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H V 93 w Q4 5 5 G 1 S 2 E 5 5 hr Ev-3 rhn -Wan' V f I 1 PUBLISHED BY The Senior Class of the Emporia High School ' HEWUR e . NL - ".7."',, ,W -.,- Q.. Read this book to the children in generations to come. Point out your august picture and tell them you were just one of the hundreds of care-free students iclto put poor Father Cook in a padded cell in the 'sylu1n, babbling of field and brook. Forgive all our slurs on your conduct, forgive our murderous jokesg forgive us and give us your blessing, for we did it all for you folks. En Uhr Alumni Ammriatinn Un gnu, mlm uauvh Ihr Hinrich hrll 3Frum an unhuppg fate Tmlpm ruin Ihr nlh mhnnl hrfrll, Flhia hunk wr hvhiratr. Anh mug it, as gnu gn gum' mags. igurnur gum' hinvrn grinha, make nnenlnrimi nf ulh urhnnl hugs 782-Prhn in gnur nuiuhn. I 2 Board of Education L. T. BANG F. A. BAIRD H. E. PEACH, P1'es'iflent W Board of Education C. H. DABBS FREMONT MILLER J. T. ADAMS . 1 5 i x I N ' x - " Sv h bi yi xi! mflfffl, wi V 5 1 " 4 'r1"f,"" 'E' M Jvwxigjt l k fir ' 7 , I ' ' K 'Viva I X .K 0, if rj' H32 N a 3? 1 A X 6 Tm ll 1 7 v 6. We fs W , I Q X , LE A, - N , 'N -wg .A va 5.7, Q! Q WQYM QL Z 'W win N A V l I Sli Be not afraid of greatnessg Some are born great' Some achieve greatness: Some have greatness thrust upon them. L. A. LOWTHLZR, A. B. S1lpm'i11frm7m1f of City Schools lo R. R. Coolc, A. B. Pri11f'z'puI of High School 11 QUEEN C. HARPER, A. B. Instrzcctoe' in English "Now Folks" BERTHA HAMILTON, A. B Instructor in History "More or Lessv JOHN R. WILLIAMS, B. S. R. W. TITUS, A. B., A. M. Instructor in Gcncwcl Scicnce nml I71SfT?lCt0T in Clzfcmistry and Plzgfsics Agricultvcre "You people are wasting time" "Now, boys, this is the point" li! BESSIE GAY SECREST, A. B. Instructor in English "It's time to Wake up" V H V ,,, ELIZABETH POTTER, A. B. Snpcrvisoo' of Study Hall "Is it important?" MAE MCLEOD, B. S. INEZ MORRIS, A. B. Instructor in Domestic Science Instructor in Matltematics "Now let's all find something to do" "Good heavens, child" 77 7 77 7 7 777 Q ! MJ .. B-, ....-..-..-,,.- ,AMI ETHEL M. Moss, A. B. MARY ETTA PRICE, A. B., A. M. - - Instructor in Enqlislz . . 1 L I ' H . Imtmctm m atm "Lamb is Incorrlglbly obstreperous at Is that gum you are chewing?" tim6S" TINA IPI-IIGENIA SHULTZ, A. B. C. U. NICHOLS, M. S. Instructor in Germrm Instructor in Commercial W01'lc "Passcn sie auf?" UMy slip will be ready in a minute" ll H - - - - 'A - vw- --+l ,.,,,,.. ,, ,W -. .,,, , iwm..-N.. 4 , X f if ..'. if A , ,R .. . ' " f . . Q. --.A JENNIE P. DOUGLAS, A. B. MARY C, MCNABB, A, B, Instructor in Latin I1Z8f1'Zl,Cf0I' in English rlml Normal Tl'fL'i'ILilLjj "Now, if you folks don't behave" "Didn't you hear the bell?" Com E. HELD T' G' BASUAW, P' D' M" A' B' I1L::f1'1lcz'o1' in fflfflllflll, Instructor in Mrmuul Tmininff "Haven't you children studied today?" I5 I E E i I l I E I 5 I ETHEL M. IRELAND, B. S. A. B. COLE, A. B. Instructor in Physical Training Instructor in Athletics "Dress right" "Let's not have any horse play ELEANOR MARGARET KEITH, A. B. MURIEL E. WILLIAMS, A. B. Instructor in Botany and Physioloflil Instructor in Domestic Art "Can anyone get me a frog?" "Today, girls, we are going to--" 16 VIOLET M. HAYNI-JS, A. B. ELLEN ICE, A. B. Instructor in English Instructor in History and Civics I never give E's except for originality" "Bring your Literary Digests tomorrow HUGH NORRIS RICE E. BROWN, A. B. Inswnctor in Manual Tmining Instrnctov' in English and History "My wife wou1dn't caren "In other Words-" V-W' f -- V. MAUDE PQBERTSON A. B. HELEN HEGE, A- B- ' x Instructm- in Mafllemutics Instructor m 11fllfllff'llI!l!iCS Sir William, you may pass to the board" '4Great Goodness" HAZEL HARRIS U L. H. HAUSAM, B. S. Instmctor m English Iusi1'ucto1' in Commercial T"Vm'k Hpigs, Dissertation OH R09-St Lamb" Ulf that gum tasted as bad as it looks-Y!" 18 HARRY BAMESBBRGER ETHEL BRQOKS, A- B Clerk to Board of Education .R0!77Sf7'CW "Yes, I'11 do it" "F11l out a Slip" C. M. LOCKMAN, A. B. I1zsL1'ucto0' 'in Psychology cmd Reviews "This is a little difficultg I'1l read it over" 19 Emporia High School has a faculty of which it should be proud. Each member fills his place in the carrying out of an ef- ficient program for the school, and does it more than creditably. Many of the Kansas colleges and universities and some of the larger ones, such as Cornell, Chicago and Wisconsin Universi- ties, have helped in fitting 'four faculty" for its prominent po- sition in E. H. S. Some of the faculty members have won separate fame for themselves. Mr. Hausam, who has completed .his first year at this high school, has become noted over the state for his penman- ship. Mr. Titus attained glory by enlisting in the service under the chemical department. These are only two instances, but we consider our faculty as a whole to be the best in the state, and one regret of the Seniors is at leaving these people, who know and understand them, for others who may not be so discerning as to the reading of juve- nile characters. To The Seniors , . . fm, jrzmfrls, mul 111150 fllrf II'Ilff'l1-'Il'U7'lI, lryfg Fnrgffl flu' sud IVUVII, fr1il1ffI,' For Ziff' is rm rr l.'10Yl7lI'!I'1.lI, high, With mix! Hs s11n11m't fzwfflrfrl. I zroulrl Hof wwif Iwlofw ffm hill For if in risv rr hifg Rn! rlfnllz ffm slwrfp xirlr' will: fl '1l'v'll. Ymfll find flu' fop sun-lff. H-CHRISTINE HAUSAM V E 3 i mf -2' J., A -V., NBTA BRIGGS Y. W. C. A. German Club KATHRYN RODERICK Y. W. C. A. Chorus Glee Club "Christmas Carol" FRANCES LEE FRIEND Vice-president of Senior Class "Birds' Christmas Carol" GEORGE SELLECK Glee Club Latin Club Radio Club C. B. C. President of Senior Class Chorus Latin Play Y. W. C. A. Latin Club Editor of Senior Echo ZELLA HALL REESE LEWIS Latin Club FLORENCE CROSS Y. W. C. A. Latin Club 23 German Club Debate Club Annual Staff, '16 Track, '15, '16 Football, '15, '16 "Christmas Carol" I i I i i s s E I E Q A 3 , L BLANCHE MAYES Y. W. C. A. German Club S. P. Q. R. Shakespeare Club Echo Staff, '16 LUCILE CHESS ONA SMELSER Y. W. C. A. Orchestra From Chase County High School Chorus HARRIETT BAKER Shakespeare Club Latin Club "Six Cups of Chocolate" oIs Woon HARRY BAIRD German Club Echo Staff, '15 Basket Ball Basket Ball, '16 "Christmas Carol" Baseball, '16 RUTH HUNGERFORD Commercial Club 7 YH -we PAULINE MONROE German Club Basket Ball "Christmas Carol" ETHEL HENDRICKSON OSCAR TEICHGRAEBER MARTHA MCCUTCHEON Y. W. C. A. Basket Ball, ,16 Y. M. C. A. Glee Club Orchestra Shakespeare Club Senatus Romanus German Club Echo Staff ARDIS HILL ROY WIELAND Senior Basket Ball Commercial Club MAE LEWIS Y. W. C. A. 27 Newman Club Track Team E L E Y 5 l L Y E f up-if gm 4, VELMA SMITH Germa.n Club Glee Club Y. W. C. A. VERA REED ROBERTA BAIR Y. W. C. A. Dramatic Club Commercial Club Chorus "Christmas Carol" LESTER LEE Commercial Club HELEN RUGGLES ROY BITLER Y. W. C. A. Business Manager of the Echo Shakespeare Club C. B. C. "A Scrap of Paper" "Christmas Chimes" Debate Club Baseball ETHEL NORTHINGTON Echo Staff "Mrs, Oak1ey's Telephone" Dramatic Club Latin Club Y. W. C. A. "The Mouse Trap" Glee Club 129 KSN.: :gist 515113 ALDA SMITH Shakespeare Club Y. W. C. A. German Club FRED FLEEKI-:R RUTH BAILEY Y. W. C. A. Football JAMES MACY "A Scrap of Paper" Football '15, '16 Latin Club Dramatic Club Editor-in-Chief of Echo Chorus RUTH MCKEE ETHEL GRANT Shakespeare Club Latin Club Secretary of Y. W. C. A. "The Mouse Trap" HELEN PETERS Shakespeare Club Y. W. C. A. Dramatic Club Echo Staff, '16 Latin Club "Six Cups of Chocolate" German Club Y. W. C. A. Basket Ball 3l , Q1 1 LUCILLE HUMPHREYS Echo Staff "A Scrap of Paper" Shakespeare Club Y. W. C. A. "Mrs. Oakley's Telephone" "As You Like It" "Gentle J ury" CARL CONRAD IN GLADYS GRANT "A Scrap of Paper" Basket Ball Shakespeare Club Latin Club ALICE CHILDERS ETHEL T UNNEY Etlquette Club Typist for Echo HELEN MATSON German Club 33 EZ JACOBS Latin Club Y. W. C. A. Geographic Club Glee Club 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 5 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 -..J ESTHER AUE Dramatic Club Y. W. C. A. "A Pan of Fudge" Glee Club JOHN MACY SALLY MARTINUALE "A Scrap of Paper" Shakespeare Club MARY LOUISE PARRINGTON Glee Club Latin Club Shakespeare Club Gesangfest Y. W. C. A. "Christmas Chimes" "A Scrap of Paper" GRACE DAY ANNA McCoLM Glee Club LAWRENCE XVEYLER Basket Ball, '16, '17 Football, '16, '17 Track, '15, '16 Debate C. B. C. Shakespeare Club German Club Glee Club "As You Like It" Gym Team 35 Y. W. C. A. Glee Club Shakespeare Club ! V E i s E V f i x A N NA STEWARD Dramatic Club Glee Club Basket Ball Typist for Echo INEZ CRAWFORD WHITH Shakespeare Club Y. W. C. A. RUTH BROWN Y. W. C. A. Acting Editor of Echo Associate Editor of Echo German Club "A Scrap of Paper" "Full House" AM FINNEY "Mrs. Oakley's Telephone" "Gentle Jury" Glee Club V Shakespeare Club MARGARET TAYLOR J UDSON SMELSER Y. W. C. A. Latin Club Senatus Romanus German Club Annual Staff, '15 C. B. C. S. P. Q. R. Latin Play Glee Club Shakespeare Club "As You Like It" WINIFRED WIGGAM Shakespeare Club Latin Club Chorus 37 p :Sb DOROTHY HAMER Y. W. C. A. German Club Latin Club Shakespeare Club ELIZABETH BOYER ROSE STOUT Chorus, '14, '15 Y- W- C- A. ROSA NIELSON Chorus Commercial Club "Christmas Carol' MARGUERITE FRY RUSSELL TIMMERMAN Y. W. C. A. Commercial Club Latin Club MARY EMILY WARREN Shakespeare Club Latin Club Chorus 39 1 - 4 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -10 JENNIE TODD Shakespeare Club Y. W. C. A. Etiquette Club Glee Club Senior Basket Ball MARGARET EDWARDS SCHUYLER GAR1-H Y. W. C. A. C, B, C, Glee Club RUTH STEINMETZ Treasurer of Y. W. C. A. German Club Debate Club ERWIN BEESON LUCILLE BRODIE C. B. C. MAY STANNARD "The Burglar" Dramatic Club Radio Club Y. W. C. A. Basket Ball Latin Club Tennis Club 41 Y. W. C. A. Orchestra FW 1 1 : CECIL ALLEN Football, '15, '16 Basket Ball C. B. C. HAZEL COPPLE AMY CAMPBELL Glee Club Y. W. c. A. Y. W. C. A. German Club COITl1'l'leI'Cl3l Dramatic WILLARD "Full House" MUNSON C. B. C. Latin Club Gesangfest Latin Play MARGARET BRAUCHER President of Y. W. C. A. Latin Club Shakespeare Club "The Mouse Trap" MABEL CONCANNON JOYCE CORNELL Senatus Romanus German Club 4,3 Y. W. C. A. German Club Shakespeare Club i E E r ' 1 M ESTHER FRENCH Echo Staff Shakespeare Club Senatus Romanus German Club Y. W. C. A. Basket Ball, '16 JOE PEACH BILL BONWELL Echo Staff Shakespeare Club Annual Staff Class Basket Ball C. B. C. Track Debate Club LUCILE LAIRD . Y. W. C. A. Echo Staff Shakespeare Club "A Scrap of Paper" Latin Club "A Bad Case" DONALD FITCH WANDA RICH Echo Staff Shakespeare Club "A Scrap of Paper" Basket Ball C. B. C. Chorus Debate Club Class Basket Ball, '17 Toastmaster Senior Banquet LURA HADLEY Y. W. C. A. 