Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS)

 - Class of 1925

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Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 120 of the 1925 volume:

1 i V 7 5 K I I i P V 1 ! 1 T -1 1 hffgupgme- K... -I ...V .,.,. , . ..x, -1 ' 'ff , 1 if ' ..1 'G' ,, N. T, in H ' .V ' - , f ,- -' 523- s -ji-7 .1-TM. NJ A , 1. - ,A . - av - , ' AQ. V4.1 1 . , - . -QM 1" ' 4, .-1' . , . . L ' fr F . . . ' +V , I :X 4 . - . , -hx, -c A ui- Q.. 'I' f , x, L 4 1 1 - Q, gg. , I , -.-1 , ' L 1 5 ' 4 9, ,w -. 1 Z., 5 'k 1 ' ' ' :'-v'1,p.f'- , 1 ,h , - r 1- ' Ir. 5, 4 .. ,f , 4, . - . n f . 4 Q .. 4 2- - , . , w L A ,. ' -. Y, . 5, + Q -1- N - A fx, "fl- A . ,xl , , Q ' 1: r f 'gr' , .' . , , 1 -rx -. , Q V. . 1 " , ,V ' " , , ' , - x, . I J e-. I ' :' Q I J , -, -v - . ,y ,, J. N M,x ,A 1-14 -X .. ,Q ,E T -aux. 51355: . Q .f' N5 r P . L ,Hifi .W 325 .f 1 . 1? ' iii If ffm. , , ,l " 1,5 ,V bi -11 wg. . ' lx 4 .4 Nl! ,W f-is l"'xT .1 v I .R , if-be 1.152 - wt 1 V '. 1- Q'-TW' x. X 1 - , - -, ' I --'- .AY R 'H A , L dvi f ' .-5:2256 ,..o. 'A mga . . s- ,1 :xg ,H . - , S A I i . 5 4 I E E 5 E 2 5 9 f F E 3 1 3 E F 31 r d E E 1 e c 5 fl 'E 5 1 2 5 fx 3 1 5 5 ! I I f .f , . X . ,ao 1 .. ' fx , , .f bi f ' , A N1 - Nm in lmnlfurl. ' 1 A "fx-1 I QE E51-1 esopklg Fables Publ shed by the I SENIOR, CLASS ' EM PORlA KAN SAS 1 W Q 2 5 V , 4 2 " 1- , ' Q 'ffl - F ' qi5Q.f,1iVEM.POARIA' HIGH'SCHOOL. " P Y X , 4.1 ',,v1:,-iufFm1v,- ,-.,. --TW ., - nf-V1--vij..,,Yi,r,...-L--v - -Y ,h--'gg -an-1, - - - 1 . -1 '. " I . 1 I ,XR ., k 1 - o My 'Q x Agg5Nf ,, 1: Av7"'x,, l 'M ' ' I FOREWORD s s 5. Aesop of old securea V. fl ' ' freedom from serfclom A o by his eruclition so we hope to attain success by I the four years spent. in ' b 1, Emporia High School. 1 H .A our aim is to portray 3,-34 F our High schoolsin 'the -A' ERN x language of a moclern I fs? I' I X7 i Q J , Q a fn Z M! 7 IN V' A "' V 'jx 'Alf fi h-qxx o M - 11 e ' N, G+: Sv, 4 Mi Q5 fAk2-vg.iA'5L, QA' XX I 'M S S, 2 x j N W X 4 .A U 5- w 5 5-'-'rfw SX Emi TQ, K 'M ff jo U 1 fx? gk Mr 9' .fy-Am if W , Wi ig-A, . 7 1 9 my mi? - 4" -4 Q BU' A X, x If K a ' ' - "1 X -ff-2s4'wW'jQ2-'-I-A g K :F-+"" QQ ff Pas ' V9 x If .0 S51 x I 4 f up 315 x SENIOR CLASS n ,-1' Pd U08 C2 f-X K' '-"TX: ,gf :G QD -. -1 ,ffQsf'T, .Q ,,.- R-, , A 1, ,V fm,-. H is-'ll N fi. -sf, sf -,, L -, . ,Q ill' ig ei, 7 vw-N J A3 ,P l fri ,e if New X71-Li Y' x fl .' .a ,,- - . , ,Ls I l,,. x , e A, an KXQVI f "I H 'I ' Kg! " V l 1" li il' fl K "' 1 ASAHJEL XVEST "XVit has always an answer ready." President in '23: Lions Cubg Senior Play. KATHLEEN SOXVTFIRBY "Knowledge is power." Girls' Glee Club. LELIA DAVIS "A little thing at hand is worth more than n good thing in prospect." Girl Reserve '23. Q JOHN 1NIcCAR'l"HY "'Modesty gains favor even in the eyes of a. king." Orehestra '22, '23, '24, '25: Rand '22, '23, '2l. '25, Senior Play '25, MILDRED STRITBE "There is a use for everytl1in,f.':." MARY XVILCOX "Perpetual surprise even to those who know her best." Girls' Glee Club '22, '23g Echo '25: Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '25. CHARLES UNDERYVOOD "XVe should never lose a good oppor- l,nnity." EDNA BRANDNER "'l'he way to get rich is to work hard. Girl Reserve: Echo. ' .- f- - - v. , . ,, , K, 2--4, 'Il11e,QwE, C' ELCH Q XX-' ' """'LILZZ1T1".J'lI'Z12'2l1'i1L."l1l11.L!LfLZ1'L'.T.L1'. LIILTILLL IIA' Page 9 4 . ,q'1'-lE5:.T2-awk 7 ggi Mi . Affikf gig 3,5 fgw-E H' JT fh .. it Q-if K We H4 fs . , K' ey so A -fi gl jf dew mf ,- . M G 2 Q VIOLET STE.-XDIVIAN "Quiet little maiden." Glee Club '22, '23, '2-1: Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '25g Dramlaties "Neighbors." ELDON DEPUTY "The over-ambitious often destroy themselves." GRACE BLACKBURN "Example is better than preceptf' ALICE FINDLEY "Do not trust appearances." H.-X ROLD DYVELLE "Slavery is too high EL price to pay for easy living." Football '243 ABnsketball '25g Cicero Club. ' CHARLES JACOBS "The man who wants to sell his house is a poor critic of his neighbor." - Q Hi-Y '23, '243 Orchestra '22, '23. HAZEL XVILSON "Her modesty is worthy of wide nota- tion." EUGENE LINIQ "Little friends male great friends," Boys' Glee Club: Hi-Y Club President: Debate Clubg Oratorical Contest. 1 , Page 10 -1 mepvhpl-R ff? C H CD ,P--' Xznuzrr -rn.n...41s.z1.i.xz1"-11'-' f1xz141,-1-fmve- ggzzuy-111-111-my,-3.134 -w Xx U' 0 i V I an ek d ",Q3Q1'3x,J. QD .N t ' ll ,J 4 . s, . el ii- fl, S9 - G35 an A i wit i .1"'- 'v L GQ ti! 3 1 Tn- QL l fin qrlkru x Q X f 'f ' fx 'tvs 5 'EU-r f" . ,., 5-llf XNKAL sr C C9 -H X1 'jlvh Kev - .., I - . ., Qtr. LEX, P " " it 'ii 'Shi K 'NJ Q" .fl l f " 'asf' . ,, 1-. ' MARY ALICE ABORDENKIRCHER "One good turn deserves another." Public Speaking '22g Newman Club: Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '25g "Far Away Prineessf' Shakespeare Club: Re-Echo, Senior Play '25. ,RALPH CARSON , "Guard well the strong places." Football '23, '24, Captain of '24 squad. BERNICE KIRKPATRICK "Small yet noticeable." Girl Reserve '23, '24, '25g Re-Echo Staff Assistant Editorl "Far Away Princess? Senior Play '25. PHYLISS PROUSE "lt is wisdom to see our way out be- fore we enter in." Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '25g "'l'he Gypsy Rover? "The 'Preasure Hunters." ANDREW' OLSON "Wise men guard their tongues," V Football: I-Ei-Y: Senior Play"251' Band: Honor Society Vice-President: "Hyacinth Halveyf' ZELLA CRACKELL "Good things, good deeds and good people leave a pleasant memory behind them." , Echo, Girl Reserve Cabinet: Honor Society. 4 MARY ALICE MLARTINDALE "Familiarity often breeds contempt." Rythmic Circleg Operetta. KARL REEBLE ' "Better scare a thief than catch him." Band '20, '21, '25: Orchestra '22, '23, '24, "Gypsy Rover3"' "Treasure Hunters," Boys' Glee Club '243 H1-Y '24, Oww-1nMQgwECHOv- I Page 11 ,?-1'f'5:q-Mx ff" 'lit is 5: ., ,. , C ,fW.w '+.Q Q FN wi'-M x f-, is nuke-. :,,eg .A fr Lew no l ' ffl-gy 4 . f W if lug eww-' gg' XX' -fx it If 1, fxe-. 1 . ,- xl ,-7 -- Q-,I 'f L . 'N ' '-xi? J K 'X -:fl 4 'I V' . V Q. xiii' " A Mt'-3 7, I' if ?" JL J l of' xx I X.....-,...i.- Page 12 ELSIE MCALISTER "Honesty is the best policy." Girl Reserve '21, '23, '24. KELLAR REEBLE "Men often mistake notoriety for fame." ELIZABETH JAMES "System is the jewel of her soul." DOROTHY SVVATSZEL "Beauty is sometimes more than Skin deep. Shakespeare Club '23g Newmran Club '23: Glee Club '23: Vice-President '22: Publif' Speaking '22g "Far Away PI'lllCI3!4SQ" " 'On-O'-Me-Thumb." RALPH JACOBS "Cunning often outwit-S itself." VELMA. MAXEY "Believe all and believe none." Girl Reserve: Honor Society. LUCILLE DENNY "Sincerity is shown by your heart." Girl Reserbe '22, '23, '24, '25: Girl Re- serve Cabinet '25g Honor Society. Al. JOHN GUFFEY "Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you." Ecb 0 ' 2 4 . p,:n:.-::"'1"- "" vror--:f 1112121212 f'f'vf"""t1z1.i1:'.:1x1'f "f'T'n.'.x..'zuuLt "fl THQ. 17-if EL Cf' F C F1 CJ .1 Xin r4::'::':t'.':i ' ':t:xL1:u:...1 " """ 11:1 Z: 1:21 :.Lt::1Lz!1.1".:Y.'.!i',L:1::gg3r::'gL:AJ fir 11:1 2- ,K Q4 Q Q4 A . ' Tx. C '- ' fill., ex' N .gr 'fb W gf , Q WW mwww' X lx ,PX ffe YT LWeo4iqw5ew,Qi, X X .4 4 'f h.-.1 'fri fx 0 ,- I- , v,3e.3 K- -. Y -. .4 'N K Q lf W 1. ,ll ,- I '- -' X ' . " , Q 1 1' ' dj-R, kxq-1 ,. M! ' ,, f - -' ,FQ f . flu TJ EQLB 7, FRANCES COOK "He's my model angel man." Girl Reserve: Rythmic Circle. HERBERT 'WQOODCOCK - "Please all and you can please none." Band '20, '21, Orchestra '19, '20, '21, DOROTHY KINTER "Loved by all." Glee Club '23. NVILMQA RO'l'H "'l'hink twice before you speak." Glee Club. VVILBUR STILVVLELL "Speak for yourself, no one will do lt for x1u " Senior Play '25, Orchestra. '24, '?.5: lll- Y '23, '24, '25, NELL HANNA "XVhat you have got is worth twice as much as what you will get." Entered from Peabody '2-lg Girl Reserve '2-ig Honor Society. LOIS PETERSON "Little by little does the trick." Girl Reserve '24, '25, LAUREL SETTY "Self help ls the best help." Cicero Club. -"":1:1::1:.n...x.' '....x"' " ' ' "" :tz:.Lxt3:::'atr.:.xu:1.H1L1:x:.::!r .. . 1 , -x The R' 52.12 T719 P 71.0.4 i i l l Pag e 1 3 f Q' ,rnvfr-Q ...V k 5 Q ,-R Q33 '15 ev .!WrQ?'1,VVl -U y9,,y5N""fgf' " Q. 'rx fe: 2 K, 41' . W if-GMWNFAI Y. - ,fx 'il frm- 5Qf's,i,15l-:QM ve- px jj, . 1 - i 'V Af' "1 fa 'wr " ll 5 ' fog.. I. ff v .-,l+ lkgwlgpe Jew--e.,J X-,L like- ,rl lk-.I ,- YW "W R f---' 1' -, wi nw?" 1 - '--I Wil ' "w X--T' ' 1 af X, Ki I 1" -" .- -fr X X15-sv " "7'N.f.: 'NA ' i' mil- I I Fl' 1 ,- l ROBERT RANDOLPH "The strong and weak cannot keep company." ' , Football '23, '2-4. W LOYETTE NEFF I "Clothes do not make the woman." Bandg Orchestra: Girl Reserve. ETHEL ADAMS I i'It is a good thing Olll' minds dun't tell everything out loud." Girl Reserve '23: Echo '25g Dramatics '23g "Three Girls from School." 'ig-'f Hi VVINIFRED DEAN 31 "Never let it be said that you are ull talk." . Girl Reserve '24, '25g Girls' Glee Club: Operetta '25. I EVA REYNOLDS "Let well enough alone." E,i'ERETT BYRD l I "Feathers do not make fine birds." I PAUL STRUBE ' ' "Skill and patience will succeed where force fails." F Glee Club '25g Orchestra '24, EILEEN MARSHALL "Live and let live." Girl Reserve '25. ' I I " NX YKEBDB' V I ' -gn: u.Lxxrl1:1u:::r.."!'C11r::crz':1' ,' '- X-mm-W-Y-wxmw A . bm-J, . R Ihe. IQ- E, ff' F.. C ,H CJ "vm . ..,, . ,'.x7T173TfT?"ITTZT7i.'TfT7 A.. Page 14 ' f 5.8 x F , 0 fra 1 L-. ,fig ml.-. f' 'iii y" Q4 Y.. I? -NP 1 " ' 'Y' V3 9531 .1 2 ,. '. H- ,Al " f. oi'-irq ,gb 1- g., :VJ if All . - Y h 'F 53 5' 3" f v V ,-Q5 fit- iffy it WT. .1 g 5221 13 - 'X . . . xlf M l , t eg, ' ' if 'it xx - J - - X 'I V . H- dv 1' ,, ' V' .fx l w v as K gl N I K' . , , U , , , , 5 , I 5 . " 1 or ' Xlf 1 il ' K X Gp!! , for QW" :wr X it i 2 MJ ,, ,ff as 2 Q N . IN EZ PLUMB ' "Yield all and you soon will have nothing to yield." 1 Ishond Club: Shakespeare Clubg Girl W Reserve: President Senior 2 Class: "Pil- grim Progressf' "At the End of the Rain- , bowg" "Three Girls from School." JOE DUMM "On their own merits modest men are dumb." Hi-Y President '22, Vice-President '23, Secretary '2-4: President Junior Class '2-4: Editor Re-Echo Staff: Glee Club '24, '25Z Echo '243 Shakespeare Club: Senior Play '25: "Hyacinth Halveyf' "Fur Away Princessf' "Treasure I-funtersf' King of King and Queen Carnival. BERNICE ROBERTS "Small things are sometimes more valuable than large ones." EDNA BARTELL "There may be as much mnlic in a wink as in a word." i Girl Reserve. i Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '253 Glee Club '22, '24, '25: Re-Echo Staff Assistant Business Editor, Shakespeare '23: "Fur Away Princess? "Thee Girls from School:" "Gypsy Rover." PHILIP HUGI-IIES "Silence is golden that's why I'm broke." Glee Club '24, '25g President Class '25C "Gypsy Roverf' "Treasure Hunters:" "NVrnng Mr. XVright:" "Stop Thief," "Saver for the Gausbugsf' CHARLOTTE JONES "Good actions like sweet wine leave pleasant memories behind them." Chorus '243 Accompanist for Boys' Glee Club '22, '23, '24, '253 Girl Reserve '22-'251 Senior Play '25: Honor Society: Queen of King and Queen Carnival. DOROTI-IEA SMITH "People are judged by the company they keep." Girl Reserve: Glee Club: Rythmic Circle. CHARLES MOHLER "Spare the rod, spoil the child." Glee Club '24, '25, Re-Echo Staff '24, '25 Business Manager: Shakespeare Club '233 "Treasure Hluntersf' "Gypsy Rover." 513- , gg-nl ipunnrzzuzzn-n,1K ., or-4 we is fes :fe El Qu O 'Vt Page 15 ,. ff'-E"-lex . -af, ' , ' Qi A Q l"Qf.2 Q .eq wilil, , ?l5lTf':Q." "' 'ffl' FP "5 ,GN N I -,. l ri? , , -. 1 .. F 'F-A, ,Lx fb. va 'f -" , 4, ,fe - l rl, rw, 'fa ., gf1lA3.QI,f::f T14 4? 1 f "' sv ,E Af .Q . Q l N E b ' an Q , .- w I i ELVA HINZE i- "It is good to have two strings to your bow." Cviolinj ' Girl Reserve: Orchestra, Girls' Glee Club '23, '24, ROY LEATHERBERRY "No man can live to himself." ETHEL JONES "Little by lithlg wins the trick." Glee Club '22, '23, '24, '25g Mixed Chorus '24, '25g Echo '24, '25, Re-Echo Staff '25 Kodak Editor, Shakespeare: Girl Reserve Cabinet: "Nothing But the Truthf' "Three Girls from ' School," "Gypsy Rover." INLADELINE FINKLE "Beauty is only skin deep." l LLOYD DAVIS l "WVhy not jolly the ladies if it makes . them any happier?" ' Football '23, '24. MARY RILEY "Kindness effects more than severity." ' Girl Reserve '24, '25: Echo '23, '243 Ro- Echo Staff Secretary: Honor Society: Senior Play '251 "Fourteen," Dramaties . '23, '24, '25, , w 'S ' F ' FERN BURGESS "Gratitude is the sign of,n noble soul." 0 Girl Reserve: Glee Club, KENNIjIT'H JACKSON "'l'he Gods help them that help them- Pagc 16 selves." l l 1 l l ZI- - ,,. , 111311, THQ , ,E f , ,. i ,QQSAQ Q? -12 "tx We We SW'?gfQ'eQ',3,'Q'1.'qH .9 fi 5 '- skim- fi? 7 . 'T' ,f"- IQQQW - ,7 ur' file f V lest Weil 2 'f' 1 V? X ,fi Q-...' -X" . MQT' 'Q ' N N' I ,AK 1 f'-- "' l M 4 J ' . f an v ' A . 7 f ' l X1- f ,oy K ERNEST NVILSON "XVhen you are in a man's power it is best to do as he bids." Glee Club '24, '25g "Gypsy Roverf' "Treasure Hunters." BEATRICE POWELL "An actlof kindness is a good payment." . I MHJDRED 'LKLOR "Use is ,better than ornament." Girl Reserveg 1-Ionor Society. EUAL SNODGRASS "Misfortune will surely befall him who loves unwlselyf' MARTHA PARRINGTON I "Grace is not always outyvardf' Glee Club: Girl Reserveg Mixed Chornsg "Three Girls from Schoolg' "Gypsy Rover? "Treasure H.unters." I ALBERTA McCULLOUGH "No time like the present' LOUIS HUDSON "lt is better to be wise by misfortune of others than- by your own." 1 'A ,VERA VVILKS , R "Hair is a crowning glory-but it must ' W be tied up when cooking." f - Girls' Glee Club ,225 Girl Reserve '25g Girls' Glee Club '25, I r .--... ......,--....- ...-. . . .... .....-0. .. ...N Q - M., -..,.... Page 17 J, 1 -1 o 1- . , -f 7 , . in , -""e-vm" 4' I ' VQ.Qf'4 Gzi WM Q, ff M' if 'il 5 .f'- ww - QR- . 11 5, - 'B X.-14 f' is ll an - Q fl X 2 Q rfb f ff ,ff-'fi'59i'S Q'-33 j'f"Af isle- " 2 W? Qi XAWJXQNW fi X il f' C, 'H I M 7 xff' f"' 4.-V . in fx .jf ix 'vii J H-1 "' , ul L X 'J Q . I i PATSY LOCKW-OOD "The simple are easily deceived." Girl Reserve. HOVVARD JONES "It is easy to be bruve when fur away ' from danger." LEONQX LEVVIS "True b1ue.'