U . . e D ' KI ' I7 D . . . . , , . . D ' . , . . - D . ' a . . . . I P , . U . D "1 ' A, I n D D , D D , A Q sf? ta. 4 V ' , o0P:nA-nv ' 9 Q xc n n n a D cs 4: J: ' " D B B 5 A D 'bl Page 46 RE"ECHOl f The flprophecy Extracts from a notebook written by Mrs. Archibald Rockford Jones, who was Miss Margaret Mayberry before her recent marriage to the famous manufacturer of platinum-studded dog collars, and Mrs Courtney Anthracite Smith, who, before her marriage to the prominent citizen and mayor of Plymouth, was Miss Teresa Gilson: May 3, 1947. We were walking down the street the other day when we began to talk of all our old classmates of 1927. As we compared our bits of remembrances and knowledges we found out so many interesting things about them all that we decided to write them down for our 'I X U w o cr 1: U w U U D cr cr U U 5 cg is gs gl D U U D P D . U D D 1 U 4 El n u n n u n U Il n D G I1 4 u u cl t rl cl n a n n n a n n n D IN P friends to read. U We found that Rhea Lind was now a renowned artist and was U at present whitewashing the fence around the E. H. S. stadium. "Kit" Ganse, now Mrs. B. McCarthy, was so busy with the wash- U ings she does for a living that she had no time to visit with us. At the Palace theater in Olpe we saw Gayle Snodgrass doing D solo dances. At the Lebo Leviathan theater we were amazed to find U Helen Hovgard, Howard Galt, "Bob" Smith, and Helen Grant in a dancing and singing act. D Poor John Anderson was run over a few years ago and killed as a result of crossing Walnut and Twelfth avenue in Kansas City while D reading a book. The book was "Pirates and Pennymatchersj' written by Louise Lawrence. D Among other tragic happenings, we were sorry to hear of Mar- U jorie Carothers, who lost her voice and has descended to the position of floorwalker in a large store, and also of Frances Draper, who had U become a second Peggy Hopkins Joyce. We were cheered somewhat by the uplifting news that George D Austin was newly-elected president of the National Society of "Wide D Awake Willie," and that Whitley Austin is a very successful movie actor, following in the steps of Rudolph Valentino. ' g When we Went to visit Celia McCue and Ramona Neill in the Old Ladies' Home, we learned that Chester Drenon was driving the D taxi there. We happened to notice a billboard announcing the new sensa- D tional play, "Why Men Leave Home," starring Miriam Gilson. We D decided to go see it. Louisa Hinze and Ethelbertha Hembling were starring in "Why Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." D When we heard about Harry Zane, Loren Findly, Eunice Piper and Lloyd Faeth joining the Reds, we were shocked, and we were D likewise astonished to see in the morning paper in large headlines D that Hazel Olson had abducted five men and still eluded the law. ' We met two of our old classmates on the street-Imogene Simp- I: son was giving orations on a soap box and she surely had an inter- D 0 .9 "A Y 98.94 ff? . ear . - Qqzmnwy 7:7 A n n 1: D A a n cl a 1: cl Q q .IV . ' H 5 . i t V, Page 47 ' il! ,f -u .ir x X l I GS D ested mass of spectators and listeners. Then, alas and alack, we 'J U passed Irene Morris dressed in rags and begging for money. We Q went to phone in a drug store and found Paul Wood owner of it. We D happened to notice in the phone directory that Robert Warren, of '27, Q was the "Sergeant-at-Arms" of the Junk Dealers Association of D Strawn. Paul further informed us that Jack Wilson was making U P wads of money running a big pool hall. In the evening, tired and happy, we went to our home to think D D over the day's events and to reminisce over our Senior High School Q days. D ii' El D The will H D We, the Seniors of 1927, hereby bequeath all our worldly prop- fl DI erties to the underclassmen, in hopes that they may profit by them and perhaps improve upon them. U D Charles Davis hereby donates his bold ways to Hiram Lewis. d Adeline Harper laughingly bequeaths her vampish eyes and coy U ways to Genevieve Hargiss. G D Harold Bishop, expressing himself with enormous words, gives to "Ed" Waller his abilities of oration. 0 g Lolita Bixler has asked that Maudie McAllister kindly take U charge of her locker for next year, in order that the boys will still U hover about there. Q Faye Bratton has bequeathed her habit of "going steady" to U "Dot" DeLong to use next year on Stanley Clogston. 4 U Elmer Brown donates his voice to Harold Reebleg also his bash- U ful manner. D Mary Culp and Vlernelle Hirschler donate their sturdy legs to Q Hattie Humphrey to walk to school on next year. U "Bus" Freeman kindly turns over his rolling gait to Christine G Brannan. D . "Bob" Giersh leaves his modest and retiring ways to Dick Bailey. U U Winifrede Gufler bequeaths her wild, flapperish manners to E "Dot" Austenfeld. U Merle Harvey donates his "Harvey" strut to Junior Peterson. il U Philip Hill wishes to leave Rice Brown, Jr., in charge of his pop- U corn stand and Strand jobs. Harry McMaster donates his sober ways to Gordon Smith. U . n Elizabeth Peach coyly leaves her obesity to Margaret Huggins. D Humbert Riddle sadly leaves "Sis" behind him to be cared for Q by some responsible boy. D Doris Stewart has bequeathed her excessive "dumbness" to U Frances Hatfield D ' . . "Bob" Stowe wishes to bestow his retiring and unselfish per- U U sonality upon "Tom" Sawyer who he knows will appreciate it. U Last, but not least, Novella McCants leaves her brilliant red U locks to Josephine Keeler since the latter seems to admire red hair Q D - and envy anyone who has it. -SENIOR CLASS. 'J D n xD J "eww . I PIR ' - '7 JP' wet Qizyaumr n n n 1.-.x u 41 n n " D a B D A B E Q i W , 'I Page 48 ,.v- W, cr 1: cr U cz cr U cr cr U U N I . Tia' I S 1' U cs U I 6 r Q 4 v xx M 4, s li? D D D D P D U D D D Tdoaft to Cgfonor Students Once upon a time, in the fair and rolling fields of one of our mid-western prairie states, a group of children played together, went to school together. Through the grades and on up to high school they shared the vicissitudes and pleasures of school life. Now at last they had reached the marbled halls of high school. Their demeanors changed somewhat at this noble place of learning. At the grade schools they had played hookey, now they play hockey. In former times they threw mud balls, now they throw compliments. They became saturated with learning and piously elected a Bishop at their head. Life became monotonous, and the people wished to leave. Some of the crowd being financially embarrassed inquired who would pay for the tickets. An indiscernable voice in the' crowd shouted, "Let Will's son pay for the trip. He has the Jack." "He does have a Richey look," said Louise Lawrence, with eyes sparkling at the thought of another conquest. C9 f' R E " ECHO 5 The Bishop appointed Lucille Raymond as the official detective and personal guardian of the crowd because of talents inherited from her paternal ancestor. But their progress was interrupted when a red-headed young person named Findly rushed up to the Bishop and said there was a girl in the crowd whose name was very much like his, only a difference of one small letter. ' Well, ' he continued, as he waxed more eloquent, Why wouldn't it be a good idea to make we two into one? It would make the crowd one smaller A Why, you are a Simp son! exclaimed the Bishop It would necessitate a legal p ocedure but I will perform it if you insist. So the legal procedure was performed amid trellises and Bowers with banks of celery and cockleburrs and showers of lettuce and cabbages The Bishop wished to start immediately for the seaport and after a delay caused by Winifrede Gufler and Lolita Bixler who had to go to the Milner for hats to wear, the question of transportation was discussed. The genelal sentiment did not favor walking and it was decided that the group would go in Maude Irene Barnetts car. After everyone was safely packed in the car Maude Irene became worried. Will ma Karr run, though? I Ott to he Bishop answered her 'th Williams to crank it." So the group were finally started to the seaport. It was a lovely trip. There was entertainment in the form of music for a Piper and a Harper played Tales from Hoffman and as they proceeded through points of interest, the ballyhoo, Whitley Austin explained the sights to the ignorant passengers. Not far away, they came to a Woods fearsome and frightful and Grace Ons-tad told a story of two poor little children who got lost in the woods and died. The Bishop was surprised that the others had not heard the story before. 'You Winn he said sarcastically, as a jolt threw them unceremoniously out of the car They had stopped abruptly at a roaring torrent Where there was no bridge. "We'll have to build a trestle br'dge," s 'd e, a d oth r, "But how can we?" a Tressler with us. ' And they proceeded for quite a distance. Finally the voice of Ruth Galt broke th silence calling When are we going to get there?" O, just over the Hill she was answered but on scaling it the Bishop said that as a hill it was only a bluff. But at last they arrived in the beautiful seaport. They were prepared for a journey new to all of them and they put their trust in the hands of the Bishop and heir tickets in the hands of the Stewart and sallied forth. -TERESA GILSON. si, 1 uvx D U K 7 H D .H D li Y !7 , ll r , 77 D D . U . U ' y 4. H U u t ,rr t , znwl D ll D 17 ' , D I D I , 5 K 77 D . D 1 ai som n an e "That's easy,"7said the Bishop, solver of all questions, "You forget that we have D .. D e , u IK H 7 7 D D , , t , Ul 3 D B A A Q 5 A Q -wwu' D U Y N f cv V Prnxr 1: a 4: a A 43 n Q 1 age 49 1"klgL1 50 I1 X U -e v- X ! be w cr cv w a UV U U U cr U ao ! fr" C? D n U Cyfonor oczety ,, D The membership of the Emporia Chapter of the National Honor U p Society was increased by the addition of twenty-eight new members Q of this year's graduating classy nine boys and nineteen girls. Student P interest in this organization is increasing each year. The purposes D of the society are to stimulate interest in scholarship, to encourage n . . . . . U school citizenship, to create a desire to render service, to promote C, leadership, and to develop character in the students of Emporia High U School. , D On Ma1'ch 16, the recognition chapel was held. The new mem- u bers were conducted to the platform by Constance Ross and Jay ' U Thomson, of the class of '26. They were welcomed into the organiza- Q D tion by members of the alumni. The address was given by William U Allen White. U On April 22 the faculty of the high school gave a dinner at the 4 Rorabaugh-Paxton tea room in honor of the newly-elected members. U The program was given by the new members. Doris Stewart was U D toastmistress and a most interesting and creditable program was given. ' Q U This year's class adds a group of most worthy students to this Q organization. They have made valuable contributions to the Emporia U High School, and they will do as much for the organization to which Q D they have been elected. Q D MEMBERS IJ Austin, Whitley Gufler, Winifrede Raymond, Lucille D Barnett, Maude Irene Harper, Adeline Richey, Ross U U Bowers, Esther Hill, Philip Simpson, Imogene Q Bishop, Harold Hoffman, Marian Stewart, Doris p Bixler, Lolita Karr, Wilma Tressler, Ruth U Findly, Loren Lawrence, Louise Williams, Kenneth U Finley, Marjorie Milner, Bernice Wilson, Jack ll D Galt, Ruth Onstad, Grace Winn, Gardner U Gilson, Teresa Ott, Gertrude Wood, Paul D I Piper, Eunice G D OFFICERS q President --------------------------- --- Harold Bishop D Vice-President -------- -- ------------. --- Teresa Gilson g Secretary ----.---------.----- ---.. E unice Piper D Treasurer -------------..-.-. --- Adeline Harper U D Toastmistress --------------------.- -- Doris Stewart U SPONSORS D Miss Hancock, Chairman U D Miss Kahn, Miss Potter, Miss Price, Mr. James, Mr. Trigg, Miss Ice Q D Motto-Deserve Success and Ye Shall Command It U Color-Royal Purple Flower-Ward Carnation D Il 46:15.94 ' V Psna-nv Ztzmwwb n 1: n 1: ci 11 13 n A A 4: D n n Lt i ,va , ,IM , Page 51 ff" wx cr cv cr w w w U R E -. D D U D cr U U U f s 1 1 ix 15 ,v C9 'Q RS X' ' GN D I u U n U n U n cw I D U n D u D n D Q D Q , U n U L1 D C6716 junior Glass H U :1 OFFICERS U President ----- -------------- - - Frances Hatfield I1 Vice-President -..