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Martha naman ASSGGIATE .EEIFEQR . jMafrha Coufter nBUSfNESS.4MlANAGER. . Ridsnenfz BHOTQGRNPHERS . . .,. . n. lg . . . Dairre11l"17hompson 55617 'Duncan EOOIIEYS , .Q . T .... 1 J. Terny Sheflby .,. . Gayle Msumm -Campus spoms' .n ..... Mary Ham Hbmilton URGANIZATIONS, . Jin wagon .Q . .......... 1. . . M61 Haas .......... Nancy Io Padgett -nu-... .,-.,...--- FRNISERNITIES: . .... Phil Vzmlbyck ADM INISTRFATION 'Bdbby Vasscy n ., . . Cliff Bridges 'COLIEGE and . . . . . Kay Spicer Ken Thomas . . . . Dave Hines SORORTITIES ,. ..... n. Cbco Anderson . . HONORS ...... , .... lee iLeichsenring SOPHOMORES . . . C11LIei1,Haniun0nd', IUNICDRS- . . ,. . . . Nohlgren HUBIQICATIONS, 1 .... Susan Calliiqnl SFENIORS . . . . . . . Susan i1Pineon Staff UNIVERSITY SCHOOLS BUSINESS ........ 'DENTAL . . GRADUATE LAW ...... . . . MEDICAL .... . . . NURSING ........ THEOLOGY Wallace Cheney . Jane Solberger . . . .... Nancy Craine ....Chery1DiX . . . .... Jerry Floyd , Martha Laird . Dan Sakamoto Connie Burgamy Kay Spicer CONTENTS ANNIVERSARY . . . DEDICATION .... FEATURES . . . BEAUTIES . . . HONORS .... ACTIVITIES, . . . SPORTS .... DOOLEY'S . .. GREEKS ....... SORORITIES FRATERNITIES UNIVERSITY ......... ADMINISTRATION . FACULTY .......... COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES . . . . . . BUSINESS SCHOOL . . DENTAL SCHOOL .. GRADUATE SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL ...... MEDICAL SCHOOL . . NURSING SCHOOL . . THEOLOGY SCHOOL GRADUATION ..... ADVERTISING .... 5 . 22 24 56 . 66 82 124 158 184 188- 210 238 240 248 255 517 525 351 565 379 397 407 420 423 FOREWORD As the pages of the Fiftieth Anniversary Campus unfold before you, we hope you will see how Emory has grown and changed to become a great university, but most of all we hope you will see and re- member the campus at present. It is our world today, but will be our past tomorrow. The heritage of the past is displayed and traditions set for the future. In our first attempt to change the Cam- pus to a summer delivery book many techni- cal difficulties were met. Due to this, a great deal had to be omitted because of the tremendous size created by the initial change. It is felt, however, that the small sacrifices made will enable the yearbook to more fully serve its purpose, that being to cover a student's complete year at Emory from registration to graduation. When glancing through this book, Whether studying the heritage of fifty years ago or the present happenings we hope that the 1965 Golden Anniversary CAMPUS will serve to' spark pleasant memories of your Alma Mater. Aerial view of the campus in 1922. Emory University was officially chartered on January 25, 1915. By June of that year, property was obtained in Druid Hills for the school. Roads were laid out, bridges were built, and various buildings were. begun. In 1916 the Law School was officially opened, and the Theology School moved into its new building. Through the generosity of the men whose names they bear, the john P. Scott Laboratory of Anatomy and the T. T. Fishburne Laboratory of Physiology were completed and equipped by September of 1917. This year also saw the completion of the first two floors of the Chemistry Building. In 1919, plans were made to move Emory College from Oxford to Atlanta, and Alabama Hall was built to accommodate the undergraduates. Through the patronage of Mr. Asa G. Candler, the Wesley 'Memorial Hospi- tal was able to open its doors to patients' in 1922. The Anatomy and Physiology Laboratories, built in 1916. False start before the whistle blew. Mad scramble in attempt to win. Emory's traditional Pushball game was inaugurated in 1925. It was played annually until 1952, when it was suspended because competitors were getting out of hand. But the next year it was resumed under the sponsorship of Circle K, service society. But the ball had become so old and weak through the years that it could no longer be properly inflated. As a result, the game ended forever a few years later when it completely fell apart. Somehow, the pushball was above it all. 'tw The "Stacks" undef Construction, Shelving books in the new library building. The University Library had moved from Oxford to Atlanta in 1919, along with the College. At first it was located in the basement of the Theology School, where cramped quarters and poor lighting tended to discourage student use. Through the generosity of Mr. Asa G. Candler, the new library building was completed in 1926, and, over his protest, it was named for him as its donor. The new library soon became a very popular place. The Assembly Hall. md-ani 'ui v 'Jen .' 'v , 43" A . 1:..1i,,, The Alumni Memorial Building. In the spring of 1929, the Florence E. Candler's Nursing Home was built. Later it be- came Harris Hall. The Lobby of Harris Hall In 1927, the Assembly Hall was completed. For -many years it housed the cafeteria and the old Dooley's Den. In 1931, the main floor of the structure was ravaged by fire. The damage was in excess of 350,000 The ground floor of the building, which housed the cafeteria, was damaged by water. Valuable musical instruments belonging to the glee club and orchestra of the school, as well as expensive lighting equipment, were lost in the flames. Several years later, the building became part of the Alumni Memorial Building, which was donated by the Alumni of Emory University. lm n e w - 1151 in ' ,il-T"'i2fY',lff U' Q53 vi ,z af L,-.' 'e When the College moved from Oxford, the frater- nities Which had been established at Oxford moved also. Moreover, the increased enrollment of the school caused many new chapters to be established on the new campus. At first, the fraternities rented houses on Danzler Drive, across the railroad tracks from the cam- pus, but soon they began to rent houses throughout the community. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Chi Phi. l Sigma Chi. KaPPa AlPha- However, in 1927, the trustees made available a sec- tion of the campus for a new Fraternity Row. They also arranged for lots to be leased to the fraternities for a nominal sum of 551, and made generous loan provi- sions to help the chapters to build there. By 1930, four fraternities-Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Chi Phi, and Kappa Alpha-had built their chapter houses there. The other fraternities soon followed suit. X 1 The Emory water tower. A complete water system was installed at Emory Uni- versity in 1953. This new addition greatly improved campus facilities. During the War, temporary barracks were erected for housing purposes. In 1946, the Uni- versity was able to begin on much-needed construction Work on the Emory University Hospital. Construction work at the Emory University Hospital, August, 1946. Construction of temporary barracks. The completed barracks. Although intercollegiate sports were denied to Emory students, the athletic department had developed a vigorous program of intermural sports. Their pro- gram increased as the facilities available increased. An important addition to the department was the construc- tion of the Cinder race track in 1947. The Emory Bookstore and the Emory Grill. E 4 Construction of the Cinder track. The first Emory Bookstore was operated by two of the faculty of Emory University. Here students were able to purchase their text- books as well as other material. It was later moved to the Alumni Me- morial Building, where it is now lo- cated. new i The Spirit of Dooley. Explosion rocks Annex "C" in 1952. The remains of a chemistiy experiment. Clearing the ground for the Biology and Geology Buildings. Typical scene in the old Dooley's Den. Ratcapped Freshmen of 1951 3 Firemen sweep Water out of damaged building. Construction work on Cox Hall in the spring of 1960. The scene of the fire about six in the morning which caused about .iS250,000 damage to the Administration Building in 1957. I The old Panhellenic House at Emory which was shared by all ten sororities. I Sorority holding a Coke Party in the old Panhellenic House. Emory Clinic Wing under construction early in 1963. - ,ill 'wa 'J' my l f . iw Q ll W M V W li rl r 1 l fl-'W-. X It "H-. I ., l mr! A ,U tv- VL 1 lf ,f ANNIVERSARY On January 25, 1965, Emory University celebrated its Golden Anniversary-the actual date fifty years ago when Emory was granted its new charter, moved to Atlanta, and became a university. In observance of this date, an anniversary dinner was planned for that night. Several hundred alumni and members of the faculty attended. Harllee Branch, Jr., alumnus of Emory Law School, delivered the address. The Emory Glee Club gave a performance with a summary of highlights of past performances over the fifty years. Throughout the year, events were held to commemorate Emory's Anniversary. ,,,JFF,,4 . T I CGNVOCATIO Emory University Convocation was held in the afternoon of january 25, 1965, in commemoration of Emory's Golden Anniversary. Eugene Patterson, editor of the Atlanta Constitution, gave the main address. The Emory Women's Chorale presented a commemorative performance. Honorary degrees were presented to four distinguished Georgians. They were veteran Congressman Carl Vinsong Harllee Branch, jr., president of the Southern Company and a member of the Board of Trustees of Rich's, Inc., and a donor of many gifts to the university, and Dr. Goodrich C. White, chancellor of Emory University. Of special interest was the presentation of a mace to the university. The mace, which was flown over from silversmiths in England, was a gift of D.V.S. President of the Student Senate, Cully Clark, received the mace for the university. if , i Q W- .SAME ! ! !! "W-,,,1 , wg 'T 3 ?w!!, ! ,x, ,, x", mn M- N ff W -f !!g3!!! Scene at the Student-Faculty P1cn1c "lf 4. !mg5m A22 ww? ooogqw ,L weak? w!!!!!?w Q if ! " WN "' MMM g! " Mk' 1 "Y EQ'n!!!!!fw N . ! Q!! gy -r E!! gsm!! 1 3 "N ' !! !!!, :!!! W U !!!!! !! !!!!!! !!W'44ef wwm1g!gWd!!! !!!!!! E! We 4,3 :Sm E: gm QW Nm 2 '52 ! !+ea!Q,w iff? 21? an g5,,5f,i,g,3!!!!mfs1gq,,y um! !!!g!!!!!!! gb !!!x.!! !!! B!!! jg Q - i!!!!g !, !!!!Ew'ggMi egg M! ,pw E- V- "-2251 ww wa ,L 3 E53 5? X ' 5 ' ' T5 11 -' f Q X m Hg,-V fi 2' if Q!! Q - , H gg !!!!!ffff Q!!!! !!!a!zSiQ!5!! J! Q ww! Q 5' i , 5, X5 ,af - 'Q' l H!! !!PfS!!!jg!!!!!P3 1!!! !!gif R! !!! Q! E Eg!!!W WH!!i! S . ,fs gli" !-Q MP5 2.1 ms !!!? !!!' gg EE M gi f ! W ' W -, .2 l 1 1 ! Y ' ' D - :H Y. ,-' A W ef. . 7. V .bz A '-gf, I-, fa . VM ' ' !! !!! M!! !!! !!! 1 -f X Seniors relax after hectic Senior Day. The proposed graduate library n'4 Emory's newradio station, WEMO. 'lf x: 1 Swgxqi J s "Eff gig, W A my .gh .Xa Q. x .., i rg Q In Symbols of Ernory's past XJ, ,g31fr'4F?.4'3 .11 Q , ," ' " ,-f.- - - if ,VF l ' M.. i A ' . ' I A , Q . ' ... ,f V. J . ' : V gg " . A - uw-J X .4 , M u 1 .-- r ' - - 7 Z. i 4 L :,if:.:,f2u. " A ,Q-. b 5 ' ,,, W XX ' xxx , X ,XS , XX nj 'if . If and future. :K?'f" Lf' '- ' A4 .l ' ' A 1 ' ' 3' 5 PI'CSCI1t . . rp- - ' -. I V E1 . l ' , i 3-it lim it it 1 -., 4 5.1: .Y 41.1.5 z dxf-0 , , -.:.:f,f5 -f f ia: 3 .. , g,,J"m'Mgg:f J 315 in " 1,57 ' If-1:50 uf N j "!"Q qUL ' ' . ..... V 2 na 2. I . mW'l .J'wVin 5 its s ' at +4 Q ,viii 'i MII? 'Q,t.:njl'f't 'H' , lllll X .3 5. signing! iw! . ' gm aa The center of Emory, the Administration Building is busy into the night, continually striving, as the wrinkles of fifty years appear on the face of the University, to become better and more productive in all fields of endeavor. New Buildings for Emory's Future Dental School f Graduate Library Student Union Won1en's Dormitory x , Ei-VS' JL .... .M M A I l 3 , 41 ,Q H A LQ' - - n , '.-Q LL, - ry! ' ,4,'y1,-A . 4 ,ve -Q .- 'r -1..s:a:a:a:s:f'5? , . :T :fa .1 X' -3-4? 'e are - . 1. 4 - 2- :Fri b A vb -I . .. l ,,Q-51,3431 , ' ' T5 1' ' !5fiil',,g,,,, N fffwwae e , 121 I-,532 ,. iff. ii We-' N iii: fl 13" 'K r -e A .. W R s x ae, H Q , ww .. x. xiiiiigx 3 K X , aw W 22 ,fi x 1.33 lx l 95 ,,.1s1fms?fs azj, " ,, 1 1 H ' Z X, H 2 X Pa ,,,F'?2 f " ,Q f if EA, ,, 1 ,gc ,- .:, f ME. .e L.,-'V - -f ...,.,. ----- ,xg ,,,-.12i4Q214e2Tf5gjg1 :if-'1Z:"5 H " ',- -' H 'F ,JL X -, eymsifa-e W fx.. ssemfsiisaig.. 32 YZ' twig , 1 Hx X-s:i22FY45T1 :gain We my W, N ' : gm wie, 522 5225551 T ' F fmgiffw :fgwfmlg ' A K. - K- x The 1965 Campus Is Dedicated to ean John J. Pershing. Certainly no other title could be . Q "THE DEAN" more appropriate or so indicative of the regard and esteem in which . john J. Pershing is held on the Emory campus. His official capacity is the Dean of Men, but among the students and faculty of Emory such a technical designation is superflu- ous, for no man is better known and more beloved by them than "The Deann- . . . because he is casual while ris- Dean john J. Pershing graduated from Wittenberg College in 1959, re- iI1gf0 meet H1l0CCHSi0nS ceived his master's degree in Education at Springfield College in 1946, and earned his doctorate in Education at Indiana University in 1952. Before com- t ' U because he is a --good Sport'- ing to Emory in 1960, john Pershing served as Dean of Men at Georgia Institute of Technology. "Black Jack" Pershing's affiliation with Emory University has been a happy I and fortunate one. As an advisor, his counsel is sought first and respected most. As a disciplinarian, his hand is firm and his decisions fair. As a man, his Q1- word is his bond and his friendship a coveted treasure. For the past six years, Emory University has been the life of John J. Pershing. His contribution to Emory has been constant and selfless. Evidence of his active role in student affairs can be seen in the positions to which he was elected over the past academic year. For the sixth consecutive year, he served as advisor to the Interfraternity Council. He was elected advisor to the Student Senate for a third term, and he served as Faculty Secretary of Omicron Delta Kappa, the national honorary leadership society. In addition, Dean Pershing found time to advise the editors and staffs of the various campus publications, and in rec- ' ognition and appreciation of his efforts, he became an honorary member of Pi Delta Epsilon, national honorary journalism society. In each of the above in- stances, john J. Pershing's interest and participation was above and beyond the time-consuming tasks of the Office of the Dean of Men. Indeed, his efforts have been so tireless and so well-thought of that for an unprecedented second straight year he was elected "honorary senior", an honor bestowed by the graduating senior class upon the person whom they feel has given the most of himself to them as students. The choice for the dedica- tion of the 1965 Campus was, as is surely obvious by now an easy and delight- 5 M fl I ll ia i v, 'T' 5 4 fu. w. v 'sk is ful task- . . . because he deserves reward for "The Dean" is leaving Emory this year. As students we mourn this loss to his tireless efforts the University and certainly wish that it could have been otherwise. But we will cherish his memory always, for Old Deans never die, rather their zest and innate qualities will be carried on by those whose lives have been touched by them. Dean john J. Pershing will always be "The Dean" of Emory University. . . . because he has a sense of humor Y . gr . . vi vpn- 'ry .3 '- .. gfgnxmig- Y 513.-',,,i . P nl ysv B W . 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' X'-.-: .' -.9 : '-' - ' - . .x ' '. -s -I - ---pf! '-- . A- -gn . P II QI' , .. I, ,Is ,, ,, . II .4 II 1 I , - I - . . - -,, - .I .1 1 , 14, :,,fxx.I - -- ' '- -'wr' M' Q A "1 'A ,, .f 52---ww V Q ,., H. 'H' P' -'-. S' C'f7"v'7'i.' ' -' 'g. ""' """- -"' ' '.-M ' R- '. av - "7 ' ..,."--- -. ...if pu r-- - 1..- . - K , , n . .qi -.I A - -. . If-. 4 -, ., I-I y, Q . ' ' Q no- ' hh- . "" -.-'-41. 11- - "-' r- ' 4.14-, - 1- - I-- --r,I -'- -- -5 ' , "-I gf, Nail, x L I Y "- N-1 fm- I . 1-II if 4-I I x klv., ' A. I ' i 1 1 1 - -I ' - X u F , . . ,' , ' ...N !3I:V,: 4: 1 I, , 'rt 'Q -' V . . ' 13-'J-...M M . .T X I ' l I - Thy ' .. . 'Wx ' if II I . . .3 , , tl 1 A . jw7'z-W1 T. . AM. I - . .. .I --ww-.Wvf,,II -,Im -,Im -- .I , ,, . - -1 ' ' - 1- ,.2'f---hM.p:',f-.-f.-ty-gs. , . I - - -- 4 - I . - - 51- 1-j5I5TiI51' A, A -- -. I I .- I gg,-I 'KE-qw-' D M QW5 'Ti " . M , '--gy. 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" J ,-' -."' " ' - .' 1. ' .. "LL - - -." -' -- -1 J--. .-.L-1.:'.,.1-'.. '-.P ..- -X l A C 1 1 4. 1.1. W, 11 -5.11 .1u. -.1111- 61 193,111 3 ,Er 11! H ' ' 112.q"11' ,. 1, 11 1 1:11111 1, 11 11,1 1,-11, 1119 1 1 0 ' xx qi, .Q -P11 N111 Q1 459511 , -551111 ,191 1 V 11 x ,W ,k,, , 11 1 1 wma 1 X 1 4.44 MW 11 1 " H' ' 1 1:!1' 11 1 -is .Xf- 11 92, NH X WY Lian ' N. 11 x, 11,5111 4. 4? '- 1 11 Q1 1-' 11m '1 ' 1Z ' j"'en1-w "1 p , 11.1 - .Q- ,. K, ,41 Mmm. ,uf 'iii' .-Ki1ffLi25?'L'I '57 111: 1 '1 'I -- Y 1 1 ,1 ,VH ,, 11 agen: + ,-34.11 , -M X 111 W Q .,,, This is the story of a year in the life of Emory University. The his- tory of a college year is the history of people and their growth. One grows in many ways: in learning to andyin learningfigto in i study and thought and in discoveryg in gstriv+ ingeand in achievingg and in learn- ingitd live and enjoy life. A univerg sity is a place of growth, for here one comes in Contact with many kinds of people and many different worlds. He is exposed to facets of life that he never before knew ex- . H -fn f K K 1 1 :ffifiii The ltPiffF50nv -himielf. liisjinner growth. This seo tion .isgthe pictorial story of outer growth and of many experiences that can lead to inner growth. l HHVLMVA Q, ml? N! A 1 . "T7T'T'T'V1"'q-U Q , . fTT'wm-U a I I 'ITITTTTTITI M 1T1WW1u1 Ill. ' IIIFUTYIIIIII M 1 Q93 af J Ff" Q-3 2 A UNIVERSITY GROWS . . . to pfoViiie5 ff.Sr its ever-expanding func- tions ,step with educational I ,E K ax ' W1 f . , ,1,. www, i iii' p 4 4 w. , N' -, X x XS. 1 -X S ,. , V, 54. '-I -- V 2 if 'Er -:-'e:::s.:::s:ai2.'.,:.' V. '. X - - Nm 1:fg,5gg5 g,:fx, f , ' . 1 1 ' of - ff -fm - 'iuvfsszo .. ,,g,yv-:zz 1 V Lax, ,M ,.., , g, .1 ,gt ,, . These are the people of Emory We come 111 d1ffer ent shapes and d1fferent sxzes, 1n chfferent moods and Wlfh chfferent ambmons FJ, ,fit- i'I.4.w, . ilu ws f HQ -.x , L' ', ,5- 'W Ni' -352 , , , .,V, .,.,. f,,.,j 1-Wi: L. ,, . , , Sometimes we prefer to be alone, to take a time for ourselves, away from the noises and closeness of other people. Perhaps we are learning to know ourselvesg perhaps we are doing things that must be done alone, or perhaps we are just bicling time until we can be with people again. We are growing toward a certain degree of independence, learning to accept responsibil- ity for ourselves. a V. 5 "X , , :- :I . ' . ,- fi: ., . " '- 2 il ' .. . H.: ' . .f ' , 352- 1 4 "fx ... . -1- ,' up f- ,v ...pf I 1141, .n ve - -'M , H -,,.,,4. , lc, , , , 3,11 . X , 1 1 .1- . , .L. Y-rp., V,P::fgg:5.,5 , ' , - f - 1 1 ' , 'fig 5-1 .fgwa-fasegw ' - JL4- he! Q--. 4-uw-5, '-up-,....... KU! 1 1. , 6 1 x T 5219 3222-.V L Ii, 4 Wwe. H--Aw. 2117 'L ,.?7!ii.ff?z iw f ' 1 Q l 7 L ,L V, .,,H I U , ,.,. .,.,., , , - ,- lm ll f -Vg' gy ,Q M3 fs-1 f-" xy .., l - -' Sliare our lfeelingsffmlifheughfslelwifh,efo mm to for help, Or just tofiiallg yto, We fear loneliness and try to findanilegCd15iif5iigQpther-people. We learn to live with thern, yo'f51djust to their demands, and to fulfill their needs while at the same time ful- filling our own. e W f 1 'Wm ,,.-f W ! I rip .. ' , 4, 1 W 'sw- e,. w ww w ,, mx Www ww w KNN , ww 2 , iw .fu ' ff , K W. ,V VJ S s X X1 ax Grand illusions of absorbing vast amounts of knowl- edgefaccompanied us on our arrival at college. Now that the myth has worn away and the illusion has faded, we realize that grades are, for the present at least, as important as how much we learn. We can learn a little or a lot, the amount depending on our own,,efforts:Andlwe find that studying is not the only way to learn, we also learn on our own time, through thought and discovery. Each of these three-study, thought, and discovery-leads us to new fields of ex- perience, to growth and development. ,: fl, n -' in , , 1-, Q9 31123 , . . N kia ww, -. ,. ,mi ,eilP:x:p:s2g, ,my . -"x -v , . .rxx r. V W- Y, ,-.N 11' is j' ,JUL ,, 2,4-3. 52, 4 -:. ' L' .4 llmzfni -ml, ,EQN 1 1, .f-y. ,. HF? f , ' I , v f.- X P f I 4 N lull! gl R231-xx n Bias .,y,, . -,115-fa" QW n 1' Q 4 .Af- ff ' f mm .Q 1,,,Mnw,'h ,, mf, IJ. if hc, -: I , -1:12 'fl ' ' ,cf ' a ' I 0-1, " ' ,Ni-1 wi Y frrys. fi 3' ,iiiiaijveyiliae .kxgnaefi 1, .X is, rs zum :Qi G of 3 431, .gi We want tot do our best, both for ourselves and for those we want to please, as well as for those we want to impress Sometimes we really try, sometimes we just make-believe that we are trying. But in really striving for The Best we grow we develop our potential and learn what we can expect of our own abilities. We are angry with ourselves when we know we have not done as much as we couldg but it is a good feeling to know that we have done our best. 3 5 I . ' 9 ' ug 9 . gy " as '-4 E fl- QQ '11 if L V: , t 565,511 'H A 'x .. .4 'fv 'fix N , . V : 5, . W 1: 5. ,, .M , ww , -. 'L 1 1'-.,'f:. ., , f 'HS 'Wi A E , :Q ff nf -533.gif . yn ,xlwvwvh V , , 1 Q ,K ,V - , -, 'il "4-'21 R g. " Q 5 . i To really try to do something, to put our whole selves into something, and to feel we have been successful-this is a great feeling. But to know that others realize our ef- forts and are appreciative of their quality is a much better feeling. It gives us incentive to strive for other and higher goals. Somehow we are not quite satisfied with past achieve- mentg we want to achieve more and more. And this desire to achieve leads to growth, to the development of our abili- ties to greater and greater degrees. We can grow through learning to know ourselves and learning to know others, through striving and achieving, through study and thought and discoveryg all of these can lead to greater and greater growth. But unless we know how to enjoy what we are doing, to really have fun as well asito develop our minds and talents, then we cannot grow to our full potential. For without developing this part of ourselves, the rest loses its appeal. x Being in an environment which provides frequent op- Z Peftunities to become acquainted with the various art fields, nfgeais, Well gg pccasjpnal presentatiqnsl popular entertainers, alafoffers adefinite incentiire n e R - e1..,1aff.,,qnxffm'f - Y 4 fve.-cgi . V f A--ww: .M exu- SN9 . if ' , 232- AQ .sms lf, " af' W in A 1 A X I., ,-',,' if " ',,gfgf7f44s - X. .-. - :Eaig U. 2 , v 'fn 1 'Q LW l ,n'4':fefff'A4gi?? ml, 34,-u,, , - ' 1' 4- 'z 0 , . 1, .J , u , - M' A 1' G , '7 a 4 1 gp 51 3 1' f W Wifi' ' ' ff' mm 6 :wrt 1- ,jsp :J in s, .. . . f il , u . 4 ' 1 1 - , PW ar W - -1 'TSW X X 2 1 xt Q P w u v fl- 1 22351-51" 1 ,, ,.,., w w v f-I w w w nf-:HA , , kg! H , 4.1 'dr -,z 1 1 , ' ge If 2.33-no ' iw 1 I5 K, W H f ' 5 u .1 H 5 .4 H 31 L H. - mir-sff,.W.., . mg, yi f- lim E EyfQ,,f,f.y. . gh Y Wa, in . A K , Am ,.,, . . ,vw swf sl Q5 . Rfigli 1 1- -G, Mex G wg? X L1 za' Yi 1,195 ,j 5-., M15 S E Pf7'5R C Q ONTE5 TV ' v EfYHFlfJFr LS . Y- Eifi nw he " 'Rug .-.n,. , ' xii 'i-., 5 I ,M L ' WIHHII ' is KJ a x x a H ff . ,. , , fwfz W WT' Lf w s Ns- ww, if Growth is an inner thing, a solitary thing, something which one must accomplish within himself. g. 'wa ...Jig E. e-"f"EaZSv?hm:-Q Sw" 'G 'x': 'L xg '..' Nxt .- f 1 -y " K- . , ve .' ' 1 in vb '--af ' ,, ,-2:-.ar - 1 - q,h:sf'aiv4fff11 , - ' ' , f -Mr' ' W Then, after four or more years, we leave, sobered and more mature, but in some ways unchanged. -01' . . 1 1 i v 7562 1965 Cjampus i ygro U06 .fpresen fs WSJ Cjmory WHIDQFSIQ mega, iD1af Becky, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Elementary Education, is from Birmingham, Alabama. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and was the past Kappa Alpha Rose. ,WM 41-A 1 W 'ff' 9 gui: M L Aww QW Sw 1- 1 Xi 0 , X X WMM W v W X n X ' X N. WAQTWY . ,X ll M fb A Q' si 3 M 7 4 s W M fix .'?23. f iN W , X ,x5J.Ex. i W M 1' mx ,x I J , ,. W A , 1- XL N1.,wAN.XM max W W, M M wa! W ,M , ' W 1352W"MfgW',.wwwNN' Q W' 9 ,, 5 M31-,ow K W' J nw 'N 4 ,X , 'I'-fZL2?lE-i.'f qmfw w 'hgw ,4 ' 'dd if S ,F V,,...k H ,x -H' ' NW? 4 .2 1 .,W,,f:e1+ Q K u " Q Q - , ' lx ' 9 Ka -5 1 t ' ' A ff-NXHX F I F il x in N ui! if at 3, ff X, 3, Q 5 S! - at at X tx f 5 .a,i,- wk we, T Q V. Wviff ---: jg X fx :X L, in ,TQ . V 1 - -ii V . v,42QQ',.ifgfS :WVI n 1, ". . Q5-T ' . 4 2 i " k I X ff F, ' 1 4 3 5 Y 3 fag? 2 L ij Q if? V 5 E ' am-Z , .W W- Lrg I' ., .'g"l', -4- fl 3.5 L 5224 w -Q - 5? 2" A - 3 U! W gg W ' li ,J r 3 l Barbara, a native of Coral Gables, Florida is S war ara pfgecfgam a junior in the College majoring in English. She is president of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorori- ty, a member of Alpha Epsilon Upsilon and is QCODJ Tanner' 10 a third generation Ernoryite. .223 Q1 , 1523 2 A .af 5? , f W ' 'f 'fe as Tuma 5--A may 3 aw il NW 4 gif-W as , J E ' Hfll"2gi5iTEf5i3 gi -Jag W 52'-if :Fx , gs, 'll as 55 - -afar., af., 1 L- . V- , 3,4535 .- ,IV .1516 ,w1'fV ?'1'j-fi'l,,'1 ,L'1Q.5'gq1i1i,'f . "" l ' fr-1, ii!" ' i mists 56012 or Kauffman Eleanor is from Atlanta, Georgia and a Sophomore in the College. She is a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, the Student Senate, and past sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta Fra- ternity. 5 yvf' 62 ms Zeuerg Qew Beverly is a Freshman in the College from Anniston, Alabama. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Eta Sigma Psi, and is active in student government and Women's House Council. 1 . . '29 - W W ' 1 , , 5,-WSL ,V Syl. 1' H '3-'.,.iqw,f'.'gg:::y-I1'-it 9 ' .1--:e-,Tj -f - DQ "1-32,2 :il ,Y ' ,A ,RJ ' 1 + - 2 s-:I A EET i m- ur? 11 ' Ml: ,. " . 'J ,' .f 7 ' 1' --1L. 4' V,f:iQ, 4 'j' Qfgxi. 53- ' ., 1' if' ,Al 4:1-I' -irf,'f,gQe. - X -A :::f.,,?. ,L::'x:.'.. 4-1 . ,,': .V -fum,-f, - l .jj -W ' 5. U QV ,A n M531-i',,':j', v -. , 4 , . . ,x . , X , .f f , ' ' 4 - 1 J. , ,U . . .t ' X t - Y , I ' Ni ' - ms Wogerfa Jfiusfon Roberta is a Sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences and is a native of Pensacola, Florida. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. a ..f -,,j Z, l rl. ,lsr 2, iv c ., -f ggyggw miss ygamif' Worrzbon Bambi, a Freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences is from Bristol, Tennes- see. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and also Kappa Alpha Rose. U .. - 1.3, . H454 vs' Y ,f Y--, kgs 1 ,.,. Y ' . gf paypal, , 1 I j . . r . M -- . l U W Lp!" lg' ' " :'if:f,,, . ,.. V .,,. ' V' U 1 'Q 'Wawreedfg 'N ' sw ' ,,,, - . , ' 'PP - o' 47" -.-:aff-s:+ .43 ..,f1f" ' - .af -'nfl 3?,5gJSWf1l's:- f-if "'.' ' 1 ' im zi1,4vt""- 4 fi . -. -' Q. I N ,,m'Y,H-lkiyf I W, H ,I ,.,,l... Mars- J. Hi.. , ui - - -j-nf-,, -A . A-, -1 , ,- v - i r x. V1-,A .' 4 .U -,1'.:g4,s ' '. H- . ' L W- . 1 , - V ' 't V ww 19. ,- En-ex ,E '- , , ' ' , ' - 3 - X 'Q ' 1 . . V , 2 ' - - - - ., . . 'vw --rw s Q K ji S -4' , X . - 'lee X .4 Sw... --M ..-Wi! -Tw -T.,-1'5"-c-3.5 , 1 . is :gl ,grae ,, na Y ,. ,N .Q - - ' . 1 '.:z+- . -rf f r mas ,7u09e Wynne judye is a sophomore in the College from Crawfordville, Georgia. She is a mem- ber of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and is the sweetheart of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. 64 -' :JY '--X ms gran cze Qzzzman Francie, a junior in the College majoring in Elementary Education, is from Lakeland, Flori- da. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta Sorority and is active in student government. Nr.: . e ef, . l- .v- mmap - - ,,., -.X-.1,..n,, .. -, pH? sT0M me Q Wg ,,-,... n.--EA msxvuv-IK TWV WYNN The Miss Emory Contest, procedurally, was changed considerably this year to allow more student participation. Pictures of the girls could be submitted by any campus organization. A panel of student and adminis- trative representatives selected forty girls by picture and then these were interviewed to limit the number to twenty-five. The ten finalists were introduced at' the annual Panhellenic Sing and then Miss Emory and her court were announced by Bob Gunby, Editor of the Campus. Miss Niki Fossett, Miss Emory of 1964, presented the court with their flowers and crowned Miss Becky Dial, Miss Emory for 1965. 1- 5 sims. Mon-siamv ' 4 is ' if 2 .L 5, On election day the semi-finalists were submitted before the student body and the ten finalists were chosen. Mrs. Kells Boland, Mrs. Ivan Allen, and Mr. Steffen Thomas along with student representatives then selected Miss Emory and her court. -'Jf-sv-- 1 M- H ' ' , lffPp,nNc.1e Quu.u.mN SPROCLSF ,ev it ii 33 I "2 is if X I I 1 -11" 1 ' T "1" ' ' '1"'11' 1 ' ' "1' 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 M Y Y J Y 1 W I A W x N1 H 1 A 1 1 '11 A111 11,1 X' 14 1 11,1 ,1 41, ,Y1!111,1, 1 1 H 111 ,1 M1 1 1,1 11 ,N 11 '1111iw' Je! 45 JW 1 11 ww 1 ,,11r1',1 1 ,W 11 ' " E' WX M ' 1 1 1 ,X 11 '411 1 , 1 1 Hwy rv ' v s w, 'rv ya YU Yo , Mg! 'M A 'A ,-1 L?l.'-1""+ 1M'L'f:.,? .ATP 3- " j'.!1L.g3a:fJ" "g'J:'fw. f g a , fwgwggw N -Bm 1-2' M F 1 'if . an-2Q.,y.A V' Wi- ,r P , ?.gy:15Q7.L.1- . -55, 5. ' , ' -Sm N M, " 4 ' . ,, W,,m ,lm W FJMWE ',QMNHBHWi1 g ?i5l'-f'iv1M"" uf .,,..,a,,, Aggwfg . V F1 ? 'lin - V .. 4. -:, ff"f'1 'V 'li' 'A J ' ' 7101 J., L--1 ' .1 ,I in-5 dm. ,, ml ,, W, A M +5 Ar! A 5 I l x 1' 1 W- I M W W f Y W W K 1 w X 3 ' 1 9 T , , ly QV . 5 .4 u 1 'falxfv I ' A 15115 ,Es Q gm ,M M N my wi' may Aw A N i 3 ,R 'fi' 1 H I' 'K 4 ' 1 ,f-5 I' ' r - El," mn' I ' L 0 , 4. 5 'N 1 M. Y b hw ' NMM W aw V, . A , .ci 1 V' yy .V rigxi it iuy ali -, 4 , -. 0 1'- ,. -'y , f V " in rl.. in 'si xii O-, 5 41 'L 1 Q ' -I 'f fr 5 K s M, , G K, 0- mx Mvw 8 ' fl., M W W X" N M WMM" ,E N Mcrqwfq, ur V T 1,!! "AQ gm Zu, :'O1,l,W A !'- -v ,Q J' lx' , , 'ff ' ,mi f - ' W- I E' my .J , , . lu . Ben Johnson Receives the Brittain Award ...I President Atwood hands the Brittain Award to Ben johnson at the Honors Day ceremony. The Brittain Award is given annually in the name of Marion Luther Brittain. In the words of the award it- self, "This award is made each year to a student who has rendered notable service to the University. It is in- tended especially to give public and permanent expres- sion to the University's gratitude for service done with- out expectation of reward or recognition." The committee for the selection of the recipient of the award is composed of the Deans of Men and Wom- en and representative faculty members, who review the recommendations submitted by students and faculty. The formal presentation of the award is made at Hon- ors Day in the spring, when the person being honored first learns of his having been chosen. Ben johnson, a june graduate from Atlanta, has been chairman of the Honor Council, a member of the Stu- dent Senate, an "Outstanding Debater" on the Barkley Forum, an active member of the Wheel staff, and presi- dent of the Interfraternity Council. In recognition of his superior leadership abilities, he was tapped into Omicron Delta Kappa, and he received a Phi Beta Kappa key for his scholastic accomplishments. The Brittain Award is a fitting recognition for Ben's achieve- ments in the field of service to Emory. hi Beta Kappa N 4 X Q 1 , Q, ii l R J. M. Ballintine , E. R. Berger I. L. Bolen W. H. Bradley R. H. Byers K. I. Finkel Harriet Houk W. W. Jay B. F. Johnson Lou Johnson R. P. Martin H. W. Mullis M. L. Perhnan Roberta Piper C. D. Ross K. B. Steele I. R. Toronto J. P. Tucker A. K. Wall 'S. Warner Phi Beta Kappa, founded at the college of William and Mary in 1776, is the oldest national honorary so- ciety in the United States. The Emory chapter, Gamma of Georgia, was chartered on September 11, 1928. The purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to encourage learning and achievement in colleges and universities. Based upon outstanding scholarly attainment, the range and character of courses elected, a consideration on the moral character of the student and his general promise to the world of scholarship, the Phi Beta Kap- pa key is bestowed upon students having a 5.5 average their first three years in college or a 3.25 average through the fall or spring quarter of their senior year. Carol Ackenhusen Bill Babcock W Herbie Gorod 3b Q51- George Kozma Q7 '35 34. E, sg A Lanie Preis John Akin Neil Berry Mike Harris Linda Mack Terry Shelley -iff AEU Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, founded at Emory-at-Oxford in 1906, is the lower division honor society. Patterned after Phi Beta Kappa, AEU recognizes scho- lastic achievement among freshmen who have a 3.5 average at the end of their third quarter and sophomores who have a 3.25 average at the end of their fourth or fifth quarter. Moral character and promise of a contribution to the world are also requirements. Each year on Honor's Day, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon presents an award based on scholarship, leadership, and devotion to Emory to the outstanding student in the lower division. Em Cole Leilani Brinkley Jerry Floyd Marsha Fly Nancy Hilton Harvey Huntley Laura jones Phil jones Mary McGee Charles McLaughlin Martin Myers Thomas Pirkle .. 'A 4, .. Jan Shelton Debbie Staton Dwight Thomas Annabel Yang vi H . ., 0DK The tradition of idealism and leadership of George Wfashington and Robert E. Lee inspired the inception of Omicron Delta Kappa on December 3, 1914 at Wash- ington and Lee University. Under the guidance of J. Carl Fisher, the founders formulated the idea that lead- ership of exceptional quality and versatility should be recognized in all phases of college life. Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes and encourages the achievement of exemplary character and superior quality in scholarship and leadership. Membership is as much an obligation and responsibility in citizenship as it is a mark of distinction and honor. Through its annual leadership Workshop for high school students and by meeting on a common plane with members of the faculty and administration to solve mutual problems, the Emory chapter of ODK performs a valuable service to Emory. lim Ferman l Ben johnson Steve Krant , Tommy Owens Steve Stephens DVS in l .miiiiil l , 1153215512 mm X my uw it xi it H . 1 ,Spf . M. V H .i H ','?1.il!lt1lllll H asylum! N 'l -l HJ., Y EWQE11, I 1 l iwliwuim y c ftiilli.. iilgpgy Q DVS 'membersz Randy Martin, Joe Beck, Iohn Tudcer, Tommy Chambliss, Tom Summerlin, Steve Krant, and Ben johnson. DVS, the senior honor society, was founded on the old Oxford, Georgia campus sixty-one years ago. Its achievement represents the highest honor which can come to a man while he is a student at Emory University. Moreover, the senior honor society has long stood for those things which make Emory a great universityg the success of the university is, in a large part, the success of DVS. - Each spring seven junior men are chosen out of the College or Business School for membership into DVS. Election is based upon what the candidate has accomplished for the university. The strictest secrecy is observed in matters involv- ing the society. This is done, not for pretension, but because the society has always felt that its purposes might be best achieved if its members refrained from any public utterances concerning the society or any of its activities. The privilege of wearing the badge of DVS is not merely a reward for past accomplishments. It is, to a great extent, a challenge to the wearer to do greater and better things for his university in the days which remain to him as a student and in the years following his graduation. Who The Women's Honor Organization was established on the Emory campus in May, 1954. Membership in WHO is the highest honor which can be granted to a woman while she is a student at Emory University. It represents those things which make Emory a great university. It was organized to recognize and encourage women students in the fields of leadership, scholarship, character, and service, to promote a closer understanding between the Administration and the stu- ,dentsg to serve the community, and to cooperate with the faculty and other organizations of the University. To be eligible for membership in the Women's Honor Organization, an Emory coed must be a last quarter junior or a senior. She must have not only demonstrated the outstanding qualities of scholarship, leadership, and service, but she also must have fulfilled the ideals set forth in the Emory Honor Code and the unwritten standards of the Emory Wo- man. Tapping ceremonies are held in the fall and spring quarters with a public installation ceremony. The privilege of being in WHO is not merely a reward for past accomplishments, it is a challenge to do greater and better things for the University. in Q- WHO members: First row: Mrs. Carolyn C. Moore, Sally Wilson, Barbara Spragens, jane Cobb, Sue Yielding, Judy Williams, Miss Barbara Ames. Second row: Karen Steele, Ann Estes, Jean Ellis, Susie Rollins, Kay Davis. Third row: Dean Bonnie Strickland, Pat Franklin, Mary Lynn Perlman, Peggy Winston. Fourth row: Patty Putman, Sally Tyler. The purposes of Eta Sigma Psi are to create within the students of the lower division an interest in extracurricular ac- tivities which are beneficial to the Uni- versity and to honor those students ac- tive in such areas. Formed on the Emory campus in 1928, Eta Sigma Psi taps its members in the fall from the sophomore class and in the spring from the freshman class. Election to membership is based upon the leadership, character, and scholarship of the student. QE' HDI' illfgshzfre ' rtkgiz lm? .ssl 5 Q X- 5 -2' ' U .. , , , Qi., v Em Cole gil'-E E Lim, use ,,,,w, .im 5 ,i i 4 2 ,,,.. Y 'Q Andrew Coley gsrgiza awaken: it tl? J Iv., .,,i. A ,, i.,,, L an Buck Emerson Jerry Floyd Harvey Huntley ' me r r iii err, i, E ii y yyii it t tttir to iyttg Q ,,, Kathy Kidd jim Winn Wayne Wood Stipe Scholars f.-- ,. . f -f .-' 'ixgfwy '. 1+ . , " A 1 .f .fm - - S+. A 'f f-1: - -' P I '. '.. 1-"' 15.41513 -1'!f"l!Ver..: rv. 65 5 ,U yr - . 1 i -fu L.. 11.5, 3, na-' Ill' " ' ' S' Stipe Scholars: First row: K. Pryse, G. Kozma, A. Williamson, H. Ward, D. Clark, H. Huntley, B. McIntosh, G. Studdard. Second row: R. jones, jr., E. Cole, L. Haynes, J. Williams, P. Maffeo, L. Scoates, C. Cowan, A. Wall, S. Leas, G. Resnick, P. Wheeler, C. West, H. Smith. Third 1'ow.'J. Chitwood, M. Moses, L. Lastinger, L. McLeod, S. Wilson, P. Parvis, I.. Brinkley, Floyd, H. Phillips, M. Fly, R. Loveless, V. Erickson, K. Steele, H. Young, Ir. The highest honor Emory University can pay a stu- dent is to select him as a john Gordon Stipe Scholar. Between sixty-five and seventy students receive this honor each year. Fifteen students each from the sopho- more, junior and senior classes are appointed Stipe Scholars for having the most distinguished records in the College. Freshmen are selected on the basis of academic achievement and promise as determined by their high school record, College Board scores and personal interviews with a special faculty committee. The Stipe Scholar program was established in 1957 and named for the late john Gordon Stipe, administra- tor, scholar, and longtime vice president of Emory. By naming students john Gordon Stipe Scholars, Emory wishes to perpetuate the memory of a man whose ideals of scholarship were high and whose abiding interest in the intellectual growth of under- graduates is reflected today in every phase of the academic program he worked for years to help build. The designation of a student as a Stipe Scholar indi- cates Emory's belief in the student's future. In turn, the student accepts the challenge of developing his poten- tialities to the fullest during his years as a college stu- dent. In this way, Emory is perpetuating first-class scholars and first-class citizens for the university and world communities. Who's Who mong Students in American Colleges and niversities In December thirty-five University students were honored by being chosen to represent Emory as mem- bers of "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities." This recognition board en- compasses some 750 colleges and universities through- out the United States. In addition, the National Who's Who offers the service of a placement bureau for these students, publishes a national bibliography, and fur- nishes the traditional Who's Who keys. Membership is based on scholarship, citizenship, par- ticipation and leadership in academic and extracurricu- lar activities, contribution to the University, and general promise of future usefulness in society. Among the students chosen were student government officers, pub- lications editors, sorority and fratemity officers, and other organizational leaders in the college and business school. Also included were sixteen outstanding mem- bers of the various university graduate schools. JIMMY BOLEN-COLLEGE BEN JOHNSON-COLLEGE KAREN STEELE-COLLEGE BILL AVERA-COLLEGE CAYE TI-IOMASON-COLLEGE JOHN TUCKER-COLLEGE i fi J :V m S T STEVE KRANT--COLLEGE TOM SUMMERLIN- COLLEGE STEVE STEPHENS- COLLEGE - mi 'X ' r 1 W lkg JOE BECK-COLLEGE RANDY MARTIN-COLLEGE JIM FERMAN-BUSINESS A 9143, , - 11 W X, w MARY LYNN PERLMAN-COLLEGE STEPHANIE THORP-COLLEGE Who's rfe b. x Q12 f 'mimi ,. 5 1--5 A? fi K-TQ ,EW ,W ,. X A PATTY PUTMAN -COLLEGE LYNN BATES RUSSELL-COLLEGE I xl... Who .mA w 1 RRR W N53 ' H ANN ESTES-COLLEGE Q L 42' CULLY CLARK-COLLEGE ROBERT BOONE- DENTISTRY DAVID GOODCHILD- DENTISTRY eff? V ANNE SOULE-BUSINESS ,,L,RiZRII 79 RUSSELL S. GROVES, JR.- LAW TERRILL PARKER-LAW ALLAN RINZLER-LAW -1 Y " " ' l N' ' "5 , - , raw --1 ,Sv SQQQQFPQ H5E.g5fga,,. ' -,nw ,H Aw- ' ' ' "XLS-7556.135 w. , ,j"""B PHIL CERTAIN-GRADUATE BARBARA HOROVVITZ-GRADUATE ' I ' 5 5 L, 1 L JUNE MARTIN-GRADUATE ,, 1 I . Q is :f,g5Mgwm' I w U Who's MARION O'NEILL--GRADUATE BLANTON BESSINGER-MQEDICINE VAIL PRYOR-NURSING im, Who 1.--'im ff--ff "-'M' ' "' 'FW-4 2 ,-. L, f - ' 'w we w as 3 Qi W YTCH STUBBS-MEDICINE SALLY TYLER--NURSING X I 5 A N :Huw - yn . 1 . w fa W if E I , WILBURN COWELL- TI-IEOLOGY LARRY GREEN- THEOLOGY WILLIAM TAEGEL- THEOLOGY ,,. , .ri if - I f w A,,, I ..,, X 1 X' eww ff'-f -1' Q! V ,K+ ' V, 1 ,N ,, :VV 3-ffxx, . X , X ' VV V V, , , - XX ., , ,,... ,ga , , 1 XX X -V W- M H A Y ::..1VqA...J,,,V, .MAN I .Vg-V V NI 'X X . , V NXX .VA-2 '--V - 1 V XR-Xa .V V X .- - X V , V . W.. ,V ,. AVV X V.: VX V 5 'V QV. " 1' Ai. ,V Vi A X - L' X X V .X V. ' VVXX'--V A- ' E V .VH X T:'5's:fV MM . -V.. 535' ca' ,L V AA ' an-V . ' V gf '- -WX. Lf-5' ' VV - X . Q? V -N :QM .Y V! I I 'vm WM f . H . ,W X- VV JE- x. X 4. 1 V 'XX X -X" V ,fy X X V WJ I 1 K V - .W F ' 'V, W - 2 :XUX-XXVXXLV-X1X-X' X V X' '- , ' V X' A XX.-V.X,:J.V.--yrff. V X- X . hi, 1 'CV-V XVXMVVQVSQIV V V , V V I . ff. , VV X X V 1- V - X" X - 132- f ' i.ui3'fi V "'- V - V-. , - ' -XXV.-51 , V ' ' - P -ff: Vg V V Y 1 - - :QV P V . -V XL Vg V :V -V - 'XX' Y V -V V-VJ, XVg.51VVg,:V,,gWggV-Vn,- V X ff? V? V X X X 9' Eh V Vi ', .gg , X X f 'X . sg ,-, .V V N - V f ex ' I - -V X, - ., X - MX XV'LZXX,-W. V. V " "??W3'5-.VVVI B. 5. V-. V fi 'K ' ' X' V 4 Tr' - V' If-F Q3 1.7 V Vx 5EEi"19-XF ' V Q X - VVVV X X if-'-'L , Q fa "V- V X' V. 1' VV X X VV V X' V52 Udlluuaammmgg 'T Q. 5 V' K ,QV REV V Q. . - , , Vasu- E -1. L V V ' '. " ' M' W -X V X -V '11 4 V V XIWHWQV MKTXWXXF Q- 95 'VE..VV,f Q l XB! Z' ff X 4. f . A X-fe? -.1 gi . XX -V - -2: 1 'AFX 1--, XXV - V w- X 9 f 'M XX -f'-wt V 'XV X : I -V-iff ,Xi'.VV4..Q - XX X ' X C. 1095 ' V... V V .X " - V V X - rg 4-Q. V V-fi'-VV A ' fcacwfif X X V X. VV V fi N A in J ,, .E .V A V. gi V Vg ,V XXVVXXXX V V V 5 ,V - "Ng T ' ' V e f f." -' -2.fXVX--HV. T ' V5 V V , x V XVI X - " V X V' A -1: wi X V X . ,,. 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V H A MMS' , Y Y -'.w V Z " QWW -- , -. ,--, ,M W. ,,,, m"'uW1fBW5Hf' wx ff , Q f' H 'Y mf 'X ' ,,. we-1 ,M v L .Y Lg?-i',-53'!' U?':W1.fNQ: ""' I ' in V A - , ix. - .,-A. , M1-141. A 'U - ,'F'!FA"'n'55' 'mi '59 N "" '1if,.-'H'1" 'i5" " "' - W , .pc-:H Q fav' I Jim- 5 'i.f"'-1 .4 -EU-.W " --' v. -Hr: ' 2 ? 1yj,.--S.-1,L . a ,,.g.'-. nmW,, A 12-'T. , , . .1 wb- 3 ?Ef im12U:gL'ff -'av ' '1'l:1'-fi- wi . V 3 Jil' 5 ' 1"Q?,.- 1-'. , . 1 1 I I gh. NK , f was , mf Y W Y K, My M3 fl AQ LAW A My , 'W Q X fn f - I A' 5' A , A 1 i YXXW X I Y' iw: www 4 W W M T? Q, W "eg H:-i H - ml 4. W 1. 11 -4 ' ,Q H VL' qw 4: X , ' , , R, , 5 L: vp wg: , I, rg 'il , , J' - ' .31 F Student Senate r ly. S ci., S T yy, . 1 I ,Fi I -?.., 5-E521 . ii Qi ' .a1..,,., 'sag-s-!"1if l """'i-.-. l Maglite V i VW. ,. .. Student Senate Officers: KL-Rj President Cully Clark, Secretary Susie Rollins, Vice Pres. John Tucker, and Treasurer Charlie Edgerton. The University Mace, presented by DVS, represents the authority of the University. It is carried by the president of the Student Senate at all special functions. Xi " it , Prospective voters waiting their turns to vote in the last Student Government elections. Emory Student Senate: KL-Rj Fifi! row: Barbara Stephens, Valerie Bohanan, Adair Roberts, Bev Dew, Susie Rollins, Emily Harris, Eleanor Baughman, and Sue Yielding. Second row: Leon O'Kelly, Greg Studdard, jim Ferman, john Tucker, Mike Kelly, Charlie Edgerton, Rusty Rodriguez, Cully Clark, and Dean Rece. Third row: johnny Walker, Chandler Peterson, Otis Turner, Howard Hines, and Bruce Mclntosh. The University Student Senate, which is composed of representatives from each of Emory's eight schools, distributed last year over :IB47,000, alloted by the University, to various student organizations. In addition, the Student Senate present- ed a variety of programs for Emory students through its committees. These committees include Student Communications, Student Activities, Publications, Elections, Traffic, Constitutional Revision, Student-Faculty Relations, and Finance. Several new programs were instituted by the 1964-65 Senate that will be carried on in the future. Groundwork was laid for an Emory foreign exchange program, the Student Senate Constitution was revised, and a Fiftieth Anniversary Fund Raising Committee was established to raise money for Emory. Also, a Speaker's Bureau was set up to bring outstand- ing speakers to the Emory campus, and the Student Senate allocation to be distributed for next year was increased by :iB4,000. College Council Officers: KL-Rj President, Joe Beckg Vice President, Lucian Riceg Secretary, Lynn Russellg and Treasurer, jeff Strumpf. The College Council serves as the governing body for the College of Arts and Sciences. The Council is served by an Executive Council, which consists of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom are elected by the en- tire student body. The remainder of the Council is composed of the different class officers plus two rep- resentatives each from the junior and senior classes, four representa- tives frorn the sophomore class, and six representatives from the fresh- man class. A partial list of College Council activities would include sponsorship or assistance in Dooley's Weekend, the Faculty Rating Program, Par- ent's Day, Freshman Orientation, and various other activities de- signed to benefit the Emory student body. College A 1 ii A Q S32-said, .D . -if . f. 'M f Vifii ifff fe f:zw:m fewf lf' ' W , ,Q . ' if ,.J.... J 7 .. L " ' -f - ' JLQ bf-ii QW!" , --mia, A ' 'V L1 'Find V mmm lilllllllllll ' 'ii 1 fiiyzigpii T Zffiiiiimkl Y fl , ,.,,, M ....., .. .sw ,V Qing- .J Q, ' wi Q, N College Council Representatives: fL-Rj Fin! row: Lynn Russell, Jeannie Serafin, Lanie Preiss, Eleanor Graham, Janet Askew, Steph- anie Thorp, Ann Estes, Second row: Don Brunson, Troy Thompson, jim Winn, Robert Zwerner, Tony Austin, Dick Langford, Howard Goldberg, Andrew Coley, Bruce Yergin, Jeff Strumpf, jimmy Mackay, Mike Jones. Third rowg Craig Goodman, Tommy Tucker, Bill Eager, Joe McNabb, Larry Woods, Dub Leake, Buddy Chase, Ralph Lehr, Joe Beck, Lucian Rice, Chad Price, Wayne Wood, and Bob Smith. Council X 'A K .A it l 'ill Q or 2 4 P it --.- -55 S 1 at ,Q T fl . , . ,I y p t 33 5 if 'l '36 'Y -'-in "" . 'mf ef' ,Q go Honor Council: KL-Rj Dub Leake, Lucian Rice, joe Beck, Dr. Mandell, Ben Johnson, Dr. Rusche, Sandy Carter, Joe Moore, and Tom Summerline. Honor Council The Emory Honor Council is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the highest possible standards of integri- ty through the development of an atmosphere concerned with and conducive to integrity. The Council is composed of selected students and faculty members, and has the authority to study academic conduct cases and make recommenda- tions it deems proper to the University. Student Center Board l 4.4 Emory Student Center Board: KL-Rj Joyce Hershberg, Don Hart, Toni Cunningham, Dub Leake, Bob Curry, Chandler Peterson, Ben Curry, Io Ann Hunter, Ralph Byers, Barbara Duncan, and Corky Troup. The Emory Student Center Board seeks to supplement the cultural, recreational, and social needs of the Emory stu- dents. By fulfilling these needs for Emory, the Board has made considerable progress towards increasing the extracurri- cular advantages of the university. The Student Center Board took particular pride in its Creative Arts Festival when Erskine Caldwell, Theodore Bikel, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Theodore Ullmann, and the Southern Ballet appeared before the Emory Community. In addition, the plans for a new University Center were finalized and reported to the student body. Each of the Board members was charged with the responsibility of chairing a committee including such areas as Cinema Wednesday, the Saturday night movie series, a Student Director, guest lecturers, games and tournaments, and displays and exhibits. Women's House Council The Women's House Council is a self- governing organization of the undergrad- uate women's residence halls. The Execu- tive Council, working in connection with the Dean of Women and the Housing Of- fice, serves as the coordinator for the four residence hall councils. Executive Council: Ann Cantwell, Jeri Floyd, Elaine Phillips, Sally Gooch, Jane Rowe, Marsha Griffin, Beth Hutton, Lynn Russell, and Susan McCain. Seniors: IL-R1 Laura Gonzalez, Elaine Phillips, Sally Ann Davis, Roberta Farley, and Rosalyn Dunn. juniors: IL-Rj Cathy Spurlock, Dell Fleming, Beppie Braswell, Billie Rauch, Helen Fogle, Susan Dungan, Sandy Hilliard, Cissy Howell, Char- lotte English, and Sue Ellen Jackson. Sophomores: KL-Rj Front: Ellen Holder, Ginger Still, Sally Freshmen: IL-Rj Anne Bessent, Susan Sibley, Carolyn Batchelor, Gooch, Kathy Holland, -Phyllis Romita. Back: Lee Paulk, Beth Donna Bastain, Sandy Batwell, Marsha Griffin, Bev Dew, Jane Hutton, Judy Turner, Sally Owens, and Eleanor McMichael. Morrow, Lindsey Clark, Lanie Wasserman, Sara Alice Buttram, and Rena Grossfield. Menis Residence Hall Council The men's residence halls are governed by or- ganized student governments under the guidance of the supervisor of men's housing. Each dormitory has its own council which spon- sors sports competition, has one or more annual open house functions, provides refreshments for the students during examination periods, and is in charge of enforcing the housing rules. The Resident Counselors are automatic ex-officio members of the Council in addition to the student elected officers. Resident Counselors: KL-Rj Front row: Len Lastinger, john Henderson, Mrs. Sarah Parker, Bob Buchanan, Stan Finch, jim McIlwain, Buck row: Stan Beasley, Frank Norton, Bill Turnipseed, Bob Curry, John Bloomer, John Hammond, Dub Leake, Bill Newman, and john Linnarnaki. Dormitory Governors: KL-R1 Mark Frankel, Tommy Mozley, and Bruce Yergin. Council Floor Representatives: KL-Rj Mark Frankel, Bruce Yergin, Hank Wiseman, Charles Youmans, Steve Wise, jim Miller, Rodney Vickers, Bill Tucker, joe Rhyne, and Tom Mozley. Traffic Court Members of Traffic Court, L-R: janet Askew, Eleanor Westbrook, Spike Oms, and Joseph Thomas. Womcn's Athletic Association cm t Members of W.A.A., L-R: Ellen Holder, Linda. Newman, Tony Cunningham, Carol Moate, President, Barbara Batho, Claudia Ownley. ,Sy Q, nfl? im 5 in H Left fo righf, fini! roux' Carlin DeMore, Project Chairmang Sara Alice Buttramg Sally Sheffielclg Sandy Hilliard, Presidentg Susan Leas, Secretaryg Semml mira' Angela Wallg Bill Chapman, Vice-Presidentg Alice Zerletg jim McManusg Bob Ridley, Pub- licity Chairman. The Independent rganization Originally composed of the Independent WO1H6H,S Organization and the Campus Club, The Independent Qrganization was formed this year by a merger of the two. Its purpose is to give those who are not in fraternities and sororities an opportunity to participate in all aspects of campus life. They have done especially well in intra- mural sports. 52 6.64 i , Officers: Arthur Phrydas, Bill Kemp, Wesley Voight Alpha Phi Omega Officers Circle K Officers Delta Kappa, the Emory chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, was estab- lished in 1946. A national service fraternity, APO's ideals are friend- ship, leadership, and service. As one means of fulfilling these ideals, APO sponsors a Pretty Girl-Ugly Man contest for charity. Left to riglot: Dub Leake, Huber Parsons, jim Winn, Tom jones, Rick Lentz, Woody Turner- President Members are, First row, KL-Rj, Charlie Hanie, Em Cole, Mel Magidson, Bill Bradley, Rick Rubio, Pen Mitchell, Rick Lentz, jack Averett, Bob Green, Ken Broyston. Sefomi row, KL-Rj, Karl Taylor, Frank Jenkins, Clayton Chambliss, jim Robinson, Ken McAllister, Richard Gann, jim Winn, John Bain, Lee Sumrnerlin, John Disher, jimmy Mackay, Don Brunson. Third row, KL-Rj, Mac Ralls, Marty Watterson, Fred Atwell, Bob Margolin, Steve Rash, Chuck Bosserman, Craig Goodman, Jack Miller, Virgil Thrash, Tommy Moorman, Mike McDevitt. Circle K, a service organization, each year sponsors . Senior Day, a program established for high school K seniors accepted at Emory. Circle K also provides ush- ers for various programs on campus. Members are, First row, KL-Rj, Sandy Grizzard, Ron Schram, John Jacobs, john Edwards, Stuart Hinson, Jeff Maddox, Lee Epting, Tom Jones. Second row, KL-Rj, Terry Williamson, Sandy Mayo, jackson Morris, Jim Massey, Harold Vigodsky, George Andrews, Cullen Hammond, Guy Hill, Tommy Wade. Third row, KL-Rj, Sherman johnson, Dan Stephens, Huber Parsons, Bill Edwards, Wal- lace Cheney, Lamar jones, Lee Guice, Jim Wilson, Dick Hardy. s- LY' ,fd V' ,Xi H 1, ? 'as Sa Left fa righf: Bob Harbor, Treas.g George Kozma, Brenda Morris, Sec.g Sue Ellen Jackson, Phil Dunning, Pres.g David Marlin, not pictured - Civitan Board Bench and Bar The Bench and Bar is the honorary pre-law society. Guy Hill, Secretary-Treasurer john Girardeau, President COL ,.w1f,. B ., as tkli' ,, rr KZ-9 FA, 1 Left to right: Bruce McIntosh, Nancy Hotchkiss, Steve Tolber, Paul Stanton, Everett Moore, Mike Moses, Steven Berkman, Merrill Shore, Howard Goldberg, Bill Babcock, Rhoda Deutschmann, Louis Freedman, Guy Davis, Steve Stephens, President, George Stevens, Kay Dyar, Bill McGuire, Ed Cook, Tommy Tucker. Dean Charles Hounshell, advisor. Since its establishment on the Emory campus on recognizes achievement and provides incentive for ac- November 4, 1962, the Georgia Beta chapter of AED complishment in the health sciences. has grown rapidly, initiating the fourth largest number Through meetings, sponsored lectures, and The of members nationally from 1962 to the present. Smlpel magazine, members are kept abreast of develop- The international honor society for pre-medical, pre- ments in their chosen fields and of changing entrance dental, and pre-nursing students, Alpha Epsilon Delta requirements in medical, dental, and nursing schools. Alpha Epsilon Delta F' ' ' V ' ' ' 4' ' Fla- 'aj2Z:3fiEf- i '-fiw. w rf . The 1965 Campus The 1965 CAMPUS, under the leader- ship of editor Bob Gunby, went to press in June, 1965, and was issued at the be- ginning of the 1966 school year. For the first time the CAMPUS included pictorial coverage of the entire 1965 school year. Another advantage of this year's yearbook is that every Emory student is pictured. We thank Darrell Thompson and his assistants for the excellent photographic services. The by-word of the 1965 CAMPUS staff has been "bigger and better." We hope that this product of many hours will be en- joyed by Emory students now and in later years as a pleasant reminder of college days. 40' Bob Gunby, editor. 7" . CAMPUS staff: From row: Kay Spic- er, Sandra Anderson, Connie Burgamy, Su- san Callison, Sally Nohlgren, C h e r y l Dix, Jerry Floyd, Jill Wilson, Lorrie Hallman. Back row: Cullen Hammond, Wallace Cheney, Mel Haas, Phil Van Dyck, Ken Thomas, Dub Leake. Not pic- tured: Nancy Crain, Sandy Gauntz, Dave Hines, Lee Leichsen- ring, Doug Mau, Su- san Pineo, Dan Saka- moto, Jane Solberg- er, Tina Starr. if "'-'-wif: 'L 1-1 -'j-? -1 in i zfgjw K is ' 5,5 ' 1 -5-fs :gg Coco Anderson, sororities editor. Not pictured' Cliff fraternities editor. 5 l W Q-W K l f -. , ' W - U al' , V l ' ' lil dl" V ' it 1 1' :li il' 2--Q Y ri, i i ', ' t , KW ' ' l' ,, , r 5 mm p H N ll ' " if 'l Zlf'fi'1-'EQL , no xiuwij, , Nxt, i Wi? -. K. - C- ' A- fe. 'A X. - . J pp- --vs' ' N' ' - f, Q 1- 'af A ' If P ' + 3? , 5 ,limi , 5, 4 fi T Q . , W 1:7 'H his af nw Bridges, Mary Helen Hamilton, sports editor. if ' "Tm I- Q' .5 ' fm, -.Q -we sr 2 -,A-f L.- -. .. F. ' . 1- J 1 H ,N v ,gg 5 W., 5 ' I e .S he i P as Y qw -'ef 15' gs 2 7 X , fy 1 I Terry Shelley, activities editor. 4? 13, eq The Emor Wheel Spearheaded by the editorship of Steve Stephens, THE EMORY WHEEL ended its forty-sixth year of Publication in june, 1965. For the twenty-sixth time since 1937 "The South's Most Independent Collegiate Newspaper" cap- 1 tured an All-American rating, the highest recognition award s' given by the Associated Collegiate Press. Besides reporting all Emory news and announcements, the WHEEL welcomes praises and criticisms of campus in- ,- stitutions and is highly instrumental in enlisting support for reforms. This year, true to its tradition of "independence," the WHEEL initiated two new features. Paralleling the 50th anniversary celebration, a page of news excerpts from earlier WHEELS appeared in every issue and recounted the history of Emory. Also for the first time, the editorial staff actively endorsed and supported a presidential can- didate, thus advancing the stimulation of healthy contro- versy. t sig I W Steve Stephens, editor. Otis Turner, associate editor, and Em Cole, executive editor, Managing editors Bill Zewadski and Ranny Patterson stand before battle over the file cabinet about the blame for a late deadline. some of the many plaques that the WHEEL has won for excellence. A K-my fgiig-H',, ii... if '- W1 Y' 1" ' ' I wwf s e'wi4B'?539s -1 -. x Business manager joe MacNabb checks the records for possible mistakes. Bill Simpson, news editor. PS .. ' 111 .xi-1 . . iz A 5-. QM -i Q ,Q 1 gl? -. Q,- '- . A , "sf,- .A -as team. M i 4 it X A Sm M X ad? S i ' i 's '-s " 'R it 5 X 3 1 i iw'-xg, Paul Drummond, advertising manager secures an ad from Mr. A. P. Hamilton of Chesterfield Cleaners. Features editor Robert Rohrer gains information for the history page in the special collections section of the library. 'e..r . ,W . 5 ,Q fi is ili Qi :rig ,Af W Q, - Xu iw? ,,," Lg 'Ha 93?