'Glee Club Senatus Romanus Basket Ball, '16 F 46 EVA REIBER Y. W. C. A. Echo Staff Editor of Re-Echo Shakespeare Club Latin Club "Gentle Jury" LAWRENCE LOCKWO0D LATHA DANIELS Shakespeare Club "A Scrap of Paper" Football JAKE VANDERVELDE Y. M. C. A. HELEN BEESON Shakespeare Club German Club "Christmas Chimes ROY MCCURDY Y. W. C. A. Glee Club HELEN SMITH Y. W. C. A. Glee Club 47 Shakespeare Club C. B. C. German Club "A Scrap of Paper" "Christmas Chimes" F,,,,, A, ,,, ,,,,,,vW .M A ..- .. ...ml .V .1 1 AUGUSTA BANG Orchestra "A Scrap of Paper" i l i ,MJ Y. W. C. A. Vice-President Glee Club Latin Club German Club Dramatic Club Vice-President of Senior Class "Mrs. Oakley's Telephone" FAYETTE ECKLES RONALD FINNEY Radio Club Track 4K Business Manager of Re-Echo Shakespeare Club C. B. C. Debate Club Latin Club Echo Staff President of the Senior Class SEN ICR HISTORY Many years ago, back even unto the dark ages, a group of innocent children wan- dered one day into the door of a rambling brick building, imagining, perhaps, that it was the gate to Paradise. Ah, innocent hearts, how horrified they would have been could they have foreseen the future 5 could they have pictured in their minds those chem- istry quizzes, or that awful reading of the Literary Digest. But they could not, and so, wholly unawares, they entered upon one of the greatest adventures of their lives. In the course of a year a new building was erected, a bautiful building and one of which they should be proud, at least, so said their scores of chapel speakers, who added it to their time-worn "bright and smiling faces." For three years have they absorbed knowledge in this wonderful structure. They have witnessed the advent of a new principal, bringing with him many new reforms, and often have they had the privilege of escorting their parents to the office armed with a speech to obtain reentrance for their offspring. And now, having long ago become familiar with the trials and pleasures of High School life they are starting out anew, again innocent and untried, into another field of life, as yet unknown. 49 HERMAN BAIRD GERTRUDE ALEXANDER CHESTER KENIIIG How Well I know what I Quiet and dignified of There is only one girl in mean to dog already I bearing the world for me am at it KATHERINE CECIL VERIxIILLIoN HETHERINGTON A lion among ladies Her voice is ever low and swcetg a thing quite rare in Woman SENIOR I PERSONALS CECIL CARLE VIRGINIA HAYNES THOMAS MORGIKN Great works are per- Her "pep" is exhaustible His wisdom passeth all formed by such as he understanding FRANCES POTTER LEWIS WILLIABIS Small in person but of A marvel in athletics mighty intellect in l f--ip. ILDA ALVORD RUTH RICKER JUSTIN SCHROEDER One on whom you can de- She is truly happy who If you would earn fame pend makes others happy let not the sun find you in bed FLORENCE RANDOLPH Her smiles raise men to Heaven EUNICE FORBES You may find her study- ing,when there's nothing else to do SENIOR IS In fourteen hundred ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He entered into unknown lands, And there met a bunch of Indian bands, And thus it was we entered the stew, Then to be ruled by our dear S. U. 'Of course we all enjoyed this, For think what might have been amiss, If the well remembered, "Make haste, Y0U,H Had not come often on our ears, too, Just as it came, a sweet caress To the mighty and haughty Senior ll Class There's just one blight has entered here, 'Twas in connection with the Seniors dear. Of course, we are not entirely to blame, Since through the school board we donned the stain, And let the speech soak through our ears, Concerning the H. C. of L., my dears. We know, of course, the board was right, That people should be extremely tight, But still it is very hard to bear The cruel remarks which through us tear, From the Seniors Ils, who think it a fright, Not to be honored with even a bite. But nevertheless, the Senior Is here, Have no hard feelings toward the Sen- ior Ils, dear And we graciously hope that all will be well In this world, the next or even in?- So, here's to the honorable Seniors, so dear, May they bless us and wish us a fond farewell. -FRANCES POTTER, '18 iq 5 I 4' JUNIORS I pray time over-nrmn,e them, And as thou muncst Thom, I will describe them. JUNIOR II'S JUNIOR II's JUNIOR I's I B 5 ' 3 ., J? . J Rh fs. AX 1 AHDXVA Qfvwlh-A. Lvvw. 'LGJJW' Fas en 51 '1 fA.734..L.QvvQL 3 is S V Z.3fm,4r.Lm Lyzwf Lvt one play flzc lion, toog Lf' pw" , ,:2If'1?4', V52 'li 57 'W flaw? GM " W 'ZW Mall' in MMM' I will i'on'r, flmf I will do any 1nan's limit good I ivill roar, that I mnlfc men say, "Let him rom' again, let him roar again." to hear wing -'SILKIICQSIJCIITQ Sopllomorv II's W dim. ho pv..vchQ, C ae sa Tiaw Y! ccvulws I C as r' 5' X F Kala, l'-"x-A4 5 I X f H ,mwQ Q+1W Mm my Nmqvuf mx fme W ww 4 IZ qh D Q5 Cf! Hmm yrjilx by I y Nmlil SN Zlwxx l fh HW 'WNW' bf Q ,vx , X NE Aves wx x X f Kew 1 ,, wx, Xxx Ewxf lg we 1" Q ln X l Ny E J ,V K Qu., Zell! if vxxf' wxflllff lnnki Ex! 'Ill 'llmxxxgmxx' 119 Hn W X ,itlxi xx fVfCi':XxXk Tl , 0. 5 .1 YGV7 A fi "X iivrwf V: Q 12 .WMV 'fli fi YKf"'!'?i'--A h 5 'F' N147 XS- 'QW ' sv '10 V -I' I. ' 4 -L. ' 5-'ELhfS'4? ' 'ff'li'.x'4iY' .-'I ?ARx VA R'A-VF? Z4 VA 4. 'QMQ' I. 4, u -Jllr.. X 1 1 i if ' Al 'Y3b NJIQI They praise me, and make an ass of me, Non, my foes tell nie, plainly, I am an assg So that by my foes, I profit in the knowledge of myself And by my friends I am abused. 'gl -Slzakesyurfwe FRESHMAN CLASS nf ar , 4f!Ivv,,,.q, ,, I f, J4a.:5:' . was ' ' at A H -u 'y L ' K -I 7 .N In Mi "-- x 3' M, QQ ' '. WF" 1. 4 .. ' 2:1 I ' ' he s- ff' . a , ' L ,QS-ffLvfj 1 Q f if f .6 .gg mmf wig Naskwexh K .4 I.. . ,Q . Bair? if ,Ti 'S Qugr 'YNXg.Tv0wq Annual Senior-Faculty Contest Pronounced by all to be the most exhilarating, rcverberating, hair-raising, nerve- thrilling, blood-curdling gladiatorial combat ever staged anywhere west of Rome, and since the time of Nero. Doc. Titus, in his wild and frantic efforts to kill and mangle, was the principal attraction, but Shorty Norris and Cloudy Lockman were exceptionally successful in the work of slaughter. Prof. Cook attempted to maintain a mighty degree of dignity throughout the whole performance and this is the only reason we can give for the neglect of the Seniors to launch their attack upon him in their usual murderous fury. The entire contest was divided into three spasms, consisting of volley ball, base- ball and basket ball, the two latter being won by the Seniors, by sheer dint of might. The first was snuk off with, by the Faculty. Intermissions were granted between the spasms, allowing both sides to bury their dead and carry off the wounded. The Faculty having compiled the most points were subject to a high elation of spirits, while the Seniors calmly took the honors that were duly tendered them. The Faculty wore stunning suits of gray whatchacallit, setting off their forms splendidly, while the Seniors wore the simple, but charming, conventional athletic uniform. Special mention must be given the costume worn by Mr. Norris, of the Facultyg while the same as that of the rest of the Faculty, he did not gather the upper gar- ment at the waist, but let if fall in graceful folds around his Appolonic form, giving the effect of an experienced Chinese cook. His hosiery was of white, set off at the lower extremities by black half hose, setting the other off very nicely, and blending ex- ceptionally well with the rest of the costume, giving, altogether, a chic appearance. All in all, we can say that it was the darndest and most gorgeous exhibition of blood and thunder ever witnessed in this community. 60 Auf , ms .f Www, I f 1 , ix' U ' v .X AY VV K 1 'ff S A ' t I, ,J f J. It tb 'tl I ' ' -Sh k,.y CECIL VERMILLION RALPH TAYPOR 18 years old, weight 170. Position, 18 years old, weight 150 Gum-d URUlUY,'f 35 Captami l Played Center "Red" will be captain of next yearls Of 3 Wlfmlflg team- H15 men made 3 team and, without doubt, will make it reputation for the school in football. 3 Success. ARTHUR KLIWER CECIL ALLEN 19 years old, weight 155 19 years old, weight 165 This is "Dutch's" first year on the "Teetle," as guard, made himself team. He has done some brilliant indispensable to the team. playing. His position is end. Q 7 FLOYD KENDIG COACH COLE 18 years old, weight 170, Gufwcl The good Work of the team this "Bus" has made name and fame year has been largely due to the train- for both himself and the team. ing of Coach Cole. 1 l r l l lt REESE LEWIS 19 ifefws old weight 150, position, RALPH VVIDICK End 17 WMS Old, weight 165 "Welchman" played a splendid "Bud," though an under-classman, game. He was graduated in Febru- has been a power as halfback. ary, till 1 l LAWRENCE WIELAND JAMES MACY ' 17 years old, weight 140, position, 19 !fffU'S Old, YUC1.f!hi 155, Hfllfbflck End "Jim" has kept the reputation of uwielyw was our Smallest man, but his first years on the team as our held his position with the ability of fastest man- the strongest. l , l TOM FLEMING ALFRED RAPP 18 years old, weight 150, Halfback 19 years old, weight 150, Halfback Tom lives up to his name, "Chisel," This is "Al's" first year in E. H. S., as he angles determinedly through the but already he has earned renown for lines his steady playing. iii , ER FRED FLEEKER LAWRENCE WFYL Ffeddle IS the .heaviest man on has added to his fame in football the team and uses his weight to good advantage. Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Emporia Highs Highs Highs Highs Highs Highs Highs Athletic Schedule-Season 191 6-' I 7 Football 13 vs. Marion High School -.... 10 vs. Chase County High School 6 vs. Burlington High School -- 7 vs. Ottawa High School --- 0 vs. Wichita High School--- 12 vs. 'Normal High School --- 13 vs. Topeka High School -... '65 Basket Ball This year has been a very successful basket ball year for Emporia High School, when we consider that this year's team was one of the lightest teams E. H. S. has ever put out. The team started off at a good pace, and defeated Reading, 42 to 11. After this game, however, they hit a slump, together with the ineligibility of several play- ers, on account of grades. After a few games, the team received a blow when it lost its captain, and center, Dave Wilson. Wilson was one of the larger boys, and was a great support. Grant was elected captain, and Kliwer, a new man, took Wilson's place. At the district tournament, the team got into form again, and won the meet. How- ever, at the State High School Athletic Association tournament, at Lawrence, it was defeated in the semi-finals by Newton, the final winners of the meet. The team has had to play several of the leading teams of the state, joined with its hard luck, yet it has won ten out of the seventeen games played, and scored 393 points to their opponents' 329. Year's line-up: Guards, Grant CCaptainJ, Widickl, Taylor, forwards, Williams, Baird, Weyler, McCue, center, Kliwer, 66 Basket Ball Team Gym Team This is the first year that Emporia High School has ever seen its gym teani at work, and the second year that it has known a gym teain. Following up last year's triangular meet between E. I-l. S., Yates Center and Cha- 11ute, the meet was held at Emporia this year, and the students showed good sup- port to the new thing. Each practice night, a good-sized group of prospective gyninasts thronged the gyni- nasium, and were put through some hard work. At the meet, Emporia was gives first place, but later figures took the r-up from us and gave it to Yates Center, Emporia receiving second place, with a fraction of 21 point behind the winners. However, we are proud of our teams, as they are only new to the job. The following Emporia boys took part in the nieet on the four pieces of apparatus specified: High bar, Jensen and Wielandg iiying rings, llutton and Weylerg parallel bars, Wieland and Weylerg mats, Jensen and Hutton. IN 69 Girls' Basket Ball Team F QQ 'ff X- l in . , Q26 I y - K -fv--.... WT f , N, W ,. . W4 Q y 330- QLA Uwe lull- 40 Wiw. A Em Wm xmig, , - - 1 ,QE QM ' g KWH fm " WMA Q ' Q v u 'I , . 