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: K 1 - 1 V l mXNM??? W'Wm 'w7sH.,gf.! X '35 li T Q1 vi Q3 Y UMW H W 59 L-J Q Ehit-zggpimil iglicqpnmzc-im Qwilihlvgmfglm 9700 PUB 9 QAM 1 P o eoxzv OVC OF EMORY UNXNIEFSXTY PMAN CUNNXNGH wxwxcz CHA eusn-less XTY QA wsfxeso The Qurxvose oi a yearbook is to present to t body' s -picture of what has transpired This includes all aspects religiow, stusien Gal' . tic , the the school X ial, scholes the admin- effing soc ts of d oi student lie - and athletic - all those aspec ' eiiect the students' lives, and 5-ying to break away Whl-Ch 111 instration those escapes of students irom the scholastic grind, lt is for the 'reader to decide to what degree the yearbook has succeeded in recording, these events. lt is our belief that this is e true what has taken place at Emory' and that ' it not only how but record oi you the reader wiil engoy future gears , iv eii The Editors and St 4 Cqwmmmgb IUJ+w11HHcUMHanHn O Q AlCQHfIfHI?lHHliSKHOMHGDHH Ms slum SGHQHUGQQ UHKICMJTS U 0 D HDLubHEmM1mu ns D Mgiifimgifss Q O Simms 0 0 Fragmmmitives K, ?MHi'fLaMr3f 0 Fmftmwces 5, U Fiulsifmrfess SQHHQDQDH LEUWJ SGFVHKHDUDH 0 Tmnmgfy Scum Hrmimafme Sm Nfnunsimg S+3Ymcf:ml QQ!H+mUH+3M SUHwul JR, .. EDQQMH SfDTmufi:L Akmlwvgmiswmmnis ACTIVE SIIHUIAHSHIP as Z J. ,.-4- ' .... -,. ff ,'-',f',-- . -fx-. i ,, ,V 1591 13: W , 445- 'fs x fa is - ' ' ,Q.Z:1::l .? ff, A 5' 'ggi fx my J A f, ' ' X 2. X k sr. WM 'N -N ., f , , -i.-.N 'L X :' L- M'- f . Q , Q ff5,X..,- 5 I JN X1 , f X E x ' ,Q K ' H 3' ' X' - ' s . SWE, I . ff X xl Xb ,K if A '1- ,,,-1 1 , Q. 'gg J , K x mb - 4 ,VJM X ' p k J s Q... I l f , 5 QR ,. 1 I . 'w '-N. My ' . f 23 if. 5 W , 5' , 4 f 4 ' ., ' - 5 , 1 Q22 0 .gi . . gg, X3 -ffl ff ,S . iffy . ,wig , ws' 'Q , .- X 4 -. 4. L: :QM , , igqy 4 v J-vzxwi , 5 f- x f' fs 4 N73 . kf: ga ffgmma y , MA ::.s:1:.f,a:: .iffy 1- , Y 1,2 A, -Ref' .:. -4-if efwya -n fs: -7? vm' f 9 f 'A M ' ,.+1,?f X' -Q sum F '? Q, W f X ? Y W A x , . 1 x - .. Y E? M.,.A.,-,.W,f. TU PHUU IIE N WIQWI WI-IU ARE . .. 5. E 1 R. A A , S N ' TUB' . 5 A rf' ' R ms. . , if M. 55 fl Ari' gkgly, -, N .fait 1 1. 5 1 N W my V H1 ffficfl 2 15 -- ,521 'jf' ,Jig .,, 4, YV, ,, ! l on WUHTHY nr THE PHUMISE 'I.l. '- '. 1 x ,ni J , S flu 'f I nv sig 1 rl . -- 'L aa- 2' v ' I'-1 ,, If-' L- JI: 'vu .4 '.-. V K is' X 1- TI. 4- QA U.. . .' ' ' '. J Q sq Q .1 X. 'ft Q a:,N,.5,g'., ,k -.., - l H .. .55-.2 :Q :r,.f,b I an ' I A 'LM' , EJ' , . . -. m.a-- - . - , ' L'-'LQ 4' , .I . , ,n ' , ., 'L'-ii? 5 ' 5... L fr P- , if .- , .5 ' 'nn' IF- - . f.: it 1 .53 ,xl Q,-,ghig . in A .,,.., Q, -5 f. I 35. ,. qt , 5- 1 ' ,.,,,', . 'lu -0 ' -'Lg J- - ,Z 1 12- M, ' -H 5gl1.-X--. L f- -27' 1' . ' P' -1, .' - -u-- ,- V -Mrfa-14,21 . . 1 -A ' mul! H .. ma, JT.: -,,'. , ,. . X, . - ' ff . .piph ' uxfx' PA ' 5 'G 1 ' ' ' .vw 9:1 -, Es -5 - . N-w.' ,.4,- L, ,,..n ,, .,, v -,f 5,-Nm J ' 4 'ff :fin ' ,r ?'Ul f 'fl' 'A , a bv , U s 'mgg ya . - ,+- Va, .-'N :A gl , 'lr 2 4 1 J J- Y 'La ' 1 4-iasfz L. F fs.,,'.wN atfgax uw B' K' . ... JL Mm' I I- :Av sgt- .- . vm! l ZI4 15. nl, U bn,r5fLs 4 1 544: 31. J., if ,, - . -.H . x N. -. 4' J- 'fn' 'lm X15-' 7' .JN ,sf-3, ,-. .gf , p Jbxl f Wp'1,i '...r' - Y lk HQ? sqm T Nags , in 1 vb -555- GN fig? ?d47 iv'-31,8 R' gb ' r - ' 'fs -. s 6 1:99 'Pica wx tx ,.alqff'fw K ary rf Y 0 iff' 2 , ' n N fi A 'yy yu '1- 1 -Na 'SQ New! KK bl QP, Agfuiskf 'I' u 44 1 if -. 2, fl'1 5'? S . ff x 'ii' . gwqgsv U f-W5 5 ff-N11 'fig E 'Fi-az 5 ark it IM Q-ink. Nt-K 1 K. ? rt 'tw ,Na -196 5 mn. 'L Q we 059314 Q his ff' Q A N. fra, 'W' pf? ,H-1 ,AW -.. x'W wh UP THE FUTURE 1335 ... Q W N N W X Y I I I O 1 W 1 ACH year in the Emory life there seems to be one man who typifies the most desirable spirit between University and student, a man who exhibits a sincere in- terest in all forms of student activities, a man whose life extends beyond his ca- pacity as University official. To such a man the staff of the 1952 Campus wishes to dedicate this issue. Mr. Walt Davis is a native Atlantian, but he was raised and educated in Dal- ton, Ga. He received his A.B. degree in journalism from Emory in 1934, after which he attended Emory Law School for one year. While at Emory he was presi- dent of the Law student body, veep of the University student body, associate editor of the Wheel, feature editor of the Campus, member of Chi Phi social fraternity, and Omicron Delta Kappa, national honorary leadership society. Several years later, two of them spent in the army, Mr. Davis received his LL.B. from the Woodrow Wilson College of Law in Atlanta. He became Emory's Alumni field secretary in 1948 and is now Alumni Secretary for the University. We 'thank Mr. Davis for his many kindnesses and suggestions in helping us put out the 1952 Campus. We are looking forward to a long friendship with such an outstanding person. ? X I.. I : . I 4 .-F' Xi. .. 1 f Ya: , , 4 ,, f W -w mf X! ,mv ,V 4 , ,fy QQ, yy ,I I, yy! if I , V Q., ,gy ,,,:3y :J fm-gf,,',:,,f J 1 , ,V wif, x ,fjfgf f , , ., ,MWW4 ,fff,-My f ' 14,2 f A fiiagggnainga W1 -Vw-- 5,'L1'f4 -L 4 -u A A af A fyaf QfVL,7 wviflzfwfyfff vlwfiw - 'A - 1-I '- Y- 'E 'L ' ifLwffafu..f2fw:,ff,:V' wif fmt .::'.:f'v -gk, 7 - Ex?-.. asf 'ff 17 'Q .- A 1, yy J, iw 4Wwf,f'Vw44,'yn.gw ff' ,fy 44,-y2+'f4M6f 5,4 Q? N . + . . 3' V4 : ,f f,f,,,wff f . x .mm , 4 yy 7- ,yuf wf ., X, Ak.-fra , W jffff f ffvwzf ff cf f ff! M if fa fcfff W ff . 54 64 -fj -,. ,efML 5., 5 ' ' 4 f , - 5 1' ff f 4f f Q , Nffmvggfi 39? 4 ,ff M' X , ff f 'Y 9' 9 t X ya if X fi ff fffwizgigff w wyf 14,05 P' 1 ' ,, J yy 1 A 4 Pkwfw 1 f f M f f f f ,, 1 '5 Afgksgfgf f 4' ,ff Cf ' W ff in : f -z, , f Q ' H 'S QV fQQ4fif,4 f ' 4 f 4 Vx f fwff Q2 f .. A -5 g' , W My 1 f A f 1 4 f 1 ' ..,AA A ...A. ,M .,,. ,Qif f Y ' YQ--:.yEf. T4f5.1V154 - ' Af' -' .' .,: 1' Mp, '. ' ' . , A X ' v b . 1- ' ni- 4 ' WALT DAV S niversit lilministraiinn DR. GOODRICH C. WHITE President The administration of Emory University, under the capable guidance of President VVhite, have dedicated themselves to the task of making a truly great school out of an institution with a Hne heritage, noble purposes, and farereaching visions for the future. The task has been completed-the institution has become great. To the administra- tion go our thanks. - K -I. CQORDON STIPE Vz'c'f: President BO1SF1iUILI,.Ii'1' .lowes ELLIS H. IQIZCE Dean of Adil?l.I1I.SIfVII1IAUII Dean. of Students IGNATIUS VV. BROCK R6gI.Sf7'07' L. L. CLEGG Dzrect01'ofAdmissiom SANIUEL L. LAIRD Director fJfR6ZI4gl'01lS Life Dean H. Prentice Miller, Dean ol' the Lower Division ol' the College ol' Arts and Sciences, is advisor and counselor-aL-large to the lreshmen and sophomore students. Dean Miller has been traveling lor the University a great part ol this year, applying his elliorts toward building lLmory's Alumni Association to even higher standards. l-Iis guidance in the early days ol' the students college career has in many instances paved the way lor a sueeesslul college course lor a student previ- ously bewildered by college lile. DR. l'V1LL.1,xM D. l'1l'R1s,xNc:K ' CflClI'l'71lfl7I of 2116 Biology I9C'I7fl7'flll6lIf liullnqe Falzull Dean udson C. VVard, jr., as Dean of the College olf Arts and Sciences, has made his warm per- sonality Ifelt in the lives of many olf us through his understanding of student problems and his knowledge ol' the solutions to such problems. Dean XfVard, an Emory alumnus himsellf, has served in this capacity for lour years and is limory's youngest Dean. DR. OSBORNE R OUAX LL Cflairnmn of the Cf16I77l6f7QlD6 no lmwzt MQW f X x fav, GH '25 6, .gf A f ' S f u ,Q Sw XNH ww A , ifbl x 4 . 5. X ww- ws :N ,QLQW V nf wi iii M - Q, My ,sw vm, it fx 1251 .GW .4 me QNX. by .if vii ' ff W , . BSQW fy .. H 'V , 45,22 f ,f 1- 2: V A W f ,-4 X 1, X X 7 X N X 4 X R, H xx. Q x g Q, W , .. M, Qgx QM Q NX X X ,X X X Hx X XX 5 , 3 z 4 . , 'fr ' W y 'Wa 1 ,, ff 1 X M ,ig ff X wwf! ' , f 1 I H1 , , W 1 , 1 32. I 4 . - vi . yu . Q A lf . '1,' DR. Ru xmxn H. Nlxox DR. Cll.uu,1-.s R. HART Cllrzirman nj Illc'jnuV11z1li.w11 1,l'fHlIfllII'Hf Clmirmznz of llzz' Lalin Dl'llH!'fIlI6lIf DR. C1.AlBoRN11 G. I,.ATm11R DR. Lmzm' E. LOIZMKER DR. D. R. McM1x.1.AN, JR. Chairman of llze Malhemalifs Deparlmenl Clzairnzzzn of llze Philosophy Dej1ar'lmen! Chairman ofthe Physics Department . ,,.. U , 4, gf Y ! 1 7 DR. LYNYVOOD M. HOLLAND DR. M. CYRTIS LANCIIORNE Clzlzirnzan of Iliff P01iIif1ll.S'ri1fnm DFf2Ill'llIlI'IIf CIlIlfI'Il'1'flll of llze PSyl'llUIOgy Deparlmcnl DR. BRUCE R. GORDON DR. ALLEN D. ALBERT PROFESSOR GEORGE A. NEELY lzairnzan of the Romance Languages Deparluzezzz Cfldiflllllll of llze Sociology Depzzrtzzzezzl Clzairmfm of the Sjneerlz Departmelzt N. fa 2 ... Y' .. ...l.N.,, ' ' F5901-w N '- S , . -., ' . -. . J ., -.. x 1 I . 17 , 1 . -. m - ' F ' 1 I . S -. 7 .Af f AQ? ' . if , fu X , X. we ' Q, x ' 'fx M W , 'T 'Q-rm Q , VC, ., -1, 1, x5 4 N4 . 1 7 . Q qw W .x My , ' Hx 4 Zig wi? -X ,A f ,M -,, , ' iffff' Sjznlf.. ,- '-f xsn--,HW - - . , ,X 1 , --lil - '? AT, ui- 'Y-QZTR ,- 1 V-, ' :JEL Q2 ie 4, ! sf... SFU , '-2-A ii l .L ' if N'-if. ' 'QQ 1- H 1 2. -15 ' F'-n : h Ly: - I HM Nw 3 . 1 1 w ' IE FLOYD HAROLD ALBERT Bethesda. Maryland Journalism: Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpha Delta Sigma. Secretaryg Wheel, Sports Editor: Basketball MILES J. ALEXANDER ODK: Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary, President: Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Pi Sigma Alpha: Tau Epsilon Phi, Secretary, Vice President. President: Phoenix, Business Manager: Wheel, Campus: Barkley Debate Forum, Business Manager, Presi- dent: Football Ig Basketball 3: Cross-Country 2: Softball 3: Hillel Council, Treasurer: Alpha Phi Omega: All Campus Debate Champion: Var- sity Debate Team: lnterfraternity Council, Emory Christian .Association Council: Inter-Faith Coun- cil, Duult-y's Frolics Committee: Freshman Ori- entation Committee. JACK PEARCE ASHIXIORE, JR. Graeeville, Florida General Science: Phi Delta Theta. CLIFFORD RUDD BERRY Savannah, Georgia Psychol0gYC Star and Crescent Club: Wesley Fellowship: Pre- Ministerial. 7, 3: Baseball 2: Softball 3: UE Club: Circle K Club. 1952 VANCE PRINCETON BARNES Atlanta, Georgia Pre-Med: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Circle K Club. ROBERT CHARLES BOOZER Atlanta, Georgia JOE BEASLEY Atlanta. Georgia Philosophy: Phi Delta Theta. JOHN ALFRED BOWERS Atlanta. Georgia Economics: Kappa Alpha: Phi Pre-Med. Beta Kappa: ODKQ Eta Sigma Psi: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon Alpha Kappa Psi. President Campus 2. 3: Student Councili Student Body Vice Presidentg Glee Club: Debate Forum. MILES J. ALEXANDER Wliehita, Kansas Political Science: Tau Epsilon Phi, President, Vice President. Secretary: Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary. President: Alvita Epsi- lon Upsilong Pi Sigma Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega: Phoenix, Busi- ness Manager, Wheel: Campus: Barkley Forum. President. Man- aecr: Football 1: Basketball 3: Softball 3: Cross-Countrv 2: ECA Council: Hillel Council: Inter- lraternity Council. FERNANDO F. AMATRAIN Orlando, Florida Biology: Sigma Pi. SE IUH ROBERT JORDAN BECKHAM Miami. Florida Politival Science: Kappa Alpha Debate Forum: Gln-P Club: Font- ball I, 3, 4. JACK R. BOZEMAN Atlanta, Georgia Social Science. MARION ROSS BECTON Herndon. Georgia Pre-Theology: Pi Kappa Alpha Glee Club: Pre-Ministerial Club, Vice President. ARTHUR L. BRANDENBURG Homestead, Florida Sociology: Sigma Nu. Secretary ROBERT ARNALL Fayetteville, Georgia General Science, Alpha Omega, Vice President, masterg E Club, Vice dent: Traffic Court: Honor cilg Basketball. YIDOR BER NSTEIN Savannah. Georgia Journalism: Alpha Epsilon Pi. WALTER W. BRANDON, JR. Gainesville, Georgia Phvsics: Sigma Pi Sigma. Secre ODK: Phoenix, Editor: Honor tary: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. Council. Secretary: Glee Club. Manager. Publicity Manager: TrafHc Court: ECA. HAL W. Bl! XY SUI A. BRODNAX. JR. - l ltI-ID J. l,ll.llil1'OltD HOBI-Llt'l' il.-XBl.I-I NELSON CARSWELL, JR. CALVIN GERALD CAUSEY lien l'Iill, Ci-orgia .luvl.som'illu, lfloriiln Di-vatur. Ilvurgia Alliuny, liuorgia Duhlin, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia journalism: lllwvl. liuglish: Phi Dt-lla 'l'ln-tal. liiolngvg Alpha Tun Ulu:-ga. Xin-1: lliologyg Chi Phi: Phi D1-lla Gent-ral 54-ivnceg Kappa Alpha. Economics. Pr:-sinlirult ODK: DIS: Alpha Onu-ga: lfla Sigma Psi. Phi Onu-ga: lfnmflus, l 'ruln-rnily liilitur: Junior Cluss Pr:-sith-nlg Alpha Epsilon Upsilun: IFC, l'rusinln-nt. i ici- Pri-sielm-nl: HATS. i s 4 IAMES DAVID CLEKIENTS Ol.lYEli XI. COI.l-iM.-KN HENRY 'l'. COl.LlNSWOli'l'II ZACK COLSON FLOYD CHILDS COOPER, III HARRY ALAN COOPER Pineview. Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta. Gi-orgia Wonmlhinr-, Georgia lirail:-nton, Florida Pine Lake, Georgia Biology: Della Tau Delta. lfnglisll: Di-llu 'liau Di-lla. Ili:-lnry: Kappa Alpha: Alpha Sociology. General Solen:-e: Kappa Alpha. Economicsg International Rela- . Epsilon Ilpsilon: 'I'r:u-k 2, 3, -lg lions Club: Tennis I, 2, 3, il-. liasvbill l: Club: Cnrnpux, SIIIE EES LLIAM JAMES CORRICAN DAVID MORRILL COWART JIM L. COX Zmory University, Georgia Thomaston, Georgia Atlanta. Ceorglil ical Science: Newman Club. Social Science: Sigma Chi. Sigma NU- CI-IARLES A. CULBRETH, JR Albany, Georgia English: Alpha Tau Omega, Pres- ident, Vice President: Pre-n1inis- terial Club g IFC. n 4 I Q ARTHUR L. BRANDENBURG D. V. S.g ODK, Secrcturyg Phoenix, Associate Editor. Editorg Emory Glee Club, Business Man- ager, Honor Council, Sccretnryg Sigma Nug Inter- ' fraternity Councilg Publications Board: Univer- sity Committee on Student Activities and Organ- izations, Trniiic. Court, ECA. , , .fl Mio., , t f f A 3 Q 1 1 if ,ff Q 14 f f 4 v, 1 ,-,, , - , , 0 1 ,i f 7- 24-'..'i555 5 f. A ' ' ' :yi --eg f L ie. ij ... V M N, , - V V ! W nf 332, V4 uf - 4 . -.-,Mi f,f-Mm-ff V, ff rffmva 4 f ' f -- 1' v WM ' A! I Wvff f f ', .4 1? . 'L A f ,f 5 ,f ,,,,. Q..-4 , , , 4 - V 'Z 4, ,Z-.4--. ., ,,,,. v , in 1 '1' -' A , iff- 1 - , iyjj., , '.- .K 1 A , x 75 Ai. L. If -1 V, f, :na 34-L , . . I f 5 'f f H1-t 5 K., ...off f' . 4 .1 . zy- , ' , ., fi if : f 3 r. ', .. f ' 1,4 , , ,gay s . 1 , 'ff f ft- V ELL 5 3. I Aj, ,V Vx I li. .. , I V, I , . ...Mr W .'r...f ' ' f - , Z ---- V. .. . f ' ':fI 9 7E7 ff'ff' Lf Q. ' 4' '54 i 2 i Romance Languages: Beta Theta Biology: Kappa Alpha. RICHARD CALVIN DOUB JAMES FRAZER DURRETT GEORGE LEE ECHOLS Columbus, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Milledgeville, Georgia History: Kappa Alpha, President, Biology: Sigma Chi: Glee Club Vice President: Eta Sigma Psi: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon: Tau Kappa Alpha, President: Phi Beta Kappa: Senior Class. Presi- dent: Wheel: Student Council: Debate Forum: Basketball 1- Softball 3. s HOWARD LINCOLN GANEK LEWIS JAMES GASKIN THOMAS M. GEER BRADLEY L. DANSBY, JR. E. H. DAVIDSON WILLIAM VANCE DEESE Orlando, Florida Lithonia, Georgia Wi'-YCT055, 6901213 l'syel1o1ot1!'i Beta Theta Pi, Pre-Law: Phi Delta Theta. I b ' 'lgcasurerv Secretary: ECA: Pi: Phi Sigma Iota: Glee Club: Players, ECA, President: Players. JAMES COLEMAN ENGLE JOHN C. FLETCHER STANLEY K. FRIEDMAN Charlotte, North Carolina Greensboro. Florida Savannah, Georgia History: Sigma Chi: Alpha Phi Omega: Campus: Sn'immi'ng 1. ' FRED .l. BURFORD Omivron Delta Kappa: DVS: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge President: Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President: Interfraternity Council. Presidentl Campus. Fraternity Editor: President oi the Junior Class: Freshman Orienta- tion Committee: University Student Activities and Relations Committee: BATS. Journalism: Alpha Epsilon Pi AROTC, Captain. Emory University, Georgia Albemarle, North Carolina Greensboro, Georgia : Economics: Tau Epsilon Phi: General Science: Kappa Alpha: Biology: Sigma Chi: Players. Hillel. Campus: Phoenix: ECA: BSU' Geology Club: Camera Club. 7 1952 RIDLEY MeVESTON GLOVER LaGrange, Georgia Biology: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. SE IUHS RALPH ANDREYV GODDARD DONALD GOLDMAN ROBERT GRESHAM East Hartford, Connecticut Ml. Vernon. New York Atlanta- Georgia Biology: Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice Economies: Tau Epsilon Phi, Geology: Sigma Gamma President, Treasurer: Alpha Phi Pledgemaster: Swimming 1: EISA: Geology Club. Omega, President, Vice President, Track 1.'2: Handball 2, 3, 'I-5 nth, nv- .-. . , r,,.t.,1 -s ., n.,,..n 1. A JOSEPH HOWARD GRINER Cttiru, Georgia Ct-nvral St-it-nec, Sigma Chi: Ein Sigma Psi, Alpha Epsilon llpsilon, Publivalions Cirt-ulation Managur, Hand. l'fAlll.E H055 HAIKE West Jcllcrson, North Carolina History, Pi Kappa Alpha: l'lt'tlgotttastt'r, ECA, Pretniniste- rinl Cluh, Cirvlc K Cllth. Presi- dvnt, Whvrlg Fresltlnan Orienta- tion Committee, Football 3, -1, Swimming 'li E Club, Presi- dont. HENRY STEPHEN HAJENIAN Emory Univorsity, Georgia Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, Wltcul, Campus, Phoenix, Pho- tograph Editor of all publica- tions, Camt-rn Cluh, Newman Club. JOHN HARVEY HALEY ll, V. S., Onticrun Delta Kappa' Sigma Chi Campus, llflieel, Assistant Circulation Manager oi Pulnlioations, Freshman Glue Club, Mattager, Pres- ident, Viet: President. Student Bodv: Chairman Student Council, Frtzshntan Class Vice President, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Administra- lton-btudent-Faculty Committee, Student Govern- ment Yitzr: Pri.-sidunt, United States National Stu- dent Assor-iationg Freshman Orientatiun Commit- tt-t-, University Committee on Student Organiza- tions and Activities, Publications Board, Alpha Phi Omega. President, Vice President, Secretary, Swimming l, 2, E Club, BATS. ARTS lllll SEIE EES .lOHlX .HALDI JOHN HARYEY IIALEY Xl.Xl.COl.ll J. l-l.-XLT, EDWIN ll.-XRTIX HALPEIIN Atlanta Geor tt Siloam Springs, Arkansas Atlanta, Cvortziil NNY Ynfk Clit- Nm' Y'l k t St ma Psi Alpha E mstl Ei-'l l ' 4' I on te la t , -tgtna Chi, ODK, Gvltvrnl St-it-nite, Sigma Chi, Social. Suiruttzcsg Altlllll lrillziilvtl pstlon Publtrations Cxrtulatton lt.-VIS: DY5, Campus. lflttfalg 'I:rat-k 1, Wrestling 3, -I: Trallic lil? Hillel: Iruck 2. 32 l'0UIlr2lll lanaber Debate Forum X rec Clue Club, Swimming 1. 2: E Court, Players: Alpha Plti Omega. 2. 4- Club: Freshman Class Vice Presi- dent, Sophomore Council, Junior Council, Publications Board, Student Council, President, Vice President, Orientation Commit- tee, University Committee on Student Organization and Activi- ties: U. S. National Student As- sociation, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice President, Score- CARL HAMMER l ttirlawn, New Jersey English, Alpha Phi Omegat, ECA l'lmeniA:g EISA, President, Trai He Court, Independent Council President, Intercollegiate Coun cil, University Committee of Stu- dent Organizations and Activi tics, Hillel. tary. E. LEE HARTLEY, JR. HOWARD WAYNE HAWOIlTl'l JOHN THOMAS HEAD JOHN HAYES HOLLY, JR. Blakely, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Jacksonville, Florida Journalism: Delta Upsilon, Sigma Chemistry: Sigma Pi. Philosolthyi Pi K3I l fl Phi- G9UCfHl SClCKlCSZ Alitltfl Tau 159301101055 1 Della Tall Delta Delta Chi, Wheel, Managing Omega- Editor. if t f W. STELL HUIE Omirrrun Della Kappa: Phi Delta Theta, Vice Pri-sident: Phi Delta Phi: Glee Club, President, Yitje President. Secretary: Emory Christian As- sociation: Chairman Religious Emphasis Week '5U: Student Council: Law School Honor Coun- cil, Freshman Orientation Committee: Student Bar Association. JAMES HOLLAND JACKSON Barnesville, Georgia General Scienccg Beta Theta Pig Glce Club. NORMAN MAURICE KENYON Clearwater, Florida Biology, Pi Kappa Alpha Vice Presidentg Alpha Phi Omega, Campus. HUGH WENDELL JOHNSON Bradenton, Florida Biologyg Beta Theta Pi. NIKITAS KESSARIS Atlanta, Georgia Physics. KARL JOHN HOWE Raleigh, North Carolina LANE JOHNSTON Statesboro, Georgia Kappa Alpha. KENNETH KIEHL ' Orlando, Florida Psychnlogyg Pi Kappa Phi, Presi dent, Treasurer, Secretary, Can- terbury Club. THOMAS C. IVEY Milner, Georgia Beta Theta Pig ECA: Preminis- terial Club. CLIVE FRANKLIN JACKS Decatur, Georgia Philosophyg Campus Club, Presi- dent, Chaplaing Campus, Debate Forumg Playcrsg Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Orientation Committeeg Camera Club, President, Secre- tary. ' i 1952 SE IUH5 DAVID MORGAN JONES, JR. Marshallville, Georgia English: Delta Tau Delta, IFC. CHARLES I. KNEPTON Jacksonville, Florida GEORGE H. KELLER, JR. Atlanta. Georgia Historyg Sigma Pi. Presidentg Camera Club. CLARK M. LAMBERT Marietta, Georgia - Economicsg Pi Kappa Alpha: Physicsg Kappa Phi Kappa. Newman Club: Sociology Club. CRAWFORD G. JACKSON Atlanta, Georgia Biologyg Pi Kappa Alphag Phi Omega, THEODORE DANIEL KELLY Tampa, Florida Preministerial Club. JERRY STANLEY LAMBERT Atlanta. Georgia Biol0g!'5 Kappa Alpha. 'Q A WILLIAM T. LAMMERS CHARLES AMON LANFORD YIRGIL LANIAIAM Decatur, Georgia Stone Mounlnin. Georgia Atlanta, Grorgin Science: Delta Tau Biology: Glen Clulu. Ilinlogy: l'i Kappa Alp AROTC Rifle Team: Foot- 1': Wrestling I, 2. 3. Ll: E Club. Secretary. ,IAJYIES H. LeGETTE ALVIN HARVEY LEONARD, JR. LAWRENCE KENNETH LEVIN Cairo, Georgia Ilcnnoluicsg Sigma Nu. ELLIOTT HARRIS LEVITAS GEORGE EDIYIN LEWIS TED LIPPNIAN WILLIAM D. LOWERY Atlanta. Georgia - Coral Gables. Florida Atlanta. Georgia Atlanta. Georgia . Tau Epsilon Chcmislrr: Sigma Chi: Alpha Psi History: Sigma Nu. Romance Languages: Phi Sigma ii Bela Kappa: Omega: Playcrs: Ilas':eth:iIl 2: Iota, Vice Presitlvntz Kappa Phi Sigma Psi: Alpha Baseball I. 2. Kappa: BSU. Vice President: Tau KUPPU Camera Cluh. One Feature ECA. Serretary 1 President. Serrz-tary: ntation C o mm i l tc c. Chair- Honor Council. Secretary: Debate Forum: Junior Council: Basketball 2. HTS,A LaGrange. Georgia Birmingham, Alabama Economics: Alpha Tau Omega. Romance Languages: Tau Epsilon Phi: Phi Sigma Iota, President IFC: Alpha Phi Omega. MICHAEL HALL IXIQDOUGALD Statesburo, Georgia WILLIAM J. MCKENZIE Savannah, Georgia Journalismg Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Sigma Delta Chi: Student Players. Council, Secretary: Wheel, Asso- ciate Editor: Emory Radio Work- shop: Westminster Fellowship, Prcsitlcnt. Biolo'.ZY2 Chi Phi: Campusg SEIE EES ELLIOTT HARRIS LEVITAS Phi Beta Kappag Omicron Delta Kappa: DVSQ Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, President: Eta Sigma Psi: Tau Kappa Alpha: Tau Epsilon Phi, President: Phoenix, Editor-in-Chief, Feature Editor: Wltcelg Barkley Forum, Varsity Debater, Wiizncr of Emory All-Campus Debate Tournamcntg Honor Council, Secretary: Emory Christian Association, Vice 'Presidentg Interfraternity Council. Vice President: Junior Class Council: Freshman Ori- entation Committec, Chairman: Basketball 2. PAUL MQKINNEY ROBERT GLENN MCMILLAN WILLIAM MADEN FRANK MANLEY Clanton, Alabama Dalton, Georgia Augusta. Georgia Atlanta, Georgia English: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. Mathematics: Sigma Pi Sigma. Biology: Kappa Alpha. English. WILLIAM H. MANNING Atlanta, Georgia Biology: Campus Club: President uf EISA: Independent Council, Vice President. MILTON B. MOORE, JR. Jacksonville, Florida Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, President. W. HENRY MARTIN, JR. RICHARD FURMAN MAXWELL JOHN MERRILL MINTER JAMES KEY MITCHELL, JR. Columbus, Georgia Punta Gorda, Florida Social Science- Alpha Tau General Science: Beta Theta Pi Omega, Secretary, Plcdgemaster: VICE Pl'951f-lent? ECA- Cumpus, Public Relations Man- ager, Managing Editor: Wheel: Emory Players, Publicity Man- ager: Aloha Phi Omega: Premiu- isterial Clulig Track 1. PAUL F. MORGAN ALVIN LEE MOSKOVITZ Miami, Florida Manchester, Georgia Biology: Sigma Pi. Philosophy: Zeta Beta Tau: Hillel, Secretary: Football 2. Atlanta, Georgia History: Pi Kappa Alpha: Glce Club: Preministerial Club. CECIL ORR Atlanta, Georgia Chemistry. Atlanta, Georgia General Science: Concert Band ROBERT EARL PHILLIPS Jacksonville, Florida Social Science: Camera Club: Sociology Club. SE IIQIH5 O. WYTCH STUBBS D. V. S.: ODK, Secretary: Eta Sigma Psi: Honor Council, Chairman: Emory Christian Association, President: Glee Club: S years All Emory football: E ' Club, Sigma Delta Psig Pre-ministerial As- sociation: University Committee on Student Ac- tivities and Organizations: Methodist Student Fellowship, President: Freshtnan Council. STANLEY F. MOODY Atlanta, Georgia WILLIAM A. PICKERING Griffin, Georgia Journalism: Sigma Delta Chi Secretary: Alpha Epsilon Upsi lon: Wheel, Editor. HENRY.A. POWELL ROLLIN REID POWELL. JR. ROBERT GRADY PRUITT WILLIAM JOSEPH RAWLS BTUUSWICJQ GCOTEIB Monticello, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Columbus. Georgia - 1301111001 501911003 Alpha Tau Biology: Phi Delta Theta. Geology: Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Biology: Sigma Chi: Alnha Ep Omega- Pledgemflswf- Alpha Phi Omega: Geology Club. lon Upsilon: Phi Sigma, 'Y President: Basketball 4. '.-1- ..., ,W HENRY ALLEN ROBINSON KENNETH B. ROBINSON CHARLES E. ROWLAND HORACE SARTER Decatur, Georgia Brooklyn, New York Atlanta. Georgia lirooklvn. New York vchologyg Alpha Tau Omega: Biology: 'Fan Epsilon Phi. Secrv- IL:-nnoniics: Alpha 'Fan Onn-gn: Biology: Tau Epsilon Phi: IFC: n Psychology Club: BSU. tary: Players: Alpha Phi Omega: llwliwlg lfnotlmll l, 2. Alpha Phi Omega: Hillel. Football 1. JESSE P. SCHAUDIES LaGrange, Georgia Qieology: Sigma Cliig Sigma 'Gamma Epsilon: Clec Club: Ge- ology Club. GERALD H. SILBERBERG Brooklyn. New York Psychology: Tau Epsilon Phi: Aloha Phi Omega: Hillel: ECA. CHRIS C. SCURES Cn-envillc. South Carolina Biologv: Sigma Nu: llasknlhnll 2. WARREN EDWARD SLATER New York City, Now York Political Science: Pi Sigma Alpha, Secretary-Treasurer: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon: Debate Forum: Student Public Affairs Associa- tion, Vice Chairman. WILLIAM NISBET TOOLE Oniicron Delta Kappa: E Cluh, Secretary, Prcsirlcnt: Campus, Photography Editor, Honors and Publications Editor: Emory Wlzlerel, Exchange Editor: All-Emory Football 2. 3: Honor Council: Frcslilnan Orientation Committee: Circulation Iifanagcr, Emory Publications. HTS I-IN SEIE CES I-I. HARL,-KN Sli.-hlis Canal Point. Florida Cvneral Scicnro: Kappa A liaschrill l, 2: Football .l. ORSON SMITH liatinbrislge. Georgia ALAN JACK SERRINS Coral Gables. Florirla lplia: Biology: Alpha Epsilon Pi- 3. Hillel: Phi Sigma: ECA. MARCUS H. SMITH Ozark. Alabama Biology: Alpha Tau Omega. Pres- Historrl Slglllil Chi: ECA: Pre- idcnt: Alpha Epsilon Upsilon. ministerial Club: Track 2, 3. 4: Football 3: Basketball 3: Soft- ball 3: UE Club. M ILLARD BURTON SHEPHERD Savannah. Georgia Journalism: Phi Dclta Theta: Wlrzfcl. WILBURN W. SMITH College Park, Georgia Psychology: Pi Kappa Alpha: Glee Club g ECA. MURRAY MALCOLM SHORT Jacksonville. Florida Social Science: Beta Tlscla Pi, Pledgcmaster: Kappa Phi Kappa: IFC: Student Council: Freshman Class Secretary: Sophomore Class Secretary: Junior Council: ECA: Xveslcy Fellowship: German Club: Sociology Club: Orientation Conv mittee: Players. JOHN SNELLCROVE Ozark, Alabama Psychology. .57 Y..- I f 'M . X EDWARD R. WRIGHT 'llpha Della Sigma, Seerctaryg Alpha Psi Omega, Dramalies Fraternity: Sigma Nu: The Plzoenzx, Nssocialc Erlimrg Wllrwl, Business Manager: Emory Glee Club, Publicity hlanagerg Emory Players. WILLIAM STEELE TALLEY Atlanta. Georgia Biology? Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary: Trallie Courtg Orienta tion Committee. FRANK C. TINDALL, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Political Science: Kappa Alpha Campusg Basketball Ig Softball 3. RICHARD B. STEWART O WYTCH STUBBS SUININER MORRIS ALBERT SWEET East Point, Georgia Sylvania Gcorta Atlanta Geor 11 Atlanta C901-1,1 Englishg Sifvma Chi: Players' Humanities S1 ma P1 Ch t Al l E l P Sigma Delia Psi: Glen Club. l mms ry pm Dsl on I 1952 JULIAN B. TANENBAUM Augusta, Georgia General Scicnceg Tau Epsilon Phig Hillel. EARLE QUILLIAN TOLER Leesburg. Florida Biologyg Kappa Alpha. SE IUHS FRANK J. THORNTON, JR. Tampa. Florida General Scicnceg Sigma Chig Sophomore Class President COX- forcllg Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Eta Sigma Psig Phi Delta Omega. WILLIAM NISBET TOOLE Atlanta. Georgia BioI0i!YZ Chi Phi: ODKg Bmlo i na ee Club En lish Phi Delta Theta Campus, Photography Eclilorg Honors and Publications Editor: Wheel. Exchange Etlitor: Honor Councilg Orientation Committee: Football 2, 3: HE Club, Presi- dent. Secretary. ILVIN BROOKS WESTON ALBERT IR WIIITE HICIIAIID WIII'I I'II5Il IIEIIIZERT JACK WILK JIMMY A. WILLIAMSON HOHACE EUGENE WOOD Savannah, Georgia Cornv-lin. CQ-urgiu Allunln. G4-nrgin Jnhnsuu. Nfrw York Allanla, Cmruiil CUIICHC Park: GCUYI-555 Social Sciences: ECA. Pi Kappa Alpha: Alpvha Phi English: Wi-slniinslcr I-'1-Ilunw Clif-mislry: Tun Epsilon Phi: Physicsg Sigma Nu. Sor:iu1oEj'3 SOCUJIUEY Clklby 520 Omega: Calnvru Clulu. ship, Prvsiilf-nl: Cnnnrru Club. .Uphu I'hi Omega: Fuolhnll 2. T0UU'Yw -I'fCfl5ll1'CfZ FOOIIJZIH 3, 4 EDWARD R. WRIGI-IT WII.I.IAAl AI!lIO'I I' YON NOIIM.-NN YOUNG JOSEPH LEVINGTON ZERMAN Atlanta, Georgia Culln,-gn: I'urk, Gm-urgial Dvcutur, Georgia Savannah, Georgia Journalism: Sigma Nu: .Xlphu l'ImnuniliL-sl IM-lla Tun D1-Img Plxilusuplly. Psi Onwgu: Plwrnix. Asmrialv I'luyu.-rg: ECA: Tcrulis 2, 3, -I. Ezlilurg Iflrvvl. Businvss Mzlmlu- cr: Alpha D1-lla Sigma. Prvsi- dcnl: Clcu Club. Pulslirily Mam- ugcr: Players. anim' Class Uffitzm' Frazier Durett, Vice Presidentg Ralph Goddard, Presidentg John David Finlay, Secretary-Treasurer. X' We g T Ilnllaqe JIMMY L. ACHORD . . , Alamo, Ga. Campus Club WILLIAM T. AIKEN . . Lyons, Ga. Chi Phi GEO. L. ALEXANDER . Forsyth, Ga. ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon HENRY I-I. ALLEN . . Decatur,Ga. WM. L. ALMONRODE . . McRae, Ga. Campus Club ROBT. P. ANDERSON . Almont, Mich. Sigma Nu BUDDY ANTHONY . . . Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha ROBERT E. ARNALL . . Griffin,Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' CHAS. E. ASBURY . . Elberton,Ga. Kappa Alpha H. W. ASBURY . . Greensboro, N. C. EDW. L. ASKREN, III . . Atlanta, Ga. Beta Theta Pi J. E. BARNETT . Stone Mountain, Ca. G. W. BEDDINGFIELD . Valdosta, Ga, Phi Delta Theta THOS. J. BEGGS, III . Madison, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega T. C. BERENTHIEN . . Macon, Ga ROY M. BLACKBURN . Marianna, Fla Chi Phi HENRY H. BLAKE . . Savannah,Ca Pi Kappa Alpha THOMAS E. BLEVINS . Decatur, Ala Sigma Alpha Epsilon EDGAR BOLING . . . Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega DAVID A. BOOTH . Bridgeport, Conn Alpha Tau Omega LARRY BRANNON . Emory Univ.,Ga Alpha Tau Omega WM. J. BRANAN . . . Augusta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega EDW. G. BREWER . Wadesboro, N. C D. W. BROSNAN . . Knoxville, Tenn Phi Delta Theta JAMES B. BROWN . . . Vidalia, Ga Chi Phi WILLIS A. BROWN . . Tampa, Fla Pi Kappa Alpha EMMETT T. BRUNSON . Samson, Ala. Sigma Nu WM. A. BUELL . St. P6f6I'SDllI'g,F.TZ1 Pi Kappa Alpha Juniors FRANK N. BURNS . . ALlanta,Ca Chi Phi H. F. CLINKSCALES . Damascus, Ca Pi Kappa Alpha CLYDE W. CLOWER . Tallasscw. Ala Alpha Tau Omega M. COHEN . . . iVIl8l11iB6'21Cl1.Flil Tap Epsilon Phi CHARLES L. COOLEY . LaGrange. Ca Chi Phi ' M, W. COULTER . Washington. D. C Sigma Chi PAUL M. COUSINS . . Macon,Ca Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROSS I. COX .... Chip1ey,I7la Sigma Alpha Epsilon ALVIN M. CREWS . . Bowdon,Ca Sigma Pi CLAUDE R. CROW . . Yalaha, Fla Sigma Chi OLIN C. DOBBS .' . . Allanta,Ca Alpha Tau Omega THOMAS E. DUKES . Orlando. Fla. Phi Delta Theta ROBERT H. DUNN . . Miami,F1a. Chi Phi WALTER D. DURDEN . Atlanta,Ga. - Kappa Alpha C. C. DURHAM . . . Thomson,C-a. MACKEY EDWARDS . . Tampa,Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha G. L. EHRINCER . .Iacksonville,Fla. Chi Phi GEO. M. EUBANKS . . Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta .I. G. FERRELL . . .Iacksonville,Fla. Alpha Tau Omega HARLEE I. FIELD . . Tam a Fla. P , Chi Phi .IOSEPH FINE .... Atlanta, Ga. WM. B. FLETCHER . . Moultrie, Ga. Phi Delta Theta JAMES F. FUSS . . lacksonville,FIa. Alpha Tau Omega WM. B. GARDNER . Gainesville,Ga. GEORGE R. GARY . . Atlanta, Ga M. C. GASKINS . . Lake Wales,Fla JAMES T. GAUNT Ochopee,Fla Sigma EDW. H. GEORGIA Q . Miami,Fla V Sigma Pi .Pi. llnlleqe J. WILLIAM GIBSON . AtIanta,Ga. Delta Tau Delta R. M. GILCHRIST . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega RICHARD E. GOLDEN . LaGrange, Ga. J. C. GREENFIELD . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha HUGH A. GREGORY . . Dania,F1a. Campus Club JOHN B. GRIFFIN . . Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega ROBT. V. GROOVER . Atlanta, Ga Kappa Alpha T. A. GUADAGNO . South Miami, Fla Sigma Pi JEAN U. GUERRY . . Leesburg, Fla Pi Kappa Alpha RALPH D. GUTERMAN . Miami, Fla Beta Theta Pi WM. O. HADDOCK . Anderson, S.C Chi Phi B. W. HARDMAN . Winter Haven, Fla Sigma Nu J. E. HARDWICK, III West Palm Beach, Fla Sigma Chi C. HERMAN HARPER . Live Oak, Fla ERNEST A. HARPER . Atlanta, Ga MARVIN H. HARPER . Atlanta, Ga Delta Tau Delta VIRGIL A. HARTLEY .. Tampa, Fla Chi Phi RICHARD Y. HAWKINS . Griffin, Ga JACK D. HAYNES . Jacksonville, Fla Sigma Chi WILLIS HOLLAND . . Decatur,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega F. P. HOLMAN . . Jacksonville, Fla. Delta Tau Delta A. E. JORDAN .... Pelham, Ga. Sigma Chi HENRY L. KAMIN . . Atlanta, Ga. Tap Epsilon Phi JOHN D. KELLY . Thomasville, Ga. Kappa Alpha ROBERT D. KELLY . . Atlanta, Ga. A. R. KEYSER . . . Pensacola, Fla. Sigma Nu R. C. KARRH . . . Swainsho1'o,Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. B. LASTINGER . . Valdosta, Ga. .Iuniurs ROBERT A. MCCRARY . Tilton, Ga. Sigma Chi EDWIN E. MCDONALD . Albany, Ga. T. E. MCDONOUGH . . Allanta.Ga. Sigma Nu G. B. MAGRIIDER . . LlI'lZlI11I0,IPl1l. Sigma Chi ROBT. A. MAYFIELD . DaIton.Gu. RANDOLPH A. MALONE . Miami. Fla. Sigma Chi JOHN A. MALOOI7 . CartersvilI0.Ga. Sigma Nu JOHN B. MARTIN . . LiIwrly.S.C. Sigma Pi HUGH MCN. MATHEWS Neptune Beavli. Fla. Delta Tau Delta CECIL L. MILLER . . Auliurn.Ga. HAROLD B. MILLER . Atlanta.Gu R. J. MILLER . . . AlIPnhurst.N.,I. Tau Epsilon Phi ZELL B. MILLER . Young Harris. EARLE E. MILLICAN . Griffin. Phi Delta Theta MARVIN L. MONTGOMERY , Bradenton, Phi Delta Theta RICHARD A. MORGAN . Mobile, Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT E. MORGAN . Graymont Sigma Pi JOHN F. MORROW . East Point Alpha Tau Omega WILTON A. MOULDER . Atlanta E. P. MURRAH . . . Columbus Kappa Alpha DUBOSE MURRAY . . Atlanta, Chi Phi ROBT. L. NEASE .. Lumber City, G. ROBT. OLIVER . East Point, Alpha Tau Omega D. E. O'ROURKE . . . Buford Sigma Chi T. ELDER PEARCE . Phenix City, 1 Chi Phi ba. Ga. Fla Ala Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga Ala ROBERT B. PEDDY . LakeIand,FIa F. R. PIDCOCK, III . . Moultrie, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon CRAYTON PRUITT . Anderson, S. C Alpha Tau Omega 3' V ' ' 'I ,gm ' ' . l 1 1 A iggg W. WARREN PURKS . Columbus, Ga. i Chi Phi C. T. RICHARDSON . . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi S. R. ROBERTS . . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega CHAS. D. ROGERS . . Atlanta,Ga. Phi Delta Theta CECIL M. SANDERS . Cedartown, Ga. Sigma Chi DALLAS SAWYER . Charlotte,N. C. Sigma N'u PHILIP T. SCHLEY . Columbus,Ga. Kappa Alpha G. J. SCHUETTE . San Antonio, Texas EDWARD C. SCRUGGS . Buford, Ga. Sigma Pi JAS. E. SEASHOLTZ . Waycross,Ga. VINCENT W. SHIEL . . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Pi R. L. SMITH . . . College Park,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega TOM G. SMITH . . . LaGrange,Ga. Sigma Chi WM. L. SMITH . . .Iacksonville,Fla. PETER C. SOTUS . Miami Beach, Fla. Sigma Nu JOEL M. STEIN . . .lacksonville,Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi ED L. STEVENS . . . Macon, Ga. Phi Delta Theta M. C. STRICKLAND, III . Atlanta, Ca. JOSEPH B. STUBBS . Waycross,Ga. E. P. H. SULLIVAN . Columbus, Ca, JULIAN W. SWANN . . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WM. A. TALBOT . . . Atlanta, Ga. Delta Tau Delta T. B. TANNER . . . Commerce, Ca. Kappa Alpha ROBT. F. TAYLOR . . Quincy,Fla. Phi Delta Theta JAS. N. THOMPSON . . Athens, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega LEON T. THOMPSON . . Alma, Ga. TARRY C. TINDALL . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha GEO. VAN GIESEN . Cainesville,Ga. Kappa Alpha M, T, WATSON . . Carnesville,Cz1. B. W. WATTERS , St. Petersburg, Fla. Sigma Nu WM. M. WHlPPLE . . . Perry,Ca. Alpha Tau Omega G. G. WILBANKS .... Atlanta. Cu. Sigma Pi H, A. WILLIAMS . . Moullrio,Ca. Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. P. WITHERSPOON . Atlanta-,Ca. Sigma Pi WM. X. ZANNER . . . Macon,Ca. EDWARD E. ZWIG . . Miami.Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi Lvl! 10 riglll , .Q-,Q .awww 2 -wmnwwmwe-rarvaumzazesiam 4,1 ullnqa CARLOS J. ADKINS . . Adel,Ga. Campus Club WM. E. AKRIDGE . . Mobile, Ala. Phi Delta Theta EDWARD ALBERT . . Atlanta, Ca. Pi Kappa Alpha JERRY K. ANCHORS . Anniston, Ala. W. D. ANDERSON . . Tucker, Ga. HAL L. ARNOVITZ . . Atlanta,Ga. . Tau Epsilon Phi MARVIN I. BAKER . Jacksonville, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi ROBERT T. BAKER . . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Pi J. E. BARKER .... Atlanta,Ga. P. R. BARTHOLOMEW . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi MORRIS BENVENISTE . Atlanta, Ga. Tau Epsilon Phi , W. A. BLANCHARD . . Tampa,Fla Pi Kappa Phi MAX H. BOGLE . . Albemarle, N. C. WESLEY BOODISH . . Newark, N. J. Tau Epsilon Phi J. P. BRADDY . . . Woodland, Ga. CHAS. T. BROWN . . . Guytow,Ga Sigma Chi ROBERT S. BROWN . . Atlanta, Ga SAMUEL T. BURNS . . Decatur,Ga Pi Kappa Alpha S. O. CANDLER . . . Atlanta, Ga Kappa Alpha K. NEVIN CHAPMAN . Decatur, Ga Kappa Alpha SAMUEL M. CLARK . . Macon, Ga Phi Delta Theta MARSHALL COHEN . . Atlanta, Ca Alpha Epsilon Pi R. C. COOK .... Fitzgerald,Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon LONNIE E. COX . . . Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega R. B. CRANEY . Daytona Beach, Fla Campus Club , R. K. CURETON . . . Arlington, Va Pi Kappa Alpha ALLAN B. DAVIS . St. Petersburg, Fla Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERT M. DAVIS . . Austell, Ca Sigma Chi F. M. DEAVER . Chattanooga. Tenn Alpha Tau Omega WM. L. DICKENS . . Thomaston, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBT. M. DOBBS . Charlotte, N. C. Alpha Tau Omega P. L. DONALDSON . . Savannah, Ga. Sigma Pi R. M. DOZIER . . Ta1lahassee,F1a. Sigma Alpha Epsilon CHAS. A. DUGGAN . Jeflersonville, Ca Phi Delta Theta JACK S. EFF . . . Jacksonville, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi GEO. M. ENTEEN . . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi S. W. FARGASON . . . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi FRANK V. FAUST . . Oneonta, Fla. Sigma Chi MARVIN C. EEAGLE . Decatur, Ga. STEVE A. FERLITA . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha BOB B. FORRESTER . Decatur,Ca. Pi Kappa Alpha 4 JOE C. FREEMAN . . LaGrange,Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon PAUL L. FREEMAN . . Miami, Fla- chi Phi - WM. H. FRIERSON . . Decatur,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega ROBERT GAINES . . . Atlanta,Ga. Sophomore T. R. GARLINGTON . . Atlanta.Ga. Chi Phi G, H. GELLER . . Jacksonvillt-,Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi BILL GOE ...... Atlanta, Ga. L. I. GOODRICH . . . Tun1pa,.l7la. Alpha Epsilon Pi GEORGE R. GOWEN . Folkston,Ga. A. R. GREENBERG . Brooklyn, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi HUGH M. GRUBB . Manchester,Ga. JAMES M. HALE . . . Orlando, Fla. Kappa Alpha . F. F. HARPER .... Atlanta. Ga. Kappa Alpha JOHN E. HATLER . .lacksonville.l7'la. Sigma Nu ROBT. S. HAYNIE . . Augusta,Ga. Beta Theta Pi R. P. HEIMAN ..... - Xllanta,Ca. Tau Epsilon Phi IAS. W. HENLEY . Nashville.Tenn. Kappa Alpha J. FOSTER HESTER . . Monroe,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega S. L. HOOKS . . . Canal Point.F'la. Kappa Alpha JOHN A. HOWE . . Blue Riclge.Ga. Sigma Nu J. E. HOWELL .... Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu T. M. HOWELL . . . Cairo, Egypt H. A. HOUCHINS . . . Atlanta.Ca. Sigma Nu WILLIAM S. HOWE . Atlanta. Ga. WILLIS B. HUNT . Coral Gables, Pla. Alpha Tau Omega T. BETHEL INGRAM . Thomaston. Ga. Alpha Tau Omega BOB JAMES .... Dacatur,Ga. Kappa Alpha WILL E. JOHNS ..., f 'Itlanta,Ga. Chi Phi WM. M. JONES . . Cainesville,Ga. Chi Phi CHAS. D. JOYNER . . Marion, S. C. Pi Kappa Alpha THOMAS B. KEE . . . Atlanta,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega WM. I-I. KELTON . Philadelphia, Tenn. R. B. KERNAGHAN . . Macon, Ga. Beta Theta Phi SANFORD G. KIMBALL . Miami, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi JOHN C. KYLE .... Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha T. C. LANFORD . Stone Mountain, Ca. B. W. LANSING . Maplewood, N. J. Alpha Tau Omega CHARLES B. LEWIS . . Atlanta, Ga. H. E. LIVINGSTON . . Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha P. T. MCCUTCHEN . . At1anta,Ga. Chi Phi ROBERT B. McDANIEL . Griffin, Ga. Chi Phi W. F. MCDONOUGH . . Decatur, Ga. ROBERT B. McKEE . . Mobile,Ala. Sigma Chi WM. M. MARINE. Chattanooga, Tenn. Alpha Tau Omega J. C. MARLOWE . Wilmington, N. C. ' Pi Kappa Alpha CLAUDE E. MARSH . . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi T. .H. EDLIN MERREN Georgetovsm, Grand Cayman, B. W. I. Delta Tau Delta ED F. MERRITT . . . Atlanta, Ga. - Alpha Tau Omega DONALD W. MILLS . , Tampa, Fla. ' b 'Pi Kappa Alpha J I V sag K . -it lk? A 'IK ve. aaa X X Af- ,I -'- 'fa . at ' . - L. - .a E I v if ll . r ,D College FRANK S. MONROE . Farmville, Va. CHARLES B. MUTTER . Miami, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi BOB NALLEY . . . Gainesville,Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon P. S. NATHAN . . Miami'Beach,Fla-. Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERT J. NeSMITH . Dalton, Ga. GEO. S. NIBLACK . Jacksonville, Fla. BOB L. OLIVER . . . Decatur,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega JAMES J. OOSTERHOUDT Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega WM. E. OVERACKER . . Griff1n,Ga Pi Kappa Phi HENRY G. PALMER . . Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega PLEDGER W. PARKER . Duluth, Ga. WM. N. PARSONS . . Augusta,Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon R. R. PEACE . Winston-Salem,N.C DAVID S. PERLING . Sandersville, Ga Alpha Epsilon Pi JAMES H. POUND . Tallahassee, Fla. Sigma Chi MEL D. POVEROMO . . Miami, Fla Chi Phi ERNEST POYO .... Atlanta, Ca. Chi Phi ROBT. J. REDDICK . Burlington, N. C Pi Kappa Alpha ROBERT B. ROARK . . Atlanta, Ga Sigma Nu BOB A. ROSENFELD . . Atlanta, Ga Tau Epsilon Phi F. E. ROUFFY . . . Columbia, S.C Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM S. ROUSSEAU . Foley, Ala. Sigma Pi MARK R. RUBIN . . . Miami, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi J. W. RUSTIN . . Nashville, Tenn Sigma Chi GERALD F. SAMMONS . Tampa, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha DONALD E. SANDERS . Edison, Ga. J. WINSTON SAPP . . Havana, Fla. Delta Tau Delta K. G. SAUNDERS . St. Augustine, Fla. JERRY L. SESSIONS . . Mobile, Ala Pi Kappa Alpha WM. S. SHAW . . Jacksonville, Fla Pi Kappa Alpha NESBIT B. SHEAROUSE . Pooler,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega HENRY B. SMITH . . Valdosta, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon C. P. SOCOLOFF . . . Atlanta, Ga Tau Epsilon Phi R. M. STANLEY . . Bradenton, Fla Chi Phi CHAS. E. STEADMAN . Aiken, S. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon W. F. STUBBS . Emory University, Ga. Phi Delta Theta RALPH TARICA . . . Atlanta, Ga. EDWIN G. THOMAS . Gainesville,Ga. Delta Tau Delta MARVIN T. TRAVIS . . Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha LEE C. TRAYLOR . Fort Payne, Ala. Sigma Chi H. B. TRELOAR . Daytona Beach,Fla. Phi Delta Theta H. R. TURNER III . Camphellsville, Ky. Kappa Alpha ROBERT E. TUROFF . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega ' JOE N. UNGER .... Miami, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi JERRY G. VIHLEN . Windermere, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha CURLEY C. WALKER . Franklin, N. C Chi Phi KENNETH G. WALKER . Atlanta. Ga Delta Tau Delta T. J. WEEDEN . . . Townson. Pi Kappa Alpha K. C. WHATLEY . . LaGrangf-, Sigma Alpha Epsilon C. D. WHIGLAIVI . . Louisville. Sigma Chi E. WHITE . West Palm Beavli. Alpha Tau Omega A. THOMAS R. WHITE . Princvton. Sigma N u R. A. WHITNEY . . Pensacola. Phi Delta Theta BEN H. WII.Ll.AlN'lS . Hamilton, Kappa Alpha DAVID R. WILSON . . Atlanta, MELVIN S. WISE . . . Atlanta. ' Tau Epsilon Phi J. R. WOODARD . Hawkinsville, Kappa Alpha WM. L. WORLEY' . . Craceville. Delta Tau Delta PAUL H. WRAGG . . Riverview, MIKE E. ZELLARS . . Lakeland, Kappa Alpha aww Nici va Ca Ala Fla. . K Fla Fla. - X i. Ga ,.. Y it ' Ga. A gift, Q E wg- .V , . 1 Ga. l l ' 4' i l ' F... puoo A . C Fla- liii Fla. Snphnmnre Class Uffilzers Lefl lo riglzl: Rogers Hollingsworth, Prcsiclentg Larry Goodrich, Vice Presiclentg Phil Nathan Secretary .... No! 11ic'Ill1'L'!l: Franklin Rogers, 'l'reasni'er. 43 SQ X I W ,V , x 454 .s V , Z 2 Q W .5 V- .1 Y A Y watt I i f f I V ,1.,V ,Q V ,P ii .,i. . , :Ff a I -cl .af'. A , Q, iff? 1 'ff . 1' 46 g ' A llnlleqa M. W. ADAMS . . College Park, Ca. Pi Kappa Alpha HERBERT ALPERIN . . Atlanta,Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi WILEY S. AWSLEY . . Decatur, Ga. R. R. ARMSTRONG . Spring Hill, Ala. Pi Kappa Alpha D. J. ARNOLD .... Mobile, Ala. Phi Delta Theta JAMES W. AYCOCK . . Atlanta,Ga. Sigma Chi JOHN C. BARBER . . Orlando,Fla. Sigma Chi M. E. BARKIN . WinterHaven,Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi WM. T. BELCHER . . Roanoke, Ala. Kappa Alpha D. S. BOTHWELL . Coral Gables, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega PAUL BOWLES . . . Atlanta,Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon .JAMES P. BOWMAN . Opalocka Fla. Alpha Tau Omega ' N. C. BRANDON . St. Petersburg, Fla. Phi Delta Theta G. REVIS BUTLER . Coral Gables, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM W. BYRAM . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILLIAM A. CALDER . Decatur, Ca WM. J. CALLAWAY . . Dalton, Ga Phi Delta Theta P. W. CARSWELL . Waynesboro,Ca Sigma Alpha Epsilon R. L. CARTER .... DeLand, Fla Phi Delta Theta JAS. K. CASS . . . Greenville,S.C Sigma Alpha Epsilon T. F. CHALKER . South Orange, N.I Sigma Nu RAY A. CHAPMAN . . Atlanta,Ga Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM H. CHEW . . Macon,Ga Kappa Alpha JOHN F. CLUXTON . Jacksonville, Fla Kappa Alpha JEPTHA B. COBB . . . Mobile, Ala ROBERT M. COMBS . LaGrange, Ga Kappa Alpha JOHN L. CONEY . . . Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega R. H. CORDES . . Coral Gables,Fla. Sigma Chi L. H. CRAIG . . . Anderson,S.C N. G. CUMMING . Winter Park, Fla Sigma Chi WM. WCK. DALLAS . Thomaston, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon E. W. DAUGHERTY . East Point, Ca. THOMAS W. DAVIS . . Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta FRANK L. DEMOTT . Moultrie, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon EMORY S. DOCKERY . Blairsville, Ga. Sigma Nu B. J. DODSON .... Atlanta, Ga. F. B. DOLPH . . Ft.Lauclerdale,l7'la. Phi Delta Theta JAMES J. DORAN . . Atlanta,Ga. Kappa Alpha H. F. DOWNING . . Columbus,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega JOE E. DUCKETT . . AtIanta,Ga. Kappa Alpha RAY EHLY . . . South Miami, Fla. W. TINSLEY ELLIS . Hollywood, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega NORMAN L. ESTROFF . Soperton, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi OMER L. EUBANKS . Columbus, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega D. L. FARBER . . Miami Beach, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi Freshmen TOM F. FARMER . . Newnan,Ca Kappa Alpha JAMES J. FASON . . Waycross,Ca Phi Delta Theta JEFF H. FLORA .... Atlanta, Ca Chi Phi JAMES D. FORBES . . Ocala, Fla Sigma Chi ROBT. C. FOY . Avondale Estates, Ca Delta Tau Delta JOHN T. FRUITTICHER St. Simons Island. Ca Kappa Alpha W. E. FULWOOD . . Lakeland, Fla RICHARD T. GAINES . Hollywood. Fla Alpha Tau Omega ALBERT GERSING . . Miami. Fla Alpha Epsilon Pi ALAN B. GILLON . East P0int.Ga Delta Tau Delta JOHN H. GOFF . . . Atlanta,Ga. Kappa Alpha JIM H. GRANT . . . Clermont,Fla. Sigma Chi R. M. GRIFFIN . . . Hickory,N. C. Delta Tau Delta WM. C. CRIFFITH . . Atlanta. Phi Delta Theta ARNOLD GROSS . . . Atlanta, Alpha Epsilon Pi D. W. HAMMOND . LaFayette, Phi Delta Theta WM. E. HANNAH . . . Tucker, Chi Phi W. L. HARRELL . . Columbus, Kappa Alpha HENRY W. HARRIS . Jacksonville, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha MARVIN W. HARRIS . Macon.Ca. Beta Theta Pi J. L. HARTLEY . . Phenix City,Ala. JIM. A. HAZARD . . . Miami, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega W. JERRY HEAD . . . Atlanta,Ga. Kappa Alpha CECIL G. HEFNER . Lincolnton, N. C. Delta Tau Delta ALFRED W. HESTER . Thomaston, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon F. HERBERT HILEY . Fort Valley, Ga. WILLIAM B. HILL . . Decatur, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega JAMES R. HINSON . . Eustis, Fla. WM. B. HOLLIDAY . Zanesville, Ohio Beta Theta Pi JACK M. HOROWITZ . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi JULIAN G. HUNT . Greenville, S. C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHN A. JACKSON . St. Joseph, Mich. Sigma Nu WM. E. JACKSON . . Savannah, Ga. EUGENE G. JALALEY . Nelson, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha RANDALL JENKINS . Inverness, Fla. TOM J- JESSUP . . . Decatur,Ga. Chi Phi BROOKE R. JOHNSON . Marietta, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi McCLAREN JOHNSON . Atlanta, Ga. FRED W. JOHNSTON . Sarasota, Phi Delta Theta EDWIN L. JONES . Jacksonville, Kappa Alpha Fla. Fla. JAMES L. JONES . . . Decatur, Ga. S- J- JONES . . . Hogansville,Ga. ' Phi Delta Theta JAMES L. KELLY . . . Atlanta, Ga. W. K. KRAUTH . College Park, Ga. Ka a Al ha PP P H. R. KUNIANSKY . . Decatur, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi -LJL . .,f. 63 1 x K ig. . V, . , Y :.. E . , , ' ,l vu. if-A xy Q 'Vik 1 . .,. Ai 4, fi- i. QL ia '19 'f,. - f ,sf -,fl , .Zf.,....::P' 55: . V , .71-', Q, 'V - 'WWLWW 'W-f rf:-fm-fc If af. 1 ' .. Q- - 4 .H 1 '..f-.ew ez:,.:,:' f a- V llnlleqe GRADY P. LANE . Chattanooga, Tenn. Alpha Tau Omega J. DON LANIER . Apalachicola,Fla. Alpha Tau Omega J. RALPH LEATHERMAN Daytona Beach, Fla. Sigma Chi LIONEL E. LEE . East Orange,N.J. Sigma Alpha Epsilon K. E. LEHNHERR . Cartersville, Ga. Kappa Alpha ARTHUR LEISER . . Mobile,Ala. Sigma Chi F. T. LEROY . . Boca Grande, Fla. Sigma Nu JAMES O. LILLY . Baton Rouge, La. Kappa Alpha W. P. LOWDERMILK . Norman, N. C. S. H. LYONS . . . Scarsclale,N.Y. Alpha Tau Omega DOUGLAS G. MCCREE, . Orlando, Fla Sigma 'Chi JOHN H. MCEADDEN . Orlio,Ela Kappa Alpha JOHN S. MCKENZIE . . Kendall, Fla Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. G. MCLAUGHLIN . Dade City, Fla Sigma Nu JOHN M. MCNATT . Jacksonville, Fla Kappa Alpha C. P. MARTIN . St. Petersburg, Fla Phi Delta Theta R. W. MARTIN . . . LaGrange,Cva Chi Phi S. L. MARTSOLF . . Oklauaha,Fla Pi Kappa Alpha P. A. MEISENZAHL . Rochester,'N.Y Pi Kappa Alpha BOB D. MILLEDGE . South Miami, Fla Sigma Chi JOHN A. MILLS . . . Sylvania, Ca Phi Delta Theta HARVEY MINCHEW . Waycross,C-a Sigma Chi R. H. MITCHELL . . Pensacola, Fla Sigma Alpha Epsilon LOU MONTELEONE . . Tampa, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha D. R. MOORE . Avondale Estates, Ga Alpha Tau Omega JOHN W. MORRIS, III . At1anta,Ca Kappa Alpha K. F. MURRAH . . Winter Park, Fla Alpha Tau Omega DAN T. NAJOUR . . . Atlanta, Ga Pi Kappa Alpha ALVAH J. NELSON . Thomaston, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega C. S. NICHOLS . . College Park, Ca. Pi Kappa Alpha RICHARD W. NOLAND . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu JOHN C. O'C-WYNN . . Mobile, Ala. Phi Delta Theta CURTIS D. OSLIN . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha H. H. PARKER, III . Columbus,Ga. Alpha Tau Omega JOHN H. PATTON . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha JAS. F. PIERSON . Baton Rouge, La. Kappa Alpha JOHN R. PINSON . . Baconton,Ga. Chi Phi WILLIAM B. POPE . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega JAMES R. RAMSAY . Columbus, Ga. Kappa Alpha IRWIN S. RESNICK . . Tampa, Fla. Alpha Epsilon Pi WILLIAM B. ROANE . . Atlanta, Ca. Sigma Chi ROBERT W. ROBERTS . Decatur, Ga. Delta Tau Delta JAMES C-. ROWAN . Greensboro,Fla. WM. H. RUSH . . . Meridian, Miss. Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOE C. SAWYER . . Anniston. Ala. Phi Delta Theta Freshmen FELIX SCA RDAPAN E Hopewell .ILITICIIOIL N. Y. Chi Phi R. .l. SCI-IWARTZ . Coral Galmlt-s.Ela. Tau Epsilon Pi C. W. SEARS . . Ponte-VetIra,Ela. Kappa Alpha SAM SEGAL . . . Rock Hill. S. C. Alpha Epsilon Pi E. A. SI-IALLOWAY . . . Alma Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi WILLIAM H. SHAPARD . Crilhn Sigma Alpha Epsilon WM. R. SHIPP . . . Marin-tta Sigma Nu ' MARION E. SIRMANS . Moultriv Sigma Alpha Epsilon LYMAN L. SMITH . . Atlanta Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT IS. SMITH . . -Xllanta Alpha Tau Omega JAMES S. SPOONER . Douglas Sigma Nu EDWARD C. STATOM . Anniston. Alpha Tau Omega .I. GORDON STEELE . . Atlanta Alpha Tau Omvga JO H. STECALL . . . Limlalc Kappa Alpha DAVID N. THOMAS . . Atlanta Phi Delta Thvta F. W. THOMAS . . Washington Chi Phi .l. C. THOROUCHNIAN . Augusta Sigma Chi FREDERIC C. THIIAI . Atlanla Phi Delta Thx-ta CHARLES E. TIDWELL . Allanla Chi Phi I7. WARREN TINCLEY . Douglas Bela Theta Pi CHARLES H. TURNER . Roma- Alpha Tau Omega G. V. MANSFIELD . . Atlanta Kappa Alpha C. V. VALKENBURG . . DFCEIIIIT. - Alpha Tau Onwga CEO. M. VENABLE . Columlmus Sigma Chi E. E. IVARINNER . Collegv Park Delta Tau Delta Left lo Ca. Ga. Ga. G a. Ca. C :1 . lla. Ga. Ca. Ga. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca. Ca VI BILLHQ CLEVELAND F'l'6S1ZlHflTl Favorite GERALD I WERNICK Tampa Fla. Alpha Eps lon P1 I B WILLIAMS Rossvllle Ga Phl Della Theta IOHN L WILLIAMS Tallahassee Fla S1 ma Alpha Fpsllon ROBERT H WILLIS Mlallll F a Alpha lau Ome a BRUCE B WILSON Clearwater F a S1 ma Chl PXTRICK H YANCEY Newnan G Kappa Alpha YANTIS Lawrencevllle C S1 ma Ch1 YOUMANS Colle ePa1k G P1 Kappa Alpha YOUNG Scalsdale N I Alpha Tau Ome a ZIMMERMAN Atlanta Ga Tau Epb1lOI1 Phl ZIMMERIVIAN Ozona Fla S ZIMMON Atlanta Ga QQ Q ll '- ' xv. X . 3? W 'V 4 ff A 'Q' f 5'1 - f 4 4 5, 'NX M 4ff V WN, 4 f v f w , 0 . ARTUR BRANDENBURG , iff- f H0 gg, .. ,, A 2 ,, - , 1 MW , Q4 C-Y I X , 1 if CHAPMAN CUNNING1-IAM r QA ERNIE HfNDS 7 w X 8 me or-IN HALEY FRED BURFORD EIJLIOTT LEVITAS WYTCH Srunas IJMIEHU DELTA HAPP . 1 iff' I Q' .,, 1' mm., 'Q ' - W ri - A 1 K infill T'-iz' V aff' 0 - - - N ' Q xx as . I JJ 'f . x .1 ' ' -Ax ! ,Q It-K L , ' X f it N an f, . . , X -f , H. ,tr .4 I A, ' , FQ . ' fs Y . A , 2 .ik sf: 1 J l JY m h , V.V,V, fl, 5'- 1' .w- ef: ff fa Q A, M25 . Wa ' -1 ' 1 , W ..-Q.. u i le? ,n v A er i -5 ff?f2 ,.,. ' ' y H . Zf. . ,. A ' - ' - 2-wmziym, .4 ef ?Bz . 3 , 4s .. fe, .... , Y-L . 'A ' I ' , '-'-' ,raw -. ' X 'tv iii N 1' K -K ' i' From the top, clockwise: HENRY MALONE . BILL O'KELLEY . WYTCH STUBBS . jack Adams ' Miles Alexander Tom Braley Arthur Brandenburg Fred Burford Frank Collins A Chapman Cunningham Art Draper Ernie Hynds john'Haley Stell Huie Elliott Levitas Pat McBride Larry Rubin.- . . President . Vi ce-Presi dent . . ' . .Secretary Ben Samuels Bob Soergel Nisbet Toole Ed Wright Mr. Walter Davis Dr. Malcolm Dewey Dr. Ross McLean Dean E. H. Rece ODK is the national honorary leadership fraternity on the campus. Emory's Mu Circle was founded in- 1925. Election to membership is based on character, leadership, outstanding participation in extra-curricular activities, and conspicuous service along other lines. Recognition by ODK embraces five 'fieldsz scholarshipsg athleticsg social and religious activitiesg publicationsg and dra- matics and music. New members are elected each Fall and Spring. 'Fall 'initiates for the past two years have been tapped at the Push Ball, while Spring initiates- are named at Honors Day ceremonies. ' PHI BET KAPP!-l Dr W B. Baker, Dr. Sam Shiver, Professor J. C. Nunan, and Dr. Charles T. Lester are the oflicers of the Chapter. Kenneth Connoley Mlilliarn B. DeMore Frank A. Drew james Frazer Durrett John Haldi Franklin Jacks George M. Katibah Nikitas Kessaris Leon Kniker john G. Leonardy, Jr. Elliot H. Levitas Frank Manley MEMBERS: Harvey Ernest Merlin Marvous E. Mostellar james Morris Perkins Roger Ronald Rowell George Robert Slayton Richard A. Smith O. Lamar Studstill Frederick VV. Sunderman George Lamar Wallace, J YVade Hamp Watson, Jr. Earl Bennett YVhipple 1' . ri A f .,-. .x-, --.-. . ',-' if QQLQ... --rt yi OFFICERS: DR. SAMUEE M. SHIVEZR . . . President DR. W. B. BAKER . . . Vice-President PROF. C. NUNAN . .A . . Secretary DR. CHARLES T. LESTER . . Treasurer Founded at the College of VVilliam and Mary in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest national honorary society in the United States. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote scholarship among students of American colleges and universities. Membership is bestowed in rec- ognition of high attainments in liberal scholar- ship. The requirements for election are based not only on recorded grades, but also involve the range and character of courses elected, in- cluding a consideration of the moral character of the student, his general promise to the world of scholarship and society. EITIOFYYS chapter, the Gamma Chapter of Georgia, was established in 1929. Group of Phi Betes just prior to initiation in the Winter Quarter. LPHA EPSILUN UPSILU Bill Marine and Bob Rosenfeld are two of the ofllccrs of the group. VVILLIANI M. hflARINE . . . P'resz'dcnl Du. W. F. Dumas, JR. . . Vice-Pfrcsidenl Roisi-:RT TQOSIZNFIELD . . Secretary The primary aims of AEU Honorary Scholas- tic Society are to recognize and promote scholas- tic attainment among freshmen and sophomore students and to foster friendship among those who attain high scholastic standing. Students with an average of 2.50 quality points are eligible for election at the end of the third quarter. Fourth and Filth quarter students are admitted with an academic rating of 2.25. These students must be of good moral character and give promise of contributing something to the world in order to be admitted to membership in the society. MEMBERS: Robert Gaines james VVinston Sapp Ralph Garcia Paul H. YVragg Horace Clinton Ball Richard Cureton Gerald Ehringer Yllilliani M. Frierson Herschel Fulcher The members of A.E.U. pose for our shutter-bug after initiation. ET SIE fl PSI hi, . 4-A----if I 3 1 vw N nav!-N Hollingsworth, Nathan and Dozier preside over meeting. OFFICERS: PHILIP S, NATHAN RICHARD DOZIER ROGERS HOLLINGSWORTH . Sanford Kimball Robert McDaniel James Hale MEMBERS: . . President . Vice-President . . Secretary Wesley Boodish Mark Rubin r f f' 51 f 52 VQQQMQ 'mf 0 w Saas 95:99 O25 55frnEmrnQdg,mr'n3,,?j-,Qdc,,m ,...r.,mI4-rw'-'4p.l.jmcnO f-r smegwwf-rogr,-.10 Huge' UQ55-Omg,-,5'9Q.2D'OU6m m,E:S'cU'5'fDrDwg3-ro'-5,,,2sr-SUf5- m::UQD'Q:o SHN: D' - 5 QS,.iN4r9 'CTU-.23 NUQ O ,7,'Uq5.p :AQ-ww-I E'1m2'DOg3-:GRQWQN s: ?3FpgL? '?',,'U'Q3Q'g2OS 1 l'? ,,,, Q,f:.E,.m 'g0mg U Q,,v--5. 0 r-f Hen N4 4 O,.., mg- O O '-:,UO'-'-sw mmmwnmfbng x4m5D'U+'1'5 f mD 5f'vD ua C1399 , 2 :G-HH Sinn-.sm from 5-OOv'37'I5cnf-+G..-gj H, ,jg P-S Osgfbgoz-3,9322 ,EQ '. 4 :S . FD'-', 2533 530555 Q32 2. :Bs -fb- .C- H- ogg! an Q ',...5Q gs?- :ws'.3g5Q,TgsHff1 05 ill 4E.,.1 Glam f'D5'f-r EW 55Q,H-Q'Qsf1Q5w4o:r 03: Wewgg Fein? 550 ,.. For-1-H Hwiffb P 2':.EPS C53 :Q Eifboem U' 0 D450 1-1 V, FDD-In-. 23.0 rv gal 'D 'omg ?:'5'9' cfQs2'5i9.9. 523314 Members gather in Goodrich C. White Memorial Music room. RS -4 V ' Qa2ik'1' N ' - b 'i. , ,151 , f x . , 1 v--n..w.,n .. W?- A, 3f 5 Q S HG ,555 , ??V , 4 ,,, ., ,J f ww V ,f-L-a.11-:F'.w,f:f:M:- ff-:QV Q fu. , . 5 f . ' I , ..u I I ww, ., '. . - Aw Dewey Haggard Editor-in-Chief. The Stall of the CAMPUS 1952, composed ol few experienced men, returned last fall to begin its task ol trying to present a true and interesting story of what happened at Emory this year. The Staff gathered momentum as the last of the class pictures were taken, and the work went along smoothlyL The sectional editors gathered their copy and started taking their snaps as the book began taking shape. However, the problem of obtaining a camera and being able to work in the darkroom became the headache of the year. Finding no way to overcome the problem of getting pictures proc- essed, many negatives had to be taken to town where they were processed. Upon their return the editors rapidly began sewing up their sec- tions, and the book went off to press. lt is the hope of the Staff that they have suc- ceeded in presenting to you a true picture of Emory for the school year 1952. THE II!-l Knits:-n..,.... Business Manager Chapman Cunningham, .-'Xssociale Editor George Fubanks. mr Joe Unger lwndlffd me ff21fCfI'1ifY SGCUOH' The sports staff flanks Aaron Greenberg. VIP . Managing Editor I-lenry Marlin. mum ,, in V i-l' .li The night shift working on the class section. Dnwiiv HAGGARD . . .. Editor Gizoncstz EUBANKS . . Associate Editor I'll2NRY B-IARTIN ...... Zldanaging Editor BILL FRIERSON . . Assistant Managing Editor C1-IAPMAN CUNNINGHANI . . Business Manager Bon CLROOVI-IR . . Assistant Business tllanagei STAFF: Military-Frank Tindall, Eclitorg Ed Murrah .... Activi- ties-Nornian Estroff, Editorg jerry Vllernick, Bucky Bloom, Phil Nathan, Sam Segal .,.. Sports-Aaron Greenberg, Editorg Al Gersing, Jack Horowitz .... Fraternities-joe Unger, Editor, Don Farber .... Honors and Publications- Elmer Garrison, Editorg George Beddinglield .... Office Staff-Gordon Ferrel, Ham Downing, Foster Hester, Omar Eubanks, Madison Alderson, Bill Brannon .... Business Stall-Nevin Chapman, Everett Daugherty, Frank Dolph, Paul Freeman, Lewis Gaskin, Tracy Hill, Dub Jones, Frank Tindall .... Photographers-Franklin Jacks, Hank I-lajenian, jim Henley, Fielding Harper, Herbie Alperin. Elmer Garrison and Frank Tindall check their layouts. Our ever loyal pliotographers: Henley, jacks, Alperin, and Harper. Bill Shipp was acting Managing Editor. THE VVHEEL The only big policy change effected by The Wheel this year was its reversion to once-a-week publication after two quarters in which it came out semi-weekly Qwinter and spring of '5lQ. VVith some of the pressure taken off the staff by this switch, it was felt that a higher quality news- paper could be produced. Thursday was retained as the publication date. The Mfheel upheld its crusading character, the leading example being its attack on the cafeteria problem. VVith student protest growing be- cause of the long cafeteria lines created by the increasing number of outsiders for whom the University cafeteria had, in large part, appar- ently replaced their own dining rooms, The Wheel launched a series of satirical editorials and cartoons designed to point out the absurdity of the situation. The result was separate lines for students and for out- siders, which has, so far, proved a quite workable arrangement. Despite the number of important, serious stories concerning such weighty topics as ROTC and student government, for many Wheel readers the biggest and best story of the year was that which began something like this: An underwater explosion ripped through Alabama Hall last night .... The occasion was the destruction of one of the three utensils in a freshman dormitory head by several students ex- perimenting with a Firecracker. The caption on the accompanying pic- ture read, And then there were two .... All in all, however, The Wheel concentrated upon affairs of more moment, such as supporting the quarterly blood drives and urging student attendance at campus affairs. ln all matters it attempted to realize in practice what it believed to be its role-that of an organ of free student opinion. the whole stafftoarush. Part of the staff receive their last minute pep talk before the deadline approaches. f' .,4:f:1.':Q2bZ9Ell M1911S2ZiTZl'M,7SL?A?45W ' swung I l l 1 l i .lki lid Sullivan worked lh ' N ' :iz ll, L UM S I jack Kelly was elected to be the new business hlncfepqndenl College Newspaper i ' sl ' , Blu. Plcksnmc - , 5 V Editor i f , V PLARRY e Q, RUBINQQ , - so wmsm' QAssocFafeL ffditor if ' Business Manager 3?-'iffftp SULLWAN Emu: HYNDS ' News Editor--2 e. 2 I .. l- - Sports Editor NEWS STAFF: JL salt spagfgyqfbsgaizhgfliseqnngisimian, gsm Bagwell, num Mmm. Numan Gall, ,Gghei.1Sigjgg81il5g::Q3,fl1g3N,E3,QgnuxgrodegiQigglljSbibp Bill Young. SPORTS S'I'AFFf af1d Gene Schevfs- COL- Berr. -spgrigef,lfgnd21A1t.Q Brandenburg. PHOTOG- STFAFF2 Porter Cm- frfirfi MCLMM- CIR- RRY Stews-fn i - --A--4.4 Q.-2-A'e1.fv..1fMMf.mxnwmsz- -if N' t H Am' ANA-My--ml lU2ll1E1gCI fOr next YCHY. A f l Business Manager Ed Wright. - I I Q . 5. . I ' Jim lac a few open ICILCIS in the Spung issues. The news desk IS where the assignments are handed out. msm J1 wmw zz'-my 'mv' V The Enlnr ELLIOTT LEVIT AS BOBBY MCDANIEL Editor Managing Editor The Phoenix had several unique experiences this year. The publication was banned in the early part of the Spring quarter for uimpropern humor included in the Winter issue of the magazine. Bouncing off the ropes from this stag- gering blow iso we are toldi the staff came back with its usual raucus issue for the Spring quarter. The mainstays of the Phoenix have been the State of the Campus section and the editorial exposes on the campus-wide graft. Buried somewhere in the rest of the magazine were occasional stories and humor, colored by the imaginative minds of the stali members. Booclish Smith, Stein and Rubin helping with the paste-up. ,,,, . .MU ,,,,, , 'Qx1?W613,fSx W., .,,, .. 5526-, Pllueni NIILES ,-XLIEX.-XNIJER ED WRIGHT Business .llanager Associate Editor STAFF Edizor .... . . . . ELLIOTT LEVITAS Associate Editor . . . . ED WRIGHT Managing Edizor .... . BOBBY NICDANIEL Feazure Editor ..... . . BILL WARREN State of the Campus Editor . . ART BRANDENBERC Business Manager ............. NIILES ALEXANDER Exchange Manager ............... NIARK RUBIN Features Stajf-Bucky Bloom, Buddy Fields, Frank Manley, Bill Pope, Dave Thomas, Andy Yantis. Slate of the Campus Stay?--Marvin Baker, Gilbert Geller, Joel Stein, Marvin Zimmerman. Photographers-Henry Hajenian, David Thomas. Business Stan'-Morris Benveniste, Wesley Boodish, Jerry Head, Hugh Klotz, Mark Rubin, Robert Swartz, David Zimmen. Rubin, Boodish, Frierson, and Wright check the files for new jokes.. Stein and Smith check the assignments , . , , -sh 'LKL1'f,:,i, ,554 f , 5- .. BLIIIATIU 5 BUAHH The Pub Board meets in its oflice in the Fishbourne Building. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD Crayton Pruitt, Frank Pidcock, Art Brandenberg, .lohn Shadburne, Mr. Richard Joel, Chairmang Mr. Randolph Fort, Mr. Milton Krueger. The Publications Board is the official liaison team between the individual student publications and the budget controlling Stu- dent Government Association. The Board has to approve every editorial appointment on the student publications and is respon- sible for seeing that the work of the pub- lications runs smoothly. Also under the jurisdiction of the Pub Board are the other University publications such as the Quarterly and The Alumni Journal. Four students and three faculty members serve on the Board, two of the students being appointed by the Student Govern- ment and two selected by the Board. The Publications Board had a busy year of it this time with near resignations of the Campus editors early in the Winter quar- ter, the resignation of the Wheel editor in the Fall quarter, and the near firing of the Phoenix editor for Himproperw humor in the Winter edition of that magazine. EIHII LATIIJN M ABEH The duties and functions of the Circulation Stall are to see that every Emory University student gets a copy of every issue of any student publication. This involves traveling from the Dental School to the Alumni Memorial Building every Thursday to deliver the Wheel and three times a year for the Phoenix. The most amazing part of these duties is the distribution of the Campus which everyone calls for on a dilferent day of the week. This year's staff of Pete Lylte increased its suf- fering by adding five new distribution points in the form of the Emory apartments, the AMB, Gilbert and Thompson Halls, and Wesley Hall. We figure the total number of publications issued during the year at 124-,000 copies. Pete Lytle holds down the job of distribution of the student publications. 62 Zin -M31 .M ,A na HU UH IIIJUNEII, Front row: Tom Smithg l'Vytch Stubbs, Chairmang George Eubanks .... Second row: Dr. Shiver, Advisorg Nisbet Tooleg Art Brandenberg, Secretaryg Elliott Levitasg Dr. Hounshell, Advisor .... Not pictured: Basconi Anthony. The Honor System of the College of Arts and Sciences is enforced and directed by the members of the student Honor Council. These two functions were carried out by the Council in a number of ways this year. Whereas, in the past the members of the Council as Well as its pro- ceedings were cloaked in a sense of secrecy, this year the Council brought its actions and its active existence into the open. A revised Honor Code was submitted to the administration of the University for its approval, after which the Student Body will vote on whether or not to approve it. In the line of enforcement of the System the Council has handled cases dealing with every phase of academic dishonesty. Cases are reported to the members of the Council either directly or through the Dean's office and are handled at the very earliest chance. Those students who were found guilty of a violation of the System received punishments varying in degree from Honor Council probation to suspension from school Without recommendation for re-entry at a later time. During the Spring quarter the members of the Council appeared before a faculty meeting and explained the System in detail to the faculty members. It is hoped by the members of the Council that the discussion oriented the newer faculty members with the students? viewpoint and strengthened the existing ties between the faculty and students. ' Natural science labs or field trips often involve violators of tln- Ho ' S .1 f . F l noi ys KIT! a se documentation to term papers frequently is the cause of a cse 71' 1, '57 'J The members of the Council hear the evidence presented to the Council. to it and question the person reported 1. I, e ' ' I9 -53: 5 fr? MSWQw,fsNfw' ' ' QV, 4 L V 4 Qffiy ii, 'if i , , , o .,,, gf f 1 ' f ig ? f PQ fir cf- Nw , . ,, 1 IM ,M , ' Q, jf 21 'fp X wffywtz V' , jf ' Misrepresentinu his results in Chemistry lab. The Dean's secretary notifies the boy to appear before the Council D 65 G ST T EIIVEH OFFICERS , JOHN HALEY . . . BEN SAMUELS . . . HAROLD WALRAVEN . BILLY WYNN . . . . . . President . Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer President John Haley MEMBERS ' College: Ed Asbury, Bill Edwards, Jim Grant, Randy Karrh, Frank Pidcock, Murray Short, Dick Dozier, Mark Rubin, Ross Cox, Ken Murrah. Business: Oby Brewer, Chapman Cunning- ham. Dental: Jack Adams, Bob Benfield, Harold Walraven. Law: Dick Minchew, Charles Bisset. Nursing: Ann Adams, Lois Lurch. Graduate: Jerry Zeller, Art Draper, Ches- ter Fouche. Theology: John Shadburn, Johnny How- ard, William Appleby, Dick Timberlake. Medical: Lanier Jones. President Haley and Committee Chairmen After disposing of its usual responsibili- ties of apportioning the Student Activities' budget, approving business managers and editors of publications, electing and ap- pointing committee members, and drafting by-laws to the new Constitution of the SGA, the Council entered what has been a successful year. ' President Haley, Ben Samuels, and Jim Grant were sent by the Council to the Fourth National Student Congress held in Minneapolis in August. The ideas gleaned from the Congress proved most useful dur- ing the year. A significant sidelight of the Congress was John Haley's election as National Vice President of Student Gov- ernment Affairs of the NSA. The Student Government sponsored two blood drives during the year and collected 66 600 more pints than have been collected in any one year since the war. A new twist was added to the faculty evaluation pro- gram by issuing evaluation sheets on the courses as well as on the faculty members. The Student Activities Council was organ- ized under the leadership of Frank Pidcock. This new organization sponsored two Chapel programs, began the initial work on the activities, budgets, and made it pos- sible for students to get their activities placed on their permanent transcript. The handling of Special Events on the campus was of prime importance this year. The Pushball, the Valentine Ball, and Dooleyls were all acclaimed as big hits on the campus. The SGA closed out its year with preparations for Freshman Orienta- tion the next Fall and in allocating the budgets for the '53 activities. .f E S f :NN Ft . S0493 J me 1, if 'N 'w fx Xt .. f' CWA SSUEI TIU Tl Nfl :Vi 1 O Members of Student Council. The newly formed Studentls Activities Council in session. President Haley moderates at Council meeting. 