-' X. Esrufi. T173 if an gg 1 l w , 'sw . i 1 . ' . ' 4 i 'M 1. C I' A 2 .1 M V K f , , , p yy V ,.,,,, H I 4 , 3-1 . -f A ' H. ' Rx 'XJ-f' N lj I . W I t Y . Y Editor of Emory's social whirl, Benie Bruner. Kenneth Ray, sports editor. The WHEEL staff. Fo1'egroz1nd.' Fran Decker, Steve Rash. Fin! row: Marty Watterson, Susan Pharr, Peggy Scott, Peggy Stokes, Susan Dungan, Merrilee Lee, Debbie Staton. Back row: Gary Lubel, Richard Rubio, Lamar Jones, jeff Maddox. Not piciured: Carol Bell, Mark Brady, Bill Chapman, Betty Clinard, Arthur Fink, Craig Goodman, Reddy Koppel, Susan Hemphill, Ken Krieger, Gail Res- nick, Knott Rice, Cheryl Robbins, Mike Spirtos, Don Whitcomb, Bill Walters, Guy Zimmerman. lm . Y in if The Phoenix The South's oldest collegiate magazine began its seventy- seventh year of publication in the fall of 1964 with john Tuck- er holding the reins for the second straight year. Published three times a year, the PHOENIX is a collection of short stor- ies, drawings, and humorous articles frequently satirizing cam- pus institutions. As well as being a source of entertainment for collegiates, the PHOENIX serves as an expression of Emory's creative talent. Queries Stan Stockdale, art editor: "You mean you recognized me anyway?" KING JOHN, -,eAi c' c c i eminent author c of the MAGNA 5 ll PHOENIX. "MEP Wayne Wood, managing editor of the noble PHOENIX? But what if I don't want YOU, Unk?" ,f , .iiafse I - '?iE2?A' . JQEY-Q53 Vx'w.t ' we , , 1?J,Z5v'.i 1 , 'Purim George Fox, associate editor. Rusty Rodriguez, literary editor, replies: "I think it was your fraternity pin." I "Q, arm: 13:1 ,fuflfi 'AQ 4 w , rif,, ,r.A iii? r, w7.ar!5i" A ' if Barry Stone, business manager. ' r 'Ti V' t An Emory radical student movement, or the PHOENIX staff. Front row, left ' A to right: Bob Linn, Anne Smith, Marion Combs, and Brad Morris. Back row: ' f. A 4, Terry Adamson, Peggy Stokes, and Anita Lowery. ' i s fi' H Q A:-.gfti ' Tum ,. .44 ,4- .J ik P 1 Ed 51- ,l john Dennis, editor. ARCHON staff: Eddie Warren, Robert Rohrer, Wayne Wood, Susan Pharr. Not pictured: Dub Leake, jane Stevenson, Larry Weisblatt. The Archon The ARCHON, Emory's literary magazine, was edited for the second straight year by John Dennis, a graduate student. Poems, short stories, and artwork were presented in an attractive format. A prize was given for the best article published. WEMO Emory's own radio station, H560 on your dial," had its grand opening April 22, 1965. It serves the entire campus. WEMO, whose offices are located in the AMB, was largely built and operated by Jeff Miller. All kinds of music, from classical albums to the latest Beatle record are played, and WEMO is the last word on campus news. The staff hopes to operate on a much expanded schedule next year. WEMO "charter and Jeff Miller. rnembers": Larry Weisblatt, Rhoda Deutschmann, Sr' i Zi l Publications Committee A branch of the Student Senate, the Publications Committee is composed of Senate members from each school, editors, and representatives from the publications, and advisors. The Com- mittee's primary function is the appointment in the spring of the editors and business managers of the Campus, the Wheel, the Phoenix, and the Archon. . y V: Pi Delta Epsilon Pi Delta Epsilon is an honorary journalism fraternity se- lecting as its members Emory students who have indicated in- terest and ability in campus publications. To be eligible for membership a student must have participated for at least five quarters on one of the four campus publications. Bob Gunby held the post of president of Pi Delta Epsilon this past year. Tom Summerlin, chairman of the Publications Committee. Pi Delta Epsilon members: On floor: George Fox, Wayne Wood. Firrt row: Martha Laird, Martha Coulter, Susan Dungan, Susan McCain, Susan Pharr, Mary Helen Hamilton, Terry Shelley, Arlene Bucklew, Cathleen Morrow, Ranny Patterson. Back row: john Tucker, Dean john Pershing, Bob Gunby Qpresidentj, Cliff Bridges, Benie Bruner, Bill Simpson, Richard Rogers, Steve Stephens, Otis Turner, Stan Stockdale, Dub Leake, Kenneth Ray. at 1 Ted Wolf Anita Henry Harvey Huntley Chandler Peterson Bill Waltem Susan Cahoon Best Novice Debater Larry Woods Bill Avera Charles Clark Cully Clark Miles Brett George Bostick Business Manager President Vice-President Most Improved Outstanding Debate: Debater Lee Gardner Terrence Adamson Bill Lunsford Don Fowler Henry Weismm Richard Kantor Mark Frankel Greg Studdard Bob Linn joe Longino Bill Boice Kirk Quillian Harry Bennett john Bargeron I. Edward Hall Marsha Houston Assistant Director The Barkley Forum The Barkley Forum represented Emory on thirty-three college campuses during the year debating approxi- mately six hundred times while maintaining better than a seventy per cent win record, one of the nation's best. Since the re-organization of the Forum in 1960, a new image has been set for forensics on campus, and with the gaining national impetus of college debate from the Ivy League to the West Coast, Emory now proudly holds a strong reputation as a national leader in foren- sics, doing so uniquely without a speech department. Through its traditional debate tournaments the Forum brought one thousand guests to the campus, col- lege and high school students who otherwise would have had no opportunity to be acquainted with the school. The Barkley Fortun, named for the late Vice-Presi- dent of the United States and Emory alumnus Alben W. Barkley, is the only formal opportunity an under- graduate has for training in speech and. self-presenta- tion. Thus, in 1964 the Forum increased its size to thirty varsity debaters who traveled a composite of forty thousand miles and won a total of sixty inter-col- legiate trophies. The group also furnished programs for the Emory community and brings much attention to the University. ' The Forum's success was so outstanding this year that for the first time a Georgia school was invited to partic- ipate in the National Debate Championships. The Emory team reached the finals for the high mark in the school's debating career. Of significant note in the year's victories was the winning of the "Southern Championship" and Charles Clark's notation as the outstanding debater in the South. Service and represen- tation are well perfected with the Forum's success. DELTA SIGMA RHO-TAU KAPPA ALPHA Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha is the national honorary forensic society. Emory members: Bill Avera, john Bargeron, Charles Clark, Culpepper Clark, Don Fowler, Ben johnson, Mike Kelly, Chandler Peterson, Larry Woods. Charles Clark Larry Woods National Cham- pionship Debates p West Point S TOURNAMENT HY! Eoint wt iitti T N i V i - ..., 1 V' I ll 1 ff! V' N li ... .lil . l , ..,... :': :M XE M . -51 -.,, ., l Left to right: Lee Leichsanring, Ian McKibbin, Jay Harp, Craig Goodman, Lynn Birdsong, Alva Boyles, Dwight Iavis, Virginia Wright, Boo Harbot, Lyndall I-Iufford, Sally Olenschlager, Bill Chapman, Lawrence Bryant. The Emory Players, Em- ory's drama group, pre- sented "The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife" f all quarter. During Wmter quarter, they held an act- ing workshop featuring Monday night acting class- es, acting techniques, ap- proaches, styles, and dem- onstrations by leading local and national actors. Spring quarter the Players present- ed An Evening of the Ab- surd, with "The Chairs" and "The American Dream". Alpha Psi Omega is the national honorary drama society of which The Play- ers are a part. f itil? " Yr ,.,Y , r,4ggg,,,,g3,,,.,,i , ,aaa it M.. ctr,-aQf,,,wii in 7 .,1 - Y an ,,, is swag W, if ,W .. wi fr' u xfafauwnf,-' L1 HJ, i Emory Players 'K "ssl ' f . .s - -1. - it H 1 we ,H 5, 1 - 7 34 ug 1' W , it W , , can M fair f if 1 I 1 M it , 'f A H E5 l 2, ,..- . .. w., II :I :fa 1 v-wa-S-wzawuf-.1-Y' 1 '- ww - :anim .WT w 'wk-,git .- : 3 1, - f. ,,.. .1--, wr-,L . 4 ' wawvzl- .w my V Q 4 wr SUN . 3 . n-ww .Fm N ' - 'HW--' ' ' w 12 w . wg - ,.f-mf-wet, A' - www 'ww 9 -if " ww 'w . w Y w ' w Q.: www' 1 , - wf ' fwwwziwwi1,fwgwsei-fffzw.fwffwfwwfmfw ,nw-irrwrffzwef w. ' E w w www: w' .X M: .Eww,w.!iw- ML fw, t V w ww I 1- , ,-- . -- 5 jwwwx w-ggi. fl 1 ir? f , 'ii 5 wwiwzffr 'iw -. 1 , 1- ' - - ' 'j ' ,5 , . 1 - v.,. . ,L -. nw : , . -. , h i U . T, .... UL 1 Q - ' , ' v N . V , . w w ., . 5 , .5 ,-: an v i V ,"', " fi E if , r X.. Xu. I W i n, 1, X BML p V ,ww H, ww ., ',.-77 4- ' w- 9 , 3' l ' 1" ' f . Lil f w L w Scenes from "The Shoemaker's Prodigious Wife" w '-1 I '? quasi 7 few. ' A 22215 353.541 vii? 3' 'gg 4, , Y., giggwqjugw, 2 5'25'f1if::gigfw'g w A 1355? E ff ww w ' si X ' " ' ww'ww1,ww'jwwII J,www,, ' 'K 'sf w 'hwwlfnggwggsfh ww www ' Y W N - 1 NM , f i '-T , www W ' wwf . fi 4 qw ww X H! N H w, Left ro Wilson, Roy, C Gilbert, 4 Q . 1965 Glee Club Officers, fl-rj, Joe Dickey, vice-president, Mac Perry, section leader and accompanist Hugh Lofton, librarian, Ken Martin, historian, Bruce McIntosh, property manager Bob Phillips section leader and assistant manager, Gary Freeman, librarian, Frank Hood, section leader Ben Hutto assistant manager and accompanist, Dave Brown, secretary, Richard Phillips, manager, Bob Castleberry publicity manager, and Hank Loehr, President. Past President was Olin Weaver. The Glee Club right, first row: Richard Evans, john Lilly, john Girardeau, Joseph Dickey, M. Perry O Weaver H Hanger D Ward A D. Purdum, T. Scruggs, T. Floyd, D. Brown, S. French, E. Hutchins, R. Smith, K Finkel T Thompson G Magarin B . Dudley, J. Swan, H. Huntley, R. Phillips, G. Freeman, B. Greer, F. Roberts, H. Carlisle L Veal M Morgan B Hutto D. Ery, L. McLeod, F. Hood, R. Waters, H. Lofton, R. Smith, K. Johnson. Wife J n l .Q A The Emory Concert Band. The Emory Glee Club, under the direction of Dr. William Lemomds, undertook its most rigorous sched- ule. The club sang for the Emory birthday party and gave a john F. Kennedy Memorial Requiem in the fall, in addition to its traditional Christman Festival. The Glee Club toured South Georgia in the winter. In the spring Emory became the first southern Glee Club to host the Intercollegiate Music Council. Many states were represented, in addition to Canada and South America. The Club also journeyed to New Orleans, and in May performed the Southeastern Premier of Britten's War Requiem. The Glee Club sang over forty concerts before thirty-two thousand people and traveled three thousand miles during the 1964-1965 academic year. Benjamin Britten's War Requiem with The Chorale, Glee Club, and Chamber Orchestra l Women In Concert-one of the many performed The Womerfs Chorale OFFICERS: left to right: Martha jane Schofield, Pam Spache, Gerry Jaime, Vicky Harden, Debbie Staton, Susan Leas, Sally Burrowsg rented: Mary Helen Hamilton, Benie Bruner. N at pictured: Shannon Franklin f 1, 4 2r:r:'N+1y, WL: faswsmgf 1- 1 rv H ff, 11 je, -a- 5 vi x an ,,f,.-at b ' , , fe' 5,3 51 .5 l 1, . P'-.2 'fu E Q f2f ':': cf? 43 ' tiff,-.v Women's Chorale and West Point Glee Club The Emory Women's Chorale was organized in 1954 to provide a musical outlet for Emory women, to furnish musical entertainment both on and off campus, and to promote the university through these activities. Under the direction of Dr. William W. Lemonds, the Chorale has represented Emory in Atlanta and the South. During the 1964-65 school year the Chorale per- formed eleven major concerts, gave two touring concerts in the South, and appeared in concert with the West Point Glee Club during their stay in Atlanta. They also served as hostesses for the In- tercollegiate Music Council's annual meeting, held at Emory last year. The highlights of the concert season included the Kennedy Memorial Service, the Christmas concert, the Chorale Spring Concert, and The Benjamin Britten War Requiem with the Glee Club and Chamber Orchestra. The major concerts, the benefit performances, and the television appearances have increased the Chorale's reputation for excellence. a Eg W l 5: V i Sopranos: Sue Brown, Luann Garland, Marion Kilgore, Carlene Prussner, Pam Spache, Jacque Tice. Altos: Ann Evans, Mary Ann Hamff, May Helen Hamilton, Emily Harris, Becky Loveless, Margaret Nichols, Cheryl Robbins. Tenors: Douglas Cowart, james Edwards, Robert Phillips, Olin Weaver. Basses: Al Corn, Dick Davenport, joe Dickey, Howard Hangar, Hank Loehr, Brad Martin, jim Palmour, Steve Stephens, Jeb Stuart Emory Chamber Singers Organized in the fall of 196Q, The Emory Chamber Singers are a select group chosen from the Glee Club and the Women's Chorale. Dr. William Lemonds, who organized the group, intended it to be a small group to travel when the size of the Glee Club and Chorale made their traveling impossible. Since 1963, however, the group has become known in its own right. The group sings all types of music from Beethoven's "A Elegy" to the popular musical work "Oliver." It travels throughout the southeast and has sung for many important organizations. Moreover it doubles as a semi-chorus for larger works by the combined Glee Club and Chorale and travels with them. 'W N . dll-in eg 'Um OFFICERS: left to right: Harvey Huntley, Treasurerg Brina Hollander, Secretaryg Carol Thigpen, Presidentg Otis Turner, Vice-President. Emory Religious Association Westminster Fellowship Council Left to right: Jeff Maddox, Dane Forst, J. Emmett Herndon, Judy Giles, Gordon Xwilliarnson, Martha Stubbs, Lee Sanber, Phyllis Romita, Ginny Wliley-President. - - -Y-V-,.,--t - . -W . 4,...,.. --., T--.-ti.. ,V . ,.,.- . -. ,Y - Y - .. , . is ,. t 1 , ts 1'- H Y wr-AQ f : l rv-A W- W 1.. sw - 1 Ni is in ' 1' it 1w"mt er -was lamina tm., ' :S V: .-b--153, at lax: f vu Q ,X e N i ,. , i I 1 i r I i lf , M, Left to right: Linda Grimmett, Della Taylor, Diane Wiley, Linda Carter, Sarah Carter, Janet Adams, Sharon Chastain. Second row: Kathryn Dyer, Sara Jane Fleming, Sandra Bonner, Janice Satterfield, Margaret Kinsland, Connie Kredel, Judy McClain, Joy Holland, Yvonne Oslin, Barbara Burns, Mrs. Dwight Pearce, Mr. Dwight Pearce, Director. Third row: Knox Mitchell, Mike Rogers, LeCroy Melton, Otis Turner, David Smith, Gene Scarobough, Mike Harris, William Carder, Faculty advisor. Back row: Wallace Cheney, Guy Davis, Charles West. Baptist Student Union Wesley Fellowship Council Fran! row: Linda Mack, Virginia Right, Martha Laird, Emily Culpepperg Back row: Bill Roy, Lon Chesnutt, Bruce Head. N at pirtured: Harvey Huntley, Sharon Reiter Left to right: Kathy Santi, Beverly Mattews, Diane Snider, Marie Kane, John Madden Walt Jay, Mike Snider, Bill Gunnels. Father McNulty, advisor Newman Club Hillel Left to right: Steve Berkman, Margo Frieberg, Brina Hollander Q ,Q,w,,QQ f F X I K K, W9 w as 1 Q M, 3235 Nr I vmxvlfugg, A-fm. -iiiiglaf ' :rig in 5 X 1 1 if Ps- Ha H 1 . Q , fm H Q33 M ww -wiv . ,wx w -.1 .,- -Q W HL k mf If n E 3 JRST is W 1 im-Q 5 ' .. .X., , ,. :vvqv , y -aff 5 1. mf f -, Q i :veg gk 'M 21 H Y -- 4 ' 5 lx fn! W Q 1' ff was 17 wx A M 'E 2. E 3, W , ,, 5' 'm mm nw --'-' , 454. ..,. 3 :Ev .S Q L - g.,z:,. -1:4 L, W ,. , , . -W M , , H . 1, - '4--L M 1 A P 41-ir I - "-y3i5"'FF ' Y' Hai? Rfji f d H' fs -' 41, Z, , 1 fn Emory Air Force ROTC The Air Science course has been changed to an Officer Education Program in order to place a greater stress on the Air Force staff officer and communicative skills. Parties and tours of different Air Force bases were planned this year with the Corps also planning three "dining ins", one at the completion of each quarter. The program hopes to develop leadership and provide training for the college man in Air Force skills. The Air Science Department is staffed by a group of well qualified United States Air Force of- ficers. : sea," lf ' ,affssi mm , f-,:'.f1sr-- if X Mia? 5 M" ' , 2 -ig: fu allay? 1 , Laffy ,i,gj.1i.fTf T ffm? J' -U' ,W 0 , 1 Sf ' .I 1, P' if A .ln.'L.. P-I rs ' .ill 'A A c, A . ' . As officers from four services Watched and judged, Clemson College's Flying Bengals won the Invitational Trophy, placing first in over-all drill competition in the April 25 meet held on the Emory campus among teams from Oxford, Emory, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Tuskegee. gf, ,A -:auf Moa, -- - ti:g,aJfliE,.g eg, , N in "F HTM7 ,' i. .limi mam ffl' i i i H ' i, i in i i , ,mmm 'P-Uf1l6v'iivw7,LfHmM,lU.,Jllw mms...-'1GlntiiilH1..NNW.Rv'r'rff' J ...U ii ,i ii M , i is ROTC OFFICERS-1964-65g front row fl-rj Cadet 1st Lieut. Dick Evans, Cadet Lt. Col. Bernard G. Ragsdale, Cadet 2nd Lieut. Chris Bentley, Cadet 1st Lieut. Mickey Harden, Cadet 1st Lieut. Victor Hicks, Cadet 1st Sergeant George Schwarxkopfg back row fl-rj Cadet 1st Lieut. George Boyd, Cadet Capt. Fred Dorsey, Cadet Major Ralph Reed, Cadet Major Mike McKenzie, Cadet Capt. Bill Eager, Cadet Col, Walter Alexander. Air Science Four Alexander, Walter Dorsey, Jr. Costley, john Virgil, jr. Dorsey, Fred Areford Duvall, Thomas Owen, jr. Eager, William Goronwy III Evans, Richard Means Girardeau, John Edward Gunnels, Charles William III Harden, Michael Aclrion Hicks, Vistor Marshall Higdon, Lawrence Ira Kelley, james Marion MacGreor, john C., jr. McKenzie, Michael Lee O'Neal, Donald Patrick Ragsdale, Bernard Greenleaf, jr. Reed, Ralph Collins, jr. Turner, Woodrow Wilson, Jr. Tye, William Butler Wheeler, Henry Anderson York, Christopher Conrad Air Science Two Blackwell, Joseph Edwards, jr. Brown, Lawrence William Brown, Samuel E. Davis, Louis Lloyd Edwards, Stephen L. Evans, Charles A. Freeman, Charles Walter Gerum, Peter Ludwig Goodman, Craig Richard Mitchell, Edgar Knox Morgan, Michael Wilson Osterrnan, Thomas Charles Payne, Robert Glenn Perry, Byron L. Rausch, Arnold Clyde Rist, Toivo Egon Walters, William Ellsworth III Winn, Jim Steven WALTER D. ALEXAN- DER is the AFROTC Commander and is the highest ranked Emory Ca- det. Air Science Three Bartenfeld, Chelsea Levone Cox, Fred Daniel Fisher, Richard Sewell Lentz, Carl Wildrick III McDowell, Charles Rodney McGinty, Patrick Pankey, Ronald Wayne Ray, Kenneth Wood Reeves, Robert Stokes Schwartzkopf, George Peek Smith, Billy Jr. Air Science One Blitch, Lee Frank Bridges, Neill Atkinson Cheney, Wallace Hood Clemmer, Frank DeWitt Garner, Richard Harris Gerson, Edwin Steven Haas, William Melvin III Hammond, Arthur Cullen Hogan, Thomas Dean Hudson, William Talmadge III Jones, David Monroe Jones, Michael Jack King, Edwin Moseley Koppel, Redlich Sims Krieger, Kenneth Alan McDevitt, Michael john McKinney, Phillip Michael McKinnon, Robert Glenn Nesbitt, William Clyde Reyher, Franklin Keith, Jr. Richardson, Arthur Horace Roe, Carroll Heiskell, jr. Seiter, Stephen Ronald Studdard, Gregory Neel Traylor, James Lee Walker, Robert C. Weeks, Clarke Bankston Youmans, Charles Albert . ' Emory AFROTC Staff MAJOR EDWARD C. PATTERSON CAPTAIN ROBERT O. ENNEBER TECH. SERGEANT KENNETH L. JOHNSON SERGEANT K. W. BENFIELD .iiliiil Four AFROTC cadets from Emory Univer- sity joined a group of Air Force cadets from Georgia Tech for a field trip to Robins Air Force Base. Emory students making the trip were T.'O. Duval, B. Smith, R. Garner and G. P. Schwarzkopf. The trip was made by C-123 Aircraft furnished by the 445th Troop Carrier Wing at Dobbins Air Force Base. The cadets visited the Base Gyro Repair Shops, the Robins Officers Club, WRAMA Computer Center-Data Processing Division, re- ceived a briefing and tour of the SAC facilities at Robins including visits to SAC's missile maintenance shop and close inspection of B-52 and KC-135 aircraft. Other facilities seen in- cluded flight simulators used in maintaining pilot proficiency and the Air Force-FFA radar control center which monitors all aircraft flying in and out of the Macon area. It was a busy and interesting day for these Aerospace leaders of the future. Many of the cadets making the tour will. be commissioned Air Force Lieutenants when they complete their education. M ww, -.n-4, 1 W J, Vuhzxff M., . , 'Q-E4.f',,:f?'NT":i-PQ . s1W M 1 G ya. "ww-Qu.-4 .. ,, M A M M E. I 1 n ' 1 . ,,1f ,-A ' f . X , ,I -,T r I'-F , ,i.' xv ,.f 1 ,521-.--4,-.qvr ' 1+ -" ' 1. s,. 4' .4f"T"'Ie1' x-05" 'W ' 1 5 , 5: v l w,H,.?mv0 , L f F ' - .4 uv.: 1 . ':"A " :-- -ra is C, ,fl WU ' 'F ii"-1' PT- 2 s 'L 2 ' ... .S - .' 4, - J agp, ,, JP , ,Q ,, C ' ' ' ' ' Jqeif ' H fqm f, L, , .nl i ,' 111' 1. ' V- l':'i'l, V 4, JEHL, .l ,, I 351 Y V . ' V 4 :nas 2:31 i -was Q i' l ' 'STM : A9 tfvfl 1-5.'Ei:f3f-4 V z - 1 'iw ,Aff W Bass. ggi? rw, .' 3? , X I. if , , -x M at , , Q M V,-.1 ,z 'iiiff' tE3f'.3L?i7.Nt. Wlsiilsfikvf M C, i Y C it a ! -L +'S:H'Qk- ' 5 ,L - -3 . --E+L:z'.ef.:1 , . V :.-mai Emory Athletic Department First row fl-rj: Miss Mary Alice Clowers, Ken Turner, Ed Srnyke, Miss Barbara Amesg Second row fl-rj: Tommy johnson, Craw ford Henry, Dr. Thomas E. McDonough, Sr., Chairman, Dr. Clyde Partin, George Cooper. HV W N ' - .- W- M' f 1.-f' 'tw Fjrm' . saab- I , 4 ,P M1 x Ryu' 'V' , it Hgsswl it. fit- ik iufll. ' . A "Eg, m,z37f ix ' -P f a get-lit-. .- Au 4-+4 ff m -f-ei"5" '.- -. .1 1 1 .sf aI.5fY,.1L-Hditfilnl tru it q ' -1 -rr Emory Gymnasium-The center of the Athletic Program. Emory Continually Strives to Fulfill its Motto 6'Athletics for Alli' Emory has long been noted for its physical training curriculum and its progressive program of intramural athletics. Emory attempts to meet every interest of the student. In the six quarters of required participation, the student gets a chance to take many of the courses offered, including Emory's famous course in survival swimming. The courses include, archery, basic skills, basketball, football, golf, handball, riflery, soccer, soft- ball, swimming, tennis, track, tumbling, volleyball, weight lifting, wrestling, plus special and educational courses. The intramural program includes competition be- tween fraternities, sororities, professional-school teams, and various other groups. Fraternities compete in five major sports including football, basketball, soccer, soft- ball and volleyball plus the minor sports of swimming, wrestling, track and cross country fwhen weather per- mits!!j. The sororities compete in volleyball, basket- ball, swimming and tennis. Intercollegiate rivalry in soccer, swimming, wrestling, tennis and track round out the athletic program. New athletic fields are being built to enhance and enlarge the athletic capacity of the school. Another Great Season Emory's 1965 Eagles closed another spectacular sea- son with their first victory ever over heavily favored Davison. Led by experienced seniors and talented un- derclassmen, Coach Partin's team compiled a marvelous 8-3-1 record, the best ever for a Partin team. Other highlights of the season included a 7-4 victory over stub- born Berry College. Even though graduation will take its toll, the team will return with great potential. Intercollegiate Soccer Emory fights to stay ahead! Spalty makes brilliant play! l l l l --4 V. , .. H 1- . - , . -1.,. -,., ,-r.....i. .. -, - - -L '- " -e-- A- L er-'-1 ' ' K .. Q- 1 ,, 1 1 ,Q xg Y' ' 'M lr .. ifigferrm, , , it H " I .. M k 'f T T f , ,, Q? 1 1 HQ ' ' 1 5 From' row: Ed Spalty, Bill Turnipseed, joe Bartenfield, Bill Eager, Bob Byers, Chuck McGillg Back row: Skip Everett, Ralph Byers, Jay OUCH! Turnipseed, Bob Ferriss, Laird Griffin, Johnny Vann, Tommy Tucker Emory ...... 3 Stetson ....... . . . 2 Emory ...... 2 Florida Southern . . . . . . 4 Emory ...... 8 Maryville ..... . . . 2 Emory ...... 4 Oglethorpe . . . . . 2 Emory ...... 1 Oxford ...... .... 1 Emory ...... 3 Belmont Abbey . . . . . 2 Emory ...... 4 Oglethorpe ..... . . . 1 Emory ...... 4 Pfeiffer . . . . . . 7 Emory ...... 5 Furman . . . . . . 1 Emory ...... 3 Oxford . . . . 1 Emory ...... 7 Berry . . . . . . 4 Emory ...... 3 Davison . . . . . . 1 Ln-A.A.':i:mmf-1' -:M -- - ' . A 1- :erm ff - fi ir-1 Teamwork is success l Eagles score winning goal. "Qin , Spalty fights for the ball. vm A' l f fl , ,' '-ruff, . A-L"-.' '-'-'f'- ' I5-' '3"'1j's1.,-x52xfg',i-.eff -,ffm '. L ' 'vf,-. 25.1-vs,-Llgw 1' ' ff." 'ffl 4 , Aw- ' . .-,, V- 1 3, 5: ., . f ws: ' A mf 1 ,Ls.v,f.m,w,:,uf-"p 1. v f - Tucker waits for pass but Oxford steals the ball. :iff-A Eagles fight for goal Eager heads team to victory F Hang on-only two and a half minutes left in the match. A good crotch hold. Intercollegiate MATMEN HOPE FOR BETTER SEASON Although sparked by the coaching of Ken Turner, this year's wrestling team was plagued by illness and inexperience. With the only vic- tory of the season coming over Furman, the Eagles closed with a 1-11 record. However, the plight of the matmen was accompanied by the sparkling performance of jim Edwards, who finished second in competition for the Southeastern Conference Championship. Ed- wardfs record this season was blemished by only a single loss. Eagle tries vainly to escape. A meeting of- Excited crowd watches a reverse half nelson as Emory drops another one. Wrestling SCOREBOARD EMORY Sewanee ...... ..... 3 3 6 Georgia ............. 26 13 Knoxville YMCA ..... 28 15 Auburn ............. 32 5 Georgia Tech ........ 26 11 Chattanooga . . . . . . . 40 3 Davison ...... .... 2 8 7 Pfeiffer .... .... 2 8 8 Citadel ..... .... 3 5 5 Maryville ...... .... 3 8 3 Furman ......... . . 8 28 Carson-Newman ...... 26 1 1 the minds. Eagle Determination I Edwards has advantage . . . but later loses it But I can't, I'm almost pinned. Swimming SCOREBOARD EMORY Sewanee ...... .... 5 9 35 Georgia Tech .... .... 6 6 28 Clemson ...... .... 4 6 48 Kentucky ..... .... 6 0 35 South Carolina ....... .... 6 1 33 Vanderbilt ................. 68 26 Eastern Kentucky State ....... 58 37 Davidson ........... .... 5 4 39 The Citadel . . . .... 62 32 Alabama . . .... 54 38 Tulane . , .... 54 37 That last agonizing second. It was a hard fought race Castleberry shows diving form A long stretch to try and gain the advantage for Emory. Eagle returns another Paul Drummond shows winning form in singles match. Tennis SCOREBOARD EMORY Birmingham Southern .. .. 3 6 Albama ............ .. 5 4 Georgia ........ .. 9 0 Stetson .......... .. 4 5 Florida Southern .... .. 0 9 Mercer .......... .. 1 8 Furman ........ .. 2 7 Oxford .. .. 0 9 Sewanee .... .. 6 3 Davidson ..... .. 7 2 Georgia Tech ...... .. 9 0 Georgia State ........ . . 0 9 Birmingham Southern . . . . . . . 4 5 Mercer ............. .... 0 9 Georgia Southern . .. .. 1 8 La Grange ...... .... 0 9 and awaits another. i .I l Q fi Buzzy McNatt makes a quick return ,iffxx i Members of the victorious team are, Firrt row fl-rj Tom Iones, Bob Harbort, Bob Harrison, Rusty French, Ben Brock, Wade Smith, Ralph Byers, Bruce McIntosh, Sammi raw fl-rj Coach Tom Johnson, Neil Bridges, Bob Reeves, Bob Ferris, Don Smith, John Ball, Alec Martin, jon Martin, Bertyl Johanseng Third row fl-rj Carl Fetko, jeff Mitchell, Milton Warren, Danny Martin, Buddy Lovett, Lawrence Brown. Emory wins hands down. Intercollegiate Track A PERFECT SEASON Coach johnson's trackmen completed an unblemished season with Wins over Berry and LaGrange. Sparkling performances in the hurtles, broad jump, and mile run led the cindermen to their second perfect season since 1955. A great transformation over last year's attempt to build a team resulted in a team Emory will always be proud of. Rec- ords were broken in nearly every meet as the Eagles devastating con- sistency built fear in the hearts of all opponents. A jubilant team expresses its happiness to Coach johnson. .ge f - ' - EMORY 107 7f12 so 77 108 116 174 SCOREBOARD Berry ....... West Georgia La Grange . . . Maryville .. Sewanee ..... Presbyterian .. Berry ..... La Grange ...... :' Steve Edwards helps win in quadrangular meet. .e...., I ... . . "nz , sgf..x-fy ., . .-5 . - 555516: 7 ' F7'f"'-ee?'34A. -N... . . . lb' ' f . gm , Hs? 7 'fl '- If - Y .:.: - ..1.a. . m, ,-H ' KJ" .Jgglgaggfl pg -. - .-1, 11 ' +an::aa:s:.- f,, Y -"fa Lime ly' . 1 .H :iff l:f ""g ff. Bruce McIntosh clears hurdle in the lead. 1 1 ..,, M 3 QL.. 1 '5- . e 1 "1 Emory receives another first as Reeves comes across . . . and another first. The tension mounts as the medley starts. Interfraternity Swimming SNAKES ARE VICTORIOUS Sigma Nu, led by Bob Gunby, Spike Oms, and David Hofstadter, stacked up 62 points as the Snakes won the 1964 swim. In the eight events Sigma Nu captured three firsts and four seconds. Phi Delta Theta was strong in defeat as they captured three firsts also, but defending champion, Sigma Chi, was completely sub- merged by both the leaders. Both Sigma Nu and Sigma Chi broke records as Bob Gunby bettered his old record in the "tread with weights" and Bob Castleberry set a new record in diving com- petition. Zewadski takes lead at teammates return. The Sigs lead in the backstroke. Siemon is the powerhouse for Phi Delt. it J 455' 5' - ff-q'Z3l,g2'T ,. " if , Q ' rg' 1 3 , 35.3. Determination and endurance are the keys. Bob Byers lifts opponent from his firm footing. Interfraternity Wrestling SIGMA CHI GRAPPLERS WIN The Sig matmen captured three firsts in eight events as they took first place in the wrestling tournament. Following the Sigs were Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Nu. Sigma Nu jumped off to a quick lead in the first event but fell as the ultimate vic- tors began their- barrage of first places. The highlight of the tournament featured Alpha Tau Omega Danny Martin's come from be- hind victory over Phi Delt's Tuck Canipelli. The matches become pure agony. The pin is near-as Hanie presents Sig with a win in the 123 pound Weight class. Roger Walton, little but loud, goes on to win the 115 pound Championship. ATO displays winning form. Sigs can't stop ATO march. ATO WINS SECOND STRAIGHT ATO captured its second consecutive inter- fraternity football title by downing AEPi, 7-0. Strong EX placed second while EASE and AEPi finished out the first flight. In Flight II, KA became champions and left EN, QAGJ, and HKA tied for second. The Betas won the Flight III championship with Wins over TECIP and INDO, while Xi- rolled to a Flight IV champ- ionship. Interfraternity Football Backstroker pours it on Swimmer heads for home It cou1dn't be that bad Alpha Chi flattens out for long dive uv 'I Q" ,, H X J' ix 1 if ,-5 ' 1,1f ia'-wh "1" 'f 1 1- W' E Hi, M001 v M 'wxwmq -Q3 , 1 A A ,W " X w W P ,, E , ,, "' ' '1 MM w ' my ig "' 3"rfIi?2'f'i II'35,i,4'S?,?' W J mm " A ff , 4 ., mu . -' 2-:mtwq4,.fgcfr nf-11 3 w , ...v J as Yu w M U i gf, VL Q Y ,gy ' My wwf M M" ' M XM' ir. 5' X ww? 'Mi 5' "' 3' ' J'iLMg1.4i , M X 'z' " .- ,M Q, 41, 4 5 me .f N n Q , -uwyamif ' A M ' M ' kk W ,' A 'mg L, ,, ,M ff MQKSL H A W J t fl - vw AMW .waxy Www... '42 1 WW M . a,m f W . -W' ., . -1, P ,M WMM J " ""gM'm...1,WNm. , - SW M J """ M-MM 'Q ywwy ,' .':'j 25' ' wf N - M , -Q. w , YYWN QM-X ,- W ,. , W :g 'FW W! E- N, W , -rw A WA '- W- ,M H., M ., N Wg hiv ,Ayr I A 5 s42'N"'j A-' 1 MM! 9.1 - , 'v ,W K , A J N : Q 'W " X- 1 , -" s ,mr 1 ' :vi x" xv X X f 4 p , 3.3.41 4' UW Hifi w f 'Z l .1 X f N -wr X N Vx ,. ' I I .Q hw 5' " V1 Fym 1 K A l W V A M xx K f ml' xx -' fl f M . W W M0 as X' Yr M 1 X uw-'1 1 X Aw W n W W S. 7 V x T 1. , 5' ' M 4' n . ,- ' 1- , if , 1 ' 1 ' s K- 1 M A v 'W v' N .M J wh 'A M tw ' W' M W ,, W , v- Fw f ' fx 4 gf :fir , .Q k u, wh. iw' M - - Ti . HN" H f f W N w H50 '11' . Y fly! Y! I T N 43, 'xl M 1 4 'Y MJ x ' 'dy M fp 1 I ' X , , ' 4 ' J, N f W 1 1 Y A E Wx ww ' W W' , M ' ay wk A Q? I s W la ww ' V WN" x 'M A 5 Jr' X ff -M T' ' Q 1 u V x VP J ' X 'K M' ,Q ,Q . Q Q' W "Mb 'NP' Y' W Q 1 ' F' ' I My J A," x . A , N! Bw' s ' ' . I ' r 'f f F , F. ,rj V h -4 Y V .44 ff. -.f ,Q :W , gfcffx- fi. ,YU '.f-'f'I:T: MTA ' L' I ,gg-iqfffif 4,-,,',f ,.g4 Lv., -3,4-SQ' f . gf Q' is l.'-'K-.gh -,,':r1... QF' , - 'Q 4,1 . .6 ,rv ,ilk ,L ,Ai ,., wg! N ,.,:,,f-J-t 4 F K 5 I ,rs ' vm. : 1 I . :TS ' . , .ya . I . N - . , ,rh.,,,, I I x IN., C 1 Jug. , 1 I if f 1. K V1 9 l I .. KIM -'J1""' 'la F !rr'7 ww Xa 5-2 Z X hip 1 Q 'YN ! 'f , J 2 .4 , NMYw",.q', wgqww .W Wx , , of V 1, ,-., , - nz -X -W , , J mx A-1 , , , . w,5A.' , 4, ,"' I J 'fy ' A .rE7?-, ., W V, I. J P. ,V .Y,i."if,. P - H ' o 1 Q tif VV ui . 5, , ,, V I K Q ' x 0 . - Arg ' ' ff , ,ff ' 41- .5. U H -'x . .N ,Ai , J W V ,Hp -- .M E. , -GI- , 1 . , ' ' Fwfp: ' ' . .. ' ,A ff M Lx ew J., f -- , ,f , ' ,y Lrngm. ,X f f , , f . I - -' . .,gfg X 1 Xl fl ' 1 " V, . ', 5 7 ' " ,r X . 'uw U G ' 1 " v W fz' 2 ' if M W fha ,N -, 5 . ,W E fry ,Nix 'I ' bw' ' 'may !,v"',w- i 0 I ' fgx- V X J ,W ' X' h ' Nr ' f Q 'f S ?."ffH cl' -A i739J'i"'f"1 it-Q 3i1fL' ,A , fu, h ., Y, AJ T I -L xg lU3T'L:WWfViLg.Wi',.1li , mu W V U W- W if J 2 2 I mr'- I .lg .?-. My S' J' ily , :wifi-1 . .aft 1 Alf: ff' in qi-ff - .. '- ai, Sanford S, Dooley Dooley Returns to Frolic First discovered in a biology lab on the Emory Campus, Dooley has, since 1941, arrived annually to break the monotony of studies with a week of fun. Noted for his unusual arrivals, Dooley continued the tradition in 1964 by circling the campus in a helicopter before alighting to roam the campus, dismissing classes and kissing coeds. Dooley took time out from his other activities to reign over the planned festivities including a street dance, barbecue, concert and semi-formal dance. The fraternity lawn displays following the theme "The Growth of the Nation" drew large crowds and proved to be the highlight of the week-end. The many faces of Dooley's. Y Ml"' The crowds enjoy a fraternity skit. Ian and Sylvia perform at the Saturday concert dv 5 sw T is-Ti V N "N N v-, M! shi'--e-, ANTHILL 1 -i w 4 X a fx ., 1 - - -he K L'-.1 , xl., Q Wk., -- " 1,-1 11591 ., ww sffg' '55 1 ., Mfg . ,. Q, : b . 11 1964 Second Place Alpha Tau mega '6Fab1es: 9611" ANTHILL ANT!-NLL 4, J 4: -Ja, ' 'f 'se :lac-5, .M , We. , 3 -'vm ' A v iw 1 A Trai. il fe 4' ' f 'I - H51 Q5 1- A e e -. ff gr- f r' . A' p , - ff- - egg e. 1 at Fez- " ' ' " ' ' QA f "S+ fir, , 9 if' ' -lg T' -r ,4f"?Ezsii?Eii1,aE . Q - gig- ' ' -'g' .W ,f fm, nz L fir ,Quia-2 F:- ' wa, ef' f' N- -.game ' . f .,1,5w-ear-"Na:-f.ff vf' 'wr 7 ,A ui: +4 , - - -63 f -wk - 1 1 . F . we . ,gr 'W rf 'Q - 3, , fy, - gf. a ' ' ,L .L w Q-, f -fs ' - ' ' - 1 T Q-r,'-. -:'4r1-- "'s'v ac- " f' I V ..J fx. 4 wv, ,JJ .fa J' . ,' .1 .- F . x ' ,' . 4 f-4. PH . . V.. ,,,5 H 19 ' , u , 5-, -:QB . pf ' nv' 17, - -' ' 41:17. 1, A ,, Iv ,I ' W' ,Q ' r. Ti' My-ff V- ,J Wg W 1 'W 4. ,gy Qi w fy . 1' ie, l lP"'I wE,,..w- afe -V3 1964 Thlrd Place Delta Tau Delta hat They Sh ll ot Have D1ed in Vain - 1 - '- 'G " W f-5 'fi' W"ff:"' ' :W "V 'LJ555 W 5. Kappa Alpha 'cThe Last Thanksgiving at Roanoke 1964 T Honorable Mentions Sigma Nu That Was the Emory That Was" Beta Theta Pi 'Trankie and Johnny" Sigma Alpha Epsilon The Development of the Gang Chi Phi H2026 or That Was the Emory That Was" Phi Delta Theta "Roaring T Wentiesi' I . E:HE CC Alpha Epsilon Pi America in Perspective ZWAFT S Phi Gamma Delta Discoveiy of America ri' . , , i. W ,. xyisgk if ' -, , , .. , seven: - 7. - . Q MBR by Captain Cook Tau Epsilon Phi "Carrie Nation" lm M, i,.,Q?,:. 1? " GC Pi Kappa Alpha Salem Witch Trials" 1 Armed with menacing water pistol, Dooley rises from his coffin. Dooley Brightens Spring uarter 6 Arriving by ambulance, Dooley "the spirit of Emory" emerged again from his coffin to frolic in the spring air. With the body of an upperclassman and a whistle for a voice, Dooley could be seen running from class to library to cafeteria bring- ing havoc and happiness to the campus. After weeks of planning and working, the fraternities pre- sented their lawn displays based on the theme "Novels From the Past Fifty Years." These were followed by a street dance and open houses on Friday night. Saturday Dionne Warwick and Brook Benton performed and a semi-formal dance brought the week-end to a close. Sanford S. Dooley and Sanford S. Atwood get acquainted. "Going to build a mountain . . Fraternities Work ATO's work late into the night The magic formula-chicken wire and paper mache Dooley Plays . Dooley takes his turn at the board. i wx.-'X A--1:11--12 f' -- v2 1965 First Place Sigma Nu The Bridge Over the River Kwai was ,.L1Z,, X if fc' PA 1 ln ,P ,- 1' ,Q . v Q Af ' fm -"' l W T 1- F 1 iggry, "CN, nga., w 4 , - W H, 'J 05' N X la-new 1965 Second Place Delta Tau Delta 6cSpartaeus" I73 xml .wma ,A f 7:15,- :ai gi ..- 1965 Second Place Sigma Chi Something of Value elf Q-if 121555 A Ji 1965 Third Place Beta Theta Pi 66 GHS! The Pride and the Passi Q-X. -., qv x N ' -.L 4 r Jkbrkq 1. 31 - A. 'QQ- '.'lg-dm. -aG-vga -J 9-9 'sf-5 'E l 5 F l -.xl . - 'N vfF:'fx 1' 53,-wk, YV N14 . - - K , f' 1965 Honorable Mention Alpha Epsilon Pi "The Great Escape" I7 I- 44k i lf ,iff ia I ' ' "-" q.ffffffQyQ51.g- fs 1322252222 we Wg-5? 2g:"AlYf 1' "W 1 ei? VE.-.tqigxgkf ' ififjfifiiz 3555. 1, .xiii aging gg . .www 112224522553 " .ww 1 Agwmfm-A -mmm Wm 213.1525 -W. mg my W, -'4'?'f'i fi w ss. 'S . vm .si4esiEF'N' ' 'J ilwiffif ff 95 'Q U gf? v 9 ., - - U W - ...aww-ffvr-wf'-' .Km-'Wifi-an H W , 43.515121 -mmm Em H' Q wi 1- ' f.-.-,gg '5Y-i5ZE5?!ff'EX!k11b H 25353551925 'V -FQ? "" . ' 'f WNW. pw. S . .L ,. ,LU,,L X, v,A. Kg? N., .W,,.W ,qs M N - W 1' : swwggfgw , - Jg3g.5,gi, M , , ,fx . .mags 1 Q swam 'X 2, ' fgefwifsaggfg-ff jf.. v. .v ' 1 .Q f. , . 'fffififiig sv g, f jfiii if xiii' vb W 5 ' 1 Lim , WL , H . A .gg 5-Tuff SEsf5f2z,sfef 'SES 1 . 'sgf-me ,, fri. . :U M1-:ww W wife W .. .--f ' wwgvsvgg-:E 'fgfmafmg -fK...,Qg:i'. vig., 3355. ,ww 355 T ' ' - TY'-fam' "ami-1 mmf!" ' V ' ' 3?fii?'5'3 WEL. , .az ...W . fy m ww WMV WL . ..,,,,,.-mf . my ,,..,,,.m..s .W gm, ,, . 1- 4 hm fff 53911.95 .fq,q53:ggf,mg' 35, H. ,w,,:zvyg4ewfvt.gGlfw5f:es iff. f . . .... - , gum MH,H.g, KW- . g"2EQ2-'?,lglx.Yfi1ifjfW 1 fJfWjS., M H- qw--5:4 gM1f4wK1f2aQ,,.v uw ww ww f 'H ' Vx: 'x ',1H51ffw1w ff: :fav'?efa:':':':'::.-. 1 1 H N fj2i?2Q11'Q1ww1Q'w', m 1',mQf?43??2Q'55i3g,g:fQ' , , g,E'f,Z-g?jffjigg 332,55,,1'E5p2SfiP32a2QiseSQ?Sa,5, aw ' ' ., ,, , fm , Wwi.55,. 1. .waguwg fmm.m . 1. 5 . .gamer ,5 Q eerfewwrfff- 1- 'A , " wiifm 9252 T4fX5W'A" law ,, I5?Qii7si?iES?E . 5' 'Y' 'A 5553 ' - ,. .M N ,.f.Qgf - fm-..,.,f.w .. , - S-Y. V - 1 .f - fsfvfmf V A 'A-W'ss:4Qzvie:v. sg. 5 nf u a. w i-rL ' H .fwwm .wmfm , . f 1. WWW. gin . . .fp Q , 4 , X Q,-K .. mfzzm, Qi., - , .QW 9 XA ' Q rv .l..,,, Q s nf, wi' .i.f2f'f'g' 1-4- Y- ' 1 'R' if 4' hfwzix .V 2 fgeUi11gn"'L -1 L 1. ' H' K .4.,f..W, , A p W' . ' n ixwig f Q? QQ. X... ' M yu K X g 1 - -,H fi A -1 oi , . Y V .. 5 --, W, .. , ' ....- H Gmc- -f .. ...f,..A - -5 mfg sf.-W, U ' Q, , . . fffff MRL, - - ff 5, . ,G Knife.-,f 'L W 1 ' , .- "" we - N ' .- 'if 1fais:r:fvw ""' ' ,. -f , ' wzasifg, ,H .4 V f- ' . J ' " -, A-fu '2's':':'F' M-'N ' ' 4- A -3 11 014.2 - i L.. ' -- -' .ai --Y--W .ww . 1, 4 ff., ,. ...,. , 1 ,mx . ,. cf . y s-2 - M -. f A if - ' ' Q , ,. Q - .,. ,. , W -.. A 1. 5 ' 1 . r, .,L.'., swf., 5 I . 3 .Ns . h 4 , Lit .vs G M . ' 5 ' u . 4 " O , 'r N.. ...L W A :.s-2 " - -1 N "HM ' Q, .I 1 . s 0 f- , ,, Even, A . . :IH H1 I W.. 'f" Ji, ,,, ' ' , 4 W Nm If Q A: .f .lil ,, .Q we ipaiwggiff. 1 QZQL' u Alpha Tau Gmega ccThe Good Earth" Chi Phi CC 99 The Bridge of San Luis Rey X a fx Phi Delta Theta c'Anima1 Farmv Kappa Alpha 66 99 The Agony and the Ecstasy Sigma Alpha Epsilon GC Sy!! ii Phi Gamma Delta "The Greatest Story Ever Told" Tau Epsilon Phi "The Lone Rangerv we-1' if if 1"- -, iifrlg Eff? XI, ju ,JH ,L- 91 "f'???:ef ' 1 A v x M 5 1 W A f nv f H .- 'F 'f 'I I I1 .5-' I' .,,. 14. 1. ' f., ,W- fr' .- , 1 new - .s,,,- J.. MQ' .gh, 9 1 : -115 T35 ,V k Y . , 1. ., :' 0 YJ-,Jaan . A' 15, K ' Q , ,.1 U. gw, -.-gg ' .5 L - .V 5 f is T53 vs. b ff' X .gk -115 -4 . ,. 4,1 5 'A 'v:3.-,v,grfJ.-:.,' . v -N ,Haig -NQV Q , if , - , ,f , A .. . J . 4 . ,. L r Aff -W ' . O '1. . Q 1 ' 4 5. ' .fig--L , . , X .. ,, I .X ., N X ' . QQ' lx ' . .JW 5 1 T. .', ' . . .. . :XXV X rf X- ' x X 4 11' n , 1 11, .A X- -K. .X..- X . . X: 5. X X .J . 2,531 -. D h .. ,X - . 1 - - , I .Ms v, X ., , . K' 'fi . . 1 1 -xv ' 1 . -- . . 1 ' ' . 1 X ., .,1. . 1 'Q 1 1 , , ' . f N - ..1 - -1 - 4' . ' 1 A 3 . ' . - , 4 - .- r 1 XX , . ' . 'ff - ,X X 1 1 1 " - 'VA ', . 1' . . MIC- 1' ' 5 ,fv 'Fu -f '- ... 'A f K' , ,-. AU ' X X -- nv., a - Q f X 1' 1 4 5. . ' .. , ' ' ' ., fri, 1. . ,gg.-slg 143' .J " ,,. 3 .X . . . 5 T .1 .1,.- A - .r , I . . . X, , I V -1? 5' 4 1- I s , ' 1- ' x 1. 1 ' -:tw ' X . , '. 1' A . 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Each fall there is also a junior Panhellenic with two representatives from each pledge class. Panhellenic officers, IL-Rj, Judy Wil- liams, Anne Soule, President, Ann Hutchins, Margaret Harwell, Brenda Morris, Dean Bonnie Strickland. Womens Panhellenic Council Panhellenic is responsible for the Annual Panhellenic Sing. It also formulates plans and regulates the acquisi- tion of funds for the new Panhellenic House. However, its most important activity is the planning and coordina- tion of Fall Rush. Members .of the Council, KL-Rj, Beppie Braswell, Carol Hewitt, Sharli Bourn, Jane Palmer, Margaret Chase, Janet Askew, joan Wilson, Merle Silverman, Barbie Smith, Cathleen Morrow, jane Cobb, Betty Wfilson, Mary Stair, Sue Yielding, Susan Mendeloff. lil .ii 1 U H wg , as sis Interfraternity officers, KL-Rj, Mike Kelly, President, jim Holmes, Treasur- erg Mike Wagner, Vice President, and Don johnson, Secretary. Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council governs the fraternity sys- The Interfraternity Council sponsors Greek Week, the tem. It makes decisions in matters of common interest, Empty Stocking Fund Raising Drive for charity, a work- and works to enforce University policy and promote co- shop for fraternity officers, and the Interfraternity Sing. operation among the fraternities. IFC is composed of one It also provides a check on the fraternities during Rush representative plus the president of each fraternity. to ensure compliance with all Rush rules. Members of the Council, First row, KL-Rj, Hayward Fox, Ralph Byers, Bill Cloud, Richie Wiener, Chuck Rutherford, Rick Selman, Bruce McIntosh, Mike Kelly, Billy Tucker, Chandler Peterson, Bill Walters, Don johnson, Second row, KL-Rj, Charlie Barker, Everett Lund, Mark Frankel, Max Brand, Johnny Walker, Lawrence Killingsworth, Lucian Rice, Tommy Tucker, Tom Wieker, Ken Thomas, Jim Holmes, Mike Wagner. 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Rubin I Myles M. Savitt Stephen Schreiber Michael I. Serby Stanley I. Shapiro joel S. Shavein Hayward Fox I i l ,,, "'! yll yy Leonard K. Smith Ira Strumpl I. Richard Toranto Arthur L. Tracht Frank B. Wilenslry Robert L. Wolfson Michael A. Workman PLEDGES Andre A. Abitrol Robert Aronson Stanley A. Beitscher Andrew Bergman Miles E. Brett ferome B. Cohen Michael l. Cohen Nathan Finkelstein Michael Friedman .Edwin S. Gerson Ronald B. Gersen fra D. Gingold Aaron S. Goldberg faclr B. Gordon lee T. Handel Robert E, Hirshfield Alan L. Hoffman Richard Kantor Myles Levitt Gary A. Lubel David L. Marlin Gerald M. Marlin Peter M. Pardoll Howard j. Robinson Allan H. Rosenthal Ronald Y. Schran Allen H. Stern Edward l. Sternlieb Alan H. Temlrin Richard G. Weinkle Burton Rerfler Arnold Signer Barry Levin l.an1ePrcrs Lt. Marte: rar e Lrrbeyrrer SWBLTHEART 1965 'W jane Crawley Ben johnson Tommy Tucker Bob Williams SWBETHEAIVIEI964 lVo1'!lay Mailer Claajflairz Exr'beyaar Alpha Tau Omega Whit Sewell 5er'1'etm'y Randy Bartield Chris Bentley Steve Cambell Sandy Carter Paul Cathcart Ernest Clark james Cook james Edwards Richard Fisher Lanny Fox Rusty French Greg Gates David Goldman Mike Harden Fred Harvey Scott Hobby Don johnson Eugene McNatt Albert Meek Walter Montgomery Ron Morgan Howard Morland james Mullis james Parks Gary 'Patclren Bill Pfister Alan Price Chad Price Larry Pringos Bernard Ragsdale john Robinson Demyasey Springfield n Ben ohnson Richard Boozer Boh Williams Whit Sewell lllfnirha rllarler C lmplairr Exrheqnei' Serrelmy Hugh Thompson Otis Turner john Tuclter john Vann Solomon Yeoman PLIEDGES jerry Abrams Wil iam Boite Ben Broth Wil iam Dunson Doug Fry Wil iam Garrett Wil iam Grizzard Robert l-lacltman .left Harnling james later Sherman johnson Etheridge Lovett Danny Martin Ken Martin Oliver Mathews Charles McGill foscph lilhync Roger Rizlc David Showalter Thomas Mozley Greg Stuclclarcl Dino Thompson Troy Thompson Lawrence Thompso Roger Wise Gu Zimmerman 5 Mary Stair SWElETHl3AR'I'-1965 4 'ii' .t" y i l My 1 I 1 i ' i v i 1 it it lady james Tom Suntmerlin Wes Warren Al Gibbs Ben Branch SWEETHEART-1964 Prerizlent V ire Prerirletzt Serremy Trernmer Beta Theta Pi R ' . 'P v . joe Adamson Authur Allen Ben Branch Richard Boswell Ralph Byers Robert Byers William Driskell Robert Gibbs Ken Grubbs Walt jay Everett Lund Charles McDowell Malcolm Muir john Newman joe Peabody Thomas Poole Harry Rein Frank Silkwood Everett Lund Al Gibbs Drclr Boswell Mary McMillan Prerzdent Serretary Trefzrfner SWEETHEART 1965 lon Straube john Stoneham David Suggs Tom Summerlin Thomas Tinsley Wes Warren Harvey Young PLEDGES james Brown Ray Bush Frank Clemmer james Delaney Robert Hartman lames johnson Michael jones Robert Lowrey Robert McKinnon Randell Macon William Parks lerry Stacks jill Harrison SWEETHEARTQIQM Scott Singleton fllllhrl l ,QP Ray McKinney Behr Chi Phi new David King Gfimrmr lf A.' 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Q ii. - r ll iiiii r Tyrone Bridges Ti'erlr'1rr'er' Robert Baker David Bowen Bill Brawner James Brown Guy Davis Chris Delrle john Disher loe Doster john Edwards Tom Ferguson George Hood George Hoover james Hunter john jenkins Ed Kellogg Bill Kemp Powers McLeod jeff Macleod Fred Miller Reginald Moody Norris O'Dell Peter Plnydas B lerry Sanders Andy Santangini George Schwazkopf Wade Smith john Sparks james Taintor Ronald Thomason Drew Turner Albert Vincent l Hal Crumley Bruce Mclntosh Tyrone Bridges Ed Simms Virginia Roane Prerrderrl VirePrer1rle1r! Serretra y Trearzzrer SWEETHEART 1965 james Waterman Charles West james Willimson Larry Zeleznik PLEDGES Charles Agricola Thomas Armour Gordon Ayers Harry Bennett Wallace Cheny Peter Dias Darryl Falls Collin Finney Ron Goerss Hunter Hale Authur Hammond Ed jones Pierce Kilgo joe Longino Bill Lunsford Richard McCullough Mike McKinnon John Moore David Powell F rank Reyher Lauren Rauber Thomas Scruggs john Taylor Greg Upp Lloyd Vaught Otis Wallace l i r i Miss Becky Dial Leon O'Kelley Lucian Rice Billy Allen jim Fennan SWEBTHBART-1964 Nrrrirber One Nrrmber Taro Number Three Nrrr1rberFa1rr Kappa Alpha 'uf .1 1. . 5' if ' l as MM L 'r"lkr Bill Bradley fohn Casey Buddy Chase joe Dickey john Dorminy Bill Eager III Rob Edenfield jim Estes jr. Dick Evans Mike llordyee Curg Forrest Skip Gaudy Sam Hoffman jim Holmes john Holmes Bill jackson Coll jones Bob Kay Dick Langford fohn Lewis Tommy Lewis 'oe MacNabb Mac McLauglin Paul Meiere lim O'Callaghan dill Perry Paul Pizzo Steve Saunclers Brooks Seurry jr. Bill Spitz Hank Stembriclge jim Thorn son Demi Took Gary Vickers Mae Wade lr. jack Wager 1 Lucian Rice Virgil Thrash Fred Neely Todd Holman Miss Bambi Morrison Number Orre Number' Two Nrrrrzlrer Three Nrrrrzber' Fam' SWEETHEART-1965 Mizell Alexander Nathan Atkinson faek Averetr David Barber Chelsea Bartenfield Bob Berry Don Brunson john Chatelain Paul Cole Billy Cooper Buzz Copeland lohn Delgado Sonny Deriso William Dorminy Willis Edenfield Lanis Forney john Glover Skitch Hogan Rob Holmes james Hudson james Kelley Barclay Kirkland john Laurent jimmy Mackay Mike McDevitt Mike Mckinney lohn Miller William Parker Tony Pizzo Kirk Quillam William Robbins Carroll Roe james Rogers Denny Royal Mason Smith Bruce Storrs it va' .,, .P I 474 .. C - er---.r,.,, . 92' i yt e fe ltlii if , it r i I , v 1 i. ,, v ,iv v. , y W.. v. v , - v l l ll I y n t i i N1 xr- JN "Fw, we l . Penny Baum Randy Martin Bill Doloes Tom Kinton Bill Kotys SWEETHEART-1964 Prerident Vice Preiwlearf Serrefriry Tr'earwre1' Phi Delta Theta David Allen Ben Askew Steve Blievernicht Paul Bisrnarele jack Bowen Armin Brecher Randy Brown john Bullard Tom Carroll Steve Cochran ldoke Cooley Buddy Culbertson Eraxier Dworet Bob Edmondson Steve Edwards Lee Epting George Farrell Steve Eausett T int Haile johnny Hines Earl Kieliter Bill Ladson Dickie Littlefield Gerry MeCartha Brian McComb Brad Merritt George Nunn Tony O'Donnell Roy Pinkston Steve Bash Dan Rentz Bill Dobes Tommy Chambless jimmy Paul Will jordan Mary Alice Slemmons Prerirlerzi Vice Preriflerzt Seciemry Tr'er1r1n'er' SWEETHEART-1965 l ,i joe Rodgers it john Romine M Perry Royston Charlie Siemon Frank Stainback jeff Talley pl Skue Trawick David Tripp Mike Wagner PLEDGES George Atwell Clarke Avant john Bain Pete Beall -Stuart Colby Donnie Doyle Tommy Hayes jimmy High Guy Hill L. Killingsworth Doug Kniskern Reddy Koppel Thorn McDaniel Pen Mitchell Thomas Mobley Bradford Navaro john Payne john Rails Wayne Ripley Lee Summerlin Roland Sutcliffe Malcolm Taylor i oy jordan larry Woods David Powner Don Fowler Charles Freeman 9WLlITHl:AR'l Preralerzl Trearmer Rerorflnzg C0rr'erp0rarlrng 1964 1965 Serrano y Serrelary Charles Barker Charles Bostic Max Brand Norman Deck Mike Dewey Don Fowler Charles Freeman William Gillaspie jonathan Goodwin Anther Hall Harvey Huntley Spiro Kypreos Charles Lutz james Meals john Miller Sherman Poole David Powner Richard Putnam l l Don Fowler George Bostic Spiro Kypreos Charles Freeman Preriderzt Trefzrrrrm' Recowlhzg Cor'r'erpor1dz1zg Serr'emi'y' Seriemry Philip Snaith William Turner Larry Woods PLEDGES William Algood Eugene Brass Lamar Davis Richard Elmer Sherryl Destephano Mike Glass Thomas Hunt Robert Linn Hugh Lofton Grorgory Magarian Ralph Reed Stephen Seiter James Taylor Richard Versyl james Wynn ll l ,. ' xiii I. 2 at li H .' .M 2 i i i. , Y, ,vi ny? I V , I ii . I p B Anne Lovett Mac Perry Bd McCracken Len Malone SWBBTHEART-1964 Pnairlelll Viva Prwirlerzt 5'en'etr1ry Pi Kappa lpha Wendell Adair David Bennett Herbert Broughton Charles Browne Michael Clever Wayne Epps William Folios john Fox Robert Harrell john Henderson joseph Hillman john Ingram john McCord john Ross Merrill Shore Tom Sikes Tom Sinderson Craig Smith l"l. M' ,r' , , 01 -L Tom Wieker Robert Malborg William Bush Roberta Chapman Prernient Vice P1 eizdent Sen afar y SWIIETHEART 1965 Francis Tarrh Haywood Turner Leland Warren PLEDGES Mark Brady Hugh Bray Robert Cook Collings Downes Mike Dean William Fleming Mike Hall Harold jackson Edwin King john McAfee Clement McGarry Lawrence Schneider Walter Strickland Kenneth Thomas Doyle Thomas Kenneth Vinson L .l I Betty Wilson joe Beck jimmy Bolen Steve Reicher Wilber Crrswell SWEBTHEART--1964 Iirrrirrerrr rlrrborr Deprrry rlrrlrorr Rerorrler Trearrrrer Sigma Alpha Epsilon Frank Allison William Baird George Boyd Forney Brice Lewis Bullock rn Don Ca bell Sam Carlyle Lee Chalhub Andy Coley Braswel, Collins john Creech Earnest Delong james Elliot L Sidney Evans Lucian Ferguson William Gillen William Grace Bill Griffen Robert Groves Neel Hammond Steve Hanges Charles Harris Preston Hinds Lanny lloyal Richard johnson fohn Lilly fimmy Milford foe Moore Douglas Lance Sandy Mayo T. McWhirter Charles Miller Thomas Musgrove Hal Mullis Stanley Rhodes Rudolph Rodrigues Rick Seaborn Shelton Simmons james Bolen William Montgomery Sam Wiesel judye Wynne Eminent Archon Deputy Arrhon Tr'easor'er' SWEETHEART-1965 George Andrews Deke Austin Charles Barnes Samuel Brown William Brown Butch Butcher Gary Coulter fames Davenport Ralph Durham fohn Edwards Robert Ferguson George Fetko Lee Guice foe Hall Stewart Hinson Fletcher Huber Harry jones Hubert Lovein Edwin McLarty joseph Maddox james Miller Charles Moore Homer Mullins Bill Payne William Rogers Gary Smith Robert Smith Bill Solomon William Stephens Archie Stokes Donnie Taliaferro Marshall Utterson Marty Watterson Roland Williams Thomas Williamson james Wilson Erank Youmans I, r v ' 1 v ' i it - A in ' i ,Q , y v- w , , Q w JJ, f N wf' N w f i i A .,, - I y i i i Sandra Coley Ral hLh D B B'll dd ' ' SWEETHEART-1964 Coin! 6 I Priiigoniiiim Qirfzciiior llhms Sigma hi john Akin Walter Alexander Robert Bowen Joseph Cahoon David Du Puy Thomas Duvall Robert Ferris Gordon Finlayson Mike Gasaway John Girardeau Benjamin Griffith Richard Helms Victor Hicks Andrew jones William Kitchens Timo Kokko Wallace McCoy Guy Moorman Frank Norton Tom Ostermann james Palmour Louis' Parker Huber Parsons James Peterson Bob Philpott Robert Reeves Walter Reeves Ricky Sexton David Smith Woody Turner William Turnipseed Michael Walters DLED Mike Kelly Bob Castleberry Mike Born ane Cobb C oma aaertor Magister SWEETHEART 1965 Larry Baugh Richard Bell Roy Chalker William Cloud William Edwards Walter Gaffney Richard Garner joseph Griffin Charles l-lanie Richard Hardy Robert Harrison Lawrence Higdon William Hutto Gordon Jacobs Frank jenkins Charles McAllister John Miles jeffrey Mitchell Mike Moore Jackson Morris Thomas Moorman Tom Muson Wiley Parker james Paullin Samuel Price Billy Smith Robert,Smith john Starr Bruce Thomas Jay Turnipseed William Willis Benie Bruner Robert T. Gunby john M. Shinall joseph W. Stephens SWEETHEARTQ-1964 Corrlmzliirler Lt, Cormimrider Recorder Sigma u Russel A Paul Tremrrrei' Eddie Able D. G. Anderson Bill Babcock Al Biehl Cliff Bridges Bob Buchanan Bill Campbell Homer Carlisle Eddie Carrier john Cobb Em Cole Ed Cook Lou Crocco jerry Drummond Paul Drummond Charlie Egerton Buck Emerson Russ Eyman Randy Fairchild Stan Finch Tommy Gailey jim Higgins john Hogenmuller Hal jackson Paul johnson Bob Kelly Bob Kennon Lanny Lastinger Hank Loehr Larry Miller Spike Oms Dolf Payne Ed Peterson Bill Birkle Richard Rogers George Rouadi Ken Washer james W. Pilcher Russel A. Paul. William Walters Commarzder' Lt, Comrrmrzder' Recorder' john Wood Bill Zewadski PLEDGRS Chuck Bosserman Richard Burke Clayton Chambliss Don Correll Dick Davenport David Dill Rick Fischer fack Giles Mel Haas David Holstadter Bill Harrison Curtis jackson David jones lynwood jordan Ed Keiser C aarlie Lull Bill McDow Mark Maier "on Martin Doug Mau Larry Price Carl Rapp fim Robinson Richard Ruhio Gil Shamas f ra Simmons Bill Simpson Ed Spalty Charles Sykes l Phil Van Dyke Bohhy Vassey Rodney Vickers M Bob Walker it Roger Walton D Manley W, Kilgore Mary Helen Hamilton Tr'earrrr'er' SWEETHliARTw1965 i ' .EI l jon Jacobs S01 Levy Vice Clmnralor Bruce Kahn Bnrnir Tau Epsilon Phi X 11itiii1liiillliillwiimiii ni, in in in in in in gl. t , i i 5, er , , i Ronald Barron Martin Eisler Irvin Epstein David Fisher George Fox Craig Goodman Lawrence Greene Nei Gould jon Jacobs Michael Kohn Paul Lefkowitz Sol Levy Stephen Lieberman William Miller Steven Ratnow Fred Rosenberg Michael Ross Arnold Shevin Lpren htahl Stephan Lieberman Steve Ratnow Steve Tolber Bruce Kahn Francine Simon Chrrrrrellor' Vice Clrrrrzrellor Scribe Brzrrrrr SWEETHEART-41965 Bruce Sternberg Steve Tolber lt Larry Weisblatt l PLEDGES Ronald Cohen it li Mark Frankel ,ll Stuart Friedman ll Michael Halper r Martin Levin Mark Lurie Roger Merritt Robert Myers it Meyer Perlstein Martin Rotter Richard Shaw Richard' Tropper Harold Vigodsky Maurice Weil Theodore Wolf Alert Wolkin X A www MW A WWW ' Z w :M ' E H A A F MI 2, M' 2 iii- 2 2 " s 4 x il? in sf T N5 1 Elm 'Mag H 1 f J. , JV' I f 3 V H. Q8 'if' K3 ' .fx A ' ' W X g 3 Tw 6 1 F M1135 W W A AIA UNIVERSITY 1, ' L 1 , 1 " U MW !:-7 v':'. D 'A H 1 ' . v ' ' ' : , -, 1. . , A v v, ,F ' ' , ,xn N , 3 WMM, A ' , - -1, UN . 1 ,, ,,,. Q, , ' if q ,,,-- -.1 1 41.1. A- .1 . U-an AQLIQLY1 Lp ..f.. ws.. --LBA.:-1.ndn,.. . r.r-,.5....... N94 W 1 ww'-wwf , , . bww-W WW Wi' ww W K' ' ia W' 1 -Aubr- w.iv:,MmM, Www ml ww RWFWMV' M v " N J V v H 1 H ' -. , , .. u--ww my wi W President Sanford S. Atwood ,.P,r , H1 'il i , 4: t f 1: . Ti i I.: xiii M, Q9 1, Pin ,Lt Rt 'Q 4 V' ' P i I fir. . M- it it 'Jr ' 1 DR. SANFORD S. ATWOOD, Ph.D. President of the University GOODRICH C. WHITE, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D., HH.D., LH.D. Chancellor of the University on Jonson Q. WARD, Jn. Vice President and Dean of Faculties til A L i h E iii H ",' X MR, ORIE E. MYERS, JR. MR. NORMAN C. SMITH Vice President for Business and Director Viee President for Development and of Health Services of the University Planning of the University Board of Trustees "THE BOARD AT WORK" Members of the Board: Henry L. Bowden, Chairman, Bishop Arthur Moore, Vice Chairman, Mr. Charles T. Winship, Secretary, Mr. Robert E. Whitaker, Assistant Secretary, Mr. R. Howard Berg, Mr. F. M. Bird, Dr. Embree H. Blaclsard, Mr. William R, Bow- doin, Mr. Harllee Branch, lr., Dr. F. Phinizy Calhoun, Mr. C. Howard Candler, jr., Mr. S. Charles Candler, Mr. james V. Car- michael, Mr. George S. Craft, Mr. R. Howard Dobbs, lr., Dr. A. Hollis Edens, Dr. Wadley R. Glenn, Mr. Granger Hansell, Paul Harden, lr., Bishop Nolan B. Harmon, Senator Spessard L. Holland , Mr. Boisfluillet jones, Mr. james A. Mackay, Dr. J. Harris Purks, Mr. fames D. Robinson, lr., Dr. Lester Rumble, Mr. Donald S. Russell, Bishop Roy H. Short, Bishop john Owen Smith, Mr. Lee Talley, Mr. Pollard Turman, Mr. Wiliam B. Turner, W. Emory Williams, Mr. George W. Woodruff MR. EWELL E. BESSENT MR. ROBERT WI-IITAKER' Treasurer and Controller Assistant to the President i7'1" if 1 1' MR. DYAR MASSEY Director of Development -Hr ug ur, 'qw . .qi - rr , R IN -r.-M MR. JOHN T. MCTIER Business Manager in-HP' DR. JOHN PERSHING Dean of Mon -, r 5 ,4.. W I ,H ,r g I fr rl ' r r I, L , Y X -, J.. .'. rf rr In RHNNIF R CTT? IFIIT AND 'I 1 3 'D P . .V 'sa' MX' , DR IGNAIIUB W BROCK .L ' x , MR HUC I l HILLIARD ,aww-N 'ffm MR. GUY R. LYLE Director of Libraries .v"' nf" 4... MR. JOHN W. ROZIER Director of News Burcau I i r .. L rin ii it ii i, li is 32' .ff MR. IOHN OUTLER, IH 'k 'Uh Director of Prgmoiirrcl i .H - iii .,...,-,--4 i i iii --A I-1151 YA'lh!'X T11 MR. WALTER R. DAVIS MR. RAY P. GANDY Director of Alumni Associate Director of Alumni fa DR. HENRY P. MILLER Dean of Alumni MR. DONALD R. MOORE Director of Housing F i Y L. i i i MR. ROBERT E. WILLIAMS Director of Auxiliary Enterprises . il . Mg ti LEE, W r -L . r .L .Qu WL L DR. W. ROY MASON, JR. Director of Student Health andler Professors Established in 1959, the Charles Howard Candler Pro- lessorships are awarded to professors showing outstanding teaching ability, productive scholarship, and distnrgtrished service to the University in furthering the cause of higher education. The prolessorships are given as a memorial to Mr. Candler, who served as chairman of the University Board of Trustees from 1929 until his death in 1957. v-v"f " DR, JACOB H. GOLDSTEIN Professor of Chemistry l'liii":--'- ' -- in tv l l i irq . ' tif ' ' xr' ' ,l DR. CHAUNCEY G. GOODCHILD Professor ol' Biology - sm av-Wu moie- DR. JAMES G. LESTER Professor ol' Geology DR. JOSEPH MATHEWS Professor of History DR. H. STEPHEN WEENS Professor of Radiology DR. W. TATE WHITMAN Professor of Economics DR. ALFRED E. WILHELMI Professor of Biochemistry DR. ALBERT E. STONE, JR. English 4 DR. JOSEPH M. CONANT Classics Department .4 , W. I 1 1 r DR, E, CI-IAPPELL WHITE Fme Arts : Heads DR. EDWARD T. LADD Education DR. CHARLES T. LESTER Lilvrnrianslmip Q Acting Chairmnnj fx .Tn -, , , . V . A ' DR. JOHN C. STEPHENS, IR German Mating Chairmanj -.J . J 1. DR. T REVOR EVANS Mzmthclnzltics DR. ROBERT H. ROI-IRER Physics f-env-A gh, A Q -'hmm V DR. R. A. DAY, JR. Chemistry Y' R Nha ., 11, 'LZ' H h .., I ., yr .ylnxzla l vw: DR. IRWIN KNOPF Psychology DR. H. STEPHEN WEENS Radiology DR. RICHARD HOCKING Philosophy DR. GEOFFREY H. BOURNR Anatomy .f I. Q. DR. C. G. GOODCHILD Biological Sciences DR. CHESTER W. BAIN Political Science DR. HARVEY YOUNG History 22 ii -I Q. l Wi"'ls...c MR. THOMAS E. McDONOUGH Physical Education ,x , 4 ' I ln z I s I , I ' w WN .jk 'fvvirvi' I COLLEGE OF M,-is I ,. , 'U Deans Emor DR. CHARLES D. HOUNSHELL, Assoeinte Dean i College ,ee, r, nn. Jenn C. s'r1zrni2Ns, one Sellllll C1383 OfllCCl'S ini. E. inioinr zniinn, Assisnnit Dem -. s i i i li i Officers of the Senior Class nreg fl-rj, Treasurer, Buddy Chnseg Sec- retary, Beth Lind- sayg Vice Presi- dent, Bill Eagerg President, Stepha- nie Thorp. - Seniors! College WALTER DORSEY ALEXANDER, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla., Sigma Chi, Bench and Bar. ARTHUR T. ALLEN, III, At- lanta, Ga., Beta Theta Pi. WILLIAM EDMONDS ALLEN, Athens, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Secretary. JUDITH A. ALLISON, Miami Beach, Pla. ALLAN FROST ARCHER, JR., Forsyth, Ga., Canterbury Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Young Democrats, Delta Phi Alpha. JOHN EDWARD ARRINGTON, LaGrange, Ga., Chi Phi. NATHAN LANE ATKINSON, IV, West Point, Ga., Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM EDWARD AVERA, ,Stone Mt., Ga., Delta Tau Delta, President, Emory Religious Association, Lec- ture Series Chairman, President, Barkley Forum, President, Vice President, Secretary, Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary, IlVbeel, Student Senate, IFC, Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, "Who's Who," "Outstanding Junior" Award. JUDEE BLEDSOE BEARDEN, Tuskegee, Ala. WILLIAM JEFFERSON BEAVERS, Jacksonville, Fla. JOSEPH MADI- SON BECK, Montgomery, Ala., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Presi- dent, College Council, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Honor Council, Recorder. JEFFREY MARVIN BECKER, Orlando, Fla., Alpha Phi Omega. JONE BETTY BELL, Athens, Ga., Delta Gamma, President, Student Center Board , Baptist Student Union. DAVID PARK- ER BENNETT, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla., Pi Kappa Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Concert Band, Glee Club, Track Team, Atlanta Community Orchestra. MARSI-IA ANN BENT, St. Petersburg, Fla., Delta Delta Delta, WSA, Math Club, Student Center Board. EUGENE RONALD BERGER, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Beta Ka a. ARTHUR WOOTEN BALDWIN, JR., Dawson, Ga., Chi Phi. JAMES M. BALLINTINE, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Phi Sigma Iota, Delta Phi Alpha, Ford Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN HENRY BARGERON, JR., Wrens, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Barkley Eoium, Delta Sigma Rho.