4 ' ' Y X3 1. megan me 5015 5 43 1 Z 415 T554 Z A contract of eternal bond of love Confirmed by rnntnal joinder of your hands. -Shakespeare U -, ff f Q ll lx ff n -QJW " f. 4 ww!! .Sw A572 ,,4i?f313 N5 I M X M 'f 11113117 i z-Q,-"1 '4" -- 3 wxLg,eQ:35?f , , ,- fa WW ,m Wx mis iff iz Ti l ll: M 0 e NX Jef- 3. QM , 4 wfwflfunl Lflcwarvvrllwm N ,NC 511-N 5 Z wi Q .e 'Mia I X 2' 1 2 .xC 1, . 1 E 2. Inu lllllllwllq f I d,lflf:f:?.7Uif - X x , Dramatics The actors are at hand, and by their show u are like to know. You shall know all that yo Shakespeare Dramatic Club J Dramatic Club Scene from Play Scene from Play 1 p CAS,-"r Scenes from Play The Shakespeare Dramatic Club CALENDAR- Sept. 26.-Organized for 1916-1917. Oct. 3.-Weenie roast and skating party at Soden's Grove. Lawrence Lockwood proves himself an authority on camp fires. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov. N ov. Dec. Dcc. Dcc. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. 10.-Special program of readings and dancing. 24. -Sophomore program-very dramatic. 26.-Masquerade party. Initiation of new members. Gerard Price and Albert Hinshaw won lasting fame as movie actors. 17.-"Six Cups of Chocolate" given at chapel by Eunice Forbes, Zelma Hilton, 21 29 5. Helen Peters, Florence Randolph, Fay Minor, Harriet Baker, Leta Jackson. .-"Rosalie," by Max Manrey, given at chapel. Cast follows: Ruth Hill, Lawrence Lockwood, Hortense Miller. .-"Mrs. Oakley's Telephone," given in chapel. Lucile Humphreys, Augusta Bang, Ethel Northington, Ruth Brown. Admission was charged and the proceeds given to send the band boys to Topeka, for the Thanksgiving game. -Business and social meeting. 15.-"The Burglar," by Margaret Cameron, given at Chapel, Vering Speer, Vesta Gross, Virginia Haynes, May Stannard, Marjorie Thomas. 19.-"A Christmas Chime," by Margaret Cameron, given at chapel, Mary Louise Parrington, Latha Daniels, Roy McCurdy, Roy Bitler. 16.-Business meeting. Arrangements for Annual pictures. 6. 16. --Business meeting. The following members were taken into thc club to fill the vacancies made by January graduating class: Cecil Trusler, Cecil Jones, Margaret Peters, Helen Hilton, Kenneth Fitch, Dwight Pcrrine, Owen Cartmel. -Senior play, Victorien Sardou's "A Scrap of Paper," given in H. S. Audi- torium. 20.-Program and plans for the new term-"Mixer.7' March. 16.-The "Elopers" given at the Em-Hi Carnival. Seven performances. The cast follows: Lucile Laird, Mona Woodard, Donald Fitch, Vernon Wilhite. March 27.-Business meeting. April 24.-Program strictly home talent. May 8.-"A Borrowed Umbrella," given to the club by Katherine Hoffer, Katherine Swearngen, Cecil Carle, Lewis Williams. May 15.-Picnic and farewell party to graduating "Shakespeareans." I The Shakespeare Dramatic Club OFFICERS 1916-1917 ROY BITLER--- .-... President RUTH HILL -- Vice-President EVA REIBER --- Secretary JUSTIN SCHROEDER --- --- ----- ------ T reasureir RUTH BROWN ------ .--..-.--..--.--------.. T reasufrev' VERNON WILHITE -- ---Stage Manager and Property Man BESSIE GAY SECREST -- ................. Faculty Adviser The Shakespeare Club was organized in September 1915. This was the golden age of the "club movement," in E. H. S., and the Shakespeare Dramatic Club, with others, began under happy auspices. While a reversion to the "stone age" has caused some of our erstwhile contemporaries to fall by the wayside, the Shakespeare Club has, so far, successfully withstood all assaults, either of indifference, lack of appreciation of its work, or actual design, and like the man for whom the club was named, seems des- tined for immortality. The 1916-1917 year began with seventy-five members on the roll, and while all did not participate in plays given by the club, all contributed to the general good of the society. The Shakespeareans have always shown unusual enthusiasm and loyalty, and Miss Secrest rarely has found a member unwilling to take an active part. Miss Bessie Gay Secrest has had charge of the Dramatic Work from the begin- ning, but while Miss Secrest has directed the work, she has left the management of the society largely in the hands of the student members. CAST OF "A SCRAP OF PAPER" Baron de la Glaciere Prosper Couremont ..-- Anatole ----------- Brismonche - - - Baptiste ------- Servant ..-------- - Louise de la Glaciere Mlle Susanne de Ruseville --- Mathilde fSister of Louisej --- --, --- .....--.....-- -- ---- -------- - JOHN MACY Mlle. Zenobie -------------- -- Madame Dupont QHousekeeperl --- Maid ---------- ------------ 49-I LAWRENCE L0cKWo0D - -- -- -- DONALD FITCH ----- - ROY BITLER - - - Roi' MCCURDY - - - JAMES MACY - - - - GLADYS GRANT - - - - AUGUSTA BANG --- LOUISE PARRINGTON --- LUCILE HUMPHREX' - --- - -RUTH BROWN - - LUCILE LAIRD Young Women's Christian Association I 91 6-I 91 7 Iwcsidcnt- .-.- U- NIARGARET BRAUCIIER Vice-President -- AUGUSTA BANG Secretary ---A .....- -.-- --- ....... RUTH MCKEIC Treaszzrer --- .,............................... RUTH STEINMETZ Proga-am ...A....... LUGILE ABRAHAM, MARGARET TAYLOR, LUGILE BRODIE Social 1CommitfeaJ A.--.. - ....-.--....-...------..---- EVA REIBER Social Service ...A ..- --- MARY LOUISE PARRINGTON RUTH MENDEL Illevnbcrslzip --..-- ----------------------- AUGUSTA BANG Advisory Board MISS ETHEL MOSS, ClLcLi1'mrm,' MISS VIOLET HAYNES, Secrcm9'11,' MRS. W. A. WHITE, Miss ELEANOR KIETH, MRs. WILLIS KERR, MARGARET BRAUCHER The Y. W. C. A. of the High School has been affiliated with the National Y. W. C. A. of the United States, during the past year. From October 20-23, the State High School Y. W. C. A. conference was held in Emporia and was entertained by the local organization. On Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's Day, gifts of various kinds were given to those in need, while all during the year girls who were sick have been re- membered by flowers, greetings and calls. The last five weeks of the spring term the meetings were devoted to a course in first aid to the injured, which was given by Doctor Anna Ellsworth. 4 U High School Boys, Club CY. M. C. AJ The High School lloys' Club is the auxiliary of the City Y. M, Cl. A., in the High School. Its aim, as expressed in its constitution, is to promote good fellowship among the students, recognizing that service is one of the greatest virtues. Clean speech, clean sport and clean living are encouraged, not only for the honor of the High School, but also for the future welfare of the boys. The programs for the year have been varied, beginning with a watermelon fced at Soden's Grove, and including an oyster supper, several luncheons in the High School diningroom, a series of discussions of boy problems, and talks by Emporia business men of various professions on "What Shall I Choose for My Life Work?" The club assisted the Y. W. C. A., and other organizations, in promoting the Em-Hi Carnival, an event enjoyed by the entire student body. A delegation of eight nlenibers, together with fourteen other High School boys rep- resenting the Sunday Schools of the city, attended the Older Boys' Conference, at To- peka, in December, where they met nearly a thousand boys from other high schools in the state. Several boys also are planning to spend a week at the High School Boys' Camp, near Elmdale, this summer. Plans are being laid to make the club one of the largest of the school organizations next year, and, with the facilities offered by the new Y, M. C. A. building, there should be no reason why this cannot be done. The Y. M. C. A. spirit appeals to students, es- pecially athletics, encouraging them to put forth their best efforts for succesg and man- hood. '-ll The Echo Staff Although experiencing several abrupt changes in editors, advisers, censors, con- tributorsand so forth-'enough to discourage an ordinary staff, and to cause the dis- continuance of an ordinary paperf-the Echo came out every week during the past year with a punctuality which distinguished both the news and business staffs, as being possessed of unusual and marked talent, and ability. During the first semester, the Echo sailed over calm seas under the careful and able guidance of Miss Mary McNabb, as teacher of the Journalism class, and faculty adviser, and Ruth Bailey, editor-in-chief, Its columns were amply filled each week with snappy news and items gleaned by members of the Journalism class. With the beginning of the new semester, however, a storm broke, consisting of the discontinu- ance of the Journalism class, the losing of Miss McNabb, who left school on account of poor health, and ltuth Bailey, who moved away. Though severely shaken, the good ship rallied under the leadership of Merrill Potts, the new editor-in-chief, and Mr. Brown, new faculty adviser, only to receive another blow in the loss Of Merrill Potts. This left Ruth Brown in charge, under whose wonderful ability the staff put on the life-belts and steamed safely into port. '41 -wtf" g ff 215285 Re-Echo Staff Officers l2'f1I.fIll'-l.ll'CllI.l'f!--- ., -EVA HHIRICIL .flswvffzlv 1n'f1z'lur -nff -.... C ECIL CA1cI,l11 lifminvss .llufmgw ,,., ---RONALD Fmxm' Athlvtir Er1z'fm---, . .,,.ff. JOSEPH P14:,xCH Sfmifffy lJf11'tfn-H, -W-FLURI-ZNCIC IIANIML1-11 Clrlsx A1l1'iN1'1'--- ------A4- R. W. TITUS Nl Senatus Romanus Yes, those digniiied, white-robed creatures you see once in a while flying swiftly around the halls are the senators of by-gone days, personified, who have come back to us in the form and shape of high school students, but with the same high-minded- ness and personality of the old Roman senators. We, the Senatus Romanus, stand for the highest ideals, and were organized for the purpose of promoting a greater interest in the affairs and customs of ancient Rome, and at the same time to afford a short release from the tension of persistent study. There are about iifty of us, and Miss Moss is our adviser. Our pins are sprigs of laurel with the letters, "S. R." engraved in purple. We meet twice a month and our officers consist of two consuls, who lead the meetingsg two praetors, who are the judgesg two quaestors, who act as treasurers, and two censors who are both secretary and police. In our meetings we answer roll-call by giving a Latin quotation, and we have interesting papers on various subjects, such as mythology and Roman customs, read to us along with special music and readings. 