---- -- Harry E. Peterson D Secretrwy-Treasurer --- --- Alvin Stephenson 'I D U U We, the Junior Class of '27, consist of one hundred seventy-five nf g enterprising students, who are aspiring to become Seniors next year. fn We may seem to be very meek and modest but you know that's the D U natural role of the Juniors, When the Seniors bid farewell to Em- fd U poria High School, we trust the mantle of dignity which they wear will fall upon us, and while this garment may be a little out of pro- U U portion for some of us, we will endeavor, if given time, to make it fit. G U The Juniors are not a very noisy bunch, which might lead some U to think that we lack pep, but the truth is that you will find us as- D sociated with nearly every activity of high school life. In the glee U clubs, band, and orchestra, one will find many of the Juniors striving D to please teachers and classmates. In addition to our musicians, we I1 D 7 have many athletes of whom we are very proud. Many of the class of '28 find their way to the honor roll. U D The social activities of the class have not been very numerous U D this year, but the Juniors are a happy, industrious class. We have n observed the Sophomores casting longing glances in our direction D hoping to inherit happiness and industry soon, from us, just as we Q D have been hoping and aspiring to inherit the wisdom and dignity of U the Seniors. D D X3 J .GWAW4 ' V Prmmv X . 1 at C7 P' we We D B A D D A D A ewan' A A Q .1 1 -mu" ' A ,vm Page 52 Carl Ballweg Dorothea Austenfeld Elizabeth Peach Vivian Laughlin Vera Funk Gilbert Lamb Ruth Salser Harold Reeble Mnudie McAllister Sadie Browning Evan Roberts Florence Lee Robert Showalter Stanley Clogston Irene Kemp Clayton Roth Dorothy Moore Irene Dobson Josephine Keeler Margaret Hughes Ross Wingert Nola B. Moore Junior Riley Sophia Pantle Martha Ford Fred Fleming Lois Lanyon . Sara Catherine Barrier Carol Mcllvain Katherine Browning Pri gc 5 120 Gerald O'Connell Elsie Tressler Wayne Saffer Urla Meyer Estel Bunch Marian Smith Ava Emerick George Urquehart Elna Klemm Edward Riley Gaines Judson lone Gordon Frank Beach Esther Meyer Nora Jacobs Florence Saffer Pearl Smith Harold Condit Emerson Barber Evelyn Marx Pauline Korn Ruby Cramer Beulah Sowerby Estella Eaton Thomas O'Conne11 Marguerite Pantle Sarabelle Johns George McCo1m Lottie Evans Grant Macomber Marjorie llinker Alzena Timmerman Dorothy Wood John Cary James Grunwald Edith Crous Bertha Huth Helen Cooper Franklin Meyer Vera Davis Edwin Waller Helen Crouse Margaret Smith Marion Hoover Lula Jarvis Ruth Grimmett Gilbert Anderson Vera Hickox Gayle Mott Pocahontas Conn Leona Willey Kenneth Traylor Ethel Getz Vernon Houston Ethel Wilks Robert Spiker David Morgan Edna Wilcox Herman Berg Mildred Jarvis Page 56 Wanda Spray Margaret Nicholson Helen Shoop Robert Crawford Marion Spence Ruth Turkle Lucille Laughlin Olivan Francis Oscar Richards Sophia Graber Donald French Marjorie Wilson Wilma Williamson Nell Oxelson Elizabeth DeWar Velma Zink LaRene McCain Edward Hicks Neil Cowan Helen Seirer Dorothy Ward Dorothy Morgan Gladys Bellinger Margaret Ann Davis Frances Ruggles Albert Boggs Ruth Hahn Gervaise Monfore Mary Morris Dorothy DeLong 4 1 4 Sophomore Glass SOPHOMORE OFFICERS P -f."dvnf ...-.....-.. -- .-.... - -.--.--..... Rice Brown, Jr. IKS1 Scarf'ta1'y-7'rw1su1'e1' f..-..-..Y- --------..--. - Carlene Gufler ef. at' I ,w E Breed, Wyckoff, Wilson, Stewart, Sutton, Hammond, Winaus, Jenicks, Blackburn Brown, Swanson Brown, Hinze, Service, o sc e, u , g T t h G fler Hu gins, Kramer, Shields, McColm, Bond Jones Mau-kley, Fair, Dailey, Carle, McGlinn, Johnson, Lehman, Parker, Brown, Heaton Jones, Allen, Wolf Iiilfflf' ' - -Q XX 4 K W is e qw- - -M , ,-..,-ww,... .Q , l of-RE-ECHQ,j,,,,j - 4- nf " " K "f XM,-f X. . u e y-I i 'rm r i l 3. Q i ,Q ' 1 l ' 5, i l 1 Q.. .B Y J V 1' , . f W2 Estil, Jones, lVIcCants, Brown, Nichol, Hickman, Hush, lleser, Kopke, Parrington Helvie, Schaffner, Fry, Lord, Hanna, Tholen, Brannon, Rogers, Birch, Collins E Schwilling, Hawkins, McClaren, Neely, Williams, Kelly, Wilson, Hughes, McGuire, l ' Bradfielfl, Iickclall, Huhbarfl 1, 1 l i I ', I I l l i W l 4 ' I W i I t , 2 4 '. l 1 Y i i 1. l' f i . l' ,. i Ml M .1 if ,, Rees, White, White, Moore, Clark Q1 Krueger, Maddern, Carter, Austin, Gardner, Jacobs, Lewis, Shaeffer, Nichols, Cramer ' l, ', Williams, Anderson, James, Satchell, Krueger, Krueger, Fowler, Williams, Hargfiss, 1 lleichard, McCormack , l I ll i , ,fiife X f iff? --'ET lik . i-+4 as e 'H M ff . 4 414i .J .l5'7'J5U'2l'ff? 'eerl 4 lmao 'N 1 E CHP Ofnsore qf bykfhe JGIWG 1 I ATHLETI S I l'z1g'1- Sir "Toad" Older Coach Rapp "Bill" Romer THE OLD FIGHT YELL V Rah - Rah - Rah - Rah, Fight - Fight - Fight - Fight. Rah -- Rah - Rah - Rah, Fight - Fight - Fight - Fight. Rah - Rah - Rah - Rah, Fight - Fight - Fight - Fight. Emporia Fights! Emporia Fights! Emporia Fights! HAIL T0 THE RED AND BLACK FIGHT ON EMPORIA Hail to the Rea! Hail to the Black! Fight on Emporia, F H311 E- Sd Emporia must win, Hig,F1ea,Egw'Znallaotliie?s, Fight to the finish, never give So let our motto be Rah! Rah! Rah! 6ic,t0,ry You do your best boys, E, H, S, We'1l do the rest boys, Emporia High. Fight on to Victory! Page G0 Ive fRE."ECHOD6x.ff W U U Q U l,'S... -'ffm 5 'W f ow 0 GD Q T C7 W U U cr U w U ., cg C U rx D ORION fDINTYJ MooRE-This was Q "Dinty's" third year. Next year he will D not only win his fourlh letter but will Q captain the team also. "Dinty" played D tackle and surely did a good job of it. Age, 20, weight, 187 pounds. U P ' u D El u CHARLES QCHUCKJ DAv1s-"Chuck" was the smallest man on the squad but U D what he lacked in size he made up in fight. He played halfback and safety. U U Tfhis was his second year. He is at C. o E. now. Age, 175 weight, 133 pounds. U P ll D G D BERNARD fABEl MCCARTHY-'iAb6,, also won his third letter this season. He G was small but mighty. He is at K. S. D T. C. now, and will certainly make a Q good college player. Age, 19, weight, U 163 pounds. Q D rm D CLARENCE fToM3 SAWYER-"Tom" rl was shifted from half to quarter this U year but the change did not seem to Il hurt him any. He was a mighty pretty U broken field runner. He will be back Q U next year. Age, 175 weight, 145 pounds. . G D i n U JAMES QMACJ McGU1RE-"Mac"hap- 1 Q pened in from Florence and landed a job D at halfback. He was a good player and G an excellent kicker. Age, 185 weight, D 150 pounds. G D G D CECIL fBUsb FREEMAN--This was the U D second year for "Bus" at fullback. He was there when the yards were needed U D most. He will leave us this year and go to C. of E. Age, 173 weight, 155 pounds. U D n D u Dil U C D D N9 J pu gm H 1 ills . . A f ffu QQZVANQT YV u n n 11 D 11 n u 4:1 ax 4: a .Q 5 I. .I D Page 151 l ff WIRE. ECI-IOD6ifw3'ff'f'U 'a -,. 10 W U M f Q-I J X , L My Q Cl KENNETH TRAYLOR-This was Ken- neth's first year and he has more to U improve. We would not want to try to go around his end next year. Age, 175 U weight, 155 pounds. El El U LOREN FINDLY-This was Loren's first year for football and he surely Q learned fast. He will graduate this spring. Age, 175 weight, 165 pounds. U u il G G ROBERT QBOBD SMITH-This is "Bob's" A second year with E. H. S. He played '11 center and was an excellent man to rely upon while Reeble was out of the game Cl with injuries. Age, 20g weight, 193 pounds. q U G U . . U RALPH JoNEs-Ralph earned his. first letter this year at guard. He will be U back next year and will make the first team, probably. Age, 175 weight, 157 G pounds. El I1 K! HOWARD GALT-Howard played tackle. U This was his second year. He is at C. of E. now and ought to show up well U next year. Age, 18g weight, 170 pounds. U Q PEM-nv B mfimmq ' , , in , 1. G U Il J 9 ... . '7 W i? n :J Lx D A1 n L3 B D D 5 A Q Page 62 .,. Q Ny Il C7 lfgyvul .Q , gifk XQIAD , Q va U :1 cr U U x I iflolvs Q5 .f g JT-f1ff U f B-EFECHO D fxif 'J U wif 'Moog' X "fi,,,Wo"l KLC6 GN ,Q D :J D Cl D I3 ROBERT QBOBJ PRICKETT -- "Bob" D played end and did it very well. He U made it mighty hard to run plays his D way and did some scoring himself. Age, U 183 weight, 160 pounds. U U D U D ROBERT QBEANSJ BRAINARD-UBGHHSH U D won his second letter this year at guard Q and will be back next year. He is a mighty scrappy player with lots of fight. D Age, 19, weight, 180. U D G U Cl MEICLE HARVEY-Merle played about D any position in the back field this year. fl 7 He is a good ball lugger, passer, and 5 U kicker. He will go to C. of E. next year. U K Age, 175 weight, 140 pounds. D C1 D il ! U , ll CHARLES QOXJ MILLER-"Ox" played U his second year this year at end. He U will graduate and should make some col- U lege team. Age, 19, weight, 192 pounds. U u 1 zz D U D LAVERNE SOMERS-Laverne played U fullback this year and has two more D years. He will certainly be going good G when he gets out. Age, 175 weight, 155 U pounds. U D Ll D Il HAROLD fREEBl REEBLE-"Reeb" is D another three-letter man who will be U back next year. He played center and D gave the opposition something to worry rj about. Age, 175 weight, 187 pounds. D - Q D l G C D 0 , 3 COOPEHKTIV noe T C1 D I1 D IJ Q IJ C1 IJ D D C D Cl 'Il l':lgL: iii! "'f'Zs orv , :1 w U cr U U U C R E .. D U :J U cr U U u P n - L: w A. lm K W C9 :D 4 'fu 'us a' 'XPWAT iw' ' fo V 62 D h,,,,.,.,.,,..,,, , , ... - aa...-......w..,..s ...xt-.qu G D . j Q X D K k cg U u P El D A V Q U U 5 U U G V ri D . Q . Q Coach Rapp, McGuire, Reeble, Findly, McCarthy, Walker, Stephenson, Galt, Smith U Miller, Sawyer, Davis, Harvey, Prickett, Jones, Traylor, Freeman, Somers, Moore Q U n U Q U C1 Qfootball 1926 D ' fl' U I G About the tenth of September a draft Was issued for boys with ambition to be in U the army. The men of this army were not to carry guns or Weapons falthough at C1 1 times it looked as though it would have been advisable! nor were not to be clad in uni- lu forms, but instead were to be clad in cleated shoes, jersey, and helmet, and were to Q Us fight with speed. brain, and strength. The big war was to start September 25, so U camp was pitched and training started immediately. , D El D ' ni I D - vfvr"fW'r":"frw' A Q ' ' 'ii' In looking over the troop, D ' General "Bill" Rapp found a H D number of men who had served G under him in the War of 1925. D This was pleasing and the Gen- 51 eral saw his army would put up D a good fight. Hard training U D followed and several buck pri- 0 vates came to the front and D were soon promoted. Q Dj On September 25, a picked U C' ' body of men were at the C. of D 7 E. gridiron to meet an invasion Q O 5 ' 9 YHMV 1, V , oogsm-n l ee Q Qq ? Y 1: n n Lx n 11 13 1: ' ' 12 a a 1:1 Lx 43 5 i L, as Page 64 u "I s C' C' UF 'U E' U U t R E " ECHO lwEfQEfxEf'N"fs-..m.f'f' U U a' im -A I , , 0 c GN D K AM- Q D 'n D G D from The enemy, Florence. The enemy was routed with heavy U p loss and when the smoke U 6 cleared, it was found E. H. S. i nl had 26 points in its possession U 5 and the enemy had been able to gather none. U U U D G D' cn The following week our army took the good ship, White Line, for a foreign in- D vasion. The battle of Junction City was fought on a muddy field and with a slow Q CI drizzle to make it uncomfortable. But our army completely overwhelmed the opposi- 3 Ti tion and scored 26 points to their 0. This was not without heavy losses, as one of the is D' veterans was crippled and could not fight the entire battle. H F w U l. c 5 1 Di n Though the army was D crippled by the loss of its ccn- AG Q ter section, Ottawa was met at D Ottawa on October 95 this was D a naval engagement. As our G . forces had not been drilled in in the art of naval warfare, Ot- U tawa was judged winner of the D fray, 12-7, but later it was G D found they had used a soldier Q who, according to the rules of war, could not fight, and we were given the decision. 'D u lu nj 'I 21 C J 'J T ln l D The Red and Black army G 5 rested a week and then sailed Kg for Burlington. The army of U Burlington was met October 23, 5, on their own field, and no de- U 6 cision was arrived at. Each D1 army scored 7 points. , fi: Cy If n lk KE f W ni 5 EQ L9 5 S A fvfq 1 fp STS 1: ci u A n 11 mx!