-Tau Kap- pa Alpha, Pi Sigma Alpha. MATTHEW TALBOT BARN- HILL, JR., Sylacauga, Ala., Campus Club, President. LUCY LEE BASSETT, Monticello, Ela., Alpha Delta Pi, So- cial, Scholarship, Projects Chairman, Chorale, House Council, Violations Secretary, Executive House Council. BARBARA CAROL BATHO, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Gamma, Womens Ath- letic Association. GEORGE GRQGAN BEALL, Atlanta, Ga. NANCY HAMILTON BEARD, Newnan, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi Seniors! College WILLIAM HAMPTON BRADLEY, Lookout Mt., Tenn., Kappa Alpha, Censor, Ritualist, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Ford Career Scholar. BARBARA ANN BRANCH, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Assistant Pledge Trainer, Assistant Marshal, Marshal. BEN SHIVLEY BRANCH, At- lanta, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer, Pledge Treasurer, Wres- tling Team, "Most Improved," 1965, Emory Young Repub- licans, President, State Chairman. CAROLYN LEE BRIDG- ERS, Chattanooga, Tenn., Alpha Delta Pi, House Council, Senior House Council, Publicity Chairman. MARY SUE BRINGHURST, Greenville, S.C., Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon. ALLEN THOMAS BRISENDINE, JR., Griffin, Ga., Emory Religious Association. JUANITA ANNETTE BROOKS, Miami, Fla., Alpha Chi Omega, Li- brarian, Chaplain, Freshman House Council, Secretary, Execu- tive House Council, Secretary. DOUGLAS RUSSELL BROWN, Jacksonville, Fla., Sigma Chi, Vice President, Treas- urer, Circle K, Baptist Student Union, InterDorm Council, Irrterliraternity football, soccer, softball. dp, 'tirttt I ' lil ' A A ' 1 ,ivy , 'Ui 'll MARGARET JOHNSON BILLINGS, Atlanta, Ga. ALLEN DAVIS BINNS, Columbus, Ga. JAMES N. BLACK, IV, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. STEPHEN WALDO BLIEVERNIGHT, Chamblee, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Campus. ROBERT GEORGE BLUNDO, Chamblee, Ga. JAMES LEE BOLEN, Valdosta, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice President, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha silon Upsilon, Delta Epsilon Delta, Vice President, IFC, Stipe Scholar, Ford Scholar, Hamilton Award, 1965, Rhodes Scholar Nominee, Pi Alpha, Sigma Pi Sigma Award, "Highest Scholar- ship," 1965. ANDREA HARDY BOOTH, Luthersville, Ga. GEORGE GOLDEN BOYD, Columbus, Ga. ,YOz,l"l , 4. ""1"" HELENA JUSTINE BROWN, Huntsville, Ala., Delta Delta Delta, Activities Chairman, Womens House Council. JAMES DAVID BROWN, Florence, Ala., Delta Tau Delta. RAN- DALL CLIFTON BROWN, Atlanta., Ga., Phi Delta Theta. SANDRA ANN BROWN, Barnesville, Ga., Pi Sigma Alpha. WAYLAND YODER BROWN, JR., Rome, Ga., Phi Beta Kappa, Ford Scholar, Stipe Scholar, Math Club, President. MAX POLLOCK BROWNSTEIN, Charlotte, N.C., Alpha Epsilon Pi. ELIZABETH E. BROYLES, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. DON SUSAN BRYANT, Lakeland, Fla., Alpha Chi Omega. LAWRENCE M. BRYANT, St. Simon's Island, Ga., Eta Sigma Psi, Alpha Psi Omega, Players, President, Vice President. ARLENE CHERYL BUCKLEW, Norfolk, Va., Phi Mu, Proj- ects Cbairman, C!I1lZll7llI,' Pi Delta Epsilon. ROBERTA SU- SAN BUNYAN, Anchorage, Ky., Phi Mu. MARY PAMELA BURGESS, Albany, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Second Vice President, Senior House Council. BITSY CAROL BURTON, Chattanooga, Tenn., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pledge Trainer, Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart Court. IANE ANN BURTON, Athens, Tenn., Alpha Chi Omega. WILLIAM EDWARD BUSH, Colquitt, Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT HARDING BYERS, IR., Decatur, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, Guard, Scholarship Chairman, Ford Career Scholar, Soccer Team. ELIAS G. CHALHUB, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Sigma. CLIFFORD MICHAEL CHALKER, Carrollton, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Glee Club, Chamber Singers. THOMAS SIDNEY CHAMBLESS, Al- bany, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Vice President, Rush Chairman, IFC, Secretary, Eta Sigma Psi, Student Senate, Circle K, Senior Honor Society. VICKI LEE CHANDLER, Evansville, Ind., Kappa Alpha Theta, President, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Women's Student Association, jr. Representative. College Council Freshman Camp Councilor Resident Coun crlor Treasurer jr and Sr Class Wesley Iellowshrp AMES LEROY CHITWOOD Dalton Ga Alpha Epsilon P1 Strpe Scholar. CHARLES CLARK, Cairo, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Barkley Forum, Vice-President, Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Al ha, Southern Champion Debating Team. E. CULPEPPER C. EDWIN CHASE, Macon, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Glee Club, 'Q as +2 r 1 l. a iv pi J Seniors! College all rr S4 , Q K l v S.r y . . I i 4 : i ip ' IOSEPH WILSON CAHOON, Gainesville, Ga., Sigma Chi. MARTHA HIGHTOWER CALHOUN, Decatur, Ga., Kappa Delta. SUSAN MEIER CALLISON, Memphis, Tenn., Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, Campus. PEGGY PURVIS CANTRELL, Decatur, Ga. WASHINGTON HOMER CARLISLE, III, Alexander City, Ala., Sigma Nu, Glee Club. MARTHA E. CARPENTER, Harrison, N.Y., Chi Omega, Pledge Trainer, Newman Club. WILLIAM E. CARRIER, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Nu, Social Chair- man, Pledge Interliraternity Council, Treasurer, Wheel, Assist- ant Managing Editor. PAUL H. CATHCART, Charleston, S.C., Alpha Tau Omega. l p ' Lair l , r ,V :git . . W 1- Seniors! College EVE FOY CONLEE, Atlanta, Ga. FRANK CONTE, Ballston Spa, N.Y. HOKE SMITH COOLEY, Rome, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Soccer. ALFRED DEWITT CORN, Valdosta, Ga., Glee Cluh, Lihrarirui, Vice President, Social Chairman, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Stipe Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Ford Career Scholar, Pi Alpha, Chamber Singers. CAROLYNN COSEY, Marietta, Ga. JOHN VIRGIL COST LEY, JR., Oxford, Ga., Chi Phi, AFROTC, Bench and Bar. DOUGLAS OLEN COWART, Miami, Fla., Glee Club, Swim- ming Team. MARY RHEA CRAVENS, Winchester, Tenn. Chi Omega, President, Players. SUSAN B. CLARK, Hawkinsville, Ga. GEORGE E. CLARY, Ill, Augusta, Ga. JOEL WILLIAM CLEMENT, Atlanta, Ga: Phi Delta Theta. CAROL E. CLINKSCALES, Birmingham Ala 7 7 ROBERT ALLAN COBB, Atlanta, Ga. ELLEN JANE COF- FEY, Decatur, Ga., Concert Band, Secretary, Chorale. THOM- AS E. COKER, Jacksonville, Ala. STEVEN N. COLLIER Atlanta, Ga., Chi Phi. 7 BETTY MARIE CRAWFORD, Macon, Ga., Delta Delta Delta. ROY WILBURN CRISWELL, JR., Macon, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, Circle K, Bench and Bar. DALE EMILY CULLEN, Doraville, Ga., Coke Lounge Committee, Independent Women's Organization, Ten- nis Team, Westminster Fellowship. GLADNEY L'ANGEL CURETON, Newnan, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. BEN WILLARD CURRY, Miami, Fla., Student Center Board, Publicity Chairman, Tournaments Co-Chairman, Campus, Col- lege Editor, Wheel, Pi Sigma Alpha, Wesley Fellowship. ROBERT HENRY CURRY, Miami, Fla., Student Center Board, Pres., Resident Councilor, Emory Religious Association. RICHARD SAYLE DARROW, St. Louis, Mo., Alpha Epsilon Pi. CECIILIA PILLANS DAVIS, Tallahassee, Fla., Kappa Alpha Theta. Historian' H e ' GUY CLAUDE DAVIS, JR., Albany, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treasurer, Baptist Student Union. MARY KAY DAVIS, Ashburn, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Womens Student Association, Math Cluh. LIN- DA PALAMETA DAWSON, Huntsville, Ala., Kappa Kappa Gamma. KATHRYN MARIE DELL, Weirsclale, Pla., Kappa Delta, Scholarship Chairman. DEE ANN DQNIO, College Park, Ga., Kappa Delta, Presi- dent, Womens Student Association. LEE ANN DETWILER, Beverly, N.J., Kappa Delta Epsilon, Wesley Fellowship. JULIANNA SPARKS DICKEY, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha -Delta Pi. JOHN STARLING DISHER, Greenville, SC., Delta Tau Delta, Circle K. ROEERTA EILEEN DUCKETT, Decatur, Ga., Kappa Delta, Editor, Phi Sigma Iota, Vice President, Kappa Delta Epsilon. ROSALYN ANN DUNN, Atataatsta, Ga., Alpha .Epsilon Phi, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Math Club, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart Court t1962J, House Council, Hillel. BRYANT LEE DUR- HAM, Thomaston, Ga., Alpha Kappa Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha. THOMAS OWEN DUVALL, JR., Decatur, Ga., Sigma Chi, AEROTC. WILLIAM GORONWY EAGER, Ill, Valdosta, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Ritualist, Soccer, Wesley Council, "Most Outstanding Athletic Performer" 1965, Vice, President, Senior Class, Student Representative at Faculty Camp. ROBERT ANDERSON ED- MONDSON, Ill, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Theta. JAMES CLARENCEEDWARDS, Ringgold, Ga., Alpha Tan Omega, Glee Cluh, Wrestling Team, Chamher Singers, Alpha Iota Pi. Seniors! College SARA MEDORA DIXON, Decatur, Ga., Ford Scholar. WIL- 1.raMr..oosss, ,a., Atlanta, Gi., PhieDelta Tiara, vree President, President, Circle K, Track, Phi Sigma Iota. JOHN CHARLES DOMING, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Phi Alpha FRED A. DORSEY, Pittsburgh, Pa., Chi Phi. JOSEPH.A. DOSTER, Hollywood, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Pledge Master, Wheel, Assistant News Editor, Alpha Phi Omega. NANCY L. DOWNER, Preston, Ga., Emory Re- ligious Association. ELMO LEE DRAUGHON, Macon, Ga. DAVID HARVEY DREW, Cedartown, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Westminster Fellowship Council. Seniors! College BRUCE ARLEN FABRIC, Hallandale, Flag Alpha Epsilon Pig Circle Kg Hillelg Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Stipe Scholarg Mont- gomery Awardg Alpha Epsilon Delta. ROBERTA CORLEY FARLEY, Miami, Fla.g Senior House Council Representative. JEANETIE CAROL FEW, Atlanta, Ga.g Alpha Delta Pi, Vice President, Chorale. CHRISTOPHER C. FIELD, Atlanta, Ga.g Campus Club, Vice Presidentg Wesley Foundation, Chairrnang Emory Religious Associationg Dorm Councilor. KENNETH IAN FINKEL, Dalton, Gag Phi Beta Kappag Glee Cluhg Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Stipe Scholar. GOIUDON CHARLES FINLAYSON, Hollywood, CaliI.g Sigma Chi. SARA JANE FLEMING, Atlanta, Gag Baptist Student Union. THOMAS COLEMAN FLOYD, Thomaston, Gag Glee Club. A If 'I wi I ALLAN EGETH, Hill-side, N.J.g Zeta Beta Tau. MARTIN JOEL EISLER, N. Miami Beach, Flag Tau Epsilon Phig Phoe- aixg E Clubg Sigma Tau Sigma. ELIZABETH READ ELLIS, Port Washington, N.Y. LINDA JEAN ELLIS, Louisville, Ky.g Kappa Kappa Gamma, Presidentg Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Alpha Pi Sigma. FRANCES ANN ESTES, Chattanooga, Tenng Alpha Delta Pi, Panhellenic Representative, Vice-President, President, Emory Religious Associationg College Councilg Student Senateg Eta Sigma Psig Women's Honor Organizationg "Who's Who", Miss Emory Finalistg English Honors. JAMES L. ESTES, JR., Tampa, Fla., Kappa Alphag Pboaaixg Alpha Phi Omegag Emory Religious Associationg Soccer Team. RICHARD MEANS EVANS, Trunpa, Fla., Kappa Alpha. SIDNEY ALAN EVANS, Birmingham, Ala., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. LAURA VIRGINIA FOREMAN, Memphis, Tenn.g Delta Delta Deltag Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart Courtg Ford Scholar. WILLIAM BURNAM FOKES, III, Atlanta, Ga. BRENDA L. FOWLER, Swainshoro, Ga. LOLA PATRICIA FRANK- LIN, Stateslioro, Gag Kappa A.pha Theta, Vice Presidentg Phi Sigma Iota, Presidentg Women's Honor Organization. THOMPSON ALFRED GAILEY, JR., Elberton, Ga., Sigma Nu, President, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Deltag McCord Latin Award. LESLIE JEANNE GAINES, Little Rock, Ark., Alpha Delta Pi, Treasruerg Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Alpha Kappa Deltag Phi Beta Kappa. MARGARET ANN GAINES, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Gamma, Song Leader, Corresponding Sec- retaryg Chorale, Business Manager, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary. TERESSA MAI GAMMAGE, Moultrie, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Chorale. GEORGE SHEPPARD GANDY, IV, Tam- pa, Fla., Kappa Alpha. WEBB BLACK GARRISON, Evans- ville, Ind. IEROLYN EDITH GATES, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta, Phi Sigma Iota, House Council, Chorale. HELEN GIFT, Kingsport, Tenn., Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Sigma, Phi Beta Kappa. TRAMMEL CULLEN GILLILAND, Dal- ton, Ga., Pi Sigma Alpha, President, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. CHARLENE GAIL GILSON, Decatur, Ga. JOHN EDWARD GIRARDEAU, Claxton, Ga., Sigma Chi, Bench and Bar, Glee Club. WILLIAM CECIL GRIFFIN, IR., Nashville, Tenn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chaplain, Dooley's Chairman, Alpha Epsilon Delta. BETSY GRIFFITH, Kingsport, Tenn. ROBERT M. GROVES, Lookout Mt., Tenn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wres- tling Team. IOAQUINE EUGENE GUERRERO, Dallas, Tex., Southern Student Organizing Board, Chairman. MERRY NOEL GULLETT, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta, Pan- hellenie Representative. ROBERT TAU GUNBY, IR., Sharpsbnrg, Ga., Sigma Nu, Dooley's Frolics Chairman, Pledge Marshal, Pledge "Best Brother" Award, Commander, "Most Outstanding Active", Cross Country, Track, Swimming, Soc- cer, Campus-Theology Editor, Sports Editor, Managing Edi- tor, Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon, President, Publications Commit- tee--Dooley's Derby. WILLIAM GEORGE HAHN, Savan- - 1 a l Seniors! College ROBERTA LYN GOLDBERG, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID WEST- BROOK GOLDMAN, Lido Beach, N.Y., Wrestling Team. LAURA MARIA GONZALEZ, Coral Gables, Fla., Phi Mu, Social Chairman, Pledge Director, House Council, Secretary, Civitan, Newman Club. IANET O. GOODEN, Atlanta, Ga. JANE LOUISE GOULD, Winter Haven, Fla., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Assistant Treasurer, Vice President. ANNE POW- ELL GOWING, Waynesboro, Va., Baptist Student Union, Chorale. BARBARA LYN GREENBAUM, Atlanta, Ga., Young Democrats, House Council Representative. ROBERT MARION GRESHAM, Wallingford, Penn., Chi Phi, Secretary, Pledge Master. Seniors! College JOSEPHINE STETSON HATCHER, Fort Valley, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon. STEPHEN R. HEITNER, Flushing, NY., Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. RICHARD RAWLINS HELMS, Lakeland, Fla., Sigma Chi, CrzmJ1rrr,' Circle K. JOHN WALTON HENDER- SON, JR., Stone Mt., Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha, Student Center Board, Glee Club, Emory Religious Association, Young Repub- licans, President. VICTOR MARSHALL HICKS, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Chi' House Manager, Soccer, AFROTC, Cadet First Lieutenant, Flight "B" Commanding Officer. LAWRENCE IRA HIG- DOM, JR., Cairo, Ga., Sigma Chi, Circle K. JOSEPH JAMES HILLMAN, JR., Eatonton, N.J., Pi Kappa Alpha. PRESTON HARRIS HINES, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. P EDWARD STEVEN HALPERT, Miami, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Sigma. REBECCA ANNE HALYARD, Atlanta, Ga., Independent Women's Organization, Phi Sigma, Chorale. JOHN HOWARD HANGER, Coral Gables, Fla., Glee Club, Manager, President, Concert Series Committee, Freshman Camp Councilor, Chorale Sweetheart. MICHAEL ADRON HARD- EN, Zebulon, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, AFROTC. ROBERT BILLUPS HARRELL, Decatur, Ga. ANGELA BELL HARRISON, Macon, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Sponsor Chairman, Georgia Tech Kappa Alpha Rose, Womens Student Association. JILL CAROLYN HARRISON, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha De.ta Pi, ChiPhi Sweetheart, Miss Emory, 2nd Runner- up. MARGARET E. HARWELL, Alexander City, Ala., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Panhellenic Representative. JEFFREY HOWARD HIRSCHFIELD, Miami Beach, Fla. MARY KAY HITE, Abbeville, S.C. CAROLE ANN HOELLE, Marblehead, Mass., Delta Delta Delta, House Coun- cil, "Miss Emory" Semi-Finalist, Pi Sigma Alpha. SAMUEL OVERBY HOFFMAN, Miami, Fla., Kappa Alpha. SALLY BURRUSS HOGSED, Atlanta, Ga. LARRY B. HOOKS, Twin City, Ga., Pi Sigma Alpha. CLARENCE R. HORNE, JR., Atlanta, Ga. CLEM THOMAS HOSEA, III, Taccoa Ga. MARY ANNE HOUSER, Macon, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Corresponding Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart. MARY FRANCES HUGULEY, Thomaston, Ga. TOMMIE NELDA HUMPHRIES, Lawrenceville, Ga., Phi Mu. HUGH C. HUNT, JR., Fernandina Beach, Pla. MARY JO HUNT, Chamblee, Ga. JOHN ANTHONY HURST, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Alpha. MORRIS WILLIAM HUTCHESON, Swainshoro, Ga. ELIZABETH ANNE HUTCHINS, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Gamma, Vice-President, Pan- hellenic, Student Center Board, Emory Religious Association. Chorale, Wesley Fellowship. r r ' P l J . aaa BENJAMIN FRANKLIN JOHNSON, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, President, Interiraternity Council, President, Hon- or Corrncil, Chairman, Student Senate, Barkley Forum, "Out- standing Dehater", Wheel, Editorial Assistant,'Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, D.V.S., "Who's Who", Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha, Pi Delta Epsilon, Marion Luther Brit- tain Award. CONNIE LYNN JOHNSON, Arlcin, S.C., Pi Alpha, Emory Religious Association, Women's Student As- sociation. JOHN HERBERT JONES, Duluth, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Emory Religious Association, CarrzJ2r1r,' Plaoenix,' Circle'K, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta. JOHN LYNN JONES, JR., Rome, Ga., Student Center Board. JONES Stone Mt Ca Phr Sigma WILLIAM HENRY UDD Crncrnnatr Ohio Sigma Chr Treasurer House Man II' .Vis l-:lo . X Seniors! College RITA BLANTON IVEY, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta Rush Clrairman, Kappa Delta Epsilon. MARTIN S. JACKEL, At- lanta, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi. AMANDA BROWN JACK- SON, Cleveland, Tenn., Chi Omega. HAROLD JACK- SON, JR., Winder, Ga., Sigma Nu, Circle K. JUDITH EDWIN A JAMES, Decatur, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Ford Scholar, Pi Alpha, Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart. MARTHA ADDIE JAMES, Summerville, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas- urer, Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart Court, House Council Rep- resentative, Math Cluh, Miss Emory Finalist t1962J, West- mirrster Fellowship. DWIGHT CHARLES JARVIS, Ball Ground, Ga., Alpha Psi Omega, Treasurer. WILLIAM WAL- TON JAY, Tallahassee, Pla., Beta Theta Pi, Athletic Manager, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treasurer, Stipe Scholar, Ford Career Schoar, Sigma Sigma Delta, President. . r I . . 1 .7 V JUDY ELLA JONES, Lakeland, Fla. MICHAEL DILLARD V, , , JON Ir, I I Srl, I, It ' Is. J ' ' II 4 r' r . o 'li ious Association' Dorm i Seniors! College LYNDA ANN KLEBOLD, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MICHALE G. KOHN, Wyncote, Pa., Tau Epsilon Phi, House Managerg Soccerg T rack, Tennis, Captaing Student Center Boardg Cmnpas,' Wheel, Sports Staflg Hil el. WILLIAMS' N. KOTYS, Coral Gables, Flag Varsity Soccer, Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer. STEVE M. KRANT, Brooklyn, N.Y.g Alpha Epsilon Pi, Mas- ter, Scribe, Pledge Master, Pledge Class President, IFC Repre- sentativeg D.V.S.g Omicron Delta Kappag Eta Sigma Psig Alpha Epsilon Upsilong "Who's Who"g Freshman Class Presidentg jr. Class President, College Council, IFC, Treasurerg Alpha Phi Omega. WILLIAM FRANCIS LADSON, IR., College Station, Texas, Phi Delta Theta. LYNDA GEORGIA LANDERS, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. LAURA SUE LAYFIELD, Zehulon, N.C.g Emory Religious Associationg Choraleg Women's Student Association, Executive Councilg Wesley Fellowship, Concert Series Committee. RALPH RIDGEWAY LEHR, III, Fort Lauderdale, Flag Sigma Chi, Presidentg College Council. N DAVID MARCUS KALISH, IR., Macon, Gag Alpha Epsilon Pig Eta Sigma Psi. DANIEL IOSEPH KAMINSKY, Savan- nah, Ga.g Alpha Epsilon Pi. ALLAN HENRY KAYE, Kat- manda Nepal, Alpha Epsilon Pig Student Center Board. HAR- RY CONRAD KEENE, IR., jupiter, Flag Emory Religious Association. JAMES MARION KELLEY, Wrens, Gag Kappa Alpha. THOMAS OWEN KINTON, Atlanta, Gag Phi Delta Theta, Secretary. THOMAS RUSSELL KITCHENS, Greenwich, Conn. WILLIAM RODGERS KITCHENS, Byronville, Ga.g Sigma Chi. FRANK A. LEVENTHAL, jupiter, Pla. THOMAS GRIF- FITH LEWIS, Baxley, Ga.g Kappa Alpha. ,IANICE HOPE LILLY, Charleston, W.Va.g Ford Scholar. GLADYS ELIZ- ABETH LINDSAY, Atlanta, Ga.g Delta Delta Delta, Chap- lain, Corresponding Secretaryg Secretary-Soph., Ir., Senior Classg Freshman Advisorg Canzpar, Index Editorg Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart Court. MARY ANN LITTLE, Birmingham, Ala.g Choraleg Kappa Delta Epsilon, President. MARY ELIZABETH LOVE, Lake- land, Flag Kappa Delta, Editor. ANNE LOUISE LOVETT, Dulplin, Gag Alpha Epsilon Delta, Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Gir. GLORIA JEAN LYMAN, Kensington, Md., Chi Omega, Sup- july Chairman, Emory Concert Band, Westminster Fellowship, Emory Christian Fellowship. JOHN CYRLS MacGR.EGOR, JR., West Point, Ga. JOHN THOMAS MARSHALL, III, Mobile, Ala. RANDOLPH PETER MARTIN, Coral Gahles, Dila., Phi Delta Theta, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, Presi- dent, Circle K, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha 'I-psilon Delta, "Who's Who", Eta Sigma Psi, Student Senate, Vice President, Senior Honor Society. ALFRED ROBERT MASSAM, Wauchula, Ela., Dorm Gov- ernment, Biology Lab Instructor. JAMES WALLACE MAT- THEWS, Dixie, Ga. JOHN MICHAEL MATTHEWS, Mar- ietta, Ga., Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Stipe Schol- ar. LILY GRACE MATLOCK, Marietta, Ga., Phi Mu, Chorale, Civitan. ZOE FRANCES McFEE, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Editor, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Delta Epsilon. MICHAEL LEE McKENZIE, Panama City, Fla., AFROTC. RUPERT W. McLAUGHl.IN, JR., Savannah, Ga. JEROL MCLEAN, Mobile, Ala., Delta Delta Delta. MARY SUSAN McNEILL, Signal Mountain, Tenn., Alpha Delta Pi, Song Leader, Standards Chairman, House Council Representative, Chorale, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart Court, Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Court. THOMAS MELTON, Opelika, Ala. BETTE BARBARA MEYER, Dunwoody, Ga., Seniors! College JEROME J. MAUTNER, Brooklyn, N.Y. ROSA LEE Mc- ALLISTER, Central, S.C., Clrorale, House Council Representa- tive, Wesley Eellowship. CONNIE LOUISE McARTHUR, Savannah, Ga., Baptist Student Union, Secretary, Emory Re- ligious Association, Sigma Tau Sigma. MARY JO MCBRIDE, Wrens, Ga., Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon. JUDY LYNN MCCLAIN, Jacksonville, Fla., Phi Sigma, Bap- tist Student Union. MARY, KAREN McCOY, Teaneck, NJ., Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Up- sifon, Young Democrats, Independent Organization, Inter- national Relations Cluh, Stipe Scholar. LINTON EDGAR McCRACKEN, Decatur, Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha, President, Barkley Forum, Secretary. EDDIE WAYNE McCRANIE, Bainbridge, Ga., AFROTC, Soccer, Little "e" Club-Oxford, Alpha Kappa Delta , l Seniors! College JANICE MELITA MOHR, Dalton, Ga. REGINALD HEN- RY MOODY, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Delta. JUDITH PHARR MOORE, Tampa, Fla., Kappa Delta. HOWARD BLITZER MORLAND, Monroe, La., Alpha Tau Omega, Stipe Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. SUE BRADFORD MORRIS, Birmingham, Ala., Kappa Delta, Vice President, Miss Emory Semi-Finalist, House Council, Stu- dent Center Board, Social Chairman. JOHN SPURGEON MORRISON, III, Atlanta, Ga., Westminster Fellowship, Pres- ident. MALCOLM MUIR, JR., Muncy, Pa. HAROLD W. MULLIS, JR., Jacksonville Beach, Fla., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Secrerary, Track Team, ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, Inter-Fraternity Council, Trial Committee, Senate Advisory Committee, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. FRANK F. MIDDLETON, Albany, Ga., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. JUDITI-I ADDLETON MILLER, Macon, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Epsilon. GLENN MILLER, t- lanta, Ga., Phoenix. LARRY FRED MILLER, Jackson, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, President, Alpha Phi Omega. ROBERT SHELLY MILLER, Cordele, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. SANDRA KAYE MILLER, East Point, Ga. JAMES W. MIMBS, JR., Milledgeville, Ga. CHESTER LEWIS MIR- SKY, Clifton, N.J., Creative Arts Festival, Chairman, Student- Faculty Relations Committee, Cinema Wednesday Founding Committee, Emory Concert Committee, Student Center Board, Chairman, Cultural Committee, Emory Community for Civil Liberties, CATO Steering Connnittee. SALLY HELEN MUSGROVE, Homerville, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS KENNETH MUSGROVE, Albany, Ga., Sig- ma Alpha Epsilon. MILDRED ECGENIA NEVILLE, Col- lege Park, Va. JOHN F. NEWMAN, FR., Decatur, Ga., Beta Theta Pi. ELIZABETH MILLS NICHOL, Griffin, Ga., Sigma Tau Sigma. MELINDA JEAN NIX, Tampa, Fla., Kappa Alpha Theta. FRANK NORTON, JR., Sigma Chi, Gee Club. ROBERT LEON O'KELLY, JR., Grantville, Ga., Kappa Al- pha, President, Student Senate. LUIS A. OMS, New Orleans, La., Sigma Nu, Chaplain, Rush Chairman, Wheel, Sports Ed., Student Traffic Court, Chief judge. DONALD PATRICK O'NEAL, Fort McPherson, Ga., Players, Business Manager, AEROTC. VICTORIA EEL- ICIA OWEN, Atlanta, Ga. KYLE KIRK PALMER, Mariet- ta, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta. ALBERT ROSS PALMES, IR., Memphis, Tenn., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KENNETH A. PASS, Griffin, Ga. JOE PITT- MAN PEABODY, Decatur, Ga., Beta Theta Pi. JOHN ALEX PERKERSON, IR., Atlanta, Ga. Seniors! College jail ' I MARY LYNN PERLMAN, Memphis, Tenn., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Pres., Phi Beta Kappa, Womens Honor Organization, V. Pres., "Whos Who", Honors Candidate in Classics, Womens Athletic Association, Pres., "Outstanding Athletic Ability" Award, Kappa Delta Epsilon. MARY KEITH PER- RY, Clover, S.C. WILLIAM STUART PERRY, Nashville, Ga., Kappa Alpha. WILI,IAM J. PFISTER IR., Danvers, fll., Alpha Tau Omega. ELAINE ROCHELLE PHILLIPS, Chattanooga, Tenn., House . i I Ill I ,. y Council, V. Pres., Pres., Executive House Council. HOWARD MITCHELL PHILLIPS, IR., Birmingham, Ala., Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Stipe Scholar, Dorm CAROLYN KIRKWOOD PIERSON, Albany, Ga., Phi Mu, Chorale, Canterbury Club. DANIEL E. PINHOLSTER, JR., Atlanta, Ga. ROY PINKSTON, IR., Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Theta ROBERTA PIPER, Decatur, Ga., Phi Beta Kappa PAUL RODGER PIZZO, Tampa, Fla., Kappa Alpha. EL- LEN W. PLEASANTS, Princeton, NJ. MIRIAM GAIL PRICE, LaGrange, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Scholarship, Social Standards, Houseparty Chairman, "Outstanding Sister" Award, Chorale, Business Manager, jr. Dorm President, Concert Se- ries Committee. JANE GRISTLE PRINTZ, New Rochelle, NY.: Ford Career Scholar. I l Government. PETER ARTHUR PHRYDAS, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Alumni Relations Committee, Alpha Phi Omega, Recording Secretary, lst V. Pres., Treasurer, Phi Sig! ma, Circle K, Canterbury Club. MARY IO PICKELL, De- catur, Ga., Delta Delta Delta. .. .'Wa1f'r'ferfrr'ii y 1 , i i ru . ' pspnrrn-urn, o--gym ' II-Ig u'.'. 1 l is i l ip v II, I i ,ii It i t I i I I ' i I 'H' . 4 . i ,I . Sm, 41 pp t M I Seniors! College WALTER ROBERT REEVES, La Grange, Ga., Sigma Chi, Glee Club, Vice President. STEPHEN ALLAN REICHERT, Macon, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BURTON VICTOR REIFLER, Macon, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice President. STANLEY ALLEN RHODES, West Palm Beach, Fla., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student Center Board, Art Committee, College Council, Glee Club, Circle K. I ROBERT STEPHEN RICHARD, Atlanta, Ga. GORDON A. RIVERS, Stone Mountain, Ga. MARY ADAIR ROBERTS, Bethesda, Md., Alpha Delta Pi, Chorale Student Senate. GEORGE SAM ROBINSON, Greenville, S.C. LUIS MARIANO PROENZA, IR., Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Department of Psychology, Research and Teaching Assistant. ROSA CLARE PRYSE, Forsyth, Ga., Alpha Ep- silon Upsilon, Pi'Sigma Phi. DAVID HERBERT PURDUM, Atlanta, Ga., Glee Club. PATRICIA ELIZABETH PUT- MAN, Clinton, Tenn., Kappa Alpha Theta, Iiord Scholar, Womens Honor Organization, President, Phi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon. IRA E. RACHELSON, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega. BERNARD GREENLEAF RAGSDALE, IR., Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Assistant Treasurer, AEROTC, Squadron Commander, Bench and Bar. MAY- NARD RAMSEY, III, Tampa, Fla., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Players. RALPH COLLINS REED, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Phi Gamma Delta. G Ll PEGGY LEE ROBINSON, Winda, Ga. RICHARD THOM- AS RODGERS, East Point, Ga. MARY SUSAN ROLLINS Mobile, Ala., Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chairman, SOAC, Freshman Advisor, Student Senate, Womens Honor Organiza- tion, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Tau Omega Sweetheart. ALAN HARRIS ROSEN, Charleston, SC. 7 GEORGE WORKIM ROUADI, St. Petersburg, Pla., Sigma Nu, Canterbury Club, Emory Religious Association. JANE LOUISE ROWE, Lake Worth, Pla., Alpha Chi Omega, Sec- retary, Executive Board, House Council, Freshman Dorm Secretary, Sophomore Dorm President, junior Dorm Publicity Chairman- EXswt EDWARD WATSON RUSSELL, III, Crosby, Miss., Dorm Counselor, Freshman Camp Staff, Canterbury Club, President, 'fmory Religious Association, Representative, Student Senate, Student-Faculty Relations Committee, Chairman, Eta Sigma Psi. LYN BATES RUSSELL, West Hartford, Conn., Student Sen- ate, Executive House Council, Vice President, Secretary, Col- lege Council, Secretary, Canterbury Club, Secretary, Jr. Class Vice President, Freshman Advisor, "Whos Who", Freshman Camp Staff. JERRY DWIGHT SANDERS, Pensacola, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Guide, Assistant Rush Chairman. MYLES MARK SAVITT, Rockaway, N.Y. "I . J JEAN MARIE SEAMON, Marietta, Ga., Phi Mu, Vice Presi- dent. MICHAEL JOSEPH SERBY, Savannah, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Young Democrats, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Honors English. CHARLES WHITAKER SEWELL, Cartersville, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. JOEL STEPHEN SHAVIN, Chat- tanooga, Tenn. SARA LEWIS SMITH, Griffin, Ga., Delta Delta Delta. STEVEN WAICNIE SMITH, Atlanta, Ga., Beta Theta Pi. SUSAN ELIZABETH SMITH, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Student Center Board, Senior House Council, Vice President. CHARLES MORGAN SPAR- ACINO, Belle, W.Va., Phi Delta Theta. JACKSON DOW SPEIGHT, Unadilla, Ga. RONALD TATE STAFFORD, Thomasville, Ga. LOREN CARL STAHI., Greenville, S.C., Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice President, Treasurer, Plaoenix, Assistant Editor, Alpha Delta Epsilon, Wlraa! Staff, Emory Religious Association, Elector, Hillel, Ford Scholar. ,J Seniors! College l 5 is 4 MAXINE I.ANA SHEER, Brooklyn, N.Y., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Historian, National Science Foundation Grant, American Chem- ical Society, Tau Epsilon Phi Sweetheart Court, Pi Alpha, Ford Career Scholar. FRANK ARTHUR SILKWOOD, Charleston, W.Va., Beta Theta Pi. THOMAS GORDON SINDERSON, Bethesda, Md., Pi Kappa Alpha, Affiliate, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Glee Club, Biology Lab Assistant. DAVID KIRCK SMITH, Winter Park, Fla., Sigma Chi, Secretary, Sweetheart Chairman, Dorm Government, Student Senate, Student Center Board, Chairman Inter-Residents Hall Council. DENNY McLEOD SMITH, Bishopvillc, S.C. HENRY LIN- TON SMITH, Villa Rica, Ga., Phi Beta Kappa, Stipe Scholar, Ford Schoar, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, Sigma Pi Sigma President, American Institute of Physics, President. NANCY JANE SMITH, Clearwater, Fla., Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chairman, Kappa Delta Epsilon, House Council. REGINALD STANLEY SMITH, Thomaston, Ga., Chi Phi. ' my ' ,I I 49 I v I I' P , N Seniors! College ' I i i ii in ,,tttrrriii l' ' HOWARD WARDIELD STUKES, Altanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. THOMAS WILEY SUMMERLLN, Broxton, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, President, Student Senate, Interliraternity Coun- cil, Vice President, Honor Council. JAMES SPENCER TAINT OR, III, Miami, Ela., Delta Tau Delta, Circle Kg Stu- dent Senate Election Committee. SARA JANE TARDIIV, Miami, Pla., Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon. CONSTANCE CHARLENE TATE, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Al- pha Theta, Cftfllpllif WSA. NANCY ELIZABETH TEEM, Marietta, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Miss Emory Finalist, Sigma Chi Sweetheart Court, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart Court, Rat Cap Queen. DONNA ILENE THOMAS, Augusta, Ga. JANICE ELAINE THOMAS, East Point, Ga., Math Club, Kappa Delta Epsilon. i' ' ' I -.1 JAMES OLIVER ST. JOHN, Newnan, Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha. PAUL EUGENE STANTON, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Circle K. KAREN BETH STEELE, Auburn, Ga., Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Women's Honor Organization, "Who's Who", Independent Womens Association, Emory Religious Association, Wesley Fellowship, Players, Stipe Scholar, Ford Career Scholar, Alpha Psi Omega, Phi Sigma Iota, Council for Civil Liberties. HENRY. HANSEL STEMBRIDGE, III, Daly City, Calif., Kappa Alpha, Pbnerrin' Cultural planning committee, Fine Arts Series Committee. fOSEPH WILLIAM STEPHENS, III, Macon, Ga., Sigma Nu, Recorder, Wheel, Editor, Alpha Epsilon Delta, President, Omicron Delta Kappa, "Who's Who", Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Pi Delta Epsilon, Pi Alpha, Stipe Scholar, Ford Career Scholar- College Council, Publications Committee, Student Center De- velopment Cornrnittee, Glee Club, Chamber Singers, College Bowl Representatives, Inter-Fraternity Council, Scholarship. CHARLES PRESTON STEWART, JR., Florence, Ala., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Glee Club. JOHN ANDERSON STONE- HAM, Dallas, Tex., Beta Theta Pi. BOBBETTE T. STRAUSS, Atlanta, Ga. 9 JEAN CAREN THOMASON, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, President, Eta Sigma Psi, Freshman Class Secretary, College Council, Representative, Secretary, "Who's Who" Stu- dent-Eaculty Committee, University Center Development Com- mittee. HUGH P. THOMPSON, JR., Milledgeville, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. STEPHANIE MAE THORP, Johnson City, Tenn., Alpha Epsilon Phi, treasurer, Senior Class Presi- dent, "Who's Who", Kappa Delta Epsilon, Vice President, Young Democrats, Vice President, College Council, Re resenta- tive, Hillel. WALLACE FOUCI-IE TILLMAN, Baxlpey, Gan Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 7 JOHN CLEGHORN TOOLE, Tampa, Pla., Kappa Alipha, Vice President. I. RICHARD TORANTO, Birmingham, l,a.' I Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa. AR- THUR LOWELL TRACHT, Orlando, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi' STEPHEN CHARLES TRAWICK, Pensacola, Fla., Phi Delta Theta. JOHN PIERCE TUCKER, JR., Moultrie, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, ODK, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, DVS, Pi Delta Epsilon, Ford Career Scholar, Student Senate, Vice President, P oanix, Editor, College Council, Treasurer. HUBERT EL- LISON TUCKER, JR., Lawrenceville, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega. ELLIE HOWARD TURNAGE, Atlanta, Ga. WOODROW W. TI.lRNER, JR., Richmond, Va., Sigma Chi, Soccer, Wrestling, Circle K, President, Senior Day Committee, Chairman, Student Center Board, Coke Lounge Chairman, Stu- dent-Faculty Relations Committee, Freshman .Camp Councilor. WILLIAM D. TURNIPSEED, Orlando, Fla., Sigma Chi, ODK, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Sigma Phi Iota, Bridges Trophy, Varsity Soccer, Swimming, Track, Sailing, Dorm Councilor. KENNETH F. TWOROGER, Hollywood, Fla. WILLIAM BUTLER TYE, Macon, Ga., Ford Career Scholar, AFROTC, SOAC, Business School Honor Society, Chairman. EDGAR HUEAL WALLS, Marietta, Ga., Chi Phi. ROSALIE EVELYN WARD, College Park, Md., Phi Sigma, House Council. THERON DALE WARD, Elberton, Ga., Glee Club, Property manager, Wesley Fellowship, Treasurer, Georgia Methodist Student Movement, Vice President. STANLEY E. WARNER, JR., Crescent City, Fla., Canterbury Club, President. MILTON EARLE WARREN, Miami, Fla. OLIN H. WEAVER, Decatur, Ga., Glee Club, Historian, Business Man- ager, President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Chamber Singers. SU- SAN FRANCES WEAVER, Milford, Pa. Seniors! College BERT R. TYLER, Savannah, Ga. RAFAEL VALDWIESS, Long Island City, N.Y. RICHARD ALVIN VINCENT, Mil- leclgevilie, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chairman, Inter-Fra- ternity Council, Treasurer. SEAEORN McDONALD WADE, JR., Miami Shores, Fla., Kappa Alpha, Assistant House Man- ager, Baptist Student Union, Emory Religious Association, Representative, Freshman Camp Staff, Dorm Council. JOHN PIERPONT WAGER, Marietta, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Phoenix, Humor Editor, Swim min g, Tennis, Soccer. CHARLES KENYON WAGNER, Windermere, Fla., Sigma Nu, Executive Committee, Historian, House Manager, Social Chairman, Westminster Fellowship. JUDITH LEE WALK- ER, East Point, Ga. DAVID G. WALLACE, III, Columbus, Ga., Circle K. Seniors! College BARBARA DIANE WILEY, Marietta, Ga. GEORGE BAR- RATT WILKINS, Atlanta, Ga. A. CLAUDE WILLIAMS Moultrie, Ga. DONALD O'NEIL WILLIAMS, Decatur, Ga., Sigma Chi. FRANK M. WILLIAMS, Aragon, Ga. LOULSE EMMALYN WILLIAMS, Augusta, Ga. ROBERT EDWARD WIL- LIAMS, Orlando, Fla., Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Sigma Alpha, Newman Club, Emory Religious Association, treasurer. RENA KAY WILSON, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Rush Chairman, Miss Emory Finalist. WILLIAM W. WEDDINGTON, JR, Hawkinsville, Ga., Chi Phi, Treasurer, Circle K, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. ROSTHEMA WEISSMAN, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Ep- silon Phi. CHARLES S. WEST, JR., Orlando, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpm Phi Omega, Stipe Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Baptist Student Union. DORRENE LEE WEST, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta. ..- ELEANOR FURMAN WESTBROOK, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Corresponding Secretary, Pledge President, Traffic Court, Senior House Cotmcil. HENRY ANDERSON WHEELER, Newnan, Ga., Players, Alpha Psi Omega. MAR- ILYN JEAN WHITE, Wrens, Ga. FRANK EERMAN WIL- ENSKY, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN WILSON STEPHENSON WISE, JR., Newport News, Va., Council on Civil Liberties, Canterbury Club, vice Presi- dent, Dorm Govemment Representative, CATO Steering Com- mittee, Ford Career Scholar. LUTHER HORN WOLFE, JR., Columbus, Ga., Kappa Alpha. JOHN LELAND WOOD, Macon, Ga., Sigma Nu. ELIZABETH ROSE CWURST, De- catur, Ga., Phi Mu' Civitan, Math Club, Panhellenic Council, Chorale. ROBERT JOHN YANNO, Coral Gables, Ela., Sigma Chi. HARVEY G. YOUNG, Decatur, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, Stipe Scholar, AlphaEpsilon Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Ep- silon Delta. ROSALIND ZELKINS, Alpha Epsilon Phi. JUNE HELEN ZURN, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Gai Omega, Assistant social Chairman, House Council, Violations secretary, Social Standards Chairman, Summer House Council, President Chorale. 7 EDWARD H. ABLE ,,.,..,.,,..,, DeCntnr, WENDALL H. ADAIR .,,,,,...,.. Decatur, Ga ALFRED B. ADAMS ....,..,,, Jekyll lslnncl, Ga JOSEPH LEONARD ADAMSON .... Morrow, Ga ALFRED L. ALLGOOD ,.,...,, Gainsville, GR WILLIAM I. ALLOOOD, JR. ....,. OARM, FRANK J. ALLISON ....,,,,....., Atlanta, OHRRYL LYNN ANDERSON ......,, Atlanta, JULIUS R ARIAIL, JR. .,.... TASAAMIIR, WILLIAM K. ARMSTRONG . .....,, Atlanta, JANET MARIE ASKEW ..,,,,,,.,.. Atlanta, Ga CORNELIA P. ATTWOOD ..,. Chattanooga, Tenn BARBARA JOAN BAKER . . . BILLIB JOY BAKER ..,.... ROBERT WAYNE BAKER .. MICHAEL o. BALDWIN JOHN ROBERT BALL .. MARTHA LYIANR SALLRN Groton, Conn Lakeland, Flo. Augusta, Ga. Decatur, GR. Auburn, Ala Roloigh, NC Ga. Ga. Ga. A Ga. GR. I Junior Class Officers PRESIDENT ,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,. D ick Langford VICE-PRESIDENT ,,,,,, ...,,,, Nl Ike Kelly SECRETARY ......,,. ,,...,. I Rnet Askew TREASURER ,,,,,, ,..... J oe MIcNRbb ll ll' J 'I Q I M l I t " J , v I ln I Q, L, I I . Jl luul v w if A' X' Ll I E J 1' l l A . . .A ln I . f A 'I A t Ll J , il' ,-, , gf PJ J ,. Siv"mr --vu-ll--:vig A R J, Juniors! College ALFRED A. BI-UM, JR. ............. .,...... G alnsville Ga BRENT ALAN BLUNBNSTBIN ,,.., ..... o f1aAan'B1af RBBA NANCY BOMAR .,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, A tlantir Ga JACK STEWART BoozBR, JR. ,,,,,, ,,,,,, A t1anta,,Ga: 4 I RICHARD M. BOOZER ...,...,. ....... A nniston, Ala. EDWARD LYNN BOWEN ..... ..... E ast Point, Ga. ANTOINETTE R. BOWIE ,,.....,. ......, A nderson, S.C. HARRY JAMES BOYNTON ..... ....... O rlanclo, Fla. MAX LAMAR BRAND ....... ...,.,,.. A tworth, Ga . CORDELIA BRANNON .......... ..,,.., M ontgornely, Ala. ELIZABETH ANNE BRASWELL ..... . ....., Atlanta, Ga. ARMIN GEORGE BRECHER ..4 .......,.,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. t y: 'fy It RICHARD WALKER BATTS ,,,, Hawkinsville, Ga. JOSEPH A. BAZEMORE .......... Sylvania, Ga. KENNETH CARLISLE BAZEMORE ............ Warner Robins, Ga BARBARA yo BEADLE ..,....... Atlanta, Ga MARY Louisa BEASLEY ,,,, yahnna city, TAA. FREDERICK BOWMAN BEAUFORT ............ N. Augusta, Ga BARBARA BECKHAM ........ Coral Gables, Fla. MARTHA MAE BECKUM ,,,..,,,,, Wrens, Ga. LINDA BARBARA BELL .. West Palm Beach, Fla. KATHERINE W. BENNETT .... Laurinburg, N.C. CHRIS HOWARD BENTLEY ..,. Quincy, Fla. WALTER MELVIN BETHEL, IR. .... Auburn, Ga. MARY LYNN BIRDSONG ...... Nashville, Tenn. IUDSON GREGORY BLACK .... Greenville, S.C. ROBERT GENE BLAUSTEIN ...... Atlanta, Ga. l B, sa if I lk GLORIA BRICKMAN .......... Miami Beach, Fla. TYRONE BRIDGES ........,...., Hialeah, Fla. MARILYN LOUISE BROCK ...... Greenville, S.C. SUSAN K. BROCK ..............., Atlanta, Ga. PATRICIA JOANNE BROOKS .. Philadelphia, Pa. SIMONE BROOME .........,.,.. Savannah, Ga. MARY EMMA BROWN ....... Ctawforclville, Ga. MARY SUE BROWN ........ Waynesboro, Ga. RICHARD LLOYD BROWN ...... Oak Park, Mich. ROGER STEPHEN BROWN ........ Atlanta, Ga. BENIE ELIZABETH BRUNER ,..... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT TAYLOR BUCHANAN .... Atlanta, Ga. LD.A.I.E.F 1101.13 RLT.E.U JAMES L, BUSH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Dublin, Ga JAMES CLYDE CAMPBELL, JR. ,, Little EMA, Ark WILLIAM CAMPBELL, JR. .... Blackshear, Ga IINDA ANE CANNON Decatur Ga , , J L ,,,,,,.,.. . , ANN ROWE CANTWELL ,.,.,. Morristown, Tenn SAMUEL JACKSON CARLYLE, JR. ,, Atlanta, Ga JULIA KEITH CARSWELL .,,,,, Thomaston, Ga SANDY BAXTER CARTER .,.,. Atlanta, Ga TRUDY H. CARTER .,,,,.,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga SUSAN FRANCIS CAVELLI ., College Park, Ga OHN I' CHAPMAN West Palm Beach, Fla J A, ,,,,,, . PERRY RALPH CHAPMAN .... Gainesville, Ga WILLIAM CARROL CHAPMAN ..., Decatur, Ga MARY ELIZABETH CHAPPELL ,,,, Beaufort, S.C 'MARGARET ESTHER CHASE ...... Lakeland, Fla LAUREE LOUISE COOK .,..,,,. . Covington, Ga. WILLIAM SIDNEY coorc, III ,,,, CEVIAEMA, na WILLIAM DAVID COOPER' '. Winston-Salem, Mc MICHAEL EDWARD CORBETT .,.,., Atlanta, oaf JANE ANNE CORDES .. .,,,. St. Petersburg, Fla MARTHA LOU COULTER ........ Columbus, S.C FRED DANIEL COX ....,,,,,,..,. Atlanta, Ga JOHN GREEN CREECH ,,,,,...,, Greenville, SC LOIIIS ANTHONY CROCCO, JR. .,,. Hialeah, Fla HAROLD JESSE CRUMLY ...... WAAAIAJIEA, D.Ci WILLIAM W. CULBERTSON ........ Miami, Fla PATRICIA ANNE QULEAETE .... Reiclsvillc, oaf , . Juniors! College BARBARA CHRISTENSEN ..,,.., ,,,,.,. B caulort, S.C. JAMES HENRY CLARKE ,,,.,,. ,,,,,,,, O Cala, Fla. JOHN HUMPHREY COBB ....... ...., C artersville, Ga. GILBERT HOWARD COHEN ..... ,.,,.. M iami, Fla. PAUL L. COLE ............ .....,, L aGrange, Ga. SANDRA FAYE COLEY ...... ..... N ashville, Tenn. BRASWELL E. COLLINS ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, M argon, Ga, LINDA LOU COLQUITT .,...., ,,,,,, F oft Valley, Ga. JERRY H. COMBEE ....... ....... S tone Mountain, Ga, MARION F. COMES ........... ......., M illedgeville, Ga. ELIZABETH A. CONGER ,.,.,,, ,,,,,,, M oultric, Ga, JOE THOMAS CONKLE ........,.............., Hampton, Ga. ? Juniors! College KATHERYN WILKIN DYAR .... Greensboro, Ga ROMAN ABRAHAM ozravvmvsrn .. Atlanta, Gai ROBERT JUSTIN EDENEIELD ....,. Maron, Ga WILLIAM s. anwarms ,..,...... Atlanta, Gai SARY FRANCES ELLINGTON ....., Jefferson, Ga KATHERINE W. EMERSON ....., Duxbury, Mass ADELE EPSTEIN .,,,.,..,,,,..,.,. Miami, Fla ANDREW WALTON ESTES ,. Daytona Beach, Fla THOMAS W. ETHERIDGE, III ,. Ellerrwood, Ga CORLISS JEAN EVANS ....,.,,,. Munire, Ind RUSSELL GARDNER EYMAN ..., Miami, Fla. JOAN CARLYLE FARABOW ...... Durham, NC PATTI FARR ....,,,.,,,,,... Punta Gorda, Fla WILBER STEPHENS EARRINGTON ....,....... Greensboro, NJC HAROLD ALAN FENSTER ........ Miami, Fla PETER WILLIAM DAY ....,....... Atlanta, Ga EARNEST H. DeLONG .,,..,......,. Atlanta, Ga PAMELA DENNY ..,.,.,,........ Elberton, Ga RHODA GAIL DEUTSCHMAN .. Miami Beach, Fla REBECCA LYNN DIAL ...... Birmingham, Ala JANE ELLEN DIDDLE .......... Knoxville, Tenn. NANCY LOUISE DOMINGOS ........ Macon, Ga. JUANITA CAROL DRAPER .... Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM CLARK DRISKELL ,. St. Petersburg, Fla. JERRY WALTON DRUMMOND ,. Shreveport, La JOHN PAUL DRUMMOND ...,.. ,I Shreveport, La. SUSAN PERKINS DUNGAN .... Boca Raton, Fla BARBARA ANNE DUNQVIN .... College Park, Ga. PHIL T. DUISNING, III ....... ,. .. Marietta, Ga. DAVID NORRIS DuPUY ...... Coral Gables, Fla. SALLY J. FLECK .,.............. Alpharetta, Ga. ELLEN LOUISE FLEISCHMAN .. Coral Gables, Fla. MARGARET DELL FLEMMING .. Birmingham, Ala. LAURA. VIRGINIA FOREMAN .. Memphis, Tenn. CORRIE L. FORREST, JR. ......., Marion, Va. DAVID GORDON FOWLER ....,. Decatur, Ga. DON WALL FOWLER ....,. Clarkesville, Tenn. . I ROBERT E. FERRIS ,,,,,,,,.... Plantation, Fla. CHARLES STANLEY FINCH .,.,.... Orlando, Fla. RICHARD SEWELL FISHER ...... Greenville, S.C. GEORGE MARSHALL FOX ...... Rockaway, N.J. I-IAYWARD MICHAEL FOX. .N. Miami Beach, Fla. SHANNON E. FRANKLIN .. Tenn. Juniors! College GREGORY JAMES GATES ,,....,.,, Atlanta, Ga. SANDRA LEE GAY ,,,,.,,,,,,, East Point, Ga. SIDNEY MICHAEL GAY ,,,,,, Hogansvillc, Ga ROBERT ALLAN GIBBS .,,,,,.,,,,, Decatur, Ga WILLIAM ALBERT GILLASPIE III Jupiter, Fla WILLIAM ALBERT GILLEN, JR. .... Tampa, Fla LEONARD NEIL GLASS ..,,.,.... Atlanta, Ga MARTHA GREER GLENN .. Mountain City, Tenn LLOYD STANLEY GOODMAN .... Savannah, Ga GWENDOLYN GOSS .......,.... Ashburn, Ga ALBERT FRANKLIN GOSSETT, JR... Griffin, Ga JANE GRACE .,.,,.....,.,....,., Atlanta, Ga WILLIAM WALTER GRACE ,,,, Fort Myers, Fla MICHAEL JAY GRAETZ ,,..,..... Atlanta, Ga ELIZABETH G. GRAHAM .......... Atlanta, Ga ALF'-i' I . I ft ARED V HARPER Decatur, Ga J - ...........--. - NELL WALLACE I-IARRELL ,,,, Birmingham, Ala. LEONARD ERNEST HARTLINE .. Jacksonville, Fla FRED KELLEY HARVEY, JR. .... Louisville, Ga GEORGE BRUCE HEAD, III ,.., Hogansville, Ga THERON JEROME HELMS ....., Forest Park, Ga SUSAN L. I-IEMPHILL ..,.,..,.,,, Columbia, S.C ANITA CORINNE HENRY .... Clarksville, Tenn MARGARET SUSAN HERRMAN .... Decatur, Ga JOYCE MICHELE HERSI-IBERG ..., Atlanta, Ga MARY HOPE HEWES .,,,,,,,,, East Point, Ga. caaoaa ANN Hnvvirr ,,,,.,,, Columbus, Ga SAMUEL O. HIGGINS, JR. ,,..,... Bremin, Ga. JANET WYNELLE GRAHAM .... Williamson, Ga. SUSAN LEE GRAVES ...f ..... Winter Park, Fla. ROSE ANN GREEN .......... Waynesville, NC. WILLIAM SAMUEL GREER . ..,.. East Point, Ga. BENJAMIN P. GRIEEITH, JR. .,..., Savannah, Ga. NANCY ELAINE GRYNKEWICH ,. Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES WILLIAM GUNNELS III . Arlington, Va. TIMOTHY RECK HAILE ,,.,.,,... Atlanta, Ga. STANLEY WILLIAM HALL ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD STEPHEN HALPERT ,... Miami, Fla. MARY ANNE HAMEE ... ..... Atlanta, Ga. NEEL HAMMOND, JR. ......,.,.,... Rome, Ga. JOSEPH S. HARASZTI ,.........,. Atlanta, Ga. VICTORIA ANGELA HARDEN .... Marietta, Ga. RICHARD EGAN HARDY ,..,.. Jacksonville, Fla. rg fi ii I.. J J I J 'V WQ B 425 WY- +1 ...ggiala E.. at in imuvmu u Juniors! College t J ..- I l l gy R LAURENCE F. JACKSON ......,,,, Atlanta, OA. sur ELLEN Ac.KsON Tarn a na A I A "--" "'-' R I VIRGINIA A. JACKSON ......,,,.,. Atlanta, Ga GORDON J, JACOBS ,,,......,,. Lacfange, Gai A JON STEPHEN JACOBS ,,,,, Miami Beach, Fla. BARBARA E. JENKINS ........ Kingsport, Tenn Burr AMES JOHNSON O-nn erin OAI .., J A Q in JANE C. JOHNSON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Somerset, Ky JOHN RICHARD JOHNSON ........ Macon, Ga COURTNEY EYRD JONES ....,. Doraville, Ga M. REBECCA JORDAN ..,.....,,,. Canton, Ga. FRANK JUHASZ .,,........,, Willimantic, Conn. BRUCE A. KAHN ,.,.......,,.. New Orleans, La. JEROME M. KAPLAN ........., Columbus, Ga. ROBERT NICHOLLIS KAY ...,,, Pluclcemin, N.J. THOMAS DERRILL HILLS ,,......, Decatur, Ga. JAMES A. HINTON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tampa, Ela. JOHN H. HOGENMULLER ........ Miami, Fla. JOY D, HOLLAND ,,,.,,,,,,.,,. Savannah, Ga. VICTORIA LEE HOLMES ........ Memphis, Tenn. SANDRA RAY HOOD ......,,..,.,, Decatur, Ga. JAMES B. HOPKINS ..,....... East Point, Ga. DAVID HENRY HOROWITZ .. St. Petersburg, Fla. HARRIET C. HOUK ,....,.,...... Clayton, Ga. ROCENA E. HOWELL ,.....,..... Lake City, Fla. JAMES A. HUDSON, JR. .............. Eaton, Ga. MARTHA M. HUSMAN ........ Winter Park, Fla. JOHN W. INGRAM .....,,...,. Columbus, Ga. SUSAN HARTE ISON .,,......... Redland, Ga. CURTIS KENEN JACKSON ....... Q .. Oxford, Ga. CAROL H. KELLY ....,,.,..,. Shaw AFB, S.C. JOHN MICHAEL KELLY ..,. Winter Park, Fla. WILLIAM GERALD KEMP ,,..,. Marks, Miss. JAMES GORDON KENIMER ...... Decatur, Ga. ELEANOR L. KEOWN ...... Lawrenceville, Ga. MANLEY W. KILGORE .... Avondale Est., Ga. MARION P. KILGORE ,.,,,,,,,,,, El Paso, Texas MARILYN KINDRICK .,,,,......, Danville, Ky. DAVID LLOYD KING ,.....,.,. Mayport, Fla. JACKSON LEE KING, JR. ,,,. , ,,,.., Miami, Ela. JOHN S KIRKLAND JR Rome GA DON NAPIER KIRKPATRICK Evanstan Ill ALAN DAVIS KIRSH Claver SC TIMO PENTTI KOKKO ...,,,,,..,, Decatur, Ga. J ANASTASIA CANELLA KONTOS . Charlotte, N.C. PHYLLIS R. KRAMER ,,..,....,., Atlanta, Ga JUDITH ANN KROSS ...... N. Miami Beach, Fla KAREN M. KUNKLE ,......,.... Annapolis, Md LUCINDA.I. LAKE ,.,..,.,,,,.,... Atlanta, Ga DANA DALE LAMER ..,..,...... Marietta, Ga DOUGLAS MORRELL LANCE ..., Charleston, S.C RICHARD C. LANGFORD ......,, Barton, Fla MAURICE LANGHORNE, JR. .. Newington, Conn CATHERINE A. LARGE ..,,,, Elamington, N.J LEN B. LASTINGER, JR. ........., Tilton, Ga WOODROW W. LEAKE, JR. ,,,,,,,.,, Rome, Ga SUSAN ,ELIZABETH LEAS ......,... Atlanta, Ga LAURIE CECILIA LEE ,,,,.,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga i A A AAA . il l I I I I. CHARLES K McALLISTER Covin ton Ga. A . ...... g , susan c. Mfcaru .....,....,,,, Atlanta, Ga. F f LYNDA M. McCALMAN ,..,....,.. Bremen, Ga GERALD LEE McCARTHA .,....,, Conover, N.C BRIAN RICHARD MCCOMB ,... Coral Gables, Fla. LOUISE P. McCONNELL KAREN K. MCCORD CHARLES R. Meoowaii' f f f f ' RUTH A, McGAUGHEY . PATRICK McGINTY ..... wrrrranr Meounna, nr . Banca 1. Memrosu LOUISE McKAY ,,..... 7 . llcltlll llllell Orlando, Fla. Atlanta, Ga Virginia Beach, Va Colle e Park Ga . g ,. Albany, Ga. Kingsport, Tenn. Tampa, Fla . . . . . . Tampa, Fla. Clm.J.el.eEm:ellb G I if A it Juniors! College JAMES DAVID LESTER ,.,..... Montezuma, Ga. SOLOMON LEVY .,.,...,....,.,, Atlanta, Ga. LAWSON WILFORD LEWIS ..,.,..,. Macon, Ga. STEPHEN H. LIEBERMAN .... Great Neck, N.Y. JOHN OSBORNE LILLY ,,,,,...,. Quitman, Ga. MICHELE R. LINCH .......,, W. Miami, Fla. JOHN LINNAMAKI ..............,. Atlanta, Ga. NANCY MARTHA LITTLE .,,, Birmingham, Ala. CHARLES R. LITTLEFIELD .,....,. Decatur, Ga. JIMMY F. LOCKWOOD ......,,,, Moultrie, Ga. JEAN E. LOEMAKER .,..,. Huntington, W. Va. JOHN BRUCE LOVERN ..........,. Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN M. LOVETT ..............,. Atlanta, Ga. EVERETT LOUIS LUND ...... St. Petersburg, Fla. JOSEPH PARKS MacNABB .....,.. Newnan, Ga. Juniors! College CHARLES SOMERS MILLER ........ Savannah, Ga JOHN RAYMOND MILLER ...... Orlando, Fla WILLIAM M. MILLER ........ Ina vvaan, na CHARLES S. MITCHELL ..........,. Roswell, Ga WALTER ROGER MONTGOMERY . Louisville, Ky WILLIAM DONOVAN MONTGOMERY ........ Bainbridge, Md CECIL EVERETT MOORE JR. ...... Douglas, Ga JOSEPH O. MOORE ........ . ,....... Rochelle, Ga KAREN ELIZABETH MOORE .. Chattanooga, Tenn MICHAEL EDWARD MOORE ,.,.., Atlanta, Ga GUY WI-IITLEY MOOILMAN ...... Douglas, Ga. RICHARD B. MORAWETZ ,,,,,,,, Marietta, Ga. BRENDA JOY MORRIS ........ Birmingham, Ala. JACKSON LANE MORRIS .....,,. Atlanta, Ga. CATHLEEN LOUISE MORROW ....,. Atlanta, Ga. l 'Pa 'W' EUGENE NEAL McNATT ........., Atlanta, Ga. JULIUS LEO MACK, III ,..... Jacksonville, Fla. JANE MADDOX ..........., McDonough, Ga. GREGORY J. MAGRARIAN .... Opa-Loc a, Pla. ELLIS LENDRUM MALONE ........ Dublin, Ga. JAMES K. MARKEI. ..,......, Cocoa Beach, Fla. NANCY B. MARTIN .............. Atlanta, Ga. WYMAN BRADLEY MARTIN .... Chamblee, Ga. JAMES EDWIN MASSEY ,,........ Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT B. MATCHETTE ........ Columbus, Ga. WILLIAM R. MAT HEWS .... W. Brandenton, Fla. JANE O. MATTHEWS ...,........ Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN MAY MENDELOFE ......,, Atlanta, Ga. CLAIRE MERRITT ....,..... Washington, D.C. ELIZABETH BROWN MILIKIN . Coral Gables, Fla. JOHN CLAUDE MORSE .......... Atlanta, Ga MARGARET GEORGEANNA MORTON ........ Princeton, W. Va JOANNA FLMSIDERS MOSELEY . Burlington, N.C. ELIZABETH GAYLE MOULTON . Mt. Prospect, Ill. GREGORY JOHN MUGG .......... Tilton, Ga. JAMES WILBUR MULLIS JR. ..,. Brunswick, Ga CARL AUBREY NELSON JR. .,.. Milled ville, Ga. HENRY RUDOLPH NESMITH .... Charlotte, N.C. MARLINE ELIZABETH NEUI-IAUSER .......... Pelham, Ga EPHRAIM Maven NEWMARK .,,,, Mant, na. Jose If. Norvroaz III ,....... Birmingham, Ma. WILLIAM PRESTON NORRED JR. ,.......... . Hawkinsville, Ga. LEWIS W JAMES HOWELL O'CALLAGHAN .. Atlanta, Ga. PAUL L. OMIERE ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. CLAUDIA HALL OWNLEY .,.,,,,, Brandon, Fla. GEORGE S. PADGETT ......, . ..... Rome, Ga. SARA J. PADGETT ,.,., ...... D alton, Ga. JANE PALMER ..............,... Jackson, Miss. JAMES SANDERS PALMOUR ,,,,,. Cordele, Ga. CHARLES JOHN PANARO ,....... Owega, N.Y. RONALD W. PANKEY ,,,,.,.,., Memphis, Tenn. ROBERT C. PARKER ........., Lake Worth, Fla. JOHN M. PARRINO .....,.... Cali, Columbia STEVEN TALBERT PARZEN . N. Miami Beach, Fla. RANDOLPH E. PATTERSON ...... Louisville, Ky. RICHARD PATTERSON, JR. ,. Douglaavillc, Ga. GORDON S. PATTON ,,,,,,,..,,, Auburn, Ala. HENRY ELLIS ,RAGLAND ......., Marietta, Ga. STEVEN MARC RATNOW ......,. Bronx, N.Y. ELLOWEENE BESSENT RAUCH .. Thomaaton, Ga. KENNETH WOOD RAY ,,,.,,., Fayetteville, Ga. ROBERT STOKES REEVES ,,,,.,,,,, Millen, Ga. HARRY T. anllv ........., Highland Pall, NJ. STEVEN W. RELGHARD .,,,,,..,, Lenoir, N.C. ANNE PARNALEE RENPROE ....,, , Decatur, Ga. LUCIAN Q RICE, Ja. ,,,,.,.,.,,, Albertville, Ga. DAVID RIMLAND ,,,.,,,,,...,.,. Miami, Fla. DAVID JACKON ROBERTS ..... Atlanta, Ga. DAVID M. ROBERTS .,,,.......... Sparta, Ga. ETHELYN E. ROBERTS ,...,.,,,... Atlanta, Ga. Juniors! College 'mf JIMMY LEE PAUL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, oa. aussar ALLEN PAUL ..,,,, la. Lauderdale, na. WILLIAM la. PENNINGTON ........ nam, Ga. MacCARTHY C. PERRY ,,,,,,,, Jacksonville, Pla. JAMES namlson .,.,..,,,,,..,., Arley, oa. JAMES W.. PILCHER, JR. ...,.,..,, Louisville, Ga. SHERMAN JERRY POOLE ,,,,.. Ball Ground, Ga. THOMAS ANDREW POOLE ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD H. POORE ,.,. West Palm Beach, Fla DAVID JAMES Povuvna ., var Palm Beach, Fla: SERGIO RAYMOND POYO, JR. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Buenos Aires, Argentina ALAN DAVID PRICE ...,...... Winter Park, Pla. LAWRENCE B. PRICE ,.,,,,,.,...,, Decatur, Ga. SAMUEL JONES PRICE, III ..., Birmingham, Ala. MARGARET FRANCES QUILLIAN . Lakeland, Fla. Iuniors!COIlege LEAH LYN SESSIONS .......,......... ... JANICE FERGUSON SEYMOUR ,...,....DecaturGa. MAXINE LANA SHEER ........... JOHN MADISON SIIIMALL . . ILIIALO JACOB SHERMAN .. THOMAS E. SIKES .......... MEREL ANN SILVERMAN- NANCY I-IUDMON SIMMONS PATRICIA W. SIMMONS .. SHELTON SIMMONS III .. .. . .. WILLIAM BECK SIMPSON ........ BILLY SMITI-I, III. .,..,.................. . :alle llc on llolln llculnloovral Macon, Ga. . . . . Brooklyn, N.Y. Cartersville, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Winston-Salem, N.C. Sylvanis, Ga. Auburn, Ala. West Point, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Dayton, Ohio Ll, llnlrl:'llI,r ls1v1Ir I I iii -1 ' I JOHN S. ROMINE ...,........ KENNETH A. ROSEN ....,...,,,... Miami, Fla. MURRAY ROSEN .........,.. Whippany, NJ. NANCY LEE ROWE ,,,... . ..... Decatur, Ga. NANCY E. ROYAL ....,.., ...,. N ewnan, Ga. Little Rock, Ark. CHARLES RUTHERFORD, JR. .. Knoxville, Tenn. GEORGE M. SADLER, JR. .,.,., New York, N.Y. JOHN FRANCIS SAMPSON ......,. Decatur, Ga. JOHN D. SAUNDERS .............. Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE P. SCHWARZKOPF ,, Birmingham, Ala. DEBORAH GENE SCOTT ,..,...,.. Sanford, Fla. TIMOTHY DAVID SCOTT ,, Northhighlands, Calif. HUGH J. SCRUGGS ........ Chattanooga, Tenn. RALPH B. SCURRY ,,.,...,,.,. Greenwood, S.C. RICHARD D. SEABORN ..,,.., Atlanta, Ga. . . , Allis , . 3 I I II ,- II ' I I I' "L JCI FREDERICO G. SMITH, JR. ..,. Coral Gables, Fla. LEON MCDONALD SMITH ...... Nashville, Tenn MARGARET K. SMITH ,,,,,,,,,,,, Macon, Ga NANCY REGINA SMITH .... Q. McDonough, Ga RICHARD OGLESBY SMITH ,,.,.. Columbus, Ga WADE H. SMITH .,,...,.,,..., Greenville, Del. PHILLIP HARVEY SNAITH ,.,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. BRUCE ALEXANDER SNYDER ...... Miami, Ela. JANE ENOLA SOLBERGER ,.,,,,,, Mobile, Ala. PAMELA MAY SPACHE ....,, Gainesville, Fla. BARBARA A SPRAGENS Danville Ky GLORIA ,EAN SPRIGGS Doravrlle, Ga MARY PICKERING SPRO I I ' ANN BOLLING SPALDING ........ Atlanta, Ga 1 e THELMA JANE STAFFORD ,,,,,, Anniston, Ala. MARY MILLER STAIR ,,.,....,,,, Atlanta, Ga. JAMES RICHARD STALLARD .,,.,,,, Wise, Va. MARY BURTON STAMEY ,,,,,,,,,, Shelby, N.C. ELLISON D. STAPLETON Donalsonville, Ga. JAMES AUGUSTUS STEED ,,.,,, Bainbridge, Ga. FRANK D. STEGALL ,,....,.,,,,,, Lindale, Ga. JAMES RONALD STEPHENS ....,. Atlanta, Ga. MARTIN V. STEWART .,.,.,,,,,.,,, Albany, Ga. WILLIAM M. STODDARD ,,,,,,,. Marietta, Ga. BARRY MICHAEL STONE ..,. St. Petersburg, Fla. IRA JEFFRY STRUMPF ,...,,,,,,,,., Miami, Fla. JUDITH ANN SUDHOFE ,,,,,,..., Decatur, Ala. DAVID WELCH SUGGS ,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga, DANNY CLYDE TATE ,,,,,,,.,,,, Atlanta, Ga I 'tL"'f'-I ,M li, ' I. I I 'J I , i,.a pill- aww' l,,, ,,,N J KJ THOMAS SLADE TUCKER ,,,,,,,, Moultrie, Ga. I-IARRIET ANNE TUMLIN ....,... Marietta, Ga. DREW HENRY TURNER, JR, ,,., Jacksonville, Fla. H. HAYWOOD TURNER .,......,. Columbus, Ga. ORVILLE PARK TURNER ......,.,,. Griffin, Ga. OTIS TURNER ,,.,.,,,.....,..,, Coolcdge, Ga. WILLIAM CHAPMAN TURNER ,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN M. VALLOTTON ........,, Augusta, Ga. JOHN WILLIAM VANN ..I ..... Melbourne, Fla. ETHEL JEAN VIGODSKY ,,,,.... Greenville, S.C. ALBERT LINDER VINCENT ,.,, Milledgeville, Ga. CARROLL LEWIS WAGNER .,,,,,,. Atlanta, Ga. ANN KAY WAKEFIELD .,....,.,... Atlanta, Ga. Ji-im Juniors! College MARY MACK THARPE ....... ..... Atlanta, Ga. CAROL M. THIGPEN .,,.,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,, A tlanta, Ga. CHARLES MANARD THOMAS HELEN SHARON THOMPSON JAMES Ia. THOMPSON ...... Jo ANNE THOMPSON ....... JACK MICHAEL TIPPENS ........ KAREN JEAN TOUOQI' ...... WILLIAM VIRGIL THRASH ... DAVID ALAN TRIPP ,....... RONALD WILLIS TRIPP ...... ANDREA JEAN raorraa ..,. --nn uznauifiu LQ-116 4.711 ,-,, L , I It DeCatur,Ga. Winter Garden, Fla. . ......, Tarpon Springs, Eta. Winder,Ga. Austell, Ga, Oak Ridge, Tenn. LaGrange,Ga. . .......,,. Coral Gables, Fla. Silver Spring, Mrl. , . . . , , . . Lriokout Mountain, Tenn. -- wi'-'ui' .I- Juniors!ColIege HARRIET ANNE WIGHT ..... FREDRIC MAX WILD R. J ......- ..... VIRGINIA ANN WILEY ........ ...... CLARA LOUISE WILLIAMS ...... ...... DAVID WAYNE WILLIAMS ..... JUDITH WILLIAMS ,..,,..,,,,......,,.,,.,, JAMES GATSON WILLIAMSON, JR. ..,...... . WILLIAM FRED WILLIS ........ GIIOIIOI WLSLLY WILLS ....... CAROL LUCINDA WILSON ..... JOAN Wana WILSON ......... ALAN WIIIOIII' WILSON, JA. ...ffff ...fffu llnlluutllll . . .. Cairo, .. Sebring, Bethesda, Anderson, ... Atlanta, . Marietta, Little Rock, Ga. Fla. Md. SC. Ga. Ga. Ark. Swainsboro, Ga. . ....., Abbeville, Ala . ...... Anderson, SC. Atlanta, .. Orlando, Ga Fla 30.5 ANGELA K. WALL .............. Valdosta, Ga. DOROTHY ANN WALLACE ......., Atlanta, Ga. EMILY KATHRYIN' WALLS ......,,. , Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD S. WALSH III .....,.... Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL ANDREW WALTERS ..Jacksonville, Fla. LELAND EDDIE WARREN .......... Dublin, Ga. WESLEY B. WARREN ........ College Park, Fla. JAMES PERRY WATERMAN ..., Morristown, N.J. NATALAE ADAMS WATERS ....,.., Atlantd, Ga. SUANNE KLOS WEBER .. .I ....... Decatur, Ala. BARRY JOSEPH WEINSTOCK .,.,..,, Miami, Fla. MARY A. WHATLEY ,,,..,,..,,.,, Atlanta, Ga. DONALD SCOTT WHITCOMB ...... Decatur, Ga. JOHN B. WI-IITNEY III .,.,.,,,., Clemson, S.C. THOMAS L. WIEKER ........ Washington, D.C. fs I ROBERT LEWIS WOLFSON .......... Miami, Fla. JANET ROWENA WOOD ......,..... Gray, Ga. PAMELA JANE WOOD ........ Coral Gables, Fla. LARRY DAVID WOODS ........ Nashville, Tenn. MICHAEL ALLEN WORMAN . . Daytona Beach, Fla. JAMES HOWARD WYNN, JR. ...... Atlanta, Ga. SOLOMON JACKSON YEOMAN .. Anniston, Ala. CATHERINE SUE YIELDING ........ Albany, Ga. EMMETT H. YOUNG, JR. ....,... Bainbridge, Ga. STEPHEN YUNG-WAH YUNG ........,,,.,,,, Kowloon, Hong Kong LARRY WAYNE ZELEZNIK Chiefland Fla ALICE ANNETTE ZERLET Atlanta Ga CLARENCE MCNEIL ZETTLER JR . Springfield, Ga. Y - -I .XIX ,- "' M ' A ,. fx- ir' ., I' bf! ui' . lm , .4 iIn IF, ,. ff? Sophomore Class Officers: l964-1965. PRESIDENT ,,....... ......... I im Winn VICE PRESIDENT .,..., ,,,.., H owsrd Goldberg SECRETARY ,,,,,, ,,,,,, I ,nnie Preis TREASURER ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, D on johnson "MISS SOPHOMORE CLASS IS Cl-lOSEN" The Sophomore Class of 1965 selected Miss Iudye Wynne of Crawfordville, Georgia as their representa- tive for the year. Iudye was presented with the bouquet and the title by the president of the class, Iim Winn. X , I p I I .W I I 'I I I I I, ' , A. . WI W" ' I ' I ml ,. Q:-.ICM . 'H 1 ffl? zrgfjhg Ing, ff X I. sg -.IMI e II X 'M I I I I I e I If ',I 5, I., '- Wt-, Qty-pl' yII,,, I I I I IL-RI Lonic Preis, .Inn Winn, and Howard Goldberg. Sophomores! College UDY LYNN BARRETT Tairburn Ga. I A -----.---- , RONALD MARTIN BARRON .... Hollywood, Fla JOHN CHESTER BARROW ........ Cordolo, Ga LARRY J. BAUGH ..............., Atlanta, Ga ELEANOR L. BAUGHMAN .,.,,,, ', Atlanta, Ga CLAUDIA BAUM ...,.,.,.,., Coral Gables, Fla Patna WADE BEALL ,,.,,.,.,. Bethesda, Ma BARBARA ELEANOR BECK ,. san sans na. I l Bi LLOYD 'BENJAMEN ...,.,.,..,.,, Atlanta, Ga MARGARET CHRISTINE BENSON .... Miami, Fla CAROL IRENE ACKENHUSEN ....., Atlanta, Ga. JOHN STEPHEN AKIN .......... Carrollton, Ga. WILLIAM MIZELL ALEXANDER ,. Columbus, Ga. JOHN DAVID ALLEN ..,.,,,,..,.,, Atlanta, Ga. DAVIS G. ANDERSON, JR. ........., Tampa, Fla. BENJAMEN F. ASKEW ,.........., Manor, N.Y. LYNN LOUISE AYALA ............ Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM H. BABCOCK .,......,. Augusta, Ga CHARLES F. BACON, JR. ........ Hinesvillo, Ga. JOHN F. BAIN ............ ..... A lbany, Ga. WILLIAM y.BA11in, ya. ........,, Moultrie, Ga. MARTHA KATHERINE 'BAKER ,,.,,, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID R. BARBER ................ Aiken, S.C. RANDALL WALKS BARFIELD ,, Montgomery, Ala. CHARLES OLIVER BARKER ,,,,..,. Valdosta, Ga. LAURA BYRD BERRY ,,,,,,..,, Lexington, Va. NEIL COLVARD BERRY ........ East Point, Ga, ALBERT GEORGE BIEHL, III ...... Atlanta, Ga. TERENCE ROBERT BINION ......,, Atlanta, Ga. ANDREW PAUL BISMARCK ........ Miami, Fla. SUSAN ERMA BLANK .............. Atlanta, Ga. STEPHEN RONALD BLUMBERG .. Savannah, Ga. BETTY JANE BOOTH ........... Abingdon, Va. MICHAEL P. BORN .....,.....,,. Orlando, Fla. GEORGE HALE BOSTICK ......... Forsyth, Ga. RICHARD LEE BOSWELL ...... Knoxville, Tenn. DAVID WILLIAM BOWEN ........ Augusta, Ga. JACK BOWEN ......,.,..,.... Jacksonville, Fla. ROBERT BURMAN BOWEN ...... Augusta, Ga. WILLIAM RAUBEN BRAWNER, JR. ., Ocala, Fla. FORNEY STEVENSON BRICE, JR. ,, Anniston, Ala. BEVERLY ANN BRICKER ,.,,,,,, Rochester, N .Y. CLIFFORD D. BRIDGES ,,.,,,,, Greensboro, N.C. LEILAIYI BRINKLEY ,,,,,,,.,. Winter Park, Fla. MARK WILLIAM BRINKMAN, JR. ,. Findlay, Ohio HERBERT E. BROUGHTON, JR. ,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. HILDA A. BROWN .........,,,., Columlnus, Ga. NANCY ELIZABETH BROWN ...... Decatur, Ga. TRAVERS G. BROWN, Ill ,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. CHARLES L. BROWNE, III ,,,,.,,. Camilla, Ga. DAVID ROLAND BRUNER- ,....... Newman, Ga. JOHN FRANK BULLARD, JR. ,,,, Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM F. BLLLOCH ,,,...,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. CONNIE ELAINE BURGAMY ,,.,,... Byron, Ga. LUCILE E. CARNELL Decatur Ga SARAH J. CARPENTER Atlanta Ga THOMAS LAUGHREN CARROLL Decatur Ga HELEN JOY CARSON Atlanta Ga JOHN R. CASEY Tampa I' la ROBERT CASTLEBERRY, JR. ,,...... Decatur, Ga ALICE R. CHAMBERS ,,.,.,,...... Augusta, Ga JANE M. CHANEY .. ,,,.,,,,, Chattanooga, Tenn. DAVID R. CHAPMAN ,,,,,.....,. Atlanta, Ga ROBERTA GRACE CHAPMAN ,, Jeffersonville, Ga DOROTHY FRANCES CHEATHAM ,,..,,,.,.,,, Birmingham, Ala. RICHARD CHARLES CHEEK ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. Sophomores! College SANDRA MAVIS BURKE .,,.,,,,,. Canton, Ga. EUGENE A. BUSH, JR. .,,,,,,,,,,, Mural, Miss, LINDA CATHERINE BUSHLOPER ,,,,,,,,, ' ,,,,, Jacksonville, Fla. MARION EILEEN BUTLER .,..,.,.., Atlanta, Ga. MARCIA KENNEDY BYERS ,,,, Wilmington, Del. RALPH MONROE BYERS .,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. DONALD B. CAMPBELL ,,.,,,.. Anniaton, Ala. SARAH ANN CAMPBELL ,,,, Monmeville, Penn. STEPHEN AULTMAN CAMPBELL ,, Moultrie, Ga. WILLIAM ANDREW CANTERBURY, II ........ Florence, Ala. F T ,IJ l Pl' J ! l J Available Sophomores! College NANCY CAROLYN CRAIN ..... Monterey, Tenn BEVERLY JANE CRANE ..... St. Petersburg, Fla CLAIRE ELIZABETH CROXTON ,... Atlanta, Ga MARY ELIZABETH CUNKLE ,,,,, Tallahassee, Fla MARY F. CURETON .......... Greensville, S.C WALKER L. CURTIS, JR. ,.,.... College Park, Ga DIANE DARLING ,,.....,,.,.. New Orleans, La JOH M. DAVIES .,,,..,,.,,..,,.,. Decatur, Ga DIANE BETH DAVIS ......,,, Oak Ridge, Tenn EMMA Mania oavrs ......... Jacksonville, nal nw 'Ki of A l . 0 MICHAEL WARREN CLEAVER .. Forest Park, Ga. STEPHEN RILEY COCHRAN .... Henderson JERRY ALAN COHEN .,..,,..,..., Atlanta ROBERT E. COIL ,,.,.......,.,,.,, Mobile, Ala. EMRIED COLE ,....,. ,,..,, J acksonville, Fla. , Ky. , Ga. ROBERT N. COLEMAN ,..,..,.,.., Decatur, Ga. PAUL A. COLEY .,....,.,.... Chattahoochee, Fla. BRENDA JEAN CONNER .,...,. Gainesville, Ga. WILLIAM EDWARD COOK ........ Augusta, Ga. JAMES DAVID COOK, JR. ....., Lovingston, Va. HUNTER A. COPELAND, JR. Prairie Village, Kan. SUZANNE E. CORNWALL .,,...,,,. Atlanta, Ga. TERRY ANN COX ...........,.... Miami, Fla. CLAIRE A. CRABTREE .....,.... Jacksonville, Fla. MELODY ANN CRAIG .....,........ Atlanta, Ga. as l I l S r qt I 1 I I NORMAN ROSSER DECK ....,..,. Marietta, Ga. JAMES C. DEKLE ,,..,,....., Jacksonville, Fla. JAMES D. DELGADO .......... Winter Park, Ela. JOHN D. DELGADO ........, Winter Park, Fla. MICHAEL THOMPSON DEWEY Eiiiaifiiidaaii. JOSEPH TERRY DICKEY ,....,. Atlanta, Ga. CHERYL KAY DIX ........,.., Thomaston, Ga. CHARLES DUDLEY ,,............. Atlanta, Ga. LAURA J. DUMAS .,.....,..,. Cartersville, Ga. LINDA E. DURRETT ......,,, Springfield, Tenn. FRAZIER M. DWORET ..,..,..,... Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES LORTON DYER .,.., Blairsville, Ga. DENNIS M. EDMONDS .,,.,.,, Milledgeville, Ga. EVA CECILA ELIAS ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Atlanta, Ga. AMES MARVIN ELLIOT R Macon Ga I il - -.--.-- I ' MARIAN JANET ELLIS .,.,,,. Charlotte, N.C. MARSHAL H. EMERSON ..... St. Petersburg, Fla. AUBREY WAYNE EPPS, III ,,.., Sanford, Fla. IRVIN B. EPSTEIN .......... Chattanooga, Tenn. F LEE ERWIN EPTING .,,,,,,,,,,. Athens, Ga. I VIRGINIA ELAINE ERICKSON ..... Orlando, Fla. RANDEL R. FAIRCHILD ......... Miami, Fla. GEORGE SPINKS FARRELL ,,,,. Aberdeen, N.C. SUSAN COWLES FARRELL ,,,.,,. Atlanta, Ga. STEPHEN ALLEN FAUSETT Coral Gables, Fla. LUCIAN M FERGUSON ,,,,,,.,,,, Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS C. FERGUSON ......, Palm Beach, Fla. NANCY VIRGINIA FIELDS .,,.... Atlanta, Ga. CAROL SUSAN FORMAN . . . Miami Beach Fla DANE GEORGE FORST ...,.,., Hollywood, Fla JOHN DOUGLAS FOX ,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga LAURA CHARLOTTE FOX ..,. Wilmington, Del MICHAEL LANNING FOX .. San Francisco, Calif LOUIS M. FREEDMAN ,,,,,,,,,.,.. Atlanta, Ga. GARY PETE FREEMAN ,...,...,., Decatur, Ga. RUSSELL REID FRENCH ,,,,,,,, Memphis, Tenn STUART M. FRENCH ....,.. z . .. Huntsville, Ala CAROLE ANN FUNKE .....,,,,, Pittsfield, Mass MARY SAVILLE GANTT ,,,,,,,,, Marietta, Ga LILLIAN LEE GARDNER .....,, Birmingham, Ala LUANN L. GARLAND ,,,,,,,,,.,, Atlanta, Ga Sophomores! College ,4 J MARGO LYNN FIENBURG ..,., Kingsport, Tenn. RICHARD BRUCE FIFE ,,,,,,, Jacksonville, Fla. CHARLES EDWARD FINKLE Miami Beach, Fla. LINDA CAROL FINKLESTEIN ., Birmingham, Ala. DAVID HOWARD FISHER Silver Springs, Md. NEIL HOWARD FLEISHMAN .. Fayetteville, N.C. JERRY K. FLOYD ....... s .... Pine Mountain, Ga. MARSHA PAULETTE FLY Nashville, Tenn. DEXTER COUNCIL FOLLOWILL ,, Columbus, Ga. MICHAEL WARDEN FORDYCE .,,,., Ocala, Fla. Alb" Sophomores! College J .. . , , . PETER L. GERUM ................. Smyrna, Ga. WILLIAM H. GLICKMAN ..... Greenville, S.C. HOWARD MARK GOLDBERG .,.. Lakeland, Fla. SARA K. GOOCH .............. Lake Wales, Fla. CRAIG R. GOODMAN ......... Barnesville, Ga. JONATHAN HOWE GODWIN Darien, Conn. HERBERT GOROD ............... Dalton, Ga. NEAL JOSEPH GOULD ........ Chevy Chase, Md. SARA ELIZABETH GRAY ......... Atlanta, Ga. LAWRENCE E. GREEN ....... New York, N.Y. MARTHA ANNE GREEN ..... Asheville, N.C. EVA L. GREGORY ............... Atlanta, Ga. KENNETH E. GROSSMAN ....... Miami, Fla. KENNETH GRUBBS, II ,....,, Centerport, N.Y. JEANIE GUERRERO .........,... Dallas, Texas ARTHUR L HALL Tucker Ga JANE HAMBRICK Nashville Tenn MARY HELEN HAMILTON Owatonna Minn REBECCA HAMILTON Palatka, Fla STEPHEN JOHN HANGES .,..,... Atlanta, Ga EVELYN CHERI HARBEN .,.,. Brunswick, Ga CHARLES EMMETT HARRIS, III ....,,,,,.,,,, Inclianapolis, Ind MICHAEL EARL HARRIS ,..... Gilbertsville, Ky STEVEN WAYNE HARRIS ,.,,,,,,., Atlanta. Ga DONALD S. HART, JR. .,,.,...,..,,. Tampa. Fla. JOEL HEFFLER ............., Birmingham, Ala. PAULA JEAN HELM ............... Dallas, Tex. NANCY I.. HENRY ............... Auburn, Ala. JOHN TURNER I-IIERS ........... Moultrie, Ga. NANCY E. HILTON ...... ,.... A tlanta, Ga. JOHN P. HINES .......... ..... C ordele, Ga. SCOTT HOBBY ,.................. Atlanta, Ga. STARLING HOLCOMB .......,.... Atlanta, Ga. ELLEN L. HOLDER ............ Birmingham, Ala. CATHERINE E. HOLLAND ....... Marietta, Ga. BRINA HOLLANDER ,,..., .,.,,, M iami, Fla. CHARLES HOLMAN .......,....... Albany, Ga. JAMES EDGAR HOLMES .,....,.. Moultrie, Ga. GEORGE W. I-IOOVER .,,..,,,, Jacksonville, Pla. KATHLEEN ANN HORNE. .Signal Mountain, Tenn. JEROME H. HOROWITZ ........., Atlanta, Ga. NANCY HOTCHKISS ......... Lake Worth, Pla. ROBERTA R. HOUSTON ....... Pensacola, Fla. GLENDA FAYE HOWELL ,........ Atlanta, Ga. HENRY LANDRON HOYAL ....... Macon, Ga. PATRICIA MARIE HUDDLESTON ,,........... Jacksonville, Pla. JAMES T. HUNTER ,........ ..Charlotte, N.C. HARVEY LEWIS HUNTLEY, JR. .... Augusta, Ga. BETH ANN HUTTON ....... Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. MARY O. JACOBS .,.....,,.,.,,... Atlanta, Ga. GERALDINE A. JAIME ......... Savannah, Ga. FRANK EDWARD JENKINS, III ,. East Point, Ga. BERTIL JOHANSSON .,,............,......., Kungsgarden Laholm, Sweden NEW PATRICIA T. JORDAN ......,,.. Doaam, Nc. WILLIAM WELCH JORDAN Greensboro, N.C. ' MARIE LOIS KAEBNICK LaGrange Park, Ill. ALAN D. KANTSIPER ........... Savannah, Ga. WILLIAM K. KEATS .......,.... Hartland, Wis. MARTHA CAROL KELLEY ,,.. Miami Springs, Fla ROBERT R. KELLY .....,...... St. Petersburg, Fla EDWARD H. KELLOGG ............ Ocala, Fla EMBRY M. KENDRICK ,,..,,..,.. Decatur, Ga BETTY JEAN KENNEDY ....... New Castle, Del ROBERT MELL KENNON ........ Tifton, Ga ROSALYN KEYSERLING ...... Huntsville, Ala arurusr EARL KICHLITER .,,... Hollywood, Fla: 41 um' -u fr B Sophomores! College at KENNETH GEORGE JOHNSEN ,, Marietta, Ga. GEORGE DONALD JOHNSON St. Petersburg, Fla. PAUL MARTIN JOHNSON St. Petersburg, Fla. JACK HAMILTON JOHNSTON .... Tampa, Fla. ANDREW T. JONES ............., Atlanta, Ga. HOLCOTT P. JONES ......... Birmingham, Ala. JOSEPH CARDELL JONES .,... Birmingham, Ala. LAURA JONES ..................,.. Atlanta, Ga. PHILIP FRANK JONES ........... Augusta, Ga. MILDRED JANICE JORDAN ,..,. Century, Fla. .- .J Sophomores! College EARRY JAY LEVIN ,,..,.,,,.,,,. Nashville, Ga. PAUL ROBERT LEVINE ...,, Merritt Island, Fla. JAY ALAN LEVITT ..,..,..,,,, Hollywood, Ela. DONNA ELLEN LEVY ....,...,.,, Norfolk, Va. VIRGINIA V. LINDLEY ,.,,,,.,,,,..,,.,,,,,,, JOHN KENT LIVINGSTON ...... Augusta, Ga RICHARD R. LIVINGSTON Daytona Beach, na HENRY TURNER LOEHR ....... Glenview, In. MARY P. LOTI' ...,...........,,. Savannah, Ga. REBECCA L. LOVELESS .........,, Gallatin, Tenn. nmwli I ya In-wi' 111- f--- 1: J. BARCLAY KIRKLAND ......... Tampa, Ela. NANCY SMITH KIRKSEY .,,,,,., Atlanta, Ga. GARY EAKKER KRINGS ,..... Leawood, Kansas SPIRO T. KYPREOS ......... Daytona Beach, Ela. FREDERICK W. LACAVA ..., Orniand Beach, Fla. MARTHA S. LAIRD .,,..........,.. Atlanta, Ga JANET GAIL LANCASTER ......... Atlanta, Ga WILLIAM A. LARDIN Monmouth Junction, N.J MELIIYDA LAUGHLIN ,,,,,..,.,,, Orlando, Fla MERRILEE ANN LEE ,,,,,,.,,,,,.. Orlando, Ela MYRICK ELAINE LEAKE ,,,.,,.,, Decatur, Ga PAUL ALLAN LEEKOWITZ .....,., Miami, Ela RITA ANN LEHNER ,.,...,...,.., Atlanta, Ga LAURA LEICHSENRING ...... Oak Ridge, Tenn FRANKLIN D. LEITER ,..,,....,, Marietta, Ga Q at l ', A I , 1 I I R A, Q i HL' A . Al ' 'ill I Iliff. I Il VERA SUSAN LOVELL ,,,,.,..,.,, Vienna, Ga ANITA MARIE LOWERY .,,....,,.... Rome, Ga CHARLES LARRY LUTZ ,.,,.,, Indiatlantic, Fla LAURIE HURST LYLE .......... Clarksville, Tenn JAMES RON MCEEE ,,,....,...... Atlanta, Ga HUGI-I BOYD MCCAIN .......... Atlanta, Ga LINDA CLARE MCCARTI-IY ........ Atlanta, Ga MARIE T. McCLENDON JOHN o. Mecoao .... LYNN B. Mfcov ..... WALLACE R Mecoi' . ALAN I MCCRACIQTN MARY MILTON Meena Montgomery, Ala Fitzgerald, Ga .. ....... Atlanta, Ga Pensacola, Fla Decatur, Ga Pine Mountain, Ga "ll iii J L ll . Il' ,.I I I. ' I ', ItJJl.' -I ua.-A MAJ larl ' ' oJ""J 125.735 30" eq, l l ll: I a LIONEL POWERS McLEOD, JR. ,,.,, Mobile, Ala. JAMES MONROE MCMANUS ,..., Pageland, S.C. ELEANOR A. McMICHAEL ,,,.,,, Quitman, Ga. THOMAS F. McWHIRTER R. ,.,., Atlanta Ga 9 ,I 1 ' RICHARD J. MACLEOD ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LINDA MACK ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.. Lexington, Ky. KATHLEEN E. MACKAY ,,.,,.,..,, Atlanta, Ga. KENNETH WILSON MAHEN ..... Jalisco, Mexico PATRICIA HARMON MAIN Birmingham, Ala. SELENE ALICE MAIN ..... Albuquerque, N.M. ROBERT G. MALMBORG .,.... Jacksonville, Fla. ELIZABETH LEIGH MANN ,... Clarksville, Tenn. LINDA BETIY MANSKER ..... North Miami, Fla. PATRICIA ANN MARTIN .......,, Roswell, Ga. DANIEL EDISON MASON ......... Tucker, Ga. Sophomores! College I n ' A-illflia Nr yi, A 'f '-V IS it I I X Y I 37" . PATRICIA MIDDLEBROOKS ..... Thomaston, Ga. JAMES HUBERT MILFORD, JR. Hartwell, Ga. LARRY A. MILLER ..,,,,..,,,..,,., Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM MILLER ,..,.... Winston-Salem, N.C. GEORGE LEE MITCHELL ,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. RONALD LEON MITCHELL ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. LINDA CARROLL MOATE ..,,,..,,, Sparta, Ga. LYNNE RICHARDS MOEN ..... New Orleans, La. PAUL EDMUNDS MOLER ,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. MICHAEL W. MORGAN .......... Twin City, Ga. RONALD CRAIG MORGAN ..... Chillicothe, Ohio WINSON H. MORRISS ...,.., Birmingham, Ala. MICHAEL ALAN MOSES .....,. Miami Beach Fla LARRY DELL MAULDIN ......... BARBARA MORRIS MAYERS GUY WILLIAM MAYES .... GEORGE W. MAYO .....,,,,,,... JAMES C. MEALS ...,,, ,...,,, ALBERT EDWARD MEEK ......... MARTIN MELTON, III ,.... BRADLEY S. MERRITT ........... Sylvester, Ga. Darien, Conn. . . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Aweora, Colo. Atlanta, Ga. . Dublin, Ga. Colquitt, Ga. ANNE C. MERTINS ...... ... Montgomery, Ala. MARTIN ALAN MEYERS ..... St. Petersburg, Fla. Sophomores! College IODY PALMOUR .................. Gaines, Ga LOUIS CANEIELD PARKER ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga IAMES DOUGLAS PARKS ,...... Gainesville, Ga HUBER RAYMOND PARSONS ..... Atlanta, Ga PALL MERRILL PARVIS .......... Decatur, Ga GARY PATCHEN .,,.,,,,,,.,. Riviera Beach, Pla. JIM PAULLIN ,,,,,,.,..,,, Pompano Beach, lila PATRICIA LEE PAULK .,.....,.., Moultrie, Ga DOLFORD F. PAYNE .......,., New York, N .Y MARTHA EDWARDS PAYNE ,,, Birmingham, Ala ' 'Ft-::.:..-al-TT SCOTTA IO MYERS .,.,. ....... A tlanta, Ga. JOHN THOMAS NAAS .,....,,,, Hollywood, Fla. FREDERICK L. NEELY, IR. ,,.,,,,.. Atlanta Ga LINDA allzalvoa NEWMAN ,.,., Alelallallaf, vaf IUDITI-I ANN NICHOLS ....... Coral Gables, Pla MARGARET PAYE NICHOLS jacksonville, Fla ADAIR CAROLYN NIX ...,,...,.., Atlanta, Ga SALLY JEAN NOHLGREN .,.,. Coral Gables, Pla KAREN N. NORDSTROM ...,.,..,, Albany, Ga MARY E. NORRIS ....,.,,,....,. Alexarlclria, Va NORRIS LEE ODELL .,......,.,,,,.,,,.,.,,,.. ANTHONY O'DONNELL ....,.,,, Miami, Fla ANN RUSSELL O'STEEN iiAl'I3Aililig sisliliga IQAH I THOMAS C. OSTERMANN .,,,, Glenclora, Calif. SALLY E. OWENS ,,.....,,.,, Mt. Pleasant, S.C. ROBERT GLENN PAYNE ,,,,,, Vicksburg, Miss. OLEN RAYMOND PEARSON Columbus, Ga CHARLES o. Park .,.....,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Gai NANCY ANN PERRY .......... Cartersville, Ga. SHARON LEE PFITZER .......... Orlando, Fla. RICHARD PHILLIPS ....,,,,.,,, Alpharetta, oa, ROBERT ALLAN PHILPOTT .,.,,,, Miami, Pla RICHARD WAYNE PICKET1' .,,.,,. Atlanta, Ga THOMAS JAMES PIRKLE ..,.. Lake Worth, Fla WILLIAM ARTHUR rlalcrn ,.... Gainesville, Fla: CATHERINE PLATTER .........,.. Moultrie, Ga SHARON LEE POLLOCK ......... SAAAAAA, Gal IAEAIIALA JEAN Forma .,,,,..., Atlanta, GA. Sophomores! College CHARLES TURNER PRICE .,,,, Winter Park, Fla. WILLIAM NEWMAN PRICE ,,,,.,. Atlanta, Ga. LAWRENCE T. PRINGOS ....... Little Rock, Ark. JAMES DONALD PUCKETT ,,,,,,,,, Buford, Ga. RICHARD W. PUTNAM ,,.,,,,., Lakeland, Fla. PATRICIA A. RAGSDALE ,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. LINDA DIANE RAINEY .,,,,,, Birmingham, Ala. , HAROLD STEPHEN RASH ,..., Miami Beach, Fla. LEE DAVID RATHER ,.....,., Miami Beach, Fla. ARNOLD CLYDE RAUSCH ,,,. Charlottesville, Va. ANN NIX RAYBURN ......... Coral Gables, Fla. JANE BELTON REA ,,,,,,,,, Mt. Jackson, Va. PAULA WHEELER REID .,.,..,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. SHERRON L. REILEY .,,,, Avondale Estates, Ga. SHARON LEE REITER ,.,,,,,, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. W . DANIEL FRANK RENTZ CHERYL IOLA ROBBINS ...... Mamaroneck, N .Y. DEAN WINN ROBERTS, JR. .,,,, Bethesda, Md RICHARD E. ROBERTS .,.....,, Winter Park, Fla SARAH RUTH ROBINETT ...... Waynesville, N.C JOHN WENDELL ROBINSON .. Glen Mills, Penns MARY MARTHA ROBINSON ...,, Ft. Myers, Fla RUDOLPH H. RODRIGUEZ ..,.,.., Tampa, Fla JOSEPH BROWN ROGERS ....... Oxford, Miss MICHAEL BRUCE ROGERS ,,,,,,, Augusta, Ga PHYLLIS ANN ROMITA ....... Winter Park, Fla FREDERICK ROSENBURG ,,.,. South Orange, N.J JOHN CHARLES ROSS ,,,,,..,,,, Atlanta, Ga MICHAEL DAVID ROSS ..,......... Miami, Fla VIRGINIA M. ROANE ........... .......,Miami, Fla. CAROLE ANN RIDGEWAY , Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT MYRON RIDLEY ,.,.,,,, Hapeville, Ga. SUSAN A. RIDLEY ,.,,,,.,.,,, ,,,Macon, Ga. ROBERT WINSTON RIGNEY , Anniston, Ala. MICHAEL RIPPS ,.,,,,, ,,.., W anamass, N.J. CAROL RISHER ,....., .,..,., T yler, Ala. TOIVO EGON RIST ....... Atlanta, Ga. ROGER WADE RIZK ......,. Jacksonville, Fla. Charlotte, N.C. Sophomores! College CHERYL ANN SESSOMS ........ Zanesville, Ohio RICKY STEWART SEXTON ........ Atlanta, Ga. STANLEY IRA SHAPIRO .. North Miami Beach, Fla. TERESA LEANNE SHELLEY ,.., Greenville, SC. IAN SHELTON ..............,..., Valdosta, Ga. ARNOLD DAVID SHEVIN ......... Miami, Bla. GEORGE MERRILL SHORE .... jacksonville, Fla. CHARLES L. SIEMON ..... West Palm Beach, Ela. ARNOLD VICTOR SIGNER ,,,,, Lakeland, Fla. JAMES CLARENCE SIKES .......,, Macon, Ga. I Q , ll Rem I If I I R r I II ft ' I M I . ,,a v , ,,, ,,5,l ,dj WALTER FREDERICK ROWE .,... Decatur, Ga. DENNISON A. ROYAL ,,,,,,,,.,,, Aiken, SC. I. PERRY ROYSTON .,,,,,,,,, Coral Gables, Fla. HAROLD ROBERT RUBIN ......... Miami, Fla. JOHN YORK RUMELE ............. Atlanta, Ga. CATHERINE A. SANDERS ,.,,,, Delray Beach, Fla. ANDREW V. SANTANGINI Montgomery, Ala. STEPHEN SAUNDERS ,,...,.,...., Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD SCANLING, IR. ........,, Atlanta, Ga. CLAUDE E. SCARBOROUGH, IR. ,,,,,,,,,.... , St. Mountain, Ga. DONALDI SCHLIESSMANN . tanta, f STEPHEN SCHREIBER Waycross . EAMES T SCRUGGS IR Oranclo I' GAIL SEAMAN tantr HAROLD VERNON SELLS tana I aorvaro Jorvas suaaa . our earn snvroavos ,... aoaav auvvaan savnvrs .. sarvnaa sraoor ....... MARY ance sLaMoNs . ANNE GARDNER SMITH BARBARA L. SMITH .... CRAIG E. SMITH ...... rroaauca P. srarrn .,,, ' ,'.',','f HELEN D. SMITH .,..... Laorvaao Kaaa srvnra BETIY arrarrv srvaro .. roars THOMAS sparucs nuthin . Nashville, Tenn. Atlanta,Ga. .........Ashburn, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. Knorfville, Tenn. Moultrie, Ga. Tampa, Ela. jacksonville, Fla. .. Clearwater, Fla. . ....... Atlanta, Ga. Miami Beach, Fla. . . . . . . , Charlotte, N.C. . . . . Canton, Ga. WILLIAM A. SPITZ ...... DEMPSEY SPRINGFIELD . FRANK P. STAINBACK . RHODA STANFORD ,.... DEBORAH ANN STATON KAREN STEINBERG ,.... COIINELIUS L. STEPHENS BRUCE LEE STERNBERG , , f ,' ff fff CHARLES M. STEVENS .. GEORGE HILL STEVENS . olnunrwo NIARTIIA IIIITINA STARR .'.'.'.','.' H Antlerson, SAS. Gainesville, Fla. Oxon Hill, Md , Orlando, Fla. . Sharon, Mass. ,, Smyrna, Ga. Dallas, Tex. Nashville, Tenn. Atlanta Ga. MARTHA VIRGINIA STILL ,,,.,,,,.,,, '. , ,, North Palm Beach, Fla. STANLEY C. STOCKDALE ,.,,,.., Atlanta, Ga. JAN MARIE STORCK ,,..,,,,,...., Atlanta, Ga. JEAN ANN STORCK ...,., ,,,,, A tlanta, Ga. CYNTHIA C. THOMPSON .... Eirminglram, Ala JACQUELIN D. TICE ,,,,,,..,..,,, Marietta, Ga THOMAS AUSTIN TINSLEY ,,,, Jacksonville, Fla STEVEN GARY TOLBER . VIRGINIA L. TRUMF .... WILLIAM M. TUCKER . llllllufluo llllllll Atlanta, .. Decatur, Ga. A Anniston, Ala. IIIoITIa ANN TIIRNRR, JR f .' eaairaga, ea. LARRY EUGENE TYNER ..,..... Gainesville, Ga. SHERYL ANN VERNON ,........... Atlanta, Ga. GARY MATTHEWS VICKERS .,.......... NC. ANN WARE VORUS ,,........,... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM WICHER WAITE ,,.,,.,. Atlanta, Ga. BRENDA MAXINE WALDON .... Jonesboro, , Miami, Fla. . .. Macon, Ga. Sophomores! College JON PETER STRAUBE ..,......, Montville, N.J CHRISTIAN JOHN STRECK ,, St. Petersburg, Fla EDMLND STRICKLAND ,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,., WILLIAM STUBBLEFIELD .,,.,,,,,, Tampa, Fla RICHARD WAYNE SWANSON .... Marietta, Ga JEFFREY E. TALLEY ,,,,,,.,.,,, Marietta, Ga FRANCIS MICHAEL TARRAII ,,.,., Valdese, N.C ATHYLINNE TEIICHERT ,,,,,, Eau Gallic, Fla DWIGHT REMBERT THOMAS .,,, Savannah, Ga RONALD GLENN THOMASON ..... Decatur, Ga Sophomores! College JAMES IRWIN WHITE ...... IOIAINII WHITE ,,....... JULIA WHITEHURST ....... your II. WHITEORD ,.... RICHARD JOE WIENER ..... SAMUEL WIESEL ........ DIANE LEIGH WILLEY ......... VICKI DIANE, WILLIAMS .. . . . . . . Storltridge, Ga. ... . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. Paris, France Atlanta, Ga. Wilmington, Delaware . . . . .. Birnainghana, Ala. Atlanta,Ga. Gainesville, Ga. I l J I In WILLIAM WALIIIERS ,,,,,,........ BLIIIOW, Illa. JACKSON PERCY WARD ...,.. Jacltsonville, Ela. SUZANNA EMILY WARE ...... Hogansville, Ga. RAYMOND IaoN waaralts ...... Attaaa, Ga. CAROL ANN WATSON .......... Columbus, Ga. BONNIE LEE WEINGARTEN ....., El Paso, Tex. LARRY WEISBLATT .,,,.... North Miami, Ela. VALERIE JOAN WEISSLER ..,..,,,,, Miami, Ela. WARREN RAY WEITSMAN .... Washington, D.C. MURIEL DEE WELLS ,,,,....., Charlestown, S.C. HUGH WESTBROOK .,........ Jacksonville, Fla. CHARLES E. WHALEN .,,,,.....,, Atlanta, Ga. LAWRENCE WHEELER ....,,...,,. Decatur, Ga. HARRY JONES WHELCHEL ,, Chattanooga, Tenn. BARRY li. WHIK ,................. Atlanta, Ga. 1 IEJI J Ia It V. If DAVID WILLIAMSON ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, JILL WILSON ...,,...,.,,.,,, Nashville, Tenn. JOHN MARK WILSON ....,...., Wayeross, Ga. SARA LEE WILSON ......... Chattanooga, Tenn. JAMES DAVID WINDHAM ,,,,,,,,. Atlanta, Ga. JAMES WINN ....,......... Warner RohhiIIs, Ga. DONALD R. WINTER ,,.,,,..,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, WAYNE WILLIAMSON WOOD .. Belle Glade, Fla. JOAN GENEVA WOODALL ........ CalhouII, Ga. WILLIAM R. WOODALL ,..,....,.., Macon, Ga. NANCY ANNE WOOTEN .... Stantonsburg, NC. VIRGINIA WRIGHT ,,.,...... Birmingham, Ala. JUDITH A. WYNNE ........ Crawfortlsville, Ga. ANABELLE YANG ........ Kowloon, I-long Kong W I an "Q- 'WUI' ri dl 6 , "Jr ., ..-.k Freshman Class 1964-1965 Officers: PRESIDENT ,,,,,, .,.,, R obert Zwerner 61 ' vrcamasrnrnr ..,.,. ....... n on ar-anon A SECRETARY ..... ..... J ean Serafin ill f' ll' Tnansuaan ..... ......, M na yarns 1 aw Many of the original 628 members of the Class of 1968 began their college careers by attending a retreat at Camp Glisson. Here some are shown partaking of one of the many hearty meals offered there. Freshmen! College GEORGE WILLIAM ANDREWS, III SANDRA ANDREWS ...,........ THOMAS ARMOUR, Ill ,.,....... ROBERT ARONSON ........ GEORGE FREDDIE ATWELL, JR. ANTHONY ROBERT AUSTIN ...' ff DERST KOERNER AUSTIN .... CLARKE CHAMBERS AVANT . JACK MONIIOI: Avaaarrr, Ja. . WILLIAM GORDON AYRES . , . f f f f f f QI-IAALIIS WISIIY BARNES, III ,,... DONNA RAE BASTIAN ....... unaunu aunts: Union Springs, Ala Ellenwood, Ga Miami, Fla . . . .. Fayetteifille, N.Y . . . . . Pensacola, Fla ....... Griffin, Ga. Dallas,Tex . . . . .. Sandersville, Ga COlumbus,Ga . . . . . . Douglasville, Ga Valdosta, Ga .. . . .. Augusta, Ga. in ' lt- Ji Ivtl I , - Il I- I I H.: hr " I , ,H nr " I Jil' .ll I I .,. 5, Y- 'rl ANDRE ABNER ABITOL ...,,, Forest Hills, N.Y. JERRY DeWAYNE ABRAMS ........ Marietta, Ga CAROLE JEAN ADAMS ............ Atlanta, Ga CONNIE LEE ADAMS ,...,.... Jatlrsonville, Fla WEYLAN SAMUEL ADAMS, JR. .... Marietta, Ga. TERRENCE BURDETT ADAMSON .. Calhoun, Ga. WALTER HUGH ADCOCK, JR. ...... Decatur, Ga. CHARLES S. AGRICOLA ..,,,,,,,, Mahleton, Ga. SHARON ANNE ALBERSON ...,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. DIAN ELIZABETH ALLEN ,,..,, Memphis, Tenn SUSAN JANET ALLEY ,,.,,, Miami Shores, Ela. LEE HEYMAN ALTMAYER ,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL NANCY AMSDEN ....., Valdosta, Ga. ELLEN CHRISTINE ANDERSON ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, St. Simons Isle, Ga SANDRA GAIL ANOIIASON ..,.,,,. vaianu, Oaf CAROLYN ANN BATCHELOR ..... Smyrna, Ga. GEORGE LEMUEL BEALE, fR. .... Ashland, Ala. STEVEN LESLIE BEGOR ....,,,,,, Columbus, Ga. STANLEY ALLEN BEITSCIFIER ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, N. Miami Beach, Fla. CAROL 'LYNN BELL ....,.....,,,,,, Miami, Fla. RICHARD ERVIN BELL ...,,,.,,,,, Shelby, NC. HARRY EDWARD BENNETT .,.... Sarasota, Fla VINCENT EINVAL BERGQUIST, JR. ......... . Colurnbus, Ga. ROBERT LOWRY BERRY ..,.,,,, Villa Rica, Ga. SUZANNE GILBERT BERRY .. Brandenburg, Ky. ANNE BESSENT .,.......,...,..., Atlanta, Ga. STANLEY JOE BIRD .,...,,.,,., Gainesville, Ga. KATHRYN ELIZABETH BLACKWOOD ......., ' an WILLIAM HENRY BOICE ,,..,,,, Houston, Tex SANDRA RUTH BONNER ,,.,,,,, MoIIltrie, Ga ROBERT GLEN BOOKHOLT ..,.,,,, Decatur, Ga CHARLES E. BOSSERMAN, III ,..,., Orlando, Fla SANDRA KAY BOUTWELL ,,., Lake Worth, Fla MARK KRISTEN BRADY ,,,, St. Petersburg, Fla PATRICIA ELAINE BRANCH ,.,,,, Atlanta, Ga WILLIAM HAROLD BRANHAM ,, Greenville, S.C HENRY EUGENE BRASS .,., Pompano Beach, Fla DOROTHY KEITH BRASWELL .... Alachua, Fla HUGH SOLOMON BRAY ,,,,,, Buffalo Gnnvn, III. ANDREW BREGMAN ,..,,,,,.,,,,, Tanpn, Eln. MILES ELI BRETT ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Mnnn, Ea. NEILL ATKINSON .BRIDGES R. ..,, Atlanta Ga J I - SALLY ANN BRIDGES ,,,,,,,,,,,, Anniston, Ala. RAY BROWNING BUSH .,,,,,,,,,,, caan, Ky, JOAIYN CHARLOTTE BUTLER ,. Hollywood, Fla. WILLIAM CHARLES BUTSCHER ....,. onrn, nn. PETER BIERREN BUTTER ,,,, SI. Pannnnng, Fla. CHARLES GLEN BLTTERWORTH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Woodstock, Ga. SARA ALICE BUTTRAM ,....,,...., Auburn, Ala. RONALD IRWIN CAHEN .. N. Miami Beach, Fla. SUSAN ALICE CAHOON ,...,.., Jacksonville, Fla. THOMAS ROBERT CARSTENS ....,, Atlanta, Ga. IRENE BROSIUS CARTER ,,,,,.,, Memphis, Tenn REBECCA ANN CARTER ......., Newington, Ga. SARAH REBECCA CARTER ,,....,, Moultrie, Ga RANDALL JERRY CARVER ., Powder Springs, Ga . . . R, Wavnesboro, Ga. Freshmen! College JI K ' J! . ,- 'I S, Avr- I II L . ll.. MARJORIE ANNE BRITT ...... BENJAMIN BYRON BROCK HOWARD THOMAS BROCK, JR BARRY BRITT BROMBERG 1. roll uouuauo ouuuaaunoolutnnuu :unable uoosu Memphis, Tenn. Orlando, Fla. Morristown, Tenn. Enterprise, Ala JAMES MICHAEL BROWN ........ ..... S myrna, Ga. MARJORIE CORNELIA BROWN SAMUEL EDWARD BROWN WILLIAM LAWRENCE BROWN , , Charlotte, N .C. Decatur, Ga .naman vars: ' , Atlanta, Ga DONALD ELLARD BRUNSON . . RICHARD WARREN BURKE, JR. MARSHA CAROL BURKET .... BARBARA LOUISE BURNS ,................. owen mansion , Birmingham, Ala. Massapequa, N.Y. Huntsville, Ala Lake Wales, Pla. 1 'I J ' n Q6-I IHS' ' 1 ...'.7x.Z.lI.lI Freshmen! College , CLAIRE COLEMAN ......... DIANA LEE COLLINS ....... JUDITH DIANNE COLWELL Orlando, Fla SALLIE MAY CONE ........... MARY NELL CONGER ...... RUDY VAN CONOLEY ..... ROBERT LAMAR COOK .... ELIZABETH DORRIS COOPER ".1I1Ql'.'. iff... aaaial . .. ....... Saluda, S.C Smyrna, Ga Tallahassee, Fla i I ...... Moultrie, Ga Miami, Fla . Newnan Ga Ga NANCY ANN COOPER ........ ........ P rattville, Ala. SUSAN DORSEY COOPER ,,..,...,. ,,..... R ochester, Minn. DONALD ROBERT CORRELL ,. Miami, Fla. GARY LANIER COULTER .. . ...,. Columbus, Ga JOHN McLENDON CHATELAIN ............... New Orleans, La. WALLACE HOOD CHENEY .... Spartanburg, S.C. JUDITH BINA CHERNIAK ........ Mobile, Ala. VIRGINIA CAROLYN CISSNA . Chattanooga, Tenn. DAVID MICHAEL CLARK .......... Atlanta, Ga. LINDSEY JANE CLARK .. West Palm Beach, Fla. MARTHA LIND CLARK .,....,...,. Atlanta, Ga. JOAN KAY CLAYTON ....,....... Atlanta, Ga. FRANK DEWITT CLEMMER .,,, East Point, Ga. BETTY SUE CLINARD ,...,,....., Macon, Ga. WILLIAM DAVID CLOUD ...,..., Orlanclo, Fla. ROBERT VAUGHAN COBLE ...... Sarasota, Fla. JEROME BARRY COHEN .,.... Birmingham, Ala. MICHAEL JAY COHEN ,,,,,.,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. WENDELL STUART COLBY .,,.,... Miami, Fla. l I , it A ,ll ii H l I MARY CATHERINE COWAN ..,, Ellenwood, Ga. BEAUFORT FRANK CRANFORD .............. Milledgeville, Ga. PHYLLIS EILEEN CRIBBS .......... Toccoa, Ga. 'BARBARA KENT CROFT ....... Tallahassee, Fla. HOYT WOODROW CRUMP, III . College Park, Ga. EMILY ERWIN CULPEPPER ,,........ Macon, Ga. MARSHA RAYE CUMB ..,,,,,,,,.. Dothan, Ala. DIANNE ALICE DANIEL .......... Atlanta, Ga. VIRGINIA PAY DANIEL .... Temple Terrace, Fla. JAMES ALEXANDER DAVENPORT ,,,,.,,,,,., RICHARD ALAN DAVENPORT ...... Miami, Fla. Tallahassee, Fla. GLADYS PATRICIA DAVIS ..... Nashville, Tenn. YN LOUISE DAVIS ........ Conyers, Ga. LOUIS LLOYD DAVIS, JR. ,..,,.,,., Atlanta, Ga SYLVIA ANNE DAWSON ......,,.. Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL PERRY DEAN .,...... Williston, Fla FRANCES LOL'ISE DECKER Jacksonville, Fla JAMES ERNEST DELANEY, JR. ,,,,,, Tampa, Fla. LAUREN SUE DELDIN ,,.,,,.,.,,,., Miami, Fla CARLIN HOPE DQMORE ,,,,,,,, Clarkcsvillc, Ga DERYL JOYCE DENTON ,,,,,,,,,,,, Macon, Ga WALTER MABRY DERISO ...,.... Nawnan, Ga SHERRYL CHRIS DESTEPHANO .... Moultrie, Ga BEVERLY SUE DEW ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anniston, Ala. NANCEE SUE DCWOSKIN ......., St. Louis, Mo. RETER FRANKLIN DIAS ,,,,,,, Braclenton, Fla DAVID LFE DILL Ocilla, Gai SHARON VIRGINIA. DI's'IINDR' .' f 'RiAgoAfI, TAA. Freshmen! College I A iifl , A -J' ' , I Y 'I I 'I R ,R II I I WILLIS JACKSON EDENFIELD, JR. . Lalcelantl, Fla. DAY ANN DOAK ,.... JOAN DUPREE Donna ,,,.,,,. .. SHIRLEY ANN DDDRLIN ........ .. WILLIAM JAMES DORMINY . H. coLI,INos DDWNRS, JR. ,,,,, ,,,,,, . DoNAI.D IIGRIIRT DOYLE ,,.,,,, ,,,,,, LAURA CARDI, DIIMAS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MARY ANN HUNTER DUNN . WILLIAM CARY DUNSON .,........ ,... RALPH WILLIAM DURHAM JR EILVA DZIEWINSKI ..,,...... CAROLE DEL EARGLE ....,.., . . . . . 'lllll llltl .. Shelbyville, Ky. Atlanta, Ga. Coltiinlnis, Ga. Fitzgerald, Ga. Louisville, Ky. St. Simons Is., Ga. .,,,. Atlanta, Ga. Eagles Mare, Penn. LaGrange, Ga. Macon, Ga. , ,, ,,..,, Atlanta, Ga. ..... Seneca, S.C. JOHN COOPER EDWARDS ,,.,,,,,,, Macon, Ga. RICHARD ARTHUR RIMRR, JR. .... Atlanta, Ga. VIRGINIA ENG ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. FRANK LEWIS ESKRIDGE, III ,,,,,, Atlanta,.Ga. ANN CAVENDER EVANS ..,,.,,,,, Dalton, Ga. DALE LEIGH EVANS ,..,.....,,, LaFayette, Ga. LYNDA LUCILLE EVANS ........ Rock Hill, SC. ROBERT EDWARD EVERETT ,,,, Dahlonega, Ga. MARY ANNE EYLES .,.,..,.,..,., Atlanta, Ga. DARRYL LEE FALLS ,,,,,,,, Lanclover Hills, Mal. ROBERT CLARK FERGUSON .... West Point, Ga. GEORGE CARI FFTKO Alexandria Va Freshmen! College 'I , I Ru, PAUL LESLIE GARBER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga RICHARD HARRIS GARNER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga WILLIAM RIDDICK GARRETT ,,,...,,,, Temple Terrace, Fla EDWARD ANTHONY GEIS ...,,,., ..,.....,, I-I ollis, N.Y RUTH HARRIET GERSHON EDWIN STEVEN OEIISON 'Q H '. RONALD IIAIIIIY OEIISON ,..... ..... MARY GHESQOIIIE ,,....... CHARLOTTE ANN GIBSON .. HERMAN MARLIN GILBERT JACKSON TIIEEMAN GILES, ai f.',',',' ,'f,'f JIIOIIH IIAE GILES ,,,.,,,,,,,, . Atlanta, Ga. ColumbIIs, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Pensacola, Fla a,EIa Hapeville, Ga , Griffin, Ga OnIaha,Neb I. 'Il I I NATHAN IRA PINKELSTEIN .....,, ,, OPP, Ala. COLLIN DOUGLAS PINNEY .... Nashville, 'ram RICHARD ALAN EISIQEEII ,,,.,..,, Ballwin, Mo, MADGE IIELTON FITZPATRICK .. Columbus, Ga. NANCY PAULETTE IILATAU ....... Tampa, Pla. WILLIAM BARTON FLEMING .... Jackson, Miss. LANIS ALLAN FORNEY .......,.. Lakeland, Bla. DONALD EDWARD IIORTUNA ..,, Atlanta, Ga. MARK STEVEN ERANKBL ........ Sarasota, Bla. ROBERT MILTON FREDERICK ,,..., Albany, Ga. MICHAEL FRIEDMAN ......., Birnainglnm, Ala. STUART ANDREW BRIEDMAN ., Amityville, N.Y DOUGLAS STERLING IIRY ..,., Gatlinburg, Tenn WALTER PATRICK GAEFNEY ......, Miami, Fla. RICHARD LEE GANN .......,,,..., Tainpa, Fla. l. SUSAN MARIE GILLEN ,,..,.,.,,,. Tampa, Pla. JAN ELLEN GILLESPIE ,,,...,,,... Atlanta, Ga. IRA DAVID'GINGOLD ,,..,,., Birmingham, Ala. VIOLET ELIZABETH GLASCOCK ,, Waycross, Ga. MICHAEL ELLIOTT GLASS ..... ' ..... Jesup, Ga. JOHN TRAPNELL GLOVER ........ Newnan, Ga. MARION SOPHIA GODOWN ...... Chicago, Ill. RONALD ARTHUR GOERSS ........ Sanford, Fla. AARON STANLEY GOLDBERG .... Savannah, Ga. JULIA ANN GOODYEAR ..,....... Atlanta, Ga. JACK BENJAMIN GORDON ..... Hartsclale, N.Y. ALICE NEIL GOUGH ...,,....,.... Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN ANNE GOURLIE ,,.,,,,,,. Abbeville, S.C. I I ROBERT MAITRICE GREEN, JR, ,.,, Lakeland, Fla KATHERINE E. GREENE ....,,..,, Pensacola, Fla SHARON ELAINE GREENE , .,..,,,, Atlanta, Ga JUDITH ELAINE GREER ........ Nashville, Tenn CATHY GRIE-BLE ,..,.,....,..,,,, Atlanta, Ga JOSEPH LAIRD GRIFFIN ........, Savannah, Ga MARSHA LYNN GRIFFIN .......... Tampa, Fla LINDA ANN GRIMMETT ,,,,,,,,, Moultrie, Ga WILLIAM SANDERSON GRIZZARD Lakeland, Fla PATRICIA ANNE GROOVER ,,,.,, Ft. Hood, Tex. RENA ELLEN GROSSFIELD ,.,, Port Arthur, T ex STEPHEN LEE GUICE, III ..,.., New Orleans, La GWENITH KAREN GUSTAFSON ..., Griffin, Ga WILLIAM MELVIN HAAS, III ....,., Mobile, ,Ala ROBERT CHARLES I-IACKMAN, III ,, Atlanta, Ga ROBERT ADELPH HARBORT, JR. A ..,. Atlanta, Ga. CLEVELAND JAY HARP, III ,..,, Oglethorpe, Ga. ADA SUE HARRIS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Newnan, Ga. JENNIFER RAY HARRIS .......... Columbia, S.C. nonaar ALAN HARRISON .,.....,, vaafa, Fla. ROBERT MORSE HARTMAN, JR. ... Clearwater, Fla. BETTY DHANH Havss ,,,,...,,,,, Atlanta, ea. THOMAS MANDEVILLE HAYES .... Atlanta, ea. LINDA LLAH Hamas .......,,,, Pensacola, Ha. LANANDA aossHAzoUn1 .,,.. columns, ea, MARY ELIZABETH HEMMEL Et. Lauclerdale, Fla. EDWIN EARL HEYER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM LYNN HIGGINBOTHAM, JR. ....... . I 12 5 J J E ,, A Freshmen! College , , N HUNTER DANIEL HALH ..... yor HILL HALL, Jn. ,,..,.... . MICHAEL CAMPBELL HALL .. LORRAINE KAY HALLMAN ...' ' ' H MICHAEL IRVIN HALPER ,.... MARY PATTI HAMBRICK ..... JEFFREY COE HAMLING .,.... ARTHUR CULLEN HAMMOND CHRISTINE ASTON HAMMOND LEE RICHARD HANDEL .,..... rlunluuurlrvnf llullllll illllllllll Irllttlllluuulv 'P I I ,I PNP YQ' I " ffl" - I ' t l Jr Dalton, Ga. LaFayette, Ga. Hampton, Ga. Charleston, S.C. .. Miami Beach, Fla. Nashville, Tenn. Avondale Estates, Ga. Spartanburg, S.C. . Norfolk, Va. Shaker Heights, Ohio ltr CHARLES ALEXANDER HANIE ,......,...,,.,,,. Decatur, Ga. LELAND THOMAS HANKINS .. ,, ,,,,, Ft. Benning, Ga. MW' r li I it- I Q i--2:-X fu? ' -Q uv v1 A 4 I JJ A l .',""l 1- w , gurl, if S , V . ,. I I PreShmen!ColIege JUDY LYNN HUGHES ...,.,...,.....,,.,...,.. Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS HOLMES HUNT ...,,,.,.,.,.,.,.. Fayetteville, N.C. KATHERINE MARIE HUNTER ,....,.,....... Monticello, Fla. EDWARD GILMORE HUTCHINGS, III ,........., Camilla, Ga. WILLIAM BENJAMIN HUTTO, III .......,,,,, Charleston, SC. HAROLD STANLEY JACKSON RICHARD ALLEN JACKSON ...i.- .... ALICE MARIAN JAMES .,,..,,. ,,.. WALTER SIDNEY JENKINS ...... .... WALTER TEoMAS JENKINS ELLEN MARGARET JERVIS ...... JAMES MALSON jETEE ........................ Dawson, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Tampa, Fla. . Tampa, Ela Chamblee, Ga Louisville, Ky Moultrie, Ga o A DAVID EUGENE HINES ,,......, Dade City, Fla. STEWART MERAE HINSON ......., Quincy, Fla. ROBERT E. HIRSCHFIELD Cleveland I-Ieights, Ohio ALAN LAWRENCE HOFFMAN Miami Beach, Fla. DAVID LAWRENCE HOESTADTER ,. Macon, Ga. THOMAS DEAN HOGAN .......... Tampa, Fla. LINDA WRIGHT HOGE ,..,..,....., Rome, Ga. JOAN MARIE HOLLENBACH ,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. JAMES TILGHMAN HOLMES .. Wilmington, Del. SUSAN ELIZABETH HORNE ...,. Alexandria, Va. BETTY JANE HOUSEHOLDER ... Nashville, Tenn. MARSHA LYNN HOUSTON .... Greensboro, N.C. PAUL ELET CI-IER HUBER ,,,... Oak Ridge, Tenn. WILLIAM TALMADGE HUDSON, JR. ,Atlanta Ga. LY NDALL HUFEORD .....,..... Pensacola, Ela. JAMES PHILIP JOHNSON .......... Aiken, SC. SHERMAN DARNELL JOHNSON ..., Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM HAMMOND JOHNSON, III ......... Gainesville, Ga. DAVID MONROE JONES .....,... Columbus, Ga. EDWARD LAWRENCE JONES ..,, Durham, ,N.C. HARRY LAMAR JONES JR. ,.,.. Houston, Tex. JEAN WEBSTER JONES ...., Winston-Salem, N.C. MICHAEL JACK JONES ....,,,,..,. Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD ANDERSON JONES, JR. Chamblee, Ga. JANICE LYNN JORDAN ......... Wellfotfl, S.C. ANN SULLINS JOUROLMON Knotville Tenn LYNWOOD DEAL JORDAN, Ja. ..,,, Tampa, EM , -4 , A I I I I I J ,I MARIE JOSLPHINE KANE .. . O l n I+ SUSAN ANN KAY ........ Jacksonville Beach, Fla EDWARD HAROLD KEISER, JR. ,,.. Tampa, Fla LYN ADEL3 KILGO ....,,,.......,, Atlanta, Ga PIERCE RICHARD KILGO .,.,.. Ridgewood, N.J LAWRENCE M. KILLINGSWORTH ,, ERROR, Ga EDWIN MOSELEY KING ...... Pascagoula, Miss HARRIETTE ELIZABETH KING ,... Sylvania, Ga JESSE KITE, Ill ,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,...., Macon, Ga DOUGLAS BRADFORD KNISKERN .,...,.,.... Coral Gahles, Fla DONNA LEIGH KNOWLES ,,., Coral Gables, Fla REDLICH SIMS KOPPEL ........ Nashville, Tenn NORMA PEARCE KORB ,,.,.. St. Simons Is., Ga. GEORGE KOZMA ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga KENNETH ALLAN KRIEEER ....,,,, Atlanta, Ga KAROLE RUTH KIIHNERT ,,,,,, Bristol, Tenn ROBERT JAMES LINN .,,,,,,..,,, Calhoun, Ga RODRLIPHAM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tallapoosa, Ga HUGH ALAN LOET ON ,,,,,,,,,,,, Moultrie, Ga MARGARET JEAN LONG ..,, Warm Springs, Ga THOMAS JOSEPH LONGINO ....,., Decatur, Ga. ELBY LAURA LORES ,,,,....., Coral Gables, Fla. HUBERT CHAPMAN LOVEIN, JR. ,,,, Macon, Ga. ETHERIDGE JUNE LOVETT, JR. Orlando, Fla. ROBERT WESLEY LOWRY ,,,,., Dunwoody, Ga. GARY ALAN LUBEL ....,.,,,...,. Miami, Fla. MARJORIE MARIE LUCKEY ,.,,,,,, Harlem, Ga. CHARLES ROBERTS LULL ,.,, Chattanooga, Tenn. WHJJAM KISER LUNSEORD W. Palm Beach, Pla. Freshmen! College SHARON KAY KUITERT ...... RICHARD MICHAEL KUTSCH LYDIA FAY LALLAS ,...... THRAE LAMONT ....... KAY suMMERs LANGHORNE ALMA EsrRER LANTZ ..... JOHN FRANK LAURENT ,... NAN CAROL rAwRENcE ... LUCY LAURENS LEBLANC ... MARY coNor.Y LEMON ..... MARTIN DAVID LEVIN ..... MvLEs HOWARD usvirr . Gainesville, Fla. Decatur, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. Brooklyn, N.Y. lllllf :eral lllll ullllllll Ill llurlll lnfvvrl Newington, Conn. ......... Atlanta, Ga. Bartow, Fla. Coral Gables, Fla. :tucson was noaauvnv Virginia Beach, Va. Chevy Chase, Mcl. Et. Benning, Ga. New Orleans, La. P I J i Freshmen! College PHILIP MICHAEL MCKINNEY MICHAEL ALLAN MCKINNON ROBERT GLEN MCKINNON .. EDWIN LYNN McLARTY .... IEWELL LDNA Mnvroiuus ... IAMES LUTHER MACKAY ,... RANDALL MACON .......... IOSEPH JEFFERSON MADDOX PATRICIA ANNE MAv1aao MELVIN CARL MAo1nsoN ... MARK vowaas Mania, ya. .. HonAca MALcoM ...,..... can and no annual! usual :sl lu oollluls I ,. Huntsville, Ala. i Atlanta, Ga. i Atlanta, Ga. Chattahoochee, Fla. Macon, Ga. Tampa, Fla. . Greenwood, S.C. Decatur, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Richardson, Tex. Atlanta, Ga. .. Brunswick, Ga. p l I I ly , I -, A 1- ' i l ,I 4 .M ' , ' ' ' ,le I In ,I , l. A r ' 'h "-I i . i l 51:3 il ' ' my, X, s-. ,iv 15 A I , , A I 5 my 5-2: J.'E?' I , 'H 1 l I' 'X ay , . , , ,- lla U I "I .v tgp? Q ir - A JOHN COLBERT MCAFEE, IR. ..... Denver, Colo SARAH LYNN MCARTHUR ,,........ Tampa, Fla. SALLY ANN MCCALL ,,,.... W. Palm Beach, Fla. CAROLE RIDGELY MCCANN ,..,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM WALTER MCCOLLUM .... Macon, Ga. RICHARD EARL McCULLOUGH ...,. Macon, Ga. ROY THORNTON MCDANIEL .. Key Biscayne, Fla. MICHAEL IOHN McDEVITT ,... jacksonville, Fla. FLORENCE AGNES McDONNELL ... Daphne, Ala. WILLIAM LIGON McDOW,, ,, Brownsville, Tenn. KURT CHARLES McDUFFIE ,... Oak Ridge, Tenn CLEMENT ALFRED MCGARRY ,. Ft. Benning, Ga CHARLES WILKIE MCGILL ,,,,, ', , , Iaclcson, Tenn BRUCE MCGLINCHEY .,.,,,...,,.., Albany, Ga MAurucL 1. MCKLAND ....,.... Nashville, Ttfllili ROBERT RYMER MARGOLIN ......,, Miami, Fla MICHELE ADAIR MALONE ,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga KATHERINE ELLEN MANRY ,... Lake Wales, Fla GERALD-MITCHELL MARLIN ....,.. Miami, Fla WILLIAM HADDEN MARSH ,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga MARGARET IOLA MARSHALL ..,. Conway, S.C. LAURA KAROLINE MARTENS .. N. Augusta, S.C. BIEMANN ALEXANDER MARTIN .. Decatur, Ga. DANIEL CLYDE MARTIN ...., Lawrenceville, Ga. ION A. MARTIN ,,,,,,,,,.,,..,., Tampa, Fla. KENNETH GALE MARTIN ...... Merritt, Is., Fla. DAVID LAWRENCE MATLIN .. Garden City, N.Y. BEVERLY ANN MATTHEWS ..... Miami Fla 1 A f ROGER JOEL MERRITT ....... Miami Beach, Fla. MICHELE JO MEYER ..,..,,, Ormand Beach, Fla. SARA ANNA MICHAEL .,.,.,,,.,,, Macon, Ga. JOHN HENRY MILES ...,.,,. Madisonville, Ky. CAROL LORENA MILLER ...... Spartanburg, SC. JAMES STANLEY MILLER ..,,,,.... Decatur, Ga. JOHN THOMAS MILLER, ..... Columbus, Ga. RLTH WILCOX MILLER ,,., Ft. Lauderdale, Ela. EDGAR KNOX MITCHELL ,.....,. Morrow, Ohio JEFFREY LEONARD MITCHELL ,,.,, Miami, Fla. TRALDINE KAY NEITER EENDLETON MITCHELL ..,,,,.,,, Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS EARNETTE Monauv, III .. canoe, oa. ifararcrc ENGLISH MONTGOMERY ., aaa, ca. cnaaass ANDREW Moons ,,,,,,, Atlanta, ca. jonuvvnnanr Nooan .,...... vvaoaatata, oa. Nashville, Tenn. Ja - " ..... . JAMES DUNCAN NELMS, JR. ., New Orleans, La. MARSHA LYNN NELSON ........ Pensacola, Fla. WILLIAM CLYDE NESBITT ...,, Jacksonville, Fla. TERENCE TIEN CHAN NG ... Singapore, Malaysia JAN NICHOLS .,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,.,, Calhoun, Ga. JOHN ROBERT NISBET ,,,,,...,,,. Atlanta, Ga. SALLY JANE OLENSCHLAGER ,,.. Stratford, N.J. WILLIAM HUNTLEY OLIVER Nashville, Tenn. YVONNE DELORES OSLIN ......,, Atlanta, Ga. NANCY JO PADGETT ,,....,,., Waltcrlaoro, PETER MICHAEL PARDOLL St. Petersburg, Fla. WILEY ARTHUR PARKER ,,..... Bradenton, Fla. Freshmen! College LAURA ALICE MOORE ,,,,,,,,,,,, THOMAS WILLIAM MOORMAN .. HENRY BRADFORD MORRIS ,,,,,,, ,.,,, JOHN nrcuaao Moaais .,..... BARBARA ANN MORRISON ....... JANE BARNHART MORROW .,,,,,,,,,,,,, THOMAS NATHANIEL MOZLEY, III HOMER STEWART MULLINS ...... THOMAS MARCHANT MUSSON ... ROBERT BACH MYERS ,.,.,.,.,,,, CAROL ELIZABETH NASH ,,.,.... BRADFORD VANLARE NAVARRO . Ilan ooilll vlovlllvla Decatur, Ga. Douglas, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. . . Mableton, Ga. Bristol, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala. Marietta, Ga. Macon, Ga. Eldorado, Ill. .. Savannah, Ga. Macon, Ga. Palm Beach, Fla. Freshmen!ColIege MARY LEE POOR ............. DAVID CARLTON POWELL .... JAY PRESS .............. . .... IDA JEAN PRITCIIAIID ...... nluolllllllll Woodstock, Ga. Avondale Estates, Ga Coral Gables, Pla Atlanta, Ga cAIuaNa snaava nnussNnII .. KENNETH MARVIN PRYSE .... Iauas KIRK QIIILLIAN ..... . ELIZABETH ANNE RAINWATERI ' ' ' JOHN McKENZIE RALLS ....... CARL ALLEN RAPP ,,........,. LAUREN ANTHONY RAUBBR .. HAROLD EUGENE REAVES .... 0 lllhlu Atlanta, Ga. Forsyth, Ga. Lakeland, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. I I-Iogatrsville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. . ... . ,. Decatur, Ga ...... Atlanta, Ga. PATRICIA LUCIA PATRICK .,,..,,, Tampa, Pla. JUDITH ANNE PATTERSON .. Winter Park, Pla. JOHN RICHARD PAYNE ........ Anniston, Ala. WILLIAM OLIVER PAYNE ,,..,... Danville, Ky. BILLIE CATHERINE PEARSON ...... Aiken, S.C. DONALD CAMERON PENDERGRAST .......... Atlanta, Ga. MEYER ISAAC PERLSTEIN .... Miami Beach, Pla. NANCY JOAN PERRY ...... Neptune Beach, Pla. ROBERT LEE PHILLIPS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Miami, Pla. PHILLIP HOWARD PICKENS ...... Atlanta, Ga. FRANCES ALICE PIERCE .,,,.,,.,,, Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN JANE PINEO ,,.....,...,.. Mobile, Ala. JAMES CHARLES PITTENGER Knoxville, Tenn. ANTHONY JOSEPH PIZZO ,,..,,,. Tampa, Pla, KATI-IERINE LOUISE POOL ,,,,,,,, Piqua, Ohio IJ . fa.: I .. , 1 1' 'JH ,Aa ,a.. M ll E I M- -J .Ii-' -,I PM T? I 'fx I. , 'I ":Iiv'. . ,tl ,wr H: I , Ii. , -Y . I V ' ug A ... MARIAN KAY REED ......,..... Opa-Locka, Fla. VICKI ANNE REHM ............ Clearwater, Pla. PAYE ELLEN REINHAIIDT ,....... Atlanta, Ga. GAIL LYNN RESNICK .,.,,......,,, Miami, Fla. FRANKLIN KEITH REYHER, JR. ,,,, Ashburn, Ga. JOSEPH SPRATT RHYNE, JR. ,,,,,, LaGrange, Ga. ROMAN KNOTT RICE III ,,,........ Atlanta, Ga. ARTHUR HORACE RICHARDSON ., Atlanta, Ga. WAYNE EUGENE RIPLEY, Jacksonville, Pla. ELLEN GAY RITTENBAUM ,..,,,,. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM CAIL ROBBINS New Orleans La MARY SUSAN RIVES ..,............ Macon, Ga. , E E 3 ' 4 .'llt. I I 7 i I MARY IRVI I O I f I RONALD CHRIS ROBERTS .......... Atlanta, Ga JEAN DAWN ROBERTSON .......,., Atlanta, Ga HOWARD JAMES ROBINSON .... Columbia, S. C JAMES FORREST ROBINSON .... San Diego, Calif CARROLL HEISKELL ROE, JR. ,,...... Greer, S. C JAMES MICHAEL ROGERS ,. Winston-Salem, N. C. REBECCA JEAN ROGERS ,,,,.,.,,.,, Decatur, Ga. WILLIAM LEE ROGERS, JR. .,.... Gainesville, Ga. ROBERT HARRY ROHRER ,,,,,,,.., Atlanta, Ga. ALLEN HY ROSENTHAL ,,,,,.,,,, Miami, Fla. l NANCY Jo ROSS ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Rock Riu, s. c. MARGARET ANN ROSSETT ,,.,,, Memphis, Tenn MARTIN JEROME ROTTER ,,.,,,,,,, , R. DONNA HARRIET ROLTMAN .... Anniston, Ala STEPHANIE INGRAM SCOTT ,, Milleclgeville, Ga. STEPHEN RONALD SEITER ,,........ Atlanta, Ga. TRUDIT H BERRY SELLERS ,,,, Falls Church, Va. RICHARD DAVID SELMAN ....,..,,, Rome, Ga. JEAN ELLEN SER AEIN .......... Winter Park, Fla. GILBERT ANTHONY SHAMAS .,,,,,,,,....,, St. Petersburg, Ela. MARY ELIZABETH SHANKLIN ..rFt. Myers, Fla. RICHARD ERIC SHAW ,.,,,,,,,,,, Adelphi, Mcl. POLLY ELIZABETH SHARP ....,.,.,, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID SCOTT SHOWALTER ..,, Jacksonville, Fla. SUSAN ANNE SIBLEY .,.,,,.,,..,,, Atlanta, Ga. GLORIA JEAN SILVER ,,,,,,,.,, Goldsboro, N. C. ' SI MONS. . ....., Louisville, KV. KAREN ANN Rona ,,,,,.,.,,,, Antonia, N, c, I Atlanta Ga. Freshmen! College MICHAELYN BARRETT ROWLAND WILLIAM GLEN ROY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , RICHARD MAURICE RIIBIO ....... . ROBERT ERNEST RUDERT ,,.,... . DAN KATSIIMI SAKAMOTO ,,,,.. . MURIEL L. SAULS ,,,,.,,,,,,,, TERRY HOIISTON SAXON . ...... . ELLEN MERLE SCHERR .,...... LAWRENCE LEE SCHNEIDER ..... RONALD YOUNG SCHR AM LUELLEN TOWNSEND scofiifris',' ,',',','f ' f MARGARET EMERY scorr ....... . . , . . . Augusta, Ga. . ..... Miami, Fla. Tampa, Fla. Rome, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Sealaring, Fla. Marietta, Ga. .. . . . . . Baltimore, Mcl. Daytona Beach, Fla. W. Palm Beach, Fla. Vidalia, Ga. Macon, Ga. Freshmen! College JOHN WALTER STARR, III ... WILLIAM DANIEL STEPHENS ALLEN HOWARD STERN ..... EDWARD IRA ETERMLIEE .... WILLIAM CLARK STILL, JR. ,,, ARCHIE YOW STOKES ....... MARGARET HAIUVION STOKES BRUCE BRYSON STORRS ..... BETIY JO STRAIN ........... WALTER FRANK STRICKLAND' 111111 MARTHA TILLMAM sTuEEs ..... GREGORY NEEL STUDDARD . Albany, Ga .. Silver Springs, Fla Columbus, Ga Coral Gables, Fla . . .. .... .. Winter Haven, Fla Atlanta, Ga Williamsburg, Va APO, New York, N.Y ......... Atlanta, Ga. .... . Jacksonville, Fla. ...... Tampa, Fla. ...... Atlanta, Ga MARY KATHRYN SITTMAN ....,.,. Miami, Fla. DELLA KATHRYN SMITH ....,..... Marietta, Ga. GARY CLIFFORD SMITH Avondale Estates, Ga. LAUREL MELCHERS SMITH ......,.,. Atlanta, Ga. MASON CLIFTON SMITH, JR. ........ Tampa, Fla. RICHARD THEODORE SMITH ....,, Decatur, Ga. ROBERT PLEAS SMITH, JR. ..,, Miami Shores, Fla. ROBERT WOODROW SMITH, JR. .. La Grange, Ga. WILLIAM GRIFFIN SOLOMON ...... Macon, Ga. EDWARD ROBERT SPALTY .. St. Petersburg, Fla. KATHLEEN FRANCES SPICER ...... Decatur, Ga. MARGARET JANE SPIVEY ........ Columbus, Ga. SUSAN MALONE SPURLIN .......... Rome, Ga. JERRY DENNIS STACKS ..........., Atlanta, Ga. BERNITA OLLIE STANLEY ........ Atlanta, Ga. PEGGY SHAW SULLIVAN ...... Tiptonville, Tenn. JOHN LEE SUMMERLIN ..... Gainesville, Fla. ROLAND ALTON SUTCLIFFE, JR. .... Miami, Fla. VIOLET MTGREGOR SUTHERLAND .. Miami, Fla. JAMES HAYES SWAN ........ St. Petersburg, Fla. CHARLES ROY SYKES, JR. ......,.,, Hastings, Fla. DONNIE HUGH TALIAFERRO .... Anniston, Ala. BETSY KIIIBY TANNER .,...... Knoxville, Tenn. JOHN KARL TAYLOR .,....,.,,,, Annisgon, Ala. MALCOLM LYMAN TAYLOR, JR..KingspoIt, Tenn. ALAN HARRIS TEMKIN ........ Torrington, Conn. BRUCE GREGORY THOMAS Calhoun Ga A . DoYLE WILLIAM THOMAS, JR'.'.'f Woodstock: Gal ,, I- 'I 'AE.ff,,.',.I' " . . A A A. A , A CONSTANTINE ANTHONY THOMPSON ,...,,,,........ Myrtle Beach, S.C. TROY LEON THOMPSON, II ,,,,, Brunswick, Ga. FRANKLIN ALLEN THORNTON, IR. .1 Rome, Ga. WILLIAM LAMAR TODD ,,,,...... Atlanta, Ga. BEVERLY JEAN TOMBLESTON Gainesville, Ga. WARREN WYNNE TOOLE ...,..,... Tampa, Fla. JAMES LEE TRAYLOR ....,, - .,,.. Meansville, Ga. KATHERINE HODNET TRIBBLE Rockmart, Ga. RICHARD HENRY TROPPER ,,,, Birmingham, Ala. WILLIAM LEONARD TUCKER .. Columbus, Georgia ROBERT HARRY TURNBULL ,, Beaver Falls, N.Y. JAY THOMAS TURNIPSEED ........ Orlando, Fla. JAMES GREGORY UPP ,,,,,,,, Et. Lauderdale, Fla. SUSAN FELICES UTSHAW .,..,.,. Lakeland, Ela. MARSHALL PAYNE UTTERSON .,.. Savannah, Ga. Ani. ,.- SUSAN CHRISTINE VOSS ...... Ft. Lauderrlale, Fla. THOMAS ANDREW WADE, IR. .,,, Columbus, Ga. ROBERT CASPER WALKER, IR. ,,,,.. Balhoa, C. Z. GAY ARLENE WALLACE ,,,.,,,, College Park, Ga. OTIS ROBERT WALLACE .......,,, Tampa, Fla. ROGER ALAN WALTON .,.......... Orlando, Fla. HENRY ALFRED WARD ,....... New Orleans, La. SUSAN ELAINE WARD ,,,.,........ Atlanta, Ga. VALERIE ANNE WARD ,,,.,,,,,.., Orlando, Fla. ROBERT PERRY WARNOCK ,.,,,, Anniston, Ala. ELAINE WASSERMAN .......... Nashville, Tenn. VIRGINIA LEE WATERS ...,,..,,..,,, Aiken, SC. ELIZABETH ALEXANDER WATSON ........,.,, . N. ' Freshmen! College PHILLIP GILES VanDYCK, IR. ,.... . . . . . . . Decatur, Ga. ROBERT CLAUDE VASSEY ,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,,, M ystic, Ga. LINDA CAROL VAUGHAN ... LLOYD WESLEY VAUGHT ..... JAMES Lov arrsr VEAL .... . aruneeca ANN VERNON ..... RICHARD veazvr., JR. ..... . RODNEY VICKERS .,,..,...... HAROLD SIDNEY VIGODSKY ...... ..... KENNETH GRAYDON vrNsoN LINDA Kava voerr. ......... SUSAN JEANNE voers ....... .,. 'xr I, my ,M i Q .A nm u, x - fr I 1 0 It ,, . Greenville, S.C. , , , ,,,,,,, Little Rock, Ark. Columbus, Georgia Palm Beach, Ela. Forsyth, Ga. Ambrose, Ga. Westminster, S.C. Ft, Valley, Ga. Ill llllillll Gal . ......... Atlantic Beach, Fla. l Freshmen! College I MARSHA EMILY WILLIAMS ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, REDDOCH EVANS WILLIAMS, III ........... . Alyexandria, Va. . Opp., Ala. ROLAND EOURIE WILLIAMS ............,., ' f.'.','.' Maas, ea. ASHLEY DEAS WILLIAMSON ...... GEORGE GORDON WILLIAMSON .... THOMAS RICHARD WILLIAMSON, III JAMES MILLER WILSON, Ill .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, R1Ts1E LEE WILSON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MARINE LOULSE WILSON ........ ROGER JAY WISE ,,,,,,,,,,,,, SUSAN JEAN WISLER ,,,,,,,,,,,, iillilllll Columbus, Georgia . Little Rock, Ark. Coral Gables, Fla. .. Gainesville, Ga. Boynton Beach, Fla. Valdosta, Ga. . . . . . . . Myrtle Beach, SC Clearwater, Fla. THEODORE REILLE WOLF ......,,,,,. f f f f f f ,. sarfaaa, Ea. KATHRYN ANN WATTS ........ Charlotte, N.C. JAMES COKER WEBB .............. Atlanta, Ga. CLARKE BANKSTON WEEKS ...... Plant City, Fla. MAURICE WE RICHARD GA LL, nr .,..,..,,.,.,, Louisville, RJ. RY vvE1NKLE ........ Mama, Ea. MARCIA ROCHELLE WEINSTOCK .. Miami, Ela. HENRY GORDON WEISMAN ...... Orlando, Pla. SUSAN ELIZABETH WELDON ...... Norcross, Ga. BETTY CATHERINE WHEELER ,.... Storrs, Conn. PATRICIA LYNN WHEELER ........ Doraville, Ga. JERRY MICHAEL WHITLOCK ..,, Thomaston, Ga. ERNESTINE WHITMAN ,,,..,...,,, Atlanta, Ga. XENIA RAE WIGGINS .......,..... Atlanta, Ga. AMELIA WILBANKS ........ Alexander City, Ala. HARRIET MARIE WILLIAMS ..... Greenville, SC. ALAN STEWART WOLKIN ........ Atlanta, Ga. CONSTANCE WYATT ........ W. Palm Beach, Pla. ROBERT RIQSSELL YEAGER, JR. ,.,,,,,,,,,.,,, . BRUCE MITC CHARLES AL Birmingham, Ala FRANK THOMAS YOUMANS .... Bainbridge, Ga. KARIN SUE ZANGER .......... Asheville, N.C WILLIAM VINCENT ZELLER ..,.,,..., Eustis,Flai CHARLES EDWIN ZIMMERMAN, JR. ., Tilton, na. GUY ALEXANDER ZLMMERMAN Malia 'Dial 'nail ROBERT ALLEN ZWERNER .... , , , , , , Atlanta, HELL YERGIN .,..,, Jaaaaavriia, Pla: BERT YOUMMANS .... Augusta, Ga. l 1 4 1 Q mi wif' N f , W ,P rf!-Q, School of Business Administration B DEAN GUY W. TRUMP Dean of the School of Business Administration Dean Trump is strurding outside of The Cloister at Sea Island, Ga. where Emory's Advanced Management Conference for business executives was held this year. The School of Business Administration strives to provide each student with the theory, principles, and knowl- edge required in business management. lt gives each student an understanding of the role of the business firm in society and concentrates on managerial decision making as the unifying theme of its program. There are two divisions of the school. The first, the undergraduate program, offers a two year course on the junior and Senior levels which leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The graduate school pro- vides professional education for those students who give promise of qualifying for places of leadership and re- sponsibility. A Master of Business Administration degree is offered upon graduation. "!'N,jn ...Wnrrrm t r Left to rigbl: Stella Windsor lSecretnry-Treasurerj, jo Ann Hunter fVice Presiclentl, and lim Ferman fllresirlentj Officers 'Q .sf ' t I ll KQN Left In right: lim Ferman, Hugh Huntington, jo Ann Hunter, Bill Tye, andjoseph Stubbs Business School! Seniors EARL M. HATTON, Bartow, Fla., Beta Theta Pi. JO ANN HLNTER, Ashville, NC., Student Center Boardg Delta Delta Delta, Vice President, Vice President of the Business Schoolg Honor Council. HENRY HARTWELL MCKENZIE, Savan- nah, Gag Emory Glee Club. ELOYD A. PEAK, Atlanta, Ga. LEON M. SCHOCHET, Atlanta, Ga. JOE N. SEGAL, At- lanta, Ga. FRANKLIN SINGLETON, Coral Gables, Pla. ANNE P. SOLLE, Pensacola, Ela. WILLIAM O. A. ABBOTT, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. JOHN T. CLOWER, Decatur, Ga. ROBERT C DILLON, Covina, Calif.g Lambda Chi Alpha. JAMES L. PERMAN, JR., Tampa, Play Student Senateg Kappa Alpha, Secretary, President of the Business Schoolg Honor Council. 1 SARA N. EOSSETT, Marietta, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Co- Rush Chairinan. Miss Emory. SONIA T. GLATIING, Harts- ville, N.Y. MARGARET A. HADLEY, Lutherville, Md. EMILY L. HARRIS, Griffin, Ga. STEPHEN M. STONE, Tampa, Pla. JOSEPH G. STUBBS, Atlanta, Ga. LARRY H. TAEEEL, Stone Mountain, Ga., Student Center Board. CHERRY H. T UGGLE, Stone Moun- tain, Ga. STELLA B. WINDSOR, Augusta, Gag Finalist in 1964 Miss Emory Contest, Secretary-Treasurer of the Business Schoolg Phi Mu, Recording Secretary. BILLIE JOY BAKER . Lakeland, Fla. PENELOPE susANNE'EA'uRi '. '.'.'. ' ' U Highland, NA: KEVIN V. CANIPELLI ...... EDWARD GUY COLE ..,... ..,.,. JOHN H. DORMINY ....... .... ...... Fitzgerald, Ga. T. KEEN EDENFIELD, JR. ,,,,.,.,,,,...,, Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES H. EGERTON .... MARTHA HELEN FOGLE ... l I . ...... St. Petersburg, Fla. ,,.,,.,,Griffin,Ga. RICHARD WAYNE JOHNS ,,,,,. ,,,,,,, D ecatur, Ga. KAREN LOU KALMAR ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ALFRED J. KARNIEWICZ ........... Savannah, Ga. . Jacksonville, Fla. WAYNE HARRIS LAZARUS ......,...., Quitman, Ga. JOHN LEWIS ,..........,..,.,,,,,,, DONALD OSCAR NELSON ... JOHN E. PETERSON ......... ROBERT WILLIAM ROMEO ......... villains Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Mount Vernon, Ga. Dublin, Ga. l l 4. ...Jacksonville, Fla. . Newnan, Ga. Juniors! Business SchOOl JOHN R. HAMMOND .,..,, ,...,,,.,,. A tlanta, Ga. LOUIS HANSBERGER .,,,., ,,,,,,, N ashville, Tenn. SARA E, HEAD ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, B runswick, Ga. JAMES M. HIGGINS ,,,., ,,,,., M iami, Fla. MARGARET "PENNY" HUFE ,,,,.,,,,.,,,, Rome, OA. KENNETH E. HUNT, JR. .......... Pompton Plains, N.J. DAVID ISAACS ..,.,..,,.,,. ,,,,,,,,, L exrngton, Ky. WILLIAM R. JACKSON ,.,,, ..,,,, C leveland, Tenn. Business Schoolfluniors ROBERT HERMAN SHULMAN ..,, Atlanta, Ga. MARY LYNN TURNER ........... ...... A tlanta, Ga. THOMAS J. TURNER ......... ........ A tlanta, Ga. JOHN C. WALKER .,...... Marshallville, Ga. PHILIP ANGUS WESTER ,,,,,, .. ELA ELIZABETH WILSON .,....,.,,,,, ANNE E. WRIGHT ............ . . Graduate Students EVAN ALLEN .......... ......., E lberton, Ga. H. INMAN ALLEN ........,... .......,. A tlanta, Ga. RICHARD W. BEATTY ....... ...,, G reencastle, Ga. ELENE E. BERTSCHI ....... ........ I acksonville, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. . Piedmont,,Calif. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. BRUCE HANS BOHUSLAV ,,......,.,... McHenry, Ill, JOHN THOMPSON BOSWELL ......,....... Macon, Ga. DONALD BRUCE BROWN THOMAS L. BROWN III .. Davin J. auaaiooa ....... LEE E. BUTZIN .......... Manchestel, N.H. ........Gaffney,S.C. Columbus, Ohio .. Ripon, Wis. JOHN auaaicic caaasou ' f f ,' ' ' " ' ' ', ., saaaa, in WILLIAM C. CARMICHAEL , , , ...III I.. ,. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM A. CLEMENTS DALE O. CLONINGER ... WAYNE F. COLLINS CHARLES H. CORNELL . . ROBERT H. DENTON JOHN ROBERT DOUGLAS DOUGLAS G. EDWARDS New Castle, Ind. .,.....,.,,....Cleaiwater,Fla. Santurce, Puerto Rico .....Minneapolis, Minn. .......Phoenix, Arizona Englewood,Ohio Richmond, Vir. THOMAS W. EDWARDS, JR. .......... Greenville, S.C. A . i CHARLES C. HILL ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,, A tlanta, Ga. GERRY G. HULL ,.,....,..,., .,...,.,., A tlanta, Ga. HUGH E. HUNTINGTON ........,..,.. Charlotte, N.C. JAMES M. INSINGA ..... CHARLES H. JENKINS, Ja. ....... Newton, N.J. Lakeland, Fla. HENRY M. JONES ..,,..,,.,,, ,,,,,,, S avannah, Ga, DAVID ROBERT MALEC . . Panaukee, Wis. CLYDE R. MEREDITH ...,. ' f H ..,','.'.'.' Birmingham, Ala. Graduate Students! Business School J J. HARRY EMMERICH ,...,.,,,,..,,.... Louisville, Ky. HOWARD C. GI.OVER III ,,,,..,,,...,. Newnan, Ga. THOMAS P. GRASTY.. ...,.,.. ,...,. C harlotte, N.C. CLAYTON A. GRIFFING ,,.,.,,,,.,,,. Clarksdale, Miss. JOHN L. GROUT ......... ....,., R iverside, Ill. JAMES C. HARPER ,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,, L enior, N.C. JOHN ROBERT HAUGEN ...... ,,,,. A da, Oklahoma WILLIAM P. HEDDERICH ,.,,,, ,,,,, A tlanta, Ga. 4 'i --IIT--V V11 -Vi ,- Business School! Graduate Students I t WILLIAM IIANSELL RUE .........,.,.. Andalusia, Ala. FRANK C. SHROPSI-IIRE ,,,,,, .,,.,,,, I iome, Ga. JOHN A. SINCLAIR ,...,.. ..,,,, M arietta, Ga. JOHN W. SPIEGEL ...,. ....,. S helbyville, Intl. I MERVIN LYNN SPRUILL ,.........,. Newport News, Vir. FRANK N. STANLEY ..... ..... I aclesonville, Fla. fOI'IN R. STEPP ..,........ ....... R idgeway, Vir. WILLIAM Ii. STUART ...,,, .....,, G reenville, SC. FREDERICK D. MILLER ...... ...,,,. HARRY A. MULLIEN ...... .... NED L. Pnsncn ,,..... G. DAN RoAo, JR. . . . .. JAMES R. RIDDLE ...,.,.... ..,,.,, joint T. RIDDLE ,... Braclenton, Fla. , . , Atlanta, Ga. Goodwater, Ala. Memphis, Tenn. Rocltville, Md. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. FREDERICK ROY Roousiin fff. f f ff ....,, Ripon, wa. JOHN C. RUDY ................ ...,, R eading, Penn. ROBERT H. STURM ...... RODNEY I. TI-IATCHER .....,Kent,Oliio MICHAEL A. THOMAS ..... EDWARD A. Toneznc Joan R. TULLY ...... DONALD A. TURNER . .. 'H' MARY c. Wnnn ........ . . . Decatur, Ga. Atlanta,Ga. Greendale, Wis. Decatur, Ga. Ellwootl City, Pa. Atlanta, Ga. KENNETH J. WIESEN .................... Dalton, Ga. if George H. Moulton Dean of Dental School The Department of Dentistry of the Southern Medical School was started in the fall of 1887. The first class, num- bering six, was graduated in 1883. Dr. William Crenshaw was elected Dean in 1890. Slowly the School grew to he the Atlanta Dental College and then the Atlanta-Southern Dental College. In 1944, with the opening of the fall term the institution became the Emory University School of Dentistry and began its fifty-ninth term under the deanship of Doctor Ralph R. Byrnes. The enrollment of 326 dental students included 73 freshmen added to Emory University's total en- rollment. Doctor John E. Duhler was appointed Dean in 1948 and was succeeded by the present Dean, Doctor George H. Moulton, in 1960. At the present time, the school has an enrollment of 301 undergraduate students. The graduate pro- gram of the School of Dentistry was approved in 1960, and there are 11 students currently enrolled. The successful candidates receive the degree of Master of Science in Dentistry QM. S. Dy. PROFESSORS WORK? r Q 0 9 Left Io r'igbt.' jack Ramsey, Chairman, jerry Knoedler, Edmund jones, Bill Heideclcer, Geroge Thomas Honor Council The Honor Council has members from each class who serve a lour year term. It tries to create a spirit of honor in the academic activities of the Dental School. It reviews all infractions ol the honor code in maintaining this code. Student Council The Student Council holds a dance during winter quarter to bring the students together socially. It also acts as a major liaison between the faculty and the student body ol the Dental School. The Student Council promotes a better understanding and a deeper personal contact between faculty members and students by a direct interchange ol ideas. Seated, left fo r'ighr.' Alan Blanchard, Treasg Richard Valdes, Secg Ken Guess, Sec, Tommy Owensg Presg. Ist: Hagen, Mclntyreg Morrowg Thomas, Dchlerg McCurdyg 2nd.' Goodchildg Masong Fernandez l I I V 1 K .., fy x Up's Daisy" It only hurts a little while 'T' JU The "lady dentist" asks for supplies a Doc, my horse is waiting l-w, ,. 1 H 1. mm This is how you hmsh your teeth Can you see Doc? I, -5 I "V rv . I N ..o,. I. 'J M? No-4 4, X F4 Seniors!Dental School David Goodchild David Dross President Vice-President Robert M. Boone R. W. 'Bowers Grady Brooks Alan Bryant Richard Buhl Edwin C. Carlson Qhn Carttr 'rn Choate H. E. Crocker Robert Boone Treasurer Fred Akel Raymond Allison Walter Anderson .Richard Barhee Mac F . Barnes Michael Blass- Fred Akel Secretary ' David G. Goodchild jim Goodohild Lyman J. Gregory, Jr. John T. Griffin, jrp Robert- D. Hester Dan M. Hodges James T. McCane Louisrjohnson John 'Keller Lame Curenton James A. D'Anno Bruce DeMortinno George, Dorris David L. Dross W. Everett Edwards James D. Garner Marry Gimsberg Richard Glass Seniors! Dental School Seniors! Dental School . W. ,H 1,7 ji james Morton Tommy L. 0wens Emerson W. Rabon jade Ramsey R. S. Soucl Davicl M. Strimer Henry J. Turner lim Turner Ridley Ward W. Willis Z. King William B. King Gerald Knoedler Ben Lacy F. Boland McCamy john A. McColskey, Charles McCrory james- E. Mcllwain james Melts jr Seniors! Dental School WhitleyS. Ward l David K. Wart'iel.d Wallace R. Wiggcns Terry Woodward Inter Fraternit ouncil The Intertraternity Council lIFCy is composed of mernhers from each fraternity. The council supervises all the activities of the fraternities. It encourages inter-fraternity competition by giving scholarship awards. The coun- cil also works to bring better understanding between the Greek Dental Students and the faculty. Left to right: Mike Blass tltresidentj Frank McGrathZtVicc Presidenty jim Mcllwain tSecrctaryj Lou johnson tTreasnrery Juniors! Dental School Class Officers: George Lee, Sec., Bell Bolton, Trees., Richard Valdes, Presidentg Bill Preston, V-P. Abney, Charles L. Abney, james M. Alexander, Donald M Beck, Dlaine R. Berger, Paul B. Berger, Robert F. Blanchard, Alan B. Blumer, john F. Bolton, William S. Bristol, Jennings W. Capes, johnny L. Carter, Stephen D. Christopher, Geroge Cohen, Larry B. Dale, james I. Dasher, joseph W. Davis, Richard S. Field, john M. Fogle, George E. Frantzis, Theodosios Garvin, Thomas D. Griffin, Leland H. Hagan, Carl Edward Hall, john M. Hamrick, George L Haney, Stephen F. Harris, Stanley M. Hart, Robert S. .W N I ff :QP if 'Y v. f 4 H5 3,2 J! A IE L .Rfb A r ,-l, if ,. 1 1 N .ff -9 ui kxwrf gl f I i , 'li Abbott, Andrew -H. Allen, W. Heath Amley, Edward A. Anderson, Evander Barker, Thomas BalCheld0r, George Beall, james Bembry, john F. Booth, Fred A. Bush, Thomas Cameron, Frederick Carananle, Samuel Caron, Randall David, jemel Dehler, Raymond Doris, john M. Dunn, William P. Fernandez, Dennis Frilingos, Anthony Goodroe, Richard Grollman, Robert Gunter, Frederick Hamby, William Hancock, john T. Haner, Edward M. Harris, Russell Harmann, Allen Hay, james D. Hend . ohn Jacobson, Albert jenkins, Gerald Kennedy, Michael Langford, Louis MacMenomany, Arthur Maiorana, joseph Margolis, Lawrence D. Mazzani, Hugh N. Miller, Emmett H. Minta, Harold R. Moore, Abner G. Morang, james E. Morrow, Stephen E. Norton, john A. Payne, Thomas F. Peterson, William L. Rahn, james T. Ridlehoover, Al M. Rohan, Ronald H. Rosaler, joseph Henry Rothwell, john C. Routenberg, Leonard I. Rowton, james Alfred Shelton, Vader, jr. Stewar, Walter E., jr. Strain, jon D. Strickland, William D. Stonsnider, Roger K. Sutton, Truitt Thomas, George W. Tipps, Wayne E. Towe, Robert E. Weathers, Arthur K. Weinstein, Ala B. Weitman, Ravenel T. Wexler, Michael Widerman, Frederick H. Wilbanks, Carolos S. Williams, Harry B. Womack, Fred D. Wright, Ioh F. Sophomores! Dental School J. Freshmen! Dental School Skeet McCurdy, Pres. li. D. Coates, V.P. Larry Wilson, Sec. jerry Hale, Treas. lLefr ra rigbrj Marvin L. Allen Ray G. Behm Ronald L. Behner Philip T. Boswell Wayne D. Bradley Henry G. Breitmos Charles P. Brooks Byron H. Brown Rober M. Bnntin Gordon B. Burnett Charles B. Clark james E. Clark Elverson D. Coates jrnnes L. Cobb William N. Cobb Elliott N. Cohen Solomon Cohen Robert M. Conner William E. Culbreth Dale L. Deihler Tom Dolvin Taony DeLoarh Norman K. Dozier Jerome B. Duncan George H. Bdmonson Anthony Ezzell Martion S. Paggioni Donald M. Pelker john H. Perguson Ray L. Gleespen Gorback .rande O 1 G L' . 'X ' I ,V1 I l fi -'Q iw wh "J , Tj ? W ' N' 3 ' f ' i x. W 1 If I 9 iam xqg fy wg, !L QJ fg ff Q1 W p f j , 1 'k Q K 13 I Y .. Q r . Q . I .1 rt,- ,W fr H' 4 Q' I i j ff 1. U, .. .yt 'A , T ir- ' ' ,Q Q Q If M ' V ff -5 f 1 U Q ' ji 'Q' 'Q' "ff 5 -if 'Viv' ' , .gi Q , 'F . YA, x f ' fx' .k'gv, Wy 43, Q H M . "E QU I 4 Y , , fn . .uv . 6225 Y'ff .1 , , Ma L ,, Y, 1, Left to right: Murray T. Ginsberg Carl Zielonlr Stanley Isaacson Arthur Silver X, Alpha mega SWEETHEART: Anne Jayne Corbett ll lll ty. rt at Michael Blass Robert F. Berger Paul E. Berger Elliott N. Cohen Larry E. Cohen 'ml Q, ,, joel E. Kaufmann Lawrence D. Margolis Stephen ll. Morrow Ronald H. Rohan Joseph Henry Rosaler Arnold M. Sheir Arthur B. Siler Alan B. Weinstein Frederick H. Widerrnan . Michael Wexler . Carl l.. Zielonlra Soloman Cohen Murray Gimsherg Norman R. Gorhaclr Robert A. Grollman Russell E. Harris Stanley M. Harris Stanley Z. lssacson Howard B. Kay Alpha mega QR Left la riglal: Dasher, W. Hunt, D. Hay, J. Wrightg S. Van de Carr, H. Williamsg M. Kennedyg H. Val- entine, T. Hancock. ll , K Q... I Sigma elta Andrew Abbott R. Allison Evander Anderson john Bernbry Wayne Bradley Byron Brown William Boton Thomas Bush john Capes Samuel Caranante Steven Carter Elverson Coates james D'Anna lemel David josephe Dasher Ray Dehler M . . Dons Duncan William Hale Tom Hancock Ed Haner Allen Hartman james Hay Wallace Hunt Bruce Jennings Mike Kennedy Cheston Kimsey Harold Lowry Frank McGrath Arthur McMenonany Harold Mintz joseph Mairoana Hugh Mazzawi James Morany William Murray Tomas Payne William Peterson William Roberts Leonard Routenberg Vader Shelton Robert Smith john Standford Roger Stronsnider Wayne Tipps Hugh Valentine Stephen Van de Carr James Vandenbergehe Arthur Wearners R. G. Weihe Carlos Wilbanks Harry Williams Bred Womack in .ill ,J Want. f l N ,J Y' .infwh If -'F r ' f of Xi Psi Phi ,c 1 Y ,bmi , y"',' "'fuTt'll7r HUHV 'U ill." " " ll' "U" " U Wiii . SWEETHEART: Ardeth Hanrridr 1' one .r ,H in ' rr rr' is v -,- A s ,.'..-gall f ., l :fn ' rl Charles L. Abney W, Heath Allen Walter Anderson Geroge Batchelor Raymond Behm Alan Blanchard R. W. Bowers Jennings W. Bristd Grady Brooks Allan Bryant Fred Cameron George Christopher Larue Curenton Richard Davis Bruce DeMartion james Cobb William Cobb William Dunn George Dorris George Ednronson john M. Feild Donald Felker Dennis Fernandez George Bogie Anthony Friliongos Thomas D. Garvin Richard Goodroe Leland H. Griffin Charles Graves George Hamrick Donald Hiedecker john Hendry Richard Hewitt Benjamin Hill Dan Hodges Gerald jenkins Louis johnson Edward jordan Edmund jones john Kemble William King james Lawrence Gasper Lazzar George Lee Silas McCaslin Charles McCrory james Metts Abner Moore james Morton William Motley john Norton Tommy Owens Ronald Peacock George Poep William Preston Emerson Rabon james Rahn jack Ramsey john Regensburg Al Ridlehoover David Strimer R. S. Solid Robert Towe Henry j. Turner jim Turner Ridley' Ward l t l at r Mrs. lo Thompson mega james Abney Don Alexander Marvin Allen Mac F. Barnes james C. Beall john Blurner Robert Boone Philip Boswell Henry Breitmoser Charles Brooks Richard Buhl Robert Mc. Buntin Edwin Carlson john Carter Randall Caton Zim Choate Robert Conner William Culbreth Tom Dolvin Tony Deloach Martino Faggioni john Ferguson TCIYWDU rlflfllhflh r r 1 i 1 . h n I I Lyman Gregory Fred Gunter Theo Frantzis Philip Hadley William Hamby Stephen Haney Robert Hart Robert Hill Robert Hiller Allan Hixon Hugh Wood Albert Hudson Richard Hull David Hughes Robert Hurt Norman Ivey Albert Jacobson William james john Keller Willis King m Geral Knoedler Ben Lacy Larry Landers Louis Langford Boland McCamy 'fhomas McCormack fames Mcllwain Garlan McIntyre Richard Mcliibben lawrence McCurdy 5. oseph Maggiore ames Mason oseph Murphy ames Newman ohnny Oswald ohn Rothwell -r -i n - - games Rowton Robert Pasersky Charles Robertson Charles Smaha Alvan Smith Peter Spoto Walter Stewart lon Strain William Strickland Richard Takeshita George Thomas William Thomas Olin D. Thompson William Walker David Warfield james Weir Ravenel Weitrnan john West Dental Students Learn 4 . t h . M- t tt t Q tt tt 4' W 'tt QW ' .v , ,, n 4, b J ty UL H W Q ' 1 ' v tml . 1 ' x in 21 Lecture ve' ' v Xt I vu. and by Instruction - They Relax, too ental Surgeons Teacher Ahh! lx. ,Q 'vu , V I ,Q 5 ' U!!-In lu, 7 , .I . E , Hn, F15 -, ',Q fm, x, .mx Ir ml v: 4 ,H.h1,:' , .lx V f In nm. - -v , ',-, f,,'1,-xi . '2n','f1?,y'l I 'f ,- sw 1-Auf' 114, M W ,,.,. A ftlwex .V . W J yy ',' ' A II'4wu,1.'jX I' 1 '," .I 'R V, , M M 4, ILM - , N U ,. - X .ww Ly.-' .r ., ,'w'4,5.xn. . H' '- ,ww ' v W, L wk tr- W' ' I. '. 4 1 " It NIL! V V, . NA ' -, 1' K , W 1-l' 'WW 'pm , 1" n ' X., r K.-, V A ' 2 AX I . f., .' at . 'jaigfffilfi 'vt 4 - in 1 w N n', B awk yy 1 ' Wiff' ' A .-L A A J' 4 T 1. V 'u--14' ' wr 1 i.'4.', "' V' I f 'A-,. I f W ' X 1 fx-L V, 1. ' 'Z C AQ" 1 , .A .:' F A swf . fl 1 ,xl - 1 SC' li., Y wg., ll ' ,1 -'M . , 'J uf, 225. V 'gd I 'Z' H it WL 'I -il 1 xl: V 1 I 1 ' 1 1' T 333351 ,JJ Ya V v .ll --We 'HQ' I' ll' 1 G 4 , 5 4 V "1 Lf'fX5rq" 3 . ii if D 4' ' I ku L' r .V if' gf. is ' ,Q ' , pg' 'Z ki I r' eb -v ln: . l Z, .. . LW Ji ,H J Q ii x NW .oi 1 A H 'Q hw 'z Y 0.1 nf' Qu . 'W 'vii ' r .f ,-y' ' ,,,4.. W l . 1' 5 ! m 'XXX l as Q it y it r WU y ,rj r 1 DR. CHARLES T. LESTER-Dean of the Graduate School The Graduate School was organized as a distinct division of the University in 1919. The degrees of Mas- ter of Arts and Master of Sciences have been offered since that time. Several other masters' degrees have been added since 1919. In 1945 the Board of Trustees approved plans for extending graduate instruction to programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Philoso- phy in departments in which faculties and facilities had developed adequately. Training scholars for positions of leadership, particularly in education and research, is the primary objective of the Graduate School of Arts and.Sciences. Included as a part of the basic philosophy of the school are two very important concepts: tj an emphasis upon a specialized area of study supported by a background of general education extending into the graduate programg Zj an explicit concern for the ethical goals of scholarship. and education which emphasize character and values typical of responsible citizens as well as distinguished scholars. Underlying such con- cepts is the dedication of students and faculty alike to the constant ideal of quality. The new dormitory provides graduate students with private apartment-like accommodations. r 1 ll ,del , - iii i vsv 'ruin it lil, i i i 1' new it r'wy""r EUGENIA H. ABBEY ...,..,,..,,,,., Atlanta, Ga. ANN D. ALDRICH ........,......,,, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID L. ALLEN ,..,.,,,,,,, Chattanooga, Tenn. THOMAS E. ALLEN .,..,, ,.,,,,, S hellman, Ga. ARNETA AMENT ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, D ecatur, Ga. KENT ANDERSON ......,,.,,..,,, Marietta, Ga. IACQUELINE I. ARRIGONI ,, Daytona Beach, Fla. RAYMOND B. ASHWORTH ..,,.,,. Chamblee, Ga. DAVID G. ASQUITH ,,,,,,,,,, Burlingame, Calif. JAMES W. ATKINSON ,. Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. DAVID BAILEY ,...............,,.. Mobile, Ala. ROBERT CLIFTON BAILEY ,,..,.,, Richmond, Va. M, CARROLL BAIRD ,..,,.....,,,,,. Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT M. BAIRD ,,,,,.,.,.,,,, Little Rock, Ark. MARY M. BALL ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, B aton Rouge, La. JOYCE GLAD BEVERLY .....,, , ,..., Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS BLACK ,.,.,,,,..,, Rocky River, Ohio IAMES R. BLACKWELDER ,,,, Kannapolis, N.C. LINDA L. BLACKWELDER .,.,.,.... Atlanta, Ga. CAROL ANN BLAIR ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. . . . ., Decatur, Ga. ALICE C. BLISS ..,,.,,,,.,,,,, VALERIE F. BOHANAN .... Chattanooga, Tenn. NANCY BONNER ...........,,,.... Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA M. BOWEN ,.,,...,,,,,,, Augusta, Ga. WILLIAM R. BRACEFIELD .,,,..,. Atlanta, Ga. LaVERNE E. BREED .........,,.,,,, Atlanta, Ga. IEAN L. BRESNAHAM ..........,. Houston, Tex. DAVID D. BRITT ..,,.., ,,,,, A tlanta, Ga, Graduate School r I I Yh . , " , f COLENE W. BARNES ...,. .... . . Conley, Ga. MARTHA A. BASKIN ..... .,..,, D ecatur, Ga. THOMAS G. BASLER .,..,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga, FREDERICK W. BASSETT ,...,,,,,,,, Macon, Ga, HELEN W. BEASLEY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga, LOUIS D. BECKER ......,..,.,,,., Viroqua, Wis. VANESSA S. BEDIENT ..,,..,... Santa Rosa, Calif. RONALD H. BEEST ,.,,,.,,,,,,,.,, Denver, Colo. ROSEMARY BEGEMANN ......,. Charleston, S.C. MARY EVELYN BELL .,........., Pensacola, Fla. PIERCE BENMOURYAL ,,..,.,. Montreal, Canada ASA W. BENNETT ,,.,,...,,,,., Washington, Ga. DAVID F. BERGER ..,,.,,,.,.... New York, N.Y. DAVID M. BETHUNE ..,,.,.,,, Birmingham, Ala. STEPHEN P. BEVEN .....,,.......,. Decatur, Gai Graduate School MARY DOWLING BYRNE .,......,. Atlanta, Ga LEON G. CABERO ,,,,,,,,,,,, Hawkinsville, Ga MARTHA E. CAMPBELL ......,. Nashville, Tenn LOUISE M. CANTRELL ........,.,.,, Decatur, Ga VIRGINIA S. CARABALLO .......... Tampa, Fla ELIZABETH CARPENTER ....... ANN H. CARTER . DAVID H. CASON .... MELINDA W. CERTAIN PHILLIPRCERTAIN...iiiiiiii qllllbnlllans Mobile, Ala. I Nashville, Tenn. . Thomaston, Ga. l Atlanta, Ga. Silver Spring, Mel. WILLIAM H. CHADWICK ......,,,, Atlanta, Ga. JEAN CHAMBERS .........,....,, Norfolk, Va DONALD G, CHANDLER ...,,.,, Huntland, Tenn TOMMIE A. CHANDLER .......... Homerville, Ga CHARLES M. CHAPPELL .......... Memphis, Tenn JoHN M. RRODMAN ...... oAvm BRODSKY ..... ALISON auovvtv ....... WALTER R. Baovvtv .. IEES tv. RRUMBY ....... . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. . ....... Hewlwtt, N.Y. Atlanta, Ga. Meridian, Miss. Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH B. BRUMMETT .... Birmingham, Ala. JOHN H. RHRNRTT ... MARVIN s. aoRsToNa HARRIET R BUSH .... STEPHEN G. BUSH .... KAREN BUTLER ..... WILLIAM W. BUTLER DIANE R. BUTZIN .... DANIEL M. BUXBAUM JAMES BYNUM, IR. Dunellen,N.Y. Clayton,Mo. Macon,Ga. New Port Richey, Ela. Decatur, Ga. ..........,.,Decatur, Ga. GreenBay,Wis. Fairview,N.j. Raleigh,N.C. In A ' I . 'H ,...- A v iii, , ' W . .. A i i Ami it in I . I A A iiiiii. " " " " " HN' I ilhllu A Rl Il 'WF S 'X PETNINA P. CHAR ,, , , , ,, Atlanta, Ga. CHI CHIU CHEN ,,,,,., ...... F ormosa, China RITA PING CHEN . LING CHU ............ HELEN R. CITRON .... STANLEY CITRDN JULIET B. CLACK . ' lllal . . . . . Taiwan, China ... . . . . Taiwan, China Miami, Fla. ARTHUR v, CLAIR ................ Atlanta, GA BEN C. CLARK R .J . ....... . MARIORIE J. CLARK JOSEPH M. CLELAND ....... DAVID J. CLEMRNS . Vonove, Tenn. Flowery Branch, Ga. Lithonia, Ga. Stone Mountain, Ga. PATSY RUTH couaf fff ff ' H A Miami, Pla. Chamblee, Ga. SUE COLLINS ........... , , , , , , , Greencastle, Ind WALTER H. COOK, IR. ,...,......, Atlanta, Ga LAURA E. COOPER . Atlanta, Ga MAYES MILTON OOORRR' iffif'IIIamaNIIIe, Ga IACKIE WHITE CORVIN ...... ARDIS L, CRAMER ,...... ..........,Chicago,Ill LEE EAGAN COURTNEY ,..,....,,,, Bryan, Tex ROGER W CRECELY .... CRAIG s. CROCKARD ,,,, ROBERT A. CROKER .,... LYNN CROOK ........ c. LOUISE CROUCH ..... MARY II. CROWLEY ,.,,,.... DOUGLAS CULP ,,,,,......,. . . . Rochester, N.Y . . Birmingham, Ala . . . . Bristol, Tenn. I ' JI! 3 I Valley Stream, N.Y St. George, S.C Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga . Birmingham, Ala ALICE I. CUNNINGHAM ,,,. Walnut Ridge, Ark M I.f ,. 7. l f , EI Gfmlidl LYNN C. DICKERSON ...,.,.,,,,,,, Hollins Va WILLARD L. DICKINSON .... Birmingham, Ala CHARLOTTE A. DICKSON WINSTON D. DINWOODIE VALERIE DOWELL SUSAN DRAKE I. WANZER ORANE . WILSON O. DREW III PATRICIA R. OIIRRNY DARYLE R. EACHERN .... RALPH R EATRIDGE Atlanta Ga Atlanta Ga Atlanta Ga Miami Fla Forest La Mrdville, Ga Decatur,Ga. ........,,AtIanta,Ga. Atlanta Ga STANLEY D ECHOLS Birmingham Ala Graduate School MARION DANIELS ....,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT C. DARE .,,,..,,,,,,,, Spirit Lake, Iowa IAMES M. DAUGHERTY ,......... Norcross, Ga. IOAN R. DAVIDSON .....,,.,, College Park, Ga. CATHERINE K. DAVIS ..,,,,.,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. CHARLOTTE M. DAVIS ..........,, Atlanta, Ga. DON A. DAVIS, IR. ....,..... Miami Beach, Ela. HERBERT I.. DAVIS, IR. ,,,,,,,,,, Flat Rock, N.C. MOLLIE C DAVIS . . . Newnan, Ga. IORDAN A. DEAN, IR'.','.'.',','.'.',' ., ciamsaa, sc. IOHN T. DENNIS .. Darle City, Fla. NORMAN A. L. Ohms' i'.i'.ff ..... OAR, Fla. MILDRED II. OIaRRIcIc ....,...,, Greenville, N.c. I. I. DESAULNIERS . Talladega, Ala. AINSLEY DEUTSCH ...,... .,..,. D ecatur, Ga. A EDENS Atlanta Ga NANCY ANNE FLEMING Graduate School as PHYLLIS D. EGGLESTON . . Baldwinsville, N.Y. GARLAND N. EMMONS, Jafff ....., aaa, oka. CLEO ENDRES ................ DONNA J. ENGLISH ..... .. Muenster, Texas ... Macon, Ga. DONALD o.aPP1.n ...... iiiifataomaagtaa, 111. SUZANNE E. ERSKINE ........ White Plains, N.Y. THOMAS ERSKINE ...... .. Waterville, Me. JAMES L. EVANS .,..,... ......... S alem, Va. CLYDE W. FAULKNER .,,,,,,,,, Hayesville, N.C. JIMMY OTNIEIL IIENN ......,...., Brur1SWiClr,Ga. PAUL M. EEORINO .......... Long Island, N.Y. KENNETH IAN FINKEL ............ Dalton, Ga. ALAN B. ELASCHNER ..,...... Weston, Mass. Houston, Tex. ROSEMARY E. ERANKLIN .,.. Birmingham, Ala. JOE L. FREEMAN .,.......... Winter Garden, Fla SALLIE FREEMAN ..........,.,...,, Atlanta, Ga. WALTER JACK FREEMAN ........,. Decatur, Ga. PRISCILLA W. GAINER ., Panama CIN, Ela. ansa Manta GARDNER .. FRANCES Ln. oAaNJosT ulonavnaqp Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. ARTHUR n. oananrr, Jn' ' ' ' ' H ' Monticello, GA ARTHUR N. oAan1soN f.1Il11Q. STEPHEN W. GASTON ... RUEUS HOLLIS GAUSE . Taylors, S.C. .. ......,. Elgin, Ill .........Boston,Mass ROBERT DERRIL GAY ...., ....,, B arley, Ga HAROLD E. GELBER ,,..,,. ....,, A tlanta, Ga SARAH C. GILLESPIE .... HARRY W. GILMER ..... Clio,S.C Bristol,Tenn JANE R. FOSTER ............ Mamaroneck, N.Y. ROBERTA L. GITTINGS .......... Jacksonville, Fla. RAE S. GLOVER ...........,....., Lansdale, Pa. WILLIAM GOETTER ,.............,, Macon, Ga. ROBERTA P. GOLDEN ......,...,,,. Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA SHREVE GOLTZ DAVID S. GOODEN ..... Jon M. GOODEN ........ ..........Atlanta,Ga. .. . .. Atlanta, Ga. .. . .. Charlotte, N.C. SARA R. GORE ,....,.,.,,,,...,... Fairborn, Ga. LYNN H. GORSECLOSE ............ Atlanta, Ga CHI KEUNG GRACE .,,.... . Atlanta, Ga. JANE GRACE ...,...,..,,,,,.,. New York, N.Y JANET ELIZABETH GREEN ...... Burlington, Vt. MIILAAGREEN Mlm., G2 KENNETH W. GREGG .............. Atlanta, Ga. JON MICHAEL GRIFFITH .,..,... Akron, Ohio EI.YNOR P. GROVES ....,..,,, Montgomery, Ala. EVA LEE GUMBERT ,,..,, .,,,.,, A tlanta, Ga. JANE W. GURGANUS ..,,,.,,...... Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN GUTHRIDGE , ...,,.,.,,. New Yorlc, N.Y. GEORGE HADGOPDULOS .... St. Lamia, Greece SARALYN P. HADGOPOULOS ........ Atlanta, Ga. JACK HALE ,.,.........,.,...,, Greenville, SC. ADRIENNE HAIRE .,,....,,,,,,,,, Atlanra, Ga. THEODORE M. HAGGARD ..,. Lawrenceville, Ga. WAN SANG HAN ,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. Seoul, Korea JOHN ALLEN HARE ...,,.,,.,,.,, Jonesboro, Ga. CHARLYN B. HARPER .,,..,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. JUDITH D, HARRIS ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,., Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES E. I-IORNBECK ....,, Woodward, Okla. BARBARA ANN HOROWITZ ., St. Petersburg, Fla. DONALD WILLIAM HOSIER ......,, Steatson, Pa. HARRIET E. HOUGH ..,,.,,.,,.. BELLE B. HOWARD .,,.,.....,. MARGARET L. I-IOWE .......... .EUGENE W. HUGUELET ........ OHN C HUIE I A- -............. .. EARL MARCUS HENRY .,.,,,,, CAULTON LEE IRWIN ........., . . . . Atlanta, Ga. Charleston, S.C. .. Greenville, Pa. . . . . Decatur, Ga. Alban Ga. , , , , . y, . Birmingham, Ala. Knoxville, Tenn. Atlanta Ga Chamblee Ga Graduate School BUENA E. HATLEY ,,,,,.,,,,,,, RONALD LEE HAYWORTI-IY CHARLES E. HAYS ,,,,,,,,,,,, MARSHALL N. HENRY ,,....... RONALD o. HENRY ,,,....... RICHARD E. HERRMANN ..... ANN BLYTHE HIGGINS ........ MARGARET HICKS .,..,.,,,,,, MIKE W. HIGGINS ............. HOWARD N. HINES ,,,,,,,.,,,, DONALD R. ,HINTON BUTLER E. HIRAM ........ . Albemarle, NC. .. Kerman, Calif. Lawrenceville, Ga. ,... . Atlanta, Ga. College Park, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Pascagoula, Miss. Atlanta, Ga. Knoxville, Tenn. ... Minden, La. ..... Decatur, Ga. MIRIAM JANET HODGE .,,,,.,..,,,,, Rome, ea. FRANCIS R. HODGES III ....,... Mt. Olive, N.C. RICHARD J. HOPKINS ..,....,.,..,, Atlanta, Ga. SANDRA L. IVEY ...,,.,.,.,,,,,,,, , . . A A v I fvssuavits t ' 'y a CHARLES D JACKSON L. ENKINS ......... . Brrmrn ham, Ala. ALICE R. JOHNSON ..... BEN c. JOHNSON ,,..... BONNIE S. JOHNSON ..,. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' JUDITH E. JOHNSON .... KAREN ELAINE JOHNSON ROBERT C. JOENES ....... LILLIAN E. JOLLEY ,.,... CHARLES A. JONES ...... JOAN M. JONES ,........ I union onnoolllol Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. . Gainesville Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Niota, Tenn. . . . . .. Cartersville, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. MARGARET I. JONES ...,,,,.,, Knoxville, Tenn. STEPHEN E, JONES .. MARTHA N. JORDAN' Ill' FOREST R. JOSEPH, JR DOUGLASJOYNER...i.iiimHm SMITH JUOSON ......... Belhaven, N.C. Greensboro, N.C. . Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN L. KJELDSEN ,,,,....,,.,,, Decatur, Ga. MADGE MCCORD KNOTT ,,,,,.,, Macon, Ga. RSCHARD A. KONRAD ........ Oshkosh, Wise. JOAN LYNN KOTTLER ........ Nashville, Tenn. CONSTANCE A. KREDEL .......... Atlanta, Ga. GERTRUDE E. KRICK .,.,..,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID ALAN KROSS ........ Miami Beach, Fla. LELIA ANN KUCEWICZ ,,,,.,., Yonkers, N.Y. GEORGE O. KUNKLE .,.,,,,,,,, Annapolis, Md. DIANA LEE KUNZE ..... ,..... M iarni, Fla. JAMES C LANILR Winter Haven Fla JAMES l-l. LAFON ,....,,,,,,,,, Jacksonville, Fla. . A .....,,..... c , H . OUIDA ll. l.ANlF 4 1 4 I - JANE B. LEE .................. Richmond, Va. SANGSUP LEE ,.,,......,......... Seoul, Korea J EDWARD HENRY LEITER ........,. Atlanta, Ga. LINDA J. LEITA ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, MICHAEL A. LERNER ,,,,,,, .. MARCIA D. LeROUX ........ BETRAM j. LEVY .,,,,.,.,.,., RI,RANoR R. LEWIS ........... ADDIS LOU LIGHTNER ANN LIGHTNER . JIANNE T. LIN ....... SUSAN K. LIND ...... CHEEN MEI LIU ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ELAINE MARIE LONG New Orleans, La. New York, N.Y. Lawrenceville, Ga. . Roosevelt, N.Y. Atlanta, Ga. Tampa, Fla. ...........Atlanta,Ga. Tiawin, China Atlanta, Ga. Taiwan, China East Point Ga. JULIA w, Loan ,..... ffffff 'Stititt Mtttttttatttl Gt. RUURRT L. MANNING ,,.......... Atrtttta, Ga. KERFORD A. MARQHANT .....,,, Stating, vt. MARY LOUISE MARSH ........ LNE H MARTIN ....... New York, N.Y. New York, N.Y. I . .... . VIRGINIA L. MARTIN ..,.,..... Mt. ontt, No. FELIX I MARTINEZ .....,..,. JOHN R MARSH, JR. M. ROY MASON ................ Abreus LV, Cuba .. , .. Macon, Ga. .. Atlanta, Ga. HENRY M. MATHEWS ............ Decatur, Ga. RALPH E. MAYO .............. JUANITA C. MCCANLESS Greenville, N.C. Nashville Tenn LAURENCE L. MCCULLOUOH .' .... Atlanta, .oaf LRNORR N. MtcULLoott ...... Nashville, Tenn. Graduate School EBENEZER P. LOVE ....... MASON I. LOWANCE ,,,........ ,. Atlanta, Ga. ... Atlanta, Ga. EARBARA ANN LOWERY ,,,,.... Decatur, Ga. JON WILLIAM LOWRY ...,,,,..... Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH M. LYON ..... Decatur, Ga. LUCIE C. MABOROS ,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. LEONARD A, MACALUSO ieiaitytttta, nt. QRCILIA M. MACKINTOSH. J I 1 I I . . . Atlanta, ot. RUTH ct. MACKAY ,,......,,.,,,,. nttttttt, ot. JOHN J. MAITURN ....... ...... Bronx, N.Y. ELIZABETH R. MAItIoN . ...,..,,. Atlanta, ot. FRANK R. MALLONEE, JR. Charlotte N.C. MARGARET w. MANCHESTER' f f f . . . Atlanta, ot. JAMES MANESS .,,,,,,,..,. EVELYN LOUISE MANNING Greenville, NAC. Suminton, Ala. r - '21 ht . 1' lt I , I I , , ,, lil Ili I 'I I ith .J . Graduate School THOMAS M. MILLER ,,,,,,,,,, Houston, Texas EUNICE ANN MITCHAM ........ Doraville, Ga. MORRIS MITZNER ........,,,..... Atlanta, Ga. LOUISE E. MOORE .,,,......,...,. Decatur, Ga. ANNASAHEB VISHNU MOREY ...... Atlanta, Ga. TERRY RAY MORRIS .,..,, .,,,. S myrna, Ga. ANN MARIE MOSELEY ..,......... Atlanta, Ga. ALVIN R. MOSES ....,..,,,,,.., Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT C. MOSTELLER ...... Newport News, Va. SAMUEL C. MOZLEY ....,,,,,, jonesboro, Ga. PATRICIA GALE MURRAY ...... Pensacola, Fla. IOSEPH W. MOZZER, IR. ...,,,,, Maitland, Fla. CHO CHONG NAHM ...... ,..,. A tlanta, Ga. KEE CHUL NAM ....,. .......... K orea GAPATI NANDY ...... .,,., C alcutta, India SUSAN MCEWAN ,..,...,.,........ Rome, Ga. MELVIN MCKEE .........,.. Webb City, Mo. SUSAN C. MCKEEN .....,,,,, Montgomery, Ala. RUTH A. MCKINLEY ............ Chatham, NJ. MARGUERITE MCMILLAN .,..., Gainesville, Fla. RICHARD M. MCMURRY . LENORE H. MCNULTY ..... ...... A tlanta, Ga. HAROLD W. MCSW AIN ............ Atlanta, Ga. GLORIA I. MEDERER .,...,..,,.., Valdosta, Ga. IOHN F. MERCIER .,,.. ,..,, A tlanta, Ga. .....,..,.,DeCatur,Ga. J. Baaouoao Maaar .. BETSY B. MIDDLETON ........ Greenville, sc. JAMES o. Mrsa ,....... wrurraao M. Maas .......... Cleveland, oan roau s. Maas ....,....,..,,..... Ariana, Ga. Mobile,Ala. Rayne,La. AUGUSTUS YOUNG N APIER . , Stone Mountain, Ga. BEVERLY ANN NEBLETT ........ Dallas, Texas BETTE S. NEUHAUS .............. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM S. NEWMAN .....,.. Knoxville, Tenn. KAREN M. OLSON ............ Iacksonville, Fla. MARION V. O'NEIl.L .......... Norvell, Mass. HOWARD M. OWEN III ........ Sewanee, Tenn. ROBERT GERALD OWRKMAN ...... Atlanta, Ga. HENRY GEORGE PALMER .. Webster Groves, Mo. HERMINE R. PALMER .......,.... Marietta, Ga. HAROLD L. PARKER .....,.,,,.,., Atlanta, Ga. BRANTLEY H. PARSLEY ,,,,,.,. Baltimore, Md. ROSALYN V. PATTERSON .. . WILLIAM A. PENNINGTON ........ Atlanta, Ga CHARLES W. PEPE .......... NANCY P. PERKINS ........ GERALDINE PERSELLS JOHN c. PHILLIPS .... ' fff RICHARD PIAZZA .... WILLIAM M. PICKARD JAMES E. PIERCE ..... RICHARDIA P. PIERCE DAVID H. PINGREE .. JOHN L. POE ........ . . .. Brooklyn, N.Y. , , , , . . Atlanta, Ga , . , , Chamblee, Ga. Daytona Beach, Fla Belmont, Mass . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga Memphis, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn . . . . . . . . Winchester, Mass . Fitzgerald, Ga ANNE ELIZABETH POLK ,,.,,.,,,, Decatur, Ga SANDRA A. POREP ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Miami, Fla ROBERT I. POWER ,,.,.,,,,.,, Langdon, N. Dak. WILLIAM L. POWER ............ jackson, Miss CAROLYN L. ROBINSON .......... Atlanta, Ga. SUE BESS ROBINSON ,.....,,,...,, Atlanta, Ga. WILLYNDA R. ROBINSON .......,., Atlanta, Ga. IOSEFINA H. RODRIQUEZ ,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. LUCILO R. ROMAN .... Navotas Rizal, Philippines RONALD W. ROGERS ,..... ..,.. A tlanta, Ga. MARGARET ROYSTER ...... .... Q Atlanta, Ga. APRIL ROYAL ....,...... ........ ' Clinton, N.C. MARY IIEAN RUSSELL ,......... Newport, Tenn. DOROTHY S. RUTLEDGE .. Avondale Estates, Ga. J. MARSHALL SAADE ,,..,....,.. Atlanta, Ga. WALTER B. SATTERFIELD ,,,..,. Charlotte, N.C. I A.t.l.a.nmGa Graduate School CHARLES D. PRESTON . SYLVIA A. PRUITT ..... JOEL M. PYLE ......... KATHLEEN K. QIIILLLN MARILYN Quiaos ..... PHILIP PacINP ....... ELAINE RAMIER ,...... JAMES EDWIN RANKIN JOHN Maeaaao ,...... ELLIS H. IIPcP ,,.... BARBARS S. REED ,,.... RICHARD A. REED ,.... Columbia, S.C Anderson, S.C Rome, Ga Owantonna, Minn. ...........Atlanta, Ga Brunswick, Me. Atlanta, Ga. Tifton, Ga. .. ...... Rome, Ga. . . . . .. Atlanta, Ga. Orange,N.j. Atlanta, Ga. ALBERT C. REEVES ,,,,,,..,, Kansas City, Kan. ALLAN H. REPKIN ....,......... Chicago, Ill. ELIZABETH D. RICE ....., ...,. L ithonia, Ga. Graduate School Jonrv svarrrvrarv ..... WAYNE C. SCHUCKER ........ Baltimore, Md. ROBERT CHARLES SCHULTZ TI-IEA SCHIILZE ,,......... LANE A. SCOTT ........... Atlanta, Ga. . . . . . . . Brevard, N.C. Carthage, Texas SYLYIA L. SIRMANS .............. Decatur, Ga. DAVID H. SLINEY ...... ....,. A rlington, Va. JAMES H. SMART ...,..,,,..... Denton, Texas ANN GRADY SMITH .,...,..,...., Tucker, Ga. DOROTHY SUE SHEEEIELD ,...,,,, Silreston, Mo. LUCY LINDSEY SMITH .,...... SANDRA Z. SMITH vvigrrnnu H. SMITH, ' f f f . f f ' DAVID Janes srvrnaa Denton, N.C. MICHAEL T. SNIDER .......... JUDITH C. SOBEL ............. ALLAN SOCKLOEE ,..,,,,,,,,, ELLEN M. SOWLES ......... Atlanta, Ga. . Arlington, Va. Thomasville, N.C. Jacksonville, Fla. . Brooklyn, N.Y. Coral Gables, Fla. Barnesville, Ga. Seguin, Texas Haxaaar a. srrrvcax, uif '.',','.'1V6apaa News, va. - I at .rf It I f'l.'l1 ra' JAMES R. SEALE ,.,., ,,,.... S elma, Ala. RICHARD G. SEYMANN .......... Atlanta, Ga. SARAH PSHANKMAN .,.,......,, Monroe, La. MARTINI. SHARTAR ....,.,..,..,. Atlanta, Ga. ANDREW M. SHELDON ......,..,.. Miami, Ela. JOHN BUNYAN SHEPPARD .... Orangeburg, S.C. NANCY REED SHIRLEY ,,,,,,,, Anderson, S.C. ALVIN PHILLIP SHORE .. ...... Jacksonville, Ela. RICHARD P. SIBLEY .....,.,.,.. Boxford, Mass. WALTER O. SIEGL ,,,,,..,,,,,,, Rochester, N.Y. BRENDA SIMONTON ...... Lawrenceville, Ga. ROSALIND SPRAGUE ....., Rocking River, Ohio ELIZABETH P. STANEIELD ,,,,,, Quitrnan, Ga. BARBARA STEADMAN ..,, Avondale Estates, Ga. ROY EDWARD STEADMAN .... Covington, Ga. WESLEY M. STEVENS ,...... . . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM I. STINSON ....., ,,,,, A tlanta, Ga. BARCLAY ANN STITH . .. . . . . . .. Carrollton, Ga. CHARLES C. STRANDER ,.,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. LILO T. STRAUSS ...........,..,,,, Atlanta, Ga. MARGARET LEE STREET ......,. Charleston, S.C. VIRGINIA LEE STREET pnrscnrn STRICKLAND. '.'.i.'.'.'.'. PAULA M. STUBBS ........ ,, Bristol, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. ,,,,....Decatur,GL JERRY LEE swatfr ,,... ,...,. Decatur, Ga. CECIL E. TATE .,..,.,...........,. Atlanta, Ga. SPARTAN W. TAYLOR .. Greer, SLC. MLLLMM H. TEOEOEO, jaf Nawaafy, ac. GLEN RAY THOMAS ....,...,... aawila, Mc. ROSS H. THOMAS III . JOHN O. THOMPSON .f f f f f . HHEEL O. THOMPSON JUDITH V. TOMME ,...... ANNE C. TREASH ,...... Donaldsonvillc, Ga. Hartsville, Ala. . . . . ..... Atlanta, Ga. Waco, Tex. Atlanta, Ga. GORDON SPENCER TREASH ..,.,,.. Atlanta, Ga. III. I. TREEZ ,...,..,,..,,,,. Mamoroneck, N.Y. RICHARD L. TROELSTRUP ,,,, St. Homet, Calll. PAUL V. TROUP Ill ,,...,,,,,,,,. Atlanta, Ga. I-IAI NAN TUNG ,,..,.....,.., Taiwan, China EDWARD L. WELDON ,....,., Lake Worth, Fla. TODD WELLS .,............,...,,,. Atlanta, Ga. ELLIS MCKINNEY WEST ,.,,,. Huntingdon, Tenn. MARY ANN WHAM ..,..,.,,. Ablaevillc, SC. MARTHA ELLEN WHEELER .... Panama City, Ela. SHERRY ANN WHELAN .....,., Beltsville, Md. JUDY ANN WHITE .,.... STEPHANIE WHITE ,,,, . Atlanta,.Ga. Atlanta, Ga. MARVIN Y. WHITING ,,.,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID G. WHITMAN ...... SUSAN FINLEY WIKOEF ..... Atlanta, Ga. Oneicla, Ill. REEVES C. WILKES ,,..,....,,, Spartatalaurg, SC. 4 I ' 1 1 Graduate School IKUKO UEUKATA .,,.,.,,,,,,,, Osaka, japan STRPHEN W. UREANSKI .......... Chlcago, Ill. WII.I.IAM O. UTLEY ..,,,.,,,,..,. Atlanta, Ga. EDMOND R. VENATOR ,,,,,,,.,... Atlanta, Ga. RABECCA G. VOLLMER .....,, Hagerstown, Mcl. FLORA PAY WADE ....,.......,. Itlaaca, N.Y. ARIVA S. WAITZMAN ,,,,,,,.,,,, Atlanta, Ga. GWENDOLYN I. WALDROP ,,.,,. Riclamoncl, Va. EWARD Al. WALSH jackson Heights, N.Y. IOSEPH S. WANG .,,,,,,,,.,, Taiclaung, Formosa ANNIE K. WARNER ..,......,., Bataslntrg, SC. CHARLES P. WARR, IR. ......., Memphis, Tenn. EUGENE JOHN WATTS ,,.,,.,, Florissant, MO. VIRGINIA S. WATTS .....,,...,. Prichard, Ala. F. D. WEAVER ,...,....,......,.,. Macon, Ga. Graduate School Graduate students continue their education through more advanced study im' f' fl Q , I I ELIZABETH WILSON .......,.. Dahlonega, Ga. JERRY BRYAN WILSON ,,...,., Statesville, N.C. MAURICE E. WILSON ........ Myrtle Beach, S.C. JEAN WELLS WINN ............ Savannah, Ga. HENRY WISE ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, C ranston, RI. MARY MILLER WOMACK .......... Atlanta, Ga. REBECCA H. WOOD .,.... West Palm Beach, Pla. SARAH INEZ WOOD .......... Spartanburg, S.C. PATRICIA A. WOODALL .,,,.... Huntsville, Ala. WILIAM P. WOODBERRY .......... Atlanta, Ga. BETTY WOODWARD ............ Tucker, Ga. CLARKE S. WORTHINGTON .,..,. Atlanta, Ga. Joan s. uauonr ...... INA Jana uaurnonau ufatraa YOHAN ....... DEONA G. YOUNG ......... Joann rc. YOUNG ....... Maauorrsa Ynsnanrou 1191 New Cauaau, Conn. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. . New York, N.Y, ..., ..... Atlanta, Ga. Thessabomk, Greece ANITA R. ZINKLE ............,. Norfolk, Va. Q...-.,i,-fi Q +1 V. v K X , 3 wx. + KM I lf 1 ' A J wg qvmiw,nfwiw'521i:i1.m.1v mf 4 fa as ,..,fag.q,g3N,,,. 'Wifi 95 ' 5 - '-Fw . ' ." ul' is ,lf 4 w Ig Q 4 Q1 4 , E 1 4 N 5 A r. f 1 Lamar School of Law The School ol Law of Emory University is named in honor ot Associate justice L. Q. C. Lamar ot the Suprenne Court of the United States, who served from 1888-1895. The Law School was founded in 1916, and was admitted to the Association of American Law Schools in 1920. When the American Bar As- sociation initiated its classification ot law schools in 1925, the Law School was approved as a "Class A" school. The Law School has also been approved hy the Board of Governors of the Georgia Bar Association. It is the aim ot the Law School to prepare its graduates for the practice of law as a profession. Although the emphasis is on the education oi graduates who will go into the private practice of law, this is a rapidly widening emphasis as more and more law graduates are becoming government attorneys and corporate counsel. It is the purpose of the Law School to quality its graduates for the finest opportunities for legal serv- ice that can he anticipated tor them, and to instill in them a sense ol ethics ot the highest professional order. DEAN BEN le JOHNSON The Lamar School of Law ti ilu: Nr t if A ' r lj fr Iv li, ' x. 'ii ' ." 'ii ll' Q ri i g , f. 1 i. v. pil 62 1 ' ' 'ifi"- :ig A 1 of-rl ' .1 1 V .. we J is I gy: 1 A r tn- ., 1 . y-ga. .f, ur at . it 1 i .1 w I , , , jf 'i ' . p V .v., 1 i. ,-v Hr a V - i"':' u. 'y .i' ' '- , i . ' I .. i. 1 . r is S ,EV-. II lriwi V -' fv. ff""""' 1 Student Bar Association The student government of the Law School is in the hands of the Student Bar Association. The Student Bar Association ls a Day Division and an Evening Divi- sion, each with a separate group of officers, except that there is a single president pre- siding over the entire organization. The As- sociation is a rnernher of the American Law Students Association, which is an affiliate of the American Bar Association. The Stu- dent Bar Association sponsors an informal lecture series during the year, which brings to the students outstanding lawyers, judges, and persons prominent in government and civic affairs. Denny Webb, Terry Parker, lim Elliott. es ,Z1.."AW"' Honor Court The Law School Honor Court seeks to uphold the principles found in the Emory Honor Code, and which are also found as part of the high Code of Ethics of the legal profession. The Honor Court deals with violations of academic and professional in- tegrity found within the Law School. The Court is composed of the president of the Student Bar Association, three members from the Dav Division of the w'Ml"'-F : , 1 at , 17 I 4 . N '? 'Q I 1 A I I I A .1 I . 1 , Q , - 1 ln ., Q1 Eli w A dx u 'A --lm N9 SEL! . , , 2 5 ,4 - ,. w' A , YF, g ,T , . w5 . Aw v . i T Jw ' ' . ' Q Q ,., ,,,,1w I W +A 'r 1 " ' '9 xy --,- 1 U' N 1 A V f I 1 w YV 5 ' ,I W 1 'fri' zu S .I. V "1 -L' -. 41 ,H '7 v T , .-vu'-5 1' lg A "1 ,-'fl .nv n . , Mb. A, I 9 W. -N M strap' I ul ua, 4. :le ' 1 'fir f- 4 .GW l vu , .,..n ff h. .am sau A. A A 4.44" 'L' L 4 O i . - '. 1 I g -4 4 Y - ' 'I r Q? ' ' . ku 1'- ., MW- . .. . ' 'vi' A uf .V+,..'.' ., , N'-0-an L" 1' Sl ' ri fx ' ' 1" 2, ' , Lf 4 ' I jj ' , !,'.m AL ' Q. ' 1 5fgfT'p:,e , H .1 A mn, u N " ' ,"' , , 1 ' . T31 5 ' N Nw 1 1' 4 .,, w :iw 1 I I 5 .4 QP yr iff' -fs fp 757' i x - hi , .J A-!, +-f, 1, w ,. ' If 4. 1 - --w .5 "' 514 - -M" 'T ,UI ...E ,, ni ' 'l 3 .nd ull 1' ' .-1 4-if I ,Q Q g -v, J 4 if ll 'I my :I :H I! 44 -SJ 3162.-I F 1 x if N .E , W 'una A . .. 1... Q - I . 1 Q 9 ..., .., -q... H 59, , i T-..g.,o 'J 4 ' v X V' X , 1 X W Dudley McClain john Adams John Pennington jmtire-1964 Vite ffr.rfic'e-1964 Mflllbfll-1954 WILLIAM Phi Alpha Delta yy v A pi v ' ll.. L tm! E A, p v sy? Q, iv v Nunn mu N yy! l ly K t yr Coy Temples William Witeher xvlanaimasrrma ALBLRT KELNEP CHAPTER Owen Adams Sam Appel Bob Bell Alan Bonser john Bovis George Boyd William Brennan john Cowart john Dowd Charles Evans Richard Flexner Kenneth Glover jon Gray Thomas Greene Thomas Gresham Jerome Hale john Hinrhey Kenneth lacoppi james johnson Robert Lake Sherman Landau Ben Landey Ralph McCallum Howard McGlasson Robert Marshall jade McLaughlin David Mason Floyd Moffet johnny Mooney Raymond Morrison George O'Kelley Raymond Otwell Allan Rinzler William Smith Thomas Sullivan LAMAR INN Bowneau Ansley Robert Ansley Anthony Askew Hulet Askew jim Avary Marion Bird Sam Brannen jim Campbell james Carr Allen Cohn Kimbrough Davis Robert Dodd William Edwards Bill Floyd Rawson Foreman Weyman Forrester Kenneth Gilchrist Reeder Glass Russell Grove Marion Guess Marvin Hardy Max Hardy Robert Harkey Lash Harrison George Hart Gordon Hostetter Kelley Kidd Bennett Kight Michael La Bella Roger Lawson Roy Leite Charles Lester Frank Loomis Paul McClarty Kendrix Mattox Charles Merrill Ivan Millender Harry Morgan Al Mullins julian Nealy Bert Oastler Fred Orr Terry Parker Rick Powell Vance Rankin lim Ritchie Henry Rogers Lewis Sapp Bd Seagraves Tredway Shurling Larry Thomason Raymond Trapnell I r i 5. N 1 v' Thomas Carlock Richard Allen Terry Roberts Magister' Exrlreyfrer' Hrrforrruz Phi Delta hi gy gy JA, -. .za B- t ,' . Seniors! Law School A All t . ' ' I ,phi ,- , ,. on ALLEN SMITH FESSENDEN, Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM L. FLOYD, Atlanta, Ga., Student I Bar Association, Historian, Social. Chairman, Phi Delta Phi, Socia. Chairman, Editorial Board of the journal of Public Law and the Georgia Bar journal, Outspanding Freshman Award. EDWARD R. FOREMAN, Atlanta, Ga., Stu- dent Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Case Club, Vice-Pres., Nationa- Moot Court Competition. LUCY B. PORRESTER, Atlanta, Ga. HIL- TON MONREO FULLER, Atlanta, Ga. KENNETH P. GLOVER, Atlanta, Ga. jON RICHARD GRAY, Atlanta, Ga. RUSSELL S. GROVE, jR., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Editorial Board of journal of Public Law and Georgia Bar journal, Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Bryan Society. SHADRACK jER- OME HALE, Atlanta, Ga PAUL L. HANES, Decatur, Ga. ROBERT S. HARKEY De catur, Ga., 'Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Clerk CHASON LASH HARRISON, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Staff of the journal of Public Law. jOHN W. HINCHEY, East Point, Ga., Student Bar Acenr-int-inn Dlwi Alnlm nnltn finer: flnlx Iam him IE' ' jOHN OLIVER ADAMS, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Associa- tion tTreasurer, Vice-Presj, Phi Alpha Delta tClerk, Vice- Presidentj. ROBERT BRUCE ADAMS, Atlanta, Ga. ROB- ERT BOTNTON ANSLEY, jR., Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Association fStudent Traffic Courtj, Phi Delta Phi, Case Club, Editorial Board of journal of Public Law and Georgia Bar journal. SAMUEL APPEL, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Vice-justice. ANTHONY B ASKEW, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Associa- tion, Phi Delta Phi. RICHARD jULlUS BEAM, Decatur, Ga. jESSE C. BELCHER, Atlanta, Ga. FRANCIS M. BIRD, jR., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Honor Court, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Editorial Board of journal of Public Law and Georgia Bar journal, Associate Edi- tor, Comments Editor. ALAN B. BONSER, Atlanta, Ga. jOHN MILTON BOVIS, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta. RICHARD LAMAR BRANNON, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Law Day Committee, Secretary, Case Club, Vice- President, Chief judge, President, Moot Court Finalist, Best Brief, National Competition, journal of Public Law, Staff. GEORGE GRANT BRANTLEY, Griffin, Ga. WARREN N. COPPEDGE, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar As- sociation, Case Club. jOHN PILCHER COWART, Atlanta Ga., Student Bar Association, Treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta Treasurer, Honor Council. ALBERT KIMBROUG1-I DAVIS, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association Phi Delta Phi, Exchequer, Magistrate, Editorial Board' of journal of Public Law and Georgia Bar journal, Casenote Editor. EDWARD DALE DEWBERRY, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Student member of Georgia Bar Association. J 7 I CHARLES L. jEWETT jR., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Associ- ation, Case Cluh, Vice-Presiclent, Editorial Board ol journal of Puhlic Law and Georgia Bar journal, Bryan Society. SHERMAN LANDAU, Atlanta, Ga., Student-Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Clerk, Vice justice, Case Cluh, journal of Puhlic Law. BENjAMIN LANDEY, Decatur, Ga., Phi Al- pha Delta, journal of Public Law. ROGER HUGH LAW- SON jR., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, Magister. W. GLY MCKENZIE jR., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Associa- tion. PAUL MARVIN MQLARTY, Atlanta, Ga. IVAN ARNOLD MILI.ENDER, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Associa- tion, Phi Delta Phi. MARGARET E. MOBLEY, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, A.L.S.A. Convention Committee, Bryan Society. FI.OYD G. MOFFETT ' socintion, Phi Alpha Deli catur, Ga., Student Bar As R., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar As- t OHNNY C MONNFY De it. j . . . , - sociation, Phi Alpha Delta, Treasur- er. jAMES HENRY MORGAN, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Association, Law Day B anquet Chairman, Phi Delta Phi, Editorial Board ol journal oi Puhlic Law and Georgia Bar journal. ALFRED L. MLILLINS, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Pri, Editorial Board of journal of Puhlic Law. A, jOSEPI-I NARDONE jR., Decatur, Ga., Student Bar As- sociation, Editorial Board of journal of Pnhlic Law and Georgia Bar journal, Bryan Society. jULIAN D. NEALY, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi. WILSON F. ORR, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta, Editorial Board of journal of Puhlic Law and Georgia Bar journal, Secretary. TERRELL A. PARKER, Atlanta, Ga., Stu- dent Ear Association, President, Phi Delta Phi, Editorial Board of journal of Puhlic Law and Georgia Bar journal, Honor Court. Seniors! Law School t jOHN C. PENNINGTON, Atlanta, Ga., Stu- ' dent Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta. AL- I LAN RINZLER, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Case Club, Clerk. j DAVID A. ROBERTSON, Willowdale, Ontar- io. ALAN L. ROLNICK, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association. FRANCES MCMULLEN SCHINDELAR, Marietta, Ga., Student Bar As- sociation. EDWARD THEODORE SMITH, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association. WILLIAM P. SMITH III., Stone Mtn., Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal. CLIF- FORD G. STATHAM, Decatur, Ga. LARRY W. THOM- ASON, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi. RAYMOND T. TRAPNELL, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar As- sociation. WILLIAM C. TUCKER jR., Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi. WILLIAM H. WRAGE, Decatur, Ga., Student Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, Treas- urer: Case Club. Clerk. GLENN ZELL, Atlanta, Ga., Student Juniors! Law School OWEN E. ADAMS .............. Forest Park, Ga. RICHARD EVE ALLEN ............ Atlanta, Ga. JoHM R AMSLEI' ,,.... .. WILLIAM E. BARTEE JR. . JOHN HARVEY BEDFORD SAM LEONARD BRANNEN RAY H. BRIDGERS ....... Atlanta,Ga. Atlanta,Ga. Atlanta,Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. MICHAEL BROADBEAR' '.',',','.'.',', Atlanta, Ga. JAMES M. CAMPBELL ........ Anniston, Alabama. THOMAS SCOTT CARLOCK ........ Decatur, Ga. JAMES C. CARR .,,,,..,.,...,.... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT J. CASTELLANI ......,.... Atlanta, Ga. STANLEY G. COOK ........ Rocky Mount., N.C. CHARLES M. DEBELE, ..,...,,.. Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT L. DODD, JR. ............. Atlanta, Ga. JOHN M. DOWD ...........,.. Birmingham, Ala DOUGLAS J. ELLINGTON ... ...... Conyers, Ga ARTHUR JAMES ELLIOTT .......... Atlanta, Ga JAMES R. EPPS ........... Atlanta, Ga WEYMAN H. EORRESTER .......... Atlanta, Ga JOHN FRANKLIN GELZER Atlanta, Ga JAMES E. GIBLIN .................. Atlanta, Ga DAVID A. GIBSON ....... Atlanta, Ga KENNETH W. GILCHRIST Decatur, Ga. W. REEDER GLASS ,.....,, Decatur, Ga EDWARD RUEUS GOLDEN Atlanta, Ga. LAWRENCE ED GOODWIN ........ Marietta, Ga. THOMAS WESLEY GREENE Decatur, Ga. JOHN C. GUI-LICKSON ,.........,. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM MARVIN HARDY Atlanta, Ga. J I I ,J . . AJ- tl I I lkTi'1 I I I I I A I In A ,Q H -V I . 'I R .LJJJEJ nl l . ,I I I I I if iq R ig l l I' . l tr: -I: I It Eli A , A . J , .-w J ,,.-.,iI I ' ' ' ':-nf ML.. . HJ . Y if N LYMAN H. HARRIS ..... GEORGE W. HART ............ ANNA C. HINDS .............. ........Tucker,Ga. Charlotte, N.C. Kn ville Tenn. ox , GORDON R. HOSTETTER .,........ Decatur, Ga. KENNETH A. JACOPPI .,...... JOHN CHARLES JOYNER . BENNETT L. KNIGHT . ,... Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta,Ga. Atlanta, Ga. JOHN C. KNUPP .................. Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL LA BELLA RoYJ.LE1TEJR. ...... . RoEERr c LEMERI JR Atlanta,Ga. .. Atlanta, Ga. Chamblee G I I 'fig' H. . .,...,,. .. A , a. fy Q l ,.I' J RALPH o. MCCALLUM, JR. ...,.... oaaan, oa. Iuniors!Law School ' " at I JACK M. MCLAUGHLIN ............ Atlanta, Ga a J KENDRICK WARE MATTOX ,,,.,, Atlanta, Ga I , CHARLES B. MERRILL ............ Atlanta, Ga K I F RAYMOND MORRISON ...,...... Atlanta, Ga If if 'E I I I J. ARTHUR Mozaair ..,......... East Rana, Ga A - MAURICE CHARLES MYKEL ...... Atlanta, Ga GEORGE M. O'KELLEY ....,....... Atlanta, Ga LINDA JEAN PHILLIPS .,....,,.,,. Atlanta, Ga ' 4' ROBERT T. POPE ................ Decatur, Ga WILLIAM C. PORTER ........,.,... Atlanta, Ga BILLY JOE POWELL .,......,,.,.. Athens, Ga MERLE AUSTIN RAMOS .......... Atlanta, Ga VANCE OLENY RANKIN ..,....... Atlanta, Ga JAMES B. RITCHIE ................ Atlanta, Ga HENRY S. ROGERS ....... ...... A tlanta, Ga I ' FEDERICK ii. SAUNDERS ,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. ALBERT WILLIAM SECOR ,... Birmingham, Ala. FRANK D. SMITH JR. .....,,... Cartersville, Ga. HERMAN G. SNIPES ........,... Decatur, Ga. JOSEPH T. STRICKLAND ,,,,,,.., . Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS KEVIN SULLIVAN ......,, Atlanta, Ga. HOKE J. THOMAS JR. .....,....., Decatur, Ga. JAMES P. WARD ..........,.,,, .,. Atlanta, Ga. EDGAR BAUGHN WILKIN Atlanta, Ga. J .911 ahl l 'R L rl CHRISTOPHER c. YORK .,.,.,.,,. Atlanta, aa. Freshmen! Law School Jon Lars ANDERSON .........,.... Atlanta, Ga 3, ,Q uf. BOWNEAU ANSLEY ,.,....... Atlanta, Ga. I RACHEL R. ARBUTHNOT ........,. Aaaaa, na. HULETT H. ASKEW ..........,... Atlanta, Ga. JAMES AVARY ,,,,..,.,,, West Point, Ga. CHARLES RICHARD AVERY ........ Atlanta, Ga. STURGIS G. BATES .............. Decatur, Ga. .Gr fu HENRY RALPH BAUER, JR. .,,.,... Atlanta, Ga. MARGAREITE C. BELL ........ Milledgevillc, Ga. ROBERT L. BELL .................. Atlanta, Ga. l 5 an , . if . J ELLEN BOWDEN ..... ..... A tlanta, Ga. I I A I ' fl V It . ....... ...... l , . ' . El I iimmmi u m m , H ,, Ca . I if GEORGE V BOYD At anta G JOHN L. SAPP .................... Decatur, Ga. Freshmen!Law School RICHARD DAVID FLEXNER ........ Atlanta, Ga. CARDLE L. EOLTS ........,.,,..,. Atlanta, Ga. DANIEL BRUCE FUNK .....,,... La Grange, Ind. MILLARD G. GAMBLE IV ...... Wilmington, Del. WILLIAM R. GAMMON ........ Ceclartown, Ga HENRY DALE GOLTZ ,,,, , , .,,,, Atlanta, Ga THOMAS P. GRESHAM .....,...... Decatur, Ga WILLIAM M. GUESS ........ Stone Mountain, Ga MAX B. HARDY, JR. ..........., Leesburg, Ga 'RICHARD M. HARPER ............ Albany, Ga JOHN H. HAWKINS ......,....... Atlanta, Ga ROBERT LESLIE HERMAN .......... Atlanta, Ga CHARLES FOSTER HICKES .,,.,,,, Atlanta, Ga H. MARTIN HUDDLESTON .. Ormond Beach, Fla. WILLIAM D. HELL ................ Decatur, Ga- MARC D. BROOKMAN ......., Philadelphia, Pa. CHARLES BULLOCK .,,,,,,,,,,, BRYAN' MICHAEL CAVAN SANFORD ALLEN COHN . EDWARD A. CIIUDUE, Ja. ....... . ., Tucker, Ga. Atlanta,Ga. ........,Atlanta, Ga. Covington, Ga. ARTHUR T. DAVIS R. ....,...,... Atlanta, Ga. I I ROBERT II. DAVIS ....... Atlanta,Ga HARRY LEONARD DELUNG, JR. .... Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD D. DEVANEY, Ja. ..... . CONDITH DIBBLE ....... WILLIAM EDWARDS ..... NELLY 1oE ELLIS ........ ROBERT PARK ELLIS ..... CHARLES A. EVANS ...... MARTIN L. FIERMAN .... Doraville, Ga Atlanta,Ga . ..... Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. . ..... Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. gl '. EDWARD B. JAMES JR. ,,,,..,,., Anniston, Ala if JAMES A. JOHNSON .............. Tucker, Ga DOUGLAS LEE JOHNSTON Atlanta, Ga STEPHEN KAUEMAN ..... Atlanta, GA RICHARD KELLER ........ KELLY KIDD ............ TILLIE A. KIDD Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Ga EDWIN EUGENE IIINE .',','f.','.',',' IDOIIIVIIIQZ Ga KARL M. KOTHE ........,,,,.,,. Atlanta, Ga FRANK LONG KUNBERGER ...... Decatur, Ga ROBERT LLOYD LAKE, JR. ....,. East Point, Ga. LANE .........,.... Hattiesburg, Miss. REEVE r l 4 A FRANK H. LOOMIS ......,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga GRANT P. MAI-IAN ,....,,,,,,,,. Marietta, Ga RICHARD A. MARCHEITI ...,..,. AtlaIIta, Ga ROBERT A. MARSHALL ,.,,,,,,,,,. Atlanta, Ga BRADLEY MARTIN JR. .,.......... Atlanta, Ga DAVID W. MASON .......,,.,. Jonesboro, Ga. EUGENIA B. MAXWELL ,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. EUGENE A. MEDORI, JR. ,.,,,,,.,, Atlanta, Ga. LAWRENCE MENKENS ........ Savannah, Tenn. ROBERT RUDOLPH MOLIC ,,.. Caele Place, NY. ROBERT MOORE, ,,.... Glen Burnie, Md. JOHN W. MOULTON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. MICHAEL C. MURPHY ,,,,,,,,,, Marietta, Ga. BERT R. OASTLER' ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. JOHN H. O'DONNEL ....,....,,.., Atlanta, aa. IPIIANCIS T. SHURLING , g , . JOHN s, SMITH III ,,,.,,.,,..,,,.. Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT REX SMITH .,......,... Chamblee, Ga. NICHOLAS STAMATAKIS ,,,...,. Savannah, Ga. COY H. TEMPLES ....... ....... A tlanta, Ga. FLOYD T. TUTTLE ..,.......,... Florence, S.C. JOHN J. VIERTHALER .......... Pittsburgh, Pa. CHARLES L. WEATHERLY .. Stone Mountain, Ga. MELVIN E. WEINSTEIN ........ Weinstein, Ga. JOHN W. WILLIAMS, IR. .......... Decatur, Ga. WILLIAM G. WITCHER .......... Decatur, Ga. + . Dallas. Ga. 1 4 JOHN JOE SHEDDAN ,...,.,,.,.. Atlanta, Ga. Wri htvillc Ga. I Freshmen! Law School , I, 'I f Ill.. RAYMOND CYRII. OTWELL .,,...,, Decatur, Ga. WII.I..IAM D. OWENS .............. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM S. PATRICK ,,,,,,,,,,,, Mobile, Ala. DONALD C. PATTERSON .. Chatham, New Jersey Atlanta, Ga. HUGH II. POWELL, JR. JIILIIIM P. POWELL .. DAVID B. POYTHRESS .,,.,.,...., RICHARD PULASKI .,,.,,,,,,,,,, HENRY R. READ .... RHESA H. REEVES III JAMES A. ROBBINS .. RICHARD T. ROBERTS JULIIIN ED snaoaavas .......... MICHAEL L SELLERS JOSEPH a. SHIIPIHO, j ........ Springfield, Tenn. Macon Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta, Quincy, Atlanta Atlanta: Atlanta Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga, Fla. Ga. lail. Ga. We ' " ' K. c's"Hsst?'ion.df"l""a..,.rl'v?Ff-sr Moot Court lfinals are judged by the justices of the Georgia Su- preme Court. Law Da l96 UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL IS FEATURED SPEAKER The annual Law Day festivities were held April 24, 1965. The day is sponsored by the Student Bar Asso- ciation and it serves as a "homecoming day" for alumni and as a "senior day" for students. Ken Gilchrist was chairman with james Elliot and john Adams serving as co-chairmen for the day and night divisions. Nu- merous judges, Emory Law School alumni and distin- guished persons trom the Atlanta area were present to hear Attorney General Katzenbachs speech calling for an end to irresponsibility. Moot Court finals were judged by the Georgia Supreme Court justices and a barbecue was held on the Quadrangle. The remainder of the day and evening included a social hour, a ban- quet, the presentation of student awards and a dance all held at the Atlanta Americana to end a very successful Law Day. It was a long hot day. ...:,'Ii2c.""'.,,4Er'i..L 9""'1 + Alfa. The Honorable Nicholas De Belleville Katzenbach, the At- torney General ol the United States calls lor an end of ir- responsibility. Dean johnson, Attorney General Katzenbach, and President Atwood have an informal chat. Alter much barbeque, the listeners applaud Mr. Katzenbachs speech. 'Wx ,.: , -v ' . .a,,,,F- I' I J .w 'I A li 1-. 1 r 4 D-'li hw, ml iv Q J .1 , 5' 2 X 6 -X " "'f'?tx::. W ' J A x r 1 ,, ' 4711-511161 1 N g ru W 1 A '?a,fl"1. Hz' M' 39' iw., , Y .,, J Tn 'r M Y -. V '- -, W b-MIA 5 dw., ' , '-' I -7' Wm. ' K, I V. fz' frfnqigiy 5'1" A --nv-...,ii.