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•i.i. ' l. " =?-r •, « ABOUT THE COVER . . . This piclure is historic. I t show? Emory ' s blithr spirit and slaphappy skeleton. Good- rich ;. Dooley, seated on the steps of the new Alumni Memorial Building, his fir t permanent home. After deeades of resting in any old nook or cranny. Bag ' o Bones now lies the year Voiind in his specially de- signed coffin in Dooley ' s Den, a unit of MB. He is resurrected l)ut on e a year: in lh - earl spring — to inspire the students, heckle the faculty, and loril it over thai an- nual fun-f ' sl. Dooley ' s Frolics. So ' twas with relurlance that he posed for this rare por- trait ainl as ytui see him. he is deep in medi- tation over the state of world aiTairs. PuklUhe t ktf the Stu eHU f CHAPMAN CUNNINGHAM Buaini ' ss Manager Ccp H kt y Cmfi) tdiiiJei ' Mtif Co Uilor T o you ever tcr . -s x .,t .nd traditions . 1 . l«arn the conc-pt - .V- a vit ' l role vn va s vihich ?-re so t.l.e s.n e ,, „,, st. - ,o the continued v..l nation-? ,, the sifn f- - ° ' " Z. .hich .ou h..e .vent eence or the re. y- , „,, ,,Uo. . .orvcin., X uehing. -d pl students ' ? ,,pr.c .t« - ' ' ' ' ' ' ,.o.Xed.«. -— ,,,, ,our PX- •11 prepare you o .,.. ..o»= - -- ;.:; - ,„, .. «.. - , ,s our hope th. .,v, pore and on« you Nin cherish rr.. .;.rs to corae, : . tful memories. ■ ,,re these fruitfu , ,,a ., to help you -me.her " • ' VI «1 moments, ' W ' t- H,ppv and influential , ,3e fe ppy . ..is record, the 19 J- , , Editors .nd Staff i CONTENTS il «lniiniBtruii(iii 12 Arls and Sciences IT F« " JiHirr 59 Hoiioro 81 Piibiiratioiia 87 Artivities and Organizations . 95 Sports 12S Fraternities 149 liness School 183 !aw School 195 Tlieology School 205 (.rncliiate School 213 Nursing School 217 l« (lical School 231 l) ntal School 251 V U and Dooley ' s Diary . . .281 :. !(,% ■■ ' " - Hk ■ ■ ' -k " W3 . ■■• ' mL ' i ; » I r iMl hedlicathH :Z7 :zz3 Tlic f(irl -iiintli idilicin (if llie Emory Campls is dedicalcd. witli sincere respect and devotion, to Mr. George A. XceK. Not onl lias he given great impetus and inspiration to the activities witii which he has been affiliated, hut lie also has heen an understanding friend and wise counsel to his student; who come into dail coTitact with him in the classroom. During the tc« cars Mi. . eeK has been at Enior) . he has served as adviser to the inlcrfraternity Council, director of the Emory Play- ers, and adviser to the Barkley Forum. His energetic and untiring efforts have contributed much toward the growth and success of the entire program of extracurricular activities at Emory. In all who have been associated uith him. Mr. eel has instilled a feeling of conhdence and a sense (d fair|)la ; his friendliness and patient understanding will ever live in the hearts of the Emory fandly. I ' biqiiitoiis M r. i ' oly jLTiispi nionirntarily from his many chores. (;k()K(;k a. nkkl ■ «fiJA Pierce Drive entrance to ihe Cafeteria and AMB. tatfj GiiDe Duo-pianists Liilioshiilz and IVcnienoff | erform before a iiaeked house in the AMH at one of lln- ChniiiliiT Music serii-s concerts. M fi % Students can be found playing pool here almost any hour the Don is open il«-r - we confer, study, danee, eat or just relax. GehcfcuMi The Einor I ' m-li ;:(■ i (T to a good start with the Hotlen-le-tot iuii|ili» ti«. :it A l;iii f during Orientation Week. After hill ir iiif;lillv study, both sexes enjoy danoiiic :iiiil li«liiiiiiK In Iheir favorite rerords. Iur hall gcl!s the University off lu uii official .start every inorning. aHifm Thi ' Hospital ami iioiglilioriiig Physiology and Analoniy liiiildings before ronslruelioii lii ' jjaii on thi- in« Meiiiial Kesearch HiiililiiiK. I ' lie lree anil parking area in right renter lia e -ini ' e heen rtpiareil In excavation lor the eight tor trnetiire — due in 1952. () iipied in niid-Januar . these tv ii luiihliii house the offices and elassrooni of ihe (»e4ilo t (left) and the Hiolog (right) neparlnieiil . The: are located across I ' ieree Drive from Dohbs Hall mid-winter aerial view of the campus taken at 1000 feet pictures some of the various conr-lrurlion I ojeel un- derway in 1950-31. E liniated cost of the 1, ' } new permanent l ' nivcr?itv buildings i SS-OOO-OOO. ceheJ The Cafeteria. rei-enll named llir «e-l winK of the Ahimni Meiiiori;il Itiiildin . i« aN " the home of !)oole ' Den. -Iiident liniisout. and the harliir-hoii. I he hehiu pirlure ho»» it a it hioked iliiring ihi I li:iiik-;. ' i iii ' iir -tnrtii. UNIVERSITY A man uilli isioii and [orcsiplit. a man witli aljilitv for |)lanninf!:. a man uitli initia- tive for successful completion. This aptly describes Emory ' s dynamic president. Dr. Coodricli Cook White. Acknowledged throughout the nation as a foremost edu- cator, [ ' resident White joined the Emory faculty in 1914 as professor of psychology. He later became Emory ' s first vice-president and then succeeded Dr. Harvey W. (-ox as president in 1942. During his tenure as president. Emory has continued to expand its educational facilities, and concomitant with this physi- cal plant growth, there has been a tre- mendous growth in student enrollment. Through the years the affable president has always taken a congenial, helpful, and sincere interest in the affairs of his many students, and alumni always make his office their first stop when they return to the campus. Admiration such as this could come only to a wise, amiable, and successful president. DR. GOODRICH C. WHITE, President ADMINISTRATION J. CORDON STIPE Vic« ' -I rr«i lrnl anil Ucuii of thf Fiit ' iillic? BOISFEIILLET JONES Dean of Adminislratiun CEORCE IT. MEW Trcii-urrr nnci (!( iiiptrollfr ' UNIVERSITY I.KWIS I.AM AI5 fll.EGG Director «( (liiii i iis i» K.wni s w. iJiJocK Ht ' i:i« lr:ir l(|{ l)l OKI) I). NSI l. Dirrc ' lor of riililir I lit iiriiuitiiin ADMINISTRATION KAMXd.I ' ll I.. lOUT I ' lililifiiluins Dirt-rlor WALT DAVIS Alumni Director E. n. RECE Dran of Sludrnt s •s f ■ ' Si SAMUEL L. LAIRD DirtTlor of llrligioll l.if 2v vC !■: ' ' CHAKI.F.S «). i:mmi KK II Kil ' -ilK ' k- Miilliic r UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATION HAIUJAKA AMES A «i -I;iiil III the Di ' iiii of Students (.11 lil KI ' C. M. I.I.MOKK Dirrrlor if llf ll illg ;4%t Scce tccj 17 tU ahif Emory ' s Dran jf the l.ciwcr Division of till ' (!ollc £i ' . Dian lilliT lias ailrnin- islcri ' il his dulirs with an air of warm frirndliness. sinccrily. and fairness. His personality and aliihly havi served Em- ory well, not only in academic affairs, hut also in alumni fields. He has served as President of the Alumni Association and has heen a constant source of en- ergy and effort towards the successful completion and use of the recently con- structed Ahiuuii Metnnrial Huildin!;. DEAN H. PRENTICE MILLER BIOLOGY Vi«olf(.r l n. Maker. Alviii V. Meallv. W il- liuiii I). Itiirliaiiek. Aiilhonv !. (IIi ' iik ' iiI. (Charles II. Uri er. Netia K. C.rav. Kariiesl L. Hunt, Kt-ith O.Slcen. K. li. I ' jall. William B. RediiioiKl. lOWAKI) M. IMIII.I.ll ' .S CHEMISTRY Ia-, W. Itlitrh. M.irir.n T. Clark. iiKii la S. Cooper. I{. . I)a . Jr.. Jaeiili II. (.ohl-li-in. J. Sam (.ii . William 11. Jiiiies. Charles T. Lcslor, Bniee lrI)uHu ' , E. Earl Rovalw. OSBORNE R. 01 A l.E cieHce Emory ' s youngest Doan ami only alum- nus who is Dean of a school of the University. Or. Judson C. Ward has per- formed his difficull tasks with outstand- ing ability since he first assumed thi post in 191 . I cccgnized as one of the Soiilh " s fori ' iiuisl educators. Dean W ard ' s friemlly. lielpful altitude lias won him ihi ' resfiect and aihiiiralion if all those who come in contact with him. and his rapahle gui lance of " the backbone of the I nivcrsity " has marked him as one (if Kniorv ' s trulv " leat alumni. DEAN JUDSON C. WARD. JR. ENGLISH Charles Edge, p ' dwin T. Martin. Marvin Mnrillo. J. Carlton Nunan. Ward Pafford. H. Blair Rou e. arlund ( . Smith. John i ' .. Stephens, John E. Tilford. Jr.. Flovd C. Calkins. JOHN I. (;()ODLAD EDICATION Slertin C. Rriiikle , ( raii ille H. John .on. Jr.. Sam I . W lg;:ins. rilOM.AS 11. ENGLISH JAMES (;. LESTER tU aH4 GEOLOGY Arthur T. Allen. Jr.. Williani F. Ingrain, Honieo J. Martin, Arthur C Munvan. GERMA John L. Hodges SAM M. siiim;k. JI{. GREEK KOItKIM L. SCIt MO 20 cieHce IIISTOKY Krall i S. Iiriii:iniiii. Itiii liaiii Diiiirun, Itirharcl K. Ilnrx.ll. I rank !. Laiuv. Jr., Janus K. Major. all.r 15. I ' ..s.% . B.ll I. ( ilev EdHJii I.. Williams. Jaiiio II. doling. JOl RIN ALISM Dozier Carlo. Ranrlolpli I,. F ' ort. Richard Jofl. Milt in D. Kr ' U(; ' r. Ha inond F. Stewart. JOSKl ' H J. MATHEW.S l Vk.MO.ND B. M 0. I.ATIIN CIIAKI.I S It. IIAItr 21 r»SYt:iioi,0(;Y ' illiani I{( ' :iii. Jr.. W ' ill!:iiii F. I)iik " -. llrniKiii . Marliii. Arlliiir KioiK ' lir. Jr.. I ' rrili ' rick 15. Uowc, l ' ;iiil V. Si.ord. Sam C. W.I.I.. W . (pati- to(.il i. ' kniaii. KOAIA.NCi; I.AiNi.LACES Kliol ;. Fay, Pelt-r L. (;iU«-rt. ;i-orj: I{. Kr , :. K. I.in alala. Janii-.. M. Smith. illiam . Slro- .ii ' r. M. Di.ii Walker. I. iii aim. M. CURTIS LANGHORNE RRUCE GORDON tHJ and ALLEN D. ALBERT (;eorge a. nkely SOCIOLOGY Jiihii . (.rilliii. IIIU A. Sullen. Jaiiii- W. W iKK ' " . Janio 1. Wili ' . SPEECH Kirharil V. Mall.r. 22 MATIir.M VI ICS (iharit !- b ' . Hri . l{:o inoiiil I ' ' .. Car- roll. Charlo K. cliirk. Doniilil ll liiii-!i, (1. I{. I ' lirliiiKloii. Pllll OSOPIIV Kit ' liurd lliirkiiiK. ( t ' irf(c •■ l -rkic, Donald W. Rocrrs. RoIhtI Itcii-lorM. CI.AIRBORNE L.4TIMER LEROV E. LOEMKER cicHce D. R. MrMII.IAN. JR. LYNWOOI) M. IIOI.I.AND I ' insHS Erni- l II. Ilaililoi ' k. Itnlii-rl 1. Lii « iiiann. Vn ii.. !. I rar«i ii. Uoli- irl II. Kiihri--. iMHiTirM. s»:ii; (:i. Eiluaril S. (Miri ' «in. I.f ' -lif Vi . Diin- har. Ciiilni It. (.o.iirll. ( liarli ' . I). Ili iin li ' ll. J. llcin I ' oolc. Ralph E. I ' iir.,11. 23 Lurult ' il ;it thr ' r ' ! l of llii- liill along Pierce Drive standi Kiiio ' ( " afrtrria. faiiu ' tl i ' mt h rc ' f ir ils iiiodiTii ( ' fii ' it-iK ' h and ooil foixl. I ikKt lh« ' oapable direction of Mrs. Haynie, its doors are open two tinier a day to receive hungry stu- dents and facultv. V DALLAS W. ADAMS Orlando, Florida Biology ROBERT G. ALLEN Atlanta, Georgia Mathematics; Sigma Nu. RlCllAKU G. ALI ' ER Miami Beach, Florida Psychology; EISA, Phi Epsilon Pi; Independent Council, Sec- retary-Treasurer; EGA. f9Sf eH cfJ EDWARD M. ANDERSON Atlanta. Georgia Ghcmislry: Phi Delta Thcta; " E " Club; Swimming 1, 2; Football 3, •(; All-Emory 3. JACK ANDERSON jacks( n ille, Florida Economics; Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer. WILLIAM R. ANDERSON Fort Myers, Florida General Science ALFRED D. ARMISTEAD, JR. Holt, Florida General Science; EIS. . Vice- President; Football 3; Basket- ball 3. CLINTON C. BAKER Memphis, Tennessee Humanities; Delta Tau Delta; EGA. CHARLES H. BANOV Charleston. South Carolina Biology; Tau Epsilon Phi, Sec- retary; The Wheel; Tennis; Football; Basketball: Student Council 3; Hillcl Councilor- ship, Vice-President; Debate Forum. S. L. BAUMGARDNER Len ille. (icorgi.i Cieneral Science; Players. HARVEY J. BEALL C.irrollton, Georgia Psychology; Star and Crescent Club; Alpha Epsilon Upsilon; Radio Workshop. NORMAN H. BELL (;.iines illc, Georgia General Science; Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Epsilon Upsilon; Tr.ick 3. RICHARD BINION, JR. Milledgev ille, (ieorgia (Jencral Science; Alpha Tail Omega, Secretary; Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN C. BLAUH K, JR. Atlanta, Gcor ;ia Biology; Chi I ' lii. IIKRBERT Bl.ATT Biuuklyn, New York I ' svcholcigv ; Alpha Upsilon Pi Buskclball 1, 2; Hillcl. i ' U Ir cience AL BI.O :k n.V.S.: Omicrnii I). Ii:i Kap- pu ; I ' hi Itfia kuppii; Kla Sig- iiiu INi; I ' rcsidfiit. Alpha Ep- «il ii Ipsiloii; l ' ro i l» ' nl, Tau Kpsilon I ' hi; Chairman, Kooslerorat I ' arli ; Prf i lriit. pledge rla- Tall Ep il( ll I ' hi: Arling I ' rc idcnl. Stiidi-nt (loiiiK ' il; Mrdiral Siliiml Urp- rc ii nlati t ' ofi StiKlnii (!(»iin- ril; Teinporarv l ' ri ' iil( ' nl; E.C.A.; E.C.A. (:. iin.il; Pub- lic AITuirs A xx ' ialioii ; Itark- Icv Forum: liillrl: Intrrfra- ternilv Council. ALFRED E. BODDY Tucker. Georgia (icniral Science; Sigma Epsilon. ROBERT C. BOOZER Atlanta, Georgia I ' hi Economics: Kappa Alpha; Kta Sigma I ' si; .Alpha Epsilon Up- silon; Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Kappa Psi, President; Campus 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3, : Vice-President: Glee Club; De- bate Forum; Business School Honor Council 3, 4. SEYMOUR BREITMAN Perth .Amboy, New Jersey Eilucalion: Tau Epsilon Phi. JOHN H. BRIDGES .■ llanta, (ieorgia Romance Languages; Pi K;ip- p.i Phi, Warden, Historian: Phoenix; Pre-Ministerial Club, Secretary. ARTHUR P. BROOKS New York, New York Psychology: The Wheel; Traf- fic Court RALPH E. CALHOUN KENNETH P. CARLSON GEORGE R. CARY, JR. HUGH G. GATES JAMES W. CHESTER .Mbanv, Georgia Columbus, (korgia Atlanta. t;corgij .Atlanta, Georgia Whigham, (Jeorgia Biology; Phi Sigma; Phoenix. Biology; Sigma Nu: Chaplain; Biology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Journalism: Alpha Delta Sig- Philosophy; Methodist Student Intcrtraternity Council. The Wheel; Campus; Traffic ma, Presi lcnt. Fellowship. President l ' .C. Court; Alpha Phi Omega. ■ luilrii!-. V. a. kill;: aixl rlf!iii;i. Imrr UI1 ihetr ua belHiTii 4-la s ' in tli« Ki4 ' li luiildin; and o r on iIk ' qil;l(l- ranglo. I lioir rii li f(irin a daily pari of ihf routine which is o prev- alent in our -oIle 4 ' life. CLin ORD M. CI.ARKK, JR. Savannah, Georgia Political Science; Chi Phi, President; Tau Kappa Alpha, President; Debate Korum, Manager; Omicron Delta Kap|)a; Phi Beta Kappa. CARL L. CLOWER Collcue Park, Ga. Education t,l (|R(,1 J. ( OHEN Brooklyn, New York General Science; Tau Epsilon Phi; Phoenix; Aliiha Phi Onu- ga; llillil. I9SI en c ' J RICHARD L. COHEN KENNETH CONOLEY WILLIAM C. COOK, JR. FLOYD C. COOPER, III JAMES H. COOPER Miami, I- ' lorida Atlanta, Georgia Blakely, Georgia )ir.ulcnton, Florida Clemmons, North Carolina Biology; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Chemistry; Alpha Epsilon Up- Biology; Sigma Nu; Band; General Science; Kappa Alpha. General Science; .Mpha Tau Kappa Kappa Psi; Concert silon; Players. Glee Club. Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; Band; Campus; Freshman Camera Club. Council; Hillel; Alpha Phi Omega. GILBERT .M. CORDES Atlanta, Georgia Humanities; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. JACK H. CRUM . ' danta, Georgia Education; Sigma Chi. GERALD A. CUTCHINS Atlanta, Georgia Philosophy; Sigma Pi, Presi- ilent. ROBERT W. DARLING Atlanta, Georgia Geology; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon; Geolog ' C!!lub. MONTE DA IS .Atlanta, Georgia English; Hillel. • f i f - IL- ' k.-. II ■ m I ANDREW I.. DINK Waycross, Georgia Psychology. ROBERT D. DURDEN Atlam.i, Cict rL:i.i Romance Language: Hcia Thc- la Pi: Alpha Psi Omega: Glee Club: Plaxcrs. President: Doo- Icvaircs. JAMES H. DONALDSON, JR. Ulackshear, Cieorgia Ivnglish: Eta Sigma Psi: EGA Council: Westminister IVllow- ship, President. ALLAN G. EDWARDS, JR. Marietta. Ge irgi.i Miiilogy: Kappa Alpha. ARTHUR D. DRAPER Tampa, Florida General Science: Sigma Chi; Kta Sigma Psi: Baseball: Bas- ketball: Plajers, Business Man- ager; E.C. ' , Secretary, Treas- urer: Canterburg Club, Vice- I ' residcnt. HIWARD G. EHRLICH I ' .runsuick. Cie - rgia Cieneral Science: .Mpha Hpsi- lon Pi: Plavcrs: Radio Work- shop: Hillcl. MALCOLM R. DUGGAN, JR. Bradenton, l " lorida Social Sciences: Sigtiia Nu: Alpha Kappa Psi; Wheel; Swimming 1, 2; Track 2, 3; " E " Club: ' IValTic Court. HENRY C. ENTREKEN, JR. . tlant.i, Ge irgia Education: Kapp.i Phi Kappa; Football -1. DWIGHT M. DUNLEVIE Savannah, (ieorgia Romance Languages: Kappa Phi Ka|)pa. H. SPENCER ' HAIRCLOTH l.eesburg. (ieorgia I ' oliticai .Science: Sigma Chi. tHJ £ c ehceJ MATT D. FEINBERG (ireat Barrington. Mass. German: Tau Epsilon Phi; DVS: Omicron Delta Kappa: EC. , President; Honor Coun- cil, Chairman. JOHN T. FERGUSON .All. ml. I. (leorgi.i Political .Science. WILLIAM H. FERRY, JR. Pensacola, l-lorid.i Journalism: Sigma C ' hi, Pledge- master; Tl-.c Wheel, Summer Editor, News Editor, . ss ' t. Business Manager: Phoenix, News Editor: Campus, Man- aging Editor: Players: Radio Workshop; Senior Class, Treas- urer; Alpha Delta Sisma, Vice- President. MVI ' I II ' .IMU ' .IU; DV.S ; V irr-l rr-i4lrllt. 1)lllirr-oll l fll;i Kiippa: rri ' -idriit. l ' ' .iiior% Cliri liiiii A ' -- oi-i:iltoii ; ! ti ii i r 111 :i II , lloiKir 4!oiiiieil; l rr i lt-iil. T:iii I |i ilnii I ' ll!: rr. ' .id.nl. liiliil: l li.il. InriMii: Inli ' iliiilh Coiiiiril: INow .Stiidi ' iil Ot-irnlalion ( ' iiiiiiiiitirr ; Thr W hi-rl: I ' lii Si;:iiia lolii. I Ont ' »r thr ii)4 r4 pirtiirpsqiif liiiild- inf;!» on nimpii i, ispraulin;;. pint- siirroiiiKlrd Dohhs }lnll h:Ml t Mi «haii;r« ' « ill l . 0-!i I . i nc. ih ' rt ' - niiHlrliii;: ol inr uiii lo art ' oinino- 4l;ilr f r4-»liiiirii, :iiiil I lit- otlirr an nfl rii- ' «i ' (| t n nur « ' r knoun a " Kitldi - " - Koriwr " in lln ha ' cnii-nt for the benefit « f working; tn(lnlt ' wives. JAMES D. FITZGERALD RolIicIIc. Clcor iii Fine Arts; IXlta T;iu Delta. JOHN D. FOLGER Savannah. Gcorj ia political Science CHESTER W. FOUCHE lUiena Vi ta. Georgia History; Public Affairs Asso- ciation; International Relations Club; Cosmopolitan Club. 795 eh cz-J DAVID B. FRANZE Atlanta, Georgia General Science. CLIFTON W. FREEMAN Back Bay, Virginia Sociology. BARRY L. GARBER Miami, Florida Political Science: Tau Epsilon I ' hi, Secretary; Phoenix, News l-(Iitor. Managing Fltlitor: The Wheel; Football " 1,2: Basket- ball 1, Stuilent Council: Inter- fraternity Council: Public Af- fairs Association; Hillel. JAMES W. GARDNER, JR. W ' .isltington (-ouri I louse, Ohio I ' liii.iso|ihy; EISA: The Wheel: Phoenix; Track I; Public Af- fairs Association, Secretary; EC. Council: Cosmopolitan Club. A. SHELDON GELBURD Spartanburg, South C ' arohna Ps chology: Alpha F jisilon Pi, Sentinel: Tennis 2. G. MORTON GOOD Gainesville, F ' lorula General Science; Chi Phi, Vice- President. CHARLES C. GRANADE Washington, (leorgia Spanish: Alpha F jisilon Upsi- lon; Phi Sigma Iota. GEORGE H. GRAY .• tlanta, Georgia louinalisni: Sigma Chi; . lph;i Delta Sigma; The Wheel, Summer Managing Edit o r, Photographer. Business Man- iiger; Campus: Phoenix; De- b;ite Forum: New Student Orientation Committee; Stu- dent Director, Business Man- ager. JOHN R. GUY Jacksonville, Florida I ' lnc . rts; Sigma Chi; Glee Club, .Ass ' t. Business Manager. President; EGA; Plavers. JOHN F. GWALTNEY New Bern, North Carolina Journalism; Sigma Nu: Alpha 1 Jelt.i S i g m a, President: Wheel; Campus. 9 POWELL S. HALL, JR. Jackson, Mississippi Philosophy; Methodist Student Fellowship, JOHN B. HAMPTON Tampa, Florida Biology; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Sigma, JUL A, UARULNG Kennelt, Missouri Sociology: Delta Tau Delta, Pledgemastcr, Vice-President, President; Sociology Club; Prc-Ministerial Cluli; Metho- dist Youth Fellowship; Inlcr- fraternitv Council. ilitU Ir cicHce ROBERT noO EK Oniirron Oi-llii kuppn: I ' lii l(i-ta Kapiia; Kla Sifjiiia I ' -i ; Alpha K,p- !iilon Lp ilon; ISllsill ■ s .School Honor ( oiiiic-il; Kappa Alpha; l rr iih-iil, . lpha Kappa l i Hiisi- iic l ' ral( ' riiil ; ir -l ' r «i lciil Slu- l -iil |{ocl» ; Chairman of Tickol .Sales. Ciiiclrrclla Itall and Doolt-v ' s Krolio ly. ' ld; Ciimiiiis Staff; Uark- U ' y l- ' oniin ; li f riiih: Stnch ' nt (ionneil. HARRY V. HARLtY . tlanla, Ueorgia Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM F. HILL, JR. Hradenton, Florida Chemistry. DA ID J. HARRIS .Atlanta, lieorgia Social Science. CHARLES L. HILLIS Macon, Georgia Social Science; Delta Delta; Sociology Club; Ministerial Club. WILLIAM F. HARRISON, Tuskegee, .Mabama English. JR. FRANK R. HOLLAND Orlando, Florida Tau Geology; Sigma Chi, Histo- Pre- rian Sigma Gamma Flpsilon; Geology Club. DONALD I.. HENRY Newjiort, Tennessee Journalism; Sigma . Ipha Ep- silon. Secretary; Eta Sigma Psi; DVS: Alpha Delta Sigma; The Wheel, Society Editor: Campus, Ass ' t. Managing Edi- tor, . ' ssociatc Editor; New Student Orientation Commit- tee; Publications Board; Stu- dent ( " ouncil, President; Alpha Phi Omega, Ass ' t. Treasurer, Vice-President, President. EDDDE B, HUDSPETH Blakely, Georgia General Science: Pi Kappa Alpha. JEROME HERTZ Atlanta, Georgia Economics; Tau Epsilon Phi. ROBERT E. HUFFAKER Allanla, Georgia Physics; Football 3, 4. L. E. HUMPHRIES, JR. BURKE M. HUNTER Allanta, CJcorjjia Biology; Delta Tan Delta, Social Science; Sociology Club. Treasurer. JORMA S. JARVINAN llcUm ki, I ' lnlaiul Political Science ROY O. JONES, JR. Gadsden, .Alabama Psychology. WILLIAM H. HURDLE Montezuma, Georgia Political Science; Sigma Chi. GEORGE M. KATIBAH Jacks inx ille, Klorule CJeneral Science; Phi Eta Sig ma; Glee Club. DONOVAN M. JACKSON Kmory University, Georgia Psychology. JACK A. LANG Brunswick, (Jeorgia Journalism; . 1 p h a T a u Omega. CHARLES S. JACOBS Spartanburg, South Carolin.i Biology. VIRGIL LANHAM C ' cdartown, Georgia Biology; Pi Kappa Alpli.i Camera Club. 95 enicfJ L (-:it (l near ihr I ' lil ' -imrr |o Fra- li-rnil I{o . Mr ' | ' r ' ILill h iiiM 8 :i -:i(l4-ini(- Mur iii lii(l« ' nl . and is a fa orilr |iol for inanv »l " ihr ' " ' " Joe ( iollr rr , " who ran olh T vi " e be foiifwl ill l)iM l«- llt-n. !»prm approachr ' . llir lauii ill Iruiit. ltir in;: thi- day and in the evenings lu- ' oiiie dutird with sniiline r in ' « ' s, ELLISON R. LANIER PAUL A. LAVIETES HERBERT L. LAWSON. JR. Pcnihfdkc, (Kiir M.i Atlanta, (;c()r iia Miami. I ' lorida General Science; Delta Tau Biology; Tau Kiisilon I ' li:: Biology; Heta Theta l i; Intcr- Oelta; Basketball 3. Hillcl. iratcrnitv Council: Canterhiirv Club. 30 IP " ffl %% QLtMIN T. LAWSON RICHARD L. 1 I ONARD ROBERT S. LIFSHEY MAI ( OIM D. LOCKHART V. HENRY LUCAS, JR. Hahira, Georgia Atlanta, Georgia New York, New York Gainesville, Clcorgia Cedarlown, Georgia (kncral .Science: Pi Kappa Al- Biology; Pi Kappa Alpha; English; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Cieneral Science: Phi Delta General Science; Phi Delta pha. Historian: .Alpha Epsilon Track I. Players: Track 1; Basketball; Thcta; Campus. Theta. Upsilon: Glee Club. Football 1, 2. JACK L. McLEAN Thoniasville, Cieorgia Biology; Sigma Chi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Eta Sigma Psi; Glee Club, Business Man;iger, Publicity Manager; Plavers; EGA. WILLIAM C. L NN .■ tianta, (ieorgia Fine Arts. FREDERICK S. MARKS, JR. Rome, New York Economics; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, Vice-President; Foot- ball 2. WILLIAM C. MARSHALL Decatur, Georgia Chemistry; Beta Theta Pi, Vice-President; Football 1. VICTOR D. MASLIA .Atlanta, (Jeorgia Journalism; Tau Epsilon Phi, Warden; .Alpha. Delta Sigma, Vice-President. i HJ £r cieHce THOMAS A. MAYTON 1 Iape lUe, Cieorgia Fine Arts; Glee Club. v HAROLD D. MELTZER . tl.int.i, (teorgia Holcigy; Tau Epsilon Phi; .Al- pha Epsilon Upsilon: Phi Sig- ma. HARVEY E. .MERLIN .Atlanta, Georgia Ilstory: Tau Epsilon Phi, His- torian. Scribe. Vice-Chancellor: .Alpha Epsilon Upsilon; The Wheel; Phoenix; Campus; Millel: Alpha Phi Omega. IU»H FLOl RNOV Vice-Pr« ' i(lrnt. Oiiiieroii Dell:] pa: IVr-idciil. Harkio V Vio ' -l rc«i(l -nl. Barklr 1( .A i laIl M;ill;ig ' r. Harklf Ft Sliidriil CoiiMi ' il: ( ' hairiiiaii drill l.ifr ! llllllitlii ' : K:ipp: | lia: --i-laiil lanaK T, L (.l . Club; Vi .Sienia Alpha; kappa .Alpha. Kap- riiiti ; ruin ; ruin ; Slii- 1 I- iiior Tana winfi-r - rcnr t i llir l.ihrurv lMiililin :. l:tkrn on tlif MM ' k4-iif], sslioHs lillli ' ij£ii 4 f the tiirli( iis acli ilv hi ' h i r ' ? |»on il It ' for its hi-iiiK l:ili ' lrcl iIk ' I ' lii Ki-ti- House. llo i ' rr tliiTf an- proltahl a few ra liiatr tii(leiil lii l iii lal ori- oii U (1t Mi in the larks. GRIFFIN E. MIZELL McR.ic, (icorpia CitniRil Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Baseball 3. GEORGE S. MOORE, JR. liowtnan, Georgia Biolom ' ; I ' lii Sigma: Football 1, 2; ' Basketball 1, 2, 3. JARED L. MOORE Last Point, Georgia Biology; Kappa Alpha 95 eh o ' J EARL T. MOSELEY Decatur, (jeorgia Econotnics; Aljiha Epsilon XJ )- silon; Phi Beta Kappa. FERNANDO P. NANNI ' b ' , Connecticut Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta; Newman Club. MARVOUS E. MOSTELLAR L.iCJrangc, Georgia General Science; Sigma Chi, Treasurer; Alpha Epsilon; (ilee Club; KCA Council; Players. EDWARD D. NICHOLS Atlanta, Georgia ( ' hcmistry; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon. G. NORMAN MUNRO Lynchburg, Virgini.i English; Alpha Tau Omega; Pletlgcmaster, Sentinel; Swim- ming 1; Basketball 1; Foot- ball 2, 3, 4; All Emory 2, 3, ■I; " E " Club; Honor Council, Secretary: Freshmen Orient. i- iion Committee, Secretary: Al- pha Phi Omega; Senior Class, President. ROBERT W. OFFUTT .Atlanta, Georgia loiirnalism; Alpha Delta Sig- ma, Tre.iMii. ' Til. Wheel. A. W. MURDOCH, JR. Tamjia, F ' lorid.i Socicjlogy: Kappa Al])ha. J. FRANK OGLETREE, JR. West Point, Georgia Biology: .Mpha Tau Omega, President; The Wheel; Alpha Phi Omega; Players. E. MATHIS MURPHY Tilton. Cicorgi.i Journ.ilism; Sigma Nu; The Wheel; Phoenix; Campus. ALVIN L. O ' NEAL Jackson, Georgia Biology. 32 FREEMAN R. ORR Oiililm, (;t(irj;i.i Fine Arts JOHN M. OUTLER .Vtl.mt.i. Gc(ir i:i.i Enylisli; K.ipp.i Alpha ROY C. OWEN, JR. ( ' cd.irtown, (icorgia Idurnalism; Sigma I ' i; Alpha Dtha Sigma, Secretary. DO ALD L. HENK D.V.S.: Ft:i SiKfiia I ' si : IViMdent Stlldriil !ollMril; rrc idciit. Vier- l r " ifl ' iil. A- ' ' «l. ' rrra -iircr Alpha I ' lii (hiK ' a: Scirflan Sigma Alpha hlp iloii; A ooriali- I ' .dilor ainl . st. .M;iiiagiiig I ilit4 r Cum fttin; U7i •« ' ; Alpha Di ' lla Sigma : I ' liliiicalion Koaril: Oricnlation ( oniniitlee. ttU tt Sciences CECIL V. PAGE Marietta, Georgia Psychology : Star and Crescent Club. Vice-President: Prc- Ministerial Club. JOHN H. PATTON Atlanta, Georgia Psychology: Kappa .Mpha: dec Club: Concert Rand. PHILLIP H. PARKER, JR. West Point, (ieorgia ( " hemistry: Alpha Tau Omc- ga:Alpha F.psilon Upsilon; Pi Alpha; Phi Heta Kappa. J. MORRIS PERKINS .■ tlanta, Georgia General Science: Alpha Tau Omega: Phi c i K;ippa. ANDREW C. PARTEE, JR. Decatur, Georgia English: Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer; Eta Sigma Psi; Honor Council; Student Coun- cil. H. DONALD PHILLIPS I.a vrcncc ille, (leorgia Ps chology; HIS.- . VICTOR E. PATRICK Atlanta, Georgia Economics; Delta Tau Delta: The Wheel; Alpha Phi Omc- JAMES PORTER, JR. Orlando, Florida Hiology: Sigma Chi, Pledge- master; Phoenix; Basketball 1 ; Players; Student Council: Westminster Fellowship. JOHN W. PATTILLO . tlanta, Georgia History: Delta Tau Delta, Secretary, Guide; International Relations Club. ERNEST E. FUND, JR. Augusta, Georgia General Science; Alpha Tau Omega. Latt 111 U-riiuoii liaflii t fail upon the reveri ' d Ljiniar Srlioul of Law pirtnroH hrrc llio i ' «li h-.iw lfflir:itt-il (llfir i r lo lllr l»ar work and «liid lit-ri ' hiitli ni hl and da . so thai tli ' sill Itr prf|)ar4 ' ) lo o out and nu ' i-l tlii ' iliallcnisi ' ? of a Murld already filled with too many lawyers. K. A. QUARTERMAN. JR. Atlanta, Gc:or ;ia Hu)l igy: Kappa Alpha, Secre- tary; Alpha K))silon Upsilon; I ' hi Sigma. WALTER A. REES Vctlailo. Habana. Cuba Biology; Cosmopohtan Club; German Club. HAROLD A. RICE Macon, Georgia Economics; Pi Kappa .-Mpha, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, PIcdgcmastcr; DV ' S: Swimming 1, 2, 3, : Inter fraternity Council, President: " E " Club, Treasurer; Slutient Council: New Student Orien- tation Committee; Freshman EC A: BATS. 795 ehic ' J H. DALE RICHARDSON Conley, Georgia Psychology; Delta Tau Delta, President; Alpha Epsilon Up- silon: Intcrfratcrnity Council. DAVID B. SARGENT, JR. Jacksonville, Florida Biology; Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary. ROGER R. ROWELL Vidalia. Georgia Cleneral Science: I ' l Kappa Alpha. M. RAY SAUNDERS Camden, Tennessee Journalism: Sigma Delta Chi, Treasurer, Secretary; The Wheel, Photographer, Cartoon- ist. Copy Editor, News Editor; Campus; Phoenix; Radio W o r k s h o p, Vice-President: Plavers. ERNST M. RUDER Clearwater, Miind.i (ieneral Science: Phi Delta Theta. DAVID G. SAYLES Worcester, Massachusetts Political Science; Phi Delta Theta, Vice-President, Presi- lent: Pi Sigma .Mpha. ASA P. RUSKIN New York, New York Biology: Tau Epsilon Phi; Players. FRANK C. SCHWALBE Jacksonville, Florida Biology; Sigma Nu: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Sigma. FRIEDRICH RUTH I- ' rance Political Science: Chi Phi. HARRY SCHWARTZ Decatur, Georgia Chemistr ; .-Mpha Epsilon Pi. LARRY D. SCOTT Allanta. Giorgia lournalisin: Si nia Delta Chi: Players; Radio Workshop, Sec- retary, Vice-Fresi ient, Presi- dent. CHARLES L. SHURBUTT Ben Hdl, (icoryia Sociology. JAMES H. SEGARS CarroIIton, (icorgia Biology: Delta Tau Delta: . 1- pha Epsilon Upsilon. Vice- President: Glee Club: Plavers: ECA. IRA H. SLADE Ciritfin, Georgia Psychology; Alpha Tau Ome- ga; Track 1, 2, 3; Swittiining 1; " E " Club; Cilee Club. CHARLES H. SEWELL . tlanta, Georgia History; Pi Kappa Alpha; International Relations Club. ALBERT B. SMITH, JR. Jonesboro, Georgia German; Delta Tau Delta; Alpha Epsilon Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; EC. . I. JACK SHULMAN Atlanta, Georgia Biology; Alpha Epsilon Pi. E. CLYDE SMITH Ontario, California Economics; Delta Tau Delta; ECA Council: PreMinisterial Club, President; Methodist Stu- dent Fellowship, President. STANFORD SHULMAN .Atlanta, Georgia General Science; Alpha Ep- silon Pi. ELLIS W. SMITH Newnan, Georgia Social Science; Kappa Alpha; Players; Debate Forum; The Wheel; ECA; International Re- lations Club. i ' U Ir cieHce T. JEFF SMITH VICTOR H. SMITH ROBERT F. SOERGEL 0 llcge Park, Georgia Jacks )nville, Florida Atlanta. Georgia Chcmi-slrv: Sigma Nu; Wres- English Psvchologv: Sigma Chi. Vice- tling 2; " E " Club. President, President; Alpha Psi Omega; Players, Stage Manager, President: Senior Cl.iss. Vicc-Pri ident. GEORGE CONKEY INGRAM l r» -Ml ril. Virr-I ri i li ' nl, Oiiiirron Drlla Kappa; Editor. 1931 Cnnipusi I ' resiclenI, V i « ■- l r " » i il r ii t , Rti h Ghairnian. Alpha Tan Oincga; Vir« - Presidrnl, Slinlrnl Hodv ; ivv- Pr ' ' i i« ' ril, liilrrfralcrnil !ounril ; Virr-IVrMdtnl. " E " Cluh: Manaji- iiif: Etiilor. I y.iO i ' .niupusi I iumt- il ioininitlt ' c on ()r;:ani :alion an l Arli itir ; l iihliralit ii litKird ; IMii Drlla rhi: (lainpii- Trojert (]liairiiian. Alpha l hi Omega: New 8liich-nl Ori t II t a I i on Giiinniillrr : Pla « r : Stinh-nt (ionnril: Erohiiian E.( ' .A. (! ninril ; l)ooh ' Erolics (!oiiiniillrr : l:lna;; •r. ar ' »it . " u iiDininiE Tt ani: Gii r !luh and SliidenI Mar X-niM-ialion : HA ' | . The niiid nisli | ihe rufi-U-ria and lu thr frut hi UM-! for lunch ii rlmr- ncterizrd by musses of niiloiiuiltiles ai ' nl prdp ' -trinn « ' t d;i lii ' lMt-en tM4 t ( ' ;iiiil X Mt o ' l irk. (iaplain Johnson and his squad ar - usuallv oil hand to rttl ' tr;i(lir squahhies. MARIO A. SOTO HENRY C. SPARKS, JR. FRED H. SPRINGER. |R. (iii.Ucrii.il.i City, Central V;i!,liinj;iun, Gci)r);ia Athiiu.i, (k-Dryi.i America General Science; I ' hi Delta Chemistry; Delta ' laii Delta Cieneral Science: Sigma Chi; Theta. Secretary. Tennis; Newtn.m ' hjb. 95 ehw ' J JOHN E. STANSELL Ocala, Flfjritla Psychology; Eta Sigma Psi; .Mpha Phi Omega; Student Council. ALLEN M. STRINGER Emory University, Georgia Geology; Sigma Gamma Ep- silon, Secretary, Treasurer; Geology Club, President. ROSS H. STEMER S.i .mnah. (icorgia Journalism; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Sigm;i Delt.i Chi, Treasurer; TIk- Wheel, Sports Editor. ROBERT STUART, JR. L;ikeland, Florida Psychology, Chi Phi. MATT M. STEWART Confers, Georgia Chemistrv; Phi Delta Theta. AUBREY E. STURGIS, JR. Atl.inta, Cieorgia Chemistrv. ALBERT H. STONE, JR. I- ' ort Gaines. Georgia General Science; .-Vlpha Tau Omega; Players. GUY K. STURGIS Atlant.i, (ieorgia Sociology; Phi licta Kapjia; Sociology Club, President. DANIEL G. STONE I-airburn. Georgia Philosoph ' ; Campus Club. MOODY C. SUMMERS Covington, Georgia F.conomics; Phi Delta Thet.! . lpha Kappa Psi. JACK E. TANNLK Ail.ml.i, Gcorgi.i Psychology. BEN J. TARBUTTON Santicrsvillc, (icorgia Economics; Phi Delta Thcta; Alpha Kappa Psi. GEORGE E. TEREZAKIS Orlarulo. Florida Sociology; Sigrua Xu, Vicc- I ' rcsiilcnt: DVS; Football 1, 2, 3. ; Most Valuable Player 2: " E " Club, Vice-President; Trafl ' ic Court; Student Coun- cil, Secretary. ilii ' U t Sciences (.1 isklix.i: .S.NOV, Trt-asurrr. Oiniornn Deltn K;ip|ia; I ' hi Brta kappa; I ' ri ' idiiil. Kt:i SiKiiia 1 ' «!: rroidc-nl, Ka|i|):i Al- pha; Sfrrclar ' k- ' rrca iircr. Alpha Kp ih ii I p iUiii: .Si ' crclarv. Sliiilcnl C oiiiicil; Iiil«Tfrat Tiiit (ioiineil: FinaiK ' f (ioiiiiiiittc) ' Chairiiian. Stii- drnl Coiiiiril; 1919 rrf?hiiian Ori- cntalion Ciiiiiiril : Iturklcy Forum; Tau Kappa Alpha: I ' i Sigma Al- pha; Krohman E.C.A.; Emorv Players: Kiiiorv W ipp ; Campus Staff; Frrshmaii .Swininiing; Team. J. FRITZ THOMPSON .■ tlanta, Georgia General Science; Sigtiia Chi; Swimming 2, •); " H " Club; Campus; Phoenix; The Wheel. ALFRED G. TRUNDLE, JR. . tlanta. Georgia Economics; Pi Kappa .Mpha; Concert Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. THOMAS L. TIDMORE, JR. .Vtlanta, Georgia Biology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, Captain; " E " Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Council, Special Events Chairman. JAMES E. TURNER Sa annah, Georgia Physics; Sigma Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Secretary. SAMUEL P. TILLMAN Statesboro, Georgia Biology; Sigma Chi, Pledge- master, President; Eta Sigma Psi; .Mpha Epsilon Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Coun- cil; Interfratcrnity Council; Freshman Class President; Sophomore Council. REECE G. TURRENTINE Thomasville, Georgia Social Bcience; Sigma Chi; Glee Club. JAMES W. TOOTLE Savannah, Georgia Physics; Beta Theta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice-President. MYRON D. TRAVIS Fort Pierce, Florida Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi; .Mpha Phi Omega; Sociology Club. GERALD E. WADSWORTH Tampa, Florida Biology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eta Sigma Psi; Glee Club: Phi Beta Kappa. JOHN A. WAPENSKY Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Social Science; Alpha Tau Omega, Secrci.iry; Sociology Club, Secretary - Treasurer, President; Players, Publicity Manager, Asst. Business Man- ager; Alpha Phi Omega; Stu- dent Council; Debate Forum. W. p. WAITERS, JR. Atlanta, Georgia Journalism: Chi Phi; DV3; Oinicron Delta Kappa; Phii Beta Kappa; Sigma Delta Chi, President; The Wheel, Asso- ciate Editor, Editor; Phoenix, Associate Editor, Feature Edi- tor; Campus. EARL B. WHIPPLE Perry, Georgia Chemistry; Phi Delta Thcta; Alpha Epsilon Upsilon; Pi Alpha. RICHARD C. WILLSON .Anderson, Indiana Psychology; Sigma Chi. H. CHAN WHITE Savannah. Georgia Biology; Kappa .Alpha. MORGAN D. WYNNE, JR. (inffin, Cjcorgia Biology; Alpha Tau Omega, Sentinel, Vice-President; Al- pha Phi Omega; Band: Traffic Court; Freshman EC. ' . T. E. WHITESIDES, JR. Birmmgh.im. . l.ibania Ph sics; .Alpha Tau Omega; Sigma Pi Sigma. SAMUEL J. ZUSMANN, JR. .Atlanta, Georgia I ' ohiical Science: Alpha Epsi- li n Pi, Secretary: Interfrater- nity Council; Public Affairs .Association, Secretary; Hillel. EDWARD l.Kks. H. WILLIAMS. JR. ' n ille. I- ' li ' rui.i Biology. si:nm)|{ :ia.s.s »ii kihs Itolloni ro». l -fl to ri ::lil : |{;i ( aiiiiiiii lwini. . ' I ' rrcliii ' ) : Itiili Sofi-ficl, icc-l ' rr idnil. . . . lop ro« : i-iii:iii Miiiii-i , l ' r -Hi l -ril : Hill l ' Tr . I rciisurcr. GEOKGE E. (ZKKK) TKKEZAKIS D.V.S.; ViiT-l ' r ' «i lciil. Sisiiui ii; Virr-I ' r« ' « icl« ' iil, " K " liliih; St ' 4T ' lar . Sllldrllt ( " olliiril; Trjlflir 4!4»llrl; Sori- uluti Club: .Mi»l Vuliiiiblf Fuolbiill Flaverof 1949; BATS. K(»V WIGGINS D.V.S.; Oniiiron Dflla kappa : IMii Bfia Kappa: Alpba Epsilon I p..ib ii: Ela Sigma IM : Chairman. |{arkl.» Forum: Manager. ltarkb ' I ' orum : Stuflent Council: Frrshman E.G. A.; Emory IT heel; Emory Players. SAM Tl I.I.MAN I ' hi Iti-la Kappa: Honor Coiinril: Scr- r -lar . lpba Kpsiloii I p.ilon: Ela Sigma; I ' rr-iiirni. Soph re Council: l ' r - iilriil. I ri ' hnian CJa-- ; Inlcrfra- l rnil Coiiiii ' il: I nilcrgrailualr Invi-s- ligallng (Mllccr of Nalitoial Siiioia Chi. MORE CAMPUS lEADERS IIAKOLD RICE D. .S.: I ' roidcnl. The Inlcrfralrrnily Council: I ' roidcnl. Vice - I ' rc«iclcnl. Plcilgcma»lcr. anil (!ampu Coonlina- lor of I ' i Kappa Alpha: Trca urcr, " E " (Jub: Sv imniing ' rr;im: Enior ChriKlian A ocialioii : Sluilcnl (!oun- cil: HMS. I ' M WAITEKS D.V.S.: Oniicr.in Delia Kappa: IMii Hela Kappa: rri iilenl. Sigma Delia Chi: Chi I ' -i: Cililor. ociale Fililor. A««i«l;inl eH« Eflil ir. Ueporli " -. The WUril: »ociale Kililor. Fcalure Edi- tor. I ' liiiriii.x : Editorial A wiiile, ' Hn ' ,nmpMs, NORMAN Ml NRO Chairman, Secretary. Honor Council: l r ' «i lent. Si-nior Cla «: I ' ledgi ' ma-ter, lplia Tan Omega: Secrehiri. I ' r ■ h- man Orientation (iommittee: " E " Cluli: lph;i I ' hi Omiga : Freshman Ita--ketball Team: Sophoniori ' . Junior, and Senior F M lb:ill Team-: Varsity S imming Team. COLLEGE M. J. ALEXANDER . Mitclicll Air Base New York Tau Epsilon Phi TONY M. ALLEN . . . Belhcsila, Mil. Kappa Aljilia I. ROBERT ARNALL . Fayctteville, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega 1. I . ASHMORE, JR. . Graccville, Fla. Phi Delta Thcta J. HAGAN BASKIN, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi HASKELL H. BASS, JR. . Bradenton, 1-la. K.ij ' p.i . ljiha JOE D. BEASLEY . . . Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta ' Ihcta ROBERT J. BECKHAM . . Miami, Fla. Kai)i)a Alpha M. K. BECTON, JR. . Hermlon, Ga. Pi Kappa Aljiha VIDOR BERNSTEIN . Savannah, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi C. R. BERRY, JR. . ROBERT E. BIGGERS JACK R. BOZEMAN Savannah, Ga. . . tlanta, Ga. .Atlanta, Ga. A. L. BRANDENBURG . Hnnicstead, Fla. Sigma Nu W. W. BRANDON, JR. . Gainesville, Ga. HAL W. BRAY . . . Ben Hill, Ga. MAURICE R. BRETT . Meridian, Miss. OBY T. BREWER . , . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi SAM A. BREWTON . Thomaston, Ga. Sigma Nu WILLIAM A. BRITTAIN . Atlanta, Ga. S. A. BRODNAX, JR. . [.icksonville, Fla. Phi Delta Theta ERl I) I. BURFORD . . Decatur, Ga. Aiph.i Tau Omega E. EDDY BURNS . . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa .Mpha ROBERT CABLE Albanv, Ga. BA ' i ARD M. CALL . . . Atlanta. Cia. Sigma Aljilia Ei silon JOSEPH W. CALLAHAN . Miami, Fla. ASA G. CANDLER, V. . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha ( . H. CANDLER, IH . . Atlanta, Ga. K ippa Alpha JUNIORS N. S. CAKSWtLL. JR. . . 1 Uihlin, C.i. K.i| | ' a Alpli.i E. PRESCOTT GARY . Columbus, CJ.i. Alplia Tau Omega HARVEY A. CLEIN . . Atlanta, CJa. Alpha Kiisilon I ' l O. M. COLEMAN, JR. . . Atlanta, Cki. IHll.i l.iii IVlta H. T. COLLINSWORTH . Atlanta, CJa. Kapp.i .Mplia HARRY A. COOPER . I ' lnc I.aki, Ga. I ' au Epsilon I ' lu W. F. CROWDER . . Sanfonl, N. C. Sigtiia Chi C. A. CULBRETH, JR. . Albany, Ga. . lpha 1 au Omega T. E. CUMMINGS . . Rockniart, (Ja. Chi Phi B. L. DANSBY, JR. . . Orlando, Fla. beta Thcta Pi E. H. DA IDSON . . Lithonia, Ga. rin Delta Thcta BOB E. DAVIS .... Atlanta, Ga. i ' l Kappa Alpha WILLIAM V. DEESE . Fitzgerald, Ga. Beta Thcta Pi ROBERT E. DELGADO . Miami, Fla. Siuma Pi RICHARD C. DOUB . Columbus, Ga. Kappa .Mpha G. L DREW, JR. . . Roswell, N. M. I ' i Kappa Alpha J. FRAZER DURRETT . . tlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha JOSEPH A. EADDY Bushnell, Fla. GEORGE L. ECHOLS . Milledgevillc, Ga. Sigma Chi BILL R. EDWARDS . . Albany, Ga. Sigma Chi R. E. FEDOR . Dccrficld Bcich, Fla. EISA IRA J. FELDMAN . Mount Vernon, N. Y. T.ui }- ' .psilon Phi J. M. FISHER. JR. . Thomasvillc, Ga. FRANK W. FOX . . Cartcrsullc, Ga. .Mpha Flpsilon Pi L. L. FREEMAN . . . Conyers, Ga. Delt.i Tau Delta M. G. FREEMAN . Kalamazoo, Mich. 1 1 K.ippa .Mpha WAYNE F. FREEMAN . Akron, Ohio 1 iclta Tau Delta HOWARD L. GANEK . Atlanta. G.i. Tau F.psilon Phi COILEGE PAUL B. GARCIA . . . Grillln, Ga. Siijnia Nu LEWIS J. GASKIN . AllKtnarlc, N. C. Kappa Aljilia THOMAS M. GEER . Greensboro, Ga. Srgrna C.ln THOMAS R. GIBLIN, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Si nia Chi TOM A. GIBSON . , Hiintsville, Ala. Pi K.ippa Alpha RIDLEY M. GLOVER . LaGrangc, Ga. R. A. GODDARD . last Hartfortl, Conn. I ' l K.ipp.i .Mpha n. GOODMAN . Mount Vernon, N. V. Tan ILpsilon Phi AL D. GRANT . . New York. N. Y. Tail l.pMlun Phi CHARLES F. GRAY . . . Rome, Ga. Beta Tluta I ' l I AMI S R. GRRSH.VM EISA ROGER D. GRIMES . . tlanta, Ga. C olquitt, Ga. JOSEPH H. GRINER . . . Cairo, Ga. Sii ni.t Chi LARRY G. HAILEY . . . Atlanta, Ga. Si nia VAm K. R. HAIRE . . West Icfferson, N. C. Pi Kappa Alpha II. S. HAJENIAN . . . Boston, Mass. JOHN H. HALEY . . ClarksviUe, Ark. Sij ni.i (. ' hi MALCOLM J. HALL . . Atlanta, Ga. Sii, ' ni.i Chi CARL HAMMER . . Fairlawn, N. J. l-.ISA G. L. HARMON . South Orange, N. J. Sigma Chi FLOYD O. HARRIS . . . . tUuUa, Ga. Sigma Nu T.I.HAWKINS . . College Park, Ga. J. HIGGINBOTHEM . West Point. Ga. Ill HOI I.Y, IR. . I.ieks.inville, I- ' la. JOHN E. IIOLMAN . . . tlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu lOHN L HOOD . . . ChamhIee, Ga. Delt.i T.iu Delta IKNIl (. inNDS , . . Atlanta, Ga. I-.ISA I llOMAS C. IVEY , . . Milner, Ga. Beta I ' heta Pi JUNIORS FRANKLIN JACKS, JR. . 