-539 .ci a 4: D A Q 5, . W . , , - pi R It 1 mfg sk g U " V TT ' V7 Y iv' W -' 1 T 9 Q4lQfVi59 Qjlzff' Cf X. ifixff :fW.:QfiifXwfjQc RE- ECHO jjj, e gt fj, ,jf 'Bowl' e- e can e e new f ' - ff--A-'AM ee of-We-A ff aff , 1, Q9 - W K 'L' xg 1 'ff A fd 0, 3 35' H Coming back to defend ii I. 6 their own city, the Red and lp Black army met Manhattan and l f, R nearly drove them off the field. i W' They flew the white flag and U we took 29 points back to head- 'F X quarters while they failed to 'S' ia register. V3 me Q FJ? gg 5 ll . fi. gg The following week, Lawrence was met and defeated 36-6. Our army was pushed ,Q back to the second line trenches at the start, but then commenced a big drive that L 1 carried them far into enemy territory. , Q Dill ' li Q 4 l N 'I ,' i 'XE bf, Out in western Kansas ' A A ' 'L X X5 5 Q! was an army that had been un- T I Dj defeated and were going to whip ,Va if the world. So General Rapp 9.3, led his army against them and, iff! ,U in a fearful struggle, defeated iff, , Hutchinson 16-0. wg . J D Sp' ' gl i X , YQ UIQ X2 In the last fight of the great war our army won, 13-3. This was truly a great lr! D11 battle and the actual fighting was the fiercest seen this year. lkjil Thus it is that the E. H. S. was well protected in the war of 1926. Our record iff' ,X will serve as a standing army to protect us against any who might say we did not have jj a great army. It is hoped that in the battle next year, an even greater army may be ii 'i W' i drilled, disciplined and put into the field. 1 r if 5 ,sr Ui of f affffa f of ' ,iff jj Mi ., - jx 4 ll QV: .il fd Jjl l c K W X1 uxji V: QQ T ff Dfli V: 1 'P Dj in ki . D, 5. Q: 1 K X . D ll . 1- + 5 I Dj, ,ni X X ,XD , . ., , , 1: O 47- f' ,fif-J ' 4 - . g A 'JH CLUB., ' SNJEKLZXJSJD J.3k.AQ--SKQ j .. ,. EK.f15l:fA'.1121-I.:'XJp.K 4 , ,,,, . ,... f Page 66 ff fl -1958 lffgql ,2,fQi'gSfg9irvfg1-Clfbc CR EQCEQHO Dumfries-f 'ff' sifxlifx nf I 5, 9 9 . CID r Q , CT 5" l 15 ll ,E C 5 nl , l fl C ,D nl lpn C V9 D 4 lil Pl u C ul ,Q C fl U if ll Q ul I J ul lc f Q W lr 5 ul ln f up Di ln ,. , 1 , ,, A A lf Ili T ll Tasketball 192 7 u C Ven mi li eA H C l X When Coach Rapp started the job of moulding a team this year, he found he only lr? , had three men back from last year's team. He soon built a small, fast team that had Q' D1 lots of pep and were fighting till the end. The season was a big success. We won ' I 1 thirteen out of nineteen games. Only one team succeeded in beating us twice, as we il defeated Salina, Topeka, and Lawrence once, and they won once from us. The team C entered the district tournament at Neodesha and lost to Iola in the semi-finals, after If 3.1 defeating Sedan and Independence. aff C v ME Ill Nine men were awarded letters and only four graduated, so it promises to be an- ,Dji other successful season next year. 'lil 1 r 1 D 1 'C l The schedule follows: C 3 j lfj Ax January 8-Salina ..-.-- --- Here February 11-Ottawa --- A-- Here lj January 14-K. C., Kan. -- --- Here February 12-Ottawa -- -- There f January 18-Burlington There February 18-Lawrence There 'C D1 .January 21-Topeka --- Here February 19-Newton - Here V5 C January 28-Clay Center There February 21-Peabody Here 1 llf January 29-Salina -.--. -- There February 25-Peabody There lil M February 1-Burlington --- --- Here February 26-Lawrence Here li 4 February 5-Topeka --- There March 5--Newton ...- There 4 ' 1 1 " 11 It D . u 3 T , :E ff s D lo as fp Q f A119 ., W is ll ' ' W 4 Av D U ,A L, JKKJEKJXXJEK9 ,, ,, D C, Dogufwu K ,Q ,jf Page GT D we wx' U UCRE'ECHOlU U H U U ff Y W , , C9 Y 4 , '4 ' ' f fl x l M wf fb Q O D rl D cz D n HAROLD REEBLE u "Reeb" has won three letters in bas- U ketball. He is a guard and plays a con- p sistent game. He is perhaps the most valuable man on the team. Age, 173 D 5, weight, 187. U u IJ D MERLE HARVEY A U D This was Merle's first year and he deserves a lot of credit for making the G D first team. He played forward. Age, 175 weight, 140. U D a U n D n D ca U HUMBERT QHUMJ RIDDLE "Hum'f was a dead shot at the basket. U D He won his first letter this year. Age, 183 weight, 137. 'J U a U ROBERT QBEANSJ BRAINARD qt "Beans" won his first basketball let- ' U ter this year. He plays guard and has U lots of fight. He will probably play D P next year. Age, 19g weight, 180. 'g D nu D n D a U n U n D CLARENCE QTOMJ SAWYER n "Tom" is another three-letter man. D He is surely fast and is a very flashy U player. Age, 17g weight, 145. D n U Q D u D n N9 J 'Nga PERATN M A 2 A Page 68 I if -XE ...saws sCRE...ECH0jww-wwvwv X. 4o'4fA1-alwli C9 QD X xx'-',4' D D D D CECIL KBUSJ FREEMAN V This was "Bus's" first year on the team. He plays guard and has plenty U of pep. Age, 173 weight, 155. u D D D WILLIAM QBILLQ BETHUREM U "Bill" was small but plenty fast. He was quick, played forward, and was D never without pep. Age, 173 weight, 130. D B U D D U ROBERT QBOBJ SMITH U This was "Bob's" first and last year. "Bob" had the proper spirit, and we surely hate to lose him. He played D guard. Age, 203 weight, 193. 0 D D D D EDWIN fREDl WALLER D "Red" has two letters to his credit and one more year to play. He is a catehy D little player and one never knows when he will drop one through the net. Age, D 18, weight, 125. D D D 0 U ' 'Y 'Q 4 ' cj , Lua -1 D A A D Q IUPJII' A D Q A Q WMM' I 6 Jug fi,- fw ' A x ' Y""""'v' .T-'ffm' i',T"'7-"""?'-i""i" 'ff ' "" . i 5' . ,, . f U ,, xii . . N . 4 jr R E. "' AL' . . 4 ' , j' V w'.g I., l are A G w,w .G G G. -- G , Kg Y fi! XX V u N, K -T la . Y T V. I Q , . 2 l 2 M l , 1 l 5 , 1 l , i l l , 2 1 1- 4 l , !A , 1 x l i i 1' l 1 lil K l fs.f W X l N 4 I le l 1 l. l l ' Z ' 3 Ll ' i i i i 17' S f CUCS v A l 4. l Under the leadership of Miss Margaret Dean girls' athletics are slowly becoming ' i more and more recognized in E. H. S. Besides the Rhythmic Circle, which is an or- 1 V If " W ganization for aesthetic dancing, for the past two years it has been possible for girls ' l to earn "E's" by passing the Efficiency Test which is given in April. I ' l . Any girl in high school is eligible to take the test and the 10 or 12 girls that make fi X the highest number of points win 'tE's." i , W ' The proud wearer of the "l'l's" earned this year are: , W - l jf Ruth Bixler Minnie Gandy Gladys Mcllermed i l , , Evelyn Schwindt Wilma Kadig Lila Bitler X l Gladys Ferree Margaret Krueger Catherine Ganse V l 3 - 3 Ava Emrick Genevieve Hargiss A l I. i l 1 l , . 1 l R Q 'tis iifji t W c 'cc l G to -G ' A F0 Mfgx Ari, 'Jinx ' 41 . 1 - ig: AL -li. 1 Q1 'l We -'izwzzl f' nb Jiglxifigxl' fix , X i f.s.,---yfj' Y-gs-"RMK '-- ' "'-is I X I, WM Page T0 O 3,2 fi? ons ree byqffve C60-operatives I ORGANIZATIONS I 1. ge,- 12 4 .0--f gag f q R a cv o w 1: 1: cv Y RE., 5 U U U U q U Q N C9 R Y " xs..", D D CGM: QQ-Echo D 5 The Re-Echo staff was chosen soon after school began last fall and started working immediately to make this issue of the Re-Echo P a distinctive and paramount- publication. The publication-of the class D yearbook in this school, as in any school, is one of the most important activities. In the years to come, each one of us will treasure our old t, and time-worn Re-Echo's because they bring back to us the many pleasant memories of the old Alma Mater. D Distinctive of the activities of the Re-Echo staff during the year D has been its fostering the Hall of Fame contest. Ballots were dis- tributed and each student made his choice for each of the twenty- , three different types of outstanding individuals. The purpose of the contest was to create interest in school life and to stimulate leader- D ship. U On March 30, the winners made their appearance in the annual Re-Echo assembly program. Each person represented some noted U individual of his distinctive type in a dramatic sketch. This program U launched the Re-Echo subscription campaign. U HALL OF FAME D Sir Walter Raleigh-"Bus" Freeman, first, Harry Peterson, second. Daniel Webster-Harold Bishop, first, Whitley Austin, second. D Caruso-Elmer Brown, first, Merle Harvey, second. D Marian Talley-Helen Hovgard, first, Octavia Long, second. Charlie Chaplin-"Bob" Smith, first, Harry McMaster, second. U Will Rogers-Harry McMaster, first, Lloyd Faeth, second. Henry Ford-John Cary, first, Loren Findly, second. U Hercules-Harold Reeble, first, "Bob" Smith, second. D John Barrymore-"Chet" Drenon, first, "Bill" Romer, second. Jane Cowl-"Mim" Gilson, first, Celia McCue, second. U Ruth and Naomi-"Sis" Henning and Lolita Bixler, first, Marjorie Carothers, Vernelle Hirschler, and Mary Culp, second. ,U Helen Wills-"Kit" Ganse, first, Eunice Piper, second. Apollo--"Bus" Freeman, first, Merle Harvey, second. ' D Pavlowa-Gayle Snodgrass, first, "Sis" Henning, second. D "Red" Grange-Harold Reeble, first, "Tom" Sawyer, second. Romeo and Juliet-"Kit" Ganse and "Abe" McCarthy, first, Celia D McCue and "Bus" Freeman, second. Polly Anna-Eunice Piper, first, Imogene Simpson, second. D Richard Dix-"Bob" Warren, first, "Bus" Freeman, second. D Helen of Troy-Celia McCue, first, Imogene Simpson, second. Mutt-Roger McCarthy, first, Hiram Lewis, second. u Clara Bow-Louisa Hinze, first, Wanda Spray, second. Rudloph Valentino-"Doc" Ricard, first, Merle Harvey, second. D Brightest-Frances Hatfield, first, Christine Brannon, second. D . 4e"""'4 Q I :Lia Qwgw Y n an n 4: .ci 11 1: n Q Q Q Q Q LV. Q Q ' Page 7 3 ,f r Q., Q Q10 FK .,a,, Q H -. Y V x,1Jf65 'ill g ,tfffffr1r1Q5Q:QL.R-E:-5CHO Dr if ff 1 n,.213Lf,.1q, W and .S .sss Q Q, 1. N5 x '7,7l1N,w QQWA 0 Q 6' Q1 n11 1fJl i 1 N gl UT 1 1 Y 193 l 1 1 kg V7 of 3 W1 X lil Vu' N S J 51 1 pm! J U l Q ,1 3 1 E ng P. Q U 1.1 1 1 nj Cary, Bishop, Gould, Ford, Vaughn, Miller, Cowan, Ballweg, Williams lim 1' 1 South, Nicholson, Walker, Martin, Oliphant, Sielert, Hicks, Bunch, Austin ij 111' Shoop, Milner, Galt, Raymond, Sowerby, Graham, Turkle, Mcllvain, Davis fi N . Bellinger, Eckdall, Huggins, Laughlin, Peach, Salser, Scheel, Sowerby, Morgan J D11 lin' . F1 11 J, E11 C5716 Echo W . , g I U 1' -mi 11 1 X I 1 1 El! This is the fifteenth year that The Echo has rendered service to 1 1 1 1 g' V Emporia High School. The paper grew from a magazine to a bi- .3 l A - weekly newspaper, though still retaining many aspects of a literary " 1 J UN, type. For two years it was published as a four-column paper weekly. 1 1 Then, this year it was increased to five columns and become a real 1- li newspaper. 'N The Echo has attempted to stand for the highest qualities of ' Q l journalism. The staff has been handicapped by the lack of a class in 1 of newspaper work. Nevertheless, the paper has increased the quality Q of its reading material under the direction of the faculty advisor, F. j Jay South. Among the many features of The Echo, the most im- 1 V portant has been the vocational guidance articles by prominent Em- 1 . . . V D11 porlans. The news quality as a whole has been greatly improved. ,Xi l 4, For the first time, The Echo entered contests over various phases 51 of newspaper work at the University of Kansas and the State Agri- M-1' D N cultural College. A charter was granted to the paper by the "Quill if and Scroll," a national honor society for high school journalists. The 1 2 Dj paper is also a member of the Central Interscholastic Press Associa- 'fri lil tion. Q Dil John Cary was the business manager and Whitley Austin was Q l-.1 the editor-in-chief. DH 1: J -. r I X W J A A fs Q4 Q A 01195551111 7 IJ L1 Lx n Ll L1 Q 5K9 Dm , A Vwlmuwt D D D D D mEL""R Page 74 ,, , HON i i U U U U U D C R E " U U U U f R I gg -,Gs G CD Tnsjfi " 51? 'fmv-""" ' had GX fa D u n y Q D E ,D U l Il P U D U D U J U D Q D U D I1 U -- . Il D Trigg, French, Martin, Anderson, Cary, O'Brien DG U McLaren, Grimsley, Brown, Laughlin, Smith, Kramer, Brannon, Arndt, Laughlin, Wade C Gufler, Hanna, Piper, Hoffman, Onstad, Edwards, Bunch, Mott, Hawkins :Q Q 51 Q I ml , 5 gl C5716 efbftathematzcs Qluh M Q C T..