? Echo '22, '23, '2-lg Debate Team 'Z-1:-Glee Club '22: Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, 25. ERMA STINSON "The crowd is caught by display. LESTER SIMONS 'X "A good waiter often gets debusef' ll Shnkespeareg- Hi-Y '23, '24g Honor Soc' ietyg Senior Play '255 Scholarship Cun- test '25. DOROTHY RICE "For every where she had an why." Echo. ELVA BELLE MADDERN V "Maidens are often deceiving." Glee Club '22, '23, '2-1. H5 CARL ANDERSON 1 "Your ability is better than show." 9 E Basketbullg Footballg Hi-Y, '1 3 I i i i 5 '1 -1 'M' ,f-4. The 15155.12 E, C H O -- We--f Page 18 -VBW , 1, n ZTITTNK., C ,443 Q or-xx - :QV z4'5+r-W9-' -.Eiga ,Q Ys',u.wl3 51 Q.. 31,1 .-Qs.-QQ,'l .H -X Q x r il il A J' Maggy A I, . 74' 1, ,DREW Y." 03- ' 'J N' f- QSM ' PQ?" ' rg if 1 5 ',' Q, 4 1,6 V x. .. ' f I- f 1,1 ,. ' 1 l l AGNES RASMUSSEN-THOMAS "1-le said wilt thou--and she wi1ted." OI'Cll6St1'iL '22, '23, '24, FRED HINES "It is u good thing to know when you're well off." Baslietbull. . X RHODA JOHNSON 'Persuasion is better than force." VELMA COLLINGE 4 I "Faithful service should be long re- membc-red." Glen: Club '22: Girl Reserve '24. GEORGE MARTIN , -1' "Best not to tackle zm thing you 9un't I get away with." 1 Football '2-lg Echo '24, '25: Re-Echog Truck '24, '25. THELMA PEARSELL "Beware of il roguish eye." l I IRENE STANBROUGH "Divin6 charm about her." CHARLES COLE "XViSe men say nothing in dangerous times."' s, X I Page 1.9 ,zv 'Sql 43 QQ jk K few. :' -2 . 'f' x ,T . 5457-".:-in-'xmg - K are "riot , -5 A XFN I V gf: I. '53, , ,ig L., of ll '-f -f- 5. A -4,1 15 . , f f J" " L 'al .1 -in he W 3 ,N-UR: g 1 F ID ' . ' Tp -' 'M xjfwl -I X. X X',' I I .'2 vi -' GX Ni-, - " Q Q . 'Ns -' Y' 'R' 'J ' in CY L f fm ELLEN GUNKEL "XVhatsoever is Worth doing is worth doing well." Shakespeare: Dramatics '23. ORVILLE OWEN "I um very famous." W ELEANOR WILLIAMS "Wealth unused might as well not exist." , Echo Club '25, '25: G-irl Reserve '24, '25. 1 l . - ELADEAN THOMAS "Those Who cry loudest are sometimes the least hurt." . Girl Reserveg Shakespeare Club. , I I ' 1 lk 'J 'ww U - 'll' W '. 1' .vl,y.L'-,',ly:H, V- J., X ' X Q Yu ALFRED GREEN XX I age 00 "Handsome is us handsome doe MARY JOHNSON Be true to your own." u JENNIE LYNN Girl Reserveg Glee Club '22. PAUL MIIRPHY "Says little. 'yet much." Hi-Y. S-,. Think twice before you speak." """US T1lKIY3711'iT7Il3T. . - - -- - mo, ra. up of 121 C 1-1 O --"'7?'1?"C"""""'Z.Tff.""'7TL'1Illl1'ElZ'1.""7 f f I QA e-'-.. '23: "I, M. P. S." A ' Girl Reserve. xl-.. XCW- . , "Vail 'Q' '33 ki- g'..y.v. M J, fri X ,123 .1 la? 2 qn. 05' -L W' .. h. fi fi? 57 fit "5 l lf- rife f' in .-JL-1-J Nu J l iffy ff.. ff was is H L wg " 595 'fi' xx-' 4- . 5 4 "Q-Q., .:" .l J' .' , Y, Q. , gm -6' "alla . 3--J G H- Z JO ALLEN "Do not trust flHtt6l'8I'S.U Senior Hay '253, Dramatic Club '24: Public' Speaking '22g Shakespeare Club V OTIS GREENLEE "Better humlbled security than gilded danger." PAULINE FEREBEE "There are tw'n sides to every truth." F.-XY EMERICK 'Loyable and sweet." LLOYD McCURDY "Ol.yscurity often brings safety." - ' EVELYN HIGGINS "Eyes for tomorrow." MARTHA GRABER "A very wonderful girl." EVE RETT BALDVVIN "It is not -only fine feathers that make fine birds." 12LE' 'i4'fQi3Ti1iQEin1w HM ...I ...A 41521517 FWL I I M 1 Page 21 Y z v2f"f.'0 4i'l?s"fn. e. . .i . C if ff? in l VGMfhWf's'QS9f sf, -Q , Qg3.l3'1?f'f'5914'l TL gs ,JSR if in MAT, 3 E. sf Wig N W' r 'fix ,Af :JZ l , sg M ' 1 . 55-f"1,,? ,1 xx H, 'g' '45, A ,Q .N1.lf:,gsf jfiff Q ,Q,g,w9,, ":f.f?f' NN Y ,. is ,' .15-ll " r r-' fi "' , ll Y' V- I- ' K' J . -l cg! NND FAYE BREVVER , "XV'hen nature gives us disposition she gives it to us for keeps." COLLINS MENDEL "He who steps out of his way-must not Wonder if he missed the price." 1 . "Treasure Huntersf' Glee Club '23, '24, X I '25: Senior Play '25, MARJORIE LONG "Nevertheless she would rather be shot by curiid than by death." V UNA MIAE CRUMB "Not how much but how well." Glee Club '22: "Hyacinth Halveyf' X ' OBER SPENCER . "Speech is great. but silence is greater." 1 BESSIE KLING I "Lasting things are best." , YVILIVIA MARX "Always seek fame-it will never seek you." Y Glee Club: Girl Reserve. .,, V DENTON NIILLS F "Gratitude is the sign of noble souls." 9 wi' 7 1 4-,X " gf'-f ' A,,lL x.-M.--.-.V---. ,,M,-,N f . Ihe. l2sE, wE,Cl-ICJ , Page 22 L K. l x I i I . 5 9 X -,SW aww- Q Q, I--kg! I aff' ll 'IL is ,J'j F' 9-:AVP 1 ll -In QQ 654' ,I lx iig j-U' Six' 4 ' jff' fgmigpli ' offs' JW I L. if ,- , r-'- ",.- " L---" Q f Ng ry no AGNES CLARKSON ' "God lnvc-s them that love thom- selves. Gleo Club '22, '23, '24, '25g Slmkeslwflro Club '22, '23: Echo '24. '25: "'l'hreo Girls from School:" "Gypsy ROX't'l'I" "'l'r0asurv Hunters? Drnmatics '22. EVERETT LAT'l'IN "Truth has ai tough time und thats n fact." ' Hi-Y: Echo: Senior Play: "'l'he Fur Away Princ-assi" "Hyacinth Halvoyf' Vive-Prvesideut of Fruslimuu Class. ALTA HIGGINS "If sho will She will, you may clopeml on it-if she wmft she wmft, and thz1t'S the end on it." GLADYS ALBIN "If you want the sympathy of thc- in- I clustrious tiell them y0u're n follow work- , er." Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '25g Echo '24, '25. TI-IOIVIAS EDMUNDS "You may want all the gifts of nature. but you are al. dumb hell if you think you can get them." f ANNA KIRCHOFF "To Say wvll is good-hut to dn wvll is better." Glee Club '23, '24, Girl Reserve, l MILDRED SAYRE "Peace is restful." I CLIFFORD PIPER "Solomon had nothing on the wasp." . ..-. -nu f . L.-.. A Page 23 f 1 i ,if-.efx -. lf- 9" Q4 'E' Q5 :ig . L '47, . Y ji' , ' ' if " . ' "J . - 'Z 1 '-f ni . F1 Q Q' ' I l 1 92 -iaillx 'l ,tw :fri ,. L 'U , X V - f A Af, 3 V ,i ' xqx 4 fx! J 1... 1, 5:1 '-a1VjL-Q, .. XM. rl I. V !', ajqsg-.-is Qfx . Jffr-"'. , on .E X V11-. wwf lzlf 'jgfxgl Y X C, In 1 ll. ii X X 1 H X 1 k y ,l fx-ixbrel 11 M V .3 DAL J V ' yy Q t J f X' cg XXL? I l - i P . l fix N Page 24 V -- - 1-1-f-we--rf-1-ff 1 AGNES STRUBE "Success we need not wish her for it is found in her fingers." CHARLES CONVAN "If you're homely but useful don't try to be charming." Glee Club '25. VERA PETTY "W'hutever you do, do with all your might." . Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24, '25. . IRENE COCHENNET "Silence is golden." Glee Club '20, '22: Girl Reserve '22, '23. DALE SPENCER "Be practical first and then be poetical if you have time for it." GRACE DUBY "NVe may know at tree by it fruits." Girl Reserve '245 Glee Club '24, ANNA MICHELFEDDER "Noble acts will be long remembered." VVILLI.-XM ALTUS "Get under the crust before you judge 11 man." .-. 1.:nnL:r'n:z1r:wuxr:1:u:..v.u:.xr" ,Y ' " K. t-jj me Hamill Q' EQ 119 'fi 3 T . ,sffirl Q x24?'r?s.1x C ue' -l F" Ll HSS. - ik: X Q , Q .. up .V K ' , ,-, , A - ff, ,Vi l, ,Q - ' ILT- r 511- "' . -'Q -,If fx. if L 651.341 :jx-Q QS! lla'--vw 7 45- , 15" fx-:L f x l. S1 59 XWXQQ J , fl J - .i X,-3 ,, X - f--' ' N., lr- - - X-PQ, 4 J ,x , I ,, JI .gf an , rr!! . ,kgigwvf A Xl, lik 1 J Liz, 3 2 L Q MARJORIE COLE "Modesty is the candle of merit." l , l HOWA RD OYWIEN "Plodding wins the race." THELMA THOMAS "A smile is a. valuable asset, especially when for a superior." 4 ZELMA SPARKS "Modest-oh, so modest." Girl Reserve '22, '23, '24,. '25g "Four- teen," Scholarship Contest. I CLYDE MTYRPHY "A live private is betfer than a dead ' general." 4 RUTH DIXON 3 'Stoadiness wins the rar-o." " Girl Reserve T2-lg Honor Society. ' Ln: RU'J'H BAILEY - Q! "Smooth surface docs not always dc- K. , ,! ' note quality." 41" ORVILLE NEEDLES "History lived at the roots of' his hairs!" l . ,-3' .X 1' 'f'fff1vx:::::r1'v"'Du1x1n:::- ., .-1 1 f,r11'L1.:11a-nn!-1 rv :I X... X 1 X l ,,,.i-i...-..A N i '-'f nie, I-2551.11 FJCHO D - rrmnn. . ...:rz:m:::.-:rn-nrzxmnznrf Page 25 ! 0: sg, in . Xl will V :Wa 159, ' ' W W J' 1 l I --1 Qc A, ,fa fl 1 X. 2 'a tg V 1 1 , ,Q fu , Ge-4 3 ,gi-sub . Y H ,if 5' ' I .f PM W' l y' ff- Q .' - I XX?" -fwfr Q -'ii 'A 7 " XNXQJ! - 7 7 E l' L cn! 5 1 L w-X X Page 26 SYBIL BIXBY-BASKINS "They lived happily ever after." l GLENN SPENCER "You cannot escape your fate." ' INEZ GREER "Sometimes quick movements count." serve '22, '23g Shakespeare '22, BEULAH STEVENSON "Complete tod:1y's work, tomm'row's will take care of itself." VVLXLTER S.-x'l"l'LER "Facts speak plainer than words." GLADYS MILLER ' ""l'is a pour rule that will nnf work both ways." LILAH CRAVENS "Quality is better than quantity." Girl Reserve: Girls' Glee Club: Secre- tary-Treasurcr of Senior 2 Class. ' MLARY LOUISE SPENCER "Figures are not always facts." ,.,,..,,!,.,,W. . .,., .. ,tt M- 5 I Echo '24g Glee Club '21, '22: Girl Re- fqn X ri-G tk' w N 'ffl -'fu jQm.9LvH?,wQlf Alf ITQ , s V - -, ' -.i IIGQ fl. FF Qlwrillr V533 .9 Li wi! -xl., ,- H iq! gi .l, . - 1. .,.' 1 'Q-r-,:'.,' f ,I fNl,- x -' K ,ff 'S 'AQL-': KL Jigs l' 'Le 1' 't.'5X'ai "fx ' fe . x 5 - i n I X. M." f " ' :YL kxq-J ,--J ,. 'Q 5, -" ' -' ,if vi 1 ii L J ,KJ - -i . 1 l XVILLIAM CTQEVENGER "Exnrnple is the best preceptf' BENNIE CROXVELL H,-KIlD0ill'2llli'02-i are sometimes deceit- ful." Echo. NEXVYFON GRII"FI'I'H "Big people want little people to :ul- mire them: not advise them." .-XRDI'l'l'-T COX "The grateful heart will always find service." ' President '22g Echo '23, '24: Girl Re- serve '23. '24, '25g Secretary Girl Reserve: Kansas Scholastic Contest: Honor Society. MIOSTELLA ESTILL "Respect earns respect." Glee Club '23: Honor Society '25: Girl Reserve '22, '23, '25. RALPH DEAN "If some people had to practice what they pi-enell they'd have to stop nreueh- ing." Echo: Hi-Y. EVERETT GRJMES "XVords may he deeds." BERNKm:nLuN ' ' "Never put off till tomorrow what you , can do today." Girl Reserve. n ' 1 -I-tx ' ' " ' ' ' ' ""' "WE-.L.i"" 'Y' "" ' " ' 1kx fs x vi T1 M J -n A- -J Page 27 . 1'--7' x-L' -. ,fi W'W W, l X ?"1v,w, ' 5 'ii' 2 1 I I ,ffl 4V viii :TWH 1 4 Q3 LK' ll, .- x iii? AR' . it MEI? I V fl A31 xi l'1".r Q. .yy xN.l,,-,i4A'l' ,K 'LV It .. .y Il 'uv-Y-A lv' . ' f" ' ' V, 'iffy " f wa' ,f l-Q ,ffl is X xx rx 11 " fl " . at "ay, ' ' 'il-4 , N gm -' "- F-ALJ El 1 l I m f X5 1-4 N' l I l l l PHHVARD B.JoNEs 1 'LA smart crook often meets il smarter l crook and gets trimmed." E i ' ELEANOR STUBBS 3 "A very studious young' lady." i Girls' Glee Club '22, '23, '25g Mixed Chorus '2-ig Girl Reserve Cabinet: "Gypsy Roverf' "Treasure Huntersp' National Honor Society: Scholastic Contest. BERNHHIIUNKER "Not only good and kind but elevated is thy mind." LORA MEINHARDT "An act of kindness is ri good invest- ment." Glee Club '25. CHARLES JOHNSON "Red hair increases temper." EDNA 'l'0DD "Thoughtful friends are very nice." 1 Re-Echo: Girl Reserve: Rythmie Circle. I JOE MEYER "Success is thy motto." l Glee Club: Senior Play '25: Operetta: Mixed Chorus, "Op' 0' Me' Thumb." 1 EVERETT FISH ' "Too much cunning overreziehes itself." Football '23, '24, H253 Basketball '23, '24, '25, - l 1 'lx' ,Illia-if-Z-lLKl41I4.1L1-...1." '41::.L4s..L 1:14.-:L11 ::.1x:x:it3:TL'r.:..tI.1:. ' ' .. " " ...1'1:xx1. J--. -4 -B no ,. . 41 e e X,,,- ell, . , -C..,..-.,J K The l1.fl1,.'i1,L,,ldI CQ X l1'S'Jl'Ql, sf- :?:::1'::u!'L:T'11:T:'t:ixzT:i.r 'xlfixx r:T.::1r:T:vT f:'::::L:7:3:r:r:.:1 Page 28 4 -u C. l x ,Off H- .1 39, 45 Qi Q wh ul. W1 ,pi-A ,'s:Ib.,N Plyirfl -"" 'QQ' Inf' . "::.,j,: 1-,cg 4 ...v TQ, yf.j,l Vg, nhju Qifbkv, S, 'E-'E J lk' W A X ft IT 1. Nerf f ki N ul-N, ff' 4' 6+ -'.' hi ' N fl EI l 7 x.N,lx-,W F. ,A N511 - mg ,. uh, Ame Y ll , V . 'nufxxgw Q' .. ' ff A , Q fir I K' wg, ',' R pu KA. j I-'hx -X 1 dmv, i ml.-ix. -.xsipf 'pw M ML 3.1 i 'W DAN LETVIS "Never trust a friend who deserts you in a pinch." HARRY BURNS "Day dl'02llTlS are pleasant but they don't get you anywhere." Colored Hi-Y: Xvizurd Basketball Team. CLARA CHENEY HXVIICFC there's zz will there's 21 way." TRACY RAY "VVitl1 u brave head and cowardly legs many a man lives to a ripe old age." Colorde Hi-YQ VVizard sketball Team. JOHN CARTER "Necessity is the mother of invention- tlie grandmother of achievement-and the nrother-in-law of success. l Williams, Shank, Bunch, Miss Marshall, Mr. Southg Somers, Shoo At eo Reeble ! y Y ! Calclwellg Hunt, H. Lee, Kemp, I. Lee. 'iiiiiillllflf-Z!l."1lI3-'.F.12?47T?il '17 LSE ZH 3372iUZX1'.TKT ' ' T31 ,H X - --.w -wi 'V U" N1 -Q "A ' nw 11, ff IL C, Pl I J ,Y------ff Page 29 Page 30 Q fffis 5 rfb " We L C, Ax , --, g ,,. ,-A TQ, .N ,, 1,1 ff rf Sei ff if ' f ' . ' s l 54 ii N: tiff " v " . " I H onor Soczety i . The Emporia Chapter of the National Honor Society has entered upon its second year of service. On March 11 twenty-two of this year's graduating class were elected to membership. By this election the organi- zation presents again its fundamental purpose to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to encourage school citizenship, to stimulate a desire to ren- der service, to promote leadership, and to develop character in the stu- dents of the Emporia High School. On March 12 the recognition chapel was given for the new members of the society. At this time fourteen members of the 1924 group greeted them as they came to the platform and Mr. Brown, in behalf of the High SchooL received the class into fuH rnennbership to the chapter. On March 27 the Faculty of the High School gave its annual dinner at the Newman Tea Room in honor of the group and in accordance with the constitution the class gave the program of the evening. Guests from each of the preceding classes wvere present. If any outstanding things may be said of this new class they might be that this new class is just as sincere, just as efficient, just as genuine, just as interesting, and just as charming as the classes that have gone before. MEMBERS Stubbs, Eleanor Dixon, Ruth Carter, John Cox, Ardith Underwood, Charles Crackel, Zella 'Hanna, Nell Maxey, Velma Olson, Andrew Greenlee, Otis Riley, Mary Simmons, Lester Rice, Dorothy Powell, Beatrice Cheney, Clara Burgess, Fern I Cleavenger, William Taylor, Mildred Jones, Charlotte Link, Eugene Denny, Lucille Estill, Mostella d, V SPONSORS , Miss Cornell, Miss Whitley, Miss Schmalzried, Mr. Hall and Mr. Trigg Il Motto--Deserve Success and Ye Shall Command It l Color-Royal Purple E Flower-Ward Carnation I l I IAYEDNAIX I ,H f f . N - A :L 1 'N "-"' - ---vw --------'---Q-----M ,---- ,..,, T ,ug J Xiw'-D-"'4 C. IRE ff ECI-1 O 7--Q Page 31 '1 V 'l J'JUxk L di M HQ , va -X M CY ki lx ,, ., A i 1 Ar. X 54 I, -V .h..,,,l,g,'ri4:e.i.L.- e J.: L , as 4 ee ..-fr . 1..,..,. "i I Ili 5 W S Fi H i H V I Ii V ii E! 