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1-'ii :i'.,f.' " N 4 f J ITQS RE. 14 F, I A L 1 1 Wi g A-'L lv lx 'M x ,X Nfffxx H, 4 ' 1- .mv- r . -' .' -' ' A 1 1"-,QA-, , . ' ' ' -15. K F , .-.aw - 3:'- K 'gb Eg P O X 'QQ L: - , J 4- fugd I - .,.. 1'-h u' ak ' T::-'v'ZiD3,.- .. w xc- X is '-'i1:1:1.4,..".'-- ,.,r'g .- -Vg , . 1' 3' " ,Svgw '-f4fH..,.g-fg.:' .,- ., ' kg , :fx9.rift-gf-.'?1'sjglqwkgrnq , ' WQIP ' 5"'il'f?'fG'?f2,x'. 1 ,.-, 1 -- - ..f.-,-,,-: ."' - :,' iekqfy' X 73 ---- " '2f'zEf,-,Lv 1,w:33s,11.:-Sv., .Rb 'Q-,N 1, l5',X:f.r4lf L s 1. , ,fy:?m:3qv19y up -1 'x , -- 4-my-1?f?-3 KP' new-'Si5zY1 n'!f3gv"4.i:h', b ' Zaxklf-Q?.0MA', ' 1 'wifufrafflfvfx-. s are A f R? yf ffxfrgiifiwi' 2'1.'5liifQ5f"' ,-Vr-1fV3:i?-NMj?"- N 141.gifaiEE?QE95lb'a3.-.A f .41 QM-Lx' ,- Xiilws-:frm-'31:1411 i .mg .-mf'-1' H 153--5101:9.3.-.-'fQ'zQ.-Q' ,im .':.f:Q.H Brother, this book may not mean much to you Qbecause we got your name and pic- ture mixed upj but it's a heckuva load OIT my mind. Besides, just think of all the guys who got their names and piculres right. .fl6lw'yfL. pn " A 1 ' v v z , , - ,1 ww M ,, me A VmWw?W1?wwN5'B"'W. W H 5 KA Zh. W' W ,M mv , N ws ,WW Wxzmw 'K A H 3' Hz,,,,,: I- .,-w W 4 Agn, ,i,,Wg6- K, W 4 , V W ,f 11 sf .. R wi E- M w ME' ggi, . , i ,uf wg. ,Q -H Q BA F .LW -.--W-Mr. ' Er Ik , .far U F A W I M- 'Swv 'gs W , H ' H - " iz " WW ,,. N M M ,. VJ yfgxm A ,Q ,, f .Hg ,, :,: ,.. zzz n E - ,fl 'gf K W 5 1 L - Spgw gk - . - T .W . ' A N525 35' 5 19,55 ,, . .... . f ' 1 , - - -' ' " " 'Www 1. W V' 'E ""' .,.. : : ------- ' ' Lf" ,SEV WET f id' at I :' ,' gi 'M,,Lq,,4Sxw wg r ibm it " 2 f 'rf"' SI? sigig figigf gm si' 325,55 , H ,J ,. 1 1 bf ' 1, 5 is .mi H .,., I 22 .- f 1 9' -1 Q 3, ' . Y 4 ' ,x M-'M X -.-.2 E 'S - . H , .2 .. . .. xf gf - sa WWW - -2 m ff M gwmxmz :Ha .,... .me-:-2 ' ,-- .- 2 'nm 5: Jes' V '--' f ' E Q .. QW X .:,......, :Bags -:: ' awgw -5: V-55:5 -'-' 2:2-' r .... M - Q ' D X -- -' ' W , ., V , " --"' .-.- 1 ' H E 1.5, E W2 I W. 1 A3555 Q' ' gm.J,'l:gg Sifgfgik Q H - i' QE ma- 9 :-:- '- SH H- 3 ' 1 ' 'W X -'gs ' -.: .-.2:r :r:'-aff: Y- -' '-'- I W- 2-+5-JI ,, H . EQ-Er ' QE H mg? f ,Wk E . 5 ,sis EWG 152 'W " , W 3 ': "" A ' 'K Y Y M .552 E 5. 'Pm' V HW- Nuff n- ' --W ,. . A 1 5-' Eiif WM . ,,, , ,WF ET Q, Q gy in-'ig f W 11'-1 31: Q' Br sk W W -2 . f A ,, ' M 'F wg B- , W , , 'ggi 5 1. fu am A. ' " f ' N-1 wx V' -,Y .. A " -MW ' - S' ' Q fi , MQ, , X iw lm A M ig, . 1 -rg 'n , F. iw ,E V W V99 'W - ,gm ' ' sg? Ea ks? S-1 - , gf 555 L' . 2 I. 5 ' f , M is if E H, H U ,.: . -Q X. W ff- ...Ji K ' . Q.: ' ' is . 433159. M L: J " If 5 mJg.? 7gq1.-um.---.wQfg'g?3f'i3 - S'-A qs E A1-'Xi 1, - b e ,H "':i"gig "" -' . n w--M i-- '- i 5- , - gi g 'fly 1 If .: A6 Mm E iga? H55 iw if V.-Q V fi. -: :.- ' ,1', ia r f ME E 4f'uV"'1'b" 5 -Q 5:5332 E ' iid , EW Q! I 1 1, 4 'gf -,M , 1 .. W ' .I .. ,, M M- W, -Q H W -, . ., , A , Wg! x EW, wt .N M G Q ' , -,-v f , .:. , :.:.:.: zzz ,:.:.:.: 5 z 5 5: ig wf 5 ,Ny ,.,. gi:i 41o'.w gmg.m5"s ' . H W Sf 3 ' A I W 'B ' ' " 1?-.?f""fE: FI -:- If -I 1 Sa ' ' 358' Xmas, g Je' A ,l Am EEZ -fs? WSE Q E 1 F' ' Wi-xii' U' . ' , 5325 wg 3 mmbg -mums T.. . 5 'WM , Em si? ,Q ig ZW 2 5 EXW ' . E ' is 5 m - gg is ., - My B - H ss X .- 1 asf ss -I gn Ps Q 2 :-: H - H sf In 3 as a H E gl 1' 1 - ..:,-1. G - E E E Y ' H .,?':l'EmfiE'v B H E Q 2 IZ "' " . ' . , , , gif' - 1 W, V . ""' ' .C .17:1- 'J 1.12-mg - 'I , f!Jh"ff M :L :': ,nf'f35' ' ,Q .51 'L '- wi' f ':' 1-1931 " .. N .' ' . rx: If 4, . ,Q .ii 5 I, 'JE . ,Q . ig W 13:4 . 5' Y, ' K w E ' H . E E E E Q H E E ,Y Nl S8 E ki B S8 X - l U M N. Q JE E E E Q.-r' s SN JAH. ' . A ni Q Q 5' a l an 'iii' as ki: 'TEV' ,4 ".' 1' BBS Y E is Q H '21-" 1 ,fe v 5.1 E , -Q ms 4. ' 'few 49: W' -F .mx lm ' ' ' ' ,im -mg -g5ggwfv,w-' ' 4 -, AWE iw 4 , .mms H 3: 8.-- ,. '- JOHN S. MCKENZIE Eclizfofr GEORGE WRIGHT Business M cmager ir CAM US fQ48 fr-. A is fm if ft S . is ,if ii 2 wp, 4' ' ra ww L 54231, 21,22 ii Wal ff-Wikia saw , Ns g a log, HHLLL. iff . ff 'ta 'r 'QM f d I EEXQ-i My its' ii lfil W 'Jaffa gb tc L M3 slr 1 AJS Q.. FY if , : ii' ll,?-19.1-:1'ii23.. i-.-if ' Q P5 , Ji-E2 -ill .a 5 " .- X FUREWURD N 1838 Iifteen freshmen and sophomores entered Emory College to become the first students of a school which was destined to be- come one' of the South's leading educational institutions. As the years Went by, Emory grew. In l9l5 the school was moved to Atlanta and was char- tered as a university. Now Emory is on the threshold of a new era- an era which has already seen the return to the campus of most of the pre-war functions and activities which were inert during the recent war. Symbolic of this new life is the spirit of the hundreds of new students who have entered col- lege for the 'first time and who are now meeting the responsibilities of a vast and fast-moving university. just as college is a challenge and a new adventure for them, so the new era is a chal- lenge and a new adventure for the University as a whole. A view of life at Emory shows us how the University has accepted this challenge. For this reason, the editors of the CAINIPUS have chosen a year at Emory as their theme. Scholarship, athletics, social life and other extra-curricular activities are included in a year under the Blue and Gold. The first whistle of Football season, Dooley's presence at Frolic time, the annual Push Ball game-these are among the many scenes which are witnessed annually at Emory. To portray these and many other events is the purpose of this book. C0 EN A Year at Emory . Dedication . . Administration Faculty . . Parents' Day . Faculty Cartoons ..... College of Arts and Sciences . . School of Business Administration School of Medicine . Law School . . School of Theology . Library School . . School of Nursing . Graduate School . Publications . Beauty Section . Activities . . Honor Societies . . Recognition Societies . Sports . . . . . Fraternities . . . School of Dentistry . Dooley's Diary . . 6 10 12 16 33 34 38 100 110 122 182 140 1114 151 160 170 186 218 288 286 258 802 884 X 3 n 56... fm' If thx AH-j'I'1XS il' Cv f "s?5Q'z5'i wt, in fi Xljpf A: 'li LCS-'ik MJ ' ' lfsffifi YIMWKH QAVQ K fh lixhlifb-' if . . WV-fi ia 1' fa... f 'B it f Q diff Q ,, LCEK1-lLJ11-,J -S J 'Q gc S Q Z g.:Wg! Tli',wQ M3 ,af if R ss 33,2 in Ee A'Dfsf'N' ff' iv me 6-2 t. - .. Lf- ' ll Iii 'H5',,2-izrlfigd.. 2' E E T . - : i y,:3,gL::'::fQiQ1 - '-' R - wnhzvignsan ., SUMMER QUARTER A year at Emory . . . one year out of four . . . but 1947-48 was a memorable one .... It was one primarily of growth and planning for the future . . . but it had meaning for the present too. . . . Expanded faculty . . . increased enrollment .... It was the year that saw freshmen with no service experience enter the University .... It was a year that saw some semblance of "normalcy" return to the campus. The Summer quarter got under way in typical fashion . . . standing in lines isn't the exclusive property of the army and navy .... But then it wasn't too bad .... It was the weather that made us cuss hot classrooms and peal down to T-shirts and jeans .... It was the hot weather, also, that brought out the girls .... Agnes Scott helped brighten up the Quadrangle as did our Nurses .... The ice-cool-looking marble buildings nestled down in the green of Druid Hills backgrounded the whole scene .... The first evidence of Emory's growing pains came with the wooden annexes .... Fishburne annex led the way with "A", "B", and "C" following .... Construction crews and trucks became part of the scene .... Some of us joined the work and helped scar the ground near Fish- burne to hold pipes that were the bones of a greater Emory. YEA Across the tracks 'ASlobbovia C" was turned over to Theology students .... Other residents of our shanty town complained about the heat even more than the rest of us .... But it wasn't too bad. Johnny Johnson had his troubles . . . new stu- dents hadn't heard of tralhc regulations . . . a few decided that parking on the grass was a good idea. At last we got a Student Activity building . . . small but better than nothing .... Down on Ark- wright drive the two new dormitories were being finished .... Building . . . growing .... Out of the plans of men who l0 and 15 years ago could see a new Emory. Athletics for all got a healthy boost .... Bull- dozers . . . scrapers . . . once weapons, now helpers . . . growled their way onto the athletic fields. . . . In great hunks the land melted away .... The skeleton of the new gym pushed its way upward. . . . A dream and a wish coming true. The time-worn old gymmzsium comes down . . . . E .. Z . mu, .... -. . SS - 'A SSB - E- nm- 'Ui ma-so E' ss- Hs. H .a 4 . is is n AT 'GDR Then came the biggest news of the year .... It came with no warning and it went out across the nation .... One of the University's greatest friends became one of its greatest benefactors .... Howard Candler . . . out of his love and faith in Emory . . . gave the University 355,000,000 .... What the gift will mean . . . growth . . . progress . . . will be shown to those who follow us. , Down to the last day of hnals the Summer quar- ter was a prevue of the future .... A bright and growing future. FALL QUARTER Witli the coming of the Fall quarter the School of Business Administration flexed its muscles .... Out of the cramped rooms of the Fishburne build- ing . . . down to the spacious and sparkling Rich Memorial .... More evidence of Emory's growth . . . this newest building was given the University . . . and the new gym rises to lake its place. I Q Q I -3:3 1 I fi W, f , Z l X5 T8 "iw 1? Q f givin-"e." N E - ll tl Elm :Ii s g, 5 Q , -. ,,-.--,,- -, -- A -...---,1..,--,----,--,-.-,, -- , by Mr. Walter Rich . . . another of our Hnest friends. VVith speeches . . . covering Georgia and the nation . . . the drive for the Alumni-Student Ac- tivity building was relaunched .... More growth for the future. Along with the physical expansion Emory broadened its educational scope .... The Oak Ridge Institute granted the University a leading role in peacetime atomic study .... And enroll- ment reached an all-time peak . . . 3218 students on the Atlanta campus . . . 500 more at Valdosta and Oxford. A The blue of the navy sailed back to Emory . . . but only temporarily .... This time the Univer- sity was given a bronze plaque in gratitude for its work in training naval personnel .... Changes came also in the faculty and administration .... J. G. Stipe was appointed to the post of Director of Admissions. The University went international this quarter. . . . Students from seven foreign countries regis- tered .... 397 married students benefited from Drf. ' - F.:- ii Hifi fill Y E A ll ' ngl,, ftg3f5q,, rf: silt L- H 1:1 Sin 4 t .-.": Hr 1" 6:5 rf-," Cflfyif-rl' H" cf, ,SAY A ff, 54zc.2?'.--- gf1Qn3,fg . , gl wivfflff, 1 big guns on students as campus elections neared. l' 52,3 fzgum . . . 113 candidates announced their intention to I . 7!Qff'??7tf-54WWf,,f,,5i,:j,,nf'3?22E?'V"" g if run for Student Council. f ff' ix M 5 More building .... Crowth for tomorrow. Q ff!-""' M Bhgmw ganna D f tt? -all-:E , , f ' 'A ' 5 1.2 ' 1 , x :iw fffi - W 2 H334 ' . ' ' Mfg, VMQT7' f -' ,Fa PM ' . W' .R " f gi N ' .ff iff- Mm... - .. - . I, ,V ,I 7.,-,jlig -rx All ,gun K I , Q 6 f 'K ' . ' udfra W f A-22:21:22 T 5 I i . J fa --f bm- cv, vi T-457 -f Q c, -:Q M29 g A Q c OW . f' our growth . . . in two years housing for married Emoryites increased from 16 units to 397 .... The intramural football league teed off with the Junior-Senior clash .... VVhen the dust of the Upper Athletic Held settled the Seniors were on top 6-0. N The Concert Band made its initial appearance . . . more building for the future .... In keeping with the expansion program Alpha Phi Omega launched a drive to keep the campus grass in shape . . . "Keep OH?" signs sprouted up everywhere. . . . The Ugly Man contest for the benefit of the Com- munity Chest was copped with ease by Frank Jones .... The University began running buses for Clifton road dwellers so they could get to church. . Four professors were granted research allow- ances by the Carnegie Foundation for the Ad- vancement of Teaching. M. . . The Maintenance Department had to take on more men . . . work on all the new buildings was too much lior the old stall. Less than two months after the opening ol? the Rich Memorial building its donor died .... Mr. Wfalter Rich, beloved by Emory and the South, lived long enough to see the living memorial to his name take its place on the campusl Mr. George Mew told of plans to make the University roads keep pace with the expansion of its buildings . . . sidewalks . . . streets . . . would be widened .... The local politicians trained their WINTER QUARTER The WVinter quarter accompanied by chilly blasts was the third period in this time of Emory's growth .... Satisfied and rested students came back to the University after Christmas vacation .... It was cold waiting in line for books at "Stormy', lNeather's book store . . . but the effect of turkey dinners offset the frigid winds. A Senior class organization was planned to bring together the largest fourth year group of men in the University's history .... Post ollice box holders were thrown into confusion .... Authorities forc- closed on boxes whose rent was overdue . . . orders from Uncle Sugar .... Re-roofing of the Clifton road apartments was begun . . . and the last coat oi? paint was applied to the trailers. Rich flflemorinl--Hezu home of Ihr: School of Business Aclministration. RY The ultra-modern cafeteria kitchen went into operation . . . conveyor belts took the place of the white-coated bus boys .... This was the first step toward the completion of the Alumni-Student Activity building . . . the new kitchen will serve the dining halls when the structure is finished. A one-night crime wave rolled over the campus. . . . The W1766fI.Y aspiring police reporters were out in force .... The Library was broken into . . . but the big doorsiof Mr. Mew's safe stood fast. . . . A few stamps . . . a few cigarettes . . . booty for the night. Contributions'poured in for the Alumni- Student Activity building .... Nearly fliS300,000. . . . The reality of the building grew nearer. . . . The business school got a new dean . . . Professor Gordon Siefkin took over the office in the gleam- ing Rich building. As the basketball season tipped off, Emory took its place in the National Collegiate Athletic Asso- ciation . . . an honor for our intramural program. . . . The Blue and Gold tank team opened the From tennis courts to telnpomry clzzsmooms- one of the new avmexes. if fb, 91: -'fly ,WNW ,.. vid- tv, , .. if , 41 is fs," .... .... . .....- .V- Qvrl in JA hi., gf,5 M M. g giuiislliiifi, X M If "Zi X 41:7 'QW ,Tl Gr in-ill 7'1I1w1I1nnnn.uvu A gy -ha Zilla -4 g-:LT5cSlllUTp f:'l0' uk ,Nui S ,Zi " K 'Li' 7 My M QW? X 'af All A ' W N11 ' I f W Ov Ia-a f WW 0 l l! ws- .fi U K -1- f f I Ill: if ' 5 ww M 4 J f W 1 me f a fr . 'N . 1 'Whip My E A All 7 'C sf ' "s" l' li9 ' l M P I El 4 . . 4 A W . A , E EE ll l l r 1 I' ' q i :QL fb' C 1 ' A "wi-1 ,-172. .- ,vi S M' n 7 .Y 5 " RX . 7131 1,6 12 1 A --:E-H J C .'J5i1- SW -f-- - ' ' G 6' -'-igajwg' e 000120-"i -3-, . ,Q-li" -2-'T 1.--pfn' " 'fa ' agiiagf-s'Pz"u ffuiw' season . . . splashing six foes before falling to a power-laden Florida squad. Three internationally-known theologians came to speak at the fourteenth annual Ministers' Week. . . . Enrollment went up again . . . this time with 3227 signing for courses .... University art went to the nation's capital . the Library of Congress asked for and received pictures and painting of the campus. The Honor System came in for close inspection. . . . The Wheel polled students and found most liked the idea of being on their own during exams . . . but they didn't understand the System. . . . The medical school grew along with the rest of the University . . . through the gifts of anonymous donors the enrollment for the school was increased 20 per cent . . . as thousands cheered .... The future was taking shape. '4The South's Sweetest Singers" invaded Florida and came away with a complete victory .... A nursery was added for the children of Emory stu- dents . . . as the first set of twins bowed onto the campus. As the quarter came to a close students went to the polls and elected a new president . . . as Emory kept growing. .-,1 ' rf 1-1 ITH sincere respect and admira- tion, we dedicate this l948 CAMPUS to Edward Shea, Emory's varsity swim- ming coach. Coach Shea's successful work with the Atlanta Swimming Association and the Emory Varsity, as well as his prominence in Southern aquatic cir- cles, has earned him the reputation of being one of the nation's top swim- ming mentors. Since coming to Emory, Coach Shea's influence for the highest quality of athletic competition and sportsman- ship has been felt throughout the campus. His untiring efforts to mold a good swimming team at Emory have always been looked upon with admira- tion- by Emory faculty, students, and alumni. ll E..- mn ss wi A-sf was AEA' -B N hw mass B ss ss mn mah M, S :ng Wm sewn H ss mn was E ss gs a ss a ss ss sa 1 U .Y y ll H,- my 4a m ss max -5 , A H. ss a -m my insa- egg ss mama Hams -iw ss mx Van ss n sw ss HB4 Q-2 HHH SSM: sw WH Q E mn L - aees,.f EE 525526 GOODRICH C. VVI-IITE, Ph.D Presiclent of the U niversity Kofi ,., X i -sf 6219 lid N Q kv-9' a I PRESIDENT VVHITE Dr. Goodrich C. YVhite has seen Emory Uni- versity through one of its most progressive years. , Under his leadership the University has carried on one of its most extensive building programs, expanding to meet the needs of En1ory's enlarged peace-time student body. v I i v v BOISFEUILLET JONES 101-1N A, GRIFFIN Assistant to President Assistant to President TIIATI L L ' QCL, Reg-ZJf75FG YV. AIKEN SNIART Chaplain 'Wx fb Q? I Xv ' Win V GEORGE H. MEW it , Trenszm'e1' and Busmess l1lCl7Z6lg6T -via-' 5 N YZ5 X - .11 U55 , 0871 Gxlggfjcha-S1713 A D Q vb ' 5,55-'-Q Q J. G. STIPE Dm ectm' of Admissions GE. t . . ' . . Assrstcm U nzverszty Physzczan N EI XIXD50 . V15 C YK-DA. gllfm 4 ' HA oi'-GY' to T 1 Ca JACOB D FARRIS 60020210225 RIS 0 me UN ERSITY 1 IGNATIUS 1 f - 'T . f-Q 'Q- 'fa , .-G' LNXXSON GAY-ET X A Tian Amklanl BROCK I ROBERT C..1VIIZELL NIPRR n .t LR5,ln'rL eglslvm- Dwectov' of Umzfersztgv Develojament Un1.'U3'751 7 SAMUEL L. LAIRD Director of Religious Life lf ' 3 .W-T . . A ' ,:,::"'H ' H 1 'V . ' ,I3 ' ' .. fws-1' V ' , ? 'G ' i . .. "' . 1. , ,f,..'.m 1 v-' 1-I , " -, f X ' Ltgiyf "i-M, K 21, .' ' ? .11 V-' 3 -,., - S W ' A-"" 1: ' -' ', .11 V ,f 1 ' 1 ., , R, . . ,: -nn zg, -. 'tfif-'-kiwi, L 1j'fP!4f'SF'if'54F.?, at' -'Hu ,fig--fa. ffm-.rffi M.-4, gfvfy, 4-L 35 My ,. A1 H., q1,.Q:,,... "ma, . Wei-f-.5 . ' ' "5 1. 1 N " fflA5i'5'li.':f2' Fu ,- -1 -1.- .i-.'-- Y. F: ".--- V 1, 11.1.1 "522Tssb fr-1" ' ia".W'fLi? 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P1-,11.1,L1Ps Chairman of the Department DR. YVOOLFORD B. BAKER Professor DR. 1lOBERT C. 111-IODES Professor DR. .ALVIN V. B15A'1'rY Acting Associate Professor -IULIAN T. DARLlNG'l'ON 177Sl'l'1lCIf0'l' N NIICI-IAEL' J. 'TAKAS I nsl ru elo r 1 DR' VVILLTAM B' REDMOND I 11 suuch S'lL'l'7'0ll7'lfll7'1gS fresllmen become very familiar with 1455051056 P7'0ff'5507' frzerzdly thmgs like the Squalus Aczmthius. Dk. HOWARD M- PHILLWS Formaldehyde, scalpels, probes, and the ever-present mz'c'ro.scoj9es are part of those Clzairman of the Department long afternoon lab sessions. DR. WVOOLFORD B. BAKER DR. ROBERT C. RHODES DP-5 ALVIN Y- BEATTY P.,.0fe55O,, Professor Actmg Assoc. Professor eleofly CHE TR DR. J. SAMUEL GUY Clzairmcm. of the Department DR. OSBORN1: R. QUAYL12 Professor DR. Lula W. BLITC1-I A sso cle le Pro fessor DR. R. A. DAY, -IR. Associate Professor 35. DR. CHARLES T. I.r:sT15R hAss0c1'ale 'Professor .4 ' ,X N DR. VVILLIAINI H. JONES Associate Professor A jfzmgle of glass pipettes, Bzmsen bzlrrzers and miles of tubes DR- BRUCE MCDUFFIE compose a typical picture of chemistry labs. 177SfTUCf07' W . , , , a an xx - l R . li-Zgw B ' r .fm .sm ' ' V as E W sf gm'-R-ar'-A R- Y! ,. n' gs sn DR. J. SAMLHQL GUY DR. OSBQRNR R. QUAYLE DR- LEE YV- BLITCH Cll!U.'l'IlIfI7I of life Deparlnzenl Professor Assoczate Professor x F l 1 , ,ir V W U 1 DR. R. A. DAY, JR. DR. CHARLES T. LESTER DR. VVILLIAIXI I-I. JONES DR. BRUCE MCDUFFIE Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Instructor IEC DR. JOHN H. Gow Professor DR. BUFORD BRANDIS Associate Professor D. J. IXIAY Assislcmt Professor ALISERT GRIFFIN Associate Professor DR. JOHN I-I. GOFF Professor - . - H - ' R... -H H m H E Wis e H A' Seem-Q: as-f W .M wiv ,A . Qi .wg KNEE H sr Q... Q95 ming SSEWQ . H l ss aw' mg ICS view fe N., Professor Nlay explains the supply and demand theory in Economics 201. Professor Whitman closes in on his stuclents in economies class. - 2 I-2..:. . r'Z1saf2 f' H is ,hw - ::saf " ! 7 ss . ZHQESZNQ SEN lui H ss WSW gm T5 - .m E Simi me k I R 1. ! E . . H ' 5 . Em M ss mx an 1 ima- New Q s . as Axes up Qimms nam - H F Br-. B f S , gm m AILAN L. RITTER .D. MAY ISLBIQRT GDIFFIN H ' ifwssisizint Professor Assistant Professor Associate P1 of 3-Y-YO' JI. ' fs gig I ' 'iii A , gs? ' C4 .KW www aeafzfy EDUCATIU QEQULTWM r-5 E rf., mga' I Vs . E AN Q 1 DR. STERLING G. BRINKLEY Chairman of the Dejmrtrnent DR. RALPH E. WAGER Professor ofEducalio1z DR. JOHN A. DOTSON Professor of Education SAM VVIGGINS Visiting Instructor Dr. Brinkley stops to smile during a lecture to students in the Held of education.. i igiiigiiiiig . wiring 555 mB E Bm mwzgl-is . DR. STERLING G. BRINKLRY D1 Wiggms begins a lecture zn Education 910 for prospective teachers Z77 secondary sclzools RWE '- Siam? Q QW Aw his M 5 E is WM. E 4' ' V Q A l?W?f-'Li 1 r-f-5' ., .' - ' g H ' ' ' .' iz.:-r 'f , ' ., .',g4.-Ti, f' . 151 gf Q.Qq3,f5Q1, " ?I'E5E ,.,,..,. ,., ,., 5- 'ag .,. ,., F., EiE'gQs5:'iE DR. IQALPH E. YVAGER Professor R MER RER R, Chairman W I says? MESS? R r fha? F 5 I s DR. JOHN A. DoTsoN SAM XVIGGINS P 7'0f6SS 01' Visiting Instructor G EERING mb. fy "' ' ' ' 'Q' T ' -1 f , R R H. . :awww 5 :BKT SSE 5 R S E E ss s-x mx I R E B R R- im!-.MQMR gf? fi Hausa-M L fw RER ,smgxaim Ig" 9' Q R R: ,,., ,-., JOHN B. PEEBLES ROBERT I-I. ROHRER V Chazrman Assistfmt Professor FACULTY JOHN B. PEEBLES . ,.., Chai,-man ROBERT H- ROHRER - . Assistant Professor FI ABT muff, W f-R-E - - ---1 Y -7 sm ss R n ffm ss sm- ww ass ss -1 R .E A 1 .. . . wp: R mn mn 'Q ss ss R R ss- Bmw x R ss DR. NIALCOLNI H. DEWEV T. M. BRAUMBAUG1-1 Clmirmavz. Instructovf FACULTY DR. ANIALCOLM H. DEWEY . . Clzaivmcm T. M, BRAUMBAUGH . . Instructor 1 mt. fy NGLISH . l., DR- T. H- ENGLISH A view from cm English classroom. Clmzrman I I DR. li. T. MARTIN DR. MAX PATRICK CARLTON NUNAN Assoriale Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor E . S A, 4. twinw,-H . I., , . M I , f, A A W .E Hgsm . A -M W H H -'Rf I. -Q'-.J m1"mg E nm" A - XVALTER MONAIR f1.vs1stanl Professor Instructor hlstrurtor WARD PAFFORII L. -HARIKIS CHIIWNING DR. THOMAS H. ENGLISH Chairman of the Department DR. GARLAND C. SMITH Professor DR. I-I. PRIINTICIZ MILLER Associate Professor DR. EDWVIN T. MARTIN Associate Professor DR. AJAX PATRICK Associate Professor CARLTON NUNAN A ss istrm t Professor In WARD PAFFORD Assistant Professor DR. JOHN E. TILFORD1 Assistant Professor L. HIXRRIS CHEWNING Instructor LEWIS M. 1X4CNEELY Instructor YVALTER IYICNAIR Instructor JOHN TN. WVOODALI., III Instructor JR. DR. JOHN E. 'TILFORD Assistant Professor LEWIS M. MCKNIQHA' Instructor ss '-Sadie DR. J. LESTER T. ALLEN ROMEO J. MARTIN Chazrman Asszstcmt Professor 1mt,-uCt0,- FACULTY Dr. G. Lester, A. C. Munyan, A. T. Allen, Romeo J. Martin, and VV. F. Ingram. Jo NALISN Muffy, W , . E Nm my w' N' . H ' ss ll . sa -- 'XENA WE .nf if J 14 .FE crm: . . . 2 ,-Q 'lihk , is gm kann. mem mi' W x its .1 gs we H? Q DR. RAYMOND B. NIKON FLOYD K. BASKETTE RICHARD JOEL Director Associale Profafsor Asszsmnt Professor Dr. Raymond B. Nixon, Floyd K. Baskette, Richard joel, Marcus Bartlett, James Mackay, and Edward Bernd Muff, III TUB- DR. JOSEPH J. NIAT!-IEXVS DR. Ross I-I. MCLEAN DR. BINIGI-IAM DUNCAN Clzaj-rma.'n of the De2bm'lm.ent P1'Ofe'SS01' 1415800161156 Pfofwsoff' if I R - . 35 an-Q-,W W JAMES RAIIUN PHILIP WALTER EDWIN W'1LLIAMs' Asszstfmt Professor Instructor I nstmctor I . Z , it In ' , . A , 4 A- - wav A ' usual- E ' E X B: YVILLIAIVI Bow: FRANCIS BENJAMIN CARL STIPE Instr-zlctov' Instmctor Inslrzzctor MATHEMATICS cwwffg IJOUGLAS Rl,IA'Il3I.li Professor DR. CHARLES E. CLARK A sso cin I e P1'ofess0 1' DR. VVlI.l,,IANI VVINN hzstriuclov' 4 ff I ' 1 -- .jk Physics IJ'lLI.lClI'7'lg', home of thc Aff1fll6l77llfl.C'.S' D6fJH'!'lIl7-Kill 3 DOUGLAS RUh4l3l.E DR. CHARLES CLARK DR. VVILLIAM VVINN Pmfessm' Associate Professor I nstr11cto'r 111111.11 0PnY flmffy, DR. LICROY LOENIKER llllairman of the Depnfrtmenz DR. JAMES A. PAH' Associate Professor DR. HELMUT KUHN Professov' 4. 7' fi f " f , q . y ' R ' 5551- f 4-11, 'gif .sa r: A - '25 wie -- g' f M1515 'J wi - s, H if awk .52 -. ffm. , MH . A .QQAL - bfi ..., ' . -A if . iw E '- A lx .W - ,. , . ,A Al . L::': Z: grimy. M ' A ' it .' W NWT '- 3 1,175-'V-Hgwg 1,1 ,mv , Q- 3. - :.- '35 iw .q?,wrfg .