- ,D 5 Cl D The Mathematics Club was organized in the early part of this G year. It was organized for the purpose of encouraging further in- ' D terest in mathematics. Any student who had had one year of Algebra 1 El or Geometry was eligible. D The meetings were held twice a month on Tuesdays at 3:30 IDG D o'clock. They were held either in Miss Wade's or Mr. Trigg's class- In room. The meetings were held so that one was social and the next 'N D business. ljq D The club is divided into three committees: E Foods Committee-Chairman, Rosalie Hanna. D Social Committee-Chairman, Mildred McGuire. U X Constitution Committee-Chairman, Mary Edwards. D FI Mr. Little from the College of Emporia spoke on "Mathematics" D at one of the meetings. The last meeting held was a picnic. U Sponsors of the club are: Miss Adah Wade and Mr. Trigg. D V Officers for the year are: president, Marian Hoffman, vice-presi- Q D i dent, Oscar Richards, secretary-treasurer, Carlene Gufler. C l n A U KD 1 9 gflinv Nm I9 CD O'0gEF?A'TVV ctus 4 mx D D A Lx L3 B 13 Cl n an 1: D a 13 E C3 f mb 'izmuvw' F 9 Page 45 U U C' :ral RE.-ECHODo3ffm3ffL U U C' af' cf-are B etss at t .3 . Q L Q ' 4bf'PfvAY -Vw N A fn lows I' Q- C Q: 1:1 D I' GO A f 5 ,DM italy 0 ,T Q as K if 'fi in D Q U ri U u PJ U gilt I a- ,u C D ri 3 ' U U I f Q D . . U Ubj 5 Q C U G D . .. , . D Martin, Bishop, Meyer, McCarthy, Faeth, Austin, Fleming Uflj Shaw, Vollmer, Milner, Riddle, Simpson, Bellinger C K A ull q S fDcbateJ Q U U Nl Tm - The debate Work this year was carried on through a regular ' x J I debate class the first semester and a club the latter part of the year. G M Twelve students were enrolled in the class and engaged in two de- G Q bates with Kansas City, Kan., High School. Each debate really con- D it sisted of two separate clashes-one between the girls' teams and one gg lil between the boys' teams of the two schools. VC Qi Both debates, one of which was held in Kansas City and the I gli other here, were Oxford style. That is, the audience was allowed to 153 ask questions after the debate and then rendered the decision. In 'J gf the first debate in Kansas City, the Emporia girls' team was declared I U - victorious while the boys' debate was considered a tie. In the second QQ Q i debate the Emporia boys' team was given the decision and the Kansas S U City girls won. Bertha Vollmer, Imogene Simpson, Bernice Milner, lj!! ., Harold Bishop, and Whitley Austin took part in the Kansas City de- U1 bates. Both debates were on the question, t'Resolved, That the Philip- U SW pine Islands Should Be Granted Their Immediate Independence." U DC Besides actual debating, the debate class studied the methods and Q theory of debate. Miss Martin, head of the Speech Department, was Di I the debate coach. U Di 'Q X9 J f ff v 9 4. M Z - - OOPERATIV ' l nf l- Q K Lx n 1: Li u Ll 5 in 9 D D D C D D 2 D M X tzklivxx' In ix lax 1':1,Lgr1 1 ff :Ong T , " ffl? 1' U " C-RE-ECHO jtfifvmimfimzffff U WI D ' tffxiimit GN fa L u Q C Cl El A U El U U u G p cn A G Turkle, Wilson, Cowan, Winn, Martin Nicholson, Shoop, Austin, Bellinger, Peach, Ward, Hahn C Mott, Wilson, Brown, Douglass, Hanna, Ott i rl Cl I El - G 625116 GICCTO Qlub Cl E1 The Cicero Club was organized by the Latin V class under the supervision of Miss Jenny P. Douglass on December tenth. Its aim is U to increase interest in Cicero and in the people and customs of Rome. G During the first meeting Elizabeth Peach was elected president, Whitley Austin, vice-president, and Roslie Hanna, secretary-treas- Q urer. At the first meeting, which was held in the classroom, W. L. White told some of his experiences in Rome and Italy and also ex- G plained something about the Latin language itself. The rest of the meetings were held at the homes of the different members. The U programs consisted of discussions and talks on the lives and customs U of the Romans. Latin clubs have been organized in other years under the direc- U tion of Miss Douglass. Sometimes they were called by Latin or other 3 dis'inctive names. Their programs differed in many respects from V that of this year's. The Cicero Club does not have a continuous life. LG It's organization is optional to each year's Latin V class. L LU J DI LU cooczwa-nv WH CLUB D D A B D A D L. 'nfl' QQ' Paige- 'i 'T r U W - 9 IQIVS ef 1 Hifi' U U UCRE-E01-Iopefff U U Q Dei lf, .55 ,QS Co - QD flex Ijx '+ 'rffgsw llfx Q fe e 1 . f . . I 0 D Q D Q U n U n P u D n D u D in U D ci v S U n C 4 D . I : Q D ' Q K Girl RQSETUB Qlub U The Girl Reserve Club is one of the largest organizations in the school. This year G D there have been more than 225 active members. The club met every other Thursday X fl in the auditorium where the theme, "Trail Blazers," was carried out in the programs. rp The service committee had charge of the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Cl Count Farm. The social committee has had charge of several parties this year, in- D y u cluding a "Get Acquainted" party, a Senior farewell, a George Washington party, and g a Christmas party for the poor children of Emporia with the help of the poster and U X service committees. lu A The finance committee has probably been most appreciated by the student body El pal because of the "hot dogs" and the candy sold at the football and basketball games, and in the first floor corridor. They also successfully aided in the sale of Christmas seals. G D The World Fellowship committee, with the help of the student body, sent a Christ- Q mas box to any Indian school. The poster committee has co-operated with the program H committee in having a poster for each meeting. Q C Other social affairs of the year have been: a "Wild West Rodeo," a father-daugh- D ter dinner, a Hi-Y-G. R. dinner, and monthly dinners at which each committee in turn fl D k entertained. Q Delegates were sent to the three conferences this year. Six girls, Doris Jones, G D Eunice Piper, Grace Onstad, Adeline Harper, Wilma Karr, and Imogene Simpson, and G Miss Thomson, represented the club at Estes Park last summer, Miss Thomson and D Marjorie Finley' attended the Washita conference last summer, and eight girls, Ruth E1 D Galt, Estel Bunch, Dorothea Austenfeld, Sophia Graber, Bertha Vollmer, Ileene Jen- kins, Nola Moore, and Lucille Raymond, accompanied by Miss Thomson, attended the U D mid-winter conference in Lawrence in November. U Girl Reserve officers for 1927: president, Helen Hovgardg vice-president, Imo- U gene Simpson, secretary, Marian Hoffman, treasurer, Doris Braydeng program, Lu- q tl cille Raymond, service, Margaret McProudg social, Doris Jones, world fellowship, gl? Wilma Karr, poster, Marjorie Finley. U lj-1 Advisory Committee: Miss Shirley Thomson, Miss Marian Howard, Miss Mae D 0 Hancock, Miss Olinda Meeker, Miss Ellen Ice, Miss Violet Haynes, and Miss Alice J Sorenson. 9 ' PERATAV 2 W i? Cx 1:1 1: Lx D 11 5 u A B D K D B E Y . la Page T8 T1 f IQNQS N 2 K-1 C7 U U U D U U UXD C7 G 6 gg,g,QgLAJEfaf RE.-ECHO 5GX.fN..fX,f x.f'N.fLf " ,, A . C7 0 2, '22 'Q x "rHA:',v xx-a H ' O C? Q G El U El U El El Cl U Cl Cl l Q Girl KIQSCTCUES Q - rl Grace Thomas, Margaret Huggins, Rosie Klemm, Frances Carle, I1 Estel Bunch, Lois Sonnedecker, Lottie Evans, Marjorie Kelley, Anna l Crawford, Celia McCue, Vera Davis, Helen Grant, Alice Arndt, Lucile U Kramer, Velma Carter, Margaret Davis, Margaret McProud, Gladys G Bellinger, Carol McIlvain, Winifrede Gufler, Dorothy Wood, Marjorie Finley, Vivian Hankenson, Ione Gordon, Louise Markley, Marian E1 Hoffman, Mildred McGuire, Elizabeth L. Williams, Lorene Ford, Evora Jacobs, Althea McLaren, Elna Klemm, Isabel Fowler, Flor- U ence Lee, Emma Redman, Dorothea Austenfeld, Adelaide Redman, Q Bernice Milner, Elizabeth DeWar, Helen Gould, Dorothy DeLong, Emily Lord, Frances Hatfield, Virginia Eckdall, Imogene Simpson, Q Thelma Totsche, Evelyn Marx, Frances Ruggles, Ethel Burnett, Doris Brayden, Catherine Austin, Grace Onstad, Martha Heaton, Gladys U Yost, Leona Hanson, Genevieve Hargiss, Evelyn Cooley, Vineta Wolf, Mina Meek, Dorothy Ward, Doris Stewart, Vera Hickox, Gladys G Jeanerette, Nell Oxelson, Marie Brown, Irene Richardt, Ruth Dailey, U Zora Knox, Marguerite Pantle, Florence Hawkins, Gertrude Merrel, Anna Sulz, Ruth Workman, Lucille Raymond, Sophia Graber, Edith El Theye, Helen Hovgard, Florence Spellman, Vivian Laughlin, Mary Hughes, Marjorie Rinker, Marian Burch, Evelyn Houk, Alice Feur, U Faye Braiton, Ethel Funk, Dorothy Burgess, Cornelia Vandervelde, U Grace Parker, Evelyn McGlinn, Thelma Jacob, Bertha Holt, Margaret Andrews, Bernice Allen, Elizabeth Peach, Novella McCants, Katherine Q Bassett, Jeannette Mayes, Frances Gardner, Doris Jones, Eunice Piper, Vernelle Hirschler. U El LJ , 3 Q 'A' 0 ' PEP ' X ' Cv QQTLUST 7 lllmv D 13 D 5 D D D 1:1 0 D a 1: D Q 13 -I. -I 43 Ev, Page T9 , STRAP .NS ii ,: f V ,, Www'-P . v,5' 4"s ' ' no X 5 -f reef if if U C Re-Ecnoy.-7 U U ff .-AUM-1 1 , l ,av r A O ,E :A 0 Q Cl me ' . , Q D Q D ni D u P u D .L U U n I u D ' Q V n DJ il KN Q Q D 8 , . , , 1 ni Moon, Fleming, Clogston, Wilson, Faeth, Thomas, Clawson, Nichols, Steen, Zane U Stanton, Miller, Reeble, Spiker, Stilwell, Stewart, Darby, K. Samuels, Meredith, C. I: Samuels, Richards U Williams, Riley, McCollin, Saffer, Turner, Morgan, McCollin, Fowler, Austin, Richey, q Lewis, French, Trigg D D: Condit, Winn, Ryan, Findly, Brown, Jones, Nichols, Bishop, Vaughn, Stephenson, Teverbaugh , U EI U I1 D 6716 Emporia cgfif-fy Qlub U 5 YE. L1 The Hi-Y is a Christian organization-the only one for boys in the school. Its D avowed purpose is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- Q D munity, high standards of Christian character." Hi-Y tries to develop the four sides G X -the physical, mental, spiritual, and service-of the character of a four-square man. DSN Hi-Y this year held one meeting each week, alternating between dinners outside Q l of the school, and the regular chapel-hour meetings. Bible study led by the various D 1 ministers of the town, addresses by leading business men, and discussions of student fl D problems, constituted the year's program. A dinner for the football men, mother-son G H and father-son banquets, and a month's study of vocations were some of the important D things undertaken. The club pledged a sum of money for L. K. Hall, a missionary in U China, who is supported by the Kansas Hi-Y. D Twelve members of the club went to the state Hi-Y convention at Manhattan in U D November and brought back inspiration which helped to make the year a success. N Sponsors of the club were: John R. Williams, T. S. Trigg, DeWitt Lee, L. A. U DA Duffy, and Marshall Randall. Q Q ' Officers for 1926-27 were: president, Harold Bishop, vice-president, Jack Wil- A, , Next year's officers will be: president, Harold Reebleg vice-president, Alvin Steph- DJ ensong secretary, Lloyd Davies, treasurer, Jean Scheel. U D if song secretary, Kenneth Samuel, treasurer, Whitley Austin. E 4 I J mv o "PW -M - . cj lggovmmv, cms 4 4' SO m IJ n a D 11 m cx D D D D ll Qtwvmvl' D A MENU? V Q' l'ug4'O X0 I OTARX U rs U U 1: U ' , dia C W 594 U LRE --ECHO D,fEfNl"FNZf':fff'x2fx C' 5 V 1 I A Q I 1 ,, WQWAQLM GD s to i 3 c Q in U. I u El A m Q ,. U K Q A Q u IJ C 8 S O 80,1410 CHS L5 Mash 5,811 Q 'z in An operetta in two acts Written by David Stevens and Louis Adolphe Coerne, was presented by the music department of the Emporia High School under the direction of Q Miss Alice Sorenson, on Wednesday, January 12, 1927. The scene of the operetta was laid on an imaginary island near the coast of Nor- fl mandy, ruled by the Duke of Beaujolais. This made a beautiful background for the picturesque costumes worn by the chorus. An American party which is cruising U around Normandy lands there and finds a festival in full swing. They are received f with much hospitality by the natives and much gaity ensues. Il CHARACTERS U Augustus-Duke of Beaujolais ...... Phillis-Bender's daughter .---.... ------------------- Robert Stowe --------si--------- Octavia Long Q John Bender-A Wealthy American Belle-Her frlend -','- Helen Hovgard Widower ........... Elmer'Brown Yvonne-A flower get '--- n --g1--- Q , - . ---------------- moge e lmpSOH Larry Young American-Merle Harvey Susette-A candy girl----Wilma Karr Tony-Young American-James McGuire Fanth-,e.-Maid of the Countess ----- ,U Harkins--Bender's English Valet--- ---.-------.-.-.