-4 , X' QJ1 r' Q -9 .T . ,W 1 ' Mfg - 0 3 1 S .bil ,- In 5'-u K'- af DEANS PAPPAGEORGE AND RICHARDSON A group of students wait for the elevator to take them to their assignments. Two students check reports on incoming patients. Students take a break in the hospital snack bar. School of Medicine The Emory University School of Medicine was formed in 1915 through a series of mergers involving the Southern Medical College, the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons, and the original Atlanta Medical College. Since its establislunent, the School has taken long strides in becoming recognized as one ofthe outstandinginstitutions of its kind in the South. The facilities of the School have grown considerably from the original building in downtown Atlanta. Be- sides the School complex on the campus itself, the Anatomy, Physiology, and the Woodruff Memorial Researchbuildings, clinical and laboratory work is done at the Emory University Hospital and the Grady Me- morial Hospital. i - Pruriderrl Vice-praridcrzt Serr'etar'y George Henry Blanton Bossinger Swanson Millians Membership in Alpha Omega Alpha, tirst established on the lirnoiy Campus in 1940, is the highest honor which a student of medicine can attain. Selection is based upon the candidates scholarship and moral qualifica- tion jaclcson Baskin 7 i Richard Colditz lpha mega lpha Its aims are the attainment of' a high standard ol character and conduct among medical students and thc recognition of high aclrievernrznt in the medical screncc in practice and its related fields. .lit v sf' r r t if r ti Clarence Brown joseph Busscy l nv. LQ' ""T"'?' WTB? Comer Cherry George jones Russell jones Oliver King rdf W. i A n in . ,K .' I 4 3- ' . F" ,J ,,-r thu tif, . i F f ' t V 'I lr- 1.3 l r r 'ar ,fr-l' l President Vice-Prerident Leroy Moyer Albert Barrocas S erretary Trerrrrrrer' Stanley Barry Tenenbaum Portnoy ,: l. yr l l I! it in in or it it We my emit! 1 Q l l i l+ i hi Delta Epsilon Ronald Addlestone Arthur Bobruff Jerald Cranman Michael Davis joseph Finley Ramon Franco Charles Gendel Kenneth Goldberg Barry Levin Charles Levy Alan Lewis Neal Miller Robert Miller Michael Pergament Isadore Pike Albert Pinto joseph Printz jack Rosenberg Charles Rosenfeld Michael Schwartz Saul Silverman Michael Stein Kenneth Toppell Roger Warner Student American Medical Association Robert Alexander Joseph Ansley john Austin Richard Bagby Albert Barrocas Peter Booher Charles Bridges Reginald Brooker Scott Brooks john Cleveland Charles Czermak David DiOrio Jim Ehlers William Fuller james Hall Edwin l-latch Ronald Hatcher William Hays Rod Hester Julius Hill Charles Hillis Frank Houser Stephen Hunter George johnson Charles Jones Henry jordan james Kiley Frank Lake joe Massey Robert McArtor Ralph McCoy Chester Miller William Mock fohn Negulesco Ellison Palmer fohn Peacock Claud Perry Wallace Phillips Mattox Pnrvis fohn Ray Qeeon Rhodes Samuel .Ribis Lynn Rider Edward Sanders Kathleen Santi Elsa Sell David Smith Peter Stevens Horton Taylor Roslyn Taylor Bruce Thompson Henry T owler James Vargo Robert Ware Rudolph Warren Robert Whipple v 1 X i Preriderrt Michael Stein Vita-Pr'eridem David Woodruff Secretary Hamilton Holmes , yu -K i ME' ti 1 ' 1 - , ,ii - ' i 4 1 -. . ,ui - --a ' again 1 s 4, i .. is ' Y, it ' l l f sv' ' - l --rw --ff-v i H i. V , u Rm thi X wi tl M 'fi i i i il, ti . t r i i Ii -.- i i l V -IFN it 5 H,-. K ,r i it aut il J' C yi pl l yi i l' -lin ii, 'Zig'- hti 'ri rw if E i i I i , I i ' 1 1 . Junior Officers I-I K , Senior Officers I Prenderzt William Eckbert Prwirlerzt Vice-prerirlerr! Secretary Mattox Purvis Albert Barrocas Michael Stein it t - W1 iii Y NL? .LR L? it - ll 'fx ....' 'I 1 la Vice-prmdenr Secretary joe Dolan Michael Martin Frerlamazz Prerirlant George Abernathy Soplaonzore President Slade Howell Here a student pauses at the hospital dispensary. BENJAMIN PHILLIPS ALBRIGHT, Gastonia, North Caro- lina, Phi Chig JAMES LATHAN ALLEN, Chester, South Carolinag WILLIAM BURNS ALLEN, Atlanta, Ga.g HER- BERT ANDREWS, St. Petersburg, Fla. HENRY JACKSON BASKIN, Carollton, Ga., Alpha Omega Alphag FORREST BLANTON BESSINGER, Moultrie, Ga., vice-president Alpha Omega Alphag BENJAMIN LAND BIVENS, Macon, Ga.g FREDERICK DANIEL BOYD, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. J , 7 I is f A I ttta l 9 t ROBERT HENRY DeJARNETTE, Vidalia, Ga.g JOSEPH ALBERT DOLAN, Cedartown, Ga., vice-president senior medical classg HERBERT .LANCASI-IIRE DUPONT, De- catur, Ga.g WILLIAM FOX ECKBERT, Cramerton, Noith Carolina, president senior medical class, president Christian Medical Society. RONALD EDWIN FINCHER, Atlanta, Ga.g MIRIAM CLARE FISHER, Atlanta, Ga.g ARNOLD YERVANT FOSS, Staten Island, New Yorkg WILLIAM LEE GAR- RETT, Carollton, Ga., Phi Chi. JJI. A-' . -- vin' Seniors! Medicine WL IP -I it s W5 l arl- la. I T rl ,- .J . 5 .p ,- t ily TWV , t i ,, JAMES BRICKER BURNS, Decatur, Ga.g JOSEPH GIB- SON BUSSEY, Mableton, Ga., Alpha Omega Alphag BEN- JAMIN MACKLIN CARMICI-IAEL, McDonoug , Ga., Phi Chig WILLIAM COMER CHERRY, Valdosta, Ga., Alpha Omega Alpha. RICHARD BROOKE COLDITZ, Knoxville, Tenn., Alpha Omega Alphag JERALD STUART CRANMAN, Savannah, Ga., Phi Delta Epsilong RICHARD VICK CROWLEY, Oak- land, Flag CHARLES ROBERT DeARMAS, Daytona Beach, Fla., Phi Chi. I li' FS' A , ,- .. M p,, V l ,yr I 1 'a l-tl 'il tmalll J I ar-I., i I 15- -se W X ti ' , --. A exif 0' it A I 'I Seniors! Medicine I If pt,tI ,IJ r J .K V-l J- , J . 'I . J' KENNETH ARTHUR HOOSE, Kent, Ohio, Phi Chig OT- TO BERNICE JOHNSON, Decatur, Ga., GEORGE RAN- DALL JONES, Sturgis, Kentucky, Alpha Omega Alphag RUSSELL ALLEN JONES, Cordele, Ga., Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Chi. ASHBY MINER JORDAN, Tampa, Iila., Phi Chig WIL- LIAM ENNIS KENNEDY, Pensacola, Fla., KENNETH MITCHELL KENT, Tiiton, Ga., OLIVER WINERED KING, Bremen, Ga., Alpha Omega Alpha, Phi Chi. l-. I ,, ,, 9 sl H I I II i it I h I' ""-,iaii I I .it I J ,, iii, J J I J - 5' -- - I " .Y 4- Ap. '- fr f JAMES EUGENE GEE, Iilorence, South Carolinag GORDON L. M. GIBSON, Evanston, Illinoisg RALPH PEERY GRANT, Kingsport, Tenn., ROBERT JOE HAWK, Fay- etteville, North Carolina. WILLIAM DOUGLAS HENDERSON, Tallahassee, Fla., GEORGE MADISON HENRY, Lagrange, Ga., president AI- pha Omega Alpha, EUGENE AUGUST HILL, Tampa, Fla., president Phi Chi, CHARLES JACKSON HOLLAND, Tal- lahassee, Fla. I I nr A - 4-pil I I I . lr I J . I- 'CS' I In t NL ,N II, IR JOHN CHARLES LAWRENCE, Elorala, Alahamag CHARLES EARL LEVY, Atlanta, Ga., ALLEN DAVID LEWIS, Birmingham, Alahamag MARY LOU LYON, Madi- son, West Virgiaia, Alpha Omega Alpha. GEORGE MATHEWS MCCORD, Atlanta, Ga., ROBERT DOUGLAS MCKENZIE, Albany, Ga., DONALD MICH- AEL MARTIN, Coral Ganles, Pla., secretary-treasurer senior medical class, JOSEPH IRVIN MILLER, Decatur, Ga. li WILLIAM SWANSON MILLIANS, West Point, Ga., secre- tary-treasurer Alpha Omega Alphag ELLIOT CLARK MOON, Orlando, Fla., Phi Chig LEROY NATE MOYER, St. Petersburg, Fla., president Phi Delta Epsilon, FORTH R. NAISANG, Lumbang, Chinhills, Burma. EDWARD OLIVER NIX, Marietta, Ga.g ALBERT PEREZ PINTO, Montgomery, Alabama, Phi Delta Epsilong E. NOEL PRESTON, Coral Gables, Flag ALBERT WESLEY PRUITT, Anderson, South Carolina. 'P' I -fe ra...z.a i ve 114 E, DAVID MELVIN SMITH, Atlanta, Ga.g SIDNEY DION SMITH, Columbus, Gag GEORGE STEVENS SUTTON, Marietta, Ga., Phi Chig WILLIAM RALEIGH THOMPSON, Jacksonville, Fla. BARNIE LAFAYETTE VANZANT, jacksonville, Fla., vices president Christian Medical Societyg CHARLES WILLIAM WALDEN, Newnan, Ga.g JEROME MASSEE WALKER, Marshallville, Gag LARRY ROGER WILLIAMS, Garden Phi Chi. Seniors! Medicine l I , ,IV 4 1 aft-rel I I a ' iA'ur':iS:k A I eva , ,, a I f lil r ' I I - I . I- v , . W Jr 5 ' I It r I ' i 'Q 1 I 5 it ', , ' It H' ui gg A , rii R 61 I aaruasr aeauvars aanrnaaa, nararar, ea., Alpha omega Alpha, WALK- an Lewis RAY, Atlanta, os., RALPH Mnrou serves, Lagrange, or. ' WHYTEMAN RICHARDSON, Columbia, South Carolinag ROY HAR- RIS SCHNAUSS, jacksonville, Flag GEORGE FRANCIS SLADE, Decatur, Ga., ,"'u . , l i W N X- q.'l , va 5 hr Q p. 2 M, : , J r F ' r I I I . . ,gl t MI .I A A . k r -I: in , .hw 'V 1 '. . 5' ' . ' .ll t up W lp 1 . .Il V! -t TL, Ii Q ,hue b , f' r' , 3 S I ,I ...ra 'I fa, NL. , , C' -1- , I I I I ' Sw pp p R W p p p . I 1 Y' sg ,, 'V ill 3 it it ' ,b 4.3 ,E Ig. . it A I af' f ,ea IuniorsfMediCine tlwnltlnln TAYLOR BRUNT, mnvlln, Miss.: JQHN QULLLLAN QLLVLLAND, Cntal, tsnlel, nn, cHAllL1ln LOUIS .CZERMAI-2, lnnytnwn, New Yon, DAVID' AN- Lllnntnltoruo, cnlannn, LA. JOSEPH CLAYTON IIINLEY, Atlnntn, QA., CHARLIIS: KENNETH FISCHER, Evansville, 'Itnlianng RAMON SAUL FRANCO, Atlanta, Ga.-5 WILLIAM 'EDWARD FULLER, Evanston, Illinois. IAGARYIWILLIAM' ALLEN, Alnlny, GA, JOHN TILDON AUSTIN, Llnnnglnnnlf, GA., RICHARD JULLAN BAGBY, Miami, Flng: TURNER ISAAC BALL, Albany, GA. ALBERT BARROCAS, ,AllAAlA, GA, MGIIRIS Tllltlnls II3IRD,Temp1nTerraQe,QIIlll.g PETER CI-IOATE LBOOHBR, Carterville, Ohio: CLARENCE HUNT BROWN, tOrllmClo, Fla. QHALLLL LWLLLNQLLGELKLDLL, AMlI.I1l2H,lGtl.Q CHARLES CARLTON GREEK, Cordele, Gag MICHAEL IAMES GIIODE, Clearwater, F1134 RQBERT JOHN GROSS,,Atlnnta,- Gal. MURL FELTONL HAGOOD, Marietta, Galt' 'RICHARD MILLER HAGOOD, Marietta, Gng CHARLES' HALES, Macon, Gag JAMES HENDERSON HALL, De- catur, Ga. 1 WALLACE EPHRAIM HARDY, Pocatello, Idahog WIL- LIAM STROUD HITCH, Atlanta, Ga. g FRANK MILLARD HOUSER, Macon, Ga.g WILLIAM SLOCUM HOWLAND, Atlanta, Ga. HENRY DAVIDSON JORDAN, Fairhope, Alalaamag JOHN WILLIAM KOSOLA, Britt, Minn.g JOHN WILSON KREGE, St. Petersburg, Fla.g FREDERICK HERBERT LEF- FERT, Greenville, South Carolina. JOHN MORRIS PEACOCK, Bartow, Fla.g BARRY ALLAN PORTNOY, Baltimore, Md.g SANDRA LYNN PRICE, Hialeah, Fla.g MATTOX LAFAYETTE PURVIS, Decatur, Ga. SAMUEL DEAN RAUCH, Thomaston, Gag JOHN WARN- ER RAY, Decatur, Gag PETER KENNETH RE, Tampa, Flag JOHN TERRY RENICK, Jackson, Miss. Juniors! Medicine ROBERT DENNIS MCARTOR, Canton, Ohiog JOHN FRANKLIN MCCOY, Moultrie, Ga.g JAMES MICHAEL MCCULLAGH, Jacksonville, Flag GEORGE MALCOLM MacNABB, Newman, Ga. CHESTER OVID MILLER, Atlanta, Gag ROBERT BAER MILLER, Danville, Kentuekyg ROBERT SHERWOOD NEL- SON, St. Petersburg, Flag ELLISON CAPERS PALMER, At- lanta, Ga. Juniors! Medicine I 1 A '1-N11 , 1 11 11, 1 1, -- tl 11 I 4 I I 4-54,1 N rdf y I I 1 E, I I I 4. 14, ,,,, 1 + + 1 I ' 1 yt YWXN 1 ,,1N,, ll Wyyy! I X y, 111 XX1. DAVID WALDO REYNOLDS, Lawrenceville, Ga., JACK ALLEN ROSENBERG, Atlanta, Gag CHARLES RICHARD ROSENFELD, Atlanta, Gag EDWARD WAYNE SAND- ERS, Dothan, Alabama. WILLIAM SHAIN scntnv, caraaaaa, oa.1 HUGH WIL- LIAMS SHACKELFORD, AIMM, oat WILLIAM ana- TON SHADBIIIIN, Buford, oag HARRY LYNN SHUI- FLEBARGER, WAAAIMIOA, Ohio. ,, Y Y I , M7 WILLIAM CALDWELL SPENCER, LaBeIle, Fla., SIDNEY LAWSON I STAPLETON, Panama City, Fla., MICHAEL ALBERT STEIN, Greenville, South 1 1 Carolina. OLAN WYTCH STUBBS, Sylvania, Gag BENJAMIN THOMAS TAYLOR Belmont, North Carolina, HORTON GALISTON TAYLOR, Roselle, New jersey. ,11 11 11 111111 N W 4 I I It 1 X -., ,II M y 11 '1a , , ,1 ' : I ry ' 1 Q , 5? - ' , 11- 'A In ,i I r y L , ,ai l X 15 'fag I 1' II,,III,,H11II, I11l1f1l1 'I-I 11 111111,,111,, , -,551 1 ,Ii',11I1',ii, Hmm I Il' 1 yy V, 1 1y1I I yy , 1, ,I F11 111 11 11 11 11- 1' I ,N 1 ' A ' Y STANLEY MICHAEL TENENBAUM, Atlanta, Ga., MARY IEWELL TOUCHTON, Jacksonville, Flag HENRY HOWELL TOWLER, Loganville, Ga., ROBERT EDWIN WARE, Quincy, Illinois. IUDSON VON WILDER, Thomasville, Gag CHARLIE BROOKS WILLIAMS, Opp, Alabama, ROGER STUART WILLIAMS, Atlanta, Gag WILLIAM ANDERSON WOLFF, Columbus, Ga. 1 R, WAYNE ALEXANDER, Doraville, Gag IAMES GALT ALLEE, St. Petersburg, Fla., IOSEPH DICKERSON ANS- LEY, Decatur, Gag MARTHA HELEN EOATWRIGHT, Marictta, Ga. LEO JAMES BORRELL, Tampa, Fla., CHARLES ROLAND BRIDGES, Donalsonvillo, Ga., REGINALD JOHN BROOKER, Chamblee, Gag WALTER SCOTT BROOKS, Atlanta, Ga. RONALD LEE HATCHER, Manchester, Kentuckyg WIL- LIAM ALTON I-IAYS, Hazelhurst, Ga., THOMAS R. HESTER, Cairo, Ga., IULIUS NAPOLEON HILL, Mur- phy, North Carolina. CHARLES LEWIS HILLIS, Waycross, Gag GEORGE AUGUSTUS HOLLOWAY,.Atlanta, Ga., HAMILTON E. HOLMES, Atlanta, Ga., ROYIIE HOOD, De- catur, Ga. Sophomores! Medicine MILES KEENEY CROWDER, Knoxville, Tenn., THOMAS ALBERT DAVIS, Madison, Fla., EDMUND ALFRED EGAN, Winnctta, Illinois. IAMES ALLAN EHLERS, Atlanta, Ga. KENNETH IOEL GOLDBERG, Mt Vernon, New York, EDWIN IRBY HATCH, Atlanta, Ga. 1 Sophomores! Medicine l EARL MCKENZIE Ill Atlanta Gr OE BROWN MASSEY, Macon, Ga.g , , 'ml r I HOWARD ALLEN MATTHEWS, Tallahassee, Pla. DONALD ERICH MEES, Lawrenceville, Ga.g WILLIAM EDWARD MOCK, Pensacola, Flag JOHN A. NEGULESCO, New York, New York. -- -Ulllldllll IQA' llrl"'1 rl-' l- ll-ll STEPHEN CORNELIUS HUNTER, Decatur, Gag GEORGE IQNIAPP JOHNSON, Atlanta, Gag CHARLES LEE JONES, Apex, North Carolinag JAMES DEL KILEY, Fort Lauder- dale, Fla. FRANK GREER LAKE, Atlanta, Gag JOHN THOMAS LANCASTER, ,Ben Franklin, Texasg BARRY EDWARD LEVIN, Bethesda Md.g RALPH CARLISLE MCCOY, At- lanta, Ga. CLAUD W. PERRY, Anderson, South Carolinag WALLACE MERRITT PHILLIPS, Sanford, Flag ISADORE MURRAY PIKE, Savannah, Gag RICHARD EDWARD PITTMAN, Decatur, Ga. JOSEPH LOUIS PRINTZ, New Rochelle, New Yorkg WAL- TER JAMES RATCHFORD, Atlanta, Gag EDGAR LEEON RHODES, Bremen, Gag SAMUEL JAMES RIBIS, Canoga - Sophomores! Medicine LYNN ALAN RIDER, Rochester, New York, WILLIAM C. ROBERTSON, Gadsden, Alabama, KATHLEEN MARY SANTI, Ocala, Fla., MICHAEL LEWIS SCHWARTZ, At- lanta, Ga. ELSA JOYCE SELL, Experiment, Ga., SAUL SILVERMAN, Rio Pieclras, Puerto Rico, WILLIAM CRAWFORD SIMf MONS, Lindale, Ga., DAVID LYNN SMITH, Enterprise, Alabama. NOEL LANIER SMITH, Decatur, Ga., PETER SHELDON STEVENS, jackson- ville, Fla.g ROSLYN DONNY TAYLOR, Columbia, South Carolina. BRUCE HARVARD THOMPSON, Dallas, Texas, KENNETH LAWRENCE I TOPPELL, Miami, Fla, JAMES DENNIS VARGO, Latrobe, Pa. ROGER SETH WARNER, Forest Hills, New York, HOW- ELL RUDOLPH WARREN, Miami, Fla., THOMAS BRUCE WATTS, Decatur, Ga., 'ROBERT LAFAYETTE WHIPPLE, Atlanta, Ga. JOSEPH BODY WI-IITEMAN, Atlanta, Ga., CHARLES WALTON WICKLIFFE, Savannah, Ga., EMIL FRANCIS WRIGHT, Auburn, Alabama, IAMES HOYT YOUNG, , . A , f l Freshmen! Medicine v . - 'L , ROBERT EDMOND BRUSH, St. Petersburg, Ela.3 DAVID RIVERS BUTCHER, Sarasota, Flag ERNEST CAMP III, Atlanta, Gag SAMMY CORNELL CAMPBELL, Henderson, Kentucky. JAMES GRADY CANTRELL, Decatur, Ga., CHARLES EVELIO CERNUDA, Tampa, Fla., PAUL TIVIS CHAND- LER, Louisville, Kentucky, RICHARD DAVID COHEN, Tifton, Ga. GEORGE THOMAS ABERNATHY, Atlanta, Ga., RON- ALD BERNARD ADDLESTONE, Charleston, South Caro- linag DUDLEY WOODROW BENSON, Wellesley, Mass., ROBERT SCOTT BENSON, Wellesley Hills, Mass. JIMMIE LEON BERGERON, Reardan, Wash., ARTHUR BOBRUEE, West Hartford, Conn., GARY LEE BROAD- RICK, Dalton, Gag JIMMY SHEPPARD BROWN, At- lanta, Ga. JOHN MILTON COLTON, Hagerstown, Mtl.g' CHRISTO- PHER THORNWELL CONYERS, Atlanta, Gag ARTHUR JOEL COPELAND, Griffin, Gag HOWARD GRADY DANIEL, Madison, Ga. MICHAEL J. DAVIS, Atlanta, Gag JAMES HARRIS DEW 7 Atlanta, Gag ROBERT RHEA EARNEST, Columbus, Gag FLOYD PHILLIPS GARRETT, Decatur, Ga. NORMAN BRUCE H A L P E R N, jacksonville, Fla., THOMAS CHARLES HANEY Panama Cit Fla: BEN 1 ' ya ' 7 ' IAMIN DANIEL HARNSBERGER, Macon, Gag MICH- AEL LAWRENCE HAWKINS, Coral Gables, Fla. HELEN KAY HERRIN, Gastonia, North Carolina, ROB- ERT FRANCIS HUNGERBUHLER, Atlanta, Gag WIL- LIAM LeGRAND HLNTER, Monticello, Fla., KENNETH OWENS IOBSON, Orlando, Fla. ELIZABETH LOUISE LIME, Canton, North Carolina, GEORGE C. McELHENNY, Pahokee, Fla., WILLIAM ROY MCWHIRTER, Columbus, Gag GEORGE EDWARD MALCOM, Decatur, Ga. PETER JUSTIN MATTINA, Tampa, Fla., NEAL MARTIN MILLER, Atlanta, Ga., GEORGE RICHARD MOORE, East Point, Ga., DANIEL DAVIS MUTHER, Miami, Fla. Freshmen! Medicine t ,vt ln r HW I iv I I ' Q . I r , .., l i 'ms I -- ' BARRY NEILL JONES, Albany, Ga. g GEORGE MICHAEL JOSEPH, jacksonville, Fla., GARY IAY KAPLAN, Yonk- ers, New York, DeWITT EDWARD KEMP, Baltimore, Md. THOMAS NELSON KIAS, Midlothian, Illinois, ELIZA- BETH WEBB KING, Columbia, South Carolina, GERALD HARLEY KRATZ, Miami, Fla., WILLIAM COTTRELL LANG, Tampa, Fla. if ,!.y..1::j X vi, I i W. i I ,i I ii it , i ,, s, I ,rr , . u .J , I ' I I! I l I I J! , I 1, I ,,f,41,V.1 VSV, .,L,i'4"f'l -if . I I e I .. ,I ,u'Q7f,'v la-a'g'1f'r-72? ,' ' .N ' ima . , - 'I,' "" wiv, ' A iq I ' i I f to I i I ' 65, 3 i fi I . A ,., , 1 A X 1? N I '- ,I , S" ' ,fp 5 U, i tr' ' l . li A l I - - L 1 Preshmen!Modicine WILLIAM PAUL SILVERBERG, Woodridge, Conng RICH- ARD WILSON SPRINGSTEAD, Brooksville, Pla., RAY- MOND IAY SQUIRES, Pensacola, Fla., RAI-IEL STEIN- HAUSER, Decatur, Ga. FREDERICK RHODES STODDARD, Coral Gables, Fla DANIEL MILTON STRICKLAND, Adel, Ga., ALAN if TAaAN'ro, Atlanta, oa., Lanny CURTIS Loom, sa- vannah, Ga. lLm-a-aA1 1 11 itil JEFFREY TALBOTT NUGENT, Tampa, Fla., DAVID RUSSELL OLSON, Minneapolis, Minng THOMAS SAR- GENT PARROTT, Newnan, Ga., MICHAEL LEE PERGA- MENT, Atlanta, Ga. EDMOND LEE RICE, Clemson, South Carolina, EARL JUDSON ROBERTS, Atlanta, Gag CHARLES DOUGLAS ROSS, Stone Mountain, Gag FRANK AUGUST SCHULER, Washington, D.C. ' JOHN NATHAN TRIPP, Savannah, Gag MARGARET WAISMAN, Tampa, Pla., WILLIAM G. WI-IITAKER, At- lanta, Ga., STEPHEN ROBERT WHITE, Atlanta, Ga. PAUL AUSTIN WHITLOCK, Newman, Gag LAWRENCE DOUGLAS WILKERSON, jacksonville, Fla., DAVID EPH- RIAM WOODRUPF, Atlanta, Ga., GEORGE LUEY ZORN, Macon, Ga. PQ Eg, MWC M' 4 bv! 'QQ , if 'H ' "'--.1'v5 5 tl .H . V -' "wr :I-1 f., f L wr' v I. X 4 k v' lf! 1 '--5 . L, vy . A, Img.:-L' .Lg jk I W' Q' 1 'Tj 4- ' v !'- ' q . f V, A 1 V, , H x DEAN ADA FORT School of Nursing The Emory School of Nursing has been a part of the University since 1944. The school offers programs leading to both the Bachelor of Sci- ence degree andthe Master of Nursing degree. The undergraduate school operates for nine quarters and is available to students who have completed six quarters of a liberal arts educa- tion. Registered nurses wishing to specialize may enter the four-quarter masters program which offers courses in Medical and Surgical, Public Health, and Psychiatric Nursing. The School of Nursing is under the direction of Dean Ada Fort. Executive Council Bach row. in-L left to rirfbt: Carol Romirk. President Af Santan Claes- mmm If.-a ualsssimn. vast num. min DOROTHY W. ARMSTRONG .... AllgIlSllI, Ga IANICE E. BARNARD .,,,,,,..,., Atlanta, Ga. MAUDIE LEE BENNETT .,.i.,...,, York, Ala FRANCES G. BOWEN ........ Westrninstcr, S.C JOYE CLARK BRADLEY .,,...,. Decatur, Ga MARTHA E. BRANYON ...... Birmingham, Ala VIRGINIA S. BRASELTON .. Atlanta, Ga cI-IERRY MARIE BRASWELL 'AQAAAAIA ELIIAIH, Ga JEAN L. CAMPBELL ..... SIDNEY C. CAPSHAW ,,,,,,,,,,,, JANE B. CARROLL .......,.,..,. Lancaster, S.C BARBARA IOY CHAPMAN Chula,Ga l LENORE L. GERDES NANCY GIIIILAND IOANNE oooDsoN SARAH LOU HALI REEA D. HAYES MARGARET I. HENRY GLADYS RUTH HEPLER MARY ANN HUDSON ..... VIRGINIA JOAN HUDSON .. PAULA IIAYE RIRBY ,.... ., Decatur, Ga Atlanta Ga Chamblee Ga Atlanta G Knoavrlle Tenn Nashvrlle Tenn . . Atlanta, Ga Auburn, Ala ,,, , , ,, Decatur, Ga n 1 Byron, Ga Temple, Tex. Graduate!Nursing ..,T. .. , . II, , . . , SAN CHO CHUN ........... LOIS ANN G. CLARK ,.......,, ...,,, LAURA A. CRAWFORD ,,..... ELSIE D. CROSS ......... BENNY C. CUMBIE ....,,... LUCILE M. DISMUKES ..,.... EVELYN JOYCE M. DOUGLASS BARBARA P. ECKERT ......... JULIA E. GARNER ,,,,,.,,..,,, ..,,,, ....,. Atlanta, Ga. I DecatIII, Ga. Newton, Ala. . Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Seoul, Korea Atlanta, Ga. . Berea, Ky. Graduate! Nursing I , '--'Well N W ,a D Htl I I It I D' 'D 'ln' I . ' a t u... I I , J W lul l Q., 'll' at RT . -0' , It - a n aa.. JI DWI -me .nf I' I . I- N I 'J . l E ,. . Nf l I 1' DJ I LAURA BELLE LONG .,......,.,, Atlanta, Ga. DAISY WATKINS LORD .,.... Covington, Ga. MARY M. MacKlNNON .,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. OFELIA MARIA MARTINEZ ,,,,,, Decatur, Ga. MARGARET M. MCCRACKEN ...... Bogart, Ga. ROSE F. MCGEE .............,.... Atlanta, Ga. MARIE B. MCGIBONEY ..,...,,.. Decatur, Ga. FRANCES ANN MORGAN .....,,, Roswell, Ga. ESTHER W. MUMRORD .,,..,,,., Atlanta, Ga. RHODA M. NIELSON ........ Cedar Falls, Iowa ANNIE SLE' IYORVILLE ........ Splndale, NC. NANCY I. RALEY ,.....,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. CHANDRA B. RAWLS ..... ,,,,, D ecatur, Ga, MARTHA ORR READ ..,., ,,,,, A tlanta, Ga. PATRICIA A. RICE .,,,, Decatur, ,Ga MILDRED ANN ROBERTS ,...,., ,..,,... A llanta, Ga. CONNIE RUTH ROBINSON Birmingham, Ala. NELLIE MARIE RODGERS ....... .,,,, A tlanta, Ga CAROLE ELAINE ROGERS PATRICIA F. ROVELL .... BETTY EVELYN RUSSELL . r. M . +' 'Llama I j al l . 't ya, ei Hn? H servant :nuns Bremen, Ga. Miami, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. 'W . ut .,. . qv' - r 'I- I I 'I 1 I I V u u p -W5 ,t. .3,1. amct'-'ftfif Pa. - tl- 'A t- if .IJ Jlll- MARLENE S. SCHNEIDER PHYLLIS R. SCHULTZ .......... . . Dalton, Ga . Atlanta, Ga EVELYN S. SLOWICK ............ Atlanta, Ga IRENE ANN SPARGUE ,......... Decatur, Ga ROMA LEE TAUTON ...,. Tallassee, Ala LINDA CLAIRE TRICE ,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga MILDRED E. WALL .............. KATHRYN P. WESTLAKE Savannah, Ga. ........Austell, Ga MARGARET M. WHITCOMB ...... Atlanta, Ga EDITH KATHRYN WOOLEY ,,,. 4 Lakeland, Fla l1 Advanced Seniors ill 'Fr a 4 Ms V 1 X f l r . x A group of Advanced Seniors take time out to relax in the snack bar of the Emory University Hospital. 6 Class Officers Left to rigbr: Peggy Browder, Vice-Presidentg joan Marsch, Treasurerg Sally Tyler, Presidentg and Molly Campbell, Secretary. Jd! Advanced SeniorsfNursing MAUDIE E. L. JACKSON, Decatur, Ga.g Student Nurses Organizationg Delta Gamma. MARTHA RUTH KELLY, Atlanta, Ga-.g Student Nurses Organizationg Alpha Epsilon Deltag Newman Club. LINDA KAY KITTRELL, Columbia S.C.g Uniform Committeeg Chi Omega. JANICE FAYE LEWIS, Douglas, Ga.g Student Nurses Organization. SUSIE A. McTIER, Waycross, Ga.g Student Nurses Organizationg Sigma Theta Taug Execu- tive Councilg Kappa Delta. JOAN SANDRA MARSCH, Cocoa, Flag SNAGg Class Treasurerg Alpha Epsilon Delta. SANDRA ANN MARTINA, Winter Park, Flag Student Nurses Orgarrizationg SNAGg Kappa Delta. KATHLEEN MOORHEAD, Birmingham, Ala.g Student Nurses Organization, Vice-Presidentg SNAGg Executive Council. NANA A. NOVAK, Glen Ellyn, lll.g Student Nurses Organization, Corresponding Sec.: SNAGQ Executive Councilg Sigma Theta Taug Chi Omega. ELIZABETH B. AVERY, Jekyll, Is., Ga.g Emory Student Nurses As.soc.g SNAGg Delta Delta Delta. HELEN O. BAR- BEE, Midland, N.C.g SNAGg Alpha Chi Omega. GLORIA JEAN BLAND, Statesboro, Ga. MARGARET L. BROW- DER, Marietta, Ga.g Emory Student Nurses Assoc.g SNAGQ ERAg Class Vice-Presidentg Canterbury Club, Vice-Presidentg Student Center Board. MARY E. CAMPBELL, Safety Harbor, Flag Student Nurses Organization, Chaplaing SNAGg Class Secretaryg Senior House Councilg Sigma Theta Taug Delta Delta Deltag Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart Court. JUDY ARLENE CARTER, Falls Church, Va. BARBARA KAY CLARK, Atlanta, Ga.: SNAGg Student Nurses Organization, Vice-Presidentg Sigma Theta Taug Women's Choraleg Newman Club. DOROTHY JEAN COMER, Manasquan, N.J. SARA ALICE DEMPSEY, Conyers, Ga.g SNAG. EMMELLE GREER GAY, Moultrie, Ga.g Emory Student Nurses Assoc.g SNAGg Sigma Theta Tan: Phi Mu. ELIZABETH B. GRAY, Hopkins, S.C.g Student Nurses Organization. JEANNIE S. HEAPE, Ridgeland, S.C.g Sigma Theta Taug Student Center Boardg Alpha Chi Omega. A S DOROTHY ANN PEARCE, Dillon, S.C.g YWA, Prog. Chm.g BSU, Missions Chm.g SNAG. HARRIET VAIL PRYOR, Levit- town, Pa.g SNAG, 1stV.-P.g Uniform Comm., Chm,g Sr. House Coon., Pres.g Sigma Theta Taug Stu. Center Board, lst V.-P.g WSAg Beta Theta Pi Sweetheart Courtg Alpha Chi Omega, V.-P.g Sweetheart of Delta Sigma Deltag Who's Who in Amer. Univ. and Col. SHARON PARKER READ, Clearwater, Flag WSAg Stipe Scholarg Nat. Found. Health Schol. Winner. BARBARA ANN ROGERS, Chatsworth, Ga. JANICE L. SATTERFIELD, Jacksonville, Fla.g SNAGg Uni- form Comm.g BSUg AEU. LILLIAN B. SCOTT, Birmingham, Ala.g Stu. Nurses Org.g SNAGg Sr. Cl. Treas.g Kappa Delta. ELIZABETH ANN SEIGLE, Atlanta, Ga.g SNAGg Stu. Nurse of Yr., 1965g Pres. of Exec. Coun. and Stu. Bodyg Sigma Theta Taug Program and Soc. Comm., Chm. PENELOPE A. SHAFER, Atlanta, Ga.g SNAGg Stu. Nurses Org.g Uniform Comm.g Chi Omega. BARBARA G. STEVENS, Atlanta, Ga.g SNAGg Stu. Nurses Org.g Campus Staff g Stu. Sen.g Wheel Girlg Panhel. Rush Chm.g Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart Courtg Christian Faith and Learn- ing Communityg Delta Gamma. SALLY O. TYLER, Montgom- ery, Ala.g SNAGg WHOg Alpha Epsilon Delta, Sec.g WAA, BJ CI T GI U-D 1I Seniors A student prepares an injection while two other Sen- p lor Nursing students observe. l ' l l 11' Class Officers Left ro right: Carole Romiclc, Presidentg and Mare Kivivare, T reasurer. CNet pictured are Peggy Brodnax, Vice-Presidentg and Carol Wallace, Secretaryq I Seniors!Nursing SALLY ANN DAVIS ........ HAZEL LENA DICK ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LYNNE LOUISE DUFEORD . CLAUDIA M. EHRINGER SANDRA ELAINE ELROD .. ELLEN BONNIE GREENE LELIA ELIZABETH HARMANI ' ' ' ' ' ' ELIZABETH s. JONES ....... Iov JORDAN .............. MARE KIVIVARE .................. MARY LOU MARSHALL LINDA J. MILLER ..,...... MARGARET HEARD NEEL .. LINDA .ANN PATRICK .... MARY EARLE RICE ................ DONNA LEE ROBERTSON .. . College Park, Ga. . Science Hill, Ky. Dallas, Tex. .. Jacksonville, Fla. ,,.,, Decatur, Ga. Gray,Ga Johnson City, Tenn Atlanta, Ga Stone Mountain, Ga Atlanta, Ga ,, ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga . . . Melbourne, Fla Thomasville, Ga Gainesville, Ga Anderson, S.C . St. Petersburg, Ela JANET ELIZABETH ADAMS . . . . . Roanoke, Va. BRENDA MAYo ARMSTRONG' ,. Charlotte, Nc. PEGGY S. ATKINS .......... KATHRYN G. BLACK ..... CYNTHIA A. BRACKETT .... JANE EILEEN BRITT ........ MARGARET L. BRODNAX KAREN A. BUHLER ,,....... MALINDA D. CARTER ..... Mt. Vernon, Tenn. Baxley, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Johnston, S.C. Eutan, Ala. . ..... Charleston, S.C. . ....... Moultrie, Ga. MARY FRANK CLONTS ...,., .,,...,., A tlanta, Ga. MARTHA A. CLOWER ,,,..,, ..,,.. E ast Point, Ga. NANCY C. COGGINS ........ Atlanta,Ga. BETTY JEAN ROGERS ...,..,.,...,,,. Chatsworth, Ga. CAROL A. ROMICK ...... Signal Mount, Tenn. MARIAN ROBERTA SMITH' fiiffi .....,, Denton, GA. MILDRED VIVIAN SMITH C. S. PENELOPE SMITH BARBARA IRENE TAYLOR enlollcvl :Qs Toccoa, Ga. ...... Atlanta, Ga. ......... Woodruff, S.C. NANCY E. TINSLEY ....,,.,, ,..,., L ynchburg, Va. ELAINE KAY TITUS ...... . . . . . . Fairfax, Va. CAROLINE FURST WALLIS .......... Guatemala, C.A. Juniors 1 ' r ' ir! 5 t - r l r -m'Pli7'lqy l Al 'ER-J' A funrlarnental skill in the Nursing profession is dernonstraterl by this student. Class Officers Left to right: Caryl Wellborn, Trcasurerg Della Taylor, President, Ellen King, Secretary, Charlotte Englislr, Student Faculty Representa- tiveg Virginia Lovell, Vice-Presi dent, and Margaret Kinsland, Chap- lain. i iw JENNIFER WATTS BROOKS MYRA s. L. cnnsaoaoucsn SARAH KATHERINE CLARK MELBA JANE' COBB ,...,. Walhalla, S.C. BOBBIE D. COLTRANE ...... ..... , , . . , ,, , , , Huntsville, Ala. ......Houston,Tex. Decatur, Ala. Kernersville, N.C. ANNA MARIE CONN ...... ..... A tlanta, Ga. DAWN A. COURSEY ,,,,,,,, College Park, Ga. DIANE CURRIE ..... i ........ .......,,,.,. A tlanta, Ga. BARBARA JEAN DUNCAN . Huntington, W. Va. GLADYS ROSE Puavis .... Janna L SHAFER ,,...... SALLY sun SHARRLLLD .L.. MONICA M. SOBCZYNSKI . Baxley, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. ... ...... LaGrange, Ga. . Pretoria, S. Africa DELLA HARRIET TAYLOR ...... .......... H ubert, N.C. BONNIE TURNER ........ CARYL ANN WELLBORN . AKTMTJ V XVIOFXTNIIIRT llc!! llalvl Chattanooga, Tenn. Wilmington, Del. M...-L..Ill,, '1"'-..,. Juniors! Nursing CHARLOTTE ENGLISH ...... Spring City, Tenn. SANDRA SUE HILLIARD ........ Reading, Pa. ELLEN HAI-L KING .............. Athens, Ga. IUDITI-I IRENE KING ..,.,.,,,,,, Cochran, Ga. MARGARET E. KINSLAND ...... Canton, N.C. ANITA CAROL LAUGI-ILIN .. Chattanooga, Tenn. MARY NELL LEWIS ,,,,,,,,,,,, Thomson, Ga. VIRGINIA ANN LOVELL .. Winston-Salem, N.C. SHELIA DIANE McCALL .......... Decatur, Ga. BOBBIE LORAINE MERCER ,,...... Dublin, Ga. MONICA JEAN MOORE .......... Vienna, Ga. CAROL ANN PENLAND .......... Decatur, Ga. A A 5 ,fl + nm Am' A l 1 5 ' will Iliylqra 1 lu f U31 'fklir Y v L o V " 1 V , .1-... - f ,M ' gfgffg paw . 139 , - JH. ,' . LL' '4a'l", .lv . ,A W, ' Theolog The Candler School of Theology, a major division of Emory University, is one of the twelve official sem- inaries of the Methodist Church. The purpose of the School of Theology is the education of men and women for pastoral ministry and for other full-time service in the Christian Church. In seeking to provide a theological education of the highest quality, the cur- riculum is arranged in four general areas. These are designed to awaken the student to the best Biblical, his- torical, theological, and contemporary insight into the Christian faith and its implications for the work of the Church and the ministry. The degrees of Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Christian Education are offered by the School of Theology. The curriculum seeks to achieve its primary task, the professional training of- the ministry. It seeks to develop mature, growing per- sons ecyuippecl with the basic knowledge and appro- priate skills necessary to meet the exacting demands of the high calling which is theirs under God. i I I i i DEAN WILLIAM RAGSDALE CANNON Student Council Larry Green, Chairman Activities Committeeg Bobby Carter, Chairman Worship Committee, Lyn- don Porter, Vice-Presidentg Rudolph Starling, Secretaryg Warren jones, President, Lewis Strick- land, Treasurerg Otis Hardin, Chairman Missions Committeeg Edward Archer, Chairman Athletics Committeeg john Mann, Academic Honor Committee. The Student Council of the Candler School of The- ology is the governing body of the school. It has the responsibility of the leader- ship of the students by di- recting the activities in which the students partic- ipate. The council plans and promotes activities which will develop a spirit of Christian fellowship and lead to a deepening of the spiritual life within the stu- Wayne Clark, joel H. Dent, Bruce Donnelly, Waldo Knickerbocker, john Mann, Clrainnan. enior Class Officers William 'llacyrel William Cowcll avavunuvaunn llrnory Cowan , , , ,, , , , , , Edgar Fowler .. also ltr: President Vicc-President Secretary Treasurer Honor Council The Honor Council has the respon- sibility of upholding the academic in- tegrity ol the seminary connnunity. Guided bythe faculty, it strives to main- tain the highest possible standard of honor. Middler Class Officers Lyndon Kimball Porter ...... .. Vice-President john Mann ,,,,,, , ,,,,,,..,,,,,,, President' R. McDonald, B. Carter, P. Miller, D. llaygoocl, ,O. Hunt-A organist, W. Roberts, R. Boling, G. Cobb, R. Bingham, W. Lovell, l. Coclc, A. Calhoun, D. White, H. lrludson, R. Garrigues, M. Womaclr, R. Lanlorcl, G. Dunbar-clirector. Theta Phi Strrrrzlirrg' R. Cagle, W. Knickerboclrer, 1. Mann, R. Dill, R. andler Choraliers The Candler Choraliers oi the Theology School is well-known tor its outstanding talent. The director ot the Choraliers is selected from the members. During the spring holidays, the group gave concerts in churches and schools throughout Virginia, Tennessee, and North Alabama. Theta Phi is an Honor Society for theological stu- dents, scholars in the field ot Religion, and outstanding religious leaders. The Society exists to encourage schol- arship in Religion and to foster intellectual and ethical standards of the highest quality among religious lead- ers. Culpepper, R. Hager. Seaterl.' Caraway, l. Kibler, C. French, W. Taegel, L. Green, L. Powell, W. Cowell, Maas. 4 r ,ya r I,- My National Methodist Scholarship Winners n Each year two outstanding students are given National Methodist Seminary Awards. These are given on the basis of high academic stand- ing and unusual promise of usefulness in a parish. The awards carry a ttsoo stipend and travel seminar to all boards and agencies of the Methodist Church. Theodore W. Jennings and Raymond W. Gibson Candidates for Master of Christian Education Degree Srarrdirzg.' M. Marshall, C. Donnon, N. Wechtol, P. Watts, C. Williams. Seated' S. Bolling, N. Eadon. ' V fi . .' ' if 1 vi A , - 5. . if . . i l. fs-' The M. C. E. Degree is designed for persons who are interested in serving as Directors of Christian Education in lo- cal churches ancl workers with students on denominational and state campuses. Seniors!Theology ROBERT M. ALSTON ............ Augusta, Ga. JERRY A. ANDERSON .......... Knoxville, Tenn. VERNON O. ANDERSON ....,,., Eastover, S.C. ALBERT LOUIS ASKEW ,....... Mountwille, Ga srorvev rxvroa avaa, Ja. ........ arraaa, Gai RAYMOND R. BACHMAN ....., La Grange, Ill. LARRY D. BENNETT ,..,,...,.,. Louisville, Ala. WILLIAM EARL BERRY ............ Wrens, Ga. ROBERT F. BLACKBURN .... Mannington, W. Va. WILLIAM DAVID BLALOCK ...,.. Manassas, Ga. MAX T. BROWNING ......,... Amarillo, Texas JESSE ALBERT BRUNER ........ Paragould, Ark. BRUCE ALLEN BUCKLEY ...,,, Jeffersonville, Ind. JAMES EDWARD CARAWAY ,, Johnson City, Texas G, BRYAN CARROLL ,,,,,,,,,,,, Lancaster, S.C. BOBBY JOE CARTER ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Oxford, Ala. W. THOMAS CARTER .....,...... Newark, Del. RICHARD JACKSON CATHY ,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM 1-IUGH CAUTHEN ...... Griffin, Ga. DONALD EUGENE CAVIN ,...,,,,,. Bath, S.C. HBRMAN CHAPMAN ....,..... Birmingham, Ala. CERMETTE CLARDY JR. ....... Dillon, S.C. TALMADGE M. CLAYTON ..,.,,.. Gurley, Ala. RICHARD DAVIS COBB .....,..,, Plattville, Ala. "OE R. COLLEY .............. Douglasville, Ga. DAVID L. BLANKENSHIP ..,,...... Ashland, Ky. KENNETH C. BLITCH ........,,,. Bartona, Fla. SCOBIE CLOVIS BRANSON .... Mouroeville, Ala. DONALD C. BRASEIELD ..,... Binninghanr, AR. BRYAN B. BROWN .......... 1. Henderson, Texas ROGER DEAN COLLINS ....,, Danville, Ky. LARRY EUGENE COOK .......... Griffin, Ga. LEE COTHRAN JR. .,,..,,,,,,, , Ware Shoals, S.C. EMORY GARLAND COWAN JR. . Tucker, Ga. WILBURN JAMES COWELL ,..... Memphis, Tenn. RAY L. CRUMP ...... Leeds, Ala. RONALD L. CULPEPPER ........ Columbus, Ga. HENRY C. DAWSON, JR. .... Oak Ridge, Tenn. JAMES LOUIS DOUTHAT ........ Bluefield, Va. JAMES EDWARD DUKES JR. ,... . ,. Palatka, Fla. 1 uaoaoa a. ourvuaa ,,,,..,. chairaaaoga, ram. ROBERT T EDMONDS ........ Knoxville, Tenn. I A I 3 It Rriulailfa A.Lr EDWARD H. FRANKLIN ...,.... Anderson, S.C. ALLIE MASON FREEMAN ....,, Andalucia, Ala. JOHN SHARP GATEWOOD ...,., Mt. Olive, Miss. LARRY ARCHIE GREEN ...... College Park, Ga. JACK C. GRIZZARD .,.....,,, Branchville, Va. COY DEXTER HAGAMAN, JR. ....,. Niota, Tenn. EDWARD A. HAGER ,,,,,,,,,,,, Cromwell, Ind. IMMY R HAMMOND Sur oinsville Tenn J - .---- a i a avvavaa Laovn narrorv ya. . aaa un, sc. DAVID T. HAYGOOD .,,,...,..,. Decatur, Ga. GASTON CARLYLE HENRY ,....... Easley, S.C. HARRY W. HIGHT JR. .,........ Radford, Va. BONNIE RUTH HOLLEY ,,,,,,..,, Pioneer, La. H. R. HOLLINGSWORTH ...... Casthage, Miss. RAY POWELL HOLT ,..,,,...... Tyler, Texas HERMAN E. LUMPKIN JR. ,.... . Columbus, Ga. LILA BURCH MCCLENNY .,...... Valdosta, Ga. JERRY N. MCCURDY ,,,,,,,,,.,, Hapeville, Ga. HAROLD GENE McDOWELL ..... Sylacauga, Ala. JOHN HAROLD MANN JR. .... . Alexander City, Ala. REESE MARTIN MASSEY ,....... Rodc Hill, S.C. WILLIAM A. MAXEY .,.,,....... Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE D. MEREDITH ..,....... Landrum, S.C. DAVID ELLIOT MILAM ..,....... Nocona, Texas MURRAY E. MILLANDER .,., East Gadsden, Ala. BRASHER V. MILLER JR. ...,,., Pensacola, Fla. THOMAS MICHAEL MORGAN .... Piedmont, Ala. Seniors! Theology DONALD JEROME HOPE ...,,.,. Cleveland, Tenn. GEORGE KEITH HOWELL ...,., Yadkinville, N.C. ORION J. HUNT .,,..,..,,........ Cordele, Ga. JAMES THOMAS JACKSON .......... Sparta, Ga. JAMES DAVID JAYNES .,...... Greenville, Tenn. DOC JETER .................... Smithville, Miss. WARREN LEE JONES ..........,.,, Atlanta, Ga. JAMES CALVIN KENNEY ,..,,. Montezuma, Ga. GLEN WILLIAM KILDAY Winston-Salem, N.C. JAMES NORMAN KIMSEY ........ Winder, Ga. WALDO E. KNICKERBOCKER .... Houston, Texas LINWOOD A. LEWIS ..,...,,,.,, Dothan, Ala. SAMUEL D. LEWIS ..........., Montgomery, Ala. REGINALD GENE LILLEY ,..,.. Union City, Pa. CHARLES W. LOCKERBY ,,., Chattanooga, Tenn. ERNEST W. PREWETT ......., Walterboro, S.C. IOI-IN E. PRICE .,.......,..... Athens, W. Va. GERALD LOETON PUCKETT .,..,,. Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES A. RICHARDSON .. North Iaclrson, Ohio THOMAS K. ROBERTS ........,..,. Wilton, Ala. IOHN THOMAS SHADDIX ,,..... Courtland, Ala. PATRICK S SHANNON acksonville Beach lla . ., I' ' f , .IRANK DOUGLAS SMITH ..,,, Fayetteville, Tenn. ,. HAROLD SMITH ...,,...,....... Buford, Ga. QIUDOLPH STARLING .,...,,,..., Columbus, Ga. LEWIS W. STRICKLAND ........ Hinesville, Ga. ONIAS STUCKER ............ Shelbyville, Ky. WILLIAM S. TAEGEL ,........... Plainview, Texas RONALD IACK TAYLOR .,,..... Pensacola, Fla. JOSEPH RUSHIN THOMAS ...... Mobile, Ala. CHARLES H. THOMPSON ,.....,. Albany, Ga. II I . l . In Y 4SrL vky Y I All I A A 5 Seniors! Theology ,-,df Second Year!Theology LYNETTE CECILE ADAMS ........ Canton Ga CLARENCE THOMAS ALLEN Dublin Ga FRANCES CARNES ALLEN .,.,.. Buckhead, Ga F lr IAMES ARTHUR TINGLE ...,,..., Alliance, N.C. WILLIAM CHIEN T. TUNG ....,.., Hong Kong THOMAS E. UNDERWOOD .. Iefferson City, Tenn. FRED MAXWELL WALL IR. ,,,,..,,, Athens, Ga. RAIEORD P. WALLACE IR. ,, Independence, Miss. CALVIN REESE WARD ........ Washington, Ga. IOHN M. WHATELY IR. ..,,,,,,,, Auburn, Ala. WILLIAM M. WHIPPLE ,,,,.,,,,,,, Perry, Ga. DONALD GILBERT WHITE ,,,. Galveston, Texas DONALD ELLIS WILDMON ....... Ripley, Miss. HERBERT L. WILLIAMSON .... Sylacauga, Ala. GERALD IOSEPH WILSON ........ Malons, Fla. HARRY LRE WOOD IR. ............ Atlanta, Ga. CLARENCE BILLY WORD ...... Wattsville, S.C. WILLIAM L. YOUNGBLOOD .... Rose Hill, Miss. at' N EDWARD MAHAN ARCHER ...... Norris, Tenn M. LELAND BAGWELL ,.,..,,,,,,, Tucker, Ga. I. H. BLAXTON ..........,..,,, Hillsboro, Ala. ISAAC F. BLEDSOE ..........,, Kingsport, Tenn DAVID VERNON BOSWELL .... Ware Shoals, S.C WILLIAM H. BOSTICK IR. ...... Gaylesville, Ala BOBBY LANIER BOWEN ,,,....,,,,, Alrnon, Ga CECILIA BROCK ..,.,,....,..,,... Dublin, Ga I. DONALD BROCK ,............. Mayfield, Ky. MARGARET WREN BRYANT ...... Decatur, Ga Second Year! Theology CAROLINE WHITE DONNAN . Whitmire S.C ROBERT BRIIQR OONNHIY ,.,,,, Atlanta, oaf JAMES BURTICE EDWARDS .... JAMES R, ELLIOTT JR, MARVIN CLIFTON ENNIS . HUGH ROBERT PELDER JR JERRY BAKER RIRRNOR .. WILLIAM w. FLOURNOY .. RICHARD T. ERAZIER ......... CHARLES COOPER ERENCH BILLY A. GLOVER ........ WILLIAM LUTHER GOOCH llfoll llll HattieshIIrg, Miss Lineville, Ala. Opelika, Ala Summitt, Miss . . Bristol, Tenn Parroth, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Graceville, Fla. Cexulean, Ky Valdosta, Ga. JOHN HEYWARD GREEN '. Monticello, Fla FRANKLIN Rr. FETNER ',',', Roanoke, Ala. . JAMES RAY GREGG .....,,,,. Birmingham, Ala TTSCIN E. BURLESON ..-----... Dadeville, Ala. ..J. 4, LEIVUE GECIRG.. COBB ,...........,... - . -1 OHN J. COCK ...... .,,,,,,, G alax, Va. , O. J I ...........,.. New Orleans, La. FRANK M, COPELANT .,,,,,,, McDonough, Ga. A . . SOHIV F COKPR HAROLD M IOWART ,,,,,,,,,, Jacksonville, Ga. OSC R DAVID CROSBY JR. .,....,. Florenas, Ala. Claxton, Ala. PERRY MEAD DALTON ........ MARVIN ERVfN DAILEY ,....... D I CHARLES O, . ANISON ......., . MARVIN T. DeLOACH .......... JOHN M. GROAT ......,,..,,., Fort Payne, Ala, MILTON P. GUTTIERREZ ,,..,. New Orleans, La. THOMAS WEBB HAMILTON .,..,.,.,,,....... Pompano Beach, Fla. LARRY KAY HARDESTY ....,. Cambridge, Ohio DONALD ALLEN HARP JR. .....,,, Inman, Ga. JAMES YOUNG HARPOLE ,,,,, Jackson, Miss. DAVID ELZfE HUDSON ...,......., Cairo, Ga. JAMES LEWQS HYATT JR. .,,,,, Honea Path, S.C. HOYT EDWfN JENKINS ....., Chickamauga, Ga. MORRIS M. JONES ,,,.,,.,,,,,,, Gainesville, Ga. LAYMAN EDWARD KELLEY ,,., Owensboro, Ky. JANE KORNEGAY KIBLER ,.,...,. Atlanta, Ga. MITCHELL WIEYI-WEEE.. ---- Etflikotltldsi MER' l DOUGLAS HOWARD BUTLER .... Salisburg, N.C. ROBERT GRADY CAGLE .,,.,,,,,,., Ellijay, Ga. L C. CARTER JR. ........., Manning, S.C. E Birmingham, Ala. Clanton, Ala. St. Petersburg, Fla. Glennville, Ga. JOEL H. DENT ..,,,, Douglas, Ga. RALPH L. DILQ, III .. Anniston, Ga. Second Year! Theology EDWARD DAVES LEE ,.,.,.,,.... Murphy, N.C. LAWRENCE A. LEMONS ............ Walton, Ky. JAMES E., LEPPARD .,.,.,,..,.... Greenville, S.C. at HARRY G. LEWIS ..........,. Central City, Ky. WAYNE LEWIS ,.,,..,.., ,.,,.., H illville, Va. RICHARD BERT LONG .............. Atlanta, Ga. HAROLD WAYNE LYDA ...,,,,,,, Trenton, Ga. GERALD NOFFSINGER ,,...... Nashville, Tenn DAVID L. OGLETREE .............. Perry, Ga MARION JOE PARKER ,...,,.,,, Statesville, N.C ROBERT L. PARTRIDGE JR. ,..,, Newman, Ga MALCOLM PATTERSON III ..,.,.. Shuhats, Miss THOMAS LAWSON PEETS .,.. New Orleans, La. RICHARD K. PIPER .......... Chattanooga, Tenn RUFUS DANIEL PITTS ,...,,,,,.,,,, Tanner, Ala L. KIMBALL PORTER ...,.,..,.,, Jacksonville, Fla JAMES A. POSEY ........ ..,,,..., S elma, Ala JOHN DAVID PRATT ,,,,. Altamonte Springs, S.C. LARRY DON POWELL .,...,,..., Jonesboro, Ark JOSEPH T. REDDING JR. ,.....,.,.,, Atlanta, Ga CLOPTON D. REESE JR. ....... Columbus, Ga. l BLAIR P. RICHARDS ..,...,., Factoryville, Penn. WILLIAM A. MCCORMICK Stl Petersburg, Pla carvnv wavrvrrvraas .,....,, Lsa1,eairf0iaa GEORGE MANTING JR. .........,, Emerson, Ga. LEROY LEE MARTIN ., Marion, Intl. KINKO MASUDA .....,..,. Japan EBQEN GRANT MILLER .......... Knoxville, Tenn. JACKIE MOORE NABORS . . .. Tutuiston, Miss. BOBBY GENE NEASE . Lawton, Okla. HUBERT DONALD NOELITT .... Franklin, NC. . ,., ' xa- FBPIl- N ml Y GORDON LOUIS RIDENOUR Knoxville Tenn WALLACBE ROBERTS Meridian Miss JAMES MALCOLM ROLEN .......... Selma, Ala. GEARY MARTIN ROWELL .,,. Phoenix City, La DAVID MILTON SCOTT .,.,.,,..,,, Lithonia, Ga PATRICIA lf. SHINGLER ,,,,,,, Greenwootl, SC BUDDY BOYD SIMPSON ...,,,,, Port Payne, Ala SAM DICKERSON SIMS .......,,,, Sparta, Tenn WILLIAM FRANTA SLIEE .,......,, Atlanta, Ga CHARLES M SMITH JR. ,,,,,,,,,, Louisville, Ga GERALD JODSON SMITH ...... Marshallville, Ga 'US STIGLER SMITH JR. ........ Marks, Miss BERRY WILEY STEPHENS .,.,,.,,,, Athens, Ga. ROBERT W. STEWART ...,,.,,.,..., Eutah, Ala. JACK EARL SUMMERS ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga. JAMES ROGER TAYLOR .,,,,,,. Fort Worth, Texas CHARLES R. THOMAS JR. ,.,..,. Savannah, Ga. HGH LEROY THOMPSON .. Midwest City, Olrla. H DONALD WAYNE TURMAN .... Mooresvillc, NC. M ARVIN K. VICKERS JR. ,,,.,., Enterprise, Ala. JAMES PICKETT WALKER ..,,.,...,,, Tifton, Ga. JAQVES T. WALKER JR. ,.,,, Bowling Green, Ky. ASBURY BERNARD WALTON .... Breman, Ga. EDWARD W. WALTON JR. .... . Memphis, Tenn. PATRICIA JOAN WATTS ......... Kilgore, Texas EEDERICK B. WEBB .,,, Macon, Ga. SARAH GRACE WILKINSON ...... Milledgeville, Ga. BII.LY GENE WILLIAMS ......... . Opelika, Ala. J . .. QT. t.lt at a ff . 5-F FRED LAWRENCE BITTLE ,,.,,, Knoxville, Tenn. HAROLD DEAN BLACKBURN ....., Eairfielrl, Ill. ALPHUS R. BLANKENSHIP ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, HOWARD EULEE BLEDSOE ,,,.,, McDonough, Ga. RAGAN' WILLIAM BOLING ,,,, Birmingham, Ala. SANDRA A. BOLLING .....,.,. Oak Ridge, Tenn. ROBERT CLARD BOWLING .... Hattiesburg, Miss. JAMES MELVIN BRITT ,,,.,,,,,, Tuscaloosa, Ala. JOHN OLIVER BROWN .......... Robinson, Ill. WALTER SNOW BRYANT ,,.,,, Birmingham, Ala. MARV.IN GLENN BUCKNER ,,...... Tampa, Ela. ASHLEY MORGAN CALHOUN ...... Augusta, Ga. Second Year! Theology iff-I -f' JOHN B, WILLIAMS III ............ Jackson, Tenn. LARRY FRANKIQN WILSON .. Poplar Bluff, Mo. WILLIAM E. WINDOM ,,,,, College Park, Ga. MILES KENAN WOMACK ...,,,,,,, Quincy, Fla. RICHARDS. WRIGHT ............ Pensacola, Fla. First Year!Theology JAMES D. ABEL ..,,,,.,,,,,,. Fort Worth, Texas CARROLL C. ALEXANDER ,.,,. Tuscaloosa, Ala. RICHARD G. .AULTMAN ........ Fort Valley, Ga. RALPH SWINTON BAILEY ,,,..,.. Douglas, Ga. HAROLD EUGENE BARLOW ,,...,,.,, Cairo, Ga. JAMES W. BASKIN ..,,,,,,,,,, Greenville, SC. LANDER LOWELL BEAL .,.,..,.,. Gastonia, NC. JERRY B. BEAM .............,.,.. Fremont, Miss. MARTIN STANLEY BEASON ....,, Anniston, Fla. RICHARD D. BINGHAM ....., Daytona Beach, Pla. First Year! Theology DONALD E. CLARK ,......,..., Aberdeen, Miss. NORMAN WAYNE CLARK ........ Marvell, Ark. CAROLYN CLAYTON .......... Thomasville, Ga. DENBER DOUGLAS CLEWIS . West Palm Beach, Fla. WILEY BARRON COOPER ,,,,,,,, Greenville, S.C. EDWARD MOORE COTTEN .. Hatcheechnbbee, Ala. JOHN S. COWAN JR. ........ .,.. C edartown, Ga. ROBERT ll. CRUIKSHANK ....,,..,. Ramen, Ala. EUGENE L, CURRY ............ Georgetown, S.C. RICHARD FRANCIS DANEK .... Abberque, N. M. PAUL BARTON DAVIS .......... Bostwirk, Ga. JOHN EVERETT DRAW HORN .... Sylcauga, Ala. NINA ELIZABETH EADON ....... Manning, S.C. PIERCE J. EDWARDS Galax, Va JAMES HOWARD EARR .,........ Millerlgeville, Ga. KENNY DREW FULLER, SR. ..... . Nashville Ga EDWIN L, HOLTON .... Tampa, Fla LEE W. HUBBARD .. Yorkville, Ill JACK R. HUDSON .. Springfield, Ga BENNIE FRANK HUGULEY Columbus, Ga THEODORE W. JENNINGS ........ Miami Beach, Fla TENNIS KENNEDY .. Biloxi, Miss. R. MARSDEN KITLEY ...... . ....,. Detroit, Mich ROBERT ALMAND LANEORD . Stone Mountain, Ga RUSSELL EUGENE LARKIN ..., Birmingham, Ala E. RICHARD LEE ................ Melbourne, Fla LAWRENCE JOHN LOVEDAY ,.,, Plantation, Fla WILLIAM T. LOVELL R. . Winston Salem .C J . ., ,. ,N . ELVYN J. MCDONALD ..........., Martinez, Ga 5TA.ElEY.E'lEPP.E.f9EAY ---- 3I'A'Enbuf8r.5:C EDWARD E. GALLOWAY ...... Jacksonville, Fla. ROBERT G. GARRIGUES .......... Orlando, Fla. RAYMOND W. GIBSON ....,,.... Hazard, Ky. JACK B. GILLESPIE .............. Stateshoro, Ga. THOMAS R. GOODSON .......... Charlotte, N.C. varuvsv aaruus ouavus .... Fayetteville, ea. vvaruusu T. ouuarvs ..,,......,. vvaiuaru, sc. A. 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M onroe, La JOHN LEE SORROW .............. ,Atlantag Ga LARRY CURTIS SPEED ............ Collins, MISS JAMES GUYBURN MISHOE ....,. Charleston, S.C. SAM MARSHALL MITCHELL ........ Rome, Ga. PAUL LEE MOORE ...,.......,,... Athens, Tenn. WILLIAM G. MLLLINAX .....,.... Central, S.C. JOHN DAVID MYERS JR. .,., Summersville, S.C. RICHARD W. NEAL ,......,,, St. Petersburg, Fla. JENNINGS ALBERT NEELD .,.,..,. Tampa, Fla. ALFRED MEGEHEE NELSON ...... Augusta, Ga. WILLIAM WILEY OLIVER ,..,,.,, Valdosta, Ga. JIMMY VAUGHAN ORMON ..... Ellisville, Miss. ANDREW T. PARKER JR. ....... . Albany, Ga. ROBERT S. PATTERSON ......... Blainesville, Ga. ALLEN A. PHILLIPS JR. ......... . Lincolnton, Ga. D. EUGENE POLLETT Bonains, Ga. CLYDE E. PEESSLEY JE. ........ . CHARLES PROSCH .............. I in . JERRY ROBERT SPURLIN ........ Jal, N.M. THOMAS C. STANLEY .......... Maryville, Tenn. CARL RABON STEPHENS ........ Stapleton, Ga. RONNY H. STEPHENS ........... Booneville, Miss. EDWARD BOYD STOKES ........ Salisbury, N.C. WILLIAM LARRY TUBE ......... Memphis, Tenn. JAMES EDWARD USELTON ...... Hereford, Texas HOWARD STOKES WADDELL .,,, Florence, S.C. CHARLES E. WALLACE .,,.,..,,, Tenville, Ga. JULIAN F. WALTON .......... Sweetwater, Tenn. NORMA JEAN WECHTEL ..., St. Petersburg, Fla. JACKLYN WILKES ..........,..........,..... FAROIYN R XYIIIIIAMR Ulfnnflerrsrlf Ga Selma, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. . ,, ,Y.,,, , . lr in 1 yt., I , I nf 1, n. ft ., I5 , 4 , , ' v Graduation A degree . . .Where has the time gone . . . why it was only yesterday . . . out into the world on my own . , . the thought of it is rather exciting . . . I But the time finally comes to get things in order . . . The Atwoods meet the parents . . . The beginning strides-then only another day until graduation . . . The marshal, the mace, t l' and the president add E the last touch of The Dean of the Harvard Divinity School, Samuel Emory dignity '. .. H. Miller is Baccalaureate spearer . . . Monday morning already-and the dignitaries await... ti , , ,N ,gl E L- t ,V F 1 Wcrnhcr von Braun is Gmchmtion speaker . . . K But of course, there are .mme things more important . . . l .JI Finally the degrees are conferred . . . And the various schools depart . . . Theres just something great about having it in your hand-a sense ol accomplisl'iment . . . r t t Q To have separate degree exercises . . . 3:1325 aa And another chapter closes in the life of each individual participating. For the student there is a sense ol linality, yet many dreams for the future. For the University another year has VH- , ..5,. , A- - 'X 1-.Lit ,Lv ,g -11 ' ,-Q2',k,'- .uv-"" . "QI 1- .Y 4 , ' 'A YW fwl-2'- -f'f"1S"fwwzi. -m- :'4uywp,Q .ails . g ill Ill 'ILL ill mutt M IM U 1 4'1" . Iivvt an V ' S. D. BELL DENTAL Manufacturing Co. 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Each year at this time, I usually come forth with my dairy, full of little witticisms, and give it to the editor of the Carrrpar to do with as he pleases. This year, how- ever, I have decided not to do that. If you don't mind, I had rather make some comments on the major things that have happened this year. Who knows? If it works out, this is the way things will be done from now on. True, there have been many funny things that have happened this year, and I promise to try to cover as many of them as possible in this limited spaceg but, we must also remember that there have been some pathetic occurrences this past year, and these also need attention. About the first thing worthy of mention that comes to initrd is Freshman Camp. This was a crucial year for the camp, and it almost proved to be a disastrous one. Fall before last, the camp was done away with by the College Office. The freshmen of that year fclass of '67j suffered a great loss. Although the camp had been weak on many points, it had al- ways given those freshmen interested enough to come an op- portunity to get to know each other in a relaxed manner twalking through the woods on moon-lit nights, singing to- gether the "old school songs," etcj before they encountered the rat race of the curricular world of college. Late that spring, the officers of the E.R.A. and the College Council got together and decided that by co-sponsoring the camp, it would be a more successful, better attended, and better run venture. The two groups joined hands and set off down what was to prove to be a pretty rocky trail. There was also an administrative official involved. If the camp were not a success this year, it would never again be held. This camp had to be a good one! And a good one it was. Everything went as scheduled until the last day of the camp at which time the "food of the Lord" fthis was at the camp of the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Churchj went bad and almost sent forty percent of the campers to judgement day a few years too soon. Fortunate- ly, your friend and mine, that genius of medical history, Dr. Roy Mason-the only man in the history of medical science to cure syphilis with Cepecol-was on hand to save the day. He sped rapidly into action, faster than a disintegrating Bayer as- pirin, and rushed everyone off to the Emory Student ln- firmary and that fine crew of physicians and nurses. As usual, as soon as the place was full, they quit admitting the poor sick people tthere must have been no room in the hospitalj and sent them back to their rooms to bear their misery unaided. Some of them, the night nurse decided, were not really sick but were merely craving for attention and were homesick. That brilliant woman! A successful camp having been completed, and its continu- ance being assured, the campus got ready for the onslaught of READY to help you build your practice in prosthetics with the finest of crafts- manship, service and materials. KIRKLAND 81 McCLESKY Dental Laboratory 374 Courtland Street, N. E. Sta. H, Box 634i ATLANTA 8, GEORGIA ZIP CODE 30308 Phone: TRinity 4-2702 EVERY GEORGIA LAW LIBRARY SHOULD CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING LOCAL BOOKS: GEORG Cumul GEORG Pocket GEORG 2I9 in orarie buclrra GEORG A CODE ANNOTATED, 44 boolis with i963 ative Poolret Parts and I964 Pamphlet Supplement. A COURT RULES ANNOTATED, with Current Supplement. A REPORT-Preliminary Volume and Volumes I to elusive and A A APPEALS REPORTS, Volumes I Io I09. inclusive, m binding. A LAW REPORTER lAdvence Sheets to the Geor- gie Reports and Appeals-issued weeIrIy.l BROWN'S GEORGIA PLEADING. PRACTICE and LEGAL FORM umes I S ANNOTATED, approximately nine volumes, lVol- to 7 now reedy.l ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GEORGIA LAW, to be complete in approximately 25 volumes lVolumes I to 8 now ready.I GEORGIA PROCEDURE AND PRACTICE, REVISED AND ENLARGED EDITION, one volume with i963 Poelret Supplement. For complete information as to prices, terms, etc., write to- THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS Ed. A. Brennan Georgia Representative ' ' nt tie gave out their usual high amount of bids and then swore that they got 80W of the people they bid the AEPrs beat out the the ATOs kept trying to convince everyone that they were Ford Scholar plow boys and that they ruled the campus the Phi Delts simply tried to keep up the image that they had eight years ago that of being the coolest things on the campus the Srgs continued to get their crop of crusaders the Delts con trnued the uphrll surge they started last year the Tri Delts started being too cautious about whom they took the ADPrs were able to get their usual crop of fine examples of southern womanhood and the AChiOs got the largest class in girls rush with some degree of quality All in all the week went pretty well with the class being split up evenly The class was a good one and it managed to spread itself thin without too much trouble. Classes descended on everyone even before they were through with rush week. In fact, because of the "College Office Plan" for rush week, this was one of the worst the fraternity system ever had. But no one had time to worry about what the sched- ule had been. Classes were underway and no one had time to do anything but study, and they did that better than any other year in a long time. Many made the Deans List fall quarter. People were so wrapped up in their studies that they didnt bother to pay attention to the trivial things. iGail Price went into the P.O. one day to get her mails when she came out, she found that her car had gone to see a boyfriend at Dobbs Hall without a driver. No dama e was done, exce t to a sto continued with their usual stereotype rush weeks. The SAE's I TEPhis againg the KA's continued their back-slapping routineg Equipment for Mass Feeding Operations BROWN-WRIGHT HOTEL SUPPLY 640 Tenth Street, N. W. ATLANTA 8, GEORGIA sign that got in the way, and to Gail's composurei The quarter proceeded at a rapid rate. The first interesting thing to happen was when the campus was suddenly covered with signs reading: "SAE-78 bids? arson P" These signs were the result of the fact that the E's and the Phi.s had a battle the night before which resulted in a burned VW. Some of the SAE's decided to burn the "PooPoo" lawn after they had suffered a similar fate through their lion. Well, as usually hap- pens in fool stunts like this one, something went wrong. The gasoline can slipped and there was one less VW on campus, no real loss if you ask me. They always leave small tracks on my back. Greek Week came and went, leaving no lasting effect. fun- derstand that they plan to move the concert outside next year. The tuition increase hit the campus like a small bomb. Many people griped about it. The ATO's, under the influence of the present College Council President, even had a protest fire and near-riot-about it, but everything soon blew over and the quarter stayed pretty quiet. Around Christmas time, the fraternities all had their annual orphan parties. This is a fine gesture and should be continued at all costs. One bad effect of them this year, however, was that Bob Gunby, the highly capable? editor of this book, was kidnapped and tied to a tree at Agnes Scott wearing nothing but a Santa Claus suit. Luckily, he was releasedbefore he had to remove the suit at the end of the Christmas season. All this time, the new Dean of Women, Bonnie Strickland, was winning the admiration and friendship of the students. She said that she wanted to be Dean of Men, but they didn't consider her when Pershing resigned-too bad, fellows. As I write this, however, she is afraid that she might be getting to be too popular on campus. She is afraid that if she becomes as popular as Pershing was when he left, that she might be- come as useless to the Administration as he did. I think, how- ever that she is smart enough to avoid such a. mistake. All through the fall, Little Stevie Stevens wrote about every- thing that was happening in the world of politics, from an AuH2O point of view, but said nothing relevant to the cam- pus. He stayed "right" the rest of the year. When he finally bothered 'to comment on something that was happening on campus, he attacked one thing that actually does some service to the campus, the student directory, which is painfully put out by the Student Center Board each year. Although Stevie re- ceived a lot of abuse, I must say that this was one of the best put together papers in a long time. The main attraction of the winter quarter was the Creative Arts Festival, which was gotten off to a rasping start this year by a slightly staggering Erskine Caldwell. The rest of the week was excellent, but poorly' attended. I hope that the SCB will split the Festival into a concert series next year. With the advent of spring quarter, things began tohappen. Pershing announced his resignation and set off a series of good-byes like the campus has never seen before. He got more honors at Honors Day than Ben johnson. WEMO finally got started, after a long struggle fwhich had been sponsored by only one main administratpr, Dean Robin- sony But it was four other letters, CATO, that gaveus most of mnarrn anorraeas mM l20 POPLAR STREET. N. W.-ATLANTA PHONE JAclrson .2-45l4 P. O. BOX I068 rare seat or ouatrrv Dear Doctor: 'You are about to take your first step in the profession you have selected to pursue. Before so doing. it will be to your advantage to surround yourself with the finest assistance that is available. One ofthe most important of these aids to you will be the laboratory you select to help you in serving your patients. 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One of your fellow stu- dents, john Tucker, best answered that question when he said that they were a bunch who l1acIrz't clone aorlaiag for four years, but who just liked to bitchaand bitch they did. The group called itself a committee of one hundred, though they had only about six active members, and their purpose was to improve things for the student on campus, though they acted like they wanted to start a Berkely situation here at Emory. One of their members, Chet Mirsky, stated they were merely trying to make the students ask questions that they "never" asked, though they have been asking these and more important questions ever since I've been around, and you know how long that has been. If improvement of campus conditions was really their purpose, then it was a good one. Their means, however, were badly warped. While they talked of improvement and stu- dent responsibility, they spent their spare time defacing the uni- versity sidewalks and monuments. They never checked facts, thereby causing themselves to be publishers of half-truths and Iiesg they wanted students to follow them, yet they attacked the student leaders en masseg and, the worst offense, they made personal, not objective, attacks on various people. They called Steve Krant a vacuumg they called Stephanie Thorp a nothingg they called Dub Leake a puppet, along with the rest of the newly elected SCB officers. With means such as these, how could they really expect to accomplish anything The little sup- port they did get came from such people as Bob Curry fthe human filing machine, whose "leadership ability" left much to be desiredj. They have graduated and gone now and the campus may be much better off without their irrationality. Some of their sentiments will be expressed from time to time, but until these are coupled with some degree of responsibility, they have no right to ask acknowledgement, much less ac- ceptance. The only other thing that happened spring quarter that caused any excitement was the great "Longstreet Hoax." It seems that one boy taking a novel course in the English De- partmentdecided that it would be cool if he could get some of his buddies to help him pull off a stunt similar to the fake murder in Hart Firm. They proceeded to get up a very elab- orate plot and carry it out. lt worked fine. In fact, it worked too well. They had the G.B.I. convinced that a murder had taken place. Then a suicide victim turned up in the woods be- low the tennis courts tnice place fora moon-lit walkj and the hoax suddenly became very real, The culprits turned themselves in through a campus minister and teacher. They are presently on an extended vacation. These mature college students! Dooley's week was excellent. The Sigma Nus, the most im- proved fraternity of the year, won the lawn displays. We were very fortunate in having a nationally known speak- er, Dr. Wehrner von Braun, for graduation. 