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9 1' ' UU'llD'QDl in V iv 1 Aga-.1 I u ln, 1, """3 .- dup? 'QI nv 4Qu-. R """'..,a..""'ff 'uv wg.. ' s . I , l ' " L 1 1 I 'A : U 1 Q 'Y "' ' u ... k . Y-I K-A . . - W, . .u ,N ., . ..-. .- ..-M - ,., W ' . V Q ' Zi-l.2':".':ZgS' ' ' """' h' ,- . o Q 3' . ' -Q u' .r . - .-. flff- -1 nr, . -Q' U' . , - -41 1 .gy Q- .'.,' 4 0 , -I Q 0' , 9 I. 1 5 ... , N . 1 i f . F ' M L- gv' ,ff a' - I n :,: : . -1.4 Q! . Q Q H n -' ' ,-1, . I. ' V ' n L 0 'U 1 A" It V li ' "' A ' 'f ' ,,, Ah--- ' l - ,,,. v,. . W . U . fm h N F , .5 Ip , Q. 5 , , if l. ' " T. X' , ' ' I ,Mm ' ' - , g ,, - .' ., N J 2,a " . , ' 4 o Q . W - -.... . , ' L,,,',00 ',i, ,"- A L' ,, 4 . N ,I ,V 1 1 , ,. . v ,, , I I 'ii "1..k,E ',i . A 1 .. H i I kr . X 'mp 1 ' A I 1 a 0 Ill: " I I ' I 'Q ' V 1 1. 5 v ,L . .1 ' ' - .. -- - .f 1- ' 1 f . .1 'lxi ""'-.--: au-, , , . I 'N fl any 1,-ang" V.: 1 AJ rd I ,Q-ln: rg -9 I M gl' in Q j .. 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M I.,j:,M A,.,a"' ' L . ., -'fffn' 4- Q. ...Dag Q -1 l j . v ' K ' 'Q ig f I 1 1 4 1 f .-'13 . ,-J J, , pw - r "i ,ri - 0 ' , iff' , , 4 1 ATLANTA GEORGIA Alvin B. Wight, Jr. ' Edit vb 02, 42 9 4 I' CE " n Z Q f J X' A 1964 CAMPUS A ,Q 4 X EMORY UNIVERSITY! If 1 5 Business Manager Frank F. Middleton 0 In - 775-' ,Q -' w-we lr Q ii f 'A QQ? .,.': A J.: 1 f' ,.zCA .5 A ,J "Hr U, ""'f1g5T ,IX W 'gh u f ,, " A -Q , .eifh gf, fZ','1'f'1?F"ixf . , , , . , . af 3z'?"f' ., 1 1' , V' -v K M LM., . ,- ,:.'-QQ - ll . v4 - , N H - :mf . - W' 1 . , '. , I4 .., ,. fb' H ' . I-piwrq , n ,J fm? ' ' ' 159-. '77-4.-513 153' .s ' Swv. ..- 55.- 1 .. - .....g .V r . -. 1' , l f. - fvfq, . 'I - -AL-.. ' l ,I "' 4 '. ,, , ., . . I 4 ,A .1 , 1 , V . , I. Q, Y-4 ,, x ,' ' b 1 .yi -4 'v . . I -' .,. .h A --" xml?- K' ' 11 .3 y V J- gy' .fp ,H :J ,Aj ',:"4E? l, .4-f. . vgpff V 9. .5 Nu- "' 4 V! . ,-,N - - .3 Lf-"v ,N Af -lg. " 3, f?'m,.'ft ':wg .,' ,' 'H I f . 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'Nik '. 4g-:R . nQ,..,'5 Wfyfjf,-,z1'fA.i, .3 ,'?C1'?F M nw -.MY ' 1 ,I N fm' w'..-.,5-W v X fy 741 new-.fs ra ,, 114 fx WM'1 'Wff X M. - rim X Q.: 1 '- .- .X .W ,f., . 'A 'Lids n- I- . .-. , 1..1-A. -up .I X . .Q I- L.-, ' A." QAVF4 ' .. N ' ." ' '. - ' ,..." .X , I x ,I E "N, .QM-J, 1, i 14 4 if " lqvyllzrt , . hrgffi, vw..-I , fl . . F- ,V h ggi.. J .pr 'xi . ,,J,. f' N if .'-A . I Ks .1 fp ' ,L J " - ' Ie f' ,..E':f9ffgs."-wf, in' . ,, .V 1- - .Y x -- 4- '- W-id. I' si' I . "QQ: - ' F. .,,,-,-. 1-'11 ' ' P7 . .J , . I ly- .' . r-ir--: .-- N. 3 1.8.1 ' - 1.-ru ,WJ 'W If ' x g2:,4,':'9 In 1,4 -a ,l ,tl-' - "4 ff. 494 jk' in Y' 0' I yi, N. ' LU.: -. n 1' ,gg E. 1,1 is 9 A sv, 'iw' 41 519' 'ii' Ytgijifi- 33, 93.2 "'-vg,ff"WM,n.l" Fly. if 65- 1' is-1'-is gf' 4 ' ' win 1 'Q '-I .Ju ' 'fl' 9. 9 . 4 A . ' WW- 14W "a""'a..-4.14 .W-v zw,.:f2p-!k3'WaQ:F'1' My- "f, f' f'ffv. ff-Jaw 52 J , Q. , , ,. M ' ' q'Hy'p""'1'+"' 'fam' W" "B" 43' ff' W N . 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The mixed feelings lamenting the shortness of the vacation, but with a certain satisfaction of getting back into the routine and the chance to begin anew. , Qi A X4 Q When there is time to think. The pressure off, one can be a- lone, and there is an opportunity to ponder, to consider, to think through. 11-1 ' nn' W 1--'w------ ----1'-ff -L -annul There are some rare individuals who are able to view the broad hori- zons of higher education with vision and imagination while retaining a warm personal interest and concern with the people and problems of the present. Such a man is Judson Clements Ward Jr., vice-president and dean of the faculties at Emory. A native of Marietta, Judson Ward took his bache1or's and master's degrees at Emory and his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. An outstanding teacher and writer in the field of history, he has taught at Birmingham-Southern College and at the U.S. Military Academy. His flair for administration took him from the teaching ranks and, at the age of 35, he became president of Georgia Teachers College and later assistant chancellor of the University System in Georgia. He was named dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Emory in 1948 and elected vice-presi- dent and dean of the faculties in 1957. During 1962-63 while Emory searched for a president, Dr. Ward was a member of the three-man committee who administered the University. Called by a colleague "the working member of the Troika," Judson Ward handled the business of the President's Office with wisdom and judgment. Under his leadership, Emory emerged from a difficult year strong and progressive. And, with all the responsibility placed at his door, "Jake" Ward always took time for students. He gave a friendly welcome to in- dividuals and spent many hours addressing groups and organizations. Throughout that year of pressures and problems, Vice-President Ward never lost his sparkling sense of humor. His greatest pride has been in Emory's students and he has publicly commended them on many occasions. He added a new dimension to formal graduation ceremonies by taking a moment to address graduating seniors and to express his pleasure at their achievements and the University's inter- est in them as individuals. Twice in the past, in 1951 and again in 1957, he has been chosen honorary senior by graduating classes. Dr. Judson C. Ward Beauties "Wsu' ,7 I yy mu, , x , X, www X WWW , 'E 1 X "H, Q ,:., -4 -. MN.:- ,M X M Y , . ,jx v ll! ,ll I WWQHQG4 , .,,"'4, V 'nf . ' .x. 1+ , A' X' ,X fi' Q... . -sy. I - 'JL mg. 254' . 4 1 .... 1 ' 1 '-' " ' .-Y' . .f' .l -. 5,.w Xvw 2 H. l, I N ii ffm , 'H 'A jd? v .1 .v ff' I . 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Our todays and yesterdays are the blocks with which we build. Longfellow And nothing, not God, is greater to one than one's self is . . . And there is no trade or employment but that the young man following it may become a hero. And there is no object so soft but that it may become a hub for the wheeled universe. 252' f'l"?'?iL,4 -... lybilwdll i 5 1 1 33 2 I all ie ef! l L . , E ' i 4 a F f XR KW , 4 ' a CL x ni-M ,ESM 'QA ng 1:'.f,i'."u ig, -gl?-Hi" r. sw 5? se-, iw' f Y " . 'rg .g - . 3 -- ff ,L.LL44. i,1 . 1:Li We work and study, anxiously Waiting to try our knowledge of people and things on the world of people and things. 'F . -' f .-. 5 A , K- 'L1 . 11. Au few """"""'m 'ai Q -ZX! 'WPS -x n .Egg A A ' , , I V 4 fl.-1' fr N A --. ,P -1 '-. -4 Ta,5I5la'Ei:1-fiA,..Q 'F . -wa., -'-,,'f,42fr .L- gx . im ' . .5 M,-, "1f'.':Ef ...L - 5. ..r--pf 5 P A . 1... . : r A ,,,. L -.6 ZX ' .F 'L f "' W + Fifi f-s . ,-,,",'- 1 '15 493:-1 M Q .1 I k- A Mfr' 1' N -1 V I . ... . 1 m . . 7-Z.. 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Drip down together Teixlailxu - v. 1. ni. 1, vu: I . xr 1 Aff J Q K 2 ' d ' w -Q .5 5 , I, , in ,, 8 'M' f . ,, ' I, , sf's " . p f AI .4 4 . f T . P -- A1 1' f M yu, -rlsrf . ix, . 1 I . ,K lf f V4 Aff 36 - sf r r f N ' A P 1 VMIKINI, UIMIINI. 1 and leisure . . . Old snow is melting NOW the huts Unfreezing too Free all the children Im: ' ' wk 11 1 U Q, msg.. H V w xv'-'Q ENT RANC LDQQQT fo fe FHLLIAYQ fCC:'W Ffrvn Roof' Alnh 'Wu W J, . ,i .M vw' 1 ,-.f ' .F 1 gr if if A A , ,H N . ii! W. ? "' fi? 4-4 . A I M ,:, 1 u 11. 7' ' M' Z H .--'-WL . , '1L m TSM.: ,-'ex W ' V - 5 L' W-H 5 Qi - -- ' -1--. Y jj 'iii ' ,.L. , jj 'ca L., 'vim ' '. 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SAB ICAS Wednesday, February 5 Glenn Memorial The King ol The Flamenco Guilar THE TURNAU OPERA COMPANY Thursday, February 6 Glenn Memorial Preseniing in English "The Barber ol Seville" CAN NON BALL ADDERLEY Friday, February 7 Emory Field House Adderley and His All Sraf Sexlel in a Jazz Concerlr BOB DYLAN Safurday, February 8 'T Glenn Memorial Americas Famous Follc Singer I Tickefs on Sale +0 A+lan+a Public Beginning January 20 af: RHODES SALON OF MUSIC DEKALB MUSICIAN'S SUPPLY CO. JIM SALLE'S RECORD SHOP Aga H: mm Q1 in .v 1 J I 4 ' Q 1 , "Q . F- Y Y U. 1 " 9 1, - 1111111511 K 5'-if ' Q ' .fx . " Q,jT1E ' ,EY 4-F X ,1 -,H-3 1,111 :gui " 53 11' " 1 'A F1233 'fs Q ,' 1- 1 ' ,je : . ' I ' , A :xv - Y 1 f 'Q jf 1. ,HL 50? 1 1 A f ,IT 5 X M yr' 41 1' ,Vw--' -.x '5?QTfE'La ff ,I . 17 t- . C' :A ,. ,,:,-nf.-'V-.2 Q- ..: 11.1-..4'1 1,5 . Myth -EjJ:ff,7ggfPi,g1 Y . 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A H YH' Ae' M. 'Eg 'T' ' ,Q-ra-J' H wg " ' H . " Q9 . 1 My-1 4 X , f 1 H ,, X H H ,HH 1 N, X -- , ' 'AH mm ' .A' ' W , . if 1. Y M ?HffkgA... , A W . , ...- - vi Y' 'f ' W 3,5 - 1 - V 49' "F, gf' "-- - . , - . Q if 32, ' ' ' uw" v y:.'1 ' . , F E.. . eayux' fw ' - -af - . iw. ' 1' 'aw V 4 .-Mix., ' M 'Gi A' 2 ',1u5,,". , - ,. .. . .-. V- ugh . 4 lv ' Est i 1,39 -l:,-.,+fk!!1.qnq4,1y . sl , ' . .nw . ,,-Q'-' ' fj7'v'-"I g "ffl I 1 73- . 1 . . . W . I ' his-4 lf... L . - 4 i A0 1 H sl' 3 m . " ' ,Q .. ' V V H f ,U f . , ' V -..' 55. H ' V. . YH Y gil- -lv ,UNA . 4. , V 1 V " . w.,:,.m 1 ' - r 1',lZ7:. 'E . L .vlmiyqfi ,ey gn, 3 1 N K . 315' y , Q .4?f'.w'- H l -I, 1 ' w 1 The tables are turned on Dooley. Dooleyis Frolics 1963 Doo1ey's Frolics, an annual event since 1941, again sub- jected the campus to the unpredictable activities of Dooley- Emory's liveliest spirit. Dooley turns his water pistol on the tables of the cafeteria. ,ar i Z Dooley prepares to pounce upon an unsuspecting victim in the cafeteria. w" is N gpg X Xwsxff w X ex, X 'il AMW sl 'fm Q :I 1 Q9 4 fl ind, I i , . T. . .-'- -, rf ' A x xxt'.u-- in-1 A .Ei x rw ..:-In igvlldlf-dg -5 51 r F. L E .ff Q 1 ,-.ni Chi Phis ready riverboat show. Skit Practice Expert hands prepare Hunchback for Delt skit. Bounty hand relaxes on deck. I Susan Cavelli whirls to Gypsy music. I 1' ' x wan-. , ff N . ww' buff'-: VY wi. Qu . .-,-. .1 - 1 ,-,"1',:L: 'ri'-Fa -T I lx r 5-'L Q1 ' u 'ii :I 4 1 :X 'wi 'f1I3'ib'f an gg-.lx , f 1 gg.: -. .4."' 14' I H, -. i,- , ST' ' 'Qi' f fe." I rf, ,f .-'. -, ,"' 7 - Ns- f ,,, f. A - 2 'lyr- V A u' , L' !-ff 'J 3, fd f 1 4. 'fbi' x ' .wif ' -. iff , -'fiiw' -1 ' ,LM 72, 2 J.. -' 'fee 7,2 - : if , if A . V -. f ' If r -, 'J , 5 . ' yn ,fn-rr ' Ay' , l .3-fl Mgr.-lyL4': ii Li '- z-.. .1' - '71'?r A, 1 -. ,s f- f.J' Q-'fK.'. A .Eb 'xrsq I-algg' , I :Q ,A l LV xi, r -K. J, 'Z yr!!! 'il fam' V if ' 01' I X? ' .,-'Qu L':f"l.5 N 52 A- ? jftzlg, I X! Qi M1 -' :V P! I ,, vf , . 1' I x n f' "W " ' Y 67 W. Q.: J DO0LEY'S FRQLICS 1963 LAWN DISPLAYS First Place Sigma Chi w I CC 99 Joan of Arc fm? , 0 2? 4 SUE: 163 3? , . rapt! WEfff'-- ' '-Trl? :kg f Q 'Mr Y 7 A QIPSPQMA , ,W ' This-Qc. v ,Fic lx E . W f , ,. 1 J 1 A If pf Q -if Q Zrhkiilf fik' . A lf- Q -:I wwf-fy' ' ig' ' gfw 3,2 'lffif : .1 if 'x , , .15 ,L W: '1 I 3' 'V I ' ' ,- A L' 4. i '4 LI '4 '21, 1 f W-N' 4 I if-'U l y at AP if 'f . Y' L f7,,,:gQ1 ' f 93151 viii - 'Ng-J ?-53 r - 1 1.-ff? B :Q-,V , 3 ,. N -3.5. Y 4 , M f ' L' . ' I ' . :MQ -f It .Lf K 4M N- W gy ..n . L- Q: N V ' ' jtvpj ., V .Z kg, if iifiejf-1 if . ' ' ' 'W A L. fa , ' .:. ,' 1 - -- M , ' If ' gf Y f ' 1 5'1" ' r, - if j : F F2 l. A zz3ilq,f:F' f. 3 g '-g ' '1 ew ,M A K N it-,gf 1' E ,E 5 , if' 5? 2 4,13 gif ply - , . J ' ,gk F ,gi 9 xg 4.vP'sgaFf 025921 7' , 22' " "5 ' A'ellfLOQ..l. , - , ., -.Qsaimw-1-an v Q J? " 5 1355? ""55bfx:w' . - . L. U , gg im. x,y .T X 'W - XV W 1 4' E , 1 L, v 15 W n. 'f. I .AX H whj I ' 3 1 A3 ' 'R' 'i3f7T- H M ved, E -rm' ', . V ' 7 ,. ' ' , Y g W . y 'L , mf , v-, ,- .- 1 ' , K M .x K A . A 1 N I s 1 Q :"' -' wg . HS- V ' fa NE . ' X 1 -P1 M " L . A Wi? ' 1 f -4 V K 1? m- fl '5' 'F ' ', 2 'il W T Z-,ffi"v:.'-fx '-Y 4 X ' . fix f 1 +4 ' .V .FI Y A P X H' p I 'AE " ' J c' Y . , S M N I .sm 5 Fw-1 - ,-5 1 A W 'X Sig ,, JW' 5 rf ai Q 5 1, K, Q 5 I gh! "'Mff 4 ., f K 5 3 ik! N!! .: R5 J'H7'1I' , . ' rm ""+'g qbfif' 7 if . L J A' 4 . 1,1 - ' . I 1. , ,Q ' N Q,-W W .7 .-V , -J 3. yW,af5'i1-Afagga , ,Lx I 1 Third Place Alpha Tau Omega aludgement at Nuremburgv ug 'WA 'Sai 1. bf JI. o 'LE W BE' '4 , Qasaww, N ,. -r . . Y -as P ' eil -It ' ix K , M . ya '- 4 - C' Q -s.. V.- '. , fa f. og . 55- I L J W M .ly ,3C,lpg,-g,-fifwa?,',,.gf,?igfm.'y- - 'sk ,Lv -Eau, J -, fwavqfi: 2 h- . H- r W. 4 " Honorable Mention C'Tarzan,s Fight for Life" : Kappa Alpha ymom Ax' Honorable Mention: Pi Kappa Alpha 'CE1n1er Gantryv THE Chi Phi: Show Boat ALI Signid Nu: "The Vikings" Ly Alpha Epsilon Pi 1 C'Mutiny on the Bountyi' Beta Theta Pi: Salome l, ., J X. 9' ,-5 - -1 K n,Aq,,g A .5 L- v ,if Q ,f 13' 2541 E , -'iii 'L - A .XJ .Q-1, xupmf-. w.f:,.....4z , N.. ,, . J: V , y , X If . : 4-A v f' ,fri -ik-M.-au:L,.3',w3f : A-'T A '.3,.-il M 'Pf . M 1795 Ria . , ,,,, -.v- V ,,,. 'ff ' - wwe-x-1-'f mx: , . PQQN . .-.eg ., . 1 F: 1 - w , .xx A "Niki ' 1 -B4 Q .QL Z3 my x " xfv' 1 ,yfa-J. 41,1 Phi Gamma Delta: aGone With the Wind" Phi Delta Theta "South Pacific" .ff NZ-gn .. r fx, ah .1 , , . 1 lu x af A ,. rl f,f5,5Ll I 1 .5 vy . Q iv .1g' -L Qi: .1 .Q-'eg egg? 1 m, r fr. . .rsmri .1,. 6. YJ 1 .erfgiei BARB ECU E Something new added to the Dooley's Frolics week- end this year was a student-faculty barbecue spon- sored by the sophomore class. Held at the Lullwater Estate, it provided a needed break between the lawn displays and the street dance. ' 79 FRIDAY NIGHT STREET DANCE N ' 1 w J' v ' Q X f f-x ,A .- . l . 1 , -.rvr xi: -P gf ? Fa 11", . - E5E'E'J"i:L, f x W 1 5 "? : W.: iw kr ' N A N ' Fife . 1 1. svn. '1 We A F' L,gf -F XG ! X. i M. .1 'Fwy' mu: , x , Xj -'A -' 2 ig - Q ' ' ffwk F' 151 -' M 32 1- HV: rl ki ' f-3 su v' 5 N ix Y B Y 4 122 wr-P13 ur- - ml Qff 'P rw f1 .x' . ff -. ff A-fy--xx' , 1: Y A W " 5' , , ZS ' ,mx W L A l 1 JK - 'Y x Aw-2 S, if MN N f ' lf' , ,H , 133, -'L I Wax MER f' " Qesgiffsf 'K qs' AEE , -E1 vw J X fa Q sa 4 Qs, 5, bf H, , QJ. -Z T-X Z ' L 1 M. Q ' V 4 ' r 1 .,.. Qzzw fn" f, . .1 Q1-,Q 1. 1 gpm, - :.:.:. 1-., W5 ,li sg r-U A--1.. r wh H 0'g by AH. , ,ai ER- mg, if ,,,. W ::: S-W . ..W.W.. . 2 mx 3525 1, ., L3 ,,,,, Q Q - v -Egg T. Q X AEHQFW? 3 , kr? F S If , ,- - I "', WF, f .- 1 .QV QW: 4 sag Y G iw.- : 5 L ii 5? 'Qgif Hg? " Y'Ak' x ngsezrgx g 5... ,HU IIL ' w?g ggi , gg: W2 HRV 'wif bww in .-dx: 1 f W W y, L I x W2A5ZxJ W X v- W x N V v , fim if' 'wgv N I My f" ,aw X W ' B x V we A v U K, Tl: 'iii- Q- 3 , 3 in J , , -igf J, fx -fl I 4-io. J l K K MN, 435.45 gawqk 1 ' in X X X WMA ' x P iw '2 ' M! ...,.L Q AV PN . ??? W, Q 93 v. i'U!f'gg ' '- SE' Ab I' 1 ,Q , f J ,Y xg Q? W I 5 .-E. J W 6 X Y fain , 2 is im! J E ?,, X l Q 1 Mg' lx ,, R: Pi Q 'jV' ,,g gg lg, 3 i. ,Z ,Q , - 11-4 Walk .ix A Bs '42 Q 1 .- w.-- y , , q . -wh i A ff ,- - 1X,l:',:-M ' V, 'E - s , 9 i Q ,1x1'fCx'-.!,m?' .XIAS I QW Wwww gigs 'gg 3,xx'wlT" , "wS.xxJw, " F Q g2"SjifI , . WVM v Hi QM x 41 II Q X W x M!yQMyx1g was -fffflvigfj' Xkgwixgli, ' ax ' - 171 .',,.'PTfZ'E..ii Awards and Presentations Two annual awards made at the Saturday night dance are the Most Outstanding junior Award, and the Doo1ey's Derby Award. Doo1ey's Derby was presented to joe Massey for meritorious service to Emory by Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership fraternity. Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity made the Most Outstanding Junior Award to Ben Shapiro, as the Junior contributing the most to the university. Kathyryn Brown, Miss Emory for 1965, was also Presented at the dance. Dooley's Derby presented to joe Massey. , . ,. -.- Y-Y .. i git W Ben Shapiro receives Most Outstanding Junior Award. i Miss Emory for 1963-Kathyryn Brown V- L-', 0 O O A Ctlvltles 'J' wana -1, 'L jg M 5. ,, ,, F :QQ M " A ll" 5 1 , , , M, , , 1-w .. -.-'.-Lew 1 , """.,:-,,3,,, 5 V " I .uv - + , 1 v-1, 1 1 f v' ,.' ' , gg i 'vl- .fyj ' nA! . f ,,,1 A 1 1 4 ani? Q4 H8 4 D N iii 1 if B i 2- Eff Brittain Award Recipient Hoda Levine 5 -kr i BRITTAIN AWARD RECIPIENTS 1947-48 H. Frank Gay, Jr. 1948-49 C. William Landis, jr 1949-50 Frank T. Vasiloff 1950-51 Henry T. Malone 1951-52 Ed Wright 1952-53 Art Brandenburg 1953-54 Kenneth F. Murrah 1954-55 Jack M. Horowitz 1955-56 William C. Cromwell 1956-57 Larry Custer 1957-58 John R. Strother, jr. 1958-59 Nancy Lee King 1959-60 John Austin 1960-61 Thomas B. Clegg 1961-62 David C. Lowance 1962-63 Melinda Whitman 1963-64 Hoda Levine The Brittain Award is given annually in the name of Marion Luther Brittain. In the words of the award itself, "This award is made each year to a student who has rendered notable service to the University. It is intended especially to give pub- lic and permanent expression to the University's gratitude for service done without expectation of reward or recognition." The committee for the selection of the recipient of the award is composed of the Deans of Men and Women and representative faculty members who review the recommendations submitted by students and faculty. The formal presentation of the award is made at Honors Day in the spring, when the person being honored first learns of his having been chosen. john Atkinson JOB Atkinson Phi Beta Kappa Howard Glover Alex HiI1S0f1 Phi Beta Kappa, founded at the Col- lege of William and Mary in 1776, is the oldest national honorary society in the United States. The Emory chapter, Gamma of Georgia, was chartered on September 11, 1928. The purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to encourage learning and achievement in col- leges and universities. Based upon outstanding scholarly at- tainment, the range and character of courses selected, and a consideration of the moral character of the student, and his general promise to the world, membership in Phi Beta Kappa is bestowed upon students hav- ing a 3.5 average after their first three years in college or a 5.25 average after the fall or spring quarter of their senior year. Jerry Leach Barry Levin Ada Rasmussen Bill Robertson John Cromartie Joe Gladden Alexander Hinson Barry Levin Ben Shapiro Andrew Sheldon DV Howard Glover DVS, the Senior Honor Society, was founded on the old Oxford, Georgia campus in the spring of 19005 since then it has represented the highest honor which can come to a man while he is a student of Emory University. Moreover, the Senior Honor Societ has long stood for the things which make Emory a great universityg the success ogthe university is in large part the success of DVS. :The members of ghe Society have always observed the strictest secrecy in mat- ters involving the Society. This is done, not to be pretentious by being secret, but because the Society has always felt that its purpose might best be achieved if its members, 'refrained from any public utterances concerning the Society or any of lfS zlctlvltles. Each year since its founding. the active members of the Society have chosen classes is consldered: Since the Society is seeking to serve Emory, it chooses men wlth those traits which will best advance the purposes of the Society. Those traits are a deep-rooted xnterest in Emory and a willingness and capacity to work and brlng about a. changetfor the better. This interest, willingness and capacity are evidenced by oqtstandmg performance in the classroom, on the athletic field, in the. Qlee Club, ln .student government, in student publications, or in other student actlvllizs. As of thls year, the Society has offered membership to 427 meng all have accep e . The privilege of.wearing the badge of DVS is not merely Cl reward for past accomplxshmerxts. It IS,.tO a- great egctent, a challenge to the wearer to do greater and better things for his university in the days which remain to him as Z1 student from the junior classes jordan, Welclx Oliver ....,... 1935 Benton, J. Fred . .... . .,..... 1911 and as an alumnus. I l I I of the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business Administration, seven men to succeed them. Each man in these junior Past Electives to DVS Abernathy, H. Herman .... 1958 Cline, Pierce ,.,,..,,..,.,,....., 1916 Hendrix, Walter Clifford, Jr. Mathews, John Elie ........ 1913 Smith, I-CWIS M-. lf- -'--,,,- 1953 Achord, James ...........- 1955 Clnwer, Emil jackson ..,. 1927 1928 Mathews, John Elie, Jr. 1942 Smith. Thomas ---"----'1----- 1953 Adams, George Grlsby .... 1907 Cobb, Samuel T, ,,,,,,,,,,,, 1949 Henry, Donald L. ............ 1951 Mathews, Samuel Moore 1919 Smith, W' Carl ---------------- 1908 Adams, Timothy Killen .... 1960 Collier, James Benton ,.,. 1961 Hentz, Hal Fitzgerald .... 1904 Maxwell, J. Q. ...........,.... 1926 Smlrh, W- Sam, Jr- -1------ 1945 Ajax, Fred XV. I -------.--.-..,. 1950 Collins, Emmett Bradley 1925 Herring, William Clifton 19-17 May, James W. ...........----- 1933 Smoakv Dr- Hfnfl' Elton 1947 Albflghl, Bmlimln P-. JF- Collins, Dr. J. I-'rrlnk .... 1949 Hi htower, James Daniel 1902 Megahee, Percy Allen ........ 1,915 Sowell, H0mCf Clayton f--- 1914 . I 1963 Colson, Graham Emanuel I-Iii, Alexander Franklin 1909 Melton, Keller Fletcher 1919 Sowell. xvnldo 4---------- , ----f 1 937 Allen, Winston .Stiles ........ 1918 1957 Hill, George M., Jr. ..,..... 1926 Mensh, Myron goseph ..., 1961 Spurlln, Dr. Paul Merrill 1925 Allgood, Dr. Pierce ..-...-. 1941 Comer, Hugh M. ............ 1937 Hitch, Simon Herbert .... 1951 Miller, Henry. . ............ 1926 Steele- Rev- Charles Edward Almand, Henry Grady .... 1907 Connally, Thomas Wlhipple Holden, Horace Pope ........ 1955 Miller, Joe Irvln, Jr. ........ 1962 , 1945 Anderson. Charles Ben, Jr. 1902 Holland, Spessrrrd L. .... 1912 Millican, Dr. Charles Bowre Sfelnbrufglile. Frank ........ 1949 q 1934 Cooke, Don A. ........,.....,, 1922 Holloway, Murphy McNeil, jr. 1922 5fCPhef151 DY- Eflgfll' W- 1953 Anderson, Edwln Cary .... 1949 Cox, Floyd Wightman .,.. 1906 1936 Mills, John Arys, III .... 1955 Stofkmflnr DI- l-,M- 4-----11 1928 Anthony, Eugene McCullough Cox, Paul Edward, Jr. .... 1945 Holmes, joseph Calloway 1927 Mitchell, James Northern, Jr. Sfokfs, R0lJ9If NlC1'1OlS ---- 1915 1923 Cox, Russ ................,.......,... 1915 Holt, Wlilliam Melvin ...... 1945 1924 51999. Bofmffll Harold ---. 1908 A1-misread, Thomas Macon Crane, Benson Berry ...,.... 1911 Hnpkins,Da1-1 XV. ,,,...,..., ..... 1 959 Mitchell, Wharton ............ 1958 Stovall, Clfl, ThC0d0fC 1905 1903 Crawford, Dr. Robert Dixon, Hopkins, Samuel B., 11.91958 Mizell, Robert ................., 1911 Stovall- Hdmllwn Harwell Arnnu, Robert Earl ........ 1921 Jr. ...,..................,,........,.,...,. 1927 Horowitz, jack Marvin ,,., 1955 Morgan, Williani F. ........ 1957 , 1926 Arnnld, Robert McDonell Crenshaw, john R. ............ 1957 Horton, Thad ...- ,...,.,..,,.... 1944 Mullinax, Perry F. . ......, 1923 SUEUU- D30 JF- ----- -F-1962 1908 Cromwell, William .,...... 1956 Hauser, Frank Millard, Jr. Mullins- Benjamin F.. K. 1919 Sffffklfmd- Wllllam Robert Ashley, Albert R. ..........-. 1933 Cross, Rev. Eason . ........... 1918 1962 Munck, Harold Ph-illxp .... 1948 . 1903 Atkinson, Mallory Cook. Jr. Crovzltt. Alfred Haynes .... 1904 Houten, T. E. Van, jr. .... 19-47 Munro, Paul Merritt ........ 1910 SUOZECY. Edmund Wa1f0H 1914 1961 cmw, William Alton ...... 1927 Howell, Clark, lf, ............ 1946 lvrlnrah, Kenneth Francis 1955 Sfmzlff. Hwy S1092 ------ 1905 Austin, john Southern ...- 1960 Cumbria, Bill Price ..,..,.. 1943 Howell, james H. ...,,,...... 1924 Myers, Guy Arthur ........ 1902 Stroller' Dean Robeft M- 1929 Bading, Otto Frederick, Jr. Cumbaa, Jay, Jr. .......,.... 1940 Howell, Hugh .................,.. 1911 Neal, Bernard H,, jr. ...... 1950 Stubbs, Albert Wilson, Jf- . 1936 Cumbee, Alfred Z. ............ 1929 Hubbell, Charles Woodrow Neal, Turner Benton ........ 1915 1954 Baldwin, john Robinson 1906 Cunningham, Joseph Chapman 1939 Nicholson, Norman .... .... 1 956 Sfubbsr XV' Bw JF- ------------ 1919 Ballard, G. Speighfs, Ir. 1940 V 1952 Humber, James Flowers 1959 Nunn, George Francis ..,. 1935 Stubbs- xvyffh ----------'---'- 1952 B111-kin, Marvin E. .....1.. 1955 Curtls, Gene C. ................ 1957 Humphrey, Robert Henry 1919 Osborne, Hubert Edgar .... 1903 SWFSCSS- Albert HWIQY- -lf- Barlnw, Emmett Lee ........ 1936 Custer, Larry .........,......,... 1957 Hutchinson, Dr. Alva Roy O'SlCE1'!, Alton Tilden .... 1924 1942 B411-neg, Dr. Thomas Gordon Daniel, Charles Howard 1922 1921 Padgett, Louis Love ........ 1921 Swanson' Ernest Aw If- 1953 19-12 Dean. william J. ............ 1946 Hynes, Ernie, Jr. ......,..... 1952 Parker, Earl Nelson, Jr. 1930 Talley- lee -------1--------.--.---- 1923 Barron, George Albert .... 1905 Deterly, Charles Henry, Jr. Ingram, john Jasper ......,. 1918 Parker, Robert Shumake 1905 Tanner-. Terrell B' --r-----A- 1953 Brnnn, Lindsey H. ........ 1944 1925 Jenkins, Alfred s, ..........., 1938 Pnrilln, Frank Allen ........ 1914 Teffzflkls- George E- --1- 1951 Bartlett, Marcus ................ 1959 Dougherty, John E. ........ 1948 Jenkins, Rev. Stephen Elliott Patterson, George Daniels, Jr. flllheffell- James Hflmlltfm 1927 Bntcnmn, lnhn D. .........,.. 1910 Darrel, Nathan Bell ........ 1905 1901 19211 hows' Rusfffll D- -------- 1948 Bates, Louis Thomas 0.1929 Duffee, Warren ................ 1958 Johnson, William Hammond Patterson, Joseph Wilson 1932 Thrasher' Tlgnef ----------e- 1931 Baum, Clifford B. . .1957 Duggan, Francls Artlxllr .... 19-15 1910 Paulk, Jameg Richard ,,,, 1960 T111'0WCf. RfU1d0lPh ---- ------1934 Beck, Linwood ..... ..... .... 1 9 59 Du e, Joseph Benjamin .... 1948 Johnson, William Parks ..1912 Pearce, Haywood Jefferson Tidmore. Dr- -l'95ePh C- ---- 1932 Beckham, XValter Hull, Jr. Dukes, Dr. William Franklin Jones, Boisfeuillet .,.......... 1934 1915 Tlllv- Eben F. -----.------.-.- 1924 1941 1958 Jones, George W., Jr. .... 1958 Penalemn, W. E., Jr. ..., 1937 Todd, Rufkef -r-------'---------1 1945 Bennett, Dr. Ivan .... . .... 19-15 Dunaway, john Allen .... 1920 Jones, Dr. W. Powell .... 1921 Perdue, William R., jr. .... 1934 Tolbeftl Dr' James Mdgufggs Bevan, Joseph T. ............ 1955 Duncan, James Leroy .... .1902 DuVz1l, james David ........ 1949 Perryman, Emmett Key .... 1913 Torrance, Clarence Blosser Kalaf, XValter N. .......,,... 1946 Peterson, William Malcolm 1959 Bivings, Dr. Charles Knox, Jr. Edmondson, Francis L. .... 1924 Karrh, Randolph C. ........ 1955 1925 , 1919 Edmondson, Robert Anderson Kea, Rev. Donald M. .... 1958 Pike, Larry Samuel ........ 1960 TOWSGII, Halton Dlmmca 1912 Blair. Leslie Lenhm .--.,., 1908 1925 Kelley, John B. ................ 1949 Pittman, Claude Cleveland T'-'Herr W-111991 Henfl' ---11929 Blank. Richard H. . .......... 1949 Eleazer, Frank Flemrrging 1937 Kendrick, Douglas Blair, Jr. 1912 gffufman- Pollafd -------------- 1934 Blitch, Dr. Lee ...........,. .1922 Emmett, Roy Nallhanlel H1942 1928 poals Rutherfbrd Mell -"4 1943 31103091 Dr- JUSCP11 RUP11 Block, Dr. Alvin Lee ........ 1950 Etheridge, ROY PICICC -.--,- 1915 Kenyon, Edgar Duskin .... 1910 Pglgtgfny Leon Louis ,,,,,,,, 1945 W I R Q , 1951 Blumherg, Dr. Richard XV. Eubanks, George ...........Y 1955 Kerr, Bramwell Carvasso 1918 Purks, James Harris, Jr. 1925 atcrs' el' Sim Douglas 1935 Fagan, Robert Louls ........ 1926 Kidd, John W. ......,,........ 1935 Quf11i2ln,C13,ude Bu jr, ,.,, 1932 1921 Bnnnell, XVllli:lm Gladstone Fam, james Edward ........ 1941 Kimball, Tel. Clarance .,.. 1913 Quillian, Wfarren XV. II 1958 Walton, Jesse I-CC ROY. .lf- 1905 Felnbers, Maft ,,w--..-,,-.---, 1951 King, Edward Lewis ........ 1916 Quillian, William jf. 1955 . . 1945 Bqygdlghx XVe-sley vYV...vv,V. .-1954 Ferguson. J. Paul .---l------- 1959 King, Egbery Earle ........ 1906 Rggtl Jghn Mm-vin '.,,4,,.,.v, 1918 QZMIQFU- whlll? -----------"'-' 1925 Bqqzer, Dr. Jerk v1,,....,lw ...19-10 Few, Thomas P. .......,.,.. 1947 Kirkland, Wlilliam H. ..., 19414 Rayne, Oliver Elwin 1,i,,.,1 1905 W1fl'1S-L1V1Qmf15lP- ----1922 Bowden, Henry L. --------- -1932 Flfths xvaffen -----"4',- 3 -----f-- 1945 Kfllglif, Seth L. ----.--...1--... 1956 Reichert, Albert ,,,i,,1ii,,i,i,, 1956 atson' ' C an er' Jr' 1945 Boyvie' jghn Cliflnn .,...., 1915 Flrzhugh. Webster Millsaps Kravtin, Dr. A. J. ............ 194-1 Reichert, Albert phillips, Jr. gvymefsl Walfff P- -------- 1951 Bgyd, Dm-1,1 Hudson .... 1904 1924 Kyrie, calvin ........,...,....... 1941 1961 Wffmfc- Df- Howafd V- 1917 Boyd' George Hugh . ....-- 1917 Fl-'2fC11C1', IHC ...--Y.------------- 1957 Lambert, jacob Fred .,....,. 1909 Rice H, A ,VVAA 1951 W1 lm er-dkffenzo Robert 1922 Bgydl Dr, lvfontague Lalllttf Flowers, Robert ................ 1920 Lamkin, Robert Walton 1904 Rlcllhldson l3,l,"'Clllllle5 Hyatt me- E Wm Borden, -lf' 1905 Forbes, Robert Standard 1948 Lane, Fount Reginal ........ 1917 ' ' 1904 . . 1944 Bfgibb, Judson Noyes .....Y.- 1904 Fflfd. A1311 B- .---- 3 4--.--..,- .--- 1 950 Lange, Dr. john Harry, Jr, Rlclmrdson .llllm Xvaltct 1911, Svyllltg Dr' Gofzdflfh C' 1908 Brady' xvfllinm Lester, Jr. Forrest, Carroll .Thomas 1944 1951 Rivers Fmllk Proctor 19111 Uflnll. Mflfvlfl -1---------- 1955 1955 Fox, Charles R1Cl13Id .... 1910 Lange, Stephen John, Jr. Rh-ers' Wlllgqm R,-,l,eff"""l9nl, XVl'm."g- Tom A' --5 --------- 1942 Brandenburg, Art .......... .1952 Freeman, Joseph Claude. Jr. 1959 Roach' Gem-ge Samuel 1"' will Wlggfnsl MM5h31lT'gnef1925 Brannen, Dr. Edmund A. - l 1954 Lee, Jack Augustus ........ 1929 Rohm-tg lm-les yVllllfm.l"'l909 xwlgglns- Robert S- ---4--- -1936 1959 Frierson. Wlillxzlm Manton 1954 Lee' James Wideman, jr, 1903 Roberts' 'Rev Fr k L W- Xvlggms- DF- ROY Arthur Bridges. S. Russell, Jr. 1953 Fuller, Hugh Nelson ........ 1911 Lee, Thnmns M. ....,.,, ,,...,,, 1 912 On' ' an C1529 . . 1951 Brim, james Croswell .,., 1961 Fulton, Thomas Linder, jr. Leonard. Louis james .,.. 1903 R berlso Dr yvllllnm C l Wight- Alvm B- ----'--"--' 1920 B1-nwn, JClzlrcil'1ceivfI-Iurll G l R F1 M Lester, Dr, james G, ,,,,,,,, 1919 0 n' ' T957 5,g-rdA- ---4------------ f B urn, osep arce us HIHES, ev. orcnfe . 1 Lgvitflg, Elligft H, ,,,,,,w,,4,, 1952 - -, , - -----'-------rr--- -- Baan. Walter S. .... ..... . --1909 Garland. Halsey S. ........ 1917 Lewis, Dr, William Hill 1905 -llffffllgftl' Wilder- Rev- Jam-'25 3-1 If- Erllmg ?.lh0maSE gEl1tlss,tI1?rt0n,54oI13s Lows' Www' "i""""""' 1'--1917 Rogers 1'h0maS Carter M-1914 Willimms Emory U SF- EUYY TCU HC 1 er, eonar . .. ..... 8 Lo an, Dr. Allen Mashburn ' ' ' "" . f ' 1 "" Burl-Ord. Fred M3952 Glmrdenu, James Lewis 1911 5 1929 Ilgoiers. Wllllam Ernest .... 1920 Williams, Warren Wilmont Burns, Thnmas Crawford 1961 Girardeau, Rufus Marshall Logan' Arthur Gm-don 11.. 1926 R0 6510125 fifewn- .lf ----- 1929 Y' ' 1957 Bm, XVilli3m Thompson 1901 1906 Logue' Dr, gmce ,,,,,,,,1,,. 1934 OPEC Crt - ---------------- 19-15 Wllson. James Frederlck 1935 Bynf, Dm-irl Pecvy ........ 19?0 grahambDunIgnn 151-nirh ..,, 1929 Lovvomi John ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 956 11523121 Illlgier ----f--- f ---------- Sgllson, games SHFEIUVC 15216 Bynum' Dgm ,,,,, ,,,, Y ,,,,1,, 1 9,6 reen, r. letc1er M. 1921 Lf,-,vnncel David Chandler-1962 - ---------------- 15011. M1198 8fgl'0VS, r. Calhoun. James McCoy 195-i Greene, Myles Lafayette .... 1920 Mecnmy, Tom ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1, 1905 Rush, Fleffhef Graf' , -------- 1902 ,. 1940 Callaway, Sam Clayton .... 1959 Griffin, Reese Edwards .... 1946 Mcconnell Remington West Rutland, Walter Blake --" 1947 Wilson, 10119 Elbert -------- 1932 Candler, Dr, Robert xven groong, Robert .... .........., 1 955 ' 1956 gllfifliff-vgslhn Igilellllv ---- Xgllsflin. lar. 1056131 sealy 1941? 1933 up, ex ...........,.,,.,.,.,,,,,,,, 1956 - , U - ICV 1 fl -1-- rlg t, Gorge sgoo 191 Cnndlcr, Samuel Charles 1916 Hale, Morris S., Jr. ........ 1945 M2S?lgglCgr:3f3tIgu:J21nfl?'8 Saxon, John .Harold ...,.... 1914 XVl-,gl-lf, George ,,,,,,,, 1949 Candler, Walter T. ........ 1907 HaleY, John H. ....,....,...... 1952 . ' 1554 Sfdnlafld. hvllllflm H- ---- 1905 XV0l'fhY- DF- William Steve Cannon, ,lne XVarren, Jr. 1930 Hall, ilfseplm Hill . ..... ....... 1 940 MCDO Qld A L J 1 4 SCOYL HCQFY B211 5 ........... 1925 1953 Carlton, Wlllbur A, " nina" zl, CIXCY .........,....,,..,.,,., 1932 1 ' ' 'l ' "" S11 Y. In tc eric .Y.. 191: C er. emme arnest .... 1950 ' Sq ' H U. Merrrllde Jol Holt ISZ? S 1 01 F d k 5 Z H J E A 1913 Hamilton, Wilbur Howell 1918 Mcmlanfa- has C Hfjff--1960 Sewell, S1eP11en,H9Wel1 ---, 1927 CLASS or 1962 Carpenter, Francis W. .. 1928 H2U1COCk. Herman ........,,.. 1923 M ' ' Shaw, Judson Bonner .... 1917 Alb -l B . . P Czlrtledge, Emmett Beard, Jr, gangs, David Heyward 1962 Ccregnr' Kffmfrll Holmiglw gliermiln, Edvyin RlClC1 ..., 1947 Br0f:,i1ttlnig::,21?IunE' Jr' f I ' ' . C V 1 I 1931 Ha n, izlmes Ogy, jr. 19f1 McKee. John Miles MWIQ47 xrmans, Marion Eugene, jr. Hanks' David Hevward .lX3l'l3Uf!1, Tmmas Bertram arp-er, arvln enry .... 19-3 , , 1955 H F k . 1903 Hams, Charles A. ............ 1942 MCT-C001 Rev' Lwnfl POWCIS Sledd, James Hinton ..,,,... 1936 Lmfsef' En,.Cf"f'lIafd- J'- Chambers, Edgar, jr. ...... 1928 Harris, j. L., jr. ....,,,,..,, 1930 1941 Smith, Bealy ......,,,..,,,.,,,,,,, 1931 hgnanfe' lu, Chandler Clark, Ralph Denson .,,, ,,,, 1 960 Harris, Morton ,,,,...,,,,,,11,,,,, 1956 Mflbbeff, HBHFY Frank --,- 1905 Smith, Carl A, ,,1,.1,, 11 Y,,,,, 1959 St' Fr' .gm .F'm- Jr' Clark, Samuel Matthias, jr. Harris, Dr. Rpbert M. .... 1916 Mflfkalh DF- Edwafd George Smith. C1Hf19S Owen, Jr. 1942 mm' an " Jr' 195-1 Harwell, Ernie ........ 2 ......, 1940 , 1910 Smith, Rev. Franklin P. 1950 C1-A55 OF 1955 Clark. Dr. Seymore Garland Hatcher. Weldon Lucian 1904 Mackay, James A. ......,..... 1940 Smith Dr, Gem C Kgfr 1926 - ,. . . 1 B Y Elllott. Arthur James C1 C d 1912 Haygood, William Converse gIfaflfay.JDr1. lgoland P. .... 1920 Smith, Graves ,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1950 Genrge Robert I SY, 'ffl Y ------,w,----"----..... 1958 1931 2 ef, 06 Yars ............ 1913 Smith, Gu Trimble ,.,,,,,, 1 3 - ' " Cleglz, Thomas Boykin ...J961 Heard, Benjamin' Simms 1907 Marshall, Thomas Oliver 1909 Smith, Herlrry Briggs ........ 1324 Il?fgl?1l5blLNm5i0EZQ Clegwrn. Reese ,............... 1950 Heath, Evans Vlrgll ........ 1909 Martin, Mimm Warner 1902 Smith. H. Hamilton AAYQYYYV 1957 Robinson' Steve C glCI11'inf.lHlB1t. Ink ........... 1934 Henderson, Rev. Irby Duncan Mathews, George Xvilligm' jr, Smith, Rev, James Marshall Stone' Jolm ' me am' r' Jef Q' 19-7 1910 1915 1948 Thompson, Bruce Harvard President ----4---4---- ......... V IRGINIA FAIRCLOTH Vice-President .A....,, ,,,,-',, q-,,- L YNN WILLIAMS Secretary -4--Q.--. ...A.. T ILLIE ANN KIDD WHO, the Women's Honor Organization, was established on the Emory campus in May 19545 it represents the highest honor which can be granted to a woman while she is a student at Emory University. WHO represents those things which make Emory a great University. It was or anized to recognize and encourage women students in the fields of leadership, scholar- 3 ship, character, and serviceg to promote a closer understanding between the Administration and the studentsg to serve the communityg and to cooperate with the faculty and other organiza- tions of the University. To be eligible for membership in the Women's Honor Organization, an Emory coed must be a last uarter junior or a senior. She must have not only demonstrated the outstanding Cl qualities of scholarship, leadership, and serviceg but she also must have fulfilled the ideals set forth in the Emory Honor Code and the unwritten standards of the Emory Woman. . . . . . H t. Tapping ceremonies are held in the fall and spring quarters with a public rnsta a ion ceremony. The privilege of being in WHO is not merely a reward for past accomplishments, it is a challenge to do greater and better things for the University. Virginia Faircloth Tina Hall Tillie Aim Kidd Susan Knight Hoda Levine Ella Ann Way micron Delta Kappa john Cromartie joe Gladden Howard Glover Alex Hingfm Ben Johnson Steve Krant jerry Leach Barry Levin Buster Moyer mr , Bill Robertson Ben Shapiro Al Wight Omicron Delta Kappa, leadership society for men, was founded on Decem- ber 3, 1914 at Washington and Lee Uni- versity, Lexington, Virginia. The two-fold purposes of ODK are to honor those Emory men who have dem- onstrated leadership in student affairs and to serve the University. Through its an- nual leadership workshop for high school students and by meeting on a common plane with members of the faculty and administration to solve mutual problems, ODK performs a valuable service for Emory. Eta Sigma Psi Janet Askew Mike Kelly Susan McCain Eta Sigma Psi, founded on the Emory campus in 1928, strives to encourage and recognize student leadership at the lower division lever. The purposes of the organi- zation are to create within the students an interest in extracurricular activities which are beneficial to the University and to hon- or those students active in such areas. Elec- tion to membership is based upon the lead- ership, character, and scholarship of the student. joe MacNabb Joe Moore Lucian Rice jeff Strumpf Larry Woods Bill Zewadski Alpha Epsilon Upsilon Deutschman Draper Dyar Egerton Fab fic Houk Kelltun Lastinger Legg Loemkef McIntosh Pharr Rutherford Tripp Wall Williams Wilson Wolfson QW- ,,, - , Annis Colquitt Henry Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, founded at Emory-at-Oxford in 1906, is the lower division scholastic honor society. Patterned after Phi Beta Kappa AEU recognizes scholastic achievement among freshmen who have a 3.5 aver- age at the end of their third quarter and sophomores who have a 3.25 at the end of their fourth or fifth quarter. Moral character and promise of contri- bution to the world are also require- ments. W H9238 m ,, H HSL n.:. W? mba N H .1 ,941 W f ix if W NA X PAGE SMITH Nursing .t i . -nn-1? 1"-' .4-nl"' M ,-...l .-.4 . JOE GLADDEN Arts and Sciences Emor Wheels Each year a number of students are chosen by the dean of each school in the university to be honored as Emory Wheels. To be nominated for this honor, a stu- dent must have contributed in an outstanding manner to some aspect of campus life. CLAUDE TISON Arts and Sciences A GEORGE ABERNATHY Arts and Sciences 'E y 6, r el RONALD SCHWARB Dentistry , L- E A KIN i A ' ? W i- I ., - ' i 4 5: X X , I 3 ,., t . X i 'ii " ii t .,'1+-I "i ,Vila -I V il i Ay iii 5 , HOWARD GLOVER Arts and Sciences 5' " - 1- . , . 22 T 1.-3. LESTER THARP Dentistry 'Qqnr E, i :im 9 HENRY WISE DAVA AIKEN Graduate Arts and Sciences Nw- Y 'wh' 1 5"f4.?l7P5'-Q.iM?f 1 4 Y YY 5' -'-11L"i Q9 " iw A A ..l"""'- I-.""'H' A .. . ,'f'."f'-Q-s "" E 0--. A 9L4:'.'.fL.:.'j-: ' ' DITQ "H ::?7f5'::'.::.: ' ' D WS -..gi,,:.':f'..:r..' E iii' 4 'TS.'4Z',l4 ' g, my ' 11:13 B " in K f3?:3E'? A A A , ,2fe-2f.f:1'-5 ' 3 me 33 ff" i - , ia: 'spa in . ii 'f ' S ANDY SHELDON Igfjon, Arts and Sciences spouse is Q, W irrm Anal! Hopp ,:-Gulf-Y' ""' 3? 4. - - - ,i-mir? . ,, ,--Q 1. cr- HODA LEVINE Arts and Sciences JOE ATKINSON Arts and Sciences JUNE GOFORTH Theology SUSAN KNIGHT Arts and Sciences BUSTER MOYER JOHN SHIELDS Business Arts and Sciences fb MARTHA READ Nursmg 19 if Lil 3 -A -atm? F , Wx-:Ai iriii gc j F155 JAMES MCFARLAND Medicine WANZER DRANE ii M, is Graduate DAVID CHESTNUT Law z ---U i ze W' HH , , . 4 . , I .ni ' ' E V M"?1i-SML: ' if v Q. L W r N X JAMES MASON Medicine SHIRLEY ELANNIGAN Business Administration ROBERT THOMASON Theology g'iTi'Egf..gffiiiimnm1::"' X if I 1 k f ' an '1 'Kal , ,1 'af-'el 1f,4,4,:.. 9151 FR s lf.,- ' 4 .1 -I A . . va I s :- -l- rf, c.,.- - p.1. ,L Q- f r qu .rf V. fX'h v A-WIA f., -Iv. N , ' "yi 4 ,KX VHF--- 10" .ug 1.41- I M 'X ,ww if -ff I Lua' .-V, ' WIT -1 121 4 ' ,L?g ., "' EEEEE EEE 3 " 5 ,,,,1,, fi ,,... W 1' .. 'W W wffff , H ' 1' LJ W if 'H H1 M? 'E mx 1' H' in L H H E L ,Wi i ' ' ' WX 5 ' ' M ' H ?E' Wd' ""' ,,?f5f5'?i M ,AW Hffifiif' ,M 2 ,"' iff" 5 E H H "Q 12: "Q: 'E 5 W: " ,J LW E w .I X , , 345 H N UNE?" H Hifi? 135555 -AM 3135! fir? M ,:ssT'vQ-Sf., ,. .iii ,. W E35 H H uf? 5 A W M 5 1' M 1 QAASVQQ 'M H M ,W H 'JZQTQQSSQQQQH 1 N 1 Q Q ' L? 5 ' im! W " H :fef,:,:,f-2 m LL,,, is E N ' H Student Senate Representatives: Firrt row: George Abernathy, Dianna Asher, Judy Miller, Adair Roberts, Eleanor Baughrnan, Janice Mohr, Susan Knight. Sammi row: Dick Evans, Hugh Huntington, Dick Langford, jim Ferman, Rick Lentz. Third raw: Ben Shapiro, Dean Pershing, john jones, Bob Pannell, Wayne Moulton, Scott Hobby. Student Senate The Student Senate is the governing and coordinat- ing organization for the entire student body, with rep- resentatives from each of the eight schools which corn- pose Emory University. The Student Senate, however, is also composed of students who are not elected but vvho are active on the Senate committees. According to the preamble of the Senate's Constitution, the purpose of the Student Senate is "to achieve a more perfect government, to develop the best interests of the University and to satisfy the current and future needs for control of the various student activities." College Council Officers, left to right: Kaye Thomason, Secretary, Joe Beck, Vice-President, John Tucker, Treasurer, Ben Shapiro, President. College Council College Council is the representative governing body of the College, with members being elected from each class in the spring and fall of each year. During the year the Council sponsors various ac- tivities. This year they held a reception for President Atwood, sponsored a Hootenanny, the teacher evalua- tion survey, a mock GOP Convention, and Dooley's Frolics. Council Representatives, Fir-rt raw, left to right: Chad Price, Rusty French, Carol Wilson, Maryanne McDonald, Ben Shapiro, Cully Clark. Seromi 1'0Zl", left to right: Lynn Baell, Howard Goldberg, Larry Woods, Beth Lindsay, Sherry Tanner, john Cromartie, Julia Warlick. Third row: john Holmes, Tilly Kidd, Buddy Chase, Betty Wilson, Stephanie Thorp, joe Moore, jim Holmes Lynn Bates. Fourth row: jim Wynn, Susan McCain, Janet Askew, jeff Strumpf, Kaye Thomason, john Tucker. Fifth row: Buck Emerson, Lucian Rice, Gary Patchen, Steve Krant, Randy Martin, Joe Beck. House Council is a self-governing of undergraduate women's dormitories. Executive Council, in cooperation with Dean Rusk and other housing officials, is the co- ordinator for the six residence halls. The council handles all minor offenses and social activities, such as exam break parties. The officers of Executive Council, in- cluding dorm presidents, are elected in a mass meeting, representatives are elected in floor meetings for a mem- ber on each floor. Mrs. Moore is the advisor for each of the dorm councils. Executive Officers: L. Bassett, C. Brannon, E. Way, S. Tanner, L. Bates, P. Winston, D. Baxter, G. Price, V. Pryor, I. Floyd, S. Wilson. Freshman Advisors: S. Shaw, P. Franklin, Z. Dixon, S. Knight, D. Baxter, S. Rollins, L. Bates, B. Lindsay, H. Levine. omen's House Council House Council Representatives Firrl row: S. Ellington, R. Chapman, K Herne, L. Jones, N. Perry, J. Wilson, I. Charlton. Second 1'0Zli'.' D. Asher, M. Camp- bell, S. McTiere, M. Byers, B. Hollander, Ann Cantwell, B. Braswell, J. Rowe, J. Zum, S. Bryant, B. Mercer. Third row: K. Hol- land, B. Hutton, S. Gooch, J. Carswell, M Purvis, S. McNeil, M. Burgess, P. Bailey, E Phillips, R. Wilson, C. Hoelle, S. Davis, L Miller, K. Davis. Dorm Governors, left to riglal: J. Hammond, Hillman, C. Fields, B. Buch- EIHDRU. The Men's Residence Hall Coun- cil, under the guidance of Mr. Harry Cannon, is the governing body of the men's residence halls. Each hall elects its officers in the fall. The officers are Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Treas- urer-Secretary, Social Chairman, and Sports Chairman. The Council enforces housing rules, and sponsors break par- ties and sports competition between the residence halls. Dorm repr. rented left fo right: K. Gross- man, A. Coley, B. Emer- son, D. Royal, L. Weis- blatt. Stazzdizzg' J, Tomar- chio, J. Abram, C. Bridges, S. Mayo, D. Allen, C. Price, S. Tobler, J. Bow- man, R. Morgan. Men's Residence Hall Council Longstreet and Means counselors: reared, left lo right: J. Giesler, Mcllwain, Brimm,'E. Hagan, D. PM terson, H. Canon. Siazzdizzg' L. Lastinger, R. Harrell, Elliot, B. Chase, B. Curry, D. Leake, K.. jobson, B. Shapiro, D. Findley, L. Rice, G. Small, jim Thomas Seated, left to right: John Cromartie, Ben johnson, Joe Gladden, Chairman. Starzdirzg.' Joe Beck, Howard Glover, Tom Summerlin, Alex Hinson. Wytch Stubbs, Gidget Flanagan, . Kelly Kidd, Eleanor Westbrook Honor Council Traffic Court gg si 1 , Y ,J -E J Y L I 1 Y l 2 , w Af? ,ff , ,Y 1421" .1 . If , L", iv. ,ff 'Af?3jis1ii'T N Eff Q1 Wty, 4.6.1 iA:FE"fy"Lx ' Q -' ,f 1 ' Q X 1, ,-'Q 4- Q3-.H N ' 1 -A N! eff? 'I ' ,I ' 'N g ' J !'Aw ,,:?fm+ Q W' 1 .H f ff W wi ' wi. ' .- - ' ss fa. Q g .1 iff , -- Ei! S: 1 in , S 2 L? ' if- -,,.A ' Q 1 " W is-r, ' .4 ff 1 ,.,wg , ' 1: . Y, 1 I-. ,E " 'X ' . 'z 2 'xi :: Y . . V' sr., V, jg ' f' ' ,E , ff?- IA, I, Q," Wigs, f p.-'ff ' li .fswgf . 