-- Adeline Harper ' -------------------- Ralph Jones Stage Director -------- Thora Martin Pierre--A Juggler -.---- Wayne Saffer Stage Manager --- -- H. W. Smith J Chicot-A Wrestler -..... Loren Findly Business Manager -- -- C. U. Nichols id Countess Marie-A rich spinster, Publicity -------------. F. Jay South betrothed to the Duke--Doris Jones Stage Decorations ---..... Olive Daly :L Aunt Sarah Jessup-Bender's Costumes --------.-- Genevra Adams widowed sister ...... Isabel Gwinner Dances ------------. Margaret Dean 3 Orchestra furnished by Mr. Forrest L. Buchtel. Accompanists: Marjorie Wilson, Margaret Mayberry, Katharyn Fife. -,U Chorus: Beatrice Anderson, Margaret Anderson, Marthalice Bradfield, Opal rin Cramer, Frances Gardner, Teresa Gilson, Sophia Graber, Winifrede Gufler, Ruth Hahn, ,J Rosalie Hanna, Doris Hogan, Ileene Jenkins, Bertha Hutt, Evelyn Marx, Mildred Mc- 1 Guire, Nola Moore. Marian Mott, Margaret Nicholson, Hazel Olson, Grace Parker, if' Frances Ruggles, Wanda Spray, Dorothy Ward, Zona Wilson, Glen Davis, Glen Phillips, I '. Paul Powell, Evan Roberts, Kenneth Samuels, Fred Shaeffer, Kent Snedeger, Law- -V renee Stanton, Allen Thomas, Garland Wilson, Jack Wilson, Gardner Winn, Rosie Q Klemm, Florence Lee, Ruth Workman, Gilbert Anderson, Emerson Barber, Keith QU Wolever, Harry Zane. , A , f 0-OPERA? Q nf l- D. D D gw3v3Jg1f2,19 L, ,, D ,, ,,,JgxfUE,, g , ac Page S1 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Workman, Anderson, Olson, Bradfield, Klemm, Huth, Moore, Ruggles, Kramer Gufler, Harper, Graber, Anderson, Hahn, Marx, Gilson, Spray Simpson, Jenkins, Nicholas, Wilson, Mott, Parker, Hanna, McGuire, Ward Long, Gardner, Hovgard, Sorenson, Jones, Karr, Lee, Cramer BOYS' GLEE CLUB McGuire, Brown, Powell, Roberts, Wilson, Zane Harvey, Jones, Wilson, Stanton, Phillips, Anderson Davis, Findly, Wolever, Snedeger, Shaeffer, Saffer, Thomas Stowe, Barber, Sorenson, Mayberry, Winn, Samuels Page S2 K. .I l l-4, i T, , ,W ,A , xy ei , , -,-, A- ,,F-...., W ,Y AT, H, , M. 'J , .1 . -1 "" f X . , asf un, .Tj fm lil I ., in l I l l If fi. x i 1 , i , y , N X x l A f r li. iw N A BAND l A l Director-Buchtelg Clarinets-Hammer, Hill, Williamson, Adams, Johnson, Os- 'I l borne, Trumpets--Seagondollar, Parrington, Wilson, Stephenson, Brown, Bethuremg , ' Horns-Steen, McGuire, Gordon, Saxaphones-Miller, Showalter, Barber, Williamson, 3 lleserg Piccolo-Berg, Trombones-Richmond, Buckley, Curry, Baritone-Northcuttg , Basses-Phillips, Beach, Drums-Fleming, Jones. ill' ri f l .. I Y ,Il i .N 1, , l -, lil ,N ,i li l l ,Z , , , ,, ,lx J ll g . N ,JE l , l ' I l . 1 M l A, ky , + Ll 'll v ef My ' l l nt V ORCHESTRA ,, 'V A ' Director-Buchtelg First Violins-Berg, Wesley, Barrier, Finley, Beach, Breed, ,A Snerleger, Gordon, Patton, Willey, Second Violins-Vandervelde, Hawkins, Grant, Mott, I ' Austin, Wood, Yost, Bunch, Hanna, Cellos-Kramer, Hargissg Basses-Phillips, Olson, i A Flute-Bishop, Horns-Steen, McGuire, Clarinets-Hill, Hammer, Bassoon-Willianv ' X X song Trombone-Richmond, Trumpets-Parrington, Willey, Wilson, Bethuremg Drums 1 -Fleming, Jones. Q 1 , lt. fx fi, MJBTX 0 JK Viv 11A 'WR M M -,'k i hi il W fiiynwy if-617k 1 , ,V f -T-Mvl V H Q iw V mi Af if S5167 Q, ,ff 1 ' 4-A If 1 QJBJLTMJM fa sf, fuvffg-f'fVnB Al dl W., ,. - , , ,. .A A... .. B . l':lg1- X - is - -'-Fifi, er' f eC,ff:.l'fll?'l1 ilws, ,M S req RE ECHOl s,,, Sm, Lgljfy A' f RE ECHO D6ffNEf D p ' 'Q . if I , . A A n U Peach, Huggins, Stewart, Grant, Henderson, Jones, Anderson, Kelley, Burgess, Davis .3 Gerardy, Neill, Keeler, Ganse, Spray, Veliet, Hatfield, Smith, Martin, Laughlin D Lind, Hargiss, DeWar, DeLong, Smith, Draper, Cannon, Redman, Salser Q Thomas, Hankenson, Service, Wilson, Dean, Fife, Saffer, McCue, Snodgrass D I1 U El D tl in Rhythmic Grrclej ml 'N l ,M D ' U Rhythmic Circle was organized in the fall of 1924, under the ' 0 U ci D CI D U U U P U U ll v n U X U D U D I n D D ' I G U G D direction of Miss Margaret Dean. It is composed of girls interested Q D in the art of dancing. Any girl in Senior High School is eligible U and invited to join the club. The enrollment is now thirty. Each ,D girl pays fifty cents a semester for dues, Which is used for the ex- Q I penses of the club. It meets every Tuesday at 3:25. D . U Rhythmic Circle gives the girls an opportunity to express their D ideas of dancing further than just in school Work. Interpretative U dancing is studied mostly. This organization is always ready to help D in any other school activity. U D Sometimes in place of their regular meetings, they take hikes 'J D or have skating parties. U D The officers of the club are: president, Celia McCue, and treas- urer, Gertrude Henning. The accompanist is Miss Katharyn Fife. Q D U D H XD J .sw-'14 ' V Prnmv CD W W, 1' K D 1: n Lx El A1 13 n ' " D D B tm M1995 D A U adam? . In Page 84 E l':lg:'1' N5 ' T C7 U U U cr U U U U U U U U U CJ 4 I of 1 . LIB R E " ECHO 6W.fN.fX..fN.J-Y ag fa, Q. . . -W ,, Q at ,-S, is A A - Q ' ymol xltffrvil 'W Q P Q D ll V. l D 1 I .9 ' D l C D I Q Q V A Y 5 W u gg n fp . Q. D A D V H: u QQ u I g fm f , , D lp!! 3 U J U 'ffm 11 h ' 'f It D Vffeenf all' id Cl During the latter part of October, the Dramatics class, under the direction of D Miss Martin, put on the feature play of the year. "The Thirteenth Chair," a three- D act mystery play, dealing with seances, murders, revolving tables and all those things N which go to make shivers run up and down onels spine, was another one of Miss Mar- X U tin's big successes. AE l The cast all played their parts with excellent interpretation of the characters and N ,K U their life, and Miriam Gilson displayed her wonderful talent in even another way. I 3 U E I D CAST OF CHARACTERS ' ' Helen O'Neill --- .----.. Rhea Lind Braddish Trent --- .... Neil Cowan D 4 Will Crosby --- -- Chester Drenon Helen Trent -.-. --- Eva Gerardy D Mrs. Crosby --- --- Octavia Long Philip Mason -- --- Willard Romer Roscoe Crosby -- --- Elmer Brown Pollock ---....... --- Robert Steen D , Edward Wales -- --- Jack Clevenger Rosalie LaGrange ..,. Miriam Gilson D Mary Eastwood Doris Stewart Tim Donahue ........ Dean Williams ' Elizabeth Erskine ...H-- Celia McCue Sergeant Dunn -- -.... Fred Hotzel 5 Grace Standish Helen Hovgard Doolan -.....- Harry McMaster Howard Standish -... Donald Stewart D U Act I. Living room in Roscoe Crosby's home after dinner. N U Act II. Same, twenty minutes later. H11 Act III. Same, a few minutes later. Q D Music between acts by E. H. S. orchestra under the direction of Mr. Forrest Buchtel Lf' D E D U 455,5 4 JANF ig ' ' Q PEFRTI CD IW 9 as cx n an 4: 1:1 Ll 11 ci D D Q Q D B 13 ., , , Qzzklww. fl H gf.. 5 fl I ls' 649253 if " if U U "' U C RE-ECHO D6NEfNEfXlJJNl'.fNf'fNEf' U, Ip C fa . .. c - , .W , o an l Sul N In U 4 Q S1 Q n U f S' Q J C U U D El ag fi g El p El U Cl x. D , .. . n D G s 1 H ' H , Uflw effterton of the cflftofuzes C ng U For several years, tragedies and emotional dramas have held Q sway in Em-Hi as Senior plays, so the rollicking comedy, "Merton of Q I' the Movies," which was chosen for this year's Senior play, was greatly D1 appreciated and enjoyed by the large audience which witnessed the U , performance. U It was an unusual thing for the sophisticated "Bill" Romer to G D play the part of a green country boy, but the change was so success- U ful that the audience was kept in continual laughter. The rest of nj the cast also got into the spirit of the play and carried out their parts il to perfection. Of course, Miss Martin was the force behind the D whole production which made the characters real and the play a Q success. Q gl THE CAST rl f l Merton Gill .------- Willard Romer The Montague Girl ---.- Doris Stewart G Qll Amos Gaghwiler ....... Ross Richey Harold Parmalee -.. .... Frank Beach S E Elmer Huff ........ Elmer Clawson Beulah Baxter ...-.-... Eva Gerardy G 4 Tessie Kearns ...-. D' The Casting Director J. Lester Montague - D6 Sigmund Rosenblott D Teresa Gilson - --- Doris Jones Wayne Sutton -- Cecil Freeman Weller ......-..- -. - Harry McMaster Muriel Mercer -. Ethelbertha Hembling Jeff Baird -..--. -.-- Charles Lindsay Mrs. Patterson -- --- Octavia Long Mr. Walberg -- -- Elmer Brown Man, Violinist --- -- Herman Berg U U ll El U J 9 P22271 s Q' C7 The Camera Man --. ---.-- Neil Cowan D The other members of the cast: Celia McCue, Winifrede Gufler, Ruth Galt Eunice Piper, Louise Martin, Rose Marthaler, Dorothy Burgess, Vernelle Hirschler, D Warren Austin, Henry Getz, Lloyd Faeth, Harold McMaster, Marian Hoffman. CL B 12 1:1 n n D L3 nm A a a a Lx u E Q i ff., Iluggf- ST P51550 SS V ' ' 2.' .1 i"o,-fx' fr , R E- ' 'Qs gy : fa - + E fl Q Z VY j v Q at H L. . 'f " ' if ' 1 R U p I v O E r 1 l N Epff ' Z I Avg , w 213, H1 r. F11 1 ,yi ,V l lij ' 1 ? nj' 4. Q1 3 MV ' v VI! ff? N ' RK Q Xf 1 f f. A . Tk , , 'DTE 1 VMC!-AA i: AN 1 IXN , A xx.: ,, I N Qkfm IJ , , .f ywj, V, ,QQ M--V - 'Uf wmymuniff if KY ' ,. -kj QJ,1Jgx5kfE JnJ 1S!fshif.: 3 Q L AXTXQ vQJ,:v,:ug : Jiww 4+ , 1'2lL1'0 W " DWUUU C RE-ECHO H0203 CALE.. September -School opened with a bang as usual. A number of new faces in the cor- ridors. -First assembly. Miss Haynes spoke and Echo subscription campaign was held. Senior II meeting. hose boys eat.' -Flood relief fund collection during fifth hour. -Mrs. Knight returned. She was surely a welcome sight to all. Hi-Y met during hour three. Girl Reserve party in the evening at Y. -Hi-Y meeting at noon. "My! how t 1 W. C. A. -In the contest for sale of football tickets, Mr. Trigg's third hour class won the candy with Rice Brown, Jr., as captain. "Abe" Mc- Carthy and "Bill" Bethurem ranked second and third as cap- tains. First football game. Florence 0, Emporia 24. Pretty keen game! "Bob" Smith was caught taking a frosted cup cake from some girl's locker in the west wing of first floor. Miss Wade caught him at it and there followed a violent chase down the hall. "Bob" won the 100-yard dash. First meeting of Rhythmic Circle. Twenty girls signed up. Girl Reserve magazine contest started. The "Red Riders," "Blue Ropers," and "Green Wranglers" were the three divisions. General assembly held with Rev. Inglis as the speaker on "Frances E. Willard." Senior class meeting at close of assembly. October -Overheard in the halls Csome boy speakingj: "What's all this Red Ropers 'n Blue Wranglers 'n Green 4.- Riders anyhow? A prize fight, a rodeo or an auto race?" We hope someone informed him. 2.-Football again. Junction City 0, Emporia 26. Those Junction City football men weren't anything to fight compared to the mud coming and going. Girl Reserve contest ended. The Blue Ropers with Eunice Piper, captain, winners. Green Wranglers with Doris Jones, captain, second, and Red Riders with Doris Stewart, captain, third. The last group gave the party. 5.-Sophomore II's had a line party at the Royal. 'gy .-Helen Hobbs wrecked the gym floor when she fell While skipping back- ward. No casualties reported ex- cept that M. Dean got appendicitis from laughing. Girl Reserve meeting. Margaret Dean spoke on "Health" .-In third hour announcements: "Lost: A book , 'When Kansas Was Youngf Please return." We should judge it would be an antique IJ L2 I1 I-3 11 11 Q Page 96 by now. .-Ottawa 12, Emporia 7. More mud than football and our first defeat. C7 L1 n Lx D Lx 5 E 5 Y 5" .Wa w cv cr U U U cr lx 5 ,if C9 K " ,I 5 -,Q 1 D D D G. R.'s are guilty and those we ! D . H H P 14 D evening conducted by G. R. U 15 D . D 9 P U . I MW 2.-Practically eight different third hour announcements have told us of the loss of a number of G. R. song books. We hope none of the might suspect, we know arent musical. So- .-Hi-Y meeting with Rudy Downs as speaker. Wild west rodeo in .-Re-Echo staff chosen. Eunice Piper, editor, and Loren Findly, business manager . ' 15-16.-High school editors meeting at Lawrence. John Cary and Whitley Austin surely had a great time, we hear 18.-Glee clubs chosen. D 21.-Regular assembly with band con- D cert We have a second Sousa in D our midst, namely, Reuben Ham- mer. D 22.-First six weeks' honor roll posted. D Most of us are singing: "When the roll is called up yonder, I D won't be there." g 23.-Burlington 6, Emporia High 6. , Still more mud. U 27.