1 Hv.uur, Cla, JAMES H. JACKSON . H.iriuvvillc, Ca. JOHN R. JAMES .... Hutoril, C.i. ,Sij;in.i Nil A. N. JELKS . . I- ' iirt I,.uukril.ik-, l- ' l.i. IMii IVlt.i Tlul.i H. T. JENKINS, JR. . . . il.mt.i, G.i. IMii IVli.i Tlut.i HUGH W. JOHNSON . Hr.i.lcnioii, l-l.i. Ikta ' llicta I ' l II KK ' V W l()H SO . V.iUl.iM.i, Ga. J. I.. JOHNSTON . . Slalcsboro, Ga. Kappa .Mplia D. M. JONES, JR. . Marshallvillc, Ga. D. W. JONES, JR. . . Thomaston, Ga. Sigma Chi HAROLD E. KEENAN . Oil Ciiy, Pa. GEORGE H. KELLER, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Sii nia Pi N. M. KENYON . . Ckarwatcr, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha NIKHAS KESSARIS, jr. . Atlanta, Ga. KFNNKTH C. KIEHL . Orlando. Fla. Pi Kappa Phi H. T. KII.I.INGSWORTH III . . New Chi Pill York, N. Y. C. I. KNEPTON . . Jacksonville, Fla. CLARK M. LAMBERT . Marietta, Ga. JERRY S. LAMBERT . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa . ' lpha WILLI. M T. LAMMERS . Decatur, Ga. Delta Tau Delia C. A. LANFORD . Stone Mountain, Ga. JAMFS H. I.eGETTE . . Cairo, Ga. Sium.i Nu A. H. LEONARD, JR. . LaGranpc. Ga. .Mpha Tau Omega J. G. LEONARDY . Coral Gables, Fla. Sigma Chi L. K. LEVIN . . . Birmingham, Ala. Tau Epsilon Phi ELLIOTT H. LEVITAS . Atlanta, Ga. T.iu F|i ilon Phi G. EDWIN LEWIS . . Decatur. C;a. Sigma Chi ROBERT M. LILILEY . Decatur, (i.i. r.iu Kappa Epsilon f M COLLEGE Ii:i) LII ' I ' MAN .... Atlanta, Ga. Si);nia Nu Will 1AM K. LAMB . Miami Hcach. Fla. Sijjnia Nu T. E. Mcdonough . . Atlanta, Ga. Si ma Nu M. H. .McDOUGALD . Slatcsboro, Ga. .Sij.;ma .Mpha Epsilon ROIitRI ' K. MtDUFF . . Austell, Ga. Pi KaiM ' a Phi LEON MlGAHEE . College Park, Ga. Delta Tau Delta W. I. McKENZIE, JR. . Savannah, Ga. Chi Phi PAUL H. McKINNEY . Clanton, Ala. ROBERT G. McMillan . Halton, Ga. KISA WILLIAM L. MADEN . Aufjusta, Ga, Kappa . lpha FRANK MANLEY . . . Atlanta, Ga. W. H. MANNING, JR. . Atlanta. Ga. l-.ISA A. H. MARTIN . Emory University, Ga. R. F. MAXWELL . Punta Gorda, Fla. Hi i.i ■riiela Pi JACK G. MAY, JR. . . Columbus, Ga. Siyma .Alpha Epsilon A. A. MENDONSA . Plant City, Fla. Pi Kappa Aljiha lOllN M. .MINTER . . . Rome, Ga. I. K. MITCHELL, JR. . Chamblce, Ga. M. B. MOORE, JR. . . lacksonville. Fla Sii ma Alpha Epsilon PAUL F. MORGAN . . IXcatur, Ga. Si ma Pi ROBERT L. MURRAH , Winter Park, Fla. .Mjiha ' I ' aii Omega EUGENE M. NEWBERNE . Adel, Ga. Otlta Tail Delta JAMES W. OGLESBY . Valilosta, Ga. Si i, ' ni.i .Mpha F.psilon Will 1AM L. OLIVER . . Cairo, Ga. Alph.i T.iu Omega CECIL H. ORR Atlanta, Ga. W. J. O ' SHAUGHNESSEY . Macon, Ga. K.ippa Alpha GENE W. PACE . . Hradenton. Fla. Heta Theta Pi Kl( ll RI ( PMRICK . Atlanta, Ga. JUNIORS RAYMOND D. PETTY . iMviiuon. (I.i. ROBERT E. PHILLIPS . Ail.inl.i. (;.i. W. A. PICKERING . . . CirilVin. C.i. BENJAMIN L. PIKE . Savannah, Cia. Tau F.psilon Pi HENRY G. POWELL . Hrunswick, Ga. Alpha Tau Onusa ROLLIN R. POWELL . Monticcllo, Ga. I ' hi ndl.i Thria M. 1-. PROt TOR. IR. Marietta, (!a. WILLIAM J. RAWLS . C.liimlnis, Ga. Sijjnia Chi FULTON T. RAY . . . Rome. Ga. I ' i Kappa . l| Iia LEROY R, REAMS . . (Irlamlo, l-la. Si.uina Pi R. M. REYNOLDS, JR. . Bainbriilsc Ga. JAMES E. ROBBINS . . Florence, Ala. HENRY A. ROBINSON . Decatur, Ga. . lplia Tau Omega K. B. ROBINSON . . Hnioklyn, N. Y. Tau Epsilon Phi D. R. ROONEY Cliflsiile Park, N. ]. C. E. ROWLAND, JR. . Atlanta. Ga. Alpha Tau Omega LARRY J. RUBIN . Miami Beach, Fla. .Mpha F.psilon Pi A. B. RLSSEL. JR. Brewton. Ala. REMA II. SAPP. JR. . . Douglas, Ga. Helta I ' au Delta HORACE SARTER . BriKiklyn, N. Y. Tau Ep- ' .iliin Phi JESSIE P. SCHAUDIES . I.aGrangc, Ga. Sigma Chi CHRIS C. SCURES . Greenville, S. C. Sigma Nu H. H. SEARS, JR. . Canal Point, Fla. Kappa Alpha A. J. SERRINS . Emory University, Ga .Mpha Epsilon Pi MURRAY M. SHORT Jacksonville, Fla. Bet.i Thet.i Pi JEROME J. SHURE . . Atlanta, Ga. . lph.i Kpsilon Pi G. H. SILBERBERG . Brooklyn, N. Y. Tau I ' .psiinn Phi JOHN O. SMITH . . Bainbridgc, C.j. .Alpha Tau Omega COLLEGE MARCUS H. SMITH . . Ozark, Ala. Si|;nia ( ' hi KICIIARI) A. SMITH . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha V. W. SMITH . . College Park, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha JOHN L. SNELLGROVE . Ozark, Ala. H. G. SPENCER, JR. . . Decatur, Ga. .Mpha Tau Omtga lACK SPITZER . . HrcK.klyn, N. Y. r.m Kpsilon Phi .MILTON M. STEPHENS . Augusta, Ga. RICHARD STEWART . East Point, Ga. Sigma Chi WYTCH STUBBS, JR. . Sylvania, Ga. Sigma Chi MORRIS E. SUMMER . Atlanta, Ga. Signui Pi F. W. SUNDERMAN, JR. . . tlanta, Ga. .Mpha Tau Omega EVERETT T. SUTERS . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa .Mjiha ALBERT M. SWEET . . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Phi WILLIAM S. TALLEY . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma .Alpha Epsilon I. B. TANNENBAUM . Augusta, Ga. I .111 Kpsilon Phi ROBERT E. TAYLOR, JR. . Decatur, Ga. EISA O. L. THOMPSON . College Park Ga. Chi Phi P. J. THORNTON. JR. . Tampa, Fla. Sigma Chi EARL G. THURMAN . East Point, Ga. I-.ISA LOWELL C. TILLMAN . Surrency, Ga. I ' i Kappa Phi F. C. TINDALL, JR. . . . tlanta. Ga. Kap|ia . lplia EARLE Q. TOLER . . Leesburg, Fla. Kappa .Mpha WII.l.I.WI N. TOOLE . . Atlanta, Ga. C. ' ii Phi lAMKS A. TUCKER . . . Lyons, Ga. Sigma Pi lOIIN S. IT ' RNER. JR. . Lakeland, Fla. K.ipp.i . lph.i A. 11. LNUERWOOD, JR. . Miami. Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha W I . AUCIIN. LLOYD. JR. . Winston- Salem, N. C. Alpli.i I .111 I liiKga I.KO J. WADE . . Hurlington, N. J. Phi Delta Theta JUNIORS G. L. WAI.I.ACK, JR. . . Atl.uu.i, Oa. Alph.i ' I ' .iu ( mcija DOUGLAS R. WALTERS . Augusta, Ga. I-.ISA ALBERT P. WHITE, JR. . Criulia. (Ja. I ' l Kappa Alpha RICHARD N. WHITTIER . Ailania. Ga. lllKlilKI I. Wll.K . luliiiMin. N. ' . I. HI Ipsilcn Pill I ' .II.I. S. WILLIAMS, JR. . i:,.r.l(l(. G.i. Alpha Tau Omcpa IIMMV M. WILLIAMSON . Atlanta, (ia. Si;;nia Nil R. M. WILLSON . . Greenville, S. C. Siytiia Nu H. F.. WOOD, JR. . CMLgc I ' ark, Ga. EDWARD R. WRIGHT . Decatur, Ga. Sipma Nu ' WTLLIAM A. YON . College Park, Ga. Delta Tau Delta Junior (llnss Coiiiiril Sraird: I iirl lliirlonl. ( .luiii riuiri : Dick (JiMin. Mlliiil l.c ilas ' nnil- irii . Irjl hi rii lil: rl IJraiulonhurg. Ralph Gixidaril. .Inliii llalcv. Murray Short. 47 r r ' «N - BnT ' ' " Kr ■ ' jprf coLLea HIAKI.I.S O. AARON . . Laiutt. Ala. Alpli.t ' I .tu Omega JAMKS I.. ACHORD . . Alamo, Ga. GEORGE L. ALEXANDER . Forsvlh, Ga. Si ma Alpha KjisilDii H. HOMER ALLEN, JR. . Decatur, Ga. E. L. ANDREWS . Dd-uniak Springs, Fla. lOHN J. ANDREWS , . nccatiir. (ia. Kappa .■ lj)ha BASCOM F. ANTHONY . Maton, Ga. Kappa Al])lia ROBERT E. ARNALL . . Griffin, Ga. Si , ' ma . lplia Ejjsilon C. EDWARD ASBURY . Elberton, Ga. Ka|i|)a .Mpha H. W. ASBURY . . Greensboro, N. C. K.ippa .Mpha EDWARD L. ASKREN . Atlanta, Ga Beta ' 1 lula I ' i J. E. BARNETT, JR. . Stone Mountain. Ga. W. L. BARRINEAU, JR. . Pensacola, Fla. Sij;iiia Chi DON P. BELL . . . East Point, Ga. Pi Kappa .Mpha JAMES F. BENNETT . . Albany, Ga. Sigma Chi THOMAS S. BENTON . Cornelia, Ga. L. ROBERT BEST, JR. Hradenton, Fla. Phi Delta ' rhet.i HENRY H. BLAKE . . Saxannah. ;a. Pi Kapp.i .Mph.i THOMAS E. BLEVINS . R.ileigh, N. C. Sigm.i .Alpha Kpsilon EDG4R BOLING, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. . lpha I au Omega WILLIAM P. BOORAS . iVnsacola, Fla. Sii ma Nu DAVID A. BOOTH . Undgeport, Conn. , l[ih.i T.ui Omega W. AUGUSTUS BOOTLE . Macon, Ga. Phi Dell.i ' I ' luta BOONE M. BOWEN . . . tlanta. Ga. Pi K.ipp.i . lph.i LARRY T. BRANNON . Atlanta, Ga. . lph.i Tau Omega S. P. BRICKMAN . Chattanooga, Tenn. .Mpha I ' .psilon Pi BRUCE L. BRIDGES . . Atlanta, Ga. Si.um.i .Mph.i Epsilon DONALD R. BROOKS . Decatur, Ga. Pi K.ippa Phi V. D. BROSNAN . Knoxville, Tenn. Pill Delta Thcta W. ALSTON BROWN . Tampa, Fla. Pi Kap|ia .Miiha EMMETT T. BRUNSON . Samson. Ala Sigm.i Nu J. R. BUCHANAN, JR. . Americus. Ga. Sigm.i .VIph.i I-.psilon TOWNSHEND BUDD . . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi COAIFS P. Bl ' I.L, III . College Park, Ga. ARIMUR S. BliRNS . lacksonville, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi IRANK N. BURNS . . . il.ini.i. Ga. Chi Phi THOMAS J. lil ' SEY l-.i elteMlle, Ga. Sigma Nil R. A. CALDWELL . I.ikel.iiiil. Fla Sigm.i Nn JAMES M. CARR, JR. . . All.ml.i. Ga. Phi Delia Theta JACK N. CARUSOS . . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi SOPHOMORES JOHN I . CIIAI ' MAN . I.kkv.rnlllc, Khi. Sii;m.i I ' i ROBERT W. CHAPMAN . Ail.inl.i. ik . I ' i K.llM ' .l I ' ll! HI.RBERT J. COHEN . . Mi.imi, lla. Allili.i l-pMlcm I ' i MMIIII V COHEN . . Mi.in.i, Tli. ' I ' .iii l-.|) i[iin Pi II. W. COOK. JR. . Cor.il (;;ililcs, FI.1. Sicni.t Alpha l:]i. i1( n ELTON I.. COPEI.AN . . Atlanta. Ca. I. H. COl ' CH. JR. . Clearwater, Fla. I ISA PAIL L COUSINS, JR. . M.ioon, Ga. Siiiina .Mplia I ' .psilon ROSS COX, JR Chiplcy, Fla. Sicrn.i . Iph.i F.psilon W. R. CRAWFORD . . Decatur, Ga. Siiima Nu WILLIAM NL I)A IS . Clearwater. Fla. I ' i K.ipp.i .Mplia E. NL DEAVER, JR. . Cliattan.K.ga. Tenn. . Ipli.i T.iii Oniejia RUBIN G. DEI.GADO . .Santurce, P. R. liita Tliela Pi HARRV D. DOBBS . East Point, Ga. Si);ma Pi C. HUB DOYLE . . . Milstcad, Ga. Phi Delta Thcta FRED C. DUDA .... Miami, Fla. Chi Phi EARLE DUKES, JR. . . Orlando. Fla. I ' hi Delta Theta ROBERT II. DUNN . . Miami, Fla. Chi Phi W. D. DURDEN, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa .Mpha GEORGE M. EUBANKS . Atl.mia, Ga. Phi Delta Theta FLOYD E. FARLOW . . Atlanta. Ga. Siyma Pi JOSEPH FINE ... Atlanta, Ga. W. B. FLETCHER . . Moultrie, Ga. Phi Delta Thcta R. W. GABLE . . St. Petersburj;, Fla. Siijma .Alpha " .p il( n EL.MER E. GARRISON . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi JAMES T. GAUNT . . Ochopee, Fla. Si ma Pi C. G. GIBSON, JR. . . LaGrangc, Ga. Sii;ma .Alpha Epsilon JOHN W. GIBSON . . Atlanta, Ga. Delt.i Tau Delta RICHARD N. GILCHRIST . Atlanta, Ga. .Mph.i T.iu ()mej.:3 STEWART R. GORDON . Miami, Fla. r.iu 1 psilon Phi WILLIA.M S. (JOR.MAN . Atlanta, Ga. c:hi Phi EDWARD P. GOULD . Cleveland, Tcnn. Si);ma Chi JIM H. GRANT . . . Clermont, Fla. Siyma Chi I. C. GREENFIELD . . Atlanta, Ga K.ipp.i .Mpha IVAN GREGSON .... Atlanta, Ga. JOHN B. GRIFFIN, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. . lph.i T.IU Omega ROBERT -. GROOVER . Atlanta, Ga. K.ipp.i .Mpha T. A. GUADAGNO . . Miami. Fla. Si ;ma Pi GILBERT S. GUINN . Cjmden, S. C:. Pi Kappa .Mpha RALPH D. GUTORMON . Miami, Fl.i. £1 Ia. ' t ' Ait J J COLLEGE W. O. HADDOCK . An.lcrsoii, S. C. C.lii I ' lii E. L. HANSEN, JR. . Battle Creek, M,ch. Sijjina Pi W. W. HARDMAN, JR. . Wrnicr H.ivcn. ]-|„riila WILLIAM R. HARP . . Hapeville. CJ.i. I ' lii Ddi.i Tlieia DON G. HARRISON . Lake Wales. I-la. Si tiia Nu IRGIL A. HARTLEY . . Tani|)a. I-la. Chi Plii H. W. HAWORTH . . Ailaiua, Ga. Si ma Pi ROBERT S. HAYNIE . AiiRusta, Ga. Ilel.i Tlleta Pi WILLIS HOLLAND . . Decatur. Ga. .Mpli.i Tau OiiiC)»a GILBERT W. HOLLEY . I.aGrange, Ga F. P. HOLMAN . . Jacksonville, Fla. Delta T.iii Delta C. W. HOLMES . . Winter Park, Fla. -Mph.i r.tli Omej.;.! H. LOWELL HOPKINS . Allania. C,. . SiiiMia Chi H. H. HUGSTON. Ill . Coral Gal.Ies, Fla. SiuMi.i Clii H. F. HUNTER. JR. . . Rome, Ga. Sigma .Mpha Epsilon JAMES R. JACQUES . . Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alplia CHARLES A. JOHNSTON . Decatur, Ga. Chi Phi W. J. JOHNSTON . . Woodstock. Ga. Sii, ' m.i .Miili.i l-.psilon C. EVERETT JONES . . Atlanta, Ga. Delta Tau Delta HENRY L. KAMIN . . Atlanta, Ga. Tall Miisiion Phi R. C. KARRH . . . Swainsboro, Ga. Sigma . lpha Epsilon A. R. KEYSER. JR. . . Pensacola, Fla. EISA AARON L. KING . . . Atlanta, Ga. . lpii.t ' I. ill Omega JOHN KNOX, JR. . New York, N. Y. Sii;ma Chi J. H. KOHLER ... Chester. S. C. Sigma Chi W. R. LASSITER, JR. . . . ilanta, (Ja. Sigma Nil RICHARD P. LEE . . . Gnllin. C,a. Sigm.i . lph.i l-.psilijil RICHARD J. LEINECKER . .Miami, I la. Pi K.ipp.i Pill HERMAN I. LEVIN . Pensacola, Fla. ' 1.111 l-.psiloii Phi LAWRENCE LEVY . . . Atlanta, Ga. rO.M.MV L. LIPSC:O.MB . . tl.mt.i. Ga. RALPH M. LOCKHART . . tlanta, C,.i. Sigm.i ( ' hi W. V. I.OWRANCE . Ventura, Calil. CHARLES S. LOWE . . liullalo, Ala. WILLIAM D. I.OWERY . . tl.inta, Cia. N. K. LUTHER . . vomlalr Estates, (ia. JAMES E. McCAI.L , . . Perrv, Fla. K.ipp.i . lph.i E. E. McDONALD, JR. . All.ans, V,. . Chi Phi CAMERON MAGNON lampa, Fla. SOPHOMORES M. A. MAC.RANKR . . I.aris. 1 ' . I G. B. MAGRl ' DER . , Orl.imlu. ll.i. Sii m.i ( ' hi JIM D. MALCRAT . . Kr WcM. I-l.i. Ik 1. 1 ' riui.i I ' l WILLIAM M. MALLET . All.iiu.i, V,.i. Alpli.i T.iii Omij!.i R. GORDON MALLORY . AnniMon. Ala. I ' lii Dcll.i TlKt.i RANDV A. . L LONE . . Mi.imi. 1 l.i. Sii;ina Clu J. A. MALOOF, JR. . Caricrsvillc. Ga. Sii;nia Nu ISAAC MARCADIS . . . Lmipa, 1 la. l-LSA CHARLES A. MARKS . Apalachicola, Fla. . lplia 1 au Oinc-j,M C. E. MARSH, III . . . Atlanta, V,:i. Chi Phi J. H. MARTIN. )R. . .Thumaston, Ga. J. B. MARTIN, JR. . . Liberty, S. C. Sijjnia I ' i ALBERT D. MAbLlA . Atlanta, Ga. R. C. MATHEWS . . . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma I ' l HARRY R. MAUG.ANS, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi EDWARD P. -MAY . Pittshcld, Mass. Kappa .Mpha H. B. MILLER . . Sugar Creek, Ohio R. I. MILLtR . . Allcnhurst, N. J. Tau Epsilon Phi B. H. MINCHEW . limory University, Georgia Sigtn.i Chi M. L. .MONTGOMtRY . Bradenton, Fla. Phi Delta Theta JOHN H. MORGAN . Americus, Ga. Siijina -Mpha Epsilon WILTON A MOULDER . Atlanta, Ga. F. G. MULLEN, JR. . . Decatur, Ga. Beta Theta Pi E. P. MURRAH, JR. . . Columbus, Ga. K.ippa -Mpha ROBERT A. NALLEY . Gainesville, Ga. Sigma .Mpha Epsilon T. L. NEATHERY . . . Atlanta, Ga. .Mpha T.iu Omega GEORGE A. NEDER . Jacksonville, Fla. Sigma Clii RICHARD O. NEWTON . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi G. S. NIBLACK . . Jacksonville, Fla. J. N. NOONAN . . Dycrsburg, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon J. J. OOSTERHOUDT . Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega A. L. PAPADELIAS . Pensacola, Fla. J. A. PARSONS, JR. . . Dululh, Ga. JACK R. PATTERSON . . Miami, Fla. Sigma Pi T. E. PEARCE, JR. . Phixni-K Citv, Ala. Chi Phi ROBERT B. PEDDY . Lakelan.l, Fla. R. L. PENNINGTON . . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi F. R. PIDCOCK. Ill . . Moultrie, Ga. Sigma .Mpha Epsilon B. LEE PIERSON . . . Decatur, Ga. I i Mmim MM " ■ n T " k WIW COLLEGE J. CRAVTON I ' RUITT . Amkrs.m, S. c; . l| ln ' I ' .iu Omi-),M W. WARREN PURKS . Clun.hiis, (;... Clii I ' l.i GEOR(;i M. RAWLINS . (;r:ivs .n, G.i. C. T. RICHARDSON . . Atl.inta, Ga. (In Phi JIM K. RICHARDSON . Ail.mia, (.a. Sigma Chi K. E. ROBERTS . Eniorv University, Ga. STEWART R. ROBERTS . Alhinla, Ga. . lph.i I .111 OllKg.l CHARLES G. ROGERS . Atlanta, Ga. I ' hi Delia Thcta D. G. ROSENBERG . New York, N. V. Alplia E.psilon Pi CLAUDE R. ROSS . . Eastman, Ga. PHILIP T. SCHLEY . CoUhhIhis. (.a. K.ippa Alpha EDWARD G. SCRUGGS . Decatur, (;.i. ( " .iinpus Cluh ALLEN J. SHAW . .Vli.imi Beach, l- ' la. Al|.ha K|.sil ,n Pi VINCENT W. SHIEL . . Atlanta, t,a. Sigma I ' l IKRO.Ml H. SIEGEL . . Atlanta, Ga. Aljjlia Epsilon Pi L. P. SIMMONS . Spartanljurg, S. C. Pi Kai ' iKi Alpha J. JOSEPH SIZEMORE . Nashville, Ga. ( " .impus Club TOM G. SMITH . . LaGrangc, (Ja. Sigma Chi WILLIAM L. SMITH . Jacksonville, Fla. JOE A. SNITZER . . . Decatur, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon PETER C. SOTUS . Miami He.ich, Fla. Sigma Nu JACKSON G. SPARKS . Warrenton, Ga. Sigma Nil NELSON J. SPOTO . . Tampa, Fla. EISA JOEL M. STEIN . . Jacksonville, Fl.i. T.iii l-.jisilon Phi ED L. STEVENS . . . Macon, Ga. I ' hi Delta Tluta M. C. STRICKLAND . . Atlanta, Ga. E. P. SULLIVAN . . Columbus, Ga. J. C. SULLIVAN . . c; ,ral (Jables. Fla. Sigma Chi HAROLD S. SUTTON . Columbus, Ga. JULIAN W. SWANN . Atlanta, Ga. Sigm.i .Mplia lipsilon CHARLES J. SWEAT . Wavcross, Ga. Sigma Chi WILLIAM A. TALBOT . Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT F. TAYLOR . . Quincy, Fla. Phi Delta Theta TED C. THEOS .... Atlanta, Ga. HARRY C. TINDALL . Atlanta, Ga.. Kappa Aliiha W 11 I 1AM N. T ODD . . Atlanta, Ga . Alpli.i Tail Omega W. M. TOWERS, III . . Rome, Ga. Signi.i . lplia I ' .psihin WALTER E. TUCKER . . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi JOE M. TURNER . . . Ashburn, Ga. Sigm.i ( lu JOHN W. WALDEN . I.oiiiwille, Ga. Campus Club SOPIIOMOHIS [iMM K. v. i.ki:r . . ci.iiiusMiii. (;.i. Si m.i Nil Wll I lAM ( ' . WARRKN . . Atl.iiit.i, (,: . IKin M WATSON . . . T.miii.i. ILi. I ' hi lUlt.i TlKla HKl ( I W WATTERS . Si. IVtcrsluirs, l-l.i. Si iiKi Nu R. M. WESTER . . Rocky Mount, N. C. Siynia Nu WILLIAM A. WHIPPLE . . . l ir , Ga. Alpha Tall Omega GERALD K. WILLL MS . Marianna, l-la. Sii ma Alpha Epsilon HARRY A. WILLL MS . . Moultrie, Ga. Siiiina Alph.i I ' .psilon JOHN A. WITHERSPOON . Atlanta, Ga. Slj m.i I ' l THEODORE M. WOLFF . . Miami, l-la. .Mplia Kpsilon I ' l C. P. WOLLSCHLAGER . lAMES D. YEAGER . . Sigma Pi Winston-Salem, North Carolina . Temple, Ga. imd k J Soplioinorr (llass Officers Lcjl tn rinlil: Hill lladilix k. i c-rioiil.iit : (Taytmi rriiiti, I ' resiflent: Larry T. Braiinon. Secretary: Hugh Ilughsldii, Treasurer. 53 k i ii COLLEGE will I AM t. AKRIDGIC . M,,l,ilc, Ala. ji;rrv k. anchors G. M. APELIAN . . Jackson HeiKlns, Liinj; Isl.iiul. New Sork IIAROLU I.. ARNOVITZ . Allanta, Ga. MARVIN I. BAKER . Jacksonville, Fla. JOHN D. BANSLEY . . Atlaiua, Ga. DtWKV A. BEDINGFIELD . Duhl.n, Ga. .MORRIS BENVENISTE . . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM BERG . . Dunwoody, Ga. DON A. BERMAN . . I,,„ni Beach, Ma. CURTIS H. BLANTON , l-nscu City, Ala. JIMMY C. BLEDSOE . . Mobile, Ala. WESLEY BOODISH . . Newark, N. J. JACKSON P. BRADDY . Wooilkwul, Ga. WILLIAM C. BREWER . (.nenvUle, S. C. MAURICE S. BRINKLEY . Atlanta, Ga. FRANCIS M. BROWN , . Atlanta, Ga. JAMES F. BROWN . . . Atlanta, Ga. CONNELL M. BUIE . . Atlanta, Ga. SAMUEL T. BURNS . . Decatur, Ga. HARRY F. CAMPBELL . Atlanta, Ga. JAML-J A. CAMPBELL . Tallahassee, Fla. SAMUEL O. CANDLER . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM E. CARROLL . Decatur, Ga. KENNETH N. CHAPMAN . Decatur, Ga. W. G. CHESNUT, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. J. JOE CHEW .... Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES K. CLARK . Jacksonville, Fla. SAM M. CLARK, JR. . . Macon, Ga. LEE B. CLARKE . . . Atlanta, Ga. JAMES G. COBB MARSHALL COHEN SAM S. CONOLY . . RANDOLPH C. COOK SIDNEY J. COOK . . . Mobile, Ala. . .Atlanta, Ga. I.Kksonville, Fla. iitzgcraUl, Ga. . Moultrie, G.i. LONNIE E. COX, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD K. CURETON . Halilwin, N. Y. FRANK S. CUYLER . l.akcworth, Fla. ALLAN B. DAVIS . St. IVtcrshurK, Fla. LAMAR M. DAVIS . . I,.i(;rango, Ga. K. M. DAVIS r,„i Vashin ;ton, N. Y. KAI I ' ll II. DKAS. JR. . Atlanta, Ga. W. I. DU KENS . . Thomaslon, Ga. U. . I. DOBBS. JR. . Charlotte, N. C. Ml I IKN DOI.OH . . . Atlanta. Cia. FRESHMEN lAMI-S II. HOWLING . I .ill.iluivscc, Fla. RICHARD M. DOZIKR . Tillihassec, Fla. C. A. DUGGAN. JR. . lilTcrM.nvillc, Ga. ROV I-. DVKR ll.iiila, Ga. lAMES J. EASLEY . (iriTinillc. S. C. JACK S. EFF . . . Licksonvilk-, Fla. G. L. EHRINGER . . lacksonvillc. Fla. WILLIAM G. ELLIOTT . Cillibcrc, Ga. FOSTER L. EVANS, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. STEVE W. FARGASON . Atlanta, Ga. FRANK VELPO FAUST . Ono.nta, Ala. MAR ' IN C. FEAGLE . . Decatur, Ga. STEVE A. FERLITA. JR. . Atlanta, Ga. S. B. FIRESTONE . . . Atlanta, Ga. BOB B. FORESTER . . Decatur, Ga. H. M. FORRESTER. JR. BirrnmKham. Ala. SAM B. FRANK, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. JOE C. FREEMAN . . LaGrange, Ga. PALT, L. FREEMAN . . Miami, Fla. S. B. FRIEDMAN . Long Islanil, N. Y. WILLI. M M. FRIERSON . Decatur, Ga. JOE H. FILCHER . . . Atlanta, Ga. T. R. GANINGTON . . Atlanta, Ga. GILBERT H. GELLER . lacksonvillc, Fla. J. C. GILLILAND . . Jackson, Miss. MALTilCE S. GOLDMAN . Atlanta, Ga. LAURENCE I. GOODRICK . Tampa, Fla. FRANKLIN D. GORE . . Ovicdo, Fla. A. R. GREENBERG . Brooklyn, N. Y. WILLIAM D. GREGORY . Tuskegce, Ala. ROBERT L. GRIFFIN . Fort Pierce, Fla. VICTOR C. GRIGGERS . Atlanta, Ga. R. A. GROSSMAN . Miami Beach, Fla. L. BROWN HAGOOD . Evergreen, Ala. JAMES .M. HALE . . Orlando, Fla. JOHN ELSWORIII HALL . .Macon, Ga. ALBERT G. HA.MMETT . Shrcvcporl, La. ALFRED W. HANNIR . Decatur, Ga. CARL B. HARTRAMPF . Atlanta, Ga. JOHN E. HATI.ER . |.,cksonville, Fla. RONALD C. IIAZLN . . Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD P. HEIMAN . Atlanta, Ga. JAMES P. HENDRICKS . Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD B. HICKS . . Macon, Ga. ROBERT M. IIINF.S . Franklin, N. C. t m A 5m» m ' . " .£ . idi t COLLEGE J. R. IIULLINGSWURTII . Annist.m, Ala. STANLEY L. HOOKS . Canal I ' .iint, I ' la. ROBT. I,. HOOVER . . Ailania, (ia. II. A. HOL ' CHINS, IR. . Allaiita, C;a. JOHN A. HOWE . . Hkic Rul ;c, Cia. WILLIS B. HUNT . , . Miami, Ma. T. B. INGRAM, JR. . I licmaslon, Ga. ROBERT E. JENNINGS . Allania, Ga. Will. I. JOHNS . . . Atlanta, Ga. J. B. JOHNSON, JR. . Slatcsboro, Ga. W. M. JONES, JR. . . (iaincsvillc, Ga. ADIEL M. JORDON . . Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES D. JOYNER . Marion, S. C. THO.MAS B. KEE . . . Atlanta, Ga. ARTHUR J. KELLY . . . Mia.n, Ga. LEE T. KENDRICKS . . Atlanta, Ga. A. O. KENNERLY lallahasscc, Fla. JOSEPH W. KENNY . . Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD B. KERNAGHAN . Macon, Ga S. G. KIMBALL . . Miami Ikacli, Fla. HUGH A. KLOTZ . . . Atlanta, Ga. T. C. LANFORD . Stone Mountain, Ga. B. W. LANSING . M,i|.lcwoocl, N. J. SAM B. LATHEM . . Dailc City, Fla. WILLIAM D. LEITH . . Tampa, Fla. CHARLES B. LEWIS, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. EDDIE C. LEWIS . . . C.ilhoun, Cla. HARRY E. LIVINGSTON . Atlanta, Ga. P. T. McCUTCHEN, JR. . . tlanta, Ga. ROBERT B. McDANIEL . GriflTm, Ga. W. V. McDONOUGH . . Dicatiir, Ga. LAWRENCE J. McEVOY . Atl.mta, Ga. ROBERT B. McKEE . . Mohik-, Ala. CARL H. McNAlR . . i ' cnsacola, Fla. S. FLEETWOOD MADDOX . Macon, Ga. W. M. MARINE Cliattanoo ;a, Tcnn. JOHN H. MAUNEY . Oak RIiIkc Tcnn. WILLIAM R. MEEK . j.icksonv illc, Fla. I DllN T. II. MERREN . (Jcorgctown, Hiilish West Indies W. R. MIDDLETON . Caracas, Venezuela PAUL J. MILLER . . . I.eesliurj;, Fla. Ill NKV I. MOOKl . |K. . Al.icliua, Fla. ROBIN ;. MOORE . . Dec.itur, Ga. I ' llll 11 ' S. NATHAN . Miami Bcicli, Fla. ItOlt 1,. OLIVER . . . Decatur, Ga. FRESHMEN w II 1 1 i w . oKiii . M.uoii, c;.i. Wll 1 lAM 1 . 0 1;R. c:K1;R . (irilTm, Oa. ;. IIARdl.n OWSl-KV . ()pilik;i. ALi. Wll I l M N. PARSONS . Aiinnsla. C.i. |)A in II IM ARSON . . Mi.inn, l-l.i. I A ID S. PERLING . S.in lcr Mllc, I " la. JAMKS F. PIERCE . . . IUiU.r.1, (i.i. ARNOLD A. POLLOCK . Miami. I " la. ROHKRT H. POriER, JR. . lainiia, I " la. JAMES U. POUND . lallahasstc, Fla. MEL D. POUEROMO . . Miami. Fla. ERNEST POVO . . . . Allarila. G.i. McCLlER PRESTON Decatur. Ga. G. N. QLTNTRELL . Ciippcrhill, 1 en 11. ELLIS II. RECE . . Atl.mta. Ga. THOMAS L. REESE . . . Sparta Ga. O. F. ROGERS . . . Samltrsvillc, Ga. BOB A. ROSENFELD . . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM S. ROUSSEAU . Foley, Ala. MARK R. RUBIN . . . Miami, Fla. J. WALLACE RUSTIN . Nashville, Temi. GERALD F. SAMMONS . Tampa, Fla. J. WINSTON SAPP, JR. . Havana, Fla. JOE H. SCHEFF . . . Atlanta, Ga. G. J. SC:HL1TE . S.in Antonio, Texas T. C. SCOIT. JR. . . LaFayette, Ala. THOMAS E. SCOTT . . Miami. Fla. W. S. SHAW, JR. . Jacksonville, Fla. DON H. SIDENER . . Hainliri(lj;c, Ga. DONALD M. SIMMS . . Mobile. Ala. F. J. SINCOX . Avondale Estates, Ga. HENRY B. SMITH . . Vaklosta, Ga. COLEMAN P. SOCOLOFF . Atlanta, V,.i. JAMES H. STANLEY . LaGrangc, Ga. RUSSELL M. STANLEY . Hra.ienton, Fla. C. ELLIOT STEAD.MAN . Aiken, S. C. WILLIAM L. STEPHENS . Atlanta, Ga. DONALD STRICKLER . Orlanilo, Fla. WILLIAM F. STUCKEY . Eastman, Ga. C. HFNRV Sl ' MMEY . Brevar.l, N. C EDWIN G. THOMAS . GckkIHoik, Ga. J. JED THO.MPSON . . Decatur. Ga. KENNETH A. TOWE . Chamblcc. Ga. MAR IN T. TRAMS . . Atlanta, Ga. L. CLYDE TRAYLOR . Fort Payne. Ala. t il« l i :..M n . u E FRESHMEN H. S. li. TRIXOAR . Dayluiia Bcatli, l-l.i. H. R. TURNER, III . C.inipbellsvilli-, Ky. ROBF.RT E. TL ' ROKF . . Decatur, Ga. RONAI.I) 1 . rVSL . Crccnville, S. C. J. NORMAN UNGER . . Miami, l-la. CHARLES S. UTTER . Lcxinston, Kv. CURLEY G. WALKER . 1 ranklin, N. C. KENNETH G. WALTER . Atlanta, (;a. L. IL WA TERS, JR. . l.icksonvillc, Fla. RICHARD H. WATERS . Atlanta, Ga. T. JOHN WEEDEN . . Atlanta, Ga. T. BARRY WHATLEY . Opelika, Ala. T. ROBERT WHITE . Princeton, Fla. RICHARD A. WHITNEY . Pensacola, Fla. B. H. WILLIA.MS . . Hamilton, Ga. J. McALPIN WILSON . . Decatur, Ga. MELVIN S. WISE . . . Atlanta, Ga. JOHN R. WOODARD . 1 lawkinsville, Ga. WILLIAM L. WORLEY . GraeviUc, Fla. PAUL H. WRAGG, JR. . Rivervicw, Fla. A. MARVIN ZIMMERMAN . Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD E. ZWIG . , . .Miarm, 11a. Lcjl to ri lil : Larry Good- rich, Vice-President; Dick Dozier, President; Carl Ic- Nair, Secretary-Treasurer; Phil Nathan. FresliiiH ' ii (;ijis Onicrrs 58 eatu%e4 59 Moslev get.« clown lo work at hi studio in Stuiirt. Florida. ZACK MOSLEY And now fiir ihr prot-nlalion iif Miss Quot-n Do-Icer — Tlie 1U51 Campis staff took great prifle in Ijriiiging to Eiiior for tlic first time the famous creator of Smilin " Jack for its annual beauty court judge. He was accompanied to the camjjus by his wife. From the |iicturcs sulunilted li the students, ack .Mosle picked seven which he thought most reprcsentati e as ■ " Little l)e-i(ers. " From these he se- lected the Queen at a reception given in his lienor, upon his arri al on ihc cam])us. ,!• ( , 1 H- • wl iirk look • thi-nt (i rr in x v f1 li. MS t Catnpu t e- cef ' Queen r ' -i Jfi TtdMCt im €Ua ot ATLANTA, GA. SicOHM. ATLANTA, GA. -AilS " iv-A ' ; PANAMA CITY, FLA. % M ■«« ' % . Kia -r TftcuUtHc TVeUutdH ATLANTA, GA. f jT he-9 cet X Our (,)iirrll frttiii I ' loriila. A lilllr l il of I- lorida Miii hiiic (li «|ila lirr 1h i iiia.jfolir Miiilc. Mtlmufrli |)la|j;iicil uilli tlic Iradilional linaiuial loss, allegedly eliaraclerislic of all Kniory dances, the De-icer Hall, from all other indications, was well recei ed l) the students and turned out to be one of the most enjovahle occasions of the year. This dance was not just another winter formal: it was a landmark in Emory ' s social history, a stride forward toward bigger and better entertain- ment for vour pleasure. The personal appearance of the celebritN -judge combined with music from the first name band to play for a winter formal blended together to produce a jirecedent. which, if siipporlcd. should continue. th I.awrcnic | la iiij ; Mifl liai k;:roiiii l iim-ir. llir f; ' " " ' ' l ' " ' " P a»ailiiis lln ' l)i, allMollllri ' liiriil I rolli M i li % . ]Vloslr aii l thi ' sirls mcrl ihi- tir-I liiiii ' ;it ill.- r( hou-r. Sinilin ' Jiirk and Siiiilin ' Jin ' «-ii Irp din ii from ihr liialf ' iiriii iillcr ilu- prpsentation of the Mi ' iiik ' II :iuar l. These iiii|irn fnii-iil ilid ikiI jn [ ucciir: llu ' were the rcMill of caretul and dcliheratf planriiiif; lliniugli coipperalion of the Studcril (Council and the lntcrfrateriiil (Council witli llic icatiiri ' slafl d ' the 19.51 (.iAMi ' LS. It is to these groups lliat ou should express your appreciation. However we must not forget, in our praise, the patient under- standing of Dean Reee and other responsihie mem- bers of the administration who were willing to go along with these additional features. So if we expect to enlarge and impro e upon our campus- wide social fututions. we must show our determina- tion and appreciation li our attendance, for we cannot always depend upon tlie generosity of the IFC to bear the deficit incurred by our poor su])|)ort. ilanri-cl ynd Hanrecl ami . . . (laiK ' cil «oiiic more. Y.»ir. Tli.» all look lik. On « ' rn lo inc. fH . ho lif ()! ' n« ol« y llioii :lit and ihoii lil aluml tlu ' llieuH ' , and lie linally ranu- up with llir llicnu ' of " A«lv« ' nlni s in Mnsir. " al ' h lliosc handi , DoolevII Tlu ' Sifinia I ' i ' s " Go nl Ship Lollipop ■ 5 The Dells made with " Ole ' Man River " The IMii l) -ll . oii (he l.a vn l)e -oralion !onlesl uilli " The Cireus. " The Sigs look lop phu-e in ihe Coslnnie Conlesl; " Madame Biil- lerflv " was iheir elioiee. One of ihe scenes in PiKa ' s " Wizanl of () . " 70 0e tcliciH i I,« ' t ' s |jik« ' :i Irip :ir« iiii l llir row Milli llu- jinlfios ami sr«- ii mmi kV ' vrr illi llirir rrsiills. ! ! Clii Phi v« ' iil South of the Border t«) " •Brazil. " Sijiiiia iNii playetl in " i OylaiKl. " who ' s Fi.oliif Who !!! ? The AEPi bovs were taking a trip thru " The Bi.wery, " Kappa Alpha and " " Stairway to the Stars. " ATO picked the " Desert Song. " 71 Afl4 r fltin all ihf fr:itcriiit int ' ii oiil of thnr lionii-» l)oolr i l riii c ' iirrfiilh iiardnl Im J«• i lltr. I rc i«ltiil oC xhv Stiitlt ' iil l iu 1919- 19.)U. aiidKalph (Mxldurd. WiiK-hotil llirrr. Irrli ! ! : Kav Anth n rr:ill pht,M l a wirked horn. Thits pirdin Mf -na|t|M-fl during llir I ' ' rida nii ht m-tunic liall. Ourrii Klaiiic (ioiirl- and l-K-tcr Itiillard ru l a casual k ' ' ' " ' ' • ' l ' ra r of .Mr. Doolrv. IVitl.. Huh!:!? , ' v - f ahcih Do »l ' iitui M»h ' n art ' tr ins l » g l lh rr « I qiiifl in r l» ' r U» prcM ' nl ihr Iroph for ihi ' l»f t lji ii aiwl ro ' tiiinr (Ircoralimi hi h was won 1» l hi Drlla Thtla aiul Sipnia (.hi r ' p ' ' ti fl . I)4in ' l -t him pn h 4iii mil lh ' r4-. I)oo!fv!!!! ( 4i h. M thai plar4 pa -kril. Thi- Ma iht ro ' tuiiu- hall, ( ohcii i« ahoiil lo p -( " fiil the aHurd . Doiilc, i ktM ' pin;; an i-a « r vyv an lho «- lrophii- . Mi - Flaiiic Coiirl- look- ini ;hl happ as " hi- find-, out thai hi- a ihclnl Uiit i-n of Donley Kr »lir , Klaiiir u;ik -m i«lh -art »»f ihr SAK Kratrrnitv I 9 l - M r»0. Ihr JiiflK - w»rr Mr-. Tarl Slipr. Mi- Itarha ' -a m« and Di ' un Jurl-on W ard. 9JC he I ' hi Delia I ' hetus caiin- through to win the sing. The bovs look inighlv ha| py afirr being iire ente l the Irophv. first tow. from left to rijiht: (ius lioolh ' , :harle Koger . Slell lluie. Leo Wade, and liiib Be t. . . . Seiviid raiv: Buddy Waters, l rrv MeEvov, .Sunn W eleh, Bill McCranie, Bud Trelorc, Dick WTiitney. flaying Ihe piano is James Fitzgerald and gathered ariiiiiifl the piano are his Delta Tall brothers, from If ft to right: Smith. John Pratt. Joe Seheff. Clyde Smith, Leon MeCie- hcc. Will Yon. James Segors. AEPI singing " Trie- " a- lli are being led by Shel- don »elbiird (baek to the eamera). From tfft to rif lit: Sheldon l ' rie liiiaii, Don Kosenberg. Larry Biibiii. Herbert (itdieii. Don Berniaii. Joe I iiger and Bob l.elshei. I ' la ing the piano is Ma -stro Ti ' d Wolfl. Il.aii Hi is ever trying lo gel the irowd i|iiieli ' fl down. 74 Thr l ik« ' s art ' liciii vi l llrnr Klakr and alhrrcil. null li ' ft In rif-lil. arc AK- toii ItroHii, ilttiir Sntilh. Dirk (iliri ' toil. Marion lit ' r- ton. Al Lncirrwood, .Micki ' V Freeman, Norninn K ' nvoii and (Graham ' rnindle. The Sigma No ang folk ong ' - Ihal niglil an l galli- eri (l aroiiml tli ' piano «ilh rl randi ' nlmrg are. from Irft lo rif lil. Kill ilardman. Sam l(re»lon, l!ol Mr(iee, Sam Kiinn, ISriice VI iiler . Ken (larl- -on. Tom |{u ev. Hill (ireg- ory. Shorl Sniilli. Itoliin Moore. Tim llMni|ilirie«, Ed Vi right. I he Ka are r ' all putting a lot into it. (viithere l, friiiii li ' ft III rifihl. are (Ihaii White. Stan l.andierl. John Oiitlar. Jim Ilah-. Haskell Ma ' --. Jane John-on. Itoli Kefham. and ltold % Itoo er, The SAK hiarked their fiiee- and anB Negro folk one . 75 l ' l:l illK on llii- ;;iiil;ir is Erncsl RogiTs, I ' liliiniiiiKt for ihc llliinlii ]i iiriiiil :m l fir«I .-diliir ol ' the Kni r M hrt ' l. ITS ] lan! Vhvy pjirkt-il lli;it ' mii I |{r;i(l n lr . tiiriniT lirr ' lor ol |-.nior oIIh ' ' of piihti ' rrlalioii ami now i n a« ' li ( ltil ill llir a . i leading; llir in4 ' iiil t ' ' aA llir iw vv !liil in a l»il of iiif£iii . Dr. I ( ' «« ;v h:i liis Itaik lo ill - andirncr. reLEBRiTES 114 Til h. Left to riiihl: t.iliiin .. Slvriif. proidcnl il the All;iiil:i Kiii ir ( ' .lull, 1930-1951. Dr. Gooclrirh C. Whit.-, pr.-iil.nl 1 llir I niMr-il : Al |{. Ki h;ir(Kon. prisidonl of th»- Allanl:i KiiiorN (Jul) for 19. ' . I- 19. 2. Thf KiMTtiiil Vorman l ' r or ' ■Pi ' lt ' " Munning Bivf lh - audii ' iK-i- a hit of ad iri ' . Thi- -l-aw-halU ' H i ' Avc Club rfall inlrrlained thai night. M- I mi At When llir riliior askt ' d arlisl (ieorgr M()rii lo draw luo m-ciic- uliicli lie thouf lil l |ii(ii ' il Imiidin lilc. he caiiic up willi llic twn (lra iii a|)|)fai ' iiig here. In llic aluuc diawiiig we sec tlic so-called l ' ' ,iii(ii ilc |)ciidiiij, ' lii- leis- ure lime in llic neuK cun-lruclcd Ddolcx ' - I )eu. laking in a lew " Q ' s. " Ilie dcM lia- liccunic an c ci da |ia-lini ' pdl l(ir hulli -ludenl- and lacullv and i)liei- juke l)i) cnlei lainnicni. I(dc i i(in. grcalU ini|ii() cd lund ami soft drink tiervice. 78 Below. arti l Morris lias (lf|ii(l ' il the criu ' which hi- thinks i in the iiiiiid ol f rr collcfit ' tu lriil who ha- iiol i ' t hccn i alh ' il lo a(ti c M ' r ic( ' . W ill this scpiif contiiuii ' lo occu|i our liioii;;ht-- or will our worhl h-adcr- uniilc u- toward ihr |ialh ol |ii ' act ' ' : ' The aii-wcr dr|irnd- ii|ion all ol ii-. II we acfi ' pl our Ti ' -|iou ihil ilif- I (ulhriiihlU whilr we rcniaiu iu -chooi. we can heller under-laml the tiuie and |iio :i-e— - lo-l hs the luoeut unnecessary WOT III eonlliit-. and o -aleguard our lulure. Cmf -: - .- " - " V Orii ' iilatidii Wfck ilaiicc al llic AMIS. Tho-.,. fr( ' hnu ii r allv I.M.k Ir.-li!!! %u hat arc on laii;;hiii al. Dfan!:r Sirs. Hra.l x Avy aori ' pl . lh laurel li-af for her hiiohaiul. Mr. Jiihnnv Vann - -riii to In rather ph-aM (l a he i - heiii;; tap- ped as an ODK. (ionh ' v Mf . the clean the oi nal. Kol I ' loiirno ]iin llir Iaiir4-I leaf on the lapel ol Hill O ' Kell Hhile Conlev Ingrain. I ' revidriit of the- Circle. take . a took al the eule p:irU, p f it p Iff l b ' ' i f L 1 rT i f 1 % 9 ■ ill i ■ Icn t-ll f ii I 1 1 ■1 L i« ■ LJ hmm - 1 Jack S pi I IT prcM ' iiI " AEir-. Koli liislir. Ihe AI ' O I (ily Man Irophv. Thi is till- third stiaifilil yi ' ar fur KII. In the liaik- groiinil i Kill Clark an l his orcln ' slra. trances The dance looked a hit niorr parkril ihan li -ror -. The Frr-hnirn niusi ha « jusl finished hrushin n on lh -ir orienlalioii. Seenis like everyliodv is having a bi;; lime! fTOHOn 81 My; i»iBJJKWl W » M«t J» ' ff -,— -. A-v - ■ i. : ' 4 ' k ' } ., :fi; J i: • Kk . Vi PAT WAITERS ROY WIGGINS GEORGE TEREZAKIS HAROLD RICE DON HENRY MATT FEINBURG % AL BLOCK »1W U45 J A - i p ■ - I Conley Ingram . . Bobby Floamoy . . Mr. BoisfeniUet Jones Cobbedse Snow . . Matt Feinbers Wibon Youns Al Block Ror WinJns Pat Watteri Bobbr Crawford BiU O ' Kelly OTTICERS MEMBERS Jack McLean Morris Cohen Sid Crossberc Henrr Malone Bob Booscr CUfford Clarke ODK is the national honorary fraternity on the campns. • • PreMident Election to membership is based on character, leadership, oat- yie Pretident sUnding participation in exlra-cnrricnlar activities, and con- . . Secretary spicnons service along other lines. Recognition by ODK TroaMirer embraces five fields: scholarship, athletics, social and religioas activities, publications, and dramatics and maaic. Tapping ceremonies are held in the fall and spring qnarten of each year. Annual projecU sponsored by the circle are fVeahnum Day, the Pnshball game, and Leadership dinners. Additional projects nndertaken this year were a contest for naming Emory ' s athletic teams and a stressing of the Honor Code in the classroom. FACULTY MEMBERS Mr. Thomas McDonoagh Mr. Makolm Dewey Mr. Walter Davis Dean E. H. Reee, Advisor IJil jiju r ' ill i.r«vr,edi.i i!:iwi;j3j;i:i James E. Bleekler CUfford M. Clarke Joe A. Harding Fnmie W. Johnston Jr. WiUiam A. Jones Ebrold D. Meluer Harvey V. Morgan " — lory O. Newton Diam S. Owen Ulip H. Parker Jr lest E. Proctor Jr 17 J. Rubin ch von Schack Arnold Sdhnlnian Albert B. SmJUi Jr. Gnjr K. Slurps - I P. Tillman ,E. Tnmer E. Wadswordi Rldiard H. Walker Walter P. Watlers Jr. Alpha Epsilon Vpailon, lower di- Tision honorary schoListic sociefy, was organized at Emory-a (-Oxford in 1906. Chapters were later or- ganized at Emory-at-Valdosta aiM at the Atlanta campus. The primary aims of AEU are to recognize and promote scholastic attainment among freshman and sophomore students and to foster friendship among those who attain high scholastic standing. Students with an average of 2.50 quality points are eligible for elec- tion at the end of the third quarter. Fourth and fifth quarter students are admitted with an academic rating of 2.25. These students must be of good moral character and give pronuse of contributing something to the world of society in order to be admitted to membership in the society. On Honors Day of ea £h year, AEU presents a trophy to the soiJio- more considered as having the high- est scholastic achievement among the members of his class. OFFICERS m Smith President »f, Wm. F. Dukes . Vice Pret. (Psychologry Dept.) 1m Griffin Secretory MEMBERS illis A. Brown, III Paul M. Cousins Alfred C. Duda Joseph Fine Lawrence L. Freeman Bernard I. Gordon Wm. S. Gorman Charles W. Holmes Franklin Jacks, Jr. John Knox, Jr. Herman I. Levin George B. Magrnder John Maloof, Jr. John B. Martin Robert C. Mathews, III Edwin £. McDonald Robert L. Pennington rilliam A. Pickering John C. Pruitt Stewart R. Roberts Donald G. Rosenberg James H. Shinaberger Ed. L. Stevens Robert F. Taylor Wm. M. Yarbrough Ed Aahxiry, President — Allan Sbaw, vi Eta Sigma Psi, lower division honor 8oeiet7, was organized on die Atlanta campus in 1928 and now has active chapters on the campuses at Oxford and Valdosta. As expressed b the founders, the purpose of the society is to create within the members of the Fresh- man class an interest in extra-curricular activities which are of benefit to the University and to recog- nize character and leadership among the students of the Freshman class. Eta Sigma Psi taps new members twice each year — sophomores in the fall and freshmen in the spring. Ejection to membership is based on outstanding pai ticipation in activities and maintaining a satisfactory scholastic average. Allan Shaw BUI Gorman OFFICERS Fice-Presidenf Crayton Pruitt Arthur Bums Tom Smith Larry Brannon MEMBERS Philip Schley Hugh Hughston George Enbanks Don Rosenbnrg m uMcCAtcOK 87 11 e COiNLEV IX.KAM Editor DKWKV IIA . .AKI) A .sdciali ' I ' Milor N;ilh;iii and TiirncT. The 1951 Campus actually began lai?t Ma uilh the selection of the Editor. Associate Editor and Business Manaper by the I ' ublications Board. As sunnncr approached. Editor Ingrain was joined b associates Hajenian and Eerr . and thev set forth with many ideas for a bigger and better book (who ever heard of an editor starting out to produce a smaller and worse one?). As time moved along, the fundamental things began to fall in place. We were fortunate by having several experienced statT niend)ers returning from last year, althougli we welcomed nianv newcomers. Ail in all we began lo sha])e up the blank |)ages with i)ictures and copv and i o ember we were conlidcnt ol meeting our deadline witii a good book. Then came the freeze which ruined o er 15(1 of our class pictures and necessitated resittings. This turned out to be a slow. |iainstaking process which seemed endless. Plagued by this and the many other iinantici])aled delays and problems which seem to haunt the jiroduetion of an Emory book every year, we finally completed our job. For all these months, the 1951 Campis has been ours, in the making. ow it is yours; we ho|)e it brings back those hundreds of memories of a great ear at " c olc teasipping school. " Kmor . If i( liocs (hen our (ask was not altogether in ani. Harrump ! A rini|»[i- of |}h- Iiii iiif - htfr imi-. - fur JiicliN Tilt- " .lalT ■ ' t-in;iiif iiiitii ri( It ltiirford ' Ial4- l joke. 88 u i95t HI 1,1. lEKKV Muniiging Kditiir :M rMAN r.iiNNiN(;iiAi i Tie Hunk? THE STAFF CoM.KY Ingram Editor HiivvKV Haggard Associate Editor Bill t ' ERKV Managing Editor Henry Martin Asst. Managing Editor Hank Hajemais Photography Editor Chapman Cunningham Business Manager Office Staff: Jim Ooslerhoiull. A--MVlant Eelilor; Frank DcaxT, Sue Murph . Dovu- l ' o«ir-. Diik lilork. Ili ' ltii Hiigli ' . Franci ' - Sila . Saii l Kiniliall. Sam l.alham. . . . tri