'fl Ll ll is W L ll B B l ai Q 66111 rumme l V E On May 22, "Beau Brummellj' a play in four acts, by Clyde Fitch, was pre- p sented by the Senior Class of 1925. The cast of the persons in the play was as follows: Beau Brummel, John Sl McCarthy, The Prince of Wales, Andrew Olson, Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Asahil West: Lord Manly, Eugene Link, Reginald Courteney, Joe Dummg Mortimer, Joe I. Meyer, Mr. Abrahams, Everett Latting Simpson, Herman Van Zanteg Bailiffs, Les- xg ter Simmons and Wilbur Stilwell, Prince's Fooiman, Clarence Mercer, Mr. Oliver Vincent, Collins Mendel, Mariana Vincent, Charlotte Jones, Kathleen, Bernice Kirk- iz patrick, The Duchess of Leamington, Ruth Reebleg Lady Farthingale, Mary Alice ,Ii Bordenkircherg French Lodging-house Keeper, Mary Riley, Mrs. St. Aubyn, Jo Allen. Too much cannot be said for the play turned out a wonderful piece of Work. It showed much time and labor spent on the part of Miss Catharine Crissey, the coach, and also on the part of every member of the cast. The fact that the audience iii remained thrilled throughout the entire performance was proof enough that the play was a success. The lighting and scenic effects were very delightful. i K Y! :N i i. l Page or-ffjlxiie 1-22.24. ffl i5f,,iLf'ff,l lCfJ'l if-ew X ..g1:.JLi::':zt4z1 t-:L1f:f:..'1x::1:t:.::1 F ::'r:1X':1t:....4' ""v" :f S2 JUNIGR CLASS ,l, , gpg l r Y w r Page 34 Y 1..- , f , ix"r .,-..,,,..,,L.LL T f, - ..- ui i-N531-i"A ' ' Qwx 1, if .L 'A x Ar V ' .- . . -- If 1' ,v ., W L.wJ't A . if L . 5 A I U ii 1 v fi 1? :i 1 '5 K Page 35 x x f 1 I 'F EE- 'xl if m. Ei i: 32 .1 "1 1'v 1: I gi sg E! M be 52 li I! ll E! gi A Ei! il Ei L! E, -1 is E i 3 ii.. i I i xl Y! 55 fi ii I1 H :I Y! il 2. Q1 51 if ia s- Page dxf' 'VL J: S, Page 37 Gbi'1.Xlxr:!MjAK A- .5-15,1 Xl X 043' " 1 Y 1 fi, If A ,s... Q 1H'e G W rs .rf'-Q. rf' 5 ' A '-f?ii1'9'f Fetfefgfe ssh, an , is 'eel 53. ei." , ff- . ' X l-Q fp, lgxgef fp -'J XL, 847 I ssl fr' Q-i we lr - me xt , . 4 A H ,sf , .J l e ' ', ki, -- X-,af X, ff 3,15 IJ i K-X The Class of 2 OFFICERS President ---- ..-- - .-..----..---.- - - George Clow Vice-President, ...... ...........--. - - Edward Ryan Secretary-Treasu-1'eo' -------.--..- ..-....--.... J uanita Denny The class of '26 is known as the peppiest class in the High School and it justly deserves this title. Not only are they the pep- piest but they are also the smartest, although of course the class of '25 will not admit this well known fact. The class is entering the last lap of their High School days. During the past year the class of '26 has taken an active part in all school affairs. It has contributed to the athletics and placed a member of the class on the all-state team, who is also our president. In the glee clubs a goodly number of the class are to be found. As well as contributing musicians and athletes this class also places many of their members on the honor roll. Outside of their school activities the class of '26 has had several social functions. They had a hike in the fall term and a line party at the Strand in the spring term. Both of these events were the most enjoyable of their kind in the school year. ' This important class boasts of the following as their members: Ulm, Fulmer, Lockard, Chartier, Schaffer, DeLong, Cheer Stephenson, Austin, Jenson, Cowan, Jones, Scheel, Davis, Barnes, Lee Jones, Atkins, O'Mara, Ryan, Eccleston Rickard, Lamoreaux, Lehman, 0'Mara Nation, Fisher, Zeigler, Clark Winter, Johnson, Harrison, Henning, Marcellus . Roderick, McCarthy, Doyle, Ptacek, Terry Reeser, Petty, Mulling, Jones, Herman, Buck, Thomson Armstead, Staley, Winter, Theys, Peterson, Kelly, Sellars Embrie, Tholen, Jones, Harris, Richey i Prewitt, Thomas, Ross, Keys Bowman, Clark, Carr, Detrick, Harris Richards, Betty, Wheat, Ames, Lumpkins Myers, Kean, Ford Anderson, Smith, Croner, Allen, Davis Troll, Zeigler, Jones, Hunt, Prentice Hill, Kusmaul, Nutting, Smith, Sierer, Hunt, Piper Henderson, Cowan, Koontz, Moore, Bishop Schaffner, Drennon, Jones, Gault, Cooper Denny, Corbett, Brasier, Nutting Theys, Major, DeYoung, Coleman, Samuels Clow, Smith, Denny, Schlmanek Davis, Tholen, Caldwell, Pinkston Ray, Roe, Stengel, Riddle Edwards, Hamble, Clauson, Gerardy, Dunn Newsom, Kelley, Roberts, Nicklin, Kemp Pettijohn 1-'-fwx.:n.1..mHL:s.uAf : uunlug' :vf'u.u:.a.v - fvfugufw 1:znnrfn.xn.v-We ii- ---4 Tlie, lQ,EL1f'E,CHCD N' SUPHOMORE CLASS Llffgif' Page. 39 ,wgnr AMFQ. 3-'1 r-. V y x rn ' 1 iv W , , ,A - . - ' u Q Page 40 l l H ,SL X... V X M AV f ix ff . 1- I," , 1'1fl H l - Q 'Ch' .l 3' I A fx L , , 1 g ff . 4,1 r 5 , .I ', ' h ,fn , r, X xt ' ,A 4" L 'Q z .I A '- Y' if v K 9 E ' Qfl ' ' K pl " , , ::1,., . . M --A--'-PWA:--5 -- --W . Y .2':L1..f.-r...u,- - -7 ei,-Agelgiemf f-W-VA g 'I m Q -P X, . Moore, Samuel, Miss Held, Magee, Mr. Long McCue, Sagaser, Marshall, Culp Spencer, Gould, Thomas, Lee Freeman, Steg, Bechtel, Graham Tressler, Hughes, Martin, Siebert, Findley, Hill Arndt, Hembling, Onstad, Jones, Walker, Grimsley, Mayberry Moon, McProud, Piper, Williams, Lawrence, Hovgard, Wolever, Brown Gufler, Bratton, Lind, Grow, Carr ' Sophomore OFFICERS President --------- -- -'L --------------- --- Eunice Piper Vice-President -.--------- ------ ----- ---. L l o yd Faeth Secretary and Treo-sure-r -- ----- -..-.. R obert Warren We, the Sophomores, class of '27, carry the honor of being a great class, in numbers anyway, the approximate enrollment being 215. As Freshmen we were as unorganized as we were green. But one bright, cheery day we trooped into the auditorium at 12:15, and proceeded to organiie this great class of ours. By the aid of our most willing and worthy sponsors, Miss Held, Miss Douglas and Mr. Long, who presided at this meeting, we became an organized body. Although our past has not been of a social nature, we are noted as a peppy bunch. Remember the pep of the Sophomore gang, when they stood behind the line of the Red and Black out on the C. of E. field. l 1.4-A-----T.-......,......1,.x,A,,-,,,,,,,,A,,4-,,,,,A pA,A,,A-,-,,Mgu,,-,- Y-AL-A 4 l A""HMi -'L , ,,-U5f1-. iiigifif ,,e,e n 'rTio,,CQre,-""m'W"'r "' Page 41 I or or A ?RBUI-79 WKTHOUT YPxRD3TlCK CONSTRUCNON COULD NOT BE PROVEN.NJlTH- OUT PROF. TRK:G CON- STRDCTKON COULD NOT- BE PROVENJJHICH MAKES PROP. 'TRWJG AND YARD5TlCK EQUALLY ESSENTUXL. THEREFORE PROE TRTGG 2 YARDSTKM. Qo 0 IT X5 RUMORED MR. LOKJTHER OHLE HRD FOOTBALL AHBTTTOHS-HE. I5 SHOWN HEREGHHT- Tmc, THE n.mE.'1 ---Q w?i'Q?iA'Q ZW' I PROF.JAP1ES I5 THE Bones, ROLLN' SEARCHING FOR AH ATOP1-YES HF. I5 ,N I , GOWN' T0 INSECT 'T MOST or THe FACULTY HAVE . T ADOPTED THE sT.oc,AH or THE yffv QT FRENCH AT THE BATTLE or 5 I T 0? mamma THEY SHALL NOT wxss, gg fm X X ',. , 43, I ' V I K K 5 'fn."? K Iwi W X 'I-Q sk ea, , T I ,' ',,-ff, , XT WM funn f MTUX L ' .. T T 5 N X Tix, T X K 'A X A' R Xxwofjmxxn 1: Wffrffr ., ' 1 '. f ' .xx X .:: X I ITT- if Y fi: EI X ffgl x ,MW ..'.i,Aie2z2af,taE1i2?2f'?f2,'f4,-JFPY f f-2 .1 ' , 451' -Q,TAf...dLI. 1, L- M f ,I 'f'-M., 1 I nl i - x IIREQQ fwwazf 4Y' " EEG f',.'ffe.,:,T. T X " f H3 llT1'g',fg..liQ:::1' X X f .L WT'-I.:ax. I - A 'xlqf Q' F T- g f, Emi gig ' - g' .Tu Is .. ' 'L Xwg' via' vs, ' gl X Tmunnnummun unm n .muum lmummmnm mmm Umm, ,,,,,,,m5 TNI, U., 1 P51042 q -. -4 FRESHMAN CLASS I Page 43 -' TIL' 5-nfl? ' w Al' 5 A .,, 5 ,A Ge-"H s Page 44 I -,,,,!,,,.T , . ., 5 -4' X I 4 --. x I, 1 Judson, Price, Carmaechial, Martin, Hardesty, Williaiiison, McCluneg Fleming, Roth, Dreasher, Bradfield, Rinker, Tucker, Saffer, Smith, Jacobs, Hotzel, Dunkin, Ham- mond, McColm, Titherly, French, Richards, Cary, Peach, Long, Troyer, Pantle, BroWning,'Carsons, Eattan, Sill, Pantle, Gaultg Keeler, Nicholson, Shoop, Griffith, Bunch, Hatfield. Swanson, Showalter, Stevenson, Moore, Donovan, Clogsion, Peterson, Palmer, Nan- nigan, Mott, Bollinger, Plumb, Swint, Gorden, Austenfelt, Turkle, DeLong, Tress- ler, Bellinger, Macomber, Riley, Safferg Fowler, Cole, James, Getz, Burgess, Halley, Maloney, Browning, Johns, Urquhart, Crouse, Weeks, Crammer. Page 45 ,-fir -Ar X -T3 4.4 I-, Q ,fl -1 ,5'T r -, 1-1 v .l J' 12 . -, 9 ' .-' . . - 5 ' 'rw fu- f-'rw rNfiM..- i f li. , fl . V H . Q J .".rM . ' M mv ,, lfhrkx f I l 1 ' I K f , - -- .x .T-, i . l , -, ' - r . -4. f ' 1 - . ,fx -1 . .J , l , , 1 L' f ,. ...L - ' ' o LAX .+'. u --4' 1.1 f..l....J K. F The Freshman Class The Freshman Class of '25 is one of the largest that has ever entered E. H. S. - We are only Freshmen, but, oh! how important! Last fall we elected our officers. The Freshmen I elected Hlarold Reeble, presidentg Robert Plumb, vice president, and Timmy Donovan, secre- tary-treasurer. The fairer sex feel that they have been somewhat slighted in these offices, but have become reconciled as they feel these .men know so much more about business than they do. The Freshmen II officers are: Doris Braden, presidentg Lucille Ray- mond, vice-president, and Ava Emerick, secretary-treasurer. 1 We have had only one hike. On this occasion our sponsors lost their traditional dignity and acted like children. We have in our class a number of whom we are very proud. 'Harold Reeble, of basketball and football fame, and Robert Plumb, the ideal cake-eater. We have many others in our class who are renowned in more than one way, but we will wait until next year to mention them. Our class ranks high in scholarship. We feel deeply indebted to our sponsors for their patience and tact in guiding us through our first stormy year in E. H. S. The Freshmen I sponsors are: Miss Sirpless, Miss Jackson, Miss Wade and Mr. Hurt. The sponsors for the Freshmen II are: Miss Schmalzried, Miss Crissey and Mr. Rapp. We want everyone to take notice of us because We feel that in a few years we will be the best class in E. H. S. r.,.....-. ..v. C. ...A ....., .. ..,.. , . X I - .,4.,., ., M., ...,,.i,-.,. 1 1:,,::..::'-' .Q:':v. rr 'if' 'ur' ir.-gray, 1r:1:'1.:t J x-.,.., ,, .im , Page L6 -s-1 THQ la- if L 'f,'Q ,QQ lol QQ x'iT77T7"'7"i'1'71i"'fT'i"'T' i' T:-'T :tt-7'Tt1"1tTTT' 1'1TTr: x A I ATHLETICS F, ll -sc... , , , 4,4 TE" 'N Q . 1 1 , l P , 7 , I, i E i V K I 1 Page 48 1 -3. ug, F '-'..T1fl y Page 49 EVERETT FISH LEE DAVIS ED GRANT Age 19, Weight 155 Age 17, Weight 167 Age 18, Weight 178 Quarterback t Tackle End Page 50 IVAN CARSON LLOYD DAVIS HAROLD KEAN Age 17, Weight 143 Age 18, Weight 145 Age 18, Weight 155 Center ' Halfback Fullback ANDREW OLSON ORION MOORE ROBERT RANDOLPH Age 17, Weight 173 Age 18, Weight 160 Age 18, Weight 155 Tackle Guard Guard BERNARD MCCARTHY RUPERT PICKETT HARORLD REEBLE Age 17, Weight 150 Age 19, Weight 155 Age 16, Weight 160 Guafrd End Fullba-ck Page 51 rfzr'-fix.. 4 5 -15 ,QVKLL We-s V- -'viii s. fi- . 2.1 av ,uk Yr' f . Q ,, ,A ,H X A .. -- Gi In pf. 'gl 11 ,XY 4 1-X lx' TT: MT' img Z5 11' .. Q5-J' lx .-fs A- ,W 7 . . , for ,rdf , -l Kidhawffrl x+rg te. fl' , -lmfw at E 'l , 'H . ,L -fx rg' M. "ip ,F 5 I., xx '-. R M J 'xi N .fr nw- " ,ll fl "si J ef' ,-1 1 Z k Cf 3 1 li l v 'NA Page 52 ootball The season of '24 opened for E. H. S. with fifty candidates and only five lettermen in suits. But as the days wore on, the squad dwindled-the men worthwhile fighting hard for their place, while the others dropped out. The team took the field against Florence in the first game and was defeated, 16 to 0. Again we were de- feated when we played Lawrence High School, score 9 to 3. After such a poor start, everyone thought there would be no chance when the Red and Black met the strong Hutchinson eleven on their own field. But the "old fight" will Win for any team-the Em-Hi eleven returned home with the bigger part of a 10 to 6 score. On a foreign field we won from Abilene, 6 'to 0. The next game was at home, and the fans turned out in full force to see the team in action that, for two weeks, had been running Wildj The Red and Black lived up to her name, defeating Manhattan Highs fthe team that last year had held us to a 0-0 scorel in a hard fought game, 10 to 0. We had hit our stride, and the following Week one-half of the school went to Topeka to see us win, 10 to 0, with both Ivan Carson and Grant out of the game inthe second half. On a muddy field at Ottawa we played a tie game, 6-6. In the last game of the season, we met Marion High School, and that game, one of the best ever played, ended in a scoreless tie. A survey of the season's record shows the number of games won, lost, and tied, to be the same as last year's record-a record of which any school might be proud to boast of. The second string is always a great factor to the winning team. The subs fight hard but seldom have the chance to play in the regular games. Those who made the squad but failed to earn a letter are: George Martin, tackleg Clarence Sawyer, halfback, and Harold Dwelle, center. At the football banquet, held in honor of the team, Lee Davis was selected to the captaincy of the Red and Black to succeed Ralph Carson for the coming year. FOOTBALL SEASON OF '24 E. H. S.-- 03 Florence ---- 16 E. H. S.--10, Manhattan --I 0 E. H. S.-- 3g Lawrence-U 9 E. H. S.--10g Topeka ----- 0 E. H. S.--103 Hutchinson-- 6 E. H. S.-- 65 Ottawa ---- 6 E. H. S.-- 63 'Abilene ---.- 0 E.. H. S.-- 03 Marion ..--- 0 1:37-1-gg-J ..,, ,-041533--. gggzifnuggx edjmggwmcwgv-www ,-, xy x w 7'f X A x ,Add ' f .L ,--...,.-....-n.1...41 ,..,..-...-.......1.,n-, - Grant, Pickett, Clow, Fisn, Reeble ' 1 ,,,K,,x,,l Anderson, Dwelle, Carle, Sangygf, C-VIZSOIL4 ,gf ?YaQ f ww li ., , f fx- I X I-- 1 , , X "'. f v , ., Page x ,X I, i ! 1, 5 1 ik V 1 I I 1 w Q 'i Qi 5? 2? if if V w N V, wi W 'N U V ill in ln 1 in - ii in ij Z! gl 47 ,P IQ 3 I5 i 'fi Qi '! 5 3,1 A f 53 ir' f s,'-VN..-L JSC, 42' Q4 1' ,sv ' - if . ,. , , I 'AN V3 13 E i L' Q X :Zu i 131,-V K 1 . , 1- , I - U- 5 r ..- .- ' 17 J1 ' V 4 . A,-'S lfi- up ev F' 1933 If-Q f L U: " N, H4 i ' ,4 ' -, :J--1. 