-25:7 .QA wwf- js x mai ga I -,gg . DR. LEROY LOENIKIER DR. HELLfIUT KUHN Chairman Pfvfessvv' A N ff PIILITICA SCIENCE l DR. CULLEN B. GOSNEI.I, Clm:"rnmn .of the Dejmrlmmzt Wu.1.mM B. S'l'UliB?-5 Profe.s'so1' DR. LvNwo0n M. I'IOI.L.-XND Assorinle Profe.s.s'or -I. ELCIN POOLR lnslrurlow' X'VARRL1N C. DICKSON 1nstr11c'to1' A political science class takes notes on a Iectvrre in the FRANCIS COKFR Clzurrh School B11ilcI1'ng. l"is1'ling Professor -sf", DR. CULLICN B. GosNr:l,1. VVILLIAM B- S'l'UI4HS DR- LYNFVOOD HO'-LAN" C 1, ,L ir, ,mn P,-Dfw-.5-Oy Assoczrzle Professor -en. up Ysd' l X -N V 2, . J. ELGIN Poou: YVARRIEN C, DICKSON FRANCIS Comix I11st1'uclo1' lrzslruclov' Vzsztmg Professor SYCHULQIGY ctcttfty ,. , , DR. MAURICI5 C. LANGI-IORNE , 4 . E91 K. . M Q. N Chazrman of the Defaartment , Q -m" , DR. I'IERM'ON VV. MARTIN if C C I Professor DR. ROBERT C. TOPPER Assistant Professor EMMORAN B. COBB Instructor YVILLIAM F. DUKES, JR. Instructor R: za , SY- .I - - M if . mn ss ax 4 - Q: 1 If - H ,4 A . W N l Top: The Fishburrze Building, home of Emoryii psychology de- DR. NIAURICE C. LANGHORNE jmrtment .... Bottom: Looking over the students in a psychology Chairman class. DR. HILRMON W. lXdARTIN DR. IKOBERT C. TOPPER WILLIAM F. Dumas, JR. Professor Assistant Professor Instructor aw fy, PHYSICS Students gather around equipment in the physics lab. DR. D. RUSSELL NICNIILLAN, JR. Professor ERNEST H. HADDOCR Associate Professor CHARLES P. ADAMS Ivvstmrtor "" Q. - . , E ..,.. , E? E ., Y I' DIILS. ' ' " I H E . , A . W gg 5: VV ' ,: 65 I is E.. lx. A "E uasx' QYQLV, -,Rv ., :.: F 1' 5 5, H -E 1? .E , . E n .I M, . 1 E . RQ aa E S E H F 'W 1 sz ' J E I R E21 ESQ . 2 gr LI, E 1 K E 1 H E E A yawn. E M EW ' , ,, :-'1 Qflf '-Y' H: . -. - ' sp ' 11, "L f A, : , if 5 gg fx K a mi , S fix: 15: 51133. f " . Q BS 1' 3 EYE-' mbsf: .- . .- hr. E Q gl 141: ' IRQ E55 ' ' 1- Ts ,K ,mi 3 K .- V 1 X S f-A E, mfg V5.5 1' 1- Hg- -., 4,1 Ei'??i?'1 11 - ' . QL.: DR. D. RUSSELL NICNIILLAN, JR. ERNEST H. PIADDOCK A CHARLES P. I-XDANIS Professor Associate Professor Instructor amffg, oclouuiv ss." E - l .E E w Q DR. I-XLLEN ALI3liR'1' JAMES YV. VVIGGINS C 7Ml21'171fUl Assistant Professor DR. I-XLLIZN ALBEIX1' C 11 a 1 7'77'I,fL7Z .JAMES YV. VVIGGINS Ass1sZanL Professor ANGUAGES GZCM, -.-i....mf-:--- -Y. . . 1 nr Sr 6 ms. sis was V s wzq ff 3 B N R5-2' P a ff? I . .2313 . 1-':'.:f2xi?,:fmse .' . - 'sz-.14 V' wi . 1' .,.ng. fy-2 V ' lk. . fi, V.: .:.:,:.,m,5E.Eg. X 'nh' vu 5 A . .-,. ..,...,, M 3. .:.: 9 J... ' '. V44 Y' E was N wiht? 1 ,I ww 1 .5 Rf, ,ry "ff f iiiggkx . Rss. 5 RUM R Hn sf R52 IRQ: 11V-ax, gf' 4 i E Q .-if .gf - za .J ffm-wg .-ww ff K .W - .: x ' ff :....:4mm.:f:. fm, . r we , .. 5... , - -- . fs- iff? .w5.If11 :'-"fi . Q . Y eff. " qi: . ' 155525 ,-f- , .Q . H., .,...,,... , . -x A we ' . Jr .af - . Rjxwfgzr-'f.4. .' X 1. i 4 ,igis ggg 1 . . L5 ,. ..w .ge H "gf ,ff A - .,. A . -R 1,31 3 .,'5,i,3jwQgQ15 A .R . V ' M' ai Rf sl -f . fill R 4. .gm X52-f':Jf-,.r,1'-..3-,I'1'i,., ' Sf!fffw'f'.'?ffK2f:n1.iv . , ' 4V3?'3:41 Q. 4 .5 ' Wiz -'- 4' 2252i we .e -ffw -111. 1-,wr J' 21. fv- ---v .pf"1:? -f -Z. ..:.., - -' . ' . - ',E"'i, 1 ,f 1-1 -1.:,v.,,xRav4,.-'-,-,.5Q- . .'..u,-.-, x ,,ygt..,. ZW. "-92-L 'Rami 5. 551: '-v?-I--fb - -- - ' -'f 2, 51 3' 2,267 R4 ff '24 "' ' CHRISTIAN F. HAMFF DR. CHARLES R. HART YVILLIANI A. STROZIIER P"'0feSS0"' Professor Professor DR. IlOBER'l' L. SCRANTON DR. JAM RS Y. CAUSEY GEORGE B. KEYS Associate Professor Associate P1'0fesso1' A sszslnnt Powfessm' DR. Euor U TAY Assislrmt P1 nfessm MARSHALL M. BANKS VVALTER D. KLIN12 CHARL1-is W. Rov.RR'rs l11st1'uctm' In.st1'uctm' 1n.st1'11ctor M. IJONALD W ALKER Instvuctm ...I ,:, :.: ,.,:?.:,. , ,gif . -. Lzwgf. . QQ1"'+ US ESS AD NISTRATIO LYLE E. CAMPm5l.L Professor DR. .IO1-IN H. Gow Professor H V E n DR. Bur-'ORD BRANDIS As.s'oc'1'a t e Professor DR. C. SIDNEY Clo'1'TL15 E Associate Professov' ', A1.1a15R'1' GRIFI-'INQ ' Associate Professor BYRON PIILLIEY I71SH"lLCf0l' V1c'1'ov. P. T ABAKA Assorrifztc Professov' pm. H. .nm ,ss W a ,H .sf nl -nm- :sgs ' Bll5'i71CSS stuclerzls receive ivlslrzzction in a slatistiml IfI.IJO'l'1llOTy in the Rzclz buzldzng. GEORGE S. CRAFT LYLIE E. CAMPIHCLL J Retirecl Dean I 1'f1f1fS-WT' sw 1 if 4... M475 ku, g, DR. BUFORD BRANDIS DR. C. SIDNEY COTTLI2 Assoczale Professor Agwgiage P1-Ofgggoy ss, ares ms .. am :mn . . 55. 'E " SYKMRQ ZWQEH1 E . Igmamigsx WW B- -sg, H :E H - Qgiiw, q E E W W1 ...Qgww UQ N , ,ws mug m 5 x Q Q Us AEN au E ,E ss TE SHQIH M 5 , ,im mi? W. 5 .H Www.. Q QE. ajax ss QE? HQ F 12 an N az. S-any ., bm .E- mg- .E- -ss DR. XV. TATL: W1-lr1'MAN ASSUC1'!llC' P1'ofcs.sov' -H .-5' W. , H Won ' as EVERETT R. BOLLINGER I rzstructov' .1 n -1 sa n I1 E . ss gm DR. R. PIUGH Woou Dean of the School DR. DANIEL C.ELK1N P1'ofes.so'r DR. JOSEPH SZEPSENSXVOL Associate Professor DR. XfV1LL1AM C. XVVARREN, -IR. P1'ofes5m' ss 5 asm ss? ssf. A mrs EH 0558 JE ii: F..-.' 52P.5FnW-W'-s? . 3 mfs- sf ss s Ss f sssss 1 .H E . DR. R. HUGH Woou Dean of the School DR. DANIEL C. ELKIN Professor EDICAL 6ZCOLZfg 4 si E in ss .M 5 . .. . -wg ,N E ' , jf v V I.. niggas s' fs . as ss nl SS EE H E E B B 1' w sw --,A Rm- ss .QE .P . Q 9 5 . . . E ss nl B W s 5? . 5 ...,E... . ... Med students study X- fvms . s F5523 E Hass. . E ss ss ss ss s s swim. s' 551. H W mws s -ss -s ssmss E . W. Ms ss-Rss .s fi ss ssss- 5. ssss 2 sf ss ss ssm mss s f B ss ss ss ss ss ss , s ss Bam s .sawn . is M s - DR. JOSEPH SZEPSENSYVOL Associate Professor ws :Susan ms H ms KBQEEB mass? is V sm . M WWE msss,,gk:'Es3Mss Wss'3.,fs'fL .s sis' S .wsu .-4-ssffgss H. . msgAs'B'm Hsssss s- s. ssrgss -. Q ss svs y ,wsu H svgmg-sg sg wus .Ei wx . imssb' gn ss ms ss H sfdss M , ss, K WE. .sf-f' sf s F- l 552332 Q" mimi W ss--s . .. Y' 3. . 'sis E I ...Iss so s ft . , . .stuff ....:... ... .. ss s -..- .,.,. . . s s ...--:-:.--as-f.:.-.-. ... . ss 5, E .fl gl ssefkgf A pa , ' , wi 1 1 - APRS" - H .. . . 5... Mm ss- ss , - -1.2 sa..-a . s : .H 335 K .LK ga... 55 ....... .Q 1 - 5.5 mssj . S . F 1 I s .., B ' 525 if .fs 'rays in a Gmdji lzospitol cIass1'oom. v . . DR. YVILLIANI C. VVARREN, JR. ' Professor ss gifs.. 18 nam 355 . A ,. H 1 ssx it .4 .sim .5 , Wulf? THEOLOGY ,sa- ,, ' 1w"'-I I 5 4 A 413' I 'wiki - A - I ' I DR BOONE BOYVFN DR XVILLIAM R CANNON P1 ofcssm A ssocmtc Pr ofcssm 'Wm ANITA COOIR Inst? uctof 1'RANc1:s ROWAN Instr uctov F"'x clctlfly NU MARx GASKILL Inst? uctov W 'Xi as WZ 55 R? 35555. B E xpgsw IANICL SAIvIs I71St7llCIf07 W mzswd A1 N Elma R W WW mm W T' 52? DR. VVYATT A. SNIART Associate Dean of the School DR. BOONE M. BOXVEN Professor DR. M ACK B. STOKES Professor DR. VVILLIAIVI R. CANNON Associate Professor DR. GERALD R. JORDAN P1'ofcsso'r DR JOHN D LLL Asaoczate P10fc.s.s0l ADA FORT Assoczaie Dean of thc School BRUIQL LIIIIRIIXI Asszstant Dean of thc School ANITA M COOK lnstv uctoa G1 ADX 5 D QURRIN Instvuctov NIARCARLI L I-IAs1I Ass1stant1nstIucto1 I:1'I'Y j HUNI ER Inst: actor DIXIL ONLS Instr uctm FRANCF9 M IONLS Asszstfmt 111511 LLIKOT OLI IL PLUNIIJTT Clmzml Instmcto: NANCY L SALL Asszstazzt Instmctoz r : . I . . ' . I I . 7 ' c ' I 1 A' z-1 , . M - 1..- . ., Q W H ' A H Q. - an 3 I 'gil .Q Ir .. A. ii .H E -1 ' .:. ' II L ' ' I-I 5 +1 ' ' 5 - - I ., , .. . A E , , . i N U! . H HI -,H I s I X l Y .- i I 2 '. I . - ' . K 1 I . ,, . , A I . . 1 . L I . H . - N N 8 X L- , , I " ' fx If I A I A - ' 1 I ' QA, I , . . - G - Q! I I I . . . .IL .- ' M' If N 1 II 9317? Riff I ' ' I A M I., ,L .... LY. ..,,.,,,. . . I . A I f V Y l, l T.. i I... , ITT--Y. a,gf- Y 1 if '.- K! I I-1 -n- -- - - -A J , . gm .1 'IH ni Q3 .f-I..-V EE w I L' . 4 'L-"R - K--Vg E www- I-I' H H- . . . . A-I , , H A A . H M I II 9 a . I- mana ss HE E 1 .NH ' w-'E' , -.- EHHEKHRH 'E Rui' ENS A - 1 ' I QI-,wg-gmm H AW Eg.-gm R RP. sm II E W W-.If OWS A - -. -ww --HR A W HQ? I .K REWAMI HAM A :WA asa, EY qmdwanss smssgxw 5 .RE E-N wx X? f- Si ' -Im H ri II 3 I I 1 11" 51 ' M55 -Im my IRQ Ea u R- ,.EHy,3.M,5EE E Ev W U 'k 'V-'SESS Mi? EAM ' 4' N ' X . , ,mm E E EE .sh I .. .. . - I ' .A V' . , E3 Ei ' I. IM I -I A - " 'M H5 I ram H- H so Q M W wma... ' IH.. M-.gm W Q21 ,H H Q , mn E HWARE Iss R Y I. A mag E E M mis - I 'I E . T gms' -. E ss mmmawgssis fy .I V , mms E gym R w E . 1 If ., - . R M Q- ml ' S5 ., ,, ,- :M H Haan B 7' , , ...W Q . , H It Hmmm A ,I . K .. I2 .Qld I. f-. N "X ' H '-3 A .ffm ' A ., . . ,.: II A x ' ' RW . ss I ,I , +,,.- - ms HHH .mam gm v . . ' I W H -mg, A I!g"' :fn .fr - ' ' A E sm .I , , A E- ,I , ,I . Nw Www I . ,p ...V . L, , A . QE was R ', E , I .' I 4 . ' ' I-xg I . A Wg md E W- . ' X' 2.1 5 . '.-Mg W 5 222 ' If l ' ' ' ' E H Rf gi? - if :.:.,,:,"'1 ss R v. J jjj: 5' . - na H ss H ' AI .W ' ,gi 55? E R H ' 'Q' A :::"' E K ' A ' ? I H ' Ehaiv- Q1 ' ' - .- e..2ga... . H is in ' , wjf TR . + "' .. , RQ, tg? 1 I , ,, . wx -- " ug. - H' . .f- I 3 ' I K ,M , 7 .M- - Ae 'A-A Q- . H" . WWI H R fm - 'fin ll., . , , , , A Y , eil' wmwgfws 4 . . 4 . 4 I r ,. LIBRAR GLCUL fy 5 V A Lib'ra1'y School student seartlzes thmuglz a section of EIIIOTUVS enoavnous' card cam! logue. L PAUL E. BRYAN Professor EIAURICE S. CULI' Professor I'IENRY M, QUILLIAN Professor l VVILLIAM H, AGNOR I nstructov' ,tum 5 I, EVALENII1 .IAGI4soN A .Iso rin X e P ro f ess fl 1' QILYUE PI5'I"I'lIs Assnciulc Prnfcssrfr EIARION V. HIGGINS A5SUl'flllC Professor C.x1zoI.YN SMITIVI LflH'!lI'flHl, CLI' D IE Pm'I'Us .J,, Ais Q Um .Nw . . EVALI-:NI-1 P. IACKSON Assorfimfe Professor A.s.mc'inle PTl'UfC.S'SUI' 0LClfLfty BEN F. JoIINsoN, JR. Assislalzl Pmfessm' W ILLIATN4 I-I. I-XGNOR Ivzstruclor EDGAR B. I-IILLIQY I nst1'uctm' 3 EDGAR B. I-IILLEY Instructor EDWIN M. PIzA1ac,:It Pfu'l-time 1II.S'L7'I,lC'lU7' YVILLIAM D. TIYIOMPSON ,LectIz,1'eT G. S'l'ANI.Icv -IQSLIN Asszsmnt Professor G. STANLEY JOSLIN Assistant Professor PARE D Y Once eneh ye11 students step aslcle md let then patents ttke OVC1 on the campus On Puents D tv LUIOIY opens the dools of all the btI1lCl11'l09, md Mom and Dad get a chance to see 1l the tales bon tells about ClrlbSlOO1U wo1L .ue 1e1lly t1ue X lull IJIOUIAIH lb pl tnned each yea1 to show p uents lust what .1 d ty nt the Un1ve1s1ty lb hke lxlmglllllllifl wtth 1eg1st1.1t1on and enchng wtth the I'ltye1s P1OLlLlCtlOl'I ol the smash Kdlllllldll and I-Lut l11t You Cant Take It l'V1Ll1 Nou , tlus ye ll s Pcllilllb D ty tttl tcted VISIIOIS hom .ls lfu .us ly as hl1Cl11U'1H Don npou1s whtch soaked the campus on the clay ol the CClClJI'21lflOl1 d1d not dampen the SP111tS ol neally l00 pzuents LX 1no1n1ng convoeatlon tt XNl11Ll1 P1es1dent Xvlllti? welcomed the palents hegftn the fO11'l1fll p1og1an1 The Glee Club P10 vided the Qouth s sweetest musle and D1 wlth ul xddt ess The llillfillllly houses and tl1e Ull1VC1b1ly Cale teua then took ox C1 1s hosts, and the pzuents had lunch TVlll1 the11 sons md Cl1lLlgl1fClS The lllCII100l'l Got undet w ty w1tl1 the Debate F01 um s Vl1b1lV te tm pmovnhng 1 hvely sess1on lOl the v1s1to1s Next the ptuents uue muted to a lootball game bc tween the lll1lO1 md SOPDOIDOIC elasses Tlllb was one ol the bettet games ol the yeal, and many Vl91tO1S attended desp1te the soggy 011Cl11Ol'l Xlte1 the Dame, D1 Goodueh C VVh1te entet tuned w1th a 19CCPUO11 whe1e pa1ents had an OPIDO1 Lunlty to meet and talk w1th Lmory s PICS 1ClCl1E Clnntxmn the seeond postwu Pilliilllb Day, the Playe1s atuacted a eap'te1ty house to then F111 IJICSCIIHIIIOH at Glenn Memoual Auchto 11LllTl P1CCCCl1Dg the play, Emorys newest aettv 1ty the CAOHCCIL Band, gave a half 11ou1 11'1US1C21l p1og1an1 DCSIJIKC the 121111, SPODSOIS of Pa1ent's Day P10 elalmed the 1947 affau to be one of the most successful 111 the sertes .1-,Aix L. -.. ,,',i '. ,, . . 1: , . - L, 1. 2. . yv , 2 . . . ,. W - A ' ' 3 .1 Dt Z 1 1 - . . -. . , - L1 'l l '.- - ' - A ..l.. I .y .- .L .. ' L r K. '- , , A .V . A b t. 1 2. -.-' I, , . . I lx ' 1+-' '-- ' s 'x D 1 E . . 4' t v I. . . pi. , . -, U ,,1 C, '. 1 H '. A, J, ,.-, 1, , , .. .. ., 7. ,. ',. L C L L, ' V2 . " 'S . N ' L ' 4 1. 4 ' D Q V I t xl . . , . ., ' ,, ' - I I - J A H .1 , , 'J' , . ' L n - ! ' ' Albert Kissling rounded out the morning feature 1 z 1 l l .'. -, ,-is -...V ..... , p . '. . ', , :Z , . .' ' Ai 5 '12 ' - 1 1 yu 1' lx. -1 1 . ' . . . ..- n, L A L . C D ,Af 1 -1 - yan, -.sz 1 Y ' -f s 3 1- ,I ' -: '- .,w,.... '- .. :. A A. . ., A. V .. L ' "UI 4' K" f A '-, - - lr 1 Cv' A ' L 1 'I . Q 1 ., ' , L ', 7 y Q H '- r . . 1 . 9 L C t A. 2. . . . . - v-. , -, I ' . ', ic '. l .,' ' - .' . ' , , 1' I i. ' u N, . , , . FACULTY f J Q 1 'gi ,,,,-X 1 X4 7 1, 96 B16 7-fix, 6 'ig fl. 9 ? , ff, A? X E3 f XXX J m 'fe XXI Q if L xo Eg Q-asia. N- ' f ix W 1'-I' 2 4 Q' 1 5 2 'X ' ' '7 -ox I if 'I 1 9191 7 J 6 K. 33 X f Q BY MURGAT FACES IWWX K QT Q A 5 M ,ff V K M 'Q T Fc' M I lie? x X53 x NK XNAH-1, 57 ff f fb? fy ,V Q WM Y' I E x X6 J A Z2 QQ? f QS-V 0nNsoN QW 1 x ffdiy :4vy ff JUN X 4 jg' X5 Tw K X X ,1 f L JM," Q Ki Q Q N C Q If f 57 X .gfifl Vh' P.A , X A I W lg x" ,, Y! , A 2749 0 .6 . X 5 X ,ew-X T t , , xx X, 1 QR I X 'S ',qi . fx X Y , j X K M ' f' ' 'J' - "." f MTN55Q E - -R ,f9fx , Q ',., .ff . ,. f , XJN 7 N Sf X fifs x ,ur , T! A ,fl fxxxux a, Q ZR g In ,, X: 5 I Q - X ' f' I' 'I I me ss W. - .4 m w'-nf a m vw-si m a as mm H ss w rv N 2- ,gms a ,, 1: ss a na ss a ,s-w ummm ss mms , swam ss gms mmm ms m aw. ms mln Nam . ms fwss, Q mm g . 5555555 5 is mag, ummm yawn ummm wmxmn ss a mmm HH 54 m awww, H WWE W an mai zwzgv, WWAESEKQH SQ wiifw 5 5 am 1554 Q B Exsmm H? msn mass mm sa a ss a as is ai V wa a ss :Q an use B' ms-H me mn mm mx-ss ww w n ss ax, ss, 'na ..w,.H 55 KM 55 55 5 H X 5 A we v 5 K. . .... . 1 R E 91506 asm H., Sm 5252155 9 ss 5' 11 HA? E mn a mn mam mn sm ss-n ms mm -xi m .fm .M "B: bn 55 na . .5 5 5.5 5 :sw 5.3555 .QUE ms wx gan uf Umm H Wigwam wr E., uw-5 ERE pm .5 55 sw mam Ain 'E' S am 55 ss a ss vu.. awww as ngzzwg. Q 'Wm :fm MW new be u we Sams I M H ss msn was ss mn ss: aw- ass gl mm fmn a -1-.5,n' Bm :mea Mas :mm a mn ss H gf n za mn wx sim? W E 55555 SS E B 55 W , SS gm mpg mg. ,. ' W KEHWR 5m 53-fE,1g.xKg1 .31 mf ga umm-gf .5555 mm E Hifi? 5555555 nm ' 4 Sang? ss nm ,WW mms my H mf M mm was - .., si bf: A B a an as is sms mimi as mn .5-w ss sms, ,Y as -am ,lg-fn: a mx ' 1: -'f 'vf mx-ms mf my ms mn ,, sz 4,-" E , a . E5 W. 5- vm' A, mn ss mn sawn, mm E 58.35. ss ss '- skim jams -3555 swam msgs B famvn :,w -5 . 51, . -1 1435" 4 -I LASSES ART ,AND SCIENCES S li ss . DEAN J. HARRIS Punks, JR., Ph.D. Dean of the College DEAN I-I. PRENTIC13 M ILLER, Ph.D. Associate .Demi in the Lowe1'D1ms1on 1 GNATIUS A. Few could never have dreamed that the small manual labor school which he helped organize back in 1834 would grow into a great university with almost 4,000 students. He was appointed head of a board of directors in 18311 to establish the school, and largely because of his efforts Emory College was founded in 1836. For the opening term of the Georgia Methodist Conference Manual Labor School, approximately 20 students and three prof fessors, including the superintendent, were present on old Ox- ford's campus. Under the direction of Dr. Alexander Means, superintendent, enrollment jumped to 60 for the opening of the second term in the year 1835. In 1836 the Methodists founded Emory College and in a few years, it took over the staff and equipment of the old manual labor school. Its charter was signed by the governor of Georgia on' December 10, 1836, and classes started the following year. The small college had hardly gotten on its feet before the VVar Between the States began. Of course all the students Hled off for the conflict and the school suspended operations until the struggle was over. Once before students had left the school to Hght in an Indian war, but a plea from the college president to the governor sent many of them back to their books. During the war Emory's buildings served as a Confederate hospital, and as a result were not in good shape when the school reopened. Twenty students, mostly veterans, gathered for the fallterm in 1866, and the school began its long light for existence again. The Methodists felt the need for a strong university early in the l900's, but hnances were low. Asa G. Candler, prominent Atlanta business man, gave Emory 351,000,000 for an endowment in 1915, and as a result the school grew by leaps and bounds. Atlanta was chosen as the site of the new university and Bishop VV. A. Candler was elected first chancellor. The board of trustees met for the last time on the Oxford campus in 1919, and old Emory College was moved to the Atlanta campus to become the academic department of the new Emory University. I .1 Q5QQQv3, , it Q5 . V ""' N5 ' XQSX V- '. X' BQ .,. , ' N f-- Q Q .wi '-H mg QQ ' 4' v B X X X :.. S1 Y' H 1 ff? , .E -P. w A I lil: ' 1 'W , : 5 P m egg. if E if ' N ls ,H , ' pm H A K I -ff E pg ' :-: 1 in , .. . , ' x W U L ' 2, '12 ' 1a B ss K, H E: E H, rn ss H n me SVS B E m Ei 3 5 B sw was ww E sw es sf SE IOIl CLASS IIFFICERS t K rams? t m ami . HXC S8 tts t . uh sn.. L gi N ORDER to give last-year men more voice in their graduation ceremonies and to promote closer cooperation with other groups on the campus, Seniors formed tl1e Senior Class organ- ization in September. This was the first elfort in n1any years toehring together Seniors for a common purpose. All schools of the University are represented in the organization. One of the principal functions of the Senior Class during the past year was to promote better understanding between students and faculty. A number of Senior-faculty smokers were held for this purpose. In cooperation with the Alumni Association, the Senior Class sponsored a bar- becue at North Fulton Park during the l1Vinter quarter. At the function, Seniors were inducted into the Alumni Association. f-raw-mf '. mmgggw MORY'S Class of '48 was the biggest graduating class in the history of the University. The class was composed largely of veterans, though it included many younger students who had come to Emory directly from high schools. Because of the predominance of veterans, this group as a whole had a more serious outlook than the Win.. f BROWN, Fosrma, HOIl1'0N JACKSON, LORENTZSON George Brown, Publicity Chairmang Robert Foster, Finance Chairman Groves Hillard, Social Chairmang A. L. Horton, Research Chairman Spud Jackson, Graduation Chairmang Shorty Lorentzson, Chairman of the Senior Class Committeeg Jack Turner, Social Chairman. . . 2 Q E 'gms'-fbi it im I . l A-.'-EWR. .,',-' 4 average peace-time graduating class. But graduation was an event as anxiously awaited by veterans as non-veterans. In some cases it was the result of three continuous years of college, while for others it climaxed widely separated periods of study. SE IUR A 5 rfa an cienced CLASS 0F '48 .,-.I Q-I, I 4. 4 S 5 I f .. S., I Q, ,-,Muff --5252? .Q Lg, Q 5 ' .-N .1-LNJFA , - H J A", 'nz .,. .. ix ij' .Cx Y-., .-....4, f-1f"' In 1 f" 66 Ln 9 .B 'S-.JT 04, g : -S . ,X , A DNS ,N :E L--. f.,. - - - "' ,f-f"" 'ft' X' ' al A 5 01" - ,C Yllj l,,f' MX 9 r W """-A I' ' X K, SfhISEfSSESE..Z Mfffn it ABBOTT, JAMES C. JXDIUWS, OSCAII S. ADDlNCiTON, IEXLE T. Louisville, Ga. Butler, Gil- Af Elma" H' HISTORY PSYCHOLOGY GILN ERAL .SC.IElNlCE Kappa Alpha ' Delta Tau Delta Cm PM Inlzcmational 'Relations Club Inte1'lI':Ite1'DIty Council EXLEXANDER, PAUL B. ARW 0013: RAI-PH YV-f .IR- Arlzmta, Ga. ARNOLD, LACY I-I. Moultrie, Ga. ECONONIICS BIOLOGY SOCIAL SCIENCE Sigma Nu Chz Phz Delta Tau Delta "SH0liTY" LORENTZSON Em Sigma Psig Prrzsidcnl. Pi Kuppu Alphug Student Activities Cuuncilg InlerfrnlcI'nily Cnuncilg Assislnnl Managing Editor, The W'l1I'elg Chair- man, Srmim' Class Excnulive Cnrnmillceg Bridges TI-nplxy fur Best All Round Alhlcleg All-Emory Frmlhall, Bas:-bullg "Pl" Cluh. BAILEY, RICHARD Atlan ta, Ga. BIOLOGY Tau Ejasilcm Phi BENSON, JOSEPH R. Columbus, Ga. BIOLOGY Phi Sigma in- in BAKER, VVARREN D. Atlanta, Ga. ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta BERMAN, MAX Jacksonville, Fla. ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Phi Engineer's Club Q' BELL, WVILLIAM D. Sardis, Ga. BIOLOGY Sigma Chi Eta Sigma Psi BERRY, CHARLES M. St. Simons Island, Ga. PRE-NIED Kappa Alpha S E I 0 ll I C ego 0 .AAD an glanced CLASS 0F '48 BINFORD, HARRX' A. Atlanta, Ga. LIOURNALISM Kappa Alpha Sigma Delta Chi, Wheel, CAMPUS, Phoenix BLACKBURN, BEN R. Arcadia, Fla. SOCIAL SCIENCE E.I.S.A. Honor Council, E.C.A., International Relations Club BOGLIE, JOHN E. McRae, Ga. BIOLOGY Campus Club Phi Sigma, Campus Club BOLTON, Louis D. Covington, Ga. JOURNALISM Phi Della Theta Glee Club BONNER, NIELROSE G. Monroe, Ga. ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon Engineefs Club BRADLEY, CLAUDE I. Dalton, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY Sigma Alpha Epsilon BIRD, JANIES H. Lakeland, Fla. GENERAL SCIENCE Beta Theta Pl BLITCH, PIERCE G. LaGrange, Gla. BIOLOGY Alpha Tau Omega BOLONKIN, FRED Greenville, S. C. SOCIOLOGY Alpha Epsilon Pi Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma Psi, E.C.A. BONNER, MACK S. Tallulah Falls, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY Pi Kappa Alpha Players, In terlraternity Council BOON, RJALCOIVI E. Tampa, Fla. ECONOMICS Alpha Tau Omega BRANAN, ARTHUR Sanford, Fla. BIOLOGY Alpha Phi Omega BURKE CHILDS 0.D,K.g Em Sigma Psi, Ed- itor, the CAMI'usg Sports Editor, the Phoenix: Sigma Delta Chig Alpha Tun lm 'HIT' S S E I 0 Il gage of .Ala aa .girielaceri CLASS IBF '48 BRIDGER, BALDVVIN Savannah, Ga. ENGINEERING Alpha Phi Omega, Player Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Engineeiis Club BRYANT, BILLY L. Orlando, Fla. BIOLOGY Phi Delta Theta 1 BURRUS, LEWIS R. Milledgeville, Ga. ENGLISH CARROLL, STIQVAN M. Birmingham, Ala. PRE-MED Alpha Tau Omega CARTER, WILLIAM J. East Point, Ga. CHEMISTRY Sigma Pi Alpha Phi Omega I CI-IAPNIAN, JOHN C. Atlanta, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY Phi Delta Theta S, BROXVN, GEORGE P. Miami, Fla. JOURNALISM Sigma N Il Eta Sigma Psi BURNS, IQOBERT Atlanta, Ga. PHYSICS Chi Phi BYRD, VVILLIAM M. YVeSt Palm Beach, Fla. BIOLOGY Alpha Tau Omega CARSON, JANIES C. Madisonville, Tenn. PSYCHOLOGY E.I.S.A. CHAJAGE, SYLVAN J. Atlanta, Ga. SOCIAL SCIENCES Alpha Epsilon Pi CHILDS, G. BURKE Winter Haven, Fla. JOURNALISM Alpha Tau Omega Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma Psi, Sigma Delta Chi Wheel, CAMPUS, Phoenix. ALONZO IWUDONALD Oxnicrun Della Kappa, Edi- tor. the Phoenix: Associate Editor. the Wheelg Assistant Editor, the CAMPUS 19485 Presiilenl, Sigma Della Chig TI'e.usurer, Chi Phig Student Activities Cuuncilg Inlerfrn- lcrnity Councilg Traffic Cum- mittceg Publications Boarrlg Glee Club: Emory Christian Association Council. .I IM M Y SMITH SSlE IIDII .Jaffa an glanced CLASS 0F '48 K-,Qs I-,Mf-L T A . ., L M- E135-cfx la, QQX Gia Jinx' -,i5J.Zftr3Hf X15 Q'-"q,ffXi -ig?-3 wajtiy -, .fx-fm V f H, FEQAMTEEEQMEN uu fffttA.Q3J,.,gj,, g,H HH- -Hllggg H050 Illllllll-fllffftili T337 - A5 li. .Mi t.-M-t.:-lilf.l QA -A-1.1t, HnHH 5 ,---I'-"-.- z-.,-'--- ' 1--,-'ff' ,,- CHRISTIAN, JAMES VV. Berry, Ala. PSYCHOLOGY Kappa Alpha COGGINS, STACY N. Jacksonville, Fla. GENERAL SCIENCE Kappa Alpha CLARK, VVILLIAIVI H. A Atlanta, Ga. CI-IENIISTRY Pi Alpha COLLINS, J. FRANK Brooksville, Fla. GENERAL SCIENCE Phi Della Theta Eta Sigma Psi, Student Activity Council, Emory Concert Band, CAMPUS, Wheel, Camera Club CLEMMONS, I-IARMON B Citra, Fla. BIOLOGY Sigma Chi Eta Sigma Psi, E.C.A. CONE, JOHN F. Decatur, Ga. FINE ARTS Sigma Chi COOK, NIAMES A. Savannah, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY Cox, LAWRENCE S. Decatur, Ga. POLITICAL SCIENCE Sigma N a I I CORNEWLE, EUGENE J. Rome, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE CRAY-VFORD, JOSEPI-I M Atlanta, Ga. ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta Engineefs Club Emory Concert Band D.V.S.g Eta Sigma Psig Vice-President of the Slmlt-nt Bodyg President, Treasurer, Intcrfrateriiity Councilg Business lllnnugcr, the CAMI-Us 1946: President, Sigma Chi: Assistant Manager, Glee Clubg Emory Christian Assnciation Councilg President, Freshnxan Emory Christian Association: Banalg Assistant Circulation Manager, the Wheel, Class Football, Basket- ball, Baseball. COWART, CARTER M. Atlanta, Ga. JOURNALISBII Sigma Pi Sigma Delta Chi CRUNIBLEY, JAMES VV. Atlanta, Ga. ENGINEERING Engineefs Club E QT'- 'nf SE Iflll l"f5 CLVL CLQVLCQJ CLASS 0F 948 H KX7"'s gl? 'X 2-Jmifgfl ff ww lx' 2,-f'lF Llxkl -J K -X-Qfcn Sxwf-d 1 IWW R ggx p 'fug dl H Mlm HIHAJ 2 IW Q-I I X I H H FEEL S DAVID REX J DLAN, 1LRNrs1 J DTLLINC 1 R, OSCAR D Atlanta, G I LIHOIY UIIIVCISIKY G1 Atlanta, G1 Psx CIIOLOGY I O1 I1 ICAL SCIENCL Ifsx CHOLOGY FISA ECA Duc KINSON, IOHN T DLNNIS, DAVID GI lH'll'l, G I .DlMlXlOCK, WILLIANI E Valclost 1, Gt IIISIORB Lolltgc Pzuk Ga PSX CHOI Om Ixnppa Alpha vm SICS Nunn U1 Club C, unpus Club lnteln mon tl llCld.lllOl1'a Club P1 lx npjm flljplza JACK DOUC HLRTY Ire-unlvnl Omxcrou Della k1pp.l DN S lhxavlrnss lNl.1n.15.,er Circ Club Bumnz--Ia M111 Ig,I,r the Players Prusldull blgnm Clu Sllulcnl Anlumc Cllllllbll lnlcrfrucxmly Cuuncll lmury Icuturc bcrlcs Neuman Club DIXON, IEFFI RSON M Lea1y, Ga HISTORY DRUNKENMILLER, ROY East POInt, Ga BIOLOGY Glee Club DOULHLRTY, JOHN L DRAKE, ROEER1 M Newalk, N J Albany, Ga POLITICAL SCIENCE PRE LAW Slgma Chl Szgma Ghz D V S , Onnclon Delta Kappa, Glee Club DUNCAN, JOSEPH D Decatur, Ga Tavares, Fla SOCIAL SCIENCES PSYCHOLOGY Playel 5 DYER, SAMUEL E I , 59.53 , "3 'Fay QD 1 WS' . ' 5-I if" I ' 5, HL? , sf-- H V' D - fx5 "" Uv 3 3 .