67 Th First Tenors: Jerry Anchors Richard Armstrong Marion Becton Charles Lanford Robert Morgan Kenneth Murrah Terry Myer Carlton Philyaw Charles Rogers Gene Sirmans Leon Thornton Dan Turner William Whipple Ed Wright H UHY ELEE Ill, STELL HUIE . . EDMUND PEDRICK . WALLACE RUSTIN . ART BRANDENBERG . ED WRIGHT, JR. . Second Tenors: Ed Askren Tommy Beggs Art Brandenberg Asa Candler Larry Craig Norman Cumming Lamar Demott Tinsley Ellis Sam Frank Robert Gary Edwin McDonald John Minter Richard Stewart Terrel Tanner James Thompson . . President Vice President . . Secretary . . . Business Manager . Publicity Manager First Bass : Tom Davis Robert Dobbs Frank Dolph Joe Faulkner Joe Freeman Dick Gilchrist James Hale Stell Huie Paul McKinney John Morris Charles Mutter Alva Nelson Frank Warriner George Quillian The Glee Club prepares for concert. Second Bass: Robert Beckham Robert Boozer Jack Braddy Truman Brown Robert Combs Dawson Durden Robert Groover .lack Haynes Bethel Ingram Holland Jackson Ted McEachern Nelson Parker Robert Pinson Vlfallace Rustin All eyes on the director Recessional at the Christmas Carol service. The Emory Glee Club, known as the Soutlfs Sweetest Singers, has given concerts this year from Georgia to New York. Highlights of the year were a concert in New York City's Town Hall, March 27, and the annual Spring program on the Emory campus. A full house attended the Atlanta concert. The season began with a presentation of the annual Christmas Carol Service. This program was given twice in Glenn Memorial auditorium and once at Newnan, Georgia. This service was a continuation of the program which began in 19244. During the Winter Quarter the Club sang at Agnes Scottis Presser Hall before embarking on its Spring tour of the Eeastern seaboard. Concerts were given in Anderson, S. C., Asheville, N. C., Charlotte, N. C., Winston-Salem, N. C., Norfolk, Va., Hampton, Va., Arlington, Va., Washington, D. C., and New York. Critics and audiences at each stop praised the Clubis perform- ance. The season was climaxed on May 9, with the Emory Spring concert. The Glee Clubis program, as planned by Dr. Dewey, is aimed to please all music loversg it includes classical numbers by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, and others, folk songs, humorous numbers, and the ever-popular negro spirituals. The tedious rehearsals pay off in excellent performances. Dr. Malcolm Dewey IS a fa miliar sight to muslc lovers in the country HHLEY PUHUM Haldi and Alexander. Miles Alexander Marvin Barkin Jep Cobb Wence Cerne John Haldi Jim Hale jack Horowitz Tom Kee Howard Klein Ray Marchman john Morris Bob Rosenfeld Sam Segal joe Unger Mel Wise David Zimmon Mr. Robert McKay Cobb, McKay, and Kee. Bob McKay Joe Unger NIILES ALEXANDER . . Co-Chazrman JOHN I-IALDI . . . Co-Chamman joe UNGER . . Managev YVence Cerne S I 9 .Y , sf at-3 ,, s K - Q r Q , X . I 1 4 0 nl , . K , ,U ik Part of thc forum after a meeting. The Barkley Forum, carrying the name ol its most famous member, the nation's Vice-president, worked during the year to bring honor and rec- ognition to Emory University. The Forum sent teams to seven major and seven individual de- bate tournaments. Trips were made to Millsaps, Johns Hopkins, the University ol Georgia, Agnes Scott and other Southern schools. Once again the Forum donated scholarships to Emory amounting to S90000. These scholar- ships are to be awarded to Atlanta high school students who have proved themselves to be cap- able debators. The Forum ended its season with an undefeat- ed trip to the Northeast, where the team de- feated such schools as: Harvard, M.I.T. Boston College, Wellesley, and Seton Hall. In the All- Southern tournament, Emory placed First and third against North Carolina, Tulane, Florida State, Tennessee, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Morris Hill College. Jim Hale Marvin Barkin Howard Klein The simplicity and multiplic- ity of scenery makes 'glfscapei' a powerful production. IIHY The Fall production of A Servant in the House. The Fisherman scene from Galsworthy's ':Escape. Curtis Blanton Robert Libby PI. YEH5 OFFICERS EDGAR BOLING .... ED Lewis . . . BOB PENNINCTON . RANDY lVlALONE . GEORGE Naam' AND RICHARD lVlAHER . MEMBERS Homer Allen Thomas Beggs . . President Vice President . Business Manager Stage Manager . Direclors Brooks Lansing C. Edwin Lewis Edgar Boling David Booth Evelyn Burns Revis Butler Sam Clark Jane Dahlhouse Ralph Davis Robert Davis B. L. Dansby Mary Dowe Arthur Draper George Eubanks James Fuss William Frierson William Gibson Richard Gilchrist Buddy Gould Larry Hailey Ruth Heinrick Catherine Hocking Gilbert W. Holley Jan Hey Franklin Jacks Amy Jones Mary Knight Perillah Malone Randolph Malone Richard Maher Edwin McWhorter John Mills Marvous Moslellar James McLaughlin George Net-ley Nelson Parker Robert Pennington William Pope James Pound John Quillian E. H. Rene Philip Schley Robert Soergel Richard Stewart Dr. Tillford James Thompson J. M. Wilson William Waldeck Ed Wright ' Penny Wilmer William A. Yon Rod Young '41 can tell by the way you roll your trousers. The Emory Players opened their 25th season with a suc- cessful presentation of the comical HA Servant in the House. During the Winter Quarter, the Players performed John Galsworthyis c'Escape', which presented the psychological conflict that an escaped convict has on encountering different people with varying personality traits. NI Remember Mammaf' a story of touching pathos, was well received by the audience. Noel Cowardis amusing farce, 'gBlythe Spiritu closed the 1951-1952 season. At the conclusion of the Spring Quarter the Emory Play- ers award the Clyde S. Bennett Trophy to the person adjudged to have given the outstanding performance of the year. The Fred Blonkin Memorial Trophy is given to the best supporting actor. On stage before the curtain opens there is mass bedlam. The makeup bench in the THCUJS dressing f00m- SM9E'W5fS'f19if: T i - ' ' I Vi? GEORGE EUBANKS JIM ACHORD . . AARON GREENBERG DICK GROSSMAN . PHIL NATHAN . HANK KAMIN . LAWRENCE LEMoNs ,lim Achorfl Harold Albert Marvin Barkin Charles Berner Eugene Bloom .lim Christy Sam Clark Jack Eff George Eubanks Don Farber Dick Gaines Gil Geller Al Gersing Aaron Greenberg Dick Grossman lpha hi mega . . President . . Vice President . . . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Historian . . Chmn. Advisory Committee Ralph Guterman J ack Horowitz J im Hazard Hank Kamin Dick Kernaghan Larry Lasky Phil Nathan Sam Segal Buz Sawyer Ed Shalloway Ronnie Strictler Will Stubbs Bruce Waters Jerry Wernick Mac Wilson Oiiicers of APO: Eubanks, Grossman, Greenberg, Achord, Kamin, and Nathan , . W Ji! VST' These committee chairmen. Geller, Eli. White, Clark and ,-Xchord. are in charge of the varied activities of APO. I Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, was brought to the Emory campus on November 15, 1946. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to nassemble men in the fellowship of the scout oath and law, to develop friendship and to promote service to the ranks of humanity. Some of the service projects carried out by APO this year were: operation of the second hand book store, supervising the polls at student elections, ushering, serving at Emoryys anniversary banquet, and helping the International News Center. In the community service field, APO has raised funds for the Community Chest and various other drives on the Emory campus. Lf 5 5 S i 1 i George Euhanks, President of APO, at work? The winner of the Ugly Man contest which was sponsored by APO to raise money for the Community Chest. Members of APO at one of their regular chapter meetings. EMUHY CHRISTIAN ASSUEI Tlll Mr. Sam Laird is the University advisor to the ECA. Probably the most people ever in the oflice at once show how the work is clone for the ECA bf--...N nu--Q1 ' 'l The Emory Christian Association under the able leadership of their director, Rev. Sam Laird, seeks each year to guide the way and increase the fellowship of all denominations. It is a co-ordinating body between the various in- dividual religious organizations. The Association sponsored Religious Emphasis lfVeek, Brother- hood VV'eek, held two vespers daily, and also held an Easter Sunrise Service. They took an active part in Orientation Week and published the Daily Reminders for all students. Due to the fine co- operation of the seven organizations which make up the Association much fine work was done. Each of these seven organizations sends repre- sentatives to the council which in turn maps out the plan for the Association. Through the council also comes the co-operation of the dif- ferent organizations from the varied member- ship of the council. OFFICERS TERRELL TANNIQR . . . President EDGAR 15o1.1Nc: . . Vliflf-P!'6S1'dKl'Il EVISLYN DICNNIS , Sgr-mimy DON IQOSILNBERG . Treasurer j. P. Barrett Eugene Bloom Arilnnr Brandenburg .XlSl.0l1 Brown Allan Bruce joe Callahan Morris Gaskins Bob Groovcr -lim Hale Marion Henderson Sanford Kimball Shirley Kimball MIZMIBERS Nancllc Lang Pat McBride lluclcly lXli'l'i2ll'llCl'll Nl2ll'g2ll'Cl Prillllcll Clzirolyll Rogcrs Hlylrli Slulrbs ,Illllllly Illlltblllllfillll lucy NValkl1p -loan Walters Dick Whillicr Brucc Wilson Gathered around the camera are the Methodists in the VVes1ey Fellowship. EE!-X llennmina The chapel service is conducted by Sam Cobb, the advisor to the Canter- bury Club, composed of the Episcopalians. .,-.fm,,..mwm1,Lv,swN.wwf.mu1mm linnal Groups The Catholic students have formed the Newman Club. which is thc nation- . wide college group. Ei The Westminster Fellowship is com- posed of the Presbyterian students. So: cial and religious meetings constitute their program. GGEQQ E L Oihcers McDonough, Lammers, Sotus, and Jacques. The members of the NEB Club foster the spirit of participation in OFFICERS BILL LAMMERS .... TOM MCDONOUGH . . . IIM JACQUES . . PETE Soros . MEMBERS Harold Albert Robert Arnall Ed Asbury ,lim Bennett Tom Blevins Harry Brannon Sam Brewter Ross Cox Chapman Cunningham Ralph Davis Alexis Davison Earle Dukes Ralph Goddard Buddy Gould Earle Haire John Haley athletics at Emory. . . President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer Randy Karrh Dick Keyser Brock Magruder Bob McCollum Ed May Tom McDonough George Morris George Needer Clyde Partin Frank Pidcock James Poole Marcus Smith Mario Soto Wytch Stubbs Nisbet Toole Alex White I .-X C U LTY Dr. L. WV. Blitch Dr. C. 'l'. Lester Mr. L. J. Dixon Dr. O. R. Quayle Dr. YV. I-l. jones Dr. li. li. Royals S'l4l,llJliN'l' K. C. Brannock Brownie Murr Robert Biggers Cecil Orr C. H. Carlson l-larold Parker William Demore R. Prasad Bernard Friedland Robert Powers Laniarr l-Iarrel William Putnam J, H. Hobson lfred Springer Brooke Hoey William Wilcox The honorary chemistry fraternity at Emory endeavors to encourage sincere efforts in the field of chemistry. During the fall quarter, Pi Alpha sponsors the Zep award, which is nienibership in the American Chemical Society for one year. It is awarded to one senior and one grad- uate student who have shown scholastic superority. In the spring the fraternity sponsors the Science Open House at Emory. Once a year the fraternity invites stu- dents who are worthy of recognition in chemistry to join their ranks. PI ALPH Pi Alpha recognizes outstanding students in the field of chemistry. OFFICERS H A P P P I-I I MURRAY ' ' ' MM N. D. BIALLARY, JR. . . Vice President STAFFORD SMITH . . . Secretary P A JOHN ANTONOPLIES . . Treasurer NIEMBEKS VVilliam Aydelotte Crawford Jackson Jones Brahmanand Clark Lambert Paul Cousins William Lowery Kappa Phi Kappa promotes educational studies among the students of Emory and the Jclseph Fuller Harold Mlller ' surrounding neighborhood. Richard Golden Clyde Partin ..,..,,. .. . ,, Floyd Harris Isaac Phillips Earnest Harper Harry Scoates, jr. Paul Hartsfield Harold VVilliams Kappa Phi Kappa is a national educa- tional fraternity. It was founded in 1922 with the first chapter at Dartmouth. The Alpha Epsilon chapter, located at Emory, is one of the three chapters in the state of Georgia. The fraternity has as its purpose the promotion of the cause of education by encouraging men of sound rnoral char- acter ancl recognized ability to engage in the study of the problems of educa- tion and to apply its principles. lot SALTER . . . Vice P1'es1'dent,falZ IOHN FINLAY . . Treasurer, winter ALPHA DELTA SIE OFFICERS OF ADS ISD YVRIGHT . .... President HAROLD ALBERT . Vice President, winter BILL YVARREN .... Treastzrer, fall llICHARD JOEL . . . Facility Advisor Professor of j01.u'mzlism. MEMBERS OF ADS Harold Albert Joe Salter Vidor Bernstein Bill Vllarren Stanley Friedman lid lflfright, jr. john Finlay Richard joel, Jack Kelley Faculty Advisor - .Stairs tim L ,ia Harold Albert and Bill YVarren initiate the ADS-sponsored Crusade for Freedom campaign on the Emorycampus simultaneously with the launching of a freedom balloon by President XVhite. Meeting at Mr, j0el's house tor the ADS reception are past presi- Hvlfi Bulb iiilili CGtPee'2ro,'zi5,ggs Fall quarter initiates: Claude Grizzard, John Finlay, David Coldwasser, Jack Kelly Aithui Burdge. The Richard Joel Chapter of Alpha Delta Sig- ma has been in existence only since 1949, but during that time it has won national recognition by placing first and second in three years oi competing in the national Alpha Delta Sigma President's Cup Project. Chapters participating in this competition submit scrapbooks of the year's activities which are judged by nationally known advertising persons on the basis of the activities themselves as well as the merit of pres- entation. Other ADS activities have included: publiciz- ing Dooley's Frolics each yearg sponsoring the Freedom Crusade on campusg serving as one of the sponsors of the Annual Advertising Insti- tute at Emoryg sponsoring the annual South- eastern High School newspaper advertising con- testg sponsoring night seminarsg and other ac- tivities. Bridging the gap between advertising the- ory and practice is the aim of Alpha Delta Sigma and the Richard joel Chapter. Clyde Bedell, nationally known advertising consultant and author speak at banquet after his initiation into the Emory ADS chaptei dents Ed Yklright, jr., Ralph Russell, Charles Reep, Don Wad- dington. our TH rrlttn HT Traffic Court in session. Left to right: Tom Mc-Donough. jim Stanley, Dub jones, and Henry Smith. Ofhcers, left to right: I.. R. Fowler, Capt. johnny Johnson, and R, L. Kcever. Not pictured: Buddy Gould, Bill Hardman, Bill Manning. The Traflic Court is composed of a group of reliable young men who attempt to solve Emory's trallic violation cases. These men have the responsibility of insur- ing safety to pedestrians and motorists. An offender who is summoned by one of the campus policemen relates his side of the story to the traffic courtg the orlicer then tells his side, and the court reaches an opinion based on these two testimonies. Punishments come in the form of suspensions from driving on campus, the length of the suspension being deter- mined by the seriousness of the offense. The court also makes sugges- tions and laws to lessen any of Emo1'y's traffic problems. SIE Ill DELTA CHI sf ss. .A V Members of Sigma Delta Chi, left to right: Hank Hajenian, Bd Sullivan, Ernie Smith, Bill Pickering, Bert Spencer, Bill Bagwell, Stafford Smith, Larry Rubin. Not pictured: Vlfayne Free- man, Lee Hartley. Allen Long, Mike McDougald, Paul Smith, and Jerry Zeller, Sigma Delta Chi is a profes- sional journalism fraternity orga- nized to promote high ideals and standards in journalism. It is a national fraternity, andlmember- ship is based upon scholarship, and service to the profession. At Emory, the chapter aids and promotes the Wlteel in mat- ters of editorial writing and typographing. It works in close coordination with the' Atlanta professional chapter and initiates all its members as professional members of the chapter. The Sig- ma Delta Chi's also aid in pro- moting press and other meetings in this area. l ,li I i '1 ll ll t ll ll 'l il . ll 3 l l l l l r l l 1 l l l l 1 l l 5 l l l l 1 , II MER IIL BILL ROUSSEAU Louis SNELLGROVI2 . FRANK JACKS . Mem be Herb Alperin Jack Barnes Mickey Brown Bill Davis Joe Fuller Fielding Harper Marvin Harper . . President . . Vi C6'P1'851'd677i Secreta1'y-Treasurer rs of the Camera Club jim Henley George Keller George Maloof Lloyd Middleton Russell Middleton Robert Phillips Dick Mfhitmore Through portraiture nights, field trips, weekly demonstrations and lectures, and competitions within the organization, the Emory Camera Club seeks to promote interest in photography and to improve individual skills through actual prac- tice. The annual winter exhibit, one of its projects, brings together the best work of all photographers on the Emory campus. Members of the Camera Club practice their talents on lne models V as well as on still life ' 'l A 'D-L. ,XM W , .,.4,.-W We W M in i vm r:,yA A -Y W ,- ' :- Q5 X7 Q was Kgs Q 2' -fqfw , V-qg f,.n1..f : .iw - X - ,ff -' .. . -.,14.' V. - f. pggfgifzl. EL -' fir: ' .-- 5 1,4...' ...ww V X 3? I z v X K. 1 gr. 3? 4' Ju 4 -M. f gm.m,ffa-ff'g.- ' K XR, T4 . xx a -A f .gy-N., - M, N, M fi?iiEtf2fWf . .: 548' ,A N ., ,I .X 16553 ai? 1 M .Q ,xv GPA-' .ze p 115151 L NT .Vg-gf, -1- , MV. . if ' ily - -. 1 NN. wx, N W NN is The Seniors in a pre-game huddle. TH!-UVIU This year, for the second year in succession, the intramural football league ended up with two teams tied for first place. This year, exactly in duplication of last, the Seniors and Juniors deadlocked for top honors. During the season, Coach George Cooper, Direc- tor of Intramural Athletics, tried out a new system. He had three teams from the Atlanta campus play- ing and three from Emory-at-Oxford. The Emory- at-Oxford teams were made up of men from the three ROTC companies, while at uBig', Emory there were teams representing the Freshmen, Sen- iors, and a combined Junior-Sophomore team. The Frosh were coached by former Little All-American Dave Mclntosh, the Junior-Sophs by Jim Poole, and the Seniors by Landon Lindsay. The Seniors were spearheaded by a terrific line led by All-Emory tackles Art Pearl and Bob Beck- ham, and All-Emory end Wytch Stubbs. The out- standing back was Theolog Clyde Dunn. The Juniors featured fullback Frank Faust, and halfbacks Tommy Lipscomb and Ray Michael. Coach Poole talking to the Juniors between halves. First and 10 on the thirty five PIQIIITB LL The All-Emory squad was again this year dom- inated by Seniors, six of them being named to it. In addition there were hve freshmen and three soph- omores. The following were named: Ends, Wytch Stubbs, Seniors, and Jim Kelley, Froshg tackles, Art Pearl and Bob Beckham, Seniors, guards, Paul Fulton, Seniors and Jerry Searle, Froshg center, John L. Willianis, Froshg quarterback, Nick Nich- ols, Froshg halfbacks, Ray Ehly, Frosh, Walt Smal- ley, Seniors, Tommy Lipscomb and Ray Michael, Juniorsg fullbacks, Frank Faust, Juniors and Clyde Dunn, Seniors. It is interesting to note that Stubbs was picked as All-Emory end for the third successive year, while Pearl was chosen for the second time. Picture of a man about to be snowed under. Goodrich, Pearl, and Fulton stop Faust for no gain Pre-season inter-squad scrimmage. .. . ,.,. . .v . ,. t.- -' .' .LM G ,fl I . . Earl Haire kicks off for the Pikes. . .- . .. c 1' sr . fa -:1 1 ,' . .. '- ' 1 .. , '--- - . x J ,,.. S , mml,?..5X-:.Iggf,...Ms 5 gps:mass.a-:s,.s-ss-Jasc., .Y .QWQXX - Jgai. . give- s .: sh ,, . , .. Q w . - .. f- mg-mxwfanyma z- ' t Fw'-sl' . f--3 --5, X- F .--3 kj X -rg - .- --. L. . giSgtj,.j5: ' - ' G 'z 1, - ' , 'Q if .- , ,- .- A Q 'Ri f .g- tsp. r' 14,-'.:. g , H gf X 1 ' , . . ,K-2, wg-gg-' -, aff- .-y . r f si. , X 1 W t . .w,,. w..,sf,...- M, .V V.. ,X A -,Z , . . . . .. 1'..f's5j't1Iki.A- - f. iW' z.X !i ,mi l . - age- Ffx pix, V. ,S V shi Q . .N g 5, X Qgfv, A s , -, . ,-:-7 'A A' 1 'er' 3, g 'N' ...mm .. R: . K 1:54 I - W -2, 1 1 ,Q MKS -1 K tt'-15K .- , ' - -- -cf-was 1 5 -X .-:E A if: fe: ,f aim.. ' .-.Qs . -as-Nay '- get -- -fs-s. ,. .- vga-, , f . the ' 9 ' . .-f--Y'T'j.Q- ti Ie' www ' www ww---Q q.,..i..: f1I2s 11L- tt-11 '1,-sl rears,-1. xjj - f 2 f , X- . wwf- fx ef yea- .Q -1 .wed 31.51 gig 9fgt,y1Q-.l,a,g3.?W .. 3 . 'W gayzzvf it-Q 2, iles. ' 2 czsvgf, if School Champion Chi Phis. Front row, left to right: Cunningham, Purks, Carusos, Warren, Gorman, Poveromo, Kelly .... Back row, left to right: Thomas, Budd, Toole, Garrison, CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHTS Chi Phi . KA . . . Sigma Chi . Phi Delt . . TEPhi . PiKA . . . ATO .... Campus Club . SAE .... Sigma Nu . . Delta Tau Delta Sigma Pi. . . AEPi .... Star and Crescent Flight I . . . . 3-0 2-1 . 1-2 0-3 Flight II . . . . : 2-1 . 1-2 0-3 3-0 Flight 111 . . . . 2-0 2-1 . 1-2 o-3 Flight W :O-1 1-0 I TEHFH TEH ITY The Campus Club punts against the Pikes. W? be In the most thrilling interfraternity game of the entire season, an underdog Chi Phi football team pulled one of the biggest upsets of the past few seasons when they defeated the Kappa Alpha Rebels, 6-2. This victory dethroned the Rebels from their interfraternity championship which had been held for the previous two years. On their road to the championship the Chi'Phis beat the Phi Delts and Sigma Chis as well as the KAs. The entire season was filled with thrilling games, and every one was a real contest. Second only to the Chi Phi-KA game was the battle for third place between the Sigs and Phi Delts. The Sigs won this one and began their annual chase for the Interfra- ternity Athletic Trophy. 90 Q Tony Budd passing for the Chi Phis against the Phi Dc-lts. Dozier fades hack to pass a amst the Delis PRELIMINARY FLIGHTS KA. . ATO . SAE . . AEPi . . Sigma Chi . TEPhi. . . Sigma Pi . . . Beta Theta Pi . Phi Delt . . . Campus Club . Delta Tau Delta Chi Phi . . PiKA .... Sigma Nu . . Pi Kappa Phi . Flight I Flight II Flight 111 Flight IV FUIITB LL In Flight Two the Teps edged out the Pikes in another hard-fought game for the championship. They were followed by the ATOS and the Campus Club. The Flight Three title was taken by the SAES who remained undefeated while the Sigma Nus and Sigma Pis were losing one and two games respec- tively. In Flight Four, there were only two teams, AEPi and Star and Crescent Club. The AEPis took this divisionis championship by knocking off the Club- bers, to the tune of 12-6. With the close of the season, the frat men turned their thoughts to basketball and the football cham- pionship will remain uncontested until next fall. 91 . 3-0 . 2-1 . 1-2 . 0-3 3-0 f 2-1 . 1-2 03 . 3-0 . 2-1 . 1-2 . 3-0 . 2-1 . 1-2 . 0-3 Bobo Arnall and Bob Rosenfeld goin up for pa s in TEP-ATO game lNl1CClI1l21l1 and Lipscomb jump for opening tap in The College Champs QL. to RQ-Friedman, Greenblatt, Cooper, Rawls, Coach Lindsay, Wight, Stribling, Campbell. TIHXMU Senior-junior game. 1 Seniors. Grillith dumps Stribling in scramble for the ball. This year, the intramural basketball league was run on a new system, whereby the teams from the college played each other, as did the graduate school teams, with the two winners meeting for the all-school title at the close of the season. In the college division, the Seniors, led by Ernie Friedman emerged victorious. The Dental School captured the graduate division title by defeating the Theology School which had held the title for the last three years. The Dent School was led by Jackie Conner and Bob Mc- Crary. The Seniors defeated the Sophomores and Juniors twice, while the Dent School beat the Theologs and Freshmen twice each on their road to the Med School and the Law School. Outstand- ing performers in the intramural league were Clyde Dunn, Hal Shulman, Friedman Conner, and several others. Rawls clears the backboards for the Duda fouls Carson in Dent-Med game. Friedman throws in a hook against the Juniors. Frosh and Sophs scramble under basket for the At the close of the intramural season, the coaches and sports-writers chose an All-Emory basketball squad from members of the eight teams in the league. The graduate schools domi- nated this team placing seven of the thirteen men chosen on the squad. The members of the squad were: Freshmen, jim Cain and joe Bevang Sophomore, Bethel Ingram, Juniors, Tommy Lipscomb, Curtis Lowery, and Marion Gainesg Senior, Ernie Friedmang Dent School, Jackie Conner, Ben McCrary, and Ted Hunter, Med School, James Carson and Harold Schulman, and Theology School, Clyde Dunn. Friedman steals the ball from Lipscomb jones blocks NVilson's attempted tap in Rebel-Sig game. TEHPH TEH ITY Rebs and Star and Crescent in scramble under the basket. The Phi Delta Thetas, following the example set by the Chi Phi's during the football season, continued the year of upsets by capturing the lnterfraternity Basketball Championship from the defending champion Kappa Alpha Rebels in a hard fought contest. The Phi Delts went through the entire season without a defeat and in the Championship Flight defeated, in addi- tion to KA, Sigma Chi and TEP. The Phi Delts were sparked to the championship by the excel- lent play of Earl Dukes, Leo Wade and Frosh star Jim Fason. The Pi Kappa Alphas, led by diminutive Jerry Sessions and big Don Mills captured the Flight II championship from Alpha Tau Omega. The Flight III title was the hardest fought of them all, with the Chi Phi team just barely edg- ing out Alpha Epsilon Pi for the championship. The Chi Phis were led by Tommy Tillman and Jack Bracy. , AW. ,- -.-.V M, Bracy and l'Vo1'ley go up for opening tap in Delta Tau Delta-Chi Phi game. STANDINGS FLIGHT I Phi Delta Theta ,,,..,. ..,..,,,,,... .I,.,,.., . 5 5-0 Kappa Alpha ....I,.,, 2-l Sigma Chi . ...., l-2 Tau Epsilon Phi .,,,,,, ,,.,,,..,,,.. ,.,,, , , , 0-fl lfLICl-IT II Pi Kappa Alpha .. ,,...,,..,,,.,,,,,,...,,v..,....... W .,..,,., 3-0 Alpha Tau Omega ,.,. ,. 2-l Sigma Alpha Epsilon ..,.,... .,,. . ., ....,,. 12 FLIGHT III Chi Phi .I ,,i. ....,,,.,,,, . ,.,,,,.,.,,, , , 2-U Alpha Epsilon Pi ....,,. I-l Delta Tau Delta ,...,., ..,..,.,,,,,,,i,,,, , ,, .,,, U-2 FLIGHT IX' Campus Club ,,,... ,.....i,....,,.,.,...., ..,. 2 - U Sigma Pi ,,......,,,,.i,,,,., .,,, I -1 Star and Crescent ..,., .... O -2 FITIECIAUIKY .-Xll-Stars: Kneeling KL. to RQ: Hutchinson and Neder, Sigma Chi: Ciolliiigsx-vo1'tl1 and jones, Kappa Alpha: Sessions, PiK:X: Roberts, ATO. Standing CL. to RJ: Davis. Sigma Pig Mills, PiKA: Dozier, SAE: Enteen, .-Xl3Pi: Arnall. .-XTO3 Maddox, S.-XE. 4' I Wfi-ig ', Hal. . YfVo1'ley fouls Green in Chi Phi-Delta Tau Delta battle ntl PSE5 Ride 'em cowboy!! Co-Captains Randy Karrh and Bill Lammers. Phe years outstanding athletic perfor Braly. mer, Tom Lammers and Traylor work out under the watchful eye of Coach Miller. During the 1952 season, the record of the Emory VVrestling Team was very deceptive. Even though the team only Won two of the five matches scheduled, there were elements which stood out in these losses which made the season a much brighter one. The highlight of the season was undoubtedly the Southeastern Conference Cham- pionships in which Emory placed second to Auburn, a school which has held the title for several years now. In this championship meet, two of the Blue and Gold men captured their individual weight championships. These were Tom Braly in the l67-lb. class and Randy Karrh in the 177-lb. division. 'KO' Herschel Fulcher brought some national recog- nition to Emory when he placed sixth in a field of 24 in the National Amateur Athletic Union meet at Ithaca, New York. Only a Sophomore, Fulcher figures to do even better in future years. In addition to the above mentioned three members, the varsity consisted of Eddie Albert in the 123-lb. classg Mickey Goldman in the 130- lb. sectiong Capt. Bill Lammers in the 147-lb. divisiong Clyde Traylor at l57-lbs.g and Pete Sotus the heavyweight. Coach Johnny Miller THE EH PPLE Ilerselmel Ifulclier numbei six in National XxU1dHl4ll1 S. Big Pele SOUIS. runner up SOlllllCZlSl Conference A ' ' Q ' I I g 'li-OLll'll2llllClll. x Whos on IOP? Over and over they roll, and where they go no one knows. Hold that Tiger!! cAl1bUfl'1 Tiger, Lllat isj. The Varsity team QL. to RQ: Souls, Karrh, Mills, Braly, Traylor Lamrners, Fulcher, Goldman, Albert. V V ,Q ---- : ?f11':.p,. ,.m,.1:1: ,Nmmflm 'rr pf gg . f - HSITY Star freshman breast-Stroker Henry Harris. Emory's swimming team has just completed a very successful season. The Blue and Gold swimmers met such worthy opponents as Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Georgia, Kentucky, and The Citadel. The height of Emory's swim- ming season was reached when the team won the swimming meet with Vanderbilt by the close score of 43-41. Coach Smyke's boys prac- ticed diligently and they turned in good per- formances in every meet of the season. Led by Jim Jacques, Ed Asbury, Tommy Blevin, and Team Captain Tom McDonough, the gaquatters battled every opponent and the team received very favorable comments after every match. 98 Perfect form in a back Hip. I TEHFH TEH ITY 5WIlVllVI This past year the annual Emory Interfrater- nity Swimming meet was held early in Decem- ber. This was done for the double purpose of eliminating a later conflict and at the same time to serve as a sort of tryout for the varsity swim- ming team. Every fraternity entered the meet and the competition seemed to most observers to be even keener than usual. The events held at this meet were the 75 and 150 yd. individual medley, the 100 and-200-yd. freestyle, diving, plunge for distance and an event which was new to the meet, a water tug- of-war. This last proved to be one of the most interesting and most exciting events which was witnessed by those present. Each fraternity was limited to an entry of two men per event in order to prevent one fra- ternity which was exceptionally strong in an event from flooding that event with several sure placers. This made the competition more even and helped to make the meet much more ex- citing. The meet turned out to be a three-way battle for the most part. This was between the PiKA's, the Sigma Chis, and the Phi Delta Thetas. The Pikes and Sigs were almost deadlocked going into the final event and only by winning that event were the Pikes able to capture the meet from the Sigs. As a result of this meet the Pikes gained third place in the Interfraternity Trophy Race and were able to hold onto this spot until the end of the Spring Quarter when the Race was finally decided. Harris finishing an individual medley. They're off in the medley relay Kyle captures the interfra- ternity half mile. 100-yd. 220-yd. 440-yd. 880-yd. dash dash dash 1'LlI1 ., One-mile run S80-yd. Pole Va relay ult .... High jump 120-yd. hurdles Shot Pu K .,, Discus .., ..,....... . Team lfVinner ,.,., 220-yd. hurdles HH EHS FIELD ll X X , '1 K v -' ' A K Q fl Q sf' r 'f ry' L- f e- W . w. v1er as Vi- , Q , . 3 -U, M 1' Us - I V , , f . yr -' Yes? ', V E A 1 fbifllifzl . ff .. - X w , gf. , ff 5 231,-fi e f - X I 'frswaggx 'ir , , we-Q a r- ' ,T 3 ..,. Q 9 mf? ' 5 ' .P H , 1 we , , , Q ,yy . wi 7 5' -E X P 4- ies' A f M ,.,s'. . X JG, A , ,, f,5y ., A .L . . Ky--Q ., . Q. fwm t as l., -5 .. sl sf ,, .4 ., 6 1 . ., . s 1 ---va-., ylsagwfs.-ffss9,eQa,s -f M M al ,f m ,f 1: f QW.-, i a lgwf wus? 2' ' gsf'f?v':'il',2Q lf? bf iff? S56 'qv spit-fff.s ,. 'WM ,, -' Ez , '- N ' 7 J ,A g ,Mg 3 'eif , , A : ' -f .. , Q h ,' .., r - f . A 1 , Q- f Q .V ,,-X. -r f-- , 'f . . .. , . as -,,fs!-424,-:':?,,f,f:sa,4 1--rw Jn --amz? f- r .,f. - A- ' ' n afwf :2wffSf7fb'1:A:g-:eff-' s iw WW-'12 - ---M, ew-1' ,,,, W,.ff1s1Qz': as- V ' . ,P ., . As i f ! si-M55 ,ff ' 9 -Q f':5, '., : gf 2 - . 1- 1. 1 - v A , A -M I ,, av 'vw -1 L M ,QW-fjgv. - - 9 A A w r . A, ,, as f r n H , f . ,, 4 J-we-w',i,-Af? 5 ,ww as ,' pf Wfwz.. .-Waf M Q1 V, is Lined up for the start of the half are Lassiter, Gfiff, BHHJCF, Roysden, Rosen- He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. berg, Orth and Kyle. rwjack Kelly, KA jack Kelly, K.A Doug Roysden, Sigma Nu jack Kyle, KA Billy Orth, Independent .........Kappa Alpha ,...,Don Farber, AEPi jack Beutel, KA Jimmy Hazard, ATO Phil Green, Chi Phi Phil Grene, Chi Phi .. Kappa Alpha Randy Malone, Sigma Chi X ,Al M W, 1 wwsq. 211, - M1 .W Y. + CX X sian? h .. , . .V Q19 syxf X - .S N X Y r V52 .Q V S, z,,',:r,fr13XY:fi:,QQ A, xi s .5 Z S PM as 4 . 'KN X 4 94 , . . .. ,va-,vaefafx fr, 7 . 5 X XQx,X X ESS X Q , . vows, Xe M X grisfgygwg X ik Q. ' W ils f , . 4 isws yrxfanw t- .wa . ma, ., , T If ,Q.,,1f,,:Q.w gg- , rw gsm:,,ff,,,-,,z:Q , 4, -4.1.5 Ga 4 ,gr wmv-r,::::-.s iv.g,Q-,mfg 9 , 13? L .- W 'Q 'f , ,s,.t2h1,. ms., s..vs,,,.w ny- N 'ff - -9, , .V ' ' A . gn. gg ' , A : '- 5 rim. Ya 4, if ,. W -4 N f:: f-4?Y's'V- , 1 if Abc. as 52 I ' -' '- 'W , 2 X fb Nifaxffr f' me by -425-AW' ' ':wAf5fQwNW W Wie-W W24?f?s9XQ?'5'siV4fm9 awfafvwge 'v 1- . 2 sffifw +ve ,, -rsfcfa: V, Sgifwvaftxxio ewrwkf.. . ff .90 .VW '11 -5 fl ' Nwfewi 2 ,lf 2, if 5 - ' , , M 1 A , 41 i ., , . -, -X ,Wm-f, I ' , aff, 'Safj:2, A -1 1 V ef ,. 15, -2 ,,s my f - ,N Q Farber of AEPi clears 9'6 to take the pole vault. ,W M. , X N rt k J1je12j2C.L:gig ,C-Q, 4,1-t.gg2.l 931 gy my-, ' F W v Albert, Malone, and Beutel in that order over the timbers. Kelly nips Kenyon at the tape to take the 220. Xwrn ,, 4 'PS' '-i. ,V The varsity squad-l-'irst Row QL. to RQ Cunningham Iayloi Dukes McCallum Colhngs worth, Orth. Kyle, Kelly,...Sec'oml Row tl to R 1 y Sotus Albert Kenyon Searle. Coll' .... Third Row I to RQ Beutel Coach Chelhnan V!-XHSITY TH Eli The Emory trackmen had a rather disappoint- ing season this year, winning only one out of hve dual meets, but Coach John Chellman is very optimistic about next year. Only a few men will be lost from this year's squad and the team next year will be greatly aided by the return of Korean veteran, Ed Carter. The loss ol Cap- tain Henry Collingsworth will hurt more than any other, but Norm Kenyon and Carter are ex- pected to hll his shoes. Outstanding members of this year's team included, in addition to Col- lingsworth, Bob McCallum in the pole vault and hurdles, Ed May and Bill Orth in the mile and two-mile, jack Kelly and Kenyon in the sprints. Pete Sotus in the weights, and Chapman Cun- ningham and Clyde Traylor in the javelin. Coach John Chelhnan is looking forward to one of the best years in 1imory's track team's history. McCallum in the lead as they pass the fourth hurdle. H V,VV YW Y ms,1z:,i:w sau sir :ml m ,wmv ,- .,, M, SHBALL RF,,,,,, ,-...- any: ,'.k-44 ' uf A Cx 3 . A- . A-' N A' -il' ,. 'AN' V. -' ., : ' -4 1' .K+ ,,.... Q -V T - '- f ' Uffasp ,,.,..M. f 'wg mf, XM5M? , apMm, ' , ,,- G 't ?'5 . .I far. ' mg. ly . ' , . V A . V V dy, ,. ..r,.A..... Maw .. , Nm f 1 -' 'ESD '- , . i . ,... 1 .. .jlztgi :f 2 .I I G. Va . gg if I if: , fe amugff. mrhulij V. ,N i., s I TWU - 'WWW fr? 1'-.f 'W 'lj' -:5:a:.4 ' 's 2:1 215 'V m afia.. , fm ---- 2 . ,SJ W ..v. ,. ..,-MM.,.,.. ,.-.s,,, ..-,.