7- 32235491 rf. A 3,-ff Z 4 -x -.. W, W5 w A 11 , 1 ' -,QV jr H 4 5 fffsflj 1 E X 1 "i Q-L ,gm fig : if nf' Sk i 2 F5 K f ? Q j " 1.. ' Q r I , i H ', ' 1, ml g. f-.91 The Women's Student Association is the coordinating body of all women's student organizations. All women in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, and the School of Nursing are auto- matically members of the Women's Student Association. Its purpose is to strive to promote the intellectual, social and spiritual welfare of all women students as well as to establish better relations between students, Faculty and Administration. The WSA Executive Council is composed of the four WSA offi- cers, two representatives from each class, and the Presidents of WHO, WAA, Chorale, Panhellenic Council, Association of Women's Residence Halls and the Student Body of the School of Nursing. This Council promotes and plans the various Projects undertaken throughout the year. WSA officers are, left lo right: Julia War lick, vice-presidentg Ann Branch, president Betsy Harmon, treasurer, jo Hatcher, secre- tary. Women's Student Association WSA members are, Firrf wuz' Susan Knight, Beth Wilson, Ann Estes, Lyn Baell, Kate Kelly, Vicky- Chandler, Vail PIYOF, Linda Colquitt. Serond rozr: Josie Whitford, Betsy Harmon, Ella Ann Way, Ann Branch, julia Warlick, Virginia Faircloth, Io Hatcher. 'Z 1' ' - '-" E" 3 '35 ll. 'U ' wif 'EEF Q ','!'X5'.. ' F ? A A ,,,,M2A, , 'sea 14 W -. G45 Q. 1 AA sig: .W ., A. wav. ,V 1- ff. 1. ,H A --ww, . A Ev .,. 1 . E Www 'M' xf'i2v'i-11 '1 'mv . "mb . 'Q A' "-. 1 ' , 'P-E'-44 f- Ja., . ' '-'1241-H 4 , 1 ' .1 . L " - ,ji 3 , - , ' "r ,,.. wg.. ' 'H ' ,. 1 1 .,, as Y A 19' --QQ: Ai '41 'im QZTN. "".gg5,,,, , - 2 , 5 ug 1 , fp' f ,. Q "J, , ' 1 m--.-- 1 4" Bw-1'wg. .,,, F' '3'1',?.Q- ,. f 51, 4 'asa 9 W -f -1 , ' - u 1 SF.. Q' Hf 1 ' gi!--' -1"' " "' fr1Q?J" '55 ' ---' fx ' 'ff-1 fff ' "'f"5A5! aff? 1- ' .mf L " Zm- F52 lf' '-' Mfcgei -1, 'X 5 VN ' W xw-' I - - 4 . . ..-V , , 1 9. WYE., I .. 3? 7, A. , ., 'sf' ie1x,y11g .A . - g:f'gmf1,,g Ai gn, 1. ,,, X 231111 , Uh Via.. 1' 'Q' "1f"a4,a- C qw ' 553 9'--I1 . f ' . ' -' ' ' -HU A A A1 116, , :Lg A4 1 121w'g 1, ,, 'ffl yi "5-1-BAA? '.'. leg Q 'wx -A '!v"Ng4iAhai8AA N., 1 , 1 g.AAA AA . V- N 5 - ' ' ' ' 1 4 - Q. .-Y A .uf-,ian -4-in 'A 35:11 - hun. 4 A mf! - , .. 32, 'T'-1.-"V . " Y. V """"1 v' 1 S .Mkt T311 1 J' . , X553 'V gf' Q' 'Y - 541 4' 111-ws 1156 .11m" " 15,13ii...11:. '-A-.11 111. .f .SH V- A 1 1-.32 .qqiigggli 11 . agent -Q1 up A 1 'veg at I 4 i vm mf ay 1 'bn . 1 .. . f,-. . Q . JL. wr: .A -5 QAIWQQFAA. 'A P gg its 1 Af- . Ai fx' Aki' ,.,- if is 1 . . 1' fa! .-.4 - " "3 - PVR B: . 1. . - -51: , 1121. -'- Ml 1 5 ' ' " . "Q L i 1.113 2' .. Q 7'-f "' ' , ' '- "3 1 It . f Q .'Sf.hwg,,g, , 8 G 'iii . v A1-A ' 1 iagfigm 5: iii SuK1k?4'?fA fy Q, .E A - ,Ns v 1 1 ' M 'M-1 11' w f A F" '11 1- .1 ' " 1" A -ff . 1 . 1 .2 ,,. 1 ,HQ uh .- Yhljgfi 4. , ,Egg Wg' gs qgfu 1, . A: ir 1. A A as A ' 1' we ewiw, A 4- " fu.-.W 'fi ga, , Q, v -. -JL -1- ' fi 4- 4.5.1 'www td is, "W . . '3"'1!.- 1. "Pug I ' 1 '4'f,.- '11 'Y ,AA A, .wi LM I, A .1,.J'vy T A L 3 A' ,C A1, - QA., '- 1 -1, -1:11 iq 'S 11 -A ,A , L, AJ 'SA - ,f.,.-.MA 5, AQ A ,A - A A f -1 wg A A , E qs ,. .Y 5QL1Agl.E.1A:-A A , All in wp ,J-gms :ggi .1i' N11 A 1gE,,g15A .A I: A A 1, A icy L L gqzjii Uegh MQ- 5 Him AA T 54 WA A '- -1 J . J, V - ' - ' -. is - A " ' ' - '.-if, -tj, A ggfdiiqi-2, gi' LL 'T-iii QYLEAAA , f . -4 -i1:1A?A3L. Sift A ti B QQ? 4 . 1 ' " Cl , ' A " ' V Br 5 ' 3 ..,, ,. , - . - " G Q 1 WL , ' ' ' 4- -g 1 mi A -it .,f'?QA' f A-1. 1 - 1-191, f-fl it ' 5: .. ' ' 'N P-"iv: 1 1. 1 1. L.. . L ' me if 'W ' 1. f "P:-T ' A, .. i.- 1- 1 ?'Y' aff 1-1 A K 1 . ' '2 5 1 . 1-11+:.Qgq,11 .4 ' 11.4 A 'gn wp f AN ..a,AJ.f. . 1-' ,A ' W" 5117 .Q ' 'gf .f,15A.M .11 A A1 ' 'l 1' .1 , , . ' "' 1 f , ,, 'Q' 1 :""' 1' ' ' . ' ,QQ .Ay A J , A ALE: . 1 - ws. A A :M A -M 1 - bk: ,',f ' N. 5552 . J n 1-.3 Q A 'fs x P 'A' . -. .. A , Eg! - - .4 , ' 3 W1 1. , ky' ! 'k' f"L 5 if 2 '1-.z-QT: k ' -,- ' g+.1:5:,-? A XG ' 5' E1 51911-Q -L Q-.-1 55A-,A mugg:1.L,A.i1g .-ig? A ' " Q1,gif11gI311A'1i-'.ifs' ,if-if A .1 1 A Xiflmi "lf"'vfm'f 15" A " ' , ., ..., . ,-f'f"'+,'f3',',, ' at 19 A' ww iw. N ,- an ma 1 1 as MW - 1 Q1 1.11 uw. T Bt ' A A if . as up file-11111111 1, mu . A.., V. A ..,AiA .1121 .1 , . Qaszwggr -, g M ' ' A AVAAA iif i -1 W 0, 5,125 fr A "7 A F ' 3' '15 JJ, K ' 'A 4. A Af A. A .J .1 .. Y 1:,,,y.A1E, A 1' 111, ' " A iff? J 1 .,1 - -. lx L I 1 ' 1' f .,.AAf ., A N D A is 11 2 ,,.. isifss2f:sif'.. 11 1 1 " " " M1 11Wj':1A- " 1 1511152111114 A1 1 1 Mxaer, 353213 ...,A. A M E3 my ::':5:: 22122511 1 1 1 W...111 1 . giesziesiiasiieh.. ' 111 s,.QN?L , .wang .eizgeszgssiggigluw X1 1f111:f2v1f21:fw-" Zigi. 12121.51 , A 12121, 1 2'17i5i.W1. 113 grime 1 iiimmw 7 ' 'X , W? 1... 1 L 1 1 1 ,151 1 1' A 7. A ,,..., ...,...,.. , A ,,, , 1 1 15 rw N4 I 55:1 MW VAIA .. .. W.. , 532 'M nf? . MW 171' EDITOR, Al Wight An accurate portrayal of Emory University, its life, its growth, and its people, was the goal of the 1964 Campus. Under the editorship of Al Wight, the staff has worked hard, through the usual headaches and mix-ups, to present a yearbook that will be meaningful to all Emory students. Aided by the very capable photography of Dar- rell Thompson and the support of those listed in the advertising section, this book goes to the Taylor Publishing Company with the hope that it will be enjoyed by Emory students now and in later years as a pleasant reminder of their college days. The 1964 Campus Assocnma EDITOR, Judy Long BUSINESS MANAGER, Frank Middleton ACTIVITIES EDITOR, Martha Coulter N GREEKS EDITOR, Patty Putman I UNIVERSITY EDITOR, Bob Gunby Y ,fa v L4 Arlene Bucklew instructs Ellen Holder and Joan Charlton in the use of the scaleograph. Q.-.-i Georganna Morton types copy for the Student Govern- ment section. A: iw it ng? V J 'W fir! f v.e,, f David Willard cleanslfit up shop. Patsv Jo Brooks seeks inspiration. Hard at work-Cliff Bridges, Ben Curry, Vance Jones, Gail Moulton, Mary Helen Hamilton, Terry Shelley. ' ' QJRCVLY, .ma wr, 1 :ae H u W , an Leger.: ..,, A- :few rv ww i rm 5 y W Ham N , -an will Nl" EE' .1 ,gggfe it ui, I . W re ull ,. v z fa Nancy Beard, Martha Laird, and jane Solberger review the '63 CAMPUS. Kathleen Morrow gets information for the Administration section. EDITOR, Dava Aiken Now in its 45th year of publication, "The South's Most Independent Collegiate Newspaper" has been awarded the All-American rating, the highest recognition given by the Associated Collegiate Press, twenty-three times since 1937. The Wheel this year was under the leadership of Dave Aiken, the first full-time Emory co-ed to be editor of the paper. The Wheel expresses itself in battling campus institu- tions and practices that it believes need to be modernized or eliminated. It receives both praise and criticism on its stands by students and faculty, but its popularity can not be doubt- ed, as illustrated by the rapidity with which the issues are taken up by the Emory community. The Emory Wheel BUSINESS MANAGER, Leon O'Kelley MANAGING EDITOR, Steve Stephens ,J 1? 551 J IX ASSOCIATE EDITOR, Tom Summerlin f Hb' ,L I , v. .. ' - . w I Q A.,-.Q HN .K Aj . V , Ma um" ??'1'Lw H",w,,,"'JfygQ,g' w, 1- H 3133. v H uw .5 Q "Z " ' 5 GQ EDITORIAL ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGER Ben johnson joe McNabb FEATURE EDITOR, Ranny Patterson NEWS EDITOR, Bill Zewadski WOMEN'S SPORTS STAFF: Susan McCain, Kay McKeough, and Susan Dungau. COPY EDITOR, Gary soud ART EDITOR, Wilton Mullen OPY EDITOR, N I1 H ll C e Hue NEWS STAFF Ot1s Turner Assoclate News Edxtor Susan Pharr , D RTT Debbie Staton C1rO1 Draper and Im Cole ' V l i "" 1 ua ,.,,g f , , 51 M., ,Qi , V, " 1 ra , I- V i Ja I ...fx 1- CO-EDITORS Eleanor Randolph, john Tucker The Phoenix Now in its 76th year of publication, the South's oldest collegiate magazine is headed this year by co-editors Eleanor Randolph and john Tucker Classed as literary-humor, the Phoenix presents short stories and humorous articles and serves as a source of entertainment for the members of the University. It also provides an outlet for Ernory's creative talent. The Phoenix is recognized by the Associated Collegiate Press as one of the top college magazines. Jerry Long, MANAGING EDITOR Loren Stahl, LITERARY EDITOR Wayne Wood, ART EDITOR Tom Parrott, BUSINESS MANAGER -.- - STAFF: Ron Tri Frank Annis Ann I-Iosford PP: 7 9 Steve Levinson, Frank Johnston, Rusty Rodriquez, the Roaches. Frank Johnston, FEATURE EDITOR NX,- George Fox, EDITOR OF EDITORS A IWJ 3 . 7 . Publications Committee The Publications Committee, committee of the Stu-Senate, aids the Emory publications in an advisory capacity. It appoints the editors and business managers of the Campus, the Wheel, and the Phoenix. It is composed of Senate mem- bers from each school, editors and representa- tives from the publications, and advisors. Gunby Johnson Johnston Long . . Omey P1 Delta Ep silon Putman The Emory chapter of Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary journalism fraternity, selects as its Randolph members Emory students who have displayed a Rogers high degree of interest and participation in cam- StePhEn5 pus publications. To be eligible for membership a student must have worked five quarters on the Campus, the Wheel, or the Phoenix and have shown interest and ability. Summerlin Tucker Wight Wayne Moulton is chairman of the Student Senate Publications Com- mittee. FOR PRESEDEN 3 'Q ,X :LW ,na F E , ,. EW, 1-:L WW-W 1,:, Us uw W x W ..:WW , .WWW 1-if ky: M ' iffgliniiii X ' A I .f - W l - - W! 'fl W-, . N W, . mgif . K if. 'Tn . Jafar.: -.T 4 H . 1, w he--4+-V ','Lk....i...c L' g , :mvW:-iv, WwWr,Q1fW r'::-'- ,W WWWWW, ,W W-.H . Q , -6. gg "fi, 71" ,W W., X' s ,il X U, " :Q - 'N LAN 4 -. 4' ' ' :aim . ' w X321 ' .....-. ..-..4.,..,,, - , v, W, . Lsyftfk- 'A 6:4 ' ' -W 4 , , "2.e1w:1: . ...luis -, , 5 A ,mW,v,.L XQEMNM ?7L 5-3:57, i g M., 1 .WA , TSW af-5 15 -A .gQf'W' X' :it-file"-2 -' -W f - ' - -. .W !'vWg5jfr,n.Ag'- -h '-W"'f.,5f , 1 Wm., qv Jw 4 4 - - 1-T, .- l" A. . .W f, ,, W V ' 'WA XWW Taxis? WW AW? Y -74: 'V1""":I W W 'W .WWW WW , W , W W Ilx, W 11. W ,H .M MQ: X X W M W W" W W 5-faigi-W" Mgf2'UQW" ' ,W Z W W m , V, .mul ,W M M.. W W WWW W W UW! gg? , W M-szfjjWWh'W':EQW ' W W ,vm J., fix 'asf 2 ' ' W ,Q , 'lui W 1 W W' wwf 52' WW ' W if " w5??M ky' W A 53325, ' W W W j -. W3 1. 3 W qu. W W W W WW WW ,,,.. WW - W WW Massa - M v x,:,,A zzssilssw 'IW' PW ,. W .2 NMWWM ' WW WWW. X , ,S-1 H SWQWWMWDW M .2 g. -1, . , ...L ,: gbigmgah .W JALA W V ' I .QKEH fn -L ' ' - 'QQ - .1 M 31 W ii' W .X I ffxx Y -Q TU WWWW W fff123W ' Qfarfi 'U 1 W-rl-T IW 1411 Jixxffiffx WTF! Wm Tb 'x a ,-I -- 1 'W fgsifgsfssf 5. ' A ' :GJ-2 ' WW Sissiiissggfimv'WW1',W"' 2 55233 W' Ria W W' ff--W-W W W H 2'.,fff,,x 'gs' T, 'MW 'i'P'f, Y V 3 : V ' ".l Q .. ,- W F., . J ?" fe ,A-H V ,rg l, g llfif ,,- x g -t Officers: Fin! row: Emily Walls, Sue Layfielcl, Marion Kilgore, Mary Arm Little, Mary Ann Hamff, Cathy Large, Sherry Kroske. Glee Club Firrt row: Al Corn, Homer Carlisle, Harry Pop Lemonds, Olin Weaxfer, Howard Hangar. Chorale e, Tom Rumble. Second raw: Dr 3 i 5 4 S ai V W- . 'lil i ' , l l . WAA Representatives: Sary Ellington, Dell Fleming, Beth Wilson, Margaret Chase, Susan Dungan, Lillis Turner, Barbara Batho, Carol Thigpen, and Kathy Moorehead. omen's Athletic Association The XYfomen's Athletic Association organizes and good sportsmanship as well as encouraging a high level manages the athletic program for Emory Women. The of athletic achievement. Members are chosen from each organization attempts to promote interest in athletics and sorority and independent group on campus. Members: jim Elliot, Em Cole, Rusty Rodriguez, Tom jones, Bucky Emerson, Charlie Egerton john Shinall john Disher Cary Mulford jerry Sherman, Jim Pollack, Lawrence George, Bill Brawner, Marvin Thomas, Jimmy Massey Charlie Harris Sandy Mayo Johnny Lee David Willard, Doug Parks, Bob Parker, jim Taintor, Harry Rhein, Rick Lentz, john Meigs jim Winn Steve Brice joe Moore jm Paullin, Chandler Peterson, Steve Hanges, Lanny Hoyal. Circle K Circle K, a service organization, each year sponsors Senior Day, a program established for high school seniors accepted by Emory, and attended by students from all over the South, as well as other parts of the nation. Circle K also provides ushers for various programs on campus. Officers Seated: Ed Raine President Wood Turner 1 ya 1 Y 7 Executive Board Member. Stmzding.' john Reese, Treas- urer, Tom Chamblis, Vice-president, Dub Leake, Secre- tary. we Tl , , H WJ. W4 -l pl it iil i 9 . N ' w r tt Q fl it t i ff !.r. a, it Members, mated: P. Cohn, G. Albert, G. Simmons, H. Whelchel, B. Katzen A Gibbs A Vincent j Blackwell Standzng G Davis L Tyner, C. West, F. Annis, M. Moses, H. Fenster, N. Gould, B. Kahn D Nolen Alpha Phi Omega Delta Kappa, the Emory chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, was established in 1946. A national service fraternity, APO's ideals are friendship, leadership, and service. As one means of fulfill- ing these ideals, APO sponsors a Pretty Girl- Ugly Man Contest to raise funds for charity. This winter quarter the Delta Kappa chap- ter sponsored an APO convention, held at Em- ory, and representing APO chapters from schools throughout the entire Southeast. Officers are Kim Kimball Secretary Perry Cohn 1st Vice Pres Bill Kemp 2nd Vice-President Jerry Drummond Treasurer Fred Miller President and Ira Pozen, Historian ff--' i: li Ln::r: ling ll Members are, firrl row: L. Gonzales, S. Hilliard, W. Graham, D. Lee, B. Wilkinson, B. Bruner. Second row: D. Fleming, S. Windsor S jackson, E. Able, N. Crain, B. Morris, L., G. Matlock, T. Crook. Third row: L. Crocco, J. Drummond, K. Rf'-sen, A. Kirsch, R. Wurst P Dunning, H. Fenster, R. Brown, C. Penland, B. Buchanan, I. Culler, J. Drummond, G. Cohen, R. Fairchild. Collegiate Civitan The Emory Collegiate Civitan Club was or- ganized Spring Quarter, 1965. Already the club has participated in many Emory activities and service projects. Among these are assisting with the Crea- tive Arts Festival and the Student Coke Lounge, and selling fruit cakes. The group is enthusiastic and capable, always willing to be of service to the Emory community. Officers: Eddie Able, Lilly Grace Matlock, Gene Matlock Members, Firrt row: Laura Byrd, Terry Cox, Lynn Bryan, Karen Steele, Lida Bushloper. Second row: Don O'Neal, Lawrence Bryant, jeff Mandel, Claude Tison, Dwight Jarvis. The Emory Players In their thirty-fifth dramatic season, the Emory Players justified their long and glorious tradition with stirring presenta- tions of "The Prodigal" and "The Import- ance of Being Earnest." The long hours of preparation by cast and production staff were fulfilled in these very successful pro- ductions, and were evident to the apprecia- tive audiences. Membership in the Players is open to all Emory students, and interested persons are urged to participate. David Jones, jan Reynolds, and Al Boyles rehearse for "The Prodigalf, Faye Hood and Malala Potter in a scene from "The Im- portance of Being Ernest." George Bostick Charles Clark Don Fowler Harvey Huntley Ben johnson Kelley Kidd Anita Henry The Barkley Forum Edward Hall, Arfl. Director Edward Kellogg Lewis Miles Chandler Peterson Thomas Tucker Bill Wlaltefg Laffy Wloods The Barkley Forum's position is better today than ever before. The team has ten Proven varsity debaters, giving the Forum the greatest depth of any team in the South. The members of the Forum have debated a total of 249 times interscholastically. Emory has won 177 of these debates for a win percentage of .711, one of the top records among southern teams. The Forum each year holds two tournaments on the Emory campus: The Annual Peachtree Invitational De- bate Tournament for colleges, with more than 200 de- baters in attendance, and the Annual Barkley Forum for high schools of the Southeastern United States, with more than 500 high school debaters competing. The high school meet is generally considered the best of its kind in the nation. The Forum's efforts are directed toward represent- ing Emory well, and the record of the team shows that it is succeeding. President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Bob Bell Bill Avera Cully Clark Mike Kelly MEMBERS: Lynn Birdsong, Barbara Lenkard, Marline Neuhauser, Anabel Yang, Angela Wall, Karen Steele, Sandy Miller, Sandy Hilliard, Kay Dyar, Lynne Bates, Lida Bushhloper, Connie Kredel, Susan Leas. Independent Women's Organization Campus Club MEMBERS: jimmy Steed, Charles Evans, Chris Field, Dave Roberts, Fred Barlow. Emory Religious Association ERA Officers are Bill Avera, President, Karen Steele, Vice-President, Barbara Spragens, Secretary, Robert Romeo, Treasurer. As the interfaith union of all religious groups on campus, the Emory Religious Association seeks to coordinate ac- tivities stimulating the growth and expression of religious life within the Emory community. The directing body of the ERA is its council, composed of a community chairman and representatives from all affiliated denominational groups, fra- ternities, and sororities. The Reverend Sam L. Laird has again served as advisor to the council this year. Annual activities sponsored by the ERA and its cooperating affiliates have been: Religious Emphasis Week, a special Christmas program, Brotherhood Week, a spring banquet, Holy Week Services, and an Easter Sunrise Service. Denominational organizations affiliated with ERA are: the Baptist Student Union, sponsored by Mr. Dwight Pearceg Canterbury Club, sponsored by Father Robert H. Manning, Christian Medical Society, Graduate Christian Fellow- shipg Hillel, advised by Mr. Adalbert Freedmang Liberal Clubg Newman Club, sponsored by Father Alwin Matthews, Wesley Fellowship, advised by the Reverend Lon Chesnutt, and Westminster Fellowship, sponsored by the Reverend Em- mett Herndon. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Fim' row: S. J. Fleming, V. Smith, J. Prichard, M. Smith. Second row: K. Pearce, D. Wiley, B. Taylor, J. Bell, M. Scho- field, A. Wall, J. Satterfield, C. McArthur, A. Pearce. Third row: D. Pearce, J. Drum- mond, M. Flynt, C. Dyer, Drummond, P. Jones, B. McIntosh, B. Kirkland, j. McClain. Fourth row: M. Harris, B. Walker, T. Lindabury, North, D. Smith, L. Mel- ton, B. Mullis, C. Greer. HILLEL Firrt row: L. Finklestein, R. Dunn, S. Thorpe, R. Snyder, M. Feinberg, D. Levy, E. Holder R. Deutschman, L. Smith. Seromi row: N. Gould, B. Hollander, S. Lieberman, H. Nadler M. Baer, J. Segall, F. Annis. CANTERBURY CLUB Mack O'Barr, Susan Leas, Joseph Wise, Lynn Bates, Doug Quick. NEWMAN CLUB Kathy Horne, Margaret Chase, Mary Beth Norris, john Naas, Father Matthews, Mike Parrino, Ann Hosford, Kay McKeough. WESLEY Fil'Jf row: S. Reiter, S. Knight, L. Col- quitt, J. Williams, S. Franklin, S. Bur- rows, A. Hutchins, M. Laird. Second row: B. Waldon, C. Field, I. Jordan, D. Nolen, J. Poullin, E. Behnke, A. Estes, J. Scheldt, J. Winn, KI Steele, D. Willard, Rev. Chesnutt. lm -S ,Fi . 5 :git H 1 - Y H ' " . n . 1 SCENES FROM "THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST," pre ai 'gulf s Q , .. 5.-wr l30 ,M sented by the Emory Players. Margaret Chase receives Pretty Girl Trophy from APO. 613' le ' ' 4 , n ,, . v , 'I E i a. tw ou. naw - . : , Lf'f':':' f f.1ff:+ ' " .4ri" A Muni J 4 , Rf- 1' "UQ: r -' xm' Y ,,,,.- 1 . W. A A , ,U , .A I e .Ai -v . Q P 6 . 5 u 1-rf,,.,' "ff ' . . D Q, 2 ' ,v 4, E. L, up 1. Q D ,Q , .A-nf u -Q f,a' f . - ' 11- , - . ,u ' :Q A-' rm, W. , - www ig,-wM.," J,,,,IlwLvuVf'Y,, g, 4 . N A. .1 ' 'ffl .Q fig f.ww5ff , 2,545 ' . A A 5, in g.4,if,31,E9 ' K Q , Q, ,QM ,M M- WW, w Y F5 vii, v 1' f H V, .W , I 2 'J pg! if -M .1 . f " x ' ' f13,,,,,q, . Y wx.. Nm., ' ,W !M,,w'-Wm' W X v -, .jyw ' u -351. 4- A . . 7? uf I A, fx 5'4" N rig f5 x Q ' . , A Q I 1 h W ,W ar 5 Y A--F '-I-if 1: 1' f- W". ' H fm. I "W V1 . f-1 V Iv ,ln lv U! V, I, , .E . V' I L A N ' - 12' 7 4 I ' J x W 1 , E, A , :S r A - ' 2 'l ' 1 ' - X 1 W . 1 , x X 5 3, V1 , V , an ' 9 W 1 1 .s, P 1 hi'- ....-L,, '- .r 3-V' 51.4 N Sgt. D. E. WADE is NCOICA, Noncom- missioned Officer in Charge of Administra- tion, for the Emory Air Force ROTC. Major EDWARD C. PATTERSON heads the Air Science De- partment of the Air Force ROTC at Emory. He has developed the AFROTC greatly dur- ing his first year as its head instructor. -., V , ' " - -1 ,.f ' F lg ....i.,. 'L ' Captain RICHARD JACKSON serves as Commandant of Cadets in the Air Force ROTC in Emory's Air Science Department. 3 I Sgt. K. W. BENFIELD serves as one of the military instructors in Emory's Air Force De- partrnent. Emory's AFROTC The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps at Emory University helps -to develop leadership and provide training for the college men in this program. The Air Science Department at Emory is staffed by a group of well qualified United States Air Force officers. Working with the l military officials are Emory Cadets who have not only made themselves but also made Em- ory's AFROTC worth-while and progressive. Miss KEYNA MILLER is very efficient in her capacity as secretary of Emory's AFROTC. FLIGHT "A" ROTC Cadets are, from left to right, firit raw: Dick Evans, Mickey Harden, Jim Winn, Fred Cox, Charlie Ruggles, Torn Peters. Second row: Chandler Peterson, Huber Parsons, Richard Walsh. Third row: Ralph Reed, Mike McKenzie, Peter Gerum and john Girardeau. FLIGHT "B" of the ROTC' is comprised from left to right of first row: Fred Dorsey, Nick Fisher, joe Blackwell, Craig Goodman, Larry Higdon, Bob Payne, Tryon Lindabury. Second row: John MacGregor, Andy Canterbury, Guy Hill, George Bostick, Malcolm Haskell, Third row: Doug Cowart, Henry Wheeler, Bill Harrell, Guy Mayes and Bill Eager. The Cadets in FLIGHT "C" are from left to right, Firrt row: Bill Tye, Bill Gunnells, jim Lockwood, Marvin Thomas, Rodney McDowell, Kim Ross, Steve Edwards, Dan Nolen. Second row: Brian Makoff, Hank Loehr, Mike Morgan, Neil Fleischman, jack Tannehill. Third raw: Bill Walters, Rusty Simp- son, Doug Parks, james McGee, Denny Royal, and joe Nonidez. The members of the SQUADRON STAFF of the AFROTC are Dan Nolen-"C" Flight Capt., Tom Peters-"A" Flight Capt., Tryon Lindabury-"B" Flight Capt., Walter Alexander-Squadron Operations Officer, Dan Johnson-Squadron Administrative Officer, David Poythress-Squadron Comdr. and Bernie Ragsdale-Drill Team Comdr. The marksmen of Emory's RIFLE TEAM are Dan Johnson, Fred Reese, Chris Bentley, joe Nonidez and Hal Crumley. The membership of the AFROTC DRILL TEAM are, from left lo right Fil'Jf row: Chris Bentley, George Schwarzkopf, Toivo Rist, Tommy Duvall, Bernie Ragsdale. Second row: Jim Paullin, Don O'Neal, Arnold Rausch, Bobby Reeves. Third row: Hal Crumley, Tom Ostermann, Ken Ray, and Mike Mannheimer. Sports a ,.. M1431 Emory player races opponent for the ball. Intercollegiate Emory Emory Emory Emory Emory ....r.e ...... Emory Emory ..v..e, ..rr. Emory ....... ,..,.. Soccer '64 SEASON SCORES 2 Oxford ......,.r,r., 0 Maryville ...... 4 Fla. Southern 5 Oglethorpe ..,..., 1 Davidson ...,..,.. 1 North Carolina 1 Pfieffer .e.... ....r.. 5 Rollins .,..r., SOCCER TEAM Members: Martin Brown, Ralph Byers, joe Canepelli, joe Carroll, Coach Partin, Hoke Cooley, Don Smith Bill Turnipseed, John Vann, Vic Herwick, john Cromartie, Bill Eager, Bill Eigen, Alex McKinnon, Ed Hagan, Buster Moyer Steve Edwards, Moe Morrell, Hank Knight, Mike Hawkins, Joe Haraszti, Bill Kotys, Sergio Poyo, Charles Ruggles, Bob Ferris Bill Walt hall. ..,r,. ,,,,,,,- 71, . , . - A ass: Bill Eager readies a hard kick. Emory player tries for a goal. Everyone is waiting for the falling ball ,rd "fl Qgg-i?6...S? VJ: - 1 'iii' N U, .4 Y F . V L,VfI 53' 'WW' v f! 1 w -4 1 1 4 3--1 . 'ic' ,,..,-...- .1311 , , I 1 , V 1 .,4 1 EF!! " .,,,--- J 1 v'1 5 .,,,-Q -f, N 1 I .sgh F- , 'w -. g jg-5 ' A , 7 iii ,Q 1.155 . - x - f , V, ,Az Wil. .3 .-- - 1 F gf ' 1 r' A 'Q 4 X, Q32 N V . I ' I ' i" :. A 5, g ' 4g4 1 tl i -we-'f"'4 s ' Am W lag, E i' if , .54-,I The Emory University Faculty Team, sporting such agile members as Coach Cooper, Coach johnson, Coach Henry, Dr. Boozer, Mr. Bridgeman, Dean Rece, Mr. Klein, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Shropshire played a rousing game with the All-Stars from the intramural teams. The All-Stars took the lead and held it, but the score, after the opening of the fourth quarter was not kept. F acult Plays All-Stars 1 Dedication of New Tennis Courts , V F My f -v . . Z ,T ,. .gh , , ' i fy Qi ' ' ' K gf " A Wy EF i , , ,, 5 1 X A FAST HARD GAME IS PLAYED TO CHRISTEN THE COURTS. T W i I43 i 4 ww" mu 'rgdm SWIMMING TEAM: Frou! row, left to right: Steve Reighard, Larry Weisblatt, Marv Thomas, Dick Thomas. Bark 1'0Zl'.' Steve Tolber Tom Osterman, Bill Turnipseed, Jordan Dean, Randy Martin, Bob Parker, Terry Binion. Steve Reighard comes up after a hard swim. Randy Mal-tin Pulls ahead' Eagles Gain More Wins . . What a lob! Swift and sure Got it. l e l nterfraternit Softball SAE tops AEPi In a replay of a contested game Sigma Alpha Epsilon downed the AEPis for the Interfraternity Softball Championship, 8-5. The winning pitcher for the game was Jack Read for SAE. 1-5fs.i, ?1fpi - O , A ,pq . A - fs A . -1, Sf, ,.. . . N, ' Q'f.F,n-SQA W ,S ' ,X 'fu jx, 'QQTR' gg " , . ,fiA..,,-, f V A, L A 1 -ein' 'J is '- Yi - e .- an s. "-'4""VI"' -' " 1-L.. '. , e W 1 J -1 4-U Y ' VAN . -sgivgv-fx-1 ' ln' - Pu . . . - , .wig Q, -1 - - ' ' -vi 'mai y.,' '.." r- 1- .,. f"' ' fs, -, ' ' L-, sn ' , ,Sw - 1, " ' M M i , . ., ., A' -' ' ' --Ji H "I ' 4 . . Q '. a-. - : ,,. is - ' ,E N f , A milf'-1,-,,. ,. ,H fr, ,Q , '-". .. ' ' .D.',,.,. V f- I- ,gsF":'-I-. nge, W ag a ' ny-2.5 ' ,Jn -' f. ' 'fn' . 'U Y- .' lv x -J 1'7.,,'l .'., xlsglfm.--nil , ' I AA A , , an A W' 1u,Ai5q,A5iA1:L5 A t inge. . Mg, ,Q'7"y.'14,. V A--My li lx , . it-BA S ,, ,, if-fl ,,.e , i . .gal izwf- " Q: 'S wg' 5, A -R , wi lf Q ,,. A 1, A A., if -11 , -V '- , . 'ifi-1 'P M 3. , , ,V Q-' V A rg .. H f ,-ww. are -We , who .. f- sir' -N -Q F' p ' "'- i 1. L ", me - f fe A .- ff, .Q X ' 5 4 is ll il 1 f 5 Vftf' Q X e ' T" f. f bi, '7 'Q : M ' '7' 'fl l A a ' fa, 5 - Q, il A i " " - ' M24 i i 'A' Z' I ' fa ""'xf' ,391 .. , 'J-':FW"l 'e lx' 'N .i .4-1' - ' ,J 1' i , A 5 AA ,.,AA,v Ci IQ' ig .'l',gQi-AA --Ixfmf H., V1 ' Agfa . ig- ,A- haf. W ' A,fi,'f:f-51.42 n "- -, A gllwgis' Y ggi wigwwag' wi N ii -f 5 ' ' ig : shit ,A-Q-XE, -L X ,Qi ...v ., ,- r A -- - - , ls M - X. M '- - 5 , A , -, -w Q A, - 5 - . A V - AA' ,AL A-A A 1 . ' ,H ', A ,aW:se3-eb. AA - Ex 161- f ,I ,Axxgh 'Hi gn ' . 'Xl R - -. -fins -15' , A A -Y 3.1"-15 AA , R , - ' ,. . l, Z, , -if 'S 49-3-, :ff Y . ,a f " ,- U ' BEE.: ' A ' ' g ' ,je S' - ' N, f ' - '-91" , .-,. X ' ,f' 1 . fm., . ,ff , ,. f, -4 .JT "- f: r f ' ' w, E- +2 . ' .s-15, Q.. 21:-',."' -1-. -.1 Y f . -f J: -1'-" , vw V 1 .v J 'A I - - in -,.g,,l., ,LL iq f 5, 'gg if ., A3,4,,,,,..a efkg---: , P- ' N.-,., V A Kg gf:-f, ' --H5..:.a.a.if.fQ.- -Q3 ' 'fl f ' if A -"fb - ' a' ew- ' ff 1-' - ' A A ' - 4 J Q' - 'MTH' 'l. I fi I Lat.. '11 1, I 'P' .23 X 45:4 a . ', R Ain VA-V I f . , -J U ma F1- .6J"'s - Q., s !i,i? 4 im wiv-'ID' 'Nw ., I 'FQ' J rv- JI lf.-Q, Interfraternit Football Alpha Tau Omega nipped defending champion Sigma Chi 6-3 on first downs in a scoreless football game to crown a highly successful season with the interfra- ternity championship. In a final game with KA, Sigma Chi was left in second place in the intramural football season. if iff , n AA ' w , ' M h , nab , VT' N . 4 'Wg 1 N A f-'NH X ,M f 55 W J' , I' ' 1 x 4 , f Q' 9 1, N 5 S KA ,,. L X K , A, -Q. X, fx V ' 1 1 R I 1 ' , f rf . Q, A-af-fir"""Q' Y ' X X E1 f 56:31, X A , . 1- ,Q . nk , WA .V x .1-,w f 'kj j 'Z A ,Al V ' r . ., fn ,ry Q.-15,1-.M -- Htyuryf .- - :..':: r a: .. gk- A, ,. Y I IZ -,.f, Q if X. ,W .5 vm-jx ,A ,ff U I ,ge-gl. , , ,-Q' X . ,K ' 1. Al 1-,.. P -f 'ii ' - ,Q lg' ' - 'Y nr Lf . r-if' 5 ' ' A f I ' 5. L. S ::. ffe 9 'fx lu' lj In 1 'U Q , x x x ,W my, x 222 22:11 r , gf - I-1: Iii" ' ff-H" ? A -':v. 1 :ff-. ' '-Qin? "f"....1 - -Lf? 'J ' W Q wi ,,,,.1 wg A Xfkf-Ag. . 1 r.f',,a.f!" 121 1 f.-.-J . . E 1 -1.-1.-'C-.., ' r ,1.,.,4. A - Z.- ., .Q 49F?iFf5,'fii' my . . X 5:5 'f ' T if -.5 'if ' 5.1 1 ,Y A Xa - if 234 F "f Tf:'1Tl34f"-Wil?-aifl' 1' ' . J, ,, V- ip.--wffdf - 4 1. X Tw . f - 'Src . 3 , . ' 7' Q 5 "-f u , k 1 ', wa., 4,54 , A, - ag- f". iff, ,L f4ff'17t:::5 - -'Sf' ' If K VV " ' ""' " ugsamw x..ar 1 tree-f ':.,f:.w.f'W f , V' V, .w5,lf21,i'-ff. 1, . gag V ' , ,fi.m.-iff. ' J ,. K, .Jaw ,v, ., , .,,.f..,, MM- I. , ,xy A . . 5, A M ' 3 ' Life 4121.1 1 s ' 4 '1e7'15s1 1 .mf 5? "r X U 'v .i I O i . N , - I! ,. 'aw 4' 41 's ,' 1 in K . if K W jf! V15 ,pail . 1 V u J '. . L., LQ- ... In ,wif 3: , , , H 5. Q 'V E A A ' 5,141 " 'F m sz ' W - ,pagya . ..Qf!vq, ,gi 4 - f awww- A, . ,, E.-QQ. gr 'Sis 1 X mi 1-A ,QS ' fn.-'M f -fm Z 2. , f ' 71 'Ig f 1 :gi . " ifm?'5g:YQ1, ii - JZ' "Name f .N 'W' v"14'2',.? 1' 4, 1 L ' 'ggizin -" ,ff H 5 1 :-,J I,-V +15' j-A' Q f , -'?23,Es,,vs.f .gigv - - .. ,f - fl , . -ug: 'tu-'yw i w - - .iw . A ff -'W I 4 ink- waiizki K V -'.,b,J lg v ,,.i2"'1 A 1,-Ai " 1.i5??L l 4 H' - 'A' Msg Q 3' ,,4,d3S?'a b. Q . Ja, ' . usz WA ., S 15 . , H6111 , I. . 'ig .. f, ' ' Ax weft-,J A' ., 5, W h playing soccer or is he really a cheerleader? Kappa A1pha's Capture Soccer After a Three-Way Tie With the Sigs and Taus . . Interfraternit Basketball Sigma Chi Wins Intramurals Sigma Chi overcome an early lead by SAE to take the Fight I Championship with a final score of 52-34. Alpha Epsilon Pi, leading from the beginning, became the Fight II champions in a fast game against the unbeaten Independents with a score of 61-51. High scorers for Sigma Chi were Ronnie Har- rell with 16 points, and Mike Born with 16 also. Leading the AEPi team were jeff Mandel with 18 points and Byron Verkauf with 13. JN Frat brothers cheer their man on. Interfraternit Wrestling Sigma Chi Captures Crown Sigma Chi, placing first in five events, second in two, and third in two, totaled 81 points to win the Intramural Wrestling Meet. Sigs Larry Baugh, Tom jones, Don Hart, and john Linna- maki ran the points up for the Sigma Chi triumph. In second place was Phi Delta Theta with 55 points- three firsts, one second and one third- place. Lee Epting took first in the 157 pound class for Phi Delts. Third place in the meet was taken by Alpha Tau Omega with one first, three seconds, and two third places for a total of'48 points. ATO jim Mason took heavyweight honors in the meet. Scott Hobby maneuvers for the advantae. Lee Epting fights to ward off a pin. Tom Jones faces Barry White as the match begins. l A tight headlock. Butch Napoles butts heads with opponent. Referee tries to unscrarnble the arms and legs r 4 I ,iE 4 4 4 I. Qw5" - ..,,, ., niblpdw J -QIQEM mm 'v 1 ' XF- - ,f REP , . us, 4, y.,.,,. , x I f X A 'hw s ' , 2.5. 5 V' X , . :V w Z 1 'Av EK, 'O' I . A N ,,,... 5 I V 15 , ,S 1 w Q EL J ll JIU' li Ni, x - 1-'ga ' Ein, ,E f Q5 W fm A S' A AI! X ,v-.NA T. x I' ,sg Q' wig www 1 YL .g'4L' , ,fr uv 2:13311 r" .' J 5:55 Q wma ' .9 if 'fe' 'Epub'-, J ' 'K f ' Wig 'I 4, X i .r-Few: "H QQ X f - l X 15'-cgi Wx l 4- Ax? N. 4 1 Wi 7ie.!1--:Ph XV, 1 V, ' Fxil,-4 A 1 N . 4 A xt. , ' I . 'I i 1 '31, as 2, ' 9 I . , , 49 + N' -. " 1 K . kg. f f , K Y ,5 E? ifiliz. fb f X 1 W P , ' g ,Q 2 'fi Ex 11 x w 5 3 " ' Q " 5' v- Q fi j 'Y 5 7 b ,JH .gi X 5' If "J if , 1 ,X 41 - 'w Qi"- iw . . ' ' H A - ' f ., " :Q A K, "Un 5 4 1 I ' ek gg XV , V 'V - l , T 1 ,' ' ye I l 117 - x 'VV ? I. Q ,X 9 2.343 4 , 515- W, wx X :rv e' 'ji 115 I f A! 4, .vu ,L,. .- 'V 'wg f' A vi ,aff JL 5 'xg Q: X JA' -E i f .Q Mfg , A Wx L31 I x A ' .Z W, L X. . 1 vf. N f LQ... ,Gwinn w 2 WA K Binks , ' , WRESTLING TEAM, Front row: Walt Edwards, Phil Wakelyn, Bob Groves, James Edwards Stmzdmg Ben Branch jimmy Berry Buddy Kemp, Dave Goldman, Jerry Mange. Intercollegiate Wrestling Emory Emory ........ ......... Emory Emory Emory ........ .,....,.. Emory Emory ........ ...... Emory ......v. ...... '64 SEASON SCORES University of Georgia Knoxville College ,..... Carson Newman ....... Maryville ............. Sewannee ....,,. Pfeiffer ..r.. Davidson ..,... Citadel ....... Intersorority Tennis For the second year Mare Kivivare Won the CrOWr1 The Independents' doubles team also took the win- for tennis in the women's singles championship, defeating nefg Spot for the gecond Straight year, ADPi Sue Yielding 6-5 and 6-1. Intersorority Basketball Triumphing over Delta Delta Delta, the victorious Top scorers for KKG were Bonnie Greene with 19 Kappa Kappa Gamma led the way to intersorority bas- points, and Jinx Purvis with 11 points. Leading the Tri- ketball championship with a score of 38-28. Delts were Kay Manger with 15 points and Kathy Speer with a total of 9. WHAT ARE WE LOSING? New sport now under consideration by the athletic department O O U'1've"S'w M- H ..W,A .. M. 'Z' 5-, . 'P 4 f ' Fm' lx, . , ,N WM ,,MMM vm an 1 -m ,-- , 11, 1.4 Y 1 fag: N1 .,, .W fff--1-4u- Q-AY ne'-S X X IA: A JNmW M f .- Y '. , :u4a,u-- ,. 1119. - -ni' F x-Inf ,fn U 2 4'v,w-my-3 12N'wX.y,.,X W :Hwy 41, W 4 3 pkdyx x 9 ' A U,-X" j A xy, sm 1 1 x I I J -1 If mW -Q 1 is T ., k'ii V5'?f fi .' VEf37E2wMRM.fJlTHUf wgfkf:wiwHlw4M, mxwprimy iwfwgwWwwmQwWWxwwAwwmw Q NWWM41WfWwV'4iPWWWVwX+LfW NWMQMWMQWQYyWQQWQWQMMM3QM V MwwwpNkgwwwVWwMQmmW W. 1' Q ,. 'U 'W 1 v gb "Ti -W W" 05:52 '31 Vw ' My yw ,M wp f 42 uw Vlaixx M4 Mx 4 ,BM N , ,fi Dr. Sanford S. Atwood - On September 1, 1963, the administration of Emory was taken over by Dr. Sanford S. Atwood. The choice of Dr. Atwood as Emory's new president had been made by a committee of nine men from a list composed of over a hundred names, with his selection being voted on by the Board of Trustees. Dr. Atwood is a native of Wisconsin, and received his Ph.D. in plant cytology from the University of Wisconsin. He joined the faculty Cornell University in 1944 and became Dean of the Graduate School in 1953. Until coming to Emory, President Atwood served as Provost at Cornell since 1955. Dr. Atwood's inauguration which took place in November 1963 on the Quadrangle was only the second formal inaugura- tion in the history of Emory as a University. ' mve"'f"- " we 321551, ' item ,. 'TEM " i N' " wkitm ,AW g l GOODRICH C. XVHITE, Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. DR. JUDSON C. XVARD, JR. Chancellor Vice-President and Dean of Faculties Board of Trustees Members of the Board: Henry L. Bowden, Chairman, Mr. R. Howard Berg, Mr. F. M. Bird, Dr. Embree H. Blackard, Mr. Harllee Branch jr., Dr. F. Phinizy Calhoun, Mr. C. Howard Candler, fr., Mr. S. Charles Candler, Mr. James V. Carmichael, Mr. George S. Craft, Mr R. Howard Dobbs, Jr., Dr. A. Hollis Edens, Bishop Marvin A. Franklin, Dr. Wadley R. Glenn, Mr. Granger Hansell, Bishop Nolan B Harmon, Bishop Coaten Harrell, Dr. Luther A. Harrell, Senator Spessard L. Holland, Mr. james A. Mackay, Mr. Harry Y. McCord Ir., Bishop Arthur J. Moore, Dr. J. Harris Purks, jr., Mr. james D. Robinson, jr., Dr. Lester Rumble, Mr. Donald S. Russell, Bishop Roy H Shorg Lee Talley, Mr. Charles E. Thwaite, jr., Mr. William B. Turner, Mr. Pollard Turman, Mr. Charles T. Winship, Mr. George W Woo ru . I . E 2' 7 MR. DYAR MASSEY, JR. Director of Development MR. EWELL E. BESSENT Treasurer and Controller 'vfwvliluir "' --"'i1.4i'. ...Ml 'lx . MR. ROBERT WHITAKER Assistant to the President DR. DAVID W. ROBINSON Dean of Student Affairs V 1 ,im M MR. ORIE E. MYERS, JR. Dean of Administration and Director of Health Services ?,.r? " 1' ' "'f'T'gWi?N"m"T?"m"r""i5"W Eff fr DR. JOHN J. PERSHING Dean of Men MR. JOHN T. MCTYIER Business Manager ,'. is 7, -' 5 I 3 3 MISS NINA E. RUSK Dean of Women MR. DANIEL W. FAGG Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences DR. JOHN C. STEPHENS Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences DR. CHARLES D. HOUNSHELL Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences - maxi :S Y --gi i5NQ.5 111 , ' 11.23571 1 , .371- S1 f"-:1A.:E5vz4f- . l - - ' W H ,L .',- I . E, .:u,,:5md?v3.! sw ., n Q . - iii? xg WTps::fi'-gwfw if -gfwelf-Q'-5--:ii ln- 'rwliif 1' , 5 4fZ 5f?:fH': ek ' wl1Tlf,'4EF .if - x ., U., , mr. 'Atrial' 1 A , ne: I:-'v' Y R, 2' Q5 li a A353 W 'v if U -- DR. IGNATIUS W. BROCK Registrar L U r . u L g. ,I Q F E' 'J , A ,., li' y g A ,i gg' i-fl li , J! E H11 ljj MR. CHARLES N. WATSON Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Scholarships and Loans A fi . MR. HUGH HILLIARD Associate Controller L A 1 WT' gf , ,...i1 is F.. U .fi . ' if-Msn X .sf ,.., . . . 5 WARN .sf-.. ,vp . , MR. LEWIS L. CLEGG Director of Admissions MR. RALPH C. DAVIS Assistant Controller W idwy im at Ni X -Milli., hAf ' ll .ii MR. JOHN H. OUTLER, III Director of Personnel 3111 MR. JOHN W. ROZIER Director of News Bureau .1 MR. BRYAN L. ALLAN Director of Operations MR. GUY R. LYLE Director of Libraries REVEREND SAM L. LAIRD Director of Religious Life MR. WALTER R. DAVIS Alumni Director DR. PRENTICE MILLER Dean of Alumni 1' MR. RAY GANDY Associate Alumni Director 'F Ni T" V" 1 1' W "' ' ab? ,f Q: u u 1 . MR. CHARLES W. HAYES MR, DONALD M0035 Director of Purchases Director of Housing in DR. W. ROY MASON, JR. Director of Student Health MR. ROBERT E. WILLIAMS MRS. HELEN JENKINS Director of Auxiliary Enterprises Director of Food Service 7 . , ,L M f L ,gg all M -1 M -'Lili N ' 5 7 Aff '25 ' M ' fffelia, I ' ' H an ,,,.v, M. uf ,J i , . Z SA. :VM if f?"Af?s'f.:f, 1 N W '-fi W --.f2,w,1f, f, w--. femukif , K H W my Y f H M K X, ,J .L , W L2??ai??f5?5L1Lw iiwfisiif . 1 T: '13 Vg- DR. JACOB H. GQLDSTEIN DR. CHAUNCEY G. GOODCHILD Professor of Chemistry Professor of Biology Candler Professors Established in 1959, the Charles Howard Cand- ler Professorships are awarded to professors show- ing outstanding teaching ability, productive scholar- ship, and distinguished service to the University in furthering the cause of higher education. The pro- fessorships are given as a memorial to Mr. Candler, who served as chairman of the University Board of Trustees from 1929 until his death in 1957. DR. G. RAY JORDAN Professor of Homiletics MR. STANLEY JOSLIN DR. JAMES G. LESTER Professor of Law Professor of Geology IJ gr DR. LEROY E. LOEMKER Professor of Philosophy DR. H. STEPHEN WEEMS Professor of Radiology DR. BELL I. WILEY Professor of History Wg-1--:i nl!-,Z ,X-fog: 5.tm.!l ,H . . I, umw,::5 1. DR. JOSEPH J. MATHEWS Professor of History i DR. W. TATE WHITMAN Professor of Economics DR. ALFRED E. WILHELMI Professor of Biochemistry gn, h ' 4 . 1 af 'T 4 4 . -:, 1 W 1 gf: Lrs:...Yi fly .W 9-'i' 'E-:E1i.ad"f' ,, r, ' X 14 u ik ' L X iw , si' i aj A cial' "if 2 H ' Hr? 4 ' . ,f f' 'N ff K M .J . V l'f'T.'TV , ' E v-Q-if-J P 'F , ' 17 1 'fiimm iv! V Qg:L.Jf-1" pf"f3- r b .. 1, v- in-, . -. ' ..,v- M. ,.f rv-,.,,, Vg., " 524-,1's?'cQ " XJ. , ' -z M . -Lg -. ,. gf? I wl .. ' T.:-' 3 ,,-.V my A -V ff- ,. N V 1,1 ,1- -I fu 55 . k an E'3?55g ' : Y . . ,mg-'Q"' , bf rn um , ' 9 I , iz.. . . . . l .nm fl. ' ' ' -w --wfgw. . Q I 1 ' w w ' i' " ,QA if x.,.fKf-W ,,-.,,.,.mm.. --mm., fm.,- ...Wap L A' fm M V va Q ,mx K Q4 aff .ff '-ve: w wg Km 5 ,W M y if m1fi?':, my t .Lk X J: F . ff 2 - ff 1LuQf.5' iff 1714 ,. .LAM .4 QNX'-5 'W Qu, af H.- in ,wwf QM v .2 Lf: 1 L: ' Jil. W ..u. F, - ,.. 5 575151, g:..t....- - 2122212222 ' - :":::z L S' .N .. '-::: I-'za 1 lm ,. 1. N. 'sf O 52" . 4 ..,.mf ,::fffffff!, ..:- Q... .. 11.1 J., H, N... -M.. I-..... . "lan "nn, x 4 . :'- 'Vw.Z'Q . l ,Lyn :'?"- , '13-,, 'Eff' , M W E . ,415 '..f.,,, F :Rf , f-eg ,.. fy , X 1 ' .rg ,sf 7 , v ., , -1 'uf ., I -I y f .L . W .Maw , M5 3.35. .5 ' 51552159113 ' ' uf- f ' .Aga .4 5' JA K M: fm nz W w 1 my kk... . V55 fa 21 .15 N 1 fag 5 . , . , 41 :QD N ' fx p. . . .in-P Q ' .751 1 X H544 ' 1 I Y W-1 QQ is S ,, ' I - H Q z 1 222 Z H lvlr it T m-5 a vsssw H E-m ug: 4 rr.. V 1- Y - ' Q 2: YM: W Y V Q w Y Y AR ' X . . 1 , Dr. Richard N. Carrera Dr. E. Chappell White PSYCHOLOGY FINE ARTS Dr. Geoffrey H. Bourne Dr. Edward T. Ladd ANATOMY EDUCATION r , " . . f ,H Z . I.. I 5 - Z ie-lgglzxr-F , -ie, , ,J ,Q L . H H, fee? 'jig-'f - Y 4 ' Y -fr Q. 'l E , 5 . r, EW r , Z E' '-A R I T: B8 ,. T 95 - ,-1 , 3 Y ' IRB: ,Lx N 'T ,w " qs...- , if 5 -5 I' . 'ai ,. gl, , -V PI: RE? IIN., :,4,Y':A- ' ,M f f H' ' i Iwlrlmlir 0 15: .. ff, .Q e U 1 I v 15?-F '-f i .vi w Q nm--S' 1 ' fgfiiff s Q K W? 111 " s 331 j'?'?'lr', - 1 . git 1 ggi -,,?. 5 if wil, ' ' If 2 " Lei? 4 ?fQ.'QL sf! i 2 :FF .:' I'. 4 .Q ,P TQ, f w w I! x Jax J vi vm -,',, ,-1-N l,'4 x ,NLR V 'HL 1 WY .Tex " FMT 'f K A If '1' -- I-7: -' 2:12, I . L , iff. y I v J s... W 2- . V ..',f"71ff f -vl Aff W1 I "1 ' L, I NI' 'xx Y 'V if I af l " U' 'kieesfw 3 , ,, .. ' . , . Y.: if 1 vu 9 'Q-Tl. V? ' 1 Y l' ". V lEf U , 1 fy Ei ar X . V' L :jf "5-11" ' 1 as M .5 L. ::::: Hwy l 75 , , , Qkkff F 'I ", . Q VA M , Qi ' n .an ,E -z ,m,1.,m, 4,,, .T'?. .eff L weiwah Dr. C. G. Goodchild BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES 1 I I I Y I Dr. jack S. Boozer BIBLE AND RELIGION I84 Dr. J. Harvey Young HISTORY Dr. joseph M. Conant CLASSICS saw un.. W .uw KH "mg :Q Ji ,W V. gy, ,. AA, , nn 5X'f.:,,!':',.w.1, - , . 1 www N , WI, dum 'gmail A S 25:5 1 Yi-.ziiligii-S p., L W- g .A 1 - V 4 .1 fm 1 . JV. 2 - V., ,, , I W,-W ,I -1.g1w:.q,i,'.ifeia,-- --ru. 1 gk. jwpg -1 ,, ,,:, . ,,-rx . W. 1 1 w -u' ' ". I, 1.-M"JJ!""n "' ' ' ' I m 'WM "' "r 1 vw- .1 .A-.- --, x ,. mil.. ,-A., 1 Q. f- i, 1' ,Xu ,. ..w a n,., .L E was gk H. , 'W"wf.., .-f .f- iw- fy K ' . . q 1 r , , , . . 1 , . , M Qinturg Eeliehva . . . A UNIVERSITY IS MORE THAN A COLLEGE IT IS PEOPLE IT IS AN ENVIRONMENT IT IS A SPIRIT IT IS A FORUM FOR IDEAS IT IS A COMMUNITY OF CHALLENGE IT IS NOT AN END UNTO ITSELF its College of Arts and Sciences 'is the nucleus of highly developed graduate and professional schools, towards which students may develop spe- cial interests for advanced study. the most important of whom are talented faculties, and interested, aspiring students, engaged in a com- mon pursuit of knowledge. classrooms, libraries, laboratories, residence halls, cultural and recreational facilities, brought togeth- er as a center of learning. the most important elements of which are curiosity, freedom of inquiry, creative endeavor, encourage- ment to excel, to grow, to lead . . . to seek truth. an atmosphere in which new and old ideas and theories are open to deeper consideration, and in which the student assumes increased responsibility in reaching his own conclusions. anxious to stimulate its students to the heights of present knowledge and human understanding, and instill in them a lifetime desire to seek further. it is a realm of striving, not divorced from the world about it, but urging its students to face the problems of that world, preparing themselves with a deeper awareness of who they are and where they stand. Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences JOHN C. STEPHENS, Ph.D. H ' T5 Y ,Z w- K- .,1 fl Senior Class Officers Buster Moyer PRESIDENT Jerry Leach John Cromartie TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT Marianne McDonald SECRETARY Junror Class Officers PRESIDENT ......,......... .....,.. S teve Krant VICE-PRESIDENT ...w..... ....,.......s,. L yn Bates SECRETARY .,.,....,..... . ......... Beth Lindsay TREASURER .......r... .....,... B uddy Chase Freshman Class Officers PRESIDENT , .A.sss.. ,....,.. J ohn Holmes TREASURER .......,. ....,.., R usty French SECRETARY ....,.,,. .....,.... K athy Kidd Sophomore Class Officers PRESIDENT ..... ........ ,,........,. L ll Clan Rice VICE-PRESIDENT ,.,.,... ...,....,. I anet Askew SECRETARY .,.,., .. .,., . ....... Susan McCain TREASURER A.w..v,r. ........ C arol Wilson GEORGE THOMAS ABERNATHY, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Senate, President. ALLISON H. ADAMS, Atherton, Calif., Chi Phi, Alpha Phi Omega, Young Republicans Club, Canterbury Club. MARILOUIS AKIN, Carrollton, Ga., Pi Sigma Alpha, Ford Career Scholar. ROBERT PRESTON ALLEN, Atlanta, Ga., Chi Phi, Bench and Bar, Psychology Club. DAVID CROSBY ALVAREZ, Orinda, Calif., Phi Delta Theta. DI- ANA VIRGINIA ASHER, Atlanta, Ga., Senate Communications Comm., Vice- Chrm., Co-Chrm., House Council, Freshman Publications Comm. CHARLES ANDREW BEARD, Anniston, Ala., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GLENN HORACE BEASLEY, Cedartown, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Career Scholars, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. JO CHARLEEN BELCI-IER, Clearwater, Fla., Alpha Chi Omega. LAURELLE ANNE BELL, Chattanooga, Tenn., Delta Gamma, Recording Sec- retary, President, Campus, Foreign Relations Club, Westminister Fellowship. WOODRUFF W. BENSON: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Stipe Scholar, Career Scholars, Phi Sigma, Pres., Secretary, Phi Sigma Award. SHARAN BERK, Birmingham, Ala. Seniors!Arts and Sciences JOHN P. ATKINSON, Macon, Ga., Glee Club, Alpha Epsi- lon Delta, Stipe Scholar. JOSEPH SPROTT ATKINSON, Macon, Ga., Glee Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Beta Kappa, Stipe Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. MICHAEL ALAN BAER, Atlanta, Ga., Hillel, Pres., ERA, Vice-President. WIL- LIAM DAVID BAGLEY, III, Columbus, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, Bench and Bar. FRED D. BARLOW, Decatur, Ga., Campus Club, Glee Club, ACS Student affiliate. BETTY JANE BARRETT, Decatur, Ga., Kappa Delta, WSA, BSU, Sorority: Corresponding Secre- tary, guard, Secretary. PAMELA ANN BATES, Atlanta, Ga., Wes-tminister Fellowship. DIXIE JEAN BAXTER, Highland Park, N. J., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Chorale, Wesley Fellow- ship, Chrm. of Freshman Advisors. Seniors!Arts and Sciences LYNDA GWEN BROWN, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega. RANDALL CLIFTON BROWN, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Theta. LYNNE BALLENGER BRYAN, Lake Charles, La., Phi Sigma Iota, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Westminister Fellowship, Emory Players, International Fellowship. MARGARET W. BROWN, Perrysburg, O., Kappa Alpha Theta, Canterbury Club, Secretary, House Council. WILLIAM GOLAN BUCK, Pensacola, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Emory Concert Band. DAVID RIVERS BUTCHER, Sarasota, Fla. HUGH DORSEY BUTLER, JR., Elberton, Ga., Kappa Alpha. BRUCE RANDOLPH CAINE, Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE EDWIN BEY, Atlanta, Ga. MARY ANN BLAS- INGAME, Monroe, Ga., Chi Omega. ROBERT L. BRAND, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Chi, Soccer and Track Teams, Manager and Trainer, Circle K. GARY LEE BRODERICK, Dalton, Ga., Phi Gamma Delta, House Manager, Treasurer, President, Stipe Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Glee Club. HELEN ELAINE BROKHOFF, Lansdale, Pa., Alpha Chi Omega, WSA, House Council, Rush Advisor. BETSY BROOKS, Macon, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Delta Epsi- lon. JAMES ACE BROWN, Vidalia, Ga., Sigma Nu. L. EL- LIS BROWN, Fort Valley, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Glee Club, Wesley Advisory Board, Hall Governor, Resident Hall Coun- selor. ASHLEY MORGAN CALHOUN, Augusta, Ga., Glee Club. MARTHA ELLEN CAMPBELL, Nashville, Tenn., Kappa Delta, Canterbury Club, Faith and Learning Community. JAMES GRADY CANTRELL, Cornelia, Ga. JANE CAR- RUTH, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta, Treasurer, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, WSA, Baptist Student Union, Campur Staff. ALBERT RICHARD CASAVANT, JR., Chattanooga Tenn., Alpha Tau Omega, Circle K. PAUL HAMILTON CATH- CART, Charleston, S.C., Alpha Tau Omega. PHILLIP R. CERTAIN, Silver Springs, Md., Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer, Career Scholar, Wesley Fellowship, Treasurer, Pi Alpha, Stipe Scholar, Emory Religious Association, Book Review, Chairman. WILLIAM HUGH CHADWICK, Atlanta, Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha, Track Team. DIANE ELLINOR CHAPMAN, Bethesda, Md., Chorale, Al- pha, Chi Omega, WSA, Westminister Fellowship. WILLIAM REID CHILDERS, JR., Griffin, Ga., Glee Club. BARBARA KAY CLARK, St. Petersburg, Fla., Chi Omega. VIRGINIA HANLEY CLARSON, St. Petersburg, Fla., Kappa Kappa Gamma, College Council, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Semi-Finalist, Miss Emory. BARABRA LOUISE CLOWDIS, Decatur, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Westminister Fellowship, Transfer Advisor. RICH- ARD DAVID COHEN, Tifton, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, AEU, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Phi Sigma. WILLIAM LAWRENCE COHEN, Rockville Centre, N. Y., Tau Epsilon Phi, President, Rush Chrm., Hillel. PERRY LYNN COHN, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, APO. JOHN LLOYD CROMARTIE, JR., Gainesville, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Chaplain, Alumni Sec., Rush Chrm., Pres., Circle K, Int. Trusteq Pres., Freshman Camp staff, Soccer team, ODK, Vice-Pres., DVS, College Council, Class Officer, Student Dev. Comm., Eta Sigma Psi, Honor Council, Recorder, Pi Sigma Alpha. WADE H. CULBERSON, Atco, Ga. CHARLENE MACKEY CURRIE, Tampa, Fla., Kafppa Kappa Gamma. STEPHEN MORRIS CUTSHAW, Bed orcl, Ky., Pi Kappa Alpha, Glee Club, Wesley, Campus. JOAN MARIE DAMON, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Chrm., Alpha Kappa Gamma. HOWARD G. DANIEL, Madison, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Delta. SUSAN LILLIAN DARLING, Swainsboro, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Reporter-His- torian. PAUL WINSTON DAVIS, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Vice-Pres., International Relations Club. Seniors!Arts and Sciences HELEN KILPATRICK COLEMAN, Sparta, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Editor, Warden, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Treas. STEPHEN NORTON COLLIER, Atlanta, Ga., Chi Phi. JAMES T. COOK, III, Marianna, Fla., Beta Theta Pi, Steward, Pres. JOSEPHINE APPLEWHITE COOPER, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Activities Chrm., Parliamentarian, Reporter- Historian, House Council, Violations Secretary, College Coun- cil, Campus. WILLIAM POWELL COOPER, Jr., Quitman, Ga., Kappa Al- pha, Alpha Kappa Psi, WILLIAM A. COPPEDGE, East Point, Ga., Sigma Chi. CAROL J. CORBITT, Chattanooga, Tenn., Alpha Delta Pi, assistant guard, Activities Chrm. JOHN SAMUEL COWAN, JR., Cedartown, Ga. Seniors!Arts and Sciences KAREN KEISER DODSON, Atlanta, Ga., Delta- Gamma. MARY VALENTINE DODSON, Atlanta Ga. CYNTHIA T. DOWLING, Manhasset, N.Y., Delta Gamma. E. LEE DRAUGHON, Macon, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phoenix, Assistant Editor, Pi Delta Epsilon. CHERYL LYNNE DUCKETT, Decatur, Ga., Delta Gamma, Corresponding Secretary. VIRGINIA I. DUNIVIN, College Park, Ga., Phi Mu, Westminister Fellowship. ROBERT R. EARNEST, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Delta. WALTER C. EDWARDS, Ringold, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Wrestling Team, Captain, Ford Career Scholar, Emory Christian Asso- ciation. JORDAN ARTHUR DEAN, JR., Atlanta Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Swimming T eam, Residence Hall Government, Wesley Fellowship. ROBERT WINSTON DELMONTE, Decatur, Ga. ARTHUR B. DIAMOND, Roslyn Heights, N.Y., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Epsilon Delta. RALPH JOSEPH DEFIORE, Savannah, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club, Alpha Epsilon Delta. WINSTON OLIVER DINWOODIE, Atlanta, Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha, Philosophy Club. ZOE JANE' DIXON, College Park, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Editor, Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart, Freshman Advisor, Phi, Sigma Iota, President, Kappa Delta Epsilon. PATRICK KELLEY DOBBINS, Daytona Beach, Fla., Sigma Nu, Phi Sigma Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta, West- minister Fellowship. CARL WEATHERS DOBSON, Wedo- wee, Ala., Delta Tau Delta, Secretary, Baptist Student Union. el WILLIAM CARL EIGEN, Mill River, Mass., Sigma Chi, Glee Club, Soccer Team, Captain, Wesley Fellowship, President. PHYLLIS A. ELLINGTON, Atlanta, Ga. SARAH KATH- RYN ELLINGTON, Oxford, Ga. VIRGINIA M. FAIR- CLOTH, Fort Valley, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Activities Chair- man, Women's Honor Organization, President, Eta Sigma Psi, Student Senate, College Council, WSA Executive Council. MARK DONALD FASBINDER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi. ELIZABETH HITCH FELTON, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta. BEVERLY HAYGOOD FILER, At- lanta, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Chaplain, Treasurer, Delta Tau Delta Sweetheart. DAVID OWEN FINDLEY, Rome, Ga., Phi Beta Kappa, Stipe Scholar, President, Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-President, Montgomery Award, Resident Counselor. STEPHEN MICHAEL FINGER, New York, New York. ROBERT GORDON FITZGERALD, Smyrna, Ga. , Pi Kappa Alpha, Social Chrm., Campus Co-Ordinator. SARAH DI- ANNE FLEMING, Monroe, Ga., Alpha Kappa Delta, Chorale. WILLIAM DEADWYLER FORTSON, JR., Elberton, Ga., Kappa Alpha, ROTC. LLOYD BUCK FOWLER, Atlantic Beach, Fla., Beta Theta Pi. CHARLOTTE FRANCES FOX, Chattanooga, Tenn., House Council. WILSON FORD FULLBRIGHT, Rowe, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Glee Club, Student-Faculty Relations Comm., Student Center Board, Candler Concert Series Committee. ANN STOLEN FULLER, Evanston, Ill., Kappa Delta Epsilon. JOSEPH RHEA GLADDEN, West Point, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega,-Pres., Honor Council, Chrm., ODK, DVS, Tau Kappa Alpha, Pres., Barkley Forum, Pi Sigma Alpha, Ford Scholar, General Motors Scholar. BRUCE RONALD GLASSMAN, Atlanta, Ga., Tau Epsilon Pi, Sigma Pi Sigma. STUART ALAN GREENE, Tampa, Fla., Tau Epsilon Pi, Hillel, Dooley's Display Chrm. HOWARD CLARKE GLOVER, IV, Newman Club, DVS: Kappa Alpha, Pres., ODK, Pres., IFC, Vice-Pres., AEU: Stipe Scholar, Honor Council, Student Dev. Committee, Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN ELLINGTON GODARD, Moultrie, Ga., Chi Phi, Dorm Gov't., Alpha Phi Omega, Westminister Fellowship. MATTHEW L. GOLD, Miami Beach, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi, APO: Bench and Bar. JAMES GRADY GOWER, LaGrange, Ga., Sigma Chi, Glee Club. GARVICE EDWIN GREEN, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. Seniors!Arts and Sciences MARGARET CATHERINE FULTON, Cleveland, Tenn., Chi Omega, Activities and Personnel Chrm. CAROLYN F. FUL- WOOD, Tifton, Ga., Phi Mu, Kappa Delta Epsilon. SALLY SAVILLE GANTT, Marietta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cor- responding Secretary, Rush Chrm. Assistant, Chorale, West- minister Fellowship. STEPHANIE REBECCA GHOLSTON, Millen, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma. GARNETT J. GIESLER, JR., Decatur, Ga., Sigma Chi, Uni- versity Traffic Ct., Circle K, Senior, Dorm Counselor. MARY STEWART GILES, Athens, Tenn., Alpha Chi Omega, His- torian, Rush Chrm., Jr. Panhellenic Rep., WSA. STEPHANIE GINN, Covington, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta. LORETTA MAXINE GINSBERG, Laurens, S. C. Seniors!Arts and Sciences GLADYS LORAINE HARDEGREE, Vienna, Ga. PATRICIA ANN HARDEMAN, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta, Wheel. DAVID THEODORE HARDEN, Okeechobee, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Treasurer, Assistant, Stipe Scholar, Pi Alpha, Career Scholars, XWheel, Feature Ed., Exec. Editor. S. MITCHELL HARMAN, New York Park, N. Y., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Treas., Stipe Scholar, Var- sity Swimming. BENJAMIN DANIEL HARNSBERGER, Macon, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT RONNIE HARRELL, Chipley, Fla., Sigma Chi, BSU, Senior, Dorm Counselor. JANE HUNTER HARVARD, Brooksville, Fla., Delta Delta Delta. MALCOLM WARREN HASKELL, Evanston, Ill., Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres., Senate, Comm. Chrm., ROTC: West- minister Council. SANDRA LOUISE GREEN, Decatur, Ga., Delta Delta Delta. ELIZABETH J. GREGORY, Ft. Valley, Ga., Phi Mu, Rush Chairman, Chorale, Psychology Club. DOUGLAS T. GRIDER, Columbus, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, Rush Chairman, Circle K, Sigma Sigma Delta, President. CHARLIE CANNON GUTHRIE, Sweetwater, Tenn., Delta Tau Delta, Wheel, ERA, College Handbook Staff, Westminister Fellowship, Faith and Learning Community, Foreign Student Assoc. SARAH CHRISTINE HALL, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pres., 2nd Vice-Pres., Freshman Advisor, Pres., WHO: Alpha Kappa Delta, Exec., Sophomore, Senior, House Council, Sr. Class Gift Committee. NORMAN BRUCE HAL- PERN, Jacksonville, Fla., Kappa Alpha, Psychology Club. MARY JANE HAMILTON, Dalton, Ga. RALPH ERNEST HARBEN, Dawsonville, Ga. RICHARD GUILDFORD HELLIER, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma' Chi, ROTC. HELEN LOUISE HELMS, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Rush Chrm. WILLIAM CHARLES HELTON, Pensa- cola, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Newman Club, Concert Band. JAMES DAVID HENRY, Avondale Estates, Ga., Sigma Nu, Glee Club. RONALD D. HENRY, East Point, Ga. CHARLES FOSTER HICKS, Swainsboro, Ga., Sigma Chi, Pi Sigma Alpha. ELIZA- BETH ANN HICKS, Conyers, Ga. 5 Alpha Chi Omega, Chorale. JO ANN HIGGS, Ft. Pierce, Fla. JACK HOLMES HIGHSMITH, Baxley, Ga., Kappa Alpha. JESSIE FRANCES HILL, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma. THOMAS G. HILL, III, Atlanta, Ga., Beta Theta Pi. M. ANN HINELY, Hazlehurst, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. ALEXANDER LOVE HINSON, Quincy, Fla.,,Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, ODK, Phi Beta Kappa, Honor Council, DVS. HELEN FAYE HITE, Elberton, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Secretary, Ritualist, Hillel Council, Psychology Club, SZO, Vice-President. VIRGINIA CLAYWELL HOGAN, New Or- leans Lax Cam us' WAA' Chi Ome a Rush Chrrn. Vice 9 a P 1 9 g 1 J ' Pres., President. JOHN THORNING HOLLANDER, At- lanta, Ga. LINDA JOYCE HUDSON, Oxford, Ga. HELEN E. HUEY, Atlanta, Ga., Chi Omega, Phi Sigma Idta. EARL MARCUS HURY, Birmingham, Ala., Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Phi Omega, Newman Club. WILLIAM B. HUTCHINS, Kingsport, Tenn., Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN PATTON HYMAN, III, Bartow, Fla., Kappa Alpha, Glee Club, Pi Sigma Alpha. ROBERT M. JASPER, St. Louis, Missouri, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rush Chairman, Emory Wheel. D. ORVIN JENKINS, Inverness, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Circle K, IFC, Exec. Committee, Athletic Chrm. BONNIE SUE JOHNSON, Gainesville, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. SCHIOISfAItS and Sciences ALBERT STEPHEN HOLLINGSWORTH, JR., Griffin, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. JENNIFER HOLT, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELIZABETH FAYE HOOD, Warner Robins, Ga. MARY JANELL HOOTEN, Atlanta, Ga. CLEM THOMAS HOSEA, III, Toccoa, Ga. NORMAN GEORGE HOUSTON, III, Nashville, Tenn., Kappa Alpha. HUGH MARTIN HUDDLESTON, Ormond Beach, Fla., Al- pha Tau Omega. MICHAEL PHARR HUDGINS, Decatur, Ga. Seniors!Arts and Sciences GARY JAY KAPLAN, Yonkers, N. Y., Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Phi Omega. HYMAN M. KAPLAN, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, APO. PATRICK COLIN KELLY, Sara- sota, Fla., Delta Tau Delta, Stipe Scholar, AEU: AED, Pres., Newman Club, Career Scholar, ERA. C. FAY KEY, Swains- boro, Ga., Phi Mu, Eta Sigma Psi. JAMES KELLEY KIDD, Milledgeville, Ga., Traffic Ct., Chair- man, Pi Sigma Alpha, Barkley Forum, Alpha Tau Omega, Sec., AEU: AED: TKA, Sec., Track, Wheel, Ford Career Scholar. TILLIE ANNE KIDD, Milledgeville, Ga., Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres., XVHO: Eta Sigma Psi, Sec., Student Dev. Comm., Sec., Exec. House Council, Social Standards Chrm., Pres., Freshman Dorm, Pi Sigma Alpha. CYNTHIA JEANNE KING, Darien, Conn., Alpha Chi Omega. ELIZABETH ANNE KIRKPAT- RICK, Knoxville, Tenn., Phi Sigma, Ford Scholar, NSF Under- grad. Research, Faith and Learning Community. WILLIAM FRANCIS JOHNSTON, JR., Anniston, Ala., Phoe- nix, Delta Pi Epsilon. ALICE CECILE JONES, Rutledge, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma. EMORY RICHARD JONES, Barnesville, Ga., Sigma Nu, Westminister Fellowship, French Citizenship Award, Stipe Scholar. FRANCES NUNNALLY JONES, Dalton, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, WAA: Wheel. JIMMIE SHARON JONES, Clayton, Ga., Latin Award, BSU, Sigma Tau Sigma. LESLIE ALLSION JONES, Jacksonville, Fla., Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice-Pres., Secretary, Phi Sigma, Canterbury Club. H. PENSON KAMINSKY, Fitzgerald, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi. HENRY A. KANE, Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD OVERTON KELLER, Maxwell AFB, Ala., Beta Theta Pi, Steward, Rush Chrm., Judicial Comm., Central Dy- namics Award, Chicago Tribune Gold Medal Award. DE WITT EDWARD KEMP, Baltimore, Md., Alpha Tau Omega, Sec., Emory Christian Fellowship, Pres., Wrestling. ELIZA- BETH S. KEMP, Macon, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS O. KINTON, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Theta. RONALD IRA KIRSCHBAUM, Miami, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi., APO, Hillel. SUSAN BURTON KNIGHT, Knoxville, Tenn., Alpha Delta Pi, Exec. Council, Senate, Panhellenic, Pres., Wesley. HARDY KNOWLTON, Tampa, Fla. CON- STANCE AHLERS KREDEL, Charleston, S. C., Indep. Women's Org., Sports Comm. Chrm., BSU. Seniors!Arts and Sciences CLISBY HARRELL KRELL, JR., Silver Springs, Md., Delta Tau Delta. ROBERT LEONARD KUYPER, Coral Gables, Fla., Phi Gamma Delta. SPURGEON WESLEY LANE, Hat- tiesburg, Miss., Sigma Chi, Tribune, E Club, Bench and. Bar. LINDA SUE LANGLEY, Albany, Ga., Phi Mu, Senior House Council, Secretary. JAMES RONALD LAYTON, Tennille, Ga., Glee Club, Pi Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. JERRY WAYNE LEACH, Montgomery, Ala., Kappa Alpha, Pres., Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Pi Sigma Alpha, Col- lege Council, IFC, ROTC Comm., Stipe Scholar, Ford Career Scholar. CHARLES TUNER LESTER, JR., Decatur, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Emory Players. JEFFREY LEVIN, Palm Beach, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi, APO, Hillel, Vice-Pres., Psychology Club. H. GRADY MCCLENDON, Waycross, Ga., Chi Phi, Glee Club, Wesley Fellowship, Circle K, Emory Players, Young Republi- cans, Alpha Phi Omega. JAMES STINSON MCCROSKEY, Louisville, Ky., Sigma Chi, Recording Secretary, Swimming, Alpha Phi Omega, Bench and Bar. MARIANNE MCDON- ALD, Montgomery, Ala., Alpha Delta Pi, Chaplain, Song leader, President, WSA: College Council, Senate, House Coun- cil, Vice-Pres., Senior Class Sec., AFROTC Sponsor. CATHY MCKEEN, Montgomery, Ala., Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer. SHERRE SUANN MCKINNEY, Bradenton, Fla., Alpha Delta Pi. WILLIAM ROY MCWHIRTER, Columbus, Ga., Sigma Nu, Secretary, Rush Chairman, Circle K. LEONARD AN- THONY MACALUSO, Hollywood, Fla. ALEXANDER CRAIG MACKINNON, Miami, Fla., Phi Delta Theta, Soccer. HODA LEVINE, Hamlet, N. C., Student Center Board, Chair- man, Freshman Advisor. STEPHEN LESLIE LEVINSON, Baltimore, Md., Tau Epsilon Phi, Pres., Student Center Board, Vice-Pres., Chairman, Creative Arts Festival, Managing Editor, Assoc. Editor of Campzzr, Pi Delta Epsilon, Phoenix, Assoc. Editor, Emory Players. TRYON SMITH LINDABURY, JR., Marietta, Ga., Baptist Student Union. ANNA LEE LINDER, Moultrie, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Sec., Treas., House Council, Alpha Kappa Delta. J. LAWRENCE LOCKETT, Thomson, Ga. JERRY W. LONG, Columbus, Ga., The Phoenix, Managing Editor. MARY ALICE LOVE, Ft. Myers, Fla., Phi Mu, Pres., Vice- President, Newman Club. MARTHA FRANCES LOWERY, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Delta, WSA: House Council. Seniors!Arts and Sciences HERB M. MEYER, Milledgeville, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. BETSY B. MIDDLETON, Greenville, South Carolina, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Canterbury Club. NEAL MARTIN MILLER, Atlanta, Ga., Tau Epsilon Phi. SANDRA JEAN MILLER, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Delta Delta, Recommendation chairman, Social chairman, AEU Honorary Society. WILLIAM HOBBY MILLS, Sylvania, Ga., Phi Delta Theta. JULIAN MILTON MIMS, JR., Cuthbert, Ga., Phychology Club. JANICE MELITA MOHR, Dalton, Ga., Delta Gamma, Recording Secretary, Foreign Relations Club, Student Senate Speakers Bureau, Wheel Staff. HOWARD BITZER MOR- LAND, Chattanooga, Tenn., Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsi- lon Upsilon, Stipe Scholar, Debate, Glee Club, Westminister Fellowship, Treas., Ford Career Scholar. VIRGINIA B. MANGHAM, Griffin, Ga., Wesley Fellowship. HENRY A. MANN, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Circle K, Eta Sigma Psi. MARY MARGARET MANNING, Marietta, Ga., Chi Omega, Secretary, House Council. JOHN E. MARTIN, Decatur, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Ford Scholars, Stipe Scholars, Kappa Phi Kappa, President. JAMES HAROLD MASON, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, WKA, Wrestling team, Track team. PETER JUSTIN MAT- TINA, JR., Tampa Fla., Alpha Tau Omega, College Council, Student Senate, Varsity Swimming, E Club. RONALD WIL- FORD MEDLOCK, Atlanta, Ga., AFROTC. EUGENE A. MEDORI, JR., Atlanta, Ga., sigma chi, corresponding secre- tary, Bench and Bar, Pi Sigma Alpha. LAURENCE IRA MORRELI., Orlando, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Varsity track, Varsity soccer. SUE BRADFORD MORRIS, Birmingham, Ala., Kappa Delta. JOHN WAYNE MOUL- TON, Mt. Prospect, Ill., Beta Theta Pi, IFC, Circle K, Student Senate, Barkley Forum. HOMER EDWARD MOYER, St. Petersburg, Fla., Sigma Chi, Pres., Sec., Senior Class Pres., Lockheed Scholar, Honor Council, College Council, IFC, ODK, Business School, Bench and Bar, Pi Sigma Alpha, Varsity soccer, Dooley's chairman, E Club. SAMUEL CLIFFORD MOZLEY, Jonesboro, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Glee Club, Phi Sigma. GEORGE HERBERT MYSH- RALL, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Psychology Club. BEVERLY ANN NASH, Nashville, Tenn., Kappa Kappa Gamma. ALINE MITCHELL NELSON, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Gamma, Assistant and Rush Chairman, Rituals Chairman, Stipe Scholar, Canter- bury Club. DANIEL EDWARD NOLEN, JR., jacksonville, Fla., Beta Theta Pi, Wesley Fellowship, Board of Directors, Emory Players, Glee Club, Alpha Phi Omega. MARY SUE NUNN, Perry, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, House ,Council. WIL- LIAM MCALISTER O'BARR, Sylvania, Ga., Alpha Kappa Delta, ERA, Psychology Club, Canterbury Club. MARY KATHRYN O'CALLAGHAN, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Delta Del- ta, President. GEORGE D. OVERAND, III, Chattanooga, Tenn., Alpha Tau Omega, Sigma Omicron Beta, Economics Honors Program. MICHAEL HOWARD PARRINO, Cali, Columbia, Newman Club, President. THOMAS SARGENT PARROTT, New- nan, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Secretary, WHEEL, Business Manager, Phoenix, Business Manager. CATHERINE JANE PATTER- SON, Tucker, Ga., Alpha Delta Pig Women's Chorale. JOHN DEAN POITEVENT, Moultrie, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT CHAPMAN POOL, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Alpha. HARRY WARREN POPE, II, Warner Robins, Ga., Sigma Nu, IFC Sing Director, Glee Club, American 'Institute of Phys- ics, Student Section, Vice-President. DAVID BRYAN POY- THRESS, Macon, Ga., Sigma Chi, Bench and Bar, President, AFROTC, Cadet Major. IRA POZEN, Coral Gables, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Bench and Bar, Hillel, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary. EVERETT H. PRATT, JR., Covington, Ga., AFROTC. ARTHUR RICH- ARD PREISS, JR., Rome, Ga., Chi Phi, Secretary. ALAN SANFORD QUARTERMAN, Savannah, Ga., Emory Concert Band, Emory Players, Young Americans for Freedom. Seniors X Arts and Sciences MERRITT HERTWIG PATTERSON, Atlanta, Ga. SARA MARGARET PATTERSON, Covington, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma. JULE F. PAULK, Moultrie, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, Librarian, Manager, Soccer and Track Teams. HEN- RY WOOTEN PEABODY, Decatur, Ga. RICHARD WILEY PEARCE, jacksonville, Fla., Alpha Epsi- lon Delta. THOMAS H. PETERS, Monroe, Ga., Sigma Chi. JOHN CHARLES PHILLIPS, Daytona Beach, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Delta. ROY PINKSTON, JR., Parrott, Ga., Phi Delta Theta. Seniors X Arts and Sciences RHESA HUBERT REEVES, Millen, Ga., Sigma Chi, IFC Rep- resentative, Varsity Wrestling, E Club, Circle K, Glee Club. EDMOND LEE RICE, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Sec- retary, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Soccer Team, Track Team, Glee Club, Wesley Fellowship. ANNA HOPKINS RIGDON, Thomasville, Ga., Chi Omega, Panhellenic Council, Kappa Del- ta Epsilon, House Council. JERRELL V. RILEY, Anniston, Ala. RICHARD TERRY ROBERTS, Quincy, Fla., Kappa Alpha, Secretary, Pi Sigma Alpha. CASSANDRA RENETTE ROB- ERTSON, Rome, Ga., Kappa Delta, Miss Emory. RADFORD WILLIAMS ROSEBROUGH, Memphis, Tenn., Emory Re- ligious Association, President, Wesley Fellowship Council, Ford Career Scholar. WILLIAM EDWIN ROWE, Atlanta, Ga., Student Center Committee, CAMPUS Staff. DOUGLAS WILLIAM QUICK, Little Rock, Ark., Canterbury Club, President, ERA, Bench and Bar. WILLIAM FLETCH- ER QUILLIAN, III, Lynchburg, Va., Alpha Tau Omega, IFC Representative, Freshman Class President, Student Development Committee, College Council, President, Freshman Camp Com- mittee. EDWARD CARR RAINEY, Birmingham, Ala., Delta Tau Delta, College Council, Emory Concert Series Com- mittee, Circle K, President. ELEANOR RAINSFORD RAN- DOLPH, Pensacola, Fla., Pheonix, Co-Editor, Pi Delta Epsi- lon. JAMES EDWIN RANKIN, Tifton, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Upsi- lon, Sigma Pi Sigma. AOA MARIE RASMUSSEN, Brent- wooe, Tenn., Delta Gamma, Stipe Scholar, Alpha Epsilon, Upsilon. JOHN MAGRUDER READ, Clearwater, Fla., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Circle K. JOHN GEORGE REESE, Miami, Fla., Phi Gamma Delta, Circle K, Treasurer. JOHN T. RUSSELL, Annapolis, Md., Sigma Chi. ANDREW VICTOR SANTANGINI, Montgomery, Ala., Delta Tau Delta. JERRY WILSON SAUNDERS, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Secretary, Pi Sigma Alpha, Emory Wheel, Circulation Mana- ger, Pledge IFC. ROBERT PRESTON SAUNDERS, Kappa Alpha. PAUL ELLIOT SCHNEIDER, Savannah, Ga., Tau Epsilon Phi, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Stipe Scholar, Ford Career Schol- ar, Alpha Phi Omega. MARTIN J. SCHOR, Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Circle K, Ford Career Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. CARL CLIFTON SCHUESSLER, Colum- bus, Ga., Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM MONROE SCOTT, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. JOSEPH BENJAMIN SHAPIRO, JR,, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Pi, Student Senate, Sophomore Class Vice-President, College Council, President, Pledge IFC, Treasurer, Emory Re- ligious Association, Vice-President, Student Development Com- mittee, Track Team, Co-Captain, Outstanding Junior Award, Eta Sigma Psi, Vice-President, Omicron Delta Kappa, DVS. MARY SUSAN SHAW, Marietta, Ga., Chi Omega, Secretary, Freshman Advisor. MARGARET MAE SHEDD, Arlington, Va., Alpha Chi Omega, Chorale, WSA, Wesley Fellowship. LUCY S. SHEFFIELD, Atlanta, Ga. ANDREW M. SHELDON, Miami, Fla., Phi Delta Theta, Presi- dent, Interfraternity Council, President, DVS. DONNA EUGENIA SHERIDAN, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Chi Omega, Pres- ident, Social Chairman, Junior Panhellenic Vice-President, Pan- hellenic Representative. CARL RICHARD SHUPTRINE, Dalton, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Circle K. FRANCIS TREDWAY SHURLING, Wrightsville, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer. REGINALD STANLEY, SMITH, Thomaston, Ga., Chi Phi. WILLIAM HENRY SMITH, JR., Thomasville, N.C., Chi Phi, Westminister Fellowship, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President. WILLIAM STANLEY SMITH, JR., Waycross, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Glee Club, Track Team, Wesley Fellowship, Presi- dent, Faith and Learning Community. WILLIAM D. SOUTHER, Gainesville, Ga., Kappa Alpha. W. THAXTON SPRINGFIELD, Gainesville, Fla., Alpha Tau Omega. RAYMOND JAY SQUIRES, Pensacola, Fla., Phi Gamma Delta, President, Pledge Trainer, Varsity Soccer, Circle K, ERA Council. ANGELINE ELLEN STADLER, Coral Gables, Fla., Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chairman, Emory Christian Fellowship, Young Americans for Freedom, Secre- tary. JAMES OLIVER ST. JOHN, JR., Newnang Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha. Seniors f Arts and Sciences MARY LOUISE SIKES, Macon, Ga., Kappa Delta, Wesley Foundation, Women's Chorale, WSA. JOEL D. SHERMAN, Kensington, Md., Tau Epsilon Phi, Treasurer, Psychology Club. FRANCINE RUTH SIMENSKY, Orlando, Fla., Alpha Epsi- lon Upsilon. BETTY SWEET SIMMONS, Macon, Ga., Al- pha Delta Pi, Secretary Executive Council. JOHN DRURY SIMPSON, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary, Wrestling. ROBERT H. SNYDER, Columbus, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Circle K. ANN GRADY SMITH, Tuck- er, Ga.,,Pi Sigma Alpha. DIANA SPENCER SMITH, Doug- las, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Social Chairman, House Council, Women's Chorale, Wardrobe Chairman. Seniors X Arts and Sciences CHARLES FREDERICK THOMPSON, II, Tampa, Fla., Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omega, House Council, Bench and Bar. DAVID ALLEN TEGETHOFF, Orlando, Fla., Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. EL- LEN ANN THOMPSON, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treasurer, Pledge Chairman, Senior House Council, ROB- ERT SIDNEY THORNTON, Elberton, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Rush Chairman, Circle K, Eta Sigma Psi. LARRY KENNEDY TIPPENS, Daytona Beach, Fla. CLAUDE HINES TISON, Leesburg, Ga., Emory Players, Presi- dent, Stage Manager, Alpha Psi Omega, Barkley Forum, Young Americans for Freedom, Vice-Chairman, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Stipe Scholar, Ford Career Scholar. JERRY CURTIS TOOTLE, Savannah, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Baptist Student Union. WILLIAM WHIDDEN TOVELL, Atlanta, Ga., Chi Ph' l. DENNIS BARGER ST JOHN, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Tau Delta, Social Chairman, House Manager, Fine Arts Committee. ROY E. STEADHAM, JR., Covington, Ga. S. MICHEL STEW- ART, Palm Beach, Fla., Alpha Delta Pi. STANLEY LAMAR STOREY, Thomaston, Ga., Phi Gamma Delta, Wesley Fel- lowship. DANIEL MILTON STRICKLAND, Adel, Ga. PAMELA JEAN STRICKLAND, Lakeland, Fla., Kappa Delta, CAM-' PUS Staff. SHERRY ANNE TANNER, Lookout Mtn., Tenn., Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurer, Miss Emory Finalist, House Council, College Council, Executive House Council, Vice-Presi- dent. PEGGY TANNER, Lawrenceville, Ga., Phi Mu. SIDNEY R. TOURIAL, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Epsilon Phi. CHERE TOWNSEND, Haines City, Fla., Delta Delta Delta. JOHN NATHAN TRIPP, Savannah, Ga., Wesley Fellowship, Emory Concert Band. ELLIE HOWARD TURNAGE, Don- alsonville, Ga. RAFAEL VALDIVIESO, Atlanta, Georgia. ADRIANNE VAN GELDER, Orlando, Fla,, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Treasurer, Vice-President, House Council. FRANCIS EUGENE VOG- LER, Winston-Salem, N.C., Phi, Delta Theta. WILLIAM BURGESS WALKER, Washington, Ga., Sigma Nu, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, International Relations Club. LESLIE MARSHA WALTER, Coral Gables, Ela., Kappa Al- pha Theta, Vice-President, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Sweetheart Court. JULIA E. WARLICK, Cartersville, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Reporter, Historian, Rush Chairman, WSA, Vice-President, College Council, Miss Emory Finalist, Senior Loyalty Fund, Pledge IFC Sweetheart. ELLA ANN WAY, Hawkinsville, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, Secretary, Executive House Council, President. STEPHANIE WHITE, Atlanta, Ga. DAVID GILBERT WHITMAN, Decatur, Ga., Delta Tau Delta. ALVIN BUTLER WIGHT, IR., Cairo, Ga., Phi Delta Theta, Historian, Omicron Delta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Vice-President, CAMPUS, Editor, Managing Editor, Glee Club, Circkle K, Secretary, International Relations Club. NANCY WILBANKS, Alexander City, Ala., Kappa Kappa Gamma, House Council. EVELYN LOUISE WILCOX, Gainesville, Fla., Alpha Chi Omega, Sophomore House Coun- Cil, Vice-President. IDA YOUNG, Sheffield, Ala., Chi Omega. MICHAEL VERNON YOW, Tifton, Ga., Sigma, Chi. WILLIAM E. ZACHARY, JR., Decatur, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. EDDIE ZANT, Valdosta, Ga., Kappa Alpha. ROSALIND ZELKIND, Lake City, Fla., Alpha Epsilon Phi, Hillel, ERA, Emory Players, Psychology Club. CYNTHIA G. ZELLNER, Orlando, Fla., Kappa Alpha Theta, Chaplain, Panhellenic, Treasurer, Student Senate, junior Class Vice- President, Phi Delta Theta Sweetheart. GEORGE LUEY ZORN, Macon, Ga., Sigma Chi, Secretary. LYNDA DIANE ZWEBEN, Lakewood, NJ., Alpha Epsilon Phi, President, Rush Chairman, Sophomore House Council, French Govern- ment Prize. , X Seniors X Arts and Sciences DIANNA LEE D. WILLIAMS, Atlanta, Ga. GRADY KENNETH WILLIAMS, Anniston, Ala., Delta Tau Delta. LYNN T. WILLIAMS, Decatur, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice-President, Rush Chairman, WHO, Secretary, WSA, Sec- retary. ELIZABETH DUNLAP WILSON, Athens, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi, WAA, Secretary-Treasurer, President, House Council, Sophomore, Freshman. JOHN ELBERT WILSON, Columbus, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega. DAVID HERMAN WISE, Huntsville, Ala., Beta Theta Pi, Pledge Trainer, House Manager, Circle K, Bench and Bar, Sigma Sigma Delta, Vice-President, Westminster Fellowship. CAROLE WOOD, Atlanta, Ga., Chorale. BETTE JEAN WYCOTT, Belvedere, S.C. Juniors X Arts and Sciences WILLIAM JEFFERSON BEAVERS ...... ....,,,. J acksonville, JOE M. BECK ,..........,...........,.....,........ ..... M ontgomery, JEFFREY MARVIN BECKER .,.,,.. .,....v.v O rlando, JONE B. BELL ...,.........,.,........,...... .......... A thens, ROBERT LAMAR BELL .....s..,. .........,.,...,.. C airo, MARSHA ANN BENT .......,............, ...... S t. Petersburg, EUGENE RONALD BERGER ,.............. ....,...,...... A tlanta, MARGARET JOHNSON BILLINGS .....,. .....,.. A tlanta, Fla. Ala Fla Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga WALTER DORSEY ALEXANDER, JR. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , St. Petersburg, Fla. ARTHUR T. ALLEN ,.....,,.,.,,,,,,AAs,,,, Atlanta, Ga, WILLIAM EDMONDS ALLEN ..I.......,..... Athens, Ga, ALLAN FROST ARCHER, JR. ,.,,,,.,.As. Forsyth, Ga. MARTHA ANN ARMISTEAD ....,,..,,.. Barnsville, Ga. NATHAN LANE ATKINSON, IV ..,. West Point, Ga WILLIAM E. AVERA ............ Stone Mountain, Ga. PATRICIA BASKERVILL BAILEY ........ Bristol, Va. ARTHUR WOOTEN BALDWIN, JR. .... DHWSOII, Ga. JAMES M. BALLINTINE ,,o. ....,...,,..... A mama, Ga. LUCY LEE BASSETT ....,.,s....,,,,,.,.,,,, Monticello, Fla, LYNN LOUISE BATES ..........., West Hartford, Conn. BARBARA CAROL BATHO ....,r..,... Atlanta, Ga. RAY BAsToN BEHM, JR. ......,,,.,....,.... Auanta, Ga. NANCY HAMILTON BEARD .,,...,.,,,, Newman, Ga. Ga. Ga. STEPHEN WALDO BLIEVERNICHT .... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT GEORGE BLUNDO .......,.... Chamblee, Ga. Ga. ALLEN D. BINNS .,......,,,,..,......,.,.,,. Columbus, JAMES N. BLACK .............................,.. Atlanta, JAMES L, BOLEN .,..., ,.,....,........,........ V aldosta, GEORGE GOLDEN BOYD .....,.......... Columbus, G21- OSCAR LESLIE BRADLEY ................ Atlanta, G21- WILLIAM H. BRADLEY Lookout Mountain, Tenn. NANCY MCCALL BRAMLETT .... St. Petersburg, Fla. BARBARA ANN BRANCH ..,.......-.---A-.-- Atlanta, GH- BEN SHIVLEY BRANCH .................... Atlanta, Ga CAROLYN LEE BRIDGERS ........ Chattanooga, Tenn MARY SUE BRINGHURST ............ Greenville, S.C ALLEN THOMAS BRISENDINE, JR. .... Griffin, Ga HUGH W. BROCK .......,.................... Atlanta, Ga C. PASCHAL BROOKS ,,....,.......,....,.... Colqu1tt, JUANITA ANNETTE BROOKS ..,......,.. Miami, DOUGLAS RUSSELL BROWN .... Jacksonville, HELENA JUSTINE BROWN ......,..... Huntsville, SANDRA ANN BROWN ............ Barnesville, WAYLAND YODER BROWN, JR ........ Rome, Ga. MAX POLLOCK BROWNSTEIN .... Charlotte, N.C. DON SUSAN BRYANT .,...,...,......,.., Lakeland, ARLENE CHERYL BUCKLEW ..,.....,... Norfolk, ROBERT MCCOLLUM BUNTIN .....,.. Albany, ROBERTA SUSAN BUNYAN ........ Louisville, PAM BURGESS .,,..,.. .l.,.,..................,..,.... A lbany, GORDON BERRY BUNNETT .... College Park, BITSY CAROL BURTON ............ Chattanooga, Tenn Ga. Fla. Fla. Ala. Ga. Fla. Va. Ga. Ky Ga Ga JANE A. BURTON .,A,.,,.,................... Athens, Tenn ELIAS C. CHALHUB ..,...V........, West Palm Beach, Fla. CLIFFORD MICHAEL CHALKER .... Carrollton, Ga. THOMAS SIDNEY CHAMBLESS ............ Albany, Ga. VICKI LEE CHANDLER ........,....... Evansville, C. EDWIN CHASE .........,.......,... ....... M acon, JAMES L. CHITWOOD ,L.,... .....,. D alton, E. CULPEPPER CLARK ........ .....,..,, C airo, GEORGE E. CLARY, III ......,.... .,.... A ugusta, ELLEN JANE COFEEY .,....,.......... ....... D ecatur, JAMES SAMUEL COLEMAN Pensacola, ROBERT M. CONNER ......... Bradenton, WILLIAM SIDNEY COOK ...... ...... Co vington, HOKE SMITH COOLEY ........... ,......,.,.,, R ome, AL CORN ---,'--4---------'-------,-----------..... ...... V aldosta, JOHN VIRGIL COSTLEY, JR. Oxford, Incl Ga Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Juniors X Arts and Sciences WILLIAM EDWARD BUSH ................ ....... C olquitt, Ga ROBERT HARDING BYERS, JR. ........... .........,. D ecatur, Ga JOSEPH W. CAHOON .........,...................... ...... G ainesville, Ga MARTHA HIGHTOWER CALHOUN ....... ...... A tlanta, Ga PEGGY PURVIS CANTRELL ........ ................,. D ecatur, Ga. W. HOMER CARLISLE, III ...,..... ...... A lexander City, Ala. MARTHA E. CARPENTER ......,.. ........... H arrison, N.Y. HENRY NASH CARRIER, III ..........,..... ....... C enterville, Miss. Juniors X Arts and Sciences HARRY EUGENE DAWSON ..,... LINDA P. DAWSON ,...,.......... ..... Ashburn, Ga. MARY KAY DAVIS ...........,........ ...., Adairsville, Ga. . San Jose, Calif. KATHRYN M. DELL .....,.V.., ...... W Cirsdale, Fla. DEE ANN DeNIO ..A....,,,..,., ,...... C ollege Park, Ga LEE ANN DETWILER ........... ........... B everly, N.J. PATRICIA A. DILLON .. ....,. .. .,.... La.Marque, Texas JOHN STARLING DISHER .....,V ...f. G reenville, S.C. WARREN A. COX ..,s ,,,,,,,,.,,4,,,,,,, ,,,, MARY RHEA CRAVENS .,...,,,,,,, BETTY MARIE CRAWFORD ......, Arlington, Va. Winchester, Tenn. Macon, JANE B. CRAWLEY ,ss...oo..,,.....,,,.,,,,,s,,,,, Atlanta, CHARLES s. CREWS ..........,....... ,,,,.., E ast Point, ROY WILBURN CRISWELL, JR. ............ Macon, DALE EMILY CULLEN .............,.. Doraville, GLADNEY L'ANGEL CURETON ........ Newman, BEN WILLARD CURRY .,.,.......,..,..,.. Miami, ROBERT H. CURRY .,.I.,..,.,....,.............A., Miami, STEPHEN WAYNE DALE ................,,.s Miami, HAROLD TURNER DANIEL JR. . Zebulon, RICHARD SAYLE DARROW .....,. fffisf. Louis, CECELIA P. DAVIS ....................,,,. Tallahassee, GUY CLAUDE DAVIS, JR. ....,,......,,4.,,,. Albany, SARA MEDORA DIXON ....... WILLIAM A. DOBES, JR. ......... . Decatur, Atlanta, JOHN CHARLES DOMING ..............V. Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Fla. Fla. Ga. Mo. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. ALEC GLENN DORSEY .......... ....... A bbeville, G21- FRED A. DORSEY ................. ..... P itfSbl1Ig, P21- JOE A, DOSTER .........,.................. Hollywood, Fla. DAVID HARVEY DREW ................ Cedartown, Ga. ROBERTA EILEEN DUCKETT ............ Decatur, Ga- JEROME BARRY DUNCAN ........ ......... S myrna, Ga. ROSALYN ANN DUNN ........ ..... A ugusta, ,Ga- BRYANT L. DURHAM ......,.-------- Th0mHSf0H, Ga- THOMAS OWEN DUVALL, JR. ........---- Decatur, Ga- WILLIAM GORONWY EAGER ............ Valdosta, Ga. ROBERT ANDERSON EDMONDSON, III -4'A-'----" Atlanta, Ga. Ga. JAMES CLARENCE EDWARDS ........ Ringold, JOHN MICHAEL EDWARDS ........ Houston, Texas ALLAN EGETH .......,.,..............A.......,... Hillside, NJ. WALTER EDWARD EISELE, JR. .... Pensacola, Fla. MARTIN JOEL EISLER .,...R,,..., N. Miami Beach, Fla ELIZABETH READ ELLIS ..,. Port Washington, N.Yl LINDA JEAN ELLIS ,.... ......... L ouisville, Ky. WILLIAM J. ELLIS, III .w...,...,...... St. Simons Is., Ga. ANN ESTES ........ ..,....,.............., C hattanooga, Tenn. JAMES LEONIDAS ESTES, JR. .............,.. Rome, Ga. CHARLES A. EVANS ..........,............. Marietta, Ga. DICK MEANS EVANS ....... .......... A tlanta, SIDNEY ALAN EVANS ...,... ...... B irmingham, ANN ELIZABETH EVINS ............ Birmingham, BRUCE ARLEN FABRIC ...,............ Hallandale, ROBERTA CORLEY FARLEY ............ Miami, THOMPSON ALFRED GAILEY, JR. .... Elberton, L. JEANNE GAINES ............,,.................. Atlanta, MARGARET ANN GAIN ES .................... Atlanta, TERESSA MAE GAMMAGE ............ Moultrie, GEORGE SHEPPARD GANDY ............ Tampa, WEBB B. GARRISON ........................ Evansville, TRAMMEL CULLEN GILLILAND ........ Dalton, CHARLEN E GAIL GILSON ................ Decatur, JOHN EDWARD GIRRARDEAU ........ Claxton, KENNETH LESLIE GLASSER ........ Coral Gables, Ga Ala. Ala. Fla Fla Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ind Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. DAVE WESTBROOK GOLDMAN ............................ Lido Beach L.I., N.Y. LAURA MARIA GONZALEZ ....,... Coral Gables, Fla. JANE LOUISE GOULD ............ Winter Haven, Fla. ANNE POWELL GOWING ........ N. Augusta, S.C. JANET WYNELLE GRAHAM ........ Williamson, Ga. Juniors X Arts and Sciences JEANETTE CAROL FEW .. CHRIS C. FIELD ..................... KENNETH IAN F INKEL ........ sARA JANE FLEMING ........ LAURA V. FOREMAN ............... ......... THOMAS C. FLOYD ...................... ..... Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Dalton, Ga Atlanta, Ga Memphis, Tenn. Thomaston, Ga. WILLIAM BURNAM FOKES ....,... ............ A tlanta, Ga- LOLA PATRICIA FRANKLIN Statesboro, Ga. Juniors X Arts and Sciences JILL C. HARRISON ...................... ........... A tlanta, Ga JODEPHINE HATCHER .....,,...s.........., ...... F on Valley, Ga EARL MILLER HATTON, JR. .....,...,... .......... B artow, Fla. MICHAEL LAWRENCE HAWKINS ......,. ..... C oral Gables, Fla RICHARD R. HELMS ,.........,...................,... ,,.,..,,,.,. L akeland, Fla JOHN WALTON HENDERSON, JR. ...... ..,..,.,... s tone Mm., Ga ROALD VICTOR HERWICK, JR. ........, ......... W ashington, D.C VICTOR MARSHALL HICKS ............ ...,.......... A tlanta, Ga JON STEPHEN GRANTHAM ........ Winter Park, Fla. SEBRING SCOTT GRIFFIN .,.......... Union Point, Ga WILLIAM CECIL GRIFFIN .,.......... Nashville, Tenn JANE ELLEN GRISTLE .V..............,....... Atlanta, Ga: ROBERT M. GROVES ..,,.. ..,..... L ookout Mtn., Tenn. J. EUGENE GUERRERO ...........,,...,,.. Dallas, Texas ROBERT TAU GUNBY, JR., .,......,... Sharpsburg, CHARLES W. GUNNELS ....... ...... A rlington, REBECCA ANNE HALYARD ,.,.....,.,..... Atlanta, JOHN HOWARD HANGER ......,. Coral Gables, MICHAEL ADRON HARDEN ............ Zebulon, ANDREA ELIZABETH HARDY ,... Luthersville, ROBERT BILLUPS HARRELL ,....,.......,., Atlanta, ANGELA BELL HARRISON ..............., Macon, GEORGE HAMILTON HARRISON, JR ...............,. Fairburn, LAWRENCE IRA HIGDON, JR. ................ Cairo, CATHRON LOUISE HILBURN ............ Atlanta, JOSEPH JAMES HILLMAN ........ Tinton Falls, PRESTON HARRIS HINES .................... Atlanta, SAMUEL OVERBY HOFFMAN ...... ...... M iami, SALLY BURRUSS HOGSED ....---.--.-..-- Atlargta, LARRY B. HOOKS ........................ Twin Clfy, MARY ANNE HOUSER ..................---.-- MHCOH, ROBERT SPENCER HOWELL, JR. ................... . Coral Gables, MARY FRANCES HUGULEY ............ Thomaston, TOMMIE NELDA HUMPI-IRIES .. Lawrenceville, MARY JO HUNT ............................ Chamblee, WILLIAM L. HUNTER ................ Monticello, JOHN ANTHONY HURST ................ Atlanta, E. ANNE HUTCHINS .............. ....... A tlanta, Ga. Va. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. l Ga. Ga. N.J Ga Fla Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla Ga Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. RITA BLANTON IVEY .........,....,... AMANDA BROWN JACKSON J. HAROLD JACKSON ...,.....,..... JUDITH EDWINA JAMES ,,,.. ... MARTHA A. JAMES , ,.......,,........ DWIGHT CHARLES JARVIS WILLIAM W. JAY ........w,L..,I..,. BEN F., JOHNSON .....L.........,. . CONNIE LYNN JOHNSON ......, MARY CAROLYN JOINER ...,.,.., Atlanta, Ga Cleveland, Tenn Winder, Tampa, Ga Fla Summerville, Ga Ball Ground, .. Tallahassee, Atlanta, Ga Aiken, S.C Butler, Ga Ga. Fla. JOHN H. JONES ..,.,.,..,,...... .,..,.,.. D uluth, Ga. JOHN LYNN JONES ...,... .......,...,.. R ome, Ga. JUDY ELLA JONES .......,..... ,,.. Lakeland, Fla. MICHAEL D. JONES ....,.,.....,,.,....,.,. Stone Mtn., Ga. GEORGE MICHAEL JOSEPH ........ Jacksonville, Fla. WILLIAM N. KOTYS ....., .......,..,...,.,..,. Miami, Fla. STEVE .MICHAEL KRANT .,..,, ,.... B rooklyn, N.Y. PHYLLIS ADRIAN KROLICK ................ ,Miami, Fla. SAMUEL THERON D. LANCASTER ...............,.,,..... Spartanburg, S.C. LARRY EDWARD LANDERS . .. E.EE.r,E, Atlanta, Ga. LYNDA LANDERS ...,,..E.,.......................... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM COTTRELL LANG, JR. ....,.., Tampa, REEVES MOORE LAWSON .......... LAURA SUE LAYFIELD .... ............,., THOMAS B. LEWIS .............. G. ELIZABETH LINDSAY ....... MARY ANN LITTLE ............... ...... JUDITH ALLEN LONG ........... MARY ELIZABETH LOVE ......... RONALD DEAN LOVELL ...... Vienna Perry, Fla. Ga. Zebulon, N.C. Baxley, Atlanta, Birmingham, Decatur, Lakeland, Ga. Ga. Ala. Ga. Fla. , Ga. Juniors X Arts and Sciences WILLIAM HENRY JUDD ,................. DANIEL JOSEPH KAMINSKY .. Cincinnati, O. Savannah, Ga. ALFRED KARNIEWICZ .....,...., ...... J acksonville, Fla. HARRY C. KEENE, JR. ................ ............ J upiter, Fla. JAMES MARION KELLEY ............... ............ W rens, Ga. BRYAN CLAYTON KENNEY .............. ......... S haker Hts, O C. EUGENE KERNAGHAN, III ....... ........ M acon, Ga. WILLIAM RODGERS KITCHENS Byromville, Ga Juniors X Arts and Sciences l JEROL MCLEAN ......,....,.......,....., .... ......... M 0 bile, Ala. JAMES FRANKLIN MEIGS ......v. ........ T homasville, Ga. BETTE B, MEYER ,,,,,4.,..,.,,,,.. ....... W ilton, Conn. FRANK F. MIDDLETON ...... ......,. A lbarly, G2- JUDITH ADDLETON MILI.ER ,.4,... ,.....,,. M acon, Ga. LARRY FRED MILLER ...,.....A......... ,..... J ackson, Miss. ROBERT S. MILLER .................. .,...Vw C airo, Ga. REGGIE H. MOODY' ...... ...... A tlanta, Ga. ANN LOUISE LOVETT ..... .,.,,,,,,,.4 D ublin, GLORIA JEAN LYMAN ................ Kinsington, SUSAN MARKEL .........,s,s4 ,,,,,A, C olumbia, JOHN MARSHALL ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,-,,,,, M Qbile, GEORGE G. MARTIN ,, ., -,,,,,,, Jacksonville, RANDOLPH PETER MARTIN .... Coral Gables, Ga Md S.C Ala Fla Fla. ALFRED ROBERT MASSAM .........,., Wauchula, Fla. JAMES WALLACE MATTHEWS .....I..,.,. Dixie, Ga. LILY GRACE MATLOCK ....,................... Marietta, Ga. JERRY MAUTNER .......,.... ..... B fO0k1yI'1, N.Y. ROSA LEE MCALISTER ,,,,,,,,,,.,.,A,,4,.4,i,,,,, Central, SC, CONNIE LOUISE MCARTHUR .,.,,..,,, Savannah, Ga. LINTON EDGAR MCCRACKEN, JR. .... Decatur, Ga. ZOE FRANCES MCFEE- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga, MICHAEL LEE MCKENZIE .....,....,. Panama City, Fla, JUDITH PHARR MOORE ............,.....,..... Tampa, JOHN SPURGEON MORRISON, II w,w..... Atlanta HAROLD W. MULLIS ..,............. Jacksonville, SALLY HELEN MUSGROVE ..,......... Hoverville, THOMAS KENNETH MUSGROVE ........ Albany 1 J JOHN F, NEWMAN, JR. ......,.,, ,...... D ecatur, MELINDA JEAN NIX .w....Y................. Tampa, ROBERT LEON O'KELLY, JR. ............ Granfville, DONALD PATRICK O'NEAL ..........,. Atlanta, LUIS A. OMS ,,..w........w .w.... . .......,, . WILLIAM L. OWINGS KYLE KIRK PALMER .,...,.. ALVIN F. PANNELL ......., EDWARD LEE PARKER JAMES R, PARKER ,.......... ...,.. New Orleans Atlanta, Marietta, Marietta Atlantal McDonough, Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. La. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. KENNETH A. PASS ..,,.,...,.... ..V.... JOE PITTMAN PEABODY A Griffin, Ga. Decatur, Ga. JOHN A. PERKERSON, JR. ..V................. Atlanta, G21- THOMAS LEONARD PERKINS, JR. ........ Macon, Ga. MARY LYNN PERLMAN .....,........AA Memph1s, Term- MARIE ELLEN PERRY . ...... . MARY KEITH PERRY .Y...,Y...........A......... Winder, Ga. Clover, S.C. WILLIAM STUART PERRY .,.......,,...,, Nashville, Ga.. ROBERT CROCKET PETERMAN, II ,,.. Mitton, Fla. WILLIAM J. PFISTER, JR. ...r..,............. Danvers, Ill. ELAINE ROCHELLE PHILLIPS .,.. Chattanooga, Tenn. HOWARD MITCHELL PHILLIPS, JRQ ....,.,.w.,...,.,,.... . Birmingham, Ala. ROGER NOLAN PHILLIPS, JR. ......,. Savannah, Ga. ARTHUR PHRYDAS ,.,...,..,,,......,...., ..., A tlanta, Ga. CAROLYN KIRKWOOD PIERSON ..,,.. L Albany, Ga. i MAYNARD RAMSEY, III . ...,,...,....,.. Tampa, Fla. WALTER ROBERT REEVES . ,...,, ,..,,,, L aGrange, Ga. STEPHEN ALLAN REICHERT r.,,,,,r L ,,r,,rr .Mama Ga. BURTON V. REIFLER . .,,..,.....,,,,,. Macon, Ga. STANLEY ALLEN RHODES . .. W. Palm Beach, Fla. MARY EARLE RICE . ..,r, ,.,.. . M. ADAIR ROBERTS . ..........., ..... . PENNY ANN ROBERTSON .. RICHARD THOMASROGERS M. SUSAN ROLLINS ........,.. ZORA BELLE ROONEY ........ ALAN HARRIS ROSEN .......... CHARLES DOUGLAS ROSS .. . Anderson, S.C. . Bethesda, Md. Vero Beach, Fla. .. East Point, Ga. . .. Mobile, Ala. Rome, Ga. Charleston, S.C. Stone Mtn Ga. GEORGE WOIKIM ROUADI Sf. Petersburg, Fla. JANE LOUISE ROWE P ...... ........, L like worth, Em. Juniors X Arts and Sciences -DANIEL FVPINHOLSTER ............. ..... C harlotte, N.C. WILLIAM HARRY PITTMAN Gainesville, Ga. PAUL RODGER PIZZO ................ ........ T ampa, Fla. MIRIM GAILUPRICE, ......... . ..... ....... L aGrange, Ga. ROSA CLARE PRYSE .......I.....,.... ........... F o yth, Ga. DAVID HERBERT PURDUM ....... ................ A Efanta, Ga. PATTY ELIZABETH PUTMAN .- .... ..... O ak Ridge, Tenn. BERNARD 'G. RAGSDALE ............ ............ A tlanta, -Ga. V l Juniors X Arts and Sciences NANCY JANE SMITH .Vw..,,.A,. ..,,. C learwater, Fla. SARA LEWIS SMITH .,..,.......,............,., Griffin, Ga. SUSAN ELIZABETH SMITH ...,.,...,,..... Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES MORGAN SPARACINO ...w.A,, Belle, W.Va. JULI SPARKS ....w.,, ,..I., ,.,l..,.........,.. . . . , Fordyce, Ark. JACKSON DOW SPEIGHT .,....,,.,....,...,. Unadilla, Ga. RONALD TATE STAFFORD ............ Thomasville, Ga, PAUL EUGENE STANTON ,...........,.....V. Atlanta, Ga. KAREN BETH STEELE ,,..,.,..,ww ..,.. , ....., A uburn, Ala. HENRY HANSEL STEMBRIDGE, III ,....,.......,...,. .... San Francisco, Calif. , THOMAS R. RUMBLE .,,....,,.. .,,,,, F orsyth, JERRY DWIGHT SANDERS ,.,,.,...,,, Pensacola, Ga. Fla. MYLES MARK SAVITI' ..,............. Rockaway, N,Y, JUDITH FARBEE SCHLATTER ........ Ft. Pierce, JUDY F. SCHLATTER .,.... .,....,... S ilver Spring, JEAN MARIE SEAMON ..... .,.. M arietta, J. ED SEGRAVES ...........,,..,....... ..... A tlanta, G. SAM SELLS .,...,.....,.....................,.,..,. Moultrie, CHARLES WHITAKER SEWELL .,., Cartersville, FRANK ARTHUR SILKWOOD ,... Charleston, W. RALPH F. s1MPsoN ,,..,.,....,.....,,..... Bttinbtidgt, THOMAS GoRDoN s1NDERsoN .,.. Bethesda, GUS H. SMALL, JR. ......,................,........ Maton, DENNY MtLEoD SMITH .....,.,..,. Bishopville, Fla. Md. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Va. Ga. Md. Ga. S.C. HENRY LINTON SMITH ..,,,.. ..,....,...,, R ome, Ga. JOSEPH WILLIAM STEPHENS, III ......., Macon, Ga. CHARLES PRESTON STEWART, JR. .... Florence, Ala. JAMES MARLIN STOGNER .................... DeCatur, MARION B. STOKES ........................... Atlanta, JOHN A. STONEHAM ,..,..... HOWARD WARDIELD STUKES ..,......... Atlanta, BETH G. SUGARMAN ........................ Atlanta, THOMAS WILEY SUMMERLIN ............ Br0XtOr1, WALTER DALLAS SWIFT .................... Atlanta, RUSSELL EUGENE SYKES .... W. Palm Beach, JAMES SPENCER TAINTOR ...............- Miami, SARA JANE TARDIN ...... ................. M laml, Ga. Ga. Dallas, Texas Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Fla. Fla CONSTANCE CHARLENE TATE ,........... Atlanta, Ga ELLEN ALBRIGHT TAYLOR ,....,.. Baton Rouge, La NANCY ELIZABETH TEEM .............,-- Marietta, Ga SAMUEL JAY TENEABAUM ............,.,. Savannah, Ga. JANICE ELAINE THOMAS ............ East Point, Ga. JEAN CAREN THOMASON ................ Atlanta, Ga. HUGH P. THOMPSON ,,Yww Milled eville Ga. g , STEPHANIE MAE THORP ..,..... Johnson City, Tenn WALLACE FOUCHE TILLMAN ..w....,..,. Baxley, JOHN C. TOOLE . ,..,..,.....A.......,., . Tampa, I, RICHARD TORANTO .,.,,,...... Birmingham, ARTHUR LOWELL TRACHT .w....,......... Orlando, STEPHEN CHARLES TRAWICK ....,... Pensacola, JOHN PIERCE TUCKER ,,..,.....,......Y.,.... Moultrie, HUBERT ELLISON TUCKER, JR. ......,.,,.,. . Lawrenceville, WOODROW W. TURNER, JR. ............ Richmond, WILLIAM BUTLER TYE ........... ....,..... M acon, ROSTHEMA VIENER .,................,..... Brooklyn, N HENRY ANDERSON WHEELER ........ Newnan, MARILYN JEAN WHITE ...........,............ Wrens, LARRY JOHN WIKHOLM .. ...... LaGrange Park, FRANK WILENSKY , . ,................. ..... C olumbus, BARBARA DIANE WILEY .............. ..... M arietta, DONALD O'NEIL WILLIAMS ...........,.,,. Decatur, ROBERT E. WILLIAMS ..........,,......i...,. Orlando, RENA WILSON .......,...... .l......... ..,..... A t lanta, JOHN WILSON S. WISE, JR. .,,. Newport News, LUTHER HORN WOLFF ............,.. Columbus, HILTON WOOD ............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Macon, MICHAEL EUGENE WOODRUFF .....................,, Birmingham, ELIZABETH ROSE WURST ........,,..,,,,,,,, Decatur, ROBERT JOHN YANNO ............ Coral Gables, JUNE H. ZURN ......... ' ......... .,............ A tlanta, Ga. Fla. Ala Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga Va Ga Ga Ga Ill Ga Ga Fla. Ga. Ga.. na J Ga. Fla. .Y. Juniors X Arts and Sciences RICHARD ALVIN VINCENT ...,.... Milledgeville, Ga SEABORN MCDONALD WADE, JR. .. ,. . , , Miami Shores, Fla JOHN PIERPONT WAGER ................ Marietta, Ga CHARLES KENYON WAGNER .... Windermere, Fla FOSALIE EVELYN WARD .....,.. College Park, Md THERON DALE WARD ........,....,....,..... Elberton, Ga MILTON E. WARREN .......,..........,..... Miami, Fla WILLIAM W. WEDDINGTON, JR. ..,....,,,,,.. ..... ..,. . Hawkinsville, Ga CHARLES S. WEST, JR. ..............V......,.. Orlando, Fla ELEANOR FURMAN WESTBROOK .,,, Atlanta, Ga Sophomores X Arts and Sciences PENNY S. BAUM ......,,............... JOSEPH ANTHONY BAZEMORE KENNETH CARLISE BAZEMORE BARBARA JO BEADLE ..,............ Highlands, N.C ........Sy1van1a, Ga. Warner Robins, Ga Atlanta, Ga MARY LOUISE BEASLEY ............... ,..... J ohnson City, Tenn BARBARA ELAINE BECKI-IAM ,..,.. ..... LINDA BARBARA BELL A............ KATHARINE WEIR BENNETT .. CHRIS HOWARD BENTLEY .... MARY LYNN BIRDSONG ......,.. JUDSON G. BLACK ............,... R. NANCY BOMAR ..w,,.. ...,. Coral Gables, Fla West Palm Beach, Fla Laurinburg, N.C Qiuncy, Fla. Nashville, Tenn Greenville, S.C Atlanta, Ga WENDELL H. ADAIR ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Decatur, Ga, Al-FRED B. ADAMS w....................... Jekyll Island, Ga. JOSEPH LEONARD ADAMSON ........ Morrow, Ga. MARVIN L. ALLEN, JR. .....,....,.,........... Albany, Ga, FRANK ALLISON ........,........ l....,.,, A tlanta, Ga. CHERYL LYNN ANDERSON ......,,.,...... Atlanta, Ga 'FRANK LLOYD ANNIS .l.......... N. Miami Beach, Fla JANET M. ASKEW ............,,,..,...,...,...... Atlanta, Ga ROBERT WAYNE BAKER ............ Nashville, Tenn JOHN ROBERT BALL ..,,,.,..., ..i,..... A uburn, Ala MATTHEW TALBOT BARNHILL, JR. .............,....,..,. . Sylacauga, Ala. NANCY JEAN BARRITT ,....l..l......,,....... Tampa, Fla. GEORGE H. BASHAM .,,......,...... Panama City, Fla. MARTHA LYNNE BALLEW ......,..,,. Raleigh, N.C. MIKE D, BARNHORST ...,,.,............. Jacksonville, ANNE B. BOMFORD ....,.., .......... T ampa, DICK BOOZER ...,....,.,............ ...... A nniston, JACK STEWART BOOZER .,..., .......... A tlanta, SHARLI JENNIFER BOURN ..........,. Dunwoody, EDWARD LYNN BOWEN .............,...,,- Atlanta, ANTOINETTE ROULHAC BOWIE ..., Anderson, HARRY JAMES BOYNTON ................ Orlando, MAX L. BRAND ,....................,.......... AtW0rtl1, CORDELIA CAROL BRANNON ,... Montgomery, BEPPIE BRASWELL ....,,...............,.......... Atlanta, JAQUELYN BREWER ..,..,.,,....... Warner Robins, GLORIA BRICKMAN .... , ...,.,....,. M iami Beach, MARILYN LOUISE BROCK ..,......... Greenville Fla. Fla. Ala. Ga. Ga. Ga. S.C. Fla. Ga. Alta. Ga. Ga. Fla. , S.C PATSY JO BROOKS ,,,,, ,.,,,,, P hiladelphia, Penn. EDWARD HARRISON ABLE, JR. , RR.R,, Decatur, Ga. A SIMONE BROOM .,.. ...A,...A,......... ....,... S a vannah, Ga. DAVID W, BROWN ., ...,..v,.....,,,....,.... East Point, Ga. EDWARD MARTIN BROWN IV ......,,,... Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD L. GROWN ................ Oak Park, MiCh. ROGER STEPHEN BROWN ..,........ ..... A tlanta Ga. BENIE ELIZABETH BRUNER ....... ,.,,, A tlanta, Ga. ROBERT T. BUCHANAN .,.,w.w.... ...... A tlanta, Ga. IDALEE DOLLY BUEF .,...,... .. .,,.., Atlanta, Ga. LEWIS H. BULLOCK .,A..,.. ...... C uthbert, Ga. SALLY ANSLEY BURROWS .,.,... ..,...,.., T ampa, Fla. SUSAN MEIER CALLISON ...... . Memphis, Tenn. CAROLE VINING CAMP .................,,. Atlanta, Ga JAMES CLYDE CAMPBELL .,..,,,.,,. Little Rock Ark WILLIAM WESLEY CAMPBELL, JR. .I,I MACOIH, Gai , JOAN BURTON CHARLTON ,... Caracas, Venezuela BRUCE TERRY CHARYN .Y,.. ...,,,... . Atlanta, MARGARET E. CHASE I..,.I,..I,....,......,. Lakeland, K. CRAIG CHURCH, JR. ......,..,., Jacksonville, JAMES HENRY CLARKE ,. .... ...,.,.....,.. O cala, JOHN HUMPHREY COBB, JR. ....,. , GILBERT HOWARD COHEN Miami, ROBERT S. COHN ..,...,.....,,.,..,..,...... Columbus, EDWARD GUY COLT, II ............... SANDRA PAYE COLEY .,... BARRY E. COLLINS ,,,,., . ,,,,. , LINDA LOU COLQUITT .,... MARK ELIZABETH COLVIN . ,..,, , MARION F. COMBS ,............. , Cartersville, Newnan, Ga. Fla. Fla. Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Macon, Fort Valley, Wilmington, Milledgeville, Ga, Ga. Del. Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences TUCK CANIPELLI ....,............,.. ........ J acksonville, Fla. ANN ROWE CANTWELL .,,....... ..... M orristown, Tenn. DANIEL SAMUEL CAPLAN ....... ............. A tlanta, Ga. SAM JACKSON CARLYLE ..... ......... A tlanta, Ga. HELEN ELEANOR CARROLL ......... Atlanta, Ga. JULIA KEITH CARSWELL ......... .,.... T homaston, Ga. SANDY BAXTER CARTER .. ............... Atlanta, Ga. SUSAN FRANCIS CAVELLI ......., .,..... C ollege Park, Ga. JOHN F. CHAPMAN ...........,... West Palm Beach, Fla. PERRY RALPH' CHAPMAN ............ ..........,... G ainesville, Ga. WILLIAM CARROL CHAPMAN .,..... ....,........., D ecatur, Ga. MARY ELIZABETH CHAPPELL ...... ...,. B eaufort, S.C. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences REBECCA LYNN DIAL ,.............,..A ,,.,.A..A..,,A...,.... JANE ELLEN DIDDLE .........,..,,... NANCY L. DOMINGOS .................. . THOMAS GLENN DONNELLY ..... . N. KEITH DOZIER ..,....,. ............. JUANITA CAROL DRAPER .,A.v, WILLIAM CLARK DRISKELL .,.,..,. .,..... Birmingham, Ala .. Knoxville, Tenn. Atlanta, Ga Riverdale, Ga Hamlet, N.C Atlanta, Ga. St. Petersbur Fla. 8, JERRY WALTON DRUMMOND ...., .......... S hreveport, La JOHN PAUL DRUMMOND ...., 1 . BARBARA JEAN DUNCAN .,.........,.,, .,..... Shreveport, La Huntington, W.Va SUSAN PERKINS DUNCAN ,.,.,........... ...... B oca Raton, Fla PHIL THURMAN DUNNING, III Marietta, Fla. ELIZABETH ARLENE CONGER ........ M0ultrie, Ga. J. THOMAS CONKLE ......,..... ...,..,. H ampton, Ga. JOHN WILLIAM COOK, JR. ,.,.,, .,,,., N ewnan, Ga. FRED DANIEL COX ,,.,,,,,....... r.,,.. A tlanta, Ga, JOHN GREEN CREECH ....,.. ,r.... G reenville, S.C TRUDY H. CROOK ....,...,.,...,...,...,. Montgomery, Ala. MARGARET E. CROWLEY .... West Palm Beach, Fla. HAROLD JESSE CRUMLY, JR. ,.,. Washington, D.C. WILLIAM W. CULBERTSON .........,....., Miami, E121 JACK C. CULLER ..............,.,. ...... ,..,.. . S alucla, S.C. MARY A. CUNNINGHAM .....,.............. Bristol, VERNE EUGENE CUTLER ...,.,...,,. Springfield, DANA T. DALE .......... ..,.,....,,.. ,..,,,,,, M a rie ta, EARNEST H. DELONG ....,.........,......,., Atlanta, RI-IODA GAIL DEUTSCHMAN .... Miami Beach, Va. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. DAVID NORRIS DUPUY ....,....... 'Coral Gables, Fla. KATHRYN WILKIN DYAR ............ Greensboro, ROMAN ABRAHAM DZLEWIENSKI .... Atlanta, ROBERT JUSTIN EDENEIELD ............ Macon, CHARLES HENRY EGERTON .... St. Petersburg, Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. SARA FRANCES ELLINGTON ..,......,.. Jefferson, Ga. KATHY W. EMERSON .,... . ............. Duxbury, Mass. CHARLOTTE ANN ENGLISH ,... Spring City, Tenn. ADELE EPSTEIN ...........,....... .......... Miami, Fla. CORLISS JEAN EVANS ........ ...... M UUCIC, Ind- RUSSELL GARDNER EYMAN ................ MIHITI1, MARTHA JANE FELDER ..,.... HAROLD ALAN FENSTER .,....., Miami Beach, JANICE A. FERGUSON .,.......... ........ R aceland, Atlanta, Fla KY Fla. Ga. ROBERT E. FERRIS ,,,,.w.,., . .. w, Plantation, C. STANLEY FINCH ........ I .....,. .,.,.A.... O rlando, RICHARD SEWELL FISHER ............ Greenville, SALLY JEAN FISHER .eee.....,,w... 1 .vvw..w.wVV. Atlanta, MARGARET DELL FLEMING ...,l... Birmingham, Fla Fla S.C Ga Ala. CORRIE LYCURGUS FORREST, JR. .... Marion, Va. NIKI FOSSETT .L,,.,LL.i....,...i..i...,....,..,.. Marietta, Ga. DON W, FOWLER ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.A Clarksville, Tenn. DAVID GORDON FOWLER ..........i,..i. Decatur, Ga- GEORGE M. FOX ,.....i,.iii........ New York, N.Y- HAYWARD M. FOX .....ei. N. Miami Beach, Fla. CHARLES WALTER FREEMAN .... Asheville, N.C SANDRA MARIE FRENCH .....,............ . Orlando, Fla RONALD RICHARDVGADBOIS ............ Atlanta, Ga SANDRA LEE GAY ....,................... East Point, Ga ELIZABETH GAYLE GRAHM .,.....,....,.,. Atlanta, WILLIAM SAMUEL GREER ............ East Point, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GRIFFITH ,... Savannah, DAVID ANSLEY GUY ..,............. Jacksonville, TIM RECK HAILE ......,.....,,,,..... ........ . Atlanta, MARY SUSAN HALL ...................,........ Tampa, JOHN RICHARD HAMMOND ................ Atlanta, JAMES HENRY HANKS .................... Groveland, JOSEPH S. HARASZTI ........................ Atlanta, NELL WALLACE HARRELL .,.,.... Birmingham, LONNIE CLYDE HARDY ................ Clarkston, LEONARD ERNEST HARTLINE .... Jacksonville, MARY ANNE HAMFF ...,.................... Atlanta, FRED K. HATFEY .............,........... ........ A tlanta, Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ala. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences ARTHUR HANDD GEF FEN .............. Savannah, Ga. AMELIA JOSEPI-IINE GENINS ....... ........... S pokarle, Wn. R, ALLAN GIBBS ,,,,...,.....,...........,..... .............. D ecatur, Ga. JAMES C, GILES ,..,....,,.,.,,,,.,,,,...,,,. ......... P ompano Beach, Fla. WILLIAM AUGUSTUS GILLASPIE, III ........ Jupiter, Fla. WILLIAM A. GILLEN ................. ............... .........,...... T a mpa, Fla. LEONARD NEIL GLASS .................,,..... .............,... A tlanta, Ga. MARTHA GREER GLENN. ....... . JAMES ROBERT GLISSON, JR. .................. . BERNARD CHARLES GOLCZYNSKI ....... DAVID VICTOR GOTTLIEB ................. WILLIAM W. GRACE .......,................ Mountain City, Tenn. Moultrie, Ga. Alma, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences VICKI LEE HOLMES .................................................... HUGH MARVIN HOOD .......... ., ....... .. SANDRA FRANCES HOOD .... DAVID HARVEY HOROWITZ TRUDY JANE HORRIGAN ...... ..wv.......... MARIANNA M. HOWARD ..... MARTHA MABEL HUSMANN JOHN WALTER INGRAM .........A... V........A. LAURANCE F, JACKSON ....., RONNIE JACKSON .L....,...,... SUE ELLEN JACKSON ..,....,.. JON STEPHON JACOBS .,A.......,............,................ Memphis, Tenn. Columbus, Ga. Decatur, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. J Chicago, Ill. Washington, D.C. Winter Park, Fla. Columbus, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Cleveland, Tenn Tampa, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla SARA JULIA HAWKINS .,...,.............. Winder, Ga. THOMAS SPENCER HAYS ......i.......,. Arlington, Va. SUSAN LANGHORNE HEMPHILL .... Columbia, S.C. ANITA CORINNE HENRY ............ Clarksville, Tenn. MARGARET SUSAN HERRMAN ...... . D6Catut, Gil. JOYCE MICHELE HERSHBERG .Y.......... Atlanta, Ga. MARY HOPE HEWES ................,..,.... East Point, Ga. CAROLE ANN HEWITT .................... Atlanta, Ga. JAMES MICHAEL HIGGINS .............,.. Miami, Fla. GUY CHARLES HILL ............ Riviera Beach, Fla. NOELLYN PIERCE HILL ......,...,..,,,........ Aiken, S.C. ROBERT C. HILLARD .,,,. ....,...., ......... S p ringfield, Va. SANDRA SUE HILLIARD ....,... St. Petersburg, Fla. JOHN N. HOGENMULLER ,......,.....Y.,.,i. Miami, Fla. FRANCES FIELD HOLDEN ....,...........,,.. Atlanta, Gai BARBARA E. JENKINS ..,....,........ Kingsport, Term- JOHN RICHARD JOHNSON .....,...,.....v Macon, Ga- MARY MARTHA JOHNSON ,..,,.,. Memphis, Tenn. JAMES WILLARD JOHNSTON, JR. ....................,.. . Columbia, S.C. COURTNEY BYRD JONES ............ Doraville, Ga- JEFFRY DURWOOD JONES .,.....,........ Decatur, Ga. LINDA LEE JONES .,...,,............. Wihnington, Del. FRANK JUHASZ .,,,,..,,,,,,,,,.i,...,..... Willimantic, Conn. BRUCE ALAN KAHN ..... ....,.. N ew Orleans, La. JEROME M, KAPLAN ......,. ...,. C Qiumbus, Ca, ROBERT NICHOLLS KAY ............,,.. Lakeland, Fla. JOHN M, KELLUM .,i.,,,............ ...... T homaston, G21- CAROL H. KELLY .............. ...... S haw AFB, 5-C- J, MIKE KELLY ,,,,,,,,, ,.,,. W inter Park, Fla. WILLIAM GERALD KEMP .. A.,. . Marks, Miss. JAMES GORDON KENIMER . .. ....... Decatur, . Danville, Ga KY MARILYN KINDRICK .. ,.....,VVVVV.V..V., .. DAVID LLOYD GEORGE KING ,,....L. Newport, R.I JOHN S. KIRKLAND JR. ........ . Rome, Ga ALAN DAVID KIRSH . ...... Clover, S.C. HENRY S. KNIGHT .VIW . .......,,... . Columbia, S.C. ROBERT KNIGHT .....,,,,I,....,.,............,. Decatur, Ga. ANASTASIA CANELLA KONTOS .... Charlotte, N.C. PHYLLIS R. KRAMER .. ,. ,,,, ,.,,,.,.,,, . Atlanta, Ga, BARBARA FRANCES KRELL ..,. St. Petersburg, Fla. SHERRIE RAE KROSKE ..,............. Brookfield, Wisc JUDITH A. KROSS ,,..,, .,..,r... N . Miami Beach, Fla. DOUGLAS MORRELL LANCE .....,.. Charleston, S.C RICHARD CHARLES LANGFORD ,.., Bartow, Fla. ,Ga MARY NELL LEWIS .......,,,......,.........,. Thomson MICHELE R. LYNCH ............,.,...,.,... . .. Miami, Fla JOHN KALERRO LINNAMAKI ...,,,....., Atlanta, Ga JOHN OSBORNE LILLY, JR. . ,,,,,,.,..., . Quitmarl, Ga NANCY MARTHA LITTLE . ,,,,, Birmingham, Ala CHARLES RICHARD LITTLEFIELD . . Decatur, Ga. JIMMY FERRELL LOCKWOOD ,....,,, Moultrie, Ga. JEAN ELIZABETH LOEMKER ..., Huntington, W.Va. SUSAN MERIWETHER LOVETT ..,,, ,.,.. A tlanta, Ga EVERETT LOUIS LUND .. ,.,I. St. Petersburg, Fla. JULIUS LEO MACK, III ....,..... Jacksonville, Fla. JOSEPH PARKS MACNABB . ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, N ewnan, Ga. JOSEPH MAGGIORE v.,,,.....,,r... Hollywood, Fla. ELLIS LENDRUM MALONE .,..,..,..,. Dublin, Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences CATHRINE ALEXANDER LARGE LEN BROOKS LASTINGER, JR. .. ANITA CAROL LAUGHLIN ......, WAYNE HARRIS LAZARUS ........ WOODROW WILSON LEAKE, JR. ...... . SUSAN ELISABETH LEAS ................... DORATHY CAROLYN LEE ........... LAURIE CECILIA LEE .......... CARL W. LENTZ ..................... ANN PRESSLEY LEVIN ....,... SOLOMON LEVY ..........,... JOHN STEPHEN LEWIS ......... ., Flemington, N.J ..................... Tifton, Ga Chattanooga, Tenn Quitman, Ga Rome, Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta, Daytona Beach, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Baxley, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. O. Ga. Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences l THOMAS RAY MCKINNEY ....... EUGENE N. MCNATT ...,...........,..... PAUL LUMPKIN MEIERE, JR. ...,.. . Decatur, Atlanta, Newman, SUSAN MAY MENDELOFF ......... ..... A tlanta, MARY ANN MERRILL .,..., . ..... Pensacola, ELIZABETH B. MILIKIN .,..., Coral Gables, CHARLES SOMERS MILLER .,... ........ S avannah, JOHN RAYMOND MILLER .,...., .....,. O rlando, GEORGE L. MITCHELL .....,..,....,..................., ....,.,.... A tlanta, WALTER ROGER MONTGOMERY ..,..,,....... ...... L ouisville, WILLIAM DONOVAN MONTGOMERY Bainbridge, C. EVERETT MOORE, JR. . ,.,..............,....,... ...... D ouglas, Ga. Fla Fla Ga Fla Ga KY Md Ga KAY GLANTON MANGET ........,...... Newnan RANDALL PAUL MARTIN ........ Jacksonville, WYMAN BRADLEY MARTIN .... Chamblee, DAVID LEROY MARTZ . ,.... Pompano Beach, JAMES EDWIN MASSEY .... ..,... . Atlanta, SUSAN COPELAND MCCAIN . ...,,..... Atlanta, LYNDA MERRYL MCCALMAN ........ Atlanta, GERALD LEE MCCARTHA ....,........... Conover, LOUISE PATTERSON MCCONNELL . . Orlando , Ga. Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. N.C. , Fla CHARLES DURWARD MCCONNELL ,... Tampa, Fla, CHARLES RODNEY MCDOXWELL .,.....,.,....,.....,.,....... Virginia Beach, Va MARY RUTH MCDUFFEE ....i. , Oak Ridge, Tenn BRUCE JORDAN MCINTOSH ............ Tampa, Fla LOUISE E. MCKAY . ..,.. ..,,....,......,,......, T ampa, Fla KAY MCKEOUGH .. .. .. ,,,.,.,., Chadds Ford, Penn JOSEPH ODELL MOORE ,........ .......,.. R ochelle, Ga. KAREN ELIZABETH MOORE r,.. Chattanooga, Tenn. MONICA JEAN MOORE , ..,., . ...., c.,,... V ienna, Ga. BRENDA JOY MORRIS , ,,.,...... .... B irmingham, MARGARET GEORGANNA MORTON , .. ,. Ala. Signal Mtn., Tenn. JOANNA FLANDERS MOSELEY ...,....., .. , ,, Signal Mtn., Tenn. ELIZABETH GAYLE MOULTON . .. Mt. Prospect, Ill. CLAIRE MERRITT .....t, .,.....,............ W ashmgton, D.C. CATHLEEN LOUISE MORROW .,.,,,....., Atlanta, Ga. JAMES W. MULLIS JR. .................... Brunswick, Ga. RAYMOND MAYHEW MURRAY ....,,.. Miami, Fla. HARRIS NADLER ..,..,,,.........,.r..,. Creve Coeur, JULIUS GEORGE NAPOLES, II ......,V Plainfield, Mo N.J: FREDERICK L. NEELY, JR. ................ . Atlilfltil, Gil. HENRY RUDOLPH NESMITH ...,.,Y...,. Charlotte, N.C. MARLINE ELIZABETH NEUHAUSER ..,, Pelham, Ga. EPHRAM MAYER MEWMARK .,,,v,,..,,,,,,, Miami, Fla. JOE F. NONIDEZ .. ,. ,A.,Y.,... A..,,,, B irminghaln, Ala. WALTER EDWARD NUMAN .,.............. Atlanta, Ga. DIANE LOUISE MUNEZ A . ,. ,7,...I Long Island, N.Y. GEORGE FRANCIS NUNN, JR. ,,.............. Perry, Ga. KYLE NYE, II . ,.....E....,I.I.,, ...w. A lbuquerque, N.M. JAMES HOWELL O'CALLAGHAN ........ Atlanta, Ga. CLAUDIA HALL OWNLEY .......,,,,, ,. Beardon, Fla. GEORGE STANLEY PADGETT t.,..lt.....,,,. Rome, Ga. JANE PALMER ., Vtt.StttYt .,ttA.t,,,tt...t.,.. . Jackson, Miss. JAMES SANDERS PALMOUR .,....,........, Cordele, Ga ANNE MARSHALL PARKER A ........ .... S arasota, Fla ROBERT CHARLES PARKER ,I..,.l..... Lake Worth, Fla JAMES WRIGHT PILCHER, JR. .,,. Louisville, BRENDA GAIL POLK . ....,...,.........,....t.. Atlanta, SHERMAN POOLE ,lll,,ll l.,l,.......,. B all Ground, Ga THOMAS ANDREW POOLE ..,,,........lll.l., Atlanta, Ga DAVID JAMES POWNER .,.. Wesl Palm Beach, Fla ALAN DAVID PRICE .,.....,........ Winter Park, Fla. DINAH FAYE PRUITT ...l........ St. Augustine, Fla. -FRANCIE M: QUILLIAN .,............,. Lakeland, HENRY ELLIS RAGLAND ,.,......,..., . Marietta, THOMAS JACKSON RATCLIFFE JR. Tifton, Ga. STEVEN MARC RATNOW . ..., ..... Bronx, N.Y. KENNETH WOOD RAY .,.,.., ......... F ayetteville, Ga. PHILIP S. REESE ,,...,.,,l,.l.,. ..... W ilmington, Del. ROBERT S. REEVES ..,,.,..,,. Millen, Ga. Fla. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences RANDOLPH EVANS PATTERSON ......... Louisville, Ky RICHARD MACK PATTERSON, JR. ...... ....... D ouglasville, GORDON SARGENT PATTON .....l...... Auburn, JIMMY LEE PAUL .... ............................ ........... P e rry, MARTHA EDWARDS PAYNE .......,. ..... B irmingham, MARGARET PATRICIA PEEPLES ...... ............ A tlanta, CAROL ANN PENLAND ..............,. .,...i..... D eCatur, Ga Ala Ga. Ala Ga Ga MacCARTHY COCHRAN PERRY ..., CHANDLER PETERSON ......... JULIET HELEN PFISTER ..,,,,.. SUSAN PHARR .......,.............,.. MARTHA ANNE PHILLIPS ..,.... ,. ........ Jacksonville, Ailey, Danvers, Atlanta, Temph Terrace, Fla Ga. Ill. Ga. Fla. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences ELLEN SCHNEIDER ,....,..............,..., ,,,,,,, S avannah, Ga, MARTHA JANE SCI-IOFIELD ..,.,.. ....... ,........ M o ntezuma, Ga. GEORGE PEEK SCHWARZKOPF 1 .... ..... B irmingham, Ala. DEBORAH G. SCOTT .,............,,....,... ........... S anford, Fla. FRANK D. SCOTT, JR. ............,, .....,, S anforcl, Fla. TIMOTHY DAVID SCOTT ...... ,...,.. F airborn, O. RICKY DAVIS SEABORN ,..... ........ A tlanta, Ga. JAMES ROBERT SEALE ........ ....,A. S elma, Ala. WILLIAM ROBERT SEARS ........ .....,., J acksonville, Fla. STEPHEN L. SEGALL ..,..........,, .......... T ampa, Fla. LEAH LYNETTE SESSIONS ...... ...... ' . Atlanta, Ga. MAXINE LANA SHEER ....,.A. ...,. B rooklyn, N.Y. HARRY THOMAS REIN ...,...... . Highland Park, N.J LUCIAN CANDLER RICE ...,...,..O. Albertville, Ala DAVID RIMLAND, , , ,.,,,, DAVID MADISON ROBERTS . ETHELYN EMMONS ROBERTS LALLIE GRAY ROGERS . ,,..,. . Miami, Fla .. . Sparta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga I Doraville, Ga. ROBERT WILLIAM ROMEO ..,,tt,.,,.i,, . Dublin, Ga, JOHN STANLEY ROMINE ..,,.....,,. Little Rock, Ark. KENNETH ALAN ROSEN v...........,,..i... Miami, Fla. ROBERT ROSENBERGER .,.......,,. C. LEE ROSSER ,..,.,,. ..,,..,,.,. CHUCK E. RUTHERFORD ..,,.. ,,.. JOHN FRANCIS SAMPSON .,,........ RANDALL K. SATHER ,,.,.t,,,,.,.,,, SUSAN JANE SAVITZ , ,, ,. Orange Park, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. . Knoxville, Tenn. Decatur, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. St. Matthews, S.C. JERALD J. SHERMAN ....... ...... C olumbus, Ga. JOHN M. SI-IINALL ..,... ....... . . .......... Cartersville, Ga. LUCY BAUGH SHOPARD ., ..,..., . Tullahoma, Tenn. THOMAS EDWARD SIKES, JR. ........ Columbus, Ga. MEREL ANN SILVERMAN .... Winston Salem, N.C. NANCY HUDMON SIMMONS ............ Sylvania, G21 SHELTON COLEMAN SIMMONS, III .,............ ....... West Point, Ga JAMES RADFORD SIMS ..........,..... College Park, Ga MARIT SHELDON SINNESS ........ Old Hickory, Tenn FRED G, SMITH ,,,,,,..,,,...,,.,,,..,t., Coral Gables, Fla NANCY REGINA SMITH ......,......... McDonough, Ga MARGARET KATRINA SMITH ......... .. Macon, G21 WADE BARNES SMITH ............ Wilmington, D61 PHILLIP HARVEY SNAITH .............. . Atlanta, Ga ROBERTA SNYDER w..w... Atlanta, JANE E. SOLBERGER ,,,..,,,.V,..,.......,..w. , Mobile, PAMELA MAY SPACI-IE ...,..,. ..,........, G ainesville, BARBARA ALLEN SPRAGENS .......w., . Danville, SUSAN CATHERINE SPURLOCK ,,...,,v Decatur, THELMA JANE STAFFORD ...v......W..... Anniston, Ga. Ala. Fla. Ky. Gal Ala. Ga MARY MILLER STAIR .,....... ....l,.....,.. A tlanta, E. DUNN STAPLETON .....,...,.. Donalsonville, JAMES A. STEED .. ..w,..... ...w...., B ainbridge, Ga PAMELA GAIL STEELE ,,,w wv7,www , Knoxville, Tenn Ga JAMES RONALD STEPHENS .........,....,. Atlanta, GH CHERYL J. STOCKMAN .,.,,i.....,..i. Knoxville, Tenn WII.LIAM MICHAEL STODDARD ...Y Marietta, Ga BARRY MICHAEL STONE .....,,. St. Petersburg, Fla JAMES DAVID STRICKLAND r,...,,, Wildwood, Fla DREW HENRY TURNER, JR. .....,.. Jacksonville, H. HAYWOOD TURNER ..............,..... Columbus ORVILLE PARK TURNER ....,....,.l,.,...,. Griffin, THOMAS JOHATHAN TURNER, III ..., Atlanta, SUSAN M. VALLATTON ..... OHN WILLIAM VANN . Augusta, . Melbourne, J . ...,. .,., . ETHEL JEAN VIGODSKY ...... ...... G reenville, ALBERT L. VINCENT ,,,. ..,.. CARROLL LEWIS XVAGNER JOHN CROCKER WALKER . Milledgeville, Atlanta, Marshallville, RICHARD D. WALKER ........,. ....... A tlanta, ANGELA KANE WALL ..........,.,....,,,.... Valdosta, DOROTHY ANN WALLACE ...,.. Atlanta, EMILY KATHRYN WALLS . Atlanta, Fla. Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla. S.C Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences IRA JEFFRY STRUMPF ....l... JUDITH ANN SUDHOFF ...... DAVID WELCH SUGGS ...... DANNY C. TATE .............. CAROL M. THIGPEN ..........,.. JIM BECKETT THOMPSON KAREN JEAN TOUCEY ......, . PATRICK ALAN TRAVIS , ,,..... ANDREA JEAN TROTTER ...... THOMAS S. TUCKER ........... HARRIET ANNE TUMLIN ...... Miami, Fla Decatur, Ala Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Winter Garden, Fla HELEN SHARON THOMPSONW-I Tarpon Springs Fla Oak Ridge, Tenn Atlanta, Ga. Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Moultrie, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Sophomores X Arts and Sciences BEVERLY ANNE WILKINSON DAVID WAYNE WILLIAMS ......... ., JUDITY WILLIAMS ...,..............,..,..,.,,..... ...... JAMES OASTON WILLIAMSON, JR Greensboro, N.C. Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Little Rock, Ark. GEORGE WESLEY WILLS ,.,......, . ...... Abbeville, A121 ALAN W. WILSON ,.,,.,...,..,..,.............. .. CAROLYN LUCINDA WILSON E. ELIZABETH WILSON .... ..,.. JOAN WEBB WILSON .,........ SARA LEE WILSON .................... ROBERT LEWIS WOLFSON ........ ...... PAMELA JANE WOOD ...........,..... .... . . ...... .. Clermont, F la. Anderson, S.C Piedmont, Calif Atlanta, Ga Chattanooga, Tenn Miami, Fla Coral Gables, Fla. RICHARD STEWART WALSH, III .,,I., . Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL ANDREW WALTERS .... Jacksonville, Fla. STANLEY EUGENE WARNER, JR. ,........... .,,.,.. . Crescent City, Fla. DOROTHY JOAN WARREN A . ..,. Miami, LELAND EDDIE WARREN .,......,., . , Dublin, WESLEY BERNARD WARREN, JR. ,..., .. . ., . Fla. Ga. College Park, Ga. JAMES PERRY WATERMAN ...,.. . Morristown, JENNIFER SUSAN WATTS ...,......,. Huntsville, SUANNE KLOS WEBER I,.,,, .. . .,....,.,, Decatur, LOUIS M. WEINSTEIN . ..... ,....... G reensboro, DONALD S. Wl-IITCOMB .....,,.., .,..,,, D ecatur, JOHN BARRY WHITNEY, II ,I......,.., Clemson, THOMAS L. WIEKER ., ,..,. .... W ashiugton, HARRIET ANNE WIGHT ,,..,, ,...,...I., . Cairo N.J. Fla. Ala. Ga. Ga. S.C. D.C. Ga. VIRGINIA ANN WILEY ,,......,..,...,,... Beihesdff Md. LARRY DAVID WOODS . ,,.. ,......... N ashville, Tenn. MICHAEL ALLEN WORMAN ..,. Daytona Beach, Fla. ANNE ELIZABETH WRIGHT .....I.,,,.. Decatur, Ala. CHARLES A. WRYE . ...l................ Y. A. Mlflml, F121- JAMES HOWARD WYNN, JR. ............. A . Avondale Estates, Ga. S, JACKSON YEOMAN .,..........,....... Anniston. Ala. CATHERINE SUE YIELDING ...I,. . Albany, Ga. J. ERNEST YOUNG , .. ., ,...........,,,., Greenwood, S.C. JAMES WALTER YOUNG . .................. Decatur, G21- STEPHEY Y. YUNG ., . ,,,,..,, . Kowloon, Hong Kong LARRY W. ZELZNIK .....,.., . Palatl-za, Fla. ALICE ANNETTE ZERLET ..........,.,..... . Atlanta, Gil- WILLIAM K. ZEWADSKI .... St. Petersburg, Fla. JAMES N. ABRAM ..,.,,,..,..,.W...w ,v..,A M iami Fla CAROL IRENE ACKENHUSEN . ..,..,..... Orlando: EIA JOHN S. AKIN ..,,.. ...,................... C arrollton, Ga GERALD ROSS ALBERT ,,.,,,,..,..,... Miami Beach Fla WILLIAM MIZELL ALEXANDER .... Columbusl OA Ga. DAVID W. ANDERSON ,.,,.,........,..... Montville, N. JOHN DAVID ALLEN .....,.. ,,.., E ast Point, ALBERT ROSS ARNAU .......i........v....... Atlanta, G J. a. BENJAMIN ASKEW .,ww.....,....,. Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. LYNN LOUISE AYALA ..l...............,......... Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM HARRY BABCOCK ,LI.,LILL .. Augusta, PATRICIA LYNN BAELL ......L.... ..,.A M Oultrle, JOHN E. BAIN . L..rL,.........A,..,,--.--.-ll--AV Albany, MARTHA KATHARINE BAKER .....,...... Atlanta. DAVID ROGERS BARBER ........-.---,------ Aiken, JOSEPH E. BLACKWELL, JR. .......,........ Ashburn, STEPHEN RONALD BLUMBERG ........ Savannah, BETTY JANE BOOTH ........................ Abingdon, MICHAEL PAUL BORN .................... Orlando, GEORGE HALE BOSTICK .,...... ......... F OrSythC, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. S.C. Ga. Ga. Va. Fla. Ga. RICHARD LEE BOSWELL .....,...,..,.., Knoxyille, Tenn, DAVID WILLIAM BOWEN .,.,., ,,.,,,,,,,,II, R Ome, JACK H. BOWEN .....,.,......, ,..... J acksonville, ROBERT B. BOWEN ........ ........,......,. A ugusta, JOHN N. BOWMAN .. ...... St. Petersburg, WILLIAM REUBEN BRA WNER, JR. ........ Ocala, MARSHALL HALL BREEZE ...,.... Winter Park, FORNEY STEVENSON BRICE, JR. .... Anniston, Ga. Fla. Ga. Fla. Fla. Fla. Ala. BEVERLY ANN BRICKER ................ Rochester, N.Y. CLIFFORD DEWAYNE BRIDGES ........ Hialeah, Fla. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences RANDY WALKER EAREIELD ........ CHARLES OLIVER EARKER ..,.,,... JUDY LYNN BARRETT ......, RONALD M. BARRON ........ LARRY JACK BAUGH ................,............. ELEANOR LATIMER BAUGHMAN . Montgomery, Ala Valdosta, Ga Fairburn, Ga Hollywood, Fla Atlanta, Ga Ga Atlanta, . CLAUDIA BETH BAUM ........................... ....... C oral Gables, Fla BARBARA ELEANOR BECK ........ ERNEST EDMUND BEHNKE .......... MARGARET CHRISTINE BENSON Sandy Springs, Ga Orlando, Fla Miami, Fla STEVEN R. BERKMAN ........................ ....... E lushiwa, N.Y LAURA BYRD BERRY ....................... Lexington, Va Freshmen X Arts and Sciences RALPH MONROE BYERS ............... DONALD BARNES CAMPBELL .,....... SARAH ANN CAMPBELL ..,.......,............ ....... Decatur, Ga. Anniston, Ala. Monroeville, Penn. STEPHEN AULTMAN CAMPBELL ....... ,.......... M oultrie, Ga. WILLIAM ANDREW CANTERBURY LUCLIE ELIZABETH CARNELL .....,...,... JOSIE CARPENTER ,.,......,..s.................... THOMAS LAUGHREN CARROLL ...... Florence, Ala. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. HELEN JOY CARSON ....,...,,..,............. ,.,.,,... A tlanta, Ga. ROBERT PIERCE CASTLEBERRY ....... .....,...... D ecatur, Ga. ALICE RIDLEY CHAMBERS .,.....,...... JANE MARGUERITE CHANEY ..... Augusta, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. TYRONE MICHAEL BRIDGES . .Y.,,, Hialeah, LEILANI BRINKLEY .,,...,.,,.......... Winter Park, Fla Fla MARK WILLIAM BRINKMAN .......,,.t. Findlay, Ohio HERBERT EUGENE BROUGHTON ....... Atlanta, HILDA BROW Nl I ,,,,,,,,,. ,.,,,.,.,,,,..,.,,v,, C olumhus, ELIZABETH BROWN ,,,,., .,,,, D ecatuf, JOHN FRANK BULLARD, JR. ...,,,..,,,, Pensacola, WILLIAM FRANKLIN BULLOCH ...... i Atlanta, CONINIE ELAINE BURGAMY ,,,,Y ,,,,,,,,,, M 11509, SANDRA MAVIS BURKE .,,,.,,..., s,,,,, C anton, WILLIAM ALBERT BURTON .,.,,,,.,,,, Decatur, Ga Ga Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga EUGENE AUSTIN BUSH, JR. .............,.. Laurel, Miss WILLIAM REES BUTTRAM ..,..,,. Chattanooga, Tenn MARCIA KENNEDY BYERS .,...... Wilmingtoxi, Del MARGARET ANN BYERS A, .........,... Vincinnes, DAVID R. CHAPMAN ,,,,.,,,.,,... 4 St. Petersburg, Ind. Fla. ROBERTA GRACE CHAPMAN .... Jeffersonville, Ga DOROTHY FRANCES CHEATHAM -.,'-------'------ Birmingham, Ala RICHARD CHARLES CHECK .....,...,...,,, Fairfaxaia Zi JANICE WILLA CHITWOOD .,,..,.. Fort Payne, KATINE COMPTON CLARDY .... Ware Shoals, S.C SHIRLEY EILEENE CLARK .........,..,....,. Aflaflfil, GH MARGARET ANNE CLARKE ......,......,,, Atlanta, G21 JOEL CLEMENT .,.,.,,.,.,.,,....,,,,.i ......... A tlanta, Ga STEPHEN RIELY COCHRAN .,...,,. Henderson, Ken JERRY ALAN COHEN ....,.,,............ Jacksonville, F121 ROBERT F. COIL ..,..,,,....,,.,......,............. M0b1lC, Ala EMRIED DARGAN COLE, JR. .,Y.r... Jacksonville, Fla PAUL ANDREW COLEY ....,....... Ch21tfat'100gH, TCU!! BRENDA JEAN CONNER .......,..., Gainesville, Ga Freshmen X Arts and Sciences WILLIAM EDWARD COOK ................ Augusta, Ga. JAMES DAVID COOKE ...,.,...,...,........,. Lovington, Va. HUNTER ARMSTRONG COPELAND ....,,.A........,.....,. Prairie Village, Kan. TERRY ANN COX i.......,....................... Miami, Fla. CLARE ROSALIE CRABTREE ..., Jacksonville, Fla. MELODY ANN CRAIG ........,. .......... A tlanta, Ga. NANCY CAROLYN CRAIN ........,,.. Monterey, Tenn. BEVERLY CRANE .,.....,................ St. Petersburg, Fla. CLAIRE ELIZABETH CROXTON ......., Atlanta, Ga. MARY ELIZABETH CUNKLE .,...... Tallahassee, Fla. MARY FRANCES CURETON ..........,. Greenville, S.C. Fla. DIANE DARLING ...............l........ New Orleans, La. JON MARVIN DAVIES ....... .......,.,... D eCatur, Ga. DIANE BETH DAVIS ........,,.............. Oakridge, Tenn. PHILIP W. DANN .........,,..,,..,....,. St. Petersburg, l JOSEPH T. DICKEY ...,..,,,.......r... MALA LOUISE DRILL ,....,..,........ LINDA EVELYN DURRETT .,.,,... Springfield, Tenn. FRAZIER M. DWORET ..,...........,..,...... Atlanta, Ga. DONALD ROGER EASTMANN... McMinnville, Tenn. DENNIS MAURICE EDMONDS .... Milledgeville, Ga. MARGARET EDMONDSON ............ Gainesville, Ga. ELIZABETH MARCIA EDWARDS ,....... Atlanta, Ga. STEPHEN LEE EDWARDS ........ Montgomery, Ala. EVA CECILE ELIAS .,.,.,Y...,................. Atlanta, Ga. JAMES M. ELLIOT ............,.,...,.. ........,., M acon, Ga. MACK TAYLOR ELLIOTT ......, ...... C olumbia, S.C. MARIAN JANET ELLIS .,,..,...........,. Charlotte, N.C. MARSHALL HENRY EMERSON , . , , St. Petersbur, Fla. AUBREY WAYNE EPPS III .,,,.......,.... Sanford, Fla. IRVIN B. EPSTEIN ....l,. ,..........,. C hattanooga, Tenn. J LEE ERWIN EPTING .....,.. .......... A thens, Ga. CHERYL KAY DIX ....................., JEROME ERIC DOBSON ................ ........... C anton, JEFFREY RANDALL DOBSON ....... ....... EMMA MARIE DAVIS ............. Jacksonville, NORMAN ROSSER DECK ............, ...,....... M arietta, JAMES CHRISTOPHER DEKLE ,...... ........ J acksonville, JAMES A. DELGADO .,....,.............. ....,......... M arietta, SOPHIE DEMAYO .,........,............,., ..... M iami Beach, GEORGE HENRY DERISO, JR. ....... ..,..... J acksonville, MICHAEL THOMPSON DEWEY Childersburg, Atlanta, .. Thomaston, Canton, Coral Gables, Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Fla. Fla. Ala. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. l Freshmen X Arts and Sciences N EILL HOWARD F LEISHMAN DENISE LANE FLOWERS ,.,,,,,,,,d.,Q .--,-.-- JERRY KIMBRAUGH FLOYD .. . .... . ,. MARSH PAULETTE FLY .. .. . . MIKE WARDER FORDYCE ........ CAROL SUSAN FORMAN ......... DANE GEORGE FORST ,....,,,. JOHN DOUGLAS FOX .. . LAURA CHARLOTTE FOX .,.,.,. KARL SINCLAIR FRANZ ......,.... LOUIS MARTIN FREEDMAN ...... RUSSELL REID FRENCH ............, ,....., Fayetteville, N.C. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Pine Mountain, Ga. Nashville, Tenn. Ocala 3 Miami Beach, Hollywood, . .... Atlanta, Wilmington, Atlanta Fla. Fla. Fla. Ga. Del Fla Chipley, , Ga Memphis, Tenn. MELVILLE PALMER ESLIN ...,,,,,,,,,,,,, Tampa, Fla, RANDAL RANSOM FAIRCHILD ........ Miami, Fla JUDITH BLAIR FARMER .... Carolina Beach, N.C GEORGE SPINKS FARRELL .,...... Aberdeen, N.C SUSAN C. FARRELL ,..,..,,,...,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga STEPHEN ALLEN FAUSETT ........ Coral Gables, Fla. WILLIAM THOMAS FEAGIN III ......,. Dublin Ga L. MAX FERGUSON ,.....,,i..,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta Ga THOMAS C. FERGUsoN ........ ...E P alm Beach: Fiaf MARGO LYNN FEINBERG ......., Kingsport, Tenn. NANCY VIRGINIA FIELDS ................ Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD BRUCE FIFE ...,......,.,.,, jacksonville, Fla. LINDA CAROL FINKELSTEIN .... Birmingham, Ala. DAVID HOWARD FISHER ........ Silver Spring, Md. CAROLE ANN FUNKE ...,,.........,..... Pittsfield, Mass. MARY SAVILLE GANTT ..,...............i. Marietta, Ga. LILLIAN LEE GARDNER ......., Birmingham, Ala. LUANN LILLY GARLAND ................ Atlanta, Ga. JOHN MICHAEL GASAWAY .........,,. Sarasota, Fla. SANDRA KAY GAUNTZ ................ Alexandria, I-21 ROBERT LAWRENCE GEORGE ............................... Warner Robins, Ga JOHN scoT'r GILLETTE ............ Oakridge, Tenn TERRY STEWART GLASSER .... Coral Gables, Fla HAROLD B, GLICKMAN ............ Silver Spring. Md WILLIAM HANOR GLICKMAN .... Greenville, S.C. FRED H, GODWIN ,,,,,.,.,,,.,,...... Knoxville, Tenn. HOWARD MARK GOLDBERG ........ Lakeland, Fla. JOHN RICHARD GOLDEN .................... Olearl, N-Y- GOLDSTON STEVEN ......,............. ...... M iami, F12- LEON HENRY FELDMAN, fra. .... Asheville, ,N.C SARA KATHRYN GOOCH ..........., Lake Wales, CRAIG RICHARD GOODMAN ......,. Barnesville, Fla. Ga. JONATHAN HOWE GOODWIN ,....... Darien, Conn. NEAL JOSEPH GOULD . ...,..,w...... Chevy Chase, Md. JANINE LYNN GRAY ...,., ....... P ompano Beach, SARA ELIZABETH GRAY ....... ......... A tlanta, Fla. Ga. LAWRENCE EZRA GREEN ...,........,... New Y0rk, N.Y. MARTHA ANNE GREEN .,..,..,..,...L. Asheville, N.C. RICHARD ELLIOTT GREER ..,.,....... Greenville, EVA LYNNE GREGORY .,.,......, .......... A tlanta, S.C. Ga. JEANNIE MARIE GUERRERO ......Yw,... Dallas, Texas JOHN BREWSTER GUY .....,.,.,...... Thomasville, Ga. ARTHUR LARIS HALL .LL,...A.. ...,....... T ucker, Ga. CHARLES LEE HALL ......,...................,. Atlanta Ga JANE ENGLISH HAMBRICK ..l.......,. Nashville, Tenn: RONALD LEE HERBERT .,........,.,,.. Miami Beach, CHARLES HAROLD HEYWOOD, JR. .... Canton, JOHN TURNER HIERS ............,,..,....... Moultrie, NANCY E. HILTON .........,.,,.... ,L , ,,., ,..,. A tlanta, JOHN PRIDGEN HINES ,...,. . ,...,. Cordele, SCOTT MERRITT HOBBY ,,..... ,,,,,, A tlanta, RONALD CLARE HOFFMAN ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,, Wilmette, STARLING HOLCOMB ........,............... Atlanta, ELLEN LOUISE HOLDER ............ Birmingham, CATHERINE ELISABETH HOLLAND ,.,, Marietta, BRINA HOLLANDER ...,,,,., ,,,,., M iami, CHARLES M. HOLMAN ,,,,,,,,,, .,.-,,, A lbany, HAL ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, A ugusta, JAMES EDGAR HOLMES, II ...,..,, ,,,,,,,,, M oultfie, JOHN HUNT HOLMES .....,...... " Moultrie, Fla. Ga Ga Ga. Ga. Ga Ill Ga Ala Ga Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences MARY HELEN HAMILTON ...... REBECCA HAMILTON ............ STEPHEN JOHN HANGES ...... EVELYN CI-IERI HARBEN ....... HARPER HAMILTON HARDEN Owatonna, Minn. Palatka, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Brunswick, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES HARRIS 1 ,.,..,.................... .,...,. I ndianapolis, Ind. MICHAEL EARL HARRIS ........,.. ........ A lbermarle, N.C. DONALD S. HART ........,.... ............ T ampa, Fla. ELLIS FORD HARTFORD, JR. . Lexington, Ky. DAVID E. HAYNES ...,..........,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, T fygn, JOEL HEFFLER -------------.-............. Birmingham, Ala. PAULA JEAN HELM ....,.. Dallas, Texas Freshmen X Arts and Sciences GEORGE DONALD JOHNSON Summerville, Ga. RONALD L, JOHNSON ,...,,,,......, ........ B altimore, Md. SANDRA LYNN JOHNSON ...... Baton Rouge, La. TERRI LEE JOHNSON ............. .........,.. T ampa, Fla. JACK HAMILTON JOHNSTON Jacksonville, Fla ANDREW THOMAS JONES ......... .............. A tlanta, Ga. DAVID STERLING JONES .....,., JOSEPH CARDWELL JONES .,.... .....s HALCOTT PRIDE JONES, JR.. LAURA co1T JONES ,l.,.....,,...,.... .,.....,, MARY DIANNE JORDAN ....,..... ..,,....,.... MILDRED JANICE JORDAN Nashville, Tenn. Birmingham, Ala Birmingham, Ala Washington, D.C Century, Fla Atlanta, Ga. KAY HOLMES ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cglumbug, Ga. GEORGE FRANKLIN HOOD ...,.... Salisbury, N.C. GEORGE W. HOOD .A,...,,,. .......... J acksonville, JEROME HOWARD HOROWITZ ........ Atlanta, Fla. Ga. NANCY ANN HOSFORD .....,...,.. Tallahassee, Fla, NANCY HARTMAN HOTCHKISS ,..,,,.......,,,,,,,.,,,, ,, Lake Worth, Fla. ROBERT WINSLOW HOUGH .... Chattanooga, Tenn. ROBERTA R. HOUSTON ...,.,..,....,.. Pensacola, Fla. HENRY LANDRON HOYAL ,............... Macon, Ga. PATRICIA MARIE HUDDLESTON ...... Jacksonville BETH ANN HUTTON' ..... ,...... F t. Lauderdale, Fla JAMES THOMPSON HUNTER ....,... Charlotte, N.C HARVEY LEWIS HUNTLEY, JR. ........ Atlanta, Ga MARY OLYNN JACOBS ...,,..,.,...,...... Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD JOHN JENKINS ,.........,. Charleston, S.C. WILLIAM WELCH JORDAN ...,,.,, Greensboro, S.C MARY LOIS KAEBNICK ........ ,.., L a Grange Park, Ill BARRY T, KATZEN ,,,,,,,.,.,..,...,., Miami Beach, Fla WILLIAM KUECHLE KEATS ...,.... Milwaukee, EDWARD HERBERT KELLOGG ......,... . Ocala, ROBERT R. KELLY .,,,,,,,... .,,.,... S t. Petersburg, BETTY JEANNE KENNEDY .......,.,,. New Castle, ROBERT MELL KENNON .,.,................ Atlanta, KATHRYN ELOISE KENT .......... ......... D ecatur v1v1AN CHARLENE KERSEY ..,...,..... Bonaire: ROSALYN KEYSERLING , ,,.....,., Huntsville, ERNEST EARL KICLITER .....-,.-.Vf-fl- Ft- Pierce, Milledgeville, KATHERINE KIDD .....,.... .....---- J, BARCLAY KIRKLAND ,,,,.....,......l.,..,.. Tampa, CAROLE LYNN KIRKLAND .,,,.....,,, Columbus Wis Fla Fla. Del. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ala. Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. NANCY SMITH KIRKSEY .....,A....,..,...,. Atlanta, Gil. ALBERT OWEN KREIGSMAN, III .,.v.... Eustis, Fla. GARY BARKER KRINGS .,w......... Leawood, Kansas ROBERT EDWARD KUBICKI ........,,...... Atlanta, Ga. MARTHA SLOAN LAIRD ,.,...., ..,,,,.. A tlanta, Ga. ERIC ALFRED LARSON .,...... PHILLIP CALVIN LAWRENCE MYRICK ELAINE LEAKE ..tAt.,. JOHNNIE EUGENE LEE t,..Lt.. MERRILEE ANN LEE .. ,.tt. ., FRANKLIN DAVID LEITER ...,.,.... ..,,I BARRY JAY LEVIN , ,I L,., ., I PAUL ROBERT LEVINE ....... JAY ALAN LEVITT tt..tt,, t,,,tt I WILLIAM ARTHUR LARDIN .,tI Monmouth jet., NJ. DeWitt, N.Y. Chattanooga, Tenn. Decatur, Ga. Rincon, Ga. Orlando, Fla. Marietta, Ga. . . Nashville, Ga. Sarasota, Fla. ,. .. Hollywood, Fla. KATHY E. MACKAY r,,..,....,.,,,,,..... .,... A tlanta, Ga. RICHARD JEFFREY MACLEOD ....., L , Rome, Ga. KENNETH WILSON MAHEN I .V White Plains, N.Y. PATRICIA HARMON MAIN , ..,, Birmingham, Ala. SELENE A. MAIN ,,..,,,...,.....,.,. Oklahoma City, Okla. ROBERT GEORGE MALMBORG ,,,,,..... .. ,, Jacksonville, Fla. ELIZABETH LEIGH MANN ..t,.. . Clarkesville, Tenn. DAVID MICHAEL MANNHEIMER ..t,.. ..,,, ,. ,, Tallahassee, Fla. LINDA BETTY MANSKER ,..,.,t. Miami Beach, Fla. PATRICIA ANN MARTIN ,i,.t t..,..,,,..t...i, R ome, Ga. ELLIOTT CHARLES MASON ,,.. New Rochelle, N.Y. LARRY DELL MAULDIN .,.,r..,...,...,.... Sylvestor, Ga. GUY WILLIAM MAYES .,,.....r..,.r,,. .. Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE WASHINGTON MAYO ..,,.,.. Savannah, Ga. JAMES RONNIE MCBEE A .,...., ,, I A Atlanta, Ga. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences DONNA ELLEN LEVY ......,.....,................... ............... N orfold, Va. RICHARD FRANKLIN LIVINGSTON .....,.......... Daytona Beach, Fla. HENRY TURNER LOEHER ................,...... ............,. G lenview, Ill. DIANE CLARISSE LOVE ........................ .......... S avannah, Ga- VERA SUSAN LOVELL ...i.................. ..... V ienna, Ga. I MARY PALMER LOT'I' ...........,.,,.............. ........ S avannah, Ga. REBECCA LIPPINCOTT LOVELESS ....... ....... G allatin, Tenn. ANITA MARIE LOWERY .....,................ ............ R ome, Ga. LAURIE HURST LYLE .............. ...... C larkesville, Tenn. CHARLES LARRY LUTZ ............... ...,.... I nclialantic, Fla. LINDA MARGARET MACK ....... ........ L ouisville, Ky. RONALD M. MACK .................. ...... C oral Gables, Fla. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences BRADLEY SAUNDERS MERRITT ....A ...........,..,. C olquitt, Ga. MARTIN ALAN MYERS ,.............s....,,.. ....... S t. Petersburg, Fla. PATRICIA ANN MIDDLEBROOKS ........ .......... T homaston, Ga. JAMES HUBERT MILFORD .............,, . . ........ Hartwell, Ga. LARRY ALAN MILLER .v.....,......... .,.,,........ T ampa, Fla. WILLIAM JEFFREY MILLER .I...... Winston-Salem, N.C. LINDA CARROLL MOATE ....... ........,,..... S parta, Ga. LYNNE RICHARD MOEN ...... DAVID CHARLES MOIGER .....,..... New Orleans, La. Knoxville, Tenn. MICHAEL MOPPERT ...,,.................... ...,....,.. H ialeah, Fla. MICHAEL WILSON MORGAN ,..,.. ........, T win City, Ga. RONALD CRAIG MORGAN .................................... Chillicothe, Ohio HUGH BOYD MCCAIN .,,i.,,,,,,A,, ,,,,A,,,,, A tlanta, Ga, LINDA CLARE MCCARTHY ,,.i.,i,ii,,,i,, Atlanta, Ga, MARIE TUCKER MCCLENDON ,,Y, Montgomery, Ala. WILLIAM LAWRENCE MCCONNELL .,.. Dalton, Ga. WALLACE FREDRICK MCCOY ........ Pensacola, Fla. ALAN JACKSON MCCRACKEN ...,......., Decatur, Ga MARY MILTON MCGEE ...,.... Pine Mountain, Ga SALLY MCHENRY .. ,.,...........,,,.....,.. Decatur, Ga JANET BARNES MCKIBBIN ......,. Birmingham, Ala CAROLINE WHITE MCKINNEY .... Memphis, Tenn LIONEL POWERS MCLEOD, JR. ...,,,r,.... Auburn, Ala. ELEANOR 'AUGUSTA MCMICHEAL ..,. Quitman, Ga JAMES cLAY MEALS ......,............. Melbourne, EE ALBERT EDWARD MEEK .,.....,.,........,. Atlanta, Ga MARTIN LeCROY MELTON .r.r.,..,,.,.,,. Dublin, Ga. JAMES JOHNSTON MORRISON ..,. New Orleans, La. PAUL DOUGLAS MORRISON .,,..,., Knoxville, Tenn. MICHAEL ALAN MOSES ,,,.,.,..,.. Miami Beach, Fla. CURT A, MYERS I ,...,., I ,,,. ,. ..,,,,,.E,..,, Decatur, Ga. CURTIS ALAN MYERS ...... ............ D ecatur, Ga. REBECCA LOUISE MYERS .... ....,,..... A lpharetta, Ga. SCOTTA JO MYERS , ,.,,........,,,......... Atlanta, Ga. KERRY WOLFE MULFORD Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. LINDA ELEANOR NEWMAN ........ Alexandria, Va- JUDITH ANN NICHOLS ,.,....,.... Coral Gables, Fla. MARGARET FAYE NICHOLS ........ Jacksonville, Fla. ADAIR CAROLYN NIX ..,.. ....,.......... A tlanta, Ga. JOHN THOMAS NAAS .. ..,......,.,, Hollywood, Fla. SALLY JEAN NOHLGREN ........ Coral Gables, Fla. KAREN NATALIE NORDSTROM .... Warrington, Fla MARY BETH NORRIS . ,,w,,Y.,,,.,.., ,. Alexandria, Va. NORRIS LEE O'DELL .....,..R7.,.....,..,... .,.. O rlanclo, Fla. ANTHONY JOSEPH O'DONNELL w...wR , Miami, Fla. THOMAS C, OSTERMANN ,......,.... Glenclora, Calif. SALLY OWENS ........,i,i.V............O. Mt. Pleasant, S.C LOUIS C. PARKER .Y,,w,...,,,......,....,.,,..,,, Atlanta, Ga JAMES DOUGLAS PARKS ..i..,w..,...w., Gainesville, Ga HUBER RAYMOND PARSONS, JR. ......i. Atlanta, Ga ,PAUL MERRILL PARVIS .iii.ee.i.,.i....,...... Decatur, Ga GARY ALAN PATCHEN Y......,............ Decatur, PATRICIA LEE PAULK ..,..,.......ii......... Moultrie, JAMES N. PAULLIN ........,.., Pompano Beach, DOLFORD F. PAYNE, JR. ,........... Mt. Holly, Ga Ga. Fla. N.J. ROBERT GLENN PAYNE .,.........,.,.. Vicksburg, MiSS OLEN RAYMOND PEARSON ...,.... Columbus, Ga. JIMMY DONALD PUCKETT .....,I.,.,...,. Buford, Ga. WILLIAM JAMES POLLOCK .,...,....,, Anniston, Ala. RICHARD WORCESTER PUTNAM .......,.................... Lakeland, Fla. PATRICIA ANN RAGSDALE .,....,......... Decatur, Ga. HAROLD STEPHEN RASH ,,....,. Miami Beach, Fla. ARNOLD C. RAUSCH ....,.....,..... Charlottesville, Va. ANN NIX RAYBURN ..,.,............,.. Coral Gables, Fla. WILLIAM EDWARD READ ............ Pensacola, Fla. PAULA WHEELER REID ..,,.,.....,........,.., Atlanta, Ga STEPHEN WITHERS REIGHARD .,,.,,,. Lenoir, N.C. SHERRON L. REILEY ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Avondale, SHARON LEE REITER ,,,.,,,,,,,, Ft, Lauderdale, DANIEL FRANK RENTZ ....,.,,............ Miami, CAROLE ANN RIDGEWAY .........,., Atlar11Za,' ROBERT MYRON RIDLEY ,........... Hapeville, Ga. Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences CHARLES CENNIS PEEK ...... .............. A tlarlfa, GB.. NANCY ANN PERRY ,,,,,,,,,, ...,.,, C artersville, Ga. SHARON LEE PFITZER ...... .......i... O rlando, Fla- THOMAS J. PIRKLE ......... ....... L ake Worth, Fla- WILLIAM ARTHUR PIRLKE ........ ....... G ainesville, Fla. RICHARD E. PHILLIPS .........,..... ........ A lpharetta, Ga. ROBERT ALLAN PHILLPOTT ...... .......... M iami, Fla. HARRY M. PLAPINGER ........ ..... A tlanta, Ga. CATHERINE MCDONOUGH PLATTER ....,.. ....,,,. M oultrie, G21- MAHALIA JEAN POTTER ,..,...,...,.............. ..,...,,..... A tlanta, Ga. CHAD TURNER PRICE ............,,............... ..,..... W inter Park, Fla. LAWRENCE THEODORE PRINGOS ........................ Little Park, Ark. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences CHUCK W. RUGGLES ....... ............... M ontgomery, Ala. JUDITH ALANA RYAN ....., ..... L ookout Mountain, Tenn. H. ROBERT RYBIN .,....,....... ........................, M iami, Fla. SUSAN JEAN SALTER ........ .................... A tlanta, Ga. CATHERINE A. SANDERS ..,,.,...... ...... D elRay Beach, Fla. STEPHEN W. SAUNDERS ,.............,. .............. A tlanta, Ga. EDWARD LEROY SCANLING, JR. .... ....,......... A tlanta, Ga. JOHN CHRISTIAN SCHELDT ....,..s...... ....... S t. Petersburg, Fla. DONALD JOSEPH SCHLIESSMANN, JR. ,.... .....,...... A tlanta, Ga. STEPHEN SCHREIBER ........,...,........,...,.....,.. ............ W aycross, Ga. CHERIE ANN SESSOMS ...........,.............. ,,...., Z anesville, Ohio RICKY STEWART SEXTON ....... .......,. A tlanta, Ga. SUSAN ALEXANDER RIDLEY ..s. .,,...,.,, . Macon, Ga. ROBERT WINSTON RIGNEY ..,.,,,s Anniston, Ala. MICHAEL JEFFREY RIPPS ...,,,,.,.,. Wanarnassa, N.J. ROGER WADE RIZK .. ,................ Jacksonville, Fla. VIRGINIA MUZETTE ROANE CHERYL IOLA ROBBINS ......,.,.., Charlotte, N.C. Maniaroneck, N.Y. DEAN W. ROBERTS .. ,A,,Y.,... ,..,A. B ethescla, Md. SARA RUTH ROBINETT . ....,.. ,,...... W aynesville, N.C. R. H. RODRIGUEZ .. .,.,,......,..,......... Tampa, Fla, JOSEPH BROWN ROGERS ....... Oxford, Miss. MICHAEL DAVID ROSS: ,..,.. ......... M iami, Fla. DENNY A., ROYAL ....... .. ........,.. Aiken, S.C. LINDA A. ROYSTER . ....................... Macon, Ga. J. PERRY ROYSTON . .. .......... Coral Gables, Fla. WALTER FREDERICK ROWE ...... Decatur, Ga. TERESA LEANNE SHELLEY ..,......... Greenville, S.C. JAN sHELToN ,,.,...................... ............. V aldosta, Ga. ARNOLD DAVID SHEVIN ................ Miami, F121- GEORGE MERRILL SHORE .... Jacksonville, Fla. ROBYN IRIS SICRO .. ............l............ Atlanta, G8 CHARLES LAWRENCE SIEMON W. Palm Beach, Fla. ARNOLD VICTOR SIGNER ...,........ Lakeland, Fla. JAMES c. sIKEs Macon, Ga. RONALD JONAS SILBER ..............., Nashville, Tenn. GILL CARL s1MoNDs ,........ JOHN EDWARD s1Ms . ....... .,,. ..... . Atlanta, Ga. Ashburn, Ga SANDRA SOPHIA SLEDGE ............ Nashville, Tenn MARLY ALICE SLEMONS ...,........ Knoxville, Tenn ANNE GARDNER SMITH .................... Moultrie, Ga CRAIG FOSTER SMITH ...... ....... I acksonville, Fla FLORENCE PENELOPE SMITH ........ Clearwater, Fla. i KAREN DIANNE SMITH ..,.....,....... Cartersville, Ga. LEONARD KARR SMITH ............ Miami Beach, Fla. GARY G. SOUD ,.,.,.......,..... ....,.. J acksonville, Fla BETTY EILEEN SNEED ...,.. ....... C harlotte, N.C JOHN THOMAS SPARKS .,... KATHY D. SPEER ,,...,,.,........... Canton, Ga Atlanta, Ga MIKE JACK SPIRTOS ........................ Tampa, Fla. WILLIAM ARTHUR SPITZ ................ Anderson, S.C. DEMPSEY S. SPRINGFIELD ........ Gainesville, S.C. FRANK PLEASANIS STAINBACK, III ..........,,,....... Minter Cit Miss Y, - MELODY ANN STANCIL ................ Charlotte, N.C. RI-IODA WILKEY STANFORD ............ Miami, Fla. MARTHA BETTING STARR ,...,.............., Macon, Ga. DEBORAH ANN STATON .................... Orlando, Fla. WILLIAM HARVARD STUBBLEFIELD ..r..,r.....,.....,. Tampa, Fla. JEFFREY BYRD TALLEY ,......,............ Marietta, Ga. JACK RHEA TANNEHILL ....,... Philadelphia, Miss. FRANCIS MICHAEL TARRH .,,......... Columbus, Ga. TONY J. TATUM .....,...................... Marietta, Ga. STEVE RICHARD TAYLOR ..... ........ T ucker, Ga. WILLIAM FRANK TAYLOR ..........,. Monticello, Fla. DWIGHT REMBERT THOMAS ...,.... Savannah, Ga. EUGENE MARVIN THOMAS ..,..... Knoxville, Tenn. OLIVER ALEXANDER TOOLE .,.. Flagler Beach, Fla. WILLIAM KEVIN THOMAS ...........,...,.,.. Atlanta, Ga. RONALD GLENN THOMASON ............ Decatur, Ga. CYNTHIA CARLE THOMPSON .... Birmingham, Ala. HELEN CLAIRE THRASHER .......,.... Atlanta, Ga. JACQUELIN D. TICE ..........,........ ...... M arietta, Ga. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences BRUCE LEE STERNBORG .....,......... CHARLES MICHAEL STEVENS ..... KAREN RANDA STEINBERG ...... ERIC RICHARD STEPHAN ......... i i Dallas, Texas Nashville, Tenn. Sharon, Mass. Storrs, Conn. BESS LIBBY STERNHEIMER ............. ..,......,.. N ashville, Tenn. MARTHA VIRGINIA STILL ..............,.....,....... N. Palm Beach, Fla. STANLEY CHARLES STOCKDALE ,....... ..................,. A lanta, Ga. JAN MARIE STORCK ........,.................... .........,...r.. A tlanta, Ga. JEAN ANNE STORCK .,...,... ............ A tlanta, Ga. JON PETER STRAUBE .........,.......... .......... M ontville, CHRISTIAN JOHN STRECK ................ ........ S t. Petersburg, Fla. ROY CLINTON STRINGFELLOW ....,....................... Shreveport, La. Freshmen X Arts and Sciences DELL WELLS ,.........,..e.A...,....,,,..... HUGH ASHLEY WESTBROOK ....... ........ CHARLES EDWARD WHALEN LAWRENCE- DEN IS WHEELER ..,,.,,. CHARLES DAVID WHELCHEL Charleston, S.C. Jacksonville, Fla. Gainesville, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. HARRY JONES WHELCHEL, JR,--,-,'.-.L-, Chattanooga, Tenn. BARRY E. WHITE .....,.......,...,.,., JAMES IRWIN WHITE .,.,......,,. Atlanta, Ga. Stockbridge, Ga. JOANNE WHITE .........,,................... .... C hattanooga, Tenn. JOSIE FLORENCE WI-IITFORD ........ ....,.........v A tlanta, Ga. RICHARD JOSEPH WIENER ......... ...... W ilII1iI1gf0rl, Del. SAM W, WIESEL ,............,,..,..........................,....... Birmingham, Ala. THOMAS AUSTIN TINSLEY ....,... Jacksonville, Fla. STEVEN GARY TOLBER ........,,,,,,,,.,,, Atlanta, Ga, WILLIAM' MICHAEL TUCKER ........ Anniston, Ala. JOHN ALDEN TURNER ................,....... Largo, Fla. JUDITH ANN TURNER .......,.,,. Tampa, Fla. PATRICIA ANN TURNER ,,., ,.,, ,,,,,,., D u fham, N,C, LARRY EUGENE TYNER .............,,, Gainesville, GARY BRYANT VICKERS -.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Atlanta, BRENDA MAXINE WALDON ........ Jonesboro, Ga. Ga Ga. WILLIAM WALTER WALKER ..,..... Anderson, S.C. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH WALTERS III ,...,....,....., Barton, Fla JACKSON D. WARD, III ..,.......,..... Jacksonville, Fla ANN ELIZABETH WEBB ,... ,.....,. D allas, Texas LARRY M. WEISBLATT ........ ...I..... M iami, VALERIE JOAN WEISSLER .I,i,.....,,.... Miami, Fla. Fla. DAVID RILEY WILLARD ....... .......I. O Cilla, Ga. DIANE LEIGH WILLEY .......,.... ........ A tlanta, G21- RICHARD GRANT WILKINS ..............., Tampa, Fla- VICKI DIANE WILLIAMS I........... Gainesville, Ga. JILL WILSON ,,,,,,,,,,,,...,.,,.,.,.........,,.. Nashville, Tenn. JAMES DAVID WINDHAM ................ Atlanta, Ga. JIM STEVEN WINN ...,..,......,...... Warner Robins, Ga. RICHARD EVERETT WOOD .... Silver Spring, Md. WAYNE WILLIAMSON WOOD .,.. Belle Glade, Fla. JOAN GENEVA WOODALL ....,....,.. Calhoun, Ga. WILLIAM ROBERT WOODALL .,...,,, Macon, Ga. NANCY ANNE WOOTEN ...,........ Stantonsburg, N.C. VIRGINIA KATHLEEN WRIGHT ..,......,...,..........-.--,. Birmingham, Ala. JUDITH ANNE WYNNE ..,.,... Crawfordville, Ga. ANNABELLE YANG .....,,......,.. Kowloon, Hong Kong Steps Progress , , i - ' J' g '-it - A ,iz , , ff through the mire .X ' at ' - often hindered 3 D sf- - never permanently -' n ,ff f af stalled 1 v J' f -'F' always a revrtahzatron ' 51 H - a new vrgor , . - '1 N4 ',,. 1 D . 1 f"""""a - a new dnve f .. .0 A ' is fi Q' t if M rrrrrrrrr . 'Q , ffj h ' s. , , ' .. H ' r . t 1 , an 1 ' ih n New Life in a New First Family 211111 friendly -- strong - an active part A Tangible Embodiment of Hope AMONG the Students With determination and hope the University sets its course, increases - Progress - Progress At present a fifty million dollar building program is underway, some of it actually being built by the univer- sity, the rest because of it. its speed Wesley Woods Retirement Home will be located near Emory. Other projects which will increase and enhance the Emory complex are the Veterans Administration Hospital, an addition to the Communicable Disease Cen- ter, and a new motor hotel for the convenience of visi- tors to Emory. Chat at Phi Chi Ground Breaking Ceremonies Projects which directly concern Emory are the Georgia Mental Health Institute, which will be directed by the Emory Department of Psychiatry, a new addition to Woodruff Memorial Building, and a new Phi Chi Medical Fraternity House. --9--Q T-A Y, 5- -a 7, V .y .,,:5 Y,.U,I. W .L 1 T F - n JY Q " 1 gf " ' ,E JB ' l5ff w'g.1f'?g?l"-'l 'V V iris 713 35: , 111995 L, ,I WSF. if 'Q ' , ' 5 , 3 ' -" iii Z C ' 47' My iiggzgiag ggygi Wgi fgagl R331 T M gp ,X my 5 , E L ill- X- . , xr r -mr, :FQ .H D, Construction of new Graduate Dormitory. Proposed Yerkes Primat Ground Breaking for Primate Center e Center. Mg i. , H: Among the projects Emory is undertaking are also included a new air conditioned dormitory for graduate and professional students, another re- search building for the medical staff at Grady Hospital, and the Yerkes Regional Primate Center. In 1956 Yale gave the Primate Center to Emory and in 1965 the university received a grant to transfer the laboratories from Orange Park, Florida to Atlanta. The center should be complete in 1965 and will house the largest confined colony of Chimpanzees in the world. 'l l ight, As another birthday passes, let it not be another year to add to the obsolescence of Emory, but one to add to its its maturityg its enduring strength-to lead the way in the field of education. We must grow with Emory and make progress in whatever we do- -SERIOUSLY- X 511-1 4, -- lrqpf 1' .44 .OR IN -FUN- Perhaps with enough maturity and prog- ress, the student may even shed the confining chains of nebulous animosity so prevalent in the university and develop a sense of sin- cere loyalty and devotion to his ALMA MATER. ? Q 5 W3 lui .nu F W M JQ - -DHS NR ??iH ' HV W H- V TW? ww n M H ,H I :H ' HN .' ' gl yr Ing va , . ' ' ".?5Ziii' ' Q Q N ' 4- - W 1 Y. s wf ite' L " '1 7'.,: - Q- , 3 0 F v J .tp . . I V. ., R WSW mmm maize, uw mfgwum wwifsxesg Mi Qiiiviq-f6 u5:5:,.aa . . gf L aw, F ,, DEAN GUY W. TRUMP Dean of the School of Business Administration Business School The threefold obligation of the Business School, to the student, to business, and to itself, form the basis of the policy and objectives of the school. The School of Business Administration aim is to develop intellectual and professional competence in business management. The school provides pro- fessional education on the university level for posi- tions of responsibility in business, emphasizing fun- damental concepts of business affairs. A two year program, following two years of satisfactory college work, is offered by the school, leading to a degree of Bachelor of Business Ad- ministration. The Business School also takes an active part in the placement of its graduates, immediately follow- lowing graduation and in later years. The Place- ment Office maintains an extensive file of informa- tion on both students and positions, in order to be of maximum service to both. ,z J Business t 5 School ' Gfficers Chairman-JOHN SHIELDS Vice-chairman-HUGH HUNTINGTON Busmess School Honor Counc1l Right lo Left: Buster Moyerg Cal Peddyg Scott Avery, Chairmang Cliff McClureg Hugh Huntington. The School Business Administration J. PHILIP BARR GI' 21611121116 WILLIAM W. MALONE Valdosta, Ga. Dothan, Ala. Program On the graduate level, the School offers a professional program leading to the degree of Master of -Business Ad- ministration. This program is open to graduates of colleges of commerce and business administration and to students whose undergraduate education has been in liberal arts, science or other fields of study. Business seeks to recruit young people who give promise of qualifying for places of responsibility in management. The demand is for those who not only have some vocational skills but also have a sound education in the fundamentals of business. The M.B.A. program at Emory University is designed to provide a broad professional training. Its aim is to acquaint the student with the theory, the principles and the technique of analysis, organization, planning and control common to all business. It does not pretend to be a complete substitution for training in specific routine tasks which can best be acquired in business itself. However, through the use of case materials based on actual business situations and in courses dealing with detailed business functions the student is particularly well prepared to benefit from his future on-the-job experience. JOHN EDWARD TULLY Decatur, Ga. JOHN A. WADE Omaha, Nebraska MARY CORINE BAKER, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Gamma. JOYCE ELAINE BAUMGAR'I'NER, St. Petersburg, Fla. L. O. BENTON, III, Monticello, Ga., Kappa Alpha. MELVIN CHARLES BROWN, JR., Columbus, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, ROTC, DAR Award, BSU, International Relations Club. RAYMOND C. FAUST, Baltimore, Md., SHIRLEY JEAN FLANAGAN, West Palm Beach, Fla., Delta Delta Delta, Traf- fic Court, College Council, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart. CLIFF N. MCCLURE, Dawsonville, Ga., Sigma Nu, Treasurer, Glee Club, Business School Honor Council, Business School Board. HENRY HARTWELL MCKENZIE, Savannah, Ga., Phi Gamma Delta, Glee Club, Circle K, Civitan Club. MARY MOBLEY, Sylvania, Ga., Alpha Delta Pi. THOMAS ALAN LIFLAND, South Orange, N. J., Tau Epsi- lon Phi. ROBERT D. PANNELL, Oxford, Ga., Alpha Tau Omega, Pledge IFC, Bench and Bar, Student Senate. CALLO- WAY H. PEDDY, Tifton, Ga., Phi Delta Theta. Business School JAMES C. HUMPHLETT, Marietta, Ga., Beta Theta Pi, Circle K, Interfraternity Council, Sigma Delta Psi. HUGH HACH- NEG HUNTINGTON, Charlotte, N. C., Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi, Business School Vice-President, Business School Honor Council Vice-Chairman, ROTC. HAROLD DAVID LAVINE, Macon, Ga., Tau Epsilon Phi, Bursar, Beta Gamma Sigma, Hillel. GEORGE RICHARD LEVIE, Coral Gables, Fla., Alpha Epsi- lon Pi, Treasurer, Student Senate, Tennis Team, Dobbs Hall Secretary. JIM LETTS, Atlanta, Ga., Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES JUDSON MATTHEWS, Decatur, Ga. Business School JAMES LAURENS FERMAN, JR., Tempe, Ele. EMILY L, HARRIS, Griffin, Ge. JoANN HUNTER, Asheville, N. C. ROBERT P. KELLY, Atlanta, Ge. JoHN A. MARSHALL, III, Wilmlnglen, Del. HARRY WALTER SCHNABEL, Ponte Vedra, Fla. JOHN THOMAN RIDDLE, JR., Chattanooga, Tenn., Phi Gamma Delta, Bench and Bar. JOHN AUGUSTAS SHIELDS, Waycross, Ga., Kappa Alpha, Business School Student Body President, Business School Board of Directors Chairman, Stu- dent Senate. THOMAS WINSLOW TALBOT, Macon, Ga.g Sigma Alpha Epsilon. CHERRY H. TUGGLE, Stone Mountain, Ga. WILLIAM EDWARD CARRIER, Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT CLABORN DILLON, Covina, Calif. l l E. SCOTT SINGLETON, Miami, Fla. ANNE POMEROY SOULE, Pensacola, Fla. STEPHEN MARVIN STONE, Tampa, Fla. JOSEPH CARL WALDORF, JR., St. Petersburg, Fla. STELLA BENTON WINDSOR, Augusta, Ga. MILLIARD GAMBLE, Wilmington, Delaware. 248 ' Business School Activities V. uf, 552 w, wx , , fiieem, ' ' 7 'qE.siqjg,.' xv 35 MW 5W', viwg- W fm 115' Y 1. -Q1 11 6314552 N M 1 :Q mfg: . w X iwgwg mu ,ir wvnxfwx Nw F ,,f,, . . .za ., -. , 5?:li,1, HQEQN Aw in Y Q53 .. ff. :ng Q u mm gfgwxvm u fu M Q ,lmu M5555 ' ?'n?3iSEE.f 152225359 1: an N ,. 1, ,. E, M , H1 X, Bw, ummm: , NEQEZI' F 1 jeg 4 nggig msggf'-- 1 55 1 . tvludr nf.. I U qgg,-f ,Qu iii.:-:ff w xx ,Q-Q: qw-in X ' w W , , , h w A M .. 'N-1" "' Sl-K1 ,1 ' M' ,.23Qs': QM-.JE is new " ,w if 53 ff Pa, .Q iii HI- 4 . xx-mi Iy, Aww U H w ww m..,..,, ' MQ, ww E .,, . s Q X 1 num figs: .s gg.,-, as in 11 " M Liiiik .w 595' ,J ,sais we DR. GEORGE I-I. MOULTON Dean of the Dental School Dental Students listen to a lecture. ,-. - . ,, The Emory University School of Dentistry was founded September 1, 1944 through the acquisition of the Atlanta-Southern School of Dentistry. This school in turn had resulted from a merger in 1917 of The Southern Dental College, founded in 1887, and The Atlanta Dental College, founded in 1892. The school is now recognized by The American Dental Associa- tion, The American Association of Dental Examiners, The National Board of Dental Examiners, and the great majority of the State Boards. There are over 5,000 active Alumni on the School rolls. The science of Dentistry is learned and practiced in many different buildings and clinics employed by the Dental School. Prominent amongst these are The DeLos L. Hill, Memorial Clinic for Children, and The joseph D. Osborne Memorial Clinic. The Emory University School of Dentistry offers programs leading to the M.S.D. degree in oral sur- gery, oral pathology, periodontia, orthodontia, crown and bridge prosthetics, prosthetic dentistry, and op- erative dentistry, besides the D.D.S. degree. i J N' l 1 --at 1 1 .-,gag ut' :H 1 559' fc? Senior Class: Pres: Ronald Schwarbg Vice-Pres: james Balcom: Sec: Edward Rambog Treas: Zale Smilack. Dental School Class ffioers Junior Class: Treas: Robert Booneg Pres: David Goodchildg Vice-Pres: David Drossg Not pictured: Fred Akel, Sec. Sophomore Class: Pres: Richard Valdesg Vice-Pres: Bill Prestong Sec: George Leeg Treas: Robert Berger. Freshman Class Officers: Treas: Heath Allen, Student Coun- cil: Steve Morrow: Pres: Al Norton, Student Council: Frank Jenkins: Vice-Pres: F. C. Cameron. L i Left to fight: George Thomas, Sam Caranante, jack Ramsey, Paul Steadman, Rip Owings, Gerald Knoedler. Honor Council The Honor Council, composed of elected members of each class, serving for a four-year term, puts forth efforts to create a spirit of honor in the academic activities of the Dental School. If infraction of the standards of the honor code, occurs, the council reviews the case and holds trial in attempting to maintain this stable honor system. Interfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council governs the fraternity system in the Dental School. As the controlling group of the dental fraternities, the lnterfraternity Council makes decisions in matters of common interest, and works to promote co- operation among the fraternities. It regulates the rushing system of the four fraternities involved. Composed of represent- atives from each fraternity, the IFC gives a dance each winter quarter. Left to right, Front raw: Jerry Capps, Ed Sugar- man, Robert Pickron. Sec- t and row: Wilber Davis, Ronald Schawarb, Zale Smilack. Left to right, Front row: Choate, Guess, Goodchild, Stewart, Sugarman. Second row: Valdes, Thomas, D. Goodchild, Norton, Lawarnee, Schwarb, Blanchard. Student Council The Student Council functions not only bringing the students together socially by means of a dance held during winter quarter, but also in acting as a major liaison between the faculty and the student body of the Dental School. The Student Council also promotes a better understanding and a deeper personal contact between faculty members and stu- dents by a direct interchange of ideas. Student American Dental Association The Student American Dental Association is a special class of membership in the American Dental Association of students of dentistry. In the SADA students are invited to attend meetings of dental societies and receive the "journal" of the American Dental Association. The purpose ofthe SADA is to further the students professional training and to develop their understanding of the scope of dentistry in better meeting the health needs of the nation. The membership of the Emory University chapter is almost 100 per cent of the school's enrollment. Left to right: Don Alexander, Loyld Darby, Pres. Paul Steadman. Seniors! Dentistry JOHN TYSON CARTER, Coral Gables, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta. NICK COLEMENARES, Tampa, Fla., Xi Psi Phi. LLOYD H. DARBY, III, Vidalia, Ga., Psi Omega, Student American Dental Association. THOMAS LAWSON DAVIDSON, JR., Moultrie, Ga., Delta Sigma Delta. WILBUR MCLAURIN DAVIS, JR., Decatur, Ga., Psi Omega, Secretary, Interfraternity Council. WILLIAM MCKINNEY DEAN, Nashville, Tenn., Xi Psi Phi. LEE R. ELLENBURG, Kingsport, Tenn., Xi Psi Phi. LARRY FRANKLIN ELLIOT, Hollywood, Fla., Psi Omega. MAR- ION SPENCER FIELDS, JR., Panama City, Fla., Xi Psi Phi, Freshman Class, Vice-President. GEORGE GREGORY ABBOTT, St. Petersburg, Fla., Delta Sigma'Delta, Student American Dental Association. FRANCIS LAWRENCE BACHNIK, St. Petersburg, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta, Interfraternity Council. JAMES HEYGOOD BALCOM III, Athens, Ga., Xi Psi Phi, Senior class Vice-President, Student American Dental Association. JOHN FRANK BARLOW, Decatur, Ga., Psi Omega. GERALD T. BUNN, Augusta, Ga., Psi Ome a. WILLIAM JERRY CAPPS, Dothan, Ala., Xi Psi Phi, gfreasurer, Rush Chairman, Interfraternity Council, Student Council, American Dental Association Convention, Student Clinician. l r BARRY MORTON GOLDMAN, Hollywood, Fla.g Alpha Omega, Student American Dental Association, Treasurer, In- terfraternity Council. SAMUEL PAUL GOODRICH, Mill- edgeville, Ga., Alpha Omega. BENJAMIN GEOFFREY HARRISON, Pensacola, Fla., Xi Psi Phi, Student American Dental Association, Clinic Day Exhibitor. JOHN DALE HELTON, Mt. Vernon, Kentuckyg Xi Psi Phi. THOMAS MONROE HENSON, II, Louisville, Ga., Delta Sigma Delta. CARLTON ALLEN HIGGINS, Burnsville, N. C., Delta Sigma Delta, Student American Dental Associa- tion, Treasurer. 1- -: -.J , Seniors!De11tistry . L DWIGHT MAURICE JACOB, West Palm Beach, Fla. ROB- ERT SANFORD JANKO, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Omega. WIL- LIAM BLAKE LANE, Decatur, Ga., Xi Psi Phi. ROBERT PAUL LAURENCE, Atlanta, Ga. g Psi Omega, Stu- dent American Dental Associationg Student Council. HENRY EMANUEL LEIBOWITZ, Ocala, Fla., Alpha Omega. CHAR- LES EDWARD LEWIS, Albany, Ga. 5 Psi Omega. JAMES F. MAJOR, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta, Treasurer. GERALD PATTERSON MARKHAM, West Palm Beach, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta. WILLIAM SANDERS MAY- HALL, Chamblee, Ga. Seniors! Dentistry - Wig: 1mc,g,""',,,... Jw.L:i. .ggi 1 ' "zu mw':V V 1 I if N, BARTOW DAVID PARKERSON, IR., Eastman, Ga., Psi Omega. SAMUEL DAVID PERLAMN, Hurtsboro, Ala., Alpha Omega, Student American Dental Association. WIL- LIAM D. POTTER, Hollywood, Fla., Psi Omega. EDGAR TILLAMN RAMBO, Marietta, Ga., Psi Omega, Sen- ior class, Secretary. CHARLES HARRETT RITTER, Marianna, Flag Xi Psi Phi. DAVID A. ROBERTS, Candlen, N. C., Delta Sigma Delta. RONALD DAVID SCHWARB, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta, President, Senior class, President, Junior class President, Sophomore class, President, Interfraternity Council, Student Council. HENRY DRUMMOND SHARP, Rock Hill, S. C.g Xi Psi Phi. OWEN L. MCKINNEY, Stuart, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta. EU- GENE BROWN MORGAN, JR., Decatur, Ga., Psi Omega. JOHN URQUHART NEWMAN, III, Burlington, N. C., Xi Psi Phi. E. GERALD NIX, Cleveland, Ga., Delta Sigma Delta. ION RALPH OLLIFF, East Palatka, Pla., Psi Omega. KARL M. PARDEE, Clearwater, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta, Historian. WILLIAM C. SHIPP, Macon, Ga.g Psi Omega. ZALE HAR- LAN SMILACK, Winter Haven, Fla., Alpha Omega, Sopho- more Class Secretary, Senior Class Treasurer. DAVID WAL- TER SMITH, JR., Johnson, S. C., Xi Psi Phi. JOHN N. SPEARING, Jacksonville, Fla., Delta Sigma Delta. PAUL COLIN STEADMAN, Statesville, N. C.g Delta Sigma Deltag Honor Council, Secretary, Chairmang Student American Dental Association, Vice-President. EDWARD F. SUGAR- MAN, Atlanta, Ga., Alpha Omega. Qt.- W ,inn ll . V -SQ-' 4 A .Rf lt 'x A ,age Seniors! Dentistry -i EDWARD CARROLL SWEAT, Atlanta, Ga.g Delta Sigma Delta. GLENN TERRELL SWINDLE, JR., Nashville, Ga.g Delta Sigma Deltag Student American Dental Association. JAMES SHELTON TATE, Tallahassee, Fla., Xi Psi Phi, Stu- dent American Dental Associationg Student-Faculty Golf Cham- pion. MICHAEL FARRIS THOMAS, Hazlehurst, Ga., Delta Sigma Deltag Student American Dental Association. HENRY YOUNG TILLMAN, Valdosta, Ga.g Psi Omega. MANUEL NICK TISSURA, Savannah, Ga., Xi Psi Phig Student Ameri- can Dental Association. THEODORE JOHN TKACH, Coral Gables, Fla.g Xi Psi Phig Student American Dental Association. STANLEY WRIGHT, Charleston, S. C.g Alpha Omega, Student American Dental Association. J uniors! Dentistry RONALD WILLIAM BOWERS .... Augusta, Ga GRADY STODDARD BROOKS L man S C. y , . GLENN A. BRYANT .....,,.....,..... Hinesville, Ga RICHARD FULLER BUHL .... Winter Park, Fla JOHN M. CARTER ...............,,,.,,,,. camde,,,,Afk, ZIMRI ACKSON CHOATE Cartersville Ga J ---- , MARRS MCINTOSH COOPER .... Thomasville, Ga. HUBERT 'E. CROCKER, JR. .......... Chattanooga, Tenn. N A FRED A. AKEL ..... ...........,,..,,.,AA.,,,, CARL EDWIN ANDERSON .-,..,,,.w., ,,.,..,,, WALTER EDWARD ANDERSON ..w.. .. CLEMENT WALTER BARFIELD .... .... ..... MAC F. BARNES .....L. ...A..............A..... . ROBERT MILTON BOONE ....... LARUE EDWIN CURENTON ....,... JAMES ANDREW D'ANNA ...... JAMES DOUGLAS GARN ER .,.,..... MURRAY THEADORE GINSBERG RICHARD THOMAS GLASS ...v........... jacksonville, Fla. Decatur, Ga. Augusta, Ga. Pensacola, Fla Orlando, Fla Macon, Ga Crestmen, Fla. Clearwater, Fla. Dublin, Ga. Savannah, Ga Tampa, Fla DAVID GEORGE GOODCHILD ....-- -4------ A flanfa, Ga JAMES FISHER GOODCHILD .Y,... w,,,....v.AA.M.,.. A tlallta, G21- KENNETH DEAN GUESS ..,..., . . ,.,. ...,..,.... C ollegedale, Tenn. KENDALL GARNETT HARRIS .,Nw.... .,.... W est Palm Beach, Fla. ROBERT DURHAM HESTER .. .R.A ,....... A tlanra, G21- DAN MELV YN HODGES ,...., JOHN LEIDING KELLER ,,..., TOMMY LEROY OWENS ..,. ...A . .. ..,.......,A...,.. Newnan, Ga DAVID MERRILL STRIMER ,. .. ...,.,.. St. Petersburg, Fla. HENRY JULIAN TURNER ,,,,... . ....... College Park, Ga JAMES PAUL TURNER ..,.....,,.,.,.,...,.......,. .......,. D alton, Ga. WALLACE RAGSDALE WIGGINS ,,,...lL. .,...... A tlanta, Ga. Bainbridge, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Juniors! Dentistry WILLIS A. KING .....,,.....,.,.......V..... Clemson, S. C. GERALD L. KNOEDLER .,........w. Roswell, N. M. LEONARD RONALD KULHAWIR ,... New Port Richo, Fla. F. BOLAND MCCAMY ......,r............ Marietta, Ga. JAMES THORNTON MCCANE , ....... JOHN A. MCCOLSKEY, JR. .,......... . JAMES A. MCILWAIN, JR. ,..,......... . GEORGE HOWARD MORDEN Decatur, Decatur, Tampa, Decatur, Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Sophomores! Dentistry JOSEPH WILLIAM DASHER ,.., .v.vw.. .,,.....,,, V a ldosta, Ga. GEORGE ELLIOT FOGLE ......,,V,EE.,,.... ...... E,A.EE7.....E..,....A G r iffin, Ga. THEODOSIOS GEORGE FRANTZIS .....K.. ....... T arpon Springs, Fla. THOMAS DEWEY GARVIN .. ,. ................. Atlanta, Ga. C. ED HAGAN ,,A,...,.,,.,....O., ....AAA ..A.. ,.........,...... S y l vania, Ga. JOHN MARK HALL ,,,,,,,A.A,,,, .,,,, N orth Charleston, S. C. CHARLES LYNDORT ABNEY, JR. ., Y Jackson- ville, Fla. ALAN EARL BLANCHARD ........ Florence, S. C. JOHN F. BLUMER .,., .............,....,.,7.. T ampa, Fla, WILLIAM SIDNEY BOLTON ., Waynesboro, Ga. JENNINGS WILSON BRISTOL l,,l. Hayesville, N. C. JOHNNY L. CAPES .. .A........,.,,.... Covington, STEPHEN DOUGLAS CARTER .,,.., , Macon, Ga. Ga. GEORGE MCCORD CHRISTOPHER ,.,. Hodges, S C GEORGE LARRY HAMRICK ,.....,, Decatur, Ga. STEPHEN FOSTER HANCY ..,.,. St. Petersburg, Fla. STANLEY MAYER HARRIS .....,...... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT S. HART ............................ Tampa, Fla. JOHN A. HENDRY .............r....,......... Perry, Fla. RICHARD FURMAN HEWITT ..., Columbia, ROBERT ARNETT HILL ..,.........., Elberton, ROBERT DAVID HILLER ................ Atlanta, S.C Ga Ga STAWLEY Z. ISAACSON ......,..,,,.... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM C. JAMES, JR. ................ Sumter, s.c. EDWARD L, JORDAN .,,,.,.........,.... Albany, Ga. JAMES A. LAWRENCE ........ Chattahoochee, Fla. GASPER LAZZARA, JR. ...... ....... T ampa, Fla. GEORGE ROZIER LEE, JR. ....,....,...... Dublin, Ga SILAS D. MCCASLIN ................ Gainesville, Ga GLENN ERNEST MCCLANE .....,.. Decatur, Ga ALVAN C, SMITH ............,..........l Orlando, Fla. PETER SPOTO, JR. ..............,,............ Tampa, Fla. OLIN DAVID THOMPSON ..........,. Vidalia, Ga. RICHARD EDWARD VALDES ........ Tampa, Fla. HUGH SYDNEY VALENTINE .,....,. Macon, Ga. STEPHEN WILLIAM VAN DE CARR .,l..,...... St. Petersburg, Fla. R. LELAND WARD ..............,,..,.,,.. Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE A. WOODRUFF ............ Orlando, Fla. Sophomores! Dentistry T. WAYNE McCORMACK . . .................. Atlanta, Ga. JOHN T, OSWALD ,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,.,..... W . Palm Beach, Fla. BILL PRESTON ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, F r. Walton Beach, Fla. JOHN EDWARD REGENSBURG ..,,..,. ....... A uanta, Ga. WILLIAM DREW ROBERTS .. .......,. .....,. A tlanta, Ga. ARNOLD MARVIN SHEIR .....,.... .,.... A tlanta, Ga. F reshmen! D entistry eff' ANDY ABBOTT St. Petersburg HEATH ALLEN East Point, Ga. ED AMLEY St. Petersburg, THOMAS BARKET Jacksonville, Fla. Fla. GEORGE BACHELDOR Ft. Meade, Md. JAMES BEALL Atlanta, JOHN BAMBRY Ga. Palatka, Fla. JIM BUSH Little Rock, Ark. FRED CAMERON St. Petersburg, SAM CARANANTE Tampa, JOHN CAREY Daytona Beach, RANDALL CATON Pensacola, JE-MEL DAVID Jacksonville, RAYMOND DEHLER Atlanta, JOHN DORIS East Point, Fla. Fla. Fla. Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga. DENNIS FERNANDEZ St. Petersburg, Fla. BRUCE FORT Houston, Tex. ANTHONY FRILLNGOS Coral Gables, RICHARD GOODROE Buena Vista, RANDALL GLOVER Ellijay, ROBERT GROLLMAN Bainbridge, FRED GUNTER Charleston, J. TOM HANCOCK Ft. Fernandina, ED HANER St. Fernandina, RUSSELL E. HARRIS Atlanta, ALLEN HARTMAN DelRay, JAMES HAY St. Petersburg, HUGH HUDSON Sylvester, PAGE JACOBSON Rock Hill, JOHN JORDON Pensacola, MICHAEL KENNEDY Fla. Ga Ga. Ga. S.C. Fla. Fla. Ga. Fla. Fla. Ga. S.C. Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla AUTHUR MacMENOMAY Miami Beach, Fla LAWRENCE MARGOLIS Miami Beach, Fla HUGH MAZZANI Miami, RICHARD MCKIBBEN Pinellas Park, HENRY MILLER Fla. Fla. College Park, Ga. RICHARD MANTZ Marietta, Ga. ABNEY MOORE Haysville, N.C. JAMES MORANG Winterville, STEVE MORROW Miami, AL NORTON Jacksonville, AL RIDLEHOOVER Pensacola, RONALD ROHAN Miami, JOE ROSALER Miami, AL ROWTON Decatur, JOHN ROTHWELL St. Petersburg, VADER SHELTON Marshall, WALT STEWART Florence, DOYLE STRICKLAND Claxton, ROGER STROSCIDER Orlando, DOUG STRAIN Decatur, TRUITT SUTTON Marietta, GEORGE THOMAS Nahunta, WAYNE TRIPPS Atlanta, ROBERT TOXW E Macon, THOMAS VANCEL Fla. Fla. Fla Fla Fla Fla S.C Ala Fla Ga. Ga Ga Tazewell, Tenn. JOHN WEST Sautee, TERRELI. WEITLIAN Springfield, MICHAEL WEXLER Monroe, FRED WIDERNAM Atlanta, STAN WILBANKS Clarksville, BOYD WILLIAMS Decatur, FRED WOMACK Savannah, JOHN WRIGHT Ga Ga Ga. Mobile, Ala. ARTHUR WEATHERS Wichita Falls, Tex. ALAN WEINSTEIN Fairman, N.C. Freshmen! Dentistry l , 1112 .gy Mrs. Robert janko Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Omega Fraternity was founded in 1928 at Atlanta Southern Dental College. The Fraternity's national membership has grown to over ten thousand since its beginning in 1908 at the University of Maryland. The chapter enjoyed a successful year, being well rep- resented in the various activities of the Dental School. The Spring Formal provided the social highlight of the year. Mrs. Robert jenko was selected as fraternity Sweetheart at this time. Numerous drop-ins, dances and banquets com- pleted the social program for the year. Alpha Ome a Officers: Henry Leibowrtaz, Treasg Ed Sugarman, Smilack, Vice-Pres, Sam Perlman Sec. M. Ginsberg B. Goldman S. Goodrich R. Grollman R. Harris S. Harris S. Isaacson R. Janko H. Leibowitz S. Morrow S. Perlman l R. Rohan ' Roalev A. Sheir Z. Smilack E. Sugarman S. Wright F. Widerman M. Wexler A. Wfeinstein Presg Zale Delta Sigma Delta L. Bachnik James D'Anana J. Major Vice-Pres. Sec. Treas. Delta Sigma Delta, oldest of the Dental Fraternities, was founded in 1882 at the University of Michigan. In 1921, Theta Theta Chapter was organized at Atlanta Southern Dental College. The fraternity objective is to keep high standards of dentistry by inuilcating in the minds of Dental students and practitioners a spirit of fraternal cooperation toward sci- entific, ethical and professional progress. Theta Theta Chapter has had a successful year with several informal parties. It has been quite active in school and extracurricular affairs. A. Ahott G. Abott C. Anderson W. Bolton I. Capes J. Dasher T. Davidson J. David K. Guess T. Hancock A. Harman J. Hay T. Henson C. Higgins J. jordan l 1 J. McCane G. Markham H. Mazziwi R. Mintz E. Nix K. Pardee D. Roberts V. Shelton P. Steadrnan J. Wright Mrs. Amelia Parkerson Psi Ome a Psi Omega, founded at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1892, was established locally in 1904 at the Atlanta Southern Dental College, which latter became Emory Dental School. Gamma Tau Chapter enjoyed a successful year academically, athletically, and socially, having won the Interfraternity Scholar- ship trophy, and placing first in the Graduate League in softball. Socially, Psi Omega held a Christmas Party, the Winter Formal and the annual Spring Barbecue. F. Akel C. Barfield J. Barlow M. Barnes J. Blumer R. Boone R. Buhl G. Bunn J. Carter R. Caton Z. Choate I.. Darby W. Davis L. Elliot T. Frantzis R. Glass D. Goodchild Goodchild . Gunter S. Hancy J. F R. Hart R. Hill R. Hiller A. Jacobson W. james I ,F W. King G. Knoedler R. Laurence C. Lewis F. McCamy R. McKibben J. McColskey T. McCormack I. McIlwain G. Morden E. Morgan J. Olliff J. Oswald B. Parkerson W. Potter E. Rambo A. Rowton J. Rothwell B. Shipp A. Smith P. Spoto W. Stewart J. Strain W. Strickland G. Thomas O. Thompson H. Tillman T. Weltman J. West G. Woodruff Miss Kathy Brown Xi Psi Phi Xi Psi Phi Fraternity was founded at the University of Michi- gan in 1899 and Alpha Eta Chapter was organized in 1912. This year the fraternity pledge twenty-men during fall rush. Xi Psi members hold many positions of leadership in the Dental School. The social calendar was headed by the annual spring formal and included a chapter party each month plus a house party during the fall. C. Abney H. Allen E. Amley A. Blanchard R. Bowers G. Bryant J. Bristol G. Brooks F. Cameron W. Capps G. Christopher M. Cooper H. Crocker L. Curenton W. Dean 1 i L. Ellenburg D. Fernandez M. Fields G. Fogle A. Frilingos T. Garvin R. Goodroe C. Hagan G. Hamrick B. Harrison N, Colfnenafeg L. J0fdOI'1 W. Af1dC1'SOI1 Vice-Pres. Treas. Sec. J. Helton J. 'Hendry R. Hewitt D. Hodges W. Lane J. Lawrence G. Lazzara G. Lee S. McCaslin G. McC1ane A. Moore J. Newman A. Norton T. Owens B. Preston Reglensburg . Riddlehoover C. Ritter H. Sharp D. Smith J. A D. Strirner J. Tate M. Tissura T. Tkach R. Towe H. Turner J. Turner R. Valdes L. Ward W. Wiggens 1 Student Dental Clinic E .' Hs V L... it 'TJ :A 1. T I V 7 cv ' n 4 tj . 1 5 1 - M15 -'--'if f MV ir f P 2 it f iii. 