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When the position of Dean of Student Affairs was first established, it was fought bitterly by many faculty and administrators, The reason was taat many of these people, wanted to rnalte Emory the "Harvard of the South," a phrase I'm sure most of you have heard aefore. If this image was to be established, we could have no university-wide dean of students, since one of the aspects of the Ivy League that we were trying to copy was that each college is a separate entity, enjoying as little Contact as possible with the rest of the university. Well, the position of Dean of Student Affairs was established As time passed, it became a pretty powerful position, this being the only position witlr a large staff under it anc no Vice-President over it. Not only was the position a powerful one, out the man who filled that position, Dean Robinson, was extremely popular with the stucents . . . Things continuec this way for a number of years unti.. a new Dean of Men was imported from the "North Avenue Trade School. Now, this new Dean of Men had been one of the most controversial men in the history of Tech. It seems that he had enough guts about aim land they showed pretty welll to throw football slayers out of school when their actions warranted same. His reputation preceded him and he was not the most welcome character when he came on cam- pus, especially when he was trying to fill the shoes of so popu- lar a man as Hebc Rece. So, john Pershing began his career at limory as he had left his other job, by being highly disliked by the students .... With the matriculation of Ben johnson and his followers, all this began to change. These and others started reshaping student opinion, and as fickle as students are known to be, it didn't talce long Re-enter administrators and faculty who never wanted the position of Dean of Stu- dent Affairs anyuvay fafter all, students' affairs are private thingsj. They immediately hopped on the band wagon and changed the tone of their attack from administrative to per- sonal. Slowly, the whole thing began to take shape. The Dean of Men became the hero and the Dean of Student Affairs fwho had been, don't forget, a very popular figurey became the villain Exit Pershing at the offer of a new job, Dean of Student Affairs at an up and coming college on the west coast . . . of Georgia. Now all we have to do is get a new Dean of Men who is compatible with Dean Robinson, an im- possible taslc according to student opinion and CATO. Things are not quite so simple, however, for the Dean of the College is getting ambitious and wants the Dean of Men to be in his "Empire," The request is granted and he goes to work to find a new dean. In the meantime, however, what happens to the Dean of Student Affairs? Well, for the time being, he has been set over on a shelf to be the Executive Secretary of a new committee on student affairs. This position will last either until the dean decides to leave, which is what some students hope will happen, or until the deans of men and women are put back where they belong, under a university-wide office. fHopefully, Dean Robinson will move closer zo the students. They will gain much. from ity It is fine to change the name of the college baclc to its original "Emory College" as we did thistyear, but we are simply not as big and sophisticated as we thinlc we are. Until we grow a little bigger and more mature, it might be best for us to stay a university and not try to be- come a Harvard-like complex of colleges. As we go to press, a very interesting thing is happening. Four of Emory's fraternities are being used as test cases under the Civil Rights law. outcome? we'll find out in the fall. All in all, it was a very good and eventful year. Hopefully, we can have more of the good and less of the events next year. Until then, I'll crawl back to my coffin and observe the campus with an omniscient eye. Sanford S. Dooley A 'i y. tl i i ISI' 't tfllllff tv t lelenlt0"FURNA-MATlC"withcompletely lelenko VACUUM PORCELAIN FUR- automatic photoelectric temperature con- NACE. For vacuum or air-firing of porce- lain to gold G Ielenlto ll-IANDY-dANliillfgttiA portableuntt A that cleans, shines and pbrfermstdozenst of basic laboratory jobs . . . inexpensively and efficiently Just add ll k ielenlto THERMOTROL. Electric melting S 1 o a o and casting units with fingertip controls , ...,......-.......- .... .,.. am..,..,,.u.,. and perfection is possible Ielenlto precision equipment encourages you to make the fullest, most profit- able use of your own inherent and acquired skill. With Ielenko equipment th.e TECHNICIAN sees his own craftsmanship developed to its finest degree . . . the DENTIST sees restorations that are technically perfect, esthetically beautiful . , . the PATIENT sees complete satisfaction. EVERYBODY profits . . . with Ielenko equipment. For detailed information write at C0 INC 7 W i Surety-Bonded Pest contnor 1 'i i i t tor the sake of your home i 1 Mens SHOP Scientific TERMITE CONTROL i T I573 North Decatur Road, N. E i ATLANTA 7, GEORGIA i i 1 'in THE VILLAGEH Compliments oi T Your Friendly t i wooLworntH's , Twenty Stores in Greater Atianta 1 to Serve You 4 T i Compliments of BARGE-THOMPSON, INCORPORATED Engineers ond Contractors I4i5 Howeii Miii Road, N.W. i EMORY i EMORY FOOD SERVICES Serving me Emory Community ' Cafeteria 0 Dooley's Den 0 Post Inn Index The Index Section is divided this year into alphabetical listings under the individual schools. The schools are listed for the index in the following order: BUSINESS scnoor. A lllltt 211111355 rs Baker, Billie Joy-321 Baum, Penelope Suzanne-321 Beatty Richard Wells-522 Bohuslav Bruce Hans-522 Brown, Donald BruceQ322 Brown, Thomas L. III-522 Burbidge, David J.-522 Butzin, Lee F.-522 C Canipelli, Kevin V.-521 Carlson, John limerick-322 Carmichael, William C.-325 Clements, Wrllrarn A.-325 Clonlnger, Dale 0.-523 Clower,Jlohn T. III-520 Cole. E ward Guy-521 Collins. Wayne-523 Cornell, Charles H.-523 D Denton, Robert H.-523 Dillon, Robert C.-320 Douglas, John Robert-323 E Edeniield, T. Keendlt.-321 Edwards, Douglas .-525 Edwards, Thomas W. Jr.-325 Egyytyon, Charles Henry-321, 84, 85, Emmerich, J. Harry Jr.-523 F Fermau, James L. Jr.-320, 319, 85. 78, 222 Fossett, Sara Nikolee-320, 65. 198 G Glattirrg, Sonia T.-520 Glover, Howard C. III-525 Gorod, Herbert-70, 292 Grasty, Thomas P. Jr.-325 Grifirng Clayton A.-325 Grout, John ewis Jr.-325 BUSINESS SCHOOL COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES DENTAL SCHOOL GRADUATE SCHOOL LAW SCHOOL MEDICAL SCHOOL NURSING SCHOOL THEOLOGY SCHOOL Harmuond, John Richard-321 Hansberger, Louis-321 Harper, lysates C.-525 Harris, mrly Lamar-320, 85, 116 Hatton, Earl M.-320 S Haugen, John Robert--525 Head, Sara Estelle-321 Heddetlch, William P.-525 R d r l Riley I-1. Jr.-524 Higgins, James Michael-521, 234 Hill, Charles D.-325 Hull, Margaret-521 Hull, Gerry G.-325 Hunter, Jo Ann-520, 319. 89, 198 Huntington, Hugh H.-525, 519 I Insinga, James Michael-523 Isaacs, David-321 I acltson, William R.-521. 222 enklns, Charles H. Jr.-525 ohns, Richard Wayne-321 ones, Henry M.-323 K Kalmar, Karen Lou-521 Karnlewicz, Alfred J.-521 L Lazarus, Wayne Harris-321 Lewis, John-321, 222 M Malec, David Robert-323 McKenzie, Henry I-lartvvell-320 Meredith. Clyde R.-524 Miller, Frederick D.-524 Mullen, Harry A. Jr.-324 N Nelson, Donald Oscar-321 P Peak, Floyd Arden-320 Peterson, John Edward-521, 234 Fierce, Ned L.-324 Poag, George D. Jr.-524 R Schochet, Leon M.-520 Segal, Joe Nathan-320 Shropshire, F. C. III-324 Shulman, Robert Irlerrnan-522 Sinclair, John A.-524 Sin leton, Scott--218 Soule, Anne Pomeroy-520, 79, 186, 198 Spiegel, John W.--324 Sprurll, Mervin Lynn-524 Stanley. Frank N.-324 Stepp, John R.-324 Stone, Stephen M.-320 Stuart, William JF.-324 Stubbs, Iyoseph G.-520, 519 Sturm, obert Howard-524 T Tailel, Larry H.-320 Thatcher, Rodney Joe-324 Thomas, Mrchae Alan-524 Tomczyk, Edward Allan-324 Tuygle, H. Cherry-320 Tu ly, John Edward-524 Turner, Donald A.-324 Turner, Thomas J.-522 Turner, Mary Lynn-322 Tye, William-319 W Walker, John C. III-322, 85 Wester, Philip Angus--322 Wresen, Kenneth gf-524 Wilson, Ela Eliza eth-322, 186, 198 Windsor, Stella Benton-520, 519, 208 Wright, Anne Elizabeth-522, 197 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES A Abitbol, Andre A.-302, 213 Able. Edward Isl.-275. 234 Abrams, Jerry D.-302, 215 Ackenhuscn, Carol I.-288, 70 Adair, Wendell H. yr.-275, 228 Adams, Alfred B. II-275 Adams, Carole J.-302, 118, 207 Adams, glynnre Lee-302 Adams, eylan Samuel-302, 218 Adamson, Jyrseph Leonard-275. 216 Adamson, errence B.-802, 105, 108 Adcock, Walter H.-302 Ayricola, Charles S.-302, 221 A in, John Stephen-288. 70. 232 Alberson, Sharon A.-502 Alexander, Walter D.-257, 122, 232 Al.....J.. WHIIE... ll Mm an Allgood, Alfred L.-275, 232 Allgood, William I. Jr.-275, 227 Allison, Frank J. Jr.-275, 250 Allison, Judith A.-257 Altrnayer, Lee H.-502 Amsden, Michael Nancy-302 Anderson, Cheryl Lynn-275 Anderson, Davis G. Jr.-288, 254 Anderson, Ellen C.-302. 2, 100, 191 Anderson, Sandra G.--502, 99 Andrews, George W. III-502, 95, 231 Andrews, Sandra-502 Archer, Allan Frost Jr.-257 Arrarl, Julius F. Jr.-275 Armour, Thomas Ill--302, ,221 Armstrong, William K.-275 Aronson, Robert-302, 215 Arrington, John Edward-257 Askew, Beniamrn F.-288, 224 Askgyv, Janet Marie-275, 87. 92, 186, 2 Atkinson, Nathan Lane IV-257, 225 Attwood, Cornelia P.--275 Atwell, George Freddie-302, 95, 225 Austin, Anthony Robert--302, 87 Austin, Derst oerner-502, 231 Avant, Clarke Chambers-302, 225 Avera, William E.-71, 77, 257, 108, 109, 220 Averett, Jack Monroe-502, 95, 225 Ayala, gyylnn Louise-288, 192 Ayres, rllrafn Gordon-302, 221 B Babyyck, William Harry-288, 97, 70, Bacon, Charles Feston-288 Barn. John IF. Jr-288, 95, 225 Baird, Wrllram Jr.-288, 250 Baker, Barbara oan-275 Baker, Billie Joy-275 Baker, Martha K.-288,206 Baker,lRobert Wryyyre-275, 220 Baldwin, Arthur . Jr.--257, 218 Baldwin, Michael D.-275 Ball, John Robert-275, 138, 220 Ballew, Martha Lynn-275 Ballantine, James M.-69, 257 Barber, David Rogers-288, 223 Barlreld, Randall W.-288, 214 Baryeron, John Henry-109, 257, 108 Bar er, Charles Oliver-288. 187, 226 Barnes, Charles Wesley-502, 251 Barnhill, Matthew T. Jr.-257 Barrett, Judy L nn-288 Barrrtt, Nancy Jean-275, 192 Barron, Ronald Martin-288, 256 Barrow, John Chester-288 Baginield, Chelsea L.-275, 122, 129, Bassett, Lucy Lee-257, 192 Bastian, Donna Rae-502, 90, 197 Batchelor, Carolyn Ann-502, 90 Batho, Barbara Carol-257, 200 Betts. Richard Walker-276, 218 Baugh, Larry Jack-288, 253 Bauygyrman, leanor L.-62, 288, 85, I Baum, Claudia Beth-288, 194, 205,224 Bazemore, llyrseph A.-276 Bazemore, enneth C.-276 Beadle. Barbara Joe-276, 200 Beale, George Lemuel-302 Beall, George Grogan-257 99411, 1ZevrWade-:288, an the new WORK-MODEL FORMERS These quick, easy steps from the impression io fhe finished model 1. After taking the impression, re- move excess material from the outside surfaces of the tray. lA proper fitting tray should contain all essentials o the impression within its confineal 2. Hold the impression tray with the borders facing np: insert the handle of the tray down into the slot of the model former, and press tray into place. With the proper size model former the tray rits snugly along front and sides and there is some space at the posterior border. 3. Keep the tray firmly in place by placing the thumb on the top of the trayhandle, and the index and mid- dle hngers along the bottom of the model ormer. 4. The impression is now ready for pouring the cast. The borders must face up, as with a boxed impression, so that the impression should not be inverted. 5. Once the cast has set pull the posterior wall of the model former away from the cast, and slide the cast and impression tray up and out. The impression tray can now be removed from the cast. Here is Columbia Dentoform's latest addition to its well-known line of aids to dentistry. These rubber formers eliminate boxing-in of impres- sions and excess pouring and waste of stone and plaster, and allow immediate pouring of models, without loss of time. FEATURES - ADVANTAGES 0 Accurate Models 0 Controlled dimensions 0 Ready for immediate use 0 Cleaner and neater 0 Preserves and protects impression borders 0 Mounting plates can now be used 0 Eliminates boxing-in, waste of materials, impression distortion, trimming, weak, thin models, lost time, assemblage of parts. The outfit consists of 4 sets of ditierent sizes of upper and lower rubber formers which can be used with any standard make of impression trays and with all kinds of impression materials. Price - Cotolog No. 910 Ourht .... 520.00 if you do not have our Catalog No. 33, write for your copy today. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION 131 EAST 23rd STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y., 10010 11153111111 WORK-AND-STORAGE CENTERS TAHORED FOR THE DENTAL OPERATORY An entirely new cabinet ideal A complete selection of work-and-storage centers posi- tioned where you need them for more productive, less fatiguing office hours. Cost less-can be installed easily. J uniltan. Manufacturing Company v Two Itivors ' Wisconsin HORTON'S SHOPPING MART ln the Village STOP-SHOP-N' EAT Beck, joseph Madisonf257, 71, 78, 72 86, av, aa, 230 Becker, jeffrey Marvin-257,212 Becklrarrr, Barbara B.-276. 61, 203 Beckum, Martha Mae-276 Bearer, Steven Leslie-302, 218 Beitscher, Stanley A.-302, 213 Bell, Carol Lynn-302, 103, 208 Bell, Jane Betty-257, zoo Bell, Linda Barbara-276, 193 Bell, lllelrard Brvirr-302, 233 Benjamin Lloyd W. lll-288 Bennett, David P. jrf-228, 257 Benrrett, Harry Edward-302, 108, 221 Bennett, Katharine W.-276, 200 Benson, Margaret C.-2118 Bent, Marsha Ann-257, 198 Bentley, Chris Howard-'276, 214 Berrqquist, Vincent li.-302 Berger, Eugene R.-69. 257 Beryrrnan, Andrew-213 Berkrnan, Steven Roy-97, 119 Berry, Laura Byrd-208, 207 Berry, Neil Cn yard--288, 70 Berry, Robert Lowry-302, 223 Berry, Suzanne Gilbert-302, 201 Bessent, Anne-302, 90, 203 Bethel, Walter Melvin'-276 Biehl, Albert George-288, 234, 258 Billings, Margaret johnson Binion, Terence Robert-f288, 134 Birrrrs, Allen Davis-258 Bird, Stanley joe-302 Birdsonrr, Mary Lyrrri-276, 110 Blsrrrarck, Andrew Paul-288, 224 Black, Jarnes N. IV-258 Black, Judson Greaory-276 Blackwell, Joseph B.-122 Blackwood, Kathryn E.-302, 197 Blank, Susan Errna-288 Blankenslrirr, joe-302, 219 Blausteln, Robert Gene-276 Blievernicht, Stephen-2511, 224 Blitclr, Lee Frank-302, 122, 134 Blurn, Alfred A.-276, 219 Blurnberg, Stephen R.-f288, 212 Blurnerrsteiri, Brent A.-276 Blundo, Robert George-258 Boice, William Henry-303, 108, 215 Bolen, james Lee-69, 258, 71, 76, 230, 231 Bonrar, Reba Nancy-276, 202 Bonner, Sandra RuthH303, 118 Booklrolt, Robert Glen-303 Booth, Andrea Hardy-258 Booth, Betty jane-Q288, 190 Boozer, ,lack S. jr.-276 Boozer, Richard M.-1276, 215 Born, Michael Paul-288, 233 Bosserrrrarr, Charles E.-303, 95, 235 Bostielr, George Hale-288, 108, 226, 227 Boswell, Richard Lee-2811, 216, 217 Bourn, Slrarlij.-186 Boutwell, San ra Kay-303, 191 Bowen, David William-288, 220 Bowen, Edward Lynn-276 Bowen, jack H.-288, 224 Bowen, Robert Burrnan-288, 232 Bowie, Arrtoirrette ll.-276, 202 Boyd, George G.-258. 230 Boyles, Alva G.-110 Boynton, Harry ,itunes-276 Boyter, Henry Huelr-288 Bradley, William H.-69, 258, 95, 220 Brady. Mark Kristen-303, 103. 229 Brarrch, Barbara Ann-258 Branch, Ben Slrirley-+258, 216 Branch, Patricia B.-503, 203 Brarrd, Max Larnar-276, 187, 226 Brarrharn, William H.-4303 Brannon. Cordelia C.-276, 196 Brass, Henry Eugene--303, 227 Brrlswell, Dorothy K.-'303, 207 Braswell, Elizabeth A.-276, 196 Brawner, William R.-220, 289 Bray, Hugh Solomon-303, 229 Brecher, Armin George-276, 224 Bregrnarr, Andrew-303 Brett, Miles B.-303, 108, 213 Brice, Forney-203, 289 Bricker, Beverly Ann-200, 2119 Brieknran, Gloria-276, 195, 194 Bridaers, Carolyn Lee-258, 192 Bridges, Clifford D.-2, 100, 107, 234, 289 Bridges, Neill Jr.-303, 122, 138 Bridges, Sally Ann-303. 207 Bridges, Tyrone M.-276.220, 221 Bringlrarst, Mary Sue-258, 196 Brinkley, Leilani-75. 70, 289 Brinkrnarr, Mark William-289 Brisendine, Allen 'l'.-258 Britt, Marjorie A.-303, 199 Brock, Benjamin B.-303, 138, 215 Brock. Howard T.-303 Brock, Marilyn LouiseQ276, 190, 191 Brock, Susan K.-276 Brornberg, Barry B.-303 Brooks, iuanita A.-258, 190 Brooks, atricra J.-276, 208 Broorne, Sirnone-276, 194 Broughton, Herbert F.-228. 289 Brown, David William-112 .0 . at 1 1 ' ' 1-1 ,V ,, i".,r'V5s , . 1 may ' !...t'--.r P. r 1' ' l 'N 0 X A fp v A N I Q7 O Y' or r COOPERATION For over a quarler ol a cenlury, 'rhe Armslrong-Smilh lrademarlr has been synonymous wilh +he complere laboralory services offered +o +he Doclors all over a greal par+ of rhe sourh. Ahilily - Service - Cooperaiion are ihe walchwords of Armslrong-Smiih. Our masler denial iechnicians have proven ahililies. The Doclors who send work +o us year aller year aHes+ To our service, and once you have worked wilh us, you will see lor yourself how our cooperalion is your guaranlee of 'rhe besl in laborarory service. Armstrong-Smith lin., Elma Masler Denial Technicians PHONE: 25I-767I P.O. BOX 9I2 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 3520! za:'r,:.t,r:- 'ut-t-:tx-tlenwxts.fairer 1: -ew 't:.v5'inlt-f ,c mn-isfnIt1::fiJe.a.f:1t,A-'fttii'that - .,-4 .,..Y,,,,,., ,.,., ...,.,. ,, ,M .al ,.a N., f--f 1- t .1 v - y:t.,,I...F,Q.sf ,,.,Yt- pm:-.yiA4.eale1w-:k-,.M.- tl-re 'iz'-12 :afar -'--- ' x---' 'Ss 9'-f -'--nr .lb .N . ,,.ej,,,,rj,. 7 1:i'..r1.s,'a'ptgastzi tae' ,1itl'gyr2i?W',-..'1-fi-Mt 591' :i2'."'I -1.9-"9 'W "ii , ' 'f . . - , .,. .,, .any ,, ,., 5,23-,I -ng, .,-.:a.,,,-pig, ,..a,,,,, .L 1.5 ', .a.1t-ses.-Att.syiap..rln..-...as.w...r.f l.,.y1.r4-"f-L,ls-ew-ww',H-9 ra -ff- ,,,,,k,,,..,, ,.,., .M,.n,Q.t-.,,.,.,-,,,.eg,,y el-a,w4,.. , 1:3 ',: '-'cf 'A Your patients can't miss much with an Oral B Theroaro atleast 2,500 slender nylon bristles the Oral B 00. They are flexible, oompaetly mounted, and trimmed flat across the top. This design "gets more brush" on each tooth. Thetiny filaments reach between teeth and into hidden orevices, Under gentle pras- sure, the flexing bristles can brush safely and thoroughly at the gum line. There are no jagged tufts or sharp bristles to abrade tender gingival tissues, Oral B is the original multi-tufted brash. lt does what a toothbrush ought to do-protects both teeth and gums. Prescribe it to your patients for thoroughness and safety. We also make the Automatic which , . , has no batteries to replace, and is uses the same effective Oral B 0, , completely portable. You can rec- bnrsh head. lt is simple, cordless, 5. ornmend it with confidence. , C5 : 1 1 1- 2 af rityliy 17 1 .- 1,1 i t 7' 1- 5 , 1- rpt - 'V y ...,m,....,,,...a.,,..,.......,. . 1-Fling 't'i 1 it" flat 5,21 ',-lfji,35.uitJflfillfsdf-ff-.Iiiali. .dithis:..1ii'?'5i?QflQilll1lR-ca t", ,..:.E ,,,j t,,,, "'l ihfi H.. :dal-',..,:' ,fi. as ,',t .f r . . The brush that prolaoispoar gums, too.. , ORAL B COMPANY 7 Division oi Chemwav Corn.i-Sen Jose. California Brown, Douglas R7258, 224, 232 Brown, Helena Justine-258, 198 Brown, Hilda Alllne-190, 289 Brown, ames David-258. 220 Brown, amos Michael-303, 217 Brown, ary Emma-276 Brown, Mary Hopper Brown, Mary Sue-276, 116, 208 Brown, Maryorie C.-303. 207 Brown, Nancy Elizabeth-289 Brown, Richard Lloyd-276, 212 Brown, Roger Stephen-276 Brown, Samuel E.-303, 122, 231 Brown, Sandra Ann-258 Brown, Travers G, III-289 Brown, Wayland Yoder-258 Brown, William L.-303, 122, 138, 231 Browne, Charles L. III-228, 289 Brownstein, Max P,-258, 212 Broyles, Elizabeth E.-258 Broystou Ken-95 Bnmer, lienie E.-276, 103, 107, 114, 192. 234 y Bruner, David Roland-289 Brnnson, Donald B.-301, 303, 87. 95, Buff. ldalee Dolly-276, 194 Bullard, who Frank-219, 224, 289 Bulloch, lllfam F.-289 Bullock, Lewis Hill-276, 230 Bunyan, Roberta Susan-259, 208 Bursamy. Connie Elaine-3, 99, 154, 204, 289 Burgess, Mary Pamela-259, 202 Bur e, Richard W. Jr,-303, 235 Burke, Sandra Mavis-289 Barker, Marsha C.-303 Burns, Barbara L.-303, 118, 207 Burrows, Sally Ansley-276, 114. 192 Burton, Bitsy Carol-259 Burton, Jane Ann-259, 190 Bush, Eugene A. Jr.-289 Bush, James L.-277 Bush, Ray B.-303, 217 Bush, William Edward-259, 229 Bushloper, Lido C.-289 Butler, ig Ann C.-303 Butler, arion Eileen-289 Butsfher. William C.-303, 134, 231 Butter, Peter Bierken-303 Butterworth Charles G -303 C Cahen, Ronald Irwin-303. 237 Cahoon, goseph Wilson-259, 232 Cahoon, usan Alice-303, 108 Calhoun, Martha Hightower-259, 204 Calhoun, Mary F. Callison, Susan Meier-259, 2, 99. 198 Campbell, Donald B.-136, 230, 289 Campbell, games C. Jr.-277, 218 Campbell, ally-208 Campbell, Sarah Ann-289 Campbell, Stephen A.-214, 289 Campbell. William W. Jr.-277, 234 Cannon, Linda Jane-277 Canterbury, William A.-289 Cantrell, Peggy Purvis-259 Cantwell, AnnlRowe-277, 90, 205 Carlisle? Washington Homer lll-259, 112, 3 Carlyle, Samuel J. ,lr-277, 230 Carnell, Lucile E.-289 Carpenter, Martha E.-259. 196 Buttram,.Sa,ra Alice-303. 93 Cminm' Salah 'jgilt 24824 Carter, Rebecca Ann-303, 193 Carter, Sandy Baxter-277, 88, 214 Carter, Sarah Rebecca-303, 118, 208 Carter, Trudy Harrigan-277 Carver, Ran all-303 Casey, John-222, 289 Cast eberry, Robert Jr.-135, 134, 112, 233. 2893 Ca cart, aul H.-259, 214 Cavalli, Susan Frances-277, 202 Chalhub. Elias George-259, 230 Chalkee, Clifford Michael-259 Chalker, Roy Fletcher-303, 233 Chambers, lice Ridley-192, 289 Chambless, Thomas S.-259, 72, 225 Chambliss, Clayton G.-303. 95, 235 Chandler, Vicki Lee-259, 202 Chaney, Jane M.-190, 289 Chapman, David Rrner-289 Chapman, Lobo Foster-277 Chapman, erry Ragrh-277 Chapnlan, Roberta rack-229. 289 Chapman, William C.-277, 93, 103, 110 Chappell, Ma? B.-277, 204 Chase, Clyde dwin-259, 87, 256, 222 Chase, Margaret Esther-277. 186, 193 Chatelaln, John Mc-304. 225 Cheatham, Dorothy F.-196, 289 Cheek, Richard Charles-289 Cheney, Wallace Hood-304. 3, 95, 99, 118, 122,221 ' Cherniak, Judith Bina-304, 195 Chltwood, James Leroy-259, 75 Cllitwood, Janice-190, 289 Christensen, Barbara-277, 205 Cissna, Virginia C.-304, 207 Clardy, Katina Compton-196, 289 Clark, Ann Marie Clark, Clrarles-259, 108, 109, 84, 85 Clark, David Michael-304, 75 Clark, Ernest Culpepper-259, 71, 79, 108, 109, 214 Clark, Lindsey isnt-304, 90, 193 Clark, Martha ind-304 Clark, Shirley Bileene-289 Clark, Susan B.-260 Clarkecgames Henry-277 Clary, eorge E. III-260 Clayton, Joan-304 Cleaver, Michael W.-228, 290 Clement, Joel William-260 Clemmer, Frank Dewitt-304, 122. 217 Cllnard, Betty Sue-304, 103, 197 Clrnkscales, arol E.-260 Cloud, William David-304, 187. 233 Cobb ohn H h J 4 ,gk ump rey 1.-277, 23 Cobb, obert Allan-260 Coble, Robert Vaughn--304, 219 Cochran, Stephen Riley-224, 290 Colley, Ellen Jane-260 Cohen, Gilbert Howard-277, 212 Cohen, erome Barry-304, 213 Cohen, erry Alan-290 Cohen. ichael Jay-304. 213 Coll, Robert Foster-290 Coker, Thomas E.-260 Colby, Wendell Stuart-304, 225 Cole, Paul Lawrence-277, 223 Cult, Bmried Dargaa--75, 95, 70, 74, 101,234 apo Coleman, Claire-304 Coleman, Robert Newman-290 Coley, Paul Andrew-87, 74, 230, 290 Coley, Sandra Faye-277, 191, 232 Collier, Steven N.-260 Collins, Braswell E. Jr.-277 Collins, Dranah-304 Colqurtt, Linda Lou-277, 190 Calwell, iudrth Diane-304, 208 Comb . H h 4 ee erry ug -277 Combs, Marion Farmer-277, 105 Cone, S11lllFM8L"h04, 203 Conger, Elrzabet A.-277. 192 Conger, Mary Nell-304, 193 Conlde, gee Thomas-277 Conlee, ve Foy-260 Conner, Brenda Jean-290 Coooley, Rudy an-304 Conte, Frank-260 Cook, Lauree Louise-277 Cook. Robert Lamar-304, 229 Cook, William Edward-97. 234, 290 Cook, William S. III-277 Cooke, james Dayid-214, 290 Cooley, Hake Smith-260, 224 Cooper, Elizabeth D.-304, 193 Cooper, Nancy Arm-304, 201 Cooper, Susan Dorsey7304. 203 Cooper. William David-277, 223 Copeland, Hunter A. jr.-223, 290 Corbett, Michael B.-277 Cordes, fame Anne-277 199 Corn, A fred Dewitt-260, 116 Cornwall. Suzanne F.-290 Correll, Donald Robert-304, 235 Casey, Carolynn-260 Cost ey, John V. lr.-260, 122, 218 Coulter, G I. 4 ary amen-30 , 231 Cogrlger, Martha Lou-277, 2, 107, 98, 0 Cowan, Mary Catherine-304, 75, 197 CowargL1?pBuglas7260, 116, 134 Crane, Beverly-206, 290 Cranford, Beaufort F.-304 Cravens, Mary Rheaj-260, 196, 153 Crawford, Betta Marie-260, 198 Crawley, Jane raotley-192, 214 Creech, iohn Green-1277, 230 Cribbs, hyllis E.-304 Criswell, Roy W. JJr.--260, 230 Crocco, Louis A. r.-277, 234 Croft, Barbara K.-304. 191 Croxton, Claire E.-290 Crumly, Harold J. fir.-277, 221 Crump, Hoyt W. I-504 I Culbertson, William Jr.-277, 224 Culbreth, Patricia A.-277, 193 Cullen, Dale Emily-277 I Culpepper Emily E.-304, 118, 209 Cumb. Marshaa304, 201 Cunkle, Mary Elizabeth-5206, 290 Cunningham, Mary A.i277, 89. 92, 202 Cureton, Gladniy L.-260, 192 Cureton, Mary rancesi198, 290 Curtis, Walker. I.. Jlr.-290 Curry, Ben Willar 5260, B9 Curry, Robert Henry-260, 89, 91 Cutler, Verne Eugene-277 D Daniel, Diane A.-304, 203 Daniel, Harold T.-277 Daniel, Virginia F.-304, 207 Darling, Diane-198, 290 Darrow, Richard Saylef260, 212 Davenport, James A.-304, 231 Davenport, Richard A.-304, 116, 235 Davies, Jon Marvin-290 Davis, Cecelia P.-260, 202 Davis, Emma Marie-190, 290 Davis, Gladys P.-304 Davis, Guy Claude Jr.-261. 97, 118, 220 Davis, acquelyn L.-304 Davis, ohn A.-304 Davis, amar W. Jr.-304, 227 Davis, Louis L.-305 122, 219, Davis, Mary Kai-261, 73, 190 Dawson, Linda alameta-261, 206 Dawson, Sylvia A.-303 Day, Peter William-278 D Mk - 03 229 can, i e-3 , Dc Long, Earnest H,-278, 230 De More, Carlin H.-93 De Win, Dee Ann-261, 204 Deck, Norman Rosser-226, 290 Decker, Frances L.-303, 103, 201 Dekle, James C.-220, 290 Delaney, James E. 11-6305, 217 Deldin, Lauren SF305, 197 Delgado, James A.-223, 290 Delirado, gohn Dennis-290 Del , Kat ryn Marie-2261, 204 Demore, Carlin-305 Denny, Pamela-278, 191 Denton, Deryl Ji:Icei305, 203 Deriso, Walter abry-303, 223 Destephano, Sherryl C.-305, 227 Detwiler, Lee Anni261 Deutschman, Rhoda Gail-278, 97, 106 Dew, Beverly SueH305, 62, 85, 90, 203 Dewey, Michael T.-226, 290 Dewoskin, Nancee--305 Dial, Rebecca Lynnd2'l8, 18, 59, 65, 202, 222 Dias, Peter Franklin-305. 221 Dickey, Joseph Terry-116, 112, 222, 290 Dickey, Julianna S.-261, 192 Dicldle, Jane Ellen-278, 199 Dill, David Lee-305, 143, 233 Dlsher, John Starling-261, 95, 220 Dishner, Sharon V.-sos, 197 Dix, Cheryl Kay-3. 99 202, 290 Dixon, Sara Madera-241 Doak, Day Annf305, 199 Dobbs, Joan Dupree-305 Dobes, William L. Jr.-261, 224, 223 Dodelin, Shirley Anne-305, 203 Domtngos, Nancii Louise-278 Domiiiy, John C arlea-261 Dorminy, irihn H. III-222 Dorminy, llliam James-305, 223 Dorsey, Fred Areford-261, 122, 218 Doster, Joseph A.-220 Downer, Nancy Louise-5-261 Downes. I-l. C.-f303, 229 Doyle, Donald Ecirbert-305, 223 Draper, Juanita arol-278, 191 Drew, David H.-261 Driskell, William C.-278, 216 Drummond, Jerry Walton-278, 136, 234 Drummond, John Paul-278, 102, 136, 151, 234 , Du Puy, David Norris-278, 232 Duckett, Roberta E.-261, 204 Dudley, Charles L.-112, 290 Dumas, Laura Jane-290 Dumas, Laura Carol-301, 203 Dungan, ,Susan Perkins-278, 90, 103. 107, 197 Dunivin Barbara-278 Dunn, Ann Hunter-305, 191 Dunn, Rosalyn Ann2+261, 90, 194 Dunning, Phil T. Ill-e278, 96 Dunson, William Caryf305, 215 Durham, Bryant Lee-261 Durham, Ralph William-305, 231 Durrett, Linda Evelyua196, 290 Duvall, Thomas Owen Jr.-261, 122, 123, 232 Dworet, Frazier Morgan-224, 290 Dyar, Kathryn Wilkin-278, 97, 118 Dyer, Charles, Lorton-290 Dziewienski, Roman A.-278 Daiewienski, Erna-305, 122 E Eager, William G. Ill-261, 264, 87, 129. 256, 222 Eargle, Carole Deli305, 203 Edenfield, Robert if-278, 222 Edenlield, Willis . Jr.-303, 223 Edmonds, Dennis M.-290 Edmondson, Ellenf-202, 290 Edmondson, Robert-261, 224 Edwards, James C. Jr.-261, 116, 133, 214 Edwards, iohn Cooper-1305, 95, 231 Edwards, ' ohn M.-261, 220 Edwards, Stephen L.-122, 139, 224, 290 Edwards, William S.-278, 95, 233 Egeth, Allan-262 Eisler, Martin .Joeli262, 236 Elias, Eva Cecile-194, 291 Ellington, Sara F.-278, 203 Elliot, James-230. 291 Ellis, Elizabeth Read-262 Ellis, Linda Jean-262, 73, 133, 206 Ellis, Marian gi.-197. 291 Elmer, Richar A.-305, 227 Emerson, Katharine W.-278, 193 Emerson, Marshal Henry-74, 143. 234. 291 Eng, Viryiinia-305, 191 Epps, Au rey W. III-228, 291 Epstein, Adele-are, 194 J Epstein, Irvin Bernard-236, 291 Epting, Lee Erwin-95, 224, 291 Eriksson, Virginia E.-75, 209, 291 Eskridae, Frank L. lll-301 Estes, Andrew Walton-278, 218 Bstesi France Ann-262, 73, 87, 79, 19 CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY "In the Village" Compare Our Quality 9 Service 9 Prices TRY OUR ECONOMY SERVICE 7 UNTS INVITED Estesfiames L.-262, 222 Etheri ge, Thomas W.-278 Evans, Ann C.-305, 116, 207 Evans, Charles-122 Evans, Corliss Jean-278, 190 Evans, Dale L.-301 Evans, Lynda L.-305 Evans, Richard Means-262, 122, 112 222 Evans, Sidney Alan-262, 230 Everett, Robert E.-303, 129. 219 Eyles, Mary A.-305 i Eyman, Russell Gardner-278. 234 F Fabric, Bnace Arlen-262, 212 Falls, .Darryl L.-305, 221 I Fairchild, Randall R.-234, 291 Farabow, Joan C.-278 Farley, Roberta Corleyi-262, 90 Farr, Patti-278 Farrell, George Spinks-224, 291 Farrell, Susan .Cowles-198, 291 Farrington, Wilbur SF278 Fausett, Stephen Allen-224, 291 Fenster, Harold Alan-2278 I Ferguson, Lucian M.-230, 291 Ferguson, Robert C.-305, 231 Ferguson, Thomas Cook-220, 291 Fegs, Robert E. Jrazra, isa, 129, 2 Fetko, George C.-305. 138, 231 Few, Jeanette Carol-262, 192 Field, Christopher C.-262 Fields, Nancy Virginia-206, 291 Fienberig, Margo Lynn-119, 194, 291 File, Richard Bruce-291 Finch, Charles' Stanley-278, 91, 234 Findeisen, Janis Mr-305, 195 Fink, Arthur K.-305, 103 Finkel, Charles Edward-212, 291 Finkel, Kenneth Iani69, 262, 112 Finkelstein, Linda C.-291 Finkelstein. Nathan la-306, 213 Finlayson, Gordon CF262, 232 Finney, Collin D.-306, 221 Fischer, Richard A.-233 Fisher, David Howard-1291 Fisher, Richard Sewell-306, 278, 122, 214, 236 y Fitzpatrick, Madge F.-306, 193 Flatau, Nan F.-306, 193 Fleck, Sallyc1.-278, 209 Fleisclrman, Ellen La-278, 194 Fleislrman, Neill H.-212, 291 Fleming, Margaret Dell-278, 90, 205 Fleming, Sara Jane-262, 118 Fleming, William B.--306, 229 Floyd, Jerry Kimbrough-5, 75, 90, 99, 70, 74, 202, 291 Floyd, Thomas Coleman-262, 112 Fly, Marsha Paulette-75, 70, 207, 291 Foile, Martha Helen-90 Fo es, William B, lll-262, 228 Followill, Dexter C.-219, 291 Fordyce, Michael W.-222, 291 Foreman, Laura V.-262, 278 Forman, Carol Susan-194, 291 Forney, Lanis A.-506, 225 Forrest, Corrie L. Jr.-278, 222 Forst, Dane Geor 8-117, 291 Fortuna, Donald K.-506 Fowler, Brenda Louise-262 Fowler, David Gordon-278 Fowr, Don walt-ara, sos, toe, 226, Foiri6George Marshall-278, 105, 107, Fox, Hayward Michael-278, 187, 215 Fox, iohn DouglassH228, 291 Fox, aura Charlotte-F-200, 291 Fox, Michael Lanning-214, 291 Fririlieliahilark Steven-506, 91, 108, Franklin, Lola Patricia-262, 175, 202 Franklin, Shannon E.-278, 114, 197 Fredrick, Robert M.-soo Freedman, Louis Martin-97, 291 Friesian, Charles W,-278, 122, 226, 2 I Freeman, Gary Pete-112, 291 French, Russell Reid-158, 214, 291 French, Sandra Mariei-278, 112, 209 French, Stuart M.-291 Friedman, Michael-306, 215 Friedman, Stuart A.-506, 257 Fry, Douglas Sterling-506, 112, 215 Funlre, Carole Ann-291 G Gaffney, Walter Pat-506, 255 Galley, Thompson A. Jr.-262, 254 Gaines, Leslie J.-262, 192 Gaines, Margaret Ann-262, 200 Gammage, Teressa Mae-265 Glandy, George-265, 222 Gann, Richard Lee-306, 95 Gantt, Mary Saville-206, 291 Garber, Paul Leslie-506 Gardner, Lillian Lee--108, 208, 291 Garland, Luann Lilly-116, 291 Garner. Richard Harris-506, 122, 15-1. 125. 255 Garrett, William R,-306, 215 Garrison, Webb Black-265 Gasaway, John Michael-232, 291 Gates, Greg James-279, 214 Gates, Jerolyn Edith-265, 205 Gauntz, Sandra Kay-99, 200, 291 Gay, Sandra Lee-279 Gay, Sidney Michael-279 Gels. Edward Anthony-506, 219 Gershon, Ruth Harriet-306, 195, 215 Gerson, Edwin Steven-506, 122, 215 Gerson, Ronald Barry-306, 213 Gerum, Peter L.-122. 292 Ghesqniere Mary-306, 199 Gibson. Charlotte Ann-506 Gibbs, Robert Allan-279, 216, 217 Gilt, Helen-265, 192 Gilbert, Herman Marlin-506, 112 Giles, Jackson Therman-506, 156, 255 Giles, Judith Rae-506, 117, 201 Gillespie, William Ill-279, 226 Gilien, Susan Marie-506, 199 Gillen, William A. Jr,-279, 230 Gillespie, Jan Ellen-r506, 199 Gilliland. Trammel C.-263 Gilson, Charlene Gail-265, 204 Gingold, Ira David-306, 213 Girirdeiti, John Edward-265, 96, 112 1 2, 2 Glascock, Violet Elia-306, 203 Glass, Leonard Neil-279, 212 Glass, Michael Elliott-506, 227 Glenn, Martha Greer-279 Glickman, Harold Bruce-212 Gliclrman, William H.-292 Glover, John Trapnell-506, 223 Godown, Marion Sophia-506, 205 Goerss, Ronald Arthur-506, 221 Goldberg, Aaron S.-506 Grililbariri2Howard Mark-87, 97, 287, 2, Goldberg, Roberta Lyn-265 Goldman, David W,-265. 214 Gonzalez, Laura Maria-265, 90. 208 Gooch, Sara Kathryn-90, 202, 292 Gooden, Janetl0.7-265 Goodman, Craig Richard-87, 95, 105. 110, 122, 236 292 Goodman, Lloyd Stanley-279 Cnrsrlwin lnnnllsnn 5-1nmA.5'5R '505 Gomah, Alice-306 Go d, iirne Louise-265. 206 Gould, eal Joseph-256, 292 Gourlie, Susan Anne-506, 205 Gowing, Anne Powell-265 Grace, iiinef-279 Grace, illiam W. Jr.-279, 230 Graetz, Michael ilay-279, 212 Graham, Blizabet G.-279, 204 Graham, ianet Wynelle-279 Graham ara Eleanor-506, 87, 205 Grant, Judith Ann-306 Graves, Susan Lee-279, 204 Gray, Sara Elizabeth-209, 292 Green, Lawrence Ezra-256, 292 Green, Martha Anne-200. 292 Green, Robert Maurice-507, 95 Green, Rose Ann-279 Greenbaum, Barbara Lyn-265 Greene, Katherine E.-507, 209 Greene, Sharon Elaine-307 Greer, Bill SL-279, 112 Greer, Judith Elaine-507 Gregory, Eva Lynne-1196, 292 Gresham, Robert Marion-265, 218 Gribble, Cathy-507, aos Griffin, Joseph Laird-507, 129, 233 Griffin, Marsha Lynn-307, 90 Griffin, William C. Jr,-265, 230 Griffith, Beniamin Jr.-279, 232 Griffith, Betsy-265 Grimmett, Linda Ann-307, 118 Grizzarrl, William S.-507, 95, 215 Groover, Patricia Anne-307, 209 Grossfield, Rena Ellen7507, 90 Grossman, Kenneth Eric-212, 292 Groves, Robert M.-263, 230 Grubbs, Kenneth ll-216, 292 Grynlrewich, Nancy E,-279, 206 Guerrero, Joaquine Eugene--263 Guerrero, Jeannie M.-292 Gulce, Siiiiahen Lee Ill-507, 95, 251 Gullett. erry Noel--265, 204 Gunby, Robert Tau Jr.-1, 263, 107, 464, 183, 65, 2, 98, 234 Gunnels, Charles Ill-279, 119, 122 Gustafson, Gweaith-307 H Haas, William M. IHQ307, 2, 99, 122, 235 Hackman, Robert C. II1-507, 215 Hahn, William George-265, 218 Halle, Timothy Reck-279, 224 Hale, Hunter D.-507, 221 Hall, Arthur Laris-226, 292 Hall, iire H. Jr.-507, 251 Hall, ichael C.-507, 229 Hall, Stanley W. Jr.-279 Hallman, Lorraine K.-507, 99, 199 Halper, Michael 1.-507, 237 Halpert, Edward S.-264 Halyard, Rebecca Anne--264 Hambrick, iiane English-202, 291 Hambnck, atti-507, 205 Hamff, Mary Anne-279, 116, 208 Hamilton, Mary Helen-2, 100, 107, 116, 114, 206, 235, 292 Hamilton, Rebecca--190, 292 1-lamling, Jeffrey C.-507, 215 Hammond, Arthur C.-507, 2, 95, 99, 122, 221 Hammond, Christine A.-507 Hammond, Neel Jr.-279, 230 Handel, Lee R.-507, 215 Hanger, John Howard-264, 116, 112 Hanger, Stephen John-250, 292 Hanre, Charles A.-507, 95, 141, 255 Hanlrins, Leland-307 Harasztr, Joseph S.-279. 218 Harben, Evelyn Cheri-200, 292 Harbort, Robert A. lr.-307, 96, 110, 138 Harden, Michael Adron-264, 122, 214 Harden, Victoria A.-279, 114, 196 Hardy, Richard Egan-279. 95, 255 Harp, Cleveland J. III-507, 110 H d V.--279 arper, iiire Harrell, ell Wallace-279, 206 Harrell, Robert B.-264, 228 Harris, Ada Sue-507 Harris, Charles Emmett-230, 292 Harris, fiinnifer R.--507, 195 Harris, ichael Earl-70, 118, 292 I-larris, Steven Wine-292 Harrison, Arigela ell-264, 198 Harrison, Jil Carolyn-264, 192, 218 Harrison, Robert A.-307, 158, 255 Hart, Donald Stanley-85, 292 Hartline, Leonard E.-279 Hartman, Robert M. Jr.-507, 217 Harvey, Fred K.-279, 214 Harwell, Margaret E.-264, 186, 206 Hatcher, Josephine Stetson-264, 190 Hayes, Betty-307. 201 Hayes, Thomas M.-307, 225 Haynes, Linda L.-507, 75 Hazourt. Lawanda R.-507, 197 Head, George B, Ill-279, 118 Heffler, Joel-212, 292 undbxnn lhunL.- 'D Ill Hemirhill, Susan L.-279, 105, 209 Hen erson, John W. Jr.-264, 91 228 Henry, Anita Corinne--279, 108, loo, 207 Henry, Nancy-292 Herrman, Margaret S.-279, 190 Hershberg, Joyce M.-279, 89, 194 Hewes, Mary Hope-279. 204 I Hewitt, Carole Ann-279, 186, 190 Heyer, Edwin B.-507 Hicks, Victor Marshall-264, 122, 232 Hiers, John Turner-292 Hrgdon, Lawrence Ira-264, 122, 233 Higgrnbolham, William-307 Higgins, James Michael-264 Higiiins, Samuel O. Jr.-279 Hag ,Giames A.-507, 225 Hill, uy Charles-279, 95, 96, 225 Hill, Patricia L.-507, 197 Hilliard, Robert C.-279 Hillard, Sandra- Hillman, Joseph J, IV-264, 228 Hills, Thomas Derrill-280 Hilton, Nancy Estelle-70, 292 Hines, ilohn Pridgen-224, 292 Hines, reston Harris-264, 250 Hinson, Stewart M.-508, 95, 251 Hinton, James Thomas-280, 210 Hirschlield, Howard J.-264 I-Iirschfield, Robert E.-508, 215 Hobby, Scott Merritt-214, 292 1-loelle, Carole Ann -264, 198 Hoffman, Alan L.-508, 215 Hoffman, Samuel Overby-264, 222 Hofstadter, David L,-508, 154, 255 Hogan, Thomas D.-508, ,122, 225 Hoge, Linda W.-508, 205 I-Ioased, Sally Burruss-264 Hogenmuller, iohn-280, 234 Ho comb, Star ing L.-292 Ho lder, Ellen Louise-90, 92, 194, 195 292 Holand, Catherine E.--90, 292 Holland, Joy D.-280, 118 Hollander, Brina-117, 119, 194, 292 Ho lenbach, Joan M.-sos Holman, Charles M.-225, 292 Ho mes, amos Edgar-187, 222, 292 Holmes, amesT.-508, 225 J Holmes, ohn Hunt-222, 292 Holmes, rctoria Lee-280, 199 Hood, George Franklin-112, 220, 292 Hood, Sandra Frances-280 Hooks, Larry Bailey-264 Hoover, George William-220, 295 Hopkins, James B,-280 Horne, Clarance R. Jr,-264 Horne, Kathleen Ann-292 Horne, Susan B.-508, 207 Horowitz, David Harvey-280, 212 Horowitz, Jerome H.-295 iziosea ,Clem Thomas lil-264 otchlnss, Nan? H,--97, 295 Houk, Harriett .-280. 69 Houses, Mary Anne-265, 202 Housholder, Betty J.-508, 205 Houston, Marsha L.-508, 108 -Houston, Roberta R.-65, 202, 295 Howell, Glenda Faye-295 Howell, Rocena E.-280, 90, 205 Hoiial, Henry Landron-250, 293 Hu er, Paul F.-508, 251 Huddleston, Patricia M.-202, 293 Hudson, irimes D.1Jr.-280, 225 Hriciion, illiam . Jr,-508, 122, Hufford, Lyndall-508, 110, 191 Hughes, Judy Linn-508, 195 Hugulii, Mary rances-265 Hult. alph H. Humphries, Tommie Nelda-265 Hunt, Hugh C.-265 Hunt, Mary Jn-265 Hunt, Thomas Holmes-508, 227 Hunter, iiimes Thompson-220, 295 Hunter, atherine M.-508. 193 Huntley, Harvey Lewis-75, 70, 74, 108, 117, 118, 112, 226, 293 Hurst, John Anthony-265 Husmann, Martha Mabel-280, 202 Hutcheson, Morris' William-265 Hutchings, E. G. III-308, 112 Hutchins, E. Anne-265, 186, 200 Hutto, William B. III--508, 112, 255 Hutton, Beth Ann-90, 206, 295 I Ingram, John Walter-280, 228 lson, Susan Harte-280 Ivey, Rita Blanton-265, 204 1 ackel, Martin S.-265, 212 aekson, Amanda Brown-265, '96 aelrson, Curtis Kenan-280, 255 ,35lf50"' 5lH4lfl,2'58E22h.339 Jacobs, Jon Stephen-280, 95, 256 Jacobs, Mari Olynn-293 Jaime, Gera dine Ann-114, 209, 293 James, Alice Marian-e308, 199 James, iiidlth Bdwina-265, 198, 216 James, artha Addie-265, 202 Jarvis Dwight Charles-265, 110 yay, William wana-as, ras, ns, 216 Jenkins, Barbara E.-280, 198 Jenkins, Edward ciohn-220 Jenkins, Frank E ward-95, 255. 295 Jenkins, Walter Sidney-508 Jenkins Walter Thomas-308 Jervis, hllen Margaret-508 Jeter, James Melson-308, 215 Johansson, Bertii-158, 295 Johnsen, Kenneth G.-2112, 293 ,ohnson, Beniamrn F.-f265, 109, 69, 71, 76, 21 , 215, 68, 72, 88 lohnson, Bert James Jr.-280 lohnson, Connie Lynni265 Johnson, George Donald-187, 151, 287, 21 , 293 ,ohnson, James Philip-508, 217 Johnson, ane C5280 ohnson, ohn Richard-280, 250 ohnson, aul Martin-254, 295 Johnson, Sherman D.-508, 95, 215 Johnson, William H.-508 lohnston, Jlack H.-295 Jonis, riiarew Thomas-94, 95, 158, 2 2, lones, Courtney-280, 200 8 'r J loner, David Monroe-308, 122, 255 'ones, Edward Lawrence-508, 221 ,ones, Halcott Pride-222, 293 Jones, Harry L. Jr.-308, 95, 103, 231 5 lones, ean Webster-508, 191 ones, ohn Herbert-265 lones, ohn Lynn-265 Jones, oseph Cardell-293 ' Jd Eli 265 207 H ones, u y a- , lones, Laura Coit-70, 192, 293 Jones, Michael Dillard-265 Jones, Michael Jack--501, 508, 87, 122, 217 Jones, Philip Frank-70, 295 'ones, Richard A. Jr.-508, 75 Jordan, inanice Lynn-508, 209 Jordan, Mynwood D. Jr.-308, 255 Jordan, iRebecca- 80, 209 jordan, Mildred ,Iianice-295 Jordan,Patr1cla .-293. Jordan, William Welch-225, 295 Jourolmon, Anne S.-508 ,udd, William Henry-265, 232 Juhasz, Frank-280 K Kaebnick, Mary Lois-207, 295 Kahn, Bruce Alan-280, 256, 256 Kallser, Lyle Alan--265 Kalish, David M. Jlr.-266, 212 Kaminiiei, Daniel .-266, 212 Kane, arie J.-508, 119 Kanter, iris Lauren-2508, 195 Kantor, Richard-508, 108, 136, 215 Kantsiper, Arlan D,-212, 293 Kaplan, Jerome M.--280, 212 Kay, Robert Nicholls-280, 222 Kay, Susan Ann-509, 195 Kay, Allan Henry-266, 212 Keats, William H.-295 Keene, Harry Conrad Jr.--266 Kaiser, Edward H..Jr.--509. 255 Kelley, ames Marion-266, 122, 154 Kelley, ames Edward-223 Kelley, artha Carol--293 Kell0B8, Edward H,-220, 295 Kelly, Carol Howard-280, 190 Kelly, John Michael-265, 280, 109, 85, 187, 233 Kelly. Robert Rhodee-254, 295 Kemcii, William Gerald-280, 94, 220 Ken rek,11mbry Maiyes-295 Kenimer, iiames Gor on-280, 218 Kennedy, etty Jean-295 Kennon, Robert Mell-254, 293 Keown, Eleanor Lucile-280, 199 Keyserling, Rosalyn J.-195,,295 Kichuter, Eari-224, 295 Kidd, Katherine-74, 202, 295 Kilgo. Lyn Adeie-309, 199 Krlgo, Pierce Richard-509, 221 Kilgore, Manley W. II-280, 255 Kilgore, Marion P,-280, 116. 208 Killingsworth, L. M.-509, 187, 225 Kindrrck, Marilyn-280, 207 King, David Lloyd-280, 218 King, Edwin Moseley-509, 122, 229 King, Harrlette E.-309 Kina, Jackson Lee-280 Kinron, Thomas Owen-266, 22-1 Kirkland, Carole Lynn--196, 295 Kirkland, . Barcla -225, 294 Kirkland, ohn S. Jr.-280, 218 Kirkpatrick, Down ll-280 Krrksey, Nancy Smith-294 oooh? M gg? QQ W to the graduatmg class GX C R M, if! N, Rh X 'L ,f-Q'1,f5ENX a.qg I W. wgvj bgamf f mam fat-iff' , " , .1 KS.. bl Q: Ji' . X, 'Q A .life ,M-1 K 'in 1 Ex If ,-Tw -1 fi" ' 'Q ,xg N l I xx " cg, N ' I V WB X M-H rf ,. W ff t-.v,q,": , a XR V. Qi x "rv 'X X "s . K'-k ,..,r5fg:f5"iifi:f, '.. G X - 7' " 1 7".r:z+ffvfaf'meEffaf,v J 9'i'5" 'siA gin. J J . , -,q,.y!,e,.,l,.o,.,,.,.3 . X M - ,L .vt '25, NM -X F52-w E'e1H1x1Y-wf8,'w- 'C'-'if":-ELI1'--.fQ'fg1 QL-Y: 'M XR' ah R Jw 0 .QL gzqlat ef, kv 5 xlzff-',,?Q4:Q',J .mm ws- Y '- ,MQ W9 4' 0 ffl-,V . w6':--'--'- ' Aaxfsfssqgfeff A Q ez-QQ W we- fa ,3 '- gf 1' 5 I' M62 'lv 'Q 1-1 ' - If fa .I ff 1- . 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D E N T I ST RY YOURS For some DENTAL HEALTH CARE L. M. ANDERSON DENTAL SUPPLY CO Sewing The Sourheasr Kniskern, Douglas 15.-509, 215 Knobles, John Cragrnf-280 Knowles, Donna Leigha309, 203 Koella, Ernest Ill-280, 218 Kohn, Michael G.-266, 156, 256 Koklro, Timo Pentti-281, 252 Kontos, Anastasia C.-281 1 Koppel, Redlich Sims-509. 105, 122, 225 Korb, Norma Peareea509, 207 Kotys, William NF266, 224 Kozma, Georgie-509, 75, 96. 70 Kramer, Phyl is R.-281, 194 Krant, Steve Michael-71, 77, 266, 72, 212 Krieger, Kenneth Alan-509, 105. 122 Krings, Gary Baker-6294 Kross, Judith Ann-281, 194, 195 Kuhnert, Karole Ruth-i509, 199 Kuitert. Sharon Kay-e509 Kunkle, Karena281 Kutsch, Richard M.-509. 219 Kypreos, Spiro T.-226, 227. 294 L Lacava, Frederick-294 Ladson, William Franci Jr.-266, 224 Laird, Martha Sloan-2, 5. 99, 107, 118, 205, 294 Lake, Lucinda Irene-281, 205 Lallas, Lydia-509. 209 Lamer, Dana-281 Lamont, Thrae-509 191 Lancaster, Janet Gail-204, 294' Lance, Douglas--281, 250 Landers, Georgia Lynda--266, 192 Langford, Ric ard C.-275, 281, 87, rar, 222 , I Langhorne, Kay Summers-f509, 207 Langhorne, Maurice Jr.-281, 218 Lantz, Alma Esther-509. 195 Lardin, William A.-294 Large, Catherine A.-281, 209 Lastinger, Len B. Jr.-281, 75, 91, 254 Laughlin, Melinda-206, 294 Laurent, John Franka509, 225 Lawrence. Nan Carol--509 Layiield. Laura Sue-i266 Leake, Myriclr Elaine-192, 219, 294 Leake, Woodrow W. Jr.-281, 87, 88, 106, 107, 99. 94, 89, 91 Leas, Susan Elisabeth-281, 75. 95, 114 Le Blanc, Lucy Laurens-509. 199 Lee, Laurie Cecilia-281 Lee, Merrilee Ann-105, 294 Lefkowitz, Paul Allan-256, 294 Lehner Rita Anna205, 294 Lehi, Ralph runaway nf-ras, sr Leichsenring, Laura-2. 99, 110, 201, 294 Leiter, Franklin D.-294 Lemon, Mary Conoly-509, 199 Lentz, Rick-2, 94. 95. 99 Lentz, Carl W. 1115122 Lester, James David-281 Leventhal, Frank AF-266 Levin, Barry Jay-215, 294 Levin, Martin David-509, 257 Levine, Paul Robert-212, 294 Levitt, My Alan-212, 294 Levitt, yles Howard-509, 215 Levy, Donna Ellen-194, 294 Levy. Solomon-281, 256 Lewis, Lawson Wilford-281 Lewis, Thomas Griffith-266, 222 Lieberman, Stlefshen H.-281, 257, 256 Lilly, Janice ope-266 Lilly, ohn Osborne Jr.-281, 112, 250 Lrnch, Michele Regina-S281 Lindley, Virginia VF294 Lindzay, Gladys E.-266, 264, 198, 25 Linn, Robert James-509. 105. 108, 227 Linnamaki, John-281, 91 Liphammkodx-509 266 rtt e, ry nn- Little, Nalncy Martha-281, 196 Iiittlefield, Chiarlesq-2815534 win ston, o n ent- Livingstog, ltichardfrli.-5594 oc woo , rmmy .- Loehr, Henry Turneri116, 112, 254. 294 . Loenrlter Jean E.-281, 206 Loren, laugh A.-sea, 112, 221 Long, Margaret J.-509 Longino, homas IJ.-509. 108, 221 Lores, Elby L.-509, 191 Lott, Mary Palmer-206. 294 Love, Mary Elizabeth-266 Lovern, Hubert C. Jr.-509, 251 Loveless. Rebecca L.-75, 116, 294 Lovell, Vera Susan-294 Lovern, John Bruce-281 Lovett, nne L.-266, 228 Lovett, arhridgreij.-soo, 158,215 Lovett, Susan .-287. 204 Lowery. Anita Marie-105, 202, 294 Lowry, Robert W.-509. 215 fathnl num Aamo 1611 Lurie, Mark-509, 257 Lutz, Charles Larryi226, 294 Lyle, Laurie I-lurst-198, 294 Lyman, Gloria Jean-267, 196 Lynch, Larrya509 M Mac Gregor, John C. Jr.-267, 122 MacKay, James Luther-510, 87, 95, 225 MacKay, Kathy-192, 295 MacLeod, Richard IJ.--295 MacNabb, Joseph arlrs-f102, 275, 222, 281 Mack, Julius Leo III-282, 212 Mack, Linda Margaretf70, 118, 206, 295 Macon, Randall-510, 217 Maddox, Jane-282 Maddox, oseph J.-510. 95. 105. 117, 251 Maiieo, Patricia Anne-510, 75 Magarian, Gregory J.-282, 112, 227 Mairdson. Melvin C.-510, 95 Ma en, Kenneth Wilson-295 Maier, Mark P. Jr.Q510 Main, Patricia Harmon-196, 295 Main, Selene Alece-295 Malcom, Horace-510 Malmborg, Robert G.-229, 295 Malone, Ellis Lendrum-282, 228 Malone, Michele A.-510, 197 Mann, Elizabeth Leigh-206. 295 Manri, Katherine E.h510 Mans er, Linda Betty!-194, 295 Margolin, Robert R.-310, 95 Markel, James- R.-282 Marlin, Gerald M.-510, 215 Marsh, William H.-510, 219 Marshall, Hahn T. Ill-267 Marshall, argaret I.-510, 205 Martens, Laura K.-510, 207 Martin, Biemann A.-510, 158 Martin, Daniel Cf-510, 158, 215 Martin, Jem A.-510, 158, 255 Martin, enneth, G.-510, 112, 215 Martin, Nancy B.-i282, 197, 202 Martin, Patricia Annb295 Martin, Randall Paul Martin Randolph Peter-71, 72, 78, 69, 267. 224 Martin, Wymanlliradley-282, 116 Mason, Dan Edison-P295 Massam, Alfred Robert-267 Massey, James Edwin-11282. 95 . Matchette, Robert B.-282 Marlin David L.-510 96,215 Matloclr, Lilv Grace-267 Mathews, William R.-S282 Matthews, 15evergA.-510, 119, 201 Matthews, ane .-282, 199 Matthews, ames Wallace-267 Matthews, ohn Michael-267 Matthews, Oliver P.i510, 215 Mau Douglas W.-510. 99. 255 Mauldrn, arry Dell-295 Mautner, Jerome Jay-267 , Mayers, Barbara Morris-295 Mayes, Guy William-295 Mayo, George W.-95, 250, 295 McAiee, John C.-Jr.-510, 229 McA1ister, Rosa L.-267 I McAllister, Charles K.-281, 95, 255 McArthur. Sarah L.-510, 205 McBee, James Ron-294 McBride, Mary Fleming o-267 McBride, MaryJ McCain, Susan C.-281. 90, 107, 206, 294 McCall, Sally Ae-510, 195 McCalman, Lynda M.-281, 190 McCann, Carole R.+510, 197 McCartha, Gerald Leea28i. 224 McCarthy, Linda Claree196, 294 McClain, Judy Lynn-267, 118 McClendon, Mane T.-1196, 294 McCollum, William W.-510 McComb, Brian R.-f-281, 224 McConnell, Louise P.-1281, 200 McCord, John D. Ill-228, 294 McCord. Karen K.-281, 205 McCoy, Han B.-294 McCoy, ary Karen-267 McCoy, Wallace F.-252, 294 McCracken, Alan J.-294 McCracken, Linton EF267 McCranie, Eddie Wayne-267, 228 McCullough. Richard E.-510, 149, 221 McDaniel, Roy T.-510, 225 McDevitt, Michael J.--510. 95, 122, 225 McDonnell, Florence A.-510 McDow, William Ligon-510. 255 McDowell, Charles RF281, 122, 215 MCDuifie. Kurt C.-510, 219 Mcliee. Zoe Frances-267, 202 McGarry, Clement A.-910, 22919 0 Mciiaughey, Ruth A.- 81, , 9 Mrfibsn. Marv Milton-70. 190. 294 -SAM- DRUID HILLS CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS In the Village Mclntosh, Bruce J.-281, 75, 85, 97, 187, 158, 159, 112, 220, 221 McKay, Louisef281 204 McKeand, Maurice Joof510, 191 McKenzie, Michael Lee-267, 122 McKeough, Catherine K.-281, 208 McKlbbin, Janet B.-110, 294 McKinney, Philip M.-510, 122, 223 McKinney, Thomas Ray-281, 218 McKinnon, Michael A.-510, 221 McKinnon, Robert G.-510, 122, 217 McLatty, Edwin Lynnf-510, 251 McLaughlin, Charles R.-70, 156 McLaughlin, Rupert W.-267, 222 McLean, Jlerol-267, 198 McLeod, ionel 4Powersi220, 295 McLeod, Louis Wilds-75, 112, 220 McManus, James Monroe-93, 295 McMichael, Eleanor A.-90, 192, 295 McMillan, Mary Lo an-198, 217 McMorris, Jewell Edna-510 McNabb. EJoe-87 McNatt, ugene Neal-282, 156, 157. 214 McNeill, Mary Susan-267, 192 McWhirter, T. P. Jr.-250, 295 Meals, James-226. 295 Meek, lbert Edward-214, 295 Merere, Paul L. lJr.-222 Melton, Martin e Croy-118, 295 Melton. Thomas--267 Mendeloif, Susan May-282, 186, 194 Merritt, Bradley S.-224, 295 Merritt, Claire-282, 204 Merritt, Roger JF-511, 257 Mertins, Anne C.-195. 295 Meyer, Bette Barbaraf-267, 198 Meyer, Michele Jo-511, 195 Meyers, Martin Alan-212, 295 Michael, Sarah-r-511 y Middlebrooks, Patricia-198, 155, 295 Middleton, Frank F.-268 Miles, ,John Henry-511, 253 Milford, games Hubert-250, 295 Milikrn, lizabeth B.-i282, 202 Miller, Carol Lorena-511, 197 Miller, Charles S. lI-282, 250 Miller, Glenn-268 Miller, James Stanley-e511, 91, 156, 251 Millet, ohn Raymond-282. 95. 226 Miller, ohn Thomas Jr.-511, 225 Miller, udtth Adclleton:276, 202 Miller, Larry ,Alan-254, 295 Miller Larry Fred-268, 220 Miller, Robert Shelly-276 Miller, Ruth Wilcox-511 Miller, Sandra Kaye-268 Miller, william Ji-106, 256, 295 Miller, William .-282 Mimbs, James Wilbur Jr.-268 Mrrsky, Chester Lewis-268 Mitchell, Charles S.-282 Mitchell, Edgar Knoxe-511, 118, 122 Mitchell, George Lee-295 Mitchell, Jeffrey L.a511, 158, 255 Mitchell, Pendleton-311, 95, 225 Mitchell. Ronald Leon-295 Moate, Linda Carroll-92. 190, 295 Mobley. Thomas B. III-511, 225 Moen, Lynne Richards-200, 201, 295 Mohr, Janice Mehta-266 Moler, Paul Edmundsf-295 Montgomery, Patrick E.-511 Montgomery, Walter R.-282, 214 Montgomery, William D.-282, 251 Moody, Reginald H. Jr.-268, 220 Moore, Cecil E. Jr.f282, 97 Moore, Charlese511, 251 Moore, Michael Edwardf-282, 255 Moorman, Guy W. Jr.-282, 252 Moorman, ,Thomas W.-511, 95, 255 Morawetz. Richard,l5.i282 . Morgan, Michael Wilson-122, 112, 295 Morgan, Ronald Craig-214, 295 Moreland, Howard Bitzer-268, 2-14 Morris, Brenda ,Joy-282. 96, 186, 205 Morris, Henry Bradford-511, 105 Morris, ackson Lane-282, 95, 255 Morris, ohn Richard-311, ,219 Morris, -ue-268, 204 Morrison, Barbara Ann-511. 65, 205, 255 Morrisonvohn S. Ill-S268 Morriss, inston H.-295 Morrow, Cathieen L.-282, 107. 186, 206 Morrow, Jane Barnhart-511, 90, 207 Morse, John Claude W.-282 Morton, Margaret G.-282, 200 Moseley, Joanna F.-282. 202 , Moses, Michael Alan-H-75. 97. 212. 295 Moulton, Elizabeth Ge-282, 2, 200 Mozley, Thomas N.-511, 91, 215 Mugg, Gregory-282, Muir Malcolm Jr.i268, 216 Martin, HomerStewart-511, asa Mullis, Harold W. Jr.f-71, 268, 69, 250 . Mullis, James W. Jr.-282. 214 Musgrave, Sally tlelen-268. 192 Musgrave, Thomas K.-268, 250 Musson, Thomas Mr-511, 255 Myers, Curtis A.-295 Myers, Rebecca Louise-190, 295 Myers, Robert B.-511, 257 Myers. Scotta Jo-296 N Naas, John Thomas-296 Nash, Carol E.-511, 195 Navarro, Braclf-511, 225 Neely, Frederick L. Jr.-225, 296 Neiier. Jeraldrne K.-511, 191 Nelms, James D. Jr.-511 Nelson, Carl A. irq-282 Nelson, Marsha . C.-511 Nesbitt, William C.-511, 122, 219 Nessmith, 1-lenry,Rudolph-282 Neuhauser, Marlrne E.-282, 209 Neville, Mildred E.-268 Newmark, EBhraim,Mayer-282 212 Newman, Ito n F. Jr.-268, 216 Newman, inda Eleanor-92. 196. 296 1NgTerence, Tien Chan-511, 154 ichol, Elizabeth M.-268 Nichols, Jani511. 199 Nichols, hrdy-204. 296 ichols, argaretyliaye-116, 206. 296 Nisbet John R.-511 , Nix, air Carolyn-198, 202, 296 ix, Melinda Jean-268 ohlgren, Sa1ly7Jean-99, 197, 296 Nonldez, Jose . Ill-H282 Nordstrom. Karen N.-296 Norred, William P. ar.-282, 219 Norris, Lewis W.-2 2 Norris, Mary Elizabeth-191, 296 Norton, Frank Jr.-268, 9.1, 252 Nunan, Walter Edward-282 Nunn, George F. Jr.-282, 224 N N N N N fb Compliments ofa friend? "CM Emory Bank ...me fun semne bank if? mat Qnms vnu n. O'Neal, Donald Patricka269, 122 0'Donnell, Anthony Il.-224, 296 Q'Kelley, Robert L. r.-385, 268,222 Olenschlager, Sala' ,l.-311, 110, 209 Oliver, William .-311, 219 Qmiere, Paul I..-2-283 Oms, Luis Americog-269, 92, 234 Oslin, 'Yvonne D.-23311, 118 Osteen, Anne Russell-296 Ostermann, Thomas 05122, 134, 232, 296 Owen, Victoria FeliciaA269 Owens, Sara Elizabetha198, 296 Ownley, Claudia Hall-283, 92, 200 P Padgett, George S.h283 Padgett, Igiancyj Jo?311, 203 argett, ,ara .-5 83 Palmer, Ene:283, 196, 204 Palmer, le KirlrQ269, 202 Palmas, Aibert Ross JLH269 lgalmour, James Sa2dersf:283, 116, 232 amour, nay-29 Panaro, Charles John-283 Pankey, Ronald V.h283, 122 Pardoll, Peter M.-2-311, 213 Parker, louis Canfield-L232, 296 Earlker, Riobert Charles-283 ar'er, . rerry-206 Parker, Wiley A.-5311, 233 Parker, William l.-311, 223 Parks, Jalmes-214, 296 Parks, illiam Scott-311, 217 Parrino, John Morrisi283 Parsons. Huber Raymoody94, 95, 232, 296 Parvis, Paul Merrill:75, 296 Parzen, Steve Talbert-283, 212 Pass, Kenneth A,-269 Patchen, Gary Alana214, 296 Patrick, Patricia L.-312 Patterson, Judith Anne-312, 207 Patterson, Randolrh EF283, 101, 107 Patterson, Ricbarr Jr.-283 Patton, Gordon Sargent-283 Paul, gmmy Lee-283, 225 Paul, ussel Allen-283. 150, 234, 233 Paullt, Patricia Lee-90, 202, 296 Paullin, James NormanQ233. 296 Payne, Doli-296, 234 Payne, John Richard-312, 225 Payne, artha EdrvardsFe198, 296 Payne, Robert Glenn-122, 296 Payne, William OliverFa312, 231 Peabody, Joe Pittman-5269, 216 7 Pearson, ilillie C.-312, 191 Pearson, Olen Raymond-296 Peek, Charles D.-296 Penrlergrast, Donald 02312, 219 Pennington, William 11.-S283 Perkersoo, ohn Alert-269 Perlman, ary l.ynns69, 269, 73, 78, 194 llgerlsteig, Meyer lsaacg312, 237 erry, ron-122 Perry, hike Carthy 05283, 112, 228 getty, glary lgeith-N269, 206 erry, ancy oan-312 Perry, Nancy Ano:-196, 296 Perry, William StuartM269, 222 Peterson, James Cf-283, 85, 89, 108, 109, 187, 232 Pfister, William J. ,lfre209, 214 Piitzer, Sharon Leeg200, 296 Pharr, Susan Jane2103, 106, 107 Phillies, Elaine R.-269, 90 Phillips, Howard M. Jrf-269, 73 Phillips, Richard 112112, 296 smiles, Rkolgert Ireeig-352. 112 rpott, o ert-1 , 32, Phrydas, Peter Arthur:269, 94, 220 Pickell, Marv JoA269, 198 Pickens, Phillip H.-Q-312 Pickett, Richard Wayne:-296 Pierce, Frances Alice-312, 193 Pierson, Carolyn Kf-269 Pilcher, James W. Jr.i283, 235 Pineo, Susan Jane-312, 2, 99 Pinholster, Daniel Jr.-269 Pinkston, Roy Jr,-269, 224 Piper, Roberta Annef-269, 69 Pirkle, Thomas James'-70, 296, Pirltle, William Arthura234, 296 Pitteoger, James C.-312, 219 Pizzo, Anthony JosephS312, 223 Pizzo, Paul Rodgera1269, 222 Platter, Catherine M.-202, 296 Pleasants, Ellen W.-269 Pollock, Sharon Lee:-296 Pool, Kathrine Louise-312, 191 Poole, Slrermanxerry-283, 226 Poole, Thomas ndrew-5203, 216 Poor, Mary Lee+312, 209 genre, lglicaaid ll.-2-20236 6 otter, va aa .cans 0 , 29 Powell, David Carlton-312, 221 Powner, David Jamesg283, 226 Poyo, Sergio R. Jr.-283, 218 Prather, Jimmy Michael-296 Preis, Elaine Jnan:87, 70, 287, 213. , 296 Prms, Jay-S312 Price, Alan David:-283, 214 Price, Charles-,TurnerS87, 214, 297 Price, larry Wayne:-233 Price, Lawrence B.-H283 Price, Miriam GailHe299. 203 Price, Samuel J. llla283. 233 Price, William Newman-297 Pringos, Lawrence T.--214, 297 Printz, Jane Gristles-269 Pritchard, Ida Jean-312 Proenza, Luis Mariano-270 Prussner, Carlene S.-312, 116 Pryse, Kenneth Marvin-312, 75 Pryse, Rosa Clarca270 1 Puckett, Jimmy Donald-297 Purdrrm, David Herbert-270, 112 Putman, Patricia. Elizabetlr-270, 73. 78, 203 Putnam, Richard W.-226, 296 Q Quilliao, games Kirk-312, 108, 223 Quilllau, argaret 122283, 64, 198 R Rachelson, Ira I..-270, 212 Ragland, Henry Ellis-283, 218 Rarrsdale, Bernard G. Jrf270, 122, 214 Ragsdale, Patricia A.-297 Rainey, Linda Diane!-196, 297 I Rainwater, Elizabeth A.:312, 203 Ralls, John Me K-312. 95, 225 Ramsey, Maynard Ill-s270 Rapp, Carl Af312, 235 Rash, Harold Stephen-95, 103, 224, 297 Rather, Lee Daviclf297 Ratnow, Steven Mare-283, 236, 237 Rauber, lauren Af-312, 221 Rauch, Elloweene BF283. 90 Rausch, Arnold Clyde-122, 297 Raybrrrn, Ann Niue-a203, 297 Q Ray, Kenneth Wood2283, 103, 107, 122 Rea, ,lane Beltona297 Reaves, Harold 11.2312 Reed, Marian K.-312, 197 Reed, Ralph Collins Jrf-270, 122, 144, 227 Reeves, Robert Stokes!-283, 122, 138 139, 232 Reeves, Walter Robertm270, 232 Rehm, Vicki A.-2312, 191 Reichert, Sterwen AF270 Reid, Paula heeler-5198, 297 Reifler, Burton Victor-270, 213 Reighard, Steven W.-283 Reiley, Sherron l,.-203, 297 Rein, Harry Thomas-283, 216 Reinhardt, Faye E.h312 Reiter, Sharon Lee-2118, 297 Rculroe, Anne?-283, 205 Rentz, Daniel Frank-224, 297 Resnick, Gail If-312, 75, 103, 195 Reyher, Franklin K.H312, 122, 221 Rhodes, Stanley Allene-270, 230 Rhyne, Joseph S.-2312, 91, 215 Rice, Lucian C. Jrf-283, 86, 87, 88, 103, 187, 222, 223 Rice, Roman lll-P312 Richard, Robert S.-E270 - Richardson, Arthur H.-312, 122 Ridgewaryl, Carole Ann+-203, 297 Ridley, obert Myron-93, 297 Ridley, Susan A.-204 Rigney, Robert Winston-297 Rimland, David-283, 212 Ripley, Wayne B. IJr.--312, 225 Rings, Michael Jef rey-2212, 297 Ris er, Carol L,-203, 297 Rist, Toivo Ibgon-122, 297 Rittenbaum, lleo G.-5312, 195 Rivers, Gordon Alfred-270 Rives, Mary Susan-312 Rizk, Roger Wadee215, 297 Roan7e, irginia MF-198, 220, 221, 29 Robbins, Cheryl Iolaw103, 116, 297 Robbins, William C.-H312, 223 Robert, Mary 1,-312, 191 Roberts, David Jackson!-283 Roberts, David Madison-283 Roberts, Dean Winn Jr.--224, 297 Roberts, Etbelyn Er- 83 Roberts, Frederick L.-312, 112, 219 Roberts, Mary Adaira270, 85, 192 Roberts, Mary l.ynn--312, 193, 205 Roberts, Ronald-313 Robertson, Jean Dawn-313 Robinett, Sarah Ruth-190, 297 Robinson, George 8.-270 Robinson, Howard James-315, 213 Robinson, Jobna214, 297 Robinson, ames F.f313, 95, 235 Robinson, Peggy Lee-270 Robinson, Mary Martha-297 Robinson, Rhoda D.-285 Rodgers, R1chardThomas-270 Rodriguez, Rudolph l-1.-85, 105, 220, 297 Roe. Carroll H. Jr.-sts, 122. ees Rogers, amos Michael-515, 118. 225 Rogers, oseph Brown-225, 297 lhe Gray-2-85 Rogers. Rogers, Michael Bruce-297 Rogers, Rebecca Jean-515, 205 Rogers, William Lee Jr.--515, 231 Rohrer, Robert Harry-313, 102, 106 Rollins, Mary Susan-270, 75, 84, 85, 198 Romiclr, Carol!202 Romlne, gohn Stanley4284, 225 Romita, hyllis Ann-90, 117, 200, 297 Rosen, Alan Harris-270 Rosen, Kenneth Alan-284, 212 Rosen, Murray-284 Rosenberg, Frederik W.-256, 297 Rosentha, Allen 1-ly-513, 215 Ross, Jyrihn Charles-69, 228, 297 Ross, ichael David--256, 297 Ross, Nancy Jo-515. 191 Rossett, Margaret Ann!3l5 Roth, Karen Ann-515. 195 Rothenberg, Leonard H.-212, 297 Rotter, Martin Jeromeg-515. 257 Rouadi. George Woikrm-270, 254 Routman, Donna 1-larriet-515. 195 Rowe, Ilene Louise-270, 90, 190 Rowe, ancy Lee-284, 191 Rowe, Walter Frederick-298 Rowland Mlchaelyn B.-515 Roy. Wlilram Glenn-515. 118, 112 Royal, Nancy E.-284 Royal, Deon!-298, 223 Roysrer, Lin a A.-205. 297 Royston, J. Perry-225, 298 Rubin, Harold Robert-212, 298 Rubin, Richard Maurice-515. 95. 105. 255 Rudert, Robert Ernest-315. 219 Rumble, John York-226, 298 Rumble, homas Reid-270 Russell, Edward W.-271 Russell, Lyn Bates?-271, 86, 87, 79 Russell. Lynn Louise-90 Rutherford, Charles Jr.-284, 187, 218, 219 ,, y 1 . ,, , H , Samcpson,CJohn Francis-284 San ers, atherine-298 Sanders. Jerry D.-271, 220 Sanders. Robin-196 Santanglni, Andrew V.-220, 298 Sauls. Muriel L.-515 Saunders, John De V.-284, 218 Saunders, tephen W.-222. 298 Saxon, Terry Houston!515, 219 Savitt, Myles Mark-271, 212 Scanlrng, Edward L.-298 Scarborough, Claude B.-118, 298 Schafer, Judy-196 Scherr, llen Merle-513, 195 Schliessmann, Donald J.-298 Schneider, Lawrence L.-313, 229 Schofield. Martha Jane-114 Schram, Ronald Young-515, 95, 215 Schreiber. Stephen-212, 298 Schxrrzkopf, George P--284, 122, 125. Scoates, Luellen T.-1515, 75 Scott, Deborah Gene-284, 198 Scott, Margaret Emery-515, 105, 197 Scott Ste h ' l.- 1 2 1 12 2019 2 5. 03 Scott. Timothy David-2-84, 154 Scruggs, Hugh Jfrrrard-284 Scruggs, James . Jr.--112, 221, 298 Scurry, Ralph B. JS.-284, 222 Seaborn, Richard avise-284, 230 Seaman, Gail-199, 298 ' Seaman. Jean Marie-271, 208 Seiter, Stephen Ronald-515, 122, 227 Sellers, TrndithBer1y'515. 