-Faculty reverted back to their -sci-10 9 , 29.-" Thirteenth Chair" presented. It a hair raiser and dis- talent. We heard that "Bob" Warren looked under his bed before he retired that night. surely was played fine ll: l 1 1. Lifts:-1 1 I ' ir: li! 21: .C. gave'-'f lr .VWT . 4,7 l l l . E , 1' gg, i - r- 1 xlmlll ll' 1 Q .1 3 ,fl " -35.32 E' , ' , . V . : w 1- 0 nw fgqqy fa, ' ' Y H1112 ftp fm Q- ., -3' ', lfl, s , ' l.. ,:'.,,:g'-'Q -1- ' -' Hg sg 4 nip, S.. .. 30.-Manhattan 6, Emporia High 36. On Emporiag let's go! November 'Ben Hammond, cartoonist from Wichita presented an interesting performance. -General assembly was held. Joanna Terry was awarded an honor medal. George Irving was the speaker .-Emporia High gets in. Last year we graduated Edward Ryan who is now making fame as a cartoon- E E Q U Q 5 G l Xi rl O , U Q G U U U El El fl U rl ooprn 'f CLUB ,r G ll 1- ll H E1 n 2. q El 3 ll ' G El ! U 7? Q 4 5 ' Q 6 , 8 ' G tl Il U U ' n ll Maybe those boys can play foot- 13.-Hutchinson 0, Emporia High 16. U ll 71 , D .9 .. C7 ,, , 1: n 1: 1: n 11 a n " A 4: 1: D n 43 11 Q ,V D childhood at faculty frolicg we'd ist at K. U. October 29 further D like to have looked on unseen. proved it by the unusual dramatic bility of Mim Gilson. ff V . a U 0 gx f - .-Vacation. Teachers Association. D 4' fgpyezjvj, Q .-Lawrence 0 Emporia High 29. 0 ia' -ff."-. -9.-Business Womans Minstrel. Sev- U A . '1-1 Vx A7 eral high school girls took part. .mfg fl N. -garb They gave us to understand that D l 4. g I ,X Superintendent Lowther broke his D K ' NWN neck and died as-a result of lick- ' fi ,Q ing the rubbing-alcohol off his D 28.-Hi-Y luncheon. Girl Reserve rec- " back- ognition service. Two glee clubs 12-13-14 -Girl Reserve conference at D gave a Skating party and supper Lawrence. Eight girls, accompan- D with football men as guests. Of ied bY.MiSf Thomson, represented course the guests ate the most EYYIPOTIH H1811- Dl C ball, but they're not much at skat- Tom Sawyer surely showed D ing. some good football playing 4Qd -Gum: .h - .o M741 ' Page 97 4.-. '1' T 'X 1 Qt ' UUUUUUCRE ECHO le-Emi f sg U I i i a ' Cs by 704,n,qi'T71' r N. Q18 1: D 20 u 23 D P 24 First Girl Reserve dinner. Con- stance Ross spoke on her trip abroad. -Marion 3, Emporia High 13. A close to a successful season. The Spanish ring fNo. 45, won in the election of Senior rings. G. R. and Hi-Y in combined meet- ing. Donations were made to Indian school. Hi-Y dinner held. David New Chi- nese student at C. of E., was the speaker. 25-29.-Hi-Y conference at Manhattan. Ten boys accompanied by Mr. Williams and Mr. Duffy attended. G. R. and Hi-Y joint meeting with musical program in morning. A - sembly held in afternoon to hear the Adanac Quartet. Girl Reserve pictures taken. The boys felt awfully bad when the girls left class early. December Old Homestead presented as a feature of the lecture course. .-Ottawa forfeited game, giving us a clear record. .-Hi-Y luncheon. Delegates to con- vention gave reports. .-Football banquet held and proved a great success. Guests discovered during the dinner that Bill Be- thurem was an expert yodeler. Mathematics Club had a meeting Marjorie Carothers diagnosed the Big Parade as her daily walk to the wastebasket and back in Room 12 to deposit her chewing gum Cupid s aim was good He landed Margaret Davis and Louis Tanner We wish them happiness School dismissed What a relief Mrs Wayne Davis formerly Miss Leota Cravens and a graduate of 26 died 4 5 7 2.- 0 4 January .--Hi-Y held. Ed Rees was speaker. .--General assembly. Sketches from the "Bells of Beaujolais" presented. Fourth hour canvass for basket- ball tickets. .-Poster contest closed. Winners: First place, Merle Harvey 3 second place, Nell Oxelson. .-First basketball game starts season off just right with a close game between Em-Hi and Salina. Salina 22 Emporia 23. We beat em, any- how. Bells of Beaujolais presen ed with a fine cast and good music. .-Kansas City Kan. 17 ' Emporia 26. 17-24.-Thrift Week. Bill Bethur m was finally persuaded to spend no money on chewing gum all week thereby saving over a dollar. .-Burlington 14 Emporia 36. A - other good game! .-The two glee clubs held a skating p rty at Ralph Jones place and a good time was had by all. -Topeka 22 Emporia 24. That was sure a close game! .-Junior high assembly at which the Co-operative Club presented them a flag , 1 YI' E . , A .A .f lr, .f. ., V 'fQ,5.w,.nnw S -22.34544 x'iq.,,..i A Senior banquet held at Broadview Roberta" Smith J acquellne Wilson Clarencla Sawyer and Merlma Harvey gave a lovely lit tle dance as a feature of the pro gram Clay Center 22 Emporia 28 Semester ended A great loss of many dear students New semester begun Green fresh men replaced our lost seniors va IT f GOPERHTIV ua Qanenuzi I I uvl 5' 8 D 25 , 9 D a D 1 u n t D 1 14 , , , D 30 n n e S U 9 D 18 , n 31 D 20 D a v u n D 21. , D 3 ll ,Y U 6 . U K 9 , U ,Q 3 .fx A Y D 10 6 ,.. ' . 1 I f K I "ln Vw 1 fe sn 1 I i 5 f A 4.-A 9 D an wr f A ! , lg 1 D A ff Yu-L X Ik x N D 14" ' W 1 16.- 'ti 4-ifff""'Q D sz ' ,va - 27.1 - - . ' u ', u ' N D ' ' ' , u ' ,ra D . aa ' ra I ' - 21.- ' ' ' . ' D . . l . ' ' . 2s.- , ' . D 22.- ' ' . ' . 29.- . D 29.- . ' , ' - 31.- . - O J 9 4911A I i o 1: n A I3 El 11 n L1 ' 0 1:1 A n a Q D B ,Q Page 98 i sgx Q 1: U U w U w C D U U U cr U G U7 LWW6, Q9 L rl 7 .- 9" C 25.-Peabody 22, Emporia 27. D 26.-Lawrence 25, Emporia 27. 1'-Burlington 14, Emllerla 25- 28.-Mr. Hurt, reading third hvour an- D 2--Hall ef Fame election held- nouncements: "Charm school will D 4'-Senior rmgs arnlfed- ' meet at 4:30 today. Miss Alma '-Topeke 18, Emporia 16- B90 Hee' White will speak on 'Charms of D our flrst defeat' fS0b-Sob-l Being a Hostess! Take notes on .-gall ,of Fame winners announced. this, boysyv I? Bus ' Freeman, elected best gentle- man, has since felt compelled to U say, "Yes, ma'am" and "No, sir," nu and, he has also read a lot from .-Faculty Council held a dinner. We Emfly Pest' . I I . hear that they all enjoyed it. 31 .-Seniors listed their act1v1t1es. John G A 1 bl J d , Q Anderson and "Bob" Smith put. '-' enlfra TSS? Cy' f E ge giuggms U down "cooking" on their cards. SP0 e an e, ' 0 ' me e quer' 10 G I bl , b tet sang. H1-Y at noon with D .- enera assem y entertained y Harold Colvin as speaker- orchestral concert. H1-Y luncheon , U at noon with Mr. Edworthy as the .--Lew Sarett entertained at K. S. . come il 11.-Ottawa 10, Emporia 29. us? ey ea 12.-Ott 17 E ' 20. D 15.-Grezdtvaexcitemrelrlitjrliimong the stu- '-igiwlgln iikdgmgoria 23'b F11 dents. Someone saw Mary Culp '-1 ll e a les' a num er of the l and Marjorie Carothers and Ver- ec ere course' Ui nelle Hirschler walking down the '-Musle Students ge to Tulsa- street, 10.-Hi-Y Father-Son banquet in even- D . . Cr 17.-Lawrence 36, Emporia 18. Another 1118- gll defeat! 11-12.-State basketball tournament: C 19--N6Wf0fl 31, EDlD0I'ia 22: OUT Iola 23, Emporia 265 Independence .U team Sl10W0d UP Well even lf they 17, Emporia 233 Sedan 13, Emporia U were defeated. 37. -Peabody 32, Emporia 43' 14.-Seniors adjourned at 3:00 to audi- ul --7 - ----49344------E ' torium to make out blanks. Clar- X .I ' l . ence Sawyer en route upward met D ge X ' I . . -I X .nl 5 , Principal Brown and the following D mu ggglaql dialogue ensued: Prin. Browng I Il. : "Why, Clarence, you're not ex- h QW N 1 med." c. s.: ffwhy aim I?" ," ' 'ligiij Prin Brown: "Why, just Seniors U QL , H, are excused, and you're not a Sen- D 'f- ior. You don't graduate this com- 1.V.' 1 r ' 1 ' . 'F ' ar ' - . Vx . ,hr , - ' , nfl ing May. C. S. Cplnwheeling on Rex" ' X hi h 1 t d d th ' - D - ,, . rw, gi, s ee o escen e stalrsj. ,,,,l': "Mm lu ' "My error! I didn't know which D 23.-Girl Reserve-Hi-Y party. Fire May you meant." drill held in the morning- George General assembly. W. A. White D6 Austin, the Sleepiest boy in School' speaker. Honor Society announced. D1 did not stir from. his .slumbers in Harold Reeble Stood up abruptly f Study hall, thmklflg lt Was Only when Harold Bishop's name called, D It the alarm Clock- then reseated himself hlushihgly C 24.-Girl Reserve held meeting and a when he noticed his mistake. He U K9 play, "Hobbies," was presented. afterward stated, however, in an "YAY FV4, ,U Eh ,V UB 4 Q n n n 13 L1 ci a 1: a A n Ill- An ,QQ 'A Page 99 - X if, fl xa W u w w T7 U U 5 D U U cr U U ar ' 1 A , hlnw rll C9 Cb YJ interview with a feature reporter third with "Bob" Crawford cap- 0 U that he "had his seat reserved for tain. next year in the Honor Society for 11.-Little Symphony concert was a D Sure-H ' great success. 18. Honer Roll announced. William S. 13.-Hi,Y cabinet meeting. D Battis, impersonator of Dickens, 15 w-Senior play tryout last number on lecture course. ' ' U . 18.-A '1 - 20.-The epidemic of the itch gave way pn Showers turned to. cloud . . . bursts. Carl Wyckoff while com- P to epidemic of "going steady." We . , , , ing to school saw a hat on top of wonder which is more painful to . . U th Vi tim the waters. He picked it up and e . cl S' ' discovered- a head under it. In a u 18-20.-District H1-Y conference at gallant effort to Save Someone he D Hutchinson. Emporia represented began to null at it. But the by elght members' head, which proved to be Kenneth D 21-25.-Art exhibit at Junior High Traylor, said: "Save someone who School. needs it. You see I'm all right. P 22.-Meeting held of Honor Society to Pm 011 horseback-n Roger McCar- D elect officers. Girl Reserve dinner thy Walked to S0h001 th1'0Ugh the in the evening. Miss Ah Lin Tam deep We-fere and arrived Safely? U of Hawaii, a student at C. of E., dry above the Heck- was the Speaker, 20.-Contest numbers in assembly. D A 26.-Rose Marthaler took down sudden- Three soloists and five gr0UPS ly ill with the St. Vitus Dance. were entered. D There was little hope for her re- 25.-COI1'CeSt numbers Ch0SeI1 finally. D covery. Quoting "Kit" Ganse: "Pm gonna 28.-High school was reported burned hang 011 to my 'Abie' every night 9 to the ground. Hiram Lewis was this week- There'S too many g00d' the herg of the day, looking girls in town." D 30,-General assembly conducted by the 27.-Girl Reserve installation services Re-Echo staff. A play was pre- held. D sented using the winners of the 27-28-29-30--M11SiC C0r1'CeSt. 5 Hall of Fame contest as the characters. Oratorical contest won D by Louise Lawrence. 31.-Basketball dinner. Nine boys re- 1.-Cecil Freeman and Clarence Saw- D ceived letters and three of the yer distributed May baskets to nine an "E" and bars. their teachers in hopes of securing D b tt d e er gra es. D ' 4.-Assembly. D 16.-School coming to a close. Every- 1.-"Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" one was worried about grades. D presented by Junior High cast with "Bob" Smith actually took a book Beth Mott as the star, home one evening. D 6.-Hi-Y luncheon. Talks were given 20.-Senior class play, "Merton of the on "Careers" by eight boys. Movies." U 7.-General assembly. . Miss Sorenson 23.-Our dear seniors fthose with good D led in general singing and Louise gradesb left us. The rest, which Lawrence gave her oration, was in the majority, stayed for D 8.--Re-Echo contest won by Miss Doug- three more days. - lass' fourth hour class with Helen 25.-School out. Keen! And yet we U Shoop as captain. Mr. Trigg's were kinda sorry! class came second with Doris Stew- 27-29.-Finals--Whew! Commence- D 0 art captain. Miss Ice's class was ment night. egg?-t IX , Prnmv l Q - H . C7 V' L 'v 4 .Q D D Q D D e D D 'UPII - 4- - - A zhhlllw ' fa Page 100 CI 991 il , 'J C'fNff,FcU C' U IU' of RE' ECHO tfifiifxif f-jt I Q the .Q CQ - ' 'II f IL, SMI X-Ugly' 'X ' fly, if f Q Gu UI I . 7 If all I fx C25he ew School of c7b'Cuszc f II D L fl C, I S S7777 Y W I 7 'A ISSSS I J II If DI ISC Q ,D L21 In III A 5 I co. Q UKI , U C UI HG I I TI It If I U u I G IN , D I Inf! f I U I C I It H U I -,Q F J u I In 5 N In 1. KU I 5 ' IDI Iv HAT college or university in this section can offer the high I school student a place comparable to the building above ,FI in beauty, size, or in up-to-the-minute construction? IIN? I ,I DIII Music Hall is only one of the modern, well-equipped buildings In I that make up the plant of I I ufjl I5. bm I5 I I HI KANSAS S I A' I E I EACHER If I C LEC E E PORI In I DI U C I ui In 5 ,I Da, IRG I DI OPENING DA TES fn S, 1927 Summer Session --- ----------------- --- June 1, 1927 'WAR 1927-28 Fall Semester Sept 5 1997 1927 28 Second S mester Ian 2 28 CLUB ,f f H B ---- --- n , -I an 1 fl, - 3 --- --- . . 