'H' "ii 4' .f, - J 1 " fqjkif I -1 , g.. 1 tilt, g- by rj., 4, V.. 13- ., W, re, MC Q L ' ,-af----t i ,f ..f ie . . f 1 ,V-1 - N, .QQ - ,,. , , J a ,U awk , -sg . J 1 IJ, , ,212 'J' KERWICK CANTWELL Roman DENNY ' Basket Ball VVe opened the season by defeating Eskridge Highs, at Eskridge, December 19, 46 to 18, the second string playing most of the game. In the first home game we walloped Manhattan High, 44 to 6, in the only game played in the High School gymnasium, as the crowds were so large that it w'as found necessary to play the rest of the home games on the Teachers College court. We had hit our stride and in turn Burlington, Ottawa and Clay Center fell. But on the 29th of January we received our first defeat at the hands of the Newton five, score 28 to 16. The "old fight" wins, and Chanute took the smaller part of a 33-14 score on their own court. On the next two days, Parsons and Columbus fell before the charge of the Red and Black. Eskridge fought gamely, but was defeated, 63-9! We lost to Newton by two points and to Wichita by three points on foreign fields. A basket in the last few minutes of play gave Westport Highs from Kansas City, the next game, score 20 to 19. We Won for the second time from Burlington, 32-12. We won the second game with Westport, 20 to 15. Losing to Ottawa, 24-23. "Quien Sabe" Clay Center took the count, 31-25, on their court. The last game on 'the schedule-Em-Hi vs. Wichita! The Red and Black showed its old form again, and we won 41 to 23. In district tournament we defeated Council Grove 67 to 10 and Marion 32 to 21. One victory deserves another. We entered and won the sectional tournament at Ottawa, defeating Ottawa High 27-16 and Marion 26-16. Entering the state High School tournment at Lawrence, March 27th, we won the first round, defeating Liberal Highs, 30-14. Ellsworth fell in the second round, 39 to 10. We met Wichita in the semi-finals and lost by the narrow margin of two points. We won third place, defeating Kansas City, Kan., 35 to 16. By their playing in the tournament, George Clow placed on the all-state for the second time at center. Everett Fish, all-American guard '24, was given the cap- taincy of the second team. Ten players received letters: Ed Grant, Ruper Pickett, George Clow, Carl Anderson, Everett Fish, Leo Carle, Clarence Sawyer, Harold Reeble, Harold Dwelle and Ivan Carson. A banquet was given in honor of the team. , g.....- - ' '.....' -V V -L1L.L..4 ist. 4.1.4 zgiiiga44..a1:axg1i:1f...:.::.::.xx.:1g.g: rL4,1..g 4.1.1-:Ji .' 1-43 j Q - -4 I - -- -R - .The ,I-5.31- . pl C,,l l CJ X' e' so nerr N,:x.xn1::-L:1-.1x.1..e .... 1... ..l...-1L4f.1.ei .lrier :11e-Lr.fe,n-..,r144 Page 51, ACTIVITIES 7.7 A.-.4.4...-+.........,,., ,, A-,,, - 6 Page' 56 424+ Page 57 Q l . r A 1 l f E , F iiielfxgi 6? IREM, ,mx L, ,wx wk, . .Q J-gs '.L,.'l Qui, Mswfgq Nia! Q: lp' vi L-Yfil I 1' F-. V Q., ,.. f-Q- .gg " I ,- ,-A. , 1 ,Q so If ,W ,i!.i3'.. f . def vi 1 if K: 4 ,li si lf' new X 1 L f ., ny. ,gk , ' A. kv-.s A -1-,B .1 H55 . lv .N gl A I N I: I is l l 1 l l ' Carr, Grunwald, Romer, Ryan, Mr. South , Lehman, Albin, Garten, Todd, Clogston, Henning ', Brandner, Ulm, Gordon, Jones, Urquhart, Adams, Martin X' Williams, Clarkson, Wilcox, Barnes, Walker, Crackel l Echo N Our High School has one of the best school papers in the state. It is newsy, Ll as Well as enjoyable to read. Beside this it is self-supporting, made so by its adver- ll tisements, and loyal support of the student body. This is the thirteenth year of the Echo's history. Some people seem to think X' because of superstituous ideas, that thirteen is an unlucky number, but the Echo ,I staff feelszquite differently, 'for it has completed one of its most successful years. li In other years the paper has been published every two weeks, but by the splendid li co-operation of the reporters, writers and advertisers, it was possible to publish a , paper Weekly this year, and regardless of this fact the financial conditions are very Q. good. One of the paper's new attractions this year is the "Dere Mabel" column. All w departments have contributed their best to the good of the paper. Members of the 1925 Echo Club are: Mary Wilcox, Beatrice Powell, George Martin, Evert Latin, Agnes Clarkson, Dorothy Clogston, Ethel Jones, Richard Bailey, Winton Corbett, Bennie Crowel, Willard Romer, Ralph Dean, Esther Bower, Gladys Albin, Eugene Link, Florence Lehman, Dorothy Rice, Edna Todd, Edward Ryan, Ethel Adams, Gladys Miller, Marie Urquhart, Clifford Carr, Robert Warren, Ruth Walker, Eleanor Williams, Viola. Harris, Thelma Ulm, Lorene Barnes, Bernice Walker, David , Dellar, Gertrude Henning, Ione Gordan, Mable Garten, Mable Jones, James Grun- Q Wald, Edna Brandner, John Cary, Zella Crackel, Faye Emrich, William Williams, A' Elizabeth Riddle, and F. Jay South, Faculty Director. wr it .f 'TQf"T'fi 'lli L H can ef Page 58 Cowan, Jones, Brown, Clow, Meyer, Hughesg Cantwell, Reeble, Dumm, McCarthy, Galt, Jones, Kean, Jackson, Link, Mendel, Miss Hill, Jones, Mohler, Macurdyg Stowe, Strube, Buck, Hawke, Wilson, Austin, Carle. Hovgard, Jones, E. Jones, Clarkson, Burgessg Hinze, Nutting, Strube, Jenson, Hem- bling, Cramer, Reeble, Strubeg Gilson, Wesner, Stowe, Gwinner, Dean, Shoop, Marx 3 Tressler, Roberts, Stubbs, Miss Hill, Davis, Parrington, Atyeo. Page 59 ' rf trxkl xt -' 'N 4:1 Qi 'M ,-, , x., - 4 N L ,, 3"-. -- , -- ffl, "fi , , .I . - Q ,N ,N l"'A: ,'x Qfx' .4 w,1 fin 5' flue L Q nz H155 ,K K - -f-'lx H X. I ' ' J 1 " - .-yr fl: , : ' ' - w "T I K 4- !',, X 65, 4, inf: I. gig 66-x I: xxhhl 3. V-f, 2 fl 4 -vc M K. he ,A f e V .N we ,. -, me ll -, V T. t ' ,g ' ,- F - 5 ax - qw f w. ,-,BL j . , 57' KI ., 4, Lf 'E l The Emporia High School Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Person, was organized early in September. The orchestra is open to all who are interested in music and play orchestra instru- ments. The motive of the orchestra is to promote good music and teach the members to play together. The orchestra has appeared before the High School a number of times and has co-operated with the other organizations many times in entertainments. This year 'the orchestra has Worked on four overtures, principally the "Poet and Peasant." Mr. Person worked different sections of the orches- tra separately. Members of the orchestra are: Members of the orchestra and the instruments they play are: F-irsf Violin-Berg, Hinze, Atyeo, Stil- Viola-Reeble. Well, Roe, Todd, Strube, Wilson. Fv"c'n.ch Horns-Atkins, Lewis, Dean. Seca-nd Violins - Harvey, Johnson, Base Vial-J ones. Lamb, Cramer, Gordon, Smith, Rob- Drums-Kellar, Tholen, Corbin. erts, Beach, Tholen, Bone. Pianist-Lull. Comets-Segondollar, Brown. Traps-Tholen, ' Tru-mbones-Boetz, Buckly. Director--Person. Cello-Stilwell, DeYoung. Cla'ri'nets-Hill, Williamson, Hamer F'l14.tc-Zeigler. ' Willy, Shultz. .X 'ff rflcr. ,,,,,l- ,, ..,., ,T ,,., Aadll.-. . , S me--'W--1 1 me 13 ffl F., C H Q y--e-e--- R'f'-lfffiffrll rn rttlixirz rs ::'x:Q:::1rm:1n:r::::r.::-z:1x5'L.'1::::x::f Page 60 '- ,QZ-glides. K 'Ri' "" . A ,fl figkky fam Qiglvs -.1 is -Q mrmnqi Lfffi ESQ' 145 ff Lars -a . sie? Qi Gill fv W- H4 p ti-5' Ms.. fl J 'Jig "fx ll' -'E Q17 ,f-f .Q , if 'ii J A-,-' - ' a Band The band of 1924-25, under the direction of C. W. Janssen, has made a special study of instruments this year. At the beginning of the year a second band was organized called the "beginners band," for the purpose of teaching students, who were interested in band work. This band met twice a week after school. At the beginning of the second semester the "beginners band" was taken in to the High School Band, making the H. S. band larger. The Emporia High School Band entered the state music contest-placing first. They gave their loyal support to old E. H. S. football games on our home grounds, and made al trip with the team to Topeka. The band has also made several appearances in chapel and in public. The members of the band and the instruments they play are: Saa1a.pI1,0'n.es-Andrew Olson, Bus Freeman. Bassoon-Wesley Parks. Bafritones-Richard Northcut, George Crumley. Tfrombones-Spencer Baltz, Luvois Welborn, Stanley Clogston, Mason Buckley, - Anne Laurey Edwards. Basses-Karl Reeble, Glenn Phillips, Davis Jones. i F-ranch, Horns-Maurice Atkin, Dan Lewis, Robert Steen, Octavia Long. D-rams, Tymponic and Traps-David Keller, Fred Corbin. t D1'1a.ms Con-Gertrude Hill, Fred Fleming, Emmett Jones, Frank Martin. l ... .... .5-........-...N..-.....--......-1-nu-n...-v-..-............ .-.. if . P17 515453 Page 61 .avi ga- .V 'jg ff ng-I Q 1 , V. 1 , . .11 4 W-ia.: , - " I ,U ,fflr F G' '-' . ' , 1 fl ,, '1 'A 5, .A L :,, f .L 1 gyessi 'Y ,f'. .J i v ' f f f A ' ' " 5 "J -4 f 25"-' ' - s ' .. ' Int. ,I --pb ..:rsh.dl...- ,Ji J. .7 f 7 " ' 4- Hal:-Ai' , , Yi 'lllipvv Paul Murphy, Brown, Samuel, George Martin, Anderson, Dumm, Olson, Mr. Steely Baldwin, Stilwell, Carr, Harris, Stowe, Faeth, Dean, Spencer, Tytherly Mr. Hall, Edmonds, Samuel, Sim-mons, Marcellus, Thomson, Link, Mr. Williams Gordan Martin, Buck, Riddle, Warren, Peterson, Corbett, Clyde Murphy Emporia Hi-Y Club p The purpose of the Hi-Y Club is "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, higher standards of Christian living." Its dynamic power depends upon its challenge to the boys of the school to develop a four-square life- clean speech, clean sports, clean living and Christian fellowship. Membership in the organization is open to any boy in school who can qualify, and every boy has been urged to join. . While the organization is pledged to a certain amount of Bible study, it has fos- tered other activities during the year, including a vocational analysis campaign, Father-Son and Mother-Son dinners, and co-operated with the Girl Reserve Club in promoting the Em-Hi Carnival. Several business and professional men gave talks on various topics of interest. ' The club was composed largely of former Camp Wood boys. Four boys were present at a Camp Wood conference in September, and four attended the state con- ference at Manhattan in November. Plans are being made for the big state confer- ' ence to be held in Emporia in September, 1925. Q Officers for 1924 and 1925 include: 5 1924 1925 Eugene Link --- --..--. P-rcsidcnt--,- -- .lay Thomson I Jay Thomson --- Vice-President ---- -- Winton Corbett , -Joe Dumm ........ ---- S ecretary ---- ------ L Oy Ha1'1'1S I Winton Corbett --- --.. T'7'6lLS'll,'I'C'7' -... Kenneth Samuel N, 5. k V,-:1r:'r::-"1 "" "::"'1g.-11 - -4 e- 3 V.. Y..1--,..u,,..,: ,r ,'.,,,.,, . -Us no Fl Lijllii M He Page 62 1 ,,i,..,. ,ff 1 d "N :sm , . Q was X L A msd, ,-' ,,- me -E .36 P 4' wx, -6,54 iv ,ri Qi!! I lying H 4 ,fglr K Q34-4-.r --egg? 1' gc?f'fi!iE'f 'XXI h - fit Hit f ,J - M -' i:.L?r.-- ,. w. B Kay' Wilburn, Hughes, Dixon, Britton, Lind, Brandner Wilcox, Gordon, Lee, Stevenson, Schaffner, Meek, Detrich, Moore Wilks, Gist, Hembling, Chartier, C. Jones, Hovgard, Raymond Prentice, E. Jones, Crackerel, L. Denny, Farrington, Cox, Stubbs, Lehmal Girl Reserves OFFICERS, 1925 President ----- ------------.-----------------.. M artha Parrington Vice-President -- ..-.. .-... . , -..-...... ...... L ucille Denny Sec-retalry --------.--.--.--.----- ----....- -...... A r dith Cox T'rea,su1'e'r -.-------------------- --........ F lorence Lehman Chairman of Service Committee --- .......-.. Eleanor Stubbs Cluiirmmz of Social Committee --.. .---e.- - ....--.... Ethel Jones Clmirmafn of Pfrogfravm Committee -..-..-..-.. -- Opal Prentice Clmirman of lVo'rZd's Fellowship Committee ----------- --- Zella Crackel Perhaps the one most important event of this year was the Girl Reserve con- ference held in Emporia, February 20-22. Four hundred Eastern Kansas High Girl Reserves were assembled to discuss as their theme, "The Responsibility of Girl Re- serves. ' . ' Three times during the year the Hi-Y and Girl Reserve have combined their social interests on a hike-a brother-sister banquet and an all-school carnival. A meeting is held each week and different problems of a girl's life are dis- cussed. An informal dinner is also held monthly and each committee in turn enter- tains. The social committee has had charge of three parties. A Spanish fete at the beginning of the year, a Christmas party for the colored children of the town, and a "kid"' party to recognize the Seniors who left in the middle of the year. The service committee has been most appreciated by the student body because - of the "hot dogs" and "lollipops" sold at the football and basketball games. This committee also gave a Thanksgiving dinner to the inmates of the county farm, besides many other acts of service. ' The world fellowship committee helps the Emporia High School girls to help foreign Girl Reserves-they sent a Christmas box to the Y. W. C. A. secretary, whom - the Girl Reserves of Kansas are supporting. Faculty Advisors: Miss Thomson, Miss Ice, Miss Meador. Q ' K-. -- Fist 35 Page 63 sw' sr I . .,, - ga, .t K -iris? 7' 'GEM ," 1 A sim .-ffl, . ,iii ,KQV P-"1 659, is 1 Q G5 Il' 1 4'. . X I , A K 1.15 iff ',,-l-,F ggi" mtg J ' I fm It-I 'I 11 lxkfksryiuq fi'4Wi KQSQQF? jQaE9f 'XU'RQ, Ytfk G K ,qty 'Sn--' ,1 --f ,L .. X 'i:,,,, ---'fx' id, N , ,FL I tu K hh-nn-nf h-ii CL' ational Omtorieczl Contest This year xvas held the second annual National Oratorical Contest on the Consti- tution, conducted by thirty-three of the metropolitan newspapers of the United States. . Eugene Idnk brought honor to hhnsdf and to E. H. S. when he won first in the local, first in the district, and first in the group contests, thus establishing himself as champion of Kansas and Eastern Nebraska, and when he placed third in the territorial battle in Kansas City. . It was due to strength of subjectfmat- ten perfecdon of dehvery, and powmr of ap- peal that Eugene was able always to carry his audience with him, and to travel so far in the race to YVashington, the goal of the seven xvinners of the zone contests Citizenship Contest Ni The Third Annual Citizenship Cup Con- 1 test, held in the auditorium on the first Wed- E nesday in.hlarch, probably far exceeded the expectations of the Social Science Group of teachers, headed by Virgil E. Hurt, who planned and started the affair three years am. From the original Board of Education Cup and a muah cash prhe,the awards have gone up to the cup and eight cash prizes. Interest and attendance have increased won- derfully. The Board of Education Cup was presented this year by Mr. H. E. Peach. Mr. Lowther presided at the meeting. The judges were: A. H. Gufler, Mrs. Norman Triplett, Miss Peterson, Prof. V. A. Davis, Miss Bertha Hamilton. The citizenship group of teachers are: Virgil E. Hurt, chairman, A. Kirk Ramy. Alice Richards, Birchlyn Marshall, Fred Steely, and Catherine Jones. The winners for successive years are 1922-23, Joanna Terry, 1923-24, Dorothy Oweng 1924-25, Ruth Turkle. ULN, -'V W -3 --T 'w'EfUmnimx--1-- ' "' '14 'f-...lla P 1- F11 'rf Pa C, hi CJ y--------- -- - "7"YT"W""'T1?'r-ITT?-'27 ':'17:1'11"r1"1"Y17'r'1'Y"f7f1rr:'vr'1'TT17'r! A Page lift f"'..7'.'v"7. 9154 gl Q4'5+-.. f' f 1 "1 '- Y ew L lf-QV, x. 7 f' ' A y-1-gl A fc W f 'Fl gf- sv' 1: .. y S' .v 'hx IA i l LL tv ., i lx' 'Q A L A . 