'N U Y , ' 1 ' U7 V ' , ii.. Qing- AH w U lb Q . Gferald Bunn works in the Dental Clinic. Bill Gamble doing technique work in the lab Pete Pickron listening to a patient before he begins to work. I I-'Q ii 274 ale-2 THE NEW Yom: TIMES, FFUDAY. AI.,fGIfSff 21, lows, ' j Q ' -prf-,ffwffm by Ffmfn Cam. ' ,g ' Bffur-guiba 8826 Pu 1 f vmisht 1-irq,-vrawfpr Q,-vb F . mg' ,1.a:"zPf2 Yngv' 1' ,-wi. V 'ik I fxf' Lf' fi TPLHIT' .V3"1.Ig Q J ' ' rgff firdvg, 1435 P gxnfqxgngnnp wi wQ'k.r' 'maxi E. K--'MI ! I' Fiiffififu Jiri' v.'?fxP, FEP 1,534 L, N flqfle lr- 4,3 fvfn ,-V 'H' M nf-Mfg? 'agp in '?v:..,L,l'i F Zfaf-:ai nf, 2"..-.A J tc:-Q3 f an 1 E, w'Pai'l?.L"m1 l""12f':1 P' 7 args F1339 'x55'p'A I ' ' A Q ,nn lvl. - 'Y fig?-M'1 "F i735j"g"or' '-'iff ?'yxw'g U -- WAQQEN 'iii-??iNG E3 A-Ax 1 n. ef1l rus Q , ,, ' XP' V A La- 4, C f.- ,i -Jg4,,Q Ha' f Q, W " C"Avf5 7' z HQAJ1 r if ax .It In .' i 9- 1, D .1 ill l' f , 2 M 51 N L Q 2 '- -4 A , up H In I li U, -Y r- I- , 1 r . , L 1' ,Q hi 3 5 Q -w 113 fha' , .V 2 ki' ,'-, 1 ,,,,,V,,, , Y I-'..,-.L f T' ' sl. , m ' f - A 1 ff., txrs 5 iF'i."1A -ggi... 4 ir- 'lf F-sfe: .. 1 1 il Q'A J " YA, lxflxeq " f ' 4wwfu1 Q flgSil1i f,-P 1. . ,, Q YlL,..,L 3 A V 4 N ,L P Mgr. !x.1.....-.-.- .. Y 5 A , . , 1 1 r , 1 H - ly when they come for help. Graduate School Sets Pace for the University The epitome of learning in a university is the Gradu- ate School. Students and faculty reach a closer relation- ship, and communication is at a peak. Fewer students than in undergraduate programs make possible a greater dissemination of knowledge to each individual mind. The creative abilities of faculty and student join, and the fusion of ideas causes new contributions to learning, new foundations for more theories in the future. The Graduate School is the real community of schol- ars in the university. The Graduate School sets the tone, the pace for the other schools. The emphasis is beyond mere handing down of factsg it is in the realm of creativ- ity. Masters' and doctoral students are conducting re- searchg they are looking for new educational heights. A new discovery may be just beyond the horizon for graduates. These researchers are working to reach it. STUDENTS ARE WAITING THE COMPLETION OF THE NEW GRADUATE DORMITORY I ll ,S Dean Charles Lester greets students pleasant- sf' '- STUDENTS ENTER CANDLER LIBRARY TO PROBE THE BOOKS ADRIANA BONI ACAUAN ............ Porto Alegre, Brazil VIRGINIA STELLA CARABALLO ,.,,........ Tampa, Fla. MARGARET CHAN .,......... PETRINA PIK-YUE CHAN CHONG-NAHM CHO ....... ALLAN DAVID CHARLES ............ Hong Kong Hong Kong Spartanburg, So. Car. Seoul, Korea LING CHU .........,...,.,........,. ........ T aiwan, China KEVIN JOHN CLANCY ,,.,.... .A..,,.. N ew York, N.Y. J. WANZER DRANE .....,......,........ ........... A tlanta, Ga. ANNA GERALDINE EFIRD ........ Blairsville, Ga. ROBERT J. EMSLIE ,,................. ....... E lyria, Ohio Graduate School VIVIAN BOYD FISHER ...........,.....,.......... Atlanta, Ga. ANNA BELLE FREEMAN .................... Thomasville, Ga. WADE BANISTER GASSMAN ..................,.,, Rome, Ga. WAN SANG HAN ..............A........,...A....,....,.. Seoul, Korea BUENA ELIZABETH HATLEY ..., Albemarle, No. Car. ANGELIKA MADELON HUBER .... Innsbruck, Austria DORIS TUR CHEN HWA ............ GLORIA ELAINE OHNSON Porto Alegre, Brazil . Macon, Ga. I -...,----- -A--,4W - - VANCE HARPER JONES ............. A. Washington, N. C. LEILA ANNE KUCEWICZ CHUEN MEI LIN ...... , ....,,........ JIANNE TZE LIN .....r..,....., MARY ELLEN MCCLURKIN Bridgeport, W. Va. Taiwan, China Taiwan, China Jacksonville, Fla.. MALcoLM WHEELER Mcnoiiflaiiifja. .... Groveland, Fla. HAROLD W. McSWAIN ,.,..................... Memphis, Tenn. ALBERT McSWEENEY ......... ........ N ew Orleans, La. DAVID WILFRED MOHR ...... ............... D 3-1t0f1, Ga- ANN W. MORTON ,.......... Decatur, Ga. ALVIN RAYMOND MOSES ..... Decatur, Ga. ALFRED PLUMMER MUSTIAN, JR. .......... Atlanta, Ga. KEE CHUL NAM . ..........................,.....,...... Taejon, Korea NANCY ELIZABETH NEWTON ,,,,.. Orangeburg, S. C. LONNIE GERALD PARCHMAN LELAND MADISON PARK ....... . CASIMIR A. PERKOWSKI ..,,.. WILLYNDA RICHARDSON .,,.... JOHN W. ROBINSON ,............. Brinkley, Ark. Orlando, Fla. Stratford, Conn. Decatur, Ga. Glen Mills, Penna. DANIEL D. SAIN .,......., ,,.,..,.. , Shelby, N. C. BONNIE SUSANNE SHERMAN . ., , Williamsburg, Va. DAVID H. SLINEY .................................... Arlington, Va. JUDSON WALTER SMITH, III CLARENCE EDWARD STYRON, ERNEST ALLEN SWANSON .....,..., JANE SCOTT WATERS ......... LINDER EARL WINGO ..,..... JOSEPH D. WISE, JR. ......,. . Atlanta, Ga. Morehead City, N. C. Miami, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. I .,...... Savannah, Ga. Graduate School 1 W Helen jordan locates a volume in the stacks that she may use as a source for her paper. ,, .. I- -i,.-...........E.. . .. vim W., --..,.... . .- .,.,.-,.-..., -..,,,......f,f --...W-a-m..,.f--a,f,.,.,,?,,h,,,,1-31,7 K ., f if . Am: THE QUIET REFERENCE ROOM IS WHERE HISTORY STUDENT ALLAN DAVID CHARLES IS AT WORK. Graduate Students Begin Research in Library A feeling of accomplishment and uncertainty is that of a graduate student. He has completed his baccalaure- ate and is going on to attain new heights in the academic world. When his mind is filled with knowledge, and he feels like he can discuss his subjects with fluency, a grad- uate student is ready for the next classg he has a sense of being prepared. But this sense of preparedness does not last long. After class it seems to disappear. To keep supplementing the information stored away in his mind, the graduate student turns to one of the uni- versity libraries. When he enters, there is an emptiness in him that must be filled and he may not know how to begin to fill it. Through searching the tools at hand, he digests materials to satisfy the need. Each time he visits the library, he gains a new outlook, when he leaves, the sensation is one of new prominence. l H :rn-.-I'?:Iuf!f:.13x5E .X sgegiiifalifilzfri-'.: , , I , , -- MF" "-' "M gZvf"'?"! :"'- 'W . , "' ' 2,2252 - ,T ' fi? H HM fi W, H Hgszgsnf i H ' "1 -v.,!ffJ's':t' H ' wx " I Mrs ' ' .53?fff:555f,2-1'1:Q X ?.,,'Ek 1 Us A - . 1-.....,.s---...,X,,,5N5.5a,gf... .....,..,gL13gv:W ,-....,, W7,.4.,..., ' 'Jeff ' ' AMONG SCIENTIFIC BOOKS AND JOURNALS IS WHERE RICHARD JOHNSON STUDIES. sv' ,JV .5 Physiology student Diana Kunze finds something on a microfilmed document w ml ' i, . - f w ' . USE - . WS? , ,ll , , FW? ' During a long day students relish an outside respite. W 1 i W I SANDY PICKENS IS WORKING ON HER CLASS REPORT. THE UNION CATALOG HELPS BILL WILKEN FIND BOOKS NOT AT EMORY. COLLEGE LIBRARY SEMINAR MEETS WITH DR. REAGAN Books in Print is a helpful tool on Ready Reference for verifying uncertain titles. Between classes students are at work in the library of the Division of Librarianship doing research on class problems. Librarian in Training When someone comes into a library, he asks the librarian for help. The librarian's work opens up new paths for inquiring minds by putting before them tools from which new knowledge and pleasure may be extracted. Leland Madison Park is preparing to work in a college li- brary. Like other graduate students, Leland's time is filled with assignments of many kinds. Written and oral comprehensive examinations precede his graduation in June, but Leland looks forward to becoming a professional librarian, a rewarding and fascinating occupation. V 55 5 I S A Arg-'YQ gy, A :A 5,5135 NSW' fi: IE: A SE v , A W DEAN BEN F. JOHNSON The Lamar School of Law Lamar School of Law The School of Law of Emory University is named in honor of Associate justice L. Q. C. Lamar of the Supreme Court of the United States, who served from 1888-1893. The Law School was founded in 1916, and was admitted to the Association of American Law Schools in 1920. When the American Bar Asso- ciation initiated its classification of law schools in 1925, the Law School was approved as a "Class A" school. The Law School has also been approved by the Board of Governors of the Georgia Bar Association. It is the aim of the Law School to prepare its graduates for the practice of law as a profession. Although the emphasis is on the education of graduates who will go into the private practice of law, this is a rapidly widening emphasis as more and more law graduates are becoming government attorneys and corporate counsel. It is the purpose of the Law School to qualify its graduates for the finest opportunities for legal service that can be anticipated for them, and to instill in them a sense of ethics of the highest professional order. K' 'RTK Officers of the Evening Division: john Adams, Treasurerg Dudley McClain, Vice-President, Ann Burke and Ed Hall, Honor Court Representatives. Officers of the Day Division: Hilton Fuller, President, Jim Brim, Vice-Presidentg Bill Floyd, Historiang Lamar Brannon, Secretaryg jim Elliott, Treasurer. Student Bar Association The student government of the Law School is in the hands of the Student Bar Association. The Student Bar Associa- tion has a Day Division and an Evening Division, each with a separate group of officers, except that there is a single president presiding over the entire organization. The Association is a member of the American Law Students Association which is an affiliate of the American Bar Association. The Student Bar Association sponsors an informal lecture series during the year, which brings to the students outstanding lawyers, judges, and persons prominent in government and civic affairs. 2817 The Case Club Each year sixteen students are invited for membership in the Case Club from among the students who have completed the course in Legal Research, Writing, and Advocacy, and from other similarly qualified students. These students team up in pairs to compete in a series of intraschool ap- pellate arguments before a moot court. Each team is given "a record" of a hypothetical case on ap- peal, and is required to prepare a brief, develop an oral argument, and argue the case in an elimina- tion Competition with another team. The two sur- viving teams are brought together in a final argu- ment each year as an important part of the Law School's annual observance of Law Day. Officers of the Case Club are, First row: Allan Serby, President, Allan Rinzler, Clerk. Second row: Larry Jewett, Vice-President, Lamar Brannon, Vice-President. Members of the Case Club are, Fifi! row: Larry jewett, Alan Serby, Lamar Brannon, Alan Rinzler. Second row: A. L. Mullins, Hilton Fuller, John Hinchey, David St. John. Third row: Jim Thomas, Sherman Landau, Bill Floyd, Frank Byrd, Dennis Webb, Ben Landey. Journal of ublio Law Since 1952 the Law School has pub- lished semi-annually the Journal of Pub- lic Law which is edited by advanced law students under the general direction of a faculty committee. The Journal is an international review devoted to law, government, and politics. Its contribu- tors are philosophers, historians, eco- nomists, political and social scientists, lawyers, and legal scholars. Work on the journal of Public Law staff includes the writing and editing of case notes by the students themselves. Editors are Frank Bird, Associate Editor, Robert Ansley, Associate Editor, Dave Coker, Editor-in-Chief, Russell Grove, Associate Editor, and Thomas Harper, Student Writing Editor. Members of the journal staff are, Fifi! mga: Al Phillips, Keagan Federal, Frank Bird, Dave Coker, Lamar Brannon. Second row: J. H. Morgan, joe Nardone, Hilton Fuller, Dennis Webb, Henry Rogers, M. P. Mullins. Third row: Robert Ansley, David Gibson, Rick Saunders.Fourth1'ow.' Kim Davis, Terry Parker, Tom Harper, john Hinchey, A. L. Mullins, Bill Floyd, Tom Pope, Larry Iewett, Roy Leite. Fifth row: R. S. Grove, john Genin, Fred Orr, Bennett Kight, Ken Gilchrist. Sixth row: john Bedford, H. G. Snipes, Bobby Dodd, Brett Merrill. 1 1 l I l l i Justice Vice justice Clerk Treasurer Marshal GUY Hatch Sam Appel John AdHIT1S john Mooney Alan Bonser Phi Alpha Delta B. Ansley J. Ansley E. Barry G. Booth R. Daley C. Deal I. Feldman C. Fellows N. Heimanson J. Hinchey S. Landau B. Landey P. Lipman B. Magazine D. McClain J. McGuigan M. Merritt J. Mitchell C. Quantrell A. Rinzler M. Robins A. Serby W. Smith C. Thompson I. Vye R. Walker L. Weinstein D. Weissman W. Wrage G. Zell President Dave Coker R. Ansley A. Askew J. Brim I. Burnett J. Chesnut R. Cleveland A. Davis G. Dozier H. Fuller J. Hall C. Harrison R. Holloway E. Hooper W. Howard R. Lawson I. McRae A. Mullins J. Nealy J. Nix K. Nix C. Parker L. Pike I. Roberts M. Russo D. Scoggins S. Squires R. Still J. Thomas W. Tucker J. Vansant D. Webb M. Weldon A. Wright Treasurer Secretary Historian Harold Atwood John Genins Phil Landrum Phi Delta Phi in l w l in wt H at 11-: get Honor Court members are Frank Byrdg Hilton Fuller, Chief justiceg Dave Cokerg Terry Parker. Moot Court Team The two teams which survived the intraschool moot court competition which was held last year were brought together in a final argument as an im- portant part of the Law School's an- nual observance of Law Day last spring. The winning team then repre- sented the Emory Law School this past fall in competition with teams from other law schools, in the Southeastern Regional Moot Court Competition. Honor Court The Law School Honor Court seeks to uphold the principles found in the Emory Honor Code, and which are also found as part of the high Code of Ethics of the legal profession. The Honor Court deals with violations of academic and professional integrity found within the Law School. The Court is composed of the president of the Student Bar Association, three members from the Day Division of the Law School, and three members from the Evening Division. Members of the Moot Court team are Lamar Brannon and Hilton Fuller. Barbecue at Law Day aw Da Law Day is a traditional event of the spring term, usually scheduled in late April or early May. It is sponsored by the Student Bar Association. It serves, at one and the same time, as a local ob- servance of "Law Day-U.S.A.," as a "homecoming day" for alumni, and as a "senior day" for the students. The program includes the final argu- ments of the Case Club Competition, a barbecue at noon, an address by an outstanding legal figure, and a banquet and dance in the evening at which honors and awards are presented. The speaker for Law Day 1963 was justice Tom Clark of the United States Supreme Court. PG: '. Moot Court Competition at Law Day I 1 Members of the Law Day Committee are jim Brim, Allan Rinzler, co- , . chairman, Allan Serby, Dennis Webb, Richard Daley, Albert E. Phillips, T gi" ii li' V l Terry Parker, co-chairman, Glenn Moffett, H. Morgan. Law School DAVID L. COKER, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Secretary, Student Bar Association, Treasurer, Journal of Public Law, Associate Editor, Law Day Committee. CHARLES EDWARD DEAL, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta. GEORGE L. DOZIER, Jr., Marietta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Case Club, Student Bar As- sociation. JOEL M. FELDMAN, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Treasurer, Student Bar Association, Treasurer, Vice- President. CHARLES CLARENCE FELLOWS, Atlanta, Ga., Delta Theta Phi. ED BROWN FLOWERS, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Cannon Law I Award. R. JOHN GENINS, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association. ALEX- ANDER ARNOLD GERSHON, Atlanta, Ga., Case Club, Stu- dent Bar Association. Seniors BENJAMIN HUGH ANSLEY, Decatur, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Case Club, President, Ga. Bar Journal, Assistant Editor. SAM APPEL, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Associa- tion. HAROLD L. ARWOOD, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association. GORDON DEAN BOOTH, Jr., Columbus, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association, Ga. Bar Journal, Alpha Kappa Psi. JAMES CROSWELL BRIM, Jr., Pelham, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Law Day Committee. JAMES G. BURNETT, Jr., Gadsden, Ala., Phi Delta Phi. DAVID CHESNUT, Decatur, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Historian, Case Club, Student Bar Association, President. ROBERT HENRY CLEVELAND, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi. J. EDWARD HALL, Cairo, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Vice-President. THOMAS HIRAM HARPER, Jr., Barnesville, Ga., Journal of Public Law, Associate Editor. GARY W. HATCH, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Case Club, Student Bar Association, Journal of Public Law. NEIL LEE HEIMANSON, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Case Club, Student Member of Georgia Bar Association. RICHARD G. HOLLOWAY, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Georgia Bar Journal, Associate Editor. ELLIS C. HOOPER, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Clerk, Social Chairman, Student Bar Association, Journal of Public Law, Associate Editor, Stu- dent Writing Editor. WILLIAM WALTER HOWARD, Winter Haven, Fla., Phi Delta Phi. ROBERT L. KASSEL, Atlanta, Ga., Student Bar Association, Case Club. Seniors PETER MICHAEL LIPMAN, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Case Club, Journal of Public Law, Business Manager, Student Bar Association. JOHN MCGUIGAN, Tucker, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association. JAMES W. MCRAE, Decatur, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Histora ian, Social Chairman, Law Day Committee, Publicity Chair- man, Student Center Board. JERRY AVEN MADDOX, At- lanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association, Georgia Bar Association. WILLIAM MINOR MASON, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Case Club, Student Bar Association. MARTIN D. MERRITT, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association, Vice-President, Student Board Ga. Bar Journal, Editor. MICHAEL PATRICK MULLINS, Atlanta, Ga., Journal of Public Law, Student Bar Association. JOHN A. NIX, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Case Club, Student Bar Association, Law Day Committee. ALAN EARL SERBY, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Rush Chairman, Student Bar Association, Secretary, Case Club, Moot Court: Dean's List, American Juror Award. STEPHEN OWEN SQUIRES, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Case Club. RICHARD HERBERT STILL, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Ga. Bar Association, Student Bar Association, Secretary. JAMES MELVIN THOMAS, Pat- terson, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association, Winner Moot Court Competition, Student Senate. JAMES D. VYE, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall. ROBERT WELLS WALKER, Florence, Ala., Phi Alpha Delta, Ga. Bar Journal Staff, Student Bar Association. LEE MORET WEINSTEIN, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, President, Stu- dent Bar Association. DONALD ALAN WEISSMAN, De- catur, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Student Bar Association, Case Club, Moot Court, Ga. Bar Journal, Traffic Court. Law School KENNETH OWEN NIX, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Stu- dent Bar Association. CHARLIE L. PARKER, Jr., At- lanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Clerk, Magister, Rush Chairman, Journal of Public Law, Case Club, Moot Court Team, Student Bar Association. ALBERT EDWARD PHILLIPS, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Dean's List, Honor Roll. LARRY S. PIKE, Savannah, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Journal of Public Law, Associate Editor, Editor, Student Bar Association, Bryan So- ciety, Student Development Comm. CARLISLE A. QUANTRELL, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Del- ta, Student Bar Association. JAMES H. ROBERTS, Jr., De- catur, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association. MATHEW ROBINS, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Alpha Delta, Marshal, Vice- Justice, Student Bar Association, Journal of Pub lic Law, Case Club. DAN LLOYD SCOGGINS, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Phi, Student Bar Association. Law School RICHARD JULIUS BEAM, JR. ,,,,... ,,.,,,, L indaie, FRANCIS M. BIRD, JR. ,.......,. ...,, A nam, ALAN B. BONSER ,,I...... ....,,.,,.,,... ,.,,, A I 1am, RICHARD LAMAR ERANNON .,C..,. I.,.... A uma, GEORGE GRANT ERANTLEY .,.... .... ........ G r iffin, WARREN NELSON COPPEDGE .......... ....... D ecatur, RICHARD ALEXANDER DALEY ....... ....,,. A tlanta, ALBERT KIMBROUGH DAVIS ......, .w..... A tlarifa, Seniors MALCOLM WALTER WELDON, Decatur, Ga.g Phi Delta Phig Student Bar Association. PERRY MACK WHITE Atlanta, Gag Delta Theta Phi. MICHAEL F. WIEDL III Atlanta, Ga., Case Clubg Moot Court. ARNOLD WRIGHT jr., Atlanta, Ga.g Phi Delta Phig Student Bar Association. Juniors JOHN O. ADAMS ......,.,...,.,,...,., . .,,,,.,,, ,,,,,,, D ecatuf Ga ROBERT BQYNTON ANSLEY, JR. ,.,.. ,,,,,,.,,,, D ecatur Ga ANTHONY B. ASKEW .........,........,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. Atlanta Ga EDWARD JOSEPH BARRY ......... ........ W inter Park, Fla EDWARD DALE DEWBERRY ...... .... A tlanta, HILTON M. FULLER, JR. ....i..i........ I...V. A rlanta, RUSSELL SINCLAIR GROVE, JR. .... ..... M afiem CHASON LASH HARRISON ........ ...... D ecatur JOHN WILLIAM HINCHEY .................... East Point. SHERMAN LANDAU .................,..................---- Atlanta, BEN LANDEY .........,...................................... Valdosta, PHILLIP MITCHELL LANDRUM, JR. ................ Jasper 3 7 Juniors ROGER HUGH LAWSON, JR. .... .. Atlanta, IVAN A. MILLENDER ..................Y ....w.. D alton, JOHN FRANKLIN MITCHELL ..... .,... A tlanta, MARGARET E. MOBLEY ....,,.,,... ,,..... A tlanta, JOHNNY C. MOONEY ,........... .,.... D ecatur, ALFRED LOUIS MULLINS, JR. .w.w,. Atlanta, A. JOSEPH NARDONE ,............,.... .. ....,, Decatur, JULIAN D. 'NEALY ....,.. ....... ...., A t lanta, WILLIAM CLIFF TUCKER ............... ...... C olumbus, Ga. JOHN MATTHEW VANSANT, JR. ..... ,,,..... A tlanta, Ga DENNIS WEBB ,,..,,.. .....,,....,,.,, ..., . .,.,,.,,,,.. A t lanta, Ga WILLIAM HENRY WRAGE .... ...... .... . . Srnithtown, N.Y GLENN ZELL . ............. ..........,.. ........... .... . Freshmen JOHN FOSTER ANSLEY .....,.........,.....,. ....I. SAM LEONARD BRANNEN ......,... ......... ..... JOHN SLALJGHTER CANDLER, JR. .,..,...... S Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta, Law School WILSON FRED ORR ,....l.............. .A.... A tlanta, TERRILL ANDREW PARKER ...... ....... A tlarlta, ALLAN RINZLER .........l............. ....... A tlarlta, MICHAEL LUCIO RUSSO ....... ........ A tlanfa, THEODORE EDWARD SMITH ....., .. .............. Savannah, WILLIAM PATRICK SMITH ............,....... Stone Mtn., DAVID ST. JOHN ...........,...,................................ Atlanta CLYDE MAXWELL THOMPSON, JR. ....,........... Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Law School JOHN CHARLES GULLICKSON ......., St. Petersburg, WILLIAM MARVIN HARDY .,......,... Elberton MRS. BETTY HARRIS .........,.. Atlanta, BENNETT LEXON KNIGHT ............ Waycross, LOUIS MICHAEL LABELLA ...,..,....... I ROY JOSE LEITE, JR. ............ Atlanta, J. DUDLEY MCCLAIN JR. .... Decatur, Et. Lauderdale, Fla. Ga EA Fla. BRUCE MAGAZINE .,.. Silver spring, Md: KEN DRICK W. MATTOX .... Atlanta, CHARLES B. MERRILL, JR. ..,.............,...... . Central Valley, N.Y. Freshmen CHARLES MCCLURE DEBELE, JR. r.,., ....,,,. S avannah, Ga A. JAMES ELLIOTT .......,................ ...,,..., D ecatur, Ga AMES RODGERS EPPS Lake city, sc: I .............. .. ..... .. ROBERT KEEGAN FEDERAL, JR. ...,.. .,..... C olumbus, Ga WEYMON H. FORRESTER ....v,. JOHN FRANK GELZER .r,..,. JAMES E. GIBLIN .....,r.,.....,r,.,,,, KENNETH W. GILCHRIST ..,.... GEORGE MURRAY O'KELLEY .l,......Y,..... Canton, Ga -.,Atlanta, Ga. Havertown, Pa. Gadsden, Ala. White Plains, N.Y. HENRY SIMEON ROGERS ,.......,.. ....,...,.,,.. O xford, Ga. PAUL SCOVILLE, JR. ........,........ .......... A tlanta, Ga. STEPHEN H. SEARS .......... ,.... T ampa, Fla. HERMAN GLASGOW SNIPES ...... ............... D ecatur, Ga- THOMAS KEVIN SULLIVAN .................... No. Augusta, 5-C- HOKE JOSEPH THOMAS Decatur, Ga. JOHN WINTHROP TRUsLoW,'AjE."ff.Qffflff .,.. Atlanta, Ga. H " ,rw ,L :meg WA M Z H HN 2 en '51 XMNNN M H ,mm ME ig , , w 5556553 X Mix: YXQWQ X W 5,3 . X W W W W .. M H L., ni, 'MN , , x "wif ' vu J.. ,4 .92 1 ,pffa 'ji , , f':':fE,:,: , .151 , :rg ., , gF H ,Ja gif' 'jfzv . 1941! I 5 ,"'g5f"f'i3 .f ,.. . ffjr. 'EL 5252: Y, ' 'VS-Xlaf Wife' ,rch N , Q55 ft ' V' -if1.il"'aL57 X' 14 -Eiga: , Q21 Exg ' '11 XE'-3.1 , V H N DN, ' N' V L'i...'!15' -934 mffx I 1 ffgfiffgl- X fgfif Y' - ,, , ,A w ,Q-gg? ' J. M 5.15 , .wlkb in 'I A' ' S c sq O Qt . A ATIZLTQ3 Q H . .:Tf.'ifLg M E ' W w H 5552? -3 1.9-,f:1f '- . 5:5 , 'T .ui1f':Q' .. .' D if -1 E C I N E " W-.,, f,h.'1r'.-F , Y. " ' ig Q 5.-fini? f -- .W QEKJ' ' I - '. . A Jang,-1 .514 fl if ' ,.,'+ xx uhm! ww .y -7 3 .33 li VC' Y., .., ,, , 1 562533 'FU-:L 'nf f ?-f I mxfk W !?- f Pri f , 5 Y Y ' ??f Y 'Hs Z ,, fi, Z an Q T535 , 1' 1 ' 1 1 2 H1 'A2 , 'Z ' QQ! 1421: 2.5 , in NEQQH' 1 -:7 3 1 'ig f , if L Q - - QV, Y5,3,.,-TY K ,gl 2 , ij , ,Y wx-M fv'Nx Mg, J E .iii ' ' iw H4 im : W Z w m 5 fi 1 M CV , Q Y L f L ,. 111 ,Z E i Y W - :yi , :Y 2 - y 5 71 ' 1 M if 1 -Y ' 1 M awk M :Q 1 gm... - Em 5-J' :gm Ugg mi Y U- A ..kk :wa M7 mM an H ' Ji.. E 131' if , ses :E 9 1 f 1 ', 5 0, MH, H . -,ff-X "ex V , P 'X , 122' , ' ii ' "' H H - E3:gu'v355,""I' I XIYQJQQ? 'P' I A' 3 ,',, wig EEN 3 "' ' " N H, W Y Y 5 "QQ Mu, x - 'N"ff9i1l5f'V'i S . '-- y 5 Q. N3 'VM ' saw ml f A Y ,QOH f-3 I W .:. 2 ln pi 2 ,fiaum mm ww Um Em N , W, H wiw u i i M , Q-Q Y Z Y M H iukgg iw H1 N! f E4 M Y me H. mm W Mm N aw? W-Eff Bug, 2 I ' j 3: -H1 ' Y N.. T F 3' ' -if -F . , '5.i,::I:IEI2" , " Z " :VH :S in st fe, wax DR. EVANGELIME T. PAPAGEORGE, Associate Dean of the Medical Schoolg and DR. ARTHUR P. RICHARDSON, Dean of the Medical School. The goal of the Emory University of Medicine is to offer a sound educational program that will allow its graduates to develop in the area of their own choosing, be it general practice, specialty practice, teaching, re- search, or medical administration. On the campus, the Medical School's facilities are found in the Anatomy, the Physiology and the Woodruff Memorial Buildings. In addition, junior and senior medi- cal students are given assignments in the Emory Univer- sity Hospital and in the Henrietta Egleston Hospital for Children. The Veteranis Administration Hospital of At- lanta is also used for teaching and new facilities for this hospital near the main campus are now under construc- tion. However, the main base of clinical instruction is at the Grady Memorial Hospital in downtown Atlanta. Henrietta Egleston Children's Hospital at it ,rim I A In these four hospitals, where the students and fac- ulty work with patients, there are over 1500 beds. This involves a serious responsibility but also a wide oppor- tunity for excellent clinical instruction and for medical research. In addition to the medical students, interns and residents continue their training under the direction of the Medical School's clinical departments. Before a medical student begins work with patients in a hospital, he must be thoroughly grounded in the basic health sciences. The departments which provide instruc- tion in these fields fanatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and physiologyj are, like the clinical de- partments, also engaged in a wide variety of research projects and work to push back the frontiers of knowl- edge and contribute to developments in medicine. ,uf A-We ' 2 . T ' ig Q F l ' ,. ,a - . , .,.. , V 3 . - I Ig 4 iff l I . .-4-""" Senior Class Officers Left to right: Marshall C. Dunaway, Secretary- Treasurerg james C. McFarland, Presidentg and - in james L. Mason, Vice-President. 1? Junior Class Officers Left lo right: Arnold Y. Foss, Presidentg James E. Gee, Vice-Presidentg and William F, Eckbert, Ir., Secretary-Treasurer. mQa..e'ff f" o,., , Freshman Class Officers Left to right: Walter Ratchford, Presidentg Wil- liam C. Simmons, Vice-Presidentg and Frank Lake, Secretary-Treasurer. ii If Sophomore Class Officers Left to right: Richard J. Bagby, Vice-President, and Frank M. Houser, jr., President. Alpha mega Alpha in I' iw H ii xi Ya G x Q, Y L- N Xl PrCSiClC11f Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer I3-TIICS L- Mason William I. LCC Glen A. Barden .f 1 i 54 r Blanton Bessinger Earl Bobo Comer Cherry Carter Davis Robert Dixon james Fowler Oscar Ham Charles Hamilton George Henry james MeFarland Swanson Millians john Ross President Albert B. Dechovitz Kenneth J. Goldberg Lewis H. Lipsius Isadore M. Pike Barry A. Portnoy Charles R. Rosenfield Saul Silverman Warren C. Widrich Vice-President Secretary Leroy N. Moyer Albert Barrocas Treasurer Albert P. Pinto Delta Epsilon Jerard S. Cranman joseph C. Finley Ramon S. Franco E ll Tl Presiding Presiding SCIIIOI' Junior J0hI1I'1lC G'21llCl'I'1OfC George Henry Treasurer Eugene A. Hill Robert C. Davis, jr. Robert H. Dixon Marshall C. Dunaway Phil Albright, jr. Richard J. Bagby Morris T. Bird Frederick D. Boyd Clarence H. Brown Benjamin M. Carmichael John Dewey Corbitt, jr. Herbert I.. DuPont William L. Garrett III Harry I.. Green Richard M. Hagood Charles A. Hales Oscar E. Ham, Jr. Charles Hamilton Thomas R. Hester, jr. Frank M. I-Iouser, Jr. Frank Lake Walter Ratchford Shain Schley Harry L. Shufflebarger George Slade William C. Spencer III Sid Stapleton, jr. Don Young William J. Lee M6 ' QQ :W . ' -Y i? 'A - ,-, ff aw" M C, Seniors! Medicine ROBERT CARTER DAVIS, JR., Atlanta, Ga., Phi Chi, Presi- dent, Social Chairman, Chairman, Board of Directors, Treasurer, Freshman class. ARTHUR B. DECHOVITZ, Atlanta, Ga.g Phi Delta Epsilon, President. ROBERT H. DIXON, Cuya- hoga Falls, Ohio. MARSHALL CAMPBELL DUNAWAY, Decatur, Ga., Phi Chi, Senior Class, Secretary-Treasurerg Senior Class, Social Chair- man. IOHNNIE L. GALLEMORE, Perry, Ga., Phi Chi, President, Treasurer. CARL N. GILBERT, Coral Gables, Fla. IN., ' 'awe J n ! N , LEE T. ALLEN, Decatur, Ga. GELEN ARTHUR BARDEN, Lloyd, Fla., Phi Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha. RALPH LAMAR BASS, II, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. WALTON EARL BOBO, Atlanta, Ga. MILTON DANIEL BYRD, Atlanta, Ga. JOHN DEWEY CORBITT, JR., Miami, Fla., Phi Chi, Vice-president, Secretary, Board of Directors. ' as it ...E fs H , . A, HARRY LEE GREEN, Rome, Ga., Phi Chi. OSCAR EMER- SON HAM, JR., Savannah, Ga., Phi Chi. GILMER Mc- CRARY HEITMAN, III, Fort Myers, Fla. DOUGLAS CRAWFORD HUBER, Oakridge, Tenn. WIL- LIAM J. LEE, Lakeland, Fla.g Phi Chi, Alpha Omega Alpha. LEWIS LIPSIUS, Atlanta, Ga., Phi Delta Epsilon. GEORGE WILSON LUCAS, Erwin, N.C.g Phi Chi, Sopho- more class officer. PHILLIP H. MCCLURE, Decatur, Ga.g Phi Chi. STEPHEN ALBERT MOORE, Menlo Park, Calif., Phi Chi. MARCUS WILLIAM NEWBERRY, Indianapolis, Ind. E. NOEL PRESTON, Coral Gables, Fla., Phi Chi. BELTON GRAIG RAY, Moultrie, Ga. WARREN C. WIDRICH, Miami Beach, Fla., Phi Delta Epsi- lon. E. RANDOLPH WILKERSON, IR., Decatur, Ga. TED RICHARD WILSON, Decatur, Ga. DON JOHN YOUNG, Norwalk, ohio. Seniors! Medicine JOHN CHARLES RIESER, Decatur, Ga. JOHN WAYNE ROSS, Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES MALLARY SINGLETON, Thomaston, Ga. LUTHER DAVID STACY, Decatur, Ga. WILLIAM DON- ALD STONE, Atlanta, Ga., Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM TALLEY SUMMERLIN, Anderson, S.C., Sigma Chi. J uniors! Medicine ROBERT CHARLES COOPER ............ Florence, Alabama JERARD S. CRANMAN ........... ..... S avannah, Georgia HERBERT L. DuPONT Decatur, Georgia 9 RONALD EDWIN FINCHER Decatur, Georgia WILLIAM LEE GARRETT, JR. ........,.,. Carrollton, Georgia PHIL ALBRIGHT, JR. ....r........... r,...,,,,. G astonia, N,C, WILLIAM BURNS ALLEN ......r .,V.... A tlanta, Georgia FREDERICK DANIEL BOYD Myrtle Beach, S.C BANJMAIN MACKLIN CARMICHAEL ., McDonough, Ga 'Qin " 5211111 X' H, , 5 1 if, 1 ' gg ' -y M: if -fp, M Y , GEORGE M. HENRY LaGrange, Georgia EUGENE A. HILL Tampa, Florida oTTo B. JOHNSON, JR. Waynesboro, Georgia J uniors! Medicine ALLEN DAVID LEWIS Birmingham, Alabama MARY LOU LYON Madison, W. Virginia LEROY N. MOYER ........ ..,.. S t. Petersburg, Fla. ALBERT P. PINTO ...,. ....., A tlanta, Georgia R. BEAUVAIS RAN- DALL, JR. Decatur, Georgia ROY H. SCHNAUSS Jacksonville, Florida GEORGE SLADE Decatur, Georgia Sophomores! Medicine CHARLES KENNETH FISCHER ,.,...... ....,... E vansville, Ind. RAMON SAUL FRANCO ...,..,......... ,.... . ,.,. A tlanta, Ga. WILLIAM EDWARD FULLER ...... ...,... E vanston, I11. CHARLES C. GREER .. ,................... ......., C ordele, Ga. RICHARD MILLER HAGOOD ...... ..,.... M arietta, Ga. CHARLES A. HALES .........,........... ...,.. A tlanta, Ga. RICHARD JULIAN BAGBY .. ,... ,,,,,,,, M iami, Fla., ALBERT BARROCAS .. , ..,,.L L.,,. ,,,,,,. A t lanta, Ga. MORRIS TIPPINS BIRD ,,.4. ,,,4,, A tlanta, Ga, CLARENCE H. BROWN ..... .... ....,,.... D e catur, Ga. ALBERT DAVIS ,,..,....................., .....,. M adison, Fla.. JOSEPH CLAYTON FINLEY ....... ....,.. A tlanta, Ga. FRANK MILLARD HOUSER, JR. ..... ..........,. M aC0r1, Ga- HENRY DAVIDSON JORDAN .,...... ....... F airhope, Aia. JOHN ERANKLIN MCCOY, JR. ..... ..V..,f.. M Oultrie, G21- JOHN MORRIS PEACOCK ........... ........... B HrtOW, Fla RICHARD ALLISON POLLOCK Jacksonville, Fla BARRY ALLAN PORTNOY ..w.,,, Baltimore, Md. PETER KEITH RE ...... . ,................. ..,..... T ampa, Fla. DAVID WALDO REYNOLDS .......,. ,....... C ommerce, Ga. - JACK ALLEN ROSENBERG ................ ......... A tlanta, Ga CHARLES RICHARD ROSENFELD ....... .....,,.. A tlanta, Ga EDWARD WAYNE SANDERS, JR. ..... ....... D othan, Ala. HORTON GAYLISTON TAYLOR, JR. ,,,,.,.,..,, Roselle, NJ, MARY JEWELL TOUCHTON .................. Jacksonville, Fla. H. HOWELL TOWLER, JR. ...........,,.....,.,..,. Loganville, Ga. ROBERT EDWIN WARE .,............. ...,..,... N orcross, Ga. JUDSON VON WILDER, JR. ....... ..... T homasville, Ga. Sophomores! M edicine SHAIN SCHLEY .,.........,........... ....... C olumbus, Ga. ELSA SELL ,,,,..,,.,,,..........v............. ..... E xperiment, Ga. HARRY L. SHUFFLEBARGER ....,... ......... T ampa, Fla. WILLIAM CALDWELL SPENCER, III ,,,,.,..,,., LaBe1le, Fla, SID STAPLETON, JR. .,.............................. Panama City, Fla. O. WYTCH STUBBS, jr. ................................ Decatur, Ga. Freshmen! Medicine BOB EASTRIDGE ...,,..,..........................., Coral Gables, Fla. KENNETH JOEL GOLDBERG ,....E...A,. Mount Vernon, N.Y. THOMAS R HESTER JR. Cairo, Georgia SAUL SILVERMAN Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico NOEL L. SMITH, JR. Atlanta, Georgia PETER SHELDON STEVENS jacksonville, Florida CHARLES L. HILLIS ,..,.. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, W aycrosg, Ga, ,, GARY KEATS ...-..,...,.... ....,., M ilwaukee, Wisconsin I FRANK LAKE ,.i.., .... ..,..,...,.,. A t lanta, Georgia GEORGE C. MCELHENNY, IR. ....,...,,,.,,....,44,.4 Pahokee, Fla. DON MEES ,o,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.i.,.,,.........,i.. ...s.,. L awrenceville, Ga. WILLIAM E. MOCK .... Pensacola, Florida ISADORE M. PIKE ....,. Savannah, Georgia WALTER JAIVIES RATCHFORD Atlanta, Georgia Step out of the elevator into the world of a medical student at Grady Memorial Hospital. , , Vpfl f t W5 Many hours of study and research take place before a medical student reaehes Grady and many more after he gets there xsxx ,BSI ga, Y -mu gg J " Q ' ,L nf. Y. . ' 3' x'x "lei gh 5 x 'NTB - ' -33 .- .E isa: I - eaifi ,-:E f ,Q 'f---4 52,1 I .,,V I, XJ . f i ,Q fag? --L4,Li . 11 - x X' :E -5.1 N55 E ' f 'x +A .Ni fy, 'J' 2: , . wx" -A aw .-xv kgE,,- .. V-1 x KJ, fx - if V Q12 ,f a xx axe x x, .2 is if xx - xxx WE, F x gg, MEL " E i M if ax -LW if xxx L WEE! F: F2 ' 5.-,sr V' x keg Q Q. . .xd- , I- " N . fx 35' Qian K if W E iw 2 v,.x:f'i ,igggggf-fx . 2 Sf' ' S - mf. nw-xm.3." ' x X W Al 4 K 1 A., 4 QM A 1, xx. N , ' Ty, .4 A 5-. V4 -il . Q F L .' -' .. A ,,, -A ,xl V ' 'WMP 34:1 ' 'nfs . -is j .Q-ii' 1' -Y .x x w r- . . f bfrl K .fm xlib M nil K My .261 .x rx 3. . xx + fx SH 5. gy I l ..': iullli My miiqifeeau H mv i Emory's medical school students give their patients their undivided attention to help restore the patients to their normal health. " A--f -1 sv-if The care of a doctor is present in all his work from the most elder person to the newly born baby. l In diagnosing a patient's illness much lab work is done by the doctor. i Medical students studying at Grady Hospital check a cardiograph. in Wt! W Medical students keep in constant contact with their patients by checking lab reports and the patient's rec- ords. Y' 1 1 Y 1 '? Y YY?"'-'u"-""""" T""" '7 """ "W ' 1 1 ,QQ X,-fa 1 1 1 11:1 1 1 31.-7 , 11 , .fa 1, . v,,.. M 11121 N ,. 11 ,,.. ....:i-3' .1 115111511 1 1 5:-ff 1 11 1 1: 1 1 aff'swA21E1' 2 1 11g4asi4f1111 Q51-1 2 1 .MQQQQQQT11 M 11 1 V 1 11A:ezzfszz11 11 1 1:1111 :nfs 1 1 11:11 1 ' rw! ' 1 ' 3511 1 1 114sszz1M 1 1 1111-1 ' 1 .:ezAsszAssz1x1 1 1 11 1 'QT-,111 1 11 13' 11122 1 11 1 1 1 11 11 1 .22 1 1 :r:215k,5-3,22 1 as 11 1 11 1 f --" 1 11-11 - 1 isf5..f: fsgsisisef ff 1221521111 11 Q :, 11 1 x Nwx - v1A-:1Q:: 1 11111 1 M 1 11 1 Nu. 1111111 1 1 S? 111 ning? 1 5 3331Lgi 1 1 111 :fi-iii ' 111111111 mga 1 M1 'J .2?:?"s"1 1 1553? H' E331 M ME H. ,sw 1 1 3'-'sr' iss mr: .rlssru ..-2 'li-ff' 11 L21 1111 1 -11 11111 11 111 1 1 1 1 11 H 1 Q.: 1 W gi' 1 22- ff 1111 11 111111 1 11 11 :'f1J22?T1 11 1 Q 1215217111 1 ki: M S 191111111 1 1 zjnwj fdflgg 1 1 1' S3355 ' 2 111 2 11 1 'Fff K1 11 Ry? ., E rg: 1 11-- ,gi W 11,1, 11 11 3 . 1 -1 W .. we , gixx ,W 1 1 mira -1-Ep? 'M 121111111 11511121111 1 11 1 1 111 11 11 1 my Q H H1 11 512.21 N 1 1 1 11Q2:zzsTQea. M Z 1 1111 L, 11 i i 11 W V -11' 1:'1:4 1 B5 if g 12211 1 1 5529136 1 AW The profession of nursing is most often symbolized by the cap. The Emory cap represents: HONOR 2? Q 1 jf ,K ' wi I, f 1 ,? . H ' as 1 m 'Z 1 Q. 1 H. H' 'N mg -LL., S 'K K-. 1 5: me ,M SYM PATHY ' 1 .31 TRUTHFULNESS LOYALTY ff ,-241 'my 55 1: 1 M CHEERFULNESS, TOLERANCE ENDURANCE mf' ii X - And lighter moments H X TAFE , ,, wgglf.. , hw 3Q52EQi5'..Qmoo'N'. uw' ,,""llQ3!f55?Zf1 H ,Ji ,5?i lJJ llw ' 4f g , .M ., ,L , ig .M UA W, , if Viz- Y- 2 '3rf2'wwQ.gEag l DEAN ADA FORT CLASS OFFICERS: fback row, left to rigbtj Peggy Winston, jr. Pres., Sandy Elrod, Jr. Sec., Lanita Ward, Sr. Sec., Lyl Scott, Sr. Treas., El- len-Teer, Adv. Sr. Pres., Susan Wade, Adv. Sr. Treas., ffront fowj Claudette Walters, jr. Treas., Susie Elder, jr. V.P., Janice Lewis, Sr. V.P., Sally Tyler, Sr. Pres., Judy Abbott, Adv. Sr. Sec., Audrey Faughn, Adv. Sr. V.P. School of ursing The Emory School of Nursing has been a part of the University since 19-44. The school offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science de- gree and the Master of Nursing degree. The Baccalaureate program runs for nine quarters and is available to students who have completed six quarters of a liberal arts education. Regis- tered nurses are eligible to enter the masters program which runs for four quarters. This program trains the nurse to specialize in either Medical and Surgical, Public Health, or Psychiatric Nursing. The School of Nursing is under the direction of Dean Ada Fort. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: fbrzcle raw, left lo figlvtj Marny Fulton, Kathy Moorhead, Exec. Sec., Gloria Bland, Senate, Joan Corner, SNAG, Peggy Winston, Nana Novak, Kate Kelley, Pres., Libby Seigle, Sec. V.P., Susie McTier, Molly Campbell, Chaplain, Ann Pearce, Cor. Sec., Barbara Clark, First V.P., Marsh Goodyear, SNAG, Glenda Nelson, Senate, ffirrt rowj Kay Schlagenhauf, Martha Read, Sally Tyler, Bar- bara Glafenhein, Susan Wade, Ellen Teer. Graduate! Nursing VERNA MAE KEPLER .........,...... Cerro Gordo, Ill. BARBARA JEAN KURTZ ........ Duluth, Minnesota DOROTHY ETHEREDGE LEONARDOS Shreveport, Louisiana ELEANOR HARDY LOWRY ............ Decatur, Ga. JANE LOVELACE MAUK ......,.,,....,..... Atlanta, Ga. PHYLLIS JUNE MCILRATH ........ Harrisburg, Ill. HELEN TERESA MILIAN ....... .,....... T ampa, Fla. LOIS RUTH MITCHELL .,,..v ....... K ittrell, N-C. FLORENCE JANE BRIGHT .. ....... ..,. . . Port Arthur, Texas JESSIE EMOGENE DAVIS .............. .,,.,.., U nion City, Ga, KATHRYN RAMONA EVANS JUNE WEHRT GRAY .,...........,... JANIE MORRILL JOHNSTON EDWINA EILEEN JONES ...,.... Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Farmville, N.C. Falls Church, Va. MARJORIE C. POOLE .........,. JULIANNE PRICHARD ............ MONTA RAE SHELBURNE ...... LOUISE ANN SMITH -------.------- ARMENIA M. WILLIAMS ....,..... NELLE ALLISON WYATT ......... Poplarville, Miss. DeLand, Fla. Louisville, Kentucky Quitman, Ga. Marietta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. IUDITH RAYE ABBOTT, Anniston, Ala., Emory Student Nurses Assoc., SNAG, Representative, Class Officer, Vice-President, Secretary, Chi Omega, Jr. House Council. MARTHA ORR BEAD, Killeen, Texas, Stipe Scholar, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, University. Student Senate, Nursing School Executive Council. JUDITH ANN BRASFIELD, Chattanooga, Tenn. BETTY J. CARMACK, Decatur, Ga., Delta Delta Delta. HILDA ANN DORMAN, Americus, Ga. AUDREY BUCKLEW FAUGHN, Norfolk, Va., Senior Class Red Cross Representative, Advanced Senior Class, Vice-Presi- dent. VIOLA KAY SCHLAGENHAUF, Gastonia, N.C. PAGE SMITH, Mobile, Ala., Kappa Alpha Theta, Student Development Committee, SNAG, Synchro- nized Swimming Club, House Council. SUZANNE BRUCE STONE, Kingsport, Tenn., Delta Delta Del- ta, Historian, House Council, Emory Players, SNAG, WSA. ELLEN DOROTHY TEER, Delhi, La., Kap- pa Kappa Gamma, junior House Council, ERA, Women's Athletic Assoc., Secretary, President, WSA, Executive Council, Advanced Senior Class, President, SNAG. PAMELA RUSSELL TIBBITTS, Atlanta, Ga. MONDA SUSAN WADE, Toledo, Ohio. DAPHNE JEANNETTE WEBB, Charlotte, N.C. Advanced Seniors!Nursing E. MARSH GOODYEAR, Decatur, Ga., Advanced Senior Representative, SNAG. BRENDA DALE GUR- LEY, Hartwell, Ga., Kappa Delta. ROSE ANNE JONES, Buford, Ga. KATE P. KELLEY, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma, Westmiinister Fellowship, Student Nurses Organization, President, Class Vice-Presi- dent, Class Treasurer. JANICE F. LEWIS, Douglas, Ga. BEVERLY MAUR- NEEN ORMORE, Newnan, Ga. DORA ANN PERK- ERSON, Atlanta, Ga., Kappa Kappa Gamma. CAROLE ELAINE ROGERS, Bremen, Ga., SNAG, Chaplain, Executive Council, Phi Mu, Corresponding Sec. Seniors! Nursing BETTY AKIN, Atlanta, Ga. ELIZABETH BRANNON AVERY, Jekyll Island, Ga. GLORIA JEAN BLAND, Statesboro, Ga. MARGARET LOUISE BROWDER, Marietta, Ga. MOLLY ELIZA- BIRTH CAMPBELL, Decatur, Ga. JUDY WHITE CARTER, Falls Church, a. DOROTHY JEAN COMER, Atlanta, Ga. SARA ALICE DEMPSEY, Conyers, Ga. EMMELLE GREER GAY, Moultrie, Ga. BARBARA GLAFENHEIN, At- lanta, Ga. ELIZABETH BURROUGHS GRAY, Atlanta, Ga. MAUDIE EUGENIA LOWERY, Atlanta, Ga. SAN- DRA ANN MARTINA, Windsor Park, Ga. SUSIE A. MCTIER, Waycross, Ga. ANDREA REYNOLDS MOODY, Kendall, Fla. KATHLEEN MORE- HEAD, Birmingham, Ala. NANA ALICE NOVAK, Miami, Fla. SHARON G. PARKER, Clearwater, Fla. H. VAIL PRYOR, Levittown, Pa. BARBARA A. ROGERS, Chatsworth, Ga. JANICE LILLIAN SATTERFIELD ...,. ....... I acksonville, LILLIAN BOGGS SCOTT ......A...,.. ,.,.4, B irrqingham, JEANNIE SENSENBACH ......... V......, R ldgeland, SALLY O'NEILL TYLER ......,.,...... . . ..... Montgomery, SUSAN LANITA WARD ........ ....w....... ....A T h 0maSf0r1, MARGARET BENNETT WILSON ...,.. ,..... C harleston, Juniors!Nursmg Fla. Ala S.C Ala Ga S.C NANCY CHARLOTTE COGGINS . ....,..... Atlanta, Ga. SALLY ANN DAVIS ........................,.... ,.... C ollege Park, Ga. LYNNE DUFFORD .,...,....v...,....,.....,.. ,.,,,.,.... D allas, Tex. CLAUDIA MARGARET EHRINGER ,....., ,,.,,.. J acksonville, Fla. SANDRA ELAINE ELROD ..........,..... ........ H abersham, BONNER ELLEN GREENE ,.,...,.. ,......,..,.,.. G ray, Ga. Ga. JANET ELIZABETH ADAMS ..........,. Roanoke, Va BRENDA MAYO ARMSTRONG ........ Charlotte, N.C KATHRYN GERTRUDE BLACK ......,..... Baxley, Ga. CINDY A. BRACKETT .,..............,........... Atlanta, Ga. MARGARET LELA BRODNAX ........,.....,. Eutaw, Ala KAREN ANN BUHLER ..,............. Williamsville, N.Y MARY FRANK CLONTS ..,..................... Atlanta, Ga. MARTHA ANNE CLOWER ..........,... East Point, Ga J uniorsf Nursing LINDA ANN PATRICK .....AA. GLADYS ROSE PURVIS ..........Q.. v.............,.. B axley, Ga. DONNA LEE ROBERTSON ..... ....... S t. Petersburg, Fla. CAROL ANN ROMICK ................. .. ,..,. ., Signal Mt., Tenn. MARIAN ROBERTA SMITH ......... ............. D enton, Ga. BARBARA IRENE TAYLOR ,.,.... ..,... W Oodruff, S.C. ' , Gainesville, Ga. 