- Too bad intramural football doesn't draw this big a crowd. Up she goes. .'Who's pushing which way. In what eventually turned out to be the last push ball game of all time, the Sophomores held up the tradition of always winning and defeated the Frosh for the fifth consecutive year. This year's game which was termed the roughest in history from the point of view of results to the referees, led to the administration and ODK joining forces and issuing a statement to the ef- fect that in the future the push ball game will be replaced by a Freshman-Sophomore Field Day. This was done mainly for the preservation of life and limb of officials of the game. It is a shame that such a grand old tradition must go, especially since the Push Ball game was one of the most important sources of Emory school spirit in years past. SUEEEH Delta Tau Delta gets the ball from the Sigma Chis. The Chi Phi's, continuing the string of upsets they began by winning the touch football cham- pionship in the fall, pulled another by stealing the Interfraternity Soccer crown away from the Sigma Chis on the last day of the season. The Sigs, soccer champs for the past two years, just were not able to match the power of the Blue and Red's attack and fell by the wayside as did all the rest of the Chi Phi opposition during the season. The Chi Phi s, led by Bill Gorman, Jack Carusos, and Jim Norris, used a quick moving, short-passing attack on their road to the cham- pionship. Thorbecke serving on far courtg Dillard waiting to receive. The 1952 tennis season turned out to be one of the most successful in Emory's history. In twelve matches, the Blue and Gold won seven, lost four, and tied one. Coach George Keys start- ed out the season with five lettermen from last season and by adding several newcomers devel- oped a very well-balanced squad. The returnees were Morris Dillard, Harris Asbury, XfVally Rus- tin, and Billy Yon, and the newcomers who played on the varsity with them were Eric Thor' becke and David Zimmon. The team opened the season with losses to Mississippi State, Georgia Tech and Mercer, a Dillard returns a hard one. team which they later defeated in a return match. They then went on to win all their remaining matches except one with Sewanee and closed out the season with five successive victories. Members of the squad in addition to the above mentioned were: Bob Reddick, Joe Callahan, Harry Tyndall, Sam Frank, Jerry Statum, Henry Palmer, Louis Hamilton. Several veteran players will return for next year, and, with practice sessions set for an earlier date than usual, and the addition of four new courts, the team can look forward to an even more promising and more successful year. The varsity team-Kneeling QL. to RJ: Dillard, Asbury. . . . Standing QL. to RQ: Thorbecke, Zimmon, Rustin, Yon. The squad-Kneeling QL. to RQ: Zimmon, Rustin, Yon, Reddick .... Standing QL. to RQ: Callahan, Coach Keys, Syndall, Frank, Statum, Thorbecke, Palmer, Hamilton, Dillard, Asbury. In the basketl Better make sure they're strung right. One, Two, Three, Four!!! Many Emory students do not seem to realize that the athletic facilities which are offered to the males are also used by the female students. In lact, the Girl's Athletic Program at Emory is an integral part of the curriculum for Freshman and Sophomore Nursing Students. One may walk onto the athletic fields or into the gym any after- noon and find the Nurses engaged in any one of a number of sports, under the very able direc- tion of Miss Barbara Ames, assistant Dean of Students. More calisthenics. Ugh! Nice form fthe llilflillilllil that isp. THLETIIIS Among the sports ollerecl to the girls here :tt Emory are Volleyball, Arcltery, Basketball, Butl- minton, Swimming, Tennis, :intl General Cialis thenics. All students receive expert instruction in these sports untl in the very near future are going to enter into competition with other schools in the urea in several ol them. Another leziture of the women's ztthletie pro- gram at Emory is the fact that one night per week the gym is set aside expressly for them, to engage in whatever athletic activities they wish. It's over the net XY n TZ'si5 4SX1iSf 77lf1f'f: ' SUFTB LI. Once again, as has happened in so many years previous to this, the winner of the University Ath- letic Trophy was not decided until the conclusion of the final sports competition of the year, softball. By capturing the softball championship, the Kappa Alpha Rebels regained the Trophy which they lost to Sigma Chi last year. The Rebels captured the championship by defeating the Sigs, the Chi Phi's and the SAE7s in competition in the championship flight. The Flight Two race ended in a two-way tie be- tween the Teps and the PiKAs. They were followed by the Phi Delts, 'Sigma Pi's and ATO's. ln' Flight Three, Alpha Epsilon Pi ran away with the race, finishing out its season as the only unde- feated team in the division. They defeated the Campus Club, Star and Crescent, Sigma Nu and Delta Tau Delta. Kappa Alpha . . . 30 Chi Phi ..... 2-1 Sigma Chi ,... 1-2 Sigma Alpha Epsilon O-3 FLIGHT STANDINGS Flight I Flight II Tau Epsilon Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Tau Onie Phi Delta Theta Sigma Pi. . . Flight III Williams connects for the SAES. Alpha Epsilon pi u . 4-0 Campus Club Delta Tau Delta . . 2-A ...3-1 r Star and Crescent . 1-3 Sigma Nu . . . . 0-4- ga Got him at first. C A Q - ff H6165 the pitch! Is he safe or IS he out. kia Sessions and Joyner start a twin kilhn , if -M n , v w Q, 31 , , si I: 5 1 F E 5 -1 1 E Q if EE Q ff'1',h W a A . M' I A .-1 X H A id ' JS. I V: ww-:vs ,J PY A X if Pg 2124 ti Q QQ ' ,A A 35 s fx 66,5- ix - f 1 6 .1 Qs' . q i .Zin-, .' '1 ' V A xi, . :'- ,f. ,l5p-iv . N YMQ. -' f n? . , ,Z ,QI b , , Q . '15 Q, 1 J' x .. lx A A,Q i'1' A, fs f ' iff . ,Q . yu . T,-T 541551 D T- -' ,Q 4,-uw, ti , . . ,.,f . ,,., , K: wr , 1, up xy ,L-: -gil. . . . M V , f Rami-5 - J' 3 'f'J 5 - .W :J f,rxf,'-:f ,.,7 x X,'g:kjQr .vY,4,.gbXl ij, mf, 55-i MEI QQ? ,Q IQ- VIL' XX' Qu ,f . :,.fi,u , , . img 4 , . 2'fQ.:9X111'E .wan ,Q as -- , .,,,,,Q, xl., V, e : w gxyzri-. ,, Ns. .W 5,,7--5,13 1 ' fs exifgzp. fn. M, 3 A M1 .x wx I 'if . it X ng S , '- ,y . asm ' .X 1 M f, . '. wx + QW, ii E5Jf.w:.,1p P: - -1 - A. , J, QLFIQZA., ,fa ,K Q , x I SS'- W x Q XE, fg f ' tux E51 1523: ,liar fm: xv ........ ,J. ,ew Wm .3 -nm. Tw.-..a.ff-.,,--...V ' , 3 . 1 Q 5 I nd U Q KE ig 'as Q A + f W A . '-1 .X Kg ff ,Q . ' K QM i s Q 3 S719 3. a i bf 1 f -V gy W .W ,yi lf Nw , Q ev K W wk xr X W I . ,En 'A .43 si 'n A'-avcgs-ww 'Sid T9 'L xx -. .,-V n 'GU .Q f ' K --fin? -' E: . ,e-1 Wh :wF:K5YA.5',l' , QL mfg 4. ,Mg ,Q H if x 1 s A X- X 'vrxwliif 'KN Inq, ' Aw f A k -:.f-:- 'A 5 MQ 'V V za'-2 I 7 f ZW-sy iss ,, 19 if Www . Q? if M , M' f A M ,W I Q 7 . 44424, . W ' f ' , 137- Q 1 ,Q ' Y 'X 1 u ' Jia? .LQ 'W x ,gg ., X Q my , - W . 425 A nf? fl M 17 1 , , ,,, .,, , Q 1.25 5 3 ' ' we , 575 3 ' f 7 ' f X . 2' , . fk . -,fs , I 1 , -' A 291 4-Z, V 5 f s Q, -7 9 41, 2 I .4 , , ' 5 4' Ky 3, V 4 ' as Int -Fralernil Fraternities at Emory are more than a tolerated evilg they are a very welcome part of college life on the campusg they are the guiding arm for new students who might be tempted to lose sight of their purpose in attending the school. Fraternities at Emory encourage their members toward high levels of scholar- ship, moral living, and brotherhood. This over-all program is directed by the Interfraternity Council, composed of two members from each fraternity. The Council sponsors awards or medals for a number of projects during the year. Some of these are the All-Star interfraternity athletic teams, the Empty Stocking Fund Drive, and the Cerebral Palsey Drive. The social phase of the Council is its annually sponsored dance in the Fall quarter. Secretary Wes Boodish. President Harvey Minchew Vice-President Bob Arnall. Treasurer jim Hale. I james Achord Carlos Adkins William Almonrode John Alnmons Doug Barnes Curtiss Blanton James Cashin Marray Coulter Dick Craney Morris Gaskins Richard Golden George Cowan Hugh Gregory Paul Harwell Franklin Jacks Bob Libby Bill Manning Robins May jefferson McCom1non Bob Mclntosh Cecil Miller William Mingus Lvee Neasc James Ranew Don Sanders Charles Mfebsler Don Xfvhlgllillll james Zeiglcr The Campus Club is the independent organ- ization on the campus. Any member of Emory's student body is eligible for membership. VVith its headquarters located in Winshilo Hall, the club took an active part in the school's activities this year. A re-activated interest in sports and the sponsorship of Skits-o-frenia were the main legs of the club's program. Social events were held throughout the year for its members. The lounge in VVinship was provided with TV and good times for anyone who cared to drop in. Dr. Shiver shares company with the sponsor. campus club OFFICERS FRANKLIN JACKS Jim ACPIORD . JACK AMMONS DAN VVHIGHAM h Oflicers Annnons, jacks, Achord and lfVhigh am. . . President Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurewf 'i ici' AA me is .ff -T' 4-1 12, .. 1:11:12-,t , .r1'.. , - -- -'4. A ,N 4 ' . - ' jpfkw .. -gat --L, 111 iff gr , .f gr:-rg., 1 gf 5 -14-Ei?:.a ' -:A -.. .115 ...:..... 41 1 5g:s3.-.15, 7' . -slip 1 . '5 A I - . ' Ag - ' ' Z ' ' f- 1 3 ii ifgrgzfzggg 3:51 - r. N I1 1 ,,..,...1 1 1 1, :I-fa s,.1..1- 1 f 'I' 1 ':..-',L?lE -,-1-- f-- 211, i Efitne'-F :L1 '- ..f+j: gs4 'yew s .... 1.1.6 .-...,.,,.1 9 11- -:11:111s- 1-f 12:31.-1 -1,11--::11f2feM11.-1-111:11-51,131,111 11,1 .- 1 --1-1132.111 ,-.:.2: ---1:-f-.11.,.,.- hem: . ff--1 - -111.--11.11. M '1 . .Y ,.,,.,.. .,.. . ...E . . .... a.-1. ,Q 1.111 .g:ga,,g,,,,. Fw? 1 1, ,, .,X,.,.. . 1 A g '1 Y 1 Ass: :. 1 2' - 11-39421111 1 - g 1 1 111:11-1511111 ,5.,5 g 1.1 A 1,3 . ..,.,., . . . 4535. 1 : , ' ' if 1 1'fjS1?'f j:1a.-f1'm11f- jig Alpha Epsilon Pi House. OFFICERS Left L0 right: Don Rosenberg, Bernard Palay, Joe Unger. b . ' ' - : 11 1 1, A -'i'-' 1 ' 4 1 'gag 5, f1191ff'11 , 1'1f1 1:4 2' -1 A .-.. Rr... .-111. Q ., .,., 3111.,1r121111-. .s-A-31 ., ..s,1-1 1' w .f 1,': '1 1 f- --- 'i 111511533 of . -1 - 1 11,6-f1 f A ,f, Ks -1 111 1 1' 1 -. nm- v w m1?-1?1:g1.w- - 1 - . A fa: .11-nw 1 111 11 -1 KM ,- 9-11 .f:'w 1111.111 -A V2 ,- f r X, ev-ws 1 Z,,f,,G4.m9Xs gf. ,., X X ?5 , g!,gz5,,,,5Q,, 1 ,sow X .,,,, 1 tg . r 1 1 a ti - - ,L- ua1r5221gs1 1 .e 9' J- F01 11 1 rf s-121112111 - 1 , 1 V aa-gp mt.. -A an fro, -1'1.g -1 ' ' Q ' ' ' ' 'T' 1 -1515! gi 1. '- 1 .1 1 1.12 1f-'1fv2: ' 1 'Q 2 X A111111 1 '1r1115t 11f 1--A ., ,M 157 -.., ,oo. x , QA ' 1 1 fa fs' A 11 S Y 1s-mf, f J 2 The two Sweethearts-Barbara and N -:ea 1: 1 Q a Poes. 1 n ,..,. ..,,n ,V ..,, . ..... 1. . ' I- - J,-1 Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, founded at Wasliingtoii Square campus of New York University on November 7, 1913 .... Epsilon Chapter formed at Emory in Novem- ber, l920 .... Hope for Scholarship Cup soars as Blue and Gold capture a first and second place in Fall and Winter' duarter fraternity duel .... Perennial competi- tion rages as AEPi defeats TEP in basketball and volley- ball .... Pie-throwing lest brings Larry Goodrich and Frank Fox next to top in Ugly Man Contest .... Southern Regional Conclave in Atlanta judged a bang-up week- end by all who attended. . . Many brothers join Dip- sornania, Inc. as result .... 18 potentials hooked in 111OSt successful Rush Week in years. 1 . Ma Poes, with green eye-shade and roulette wheel, and cute-as-a-button Hartman reign as Epsilon queens .... Art Pearl, Donnie Rosenberg and Granpa Palay tapped as future medicos. . . . Zwig and Nathan named members of Emory Dent group .... Unger and Goldstein off to Europe on annual fraternity-sponsored jaunt .... VVork goes into high gear for Atlanta-bound AEPi National Convention planned for September .... Multitudes of clowns, dancing girls and sheep haunt closets of Number ll. . . Grossman wields gavel in APO. - OFFICERS BERNARD PALAY . ..... . . . . Master .4. 1 -1.-. 11, 11 , ,,,,,,, W, ,, 1 1 11 . -1 1: - -12.1-11515 , ..... , -- 1,1111 11 ' V ,.,, 1 1 '11 fel est , 1 115 :' 11 11.1':11,e1 111' 5 1 1 1 11 1111 1 11 1 ,11 1 E 1 1 113.fi11111 'six' 1 ' 1 1 11111,111'1,1'11 11 1 121 1'1 1i1 111 11 -1 '1' 111 12 1' 1 1 ' 1'11i3 1,1 11 111 111 111 11 1 11 111, 11 1 3 I1 11 1 1 1311 ' 11 111 -. V-,195 1111 11 1' '1' .11 11' 11 ' g11131',111 1i11111f 11 1 1 1 111 11 11 1111 1112111 55111 11 Qi 3111 11 -1 1' 3 1 '11g111 521111 igriif zfg' 11 1111111 3 1 51 fa 2-We 111'13:'1f1g 1111 111111l11'11111111111:11,111,2111-111 ' 11 zfffr- vw-fwf 11 e12'f11 1'1 11f'M:ff1 1x11 f' 1111 11511 11 1'.1S111111 1 ' 11 ,g 111 111 1- 11+ Hz- i' 1a. s.:-2-.1 1' 11-411:20-31t:', A211 1 1 1 1 511 1,1 151 15 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 111 -1 1- 1, 1 1 11 f - 31,,,.s1-5,,f's s1z!1 W1 21 1 -4 W 1 1 1: 0111 1-- -1 1 .,,., M1 f ,1 t1 rr.vr.W.a. 1... 1 ,i l we W ,v 1.i1,grp,r ,, fe, M4 Q Avis ' ' .' 1 ' 4 1 Shirley gets it in the mug during pie-t hrowiing. 11111115 1 V151 ' Wie-'1T11f1Z,efir' 1 1 ' li 1 W1 , aw . f A1 ' 1 . eV :f 'M-f' - 1 1 fs 5. 1' f 1 . 41 2 2? . X rrnrwr' r- Mmm ,1g1g1:51',f.1-f,.f.1'1.f .fr 11 ,jrvgew 11-ps 1- 'S 1.1-wwf? ' ,,1,, ,a.,1cgig.1 1 ,1,, 1.,a,.., -. .-,W , 1 A f f lm? we 1 4 9 X 1 1 1 Riagg vy- 1- -. 'f f:f'11i f, Ziff s eu, 1f- 11 -1- -L5f1h1f111f'vQw 2 ,SVI ,I 3 ' 1Q1'..,'1b'1Z4e216 6,4 'ti f - 1 1- 11 , ,,,.fV ,emu 1 ,V W 1 Mifia 1 Lrg W, W 1 1 1 A 1 1, s -1152: f ..1.s,-s,,f1- ,1.f,.r! ,1,. ,. . Q, 334 'K 111 1 1 f- 0 1 wr - -uw' . ,K ,mga . 111 1 1 .,, 1 iii if 6 ey X ffl, W W A- ffbf av af A R P M 'fx K ,fx V X ff I af,A XM? 1 f fs!! A Vw gdrafi W sgxxegf? fy ' M645 4 J ffj , ,f X 14, , A , 55 gafyfffv fm 1 1 2 4 -gels g f e as 111 1 A v f S w -if ff - 1 ae , f egg 1 1 -1 f sl ff A 6 fy 1 vw 1155? -l'Y3'Q'A. 1ff .Y ff -4--14.: 1-M' W '49 1' L' NNW in v-'9Y'1:1T x 4.41 11111 ff' 11 1 1'. -, 11 1 111-ani 1 ww' Qf a f : 'V -A ' 1, 111 ' 11' , ' '- -. 1- . .iw r f sr-1r4e3f,yWr 19 15461 2, 111- - '1 , 1 1? 1 - ..,.1,'1v , V -, 1:, If ,A6?+f, Tf J 11115-Kcr:s:1 ' 11 g 2 '- 1' Y . . , 4.1 , ..1,M,m, , - 1.11: f Q ' s DoN ROSENBERG . jon UNGER . 1 lXdARSHALL CoH1zN Herbert Alperin Harold Asher Vidor Bernstein Eugene Bloom Marshall Cohen Alan Davis Arthur Diamond Don Diamond George Enteen Norman Estroll Don-Farber Frank Fox Stan Friedman Murray Galin Albert Gersing Maurice Goldman Stanley Goldstein Larry Goodrich Aaron Greenberg Ben Greenblatt Dick Grossman Ed Halperin . Lieutenant Master ' . Exchequer jack Horowitz Howard Klein Hugh Klotz Harry Kuniansky Larry Lasky Bernard Palay Art Pearl Dave Pearling Marvin Pearlis Martin Re-ish Stanley Resnick Donald Rosenberg Allen Serrins Ed Shalloway Sam Siegal Bert Sweet Bob Triff Martin 'Tritt Saul Weinberg jerry VVernick jerry Ziinmernlan Ed Zwig Sanford Kimball Scribe alpha epsilon pi 1 .J M ,, 5 H if K ' 4 H' 4 E af' x ,Tx Q , w D , f17f?i1Y??ST fQW'efr-,fe - , , .V .Gy ,V ,pm Yf,: :fff,g23Q,ggw,,w 1 . , 'Q , Q, , . X nv K A r Exif i i 5 , i I ! 1 s E I First row: Alperin, Cohen, Davis, Enteen, Estroif, Farber .... Second row: Friedman, Gersing Goldstein, Goodrich, Greenberg, Greenblau .... Third row: Kimball, Kuniansky, I-Iorowiiz Nathan, Periing, Resnick .... Fourth row: Segal, Serrins, Shalloway, Unger, Wcrnick, Zwig 117 we ff A, ,,.,,..,m:-f-ww. 1, - ., Fifth on the left. New crop of ATO's. Good kids-good brothers-good party. Oflicers White, Fain, and Hollingsworth. Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, founded at Virginia Military Institute, September ll, 1865 .... Alpha Theta Chapter founded April 26, 1881, at Emory College in Oxford .... Great step forward taken in fraternalism as ATO replaces Hell Week with Help Week .... Pledges cleaned Henrietta Egleston Children's Hospital and painted a school room at Scottish Rite Hospital .... Annual Christmas party held for the children at Egleston. . . . Brothers sell magazine subscriptions to pay for paving back yard .... Also voted unanimously against lighting it .... Highlight of Orchid Formal at the Piedmont Driving Club was presentation of Miss Ducky Green as new sponsor .... ATO takes second place in IFC Sing with Philyaw's and Gilchrist's hopped up version of Sleigh Ride. . . . Thompson arrives by plane at l A.M. to make complete the initiation of our entire summer pledge class .... Brothers returning from summer vaca- tion dumbfounded as l6 new brothers and 32 Fall pledges take over .... Boom-boom Butler does underwater demolition .... Florists Martin and Quillian share Posey's .... Riot on Fraternity Row has mysterious beginning. OFFICERS DON FA1N ......... . . . President JIM HAZARD ..... . Vice President Rooms PIOLLINGSXVORTH . . . Secretary ALEX VVHITE ..... . Treasurer Madison Alderson Robert Arnall Thomas Beggs Edgar Boling Dave Booth Dave Bothwell james Bowman Hubbard Boykin Vlfilliam Brannon Fred Burford Revis Butler Allen Chapman Jim Christy Clyde Clower john Coney Lonnie Cox Gene Cruise Charles Culbreth Frank Deaver Olin Dobbs Bob Dobbs Hamilton Downing Tinsley Ellis Omar Eubanks Gordon Ferrell Bill Frierson Jim Fuss Dick Gaines Dick Gilchrest John Griffin Jim Hazard Arthur Hester Yvillis Holland Rogers Hollingsworth john Holly Willis Hunt Bethel Ingram Tom Kee Donald Lanier Brooks Lansing Alvin Leonard Steve Lyons Dink MacWilliams Raymond Marchman Bill Marine Henry Martin Edward Merritt Donald Moore John Morrow Bob Murrah Ken Murrah Alva Nelson Bob Oliver jim Oosterhoudt Nelson Parker Henry Palmer Carlton Philyaw James Pierce Bill Pope Hank Powell Crayton Pruitt George Quillian Tom Reese Stewart Roberts Henry Robinson Charles Rowland Nesbit Shearouse Bob Smith Orson Smith Ralph Smith Jim Stanley Sonny Statom Gordon Steele Ronald Strickler James Thompson Bob Turoff Charles Turner Chase Van Valkenburg Bill Waldeck Bill Whipple Alex White Bob Willis James Wilson Rod Young I i ii g ,. -. fl! Q . 15115, f alpha tau nmeqa 3 I If W IU' ,N ef' l 2 . , fb ,ka , 'I Q w ,A , , ,Lv V 4 4-N 1 .H , gf .y . or N ., ,M -J ,ew Q af as - 1' -J it I J g' 1 ' ' x. N 3:25222 l L 'ta i Top row, left to right: Beggs, Boling, Booth, Bothwell, Bowman, Burford, Chapman, Clower, Coney .... Second row: Cox, Culbreth, Deaver, Olin Dobbs, Bob Dobbs, Downing, Ellis, Eubanks, Ferrell .... Third row: Frierson, Fuss, Gaines, Gilchrest, Gritlin, Hazard, Holland, Holly, Hunt .... Fourth row: Ingram, Kee, Lane, Lanier, Lansing, Leonard, Lyons, Marine, Merritt. . . .Fifth row: Moore, Morrow, Ken Murrah, Nelson, Oliver, Oosterhoudt, Palmer, Parker, Pope .... Sixth row: Quillian, Roberts, Robinson, Rowland, Shearouse, Orson Smith, Bob Smith, Ralph Smith, Statom. . . . Seventh row: Steele, Thompson, Turner, Turoff, Van Valkenburg, Willis, Whipple, White, Young. 119 4306 A 'Y J ' 51 Q . . - f-A.:--f fl' .. SZ -' .. p14 ' A16 1, . . '1 ' IJ . .'. A, K 5 Z I The Beta House is the one with the patio in the middle. Officers Gutterman, Maxwell, and Askren. The sponsor and housemother. This is at Emory? Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, August 8, 1839 .... Gamma Upsilon received its charter in 1948 .... Opening the calendar of events for this year was a shindig honoring 'cMiss Ethelal and our new home at number nine Frat Row .... Celebrities visiting the house included Dagmar and Tallulah .... Tallu entertained at the French party .... Santa arrived at Christmas party to fill Little Ethe1's Xmas stocking .... Brother Askren ac- cepted to medical school, Brother Maxwell to dent .... Harry became a US citizen .... Brother Short elected prexy of Kappa Phi Kappa .... Brother Deese turns chef .... KNO casualties.J . . . Brother Guterman envy of the chapter with his mid-winter suntan .... New buzzer system sounds ad nausiam .... Operation c'Hole In The Wall nearly annihilating brothers in the uheadf, . . . Brother Haynie believed to be undermining the AROTC .... Included in our honors of this year were the trophies for winning the Blood Drive and leading Group H fraternities in solicitations for the annual Empty Stocking Fund. , RICHARD NIAXWELL . RALPH GUTTERMAN . ED ASKREN . . . F.d Askren John Chapman Brad Dansby Bill Deese Ralph Gutterman Bob Haynie Tom Ivey Holland Jackson Hugh Johnson . President . Secretary . Treasurer Dick Kernaghan Richard Maxwell Walton H. Owens Bob Peddy Murray Short Bill Smith Warren Tingley H. G. Weissenberger hula theta rgmnui 1 -1411? W 1 AK ff ,shi Top row, left to right: Askren, Dansby, Deese, Cutterman .... Second row: Havme Ivey Jackson Johnson .... Third row: Kernaghan, Peddy, Short, Tmgley 121 T fgr- Chi Phi House. Hicers are, left to Tight: Bill lvarren, Bill Gorman, Sponsor, Nisbet Toole, Dub jones. Montezuma takes over-Dooley's '51 l Skits-0-frenia. Chi Phi Fraternity, founded at Princeton University in 1824 .... Gamma Chapter formed at Emory in 1869, and was first fraternity on campus .... Athletic honors for year include top honors in the interfraternity touch foot- ball competition, first in Flight Three basketball, num- ber one in soccer play .... Another memorable house- party takes place at Rutledge .... Gamma Formal held on March 28th, at Dinkler Room of Ansley Hotel .... Crowning of Montezuma wins first place in '51 Dooley's costume contest .... 850 square foot playroom now oc- cupies basement of Tom Connally Hall where formerly there was only a coal bin, an unused servants' room, and piles of just plain dirt .... Jeff Flora wins Top Pledge award .... Santa Bill Haddock collects 8380.00 for Empty Stocking Drive. . . . Gamma awarded trophy for top participation in Student Council sponsored Blood Drive. BILL GORMAN . NISBET Toous . BILL WARREN . DUB JONES . William Aiken Roy Blackburn jack Bracy Ben Brown Tony Budd Allen Burk Bob Cable Jack Carusos Spade Cooley Ed Cummings Chapman Cunningham Bob Dunn Gerald Ehringer Steve Fargason Buddy Field jeff Flora Paul Freeman Richard Garlington Elmer Garrison Curtis George Charles Greer Bill Haddock Jack Hanna Virgil Hartley Vernon Hendrix Frank Kelly Claude Marsh Bill Martin Ted McCutchen Bob McDaniel Ed McDonald Bill McKenzie Bo Murray jim Norris Ralph Pate Elder Pearce Bob Pinson Mel Poveromo Ernest Poyo Warren Purks Clarke Richardson Bob Rivers Phil Scardapane Russell Stanley Ernest Tidwell Tommy Tillman Currey Walker Frank Thomas Alpha . Beta Gamma . Delta chi phi F' I x .g, 1. ly' 9 First row: Aiken, Blackburn, Brown, Budd, Burke, Cable .... Seconcl row: Cooley, Cunningham, Dunn, Ehringer, Fargason, Field .... Third row: Flora, Freeman, C-arlington, Haddock, Hannah, Hartley .... Fourth row: Marsh, Martin, McCuLchen, McDaniel, McDonald, McKenzie .... Fifth row: Murray, Pate, Pearce, Pinson, Poveromo, Poyo .... Sixth row: Purks, Richardson, Scardapane, Stanley, Thomas, Tidwell, l'Valker. 123 Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, founded at Bethany Col- lege, lfVCSf Virginia in l859 .... Emory chapter founded at Oxford in 1882 and moved to Atlanta Campus in 1915. . Delt National now has 82 chapters in the United States and Canada .... Emory pledges collected S135 for national charity organizations instead of the usual Hell lfVeek activities ..,. Beta Epsilon captures IFC trophy for most scholastic improvement over a two year period .... Billy Yon plays second fiddle on Ernory's tennis team. . . . We fear for our beloved home as house next door burns during Spring Holidays .... Delt House as usual waves goodby to Dooley on his annual jaunt around the Row during Frolics. OFFICERS HUGH BIATHEYVS . .... . . President AL HAMh'IET . . Vice President JOHN PRATT . ...... Treasurer DAVID JONES . . Correspondmg Secretary James Clements Wayne Freeman Robert Foy Yvilliam Gibson Richard Griilin Al Hammett Cecil Hefner Marvin Harper Herbert Hiley Charles Hillis Gilbert Holley Frank Holman Everett jones David jones Hugh Mathews Thomas Merren john Pratt Robert Roberts l'Vinston Sapp Francis Sincox Clyde Smith l'Vill'iam Talbot Ed Tomas Ronald Tysl Frank W'Varriner Truitt l'Vatson William Worley l'Villiam Yon della tau delta First row: Clements, Foy, Gibson, Griflln, Harper .... Second row: Hefner, Hiley, Holman Jones, Jones .... Third row: Mathews, Merren, Roberts, Sapp, Talbot .... Fourth row Thomas, Mlarinner, lfVatson, Mforley, Yon. 125 The Southern Mansion. D. D. makes ready for bed. Wliich of these two standing up is the preacher? Officers McCall, Durrett, Beckham, and Anthony. Kappa Alpha Order, founded at Washington College, now Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, Vir- ginia, on December 21, 1865 .... Robert E. Lee guiding light of original chapter .... Epsilon Chapter founded at Emory-at-Oxford in 1869 .... Preceding Confederate Memorial Day in April, the South rose again for a brief period of glory under the sponsorship of KA .... Soldiers in gray, southern planters and their ladies, troopers on horseback, the few remaining Confederate veterans and their wives, carriages, surreys, gigs and the modern in- novation of the female draped convertible made the annual march down Peachtree Street and culminated Dixie Day festivities with a huge dance at the Kappa Alpha Mansion No. 2 Cotherwise known as the Municipal Auditoriumj .... Santa Claus Bob Beckham entertains a dozen underprivileged kids at a very satisfying and successful Xmas party .... KA House used as base for campus riot activities .... Brother Gilly Qthe Farmer? Turner changing complexion of backyard every week. . . . Among honors gained this year were first in campus cross-country race, first in the campus track meet, runner- up in softball, football and basketball championships. . . . KA Boomtown wins third in '51 Dooley's. OFFICERS FRAZER DURRETT . .... President Bos BECKHAM . BUDDY ANTHONY . . . .Vice President . . Recording Secretary BOBBY BOOZER . JAMES NICCALL . . Corresponding Secretary Buddy Anthony Jack Kelly Ed Asbury jim Kelly Harris Asbury joe Kelly Bob Beckham 1'Valter Krauth George Beutell jack Kyle Bobby Boozer . Asa Candler Sam Candler David Lacy Stanley Lambert Kent Lehnherr Nelson Carswell jim Lilly Nevin Chapman Bill Maden Bill Chew Ed May john Cluxton Henry Collingsworth Bob Combs Floyd Cooper Earl Creech Alexis Davison Mac McCall john McFadden Tom McGaughey John McNatt John Morris Brownie Murr Ralph Deas Ed Murrah jim Doran Curtis Oslin Richard Doub joe Duckett Dawson Durden Frazer Durrett Tom Farmer Steve Ferlita Tommy Fruitticher Larry Gardner Lewis Gaskin john Goff joe Greenfield Bob Groover Jimmy Hale Fielding Harper Lamar Harrell Jim Pierson Harmon Proctor Bob Ramsay Philip Schley Barney Sears Wlfally Sears Jo Stegall Terrell Tanner Frank Tindall Harry Tindall Earle Toler Gilbert Turner Hank Turner George Van Giesen jerry Van Mansfeld Jerry Head Lamar Waters Jim Henley Bob 'Whittington Tracy Hill Ben Mfilliams Stanley Hooks Ronald Wilson Bob james john Hfoodard Bob Jennings Billy Wynn Mac Johnson Pat Yancey Lane Johnston Ladd jones Mike Zellars Treasureo' kappa alpha ' ' Y N - ' , 'V wg, . , it ' ':i3fw . ff X ,Nui Wi. . ' ,Ll l .. fp Q' 52-' . 13 ' s .4 - , M 1 W , , , , .f . 1, .. . J Q fp. - any ' UK is ,, WT- . V .K .a N 1 , X 1 4.2 s , p ' .g , A fy '- . , ' f' - ' jg., L Q :NAL .sl . fin.-if I . v vi- 3 -wi Q We x l V - ' v,. .,,:-1, ' 1 'iftwya is 6' f N , 4' 1. 'af 4 Li , A 2 gg. V A N- . - 4 lr... 'l ' 'll 'KV X A Y' ' 1 ' .7 '- -1+ s i. ', N C' , ' - , , K . Q , .,aq..:...:a-. x-W l A- I . A, - , 4 ' ' 1 'H ' ' -' 'WP-' ----f -Q - - sa, , rg , wi' 3 e. 3 410 , 7 X N 1 QS' ' i ' .f K , . . 1, . . ' . Pr' X , , . JPQ ' .f - p. , ,,,, L ., . , A 4 ., ' ., '? ll 1 Y-i Y 1 L F , .3 A V 'ii Wt, ,, .r ,, I 11-5.4 ., A -, , .5 s ' is 5 f . x ' I 1 , 7 - , K an , K - -.5 f- ' ir .- K 'I ggi' 1 ' ' l gl' 1 3 fa -1 . 5 N ggi' ' 2 . ,Q V Q5 if , 4.1 I . ,gf-,'3-' ,.., .45 1 , ,,-, - - . aaaa .. ' se- Q ' A . -- 2 'i f ,,,, . ' ' ' ' rm,'-rfw-e-m-:-f,f'- fv- H . , fl:-p ' I ' - . ,,,,, ,. - , 1. ' f P .,'4 , ' ' 5 V First row: Asbury, Asbury, Belcher, row: Cluxton, Collingsworth, Combs, Boozer, Cooper Farmer, Fruitticher, Gaskin, Goff, Greenfield Henley, Hooks, johnson, Jones, Kelly, Kelly, Lilly, McFadden, McNatt, Morris, Murrah. . 1 v ff 1,,- W X 0 14 , N , . , t , ' Q 5 L if f , , X J , as 4 ff? fl , , , Z , W ,, A , if , 29140 l if Xfy, fQ.,. ' - 3 9 K , ,fb 4 'ff' , '- f , he , W , , if 1' X -r 1 , f f 7 4 fs fe, ,ff A , , f y, , n h i -4 Ji all p ,. 11 ' ' ll i 5 ,' qw Vip Il.. 3 1 'f. V ' N, , i 1 -A-W X -1'.vu1 X . X K 3 rg 4 v ,N . fx ,F N fx Yi x ! l H' x 1 3 Ak? , 4 ,N x .a f 4' 'L Wa .,., y f M ,.a... .,.. qi f Q 5 z W' xx 5 A , A 46 115 we f ' . ' if E ,f Q 4 , fin? x6 6 'X 4 1 J, X i l H. ' sf. i C T' ' N.f:'. fc :ag , V. , f f g fi ' - , z 'Q .,Q ,:,', .K f- Ay J ..,. .. ,psi - , A Z-A ' '42 f - , .- , My Q V -. Pi I 'fish' WT' V, 7, f ,v,... - mia .,,, 5 ...' .g5r,,:1,ffg,:, 9' ,- 1, .H ,S V ,, I I f y fx ig: W Xl 5 1 ' ' W' ' ez 51 t v r' . -fa 1, 1. 61, My ef ,gl I ' M ,vi ,. . .,,,, . ., I ' 7' fi .. te . ,..., ,.,... , ,., , . ff f , 2, ' Q' V E' 17' ff? 4 f ...IQ-Q, ' gin-, If f' sf 491 MM. ,,, , gp. ,Vifii 1 .., .v,.,,,.. ., , ,. . . , ,, 'Mm' 'Q' yi' 5,2 . - - A: ' , lg ' , I , f 1 :Q WW f W ff! 14 I ,, It f ,ff 4, J r 7 y Ki iw, Nm .e,'. ' 2 , . , x ,ga f R 4 X f f. 1 X f ff., . ff W1 r . 5 , 1 S. Q Q.. 4 X 4 I 1 f gn? 4: 5 5 , ff9?Psfj,A , ' Tfww. .,,.... iz- ' ug., f, .Ji 1' ,. 37.3, 4 ff ff' , Q, VJ , ,f ff pa ,if X . , , QW if f W il fi f Q' , g, : Q ei is f A X S' 7 Y f 9' ,ls 1' '-: , 'J' ig . Q -4 9 if' . i ' ' ' 1 1 Z4 :Vx by x , V H A ., ' 2 f . 'Z , V .,,1.,., I i 'Aff Ag: , . I .- V an 1 ' M: . I V ,.,, i' - L la -f X ff yt f . , ,5 . 2 . , J , X ,f is y K' Candler, Carswell, Chapman, Chew .... Second Doran, Doub, Duckett, Durden .... Third row: , Groover, Hale, Harrell .,.. Fourth row: Head, Krauth .... Fifth row: Kyle, Lambert, Lehnherr, . . Sixth row: Oslin, Ramsay, Schley, Sears, Sears, Stegall, Tanner, Tindall .... Seventh row: Tindall, Toler, Turner, Van Giesen, Van Mansfeld, Williams, Woodard, Zellars. 127 .Iwi I, . ,L 41' f , ...f , -... W, 4 ls X :Q No. 20 on Fraternity Row. ' Officers Brosnan, Wight, Ashmore, and Huie. Miss Eloise Eubanks, sponsor, and Mrs. Sorrells, housemother. Brothers Clark and Head surrender to the fairer sex. -bm 'E 1 . , e lf Q 4 49' 4 .,.., , , , - :Xi 2 f , , ff fa ff ' . ip? 1,3 Z' , -. A .,w::1:.. ,:4.- ' Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, founded December 26, 184-8, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio .... Georgia Beta estab- lished at Emory-at-Oxford in 1871 .... Mrs. Sorrells Wel- comed as new housemother .... Eloise Eubanks named Phi Delt sponsor at Winter formal .... Brothers return last Fall to find beautifully redecorated house .... Rush Week proves to be much fun-and most successful .... MSummer Creww faces M.V.D. of IFC-GRANTED, the rumor was nasty .... Gala Xmas party for orphans climaxes varied festivities of Fall Quarter .... Surprise-of-the-year-Phi Delt ranks second scholastically for 750-'51 .... Wrestling team takes Interfraternity title thanks to our McCallie farm club, TV, and the girls we practice with .... Winter Formal highlights second quarter at school C one of first fraternity formals yet to save money by having no bandj .... Founders, Day banquet at the Driving Club reunites many Phis .... Ed Carter, ex-BMOC, returning from Korea to rejoin us. OFFICERS JACK ASHMORE . .... . . . President STELL HUIE . . Vice President BILL BROSNAN . . . . Secretary BURTON WIGHT . . Treasurer MEMBERS Jeff Arnold Jack Ashmore George Beddingfield .loe Bowman Chris Brandon Sam Brodnax Bill Brosnan Joe Calloway Bob Campbell Randy Carter Sam Clark Tom Davis Frank Dolph Charles Duggan George Eubanks .lim F ason Bill Grillith Dewey Haggard D. W. Hammond Richard Hawkins Jim Head Stell Huie Bill Johnston Sonny Jones Chuck Martin Bill McCranie Larry McEvoy James McKinnon Earle Millican John Mills Marvin Montgomery Coleman O'Cwynn Rollin Powell Henry Precht Charles Rogers .loe Sawyer Sidney Scott .lack Sikes Bill Stephens Charles Stribling .loe Stubbs Will Stubbs Bob Taylor Bryce Terrell David Thomas Fritz Thum Budd Treloar Leo Wade Dick Whitney Burton Wight Jimmy Williams IJ A lli ella Theta 856.15 A PH ' In 'Q ,KW 4 N ,7 be r Zrigxiifi Y ' 1 X. N X 'V , Nix-WK: :il ,. . . .I - sz, X V N f .JJ r I f ,,, as 9 ,Af , Z 9 ,f ,, ff mf' .4 rv: -4 ,V My - vi 1 1' , ,- W' ' if ' if 05 352 ' 4' -'f . ' ff- p iz' - 7154 , , , , M , , L 4 Q ' A wr, , ,Y Q ffl 4 f 1 I ,h e , K., . , V , it fkv-3 0 ' if .,. -Q-1 x 3 ' S First row, left to right: Arnold, Ashmore, Beddingfield, Bowman, Brandon, Broclnax, Brosnan Calloway ..,. Second row: Campbell, Carter, Clark, Davis, Dolph, Duggan, Dukes, Eubanks. . Third raw: Fason, Griffith, Haggard, Hammond, Hawkins, Head, Huie, .lohnston .... Fourth row Jones, Martin, McKinnon, Millican, Mills, O,Gwynn, Powell, Rogers .... Fifth row: Sawyer Sikes, Stribling, Stubbs, Stubbs, W., Taylor, Terrell, Thomas .... Sixth row: Thum, Treloar Wade, Whitney, Wight, Williams. 129 Last one on the left. Hot box on a rushee. 7 7 I Prepping for the Duck Bowl. We found a home in the water. Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, founded on March 1, 1868, at University of Virginia .... Beta Kappa Chapter formed in 1920 .... Two high-masted Spanish galleons sailing off Pi KA lawn into first place for lawn decorations at '51 Dooley's .... Second place in costumes also added to honors acquired .... Brother Henry Harris leads Pike Mermen to 1951 Intramural swimming championship as he captures two first places and sets two intramural records .... Other athletic highlights included the an- nual Duck Bowl Game, top spot in flight two basketball, and second notch in flight 2 football .... Amid the set- ting of the GMA Military Band, famous Atlanta and Georgia celebrities including Dot Kirby and General Courtney Hodges, 65 orphans from the Jolly Home en- joyed a frolicking day of fun .... Jonell Upchurch, 18- year-old freshman from the Atlanta Division is the Pike Dream Gal of '52. OFFICERS NORMAN KENYON . . .H . . . . . . President MACK EDWARDS . . Vice President DICK CURETON . . . Secretary JIM JACQUES . . Treasurer Mark Adams Edward Albert Harold Albert Richard Armstrong Marion Becton Henry Blake Alston Brown Bill Buell Sam Burns Hulan Clinkscales Dick Cureton Mack Edwards Bob Forester Ralph Goddard Gene Guerry Earle Haire Henry Harris jim Jacques Charlie Joyner Norman Kenyon Bucky Knepton Harry Livingston Jim Marlowe Sam Martsolf Pete Meisenzahl Don Mills John Minter Lou Monteleone Dan Najour Bob Reddick Fernand Houffy Jerry Sammons Jerry Sessions Mike Travis jerry Vihlen Ted Mfeeden Pearson White Hal Youmans I' i kappa Q , alpha 1 t , ..,! :ig 1 I W: :iv , 'nw i, , M , I 3-1 .--p , R, 1 . V g . Y V1 f ' - . , u A lx it .A r 41 ' if 5 -.T 13? A A ,. . .g U , :H'IQ.' fe W J . 'AV ' ,r ' 'j i ' U ' , 3' ,W A r sw 41 Q... 45- 'l Top row, left to right: Adams, Eddie Albert, Harold Albert, Armstrong Becton Blake Brown Buell .... Second row: Burns, Clinkscales, Cureton, Edwards, Forester, Goddard, Guerry, Haire . . , Third row: Harris, Jacques, Joyner, Kenyon, Knepton, Livingston, Marlowe, Martsolf. . . Fourth row: Meisenzahl, Mills, Minter, Monteleone, Najour, Reddick, Rouify .... Fifth row. Sammons, Sessions, Travis, Vihlen, Wleeden, White, Youmans. 131 First house on the big curve to the left. Mrs. Alderman and sponsor have charge of the sofa. Officers Towers, Blevins, Karrh, and Hunter. Steadman learned how to be the life of the party. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, founded at the Uni- versity of Alabama, March 9, 1856 .... Georgia Epsilon installed at Emory-at-Oxford in 1881 .... Moved to Atlanta with the University .... Georgia E's house com- pletely done over to match beauty and grace of exterior. . . . John Williams placed on All-Emory football squad. . . . Frank Pidcock, Ross Cox and Randy Karrh grappling for tea-sippers .... Kappa Alpha and Phi Delt supplying the SAE's Lion Barbershop with plenty of business .... Many gallant Brothers taking part in the now famous night of iniquity .... QThe Riot to the naivej .... Many service honors heaped on Brothers this year .... Among these were, Phi Sigma: Tom Tidmore, Rives Carey, Gerald Wadsworth . . . Pi Alpha: Foster Bullard, jack Hickman . . . Sigma Pi Sigma: Rueld Platt . . . Sigma Chi: John Hickman, Ruell Platt . . . Alpha Epsilon Upsilon: Paul Cousins . . . Eta Sigma Psi: Dick Dozier . . . Phi Beta Kappa: Gerald Mfadsworth. RANDY KARRH . TOM BLEv1Ns . TED HUNTER . BILL TOWERS . George Alexander Bob Arnall Vance Barnes Paul Bowles Benton Bridges Bill Byram Porter Carswell jim Cass Conrad Cook Paul Ensine Ross Cox MacKenzie Dallas Lamar Demott Dick Dozier Thomas Duncan john D. Finlay joe Freeman Rod Gable Bill Gunnin Ronald Hazen Wayne Hester Julian Hunt Lionel Lee Dick Lee OFFICERS . President Vice President Mike MacDougald Fleet Maddox Billy Maxwell John McKenzie Ronnie Mitchell Britt Moore Bob Nalley Bill Parsons Frank Pidcock Bill Rush Billy Shaphard Gene Sirmans Henry Smith Lyman Smith Joe Snitzer Elliott Steadman julian Swann Bill Talley Snap Mfelborn Carl Welch Kimbel Whatley Harry Williams jay Williams john L. Williams S ecretary Treasurer I sigma alpha epsilon A ,. ' N . Q P l , ia, p . x 4 i. .. 1 is 1 , K 2 1 .ll I as ' 'vs F' N ' . lm X f-vs 01 fl 1 f ,'.. gi L, vl Q-K, X X Top -row, left to right: Alexander, Barnes, Bowles, Byram, Carswell, Cass, Cook, Cousins .... Second row: Cox, Dallas, Demolt, Dozier, Freeman, Hunt, Lee, McKenzie .... Thi-rd row: Mitchell, Moore, Nalley, Parsons, Piclcock, Rush, Shapard, Sirmans .... Fourth row: Henry Smith, Lyman Smith, Steadman, Swann, Talley, Wharley, Harry Williams, John L. Vfilliams. 133 1' 1 -, . 1.5 f 11l 1511 11 111-1 1 111, 1 1 sw 1 1 1 11- A ,N ts- 1' v 1 1' ' 1 21 4l Y 1 Ellf 2112, 4211115 111 1 1 ' 111 111 fa 1 11 111: ..,,,.- 1: 111 Sigma Chi House. Ojfcers: Tom Smith, Brock Magruder, Buddy Gould, John Kohler. 1, fi., vii? . 1 .:.-1 s Zfy'fQfgsg,Q:f- :- 5ffy,g1g1Qe,Q ,- Z 1 1 Pii' 1 lk 5 1 br ag 7 1 1 is Q 4111? 1 111 is f 1, - 11 e. iy,'11,Q,a1 v1- iii 'il 1' 1 .1 Ve' 25 391541111 1 1 - 1 751. 5 1 1 E -1 11 12115 .iii -me 5 2 5 1 1 411-1111 11 il 0, M11 - ,. W1 - - 1 15 , 11151 ,1 -swf: 11 1, 1,..N,,,m-X ,, 51:2 1 11 1 3, .,..,.,, :,+ ,f' 1 1 Nga? 2 1. 1 .. 1 X 5 l . . gl ,11 11 . 1 11 1-111' E zfgfgi 1 ,311 '1 11 1- - z 1111 11, 15,1 1sf1e1 J?tics 1151 1 . 11 N11 , , 1 1 .11 'fav 1 1 1 1 11 ,,. -sf, 51 .1515 11: df, .' 11'-, 151' 11 i 15 'S 21' 5 '11 5 ' EH 11' l 1l11l1' '11 1i,1il I fffi 5'1 i'13f1L 11 ,, 1111 ,111 1151111131 1 1 111 11111 1, 111 11111 11,11 1 41 1.11111 11. 1 1': 3 1 li +5 Zsej f gg g fd ?,ff1i2l 1 X its i ZS, ,ziggy it 4 ii s .Q 4 5 s at ,, gg 4 1 1,11 5? 'ggi fig 2 11 11 11511 1,g., 1 1 7 1 ' ff 1 1 3,212 e 1 2 l 5 2 sys' 1 1 5 295 , 1 5 X E 15 f111s11fs 11111 11111 -1 11 1111111 11111 1 11 1' 141 1- 1 1 21Z'111. 1 v1 111 1111 ' 111111 1 no 1'..ff-1 1ef111,1- 1 11 115, 1: 1 4.1 1 .1111 4. 1 1 .H 111:y.1e 1 1 -w t h - - 1 1 ' 11 11 ' S. 1,1 1 11 1 1,5111 - . 11 11 1 . 1 1 1 213111 e 11 11, , 2 3253 Ti 11 5 f 1 1 2 2 f 1 1 1 if 1 X , 1 '1 1 1 f ' l L11 x la 1 1 E 21 f'x1l 1 gg .1 N 51 1 1? ' 222 1111 1 gs fa iasiil Jiisti The two sweethearts of Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi Fraternity, founded 1855, at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio .... Beta Chi Chapter came into being 1921 .... Fall quarter opens with a bang under guiding hand of 'iDolphin Davis, mighty master of Emory Swimming team .... Endurance race, sometimes known as Rush Week, is first big event of year .... 