Staff: l{a. Saiiinlrr«. Vrl Lilil ir; Fril ; Tliomp ' -oii. Nick l ' ' lka . . . . Feattirfs Staff: Morri« Cohen. Ftalurc Eelilor; IJoli Murrali. Arthur I ' l arl, l.arry (.ooclrich -l »iri- ties Staff: John Tiirrn ' r, Sporls Edilor; l)o ic l o«rr . . . . Fraternities Staff: Fre ' cl Burford. Iraltrnit Kilitor: Phil Nathan. A i lan! Fraternity Kilitor; Oavton I ' rnilt, Larry Krannon. . . . Ilimiirs and I ' ulitiiatiiins Staff: Ni l ' l Toole. Honors and I ' uhliea- tion Editor: Elmer Farri on. Dub Joiie , Kill MeKen .ie. . . . School Staffs: Nursing: Frances Silas. . . . Dental Staff: Tom Braie . Editor; Frank Collins. Hen Samuels, ( othar Hunisardener. Hol I.edli ' r. Jeff l.e»is. . . . Itusiness Sihool : Diek Hhiek. Edil ir. . . . Ihisinrss Staff: Chapman !iinningham. Husiness Manager; Jim Engh ' . Kohert Diekson. Levils (.askin. Hill Corman. Hoh .roo er. John (r»altney. John llaldi. Hill Iidvette. Dii ' k Patrick. . . . I ' tioto ira iliy Staff: Hank llajenian. Ph »togr;ipli Editor; Franklin Jacks. Jack Parxin-. . . . t ' ucultr .iilvisor: Kandolph Fort. . . . Diary Staff: Hert .Spencer, Diary Editor: Nick Petka!i, Joyce Freeman, Sue Murphy. Patty Allen. (Goodrich C Dooley. Sonn- of the Sectional I ' .ditor " 89 ' I hr «ffk afitT ilradlin ' . . . r rr »lill uiirkJii I ' vr WATTERS Editor ' UiHg im The South ' $ Moti in Editor, Pat WatCe» nasinff Editor, Ernie Hynda Associate Editor; Mary Ann Jajnei News Editor: Wayne Freeman [Copy Desk: Anna Thurman. Wayne Freeman, Bert Spencer Murphy, Hal Uray. Allen LonK, Lee Hartley, Larry Rubi . Meadowa. Sports Reporters: Marvin Zimmerman, Shelly ] I Ed Asbury. p« n HJ H J 1 «: L ' ' - r P " ■ , ' ' ' X Bil K- ■» k ' " W ' - ' idm m ' JK H HHi H HV MAKV A N JAYNES Associate Editor ' I ' lii- II liffi lall wiirkrd lliis i ' ar on two gfiicral im|ir(i riiu ' iil of la t year s |)api ' r wliicli «a i onsiilcreil one of the lii ' st in the school s history. Acrcplins; thi- typojirapliiial plan cstahlislieil by last year ' s slaff. thi ' y tried to ini|)rove onl pciific (ictails in the paper ' s appearance and pi-p np its niake-u|i. The other inipro enienl sonjihl uas one omt the --pii-d and lhonnif;lniess oi news eoveraiie. KirsI step towani this tioal was ehanjiin!; the pnldiialion dale of tfie paper from Friday to I ' hnrsday. This made the news one da Iresher dnrin;; the fall (piarter. The last week of the fall (|uarler. trailitioiially the time for the If heel ' s anniversary edition, saw the first semi-weekly |iubliealion of the newspaper in its history. I ' his was a trial jiim Im ilie second step in the impro ement (d news eovera je. Heyinniiif; Milh the winter quarter tir t i-siie. the paper was pulilished Iwice a wi ' ek all ilurini; the winter (|narti] ' and plans were to eontiniie the practice dnrin;; the spring quarter. Anion!; the ni-ws breaks that the semi-weekly publication allowed during the winter (piarter were bulletins on the student council election of a vice president ami the studi ' iit vote on scltin;: ii|i an K. O.T.I ' , unit here the ilay after they ha| peni ' d. Other stories were fresher and mwsier. It meant that ihi ' II heel was giving the news thai ha|ipened between Thursday and li nday on Tuesday, and tin- m-ws that happened between .Monday and Thursday on Friday. .Som e of till ' best storie- of the year were Fil Wright ' s disclosure that the I niversity had refused to consiiler a Negro ' s application for theology school at a tiuK ' when the racial aspects of education were big in the national news; Bill Pickering ' s scoop of downtown papers on research being carried t tt Jl few nrolllelll Uoss lnl plugging -porl- 90 -ml at Kriior) iMi a ul)? ' tituU ' for blooil [ila nia: Mlfii I, chip ' s series of stories on the (irailiiate school ' s efforts to et tile lilirary open over the weekend; Mai l!ray " s story on Kniory jilans for Ahoml) defense; Peggy Penuel ' s Minirnary of the draft itiialion: and Stafford Smith ' s story on the Theology srho(d " - Noting in a poll in favor of ailriiitliiig ef;roe to the Theology school. ' I ' he heel al-o |int out it hr t ixtra in ri ' cent years in this effort to gi ' l the new- out while it was still mws. The I ' xira was a rninieographeil sheet explaining the K.O.T.C. poll whi h was scheduled hetwecn the paper ' s two edition-. Kditorially. the tt heel was as raiidium lious as ever. It began the year with a running Hghl all fall (piarter with Dooley ' s Den. pointing up student I ' oniplaint- of e erything from had service to pool lahle- hiing loo near tin- IV set. It opposed the ailmission of Negroes lo .Southern uiii i ' r ilies on lln argument that --ueh a practice would not cut out. Iiut actuallv incrca-c Southern racial ten-ion. - u-ual it was critical nf -ludciil apalh . the Student council and the deviou- doings of thi ' facult). K.ilher out of re-ignation or bore lom with the suhjecl. it neglected listing failing- of llie Den during the winter ipiarler and concentrated on such mailers as castigating the Student council for altempled " control of the press " anil campaigni ng for the adniilion of the Graduate school ' s proposal that the library he kepi open on the weekend. Thi student newspaper also -ponsoreil an all-cam|)us ilanei- iluriiig the fall (juarler ami co-operated with ()1)K in a contc-t to name l ' iiinr ' - alhhlic team- during the u inter ijuarter. Typical ol the -pirit of thi- ear ' - ) heel wa- the hamlleiicred ■i.rawl i-inblazoned on the newspaiier ' s assignment shei-t : " ' What the Oood Lord sees tit lo li ' t liap|ien, we shall see lit lo Jirint. " GEORGE GRAY Business Mannger KI{Mi: II NDS AliiMiigint; Lililor inriHr ' Doggoiif lln- t I.I If liiiiir- NiM i- iir ill | rofliir|inn. 91 i tlie tl e fhoenjx ART BKANDENBIRG Ftlitor EMORY UNIVERSITY Once again tlic I ' liociii ( ' ar. having given Kinorv lie.l sful tudents three issues lilied with a ariety of co])) ranging from poetry to jokes. The same policy of trying to please as many people as possible with as many different kinds of literature as possible was carried out. One of the years liighlights was the Phoenix short story contest held early in fall quarter. Response was termed " good. " Winners in the contest were Peggy Penuel. Jim Sayc. and James Gardner, whose stories were published in the fall. winter, and sjjring editions, respectiyeh . ATiiong ap])arent changes noted upon the ar- rival f)f the first ' " bird " on Emory ' s campus this year was the addition of an editorial page. The magazine ' s polics of outspokenness was disjjlaved as usual but this time on a separate jjage. Ac- cording to f.dilor Art Hrandenburg this addition would " leave the rest of the magazine essentially free from bias or editorializing. " The goal of becoming increasingh " the stu- dent ' s magazine " was kept in mind constantly, and copy was chosen accordingly. Many notable writings ap])eared in the year ' s Phoenix. In addition to the winning short stories. Peggy I ' enuels narrative poem. " In a Siralfiird (Ihurch- vard. " " Bill Kul)ank " s " The Place W here the IJells Hing. " " and several other stories highlighted each issue. Although this year ' s Phoenix mav not have pleased everyone all the time it seemed to fuHiU its pur[)oses: serving as an outlet for the creative work of Emory students and scrv iiig as a maga- zine to be read and enjoyed by the students. - Y Mll.l. Al.l XAMJI.Il KufifM-NH MnnnRfr W, L il «iM l K ill) 92 MARK STEADMAN Associate Editor Art Br. ndenburc Mark Ste adman Rarry Career Mathis Mlkphy Ed W rk.ht Elliott Levitas Sam Bl nn Miles Alexander Brlce xtikrs Assistant Editor Manaa inf: Editor eivs Editor Assistant ens Editor Feature Editor Picture Editor Business Manager Exchangee Manager STAFF Editor Hank Hajenian Photographer -Marvin Morillo . . Faculty Adviser Neivs staff: Harvey Merlin. Tom White. John Kohler, Hank Kamin, Gil Geller. Harry Zaben. Ross Cox. Marvin Baker. riters: Dick Miller. Frank Manlv. Bill Hard- man. Mel Wise. Dave Sayles. Peggy Penuei, Jim Save. Bill Fryerson. James Cardner, Harrv Gilliam. Bill Euhanks. Irl slufj : l)i( k Wilson. |- ritz I liom|)Siin. John Bridges. iik Pctkas. Ralph (Calhoun. Miirt- lil;i«lin (lil iriii|x t ' oiiiiii;: up. ItVKin (.MiltlK. M..M.. Iii«: Editor ELLIOTT LEVITAS. K-mure Editor 93 PUBLICATIONS BOARD Top editors aiui l lsi e ! managers of The Wheel, the Campus, and The Phoemx are nominated by the F ' ulilications Board, wliich serves as publisher and super- visor of all uiii ersity jiuhlications. As puhlieations co- (irdiiiator. tlie Hoard ser es as intermediary between the particuhir ])ul li(alii)Ms and the Student (louneil. and seeks constantiv to im|)rove the qualil of ihe newspaper, year- book, and literarv magazine. In addilioTi to the three faeull inemiiers, lh - Board has {our student niend ers — tw-o of whom are elected b the Student Council and two of whom are named by the Board. The president of the student body and the dean of students serve as ex-offuio nicndx ' rs of the Board. MF.MHKHS OF THE HOARD Dr. Rayinonil .Nixon, Chairman Hfnr ' M,-iIonc. Serrrtarv Dean E. H. Heir, Faculty Advisor ( ' onli-y Ingrain (Irayson Prnill .Sam lirodnax Mr. Dozier C.aAi- Mr. Kiclianl lo.l Mr. Han lol|ili K irt The ISiiiird prcpiirr- l i r i •ll•. |)rin |iiilili ' ;ili ii CIRCULATION STAFF Besides haxing to di lriluile over . ' . 12110 ( (ipie id I III: Wheel on rhursda night aiul Iridav morning to the main campus and to the Dental and Medical .Schools, the (iircula- tion Stall ' is responsible for getting the C.vmpl ' s and Tin; I ' llOKMX to students. More than . ' S.OOO copies of eacii of ihcsc puiilicalions are issued ihc magazine coming oul once a (piarter. and the yearlmcik near llic end i)f ihr -|iriiig (|uarter. I III- ( in iilaliiiii . " lall aL-n iiiu-l m ' ikI cupio id liiilciil pidiliraliiiM?- Ill persons mi a rather extensive inailiri; li l. To aid in the ueckjv distribulioii of TlIK II Kl.l.. (lie Circulation Stall had conslruclcd last spring several chairs, reading " (iET the wmeki. llMil ' I. " constnulcil and phucd strategically about the campus. Till-: (IHCM.ATION STAFF ( II Mil, Is BiSOOKs I liiu u;ii ( i!iM i; ( ' .irciiUilidn Miiiiiiarr Iss . ( irtliliilii ii MniiiiL rr iirkin ; hiiril ' t 94 c- V i C c fk V t, ' P mr .H . . r £ % Ji " V s. " . " c i ' 5 ' - r ' e .N ' i ■ " ) h Cl ;4ctwitcc 0% (U Xi M4. 95 talent The Eniorv University Student (Iciuncil lias enjoyed one of its most productive years, despite the handicap of passing through an amazing succession of officers. In the position of ice President, Ed Carter and Boh Boozer served respectively, and hoth were called to the armed forces, the joh then heing taken over hy John Haley. President Henrv graduated at the end of the Winter quarter, and ice President llaie was elected to succeed him. with Helen Hughes lilling the acated position of ice President. The Council sponsored the I luce hig dances of the year, culminated hy Dooley ' s Frolics, when the old skeleton once again raised his creaking bones to wreck havoc and merriment on the campus. In line w-ith these dances, the Council has drawn up a plan to provide a fund at the first of every year to cover the three big all-campus dances. In llir licld (if fiislcriiig better Stuilent-Facuhy relations the ( jiuncil has instituted a student rating-scale of faculty members and has presented a plan to provide advisors for first quarter Freshmen. The investigations of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee were nothing compared to the inquiries con- ducted bv the Council concerning the infirmary. Dooley ' s Den. and the Traffic Court. The latter investigation resulted in a com|)lete revision of the means of rep- resentation. The ( ' ouncil finished its year by making up the activities budget for the coming year, supervising the election of the new members, and proposing a new Student Govern- ment Constitution which promises to revolutionize the Council by vastly increasing its powers and functions. The Editor of the I ' hornix makes his report of it» activities. From lo i III hiiltom: Don Henri. John llale . and Mike Mc ' l)iini;iii l lead this, the liiil ' nt ° l ndv of inflnein-e on the -anipii«. Council OFFICERS Don liKNin John Haley Mike McDoicalu Dkvn K. H. Kkce I ' residenl Vice President Secretary Treasurer MEMBERS Jark Roll. Al RIock. I.(iui r Booni " , Sam Rroclnax, Roll (laniplu ' lt. Prt ' iili Kin(ll ' . Ralph (rO(li]ar l. Jim ( raiit. John llalt ' . Miriam lla n4- . Don lli ' iir ' , Jiimic Hoii toii. llrU ' ii llii ho. Sli-ll lliiic. Jim Jar |ii ' . Lane John loM. ( ' harh ' KaufTman. all kirkor, I ' aiil l.anii ' r. Rnl Lumpkin. Mike MoDougalH. Frank I ' idcook, (!ra ton Pruill. Henry Oiiillian. Ra Srhucler. Ben SamiieU. ( " aroUn Shi er. Mnrra Short. l Smith. Tom Smith. Tommy Tidmore. Richard Timherlake, John apensky, Rilly ynn. John Haley accepts the position of Vice President to fill the twice vacated post. The Council in session debates over matters which the student body mcelv takes for granted. Gniorj J ( K (il Steli. Ill I1-: JUIIN KdlllKI! lill I. Ill liDLE Jack. McLean Jack Bozeman Tom Smith Art Brandenbeug James Hm.k OFKICEKS I ' rrsiilcnt I ice I ' ri ' siili ' nt SerrclarY l.iliniriiin Business Manaiier issisliuil Mnnniicr Assistant Mitnay.cr I ' tihlicily Monaster Assisldiil I ' tililirily Muntiiifr Dn. M M.coi.M H. Dewey Director (iroupril ill ihrir bciiiilifiilly fiirnUhcil oHin- arc soiiir of the Hir ' r , left to right: I{r;iii l ' nl rrg. l i -niiin. KohliT. Mi ' l.ciin. (Jiiv. Hiiic. and Toiii Smith. The Spring activities of the Glee Cluh were hin- dered somewhat hy such an insipiiificaiil thing as a political re olt in Cuha which kept them in Miami for their Spring tour. Their Winter (juarter ( " hrist- nias ( ' arol ser ice. held in Glenn Memorial Ghurch. was its usual hig success: Atlanta patrons kept up their faithful flocking to the church to listen to the songliirds ' rendering of the Gliristmas storv in song. lVrha|)s the most dangerous s])ot the Glee ( ' luh found itself in this year was heing suspended he- Iwctii lud liuildings. held up li the across-the-road |)art of Rich ' s new liuildings. while singing carols o er local radio and tele ision stations. The Glee Cluh is the most nationall kiuiun of all Emory ' s student activities, and the arc cciri- stantU heing called upon to sing in and out of town. Their famous director. Dr. Malcolm Dewey, attrihutes this constant appeal to the group ' s main- taining a high ipialit) of music as well as a high quality of performance. KIR.ST TENOKS Jf-rn ' ncliors. Marion Herlon, Mar in liiirch, W illiant (look, .lark (iuy. Tim Hiimphny. Hill Ilunllf. Tirr Miyir. Holiin .Moon-. Krlniiiiiil Piilrick. (iharlrs lu.ji.T-. Joe SllefT. Kil ,Sni!:c;s. Bill . " Miilli. Kill lii|iple. E.lward ri " ht. SECOND TENOKS Kil skrin. Hagan liaskin. Art Rraiidenlier}!. Asa ( " andler. Dick Ciiri ' toii. . ' ani Frank. Richard (;iUliri-l. William (ioddard. Wil- liam (-rr;;(irv. lirowii Ha;iiM)d. .lolin K.dd.T. Charles l.anfoni. Handy Ialone. Larry Mel ' .voy. Hiirr Miller. John iinler. liay Petty. Carlton I ' hilyaw, larry Rnhin, Hoherl .Shrcve. Gene Thurmond. Ted Weeden. FIRST BASSES Boll I ' .ist. Jack ISo .eman. Wesley Ruodish. Bol) Dohbs. (leorge Eeliols. Joe Faulkner. Joe Free- man. James Hall-. John Haller. Slell llnie. Thomas lavlon. Paul MeKinney. John Patlon. Jesse .Schaudies, Wyleh .Stuldis. Walter Tueker. (ierald W ' adsworth. Alex White. Dick Whitney. SECOND BASSES Kohert lieekham. Jack liraddy. Sam ISunn. l!oli Dnrden. Hob Groover. Hay Hull. Hethel In- firam. Harland Jai k-on. Hill Ma- rine. Theodore MeFaehern. Jack McLean. Marvous Mostellar, Wal- lace Hustin. Jim .Sejiars. Tom Smith. Lamar .Stinl-lill. Hndd Treloar. I ' he annual !liri-linas Carol Ser i ' e is looked l ' or %a ' -d lo li all llaiila a-- well a - all Einor . r -n (jlee T H E EMORY Cirls from Emory and Agnes Scott in their dressing room before " I-adies of the Jury " add the final tourhrs to their niuke-up. OFKICEIIS Hon DURDEN I ' resident Ki)(;ak Holing I ice-prcsideni MiCKKY ACREE Secrelary Art Draper Business Mgr. John W apenskv issl. Business Mgr. Jack Anderson ami Henry Martin I ' uhlicity MEMBERS Anne Adams Carl McN ' air Curtis lilanton Ri.har.i laher Stivf Baumgardner Randv Ialone .Sariiniy (Hark Kichard Miller f arol Dean Marvous Mostellar Howard Ehrlich George Neely I ' auline Ellis Ellis Rece (ii ' orge Eubanks Rav Saunders Hill Gibson Phil Schley Kraiiklin Jacks Larry Scolt ( ' liarlif Jackson Jim Segars liiihard Jofl Richard Sti ' wart • Jiarlcs Johnston l Stoni- Lane Johnston ( Carolyn Tilden Sanford Kimball (Jenela an alkcnburgh Nanelle Lang Mrs, Basil W ' apenskv Alita Lastinger Bob W ester Lafaye Leak Bartow Willingham Bob Lifshey Mac Wilson Patricia McGovern Penny ilmer Bill McKenzie Ed Wright Thul w -l! known lluution of lirushing up on your line before the la l act liegins of " Ladies of the Jlirv. " Hi ' lueen jiels of " I he llarri ' lls of VCimpole St. " with the lirsl nicht east. 100 PLAYERS The Emory Players opened their 21th season with ■ " i-ailies of the Jury " perfornieil in eonjunction uith the Blaekfriars of Agnes Scott CoMefie. The comedy was very well received hoth at Kniory and at Agnes Scott. Later on in the Fall Quarter a series of three one-act |ila s " Dust of tlie Road, " " The aliant. " " and ■ ' The Cirl " were j)re- sented for the Knior students. The winter production of the ear was Kudolf Besier " s " The Barrets of Vi inipole Street. " This sparkling adaption of the h) e alTair of Bohert Browning and Eliza- beth Barrett was acclaimed to be a highly adult and appropriate production by the Players. Elizabeth Barrett and her father in the rising climax of " The Barretts III llir il;irk N ii ' liiri;iii -illinc tin- ra-l «f " rhc llarrcH- " ■• ' riii allriii-Icci li th ' I ' niriiiiri ' of I ' apa Iturrelt. The really barJ(-breaking part of a play is the r€ hearsals in the weeks preceding the production on the stage. 101 BARKLEY OHICERS RoEiKKT FlOIIRNOY Chairman (1 B. Rogers 1 icr-chainniin Miles Alexander Manaiier MKMI5F.KS Jciliii I.roiiardi Robert IJcekham Elliott Lfvilas Wesly Booilish Kicharil Patrick Sidney Camp Frank Pidcock Cliffonl Clark.- Bob Kosrnfilil Mar-liall Coli.n Cubbeilge Snow James Grant Joe Unger John Halili Mel Wise Tom Kee Sam Zu man Chairmnn Floiiriiov l;ike- ihi ' iifl ' i ' -inatlvc. I!ill riihani loliv«Ts :i stirring mossagf to the tii(leiit 1m I . He »a« one iif the many national speakers s|M n «■re(l l the Kdrniii. ( 4-« rgia p(iliti( ' ;il leader Ho Harris made an appearan ' e on the ranipus through the ltarkle lornni. FORUM I lie Driiiili- liiruin. nMuimcd llic Baiklo Idruui ill liiiiKir of KiiKirxs illustrous alumnus, seemed tn spring from a stale of i|uiescenee to a position of prominenee in ct iiege debate teams of the South. Perliaps the higlilighls of the sparkling season were the trips to Chicago and West Point to debate their respective teams. A trip to Florida Stale I ni ersitv was nothing to be sneezed at itself. A new undertaking of the Forum this year was a high school students ' contest in which scholarships to Kiiiory were offered to the winning students. The sum total of these awards ran up lo si. ():)(!. and the Forum won a great deal of |)raise from local citizens for their encouragement of forensic studies among secondar schools. irc-rhairniaii C. }i. Rogers tak -! ' Ihc ncgali e. I -vilas and Alexander ii - the fiics from whieh lo draw material for their |»eerhes. EMORY CONCERT »- - i J OFFICERS Allen Jelks Pete Sotus Marilyn Stone Marcus Strickland Geok(;e Elibanks President I ice-presidenl Secretary Lihrarian Business Manager MEMBERS Don B.I1 Jimmy HiMH tin K( ?-alir lirookshaw Kilward Urown Patsy Hrown Densford Cartledge Ross Cox Howard Criimbley nnt Dendinger Kohcrt l)(ili))s Larry Fall Frcdfrirk (lilbcrt Jean ( " linn William Gregory I »rt(in Cruller Don Harrisim Jane Landon Viilliam liCranie Harvey Minsk Norman Nicholson Cordon Oliver Hal Owsley Marvin I ' ulis James Holjbins lUirlon Scott, Jr. Fiiimy Lou Sessions Koliliv Smith rden Smith NeUon Spoto Dorothy Stewart J id Thompson Marvin I ' ravis (Graham Trundle Alfred I nderwood Robert Wester DiriMtor H. ). Seilz Kiclils ihe biiloii ;il the rehi-ursals. Mt ' iiilier »f K;i|i|Ki Kiippa Psi. ii;itioii;il boiii rary IkiihI fralernil ;ire: Front rtnt left: Si-ilz, SiDne, S ' lt, Solus, Jelks, SlrieklarxL . . . Seronil row: Kail, Harrison, Rrowii, McOanii ' . aii l TriiiKlIe. The t MMl% iii(ls ar4 ' lUv l( iiiii - l wn seelioii »f the Band. BAND Although theirs is a new group on the ramj)us, compared to our more ingrained organizations, the Hand this year tooiv a ncu step forward hy in- augurating an annual trip out of town. During the winter quarter the Band visited Georgia State Col- lege for W Omen and put on a performance for its student body as part of the College ' s well-rounded music series. The concert must have gone well iiecause the girls flooded backstage after the final number and insisted on autographs. The Band ' s annual winter concert in Glenn Me- morial Church went well, as did their performances at the productions of the Players and the Pushball game. Before the annual " Skits-o-frenia " " night a dazzling prelude was presented tt) the anxiously waiting students. I ;irl ti ihr l» ' ' ii-. MTtioli of llir I(:iihI. It:iii l oHirrr- Strickliinil. Solii , Jl■lk . and Slonc arc llic imiw t» thai ktM ' p a lar j :roiip pla ing a i iir. I ' art of ihc iiirmlxT of ihr (loncerl Band poM- for the phologrnphi-r after a rcli ' ar al in iht ' ir Rand room. Tfl k Plii A (vv, of lh - A.I ' .O. iiwii ill their (ihiiplcr rooni. OIIICKKS jiillN II l KV J CK SiMTZEK i{ MJ ' ir G )l)l) Ii[) ll i(si:v MtituN GkOUCE EUBANKS JdiiN M(Intviie iJoss Cox I ' rcsiilciil Vice President I ' ledfie Master Recording Secretary (lorrespondin i Secretary TrrasiinT Historian Mi;iMiji:i{ Jimmy rli(ir(l ll iH kamin I ' .ill kri.lt;,- Norman Kenyon I ' .nimftt liMinson Carl McNair Kiel liiirlord Mar iii Monl iomcrj ' Join llusey I ' hil Nalhan Sum (ilark (Drayton I ' ruill Slii-ldoM Krii ' dniaii (Clarke Hicliardson Gillurl (i.il.r Don IxosiidiiM;; Larry (iooilricli Mark lluliiii Sicwart (Jordoii Allfii Slia» ISill ( (irinan Gerald Silberberj; Aaron (;ricnl)rrj; Ronald Siriikler Hiclianl Crosj-nian J!ol Taylor Kalpli (•nicrman liill Towers i.iiv llainnirr rSruie Walters n Mi ll.iuv r.iiiioM wij-iit Sanfoiil Kiiuliall Jmiii. - ilson Dick Ki-rnaulian l.J W.dlV 106 III f il Presidoni llalc« iind Trra-iiircr HriKf Uridgo li»» uhal iIk ' iittii ' ) ' in tlit- Miiiiiiii Minmrial ItiiildiiiK lltok likf . These ofHcers, Spitzer, .Mrliil re. Iliilc ' . , AUrlin, (.(xldaril, and (!i are iiiiTel} gome leaders in ihi- rnup of leaders coni| flsing A.i ' .O. Whenever somethitip; need tn In- done. «lu ' iicver someone is needed to he soniewhere at a icrlain time, whenever sinnchndN needs help, thai is where .I ' .(). ht iiilo llie iain|ius picliiic. A.I ' .O.. a national service fiali-niil . has il- hands hi and imt of ahnnst cvcrN umthwhilc undi ' i takirii; cciri- rcrninf; students ami lacuh : hlinid dri cs. Marili of Dimes, utilities conscrx alimi. ili ' corating for hig dances, infurmaliim 1 ihs diirinf; f rcshman Orien- latiim Week, a used hiHiksturc and man olhcr well-kniiwii |irojccts. I ndi T the idea that " all work and nii |)lav . . . " i (in kmiu the rest l the group has frc(|uent social funcliiins. highlighted this year liy an nvernighl camping trip In the Ineal Hox Seoul camp near Marietta. Ga. 1 he rcp.iil hmughl hack was ihal the hind wa- i ad. llie hugs were had. il rainid. it was colli, hnl llie emnpaiu was LTand. Ihi- sc ' Tned 111 ha i- hcen sullieicnl In nll el all the ' oniplaiiits. The A.I ' .O. used book store is put to good serviee lirfo ' e a new cjuarler. B9l K 10 " EMORY CHRISTIAN OFFICERS Matt Feinbeik; . President Tom Stritch Vice-president Wytch Stubbs Secretary Art Draper Treasurer MEMBERS Siif Agiici. Dick liolih. Cliff Ut-ry. Jiniiiiy ( ' htsttr, Aiiiiic Jo Davis, James Donaldson, Sheila Foster. Charles Grenade, Joe Harding, Clinton Baker, Bob Libby, Larry McEvoy. Jack Perkins, Ann Russell. Dot Stewart, Lucy Walcup. Gariepy Watson, Plowden Rabun. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Jamie Gardner Stell Huie Al Smith Miles Alexander Clyde Smith Joe Faulkner Marvous Mostelu r Art Brandenberc U orld Com III II nil Religious Emphasis Week Social I ' ll hi icily It or ship (Christmas Tree Lihriiry Religious Drama Dr. ILirolfl C. riiillips. pastor of the First lt;ipti l ( hiireh. Cle cland. Ohi i. was main speaki-r of Ki ' li ioiis Emphasis ' eek. ' ITie E.C.A. Inter-failh Coiineil unites all the boys into thi ' one Eiiiorv (Christian Assoeiation. The Emorv Christian .Association is the most omnipresent grou|) on the campus; their (air share of activity is due in large measure to the very able counseling they receive from Mr. Sam l aird. their advisor. Daily Vespers were held in the Muimii Memorial Building under grou|) ' s auspices, as were an Faster . " sunrise Service and special Christmas Services at which gifts were collected for the Children ' s Ward at firadv Hospital. The .Association functions on as equal a footing in the capacity of the co-ordinating body between the various individual religious organizations. Ucli- gous Kmphasis Week was licM in (he Spring f uarler. and perhaps its most significant fact was that it had the ability to ha e the entire school ' s schedule changed around In (it its plans. This variety brought high stuflent a| proval and atlendatice at the meetings. ASSOCIATION iiiii al ( : I.) ill llic Aliiiiiiii Mi ' inorijil Intililiii;;. Eiii r » f ir -if;M liul ' nl arr liaiiil ' cl together iiitd ihi ' ()l lno| olilaIl Club, »pon! ored by the E.C.A. Thf nirnibrrs of the E.C.A. Counril aro chosen from student reprcsenlalion ami the officers of E.C.A. Hi OFFICERS Bekwkd I. Gordon I ' rfsidvnt V.W Mil.KS 15 NOV i ' i ' MlI.KS Ai.EXANDEK Treasurer FliANK Fox Serrelary MEMBERS Dick Uol.li llar rv Merlin Vif li-y l!c oili li Dirk Mill.-r Sam Itrt ' itiiiaii l.li- Mll kovil . Prrn Uricknian Htrnard I ' olay An liiiriis Iar in I ' irlas r;ir,liall Colun Javid I ' lrlin;; M(irri (idhcii Krnnilli Koiiiiisoii MrMn D.-lob Don lioscnlur;; .i;i,k Ktr lack IvoMnlnrj; Mall I ' linlirrfi lioli liii fiifi ' ld Ira Ki-ldrnan l(irri liiisinlluil Larry (Goodrich Mark l!id in Kddic Gdolcr Horace Sarler Hill Grri-iiliaiirn Kvilyn Schain Aaron (In-riilnrc Mli ' n Shaw Hriiry Kaniin Gerald Sill)erl erg Martin Karp lack Spil .er Hujili Klotz loel Slein Kllioll l.i-vilas joe 1 n(;er Hoi, l.ifsliiy Mel ei- ( .-l.r Mailman 5am ZuMuann Th, meiiil er of llie W e l- 111 in ler F -ll »«liip ill their nieetifif; room. Westminister Fellowship OFFICERS James Donaldson President Dick X ' hittieh . Vice President Jo Ann (Ikak, Secretary-Treasurer Rev. D. M. Bkown I I visor Ml MHKKS Hellv Marie Davis iiill Marine Holf Forrester l)ori - Mel ;;er Martha Hayes Virginia Pease John- Molly (Jarolvii Shiver Gi or(;e Katihah F.ilwin Thomas Marilyn Mallard Itili lowers I.ucy Walkiip Thi ' ciflirrr " i»f tliUvl ixrv. U-fl to rifflil : It.-imU I-i . Vx v Mrxaiicl.r. Don Ku-- I ' lilHTff. 4!hiirl o I(iiii4i . Newman Club hfi ;kks .1 l K I ' l.KKINS I ' rvsidcnl 1 )ll l!(ll) l Vice President i IdU Mil) 111 %(.!-: Secretary Helen Keauw C.orn ' sjwnding Secretary nii I{eE[) llishiriiiii !• Mini! I. W. WllllE Cdiinsflor MKVIUKKS Xhiii 1 ' .11 ike Hank Hajenian Oscar IJurnctt -Mary Harper Kathryii Burne Jim Jaiiiucs Joe Callahan I.ce Kendrick .l(MMrir (iiinnors Jean l.aKitlf lull (i()rrii;an Larry McEvoy lluln ' ii Dt ' lgado IJob Mcintosh llnl) Dunn janio lalgral Iai .lanni- Dupa 1 tun () " l!rien 1 liiinias Engle llol, I ' allcr iifiiiiia Englett John I ' ralt, Jr. Sliirla Ko ' ilrr Mario Soto I ' .llrn ( irrcnliuijih Jeanne StfinlMiiincr Thiinia- C.iiadagno Torn Stritch Leo Wade Tilt r«lliall ( ' Ilil» oIImmt an- Hom- aril Kiiii t ' . No a l{r.(l. Jack IVr- kiM . and D uiiaid itooiK ' v. Pre-Ministerial Association Tarl III ' l,inor futurt iiuni l( r art in the l r« -niiiii tt ' rial A sui ' ialiun ofh(:p:ks |()K 1! vkdim; I ' ri ' sidrnl Plowdex Rabun i ice President Alston Huoun Secretary JdllN I ' .KIIic.KS ( orresponding Secretary MvKKiN IJkcton Treasurer MKMItKKS Jerry nchors Henry artin (Jinlon Maker Terry Myrr Arthur lirandcnburg Clyde Smith Charles Culbreth Wyleh Slubli? Earl Flaire Clyde Traylor Charl. ' s llillis Reeee lurrenlin Dill Hurdle Gariepy Watson Tom Key Ted Weeden James C. Marlowe Hilly Yon Baptist Student Union OFFICERS OF BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Gariki ' v Watson . . President Hit. I. LoWERY . . ] ire I ' rcsidcnt OlllMKL McGehee 2ml lire President OFFICERS OF NURSES ' BAl ' TIST STUDENT UNION IIklen Goodroe President Martha Ann Willis 7.s7 ice President Doris Sea 2nd I ire President NaNELLE LoN ' CE 3rd I ire President Faye Moohe . . Secretary Mrmliir- (if the IS:i| ti t Slinl ' nl I nioii iiiul the Nurses ' " B.S.U. " are seen in the Aliiiiiiii Memorial Building, Canterbury Club OFFICERS A I rill 1! Dr per President M !. llxKin I ' lSliM-K Councillor MEMBKKS Ann K. Itiirii. ' tt Kr.Kk M; SriiiliT Sa II iollll Uii .M-11 M iilillrlon 1!.. li lla iiie (Ji-orge N lilarh k. n Ki. ' lil D.iM ri km K. li l.ililn KallK-r lit li. ' .l.liiiK CaniiTiiM Ma fllloll Sr» Tal iiii ' iiiliir- ii( llii ( a ii 1 1- rli ii r % ( I ii li Hank |ir( " -i(li ' Ml il l)i ' a|ii ' r. 112 Methodist Students Fellowship OFFICERS Jimmy Chester I ' rrsiflcnl Wytch Stubbs Vice President Dorothy Stewart Vice President Nancy Rlffner Vice President K TH R1NE I.OKMKER Secretary I ' m 1 Bryan Treasurer Jamie Gardner Program Chairman 111 « .. Ka. " iin liiin Rim Part of the Fellowship griuip };■ ' • ' • ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' l " l iii " l (.Irim M iimruil (Imrch un Sunday niurniiig. The ur e» Melhodi»t Fellowship works with llii- regular MelhodisI A Methodist Fellowship team ahout to lea%e for a week-end at some Fellowship at social functions and projects. country church. f)0 Q f Honor Council OFFICERS ■f ' . ' vmoni ' s 110 " ° dodc Mvrr 1 ' kinherg Norman Munro Dr. Sam Shiver Dr. Brlce McDuFKiE (.lutinniin Secretary Fiuiillx Advisor Idiitlty Advisor Wytch Stubbs Andy Partee Sam Tillman Jack 7 nderso The Emory Honor (Council exists for two reasons on the Emory campus: first, to promote honesty during school years and after graduation; second, to deal with those men who cannot com|)rehcnd what their honor is worth to them and who have hcen turned in to the (Council for cheating or other breaches of the Honor ( ode. The Council members are appointed by retiring members of the Council, with the a|)proval of the Student Council, and two faculty advisors work in the exact capacitv their title suggests. This Honor (lotic is ihr basis for Emory honor, and there is a cchIc hanging in cvrrv elassrooiii on Xhv canipus. The must highly res|(e ' teil po ' -ilion on the campus is oreupied by these men: First rote: Levilas. Stubbs, Feinberg, Munro, Tillman. . . . Second roir: Dr. Shiver, Anderson, Dr. McDuffie. i E f Hill) NiSBET Toole BoBO Arnall Kyle Elliott OFFICERS Prcsidi-nt Vice President Secretary S M HuKuroN Treasurer MKMHEKS " Sllorl " l.orenlzson Leon McGahee Stanley MnoHy Norman Munio Brownie Murr Tony Allen Ed Anderson Tom Braly Julian Calloway Henry Collinsworlh Chapman Cunningham Jim Poole Kav Cunningham Bob Sanders Ralph Davis Art Draper Paul Fulton Ralph Goddard John Haley Randy Karrh Bill Lammers Jeff Smith Marcus Smith " Shorty " Smith fario Soto Wytch Stubbs " Zeke " Terazakis Konalil Wilson The ' " E ' ' Club honors lettermen on the campus who have shown themselves; as having outstanding ahility or for notable contribution to Emory ' s ath- letic program. However, once they are in, the members have a job on their hands because the Cliil) is primarily a service organization. This year lhe were co-sponsors of the Pushball game, spon- sored the Honors Day banquet, officiated at inter- fraternity football games, collected money for the March of Dimes at the athletic contests, and formed a hospitality committee to welcome visiting teams from other schools. In addition to all these activities, the ' " E " Club applied for and received a charter for a local chapter of Sigma Delta Psi, national athletic honor society. First man to meet the requirements was Bob Sanders, but more try-outs are on schedule for the Spring quarter. Tile nieinbers of the " V. " Club are our big men. in a er.v |»h,v ieal ninnner. on the eaiiipus. il crti iiig is iMi| cirlaiil. Mtid if mhi ihiiik it isn ' t put to good use ;uiuin i liic Emory campus, you should only look around during the Spring Quarter wliile th elections are underway. Having a full eoniprehension of advertising ' s place in so- ciety, a group of inon on llir i aiii|iiis lia c planned it to he their life ' s work, and those who maintain the requirements are asked to join the Kiehard Joel Ciiapler of the National Professional (l i rlisinj; frater- nity, Alpha Delta Sigma. A.R.S. puts as its goal the accomplish- ment of " bridging the gaj) ' ' between theory and practice. The Kniory Chapter has handled such publicit) drives as Dooley ' s Frolics, nil " . (I Drixc. and Brollicrhodd Week and has cd-siionsorcd tlie annual Advertising institute held at Kniorv this year for all those interested in aibcrtising and markcling. Alpha Delta S i m a Dr. Itnyiiioiid Nixon, Ur. (.• ir;; (.;illii|i. :iii l l ' r ' iilrnl of llit ' I iii ' rsil (iiiilrii-h C. While giilh«T ill lh€ " A.D.S.-s|» iisorecl mm-oikI annual AHvrrlising Inslitiilr. OFFICF.RS l( Maslia I ' rc.sidrril liii.i. Kerry I ire President Imi W kk.ii I ' Secreldi y III (.11 Cvncs Treasurer Kk II KI JoKL ilvisor IMKMBKKS ll;iriiM MImtI jack 1 ang Lhk Hu-Mn Jamr M rrj) )ll Isatic ( alanli KmIi. ' H Dlliill O.Mir};! ' Cray iuiy (Iwt-ri Inliii tiwalliu-y Dick iNri.lall Hiin llfiiry William Waircii SoUH of llir inrll ill . ■ ( t,) riehl: ' OITiill. (,rin. Call (;»alln a ! rrlisiii;j; arr : iidall. I.alailti. . lli ' iir , anil Radio Workshop lenibers of the Workshop are a group who enjoy their work while they ' re doing it OIIICKUS l, ni{ S((Hi ' resident Ray Saunders lice ' resident I ' ATiiiciA McGovERN Secretary Historian Wayne Freeman Treasurer MEMBKKS ll.ims 111 all. (Icinli n Danlcn. Marilyn Evans, hirilrlli ' llardiii. I.arry liuliiii, (;is i(• .S|iiru. Zack Strirklanil. Tom Thornton. The inombers of the Kinory Hatiio Work- hii|) |)n ' |)are sc-ripl. and present |)r()grams (iM-r llic local radio networks. Tliese pro- grams are produced, directed, and acted ciilireK hy the workshop. During the Fall l luarler the workshoj) produced live adap- lalioiis of Hans Christian Anderson ' s tales tliiinigii the faiilitics of station WGLS in Dcratiir. Ga. I heir Winter productions were heard over station WFHI). and a group of scripts were written as outlets for the members ' creative talents. Camera Club OFFICERS Franklin Jacks . . President I.otis Snellcrove Vice President M RTH I ' l I.l.lN Secretary Tkkh h Kli Treasurer MFMBER.S (.harlf B jrru . Km! ( !ar|iiiilir. Dill lla is. Jo nn Kinnry. Ilank llajinian. ir il l.anliain. Hill LowiTy. (irorijr Maloof. lioli ! lnto h, S il I ' arhani. Jack Parsons. Vl illii- Phillips. James Koliliins. Kill Kousscau. .Staffonl .Smith. Dick Whillirr. anil Marshall Woodson. The Camera Club gives weekly instruc- tions and demonstrations on darkroom le hni(]uc and portraiture, and works year- round taking pictures for the Campus. This winter they sponsored a picture contest among students and their wives, and tlie Club went on a field trip to Stone Mountain as part of its Fall activities. Thf-i- tlleinhiT of ihe (aiticr;! .lul are -(iiiif uho hflil tin- -c ' honl-wide |ihfitogniph ronlest thi- ear. OFFICEKS Jack Wickham President Harold Williams Vice President Clyde Partin Secretary Paul H. RTSF1ELD Treasurer DwiCHT DuNLEViE Historian MEMBERS M. V. Alvis, Albert Cox. Milton Earneft, Honry Entrki-n. Albert Honder?on. T. E. Herinanson, Kobi-rt lluflaki-r. Hurnon Lydio. W . J. Monaban, Willie Philips, James ocalis, John Wapensky, Manin Weintraub. Kappa Plii Kappa is a Professional Kducatioii 1-rateriiily which wants to show llif hrightcr side of teaching rather than the side so often seen by students. The members of this fraternity have heard talks .such as " hat and how should teachers be taugiit? " and " .Should teachers he unionized? " ' . t anotiicr meeting, several recent F.morv graduates now teaching in the . tlanta area told about tiicir experi- ences in their first month or semester of teaching, particularly in reference to their college training. Kappa Phi Kappa riicse are some of the iii( niher l ihe bieal ehapler if Kappa Phi Ka|ipa. jiro- fi ' .- i iiial ediiealioiial fraternity. Pi Alpha These nieinliers of Pi Alpha are the bailing s|iid ' iil mi the eainpii in tlie fiidd 4tf rhemi- ' -tr . OFFICERS C. B. Vail President L. J. Pklci.no i ice President W. S. Wilcox Secretary . (,. lloRSTMANN Treasurer MEMBERS Uliii li, Breek, BuUard, Clark, Coviii lcm. Day. Uixon, CokUtein, Ilickman, llobson, lloey, Jacobs, Jones, l.ainp, I. ester. bl)uflie. Maerae, Norwood, Parker. Pfitzer. Putnam, (.diayb-. Koliiii-nii. Koyals. Shults, Smith, Turpin, Watson. Wbippli-. Tiiose who have |)rovcti ihcmscKes Mirlh of recognition in s h hirship and characlcr arc iinilcd In jniii lliis bnnorarv chemical fraternit : tlie (irgaiiizalinii iii- deavors to encourage sincere cllnrl in llie Held cd clicrnislrv . All of ii- Ikivc i-cn till- ciilcrlaiiiing Sciciici ' Open House here al l,iii(ir during llic S|)ring (,)iiartcrs ( :ui lliank I ' i I|iIki (oi llir -( inl illal inj; cxliiliils. The (ralcrnilx alsn maintains a lilnarv in the ( " .iicmislrx DcpartnuMil tnr iisc li -Indents. Traffie Court liciicNcr somebody gels going so fast that he passes up more than he can catcli up witli, Emory ' s student traffic court handles his case and deals out a punish- ment to lit the crime. The students are allowed to give their version of the story while the police officers attached to the • .iiiipus give theirs. In addilion lo ser ing ii ' lliis jiiili( iai caparilx tlic nurl also (■(insiders and reconnncnds in traffic con- tiitions on the Emory campus. MEMBERS Holm Arnall Mac Mall Art lirandiiihiTg Carl HaiiiintT Mai Diiggan Bill Talley Bill Gorman In their ofiire alop iht- fit ' ld house the court metes out the verdict. Left to right; Hall, Talley, Gorman. Patrolman Carpenter, Huninirr. Patrolman Sherril. Arnall. OFFICERS V ILLIAM IVEV President Joe Good, Jr. Vice President Zo.N.v Bennett Secretary W. Keith 0 " Steen Treasurer Phi Si ina The joint faculty and tiid ' nt mt ' inlxr ' - of llir lionor irv lli lll ur;::iiii :ilion. Where hugs are iiuoUed you can usually find a group of I ' hi .Sigma niend ers in- terestedly sur e ing the scene. A [ninijinim of li e hiology courses and a class standing in the upper half are hasic re(]uirements in this societ), which is formed lo promote scientific investigation and to vsideii I lie scope of hiolojiic appreciation among the members and the student body at large. Not belies ing in living a com|)letely " for- mal(lih ded " " life, the members have fre- i|uenl social events. mo ies. held trips, and lectures. Si ina DeHa Chi OFFICERS Pat Watters President Ernie HynDS J i c I ' rrsidfnt Ross Stemer Treasurer Ray Saunders Secretary MEMBERS Wayne Frecinan, Lee llartlry, Allan Long. Iikt- MclJoujialil. liill Piikiiinj;. Larry Kul in. Larry Scott, Stafford Smith, licrt .Sptnccr, Zack Stricklanil. Against the clatter of typewriter keys, one ran usually hear the frantic Sigma Delta Chi ineiiihers wurking on the WllKEL or some other journal i f interest to Kmor and its surrouiuliiig ])eo])le. 1 his national journalism fraternit recognizes academic anil professional achivcinent in the field of journalism. The higgest function of the grou]) this year was sponsoring the annual Gridiroti liantiuet. patterned after the Washington Gridiron l!luli " s famous pro- gram of satire aimed at national political figures. New offirers Borl Speno«T. Mike MrI) iiig;il(L and Ernie Hynds se« ' ni lo he unclericlcd un :in odilorial. Si nia Delta !lii inrniliiT ' - are our fnlnrr new-paper t ' iIilor of Vntrrira. OniCKRS Guy Stiucis ami John W vim: ,sk Fresiflents I MES KiMBERLV ANH KlCH AUD I ' vilili K ice I ' rcsitlcrils Horace Wood Secreta ry-Treasurer MK.MUEKS Jack Conrad, Jaikson Kmrrson. NKion lirllniaii. Carlfton ( ' .ii| lill. I.ioiianl lluiiiphrits. David Harris. CharU;. Kncpton. (. ' lydi- l (!rary. Hichard Nfwion, Donald Koom-y, Murray Short. M nin Travis. " Zi-ki- " Ti-rrzakis. Alvin i-lmi. SoiiiflitiK ' iti tlic future wlieii a city wants to know till- proper way to i-orrect its slum district tlic city fathers will call on one of the nienihers of the Sociology ( " lul) to help iheni with their problems. This group is formed to give its members practical ex- perience in the field of sociological en- deavor. On the Emory camjius this year the (!lub conducted a surycy of student opiiiion concerning interest about tiie Emory Lecture Series. It is. of course, a tremendous undertaking for a group of undergraduate students to pursue such a survey. Just a few of its other activities have been joint meetings yvith the Agnes Scott Sociology Club and the Atlanta I ni- versity chapter .Alpiia Ka|)pa lli-lla. Sociology Club r ' residfiil ol the Soriidiigy (dull is John apciisky . Ikti ' alisorliei in reading material m - didn ' t think of a so ' iol igii-al nntiire. Boy! who arc interested in the prublenis of li ing together a» a ,-ociety are grouped into the Sociology Club. e 15 ;4 5 W 7 ' f 122 Sfient 123 Iliiili r«ir; Mr. Cooper. Mr. Seymour, Miss Ames, Prof. McDonoiigh. . Miller. Mrs. Morrow, Mr. Smvke. . Frimt row: Mr. ATHLETIC STAFF Scrnr- from ihr I ;iriil| ollrx IkiII " ann ' Push Ball M-; OLE i;,MOI{V SI ' OHT . . . conceived of ill llie tla)s when the ])artici|)ants were not as numerous as the referees re{|uire(l for tlie 1950 contest. I ' l SH BAI L is as traditional to Kniorv as ole Doolcv liiniseif. Once a year on ov. 17th the huge iealher spliere is pushed from one side ol liic loner held to aiioliicr i inohs of screaming frosh and sophs and sev- eral students of duhious class standing. The e(|ui])ment required for the sport is quite neg- ligible and hefore the sun sets over Druids Hills on F ' reshman day the garb of the ODK referees is negligible indeed ! Whiil is that arm in the renter doing? The referee ' s look anxious. Yi oiulrr «liv? J871 f 99; mTijJin ' UiUiil (ll Mll » l.M(ti; — lin.k ,,,!,: V. I iilliMi. A. ifiKiium. K. I lli..l. J. I urpin. U. hlr hall. K. huo t r. .N. Iiinrii. (.