83 Societas Latina QQ-r1fO-A CAEE Q : 75 A I 1 ..., , ' 4, "' il' W , , A M l 232' P ' -J " + K " 'i if f 'L ll " -IQ! -gs ' f f' if .. T". QLZX , :Q f f .fa -: ,..-, .. A -' X r f X ' .. ai iz, 41-,,,f Z ffl Q- v H Y V i Y , , ' S5 J- I DREAM or A umm ,swvvnm wno USED A vomy hi Der Teutonia Verein Der Teutonia Verein ist ein Verein der Studenten des deutschen departments in der Emporia Hochschule. Der Verin ist nicht sehr grosz, aber er besteht aus eifrigen Mitgliedern, die sich bei den zusammenknuften einer heitern, amusanten zeit erfreuen. Die Zusammenkunfte finden am Dienstag zweimal im Monat startt. Die pro- gramme bestehen aus Lese, und Musikstucken auch Geschichten, die durch Licht- bilder Illustriert werden. Das Weihnachtsfest wurde in echt deutscher weise mit Lichterbaum und Weinachtsmann Gefeiert und bei der Gelegenheit des Em Hi Karni- val wurde von den Gliedern des Vereins in interessants "E1ektrisches Puppenspieln aufgefuhrt. In den Vereinssitzungen sprechen wir nur deutsch. Das ist sehr bildend. Lang lebe der Teutonia Verein! 85 Agriculture Bordered with trees whose gray leaves fly On every breath that sweeps the sky. The fresh, dark acres furrowed lie. And ask the sower's hand. Irv H6558 Agriculture The aim of the Agriculture Department is two-fold: 1.-To instruct the boys and girls of Emporia in the facts of general farm activity. 2.-To instruct all who take the course in better methods of farming. The work consists of class-room recitations, lectures, laboratory experimentation, and visits to various places of interest, in order to make the subject as practical as possible. During the past year, trips were taken to study weeds, to estimate the yield of corn in the field, and to judge livestock of various kinds. The Santa Fe "Cow and Hen Special" was visited, the animals studied and notes taken. The stock-judging contest, held under the supervision of the Kansas State Normal, as a part of the Farmers' Extension School, was attended, and several of the boys were entered. Clarence Gladfelter and Carl Conrad won first and third prizes re- spectively. The trophies were silver loving cups. Considerable work was done in judging corn, also. Q The courses given consist of one semester each of Normal Agriculture ifor Normal Training studentsl, Farm Crops and Animal Husbandry. Stress also is laid on Dairying, Farm Management, and Gardening, although not given as a separate sub- ject. The courses are made as practical as possible, by carrying on home projects and library research work. School Gardening in the grades was supervised by the department during the past year, and 'is being again organized. There were two hundred sixty home gardens planted by Emporia children in 1916. In addition there were seventy children inter- ested in "gang" gardens. Lavon Stewart won fourth place in the state contest. 88 oi t 2? s li : l i, ' Mlws :S 'XX I .MM Parties and Affairs With mirth and laughter, let old wrinkles come, For why should the mlm, whose blood is warm within, Sit like his graiidsire out in alabaster? Shakespeare 90 A Myth Where are the Seniors?" the Freshman cried, "Are they all dead? Have they all died?" Nay," cried the Junior, "they're lying in wait, "For a bright, sunny day when the fish hunt for bait." U :K How wise was this Junior, a sooth-sayer he, For soon as the Seniors, a good chance did see, They chose a committee which went to Dad Cook And told their decision-to abandon their book. They said they had planned and would so carry out A trip down to Soden's to fish for some trout, Now this would require, they were sorry to say A nice little, neat little half holiday. Our poor Father Cook, as he listened in gloom To their clamorous demand for their law-breaking boon, Saw that, try as he Would, he could not change their mind He therefore gave up and was gracious and kind. "God speed you, my children," he soothingly said, "Though you're putting today more gray hairs in my head, Lay down all your books, arise and begone, As my last admonition, be back by the dawn." 91 1 .A Y A 1 . Xb 'ffzi . '- ,-., A -. gli' A 4 X ,qqql 1 ' .f S . 1 , W Q K fwl Vc- 1, , A v if 1 f 1. ' W-1 ' f 2 JY ae 'x 'X 'Q F- 1 I x A ' y 0 I-gi A If 'VX x 0,6 y . 6 AK K 'fy X , 1 HTXuvmaN Cow-fQY.sGh:3 Same Enmg mrs Off gcrih: fwwde O ,cf 5 pea knv 'Yaefxvw as ,Q kkhxx sa! YRAX' 33491 6 ,aw f. M X is 7,w A, ! Q at Q3,,gX WAY C-finals 92 .-. W. 1 A WANTED TO KNOW-Does the Echo have "freedom of the press"? Lucile L.-Why does Joe wear his collars so tight lately? Lawrence L.-So Mr. Cook can't get his fingers inside of them. This school, being noted abroad for its prudence and decorum, furthered its note- worthy reputation by staging a prize iight April 27. The winner, Joseph Peach, Esquire, received the eagerly sought-for boon-an embrace from Father Cook. Joe still dreams of it. We have been endeavoring, for eighteen weeks, to ascertain the why and wherefore of Miss Price's illimitable vocabulary. We know at last. She tells us that as a child she was accustomed to sit upon the dictionary at table. We are "bone-dry," and still our pedigogues say we drive them to drink. MOTTO FOR HIGH SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS Sit down, sit down, you're rocking the boat, Stay home and take care of the cow and the goat. When Uncle Sam needs you he'll call you, you betg So 'tis no use to enlist, at least, not as yet. Stay in your classroom and pull down the E's. Let rest, for a time the word "war and high seas," Go to the farm and help reap the oats, Be calm, my young friend, sit still in the boat. Isn't it fun to see Mr. Bamesberger and Father Titus prancing up quiet and well- regulated streets to the time of "Hep, hep, hep"? Did not your feet stand still in their tracks, and did not your hair elevate itself into an erect position that day you saw Dana's Greater Shows advertised in our venerable building? Mr. Cook was not absent on a vacation, either. Is the world going to the dogs? 93 4, 2t..,,3 - 1 ' v .1 "7 if . .5 . s I A i 2 ,.... . YV' S Y , Kg mv,-Wa., , can .. -ff.-4, ..,4,,.,., Q f X C 3 4 S w..M..,y,.1, Q: " .4 gf - .P f +1 15 -,V L , f ' .mv V y K 1 . of f , i, W I Mi, 1 g 'lf-.Vw 1 sfpfsssi A . L V ' my .2 K' Wg, ., 5.,Y,A,, ,W :MJ acl.-at 74541 f4.,,a4.l5.,r l.'.vJw-4 ., . With cases this High School is blcst, And in every way passes the test, With its high cultured spooning, Its flirting and mooning. The arrow-pierced, heart is its crest. There are Cecil and Ruth to begin, While Augusta and Bill follow in Then come Latha and Herman, Ruth R. with her German, And Art with his Mary to win. Our Oscar was smitten with love For a sweet little out-of-town dove, While our athletic Lawrence Pursues his dear Florence With energy sent from above. Now little Red Taylor gives chase And follows Miss Brodie's swift pace. That young Samuel Ricker Will stammer and snicker At a smile on Peg Soden's sweet face. The lady who runs the school "press" Was soft on one Alfred, we guess, But it went up in smoke And the friendship was "broke," Because of one lovely young Bess. Now these are just samples to show The route of Dan Cupid, you know. We're shocked at his boldness, As we see with what coldness He raises and levels his bow. +1 lb ,....., S:e'sT+Mv S E-SYNQSY Yvulx-x. ' 'V'V I 4: ,,. '- WQ. awe swqavfsqcb u. YUWB ,SV W uw-...,... ,, w. 1, Lkgfl' i'fC'fYxQ 'LMLS Wbxai vas, bu SY10 Qheui. Xw-5 Sidmhxmfg XVVY-Q18 msgid afihnxn Tk f. -lf. wnoks she,55l'1Y? Hevman lwfj O 092 Manual Training Manual Training Q' 'Q YA y x Ya g i : rrkk ,a . . 5, .C , . ,,. , W. .K L f A 1 ry aww, W5 - ide, v ."f"- gf! 9'- '1 N :V , 'gnu iv ,QQ I, in ' 3 .52 A ff k ff , wif i ' .A H ' 1 7 4, - 3 , ., JL I x. 3 if J '7v'vx.,l, Ufxganwvv , 5 YV! Q H1 nygkd Q2 0 f.Ju.lJ44A. Wvw WNSCL-..,l A Chemulv- up g S cuss-M1 EN K0 P 'WL I i UWW cw E E E iliilllllll IIIIIY! 1' : : '??? i l l nm L 0. In , iffflsl. V I . 'rl W , I 1 lllll IIIHHIIIIII nun, D QQMQVIIIIIQ lllllllll mm Ing . P X .ll r ' ! ,4 ,Q A 'I I y X' it T QRS, ,f ,f i ' ' .4 W.i-W? fff ff . , 1,3 .. T , 1 ,fe , , , . IW' givv,-Nw' vid ff 73 aw "" 1 , 4 9-W IZ9' H Tb ' ' I ff 1 rw W lm ef 1, ' X l w H num-fm 1 X 'I 1, Q "Time travels in divers paces with divers persons, I'll tell you who Time ambles withalg who Time trots withalg Who Time gallops withal, and who he stands still withal." Shakespeare E.. H. S. Alumni A school is judged, not only by its students, but especially by the work of its alumni. In both of these respects Emporia High School ranks high. Most of the material in the High School Annual has to do with the present life of the High School. This short article will deal with the past. When one thinks of the E. H. S. Alumni, he must think world-wide, for We have them scattered all over the globe. They are engaged in all kinds' of professional work. Many of them will figure prominently in the greatworld struggle which the United States has joined. I have in mind now a graduate of our High School, who holds a very high position in the United States Navy, and thus will take a prominent part in the war. There are several of our Alumnists who are engaged in the United States forestry work, a work of conservation, which especially appeals to us at the present time. Our own national representative, Doolittle, was a student of E. H. S. But the young men who have gone out from E. H. S. are not the only ones who are doing things worth while today. Some of the best home-keepers and children-raisers in the entire world, at one time were weak little High School students in the old Gar- field building. The writer could mention a certain Alumnist living right now in Em- poria who has four children, three of whom already have been graduate-d from E. H. S., and the fourth one now is a student in our High School. Not only that, but one of her daughters now holds a responsible position in connection with the High School. The beautiful monument to the old bell, recently erected on the High School campus by the Alumni is simply an indication of the strong attachment between old E. H. S. and her children. -Rice Brown, '04- 100 Pettingill, Alice . . . Riggs, Charles N.. . . Edgerton, Jennie .. Morse, Carrie C. ........ . Riggs fGardnerJ Annie .. Evans KSnyderJ Alice C... Jay, Walter C. ......... . Owen, E. Frank ....... Price fHolmesJ, Olive .... Randolph iVickreyJ Fanny Buck, Livingston .... Culver, Marion .... Reeves, Alex. A.. . . Baker fBrownJ Lura ..... Evans iTaylorJ, Jennie .. Gunkel, Miles ......... Faust fPennyJ, Isa .. Hill fBookerJ Edith Jones fLeslieJ Emma .. Taylor iDaleJ Maggie .... Whitney, Mary ......... Anderson, Minnie ...... Cunningham, Maud ..... Davenport tTannerJ Mae.. Gilmore fBrooksJ Stella .. Evans lWil1iamsJ Ella .....,.... Stockwell, Nora ................. Alumnists Class of 1 879 Deceased . . .Real Estate, Emporia 1880 ...Deceased 1881 ....Deceased ..Chicago 1882 ...........Delphia,Mont. . . . . . . . .Electrician, Denver, Colo. 1883 ...Deceased Emporia Tulsa, Okla. 1884 . Bank, Emporia .. Portland, Ore. . . . New Mexico 1885 ...'Kansas City, Mo. Deceased Farmer, Emporia Chanute Deceased Kansas City,M0. Emporia .....Professor of American History, K. S. N. 1886 ............Tulsa . . . . . Buffalo, N. Y. .. Ocean Grove, Calif. Emporia Emporia . . . Deceased Tytherlelgh fRandolphJ Margaret ...... ., .. Emporia Breed, Frank ......... Jones CHibbardJ Rose ..... Morris iWhiteheadJ Effie . Salisbury fBreedJ Essie. .. Childers, Nora .......... 