--1' 4" ' Fil' E A .535 MIL MMAI, gwglw "gg t A . The V ,ix vq 1 JE - ' r 'N fxw- 'Q . "L -NN' Q, -' ---' -ALI?" 1 J I H 5' QC, Z4 H " . SKJV LI N' ugHH ,I S+. , J I 1' , . ,L l V 1, ,, AEE? if Il' :I EE max I I I H A I HH III , ,I I C, nv Q " '22 .::-: - Il HID H. AJ .-Af' T,-' ' "IK 72 'fx ' is A A X W C ,LALLO , - . f- ' . 4. A za . ' 4 2. -T A I ' , L. c. -f 1 ' 4 ur 1-r 4. 4 , .. . , 2. I. -' l .. ' , , 4. , ., 1, - ,. ,K 1 A ., . f . I I. I I , . 'I f , , , I' ' Af: " ,'z .' " ,"z"z .' ', I ,',ff, ,z --My V E 5555 W: 5 I A ' , f .. rhq .' ...J . ., Y A 5 in .tg , 'f SE IIIBS SME 0 .A Q :Alfa an .silenced CLASS 0F '48 DYRENFOR1'H, L. Y. Jacksonville, Fla. BIOLOGY Kappa Alpha Emory Concert Band ESKEW, RHEA T. Atlanta, Ga. JOURNALISM Sigma Delta Chi, Hfheel, ' CAMPUS, Phoenix FERGUSON, IRA A. Atlanta, Ga. CHEMISTRY Sigma Chi F ITZPATRICK, WILLIANI K. Atlanta, Ga. ECONOMICS Alpha Tau Omega FOWLER, RALPH W. Marietta, Ga. PRE-MED Kappa Alpha FREEDIVIAN, THEOIJORE Atlanta, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY Tau Epsilon Phi E.C.A. ERWIN, WALTER L. Atlanta, Ga. GEOLOGY Geology Club EUBANKS, VVILLIAM L. Atlanta, Ga. .ENGLISH Phi Delta Theta F INLAYSON, XIVILLIAM D. Leesburg, Fla. BIOLOGY Sigma Alpha Epsilon FLANDERS, ROBERT E. Cadwell, Ga. CHEMISTRY Kappa Sigma Eta Sigma Psi A FREEMAN, OLEN L. Atlanta, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY Pi Kappa Alpha FULTON, THOMAS L. Savannah, Ga. JOURNALISM Sigma Delta Chi D.V.S., Wheel, CAMPUS .FRANK JONES President, Business School Student Boilyg President, Kappa Alphag Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Psig Student Activities Cuuncilg Inter- fralernity Council. S is K S: mn ' is A .Q is P . I. villas:-as A Q an W S E I 0 R 0 age 0 .Ziff 0'LlfL CLEVLCQIS CLASS 0F '48 GARRARD, EUFILNIL B Hal twell, Ga Pwr HOLOGY PIII Delta Theta GLRSON, llOBLR'l Atlanta, Ga IOURNALISBI Alpha Epszlon PI Wheel, Playels ILLS, TLD A Newman, Ga POLLTICAL SCIENCE P1 Kappa Alpha PI Slglllfl Alpha GRLLN, CURTIS V Decatur, Ga CLRMAN German Club GRIITITII, II VVINTLR Atlanta, Ga PRL ATED Szgma C111 Eta Slglnd PSI, Glee Club HAMMONII5, O rHrLLo Atlanta, Ga LIIUQAIION DeFORREST ISPUDJ IACKQON Eta SI ma PsI V100 Pri-sI dent Interfrutcrnny Counml Presnlenl Kappa Alpha Stu dent Acmmcs Councll hc Illaegl the Camus Clcc Club Emory Chnsllm A sou mon Dehale Forum llc Pln3 ers Sxgnnx Delta Chx bemor Class Executxvc Board GLLLERS IRAD1, VVRIGHT YV Atlanta, Ga LCONONIICS Alpha Tau Omega GILB1 RT, ROBLRF G Tam pa, Fla GFNLRAI SCIFN GRANT, WILI ARD I-I IIa1tto1d Conn GEOLOGY ISUTWLZI N TL Geology Club GRL1 N1 II Ln, VVILLIAM O Davtona Beach, Fla POLITICAL SCIENCE Gunn, VVILLIADI C me Blull Alk IIIOI OGY P111 tSlgl71Cl PIARPLR, CLAUDE R Conway S C POLIIICAI SCILNCI. E 1 S A EL I Slgllld PSI S E I 0 Il Alfa an 3580686 CLASS 0F -D iv., '43 21 N s. . , S HS li- Am new E., A Sb X E Q f V1 L ...L J ,..2'...gs 1:1 ' 4 Ylgwi. I -,- K9 "'. Q1 . F . , ' 1,3 .,.. , , .fx G if CH l Je' l i .,,-R " 3 ' kip' di tn 9 I JO H , 1 V. , ' S!-Lai I P if -'if-' ll 1 A v l' Ji LLM' vb ' Huw. 'N , ' if T- 4, .:, l -"""f ' web Kg G' "Q 'ggi' JJf q1""'-, H 5 .K-f-'Y' " -. X- iii Q l Plguqz, WiLLIAM L. I-IOBBS, JESSE H. HOBBY, ROYCE C Z umbia, C: I-Iampton, Va. Ashburn, Ga. JEL, ERAL SCULNCIL BIOLOGY GENERAL SCIENCE f p za Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega Chi Phi HOLLOMVAY, NIALCOM H. HORTON A L 1 I K I V J ' 1 ' ', . V. Daytona Beach, F la. HOPE, I-IOLLI5 lf. Cartersville, Ga. JOURNALISNI fXil2llllZl, Gil. ENGINEIERING 20150 Tflu Z-WUI! EGONOM1c:s ' Alpha Phi Omega, AMI'Us, Ifl heel Alpha Pau Omega llngineer's Club, Glcc Club 1 sf' J RHEA ESKEW , Omicrun Delta Kappag Editor, thc Wlzcelg Associulv Editor, lllc Phoenix fix Assistant Editor, the CAMPUS 1911-83 President. Sigma Dullu Chig Puhlica ' lions Board. HOKNVARD, -JANIILS M. fl-luisimium, ROY M. HUDGINS, VVILLIANI B. Signal Mountain, Tenn. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE HUINIANITIES PSYCHOLOGY Campus Club Pi Kappa Alpha Players JACKSON, DEFORREST B. Miami, Fla. JOURNALISM HUhfIPHRIES, ASA A. Kappa Alpha JOHNSON, JAINIES T. Anniston, Ala. Eta Sigma Psi, Student Activity Atlanta, Ga. BIOLOGY Council, Wheel, CAMPUS, Play- BIOLOGY Alpha Tau Omega ers, Debate Forum Chi Phi D.V.a.g JON ES, ERNEST O. Smyrna, Ga. CI-IEMIs'mY KIRKLAND, -JOSEPH J. Melbourne, Fla. CI-IEMISTRY x , JONES, ROBER'l' J. Rome, Ga. PSYCHOLOGY KIT,liR'l, JOSEPH H. Decatur, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE SE UBS ,Arid can .giienced CLASS 0F '48 I? Mfg J 'JL Wq ,JMM ,Lx Life.,-M4 .,.cv1g,,?Aw:JI , iff 1,w,L1 ,1'f,.fY"w'v 'J A lalmgl fl., ft rlligamftgvj Z W2 ffl HQ YH HWJA iff fr .L-L B IQENDRICK, VV ALTER M. Dublin, Ga. JOURNALISNI Phi Delta Theta Sigma Delta Chi, Student Activ- ity Council, Eta Sigma Psi, W heel, CAMPUS LANDISS, VVILLIANI C. Jacksonville, Fla. PHILOSOPHY Alpha Tau Omega Debate Forum, Camera Club Eta Sigma Psi, Glee Club, E.C.A. TOM FULTON Editor, lhe Wheel: Sigma Della Cllig Sllulunl Acllv LANDRUNI, BILLY F. Atlanta, Ga. CHEIVIISTRY Sigma Pi Pi Alpha LoIaEN'rzsoN, CLARENCE Palatka, Fla. JOURNALISIW Pi Kappa Alpha Interfraternity Council, Emory Concert Band, Best All-Around Athlete 1947, Glee Club I I. , , LASHLEY, WILLIAET A. Cairo, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Sigma Nu Debate Forum LOUIS, N'ICI-IOLAS B. Chicago, Ill. PSYCHOLOGY Sigma Chi Players, Emory Concert Band, Glee Club LIGGETT, JULIUS A. Covington, Ga. ENGINEERING Engineer's Club NICALLISTER, JOHN G. Atlanta, Ga. ' BIOLOGY Alpha Tau Omega S E I I 0 R Cofdge 0 .Ala an Cgiiehcea CLASS 0F 948 MCCANN, JANIES W. Atlanta, Ga. MCDOUGAL, WILLIAM W. Statesboro, Ga. JOURNALISIVI Sigma Alpha Epsilon igma Delta Chi, Student Activ- ity Council, Tflfheel, Phoenix lXLlCNULTY, ROBERT T. Columbus, Ga. JOURNALISM Phi Delta Theta Sigma Delta Chi, W7 heel MASON, FRANK E. Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE NIEEKS, EUAL H. Leaksville-Spray, N. C. JOURNALISIVI , Sigma Delta Chi, VV heel MINOR, HAROLD W. Atlanta, Ga. PHILOSOPHY X Phi Beta Kappa I E.C.A. BJCDONALD, ALONZO L. Lithonia, Ga. JOURNALISM Chi Phi Sigma Delta Chi, Student Activ- ity Council, Wheel, CAMPUS, Phoenix DJCKENZIE, JOHN S. Atlanta, Ga. JOURNALISM Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Student Activity Council, W'heel, CAMPUS, Phoenix lW'ACRIS, ALLEN Atlanta, Ga. CHEMI STRY MARVO, ALEX P. Hartford, Conn. POLITICAL SCIENCE Eta Sigma Psi MEYER, CHARLES F. Atlanta, Ga. BIOLOGY Sigma Chi Alpha Phi Omega, E.C.A. lVIORR1SON, CARLTON A. Lumpkin, Ga. JOURNALISM Camera Club, VV heel ELAM NUNNALLY 'WW I A use S E I 0 R meg? 0 .!4If'f:5 61,141 5ZL8lfLC86 CLASS 0F '48 MORROW, HENRY 1' Atlanta, Ga JOURNALISM Kappa Alpha Slglfla Delta Ch1 Wheel Phoemx NIURRAH, THOMAS N Alpharetta Ga ENGINEERING NEW, WILBUR E VIdal1a G1 BIOLOGY NOLAND, ROBERT J RockmaI t, Ca POLITICAL SCIENCE Pl Kappa Phz PI S1glTl'1 Alpha NUNNALLY ELAM W Decattu Ga GENLRAI SCILNLE E I S A Student Act1v1ty Councll, Glee Club OWEN, IAML3 H Calhoun G1 JOURNALIsM Szffma Pl SIgma Delta C111 Wheel, Intefffateflllty COunc1l WORTH MCDOUGALD Assnslant Mnnagmg Edltnr the Wheel Student Ax,t1vI txcs COUIICII Emory Chnsuan Assncxulmn S I g H1 a Alpha Epsxlon Sigma Della Clu Camera Club NAURPHX , LNIMLTT St SIIHOHS Island, Ga SOCIOLOGY Swma N u NALL, WILLIAM 11 Atl Llltd Ga GENERAL SCILNCE Alpha Lambda Tau NOLAN, MCEDWARD M Bessemel Ala ECONOMICS P111 Beta K tppa Alpha llpsxlon Ups1lOII, Alpha Kappa sl, Alpha P111 Omega NORMAN, JOHN P G1CCI1V1llC Ga LCONONIICS Cllz Pllz Wheel O STELN, WLNDALL K Melgs G1 BIOLOGY PARRER, NATHANIEL 12 Buena Vlsta Ga POLIIICAL SCIBNCE Kappa Alpha PI S1g1Tl2l AlplIa 11 C A Intematlonal Relanons Club SE I0 .fdflb om Lgiiencw CLASS 0F 948 QR-55 'Kg-Lt-'N KS, fly, ,I 'Roi' LSR Xignfm X.- ,L. ,f Kyla, W JEQJ: 1iQQ.K LEX 1 I D, ... L G ,atm H HHH fffff,QEQifq,,.5.H A :FEEHHHHQC U U Illl I E-f-HERE? 1:1 2 sg M ...G W,,11,l'jq-KJ gi Rm. ,ggi Lgxlllleg Nl. 7 f .. 1 Rlgf---f f ,Lf-ff PATY, PI-IILLIP B. PENIGK, CLAY YV. PENNINGTON, BYRON Y. Emory UIIIVCTSIIY, Ga. Decatur, Ga. Lake Xfllziles, Fla. GENERAL SCIENCE I JOIJRNALISM PSYCHOLOGY Phz Della Theta Szgma Alpha Epsilon ,Sg'g1,1f14jX7U Sigma Delta ClIi, lfVl1eel, Players PERIJUE, GARLAND D. Phoenix Decatur, Ga. . PIKE! IOHN S. BIOLOGY NlO1'ClilI'1Ll, Ga. Delta Tau Delta PHILLIPS, CiUY F. BIOLOGY Interfraternity Council, Royston, Ga.. Chi Phi Glee Club BIOLOGY C133 Club E E l vm v T ' Yr. 1.5. ,,,.. - .Hn 1 -- - - if' 14 JOHN lN'lcKENZlE Omicrou Deltu Kappa: Editor, the CAMPUS 1948: Managing Editor, lluc Whefflg Managing Editor, the Flint-nixg Art Eclitnr, tln: Wlluel, the Phoenixg Columnist. the Wlmelg' Stuclclit Aclivities Cmnmilg Alplm Epsilon Upsilong Signm Alplni Epsilon: Publications Bournlg University Committee on Student Aclivitiesg Canterbury Clulrg Sigma Della Clli award for A sclmlurship: Sigma Della Chi award us the outstanding journalism seniur. PILCHIZR, ENNIS V. PINSON, VVILLIAM I-I. POYVELL, ILXLFRED Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Dunwoody, Ga. PHYSICS GEOLOGY ENGINEERING Camera Club, Engineefs Club, Kappa Alpha E Club German Club, E.C.A. Geology Club CQUICK, CI-IARLES R. .RAlNEY, LEO L. PRIGDEN, I-IERMAN S. Syracuse, N. Y. Lithonia, Ga. Vllaycross, Ga. ENGINEERING PSYCHOLOGY CHEMISTRY Eng1neer's Club Sigma Nu SE ICIRS Pill 6LlfL CLZVLCQJ CLASS 0F '43 XHXW lux X ltr' ff 1 gi-Elfqneiw lyk, fl maj ff 'Y.'Ql,5 R0 in z 911 E 1lWEl3fiT Hfg : H l Tl Alu X RAMsBx CILBBRI L RANDI r, EDXVIN L RLAGAN, YV11 LIANI B Xlacon, G1 COlL11T1lJ12l., S C Savannah, G1 1.Nc,1.1s11 P111LosoP1n SOCIOLOGY L C A Glee Club Ru 151 1 R, F RANK D Rrrvl s, W' I-IARRHON Peuy Fla R1 1:s1 , DAVIS R Atlanta, Ga IOURNALISM Cauollton, Ga GLNLRAL SCILNCII Delta Tau Delta CHI BIISIRY Alpha Tau Omeva Slglllil Delti Ch1, lflflzeel, lllplm Y an Omeffa L C A Clee Club Plzoemx 5 KM bllllll-I mmm n D4llu liul pl J C I1 urm.1n llonox Conn ll Busmesfx um tr lllc CAMIUS l9l8 I 4 l Pln DL 'lnlu lrc ultn A 1 .1 1.1 lst N tc lull: l lnlufmtcmxly Cnunu Student Atlllllltll lluul ilu ll In IQOBBINS, FRANK T Atl 1111.1 G 1 BIOLOGX Plzz Della Theta Student Act1v1ty CJOllI'ICll, Wheel, L C A Glee Club ROC.1.Rs, HARRISON L Atl ulta, G 1 BIOLOGX C111 P111 ROBINSON, FRANK, II lxlltlllll, I'l'1 I-IIS'l ORY Campus Club Alpha P111 Omeva Ross, RIQHARD T I'lo1ence, A11 BIOLOGX Alpha Tau Omega IQOBINSON, NIORRLLL S e1CkSOl1V1llC, F11 SOCIAL SCILNCL Szvma C111 Eta S1g1Tld Psl, I C LX llOTl-ISCHILD, GLRARD H G1CC11V1ll6, S C BIOLOGY Allplza Epszlon P1 Em Slglllfl PS1 Alpha P111 Omega Ge11n.111 Club Playezs, Glee Club is 5 l . 15 W gl Sf" l gf,-N 7:15 ,511 :-- 1 r 7 Q "Q ll .IKEA - 'A '-W gr- , -'- c N . F MH, M al, ,fd Qcxx 'L' 1 " '. 1 V 1 ,S 3 ,If 7-Ax ,ul - R - 1, 9 - R... HH I L 'ij--.j w, 1- - 11, El ' 3 f 5 f f' : 1 1 - Q X A' tiff ' G -1' 5 I 5 C.-ll! EM, ' -4' I 1 in 1 '1 1 'R fu' 1 ', Hl 1 H UIIH llllllllllg.. '1 -,f NH- ,X A -1, .-- -'wx' .fx-. r X N f K 'V tk - - 4 1, ,-I3 X ."'. l 4 ' . ' .L ' . P .1 1. l"'. ' L. . . . ' C. 7 V tl . ' ' , A T . . ., 71 'lf . ,LL . . " , . ECS . . tl l' "' , F 7 . 1 7 ' . 11 . I ix KH , V, DA . C ,X I , -w 'V T 1 , ' 1 1 .1 .61 . . ., 1 1 .fd 4 5-E I B . 1 at :V f M fix WW mms B .' SS E ' 1: ' 5' . 5 1f1 11 YW 2 ' gm ' 1 1m -11.-. nga: E, E H , H .E 1, E 1 if I B B EHB1111 X H 'zgl 15 11 -E - BE., .1 . .A ftij-1223.1 gs :I H 1 -M1 B ,Ili 1 jnmzswgm E ss 1 11 l 4 SSB 5 11 1 11 1 7- 1 , h E . , -. I B -1 Q P 1 3 Bm W ,S . ' 52:1 1 H5511 :I , -. .1 waging? v 11 O"1 1 '11gl.V.S.g21'-, ' ' . u'g ' . H ' Ma g-1 1 ' 1 3 'l':si4lcn. ' ' 'lm 'I - g ' s' 1 l, lllm E K'pv j': 'i'-I'-1:'ur1l. "' " . -'lg Cu V1 e 71 '61, 1 'z, 'z. ".. ' '2- 1 - 1 K 7 r 1 1 'L . W- by " l " ' . ' N l ' L ' ' ' D' ' T R V ' '. .4 . 4 J I Q T . 7 ' 1 i 1 . i 1 4, 'V 1' z 2- 4 ' 4 L. 1 4 J f , . . .1 -- 7 I C ROWAN, LEWIS P. McDonough, Ga. HISTORY SCOTT, THOMAS P. VV11itmire, S. C. BIOLOGY E.C.A. SCOVILLE, JOSEPH F. Ft. Benning, Ga. ENGINEERING Engineefs Club SE. URS 0 ege 0 .Ania an agzienced CLASS 0F 948 SHNIERLING, SANFORD A. Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE Tau Epsilon Phi SITTON, PAUL L. Conyers, Ga. POLITICAL SCIENCE Sigma Chi I SCOTT, SAM T. Montgomery, Ala. GENERAL SCIENCE Sigma Chi SCOTT, WHATLEY S. Augusta, Ga. ENGINEERING Engineefs Club SHARIT, JOE L. Port St. Joe, Fla. PRE-LAW Sigma Chi SIMPSON, JOHN R. Decatur, Ga. PRE-LAW Sigma Alpha Epsilon SINIITH, JACK M., JR. Atlanta, Ga. POLITICAL SCIENCE Pi Sigma Alpha, Phi Sigma Iota SPRINGER, VICTOR G. acksonville, Fla. BIOLOGY FRANK COLLINS Associate Editor of the CAMI-Us, Student Council, Wheelg Eta Sigma Psi, Gcr4 man Clubg Camera Clubg Concert Band, Phi Delta Theta Vice-President. 1. K. K k . Java lg iz Q 3:- .sis vi' 5 ms mmm Emu 3 fr ,En SSH ga 35,2 ms if SE lllll CIM? of .Jaffa an .Siiencw CLASS 0F 943 STAFFORD, WILLIAM A Thomaston, Ga PRI: MILD SIAAUVERMAN, RICHARD J Atlanta Ga PHYSICS 12 C A TONE, CARL D Augusta, G1 ENGLISH Kappa Alpha TAYLOR, BENTON W DKVISDOIO, Ga POLITICAL SCIENCE TIIOIXIAS, RUSSLLL D VVest Palm Beach Fla POLITICAL SCIENCI. Pin Delta l'l1eta DVS Eta Slgllla Ps1, Student ACKIVICY Couuctl, Inte1lraternIty COuI1cIl, E C A Glee Club Debate Forum, CAMPUS, Wheel 'TI-IOMAS, VVLSLLY L Canton, Ga S'IANDARD, DANIEL H Coldele, Ga BIOLOGY Slgma N tt InLe1l1 atel mty Councll, Debate FOI um STLWART, ROBERT B Atlanta, Ga GEOLOGY Szvma N u TATL, IOI-IN D Calhoon falls, S BIOLOGY TAYLOR, WALLACE W Atlanta, Ga BIOLOGY Della Tau Delta THOMAS, 'TONIIVIY E B1unsw1ck, Ga BIOLOGY 'Tl-IOMPSON, PIUGH S College Pm k, Ga BIOLOGY RUSSELL THOMAS Ommron Delta Kappa D V S Prcsulent Eta Szgma Psx Ednor the CAMPUS 19117 Debntc Manager Preszdcnt Ph: Delta Theta Student Ac uvlues Council Interfrater mty CDILDCII the Wheel Student Lecture Assncmtxon lumor Athletlc Manager Freshman E m o r y Chrxstxnn ASSOCIJIIUD , . 4 S - . , 1 A . D ' K . 4 . C. Q , . . S ' - . a n, l D I ' l 4 . . ., , A SOCIAL SCIENCE Chi Phi . Six XSD- - , , A :IZA X - ' 5 i Q SENIUR .Jaffa an .silenced CLASS 0F 943 .." ' vi.: r ' '-. -'K ,rf 7 I? 5 1.1 52- S, J fm -E 9' ef 'ls if ET . ' I A 4" I ,, 'S - 5. ' . ' ' V .. fxiffe+'iv ' HN" L 31 A n I . Q oflig N 'I .X l 1- muy ' E' I IE ZX' HR, fi 1.5 I N G15-U ' -"'1,,,. -ag-. .,,, , xiii .ES-1-V Q-fd-,.,.f f- T A' g X ,Q-1,-f-f-Eu.,-' --X if 1 ' X THONISON, JULIUS R. EFIDWIZLL, NIARVIN TILL, SAM B. R1Cl1l3llCl, Ga. Arcadia, Fla. Columbus, Ga. IIIOLOGY ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY Kappa Szgma Campus Club E.C.A. Emory Concert Band, En 'lIlCC1',S Club TINTER, STANLEY L. 3 Miami, F121- TURK, NEWTON L. BIOLOGY TRIPP, CHARLES A. Atlanta, Ga. Tau Epsilon Phi Brownsville, Tenn. BIOLOGY E.C.A. PI-IILOSOPI-IY Alpha Tau Omega CERARD H. ROTHSCHILD Players: Glec Club: Eta Sigma Psi: Cerina Alpha Epsilon Pi. u Club TURNER, ALBERT M. UNIJERWVOOD, CHARLES R. VON OSSEN, RUSSELL C. Birmingham, Ala. Russellville, Ala. Jersey City, N. J. PSYCHOLOGY BIOLOGY GENERAL SCIENCE Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Pi Players Eta Sigma Psi . WELLS, CHARLES E. WEBB, NIORRIS P. Ashford, Ala. Macon, Ga. FRENCH HISTORY C hi P 11 i E.I.S.A. Alpha Epsilon Upsilon, Players, Eta Sigma Psi C166 Club X'VHATLEY, JULIAN M. Reynolds, Ga. PHYSICS Kappa Alpha Club VViLL1NGHAM, ROBERT T. Marietta, Ca. GENERAL SCIENCE Sigma Alpha Epszlon SE IIDRS A-ld cm ,glanced CLASS 0F '48 1? the 'N-52 aff-S M AWE? ,mfr-3 7, f .J -Clwyd? . fuvbgv Q jg Q.n,.ff'N'-i L' J' M'rxioLnX', l 15:1-1 v 4iJ1.,W,.Vn.fE L 4, 'lffllc If lf? 'lHQL:5?b3, 'k gg H J' J' -if-ft ' ' 3 H HH Us fe 5 4 d,,?v-7 q 'M gill ' Hgtfflalf 131 .ow ' M fH fue 1 5 -'T-Tl:-gfili-+ 4 ' , f X W- VVICKER, XIVILLIAM A. VV 1LL1AMs, ALBERT S. Miami, Fla. Great Falls, S. C. soc1AL SCIENCE BIOLOGY Alpha Tau Omega Glee Club WILTSHIRE, JANIES O. YVILSON, FRANK L. Jacksonville, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL SCIENCE GENERAL SCIENCE Phi Delta Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Eta Sigma Psi, "E" Club VV 1NDsoR, JAMES T. McRae, Ga. BIOLOGY E.I.S.A. Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Camera Club In memory of Fred Bolonkin, Emory graduate and campus leader, who died April 12, l948. While in school he was president of Alpha Epsilon Pi social fraternity, sports editor of the Wheel, member and secretary of Student Activities Council, secretary of Emory Cliristian Association, vice-president of the Interfra- ternity Council, vice-president of the Players and a stall' member ol' the CAMPUS. He was also a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Eta Sigma Psi. .fdflfd an Agiiencw U N I 0 lounging around and sipping colces. ABRANIS, H. LEON, .IR ..,,.. Lyerly, Ga Pi Kappa Alpha ALLEN, JOHN E .,,..., East Point, Ga ALLEN, T. CHARLES .,... At1anta,Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon AMONETTE, JOE I .,... - . Albany, Ga. Sigma Chi TANTHONY, lNdACK, JR. ,.,, Columbus, Ga, Kappa Alpha ARMSTRONG, DIXON ...., Atlanta, Ga. ARNOLD, ROBERT M. . . , , Atlanta, Ga. ASBURY, FRANK L. . . - . . , Opelika, Ala. Kappa Alpha BAILEY, VVALLACE E .,,. 'Hilton Village,Va. E.I.S.A. BAKER, HOWARD F. . . Valdosta, Ga. BANKS, BUD VV. . . Liberty, Tenn. BATTLE, IRWING H .,,.,, - Dublin, Ga. Kappa Alpha BAUER, 'DAVID P ....,. Jacksonville, Fla. Delta Psi BEALL, YOUNG A ...... Savannah, Ga. Beta Theta Pi BEESON, EDYVARD L., JR. . , Burnsville, N. C. Alpha Tau Omega BELL, FRED E ....... Knoxville, Tenn. The co-op is still a congregating place for stu- dents during of periods. Here they are just U N 1 0 R S AA II BELYDU OSBURN C u1ncy F11 BIRD I-ILCTOR M S'1l1tLl1CC, Pue1to RICO BOLAND CHARLES G IR At11nta G1 Plu Delta Theta BOLING DAVISS Tfunpa 1 Alpha Tau Omeffa BOLTON JOHN Il Palatka 1 BOYNTON Mosns T IR Albany Alpha Tau Omega BRAGG RUDOLPH H211 tsneld BRANAN EDWARD YV Atlanta Sigma Alpha Epszlon BRASYVELL JAMES R Columbus Ga II I S A BRDAZLALE DLANI P Westlnlnster S C BRIGGS WILLIAM H Valdosta Ga BROWA N BRI VVSTER K B1 l111SW1Ck Ga Swma Alpha Epszlon BRYAN PAUL E Emory UH1VCTS1ty Ga Alpha Tau Omeffa BRYANT CHARLES O JR Atlanta Ga BULLINGTON LLICK S IR Macon G1 Delta Tau Delta BURNS EDYVARD R Aberdeen N C I ' , . . , , , , Q , c. - . .I t 4 J -1 I , I . , , , r , 1 , ' ., . , , I , c , 6- , .' , A Y E ' H , . . .... , . I ,F1I. E I I by I 4 F1 . H A 1 . .... . y C B -E , 4 .,. . . . . . , Ga. H y ,,. I ' .' H fm: m .I I H wma , ...... ' ,Ga. BRAGG, WILLIAM R., JR. . . , . Albany, Ga. I , + f . , , . . . ,Ga. , , I I H I I . I . 4 , 4. . : . . . , '. 4 ' ' , ' I . . . . , . . , ...,.. , . r 2 I ' ' , . . .... , . I If V 4. C . , .... , . I ,, b, I 1 '- 'J - - ' - 1 ' I II, 7 5' , I A I 4 H ,v -1 - I I . . , 1. I I I J ' ---- 9 ' - r CAMP, FRANK R., JR. .Maid an iienced I 0 R BUTTRAM, TPIOMAS L. . , Chattanooga, Tenn I J Phi Delta Theta BYRD, JESSE L ..... Cristobal, Canal Zone Chi Phi CALLAYVAY, JULIAN C., JR. . , Atlanta, Ga CALLIER, THOIVIAS P., JR. , CANIPBELL, HAROLD E. E. I. S. A Junction City, Ga Atlanta, Ga Lawrenceville, Ga CAYVTHON, VVILLIANI L. . , , Eufaula, Ala. CAYCE, D. D., III , , , Hopkinsville, Ky. Pi Kappa Alpha CI-IASTAIN, ROBERT R ..... Bunnell, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha CI-IENGGIS, GEORGE G. . . Savannah, Ga. CHiLTON, BLAKE S ...., , Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Pi CLARK, JAMES L ..... , Dalton, Ga. COBB, SAM T. ,..., Emory Univ., Ga. Kappa Alpha COE, GEORGE B. , . . . Athens, TCHH- CORER, JOHN L., JR ...... Atlanta, G21- Sigma Alpha Epsilon COLE, ROBERT H ....... Atlalitil, G21- Chi Phi CORCORAN, VVILSON A. . , Cottonton, Ala. COVINGTON, EDWARD R. . . Meridian, MiSS- U N I 0 S .Arial am .geiencw CREED, ,ALBERT A ...., , , Augustkl, G21- CUNNINGI-IAM, ll0BERT P ..,. , Atlanta, G21- ' Cl1iPl1i 1JALTON,.JOHN E ...... Palm Beach, F121- Sigma Alpha Epsilon IDAIXIL, GI oRc,1: M I-'C111Zl1lCl1llH, Fla DANIILLA CIIARLIQS L East POIIIL, Ga Alpha Tau Omeva DAVIDSON, C,IIARLI.s VV L1tlIoIIIa, G1 C111 P111 DAVIS, JERRX R DAI, ALLLN C, Alpha Pau Omeff DrAN, JOHN F 1 5 A DI:AN, MLPIIIN F E I 5 A DIAMOND, LFONARD Ta11Eps1l111 P11 DIANICJNIJ, NORMAN I-I Alpha Epszlon P1 Atlanta, G I Decauu, G11 TllCkCl , Ga Tuckex, G4 fxlldlllcl, G I Atlanta, GI DILKSON, AlAR'NIADUkE N IR Mallanna, F11 Szffma C111 Dolslss, DAVID M Bomlmg Gleen, Ky DOIsIss, XVILLIAAI I-I kappa Szgma DONITI-IOO, PHIL I JR Delta Tau Delta DOUGLAS, IIRILIH T C111 PIII DOWDLI., 'XLDLRT M I C6I7I71921S Club C-dlllllld Ga Atlanta, G I Atlanta GA Rome, G I 44 VD-I ms: W' .Ania an Lghienceff U N I 0 R . E E 'Emu' DUKE, JOSEPH B. ,...., Eatonton, Ga Phi Delta Theta DUNCAN, OLIN E .,..... Six Mile, S. C Beta Theta Pi DUNN, LAURENCE M. , , , , Savanng1h,Gg Chi Phi DURDEN, ADIE N., JR. , , , Q - Albany, Ga, Alpha Tau Omega EARNEST, JAIVIES I-I ....... Miami, Alpha Tau Omega EDMUNDSON, CHARLES C., JR. , . Atlanta, ELLIOTT, CHARLES S ...... Miami, Pi Kappa Alpha ELLIS, ROBERT G ..... - . Americus, ENZOR, ROSCOE I-I., JR .... Smithville, Sigma Nu Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. EPSTEIN, JERRY B ..... New York, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi ESTES, LOUIS C ........ Decatur, Sigma Alpha Epsilon EVANS, HUGH M ...,.. Waynesboro, Sigma Alpha Epsilon EVANS, JAMES M .... . Ty Ty, FARAEEE, DEWITT T., JR. . . Fort Myers, Sigma Chi FAULKNER, JOSEPH E ...... Allgllstfls E.I.S.A. FELKER, FORT F., JR. ...... Dalton, Sigma Alpha Epsilon FITZSIMONS, LOUIS E. . . . . Savannah, Sigma Pi FORD, JULIAN B ........ Atlanta, Pi Kappa Alpha Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga Ga Ga U N I 0 R All an FOs11:R A1 BERT P lXIii11C11CStC1 Swma Chl FRANCISCO CRIST PLT13 Orlando Szffma Cltz FR11:MAN I-ILNRI H Emory UHIVCISIFY FROST HLRBERT R eflferson FROST TITLODORL I-I Athnta Tau Epszlon Phz FRYHOTLR GEORGE 'W Waynesbomo Alpha Tau Omega El GALT TI-IOINIAS T Spzutanburg S C Delta Tau Delta CARTH RICHARD ll acksonwlle Szgma C111 Ixappa Stgma CAY I-I FRANK Atlant'1 Szgma Pt GILBERT A :KIRVEN Columbus Plu Delta Theta GILBRLATH ROBERT L Atlanta .Slf ma Alpha Epszlon GODDARD Ross M IR Decattu Pt Kappa Alpha GOLDBLRG HAROLD B Savannah Alpha Epstlon Pt CORDON ROBERT I1 Atlanta Kappa Alpha GRAY I'IARVLY C JR Mlayctoss GRLLN CARL P G1eensbo1o GRELNBIATI' BEN M Atlanta F11 a ' ", J' . f ',Ga. ,DW V 'fl 1 . , -I - , , u , , ,Fl . ba f , ' if ,, A . , . ' ' ' ' , Ga. ' , P . ..... J ' , Ga. ' T , ' ' 7 f . ' . . . A . L , GH. 4 . fi , 1 4 b . . . . ' , Ga. J ' . ,,,, ' . , . . 1 ' , 4. Q, , , , J ' , 4. GASTON, ERSKINE F. , , Emory University, Ga I ,' V I , . , ...... c , Ga. ' , . . . . . A . . , Ga l F , f . .... ' , Ga "f rl ' . 'f ' C , i., t ....l ', Ga Y , . , U, . .b , Ga I , ' ' . ...... , G21 ' 1 F 'J - -f-- . 9 Ga F' , . ..... ' A , Fl P . , f .,.... , Ga. 15 Ig a ss n ss ,Avia an Lgiiencw N I 0 R 'T' 5 S .ma-E nm. .ms X. I. E M ' ' SEBI Q W 'NW3 W hu ., .,. Ap...m.q :5E ...5E5mNf 'SI Ai A 1:5 ' ' ,gfw f H H asa 22,95 H E 1. E B .I .... "sir:-1 :sa '-aaa "I: R nu 'X '-I H ' - an tif- .I l t ,ar xmwwi '84 we AQ GREENE, CHARLES W .,., Thomaston, Ga. E.I.S.A. GRESH.-KNI, YVYLIE D., JR. , . VV:Iynesboro, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon GRIFFIN, EDA-VARD L., JR. , , Atlanta, Ga. GRIFFIN, JACKSON T., JR. , . Blairsville, Ga. GRIGGS, WALLACE H . , . Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha. Tau Omega I-IALE, HAL M. , . Atlanta, Ga. HANILEX', ROBERT L. , Savannah, Ga. HANIRICK, ROBERT L. , . Newborn, Ga. PIANCOCK, LEVAV C ....., Moultrie, Ga. Phi Delta Theta HARRIS, JOSEPH B ..,,, X'V21Sl1ll'lgl1Ol'l, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega HARTLEY, GEORGE E .,.. , Atlanta, Ga. Sigma N It HARTMAN, VVILLIAA-I R. , . Atlanta, Ga. HENDERSON, ALBERT JR ..., Albany, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha I'lERlVIAN, EMERY C., JR. . . LaGrange, Ga. Sigma Chi HILLIS, WVVILLIANI VV., JR. . . . Sarclis, Ga. E.I.S.A. HINE, YVILLARD R., JR. . Avondale Estates, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega IFIOEY, GEORGE B ..... Chillicothe, Ohio Alpha Tau Omega I-IOFFMAN, GERALD ,..... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi N I 0 R .Ania an .giwncea HOLDER XVILLIAM L V'11dost1 HORSTNIAN LAURILNS W Atlama Lambda Clll Alpha Howell EDWIN WV Passz1g1111eBeach a Szgma Alpha Epsilon I-Iown I-I1:1xRx BRANCH Decauu P111 Della Theta I-I UDGLNS ROBLR1 O Lj11Chbl.11g Szgma C111 HUBIIPIRIES GEORGF P LXt1'mt.1 Alpha Tau Omeffa INGRAM GLORGI C M111edgev1lle Alpha Tau Omen KIACKSOIN I CLARLNC1. Augustx P1 Kappa Alpha ILNNINKS Lhrfxm COMLR R Euhlula A11 Phz Dalia Tlzda IOHNSTOIN FRLNR M Ihsl Pomt G1 Sigma Pl IORDAN AR1HUR D Atlanta GA Szgma NIL IORDAN JOHN S Bllllllllgllilil Ala Szgma Alpha Epszlon IORDAN LLL A Atlfmta G1 Slffma Alpha 1119511011 KLLLEY OHNI I-Iapev1l1e Ga Szvma Fill KIINIDRICK TRANCISJ XV'1Sh1l'lgfOl1 D C IXIISSLER 1' RED O IR Savannah Ga Szgma Clzz KING I-IARRx L Savinnah Ga C111 Phz 6-,Q Alfa an Siencea U N 0 R Sigma Pi K Sigma Chi Sigma Chi i KLARPP, EDGAR F. . . Sumter, S. C KNIGPIT, GEORGE D .,.,A,, Miami, Fla Delta Tau Delta LAING, YVILLIANI R. . A , , Dawson, Ga Pi Kappa Alpha LANIBERT, ROBERT Y .,.. Honolulu, T. H. Kappa Alpha LASALLE, LEON T ....,,, Miami, Fla. Phi Della Theta LEA, JANIES VV., JR. . ,,,, Atlanta, Ga. Phi Della Theta LEARV, FLOYD ,,,, Brookhaven, Miss. Phi Delta Theta LEE, JOHN A. , .,... Live Oak, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega LINDLEY, JACK B. , , Powder Springs, Ga. Chi Phi E LINDSIEY, JARROT A ..,.... Atlanta, Ga. L1NDsAv, THONIAS LANDON X'VinstOn-Salem, N. C. LINKER, IQURT H .,,.. . Linden, N.J. LITTLE, VVILLIANI H. , , , , Decatur, Ga. Pi Kappa. Alpha LIVINGSTON, X'ViLL1AM J .,.. Mlainpee, S. C. LOOPER, JOHN VV. . ,,.. Dalton, Ga. Phi Delta Theta NICCULLOUGH, THODIAS J., JR. , Xvooclbine, Ga NIAGGREGOR, HOWARD S. , . . Atlanta, Ga , Sigma Nu, NICIJOYVELL, EDWIN H. , . . Orlando, Fla U N 1 0 R Aa. W. NICLELLAN, JOHN M., JR. . , Dalton, Ga. Delta Tau Delta DICLEOD, JAMES S .,...... ROIIIC, Ga. MAOY, ROBERT L. . . Lawrenceburg, Ind. NIALLORY, EDWARD A. , . Sigma Chi MANN, HAROLD YV ..,. E.l.S.A. lN'lANN,JOSEPH W.,-JR. , . , . L Sigma Nu , Atlanta, . Dublin . Corclele I RIARTIN, HERBERT R. , . Atlanta, RIARTIN, RIURRAY A. . , Live Oak, MASON, LUTHER H. , , Atlanta, DIAY, ROBERT D. , , X'V2ll'l'ClllOl1, RIEADOXVS, N. D., JR. , Good Hope, Sigma C1115 NIESSINA, IARMANIJO C. , . . Tampa, EJ .S.A. , lNlILLER, JOHN M. , . Lakeland, AIILLER, PAUL H. . . Decatur, AIILNER, BEN CJ. , . . . , Atlanta, Kappa Alpha MOREL, GEORGE E. , . . . Savannah, Sigma Chi DIORRIN, IVAN R. , , Millersville, NIORRIS, J. LEE . .... Augusta, Phi Della Them Ga. Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga Ga Ga. Pa. Ga. .Ania an eggiencw U N I 0 R NIAURICOURT, JAINIES N ...,. Moultrie, MORRIS, O. . . , Avondale Estates, MOSES, RALPH O. , , , Atlanta, BIOYEH, LANIAR J .4,,,. Barnesville, Pi Kappa Alpha NASH, ROBERT 'VV .....,. Atlanta, Phi Delta Thela NOBLES,JAD1ES E. ,...,., Miami, Alpha Tau Omega O'1'rO, fXLB1ZRT , , St. Petersburg, OMVENBY, JOHN R .,.. , Decatur, PAGET, NIANCHESTER C., JR. , College Park, PALNIER, JULIAN G., JR ..,,, Opelika, Alpha Tau Omega PENCE, -IATWIES ,.,..., Ft- MYCFS, Pi Kappa Phi Delta Tau Delta Pi Kappa Phi Delta Tau Delta Kappa Alpha PARSON, JACK ,....... Atlanta, PEAGLER, CHARLES G. , , Manor, PEARSON, CHARLES D .... Birmingham, PETTIT, HUGH B. ,..,, Cartersville, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Ifla. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ala. Ga. Ga. Ala. Fla Ga. PHILLIPS, JAMES O .,,.. Social Circle, Ga PLUNKET, DANIEL C .... College Park, Ga PORTER, BOYD, JR .,..... Atlanta, GH 0115 Fl!-I0MAb S Atlanta Kappa Alpha OYVIR9 NICHOLAS D JR Lindale S1qma Ghz I URCI LL PIAROLD H Toccoa lLLvrs C EDWARD Millen Kappa Alpha Alpha Epszlon Pz I FYNOLDS JAVILS XV G1 eensboro I ICH XRDS HUGH M Lakeland Bela Theta P1 I ICKIITSON EDWARD D XVBIICIIIOD Aappa Alpha RIDLEY JAMLS R Atlanta Delta Tau Delta luvv VVILSON C.. JR. AA., Atlanta Delta Tau Delta AOBINSON ROBERT N .,.,. DeLand -Slfffllll Alpha Epsilon 21 2. I OBINSOIN RODBEY J .,,.. Abbeville A a SlU'7Tl,f1, Pi I ODGERS DONALD A ..... Barnesville Ga Bala Theta Pi I OGERS VVILLIAIXI C. .... CIOIUITICTCC Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon lowxz, PIOYVARD M .,...., Dublin, Ga. ROYAL, JOHN M ...,. Montgomery, Ala. RUDESAL, JOHN M., JR .,,,, Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon AFFAN, BEN D ......,, Miami, Fla. U N I 0 R Aa an . .lu R - .. - ....L" , Ga. 2 .,, . ., J .... ' , Ga. z , ...... , G11 1 7 '. , . 4 ...... 1 I y Ga I EISMAN, DONALD , . .' . . A . Atlanta, Ga . 5, .I 1 . .,,, ' ' ' , Ga ' z , 'N . ..... c 1 ' - , .... I ' , Ga ' , 7. .,.,... f s Ga 3 J I 1 , , Gd I , , Fl , D , lm V ! 1 D .Maid an ,glanced U N I 0 R Lambda Chi Alpha E.I.S.A. SKELTON, JANIES I-I ..,., , Atlanta, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SKINNER4, AJAMES M. , , Covington, Ga SMALLEY, WALTER E. . , Lenoir City, Tenn SMITH, EMORY P. , . College Park, Ga SMITH, J. LAWTON . I G1'62lWillG, S- C Sigma Alpha Epsilon SMITH, THOMAS H., JR ..., Valdosta, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon SALE, VVALTER T. . .... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega SALTER, JOE B ....... Arlington, Ga. SAUSSY., HUGH, JR .... Dunwoody, Ga. Phi Lambda Delta SCOFIELD, NIYRON C. , Inverness, Fla. Delta Tau Della SEFTELL, RAYMOND . , Miami Beach, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi SELF, JOE L. . , . Decatur, Ga. SEYVELL, ROY J .,,, , Newnan, Ga. SHATTUCR, IRA YV., JR. . Belleville, N. J. Pi Kappa Alpha SHAVER, HENRY' M. , , Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega SI-IULNIAN, IRVING J. . , , College Park, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi SINIS, HOWARD B., JR. . Clarkston, Ga. SINIS, LEON ,....,, Brunswick, Ga. .Ala an gziencea I 0 SMITH, THOMAS M. . , Chattahoochee, Fla. SBIITH, WILLIABI A. ....,, Atlanta, Ga. Sigma N11 SOMEERG, EUGENE I. ..,.., Miami, Fla. Alpha Epsilon PI' SPENCE, PAUL HERBERT , . . Geraldine, Ala. Sigma Nu SPIER, CLARENCE E., JR. , Emory University, Ga. SPIVEY, TED R .,..,.. Swainsboro, Ga. Kappa Alpha I STANTON, FRED R. . . . . Columbus, Ga. Phi Delta Theta STEYVARTI, CHARLES C ..... Buchanan, Ga. STROZIER, THOMAS B ....,, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega STROZIER, VVILLIAIXI A., JR. , . . Atlanta, Ga. Della Tau Delta STUEBING, LOUIS A. ,,,,. Decatur, Ga. Sigma PI' SULLIVAN, VVILLIANI J. , , Decatur, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon TATUM, WILLIAM P .,..., Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega TAUSCPI, HARRY S. . , . Gastonia, N. C. TAYLOR, FLOYD M., JR. , . , Doerun, Ga. TAYLOR, VVILLIAIXI M .,,,, Sarasota, Fla. Sigma N11 TIENPIAGEN, DONALD C ...., Albany, Ga. THONIPSON, EUGENE C., JR. , . Savannah, Ga. Chi Phi W . .Ania an Siencea A N I 0 R S . . , . . Cedartown, Kappa Alpha XIANCE, JAMES M. VEAL, CuRT1S F. . , Deepstep, Phi Delia Theta THOMPSON, RANION C. , . , Frostproof, Alpha Tau Omega THURMAN, YVILLIANI R ...., Decatur, TINTER, SEYNIORE , ....., Miami, Alpha Epsilon Pi TURNER, DAVID A .,,, , McDonough, Kappa Sigma TURPIN, JAMES VV. , , Ashland, Fla Ga Fla Ga. Ky. Ga. Ga. VEATCII-I, JULIAN L .,..... Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi VE:XZEY, JANIES A .....,, Dothan, Ala. Sigma N 1,1 VINSON, CARL S ...,,,. , Cordele, Ga. Sigma N11 VVAITS, EDWVARD J ....,.. Atlanta, Ga. A Chi Phi YVARD, CHARLES M ...... Shelhnan, Ga. YVARD, Joi-IN A. . 4 , Atlanta, Ga. YVATKINS, CHARLES B. , , Ball Ground, Ga. VVATKINS, FRANK P .,.... Roanoke, Va. Kappa Alpha X'VELDEN, GENE ....., Atlanta, G21- Kappa Alpha XVHIPPLE, VVENDIEII K., JR. , . '. . Perry, Ga. XVI-IISENANT, LESTER L. , . Union Grove, Ala. U N I 0 .Ale can .Silenew VVHITE, JAMES M ...... . Elba, Ala. Sigma Chi XfV1LK1NsoN, JAMES C. . A , Bambridge, WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER D. . . Douglas, E.I.S.A. VVILLIAMS, D. FELIX ,.,. Barnesville, Bela Theta Pi VVILLS, S. ANGIEIK ,..,,. Tampa,Fla Alpha Tau Omega XVOODS, JAMES B. . A , Emory University, Sigma Chi YVOOLBRIGHT, D. YVILLIS , 4 . Columbus, Ga Sigma Chi W ooLsEY, CH12s'r1:R D. ,..A, Atlanta, Ga Phi Delta Theta VVRIGHT, CHARLES K. , A Knoxville, Tenn YVYNNIE, DON R ..,...., Atlanta, Pi Kappa Alpha YAUGER, JOHN T .,...,, Thomson, Ga. Sigma Chi YOULVIANS, HUBERT L. 4 , Lexsy, Ga. This winter scene on the Emory campus is most 'll771lS'IlCIl. Snow blankets the new path leading from Chemisl1'y Building to Arkzurzfglzt Drive and the new gym. is partially visible in the back! g"l'0'l17Id. Ffa an iiencea ' ' aa A 1 IXDANIS, NIARSHALL S., E.1.S.A .,,. New Orleans, La ADI-ER, JOHN F .,4. , Atlanta, Ga ALBRITTON, THONIAS J. . . Sarasota, Fla if-XNDRIEWS, JOHN WV. ........ Cedar Key, Fla ARKIN, L. JULES, Alpha Epsilon Pi , Miami Beach, Fla. AROGOETLJAMES , , Atlanta, Ga, AYERS, OSCAR L., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Decatur, Ga. BATEMAN, JOHN D., Alpha Tau Omega , . Albany, Ga. BAUGH, BERNARD R. , . . Thomasville, N. C. BAYS, VVILLIAM K. . . ...... I-lazarcl, Ky. BEALL,ART!-1URC.,JR.,SigmaAlplzaE1bs1'I0n , Atlanta, Ga. BEASLEY, HENRY R., Alpha Tau Omega , Albany, Ga. BEAUCHAIVIP, ARTHUR A. , , Atlanta, Ga. BEGOR, ARXVOOD , , Atlanta, Gil BENSON, JACK F. . , Columbus, Ga BENTLEY, GEORGE E., Della Tau Delta . . Atlanta, Ga BENTON, Y'V1LL1AM H., Phi Delta Theta . Augusta, Ga BERNATH, CHARLES M., Tau Epsilon Phi . Atlanta, Ga BICKERSTAFF, HUGH J., JR., Chi Phi , , Columbus, Ga BICKERSTAFF, JANIES VV., JR. . . Montgomery,A121 0 P 0 0 R E S .Ala an SLQWCQJ BLANK, RICHARD H., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Tampa, BLYTHE, WVILLIAM R., Chi Phi , . , . . Atlanta, BOLAND, ERNEST P. , , Pahokee, BOSSEN, l1OBERT I-I., Tau Epsilon Phi . Jacksonville, BOTELERI, HOYN'ARD, JR. .,.. . Lake Mary, BOYVEN, FRANK C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, ISOYVERS, ROBERT W. , BRADLEY, JOHN H. . BRASXVELL, GEORGE E. . BRECK, FRED I., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha BREWER, CAPUS B., JR., Chi Phi , , Roanoke, . Conyers . Collins . Atlanta . Atlanta BREYVSTER, I-l., Kappa Alpha . . Cedartown 1 BROCK, JULIAN B. . , Atlanta, BROOKS, LO1.1s C .,....., , Atlanta, BROYVN, EDYVARD C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, Fla. 21 fa 'a Ga Ga Ga BROYVN, GEO. B., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Atlanta, Ga BULLOCK, JAMES Y-V. , . . Greenville, Miss. BURNS, JOHN A., Chi Phi , , , Atlanta, Ga. BuRR1ss, ERNEST R., JR., Sigma Na , . . Tampa, Fla. BUSSEY, JOE L. , , , Timpson, Texas 3 T jg M5 an iiencea 0 P 0 0 R E S BUTLER, ROY R .,.. . BUTTERXVORTH, HENRX' H., JR. . CANNON, JAMES D. . CAMP, -JOHN R., JR CARROLL, CHARLES G., Sigma Chi . CARROLL, JOHN P., Delta Tau Della . CASEY, JOSEPH L., Pi Kappa Alpha , CAUSEY, ROBERT S., JR ..... CHAMBERS, MILTON L., Sigma N11 . CHILDS, CHARLES T .,,.... CLARK, JESSE M., JR., Phi Delta Theta CLARK, YVILLIANI T. . CLEGIIORN, GEORGE R., Chi Phi , . CO1-IEN, PHILIP, Alpha Epsilon Pz' . COMINS, CONSTANTINE P. . COOK, GEORGE P., Sigma Nu . COPPEDGE, ROBERT D. Cox, PIAYYVARD C., JR. Cox, JOHN W. . , COPELAND, JALPHEUS B. . , . CORDES, GILBERT M., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta . , Atlanta, Ga 1 , Atlanta, Ga . Abbeville, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Ozark, Ala. Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Smyrna, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. , Anniston, Ala. . Rome, Ga. Summerville, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Reading, Pa. , Atlanta, Ga. Manchester, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. , Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Union City, Ga. 0PIl0M0 CRANI, lXflICI-IAEL J., Chi Phi , , Atlanta, Ga. CULBERTSON, BORADUS B., JR. . . , LaGrange, Ga. CULPEPPER, JAMES M., Sigma Nu . . Fort Valley, Ga. DANNHEISSER, B. V,, JR., Zeta Beta Tau , Pensacola, Fla. DARNELL, BILL R .,..,. , , Marietta, Ga. DAVIS, ADRIAN C., Kappa Sigma , . St. Petersburg, Fla. DAVIS, CARL J., JR., Kappa Alpha . . Fort Pierce, Fla. DAVIS, CHARLES F .... , , Atlanta, Ga. DAVIS, JANIES T. , , Atlanta, Ga. I DAVIS, P1-'I-IONIAS N ......... Carrollton, Ga. DEAN, PIENRY E., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Atlanta, Ga. IIEJUAN, EUGENIO . . . . , Santurce, Puerto Rico DELA PALME, VVILLIAM V .,.. , r Atlanta, Ga. IJEMOUIPIED, PAUL A., Alpha 7-.Illll Omega . Atlanta, Ga. DENTON, YVILLIS W. , . , Douglasville, Ga. DICKIEY, JAMES E., JR., Chi Phi , . Atlanta, Ga. DILLARD, SAMUEL I-I ..,... , Detroit, Mich. Dorsns, QUINTON, Phi Delta Theta . . , Atlanta, Ga. DONALD, YVAYNE S .... . Marietta, Ga. DRAKE, TI-IoMAs E., Chi Phi ,.,., Atlanta, Ga. DUNCIXN, BUELL G., JR., Phi Delta Theta , Orlando, Fla. E S .fgrlfa ana! aghiencea Ala an agalencea 0 P H 0 0 E S Ci0LDS'I'EIN, SAM S., Tau Epsilon Phi St. Augustine, GOODRICH, J. M., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, GRANGER, LOLAN ,,.....,. East Point, GRAVES, ROY L., Alpha Tau Omega . , Atlanta, DUNN, FEDERICK E., JR. , , Atlanta, Ga DUNN, GROVER C. , , , Graham, Ga EARLY, CHARLES L. , , Atlanta, Ga H ENLOXV, HAROLD T. ,,,,,,,,, Tampa, F13 ETHERIDGE,R.L.,-JR.,SigmaAlphaEpsilon , X'Vincler, Ga ELARBIEI5, FRED WY, JR., Phi Delta Theta , Decatur, Ga ELKIN, DANIEL C., JR., Chi Phi , . . Atlanta, Ga. ESKENAZI, QLXLBERT, Alpha Epsilon Pi , , , Miami, Fla. EVANS, VVARRIJN DEB., Sigma Nu , . X'V211'l'CI1tOI1, Ga. FABI-LR, SIIEP M .,..,.... , Atlanta, Ga. FAIJLRNER, DAVID M., Plzi Della Theta , Columbus, Ga. FAZIO, FRANK V., E.I.S.A. . . St. Augustine, Fla. FESSENDEN, P. D., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Tampa, Fla. FITZPAIRICR, PAUL E ....,... East Point, Ga. FRANKIQL, AIEYER L., Alpha Epsilon Pi . , Atlanta. Ga. FRIEDINIIAN, STANLEY R., Tau Epsilon Phi , Atlanta, Ga. GIBSON, PRESTON E., JR., Della Tan Della , Atlanta, Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. 019110 03135 A15 an CRAY ARTHUR R GRAY GLORG1 H Szqnza ll CRLGORI RILRRIIL K GRIFFIN VVILLIANI M GULLATT HINIRX W R P1 Kappa CHVXLTNEY IOHN I' Szgma N HAAWION KLATH L Kappa Alpha HANINLR XVILIIAM T HAMPTON HABTIL XV I-IANISLLL EIIIAARD B C111 PIII l'lARRIS PAUL A bzqma Fill Holly SPI'll1gS Atlantw OI lando Atlanta Alpha Atlz1nt'I 'l New Bem N C LOLIISVIIIC K5 LaG1ange Ga G'1dsclen Ala Roswell Atlfm ta HAIA STUART M IR Alpl1a Pau Omega Atlanta HALL DAN P P1 Ixappa Alpha Atlanta PIALIY R C .IR Alpha T01lO1l?LUlL Atlanta G HARRIb IRVIN I Tau LYJSIIOIZ P111 Eftstman HZARRIS ROBERT I-I Atlan t1 I-I xRRIs V 9 4lpha Tau Omega Emory UIIIVCISILY I-IATCHLTT B R P1 Kappa Alpl1a College Palk HI ARD RICH XRD O Szgma N11 Deland HLDRlCK ROBERT D Alpha Tau Omaga Albany a Ga 1 , . ...,... ' ' ' , Ga. , I I ., 'g Clx' ,,,.. ' . , Ga. I I ', 1 f , . ,,1,,,, ' ,Fl.. ' , 1' - .,,..... , G21. , EI ' ., J ., , I ' 1 . 'c , Gil. I 1 ,x ' - I 11 . , . ' , . . 1 1 'J ' T-v ' V 1 - A l 1 '- II 7 , ' . l . .,..... ' ' 1 - ' , ' - ....... L , - . I f , 1 I ., ' 17 .,.. ,Ga. HANSON, ARNOLD H. ,,..,.,, Marietta, Ga -l, -, lik- - A 1 . ..... 1. , Ga 1, . ., A ., ' I ' . , . , ,Ga - f, ., f " ' . ' A I .... ,Ga 2 , . I., ., -. :fb , , , 'J -1 ' ' 1 ' . . . 'r , Ga S, . ..,...... ., Ga .1 ', .t.,, ,, 2 ' 1 ' ",Ga ' 'nl' --J-I 77 . . 1,Ga. 5 J 4' -1 .L 1 I .... , . 'Q 1 ' -y 1' ' 11 . l, . .xdflfri an Lgiiencea 0 P I-I 0 0 Z. HOLLAND, FRANK R., Sigma Ch I'IOLlXfIES, MARION C., Sigma N I-IOUGH, OTIO B., JR., Chi Phi I'IOUSTON, JABIES S., JR., Kappa HOWARD, SAM D., Chi Phi , HOLLAND, llOBERT L., JR., Sigma Pi . . a , . HOWARD, CHARLES L., Sigma Nu , . RES HENRY, JAMES D., Alpha Tau Omega , Live Oak, Fla. PIICKNIAN, JOHN S., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Atlanta, Ga. HIGGINBoTHAM,J.T.,Alpha TauOmega . Ufest Point, Ga. HINSON, JOSEPH G., Chi Phi , , Atlanta, Ga. Orlando, Fla Savannah, Ga . Tilton, Ga , . , Tallahassee, Fla Alpha , Meridan, Miss High Point, N. C . , . Atlanta, Ga HUFF, PRENTICE B. , . I-Iazard, Ky v HULL, DAVID C., E.I.S.A .,.... Spartanburg, S. C I'1URYVITZ, ALVIN H., Tau Epsilon Phi , , Atlanta, Ga. JAcKsON, HOWARD P., Alpha Tau Omega , Atlanta, Ga JACKSON, LAMAR E., Sigma Na , , Cartersville, Ga JACON, W'1LLIAM J., Sigma Nu , . . . Rye, N- Y JENKINS, CHARLES L., Kappa Alpha , , , Atlanta, CH JENNINGS, EDKVIN S .,... . Atlanta, GH JERVEY, EDXVARD D., E.I.S.A. . . Atlanta, Ga 0pH0M0RES .Alla an Siam IOllNbON IILBLR1 T Kappa Alpha IOHNSOIN SAMULL K Io1lNs1o1x IXIURRAY kappa Alpha IOIINb101N XVILLIAM R IOINLR H ALLIN ONAS 5 b1ANL1Y Alpha Lpazlon P1 Augusta Cn Lumberton N C Decdtux Ga Columbub Tcmullc M1 mu Bcuh T1 1 ONLS DONALD R .IR Alpha Tau Omeffa Atl mm KM oc Rlblb Tom .Sl 'ma IX ze VVIIIKCI H u en 111 1 Km: LR G1oRt L 1-1 R kappa Alpha Xtl mtl Kxu OR1 XMILLIKXI L LISA KIILIIINS JMR XV LAM IALK A Alpha fan Omen LVNGIORD JANIL5 1 LIL XVILLIANI II LLLXNIJ Tow XV P1 Kappa Alpha LCCbbLl13 Ill Atlfmla G 1 Atl mu Ga P'uo G1 lusco C1ty Al 1 Allant L G 1 LEONARD A II R Alpha l'a11Omef1a L'lGI"ll1gC Ga LLs1.11 F131 lk NV IR 51071111 Alpha Lpszlmz TIOY All LLb1LR IKOBERT 1' BlOOklCt Ga LLw1s ERNEST JR EISA SL Petelsburg Fla L1 wls IQHIIA H B1lll'1SH1Ck G1 4. . 4 : . I f 1 V . V . f M A - J ' ,, , . l , , , L . . -'f 'J 12 " . , ...4. A 9 - '- l . ' ..' '. V, ' J I " ' A' ' . . . ' .1 ' ' Q - ', f f Q. .4,,.. ', Gu. A Q, . - 4: ......,,. - ' 1,Gu- I J,'."'.5, ' ', "1 ' -L','z. I ', ., ., n , " D . 2 L , Ga. , : ', ', "5 x. ff , , ' ' 2 f , 41. .W-1, '5 ,:f'.,j,, "', f , ,f- z z,Gz1. L C, 1 lx T., 7. . .... ' "', "1 Klmsuv, C1A1ARL15s VV., Kappa Alpha , Ducktown, Tenn l "1-ax, :"'., ,,,,,, . , . ', 1 " ., f ' , ' f Sa , , , 2 " 1 U ' 7' , A 7' F. ......... c ' , 1. 'Z-', f 1 - . . , ...,.. V" ' , 1 'V 1 A' J J ' ., V U ' R -' A . . . ' Z , Z 4 . , . 4,1 ., A ., ' . ot., . . ', ' T, 4, 4 l f " . I L ' , . f fx 1 -J . 'J 'D ' ' ' " ' - 1 '- r"': 4 - , . ...,..... , 7 , 4 , ., '. . . . A , , '. ' t', ' . EN , 4 . ......... ' 1' , 2. LOCKHART, ALBERT L. , , LOVELL, JEFFERSON E., JR. , NIAJOR, JAIVIES M., Pi Kappa Phi NIANOS, PETE G., Sigma Chi . BIANSER, JAMES F. . NIARTINEZ, PEDRO J. , . . NIARGESON, RICHARD C., Chi Phi .... .Ala an aghienceri 0 P II B E S LEWIS, RUSSELL J., Kappa Alpha ..., Atlanta, Ga , Decatur, Ga. . Tampa, Fla. RICCALLIE, GRAHAM VV., Chi Phi . . Atlanta, Ga. MCCOOK, CI-IARLES F ..... . , Lizella, Ga. lX1CGEE, ROBERT L., Sigma Na , , , Thomasville, Ga. NICGRIFF, ROY A., Phi Delta Theta , . . Atlanta, Ga. BICINTYRE, J. T., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Atlanta, Ga. BICIQAY, VVILLIAM B., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Atlanta, Ga. lNlCLEAN, GEORGE E ....... . Newnan, Ga. BJCLELLAND, JOE B., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Sarasota, Fla. NICLENDON, CECIL G., Sigma Pi , , , Atlanta, Ga. BCICNIILLAN, CLARENCE F., Sigma Chi . . Alapaha, Ga. NICNIILLAN, THOMAS H., JR ...... Dalton, Ga. NIADRY, JOHN G., JR., Lambda Chi Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. . Anderson, S. C. , Greenville, S. C. , Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Airoyo, Puerto Rico QJPHQMQRES All an MATTOX, GEORGE B., Sigma Chi . . . Enterprise, MERRILL, SAMUEL J., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Palatka, lX'l'ERRITT, ROYSTON J., JR. . . RIICKLER, FREDERICK T., JR. . NIILLER, ALVIN, Tau Epsilon. Phi . . lN'lILLER, HENRY B., Alpha Tau Omega NIILLER, WALTER L., JR., Chi Phi . . NIILLS, JAINIES T., Phi Delta Theta . NIILLS, F. RUDOLI-II, Chi Phi , , . NIOORE, JACK L., Kappa Alpha . lXlOORE, JOHN R. . NIORGAN, JESSE T. , Moss, HAROLD L., Pi Kappa Alpha . Moss, Moss, . Norcross, Madison, . Atlanta, Brunswick Columbus , Tampa, , Pearson, East Point, Cartersville, . Dublin, . Atlanta, JULIAN ..,....., Jacksonville, ROBERT, Phi Delta Theta . . . Lithonia I J lVlYER, TERRANCE R ...... . Muldraugh, NEAL, BERNARD H., JR., Chi Phi ,,,, Atlanta, NEAL, CHARLES B., JR., Alpha Tau Omega , Atlanta, Ga. Fla Ga. Fla Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga KV Ga Ga. NEWTON, CHAS. L., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Dothan, Ala. NEWTON, PHILLI1- T., Delta Tau Delta , Chicopee, Ga. .1442 an .glanced 0 P H 0 0 R E S OIT, IQOBERT I-I., Alpha Tau Omega , , Atlanta PATY, ROBERT N., Phi Delta Theta PEDRICK, J. EIIMUNIJ, Sigma Chi PENLAND, JO1-IN E., Kappa Alpha . . PETTIGREW, PAUL G., Pi Kappa Phi . PEEIEFER, ROBERT C ..,.. MANN, JOSEPH W., JR., Sigma Nu , . 1 I I NORWOOD, SAM L., III, Sigma Nu ..,. Perry, NUNNALLY, M. T., Kappa Alpha . , Thomasville, OLIVER, WILLIAM T., JR. ,,,,,,, Atlanta, OWEN, WILLIAM S. . , St. Petersburg, PADGETT, WILLIAM T. , , , , Decatur, PADRIOK, COMER W., JR. , , , Atlanta, PARIS, DAVID C .... . Villa Rica, PARIS, JAMES W. . . Alpharetta, PARK, FRED E ...,.,... . Miami, PARKER, WILLIAM A., JR., Chi Phi , , , Atlanta, NOBRIEGAS, GEORGE A. ....... Havana, Cuba Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla Ga. PARTIN, WILLIAM C., Sigma Nu , . Jacksonville, Fla. PA'I"1'ERsON, LEE D., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha , Rockmart, Ga. . Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. . . . Waycross, Ga . . Atlanta, Ga. Winter Haven, Fla . Pensacola, Fla. , . Atlanta, Ga. PLATr, REUEL, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , DadeCity,Fla. Emoryis sophomores are old enough to go to the Grill alone, here to rail and rant at the professor who gave that quiz last hour or talk of that date tomorrow night 019110 011135 Afaan PLYLLR EDWARD C Albemarle N C POMI RAN1 M H Alpha Fpszlon P1 New York N Y PONDI R CARL Calro Ga POUND EDWIN C Szgma Alpha Epszlon Atlanta PRINGL1' RORLRT L Emory Umvelsxty QUILLIAN H M JR Alpha Tau Omega Atlanta RAGAN BRYANT T 11 nat Pomt RANISLY JOHN 12 PL Kappa Alpha Decatur RANDALL A H JR SzgmaAlphaEps1l0n Blrmmgham RAWIINQ JAIVIPS C JR Slgma Nu Atlanta REDD JOHN H JR Pl Kappa Alpha Atlanta REED CHARLES W' Kappa Szvma W Palm Beach RICE MARION H II I 5 A Powdel SPllI1gS RICPIARDSOW R D Szgma Alpha Lpszlon Atlanta RICKENBARER JOF B Szqma Alpha Epsilon Pelham RIDLLY HARRH W JR Delta Tau Delta Atlanta RITCH JAQR H Phz Delta Theta Columbus IROBERSON D W P1 Kappa Phz Ft Laudexdale ROBINSON X G Itappa Alpha Tl1OlUHSV1llC R01 LR IQOBERT H EI S A Dama RUSSELL RALPH L JR Alpha Tau Omega Ocala Aa a 3. a Fla SAV1 LL Jo1:L M Ch: Phz Atlanta Ga SARADA BEN NIODIIC Ala SCHLEY FRANK B Aappa Alpha Columbus Ga ' , - ....... 1 , . - K Q T., . ., , C . , f , f , , . . 2 , ........... ' , . ,f ., 'n, ,Ga. u, T . ..... ' I ' l , Ga. , . ' ., ., f f I , c , Ga.. , . ........ 'z ' ' , Ga. L . 7 , '., ' V , l , , Ga. J ' 'st 'J ' 1 1 . ., 1: .., t ., " . J . . . . , Ga , ., K ., ' f , , , , Ga , - ., 'O . . , Fl , ., '. . '. . , . . ' ' " , Ga ' .' 1, . ., ' f ' ' ' " . . , Ga ' ,I . .,.'L--, n 'f , ,Ga f , ' ., ., . A . , Ga , , K ' ., f . . . ,Ga - . , . ., ' J T , '. ' , Fl .' , : . ., I I . . l , Ga. P , Q ., . . . . ,,,,,, ' ,Fl . -. 2 , . , ., ., . l , . F J 1 . . - 1 -1 H ' ...... , - V J . ,. . ,.......... V , . I J 'i Q - . 3 n .fdffri an Siencea H0 IIIIES SCHWARTZ, JACK, Tau Epsilon Phi , , Brooklyn, N. Y. SCOTT, CARL M., JR., Delta Tau Delta . Vllaycross, Ga. SEAVEY, PAUL VV., Kappa Alpha . , Dunedin, Fla. SELLEITS, SIDNEY L., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Tampa, Fla. SHARTAR, I. MARTIN, Alpha Epsilon Pi , . Atlanta, Ga. SHAW, HARRY, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . Miami, Fla. SHEFFIELD, L. T., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . I-Ieadland, Ala. SI-II3LANDI2R,A. F.,Alpha Tau Omega St. Simons Island, Ga. SHELLNUTT, W. R., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Atlanta, Ga. SHEPARD, L. M., Alpha Epsilon Pi , , Brooklyn, N. Y. SHUFORD, JACK O., Phi Delta Theta , , Atlanta, Ga. SHULTS, XATILBUR D. , , Atlanta, Ga. SILBERMAN, L. H., Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Atlanta, Ga. SILVERNIANN, FRED, Alpha Epsilon Pi , Miami Beach, Fla. SIMS, WILLIAM M., Chi Phi . . Atlanta, Ga. SKELTON, ROBERT E., E.I.S.A. , , Kennesaw, Ga. SMILEY, DAVID T., SINIITI-I, ALoNzo T., JR. . SMITH, BARNES G., Sigma Nu . SMITH, BURIQN C ...... SMITH, ELLIS VV., Kappa Alpha . SNIITH, FORREST L., JR., Sigma Na . MILLING, GORDON . . SMITH, FRED Y. . Tau Epsilon Phi , , Atlanta , Ga. Beaufort, N. C. Belle Glade, , Atlan ta, . Newnan . Atlanta , Atlanta, . Atlanta, Fla. Ga. Ga Ga Ga Ga SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITI-I, SMITH, 0 P H 0 E Aria aa .ghbeacea HAROLD H. . RICHARD L .,.. ROY, Pi Kappa Phi . WARREN Y., Sigma Nu . . WILLIAM L., Phi Delta Theta SPARKMAN, JOHN T., Beta Theta Pi SPARKS, STEXVARD A. . SPARLING, JOHN N. ..,., SPONG, HENRY D., Pi Kappa Phi . STARNES, G. B., JR., Kappa Alpha Trenion, S. C. , Atlanta, Ga. . Gadsden, Ala. , Montgomery, Ala. M on tgomery, Ala. STEINIIRUEGGE, FRANK C., Phi Delta Theta . St. Louis, STILES, SAM V., JR., Phi Delta Theta . STORTER, BARRY M., Sigma Chi . STORY, STRATTON R., Sigma N u . STUBBS, CLAUDE M., JR., Chi Phi , SWANSON, EDYVARD A. . . TANNER, JOSEPH D. . 'TAY LOR, COLEMAN . TAYLOR, EDWVARD F., Kappa Alpha THOMAS, HARRY' H., E.I.S.A. , . THOMAS, L. J., JR., Kappa Alpha . TI-IOMPSON, CHARLES W. ,.,, THOMAS, VVALTER R., JR., Phi Delta THORIPSON, HENRY F., Chi Phi , , , Savannah, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. . Leesburg, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. . . Columbus, Ga. Mo. , Frankfort, Ky. . Naples, Fla. . Lake Wales, Fla . , Waycross, Ga , Aberdeen, Wash . Lithonia, Ga , Tampa, Fla . . DunWOody,Ga . . Mobile, Ala . Jacksonville, Fla. . Charlotte, N. C. Theta . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Atlanta, Ga. Jaffa an Sieacea P H 0 0 R E S - r 1-VURRENTINE, JULIAN A., JR., Sigma Pi . Thomasville, Ga. VANCE, NIORTON L., JR ..,..,., Evanston, Ill. VANPELT, YVM. I-I., Alpha Tau Omega , Pittsburgh, Pa x7ASlLOFF, FRANK, E.I.S.A. . . Fort Myers, Fla. VIGKERY, JAMES F., Pi .Kappa Phi , , Atlanta, Ga.. Vocrr, VVILLIAM L., Phz' Della Theta . Coral Gables, Fla. YVADDINGTON, DONALID H., JR., Sigma Chi , Atlanta, Ga. VVALKER, R. H., Pl Kappa Alpha , Germantown, Tenn. RVALL, JAMES M .,,,.. . Monroe, Ga. X'V,xI.I-AcE, Lawis E., Sigma Chi . , , Nashville, Tenn. WALLIS, ROI3IiRT P., Sigma Nu , West Palm Beach, Fla. WAPENSKY, J. A., Alpha Tau Omega , VVilkes Barre, Pa. YVARIJ, EDWIN M., Chi Phi . ,.., Atlanta, Ga. YVARRH, CoRN15L1Us E .,.. . , Atlanta. G11- YVASI-IBURN, FLOYD E., E.I.S.A ..,, Uniontown, Ala. VVATERS, VVILLIAINI C., Kappa Alpha , , Atlanta, Ga. VVATFORD, DEAN O., Chi Phi , . . Panama City, F111- VVATKINS, WILLIANI P., JR., Kappa Alpha . Roanoke, Va. VVATTS. M. J., JR., Alpha Tau Omega , . Atlanta, Ga. THOMSON, A. D., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Atlanta, Ga. TI-IRASH, C1-1ARL13s XV., JR., Kappa Alpha , Atlanta, Ga. VTRAIVIWVEIN, VV1r.L1AM B., Sigma Pi , , , Atlanta, Ga. l TVRIZADYVELL, I-IARVEY M ..,. , . Alto, Texas TUNNO, VV. C., -JR., Phi Della Theta , , Savannah, Ga. 019110 03135 Alla VVEAVER, THOMAS D ..... . Stone Mountain, Ga. VVIQLIQKS, LEON M., Kappa Alpha , , , Decatur, Ga. XIVIQIQKS, CLARKE B., JR., Beta Theta Pi , , Decatur, Ga. l'VlEI.DON,, JAMIQS E., Pi Kappa Alpha , , . Lanett, Ala. VVIELSI-I, ROBERT D., E.I.S.A ...,... ClIicago,lll. VVHELCHEL, WV. P., Jn., Phi Delta Theta . Gainesville, Ga. VVHIPPLE, ALLEN P., Alpha Tau Omega . Perry, Ga VVHITE, JI51fFIzRsON E. , Atlanta, Ga YVICKI-IANI, JACK C. , , Atlanta, Ga VVIGI-I'I', JOHN B., Phi Delta Theta . , Cairo, Ga VVICI-l"l', Josizm-I S., Phi Della Theta. , Atlanta Ga WILLIAMS, lavua B., JR., Sigma Pi , Atlanta, Ga VVILLIANIS, JIMMY . . Jacksonville, Fla WILLIAMS, lllCHARD L. ,,,,,, Frisco City, Ala YVILLIAMSON, I-IAROLIJ L., Sigma NIL . Corclele Ga VVILSON, VVM. O., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Atlanta, Ga WOOIIYARII, VVAL'I'I2R O. , Q Atlanta, Ga XIVRIGHT, PA'r'I'ILLO S. . Atlanta, Ga YATIQS, C1-IARLIE H., Kappa Alpha , Macon, Ga. YOUNG, JAMES T., JR. , . Lithonia, Ga. YOUNG, ORVILLE L. , Decatur, Ga. YOUNG, WILLIAM YV., Kappa Alpha . . Cairo, Ga. ZIcLI.I2Iz, E. J., Sigma Alpha. Epxilmi . Charlotte, N. C. ZIPPERMAN, ARNOLII, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Atlanta, Ga. .Ania an .giienced E S M E A Alpha Epsilon Pi . Atlanta BOOZER, R. C. .... . . Kappa Alpha ADAMS, EDGAR G ....... Augusta, Kappa Alpha ADEL, FRANK E ...... Miami Beach, BOYD, ANDREY'V EARL ...,. Atlanta, Ga Fla AINSWORTI-I, VVILLIANI N ..,,, Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha EXLBRITTON, JOHN A .,.... Decatur, Ga. ALLEN, ROBERT G .,,,,,. Atlanta, Ga. Delta Tau Delta ALLEN, ROBERT G ...,,.. Decatur, Ga. Sigma N It IANDERSON, EDWARD M. . . , Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta ANDERSON, VV. K. ....... Tampa, Fla. IARNIISTEAD, A. D. . . . Holt, Fla. FAULKNER, D. M. , . Columbus, Ga. BAKER, RICHARD A. . . . Atlanta, Ga. BANOV, CHARLES l-I. ,..... Atlanta, Ga. Tau Epsilon Phi BARTON, CHARLES W. , , Bolton, Ga. BEAM, ALVIN L. . . . . , Shelby, N. C. BEASLEY, ARCHER , , Clarkesville, Tenn. BEAVER, V. W. , . Kannapolis, N. C. BECK, C. R. ,,,..... Dothan, Ala. Alpha Tan Omega BECKHANI, R. J ......., Miami, Fla. Kappa Alpha BELLAMY, JOHN C ....... Atlanta, G21- C hi Phi BENNETT, R. F .,.,. . Miami, F121- BERNSTEIN, NIELVYN G ...., Tampa, Fla. Tau Epsilon Phi BERRENT, I-ALAN R. ..... New York, N. Y. Alpha Epsilon Pi BLOCK, ALVIN L .,...., Orlando, F121- BIASON, FRANK , . Atlanta, GH- BOONE, TOLAR PIARROLD ,... MHC011, Gil Sigma N -zz BOONE, WILLIABII STANLEY , , Columbus Ga Ga Ga FRESH IEN Aa an BRADLEY, JAMES W., JR .,... Atlanta, Ga. Sigma N u BROADHURST, C. G ...... Fitzgerald, Ga. BROWN, ROLAND W. , , . Mfalnut Ridge, Ark. Pi Kappa Alpha BRYSON, WV. J., III ,.., Tallahassee, Fla. BUDD, JAMES C ...,.. . Atlanta, G21- Chi Phi BULLARD, FOSTER L., JR ..., Marianna, Fla. BUREGESS, H. W ..,.... Hickory,V21- Sigma Nu BUSBIN, J. C ....... . Atlanta, Ga. BUSBY, CHARLES EDWIN . CAMP, W. T ..... CAMPBELL, W. G. , . CAMPBELL, ROBERT P., JR. . . Phi Delta CANNON, SAMUEL M. . CARTER, E. E ..... Theta . Madison, Fla. . Decatur, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Covington, Ga Gastonia, N. C Brookhaven, Ga CARTER, LEON V. .,.,,.. Atlanta, Ca Phi Delta Theta CAVERLY, EUGENE S .,,,., Atlanta, Ga Kappa Alpha COADY, RALPH F., JR ....,, Sebring, Fla Chi Phi COI-IEN, M. M ...... . Atlanta, Ga COLLIER, W. C ......, Lakeland, Fla COLLINS, CHARLES J., JR .... Orlando, Fla Phi Delta Theta COLSON, RODNEY E ..,.,,, Rome, Ga Pl Kappa Alpha CONIBEE, OLIE L ..... . , Atlanta, Ga Chi Phi COMMINS, TERRELL D. ..... Atlanta, Ga COOK, AL WOMAOK . . . . . Decatur, Ga Phi Delta Theta COOPER, F. C. , . . . Atlanta, Ga. COOPER, PAUL A. . . . . Oswego, N. Y. CRAMER, ANGELO J. , . Jacksonville, Fla. CRAXVFORD, R. F. . . . Atlanta, Ga. .fgffd an iiencea F R E rm JUAN, NIANUEL R. . D13 lX'lORE,J. E. , , . . IDEVVITT, SAMUEL J ...... Atlanta, Sigma Nu DRAPER, A. D., .IR ....... Tampa, DUGGAN, lX'lALCOLM R .... Bradenton, Sigma N u DUNAXVAY, JOHN A., JR. ,.,, Atlanta, Kappa Alpha DUNN, H. C ...,.... Fort Pierce, Alpha Epsilon Pi EI-IRLICH, PIOYVARD ..,,. Brunswick, Alpha Eta Pi ELLIS, RALPII F .,..,... Atlanta, ELLIS, TOM ,,,.... Hollywood, Alpha Tau Omega EPPINGER, J. POVVELL . . . Atlanta, Esfrizs, En DANUS ....... Atlanta, S1 gina Nu CUNNINGHAM, RAX'MOND A. , , Decatur, Ga CUNNINGHAM, YV ...,,, Columbus, Ga A CUPP, H. B., JR. . , Atlanta, Ga DANIliI-,, T. E. . . Atlanta, Ga DAVIDSON, EVERETT I-I .,... Lithonia, Ga Phi Della Theta DEAIJYVYLER, D .,.,,., Atlanta, Ga . Santuree, P. R Decatur, Ga Ga. Fla. Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. FEINBIZRG, M. D. ,..... Bl'O0klYn, N- Y- FINDLEY, P. E ......... Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha FLOURNOY, R. E. ....... Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha FOLTZ, YVILLIS H .... Winston-Salem, N. C. FREEMAN, Rica!-IARD C .,,... Atlanta, Ga. Chi ,Phi FURCRON, J. C .,,,,.,, Elberton, G11- Sigma Chi CQAINES, C. R. . . . Atlanta, Gu. GANIBLE, P. O. , , Atlanta, Ga. GARBIZR, B. L. , Q , , Miami, Fla. NIABRY, CECIL R. . . . Gainesville, G8- l F in E S in lffff KLVL 0087116815 GARDNER J W McDonough Ga GARDNER JOHN C' Locust Glove Ga GELBURD A S Slnrtftnburg S C GELLMAN Mx RON II Atlanta Ga I'auEpszlo11 Phz GET7 MORTON L lvflclllll Beach Alpha Epszlon PL GIBSON CLYDE LLLIS Butom Ph: Delta l'heta GILLLI IL ILDLARI Atlanta GODDARD I B Lxthoma GOLSAN HARRY XV Lltl1Oll1d Chz Phz Go0D GEORGI M Ga1netv11le Chz Phz GRAGL WALlhR A Atlantlc Beach Pz Kappa Alpha GRANADL CHARLEL C W1s111IIgtoII GUPI ILL CARLL1 ON S Atlanta l l A 'I GUTIERREZ RIVLRX LLOY 12 Gmyama P R HALL HUGH B J HALL P S JR HAMILTON J H Gllfhll PIAMNLR HARRY C T'1mpa .Szqma Nu HABII low ours B T.I1IIp.1 Phz Delta Theta HANCOCK D R XVC5l1Pl11T1BCd.Ch HARLEY HARRY V Atlanm HARRIS TLOYD O Atlautl Szgma Nu HAW ALEXANDER M Atl mtd Alpha Tau Omefa Opehkx All acksou M155 cl 'I .1 G HAYLS HENRY V Decatur Ga Phz Delta Theta HENG J M Augusta G1 HENNING E J NIIPELITII Fla HENR1 DONALD L Oakudge Tenn , - - ..... ' ' I ' ' ' J 1. ,,,, ' , ' . J . . ,,,,, 1 L , . . ' J I, I 4' ..... A J ' U , J . A ., f ' 7. ,,,, " ' ' ' , F12 . I J 4' . . , - 7 . ,,,., 2 ' I, Fl: . . Q. 0.6, 1 , 7. . I t G ' . . . , Ga. , . . ,,,,,4, ' " , Gu. , . . - . .I . . ' " , Ga , ' C f . ..... ' ' ' ,Fl' - - . lj . . t ' . . ' . , 1:11. ' ', " . , . . . ' ' , Ga GRossBERG, S. E. . , ..... Miami, Fla ' ' , 4' ' . ..... I , Ga 1 ' ' 5 I , ' ' . , ' , . , ., R. .,... ,' 2, I, , . ., ....... ' , f , - - . ...... , Ga - " 1 - : ..... c , Fl' ,L ' I f "' I ,J I . , , ,,,, ' ' , Fl. ' , . . . . . ' 2 ' , Fl' . ' J - ...,.. 4 L , Ga. -, ' - ,..... ' 2, Ga. I 4 ' " - ..,., I ' , ll. , , , 7' D : J - -. ..... , . ,v - - . ....... ' , c . - ,w f - .....,. . ., . 'J - .... 'h , . .Ala an RSZISQVLCQJ R E SH HESTER, R. A., III . . , Montgomery, Ala. HIGGINBOTHAM, FRED B. , , , , Tate, Ga, Hiscocx, ERNEST M., JR .,A,, Atlanta, Ga, HOLLINGSY5'ORTH, H. .... Anniston, Ala. Kappa Alpha HOLT, WILLIAM T .,,..., Dublin, Ga, PIORMANI, THONIAS M ..... Pompano, Fla. Delta Tau Delta PIUDGINS, ROBERT M ...... Griffin, Ga. HUNTER, BURKE . . . Georgetown, B. W. I. HURT, T. W .,,....., Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha .IAcRsoN, DONOVAN M. ...., Smyrna, Ga. IARNIVEN, JORMA S. , . Helsinki, Finland JESTI-ER, C. D. . . , , Atlanta, Ga. QIORISAN, HARIQY JUIIAN, C. D. . IQEENAN, H. E. IQILLINGSWORTI-I, H. KRANIER, J. C. . IQASK, UNO . . KUHN, REINHARD LANIER, W. D. LEVY, LAWVRENCE Emory University, Ga. . . College Park, Ga. . . . . . Oil City, Pa. T. , , . . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi . . Pensacola, Fla. Sadala, Estonia . , . Emory University, Ga. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pa LIESIIEY, R. S .,..... New York, N. Y. LIvINcs'1'oN, G. M., JR .,.. Bainbridge, Ga. Phi Delta Theta LovETT, LEON D., JR ...... Atlanta, Ga. LowE, LEVVIS C ........ Atlanta, G11- LUcAs, W. H. ..,..., Cedartown, Ga. Phi Delta Theta LUMB, ROBERT M ...,, Miami Beach, Fla Sigma Nu LYNDON, DAVID L ..... , Decatur, G21 F R E S .Ala an .glances 'ICARTHUR, DONALD A. . . McGregor, Ga. fIcCAIN, YV. S ..,,.. , Atlanta, Ga. NICCLELLAND, E. F .,..... Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha AICDOLIGAL, W. L ..,,.., Atlanta, Ga. MCELMURRAY, WALTER VV., JR. , Augusta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta MCGEHUL, OTHNIEI. W .,,,4 Macon, Ga. NIAGRUDER, JAMES . , , Bradenton, Fla. NIALLET, HUGH . , jackson, Ga. lX'IANN, BILLY . . , Atlanta, Ga. BIARSHALL, VV. C. , . Decatur, Ga. NIARTIN, HENRX' J. . -..... Atlanta, Ga. NIASTERS, EARL L .,... St. Augustine, Fla. Delta Tau Delta 'k Rat caps are back on the campus durzfrzg the Fall quarter from now on. A freshman. shows his three main worries in this pose: his rat cap, compulsory physical training and his studies. 'k Freshmen. take their turn in line and get accus- tomed to this procedure if they are not veterans. The book store line is one of the hrst obstacles during their hrs! two weeks on the campus. .Ala an .glanced E S H NIOHOLSON, B., JR. Kappa Alpha NORTON, BRANSFORD , . OFFU'lT, ROBER'l' YV. . OGL15TR1512, F. . O'KELLlEY', WV. C. . O'NliAL, A. L. . . OSBORNE, DUANE A .... SZ-gnlllll Chl OUTLER, JOHN M ..... OWLNS, RICHARD C. . , . Sigma N u Phi Della Theta NIATHENY, S. D .... . Tampa, D DIATTI-IEXVS, W. FRANK , . Decatur, MAYTEN, T. A .... Hapeville, DIILLING, GORDON , , ALIg111Lg1, DIILES, FANNING C ..... . Atlanta, Kappa Alpha NIILNER, EDXVARD VV .,,,,, Atlgmm, Kappa Alpha Mrrcl-nsLL, NICHOLAS ...,. Atlanta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon D'lON'l'G0lN'Il5RY, E. E ..,,,, Decatur, lX'lOORE, JAMES G., JR. . , Daytona Beach, NIOORE, R. L., JR. , . . . Ardmore, NIORRIS, W. M. , , Atlanta, DIOSELIEY, EARL T. . Decatur, DIUNRO, GEORGE I-I .,... Lynchburg, Alpha Tau Omega lX'lURPHY, NVALTER Y .,,,,, Atlanta, DIURRAY, RALPH B. ...... Atlanta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon N ICHOLS, EDXVARD D .,.... Atlanta, Szfgma Alpha Epsilon. Fl a Ga Ga Ga Ga. G1 1. . Ga. G1 1 . Fla Pa. Ga. G1 L . Va. Ga. Ga. Ga. Columbus, Ga. . Altura, Ala. , Atlanta, Ga. West Point, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Jackson, Ga. Pensacola, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. Palm Beach, OWVENS, VVILBUR D., JR .,... Albany, Phi Delta Theta PARTEE, ANDY .,....., Decatur, Phi Delta Theta PASS, GEORGE L .,,..... Atlanta, Fla Ga Ga Ga F R F P156 om caenced PA rn R C Atlanta PATRICK G1-N13 Decatul PAH II LO J NV Atlantfl PA'1rON JOHN H Atlfmtu PLACOCK XNILIIAWII JR Atlanta P111 Delta Theta PIARSON H L Mxanu PIlBN1'NIG1ON TOMNRLND S LakeW1les .Szgma N u :l 21 PTRKIINS JOHN G Lcommstem Mxss Beta Theta PL PI-IILLHS VNAT111. 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', E. ,,,,, L z,Ga , ' . ,,,, 4 ' ' A ,F1' 5 U- , ' , J .L T .,...., 'Z , ' , . ' . ,,A, '. 'f, Fl QUARTERMAN, KE11'H A., JR. , . , Atlanta, Ga A - , +. ' '. ,,,,, lc ',F1z 1 , A K ..,.... " ,FL n . ' T, T' l ', ' ' , . .... , Ga 7, . ,,,.,,. n, Ga L 7 , ........ 'A' ', 4 c ,4 ', 1 t ., JR. , . 1" , f olff , , 4 J, '. '., .. .,... 1 A i' , . , , . .... "2 ' , f '. 7 1 4 ' 'N - ...,. Y Jr A ' 1, '. V, RIQVV ' 'J I i - ..... L I A , '. N ', T 4- .....,. 1, , :- ' ' Y, . . . ...,.. ' ' ,Fl:. r 4 1' 4 . , .....,. A , . .Ala an .giiencea E S Alpha Tau Omega SCOTT BURTON A., JR ....,. Atlanta, Ga SHAVER, CHARLES R. , , Emory University, Ga Kappa Alpha SHAVER, DAVID A .,..... Atlanta, Ga SHAW, HENRY VV ..,..A, Augusta, Ga Phi Delta Theta SHULIVIAN, STANFORD , , College Park, Ga SINGLETONI J- VV. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. SRELTON, JOHN G., JR. , , East Point, Ga. SNIITH, ALBERT B. , , Jonesboro, Ga. SMITH, BERNARD L. ..., Copperhill, Tenn. Sigma Nu SMITH, JANIES O .....,. Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha SNOW, CUBBEDGE, JR ...,,. Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha SOERGEL, BOB ....l.., Atlanta, Ga. SPENCER, PIERBERT G., JR. , , Decatur, Ga. SPRINGER, F. H .,.., , Atlanta, Ga. STANCIL, ROY M ....... Atlanta, Ga. STATON, TED L ........ Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha STUART, ROBERT , . Lakeland, Fla. SYVEIGERT, R. L. , . Atlanta, Ga. TElXIPI.IN, E. . . . , Atlanta, Ga. TEREZAKIS, GEORGE E. , . . Orlando, Fla. TPIOMAS, DONALD A. . , Memphis, Tenn. HANSELL, EDWARD B .... . Roswell, Ga. Chi Phi TlLLB'IAN, CURTIS V. ,,,, Jacksonville, Fla. Alpha Tau Omega TRUNDLE, A. GRAIIAM, JR .... Atlanta, Ga. Pl Kappa Alpha TUCKER, ROBERT A. , , . Decatur, Ga. TURNER, NIALCOLM E., JR ..., Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta UNGER, PAT B .,...... Atlanta, Ga. lVAUGI-IAN-LLOYD, 'WM. E. , Winston-Salem, N. C. F R E S H M E ,Malo an ,Sbiencw l VITNER, SAUL .,....,. Atlanta, Ga. l Alpha Epsilon Pi I XVAITIE., WV. DUDLEY ,4... Pensacola, Fla. YVATTERS, VVALTER P .4.... Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi XVEINIQR, MYRON . . . Emory University, Ga. Tau Epsilon Phi YVESTON, RICI1ARD G ..,., , Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon REISMAN, DONALD ....., Decatur, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi VVHIPPLIZ, EARL B ........ Perry, Ga. Phi Delta Theta VVI-IITE, R. C .,,,..,, Pensacola, Fla. W HITLOXV, I-IUBERT H ...... Atlanta, Ga. VVIGGINS, Roy A., -IR .,,.,, Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha X'VII.1.soN, R. C .,,,,,, Anderson, Ind. X'VILLsoN, RICHARD M. . , Greenville, S. C. YVRIGHT, DAVID C ....... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega VVYNNE, M. D ......... Griffin, Ga. YON, CHARLES E. , . , Blountstown, Fla. ZUSMANN, S. J. . . . , Atlanta, Ga. Freshmen stop by to take a look at the main bulletin board near the Library building. The board is usually the center of a group of curious students during the breaks between classes. Campus organizations post notices and bulle- tins here to keep the times and dates for meetings before the students. USINESS AD IIN IST ATIQIN DEAN GORDON C. SIEFKIN, A.M. Dean of the School of Business GEORGE S. CRAFT, A.B. Former Dean MORY'S School of Business Administration has shown more progress since the war than any of the other schools in the University. Handicapped during the war by the small number of civilian upper division students in college, the school regained its feet at the end of 1945 to take the lead in Emory's march forward. The school was founded in 1919 at the time the college moved to the Atlanta campus. Edgar I-I. Johnson was appointed first dean and organized the school to provide four years of instruction to prepare a student for a career in business. This system remained in effect until 1942 when the school revised its curriculum to provide for two years of instruction in business. Requirements for entrance to the school were raised, and students applying for admission had to have completed two years in the college. During 1941 the school had eight full time members of the laculty, but this number dropped to two during the war years. ln 1945 the school had enrolled just live civilian upper division students. For all practical purposes it was merged with the col- lege for the furtherance of the Navy V-12 program on the campus. Since January, 1946, when Dean Craft took over, the school has undergone a thorough study and revision of curriculum to suit present needs of professional education for business. Its entrance requirements have been raised so that all students must have at least a. C average in the lower division for admission to the School olf Business Administration. These standards are higher than those of the college for upper division students. The enrollment of the school reached its highest peak during tl1e Fall quarter of 1947 when 193 students were enrolled in the school. The maximum number which the school can adequately handle is 200. In 1941 the school had 140 students enrolled for the four-year course. In 1946 the economics department in the college of arts and sciences was abolished and its duties attached to the School of Business Administration. Under the present set-up, however, certain courses are offered by the school exclusively lor students in the college. By taking over the economics department the school became responsible for approximately 40 more students who are economics majors. The completion of the Rich Memorial building gave the school its home. The quarter-million dollar structure was completed in time for its occupation in September, 1947. It is a three-story building equipped with modern classrooms and olhces and a spacious business library. It was donated to the school by the Rich Foundation. "' " . A, Q . '- ' iv' fl r' ' m'w1"5f"" , fm if ,, 'Q M Q' 4 5. ' -:- :. , an -' -b 5 . Am. 5. 3' x - 'QMS ,mt 3. M, -5... ,, W 2, ' , 1, " , as sz xx J Q al " gs 1 . we is . ' f.."aE5 Q L J' if - Q. ,qw 3, , , . . Q 221 -.- X. H +1 W. , . , , 3, . ,, ,. V N Q I . 4 4 , , . V K , qu 6 Q ' '. ' ' ' A N su E swwun in m?j?Qv:' s gg 1 .- -N ,. .LNI - , ' M w yu m ww fhvn , , K 3 . u, E ' - w M 4-A-W : wf ig.g V f. wumpuwwiqggah wgx ' Wm ,Q . T J , ' f f, :, , S' 2 Mi Y. T W 1 -. A. -.sa :F j:g-.5'.:- q,.- ss , if gg: -:, g fx sz- K M K ig t H .H .W fy ,iw ,X W 1 in Q , . 3 V-as w 5 W xl W . mf . . 5 na " ' sg' " Q 1 W f' M-M Y . xv w ' if , .mf -.5 K- 4 m in E .4 5 - z .a.s ... ... ... : -'sw :.-., m . ' .,.e,.. - E . , . 2 H .. W , Q . E. Y 5. s . 9 gg wkm2maa 4 la fu-+ fWm'm,.., , B F L - if ", .H A S, ' ' Q 'fi -"sip W ' H . ' ' " ' I , a4, V I9 Y W , Y 5. 3 . , - 1. 1 Q. S ' wt ' .. -.iw-vs 'a WZ .' ' 5, ' Q, Q ,-- Syn, gl 5 .1 - 1 . . ,, kv R.. x M , . x . Z, 2 1 'F if' We 'f .L H .WM 'f ,T M - W S A . 5 K -' ,K 4, , in J, QMQEF Wg E,?ki 3+ gfm -, xg J, 4. ' is -nav 9 'U 5- -a H 1 - , . . sv ,. X 4, .'E",, . dx W' - .. . 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Kg su S1 3 mf 5 ps. ' 1 my 5Qkg,qgwgxm . gg qw Y H 3 V B , EIR- Q Yi??1W7? A 'Q 1 5 ..,,. ggfgsg . H Q W W I E I B i i? -H ' ' ' H mg 2 Tw Q M 'L 'I H ' fs pw-f-f, .f . ,V W, 5 , Q H... K 5 E 4 1 Z , x I? B S8 P' S8 B X8 ' - ' I swam mn W 9 any 1' a V 1. Egmaw A T yj,g X 'L I A Q. r E qw . ss. ss d ss A 3, E Q K Egg ,Q H Q . ,H H , H -K .-,w J. W , U H a HU Q-Q A .f M M ' m 1- aw 'W , 1 H 1 ' B Z KTM X5 ' - , V , . I 9 4 .g1 L is wg my 1 K K Q H BQSQ B H a E A . is W 5.5 ,A 1- -I-I H H9 WT fl 5:5 :a: ' . Y H f- .- H - . H . - H .H , 4 may ff . Q M m - www H km Q :.,? .,,..u:,1 ...U BEVHBZ WB gf A was 4Smw 1 mv 'H H . N H B Q X Q H H 5 as w V H , fi fn E E as , , . A V ,. ...H by Z A Y H -Q5 2, .94 1 ' W XA. H .Q S Q an I jgs a E ,Q f-gm sg E K .i Q, ' X : - H 5 . M .. 1: , H PM ., WJ H mg WE . H , , ,- 'fwuwq 1... W. . Q. .- f-law 3' M E' -- W sf it P ax. Q. W Vw. . . 5-5 as EQ W N - w Q if 'E I E 2? E 34 W W WX E wE'u ?'.'x 5 Q ' K K.. :gagging -, V lg Q f ,, . H 1 E K ,H - E M R, a 5 2 Y my M . nm 1 s H - Q H E E K . Q . H - M L - .. M W M , J., M H - .41 V H . S1 M ',, gg-ENE.-. M- Mig,--w? - v H B K V W 1- LS X ' 'X 3 . 1. ' H - HMB QVH E i 1 ' ' E " H F 1 WS . H is ,z . Q "I H F I , tw. N 4 H A A 'H gg ww W . ,f W B Si Y -. - K 'P' .. 32 wi if Q . gg I ' W H, V ml mm 2 www .. " L - . a mmm - -X gn BE 5 - ska EH j swam . wwwk ss a Y Y -" M n s mmm 1 B IW Q, Sf H- N . msg m " 5 W. W E . Q, 1 W Q. .. . W X SS B E 9 H-f is B mm - E L X, W - A .,, Y aa by H .1 umm wa-:V Y-A:u'mszlm ning mms -vw sf-am ws. MQMH gms nmwfnwsmn an saws- rx .1 H wx Xu was was M sf xmdg is 'Mwsw,mm.mggg Hmmm: -E3ijQ'Emnm awww, nw ... way.. as .-+ - .. Q iifgs. A -B1 WE a w s my.. -k pw E. 1 I vm QTL if F ss H H H .V E K .Z . U M Ewifeffs W 2' 295539 .mg .... E awsang HBBBBEW M ,,'. . mx ww- - PA"?1..Ea wwf A-A -za as -v Q 54 W ' Ia- .. W .t is , I-3- m" . L-rr .131 . - :A R si H K W Q. Q . H Sw' 43. owilftedo Cgidoof U N C I L MF, xff RICHARD FEW Past President President l?Vilkinson of Business School Student Body discusses plans for the cotmcil In October 1947, a meeting of the Student body of the Business School was called by Frank C. Jones and Sam Smith, representatives to the University Student Activities Council. The pur- pose was to organize the Student Body of the Business School. A constitutional committee was a Jointed and the Jro osed constitution was Pl l .P approved by the SAC in November. For the Hrst time in the history of the Business School a president of this body was elected and a separate student council installed. The aims of the organization are to promote a better understanding between the students of the school. Plans call for social functions to be held in this connection. Dr. F. A. Cottle was chosen as the first fac- ulty advisor. PETER WILKINSON Preszdent USINESS SCIIIIIIL emom ALEXANDER WALTER 1' Tampa Fla Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa PS1 Debate Forum Student Actlvlty COLIHCII AINDREXVS ROBERTJ Decatul Ga Alpha Ixappa Psz BAGGERLY EARL WV JR Atlanta Ga Phz Kappa Psz Alpha Kappa Psx Honol Councll Alpha Ph1 Omega BAKER ROBERT E Atlanta Szgma P2 BLATY DAVID A Stanton Tenn BENTLEY DONALD C Atlanta Alpha Tau Omega BROOKS CHARLES C Atlanta Phz Delta Theta BUTTS ROBERT V Duewest S C .Szgma Chz Alpha Kappa Ps1 CALDWVELL Hom ARD L Atlanta Phz Delta Theta CATO YVILLIAM T Atlanta Szgma Alpha Epszlon Alpha Kappa Ps1 CHAPMAN CYRUS M Atlanta CONE TOIXIAS E Savannah Alpha Kappa Psz DR12I71NY ISAAC Macon Alpha Epszlon Pz DUNN BEN IANIIN M Atlanta Ga Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Ps1 l Y . . J . 1 ' .... 1 , , l , ' .,.,., is - 1 I 1 l , 4 J 'J' ' - A .- - 1 - .3 1 . , , . , . , , .A , . , Ga 4 I, . ..,... y ' , . ..... , Ga , 1 . . ..... , Ga BRUCE, DELIVIA E ......, Atlanta, Ga , ...... , . , ' A 7. ,... , Ga , ' ..... '. . , Ga. , . .,... , Ga. ', f ' . .,.,.. , Ga. 4 . T , ...,.... , Ga. , T ' . ..... , . C . elfiiom EP-Y, GEORGE VV. .... Wiliter Garden, Fla. Pi Kappa Alpha ENLOE, GORDON , , , , , Atlanta, Ga, GALLMAN, ARCHIIZ L. . , Dalton, Ga. HANKINS, WILLIAM T., JR .,44 Atlanta, Ga. Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi HARDEN, HARPER H ...,,, Atlanta, Ga. HARKINS, DONALD N ...... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi JONES, FRANK C ......,, Macon, Ga. Kappa Alpha Alpha Kappa Psi, Student Activity Council, Interfraternity Council, Debate Forum JONES, HARRY J., JR. , , Atlanta, Ga. JORDAN, THOMAS H. . . . Eustis, Fla. KAPI.AN, SIDNEY J ....... Atlanta, Ga. Tau Epsilon Phi . Alpha Phi Omega, Camera Club NIELTZ, LAWRENCE J. . . Atlanta, Ga. RIILLER, OLIN P ....., Thomaston, Ga. Sigma Nu NEWEI.L, RIURRAY ,,,, St. Petersburg, Fla. Sigma Chi Alpha Kappa Psi Nlx, CARL A., JR ....... Atlanta, Ga, A Lambda Chi Alpha E.C.A. PRATT, HUGH K .,..... Covington, Ga. BUSINESS SCIIUIIL mmm RANJRIR IOHN R III Atlanta Swma Alpha Epszlon Glee Club I1 C A R12vsON ALFRID F JR Atlanta Phz Epszlon Pz Internatlon 11 Relatlons Club Alpha Phx Omega SANIDFFORD ALVAN I-I M1clv1lle Szgvna Chl SCHOENBLRG ARTHUR L Atlanta Alpha Epsilon PL SLALEX ROBERT H Gamesvllle SEM ELL PRESTON A Rome SINGLLTON IIAROLD C Decatur Phz Della Theta D V S OIHICTOII Delta Kappa Honor COUIICII Student Act1v1tv C OLlI'1C1l Iuterfraternlty Councll CAMPUS Alpha Kappa PS1 S'1r1N SIDNU. A Atlanta Ga Alpha Epsilon P1 TYRF Mc DONALD Decatul G1 Alpha Kappa Psz IVLAV1-R RICHARD VV' AHHISIOH All Alpha Tau Omeffa Glee Club VV OOLs1:v VVAITER W Emory Unlversxty Ga Kappa Szgma Buszness school studenis see many Fveshmen and Sophomoms t1ek by on thezr way to chapel Asbzny dome was wzclened hem to enable a lavgev lawn 101 the new R1CllM6Wl01ldlB1t?ldl7lg I 1 ' ',. . ., ..... .,Ga. . I I 4 . V U , ,W . 4 , . . . 4.' , fi .,. .', , I, . ,Ga. D 2 1 c D , 1 f. , . . , . . " 1 ,GEL I . 1, A ll. I 4 P , . ,' , ,. , ,Ga. R M, - . .,,, ' ' ,Ga. f' , . . ...... ,Ga. ' 2 , - . ,,,, ,Ga. SMITH, IN. SAM , ...... Atlanta, Ga. - - 'J I 1 - y I 4 J D 1 .'J c 'L , I F' - ....... , . ., I .... . I. ', c 'lf 1, . , , , , ' , z. l "Q ' O . 4 4 ' ' , , . . v , . l l l l l aaiom N ALSTON, CLARENCE VV ..A. Richmond, Va. Phz' Gamma Delta ANCHORS, JOHN L ...,,. Savannah, Ga ANDERSON, E- CARY . , , Chattanooga, Tenn Sigma Chi BARKER, VV. DANIEL ,..,. Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau! Omega BARNES, DUELL B ,...,., Macon, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon BORG, LEONARD E ..,,,., Decatur, Ga. BONVEN, HUGH XIV., JR ..,,. Americus, Ga. Phi Delta Theta BRANAN, VVILLIAIVI C .,..,, Sanford, Fla. BROOKS, JAMES R ...,.., Decatur, Ga. BROWN, -IALIES W., JR ...,, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi BUCRLEY, JOHN H ....,,. Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Theta Pi CAMPBELL, DAN A .,...., Atlanta, Ga. CAMPBELL, X'V1LL1AM M .,.,, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Alpha CARSON, ERNEST H .,.,... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Chi CAUBLE, JOHN A .,...., Clarkdale, Ga. Phi Delta Theta Cl-IESNUT, CHARLES VV ...,.. Albany, Ga. CLANTON, GEO. D., JR. , Emory University, Ga. CLARKE, VVILBERN R., JR. , , College Park, Ga. COOK, THOMAS E .....,. Cochran, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Tau Delta COWDEN, MORRIS F. ...., Mi11brOok,Ala. Kappa Sigma DALEY, CLAUDE, JR, .,.. . Atlanta, Ga. Chi Phi DAVIDSON, ABRAIiANI N .... . , Cochran, Ga. T aa Epsilon Phz DUBORDE, JOHN M., III ,... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi DIETRICHS, DONALD ,...,, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Tau Delta USINESS SCIIUIIL anim E vs... 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St. Petersburg, Sigma Chi ,Macon, Sigma Nu .. . . , Hapeville, . . . . , Cairo, E.I.S.A. . . . . , , Atlanta, Sigma Chi Gainesville, Kappa Sigvha D ' , , , , Emory University, Atlanta, , , Atlanta, US NESS SCIIINIL Ga Ga Ga Ga , Dalton, Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Chi Phi NIICHALOVIE, LEONARD T. ,.... Columbus, Alpha Epsilon Pi ATOORE, JOHN A. ,,,,,,, , Atlanta, MORRIS, SIIERIDAN C. , . Atlanta, MUNDY, TOM G. , Tifton, NERENBAUNI, MARSPIALL , , Atlanta, Ga PARTIN NIALCOM ...... S :rin Hill, Ala , . l E Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Kappa Alpha PENDLAND, TIIoMAs E., JR. ,,,,, Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega PIIIA, DAVID , , . , Atlanta, Ga Alpha iEps.ilo1:I Pi ' POULSON, ERNEST S. Q ,,v, Ochlochnce, Ga LEVISON, JARVIN S. , , lSeniorj , , Atlanta, Ga MII.LlNG, GORDON . . . , Atlanta, G21 1 1? BUSINESS SCHUUL aaiom REEX'ES, EARLI: F. , , . . . . Delta Tau Della REID, CURTIS M .,.,... RICHARDSON, DAVID J. , , . . Sigma Pi RICHARDS, ROBERT L. , , . RoDINsoN, EDWIN M .,,... Kappa Alpha RODBISLL, CLYDE ,... . . Alpha Epsilon Pi- RYNER, JAMES N ....... Sigma Chi SACRE, XVILLIAM A. , , , , . SMITH, HAROI.D R. ,.... . Chi Phi SMITI-I, VVILLIAM W. , . . . Sigma Na S'l'ANLEY,JAMliS B., JR. . . . . Sigma Nu STERN, NIARVIN J. ...... Alpha Epsilon Pi Sigma Chi STRICRLAND, A. G., JR. . . . . . Sigma Nu TURNER, ZED M ...... VIDAURRI, ROBERT E. , , , Tau Epsilon Phi YVALKER, GARTI-I ,,,,,, W YVALTON, GILROY G., JR. WIIITI3, DELOS H.. JR. , VVILBANKS, NOAII C., JR. , , , Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Della Theta STOw, JAMES R. ....... VRoNo, I-LIROLD A. .,,,.. Alpha Tau Omega Pi Kappa '.41y3ha' Palmetto, Ga. Luthervillc, Ga. East Point, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , Dccatur,Ga. Atlanta, Ga. , Valdosta, Ga. Augusta, Ga. E.I.E.A. SApp, 17AUL B, l ,,,,, Waynesboro,Ga. Sigma Nu Su'rI'LIs, JOHN B. ..... . . . JHCRSOII, Ga- Alplza Tau Omega SMITH, EDWARD T., JR .,.... TIIOIHHSKOIIIGK- Alpha Kappa Psi, Della Tau Delta , Atlanta, Ga. J-Iazelhurst, Ca , Atlanta, Ga , Atlanta, Ga , Atlanta, Ga , Claxton, Ga McDonough, Ga , Atlanta, Ga , Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Alpha , Live Oak, Fla , Atlanta, Ga Anniston, Ala XVILKINSON, PETER B .... .... . Atlanta, Ga Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi VVILLIABISON, FRANK M .,,.., Atlanta, Ga Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Alpha VVORSI-IAM, ROBERT E., JR. ,,,,. . Rome, Ga Sigma Alpha Epsilon YVRIGHT, GEORGE W. ,,,, WfVest Palm Beach, Fla "2 T SCIIO0L as ' . s. DEAN R. HUGH Woon, M.D. Dean ofthe School of Medicine DEAN TRAWICK H. STUBBS, M.S., M.D. .-flssistant Dean MEDI MORY'S School of Medicine is a direct outgrowth of five different medical schools. Its history dates from the founding ol the Hrst Atlanta Medical College in February, 1854. VVork for a degree in the College consisted of two six-month lecture courses. Graduates were decided by the "Black Ball" system with students receiving more than four black balls failing to get their M.D. As a result of a faculty disagreement, the Southern Medical College was founded in 1878 and existed in direct competition with the Atlanta Medical College until 1898. The new medical school built two buildings beside the old college across the street from Grady Memorial Hospital. Side by side the two schools competed until both faculties decided that a combination would produce better results. Before the combination was accomplished, however, the South- ern Medical College attempted to convert itself into a full-fledged university by adding schools of dentistry, law and pharmacy. The dentistry school did begin classes, but the other two never ma- terialized. Financial difliculties caused the schools to combine in 1898 and their charter changes were completed in November ol that year. The name of the new school was the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons. Its requirements were immediately raised to four six-month lecture courses which became effective in 1901. 'That year the graduation exercises were held in the old Grand Opera Hall, and the degrees were printed in Latin. More competition was in store for Atlanta medical schools, however, and in 1905 the Atlanta School of Medicine held its lirst classes. Many of the city's first citizens backed the new school which stressed good teaching and high standards. Their standards threatened to put the old school of Physicians and Surgeons out of business, but low finances soon compelled the new school to agree to merge the two institutions. The merger was completed in 1913 and the new school im- mediately raised its requirements. In addition to the four lecture courses, one year of college was added. Again hnances ran short, and it became imperative for the school to work out another plan. About that time Asa G Candler gave the money to establish Emory as a university, and the solu- tion to the medical schoo1's problem was found. After much consultation, it was decided that the Atlanta Medical School would become the School of Medicine for Emory University. Therefore, the medical school deeded all its property and equip- ment to Emory in 1915 and the transition was completed. The school received a tremendous boost in 1922 with the com- pletion of the 'Wesley Memorial Hospital on the Emory campus. lf. V 1 21 sms am my ms um mn mam, W .H-.mm ss--sa .,.,,, fx - ss H, . ss mapa umm mms mam E Q as ., wg?-31'a.fs i' mQ1'B5f . . Kim "N QW-wif ! g A M Q 4. z.: H ",a:: m Ei ::: Q Las, - M 3 if . , if ,ww , ' QM , ,.:.U-,1 '-aww .,.. E E 4' ' ' M. Eilliiyg A S Q .gm Y 'iq' 1 my ffm-ff W i.mlsa,AE-AIR? if" gs- as ,warn .' 5 V , u "K 'bf , -V I Ha ,fm X mxmkl' 1 .1 1 fm Jf Q 5? If J gl, 5188 ,As n Sf L 4. 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IEW :QW H S859 Y me may misss aww 8lfLl:0l"5 E D I N , l l Theta Kappa Psi Theta Kappa Psi CANIJLER, lX'fARGUER1TE L ....., Atlanta, Ga. DUNBAR, WAL1'ER S .4....,, Atlanta, Ga. Theta Kappa Psi, Campus Club Sigma Phi, Chi 2 2 ADAMS, FRANCIS B., JR. . ..... Seneca, S. C. ALLEN, IXIARVIN S ........ Hollywood, Fla. Theta Kappa Psi BERMAN, JEROME D ......., Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Delta Epsilon BI.ooDwoRTH, JAMES M., JR. ...., Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Nu, Phi Chi GARNER, MABRY E. ,......, Sanford, Flu. FORREST, BEATRICIZ . , Chillicothe, Ohio GIRADEAU, JosEPH L .,...... Claxton, Gil- Sigma Chi, Phi Chi GRAYBILL, LEON D ........ 1 Danville, VH- ' Sigma Nu, Theta Kappa Psi I'IOLLIS, CHARLES D., JR .,..... Forsyth, G21- Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa HARRIS, JACK K .,,..,,, Jacksonville, Fla. MEDI PIARRISON, I. BARNETT ,..... jacksonville, Fla Bela Theta Pi, Alpha Kappa Kappa H15Nn1a15, ARMANI: E. ,,,,.,. Decatur, G21 Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi JOHNSON, THOMAS D ...4... Sigma Chi, Phi Chi Hawthorne, Fla KOBLEY, DONALD E ....... Miami Beach, Fla Alpha Epsilon Pi LEAVEL, BOUDE B. ,.,.. . Theta Kappa Psi Lovxfrr, LINDSAY F .,...... Alpha Kappa Kappa LUNCEFORD, INICKATHRYN S. . NICCLURE, E. 1lUTH . IYIAGNON, W1asT B ..,.... Kappa Alpha NIALONEY, R101-IARD H., JR. . . RIEADOXVS, CARTER L .,,,,,, Theta Kappa Psi , At1anta,Ga. , Leesburg,F1a. . Metter,Ga , AcwOrth,Ga . Tampa, Fla Hartford, Conn. . Vidalia, Ga. UE -E ,gimfom ning 23 gs H Wm N-ii ,ss 8453.3-ms - gnwms xmnssw - mmsvnmn "Q gs .si E - 1 as gg ilk H 5 'I ::: ii I Exim m . H ggmag 1 A B smfssms sa ms mama my--sam.: ESEFEW um sw-gigz ss ms-gum iam PW ss -LQ B -u ENS QVLPOIWJ Q-0 , aa-1 EDI MEADOWS, JASON L. ........ LaC-range, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi MONCRIEF, JOHN A. .....,, State Park, S. C. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi NEWSOM, BRUCE C ......... Columbus, Ga. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi NICHOLS, PHOTIS J. .,...,. Apacachicola, Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Theta Kappa Psi PATRICK, KILLOUGH I-I., JR ..,., White Oak, S. C. Theta Kappa Psi SCHULZ, IKICHARD H .,..... Winter Haven, Fla. Alpha Kappa Kappa SHASHY, SAMUEL A. M .,t...... Ocala, Fla. Sigma Chi, Theta Kappa Psi SHUMATE, Phi Chi STEINBORG, BOB J. ......... Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi WALKER, JOHN F .,,... Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi WATLEY, LEWIS R ......... Ashburn, G21- Campzis Club, Phi Rho Sigma WOODALL, ALICE . . . Atlanta, G21- VVOODSON, GRATIAN C., JR ..... Middlesboro, Ky Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa YOUNG, VVILLIAM B ......... l'Vi1S0f1, N- C Alpha Kappa Kappa EIIICI BARNES, ZERNEY B., JR ....,,. Lakeland, Fla. Sigma Chi, Phi Chi COBERLY, JAMES C ......... Pensacola, Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi DAVIS, BRYAN S. . , Chesterfneld, S. C. DEES, MARVIN F ......... Cleveland, Ohio Phi Delta Theta, Alpha Kappa Kappa DORMAN, FRED I ......... JaCkSO11Vi11C, F121- Thela Kappa Psi DOYVDA, FREDERICK VV .,.... . Smyrna, Ga. Chi Phi, Phi Chi FARRAR, CLARENCE H ...... Manchester, Tenn. Lambda Chi Alpha, Theta Kappa Psi F ARRAR, EDWARD L., JR ...... Birminglmm, Ala. Pi Kappa Alpha FINCH, HENRY M .,..... , . . Decatu1',Ga. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi FOYVLER, CLAUDE H ..,...... Decatur, Ga. Sigma Chi, Theta Kappa Psi HARLTEY, WILLIAM C .,..... Hollywood, Fla. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi HEIN, DAVID E- ..,....... Atlanta, Ga. Phi Epsilon Pi ahiom 9535. 51. QE yah . I 'fe-all in - ' ' :" - L2 f "':q.:m,s:U1 lfmiom E D I C I KINARD, CONRAD L. . . Emory University,Ga. LELAND, JOHN , . . . . .... Supe1'ior,Wisc. Alpha Kappa Kappa MATHENY, THAD ....... WVaynesbOrO, Miss. Theta Kappa Psi RUCKER, JULIUS T., JR. ,....., Augusta, Ga. Della Tau Delta, Phi Chi SCOTT, CHARLES, JR. ,.,,A, , Rome, Ga, Kappa Alpha SAMS, F ERROL A., JR .....A, . Fayetteville, Ga. Kappa Alpha Slracm., ROBERT M .,..,., St. Petersburg, Fla. ' Phi Delta Epsilon SOLOMON, ROBERT S ........ Bristol, Tenn. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi TFHOMPSON, JACK A ...... , Atlanta, Ga. Phi Delta Theta, Phi Chi l VVELLS, ROBERT E ....,., A . Atlanta, Ga. f Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi I i Third-year -med students learn to know every turn and tunnel in Grady Hospital. Long shifts on emergency, late hours and hard work mark the .I-zmi0r's lot. And there is still plenty of microscope peering to hll out the day. EIIICI 52,0 01110111 BROXVN M SCOT1 Laude1da1e Mlss BURNs rRANCIbJ St Petersbmg F11 P111 Delta Fheta P111 C111 CooPhR RIANUIIL N LIHOIY UITIVCYSIIY G11 .Szgma C111 Alpha Kappa Ixappa DT'N1NlX ERNEST JR Amaullo Texas Theta Ixappa P91 DIIIARD XVILLIAM B R C,arte1sv11le Ga Alpha Kappa Kappa DISNIX C THOMAS Santa Te N M Delta Tau Della Theta 1xappaPs1 IKRRIS IOHN D EIHOIY Umve1s1ty Delta Tau Della Alpha Kappa Kappa I'oR1soN LUTHER G R FOIISOI1 .Szqma C 111 FRFL IACR R Doexun C111 P111 P111 C111 TUNRF lover L VVestP11mBe1ch Fla C miss llOBhR'I I Atlanta Alpha lxappa Kappa GILSE DIAURINE L Dallas Texas I-IMA DAIKICEII Wapato Wash Theta Kappa Psz HODNll'1 AVHLS D Atlanta G1 Szffma Alpha Epszlon P111 C111 IREFNLR 1ILL1s B St PCtC1SbLlI'g Fla P111 Delta Theta P111 C111 KITCIILN LLOYD Gu11esv1l1e Tla P111 C111 MCC xLL1s1 LR Louis R Tallahassee Fla Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Kappa Kappa 61- , . -. .1 , . . . . , . . . y - . 4 1 .. 4 ., - . . . . . . 1 L' , ', ,,', ,'., - ' I . ' .' f E 1' ,ry ' - , . . , . 1 ' A ' V., ' ' ,, 1 ' law? ' , 1.11, 1 - 21' fm . al. 11 'A 'l', ' , . . . . . . . Q 1 -A , . 1 . , . - wr 4 . L, 1. ......, c , - - 1 7 I .J V 1 . . ' ' ' ' ,Ga. . ,L . . . . . 1 , , . 1, 1 , 1 .. . . , .,J. . . . , . . ,Ga- "1 .' . , .1 11 e . . , . . , , . . , , ,,Ga. 1' , 1' 4 ' 1 ' 4 .,. .. . . . . . . . L c , . A - ' . 1 - G1 K F -, - . , ..... . . y c. 1 r", 1 ' T- . . . . . . . 1 : 1 ,1 . . . . . . . . . 1 . Q ', 'f ' ' 1 '1 r 4 - 1 1 .. , 1 . ....... - , . b . , .. sq ,T ' i. . 4 , . . . . . . . . c , . 1 ..: " J - . . , . . , , . , , 1 1 1 ,, ' , ,' , an 52,0 Umm LIEDIC l Sigma Chi, Phi Chi llled School library. l RIARKS,ASIIER ,,,,,,., A , , Atlanta, E Ga Phi Delta Epsilon MOBLEY, HENRY I-, JR ..,,..., Decatur, Ga l Phi Delta Theta, Chi Chi PITTARD, NlARION D. ,,,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Kappa Psi PRIOR, WILLIAM F ...,..,... Dublin, Ga. Alpha Kappa Kappa PULLIAS, GEORGE M., JR .,,,. , , , Miami, Fla, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi SCHREEDER, JOHN M ...,..... Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Kappa SCOTT, LEGH R., JR- ..,....., Rome, Ga. Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Kappa SELLERS, TPIOMAS F ...,..... Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Kappa SHARP, THOMAS B .....,.... Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Chi, Phi Chi SMITH, FRED C .......,.. Cedartown, Ga. Sigma Chi, Alpha Kappa Kappa STABIBAUGH, NORMAN F., JR ..,.,. Atlanta, Ga. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi TALLEY, T1-IOMAS P .....,.., Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Kappa Kappa VVARD, JOHN A. , . Shelhnan, Ga. VVHITE, JOHN A ..,..,.., Bishopvillff, S- C- Kappa Sigma WILLIAMS, FRED E .......... Havana, F111- Nfeclical sophomores dig deep into the textbooks in the EDIC rea meh ANDERSON KARL JR Clncago 111 Theta Kappa Psz ATK1Ns EARNEST C AL1'111l2l G21 Szgma Nu Phz Chl BAVER I-IEINZ New York N Y BROCK ROY C Ad2111SV1l1C Alpha Tau Omega BUSH PO'WELL D JR Ba111eSV1l1C Campus Club Theta Kappa Psz CARPENIER FREDERICK A 311211111 R Stgma Alpha Epszlon Phz Chz CHANDLER PIOYVARD C Jacksonv111e a P111 Delta Theta Phz Chl CHANDLER JosEPH H Kansas C1ty o Alpha Kappa Kappa QI-IIIDLRS ROBIE T R C1abo1cha1d West Va Theta Kappa Psa CLARK SPURGLON W J G1eensbo1o a CORPENING BETTYE S Atlanta Delta Delta Delta CUPP CLAUDE M Norfolk Va Theta Kappa Psi DANILLL WILLIAM W Atlanta Cl1zPl1z Phz Chi DODIILIIN RICHARD A Savannah G DUBosr L IVIOULTRIIZ Rome Chz Phz Theta Kappa Psz DUNAPHANT CHARIFS I' Atlanta Swma Chz Alpha Kappa Kappa TAILE GEORGL M JR Kerslnw S C Theta Kappa Psa TOLSOM JOHN H JR WIHECI Pzuk Fla Phz Delta Theta Phz Chl FREEMAN OSCAR YV Gadsden Ala Phz Delta Theta Phz Chz GASKIN ERNEST R Albeunalle N C Alpha Kappa Kappa iv' , R 4 ' 4, , . A ..... W.. . V 1 ' 'Fx' , R Y JL A tl, 4 ' - . ........ lf Y J ' 1 V 1, I 1,1 J ...--.... 3 ' ' , ....... . . . ' ,Ga- J, ., . ...... I' 1Ga' 5' . I X, ,I 1 1 1 , .,,,, v ',1f1. , 4 I V, E IE ., L -'R n ,F TH . . , . ,,.... ,111 . - T, ,,' ,' ' xx' , . ,, , , - . , ..s.. ,M . ' A J 11, IM. : vp. .A In is N , '. . . . V ll l , I ., R. .u . l. . A ' ' ,Fl - PhzChz A 4 , - - . ,,.,. . . . UG21- I, ' '. ......... H 9 ' V .7 , - U. .. . .. . -, . . 'I AC:Ga' 5 V' ' - Ig- ' 'J - ....... ' x an ' 2, . ' ...... l. . ,GEL , MJ , A J +1 i 5 T' ,v -L 4- .... , . . :Ga-Q 2 V o " V 1 A 4 ', 7 l-, . ,,,,,,, c , . . Fl 'f ' O 4 . L, ., . ..... '. 8 ' 1 , . " ' 'P . ' "1 , . ........ , . V 9 4 ' - ....... . 1 , . . jf'e5Amen M E D I I PIOYVARD, WILLIANI R. 4..., . Theta Kappa Psi PIOYVELL, TOM S., JR .,,,, HUIET, COLEMAN B., JR. , . , Chi Phi IQARP, HERBERT R. , KESSLER, PxNSON . KNOYVLES, ANNIE E. . KRAININ, MILTON J. . LOCKHART, LEYVIS LOFTIS, VVARREN T., JR .,,,.. Sigma Chi, Phi Chi NICNEILL, J. NIALCOM ,..,,. Alpha Kappa Kappa NIARTIN, ROBERT M., JR. - . . Phi Chi NIEDLOCK, FREDERICK E ...... Alpha Kappa Kappa NIELTON, JOSEPH T. . M URRAY, HAROLD L .,,,... I GROOVER, ED. L ....A..... Marietta, Ga Sigma Chi, Theta Kappa Psi Sigma Chi, Theta Kappa Psi Milledgeville, Ga Valdosta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga LEYVIS, THONIAS K., JR. , , Birmingham, Ala. Decatur, Ga Tampa, Fla. Ameri cus, Ga M adison, Ala Laurens, S. C Denver, Col Chester, S. C NATION, THCJMAS C ....... College Park, Gil Theta Kappa Psi NITZISERG, SOL , . . . Dothan, A18 PARK, CHARLES L., JR. ,....... Sanford, F121 Sigma Nu, Alpha Kappa Kappa PENNINGTON, BARBARA A. . . Ossineke, Mich RILEY, WELLS , . . . , . Orangeburg, S. C Delta Tau Della, Theta Kappa Psi EDICI Z7mAmm Ga. G1 1 . Fla. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga Ga Ga Fla VA! U17 osx: O San Ium Pue1to Rico VANSANT AWILS I LIHOIYUUIVCISIKY Ga V1N11'Rs HOMFR D Tampa Fla Ga Ga Ga Ga SC IIIIIL LAW CHARLES J. I-IILKEY, Ph.D., S.J.D. Dean of the School of Law VV1LLIAlX'I I-I. iXGNOR,, Ph.B., j.D. Assistant Professor of Law PAUL E. BRYAN, A.M., S.J.D. Clark Professor of Law NIAURICE S. CULP, A.M., S..I.D. Professor of Law EDGAR BYRON I-IILLEY, P11.B., J.D. Assistant Professor of Law HENIIY M. QUILLIAN, B.S., LL.B. Professor of Law HE Lamar School of Law held its ftrst classes in 1916 in a modern and fully equipped building designed especially for law instruction. In the new building students had access to a well- selected legal library of some 6,000 volumes. The school, named in honor of Associate Iustice L. C. Lamar, 18115, of the United States Supreme Court, who was one of the early graduates of both the Georgia Conference Manual School and Emory College, continued for several years under temporary leadership. Judge Samuel C. VVil1iams, formerly as- sociate justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, was elected its lirst regular dean in 1919. He resigned in the spring of 1924, and Professor P. E. Bryan served as acting dean until the fall of 1925 when Charles Hilkey was elected to the deanship. The catalogue stated that it was the purpose of the school to prepare its graduates for practice at the bar of any state, to provide legal instruction for non-degree students who might desire it for business or cultural reasons: and to develop in stu- dents "such a sense of honor and regard for professional ethics as will make them in the practice of law exponents of the best traditions of the profession." Since the South suffered no lack of lawyers, the school from the beginning has interested itself primarily in proficiency rather than the number of its graduates. In maintaining this ideal, the school's entrance requirements consisted of two years of college work. However, the requirement was waived frequently, and students were accepted after only one year of college training up until 1919. At th outset, tl1e school met difficulties when many of its stu- dents were take in the draft or volunteered for World War I. In September, 1917, the school registered only 12 students and this number was reduced to two the following year. In 1917, a precedent was set however, with the admission of Miss Eleonore Raoul, Hrst woman to enter the University. After 1922 the en- rollment of the school increased steadily until lfVorld War II. Since that time the school has enjoyed its largest enrollment in history. The school was admitted to membership in the Association of American Law Schools in 1921. At that time it was the only member of the association in Georgia and one of the few in the entire South. Further recognition was received in 1924 when it was the hfth Southern school to be given an A rating by tl1e American Bar Association. The vigorous policies of the Lamar School have contributed strongly to the improvement of legal education in the South in recent years. The School has continuously kept in mind the sort of training which will Fit its graduates to adjust themselves to the practice of the profession, not only in the changing' economic and social conditions of today, but also in the complex civilization of the future. W J , ld:a,,jf.f X . m515 f M33 sm 'Ft' H E an -M mm x uma we sim , . ....... V. i x fm Bmw new gs H B A mn aw ss 11 is :Q ss B B EE E m H wawam my E sara an ss s sw wma ms mam X gsm HQ mn mn miss ww msjg was 59 iifaizimiwm W W ima. wa ws 1 nawi a ms M E W awe , M H H E A Www amnwmm msgs M mi? ms HHH Km H ww asus HN? R M E ss was 5 mm a m an nm www a mn my ms K 5 asm Q sw M BE HW Emma a aww smug Q nam in J zwmgs gggufgaf gag W 5 W M E game M was H gmgmmf' E BEE HW' am a mn as mn mn w M ':Y1E 'lr gg sf 1 nm ,w ' Ea? J Kmwwg B Q. gs ms? ss , ss Sm mn A -'B mklfs-ZE"YQ'f swf H Ewa M Q-,ga mn BH Hgh Mg W Kms E-.am Emi' in muff A M 5 Q Q . f EQ A 1' .1 E z.: wiv V' .... 4 E Q. 1 " wg sikgg 55' X wire: Q 11:35 Q -w 4.,fi1EsE1 H EQ' E sm NN 1,88 5 SQ 'S Q B iw, E Kimi I M Wg , 15 w H 5 Q - 5 MM Zim 5 W F -H 41 W . fc M mggg ,1'..m -ss smug mpg nm :ma B ,ms 'W' N K 4 Q Av 1 E if H H Lgw Nw A .E sw 51- iw 533-51 .ms Bw.. H 1 M5111 1 M 1, asm- by 'Z ,wmfg M' New BBB H M I EB H mn a - ss ss B H w Vw? W an ms mn ms 4 f 1 N gf -Z l I N E E H E ' Y 4 X W ' L -1 y X , .1 4 . V f QS 14: 1 - ' 1 . a.,: , N-has if .... ' 'H . 1, 35 ' 'i IW 1 3 5 :V -:sf 1 111 L11 11A 555 1 K I, K , Q1 1 , 5 ' Q2 S I -5 , Qi: , -35:1 4 - , , V- QE Q I rl E , 1 . , - 5 i .. ,. , . . I , .V A thigh l Lxaz ., - - 1 1 M' A ,1 I X E 1 1 , ,S Y ggi- ,E ng, , ,V U F, :.5.:.,R3B - F I, f -1 A1 1 , ' 1 ' - 1 Ms , W . . I -1, y K, 1 1 1 PF? H J X f ' WM" 'wg 2 -5-. .:.. ' 1 ,www A Sag-5 11 2 I I , ,Wy is I3 4 , g ggi 7EiifY '51 EQ 1 1 ' ' E wi W X1 , 'f . JK 'Vi li .. . -451.1 I2 X 7 " 1- E 5 V . , .1 5 ' , 4.1 4 'j ' hr Q gk Y' E I . 'f .s:1 . . XY?" 'Lal' 'ii Q if ,.... 14. , 5 , ' 3 3,4 ,lewy x , 5 W1 A 1,.,. 1 F mf 111.22m . 11 z ' ,.,. ---1: 12 ..... 5333 A - Y' ' WEEE-Md , 91 -:I M:--:---:-:iii igiefa. as :. - I Q E ,F ,H Q 5 is amy F B 1 S Q 1' 1 " 59 E: , ,1 R- fwm ziix W gig ,p .NSN Qfw51NL 1x,,1iEggw , ., 1 . 1 W --w--New f. H may 'lmig a.i23g 5l1T ::: ::: :l' E' , f - W' -W Y , ' 3 V- aa' 1:5 53, 1. . V W 3 2 1 1' T xii? Nh L,:f.5i Qi ..., ,... sl i 1 wfiizuzgwj Env ,W 1 Q5 E - gpuxziiz X11 13 , 1 wg 3 2 , M: ,ik -. K, :N W I .:,:, M - 1 223551 giggifmy -1 'fi MSN in S HH ......... 2:2:2: '- ,ww . 1 D ' C' W . ..,. '. was .,., f'm3hS'W1i X Tag gf? -Q 1 . H 1 fggfgggv 1 4 241241 , A ss . , f as sas B -M ,.:saes:a:" W 1' 'L 1 - ' w Mxiigiigfw, wif V . -: -A AV- f E RJR--0 Us ' 5 1 4 Q1 W1 M 2 Q 5' -59 ef - 1 1 I -Wai-3 ' 'YB , - ,, 1 -1 -1, H: 'ref' - 5 -Q ., f Jr? 1, , E111-A L I -P mv ,I E i , 1153- 1' 1... '1 w' V 4 I MA H 2:5 'W Lfljizf G ' Liwf- H my 3: W QQ I U '1 K W in -lg 1 E EQ 1, ss 11 RSE E .T.:.-5.: 1,555 A:-3,55 .-.--- if - E 5 N 1 is - - V Em ff .. 44,1-f' 1 H 11 ' A :EE ' ,, mg, Fgzx X Ex E E 2- W2 Jw X if H H H y xi K " gif? Sl ' 1 11 Y 1, 1 QR if , it 'sifig' 'SL W H WA- 1 ' 'X' :W aw 4, 'T M5353 fm -, Lmgggxjm mn My A ,van Q Q KW ma H Awww.. H? ' W fff1 EE 2 fx SH 55 E N f H A 'H H H ', 5 E M H ,Z ggm H XM 2 S22 7g Us 5.5, W .'wm. ,Quays ,ml 3555 5135 Ffa .1 Q H gif 3291 -sw E:-21' 32123225522 1 W 52 my BBB Hmm FWSS V' .SSMXSB HREF B8 1 V 3 is BEER , , - A, E mm H . as B2 H 6 Q-J H H ' 1 . Q mn 4 D AEMEA AGRIGOLA, HUGH W ..,.. , Gadsden, Ala Third Year, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi I-XLAIMO, ANTHONY A .,,, Jamestown, N. Y Third Year, Phi Delta Phi ANDERSON, LEONARD G .,,,. Danville, 111 First Year ' HARRIS F. EPPERSON . . . acksonville Fla 1 .l - - .Second Year, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Alpha Delta BAISDEN, TYSON E., JR. .... Columbus, First Year, Sigma N tl, Phi Alpha Delta HUDSON, W. RALPH .,,,, Marietta, First Year BECKHAM, CHARLES M, ..,. Atlanta, Second Year, Sigma Chi BECKIVIAN, RICHARD F. .,., East Point, Ga. First Year BELL, RICHARD ,.,,,, Decatur, Ga. First Year, Pi Kappa Alpha BENTLEY, FRED D .,...., Marietta, Ga. Second Year, Alpha Lambda Tau, Phi Alpha Delta BIGGERS, VVILLIANI YV ..,,, Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Phi Delta Phi BLACKBURN, BEN B., .III . , , Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Pi Kappa Alpha BRANNON, FRED R. , , New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Third Year, Phi Delta Phi BROOME, NORRIS C ..,.... t RO111C, G21 Second Year, Pi Kappa Phi BUCHALTIER, IRVING I-I. ,,,,, Atlanta, First Year, Phi Epsilon Pi BULLARD, JAMES L ..,.... Atlanta, Ga First Year BURKE, VV. E ......... Atlanta, G21 - First Year SCIIUGL 0F LAW , , , DAY DIVISION CADEN1-IEAD, ALFRED P ..... Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Phi Delta Phi First Year First Year l A First Year First Year l l CORVETTE, THEO R .,.... Atlanta, Ga Second Year, Sigma Chi CULBERT, CHARLES T., JR ...., Rome, Ga Third Year DAVIS, RABORN L ...,.., Auburn, Ala Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta DAv1s, VICTOR M., JR ..... Cl1an1blee, Ga Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta DENNY, J. B. ,,,,.... Atlanta, Ga First Year Dlcus, HARRY' ,...... Columbus, Ga Second Year, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Delta DISMER, VV1LL1AM E. ...,. Savannah, Ga First Year DUNBAR, NICHOLAS L ..,,, Millhaven, Ga Third Year, Phi Alpha Delta DURDEN, DONALD D ..... Graymont, Ga First Year, Kappa Alpha EAVENSON, C. DOUGLAS .... At1anta,Ga Second Year EDWARDS, HERBERT O. . , . Phenix City, Ala First Year Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta CAPITAN, NIARINA ...... Savannah, Ga. CARTER, CLYDE S .,i..., Atlanta, Ga. CLARK, RUSSELL B .... Willnilmgton, N. C. Second Year l CORDHT, MARION XV. ..., Cartersville, Ga. CORLEY, GEORGE E. ...... Decatur, Ga. EDWARDS, IQOBERT A ..... Buchanan, Ga. FENDLER, R- ....... Atlanta, Ga. Third Year, Phi Alpha Delta FISH, IXLEXANDER S .,.,... Atlanta, Ga First Year ROSE, WALTER C .,...., Atlanta, Ga First Year FORBES, ROBERT S .,.,,, , Atlanta, Ga, Second Year, Chi Phi, Phi Delta Phi FOSTER, ROBERT M., JR. . . Vlfashington, D. C. First Year, Kappa Alpha GAINEY, JAMES T ..... Thomasville, Ga. First Year, Sigma N it GAMMON, VVAYNE W .,,., Cedartown, Ga. First Year GOLDTHWAITE, JOHN R .,.., Atlanta, Ga. Third Year, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi I-IABEL, STEPHENS D .,.,., Atlanta, Ga. First Year HAMMACK, EINIORY B ..,,., Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Lambda Chi Alpha HAMMOND, ALFORD D .,,., Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Phi Delta Theta PIARRIS, R.OB1ZRT H. ,,., Monticello, Ga. First Year HARRIS, JACKSON B .,..... Rome, Ga. Third Year, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta I-IARRIS, .JAMES R ..,, Avondale Estates, Ga. First Year, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi HATCHER, HENRY M., JR. ,... Decatur, Ga. Second Year, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi HAYES, RANDOLPH ...... Atlanta, Ga. Second Year, Phi Delta Phi HAYNIE, MCDONALD C. , , Augusta, Ga. I-IENDON, E'WELL T., .JR .,.., Atlanta, Ga. First Year ay iuiriielfi y Lawton L AW I-IERR1NG, X'VILLIA'NI C ...A. Pensacola, Fla First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon I'IIl'l', P. SEALE ...... LaGrange, Ga F trst Year, Pi Kappa Phi 7- HOLMAN,T1-IOMAS I., JR. , . . , Atlanta, G1 Third Year, Phi Della Phi I-IOLT, LLOYD E ..,,,,,, Atlanta, Ga T hircl Year, Delta Phi Theta IRWIN, JOHN R. .,.... , Albany, G1 First Year IRVIN, -ROBERT' I-I .,,,,. Carrollton, G1 First Year JERNIGAN, JAMES F ....... Atlanta, Ga F irst Year, Campus Club JESSEE, GEORGE W. , , , San Frzmcisco,Cal First Year, Phi Delta Theta JONES, DENNIS F ...,. . . Decatur, Second Year KAPLAN, ELI ,..,,. Wrightsville, Second Year, Tau Epsilon Phi .KlDD, R. HOl'KlNS ....., Decatur, First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon IQITCHENS, '-IHONTAS W., JR. , . . Davy, W. First Year, Phi Alpha Delta LAYNE, fXLVlN L .,,,,.. . Atlanta, F irst Year LINDGREN, GRAY M. ,...,. Atlanta, First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon L1TTLE, VVILBERT N .,... Brunswick, Ga First Year LYNCH, PETER M., JR. ,,.,, Arlgmm, Ga Second Year, Sigma Ghz' AW ag iuidion BAKER, VVALTER E-, JR- .... Decatur, Ga. First Year NICCLURE, SEARCY D., JR. , , Huntsville, Ala. First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon MCDOW, JOE W ..,l, Birmingham, Ala. First Year, Lambda Chi Alpha NICGHEE, JAMES G ....... Rome, Ga. Second Year, Chi Phi BICGRAXV, ROYAL A., JR. . . Greenville, Ga. Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta M CN EAL, XVILLIAM W .,,., Atlanta, Ga. Second Year, Phi Della Phi NIEADOWS, JANE .... . . . Atlanta, Ga. Second Year AIILLAR, JOHN R., JR .,,,. Marietta, Ga. F irsl Year RIILLS, JOHN L ........ Albany, Ga. First Year, Sigma Chi NORTON, W1LL1AM L., JR. , . Gainesville, Ga. First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon O'CONNOR, JOSEPH R .,.... Atlanta, Ga. Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta ORMSBY, WILLIABI J., JR. ..., Atlanta, Ga. F fist Year, Chi Phi PAINTER, JAMES S .,,..., Clinton, S. C. First Year, Sigma Chi, Phi Alpha Delta PARKER, JAMES A ....,.. Atlanta, G21- First Year PARKER, JANIES I. ,.,.. Cedartown, Ga. First Year PAUL, VVILLIAM B., JR. .,,.. Atlanta, Ga. Second Year PERRY, WILLIAM J ...... Rockmart, G8- First Year, Pi Kappa Alpha PIERCE, A. MILLICENL ..... Atlanta, Ga. First Year y iuiaiolfi POSEY, CHESTER N. ,,., Birmingham, Ala. First Year llAGSDALIi, HIOWARD P. 4..., Atlanta, Ga. First Year IAEAD, CHARLES D., JR ..,, Social Circle, Ga. Third Year, Delta Tau. Della, Phi Delta Phi SNIITH, JOHN .,...... Atlanta, Ga College of Arts and Science SAVELL, EDWARD L. ,,,.,. Atlanta, Ga Second Year, Chi Phi, Phi Delta Phi SOI-1ROE1JER, ART1-IUR J. ,.... Atlanta, Ga First Year, Alpha Tau Omega SHADBURN, Rlv0RR1S L., JR. ,,.. Atlanta, Ga First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon SHNIEEN, BEN S. , ...... Atlanta, Ga First Year, Chi Phi HOLLAND, JACK ,,... Lawrenceville, Ga .Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta SLAUG1-ITER, THOMAS A., JR. , , , Atlanta, Ga Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta SMOAK, CIILORGE YV .,,. Miami Beach, Fla Third Year, Phi Delta Phi S1'ARRMAN,CuARL1E L. . , . . Savannah, Ga F irst Year STEYVART, I'1ERBERT L ...,. Gadsden, Ala First Year, Delta Tau Delta THOMPSON, CHARLES D., JR. , , , Atlanta, Ga. First Year T1NKLlER, SAMLIIEI. A., JR. ,,,, Decatur, Ga. Second Year, Sigma Pi TllIiNER, .JACK P. ,...... Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Alpha Delta VEASEY, IAAYNIOND B ..,. New York, N. Y. First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon NVALTER, LoU1sE ..... , Montgomery, Ala. First Year A Q y LULJLOW, XVARD, CULLEN M ..,.... Atlanta, Ga. Third Year, Phi Alpha Delta YVATSON, STUART ...,., Anniston, Ala. Third Year, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Delta Phi XfV1ssTBRooR, CARLOS E., JR. , , East Point, Ga. First Year YVICSTMORIELAND, JO1-IN L., JR. , , Atlanta, Ga. Second Year, Chi Phi VVHALEN, ANDREW J., JR .,,.. G1'lll:l1l, Ga. First Year YV1-IEELER, EDWARD D .,.,., Atlanta, Ga. First Year XfVH1'r1a, 1llCI-IARD A. ...... Atlanta, Ga. First Year lfVH1TT113R, PHILIP C ..,,. Alpharetta, Ga. Third Year, Pi Kappa Phi, Phi Delta Phi YVILKINS, RICIIARD G ...... Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Alpha Tau Omega XVILLIAMS, ITIARRY E .,.... Marietta, Ga. Third Year, Phi Alpha Delta XIVILLIAINIS, VV1-11aAT, JR .,... Decatur, Ga. First Year, Pi Kappa Alpha XVILSON, JAMES E. ,,.., Savannah, Ga. First Year VV INN, DAN P ....,.. Douglasville, Ga. Second Year, Phi Alpha Delta YVISE, JAMES B. ...... Montezun1a,iGa. First Year, Phi Delta Theta NIVORTHY, KENNETI-I M. .,.. Columbus, Ga. Third Year, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Delta Phi ZELLARS, JOHN B .,... . , Atlanta, Ga. First Year, Sigma Alpha Epsilon A winter view of the Lamar School of Law from one of Emory? many wooded paths that leads down the hill to the drag store and the bus for town. l!8lfLLlfLg Ll!Lf5L0lfL EH LAW AMOS WAYNE R Decatux Ga Thzrd Year Theta Chz Phz Delta Phz JACKSON JOSEPH C Atlanta Ga Thzv cl yea? PL Kappa Phz Km EUGENE O Co perh1ll Tenn Fotuth Yea? Kappa Alpha Pzz Delta P z LEVY NATHAN I'l1m cl Yea1 LONG NICK JR Thz1dYea1 XIULKLY ANTI'IA l'l1z1d Yeav Delta Lalabcla Szgma S1Ms BEN O Thmd le 1 Fast Yem SIVIITH IOI-IN A R Thzwcl Year Alpha Tau Omega SILPI-ILN5 I-IO512AA R Thmd Yea1 lVORCH1:sT1:R RUBY M Thu d I ea: PIARFSI-IORN ROLAND D Thu fl I ea Atlanta Ga Atlanta Ga Marletta Ga Iota Fau Tau Hampton G Atlanta Phz Delta P z Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Vzew fvom Quadrangle shows the mam enhance of the Law School Vzsztoas to the Campus always make It a poml to 'azszt the beautzful czrcular stan case Q 0 c 0 'V . l ' ' ' .' ' .' . -, I H E J J A ' in E E ,A 1 . . , I .... I , . '-' H . ' 'FJ ' . 4 . l , , N. ,,,,, , b . ' . 1 .1 ' ' V 'J , . . A ,.... , . Q , , . . . ' .... . , . ll f , ,,,,,, ' , '. Will? ' ' A' " N y EE H v , ' . . . . . , 21. r. a. ul at SISTRUNK, ERNEST C.. 4... , Atlanta, Ga. 1 ,Q ., J ....., . ,Gaz . .3 I I I , h -, :?lsm.'. ' wx gal 1 "P 1' ', H ., J- . , . . . ,Ga. M, f 4 1 , . , . , . ,Ga. , I. .,.. ' ,Ga. ,-. I L . s, K gd it ts E ea E is E s s 2 -s l i E 5.tfffsi5: me j Us sr, mM s , -is mv- s Q-eggs. esta .ia ,Z-g an W i:5il9scm"g5g'Wem:' E 3 ii ew: gee ,fc-exe? ,M fee 1. Waegagtseg- W Sf, id SCIIUIIL 0F IIEULUGY 7-Y HENRY BURTON TRIBIBLE, A.M., B.D., D.D., LL.D. Dean of the School of Theology sg' is e I. Bxsw s ,games AM if 1-an s WYATT AIKEN SMART, B.Dt, D.D. Associate Dean ofthe School of Theology s -so H2152 Ewan-s sa s E mim- na E E . 5351-s s HE educational commission of the Southern Methodist Church was given the Job ol establishing a seminary in l91fl at some point east of the Mississippi. Three prominent clergymen, Bishop VV. A. Candler, Bishop Murrah and Dr. Durham, were charged with the responsibility of producing a theological seminary on three months notice. One month later, Mr. Asa G. Candler's gilt olf 331,000,000 was illi- nounced, and the commission immediately set aside additional funds for tl1e establishment of a School ol Theology. Since the newly-erected lfllesley Memorial Church ol Atlanta was available lor class rooms, the school was started on September 23, 19111. The first group of students was comprised of G9 students representing 41-6 colleges and universities. This large enrollment was made possible by the granting of sustentation scholarships varying from 1550 to 515100 each. The commission quickly gathered a faculty composed of some of the best scholars and teachers in the Southern Methodist Con- ference. Many of the men left positions with much larger salaries in order to instruct the new students in the ministry. To graduates the school offered a bachelor of divinity degree or a certificate. To be eligible for the degree, a student must have completed three years of work in the seminary and must have received an academic degree. Students who completed their work in the seminary without the academic degree received thc certificates. In February, 1915, the seminary was named the Candler School of Theology in honor ol Bishop X'Varren Aiken Candler, whose interest in ministerial education has caused him to project a preachers' training school in connection with Emory College as early as 18911-. It was early realized that courses in music and singing would be needed by the prospective preachers and missionaries. During the second year of the school, the courses were included and since 1928, the yhave been under the direction ol Dr. Malcolm H. Dewey, director of the Glee Club. The school moved to the University campus in 1916 with the completion of the Theology Building. Students roomed in Dobbs Hall and had their meals on the ground floor of Mfinship I-Iall. Until 1919, when the college was moved to the campus from Oxford, only students of law, theology and medicine received instruction on the Atlanta campus. Dr. Plato T. Durham was the first dean of the school and also served as professor ol church history. He was succeeded in 1919 by Dr. Franklin N. Parker. Dr. H. B. Trimble is the present dean of the school. Many of the members ol the faculty have been offered much more lucrative positions, but their realization of the importance of building an effectively trained ministry kept them at the school. In 1918 Dr. Parker was elected a bishop, but he declined to accept the place in order to continue his work with the young preachers. Twx ig f rl I f s ms TIIIIIQILIIGY CANDLER SCIIIHIL i l i .ALVERSON, DONICE VV. , IXSKEYV, C. EUGENE . BRADLEY, LAWRENCE V. CHANDLER, DONALD G. . CHANG, LAN-OHING CHOA CI-IILDRESS, GORDON R. . CHUNN, HENRY' F. . CLARK, ROY E. . COLEMAN, VICTOR S. . COSTON, HERBERT R. . CROSS, WALTER T. . BREWSTER, DAN F. ,,,. ALLEN, E. DORSEY . Greenwood Springs, Miss. l ALLEN, HUGH G. . . . , I-I:1nson,Ky. . Ragland, Ala. . , Macon, Ga. BAREFIELD, SAM S., JR. , , Hattiesburg, Miss. Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Atlanta, Ga. Lithia Springs, Ga. . Huntland, Tenn. Nanchang, Ki, China . Jackson, Miss. . Notasulga, Ala. . . Lebanon, Ky. . , Fayette, Miss. . St. Petersburg, Fla. , , Miami, Fla. 0F TIIEIILUGY CURRY, PEDEN G. . . DAVIDSON, EDYVARD L. . DAVIS, CLIFFORD E., JR. DULING, HUGH B., JR. . GODBEY, JAMES M. . . GODBOLD, ROBERT R., JR. . GREENE, REYNOLDS VV., JR. GUINN, OSCAR A., JR. . HANCOCK, CHARLES VV. I-IARRINS, GEORGE XV. . PIARRIS, DAVID A. . HARRISON, STANLEY L. . , Atlanta, Ga. , , Cheraw, S. C. New Albany, Miss. , . Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. . Tunica, Miss , . LaGrange, Ga . Danville, Va . A1bany,Ga . Gloster, Miss , I-Iarrison, Miss Johnson City, Tenn Delta Tau Delta HIZCKARD, FLOYD L. . PIENDRIX, CHARLES C. . HOLDER, JAIVIES H., JR. . . Marion, N. C. , Summerville, Ga. . Iuka, Miss. TIIEULIIGY I-IOLLOMAN, GARLAND H .... Florence, Miss. Kappa Sigma HUANG, CAROL N. fl!-VANG, Lois M. . JAOKS, VVILLIANI R. JACOBS, O'NEAL, JR. J RNNINGS, THEODORE JERNIGAN, .ALLEN O. JOHNSON, 1-1.-XRRY YV. JONES, CLAYTON E. JONES, JOSEPH W. JONES, Lliwls B. , KALAF, WVALTER N. Kiev, PAUL VV. . LANIRR, LYNN . , Sukien, China . FoochOw,China . Statesville, N. C. St. Petersburg, Fla. . Decatur, Ga. , Atlan La, Ga. Abingdon, Va. , Raffing, S. C. Flowery Branch, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. , Quincy, Fla. GriFHn, Ga. LILLY, lN'lARGARET , LIN, RIIN CHI . LI'I'TLIz, .IANIES S. . LOLIS, SOPHOCLES D. . LLIPO, CLINTON -I., JR. lX'lACl-IADO, RUTH C. . NIACHADO, SADY . . NIAJOR, WVILLIANI M. . NIASON, VVILLIAM C., JR. . M ILIIURY, GEORGE H. NIOORE, REUBIZN I., JR. MORROW, JOHN H., -IR. M URRAY, VVILLIANI R. . RAY, FRANKLIN YV. . RAv,,IANIEs L. . TIIEIILUGY BirnIiIIglIzIm, Ala. . . . . China Portsmoutli, OlIiO , Athens, Greece , Greenville, S. C. Porto Alegre, Brazil Porto Alegre, Brazil . Piedmont, S. C. , Athens, Tenn. . Stone Mt., Ky. , McComb, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . Morelzuid, Ga. , Duck Hill, Miss. , , Clarkston, Ga. T IEULIIGY RENERO, ALFRED V. . RENsHAw, PARKE , , REYNOLDS, H. ROBERT ROBISON, Joi-IN YV. . , RUTLAND, EUGENE R., JR. SNIITH, WARREN T. . ToLLEsoN, CARL , , , ToML1NsoN, RICHARD K. . . . Savannah, Ga Mlhitehaven, Tenn . Union, S. C . Greer, S. C . , AtIa.nta,Ga . Maryville, Tenn . Heflin, Ala , Norcross, Ga ir A glance out of the Theology Building window shows the west end of the quadmngle and the front of the Law Buildivzg. Theologs gather here on the second floor to talk between. classes. l l TIIEIILUGY VANCE, ERINIA E. , . . , Bristol, Va. VVALTON, ROGER B ...A Phi1z1delphia,Miss. WANNAMAKER, GEORGE W., III , Atlanta, Ga. Kappa Sigma, WELDEN, JAMES L. . . . . Senoia, Ga. YfV1KL13, JOHN 'W. . . Max Meadows, Ga. VVILSON, REID S. , . Johnson City, Tenn. VVINN, BOYD C .,., , Royston, Ga. VVOHLGEMUT1-1, PAUL F. . . . Redan, Ga. ' YOUNGBLOOD, H. I'IOLIS . , Meadville, Miss. 'Ir One of Emo1'y's most famous lrmclma-rks is the beautiful Glenn zwemorial Clzurclz. Its glistening white Steeple, towering above the campus, will long be the symbol of "home" for Emory? many theological students. LIB. DEAN TONIMIE DORA BARKER Dean of the Library School TOMRIIIE IJORA BARRIER, Litt.D. Demi of the I,z'!1'rn9'y School NIARION VILLUQRS PIIGGINS, A.M. in L.S. Acting Associate Pr0fes.s'0r of Lfbrrzry 'Sf'l.fi7'IC'6 EVALENR JACKSON, A.B. in L.S., M.S. Associate Professm' of Library Sicence CLYDE Pm'Tus, A.M. in L.S. Associate Professor of Lillmry Science CAROLYN SMITH, A.B. in L.S. LI'bTflTl'lH7 and Reviser SC II 0 0 L HE Library School, like the School of Medicine, had its origin outside Emory University and became afliliated later. The Li brary School is an outgrowth olf an apprentice class formed by Miss Ann Wallace to meet the need for technically trained li- brarians in 1899. No tuition was charged until 1922, but a. lee of 51525 was charged for necessary supplies and books to be used in the course. The course of study offered was one year. A high school education sufliced as an entrance requirement. , Down through the years Andrew Carnegie supported the school and commended it on its plunge into a new held. Miss XfVallace convinced Mr. Carnegie that the technical school would be a success and largely through her efforts, it retained his support. In 1915 Miss Tommie Dora Barker became dean of the library school and served in that capacity until it became afhliated with Emory in 1930. At that time Miss Clara E. Howard was named dean, and the school moved into spacious new headquarters in the Asa Griggs Candler Library building on the Atlanta campus. Miss Howard served as dean until her death in 1935 when she was succeeded by Miss Lydia M. Gooding, acting dean. .I n July, 1936, Miss Tommie Dora Barker was appointed to the permanent deanship and has served in that capacity up until thepresent lllflle. The big year for the Library School was 1939. That year the school began to offer its lfull curriculum in the summer quarter and has continued that practice until the present time. More than 345 persons have enrolled in successive summer quarters since its beginning. In order to allow students a chance to specialize, the school began olfering elective courses in 1939. Also that year it con- ducted an institute on county and regional libraries. Sixty-eight librarians from seven states enrolled. In 19110 the library school received an additional boost from the Carnegie Corporation olf New York in the form ol 1 frrant of 5151001100 for endowment. ' an The demand lfor librarians has increased to such an extent that the school has not been able to H11 all of its requests for librarians. In 1939 the school received 122 requests for graduates compared to 709 requests in 19117. In an effort to H11 many of the desired positions, the school has increased facilities to take care of enlarged enrollment. Since 1930 when the school was made a part of Emory University, degrees have been conferred upon 507 students who are now employed in 30 states and overseas. The president-elect of the American Library Association is a graduate of the class olf 1931. Of the total number ol graduates, 35 have been men. LIBRARY SMITH, BCIARYLEN ,,., Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Student Council Representative BANCKER, AIRS. DoRoT1-ly B. ,,,., Atlanta, Ga, B.S., Simmons College BARBER, IQENT I-I. .....,, VVake Forrest, N. C. B.A., Wake Forest College CANIBIER, LINTELL ,........ Atlanta, Ga. B.S., University of Colorado CASH, RAC1-IAEL ......, Chattanooga, Tenn. A.B., University of Chattanooga GARRETT, FRANCES E ........ Camp Hill, A121- A.B., Huntington College I-IAMIL, BETH S ......... Guntersville, Ala. B.S., Alabama Polytechnic Institute HAWK, NIIRIAM E ......., Jacksonville, Fla. A.B., University of Miami HENCKELL, FRANCES M. ,..,, Birmingharlh A121- A.B., Birmingham Southern College LIBRAR 1951 :. an Q Q., f X " ag , ifgty.-, 1 5,,..... - -.-.1 'xx A Q is apr' N112 H Lv fu. an are S.-Q' if . .Na -a. H' . 'ow -:::.-.gg . . .. W8 m' W . . W , ...,...,,.,.. K EW 5 , . Q-U4 tiff' liz- I .. SCIIUIIL HILL, E. RUTH ...,..... Statesville, N. C. A.B., VVaynesboro College I-Iix, EDWIN J ..,.. ....,, D urham, N. C. A.B., Duke University Liuzs, MIRIAM ,,,..... Spartanburg, S. C "1 B.A., Converse College wmv LINDER, GEORGE R ...,..... Superior, XfVisc. B.E., Superior State Teachers College E- Nl". ' I . . 'iiaE?:",','. , ,., : , ' , t , ' 5 T G. -f f 12 i W . " ,. page me NICIQELVEY, NIARGARET L. ,,,,, Tuscunibia, Ala 'lt M4 X B.S., Mississippi State College for VVomen " A ' cgwwv SEQ? P1cRizR1NG, JARIES H ..,....... Cope, S. C gwwuw . . . . Q A.B., University ol South Carolina rife' A? ' 'f' PURDI13, I-IAZEL ......... East Point, Ga B.C.S., Georgia Evening College 'S--v-rf ROBERTS, EDWARD G. ......., Atlanta, Ga BA., University of the Southg Ph.D., University of f Virginia IFE" ,Z V fm. ! il K SNIITI-I, NIARYLEN .... Lookout Mountain, Tenn. A.B., University of Chattanooga ' ' ' , t VVOOD, ANN I .........., VVyndale, Va AX X ' g"'s'5 -n y A.B., University of Chattanooga 'E' 'f.,-r 'i SCIIUIIL 0F NU NG s ll 0 I JULIA M. lXJlLLIiR, A.M.,' R.N. Deon of the School ofN'u1'sing BRuc1aJoHNsoN ETHERIDGE, B.S., R.N. Assistant Dean of the School of lNT1l'I'.S'l7'lgj Instructor in V Public H cal th Nursing - RIARY Biscl-iorr, HS., R.N. Clinical Instructor in Psychiatric Nursing AN1'1'A M ILLER Cook, A.B., R.N. Assistant lnslrucifor IJILDA CUHLBRETI-1, l3.S., R.N. Assistant in N itrsivig Arts Gtsuvs D. Cimms, Bs., AM., RN. Instructor in Nursing Iiclucalion ADA FORT, BA., A.M., R.N. Instructor in lV'LH'Sl7l-g Education . OI.LI,E PLUNKIQTT, B.S., R.N.. . Clinical Iristructor in Medical and Surgical Nursing NUNCY ELiZA1sm'1f1 SA1.12', B.S., R.N. Assistant Inslritctor in Aflatcrnzty and Infrmt Care HIE School ol Nursing had its beginning back in 1905 wht the Training School for Nurses ol' 1'Vesley Memorial 1-lospital w founded. Under the leadership ol? Miss Alberta Dozier 1Nillia1 son the school was a strong organization throughout its existent as a separate unit from the University. With the erection of the present hospital building on tl Atlanta campus, the school was moved with the hospital at became a part of Emory University. W In January, 1944, however, the course of training was mat an integral part of the University program and designated as tl Emory University School of Nursing. At that time three com- prehensive courses of study were made available lor students on a level with other schools in the University. Later a program for registered nurses was included in the curriculum. Miss Julia Miller, who became dean of the hospital school in 1943, became permanent dean of the School of Nursing when it was given that title in 1944, The graduate program was instituted in 1946. ,It provides for two years of college, three years of practical nursing and one additional year of study. Nurses completing this course of study are eligible lor the Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Other students receive diplomas upon the completion of their training courses. Students in the school have adequate library space available. Library lacilities include the Candler fmainj Library, Calhoun Memorial fmedical and nursingj Library, the 'Law and Theology Libraries and the Carnegie fpublicj Library, located in down- town Atlanta. Other clinical, work is 'done according to the specialization ol the students. The school is affiliated with: Columbia Presbyterian hospital, in 'New Yorkg the Fulton County Public Health Depart- ment, of Atlanta, and the Milledgeville State Hospital for the Mentally Ill, at Milledgeville. I Students in the School ol Nursing have established their own student government. lt is directed by a student council composed of council officers, class presidents, faculty advisers and the Dean ol the school. The council directs the recreational-activities ol the student body, selects members to serve on various committees ol the School of Nursing and in general promotes policies of the University and the School of Nursing. This council in turn is represented on the All-University council. Student nurses also serve on faculty and staff committees of the School of Nursing. Nursing students have been housed in the past in.University dormitories whenever possible, but academic nurses have been allowed to live olf campus. - ss ww E nm mmm was uxss mm ss ss mm sums mmf mn ww ,,, Vf'm'nlSiE -ss gs ms- sm H-ss mm -H E sms! H-gn EHTH! mf ---gai n H MH.QZ,,- mmgn -gm .-.-. G H5885 En N - M 14 Saamwzxx sf H-gfwipsm gs 1 M E88 ENE HE: ms mm is H H mm gs sm E. in Nm U I EM H H 31- , --Agfa nw .,..., an 58.5 L5-gm ff '-'SSH Mm- E - -X gs B NURS msn mn ms ss-E rx 3.- n VH E -nz-,ff my W fx -U H ms 'Eu ss rm am ms- mn E H mm MG-if ZMEZH ZH Eggaig Mm E mag-Gif 258 Bmzfmff? mn ms ss-ss ss gsm Em-H E4 E ss 4 gs -X1 mm ge. .msg E. .E WE. H-'ss mm wm- ms sm- , my Hg f W-1 ya: EEE gs wgfnm Mm W mf -ss H E. HUB EKEQ SSX- ' H ,-E H-m miifim-:mx-Us msk,-NMM H nm-ss WM a-m-n--- H- ?5'g-WQTE-Q -E:-H E. ss-,L mm mm-E mms: ss--'ma E 1-158- sm ,. -ss my sa ' Ki S8 mn EM, :M-W mm ms Mmgms--. sismn' Q FQELEW ss-21 .38 4-,. ss - ss ss.. -:Md gm. - ss - ss ss mn. my E QW .--E -xi my ss-ss ss ms E. nm: H K. .Q E-K Usa- my-lm ss uf :R ss H if - L .x,. ffj w-xx mms f-K, mmm ML M Eg MIM QQWE'-E -Q xx ss-,ua X-gm E-E as nam ,-. ww mm ss sf: E ss a ss mw- - S mv m N' --Q H-ss .E. ms n ms . amass ss mn 1 F4-ww swx ss ' msswa Kansas: ss-mfs-m any a m a na- sm- ga. gs a is as ss -Us rm -ras uv -ss X -xx -f an H . ,X " new .X Y lid QW uuf'5i1fLg 3400! S E I 0 R S 'w 'QV E J ,fr if? R , BARNARD, BETTY Jo BARR, NIARTI-IA N. , BEVERLEY, IWTARY N. BLACKBURN, EULA M. BLAKE, BETTY C. . Coox, RUTH . CooP1zR, BERYL L. . CORLEY, M ARGARET V HANIBRIC, CHRISTINE HATGHER, MARY E. . HILLER, NINA C. . . Tar11pa,F1a . BoWdon,Ga . . Sweetwater, Ala. . Valdosta, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. , Atlanta, Ga. , Vicksburg, Miss. Jacksonville, Fla. Thomastou, Ala. . Cordele, Ga. . Columbus, Ga SE III. HOLDEN, EVELYN L. . TIUDGENS, MARX' J. HUMPHRIES, HESTER E JONES, LUELLA S. . NICNIULLEN, BETTY J. NIARTIN, LENORA A. MASON, BETTY A. MASON, MARY E. MESSIER, MARY R. . MISSILDINE, MARIALYS MORRIS, ANN B. . NIURPHY, SHARON E. West Palm Beach, Fla. Winter Park, Fla. . Goffney, S. C. . Leslie, Ga. , At1anta,Ga . Montgomery, Ala . Atlanta, Ga. , Stock1ou,A1a. . IXIODtgO111C1'y,A1H . Brunswick, Ga Emory University, Ga. . Orlando, Fla. zfwding, ,SQAQOZ .W sz: -. ss ss ss H WWW f' -2-5 'SN . i SQ ,.,. , H .was f mn -.ss A . QQ f J in-Q Q' ' we-m 7 -5: G 'www , IL, B E Am iwmlm gsgnm P Rm H , ms' R r AWXX NEA 155 ' A Aw 'mg sg mg Maw W .,,, . . 