3, 19- If, 2 765525: If 9 I QA? f Lx 1:1 u 43 Cl 13 A NJA-gk-9 D D B 5 D i ,Qwl ff 1 an 1 llll X Fox M RE-ECHOJUUUUC' an 1 - 53 ,. , Ecco Q Emporia State Bank Q 601 Commercial Street Q Cl SATISFACTORY BANKING Service U lces and Sherbets Are U Always Good U ll CHEMISTRY 1... ' El alas 1. Material: Two boys and one girl. D 2. Procedure: The boys are placed Q El ,4"-s ,' xxx :7 cr U U U U U C K jx l l L it l xx ,Q pb , f' W V rj "mo . 'PWM 0' f 11? 0 C? D D D D D D D D D A D 2 U M a de in Emporia and inside a chemistry laboratory. The girl Q 1S passed by the door. D D b 3. Result: The boys turn to rub- n I er. Q D ' I1 D Mr. Trigg: "Howard, what is the G D difference between consuls, ministers, Q and ambassadors?" H U Y ' U H d G lt. HS I th d If lts done with heat Q owa,r a . evera ousan you can do it better with U dollars. gasp Q D A--A-A G Harry McMaster: "They have a new . D name for the divorce records now." CO. Q D Eva Gerardy: "How's that?" Q Harry Mc. : "Who's Whose in U America." U D rl D FIRST-CLASS WORK QUICK SERVICE fl D rl D E1 D - Try Our Dry Cleaning 0 D fl WORK CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED D G D 0 . phone 5 821 Commercial y U .6m"'V4 a c o TSS' if , L. T if Q ax n n rx n n 11 4: n " D Q D D D D . f D lu 'iwvmvw' E U Aa' Page 102 I QA U ' U U U 1:1 X FX 55555 U Y' U U 1' U NRE-scnob U U MU an -Q ,X ' - C ' JI 1 'sw pl L '?fm1w"i -.. ,O "H h S d of h Q ome oft e tram c estm N , . 'X Q 'dlllduests -9 Q Q Q N! Q fu -9li4?-ll fi Penfscr ofcruns U PRFFENTATIGII Q IO Paramount and First National Photoplays U U Fable: Once upon a time there was A bachelor button, too- Q an annual printed without a mistake in They bribed the water lily boat lt' And sailed out on the blue. U A-A-A The poppies roused the garden, 4 The bluebells chimed the news, AN ELOPEMENT- The tiger lilies fiercely roared Q 'Twas midnight in the garden, And all the COWSHPS m00-ed- G The flowers were all asleep, But out there on the garden pond The poppy popped from cover Tulips were closely twined, Q And all around did peep, He whispered-soft as baby's breath- A Primrose was elgping 'AMY sweet, th0ll be l'YllI16?n Q - - A U . ri Emporla Wholesale C ff H U O C OUSC The New Process C Q Laundry fl "Get your pep and vigor for U LEANING school work by drinking DRY C Kuality Kup Coffee." EI Cl fl I Q 5 G U Lunches, lce Cream . , U Mllk, Cream, Candy 306 Commercial G Everything in Confectionary q Line "Kuality Kup Coffee for breakfast gives U you renewed vigor and pep to meet your problems of the day." ll Turkish Candy Co. Q 9 Y OOPERA-nv fj n 1:1 1: u Lx A1 Y' DX-ISK-9 0 n A D D a E Q Y ' ps 1 nge 10:1 A 514 Cr Cv w w 1:1 Q U C R E ,,, D U U U D U U C7 Y i f C9 9 " V s.. A -V O D I I rv K, ' n in I I D X I I ' rx D . , E. g I : 5 ' U uf ' 'I U f m X Ns U I 31 1 : Q D X 1,1 hz, 'I 5 ,, U J D ' ' U D Y' Cl P U ' il' I an J' - -Q ' U I U :pf '-1' D corvmcnr av ' ll. V. rmci Q co. ll D D Lloyd: "Well, it's old enough to." D A-A--A WHOS YOUR Tazlorf The Little Schoolmaster Says Are you careful to weigh values and get maximum usefulness from your clothes furnishings and Jhoes as you are in buying other things? You surely ought to be. HANCOCK 6: BANG THE MODEL CLOTHING KL SHOE CO. 619 Commercial Street D Small boy to Lloyd Faeth: Mister! Yer engine's smoking." uHey, F 01'- Ice, Coal Cl fl G G G fl El ill :U Q O O U "You ain't mad, is you?" G D "I ain't said I ain't, is I?" Q "I ain't asked you ain't you? I asked S N I D you is you? Is you?" E , D U D Phone l 22 G n Star Shoe 6: Clothing n n Company 1. n g wyr D 9 U MEN'S AND BOYS' D OUTFITTERS U D . G D HW., Sen fo, Emporza Ice Eff Cold Q D 0 417 Commercial Street Emporia Storage CO' U J .e"'t'Va -fu 4' Ky on Q IES Kwik 1: a 11 1:1 n 11 13 a " 1: n n n n u Qmlemmilg i 2 ou , Page 101 cv w o cr w v U RE.. 5 U U D cr c: Q C7 Y N lifgilivf' C9 r ' " D D WARREN MORTGAGE D D C 0 M PA P D Emporia, Kansas u u D John Cary: "Dad, is it proper to call a man born in Poland a Pole?" La Father: "Certainly, John." F' John: "Then I suppose a man born U in Holland is a Hole, isn't he?" U Portrait A-A-A D - Miss Ice: "Good, Edwin, you're not Photographer as stupid as you look." D "Ed" Waller: "No, We cai1't all be alike." D D D Margaret Huggins came home from her first visit to Sunday school carrying S N I D a small bag of chocolates. "Why, Margaret, where did you get U the chocolates?" asked her mother. g Margaret looked up in surprise, and ' said: "I bought them with the ten , , , U cents you gave me. The minister met I Wlll be SatlSf1Cd me at the door and got me in for D nothing." D D 9 D D D Morris Drug Co- Oliver Tarrant D 423 Commercial Street Watchmaker Jeweler and D Registered Optometrist D N EmDoria's Oldest Drug Store 4 But with New Ideas 713 Commercial Street D l 'gig A l' A 9 ir Qtx n n A 1: 1:1 A 4: cx a n a A L.-H E 'izvmi-Q' A ' Pa ge 105 ff L D U D U D D U U AW' Miss Sorenson: "Is that new car GN you got a five-passenger? Ralph J.: "Yes, but I can get eight in it if they are well acquainted. LEATHERBERRYS Rexall Drug Stores -A- I1 Three Stores for Your ' u Convenience tionjz "How far are you from the correct answer?" Q Mr. Trigg fin mathematics examina- 503 Coml, 603 Com'1, 1101 Com'l. Romona Neill: "Two seats is all." U D Miss Hamilton: If there are any Q dumb-bells in this room please stand ll . Cl Lesh Shoe Store A pause and then finally "Beans" 4 Brainard stood up. G "What, Robert, you consider yourself a dumb-bell?,, OCCASION ll FOOTWEAR FOR EVERY "Well, not exactly that, teacher, but Q I hate to see you standing all alone!" fl G G T . f K ' 5 Z 3 E E C U W E G G G Q 5 G QL " . IPIPWT x c D YY U U as Q D YJ A A n D n I rn u D ll D p va REMINGTON- G an n v , f1 Q T ypewrzters Q U n U El D For sale or rent G E Books for all schools 3 D 1 nz n You can always depend on getting-it at n 1: Q Q ECKDALL McCARTY'S Q XD J 496341 fx , PER E Qiaaie if Page 106 C RE-sci-10 bf 0 it Z?sE cr w w cr u rs G R E ,.,, D U U D U U D G Y fix" X' T-wi I9 9 J" N,s-"i, 4 n 1 D Downs a gglsinizhmalzried: "Use 'cauterize' in Q "Bus" Freeman: "I knew she was D mine the moment I caught her eyes." Q D SHOE STORE A-A-A e Q D 0 D THIRTY-six STEPS FROM hR'iebLe:. 'fayg I Ifrdered Etralvbffry COMMERCIAL s or ca e, w ere s t e straw erries. El D Walter: "That's what it's short of." Q 1 H ' 9 East Sixth Avenue it feeble. Well, take it out and berry in - 5 U D D He: "May I hold your hand?" . . . Q she: "Of course non. This isn't Candy, Frult, P1cn1c D Palm Sunday." S 1. Q D He: "Well, it isn't Independence upp les Day, either." Q ALWAYS THE BEST D A-A-A At Reasonable Prices G D "Shorty" Peterson: "I wish to grow - n B six feet." al Q 5 . . Q .Harry H McMaster. 'I'm satisfied 626 Commercial Street U with two. Q D rl D CI D U I Samuel it Holmes YEARO T Q p FURNITURE, RUGS G D LINOLEUM Prmters Q LI D 606 Com'l St Emporia, Kan. D EI I1 fl 7 D D . D D . . D ' ' , D . ' D D I . . 4 A411504 al Q - ' I lilvx HELPING E. H. S. STUDENTS Our spectacles will help you 1n studying, our fountain pens will help you in writing our watches will help you in being punctual.. our rings pins and fobs will help to enliven E, H. S. spirit D D WILLIAMS 6: CO Citizens Bank Building AD n u 1: A 1: 1.1 JI ci " A 4: n 4: n 43 E ni G ' n J .I N9 L7 4 J I Page 107 U EI El ll IX OOPERATN U U U 0 ll tl G I1 Q Q d U U U i s be w o cr w w cr C 5 U U D D' U U U f yXX 1 A 1 P 1 - 6' n B- Brlckell, M. D. H. W. Manning, M. D. Q PHYSICIAN and ANESTHETIST INTERNIST and SKIN DISEASES D Q D Phones-Business, 1353 Residence, 420 Phones: Bus, 316 Res. 316 ri Citizens National Bank Bldg. Citizens National Bank Building D u P -M ri U M. A- Finley. M- D- Frank Foncannon, M. D. D PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON SURGERY AND X-RAY Phones: Business 621 Res, 509 phones. Bus' 46 Res- 47 D Strand Building Citizens National Bank Building D D U LHWFCIICC, Dr, Clyde Wilson D SURGEON GENERAL SURGERY D D John A. Woodmansee M T C M D U M D . . BPPS, . . D SPECIALTY, DISEASES of CHILDREN Eye, Ear. Nose and Thlwat D 5 1 , Phmie 1667 , , Citizens National Bank-Building 315 Citizens National Bank Buildmg D Xu Phone 596 tl Citizens National Bank Building 5 . I'I'1S u Dr Loy Igla Clement E.. Parker Q DENT1 T DENTIST D Phone 871 507 1-2 Commercial Extracting, Gas or Nerve Blocking U D Office Phone 498 U D Office Phone 424 Res, Phone 1361 Black q Citizens National Bank Bldg. 1 D w. Harry W. Everett Dr- B-Dg'h1IMulkeY G D DENTIST U Extracting, Gas or Nerve Strand The-ate? Bldg. u Blocking 70755 C0m'1. U D U D Dr. John E. 1M0I'g-HH M. Gorman, D. D. S. n D DENTIST ORTHODONTIST G D Citizens National Bank Bldg. Citizens National Bank Bldg - D N9 . NSW ' f 9 . J , X . I7 if zizvmuwv n .ci n in 1: A cx n f' B a A a Lx no-Benning Y 4 . Q Page 108 a u o cv cr 1: cr C RE., 5 U D U cr cr 17 U ' 'K T 512' C9 Y rl 'qifzlzff' D E "lf" for Girls 0 K A pologies to Kiplingl D If you can make good fudge and walnut candy And yet fry steaks and bake good biscuits, too 5 If you can keep up your complexion And yet give serious things their proper due: If you can skate and row, and swim and play tennis But yet be feminine with it all' If you can be a pal to every fellow And yet not use your charms to make him fall If you can dress in style up to the minute, And yet be governed not by fads and frills, And make a charming hostess and en But not worry Dad with excessive billsg If you know science, politics, and eco- nomics, But not let knowledge turn your pretty headg But with it all can sew, manage a house- hold, Help see to it that poor old Dads well fed' If you can be blythe, gay and always happy And yet not lose your head in all this whirl, Yours is the world and everything that s in it, And what is more you ll catch a man, tertamer my girl Sporting Goods Headquarters YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND THE NEW THINGS IN SPORTING GOODS AT THIS STORE Radio Auto Accessories Hardware Silverware Household Goods Paints and Varnlshes THE HAYNES HARDWARE CO Phone 105 Emporia, Kan SLICKINC DOWN THE ICING Will you Join our party in the Jam preserves?" asked the first fly No said the second fly the lady of our house has baked a cake with 1c1ng on lt We re going ln for winter sports ' FAME Liv s of football men remind us That we too can push and shove And departing leave behind us Hoof prints on anothers mug Enter any time Open , Entire Year The School That Gets Results 7 '7 lalllh GUPJII n Q C1 G U D D IX OOPIRRT U9 v 1 U i Y , G ' Il H :H tl G . G . . , 1 - a U . . Q 61 ' w El n . . . El , . 1 . Q . D E . n U H . .,. . . . ' Q . a . Vi. d u ,rr ' , u D U ' . . 4 . , n . , . . . I, ' . 9 U 0 0 v G - I . U D - U O 1 9 .ft Va v . , ll . W W' Q Q iyn n n n n 11 n in 4: a 1: a n ,HIM Q, Page 109 4"'s ' S - HON Q TAP cz cz -a w U Q U D X ' J ,' 9-K 's 7 I Y , 1 A jr. M.