20 pledges hooked .... Many shindigs follow, climaxed by Sweetheart Formal .... Ginny Lee Floyd reigns as new Sweetheart of Sigma Chi .... Sigs best all frats at Emory and Tech in raising cash for Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce's Empty Stocking Fund .... Fraternity vocalists judged first on campus in IFC Sing. . . . Sig athletes front running in attempting to capture Athletic championship for fifth consec annum .... Rep- resentatives in activities include Prexy Haley of the Stu- dent Bodyg Davis, Business School president, and Vice President Minchew of the IFC .... Sig members also present in ODK, Student Council, Phi Beta Kappa, DVS, Honor Council, Players and Glee Club .... Miss Annie keeps life happy at No. 2. . . . Sigma Chi Players capture third in Skits-O-Frenia .... Sig Glee Clubbers' stories of annual trip more varied and lurid this year. OFFICERS BROCK NIAGRUDER . . . President BUDDY GOULD . 1 . Vice President JOHN KOHLER . . . Treasurer TOM SIVIITH . . Secretary jim Aycock Art Leiser john Barber Ed Lewis Phil Bartholomew Ralph Lockhart Part of the gang relaxes. 'i ' TW W ' l jim Bennett Oby Brewer Truman Brown Glenn Cobb Jep Cobb Ronald Cordes Murray Coulter David Cowart Bob Crow Norman Cumming Bob Davis Ralph Davis George Echols Bill Edwards jim Engle Jim Forbes Sam Frank Tom Geer Buddy Gould Jim Grant Howard Griner Larry Hailey John Haley Mac Hall Jim Hardwick Lamar Harmon jack Haynes Carlos Heaton Lowell Hopkins Miles Hutchinson Clyde Isanhour Gus jordan Willis Keene jack Knox john Kohler John Lastinger Ralph Leatherman Glenn McCormick Bob McCrary Gene McCree Bob McKee Brock Magruder Randy Malone Buck Manning Charlie Martin Bob Milledge Harvey Minchew George Needer Don O'Rourke jesse Pedrick Bob Pennington jim Pound Bill Rawls Ellis Rece Bill Roane Franklin Rogers VVally Rustin Cecil Sanders Jesse Schaudies Marcus Smith Roy Smith Tom Smith Dick Stewart jim Thoroughman Clyde Traylor Joe Turner Frank Thornton George Venable Garry Watson Don Whigham Christy Wilkinson Bruce Wilson Andy Yantis siqma chi 2 .1--1 f V M, of-?'.fij1.Q . , - - ' .',QilH,. ' 131, ' lifk ' , wg' , . 5 :Kgs L l -S 1' q Q, . Ebay , ' ' 1 AA 'YL ff . S-5 1 W I 11 'Q -3 A ef- v X 1 4 I fad x . ,IM ' fs. A , if, 'N w . ' 5 ' fx l N , ,::?'. - ... i' one .1 3 ,J xi , 1 1 uv, 1 I 4 A P ' ' L I ml 'W' 1 -Q' K 1' ' s i 1. Q, i 'k ff ya, N Wg, SF .ff ll 1 QQ , ,B ,l ,B .M , Q, ' A I 'i . ' in .7,3:,5,.?i,,57V,,.li .,.. Q , ,W ' if iz, 4, 2 1 K 1 , l'z ,,., A x K2 First -row: Aycock, Barber, Bartholomew, Brown, Cobb Coides Coulter Cowart Second row: Crow, Cumming, Davis, Davis, Echols, Engle, Griner Haley Thwd ww Hall Hard wick, Haynes, jordan, Lastinger, Leatherman, Leisei Lewis Fourth fow MCC1-ary McCree McKee, Magruder, Malone, Milledge, O'Rourke, Pedrick Fzfth aow Pounci Roane Rustm Sanders, Schaudies, Smith, Smith, Stewart .... Sixth row Thoroughman Traylor Thornton Venable, Whigham, Wilson Yantis 1 l3 .5 X : , :awww Fourth one on the left. Half time briefing in the Duck Bowl. Sweetheart and housemother. The grass never looked so good. W' 'Z Sigma Nu Fraternity, founded at Virginia Military Institute .... Originally the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in'l869. Xi Chapter formed at Emory- at-Oxford in 18811 .... Sigma Nu produces Emory's top athletes for 1950-51 as Jeff Smith wins trophy for giving outstanding performance for the year and Mal Duggan captures the Bridges Trophy for the outstanding athlete of the year .... Duck Bowl football classic highlights Fall Quarter as Sigma Nu captures title for filth straight year .... Hard won trophy disappears under mysterious circumstances and strange as it may seem turns up at the Pike house .... QSneaking a quick look, boys?j . . . Coffee urn and Duck Bowl football stolen in nocturnal ransacking-'careful sleuthing brings about return of miss- ing articles .... Sigma Nu backyard, which at one time had no claim to fame, is now the Alpha Tau Omega Speedway-Brothers are attempting to keep this area free of nails, glass and any other items which might cause the racers to crack-up .... Much interesting palaver picked up through the use of a tape recorder in the Little Girls' Room during Rush VVeek-info now being sold. OFFICERS FLOYD HARRIS . ..... . . President BRUCE WVATTERS . . Vice P-resident BILL HARDMAN . Secretary JOHN BClALOOF . Tfreasureir Robert Anderson Art Brandenberg Sam Brewton Emmett Brunson Thomas Chalker jim Cox Emory Dockery Herschel Fulcher Roger Grimes john Hatler John Howe julian Howell John jackson Lamar Kelley Richard Keyser Robert Lassiter james LeGette Theodore LeRoy Ted Lippman Tom McDonough james McLaughlin Richard Noland Robert Rouark Douglas Roysden Dallas Sawyer Chris Scures Gerald Searles Bill Shipp Pete Sotus Carl Mlhite Tom White James l'Vi1liamson Ed Mfright sigma nu X 'QW X gi' Sc K ,- u u M.. Nw V , ,,,, .. . A, 3 QS v, .,. 'W' 3 . X - X ? Q3 ,fj 11, ,nag-gae' ,751 Z' - - , Ex 2 Q, ' .' H we , 5 E Q N J A -sl . , 5 1 .5 gg wwf, v X iq- HL- , u F fl.. K 14 3 ,, s 1 X -N 'H 1 l New 'W ' Ni s 5 4 7' l E 2'.'l,vbi,. ag - ., Li R Img 1 2 Top row, left Lo right: Anderson, Brandenberg, Brunsou, Chalker, Cox, Dockery, Grimes .... Second row: Hardman, Harris, Harler, Howe, Howell, Kackson, Keyser .... Third row: Lefletle, LeRoy, Lippmau, McDonough, McLaughlin, Maloof, Noland .... Fourllz row: Roark, Sawyer, Scures. Shipp, Sotus, Watters, White, Wright. 137 Sigma Pi House. Odicers: Howard Haworth, John Martin, Ed Scruggs, Chandler Matthews. Housemother and Sweetheart. Out of the way, peasants! Sigma Pi Fraternity, founded February 26, 1897, at Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana .... Psi Chap- ter formed at Emory on March 29, 1924 .... Draft dodgers and expectants suffer through Summer Quarter. . . . End of Summer Quarter brings answer to 1ion's roar and cannon's boom by new Sigma Pi symbol-the bell. . . . Year of '51-'52 begins with much activity on lawn- paint, eggs, water battles, fist fights, SAE tragedies, and cries of the be1l's gotta go. . . . NeSmith homework complaints becoming commonplace .... Brothers re- quest that Gaunt make a female selection, damn it .... Academic diversion: Tucker-ducks and dogsg Cuyler- cards and chipsg Lane-Dot and cuts, Mauney-bed and sleep, Ellis-sun and scotch .... At conclusion of this memoir outcome of Buck-Jezebel romance still pon- dered. ED SCRUGGS . . . CHANDLER MATTHEWS ji-M GAUNT .... JOHN MARTIN . Fred Amatrian Walter Anderson Ted Atkinson Robert Baker Paul Davis Willie Davis james Gaunt Howard Haworth George Keller john Lemler John Martin Chandler Mathews OFFICERS . Vice John Mauney Ray Mixon Paul Morgan Robert Morgan Robert NeSmith Wm. Rousseau Ed Scruggs Vincent Shiel Herbert Timmerman james Tucker Wm. Wilson John Witherspoon President President Secretary Treasurer sigma pi f9FN Viv QU- W First Tow: Amatriain, Anderson, Davis, Gaunt .... Second Tow: Haworth, Keller, Martin, Morgan. . . . Third row: NeS1nith, Rousseau, Scruggs, Timmerman .... Fourth row: Tucker, Witherspoon. 139 -.elflfigi ' , ,Q 'T . Newest house on the Row. Oliicers Stein, Alexander, Geller, and Rosenfeld. ASQ F, Our sponsor and our housemother. Alexander accepts the National Scholarship Award for the highest chapter average in national TEPhi. t'i'1'f , Q r 95 s ' ' MS-ge,-5 is' ' .Ki 97, a re , 1 A 1 ' 4 ,tix fl, Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity, founded at Columbia Univer- sity in 1910 .... Emory Chapter formed in 1919 .... Two scholarship trophies pride of new home .... Hank, Bob, Joel, and Dave sweep All-Campus Debate Tournament .... Gold-dust twins, Levitas and Alexander cop innumerable campus awards .... Levitas first Emory student to ever win Rhodes Scholarship .... Tappingsincluded Mark and Wes for Eta Sigma Psi, and Rosenfeld for AEU .... Bedlam breaks loose as Mu men enter new home .... Eggs goes on a diet .... Schwartz wrestles him to a draw. . .' . Robinson plunged over for final touchdown of his Emory career in AEPi game .... Man Tannenbaum ran kitchen while Hildegard received Charley and Dose's bid as housemother. . . . TEPhi finally wins out as the butcher boy and J. Joke leave 134 .... Great Tep National Convention followed by terrific Sweetheart Dance .... Ganek takes his four years' winnings and pays off the house mortgage .... All Seniors bid tearful farewell to their frat .... Levitas and Alexander leave-knowing that they're never wrong .... OFFICERS MILES ALEXANDER ...... . . President JOEL STEIN . . . Vice President BOB ROSENFELD . . . Secretary GILBERT GELLER . . Bursar MEMBERS Miles Alexander Harold Arnovitz Marvin Barkin Morris Benveniste Marvin Barkin Charles Berner Wesley Boodishr Matthew Cohen .lack Eff Ira Feldman Stanford Firestone ,lack Friedlander Howard Ganek Norman Gall Gilbert Geller Donald Goldman Alfred Grant Richard Heiman Henry Kamin Elliott Levitas Richard Miller Robert Rosenfeld Mark Rubin Horace Sarter Robert Schwartz .lerry Silberberg Charles Sopkin Coleman Socoloff .lack Spitzer Joel Stein Beryl Tannenbauni Melvin Wise Herbert Wilk Marvin Zimniernian David Zimmon wx V I if Hll 'Lt' Wt . g,,,- ,.,,f .I Epsilon Phi 42 ,A tx 'a X v, .i 16. Top row, left to right: Alexander, Arnovitz, Baker, Barkin, Benveniste, Boodish, Cohen .... Second row: Eff, Ganek, Geller, Goldman, Heiman, Kamin, Levin .... Third row: Levitas, Miller, Rosenfeld, Rubin, Sarter, Schwartz, Silberberg .... Fourth row: Socoloff, Stein, Tanembaum, Wise, Zimmerman, Zimmon. 141 Kappa hi Officers Brooks, Kiehl, Brinkley, and Tillman. Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, founded on December 10, 1904, at The College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina .... Eta chapter founded at Emory-at-Oxford in 1912 and moved to Big Emory in 1915 .... '51 again saw us cop the Fall Quarter Scholarship Cup with a second place for the year. . . . A confession hour at Plantation House topped off last year's riotous Dooleyls festivities .... Picnics and water- melon cuttin's highlight summer entertainment .... Activi- ties packed mighty tight just before Christmas included a Saturday night affair, the Empty Stocking Fund Drive, the Founders, Day Banquet, and a Xmas party .... Chapter sign kidnapped by young kids who playfully put it in the middle of a road to see it destroyed .... Brother Dan lVlcDuff X ' . . . . . wacvnae sustaining a sprained ankle in the ensuing chase .... Yes, is - mxgyanelgoi they got away .... Brother jailed for Hstoningv front Win- uracls-D dow of his Juliet .... Conclave at Knoxville highlighted by e X519 a rib the fact that members of the opposite sex attended .... Oh, for the life of a male at a Co-ed school. Members: John Bridges, Maurice Brinkley, Donald Brooks, Bill Gilliland, Bob Hoover, Brooke lohnson, Kenneth Kiehl, Robert McDuff, Fred Mylius, George O'Lary, Bill Overacker, and Lowell Tillman .... Pledges: .lames Bennett, Wesley Blanchard, Oscar Chapman, Russell Middleton, and Ralph Newsome. ' Www 1 'i ' - ' ' ' '1--H-'1f1 - f , W. fx I 'giiz -Qggn QQ if we 'WV' 1 1 A W- . xii 5 I ,x k Xl? WHS, W 1 ES on ler loops o end fits under Long and of CONC' shouider iword III, I V X ' Q ffl ..A.A ' foward bac? 12,1 1 5' f, 'Wiz 1 AMW- : 12 ' 112 A 1.511 Y ' it tx 4 I: K i 4 4- If K BS' I . ,fs- ADVANCED eu. . A 1-it 'T ,.,..- Q21 'S rf- mf ga? f '?Zff'W 'qgwfs GN as xx. Shoulders boards wi!! be 5:-foperiy Boards should be sfighfiy curved to , X -2 N . X ll ff A f I 1 f 1 I 4 X f , ,,, 2 A X 1 x N 14 .,,! ,V N ' 5 X Y A .1.... V ,1... .L.. . .X commas guf. CQLONEL ommom , J bqziqi o , A,.2...,,.o L, Q.,.,, N.o, ' :.., X . o , . .:,A, E 5 'o.. H25 'J' R l o QW MY BASQC fgqgpgtf . YEMMEM SYM? l . ggfgggrgggzfg 5 M? SS5QG'EfR?Y3i' ,W-rfiwh Q fkfg' Ne ' Qz5EQf,v5.:fi?Qi SEEN A - uf. CAGET. 'A swf-is ima' . 1 mas? azeumwws x CAD-ET CO RP G R Ai Yi SECTQFMQ i.2Qi.5Ti'f?x3b-5aNMi' ,,., . L. . Y' xv . f1?CiXxS3 KLAWEL SNSSCSNSA FG? All AFQGYC Pkifiilffssii, - 5' ,sv Q 1 HMV. fgff' fu' ' 55? f R W ex, T is-i Fgz 5 , 4 .L W . 51: .W .Q 41 ff A tw? We A .f gm Q' p 4 ff V if , , f df iw 2 w llminist ation The mission of the Air Force ROTC is to develop in prospective college graduates the qual- ities of leadership and other attributes essential to their progressive advancement to positions of increasing responsibility as commissioned officers, and to prepare them for immediate assignment to specific duties in the Regular Air Force, the Air National Guard, and the Air Force Reserve. This unit was established at Emory in the fall of 1951, with two groups on the Atlanta campus and one group on each of the Oxford and Val- dosta campuses. The advanced curriculum offers two options: Air Force Administration and Flight Operations. Cadets successfully completing the advanced course are commissioned as second lieutenants upon receiving their degrees. CAPT CARL L Wozvmx- LT. ROBERT C. WOLDT, 'FF , 3 Ax NWYKW YKQXQAQR Cadet Staff z 4 ,. .awffsv Wing staff, left lo riglzl: George Boyd, Tom Blevins, L. KI. Swertferger, Marvin Montgomery, Elliott LeviLas, Carl l'Vhite. Group ll stay: David Lacy, Donald Brooks, Charles Hawkins. Group I stag: Robins May, J. O. Mackey, Eclwzlrd May. 147 f Squadron Wilson, D. R. Brewer, E. G. Jones, E. L. Dolph, F. B. Stegall, J. H. Thomas, D. M. Turoff, R. E. Strickler, R. D. Johnson, McC. Kelly, J. F. Ginden, C. B. White, A. E. Pope, W. R. Marchman, R. Gaines, R. T. Ingram, T. B. Hester, J. F. Turner, H. R. Sears, C. W. Pierson, J. F. Heiman, R. P. Whittington, R. W. Willis, R. H. Left to right: VVorley, Kelly, G. Alexander, Cowen, G. R. Maslia, D. D. Combs, R. M. Flora, J. H. Daugherty, E. W. Socoloff, C. P. Tillman, C. T. Marsh, C. E. McEvoy, L. J. Chapman, K. N. Jackson, J. A. Chew, Proctor, M. Alexander. Sikes, J. M. Sessions, J. L. Walcleck, B. W Tritt, S. M. Goff, J. H. Harper, E. A. Jones, J. L. Estroff, N. L. Pinson, J. R. Sanders, D. E. Adkins, C. J. Waters, R. H. 935' M6527 Left to right: Jones, Blevins, Richarcl- son, Asbury, Terrell, Head. Pennington, R. L. Candler, A. G. Thacker, V. I. Wilson, B. W. Lilly, J. O. Burns, S. T. Milling, G. C. Hopkins, H. L. Shapard, W. H. Lyons, S. H. Sincox, F. J. .Q 9 Sammons, C. F Head, W. J. Waters, R. A. Shipp, W. R. Feagle, M. C. Farmer, T. F. Walter, K. C. Wilson, J. M. Nesmith, R. J. Kuniansky, H. R. Call, N. Squadron Lasky, L. J. Yancey, P. H. Rivers, R. A. Hannah, W. E. Hooks, S. L. Wernick, G. I. Candler, S. O. Ferlita, S. A. Whitney, R. A. Oliver, R. L. Schwartz, R. J Ammons, J. C. Hammond, D. W Harrell, W. L. McDuff, R. E. Snitzer, J. A. Freeman, P. L McNatt, I. M. Leiser, A. J. Weinberg, S. Stanley, R. M. 4Zia5fyfJY7Yf1f'55Y?2QX21?'i??i? i'42fi'4B.'M W 1W?'E4L'- -'VW V X f ' Gardner, L. B. Jordan, VV. G. McCrary, R. A. Yantis, A. C. Orth, VV. YV. Carter, R. L. Mills, J. A. Dozier, R. M. Griflith, W. C. Clark, S. M. McCutchen, T. P. Berg, P. VV. Murrah, R. L. Byrum, W. W. Arnold, D. J. Aycock, J. XV. Hfilliams, J. L. Cox, L. E. Overacker, WV. Kyle, J. C. Smith, W. . f v E. Squadron Cadet ojfcers: John Andrews, Don Azar, Stanley Moody, Lawrence Gard- ner, George Beutell, Robert: Ramsay. Niblack, G. S. Hill, T. W. Youmans, H. G. Middleton, YV. R. Vogel, H. B. Monteleone, L. Morris, J. W. Pierce, J. F. Strother, W. E. Callaway, YV. J. Martsolf, S. L. 5 li .. I , J , Ai' - . Meisenzahl, P. VVelch, D. M. Kelley, J. F . Cobb, J. B. Fargason, S. WV. Doekery, E. S. Thomas, E. G. Howell, E. Tindall, F. C. McGaughey, J. T , f ,...,....v,...s-f,.7,.,...,W,.w,,.........,f,Mmvfw1mww::z!4ewamW ' 192899 QNX. Squadron ' 'D' YVilson, B. McC1'ee, D. G. Duggan, C. A. Leatherman, J. R. Johns, YV. E Brown, R. S. Kernaghan, R. B. Zimnion, D. S. Sawyer, J. C. Roysclon, D. A. Smith, L. L. Venable, G. DeM0tt, F. L. Isanhour, F. Fears, H. B. O'Gwynn, C. J. Jones, J. S. McKee, R. B. Van Valkenburg, C. Poyo, E. Treloar, H. -S. B. Williams, 1.13. Fulcher, J. H. Albert, E. Y. Lvfl lo riglzt: Carusos, Jacques, Shiel, Wilson, Holland James Roberts, S. R. Murrah, K. N. Barber, J. C. Downing, H. S. Stephens, XV, L. Friecllander, J. I. Matthews, R. C. Eubanks, O. L. Gilchrist, R. M Ruhl, C. T. Cordes, R. H. Craig, L. H. Heaton, W. C. Moore, D. R. McFadden, J. H. Kuhl, F. L. Thoroughman, J. C Frank, S. B. Brookshaw, V. B. Bartholomew, P. R. Pound, H. Tingley, W. F. Coney, J. L. Bramblett, J. S. STRICKLAND, M. C. . YARBROUGH, W. M. . SCOTT, S. . . Bevan, J. T. Butler, R. Carswell, P. Clower, C. W. Dobbs, R. M. Ellis, W. T. Freeman. .l. C. Hammett, A. G. Houchins, H. A. Lee, L. Lemler, I. E. Martin, R. W. ili ar Hll Commanding Officer . . . . Adjutant . Drum Major Massey, B. Merritt, E. F. Mitchell, R. H Scruggs, E. G. Stanley, L. H. Stubbs, W. F. Thomas, F. W. Travis, M. T. Warrinsr, F. D Watters, B. W. Whatley, C. K. Wilkerson, C. H1 H Ham 4' Mm' rnnlll Air Social The Arnold Air Society was founded at the Uni- versity of Cincinnati in 1947 in order to further the mission, purpose, tradition, and concept of the United States Air Forces 'as a means of National Defense, promote American Citizenship, and create a close and more ellicient relationship among the . Air Reserve Ollicers Training Corps cadetsf' The Lt. Goodrich C. White, Ir., Squadron re- ceived its charter in February, 1952. Already the young organization has made its way into Emory life by sponsoring a shoulder insignia contest. The Society is open only to members of the advanced corps with superior class standing. Seated, left to right: Moody, Asbury .... Standing: Beutell, Proctor, Murrah, Montgomer HARRIS W. ASBURY . . . Commander Charles Hawkins Robert Haynie Tracy Hill Robert James David Lacy Elliott Levitas Neil Mackey Claude Marsh George Alexander Miles Alexander .lack Andrews Gregory Brewer Donald Brooks Laurence Gardner Richard Gilchrist STANLEY A. MOODY . . Executive Ojicer EDWARD P. MAY . . . Operations Officer NTARVIN L. MONTGOMERY . Adj.-Recorder HARMON L. PROCTOR .... Treasurer GEORGE W. BEUTELL . Publications Officer EDW. P. MURRAH . Public Relations Ojicer Robbins May Joseph Snitzer .lack Swertfeger Bryce Terrell William Worley William Yarbrou gh 3. JSZSAV' ' 132352.-1-A X7 'ff ff? Snaps 5 g 2 x i . I E i I i Our grounded Hy-boys. Sergeants are a necessary part of every AFROTC. 1 Venable shows hou 1l0Llghl. to be done. 5 a A 3 A , I Dangerous aliens are kept under guard. :Q , Y, .-......,pwmvRfW The general naps under the reviewing stand. 4T W' ' 1 WWW? y. gwfvwkiggprrfiwf- mgww: 4, , iii, My a ' X 5. fl' VZ:- ll s .J iff , F fx :W 3 ,i xfxszmffi 'ik Every clog has his clay. Lx en liculenanls are somelimes satisfied The Maj explains Air Force discipline. 2 1 an ff! ww. Aw- S is 1 . ,QL if , Q .Yr it ,pg at 1 3 f 5 .,: F 3 AY. W 1 , 'r 1 f ' dufz119gt', - W 14115 , 15:13 , f : '.4, ff 'K Ml: .l.:,fv,.f,-H ' ,lg 4.73 ff,'finQ+f .. nn X- , f':Q2 . .4 .. . Z2 M, dv f M QW , ,, ,1 4 v V, Af mf 23 V7 ,, , , f , 1 :ff , ' 'ff , f l'ff'.7f11?I-'-' , . wtf-wx, -L -v ff Lf? ffif ., 1 ,W Mfg-',' f ' 14' f f'gnhgff1fZf:,-1 ,aff ig, fw1,,'w, vggfmm Ak ',, 41'-ig '71, wi flcftgffi I '::fd44V,gMyv,. 'iff L f Vg.. . ,qw 4 ,g-if - gi, fy KI H i VL fgffljflgzf-',1: ,Q Q., I wffvqdw -41,171 Liga, f X-gps ,:f 2 V5.1 X , ., ,f X gy! 2, -v vfenfzke QW The 1952 Campus took pride in having Mr. Mfalt Davis, Alumni Director for the University to pick the Queen and her court for the Valentine Ball. The contest was operated on a photograph selection basis from thirty pictures turned in to the Campus by students. At a reception held in honor of the judge and the top six of his selec- tions, Mr. Davis picked a Queen and named the other five girls to her court of honor. Pictures of the girls appear on the next six pages. On the seventh page is a girl of our own choos- ing. She is the girl the Campus staff chose as the beauty queen among Emory girls. She studied political science, worked in the library, and in general graced the campus with her beauty. Mr. XfValt Davis and his date. Clncidentally, now she's Mrs. XfValt Davis., . , . l l BMJQEX' l3 k3MfEQ2'53f53KQQ2Wi?E HYZAPWT 'XY a X 'f 2 v i il x 3 2 2 E , 5 a i 5 ? E2 0 H 51 1 . 1 , mwggmmmggm MAL 47 E 4,637,493 mm ,mzww ,.: ....,,. .. ,,,. , - ,-.' Vg. :,,,,.M.4v. ,x,..u,-,M 1.,., .. mwumh X. ,.-, . rw .. .J . .W , . ..-..,:,,.f,..,A.....,,.,J.-M.,M., W M, ..-,4?.,.-nt.: , 1 M 1 ,i92P3m X 4 4 ,f . P1457 :mg Y 7 Z MOUIIPIB, Ga ' - RUTH FELDMAN Miami, - Fla. X-. f X s -Q, vfefzfwe VW The Valentine Ball was the annual Winter formal co-spon- sored by the Campus and the Student Government Associa- tion. Bill Clark was borrowed away from the Piedmont Driving Club to afford the strains of music. Towards intermission, the Beauty Queen and her court were announced and presented to the crowd, with of course the usual accompanying cat-calls from the stags. Barbara Brim copped the crown, another in her string of beauty show trophies and awards. After the ull afternoon struggle on the athletic held, the crowds went home to clean up and heal the bruises. Then :lt 9:00 o'clot'k they reconvened for the Push Bull, presented through the cour- tesy of the IFC and ODK. The Auburn Knights supplied music and Yi1I1Kl.CS. Fraternity crests dec- ordted the walls ol the held house, as well as serving for bea- con lights to gatherings ol' Greeks. ODK pinned the laurel leaf on the lapels of six new initiates, and the dance broke up around the l:O0 o'cloc'k chimes. H M' BE li l ?1ff5iWCT'??'?'!4F With Tony Pastor in the background, Paul Hartsfield accepts the trophy from Goodrich C. Dooley and Tommy Title more, chairman of the SCA special events committee. After his initial resurrection, G. C. Dooley catches up on a few old friends. Sigma Chi's go ancient. ' A 7 , Ed Wright and Dooley holcl Z1 tele- vision show along with several adoring models. SAE's burned joan of Arc, .2 iw3E h5?Ml Pl ,QSZZA mi Delis were out West : ?ie'f-KSYCCV ' lf ff: V, il? P2111 ol' the hugo crowd jamming' llmc Row. 7 ' is' W .'SI1ar1esczf173qJ,llH . K I Sigma Nu put on its tribal paint. e 13 -, Clta lau house. UQ, 'Tl-5e.. ' TCM-' L! vf :'?V'5 M3'59 '47- Sigma Pi finally found America. The KA's remodeled their house along VVeste1'n lines. Boys will be boys at the Delta Tau Delta before the beheading of the French tyrant. Phi Delta Theta house fm we:cemwuwWwnJ3wkwhHxmS ,,,, , - .,,., .v fm-:wwS-W?Mc?1Z43V4Z4A??K.:Z?6nM?44Zn9Z4:w426f444r f4'Wf'5'P?Zlil'4V ?ZQ'M--, ,TwZE i5iE, A -1Qiw:::,:w 'E'w4r?E2:i'.-9599 fr A,,,Ww., ,pw I 7 i 5 1 i 2 Z 2 i 2 i 5 Q 4 I E E E i ! l L I ' 1 . '9129-CH1E3fN5W'N??Xxi7?lZTifQWA 3 UiQWWEYMT Wk Q SW J M 1 2-uf-'Annu wnmmwmcmwxf-nxminmvr' 1:11201 142 ' ' -Afvuinw ' , Skit -tl-frenia Skits-o-lrenia this year was undertaken by the Campus Club, the independents' organization on the campus. The show was open to entries from any organization in school, but as is cus- tomary, fraternities and the nurses made up the program. A large crowd of mixed company Filled the Glenn Memorial Auditorium, and the fra- ternity that could clap the loudest had the biggest chance ol success. The shows were good, the cos- tumes were sometimes extravagant, and the judges were unbiased. 1 i Dean Rece presents the winners trophy to Joel Stein of TEPhi. Sigma Chi parades by in its version of service at the Emory cafeteria. KA's put on a lovely ballet. ws ?.,,,s..tx,,,A ..,, . . . , . . . t..-, .......... ,. .... ..,.. The Phi Delis presented Klub Me, Kate. l'iKA Look second place with Lheir posed scenes The girls show a typical nurses room. According to the Chi Phi's, Lhis is the way the housemothers paint lions. Could those be SAE's at the table? No explanation needed for Sigma Nu's AEPi dressed up to present a nursery scene I s - f. ' PS' X 'TRf'1?fl'1JW-Z-Wx, 27632 155331Kh3VZ?C2HbM3xWSWk QWKZ535SZL'W?Wf5TnW96623225W?6Z 2SWEKH31??58'S1E1iE13ZlE2iME !kYGmMVk25W5i3?d5HR E957 7 ' L. I Dean Gordon Seifkin at desk. The Business School offers a two-year program in elements of Business Administration to upper division students. The School began its existence in 19195 however, it was reorganized in 194-5, and established itself in the Rich Memorial Building in 19457. The student body elects its own officers, as Well as Student Council, and has a separate Honor Council. Beta Gamma Sigma recognizes outstanding scholarship, and Alpha Kappa Psi offers an advancement of professional and social activities among its members. Left to right, top row Bottom row: Miles Left to rzglzt top row: Burton Wight. Bob Mclntosh Bottom row Billy Wynn Bob Campbell Dewey Ha, ard IUHS TOWNSHEND BUDD Atlanta, Georgia Chi Phi, Secretary, Vice President, President g Campus 48-49: Football lg Swimming lg Marketing Club, President, ALAN J. BURKE JOHN C. BUSBIN Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Chi Phi, Newman Club. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, W President, Alpha Kappa Mr. Bitter explainfotgecgllgpose of Marketing -721315 lgiltfibrigiligli MORRIS C. COX Decatur, Georgia Marketing Club, Vice President, S. A. M., Re- cording Secretary. L. B. GARDNER St. Louis, Missouri Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psi, Canterbury Club, Arnold Air Society, Society for the Advance- ment of Management. of Business School. JOSEPH W. CALLAHAN Miami, Florida Pi Kappa Alpha, Emory Players, Newman Club, Secretary, E. C. A. So- ciety for Advancement of Management. SE IUH5 JOS. C. CUNNINGHAM PAUL R. DAVIS RALPH DAVIS, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Emory University, Georgia Decatur, Georgia Chi Phi, O. D. K., D. V. Sigma Pi, Treasurer. S., HE Club, Campus, Business Manager, Track Team 1, 2, 3, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, President. 4, Emory Wheel, 50-51. EUGENE O. GARNER PARKER A. GLASGOW JOHN W. GODDARD Atlanta, Georgia Emory University, Georgia Decatur, Georgia Sigma Chi, President, HE' Tau Epsilon Phi, Hillel. Club, Business School, President, Swimming 2, 3, IRA JEAN FELDMAN Mount Vernon, New York S. J. GOLDSTEIN Columbus, Georgia S. A. M. Pi Kappa Alpha, Corre- Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas- sponding Secretary 4, urer, President: Hillel, Football 2, Glee Club 2. I. F. C. X F R. P. CAMPBELL, Covington, Georgia Phi Delta Theta, Alp Kappa Psi, Vice Presicler I Football 3, Basketball Baseball I, Business A: ministration Honor Cot cil: Business Administil tion Student Body, Vii President. sz 9? A tw .l lf I ll 1 I t JOHN D. FINLAY, JR.l Brewton, .Alabama ij Sigma Alpha Epsilon i Alpha Delta Sigma, Emor, Wheel 51, AccompanisI.,I' Freshman Glee Club 545 I BEN M. GREENBLATTN Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Epsilon Pi, Foot- ball '47, '47, Baseball '51, if Basketball '5I. I I v vi' EWEY L. HAGGARD CHARLES E. JOLLY. JR. RICHARD P. LEE hattanooga, Tennessee Atlanta, Georgia GriFfin, Georgia IAMES 'E. MCCALL Perry, Florida tppa Alpha, Treasurer 3, 4+. ALPH C. PATE, JR. arlotte, North Carolina Chi Phi. Emory Independent Stu- Sigma Alpha Epsilong S0- dent Association. ciety for Advancement of Managemenlg Business School Student Council fl.. CLARK K. LYTLE, JR. Fairfield, Alabama Pi Kappa Alpha, Presi denlg Emory Wheel, Cir- culation Managerg Society for Advancement of Man agementg Business School. Vice President. SE IUH5 ROBERT J. MCINTOSH Campus Clubg Alpha Kappa Psi, Presidentg Business School Honor Councilg Society for Ad- vancement of Manage- mentg Newman Club. BURTON SCOTT Atlanta, Georgia E. I. S. A.g A. E. U.. Presidentg Kappa Kappa Psi, Concert Band. ALBERT R. MARTIN Atlanta, Georgia Society for Advancement of Management. ' .IOE SHIPPEN Atlanta, Georgia G. L. MITCHELL, IR. Augusta, Georgia Alpha Kappa Psig Associ- ate Member oi American Accounting Association. ALFRED F. STEWART Atlanta, Georgia Society for Advancement of Management. Students awaiting the start of class. SYD C. PARHAM Fort Valley, Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha. GEO. O. TIDWELL, JR. Charlotte, North Carolina Phi Delta Thetag Wres- Society for Advancement tling 2, 4. of Management. M Hill f . Q 5 is 5? ' it s if if-x Q' V A is ,,x, Qi CARL L. WELCH, JR. Hapeville, Georgia THOMAS B. WIGHT, JR. Buena Vista, Georgia Phi Delta Thetag Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurerg Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President 750, Basketball 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES B. WILSON JAMES W. WYNN Atlanta, Georgia Kappa Alphag 'GEM Clubg Track 2, 4. Dublin, Georgia Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Psig S. A. M.g l. F. C.g Student Councilg B us i n ess Administration Honor Council. Graduation ceremonies for Seniors. View looking toward the Rich Building from Glenn Memorial. 1tW1 f ,1'rf-t4'1:s: Business Leaders P 'ROBERT P. CAMPBELL Business Administrationg Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice Presi- dentg Business Administration Honor Council, Business School Student Body. Vice Presidentg Football 3, Basketball RALPH DAVHS, JR. Business Administrationg Sigma Chi, Presidentg Business School, Presldentg Emory Wheel, Swimming 2, 3, 4g ME Club. JOSEPH C. CUNNINGHAM Business Administration g Chi Phi g Omicron Delta Kappa, D. V. S., Campus, Business Manager, President Society for the Advancement of Man agementg Track 1, 2, 3, NEW Club. 33 Baseball 1. The Sneiet FnrAdvaneen1entnf anaqenient The Society for Advancement of Management is com- posed of Business School students who are interested in the management and eliicient operation of business en- terprises. During the past year, S. A. M. sponsored a number of Held trips to companies in the Atlanta area. Trips were Company, Scripto, Inc., Atlantic Brewery, and the Gen- eral Motors plant at Doraville. Several outstanding speakers were brought to the Busi- ness School by S. A. M. to lecture to the student body. Films relating to the management of business enterprises were shown at several of the meetings, and group discus- sions were held concerning present day problems in made to Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, White Provision industry. Left to right, first row: Denk Weitnauer, Everett Jones, Bob Mclntosh, Ted Hunter, Eugene Garner, Lynn Johnston, Chapman Cunningham .... Second row: Roderick Gable, Wence Cerne, Ed Gould, James Robinson, Gilbert Turner, Charles Hawkins, Pete Lytle .... Third row: Billy Wynn, Albert Martin, Morris Cox, Bill Lassiter, Oby Brewer, Elmer Garrison, Charles Martin, Powell Eppinger, Mr. Victor P. Tabaka, Bob Reddick, Parker Glasgow. OFFICERS CHAPMAN CUNNINGHAM President PETE LYTLE Vice President EUGENE GARNER Corresponding Secretary CHARLES MARTIN Treasurer MR. VICTOR P. TABAKA Chapter Advisor Not Pictured: George Beutell, Joe Cal- lahan, Hulan Clinkscales, Laurence Gardner, Bill Goddard, Bill Gorman, Pat Greene, John Lastinger, Claude Marsh, Ed May, Clarke Richardson, Herbert Timmerman, Jr., Basil Watkins, Gary Watson. rc , 1.04. asia . . z ,Y , f z 'V 02,1 .f M, ,pi , Lf A .0 K JOHN J. ANDREWS . Decatur,Ga. Kappa Alpha DONALD BROOKS . . Decatur, Ga. Pi Kappa Phi JACK. N. CARUSOS . . Atlanta,Ga. Chi Phi WENCE CERNE . . . Chicago,l1l. ROD W. CABLE . St. Petersburg,Fla. Sigma Alpha Epsilon ELMER R. GARRISON . Atlanta,Ga. Chi Phi EMORY C. GEORGE . Chicopee,Ga. Chi Phi ' BILL S. GORMAN . . AtlanLa,Ga. Chi Phi CHAS. A. HAWKINS . Rossville,Ca. Pi Kappa Alpha TRACY W. HILL . . lVIontgomery,Ala. Kappa Alpha HAROLD F. HUNTER, JR. . Rome, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon CLAUDE E. JONES, JR. . Atlanta, Ca. Delta Tau Della WILLIAM G. JORDAN . AtlanLa,Ga. R. MCA. LOCKHART, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi JAMES R. MCKINNON . . Piclcock, Ga. Phi Delta Theta ALBERT A. MASLIA . . Atlanta,Ca. ROBERT C. MATHEWS . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Pi EDWARD P. MAY . Pitts:-:ld,Mass. Kappa Alpha HARMON L. PROCTOR . Mi1len,Ga. Kappa Alpha GEO. W. OUILLIAN . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega CHARLES J. SOPKIN . Atlanta,iGa Tau Epsilon Phi BRYCE H. TERRELL . Tampa, Fla Phi Delta Theta WM. MCG. TOWERS, III . Rome, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon GILBERT' E. TURNER . Tampa,Fla Kappa Alpha it ILS SIGURD TVEDT WILLIAM C. WARREN CARY Ii. WfX'I'SON .X. DIQNK WEl'I'NAUEIi I Y 1 , Hangesuncl, Norway Atlanta: Georgia lzicksonifille, Florida Decatur. Georgia 1 Chi Phi Sigma Chi Alpha Tau Omega li ti lil J tl l l lt l I Seniors discuss project which they are about to tackle. Fl I I I 1 1 X 4 I .-Xtlentiveness of Business Class as viewed by Rich Building professor. l 4 it ,l il 'l i 1 l I 4 . l 1 l 3 lph appa Psi OFFICERS Bots MCINTOSH ......... President BOB CAMPBELL . . Vice President BILLY WYNN . . . . Secretary BURTON WIGHT . ., . . Treasurer DEWEY HAGGARD . . ,Master of Ritual BASIL WAPENSKY . . . . Advisor MEMBERS Powell Eppinger Albert Griffin Lawrence Gardner Alan Bitter Everett Tones Dean Seilkin James McCall Dr. Earnest Swanson Glenn Mitchell Dr. Tate Whitman PLEDGES Wence Cerne Bryce Terrell Bob James Gilbert Turner Ralph Lockhart Gary Watson Charles Russell Dink Weitnauer Left to right, top row: Dewey Haggard, Burton W1 ht Bottom raw: Billy Wynn, Bob Mclntosh Alpha Kappa Psi, the first and oldest commerce fraternity, was founded on October 5, 1904, in the School of Commerce, Accounting, and Finance at New York University. The obiectives are to Mfurther the individual welfare of its membersg to foster scientific research in the Helds of commerce, ac- counts, and fmanceg to educate the public to appre- ciate and demand higher ideals thereing and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administra- tion. The fraternity has 71 active chapters in leading universities and colleges throughout the United States and Canada. Alpha Chi Chapter was installed at Emory in 1926. Left to right, frst row: Billy Wynn, Bob Mclntosh, James McCall, Lawrence Gardner. Powell Eppinger .... Second row: Dewey Haggard, Burton Wight, Mr. Albert Griiiin, Dean Gordon Seilkin, Glenn Mitchell, Everett Jones. , .... , H... .... . ., . v . v , . f 1 -02,15 . , - V 1 some w Y Y A QA bfi 9. R, ' Q v 2 I J 5 5 S 1 E 5 C i 1 3 3 5 3 i yi si 2. V,-..1 . o iz A-H gk W . I L!-KW DEAN HEPBURN The law school offers a three-year course in the study of law leading to the earning of an LL.B. degree. This course covers the basic subjects of law, and in addition oHers a wide selection of Nelectivesw which cover various fields and phases of the law. Besides 'gleaming the lawf' the law students are also given instruction and actual practice in court room procedure and practice, which is given in the form of a moot court that has gained a wide reputation throughout the entire campus. 1.1-l SIIHUUI. Officers of the Student Bar Association: First row, left zo right: Bill O'Kelley, .lack Swertfeger, John Well, and Bill Spriggs .... Second row, left to right: Charles Bissit and Dick Minchew. THOMAS F. ALLGOOD Augusta, Georgia Phi Alpha Deltag Journal of Public Lawg Student Council 2g Secretary Em- ory Student Bar Associa- tion 2. DONALD E. CHANNELL St. Simons lsland, Georgia Kappa Alphag Phi Delta Phi Student Bar Association: First row, left to right: Jim Hutchenson Bill Oliellty Jack Swertfe er John Wells and Bill Spriggs .... Second row, left lo riglil: Charles Bissit Comsr Padrick Dick Minchew, Graham Waite, Joe Parris, Charles Collins and Bob leninb SE EUGENE ANHEIR, JR. Key West, Florida Sigma Pig Phi Alpha Delta. WALTER J. COWAN Walhalla, South Carolina Phi Alpha Delta. URS JOSEPH M. BOWMAN Quitman, Georgia Phi Delta Thetag Phi Alpha Delta. JIM M. COWART Atlanta, Georgia Phi Alpha Delta , Y.. 145' I CWWW7 1 iff f 'WLC' iii Law Day Quartet, Joe, Ray, Bob, and Gordon tell ufreshmeatw of the tortures of Law School. 195 JIM S. KILPATRICK Atlanta, Georgia Phi Alpha Delta. M. K. PENTECOST Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta Thetag Phi Delta Phi. HELEN F. HUGHES Atlanta, Georgia Kappa Beta Pig Pi Epsi- lon Alpha, Practice Court Clerk, Executive Council, Law School, Student Council Vice Presidentg Associate Deang Kappa Beta Pig Case Cluhg Law Day Committee. GEORGE C. INGRVAM JOHN B JOHNSON Milledgeville, Georgia Atlanta Geor 1a Alpha Tau Omega Phi Delta Phi Le al Aid SE HHS LAWRENCE F. LITTON OSEPH B. McC NNELL .l O Somerset, -Kentucky Atlanta, Georgia Phi Alpha Delta. Phi Delta Phi. ALLAN W. SMITH WILLIAM B. SPRIGGS Emory University, Georgia Pensacola, Florida Phi Alpha Deltag Case Club. OTHNIEL W. McGEHEE JESSE E PEDRICK Macon, Georgia Waycross Geor 1a Phi Delta Phi. S1 ma Chi Phi Delta Phi H. G. WEISSENBERGER CECIL W WORRILL Atlanta, Georgia Savannah Geor ia Beta Theta Pi, Presidentg Phi Alpha Delta, Marshall, Student Editorial Board Georgia Bar Journal, Sec retary, Student Bar Asso ciation 4. r' fffW + I1 ww-wmwfrfwf WE 1 251' , 32252. :ZYZHCQQMAWWJAMVM 2,1 Judge Pharr presents gavel award to Case Club winners Robert Harris and Clarence Jackson. The members of Kappa Beta Phi. l 191 Since the founding of Beta Iota Chapter of Kappa Beta Pi on Sep- tember 24, 19419, here at the Lamar School of Law, the active member- ship in the chapter has been some- what depleted hy the graduation of several of its members and also hy the small number of feminine students engaged in the study of law. Nevertheless, the chapter has maintained an active interest in the affairs of the Law School and its members have promulgated wide participation in activities such as the Case Club, Law Day, school socials and functions. Pictured here are the present members of Kappa Beta Pi: Left to right: Anne Smith, Millicent Cantrell, and Joyce Stead. - 'ESQ' , . ,.5 . M g ,- ,J Sh 12 ,' ' 'V 5 lp 0 y if 415 1 s rf! .2 Q V f f, ff , ff 4 J T W !! T jf 1 I . 