1887 Mail Carrier, Emporia Kansas City, Mo. Abilene Emporia .. Teacher, Kansas City, Mo. 101 Thomas, Howard . . Williams, Jennie .. Cunningham fDudgeonl Mabel... . Eckdall CReiberJ Sophia E. .. Jones, Dora ................. Morris fWhiteheadJ Maud I.. .. Randolph fKellyJ Joanna .... Swartz, Medu .........,.. Tunner, Harry ............. Taylor, Rollin I. ,.......... . Wright QParringtonJ Mary E. Jacobs fBuckJ Marne. .. Johnson, Jay M. ...... - Ricker, Carl J. ........ . Scott CJohnsonJ Mabel .... Wicks lRiceJ Jennie Bill, Lillian S. ....... . Craig fJonesJ Bessie Frost, Helen A. ....... . Lakin lWarrenJ Hattie .. Lyon, Clarence ......... Mason fCorleyj Florence .. Plumb, Preston B. ...... . Randolph, Watson .... Rich, Willis A. ....... . Taylor iSankeyJ Mary. .. Burton, Perley E. ,. . Burton, William . . . Corbett, Oliver J. ....... . Davis, Claude E. ........ . Jones iMakemsonJ Louise Little fl-Iecklerj Leila M. .. Mohler, Frederick C.. . . Hager CHiltonJ Ina Holmes, Robert ..... Hughes, Mary H. .. Long, Ruth ......... Martindale, Howard. . . Edwards, Mabel, ........... . Fithian fAndersonJ Abigail.. Haver, Ella M. ............ . Lepper iStoweJ Emma .. Wright, Ralph W. ........ . Crome, Thomas B. ......... . Eskridge fBrenardJ Mezzie .. Hughes fBrownJ Daisy ...... . . Real Estate, Emporia ...........Emporia 1889 . . . . . . . Madison, Wis. . . . . . . Deceased Deceased Deceased . . . . Devil's Lake, N. D. Deceased ...Dentist, Marathon, N. Y. Colorado Springs, Colo. .............Deceased 1890 ...Emporia New York . . . Jeweler, Emporia .. New York City .......Eureka 1891 ...Deceased . . . . . Emporia . . . Los Angeles Emporia Kansas City, Kan. Marion . . . . . . ..... Deceased .. Lawyer, Tulsa, Okla. . . Merchant, Emporia .......Peoria, Ill. 1892 . . . . . . . Editor, Joplin, Mo. Deceased . . .Physician, Emporia Deceased . . Claremore, Okla. . . . . . . Chicago, Ill. . .. Colorado Springs 1893 ...Emporia .. Emporia Emporia Deceased Farmer, Madison 1894 .. Teacher, Emporia Emporia Tulsa,0kla. Emporia ...Cattle Business, Kansas City, Mo. ..................Cascade,Colo. .. Glendon, Colo. Newton 102 Ryan, Edward C.. . . Ryan, Louis G.. . . Wicks, Wilber Haver, John .. Edwards, Grace Selleck, fMayesJ Iva ..... Flickinger, John Tressler .. Protheroe, Walter Stanley Van Aken, Sadie .......... Sallee, Ernest Eugene. . . Weesner, Fred ..... Moses, James David ...... Shepard, Frederick Roy ....... Coker fPottsJ Frances Emma . .. 1895 1896 1897 1 898 Kellogg, Charles Mitchell ........... Loy, Florence Barbara. ............ . . Newton QMcCulloughJ Lydia Frances ....... 1899 Dunlap fLordJ Bertha Wentworth .......... Morris, Mary Ethel ........... . . . . Stowe, Edna Austin ............. Weyler, John Jacob ........... Barber fThomasJ Mabel Claire... Cunningham, Ralph . . . Ryan, Thomas Leo. . . Malloy, Walter C. .... . Roach, Nellie Cecilia ....... Samuel, Owen S. ..... . Weyler tKellogg3 Birdie May... Call, Louetta Charleston ................. Hainer, Mabel Frances. Kellogg, Mary Virgina. . . . . . Gilchrist, George . . Pemberton, Irene . . Shay, Ethel L. Frith fBallwegJ, Margaret G.. .. Taylor, John C. . .- ........ . . Jones 1Latimerj, Bertha C. . . . . Kellogg, Joseph M. ............ . Bank, Emporia .. Veterinarian, Emporia Helena, Mont. . . . .Lawyer, Tulsa, Okla. . . . Emporia ...... Emporia . . . . . . Plymouth . . . . Winslow, Ariz. . . . .Blue Ridge, Colo. . . .Newmau's Store, Emporia Emporia . . National Bank, Emporia Emporia Emporia ...Abstractor, Santa Rosa, Calif. Pasadena, Calif. ...... Emporia . . . Emporia Emporia Rorabaugh 85 Co., Emporia. .. . .Real Estate, Kansas City, Mo. ......................Dunlap Los Angeles .. Wholesale Produce, Eureka .Palo Alto, Calif. . . .Kansas City, Mo. Lawyer, Emporia . . . .Santa Rosa, Calif. Teacher, Emporia Emporia .Extension Dept., Minnesota Univ., Minneapolis, Minn. 1901 1903 Heuitt Sz Rhodes fLewisy, Mabel E. ............. . Wiggam fHinshawj, Augusta C. . Morse, Park L. .. Allen, Earl H. . . . . Bro-wn, Rice E. ...... . Corbett, Arthur W. 1 904 103 .. Real Estate, Kansas City, Mo. . . Interior Decoration, Emporia Teacher, Abilene Emporia Kansas City, Mo. Newark, N. J. Brown, Architects, Minneapolis, Minn. Emporia . New York City Newton . . . . Howard, Kan. .. Teacher, Emporia . .. Doctor, Emporia Holmes, Clarence P. . Kowalski, Joseph I. .. Wright, Nellie V. Bailey, Olive .. Jones, Elsie L. . Turner, Paul .... . Weyler, Beulah .......... Potter 1HarrisJ, Caroline .. Wayman, Lee W. ......... . Wilcox qwneyp, Edna May Fees, Roy H. .. Haley, Olive E. . Moses, Hobart I .. Morris, Warren D. .. Patty, Mary M. Baird, Nelle M. ............ . Buchanan, fAndersonJ Nora G.. .. Forde, fSieglerJ Margaret I. . Fry, Una Z. .............. - . Hardcastle, fConwellJ Cornelia Haynes, Helen A. ........... . Pemberton, Murdock H. . . . . Riggs, fThomasJ Gladys A. . Stauffer, Oscar S. ........ . Wiley, Geneva Pauline Douglass, Jennie P. . . . . Brooks, Ethel .......... Francis, CFeesJ Alta M. .. Frith, Gilbert .......... Baird, Maud A. ..... . Buchanan, Eva Lena Evans, David J. .... . Potter, Elizabeth .......... Rowland, Marguerite ....... Thomson, tKeagesJ Grace C. . Williams, John R. ......... . Byrnes, Benjamin .. Engle, Lawrence E. .. Foncannon, Frank . . . Ryan, Mary Eugenia . . . Thomas, Mary Eleanor .. Willis, Wayne W. .... . McCarty, fKerrJ Olivia C. .. Hege, Helen ........ - ...... Wayman, 1F'oncannonJ Pearl Brooks, Flora . .. Haynes, Mabel C. . Emporia . . . . . . . . . . Druggist, Emporia . . . . . . . Santa Fe Offices, Emporia 1905 .. Bookkeeper, Topeka Topeka .. Traveling Salesman, Emporia . . . . . . At Home, Emporia Emporia Emporia State Bank . . . . .. . . .. Hutchinson, Kan. 1906 ..Deceased Emporia .. Traveling Salesman, Kansas City, Mo. Druggist, Emporia Emporia .. Newman Dry Goods Company, Emporia Emporia Kansas City, Mo. .. Nurse, Council Grove Emporia Emporia New York City Emporia .. Editor Herald, Peabody Emporia 1907 . . . . . . . . . Teacher in High School, Emporia .. Registrar in High School, Emporia Emporia . . . . . . . Lawyer, Emporia 1908 . . . . . . - . . G. W. Newman's, Emporia Emporia .............. State Bank, Emporia Study Hall Supervisor, High School, Emporia . ............ . . - ........ .... .... D e ceased Iowa .. Instructor in Emporia High School . . . Traveling Salesman, Emporia ............ Teacher, Chicago . . Doctor, Emporia ..-.... Deceased Emporia . . . . . . . Real Estate, Emporia 1909 Emporia . . Instructor in Emporia High School Emporia 1910 . . . . . . . . . Teacher Fredonia Emporia 104 Huffman, fWarrenJ Verna H Maxson, May .................. .......... Bailey, William .. Haynes, Charles .. Miller, Justin I. .. Retschlag, Fred H. . Hurst, Leonard L. .. .. McCullough, Edna O. . . Miller, Frank A. Pierson, Lola L. .. Pyle, Bess .......... Nicholas, Alfred G. ...... . Weatherly, Marie H. ...... . azel .... ..... G arnett, Kan. . . . . . . . . Teacher, Emporia ............................Topeka . . . Haynes Hardware Company, Emporia . - ......................... Emporia . . . . . . . Santa Fe, Emporia ..................Deceased Instructor in State Normal . . . . . . . . Gas Office, Emporia Teacher, Cottonwood Falls Teacher, Kansas City China Store, Lincoln, Nebr. .. Instructor in Violin, Kansas City, Mo. Weyler, fWaringJ Bonnie L. .. .... - ................ Sterling, Kan. Weyler, William W. ...... . Harris, Hazel E. . . . . Hill, Alfred G. Ireland, Ethe-l E. Lowther, Eugene T. . . . . . Longenecker, Frank .......... Paxton, qRalstonJ Mamie E. Taylor, Glen ............. Whitby, iTurnerJ Irene A. .. Berrey, fCloycombJ Myrtle .. DeLong, fCorbettD Ethel .... De Young iAdamsJ Ruth M. Flowers, Lorin H. . ........ . Forde, Mary E. ......... . Ireland, Harry Kenneth McCarty, Leona Gray .... Ellenberger, Catherine A. . . Wallace, Mary E. ...... . Produce Company, Emporia . .. Instructor in High School, Emporia Topeka .. Instructor in High School, Emporia Reporter,Emporia Topeka Wichita Garage, Emporia Emporia .. Emporia .. Emporia Dunlap .. Red Cross Pharmacy . . . Kansas State- Normal . . . . Kansas University Emporia State Bank, Emporia . . . . . Teacher, Toronto Edwards, Anna E. .............. ....... . .. Teacher, Neodesha Parkman, lRetschlagJ Gertrude I. .. ............ - .............. Emporia Bamesberger, Harry B. .......... .... C lerk to Board, Emporia High School Monroe, Lena ....... Rowland, Albert A. .. Avery, Charles D. .. Loveless, Inez ..... Richey, Charles N. .. Buchanan, fNewtonJ Ruth L. . .... .. Fry, CGoodwinJ Ada M. ......... . . . Wilhite, fLarkinC Esther Lucile . . . Wade, Ada J. ................ . Lytle, fMartinl Carol T. . Lowther, Kathleen ...... Munson, Helen L. .. Smith, Mabel .... Skien, Birdie E. . .. Culter, Raymond . . . Cushman, Jay H. . .. . . . . . . . . . Teacher, Wilsey ..... . . . .. Berkeley, Calif Newspaper, Junction City . . . . . . . . Teacher, Newton Stenographer, Chicago .. Emporia .. Emporia Emporia .. Kansas State Normal . . - ......... Emporia .. College of Emporia .. College of Emporia .. College of Emporia .. Dressmaker, Emporia . . . . . Teacher, Newton . . . . Manhattan Dunsworth, John M. . Givin, George N. Guettel, Morton A. .. Grosz, Agnes J. . . . . Arnold, Francis .. Culter, Harold . . . Haynes, Alvin .. Haynes, John . . . Monroe, Jesse .... Ramsburg, Archie .. Frith, Mollie ..... Haynes, Henrietta .. Haynes, Marie . . . Hoatson, Myrtle . . . Vickers, Robert . . . West, Donald . .. Bang, 'Dorothea . . Pyle, Fern ...... Rich, Birdie . . . Iden, Glee ...... Carter, James .... Gadberry, Arthur . . . Stinson, Dale ..... Willis, Anna ..... Curry, Amos ...... Ellenberger, Doris .. Adams, Robert ..... Payne, Marguerite . . . Robbins, Winona . . . Funk, Viggo ..... Mayes, Esther . .. Wachter, Mary Bailey, Lloyd . . . Grant, Warren .. Todd, Pearl .... Mason, Robert .. Parrish, Loris ..... De Young, Ethel Lewis, Jane .... Bailey, Warren .. Pierson, Marie . . . Richards, Florine ..... - . . Kliwer, Henry ........... Edwards, fSandyJ Dorothy.. . Willis, Mabel ............. Doyle, Ruth .. . Gravatt, Roy .. Lewis, Bertha .. Rogers, Hazel Widick, Clarence ..... Ace, fThomasJ Pearl Palmer, Mildred ..... Harris, Max .... 1914 Kansas State Normal .. Model Clothing Company, Emporia .