1 f " lil if 2' "lv was Ilff Jai K' fwfr .. ' MH he 'mi J - ff' 'le if . f-.iw X-QP life- ,' . . -N QE , A Sea-,, f NSN Y .IN Lg- J ,esp -ev' f -1 . - x M-ff resin 1 f X EKU .. i Q1 Cicero Club The Cicero Club, of our High School, was organized at the beginning of the school year by Miss Jenny Douglas, who is supervisor of the club. There are fifteen members in the club. The officers are: President, Constance Rossg vice-president, Robert Warreng secretary-treasurer, Lolita Bixler. The Cicero Club chose as its motto: "Labor ornnia vincit." The club met regularly at the homes of the different members. Programs were given, in which members of the club took part. The life of Cicero was discussed, and Rome of old and also of today was studied. The lives of important. Romans were discussed and many other interesting topics were discussed at the meetings. A social hour followed the program at each meeting. Latin cross-word puzzles were worked and other games were enjoyed by the members. After the social hour, refreshments were served. rex Q- ,zu-2-2--.Q:,:zz::fA'3Z3:r. --, , 'W' -ill35'.J1'1?-J C' ECU U Page 65 -. M'- ,---1-' - .S x x ner I . w., vi bf ya , 1 Qf.,gr,- M 'N EA'I1Z1gi',E f ff' ff 1- li . Q5 .. fl .- 1 i :J .T 1 A M.--I . AH' ' xl,i."5 V I K P .. k ".N.'," '- H v Q jr- ,I ,Ati Ibm .ri Ji an -4-.gk I If A, R 1 gpfri- .Ly Nj, i, 1 N Q- 1 4 Mx S.- .. ' X "-, 3 Q. ,1 ,f -ii-dh! ' In-:Lund in-t nu- ,D nr- in J-Q-r ' 1 , p,q,,,.-g TROOP NO. 2, ONE OF EMPORlA'S BEST T. S. Trigg, H. R. James, Fred Steely Francis James, Hiram Stilwell, Clair Lee Wilcoxson, John Nichols, Paul Bixby, George Wathen, Rice Brown. Willard Harrison, Chester Nichols, Harold Bishop, Leland Wilson, Russell Bernath, Elwood Cox, Austin Andrews Kenneth Hush, Fred Fleming, Fred Gress, Austin Hagins, Tonny Gwinner, Walter Lambert, Robert Spiker, Thomas James. John Hagins, Lynn Bishop, Robert Steen, Richard Remy, Kenneth McCants, Harry Bishop, Royal Service, Clyde Carlile. BOY SCOUT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Hnnorrwy Committee--L. A. Lowther. DeWitt Lee, W. W. Finney, ' , F. B. Heath, W. A. White. Fred Steely, Director. E. C. Ballweg, Chairman-Chamber of Commerce. H. C. Smith, Secretary and Treasurer- Kiwanis. Clair K. Turner, Leadership-Lions. J. V. Paxton, Camping-Rotary. Lon Glass, Service-Co-operative. R. B. Downs. Chairman, Court of Honor-Chairman of Troop No. 6. W. E. Haynes. Y. M. C. A. John Scheel, Chairman Troop No. 1 C. U. Nichols, Chairman Troop No. 2 E. E. Anderson, Chairman Troop No. 3 E. C. Eccleston. Chairman Troop No. 4 O. J. Nuffer, Chairman Troop No.'5 M. G. Hooker, Chairman Troop No. 8 LEADERSHIP OF TROOPS Troop No. 1-D. F. Cross, S. M., Ray Reser, A. S. M., Glenn Underwood, Scribe, Paul Phillips, P. L., Harmon Walker, P. L., William Kelly, P. L. Troop No. 2-T. S. Trigg, S. M., H. R. James. A. S. M., Robert Steen, Scribe, Willard Harrison, treasurer, Robert Spiker, P. L., Austin Andrews, P. L., Elwood Cox, P. L. Troop No. 3-Ted Addleman, S. M.: Robert Clogston, A. S. 'M., Harold Condit, Scribe, Gerald O'Connell, P. L., Jack Parrington, P. L. Troop No. 4-Father Simon, S. M., ' In--v--' --- .. .. ..,. -.--.L:r:z .,::r . ..v- .1----f Joe Donnellon, A. S. M., Fred O'Brien, Scribe, Martin Jones, P. L. Troop No. 5--Carl Barnhart, S. M., Alex. Hawke, A. S. M., Carl Ballweg, Scribe, Frederick Newman, P. L., Theodore Ferrier, P. L., Emmett Jones, P. L. Troop No. 6-Frank Agrelius. S. M., Homer Stephens, A. S. M., Kenneth Samuel, Scribe, Clifford Carr, P. L., , Troop No. 8-Elijah Williams, S. M., .Tohn Carter, A. S. M.: Clinton Lucas, Scribe, Ray Mack, P. L., Norman Car- ter, P. L. N , l -- .- . -..--...-.-. ,... - ,.-,--.-ri . - . ,1.'.,..f:f-orrfx 1 L -4- W- " " . gf . ,K J., , . .1 L.. . -E Q 1. Page 66 f . Q3 f ww . .!:. J a w Q ,f fif ' N M- f g1,A N ' fa 'F7"! Q, ' x G A M FACULTY Page 68 tl i T 'pil F' 'o S L H A .eff if ,f sri V S. do fig. rale f Wi in '1' .lie . - ' - 1-as L9 -. ' in f x Board of Education OFFICERS OF THE BOARD H. E. Peach -.-.---------------.--------- ---- P resident J. T. Adams -- Vice-President H. W. Fisher ------------- Treasurer Nora Wood ---. -------------.. S ecretary L. A. Lowther --- --- Superintendent- of Schools COMMITTEES Finance and Claims Lutt Heath Triplett Buildings and Gfrmmds Heath Adams Tibbals Teacheis and Supplies ' Tibbals Triplett Heath Supplies, Fuel and Fm-nitufre Adams Tibbals Lutt Rules, Regulations and Discipline Triplett Lutt Adams A ' " '- -- -ff- -- -- - 1-Y.-V-,. . vV--,- sw-1---1 --vfvv.-'vfv -1 A 'wi' ' "1 UH- Rf ... Ii,j'fi do I Page 69 . i Cl ' ' , , , . ,' , xl l V I. f 1- 3 , f. 1 V, f- . i . 1, , - . ' xx . V, , X --2:6 .ii " 'f ' - W ---. qc,,ruu:,m:.-l.g,,-.4.-paw,ae..--.-..:-4-.s X1 1 - ' W -,I J, ,f .,-1 I , . 4... 3. . U, .' ,Q ' ff' xi' .. . 1 w - . I ww N. - -, . is-' 4,11 W ,X ,H Q.. 1 -fr: ---... - nasal -:-- eg- u-nur -L' A--f vern- .V ll 'Q W 1 I , , L. A, LOWTHER, A. B. ' University of Kansas ii Super-in.tendent of Schools I N om. Woon Seco'etm'y of Board of Ed-u.ca.tion l 1 ETHEL BROOKS, A. B. College of Emporia. l Registrar I 1. ' '-.r RICE E. BROWN, A. B., A. M. College of Emporia, University of Kansas. Princ'ipa.l C. U. NICHOLS, A. B. Kansas City University, University of Colorado. Assistant Pvincijml . .4 -. ,- Aw , w, X. E, Y Y, . xr me Hi fl. .w .L Page 70 f up ' A 1 N, ,.! , 4 ..1....g,: J' X l AN ,fw6Q?HfKwi '33 - PQ, Qgmsk is A . :L if my fx? -:A Q T RA lj? if ff Ji ffl .gf ii I A . f 5- "i ,X ,ab QGAQQZ.-ji-f ' Lv ,,' -1 SX-Kr' f -ff ' 1 X1 L, -C 'nf l if 1 ll wa' - will al NA 'l' H..-X N TSA RT LE'l"l' Gem City Business College, lvIliV9l'SitY- of California, Viiiversity of Chicago. Comlneruv CATHARINE Y. CRISSI-TV. R. b. Lombard Collbge. Columbia Cnllege of Expression, American Academy of Dra- matic' Art. English. lll'llllllllil'H MISS CORNELL. A. B. Xvashhnrn, Kansas State 'Fcachers Cul- 19250. Mn! ll om ll! lun MARGARET DEAN Kansas State 'Peacliers Collegc. Physh-ul lQ1llll'lltl0ll JENNY P.. DOUGLAS, A. B. College of Emporia. Chicago University. Columbia University. CLIFFORD J.'lf.XLL. B. S. Kansas State 'Feacliers Collage. Biology BlCR'l'HA HAMILTON. A. B., A. M. University of Indiana, University of iVis- consin. D1-un ot' Girls. Alnerivun History E. MAY HANCOCK, B. S. Kansas State Teachers Cqllego, Chicago llnivorsity. Domestic Science VIOLET' HAYNES. A. B. l'nivc+1'sity nf Kansas, University of XVls- consin. Euyrllsh CORA E. HELD Kansas State 'Peacliers College. l iignrff, E515 'C Fi Page 71 -- Hrs-.. LU 93 .31 .- 'yk 46 r 1- '-4 . C .VJ Q Ji- t , 'ef - 'v H ' A Lv " H' 'x ,ff-ft 1 fix- Tj lf! -. Q in l .125 f I . - ---.R f HV-, X ' fx xii J k I H ,f .QRVXQ :-gixivzxl 4- NXLT jk K'-ff X 'L ,J . . . Vx 1 1 Q MRS. L. C. HILL h HARRY R. JAMES. B. S. ' Crescent College Art Instituto. Kansas State Teachers College. Kansas . State .-Xgl'lCllltl1l'H1 College, Graduate Aft Diwefol' Xvork at University of Xvvisconsin. Chemistry, Physics GERTRITDE H'ILL C. XV- JANSSEN K21l1S21S 512118. T6P1Cl10l'S College, NOVU1' Northwestern, Director of Instruments Westcrll UWVGVSIYY- Kansas State Teachers College. Musk- Supervisor Director of Band. E. H. S. ' MISS HOVV'-XRD.. A. B. CATH..-XRINE JONES. B. S. Kansas Vniversity, Colorado University. Kailgag fstst? Teachers Cgllgg-gy Unix-01-- ,. ,, s ty o h cage. l'um"'mI'eM V Connnuuity Civics VIRGIL E. HURT, A. B., B. S. GEORGE A. LODLE College of Emporia, Kansas State Teach- Stout Institute. Kansas State Teachers ers College, University of Chicago. ' College. Pittsburg- N 1 1 Manual Training hoc-lul Science, Economics M--HYDE JACKSON. A. B. , CHARLES D. LONG Y ., ' ,,,,1- ,, Southwestern Business College, XVichita: hui!milcfifftf'1ge?:,e5kfi,ggJ'I"Ry of kansas' Gem City Business College, Kansas ' " ' ' State Teachers College. HiNf0l'T M. Aects., -Commerce l ' X ! r H" -'H ' """ -Y'-' vxgg-1,333,143 . .- .- - Z3 .. 'F C 1.1 L.-- - Xwmxtni -- '!!l....""',.l'.I!'1i".....""'."....."' 1H Page 72 un Q ff"-7' YH:-. I 'ken f- N ating if -QV., x T' ,Qt 25251 if-dd L f 1. ' ,. Q' -Q ,., .. im af- F' ' G5 'H I 1 2 - 4? - ff ,, . L 4 f.. .Agn Q-31.3 5. ., 11", "A-"' I, If X f V.. A 1922, Sf-' 'NL .EJ Q .' X ' J A k ,l f... .. .M Q .1 ..L.e. V . . - 'if-"'l"4" if ' jf' . . ki 'Bm ' A 5 99 '-'y BMX " 'X' Liv' ' My gf" f -- . X NR, 'Q " B J 1 ' PA J ,I - BIRCHTLYN MARSHALL, B. S. Tenclif-rs College, IVau'rensburg, Mn. Community Civics ELLEN MEADOR, Ph. B. University of Chicago. Stephens College A A . Domeut lc A rt OLINDA A. MEEKER, Ph. B. Cnlle,-ze of XVonster. SDIIIIINII VIRGIL H. PERSON University of Minnesota. Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Direm-tor of H. S. Orchestra MISS PADDOCK, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College. ELIZABETH POTTER. A. B. College of Emporia, University of Calli- fnrnin. Llbruriuu, Study Hull Supervisor M. ETTA PRICE. A. M. Park College. Ilniversity of Chicngn. English ALFRED K. RAMEY, B. S. Kansas State Teachers College, State Agricultural College. f:lllllllllllllfQ' Civics WV. R. RAPP, A. B. College of Emporia. Gymnasium ALICE RICHARDS. A. B. Kansas Ellglisll College of Emporia, Columbia University. I - - I I 1 fDeces1sedl English N ' !u'v:1-p-pn!-u --ff nf--vn4n...uxninz,.v,lxxznxu,.. Q I A---PM 'Ure 12.12 C' E, C H CJ . Page 73 ,ff-ETX-.-,, . -4- '7 if 1- 9- , -X-, It QV, A 1' -.1 EP . 53511, .5-fx ri ,. vi. . -zlu, fag bg xgxmwyx LY! QQ . J ., -, 5 l I fx- F7 at s w----1 11-1 . 1' fxwi J A 1 H. .,.. Q...-,. lg.-' 41: .' N5 , 'lf .5 Q -Qfihs' f ' -'-' ' Nutr -9' ' L Q' 'Q I' in 'V XSS, T X i "' 1-, -. '-, -.'4,,Q, ,i f ' .Ja-,I ki EC' -1 'fn' - ' 'N ki-in ' ' 'vi A li ML J l k 1 X PF W -f I 1 l I l l MARY D. SCHMALZRIED, A. R. 'l'. S. TRIGG. B. S. l'nivm'sity nt' Kansas, Chicago Vnivm-sity. Bakcii' I'nive1'sity, Kansas State 'l'G2'l0hf'l'S Co e-fe. English 5 Maltlu-nmtlvs ELE.-XNOR A. SIRPLVS, A. B., A. IM. MISS NVADE. B. S. l'niVPI'sity ol' Kansas, University nf Colorado. Columbia Ulaiversity, Kansas State 'I' ache-rs Co lege. l'hyslol0g'y, l'Hycll0lng:y 9 - - Mutlnemutlcu F'JAY'SOUTH'B'S' TTIJXN WPHIBX A H .I l . ' " .', . . Kansas State 'I'0i'l0ll0l'S Collep:0, Cllicagu I'niV0l'sity. Unllege of Emporia. E Printing Lutin, French FRED STEELY- A- B-- A- M- Joi-LN R. NVVILLIAMS, B. s. l""i,Vff1'Sit5' of D9'Wm'- Columbia Vmver' Kansas State Teachers College, Kansas sity. State .-Xgricultural College-. S0"ml"':y U l'llynlol0g'y. .llKl'l0lllflll'l' SHIRLEY 'l'I-IOIVISON. .-X. B. Coll:-gre of Enipnrla, Columbia Vnivorsity. MRS- ROSE XVRIGHJT- R- N- Euglish School Nurse IAL' Ffh' 'Q"'U"i A' ""' "W-14-1 """"" ""1l11-:L1gLz.:u.xLxx,u.x.' '11 :zu ,f-. X i ,, ,T , ,B ,mx I K Jf 'nf ,ight I-w Iii-, -'A 11, C Fl LJ ,f-sw-'--"U--fs - Y... .-l....4J L..'JZ11IC.AJ ll,Z.1'2, ..L'L Q. f,1f..1TI.I2Z4il1T1..Tlg' ,L 'il ff, :.ilLIL'S2Jl'.-W' "W I Page 74 FABLES WISE AND OTHERVVISE Page' -76 0 ,J Q 1 a , ' P5 L- t my .Q ' w It If 5 -H if k T" , , , . A 7 fuii " J V -Q 5 f ' fl ' -1' lv ' Z.. lt-.1 V- . x ga: N . . xxx I f-J, Lf XL 1' :S ,-ix' 'T -' .. M Nm " ' X, X 4 FTF., , il-8474, , ' 'ac-,H , - 2-E -fsfgcfl: f 'L,.Q,-,,.m I A ' X Q' ' ' 2 1"""'- 7 -2-f' 1'j-..- --f-1 alms ,,,., XX 'J , ll X F Y Q W H ' 1 Y N X N 74? H 5 F ii W . i ! i V Y W I W Q J ' I 11 jl w Y H W 1 1 , 1 I I Y I 1 V M Vx M 4. I , S fx '-My -V 1 ll il ,, gf Q, Nfl f " ' ' N W. . Page 78 I: 1 l I , 1 w w N Pg 7.9 Page F Page 81 SF I 1 Page 82 P Page 83 le .A l I Page .1'i"'25i3f-'N ,f gi. F1 5 f' . X pt , tl in 3... 557' II J x M. 4' TT F ' -.1 if " .1 'F' "T ,f I ,iw AW ll 5. we .pi X x,,,,J 2 - ,Ei It 4 -fists:-tfii 'A f' 'P . a N xii W 4. N K f X rail' ' ix Nur, " "wil, 1' li. 4' ll f'-.K J Annals of Class of 1925 Once upon a time four long years ago came upon the stage of action 'the raw material from which has evolved the present Senior Class. QLook at our photos in the 1922 Re-Echo if you would see the changes that have taken place.J Find if you can the cherubic faces of Martha Parrington, Mildred Taylor and Mary Wilcox. Where are the long pig tails gone to? See if you recognize little Charlie Mohler, Louie Hudson and George Martin. Two hundred strong, we were undaunted by thc lofty looks of those who but four years before had stood in our places. Lloyd Davis was the guiding hand during that momentous first year. ' The Rooseveltians were annexed at the beginning of the Sophomore year, adding substantially to the fame of our class by the honors won in the state scholas- tic contest by Ardith Cox. Miss Wade and Miss Thomson had thus far been the guardian angels of the class who by conflicting circumstances were forced to leave us to the tender mercies of Mr. Trigg and Miss Meeker during our Junior and Senior years. Asahal West presided over the class during the Sophomore year. Once the class turned aside out of the beaten path to see Harold Lloyd in "Safety First." ' With numbers somewhat diminished the Junior year was launched with Joe Dumm as president. A faithful few of us hiked over the hills to roast our wienies and marshmallows in the glowing embers of the bonfire, as the twilight settled down. Later we formed a line party to the Royal to weep over "The White Sister." "Rings and Pins" were the topics of a heated discussion early in this Senior year. "Get.your picture taken" was the slogan for the next month. AAndy Olson, Carson, Harold Dwelle, Robert Randolph and Everett Fish were puffed up over the dinner in their honor. We the Seniors were sufficiently human however to welcome a release from studies C21 and enjoy the holiday season after which we were plunged into the final affairs, beginning with the annual Senior banquet. Since this is the largest class to graduate in the history of the High School it naturally followed that the banquet was the largest. For the first time the table turned the corner. Phil Hughes and Inez Plumb, presidents of their respective classes, spoke feelingly of the prepara- tions for the flight of the SR-25 in the near future. Remember that startling appeal of Phil-"The SR-25 is certainly going to fly, the question is: Are we going to fly with it?" The class furnished as brilliant a list of names for the roll of the National Hlonor Society as can be found anywhere. A delightful occasion for the twenty-two and the alumni members was the dinner in their honor at the Newman Tea Room. We the Seniors presented a class play of renown-"Beau Brummel" with John McCarthy the "Prince of Dandies" and Charlotte Jones the sweet English girl. Then came Baccalaureate Sunday, we the Senoirs then first showed our dignity and last of all the platform had to be extended to hold the 173 of us who received our diplomas on Commencement night. -fag., F svn-1 -Q-'wad--Qwsgslg ,-rf1- :hw-wfv,-jmffxq ffff- 'fu-fgallfnigq-M I-e we S na.. ie.. E we if.