« arh J. An:iiii yriini l nnr : i . lf ( .ii i. iiiii, J, (ialluua.i. (;. Uiiiiii. B. Tra lor, Z. TL■ ezaka . VI. Siuallcv. IJ. llufTaki-r. . . . Front roir: J. Moore. II. Entrekin. J. Sessions, Shorty Smith, T. Brown. J. Parhani. K. Steninier. I lie Iiitraiiiural fontliull Ifague ended its I ' ).■)() season with tlie top ])osilion split lictwpfii the Junior and Senior squads. (Con- tests throughout the season showed that the e |ieriencc and the participation of the upperclassmen gave them a decided ad- antage over the other two teams. The ■ranics were somewhat one-sided, conse- i|U(Mitl . and were not followed too a iill li class nieml ers. A decided good hrand ol plaving was displayed hy memi)ers of all the teams, however. The most crucial game was undoubtedly the grudge-lialtle hctwpen the Juniors and .Seniors that ended in a 7-0 ictor for the last-year men. The junior team had heen undefeated u|) tn I Ills point, and a victory would have given I hem tile crown. The ])ouerful line |)la s of Parham and Munro sparked the Seniors to victory, however, and an anticipated win over the Frosh the next «eek put them in a tie for the championship. INTRAMURAL ? av}; ' felM .1 Thuiiip uii ju t (lue get one u»ay. Thoinp ton fadcsi back for the Frosh. All Emory Murr, Jr Iiark Pooir, Jr end llairr. Jr Iiiirk Miinrn. Sr hiirk Sliiltli-. Jr nd ii lrr - Mi. Sr Lirklc lliifTakrr. Sr i nfl I rrr iikii-. Sr Ciianl Word must be said alioul llie scrappy indpniiantu ' d Freshman team that put up 1 li-iht in ever game despite the lack in ome games of e en one sulistitute. Jed rhoni|)son " s tinieh running gains were a liig help in every game, hut foothall re- luircs suhstitutes to achieve victory. I he lame Sophomore squad was almost as short if reserves as the Frosh. and despite tlie ■nlhusiastic pla ing of such men as Karrli ind ( ' aldwell tliev almost ended the season ilh a " perfect record " as their coach ■ailed it if we hadn ' t scored those 6 points igainst the Frosh. we would have hcen " all- defeated. " " all-untied. " and " all unscoring. " I The eo-cham|iionship Juniors had (juiti- 1 bit of experience and talent among it jlavers. The skill and power of such men IS Stubbs. Haire. and Murr were respon- ;ible for their high standing in the league. ( IIVMI ' ION Jl MORS — 11,1, k nil, : H. W ooil. 15. M. (,( .li.-. . Coa.h Mi Inlo-li. U. Iluch. . . . S,;,inil rim: i. Scar . I.. l.iii l iiy, .NeUoii Cofliii. H. Murr. M. Siiiilh. K. Ilairc. . . Front riiir: . Slul)li . N. Toole, U. CiiiiiiiIkII. 15. Manning. II. Ili-nilr . J. I ' oole. HIGHLIGHTS Pa» hani liip one around ' nd for ihc Seniors. Munro look- liiugli a Toole alMio l rli l lier I ' arhani. f - All Emory Kurrh. Soph guard Thompson. Fr hi k Dirkens. Fr renter ( li er. Fr guard Fuhon. Sr (suarrf CoHin. Jr hark Toolo. Jr • " ••I ' le tit picturt ' ,1 Julian Calloway; Bill Traylor CHAMPION KA ' S nark rinr: II. A l ur.v, B. Madcn. S. Miliu-r, S. (loiioly, Uoo ' -lcr Anlli ii . J. Il:ilc. II. ilkir«iiii. :. Sno». Frinil rim : I). Dlirclcll. J. Olll- lir. II. Collill -Kortll. C. W hill ' . J. Move. A. AiidirMni, ;. Klliot. Chalking up their b;ecoiicl consecutive win in tlie touch foothall league were the l e!)cl? of Kappa Alpha who made it through the season without a defeat. The games were followed very closely hy campus spectators and in such close con- tests as the Chi Phi-KA and Phi l)elt-K games the excitement and tension was felt l)v players and cheering sections alike. 1 he Chi i ' hi " s almost upset the Rehel squad by pulling up to within one point of the KA score as darkness descended on the Lower Field. Time ran out however with the Chi 1 ' hi ' s in ])ossession of the hall on the KA two yard line. The Phi Delts man- aged to tie KA early in the season, hut the play-olT game ended in a 9 point victory for the Hebs through the ex|)ert passing of Spann Milner and Hank Collins- worth and the equal snagging ability of Harris Asbury and " Boy " Durden. Chi Phi persisted to become the winner of Flight II and there was a three-wav tie for Flight III between SAE, DTI), and PiKA. T ' -w., K. € .• wct ' l siiiU oMT Snow lo intcropt. S|M I( lratl iiilrrfcrrlirr for KI.SA as Courh flip a pass. Swriil 1111(1 I ' orlcT loi k loii h on till ' Sipniii !hi liiii ' . j Htet MtetHitif Fraternity won lost Fraternity won lost KA 6 5 1 AEPi .... 3 3 Phi Delt DTD ... 3 3 Chi Phi 4 1 Pi KA .... 2 4 Sigma Chi ... 4 2 Sigma Nu . . .... 1 4 TFPhi . . . ... 4 .... 3 .... 3 2 2 2 SAE . . .... 1 4 ATO .... EISA . . .... 1 4 Sigma Pi Pi K Phi . . . .... 1 4 BThcta Pi . . . .... 5 Siirgrnl lri iir ' l Ikmm ' . oiir fur the l ' ik -». BASKETBALL Front row: MoLaniery, Dunn, Conerly, Clark, Lindsay, . . . Back rotr: Sine, Rabb, Sessonis, Fulton. Turpin. . . . I ol pictured: Marshall Snialley, INTRAMURAL CHAMPIONS Tilt ' Intramural league of ] ' )r was a collecticiii i [ teams containing quite a few stars from the dilTerent classes and schools. Competition for the top position was largely a nip and tuck hattle lietween the hoop-hitting Creachers and the sharp-shooting boys from the Dental School. The exceptional phning of such men as Connerly and Dunn for the Theologs finally gave them the edge over the Dents though. The .Senior squad was a constant threat to both of these teams also, and thev ended the season in the thirdjjlace spot. The dead eye of one Boh Hufiaker on the .Senior squad and the skilled pla of Jack Comier for the Dents kept their competitors on the alert all the time, • ' ollowing in fourth place was the Medical School, wlu)se ace of the hardwood was John ( ' arson. BASRETBAll 1 IIKEE VE AKS ITHOl T A DLKEAT Hack nnv: John TuriKT. Si)aiiii Milnpr. Slill»« ' ll ( ' .oiilcv, " Bov " Durden, Henry Cullinsworlh. . . . Front roir; Hank Tiirin-r, Harris Asbury, Gene INTERFRATERNITY CHAMPIONS The story of the IFC League is the same as it has been for three consecutive vears Kappa Alpha. The Rebel gentlemen rolled over all their opponents without difficulty except the hard-tighting Sigma Chi " s. The Sigs put the pressure on and it was not until the closing minutes of their game that KA pulled ahead to win 34-29. All of the first flight places were fought for desperately. The Sigs ended up second, the TEPhis third and the Phi Delts fourth. The other two flights were copped h the ATO and Pi KA respec- tivelv. The IFC League was the most closeh followed of all. and the cheers nearlv knocked the roof off the g m when KA won over their traditional Sig rivals. DiiM ' -on firi ' on ' ihrotigh ihr hoop. Moody looky desperate as ihe taller lioy« (fivi- him a rough lime. Actum ill llic Kappa Alpha-All Slur gani -. Ilrt-ilnciii lri ' li inl lo liloik ;i I ' lii Oili -.lini. ill I ' liKliI I. ---CAGE The AEPi ' s " fingir " iht- l.;ill a«;i« ( r.mi lli.- I ' ik A " Culliii »orlh M )ri l»o for kA. SCENES--- Sicgi ' l gi ' L- off a «luil jisaiii l llu- S.AKN. FRATKHMTY ALL STARS . . . who upset the :hani- pi«n K V- ill ihr hcnrfil pann ' npfin-orrd Uy ihr " K " r.luh. h ' rnnt ruiv : Saiindi-r- , iii:in:i;rrr : I)a i . Diida. Sr iori . IVall. SicsfK Maildox. . . . Bath roic: Mizell, Needer, Dukes, Amall, Scures, Wade. A mad rraiiil I in the ainc to decide shu eU ihird plaee Diike |ji%H one up for ihe l hi Di-ll- EMORY lETTERMEN Each year the neophyte lettermen from past seasons walk the campus in silence for one day adorned with grotesque combinations of the equipment they use in the respective sports. This is the symbol of their election into the " E " Club, honorary athletic society of Kinor which taps its mcriihers (|uarterlv from the varsity squads. Admission is granted to All-Emory football |)layers. two-year intramural players, and letterincti from traik. fioif. tennis, swimminfr. ;ind wrcslliiif;. SOCCER FLIGHT I FLIGHT H FLIGHT 111 Sigma (llii Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Epsiinii I ' lii Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Delia Tan Drlla Sigma Nu Chi I ' hi I ' i Ka|)|ia Alplia Alpha Tau Omega li)iia Lpsiloii I ' i KiinlM-ll and 4 (»r lrii vl rraiN In liaiih shins. W IN KKS . . . Sigma t hi. Hack roic: MagriidiT, ItarthiilonicM, Porter, Minchcw, Draper. . . . Front roic: Ix ' onardv, Ilailev, Solo, Hall. Alexander gel- in po-ilion lo bool one down field. The eh ' er- aflrr the game. WRESTLING RESUME OF SEASON Atlanta Y.M.C. A. (1 Emory 33 ji|iala(liian Stale 2 ) Emory 3 Georgia Tech 11 Emory 13 N. C. State .... 16 Emory 11 . ' ul)urn .... M) Emory 3 West. Carolina 11 Emory 16 Maryville 17 Emory 10 r. of r.liattaiiooga 11 Emory 23 1NTERC0I1E(;IATE TEAM The lO. ' il wrestling s(]ua(l went through a rough season with such strong teams as A|)|iahi(liian and Auhurn on the schedule. Coach Miller was fortunate in having a illi experience (in his few ade|)t men si|uad. however, and these turned in rui- ning performances in every meet. The team as a whole made an excellent showing in the Ceorgia A. A. l ' . Cham| ionships. winning nine out of ten malclies to carry the team trophy awa with ll ing colors. In the Southeastern Championships the en- durance of McGeliec. Duggan and karrh ga e them second places in the 123. 130 and 167 Ihs. classes respectively. The S(|uad was further honored hy having its captain jcir Smith named to the All-Sonllieastcrn ipiad x liich will stage an cxhihitiim meet against the Japanese college champions. lir-l Siring . . . Hark ritir: Coiirli Millir. I.:, I r-. kiirrll. Solli-. ;ll n. . . . I ' riinl roir: y ■ , ■ u■ •. DiiKKiiii. Smilh. Sl.-»:irt. Trntliir V«f pirliiml: rrii»foril. Siiil cr. kd Glances at (he Grapplcrs - - dipt. Sniilli h(i i hU form ill the A| |ial:i ' liian nirt-t. IFC MEET First SAE Second Sigma Chi Third Sigma Nu Fourth AEPi Traylor and Stewart practice their holds. WRESTLING SQl ' AD Bark row: Snilzcr, (iiilc- inan. FiilrhiT. It ' nn -ll. W :il«i n, S lu«. l ' liciw- ell. Ui ' uiif. . . . Frinil rnir: Mct.chri ' . Dll-;;;;!!!. Slllilll. SU ' Hart, I.:iiiiiiuT«. kiirrh, ' rra I«ir. e e,LL r " S w i m m i n INTFRCOLLECIATE TKA.M — Bark row: Braniion. muiikisit: M:isrii l«T. Ciinninghain, Noiiiiaii. Snivki ' . roiii-h. . . . Middle roic : Blcviii . Sohiiellc. Jai-(iiir-. McDonousli. A«bury. DaviMin. . . . From row: DavU. Kevsj-r. Ilugh t( ii. W alMHi. Aliinro. (:liaiii| i iii hrcasUtrokor !M ' D( n uf;li. ( h ' t: i :(|iLiiii ICa iiitiiiii;:li:iiii. 138 SMYRE ' S AOllATIC PROTEGE ' S INTERFRATEHMTV MEKT I irst SAE : ' ,l ;;„u KA . . . ;31 I liird Sigma Chi ... 26 I niiilli Chi I ' hi 26 Munro and McDonough lake off for the 200-.varcl breaststroke. 1951 SEASON H ' 1 I. of North Carolina 60 fjiiory 1.5 North Carolina State n] Kriiory 21 H y 1 Georgia Tech 39 Eni(ir .36 M 1 1 Clemson 32 Emory 43 B 1 1 L. of South Carolina 30 Emory 44 Lj i U. of Georgia r r) Emory 20 E H U. of Florida .iO E?iior 25 I B H Florida State 4-1 Emor 31 1 N. W. Louisiana K) Emory 35 H Georgia A.A.I ' . Meet Emory third )la(c imi Jar |ue- li | lav hi iiiiim-I anil ilixin;; form. Kfi -tr. .lit If intl M -I :ini( ' l Inc the in;irk. Bnrk ' ilrokrr ' tiv fl. INTERCOLLEGIATE CINDERMEN... C : 0m m M M .d ' " f ' J y 1950 rKA: l — Hack rotv: SaiuK-rs, Ba kin, Solus, ZiisMiian, McUdiiuIiI. Hcaslcv, Coach Chclliiian. . . . Si ' conil roir: Hossin. Ilvncls. BroKioii, Colliiisuorlh. Wilson, liakir, Ta lor, Siiiilh. . . . Front row: CarUT, Uogt-rs, Morris, Diiggan, Soifrr, Siiiilli, Moody, iyordon. SCHEDULE .Nfarch 30 Florida liilays [iril II lii-rry. liryan. oiitluTn lech. Kiiiorv |iril 11 Siwance |iril 18 Florida State A|.ril 2!i Citacl.-I May 3 Howard Mav jr Mid -Son ill Chanipions hips Clh. ' ipman " liou- ii- liou to nrl IKO ' . Tin: (:i{At:K UISIAXIvMIIMI. ll.Wl .Mn Hi.mIoh. IIO; l.l Mav, »! mil.-; Mul Uiiggaii. »8(l: Kill Ortli. niilr. Ili-nrv goes ii|i and ovrr at 6 feet. 4dJiMf INnmATERNIT, p | £ j, [) DAY... m m:us J An nunii 220 (lash f I John Turii. ' r UK) dash iS L. ( Willis Hunt . . I-Ul HP V Ell Mav tiKO run K. k K l li ' AllxTt 120 hl :h htinlli ' s B Jill rhoin|ison 220 liiw hiinllrs i Kil May niih ' Hoi) MrCalliini | oh ' vault I ' V ( ' .us Elliot Hy J Gi ' ori e Needor hi ' oail jump LC J Tr ' Siegel Shot put Gus Elliot hiiih jump iKAi Elliot. Bfdrlinpficld. Ashun. Till iitr HHO nlav TEAM WINNER Kappa Alpha -. J JOHN CHEI.I.MAN 1 14 ' ail Track Coach .J F F A- . ' " ' y K r Little Ed Mfiv, star 880 and milt riiiinrr. Eddif Albrrl (hurdlts) ; John Turnt-r (100 dash.) I hr«-r-l iiUI uinnrr I ' .liiol • hoH- hio (lioi-ii ' »l h ' . .Mct.alliini r;H liilh MtKil-. 4) i-r ihr liar. VJi •s SOFTBALL REVIEWS . ' " l L Hell riobbers one for the Phi Delts. Safe at second! FRATERNITY FLIGHTS ILK.HT I SAE Sigma Chi Chi I ' ll! Star and Crescent FLIGHT II l ' ik TEPhi ATO DTI) FLIGHT III KA EISA AEPi Sigma I ' i FLK.HT IV Sigma Nu I Mil l) -lt BTPi (Campus Club he I ' ikes M-ore a home run «k ft 9 (jiiininKli Kx | r:i(liii ' » ;ritliii(: put oiil. f illiani run ' t quite get hi» glove ii the ball. What a swing that wa.s! Interest in the liitraimiral Softltall League lagged somewhat during the open- ing days of the season, but there was cer- tainly no a})ath in the I.F.C ' . League or the newh-fornied Dental-Med School one. The I ' iKA. Sigma Chi and KA squads showed a good brand of ball playing dur- ing the first few opening games, and the contests should proye tighter and tighter as play adyances into the championshij) flight. The niediral and dental fraternities play on eyery .Saturda . The first round found AKK ys. i Psi Phi. DSD ys. TKPsi. and Psi Omega ys. Phi Chi. llie Thela Kap ' take Mjiiie lali lime oil to practice. hoop . il " » an error on the iirr-t lia eiiiaii. GOLF ch the fteeh M tk the ptc • • • IMKK ;OI.I,K .IATK TKAM — Waters. Ingram. I ' i.l- c-ook. Kirkland. Beach, Allen, Arnold. Coaeh Miller says he wants this put made! Waters sets the stiifre for a 270 }tiri lri e. Sid pirli- up some pointers fr Pro Surfceunl, 14-1 TENNIS ci)et the net u;ith the HicterA . . . I t • ' Asbury sroop! a return out of the dirt in ihi- (icorgia nn-cl. flii lin s t ri ' iifly to slani «no aoro! 9 ihr nrt. Emory ' s Coed Alhldes... on (he Basketball Coiirl Ki ' ll ' k Tinner killflIll, lav onr up. It tl (.iirn-ll cil - r a)l to « -l tlu- hall up Mi! s Aiiu- hu t th« ' irU the ri lit a on the Volleyball Conrt on the Archery Ran| e :? ■, Th( ( sul ;iii hil lilt- lMilU-r i ' loti in (he Swiminin Pool iKiii;: Diili ' hiiinn in |iiTri ' -l rurin. the SPIKERS... i)lli- l);ill hail just gotlL-ii under wn) when ihe Cumpus went to press, so the results of this sport could not be recorded. It is followed closely liy fraternity men because of the crucial hearinp; it often has on the Athletic Cup. During the first round of pla e ( ' n the enthusiasm was running high. ■ ' lio p I Didii ! qiiilr iiiuk) ' it. ISrouilnux goo nil oul for :i bUx ' k. Fi.i(;iiT I SAE Sigma Chi Star and ( esc(Mit Chi Phi FMfillT 11 TKPhi nil). I ' iKV ' K) flu; III III AEPi KA .Sigma I ' i i:isA FI.M.IIT IN I ' lKI ' h ini ' i Sigma u Phi Dell Campus (!lub Thrri ' Koi ' « thai hiiiifl o rr ll i ' llrt. Foul! K ' r | il iiiinp ill llic l hi Dt ' lt-Si ina ii ;;iinu . MtetHitie 149 The IiitcrfralfriiitN Cdumil hegaii this ear ' ailiiip as a {iii-Ix-hvccii for the iiuoniing sluilciils and llic fraternities of Kmorv. 1 lie IFC once again ■ ' a(li)|)ti ' (l ' " an oriiluni iIikui Ii llic luster i ' an-rils Plan Im ar ( ' iiildrcn. (jinlinuiiig its progressive program, tlic I I ' C began to inakr. uilli llic full co-operation oi adniinislration and fral men. a hotanicai |)icnic and danre area fioin the region lietween tlie liouses on Fraternit Kou. ' Ilie fall i|uarler inchnled the ll ' (!-(t|)K I ' li li l!all Danre. providing fun for the entire tudiril IhxK. I ' lie II ' (1 fratcrnilN sing was aeeoniplisiied with a great success. In the u inter the WV. niulerurote llie orchestra of Klliolt Lawrence, for tfie Uelcer Ball. In the Spring, neu methods of rushing will he established, and a I ' uhlie l elations Committee will be tested for its cHectiveness. The nu ' iiil «T of the IFC. ;iri-. Alpha Kp-ilnii — Don l{o«riil)rrg. Ted AOIIT: Alpha Tau Oiiie a — l{ ser lli lliii »i rlli. C.railoii I ' riiitI: Itela I hela I ' i — Miirra» .Shorl. Ualph GuttiTiiiaii : Delia Tan Delia — (Mycle Smith. John I ' rall; Kappa Alpha — I ' liil Sehlei. John 0 " .Shaiishiie e.i : Phi Delta Thela — Kill Caiiihell. De» ' Haggard: I ' i Kappa Alpha — Kalph (.oildaril. Dick Currelon: I ' i Kappa I ' lii — John Hri lge . Donalil l(ro k : Chi I ' hi — Virsil llarlle . Kill ( ornian; Sigma Alpha Ep ilon — Ted Hunter. Kol rnall: .Si-inia INu — t;l de I ' artin. Kennelh Carl on: Sigma Chi — Kcd Sander . Tom .Smith; .Sigma I ' i — Jim Caunl. Koli Delgado; Tau Kp il n I ' hi — Mile Alexander, lioraee Sauler. j htet Mtet Representing all the (.reeks. A lii-monlhir I. F. C. OFFICKRS I Kill III i;i(ilil I ' rrsidcnt l.i.i.ioir l,K rr s ■ ■ I ' rcsidcnl loM Smihi Secretary I ' lIII. Si ill.EV Treii.siirer Coiinril lr:iil«To. hittf CcuHcil iiii ' cling g ' t iindrr h:i iit the kappa Alpha IIoiim-. OFFICERS Dick IK Fkldman I ' n ' siilfiii BeK Mil) l ' l. Vice resident Perry Brickman Secretary Jkrry Siegal Trriisnrrr Ipha Cp Open hniiso gr«-eliiig. Htl lfW¥ ' " 1 W M ' IL I 1 P2 . PNI Our new hou e .4 . Boss " Cohen. ' T First row: Kernian, BtTnsifin, Blalt. Blorh. 11. Cohen, M. Cohen. . . . Sfcoinl roiv: M. Cohen. R. Cohen. Davi . Ehrlieh, Fox, Freidniun. . . . Third row: Celbiird, Coldnian, Goodrich. Oeenblall, Oeenberpf. Grossman. ihh Pi I ' .I ' SII.OIN CHAI ' TKU 1|i1ki l!|i-ili ii I ' i was fouiuli ' d at New iwV. Iniversity. V) ' - . F.|i il()n (MiajiU ' r was (irgaiiizcd at l " ni()r in l ' )2(l. The fral Tiiil " s coldi ' s aro polil and l lue. The cmtstandiiif; aciDinplisliiiiciit of IM.ll was nio ing into our new liouse. I ' resented this ear at our formal as sponsor was Marlene Weiiistein. Feljruary 23 and 24. Al])lia Kpsilon Pi won the s(liolarslii|) cup. won the annual TEI ' -AEl ' i football game, saw Morris ( " oheii elected to ODK and l,arr (n)()dri(li veop of l-resliman Class. .MarU ' iie and Mr . l oes Vernon Funk first Tine: Karp. Kinibail. Lt-vison, Nathan. Pollack, Ro»enburg. . . . Spronil roic: Rubin. Serrins. Shaw. S. Shulnian. 1. Shulnian. .Shuro. . . . Third rinr : .Siogcl. Swoet. I nger. olfT. Zmis. Zussman. Ipha Taa OFFICERS |- " liAI K ( (MJCTliKK I ' rcslilfnt (IaKI.TON PlIILYAW 1 !(■ ■ I ' lfsulflll Kdoar BOI.INC Srcrclary III (ill Mai.i.kt Trrnsiirrr Mpiia Tau Oinepa was founded at irgiriia Military lii!-lilulc. Sc|)l(iiii)fr II. 1865. The Emory Alpha Theta (liaplcr was (ir};aiiiz( ' il in l!!! ' .l. The frali-rnilx ' s flouiT is (M Fl( IKS First run: Aariiii. Aml.-r-oM. Ariuill. Itinioii. Holiiif;. . . . .Sccii k roir: Houlli. Itr.H.r. Hriiiiiioii. Uiirlord. (amp. . . . Tliiril roii : Carv. Cooixr, Cos. ( iilhr.lh. (:iinniii}. ' liaiii. . . . totirlh ntii : Daiii.l. I).a».r. D l l s, FricFMHi. (.ililiri-l. . . . Hflh row: (iriflin. llollaml. ll .lliiiK « " rlh. llc lnl ■ . lliinl. . . . .Si ' .v i riiie-: ( ' .. Ingram. It. Iiifiraiii. Kit. Kins- Lang. . Sevftilh rou : l.an iii!;. l. ' oiiar l. l.o«ainr. Mall r . II. Mallei. . . . lAl-hlh row: W in. Mall.ll. Marin. . Miller. Mi .ll. Munro. (»nr ».n nl li ' Omefa llic while liM I11M-. and llu ' culors arc a .ini- liliic and f;(il l. Among llif Alpha Tan functions of particular interest were tlie annual (liirislrnas l arl . at which a group of needy children were given a real (Ihrislnias. In the Winter Quarter our sponsor. Miss S lvia Williams, was presented. In the Spring comes the annual Orchid Korinal at the Driving Cllul). In activities ATO did well, haxiiig three class |)residents. Munro. Hurford. and I ' ruitt; (Iwil ' is Kditor and ()l)k Prexv. (!oiilc Ingram: and ll( ' President. I ' red Hurford. ()f iil( ' and S l ia h ' ir: l roiv: Miirrah, Oglolrfc. Bob OlivtT, Hill (HiviT. Ou li ' rlii iiilt. . . . Sfiimil row: ()«-.lc , I ' arkcr. I ' alrirk, l ' iTkiii . I ' iiTrr. . . . Thiril ritu : l n cll. I riiitl. I ' liml. Jiiilliaii. Ket ' c. . . . Ftturth rtttf : KoIhtI . Kom- laiul. Sroll. SidrniT. . . . Fifth roiv : Slacle. Siiiilli. SpimiT. Slaiili . Sloiio. . . . Sixth rntf : Sirirklrr. SiiiicliTiiiaii. ' I ' ral. TiMld. TiirotT. . . . Seventh ritir : Vaii(:liaii-I. ) (I. W allarc, a|i -iir-k . hallo. W liippli-. . . . Eighth roll: W liilf-i l ' . illiaiii . Wilson. Vl iilUrhlaBcr. W nnr. Seta I ' diinilcd at Miami I iii crsit . Oxford. Ohin. in . .V). it is the oldest iiatinnal fraternity i n K.mor) (■arii|)us. (jaiiinia Upsiloti (Chapter received its cliartcr in 1948. This Winter saw the lirst Miami Triad, cdmiposed of Beta Theta I ' i. i ' lii Diha Theta. ami Sigma Alplia Kpsilon. The )fli ' r Virat rinv: A.skrcn, Dansbv, Dfl ado. Diirdrn. . Ivev. St conil row: (irav, riiteriiKin, llii iiie. I.i ' l ' - Kol 156 Jketa Pi Beta ' s arc liirk in liaxin a sponsor. Kal Kcdcliii . wlm lives riglil hero dm llu- i aiii|iiis. ( )ulstan(liiif; in llic i ' fiils of tliis year uas the romplclion ol llic iiru IJcIa I licia I ' i house on fratornilN ri . lis neu modern lines are llie en of llie oilier fraternities. KATIIERINE KEDDINC; Sponsor m If First rtm : Julinv(ni. M;il r;it, MawwII. Tare. . , . Second row: Quinlrt ' Il. Short. Toollr. fi- iiilM ' rff4 » 157 W h;il i» ili " Chi OFFICERS MoKTON Good ' rrsidi-nl To. v Hi 1)1) I ice I ' rvsidcnl Bill Goumw Sccrclary liu EST TiDWELL Treasurer The Officers h ' irsi run-: U: Uuk. IMi-cklcv. Itiidil. Kiiic. . . . Srcoiid roir: Kiirkc. Itiirii . Ciinilicll. Ciililf. . . . Thiril rim : ( ' !irii f . Clit ' -mil. !l;irkr. (aiiiiniins-. • • . hoiirlh ran-: Ciinniii liMiii. I)ii l;i. Dunn. Klirinser. . . . Fifth rtiir: FrcrnKin. (•ilh;ini. (. •• ■. (.orninn. . . . Sixth roic : Ihuldix ' k. F:ir!;ii ' ' On. (iiirri-un. II;irll . The Country Cluh boys celebrate. Z«ffi . phi (,:lii I ' lii was fiiuniioil at rrinntoii I ni r!.ily in 1821 and is the oldest national Greek-letter social fraternilN. The Cainina (Chapter was founded at Knior in IWi " ) and was tiie first fraternilN on the cainpiis. (!lii I ' lii ' s fraternilN flower is llie while i arnalion. and the colors are sc-ariet and Mue. Oulstanilinp in the social calendar for the Near Nvas the Winter Formal, at which l.ihha WOrley was presented as sponsor. The (!lii l ' hi " s arc looking foruiini In a Spring houscnariN . I.el " « hiiNo a parlv. £t LIBBA First run-: Jfiliii «oii. Joiic . KtiliiiAE N orlli. Maii{;lian . . . . SvrDiid riiir: Mi ' DanicI. MrDonald. Mr( iiili ' hrii, McKcnzic. . . . Thiril roir : O ' Mricii, I ' alr. I ' carr -, l ar on. , . . t ' lutrth rotv : Vr n i . t ' oxcroiiio, l o v( , I ' lirks. . . . Fifth rotr: Kirhardxm. Itiilh. Stanley. Sliiarl. . . . Sixth rtnv : ' I ' homp on. Toolr. AX arrt-n, (rood. helta OFFICERS Joe Harding President Wayne Freeman Vice President Leon McGahee Secretary First rote: Apelian. Bilker. Hr »n. . . . Second rinr: Colcnijin. FitzgiTiild. FriTiiian. . . . Thin! roir; Gard- ner. (, ill-oil. IhiMiiiii ' tl. . . . Ftuirlli row: Harding. Ilrndrirks. Ililli«. . . . Fiflli row: llolnuin. Ilood. Iliinlrr. . . . .Si.v( i roii : Jone-. I.ainnifrs. l anirr. Aim- for Vpi ' lian. tkSd Dells play Santo. Ollii-.r- iCU yau helta Tlie Einor Dclts stailnl ilic u ' ai nil ' in a big way by |)lc(l iiip; ' I ' l lui ' ti at llic i In-c ol lliis M-ar i alcli-ascalch-can lusli work. Several of (lie lUfiiilu ' is lia i ' (lislinf;iii lu ' (l ihcmsclM ' s this car ill atlilftics anil a ti iti ' s. witii A! Siiiitli bciiij; eiccterl til I ' lii licta Ka|i|ia anil a iu ' I ' ri ' i ' iiiaii s«T inii as news editiir of till- U lirrl. Delta Tan Delta fralernilv was fouiuled at Hethaiiv College in li ' i. ' i ' ) anil Heta kpsijoii ( lia|)ter was fouiulerl at Old Kinorx in 111112. Onrc upon a liini ' . Delta Shcllii. First nnr: Mr(,ali ' e. Merren, Newbern«-. . . . Scconil rmr: I ' altello. I ' alrick. I ' oller. . . . Third row: Kirh- arclxin. J. Sapp. |{. Sapp. . . . Foiirlh rmr: SchefT. Sc-gar-. Sincox. . . . Fi lh rmr; Smith. Thoinas. T l. . . . Sixth row: Vi ' altcrs. Viiirle . On. J«M ' :iiitl I ;il I ttii:r;in — ' | " i»n ' »or. Ci ' BBEDGE Snow ,|(in Oiri.KK Kkiiii Quartekman I MES McCALL . . im OFFICERS Parlv at the hoiisr. I ' rcsiilcnl I ice I ' rcsidrnt Seirctary Trritsiirrr Happa I v ofliriT? . More Old South. First row. AlU-n. Aiilhonv, E. Asburv. H. Asburv. Bass, Berkhani, Boozer. Burns. ... .SproiK roir: A. Candlrr, { ' ,. Caiiillfr. S. Candler, (!hapnian, Clark, Collinswnrth, Conoly, ( ' ooper. . . . Third rmv: Carsuell, Cuiininghani, Deas. Doiili. DiirtliMi, Durret. Easlev, Edwards. . . . h ' inirth row: Ferlila, ( askin, (iilliland. ( reenfield. (iroover. Hale. Hall. Ilarlrainpf. ) O P tfv o t --T l- «i Ih ' li ' ii iMil Mr.. Sliiilll. n n I lir k A sdcKil VL-ar was clmiaxcd last April 1) the Old South ikili. attciulcd liv Georgia. Tech. and Kiiiorv KAs, all deeked oul in Confederate uniforms. The weekend was also marked li the ( " oiifederate I ' arade througli dowiilouii Atlanta which, accord- iiifl to the ( ' .Diislilulion. was the " loudest, longest, liveliest parade on reeoril. " In athletics. KA has distinguished itself again. Foothall. haskethall. and track champions last year. KA ha.s started oil this vear l again winning those three c ents. Mrs. (handler huilt a new hasemeiil in llie cliaplcr house this ear. and the rooms are certainK one of the show|)laces of tlu row. The Kappa Alpha Order was founded in l!!()ii at Washington and I.ee. Epsilon ( ' ha|)ter was founded at Old Kmory in 1860. Its flowers are the rose and magnolia, aiu its colors are crimson and old gold. l. M)k oul — .t ' s loadc«. The ' h:iiiip- . .W V Preparing for the Old South Hull. First riiw: lldok-. J. Johnston. I.. John ton. Kellv, Kennerly, Lambert, Macker, Mader. . . . Second rote. May, McCall, .Murrah. Meek. ) " .Shaushne y. Ouller. I ' atton. Quarlernian. . . . Third rou : Schley, Sears. Smith. Sluckey. Sutlers. Tabb, Tindall. Toh-r. . . . haurlli r,m : II. Turner, J. Turner, Tyndal. I.. Vi alters, R. Walter . While. W illi;inis. W oodard. [ C ' r ES ' ' -f ' CM phi helta O) I ICFKS I)a I-; Sm.es I ' icsideiil Earl W HIHPI.i; lice I ' rcsidenl IlKMn Lucas Secrclnry Joe Beaslev TrvasunT The Christiiiiis jmrl) wa ;i n-al lu ' cess. First roic; Akri lt: ' . Ashinorc. Whipple. Boll. Hpsl. Rrn ln:ix. . . . Sfiimil ron : ISr - nnn. (laiiipbcll. Carr. Clark. Dcivlc. Kti-igaii. . . . Third run : Diiki " -. Ilainplon. Hasfiaril. Ili ' k . lluie, Ji-lk». yheta ht a%t ' ;iii( I M; I ' lii Orlta Ihcla !■ ratoriiitv was founclecl at Miami I iii (r.--il iti Oxfnrtl. Oliio. one liuiulred and tliifc ears ago. Georgia Beta Cliapter was established in lo71. The fra- teriiit) flower is the white carnation, and the colors are azure and argent. The high- light for the Fail Ouarter was the winning of the annual I ' raternit Sing. The inter ( )uarter was a social one during which tlie Phi Oeit inter Kornial occurred and the lirst Miami Triad. Mrs. Turnipseed was welcomed as the new Phi Delt housemother. First rote: Ji ' iikins. McEvov, Moiitgoiiipr . Kogor . Kiidcr. Siiiilh. . . . Si ' ioidI riiir : Si(ark . Stevens, Stewart, Tarbutton, Tavlor, Treloar. . . . Third roir: Tunno. Wade, Walters, Watson. YiTiitnev, Wight. PI KAPPA OFFICERS Till- tli..r«. Kali ' ii IIakishki-d Tommy Gibson AusTON Brown Pkte L tlk President ice I ' resiJenI Secretary Treasurer t ' irsi roir: lt:in lf. . Itictor. Itl;iki ' . Itrouil. ( !lir -l Mi. Kol) l)uvi , . . . S.m o k r«ir ; Win. DinU. Drew. Kt ri- liT. I ' ri-ciiiaii. .il s n. (.ixldard. . . . ThinI row: ( iiiiiii. llairc. llurlU ' t. llar|sfu |(|, llii ls|M (|i, Jii ' i|iii ' . muL I ' hf iiiliT loniiiil. ALPHA I ' i l a|i|).i I|)Iki ;is Icuiriilcd M.ik li I. lIKiIl. :il llir I ni c-i -il nf irfjinia. I ii(la llic ftali-niil loiisisis of !!() cliaiitois wliicli are Iciialeil tlirougliout tlif I iiittd Slates. I ' lic Beta Ka|j|ia (lluipti-r was organized in 9] ). Sorial activities began for llie I ' JoO-ol year with rush week. Highlights of the ear ucm- a pujaiiia part in the Kail. Krency A| aihe (lance and luuridf in llic inter not forgttting the Formal, of course. Outstanding was the aruiual " Duck liowl " game with .Sigma u: also lirst place was taki ' ii in cross eounlr . Harold Rice eom|ileted his term as President of l.l ' .( ' . in llie W inter Ouarter. Irs. lloiTiiiaii. Marion (iullahaii. »|inn ' or. first roil : J« nc-r. Kimmiii. l,auM n. L»ll -. Mi ' ii(l(iii u. Hay. . . . Seitind roir : Hire. ltou ' ll. SuMiMi( ii . Scoll. Se«fll. Slia«. . . . Third riiir : Siniiiioiis, .Smith. Travis. Trindlc. I ii(liT «oo(l. eeilcii. All iiifitrnial party. Tmu lifuulifui girl!!. PI K AP f Kenneth Kikiii. Fred Mylius I) N McDlff OFFICERS I ' lfsidi ' iil Secretary Treasurer Officers rrck (HI I In- t;o I t ' irsi ri iv: ISohcii. Itiial fs. . . . Si-coml row: ( ' hil| ni:iM. Ilmni " -. Kirhl PA PHI I ' i Ka|)| a I ' lii uas fouiulcd in ( ' liarlestoii. Soulli Carolina (111 IK ' combiT 10. I ' Xll. at tin- College of Charleston. Kta Chapter was founded on .April 27. 1912. at Enior -at-0. ford. SliortK afterwards. Kta came to the campus in Atlanta along with liie other fraternities. During Orld War 11 the fra- leriiit VNas inaclixe. returning to the campus in 1916. On l)eceMd)er 9tli. we celehrated its annual Founders I)av with a hantiuel here at I innrx. lirollicr llarrx Mixson was the honored speaker. BE ' rrV TIIOMP.SOIN Sponsor f ' irst roir; Hrinkli-v. Brr ok. . . . Secoiul roir : liiiH ' ihiT. MrDufT. Tilliiiiin. I.iir -hinf; in lh ' IikI c. ns i tna Ai OFFICERS Vice I ' ri ' .sidriil Secretary Treasurer l)(M lf ;iiiil I ' rit ' iiiU First roie : . l« ' aii lt ' r. Ariiall. Itl ' ins. Hri«l{; ' j.. Hiirhaiiaii, l)ii «l iii. Call. . . . Seeiinil rt}if ; Cani|il ' ll. ;ar , H. Coiik. S. Cook. Coii iii . Cox, Doxiiii;:. . . . Thiril rim: Do iir. Fiiila . Freeman, Gable, Gibson, Greene, Haygood. . . . Fourth riiit : Hall. Ilagen. llenr . Hunter, B. Jones, J. J »iie , Johnson. pha Cp hh Sipma Alpha Kpsilon was foiiiuli-il at till- I nivrrsily of Alabama in 185( . Coorpia Kpsilon ( liaptiT was founded al (.» ford in IK81. ill.- fralrrnity ' s colors arc olil gold and purple, and the fralcrnilys flower is, of course, the violet. t a preal formal at I ' eachlree (lar- dens. Nita Wall was pnsi-nlcd as the sponsor for " .il. In ihc Kali (,)uarler .SAK had a hayriilr un the colde-i nifilil of the year. S K was well represented on the . " student (ioiineil with Hon llenrv. presi dent, and Mike. Frank, and Tom. rep- resentatives. Wig PPC S ' ' -JjH yjf 1 n ? H p jB f Nita and Irs. Alderiiiaii. The re-iilt of much effort. First ritir: Johnston. Karrh. Lee, Maddox. Marks. May. . . . Second run-. Morgan. Ic- Doiigald. Mclntyre. McNair, Nallv. Nichols. Noonan. . . . Third rnir : Oglesby. Parsons, I ' iilcock, (.. Smith. II. Smith. Spilzer. Sicudman. . . . Fimrlh rim-: Swann, Tallcy. Tidmore, Towers, adsworlh. illianiv, W illin ham. n p»t i ' .- b:- ( WTM f i ' MM : Jth Mi Aiinic ' ::h.i Dool Uv N iniurv lAw f rDlillll ll|». Offi.ir, lli • •r : IVc-idcnl. IJol) S i.i(;il ; Vii-c rri-idciil. Bill Sin lt ' lon , S« ' ' r( ' lar , Hill IliirilN ' ; TrraMirtT. Mar- vous Mo«l ilar. Sigma ( li lciiiii(l( il ;ii li;inii L iiiversitv. Oxford. Ohio, in lo.i.j. and has cx|)and( ' d to 120 ciiaptcrs. Beta (Ihi Chapter at Kniorv being founded in 1021. Sigma Chi has eontinucd to erop the honors this past year, winning the Atiiletic Trophy for the past three years, winning the F.nipty Stocking Drive for the third straight year, aiul phiring second in the Interfraternity Sing after (inriinL ' it for the pa-l two years. First niif: Ha kiii. Kt ' iint-lt. |{ri-v»r»-. (!i I»l). ! hl , I a i . Draprr. I)%ri Kcliols. K.il »aril». Kv; Kairclolli. I ' aiilkiK ' r. FiTrv. Frank, l ' r -riiiaii. SrrtnnI ran-: . Thinl rote: (.runl. .rav. Ocrr. (.•■inrr. {,u . liaiU;. . IIalr». Harris. K(»h]cr. I.riinarilv Lewis, Ma|;ruder, IVlalonc. Ftiiirlli run: llariiion. Hugs- Harriot l ' oll . Sweetheart. Sigma Chi is alsn well represented in the lioiior societies. ODK. PhiBK. AEU. HSPsi. as the Presi- dents of the Glee Club. Alpha Phi Omega. XFA . and ' ■£ ' Club are Sigs. as well as Business Man- agers of the Glee Club. Players, and Wheel, and the ice i ' resident of the Student Body. The social ear was highlighted liy the Sweetheart Bali, held at the Piedmont Driving Club to the music of Bill Clark. Sigma Chi. with over ninety members, is one of the largest fraternities on the campus. KiiMirv Glee Club No. 2. hirst ri ir; Manning. Minohew, iMel.ean, MrKee, Lewis. INeder, l ' eiiningt n. I ' edrirk. . . . SecontI row: i ' ounil. I ' orler. Kawls, Reoe. Richardson. Rogers. Rustin.Schaudies. . . . Third row: Sininis. M. Smith. F. Smith. Sato, Sullivan. Thompson. Stewart. Tillman. . . .Fourth row: Tucker, Turrentine. Turner. Thornt€ n. Willson. Gould. ( il)lin. I.oekhart. iflfna offm;eks ( ' . . III I ' mm i I ' l I ' sidrnI Zkkk ri-:iiKZ KI;- If I ' rrsidcnl AktBi !AM)KMiKI{(. Secretary ll.OVD IIakkis Tredsurer The officers. U», J - ' ■ 1 .hri lIlli •- parlv for ihi ' kid-. Arrest ! First nut- ; Allrii. Itix- :!-. Itr:in(lfnltrr . Krr ttoii. Knin-nri. I{iiiiiu l{ii! .H( ' y. . . . Serniiil Htnt-: i ' .n ' . iiarUoii, (Crawford, (look, nii fian. (.ariia. (.rcKi r . . . . Tliiril roir : (triggers, Harris, Harrison. lloMr. Ja ' k-.i ii. Jainr-. Kriidrirk. (V. ? .n ,iif. Vu i Chapter of Sigma ii wa touiidcd al Kiihm) in 1884. Nationally Sigma u originaloci from the I egioii of Horu r. a secret society organized in l!!f ' ) at irginia Militar Institute. The fratcrnilx is compriseil of one liiiiulred and three ciiapters. illi a total memliershi|) of o er . " iD.OIItl. In the winter al the White Rose I ' drmai. Helen Almand was present as the new sponsor. Breaks were provided in the spring hy Blackfoot l)a . an annual sports event with ATO. and the Sigma u conclave, a reunion of the hrolhers of four eha])ters in lleorsria. Ilrl.-n :ill(l Mr.. I ' alll. :A«i» : ' ' m m. Til ' line ' . Iu . :i :iiii. First roiv: l,«- .i-ll -. I.amli. ■Maloof. Moiirr. ' liir| h. . l -(:r -a. MoDonough. . . . Sfconil row: Noruoiirl. l ' a|Ki(l -liii . rarliii. Srures, Srli« ill»-. I?. Smith. T. Sniilli. . . . Third roir : Solus. Wallers. W i-sU-r. While. Williamson. W illson. rifihl. i tna Otii Hearts and Flowers. A S First roir: Chanipan. Cutchins, . . Second row: GiiiiHagno. Han«on. . . Third roir : Omcii. Rou-- mii. Sigma Pi was founded at the Iniversity of Vincennes in 1898, and tiie I ' si Chajder was (irst organized at Emory in 192L Last year we held our Orchid Formal in connection with the Silver Anniversar) of the .National Chapter. It was held at the Druid Hills Golf Club. We also opened our new house at 17 Fraternity Row and chose Miss Pat Center as suonsor. Paul Morgan. Herb Tiniherman and Julian Turrentine were mar- ried this ear; Fd Fee. Hay Nixon. T. Atkinson. Fred Amatriain were called to active duty, j ' hi Beta Ka|)pa ta])|)ed Harvey Morgan and Jim Turner, while Chandler Mathews was honored by Alpha Fpsilon I psiion. AccejJted to medical .school were Bob Delgado and H. .Morgan. OHICKHS GEfULD CUTCHENS f ' residcnt John Martin I ire Presidenl .Morris Sumner Secretary F ' loyu F. rlo v Treasurer pi MISS PAT CENTER Sponsor hirst roir: Davi-., Dflpadc. Uolil -, Farlow, f ' rills, Gaiinl. . . . Sprond roir: Haworlh. Ki-llrr. .Marlin, Maunev, Mathews, Morgan. . . . Third roic: Shiol, Sumner, Tucker, Turner, Withcrspoon, Yeager. Ol I ICKItS Till ' 4ifficers. M I r ri:iM;Ki{(; ll i{ i; ' i Mkiu.in Miles Alexandek Ike Galanti V.hnnrvlU. I ire C.hanccUo Scrih Bursa Kr l for llif wciirv. ' Mil I iMiiili r ;iiiil liili ' on lllc lirlil. Fiml roll ' : Ali ' Miiiilrr. Itiik -r. l(iiiio . liiMMli li. . . . .Sr ' i ' oiir riiir: ItTilniaii. Itiirii ' -. ( !i lii KIT. . . . Thir l run-: I ' liiilirrc I ' iIiImkiii. !■ irl• ll ll•■. .iil;iMli. . . . Iiiiirlli run : .aii ' nl :iiii 4 iirl»rr. niiik. rllt r. ihh phi Tau K|).-iloii I ' lii was fniiiiilt ' d at (dliimliia I iii cr it mi Oiioher 10. 1910. Mu liliapter was fouiulfil Novoiiiht-r 17. 191 ' ). i.avfiuk ' r and white arc the frali-rnily cdIofs. and Lily of ihf alley i. the fraternity IIunmt. The highlitthls of the year, socially s|)eakinf;. were the annual I.K.I ' hi. (lonclave and Sweetheart formal which was held in the winter (|uarter. At the formal it was an- nounced that Barbara ilillinan was the new sweetheart. In athletics the Teps played well against the AEPi " s in their annual jraine. and showed well in all other sports. s , ' prinj; (juarler ap|)roaches the ' le|)s are waiting to iiccu|)y tiicir new house, whicii is heing huill on fralcriiilx row. Karliura llilliiiiiii. S|iiiii ' .iir. Howie, Mik-s, unci George O " c 1 t KreiikiiiB riiiiii(l fur llif ium hoiio-. The TEI ' V ill Doolcv ' s. I r.«l riiir: (. union. Kaniiri. lirinmn. I.;m ifli-... . . . i-imul rtiir : M. I.e in. I.4 %il:i-. Mrrlin. 1. . ThinI r«ir: I ' ike. l ol in n. I{ i» ii( ilil. Kiililii. . . . hiiiirlh roir: Ku ' -kin. ilk. i-e. Ziniinrrnian. Allliiuigli the liidepciulent Council is iiiiK in its tliird year here at Kniory, it has proved ilscif in the fine job it is doing — striving to further independent students ' interest on the (•ani|)us. and in campus af- fairs. There is an independent athletic league which includes a greater varictv of students than any organization at Enior . During the past se eral quarters the Council has sponsored Skits-0-F ' renia and also an annual independent student dance. It is the ohject of the ( ' ouncil to give anv student a social and athletic life at Kniorv and not to reslrirt lliese acti itics to certain select students. It has jirogressed steadily in this efl ' ort. OFFICER.S CaHI. II WIMKK Chairman Charles Joli.icv 1 ice Cluiirmiin Cl ' ktis Hi.anton Scrrvtary-TrcasuriT DELEGATES E.I.S.A. Campus Club (Iharlfs Jollcy Curtis Blanton Carl Hammer Bob -Mcintosh Margaret Maxwell Doug Barnes Bill .Manning Charles Webster IIOM Phillip Bob Mi-riwilhiT CcuHcil The Council lias iiiereased ils iirli itie «li adili Mitliiii the past three vears. 180 IP I ' J Our Spon or. f i - i . 1 it- ' ii V 1 1 l ' 5()-31 OfFlrcrs. Kiiiofn " ? only local independent social organization was founded in 1920. Provides students with a well rounded social life, centering its activities in the newly furnished club room in 209 Winship Hall. Here, there is relaxation with television, radio, phonograjjh. magazines, newspapers and plciitv of " sessions. " Activities include participation in all of the athletic events, social functions including ha - rides, swiniining parties, dances and others. The (lainpus (]luh Alumni Association with some 400 active alumni holds its annual Stag Han(iuct each Spring Quarter. (Contact is kept with these hy the paper, the (Campus (lluh .Mumnus. edited each quarter. Memliership is open to any male student at Emory. OFFICERS Charles Webster President Robert Meriwether Vice President Robert McIntosh Secretary Curtis Blanton . . . Treasurer Cam aJ Clul First roir: Klanlon, Coburn, Grinirs, Jarks, Mcintosh, MeriwcalhiT. . . . Second roif : Robinson. Scoates, Soniggs, Sizemorc, Waldon, Vi ebsler. i M 181 Th« i»ilir Tj», r. 9 . A A vorv soriablr K; ' ' l " ' ' i " K. OFFICERS CvRi. MvMMF.u PresUleiil (;ii i(LK.s JoLLKV Vice I ' ri ' siilrnl 111 KTOX A. ScD ' li. jli. I rcdSlll ' t ' I ' l ii llii K W ii.i.i i I Mhs. I Sfcrflary Our aiiiiii;il liaiiqiii ' l. Mar Siillin Smith First roir : A ' -iiii-lcad, Causrv. Ctiiirli. I ' l ' dor. (.r ' liain. ( iillall Si-ioiiil r«ii-: llaniinrr. IImiiI . JoI1 . AlaiiiiiiiK. Mc- Millan. Philips. . . . Thinl row: Scoll, Siillins. Taylor. aliens. ri iA fe uAcacAA 183 Dean Gordon Seifkin at desk. The Business School offers a two-year program in elements of Business Administration to upper division students. The Scliool i)egan its existence in 1919. however was reorjianized in 191.1. and established itself in the Kich .Memorial Building in 1917. The student jiodx elects its own officers as well as Stuilent Council, and has a separate Honor Council. Beta Gainina .Sigma recognizes outstanding scholarship, and Alj)ha Kappa Psi offers an ad- vancement of professional and social activities among its members. SuMm chccl sn ih;m hod omickk.s l.ift III ritilil. » run: Mi I riiiiklin, ;iiii lliiiiii. and Kiiill DiiiK ' Uii. . . . Unltiiin rinr. Jiirk ItiiHhin, I ' rcoidcnl ; Bill Lanier, and Bernard .Smith, Vice President, 184 HONOR COUNCIL Left to riffht, lop row: )ti Kraiiklin. Bob Boozer. Dr. Erno l Swanson. Buell Dunran. . . . Hollom row: Bill Lanier. V illiain Runge. and llarri W illianiK. 