'I LELIA ELIZABETH HARMAN ,,,,,.,,,,,. JOY JORDAN l................,,....,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,. MARE KIVIARE ....,,l. MARY L. MCMILLAN ,l,,,,,,,,,,,,, Johnson City, Tenn. Stone Mtn., Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Jasper, Tenn. MARGARET HEARD NEEL ..,..,,. ..,, 1 ffnifiiomasviile, Ga, MAXINE NIX .......L............,... Gainesville, Ga. ELAINE KAY TITUS ..................,.........,.... ...... F airfax, Va. ELIZABETH CLAUDETT E WALTERS .......,.....,., Plains, Ga. SUSAN IRENE WEISSMAN ......,......,.,.............. Decatur, Ga. ELIZABETH LLOYD WINCHESTER ................ Atlanta, Ga MARGARET WINSTON .................... . ,. Valdosta, Ga Q Q ' 5391232 Q gf Q! M 95 Q! wg RIWIQ vntdgi 'liiil 9' S19 313' ' f-'w,A.-l A ' Q.'!P' 4 ' 'Bti 'IW' mga? su" ' 'H "' v-H-2 ' , : '-A."-"Hb--bf: I JE fm 122255, R: ' 'I W ' K WYE .Z - E if F A , - PU , ' M3-T' .Q , N- " ' W V' ' ,. .:.. ,- ' ., My k t " : ,- inn- '-f W H ' W Q 4 1, 41593 Av, ,, ,, ., .b ,,, ,-M? ..1 - ,, A ,, ,,,., . . .uw-' -:'um'v5yw1,-g,gL 253121 " ,.3f.,,.F-1-vv J ,KN .El mn, 1 , , wif - , - :ar 5 ' an r. .-1-1-ns' f ,nz . , . M f. . K , 7 uL'4lap."All DEAN WILLIAM RAGSDALE CANNON Theology School T heolo g The Candler School of Theology, a major divi- sion of Emory University, is one of the twelve official seminaries of the Methodist Church. The purpose of the School of Theology is the education of men and women for pastoral ministry and for other full-time service in the Christian Church. In seeking to provide a theological education of the highest quality, the curric- ulum is' arranged in four general areas. These are de- signed to awaken the student to the best Biblical, his- torical, theological, and contemporary insight into the Christian faith and its implications for the work of the Church and the Irninistry. The degrees of Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Christian Education are offered by the School of Theology. The curriculum seeks to achieve its primary task, the professional training of the ministry. It seeks to develop mature, growing persons equipped with the basic knowledge and appropriate skills necessary to meet the exacting demands of the high calling which is theirs under God. . gf.: ..i ., -is .1 i -gf' w 'avffi' if Ng S'1.f,+-. rlgn r, 'N 3' sg, . . 1 i, .- , I . - 1 I .rg i 4 ' V i 9 51 C agar, it W fgwrzffi , -'L Aw: ra Q, 1 A - V r U '- My ' -, ,sr I 1 Z nl? afar ff sy 1, .f ua. 5 M First Year Class Officers JOHN MANN ANDREW GIBSON RUDOLPH STARLING L. GIMBALL PORTER GORDON RIDENOUR Third Year Class Officers JUEL SEALEY JOHN NEWMAN JAMES JENSEN SANDRA BEDACHT ROBERT W. COMBS Second Year Class Officers WILLIAM S. TAGEL EMERY COWAN WALDO KNICKERBOCKER The Student Council of the Candler School of Theolo- gy is the governing body of the school. It has the responsibility of the leadership of the stu- dents by directing the activities in which the students partic- ipate. The council plans and promotes activities which will develop a spirit of Christian fellowship and lead to a deep- ening of the spiritual life with- in the student body. Leflt01'iglat.' A. Brake, D. Smith, H. Wood, J. COWe1l, I. Beatty, R. Austin, J. Goforth, I. Farr, G. Puckett, W. Jones, J. Newman, P. Freeman. Student Council Honor Council Left lo right: Beattyg W. Jonesg jenseng Mating P. Freeman. The Honor Council has the responsibility of upholding the academic integrity of the seminary community. Guided by the faculty, it strives to maintain the highest possible standard of honor. From left to right, first raw: B. Millerg M. Howardg F. Dawsong M. Womadc. Seroml row: W. Griffing A. Turnellg Millerg W. Roberts. Third row: B. Carterg R. Haysg D. Haygooclg R. Boramg D. Looney. DIRECTOR: G. Dunbar. Candler Choraliers Theta Phi is an Honor Society for theological students, scholars in the field of Religion, and out- standing religious leaders. The So- ciety exists to encourage scholar- ship in Religion and to foster in- tellectual and ethical standards of the highest quality among reli- gious leaders. The Candler Choraliers of the Theology School is well-known for its outstanding talent. The director of the Choraliers is selected from the members. The group has served in many worship services While keeping a busy touring schedule. Theta Ph1 From left to right: K. Ewingg P. Freemang R. Thomasong P1 Walkerg G. Wigleyg j. Farrg Wilburn james Cowell and William S. Taegel. National Methodist Scholarship Winners Each year two outstanding students are given National Methodist Seminary Awards. These are given on the basis of high academic standing and unusual promise of usefulness in a parish. The awards carry a 513500 stipend and travel seminar to all boards and agencies of the Methodist Church. Candidates for Master of Christian Education Degree The M. C. E. Degree is designed for persons who are interested in serving as Directors of Christian Education in local churches and workers with students on denominational and state campuses. From left io right, firrt row: S. Bedachtg D. Bakerg M. Craigg K. Masuda. Second row: I. Glanzerg J. Goforthg A. Brakeg C. Donnang L. McClenneyg P. Shinglerg M. Smithg C. Adamsg C. McDameul. x..xq ,'!5"i l ,F .Ll l Dr. H. W. Boers conducts one of many graduate seminars. Larry Cook and joe Philbeck contemplate a stained glass window in the Durham Chapel. - is J aw ' r fe, .F .4 ,- . , w r QM ' - - af ..: M5521 , 1 M w 1. -,as ,gaffw " 'HUM Q " N' " .. , 4 .IN rel: me H Huw wr,-',, WP! IIALL 1 Students return to classes after the usual ten o'c1ock break. W if za iff Robert W. Borom gives a speech in the Durham Chapel. Students relax and study in the student lounge of the Theology School. V"'R"' ,, ' H mf' 5.25, 1, , " , We , V ' . ,lf mfr".- Third Year!Theology RICHARD JACKSON CATHY, Atlanta, Ga. JOAN W. CLOTFELTER, Gadsden, Ala. ROBERT WOSLEY COMBS, Lincolnton, N.C. GARY L. CONNER, Lakeland, Fla. ROBERT THOMAS EDMONDS, Hiram, Ga. BUDD EL- LINGTON, canaief, N.C. E. KEITH EWING, Lakeland, Fla. CLYDE W. FAULKNER, Hayesville, N.C. PAUL LEE FREEMAN, Atlanta, Ga. ALAN P. GORSLINE, Lancaster, Calif. EVAN NORRELL HENDERSON, Atlanta, Ga. HERBERT C. HENDRICKS, Spring Garden, Ala. JAMES D. ARCHER, Talladega, Ala. CHARLES WAYNE BARNES, Redan, Ga. MARCUS ANDREW BOOKER, Grif- fin, Ga. JOHN CURTIS BEATTY, Greenfield, Ind., Student Council, Honor Council, Chairman of Worship Committee, Chairman of Interserninary Movement. WILLIAM ROBERT BOROM, N. Charleston, S.C. ALBERT J. BOWLE, Wytheville, Va. HAL NEWTON BRADY, La- Grange, Ga. BRUCE H. BROOKE, Atlanta, Ga. JAMES DOUGLAS BROWN, Ducktown, Tenn. JESSE AL- BERT BRUNER, Bay, Ark. JIMMY TAYLOR CAMPBELL, Newry, S.C. H. WALTER CARMANY, Atlanta, Ga. Third Year! Theology CHARLES HEYWOOD HIERS, Pinehurst, Ga. ROBERT CHARLES HOPPER, Spartanburg, S.C. JAMES E. JENSEN, Atlanta, Oi. JON DON JORDAN, Jesup, Ga. L. CARMAN KING, Plainville, Ga. HERMAN GEORGE KOLTER, Marietta, Ga. COMER ELTON LAWSON, Lin- colnton, Ga. VANCE BARRETT MATHIS, Cusseta, Ga. DAVID ELLIOTT MILAN, Nocona, Texas. JOHN ED- WARD NEWMAN, Enid, Miss. MARVIN LEE ROARK, Vega, Texas. DAVID HAROLD SHAVER, Dallas, Penn. CHARLES ALEXANDER SINEATH, Gay, Ga. ROBERT TROY THOMASON, Doraville, Ga., Theta Phi, Secretaryg President, Middler Classg Honor Council, Student Emergency Fund, Chairman. W. WARREN TILSON, Fairburn, Ga. JAMES WARREN TINNEYQ Colonial Heights, Va.g Emory Concert Band, President, Western North Carolina, North Caro- lina, and Virginia Conference Club, Secretary, Treasurer JAMES T. TRICE, JR., Colrunbus, Ga. ALBERT F. TUR- NELL, Madison, Ga. JOHN KING UNDERWOOD, JR., McDonough, Ga. RONALD KENNETH WEBB, Columbus, Ga. JAMES HARVEY WEST, Cartersville, Ga. JOE WARLICK WHITWELL, Senasobna, Miss: JOHN WILLIAMS MCKIN- LEY, Townville, S.C. BOYD DOUGLAS WILSON, Clarks- ville, Tenn. Second Year! Theology WILBURN J. COWLELL ...... RAY LAMAR CRUMP ..,..., JAMES DANIEL CULP ,,.,.., RONALD LEE CULPEPPER HENRY CLIFTON DAWSO 1iif'jii"" Memphis, Tenn Fairfield, Ala. Seneca, S.C. Atlanta, Ga. Oak Ridge, Tenn, DAVID F. ELLISOR . ..........,........... .....V. M Obile, A121- H. MACK PINNEY ......,.,.. JERRY B. FLEENOR ,.... Munford, Ala. Bristol, Tenn JERRY ALLEN ANDERSON ,, ALBERT LOUIS ASKEW ..,,......,.,,, DAVID LOUIS BLANKENSHIP ....... SCOBIE CLORIS BRANSON ,,.,,.,,,,... KENNETH HUBBARD CALLAHAM DONALD EUGENE CAVIN ....,.,.,..... HERMAN MACK CHAPMAN .........,. EMORY GARLAND COWAN, JR. .. HAROLD MORRISON COWART ..., Cleveland, Tenn Roopville, Ga Newnan, Ga Monroeville, Ala. Pickens, S.C. Bath, S.C. Birmingham, Ala. Austell, Ga. Douglas, Ga. COY DEXTER HARGAMAN, IR. ..,.. ..,..... N iota, Tenn Atlanta, Ga DAVID T. HAYGOOD ....... . .. .....,.. Eastman, Ga EDWARD A. HAGER .,,..................... HARRY WOOLLING HIGHT, JR. .................. Radford, Va GEORGE KEITH HOWELL ............ ....... Y adkinville, N.C WARREN L. JONES .,,.................. ........ C hamblee, Ga WALDO EMERSON KNICKERBOCKER ........ Atlanta, Ga JOHN S. LAWSON ....................................... ..... P earson, Tenn- LINWOOD ARTHUR LEWIS ............................ Banks, Ala- Second Year! Theology CHARLES W. LOCKERBY DERRELL LLOYD PARRIS SAM D. SIMS ...................... WILLIAM F. SLIFE ........... DONALD W. SNELLER CHARLES H. THOMPSON Chattanooga, Tenn Atlanta, Ga Spanta, Tenn Atlanta, Ga. Blairsville, Ga Albany, Ga. THOMAS EDWARD UNDERWOOD ........ Cleveland, Tenn RICHARD S. WRIGHT ..................................,,.. Bascom, Fla First Year!Theolo gy OSCAR DAVID CROSBY .. .... ....,...... . MARVIN TERRY DELOACH .,.,.., JOEL HILL DENT ...... ,.v,....,.,.,... ROBERT BRUCE DONNELLY ..,..... FRANK MALLORY COPELAND ............ Florence, Ala. Glenville, Ga. McDonough, Ga. Douglas, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. HUGH ROBERT FELDER, JR. .,......... ...... S ummit, Miss. FRANKLIN MAYNARD FETNER ,,..,,.,..,, Albertville, Ala. JANIS LEE GLANZER ..................., BONNIE RUTH HOLLEY ........ HOYT EDWIN JENKINS ........ .. . .. Atlanta, Ga. Pioneer, La Buchanan, Ga DOC JETER ,,,,,.,,.,,......,,,,.,....,,,, ....,..,.,. S hady Dale, Ga B. HUGH LAKE, JR. ,...,..... ,.., . St. Petersburg, Fla LYNETTE CECILE ADAMS ....,. EILLIAM RAYMOND AKINS .. VBRNON ODBLLB ANDERSON--W U TURPIN CONWAY ASHURST RAYMOND R. BACHMAN .,... DORIS FAY BAKER ,,i.,.,,.,,, ,,,., HUGH JOHNSON BICKLEY J. H. BLAXTON ,,,.... . .,....,. ,,,., . BOBBY BOWEN ,,,,.,,,. ,,,.....,,,,,,,,, LEMUEL CORYDON CARTER . DONALD EUGENE CLARK ....... GEORGE WILLIAM COBB ....Y. . ,..,. ....,. C anton, Ga. Athens, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Maysville, Ga. Elkhart, Indiana Piedmont, Ala. Clearwater, Fla. Rockford, Ala. Manchester, Ga. Manning, S.C. Aberdeen, Miss. Birmingham, Ala. JAMES FRANKLIN LEPPARD ...,.. HAROLD WAYNE LYDA .......... GEORGE MANTING AEE.,AAwwA........ KINKO MASUDA AA.... WILLIAM ARTHUR MCCORMICK WILLIAM ANDREW McDOWELL .. ..,.,,,. Greenville, S.C. Ellenwood, Ga. Haddock, Ga. Kyushu City, Japan St. Petersburg, Fla. Cape Girardeau, Miss RICHARD KENNETH PIPER ,.........r...............w. Atlanta, GH LARRYDON POWELL .....,................. --,,,. CLOPTON DICKERSON REESE, JR. ............ Columbus, Ga. GORDON LOUIS RIDENOUR ...............v.... Knoxville, Tenn GARY LLOYD SANDERSON ..l....,.. ..l., C oronua, Mich C. BURTON SHEFFIELD ............ Marietta, Ga. White Plains, Ga. First Year!Theology LEWIS WALLACE STRICKLAND JAMES ROGER TAYLOR .,..,,.......... ..... CHARLES RICKARD THOMAS .....,. ,...r. WILLIAM C. TUNG ..... .,.........,..... . ,. DONALD WAYNE TURMAN ....... JAMES T. WALKER, JR. ,..,,..,.....,, Oglethorpe, Ga. Sylacauga, Ala, Covington, Ga. Hong Kong Decatur, Ga. Sturgis, Ky. ASBURY BERNARD WALTON .,...,. .,....,.,, A lbany, Ga. PATRICIA JOAN WATTS ..,..,.,.,.. ...,.. Kilgore, Texas LARRY F. WILSON . ,....,, ,,,,. , . . H Poplar Bluff, Missouri WILLIAM FRANKLIN WINDON .,,.,,,..,..,,,.. College, Ga. ., my N Q," y? H H, "wmv xv M ' J H 11 M, -11 w w Y U"'wM5iiQs?-, 'M , H" H M 'M' 'Hugs w N . 1 sissf' M QL ,H wggegggffgu w NM59, H W e Ka H gf- fgeagf 2 V ,. W ms, M ,M 2313? ,W , ' " H 'V"wH 'Hu H W! --" m ' H " ww "H "H 'MUN 'VH MN ,, , 1 nur H' 2 ' W H In Winter Ss. Q or spring the school stands as a symbol of high standards of today's ministry. Greeks QR .4-il" r s 3' 4' .L vulql A mf . Am- A 17 f TN f ,, , ., + s , . V. 4 R fy W v It 'aj i F s"o T il--V. " U J 4' 'v " ., Q' ,Q O I X 12 "W fi 1 Executive Council members are, top to bottom, Susan Knight, President, Dean Rusk, Phyllis Krolick, Secretary, Gail Gilson, Rush Chairman, Ann Soule, Vice-President, Judy Miller, Treasurerg and Ann Hutchins, Projects Chairman. The Emory Panhellenic Coun- cil is the governing body of the sororities. It is responsible for set- ting policies and handling matters concerning the entire sorority sys- tem. The Panhellenic Council is composed of two representatives from each sorority. Officers of the Council are elected by a rotation system. During the year the Coun- cil sponsors many events including the Sing and fund raising projects. Panhellenic Council Members of the Council are, left to riglol: Vicki Holmes, Judy Williams, Susan Savitz, Margaret Harwell, Margaret Chase, Rena Wilson. Second row: Trudy Crook, janet Askew, Jan Ferguson, Barbara Spragens, Karen Kalmer, Cathleen Morrow, Nancy Jane Smith, Sharl Bourn. The Interfraternity Council, as the governing body of the fraternity system, sponsors a workshop for fraternity officers, offers a scholar- ship to a fraternity man, supervises the Pledge IFC projects, handles fraternity discipline cases through the IFC Trial Committee, sponsors Greek Week, Dooley's Frolics,- and the IFC Sing. l 1 m 'Jil l P l 1 Executive Council, left lo right: Ben Johnson, President, Tom Summerlin, Vice-President Tom Chamblis, Secretary, Richard Vincent, Treasurer, and Frank Annis, Public Relations. Interfraternity Council Members are, left to rigbis J. Gladden, J. Leach, B. Gunby, M. Perry, P. McLeod, B. Avera, L. Woods, C. Freeman, S. Tolber, G. Cohen. Second row: B. Moyer, J. Holmes, C. Egerton, J. Beck, H. Mullis, W. Epps, D. johnson, M. Wagner, S. Levinson, M. Kelly, D. l Z. 4 'T ' Suggs, J. Cromartie, S. Krant, J. Cook, Dean Pershing. l i l , I . . , n 'al . 4. .- Students relax at the barbecue before the street dance at Doo1ey's frolics. The victors celebrate after the judging of the lawn displays is annnouced . . . x 3 5 E 5 z n B 5 5 Pl 5: 5 E 54 L I' Alpha Chi Ome a For Delta Iota Chapter of Alpha Chi-Omega this has been another year of individual and group achievement in all areas of campus life. Fall Quarter the AXO's were awarded the KA Best Sorority Trophy for all round excellence. Also they received the Sigma Chi and PanHellenic Council awards for scholarship. Athletically, the AXO's were active, capturing first place in vol- leyball. Alpha Chi's campus activities included the Alpha Chi Capers, a Bridal Fashion Show, silver teas, and a quarterly used book sale. In connection with their national service project, the Alpha Chi's gave parties for the children at the Cerebral Palsy Home. The Social Calendar was highlighted by the Pledge Formal, slumber parties, fall houseparty, the spring combo party, and the Pledge and Initiation Banquets. Individually, the members have been tapped for Women's Honor Organization, Eta Sigma Psi, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Alpha Kappa Delta, and Kappa Delta Epsilon. Many sisters are active in College Council, the Chorale, the Wheel, the Student Center Board, Womens Student Association, and House Council. A. Armistead L. Baell I.. Ballew J. Belcher B. Booth M. Brock H. Brokhoff A. Brooks L. Brown S. Bryant J. Burton I. Chaney D. Chapman J. Chitwood B. Clowdis H. Coleman S. Coley L. Colquitt E. Davis K. Davis C. Draper C. English C. Evans IFF-'W I PRESIDENT Donna Sheridan V. Faircloth C. Funke M. Giles R. Hamilton E. Harris J. Hatcher M. Herrman C. Hewitt B. Hicks M. Howard F. jones I. jordan M. jordan C. Kelly C. King L. McCalman M. McGee L. Moate K. Moore R. Robinett J. Rowe S. Salter L. Sessions M. Shecld F. Smith N. Smith P. Spache B. Spragens S. Tardin C. Thompson E. Wilcox I. Wilson J. Zum SECRETARY Lee Linder VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Vail Pryor eannie Sensenbach ,,.. In 1. 3-iff.-g'ii 'QQZLNQ I: "' J- ' :5l5:.:5' .7--:lsr . -,, ig' f . a .5 - t' tw 2: , E n -.-,.........s . ui .r i ,i c J S J . .-:. . :1 , V -.wifi vi? .. - ig' ' T pi. H . E lf, ' 'i- EJ: ru? 'i e- 5 , ' : - 2 .,...,., V - ...., ...QR -I: -- : .5 -i-L ,ii Vt V, 5 wb- f' we ri . . F55 '4i'iiwiVii3 lit? 5' ' 5 -5' l " 'N '5.5:5." A 5 3' ig 'H ,P ,., 6 Hi ..- .ii in gi ', i'..5i-Fit 1 i 5 1' 4 si? A F . ri M . :., i -'Y .1 H 1 -. AXE- UQ?-I! Alpha Delta Pi Delta Alpha of Alpha Delta Pi had a busy and successful year. Sisters can be found as members of WHO, Eta Sigma Psi, and AEU. ADPi's participated in House Council, WSA, College Council, Stipe Scholars, Chorale, Student Senate, Career Scholars, ERA, Freshman Advisors, and the Wheel. Alpha Delta Pi took first place in the APO Contest, Sadie Hawkins Day, and the Powder Puff Football Classic. The Presidents of WSA, WAA, Executive House Council, Panhellenic and the Emory Band' are ADPi sisters. Several honor organizations tapped ADPi's for membership. Other honors include sisters as the Georgia Tech Homecoming Queen, Tech Rambler Girl, Tech Blue Print Girl, fraternity sweet- heart court members, AFROTC Sponsor, Miss Emory Finalists, and class officers. At the 1963 ADPi National Convention, Delta Alpha received 5 awards for all around excellence. The National Philanthropic project of ADPi is working with Crippled Children. Delta Alpha participates through Penny-a-Day Banks, the Easter Seal Foundation, and the Swimming class at the Emory pool. ADPi also has a twelve year old foster child who lives in Greece. The highlight of the social year is the Pledge Dance and Banquet. L. Ayala J. Barrett N. Barritt L. Bassett E. Baughman L. Bell N. Beard N. Bramlitt C. Bridgers B. Bruner S. Burrows C. Camp A. Chambers M. Chase E. Conger J. Cooper C. Corbitt G. Cureton M. Craig 1. Crawley M. Crowley S. Darling i N. Domingos l A. Evins C. Few L. Gaines S. Griffin L. Harman PRESIDENT Marianne McDonald J. Harrison M. I-Iinely B. johnson T. Johnson L. Jones E, Kemp S. Knight L. Landers M. Leake K. Mackay E. McMichael M. Mobley S. Musgrove M. Nunn C. Patterson M. Roberts j.,Ryan B. Simmons M. Slemons D. Smith M. Smith I. Sparks D. Staton S. Stewart C. Stockman E. Taylor A. Trotter O. Turner S. Vallohm J. Warlick H. Wight E. Wilsorm R. Wilson C. Yielding SECRETARY Ella Ann Way VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Ann Estes Sherre McK1nney Alpha Epsilon Phi Epsilon Eta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi has enjoyed an- other prosperous year. The numerous and varied activities in which the sisters participated have all contributed to fostering a con- tinually increasing spirit of sisterhood within the chapter. These activities include the annual publication of Wbat'5 Where, quar- terly visits to Aidmore Hospital, a Thanksgiving dinner for or- phans, teas for fraternities at Emory and Georgia Tech, and open house every fall quarter, the annual spring formal, and several functions with the Atlanta Alumnae. The sisters of Epsilon Eta Chapter have been active in prac- tically all aspects of campus life and have been recipients of many outstanding awards and honors. Among the honors received by Alpha Epsilon Phi are Phi Beta Kappa, Women's Honor Organi- zation, Phi Sigma Iota, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Phi Delta Epsilon, the French Government Prize, third place in ATO Sweepstakes, members of College Council, Freshman and Sophomore House Council, the Campus, Hillel Council, the Emory Religious Asso- ciation, and fraternity court members. C. Baum G. Brickman S. Broome I. Buff R. Dunn E. Elias M. Fienberg C. Forman J. Hershberg H. Hite ,rf E. Holder B. Hollander B. Krell P. Krolick J. Kross PRESIDENT Lynda Zweben A. Levin D. Levy L. Mansker S. Mendeloff M. Perlman S. Savitz L. Sheer R. Sicro M. Silverman R. Synder K. Steinberg B. Sternheimer A. Van Gelder R. Viener E. Vigodsky V. Weissler S. Weissman R. Zelkind ,1-'Ir SECRETARY Ellen Schneider VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Adele Epstein Stephanle Thorp ll ' . Irr' u Hlry5"fQj H .fbflp W , it Vi ii WEE i MIS? jx, ji. W... vp V 555 . L Q WH W f . re. 1.231 .345 jk . ..-2. ' Ei, 4 i . ..- .. 1 -U' N ...y , ll' it Q ns. fa, K ui 2' ul " X, 25, ff ff ig Jawa 'Y :Fi Q V , mi gaaqgsi : . V aria. :I .s aan.. Z xr HU, ' was w. fl-J Chi me a Tau Zeta Chapter of Chi Omega has completed another en- joyable year of activities and honors. Sisters were members of Chorale, House Councils, Emory Players, International Relations Club, Student Center Board, and the various religious organiza- tions. The chapter won the first place trophy in the annual ATO Sweepstakes. They also won first place in the APO "Send a Mouse to College" Cancer Drive and placed third in the annual "Pretty Girl-Ugly Man" Contest. Houseparties, picnics, slumber parties and banquets and teas with the alumnae were among the social events enjoyed by the chapter. Highlighting the year's activities were the fall dance given in honor of the pledges by the actives, and the annual White Carnation Formal. The chapter's main projects were filling stockings for Shelter- ing Arms Children's Home and giving an Easter Egg Hunt for underprivileged children. Another project was the annual Social and Civic Service prize which was awarded by Chi Omega to the senior Emory woman who was most outstanding in the Social Science Department. M. Blasingame C. Brannon D. Braswell M. Carpenter H. Carroll C. Cheatham B. Clark K. Clardy M. Cravens L. Dufford S. Dungan L. Durrett M. Ellis M. Fulton E. Gregory M. Hall H. Huey A. jackson PRESIDENT Virginia Hogan C. Kirkland A. Laughlin N. Little B. Lyman I.. McCarthy M. McClendon P. Main L. Newman S. Nohlgren D. Novals N. Perry D. Pruitt A. Rigdon P. Robertson C. Sanders C. Sessoms M. Shaw T. Shelley B. Sneed R. Stanford J. Sudhoff D. Wallace D. Warren S. Weber J. Whitford J. Williams A. Wright I. Young SECRETARY Mary Manning VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Mary Sue Bringhurst Donna Lee Robertson Delta Delta Delta Alpha Omega Chapter of Delta Delta Delta has had another busy and successful year. The leadership of the chapter can best be seen in the many elected campus offices. Among the sisters of Tri Delta can be found elected members of the Executive House Council, as well as the freshman, sophomore, and junior branches, Women's Student Association, College Council, Traffic Court, Dorm Presidents, Class officers, Panhellenic Council and Freshman Advisors. A Tri Delta was chosen Miss Emory for 1963. Other indivi- dual members have received such honors as the Dean's List, Stipe Scholar, Eta Sigma Psi and Alpha Epsilon Delta. Tri Delta was well represented by having several girls on fraternity sweetheart courts. The Emory Chapters of Sigma Chi, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Tau Delta, and the Georgia Tech Chapter of Kappa Alpha'now have sisters as their sweethearts. The social calendar included a Founder's Day Banquet, Pledge Formal and other social events such as the Christmas Party. Tri Delta's projects are the local Scholarship Fund, providing Christmas gifts for a needy family and an old clothes drive. B. Akin E. Avery M. Bent L. Brinkley B. Brooks H. Brown S. Callison M. Campbell B. Carmack J. Carpenter H. Carson B. Crawford M. Cureton D. Darling J. Didclle B. Duncan E. Edwards S. Farrell B. Filer S. Flanagan L. Foreman N. Fossett S. Green A. Harriosn J. Harvard H. Helms V. Holmes I. Hunter J. James B. Jenkins PRESIDENT Mary O'Callaghan M. Johnson M. Lewis E. Lindsay D. Love L. Lyle M. McDuffee S. McHenry J. McKibbin C. McKinney I. McLean M. McMillan K. Manget B. Meyer P. Middlebrooks S. Miller A. Nix S. Owens M. Payne J. Pfister F. Quillan P. Reid V. Roane S. Rollins D. Scott S. Sledge S. Smith A. Soule K. Speer M. Stair S. Stone C. Thomason A. Webb D. Wells E. Wilson M. Wilson S. Wilson SECRETARY Sally Tyler VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Chere Townsend Cathy McKeen T T? .. .. E? lEi I i "Nw I' ,. LE L . , E . E egg .m,..Q1g,.. ' Z' L 'ui 1 ' ui- . i 2' i' 6' . mfg., ri mm W Q, in ,ui 1' 4 1 Y: ::':-.- . F ,..... 1 gg! P rg. ia Z Hi I I Ill' gum . '-....,- ,tel Delta Gamma The Gamma Psi Chapter of Delta Gamma has had another successful year of fun and activity, with members participating in the Chorale, the Wheel, the Student Senate Board, the Student Nurses Association, Young Republicans, the Campus, Foreign Relations Club, and various religious organizations. The posts of Chorale secretary, and of Baptist Student Union Executive Coun- cil secretary are held by members. Throughout the year the sorority takes part in different ath- letic competitions-volleyball and basketball-and has a member on the All-Star Volleyball Team. Members in Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Alpha Epsilon Upsilon bring added honors to their sorority. Delta Gammas enjoyed many social events this year such as the Harvest Dance, Christmas Party, Valentine Dance, and Pledge Dance and many teas and coke parties. The service project of Delta Gamma is aiding the blind. Each week the sisters skate with blind children and at Christmas filled stockings for the children. The members also gave presents to needy children at Christmas. M. Baker B. Batho B. Beadle K. Bennett M. Byers QS B. Bricker K. Dodson C. Dowling M. Drill C. Duckett M. Felder L. Fox B. Glafenhein S. Gauntz M. Green Saga!-L 3 PRESIDENT Laurelle Bell E. Harben S. Holcomb E. Hutchins C. jones M. Lowery L. McConnell L. Moen M. Morton E. Moulton A. Nelson D. Nunez C. Ownley S. Pharr S. Pfitzer B. Polk A. Rasmussen B. Waldon E. Walls S. White in M13 H l 11 RH R 4 l CORRESPONDING SECRETARY 3 Margaret Gaines RECORDING SECRETARY TREASURER Janice Mohr lone B611 f n fl'-. WG' F N. Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Zeta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta has had another active and successful year. Service Projects such as weekly visits to the Atlanta Girls Club have greatly enriched the meaning of true sisterhood. Our national service project is the Institute of Logopethic. Delta Zeta seeks to find both a challenge and enjoy- ment in her activities. Both are readily encounteredg enjoyment in such things as the Pledge-Active Retreat, the annual kite fly, Founder's Day Banquet, Spring Square Dance, and the Winter Pledge Formal. A challenge is found in achieving our scholastic goals and in living up to what is expected in regard to self- development and individual maturity. Many of our sisters have been honored by membership in various honor groups. Included among these are Women's Honor Organization, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Eta Sigma Psi, Phi Sigma Iota, Kappa Delta Epsilon, and several others. In the past year Thetas have been recognized for their beauty. One of our sisters was named Miss Emory and several others were selected as sweetheart by the Tech and Emory fraternities. J. Askew P. Bailey P. Baum B. Beckham N. Bomar A. Bowie ' P B. Branch M. Brown P. Burgess S. Cavelli V. Chandler M. Cunningham C. Davis R. Dial C. Dix Z. Dixon M. Edmondson S. Ellington Felton E. J. Floyd L . Franklin T. Gammage A. Genins S. Ginn S. Gooch j. Hambrick PRESIDENT Tillie Kidd F. Holden T. Horrigan A. Hosford M. Houser R. Houston P. Huddleston M. Husmann M. james K. Kidd A. Lowery Z. McFee P. Martin E. Milikin J. Miller M. Moseley M. Nix K. Palmer P. Paulk M. Phillips C. Platter M. Price P. Putnam A. Rayburn C. Ridgeway Z. Rooney C. Romick P. Smith A. Stadler M. Still C. Tate N. Teern J. Wynne C. Zellner VICE-PRESIDENT Leslie Walter SECRETARY Leslie Jones TREASURER Sherry Tanner .11 H W -gs: ,..,. i ,:4 . , .. 1. 'Q I iw, ww Y lg aff f in ' E4 , 1' l . il l , l j SSH ...f -- fi r U Vi' . ...MEM iq N its at . as u tx ... aim l .a. .ran -set.. - it Mfaf. ili .4 -1 Huvl as .- .. im m an, in -wx ml 'l"i5E" 1 l' P-Egffv. WP' it Ragg a ,H If ' i -J' -su I , ,.: 1 ., 752 . 'We Yu zfuulif Y K is i,,,'i L1i.i --V s ilruuy- Zigi! VL-: Q. saaaiikig ,, ,4- rt . 163552 it Q Y.r -.Y..:.e .1 r- Kappa Delta Gamma Pi Chapter of Kappa Delta has had an active year. Sisters have been busy in sorority and in campus activities. Some of the organizations are Chorale, Student Center Board, the Cam- pus, College Civitan Club, International Relations Club, Bench and Bar, Pan-Hellenic and House Council. In several of these Kappa Deltas hold offices. Many of the sisters have been honored for their achievements. Womenfs Honor Organization, Kappa Delta Epsilon, and Phi Beta Kappa ,have tapped Kappa Deltas this year. Several sweetheart courts and the Miss Emory finals have also included sisters. On Honors Day KD's received the Best Freshman Award and the Britain Award. All the sisters have participated in the projects and social functions sponsored by the sorority. Founder's Day and Initiation Banquets, informal parties and the White Rose Ball have been favorite events of the year. Study break parties, the pledge scaveng- er hunt, and the Christmas Party also added fun to the year. Weekly visits to Fairhaven School for Mentally Retarded Chil- dren and making educational toys for the children have also helped to make the chapter one of many diversified activities. .K -Try .Xing 6 . . x C. Burgmay M. Calhoun M. Campbell A. Cantwell M. Chappell C. Crabtree N. Crain T. Crook C. Croxton K. Dell R. Duckett S. Fisher v. e, ., x' , 1 i - . ,I D. Fleming C. Gilson B. Graham I. Gray B. Gurley P. Hardeman H. Hewes R. Ivey S. johnson M. Laird J. Lancaster D. Lee PRESIDENT Dee Ann DeNio J. Long M. Love S. Lovett M. Lowery L. McKay S. McTier S. Martina M. Merrill C. Merritt J. Moore B. Morris S. Morris J. Nichols J. Palmer C. Penland S. Ridley E. Roberts C. Robertson L Ro ster ' Y J. Schlatter M. Schofield L. Scott L. Shapard M. Sikes J. Solberger P. Steele P. Strickland M. White Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Epsilon chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma has en- joyed a very successful year. Major social projects included fall and spring houseparties, the annual pledge formal, and several banquets and teas. In addition, the pledge class sponsored a uni- versity-wide "Halloween Haunt." In our philanthropy, we found our work at a new branch of the Atlanta Girls' Club very pleasur- able and rewarding. Individually, Kappas have received many honors and responsi- bilities. Several have served as fraternity sweethearts and many have been named to sweetheart courts. Members were tapped into Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Women's Honor Organi- zation, Eta Sigma Psi, and Pi Delta Epsilon. Kappa also claimed the first woman editor of the Wheel, president of the freshmen advisors, president of the nursing school, secretary and treasurer of the sophomore class, and vice-president of WHO. Other organizations represented in the group are College Council, House Council, Barkley Forum, ERA, the Campus, Chorale, and the Emory Players. Kappas also participated in the Stipe Scholar and Ford Career Scholar Programs. M. Baker L. Berry A. Bomford B. Burton M. Byers J. Carswell J. Charlton V. Clarson B. Crane M. Cunkle C. Currie D. Dale J. Damon L. Dawson L. Ellis . Fields Fly SZ Z l'UZZ!'f15"5" " on 5559252 B 5 B S ri-' :En 5' g D . Gantt A. Henry J. Hill . 1. Holt B. Hutton M. Jacobs A. jones PRESIDENT Tina Hall J. jones MC Kaebnick K. Kelley M. Kindrick L. Lee M. Lott S. McCain L. Mack. E. Mann B. Middleton A. Moody M. Moore C. Morrow B. Nash M. Nichols S. Parker S. Patterson P. Peeples D. Perkerson M. Perry M. Potter M. Rice N. Smith T. Stafford E. Teer C. Thigpen E. Thompson K. Toucey H. Tumlin E. Westbrook J. White N. Wilbanks L. Williams C. Wilson J. Wilson P. Wood SECRETARY jean Loemker VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Dixie Baxter .lane Gould if' A PST! 1 If N JH' J 'ld-Tl :Ut Phi u This year was another busy and successful one for Alpha Phi chapter of Phi Mu. Phi Mu's participated in community service projects by working at Eggleston Hospital and Aidmore Hospital. Sisters were active in many campus organizations such as House Council, the Campus, Stipe Scholars, ERA, the Wheel, and the Barkley Forum. The Vice-President of the Players, the Secre- tary of Civitan as well as several officers in the Chorale are Phi Mu's. In the Panhellenic Sing, Phi Mu placed third. Individually, Phi Mu's won many honors such as second place in the Alpha Chi Capers, finalists in the Miss Atlanta Pageant and winning the ATO Sweepstakes Beauty Contest for the second straight year. Phi Mu's are also members of fraternity sweetheart courts and the Pledge Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Georgia Tech is a Phi Mu. Social functions of the chapter include the fall houseparty, the annual Enchantress Ball, along with the Founders' Day Ban- quet and spring Scholarship Banquet. C. Anderson M. Beasley B. Beck S. Bourn P. Brooks A. Bucklew R. Bunyan S. Campbell S. Clark T. Cox P. Dillon J. Ferguson S. French C. Fulwood L. Gardner PRESIDENT Mary Alice Love E. Gay L. Gonzalez E. Gregory M. Hamff S. Hawkins T. Humphries S. Jackson F. Key S. Kroske C. Large K. McKeough L. Matlock C. Pierson L. Rogers J. Seamon J. Shelton M. Sinness M. Stancil P. Tanner H. Thompson V. Wiley S. Windsor E. Wurst I 1 ullu l flll ii l. ,gy L ll w RECORDING SECRETARY Linda Sue Langley VICE-PRESIDENT CORRESPONDING SECRETARY Judy White Carter Virginia I Dunivin v I 1 I Sororit ,--. I - . .v -qw-' s,.. - ... 'N ATO Sweepstakes Tri Delt Hillbilly Band ADPi Tri Delt Football Game. Activities x l . ji Q' , ml- 'H K 14 ,Ll , , if H ,", ,, Q 'W ,, ,, J 1 I A gi A 3' . , -w'3- A if Q' 'jf , IF. H J H' vf, U4 J ' f? .vnu , 5, Ni ' 4 s, W 'Ure " 4' i ffW"' Q Q H ,b! , iff by xt' I D Q.. . I , ,V-K-ia! N, a fi Qu . - ' ,-S ' ig. ' D. X x E -ax i YQ' 1 ' Z.. ,,, 4, my V , J , 1 lpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity founded at Washington Square Campus of New York University on November 7, 1915 . . . Epsilon, first Southern Chapter, founded at Emory in November, 1920. We of Epsilon are a large group of people, a diversity of personalities and interests. You find among us scholars and athletes, those who enjoy classi- cal music and rock 'n' roll enthusiasts. That is what makes us a great fra- ternity. That is what makes up Epsilon. A E Pi successfully initiated the fall quarter by pledging thirty-nine "top', freshmen. The fraternity captured the Scholarship Trophy for the sec- ond consecutive year. Epsilon men were active in many extracurricular activi- ties. A campus leader in scholarship, athletics, and extraeurriculars, Alpha Epsilon Pi continues to be one of the best fraternities on campus. G. Albert, S. Blum- berg, R. Brown, B. Charyn, G. Cohen, J. Cohen, R. Cohen, P. Cohn. R. Cohn, A. Diamond, R. Dziewienski, B. Fabric, M. Fasbinder, H. Fenster, N. Fleish- man, I-I. Fox. L. Freedman, L. Glass, K. Glasser, T. Glasser, H. Glickman, W. Glickman, M. Gold, H. Goldberg. D. Gottlieb, M. Har- mon, I. Heffler, R. Herbert, D. Horowitz, D. Kaminsky, R. las- per, H. Kaminsky. G. Kaplan, H. Kap- lan, J. Kaplan, B. Kat- zen, A. Kirsh, R. Kir- schbaum, S. Krant, W. Lazarus. V. 41-V Q, .lg .t,u an X 1 "7 . we M , . . ,,, w .. in fm , ,J lf IA X' 4 1. 1.5 'ua 'bk um 'Vu -4 , -5775.51 "E if -. ,mf V . mm - ' ,, sez Y -""g-5-Q M , V 1 . JK W L , N " H Hifi? ff l S 'L.,,51, .1 wig ' A K 'f ' .112 M52 , im 4 ,,, , W - 4 V 4' x ,J 1' ,v xi ' EQ? ' ' 'x ET ' c 1,51 'i,,4Lg,,rk X 1 yijgig' Q Y ,gl X wig, M N 4, in . , . . H-Q. .. . I h lx Lf? - if lj Q QM J, Q1 .ww ff ui" 'f 'i X f f' ' I tw' ' Q4- . , ,Q ,X , R 5 . U if ah' ' 1' f - , ,Ag 1? .1 , was - 4 J 1. f - ' 5' "3 221' N, Q K 4 I' ,sf 1 J' . : fn .. 1111 A ... .1 sigzf n A " , 1, U v ' A ' ' ' :awk jf ' 'r ' 2, .9 - " x SEX uf 25, --"'- -' E", W .W4 xiffff " HL. 4W.f , ' ., V , :Fi ,iv-Elkay W -X. I , 2 J... 1 r , I ZF ff' f ! I! L f , X 1' Y. y , , OEM? J' as . 4 3 .4 f, " 3 ' 'V V, :gy fr if: yew 1 ' A 3 y '.1 ' f ,4 , WR N , " -2 ' 45.1143 ' ' 'lk gay .5 , " N- 253.f'K , , - "J 1'-1' ' 1 1 ,f,- K . .N .F 7 W M A 1' A " 1, , - .J gg, wx f my f -1 Y Nw 1' 19 N' L : ' 'N '- 2 w I ,V A Q 51 , if 2.1 , "'f'77' L 1 xx 'zu if, f I W X 'H - A .V 1-L,' x ' I' ' . .,.L 5 E555 zzz ,mi A ,,KiW,i?5. . , Q' 1 X V is M- 'ggi .X VV Ni: gm, F 911 ,. ,- -57 , L Wt rlsl' 01 1" L' 22- xx g r". I' 'Egg J 'lg I f " V 1:5 . m q ' ' xx R 1' 'gf' ' f ' ,, rin V' is 'lu' .,u' fir - '79, V A' A 22 1 7 w 4 ' ,Q Q 'N ' -5 .M h X 5 Q EE A J -15 W HR? , I A-125,52 ni. 4,-I1 gif " 'Q fi , I.-' f if fn, 4 gk x Ss X V Q ,L .V , M . X 1 , f .N A H W X v " Q Q ff, ' E PM fx 25331 R ffl -' ix ., ' , ' 8? 35 1 A , 7 , Q I 1 1 . X ,v Q , -Qx , " . I ,f K, W '39 K NQJQK' " JJ .. lil fm 'X 2 H A W if 1' f , N, , ' 1' in ' -. Alpha Tau me a For years A.T.O. at Emory has exemplified the national tradition of excellence established by the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity since its founding in 1865. In 1965 A.T.0. was represented on every campus honorary, most campus publications, and throughout campus politics. Typical of A.T.O.'s all-around excellence was its rating of second in both athletics and scholarship among all gentile fraternities at Emory. A.T.O.'s were especially prominent in D.V.S., Phi Beta Kappa, ODK, Barkley Forum, the Phoenix and the Wheel. Taus held the presidency of the Student Senate and Honor Council. A.T.O. was outstanding athletically, placing in most interfraternity sports while winning track, wrestling, and cross-cotmtry. Taus were also prominent on the intercollegiate tennis, soccer, wrestling, and swimming teams. The social highlight of the year was the Annual Orchid Formal at which Miss Susan Rollins was named Sweetheart of A.T.O., Alpha Theta chapter. Another event especially enjoyed was the joint party with the Georgia Tech and Auburn chapters. G. Abernathy, R. Bar- field, M. Barnhorst, C. Bentley, I. Black, D. Boozer, H. Brock, E. Brown. S. Campbell, S. Car- ter, A. Casavant, P. Cathcart, C. Clarke, Cooke, C. Debele, I. Edwards. W. Edwards, R. Fish- er, M. Fox, R. French, D. Goldman, G. Green, E. Harnsberger, M. Harden. D, Kemp, J. Kidd. 1 Martin, P. Mattina, D. Mannheimer, G. Meek, H. Meyer. F. Harvey, S. Hobby, A. Hollingsworth, H, Huddleston, W. Hutchins, G. Johnson, Mason, W. McCon- nell, B. McNatt, A. PRESIDENT joe Gladden R. Miller, R Mont omery . g , R. Morgan, Mullis, G. Overend, R. Pannell, J. Parks. K. Pass, G. Patchen, W. Pfister, R. Philips, D. Pin- holster, j. Pointevent, A. Price. C. Price, L. Pringos, W. Quillian, B. Ragsdale, E. T Rice, R. Rizk, J. Robinson. W. Scott, J. Seagraves, C. Sewell, C. Shuptrine, I Simpson, W. Smith, D. Springfield. W. T. Springfield, S. Stockdale, H. Stukes, C. Thompson, H. Thompson, J. Tucker, T. Tucker. J. Vann, L. Wheeler, C. Whelchel, B. White, R. Wilkins, R. Williarns, W. Wood. S. J. Yeomen, W. Zachary, B. Kemp, J. Kidd. SECRETARY Jordan Dean VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER Ben Johnson Hugh Huntington SWEETHEART Susie Rollins Beta Theta Pi In 1948 Beta Theta Pi again became active on the Emory campus. Since that time, Gamma Upsilon Chapter has been well represented in various cam- pus activities, such as the Wheel, IFC, and athletics. The biggest event of the 1963-64 school year was the Fifteenth Anni- versary, held November 23. An Open House was held in the afternoon, and a banquet that night. The celebration was attended by President Atwood, and a large percentage of the administration and faculty. Betas participated in the Empty Stocking Fund Drive, and held a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Another feature of this year was the Annual Winter Formal, held in February. A. Adams, J. Adam- Bagley, B. Branch, M. Brown. B. Byers, R. Byers, W. Cook, W. Driskell, M. Elliott, M. Eslin. L. Fowler, A. Gibbs, D. Grider, M. Haskell, E. Hatton, J. Humph- . lett. l son, A. Allen, W. Chi Phi Fraternity life at Gamma Chapter of Chi Phi has a special meaning to each brother. From Pledge Sunday to fall quarter finals, from the Winter Formal to spring sports, we work hard and play hard together. We believe in the old-fashioned ideals of fraternity life because We have experienced that type of life and we like it. A house doesn't make a fra- ternity, nor does the size of its membership or the strength of its alumni as- sociation. There is an intangible which creates an atmosphere of a true fra- ternity, and to know and to understand that intangible, one must live the true fraternity life. A. Adams, R, Allen. J. Bain, A. Baldwin, F. Bulloch. j. Campbell, S. Col- lier, J. Costley, W. Cox, T. Donnelly. F. Dorsey, J. Giles, J. Godard, J. Haraszti, J. Kenimer. 1 E Q1 Eff A- 1 .xy A -T 1 '21, , Q I ii, 1014. A Y: 1, -751 ,:' 1, 5 w ' ' 1 1 1 if M V? 1 f 1 1 1' 1X A 4 1 --1 i1 1 S 5 11 M 1.45355 V f - V ws- , I' 111 1.. . . -- fi nggffgsg 1. 2 21 ,1" EQ 1- A u if 1 A ,y - '-2 f E . i 1' Nb x 1 WL. .HQ . .- V kx A, U .- , A- .. ' 1 ,1 ' Nt 1 mn 'pp KN-E A W, .' V 1 . 'X , ,a fl - 1 Y. ,,.. , 1. I 1. 1 i rs-L' , sw - .111 H 11 'm?1.w?21, "Af9'1Hgs9iL , S 'i, 11 26 S 'NX X11 '21 ' Q- .X 1 A L1 f Q L 'Q' ,M -' 5 , -231:52 ENT :iiffxi ' 1 1, 1 I if ' 11,11 1 221131, f1i:s1,f? 1 Y W ' 11 muff ' 1, HSV Mszxvf ,, :, ., 1,1 111. 5 W ' N4 N' 1 1 f-1-1 ku 'Wah , 1, 1 55 ' Y. K N. N1 Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta is one of the oldest national fraternities, founded in 1858 at Bethany College. Beta Epsilon chapter, too, is one of the oldest fraternities on the Emory campus, established at Oxford in 1882. Delts in many organizations and activities have done much in the way of service to the University. This year the Delta Tau Delta's received honorable mention in the Inter- fraternity Sing. The Delts also hold honors in various organizations-the presi- dency of The Gordon Stipe Scholars, and the vice-presidency of the Barkley Forum. Climaxing Religious Emphasis Week, and highlighting the Delta Tau Delta social calendar is the annual Go to Hell Party. B. Avera, W. Baker, J. Ball, E. Behnke, J. Blackwell, D. Bowen, M. Bridges. man, H. Crumley, G. Dekle. Feagin. T. Ferguson, D. Fin- ley, R. Gadbois, Gil- lett, C. Guthrie, R. Harben, L. Hartline W. Helton. E. jenkins, I. jones W. Keats, E. Kellogg K W. Buck, P. Certain, R. Chapman, J. Cole- Davis, P. Davis, J. J. Delgado, R. Di- fiore, C. Dobson, J. Doster, D. Drew, J. Edwards, W. Ellis, W. 2 G. Hood, G. Hoover, J. Hunter, O. jenkins, 7 1-,X i ,?"."' - -d' ww I iff ' 32,3 L5 5. QQ E i .4 34 v 5, fe 2,. :fy W. Q ' Y if A J' M t"-,V4g W " ' 1 f M M PM 1 1. i- Y 2 I X, 'xx , 'NX fm N1 V, . A N il Q, gif 'A ' ' ' J ' H7 k E L al M , , - I 5 ' l" f,' ,, , L Ng'f1f5 Q? ' J ww Q - N 6 " 'N f' Q 9 5 wx, 'Q ' 5 ' E5 , fl ' I - A : . .ffliaf . A, .-.1 , I Nl ,AZL gm ,,LL A ,H my if J E F fm pw he' aw , Q Q, . 5 A Q ' A, - 'Q V , Yu. ' ' 'K f N . ' 'if ff, '- K' 'E' 9' J lj X' 'fx' tiff' ' if Y ' f ff? , , A ,E , Q ' . I H f H L 'X , 7' . -1 V F :L ,WD , 1 l ,f 'il' QQN. L X' 2 LX S . xx' "xii V.. W 1, E Y . b-,iw . if A ff' t ' ff if xiii, j 1 "V " x, lx I wx EM , 1' SEN , ' 'hwy' N ,. 