1 , fwv 5 . - - wt. tl! W. -f V 1 f Mam2 -L '1zJw!miw,mmmmf4fWmmM ERNEST A. ALEXAS . Johnstown, Pa. Second Year CHARLES W. BISSET . Savannah,'Ga. Second Year JOHN W. BROWN . . . Atlanta, Ga. First Year CHARLES J. COLLINS . Orlando, Fla. First Yearg Phi Delta Theta RICHARD A. FELDMAN . Atlanta, Ga. First Yearg Alpha Epsilon Pi JAMES W. HEAD . . Savannah, Ga. Second Yearg Phi Delta Theta STANLEY P. HERNDON . Atlanta, Ga. Second Year WM. S. HUIE . . College Park, Ga. Second Yearg Phi Delta Theta J. M. HUTCHINSON . E. Orange, N. J. Second Yearg Sigma Chi EDWIN R. IVEY . . . Cordele, Ga. First Year WM. H. JACKSON . Thomasville, Ga. Second Year JAS. R. JACQUES . Charlotte, N. C. Second Yearg Pi Kappa Alpha CLETE D. JOHNSON . Royston,Ga First Year JIM L. JOHNSTON . StateslJo1'o,Ga First Yearg Kappa Alpha ROBT. E. MCDUFF . . Austell,Ga First Year JULIUS O. MACKEY . . Atlanta, Ga Second Year HUGH MALLET . . . Jackson, Ga Second Yearg Alpha Tau Omega C. G. MILLING .... Griffin, Ga Second Yearg Delta Tau Delta D. L. MINCHEW . . Waycross,Ga Second Year COMER W, PADRICK . Decatur,Ga Second Year J. M. SIKES. JR. . . . Atlanta, Ga First Year T. W. SIMMONS . . Douglasville, Ga Second Year GEORGE B. SMITH . . Doerun, Ga Second Yearg Sigma Alpha Epsilon GEO. E. TIDWELL .1. Atlanta, Ga First Yearg Chi Phi '1 , S 51 2 5 ,, Q - - V ' xl 'lii,,w:sf- ,., hi Alpha Hella H: New brothers become acquainted after ini llllilll Some of the Phi Alpha Delta members. Phi Alpha Delta was founded at the Chicago School of Law in 1898. Since its inception, it has grown to more than 70 chapters throughout the United States. Keener Chapter at Emory has set as its goal the combination of promoting the legal profession while at the same time undertaking a program of social events. The chapter added seven new men to its role this year, making its membership rest at thirty-two. Eugene Anheir, jr Edward Brinson jack Briscoe Donald Cothran Wfesley Cranmer Ray Cunningham Emory Daniel Don Fain Noland Harmon james Hall lohn Head Douglas Henderson C. S. johnson Harold Jones Clete johnson Max D. Kaley Fred Kaul jim Kilpatrick Nick Lambrose Milton McClure Harry Mehre Joseph Parris Marvin Pliskin joseph Renucci Bart Riley George B. Smith jack B. Smith YVilliam Spriggs Kenneth Tucker Harry VVeisenbe1gei john M. Wells 'Walter Woelper hi ella Dean Hepburn gathers with some ol' the brothers alter initiation. P h 1 Phi Delta Phi, the first professional fraternity in America. was founded at the University ol' Michigan in l8li9. Lamar lnn was established at Emory in l923. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote a higher standard of professional ethics and culture in law schools and in the pro- lession. To accomplish these ends Lamar Inn through the academic year sponsors diversified programs of speakers, smokers, luncheons, and banquets, many of which are presented as a public service. In recognition of the qualities the fraternity seeks to encourage, Lamar Inn has established two awards: the Outstanding Freshman Award and the Phi Delta Phi Plaque, a permanent plaque in the law school on which the name of the honor graduate each year is inscribed. CHARLES COLLINS, I KIINI Hu'1'c:H1NsoN . S'rANL1sY HERNDON CHARLES W. BISSET Arthur C. Blain L. Travis Brannon William E, Burton, jr Donald Channell William Daniel Samuel Dyer Fred Elarbee, Jr. Charles Gilbreath Larry Hailey Thomas B. Hampson james WY Head Lowell Hopkins, jr. Stell Huie Robert McDuff Othniel McGehee . Magzster . Exchequei . Histmzem Neil Mackey, Jr. Gordon Milling, I Bill O'Kelley Comer Padrick Jesse E. Pedrick Bob Pennington M. K. Pentecost, Ji Bart Shea, III jack Sikes, jr. Robert Spears Robert Surles Jack Swertferger, J Robert Thompson Ernest Tidwell Graham Waitt A few of the boys let their hair down. 'il' 'swfsaewff mmm' n4f'-'2 Qe X-',:zs,.r,w3 f ,ff . fy Further garbed members. 1 LAW IJ Round table discussion: Segregation in Georgia Supported Schoolsf' Left to right: Block, Harris, Burns, Bryan, and Murphy. Joslin, portrayed by McConnell, drapes the corporate veil. Phi Bete Hall and his key. g'Fresl1meat'7 Huie is warned to turn back by old students before the Temple of Legal Lore before it is too late. , .-, . ,-, , . , , ,' ,,-,vu jnewysmfmxiz ii 4l.....,,,.w,w-ws wu- A l ..,, 7,-W ANDLEH Ill? -,i. 1135 .IQ ' DEAN HENRY BURTON TRIMBLE The Candler School of Theology seeks to meet the requirements of the Church especially in this area for a trained ministry. Three elements enter the picture: l. The need for a larger number of ministers to supply the pulpits of the developing South. 2. The higher educational standards required of its ministers by the Church. 3. Refresher courses for ministers already in service, especially in the light of the changing conditions in which they are placed. Expansion and diversification have characterized the program in the division of theology. The faculty has been increased to 12 full time professors and several part time instructors. Thus the offerings for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity have been enriched. ln addition it has been possible to cooperate extensively with the graduate division in offering work leading to advanced degrees including Master of Theology and Master of Religious Education. BY f U 3,4 gm ,, ,mAa4n A- i r l EDISON MCK. AMOS . . . . Third Year LEONARD P. ANDERSON, JR. . . . Rock Hill, S. C Third Year l7I.E l'CHER L. ANDREVVS . Secon a' Year ROBERT L. ARCHIBALD . . Firxt Year JAMES A. ARMSTRONG . G. LUTHER ARMSTRONG . WARREN E. ATWATER . . Third Year Aylvxctk L. R. BARNES . . . . Fi rs! Year BEN F. BINKLEY ..... Second Year Rl-XI.,l H E. BLACK . . . . . Third Year BARBARA A. BLACKBURN . . CURTIS H. BLANTON . . . X .h Serond Year WILLIAM N. BLANTON, JR. . Second Year WILLIAM B. BOBBITT, JR. . . Third Year BILL B. BOHANNON I .... Second Year HARVEY C. BOYD ..... First Year WILLIAM D. BRUNER .... Third Year RICHARD R. BURNETTE . . . . First Year LOUIS E. CARSON ...... Third Year GEORGE T. CURREY .... First Year ERNEST D. CUSHMAN, JR. . . EDYVIN S. DAVIS ...... Third Year ANDREW B. DILLARD .... Second Year HERMAN J. DOWNEY, JR. . . First Year JOSEPH E. FAULKNER . . . Second Year JOHN M. FLETCHER .... Second Year BRADY B. FORMAN ..... Second Year HOVVARD FREEIVIAN .... First Year VVALTER R. GAMBLIN . . . Third Year JAMES B. GAYLER ...... Second Year OLLIE L. GOLSON ..... WILLIAM H. CRANBERRY, JR. First Year . Baltimore, Md . Aragon, Ga Birmingham, Ala. . Decatur, Ga. . Decatu1',Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Winfield, Ala. Nashville, Tenn. . Rome, Gu. . Norfolk, Vu. Frisco City, Ala. Charlotte, N. CI. . Littleton, N. CZ. . Hilltonia, Cla. . Hoschlon, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. . Richmond, Va. . Lynchburg, Va. Vicksburg, Miss. . Chattanooga, Tenn. Tuscaloosa, Ala. Montgomery, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. . Augusta, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. . Zachary, La. Meridian, Miss. Meridian, Miss. Lake Worth, Fla. . Shreveport, La. Memphis, Tenn. DON YV. GRAY ........ Second Year ALBERT T. GREER ...... First Year JAMES H. GRIFFIN ..... First Year VIRGIL N. HALE ..... Third Year POYVELL S. HALL, JR .... Third Year JOE A. HARDING ..... Third Year EDYVARD D. HENNE .... First Year JOE C. HIGGINBOTHAM . . First Year CHARLES W. HILER .... Third Year WVALTER M. HILL .... Third Year CHARLES E. HOOVER .... First Year JOHN R. HOVVARD . . . . Second Year ROY L. HOWARD ..... First Year DAVID H. HOWELL .... - Third Year JOHN HOWIE ....... First Year O. HERSCHEL HUDGINS . . Third Year DONALD L. HUGHES .... First Year JOHN D. HUMPHREY . . . Second Year FRANK D. JAMES ..... First Year D. BUFORD KELLY ..... Third Year RUDOLPH D. KIDD .... Third Year JAMES E. KINARD ..... JAMES L. KNOX ...... F i rst Year DONALD F. KOKOMOOR . . . Second Year LAIVRENCE A. LEMONS . . . First Year WILLIAM H. LIKINS .... First Year THOMAS L. LINDSAY . . . Third Year PATRICK VV. MCBRIDE, JR. . THOMAS J. MCCOLLOUGH, JR. ' Third Year CLARA S. MCVEY ...... Second Year LAMAR A. MARTIN .... Third Year RODOLPI-IUR S. MILES, JR. . First Year: Elk River, Minn. Hawkinsville, Ga. . Lavonia, Ga. . Lebanon, Va. . Jackson, Miss. . Kennett, Mo. . . . Pensacola, Fla. . Village Springs, Ala . Macon, Ga. . Albany, Ga . Augusta, Ga. . Nashville, Ga. . Chattanooga, Tenn . Vinton, Va . Jackson, Miss . YVhite, Ca Cleveland, Tenn . Artesia, Miss . Remington, Va Johnson City. Tenn Statfordsville, Va . Clinton, S. C . Tampa, Fla . Gainesville, Fla. . Latonia, Ky . . . Louisville, Ky. I'Vinston-Salem, N. C. Jacksonville, Fla. . IfVoodbine, Ga. Hattiesburg, Miss. . Jayess, Miss. . Bessemer, Alai. RICHARD E. MONROE . . Third Year DONALD S. MOORE .... Third Year H. I-IARTYVELL PARKER, JR. Semml Year RICHARD H. PETERSON . . Thirzl Year JAMES M. POOLE ..... Third Year GEORGE V. PUSTER . . Thirfl Year LESLIE E. RABB ..... Semnrl Year C. EDYV.-XRD REEVES, JR. . . Thirrl Year EDDIE F. ROBERTS .... Third Year M. CHRISTIE ROLLINS . . . L Firsl Year H. QYVLLLIAM SCOATES, JR. . IX Third Year RYAN SEAWVRIGHT .... Second Year JOHN H. SHADBURN .... Second Year ASHLAND D. SHAW .... Second Year ROBERT A. SHELLEY . . . Firsl Year FRED O. SHIRLEY ..... 5 Firsl Year LEROY SMITH ...,.. Third Year MARY L. SMITH ...... Third Year BRISCOE C. SODERMAN . . . Third Year JAMES R. STYLES ..... First Year HAROLD I. THOMAS .... Third Year INESLEY L. THOMAS .... Third Year RICHARD H. TIMBERLAKE . A Third Year J. FRED TOLAND ..... First Year WILLIAM P. YVATKINS, JR. . Third Year CHARLES B. INEBSTER . . . Second Year . Lynch. Neb Talhol. Tenn l4'l0rcm'c. S. CI . Elhcrlon, Cla . Lafayeuc, La Emporia, Va. Winter Haven, Fla. . hllllCI1,C2l. . Egypt, Miss. . . Mcssick,Va. . Jcll'err'om'illc. ba. I-lartwell. Ga. I'IllI1lllIgl0l1, W. Yu. Fort Davis, Ala. Kingsport. Tenn. . Conley, Ga. . Fayellcville, Ga. . Fayeueville, Ga. . Shreveport. La. . Dawsonville. Ga. . Hernando, Fla. . . Canton, Ca. Virginia Beach, Va. . Prichard, Ala. Charlottesville, Ya. . Savannah, Ga. JOHN A. WHITE ....... Jacksonville, Fla. Third Year CLARENCE W. WHITLEY . . First Year ROBERT M. YVOFFORD . . . Second Year EUGENE R. YVOOLRIDGE, JR. First Year J. YVESLEY YOUNGBLOOD . . Third Year .EUGENE M. ZIMMERMAN . . . . LaGrange, Ga. . Inman, S. C. Roanoke, Va. Meaclville, Miss. . Ozona,. Fla. ff' Nw: ff , N., -N.. OC' 1 .gf ' M, f 4,-, ,! -eva...-ff RS ,, ,mf ky H , 1 ,. XXW win A , x CANDLER SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY 202 L E, 1, xl gyxuvb W WW E M d ffwww-. - .,..w1z--as r A . ,Q . ' ,ifwggyfx , ' 4 2 Y l E 'r I 1 i J 1 14 f , x N L, 'wwf DR. HOYVARD M. PHILIPS Dean ofthe Graduate School The Graduate School is the point at which any uni- versity grows in its fundamental role-the quest for truth and the training of students in the methods of this quest. From its beginnings in Atlanta, Emory University has accepted its duty to develop research instruction, not merely that we may have more scholars, but to unify and stimulate the wide range of the University's other services. Graduate instruction leading to the Master's Degree was begun in l9l9, and has continued until now. In addition, a program of study leading to a doctorate degree has been instituted, and is being rapidly advanced in all fields. EH!-Ill I-ITE SIIHUIIL Scene of the Candler Library. 2 GEO. A. ADROUNY . Aleppo, Syria JACK C. BACHRACH . Atlanta,Ca. History HELEN CHRISTIAN . Elberton,Ca. ROBERT COUCH Emory University, Ca. Theology ROBERT IV. DARLINC ' Emory University. Ga. Geology MILDRED V. DAVIS INIoundcvillc. Ala. Religious Education SAMUEL A. DAVIS . Riclnnond,Va. Librarianship L. N. DEAVER . . Tuscaloosa,Ala. Political Scienfc MARTHA -I. DERDEN Covington. Ca. Theology A. D. DRAPER. JR. . . Tan1pa,l la. Biology JAMES H. DUKES . . Decatur,Ca. Economics LOLA LI. FEATI-IERSTON Cherryvale. Kan. Religious Education JAMES GARLAND . Elkin,N.C. Education OSCAR A. GUINN, JR. . Danville. Va. Theology FREDDIE M. HACI-ITEL Atlanta, Ca. PAUL H. HANNA . . Decatur,Ga. Religious Education JORMA S. JARVINEN Helsinki, Finland Economics WM. M. JOHNSON . Scattle,Wash. Sociology WM. H. JONES . . Wheeling, W. Va. Economics ELIZABETH E. LEESON Mfest Carrollton, Ohio Theology ANNA C. MCCULLOUGH Columbia, S. C. Religious Education HENRY T. MALONE . Decatur, Ga. History I. RUTH MARTIN . . NorlfoIk,Va. journalism WM. J. MONAHAN . Savannah,Ga. Romance Languages 'i ,gn M.-XRYVIN J. NEUDICKER . Memphis, Tenn. Religious Education NEAL H. NEWSOM .... Columbus, Ga. Biology j. FRANK OGLETREE. JR. . West l'oint,Ga. Religious Education WALTER A. REES ..... Habana, Cuba Biology HARRY F. REINERT, JR. . Hot Springs,Ark. Philosophy LARRY J. RUBIN .... Miami Beach, Fla. Journalism STAFFORD SMITH . . . XfVestjefferson,N.C. journalism ROBERT F. SOERGEL .... ALlanta,Ga. Psychology FRED H. SPRINGER, jR.' XVILBUR THOMAS . . . Nashville,Tenn. Fine Arts ELMER O. THOMPSON . . Jonesboro, Tenn. Physics KARIN M. THORBECKE . . New York,N.Y. Philosophy JACQUELINE S. TILLER . . Lyons, Ga. ALVARO E. VILLANUEVA Panama City, Panarua BILLY R. WVICKLINE White Sulphur Sp1'ings,'W.Va. . Theology UN I-IAN YAP ..... Sumatra,lnclonesia Theology 206 2 E 3 S 2 E Z h!w1i1eisiz1o,11ifm,1am4zmszvi,,Mm2!145.2 11 meWxwaaV, '5QmwfmM4wwna2f17wm1mW4SefH4-svM:2fsA-www?wi-bLm44f?iw4.0.2,WwQ1 ifwz My , , li-sv A-'M'Jwsemww547-byWrzfweiw41Gia2':fQwMw1-VM:-L2-wi-:AMww:fNe-i:2?sz?1M'x'feszfwwmx-Isfxffm fi:-tix?-mi2:11v2 'w 'ffm:ft2'wm5?f ,Jw fwwi fsiiexzz' 'vw U 1 w'.w.f1 , 6 ' f' MTX V I ', ,, DEAN ADA FORT School of Nursing 9 ,, , The Faculty of the School olf Nursing. SIIHUIII. U13 NUH51 I1 The Emory University Hospital School of Nursing became a School in the Uni- versity in June, 1944. The first nurses to complete the four-year program at Emory University graduated in 1947. The first graduate registered nurse completed the degree program in the fall of 1946. Now, instead of the inadequate hous- ing facilities of 1905, we have lovely Harris Hall, the Harris. Hall Annex and temporary use of McTyeire Hall. In Harris Hall we have a handsome, four- story building designed in the style of the Italian Renaissance. A lovely, spacious living room, comfortably furnished and attractively decoratedg the Alberta Dozier Wlfilliarnson recreational libraryg the small sitting rooms and useful kitchen- ettes, and the telephones conveniently lo- cated give Harris Hall all the comforts of a well appointed home, Now instead of militarism and strict rules of seniority we have in our school a democratic organization, and in our student government a system that em- bodies liberality, fair mindedness, and cooperativeness. 208 VIRIA S. AGNER PATSY A. ATYVATER Madison, Florida Macon, Georgia x 'RANCES S. BONNER PATRICIA A. BROCATO tanding Rock, Alabama Emory University, Georgia BEVERLY BACON JOAN C. BENEDICT Tampa, Florida New Smyrna Beach, Florida Nurses bringing patients' records up-to-date. SARAH E. CASTLEMAN ZENA D. CATE JOANN E. CRAIG BETTY M. DAVIS Sylacauga, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Houston, Texas Orlando, Florida LOIS L. ECHOLS PATRICIA R. EIDSON ANN FLEETWOOD MARY C. FLOYD BETTY J. GALLOYVAY ANN DIXON GARNER Canal Point, Florida East Point, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Ft. Thomas, Kentucky Young Harris, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia l 209 T' mmm MARY A. I-TILL BETTY A. JOHNSON ROE F. JOHNSON CHARLOTTE W. JON Elmodel, Georgia LaGrange, Georgia Rome, Georg1a Gainesville, Georgia r , , ,I ,N ' l E fa. J fl , f Proud smiles reflecting achievement. LILLIAN N. LANG ROSEMARIE LEBLANC CLAUDIA J. LYNCH LEE A. MATHES C.-XRLENE A. McKlNNON MARILYN M. MALLA Dudley, Georgia Tifton, Georgia Decatur, Georgia Helena, Arkansas Oviedo, Florida Savannah, Georgia OROTHY E. MEGAHEE DORIS J. METZGER ANN OSTER NORA B. REED MARY P. ROGERS MONA SCARBOROUC Covington, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Thomson, Georgia Orangeburg, South Carolina Blakely, Georgia jacksonville, Florida 210 ,vi MTN ,.,A ,,f. Q1 -wry .mv EARA SCHALLER HAROLDYNE AI. SCOTT Okahumpka, Florida Asheville, North Carolina PAT VINSON LUCY M. lY.Xl.Kl'l' Miami, Florida Mclnlosli, lfloriclu SE l l oil ' s .1 l ., ,Wi l V, l l 3 is El l I r DORIS L. SE.-XY FRANCES M. SILAS 'Ill-XNNE STEINBRENNER JOAN D. SWICK Russellville, Alabama jacksonville, Florida .-Xtlanla, Georgia St. Peteisburg, Florida l'.X'l'SY Xl'IiliKS MRS. KI,-XRY H. YVII,I,I.-XMS NI.XR'Iil-IA A. YVILLIS BETTY YOUNG Lzikclzlml, lflorimlzi Blarvville, Tennessee .Xllanla, Georgia Sanford, Florida IUH5 Nurses show how everything must be sterilized. 211 UNIUHS KATHRYN F. BYRNE LILLIAN I. DAVIS Atlanta, Georgia Tallahassee, Florida ' LOIS C. HUGGINS MARTHA E. PULLIN Tampa, Florida Cleveland, Tennessee MARGARET A. DeBORD JOANNA FINNEY Brevard, North Carolina Ivauchula, Florida EUNICE A. WARD VIRGINIA S. YVILLIAMS Atlanta, Georgia V Atlanta, Georgia X ' ' ,'rr2..1t fi. 2 , I , Q 1: 3 5,3 rf1',:qf.g,': -- ' . . Q iv X 7 , 3 Nr fig XA New 1 SUSAN A. ALEXANDER GIVYNDOLYN CLINE MARY J. DuPAR PAULINE V EL ' Pompano Beach, Florida Bryson City, North Carolina Brunswick, Georgia Tampa, Floridzills CSI-xylllvtzillidialdtilxgs CAROLYN E. LAIVRENCE MARGARET A. LUMPKIN MIRIAM J. MQCABE SHIRLEY MONTG ' . Atlanta, Georgia Lake IfVorth, Florida Lakeland, Florida Bradenton, Flor?dIgERX AlI'1gl:1S1:iE BARBARA RUCKER MARIAN R. SEAMAN BARBARA J. SHREDER MARY F. SLEDD MARTHA C TOMPKINS Sanford, Florida Waycross, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Decatur, Georgia Blakely.Georgia 212 PREIILI III ILS I I A , . if 142234512 . 1. rg- ,.s1'-,QW f ,Cay . H I.-i-,vi INK 5 J DOROTHY J. ALLAN Atlanta, Georgia EUGENIA F. FLICKIN Greenwood, South Carolina SHIRLEY KIMBALL Atlanta, Georgia DOROTHY STEPHENSON Decatur, Georgia MARY J. cox 4 JO ANNE DAVIS Stone Mountain, Georgia Orlando, Florida HELEN H. GRAHAM PATRICIA A. HANAMAN NANCY JENKINS Jasper, Tennessee RAYANNE F. KING Tampa, Florida JOANN WALTER Hialeah, Florida Lakeland, Florida LOIS A. LERCH Clearwater, Florida ANNIE L. YVARD Eufaula, Alabama 213 Aliceville, Alabama SHIRLEY P. STEPHENSON Coral Gables, Florida EDITH H. YOUNG jacksonville, Florida SUPHUMUHE5 ,yX I' 'PA Nw vokvr .33 , .' A,- .V -'-'v , ,S ..,.. .. N 'XX M'iE:5'K .2.X .. X O 'C.Z...,.E:fx fj v , QFXQ H -Ii' - J E V I wi, ll JO ,ANN BARROXV Coolidge, Georgia JEAN COPELAND Spartanburg, South Carolina MARY W. DAVIS Albany, Georgia BETTY J. DIX Atlanta, Georgia ELLEN GREENSBROUGH New York, N. Y. JEANNINE HARALSON Langdale, Alabama JO ANN HARDEGREE Charlotte, North Carolina JODIE HORN LaGrange, Georgia JANE JOLLY Columbus, Georgia ALICE L. KEEL Atlanta, Georgia PATTE KNOTH Brevard, North Carolina PATRICIA A. MAGEE Signal Mountain, Tennessee MARGARET L. MAXYVELL Umatilla, Florida JOANNE R. MINER St. Petersburg, Florida JUDY A. MORRIS Tampa, Florida JOYCE MYERS Jacksonville, Florida LILLIAN J. REGISTER IfVaycross, Georgia NANCY SMATHERS Johnson City, Tennessee DOROTHY L. STEYVART Okeechobee, Florida MARTHA A. STEWART Rutledge, Georgia J, WALTER Emory University, Georgia NICII, BUIIC While Oak, Georgia IIILLIIC CI.EVIiI..-IND Bainbridge. Georgia VIRGINIA COLEMAN Moulgomery, Alabama JOAN G. CRABTRIQIQ Miami, Florida ISIYIWIRY R. DAVIS Sparta, Georgia MARTHA il, DEARISO Sylvester. Georgia BOBBIE I,. DEERINC Melbourne, I'.IOl'l!.iEl MARY C. DOWE Montgomery. Alabama SARA E. DRUM 1'orLsmouLh, Virginia JOAN FLEMMING Miami, I-'lorida MARIALICE FLUKER Darien. Connecticut NORMA GROSS Madison, Florida MARY H. HALL Whilwell, Tennessee META A. HAMBRICK Miami, Florida RUTH HEINRICH Tampa. Florida NIARIAN HENDERSON Lawrenceville, Georgia JAN ILEY Dunedin, Florida LEAH F. KEPLER Miami, Florida GERTRUDE KING Tampa, Florida GRETCHEN LEYDA Cocoa, Florida JUDITH L. MCKENNA Clemson, South Carolina MARY L. MANN East Point, Georgia BETTY JO MINSHEW Shannon, Georgia MIRIAM MITCHAM Durand, Georgia FRANCES A. MYHAND ' Chipley, Georgia DORA E. RIGGINS Coral Gables, Florida NANCY SHECHNER Newark, New jersey MORINE I. SLEETER Birmingham, Alabama FRANKIE- C. TUCKER Coral Gables, Florida FRANKIE WELLS Midville, Georgia NYDA WILLIAMS Tampa, Florida PATSY WOODSON LaGrange, Georgia zz..-r - e I ,gg Q . LI NX. , 5 .-.., , .... M., --V - I Ss v ,Ili .I Y l I' I , P fl J ,. Q in A r K 1 FRE in .v ., fl ff' 'EW 44: QP' V 4. . f 7 41,60 , 4? ,,. ,mia V, ,, - 2.21 4224?- Q 6 my 'Q 2 ,, E 215 VAN H BH!-llVl ELIZABETH A. CASPER SARA L. HARTLEY MADGE F. LACY MARGARET Griffin, Georgia Macon, Georgia Tampa, Florida Pascagoula, Mississippi Miss Mary Lee Taylor The Nursing School Faculty. Emma Wright, and Miss Evelyn Prescott .... Other members not piclured: Miss Ada Fort Miss Margaret Spears, Miss Eugenia Lee, and Mrs. Ruth Slentz. Front row, left to right: Misses julia Fraher, Mary Lee Taylor, Lillian McAlister, Elizabeth Mills, Marian Christopher, and Mrs. Lucy Palmer .... Bark row, left to right: Miss Ruth Henley, Mrs. Mabel Hamrick, Mrs. Gene Daniel, Miss Doris King, Miss Helen Gooclroc, Miss Mary y 13 V 1 We also gafhered 4l.. if .X 1 f x 5 'For gay social evenfs fsarcasm years ago we s'rar'I'ed a cheering secfion. Looks be-H'erH1an a ring mmwww,Mx,,,m,,,,,..N,,,.,,.,,N.,, F . ig? 'I FX .Hx 2 an 4, ,s-, ...Wi if Q Tzy L ,q,, . .,. K J 59- X 4. 4543 Q wx X Q, NA. X A QL . , gig F5 . if x .xv ff :A , k W ,S If ,. .. .2 X A W s , R 3 4 R , 1 W A v 7 , X X AE' Q ,. ' , 37? M?.f:,z'f,Q..K .Q -ef if X E I I 41,4 jfylv f MY . ,,.,. PM L . 4 jx A k 2 ' -. - 4:3112 in 9f'.iff'g if gr., f Af.. g52jff.wv,.1,1'g,:Q. -A 2 5 'f ffff. f f j,f:hj1 ' .X w.!g4,f',fe .M .R V 5: f sw.. .Egg 3643? I . , K Z im.. L A- py,.:.. 14 11 5, -gif .L .,., A 1. .... Q-5,2 . V H W- 453.5 . H ':-1, - . 'SES ts:-'-: 1 :rgglgsg 35513 4 . ',1-lfafqfualv Q -1 ,115 .1 ' 52,- .. X 2 wg-.. ,ki , KN . X xxx - ! f .Nh ,. 5 -' - ., 1525 Wim' . ra ...fi I .X- X E DR. R. HUGH WOOD Dean of School of Medicine SIIHUUI. UP Elllll July first will find most of the new Emory M.D.'s members of the 1952 class, far away from the Graclys -beginning their internships in hos- pitals all over the nation. The combination of Emory's young enthusiastic medical faculty and the extensive clinical experience afforded by ob- servation and treatment of the wide variety of diseases presented by residents of a metropolis such as Atlanta have given these young physicians a medical education unsurpassed in the nation. Under the direction of Dean Wood, Emory's Medical School s-tands on the threshold of be- coming the medical center of the south as well as one of the leading medical educational centers of the country. The Anatomy Building, viewed from across the Medical School quadrangle. 1f.sPlVwi1f,CWB'bM5Jmi9? 4 .r l Msfl' 1 .LQ ' 7. 5? Ri , '. t C, Q, . Q 5 X I -- sap , . , 4 . 'S N :if ' , Aasmllx A X' l IL: .V ' , I ' 21352523 if 5'2- ' .1 1 af-Sf . X W, -,-..-. .. . rt - I f ' :S E I g 1 ss? . - Q . N v , N JAMES R. AMERSON Pensacola, Florida Theta Kappa Psig Lambda Chi Alphag Alpha Epsilon Delta CHARLES M. BERRY St. Simons Island, Georgia Kappa Alpha, Theta Kappa Psi LITELL S. BAIRD Atlanta, Georgia SAE: Phi Chi CHARLES BARRINEAU Cairo, Georgia Sigma Chi: Phi Chi CHARLES H. BURKE Jacksonville, Florida Theta Kappa Psi JACK NV. BISHOP jackson, Mississippi Phi Chi STEVAN M. CARROLL GAYLORD CHURCH ROBERT P. CUNNINGHAM Atlanta, Georgia Clearwater, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Tau Omegag Theta Kappa Psi Chi Phi, Phi Chi Theta Kappa Psi 221 it ,r., ,. i DAVID P. BAUER Atlanta, Georgia Theta Kappa Psig Alpha Omega Alpha LLOYD L. BURNS Valdosta, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi SE IUHS JOSEPH R. BENSON Turtsboro, Alabama Theta Kappa Psi WILLIAM MCC. BYRD West Palm Beach, Florida Alpha Tau Omegag Phi Chi A Lab in Anatomy. x rs? 1 CHARLES W. DAVIDSON IVILLIAM H. DOBBS, JR. WILLIAM L, EUBANKS IRA A. FERGUSON, JR. JOHN T. GALAMBOS Decatur, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Chi Phi, Phi Chi, Theta Kappa Psi Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Omega Alpha Alpha Omega Alpha Vice President, Alpha Omega Alpha CLYDE H. GUNN, JR. LEON C. HAMRICK J. TRIMBLE JOHNSON R. P. KENDALL, JR. RICHARD LANGSTON Gulfport, Mississippi Jasper, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Macon, Georgia St. Augustine, Florida Theta Kappa Psi Chi Phi Treasurer, Senior Class Phi Chi The operation and efliect of it on a dog. SE IUHS JAMES JV. JR.. YVILLIAM D. LOGAN, JR. YVALLACE N. MCLEOD EIUQTY UU1VC1'S1lY, Gt-QOrg1a Carthage, Mississippi Emory University, Georgia Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi Phi Chi: Kappa Sigma, Beta Kappa Alpha Beta Beta, Pi Kappa Delta, . Blue Key 222 lr ALLEN G. MACRIS Atlanta, Georgia Phi Chi NOAH D. MEADOWS, -IR. N Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Chi, Phi Chi, Phi Beta Kappag Omicron Delta Kappa: Alpha Epsilon Upsi- lon: Eta Sigma Psi: Presi- dent, Senior Class of 1952. GERALD M. PRICE Brevard, North Carolina BILL MARSHALL ROBIQRT M. MARTIN, JR. Atlanta. Georgia Madison, Alabama Phi Chi fi 'wwf flew, . , The operation of a pipette. SE IUH5 PAU1, li. MINK l5lCRNlCl'1 XV. MOORE, JR. Belmont, Mississippi Atlanta, Georgia Phi Chip Vice President Sen- Phi Chi ior Class of 1952 WAL'I'ON H. R1iliYLlS 1.01125 lV. REYNOLDS Atlanta, Georgia Greensboro, Georgia Theta Kappa Psig Alpha Phi Chi Omega Alpha GARLAND D. PERDUE, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Delta Tau Delta, Phi Chi Phi Sigma: Phi Beta Kappa Alpha Omega Alpha XVILSON C. RIPPY, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Delta Tau Delta: Theta Kappa Psi DANIICI, C. PLUNKET Chattanooga, Tennessee Delta Tan Delta, Phi Chi H. L. ROGERS, JR. Decatur, Georgia Phi Chi 223 Two Med students hard at Work in lab. CHARLES C. STEWART Buchanan, Georgia Theta Kappa Psig Phi Beta Kappa EDGAR A. VAUGHAN Emory University, Georgia Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi SE RAMON C. THOMPSON Decatur, Georgia Phi Chi, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Phi Beta Kappa EARL E. WALKER, JR. Brunswick, Georgia SAE3 Theta Kappa Psi THOMAS P. SCOTT, JR. VVALTER H. SHEHEE CHENEY C. SIGMAN, JR. Whitmire, South Carolina Atlanta, Georgia Emory University, Georgia Phi Beta Kappa Theta Kappa Psi Theta Kappa Psi, Campus Club IUH L. NEWTON TURK Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa JOHN A. WVARD Atlanta, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, Alpha Omega Alpha 224 PHILIP K. TURNIPSEED CHAS. R. UNDERWOOD Traveler's Rest, S. C. Russellville, Alabama Alpha Omega Alphag Sigma Chi, Phi Chi CHARLES B. WVATKINS JEFFERSON E. YVHITE, JR. Ball Ground, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi Theta Kappa Psi, Alpha Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha FRANK L. YVILSON, JR. AIOI-IN T. YQXUCDER JULIAN R. YOUMANS Allzmla. Georgia Thomson, Georgia Baxlcy, Georgia SAE: Phi Chi Sigma Chi: Phi Chi: lila Phi Chi Sigma Psi lv Precision lab work SE IUH5 'g?x.x,,g,f,.m:4 , . . JI? HC? Q ff? A gfoup checking on an experiment. 225 UNIUHS YVILLIAM C. ARXVOOD Moultrie, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, Phi Beta Kappa ARTHUR C. BEALL Emory University, Georgia Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Theta Psi, ODK NEIL D. BOGGESS Dalton, Georgia ROBERT T.. OAIN Atlanta, Georgia Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Kappa Kappa ROBERT S. CAUSEY Smyrna, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, Alpha Ep- silon Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa EUGENIO DE JUAN Santuree, Puerto Rico Phi Chi, Phi Sigma HANS G. ENGEL Emory University, Georgia Phi Chi IVILLIAM J. GOUDELOCK Cateechee, South Carolina Alpha Kappa Kappa RAYMOND C. HALEY Orlando, Florida Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Kappa Psi HAROLD B. JACKSON Suffolk, Virginia EDYVARD F. KISZKA Carlisle, Mlest Virginia Theta Kappa Psi ALONZO M. KNIGHT Jackson, Mississippi Kappa Sigma, Theta Kappa Psi JAMES F. LANGFORD Pavo, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, Alpha Ep- silon Upsilon, Phi Sigma TOM YV. LELAND Emory University, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi INALTER K. LONG Itta Bena, Mississippi Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Baptist Student Union, Christian Medicine Society MURRAY LUMPKIN Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi, Phi Beta Kappa JAMES M. MAJOR Anderson, South Carolina Theta Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Theta, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon THOMAS H. MCMILLAN Dalton, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi FANNING C. MILES Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa MALCOLM E. NOEL Atlanta, Georgia Phi Chi UNIUH5 MARION I-I. RICE Emory University, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, Alpha Ep- silon Upsilong Phi Beta Kappag ODK GEORGE XV. SELBY Tampa, Florida Theta Kappa Psi YVILLIAIVI A. SIYIITH Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Nug Phi Chi BENJAMIN SAFFAN Miami Beach, Florida Phi Delta Epsilon: Phi Bela Kappa . MERTON A. Sl-IURE Atlanta, Georgia Phi Delta Epsilon JEAN S. STATON Atlanta, Georgia Chi Beta Phig Sigma Xi YVILLIAM M. TAYLOR Atlanta, Georgia 'Sigma Nug Theta Kappa Psi: Vice President of Theta Kappa Psi Med Fraternity. JAMES C. TOOLE Augusta, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi: Secretary- Treasurer Junior Class Med Class, '53 J. YV. TREFFELMEYER North Augusta, S. C. EDVVARD J. WVAITS Atlanta, Georgia Phi Chig Chi Phi, ODK C. J. WALKER Albertville, Alabama Alpha Kappa Kappa RICHARD H. VVALKER Germantown, Tennessee Pi Kappa Alphag Theta Kappa Psi: Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Phi Beta Kappa what ,Yi ,X ff '33 2' Q' ii P' ?- . , , A . ..t....- ' '-TVT A Y 213:-i.,.lg - . A f,jg.,,. I .?,a4m-Lt Jef' ' 2 ml 'A Y 'r i A l A front View of the Emory University Hospital 2 EHIIIAL SUPHU IJHES CHARLES P. ADAMS THOMAS C. DICKINSON IV. STANLEY LANFORD K. A. QUARTERMAN Emory University, Georgia L. E. BORG Atlanta, Georgia JOE L. BUSSEY Timpson, Texas JOHN CAUBLE Clarkdale, Georgia YVILLIAM A. COX Emory University, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Decatur, Georgia THOMAS YV. GILMORE WILLIAM D. MOODY ALFRED G. SMITH Sandersville, Georgia Crystal Beach, Florida I'Vaucl1ula, Florida GEORGE GOZA, JR. Atlanta, Georgia KEITH E. HAMMON Louisville, Kentucky JOHN s. JORDAN, JR. Birmingliain, Alabama 228 HARVEY MORGAN THOMAS H. SMITH, JR. Valdosta, Georgia J. S. TURNER, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia ADRIAN Q. POLLOCK Fort Myers, Florida EDWIN C. POUND, JR. SAUL VITNER Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia M-. 5 K ,y Q1 'fe FHESHME JOI-IN I-I. BASKIN, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Chi EDWYN T. BOWEN Decatur, Georgia Phi Delta Theta WM. C. COOPER, JR. Birmingham, Alabama Phi Beta Kappa, Omitzron Delta Kappa EDWIN D. CRANE, III Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa ROBERT E. DELGADO' Miami, Florida Sigma Pig Theta Kappa Psi RAY E. DELLINGER Atlanta, Georgia Phi Chi JAMES B. DUNAWAY Orrville, Alabama Phi Delta Thetag Theta Kappa Psi LAWRENCE L. FREEMAN Atlanta, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon JOSEPH H. GASTON Columbus, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa ALBERT J. GEIGER, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa, Sigma Xi TOM A. GIBSON Huntsville, Alabama Theta Kappa Psi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon JOHN B. HAMPTON Tampa, Florida Phi Delta Theta: Phi Chi ROBERT W. HUBBELL Decatur, Georgia Phi Chi GEORGE T. KALTON Jacksonville, Florida Phi Beta Kappa FRANK D. KILGO Atlanta, Georgia Phi Chi, Phi Sigma JOHN G. LEONARDY Coral Gables, Florida Sigma Chi, Phi Chi HARVEY E. MERLIN Atlanta, Georgia Theta Epsilon Phig Alpha Epsilon Upsilong Phi Beta Kappa BYRON D. MINOR Atlanta, Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha: Theta Kappa Psig Alpha Epsilon Upsilon JAMES R. NEILL Coral Gables, Florida Alpha Chi Alpha: Phi Chi HAROLD S. NELSON Miami, Florida FHESHME JAMES M. PERKINS Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa JAMES PORTER, JR. Olrlando, Florida Sigma Chig Phi Chi DONALD R. ROO'NEY Cliffside Park, New Jersey PhI'Chi ERNST M. RUDER Clearwater, Florida Phi Delta Thetag Phi Chi FRANK C. SCHWAIBE, JR. Jacksonville, Florida LEE M. STAPP Miami, Florida Alpha Kappa Kappa HARRY H. STONE Decatur, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa F. WM. SUNDERMAN, JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Pi Sigma THOS. L. TIDMORE, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi, Phi Sigma FRITZ THOMPSON Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Chig Phi Chi GERALD E. WADSWORTH Tampa, Florida Sigma Alpha Epsilong Phi Beta Kappa GEORGE L. WALLACE, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Kappa T. E. WHITESIDES, JR. Birmingham, Alabama Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Kappa Kappag Sigma Pi Sigma E. H. WILLIAMS, JR. Jacksonville, Florida Theta Kappa Psi HOMER P. WOOD Roanoke, Alabama Theta Kappa Psig Delta Tau Delta, Phi Beta Kappa MORGAN D. WYNNE, JR. Griiiin, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa, Alpha Tau Omega i Llmwiwi-..d Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded at Dart- mouth Medical School in Hanover, New Hamp- shire, in 1888. There are now forty-live active chapters in the United States and Canada. Alpha Tau chapter was established at Emory Medical School in l9l4. The fraternity publishes The Centaur on a quarterly scheduleg the colors of the fraternity are Dartmouth green and white. GFFICERS FANNING NIILES ..... . . President CARLOS SAIS-DANOIS . . Vice President PAUL SEAVEY . . . . . . Secretary CHARLES CORLEY . . Treasurer Eddy Burns Robert Cain Grady Campbell Charles' Corley Edwin Crane Robert Crawford Prentiss Finlay Edward Garrett Harper Gaston Albert Geiger Bill Goudelock Lanier Jones john King Walter Long Ellis McClelland Fred McCuiston Preston Miller Fanning Miles James Moran Morris Perkins Ernest Proctor john R. Richardson Carlos Sais-Danois Paul Seavey Lee Stapp Ted Staton Harlon Stone Bill Sunderman Charles Thomas Launey Thomas Theo Tsagaris John Turner Charles Upshaw Christopher Walker George Wallace Franklin Watkins Clarke Weeks Tom Whitesides Roy Wiggins Morgan Wynne Rover boys. I-XLPHI-l Ii Party at the house. ' C im CRANE STAPP Srou E PP PP .'3W- . :R f uw' GASTON GEIGER Goum:r.ocR LONG SUNDERMAN TURNER W ALKER X'VAI,LACE The clrmmirile. 1 '1'Csi dem XI' V - 1 Iles IS honored. NIILES X-V1-11'1'1ssIDns PERKINS YVYNNI2 ' P, , ,N-,E fp, : ,-1 M- .W-1.-.:y.::2..-::: ,. ..., I . , x x N f:,4-,s:fv'L1- -- ' R . 'V ,X '-1 'mm 4 . 2 ,nf 1 .- .M- -Wiyi' fa? +4 .., ,-Wmffwfw 5:2 V R M R W 1. if Mr - f fx , 5 ? ix fff f a A Q X041 5' ., N A X 4, , A M f f f K 6 ., .,.,. P . s R J. , ., X-i f .ff R ' -N f fi f , , 1 y X, Z4 f V2 ff ff ,ff f W Y ,ff f A fi, 7 1 'X 4 4 ff R iq fl Af .4 3 in ,. f M11 251 f x Nb A M R Y Rs W iv Jv 445 G' 939 , K 3 7, 1 . n ' f' - f ?7zf ' 'ilfeff ' M 11 jz, 44 Q ' f . -:Q ' KX E' PHI EH Sigma of Phi Chi was founded on February 20, 1905, and now has eighty- nine active members. The Founders Day Banquet at Druid Hills Country Club on February 29 was its usual gurgling success. The Alumni have been busy of late in their current project devoted to raising a building fund for a new and better chapter house, which if all goes as planned, will be built on Emory's new professional Fraternity Row. Dr. Alton V. Hallum is heading this energetic group and thus far has done a truly Herculean -job. HARRISON ROGERS WILLIAM HUGER DAVIS BOLING . jon Bussav . Bill Ainsworth Ken Carlson Wm. Chambless Ray Dellenger Dick Giblin John Hampton Bob Hubbell Charles Adams Warren Bickerstaff john Boggess Davis Boling Coleman Brown joe Bussey Leon Carter Tommy Dickinson Tommy Gilmore Arthur Beall Tommy Buttram Gene de Juan Hans Engle George Erwin Max Hall Tim Harden Dave Hubbard Dale Addington Litell Baird Charles Barrineau jack Bishop Bill Byrd Robert Cunningham VVarren Davidson Bill Eubanks john Fletcher Bob Gilbert John Hills Royce Hobby Dick Langston OFFICERS Freslzmerz Baker Hull Frank Kilgo john Leonardy Marvous Mostellar jib Neill A Gid Parrish Jim Porter Sophonzores Keath Hammon john jordan Bob Kirkland Stanley Lanford Bill Mitchell Dean Moody Bill Owen john Pitchford juniors Chuck Hugan Billy Huger Conway Hunter Murray Lumpkin Dick Margeson Malcolm Noel Gary Palmer Mark Pentecost Seniors jim Lea Doug Logan Allen Macris Bob Martin Wallace McLeod N. D. Meadows Patil Link Buck Moore l'hil Paty Garland Perdue Dan Plunkett james Reynolds . . . President . Vice President . . Secretary . Treastmser Keith Quarterman Don Rooney Ernst Ruder Fritz Thompson Tom Tidmore Gerald Mladsworth Bob Williford Adrian Pollock Ed Pound john Ramsey Henry Randall Al Smith Tom Smith Coleman Taylor Carrol Traylor Hal X'Villiamson Frank Schley Sid Sellers Bill Smith Doug Smith Doyle Soloman Ed Waits Charles VVel1s Angler Wills Frank Robbins Harrison Rogers Hugh Thompson Jim Thompson Ray Thompson john Trotter Newton Turk Charles Underwood Ed Vaughan Bill White Frank Wilson john Yauger Julian Youmans D urs BAIRD BARRINEAU BEALL Bisi-Iov Busssv BYRD u nmsox ni: JUAN DELLINGER Dickinson ENGEL RUBANKS GILMORIE W48.!! WB B2'W5ilM'?X'A RRY' HAxu roN I,1m1'klN Nmu. Romans Tunic 1-IUlxmiI.I. Mfxczms Nom, Rl'l3IQll I' N lllilUA'OOll JORUAN MMU IX l'lcImul-1 A. CL. SXIITII V.