- Palace Clothing Company, Emporia . . . . . . . . . Santa Fe Offices, Emporia . . . . . . . . Kansas University 1915 Kansas State Normal .. College of Emporia .. Kansas State Normal . . . . . . . . College of Emporia Santa Fe Offices, Emporia . . . . . Kansas State Normal .. College of Emporia . . . . College of Emporia . . . Kansas State Normal . . . Farming, Dunlap .. Ann Arbor, Mich. Emporia .. . Kansas State Normal .. Kansas State Normal . . Kansas State Normal .. Carter's Drug Store . . . . . Electrician, Emporia Mail Carrier, Emporia . . College of Emporia . . .. College of Emporia . . . Kansas State Normal Dunlap .. Kansas State Normal Kansas City, Mo. . . Farming, Emporia . . College of Emporia . . Kansas State Normal Kansas State Normal College of Emporia Ramseyer's Dry Goods Store, Emporia Kansas University 106 .. College of Emporia . . . . Teacher, Dunlap . . College of Emporia Topeka .. Kansas State Normal .. College of Emporia Manhattan . . . .Kansas City, Mo. College of Emporia .. Kansas State Normal . . Kansas State Normal . . . . . Nurse, Topeka . . . . ...... Emporia . . College of Emporia Newton . . Kansas State Normal . . . . . . . Bank, Emporia Bitler, Ralph .. Blank, Helen Boughton, Helen .. Boyer, Hazel ........ Patterson, Howard Jones, Esther S. ....... . Fuller, Ola ............ Cook, iRasmussen5 Mabel Austin, Rhoda . .... ..... Ace, Hazel ........ Cannady, Mabel C. . . . . Cunningham, George Hanson, Theodore .... Haynes, Carol ...... Hoover, Mollie ....... Moller, Martha Marie .. Vaughn, James ...... Williams, Gomer .. Addington, Marie .. Armstrong, Earl ..... Edmonds, Harold M. . Hamer, Mary Irene Haynes, Dorothy ....... Kirkendall, Frances C. . . . Kretsinger, Pansy Beatrice Laws, Kathryn N. ...... . McCoy, Raphael . . . Nanninga, John B. .. Potter, David ........ Ptacek, Michael E. . . .. Ramseyer, Margaret J. .. Richards, Alice ....... Spiker, Harold M. . . . . Teichgraeber, Florine .. Widick, Irene ....... Workman, Lawrence Arnold, Marion .... Aue, Luther ........ Austenfeld, Eleanor .. Harr, Lloyd ....... Hendrickson, Susie Jones, Minnie ...... Morton, Gladys M. .. Nanninga, Ann . .. Orr, Hazel Lee ..... Retschlag, Ernest H. . . Robinson, Preston .. Riggs, Clora Harriet . . Smith, Clara ....... Thomas, Daniel J. . . Trusler, Victor .... Good, Bertha ....... Harvey, Ernest G. . . . . Mark, fPeakJ Della Varner, Mamie I. . . . . 1916 107 . . . Aviation Corps, Calif Manhattan .. Kansas State Normal . . . . . . Teacher, Nebraska . . . Kansas State Normal . . College of Emporia Boston Emporia .. Kansas State Normal Emporia . . College of Emporia .. ..... College of Emporia Santa Fe Offices, Emporia . . . . . . College of Emporia Emporia Emporia . . . Kansas State Normal . . . College of Emporia Topeka College of Emporia .. Kansas State Normal College of Emporia . . . College of Emporia .. Kansas State Normal .. Kansas State Normal Emporia .. Kansas State Normal .. Kansas State Normal .. College of Emporia Emporia .. Kansas State Normal .. College of Emporia . . College of Emporia. Manhattan . . .. College of Emporia . . Kansas State Normal . . . Kansas University . . . . . . Midland College . . . Kansas State Normal Kansas State Normal .. Emporia Gas Company Kansas State Normal .. Kansas State Normal . . . . . . . Kansas State Normal .. Kansas City Nurses' Hospital . . . . Hughes Oil Company Kansas State Normal . . . . Kansas University .. College of Emporia . . . . College of Emporia . . . . Kansas State Normal . . . . Kansas State Normal Santa Fe Offices, Emporia - ............. Emporia . .. Business College K L. -,,-,.-- - , f .: .vw gg.. A gh . , WW , , , , -fp, 4. .uf -- , -,. ff Q ' ww , , . . -grmgg.-' fi , R L . ,Q m , 1.5, ig M if -fu 'X sv S, J ff- " sh 1 1 ,W .X 3 Wm ,Y I' 'W f- Q - - 7 LM W W- , enldgm f'ifA1" :, ,. I K, .wks "" an W Ygffclegg fig 5. , 'Tv A . ' ,155 Miz! -g rs g g ,,-mwf iw? ,.,. fy tp. .A 1 ! his -74,6- 4 LL . I 1 I 1 l E Q . 1 4 J . 105 Catalogue Editors' Note: Owing to the lack of capacity of the normal Freshmen and Sub- freshmen mind we have endeavored to extract from the school catalogue the main and vital points, condensing and arranging so as to be within the grasp of the mind of average intelligence. We have hopes that it will be appreciated. GENERAL INFORMATION Emporia High School is not a young ladies' seminary, nor a theological school, though its appearance might lead to that conclusion. It is a grammar school, accept- ing both Eds and Co-eds. BUILDING AND GROUNDS E. H. S. is a three-story building, of which the third story is at the top, surrounded by signs reading, "Keep to the Walk." In the front campus stands a monument and a Howerbed. The back yard is devoted to gardens UD-H. C. of L. SUPERVISED STUDY Our best joke. FACULTY Good, bad and indifferent. No choice given. REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION File your family tree in the Office and sign the temperance pledge. CLASSIFICATION Sub-freshmen-All creatures showing signs of verdance. Seniors-Anything above a Sub-freshman. Requirements for graduation: Course in chapel appreciation. American History I and II. Titusology-Reserved seats in lecture room. Literary Digest-thoroughly digested. Course in some science-either botany or indoor baseball. EXPENSES Tuition for out-of-town students-510. NO charge to other inmates, except fee for locker keys, chemistry fee Knot including payment of damagesj, botany fee, domestic science fee, 5c a week for educational movies, portraying the life cycle of the potato bug, gymnasium fee, and library fee. 109 ORGANIZATIONS Slmkesperwe Drrwzzatic Club-Accepting members of Shakespearean descent only, This excludes Sub-freshmen. Latin Clubs-Harboring conspiracies worthy of Cataline. Young Woinen's Cki'ist:'an Association-Not yet recovered from an attack of Carni- valitus. Christian Boys' Club-Organized band of heaviest eaters in school. No members al- lowed Weighing less than 250 pounds. Radio Club-Their aims were set high, even on the top of the building, but War has laid them low. Private Dancing Academy-Room 10--Hnuff sed." This Section is Dedicated to ff 5 K FQS hmiew 110 1 doa r 1' 1 lk N - T1'1E-F"ERFECT- 1t'jW, dvdmmlgcd The bC1E5,Ck "-'-"'f , A 3.5 Svpgorfecl BX R1axC'.nnK X Db! WML Rassed Y AF'ProVQc1 Mg-640506, if mf., 4- , mm YWCA' 5,00 am D311-aqwrfll no reqx-ef Qgr-1C Z JY K 'WG N11 - RUBAKK To C10 'YHQ Qlxovfzc Pwr U. Pa M mu 1 5 W 1131 f"1-W I1 V X 5 A N WWW 1 QJEH' A Y MW 12-on am -PMTY1 CXXYS QKDQK 6 01-ff wwavtn-m?d'CxQn1'11i 0 W' K '13 beqkv X,,,xxyK,,Y clam HM ,rt mg Pa vt-11 M PAH' :Vi IQQII1 1 1 1 -I QM 1 Q fc 7 1 34.- X f VUAUX ' ff' y.?1'f I 1 f 'W VN- 'J-pu-QQQVQ 'fnvffkg Y'VX0Y'Y'UVJ X' Q-QQQQQAQ kafrmalws ' me. so Yheaufiiull 111 Advertising Section Svvninr 0112155 ofl9l7 Unexcelled in Wit, Brains and Enthusiasm Why? Because of the highly intellectual and spirit- ual standards of this school. WRITE FOR CATAI OFUTHS Consult Publicity Committee on any special problems See Mr. Cook and enroll early. You're Welcome! li Qlnllvgv nf T mpnria Equipment the Best- New Administration Hall Splendid Science Hall Well-equipped Library Gymnasium and Swimming Pool Girls' Dormitory Courses of Study- 20l College Courses Music, Piano, Organ, Tons, Volume, Orchestra Public Speaking Domestic Science Standards high--Credits ampled at Princeton Columbia W ll K , , e s, ansas University, Har- vard C ' , arnegie Technical, Northwestern, Michigan Chicago. ll4 E u 4 DRY GOODS C S , EMPORIA, KANSAS General Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets, Draperies Quality, More than Anything Else, is the Keynote of This Store lVlen's and Women's Apparel, High-class Footwear Mail or Phone Orders We Prepay All Parcel Have Prompt Attention Post Charges Happenings of the Year September ll-In which our trou- bles begin anew. September 12-We learn that we do not know how to study, and Mr. Cook attempts to enlighten us on the sub- ject. September 14-Thirtyftive awkward, warriors commence their daily romp on Normal Field. September 16-Y. W. C. A. limbers hger muscles for earnest work. September 20-"See those swell dudes at the fashion show last night?" September 22--And it came to pass that some tasted watermelon rinds, which they abhorred much. And the next day there was much weeping and wailing and anointing with a precious liquid named "Arnica" September 29-E. H. S. pigskin chas- 116 ers butter Chase County VVarriors around the field for a victory. October 2-Arden Campbell found not guilty of stealing a shave from Col- yar's Barber Shop. Great rejoicing! October 4iMr. Titus begins his "pink teas" for his students. October 6-Board of Education holds a party for H. S, teachers. Whodya- thunkut! l Several new cases. October 7+No tests given today. Strange? October 8-Wireless planned for E. H. S. October 13--E, ll, S., 103 Cotton- wood Falls, 7. tGreat Marathon Race!! October 20--Great deluge of Y. W. C A. girls "Check your suitcase, Miss?', October 27-The Annual Staff makes its appearance. More "dough." Electric Utensils for the Home Can be purchased very reasonably. We have irons, percolators, toasters, grills, curling irons, Water heaters, sew-motors, vacuum cleaners and washing machines. Easy Payments Reasonable Prices The Kansas Electric Utilities Co. Phone 99 14 West 6th Ave. Emporia Floral Company E. M. Robinson Cut Flowers, Palms, Ferns and Potted Plants Corner of West Street and Twelfth Ave. October 30+We lay aside our books long enough to put a cow on King Cook's porch. November 1-C. B, C. feed, Club has more members than it throught it had. November 2-Whachaget? She's awful! Why, I studied as hard --. November 3wHonor Roll. Super- vised Study proved a success. KWatch out! D0n't let 'em tally, November 6-Skovgard royally enter- taing Emporians, first number of en- tertainment course, November 10-Student body elects Hughes President! CNo acknowledge- ment from Mr. Hughesb. November 14.-Penalties for skip:- ping announced. Oh! Bliss why for- saketh thou us? November 16-We nab a close game from Burlington, 6-0. Zip! Boom! Bah! November 17-Resolved, That in the scheme of creation, thie hen preceded the egg. Affirmative victory. 117 l-ligh School Junior Clothes The Right Thing for the Young Man Featured by Us HOME OF Hart, Schaffner 8: Marx and Society Brand Clothes for Men and Young Men Auerbach '52 Guet tel 1 . U, as f at A we L I farce 501 Commercial Street Northwest Corner of Fifth Avenue The Haynes Hardware Co. 618-620-622 Com'l. St. Emporia, Kansas Phone 105 High School Students are familiar with the wide as- sortment of Sporting Goods at our store. Our endeavor is that our goods will give satisfaction D. 8: M. and Spalding-the two great leaders in Sporting Goods Baseball Football Track Tennis Basket Ball A iull and complete line of Gymnasiunn Suits, all sizes 118 .