9S ehicfJ JOHN L. ABBOTT OLIN B. ADAMS WILLIAM W. AUSBON Atl.int.1. (itori;!.! DougKis, C;ccir ;i.i Troy, Alah.ini.i A tuuminj;: Alphj K.ippa Psi. Campus ( " lul . Historian. Pi Kappa Alpli.i. 185 An iiiiliati4 ii rfr4 iii4 ii of l| lui Kappa IVi. JOSEPH P. BAUGUS Atlanta, Georgia Accounting. RICHARD N. tLOCH New York Guy, N. V. Marketing; Alpha Kpsilon Pi; Alpha I ' hi Omega; Hilkl Gouncilorship, Secretary: Em- ory Christian Association; In- ter-Fraternity Council; The I ' hocnix, Business Manager; The Campus. WILI.I.VM L. BOW.MAN Atlanta, Georgia Business; Delta ' I ' au Delta; . lpha Kappa Psi. 795 eHic ' s TOM W. BROWN I hirnpton, Virginia Bus iness; Delta Tau Delta. WILLIAM C. COPELAND Savannah, Georgia Marketing. SAM R. BUNN l-orsyth. CJeorgia Man;igetnent; Sigma Nu; .Al- pha Kappa I ' si; The Phoenir; The Campus; C!lee Club; Bus. School Student Council; APO; Camera Club; I ' .CA. WILLIAM J. CUNNINGHAM C ' uiumbus, (Georgia Kappa , ' lpha. OHN C. BUSBIN .Vtkinta, Georgia Marketing; Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma: AMA; SAE— President; Business School President: ll ' C. MILTON DAVIS Atlanta, Georgia .Accounting. ALBERT S. CAMP Nevvnan, (Georgia AlpJKi Tau Omega; Student ( ' ..nuu.l -I.S-IV: Wheel: Hillel. CHARLES A. DRAKE Ilapeville, Georgia Marketing: M.irketing Club. MORRIS COHEN M.Kon. (Jeorgi;! Alpha Kpsilon Pi, Prcs.: IPC, Sec; ODK; The Campus: ETA; Sigma Psi; Chairman Doolev ' s Frolics •■f8- ' -)9. ROBERT J. EDEN Decatur, Georgia .Accounting. H6 RICHARD A. 1 LLDMAN Atlanta. Goiryia Markctinj;; Alpha K|iiM)ii, I ' rcs.; Fiwtliall I. All-limorv; Ba kctball 1, 2. i ' .m JOHN R. IINULI.V Norcross, (icorj ia Business. OTIS E. FRANKLIN ' rh »rnastt»n, Georgia Atcountinj;; . lnlia Kappa Pbi, Sec; Bus. School Student Oiuhcil. SrflH ' I rum :l lt:llll|llrl i f Alpha Kjippa ' i. GEORGE P. FREEMAN, III . tlanta. Georgia Sigma Chi: Ticket Manager — Fniorv Pla ' crs. SuJiheJJ chccl WILLIAM M. FULLER Howilon, Georgia Star and Crescent, Treas.; . - pha Kappa Psi. ISAAC GALANTI .■ llanta, Georgia ' I ' .iu Epsilon Phi; Accounting. ROY E. HOOVER TIM W. HUMPHREY BILL J. JONES Kingsport. Tennessee .All. int. i. (ieorgia HainLiridge, Georgia . ccounting; Football H. : .Accounting: Sigma Nu, Chap- Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Aljiha Hasketball 3, -1: Baseball 3. lain; (ilec Club. Ka]ipa Psi. JACK E. GARDNER Atlanta, Georgia Delta Tau Delta. MARTIN L. KARP S;iv.inn;ih, Georgia .Accounting; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Trciisurer. JAMES H. GULLETT l-a ctte, Alabam:! .Alpha Kappa Psi. WILLIAM LANIER, JR. Iacks inville, Florida Accounting; .Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice-President; Bus. School Honor Council: Bus. School Studc-iir Cnnnc!!, Cliiiirni.in. 187 it-H lookin;: I roin tho Hirh HiiiMiii lii «;iril Iriiii Mrni ri:il. JAMES E LtDBETThR Atlanta. Gcorjiia Accounlin;; CHARLES LISTER C ' ociiran. (icorj ia Accounting KORLAND |. Mct.l.l-.l.LAN Atlanta, (ieoryia Marktlinn; licta Tlula Pi: . ' lpha Kappa Psi: Wrcstlinj; 3; Gkc Club; IFC. I9SI en c ' j WILLIS G. McCREA rilt(tn, Georgia Markctinj;; Sigma Nu; Mar- keting Club. WILLIAM H. RUNGE Sanlord. Mnriiia Marketing; .Mplia Kappa Psi — Treasurer; Newman Club; Marketing Club; Honor Council. JOHN W. McINTYRE Valtlosta. Georgia Sigma Alpha I psilon; Alph;i Pill Omega. RICHARD L. SALOMON Orl.indo, l-lorida Tau Epsilon Phi — Treasurer; Hasketball I ; Kniory Players; V-m„T Hand; Ililkl ' . HENRY B. MILLER Brunswick, Georgia .Accounting; Alp h a T a ii Omega; Glee Club. ROBERT D. SANDERS .Atlanta. Georgia Sigma Chi; Alpha Kappa Psi: Track 2, 3; All-Emorv Pootball 2. 3; AU-Hmorv Hasketball 2, 3; IFC; " E " Club President; Hridges Trophy Winner 19-19-1950. M. D. MONAGHAN .■ llanta. Georgia M.irketing: Pi Kappa Phi. BURTON A. SCOTT, JR. . tlaiila, (Jeorgia Ixonomics; E. I. S. . . — President: AEU: Kappa Kappa Psi: Eaiiorv Concert Hand. THOMAS K. O ' BRIEN S;i ;innah, (icorgi.i Accounting; Chi Phi: .Mpha Kappa Psi. JAMES W. SINGLETON . tlanta. Cicorgia liusiness; Sigma C ' hi; Mar- keting Club; Business Man- ;iger E ' .mory Phoenix; IE( ' — Treasurer: Student Council; ( " Concert Hand; Plavers. M mM ISS M iM BERNARD L. SMITH Coiipcrhill, Trntusscc Sigma Xu; Alpha Kappa Psi; Football 4; Business School, Vice President. DEAN D. TUNNO Savannah, Georgia Phi Delta Theia: Alpha Phi Omega. HUGH D. STAPLES . tlanta. (Georgia Marketing JOSEPH H. VAN DYKE Ne[Uunc Beach, Florida . ' lpha Tall Omega; Market- ing Club. KNOX P. TABB Hlakely. Georgia Industrial Management; Kappa Alpha; Alpha Kappa Psi. H. L. WALTERS, JR. Birmingham, .Mah;iiii.i Marketing; Phi Helta Theta: Alpha Kappa Psi; Baseball 3, -4; Marketing Club — Vice President. RICHARD M. TINDALL 1 Itt.itur, (ieorgia Marketing. HARRIS D. WILLIAMS M.tcon, Cieorgia ■Vccounting; Kappa Alpha; Business School Honor Council. WILLIAM TRAYLOR, JR. Carrolhon, (ieorgia General Management; Sigma Nu; Football 3, ■). E. B. WILLINGHAM Thomasville. Cieorgia .Accounting; Sigma .-Vlpha Epsilon; Emory Plavers 2, 3. uJiheJJ Behcet The Society for Advancement of Management First rim-, li ' fl In right: I ' ric l.illr. Hcriiar)! Siiiitli. K;il| li (;ri -. . Sam Itunii. Holi Siiiidrrs. . . . St ' coml roir. Irft to right: Jack »;ir4lii«T. M ir»-is ! » . Itoh McGcr. l-lowl Johii- on, itill ISoMiiKiii. and llarr (.ilhain. . . . Third roir. left Id right: Alfrrd Sl -«arl. Charles Drake. kiiii Talil). (.corsi ' ricl»i ' ll. . . . Fourth roir. Irft to right: John FinilU ' v, Mr. ' i lor V. ' I ' aliaka. (!li;ipniai) r.nnliin h;ini. OFFICERS Chapman Cinm.m.ham . . I ' resideni liKitvAKi) Smith iVe Presiilent Knox Tabb Recording Secretary ViKUKP Stewart Corresponding Secretary JiiiiN FiNni.KV Treasurer Mil. icTint P. Tabaka Chapter Advisor The .Soeiely for Advancement of Managrnirnl is eoiiiposed of sludenls in the Business School who arc interested in llie problems of management of business enterprise. During the jiasl quarter. S.. .M. sponsorerl se - i-ral outstanding speakers who spoke to the student body on topics related lo iiunagcnicni. Field trips were iiiadi ' to a number of local businessc- o as lo integrate classroom work with actual imhistrial and management problems. As a service to thi ' intire school, the group maile an extensive study of the existing lomlitions at Dooley ' s Den ami made recommi ' ndations to the management for improving these condition . Kiliii ' were hown at -iveral of the mi-etings. and group discussions Hi-ri ' held concirning these and other subjects relali ' d to nianagiinent. BUSINESS IDWARl) AI.BI RT . . Iiiiipa, Fla. M. C. BURCH . Winslon-Salcm, N. C. ALAN J. BURKE . . . Athinia, C;a. Ch. I ' ll. K. I " . CAMPBELL, JR. . Covinjilun, Ga. I ' lii Delia Thcta CALVIN G. CAUSEY . . Ailanta, (; E. I. S. A. MORRIS C. COX (-ctlaniiwn, Ga. J. C. CUNNINGHAM . . Atlanta. Ga. Chi I ' lii PAUL R. DAVIS . . l.ickM.iiMllc. Fla. Siyiiia I ' l RALPH DA IS, JR. Dccalur. Ga. JOHN D. BINLAY, JR. . lircwton, .Ma. Simula . l|)ha )-.|isil in .S. K. FRIEDMAN . . Savannali. Ga. . lpha lipsilon I ' l EUGENE O. GARNER . tl.inl.l. Ga. HARRY L. GILHAM, JR. Chi I ' lu . tl.inta, (i.i. BEN W. GREENBLATT . . ilajii.i. (..i. Alpha KiLsilim I ' l MARVIN B. GREENE . . . tlanla. Ga. Sii;in.i .Mpha l-.psll ' n D. L. HAGGARD, JR. . Chattanooga, Tcnn. I ' hi Delta Thita WM. M. HENDRY , . . Tampa, Fla. lUll.i K.ippa l- psilon LYNN H. JOHNSTON . Woo.kt.Kk. (ia. CHAS. E. JOLLY. JR. . . .Xtlanta. Ga. i:. I. s. A. JACK E. JONES . . . C.iliiinlnis, Ga. Siynia .Mplia tpsilon (T.ARK K. LYTLE . . . I ' airrul.l. Ala. I ' i Kappa .Alpha ROBERT J. McINTOSII . . . ilanla, (ia. ( ' .iinpiis CUili ). V. MAI, LORY, JR. . . AnnisDn. Al.i. . lph.i r.iii Onu. .i . 1. 11. .MARTIN . . . Cohiinluis. G.i. . lph.i Tail OiiU ' na SCHOOL GAIM ARII E. MKNDK . Atl.inu. V,. . I ' hi Dill.i IIrI.i GLENN L. MITCHELL . AiiciiM.i, ti.i. AL IN MINSK .... AllaiiUi, Ga. SYDNEY C. PARHAM . I .rt Valky, Ga. 1 1 Kappa .Mpha R. C. PATE. IR. . . Cliarlolic, N. C. Chi Phi WALTER E. PIERCE . lturlin.i;ton. N. C:. ALFRED E. STEWART . Atlanta, (ia. I psili n ndta GEORGE S. TEATE . (.icksonvillc, I ' la. . lpha Tau Omega lAMES R. WEANER . . . l.uon, Ga. I ' hi Delta Thcta CARL L. WELCH Hapevillc, Ga. T. B. WIGHT . . . Bucna Vista, Ga. I ' hi Delta Thrta lA.MES R. WILSON . . Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha JA.MES W. WYNN . . . Dul.lin, Ga. Kappa .Alpha NOR L N YOfNG Decatur, Ga. mgiU t Si - ' •F ' ¥« Sr% T:il ;iiMliilii ii lucli-nt- IruHer along r«liHlaiill l i :i Siiliirday nioriiiii;: -tii h i ' " «iiiii ill llolidav Inn cliiriiiK the Ninrinhrr fri ' o r. Thrir rricnil ami ron-lani riiin- panion i« the uliif|uiliiii-, Kin ir« DnK. 191 Robert Boozer Bill Lanier Otis Franklin How Mil) 1{i;nge Blell Duncan 1950 OKFICF.HS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Master of Ritual litka Alpha Kappa Psi. the first and oldcsl commerre fraternity, was founded on Oc- tober 5, 1001, in the School of Commerce. Accounting, and Finance at ew York I iii- varsity. The objectives are to " fiirllK r ihc individual welfare of its members: to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance; to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein: and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration. " ' The fraternit) has 71 active chapters in leading uni ersities and colleges tbrougb- out the liiitcd States and ( ' anada. Alpha Chi Chapter was installed al F.niorv in 1920. During the Winter Quarter, the fraternit invited the Business School to join it in making a grou]) donation of l)lood to the Red Cross. In addition, the chapter has enjoved a number of social events at its lod ge on Briardifi ' Road. Highlights among these functions include dances, dinners, and a joint meeting and banquet with the Alumni Chapter of Atlanta. Firnt rate, ncruss: Abbolt, Baugu», Bouniiin, Itiinn. l ii l iii. . . . Serond ritu : Camp, Caniiibell, Franklin, Freeman, Fuller. . . . Third rmr: Gilhiim, Gullelt, Haggard, Hoover. Jones. Happa pM MHOTIIKRS OF ALPHA CHI liiliii AhliotI Itill Jones l.ir Uaugu.- Bill l.anier Williani liowman Boh Mclnh.-h Sam liiinn J.ihii Mcliilyre lack Busbin Kolanil McClellan liob Boozer Tom O ' lirien Sidney ( amp Jack Perkins flul) liainphell Howard Runge Buell Duncan Bob Saunders Olis Franklin Bernard Smith lluiKly Krrenian Moody Summer-. Billy Fuller Knox Tabb Harry (iilhani Ben Tarbutten Jame- (iullell Dean Tunno Dewey Haggaril Buddy Walters Dick Manner Jimmy Weaver Kiiy Hoover Burton Wight Flnyit Johnson Harris Williams Hilly Vi ynn 1951 OFFICERS HOWAKD HlNGK President Harris Williams Vice President Otis Franklin Secretary Joe Baugus Treasurer Buddy Walters Master oj Ritual Knox Tabb Chaplain Bernard Smith Warden First rtnc. iiiriiss: l.anier. M ' liili»h, le ;iellaii. O ' Brien. Riin e. . . . Srcoiul riiiv: Sanders. Sniilh, Summers. Talili. Tunno. . . . Third row: Walters, Weaver, W ighl, Williams. vnn. ply i BBB B Business DICK BLOCH Alpha F.psilon I ' i : Inlcrfralcrnity Coiiiiril: Alpha I ' hi ( iii ' $:a. Caiii- pii« rrojci ' l- Chairman: Kiiior» Chri liall ' ialiiiM. Chri-tiiia ' - l ' r(ij ' l Chairman: llilh ' l. Serrt- Iar : Thf I ' ltai-nix. l{ii in ' ss Man- agrr; The Ciiinpiix. School JACK BLSBI Sigma lpha F.p .ilon. I " rc i liiil ; Kmor Uu int ' - ' ' Srhool Sludriil Council, rri ' sidfiil : lnlirfrat rnil Council: Alpha Kappa l -i: lpha Uclla Sigma; AMA; Emor. Ji -i - tian Association. MOUKIS ((Hli; Mplia l.p ilon I ' i. I ' rc-idcnl : Inlcr- fral4ruil Council. Sccrclar% ; I ' .la ' itriiia r-i ; Omicron Delia Kappa; llillcl; Thr CutliffUs: Dooli ' " I ' rol- ic (.liairman: Slildcnl lioiincil. BOB SANDKBS Sigma Chi: Mpha Kappa i ' -i : In- Icrfralirnil Council: Sigma Delia Vt-ix Socicl% for d anccincn! »)f Managcmcnl: Irc hman Oiicnla- lioii: " " I. " Cluh. Scciilai . Nice iVc itlcnt. IVcvidrnl : Track I. 2. 3; loolhall 2. .{: Ba-kctl.all 2. . : Vll- r.mor I ' oolliall ami lla-kclliall ; Winner of llridgcv I rophv — " Bcsl All-Bound Valhl.lc " I ' M ' j-.SO. leaders 194 z aUA DEAN llEPBl RN au chccl FACULTY Seated: Christine ConnelK Doan Wm. Hepburn. Dr. Paul Itrien. . . . .S niii irig: Prolessiir?. Ben Johnson. Holn-n ri;ill. Uniri Ouilliaii. Thoniiis (Christopher. Miiuriei- t ' .ulp. W in. II. Kiiiir. I ' ., hvroii llille . HiiIktI IS. M -k;i. . ( ' .. Stanley Joslin. CASE ci.i B vi m:k STUDENT OFFICERS Seotril: Kubcrt II;irri . KoIktI Burns. . . . Staniling: lliiiih ( int, lli-nrv (,)iiilliaii. Jcm- lliirinnn, Ray Schuilrr, Aliaii ixxl. Ili ' lrn lIu hi ' N, Joe Ulrt oniK ' ll, Pal Ilcnry. enht JAMES T. ADAMS Decatur, Georgia GEORGE W. CHANNELL Si. Siniiins Klanii. Gcorj ia I ' hi Delta I ' hi. WADE ALLEN Blue Ridge, Georgia BOYD A. COBURN Fitzgerald, Georgia Campus Club; Phi Alpha Delta. IRVING H. BUCHALTER Hattiesburg, Mississippi Phi Epsilon Pi. ROBERT C. DELL, JR. Chamblce, Georgia Alpha Kappa Psi. OSCAR C. BURNETT, JR. Savannah, Georgia Chi Phi, President: Geechee Club, President; Phi Delta Phi; Newman C ' lub; Debate Fo- rum; Bats. FRANCIS A. DUGGAN Hawkinsville, Georgia Phi Delta Phi; Kappa .Mpha; Law School Honor Council; Editor-inChief Student Edito- rial Board — Georgia Bar Jour- nal. BRAZEL P. BUSICK Decatur, Ga. Phi Alpha Dilta; Case CMub. BRUCE B. EDWARDS Val(i()SIa, Georgia 197 I III iniw i{N«»i 1) |- " (»riiuT A - 4 cialr Ju li4-4 ' . I iiitrd Sl:ll(■ : iiirl of Appral-. DisiricI of liiliiiiiliia : I r(ift " -M r of l.:i t. I ' lii- ( r il of Colorado: l)4-aii of Law S4 li4 4il. I iii 4 ' r ' ' il of I " -! ir;:iiiia; Priiii-ipal Sp4 ' ak4T f ' 4»r I ' ir-I llMliat l.a« l)a . I9. 0. DAVID H. FRITTS Kniory University, Gcor iia Sigma Pi; Phi Alpha Delta. GEORGE W. FRYHOFER ' a ncsliiiro, Cicori ia Alpha Tail Oiiic-ga; Omicron Delta Kaiipa; Phi Dtltii Phi. ROBERT B. HARRIS .■ tlanta, (JeDrjii.i Phi ..Bct;i - Kajjpa; Phi Alpha Delta; Case Club, Chief Clerk; President, Student Bar Asso- ciation; Member Etlitorial Hoaril, Georgia Bar Journal. I9SI eH ofJ CLARENCE J. JACKSON l-.m4iry Unnersits, (ie4 r ia Phi Alpha Delta; Case Club, Chief Clerk. S. JARVIN LEVISON Emory University, Georgia Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Case Club. ROBERT B. KAY ( irctn ille, S. C. MAYO L. MASHBURN t Copper hd I. Tennessee l.aniba Chi; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Gamma Mu; Georgia Bar F.ditorial Board. PUGH E. KYLE All. una, Georgia LUTHER H. MASON .Atlanta, Georgia KIRBY G. LAWLESS, JR. DtL.iliM, (Jiingia I ' ll, . lpll.l D.lt.l. De.m; C.lve Cliih. FERRIN Y. MATHEWS l- ' lor.ila. . labania JOHN A. LEE l.ivi- O.ik, I ' lorida Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Alpha Delta, President. HENRY J. O ' BRIEN Clarkcsvillc, (ieorgia Newman Club. 198 GUY O. PITTMAN HENRY M. QUILLIAN, JK. Atlantj, Georgia Alpha Tau Omega: Historian. Phi Alpha Delia; Georgia Bar Pin Delta Phi; Law School Editorial Boaril. Honor Council; Georgia Bar Editorial Hoard: University Stuilent Omncil. RAY F. SCHUUKR Atlanta, Georgia Phi Alpha Delta. AUDISON I.. WEBB . tlanta, (Jeor.uia JOH.N F. WEST Kniory University, Georgia ROBERT S. WHITELAW l-.inor l ' ni crMt . Georgia Phi Alpha Delta. LAMAR M. WISE .M.Ki ' ii. Georgia ALLEN W. WOOD Lexington, Kenru k Phi Delt.i Theta; Phi Alpha Delta. REUBEN M. WORD C arrollton, (ieorgia Phi Alpha Delta. tau) ckwl KAPPA BETA PI Since llic founding of Beta Iota Chapter of Kappa Beta Pi on Sep- tember 21. 1949 here at the l.aniar School of l.aw. the active ineinher- ship in the chn|)lcr has heeii s iine- wiiat depleted li the graduation of several of its incinliers and also L) the small numher of feminine students engaged in the study of law. .Nevertheless the chapter has maintained an active interest in the affairs of the l.aw . ' ch lol and its mendiers have promulgated wide participation in activities such as the Case Cluh. Law Day. school socials and functions. Picturcfl here are the present mcniliers of Kappa Beta I ' i: Left to right; .|o ce Slead. m c Smith. Helen Hughes, and Millicenl Can- trell. 199 rf: , 9 P . . THOMAS F. ALLGOOD . AuKUsta, Oa. Scxonil i-.ir; I ' lii Al|ili.i Delta EUGENE ANHEIR, JR. . Decatur, ;a. Scconil Viar; I ' lii Ali lia Delta CHARLES W. BISSET . Savannah, Ca. 1-irst Year RAYMOND R. BURGESS . Atlanta, Ca. Second Year: Plii Delta I ' lii J. W. COLLETIE . Crescent City, l-la. First Year CI.AUDE D. COTHRAN , Atlanta, Ga. l ' lr t ' tear )IM M. COWART . . . Atlanta, Ga. I ' ust Yi.ir; rlu Alplia Delta R. A. CUNNINGHAM . Decatur, Ga. First Year; Alpha Tan Omega EMORY T. DANIEL . . Atlanta, ( a. First Year; .Mjjha Tau Omega HARVEY H. DeVANE . . Atlanta, Ga. First Year SAMUEL E. DYER . . Atlanta, Ga. Third Year; Alpha Kappa Psi DON FAIN Columbus, Ga. First Year: Alpha Tau Omega R. E. FLOURNOY, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. First ar; Kappa . lpha HUGH L. BAL ' NTT . West I ' oint, Ga. Ihit,! Y.ar CHARLES W. HAINES . . Uruli.in, Miss. Iliird Year HARRY P. HALL, JR. . Columbus, Ga. First Year; Sigma . lpha F.psilon THOMAS B. HAMPSON . . nn;ston, Ala. l-irsi ' tear; Kappa Sigma JAMES W. HEAD . . Savann.ili, Ga. First " I ear: I ' lii Delta Thela ROBERT D. HEDRICK . . lbany, Ga. Third ■ear; .Mpha T.ui Omega. JAMES D. HENDERSON . Um.in, S. C. WILLIAM E. IIENSON . Berryville, Va. First Year STANLEY P. HERNDON . Atlanta. Ga. First Year HELEN HUGHES . . . Atlanta. Ga. First ' e.ir WILLIAM S. IIUIE . College Park, (Ja. First Year: Phi Delta Theta GEORGE C. INGRAM . MilledgeMlle, Ga. Third Year: Phi Delta Phi RALPH IVEY c:ordele. (..i. Third Year E. F. LEVERETT . . Fort X ' allcy, Ga. Third Year CHARLIE LUCKIE . Cireemille, Ala. ' Fhiril Year; Sigma Pi M. D. McCLURE . Emory University, Ga. Third Year JOSEPH B. McCONNELL . Atlanta, (Ja. Third Year OTHNIEL W. McGEHEE . NLicon, Ga. Third Year JAMES F. MtGUIRE . Jackson, Miss. ]. O ' NKIL MACKKV, JR. . AllanU, C,. . I ' lrst ' c.ir; K.ipp.l Alplt.l HUGH MALLET . . . [acksoi,, V,. . I ' lr ' .I Vi.ir; Alpli.i Tau Oiiu ' Ra C.GORDO N NHLLING . Ailania, Ga. 1-irM Year; IVIla Tnu Delta FRED MILLSAPS . . . Decatur. Ga. First Year DELMAN L. MINCHEW . Wavcross, Ga. First Ycir WII.I.IAM C. OK ' ELLEY . Atlanta, Ga. l- ' irst Year; .Si ina Chi COMER W. PADRICK . Atlanta, Ga. First Year JESSE E. PEDRICK . . Waycross, Ga. Seconil Year; Sigma Chi M. K. PENTECOST, JR. . Decatur, C,. . .Seccinil Year: Phi Delta Theta .MARVIN D. PLISKIN . Abin.mlon, Va. First Year; Alpha Epsilon Pi C. C. PRITCHARD . . Atlanta, Ga. First Year SCOTT A. RAY . . . First Y ' ear . tlanta, Cia. CLAUDE B. ROGERS . Atlanta, Ga. First Year; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon ALLAN W. SMITH . Gadsden, Ala. Seconil Y ' ear FORREST L. S nTH . . Atlanta, Ga. First Year; Sigma .Vlpha Epsilon GEORGE B. SMITH . . Docrun, Ga. First Year; Sigma Alpha Epsilon CUBBEDGE SNOW, JR. . Macon, Ga. Second Year; Kappa Alpha WILLIAM B. SPRIGGS . Atlanta, Ga. First " ' ear JACK L. SWERTFEGER, JR. . .Selnia, Ala. First Year CURTIS VAN TILLMAN . Atlanta, Ga. Second Year; .Alpha Tau Omega KENNETH B. TUCKER . . CXilla, Ga. First Ye.ir ROBERT G. WAITT . . Atlanta, Ga. First Ye.ir JOHN L. WATSON, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Secontl Y ' ear HAKRY G. WEISSENBERGER . Geneva, Switzerland First Year; Beta Theta Pi R. G. WESON . Sherman Oaks, Calif. First Year; Sigma .Alpha Epsilon W ALTER E. WOELPER . Atlanta, Ga. O fb o - phi Aluka helta OIFKERS John A. Lkk Gl V Mcl.KNDON C.LAKKNCK Jackson Ma o Mashiuikn ()i. n i!. ii k ion Justice I ife Justice Clerk Treasurer l(irsli(il mi;mi{i;ks Jaiiii ' T. Vilam Kriu-st A. Alcxa Ihonias F. Allfioixl Eugene Anheir. Jr. Joe M. Howniaii Paul Busick Wesley Channel! iioyil A. (!ol)urn (Claude D. C.otliran Jessie ( " owan Jim M. Cowaii Kay Cuiininjihani Emory Daniel, Jr. David U. Frilt ' i Hugh L. (iaiiiill Harvey P. Hall Nolan H. Ilarnmn Kohert I!. Harris Douglas Henderson illiani K. Ilen nii ( ilarenee Jaeksctn 1. Howard Jarrolt (dele D. Johnson Jim S. Kilpatrick Fdliolt Kyle Mek C. L.and)ros K. Gordon Lawless John - . I.ee l.aurenee Litton tdiarlie Luekii ' Millnn l . MrCh.re K(.l„-rl li. l,ln ale i ' ,u Ml liMidon Hugh Mallet Mayo Mashlmrn Luther Mason Ahil Massey Harry Mehre Delman L. Minchew Josi ph Parris Waller Philli|w Owen PiltJiian Joseph Pittnian Marvin D. Pliskin Charles Pritchard Scott A. Ray Bart Riley Ray F. Schuder George Smith Curtis Tillman Mill hell Touart Kenneth I ueker Walter W atkins John Watson llan W ei-seid)erger John M. Wells Donald E. Wetllaufer John l{. W helan Rohert W hilelaw Mien W. Wood Keuhen M. Word hirst roll ' . ' AllfziMnL Viilieir. Hiisiek. Coliiirii. C iwarl. . . . Srrtmtt ran- : Lawless, I. ee, l.iKoii. . . . Tliint nut: l.iiekie. Mallei. Ma liliiirii. Mason, Fourlli row: I ' ritehard. Sehuiler, TilJniun, Tiieker, hitulau. Founded in 1898 at the Chicago School of Law by a gri)U|) uf students in arguitient uilli ihc Supreme ( ourt of Illinois, Phi Aijjlia Delia legal {raternity is now com- posed of over 70 chapters throughout the I ' nited States in Class " A " Law schools. Keener Chapter at Emory complel ed an unusuall) active year in holh its professional and social aspects. A plai|ue with engraved names lA the ( ase ( ' luh com- pclilive wimiers was presented to the school on Law Day. Promotion of greater understanding and wider student Aliiiniiii Prof Frills. Harris. Pliskeii. . . . parliripalioii in llic llaid.i Legal id Society hecame a foremost olijccli c in the professional cllorls of llic chap- Icr. There uas also a luncheon for gradual iiig seniors gi cM al till- I 11(1 of each (piarter at which lime outstanding personalities in the- lield of law were presented to relate iheir experiences. Social functions included a joint memher-alumni-faculty dance in January at the Avondale Legion ( ' lull and sexeral stag gatherings al difTerenl places during the ear. Highlighting the spring social calendar was a dinner given in honor (d the Keener (!lia|ilcr 1 liarlcr mcndiers. OflieiT " pose with five of ihr year ' s .H5 iieH iniliutc -. -or llenr II reeoveri III keep linn ;;rip rler. Vliiiniiiis Jinl| ;e Sam Lo te and lirotliiTs posr after DeKalli eiiiirlrooin inilialion. r ■ r phi helta Phi riii Drlla I ' hi. louiiclcd ;it the I iii Tsily of Mich- igan ill laO ' A is tlie ( l(U-sl proffssional fraternity. I.aniar Inn was established at l ' .nior in I ' )2. ' i as the fifl -seventh Inn of inter- national IMii Delta Phi. uhieii now totals se erit - nine Inns. I ' hi Delta Plii promotes a higher stand- ard of professional ethics among its memhers and in the profession al large. s i ' ? p «; ' t % c a ' m n " " — (|(f! I l I, Lamar Irui has taken a large part in ihe acli ities of the Law School. Monlh- l liinclicon and smokers are lu-jd . i t h d ist in- guished nicinliers of the Bar as guest speakers. The I rui has presented a ])la(|ue lo the Law School on w h ich is inscrihed the name of the first hoin)r graduate of each June graduating class, and a scrap hook recording the activities of the annual Law Dav. Bissit liur fss Dyer Duggan Frvhofer Hedrick Ingram Ltvison M, ■( iiincl McPehee Milling O ' Kelley IV (Irick Pentecost Rogers Swertfeger M 1 l( KKS MEMBERS OF 1 AMAR I ' or IMII DELTA I III Halph Uvy Charic s liissit Kip Duggan Pat Heiirv Jai in l.evison l. K. I ' rnle,...! Ma ifttT Travis tirannon . " ■am Dyer Stanley Ilermlon O ' Neil lackcy H. nrv (Jiiillian Uoh ll.clrirk ICrni ' st liriiii Emory Finley Jack Hi giiis Joe McGonnel C. |{. ' Rogers t.xchvquer r,ay 1! urgcss Richard Freeman Slell Huie Otlin.-il McGeli •t Ja ■k Simpson With Spcar Oscar liiirnelt George Fryhofer Jim Hutehenson (iordon Milling lio li .Spears a,-Tk li l 1! urns .Mike Garstein G. C. Ingram. Ks(|. Hill O ' Kelley J a •k Swertfeger (!li:irl( ' Collin ' - Cliarii ■ (!ollins jess Hall Kalph Ivey Comer Padrick l!o ) ' I ' lionipson ffislorittn lioli 1) rll Bob Hedrick John Joni ' s Jesse Pi-driek W Isou oung KoriiKil liiitiulion of Phi Delia Phi. held at nid of Winter Quarter. lO!?!. I hi ' ,iiir» piloses sentence as ihc accused jrrinilv aMails her verdict. Wilson liiuiig. porlraving the " (ireal hile Father. ' is led in ti answer for his misdemeanors. iau H ' Yes, 1 went t» the 1«im Dav Dance. htl ' n won I convict me on I w Dav. " The legal eagles take time out from their har activities for a hile to eal " I ' ll trv to | a for lh« ' ilaiice loMiorrow. " (icorKc hrvhiifer, us Mr. Contracts, aiipcurs indignant toward the entire proceeding. ' Case Club Winner " Freeman ' s allenipl l piiric llir rorporaie veil turns into a riot. 204 Tkech if DEAN II. It. IKIMKI.K Thech if chcc l.rl, rrili-; III rijilil. ( ( roll; (lliarlo Itiillor. TrcaMircr ; (.llilrl ■ ISicr. Uiiliiiril Tiinlirrlaki ' . ill. I{ l I ' .iilrfkiii. Krni- l Ciishniaii. Harry Miilillrhriiok ' -. Sirr ' lar . . . . HdIIddi l orl4 r Aiidrr oii, Trd Shirakawa. (ilaiidc llarprr. ' irr I ' rt- ' -iili-nl : Marion Hollainl. J. . (illalliaiii. l rr iiN ' llI ; K( llll4 ' th Traxli ' r. Paul l.aiiirr. O r " IT I., p. ANDERSON, JR. . W.iltcrl ..n., S. C. Scicinil v, r FLETCHER 1.. ANDREWS . AriRcn, C.i. 1 ir ' .t (.{r DOUGLAS R. BARNES . . M..hilc. Al.i. WALTER G. BAUGLE . Richnionil. V.i. Second Year JAMES H. BEATY . . . Ava PI icc. Ga. J ' irst ' ca OSBORN C. BELYEU . . Ouincv. Ha. I hird c.ir BENJ. F. BINKLEY . . Nashville. Tcnn. First ' ear RALPH E. BLACK .... Rome, Cia. First ' car BEN R. BLACKBURN . . Orlando, Fla. Third Year WM. B. BOBBITT, JR. . . Atlanta. Ga. First Year BILLY B. BOHANNON . Hillionia. (Ja. First ' car RUSSELL L. BOW . . . Columbia, Ky. Second Year E. R. BRADHAM. JR. . Ml. Pleasant. S. C. .•second Year THOS. N. BRITTAIN . . Inman.S.C. I hird car WNf. D. BRUNER . . Montgomery. Ala. Third Year CHAS. M. BRYAN . C-.hattanooga. Tenn. Third Year CHAS. E. BURKERT . Westminster, Md. Third Year CHAS. O. BUTLER . . New Hope, Ala. Second Year W. R. CALHOUN. JR. . MontRomcry, Ala. Third Year J. C. CALLAWAY, JR. . . Athens, Cia. Second ' ear JAMES H. CAMERON . Montuello. Miss. Third Year EARL B. CARTER .... Alius. Ark. Second Year H. P. CASTOR . . . North Rose. N. Y. First ear WM. L. CAWTHON . . FufauU. Ala. Third ear R. A. CHANDLER . (harleston. W. Va. First Year J. W. CHATHAM, TR. . Rose Hill. Miss. Third Year BOWMAN L. CLARKE . Meridian. Miss. Third Year J. S.MILEY COLLINS Glen Forks, Ky. Second ear ROBT. H. CONERLY . Monticell... Miss. Third Year CHAS. S. CRENSH W . Chester, S. C. First Year E. dc S. CUSHMAN . Chalian.-.Ka. 1 enn. First Year THOS. D. DILLARD . MontKonicry. Ala. I ' lrsi Year P P I? Akft ik yhechfif RALPH I,. DIXON . Winston-S.ilcm, N. C. Tliirtl Yciir CLYDK II. DUNN . . Mcbane, N. C. l- ' irst Year JAMKS K. ELLIOTT . Birm ingham, Ala. Scciind Y ' car WILLIAM J. ELZEV . Clinton, Tcnn. Scct)nii Year ROBERT B. ENGLE . Cameron, W. Va. Thiril Y ' ear JOSEPH E. FAULKNER . .Augusta, Ga. I-irsl " e.ir O. FLOYD FEELY, JR. . . llanta, Ga. ' J ' hirti " ' ear W. S. FERGUSON . . Ilarnin.in, Va. Third Year I. M. FLETCHER . C;ainc villc, Fla. First Ye.ir HI RBERT C. FLOYD . Conway, S. C. Thinl Year RUBERT E. FLOYD . Conway, S. C. Thin! ' War LLOYD A. FOREMAN . Kayilen, La. Third Year GLENN H. FRANK . Lexington, Ga. Second Y ' ear PAUL M. FULTON . Louisville, Miss. Second Year E. S. FURR .... Abcrtcen, Miss. Second Y ' ear PAUL M. GAUNTT . Langdale, Ala. First Y ' ear JAMES B. GAYLER . Lake Worth, Fla. First Y ' ear EMORY C. GILBERT . Hazlehurst, Ga. Second Year DANNITTE M. GILL . . Florala, Ala. Thir l Y ' ear CHARLES H. GREGG . Wdliamson, Ga. First Year JAMES A. GRIFFIN, JR. . Mobile, Ala. Third Year C. P. HAMILTON . Sunimerville, Ga. Third Year CLAUDE R. HARPER . t ' .onway, S. C. rhnil Year P. I.. IIARTSFIELD . Jacksonville, Fla. l- ' irst ' ear W. A. HARRIS . . Clarksdale, Miss First Year G. W. HERNDON Toomsboro, Ga. I ' lrst Year AISTIN E. HOLLADY . Tampa, Fla. I ' nst Year D. B. HORTON, JR. . Meninhis, ' I ' enn. Sm.nd ■ear IL r. IIORNSHY llillon Village, Va. 1 liird Year I. C. HOUSTON, JR. . New Albany, Miss. Second Year WII.I.IAM J. HOYLE . Marion, N. C. Second Year PAUL HUBER . . . I ' aloalla, Calif. Third Year ckccl JOHN I). IILMPIIREY . Artcsia, Miss. I ' irst Year C. D. IllTCHINS . lacksonville, Fla. I- ' irst Year JOHN U. INMAN . . Laurens, 15. C. I ' ir-.l Year J. MORGAN JOHNSON . Macon, Ga. First Y ' car TASKER D. JOHNSON . I ' orsytli, Ga. First Year JAMES S. JONES . . . Mobile, Ala. Tliinl Year THOMAS H. JOHNSON . Macon, CJa. First Year HILDA H. KENG . . Shangliai, China Second Year D. F. KOKOMOOR . Gainesville, Fla. First Year V1LLL M J. LAMB . . GritVin, Ga. Third Y ' ear PALL LANIER . . . Conway, Ark. Third Y ' ear RALPH LIGHTSEY . . Bristol, Ga. Third Year E. F. LUNCEFORD, JR. . Anniston, Ala. First Y ' ear W. A. McCLELLAN, HI . Macon, Ga. First Y ' ear T. J. McCOLLOUGH, JR. . Woodland, Ga. Second Y ' ear JOSEPH S. McDonald . Marietta, Ga. First Year T. B. McEACHERN . Columbia, S. C. Second Y ' ear DAVID A. M cINTOSH . McComb, Miss. Second Y ' ear C. S. McSPADDIN . Charlotte, N. C. First Year CLARA S. McVEY . Hatticsburg, Miss. First Year WILLIAM B. MARSHALL . Marion, Ala. First Y ' ear NICHOLAS G. MAS . . . California Third Y ' car R. E. MERIWETHER . Fit .patrick, Ala. First Year H. M. .MIDDLEBROOKS Tallahassee, Fla. Third Y ' ear J. H. MILLSAPS, JR. . West Point, Miss. First Year JOHN B. MINTER . . . Pauo, Ga. Third Y ' ear JA.MES C. MOORE . . Dunwoody, Ga. Third Year WALTER Y. MURPHY . Ihoinaston, Ga. First Year TERRANCE R. MYER . Muldraugh, Ky. I ' irst Year B. W. NAPIER. JR. . . Louisville, Ky. First Year ROBERT F. NAY . . {.ickson. Miss. First Y ' car I. W. NICHOLS . Stone Mountain, Ga. Third Y ' car yhechfif B. E. NICHOLSON, JR. . Lpi.cr iJarby, Pennsylvania Thiril Year W. C. NOLEN . . . Roanoke-, Ala. Tliiril Year J. CLARK PAFFORD . Wiycross, Ga. Sccontl Y ' car PLEDGER W. PARKER . Dulutli, Ga. FirsI Year RICHARD H. PETERSON . I Ibcrion, Ga. Firbt Year WILLIE E. PHILLIPS . Corinth, Miss. Second Year JAMES M. POOLE . Natchitoches, La. First Y ' car RETTA S. POOLE . Natchitoches, La. First Y ' ear ELTON . POWELL . lacksonville, Fla. Third Year SARAH Y. PUETT , . Dallas, N. C. First Year LESLIE E. RABB . Winter Haven. Fla. First Year FRANCES L. RABURN . Rock Hill, S. C. First Year CHARLES L. HANDLE . Varden, Miss. First " ' ear C. EDWARD REEVES . . Millen, Ga. Scconii " c.ir CHARLES E. RICE . . Rossville, Ga. Second ' e.ir HAROLD D. RICE . . 1 Iherlon. (ia. Second Year M. S. ROBINSON . lacksonvillc, Fla. Third Year AMOS L. ROGERS, JR. . Meniiihis. Icnn. Second Y ' e.ir H. LEVY ROGERS . . . Ociila, Ga. Ihiril " ' ear SAMUEL H. RUSSELL . Ke West, Fla. Second ear WALTER B. RUTLAND . Min. tia, CJa. Third " ' e.ir SIDNEY F. SANDRIDGE . Cro el, Va. Second Ye.ir HARPER J. SASSER . Richmoml, Va. First Yc.ir JIM W. SCARBOROUGH . Miami, Fla. First Year H. W. SCOAI ' FS. JR. . lelTersonville, (ia. Seioild ' ( .ir RYAN II. SFAWRIGHT . U.iium II. (ia. First Ye.ir |. H. SHADIU ' RN , I liintin ;loii, W. ' a- 1 u t Year MARION J. SHERRILL . Howd.in, Ga. Thiril " le.ir C. M. SHI ' I.FR Ih.lU llill, S. C. rlni,l Y(.ii I.UCIAN F. SINE . . . Starr, S. C. Third Year K. R. SISSELL . Winter Valley, Miss. FirsI Year C. L. SKINNER . . Meridian. Miss. chccl W. V. SLEAMAKER . LdiiismIIi K . lirM Vc.ir W. E. SMALLEY . . Soiiili llill. V.i. WILLIAM B. SMITH . Ow.irt.iwn, (ii. FirsI ' f.ir CLARENCE E. SPIER . llully Springs. Cj. Second Year V. M. STOKES, JR. . Ma:iiiuli, Miss. Thirtl ' c.l ALLAN R. STUART . . I ' ampa, Fla. I ' " irst Yfar HARRY S. TAUSCH . (laslonia, N. C. Thirtl ' t ' .ir F. J. THARINGTON . liiriiiinjjhain, Ala. First Year HAROLD I. THOMAS . Hcrnamlo, Fla. ScctinJ ' far WESLEY L. THOMAS . Canton, Ga. Scctjntl Year G. K. THOMPSON . Tmlursville, Miss. SeLond ' ear R. H. TIMBERLAKE . Virginia Beach, Va. Second Year KENNETH E. TRAXLER . Alachua, Fla. Third Year PERRY W. TURNER . Newberry, S. C. Second Year JAMES W. TURPIN . . Doraville, Ga. Second Year H. E. WALTON . Needham Heights, Massachusetts First Year G. W. WANNAMAKER, JR. . Atlanta, (ia. Third Year TRAVIS A. WARLICK . Sulhgeiit, Ala. First " War W. P. WATKINS, JR. . Roanoke, Va. First Year EVERETTE R. WATTS . Suinrall, Miss. Second Year JOHN O. WEATHERS . Millport, Ala. Third Year CHARLES B. WEBSTER . Savannah, Cia. First Year AVERY WHEAT . . Jamestown, Ky. Second Year WILHAM A. WICKER . Noschton, Ga. Third Year BILLY R. WICKUNE . White Sulphur Springs, W. Va. Third Year GLENN G. WILLIAMS . Arlington, Va. Second Year ROBERT N. WINDON . Carrollti n, (J.i. Thiril Year MALCOLM L. VAPLE . Watertord, I ' a. First Year W. YOUNGBLOOD . Mcadville, Miss. Second Year THE THEOLOGY SCHOOL The Candler School of Theology is one of the ten official seminaries for the training of the ministry in the Methodist Church. The majority of the faculty members and students work actively in a local church, either as pastor, church scliool teacher, director of music, or in some other closely related capacity; howcxcr. there are definite religious activities included in the overall academic program within the school itself. Dr. Trimhle. who hecamc dean in 1937, has led in an expansion movement which has brought the Theology School to third place, in terms of size, among the sem- inaries of world-wide Methodism. 212 Mifuate DEAN LEROV E. LOEMKEK ta4uate (UVm TE STIDEMT (U I ICEUS , • » III riiihl: Cliiirh " . Si ii(j, Xivr l r ' icl -nt . Dorollit Jinn MiiiKU ' ilorfT. S - r liir ; I{]| liiiiiiil !ook. I rroiili ' iii, 214 M. I.. ABBOTT 1 rn.,r Univcrjity, (.,.,. IRED E. BELL Vll.inli, C.i. Hiochcnustrv ONA C. BENNETT . . Nj luillc, Ga. Huilti y WILUAM II. BENTON . AukusM, C.i Economics MARTHA A. BLAKE . Lukson. Miss JAMES P. BROWN . . . Aibiu.i, Ci. ) ilucation GEORGE E. CHAMBERS . Hialianan. Ca. T. W. CHANDLER, JR. . Carr.illlon, Ca. CAROL DEAN lallaliassce, Fla, L. LLCILLE DUNCAN . Dccaliir, C;a. Rc-ligious Eilucaium T. L EGAWA . Krnorv Univcrsitv, Ca. Econtiinics JACKSON EMERSON Spriiif; (ijrdtn. Ala. Si)t:ii)U)g W. E. FENNELL, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. lului.atiun anil Kn);lish CLAUDE M. FROMY . . Paris Franu Law and Economics JEANNE GERNER . . . Macon, Ga English NANCY J. GRAY . . Bristol, Tcnn. VICTOR R. GULLATT . Cochran, Ga. I rc-Meihcal .Sciences H. H. ROCHNEY . Birmingham, Ala. Language PALL H. HANNA . . Decatur, Ga. Religious Education lAf ' K B. HASKINS . . Atlanta. Ga. lournalism JOHN F. HARTLEY . . Tampa, Fla. Histi r MIRIAM HAYNES . Jacksonville, Fla. Religious Education WILLIAM D. rVEY . . Aul.urn, Al.i. Biology L. E. JACKSON . . Carlcrsville, (;a. Cieology JOHN U. JOURNEY . Birmingham. Ala. G. S. KLKIVA.MA . Emory Univ.. Ga Economics LOUISE R. LEVER . .Sandersville, (;a. JOHN G. LEWIS . Emi.rv Univ., f;a. I ' h sics C. S. LORENTZSON . . Palatka, Fla. Journalism and .Advertising B. S. .McANULTV . Union City. Tcnn Psychology i% ROBERT G. McGEHEE . Amory, Miss. ] ' h sics N. V. McGLOMERY . Pleasant, N. C. Arts, Theology HENRY T. MALONE . . Decatur, Ga. llist()r GEORGE B. MILLER, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. I ' -ikuaiion T. E. MULLEN . . Memi his, Tcnn. Historv PHYLLIS M. NARMORE . Atlanta, Ga. Psschologv SAM L. NORWOOD, III . Perry, Ga. ( hcniistrv W. C. PARTIN . . Jacksonville, I " la. Plnsical Kilucation PEGGY I. PENUEL . . Decatur, Ga. lournalisni ROGER D. PIPER . Wellington, Ohio Chemistry REUEL PLATT, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. Plnsics BURN AM T. POPE . . . Alams, Ga. Political Science LAWRENCE J. PRUCINA . Atlanta, Ga. Chemistry W. E. REYNOLDS . |c hnson City, Tcnn. ANN A. RUTLAND . Lake Cit)-,Fla. JOHN T. SHERIDAN . . Atlanta, Ga. Geology TED T. SHIRAKAWA . Osaka, Ia|ian Theolo.uv BENJAMIN H. SMITH . Atlanta, Ga. Organic Chemistry F. M. SMITH . . . Jefferson, N. C. Journalism I ) W. SMITFI . West Jefferson, N. C. Journalism CHARLES C. SONG . . Seoul, Korea Philosophy E. B. SPEARMAN . Brookhavcn, Ga. Relisious I ' .ducation C. J. SULLIVAN . College Park, Ga. G. VAN VALKENBURGH . Biloxi, Miss. Religious Education JAMES C. VOCAHS . . Decatur, Ga. Education TATTIE M. WILLIAMS . Marietta, Ga. Lihrarianship M .S. WOODSON, JR. . Red Springs, North Carolina PsNchiilogv EMMEIT W. WRIGHT, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. History EDWARD G. ZACHEST . Decatur, Ga. Education KLAUS ZELLE . . Hamm-Westfallcn, Germany ? f r A u,U i w. a lu jfHn am ASST. UEA.N MAK LEE TA-iLOU DEAN ADA FORT V fMh chccl I null roil. l,Ji I,, rinlil : Mi-..« Jiiliii I ralnr. Mnr l. - l ' a. lor. I.illiiiii MrAIUlir, Eli ;ilii ill Mill-. Miiriiiii Chri-lopllir. hikI Mr-. l.lii-» I ' iiIiiiit. . . . Iliirk run. •■ ' ( » riglil : lis Kiilli llnili ' v. Mr . MiiIm ' I lliiiiiriik. Mr . , -ii ' Diinit-I. . ll s Doris Kiiic Mis. Ila-li-ii .ooilr ii ' . Miss Miiry Eiiiniii A rifclil, hikI Iiss Kvi-lvii I ' rrsi ' oll. . . . OiIiit iiiriiihrrs mil in itiilurr urv: .Miss MiirKi r -l Sprurs. .Miss EuKmiu I. t, iiiiil .Mrs. Kutli SU ' iilz, 218 MARY A. ALDRIDGE Atlanu, Georgia MARY N. BI.Al KBLRN tmor Unncrsity, Gcorgu i l. 11, AIM llRlDl.l s Ncwnan, ticorgia J(»-Aiiii iii i N n floinfc a ' Porahonta«« " art fnr the Nurses Carnival. I9SI eH ofj CHERIE A. CARTER ThomasMJIc, Georgia E. ALLEN DAVID Newnan, Georgia JUDITH J. CHALKER Iowa Cit . Iowa JUDITH H. DAVIS Scranlon, Pennsvlvania MARY E. CHILDRES Butler, Georgia . . JOAN DEAN Emory University ' , Georgia CAROLINE M. CLEMENTS Jesup. Georgia JACQUELINE E. FIREBAUGH Stotkhndi c. Georgia MARJORIE A. CROLL Molh ' wootl. Florida MARY E. HARPER Seneca, South Carolina 219 ROSALIND W. HARRISON BEVERLY J. ROSSLER M.iriaiina, )- ' lorida Lake Worth, Florida VEDA HUDSON Birmingham, Alabama Anna Jones Marv Rogers, Anno Vi illiunis, and Frances Silas all got into the Indian act. ffatJih chcci JOE ANN JACKSON lilzgcralil, Georgia EMILY K. McNELLEY FriiurN Ujii crsil . (icorgia BETTYE JOHNSON Ojlumhia, Ahibama MARTI MATTOX All.ml.l, u ' oiL;i.l PATRICIA A. JOHNSON W ' avcrly, Floritla D. REE MILLS Blakclv. Gcoryia ELOISE JOHNSTON Atlanta, Georgia JACQUELYN L. MOODY Matt ' ii, (iiori ia MARTHA ANNE LEWIS Macon, Georgia ANNE F. MORRIS Naples, Florida 220 Itp ' , BETTY J. PILCHER Atlanta, Georgia JANIE D. TILL Columbus, Georgia LAUREL E. POST Si. Petersburg, Florida NORMA D. WEIDNER St. Albans L. I., New Vork JEAN F. SALE Jacksonville, Florida A. FAYE WHITE Langdale, Alabama EVELYN F. SCHAIN Jacksonville, Florida YVONNE T. WORLEY Marietta, Georgia BETTY ' L. SHANNON Atlanta, Georgia BEVERLY J. WRIGHT St. Petersburg, Florida 9Sf en cfj Miss Emily McNelley, acting student body prosidrnt in the absence of Mrs. McDuffy. presents Miss I orraine l.:irgen with the traditional gavel synilioli .ing her election to the Nursing student bodv proidency for 19. 1, while the Dean an l everal cohorts look on with pride. 