- C H O yf-We M- x,jA,AIXF.iILl1AI!I'!lEJl! ' 'Y "'E.LZTZl'Lf1Zl1.L'L1ZI1II2YLII1ZKZl.l.L2.'1'f.l'.ll'l3ll'-'TIIYJI Page 85 N 0-h---WN-M4 1 4 C slutty ve. .ef . .--i : 1'-'Kgs ' -, 1 1 . ,?'glx"'l 'L ,'. - N ll Qgafsl. Q ,-il nw fklldp -, -ff-X - gh tix? 1. V f, i ilgsmgq- '3?,,wg,Lg,!'e:' N, Yi! ji 4 A XM fn' f-s . P , re 5 1 3 . . Q' sw , ea. - rail! Bi. i nv, K ' Who is Who in 1935 Loyette Neff.-Bible instructor in 0lpe's new college. Frances Shoop.-Model for Fifth Avenue Shop, New York. Jo Allen.-Teaching children the value of modesty. "Phil" Hughes.-Trying to find the missing Link in a Wabaunsee county pasture. Dorothy Swatzel.-A professional dancer in the Piper Company has now joined Vlfilma Marx, Phyllis Prouse, Irene Stanhrough and Madeline lifinkle in the Carson Company. They ran in "Free For All" in New York for three months. Now on at the Strand. John McCarthy.-John has become renowned as an actor. He receives hundreds of calls daily for his pictures from feminine admirers. Everett Byrd.-Thinking what he used to sing, "That's Where My Money Goes." Bernice Kirkpatrick.-Author. of "Level and Live," fa book relating her past experiences with Chuck Th-l. Thrilling-you should read it. Charles Mohler.-Millionaire oil magnate. ' Leota Cravens.-Second Pavlowa has insured her legs for S50,000. What next? Ethel Jones.-Heard to say while ordering a dress: "Size 46, please." Bernice Roberts.-My name used to be good but now it's "Kean." ' Collins Mendel.-Come on Lizzie, bring the kids. Velma Maxey.--Thinking over how many boys made love to her in 1925 and how wise she was in rejecting them all. Phyllis Prouse.-Proud owner of a man, a whoopie, and attractive looks. Robert Randolph.-Eloped with a musical comedy girl. Talk of the town. Edna Todd.-Largest lady in Emporia. ' Mary Riley.-Largest woman in world fthanks to ,Miss Hancock's study of foodsj. She has just signed a contract with O1son's and Meyer's lLarge Three Ring Circus. Roy Leatherberry.-Yes, Bernice, we've been married 9 years. Eugene Link.-Getting on to the hang' of duties of the speaker of the house, up at Washington. Joe Dumm.-President of the Dumm Furniture Co. was in Emporia on a tour of inspection of his chain of stores last week. Lilah Cravens.-Still tracing down Harold. Lester Simmons.-Superintendent of the city school of Emporia, Kansas, has just returned from New York where he succeeded in closing a contract with Lilah Cravens the renowned kindergarten instructor. . l iQ M me Page 86 ,ng -3:-swlgix 1-AQ 'FL qt +V Y if QV, J. 'l i-i,"ft'- Wig.. 4- QV Q Y. 'rn wx ,gin , ' if '4 :EI W-"V: , J, Ml l I , , 'iw Q", dai- -' fora!!-1 f QL N7 X- - f- V I - 41- . l .-Q1 f H . TIF 'lf . A li -El if 1 ws: , l get A ff, Q5 s J. Y X fr - J 1 ,5. X qf' ,- AX 'Pali " "ss, .' 'ill 1' E- '-.Q 1 "-" 1 Q - y 'J The Senior Class Will We the class of nineteen hundred and twenty-five upon leaving this beloved institution after these four years of hard work and good times, being of sound mind and lawful age wish to bequeath our many talents and personal belongings and defects to those who follow, to-wit: To the Freshmen we bequeath our poise when around the dear old high school. To the Sophomores we leave our ability to look wise and know the psycho- logical moment to do nothing. To the Juniors we leave our dignified ways and our store of wisdom, may they use them to the glory of E. H. S. To the faculty we leave energy saved by our good behavior to be used next year. Everett Fish, Leo Carle, Carl Anderson and Harold Dwelle leave their success on the B. B. team to next year's athletes. Inez Plumb bequeaths her reputation as being the "heart smasher" to Dorothy Clogston or "Sis" Henning. A Sybile Bixby and Marjorie Long leave their patronage of the Justice of the Peace to Emnna Ferrier and Annabel Richey. "Bob" Randolph wishes to bestow his ability to sleep in class to "Shorty" Salsbury. Eleanor Stubbs and Ardith Cox leave their ability to make good grades to Ethel Wilks and Charles Tholen, hoping for the best. Frances Cooke, Edna Todd and Mary Alice Martindale leave their grace in dancing to Alita Davis, Evelyn Richerd and Isabel Gwinner hoping they will attain the same. ' ' . Joe Dumm leaves his flowery speeches to Harold Kean. The Ring and Pin Committee wish next year's "same" less trouble in decid- ing the "said articles." Roy Leatherberry leaves Bernice under strict chaperonage of Miss Hamilton until she graduates. Bernice Roberts and Phyllis Prouse leave their success in the music depart- ment to Martha Nutting and Winona Atyeo. Ethel Adams, Elva Hinze, Bernice Kirkpatrick, Charlotte Jones, Ethel Jones, Madeline Finkle and Jo Allen leave their popularity to anyone who is lucky enough to be considered such. Eugene Link leaves his ability to orate to Jay Thomson. Charles Mohler will shift his scenery job to anyone who would lil-A it-the position is open. Phil Hughes is thankful for being in a position to will anything. He wishes next year's president good luck. Loyette Neff leaves her notoriety and fame and ability to dress in the "latest" to Dorothy Clark. Mary Alice Bordenkircher and Mary Riley leave their positions on the Re-Echo staff to Constance Ross and Opal Cramer. Collins Mendell leaves his comedian ways to Ormond Parker. Andrew Olson bane leavin' his place on the football team to Bob Plumb. Martha Parrington hopes the G. R. will not go to ruination without her. We appoint the faculty to witness this last will and testament. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1925. Witnesses: Rice E. Brow'n, L. A. Lowther. U . .1 .f.'.w elf- eww.-Va ---me 1 ,-.V .-.,. ,.,. -1 .V-a f u ,f , , J, ' if We Rfloif.3C.!?e.,CfQ..f'l.f3..f Page 87 C. LENDAR X s , K 'A , Q Q y J- . , t X P- sifsi- X ,--L C+ gil? -' ' . f M jlr i f - . 14.4 4, . . . Ml? -Al 'ill 7 il'-Y ' is 1 if- r 4' 1 , . ,J 'Q Q 4 ' ' . -1- ,!.,g2giU "RJ" f., '4:s.5-in-gg-V' "X diggs,-nn, 292, i J-ti' it 'L 'k AJ' -in-P I , . If I 8..- 9. -me 1 September School opened today with the usual amount of greenness. Freshmen number 283. -Band organized today. Boom-! Boom I 10.-Freshmen with that long lost, 11.- 12.- strayed or stolen look in their faces are still wondering. Girl Reserves first meeting. Chapel at the usual hour todayg about 40 underclassmen had to stand. 15.-Seniors meet today to elect officers. 16.- Phil elected president. Coach calls for the huskiesg about 600, more or less, appear. 17.--Three hundred of the less appeared today, due to stiffness of the anatomy. 18.-First number of the Echo today. 19.-f-There's a number of bells around this High School but here is a new one added during vacation, the Wedding bell. 22.-Lucille Denney broke her rib yes- terday while joyriding with Mar- tha P. E. H. S. scrimmage with College today. 23 -Some new cheerleaders have been 24.- 25.- 26.- 29. Page 88 chosen to cheer us through the year. A list of all Seniors who expect to graduate in May, '25, is posted. Hi-Y held first meeting. Football tickets on sale todayg a ticket for every student. The glee clubs are being organized and will begin practice soon. Aggies hike today and study corn. Juniors elect their officers today. 30.- 20.- Petitions for King and Queen went out today. Seniors elect Re- Echo editor and business manager, Joe and Charles. Octo ber -Hi-Y meets. Mr. Trigg speaks on school spirit. fDinner.J .-Everywhere you look you see Save October 24. Why? Girl Reserve dinner today. .--Everybody ready for the first game of the season tomorrow. Pep chapel. .-Florence 16, E. H. S. 0. ' .-The Echo says the game wasn't the only disappointment Saturday. When some of the students re- turned hom.e they found flunking notices. .-The dramatic class is beginning to get over that shaky knee and stut- tering period. Hi-Y meeting to- day. .-The usual crop that never failsg the straw vote crop is flourishing. .-Voting for King and Queen of the carnival was held this morning. Girl Reserve recognition service. .-Peppy pep chapel todayg getting warmed up for big game tomor- row. , Lawrence 9, E. H. S. 3. Sad but true. 15.-Our first vacation starts tomorrow. Hi-Y meets tonight. Senior ring and pin comfrnittee tearing hair and walking the floor at night. Charley reports that Joe is much interested in something over by the new lockers on second floor. ,..............s......tA.. , ,.r-a.... ,:..i-.41-g.rgg.4: L: 1 4 has 4.1 ..-Lau :nz zz.: neun dw- . sf P , 'N -gs -.. ,Lv ki, xv ff sq! all .l- ' - E. 5 ,wh ',",1. E-:fp xx K 7.3, Q- 332.5 iris- -ff ,fi Lg ge 1 .,. r' A W, t 'J S' lg" ' .e a 'XQX H-says, 22.-Hi-Y have feast. 23.-Every one just "passing out" to know Whose King and Queen. 24.-The day has come at last-the great day, the carnival. Charlotte Queen and Joe King. We win! E. H. S. 7, Abilene 0. -Qgiff Qfxlff Mltigq 0.6.9. 25.-Andy O. told Miss Jackson that LaFollette came over here and 28. 29. helped America during the Revo- lution. -Secretary and treasurer of Senior Class swamped with male-oh, ' rather Senior in-a-i-1. -Ike Davis' dropkicking becoming the talk of the town. 30.-Sophomores and Juniors picnic at pumping station. 31.-Freshmen meet to elect officers. 1 Dhnmwdwr .-Manhattan 0, E. H. S. 10. Our grand and glorious feelin'. A .- . A- A , A-3. v. -1 V : , K., x 1 M : x ' L lk! ,rw it ti 1 x l if 1 'i i - 3 .X ,u-W - , wr A, 1, , N A J 1 A ,i ' H t ' 1' ' , ' in -+s- One hundred one made the Honor Roll this time. Smart children, eh! .-Inez Plumb, Senior II president, returned to school after a 2-weeks' absence. -Seniors order rings and pins. Senior I and -II's same kind. .-Many leaving for Topeka to see the game. p -Topeka 0, E. H. S. 10. What kind of sports are the Topekians? Ask K. Jackson. - 11.-Armistice day services in chapel. .-Hi-Y per usual. .-Dramatic class makes its debute in Junior High School chapel. .-Girl Reserve dinnerg largest at- tendance this season. .-Ottawa 6, E. H. S. 6. The tie that Won't bind. gd ,td' fgsskmiial R st 'vi Qx f K W ,V lb ' Q 6 rf f F 4m x if 41. JA? Ulf gi' Q , I . W .L I V G, ,gif Q. l eca. 18.-Emporia High students fcarrying "Home Lighting Primers." 'Bout time they're carrying something. -Father and son banquet. They're all dolled up. "Ain't we sweet?" 20.-Girl Reserves had their weekly ,S ae,sgs wwe i 5 2 5' 3 .-Marion 0, Emporia 0. " Stew' bad Ike's toe couldn't kick the ball to Q 1? EHSW victory." 2 - .-Another "Blue Monday." Any 4'3','W"lug " number of "I don't knows." :ix 'Qi Slightly resembles the know- - ,' -' nothing party. .-Who are you betting on for QXQN G- A Thanksgiving game? L JA,lzZ.:-..1:g1 11'. .11 "f-'- i-Lf:,.Lu.1,.V.grz1.x.:r:s g:1i.g.:4z-:l4x QeeH.wetss,fe13rmJ.fMe f ki-rfb:--Iiiiijfl-Trl-f.'iY:.I1L....E.' "' 7 'TLf2Ll'lT1'f'l'll'.f.1'fI Lf! I.Il1Lff1'1.lL2'L'f1Y LJZLZI Ylilf Pa I f... .117 Q4 D .59 ev 7 .. if - ', N L '.5.yi 'j-,Q . yi, ,IQ K ff n' ffs. Yi: Ig W gg- will Q51 .ix K-V - -'ax ply. I li A '74 . , i 1 .JQV 'li' W 351'-.-' rf N " - ' -.3 K-- ,A -' . ...Q " K., Q. ,. " x ," , ...,m - ga.- ....s.....+ ne.. ...m W ... ...t....f , .- L 121' r 1 26.-Dramatic class gives play in H chapel. Andy O. as Hyacintch Q' Halvey. ' 27.-Thanksgiving vacation heartily ' welcomed. ' Decem ber i 5 1.-Today is the last day to sign up E for football banquet. 2.-Annual staff notifies Seniors to l get shot! "Gus" Fish, on leaving gym, was P asked if he had taken a shower? He returned innocently, "Is there ir one missing?" Hi-Y today. X - ll ' 2' ! iff , IQ- 1 E xl, , .1 m f e 'E W... 110 A . . l'!l'L .l g f lvl ,. ,, li' ll ll gl T 3.-W'hat'cha going to weary who are you dating to the banquet? 4.-Juanita Denny walking around, dazed like, repeating her speech for the football banquet. 5.-Beauty parlors do a land office business. Gee, wasn't the eats swell an' wasn't it swell banquet all around? 8:-Many football men appear in black sweaters with red E's. 9.-Mary Riley tells foods class that Ii ll I pasturized milk 'comes from cows that live in a pasture. 4 10.-"The way one wears one's hat shows how much is inside of it," Miss Crissey told the dramatics class. 11.-Another wedding today. Cupid I l I Page 90 having good business. p...L........4..i.. ....a--. .44g1ar1..1.i.i1 V f' -v ' i f- -. 12.-Girl Reserve meeting today. 15.-Basketball men working every day. 16.-Jest can't wait till Christmas va- cation. Wonder what Santa will bring? 17.-Tests! Tests!! Tests!!! 18.-About time for flunking notices to be sent out. First basketball game of the season. Emporia 46, Esk- ridge 18. January 5.-School opened after two weeks' vacation. Many have already for- gotten their New Year's resolu- tions to never disgrace the school again. 6.--Seniors were told to get their glad rags for the Senior banquet. Twenty-seventh division of the "White Caps" sold the three busi- ness 1nen's clubs tickets for the City Men's Milk Fund. 7.-Chapel today. Ethel made the most appealing speech yet. Boys' double quartet sang. Coach makes speech. Basketball tickets on safe. 8.-Girl Reserves dinner. W?ho said 9. the Billvarian cream wasn't good? -More basketball. Manhattan 6, Emporia 44. 12.-Miss Jackson's classes proved 100 13.- 14.- per cent honest in an honesty test today. Can you beat that? Burlington 7, Emporia 35. Why is it Miss Wade don't like carrots? 15.-Senior banquet! The tense mo- 16.- 19.- ment when Howard's balloon didn't go off. The villian who replaced the place-cards are all to be re- membered. The morning after the night be- fore. Many Seniors, noble though they are, went to' sleep on the Zeppelin last night and forgot to wake up in time for the eight o'- clock class. Ottawa 15, Emporia 28. Every one cramming for quizzes and finals. ,,g,,,-,L-,QQA-... .-.-- ,.....,u...L, .- 1, ., 1 ----1 11,6 pg. 1- -A -. - xg-. .... .. . f P , . 7.1 .,..... ,...1., . V.x GE offs., C iff'-. HX .3 fi' 3. Fl - 'nr is ,ew fs ' if as " . wx ff, I 5. Viv !l 2 rt: 9:15, ,531 5, .,, Q3 ,, lu .- - - if 5 fx 4 ,ff ,- rg M: L ll .l H sf- 3 -. 'mv'b sf ml In Y at X ' l ' . 