- I : !,4pl,l,lT f ll gi. 1 2 Al: 53.5 'C .Sli 54 COPYRIGHT BY ED. V. PRICE 5 CG. The Little Schoolmaster Says: Are you as careful to Weigh values and get maxi- mum usefulness from your clothes, furnishings and shoes as you are in buying other things? You surely ought to be. HANCOCK 8: BANG Model Clothing Company 619 Commercial St. November 19-Shakespeare Club makes its bow for the season with "Six Cups of Chocolate." For Personal Service November 24-E. H. S, walloped the Normal Highs in a starlight game. fWho said blind man's buff?J November 25-26-Owing to the hard times, we intend to keep this day a secret, because if we mentioned it you would wish' you had some t'punkin" pie or turkey. So do not be curious. November 29-We say farewell to football season. Won four games and Bank lost the same number, December 13-"Why not dance in the gym?" December 15-Plans started for a monument for the old bell l"At last," we sighj, December l6gSeniors want Facul- ty's scalp. Chance to play is lost. iljoth are gladl. December 20--VV, b -' 1 rn s ' to Sam, P egm our Q ef Emporia State Bank 110 Appropriate Gifts-- FoR GRADUATION DAY- The clay of all days is of course, Graduation Day December Zl--Cast for the Senior play chosen. December 1Z2+lJebate try-out results in 21 vietory for Potts, Fitch, S1JQIlf'C1', Macy, Cartniel and Garth. A3 a re- rillltiil very windy room December 22-Several 1nen1lJe1's of Echo Staff answer to the Uawl abood" and leave for editorial c-onvention at Topeka. December 21-January Ze--Merry Uliristnias. Also, what did he bring: you? January 2--Gosh! Kancliu ever leta guy sleep any? January 33-We repent and Profes- sor Cook turns over a new leaf for us Too Sad to relate. January 4--Katherine Ridgeway eu- tertains. January 5-fFive miuuteiq between classes. "O de lll1ll1O1't8.l6SlU Hats Eventually, why not tomorrow? lVlrs. Carl Ballweg Turkish Candy Company A. BUCHANAN, Proprietor Fresh Mome-made Candies Fine Ice Cream and Ices The Warren Mortgage Co. Offers choice farm mortgages for those seeking investments Citizens National Bank Capital, Surplus and Profits S375,000.00 Deposits ......... S1,400,000.00 4 Per Cent Paid on Savings Deposits OFFICERS F. C. Newman, President C. H. Newman, Vice-Presicleut H. W. Fisher, Cashier DIRECTORS C. H. Newman R. J. Edwards J. S. Kenyon R. M. Hamer T. J. Acheson H. B. Price T. F. Byrnes F. P. Warren Come in and let us explain our new savings plan .January 6vFirst, but not last sub- scription dance. .January S--No talking except to li- brarian. Three canned! tWill our troubles never end? ?J .January 10--No dancing in the gym. January llfSeniors ravenously de- vour spread prepared by D. S. girls. Scandal. Toasts, "What's trumps" and "Hearts are it," are given. Several new cases. .Ianuary l2fE. H. S. shooting stars loose a basket ball game to the Normal Freshies. .lanuary 16-Last joke on mistakes due to "Echo box" appears on the Echo Memorable date. ' January 17-Basket ba.ll team makes its bow to student body, January 18-Echo staff entertained by Miss McNabb. .lanuary 21-Baccalaureate sermon. KO Q . mil ' - ,gpm 1 W i Xl fl . f 'K W rwsifriwxj j . W 7 E M KODAKS AND SUPPLIES Photo Finishing Properly Done Morris Drug Company Phone 68 Start Your Business Life Right by Opening an Account in Commercial State Bank EMPORIA, KANSAS I Deposits Guaranteed Capital, S100,000.00 January 25-Senior chapel. Normal training students profit much by the children's program. January 27.-Commencement. Good- by Seniors, good luck, January 28'-"Yep, I passed but l sure had to Wigglef' February 2-Gridiron eleven feed. D. S. girls win the boys hearts witlv their cooking. February 4-Physiology artists dis- covered. February 6-Mr. R. W. Titus deliv- ered an address before his chemistry classes. February 8-Oh, you oysters! No meal ticket needed, either. February 9-Girls all-school get-to- gether party, held in Room 10, February 16-And the grasshopper, jumping, was no more. Mr. Fletcher also delivered a minor address in the Auditorium on "The Martydom of 123 Fools." We already knew too much about fools and liked tlre grasshopper better. February 21-First E. H. S, movie, "Alice in VVonderland." February 22-'Twas a good thing George wasn't born in August. February 23-Such trouble over a little scrap of paper. The Senior play, by the way. March 5--Students help sell tlick- ets for the Belgian Relief Fund. Bill claims to be the champion seller. March 9-Caps and gowns! Seniors decide not to wear 'em. Lockwood ob- tains a, landslide. March 16-Em-Hi Carnival a grand success. "Couldnabin more real." Didn't Scott look cut with curls? March 1 7-Debate assured. March 18-Arden C. delives a speech to the Psychyology class. Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle Tennis Goods Baseball Goods Peters Hardware Company Phone 26 Ernporirfs Busy Corner FOLLOW THE CROWD to Murphy's 5c and 10c Store - 623 Commercial Street Every-day Necessities at Popular Prices The Temple of Economy .Candies and School Supplies J. O. GRAHAM Coal and Wood 819 Commercial Street The Lenox Restaurant 419 Commercial St. Emporia, Kan. Regular Meals and Short Orders at All Hours Try Us and See for Yourself That the Lenox is the Home of Good Things to Eat, prepared in the Right Way C. H. DABBS Sz SON, Proprietors 124 Students' Suitatorium Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Suits Made to Measure 825 Commercial Phone 561 You will not go astray if you use any of - The Kraum Remedies Many Satisfied People KRAUM'S DRUG STORE, 128 Com'1. Emporia National Bank Capital and Surplus S300,000.00 H. Dunlap T. Jensen W. C. Hughes L. T. Bang J. F. Kenney H. E. Peach E. K. Lord J. H. Wiggam E. P. Bruner L. H. Lewis L. J. Buck J. E. Martin March 19-eWe entertain ourselves in chapel by singing song on page 24. March 23--We're the champs in the District Meet. 'Give 'em acheer, Wil- kite." April l-April fool number of the Echo appears. We're still kids. April 5-We win and then lose gym nleet. Where'5 our lucky star? April 6--Loyalty day. Flags, flags, everywhere and everyone our own. April 10-High School Militia or- ganized. We do our "bit," April ll-Khaki pants and blue shirts! Ataboy. April 12-"Dad" Elliott speaks to the boys and Miss Slack to the girls. April l3fWe win a track meet from Chase County. Arden still tells of his sprint. April 13+And we lose 0116 to Bur- lington. 5 EAT AND SLEEP AT Hotel Mit-Way European Excellent Cafe Open All Night ill 4 'out 'Vx' YI r aw -. 'mriiea rigging .f Q'y:,3.3 355.55 2 fiiifihgii' tw , , Wilhite Brothers, Proprietors "Keep Looking Up To USN For everything in the line of School Supplies and Novelties TI-IE BOGK OOK F. E. WOODS 526 Commercial Street Emporia, Kan. There is great satisfaction in having photographs that just suit you and your friends. This satisfaction is wrapped up in each package of Photographs made by F. A. LOOIVIIS Emporia, Kansas THE EMP GRIA Telephone Company Emporia, Kansas Prompt, Courteous and Efficient Service 1 Compliments of The Cit Mill and Elevator PATTERSON PRODUCE COMPANY We're for Teddy, Service and Quality Telephone 50 April 14-School Board censors Sen- ior reception on account of Mr. l-li Prices. April -C. B. C. dinner. We hear some fi11e speeches. April 21-Red Cross established for our girls. Some more of our little bit. April 23-Greatest massacre in the history of E. H. S. Senior-Faculty meet. Seniors win, but feel effects late er-thanks to "Pop', Titus. May 7-12-Music Festival. May 21-First annual Em-Hi Field day. May 24-Seniors break loose and forget their dignity. Mr. Cook is shocked, May 27-Baccalaureate, Minister actually addresses the class, not the Glee Club. June l+Seniors say good-by in a higluly respectable manner. E. E. Anderson Tailor to Men The Best, of Course! 516 Commercial Phone 598 John Henning Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats and Fish The oldest market in the city We have the Quality Home- Killed Beef 614 Commercial Phone 21 A Testimonial from Ronald Finney "I have often been asked as to what one particular thing I owe my robust and healthy constitution. "For a long time I have eaten at least one pound of Martha Washington Candy a week, and sometimes more. There is nothing better than this pure, rich candy for good health. fSignedJ "RONALD FINNEYH McClure's Grocery Exclusive Agents Phone 32 608 Commercial Talking about talking ma- chines, talk to the Pioneer Music Company Phone 1231 421 Com'l. St. Good Things to Eat Star Grocery Fancy and Staple Groceries ' S. T. WILSON Sz SON For Shoes that are New and Fresh Colyafs Barber Call at the Why not go to a L Sanitary Shop G u And talk with Lesh Under State Bank 518 Commercial Street Emporia J. C. Dumm Furniture Co. C. 4 ,ef He'TeH5 Brddyu XQIOW he 51-udlt A AH N'-QUT X. I The R. D. Thomas 8z Co. INSURANCE AGENCY Emporia, Kansas The assets of the Companies repre- sented by us exceed S75,000,000.00 INSURANCE IN ALL ITS BRANCHES We Fit Glasses by Latest and Scientihc Methods You can be safe and sure by Coming Here GRAD UA TING PRESENTS We have them! RICKER 8: SON We Appreciate Your Patronage Big New GARAGE First-Class Workmen U. S. and Kelly-Springfield Tires DRIVE IN AND SEE Downs Central Motor Company T I P. F. Peterson, Propr. ay Phone 450 614-620 Merchant I . l--1 -ixli-v ----- Bulle,fYs'n pd'1'EYN,f5 TYXUST PQY'pcYvaHv5ConcluQ.f HS anime uhm' QV' I 1 i.. .MNADNWKM RRG- gf W R.R.COOK H.s.vvan'TJ lfff ' .-f-"""" ' ,.--Y-.....f ff, 4 ., f 511' "MW 1 4 Nw 51:i4iZ?7?2'f fl ' VKX . Q Q' NNQXXXX NX f f K N VK f 'W 'G ' f 42?'v,lf,f ! f f 1 4 'ff' A '27, l L X . X , ,gfff f 'f , , . f , V ff K f gm, I l , 'fs-1 ,. Qlf'9'4'f A-T112 liil 417 Commercial St. Phone 897 STRAUS'S THE STORE FOR BARGAINS Everything in Wearing Apparel for Men, Women and Children Headquarters for popular-priced mer- chandise. The Bargain Spot of the Town You'll find your friend there Ilia t 'u ll 'Q' , rm KODAKS Films and Supplies Developing and Printing at LEATHERBERRY'S REXALL DRUG STORE Opposite Mit-Way Hotel Your Certificate Will be Framed, Suitably with Care if taken to the LUTT GIFT SHOP 15 West Sixth Telephone 337 Dost recollect the time Lawrence kissed Mr, Titus's bald spot? Some fair damsel: How did the track meet come out, Arden? Arden: Oh, if it hadn't been for --? I would have won, What will Mary Emily do when all the boys are drafted? Miss Harper: I don't want to be of- ficial "crape hanger," but our sclieool spirit being dead, requires burial. Miss Ice says she is disappointed in the Echo censors. She expected to see her name more plentifully sprinkled through the "Padded Hammer." So goes Miss Brooks's time: Late again, Cecil? Fill out a slip. Yes, you may use the phone. You say you had to hold the baby while your mother did the washing? You'l1 have to wait for Mr. Cook. Please don't break those pencils. Lost your key? See Mr. Cook. Don't forget again or you go on the list. That's a poor excuse. Tell your mother Mr. Cook wants to see her. Where do you want to go? Don't wiggle the table. So it goes, time without ceasing, A. C. Hines Groceries and Meats Phone 461 416 Com'l. St. Emporia, Kansas The Economy Shoe Store Up-to-the-Minute Shoes at Economy Prices Save a dollar by paying cash here! A. O. Downs 8: Son 616 Commercial Plwhe 1483 REMEMBER BROOKS GROCERY Headquarters for Picnic Lunches and Supplies Myser Bros. Dependable China, Glass and Electric Lamps Community Silver Gifts for all occasions Phone 36 MEET ME AT KODAK ,IORDANS Headquarters Lest You Fofffjtgest Yet, Eckclall Sz McCarty Our Soda