221 NURSING JOAN A. ARGOE , . PATSY A. ATWATF.R Decatur, Ga. Macon, Ga. JOAN C. BENEDICT F. S. BONNER . St.indinK Rock, Ala New Smvrna Beach, Fla. JAN JO COARSEY . Jacksonville, Fla. JoANN E. CRAIG . . Houston, Te as ANNIE JOE. DAVIS . ILipcMllc, Ca. ALICE GALT Rome, Ga. F. C. GARRETT . . Contenment, Fla. PAMELA A. GARRETT Toccoa, (ia. JANE H. HALLIDAY . . Rio Verde, S. I,. P., Mexico ALICE C. HAWKINS Brr ,tril, N. C. MARTHA M. MAYES . McDonoush, Ga. SARA F. HORNE . . (MennviUe, Ga. HELEN F. HULL . . . Conyers, Ga. ANN JEAN JONES . . Ulakelv, Ga. JANET KING 1 liomasville, CJa. E. LORRAINE LARGEN . (Villese Park, (Jcorgia JUNIORS H. PATRICIA UGGETT . IVl..iiul, ll.i, CARLF.NE A. McKINNON . Ovialo, l " la. M. lOANN MARSHALL |.icksi)nvillc, Kla. ANN OSTER .... " rhoinson, Ga. VIRGINIA I ' . I ' KASE . l:olumbu , G.i. ANN E. RAMSEY . Chattanooga, Tcnn. NORA B. REED . . Orangiburg, S. C. MARY ROGERS . . . Blakcly, Ga. ANN L. RUSSELL . . MONA SCARBOROUGH Savannah, CJa. . lacksonville, Florida GWEN M. SCHOENBURG Beaufort, S. C. IIAROLDVNE J. SCOTT . Asheville, N. C. MARY KATE SCOTTEN . (iaincsville, Fla. FRANCES M .SILAS . Jacksonville, Fla. VIRGINIA C. TISON . . Sanford, Fla. FRANCES I. TURNER . Dalton, Ga. PATSY WEEKS . . . Lakeland, Fla. BETTY J. YOUNG . . Sanlord, Fla. f Wf CLINICAL V. SUSAN AGNER . . Ma(lis..n, Fla. BEVERLY BACON . . . •I ' ,iiiii,:i, I-la. PATRICIA A. BROCATO , Ailanla, c;a. ZENA D. GATE . . Hirmingham, Ala. SARAH E. CASTLEMAN . Sylacau ;a, Ala. I.OIS L. ECHOLS . . Canal Point, Fla. A. ANN FLEETWOOD . Atlanta, Cia. B. J. GALLOWAY . Younj; Harris, Ga. ANN D. GARNER . . . Atlanta, Ga. MARY T. H1C:KS . . M.iryvillr, Tcnn. C. WILLENE JONES . (laincsvillc, Ga. JEAN H. LAFITTE . . Atl.inia, Ga. MARILYN M. MALLARD . S.ivannali, Ga. ANN J. MAI.TBY . . . Atlanta, Ga. DORIS J. METZGER . . Atlanta, Ga. SARA J. SCHALLER . Ok.ilnnnpka, Fla. J. II. STEINBRENNER . Atlanta, G.i. lll-LEN E. SULLINS . l-incrM)n, c;a. JOAN D. SWICK . St. I ' ctcrslnirj!, Fla. R. ANN WILLIAMS . . . tlanta. Cut. MARTHA ANN WILLIS . Atlanta. Ga. PRE-CLINICAL PATRICIA E. BLEDSOE . Ail.im.i, {;.i. KATIIRVN 1. HVRNE . . Atl.mu, C.i. LILLIAN DA IS . Tallahassee. Kla. MARGARET A. DcBORD . Hrcvaril, N. C. MARILYN EVANS JOANNA FINNEY LOIS C. HILLIS . SARA N. HOWELL . . . (Jay, V,i . Wauulmla, Fla. . Sylvania, Ga. NtontiidriuT) . Ala. L. CAROLY-N HUGGINS . Tamiu, Fla. VIRGINIA . L GILLESPIE . Fort Laudcr- ilalc, Florida MURIEL M. KAISER . Lexington, S. C. NELL TROY KINCAID . Orlando, Fla. ROSE MARIE LeBLANC . lifton, Ga. DOROTHY E. .McGAHEE Covinj;ton, Ga. LILLIAN F. MORAN . . Sanford, Fla. CAROL NORTHCLTT . Marietta, Ga. MARGARET J. PRITCHETT . Spring Place, Ga. MARTHA E. PULLIN . Cleveland, Tenn. CAROLYN ROGERS . Victoria, Texas SALLY H. SCURRY . Grccnw.x.d, S. C. DORIS L. SEAY . . NANCY J. TAPPAN RvJsscllMlle, Ark. . Miami, Fla. CAROLINE B. TILDEN Winter Haven. Florida BtlTY J. TIGNER . tlanta, Cia. If ' SOPHOMORES O. ANNE ADAMS . . . Slidell, La. S. ALF.XANDKR . I ' uinpano Beach, Fla. PATRICIA M. ALLEN . lilackbhcar, Ca. GWYNDOLYN CLINE Hryson City, N. C. JANET COX . . Stone Mountain, Ga. MARY JANE DUPAR . . Atlanta, Ga. PATSY R. EIDSON . . East Point, Ga. PAULINE V. ELLIS . . Tampa, Fla. EUGENIA F. FICKLIN . Greenwood, S. C. M. ). FREEMAN . Daytona Beach, Fla. NANCY H. JENKINS . Aliceville, Ala. JUNE G. KENNEDY . . Ocala, Fla. SHIRLEY J. KIMBALL . Atlanta, Ga. F. RAYANNE KING . . Tampa, Fla. LILLIAN N. LANG . . . Dudley, Ga. M. A. LUMPKIN . Lake Worth, Fla. MIRIAM J. McCABE . Lakeland, Fla. M. L. MAXWELL . . Umatilla, Fla. A. FAYE MOORE . . . Tampa, Fla. S. MONTGOMERY . Br.idcnton, Fla. JEAN L. READY . Fort Lauderdale, Fla. ALICE K. REDDING . Morgantield, Ky. SUZANNE J. ROWNTREE . Orlando, Fla. BARBARA F. RICKER . Sanlord. Fla. MARIAN R. SEAMAN . Waycross, Ga. MAR F. SLEDD . . . Decatur, Ga. M. CLAIRE TOMPKINS . Hlakcly, Ga. FRESHMEN JO ANN BARROW . . CimiIuIkc (;.i. BETTi ' J. BLASINGAME . S.ir.i .n.i. 111. ANN R. BL ' RNET . . Waycross, c;.i. MARY V. DAVIS . . . Alli.iny. Ct. B. J. DIRDEN . Licksonvlllc Beach, Fla. DOROTHY M. FLOYD . Baxlcy, Ga. SHEII.A B. FOSTER . a cross, tia. ELLEN W. GREENSBURGH . Miami. FI.i. lOANN HARDEGREE . Charlotte, N. C. TRUDY JENNINGS . Lancaster, S. C. M. L. MADDEN . . Anderson, S. C. JOANNE R. MINER . St. Petersburg, Fla. SUZANNA MLRPHY . Waycross, (ia. JOYCE E. MYERS . Licksonville, Fla. LALRA A. POWERS . Gainesville, Fla. D. L. STEWART . . Okeechobee, Fla. MARTHA A. STEWART . Rullcdgc, Ga. MARY ANN WRIGHT . Fountain Git)-, Tennessee w STUDENT I ' ff S OFFICERS . i Top roH-. p l lo right: Lorraine Largcn, Prosidenl; Ann Mallliv, Virc-l ' rcsidenI; Patsy Atwatcr, Secretary; Betty Jane Young, Treasurer; Ann Hussell, Chaplain. TAWINWANG DUTIYABODHI Bangkok, Thailand MADGE F. LACY Tampa, Florida A. KATHRYN FOUNTAIN Birmingluim, Alabama RUTH B. MELBER Orlando, Florida MACIE M. GEORGE DcKalb, Mississippi HARRIET HARPER Atlanta, Georgia MARGARET WICKER DORIS M. WOODWARD Carthage, North Carolina IcrUnn.;, ll.mcl.i SARA L. HARTLEY Macon, Cicorgia JACQUELINE S. TILLER Lxons, Cicorgia j ' ' . ' ' I 228 NURSING SCHOOL ;LEE CIA B Front roir, left to right: Carolyn Iluggins. Margaret I ' rilchclt, Sara Nell Howell, Muriel Kaiser. Mona Searborough. . . . Second roic. left to right: Miriam McCabe, Lilian Davis. Mary Jane Dul ' ar. Rose Marie Ix-Blane. Joanna Finney. Last roir. left to right: Slell Huie, Associate Director! Margaret DeBord, Susan Alexander, Margeret Lumpkin, Carolyn Rogers, Nancy Tappen, Jack Guy, Associate Director. ffiifJ H chccl Frankie and Johnnie. A good time was had by alL i s HBI . .- - ' J Jii " ! liiiiik. florli r « 4 t to tifk iilh these Carleiio — ono o f our " AnpcU in White. " That " . " riffhl! KciV have a bip smile. FEMININE FUN llc 4ii ' itiit:lil ;:fMMl. «ii -ii ' l III- l)i-;iii Kerry I ' . rn llir ariiilrnii -« inii l vtinl oin ' linios. 230 tjieatical Dean R. Hugh V ood }me4ical Behcet Clearing way for Mcdiral Rrsearcli Building. riif AMaloin» Ituihiing — «orkli ii»c of llir Mcil Irii-li. i ELIZABETH K. ADAMS EARNEST C. ATKINS, JR. ROY C. BROCK KiiDry L ' lincrsitv. Ctorgia Atlanta, Gcur ;ia Atlanta, Georgia Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. .Mpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi .Mjiha Omega .Alpha. HEINZ BAUER JACK H. BURNETT, JR. F.mory Universitv, Georgia Phi Chi ' . JOE F. BURNS St. Petersburg, Floritla Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Etta Sigma Psi. SHED HILL CAFFEY, JR. FREDERICK A. CARPENTER HOWARD C. CHANDLER JOSEPH H. CHANDLER Emory University. Georgia Columbus, Mississippi Kmory University, Georgia Kmory University, Georgia Emory University, Georgia Phi Delta Epsilon, Secretary; Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Chi. Phi Chi. Alpha Omega Alpha. Beta Beta Beta. 1951 eh fit-J D. .M. CHRISTOFFERS Keystone Heights, Florida Sigma Nu; Phi Sigma; .Mpha K.i; ' ; ,1 K.ippa. SPURGEON V. CLARK. JR. (ireensboro. Floriila Phi Beta Kappa: .Mpha Omega .Mpha. President; Phi Chi. CLAUDE M. CUP? F.mory University, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi, president. Pictured here is the main entrance to the Eniori l " nivcr-.itv II( |iit:il. »hi h not only «Tvr :i« ii hiivcn mill rpcupi ' ralivc home for thi- i ' k. I iit iiNo ;iicl in training Kiiior V nii-dirul und niir ' -ing student- to lie the licsl in the countrv. 233 JACK D. DANIEL WILLIAM W. DANIEL ERNEST E. DENNEY RICHARD A. DOOLIN JOHN FARRIS F.niorv University, Georgia Atlanta, ( " .coruin Ariiarillo. Texas I )ti:atur, (itin ' ia Emor Uni crMt . Cic )r ;ia Ihcta Kappa Psi Chi Phi: I ' lu Chi Thcta Kappa Psi Chi Phi Delta Tail Delta; Alpha Kappa Kappa JOHN H. FOLSOM, JR. OSCAR W. FREEMAN Winter Park. Fluriila tiatlsdcn, Alaliaina Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Omega Phi Delta Theta: Phi Sigma: Alpha; Phi Chi Alpha Omega Alpha GASKIN E. REED JACK W. HOLLINGSWORTH WILLIAM R. HOWARD Albemarle. Ni)rth Carolina Atlanta, Genrgia Milledgeville, Georgia Thcta Kappa Psi 19SI eh cfJ H. HUMMON HOTDOG (-.ipc Cah , Mass.icluiMlIs Sijiiina Omicron Beta TOM. S. HOWELL, JR. V ' altio.sla, (icorgia HENRY C. JOHNSON, JR. Atl.uiUi, (Jcorijia Alplia Omega Alpha; Nu Sigma Nu I ' lirt of thr uriifl« niir ptiracli ' of ihr illiiolrif ii ' I)or|i r . 234 HERBERT R. KARP Ail.im.i. (k ir);la I ' lii IVIlj l ' .p-.il.m (Consul); Senior Cla« President MILTON J. KRAININ All.mla. (Jeor.ui.i rill Dell.i l-psiloii THOMAS KNIGHT LEWIS Hiriiiin,uli.uii. AI.ili.iiii.i Alpha Kajipa Ka|i|ia Which Dorlor i« ihr iiionkcv in this ! tuiit? tUcifical ckcci WARREN T. LOFTIS, JR. E.inory Universitx, Georjiia McDONOUGH L. ALLEN Atlanta, (ieoryia JAMES M. McNeill Anicricus, (jeoruia Alpha Kappa Kappa FREDERICK E. MEDLOCK J.aiirens. South ( ' arolina Alpha Kajipa Kappa HAROLD L. MURRAY tniory L ' iii ersit . Ge«ir ;ia Tlieta Kappa Psi THOMAS C. NATION College Park, Georgia Theta Kappa Psi SOL L NITZBERG Newark. New Icrse Signia Pi Sigma: Pi Mu Kpsilon Phi Delta Kpsilon EDWARD N. O ' QUINN Wilmington, North Carolin.i Alpha Kappa Kappa MARGARET PALMER Ocala, I ' lorida CHARLES L. PARK, JR. Santoril, Florida Sigma Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa 235 S« ' iii4»r tuiil iii ht gols ofT to ;i rouriii l;irt ;l llian ' )iroiiiiii4 ' iit pli iriaii see ihi ' iiix-Uo ;i llu really arc for the lirsl lime. WELLS RILEY Orangeburg;. South C.iroIin.i Delta Tau Delta; Theta Kappa Psi. LUTHER C. ROLUNS, JR. Canton, North C.irolina Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. 795 ehio ' J BETAY SUE SCHURER .Atlanta, Georgi.i Delta Delta Delta: Gamma Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Tau Thcta. CHARLES B. SKELTON East Point, Georgia LEE .M. SPIVEY Lakeland, Florida Phi Chi; Pi Kappa Alpha. STACY H. STORY, JR. .- tlanta. Georgia ROBERT F. SULLIVAN Carne.s ille, Georgia Aliiha Kappa Kappa. JONATHAN S. SWIFT Raleigh, North Carolina ROBERT H. SWINT West Point. Georgia Sigma Chi: Phi Chi. JAMES H. SUHRER St. Fernandin.t. l-lorida Ncwnan Club; Phi Beta Kap- pa: Alpha Kpsilon Upsilon; Tliit.i K.ijjpa Psi. GUY K. TERRELL Sylva, North Carolina JOHN D. THOMPSON Columbus, Cieorgia WILLIAM H. TRIPP Monticcllo, Florni.i Kappa Alpha; Phi Chi; .Mpha Omega .Mpha; Phi Sigma. 236 fi lh« ' prof raiii moved iilon . the iiionicndiiii of lh - rifli ' ult ' lM ;:iin to tak ' elTtM ' i anil ih Doclor thenis( ' lv€ s became hilarious. JAMES I. VANSANT HOMER P. VENTERS, JR. WILLIAM F. WAGER Emorv University, Gcorsia Tampa, Florida Emorv University, Georgia Thcta Kappa Psi. Theta Kappa Psi. WILLIAM W. WALKER, IV HAROLD W. WHITEMAN EARL E. YANTIS Emon ' University, Georgia .• i!anta, Georgia .• tlanta, Georgia Alpha Kappa Kappa. Thcta Kappa Psii; -Alpha Ep- silon Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Omega . lpha. Phi Chi. Iften icai chcpl Well what is the opinion of the examining board? MEDICAL CHARLES E. BARRINEAU . Cairo, Ca. DAVID P. BAUER . . . Atlanta. Ga. Delia l ' |isiliin; Tluta Ka|i|ia I ' si. JACK W. BISHOP . . . Atlanta, (ia. I ' ll. Chi. LLOYD L. BURNS . . . Atlanta, (ia. Theta Kappa Psi. STEVAN M. CARROLL . Atlanta, tia. .Mjiha I au Omega; Thtta Kappa I ' si. GAYLORD CHURCH Clearwater, I-la. . Atlanta, Ga. R. P. CUNNINGHAM . Phi Chi; c;hi Phi. WILLIAM H. DOBBS, JR. . Atlanta. Ga. Tlut.i K.ipp;i Pm. I WILLIAM L. EUBANKS . Atlanta, Ga. Phi Chi; Phi Delta Theta. IRA A. FERGUSON . . Atlanta, Cla. CLYDE H. GUNN, JR. . CUiUport, Miss. LEON C. HAMRICK . . Atlanta, C.x. rlul.i Kappa Psi. ROYCE HOBBY . . . Ashburn. C.. . Chi I ' hi; Phi Htl.i Kappa; Phi Chi. RANDALL P. KENDALL . Macn, Cla. . lph.i Kappa Kappa. R. J. LANGSTON . St. Augustine, l ' l,i. Phi Chi. JAMES W. LEA, JR. . . Atlanta, (ia. Phi Delta Theta; Phi Chi. . D. I.OtiAN, IR . Carthiige. Miss. K.ippa Si ;ina; Heta Beta Heta: Hlue Kex ; Pie Kappa Delia; Phi Chi. ALLEN G. MACRIS . . . ilaiiia, (.a. Phi Chi. HILL I. .MAKSIIAl I . . All.inta, ».. ' NOAH D. MEADOWS, JR. . Atlanta, (ia. .Sigma Chi; Plii Het.i Kappa; Omecron Delta Kappa: Alpha i:psilnn UpsiliHi: I ' l ' i Chi; Epsilon I ' si. .. JUNIORS U- l-ATI. V. MINK . . . IVlnioiit. M.s-. I ' ll! Chi, 1 AIRFAX E. MONTAGUE . All.im.i. C.a. Si ;ni.i c:lii: I ' lii IVl.i Ka| |i;i; Alplia K|isili n l ' |iMlon. Fl RNU 1 V. MOORE. JR. . All.uH.i, ( a. I ' ll! i:iii. 1). C. PLUNKE . (;liatiano..j;a, Tiiin. H. L. ROGERS, JR. . . Decatur, C,. . Clu I ' ln; I ' lli C u. CARLOS V. SAIS . SaiUurrc, I ' ucriu Rkn WALTER H. SHESHEE . Atlanta, Ga. ' I ' hita Kappa INi. C. C. SIGMAN, JR. Kmory Univcrsitv, Ga. C-anipus Club; Tlicta Kap|)a Psi: .Mplia Hpsilon Upsilon: Epsilon I ' au . lplia; Sigma Psi. CHARLES C. STEWART . Hiichanan, Ga. I ' hi Hcta Kappa: Tlicta Kappa Psi. HUGH S. THOMPSON . College Park, Ga. I ' lii Chi; C.hi Phi. JAMES E. THOMPSON . Atlanta, Ga. Kapi-a . lpli.i; Phi Chi. RAMON E. THOMPSON . Decatur, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Chi: .Mpha Ep.silon Upsilon: Phi Beta K ippa. C. R. UNDERWOOD . Rus ellville. Ala. Sigma Chi: Phi Chi. EARL E. WALKER, JR. . Brunswick, (;a. Thet.i K.ipp.i Psi; Sigma . ' Mjiha I.[)sil in. C B. WATKINS H.ill Ground, Ga. JEFFERSON E. WHITE, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Theta Kappa Psi; .Alpha Kpsilon Upsilon; Phi Beta Kap|ia. WILLIAM P. WHITE FRANK I . WILSON . I ' hi Chi All.inta. (;.i. . tl.inta. G.I. JOHN T. YOUNGER . Thomv.n. Ga. Signi.i ( hi; I-.psilon au .Mph.i; Sigm.i Psi: Phi Chi. JULIAN R. YOUMANS . . ha le .(ia. Phi Chi. i i MEDICAL V. ( . AKWOOI), IR. . Muullric, (i.i. Mm.i K.ipiM I ' m: I ' Iu Beta Kappa. A. C. BEALL, JR. . Emory University, Georgia Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omccron Delta Kappa: Phi Chi. NKIL D. BOGGESS, JR. . Dalton, Ga. lUGENIO Dh JUAN . Santurcc, I ' lurK. IMii Chi. DONALD DEW . . Kccklcy, W. a. Tlicta Kappa Psi. HANS G. ENGEL . Emory Univcrsilv, C.i. Phi Chi. GEORGE ERWIN . . . Athens. G.i. Phi Clu. RICHARD E. GEORGE . Columbus, Ga. Thela Kappa Psi. H. S. C;iRARDEAU. JR. . Claxtoii, C.a Thcta Kappa I ' si. HENRY W. GRIFFITH Athinla, CJ.i. M. F. HALL Kniorx ' University, (Ja. I ' hi Chi. ' SAUL S. JONAS . Miami Bc.ich, Fhi. Phi Delia Epsilon; .Alpha Epsilon Pi. JOHN S. KAFKA . Emory University, Ga. EDWARD F. KISZICA . Carlisle, W. Va. lAMES F. LANGFORD . , Pavo, G. . . lph.i l-.psilon Upsilon; Phi Sigma; Theta Kap[ia Psi. TOM W. LELAND . . . Atlant.i. C,.,. 1 1 K.ipp.i .Mpli.i: OmecTon Delt.i Psi; riut.i Kappa Psi. MURRAY B. LUMPKIN . Dallon, (.a. rin Delia Tluta; I ' hi Chi; Phi Ikta Kappa. GEORGE E. McLEAN . LumlH-rlon. N. C. Tlui.i K.ipp.i Pm; Phi Beta Kappa. I H. M.MII.I.AN. JR. l);lllon. li. . JAMES M. MAJOR . An lcrson, S. C. I ' l K.ipp.i Phi; . lplia I ' psilon Upsilon; Thcta Kappa Psi. SOPHOMORES RKIIARI) ( . MARCJKSON . Atl.mt.i, Ga. rl.i C u: ( " In I ' hi. i ANNING C. MILES . . Atlanta, Ga. I ' lii Beta Ka|ipa: Alplu Ka|i| a Kappa. J. GARY PALMER, JR, . Opelika, Ala. .Mpli.i I .111 Omcfia: I ' hi Chi. MARRION H.RICE . H..w.kn Spring, Ga. I ' hi Mel. I K.ipp.i; Oiiucion Oclta Kappa; I hit. I Kappa I ' si. r.FNJAMIN SAFFAN . FRANK B. SCHLEY . . K.ijipa .Mfiha Mi,imi, Fla. Columbus, Ga. GEORGE W. SELBY . . laiiip.i. I la. ' riu-t.i K.ipp.i I ' m. MERTON A. SHIRE . tl.inta, (ia. WILLIAM A. SMITH .Atlanta, Ga. TED L, STATON . . Orlamlo, Fla. . lpha Kappa Kappa; Kappa Alpha. W. D. STRIBLING . . F.atonton, Ga. Ihita Kappa I ' bi. C. I. WALKER, JR, . Albcrtvillc, Ala. .Mph.i ' r.tii flnifua: . lph,i Kappa Kappa R. H, WALKER . GcrMi.inlown, linn I i Kappa .Mpha; .Alpha l psilnn Cpsilon: Thct.i Kapp.i Psi. C. ]. WALTON B.irtlituwn, K ' . F. P. WATKINS . . c;harktbvillc, Va. .Mph.i K.ippa Kappa. CLARKE B, WEEKS, JR. . Decatur, (ia. I ' Cta Thcl.i Pi; .Alph.i Kappa Kappa; I ' lii Ik ' ta Kappa. CHARLES E. WELLS , Ashloril, Ala. Phi ' hi: Chi Phi; Phi Ikta Kappa. FREERK W, WOL ' TERS . Atlanta, (ia, CHARLES K. WRIGHT KiioxmIIc, Icnn. Pill Ikt.i Kappa: " riit-la Kappa Pm. MEDICAL C. p. ADAMS I ' .riior; University, Ga. Phi Chi: Sigma Xi. HENRY D. BLAIR . Stone MounLiin, Ga. I ' hi Dcli.i I ' hcta; Thcta Kappa Psi. ALVIN L. BLOCK . . . Orlan.l.., I-la. T.iu I ' psiion i ' hi JOHN W. BOGGESS . Birmingham, Ala. .• lpha ' I ' au OnHga; I ' hi C ' hi. ARGIN R. BOGGUS, JR. . I itzgcralil, Ga. Thcta Kappa Psi. DAVIS S. BOLING . . Tampa, 1-la. Phi Chi; Alpha Tau OniCKa. COLEMAN M. BROWN . Calhoun, Ga. Sigma Chi; I ' hi Chi. lOE L. BUSSEY . . Timpoun, ' 1 ixas Phi Chi. C. G. CAMPBELL. JR. LEON V. CARTER . . I ' hi Chi. I. .noma. Ga. . tlanta, (Ja. JOHN A. CAUBLE . . Clarkilalc, Ga. Phi Delta Thcla: Ihcta Kajipa Psi. FLOYD R. COOPER . . Canton, Ga. Thcta K.ippa Psi. WILLIAM A. COX . . Oilumbus, Ga. ' Thcta Ka|ipa Psi. R. F. CRAWFORD . Thomasvillc, Ga. Kappa Alpha: .•Mjiha Kappa Kappa. THOMAS C. DICKINSON . Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. THOMAS A. ENGLE . . Tampa, Fla. Thcta Kappa Psi. P. E. FINDLAY, III . . Macon, Ga. . lpha Kappa Kajipa. T. W. GILMORE, JR. . Sanilcrsvillc, Ga. Sigma Chi; Phi Chi. GEORGE M. GOZA, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi; Thcta Kappa Psi. SIDNEY E. GROSSBERG . Miami, Fla. KEATII E. HAMMON . Louisville, Ky. W. H. HARRISON, JR. . Lake Wales, Fla. Sigma Nu: Kappa Kappa Psi. DOUGLAS M. JOHNSON . Atlanta. Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. J. S. JORDAN, JR. . Hirmingham, Ala. Phi Chi. R. G. KIRKLAND . Coral Gables, Fla. Phi Chi. WILLIAM S. LANFORD . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Wm Omega; Phi Chi. WILLIAM H. LEE . Frisco City, Ala. Thcta Kappa Psi. C. F. McCUISTON . Chattanooga, Tenn. .Alpha Kappa Psi. HAROLD L. McLENDON . Plakely, Ga. CHARLES C. MABRY . iiickson, Tenn. 1 In la Kappa Psi. ALOYSIUS I. MILLER . Atlanta, Ga. I liela Kappa Psi. WILLIAM C. MITCHELL . Dallon, Ga. Sigma .Mpha l-.psilon. - - V i 1 L FRESHMEN V, I). MOODY . . (.Msul lU.idi, 11.1. Phi Clii. JAMES D. MORAN . . . larnpa, Tla. .Sijjm;! Chi. DANID I.. M(mGAN . . I.ithoni.i, Ga. Ihci.i K.ippa INi. IIARVIV V. MORGAN . .S.iv.iniuh, Ga. Sitinia I ' l: I lula Kappa I ' si. H. A. MOSKOVITZ . Maiichtsicr, Ga. Tall l-pMlnn Phi. W. S. OWEN . . St. I ' ctcr. ' iburg, Fla. Phi Chi. T. S. PENNINGTON . l.akt- Wales, Fl.i. ■| IkU Kappa Psi. NICK S. PETKAS . ilanta. Ga. JOHN D. PITCHFORD . S lacauga, Ala. Phi Chi. ADRIAN Q. POLLOCK . Fort Myers, Fla. Siijina Chi; Phi Chi. EDWIN C. POUND, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Siynia .Alpha F.psilon. ERNEST E. PROCTOR . . .Millin, Ga. Kappa .Mpha. JOHN E. RA.VJSEY . . . Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha A. H. RANDALL, JR. . Birmingham. Ala. JOHN RICHARDSON, JR. . Atlanta, Ga. Kapp.i Sii:ma: . lpha Kajipa Kappa. BEALER T. ROGERS . Tallahassee, Fla. Sigma Nu; Theta Kappa Psi. HARVEY M. ROSS Miami, Fla. JOSEPH A. ROSS . Wa.lesboro, N. C. Theta Kappa Psi. JOHN SAADE .... Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kajipa .Mpha. ALFRED G. SMITH . . Waichula. Fla. Phi Chi. THOMAS H. SMITH, JR. . Valilosta, Ga. Phi Chi. STRATTON R. STORY . Lake Wales, Fla. Sigma Nu. COLEMAN TAYLOR . . Tampa, Fla. I ' hi Chi. CHARLES B. THOMAS . Athens, Ga. K.ippa .Alpha: .Alpha Kappa Kappa, CARROLL W. TRAYLOR . Stanford, Ky. T. J. TSAGARIS . St. Augustine, Fla. PAT B. LNGER ... Miami, Fla. C. B. L ' PSIIAW. IR. . . Atlanta, Ga. SAUL VITNER Atlanta, Ga. .Alpha Epsilon Pi. ROY A. WIGGINS, JR. . . Macon, Ga. .Alpha Kappa Kappa. H. L. WILLIAMSON . Phi Chi. Tampa, Fla. nr M ' ■ J ' liit 1 VCr I I I ' rc- ' hinrn at work. Ipka History AIjiIki l M|i| a ka| |)a Na founded at DailriKnilli li-dical Sclmol in llaiH ti. Ncu I lanipsliirc on Seplemher 2 ' A loot!, and uas incorporated in New Hampshire in looO. There are now forlN-fixe active diapters in the United States and Canada. Alpha Kappa Kappa was established at Emory Medical School in 1911. and lias remained active in campus affairs since that lime. The C.enlaiir is the fraternitv (|uarlerlv. 1 he fraternit colors are Dart- mouth green and white. 1 »V Sophoin r« at uorki John Richard cMi. Tc l Stat on. Jm-k Swift, Curios Sois-Dunois, Charles Thomas. Dan Thoni| ! oii. Charles I pshaw, Roy iggins. ' I Haf pa Happa offi :f.rs Charles Park Robert Si i.i.i n I vNM (. Miles Charles Corlev President I ice President Secretary Trfdsiircr Dans ' Toii- Kill Innks dangerous. Tli - An:iloiiii t . (;r:iclv Cninplifll. Bobby Oawford. Prentiss Findlay, Tom Lewis, J. D. Moran, Fred Mrduiston. Melson O ' Quinn, Ernest I ' roctor. phi T " :» .jF i A .-c -«v i -» Introclurtion tinic a urtive brother are introdiired to alumni Iurra Lumpkin gives his hoiiiftuMii and riass — Vi ' i. Cucst Dean E. II. Rim-c di ru» ' lln- I iiiM ' rsit -proposed pro- fessional fralernil ro» to lie liiiill in near future. I re-i(lent Holi S»inl addresses Sigma Chapter with slate of affairs of frali ' rnit ' . Fouiifled at I iii ersit of eniiont in lou9, I ' lii Chi united with another frater- nity of the same name in 1905. . . . Sigma Chapter installed at College of Physicians and Surgeons in Atlanta in Kebruarv. 1905. . . . Atlanta School of Medicine, in 1913. united with (ioiiege of I ' lnsicians and Surgeons, and sui)se(|ucnll I psilon Chap- ter of Phi Chi merged « ith Sigma Chapter. . . . Chapter house rented and used until, in 19.i} . funds were raised for the purchase of a permanent chapter house. . . . On April 1. 19.39. tlie brothers rno ed into the new house at 1321 Clifton Koa l. First roir: Karrineau, Beall. Itishop. Holing. Krork. iturnett. . . . Srrtnul rotr : |{usse . Carpenter, Carter, Cunningham. Daniel, de Juan. . . . Tliinl roir: Diekinson. Krwin. Kuliaidts. Hall, Jordan. Lumpkin. X. PfUcr: Chi lniliiilf for ' ar 1950-51 are shown logether iit the Kanqurt- DaiMT. Hack r oir. • f tti right: Jnc Bii s« ' v. tlharlt-s Adani!-, Jdliii Jf rfl:iii. Hal W illiani oii. Itill () «( ' n . Tom Diokinxtn. John l{oj;gr» . Slan l inford. . . . Si ' ioinl rinr : Adrian I ' oMork. I.coii (!arl -r. DaM- Holing. Coli-inan ' l ' a lor. Kill Milihrll. ltol Kirkland. Titin Smith. Kt ' ilh llammon. . . . Front ron- : Kri d CarpfnliT, Al Smith. John Tilrhford. Di-aii Moo l . V.i I ' ound. John KainM ' . , and Tom Gilmore. OFFICERS Bob Swint I ' rcsidenI N. 1). Mk 1)ows I ice President DoiG Smith Secretary Sid Sellers Treasurer 1 I HI 1 ' " " H John Trollt-r and friend provide enlerlainmenl with the popular " ragtime " nunihers. Men of Distinction. ¥ir%t row: Margeson. Mink, Moody. Noel. Owen. I ' almer. . . . Scrontl r«i( : I ' iekford. Pollook. Pound. Schley, J. Thompxin. K. ThompMin. . . . Thiril roiv: Tripp, I nderuood. eH . W illiam oii. il oii. auiie . •» r OIFICKKS OK TIIKTA k lM ' I ' SI l9. 0-IV.il ( j, i III-; ( A I ' l ' JosKi ' ii Uenson ,1. I ' lK II Mill Amekson ( M l!l.l; W KM. Ill ' Jon W Mill I ' l Inn I ill ' I ' l Inn I ri ' iisiii IT Srcrt ' lary llisloriiin I ' .V.y li:;ic. Ttieta First row: Arwoixl. |{l:iir. Hobkc s. Itiirn . CiirpcnliT. Cox. (liipp. I):ini -I. . . . Srronil row: I)i l l s. Diilto-i-. (.iliiioi) ' . (.oza. (.riHilh. Ilainruk. llarrJMiii. Ki zi -a. . . . Thin] row: l,aiif;l€)r l. Laiitoril. I.i ' laiiil. Lowis, Major. Mcl.oaii, McMillan. Morgan. msTomcvi skkicii or iiikia k n ' rsi Ml i i(: i. I i{ ii;i{M i lli(i,i Ka|i|iM l ' i. llic ipIiIoI rni ' ili( mI |ii i l(»i(iiial ha- li ' iiiilN. «as foiiMilc(l ill 1117 ' ' . at f x lla cii. ( .(nmi-cliciil. i lie cii ;ani aliiiii lias cliapli ' is in l i lli llic ( . S. ami (aiiada. llu ' cliaiitcr loll iiuiiiliciirif; (ill -sc fM cnllcfiialr and main graduate cliaplcrs. Oxer !1. ()()() members are tci lie Iminil tlirmiphniil the (irld. I liela kappa Psi is a mcinlicr nl llic I ' rulcssiuiial Inlerhalcriiilx iMHiiiril. I lir lnral cliajiler was organized in 1009 as Hu- Atlanta KIki (Chapter, lull was assimilated iiitu Ijikmn I ni ersit ulh ihe SiIkkiI ciI Mcdi- eine in 192o. j .:7V B ' m 1 t ' Wi :| H 1 m, T l l l I - HH I ' jr I nW - iV0W TiV . A ■ 1 . SLM Jtk J ' t l M HJH I Happa pM ' I ' lir K ;:rin l. First row: M r«:an. Murra . Nalioii. IN-niiin loii. Prika-. Rirc. Ui!t ' . Ki|ip . , . , Svvnntl raiv : {it}ivr . |{o ' -. Slcwarl. Su r . Slrihliii;:, Siihrcr. Swiiil. aii 4Hi h. . . . Third rtitv : Vanjiaiil. Velll r . W af:« » . Vt alkrr, W alki-r. W hit -. ilsoii. rijthl. iltllfiha Om a llpha SPLKGEON (:l. RK President HOWARD :. CHANDLER Vire-l ' residenl DR. PAIL B. BEESON Faculty Advisor (Not picluroH) Alpha Omega Alpha, liighcsl honorary medical society, was instituted on the I ' .morv campus in 191-(). It re|)laced the twentv-one- ear-old Asklepios. local honor society at Emory. The society was organized at the College of Medicine in the I niversity of Illinois. Chicago, on August 2-5. 1902. The meet- ings of Alpha Omega Alpha are devoted to the jire.sentation and discussion of clini- cal cases and scientific papers. Public ad- dresses are given by distinguished phy- sicians under chapter auspices. Membership in Aifjlia Omega Ai|)ha is iiased ujjon the candidate ' s schdiarship and moral (jualifications. Its aims are " the agement of a high standard of character and conduct- among medical students and graduates, and the recognition of high at- tainment in medical science in practice and related fields. " n Q m Itiirk roll ( siiiiiiliiiu ) li ' fl l rifilil: I ni A. I ' lTnii-oii. Jr.. Ilriii Bauer. Ji liii II. i ' iil om. Jr.. Iliiriilil W . W liilriiiaii, S|iiirKi ' iii W . (iliirk. Jr.. lliiMnrd C. Jiiiiiillir. Williain II. Tripii. O-iar W . Ireriiiall. . . . Frinil row ( nenlril ) Ir l In rifilil : (.arlaiid I). I ' lrdlir. JoTpli II. (Jiaiiiller, llenr i.. J iliii-i ii, Jr.. Jiiliii r.alaiiilio ' ., It » C. Brock. Fairfax K. I«nla)C " ' 250 e ai 251 Ill lo S7 llii- SiiulluTJi Ik ' Ml.il (ollc c u:i Ihiiii ;il lonol and ( niirlhiiiil. an institution dedicated to iii liii( liiii; ami tcai ' liitig liu ' licaliii}; arts of (lctitistr . Ill 1917 the Atlanta Dental College and llie Southern Dental College merged to form the Atlanta-Southern Dental t ollege. The next great step in its history came on September 1. I ' J 11 when the Atlanta-Southern Dental College became a part of Emory I Diversity and is no w known as Kmorv Inivcrsily School of Dentistry. I ' our years later our present dean. Dr. John K. Buhler assumed the title role and became anollur driving force in the urogrcss of the institution. This brief historx tells of past improvemenls— lliesi! pi( lures sli(i .i irw of this year ' s improvements. None of these changes could lia e heeii hrdLifilil about without the teamwork of a trul remarkable team and llieir lielirl in the profession of dentistry. As the cars preceding well fuHill llie rliallenj;es for imiirn rim ' nl. lliis ami the coming ears point to a leadina edmalional institiitinn in tlir Inld of deiitistr . Bi . JOHN E. HI III.KIt. D.D.S.. F.A.C.U. Dean of ihr Silxxil of Dt-nlislry 1951 iijaiiliiKL iiSlMii Si ' nior ()l:i Ottirers: Tom Siiiilli. Viir l ' re id«-nl ; Wall Watson, Prtv-iclenl ; Frank nines. Treasurer; and Glenn Yclverlon, Seerelarv. rOHN T. ADAIR Niwton, North ( lrl linJ I ' m ()imi;.i; lADA U.M. |. AMllNDORh, JR. Atlanl.i. (Jcoruia Xi I ' m i ' liKCk-c ' cluli E. CLEMENT ALLEN Harlow. Kloriila I ' si ()inc ca: (Jlcc ( ' luh: I.VDA L. G. BECKIIA.VI. JR. .Ainorv. Mississipin Xi I ' si I ' hi: Hand QUINTON S. ANSLEY . tl.int.i, Cicori:!.! Pm Omci;.i; |. I)A A. ALBERI BERGER Sa ■ann,lI). (icor,uia Alpha Oinc ' j;a; Pan-Hcllcni. Council: JADA MISS KIKI ERtRET Senior C hiss SponMjr ehht WILLIAM H. ARNOLD I ' .irrott. Gcor ;!.! I ' si Omega CARL P. BRADLEY . tlanta. (lori;ia I ' vi Omc-.M; I ADA DALE H. BUTCHER Miami. l-lf ri(hi Delia Si.miia Delia; JADA: Hand DALE H. MUrCHER Whiteloril, Marvlaiul Delia Sii;mi li.li.i M w OTIS R. BUTLER liarncs illc. GLtirj i.i Delia Si ;m:i Delta WM. L. CALLAHAN, JR. A hcvilU Norili Carolina I ' si Omega: |AI)A; Freshman Class President: Student Council; Pan-llellenic Council. The center of conlrol. 795 ehiCi ' J FRED H. CHANDLER Spencer. North C.irolin.i Psi Omega; Glee C ' lub; JADA THOMAS CONNER, JR. . llanta, Georgia Psi Omega; JADA; Senior Class Historian IRVING dc GARIS, JR. Savannah, CJeorcia . i Psi Phi; JADA WALTER A. CONNER West Palm l!e;ich, Florida Delta Sigma Delta; JADA WILLIAM B. DEHON, JR. Fori M ers, Florul.i Psi Omega JOHN I. COTTLE, JR. I ' allassce, .Mahama . i l i I ' hi; JADA: Director, Glee Club ROBERT W. DICKSON .Vtl.inta. Georgia Delta Sigma Delta; JADA: Glee Club WM. D. CULPEPPER . lb:inv, (jcorgia Psi Omega; JADA; Glee Club WILLIAM E. DILL Winter G.irden, Florida Delta Sigma Delta: JADA C. W. DAVIDSON, JR. St. Petersburg. I ' loriila Glee Club: Delta Sii;m.i Delta; JADA: Hand ROBT. B. ELEA7.ER, JR. Or.ingelnirg, Soutli ( ' .uohn.i Delta Sigma Delta: JADA 254 GEORc.h T. thKCLS. JR. I..i ' fri;nc. Tcnnfsscc IHlt.i Sijni.i Iklta: )AD. M. M. FORBES, JR. .• tlanta, Georgia Delta Sigma Helta, Presi- ilent: |. I). ; Paii-Hcllenic Council O. J. FREUND Alhcniarle, North Carolina Delta Sigma Delta: lADA hcHtal £ chp0l lOHN A. GAMBLE l.awreneei ille, Virginia Delta Sigma Delta: Hand; I ' an-I lellenie Council T. J. GODLEWSKI . tlanta. (ieorgi;i JADA DANIEL L GOLDHAGEN Mianii He.icli, Fltiruta Al|)lia Omega: JADA: I ' an- llellenic Council RICHARD R. GRANT ( ' orneli.!. (iei)rgi;l . i IM I ' lu: Pan-Hellenic Council: Student Council: JADA WORTH C. GREEN Wa cross. (Jeorgia Xi Pm I ' hi: {ADA O. C. GREEN Cuthbcrt, Georgia Delta Sigma Delta: JADA CHAS. D. HANCOCK St. Petersburg. Florida Psi Omega: JADA M. LAMAR HARRISON Dothan, .M.ib.ima Psi Omega; JADA M. W. HELLYER, JR. St. Peter burg, l- ' lorid.i JADA FREDRICK HIETT Mirmingli;in). .-Mabania C;iee Club President; JAD.V 255 Pari of the dailv routine. FRANK B. HINES, JR. Hartsville, South Carolina Psi Onuya; Senior Class Treasurer; JAOA THOMAS W. HUFF Surnnierland, Mississippi Xi Psi Phi; JAUA 19SI eH pfJ FREDDIE B. HUNT I lunlsville, Alabama Delta Sigma Delta ROBERT A. JOHNS I-,atonton. {;enr ;ia Delta Sigma Delta; I ' an- Hellenic Council JULIAN A. JONES MontgonuTS ' . Alabama Psi Omega President; JADA President; Pan-IIellcnic Council JUSTIN L. JONES, JR. luistman. (i corgi a Delta Sigma Delta; )ADA JOHN C. KEMPER loncsboro, (ieorgia Psi Omega; Glee Club WILLIAM W. KICKER Hirminghain, Al.ibama Psi Omega; Junior C ' lass President: Student Coun- cil; lADA ROBERT M. KNIGHT JacksonMllc, i-lorida Psi Omega; JADA JOHN H. LAKE Whiunirc, Soutii Carolina Delta Sigma Delta ROBT. W. (BOB) LEFLER Pcimpano, Flornla Campus Staff, ' 5l) ' 5]-. lADA: (dec Club JAMES J. LEWIS, JR. Florence. South C arolina Delta Sigma Delta; JADA Campus Stair. ' Sll- ' SI EDWARD WM. LUSK Rome, (leorgia (dee Club; Han.l; JADA; Kappa K.ipp.i l i 256 YEWELL L. LYNCH Atniorc. Alabarii.i I ' si Oiiicg.i; )A|1A W. J. MARTIN, JR. KtliNcm. Gcoryia Psi Omega; J ADA JOHN NOLAN McGARITY Va«na, Georgia Psi Omega; J ADA Wait till I lake theiu out! hental Behcet JEFF F. McGEE, JR. RICHARD L. McKEAN JOHN J. McKINNEY GENE L. METTS WILLIS A. MICHAELS, JR Miirgan. Georgia Mtthiif, Alabama Cordcle, Georgia Dawson. Georgia Talladega, .Alabama Psi Omega; SlutlciH Coun- .Xi Psi Phi; JADA; V arsitv Psi Omega; JADA JADA Xi Psi Phi; JADA cil; Basketball Team Tennis Team; University Tennis Champion, 19S0 FRED MILLER GEORGE P. NEAL ROBERT M. NICHOLS SAMUEL W. POPEJOY, JR. NEIL G. POWELL Knoxville, Tennessee Summcrville, South Carolina Ocala, Florida Macon, Georgia Sanford, Florida Delta Sigina Delta; JADA Delta Sigma Delta, JADA Delta Sigma Delta Psi Omega; Band 257 Aftrr iiiiirh %i rk :iii(l i-fTorl . . W. RUSSELL RAGSDALE CLIFFORD RAY, JR. PRESTON C. REW Rome. CjcorjjKi Haxle . (ieorgia Ward, .Mahania IXIta Si);ma Delta; Vice Delta Sigma Delta; JADA; JADA I ' lesident. JADA; Student Student Council Couneih I ' aii-I lelleitic ( ' oun- cil: President, Sophomore Class 1951 ehiPfJ EDWARD D. ROBINSON Phoenix. Arl ona JADA WILLIAM ROWELL. JR. M.ihile. Alabama Psi Omejja; JADA: Varsit Tennis Team ROSCOE HANLIN SCOTT I ' lrminiiii.im, Al.iii.im.i Delta Siyma Delt.i; |AI)A R. T. SIMPSON. JR. . il.ini.i. (icor i.i I ' m ( )iiu ' .i;a: lADA ROBT. B. SINGLETARY ' riH ni.is ille. (ieoryia Delta Sijjiiia Delta: J. DA F. C. SLAUGHTER Kannapolis, North Carolina Psi Oniejia; |.M . Secret;ir - PHILIP IL SPENCE Hliikelv, (jeor ia IM Om.ca: JADA SAMUEL G. STUBBINS Hirmin};ham, .Mahama Psi Omega THOMAS C. STULTS Sa annah, Georgia Psi Omega; Senior Class Vice President: B:iskethall HUGH TVLER Sarasota. Fltjrida Psi Omega; JAD. 25H NELL WADSWORTH IViittvillc, Al.ibjm.i lAOA BILL WADSWORTH I ratt illc. AI.il .irn.i Xi I ' si Plii: Vice I ' rLSiilint, P.in-Ilcllcnic Council: JADA WM. " BILL " WALKER Hunt villc, Alabama Psi Omega; Softball l.cr hil till ' riuiiL hcHtal chccl JOHN D. WARE, JR. ROBERT C. WATSON WALTER J. WATSON, JR. Atlanta. Gcorpia Gra n ' iont, CJeoryi.i Iackson illf. l- ' lornl.i JADA Delta Sigma Delta: [ADA Psi Omega: Student Coun- cil: Pan-Hellenic Council: Senior Class President BILL WILLIAMS JESSE L. YARBOROUGH GLENN M. YELVERTON Ruffin. South Carolina Savannah, Georgia L ' niontown, .Vlabama Psi Omega: JADA; Student Delta Sigma Delta Psi Omega: JADA: Senior ( ' ouncil President: Si)ftl all Class Secretary n 259 -p » to rtKht, firm row: AnilrewH, Arnohl. . . . Second rote: Ashiiic.ro. Biiss. . . . 77iir» roir: Uii It. nli. 1.1. Ui|;l.i. ' Hir.l. Bl:nk, IJralv. Ilriiii loii. IJrown. . . . Fourth row: Hum-. Iturri-.. Cri-lxplHr. Clark. . V. (.olliii-. J. I. (.olliii- Couiin. Coward. . ' . . fi ( i r .i : Criinihl.v, Ciill.ii-. D.Jiiim. D.llinc.r. D.inps.. . I.ii(jl. II, I iil..«. I ' .ro Sixth rou . Farrar, Fieldus, Fibhcr, Griliin, Halliwrll, Hand, llofsladirr, ll.illis. 260 abA. MISS LUCILLE WARD Sponsor I fl to right, irti r »ir: llollnHa . Ilo.n.r. Iliipkin-.. lloHaril. Iliinl.r, Jurk-.on. K.l.li.in. l »i«. . S, ' r„n,l r,»r: l n.ll. I.»nn. M. ulloiiBh. loiiU. M.( .ull,„igh. K.i . M.Kiill Mt.rBiin. N,„. „rmiiii. . . . Thiril r,„r : I ' jirk.r. K.a.l.r. K.liiik,-. |{i. liariU. |{..l„rM.n. i " ' " " ' ' ' - ' xkx.ll. . . . Fourth n.ir: S..iilharfl. S«an. I h .rii|»on. I urii.r. V. ( Walk.r, ,u Wulk.r. Wallace. Watford. . . . H ih row: W ; n. Weeks. . . . Sixth rote: illianiA. 261 , • » ' rifc ' W. JirHl r«ir: Anii-lriiii;. ' . lkiii-. . . . Srnmil rnii : Itlaikiiinii. Itiixll.-. IJruiiili. IJidoii. IliiiiiKiiiiliur. I!m- I. r»..rlli. . . . Thiril rnii : Kmiiimi. ;.l.l .i II. rami. (.Iicck. « hirk. MaxU. . . . hfiirlh r..i. . Dilliml. ni.li-.in. Kaloii. I ..»l i-. (.ariMT. (,iilr«. . . . li Z i r.in : ,r.(;or . «.iilliii. (.riiii -. I iallix aii . r. I hiin|iliili. Ihirllo. . . . Niv( i ri.i ; Milt ' ll ' r. Iliiir , lli-l.r. Iliiiliiiin. Iliiliiiin-Miirlli. IliilinK. . . . iriilli foil . l-rail. JaiioM. K.ll%. Kiiif;. I.ir. I.illir. 5 ' if. LA !■ nfl S|Hin- »r : ' ' : ' " l.r t lit rif ht. first roir ; l.iirr. I. nrh. MrCiall, iilniii, M -4 ' all. I.IomL Ma-oii. Mi(l lli ' ton. . . . irmnti nnv : M i III, III-. Mor ' ' i»oii. Oiloin. I ' fnii% . Phillip-. ( !h:irlc-. I ' ))illi|) ' -. Slirllc%. . . . Third rtnr : l lkr. KolMno4iii. Koir-. |{i» ' rMlh;il. Saiinicl-. Siirtn;;-l»-;itl. . . . Vtntrtlt rttu : Mrplirii " . Sliilih-, I iirlin loii. ;irtll;iu. W li:itli ' « . |i;iltr . Sam. . . ' . h ' iflh run: Whiikrr. A hil«-. Sixth rttir: Thoiiia- illiain-. ill N illinni-. euui- l.tjt In ri[iht, first rtnt : (l;iiiis. lii-M, . , . !st ' rtnnl rtm : Khiin. H(i];iimI. . , . Tliirtl nm : ltro;iilri(-k. |tMint:nr(lnrr. 4 aiiiioii. .hri- li. ' in. 4 M ' hr;iii. 1 or. !iikrr, 4!oli-. . . . Innrlh nm : tiiiiiiT. 4!ollc%. ( !riiu ford. (.rou. !iiiinin{xhjiiu, !hnrlr l)ii i-. Uob Du ib, UuHboii. . . . fifth row: Dc un. DolhiT. Uorinn, Kail. l-innr , ( urrihnn, Galcuonr], ( uusc. . . . Sixth row: Gentry, Gibson, Hackney, Hall Hancock, Harrii, Harlneif, Hatlon. l.rfl lit risht. first rim : llinilrv. Ilcniy. . . . SitiiiiiI rini : lliigr. Iliiiinrhcll. . . . Tliiril run : Jiirk iM. Jannine-. Jiilin-on. . . . hniirlh roir : Join-. Kr.U. KiifTn%. l iiniiT. I.ri-d-. McCnir . Mrkin ic. Marfn-uii. . . . fi l i roir; M.duiilifT. Mill-, Milrhell, M. ert., I ' anket. I ' arkin, I ' urri-. Pa»». . . . Sixth rritit- : Hodfrurn. Holiiclrr. Koii!.«o, Se.» niour. Sitlor-ciii. Smith, Sulbev, Stone. . . . Serenlh rote: Stotts, Sullivan, Summerour, Walraven, Whilr, ' ickham, Woodford, Younger. PSI DItS. ADAMS iuui SMini MI5S. I I I M. him)i:ks 1 loii ' -t-inotii T JULIAN II. JONKS Itclirins l ' rt»iil ' nl KOHKHT S. NOHMAN l ' ri " -iili ' iil MM h ' irnl Fittt, tt ' ft tit rifiht : Adair. Vlli-ii. ii .lr , Arnold. lt ildIt- . r:dl:di:iii. 4Ji;itidlrr. . . . Sfciitiil rntr : !(iniirr. !iil}H p- piT. DcIkiii. lliiiH ' iM ' k. Ihirrixiii. Iliiir«, Jiiiirs. . . . Tliiril run : Krin|i ' i-. KiikiT. Kllifflll. I.viirli. Miirlill. M (.;iril». Mrl.rr. Mi ' K iiiiK-t . . . . h ' liiirlli rnw: roHall. ItiKxII. ini|i iiii. Shiii(. ' ln T. Spriiif. Stiildiiii . Sliill». ! ' Icr. . . . Hflli riiir : Wiilkcr, Aul-fiii. X illiiiiii-. i ' ImiIiiii. Xniidil. liinori ' . Il:i--. Uiiiticld Sixth mu : ltr:il . KroHii. :ri-.|i)|di ' r. (!id- liii ' .. ( rlllnld ' . Drill ll|{i ' r. i i ' iii p ' -i . I ' ' r . 266 OMEGA ' I ' lic r i ()iiu-f;a I ' i ;il( ' rr il v ;is fouiulcd in l. ' t ' l ;it iKilliiimic Ciullcgi ' tif Dt-tilal Siir iT). I ' ruiii a ineinliersliip of 200 in IHO.i. il has grown to be the hir-. ' fst (il ihf (lontal fraternities. Tlie organization has as its purpose the rai iMi. ' of the staiuiards of dentistr) and the stiinuhition of seientific and lllrrarx endea or. tir.t rn„ h l l„ r,t:l,l: II„1I„«:„. Il„,,kin.. Il.,«;,r.l. Ihinl.r. MorcMi,. Norman. I{oI,. ' m.ii. Siiiilli S,r,.,,, r,.„ • ,,• ' .• ' ;■ ' ■• . " .V " " • ' • " ' • " " -• liro " " . : " l.l».ll. :aiiM. Dilliir.l. I»«l,r. . . . Thinl r.m: (,al.v. (.r.-gnrv. Ilal.h.r. II.M.r. ' . ' " " • " olinji-uorlh. lllili.iK. Jarr.ll. . . . f„„r( , r,.i, : M.Call. Ma-oii. Milli:iii«, t.loin. IMiilli,.-. li. II. Itlaill. ( llris- l.ai,. . , , , r,.M . » o.hra.i. ( ol,-. C.nn.-r. iiiniiiiiehaiii. l a« oii. K.aii. I»..IIm-, . ,aii..- Sixth r„„ : Cih nii. Ilark- ii.-V ll.n.lr». ll„ii„.li,ll. Joliii«»n. l.,-.-,N. Marg.s,,,,. MrK.n i.. . . . S,.i,n i r..ii ; M. l« .-.l.-fT. I ' arkin. It.-.lf.arn. Smith. Slal% . Sloll-. Siilli aii. oiiMgir. helta The Delta Sigma Delta lialcrnit) was fi)unded at the University of Michigan on November 15, 1882. It is the oldest Greek-letter dental society in existance and was the first to restrict its member- ship to students in dental schools or to jjractitioners of dentistry. The object of Delta Sigma Delta is the u|)liftirig of the dental profession through a MISS AKNKITE PECK Sponsor M. RK FORBES President I, I ' ll III riclil. I ' lritl rinv: -li. Kiilcliir. Itiillir. (oiiikt. I)i ' k iiii. Dill. Kli ' ii cr, l rf:ii«. . . . Srionil ritu : K rln- . Fmiiul, (.uiiilil) ' . (,r.-.ii. Hum. Jolin«. J ni. . I.;iki-. . . . lliiril run : l.iMi-. t:il. NicliiiU. IN |i ' j i . Kiijii ' ilalc. I a . Sroll. Siii- cl( ' tiir . . . . l-iiiirlli run: X al« n, arlioroiiKli. Itinl. ( ioHaii, lolliii ' -. ( iiiMiiril. iiillrii ' -. !• i«li T. 268 i ma JSetta spirit of fraloriKii. clliii-a! and luofosicinal |)rogress. I lu ' la Ilicia (lliaptiT uas (ir anizid on March 26. l ' )2i at the Atiaiita-SoiitluTii Denial lloilege — now Emory I niversity School of Dentistry. Our present Deputy Supreme Grand Master is Dr. Grover ( " .. Hunter. Jr. and . ssistant Deputy Supreme Grand Master is Dr. Finle Garvin. DR. HINTER Dopiitv Supri ' iiie Gnind .Muster ihi ' uU ' liuiiu pLii-c. !. • ( Ill rijihl. JirsI rim : IIoomt. Iliilli-. ItiilianU. Uninrli. KiinigarclniT. Doli-oii. . . . SiTDiiil roir; .riiiu-». Iliiinpliiii. Il;irll ' . Ilt-iir . l-rail. Ki-lli- . . . . TliirtI r«ir; Kiiin. I,v.-. I.urf, McCall. Miildli ' lDM. Koli " .. . . . Fourth roir : Warilljn . Vi hili-. illiaiii-. Itiim- pardiKT. (.arri-mi. RoU! o. . . . f i f i roir: SrMniiiir. 269 Ti pa phi i IM IMii was (..uiuli ' d al Ami . rl or. Micliigaii in Fcl)ruar " . liiiW. The Alpha laa Chapter of llie frateriiit was founded at Atlanta Dental College on February IS. 1912. When the Atlanta D.ntai Colleiie and Southern Denial College merged in 1017 to form the Allan ' ta-Southern Dental College. Alpha Eta and Alpha Zeta merged under the charter of Alpha Kta. Since then Alpha Kla has weathered the elianee from A.S.D.C. to Emory I iiiversit School of Dentistrx. EDW IJI) K. BURNS I ' roideiit PR. W . I.. COl.KMAiN i -jnilv ,. » ,. rif ir. I,fsl i.m: -li. n.l..rf. Il.-.kliiun. (..III.. I).( .iirri«. (.i ant. .r.-.li Sr. ..ii, r.... ; ll.ilT. M.K. Ml. i. Ii. U. Wacl-Horlh. ...lr.«.. Itifc-l.i.-. . . . Ihir.l r„„ : Itiir.-. Ili.iii " . Kill..... . r ■. r. I i.l.li.-. Ihilli«.ll. . . . b.mrlhrmr: K.l.h.ii.. I.«i- M.( .ill...iKli. Ita M.( i.ll...i(£li. M.liill. S...k«.ll. S..iilliiir.l. . . . fi z i r, „ : liirii.i. W iilk. r. W . .ks, Itlii.-kiiioii, Itiill rrxiirlli, Kmhimi. LKlll I.fft III right, first ri.ii : (l.irk. I»;i i«. I i iiih. I ' liillip-. I ' ik.-. S:iiiiiii ' K .S|irin|: li ' ail. . . . rriinil riiir: Sltphin ' . Sliilili-. I iirliiiKloii. liall . iikir. i lliiiiii ' -. iliiin Thiril roir: Itohiiiil. lirnnilrii ' k. Coki-r. (. i l ' . (riiwc. ( a»fiiril. rhiirlii- I)a i«. . . . Fiiiirlh roir : Itiili I)a i-. DiirliiM. liiinrt. (.ntcuoiiil. (.riilr . Hall. Ilatlon. . . . Fifth roir: liiiil - . Ji-iininc-. Jiiin-. Kiil-. Kiifri . I aiiiir. MiCrary. . . . Si ' .vl i roir: MilU. Mmt-. I ' aiikr . I a . . . . " rrrnth rtni : Kdladcr, SilliT on, WalraM-n. Alplui Omega «as fomulcd at the l ' liila(!( ' li)liia (College of Dental Surgery in l ' )07. Since then it lias grown to :!5 chapters in the arious dental schools in the L ' nited Slates and Canada. Alpha Delta ( " :haptcr of Aljiha Omega was organized in 1928 at the Atlanta- Southern Dental (lollegc. Although our group is small, the members are active in school alTairs. Daniel Goldhagen was secretary of the Pan-Helenic Council and Al Berger was also a member. Larry Fall is a participating member of the Emorv I ' niversitv Concert liand. DANIEL GOI.DIIACKN President ALBERT A. BERGER DANIEL GOLDHAGEN FAVE GOLUIIAGKN Sponsor LVWRENCE FALL M tl{KlS ROSEMUAL 1)|{. IL S. IMMI KM N cKi or W • iiiiov nianv festive ocoa!-i )ii lliroiijclioiit the vear. 1 I f» . . . and all the HiH J mh 273 STUDENT (OUNIIL The Dental ScIkmiI Slmlriil ( ' .