-XUQLIIAN 6 f Eff '-K Ku.r.o Mc:I.l4on l'l.l'NKI'I'l' 'I'. H.Sxl11'll WAnsvx'oR'rl l 6... ' s I .AN lfokn All-UXDOVVS l'0l.I.oc:K W. A. Su l'l'll XVAITS , - :QE S. ., Q N l,.m M INK POILTIQIL I . WIQIIOMPS W II.SON fa ag I,EoNA1znv Moomf POUND R. C. THOMPSON YAUCER Loczfxx Moorzn REYNOLD TIDMORE YOUMA Theta Kappa Psi, the oldest national medical fraternity, was founded in 1879 at New Haven, Connecticut. The fraternity has both collegiate and graduate chapters in Class A medical schools throughout the U. S. and Canada. The fraternity is a member of the Professional Interfraternity Council. The Emory, or Rho, Chapter was organized in l908 at Atlanta Medical College, but was as- similated as the Emory chapter in l923. Outstanding achievements of the year include the founding of a fraternity newspaper, the only one of its kind in Emory's medical school, a sports program which produced winning teams, and the establishment of the Lower Memorial Library of Medical Books. Seven of the eleven new members in Alpha Omega Alpha are Thetas, and the chapter elected Dr. Anthony Martin, Rho '35 as the Atlanta Alumnus of the year. My mother loves mc. OFFICERS THoMAs A. ENoi.1z BEALER T. Rooms C. LEON B'lCGAHEE JOHN XM. ANDREYVS -I. Richard Amerson john XV. Andrews X'Vi1liam C. Arwood David P. Bauer joseph Benson C. Markam Berry H. Duane Blair james E. Bleckley Ralph Bodfish Argin A. Boggus Charles Burke Lloyd L. Burns S. C. Carroll jack A. Cauble Robert S. Causey Gaylord Church Floyd R. Cooper Mlilliam C. Cooper William A. Cox Robert Delgado Ronald Dew Edzell Dickerson Tlieodore'Dippy Xvilliam Dobbs james B. Dunaway Thomas A. Engle Frank Fazio F. Craig Fisher Lawrance Freeman Richerd E. George Clyde E. Gibson Thomas A. Gibson Henry S. Girardeau George M. Goza Richard S. Gray Wlinter Griflith Drank H. Gruber Ray C. Haley Leon Hamrick XfVilliam H. Harrison Augustus B. jones, III George M. Katibah William E. Kilgore Edward Kiszka A. M. Knight james Langford Yfililliam H. Lee . . .Pvytan . Vice P1yta11 . . Buvsao . Recoidei Thomas Leland Leon McGahee George McLean Harold L. McLendon Thomas McMillan Charles C. Mabry james Major Bill J. Marshall john Mitchell David L. Morgan Harvey V. Morgan Emory Ol. Newton Townsend Pennington N. S. Petkas Harrison Reeves M. Hobson Rice H. Dale Richardson jack Rippy Bealer T. Rogers joseph Ross john E. Saade Carl Schleifer Harold Schulman Frank C. Schwalb lfValter Sheehee George Selby Cheney C. Sigman Ernest L. Smith Warren Y. Smith Charles Stewart Stratton R. Story YV. S. Stribling, IH Mfilliam Taylor Zeke Terezakis Cecil Toole James YV. Turpin John A. YfVard Dick 'Walker Earl J. YValker Charles YV atkins Walter Wveigel Earl White Edward X1Villiams Homer F. YVOod F. VV. YVouters C. K. Yvright Our own music makers. . bf' . E , -- 3' , EFX fix ii i , 3 ' ? ' if 6- we 5 A f nzz' QX. 1, T M y fu I ' , X Y Fl 4. X, gf fr , AQ .:-ki 5 , X 4. N G y lv 1 Y X N Y if ' . ' ' ,fy A, -Q- .x , , N V. 51 1:11 'X 4 ' T 4:1-ff' - SER' - . Y 1. - 2:5 4 wi Q 9, fy ' Aw - 1 ' 1 Y ' H 3? YN ' fi. ::::..m,f gf-L. .11-W fx if J. X J 'Y 1 1 f BN Q5 f XV! 2 I Q4 , V X! M A xl , Y X , f s G , A -M Q x 2 M GN 5 , 5 gxx ix f K f 2 Q X ez Q19 A P V P 074 as A , sg 4 -V 5 f fl 5 l Q f i. .my W., F 4 sfxw- Av fem 53' YB UQ: I if , if Qi r 1 2- 'x A ,.... I 5137? ,y . , .,, , ,, , vi' - 'I V .,.. , .,,,. X Wt? , ' Ns .iw 'WS ' ' f w fr Zi ' K s 4 ff Ee 1 xv , n f X ' f' 2 2' ffwzf 551 15: - 425 :SX4-MN x ,N VA lg 311, F 4 -, I TILQ, 3 ,, x . A I2 ' 2 4,3153 V , V53 y. wif 'Wa' N ' 7 Zo X 4- fl -, Q, 2 X Qc Q' f A if , .gl :ff Q 1 fl Q ' C' 93' n A xl Xvgfl x ' 1. ,- iv ? 'WL 'Z is Z E' vi- ALPH Eli LPH OFFICERS FAIRFAX BIONTAGUE ....... President GARLAND PERDUL: . . Secretary-Treasiuei' JOHN GALAMBOS . . Publicity Chairman IRA FERGUSON . . Social Chairman MEMBERS William Arwood David Bauer Charles Davidson Ira Ferguson John Galainbos Harvey Garrett Henry Grillith Royce Hobby Fairfax Montague Garland Perdue Ivalton Reeves Charles Underwood John YVard YValter Wleigel Jefferson X'Vhite Alpha Omega Alpha, highest honorary med- ical society, was instituted on the Emory campus in 19110. It replaced the twenty-one year old Asklepios, local honor society at Emory. The society was organized at the College of Medicine in the University of Illinois, Chicago, on August 25, 1902. The meetings of AOA are devoted to the presentation and discussion of clinical cases and scientihc papers. Public ad- dresses are given by distinguished physicians under chapter auspices. Membership in AOA is based upon the candi- clate's scholarship and moral qualifications. Its aims are the attainment of a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high at- tainment in medical science in practice and re- lated fields. ARwoon BAUER DAVIDSON FERGUSON GALAMBOS PERDUI3 Rnmviss UNDERV'0OD YVARD W nrria 238 5 xg Q U 'n vim . xv A W SY r w A sa? x 6 XQ- ,N ,HM , K' 3- Q .rf .3 Q ,Ju v X .55 41399 S 51 ..-MP ........,,,.,.,.Wm.-,W X xmQniv f:fxm:'f t . if Tx X ,. fn. fffsffsu- WV hwwivhfvfww gy Q ww 'I x ' mf fl iq A V 'xx , y-1. I N I 'fb me K .K rf - 4 r ,gf W7 . A s V 6 as n ' V - m.w . WW, We-. XY , 'Hs QQ ,, . Q-:wx is Saga W1- .. . , 4,,. ., , , , . .42 Q mv .+. ' FW aw 4 ,Z M, ,, 'W M4 we , , 'Wt f NM W , 'OV' I , X 'ZZZW , 'ff' I V... ' 4 Qf,Zf'i,, 'fi V, 'Z K , W K gf! -yfvfa, V '5 w K W fy .fz 2i. f,. L I Q fn In . ,.,,. .. we , V 1 W 1 . ' ' -4Z,.., 5 Z w f 5 ' Af 1 A l 1 4 5? 'E - Q: .7 Q ', v,. ' ' ,ai 9 45 f h W ' V' 9 'iv 'Q , ,,,.1ff41 h . .1 ,I 9 ,f 4 -f ling 11 ' P 7 xxx xx I 1 W MW 1 4 ...I Y Q 1 'f C . 5, . e ff? K 'W 11 W , Q75 I 5? x N 2 , ,W Ng-M g , J -'M' Z K K .Q Q, , N 1. M, ag , wk A. , ,gf I ' W ...MSA -QQ: n - xx? y 'G WV, 155, 1 f -f' My ff V , LK L J Aa LX . Hg V 55 . ' 0 , W . . a ' wx ' 'YR Q ' . ' 3 , .fm-y1,,f,. V, Y' I ' J' 1,1442 ' V, V X , ' w , ,..r.'- ff . , x x X f , -, ' -- ' 1 , I W' 'X 'Iv ' 4 . .3 if , ,, fr' ,wwf 'La fl , 'W ' , W M AJ x , .. s' R Sl: nl uf llanti tr Emory University School of Dentistry-the outgrowth of three dental colleges-has been serving the South since the inception of the Southern Dental College sixty-live years ago. Today it is one of the leading schools of dentistry in the nation. ln 1917 the Southern and Atlanta L. BERRY BROWN, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Superintcnflent of Dental Clinics JOHN E. BUHLER, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Dean of the School of Dentistry Dental Colleges merged to form the Atlanta-Southern Dental College and in 1944- it became the Emory Uni- versity School of Dentistry. Since September 1, 1911-8, Dr. John E. Buhler and his staff have been successfully guiding the School of Den- tistry in educating and training the South's leading dentists. Dr. L. B. Brown assumed duties as Superintend- ent of the Dental Clinics and under his guidance enlarge- ment, advancement, improvement in equipment and de- velopment of one of the nation's nnest dental clinics has been achieved. During the year 1949-50 most of the gross changes in the dental school were begun and it has not been until this past year that the completion as well as realizement of value of these changes has taken place. Many of the last stages of building have been completed with the new post- graduate seminar room, the Audio-visual aids department ollices and laboratory, new faculty lounge and so on ad infrnitum. Even yet there are still further plans for more improvements being made by the dean and his staff. As the days pass into weeks and the weeks into years, prog- ress is evident with the cooperation, enthusiasm and desire to attain a goal in dental education. Student Eli pier American Dental Assnciatinn The Student American Dental Association is a special branch of the American Dental Association for students enrolled in accredited schools of dentistry. Under the pro- visions of this membership, students are invited to attend meetings of dental societies, receive the Journal of the American Dental Association, and are encouraged to establish chapters in their schools to further their profes- sional training and to develop their understanding of the scope of dentistry in improving the health of the nation. This year ninety-eight per cent of the Dental Schoolls entire enrollment holds membership in the Emory Chap- ter. The chapter holds regular meetings throughout the f.. ,.-,lsxl!li Standing: Dick Hunter, Secretaryg John Wallace, Presi- dentg Ben Samuels, Vice President .... Seated: Jim Bird, Treasurer. school year, and is privileged to hear local speakers as well as those of national reputation. By conducting their own organization during their school years, students are better prepared to assume their places both in the pro- fession and in society. The student chapter sponsors the annual Student Clinic. The aim of the clinic is to develop an understanding of the procedure in presenting a dental clinic and to present to the students subjects of interesting and practical nature, The pictures below show a few of the clinics presented at the student clinic. kg qw X 'E TOM BRALY President GLINT BENTLEY Vice President , I' fa ff: gt H-. X gk . -fit., 43:1 K , -X.. H. SASSER WATSON Secretary LEE DEMPSEY Treasurer ll TQ The Class of '52 began its four-year journey September 23 1948. Its members halled from colleges all ox er the east and ma1nly the southeast but as far dlstant as Geneva Swrtzerland Wlth deletlons and addltlons from 1tS ranks the seventy SIX men and one lady recelved thelr coveted Doctor of Dental Surgery degree on the nlght of June 6 1952 The four years have been Hlled wlth hard work dlllgent study many Cl1I11C3l and laboratory hours, and of course a share of partles softball and student aCt1V1t1CS The class par- t1C1p3tCd 1n student CIIIHCS Publlc Health surx ey act1v1t1es and other fields. Many of IIS 1nembers brought recognlzatlon both to the school and to the class through thelr leadershlp and partlclpatlon ln the sc1ent1f1c as well as the student act1v1ty groups MISS ALLENE KETCHAM Sponsor 242 Jilia Y WEB' fix- L A xv 'K ? Q ma 2 N xx - iw X . at ex l i X 3 x Q . ie .1 i t N. 1 X 1 1. f 5 1 NN wif N x .Q Q X THAD L. ANDREWS Magnolia, Mississippi Xi Psi Phig Sigma Nug Stu- dent Council. S i . - 'gl - 1 . !-:SN ' .K .5 . - -:fr - WILLIAM K. BAYS Hazard, Kentucky Student ADA. W. BENTLEY ROBERT M. ARNOLD ROBERT E. ASHMORE Atlanta, Georgia Crawfordville, Florida Psi Omegag Student ADA. Psi Omegag Student ADA. ruin? 1 p 1 ml Pfllfi' q.' ': Q ixnq, A- -1 f--'Aria ' P. -5 , 1 WALTER J. BEESLEY Foley, Alabama Student ADA. JOHN D. BIGBIE Pores North Carolina Coleman, Georgia Psi Omegag Vice President President Xi Psi Phig Alpha Senior Classg Student ADA. Epsilon Upsilong Student ADA. ROBERT H. BENFIELD Mooresville, North Carolina Psi Omegag President Dental School Student Governmentg President Junior Class. FRANK M. BASS JR. Atlanta, Georgia Psi Omegag Student ADA. LAURENCE R. BENNETT Jesup, Georgia Xi Psi Phig Student ADA. TTJAMES H. BIRD Lakeland, Florida Delta Sigma Deltag Beta Theta Pig Treasurer Student ADA. Party boys Dunn and Halliwell f 1 , 4. .Wg 45. ,.. 1 15,111 11.1. 1 if 1 :fum-14 wiwsci 'ffm-1 was 1-f Eff! 1 f e 1 f1f:'zf'.-'wifvp f.a172x:'D1?m W.-11a12?1sy',gf? ' 11 1 1 sw AMW-fl 11'5f?z'I'1Mt1 -6 - f' - 1 11, 1 1 . 11 14' ILE 'w1.14. 1,,.Si:I .Ls-'r J ?Y.sx 'f5f1w1C1f41 wx ' 'Xi ' ,af 1 1 12' A 5 HJ? .111 13, I 1 .1 .111 ., .1....1.1,.1.J . . 1yMa.f.- .. 1. ., 19 N511-1 - lfQ14.eQ -1 11 1 1 it '1 f . 1 E111 111 1 Qtaa,2g...,7.:. f . H it ,-:,1- .. 1.111 ' ., 11: 11 'if 151511 1,gu45s1Z7fW,. -,fs 1 Q- .111 4.1.1 Xf,'Q 'W 15 Sai, X Q1 QQ Xiifsv Q MW www f KK is Ngxgv N Ke L?5 ie , 3 ' XQgw.as?,V 1. .ew 4.11 y:HzL'5,Q 1. 1 .M 11, 3 f.. . 2.ff'Q1E1,.'Ral 2.12 , 'fix-fw ' 1 1 my .11, ,Ay 11- 3 , 15.1, 1 1 . f, 1. .. .1 12.15. ,mf exp 1 1 THOMAS E. BRALY, JR. JAMES P. BLACK Chattanooga, Tennessee Cornelia, Georgia Student ADA. Psi Omegag Sigma Chig Editor Dental Section of Campusg Wres- tling Teamg Student Councilg President Senior Classg Omicron Delta Kappa. , 1, .1 .11 1 ' -' ' !11'I1- Il ,V X . ..1i9J 1x1-1.161-112.1 .1 1 1 1 ERNEST R. BURISS, JR. Jacksonville, Florida EDWARD RAY BURNS Aberdeen, North Carolina Xi Psi Phig Sigma Nug Student President Xi Psi Phig Campus Council. Staff g Interfraternity Council. sa:-1... 1.1:1-.1.a1sZ,,- 11 .ici J J' 5 1 - ' 1 1 V E , wi .VJ ii ii JAMES H. CLARK COMMODORE V. COLLINS Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Delta Sigma Deltag Student ADA. Delta Sigma Deltag Student ADA. 1 -1..,.....-111...1M..1 51 'i 'J1 111 W , 511 S, 4 1 4 3546333 ,1 - 1 1' 1 11,1111 -A J V ' LZVQS7 21'f',l I'31 al .113 1 is . :f A 1 1:-IZ-4x 1' .mm ygpw. 1 11 :H 1 6 . Qffffif 111 1 . '1 1 gf, ,.,r.,,,,,, ,N2..W,..,,.,,,,i , 15' 1 . zwfiyiwff 1 1-110.3 Qfeefxfsifgg 1111 S1 ffef x 931: 1 as .f . erm- 211 1151, J M ' ' 31 . 11515 R2 1,111 1 RALPH J. BRANDON Kannapolis, North Carolina Dental Bandg Student ADA. 1 . 11 1 1 . V . 1 ,: 1' 1 f 6' X aw twrp-55,351-11 1- 4 My ' S57 1 1111 1 x 1' 526 - 11 1 Q. 1 z:1e11,.1111f-s... M,3..A.:5gQXe1g1 5191.1 11g ' 1 Q4 's1s I:s-P '. f 1' 'Vi , -.. ry, , xy? 31.1.13 114,51 .11..3,. X O ... 1 , 4 , , fffiisf ' 1' Haig? 1.,,. K 2- 5 fX:11i?11 1. t ., 1 1 1 1- . 1 111 L, --,. 1 I J 1 1 J ..-1 1' 1 fps. T ' 759 4,2 uf .li fl ' . RICHARD M. CHRISTOPHER Fort Payne, Alabama Psi Oniegag Student ADA. . ...11.:q.1,,s 11..,.11,1.,.xe.,1.1,.,.11s.111,1s,., S 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 we 11511 1 V' ' .11-51 N 1.1ww 1 s . 1, 1 L ' 1 ' l . 11 .jj J 1 'P1 Q as .as f -111 - 1 . 1 E 1 5111 1 ' - -N'1?'13y1 If . .Qi ' J. FRANK COLLINS Brooksville, Florida Psi Omegag Phi Delta Thetag Editor Dental Section of Campusg Omicron Delta Kappa, D. V. S. 244 RICHARD C. BROWN Fort Lauderdale, Florida Psi Omegag Student ADA. Senior H. Sasser Watson giving his clinic on acrylic restorations. . YV X N NN ef 5' ' 1. iiulu iiii I , . ifkew x 1 ' . Krv1?e.,y ,.,' y 1 4 1 2 1 ' Sm. li -. . QS -V ,gb . leg? 1 N ,Vs . . 1 ' X ,, , .,,, skier: ' M A XX My xXx A Q, l X x ' f X 1,1 Y F Nz X X . 1 X s s s , R . . ts X E X X XX XX X X N Nxt Q X X 9 XX X , x R . X 1 . r X X1 .91 .1.X1 RSV 1 X s 1 1 . X 1- X ' 1 ,. X N XX XA Q w Q A X X J N X gr Xxgy. K 'X X X XX Nw 5 xxx Xu Q X l f'5R3f Q-M' J 'E is s- 1 fr. 'iii ' ' 'ff iffi-1Zf. f 51: Y 5 LAVERNE M. COWAN Covington, Georgia Delta Sigma Deltag Student ADA. , M fi, X J E Q A ll 'Y' Q 4 'Q ' 8 ff Mkfxtfi 53 'QW' tm. U2 'ff as A' Za ' Mvgbsgfk- Fix J' X 1 5 'S' 21 JS' I KI al ,U-1 , va. is x xi I X ' 5 at t I' If 'Si ,fig ,gif Q N A x Y , 1 I f X I X Q ia N5- t XS fa , f 5 ru lx . 3 . WILLIAINI M. COYVARD Graham, North Carolina Delta Sigma Deltag Student ADA. Mt! Senior H. Morgan Richards pre- senting his clinic on long span bridges. VIRGINIA B. ENGLETT Atlanta, Georgia Student ADA. J , fi 2 BEN CRUMBLEY GUSTUS T. CULLENS Sylvester, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Psi Omegag Sigma Alpha Delta Sigma Deltag Student ADA. Epsilon, St udent ADA. O. D. DELLINGER, JR. Atlanta, Georgna I Psi Omega, Student ADA. , I if 4 'E . , -' az ' 1 ' A X . ,gig 421: ' iff- fr f eisty' ? reef' -. . . - ..-. V 'W-t--,wr r i 5i?'ifiP- -J -Ii f 'W .E ., ?'f?I ',,3Q5'1,'3-fr -375,5 t i!:.g1g,3 3'2' t ,ff 5, 13.532-. . ,. 1-5 Q . ' ,Y 1 ' I , . X' , . 'ie - 4' ' -gag - - ' 3 LEE D. DEMPSEY Watkinsville, Georgia Psi Omegag Treasurer Senior Classg Student ADA. MANUEL R. de.TUAN Santurce, Puerto Rico Student ADA. LAURENCE M. DUNN Savannah, Georgia Xi Psi Phi, Chi Phig Student ADA. J . 42.51,-11.55 tg..-1-'gg:g.aggg.,.gf1gf.:..ef-gzgfzzwf,.. I-1 --'- -. f.,,:-t-1-':- 2 -1-: ': 4' I 217, ,X 1 M ig A ' . ' - V, ' - ' tx, ? A tv , ra 'f 4+ ' ' f. Q . It Q - ,-3 Y ,- fqmeyffixai ., - tw- an-4 ,sm - ffxf X fzfst ,- .Q . . , -- , awe-5, if, gym- A lf? I it Eli: 1 . .p l i - , ..g- ,: ' HQ- A V511 . ,f,.. I f',s,- - my ' , tm W. X - ' tt- ' .. - ,..-:ws - -ti. : 1, if 4223... fa- . w i- :- f ' ' f:'- -'1 l':'??f'-Qftf W ' 2 I :. -Me, M ws-izwifawft 1 MV ? ' 9-4 1 - A wg -t fsf5fw,agzMv,1y t ,...,:,:.ffW7f A4t 6A42K'ff4Mnz5v. Y: if Q Aa ? ' ,, ..5,,.y,, ,ff ft , 951 2 1 I W -gs 3 5 ,499 .Q-, sig. A QS, 2 I . . 4' 1. - wr , ta f m., ' 2 J. -.,f-,U-.va-2w?.f,fri ,, ,- f if ' ,Qs im .ta M. -' '+:e M' M. 1 HAROLD T. ENLOW Tampa, Florida Xi Psi Phi g Student ADA. 245 THORWALD Atlanta, EROS, .I R. Georgia Psi Omega, Student ADA. WILLIAM B. FARRAR Birmingham, Alabama Xi Psi Phig Sigma Nug Presi- dent Glee Clubg Interfraternity Council. . .51 R511 5, ' I. ' L., 4 . ,.. lk is ' .Z . ,3'1?f'.T 3, ,bi Q . 1' 1 V1'- '- i 1 , u . .. 1, .,, 4- . gefa' 1- -1 .1 I' tin...-. 1- pr 1. 4 ' 'QQ 1 5- vl'.'I'.-fi, 1 '1.3i1-'-- '-..1, .. , . Vi. BRITTON A. FIELDUS Miami, Florida Xi Psi Phi, Student ADA. + 1 13: ' ,J i ff -- . z , if - Pi' 2 --.Mr .fX, . if . 3 'aww - 5 1. 11. . as lag... V A 195 . f .11 2' 1' 13:13 1 it ,V 5 11 4 11. It -31 .1 f5a1Q'g ' .L S , 'f :.. :ff 7- n DAVID H. HALLIWELL Hattiesburg, Mississippi Xi Psi Phig Student ADA. A ,Q we :wry an eg Q 1.4 R. X P 'Tir' L. 79 . W. I 'G K VW Y -ae If .X ,Ig W X ba? if' .V 'las-1 ' SX F ' ' 2:11 431 4- 5 'x ' ' :I . :..f...,a1. mf' . f , 1 ' .ngggit i 'i A','fZGii-' i',1ziS'Q, ' f t-Qt fifilfil i , ' 1 'I WWI' ' ' ff s.. FOSTER H. HOLLOWAY Cobbtown, Georgia Psi Omegag Student ADA. at f. 1 'SQ L' ffiffff? ' ' ' I PQI -' Q52 :Xf 3 ' I ,ggi N 59:04 I 4 T, .fe 1 Wi.. - ... iv -X5 Sz x . gg? in R ' 5' 5 3 X K Q iff? 'X T ,- . 1 If' I 7 X ij Pg? .Q F X Ria 4 I f EMILE T. FISHER Wilmington, North Carolina President Delta Sigma Delta, Wheel Staff, President Interfra- ternity Council. CLETIS D. HAND Tuscumbia, Alabama Vice President Student Councilg Student ADA. -. I 1 5 13 L 'K . ,.. 'fri- -wp.-2-'I ': , , 5-tt Qzrefffs 1 1 .. 1. J- Ks f 1 A -fr a M1 es1g:4Qfm1, '1 ff? , Q . X91 f 4 v x 155 15 gr fr 5 1, s M X 5 X . bf rg fa L Al 1 PI f , f f f , X , .H 'aff' ,xv 'iv ' ,X fi X be f Q: Ngve.. f Q f 1 fe V 'R' ' X v ff' 4, f 4 gy Q 4 .2 of X N N9 v Y 45 5 t 1 Q X t X ' ,Q NA fcf w X N 1 - -1 57g v n t. QK fl if fe Q Vw QQ X Ag . . ' 1 21: -. 1 0452.2 'X ey ' xv X '- X - Sf if 4 ,QP W.f , . , ' Q: E A 653 X13 ,. V53 ,A 1?Qw2 N fi miaiff I 0 fi Y V' bw.. . B, .zgxdrr ,qi My 'yy X , :f 1 g 2592, K fi Kg , 2 f , F .42 f ,Q f Q... 4. .,. A X.k.,.,,,.. :g,,,.-25. .XM .Q , .mf N 4? V, ,yu t ,, mQM,Mm.WiX,,, I E 1 I RUFUS H. HOOVER President Delta Sigma Delta, In- teriraternity Council. 15 ig 115 '11 2' 1 tf2Z:i'1i 4' MC WILLIAM M. GRIFFIN 'Ui Atlanta, Georgia Student ADA. XQOQX4 - :f -PVS' ,. V . . V: M. .1 ,. 5 ., , ,X ,a .... . r X 9 . . .X.f- . ,. .-.. ,.,, -...t....1-,V,. If 'S N kg, 5 ,W . Yay... :S gigwwxkwfs Mg? X6 s 1 x w X I X , . N. fx K rex X .f .f fli'5i:2?Xf sci if . X, . X QEVMKQXS 2 X f BASS 51.51 Vis Q f Ca ggpwsae Qui., fb? 1335: , Q X X X ff N NW V 3 1 In 926' I X X 11.41 9 A fsss. 1szs1gz..- M' I EIN: K A V wi W . EUGENE L. HOFSTADTER Emory University, Georgia Student ADA. 1211 .I . 3 5.1.1 . -A f1':X.1.1': . .19 v i Mi.: 11912 V5 -'--- rr- ,Q .., if 1 Q 21 :X ' I . - fi .,,11211111Qff 1 ' .'EV11i7.ll ' 1'1is:1a '- ..13311,-,s1 - X 1111:1!11,:5,133. 11' P GEORGE HOPKINS Brookhaven, Georgia si Omegag Student ADA. .lim Bird working in Clinic 2 1:-11. avf's'1w,.Qz? tea'-.N . ,-' -S ,-, ':,.e'f.s-wg- J 'xsueg i1'fE ': 1- ':. 'A 3 3 5513.12 .ivkiffiigfzv 2 K 1 121131 ' .' Mm ' , -.N-swf .. r -6- t a was ,. ,111 ,. X sw.. .ff - 61,11 sr We vjrz agv zb, . , - 1 , 1. .1 '......s,rrgtx f-f.: -, . .,, few. .X ...W ' r 5 X U .. X fy f . My X . 5 X wi X f 2 X .s if wr SYN. .XG 4 'NL . X .nf i f, if .1 -esygm .. gf -me 154.51 X- ,..,,f1:, f., ,X,,fX,1 gg: 19,15 at M., .- ,pf q,s.m1 ,,f4, ,ix X we z -:-413 use? 'ft' if to mx:-: .f:f:f::yf-' +' :L X:2' X.fa, t 3. my 2. 11. 511111 ,S Hi 11 f ' 1 - . -- V ' 'y?7e-:ASL .111 ' lil . 2-,assure 'SI1 X, ' 51- MV 'N' 'fit 1 X :' if .L . A X ROBERT H. HOLLIS Wilmington, North Carolina Delta Sigma Delta, Student ADA. JAMES M. HOWARD Chattanooga, Tennessee Psi Omegag Student ADA. 246 , ' 4 kr...- RICI-IARD S. HUNTER Opelika, Alabama Dean O Watford Giving. a pro, Psi Omegag Alpha Tau Omega: phylaxis in DeLoSDL- Bill Me, Secretaryl Vice PresidentSl'ude11t morial Clinic for Children. ADA? Student Council' R' '. f 7. ,L v. t 2 WILLIAM S. KETCHAM Jacksonville, North Carolina Xi Psi Phig Student ADA. FREDERICK G. McFALL Atlanta, Georgia Xi Psi Phig Student ADA. JEFFERSON E. LOVELL, Tampa, Florida Student ADA. HERBERT A. ISERMAN EDDIE L. JACKSON Emory University, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Psi Omegag Student ADA. Student ADA. BRIAN C. LYNN RAY P. McCULLOUGH, .IR Fort Myers, Florida Atlanta, Georgia Student ADA. Xi Psi Phig Student ADA. JOHN A. MORGAN WILBUR E. NEW ROBERT M. NICHOLS West Point, Georgia Vidalia, Georgia 002112, F10I1da Psi Omegag Phi Delta Thetag Student ADA. Delta Sigma Delta? Student Student ADA. ADA. , ME. -Ye.-., ,L3 ga , . ,.,,, ,f ' e S we 4, . It vu l 'H . .' W. -,YA 'la -1 63Tjgi?lI2 'f. f - - . Q -are Y ' . , pi 251-:ff '- . I -' 4, nl 75 ' V ' f ' , .1 i- A ' . ' T uf if-j 4 'E-, V ,Q - l 1, ' 2' 1 QW P ' ' '-el s .T - Q -i z ft? . Q09 BAN 1- . .' 1 2' ' .,,, . .. ...... My-QI, gl ,.,.,.. ..,1, , A:,1,. , ..V, ,. , ,, , H: A-.- 1 f ,, ,.. .. W W. ...M :. . . .. , - sg I f 5 ,f 4 , Ml' ROBERT S. NORMAN Nashville, Tennessee President Psi Omegag Phi Delta Thetag Student Councilg Interfra- ternity Council. 4 33.5 , Q r . ., ,I ln 4130 2 WIsQI ', S25 . . I AAV, V 4 ,, . .I 1. -HZ Q: 1 ' ff, 1, 3 -:Q I ' . it I f K 12 GSL' 'f Q ' X my 5 I - Im X. ., ff :J wg '. :TM F- ' 'sv , .f , -'L gp, . ' . if -' f :fx I J.: 'N .1 It .X if 12:45 e,. , ,A -y.: 5' g I a m.- 'ft .fie i ,gxfI . :i i 'ii A iii Q ffm . I f fi it 5 , - , ,, g, :z.:.'w HUGH M. RICHARDS Lakeland, Florida Delta Sigma Deltag Beta Theta Pig Student ADA. ELMORE M. PARKER Brewton, Alabama Student ADA. SAMUEL B. READER Hapeville, Georgia Student ADA. CLINTON D. REHNKE Clearwater, Florida Student ADA. w' I- , . -I - .af fa - X. 6 . , . N , 5, f -, s ..,. 1 - 1:5 ' ' I i 1 li ' .. 1 W I - S if s .A . 'f 5' .I .T - ' - . A D' F Q.-ff ' ' ' ' . - A ll I - Qs, ia.a..5m.s as ..-,Is.fmm1.Iq gin' .va , X I , . A , X 'jf Qgs,4 If :mf -:Ms .x .aw ,faffasa . . I it H .1 1I. .I I X -- Q-aw 'f :M gf S , , X . 5-IM - f 1 f gi I ff I to 'Iii lwllfs 1 7 - It IW? ' U A :If . 1 - l' -5-:sw N. 2 - - we-X, iw.: as1zss?44w5..- - I I X f -. ' . I 1 . lgqgr 5 X ' 1 ' fi! -E UTI- X-, ,, 4 -at 1 ,ge -sy1Ql,W'S5A .M Mg.. fs ,J t- , 1 . Im.: marks 5 ,Z f - Q I1 --Q: ,i Nh 490 ya ,-XQSVQILK af. 1.1 sw eI.w.fI,s- A vw.:-.11 - SAN, ew, .,,. 1 - - aww., . t . . ., is 5 ,gin a -1 'fs ,ee 2.1 sfsaktrwg ,sw-gf 159.4 -I A K , - If 1: , -gv f 'ts .q w aw-QQ . ,rs . I- , I X. - eI,wII..s, .-,M..,m.,,. W. , 1 - IQMQ f, . .x fmisk. ea. I-gums, sw ., . i ,I ,qw , l, .-, -f Ma.-2 . Q 1 . . N . , ,.Q,,,a.,.1It.a,W..z I.M...MA,.,,...aaM.,o...M....tas,..,,,gW A.. Nam--W ...mi SIKIAWXI-If '- 'Xt' ' -may ,. X H X - , DONALD W. ROBERSON Fort Lauderdale, Florida Psi Ornegag Pi Kappa Phig Student ADA. ROY N. SMITH CLARENCE L. SOCKWELL Gadsden, Alabama Gibsonville, North Carolina ROSCOE H. SCOTT Birmingham, Alabama Delta Sigma Deltag Sigma Alp Epsilong Student ADA. xt X33 yFfxXfQX3A3X,t ' - v . - .- 3 ,f 9 ' X L 4 ayvw '5 f - Q. . ..4,. . ,. . ' on A ' -' -' Efizi.. Q, X as vs Q , -af f' .sf3:gf,Qg., . ?S9f N S I. Na ZW Stew -. -am X W , .,.. .. . . l'2IfS.b,:... ' wg . f I 4 ...Wy .f X Va ,I 2143. W4 all ww . V .. ., ., ,..f,5Ife,a-Q . -V , gvhvwx 9.gg wg,Sf , -. .1-. fw ffv, -4:5f753I-QAQQX ' :5.'fwv,'1s s's1Iw2qk2 : -2 1' X -. 4-wg wqwv at-wx-Yew .- .- K r ha .gb ,X Q - x 'Ia .- Q Ma ,. ' N J lefstI'fz.w , Qs 1 3, fzIf-zfIff'2 ' l QM zzi. l i ,wg tv fy'.::f--we , ' hs . -,zliiafifil ,f Ns Ilfvzz.: 'I , i .2 i FLOYD J. SOUTHARD Stokesdale, North Carolina Psi Omegag Student ADA. Xi Psi Phig Student ADA. Xi Psi Phig Glee Clubg Student 248 ADA. SAM T. SCOTT Montgomery, Alabama Sigma Chig Student ADA. v i P i l I F v 11 Senior Emile Fischer observes xl Dr. Culpepper check his Work. I ' Y EDWARD R. SWAN CHARLES W. THOMPSON HOWARD V. TURNER ALFRED C. WALKER JR. Jacksonville, Florida Charlotte, North Carolina Atlanta, Georgia Hamilton, Alabama Student ADA. Psi Omegag Glee Clubg Student Xi Psi Phi, Student ADA. Xi Psi Phig Alpha Epsilon Delta ADA. Student ADA. t..t: .M ' fi. ' L A Ilul L ' I, I i4--li 1:1 'fi u l ii, E - 5 , : . 11:-' .,,1 . .. 51353. I ASA L. WALKER JOHN W. WALLACE DEAN WATFORD H. SASSER WATSON Magee, Mississippi Atlanta, Georgia Panama City, Florida Pahokee, Florida Student ADA. Psi Omegag Chi Phig President Psi Omegag Chi Phi, Student Student ADA. Student ADAQ President Fresh! ADA. man Classg Student Councilg ln- terfraternity Council. SAMUEL A. WEEK JOSEPH A. WELLS LEWIS H. WILLTAMS Senior Clarence Sockweu pre- Frisco City, Alabama Spartanburg, South Carolina Atlanta, GCOFEH1 senting his clinic on Indirect Xi Psi Phi, Glee Club, Student Psi Omegag Student ADA. Psi Omega! Siudent ADA- Inlay Technique. ADA. ' 249 -f ,fx 43,0 Q Q x ff Q 6 1 if, t M V N if 1. ,A J ? l '35 Ki? 4 9 Z QW? P1 Viv f Class nf '53 MISS JEAN JENKINS Sponsor 'We Kg? First row: Armstrong, Atkins, Black, Blackmon .... Second row: Boyette, Branch, Brown, Brun- son .... Third row: Burngardner, Butterworth, Byrd, Caldwell, Cann, Cheek, Davis, Dillard .... Fourth row: Dobson, Eaton, Fowler, Garner, Gregory, Grifhn, Crimes, Haltiwanger .... Fifth row: Hampton, Hartley, Hatcher, Hester, Holliday, Hollingsworth, Israel. 250 l . ,Rs , my . X A1 xl f V r 1 1 Vw 'K' 'I ' zz-, '2f'1.95:'ft3: 131 , 41 ry 95- t ,if gg- fl fir- f ,E M 1 X 51 , ,M M M, . Kip , ' i A 5, ,, if A x 'X N - Q , ..,,, f - 1, 'ff ' ' . - X we rf'-'fax :Quran '-'vet M4422 i 1 'z tw ut' g . I I ' 'H P ul ' -.ff-xzwigk 1. -. : I A , S . S 7 K . - 'f x all 7' 5 we . : T' f , , . , .- 1 . 'Q 1 ,... 42? Gyn -ow-'f . f ,giv0 . 4,,,4 J ,gpgmyy 'A . . . . . V Above: Standing are President Juhan Kelley, VICE President Sherrod . Bumgardner, Secretary George israel and Reporter Charles Dobson seated. . . . Below: Neat, huh? H-I El I -'- Dental Laboratory Sweat Shop. First row: Jarrett, Kelley, Lee, Lewis, Little, Luce, Lynch, G. W. McCall .... Second row: L. T. McCall, Martinez, Mason, Masters, Middleton, Millians, Morrison, Odom .... Third row: Payne, Penny, C. T. Phillips, S. H. Phillips, Pike, Roberts, Samuels, Springstead. . . . Fourth row: Stephens, Stubbs, Turlington, Van Eepoel. . . Fifth row: Whatley, Whicker, White, Williams. 251 rn. Treasurer Robert Jennings, President Harold Walraven, Vice Presi- dent Robert Davis. First row: Adams, Bell, Blain, Boland .... Second row: Broadrick, Bumgardner, Cannon, Cochran, Cole, Conner, Cooley, Crawford .... Third row: Crow, Cunningham, Dalton, Charles Davis, Robert Davis, Dawson, Dean, Dolbe .... Fourth row: Dorton, Fall, Finney, Freeman, Garrison, Gates, Gatewood, Gentry. . . , Fifth row: Hackney, Handcock, Harris, Hartness, Hatten, Hendry, Henley, Hoge. 252 Y, Fx -- ,ll Q is 1 f W s -C in I A 4 1 K :WW A ,Q U ,fiix llnlk . if Rik First row: Hounchell, Jackson, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Keels, Kuffrey, Lanier. . . . Second row: Leeds, McCrary, McKenzie, Margeson, Medwedeff, Midyette, Mills, Mitchell .... Third row: Myers, Pankey, Parkin, Parris, Pass, Redfearn, Roach, Rolacler .... Fourth row: Rousso, Seymour, Sitterson, Smith, Stalvey, Stotts, Sullivan, Summerour .,.. Fifth row: Walker, Walraven, Wickham, Woodford, Younger. 253 1 lVl155 KEISELLKAH BOWDEN Sponsor swf as 5 Q' 4 at ' Qi' N 1.41 ff . X as Rv 1 H Class nf if 'Xi ' ' nl , if , , EEE' GJ v 'zfzf iitz' 5 H it? uf gg M WP, N M, 30 X lb Q N ff , L wi is Nix ig P' 9' 9 A x A M DQ 32? xmas A W X' X, ff 3353.5 -I ,ff-,,f. , , 1 M X X sn X K s XX 1 5 :M 5 if v f XX P ,O A xg ,Q x 5 as 3 as Z5 f X egshmgfw' Q . sim. ..,, .,M. . ,pf ,fmt rw , 7 N m . Back row: Mahan, Presidentg Wadell, Assistant Art Editorg Uible, Student Council, Parks, Vice Presidentg Bull, His- torian .... Front row: Russ, Treasurerg Bell, Secretary. X32 if , 43 ' r ., ' fx' ,, U15 A I , 1 -1? N3-ac it ' y , First row: Anderson, Bacon, Bell, Best .... Second row: Blake, Boyer, Brickman, Bull .... Third row: Burns, Burrus, Cagle, Clovfer, Cooper, Crane, J. L. Davis, William Davis .... Fourth row: Denmark, Diaz, Duda, Epps, Farlow, Hillbauer, Holmes, Holton. . . .' Fifth row: Hough, Jacobs, Jones, King, Lahr, Lester, Levin, Lowery .... Sixth row: Lumb, Maddox, Mahan, Marshall, Megahee, Mlessen, Minish, Mizell. ' I i l I ll l H p In rl l A ' : 5 x sr V M, , 5 ,W 1 5 , W , A K, , V LA 'X , 5 If they only knew! w 4 l x..x, ,.. ..4..... fr ,nn ,, 1955 so l 1- - 1 m - A f ' Q s' X f .P if I, X r, ..i ' 3 'l. . rf , . - . , X25 ,Q ag ,X ,: 'F .N X ,aw N 9 ' if Q M. 'W w lx ka' 'x M-.. '-' V, w x - ' W ,i Pffawliz 4 f I , W f of A if ,f T V . 3 .... Q , ,M '-- I N , H We ff, 1 X, 255 'Y' ,, -A . . 2 :5 , sf y , ' ' . 1 3 ,,.. il, , . + , , 7 0: V :bfi ' ', , V, ,Q-,-fgifa'-:Af -M 1 ,Q FH wg EQ I S.-af' 1 Q ,.,:, . fn? ,. n51ligQ ,, ,sir 4215 ' iv- - ,Qin . 7 ,, kj X. , ,:..f::?2., 1551. i v ,.:.?:'::: - 'Q ,, if ' W fr i -,n Q -3151 pw 'f' i ' a,,,,5,,, .4.,, ,Wi '6.L.. var: -in '5 S. ' -mf? X , 4 1 ,M , ,J W , .XNQAWJ wen, Qsvswbwx? 4, Q Cmfsmdf 4 2 First row: E. L. Moore, W. B. Moore, Morgan, Newberne .... Second row: Noland, Olds, Parks, Patton .... Thirrl row: Payne, Reams, Reins, Repass, Richardson, Wm. Ritchie, W. L. Runge .... Fourth row: Russ, Shaw, Sirmons, Smith, Snow, Soud, Sparks, Stanse1l,... Fifth row: Stahlkuppe, Stevens, Uible, Underkofler, Wadell, Walters, Watkins .... Sixth row: Watson, West, Williams, Wollschlager, Wood, Wright, Youngblood, Bumgardner. 255 Softball champions. Tom Braly Hnished his last wrestling season with five wins and two losses in dual meets. Each of the two losses were by a one-point margin to Auburn and The Citadel. He won matches against Davidson, North Carolina State, Vander- bilt, Maryville, and University of Chattanooga. Following the regular matches he completed his wrestling career by winning the Southeastern Intercollegiate and Georgia A.A.U. wrestling tournaments in the 167 lbs. class. At the banquet following the season, he was awarded the trophy presented to the most valuable man on the team. THLET II A Tl ITIE Clinical practice, laboratory Work and text book read- ing take a lot of time for the boys at Forrest and Court- land, but not all of the time. ln addition to a few hours spent in a social way,'7 there are still some minutes left for athletic recreation, and Whenever possible the men take to the softball diamonds, basketball courts, golf links or whatever else happens to be in season. The dental student council maintains an organized athletic program for basketball and softball teams. ln the past season, a new six-team league was organized with the three dental and the three medical fraternities par- ticipating. The Psi O squad behind the pitching of Bill Williams and the great defensive play of the entire team led them to the league championship. TOM BHALY Southeastern Intercollegiate Bfaly in action' Georgia AAU Chaniiv. , 256 The close of the 1952 basketball season found the dental team unclefeatedancl back on the throne as intra- mural champions. This was the most outstanding team representing the dental school in many years. The sharp- shooting of McCrary, Uible, Mizell, Duda, and Conner was hard to stop-plus the determined play ol the entire team made a team that we were all proud ol. The dental five defeated the teams from the other graduate and pro- fessional schools and defeated the college seniors, under- graduate champions, for the school championship. Every game was attended by a large number of non-playing spectators, and more students than ever before came out for the team. The entire team and Coach Robert Corr are to be con- gratulated on a line team. ELI IE ST FF ,. N New-NA .. . X M S 4 -. A ' ' X xx .1 ... .X , 1 '13, ' . ' ' 5' ., Y ' ff ' 'A u N . 19 .- 13 T '30, - .. M - . .V . ss X A,,A f is I .A J. .gf - I Qu . 9 K 5 -Q- i . ,, an e- , 5 .. f ::. -..:,..,,sy 3 . Q. : H -s il , ,ik . N . . , Z 35. -X N sa-.W .. syn., , i M Rl , , 'YQ V -2 , , sw ., W A N ' ' f +xw,x.,, r Q M 1- in 1 4 1 1 R .K W hz' 491 Il s 6 V: 4, item, .... . . , 7 , N . y:9y.,x.?N .,.-W. . -' .Oliva 11:-:.... - y,.wMfw: - -ff w V -, Q -'-- LV Q W s Cai Mrs. .lean Walker and Mrs. Cocrang Chl Miss Nickolasseng Col Mrs. Davidg fdl Miss A Juanita Campbellg fel Mrs. Eavesg ffl Mrs. Butlerg fgl Mrs. Hildebrandg fhl Mrs. Lucy Walker and Miss Helen Carterg fil Miss Cleve- landg fjl Mrs. Austin. Mrs. Watts and Miss Rayg C10 Miss Avis van Orden: Ill Mrs. Goodman. www The Student Council is the students' governing body at the dental school. Composed of members elected from the various classes, it is the organiza- tion which plans and supervises the extracurricular activities of the students. Officers of the council, who are tantamount to being officers of the student body are elected by the council. For the year 1951-52 the following officers served: Robert Benhelcl, presi- dentg Thad Andrews, vice presidentg Sherrod Bum- gardner, secretary, and Charles Jarrett, treasurer. T . Q I M .-1. ' f -,,, - 1 4? . 1 X Larry Fall, .Julian Kelly, John Bigbie, Morris Rosenthal, seated ..., Second row: Emile Fisher, Bill Farrar, Robert Norman, Jim Howard, Rufus Hoover, and Sandy Pike. The dental section of the Campus is edited en- tirely by dental students. The 1952 Campus staff was under the direction of Editor Ben Samuels as- sisted by Tom Braly and Frank Collins. The proto- graphs in the section were taken by Gaither Bumgardner. N L -.,: .. .,.. W? . li . ,.,. if Robert Norman, Harold Walraven, Julian Kelley, Thad Andrews, Jack Adams, Tom Braly, seated. Second row: Jarrett, Bumgarclner, Uible, Hatten, Mahan, Benfield. The purpose of the dental school Interfraternity Council is to regulate rushing and pledging of the four fraternities. The Council strives to create a closer feeling of friendship and understanding among the fraternities. Membership in the Council is composed of the president, vice president and rush chairman of each of the four member chapters. lts officers for the year 1951-52 were: Emile Fisher, president, John Bigbie, vice presidentg Morris Rosenthal, Secretary and Jini Howard, treasurer. Jim Waddell, Pete Dawson, Gaither Bumgardner, seated .... Second row: Frank Collins, Ben Samuels, Tom Braly. LI CD Mrs. Eaves at the appointment deskg Q27 Miss Cambell at the record roomg C35 Dr. Vail in Dia nosis departmentg C4-D Dr. Harling in Exodontiag C53 Dr. Corr checking in the main clinic. The clinic at the dental school follows a definite sequence for all patients that receive treatment. The process begins with registration followed by assignment to a student. Then the student takes a fuH mouth set of radiographs, charts the patient's teeth, takes a thorough history, and makes out a treatment plan. The patient is taken through the diagnosis department where the student's work thus far is checked for correctness. The student is then allowed to take the patient to the main clinic and here he begins treatment with a prophylaxis. The necessary restorative Work is then done under the supervision of experienced dentists. VZ ,mmf X., wg, f f Z 4 wa., fl and 23 The main clinical laboratoryg C35 plaster roomy C43 operative section of the main clinicg 453 Junior Branch in Crown and Bridge sectiong f6D Clinic No. 2 under the supervision and direction of Dr. Roy Shaw. BELT!-l SIE A BELT!-l ' W. 51 3 M 'V 'V U Front row: Burngardner, Treasurer, Hoover, Grand Masterg Brunson MISS DIANNE FISCHER Scribe .... Back row: Hampton, Junior Page, Kelly, Worthy Mas- Sponsor ter 3 Bird, Tyler. First row: Bird, Collins, Cowan, Coward, Cullens, Fisher, Hollis, Hoover .... Second row: Nichols, Richards, Scott, Swan, Atkins, Boyette, Branch, Brunson .... Third row: S. L. Bumgardner, Grimes, Hampton, Hartley, Israel, Kelley, Lee, Luce. 262 The successful Delta Sig administration includes Rufus Hoover as top man, ably assisted by Kelley as vice .... Brunson is book man and Bumgardner, Sherrod that is, collects the tithes .... Kelley was so elhcient in rushing last fall, they have to have pledge meetings in sections .... Bumgarclner, Gaither this time, takes pictures for the Campus. . . Rousso writes for the Wheel .... It seems this is the oldest dental fraternity-it l f., was organized in 1882 at Ann Arbor, Michigan .... 