4" 'Q' - - x Sa-sv' ' W-X,,Lb ll ,I 1' lui. J -Regular chapel today. Observe Thrift Week. -End of term almost here. Cram! Cram!! Cranr! !! -Rythmic Circle give recital. Girl Reserve kid party. -Clay Center ?, Emporia '?. Re- port cards. Same old story, kids carry home books for a few days. Dramatic class give another play, "The Far Away Princess." -Mr. Brow'n's office crowded with dissatisfied program hunters. -Newton 28, Emporia 16. Sech is life in the far west. -Basketball men start for Southern Kansas trip. Chanute 14, E H. S. 33. -Parsons 11, E. H. S. 21. -Columbus 15, E. H. S. 17. F ebruary -Bird election today. Bob White wins in High School, not so in state. -Chapel today. Coach Rapp asked us all to co-operate to get the boys home at night. lt's up to you, girls! -Eskridge 9, E. H. S. 63. Now, that's a score to be proud of. -Girl Reserve today. "Responsi- bility of the Individual Girl Re- serve." -Newton 36, Emporia 34. -Wichita 28, Emporia 25. -Over 60 people found their lockers locked this morning. Somebody didn't buy a padlock. -Say isn't this some snow? Mrs. Knight has to carry a saw now as the number of locks can't be opened with a pass key. Many out with the mumps. Operetta, "The Treasure Hunters," tonight. It sure was just great. Operetta repeated and went off better, even though someone at a daily publication didn't like it. 14.-Westport 20, Emporia 19. That sure was some hot game even if we didn't win. 16.-Seniors sign up for announce- ments. School grieved at death of Miss Paddock. 17.-Chapel. Burlington 12, Emporia 32. 18.-Notebooks due in history, cause of overcrowded conditions in library all afternoon. 19.-Girl Reserve conference starts. Spent today getting ready. 20.-First meeting of Girl Reserve con- ference tonight. 21.-Ottawa 24, Emporia 23. 23.--Senior girls decide to wear white 24.-- afternoon dresses for graduation. A number are going to make them in sewing. , "Patty" lost some eye brow in the chemistry laboratory today. Oh, well! X ' 25.-Flunking list posted in study hall. Was your name, written there? 26.-Girl Reserve meeting today. March 2.-Local Constitution contest. Eugene Link wins. 3.-Many of the mumps victims are re- turning just in time for the six weeks' quizzes. - 4.-Citizenship contest. Ruth Turkle winner. 5.-The "Pied Piper" of Emporia ar- rived during chapel today to lead us to better speech. 6.-Senior play talked over by Seniors and faculty. Not cided upon. definitely de- 7.-E. H. S. revenged. Wichita 23, Eniporia 41. 9.-Report cards today. 10.- Re-Echo staff gone off on cross- word puzzles. 11.-"Beau Brumfmelj' by Clyde Fitch, has been chosen as Senior class play. 'L "'i ' 'll":'l -' """ 'ff-Li' "'ff' '1ii1fffru.:.r,,:f:.frr.:.I.s..s:a.L- 'l- THQ C 4 W Page 91 , , 1 l JA Q L' Yi, i V 'K' 1 , f".bf,I f 1 'Q-4 S If Li !l 'K ..- e.xse.1.if.i..,r.,.L,,- .. ...-s...s.2s.ET-3. lfLle-L.. n,:.f.e,:Q4.s4,1a..-Y-1415.54 gl lil 12.-Honor Society appeared before us 26.-Girl Reserves elect officers. Con- lhl on the stage today in chapel. Girl nie Ross new president. Honor lt Reserves meet today 5 a play was Society dinner. M given. -Enter all-state tournament. First 1 13.-Friday the thirteenth. Mostella 39-me-'Libefal 14, EmT101'ia 23- A ripped an the sewing She had done All-state tournament turned out this ffsixw out. to be sad disappointment to all 1 14.-Win district tournament and re- rootfrs for H' Sz Better luck gl ceive first cup in Class A. Coun- Sex reagb 0y5'1,EusW0rth 19f ll' cil Grove 10, Emporia 67. Marion mpoma ' ,Wm uta 21' Efnvofm E. 21 Emporia 32' 19, Kansas City 16, Emporia 35. ll! ' 31.-Senior High School honor roll i . l ill l ll , , F . 's it li l l ,ll li 17 li n 16.-Oratorical contest. Eugene Link wins again. Li X X :, NU li lt v 'K ffm! 1 , ff, X I lx mayb! I Ny away ff, 4 If Amllltlkx Q l ' I, ll I, M!! 1 r' 1 ' ' 'il AMW C QQ f"- X R xXwY , XXX I -. xx RX XXX KJ-Xl: AAT' . ' A sh W X fb iXX'1lhl3',fl.,iw' . 4 iltl""'f'lf Q i :2:l2l:f'? W, W I 0 f 1 I '77 'wljf If ,ff-ff ' .- of, ,.f pw. i 1311311 rlfiqtit is M1171 ' up ,fa jf QM ,M fb . 'g4a.17.WX "jlfgi!f ' 'f,.'. p7j ,:7Y77,'f' ' ' ff ' 'Aridtff' HI lm 4?n?fZ:Ji514,l .f f,.f-" s!vii55fi', ' ,awww '- if . . , . l .-St. Patrick's day ahnost as bad as the first of school. Greenness everywhere. About 14 girls all looked natural with small green caps. 19.-Girl Reserve dinner. What did l. l lil It . ii! ll . Page .92 24.- Miss Meador have on her mind? That Irish stew must o' Been "stew" much for her. , 20.-Sectional tournament. We win first place. Ottawa 16, Emporia 27. Marion 16, Emporia 26. ' 23 -Chapel today. iDisplay of cups won in district and sectional tour- ment. High School band plays. Try outs for Senior play today. Tentative cast for Senior play selected. Begin practice. 12... g..:,.l , ., ..,,..,1..1..1,.-4, V ,- - "3 - ---. fKenneth Jackson Has Lessons On S posted, 71 girls and 21 boys. Who said boys were smarter than girls? 22921 1.-April fool's day, and Vera W. bit the tobacco stuffed candy. .We knew she would. Eugene Link won first in district contest- headed for Kansas City. 2.-Re-Echo chapel. Re-Echo staff gets to sit on stage and show off their talent for cross-word puz- zles. Haven't we a noble editor? Installation of Girl Reserve cab- inet today. His 1v1ind.J . ypwgqn uwgsgz, RYAN ag, 3.-Re-Echo staff subscription cam- paign, offering free day to the 5th hour class with the largest I j ' - ---- -- -A---- ---s ----A----.'.:t..x.r.:L..n..u.:: .W .11 .-,.- f - 1 . 4 --1 ai cs r .l-511C.ff.l .. T J a ,WL F ff' R Wifi "fS.Q"f-fff' Q :fi - A 1, 'Jw 55, .537 'L 1-,J l.G'f'f', H 9351 ft 'fi GJ l - -J . Il., 12 '- fue V. fl ff 'f"'Q'V 'i 541103-fr N Q 1 , IL.- J -jfyxgsx-'P N' rwjff . ll xiii! per cent of subscriptions and a 4.-Miss Jackson: "There are only box of chocolates to the highest four in here who are really doing per cent of paid up subscriptions. passing work. Joe, who are the Miss Dean's class has 100 per cent Other three?" already' D ' 7.-Kid party for Seniors. 6.--Charlotte drops a book in corridorg h Seven boys break legs in rush. 11.--A quiz a day keeps the fun away. 7.-Jo Allen learns the pronunciation 14,..Gi1-1 Reserve meeting, of eclat today. -Senior la -Lee Davis chasing rabbits all day. ' p y' fl-Iappy Easter, Leej .-Baccalaureate sermon was preached .-Girl Reserve meets today. to departing Seniors- B00 hoo! 10.-Regular date night. "Patty" Stays .-Seniors making above M are ex- home. CSpra1ned ankle.D cused this week. Lucky Seniors. 13.-Weeping and gnashing of teeth. A Miss Jackson calls in history notes '-Such busy people' and Seniors cancel orders for ,-Cram! Kids!! Cram!!! graduation announcements. - n-dmnals. .4 .-Seniors rest from play practice. fMiss Crissey goes to Kansas A City.J W ' -Brother-Sister dinner. ' E 17.--Fish day. Asahel W. stuck up. ,,jQjjf ' fBone in throatj A A .-Music contest at the Teachers Col- G , Exe-'L lege. Emporia hoping for firsts. Q f Xljfl! r 'W' ii . M Q 453 -f 553' l llllhlmp . . , - vt'-,. ,L 1.-Ruth K. 1n Biology: "A brute is f ' T an imperfect beastg man is a per- ' ' ctw- fect beast." .-Scholastic contests. Emporia out 29.-Commencement night! Oh! How for big game. We hate to leave. A' -w-W ---. .---'N - 'wi We Fl, El fb EC l"l CD . '--" - QE'J 13Z1Z?IX T2f P age 93 . A if F! S+ ,Q L. .1 1 NI I S Qu i i s J f 5: I w '- v 'N 1 XR Y Ju M 1 I g 1 N .r ', 5. 91 : I ll fi I 52 ri Lf 'R A 2 ' 'Dx v .., , ', , . . . Xu' . " ' 51 , l-, .,?. , I , 5 .5 ' 11 1 -- ' i , , 'sr ,V 7' ' 1 X ,. .,. f .-uv.. .- Aa, ,-1-1-v,--g..-- ff- .-.-lv..-.--...1 :ggi Q-Qw-.uyiuaad.-u-r L " Thel 925 Re-Echo M .m am T12 LN T " Thth st ff 1 b d d f P 'V Q ti: tfaiff I ffl, tf HQQ ,Him , EQM m BF. 5522521111 'Q ,v ' The Mid-Continent ?QN1I gl , .R , ,A Q1 Engravmg Co. U1 Fi 124 i3'I1KQfTa12ZiZa?t1'eet Q". . z o K ' ,mp E A S' ' " 1 x gk' . w-agp., 1 l Q,-" l P I -l, N If l li rjcrioinzoioioioioic 1101011 'r - ' 'm .QTTA C Young Men and Women Of the Class of 1924 of E.. I-lj SQ Commencement day means to you the C011"mel1cem0nt of your active days of real work ill life. A good way to commence a successful business career is to start a Savings Account. Add Ho it regularly from your earnings, THIS BANK is particularly interested in you We Encou1'a.ge You-VVQ Hplp You-to save! Begin now The Citizens National Bank FAIR ENOUGH. Mrs. Jones: "I heard you talk- ing to yourself while you were taking your bath, John. That's a bad cus- tom." Jones: "I wasn't talking to my- self 5 I was talking to the soap. I slipped on it and fell." Thought up your sleeve. It's the direct route to the funny bone. E.. E.. Anderson MEN'S TAILOR Clothes That Excel 525 Comrllercial St. Spacly's Electric Smith-Brookover i F Zz,-' : fi, ! e ! fx i as E X ' , i i ! 1 X ! l 1 4 'L ! g l 9,f?if?"-fx - F ?i ff,--4 1 Q9 lj E ' 1:1 Lili! A l ii.: ' 5 it-iii? 1 lx si i i - I ef? 'A j iw, l ! I . . . 1 ' .fl 1, 1 ive l L ' xi-X -W H 1 I T 101010 Q Shoe Sho - 1 Q P Optlcal Company E ly I The Sh0gt1fcfeni2"ViCe for Electric Light Bndg. l Q EXCLUSIVELY olPT1-CAI. I I 1124 Co1n'l. Phone 1781 GLASSES FITTED E l Call and Delivery Free goxxozoiozogeriois11011aio:viozoioiogozarzoiozanioiariozangozoiiizoiu 0.4 I il N Yffrizr .'.r 5..1:igiriffi.p .Ji 'Yil:'1r"v:q:'l: :'11.::nI:rv:1-,':::1.X- V 'll eww sse' sXlmfLsJ1ff1ec,licJ fm eae el '2.U1TlUEIZ1 .iL'ZY'.HTM'HLfH'7'4'ZAiZ1'11'n1 JQ1 1.1 L1 Z YZITLLLII. Page 9 5 g'e 96 OO 1-45 SQ OE- K7-43 r-wxssxxSoO . . ,r . . , ,, ,., ..--ef ,,.,.,,A-Q - Lf -..f -.,.f.,.....1,.....:. -..:.....q.,-..,....1:-,-.....,,t,,-..,J..,.Lu,.g.......t.. V? CWHAT JTHE QLLEQE QFFEIS 0 be at home rn all lands an all ages :to count nature a amr lrar acquarntance and art an mtumate Tl end to qama standard or the ap prec1at1on o ot her mens Work and the cntnclsm o your own to carry the keys o the worlds tnlnrary nn our pocket and eel its resources belund you nn V0 atc-:Oer taskjou un- and1Qomen o your oxOn age 10110 are to be lead- ers nn allxx7allas of rfe to lose ourself rn gen' erous entrlusrasms and cooperate Q11 others or common ends to learn manners rom students Qlxo are gentlemen and gentlevbomen and orm c aracter under pro essors 0110 art-2 hrnstnansw thas rs the o er o the college or ouro the. best earso o r me U 511 DQWQZ' I, 5' 5 ,. rf, , 1 f ' ' - 1 ' r , lt .v ,f - f r ' O . . I1 ' dertakeg to mlalfe Hosts of friends among the men . ' : ' , , 9 ,I1 f : f . 1 f ' ' ff f f f f 9 U l'f4,.,1,m ,Q 111 BSL- eff' Cp E9 d 2 1'-,' r . -- V -Q f 5 1 X 1 tff' ' ', , x ,.d. .. . ,1t, , , , .3 , , til OC! QCQC iw-'IIQIIIJO 4' E04 new -43" N Q Q '35 'V D H1 F.-1 B 'CS D rr. SZ! 1 'F' r K' ,K We .. xg. 1 . ,ik . 1,-gr nts ' t 45 Qi ,h A l , hx ' " ,As 3 l'xl?fh .1 ,rs fl ff, ez? W- N gf, .per fy 'V J - M V ati llggj fri:-D 'il' 53 gf' RW JL iff N fl. 'l QQCN' H551 ez Y,, ' t A wi Brill 'HE K3 ' 40-0101111014111101:11011114vioxxrzaxicrzcniozozcuxozozoiuiengoicricricnxcsxctxt i THE YOUNG lVIEN'S SHOP E We Show the New Apparel. Ambassador Shirts l Marven Hats Stetson Hats Wilson Bros, Furnishings i and Bostonian Shoes ' 2 HILL BROS MENS SHOP T21 Commercial St. I WWFVW i 71 ! , , I , ul i L. Leatherberrys I S IHJXAX Q A tg 519 Commercial Di 5 K Exclusive, snappy jewelry designs are found here Rexall NO- 1 We cater to the one who cares Rexau No' 2 Rexall No. 3 SPECIAL ORDER WORK Class pills, rings and invitatiolls - - KRAUM 6: SON For lce, Coal or Dlstlllecl 203 Co,m'l. Phone 372 Water A l DTUgg1StS I Phone 791 l l I Prescriptions Accurately Filled PHPG Drugs and Chemicals i n , Emporia Ice 6: Where you get Quality, Service Storage C0 It' Pays to Trade with i KRAUM 8: SON STUNG. W1-in Do You Do WITH Youns? :I heat' that Elflffrys Sick-U Charity Worker: "I am collecting Whats Wrvns? for the poor. What do you do with "Last night his girl called him your old clothesyv 'honey,' and this morning he broke poor Sami-ied Man: U11-lang them 0'-lt with the hives-3' up carefully in the evening and put l -:-:- them on again in the morning." i MONEY. -:--:- I "Jones strikes me as a very prom- "What do you call a man that ising young man." 1 drives an automobile?" "He strikes me that way, too 5 but- "I depends on how near he comes he never pays it back." to hitting you." Oziilfliiiliiilliliilliliiiiiilllillliili litbiliiibilllldiili iIl10l01I7ll'b1ll10lll D Q X II1I'!1I.1?1ilI.1.'L2'i"-I-L'1'i?-'-I.Z1TTI,'2'2T1TZIZZ'IJ11TTiI.TlL1T'LE-.27ZITJ 1.22IlY,LEYlfVIY"'KxX '.J'i Page 97 V f"f1.V' Wvre, Q? 'vi .. L' V.-tv.-In ,X R -.M-.ie 2 it in ff, 71- Q. C- 541135 V, 93.11 X, , A V ' if 1 fa ,N V! ri Q K iff A dlsi LXMQ ig Tj qi lr A E fl , 1- ,' -1 " -. . .' xx Fix ' Aff lglii if 1, - X J 4 xx '. If x fi' '17 ', lx Wi f-,ff ' -. V -3-M 11,1 if V,'H,',, 1 l l i 1 - 1-eu:-in-nu nn , lr- 1 J, --1 . awp X! I iff I 0: nn- as Croix 111410101 xoiozozuoifrxocurioioioioioxoioiusxoicrxrioxlo' N x 4 Q He: "I want to get you the finest Q I engagement ring in the World. What kind of a stone would you like?" She: "One like David used on Goliath." I He: "What kind was that?" She: "The kind that knocks 'em FOUNTAIN PENS dead." l CORONA TYPEWRITERS 'I-:H Q ' NOTE BOOKS Wqlgregclziiglit igllnhave went. That's THEME PAPE Pupil: "Yes, 1'l'l3.,3l'l'l.,, R Teacher: "Why is it wrong?" I Q T Pupil: "Because you ain't went g YPEWVRITER RENTALS yet." 4 USED MACHINES FOR SALE "i-1- l i Pat: "Why are you wearing so S i . many coats on such a hot day?" E Mike Ccarrying a paint canj : "I'n1 D 1 . going to paint me fence, and it says on I this can, 'To obtain best results put CO' on at least three coats."' J I R ' 2 i ecognized Headquarters Q ' sim 2 3 A For Every Kind of Book 3 g Fountain Pens 2 u ' Pennants . ! . R, Tennis Goods E Q Koclaks U Q 1 y E BUY IT AT W 5 ECKDALL M CARTY Q C I Q xg Ogiljiiifliliilliiliiiiilifili illilbillidl i!l0l1lQ0lll1lDi0iCl.0141ilPi0l0i0l4l 0 it R 11Lfo5fg R P zz g e 9 8 Z! -i . 4",,'F', X. ,, Samtary Laundry FIRST CLASS VVORK QUICK SERVICE Ladies' and Men's Suits ,,,.,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,..., 5 1,50 lj Ladies' Dresses .,,,.,,,......,.,.,..,.,,.,,...,,,,,,,.,,... 51,25 to 51.75 1 Work Called for and Delivered Pl10l10 5 821 Commercial Street JUST MATCHES. Teacher: "Willie, can you tell me how matches are made?" Willie: "No, mfamg but I don't blame you for wanting to find out." Teacher: "VVhy, what do you mean?" Willie: "Mother says you have been trying to make one for years." He: "Frosh, what time is it?" Frosh: "How'd you know I was a Fresh?" He: "I guessed it." Frosh: "Then guess what time it is." She was as pure and white as snow, but she drifted. i I ' iii1'i 1 limi A rgvv :iir 1' "'iii1i"l1!:1lQQE. I I, Nil Fifty-eight years ago Theodore Poehler started a 1111" ff i if X5 55'111tW'2iiQiIlijIU,N"1 wholesale grocery business in Lawrence, Kansas. 3411! Qjjljlifilll, Milf, ' His idea of good merchandising embraced three A g 535,531 essential elements- ,ga? - Good Service-High Quality-Reasonable Prices To this day the Theodore Poehler Mercantile Company has adhered stead- fastly to these principles and, with the r10ioi4r:ojo10:1ni010ic growth and enlargement of its busi- ness, it will continue to adhere to them. . W Our products are marked under three brands: POEHLER KING fFancyQ TEE-PEE CE.xtra Standardj SUNBURST fExtra Standardj The Theo. Poehler Merc. Co. N 1 Topeka, Kan.: Lawrence, Kan.: Emporia, Kan.g Q I . I Fx I ff L, Q ff I Q yxi g 1 4 x xx I T73 ! , ! L. I v ! V '11 A . Q 2 .. dfrfq ' ' 9 Q QHQT? P ,igw I '- ttf' Wi . ' is 155'-155 Q ' Y E ff- - ff, I: 6 cf .v I E-'iii 1' Q I ,fa 36' 'Sf' I abr' E ' fhf-'jr ,,,, 1 eff: F N 'V 1 E jew' . -ff.T::. V 2 iff- Lil... .Jtv 1. 