207 Salman, Richard David--515, 187, 219 Sells Harold Vernon-298 Serafinwean Ellen-501, ara, sv, 191 Serby, rchael Joseph-271, 212 Sessions, Leah Lyn-284, 190 Sessoms, Cherie Ann-298 Sowell, Charles W.-271, 214, 215 Sexton, Ricky Stewart-232, 298 Seymour, Gianice F.-208 Shamas, ilbert A.-515, 255 Shanklln, Mary 855313, 193 Shapiro. Stanley lra-212. 298 Sharp, Polly E izabeth-313 Shavin, Joe S.-271, 212 Shaw, Richard Eric-515, 257 Sheer, Maxine Lana-271, 284. 194 Shelley, Teresa Leanne-2, 70, 100, 107. 196. 155. 298 Shelton. Jan-70, 208, 298 Sherman, Jerald Jacob-284, 212 2191111 9i1'iifi.i?51iEif'2?fr 229. ii' ll' ui' Slkes, ames Clarence-2 8 Sikes, Thomas E. Jr.-ZS4, 228 Silber. Ronald Jonas--212, 298 Srllrwood. Frank Arthur-271, 216 Silver, Gloria Jean-313 Silverman. Meier Ann-284, aaa, 193 Simmons, Ira Evan Jr.-513, 235 Simmons, Nancy Hudmon-284, 192 Simmons, Patricia W.-284 Simmer. sn lr III-284, Simondsi Gili galil-298 230 Sirgtpgon, William Beck-284, 102, 107, Sims, John Edward-221, 298 Sims, Susan Patricia-515 Sinderson, Thomas G.-271, 228 Sirmali, William D.-515 Slttman, Mary Kathryn-514. 207 Sledge, Sandra S.-7198, 298 Siemens, Mary Alice-225. 298 Small, Barbara L,-186 Smith Anne Gardner--105. 298 Smith. , Barbara Kay-201, 298 Smith, Billy Jr.-284, 122, 255 Smith, Craig Foster-228, 298 Smith, David Kirck-271, 118, 252 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith: , Della K.--514 , Denny McLeod-271 Smith, Federico G. Jyr.--284 Florence P 1 ennyl-190. 299 , GSW C-39145 , Helen 15.2298 , Henry Linton Jr,-271, 75 , Laurel M.-514. 207 , Leon McDonald-284, 158 Leonard Karr--215. 298 Margaret Kay-284, 192 I Mason c. yr.-aaa, zzs Nancy ane-190. 271 I Nancy fieginaa284, 206 Reginald S.-271. 218 Richard O.-514. 284 R0bel'S P. Jf."!3i-41 871 125, 251 Smith, Robert W. Jr.-514. ass Smith, Sara Lewis--271 Smith, Steven Wny09a271 1 Smith, Susan Elizabeth-271. 190 Smith, Wade Hampton B.-284. 158. 220 Snaith, PhilliplHarvey--284, 227 Snead, Betty Eileen:-196. 298 Sn der, Bruce-284 Soiberger, Jane Enola--284. 5. 99. 205 Solomon, William G.-514, 251 Spache, Pamela May-284, 116, 114, 190 Spalty, Edward R.-514, 128, 129, 150,255 Sparacrno, Charles M.-271 Sparks, John Thomas-220, 298 Spaulding, Ann-284 Speer. Kathleen-4298 Speight,K,lnackson D.-271 Spicer, thleen T.-514. 5, 99, 209 Spirtos, Mike .lack-105, 298 S'tz B11-222 299 1 , l , Siaivey, Margaret Janei514, 209 Spragens, Barbara A.-284, 75, 190 Spriggs, Gloria J.-284 Springfield, Dempsey S.-214, 299 Sprouse, Mary P.-284, 199 Spurlin Susan M.-514. 195 Spurlocir, Susan C.-284. 90, 209 Stacks, Jerry D.-514. 217 Stafford, Ronald Tate-271 Stafford, Thelma Jane-285, 206 Stahl, Loren Carl--271. 256 St. John, James Oliver-272 Stainback, Frank--225, 299 Stair, Mary Miller-285, 186. 199. 215 gtallard, leiames gg-285 tame . a - 1 Stanfoid. Riiisda Wlllcey--196. 299 Stanley, Bernrta O.-514 Stanton, Paul E. Jr.-272, 97 srapraaa, Ellison D.-ass Starr, .John Walter Ill-514, 255 Starr, Martha Tana-99. 191. 299 Staton, Deborah Ann-70, 105, 114, 192. 299 Steed, James Augustus-285 , Steele, Karen Beth-69. 75.75. 76.272 Stegall, Frank D.-285 Steinberg. Karen Randa-195, 299 Stembri ge, Henry H.-220, 272 Stephens, Cornelius L.-299 Stephens, James Ronald-285 Stephens, Joseph W.-77, 71, 116, 97, 1o1, 1ov. ara. aaa . Stephens, William D.-514, 95, 231 Stern. Allen Howard-314, 213 Sternberg, 11ruceLee-E-256, 299 Sternlleb, Edward Ira-514, 215 Stevens, Charles M.-299 Stevens, George Hill-97, 299 Stewart, :Canaries P. Jr.-272, 116, 2,50 ewar, artrn 285 Still, Martha Virginia-90, 205, 299 Still William-514 Stockdale. Stanley C.-104. 107. 214. Stoneham, John A.-272, 217 Storclr, an Marie-299 Storck, ean.Anne-299 Storrs, ruce B.-514, 223 Strain, Betty Jin-514, 199 Straubegon eter-217, 299 Strauss, obbette T.-272 Strock, Christian John-228, 299 Strickland Edmund A.-299 Strickland, Walter F.-314, 229 Strumlpf, Ira Jsffry-285. 86, 87, 215 Stubbefield, illram--299 Stubbs, Martha Tillman-514, 117, 209 Studdard. Gregory Neel-514, 75, 85. ros, 122. 215 I Stokes, Howard Wardreld-272. 214 Sudhoff, Judith Ann-285, 196 Suggs. David Welch-285, 217 Sullivan Peggy! Shaw-514, 207 Summeriln, Jo n Lee-514, 95, 225 Summerlin, homas Wiley-272, 72, SS, 107, 216, 217 Sutcliffe, Roland A.-514, 225 Sutherland, Violet M.-514, 209 Swan, James Hayes-314, 112 Swanson, Richard Wayne-299 Sykes, Charles Roy Jr.-514, 235 T Taintor, James S. Ill-272. 220 Taliaferro, Donnie H.-514, 231 Talley, Jeffrey Byrd-225, 299 Tanner, Betsy Kirby-514 Tardin, Sara Janes272, 190 Tarrh, Francis Michael-229, 299 Tate, Constance C.-272, 205 Tate. Danny Clyde-285, 250 Taylor, James-227 Taylor, John Karl-4-314, 95, 221 Taylor, Malcolm L. Jr.-514, 225 Term. Nancy Elizabeth-272, 203 Terchert, Atrlynne J.-299 Temkrn, Alan Harris-514, 213 Tharpe, Mary McCall-285, 195 , Thrgpan, Carol Marie-285, 117, 206 Thomas, Bruce Gregory-514, 255 Thomas, Charles Menard-285 Thomas, Donna Ilene-272 Thomas, Doyle W. Jr.-314, 229 Thomas, Dwight Rembert-70, 299 Thomas, Janice Elaine-272 Thomas, Kenneth H. Jr.-314, 2, 99, 187. 229 Thomas, Lyndle E. Jr.-514, 219 Thomason, Jiean Caren-272, 198 Thomason. onald Glenn-220, 299 Thornpson, Constantine-315, 131, 215 Thompson, gynthia C.-191, 77, 299 elen Sharon-285, 208 Thompson, Thompson, Hugh P. Jr.-272, 215 Thompson, James B.-285, 222 Thompson, Jo Anne-285, 203 Thislrnpson, roy L. II--515, 87, 112, Thornton, Franklin A.-515 Thorp, Stephanie M.-272, 264, 78: 87 194. 195. 256 Trash, William V.-285, 95, 223 Tice, Jnccwlin D.-116, 199, 299 Tillman, allace Pouche-272 Tinsley, Thomas Austin-217, 299 Trpfrens, Jack-285 To d, William L.-315 Toglsgr, Steven Gary-97, 134, 257. Tomblestoo, Beverly J.-315 Toole, John Cleahorn-272, 222 Toole, Warren W.-315, 225 Toranto, I. Richard-69, 272, 215 Toucey, Karen Jean-285. 206 Tracht. Arthur owell-272 Trawrck, Stephen Charles-225 Traylor, Eames L.--515, 122 Trrbbley atherine H.-515, 197 Trtltli. David Alan-285, 225 Trrltlt. Ronald Willis-285 Tropper, Richard H.-515, 237 Trotter, Andrea Jean-285, 192 Trump, Virginia L.-299 Tucker, Hubert E. Jr.-275 Tucker, John Pierce Jr.-71, 69, 104, 85, 107, 84, 215, 77, 275, 72 ' Tucker, Thomas Slade-285, 87, 97, asv 129,151,214 Ttmker, William L.-515. 91, 187, 25 Tucker, William M.-299 Tumlin. Harriet Anne-285, 153, 207 Turnage, Ellie Howard-275 Turnbull, Robert H.-515, 225 Turner, Drew Henry Jr.-285, 220 Turner. H. Haywood Ill-285, 229 Turner, Judith Ann-90, 299 Turner, Orville Park-285. 192 T1Zri1gr,2?:is-285, -85, 101, 107, 117, Turner, William C.-285, 227 Turirzerggoodrow W. Jr.-275, 94, -1 .. . Tyler, Sally-Q73 , Tyner, I.arry llugene:299 U Upo, James G.-'s315, 221 Upshaw, Susan F.:315, 205 Utterson, Marshall 17.331-5, 231 V Valdwiess, Rafael!-273 Vallotton, Susan M.-285 Van Dyck, Phillip G.-315, 2, 99, 235 Vann, John WiliiamF285, 129, 215 Vassey, Robert CF315, 2, 235 Vauahn, Linda C.g315, 191 Vaught, Lloyd WesleyH315, 221 Veal, James l.oy Reese-315, 112 Vernon, Rebecca Ann-315, 207 Vernon, ,Sheryl Ann-195, 299 Verzyl, Ricbard:315, 227 Vickers, Gary 11ryantE222, 299 Vickers, RodneYm315, 91, 235 Vigotlsky, Ethel Jeanv285, 212 R Vigodsky, I-larolt 156315. 95, 237 Vincent, Albert 1,indcrJ285, 220 Vincent, Richard Alvin-273, 220 Vinson, Kenneth Gr-315, 229 Vogel, l.inda Kaye-5315 Voges, Susan0leanneS315, 205 Vonrs, Ann 1 are-193. 299 Voss, Susan Christine-315, 199 W Wade, Seaborn M. ,rf273, 222 Wade, Thomas A. r.-315, 95, 219 Wager, john Pierpont-275, 222 Wagner, Carroll I., Jr. iMikeJ-285 107, 225 Wagner, Charles Kenyon-273, 234 Waite, William Wicker5299 Wakefield, Anne Kay-285 Weldon, llrencla Maxine-201, 299 Walker, James R.-M285 Walker, Judith 1,ees273 Walker, John C. ljohnnyiz-187 I 4"' 1 1" flli r 7 aw' Walker, Richard Duaneg285 Walker, Robert C. Jr.f315, 122, 235 Wall, Angela Kanei286, 75, 93, 69 Wallace, David G. lll-273 Wallace, Dorothy Ann-286, 197 Wallace, Gay ArleneH515, 205 Wallace, Dtis RobertM315, 221 Walls, Edgar Hueal--273 Walls, Emily Kathryna2S6, 200, 201 Walsh, Richard S. lll-286, 218 Walston, Leslie Ronald-3299 Walters, Michael A.Q286, 232 Walters, William E.-103, 108, 187, 122, 255. 300 Walton, Roger Alani315, 1111, 235 Ward, Henry Alfred-315, 75. 217 Ward, Jackson Percy-234. 300 Ward, Rosalie livelyn+273 Ward, Susan l1laineg315, 207 Ward, Theron Dale-273, 112 Ward, Valerie Anne-315 Ware, Suzaona Rmilr-S300 Warner, Stanley 15, Jr.L69. 273 Warnock, Robert Perry-315 Warren, Leland liddieas-286, 106, 229 Warren, Milton liarle:273. 138 Warren, Wesley 13. Jr,-286, 216, 217 Waiters, Raymond Leon-21300 Wasserman, Elaine-315, 90, 195 Waterman, James Perry-286, 221 Waters, Charles D.-112 Waters, Natalae Adamsl286, 193 Waters, Virginia I.eef315, 193 Watson, Carol Ann-300 Watson, Elizabeth A.-A315, 203 Watson, John 113315, 235 Watterson, Daniel M.-315, 95, 103, 1115. 231 Watts, Kathryn A.d316, 197 Weaver, Olin H. Jr.-112, 273, 116 Weaver, Susan Frances-2273 Webb, James C.f316, 219 Weber, Suanne KlosfL286, 197 Weeks, Clarke 13.-316, 122, 235 Weddlnaton, William W. Jr.A274, 218 Weil, Maurice Ill-316, 237 Weinaarten, Ronnie Lecg300 Weinkle, Richard G.-316, 213 Weinstoek, Barry J.-286 Weinstoek, Marcia R.H3l6 Weisblatt, Larry Mrs-100, 237, 300 Weisman, Henry G.i316, 108. 237 Weissler, Valerie Joan-195, 300 Weissman, Rosthemags274 Weitzman, Warren Ray-300 Welden, Susan E.-Q316, 199 Wells, Mariel Dees-199, soo 'WIF ,f- x r If ," I West, Charles S. Jr.-271, 75, 118, 221 West, Dorreoe Lee-271, ans Westbrook, Eleanor FurmanA274, 92, 207 Westbrook, Hugh Ashleyh300 Wlratley, Mary A. llolley!-286 Wheeler, Betty C5316 Wheeler, Henry A.-271, 122 Wheeler, lawrence D,-300 Wheeler, Patricia I..-316, 75, 201 Wlrelchel, 1-larry JonesH300 Whitcomli, Donald Scott-286, 103 White, Barry F.i300 White, James Irwinf300 White, gvrianne-207, 300 White, arilyn Jean-274, 205 Whitehurst, Julia 01.499, 300 Whitlord, Josie 155197, 300 Whitlock, getty M,-316 Whitman, ,.rnestine4316, 205 Whitney, John li. Ill-286 Wicker, Thomas l..-E-286, 187, 229 Wiener, Richard Joseph iliichieis 107, 500 Wiesel, Sam Wf-136, 231, 300 Wiggins, Xenia Rae-3316 rvrgia, Harriet Anne-4286, 192 Wilbanlrs,Ameliah316 , Wild, Fredric Max Jr.w2B6 Wilensiry, Frank Berman-271, 213 Wiley, Barbara Diane-2711, 118 Wiley, Virginia Ann-286, 117, 208 Wilkins,,George Barrattfi274 " Willey, Diane Leigh-1207, 300 Williams, A. Claude-271 Williams, Clara l..-286 Williams, David Waynea-286 Williams, Donald O.-27-1, 232 Williams, Frank M.-274 Williams, Harriet M.-316, 197 Williams, Judith-286, 73, 75. 186, 197 Williams, Louisa E.-274 Williams, Marsha 0:4316 Williams, Reddoeh lil-316 Williams, Robert li.-271, 211, 215 Williams, Roland, Ii.-4316, 231 Williams, Vicki Diane-300 Williamson, Ashley D.-316, 75 Williamson, David R.-300 Williamson, George G.E316, 117, 221 Williamson, James G. Jr.-286, 221 Williamson, 'homas R.-316, 95, 231 Willis, William Fred-1286, 233 Wills, George W.H286 Wilson, Alan Wriaht lrf286, 112 Wilson, lietty Ann-230 Wilson, Carolyn 123286, 183, 207 Wilson, James M. Ill-316, 95, 231 svrrsoa, rar-Hz, os, roi, isa, soo Wilson, Joan Webb-286, 186, 207 Wilson, john Mark!300 Wilson, Kitsie 1,eeg316, 207 Wilson, Maxine I.ouise53l6, 191 Wilson, Rena Kay527f1, 193 Wilson, Sara 1,ee+-73, 75, 199, 300 Windham, James David-300 Winn, James Steven-287, 91, 95, 711 122, 287, 300 Winston, 1'eggy:73 Winter, Donald R. JrfL300 Wise, gghn Wilson S. 131274, 91 Wise, oger Jay:316, 215 Wisler, Susan Jeanfg316, 197 Wolf, Theodore Phillipf-316, 100, 2 Wolil, Tarther Horn Jr.-1274, 222 Wolfson, Robert Lewis-286, 213 Wolkin, Alan SteWartA316, 237 Wood, JanetM286, 205 Wood, John l.eland!27rl, 235 Wood, Pamela Jane'-286, 207 Wood, Wayne Williamson-87, 74, 101, 107. 106, 300 Woodall, Joan Genevas-300 Woodall, Villiam Rf-300 Woods, Larry David-286, 87, 108, 109, 226, 227 Wooten, Nancy Anne2300 Worman, Michael Allen-286, 213 Wright, Virginia KF110, 118, 300 Worst, Elizabeth Roses-2711 Wyatt, Constance:316 Wynn, James Howard Jef-2116, 227 Wynne, Judith Annes-611, 287, 203, 231, 300 Y Yang, Annabelle-A-70, 300 Yanno, Robert Johns-274, 233 Yates, William James-300 Yeager, I1obt:316 Yeoman, Solomon J. IIA-286, 215 Yergln, iiruee Mitchell--316, 87, 91 213 Yielding, Catherine 35286, 73, 85, 186, 192 York, Christopher Cf-122 Youmans, Charles AF316, 91, 122 Youmans, Frank Thomase-316, 231 Young, Emmett Harper-286 Young, Harvey G.-1271, 75, 217 ,SIR fi. ,ia ,, f1"!.1 'il mf? . ..nr,xpq l Qavqwef L 4 Yung, Stephen Yung Walr-286 Z Zanger. Karin Sue--316, 195 Zeleznik, Larry Wayne-286, 221 Zellrins, Rosalind-274 Zeller, William V.-316 Zerlet, Alice Annette-286, 93 Zettler, Clarence--286 Zewadski, William K.-206, 101, 140, 235 Zimrnerman, Charles Jr.-316 Zimmerman, Guy A.-316, 103, 215 Zivitz, Andrew lark-286 Zurn, June-274, 191 Zwerner, Robert Allen-301, 316, 87, 213 DENTAL SCHOOL A Abbott, Andrew I-1.-336, 342 Abney, Charles L.-334, 344 Abney, James M. Jr.-334, 346 Akel, Fred A.-330 Alexander, Donald M.--334, 346 Allen, Marvin Lester-338, 346 Allen, William H. Jr.-336, 344 Allison, Rayman E. Jr.m330, 342 Aruley, Edward A.-336 Anderson, Carl E.-330' Anderson, Evauder M. Jr.-336, 342 Anderson, Walter B.--330, 344 B Barbee, Richard R.-330 Barker, Thomas A.-336 Barnes, McCauley F. Jr.-330, 346 Batclreldor, George Jr.-336, 344 B ll C.- 6 4 ea ,James 33,36 Beck. Elaine R.-334 riffs' Mt, NH roar Bembry. John F.-336, 342 Berger, Paul B.-334, 340 Berger, Robert F.-334, 340 Blanchard, Alan Ii.-334, 344 Blass, Michael S:-330, 333, 340 Blumer, Jolla F. III--334, 346 Bolton, illiam S.-334, 342 Boone, Robert Milton-330, 346, 79 Boswell, Philip T.-338, 346 Bowers, Ronald W.-330, 344 Bradley, Wayne D.-338, . 342 Bretmoser, Henry G. Jr.-338. 346 Bristol, Jennings W.-334 Brooks, Charles P.-338, 346 Brooks, Grady S. Jr.-330, 344 Booth, Freda-336 Brown, Byron H.-338, 342 Bryant, Glenn A.-330, 344 Buhl, Richard F.-330, 346 Buntin, Robert Mc--338, 346 Burnett, Gordon B.--338 Bush, Thomas J. Jr.-336, 342 C Cameron, Frederick J-'-336, 344 Capes. Johnny L.-334, 342 Catanante. Samuel S.-336, 342 Carlson, Edwin C. Jr.-330, 346 Carter, John M. Jr.-4330, 346 Carter, Stephen D.-334, 342 Caton. Randall B.-336, 346 Choate, Zim g.-336, 346 Christopher, eorge M.-334, 344 Clark, Charles B.-4338 Clark, James E. JS.-4338 Coates, Elverson . Jr.--338, 342 Cobb, wares L. Jr.-2338, 344 Cobb, rlliarn N.--338, 344 Cohen, Elliott N.-338. 340 Cohen, Larry E.-334, 340 Cohen, Solomon-338, 341 Conner, Robert M. Jr.-338, 346 Crocker, Hubert E. Jr.-330 Culbreth, William B. Jr.-338, 346 Curenton, Larue E.-331, 344 D has ,-t. 9vvnsT1m rl,' David, Jemel N. Jr.-336, 342 Davis, Richard S.-334, 344 De Loaclr, Tony M.-338. 346 De Martino, Bruce K.-331, 344 Dehler, Raymond L.-336, 342 Derbler, Dale L.-338 Dolvin, John 'i'. Jr.-338, 346 Doris, John M.-336, 342 Dorris, George B. Jr.-f331, 344 Dozier, Norman Kr-338 Dross, David L.-330. 331 Duncan, Jerome B.-338, 342 Dunn, William P. Jr.-336. 344 E Bdrnonson, George H. Jr,-338, 344 Edwards, William E.-331, 342 Bzzell, Anthony M.-338, 342 F Fafgioni, Martino S. Jr.-338, 346 Fe ker, Donald MF338, 344 Ferguson, John H.-338, 346 Fernandez, Dennis R.-336, 344 Field, John M.-334, 344 Fogle, George ll. lll-334, 344 Frautzis, Theodosios G.-334, 347 Frilingos, Anthony 135336, 344 G Garner, James D.-331 Garvm, Thomas D. Jr.-334 Ginsberg, Murray T.--331, 340, 341 Glass, Richard T.-331 Gleespen, Ray L.-338 Goodchild, David G.--330, 531, 79, 71 Goodchild, James F.-331, 346 Goodroe, Richard N.-336 Gorback, Norman R.--338, 341 Granade, ames A. r.-338. 346 Graves, CAarles L. lil-338 Crm-rmru lumrml I. M1 fran H Hadley, Phillip Wf-338. 347 Hagan, Carl Edward Jr.-3334 Hale, William J.-338, 343 Hall, John.M.-334 Hamby, William FF336. 347 Harnrick. George L.-e334. 345 Hancock. John T. Jr.--336. 342. 343 Haney. Stephen F. Jr.-334, 347 Harris, Russell E.-336, 341 Harris, Stanley M.-8334, 341 Hart, Robert S.--334, 347 Hartman. Allen D.-336, 343 Hay James D.-336, 342, 343 Herdeclrer, Donald W. Jr.-334, 345 H d l Arth - en ry, Jour ur 336, 345 Hester, Robert D.-331 Hewitt. Richard F.-334. 345 Hill, Beniarnin A.-335. 345 Hill. Robert A.-335. 347 Hiller, Robert D.-335, 347 Hixon, Allan F.-339, 347 Hodaes, Dan MF331, 345 Holbrook, Arthur L.-339 Hood, Huah M.--339. 347 Hudson, Albert I-I.-336, 347 Huff, Richard 132339. 347 Hughes, David C.-339. 347- Hunt, Wallace B.-339. 342, 343 Hurt, Robert T. JLE339. 347 I Isaacson, Stanley Z.-335, 340, 341 Ivey, Norman T,-339. 347 l Jacobson, Albert P.-332, 347 James, William C. Jr.-335, 347 Jenkins, Gerald F.-337. 345 Jennings, Bruce E. Jr.-339. 343 lohuson. .limmv R.--339 K Kaufmann, Joel B.-559, 54l Kay, Howard B.-559. 541 Keller, John L.-1551, 547 Kemble, John Wrllram-559, 545 , Kennedy, Michael R.-557. 542, 545 Kimsey, Cheston B.-559. 545 King, William B.-552. 545 King, Willis A. Jr.-552, 547 Kirkland, Robert A. Jr.i4555 Knoedler, Gerald L.-552, 547 L Lacy, Beniamin W, Jr.-552. 547 Lamar. Thomas J. Jr.-559 Landers, Larry B.-559, 547 Langford, Louis P.-550 Lawrence, James Af-555, 545 Lazzara, Gamlerfr.-2555, sas Lee, George r.33555, sas Lewis, Parke If,-5 Lowry, Harold J. Jr.-5559. 545 hd MacMenomay, Arthur B.-557 aaa rr-aa as arorana, osep .- . , Margolis, Iiawrence DF557. 541 Mason, James H--559, 547 Mazzawr, Hugh N.-557, 545 McCamy, Frank B.-552, 547 . s , r .- , Rliinria 15421 B555 so McClung, Jerrold L.-559 McColskey, John Jr.-552 McCormack, Thomas W.-555. 547 McCror'y, Charles O.-552, 545 McCurdy, Lawrence E.-559. 547 McGrath, Prank B.-555. 555, 545 Mcllwarn, James E. Jr.-552, 555, 547 Mclntyre, Garlan S,.,Jr.-559 McKlbben, Richard D.-559. 547 McMenonan, Arthur-545 Metts, James D,-6552, 545 Miller, Emmett H. Jr.i556 Mintz, Harold R.--557, 545. 545 Moore, Abner B.-557 Morang, James B.-557, 545 Rlforrow, Stepheg E.-537, 345 0404. M1108 - f-1552. 5 5 Motley, William Jr.-555, 545 Murphy, gmseph B.-559, 547 Murray, illram J.-559, 545 N' Newman, James B.-i559. 347 Norton, John A.-557. 545 O Oswald,,1Johnny T.-2555, 547 Owens, ommy L.-552, 545, 71 P Parker, Samuel B. Jr.-555 Pasersky, Robert J.f555. 547 Payne, Thomas F.-545 , Peacock, Ronald T.-e559. 545 Peterson, William L.-557, 545 Pope, George L. Jr,-555, 545 Preston, William E. Jr.-555, 545 R Rabon, Emerson W. Jr.-552, 545 Ramsey, Jack-552, 545 Rahn, games T.-556, 545 Regents arg, John B.-555, 545 Rr lehoover, Al M.-557, 545 Roberts, William D.-555, 545 Robertson, Charles H.--559. 547 Rohan, Ronald Hr-557, 541 Rosaler, Joseph Henry-557, 541 Rothwell, Jo n C.-5 7, 547 Routenber , Leonard .-557, 545 Rowton, Jirmes Alite -1557, 547 R Shelton, Vader Jr.-557, 545 Shubert, Burl C. Jr.-555 Silver. Arthur B.-555, sro, 541 Smaha, Charles N.-559, 547 Smith, Aivan CF555, 547 Smith, Robert M,-sas, aaa Soud, Robert M.-ass, 545 Soud, Robert S.:-552, 545 Spoto, Peter Jr.-555, 547 Spoto, Salvador-559 Staniorrhvgohn W. .r.ef555, 545 Stewart, alter E. r.-557, 547 Strain, Jon D,-557, 547 Strickland, William D.-557, 547 Slrimer, David M.-552, 545 Slrosnider, Roger K,-357, 545 Sutton, Edgar TF556 T Takeshita, Richard T.-555, 547 Thomas, George W,-357, 347 Thomas, William B.-335, 547 Thompson, Olin D.-555, 547 Thompson, William A.-539 Tons, Warne E.-asv, aaa Towe, Robert Ee-557, 545 Turner. Henry J--552, 545 Turner, James .-552, 545 V Valdes, Richard E.-555. 545 Valentine, Hugh S. Jr.-555, 542, 545 Van De Carr, Stephen W.-555, 542, 545 vii'rfirfihii 453439 3 RV Walker, William BF559. 547 Ward, Rirllez C.-552, 545 Ward, Roz . Jr.-555 Ward, W itley 5.6555 Warfield, David K. III-555. 547 Weathers, Arthur K.Jr.-557, 545 Weihe, R.. Goilreyf559, 545 Weinstein, Alan B.-557, 541 Weir, James R.-555. 547 Q Wellman. Ravenel T.-f-557, 547 West, John D.-559. 547 Wexler, Michael-557 Widerman, Frederick HF556, 541 Wiggins, Wallace R.-555. 545 Wilbanks, Carlos S. fir.-557. 545 Williams Harry B. r.-557, 542, 545 wares, Lawrence e.-sas. err Womack, Fred D.-557, 545 Woodruff, George A.-555 Woodward, William T.-555 Wright, John F.-557. 545 Y Young, James Ii. Jr.-559 Z Zielonka, Carl I..-555, 540, 54l GRADUATESCHOOL A Abbey, Eugenia High-555 Aldrich Ann D.-555 aria., bare L.-asa Allen, Thomas E. III-555 Amenl, Arneta Velma-555 Anderson, Virginia-555 Arrigoni, Jacqueline J.-555 Asquith, David George-555 Ashworth, Raymond B.-555 Atkinson, James-W.-555 B Bailey, David-555 Bailey, Robert Clifton-555 Baird, Mary Carroll-555 11.9-1 11.L...r. ll 'Ili Bassett, Frederick W.-555 Beasley, Helen W.-555 Becker, Louis D.-555 Bedient. Vanessa-555 Beest, Ronald HF-555 Begemann, Rosemary-555 Bell, Mary Evelyn-555 Benmouyal, Pierref-555 Bennett, Asa William-4555 Berger, David Franklin-555 Betrune, David Mc Lean-555 Beveo, Stephen Peter'555 Beverly, Joyce Glad-555 Black, T omas F.--555 Blackwelder, ,James Ray-555 Blair, Carol nn-555 Bliss, Alice C.-7555 , Bohanan. Valene Folts-555 Bonner, Nancy Leed555 Bowen, Barbara M.-555 Bracewell, William R.-555 Breed, Laverne B,-555 Bresoahan, Jmn I..-555 Britt, David DF-555 Britt, Frances Nan L.-555 Britt, Nan L.-555 Brock, Para Lee-1555 Brodmann, John,Mrlron-+554 Brodsky, David M.--554 Brown, Alison, Mary-555 Brown, Walter Robe-rte-554 Brumby, Jessie N.-554 Burstone, Marvin S.:-554 Bush, Harriet E.-554 Bush, Stephen G.-i554 Butler, Karen-554 Butler, William Warren-554 Butzin, Diane R.i554 Buxbaum, Daniel Martin-554 Bynum, James J. Jr.-554 C Cabero, Leon George-554 Campbell, Martha Ellen-554 Cantrell, Louise, M.-554 Caraballo, Vmgrnra'S.e'-554 Carter, Ann rrgrnra-555 Caron, David Hannah--555 Certain, Melinda W.-555 Certain, Phillip R.-80 Chambers, gran Anne-554 Chandler, onald Gene-E554 Chandler, Tommie A-'554 Chappell, Charles M.-554 Char, PetninaH554 Chatagnier, H. Reneei554 Chen, Chi Chiua554 Chen, Rlta Ping-554 Chu, Ling-554 Citron, Stanley-554 Clark, ,Juliet B,-554 Clair, rthurf554 Clark, Benjamin C. Jr.-554 Clark, Marjorie J.-554 Cleland, Joseph M.-554 Clemens, David J.--554 Collins, Sue--555 Cone, Allie Louis Jlr.-554 Cook, Walter Hug Jr.-555 Cooper, Laura E.-555 Cooper, Mayes Milton-555 Corvin, Jackie White-555 Courtney, Lee Feagrn-555 Cramer, Ardis Lahanna555 Creccly, Roger W.-555 Crockard Craig S.-555 Croker, Robert Arthur-e555 Crook, Lynn-555 Crouch, Louise C.i555 CrowleB0Mary Harea555 Culp, uglass-555 Cunningham, Alice J.-555 'D Daniels, Marion LF555 Dare, Robert Clark-555 Daugherty, James M.-555 Davis, Charlotte Marie-555 Davis, Don Abnerrlr.-555 Davis, Herbert L,- r.-555 Davis, Molly C.a555 Dean. Jordan Arthur-555 Demaree, Robert HP-555 Dennis, John Tfaloe, 555 Derrick. Mildred E.-555 Desaulniers, J. I.-555 Deutsch, Arnsley-555 Dickerson, who C. II-555 Dickinson, illard L.-555 Dickson, Charlotte-555 Dinwoodie, Winston O.-555 Dowell, Valerie F.-555 Drake, Susan-555 Drane, who Wanzer-555 Drew, ilson 0. III-555 Duieny, Patricia R.-555 Eastridge, Ralph R.-555 Echols, Stanley Davidi555 Edens, John ae-ass Edwards, David M.-555 Eiird, Anna Geraldine-555 Eggleston, Phyllis D,-556 Emmons, Gar and W. Jr.-i356 Bndres, Clifford W.-556 English, Donna K.-556 Bpple, Donald Georgei556 Erskine, Suzanne F.-556 Erskine, Thomas L.-556 Evans, James I..-556 F Faulkner. Clyde W. Jr.-556 Fenn, Jimmy O.--356 Feorino, Paul Michaeli556 Finkel, Kenneth-556 Flaschner, Alan B.-556 Fleming, Nancy Annei356 1 J vjn Eos er a e ranklin, Rosemary F.-556 Freeman, Joe Littletoni556 Freeman, Sallie-556 Freeman, Waller--556 G Cainer, Priscilla-556 Gardner, Else Marie,-556 Garnyost, Frances nr.-asa Garrett, Arthur R. Jr.-556 Garrison, Arthur W.i556 Gaston, Arthur-556 Gause, Ruins Hollis-556 Gm, Robert D,-9356 Ge ber. Harold E.-556 Gillespie, Sarah C.-556 Gilmer, Harry Wesley-556 Grltings, Roberta L.-1-556 Glover, Rae S.-356 Goetter, William Erwin-556 Golden, Roberta P.-9556 Gollz, Barbara S.-556 Gooden, David S.-556 Gooden, Joe M5556 Gore, Sara Robinson-556 Gorseclose, Lynn H,-556 Grace, Chi Keung--556 Grace, Jane-556 Green, Janet Elizabeth-556 Green, Paula Andersonf556 Greene, Dennis M,-556 Greene, Nathan D,-556 Gregg. Kenneth WF557 Grr iith, Jon Michael-557 Groseclose, Lynn 14.6556 Groves, Elynor Pettusi557 Gurnbert, Eva L.-557 Gurganus, Jane Womble--557 Guthridge, Susani557 Id I-ladgopoulos, George J,-557 Hadgopoulos, Saralyn P.-557 Haggard, Theodore M.-557 Harte, Adrienne-557 Hale, Jacks-557 Han, Wan Sang-557 Hare. John Allen-557 Harper, Cirarlyn B.-557 Harris, Judith DP557 Harley, Buena B.-557 Hays, Charles F.-557 ayworth, Ronald Lee-557 Henry, Earl Marcus-557 Henry, Marshall N.-557 Henry, Ronald D.-557 Herrmann, Richard E.-557 Higgins, Mike W.-357 Hinds, Howard Norman-557 Hinton, Donald R.-557 Hiram, Butler E.-557, Hodge, Miriam J,-557 Hodges, Francis R. III-e557 Hopkins, Richard Jr-557 Hornbeck, Charles E.-557 Horwitz, Barbara Ann--80, 557 Hosier, Donald Williami557 Hough, Harriet E.-e-557 Howe, Belle B.-557 Howe, Margaret-557 Huguelet, Eugene We-557 Hiller ,Jolln I Irwin, Caulton Lee-557 Ivey. Sandra Lynn-557 Jenkins, Bonham L.-H357 Jensen, Virginia C.-1357 Jerkerot, Ernest M.-357 Johnson, Alice R.-358 Johnson, Ben Campbelliditl Johnson, Bonnie S.-558 Johnson, Judith E.-358 Johnson, Karen Elaine-358 Joines, Robert Clint-358 Jolley, Lillian P.--358 Jones, Charles A.-358 Jones. Joan M.-H358 Jones, Margaret I.-358 Jones, Step en T.-358 jordan, Martha Welch-358 Joseph, Forest R. Jr.-358 Joyner, Douglas-358 Judson, Smith-358 Juller, Ellen,-2358 Juni, Rachel G.-358 K Kaufman, Stuart Bruce-558 Kay, Wallace GrantE358 Ke iey, Howard L.-358 Kelley, Stanley Helms-358 Kendrick. Bar ara B.-558 Kennedy, Mary Margaret-358 Kent, Barbara Boyer-358 Kerr, Robert LH358 K'nf, J l Pi 'll' 358 r r, orn rr rp- Kinrrhorn, Kenneth Cain+358 Kirkland, Jean-358 Kitchen, Mary Frances-358 Kitchinrz, Nancy L.-358 Kitchinra, Nancy L.-358 Knott, Madge McCord-358 Konrad. A. Richard--358 Kottler, Joan Lynni558 Kredel, Constance A.-558 Krick, Gertrude B.--358 Kross, David Alan-558 Kucewicz, Lelia Ann-558 Kunkle, George O.-558 Kunze, Diana L.-358 L La Fon Jjames H.-358 Lanier, amos C.-358 Lanier, Ourda Hayes-358 Larson, Gary Dean-358 Laughlin, William H.-358 Lee. inns B--359 Lee, Sangsupf'359 Leita. Linda J.-359 Leiter, Edward Henry-359 Lerner, Michael A.-359 Le Roux, Marcia D.-359 Levy, Bertram Joseph-559 Lewis, Eleanore P5359 Liahtner, Addie Lou-359 Lirahtner, Ann Lyn-359 Lin, Jianne T.-359 Lind, Susan K.-359 Liu, Chuen Meia359 Long, Elaine Marie P.-359 Lord, Julia W.-359 Lord, Julia W.-350 I.ove, 'benezer Pressly-359 Lowance, Mason I.-359 Lowery. Barbara 'Ann-359 Lowry, Jon Willramd-359 Lyon, Elizabeth Anne M.--359 M Maboros, Lucie Cf-359 Mac Kay, Ruth C.-359 Macaluso, Leonard A.-350 Mackintosh, Cecelia M.-559 Madden, John J.-359 Mahon, Elizabeth RF359 Mallonee, Frank B. Jr.-359 Manchester, Maraaret W.-359 M , J s H ac -359 aness ame or e Manning, Evelyn Louise-359 Manning, Robert L.-359 Merchant. Keriord A.-359 Marsh, Mary Louise-359 Martin, June Hall-+BO, 359 Martinez, Felix Jesus-359 Mash, John P., Jr.-559 Mason, Wiley Roy III--359 Mathews, Henry Mabbett-359 Mayo, Ralph Elliott-359 McCanless, Juanita C.-359 McCullagh, Lenore N.-359 McCullourrh, Laurence-359 McDermott, Austin J.-359 McEwan, Susan-360 McKee, Melvin J.-360 McKeen, Susan C.-soo McKinley, Ruth A4-360 McMillan, Marguerrte-360 McMurry, Richard M.-360 McNulty, Lenore H.-360 McSwarn, Harold W.-360 Mederer, Gloria J.-360 Mercier, John P.-360 Merry, J. Bradford-360 Mid leton, Betsy B.-360 his BP 19336600 re , orn .- Miles, Winiired ra,-soo Miller, Thomas M6560 Mitcham, Eunice Ann-360 Mitzaer, Morris-360 Moore, Louise E.i360 Morey, Annasaheh V--360 Morris, Terry Ray-360 Moseley, Ann Marie2360 Moses. Alvin Raymond-360 Mosyellerg RobertCColyi2-360 oz ey. amue .- 0 Mozzer, Joseph W. Jr.-360 Murray, atrrcia Gale-360 N Nalrm, Cho Chong-360 Nam Kee Chul-360 Nandy, Tapati T.H560 Nayyier, Augustus Young-360 Ne lett, Beverly Ann-360 Neuhaus, Bette S.-360 Newman, William S.-360 O O'Neill, Marion V.-so, 360 Olson, Karen Mathilda-360 Owen, Howard M. III-360 Owrkman, Robert Gerald-360 P Palmer, Henry George-360 Palmer, Hermine R.-360 Parker, Harold L.-soo Parsley, Brantley H.-360 Patterson, Rosalyn VF560 Paulk, Jule F.-360 Penn, Neil Shaw-560 Pennrnaton, William A.-361 Pepe, Charles W.-361 Perkins. Nancy P.-361 Persells, Geraldine-i361 Phillips, John C.-361 Piazza, Richard-36l Prckard, William Mgr.-361 Pierce, James Eric-3 1 Prngree, David H.-361 Poe, lohn E.-361 Polk, Anne Elizabeth-361 Porep, Sandra Anne-361 Power, Robert Joseph-361 Power, William Larkin-361 Preston, Charles D.-361 Pruitt, Sylvia Ann-361 Pyle, Joel Maleolmg36t Q Quillen, Kathleen K.-3361 Qurrds, Marilyn-361 R Racine, PhilipQ36l Ramirez, Elayne-361 Rankin, James Edwin-361 Read, Join McArthur-361 Rece, Ellis Heber Jr.-361 Reed, Barbara Specht-561 Reed, Richard Allen-561 Reeves, Albert Compton-361 Repkin, Allan Harvey-361 Rice, Elizabeth D.-3361 Robison, Carolyn Love-561 Robison, Sue Bess-361 Robinson, Wiilynda R.-361 Rodriguez, Joselina I-l.--361 Rogers, Ronald W.-361 Roman, Lucilo RP361 Royal, April Elaine-361 Roysster, Margaret-361 Russell, Mary Jean-361 Rutledge, Dorothy 8.5361 0..L LJ- ll-.-L..Ll 'LL-I Schultz, Robert C.-5362 Schulze, Thea Eunrcef362 Scott, Lane Austin-362 Seale, James RF-362 Seymann, Rrehard G.-362 Shanlcman, Sarah P.-362 Shartar, Isadore M.-562 Sheffield, Dorothy Sue-962 Sheldon, Andrew M.-362 Sheppard. John Bunyan--362 Shirley. Nancy Reed-362 Short, Alvin Phillip-362 Sibley, Richard P.-362 Sieal, Walter Otto-362 Simonton. Brenda J.-362 S' s S l ' L.-362 rrman, yvra Sliney, David Hammond-362 Smart, James H.-362 Smith, Ann Grady-362 Smith, Lucv.Lrndsey--362 Smith, William H. Jr.-362 Snider, David James-362 Snider, Michael Thomas-362 Sobel. ludith CP362 Socklolf, Alan Leonard-362 Sowles, Ellen M.-362 Spellrrran, John Winston-362 Spencer, Herbert R. Jr.-362 Sprague. Rosalind-562 Stanfield, Elizabeth PF362 Steadham, Roy Edward-362 Steadman. Barbara-362 Stevens, Wesley M.-362 Stinson, William I.-362 Stith, Barclay Ann-362 Strander, Charles C.-562 Strauss, Lilo T.-362 Street, Margaret Lee-362 Street, Virginia Lee-362 Strickland, Priscilla-362 Stubbs, Paula M2362 Styron, Clarence E. Jr.-362 Sulzbaclrer, A. I.-362 Swalt, Jerry Leef363 T Tate, Cecil F.--363 Taylor, Spartan W.-363 Tediord, William H. Jr.-363 Thomas, Glen Ray--363 Thomas, Ross H. Ill-365 Thompson, Isabel D.-7363 Thompson. John Davis-363i Tornrne, ,Judith V,7363 Treash, nneChristrne-363 Treash, Gordon Spencer-363 Treiz, Jill 1.7363 Troelstrup, Richard I..-563 Troup, Paul Van Cleve-365 Tung. Har Nan-363 U Ubukata, Ilruko-363 Urbanski. Stephen W.-363 Utley, William O.-363 V Venator, Edmond Robert-363 Volhner, Rebecca G.-363 W Wade, Flora Pay-365 Weitzman, Aviva Sf-363 Waldron, Gwendolyn dl.-563 Walsh, Edward J.-3 3 Wang, Joseph Shou Jen-363 Warner. Annie K.-363 Warr, Charles Paul Jn-363 Watts. Eugene John!-363 Watts, Virginia S.--363 Weaver. Frederick D. Jr.-363 Weldon. Edward La Rue-363 Wells, Todd-S363 West, Ellis Mc Kinney-363 Wham, Mary Ann-363 Wheeler, Martha Ellen-565 Whelan, Sherry Ann-363 White, Judy Ann-563 White, Stephanie-363 Whiting, Marvin Y.-365 Whitman, David Ge--363 Wikofi, Susan Finley-363 Wilkes, Reeves C.-363 Williams, Betty Jean-565 Williams, Jack Henry-363 Willis, Dorothy-363 Wilson, Elizabeth W.-364 JJQQSOH. Jerry ,Bryan-364 AU .7 y N , 7 " " as ,. 7 , - . . Flu. ' 3 1 l -'e . ..... .v l,es sstg ,ym,, "t"-SH 4 rm, r . an li A 3 sis-'N 33 iftnslssr tm.-,P ' ev' l 3 .V 53 i ll '71 il bllf :liii'l4': Woodall, Patricia A.+364 Wooclbery William Pf-364 Woodward, Betty-364 Worthington, Clarke S.-364 Wright, joan Sf-364 Wllnrltam, lna ,lane-364 Y Yohan, Walter!-364 Young, Deontt GF364 Young, John King-S364 Ypsilantou, Maruditsa-5364 Z zraln, anna R,:364 LAW SCHOOL A Adams, John Oliver jr.-378, 370, 372 Adams, Owen Bd-370, 374 Adams, Robert Bruee4372 Allen. Richard Eve-1371, 374 Anderson, lon Lee:-375 Ansley, john Ff3-74 Ansley, RobertL368. 369. 371, 372 Ansley, W. Bonneaufa37l, 375 Appel, Samuel-370, 372 Arbnthnot, Rachel R.H373 Aslrew, Anthony B.-371. 372 Askew, Hulett H.-374, 375 Avary, James-5371, 375 Avery, Charles Rf-375 B Bedford, lohn Harvey!-374 Belcher, lease Clydea372 Bell, Margarette Cf375 Bell, Robert L.-370 , Bird, Frank Marion-368, 371, 372 Bonser, Alan Bertram-i370, 372 Bovis, Iohng-370, 372 Bowden, Ellen-375 Boyd, George Verdery-370, 373 Brannon, Sam Leonard-4371. 374 Brannon, Lamarfa-369. 372 Brantley, Georee Grant-372 Brennan, William J. Jr.-370, 375 Bridgers, Ray H.-374 Broadbear, Michael W.-374 Broclr, Mary 73.3373 Broolrman, Marc 73.5376 I Bullock, Charles S, IHSS76 C Campbell, Ilames M.-371, 374 garloclr, Tioenas Scott?-371, 374 arr, ames .-3371, Castellani, Robert 7.-374 Cavan, Bryan, Micllaelef376 Cohn, Sanford, Allenf:37l, 376 Coolr, Stanley Galpin-374 Coppedge, Warren N.-A-372 Cowart, john:372, 370 Ctudup, Edward A. Jr.-H376 D Davis, Albert K.-368, 371, 372 Davis, Arthur T. lr.-376 Davis, Robert H,-376 Debele, Charles M. Jr.g374 Dclung, Harry L. 5.676 Devaney, Edward . Jr.-376 Dewberry, Edward Dale-372 Ddtble, Conditt'-376 Dodd, Robert I.. Ir..-5371. 374 Dowd, John MF370. 374 'Q 5 R we M A.. PCB' Ella, r':lHfJ,:, 7 l Elliott Arthur ,lames:367. 378. 374 lsllls, lynn lee-ala Ellis, Robert Park-376 Epps, James R.-S374 Evans, Charles A.-370, 376 F Fessenden, Allen Smithef372 Bierman, ,Martin Louis-376 Flexner Richard David-370, 376 Floyd, William l..:saa, sn. an Bolts, Cardle l.,E376 Foreman, Edward R.--369, 371, 372 Forrester, liuey B. S.-E372 Forrester. Weymon H.e!371, 374 Fuller, Hilton Monroe:-372 Funk, Daniel Bruce-376 G Gamble, Millard G. IVM376 Gammon. William R.-376 Gelzer, obo Franlrlin!f374 Giblin, arnes Er'-374 Gibson, David A.-15374 Gilchrist, Kenneth W.-378, 371, 374 Glass, W. Reeder-374. 374 Glover, Kenneth P.:370, 372 Goldberg, Sanford B.-S374 Goltz, Henry Daleg376 Goodwin, Lawrence Ed-374 Gray, jon Richard-370, 372 Greene, Thomas Wesleya370, 374 Gresham, Thomas Piercea370, 376 Groves, Russell S. Jr.:-RO, 71, 368, 371, 372 I Guess, William Marion:37l, 376 Gullielrson, John C2374 H Hale, Shadraelr leromef370. 372 HAND! DQIII I Harrison, Cbason lash-371. 372 Hart GeorgeW.'-22371, 374 Hawlrins, John HG376 Herman, Robert Leslie-376 Hicks, Charles Fosterai376 Hinrbey, john WF368, 369. 370, Hinds, Anna Carylon-374 Hostetter, Gordon R.-371, 374 Huddleston, H. Martin-376 Hull, William De Lnneyr-376 i Jaeoppi, Kenneth Alana370, 374 games, Edward B. Jr.-376 ewett, LarryfS369. 373 ohnson, ,larnes A.-376 ohnson, james ll.-M370 ohnston, D0lEglilS l.eef!376 oyner, John .harles1374 K Kaufman, Stephen If-376 Keller, Ricllardm376 0 Kidd, James Kelley-371, 376 Kidd, Tillie AF376 Kight, Bennett l..g37l King, Edwin Eugene--376 Knight, Bennett L.-374 Knupp. lgohn C.-374 Kothe, arl M.-376 Kunberger, Frank Long-376 L La Bella, l.. Michael-371, 374 Lake, Lloyd Robert jr.-370, 376 Landau, Sherman-3369. 370, 373 Landey, Benlamin--370, 373 Lane, Wesley-376 Lawson, Reeves Moore-376 Lawson, Roger Hugh jr.:-371, 373 1.33. DAHY 71-171 i'7l4 372 M lvlalran. Grant l'lrillipsf377 Marelretti, Richard rl.-377 Manlrall, Robert Alarrf370, 377 Martin, ltrarlley jr'.w377 Mason, Davitl W.-3711, 377 lllattox, Kemlriek Ware:-371, 375 Maxwell. Hnuenia BF377 McCallum, Raloh G. jrf37U, 37-1 Metilain, john Dnrlley-370, 371 Metllarty, PanlN371 Mctfiee, Colqnitt Mf37rl McGlasson, Howarrl A.-370, 371 McKenzie. William tiuyW373 Mclarty, Paul Marvin-373 Melautglrlirr, jack Mr-370, 375 Meelori, Eugene A. jr.w377 Menlrens, l.awr'erreef377 Merrill, Charles 11.471, 375 Millenrler, Ivan 1lrnolelf37l, 373 Mobley, Manraret ILW373 Moilet. liloyrl-370, 373 Molic, Robert llndolplre1377 Mooney, johnny CIrarlesW37t5, 373 Moore. Robert ,lf377 Morgan, Harry-371, 373 Morrison, Rayrnonrl M. jr.-370, 3 Moulton, john Wf377 Mozley, ,lohn r'trtlrnr-373 Mozlev, ,lolrn Ar1lrnr4375 Mnllins, Allrerl l.oniS-371, 373 Mnrplry, Michael Conlon-377 Mylrel, Maurice Clnrrles--375 N Narrlone, rl. joseplrf373 Nealy, julianef37l, 373 U'Donnell. john Hf--377 f'1'Kr'llrrv fir-rrr-rm M 1711 Mi 75 p Parker, '1'errill A.-80, 367, 368. 371. 373 Patrick, Williarrr S.-377 l'atler'son, Domrltl Cf-377 Perrningtorr, john C.-370, 373 Phillips, Iinrla jean?-375 Pope, Robert 1.5375 Porter, William C.-375 Powell, liilly joe-375 Powell, Hugh R. jrf371, 377 Powell, julian lif377 Poythress, David 13.-377 Pulaski, RieharrlA377 R Ramos, Merle Austin-375 Rankin, Vance 0lneyA371, 375 Rearl, Henry Riehartlson-377 Reeves, lllresa H. lllm377 Rinzler, Allan-110, 370, 373 Ritchie, james li. lll-371. 375 Robbins, james Af-377 Roherts, Rieharel If-371, 377 Robertson, David A.-373 Rogers, llenry S.w371, 375 Rolniek, Alan Lrrwrerree-373 S Sapp, john L.-3-371, 375 Sanrrrlera, Frerleriek PP-375 Sclrintlelnr, Frances-373 Secor, Albert William-375 Seieraves, julian 13.-f371', 377 Sellers, Michael L.-377 Slrapiro, joseph 13. Jr.-377 Slreelelan, john joe-377 Shurling, Francis 'IP-371, 377 Smith, Prank D. JLQ375 Smith, ,lolrn S. lll-377 Smith, Robert RexF377 Smith. '1'Ireotlore Erlrvard-373 Sullivan, Tlromas Kevinw370, 375 P14 Ternoles, Co 11.470, 377 Thomas, Holie josenlr jr.-5375 'l'l10111L1SUI1, Larry-371, 373 '1'riaorirell, Rnyrnonrl T.-371, 373 '1'ur:ker, William C. jr.-371, 373 Tuttle, Ployd 'IF377 Vierthaler, john 11371, 377 W Wartl, James P.-375 Weatherly, Charles LF371, 377 Webb. Dennis, john-367, 369 Weinstein. Melvin E.-377 Wilkin, lirlaar li:rn,alrrrf371, 375 lVillizrrrrs,Wlolrn W. Jr.-377 Witclrer, illiarn Greer-370, 377 Worrraclr,Jerry O.-377 Wrznre, Villiam HernyE370, 373 Y York, Clrristopher 02,375 Z Zaelrar'y, William li. jr?-377 Zell, Glenn-370, 373 Zink, Robert LeeA377 MEDICAL SCHOOL Arlrllestone, Ronalrl li.-2382. 39-1 Albriglrt, Benjamirr P.-385 Alexantler, Robert W.H383, 391 Allee, james G.-391 Allen, Gary W.-3138 Allen, james L.-3135 rlllen, William 13.-385 Anrlrews, Herbert-385 Ansley, joseph D.-385, 591 Austin, john '1'.-383, 388 13 Baaby, Richarrl J.-383, 388 Ball, Turner 1.-2388 Barroeas, Albert-3112. 383. 3811, 388 Harkin, Henry l--23111, 385 Benson, Dudley W. jr.-391 lienson, Robert S:-3941 Bergeron, ,linrnrie L.-394 Bessirraer, Forrest 15.41, 381, 385 Bird, Morris '1'.-4188 liivins, lienianiin L.-3115 Boatwriglrt, Martha H.-391 Bohrulf, Artl1urf382. 3911 Booher, Peter C.-3113, 388 llnrrell, Leo 1.2391 Boyd, Frederick D.-385 Brirlges, Charles lt.-1383, 391 Broadrick, Gary L.-S59-1 liroolrer, Reairraltl j.w383. 391 Brooks, Walter S.-3113, 391 Brown, Clarence H. 111481, 388 Brorvrrdirniny S.-394 Rrunt, 'wynne '1'. jr.-E-388 Brush, Robert E. jr.-3911 Burns, james 13.-1381, 385 Btrssey, joseph G. Jr.-385 Butcher, David T.-S391 C Camp, Ernest 111-39-l Carnphell, Sarruny C.-391 Cantrell, James Li.-394 f"rrmirlvwl Hrrninrnin M -.1115 Colditz, Richard Br-381, 385 Colton, john M. IIIQ394 Conyers, Christopher T.-E394 Copeland, Arthur J. Jr.-394 Cranman, Jerard 85382, 385 Crowder, Miles K.:39l Crowley, Richard V.f+3B5 Czermak, Charles I.. Jr.-383, 388 D Daniel,,Howard G.-394 Davis, Michael J.:382. 394 Davis, Thomas Albertf391 De Armas, Charles R. Jr.-H385 De Jaroette, Robert H2385 Dew, James H. Jr.-394 Di Orin, David A.-5-383, 388 Dolan, Joseph AF384, 385 Dupont, Herbert T..-383 E Earnest, Robert R.-394 , Reichert, William F. Jr.Q384, 385 Reao, Edmund A. lIa391 Ehlers, James A.-383, 391 F Fincher, Ronald, 13.69385 Finley, Joseph C.-382, 388 Fischer, Charles K-388 Fisher, Miriam Clare-A385 Foss, Arnold Y.f2385 Franco, Ramon 8.1382 388 Fuller, William ILH383, 388 G Garrett, William I.. Jr.-385, 59-l Gee, James BF386 Gendel, Charles I..-e3,82, 388 Gibson, Gordon I.. MP386 Goldberg, Kenneth JF382, 391 Grant, Ralph P. Jr.g386 Greer, Charles C. Jr.-388 Grorle, Michael J.-388 Gross, Robert Jf388 H I-Iagood, Murl FF388 Haaood, Richard M5388 Halas, Charles A5388 Hall, James H. Ill-383, 388 Halpern, Norman 8.9-395 Haney, Thomas CF395 Hardy, Wallace E.-389 Harosberger, Beoiamioa395 Hatch, Edwin l. Jr.'f383. 391 Hatcher, Ronald L.-383, 391 Hawk, Robert J.-386 Hawkins, Michael 1.2395 Hays, William A. ,il.M3l93, 391 Henderson, William D.-386 Henry, George M.H38l, 386 Herrin, Helen Kay-395 Hester, Thomas R. Jr.-383, 391 Hill, Eugene A.-386 Hill, Julius lll-383. 391 Hillis, Charles L.-5-383, 391 Hitch, William S--389 Holland, Charles J.-386 Holloway. George A. Jr.-391 Holmu, Hamilton E.-391 Hood, Royce li. Jr.-391 Hood, Royce E. Jr.-391 Hoose, -Kenneth A. Jr.-386 Hooser, Frank M. Jr.-4383. 389 Howell, Harry S. Jrf-i384 Howland, William S. Jr.a389 l-lungerbuhler, Robert F.-393 Hunter, Stephen 05383, 392 Hunter, William T.. Jr.-395 l ohson, Kenneth 0.-395 ohnson, George K.-383, 392 ohnson, Otto B. Jr.H386 Jones, Barry N.-E395 .ones, Charles i..-383. 392 Jones, George R.-381, 386 Jones, Russell A. Jr.-381, 386 Jordan, Ashby M.-T-386 ordan, Henry D.':383, 389 Joseph George M.-395 K Kaplan, Gary M7395 Kemp, De Witt E. lllL393 Kennedy, William Ennis-386 Kent, enneth M.-386 Kias, Thomas N. Jr.-A395 Kiley, James D.:383, 392 King, able Rlizabetha395 King, Oliver W.238l, 386 Kosola, John W.:389 Kratz, Gerald H.-395 Krege, Jolio W.h389 L Lake, Frank G. lll-Q383, 392 Lancaster, John T.:392 Lang, William C. Jr.-2395 lawrence, John Cf-386 Leilert, Frederick H5389 Levin, Barry 86382, 392 levy, Charles E.e382, 386 Lewis, Allen D.:'382, 386 Lime, Elizabeth l,ouiac?39S Lyon, Mary l.ou538l, 386 M Mac Nabb, George M. Jr.a389 Malcom, George Jr.s393 Martin, Donald M.-384, 386 Massey, Joe B. Jr.-383. 392 Matthews, Howard A. Jr.:392 Martina, Peter J. Jr.-395 McArtor, Robert D.-383, 389 McCord, George M. Jr.:386 McCoy, Jloho F, Jr.-389 Macs, also c, iii-sas. or McCulla,gh, James M.:38l, 389 Mclilhenny. George Jrf-395 McKenzie, Rail IHA382 McKenzie, Robert D,g386 McWhirrer, William R.-393 Mces, Donald Jrsf-392 Miller. Chester 03383. 389 Miller, Joseph I. Jr+386 Miller, Neal M,-2395 Miller, Robert li.:382, 389 Millions, William S.ff38I, 387 Mock, Williamyii.-383. 392 Moon, Elliott C.-387 Moore, George R.-395 Moyer, Leroy N.-382, 387 Mutlrer, Daniel D. Jr.-395 N Naisang, Forth R.-387 Negulesco, John A.-383, 392 Nelson, Robert S.-389 Nix, Edward Of-387 Nugent, Jeiirey T.-396 O Olson, David R.-396 P Palmer, Ellison C. Jr.-383, 389 Parrott, Thomas S. Ill-396 Peacock, John M:-383, 389 J Pergament, Michael if-382, 396 Perry, Claud W.h383i 392 ratios, waiiaea M. paras. 392 Pike, Isadore M.-382. 392 Pinto, Albert Itzsaz, 387 Pittman, Richard Rf-392 Portnoy, Borg A.-382, 389 Preston, R. oel-387 Price, Sandy MatterH389 Printz, Joseph if-382, 392 Pruitt, Albert W.-387 Purvis, Matrox I.. Jr.-383, 384, 389 R Randall, R. iieauvais Jr.:-381, 387 Ratclriord, Walter J.-392 Rauch, Samuel D. Jr.-389 Ray, John W.-383. 389 Ray, Walker I..-387 Re, Peter K.-389 Reeves, Ralph M.-387 Renick, John T.-389 'E Reynolds, David W.-390 Rhoeles, Edrtar L.-383. 392 Ribis, Samuel j.g3t:l3. 392 Riee, Edrnond L. jr.-396 Richardson, james Wf-387 Rider, Lynn AFSRB, 595 Roberts, Earl J. jr.f396 Robertson, William jr.-393 Rosenberg, jaek A.-382, 390 Rosenfeld, Charles R.m382, 390 Ross, Charles D.-396 S Sanders, Edward W. lr.-303, 2590 Santi, Kathleen Mary-383, 593 Sehley, William S.-390 Srhnanss, Roy H.-387 Sehnler, Frank A. lll-E-396 Selrwartz, Michael L.-382, 393 Sell. Elsa foyer!-383, 393 Slraeleellorr, Hugh W. jr.-5390 Shadburn, William B,-390 Slmfflebaraer. Harry L.-390 Silberberg, William P.-396 Silverman, Saul:3B2, 493 Simmons, William C.-393 Slade, George li,-387 Smith, David L.-305, 595 Smith, David M.-387 Smith, Noel L. lrf-1393 Smith, Sidney D.-387 Spencer, William C. lllH38l, 390 Springstead, Richard W .F396 Squires, Raymond ,l. llz596 Stapleton, Sidney I.. jr.-+390 Stein, Michael A.-382, 384, 390 Steinlranser, Rahel A. K.-396 Stevens, Peter S.-383. 393 Stoddard, lfrederirk RF396 Strickland, Daniel M.-396 Stubbs, Olan W. jr.-381, 590 Sutton, George 3.487 T Tenenbaurn, Stanley hl.M3tt2, 390 Thompson, llruce H.N-303, 193 Tlrornpsorr, William R. jrx--387 Tootle, jerry C5396 Tonpell, Kenneth L,-302, 393 Touclrton, Mary lf390 'l'owler, Henry H. lr.-383, 390 'l'ripp, john N,-396 V Vanzant, Barnie L. lr.-387 Varyqo, ,lames D.--383. 393 W Waisrnan, Margaret-396 Walden, Charles W.-387 Walker, Jerome M. jr.-387 Ware. Robert E.-383. 390 Warner, Roger S.-582, 393 Warren, Howell R. lr.-383, 393 Watts, 'thomas B.-393 Whipple, Robert l.. lll-383, 393 Whitaker, William Ill-396 White, Stephen RQ382, 396 Wlriteman, joseph Body--393 Whitlock, Paul A. jr.--396 Wielrliffe, Charles W.-383. 395 Wilder, Judson V. ,Ir.5383. 390 Wilkerson, Lawrence D.-396 Williams, Charlie B. jr.-390 Williams, Larry Rf3t47 Williams, Roger S.-383. 390 Wolff, William A2390 Woodruff, David E. jr.:-396 Wright, Emil F. jr,-583, 595 Y Young, james H.-393 ,.. 1 wi .NURSING SCHOOL A Adams, janet Elizabeth-404 Armstrong, Brenda Mayo-404 Arrnstronrg, Dorothy W.-399 Atkins, Beatty Smith-40-l B Barnard, Janice Elaine-399 llennett, Maudie Lee-399 Black, Kathryn CLH404 Bowen, Frances LLH399 Braekett, Cynthia Ann-A40-l Bradley, joye l'. C.-399 Branyon, Martha E.-399 lhaselton, Virginia S.-399 Braswell, Cherry Marie-399 Britt, jane Eileen-404 ltrodnax, Marraret Lela--401 Brnolrs, jennifer Watts-406 Browder, Marrqaret L.-401 Buhler, Karen Ann-404 C Campbell, Mary Eliz-399, 398, -lol Capshaw, Sidney C.-H399 Carroll, ,lane B.-399 Carter, Malinela Dean-208, -104 Clraprnan, Barbara ,loy-399 Chesbroagh, Myrasands-406 Chun, San Cho-399 Clark, Lois Ann G.-399 Clarlr, Sarah Katherine-406 Clonts, Mary Frank-404 Clower, Martha Anne-i404 Cobb, Melba jane-M73, 186, 406, 302, 733 Crbgiairrs, Nanry C.-el0l f' ...... A ...-r- MMI.. . 4. t 'L ' ' Ali , I w F r'Y",' H J-W . A N V .R .A 4 . 4 J. , ,yi yr I 1, sbl Iva.-X, - ,Q J .els r VQWLV r 'T' Y ur 4, ?'lf'ta'1r' jf ,ga r.n':.t . arf M ry ,,, , . a ' ' r .viU' , . 4 .nies-1 r 1. 'lfr 'J' fri' 1 . .. bil? ,ig-V, I rr l'la' l. rl' -4 is . W lghj, ug ll, , 5 ' 4, if X. I .iaezzrarrl Y .5 Q Davis Sally Ann-204 ao , , 4 Dick, Hazel Lenae-404, 398 Disrnulses, Lneile M.-399 Doualass, Evelyn j. M.-399 Duflord, Lynne Louise-404 Duncan, Barbara ,lean?l98, 406 E Eckert, Barbara P.-399 Elrringer, Claudia M.-404 Elrod, Sandra Elaines404 English, Charlotte-190, 406, 405 G, Garner, julia S.-399 Gerdes, Lenore-399 Gilliland, Naney-399 Goodson, loanneg399 Greene, Ellen Br-206, alot H Hall. Sarah Looe-399 Harman, l.elia Eliz-192, 404 Hayes, Reba Derrick-399 Henry, Maraaret 1.499 Hepler, Gladys Ruth-399 Hilliard, Sandra Sue-1406 Hudson, Mary Ann-599 Hudson, Virginia ,loan-399 l jones, Elizabeth S.-404 jordan, joy-190, 226, 404 Kinsland, Margaret E.-406, 405 Kirby, Paula Faye-399 Kivivare, Mare-404, 403 Kurtz, Barbara J.-399 L Lancaster, Martha IeanE399 Lauglrlin, Anira Carol-196, 406 Lewis, Mary Nell-Q199, 406 Ligon, Esther Rowanne:-399 Louie, Laura Belle-399 Lore, Daisy Watkins-S599 Lovell, Virginia Ann:205, 406, 405 M MacKinnon, Mary M.-399 Marsch, loan Sandra-5401 Marshall, Mary Lou-404 Martinez, Olelia Maria-399 McCall, Sheila DianeE406 I McCracken, Margaret M5399 McGee, Rose 17,5399 MCGiboney, Marie Br-399 McTier, Susie A.-H398 Mercer, Bobbie Larainef204, 406 Miller, Linda Jane-404 Moore. Monica Jeanm206, 406 Moorhead, Kathleend398 Morgan, Frances Ann-399 Mumford, Esther Wf399 N Neel, Margaret llearrlr-.404 Nielsen, Rhoda Marie+r399 Norville, .Annie Sue-399 Novak, Nana AliCe'539B P Patrick, Linda AnnQ40'l Penland, Carol Anna204, 406 Pryor, Harriett Vail-81, 398 Purvis, Gladys Rosez209, 406 R Raley, Nanc Irene-399 Rice, Mary -iiarlei-206, 404 Robertson, Donna I.ceQ196, 404, 398 Rogers, Betty lean-404 Romick, Carol Ann-404, 398, 403 S Schneider, Marlene Suei399 Schultz, Rhyllrs R.H399 Seigle, Elizabeth Ann-398 Shafer, ludith 1.4106 Sheiiielc, Sally Sue-406 Slowiek, Evelyn S.-399 Smith, Marian Robertaa404 Smith, Mildred Vivian-404 Smith, Penelope C. S.-4404 Sobczynskr, Monique 1.5406 Sprague, Irene Ann-399 Stevens, Ute, Barbaras398 T Taunton, Roma Lee?-399 Taylor, Barbara Ircne:404 Taylor, Della HarriettJl9l, 406, 405 Tinsley, Nancyc E.-S-404 Titus, Elaine Q ayf404p Trice, Linda Claire-599 Turner, Bonnie-406 Tyler, Sally 0'Neill-281, 398, 401 W Wall, Mildred EFS99 Wallis, Caroline Furstr-404 Walters, Elizabeth C.-404, 398 Ward, Susan I.anita:39tr , Wellborn, Caryl Ann-5193. 406, 405 Westlake, Kathryn Pf-399 Whitcomb, Margaret M:-399 Winchester, Elizabeth-404 Winston, Margaret-S404 Woodfin, Anne K.:191, 406 Wooley, Edith Kathrynh399 Y Yarbornugh, Juanita 111,499 THEOLOGY SCHOOL A Abel, James D.-5417 Adams, Lynette Cecileallld Alexander, Carroll C.-417 Allen, Clarcnces 'l'homas!4l4 Allen, Frances Carnesf-414 Alston, Robert M.-412 Anderson, lerry A.-412 Anderson, ernon 0.-412 Archer, Edward Mahane408, 414 Askew, Albert Louis-412 Aultman, Richard G.'Q4t7 Ayer, Sidney T. lr.f4l2 B Bachman, Raymond Rf412 Bagwell, M. I.elaoda414 Bailey, Ralph Swinton-417 Barlow, Harold Eugene-417 Baskin, James W,-.117 Beal, Lander l.owella417 Beam, jerry B,-H417 Ileason, Martin ,Stanley-417 Bennett, l.arry D.H4l2 Berry, William Earl-412 Bingham, Richard D.-410, 417 Bittle. Fred l.awrenccd4l7 Blackburn, llarolrl Dean-417 Blackburn, Robert F.-e412 Blalock, William D.h412 Blankenship, Alphus R.-417 Blankenship, David Ls-412 Blarrton, ,l. H.-414 Bledsoe, Howard Eulee-417 Bledsoe, Isaac Floyd-414 Blitclr, Kenneth-412 Boling, Ragan William-410, 417 Bolling, Sandra A.-will, 417 Bostick, William-H. jr.H414 Boswell, David Vernon-414 Bowen, Bobby l,anierr:414 Bowling, Robert Clark-417 Branson, Scoble Clovis-2412 Brasiield, Donald C.P'4l2 Britt, James Melvin-:417 Brock, Ceciliagfllal Brock, 1. Donalda4l4 Brown, Bryan E.-412 Brown, john 0liver:417 Browning, T. MaxE4l2 Bruner, Ease Albertg4l2 Bryant, argaretWrena4l2 Bryant, Walter Snowj417 Buckley, Bruce Allen-412 Buckner, Marvin Glenn2417 Bunn, Lewis Alvin'-A414 Burger, Leon Ralph-414 Burleson, Edison Il.-E415 Butler, Douglas Howard-H415 C Carrie, Robert Grady:4l0, 415 Calhoun, Ashley MorrranH4l0, 417 Caraway, James Erlwardg410, 412 Carrco, Winitrerl l.,z417 Carroll, G. BryanL4l2 Carter, Bobby joe-408, 410, 412 Carter, james Robert-2417 Carter, Lemuel C. lr.H415 Carter, W. Thomas-412 Cath , Richard jackson-412 Cautken, William HnghQ412 Cayin, Donald Eugene-Q412 Chance, Marianne BF417 Chapman, Herman MCA412 Clardy, Cermette l. jr.E4t2 Clark, Donald Rf-1418 Clark, Norman Wayne-409, 418 Clayton, Carolyn!-418 Clayton, -Talmadge MQ412 Clewis, Denver Dourrlasa-418 Cobb, GeoraeE410, 415 Cobb, Richard Davis-S412 Cock, john P.-51410, 415 Coker, ,lohn Calvin-415 Colley, ,loc R.5412 Collins, Roger Dean--412 Cook, Larry lhrgene-1412 Cooper, Wiley Barrow-418 Copeland, Frank M. lrf-415 Cothran, Lee Jr.S4l2 Cotten, Edward Moore-418 Cowan, Emory Garland J.-409, 412 Cowan, john 5. jr.-410 Cowart, Harold M.-415 Cowell, Wilbum james-81, 409. 410, 412 Crosby, Oscar David jr.-415 Cruikshank, Robert E.-418 Crump, Ray L.-412 Culpepper, Ronald L.-410, 412 Curry, Eugene L.-418 D Dailey, Marvin Ervin-415 Dalton, Perry Meade-415 Danek, Richard Francis-418 Danison, Charles 0.-415 Davis, Paul Barton-418 Dawson. Henry C. jr.-412 De Loach, Marvin T .-415 Dent, joel H.-409, 415 Dill, Ralph L. Ill-410, 415 Donnan, Caroline White-411, 415 Donnelly, Robert Bruce-409, 415 Douthat, james Louis-412 Drawhorn, john Everett-418 Dukes, james Edward jr.-412 Dunbar, George R.-410, 412 E Eadon, Nina Elizabeth-411, 418 Edmonds, Robert 'l'.-412 Edwards, yames Burtiew-415 Edwards, 'ierce j.-418 Elliott, james E. jr,-415 Ellisor, David E. ll-412 Ennis, Marvin Clifton-415 E Farr, james Howard-418 Felder, Hugh Robert jr.-415 uni-nur no-nn1f1in RI A!! Fowler, Edgar Allan jr.-409, 412 Franklin, Edward H.-413 Frazier, Richard '1'lieo-S411 Freeman, Allie Mason-413 French, Charles Cooper-410, 415 Fuller, Kenny Drew Sr.-418 G Galloway, Edward E.-418 Garrigues, Robert G.-410 Gatewnod, jolm Sharp-413 Gibson, Raymond W.-411, 418 Gillespie, jack B.-418 Glover, Bally A.-415 Gooch, William Luther-415 Goodson, 'lhornas R,-418 Graves, Varney Arthur-418 Green, john Heyward-415 Gryerr, Larry Archie-81, 408, 410 13 Greene, Warren '1'.-4118 Gregg, james Ray-415 Grrfhs, A. Lewis-418 Grimes, Ronald L.-418 Griazard, jack C.-413 Groat, haha lvl.-415 Grove, Vendell L.-418 Guttierrez, Milton P.-415 H Hagaman, Coy Dexter jr.-413 Hager, Edward A,-410, 413 Hamilton, james R.-E418 Hamilton. thomas Webb-415 Hanunond, jirmny R.-413 Harbert, Warren Lee-418 Harden, Otis Chovine-1-408 Hardesty, Larry Kay-415 Harp, Donald,Allen jr.-415 Harpole, james Young-415 Harris, Richard M.-418 Hatton, Awyer Lloyd jr.-413 Haygood. David 'l'.-410, 413 Hearn, jimmy-S418 Henyy, Gastor1uSIaryyle7413 Holton, Edwin I..-418 Hope, Donald jerome-413 Howell, George Keithw-413 Hubbard, Lee W.-419 Hudson, David Elzif.-415 Hudson, H.-410 Hudson, jack R.-418 Hughes, Donald j.-410 Huguley, Bennie Ilrankw-418 Hunt, Orion j.-410, 413 Hyatt, james Lewis jr.-415 l jackson, james Thomas-415 jaynes, james David-415 jenkins, Hoyt Edwin-415 jenninas, 'l'reodore W.S411, 418 jeter, Doc--113 ones, Morris M.-415 jones, Warren-408, 413 K Kelley, Layman Edward-415 Kennedy, 'l'ennis!4l1l Kenney, james Calvin-413 Kihler, jane Kornegay-410, 415 Kilday, Glen William-415 Kimsey, james Norman-413 Kitley, R. Marsdenh-418 Knickerbocker, Waldo E.-409. 410, 13 Kyllonen, Mitchell W.-415 L Lake, Benjamin Hugh jr.-415 Lanlotd, Robert Alruand-410, 418 Larkin, Russell Eugene-418 Lasater, john Allen-415 Lee, E. Richardw418 . A1 Lewis, Samuel D.-413 Lewis, Wayne-416 Lilley, Reginald Gene-413 Lockerby, Charles W.-415 Long, Richard Bert-416 Loveday, Lawrence john-418 Lovell, William 'l'. jr.-410, 418 Lumpkin, Herman E. jr.-413 Lyda, Harold Wayne-416 M Maas, Calvin Wayne-410, 416 Mann, john Herod jr.-408, 409, 410 -15 Manting, George jr.-416 Marshall, Mary Ruth-411, 418 Martin, Eeroy Lee-416 Massey, Reese Martin-415 Masada, Kinko-410 Marrey, William A.-413 McClennv. Lila Burch-413 McCormick, William A.-416 McCurdy, jerry N.-413 McDonald, Evelyn j.-410, 418 McDowell. Harold Gene-413 McGraw, Stanley Earle-418 Meredith, Georye D.-413 Milam, David Elliot-413 Millander, Murray E.-4134 Miller, B. Vann-410, 413 Miller, Eblen Grant-416 Mirns, julian Milton-418 Mishoe, james Guyburn:-419 Mitchell, Sam Marshall-419 Moore, Paul Lee-419 Morgan, Thomas M.-413 Mullinax, William G.-419 Munlord, j. Wade jr.Q413 Myers, john David jr.-419 N Nabors, jackie Moore--416 Neal, Richard W.-419 Nease, Bobby Gene-416 O Ogletree, David i..i416 Dliver, William Wileya419 Ormon, jimmy Vaughan-419 P Parker, Andrew T. Jrf-419 Parker, Marion loe:416 Parris, Derrell Lloyd-413 Partridge, Robert L. lr.a4l6 Paterson, Malcolm ill!-416 Patterson, Robert S.-419 Patterson, Robert S.d419 Peers, Thomas l.awsona416 Phillips, Allen A, jr,g419 Piper, Richard K.-416 Pitts, Rufus Daniel-416 Pollett, D. liugene:419 Pollock, James Simpsongfiti Porter, I.. Kimballa408, 409, 410, 416 Posey, James A5416 Powell, l.arry Don:4l6 Pratt, John DavidL416 Pressley, Clyde F. Jr.-419 Prewett, Ernest W.-414 Price, lohn P.fH4l4 Prosch, Charles-2419 Puckett, Gerald l.oitona414 Qrriggle, George W. jr.cf4l9 R Redding, joseph T. jr,-416 Reese, Clo ton D. Jr.d416 Reuteler, hmes T,-419 Richards, Blair P.-1416 Richardson, Charles A.-414 Ricker, George A.-419 Ridenour, Gordon Louis-416 Roberts, Thomas K.-414 Roberts, Wallace E.-410, 416 Rogers, Bobby Alvin-419 Roleu, James Malcolmgdto Rowell, Geary Martine-416 S Sadler, William H. Jr,-419 Sanderson, Gag Lloydi419 Schantz, Paul '.-419 Scott, David Miltons-416 Scott, James D.F419 Seun, Conrad A2419 Shaddix, john thomas-414 Shannon, Patrick S.-S414 Sheffield, Clarence B.-419 Shenton, Alton O'Neill-419 Shingler, Patricia C.--416 Shoup, Donald Eugene-419 Simon, Samuel Spencerh4l9 Simpson, Buddy aayagare Sims, john Ellrsi419 Sims, Sam Dickerson-416 Slile, William Pranta:-416 Smith, Charles M. jr.-416 Smith, Prank Douglasa414 Smith, Gerald Judson-416 Smith, l. Harold'g4l4 Smith, Jack Stigler Jr.-416 Smith, Marsha l.ouised416 P Smith, Thomas Reeves-416 Sorrow, lohn Lee-419 Speed, Larry CF419 Spurlin, Jerry Robert-g419 Stanley, john Oliver-416 Stanley, Thomas C3419 Starling, Rudolph-408, 414 Stephens, Berry Wiley-S417 Stephens, Carl RabonQ4l9 Stephens, Ronny l'l.H419 Stewart, Robert Warren-417 Stokes, Edward Boyd-S419 Strickland, Lewis W.F40B, 414 Stocker, Onias J.--414 Summers, lack Earl'-4417 T Tacnel, William Sftti, 409, 41 Taylor, james RogerH417 Taylor, Ronald Jillfliefilsl Thomas, Charles R. Jr.-417 Thomas, Joseph Rnshin-414 Thompson, Crarles H. Jr.E4l4 Thompson, lrlugh Leroy--417 Tinale, James Arthur-414 Tubb, William Larry-L4l9 Tung, William Chien l.:4l4 Turman, Donald Wayne-417 U Underwood, Thomas 115414 Uselton, James Edward--419 V Vickers, Marvin K. Jrf-417 0,4 W Waddell, llorvard Stokes-419 Walker, james Picketta4t7 Walker, James T. jr.Fi417 Wall, Fred Marrwell jr.-414 Wallace, Charles lZ.H419 Wallace, Raiiord P. lrf-414 Walton, Asbury liernard-417 Walton, lldwaril W. jr.-417 Walton, julian P.-419 Ward, Calvin Reese-414 Watts, Patricia Joan-411, 414 Webb, Frederick ll.--417 Wechtel, Norma Jean-411, 419 Whatley, john M, gi,-414 Whipple, William .-414 White, Donald Gilbertf-410, 414 Wildmon, Donald Ellis-414 Wilkes, Jacklyn-419 Wilkinson, Sarah Grace-417 Williams, billy Geneg-417 Williams, Carolyn Rf411, 419 Williams, James Ronald-419 Williams, john B. lllH4l7 Williamson, Herbert I..-414 Wills, Richard Jerome-419 Wilson, Gerald Joseph-414 Wilson, Larry Franklina4l7 Windom, William F.-417 Wolfe, William H.-4419 Womack, Miles KenauH4t0, 417 Wood, Harry Lee Jr.-414 Word, Clarence Billya414 Wright, Richard 5.5417 Y Youngblood, William L.-A414 I s Editor's Epitaph It hardly seems real that the Camper is completed. It's been a long, hot summer with many hours of time devoted to the production of this book. In spite of the trials and trib- ulations of a "summer delivery" book, I must still defend it. The first time for an undertaking of this caliber is always the hardest. I'm sure that next year things will be better organized, timing and planning will be more ac- curate, and the production of the yearbook will be a smoother operation. Before many students get to this page, there will be much complaining about omissions of things which they felt were important, and probably were, but there was only a certain amount of room. Thus with the initial change-over to summer delivery, this book had to cover two spring quarters and this presented an overload with Dooley's, graduation, and spring sports. Therefore the coverage for the Creative Arts Festival was omitted this time, but can be covered again next year. At this point I would like to -make an interjection which I hope will "sink in" for the good of yearbook staffs to come. Students are always ready to criticize the yearbook staff for something they did or did not do, but when it comes to cooperating, very few even begin to conceive the 'meaning of the word. It's hard to put together a book when you have to reschedule some pictures five times and beg organizations for three and four weeks to get their write- ups or list of members to you and then you wind up grop- ing for the information by looking through administrative ffl.. -......I..,. cL..,.....L rl... .1........ ,.r. ....I,1...l,.Lr. L.-.,....I..,. Ii. il I ll-as ' rr a s rrf Q gg I -in du- aid, I Ai iii? I I .u wr 49" e , N Y 4... ,, e A ...V , was QH, I ,itil nv out-"ii WV! f c e .VK i '5 M,N' g . f Y - I . Y I 7 ' sa g M l ' EN are H e point is rather clear. To change the tone, there are those on the staff who completed their sections to whom I am eternally grateful. Many were also a tremendous help during the summer, and were eager and willing to do more than their share. Without these individuals the book could have never been finished. I would have otherwise given up in disgust with the overwhelming amount of work left to be done. I must admit that it is a great feeling to be through with the book, and I will remember some of the experiences with pleasure. I can not however be hypocritical and say that it was all a "bed of roses". There were 'many long, agonizing, frustrating, and painful days of disgust spent on this book, which made me wish that I had never seen it, much less have been a part of it. But as is always true with editors, I can look back now with pleasure and forget all of the nasty thoughts that ran through my mind at the time. I hope that the book serves its purposes that being to provide a permanent record of a year in your college life, your friends, your activities, and all the things that will bring back pleasant memories for you. To next year's staff, I wish only the best, and in closing, I would like to thank Mr. Bill Baker and Taylor Publishing Company for all their help, advice, and patience. They're absolutely the greatest. Thank you very much for the opportunity of edit- ing your yearbook. Sincerely, Qllgjm 1 'J it F 1 q f 'fgimsa 1. ,MJ 45. ,, . U 4 ,X is-.1 ,.A., 14. ,'Vfv QI It ,fm Qu. ,A1...' "4 1-'1.' v. I N ' .V W ,Ig ' V. Y . lvV.,' .I ,N ,pg .., my . I N . -, X ' 4. t. 1 I wr 1 q I .-'p, V' J . 1 , WI 1 t I J ' X my Q 94 TW. 1 ,A M- E 1 . A . I x rY"!' up + 1' 1 'I 5' I !. 4,58

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