(luncil acts as a go erning un for tlie lietital students. This or- ganization plans and supervises the I ' xtraeurrieular activities of the students including the annual Caries Carnival with a dance the preceding night and a basketball. Softball and golf program. The olTicers for this year are: Bill Williams. President; C. D. Hand. ice President: Ben Sam- uels. Secretary; Charles Jarrett. treasurer. SratftI nrc (iil (iii. W illiniii-. I{a . Kirkcr ami lall(linK urv Uralv, llaiiil. Jarroll. Saniiii ' N. Itcll anil Ailain . Seated are Lefler, and Lc»i uilh ltral . Itiini ariliKT. Saiiiui ' l and ( Uin . AMERKAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION STUDENT tllAI ' TEIt Again this year the student chapter of the American Dental Association has a large part of the student body as members — ninety-six per cent. Several interesting programs have been presented this past year by outstanding speakers and clinicians at the regular meetings. For the first time this year a student l) dav was held at the Dental School with Dick Hunter organizing the student clinics. A batKjuct frillowed the dav of clinics with student participation. Dr. Lon Morrey, editor of the Journal of the meri an Dental Association, was the guest speaker. In conclusion, this is the one activity in which every dental student should be active to familiarize himself wilh the American Dental Association. CAMPUS STAFF The 10.ll Campus staff under Ihc (lircclion of Kditor Tom Braly assisted by Frank Collins has been one of the most active yearbook staffs in the past few years. The able art woik of I.eller and Lewis together with the excellent photog- ra|)liy of Bumgardner have done much to make this section of the yearbook outstanding, interesting and inf()rmati e. Ilie staff again has been given complete control of the dental section and has been able to successfully bring to the student a vcarbook for him. Scaled are llunli ' r .ijhI .j.ini- mmIi W allaoi- ami Slnufshler landin|;. 274 uH GlEE CLUB JOHN CO ' ITLE Dirrolor A new a(ti it at tlic Di ' iilal Scliool. the (ilee Club was finiiicd by a group of stutlents atid nieiiiliers of tlii ' faculty in l ' )I ' ). 1 he fullius iiig far tiio j;i(Ui|) ga c its first public performance. W itliout the alilc direction of f rs. Hoger and ( lilford Sturdevant. John Cottle has become director with Miss Jane Hunter as a(coni])anist. The Officers are Fred Hiet. President; Robert l)i kson. business manager, and Jim Southard, treasurer. I hanks to the ellort of John Cottle anil members, the Glee Club is growing and (le eio|jing. With a jjiano at school, who knows iiow main singing dentists will be produced! PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 1 his organization is made u|) of three members from each of the four dental fraternities, including the president and vice president of each. Its main purpose is to regulate rushing and pledging and act as a governing body for the fraternities. The Pan- Hellenic Council sponsors a dance for the dental students during the fall each year. Seated are Watson, Yi ' adsworth. President: Cold- liagen. Secretary: Jones. Ireasurer: and standing are Fisher. Burns. Samuels. Callahan and Camiile. M I ( II ,N K A F P A CPSILON I he (Iniieron Kappa I p ilon Iraternitv was organized b the faculty of Northwestern I nivcrs ity Dental School in 1911. The purpose of this group is to stimulate high stand- ards in students of dentistry and to reward those who ha e distinguished themselves by a high degree of sclnilarship. Seated are Eleazer. Jones, Justin. Hellycr. Flagsdale. and standing are Harrison. Slaughter. Adair. Jones. Julian. Rowel! and Rav. r I I C y A n r X 1 K. I.. 15. HKOW N ii| ' riiil ' ii(li ' iil of llii ' (lliiii) ' - nuiSiK ' - ' Dcparlinrnl. I ' nder the supervision of Dr. L. B. Brown and his capahie staff, the clinic of the Dental School has served thousands of patients this past year. Here in the clinic, junior and senior students receive practical experience and perform a lental health ser ice in the departments of operative den- tistry, periodontia, endodontia. prosthesis, oral surgery and crown and bridge. Thi- D lo . Mill Memorial Clinic for Cliilclmi. The- Main Clinir. h ' rnm t« t III liiilloiii: Siirt! ' r . Crown ;in l IIiIiIk ' ' . l :iiliof(rii|ili . (ilinir 2. 1. Mr-, ii-lin. Mr-, i.roiini. ami Mi«s H:n. 2. Mr-. I lil.l. rl.raii.l. .{. Mr-. l.iiM-r iril. I. Mi— li ' M-laiid. 3. Mi-- an ttr.l, M. (.. Mr-. I)a»i l. 7. .Mrs. t.txMlnian. K. Air-. A-a Vlalkcr. •). Mi " Ni.kol; n and Mi— Tiirrcni-i-. 10. Mr-. Ka%i-. Mr-. I,iir W alkrr anil Mi— Carli-r. II. Mr-. Irii-. ST o The Stiiflent Coiinril sponsor-; tlie intprfrntiTiiitv and inlcrilass sofftltall lournanicnt each sjiring. The wiinier each year receives a rotation tro|)liv until one class or fraternity wins it three times, [he Student Council sponsors a golf tournament -i ' t $ -i (M lf ()li;iin|ii4 ii ih:ms hvski null, soi h sfarw i i -. fnttn «• tn ri;i} t : I Ijiiicofk. irin:iii. Mi ' - 4!nir . ( Jiiiiiiii;:h:ini. Dr. i.orr. . . . hnfrlhi;; : fiiinf:rr, niiiii-r. Ihiiilrr. S:iiiiitrl» :iii(l tU eacli spring for any dt-iital sluileiil and a liaskclliall program in ihc « inter. Tlic IntorfralcrnitN (iouncil started last year stim- ulating more interest in sports l)y having pool, ping pong, tennis, and golf tournaments for all fraternity men. 9? xM (° iul(I this bo pool? IIJVNK 1IIM i. ZIJ ' S CHAMPION SOKTHM.I, I I . M ' ir " r iu : Diiiiii. Mii lrr-, Wli;illi ' . S|irilii: li ' !iil. . . . rinnil roll-: l ' ;irr;ir. IJiirrU. Mr|- ' ;ill. |- ' .iilo «. . . . Third riiir.- Itiirii-. iiiiil Suiiuii-!. ' -. riic All-Dfiiliil I ' iiip I ' ont; (.hiiiiip Mi ' Crari still sri)r« ' for the Greal Donliil Ki «-. . . . aH then u e plaif. . 0 ' y ; ' % - ;4cU " Daoiof ici 281 CO brushes novf duratized for longer life ...now supplied with Py-co-fips for interdental stimulation «- y-co-fyciu Recommended by more dentists than any other tooth brush The Py-co-pay Brush — long the pro- fession ' s " first choice " because of its outstanding design — is better than ever. Those provided with natural bristles are " duratized " — Py-co-pay ' s special patented process for prolonging the useful life of natural bristles up to three jmes ... protecting against " wet breakdown " . . . preventing sagging or matting. " Duratizing " insures amaz- ing " flexible stiffness " that means longer brush life . . . better tooth clean- ing during the greater period of use. Also, every adult Py-co-pay Brush is supplied with a Py-co-tip interdental stimulator affixed to the brush handle, ready for your patients ' use according to your instructions. Thus, the name of Py-co-pay (Py-co- pay Brush, Py-co-pay Powder, Py-co- tip) continues to connote the ultimate in efficiency and safety in oral hygiene ...to merit more than ever your recommendation to your patients. PYCOPE, INC. • JERSEY CITY 2, N. J. ' sj DeSoto The Ride ' s (I Rcfelation Lets ) on Driiv Without Shifting PLYMOUTH ' 4e j ctMl % d ( ML friccc idd uraq gtaff i -: MOTOR COMPANY INC. mSTMIUTORS SPRING AND EIGHTH ST., N.W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GREAT CARS Fine Service A Square Deal 283 ,B«-.WNVvPr«. ' ceQ " ' «lY7 The Choice of Leading Dentists You must look and act successful to become successful— quickly. And this is what a modern Ritter equipped office does. It immediately establishes you as a dental leader in the eyes of the only people who will put you in the higher income bracket— your patients. The Ritter Company not only helps you to dental leadership with the world ' s finest equipment; Ritter offers you these valuable practice-building services — 1. The complete services of the Hitler t)!Vice Planning Department. We ' ll plan every detail of your layout incluiling decorations, without cost. 2. The Ritter Statistical Service. We ' ll furnish data about any community in which you wish to practice. 3. Practice-Buildins Studies that tell you how you can make more money with proven facts, not theory. 4. The Ritter Deferred Investment Plan that allows you to start with the finest equipment — and pay out t)f earnings. Ask your Ritter Dealer. Success starts with pi. inning — now. We ' re ready lo help. I ' lease call on us. Ritter COMPANY INCORPORATED »L III IF 10 A Mjsr Uf J ' Vw s,il HOWS t O A PSKI jfe RITTER PARK, ROCHESTER 3, NY. 28-1 S. S. White Master Unit and Motor Chair are as modern as the present moment . . . will date your office with today and to- morro v . . . tell patients you are prepared and equipped to render the latest and best that dental science has to offer . . . moke it easy for them to refer their friends. CHOOSE and you choose right ll has lii ' cii lnillifiill said llial llic pro- iliiili I- Miik i r (lciitistr is coufhu ' lctl at the cliair . . . ihal every needless move during an operation adds to lost lime and profitless effort. S. S. W iiile r piipmenl vas conc ' eiv cd. de- sip;n Ml, and Iniill ii| ii this simple and 1) i- ous premise ... its accessories are alwavs eonxenient and under perfi ' cl eonlrol for efli- cienl operating: lor exaiiiple . . . the warnt arid eold air syringes, niirmr. lamps, eauler- i -s. low ollage ii)- ' (ruiiieiil . pra s, -rav illuminator. Huii. eii l nrn ' r. coimeetion for FREE Office Planning Service Distributors of S. S. White Equipment will welcome the opportunity to help you find a location and plan on office . . . for city or suburbon practice ... in office building or bungalow . , . olso suites for multiple practices ... oil with- out charge or obligation. Easy-payment plans ore also available . . . oslr your lo- col dealer or write direct. pulp tester, call Itullon. ele. are on I lie acces- sor) table or arm . . . making finger-tip convenien ' e a fact . . . hecanse thev are al- Na s close to the field of Operation, whether you are bcsi lc or in hack of llic chair, uilli- oul needless reachinj; or lrelchinir. ( )perate an S. S. hite Motor (]liair . . . elevate and lower it . . . test its perfect bal- ance, simple. eas atljiislabilil anil positi e locking . . . learn wh it is so easy to work with it and anuiuil it. . it in il . . . llic lorni-fil ling seal iiiid backrest will hold and iip|i rt yini . . . make Non r -la iiislincliM ' K . . . ])rove that S. .S. White Chairs arc llic mi»l coiiilnrlalilc e er built for the ilciilal opcraliug rnom. THE S.S.WHITE DENTAL MrC.CO. 211 South 12tti Street, Philadelphia 5. Pa. 2S3 Now you can improve the appearance of your best dentures Decouse the forms in Trubyte Bioform Teeth are exoct copies of attractive, natural teeth, and because the new blends of Trubyte New Hue Shades are so o ve in appearance, you can produce dentures that are decidedly better looking; much more natural in appearance. Your first denture with Trubyte Bioform Teeth will convince you that such a splendid result was never before possible. trubyte teeth The Result of Recent Biological Discoveries and of Important Developments in the Manufac ture of Porcelain Teeth... NEW IN EVERY WAY Exact copies of attractive natural teeth Each size a duplication of another set of natural anteriors Harmonize with the outline form of the face, profile and cheek planes " Vacuum fired porcelain " — denser, stronger and more " alive " in appear- ance New blends In Trubyte New Hue Shades — react to all lights as do natural teeth The shades ore opproximote reproduc- tions of Trubyte New Hue Shades. There are slight variations in the shodes of Trubyte Bioform Teeth as i ' . characteristic of fine, natural teeth. New pin position — increases the reten- tion of the tooth and adds to its strength The full formed linguals are comfort- able to the tongue and aid phonetics You con depend on Trubyte TRUBYTE BIOFORM TEETH ARE AVAILABLE FROM BYTE DEALER 2S6 I J eiectma l our cJLaboraL a L jour c aDoraioru With Dcnli.sls wlu) know v.iluis, ihc ])iiiiiaiy tonsiilcratioii when il comes to Laboratory service is technical knowledj e and skill. Rcpii- tdtiou — " record of perronnance " is of iilniost iniporianic. Repu- tations arc i)iiilt slowly, over a long jjcrioil of years by fine t|iiality and superior service. When it comes to selecting yonr Laboratory, the deciding factors are quality, service, prestige — and other considerations less tangible than price, but much more important. We have been in this business forty years; this aKumulated store of knowledge and experience is at your connuand. ARMSTRDMG-SMITH CD. Master Doital TecJinicians riioiic 3-7671 r. O. Box912 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA 287 S. D. BELL DEHTHL IUHnUFHCTURinG CO. A L W A Y S L E A I) I NG- VITALLIUM LUXENE " 44 " McGRANE DENTURES MICRO-DENTURES PORCELAIN and ACRYLIC JACKETS PONTIC BRIDGEWORK No More Complete Laboratory Service Obtainable Anywhere. Compare! 441 2 MARIETTA STREET, N. W. Atlanta 2, Cip:oRGiA MAin 0483-0484 Walter F. Harrison President Lester W. Xcwion Sec. (lud ' I ' li ' ds. 288 2 Outstanding Contributions to Dental Education and Practice COLUMBIA DENTOFORMS From a humble start 30 years ago Columbia Dentotorms have played an increasingly important role in dental edu- cation. Today every dental student in the United States and Canada " cuts " his first teeth on Dentoforms, for we supply Dentoforms to every dental college In the U. S. and Canada and to many in other lands. In these 30 years there have been many improvements and additions to Dentoforms to meet the ever more exact- ing demands of teachers. Today Dento- forms number more than a thousand and present conditions the student will en- counter in practice. And in graduate years, Dentoforms continue to help cli- nicians In postgraduate education and to help the busy practitioner in his end- less task of patient-education by showing the better dentistry he seeks to give. BROWN ATTACHMENTS Brown Precision Attachments have been used successfully since 1920, when pat- ents were granted to their inventor. Dr. I. Brown. This event followed by only a few years the impetus that Dr. Herman Chayes gave to the advance In remov- able restorations by the introduction of the precision type of attachment. So simple, yet so effective and prac- tical are the design and mechanical prin- ciples employed in Brown Attachments, that they have defied every effort to Improve upon them for 30 years. Except for the addition, about 15 years ago, of the proximal contact type, to give the convenience of a built-in proximal con- tact, no change in design has been made. The sizes of the Brown Attach- ment made today are identical with those made 30 years ago — a comforting thought if replacement parts are re- quired. COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION SERVING DENTISTRY FOR OVER 30 YEARS 131 East 23rd Street — New York 10, N. Y. 289 iitlaHta hental upplif COM PAN Y .Jjeittai iippiies and (L-cj idpment Box 1686 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 290 Best Wishes CRUTCHER DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated Birmingham - Montgomery - Mobile ALABAMA For Superior Restoration Try . . . R. D. WEBB Denial Manufacturing Co. Third Floor Mercantile Blug. 84 Pryor Street, S. VV. Atlaiua, Ga. P. O. Box 1185 Telephone VA. 3068 Meclianical Dentistry for tlie Profession Hanau Instruments and Apparatus for better results — tor better dentistry Ask your dealer for your copy of our catalog, or write to HANAU ENGINEERING CO., INC. 1233 Main Street, Buffalo 9. New York 291 • TO YOU WHO ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE WONDERLAND OF DENTAL PRACTICE, the Ray-Lyon Company offers a complete laboratory service. As the South ' s " finest mechanical laboratory for dentists, " we are fully equipped with men and materials to construct your restorations by the most modern methods and time-tested technics. Especially are we happy to serve young dentists ... to acquaint you with the newest developments and refinements, to offer technical aid and suggestions, to furnish designs for dentures of all types, and in general to serve you in e%ery way that we possibly can. We believe in results . . . are always ready to employ your preferred technic, to follow specific instructions, or recommend that we believe to be best for particular requirements. May we co-operate in building your next restoration? IN ANY CASE . . . CALL RAY-LYON RAY-LYON CO., INC. mm 418 Peachtrek, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Telephone WA. 6279-80 292 Paul IH t ai iJ ' DcHtai .dcd natontf ' riiiined hy Demists to do technical work for Dentists. Our experience phis moileiii equipment, enables us to give an iniusual service. Porcelain Work— Crowns, Inlays and Bridges Acrylic W ork — Crowns, Inlays and Bridges Gold — Inlays and Fixed Bridges Cast Removables in Gold Cast Removables in Ticonium HOLLENBACH TECHNIQUE FOR INLAYS AND BRIDGES Onlv ilic best accepted standanl materials used. Our prices are attractive commen- surate with the skill and materials used in our work. Full and P.artial Dentures TICONIUM - w 50 nf Try us Doctor, we are sure you will he pleased. Our location is central and conxcnicnt. P. (). Box 350 WAlniu 2901-2 60 CAIN ST., N. W. ATLANTA, GA. IV ill part in a REAL smile (Confidence and peace ot mind are restored by a well-made den- ture. So, it is not merely lip service we give to that ideal of dental laboratory service — genuine prescription treat- ment for all your cases. Here all your full denture setups receive individualized handling. Our skilled craftsmen-technicians take gen- uine pride in their technical ability to deliver a finished denture that is a credit to your professional skill and ability — and will bring confident smiles to the lips of your patients. f Whatever your full il(Mi(ure require- ments may be — Vitalon resin dentures, or Vitallium cast bases, among others — all will receive prescription treat- ment in our laboratory. S. S. SWIllING De.mal Technicians 209-210 Medical Arts Bldg. and 419 Pcachtree St., N. E. Atlanta, Georgia 2y-i THOMPSON DENTAl COMPANY ' Everything Dental " Our Inm (oiivfiiicnily located ofTices enable us to offer a maxi- iiiiiin of service to tfiose of im u plan to locate in North anil South Carolina. Oin ( loi e ])ro iniit and oiu ahilits to ] i() ide vou with pronijn ancl effuient SERVICE is wortliy ol ' your consideration wfien ])la(ing yoiu order for ecjuipnient and supplies. DEALtRS lOR: fritter, S. ,S. White. Vel5er, Cieiieral Electric, American Cabinet, Wilniot Castfe, I ' elton .- Crane, and oifier manufacturers of quality equipment. Coi.i.MBiA, S. C. - Greensboro, N. C. — Raleigh, N. C. - Ciiari.oi rt, N. C. 295 flRTin ODE RESTORATIONS Is% our KeyTi V recision THE SEAL OF QUALITY (Dental HppUances " Your Patients Deserve the Best ••ITS SMOOTH SAILING WHEN YOU SPECIFY MARTIN MADE RESTORATIONS ' MUCO-SEAL — Procedure for Your Dentures. NOBILIUM CASTINGS-- Assures Stability and Comfort. THERMATROL GOLD CASTINGS For Your. Inlays -Bridges and Removeables. Martin Brothers " The Service That Satisfies " 120 Poplar Street, N.W. P. O. Box 1068 Phone WA.4514 Atlanta, Ga. 296 IN FLORIDA I T A N D E R S () N • S 45 years in Morula. scr iiig tlic Florida I ' roicssiou, uiili ihc proper knowledge of all DENTAL PRACTICE re- quirement problems conlronting you. . . A SERVICE ORGANIZATION IN EVERY SENSE HERE IS HOW 5 WELL STOCKED DENTAL SUPPLY HOUSES 4 COMPLEI ELY STOCKED WAREHOUSES with CHAIRS. UNITS. X-RAYS. CABINEIS. STERILIZ ERS, LKiHTS of ALL leading manufacture— all models —all colors— axailable for innnedialc delivery. 3 AVELL EQUIPPED SERVICE DEPAR IMENTS 4 OFFICE PLANNING DEPARTMENTS 1 1 1 RAVELING AMBASSADORS TO SERVE YOU 4 PLANS FOR FINANCING YOUR OFFICE L. M. Anderson Dental Supply Co. ALL 0 RR FLORIDA 297 Z : Thurs., Sept. 21 — Orientation edition Wheel head- lines scream ' ' Enrollment DROP Slifjht. " " ( ' ampiis Construction BOOMS " : such iiiifuul h noises nok-e me from Moscow-Mule-(t ' la-Cluh-26-inspired drunken summer stupor, (pledtie: will never agnin rend that yelloiv-journulislic rag) — 000-HA year begins . . . ODK hangs framed Honor Codes in class rooms, threatens to hang me for violation of — (but she al- ways ...?)... attended nurses ' ' get acfjuainted " party in Harris Hall, was miffed when j»r« ' lty pre- clinical rejected offer to " acquaint " her in — er. with — guest rooms in new Alumni Memorial hiiilding — Burrumph! . . . Fri; Sept, 22 — Rush " we have a little affair like this every week-end or so " ])arties hegan today . . . KA Fraser Durrett pale purple as hriglit riishees wise- remarks, " Oh, 1 jus ' up an " •■ame to Atlanta on a pogo stick . . . ATO rush chairman Don li« ' re " s !My Schedule Board Fain asked Buuuh Miller if skits are dirtv enough for ' ' worldly " freshnn-n . . . {raised boycott of " Soiith ' s Most Collegiate Cttllege ISetrs- paper " when Campus editor llose-nose Ingram re- miniled me that forthcoming issues will provide ver- bal bags of — xliif) — ' " ll ' row back at I ' al Pogo II ut- ters and his neurotic, nit-wit staff) . . . Sat., Sept. 23 — Frat brothers hegan looking o er rush girls instea l of rushees. rushees arni up to pame: et much hotter ivith same . . . Phi Delt Joe that ' ll It Be Beasley cheeked locked closets loaded with uiidesiraltlo brothers: checketl. found undesir- fdde brothers loaded . . . THEPhi Asa (note incor- rect spelling) Ruskin showed rushees new house site — norturnally-dug hole on row with brothers stand- ing around in black-face; Marvin Zimmerman unim- pressed . . . Father Cobb visits parties, decries folly, invites frosh to church ; Bill Frierson wants to know if Cobb is school chaplain: ;io, he aiti ' l chaplain, but he do chap mine . . . Wo i., Sept. 25 — Frosh have supper in new Dooley ' s Den: ate icith them, icill start name slander proceedings against Make-a-Buck Mc(rOwan tomor- row. Jim Saye. council-in-charge . . . today n-as forced lo recognize felloiv-lradilion on campus — The Em- ory Dog (no resemblence to Dogface Don Henry) . , , Emory Dog this iceek is " Lamar " ; nice felloir. but KKKP YOIR DAM ED LEG DOWy W H£A YOL COME EAR MY LEG-BOyE! . . . Tues., Sept, 26 — Phi Delt Dean Tunno wonders " hich of happy rushees will eat uniler table as pletljies. Earl hippie woinlers Hhirli oi ' lia aril hrollnTs Mil! drink iiiidor table after chapter iiieet- iiifl . . . Dr. W . H. Mason Jr. inlrodin ' cs snifllin " rats tu infamous Kniory inlirniarx " cold pill " : frottt niiiii- ber of putienis. Mason inn si hr iH ' ililling marajiina: coitUhi ' l hr the infinnnry nurses . . . Wed., Sept. 27 — Jack of All Tra le8 Manner ram- med hand into power mower, almost cut off wlude fin{;er. lull sliced index one instea l . . . Ksqilire Orson Smith heard Tartans are " it " this season, sent off to (Jlasjiow for plaid jock . . . Phoenix editor Art Bran- denlmrji looks oxer frosh for mafjazin ' writers, rules out pre-theolog9 as " subversive " . . . Tliiirs., Sept. 28 — Freshmen baflled as Raymond Bodoni INixon screams " where ' s the Wheel? " : kneiv it teas foniinii irhen I sinv h ' earlrss Bill Ferry at lornl rejreshnienl center honlinii " Hell yes, we ' ll print it! " . . . i heel didn ' t appear, read Delialb ISude Eeera instead; they carry such norld-awinfi editorials . . . FrL, Sept. 29 — ATO Hugo Mallete tells rushee Bill Sunderman Jane Br(»wn is not sjxnisor or liouse- motlier. but just " friend of some of the brothers " . . . Joe Turner, (.lenn (!obb weep as Singing Chis warb- le l the Sweetheart Song . . . (-olonel WE McNair ap- jiointed AS. ' istant and flepnty to Dean !Miller: alien does he get his shiny star, U.P.? (to match top of his head) . . . Sat., Sept. ' iO — New Sigma Pi housemother Mrs. Eula Worthing linds boys different from her sorority girls at (iawja: of i-oiirse — the hoys irear long pants . . . innocent Phillbv I)lrt I ' liela rush girl tears skirt going down slide entrance to Insane Ball: looked like cheap publicity stunt to ine . . . V oii., Oct. 2 — Row-walk yestt ' rday; 272 very fresh fr«)sh pledged for rect rd (ireek harxest . . . K As lr()p behind ATO and SAE. began revamp of hot-box rou- o " PtecUhH he tal CaMm J TYPE A JELENKO SOFT for Simple Inlays GOLD COLOR TYPE B MODULAY PI o. U.S. P rr. Off. MED. HARD lorM.O.D. and Simple Inlays GOLD COLOR JELENKO ELECTRIC INLAY FURNACE will] Pyrometer For Wax Kliminalion TYPE C HARD (Standard Hardness) for Carmichaels, Crown and Inlay Abutments GOLD COLOR TYPE C RCD U i.PPT. Off. HARD (yet Easily Burnished) for Carmichaels, Crown and Inlay Abutments GOLD COLOR JELENKO GOLDS JELEnKO PRECISIOn CRSTIHG EQUIPniEnT lliisi ' siipi ' rlativf; Jclenko Golds will meet every castiii;; need. The inlay golds are certified to meet A. 1). A. Speeifieulion No. .5. Jelenko No. 7 is unexcelled anion;; partial denluri ' golds. In iipiiiipin your laboratory, start right-with Jelenko Pri-cision Casting Eiiuipment. Jelenko Kli-elrie Inlay Furnace for wax elimination am! " ' riiiriniilrnl Junior " the Den- tist ' s Personal Eli ' ctric Casting Marliinr provide the I ' ssen- lials f(ir Precision Casting. Add other equipment as needed. Drtaih ' il I .ilfnit iirf aiiJ C(tf(l!oi;ilc on ri ' tjin ' st. J. F. JELENKO CO., INC. Manujai liirers of Denial Colds and Sperialtirs M West . ' i2M(! Slrecl iu «r . I ' ). . S. . JELENKO NO. mam CAST GOLD ff{6. U.S. PRI- Off, The PATRICIAN of Casting Golds lor 1-Piece Unit Castings. Clasps Bars. Saddles, etc. GOLD COLOR III I Ko ' Till i; itH i;iii JUNIOR " 300 tine because Syd Cook (ami many others) pled etl SAE . . . ATO Joe Horsely went into lel»t eallin Bania Tans lo reci ' i c con ' raliilalionM on pledfjinf; Barry W hatley. Hal ( sley ln ' re . . . Owsley eries when tohl Betty didn ' t ph ' da;e . . . Tiies., Orl. . ' i — Burlesque ladies at Southeastern X ' orhl Fair dedi -ate slum lo Frank Roy Harris I ' id- eock after he soa| -l o cs iheni on " Institutions. (!on- stiliilions and I ' rosperity of (jawja " : tiirlirs lit ' dicaH ' d (tfler-shoiv linir lo nii ' . . . Deha Slieha dicks (investi- •lalors) (-heek on ph-df;i ' ie«»rfre Apelian ' s hijjii school rect»rd at (»reat .Neck. . .. then elieek hrotlier Joe Har Iinfi " 8 great necking record at Yt ' esleyan . . . II « ' ., (h-l. t — Teasippers visit " Skid Row " photo exhibit in A IB: pii-s look lo me like Saliirday niyilil hehreen SAE imil I ' hi DvU abodes or ilphu T ni lirft- rohdtes rtiiirldve behind liliie Lniiferti — Itdk iiboiil il, fat man! . . . Mary Ann Jaynes thinks Prof. Mark . . . liat other Atlanta station? Bartlett is cute: ihink he needs to do some loe-toiichinti . . . Thurs.. Oct. . ' — Thought APO Beaver Patrol was liolding waste paper dri e, discoveretl pih ' s of was heel coming out of hiding . . . Congratulated Pat Piles of fl atlers on oi r iiiitf reference lo my friend Emory Doy:, assured him Dog is still here, just ' " ex- ploring " corners of new campus construction . , . sweet Murray Short reads Walter ' s writing, said he shouldn ' t make so many references to nasty nouns: trait ' ll he reads the Diary , . . first chapel confuses Sam French — Mario Soto had told him nobody sang in sacred Glenn but Glee bovs . . . I ' ri., Oct. 6 — Soph council, Agnes Scott ' ysv got to cut down on ohi maid alumnae " committee play pro- curers, bring bus-load of ASC, frosh-girls » er to dance with timid tenderfoot teasippers: found Scott lassies have tender tai — er, feel, — too . . . Barney Reeves. a lniinistrali ' Assistant, says Tt ' l new faculty faces ] eering fr ni behind desks: ihotifiht medics had been playint: with plastic surgery again . . . Sal., Oct. 7 — Ja« ' k (»uy gives cast-iron renililion of " Sweetheart of Sigmund Freuil " on Sig calliope: sounded more like " Sally I.et dnr Bangs Hang Do«n " friun «b«-re 1 sal at Harry ' s . . . Larry Bran- nan explains lo date that Dooley ' s Den is tlesigned to learn ulgabidary of a erage Fniory stiuleni: must be the rill is ser ing real food again . . . tall, clean- k ; r " . J. CHANDLER BALDWIN Established 1921 A(;R Lie — crowns, bridges and inlays. PORCELAIX — we use a new porcelain having translucent Fluorescence found in the natural teeth. You are cordially invited to visit us at any time. 508 MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Box 1919 - Phone AL. OaL5 - Atlanta. Ga. I!. M. McCleskey J. N. KlliKI.AM) KIRKLAND and McCLESKEY Dental Laboratory A Iwood r 1 3H 1 ' . (». Box 2088, 389 Courtland St., N. E. Atlanta. Georgia Inquire about — BOSWORTH DENTAL RECORDS 37 years service to the profession HARRY J. BOSWORTH CO. 216 X■. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, 111. Davidson Dental Supply Co., Inc. Denial Supplies — Denial Laboratories New Orleans. La. Shreveport Baton Rolge. La. J (Kso . Miss. Little Rock, Ark. 3U1 shaven Fmory prc! i l« ' iit fioos to ashingloii to lis- cuf! ediK-atioii : rumors are he ' s for it . . • Moil., Oil. 9 — Oiiifieil when told one I ' ike pk-dge thouglit Beta Theta Pi was honor scholastic frat to whieli Bill Lain ; belongs — ' f been pledge to Phi Bet lor four years: just can ' t make the " C " average lo he initiated . . . Dong Henry of APhiO, Gorgeous George Grey of ADS say student directory will come out . . . Tilt ' s., Ocl. 10 — John Edgar Johnson ot campus Gestapo threatens off-campus traffic violators in Em- ory area with " courtesy ti»kel " allowing them to write home before execution by Physics department ' s homemade electric chair . . . pletlge Jimmy Hen- EBERHART CONWAY COMPANY IliioDEs Annex Blilding P. O. Box 4065 COMPLETE DENTAL LABORATORY SERVICE SHOES Main Slon- Ail.AM . Jill r.adilrro St. l)Kf;ATI H W) W. I ' l.iKi- lr l.fon Ave. WKST KM) «78 (ionlon Si.. N. K. BUCKHEAD— 317.S I ' .a.hlr.e Ud., N. E. Best l( iahes POWERS ANDERSON DENTAL COMPANY, INC. Dislrihutors for RllTER, S. S. WHITE, WEBER, GENKKAL 1 LKCTKIC AMERICAN CABINET EOITPMIAT Hirliniimil. Hoancikc. Ncululk .lthI I mi. Iilun h. a. t:liarli llr anil Kalcigh, N. C. 302 i (Irickt ill rroM l« ' l Dell Iioiihc (ilV Inn- 1) lookt-tl for placM- lo sil down. «:i! r ' |»riiii;in l ' )l for cyciii}; (ivnr I ' iUrii ' k ' s lliroiK- in rcii(lin : room . . . ir «•( .. (h-l. II — (liuupns piclurc-lakin in prof:- rt-Hs: Morris !oli -n llir -al -ns lihrl siiil if runioml jokf of s «il ' liinu liis pic titll llial of Honest AI Itlock farri«- l thru . . . (ircal W liilc Kallur Dr. AI Alherl Iclls atlorin ;; socioloiiy k s alxttil sp ' -(-li to lihrary (■lunrntitin . . . K V ' s ilrcssnl l.cn in tar and I ' liocnix feallnTs: abhor such messes, will tirink irith Emory ) !; ( ' .ori iis litis irrelt-t ' tid . . . (llii I ' lii I niton nomi- nates l)nnt|ilin Kelly for spon tor . . . Thiirs.. (tri. 12 Vpallietie Imt knowin-; iipper- elassnien snicker at heel editorial threatening eap- Ies8 rats; kkk siiiekers at pseudo-liheral editorial on INe iro student ipieslion: eampiis Tammany Hall sniek« ' rs at editorial elij-he " for l)ett« ' r or w(»rs ' " " fore- raslin« .Student (!ouneil M )rk: Imighetl from belly up Hi Ass. editor Mike McDoiiiiald ' s coupe d ' copy of fillinfi half editorial patie ivilh clippintis . . . sports serilx- Herh Cohen couldn ' t find Kurman Bisher .Stenier ' s sports section after leaving; three chair r« ' ad- in room . . . FrL, Oct. 13 — Phoenix short story contest by- passes Tilly Tilford f »r Atlanta columnists, sob-sister in choosing; judfjes: theolo»s threaten to excommuni- cate editor Bran«lenl)urg for not appointino; Method- ist censor for feelthy yunior hound to come . . . Ed " tripod " Lewis takes female lead in Sig; inelo-drama: ihouiiht body make-up tvas n little lumpy . . . Boun- cin " Billy Bre «er ' Uls linoleum at AToe dance: has she uitl a sister? V H H M ! 9t . V Sat., Oct. 14 — Ed Merren from ( rand Canyon Islands asks Father Clint Baker if Nicotine invented " Home Runs " . . . Horse Pi ' r -e and Sufjar bring " high class " dates in for evening ' s kultur kiass taught by Bubbles Tutton and Queenie Cole . • . Man., Oct. 16 — Dr. Ain ' t I the Kid Albert says everyone should take marriage and family: say rnh the nearest nurse; yon learn just as much . , . sexuallv-intellectual Phi Dells debate relative love ATLANTA BELTING COMPANY oOH-: )l() W hihliall S(. AlLANIA. (,K(»1 ( s lA w. Maniij runners of f.cdilicr Hclliiifi rind Textile Strapping 303 —-Housemother ; Fri., Oct. 20 — Emory Dog CuUen sends " thank- you " nolo lo Anna Thurman on ' heel feature of " W ' ocxlnian, spare that tree " type . . . Cyrano In- gram asks Brother ynne of Traffic Court why ticket wasn ' t fixed . . . Eddy Burns did when " KA Players " gave " Lives and Loves of one of the Brothers " ; most think Burns still gave Beekman most of the stick . . . Fifth Pelt Bill Smith tries for culture with Komeo-Juliet halcony scene at house; pledge Leo Wade points out Juliet looks more like Old ( randad, gets kick in A . . . Sal., Oct. 21 — (!ampus uncouths wonder which light of culture »lraws the most jisuedo-inteliectuals, Atlanta Sjinphony concerts or Peachtree Arts the- atre . . . just rescued cashed can o ' com sqeezin ' s from Frat Row ravine before Greeks began clean-up . . . Freeman picked " pretty, shiny leaves " , Boy Scout Tommy Tidmore reserves him room in in- firmary for poison oak cure: rumor says University will not build patio in horseshoe, but paying parking lot . . . Mon., Oct. 23 — Finally got top for casket in Den today after ducking prying gaze of Scott visitors at bed time . . . Sam Lover Broadnax got only eight calls from Scott tonight . . . (ieorge Toni Fryhofer brags about trip to Europe, looked blank when I asked him about certain crimson beacon section in gay old Paree . . . Tiies., Oct. 24 — Knute Rockne McDonough looks proud as motley crew dashes from Field House dress- ing room to play interfrat football, McDonough then forsakes " Athletics for All " slogan to scream " keep off my damn grass " ; Seymour replies, " Don ' t yell 8000 loud! " . . . powers of Hamholi and Bob Compbell: maybe you should ask the girls, girls! . . . Tues., Oct. 17 — Jim I ' m a Pure-heart Grant says frosh elections will have strict rules this year: Draw- one . . . Pikers castigate pledge Leo Andrews when seen coming from Fox Theatre in female attire — maybe he already has been — or sumpin ' . . . Sister Cha| Cunningham holds another nightly broad- cast. . . . Wp(1., (hi. Hi — Dirtl Melonhead Wilson set up coffee doniit shoppe in Sig luiiise to « ' arn money for another Cadillac: Hrncc McDiillie an l 1 set up another still in Clieni building lo finance new at- Uu ' ks on Wheel, " S« uth " s Most Incomplete College Scrapbook " . . . ordon !oM crtil)l - Milling told dentist " five gallons, check the oil " when asked if he wanted gas. . . . Thiirs.. On. 19 — Emory W heel, " South ' s Sweet- est Colleg ' N« ' wspap« ' r, " tlevotes potion of editorial page lo praise of coming fa ' hi ms. poetry . . . Mark McDougald 8Cor ' again with -lippiiigs. even from little Emory . . . Strugglin ' Tom Sirilcli got jilted by three girls in as many nights — i iil MO seniors love«l him . . . Wed., Oct. 25 — Campus Editor Mine ' s the Long- est (Nose) Ingram starts foolish talk about yearbook deadline: we ' ll he lucky lo see scrapbook by Christ- mas of ' 5i . . . campus alarmists still seeking cross burner: think KA. ' s did it lo make Candler think they got religion . . . Thurs., Oct. 26 — Headline in Wheel, " South ' s Most Ambiguous College Treasarus, " says " Glee Club Head Calls for Tenors " : Several characters around seem to be tcondering irhere it is . . . gentile Hedda Hopper Spencer writes column praising Den: stupid 304 t t cuf etiDice . . . The Alumni Memorial Building is a gift to you from the alumni of Emory. Your use and enjoyment of the facilities of this building convey the most sincere " Thank ou " that could be expressed to the alumni. Just as the Alumni Memorial Building is always at your service, so is the Alumni Association of Emory University, representing 17,196 Emory alumni. You are soon to become a part of this organization. Let us begin to serve you now whenever we can. THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF EMORY UNIVERSITY 305 ' ' K «-- should .tlirk iromeii ' s vliih meetings, uedding tin- nouncenients . . . Fri., Oct. 27 — Ilaiik Powell shows pitching I»ro e ! Kith (lanada Dry hotth ' at ieiika Inn . . . Miss Mary l.indsoy of Ag«»ny Spot clioscn Phi Deh sponsor: Ja«k Vslimore steps aside for pledge Joe H man: Charles Strihling says dance is " non-chal- ant " . . . « .. Or . 2H — Hill l)a is transports live Iransienl Tri Dells from Hreiian to Ktdtinson ' s no vi datlon of »liite sla e la« : lldn ' l erosr late line onK reason . . . IJoh Potter gixes " W e are the l)« ys from old Florida " pep talk at Delt honsedanee . . . ( ouiitr Phi (lluhher l{ d) Stuart rips P. A. system out io show strength to female " house guest " . . . Moil.. Orl. . ' iO l ' ell p dilicians in dogged Don Henry " W ■«■ lo(d " em " dirl doing seminar hear special lecture hy up-and-eoming (mostly coming) Honest John Halex . . . (ierald Samnioii-. Hill Sliav took " Kill Krencli Kiss replace toolhlirii ir poll at Henry (ira«ly Hotel, reporleil one gent asked what it was: may have heen Torrid Tom Vi liitesi les . . . Tups., Oct. 31 — Dozier I ' m (ioing t » Have A Bahy ( ' ade finally sees W heel -ul line mistake and threat- ens to cm Hay I .ol a . oi-e lor News and Opening Beer Botth ' s Saunder ' s pay as copy ' ditor . . . ATO moral reputation dealt hloK as KA ' s resol ' to sep- arate Kehel head Tahhage Snow Irom Jack lonte Carlo Lang and Heno associates . . . If ed., ! ov. I — (iot in at four this morning after ringing doorhells in (ih-nn Iris section: Harold Al- hert said campus was ]uiet with no gohlins, s| ooks. ghosts, witches, ogres or had. had giants: suiifiesl Albert snitch hack to tioiit ' s milk . . . Ralph Pale «ligs for another Chi Phi sweetheart pin: siiiifipsl such lovers as he and Ernir Hynds hiiy ' cm hy the gro.ss. Thurs., ! ov. 2 — Editorial from heel, " South ' s Most Church College Newspaper " comes out in favor of religion, against theft: hiess you. my children . . . front-page pix stands alone showing Froggy and MORTON ' S III lliL- illage Where Emory Students Meet CR. 2313 A Mark of QUALITY FOODS COLONIAL STORES Af;oiiy S| (il M«- !:iiiii coiilt ' rrin : sine iwantipitnyin slory ihi ' v Ivfl tmt, simirthiiiii iiIkhiI iii ' iv breeding srl-iifi . . . Fri., A ' or. • ' { — Sliir ami ( Iroccnl t iul ' i- li iiiilicll M-i l)- lli4 skil: •:riil 10 «ill iiomt Im- iIk- saiiK- . . . VSS-fs sanj; Oa«ll« ' Soiif; l«» |{i ' s !arv ami iillra- voiiii ; lal ' : tli T«- ' a hn«. lovers; ollifi- I ' lii Alphas sla cr ill. Iif iii Operation Siiakc-iiiii . . . Sat.. Mor. Si ;ma dries iliti so after Plii Dells lake 1F(! Sinjj; Kd Peilriek c-all ' il up Si j lyneli moli to i;el Helen Knox lepl l Ail je»-ti ' s Spain. Mas restraiiieil liy Dr. De M ' ulio fi-areil jail seiilenee hreak-up of Glee CIiil): (■ . l rt e, she ivorks for ihv vitrpet-hati press: Hiiinnion iitnihl have pnnloni ' d any mob . . . Mon., Mor. 6 — I ' reiloininanee of rat i " aps ' roiiml new pool tallies in Den loresliailows seeomi ipiarler pli ' ilfies: scorned norires. ireni to Hiti 7 ' oirii liil- liitrds iiitli shtirpies insiier It ills. II iirren liieker- sinff of Med srbool . . . K«-liv;ious Knipliasis W eek starts: suspect nefarious scheme by thettlitgs to in- flict ft-u-neek compulsory prayer hours »»i loiver division students . . . Tues.. Mov. 7 — Drank Talniadfje whiskey today. IIh ' ii voted against !oiiiity I nit Aniendnienl, wrote in DeKall) Connty h ' fjislator. Emory Law alum Jim laekay for jio ernor . . . little bosses Frank I ' ideoek. j-a toii Priiitt in adoration at oliernatorial eaiii- pai ;n head(|iiarters . . . Jaek Bushin breaks up Sleep And Kat ineetiii ' ; with annoiineeinent of seeret mar- riage: and I thought he had been living in sin loo . . . If ed., . oi il — Itob !Me an " (iullen Sehr« " e i-inelie.-i passing grade in I ' olilieal Parlies by rongratiilating Dr. o .iiell (Statesman spelling) on " " our irtory o er {.. I . Aiiiendmeiil " . . . liii containers on wrye grass of Kislibiiriie lawn teslilies to some sludenls ' preference for Millers: say 2(f-( nnid ' s the MiM ' S brand ' , . . . !hi I ' lii Iturns says " all lis real gom- eats dance this way, ' explaining onass position at Jelly- ball ... Thurs., i oi y — Pastime ti« ' k ' l book ib-al offering M) biK-ks worth of eiiterlainmeiil for .S I plugged by poster in ih ' ii ; something about den Iris s -ratched out by I ' reaeher (Iharlie (liilbrelh . . . my joiirnal- isti - companioii ectoplasm Jim Seagraves was re- pulsed at eriide Atlanta Journal column by Pierce Harris on new-born smoking pri ileg« ' s at AStl, sai«l Harris must be ex- -opy boy Iroin Hiimmoirs States- man : say he tvns prolnddy " head " mini there . . . Fri., Mor. 10 — Hill ibsoii asked for insertion in Diary of " funny " " poem: " K is« ' s are red, violets are blue, I can row a boat, eaiio«»? " : for once and for ( (iinjilinifiils i)j CHRISTIAN AND BELL COMPANY CONTRACTORS AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY 85 Walton Street, N. W. Atlanta 3, Georgia We are a ri M-|ir( {il. iiiti ' tiKitidiuil ni ■isicpii. ar or;. aiiizalion. priiiliiig tin- S( r ' l )lun ' s will nut ciiinincMt and dislrihulii ? tluMll uiti out prodt. lifii « aiiling fi)rcigii 1 Sn- pture.s, see us. SENIOR RINGS I ' or All " Schools " in University For Any Graduation Year II. S. Canfiki.i) 1560 N. Occaliir Koail Atlanla i).