1 J . Y Y 'W 1 5 M! :V J 'Ea A f L r I l Q is 552 L M-S ' f V , .. , fag 4Ls A ug, ' 2 -x ' s A w appa Alpha Since its founding almost one hundred years ago, Kappa Alpha Order has exhibited a unique spirit on college campuses. Epsilon Chapter remains true to that tradition, as an embodiment of ideals and goals are emancipated in qualities and leadership, quest for knowledge, and the enjoyment of social events. K.A. members serve in all campus organizations and political offices, in addition to election to such honorary societies as D.V.S., O.D.K., and Phi Beta Kappa. Kappa Alpha placed second in the IFC Sing, and third in the Dooley's lawn competition. Socially the season is highlighted by numerous parties, and climaxed in the spring by the "Old South Ball" with the presentation of the Rose and the Rose Court. The annual Sorority Girls' Tea has become a tradition at the Kappa Alpha house. W. Allen, W. Alex- ander, N. Atkinson, D. Barber, L. Benton, A. Binns, J. Boroman, W. Bradley. land, 1. Dickey, W. Eager, R. Edinfield, Estes. R. Evans, Ferman, H. Glover. ford, C. Heywood, I man, C. Holman, H R. Kay. H. Butler, E. Chase, W. Cooper, H. Cope- M. Fordyce, C. For- rest, W. Fortson, W. Fullbright, G. Gandy, B. Halpern, E. Hart- Highsmith, S. Hoffl Holmes, J. E. Holmes. I. H. Holmes, G. Houston, J. Hurst, J. Hyman, R. jackson, R. johnson, H. jones, PRESIDENT jerry Leach J. Kellogg, H. Knight, H. Knowlton, W. Lang, R. Langford, I. Lewis, T. Lewis. J. MacNabb, D. Martz, P. Meiere, F. Neely, J. O'Callaghan, R. O'- Kelly, T. Parrott. W. Perry, P. Pizzo, R. Poole, T. Ratcliff, S. Rice, D. Royal, P. Saunders. S. Saunders, C. Schues- sler, 1. Seale, S. Sears, S. Sells, J. Shields, R. Snyder. B. Souther, W. Spitz, H. Stembridge, J. Thompson, R. Thorn- ton, H. Tucker, P. Vickers. S. Wade, Wagner, T. Wolff, C. Wrye, A. Zant. gm .,, W , mr ,z I. , SECRETARY ,. Henry Mann Qi, . . SWEETHEART VICE-PRESIDENT TREASURER John Toole Terry Roberts Becky Dial ' Delta Theta The Phi Delta Theta national fraternity was founded in 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and has grown until presently it has 125 active chapters. Georgia Beta was established on the Emory at Oxford campus in 1871 and moved with the school to Atlanta in 1915. The chapter's membership represents a wide scope of interests and personality. The chapter provides for the major social, scholastic, and athletic needs of its members. The diversification within the chapter is evident in the wide scope of activity of its members. They hold many key positions, such as Editor of the Campus, President of IFC, Vice-president of the Student Senate, three officers of Circle K, two members of DVS, two members of ODK, Honor Council, Phi Beta Kappa, AEU, Eta Sigma Psi, and many other activities. Phi Delts play a key part in the varsity soccer, swimming, and track teams. Phi Delts con- sistently rank high in interfraternity athletic competition. The fraternity social year is highlighted by the Annual Winter Formal. Last spring Georgia Beta received national recognition for its active service work. J. Allen, D. Alvarez, B. Askew, J. Ballan- tine, J. Bazemore, S. Blievernicht, j. Boozer, J. Bowen. R. C. Brown, R., S. Brown, J. Bullard, T. Canipelli, N. Carrier, T. Carroll, T. Chamb- lis, D. Chapman. J. Clement, S. Coch- ran, H. Cooley, W. Culbertson, P. Dann, W. Dobes, F. Dworet, D. Eastman. R. Edmondson, S. Ed- wards, L. Epting, G. Farrell, S. Fausett, J. Gelzer, Golden, T. Haile. J. Hines, R. Howell, J. Johnston, W. JOI- dan, E. Kicliter, T. Kinton, W. Kotys. PRESIDENT john Cromartie W. Leake, C. Little- l field, G. McCartha, A Mackinnon, R. Martin R. Martin, B. Mer- ritt. W. Mills, G. Mitchell, G. Napolis, W. Nu nan, G. Nunn, A. O'- Donnell, J. Parker. J. Paul, Paulk, C. Peddy, T. Perkins, R. Pinkston, H. Rash, D Rentz. D. Roberts, J. Rogers, J. Romine, J. Royston, ' A. Sheldon, C. Sie- mon, R. Simpson. C. Sparacino, F. Stain back, J. Tally, D. Te gethoff, E. Thomas, S. Trawich, F. Vogler. M. Wagner, A. Wight, J. Windham, T. Wood. l VICE-PRESIDENT Charlie Lester SECRETARY Henry Kane 1, iv ii H H ii ' i i .: 1 .ass . -ai. X - :fra m H W 5 aw: H , 1 .. .-n 2122 'Q-are-Qi " i 1.-- M - i l F,-. ' eel + i . f TREASURER SWEETHEART Fred Shurling Patricia Bailey John Marshall-In Menzarifzm. Phi Gamma Delta The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded at jefferson College, Pennsylvania, on May 1, 1848, by the "Immortal Six." Six individuals also organized Delta Colony at Emory in the spring of 1962. Now after Fall Rush 1965, we have grown to thirty-three members who are able to take part in fraternity life and also retain their integral individuality. The emphasis at Delta Colony is first to school, then to fraternity, and finally to self. Fijis are well represented in all facets of Emory life, including government, honor organizations, publications, and sports. The year is highlighted by the Purple Garter Formal winter quarter and the spring orgy that is the Fiji Island Party. L Align?-rg '13 1 5 ' H: C. Barker, G. Bost- wick, M. Brand, M. Breeze. G. Broadrick, W. Bur- ton, N. Deck, M. Dewey. C. Freeman, W. Gil- i laspie, J. Goodwin. PRESIDENT Larry Woods A. Hall, M. Harris, J. jones, R. Ku er, YP I Lockwood. C. Lutz, H. McKen- zie, J. Meals, Mil- ler, R. Patterson. R. Payne, S. Poole, R. Putnam, J. Reese, S. Rei ghard. J. Riddle, P. Smith, R. Squires, S. Storey. .,,,.. RECORDING SECRETARY Robert Rosenberger TREASURER CORRESPONDING SECRETARY SWEETHEART Don Fowler David Powner Kathy Woodfin ! Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha, one of the oldest and largest social fraternities, was founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. Beta Kappa chapter was char- tered at Emory in 1919. PiKA's are active in many areas of college life. Brothers and pledges are connected with the Wheel, Glee Club, Young Republican Club, Newman Club, Bench and Bar, and the International Relations Club. A number of Stipe Scholars are also Pi Kappa Alphas. In athletics Beta Kappa participated ac- tively in every inter-fraternity sport. W. Adair, H. Brough- ton, W. Chadwick, J. Cook. S. Cutshaw, W. Din- woodie, A. Dorsey, A. Epps, III. win. l R, Fitzgerald, W. Fokes, J. Fox, F. God- PRESIDENT john Henderson L. Hardy, R. Harrell R. Lovell, L. Mc: Cracken, R. Malm- borg. E. Malone, R. Murray, R. Ridley, J. St. john, J. Scheldt. M. Shore, T. Sinder- son, C. Smith, C. Streck, E. Stephan. M. Stokes, W. Swift, F. Tarrh, L. Warren, T. Wieker. Q F 1 TREASURER Robert Romeo SPONSOR VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY Tom Sikes Mac Perry Margo Kennedy Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded in 1865 at the University of Alabama, the Georgia Epsilon chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was chartered at Emory in 1881. The high standards of this traditionally fine fraternity are still being exemplified in the various phases of campus activity. Academically, SAE has consistently maintained a strong position. Athletically, SAE participated in most varsity and all interfraternity sports, again winning the softball championship and placing second in basketball. E's on campus hold positions of leadership in student government, major publications, Glee Club, and honor societies such as DVS, ODK, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, and Eta Sigma Psi. Fall quarter was highlighted by another great pledge class and the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children. Winter quarter, always to be remembered for Formal Weekend, also marked the presentation of the SAE Sweetheart, Miss Mary Ann Houser. The 1963-64 school year was climaxed by SAE once more being named recipient of the Tri-Delt Best Fraternity Award, a perfect correlation to SAE's national rating as the number one social fraternity. H. Allison, C. Beard, R. Behm, G. Boyd, F. Brice, L. Bullock, W. Buttram, D. Campbell. S. Carlyle, E. Chalub, C. Chalker, K. Church, P. Coley, B. Collins, J. Creech, R. Criswell. E. Delong, L. Draug- hon, Elliott, S. Evans, M. Ferguson, R. George, W. Gillen, W. Grace. R. Greer, B. Griffin, R. Groves, C. Harris, D. Haynes, P. Hines, H. Hoyal, S. Hanges. -.P- . .gfuf n .. l. , , :5f"!Y ' .L , L. ' ' I I L I , S . W A' ' all X - - L-f ,f p , . I 'W' X . if S ' U" I X , Ny , N W :- 333 ' 'X WQEEESSE N 'I L k X r i nga? f Qu Afajg' 1 Vg, fn Aff 1 - x X 'ww-M Y, ffm W- m - -. . J ', 3521, Wy f zu 4 v f : I , ' 15152 I ' . el 1 ,i 'EQ :S 51 ' A . Y - , K f, QQ,-,, f Y K X 6 5 bf , V if ' L lg E , ' L -A . . nf. rx , ' g Y Y ' V3.1 . z ' qw: ,:'eZi?'vez ' I I, , r 1 Ns W Q ' S Sm E 5 H 'I-V , . rm S3555 X ,Q 5435 , .. . -- Yi ' Y 1 1, , - W . , 1 -5 - V :X .A 1, Q wg , W 1? X 1 . N 1 ' r 2 lv .. M Ei J is X f ' : f 1 f R , . .A gi- A Y Q Q- WM Y yi -,qu QQ, A 7 ' -'21 ' KJ- ': -.X - X 2 A V, E . Nag - 5, sigma Chi Sigma Chi was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in June of 1855. This year, the Sigs here at Emory in keeping with tradition, have again excelled in every field. There are Sigma Chis in Emory's leadership and scholastic organizations, on publications' staffs and in campus government positions. In the three major areas of interfraternity competitions, the Sigs have an unparalleled recordg winning Dooley's two of the past three years, the IFC Sing thirteen of the past fifteen and both of the athletic trophies, one for the fifth consecutive year, the other for the eighth. Scholastically, Sigma Chi has members in Phi Beta Kappa as well as Stipe Scholars and lockheed Scholars. Also, some seventy percent of june's departing Sigs are continuing their education in graduate schools. I. Akin, W. Alexan- der, G. Basham, L. Baugh, M. Born, R. Bowen, R. Brand. R. Buntin, Cahoon, R. Castleberry, R. Coil, W. Coppedge, G. Deriso, J. Dobson. I. Dobson, D. Dupuy, T. Duvall, W. Eigen, W. Eisele, A. Elliott, R. Ferris. I. Gasaway, G. Gies- ler, J. Girardeau, J. Gower, Grantham, B. Griffith, R. Har- rell. D. Hart, R. Hellier, C. Hicks, L. Higdon, V. Hicks. 12? gq..,-- .5-an au- 5-4 ef x N , Nik A af J , X -A . fi. V I P , H , N , ' R. - Q f f .1 1 V, v. f 'ff ' '- L- ef 1 wi y ,fi W w 1,2 A -K, fx"-, 3 ka' I V' , 5. V Eff QV j . K... N 2 K N1 ' I v 'bv " X V M171 n ' NW ' X f HH," N J' 1' H 5' F f B ' J , Sm 1 " 5 ' 4 -M X, ff. ' ggi: M y. V Y QQ' ' ,wg w ru 1. W swf ' ' X , ,. Xt I A, 1 , -H, 'N fx ' Nw ' R H 5, ' Q' 4 "-- 4 vi- ' ! J fi' ' ' 'Y 9 f Y-Q if 'ful gif Vg F wi up H, j' ff? U 9 Q If ' I Q' fi N '-'wx ' - V, if -:if V "W , V-dm Y A Y , E' "" I ,IW Z LL' .11 'i . y' 5, 5: X 5 my V , Y f -' -AQw.,' W' Mw- W 1 , 1 ., Q, :L 'W " Q, 24 ,f Qin . ' 'J N1 ix-by 1 l EL. 1? Cf ?9 EW'-j hx: X: 1, F 1 Era Q tg E rf.-.'v' F-I ' , if if J f .V I IL Q41 ,- '-" ' ab.. - 1-. 1 W ' , . !fy . su N 5' if 'SL i M- 'U w fnilqil 'QYFM7 v Q A x s HEY M5 - F W Q , P . - f 23551 n, Y- S Y V I I - -. I ip 4 -5-.n : Q. , My .V ' fl Q I X V 11 'L 15? 1 -Pi ghfff' '. I 7' v . ', s 'f' Fa' 1- 1 , w uw uw 'f g, 4 Q ' S fa , , "' ,p Y w, J .. 1 X M, . n L W-.VV 1,1 hz, 5I1..A.j T.. W, ,v..,, 5 X I ,551 'mug ff' ' A 7 l K ., , I - ' 1' Y ji I i'. .A E if, - A A Q, X. 1 " ' 9"-iw-HE. ' Q 'Q' 39 Y 'L'--, Q' .4 'X Lyf 'f X ,, X ' 1- w- -Q J Q ,U 11 , ,Y A .... V -' .. lf Z 4 ,JAL V -uw V , L ,Ly ,gg -N 5 xxx li. X sa.. ? 1 wk L Kg x I pm 4 Sigma u XI Chapter of Sigma Nu is best known on campus for its versatility. Brothers are to be found in all activities holding many offices, among them presidents of the Barkley Forum, Collegiate Civitan and the Liberal Club, president and vice-president of the American Institute of Physics, vice-presi- dent of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a pre-medical honorary fraternity, and the Inter- national Relations Clubg managing editors of the Wheel and The Campus, sec- retary and manager of the Glee Club, news editor of The Wheel, and the Coke Lounge Director of the Student Center Board. Many brothers have been recognized for their excellence in the fields of scholarship, leadership and journalism. Sigma Nus are members of Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Eta Sigma Psi, Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, and Stipe Scholars. In addition, Sigma Nu has varsityfathletes in soccer, tennis, and wrestling, and the fraternity consistently places high in all interfraternity sports, winning' the second flight in volleyball, placing second in softball and third in swim- ming this last year. Scholastically, Sigma Nu ranks fourth on campus, with a number of brothers consistently on the Deans list. In the field of community services, Sigma Nu topped the Row in money collected for the.Empty Stocking Fund, and the annual Orphans Christmas Party was a great success in the eyes of the children. W. Babcock, N. Bell, C. Bridges, J. Brown, R. Buchanan, W. Campbell. H. Carlisle, W. Car- rier, I. Cobbs, E. Cole, W. Cook, Cullen. P. Dobbins, K. Dozier, J. H. Drummond, J. P. Drummond, C. Edger- ton, M. Emerson. R. Eyman, R. Fair- child, S. Finch, M. l Gamble, B. Golczyn- I ski, E. Guerrero. SECRETARY Eddie Able PRESIDENT TREASURER Tommy Gailey Cliff McClure R. Gunby, G. Harri- son, M. Hawkins, R. Herwich, I. Higgins, J. Hogenmuller. H. jackson, E. jones, R Kell R Kennon - y, . . L. Lastinger, H. Loehr. W. McWhirter, C. Myers, J. Henry, S. Oms, D. Payne, Pil- cher. W. Pirlke, H. Pope, G. Rouadi, R. Rogers, J. Shinall, F. Smith. J. Stephens, K. Wag- ner, W. Walker, J. Ward, M. Woodruff, W. Zewadski. i .1 ,, ' at 'hi 2 SWEETHEART Judy Farabee Tau Epsilon Phi Mu Chapter of Tau Epsilon Phi was first established on the Emory cam- pus in 1919. The present house was built in 1951. The traditions of Tau Epsilon Phi have been present since its inception. These traditions, of ideals, friendship, service, and chivalry, serve as the fraternity's guiding lights. In recent years, a spirit of individualism has permeated the TEP house. The fraternity believes that the group is made up of the individual members, and as such, Tau Epsilon Phi presents no group image. TEP actives and pledges won the scholarship trophy both fall and winter quarters. F. Annis, R. Barrow, S. Berkman, W. Cohn, M. Eisler. I. Epstein, G. Fox, A. Geffen, B. Glassman, S. Goldston. Greene, R. Hoffman C. Goodman, N. Gould, L. Greene, S. PRESIDENT Steve Levinson J. Horowitz, J. Jacobs S. Levy, T. Lifland. N. Miller, W. Miller, P, Morrison, S. Rat now. A. Rosen, M. Ross, P. Schneider, A. Shwin. I. Silverman, B. Stern- berg, B. Stone, T. Wfeisblatt. ii , if Bruce Kohn if? - ul"4 I 4 9 -Q.. . . T TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY SWEETHEART Loren Stahl Harold Lavine Terry Alexander Sigma Nus give Christmas party for underprivileged children. Fraternit Activities Fiji Hoof. Delta Tau Delta's and their new house pet. EUUFY EMLL ' ggrln osmw , , ..., ' ' 1 "ETF 1 LQUVJIL 1 Q ' - - Q: . - H - . mm U. ' ' 'L mu mu , ,,. , 4, .4 baht , W, 9 1 o Dooley's Diary Dooley's Diary SEPTEMBER 13 Dooley notices that the campus is buzzing early this year. The SCB Freshman Orientation Dance is a good innovation, and the fraternity men are rushing for all they are worth, even though it is illegal. Dean Stephens smiles and twitches his knee in time with the music. Out of the corner of his eye Dooley notices a paint-smeared co-ed trying to dance without being seen. The Wheel office is canary yellow the next morning. SEPT. 12 Dooley returns to Atlanta's "pile of renaissance buildings." He is struck by the lack of Time, Life, and Sport: Illumwled sub- scriptions being bought on campus. Dr. Ladd silently smiles and waits for the next meeting of the Committee on College Environ- ment. SEPT. 14 Hammers and jukeboxes, lawnmowers and cut-offs, it looks like Dooley's Frolics without girls. Rush is upon the Row. Dooley pre- fers girls. SEPT. 15 Dooley learns that the SCB has received permission to charge for its entertainments. They immediately spend 315.000 and school has not started yet. Dooley is impressed and decides to adopt a wait and see attitude. SEPT. 16 RUSH: Pretty girls, boys in their recently shined Weejuns, courtesy, anecdotes, Dsychologv and laryngitis. Andy Sheldon in a coat and rep tie, black umbrella, pipe and other escutcheons, blesses it all with a Mephistophelean grin. SEPT. 17 After four days of orientation at Emory, Dooley overhears bewil- dered Frosh "I understand everything except, what is orienta- tion?" Also overheard in afreshman soprano, "I just looove the post-office, it's so exciting here!" Dooley tries not to laugh. SEPT. 19 RUSH: Dooley wonders why 500 girls have to walk alike, dress alike and smile continuously in single-file to impress 250 girls who want to do. the same thing for God knows what reason. Dooley wonders if some of the old-timers wear knee pads under their dresses. SEPT. 20 First day of classes. Everybody has avowed to make Dean's List and so they attend the first day. A goodly number are thinking about final rush functions that night and many girls are to have their first Emory date. SEPT. 22 Pledges walk the Row and what a pretty day it is. The Pledge classes are small this year, AEPi and Phi Delt taking the larg- est but not necessarily the best. Andy Sheldon is no longer grin- ning. SEPT. 25 School begins! Again! OCT. 1 Teas are the order of the day, and Dooley doesn't like tea. All of them are for Dr. Atwood who won the hearts of everyone with the immortal statement "You people are twice as good as you think you are." Drink up, Dr., you earned it. OCT. 5 Wheel wins Associated Collegiate Press "All-American" rating. Bill Hedgepeth comes back to Campus full of wrath, Bob Cham- bersdjust smiles. Dava Aiken decides not to have this year's paper rate . OCT. 5 Wheel column headed " 'Intramurals will Continue,' Cooper warns Fraternities." Dooley remembers in March when the same Coach discontinues the same intramurals. Oh well! OCT. 6 Miss Diane Love became Miss '67 at the Freshman dance. Dooley approves heartily but wonders about some of the quotes in the Wheel, i.e. "The life of a freshman is certainly hectic, it seems as if the courses get harder and the time shorter every day." Say it ain't so. I Friendly Greetings and Good Wishes WEST PUBLISHING CO ST. PAUL 2, MINNESOTA V3 N. . YM A355 I . !agfg'wf.f' 31 Vqfif' ff-'., ' :Qi mf 'fill 'X 'I -:Ali fr ,-. Lili?-'f fiilifjf'-, ,gli JA- , Fred - 453:-51, rx "9 ' P an " - ...xv N ROBERLQNQ co TES W- -,,., x . Pl .- if . ' 1 SELECTING YOUR LABORATORY Wi+h Den+is+s who know values, 'Phe primary considerafion when if comes +o Laborafory service is fechnical knowledge and skill. REPUTATION "record of performance" is of u+mos+ imporfance. Repu+a+ions are buili slowly, over a long period of years, by fine qualify and superior service. When il' comes 'I'o selecfing your Labora+ory, +he deciding facfors are qualify, service, presfige-and o+her considera'rions less +angible +han price, buf much more impor+an+. We have been in +his business fiffy-one years: +his accumulafed s+ore of knowledge and experience is af your command. iii ARMSTRONG-SMITH CO. Master Dental Technicians AL I-767l P. O. BOX 9I2 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Dooley's Diary OCT. 7 Fine Arts Festival Plans appear. Chet Mirsky is brimming and the SCB is spending 313,000 Odetta is to appear. However, they are starting three months earlier than last year. OCT. 10 Informal discussions Covering Contemporary Culture are given for the first time in the cafeteria. Started by three independent students, the series is planned for the whole year. Good luck to a good idea. OCT. 11 Senator Pelham becomes Coach of the Barkely Forum. They pro- ceed to win every trophy in sight and some quite out of sight. More progress. OCT. 12 Delta Tau Delta House has real lion on the lawn, the kind that growls and bites. Dooley does not see the humor or the seat of his pants. The Delts get rid of the lion. OCT. 14 Student Council issues a resolution against merchants in the Village who operate segregated establishments. Big furor at the time. Dooley notices at the end of the year that the establish- ments are still segregated. Dooley gives the Council an Emory for effort. OCT. 16 Much talk about buildings on the campus. New dental school, new graduate dorms with single rooms fDooley thinks he knows whyj new Yerkes Primate Center fGym, maybej and new audi- torium are all in the works. Dooley is amazed and immediately buys car and new map. However, on going outside, he cannot find the buildings in question. OCT. 31 Mr. King of the Security Dept. announces that taped on decals are illegal on Emory automobiles. Dooley remembers that when you apply this year's decal with water it cracks, falls apart and generally disintegrates, except for the number. Dooley thinks we should go back to the old expensive decal. :Z ll '35 E-- I I itil ,ggi ' i ' ,- I , - X 5-js Qi' N- . . " .X il i. -. . V- I3 - it V 1-:T . tr I-gt: I.NN, . V, I if I li l I 'l ,A M ig if fit w.5,3 womc-AND-sroRAGE CENTERS TAILORED FOR THE DENTAL OPERATORY An entirely new cabinet ideal A complete selection of work-and-storage centers posi- tioned where you need them for more productive, less fatiguing ottice hours. Cost less-can be installed easily. :H ' Manufacturing Company ' Two Rivals ' Wisconsin BUILDING YOUR GEORGIA LIBRARY GEORGIA Books GEORGIA CODE ANNOTATED, forty-tour boolrs with I963 Current Cumulative Pocket Parts. GEORGIA COURT RULES ANNOTATED, with I958 Pocket Supple- ment. GEORGIA REPORTS-Volumes I to 2I8, inclusive and GEORGIA APPEALS REPORTS, Volumes I to I07, inclusive, bound in bucltram. GEORGIA LAW REPORTER iAdvance Sheets to the Georgia Reports and Appeals-issued weeItly.l mately twenty-five volumes lVoIumes I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 NOW READY.l GREEN'S GEORGIA EVIDENCE, with I964 Pocket Supplement. GEORGIA PROCEDURE and PRACTICE, Revised and 'Enlarged Edi- tion, one volume with I963 Poclret Supplement. MOLNAR'S GEORGIA CRIMINAL LAW, with I96I Poclret Supple- ment. NADLER, GEORGIA LAW OF CORPORATIONS, with I962 Pocitet Supplement. BROWN'S GEORGIA PLEADING, PRACTICE and LEGAL FORMS ANNOTATED, APPROXIMATELY EIGHT VOLUMES, lVoIumes I. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, now ready.l ENCYCLOPEDIA OF GEORGIA LAW, to be complete in approxi- GENERAL BOOKS ANDERSON, DECLARATORY JUDGMENTS, three volumes, with I959 Pocltet Supplement. BALLENTINE. PRONOUNCING LAW DICTIONARY and Pocltet Supplement. FEDERAL CODE ANNOTATED, complete with Current Pocket Parts. GAZAN, TRIAL TACTICS and EXPERIENCES. NADLER, DEBTOR RELIEF with I962 Pocitet Supplement. WATKINS. SHIPPERS and CARRIERS, INTERSTATE FREIGHT, 5th Edition, two volumes. I962. 0 For COMPLETE INFORMATION as to prices, terms, etc., write to . . . THE HARRISON COMPANY LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS POWELL, ACTIONS FOR LAND, Revised Edition. REDFEARN ON WILLS and ADMINISTRATION of ESTATES IN GEORGIA, Second Edition with I963 Pocitet Supplement. Ed. A. Brennan ................................................ Georgia Representative Ben A. Hinson ............................ Southwest Georgia Representative 93 Hunter Street S. W. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 Dooley's Diar NOV. 1 The IFC Sing, Greek Week, and other established entertain- ments take place. Dr. Atwood wins the Banquet, Sigma Chi wins the Sing. Oscar Brown Jr. wins the dance after Billy Butterfield defaults. Oscar Brown also adjourns to the TEP house after the dance and does the libretto from his new show "A Cappel- la." Dooley is quite impressed and goes immediately to Dr. Lemmonds for singing lessons. NOV. 5-8 NO Religious Emphasis Week happens but no new evangelical move- ments sweep the campus. At least Dooley thinks that it was. Vir- idiana is shown in conjunction and nobody understands except Dr. Strauss and Dooley is not so sure about him either. V.4 Ethel Vigodsky is "Wheel Girl" in a bikini. Immediately gets unlisted phone number. Dooley is hurt and tries applying to her new office on the third floor of the Ad building. The line is too long however, seems it is the spot to spend a coffee break. NOV. 5 Posters, Posters everywhere, and the Freshmen are off and run- ning. Nobody really knows what they are running for but it seemed like a good idea at the time. It rains on Sat. when the posters have to be taken down. NOV. 6 The Committee for Non-Violent Action stops at Emory on its way from Quebec to Cuba. They sit on the Emory Quad to rest their feet and everybody goes to see them. It is the biggest thing since Bishop Tomlinson "King of the World" made his last appearance in these parts. Dooley plans to use both for exhibits on his week- end. NOV. 1 5 President Atwood is formally inaugurated on the Quadrangle in full academic regalia and what must certainly have been the greatest exhibition of pomp and circumstance ever seen in these here parts. It was truly a beautiful ceremony and an inspiring beginning for an inspiring President. Dooley feels out of place READY to help you build your practice in prosthetics with the tinest ot cratts- manship, service and materials. KIRKLAND 81 MCCLESKY Dental Laboratory 374 Courtland Street, N. E. Sta. H, Box 634l ATLANTA 8, GEORGIA ZIP CODE 30308 Phone: TRinity 4-2702 Best Wishes From . "The House Ot A Thousand Models" an Home ot Brown Precision Attachments COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION I3l EAST 23rcl STREET NEW YORK IO. N. Y. Specializing in Imported Foods GEORGE'S DELICATESSEN Beers Wines I04I N. HIGHLAND AVE. YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED University Laundry and Cleaners lDobbs Halll Universily Barber Shop IAM B-Bookstore Entrancel GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES BOB CARROLL FURNITURE 81 APPLIANCE CO. 2140 N. DECATUR PLAZA Corner North Decatur Road and Clairmonl' DECATUR, GEORGIA BOB CARROLL Sales - Service MEIrose 4-24II Lamp Repair Dooley's Diary at the seated luncheon in the gym, until he sees Richi Atwood fthe President's ten-year-old sonj selling extra programs. NOV. 16 john Holmes is elected President of the Freshman Class. Re- member that name as you will probably not hear it again in the next four years. But that is the liability of being Freshman Class President. NOV. 22 People stand around in bunches listening to transitor radios. They quickly return to their dorms and crowd the TVs. All is silent and faces reflect the stunned disbelief and total shock whgchdwill mark this day forever. President John F. Kennedy is ea . NOV. 25-27 Everyone leaves for Thanksgiving which starts the 28th. Dooley wonders what's the rush? The answers are not printable. DEC. 6 Glee Club and Chorale present the traditional Christmas Service in Glenn on Friday night and Sunday. Dooley attends and thinks that it is one of the most beautiful things that has been produced at Emory. Dr. Lemmonds has arrived and the musical tradition at Emory seems once again to be in excellent hands. DEC. 11 The IFC presents Flatt and Scruggs in the gym and everyone there goes wild. Andy Sheldon sits with the same pipe and um- brella and looks quite bewildered, Dean Pershing quietly bounces his leg. Other Emory sophisticates are not quite sure how to re- act. A good time was had by all. Dooley is glad to see The Emory Student let his hair down. DEC. 14 Finals begin and the girls wear slacks and the boys d0n't shave. Pardon me, these are only the boys and girls who don't study. The ones that do are in the dorms where Dooley can't see them. Good show to all you sloppy dressers, Dooley hopes that you and your dex are back to brighten up the campus next quarter. Dooley's Diary DEC. 15 The Pheonix comes out. John Tucker blames it on Eleanor Ran- dolph. Eleanor blames it on John. After the tumult and the shouting, people take their exams and forget the Pheonix. The Eflitors forget the people and everybody is happy. Except maybe eanor. DEC. 18 Everybody goes home for Christmas recess. Dooley is very sur- prised to have a white Christmas, So is everybody. It is 15 below zero in Memphis. Ah, the sunny South. JAN. 2 Registration: but nobody shows up because of the snow which blocks the roads. Dooley notices that every other school post- pones registration, but not Emory. Emory pretends it didn't snow. Maybe that will teach the Administration not to have registration on the second. JAN. 4 The bane of the Emory studentg Saturday classes. Nobody goes, including the faculty. Emory pretends that everybody does. Maybe that will teach them etc. JAN. 13 Ben Johnson elected new president of the IFC and takes office with a stirring speech. Dean Pershing and Ray Gandy are present- ed with pipe holders which Sheldon forgot to engrave. Things are normal with the IFC. JAN. 14 Wheel initiates calendar, sample excerpt, "IRC reception for Francis W. Carpenter, Blue Room Cox Hall." Dooley feels that this only confuses people since he doesn't know who the person is, let alone what the organization is, and he is not at all sure about the existence of Cox Hall or the Wheel for that matter. JAN. 16 The third installment of the Wheel's daring expose on Honor Council violations is printed. The Wheel prints no names in order to protect the guilty parties, but surrounds the articles in flute black-face type. An amazing exhibition of editorial daring- o. TIME TO EQUIP YOURSELF FOR FUTURE SUCCESS the best of everything! S. S. WHITE QUALITY DENTAL PRODUCTS SEM EQUIPMENT HANDPIECES INSTRUMENTS FILLING MATERIALS FREE OFFICE'PLANNlNG ORTHODONTIC SUPPLIES PROSTHETIC MATERIALS PRECIOUS METALS 'zz qv .- -' '.!Il 1' ' L, ...mal W on-1. ww 95,3 E ', QL? " 'Ii f:ESiT4fffEf2Qi,.L:Q II f- fi ' " f-' ' -'?'fQT,fI,' I ' 1 , 'fr L 12: he 'iff 'fili ' 1 . :ff-.fig 1-A-,..:Zg,L,1-f Contact your ' S. S. White Dealer or write to - - THE S.S. WHITE DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO., Philadelphia 5. P3- Compliments of BARGE-THOMPSON, INCORPORATED Engineers and Contractors ir l4I5 H II MII Road, N.W. ATLANTA GEORGIA Dooley's Diar JAN. 22 ODK taps four, two of which are juniors. ODK is getting over- anxious. Dooley wonders which Junior has no office at the time of his tapping? Simultaneously, Phi Beta Kappa taps five, how- ever, they do it as unobtrusively as possible on the bottom of page two. JAN. 23 Barkley Forum wins its 57th tournament of the year. Dooley adopts wait and see attitude. JAN. 24 Emory celebrates its 127th birthday by getting drunk and de- veloping horrible hangover. No students attended this debauch- ery. JAN. 25-26 Benie Bruner fills a record six columns in the Wheel while at- tempting to cover the Gay Society of Emory for this weekend. Dooley notes that she only misspelled five names, a record which lasted until the third week in February, when she only misspelled three. JAN. 30 President Atwood announces an 8-story addition for the Wood- ruff Memorial Building. He also announces the earmarking of S40 million for other medical buildings. Dooley wonders how much the new flower pots in front of Cox Hall will cost. JAN. 31 After one month's constant effort with pencil and paper, the Ad- ministration announces that Tau Epsilon Phi and Alpha Epsilon Phi topped the fraternity and sorority scholarship lists for Fall Quarter. Dooley wonders why it takes an entire month to figure out the averages, and begins to worry what the Univer- sity IBM Machines are being saved for. FEB. 3 Creative Arts Festival begins with Mr. Vance Packard giving the opening lecture. Dooley notices that ticket sales have been good and the Festival is only 553000 under when it begins. Vance Packard is not so good due to the fact that he cannot speak. Dooley looks forward to "Anclrocles and the Lion" on Tuesday. Dooley's Diary FEB. 4 "Androcles" was excellent and Don Gehring is selling tickets and handing out cigars simultaneously. Don is confused, but Chair- man Chet Mirsky straightens him out. Don now sells cigars and gives away tickets. FEB. 5 It is raining very hard and 500 people crowd their way into Glenn to hear Sabicas. It is not crowded inside, but the rain is what makes everyone crowd. Sabicas enthralls the audience with his mastery of the guitar and receives four Q45 standing ova- tions. Everyone concerned is pleased. So is Sabicas. Dooley has only Done reservation, though: was Sabicas his first or last name. FEB. 6 A healthy throng of people turn out to see if Harry Cannon is really the "Barber of Seville." Yet despite this initial disappoint- ment, the Turnau Opera Players succeeded in bringing highbrow culture to a tweezed lowbrow campus and getting away with it. Chet Mirsky is showing the beginnings of a smile, and Dooley is happy he doesn't have to fight his way to see the New York Metropolitan Opera in May. FEB. 7 Cannonball Adderly and the gym is decked out with its most festive sweatshirts. A small crowd, the greatest luminary being Dean Pershing who, Dooley notices, is listening not to the jazz, big al it. Charles Lloyd is the clarinetist and he looks just like a eron. FEB. 8 Bob Dylan in Glenn and the place is mobbed with the long- haired, hip-booted, guitar swinging set. Dooley notices students in coats and ties feeling terribly uncomfortable. He also notices that cigarettes are being put out on the floor of Glenn. He wonders if iconoclasm simply means bad manners or no manners. FEB. 9 The debris is cleared and Chet Mirsky discovers that the net loss will be 32000. This is not so bad since everyone enjoyed the Festival, so the SCB says "charge it, please." There are demo- Jo L PRACTICE PRECISIUN X Glllll WURK! Advanced JELENKO products and technics build confidence and competence . . . save time and work . . . make it easier to recom- mend and execute gold inlays, crowns, and bridges where indicated. Aurommc THERMDTRDL irc INLAY runmct in-ri mrs MATERIAL cAsrlNc MACHINE . ,- og X , , gil." ik g THE VERTICULATOR Moouinv ci FIRMILAV Qgi fgli. 9 id 2 lillliilllblll 1 ,775 hfzlti.. U Y .,,, u g " smut Q7 ?51fif'.'f:"1'?' V' '- F' 'fE5'l'f"2".w:: lm?- For comprehensive technical 5 K: LOOK To JELENK0 FUR literature on all equipment and haw. PROGRESS IN FROSTHETICS - .gm t . operative materials, write to J. F. 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"W, '. ,, -Q . pf 1,1 1 1 ' m u 1 w . ,Q R K A . r W, M ad gi was Ei Dooley's Diary crats everywhere thinks Dooley. Hoda Levine looks notably un- flappable. FEB. 10 WEMO, Means Hall Radio, covers the university like manna, and makes its first broadcast with the most inexperienced staff of announcers in the business. Station manager Jeff Miller an- nounces that the hours are ten till, the till indicating the time at which the announcer falls asleep. Dooley wishes the radio all the luck in the world and most of the electricity and dex. FEB. 11 Dean Pershing receives early Valentine from Dean Robinson to the effectg "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, The Student Activities Don't Really Need You." Dean Pershing is understandably taken aback and as explanation cites Dean Robinson's words. "The in- cipient assumption by me of responsibility for all student activ- ities will enable an ease of financial pecunability and thus facilitate the continued measured and vitally fantastic growth of said functions as above stated." Dean Pershing simply thinks it is unethical, so do a great many other people. Dooley hopes a more amicable and effective arrangement will be made by both parties. FEB. 14 Happy Valentine's day from Sneaky. FEB. 15 Don Moore celebrates the Ides of February by confirming the rise in dorm rents, effective Fall, 1964. Dooley wonders how the increase will affect his coffin . . . it has been shaken too many times already. FEB. 16 The government linked smoking and cancer, so the Wheel can- vassed the Student Body with 100 questionaires about their smoking habits. Significantly, 31 reported that they smoked. making these thirty-one people a significant figure. Dooley noted that joe B. Massey wasn't handing out free samples of Salem anymore, and praised the Power of the Press. Dooley's Diar production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" by constructing gallows under the guidance of General Manager Claude Tison. Dooley wonders if said gallows would be saved for the Red Skele- tons in C1aude's closet, but didn't hang around to find out. "Better to be dead than red in Tison's book," he said, and crawl- ed back to his coffin. FEB. 20 The Wheel blossomed forth with the pictures of six fraternity sweethearts on page one, including Ethel Vigodsky sans bikini, and Benie Bruner sans misspelled name. Dooley was happy, and spent the remainder of the week pasting the pictures of Judy Jams, Penny Baum, jenny Roane, and Sandra Coley on the walls of his den. FEB. 21 The Coke Lounge fyou remember the Coke Loungeg it's in the AMBJ receives a shot in the arm as people begin to realize that everything served there can be obtained in the Dorm vending machines. Dooley goes to speak to Helen jenkins about the prob- lem, and finds her sitting on a throne in her office mumbling something about "Let 'em eat cake." FEB. 22 Happy George Washington's Birthday. Everybody notices that Emory is finally closing down for a National Holidayg only Dooley realizes that it is a Saturday. And there are no more Saturday classes until March 7th. The Semantic Skeleton goes to Candler Estate to chop down a cherry tree in disgust. FEB. 24 Preregistration for Spring Quarter starts, and students are in- dustriously poring over course lists and the College Council Faculty Report Card. Dooley decides that it doesn't make any dif- ference, there just aren't any crip courses. FEB. 25 "Raisin in the Sun" is shown in the Biology Building which iust goes to show that the SCB will go anywhere to show a picture. 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MARCH 5 Arrlaon, the new literary magazine gets under way after scroung- ing money from the IFC. Andy Sheldon is behind it, since now that he is no longer IFC President, he can afford to dislike fra- ternities and grow a beard. Ben johnson gets sick of handing out money, when he notices that the IFC is sponsoring a Repub- lican Convention, a literary magazine, a Folk music concert, and an Air Force plaque. MARCH 5 The Wheel runs a special on the new drinking resolution which passed the Senate, Faculty Senate that is. Dava Aiken calls Dean Pershing at 12:00 Sunday night and then uses different infor- mation which she claims she received from a student who had the straight skinny. Dooley wonders about journalism. MARCH 6 Making a hard bid at the finish, Niki Fossett is chosen Miss Emory of 1964. Since the last five Miss Emory's have failed to return to Emory the following September due to marriage or other forms of disillusionment with the institution, Dooley would Eke to take this opportunity to congratulate Niki and say good- Y e. MARCH 8 The Debate team wins another two or three tournaments. Dooley adopts a wait and see attitude. MARCH 11 First successful panty raid of '64. Dooley lecherously watches as Emory men climb balconies and enter Harris Hall. They re- ceive panties for their efforts and to date nobody has been kicked out. Dooley thinks that this is the influence of Northern liberality. MARCH 14 Arthur Geffen falls off the balcony of the second floor of the TEP house and a KA VW retaliates by slamming into the living room. Both vehicles left the scene of the accident under their own power. MARCH 15 Finals start beneath balmy skies and all the KA's have beards so that Dooley can't tell who is studying and who is thinking about Old South. Jerry Leach, Emo1y's Rhodes Candidate, is still on Probation along with the rest of the Fraternity. MARCH 16 The Campus goes to press and thus beats the highest odds since The Clay upset. Dean Pershing breathes sigh of relief. The Phoe- nix does not appear and Dooley finds out that it will be dis- tributed at registration which cloesn't make any sense to Dooley. Publius' upset stomach is given as the reason. At this point in the narrative Dooley becomes so obsessed with his weekend of glory that his musings become incoherent. The only thing that is comprehensible is that the theme will be Birth of a Nation and that Sigma Chi will do the slaying of the Watusi in the Congo, featuring real blood and fake Watusi, The new IFC rush rules are in effect so everyone contemplates a hectic Senior day and the school is talking about spreading rush over two weeks next year. This is fine except that the girls will not have any place to rush which Doo- ley thinks is not quite fair. Dooley notices that Emory has changed rapidly this year. He says that the emphasis is on the big Northern university, sort of like Harvard, with quality of instruction and facilities being the great goal. The student is left to look after his own welfare and in many cases to pay for it. Dooley realizes that this will gain Emory a great deal of prestige, but can't help wonder- ing that it might be better to save a little of the Southern concern for the rights and welfare of the individual. Dooley has always liked to call the students by name, anachronistic we admit, and totally in- practical in this modern age, but nice anyway. Dooley has an idea that in the interest of progress he won't be here next year, but ra- tionalizes that you can't have everything. Being the conceited old thing that he is however, he always sort of thought that he stood for something and meant something. Dooley wishes the Seniors good- bye and Emory good luck and crawls back into his coffin, silently hoping that the lid will open next year. FOR A FINANCIAL FUTURE YOU CAN BANK ON SEE C8aS YOUR FULL slsnvlcs BANK ,fl 1 X 1 Km X u I 1 I 1 . YR I I , ., H, , . X M X Tw X THE CITIZENS 84 SOUTHERN EMORY BANK 1237 CLAIRMONT AVENUE, DECATUR 378-7591 M8I'l1I1BI', Federal Deposit IIlSIIl'HI1C9 c0I'P0l'3IIIJlI -1 I 'fell ' E' Fiizfm-' iT,'.'fj',:1, ,,,. 2541233 111 only Bioblendt offers the range of natural tooth oolors for the age and oomplexion requirements of e ery denture C6588 When you design a denture case with Trubyte Bioblend, the entire range of natural tooth colors is at your fingertips. With the new, improved Blend Selector, you can see at a glance the twelve cor- related polychromatic blends of central, lateral and cuspid. You can match more natural teeth than ever before-for every age group, for every complexion type. 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' One of fhe mosf imporfanf of fhese aids fo you will be fhe laborafory you selecf fo help you in serving your pafienfs. In so doing we cordially invife you fo visif us and see for yourself fhaf affer 45 ears of con- finuous service fo fhe denfal profession, we feel fhaf you can be assured of fhe finesf in denfal resforafions for your pafienfs. ln closing we wish fo exfend our congrafulafions fo you in having selecfed denfisfry as your profession. Service fo mankind will reward you wifh many years of happiness. Looking forward fo your visif wifh us. Very Truly Yours. M. M. MARTIN zmfMMM M. M. MARTIN "The Service That Satisfies" w. M. MARTIN Editor's Epitaph Ending an entire year's work with one short state- ment such as this is difficult. I feel a great deal of re- lief that the final copy is in and that there are no more deadlines to meet, but I also feel a sense of loss at leaving something that has brought much satisfaction. A yearbook is many things to many people, but to me its prime mission is to present the record of a year in as comprehensive a manner as is practical and to give as much of the atmosphere and attitude of the students as is possible. To this end we have worked this year. The production of such a book as this is in every way a team effort. There are many people on my staff and outside it who deserve praise for their work and in- terest. A few, however, I would like to mention. Our photographer for the major part of the year has been Darrell Thompson, who' along with his student as- sistants did a commendable job in taking over our pho- tography. The pictures in the book are a tribute to their ability and their constant advice and help. I would also like to thank Judy Long, and Bob Gunby who as Manag- ing and Associate Editors, respectively, were the real work horses. The constant interest, concern, and help given by the administration was also a great aid. Finally I would like to express my gratitude to the student body for their support and for giving me this opportunity. To next year's editors I give my congratulations, and all my good wishes. Thank you again, AI. WIGHT Editor of the 1964 Campus TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" x ru r ' .1 5 . . ', ,, , . I - 4 3 -v - .-v . -pq., v 1 -ul . ' ' ' ' Q. 5' 'Q .-1' , n -1-'M V 'qs , ., .4 N - f . " 5-"""'-1-"-'......E?a"' A' 6312" --H - -- - .P- ' I: ag o . .5 Q1 ...ff-" 'Y H ,, .. .. A .V 'bg ' ,N 0 0 , O "4" , Y anus-5: YO..-..-'."' 0" A' - . I' , " ' . -1 L XU, V h 4 I rf b , l 5 , AA. ' --0 A, ' Y H' Q. ' 'nn - -rn"""""' , A 8 ' ' ll ' . "ll'l- na:-in 5 ' ' n . U w U, , ' ' -- 41 H-V-if . M ,H Af' -it ,,, 'ya 4 ug, 2 . V A 0 J :4 0 A ,- ' r-eww Y"" O A , Q " F' tif-dlrlsw 1 ' ..... P ,,-1 ax- 2 6 A -. , a',, Q.. A T nw I ' Lxs.?1 J Nj ' I Mp- " 'i 1 , 'lg . . mi 'T L 1 i I J V x 1 I I w 1 r W Wi I I I 1 vi i ,gl J 1 .9 4 Y J 1 I 01,1 ,J I W W L i I N 1 I P I 5 I a , . R l I 5 w J ' 2 L 1 . Q 1 r unit ' Jil- ' U .' I 1 nn I- , in ' , , 'vor ' 4 I I4 "'L Q: i' I - v. ul . 4 uv" ' G .. ll H ll' . an .QI ll n I-If ll I I 1 ' . Q . 119 I - 1. , 9 4-'P' 1 I . . "rn rl n , If . V ,Q '- 4 I On li DH Sl: I J hx ll lull f. Q Q un' x an 1 - I I his I " laaauuglm' I ggi- I 3: I : Il 7 r . I A x ' T 'A ' .. ...pae- . - 25 1 ' , j . f' -A 1 ' -U X Y I ' , . . un. nav - .rI Lllru- I agile , sg I, vfq I .I 3:3 1 , .u .fan--4.-u Q' I"j 3 II, F'-41 'Il 5 I ' - "" -- -IN rnII I O- I r,,,, ' f'."I It' If ' 4 Ig' " 0 , - If . V e V ' uv ' . ii -:f- if . lun l- ' ' ' ' 1 g' v L - ' ....., I- IQi' , -rf. . I-' IF 0 ' ' ' ' '. ' .. ' ' iv: " M. ' E 0 ' ' -.-r, Y ' , ' - 'Q ' -i ye - tal. I I,,A, r ' 3 'l:. I Q. I ,' I: I nyn. gll Q 2 I ,I 1 G. , I . W iv: 'B H . Q 1 "' ! -T , ' ' , .iss-N f x -R+ 40"- 41 l I . 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Suggestions in the Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Emory University - Campus Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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