5 Nobody knew what to do with it up there, so they l sent Theta Theta Chapter south in 1921 .... Dr. Grover Hunter keeps a watchful eye over the chap- ter as deputy supreme. First row: McCall, Middleton, Roberts, White .... Second row: Williams, E. G. Bumgardner Freeman, Garrison .... Third row: Rousso, Seymour, Wickham, Bacon .... Fourth row: Bell John Bumgardner, Burrus, Cagle .... Fifth row: Clower, Crane, Davis, Diaz, Farlow, Holton Jacobs, Lahr .... Sixth row: Lowery, Megahee, Noland, Reams, Repass, Runge, Russ, Snow. . . Seventh row: Stahlkuppe, Stansell, Stevens, Walters, Watkins, Watson, West, Youngblood. 263 9 PSI EE Bob Norman wields the big stick at meetings .... ,lim Howard takes over when Bob is called to Grady .... Odom takes care of correspondence and ,larratt sends out bills .... The Psi O's won the softball trophy behind ulirehallv Bill Williams .... g'Be-Boph Stalvey leads the dental school hand. . . . Braly is southeastern Wrestling champ. The Psi O s first got together up in Baltimore in 1892 .... Gamma Tau Chapter at Emory in 1904- .... Dr. Roy Adams and Dr. Charles Smith as deputy councilers make the boys at 875 Piedmont toe the line between parties. row: Arnold, Ashmore, Bass, Benfield, Bentley, Braly, Brown, Christopher .... Second row: 0 ms, Crumbley, Dellinger, Dempsey, Eros, Holloway, Hopkins, Howard .... Third row: Hunter, Iserrnan, Morgan, Norman, Roberson, Smith, Thompson, Watford .... Fourth row- Wallace Wells, Williams, Brown, Caldwell, Cann, Dillard, Fowler .... Fifth row: Gregory, Hatcher, HGSICT, H0llingsworth, Huling, Jarrett, Little, McCall. MRS. ETTA M. HENDERSOI Housemother 3 fx K fi 1' X ir og 2 x Q S , Y '5 , ','w, Dy .. ffffff E ' ,h Q, ., . l . to Jes? -5 ' x .X x., ll. S. NORMAN .HM HOWARD Grand Master Junior Master vw Q1 SQ., ,li H fx 2 all 'f X J JACK ODOM Secretary LU W , , If if , C. JARRETI' Treasurer b V W K First row: M ason, Millians, Odom .... Second row: Philips, Holliday, Bell, Blain .... Third row: Cochran, Conner, Cunningham, Dawson, Dean, Dolbee, Cates, Hounchell .... Fourth row: Johnson, McKenzie, Margeson, Medwedeff, Parkin, Smith, Stalvey, Stotts .... Fifth row: Sullivan, Younger, Dalton, Cole, Hackney, Hendry, Leeds, Redfearn .... Sixth row: Walker, Cooper, Duda, Epps, Holmes, Hough, Jones, King .... Seventh row: Mizell, Olds, Payne, Richardson, Sirmons, Smith, Underkofler, Denmark. 5 2 1 2 e A -1 w XI PSI PHI 1 ' ii- John Bigbie is guiding Wheel in Zip affairs, with ,': 5 , , .,. Bill Farrar rollin alon as No. 2 man .... L'Ri fl' ., ll2 llln or r g g PP5 J' 3... 1' . :' ' i L nch takes care of the a er Work. . . . NPoli- ., 'T . - . - y p P -ig ', A A ticianl, Samuels guards the bank account. . . . The r . if U '1 ,S . . . . , Zips won Caries Carnival stunt night under the guidance of Rolader and Walraven .... The place , ye is full of characters-need We say more? 5. I , .V , ,, . QLQVM, t-,' XNWKS . ' il A 1 Q, ., lt all started up in uYankee landv at the Univer- 2 4 , A sity of Michigan 1n 1889. . . . The Lips came South A . f ls' . . asiv .P in 1912 to establish Alpha Eta Chapter. . . . Dr. v ' H . ,. '- ,,,f '-.,. f fwv.-'asa 1,, ,- Tom Etherid e is the uardian father under the g g Back row: Bill Lynch, Secretaryg Bill Farrar, Vice President: Ben Samuels, Treasurer .... Front row: John Bigbie, Presidentg Martin Black, House Manager. MISS ALETHIA EDWARDS Sponsor title of deputy supreme. First row: Andrews, Bennett, Bighie, Burns, Burriss, Dunn, Enlow, Farrar .... Second row: Fieldus, Halliwell, McFall, Sockwell, Southard, Turner, Walker, Weeks .... Third row: Black, Blackmon, Butterworth. Q. B. Davis. Lvnch .... Fourth row: Martinez, Masters, Pike, Samuels, Springstead. ,,. 266 10' X JW' Q ' 1 ,. N ' X K fzml I . X , ka lk lk gig 3, 41 1 Q ,sv -3 me C.- . W . - V - 5 f'.5,I?,,2- V' ,geffiuf 4127: K 1 it E, ,,gf , . ,f,E'5, Q. 4 1 H 'J' ':'.,. fi. . .1 u :A . L ' L. ,,,,,,,, , - ,qv I , ,, s ,. 1 First row: Stephens, Stubbs, Turlington, Van Eepoel, Whatley, Whicker, Adams, Boland. . . Seoond row: Broadrick, Cooley, Crawford, Crow, C. F. Davis, R. E. Davis, Dorton, Finney. . . Third row: Gatewood, Gentry, Handcock, Henley, Hatten, Hoge, Pankey, Myers .... Fourth rowi McCrary, Mills, Lanier, Kuffrey, Keels, Jones, Jennings, Pass .... Fifth row: Roach, Rolader, Sitterson, Walraven, Best, Boyer, Bull, Lester .... Sixth row: Lumb, Marshall, Miessen, E. L Moore, W. B. Moore, Newberne, Parks, Patton .... Seventh row: Ritchie, Soud, Sparks, Uible Williams, Wollschlager, Wood, Wright. 267 1 , In sw 2 pn. J S f Q I 5 6 ' E- FF: L ' idaeztdaemeala , , , ,umcake 1564 Zaah ,eaaadlie 2 49 ,V typ., ..,, ' - M P Qu X Natural bristles Duratized for longer life. Bristles reinforced by special process to assure flexible stiffness, resist matting for longer periods . . .outlast ordinary brushes up to 3 times Strdight-line design to meet professional preference. Straight-trimmed bristle tufts, straight shank, straight handle . . .for simpler, more eflicient manipulation. Py-Co-tip for interdental stimulation. Flexible, resilient rubber construction . . . ready for your patient's use according to your instructions, to reach interproximal spaces inaccessible to the toothbrush. Pycope, ll1C. ' Jersey City 2, New Jersey jj me owmzz an Defy, y co f?f'ew f14-9f':fW'9' RECOMMENDED BY MORE DENTISTS THAN ANY OTHER TOOTHBRUSH 270 if .,, 3 . , 'ww 1 Q ff Z S6 yr ,gg Magiiif.. .3 N. - .. 2 5 5- . . V w 'aw A R Q' A f :J 'V' f .wx is NRL!! N, - -x M X 'N . 1 I - , . , . A f,. .. . -f----- YA. - ' '+ N-Q., ...ny . . . A ' f'A' ,. -f...,2l:N-li Z ,ax Y 'I ' ',..,ff A-if Wowefz S X 4 N0-SHIFT DRIVE PLYMOUTH NO W HAS 0 VERDRIVE AVAILABLE S. D. BELL DENTHL IHHIIUFHCTURIIIG EU. rr ovnqlm W ALWAYS LEADING VITALLIUM EQUI-POISE DESIGNED MICRO-DENTURES PORCELAIN and ACRYLIC JACKETS I PONTIC BRIDGEWORK C LUXEN E 4444 No More Complete Laboratory Service Obtainable Anywhere. Compare! 313 PEACHTREE, N. E. P. O. BOX 4115 ATLANTA 2, GEORGIA M1-Xiu 0483-0481! MICRO-DENTURE P R C E D U R E 'I o 'A . :- Waltel' F. Harrison Lester W, Newton President q Sec. and Treas. 5' 1 K . 1, N - om- .--If 272 Kc f WHY IS THE rl-mes DIMENSIONAL ASPECT' V l or THE musvrs nloronm svsrsm f lMPonrAN1 IN Toon-I smcrlom 4 if During the last fifty years it has been conclusively demonstrated that the maxillary central incisors exhibit clas- sifiable characteristics of outline form. lt has also been clearly shown that faces exhibit like characteristics of form and may be similarly classified. When Nature or Man combines faces and teeth of like or similar form, the effect is harmonious and pleasing. Recent investigation and studies have clearly established two other maior esthetic considerations in facial har- mony. These studies clearly show that there is a definite harmonious relationship between a. the gin'givo-incisal aspect ofthe ' labial surface of the maxillary central and the profile of the face. b. the mesio-distal aspect of the labial surface of the maxillary central and the cheek planes of the face. ' , f. My , ' 'l 2: I' ' v ' ., -f I L f f sg K 51 X z Q: ef,1,.z .gj 'X , nga? y These three harmonious relationships -outline form, profile, cheek planes -are primary considerations in fine denture work. Their recognition and incorporation in Trubyte Bioform Teeth is a maior advance in esthetics. Now, for the first time, you can select teeth which are in harmony with not just one, but all three aspects ofyfacial dimension. Trubyte Bioform Teeth harmonize with all three dimensions of the face. They form the basis for a systemlof tooth selection which assures an esthetic result never before obtainable. Trubyte Bioform Teeth are the most beautiful and the most durable por- celain teeth ever made available to the profession. They will enable every dentist to attain a new degree of excellence in his prosthetic work., . . BU! S ' 1 5 Y Y R. . . .,A,, H- l S . L- A, ,x., 1 ,. K 2 -9 , BNN t p - x t , J .. ,..k I 1: y s . mum Equvlpmellllarp 11:4 f at il K - - A ii - f A inf. rg.: .-.. L .5 .,,,. A 'els-M' X f no T ' e. un r P y - A ratt r I be ' yNithsPr65l'9.f . . U . ' .. .'f' - W. L,z, lx. -1 ipwyw-H.. ,Q - .. X ---- M 'f' x Z, V , W 1 . , , 1 2 , .1 ATN' 1 2, , iEg:jj::es5 51? f2wz'?9fWf- i5I,gI :- wg ! rg 1333 . MN :Ji a 5 33: .fel lfgfil 2 EF'f31 G Nl 'IRI .ff VIR 'Q 1.3 .1 ' 5253-M 5111 ,'?1,9i'1:3,53'3f 'Tl 5' f t,-tI,E'..3- ill 7 Z: 'lll sw X I ' lf N 'T J , ft - -'.-. : 90' if N' .,,. .pl if l 2 E:-rf 'i it - T555 31 t . . if ' R il! 5 -Y Q 'if pf 'e .ff P hil l ali T is 14241. 1 . 1- .,, as ' 'f Z ... A.,,. . ,,L, Q V: ,. -t ii! l,l3?fS.'Ll1 .fe l , 'A 'A ' Q T 1 T ? sc ,., , 2' 2 f ' 1 - gigigzlfig' ,,,' ' 2.3,, !:p ', ff l-bl? Q35f l?g ,K -f ' v . 'Nag Y o 0 o 67179 Wilco W W 6 UICB 0 EU Ill 9Il'lIS'l'S f BW 04 X fl 510 VWTL A' t, . . . P T You must look and act successful to become successful-quickly. And th1s is X FW '- . . . . . in X what a modern Ritter equipped office does. It immediately establishes you QF l as a dental leader in the eyes of the only people who will put you in the vm1fu.EJ1g1L1v1NG higher income bracket-your patients. STUD . U 3 . . . The Ritter Company not only helps you to dental leadership with the l world's finest equipmentg Ritter offers you these valuable practice-building ly services- . wr ' 1. The complete services of the Ritter Ollice Planning Department. We'll plan awpxcel every detail of your layout including decorations, without cost. ,Q,?3'QxSUo,lx T. 2. The Ritter Statistical Service. We ll furnish data about any community in which xvigbis - you wish to practice. 5 ' ' 3. Practice-Building Studies that tell ou how ou can make more mone with Y Y Y ,DX proven facts, not theory. QQ 'ff 4. The Ritter Deferred Investment Plan that allows you to start with the finest X equipment-and pay out of earnings. Ask your Ritter Dealer. C Success starts with planning-now. We're ready to help. Please call on us. ,ha Q Q MW P cy? if W N Q02 p 4 0 f X ' ' pygALfysZE 6 x , .Q O MDN ' f' pi .-Kg'-, lllllDx'Nu,'1 X Gllibklxsxvk l -t t e r aT ' p R QQ' 4 b 'RSQQQQO' COMPANY INCORPORATED lf' IUILY UP YOA SYANDAID Q NOY DUWN YD APRICK RITTER PARK, ROCHESTER 3, N.Y. 2749 ow to allliatf and HOLD cttiertbt The comments of their friends, the impressions made by you, your ollice, and your treatment, are the measuring sticks those who come to you for treatment will employ in estimating your skill and professional standing. Impressions are therefore very important. Bear in mind that almost all who will come to you have been in other dental offices. Consciously or subconsciously, com- parisons Will be made. You can mold these in your favor: I. By making them feel welcome. Your waiting room, and your receptionist, if you will have one, are aids to this end. 2. By giving careful consideration to your greeting, your oper- ating, and your personal appearance at all times. 3. By operating in a room so obviously modern and complete that it will be certain to inspire confidence. In other words your equipment speaks-will help make your Free Omce Planning patients Want, feel proud, to refer their friends. Service and Conven- Let us help you plan an oflice that will provide the maxi- mum in functional efficiency, one that will be modern, lem Pqymenl Terms look modern, today and tomorrow. Any distributor of S. S. White Equipment will be glad to explain these services. Ask him or write fo ' ' 0 Z, DElI'I'll. uraco. 211 South 12th Street, Philadelphia 5, Pa. -275 ivy l. A XX ml l ll Q TO YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE WONDERLAND OF DENTAL PRACTICE, the Ray-Lyon Company offers a complete laboratory service. As the Southis 'ciinest mechanical laboratory for dentists, we are fully equipped with men and materials to construct your restorations by the most modern methods and time- tested technics. Especially are we happy to serve young dentists . . . to acquaint you with the newest developments and refinements, to offer technical aid and suggestions, to furnish designs for dentures of all types, and in general to serve you in every way that We possibly can. We believe in results . . , are always ready to employ your preferred technic, to follow specific instructions, or recommend that we believe to be best for particular requirements. May we co-operate in building your next restoration? l nv ANY CASE . . . CALL RAY-Lyofvf T IIIIQLGPNIIIHIHI 1uY-LYoN co., INC. T 4.18 PEACHTREE, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA TELEPHONE WA. 6279-80 276 Je ES BROS .. . Dental Laborator IS QUALIFIED T0 UFFER YUU TWO UUTSTAND- ING ADVANCEMENTS IN THE ART UF CUN- STRIJCTING PRECISIUN PARTIAL DENTURES. sasmagwt RETENTIUN Doctors know that patient objection to visible clasps is one of the most difficult obstacles to over- come when a partial denture is indicated. Now, however, the Saddle-Lock Clasp Retention principle safely enables you to conceal clasps so completely that no tell-tale sign of artificial teeth need be visible. Clasp grip is taken only in the mesial and distal tooth areas, where undercuts are wider, deeper and sharper. Here, the springy points of Saddle- Lock clasps find secure anchorage and provide the denture with ideal retention . . . complete stability . . . clasp concealment. No extra tooth preparation is involved. -ALSO- High Frequency INDUCTIO CA Tl G GREATER DENSITY - GREATER STRENGTH MORE UNIFORM With the modern Inductocast Machine., we can fur- nish you sounder, stronger, more uniform cast- ings. This modern method assures you consistently finer work for partials or lixed bridgework. The Inductocast is an electric high frequency casting machine which, utilizing the principle of induction melting, melts and casts any precious or non-precious alloy completely and thoroughly, as- suring uniformity. We extend to you a most cordial invitation to visit our laboratory and witness these up-to-date pre- cision methods. Phone WA. 3090 P. O. BOX 5031 ATLANTA 2, GA. The Best in Quality and Laboratory Service . . . 277 Atlanta Dsmwdl Supply C U IH P H II V CANDLER BUILDING ik Dental Supplies and Equipment il? ATLA TA1 G RGIA sggicfing Mow Ofladoralforg With Dentists who know values. the primary consideration when it comes to Laboratory service is technical knowledge and skill. Repu- tation- record of performance is of utmost importance. Reputations are built slowly, over a long period of years by Hne quality and superior service. When it comes to selecting your Laboratory, the deciding factors are quality, service, prestige-and other considerations less tangible than price, but much more important. We have been in this business forty-one years: this accumulated store of knowledge and experience is at your command. ARMSTRCDNG-SMITH CO. Phone 3-7671 P. O. Box 912 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 279 Hanan Instruments and Apparatus for better results-for better dentistry wif Ask your dealer for your copy of our catalog, or write to HANAU ENGINEERING C0., INC. 1233 Main Street, Buffalo 9, New York Compliments of NIX0N-H0LC0MBAE DENTAL COMPANY 303 coufaand, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CY- 0421 WA. 2676 280 UST WHAT THE J lnf 59fi'l DOCTOR ORDERED in full denture service il ll JN hat is what we under- take to deliver to you - a full upper or lower that is just what the Doctor ordered. A high degree of fidelity to the setup as received by us is the rule of procedure in our laboratory. It is this rigid adherence, this exact and careful observance of your directions in all of the details of finishing a case, that assures you full dentures that are to your exact prescription. No matter what type of Full denture you may prescribe -Vitalon resin dentures, Vitallium cast bases, or any other-all are processed and finished to standards of fit, esthetics and fidelity to your instructions that you will like and admire. S. S. SWILLING DENTAL TECHNICIANS 209-210 Medical Arts Bldg. and 4119 Peachtree St., N. E. Atlanta, Georgia 281 I . F Is Your REQ To precision Qental Jqppliomces Your Patients Deserve the Best ITS SMOOTH SAILING WHEN ' YOU SPECIFY MUCO-SEAL--Procedure for Your X NOBILIUM CASTINGS- Assures MARTIN MADE RESTORATIONSH L . ' Dentures. I N X 1 X 1 5 .. gs NX ,PE C: r xW fs Stability and Comfort X TI-IERMATROL GOLD CASTINGS For Your an.: lnlays -Bridges and Removeables , 1 G '11 A g sn' .L I. i o'ln NP' 55: . '55 522 553 ' S ' ra .- TEES.-- , I ' . 151. - ::1::! : :: 'A 112 , ':. :- :gg 2 2 , ,ggv - - .. .l.l..i-1- : 'gig 55 X ' -rn:-5 . Tl '--f- '- Q .:::::: , ge 1 - Y -K r - , Six X e: , -iT'fZ'1f ffrvs F , ,Ng fig-Q . - 7. 4 -1 ' -1 5, - .ve - - -:Q 1. 5 ,l .l..- ., if Martin Brothers The Service That Satisfiesv 120 Poplar Streeit, N.W. P. O. Box 1068 Phone WA.4514 'At1anta, Ga. 982 THO P 0 DE TAL C0 PA Y HliI'9l'.YfIZ'iI1g IJPTLHIZQD Our four conveniently located offices enahle us to offer a maximum of service to those of you who plan to locate in North and South Carolina. Our close proximity and our ability to provide you with prompt and efficient SERVICE is worthy of your consideration when placing your order for equipment and supplies. 793 DEALERS FOR: Ritter, S. S. White, Weber, General Electric, American Cabinet, Wilmot Castle, Pelton S1 Crane, and other man- ufacturers of quality equipment. it COLUMBIA, S. C. - GREENSBORO, N. C. - RALEIGH, N. C. - CHARLOTTE, N. C 283 ,f::yf7'7w: ,Move - Il A MLN 9 'i'- ' gf xffl K -aff ' . K 5 7, H get 're..':.' um ' LM . '1,.Q,g9sgf.. 394 s , 1 t ri m' sy 9, . 2 -42,3 A. ' . .' 1 1 -rw .,,.E'.y', ,..,, qi l W5 ' I f li, ,A ,vmvtgwg up gr, 'C-91' off,--A ff' 'L .MfI,,-- A ' xr ,K .,,. , CHINESE PROVERB uOne picture is worth more than ten thousand words. . . . If true, then Columbia Dentoforms speak volumes. Write for Your Copy of CATALOG NO. 33 from 4'The House of A Thousand Models COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION Also Headquarters for Brown Precision Attachments 131 East 23rd Street M New York 10 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Either of our three stores are anxious to serve you. if? Let us assist you in selecting a suitable location and with your oihce plans. Crutcher Dental Supply Company, Inc. Shepherd Bldg., Frank Nelson Bldg., Montgomery, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Van Antwerp Bldg., Mobile, Ala. J. Chandler Baldwin Established 1921 ACRYLIC-crowns, bridges and inlays. PORCELAIN-we use a new porcelain having translucent Fluorescence found in the natural teeth. You are cordially invited to visit us at any time. 508 MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Box 1919 - Phone AL. 0815 - Atlanta, Ga. EBERIIART CONWAY C'0MPANY RHoDEs ANNEX BUILDING P. O. Box 4065 COMPLETE DENTAL LABORATORY SERVICE IN FLORIDA I T 7 S ANDERSON'S 46 years in Florida, serving the Florida Profession, with the proper knowledge of all DENTAL PRACTICE requirement problems confronting you. n - 1 . . A SERVICE ORGANIZATION IN EVERY SENSE HERE IS HOW . . 5 WELL STOCKED DENTAL SUPPLY HOUSES . . 4 COMPLETELY STOCKED WAREHOUSES with CHAIRS, . . UNITS, X-RAYS, CABINETS, STERILIZERS, LIGHTS of . . ALL leading manufacture-all models-all colors-avail- . able for immediate delivery. . . 3 WELL EQUIPPED SERVICE DEPARTMENTS . . 4 OFFICE PLANNING DEPARTMENTS . II TRAVELING AMBASSADORS TO SERVE YOU . . 4 PLANS FOR FINANCING YOUR OFFICE L. M. Anderson Dental Supply Co. ALL OVLH FLORIDA 285 1 I I I l -n 2' 1, 'I . 4 'x - L x .-. rl.. K SX .FJVXT ,mi x 6' -. ,g. fu- . .,4.' H .-X . ff -3 - sv Y?-fu v W, 4 E P6 5, 9 'f A 3 ws E 1 4 gf 4. ?v 9 2 gs E A Z2 K E Z ?or l7reciAion ben tal Ca tin TYPE A TYPE B TYPE c TYPE c mme No. JELENKO Peffafm, Mmm 6010 .nm M 5.PNt FFF nEn.m5. fwr arf P REG-M5-Pfwfh The PATRICIAN SOFT MED. HARD HARD HARD of Casting Golds for for M.O.D. fstandard Hardness! lyet Easily Burnishedf Simple and Simple for Cannichaels. for Carmichaels. for 1-Piece G Unit Inlqyg Inlays Crown and Inlay Crown and Inlay Castings. Clasps Abutments Abutments Bars. Saddles. etc. GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR JELENKO GOLDS JELEIIHU PREEISIUII EHSTIIIG EIIUIPIIIEIIT These superlative .lelenko Colds will meet every casting need. The inlay golcls are certified to meet A. D. A. Specification No. 5. .lelenko No. 7 is unexcelled among partial denture golds. In equipping your laboratory, start right-with Jelenko Precision Casting Equipment. .lelenko Electric Inlay Furnace for wax elimination and Thermotrol Juniori'-the Den- tist's Personal Electric Casting Machine-provide the essen- tials for Precision Casting. Add other equipment as needed. 91 JELENKO ELECTRIC INLAY Detailed Literature and Catalogue on request. FURNACE JELENK0 J. F. JELENKO 81 C . . P with Pyrometer O ' HTHERMOTRUL F0fWaX Elimination 136 West 52nd street New York 19. U. S. A. JUNIOR 288 5 2 I Y l 'V I 1 'v I alan. 3 u 3 STUCKS and BUNDS J. W. TINDALL 8: COMPANY 11446-1150 Citizens 81 Southern Building R. M. MCCLESKEY J. N. KIRKLAND KIRKLAND and MCCLESKEY Dental Laboratory ATwood 5133 P. O. Box 2088, 389 Courtland St., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA WE SUPPLY THE BEST IN Equipment Supplies Teeth Precious Metals Restorative Appliances 'lhu BEST source of supply for all your requircmcnls Davidson Dental Supply WAlnut 0720 co., Inc. New Orleans - LA. - Shreveport Baton Rouge, La. Little Rock, Ark. Jackson, Miss. Remember You Have a,Righ1' 'l'o Expecl' More from Hue Oral-Ar1's Denfal Labora1'ory ORAL-ARTS DENTAL LABORATORY RAYMOND A. GOLD 33'f2 Auburn Avenue, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Tel. ALpine 0755-6 P. O. Box l095 Best Wishes Powers 8: Anderson Bental Company, Inc. Distributors for RITTER, S. S. WHITE, WEBER, GENERAL ELECTRIC AMERICAN CABINET EQUIPMENT ' Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk and Lynchburg, V Charlotte and Raleigh, N. C. A 1 H 0 R T 0 N 9 S In the Village ik ik Where Emory Students Meet CR. 2313 291 wax ii ,fr Ir 1 A TIME T0 Your college career is a time to remember- a time to be proud of-a time to profit from for the rest of your life. ln a real sense, the profit you take away from Emory will represent interest on the in- vestment in time, effort and enthusiasm you made while you were here. In a larger sense, however, you will take away from Emory the accrued interest on the investment of their Whole lives by generations of dedicated teachersg interest on the hard-Won met Hi REMEMBER wealth of scores of unselfish Christian men and Women who built Emory into what it is, provided the buildings and the grounds, and fought for the high standards which make an Emory education one to be proud of. And all your life long, you will continue to receive the benefits of those investments. It will be your duty to see that they have been Worthwhile! EMORY UNIVERSITY 293 EMORY Use SENIQR RINGS For All MSchools'7 in University DENTAL RECQRDS Harry J. Bosworth Company Specialists in dental records since 1916 ' For Any 1560 N. Gfaduauon I Decatur Road Year 'Ml Q V Atlanta H. S. CANFIELD IR, , ff X lf .1 Designed 8 Manufactured by HERFF JONES CO. A Mark of QUALITY Foons COLONIAL sromzs Compliments of J. Minor Sturgis Porcelain Laboratory 7241-725 Candler Bldg. Box 111104 ATLANTA 1, GA. AMERICAN BIBLE SUCIETY 85 Walton Street, N. W. ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA We are a non-profit, international mission- ary organization, printing the Scriptures without comment and distributing them Without profit. When Wanting foreign Scriptures, see us. William D. Thomson ATTORNEY AT LAW Class of 1895 Suite 1431, Cancller Building ATLANTA, GEORGIA I V E Y 8: C R 0 0 K Architects Wilson Carpet Laying Company Hotels and Stores our Specialty PHONE LA. 8886 264 Peachtree St., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Experienced from Laying Seileral Million Yards of Carpet .f- .4 f 449 Q X 1 4 K X X35 N W, A x ,,5 X Q ff 2 'W ' Vw, .Jag .. ta sfrwff x k X ,X xg Six .. ,imap Q eh. SN MX, wx i X R xx X .ix pf i' sq SR. X Q trade marks mean the .same flung. Too, Seeks ualit Months of study-Months ofpleasant companionship All of them summarized in this yearbook, a memento to the effort you have put forth to make a success of your school work. It is our hope that Coca-Cola has in some small way made your task easier- contributed a friendly pause for refreshment to your work or play. Anywhere, anytime, you will find a frosty bottle of Coca-Cola near-by to help you make any pause The Pause That Refreshesn. fl-v QS lx THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY COPYRIGHT 1950. THE COC 297 EMORY SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products WASHING . . . GREASING TIRE AND BATTERY SERVICE J. M. BROOM, Prop. DE. 8073 BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The simplest announcements may be given interest and dignity and the prestige of good form through the use of genuine engraving. When you have an announcement to make, request our samples and suggestions. J. P. Stevens ,Engraving Company Manufacturers Genuine Engraved Stationery 110 PEACHTREE STREET TEL. WA. 6870 KRISPY KREME Compliments of DOUGHNiITS AMERICAN SURGICAL SUPPLY D 1 P P E E E N T TASTY 489 PCQZMPQANY E SATISFYING eZLiffA JIS' N' ' 4.449 PONCE DE LEON AVE., N. E. HOSPITAL AND PHYSICIAN EL- 7307 SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT ATTENTIQN LAW GRADUATES! If it is your-intention to practice in Georgia, the most important books to buy FIRST are as follows: CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED GEORGIA SUPREME COURT REPORTS GEORGIA COURT OF APPEALS REPORTS INGRAM 81 PARHAM, GEORGIA LEGAL FORMS DAVIS 8 SHULMAN, GEORGIA PRACTICE 81 PROCEDURE POWELL, ACTIONS FOR LAND, Revised Edition NADLER, GEORGIA LAW OF CORPORATIONS REDFEARN ON WILLS Sz ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES IN GEORGIA GEORGIA LAW REPORTER CAdvance sheets of the Geor- gia Reports and Appealsj Then, as your practice Warrants and demands, add to these all along some of the more important texts of a general nature. Our long experience is yours for the asking and convenient terms can be arranged. THE HARRISON CGMIIPANY Law Book Publishers PRYOR AND HUNTER STS. ATLANTA, GEORGIA SERVING THE LEGAL PROFESSION FOR MORE THAN FORTY-FIVE YEARS 299 , x 1, Q- View QI' 'Q - ' 'f f 14 ,.,.3,32 Hg. xx Wi 247, V, ,. - xg, ,S f V, Q-mf fi KZ , fi 2 I 444-,,. . V . 'Z M ,ff Z Q, R Q V fy! r L ff X ' ,A 1 4, Y 4 9 wc . fy f' ganna 'Q' ,. Zz 4 J' aw? X f x are +-..,. 1 Compare 'rhese wu+h +he mugs on 'rhe ODK page. The Iafesi' Hung In men s shlr1's. Sprung 'fever-has a way wl'H'1 some of us! ?l'ip- .,, QQ ' +elegraph line. f y .. ' mf W 8 C' .U Aztsw dfls ' Rx-2avk???Ffv14?Q ' X s Us C, N , E. My .. ? s , - 2- Ml s W K , f A CDX MUSIC SHOP Latest Hits on DECCA, VICTOR, COLUMBIA THE VARSITY FRESH FOODS and -CURB SERVICE- CAPITOL RECORDS 161 Peachtree street MA. 2378 ATLANTA ATHENS BURNS SERRVICE E Thegwfe STATIIDN s Cjjpfm M FWYOU' en S 0 Complete W In the Village em R Needs Y Gulf Products 1885 N. DECATUR RD. EL. 5481 MEN'S SHQP 1871 N. DECATUR RD. A+ f1rs+ glance, I d say 'Hus ns Hue sirmglng of 'rhe fnrsf ESTABLISHED 1912 VISIT OUR SHOW ROOMS Z' 1: 5, , ' ' ' f'3'Ilf'E!wn V! J . I I A i 1 I- 0 3 f '- I : T 1 Q 2 9 NA t V ,W lf X 9 IJ- , ., , , ,A U -f::,,, 'I ' JI ,, v . Q ,my - I - 2 fi ' ' z 2 W, ,, .12 f: e I ,f,,,15W,. .1 gs: I AMW 5. ' -- ' ff' A'...,,.w If ,',,, Q2p.:T4-.Tn N , 3 1 -T ' I -L, 1 1 2 L, 7 jyfw - - - -I 1 f 'Wff I I f v vf f f fb V ff' 4 L ,A ,Ig , If, A, Wwffffrw Nl X f T' TWV eip T, M f iff ' if 7 'Wo V' f 1 0 ff, 6 gf A ,f 5 A f 44 ,ff 1 I ff If I, A T 4 I M4 'gf N 'gif' MZ f , 1 I M f , ,I wet, , 2 2 'x ef 4 2 Neff W if f I- + ff 1, M' fc .I 1' ' T I gf iw y I X T f f f '- uf - ': f Ty A , .1 . .... L . ....,....., 4 . Cumpla-lv Rillcr EIQNT 0IIim- I I'IIOI IiY X-Ii -W1 UNITS II UIILTON EXAMINING Hoon: Illuslrnln-TI I I' 1 100 M-'I'IU9KI I' Till Tillflf lfurnilurr Nu-'I'Tvm1 Suilr- Illu-:lralr-LI THE PLACE TO GO FOR THE BRANDS YOU KNOW 32,000 Square Feel . . . Displaying and Stocking I-IOSPTTAI, PI-IYSICIANS LABORATORY Sl'PPI,,IES AND EQUIPMENT RECEPTION ROOM FURNITURE, X-RAYS Orfler from us wiilzv confidence Una' assurance llml you will get tlze Hnesl quality nzerclzanrlise guaranleerl Io be as reyzresentezl-as well as prompt, efficient service. Eig SURGICAL SELLING COMPANY !::: iuN'l Southern, Owned Serving the South Quality Merchandise SCIENTIFIC LABORATORY suPPLY COMPANY lllivisiun I ' gfuul Svlling CmT1p:u1yl -I lil 'Q' 139 roszkesr AVENUE, N. E. cvpress 5521 ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA Augusta, Gu.-1312 Walton Way Houston, Texas-819 West Drew Sf. Dunlap and Company INSURANCE SINCE 1895 Asa G. Candler, Jr .................................................... '99 Walter T. Candler ........... A...,.... T 07 Madison S. Massey .........,......,.................. ......... ' 24 Candler Building ATLANTA GEORGIA B E RUSTY'S DRIVE IN 2225 PEACHTREE ROAD Here's K X OSCAR x f ' , X He's on the Campus f X at Emory ENJOY THE BEST POTATO CHIPSE-- FRITOS and other TASTY FOODS 303 That big thing ih the middle looks like a campus polH'ician. ' TENNESSEE EGG C0. Your Friendly Community Theatres SCOTT DRIVE-IN WHOLESALE DE. 9484 Poultry . . .Eggs . . . Butter WALNUT 6775 WALNUT 9584 DE- 3114 189 Spring Street, S. W. K B DE 8121 Y0rk's Recreation Parlor Where Gentlemen Meet FIRST CLASS REGULATION SIZE TABLES FOR ALL GAMES 89 PRYOR ST., N. E. LA, 9765 Frank Graham Co. Lincoln - Mercury SALES AND SERVICE 600 West Peachtree Street ATLANTA, GA. Southern llairies, Inc. DeKALB MOTOR C0. - - ' - Sales and Service DAIRY PRODUCTS CHRYSLER Q PLYMOUTH Cfiescent 3316 593 Glen Iris Dr., N. E. VE. 0711 110 W. COURT SQUARE DECATUR, GA LUMBER - MILLWORK CURTIS WOODWORK f J for FASHLONABLB WRITING PAPERS '4Eve1'ything To Build Witha' . I BLUE HURSE cal Campbell Coal Co. 240 Marietta St., N. W. CY. 4747 SCHUUL SUPPLIES 182 Marietta St., N. W. av ' Bu'l' affer good Boffles of- wag 'cbmpleffely-cured.' Wynne Apartment . Hotel 644 N. Highland Ave., N. E. ATLANTA, GA. 130 RO0Ms WITH BATH Air Conditioned Rates from 01.50 Single Rates from 32.00 Double EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP Building Completely Sprinkler Protected AT. 4476 O AT. 4477 Cadillac Uldsmobile Capital Automobile Company ELWYN W. TOMLINSON President C 8: S WIIIDLESALE GRIJCERY C0. Hotel and Restaurant Supplies 40-42 GEORGIA AVENUE, S. E. Phones: MA. 0911-7-418 - LA. 7761-12 306 Jersey Ice Cream Co. 784. N. HIGHLAND AVENUE, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. Frefl E. SCCZllZi7Zg I'IEmI0ck 0125 ADAIR REALTY AND LOAN CIDMPANY REAL ESTATE RENTING LOANS INSURANCE HEALEY BUILDING Atlanta I, Georgia - -: 1-f':zg:'fI':c.. 5:.- 1 :M mv- J .14 'I-55 Hank gives owl' wi+l'1 a fypical, happylsmile , for 'The pho+ographer. I A Q . :'- ,L-5t,:: v ' B A L L A R D 9 S Dispensing Upticians S21NswfrA'9g Walter Ballard llptieal Company Three Stores IO5 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORB DOCTORS BUILDING 307 W 4 1 WF! q 3 lxalaynunw -un.-f-.m..,..., f I -.M....,,.x.,...,w. M 01 2212-5 ,Q Q H H1111 na n g Q 2 EEE M QQ W ,mQfM---.f.4ff,f,wwf MW H g,g2'Ggmg,mLe,.W QM X' ff 1.55 'X 4 STUDENT AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES Service Convenience ik The Studenl Auxiliary ElllCI'1.J1'iSC are owned by Emory University and operaled for the benefit of ull the sludents. These servicib are being expnmled as rapidly as possible to cover all students needs. YOUR PATRONAGE APPRECIATED ik Barber Shop Grill Dry Cleaning Laundry Rookstere Coca-Cola, UA Service for Every Student Neecln 309 Compliments ESTES SURGICAL SUPPLY CIDMPANY 56 Auburn Avenue SHUES Main Store ATLANTA, 201 Peachtree St DECATUR-109 W. Ponce de Leon Ave WEST END-878 Gordon St., N. E. BUCKHEAD-3173 Peachtree Rd., N. E. CONSOLIDATED QUARRIES CIDRPQRATIGN ik CRUSHED STONE WASHED SAND ik DECATUR, GEORGIA DEarbo1'n 1661 310 THE 1952 CAMPUS -IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER Designed and Pfofzlwefz by Kingsport Press, Inc. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE BOOKS AND JOURNALS of all publishers on MEDICINE, SURGERY, NURSING AND DENTISTRY J. A. Majors Company 108 Edgewood Ave., N. E. ATLANTA 3, GA. LAmar 8268 Catalogs Cheerfully Sent Upon Request Tom MITCHELL BUICK, INC. Your Northside Buick Dealer at Buckhead 3163 Roswell Road, N. W. CH. 94141-6 311 Le+'s'see how. Tl1.a1 s a spruce free, isn'+ H? Layfield Motors, Inc. Complete Automobile Service ESTABLISHED 19244 Come In for a drive-if-yovrlell JL aa-,L demonslrulionl Yau seo them everywhere 14-1-3 Marietta Street, N. W. ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA Merlin Wholesale Grocery Co. Institutional fobbers Phone MA. 5831-2 125 Decatur St., S. E. ATLANTA GA. Compliments of Christian and Bell Company CONTRACTORS Whitleyis Ready Mixed Concrete 'Serving You from 3 Plantsn CR. 2631 Decatur, Ga. Mitchell Motors, Inc. Your OLDSMOBILE Dealer ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA Sclles Seroice 350 West Peachtree St. WA. 5255 3' lt- NO FLAC! l l Us Easy to Pay the Haverty Wayl' DOWNTOWN: 22 Edgewood at Pryor DECATUR: 128 Clairmont Avenue BUCKHEAD: 3031 Peachtree Road EAST POINT: 226 N. Main Street A Small Investment Makes ci BIG Impression Rent a smooth-riding car from DIXIE for that date next weekend. NEW PLYMOUTHS-FORDS-CHEVROLETS from DIXIE DRIVE IT YQURSELF SYSTEM WA. 1870 26 ELLIS ST. At1anta's Newest and Most Modern Canlera Store il? Designed for your shopping 13162151116 and COIIVCIIICIICC Complete Stocks of All National Brand V Q Plzolographic Equipment and Supplies. Compliments Expert Camera Repairing- Studio Supplies and Equipment of WE BUY-SELL-TRADE VLSI! OLLI' A MODEL HOBBY DEPARTMENT ISENGUR CAMERA EXCHANGE ii? 529 Peachtree St. ATwood 4422-3 Atlanta, Georgia THE CITIZENS AND SIIUTIIERN EMO'RY BANK ' Located Adjacent to the Campus Let us Serve Your Banking Needs Complete Bank Service CHECKING - SAVINGS - LOANS SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS - AMPLE PARKING FACILITIES AVAILABLE H. J. DICKSON, Cashier ,L L. CARR, I R., Assistant Cashier MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 313 DELMA STUDIIDS 521 Fiffh Avenue New York, N. Y. ik' ik -ir A 0ur llfficial Yearbamlc Photographer ik ik wk MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORY 9 W. 20th St. New York 11, N. Y. Phone WAtkins 9-1880 314 .ISL l BUILDING... EMORY and the Sou BARGE-THOMPSON CUMPANY General Contractors 136 Ellis St., N. E. Atlanta, G These Are Your Friends . . . Adair Realty Sz Loan Co. American Bible Society American Surgical Supply Co. Atlantic Sz Paciiic Tea Co. Ballard's Opticians Barge-Thompson Contractors Burns Service Station C 81 S Wholesale Grocery Co. Campbell Coal Co. Capital Automobile Co. Christian 81 Bell Contractors Citizens 81 Southern Emory Bank Coca-Cola Company Colonial Stores Community Theatres Consolidated Quarries Corp. Cox Music Shop Delma Studios DeKalb Motor Co. Dixie Drive lt Yourself System Dunlap Sz Co. Emory Men's Shop Emory Univ. Auxiliary Enterprises Emory Service Station Emory University Estes Surgical Supply Co. Frank Graham Co. The Harrison Co. Havertyis Herff-Jones Horton's Drug Store lsengoris Photographic Exchange Ivey Sz Crook, Architects Jersey Ice Cream Co. Kingsport Press, Inc. Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop Layiield Motors, Inc. 1 Lay's Potato Chips J. A. Majors Co. Merlin Wholesale Grocery Tom Mitchell Buick, Inc. Mitchell Motors, Inc. Montag's, Inc. Rusty's Drive In Southern Dairies, Inc. J . P. Stevens Engraving Co. Surgical Selling Co. Tennessee Egg Co. Thompson-Boland Sz Lee W. D. Thomson J. W. Tindall 81 Co. The Varsity Wagstaif Motor Co. Whitley's Ready-Mixed Concrete Wilson Carpet Laying Co. Wyn11e Apartment Hotel York's Recreation Parlor Dental Advertisers L. M. Anderson Dental Supply Co Armstrong-Smith Co. Atlanta Dental Supply Co. J. Chandler Baldwin S. D. Bell Dental Mfg. Co. Harry J. Bosworth Co. Columbia Dentoform Corp. Crutcher Dental Supply Co. Davidson Dental Supply Co., Inc. Dentists' Supply Co. of New York Eberhart-Conway Co. Hanau Engineering Co., Inc. J. F. Jelenko 81 Co., Inc. ,Jones Brothers Dental Laboratory Kirkland 81 McClesky Martin Brothers Nixon-Holcombe Dental Co. Oral Arts Laboratory Powers 81 Anderson, Inc. Pycope, lnc. Ray-Lyon Co., Inc. Ritter Co., Inc. J. Minor Sturgis Porcelain Laboratory S. S. Swilling Dental Technicians Thompson Dental Co. S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co. E I, fl Z 5 Z 5 Q 2 2 5 , E 2 f 5 z 2 Z 5 2 E 2 Z Q Z1 5 E F 2 G 2 E 4 4 S 4 ? 4 1 2 W4 5 Q fa 1 4 we 0 Q 4 H Y? Q i . Z

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