• ign.■,l Manufactured by HERFF JONES CO. WILLIAM D. THOMSON ATTOliM; AT LAW Class of 181).=) Suite ll- ' il. (laiidler Building Atlanta, Georgia all. THIS IS NO DAMNED RKPOSITORY FOR YOLR STIINKIN YUMOR! — (I doirt want any smelly jokes put here, eilln ' r) . . . Sat,, IS ' ov. 11 — First cohl v ealher hits today; watehed McTyeire F ' luridians don longies (nice girls put flaps in hack, kidw) . . . Country ( luhhers freeze on hayride to the Mountain; Ilaroldine Scott ex- claims how polite Hank is to pass out cokes: I just passed out me . . . Mon., Nov. 13 — Delta Shelta served chicken again; Trigger Lanier looks at hones on plate, says " it look like a lanih have «lied here " . . . Mark Steadman, Andy Partee tell fall quarter " round the clock " sche- dule: sleep 24 hours a day for 24 days, go to class for a week, then start all over again — sounded more like summer quarter . . . Tues., I ov. 14 — Finally found last week ' s Wheel where Pat If You Did It You ' d Hide It Too Watters put it : found that it screamed inane inanities as usual: me for the Lantern — draw one . . . Atlanta Constitution gives society page spread to new KA play room, quotes sweet Arthur Kennorly: " I have to help keep this place clean. When I ' m home I ' m going to help Mother. I didn ' t know housekeeping was so hard " : precious . . . Wed., ISov. 15 — Dastardly plot to steal pushhall, suspend it from AMB niezzanin - rail overhead in Wheel newsroom: h(is rancid smell of ' " etlilor hdsn ' t enough iieics, bites f o ' " . . . Billy (jraham tells de- generate Emory auilience they ' ll go to hell if they don ' t reform: W ot ' s he mean — this is Hell . . . Tliurs., ISov. 16 — Special dastardly (d ' O i olice guard foils pushhall steal ; Fearless Bill Ferry won- ders what he ' ll use for news in next week ' s Yi heel: I trieil to find news in this week ' s issue , . . Fri., ISov. 17 — At pushhall mayhem, frustrated frosh yell " referees have no fathers, " kindly Arthur Draper offers to start orphans ' home, says he knows how they feel . . . Turkey .|ini Porter urging nude umps on to creek . . . Shorty .Smith at Pushhall with hlack eye, without date . dresses formal in red shirt with ' ves to match Tommy IcDonough Sat., ISov. 18 — Cliff Clarke cuts clippings from papers, rates hlurli in W asliwi nian s Ccnict ' ry " s Misscnima tops; looks like hallerina . . . Frank Deav- er, .lini tsterlioiidl sandwich dale (always thinkin ' of siinipin to cat!) doiil)Ie ' ross hy Ostcy tails as he en ls up kissing tree . . . Mon., ISov. 20 — Dean of Politicians Ih-nry agast at PVed Burforcl ' s week ' s delay in congratulating Crayton Pruitt on heing ' lc -lc«l sopli -lass Iwad : rhiirarlers still triinl lit kiioiv nherv is it . . . KAs scrap lhn»r as I Ili ' rsity tlignilaries toiu- new hase- nienl, I ' niversity dignitaries grovel on floor as Mrs. C. II. Candler enters: the floor shoulil he clean, any- wuy . . . 308 Tites.. . or. 21 — Began boycott of Brad Gregory Peck Ansley ' s public relations office after he refused to press release Emory Dog ' s tracking down head for anxious students . . . Wed., Nov. 22 — Rolicking teasippers cry " off to grandmother ' s house we go " for Thanksgiving holi- days: if the old lady ' s got a bottle, I ' d be mighty proud to spend vacation ivith siveet granny . . . Barrumph! . . . Mon., Nov. 27 — Campus dull so I wrote " SAE " on Pikes porch and visa-versa, had vocabulary en- hanced by verbal vulgarities that followed (learned some new dirty words, too) . . . Tues., Nov. 28 — Max Hall, Sig White Rose of Purity says she was once stood up by date who was getting married that night : I ' ve been stood up by many a date . . . W ed., Nov. 29 — KA Hag flies from Sig house, red banner flaps from second story room in Harris Hall, Den eatery hoists Jolly Roger . . . Thurs., Nov. 30 — Thought I saw Wheel, " South ' s Most Soft and Absorbent (College Newspaper " today, but somebody flushed it before I could tell whether it was Wheel or Rich ' s ad from Atlanta Journal . . . Fri.. Dec. 1 — Joyc« ' Frcf ' man elcclcil sponsor of Sigma Kpsilon i: Pink Pants PruitI disappointed ' cause Janut Smif didn ' t get it: tvho said she didn ' t? Sat., Dec. 2 — (Iruised by several frat pawties, dull as Hell, went to Moe ' s with crew of independents and Emory Dog Pica; Ciarl llamner said it seemed like out of the way to go by way of (ilen Iris . . . Mon.. Dec. t — Sigma Alpha Everybodies must be running out of " head " room; saw jiledges totin ' bricks from campus construction areas . . . Tues., Dec. 5 — Sigs insists Bob Soergel take voice lessons to cultivate voice after usurping presidency from canaries: Boh ' ' s voice should be cultivated — plotver under . . . Wed., Dec. 6 — John L. Lewis chapter of geologists ' Sigma Gamma Epsilon initiated, required specimens of rock from neophytes; Emory Dog Hildegarde snickers as Craig right picks up strange " rock " from quadrangle lawn; Honest John Albritton res- cued me shinbone from fossil bag of initiate Wallace Key . . . Thurs., Dec. 7 — Wheel, " South ' s Most Anything for AIl-American College Newspapers, " runs shocked letter from Richard Evans on pushball referee strip- tease on ed page opposite lewd cartoon by I Can Draw A Skull Now Petkas . . . Fri., Dec. 8 — Teachers Mill Kruger, Mark Bartlett separated by perfumed Dickie Joel after violent ar- guement over whether Faximile will replace radio and TV . . . 309 lLfA.13 A. M. CHANDLER CO. FOKU Sdli ' a (intl Sen ice 12(1 W. Cdurl S(iiiarc DK. 16M1 Decatlk. Ceokcia Sill., I)ri: y — Can ' t iiiulerstand how I misunder- stood Sigma Nus, Pikes when ihey in it d me to their Duck Bowl parly toni ' lil: anyhow. 1 11 just ;o on down to lh - ( ' .h-rniont if they feel that way . . . Mon., Dec. 1 1 — Heer-fiut Ferry keep? talking! ahout a ( ampu! picture deadline: . . . what «h e8 lie want, eo-operation from an Emory student: " BARRl ' MPH! Tii4 ' s.. Dec. 12 — Sifima dries «:iv ' Jack McLean Phi Delt picdfie pin at (ihristnias «linner; I ' lii Delt (iharlie Strihlinf; comments " at last a Sig gets a real hont r " : ihimiih il hoslrr ' s h ' liriiiti niis iiii honor. llril.. )«• ■. . ' { " Tealrics for Ml " slogan initialed a IMavcrs gi e thre«- plays so e yl(ody can get into the act . . . Thitrn., n - : II — Couldn ' t iind Wheel s in little distriliution commodes, was t dd the damned rag is coming out ' i ' liesday and Fridays in»w : set ' tns like uilli uiir viiivriit ' itiy mill nil. oilniiiiislnilioii has niorr proimiitinihi ihim oitcv-n-ivvi ' li M ie«7. mid nlhi-r ad- niiiiislnilit) ' hiillrliii run himilii- . . . IVEY CROOK Architects Wilson Carpet Laying Co. Hotels ami Stores our Specialty PHONE LA. l HHG 264. Peachtrcc St.. . W . Atl. nta, Georgia Experienced jrom Laying Several liUioii ) urds of Carpel Compliments of a FRIEND 310 EMORY SERVICE STATION Standard Oil I ' rodiicts WASHING . . . GRKASING TIKI. AM) i! Tn;iiv si:kvice J. M. I5l!()() l. I ' m ). DE. 8073 lil SINESS AMI PROFESSIONAL A.N.NOLNCKMENTS The simplest announcements may be given interest anil dignity and the prestige of good form through the use of genuine engraving. When you have an announcement to make, request our samples and suggestions. J. P. Stevens Engraving Company liinitlui luiiTS (jfniiinc Eiiiinniil Stdtiiinery 110 Pe.achtree Street Tel. WA. 6870 C o ni ji I i III ( ' n t s o f AMERICAN SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 1H ' I ' .Mclunv Sliecl, N. E. . rL NTA .1 Ga. H(is|)ital and I ' hvsirian .Supplies and l.inii|iMRMil KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS 1) 1 1 1 K I{ E N T TASTY S A T I s !■■ ■ 1 N (; 11 ' ) PoNCK i)K I.EON Ave.. N. I YE. 92U Fri.. Dec. .J — Exams start with Bible 10! tiiiiz at 3 pm: sounds likr dusKtrdly C " f " ajiaiu? ) plot to sneak in another lower division mass . . . Sat., Dec. If} — Dells tlii(» v " Show Mv " party in honor of prt-xy Joe Harding from Missouri ; fjirls find out wlio ' s supposed to show wlio what, tiates hard to find . . . ha«l last exam to lay. (I fjot in- flnonce) f;«)inf; hark to old inorfjnc to mess around vf ith some hody . . . — MMKR ( lARIKK— Tues.. Jan. 2 — Ah-oholie eelehration juhilatin}; end of win fall (piarter carry over to sorro »-drownin i; at he :inniii of winter term . . . New dear ' s residulion — never drink Champale. sauterne. niuseatel and port all at same wine uin -din . . . II VKHl MIMII . . . li(|iior. prolanitv and jane Hrovwi hanned I y HK U cil.. Jan. ■ ' { !) ll liouseinollier pul lime loek oil kileheii door: Serond-Slory Slripliii). ' fiav.- up and join« ' d the Air Koree . . . after pendiii ' : the lirisl- nla ludidays ehasin-: Jud Thorne. ;e ir :e W illiams said " I al«a s j;el what 1 f:o after ... " 311 Thiirs.. Jan. 4 — Looked high and low for first heel of quarter until I renienihered Pat Purity X ' atters is still recovering from New Year ' s run-in with Fearless Bill Fj-rry ' s old grandad . . • also had to listen to Vi aleh That Hajenian ' s discourse on com- parative qualities of French and American cham- paign as celehrativc beverage .... Fri., Jan. ; — Ren ' volent motorist offers to take hitch-hiking Del pledges Larry Fre« ' man an«l Ponnie Tysl five miles out on highway at 2:30 a.m. so they ••an catch a hetter ride, hut Dooley laughs . . . wrong highway . . . Dooh ' v is ery interested in Bale, Smith Tucas ' s sweet and innocent date ' date . . . Sat., Jan. 6 — Sigma Hu ' s redo their hasement; Bruce W alters, chief ••onlraclor, foreman and slave «lriver yelling " (iet to work: Man those star drills; Tote that lumher! Build that wall! " : didn ' t Honest Alx- sign the Kniancipation Procliniation? . . . Jim Slanh ' v still hopes to he like Frank I). A. R. Ogle- tree . . . Mon., Jan. H — Tammany Hall Local INo. 37301 meets; little Franklin Pidcock gleefully plays with new-found pretty wor l. " libelous " . . . first graft of quarter seen as Boss Hague Henry pays off council- men for praising his boy . . . Elliott Old Term Paper Levitas elevated (?) to Honor Council, promises to ATTENTION LAW GRADUATES! If it is your intention to practice in Georgia, the most important books to buy FIRST are as follows: CODE OF GEORGIA ANNOTATED GEORGIA SUPREME COURT REPORTS GEORGIA COURT OF APPEALS REPORTS INGRAM PARHAM, GEORGIA LEGAL FORMS DAVIS SHILMAN, GEORGIA PRACTICE PROCEDURE POWELL, ACTIONS FOR LAND, Rtvistd Edition NADLER, GEORGIA LAW OF CORPORATIONS REUFEARN ON WILLS ADMINISTRATION OF ESTATES IN GEORGIA GEORGIA LAW REPORTER (Advance sheets of the Georgia Reports and Ai)pealsl Then, as your practice warrants and demands, add to these all along some of the more important texts of a general nature. Our long experience is yours for the asking and cunveiiitiil tiTm can be arranged. THE HARRISON COMPANY Law Book Publishers rnvoK AM) Hunter Sts. Atlanta, Georgia SEKVl.NC, Tin. Ll.GAL TKOl LSSiU.N l ' Ui{ MUKK THAN I ' OUTY-IOL K YKAKS 312 J 8e« ' Ihal procedure still be conclueted on kaiifiaroo court style in isiltle Hitnessefi. sej ' ret i ' luirfjes, etc.; I ' m for hoin)r. too — oiiee you get honor, stay lionor- alile . . . Tiies., Jan. 9 — Iatt (Jolden Keys Feinherj; was se« ' n " [ivinfj the last •»! his «louI le-hreaste«l suits to the Salvati«ni Army . . . Delts sign exehisive contract •with Outdoor AdM-rtisinfi a ;ency for jackets: ouldn t make Kniory I)o wear one as a iiite shirt . . . no T. P. (Tuesday Pap« ' r, vulvar ones!) Wheel out today: mayhe Prof. Curley (]ade took up all style hooks ... n ' t ' d., Jan. 10 — Cut all classes today after spend- inj; cjuiet eveninj; with INI. (more) K. (kegs) P. (please) in the law library; Pentefore wants to know if ihev ha e to use those trip hammers during everv exami " BAKKl ' MPH! . . . somebody wants to find out what was so nice about the date of Smith, Tucas and Bale: knoiv - ooo-ha! . . . Thiirs., Jan. 11 — Robin Moore shows musical ver- satility in rendition of ' ' Call of the W ild Goose ' ' and assorted verses . . . Wayne We Print the News Free- man finds new use for required fire extinguishers — cooling beer . . . Fri., Jan. 12 — Fearless Jf heel. " South ' s Most The 1950 Calendar Ain ' t ' orn Out Yet College News- COX MUSIC SHOP Latest Hits on DECCA, VICTOR, COLOIBIA and CAPITOL RECORDS 161 Peachtree Street MA. 2378 THE VARSITY FRESH FOODS — Curb Service — ATLANTA ATHENS BURNS SERVICE STATION In itie ' illage Gulf Products lou.5 N. Uecatlr Kd. DE. 9241 Complete Mens rear G L E N Kl The Store For Your Complete Meeds VARIETY STORES 1871 N. Decatur Rd. 31} papt-r " (011108 to viiliaiil (Icft-iisc « f downtrodilt ' ii Phoonix. new as itcialf rililor ' Marx Aim We l,«n - Our Ivy C ivci - l Walls at Dear OKI Allien Scoll Jayiies says slu- Mill iiol Uv Itliiidt-d l v polislwd kcvs: (ieorfje (Jray offers to polish soiim- oI .-.aiiK- (lor money, nat ' iirally ) . . . « .. Jan. l.i — ! Iolliers Ipsliav. iJfilelree. Cul- lirelh. W hippie leave luuise with red door, reprobates o erjo ed: loii party itm u parly hi? . . . Ivnch molt deeides to han ; Al Soeialisi Ihiider-oii up l»v ihuinl)- (thumlts ' O " I " JM ' doesn ' t ;el to hed helore 1 a. in.: Pikers Itrllvr hi can- fill: 11 ' s an ooohl iiiiiii . . . Moil.. Jan. 75 — Annual Iiiiister ' s day opens here. llieolo :s loek up Dewey Hajifiarl. Kill Kuhanks. Fred Hnilord and nasty Joe llariliM ; to insure donations from preaehers l )r " lear old Kmory. Southern een- ter ol purity and li-ilit " ' . . . Phi Delt (i e finally sol» -rs up enoufih to win haskethall fianw. then ailjourns to Blue Lantern . . . Tiies., Jan. 16 — W ' heeeel eoines out with pie eap- tion, " Engineers Explain Why the Hide " : Hell. I pot that in human hu-: . . . Dr. Now ou Take 3Iy kid Workman shows cut in left hand e«dumn. page two, to experimental elass, asks " What is it " : I know I)ut what tell: W alters always gave me free hoo .e . . . Wed., Jan. 17 — Heard Chris Seures ' guppies gave hirth to |uinluplels today; operation direete l hv " Doetor " I ' rank Sehwalhe . . . Tarhuttcm had guests for dinner tonight: everyone had to w» ' ar a noose around their neek . . . Carlton Philvaw gets title of W.l.M ' ' Jm S ' Thiirs., Jan. IH — W hat the HelPs going on in the senior elass ' IMunro and Cunningham ironi ATO, Sorgel and Ferry fr(»m Sigma Chi are ottieers: sounds like infantile polities of Stud -nt Couueil . . . Vri., Jan. 19 — Kaee between aeadeniie expulsion l)y I ' niversity and draft ' all plaijues Nippers . . . ' The tslal)li lu-,l I ' ) 1 2 Visit our Show Kooiiis Cmhii.!.-!.- ItllK-r EF. T Om.- llliiHlri.l..l rilOFEX XHAY T!MTS I ' p t.. 100 MAIOOKV !• Till Tnl.lr- IMMII KIN lAWIIMNC. II II iMiniiluif Nti-Tn-iitl Siiilc lllii-li.ih-.l HtAlJVl AKll.K 1(;K HETTEK SEKVICE THUOliniOlT THE SOI Til 2 ' J()0 Square feet l)is|)la iiig and slocking -Nalioiially Advertised Hraiids of HOSPITAL I ' HVSICIANS i, iU)HAT()KY SUPPIJKS AND E(M II ' MKNT RECEPTION ROOM FURNITLJRE X-KAYS OrdiT from us uilli confulence anil a.s.siinincc tliiil you mil licl tin- lliirsi iiialil} iiicirhiinilisr fiiKiraiitfrd In he iis rfpicsvnli ' d - as urll iis i)i nii l. cljirirri srnicf. SURGICAL SELLING COMPANY inillirrn Onni-d vriinii thv Soiilli ( hinlily Mirrliiintlisi- l.{ ' lOKIJKSI ... . v.. — C . .-,.-,21 — MI.VM .{. ; . .U4 1 .- ! nire(?) lnl« of I.uciis. Smith. Bale and Tar fiot out « ' f jail loday: I lliiiik tin- whole thing tioinuls liko a police liiK ' iip . . . Sni.. Jan. 20 — Saw John Finlay and Jane Crayton c-ominfi int«) tin- Iiou! e dance tonight with suitcases in to« : Jane leaves parly with Joe Fre«inan : you ne er i-onld trust a woman, especially those that go with Soniehody. Anyl)ody. Everyhody ' s . . . Won., Jan. 22 — John Alvin Haley calls meeting of committee chairmen after SC meeting to (in l out what seven solons voted against him . . . W illie Stark Henry. Frank Crump Tidcock. Al Charlie Block (h) cringe hefore fearless tirade of fearless Phoenix edi- tor Brandenhurg . . . Tiies.. Jan. 23 — Phi Pelt third string haskethallers in heaven tcuiight against Phi Papi)a I ' au; ' I ' unno says he could have made 40 more points easily . . . if heM hreathed once more everyhody would have heen drunk . . . TEPhis used secret weai)on tt)night — Barry tiarher: he kept his head in the basket all night . . . Tuesday Viheel. " South ' s Most Circuitous College Cir« ' ular. " scores with ne »s hulletin on veep election: Petty Pidcock threatens to sue for lihel — ' heel said he got six votes, he got seven : who cares, hf ain ' t in . . . W ed., Jan. 2t — Pi kapiui Phi initiates give broth- ers hig cake in celebration of their initiation: you have to wash that stuff down with something, and l i« y didn ' t use milk — or did they? . . . Thurs,, Jan. 25 — Phikeias find that crokus sacks and dead fish make unfavorable impression on profs PRINTING CONGER PKINTING CO. 146 Marietta St. N. W. U 8061 Here ' s OSCAR, He ' s on the Campus at Emory ENJOY THE BEST POTATO CHIPS — FRITOS (intl other TASTY FOODS 316 . . . Tom Smith elected president of Agnes Seott freshman class . . . Fred Shakey Bur ford orders an- oth« ' r IF ' ( key to help decorate his key chain: relax blister, ODK don ' t tap " til spring . . . Fri., Jan. 26 — Dean Rece says what the Hell when he finally notices new heel masthead caption, " The South ' s Most In lepend« ' nt (College Newspaper " ; Watters says no more administrative hulletins. Rece says no more money, Vi ' atters says what is front i»age story this week. Dean, Sir? . . . some chick named Agatha Potts writes horrid expose on blind lates: HKtyho only dales she could get were blind . . . Sal., Jan. 27 — Darling Bohhy Murrah drunk again . . . Art Bran«lenl erg, Zekt Terezakis, Mai Duggan, Boll Magee, Floyd Harris leave for Cedartown sur- vey: Duggan wants to ask populace whether cotton or sponge rubber deception is most popular . . . Sigs ' Souse Seas party sees Angus Saye protecting grass-skirted date from eager brothers with electric lawnmower; date said it was shocking . . . Mon.. Jan. 29 — Delts put out " Dead or Alive " notice for (ieorge Bentley after " memorial " stoker he gave chapter breaks down in middle of cold spell ; Wheel says: " Be quiet. Look what he flid to us! " : I say both of you be quiet: he left didn ' t he? . . . Tubs., Jan. 30 — Wheel out, fearless Pat Watters writes fearless column against insiduous Agatha Potts attacks on male: think he ' s just trying to shoiv off his vocabulary to Prof. Ralph What the Hell Are Journalists For Anyuay Purcell . . . rag still trying to open library on week-ends, now ask party DUNLAP and COMPANY INSURANCE SINCE 1895 Asa G. Candler. Jr ' 99 Walter T. Candler ' 07 Madison S. Massey ' 24 Candler Building Atlanta Georgia TENNESSEE EGG CO. WHOLESALE Poultry . . . Eggs . . . Butter ' Alnxt 6775 WALNUT 9584 189 Spring Street, S. W. COMPLIMENTS OF RUSTY ' S DRIVE IN 2225 Peachtree Road Hotel and Restaurant Supply Co. Inc. Maniijacturers and Distributors FOOD SERVICE EQUIPMENT For Restaurants. Colleges, Hospitals, Institutions 382 Xest Peachtree St.. N. W. WA. 7451 - 2 • 3 ATLA fTA 3, Georgia ii: loving (Collegians to take part i;i argunirnt . . KM ' : . . . II )(l.. Jan. :{I — Jark (.ny tlirills niuwir lovers with Fraiikie i.ane-rilylc r n lilion of " Swectlirart (that ain ' t no typo) of Sigma riii " on caliiopi- . . . Pliilyaw, Chuck Holmes weren ' t admiring view from side porch . . . Thiirs., Feb. 1 — onder how Ralph (Jross got elected president of Bns. Ad. hody; he don ' t even know what a cash register looks like . . . Phikeias finally get initiated: It ' s ahoiil lime lliey fixed ihal roof tifiiiiu ' . . . . I ri.. I ph. 2 — Vi heel, " South ' s IMosl What Budget College Newspaper. " continues silly series on ad- eiitnres of Agatha Potts, enjoyed hy no one Itut high schoolish Frank Pidcock and Oayton Pruitt . . . editorial nohlv admits missing story. Henry (irady . i on appalled at such hearsy . . . Sal.. Feb. ■ ' } — John (I want to he like I)---. Henry) Haiev was hrooding o er his chances of making an " JL rru ' ' . X- - k ' I J,am u tujiA - - - honor society in tin- spring . . . Charlie IMarks tells latest on sex life — Culi reth smiles . . . Moil., Feb. . — Privv (cuilhouse) council c(m enes: « ' anipus-renown high s -hool politi ' ian Cray Ion Pruitt metils on end . . . Now Council attempts to crush parties l y upeniii ; lihrary on week-entls: the mad, mad fools . . . Tites., Feb. 6 — I in re I ' lieel today when ln ' ar l rag refused to print announcement of meeting of Nursing school virgins in Den phone hooth . . . Pete Sotus has hard time r« ' nting tux for formal: Who the Hell ' s got ii tux ivilh u 36 bust? . . . W ed., Feb. 7 — Larry Brannan surprised to learn heautiful F e«l Burford is interested in politics . . . Dooley falls into ditch in Delt hack yard . . . comes out cussing Delts. Theologs and modern plumhing . . Boh Soergel taps Harriet Potts as sig Sweetheart: Pd like to with that Potts . . . tries for heel press clipping hy telling of plan Jo let students know what ' s coming up: ulu-ays knou- ichat ' s rontinii up trhen Priiitt polities, so I just ;lon ' t eat tiiiy . . . Preacher Paul Lanier says new llonstitu- lion is ready: ivonder if he liieked Ten Commund- Thurs., Feb. 8 — L ' ndergrads vote on military . . . Dave Harry James Sargent cuildles very disap])oint- ed trumpet . . . Charlie Bano is seen tryed to get Crosley up the hill under the main gate in low gear: Still think he ' s using rubber bands for a motor . . . Fri.. Feb. 9 — Vilieel. " South ' s Most Billv Vi arren Collfjie INe .|»a|) T. " conies oiil witli Afiatha Potts again: really, fhildrvn . . . Slit., Feb. 10 — Pi kaps visit faculty member ' s hou e . . . aiiylxHly vaiil to Ituy some Kleenex ... it flowed like water tonight at S.N W liite Rose formal: stopped at every table and never drink same thing twice . . . magnolia mush becomes the talk of ATO house . . . Man., Feb. T2 — Pete T.ylle claims the sidewalks in Phoenix city ne« ' d washing: I hear cops didn ' t agree — again . . . back to school after the big week- end — will Brandenburg get up this morning? Will he go to class ' : Silly boy! . , , Tues., Feb. 13 — Wheel lightly chides administra- tion for confusi ni in ROTC voting: W hnllii yit wania do, I ' otio, go oiiln Intsinessy . . . (ieorge Wallace makes B- on |iii : and almost has nervous break- down . . . IVEY ' S SODA FOUNTAIN School Supplies Corsages and Cat Flowers DE. 3200 1287 Clifton Hi). DeKALB and DECATUR Youj ■ Theatres of Friendly Entertainment YORK ' S RECREATION PARLOR Where Gentlemen Meet FIRST CLASS RF.GILATION SIZE TABLES FOR ALL GAMES 89 Pryor St., N. E. LA. 9765 FRANK GRAHAM CO. I.tncoln ■ Mrrciirv Salks and Sekvick f)()() Wi-I I ' ckIiIkv Stnvl ATLANTA. (; . 320 SOUTHERN DArRIES, INC. DAIRY PRODUCTS 593 Cl.-M Iris Dr., N. E. VE. 0711 DeKALB MOTOR CO. Chrysler • I I viiioiilli Sales and Service CRescent 3816 10 W. Court Square Decatur, Ga. CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY Odorless Dry Cleaning WHITER. BRIGHTER LAUNDRY Corner Forrest Courtland Plant CR. r I 16 1863 N. Decati K Road 6 a l FASHIUNABLH WRITING FAPERS BLUE HORSE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 182 Marietta St.. . If ed., Feb. 14 — Mai Du an up late tonight . . . could it he that statisties quiz, my hoy? . . . SAE ' s see pl -(l« -s iiii(]t( rni8 and call coinpidr ory study hall . . . W « ' an Freeman tri« ' s to fifjurt- t)ut " Dear John let- ter ' ' : I said eonie down to Lantern, we ' d figure it out together . . . Thurs., Feb. 15 — ODK ' s call leadership meeting to show off keys to toj) l ' ni ersity men; Mary Ann Jaynes still not impressed, Jim (irant was . . . FrL, Feb. 16 — lieel, " South ' s Most We Give Good Reviews for Free Passes College Newspaper, " asks students to pick team nickname ODK contest: knoiv — name for energetiv athletes that forsake whiskey for tiring, tinie-icasling exercise . . . Sir Staf- ford Smith does confused cartoon for op ed page: that boy icasn ' t taking no exereise ivhen he drew that . . . Sat., Feb. 1 7 — Frank Deaver invited to join ATO basement cluh, can ' t pass because date ' s a lady wrest- LMIJ t ER ROOM 321 Itr . . . (ieorge Williams is trying to give his pin away, Pik«r try to give (ieorge away W »fi.. Feb. 19 — New Ashmolian. Marching Society, Student (Conservatory Band ami Stuch-nt Council at it afi;iin: ' Motherly Jolin Haley intro luces plan to ha e « l nurses lor sweel Irosli: semis iilausihlr ihtit some of jncully should hnve sufficient mother-in- stincts for job: at least sisins point . . . fearless Cyra- no Ingram sends word that press will not he intimi- dated refuses to appear to report on Campus, says staff don ' t have time for that sort of — stuff: just Haggled first tuo finticrs at him . . . li.lRRl MPH! . . . Tues., Feb. 20 — heel heatllines Tea Sippers as new athletic name: aren ' t ive gay ih ' ceirers? . . . Har- ry Vi illiams almost falls into mud pmldle on trip io Highlands with Fleet Maddox, Elliot Steadman and Krank Huhhles I ' idcoek: must have been blinded by brilliance of I ' idcock ' s politictd career . . . Tom If It ' s All Right With ou Its All Right With Me Kee dares to (piestion ATO ' s Sir Franklin Ogletree. given permission to go ina« ' ti e . . . l ed., Feb. 21 — (General W liite. (iohmel Stipe. Captain Miller. Lieutenant Fdge and ieneralissimo- of-Student-Life-Liherty -and - Pursuit -of - Hap])iness Kece all madly saluting each other and Johnnie Johnson, thinking he ' s another Air ROTC inspec- tor . . . Thurs.. Feb. 22 — Wytch Stuhhs elected ECA head . . . Mai Duggan and Art Brandenhurg wandering aroHn l the campus at 1 :30 a. m. : study or looking for it? . . . Fri., Feb. 23 — Wheel, " South ' s M«»sl Social College Newspaper. " comes out. is ignored . . . hear Dick Wilson is selling cigarette. and coffee in ihe Sig house: ain ' t the I nirersity making enough damned profit? . . . Delt Stripling hits town for ihe week-end: does she have a sister? . . . FUTURE IIOMI: OWNERS Before Building or Purchasing a New Home Be Sure It Contains CURTIS WOODWORK ihroiiglioiit! AcceiH no sulistilule — Let us arrange for your Curtis Certificate of Quality — Your guarantee thai the woodwork is genuine Curtis. No Home Is Complete Without Curtis Kitchen Cabinets CAMPBELL COAL COMPANY VTLANTA ' S HI II. DING St PI ' I.Y CENTKK 2W Marietta Street, . W. CV. 1717 WYNNE APARTMENT HOTEL 644 N. Highland Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. 1.50 ROOMS WITH BATH Rates from $1.50 Single Rates from $2.()U Double EXCELLENT COFFEE SHOP Biiililing Coniplcli ' iy Sprinldrr I ' roli-ttcd W. 1476 T. 1477 322 Sal.. Ft ' h. 21 — MillioiKiirc Morfiaii Viyiinc rrvoalw u v, iiiiK-li lfl)t his t ' ;iniily t-aii atYord . . . Standing Hooiii Oiilv LcmI; rendors aiiotlicr ln ' arl-ti-ariiiji, arath ' iiiv a artl |) Tf riiiaiiof at Si nia Fly alxxlo . . . critio a -c-laiin " SKO Lewis does it again " : tvonder uhat bv did? . . . Mf n., Feh. 26 (loiiniviiifi ooiirlave of Junior l di- ticians Lea»u : Burford. Pidcock. Pruitt. rant. Haley all told l y Henry to use Mily high sehool tactirs on unsophistieatetl eonstitueney . . . Tuf s.. Vfb. 27 — Damned W heel out against Sun- days . . . Moron Munro nominates Hildegarde as ATO sponsor only to have her discjualified for " ' senti- mental " reasons ... I hear the real reason was that the Sigma Pi ' s got her first . . . W erf., teb. 28 — Dean I Do W hat Tni Told Reee lays down no drinking law. SAE ' s try to move house to Briareliff road: 1 I ' m A Good hoy Smith tries to set up a hootleg ageney: tcho ' s fooling n ' ho? . . . Thiirs., March 1 — Again, licjuor, profanity and Jane Brown hanned at ATO ' s. liquor, profanity and Tom Bushman Brown Banned bv Delta . . . Fri., March 2 — Roeks in Head Walters writes Wheel editorial with mad scheme of letting business students run Den. Baldy Smith writes something about improve l profs: this psiiedo-sensc should fio back to the horses . . . regurgitated at rumor that Er- nie Time to Re-tire Hynds might he editor next quar- ter, hut up-ehueked even more at thoughts of an- other quarter under Pogo . . . Sat., March . " i — Smith. Culhreth. P ' ain. Munro, Murrah no longer hear the call to the North (M ' orgia hills . . . Art Brandenburg still forbids any mention of the Student eouneil in his presence . . . JERSEY ICE CREAM CO. 784 N. Highland Avenue. N. E. ATLANTA. GA. Fred E. Scanling HEmlock 012.5 Cadillac Oldsmobile CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE COMPANY Elwyn W. Tomlinson President C S WHOLESALE GROCERY CO. Hotel (ind Restaurant Supplies 40-1.2 GF.ORGIA AVKM E. S. E. Phones: MA. 0947-48 — LA. 7761-12 Steaks - Chops SouTHKHN Fried Chicken Bkveiuces COLLEGE INN One m.ifk West of East Lake Drive | 2271 College Ave., i . E. CR. 2 ):v. Curb Service 323 STUDENT AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES Service Convenience 1 The Student Auxiliary Enterprises are owned by Emory University and operated for the benefit of all the students. These services are being expanded as ra students needs. pidly as possible to cover all T YOI ' R PATRONAGE APPRECIATED Bookstore Barber Shop Griff Dry Cleaning Laundry Dooley ' s Den Coca-Cofa " A Service for Every Student Need " 324 Moil.. March .1 — Hank Vi ' atfli thai llajonian weoii ki!4Hiii ; latt ' .xt jjirl frij ' nd ' s car good night while pat- tinj: h« ' r fondiv on th« headCO: Watrh tho hirdie, big boy . . . Tiies.. Miinh 6 — Vi lu ' ol. ' SoulJrs Mosl Mr. and Mrs. Smith Colh-ge Newspaper. " unread as students enthralled over prosaie writings of Ileh-n Land in ASC a hninistrative bulletin ... n rd.. March 7 — Don Fain ins A TO fat man eon- test while Ttini W ' hitesides is re-ele« ' le l keeper of the liea l: .Sure, hv ' s been in there lonficr than anyone else . . . Thurs., March 8 — Laughed at Phi Delt pledges last se« ' n running toward the wide op« ' n spaees after SAE lion roars in their faee at attempted paint job: that cheap tchiskey ivill do it every time. Fri., March 9 — ' heel, A College Newspaper?, still losing readers to Agnes Scott News, Technique and Denver Post: irhere the Hell do Hynd ' s and Spencer ' s loyalties lie (or lay) . . . Sat., March 10 — Bob P »tter takes over Mother Arnall ' s desk in MeTyeire now: H ho the Hell ' s iror- ried ahont the downstairs furniture? . . . Hugh ' Malh ' t meets his match when he rastles with Marliii: is that what you tw » were doing? . . . .Won., March II — Politicians exph re p«issibilities of Hose-Nose Ingram running for president with cabinet of Murrah Short. Burton Scott and Bill Dilly- palni . . . Tues.. March 12 — T() social committee i-hair- man Jack Anderson announces cost of next (juarter ' s formal at S2(),(M)(): uhat ' cha i:ripiiiti about: that ' s the cheapest it ' s ever been! . . . 325 rt e(l.,Miir. I.i — HONOR COUNCIL HAS MEAT Exams are over ami Dooley liiliernates at the Blue Lantern. Tin ' s.. Mar. 20 — Sifinia Cliis picdfre leftover jack- ass from lKi ri l Dr. Pliillips hrraks onl his white hiicks (I ' riiit hoots) a lilth- |ir ' niatiir« ' ly. Dooley wonders what will happen if " Roekin with Red " is siihsliliiteil for nsnal chimes in (ileiin Memorial — That damn Mnnro won " t quit, for nothing. M «•( .. Miir. 21 — Dr. IcMillan dismisses lah early after much healed discussion on hydrolysis. Hol- land hcmoans rotten horon-ih system. Laird preaches to the foreign stnd -nts on Emory cnltnre . . . Dooh-y laughs. I ' hi Delta Tomatoes have hrawl (with -hap- eroncs present) at ILirr " s. Itoh (iamphell hrings nice •zirl h mistake. ( el thrown ont. Tliiir., Mar. 22 All is qniet till I I o " clo«-k. when Eeinherfj decides to call a (piick nu ' clin of the EC conncil to deei le whether they need more pid licily . . . The I ' hoenix offers to help. I ' oker Cliih I ' rexy Jack Lang pledges the clnh to help underwrite Dooley ' s Erolies. FrL, Mfir. 23 — (.0 M) ERIDA rcdls hy without a word ahont it from th I ' piscopalians . . . Do de eats lunch in the Den. reports to the infirmary for more of those damn pills and cough syrup. Oosterhoiidt gives first aid to Murrali who is sho ' kcd when light- ning caus« ' s liorton ' s pin hall machine to I ' lLi ' . BALLARD ' S Dispensing Opticians Walter Ballard Optical Co. Three Stores lOS I ' KACIITKKK SIHKKT. N. E. MKDICAL AHTS 111 II li| (; W. W, OKI! DOCTORS l!l II DIM; CONSOLIDATED QUARRIES CORPORATION i CRUSHED STONE WASHED SA n 1 DiccATiH. Gi:((i;(.i DEarliniii l()()l 326 Sfil.. Mar. 21 — lOiii Smith is appoinioil Cluiiriiian ol Iho IKC Kodoiit (Hilt) Coiiiiiiitt -)-. Doolcv knows he will do a ood joli. MAItKll llMl. .Snfi.. Mar. 2; — Crappa Alphas read stuicty iiotoH in th« ' Journal-Constitution, aio shocked to find no pnltlirity on their parties, (iel Asa Candler The Fifth oft his ean. Jaek Anderson f;ets up to eat supper he- fore fjoinf: hark to his daily routine. Dean Keee is- sues another damn HI LLFTIN — to answer some of the tnl arrassin : (jueslions posed hy erudite frat neophytes. Moil.. Mar. 26 — ODK nuels — Haley and. Iiosoni eompanion. Hurford trend le. Theolo s hold meet- infj protesting use of 4 latine as a druj;. Docdey makes applieation for proctorship in Petticoat Hall Mrs. Chick refuses to consider it — no hones allowed around my girls. Tiies., Mar. 27 — Cunningham finally decides to sell a few ads for 1 9. 1 Campus . . . we ' ll liax- enough money to run a few more pages of HANDS or FACES. Sigma Inyhody. and f. ' eryhody steal three pledges from Teih. Married students protest Dr. Alhert ' s course on marriage and the family . . . too many lahs ami not enough cuts. W od.. Mar. 28 — Al Block impresses everyl)odv at council meeting — we ' ll have a new constitution or nothing at all — Fm writing it. am I not? Dooley says flush it and let ' s pick on the activities some more. IF(! issues moratorium on drinking. Thur., Mar. 29 — Dooley s breakfast at the Den brightened by two gracious, charming, vivacious, co- operative, merry, faunlike, and personable waitresses I ! I ; i 4ii- ADAIR REALTY AND LOAN COMPANY Rkai. Fstate Renting Loans Insurance Healey Building Atlanta 1, Georgia ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT CO. I ' OM SLATE. l ' r„i n, ' lor S92 i ' l ( iniiKE Street Atlanta, Ga. C O M P L I M E N T S ESTES SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 56 Auburn Avenue Medical Books and Journals of all iiuhlishers on Medicink. Si r(;ekv. l•RSI (; M) l)l: TISTl{ J. A. MAJORS COMPANY lOo I ' .djicwond A C., ?S. E. ATLANTA 3. GA. LAinar 8268 Calaloiis CItcerjuUy Sent Upon Request ill Your college career is a time to remember — a time to be proud of — a time to profit from for the rest of your life. Til a real sense, the profit you take away I rom Emory will repro?nit interest on the in- vestment in time, ellorl and enthusiasm you made while you were here. In a larger sense, however, you will take away from Emory the accrued interest on the investment of their whole lives by generations of dedicated teachers; interest on the hard-won wealth of scores of unselfish Christian men and women who built Emory into wliat it is. provided the buildings and tlie grounds, and fought for the high standards which make an Emory education one to be proud of. And all your life long, you will continue to receive the benefits of those investments. ll uill l)e ..ur duly to sec Uuil they liave been worthwhile! EMOKV UNIVERSITY 328 I)eliin l couiitrr. vlioso cxpodiciit service is « ' xceo«lt ' l by only llijit of a Itlind, one legge l man pushing a Miieelharrow. ■ !.. Mar. :iO — I)o(tIey found sle | inf; in Woman ' s llea l on 2nd floor of liie Alumni IMemorial Hnililin i; . . . PruitI vonders how he il »es il. ort ' ' r his purple trousers for llie secret. W heel annouiiees that " I want l«» he like 1) — Henry. " Ilaley and " ;i e " em Hell " II ' len Hu :hes are « ' leeled to lead the eouneil for the remaintler of the year . . . Dooley wonders. Sat., Mar. :il — Dooley sobers up after Frosh-Soph •lanee last nijiht — these ) Miii uns start early and slay late . . . (ilee Club rt-lurns from Florida all wet . . . Philyaw ami Dr. I)« ' wey speak to ea li other again, niak« Ja -k ;uy mad. Dooley -hokes supper down and -jets ready to arbitrate the dispute between Hoy Harris and the so called " christian communists " over at the Theology Scho«d. Sun., April 1 — (ilooniy Sunday. Budd preaches on sin. Dooley blushes. Mon.. April 2— IFC AIVNOUNCES they will handle the drinking problem. Dooley says they always have since he has been here but its been no pr ddeni — they enjoy it. I ' raflic court members get threatening notes from unknown source. Tues., April 3 — Another damn editorial by Hynds on the IFC drinking problem. Dooley repeats, " it ' s no problem, we enjoy it. " Student Council signs Pas- tor to play for Frolics on the 4th and 5th .. . Let it come on, says Dooley. H f ., April 4 — This ain ' t no leap year, fool. Hands off, Dooley. Tliur., April ri — Law students introduced another constitution to help Haley and Block with theirs . . • efforts unappreciated. Council members get mad and walk out . . . Dooley laughs. McLean and Cohen still boasting about attending ODK convention in St. Louis. Fri., April 6 — Dooley kisses all the nurses good- bye, writes MacArthur advice on the Korean situation and crawls hack in his grave till resurrection time. 7 SHELL PREMIUM GASOLINE Compliments Your Neighborhood Shell Dealer : 529 Atlanta ' s Newest and Most Mddciii Camera Store Dei ignt ' d loi ' ouv shopijing pleasure and convenience Complete Stocks oj All Aalional Brand Photographic Equipment and Supplies. Expert Camera Repairing — Studio Supplies antl E(|ui|jnieiit WE BUY— SELL— TRADE Visit Our MODEL HOBBY DEPARTMENT ISENGOR CAMERA EXCHANGE 529 Peac-htree St. ATwood 4422-3 Atlanta. Georgia MITCHELL MOTORS, INC. ), „r OLDSMOBII.E Dealer Atlanta 3. Georgia Sales Service 3.50 West Peachtree St. WA. 5255 BON ART STUDIOS 222 I ' eaclitrec Street Atlanta. Georgla Our Officitil ] rtirhaok I ' hotographer MAIN LAIiOKATORY 334 W. Peacmtuee Stkeet ATLANTA. GEORGIA I ' llunr 1A. 2711 HOLLOWAY ' S CARD SHOP Lobby, Healey Building 56 Broad Street, N. W, WA. 8219 Framing Diplomas and Fraternity Membership Certificates Is Our Specialty THE 1951 CAMPUS TS BOr D TN A KINGSKRAFT COVER Designed and Produced bv KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPOHT. 11 M:SSEE GEOLOGY k BIOLOGY BUILDINGS EMORY ' JNIVERSITY, GEORGIA IVY CROOK. ARCHITECTS RAROK-THOUPSON CO.. COMTR. 331 These Are Your Friends— Adair Really Loan Co, Ajii« ' ri " an Bil)l« ' Soriely Aiiu ' ricaii Siirjii ' al Supply ( ' o. Allil ' li - Kqiiipineiit Co. Allanla Hrlliiiji Co. Allaiilic I ' arific lea Co. Rallard ' s Optieiaus Barge-Thompson Contraelors Burns Serviee Station C S Wholesale Groeery Co. Caniphell (Joal Co. Capital Autoniohile Co. A. M. Chandler Co. Chesterfield Laundry Christian Bell Contraetors Coea-Cola Company College Inn Colonial Stores Conger Printing Co. Cons di«lated (Quarries Corp. ( ' ox lusic Shop DeKalh l)e -alur Theaters DeKaih Motor Co. Dunlap Co. Emory University y lumni Assoeiation Emory Univ. Auxiliary Enterprises Emory Serviee Station Emory University Estes Snrgieal Supply Co. Glenn ari« " ty Stores Frank (Fraham Co. The Marri on Co. Herff-Jones Holloway ' s Car«l Shop IIort«ni ' s Drug Store Hotel Restaurant Supply Co. Iseng«)r Pliotogra]tlii - Ex« ' liange Ivey Crook, . r«diiteets Ivey ' s Drug Store Jersey lee ]r -ani Co. Kingsport I ' ress, Ine, Krispy Krenic Diuighnut Shop Lays Potato Chips J. A. Majt»rs Co. Mitchell Motors, Ine. Monlag ' s, Ine. Portrait Laboratories Rusty ' s Drive In Shell Oil Co. Southern Dairies, In« " . J. P. Stevens Engraving Co. Surgical Selling Co. Tennessee Egg Co. Thompson - Roland Lee . D. Thompson The Varsity Wagstaff Motor Co. Wilson Carpet Laying Co. Wynne Apartment Hotel York ' s Recreation Parlor Dental Advertisers: L. M. Anderson Dental Supply Co. Armstrong-Smith Co. Atlanta Denial Supply Co. J. Chandler Rahhvin S. D. Bell Dental Mfg. Co. Ha rry J. Bosworlh Co. ( olumhia Denloforni Corji. Crutcher Dental Supply Co. Davidson Dental Supply (]o. Paul M. Davis Dental Lalnu-atory Dentisrs Supply Co. of INcm York Eh«M ' liart-Con vay Co. Hanau Kiigiueering Co., liu . .1. F. Jeleuko Co.. Inc. Kirkland «!it McCilesky Martin Brothers PoM« ' rs Anderson. Inc. Pyeope. Inc. l{a)-Lyou (io.. Inc. Riller, Ine. S. S. Swilling Denial Technicians Thouip « u Denial (!o. R. D. Wehl) Denial Mfg. Co. S. S. While Dental Mfg. Co. 332 ince awn cemuz WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS FOOTE DAVIES, INC PHONE WALNUT 4600 POST OFFICE BOX 5109 ATLANTA ■M ■ - 1 M I I t II I I ( • • I It t t I l« I I I I 1 t « I II I I i li I I I , »l: 59i ' ' Hi V A r?-W- % ' i :.[(u ■ ivn r A I

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