5' s ' fe rioioiojuinpoia X z yzviopnznzozoic HI '11 hi -vi sf Q his H-J Q. 5 i 53 E 3 1 U1 gg' 25 mg :vm we i as 'f-T125 is QP lil? as ga ' i wg ug A nm:-u - I 5 1 a- Q 5 U-fees :Im lofi it Fig 3 I sm ,Ya i 3 i 2 u A4444 l Q Lg, 2' y . I OEO 101014 Page 9.9 I Q QV 4- .-m K 1 l I, I , ,Inf I :R R I zany, X Y Q1 , I P,45,0iflQflQ4PQlYQ0QlPQ0Q15.4PQ0QC3,0,4'Q4Q4lQf7D45.0,l Q1 ,0Q0,0Ql!0.f.i. l I g f .2WfJf2a1mcQff .9065 f 1 THE LARGEST THE OLDEST ' THE BEST E Established 1868 I l . . . l Q Quallty-Prlce--Servlce S GSS t ree COITI lne ma C ul' Ore 2, goo p ace 0 ra e I Th h b' d k O St d l t t d Q TEA ROOM IN CONNECTION I I I l 3 l Q Phone 60 i l I 2 STORES: Kansas City, Mo,g Topeka, Kang St. Joseph. Mo,g Emporia Q l l l - - I H1gh School .Tumor Clothes E THE RIGHT THINGS EOR THE YOUNG MAN I ! l l HOME OF I I I i l 2 Hart Schaffner Sc Marx and Society Brancl i Clothes for Men and Young Men I Our Specialty-Suit with 2 Pair of Trousers Q l l ,71ze Palace Clothing Co. AnhurA.Gueuel.lh. Emporia. Kansas I 001 Commercial Street Q Emporia Northwest Corner of Fifth Ave. I .0m,liQ1,D0,47,1YQ0,f7D0-l.u15,0,o,47,l7,l3Qll J ::1:gEfg,:,-..-xiii:gglgyyfv--iii:fvfgyui-L-:-Jlfgl-37,-71 -tx M' We 9,,llig1.,fT?f,-lofiigffwlofgff.Qc.lQQQ1l-,QQ,., ll" " " V" Page 100 --- 2 -...-M-.AV nf: . . 'I ,Pig l n, 'G 1 5- I rioioiaxiojoianicnifxioicsifrjojirjojoie rioioioioif fx c,.,-se. K' . ,-J--. .' ..-, 911 uw ,.,. , F -1' 5 t. I Q9 , ' 'Sf' ll , - I W. I ,.-1 ,J ,X V .My - 1 I -S, f-L I -I wg, U 4 J 3, fl- ti: WN-' Fifi I I E- W-1, ' fr' 'rw f 1:4 1,3 1 ft, sq' 2,5 -T-N, px IX L J Q AE! 7 A I -I A I I I- it Y X I ., f . If uw? 1- re' 1 M Vi U1 1 is ,QV , -mx -a.,f,.- --.N ,I . .x 7,,1, J A 'x 10101 1101: 101010: v1cri4sicvi1x11ri411rl1c11l1i4r11 1 Cllie Boo yym ook Store me Hurley f nook company 52 1 Commercial 1 1 0 3 Commercial Well, I surely knocked 'em cold in my course. Yeah, whatja get? ZERO. Teacher: "Did you get the cor rect answer?" Harold K.: "I did not." Teacher: "H-ow far are you from it?" Harold K.: "About tive seats." Dorothy C.: "Honestly, did Mr. Bartlett say I was like a dove?" Leo C.: "Well, if I remember right, his exact words were that you were pigeon-toed." Emporia's Popular Priced ' Clothing Store EVERYTHING FOR MEN We Specialize in outfitting young men. Curlee, Griffon and Langham Clothing, Walk-Over Shoes DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED Teacher: "Education broad- ens one." - Osa Hunt: "I'm going to stop my education." Clothing CO. "Home of the Strand Orchestra" l!!,!l.!!D Paramount and First National Photoplays viuioioiuinioi-10:0 I I I I I I I I I I ,-A E014:14xi:u1cv1411un1mxiur1us1zr1:u14vioxx110101nioisxioioioioiuioioiari rin 4, 4 C !r,L.- - -r- 1 - , qt! . xwfn- qw If-.1-vw-tru--.-I l www vv-'.1.f- H1 y :v,:L:.D.:::L V e---- --Y--1 ' 'Q T pf, 1-C' H .....,,...a-,J The I 1511.1 ' 7-J J , fl .LZZILELZI.'111'itIX2'L2w1'..1.4.' ' ' .111fllflET1I111'1'L1'I.lLiIYI'LL'L1'..k '..A 'LZLZITXIIZLZIZI Zllj Page 101 C gggqgiikfc 'i f 5-Pifipitjgxe Q5 L CX 'Xe 1 4 Q- 152 :L W, lk' f "k' , .A - 4-' H f!,Y Q 151 'xx' YJLKS ,' 1 tibia qxx!! A iv-,jf'E I Q hr, ,xN3Qq,r.V7g' L-I-,fi lx' IE X 1 ,. i 1 ' ' n 1 V I I wax. f V 4 at If 101 lliilliilliifilblililli 101lDi010l0l0l0ll!il!i1!i471 lihilii 710101050 T H i O - I Broadview Pharmacy 5 i 1 Meet Your Friends at the I I V Broadview Pharmacy WE DELIVER ANYTHING, ANY TIMFL E i Phone 883 Y S Q A l Q . 3ti Steps from Commercial NEW LOCATION E I Rudy Downs A d 9 i 9 , vor s Q 3 Economy , Q A l Q S Sl' 1.16110 M , oe tore 1 I ' 719 Commercial i l A ' 9 East Sixth Avenue Same Prices E V 2 . ! .Q Photographs by Riggs Brothers make wonderful Q X half tone cuts. As proof, we point with pride to i I the fact that we made more than half the Grad- i ' uates' pictures for this annual. We thank you. i g Covdially, 2 1 I RIGG BROS 3 I ' l l 423175 Commercial Emporia, Kansas I l , 503031i1o1o1n2u1o10i4riuZo1n:n1o1o:4xznioioingngngngq gngogugpng, . 4 TX .li A r.i, ,l ,,i.,. L, ,su, ,,,2 L We i"'M"'K,Tbf,f'ff':1lf2 f-"M " Page 102 J-115-.,, . Q' ll 1 Tl Y V J, . K 3 . Y 171 ,!.,'fQ'x I If lun U: 1. iv fi -I X tr Xml Aff X ,L . 1' I fc r ' I ,f . lu rw. 1 X- as ..."l,Al5 if -se., -git, 'l-..,.....1 +1 -mn rf- - .1 f E Y-fl"Qf'u.s x ,, 'wi D W i . To . . Stlldellts THE COLLEGE AT THE HEAD OF COMERCIAL STREET OFFERS YOU THE FOLLOVVING ADVANTAGES: l ll I ll i li 1 5 if l ll A wide selection of courses from twenty-five different: departments, including a faculty of one hundred and twenty mem-bers, Two or three years of a standard general college course, good anywhere, for those who do not wish to teach. xl ll An opporunity to complete the four-year course for a degree in three years' time by using the summer session. ' A school where the State of Kansas Days sixty-eight dollars, and fifty cents of the tuition and the stvudent pays only seven dollars caGh semester. ,N , N! A school whose graduates. both nn-en, and women, are always in demand at uhe best salaries. I If these facts interest you, plall to enroll at your earliest opportunity in the Kansas State Teachers College EMPORIA A A ' ,N---3'-----4--Q ' r' - -4-si 'ffl e-lil V 'L-..,4,.LAg ' '1...L1.g..J--.,..L.,..g,'x . . .--- , -Y .. ,K N -W V . .K ,- " tleligslrflg Segitigx ,ill f' tm" on M H' Page 103 P I. k N V A 1.59, '. , i ,Fl fi- :jjj ,E 1" L. 1, i - Thi , l 1 I xgiifgrl ,L In ,V Hifi! lab in -. gil' my xx J ...Q ' 'X' .1525-7' Y - 21...2f"N A-44 efL+.H -liz rf. Y ,.4,.,,.. LL!!! p llil1lUilll0QllQ0Qlli IQ4 QllI0illQ PQ! QIIQI1 YQOQC illl0QOQ0,0l IQOQUHDQQEO 1 1 Q I Q I Q E , E Q l g . . 2 1 Mutual Buildmg 599 Loan 3 1 0 Q ' ASSOC18t1OH l 3 2 l No. 12 East Sixth Avenue 2 S 2 I I I l Rock-a-bye, Senior, on the tree top. Don't worry when your shoes I As long as you study your grades will squeak. Shakespeare says every- ! not drop. body ought to have music in his soul. i M i But if you stop digging, your stand- -5-3- I ug Wm MH , , i And down will come Senior, diploma c0rEf,1ZlTff'1,1e 2131121 gaortgfy put 2 and au' Tom Sawyer: "So the 'chickens' -4-4- Wm mayu Miss Price: "Tomorrow we will -3-1- E1 take Chaucer's life. Come pre- "Do you know my brother?" X pared." "Sure, we sleep in the same class! 'GOOCI to Eat at Lunches, Ice Cream, Milk, Cream S G Candy, everything in confectionery tar rocery Line FANCY AND STAPLE - - GROCERIES TUFk1Sh Candy Co. 2 S, T, Wilson 8: 'Son 2 . QZQPI0l0Q0i01l I0l4li0Q4li0i0lIl10lIlill10llli0l0l 310101011 Q D14 illiiill O1 . XX fd. i,,,,,,.,,Y,,,-s ,, , L- ,,,,. Ei, ,Q ,,,s, , ,:,,,: 7 mufubqx A e- ee-s is he e-1 'Hier Pit 11, wif, C11 LJ if-M-Me M rj V XQfCL"'.!..I'JL"XZf J.1Tf.""f.I'1'L'I:'2:f1f ll1i.1L.'ff1llLl'. 1. LAL'-'. Lil: ..,..L.I. L .A.. A nl! Page 104 gf 'r A.. V35 'FL .tw X fgxp .-,A - 4 l gi-.ul R' 'kr ifl R' 3 ' 'Cf W 53 fi ' ' V H17 lm , fi ff .A lil la el lf, Ii:-Y -X 3,1 F ,I NSU-cry. - -,nhl . :bi N J 1 1 D liflltiiiiitrlllitblilii ghilbi i101010l0lIPill11lI0l4l11Pifbl1l11bllilPl0l0l4Q 6 i Sporting Goods Headquarters Q 2 You will always find the new things in sporting goods at this store. E i Radio. Auto Accessories, Hardware, Silverware, Household Goods, Paints 3 and Varnishes, ,Q i 3 THE HAYNES HARDWARE CO. 2 i Phone 105 Emporia, Kan. 1 i ' u I Q I i , Let Us Be Your l i 15:5 '. E . ,. - l 3 l ,. 2 Q ' V 5 ,W s '- Q I for all occaszons N N or g WATCHES Emporia Print Shop i RINGS Phone 218 613 1-24Com'1 i IHAMONDS i i PINS i A EMBLEM BUTTONS ' 3 SILVERWARE E For Everything in Hardware i ! 2 Are bought of McCarthy Hardware Co. I-I. A. Tibbals ! "Where Your Dollar Does Its Duty" ! "He's Your Jeweler" i A l I t . I Q MARMONTS A MARKET 3 J. A, MARMONT, Proprietor 3 C1-1o1cEsT MEATS IN EAMPORIA '9 3 723 Commercial Emporia, Kansas Telephone 407 Q . ig'71011211101!5010115101011bllillllllidllliiibitiiibilllllliiliillliblllilblllili v N lllpx, -A11 i'31u.n..11..:... ,FJn'uu:n.,,l,,,,,,,,Xx 'JH -A -X Nw R, EJ M nec 1-1 O f--M--A-f ZY'!'L'Sl'iIlTL' .I1! fZiZEZ1'i,!."..'I'..'ZZl'.".1'l 1 III 122.1 L122.'L'!.t21'D3.u1HXZf ' - Page 105 'J ' x -,. -4,. 4.3 ' 1 i . i Ei 5, l ii Ki lx 1 y K M .Z ri. 'K .. , in R P- X cz l " . f ' ff -jill iii' "'L ' 'is' lf' '1'-i if D5 N L, .I Q pg, ..,.,tlsLi41gLi,u.-i -i-. 4,1tggi..i.i.i-ir: ...W 4-94 is li f. l7QOQOQ D4 25,01 PQUQUQQ nl QUQQQUQUDI QOQUQI IYQCHQHIIQQIW ii 5 A v Nw . l ' Ev F E ,I X . ' K: ' ' E I :fl g 9 . QE -l N -.." Li.: l Who s your tazlorf' ll l KX L fa T Q , XY I I U Q x- Ag, " - The Little Schoolmaster Says: I J, :', B l Q I 6 "Are you careful to weigh values and get ,5 Q I maximum usefulness from your clothes., if A I furnishings and shoes as you are in buying i i other uhings. You surely ought to be," l I Q g 2 HANCOCK at BANG Q P The Model Clothing ie 'Shoe Company i cl A 619 Commercial l' ...- " l 2 ..:':f:.':,'::'.':.,. 'X ,fl I l i Emma Ferrier: "'I could hang in l I your very Words-" I M. R. SMITH A. H. SMITH i l Joe Dumm: "Is my line that President Manage,- strong?" -i-i- TI-IE. I Miss Hamilton fin testli "I will " I not answer any questions." 1 ii 2 Louis H.-1 Hshakex Neither will CO. E I.ll vi i Corner Sixth and Constitution I I Lumber, Building l . i Materlal and Coal i HARVEY 8: HARVEY 4 it I Grocery Large Stock H Good Grades , . 2 Picnic Supplies ii specialty Telephone 39 l I Emporia Kansas I l l Qfpjcxicritxiclitxicxmlril 1014 1014 10:01 110102 rioin ioi010?o1lri0in1 El .. h 1,,,.,j..3...,,.,,,AiA,A'. ,.,. -T ...,, A ...,,.., ..I.li.,t...iii,,,,v,i::.-,Amxlx ilu- I-iii T, f' Emi!! il CJ if , ......,.s ,. ,.,,. Page 106A -L --. - -..-.. --...M ,.. I'T.4.,.l...QJ..J e. L" V R' ' .V VJ l ' 1-'rj' Ficl- v Egg - - ' .- 5 ,ik C lfV xx f I XSL? -:T All L-Ac 41.11 .I X l ll l ll ng l' 1 - - L ilsuuiuilm, "' W Y ,, ,pun-1-,rw ,rf -Y if- - - - - gs? .- IJ I XNNLW 1014 1014 ilvililllllliililbifil li Difilllifillihllil Pibilllibli ilVl0l010I0:C ! 1 i . K, Y I 'l 0 email: fwlefuifl ...e nt ti Q , i 3 0 eo'5Ti-'9 'cioinnfntuiu st CQ mpcnnonuxf siiiiigps 1' l Q l l 2 VVl1ere satisfaction follows every transaction 3 l Phone 162 1 U , j HELPING E. I-I. S. STUDENTS 2 i . Q Our spectacles will help you in sxfudying, our fountain pens will help you 2 i in writing, our watches will help you in being punctual, our school l'illgS. l i pins and fobs will helD to enliven E. H. S. spirit. n I g D, D. WILLIAMS at co. 2 5 Citizells Bank Building I I i Kenneth Jackson: "Say, you. I Electric wiring will comply with in- l i want some pepperlv sul-ance and state rules. I Q Clerk: "R pepper or B pepper." U . K. J.: "Nc-zder, I want some writ- Repillr W01'k H SDGCIIIU-5' l S in' pepper." B . . C -:-.- ostlan ectric o. 1 I Miss Schmalzried. "Poe.was left Electragist l an orphan when he was six years Q I oldin Phone 75 Fifth and Meichant Winton C.: "What did he do with it?" i "He's the most conceited man I D ever knew." E gg5Iea11y?" , , JONES GROCERY 5 es, even when his dancing part- I trips-he thinks she's falling for Picnic Supplies 1 1. 2 -3.-g.. . A Speillalty i i Pm Ifughes: "What date is to' Phone 229 13 We-st Sixth i I morrow? Q i Inez Plumb: "Frank's." fglbifllllllbllilbllllhlilllD0lli01Cl101Ill0Q4lilDDiDlllI011l?lPll'lQ1liIl1iD1l7i! 0.4 X.:.:.'z1.i,:1::l'r-f-v-M-v-----f if- ----0-...HH ..-sv--. vu.-- P a g c 1 0 7 "Q ...... .........L ,..s,,, ,...,.-.-. ...-.... .......,-...... e. Q. g..,:. A.. ... ....- - A ...EA A-.. , ..-.g-.-,E Q Q I Q Q I I Q Q I I i I I I Q I Q I Q 5 I I Q I 11010101 ,jg 'S 'S O Qu --pn... EJB-1-eg wo!! - 'ii 5115 E rn."-4 - rn O 5 0333 2 in-.. 5 -Q : " MWF' E... - :rgg J ga. 5' v-QQQG 52, n'..-I. SW' ef E. 5' N rn 4 '1 rn CD 25 sw 'c: an :J E. E. o- 'C 5 'c 2 .- F" l vu -Q Scene: Geometry Room. , Teacher: "Lester, explain the - proposition about parallel lines." Furniture CARPETS DRAPERIES Our stock is the larg- est and the most' com- plete in this Dart OI the state and we fea- E, Lestei-9,I'.: "What don't you know ture quality, service 1 about lt' and Dx-ice, gi Exit Lester. c Q .--.--- fi J. C. DUMM F' Tthel Jones: "Oh, yes, I write El poems and stories occasionally, but I ,N tear them up as soon as I write 1 them." 1 Howdy C.: "Oh! I knew you were A l clever," 21-23 West Sixth Avenlle if l Dr. Frank Foncannon I' SURGEON F I Q Order Riverside Flowers Q' We G1-ow Them - QQ - . . . -A g Citizens National Bank ' ' 1 Building Riverside Flower Shop Q su-and Bldg. I 1 I QQ II I! is -o DU O -Q rn 0 -Q hc O C DU I O Z rn .gl WITH A TELEPHONE is I" E D- E CD F1 B Sf? 'U 5-B E523 3? FU SD Zu-1-f+ITJ -0 "N IEW Q:"lE'3,a isQ..5' fm V0 Q28 FE Q F55 lg as Q ICD . 11 s . ,.., r, elsif- -QQQQQQJP .v -1 Page 108 -J,.' Co. !gi'ffsnf...r'-1 , 'fizrs , .N f' .1 ff ,I f Y A .A nc an vioi1n1o:o1o1o1o:o1a 1101010711 1107014 .3 . J ffzqhyu E A ,Qigfgh w, C I . . . vB , 'S vvwxf- Qi N A S63 m3t? . .LxE CZ- ' 113 'K F ' my if 3 wi ' Re-QL gag ' ' .L vi .3 -Q f ' 'hc Mi' Q 5: .JA ' , ' 1- . '1 - Autographs r 'T r C , . Q, M. A 1, 1 ff mx u N' vx1U'VvQ Lhff' ff' ff f5f'L , KL My .X X' ,xxx-J V! , .4 ' f , X , , , 5f"T,-J V V , , , t. A C1 ,um ' N ZIL QW, gf , Nix' W Vi Qi f Y X',.' r-. .1 H ' 717 Zi af "'V ' f f f , 'rr' -5,ngw J .'5,xfAfxQ14wvQf,M5Df ' J X, J. J - . 1 , 1, Y, I H .,. , , x . i fxyy ,LVDLV,UwX 5 Y k XML 4 U ik x, X. K, v TT ,I V I , k w- 6712! in , V M fp 4 1,-ff x. X ! bK'-ff-ff 21 . Sa. D k,yHI P , .-QM is :lf l. ..........-.---...................--. .... ..----. .... un... Page 109 ,:.LQ-A' iw - I . , -:Har--'-f ffw- -vxfv. -..nw.7- --iv f-- J, 'Y-...VW uw f C fm f- 4 sang ' QQ? ' N - , , ' ' 'Pye gQ'Q2". . 3 ' V - "9 mv' -Sf?" JN -Q ' .f - ' -'H -- 18 1 , ' f- . Q Y fn L,,g..-J14-- ,Autographs 'ZMJL 5,jL,2 i V . 42- x Lf Ldrwg-5 1 J v X, U xg. 'I I 1 !fT li IVV' ,ff " 'E f Lfff f fff 1 ,f 1 u f I H 1x ' IW' K !ln ' ' 4 k., . XL, ,I '-fix fxx NINE Y , 'aj ' I V J fin . Q -1 I , J ,fl Ja f N W W 1 Q 1 .f , 11. .f ,Af ,!".b'1'L-LA'-Q f' Y L- U V' g 6 ' -. 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Suggestions in the Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) collection:

Emporia High School - Re Echo Yearbook (Emporia, KS) online yearbook collection, 1918 Edition, Page 1


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