Water H. C. Jordan Phone 326 L. R. Bailey Transfer Co. Office and Warehouse, 14-16 West 5th. Moving, Packing, Storage and Gen- eral Transfer Business Baggage Transferred Night or Day Day 192 PHONES Night 1014 Peterson Grocery Co. Two Stores: 312 Neosho St. 13 W. Sixth Ave. Phone 657 Phone 155 Phone us for Prompt Service 133 f PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Dr. F. A. Eckdall M. D. Dr. J. G. Northington Dentist Drs. Trimble 8: Neighbors Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 6 2 1 Commercial St. Hamer 8z Ganse Lawyers Dr. C. E. Parker Dentist iOver Turkish Candy C0.J Dr. I. F. Peterson Osteopathic Physician f0ver Turkish Candy Co.J Dr. C. W. Lawrence M. D. Dr. A. W. Corbett M. D. - Prof. O. B. Tilford Violin Instructor Phone 1633 811 W. Sth Ave. Emporia, Kan Justin I. Miller Lawyer 8: Abstracter Emporia State Bank Building Dr. E. G. Lundy Dentist Mrs. S. F. Cravens Voice, Piano and Theory Studio, 5 2 3 Commercial Tl-IIS WAY Mr. High School Youth-Mr. Younger Young Man We've got them because we know you want them. Langham High Clothes expressly made to Ht your youthful frame, and having the smart air, the truly Young Man's Look that you admire in your older brother's clothes. Novelty fabrics. All the newest details of the season, and Thirty Other Points of Interest in every Langham-High suit. We can satisfy your judgment and fit you to perfection-S15 to S20. J oUTflffL'Ps fUP A4551 Always Something New Is an expression that if taken literally would mean just new merchandise or actually mean NEW in the sense of recently created. To have a new creation every day is possible, but to feature such a slogan is dangerous, for the NEW is not always the de- sirable. This store is your store, and we will always have for you the NEW things that are good as soon as they appear. And our buyers are alert for the good things. ' .Yi F "'Y29f2.'2f C0- J X eos 607 gqr:151f.R5LAL ST..Y.MP Rl4.KANS ld D. P. Kerr Robert Kerr ' Eastman Kodaks Kerr Electric Shop 721 Commercial St. EMPORIA, KANSAS Phone 859 "Better be Safe Than Sorry" and Supplies Red Cross Pharmacy 624 Commercial Street Emporia Fresh Cut Flowers fx k,f ,Q fi ,X rff , i ,Z I , ff. r t i fe, S i s L ', M Ast!! A - ' igizq s ' N lk' 5: 1, t,, if .V 'AJ' M ft JI 1 of . ' no at-.LX Nome- XTL -Yaoi., TLObod if evevi lived Xhm Our honored, dignified, benign Chem- istry Instructor may be found this summer on a farm two miles west of town, in charge of fifty cows and Ron- ald Finney. We Wish him luck. Five dignified young ladies of this equally dignified school, skipped fifth l.our to see the Shriners' parade, Aft- ter waiting for a time in vain, they re- ttrned to find that the whgole school was to be excused, Notice: The man, woman or child, who stole the gongs, would greatly 'oblige us by wearing a white handker- chief tied on his, her or its arm. Signed the Pinkerton Detective Agency. A Filibustering Congress has noth- ing on our Senior meetings. Mr. Cole is doing his "hit." He has started a knitting class. Hotel Whitley 65 Rooms with Circulating Hot and Cold Water 18 Rooms with Bath Excellent Cafe Service Jason Austin, Proprietor Good Things to Eat A. C. Ireland Phone 19 20 East Sixth Ask Your Grocer for COUNTRY CLUB COFFEE Always Freshly Roasted Emporia Wholesale Coffee Company Smith Print Shop Printing Engraving 23 West Fifth Ave. M. V. Cagney Expert Printer fOver Tibbals'sl The Emporia Times 15 West Fifth Avenue Newspaper and Job Office Floral Designs a Specialty The Charlsen Flower Shop Mrs. Frank Keeler Cut Flowers Store Phone 1048-Greenhouse 463 704 Com'l. St. Emporia, Kan. P. O. News Stand Cora M. Harrington, Propr. Newspapers, Magazines, Sta- tionery and Confectionery 20 West Fifth Avenue lnseparably separated with the normal, orderly and well-kept home is HOT WATER. The large part of the Water used in the home, day in and day out must be HOT. Always ready, day or night. And today you may have your unlimited supply of Hot Water Without any trouble whatever- Turn the Faucet-That is All The Bath, the Lavatory, the Kitchen and the Laundry, all am- ply supplied-and the provider of this ideal condition in your home is The Ruud Automatic Instantaneous Gas Water Heater 519 Merchant St. EMPORIA GAS CO. James C. Dwelle Phone 106 DWELLE 8: COMPANY Real Estate, Loans and Insurance Office, No. 12 East Sixth Avenue, Kress Building, Grade Floor Emporia, Kan, 571 MUTUAL BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION No. 11 West Sixth Ave. l3N When You Telephone Your Grocer Say When you order these brands of 66 ' 79 Canned Goods Poehler King Coffee Or Extracts and UKaW Chief77 Other Eatables O you have an absolute guaranty of satisfac- r tory quality, and any grocer is authorized to usunburstn return your money if the goods are not as rep- Or resented. There is no need to use doubtful H H brands when the above goods can be had for Tee-Pee the price of other brands. Wholesale Distributors Emporia, Kansas NEWTON BROS. Automobiles, Tires and Accessories Phone 8 102-110 East Sixth Tlxqe consolidation of Warren and Come to Headqmwteys Company with the Watkins factory for High School graduates, is now in for progress, Final arrangements will be completed in due time. Judson did an unwise thing when he bequeathed Latha to Herman's keeping. ,..... l...1lIT1bCI' and Coal Janitors, look in the cold air chute for the bells. Signed: Bill Bonwell, F t k ' ayet e EC les' Emporla Lumber 8z Coal Kenneth Aleraparn, Company Donald Fitch. phone 67 189 ARCHER SERVICE lvmbia I r It umpll ng, I 0 ,mi H 0 I -Q31 Here you see three COLUM- , 2 eeee eeee, Q so 'ff We 1, N016 BIA Styles, 550, 575, S110 if They represent the best money can buy. lt- You Girls and High, School Cadets-Did f , -L , I, you ever hear the stirring marches, or - " Ii dance to the rhythmic strains of our CO- , LUMBIA records? The very snap and V I I vim in them makes you glad you are alive. I ' I "' " I I V' We also have records to suit mother and I ' 2 W I dad, and the little people, too. I I Colne In and Listen I ,.IiliIIf I III I ' I I i I IIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIii 7 P .hhhiiaf ' f g, , "" ' If R , I. C- M- '!5Ef!!E,'3e,IL'ilQ,,H0USE I Phone 420 I , , Empoodrn K rmsas ' A FEW OF THE ITEMS We Make in Our Own Shop Engraving and Die Stamping Department Embossed Stationery Party Invitations Dance Programs Menus Felt and Leather Department Leather Pillows Table Scarfs Party Bags Wall Skins Printing and Binding Department Memory Books Kodak Books House Books Guest Books INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Kansas City, Missouri 1111 3 L Qs. ELL5 . , 1 ' fml 4 rr, -1 Ai - ,ir , r xl J' I ' - -A 1. - ' , F.. 6,9-4 , , , 'f-, . v .1 .' Vw' U : RQQTE- Qfggj ' I 7'1"'w flqnf 1' U fir ' .1 " u ,I -Q., D- I " ' p il S4 O i. i be Liv 1 a. 1 "1 . 1 Kd .s s. Q , 0? .Q . N5 yd ' gumaen gg ggi 3514.415 ifo 6 C A Q - 441 Q 7 ' View 5 lf ixi ' Q ' "y ' weef'-I ' O I X ,,Yw, ' 1 ff Af Ill TAKE THE DOCTORS ADVICE AND USE Cleland Dairy Company's Clarified Milk and Cream Phone 1124 825 Commercial il. N. ENGLE., the Mutual Life lnsurance Man Full particulars about what the Great Mutual Life- Insurance Company of New York and its splendid policies will do for you, given free. J. N. ENGLE, Distr. Supt. Office, State Bank Building Emporia, Kansas . . FRA TZ Exclusive Dealer in BOOTS AND SHOES Shoes That Wear Well High School Students Always are Welcome at Our Store 519 Commercial Street Telephone 1093 li Phone 96 The Martin Laundry CO Launderers and Dry Cleaners A. O. Hughes Oil Company An Emporia Concern Quality Kerosene and Gasoline. Full line of Lubricating Oils and Greases S Up-to-date Filling Station, 115 West Sixth Avenue-Phone 809 Our prices are no higher, our goods can- not be excelled in Emporia, and our ser- vice is the best. By trading with us the money all stays and is invested here at home. Quality Service Call 809 for your neocthorder Rowland Printing Co. Q 3 L B t Quality and Service ' ' 107-109 West Sixth Ave. 19 W. Fifth Emporia, Kan. FLOUR and FEED CIGAR STORE BARBER SHOP STORE SHOP For Those Who Care SPORTING GOODS Whit Douglass, Propr. Try the Velvet Flour. They all say "It makes the best bread we ever had" Wm. Price, President 9 C. M. Wilson, Vice-President I S W. T. Ball, Cashier Bank With Krisp Krust Bread The Lyon County Rolls State Bank 902 Commercial Street Our Deposits Are Guaranteed Phone 137 W. P. Burnap G. H. Burnap C. VV. Burnap BURNAP BROTHERS Iflstimates and information furnished upon application Agents for the MOLINE VACUUM VAPOR HEATING SYSTEM 724 Commercial Street-Telephone 595 New Process Laundry Spencer 8z Baltz, Props. High-grade Laundry Work and Dry Cleaning Phone 127 114 Phone 25 321 Com'l. St. S. 81 S. Feecl Store fSuccessor to W. C. Hughesl Wholesale and Retail Flour, Grain, Hay 8x Farm Seeds All kinds of mill feed, cotton seed meal and cake J. M. Sloyer, Manager The Emporia Gazette PRINTERS AND BINDERS - N., I' r ,III Fine HQU Tone Work and Scflo I ,fqnnuals a Specially s Emporia, Kansa T. Jensen 8: Brothers Pay Highest Cash Price For EGGS, BUTTER, POULTRY, HIDES Emporia, Kansas HaFVey,S Grocery For Ice, Coal or Distilled Phone 45 Wafe' OUR MOTTO: Phone 791 Quality Goods, Prompt Service Emporia Ice 8z Cold Y P t g Sz td Storage Company lb K W gl l S. Student Clothes ll ' I ,-.f i' ' N ONE Everyman's Store I-I. S. STUDENTS: Jewelers and Optometrists S pl f Class Pins d Engraved Statione y alw y h d 0 G1 1 h d h d y t D. D. Williams 8: Company TRY THE . M. C. A. Swimming Pool Finest in Kansas Always full of pure, Warm, filtered water Student Membership-87.50 L. W. LEWIS SONS Masonry and Ballast Contractors Emporia, Kansas Always dependable, clean-cut, full of sparkle-photographs made to please the most critical-guaranteed to the limit L. G. ALVORD 14 West Seventh Avenue Emporia, Kan. When the quickest is the best-why not the quickest? THE ELECTRIC SHOE SHOP Compliments of W. T. CRAWFORD The Home Building and Loan Association Emporia, Kansas Capital, S2,000,000.00 We Pay 6 Per Cent on Savings You can't beat it Crm be drawn out at any time Take out a. few shares-25c per week, or 51.00 per month Father Titus's New Pupil 148 Apprrriatinn This year's Re-Echo has not been merely the work of the staff. It has included many people, both in the High School itself and outsiders. We wish to thank these peo- ple for their ready assistance, and generous co-operation. We feel especially grateful to Mr. Walt Mason, for the dedication poem, to Jack Williams, of Oberlin, Ohio, for the headers and cartoons he so kindly drew for us, to the typewriting classes, who assisted us in preparing our copyg to Miss Mary Emily Warren, for the modeling of the cover design, to Miss Heller and her drawing classes, for their cartoons, to the business men of the town, who have made the Annual possible by their advertising, and to the students and teachers, for their loyal support. CCM HX T+L f 7 5 X XA XJ S, E S 5 5 5, 'Q E 5 B ll 5 5 i 'i if

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