-K sn-wr M -fN.JN4fLfN.f5f R E. - ECHO DQTJNEOZF nearer L 1 L 1:5 'H 4 din., D U D lnternatlonal lnstltutlon U The scope of the College of Emporia 5 has become world-wide. This year, D the enrollment included representa- D1 tives from five foreign countries, and f sixteen states, other than Kansas. :J Two came from Hawaii, o?ne5 from 5 Japan, one from China, and one from , Bulgaria. ? Pennsylvania, California, New Hamp- my shire, New York, Illinois, Missouri, S1 Oklahoma, Texas, North Dakota, Col- m orado, New Mexico, New Jersey, Ar- ffl kansas, Minnesota, Michigan and Ne- braska have sent their sons and daugh-- DQ ters to receive Christian training plus ij the kind of education that makes them SD leaders. Dj To Emporia High School graduates, l i C. of E., a universal institution right Q here in our home town, offers a supe- QD rior quality of instruction in courses Q leading to bachelor of arts and bache- Q lor of music degrees, thorough prep- D aration for graduate work in medicine, . pharmacy. engineering, journalism, D l law and theology. D The College of Emporia is thoroughly il equipped and universally accredited. jg JOIN Us FoR 1927-28 Tl The College of Emporia lil Frederick W. Lewis, D. D. President Emporia, Kansas L. D D A-fig-ing Q Page 110 Us 5 RE ECHOD 1 If 'xx D U U W U U U -1 C7 U D U U D U Rx rx l f Q9 1 Emi? ' ' K 11 ' - f 1' GX D n D Q U n U u P U U n D n D C Q D D 0 o Cl D n D rx u No. 12 East Sixth Avenue G D n D ci D a D rx u ' ' U D El Mutual Building 6? Loan ASSOC13t1OH K. S. T. C freshman tests show the A vegetarian is a horse doctor nl El El G FJ Q El J 9 CLU " follomngi Mussolini is a patent medici-ne for Oxygen is an eight-sided figure. sore muscles. U Nero means absolutely nothing. Henry Clay is a mud treatment for Cl D , , the face. Homer is a type of pigeon. R d' ' k' d f '1k. D Ulysses S. Grant was a track of land a mm ls a new m 0 S1 upon which several battles of the Civil And a quorum is a place where fish D War were fought. are kept. ll D D D , The can 2-6 U D Smlth Lumber For Everything in Athletics G D Co. D .1 Corner Sixth and Constitution E sg! 5 U D . D A 0 l I Lumber, Budding McCarthy Hardware Co. D 5 Material and C031 "Where Your Dollar Does Its Duty" U 4 ll il Q ir ci rx 4: Li 1:1 11 IJ I3 1: a 1: 13 A B Q la 9' if Page 111 ' , . PERATN ' V04 1 l D U D U D D D D i u F. M. Arnold, President U F. H. Arnold, Vice-President H. A. Osborn, Vice-President W. Max Harris, Cashier R. I. Anderson, Assistant Cashier G THE COMMERCIAL NATIONAL G lf' fr, .ff Iwi i ,' C9 49 'fri 'ss -',,l iw 7 I ,B ' W "Doesn't that mule ever kick you?" 60 D - "No, suh, he ain't yet, but he frequent- n D ly kicks de place where ah recently was." , cl D A-A-A U D 519 Commercial Street E I , S J I D l NIGHT AIR. U D xc uswegngwgjggndegzyzy eslgns Mr. James: "Every day we breathe U oxygen, Jack, what do we breathe at D SPECIAL ORDER WORK night?" Q u Class Pins, Rings and Invitations Jack! "Ni51'0geH-" U U u U It doesn't take three years in high at El school to find out that one girl in the D - t D dark is worth two under a light. ruggls S U 203 Commercial Street Phone 372 U A-A-A Prescriptions Accurately Filled rl P D ' He: HDD you play golfw, ure rugs and Chemicals G She: "Oh, no, I don't even know WWW? 153014 Get TQ4'bLZlit1i.i9'f11i06 Q how to hold the caddie." t 'WS fo aa e wif KRAUM AND SON Q 2. I BAIX K 65' TRL ST CO. I U D u D Capital and Surplus SSI 20,000.00 G Q EMPORIA, KANSAS Q U d D G d ' G D Spady's Electric G U Shoe We wish to thank you for your U liberal patronage and trust we D The 570019 for Students' may continue in the future as U D SW11'i09 "your photographers." Q D 1124 Commercial street Phone 1781 cordially' U D - can for and Deliver RIGG BROS. Studio Q 0 5 1 i Q . 2 i w 7- 1:1 1:1 1:1 a cz 11 " .I I qizvmxwi 5 Q B B D D A nq"E"""g '-,. ' Page 112 Young Men and Women Of the Class of 1927 of E H S Commencement day means to you the commencement of your active days of real work in life. A good way to commence a successful business career is to start a Savings Account. Add to it regularly from your earnings. THIS BANK is particularly interested in you WE ENCOURAGE YOU-WE HELP YOU--TO SAVE! BEGIN NOW The C1t1zens Natlonal Bank THE BANK THAT IS FRIENDLY TO YOUNG FOLKS D als. f' --Q 'x ' ' ' i 5 THX 1 t W U v U U U U ns-ncaom D U D U U U Q f , E ' ' 1 ' C9 Rn U1 xl fl Q., r GN D u D Q D 0 0 0 G D G P u U IJ U U D L1 D G u n D 11 I O I D G D n ni U Q D "Bob" Warren, driving into a filling 4 D station, "How much, please?" U "Bob" ffumbling in his pocket and D finding only a quarterj : "Only one E. E. 51 gallon." F "One gallon! What'cher trying to do, U D wean it?" U A-A-A - 9 Love is like an onion, Sluts for Young Men Q We taste it with delight, 525 1-2 Commercial, Upstairs U But when it's gone we wonder G D Whatever made us bite. G D Mr. Williams : "What contains U IJ . starch?" Q D Harry McMaster: "A collar and two U cuffs." D 705 Commercial Street Mr. Williams: "Correct," U D A-A-A U D1 Headquarters for In C . Mr. James: "How are matches 3 my Athletic Goods mafietff' U C Harold Meredith: "Love." D U O : fishy V H 9 9.74 48 F fv Ztzvluvwi D a A A D, A D D A A A D A B D 4--." l Page 113 ' First Student: Have you read The v F 4' X 'T WUUUUWCRE-Ecnop X' ff " I Sf 5- GD Il U El U fl G 0 El Q1 CJ P' - T 'Qu' - ,- D College T ogs Q D ClLl1'liSl8 Clothes that Carry snap Q D SHOE S TOR E BOSTONIAN SHOES U IF IT IS NEW WE HAVE IT BRUCKNER S Men s Shops 721 Commercial 1023 Commercial Style Leaders Tiger s Last Lap? Second Student: Where was the scene laid? V First Student: In a bowl of milk. -A.. : 'It must be quite a task to eat s up with a mustache. : Yes it is quite a str 'n. METERS AND LETTERS. There are meters of accent There are meters of tone But the best of all meters Is to meet her alone. There are letters of accent There are letters of tone But the best of all letters Is to let her alone. ll' Sixty years ago Theodore Poehler .started a wholesale ' nib merchandising embraced three essential elements- ulfifrg non c'r RODUCTS Good Service, High Quality Reasonable PYICCS To this day the Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered steadfastly to these principles and with the growth and enlargement of its business it will continue to adhere to them. Our products are marketed under three brands: P , U D , Q b U D U D lf K ! I 77 U D u ,Y D ll 77 U A A D f He ' D 0 Y! r D He " , 31 " D U l l , iw wil ll ww ll'lll',ll,,Ww ,- It U, ,I ,ll l will ,H vi! ., lpllf, D 3' ' lf' Il lll' V" grocery business in Lawrence, K ansas. H is idea of good lil. fhllllllll' wlllQll'lllf U f L ' 3"".,... .5 U U v D 7 Y D D POEHLER KING fFancyJ U TEE-PEE flixtra Standardj D SUNBURST fExtra Standard, D ' I 'he Theo. Poehler Merc. Co. D , ,,,,,,M,.,,..,w.,l Topeka, Kan., Lawrence, Kan.g Emporia, Kan., , X, ,Q W, N M, M N D ll McPherson, Kan. ww! ,, zlzlwlli, D ,W ,,l',,M IMPORTERS, MANUFACTURERS, WHOLESALERS QW .W Founded 1867 Incorporated 1889 D Kgs- A Kansas house for Kansas people lu,-5-,QQ 0 uc that boosts Kansas schools 'ODUCT' J Q, . A Q . n Bi A n 11 u n ' 0 n n 1: Y Q Q E 9 I' Page 114 1" I3 -2 U U c Rs-sci-Io no U U Q .. , 0 5 u Q Rorabaugh-Paxton s D THE STUDENTS' STORE U U E We are proud of "Em Hi." We 2 Q value the patronage of you D ij students, and keep you al- Q Ways in mind when We buy our merchandise u l Q ST rn 51 Every Student Our F fiend! 1? That is our aim. Our merchandise '1 Q3 is exceptional-tastily U U1 selected G U9 Q if U 5 Our salesfolks will be of every Q service t ou o y U ? I? rJ A MAKE OUR STORE YOUR C, Q STORE n D I1 D U D9 RORABAUGH-PAXTON ff fly EMPoR1A,KANsAs G gli EMPORIA'S BIG FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE U QJ0 J u D D A wwf: A D C7 ,Qs - A110 1 .1 9 5 RE.-ECHO? I' Ns f cr w w cr U U U I ' to K ss on ,x 's...f' fb F URN ITURE CARPETS DRAPERIES Our stock is the largest and the most complete in this part of the state and We feature quality, service and price. J. Cl Dumm Furniture C0 21-23 West Sixth Avenue Corona Typewriters Fountain Pens, School Supplies, Rentals Office Appliance Company Good Things to Eat at Star Grocery FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES S T Wilson 6: Son An Englishman and an American were having the usual argument as to which country had th.- queerest dialect. The Englishman was positive he was the Winner of the argument. Why say, old coke he said you use the queerest bally expressions I ever heard. The other afternoon I accosted a colored per- son and awsked him if he thought it would rain and do you know What he said? He said, Little dogs it will and little dogs it won t. The American was puzzled and the next afternoon met the same Negro with whom the Englishman had conversed. The Negro scratched his Wooly head and then said: That aint what ah said. Ah jus tol the man that p ups it would rain and pups it wouldnt. Emporia. Kansas IREI AND S ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP WE FIX EM WHILE YoU WAIT lb?-5-,,fu" ii El El U El C' w 'i Q x r JI Al I G El Q El U El U IJ fl 0 Av'-V amp S Q D I , ' cm U ll D 4 D ' , U Y 7 7, D ,, h U Y U ' U YY It D P v 1 H t U D an s Q D A , 7 7 I! U D El D I1 D 9 o Il C . D ""-" U u ' U D 0 D -I ' 1 N f fl D ' U D 422 Commercial Street Phone 584 U 0 J 9 1" Y " V4 oops? Q I4 Q i Q tus Q X IJ IJ n A A: A Lx 1:1 0 1: a 1: D A 5 I 4 il ff W , '99 Page 116 i Xxx cz cv w U . U U U K D U D cr U U U ,6 kXs 'K 9v,41u0"v C9 W , D Z, You've tried the rest now U D mue is , Q try the best. D Book S tore Q D B ' " P 1-OLD BOOKNOOKH 7"0g6l1'l S U D Perfect Bakery Q D -1?5' U D Y Q Mrs. Smith: "Give me a comb with- U out pyorrheaf' G ' Clerk: "PyOrrhea? What do you P The place to buy meanqv U D school books and Mrs. Smith: "One whose teeth won't Q supplies, also a good all Come 0'-It-" U line of office equip- A-A-A Q U ment. Q Mr. Trig: "Give me a sentence with D the word 'window' in it." G Lloyd Faeth: "Window we eat?" . U n D fl D STORES: Kansas City, Mo.g Topeka, Kan.g St. Joseph, Mo.3 Emporia, Kan. q U El D High School Junior Clothes Q D The Right Things for the Young Man Q u n HOME OF u a D Hart Schaffner 6: Marx and Society Brand u Ll Clothes for Men and Young Men fl n n D SATISFACTION GUARANTEED u U El D ' q D 'HuPa1ace Clothing G D O 501 Commercial Street, Emporia Northwest Corner of Fifth Avenue J D V , D cj wax ' Dnnnusnmqjgzzynnnaunii, Page 117 1,4-'Z-:s 'sy !r W3 cy cr cr U 1:1 U U I E .... D U U D U U U G as 4o a,vf,i Q3 - CD ' " ' W! ws mm 4, 1 s...r ,,. O GN D Q u 'J 'Q C N cz -' Q ..-: 'b:NN , "-: U a y l tt s 6 G swe et -was - e as -"g" N .Q-was -as D W L , . ,. . ? ,. .. , k . , ,, . . .... . .. .. .. . . W V i ,, l5?LlWV 1: U V U D Emporia, Kansas Q U El D Heard during music contest in cafe- U teria: U "That man eating is a farmer." Dependable G D "How ja know?" U "By the pitch of his fork." Photographs U A-A-A gg 9 Breathes there a student with a soul so U dead, Cornwe S Q D Who never to himself hath said: Q "In Chemistry, be hanged, I'm going to U bed." ' rl U El ' D New Latin student picking up Caesar. Q Oh, say. Latin's easy. I wish I had U taken it. Look here, pointing to several U passages: in "Forte dux in arc"-Forty ducks in G -U a row. 5 HA T "Passus sum jam"-Pass us some jam. D "Bonis leges Caesaris"--The bony E1 D 425 COMMERCIAL sT. legs of Caesar- , , Q "Caesar sic dicat on de cur 6gI'lSS1 D lectam"-Caesar sicked the cat on the E cur, I guess he licked him. D E1 D Em H i Pe f G n P' ri Do you know how it is kept up? By having a jolly, healthy student body who work D while they work and play while they play. How do they stay healthy? By a well U D balanced diet which includes the scientifically balanced U 1 D HURTS I ,uxury BREAD Q D I1 "FAMOUS FOR ITS FLAVORH D U D THE HURT BAKING CO. D N9 Phone 962 Emporia , .amy M 9 l CD gran-nv jf Lua 2 u n n n 1:1 11 43 1:1 " A B B g D 5 2 Q I' XL twinmx P-1 ge HQ 'Q' ' RE.'ECHODD D DU Z, w e I xi I9 Curb Service 8.x C , t w cr cr U U U V I I 4 st, ' ss mv 4 ' Q-.I H ' I D H O NK . D Ward's Barber and Beauty Shop D CAREFUL AND SANITARY , BARBER AND BEAUTY SERVICE P Carter s Drug Store U 1104 West Sixth Avenue Phone 559 1104 West Sixth Avenue D D D The two stood on the porch after D H h danilolfe issllinvdiztit Vern quoted rap- , turously. Celia fpeevishlylz "Well, D I1?lgki03g0lZ1eSgra::1ZS'IL'21g1i can't you tell where I am by feeling?" u your best by having your A-A-A D Barber Work done at- , In the old days a college girl had to D Van Arden S Barber be naughty but nice. Nowadays she has U to be nice and naughty. D D ml 1 11 1. 1 1 1 I D U D e mporla azette 'J T E ' G D D BOOK and . . . . D --P COMMERCIAL .1 D PRINTING . . . D D THIS YEAR BOOK WAS PRINTED BY THE GAZETTE D D D N9 GVMV4 ' IT. 4, Q fu D D D D IJ 11 D D ' n JJ D D C D Y Q Page 119 L QUWUU U RE-ECHOD UDDUUUU GN u ' Q D 4 n U D U D U D U In U u D U U p n U d U G D U D C1 U Q D Il D U U E1 5 U p G U l u U I1 U Q D rl D ' U D I1 U U 5 U D I Q 'rms A nnuau ruammvso av .umm a ou.n:n D G U H 5? A ZQMMN nnnnnamn aananu adm' Q Q 1, A MY R Q Page 120 -v '11 5 .5 1 ' 1 , J., Us?-1.1! 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Suggestions in the Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

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