'S 222 :':' lzzz my .,. . A :QE ::': ig, ':': K .E . s. - B- , yarding SAO! S El I 0 R 310' W N NELSON, NANCY F. . PERRTNS, ANNIE M. POOL., NANCX' . ROYVON, FRANCES M. SCOTTEN, KATHRX'N E. . Suugrns, hqAR'I'HA M. SNIITH, RUTH M. . PFI-IARPE, BETTY J. . Clearwater, Fla . Omaha, Ga. . Bradenton, Fla. , Savannah, Ga. Wfest Palm Beach, Fla. . Lakeworth, Fla. . Corclele, Ga. . Clearwater, Fla. TQHOMPSON, MARYLIN E. r , Orlando, Fla. THONIPSON, NIARGARET , , Atlanta, Ga. YVEATI-IERLY, DOROTHY E. , . Atlanta, GH WETHERELL, BARBARA J. . . Tampa, F121 . U N I 0 ll Mm, Sllwl ADAAIIS, PRISCILLA . BLOSTINE, FAY R. . BURKE, PEGGY , CALLAHAN, PAT F. . CHILDRESS, CAROL B. . CIILVIQRHOUSIQ, CA'rIIRvN C EDWARDS, ELIZABETH . ELLIS, Berry -I .... FAULRNER, B-'IARJORIE G. FIQIIRING, BETTY K. . IQING, DORIS . . PEEPLES, lVlA-IORIE . PIZNIJIQR, ELSIE V. , TI-IONIAS, M. PAULA , . VANBRACKLE, G. CAROBIHL VINsoN, ELIZABIZTI-I A. . VVILLIQY, BARBARA J. . WOODALL, BETTY J. . Greenwood, S. C. , Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , Atlanta,Ga. , Howard, Ga. , Saluda, S. C. . Cordele, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. , Butler, Ga. , Comer, Gal. , Atlanta, Ga Greenwood, Fla Brunswick, Ga. , Orlando, Fla. , Miami, Fla. , Clemson, S. C. Thoxnaston, Ga. Nurses and hospital attendants line up at meal time for service in the hospital cafeteria. Lines are long here like they are everywhere on the campus, but this one moves faster than most. w. 1fuf'5i1fLg CSQAOOZ E S H W . L WSH .1 was R ,E LH! , .J , , . .. ' E H' fs 1 a A .LE I . la. A K Y V Bm I E :.. .:.-. 4 H H ::::'::i'55ji2:',.-, M ,,gr'..........s.a...f':.:-g-.af-gag ...A ... - - :-Q:-:a:a:a:.a:.:Q.:.w fs:-'-- -:,a::-::s: - - A A 5 T H H 5 .E , A . 2 ESE .::is ' 'l ... gl iw ' 'MSE' '::. 'I-5: E:E:E:E X - . -Q sg:-L Agia . - aggwaf Q . E ' W 5,511 'H X3-ew? J . E Q , Ba ' ng. . W M , E ian - A .. A A A ' ,.. H- . A-.Ama W-' 5 ' 'QT . . "Q -:- A F' ' 35: na E, 4 E A - -... A ' Z I.: A-- .-A-. -...rs H as Wm X ala: 'FI-1--1 ... H H Wie C , 5 , . A -4,3 ,' Q W ef . 9 L I 1 ,LC i .aa , W- L L. , , J . W . -:':saif:-:s::: -2+ i.. "" E l - .A wiv- QA 5 V 1 E fzfzfzffzffizi ff L 1 N' " Asian' ' ,N aww - QW" 1 v r d A Q . A was Us A m www-' 1 if up-W 2' 2 . N . E u S. E ffl 1 ,C .L - .,... H. A L 2 ' I ' I . l E I H Z 2 , . , - M . B H Q lf H Af. R. Hua --my N mn Saga gfbgfi is ' .xElL..,..aRl H , .., .B -mmm ADAMS, MARY C. . . LLXRVENDALE, ROANNE R. . FXSHTON, DARLENE R. . BARBOUR, M 1LL1cEN'r E. BARRY, M ARGARET E. BLIZZARD, M ILLICENT E. BORDERS, MARGARET F. BRACE, BARBARA E. . BRAIN, BETTY H. . BROOKLYN, JEAN B. BROOKS, BARBARA A. . BROWN, lXdARY A. . CARLSTEDT, W. JEAN COOPER, ANNE M. . COIN-IPTON, ELEANOR M. CARTER, Jo . . CALHOUN, REBECCA E. FISCI-IER, BETTY J. . GIBBONS, ELLA , . HALSTEAD, CAROLYN . HAYES, VIRGINIA K. . HAZEN, I'I1iLEN N. . HENSON, LILL1AN B. JOHNSON, BET1-1 , . ThOn1aston,Ga. . Tiger,Ga. , Or1ando,Fla. , Atlanta, Ga. , Miami, Fla. , Atlanta, Ga. . Carrollton, Ga. . Hapeville, Ga. , Hapeville, Ga. Lake Mary, Fla. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. . Dawson, Ga. . Mandarin, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. 4 , Orlando, Fla. St. Petersburg, Fla. , Tampa, Fla. , Rincon, Ga.. . Archer, Fla. , Homestead, Fla. , , Atlanta, Ga . Center Hill, Fla , , , Tampa, Fla Hendersonville, N. C FRE SHME vwdtng M CARLL, JANE LIPSCOMB, JAY MLHTOIN, KITTY NARIN, CAMILLE NICHOLS FRANCES PLRRY, BLTTY A PLNULL, PLGGY I Ross, SUL SAAVFDRA, BLRTA M SMAFIIERS, DOIIOTIIY STOVALL, lN1ARY C WATTS, MARILYN L Wrasr, BARBARA A WI:sT, Dorus L WILLIAMS, NLLDA WILDLR, ELLEN G Scranton, Pa Hatuesburg V1 lX418.1T11, Fla McRae, Ga Tavares, Fla Coleman, Fla Atlanta, G1 Decatu1, Ga Folt Lauderdale, Tl St Petelsbulg, Fla Atlanta Marletta G Bradenton, Fla Albany, G Pensacola, Fla Atlanta, G A vzew ofFlo1e11ee Candlev Hfmzs Hall, lovely home of Emmgfs student muses Tlzzs buzldmg, wzth zts annex amass Clzfton mad, houses the students who have com pleted the academzc pmtzon of then twammg hmmm W5 A ei 'SWEET 5. A hr W A ii -W Wild an .H snag, 3- E Q. 1 dwg: R6 B-sf H .WE mv zftming ASQ 00 P ICA i?m,5, .1 . 6" ms H A A M. I, ' '35 . Em HBEHA swWw.I4II BE " HE ' H-. E H- E. H t . H W -Il neugm MII we Am W- ed, I-I-I-I , mr M as W I H H 1 mmf sf Im I-I m Im Im Im 'A Q -I H55 ,. ss I 2 ss E M ....Qfh?.7'- 5W3' . .. M, . an H.. ss,- fi.: ss IH'- l A I -If A. X, A .4 .es we nw -MAIL .m. . W. B E W va in V - II! 'w Q ' sa- FE Im F' vfgfq A R '45 my A In I ss H E In ll ii' B W fx I ..., . , ....,7.-.'..., Wy: H J 5 E Y m 'Ewa W K A We E B -..l Hi- 4? BEAUCHAMP, AvIs L. ,,,,,. Registered Nurse BISHOP, CAROLYN , . BRIDGES, SHIRLEY C. .,,,4, Registered N urse BRYANT, NANCY A. . I CLEMENTS, CAROLINE M. . CONNERLY, GLADYS G. ,,,,, Registered N muse CRENSI-IAYV, LUCY . . DfKVIES, WVINFRED M. . Atlanta, Ga Jackson, Miss . Atlanta, Ga . Chipley,Ga . . Jesup, Ga Dade City, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. . Dawson, Ga. IJAVIS, DELPPIINE .....,,, BiI'1T1lllgl1ZllT1, Ala. Registered Nurse DAVIS, MARY N. . . DAVIS, NIARY N. . DEAN, JoAN . DUDLEY, ROSEMARY J. EIN-VARDS, NIARTHA . EZZARD, -JEAN A. . FORTNER, NIILDRED R. . GooDRoE, HELEN . .,,. . . Registered Nurse HARPER, DIARGUERITE. E. HART, NIARIABI E. . . Atmore, Ala. Damascus, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. . Ocoee, Fla. Monticello, Fla. Rome, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Columbus, Ga. . Monroe, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga HENDON, ll'IELEN C. . . Jackson Heights, N. Y JOHNSON, ELOISE . JOHNSON, ELSIE P. . -JONES, L. MARIE , , Atlanta, Ga , McBeaII, Ga , Arcadia, Fla PRE -CLINICA KOES'fLINE, IALENE G. , . Atlanta, Ga LUNIPKIN, lXlARTHA L. , . Columbus, Ga NIEASE, NIARY C. , . Dunedin, Fla AIORRIS, ANNE F. . , Naples, Fla MURNO, CAROLYN D ........ Columbus, Ga .R6gI'Sl8'l'8I1 N 'urse PHIFER, :ALBA M. , , , Bessemer City, N. C PRESCOTT, L. EVELYN ........ Atlanta, Ga Registe-red N Izrse RUSSELL, CARRIE -I. . . Orlando, Fla. SCHAIN, EVELYN F. . jacksonville, Fla. SI.AusoN, BARBARA K. . . Decatur, Ga. VEAL, M. ELIZABETH ...... , Augusta, Ga Registered Nurse ' A - . ,,.',--:- NI, ..-. ,. I e I . vm 1, 1 A ,S-1 E56 naming 3400! Iva I +5?t37.: v.1f W,gI , , lv , 5 .:,'iT- , 3 ' "" ,v , mi . . , . If Inf: 1 ., . ,,. V, x Q, E35-wav' A . 3 , gffwawsgg je:1.a5,-WS. M, . Ag-left ,are , I a . XM A ' jj, ':',.. 1. , l Iuz- W V ' 1,253 '35 I ..,. or ,I , l I ' law MEDICAL TECH UIAIGIST KNIGHT, KATHRX'N . , Miclcllebrook, Ky. NICHOIAS, PFXVYLA , . . Traves, Fla. ORR, CHARLOTTE . . Miami, Fla. ROBINSON, JOYCE , ..,, Miami, Fla. STONE, MARILYN , , West Palm Beach, Fla. D I QW' x m is as mms has gms .m. Ewa nf GR UATE SCHIIIIL s it if is s :rn -an una-was if W -me-ss it H E me is am as 5, . H.. e ., Z .f - fx is DEAN LEROY E. LOEMKER, Ph.D. Dean of the Graduate School Qifacfuafe .SZAOOK C8l"5 ROB.ER1' B. TRUMBO President GEORGE BRYAN Vice-President GEVA ALEXANDER Secretary-Treasurer 'A' I-IE Graduate School has been more closely associated with the college than any other of the professional or advanced schools. Since its founding in 1919 as an official part of the University, it has moved steadily away from the college, however, to the standing it now occupies as a separate and distinct unit. Due to the widespread choice of advanced studies offered graduate students, it is still closely associated with the college and its courses are offered through the various departments and divisions of the college itself. Prior to 1919 graduate work had been done at Emory College at Oxford with from two to ten students working on their masters degree at a time. For many years the masters degree was given to those graduates with three years' standing who had been engaged in "literary occupations." In 1885 this was changed to require a course of reading and an examination before the degree was bestowed. However, most of this work was done by students absent from the college itself who merely returned to take the examination. After 1900 the degree was given only after a specific course of study. Usually two or three students were doing post-graduate work at Oxford under this set-up until the college was moved to Atlanta. The Graduate School was regularly organized as such during the hrst winter in Atlanta with Dr. Theodore H. Jack as the first dean. The degrees of master of arts and master of science were granted only upon the completion of a normal residence of one scholastic year during which period nine courses were completed. These nine courses included ,both a major and a minor subject for study. An examination was given upon the completion of the prescribed course and a thesis was required. The main dif- ference between college courses and graduate courses in the beginning was the additional reading requirements for graduate students. As a result of the efforts of the Committee on Graduate Studies to improve the quality of instruction and to raise the standards for the master's degree, the Graduate School gainedwidespread respect and steadily increased enrollment until 225 students were registered in the school in 1936. Dr. Jack became vice-president of the University in 1929 and wa.s succeeded as dean by Dr. Goodrich C. VVhite. Under Dr. Wliite the school made a thorough revision of the degree require- ments and of administrative procedures with reference to ap- pointments to fellowships and scholarships, admission to can- didacy, the submission and approval of theses and the conduct of the examinations for the master's degrees. Dr. I. Harris Purks served as dean of the school for some time and was succeeded by Dr. Leroy Leomker, the present dean. Imaam was as is is mn an 5-MCM fm ,awww as " wwa5E.'s,?'EfV st! 73:4 EE :- ' -i xwzxxb as U .A GR ADABIS, CHARLES P. . , Physics ALBRITTON, DAVIII C. . , Biology BANKS, NIARSHALI. M. . . Spanislz BOARDNIAN, VVILLIANI K. , Pre-med BRASINGTON, GEORGE F. . UATE SCIIUIII. . Royston, Ga. , Wildwood, Fla. . Conley, Ga. , , Atlanta, Ga. . Mlaycross, Ga. Political Science BROGAN, VVILLIANI ,... Chemistry CALDXVELL, HUG!-I H ..,. Physics . , Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. CHANG, SHAN ...,,. Shanghai, China - ReligiozLsEducatz'on CHEN, CHEN-TUNG .,.. Education COGDELL, JAMES F. , , . Chem.isZ1'y Cox, FRANCES M. , . . . . Education CRAFT, THOMAS F. , , . Chemistvy . China Birmingham, Ala. . Atlanta, Ga. , Macon, Ga. CROTWELL, PIELEN G .,,,, Leesburg, Fla Religious Education DAVIDSON, DADID M .,,... Cochran, Ga Chem istry W Rv 5 'U' A,-me B. 1-sms B ,E la.- M 1 Es 3 ,E Mwl 'mf--M" H B - gin EJ ss H Emi S175 we Q y S5 5553, sd-' 'B"""' . mass .1 5--L- . 'ummm WH M E H B H55 Ewa 3' . L W -Q3 E1 f l E ,,,, H 15- . GRADUATE SCIIIIUL BEASLEY, A. VV .,,,4. Clarksville, Tenn. F reslzmzuzl, Arts and Science I-IAMNER, PIERMAN N. , . , Phenix City, Ala. History I-IELD, RAY E. ,..,.. F ortsmouth, Ohio H istofy PIOPKINS, ciI5ORGE , , , , Brookhaven, Gu, Pre-dental HOPPE, JOHN C. . . . Cliattzmooga, Tenn. Chemistry I-IORNE, SAMUEL E. ,,.. , Tampa, Fla. Chcm.zfst'ry HUTCHESON, ANN J . . . Milleclgeville, Ga. Religzous Education JOHNSTON, THOINIAS P. ,,,,, Monroe, Ga. Chemistry DEAN, DOUGLAS O ...., Coldwater, Miss. Clzemzstry DEAN, HAL L. . . ...., Atlanta, Ga. I-Iistory DOUGLAS, LILLIAN M. , , Birniingliam, Ala. Chemistry DURDEN, ROBkiR'l' F ....,. Graymont, Ga. H zfstory FLEMING, SIDNEY W. .... Thomasville, Ga. Chem istfy GOFFIGON, AIILDRED V .,.., Norlork, Va. Religious Education GREPINI, HELEN S. ..., Allentown, Ga. French , R KING, JACK I-I .,.... I . , Vllaycross, Ga. Geology LEWIS, JAMES E ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. H istory LOWN, FRONTIS A ..... Lexington, N. C. ' Religious Education MALI-ET, JANE A- , . . . , jackson, Ga. English . NIAYNARD, THOMAS L. . Emory University, Ga. Physical Education RIEDLOCK, EIWMETT P. . , , Physics lXlILWAlN,JAMES G. , , , , Pre-med MISENHEIMER, JACQUELINE R. Education MIXON, FREDERICK A. , , , Chemistry MORRISON, FRANCIS H. , . Biology OGLETREE, BETTY jo . . . Chemistry REEvEs, BARNEY A ..... Public Administration ROBINSON, A. E ..,, Avondale Estates, Ga. Chemistry ROGERS, EDWIN W. ..... Columbia, S. C. Y .M CA Sec. SANDERS, JAIXIES B ...... Covington, Ga. Political Science UATE SCIIUIIL Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Concord, N, C. , Conyers, Ga. Waycross, Ga. Sylacauga, Ala. Greenville, Ga. RAD ATE SCIIIHIL SHELTON, VVILLIANI H. ...,. Atlanta, Ga. English SPECI-ILER, DAVID H .,..,, Quincy, Fla. Biology STRICKLAND, BTITCHELL R .... Nahunta, Ga. Physics SUNIDIEY, THOMAS A. ..., Charlotte, N. C. Theology SURATT, EDGAR C. ,..,, Jacksonville, Fla. Chemistry TAYLOR, GEORGE L. , , Emory University, Ga. Romance Languages TLIORNTON, Ervin W .,... Columbus, Ga. Romance Languages VVALTHALL, ELIZABETH M. . , . Bristol, Tenn. Education VVILLBANKS, lVIARY E .,.., Eastaboga, Ala. English VVILLIABIS, VV. DAVID .... Lakeland, Fla. Religious Education VVOOLF, CLENN M ....... Decatur, Ga. Psychology YVOOLF, VVILLIARI E .,,.,, Decatur, Ga. Physics ul' The main bridge leading from Iflaygootl-Hopkins Menzorial Gate to the Aclnzinist1'ati0n and Libmry Building. an a 1 a a a a a a Ek H14 ig. an f a """."""A'Nn'3'59 7 i" rr aa an aS-SE B, mamma mam aaaaaa H-HHH, H A a H aa an aa aaua:-: I - X H a aa ,I Hs aa aazaa mm an HT ,: ' B SS W B W SS S8 H -Q nm H m H nm H Bm QEHHHH aa SEZ ,V a a a a a a V, HE a aaaa. gig 1 a a a a aa a E W maaama-gzaaa aa II E In I aaaaaiaa-a aaa I a I II a a w H ir a - ' B B SS -K E I - rm SS EI I aa aa H a a a a xa a , a a a a a a K g E S9 B E' B SS E B B B H? H H H a E E a a , H H H H E wa HH HH Hz: 2: aa M aaaa I :.: :.:, aaa aa aa aa aa - wa - HH :H Hggg wg H a a a a a a ag H H , -aaa .- , Q L E II B a W a I gag a Q IIIIIIIIII II ,,, IE - .:. 2. 2 525, I, a a a a ag 22 gag ,:. -2.1 2.2 IEIL55gi:::gH ' . a a a a a a a E a a a a a aa? 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M M Higgs gpm as 11 mf, HH EE HW EB B ' Us M M W H , B .M Hwiivg 7 nl E, E. ms .kim . m B r A' ss mms nw? H ss ,wa nm in a an B. IILICATIUN de CAM IOHN S NICIQIINYIF ALoNzo L. NICDONALD Rr-IEA T. Esxrw Efllfw Associate Editor Associate Edirm I-IE 1948 CAMPUS stall took for its goal the publication olf a year- book which would meet the stand- ards olf the school and still come out on time. Many obstacles lay in their way as the year moved along, but with the combined effort of the staff members behind Editor John McKenzie, they completed their part of the contract by Hnishing up by the end of March. The stall assumed its duties early in the summer of 1947, but many members slacked their pace as the going got tought. XfVith only one month to go, McKenzie had to make drastic changes in the staff and pull in a great deal of outside help to complete the book according to schedule. zlffs 77 smiles Coizstruction and production. The idea of getting a yearbook out on time was new to many cam- pus activities. Their lackadaisical attitude about getting in the nec- essary amount of information and pictures concerning their particular group caused tl1e staff many head- aches and many hours of night work. Individual pictures which were numbered when students posed caused much trouble for the men in charge. Many of the negatives were lost and many others were mis- numbered before the staff had had an opportunity to order the neces- sary number to complete the book. Since the staff had to follow the numbers on each picture, mistakes in the book can be attributed to this cause. Bill Vogt, plzotogmjahei U S 7745 X1 .I X EWE GENE VVELDEN G. Assistant' Managing Editors JOI-IN S. BICKENZIE Editor RI'IEA T. Esxuzw Associate Editor ALONZO L. AICDONALD Assoriate Editor J. FRANK COLLINS Associate Editor LOUIS ESTIZS Managing Editor GENE XIVELIJEN Assistant Alanaging Editor RIzI5sE CLEGITORN Assistant Alanaging Editor SA AI V. STILES Assistant Managing Editor BILL VOGT Photography Editor Id Ufaits, Sports Editor STAFF DAN BARKER Pltolographcr DAVE SPECI-ILER Pllotograplmr En YVAITS Sports Editor PROP. RICHARD JOEL Faculty Advisor SAM COIIB BEN iVIlI..NliR N. D. DIIZADOXVS A. G. ROBINSON TED SPIVEI' TED STATON A. G. S'I'IucIcLAND Editorial Assistants ev-sa-fp., I IS CLEGIIORN GEORGE YV. WTRIGPIT GEORGE WRIGI-I1- Business Manager W. SAM SMITH Former Business Manager JOIIN GWALTNIQY Advertising iilanager M. J. wtvm, JR. Advertising Salesman. BIARION C. HOLRIIES Advertising' Salesman NIAYO LIVINGSTONF1 A dzlertising Salesman M ORGAN JOI-INSON LORING COLEMAN A rl ists GOODRICII C. DOOLEI' Special Contriinttor Business Alanager IA i J. FRANK COLLINS Associate ,Editor Staff regulars at work. jim Sanders, Feature Editor -lx: mmm, was H. new su was mam, is me I-ksksamx Inseam mip- -Zia K is an i RPIEA T. ESKEWV Editor " NOW NOWA NICE Doeex LET' TALK TH'S .. , f TH'N6 OVER Q sl Q. -- - it s ati' xx Y ..: ' V wifi F55 5 i E iw? New , e .Q r '1 - 1 .UH ' .. Q - xf.y-1:3 , .1 i"1?fi.i gf' ' . lf' z 'gh"'i.1Q-to - Q. -:ff fi 'f--L" 1" .-1,2 1, , ,,,..f5'Q - "fa " ., . ft-iff' "' 1 J 'S .f1421ii9'f-i?lfif .:3'-r-A - ' '- - e:-f--'t-wa.,w'l't- 5, av A-55" 'ffrf u-ef 'K 6 H ,fri ' it fa Q ' in , N , t 12-1? fr: f of ew :rf w i 1, ,. , 5 "HV -f:.fv,f:t"" M S ' Y 'N 71 1? W I 1, t X.. 5? X wi x , 1 511 2 P f csv " 'gf X l f. I 6 ' x N ,' X Yo - -- ss .., z. "-:Ti .Q - A -v. N x x gs 4 '- .ff 4' .i?3?:c?a-El: ' 3 Egg, 4, ,fi gi 1, hu . 'aj' 0 A I 'as ,ish "5 I. arts! flggi lf 4 K .isbn-4 it . . .s A ' 4 me-.L fe. ll Q43 ,L is , 4 t:- ' ' XX W 4 I 5 , 2 I 32- 1 Xxx ' 2 E ' T 2 fr! -an ' ,Ji Y M I, W1 khan 'i L' 'f A -.af av' + f M ,-'25 fs H3 4 'Hy is? 4. 1 I 1 yy JDS t FA ina J :AJ .4 far Y ,ll r ,v.f"' 55 f-t .- '0- . -, . -. ., 7.55. ga. ,yu -, ma , If 5'-w'i,:,5-'L 4. ' f':z:- ' 1.5 .rc ,L-: f, , QA. -1, .- J ,. .5 -3 L g-.. .-cr .-.--A, ' . i a'-H--as , sf:-M' 2:1'S7.f!.-1-.1-' af :- .4s'.n- .Q-if-s-., elseif - '1?1n1. -ffgfssiaggrte , ff-S' G-e211 fe - ,wLi:W VVe've got teeth, boys! Sports Editor George Bell mfnliau' e 3 sm msg ALoNzo lXICDONAI.IJ Associate Editor FTER several years of stum- bling from one editor to another every quarter, The lflfheel assumed an air of stability this year with the election of Tom Fulton for the last six months in 19417 and Rhea Eskew Ifor the Hrst hallf of 1948. Fulton took over The Wheel with a hot typewriter on his desk. He believed that students wanted sen- sational editorials and news stories, and he gave it to them with every- thing l1e had. No one was left out of the range of l"ulton's biting comnients. Only one organization received full Wheel support - the newly-organ- ized University Traflic committee. This group obtained Fu1ton's ag- gressive backing and gained space in every issue ol The Wheel during Fu1ton's regime. s Hmmm me JOHN S. M CKENZIE Managing Editor lfVith Rhea Eskew came a dil- lerent editorial policy. The work of The W'heel was divided up in order to eliminate several olf the 110- hour-per-week men and give others a chance to do some studying. Make- up was Changed, and the editorial page and the news columns as- sumed a new tone. Instead of attacking student or- ganizations in general, The Wheel attempted to criticize where it deemed it necessary and oller sug- gestions at the same time. The Wheel came through in Feb- ruary with an editorial by News Editor Ted Spivey which gained natiton-wide publicity. The Vlfheel advocated the restricted admission of Negroes to the University. Large numbers show up when The Wheel holds a staff 7'I16'6lIi?lg. Qggsyxa .Mi was B a is m is same me -ff salgii P n. in Q .s, O fx-H Qing ,Z . ss TOM L. FUIJAON BOB MCNULTY Edimrv, 194 7 Business M fmager, 19-I7 llI'll'1A Esxnw , , Editor Reporters , . Mollelt Kendrick, Lee Morris, George ALONZO MCDONALD , , Assoemte Edztor Knigm, Marvin cmer, Shorty Lorem- snn, Put Watters, .luck Camp, Tommy . . Pulls, Earl Walker, .lack Nobles, Lovick -IO1-IN NICKIZNZIE . , Mfz111zg'211g'Ed1to1' Lingo, Hugh Bmgcssy Ha, Riddle, Rem T1cnSPlvm' . CLAY PIZNICK . filiORGE BELL. . Smut. JOHNSON 13us1'11ess and AdYl67"lI'.S'l'7Ig M armger . News Editor . Assismm News Editor Sports Editor Cleglmrn, Roy Wiggins, Bob Carson, Beth Porler, W. S. Dunbar, P. J. Nichols. Jimmy Gardner, Tell Levims, Jerry Zeller. Eel Estes, M. J. Walls, Ben Milner, A. G. Robinson, Cubbcalge Snow, Spann Milner, Bill l-lurilgrnve nnll Hal Hul- lingswunll. Ph 0 t og-mphe-rs J. Forrest Cole, Elyea Carswell, Tommy Thompson and Lewis Wallace. ,H SUM. JOHNSON Business llflmmger -.,:.-:--.-'IA .Q ,. ,-L:,-31-1r.v.:+:- 1-'.f-uL.-'f:-,- g:p11T,'L1:'f.,L -L. ':.a::.-.614-,.':.n .uwn 'rr---Aden ., :F-.1fPHEW?r3'1??.'z-'-.'-P.Ji.:1E 9:1215-xii' if: sf':'f5f1-'-S1'v?.-7 " flffif .7 ms... .,,. .,4, , .- ,L ,,,,,S,,' . ,. , :. A A At. greg.-1 hm? if-rfz: Q.42:r'.eae..::-sw -:zgfrf ' Fu4-' -' H' ' x ' l"L'- JL-i"'v-'v:'. :,. 21 -'. -4-U-17'-' 34' '.'. 'il-.i .p 'gpg-"g f' 15'eE'2g'z" ae4:L?,-2.--::'g5?+'f' ai- -.-.,., ,Sig v ,441 Q... ., , .,2i.Q:.4..-.zaugffr-'I . , '-TWQQ :xl-'f Qi wi .SQL 11:4 -e'fff-s3-?mZ':'Ff.- 'FFT--1321" f' , - 1 - -1 f.: J' QCW ' . rlia, we '1 1 fb 2311:-.1 '-5-'fl " fx , 530361 5 i in- cl, 1 f F 1+ , 'PLL' . ' ...EL , 1 -e' " s -Lei' ' ,- - I x 'Sf ing JLLJ f I. -.lin 11 , 4 5 Sq vi- rg, L ' W . 'cf-L-1-5 C Am, 'gr ,y -+ .1 "I x' "'- 3 M. "Eff fi 57- 'x,.,?-CLIQ-5111: "ET " X .- . I si 3 I S -' K- ' . I Y 5 -1' 1'-. 5 ' x 1' 5 .- 1 ,. ,X ,, L 5 L 5 iff.- 5 f' sr- 3 -9 15-5: ' , 'ig'-J, ':L. ,12f4-new -, ,, - .K . -Ulifiiiiz' jE,I' ., 'of I !,1:'.',:,ff .fry -C 2 A ' f 9 x X ,J . -'1 -. .fezefe hai' Don't bother me, bull! Staff oversees make-up Spivey at work Binford gives the slory to Eskew, MeKerz.zzfe and johnson "'w1-iw Eqgfuamwggaw 6 UW Sz' :ir-17 ALoNzo NICIDONALID RHEA T. Esiuzw JOHN S. lX'lCKENZIli Editor Associate Editor tllanaging Editor id-W"' 'sm sm.wN.,u.i.,,4,M wyJ,,,.m,,,..-w A.-,.,WMJm44 -.--4... FALL QUAIITEII eff' I947 HE Phoenix has been in the process of establishing itself secure- ly on the campus for the past 110 years. During that period it has been discontinued and re-organized more than any other student activity. VVith the election of Alonzo Mc- Donald as editor in September, l9fl7, The Phoenix departed stead- ily lirom its subtitle of "The South's Oldest Literary Magazine." He came out with a larger magazine printed on slick paper with color cartoons on the covers. The arrival of The Phoenix on the campus during the Fall quarter left some of the more conservative elements at Emory dismayed. They decreed the death of the magazine before many more issues, but in- stead it picked up circulation and readers as it went its merry way. Stories were written in a more informal manner, treating campus life humorously instead of scholas- tically. The articles were directed at a larger number of students in- stead of the few who were interested merely in essays and poetry. At the present time it resembles the more conservative college mag- azines of other schools rather than the literary discussions of abstract subjects which fascinated several Freshmen and graduate students when the periodical started publi- cation again in 1945. Phoenix stag gathers rn'ound a copydesk to edit copy PHO l HB8 SSH W Le SBSH ED W,x1Ts TED SPIVEY DR. JOHN T11-FORD Sports Editor Assistant Editor Flwltlly ACITHSOT STAFF ALONZO M CDONALD Editor TED SPIVEY Assistant Editor REESE CLEGHORN Assistant Editor JOHN lYlCKENZ1E Managing Editor ED YVAITS Sports Editor GLOVER AJCGPIEE Humor Editor DR. -101-IN TILFORD 1 Faculty Advisor CONTRIBUTORS Frank Register Sinn Cobb 5111165 Country Tllli IIllI'l'0lI I. Martin Shartar n V . 1 35 ' Ed Greeh , if ,QI Reynolds Allen W , 05? N. D. Meadows 5, . ill? X . 1 'P X A 'sl I-larry Bmfol-C1 5X W I l - - ' - :I . ., ww. .. fw Gem ge Kmght , ii ,f fe I Bob Blacknlon E 41, - ' X' 2 - -to Pat VVatters -if e ff' -H' Lee Morris the printers Clegtzorn concentrates the situation over Staff admires paste-up dmnmy ready for an . H... wtslewgtr mike ,H . H Z .E BLICATIIINS no RD IVIembe1's of the Publications Board meet in F1'shl1zm'ne. MEMBERS OF BOARD DR. RAYMOND B. NIXON, Cllf1h'l'77ZfHl, JOHN KIELLEY DEAN E. H. RECE JOHN hflCK.lENZIE DR. JOHN TILITOIIIJ RI-:EA T. ESKEXV PROFESSOR FLOYD BASKETT ALONZO NTCDONALD PROFESSOR IKICHARD JOEL ROBLEMS of student publica- tions usually end up before the Publications Board. Aside from smoothing out diH'iculties which might arise, this body nominates editors ol' The Wheel, the CAM:-us and the Phoenix and designates lac- ulty advisers for these activities. The Board is made up ol student editors, members Olf the faculty, and men appointed by the Student Council. It is the coordinating body of publications, and one of its pur- poses is to help in improving the quality Ol Emory's newspaper, yC?l1'- book, and literary magazine. wk . TIO STAFF I-IE job of getting publica- tions to the students and faculty rests with the Circulation Staff. Each week the Stall distributes nearly 3600 l'VheeIs to the cam- pus and to the medical and dental schools, and once a quar- S""t'N'5'M'i""i ter it delivers 3000 Copies of the Plzoenix. The distribution of 2500 yearbooks is another of its tasks. Members Ol the Stall' Operate from their offices in the Law building where an extensive mailing list is kept for out-Olf-town Subscribers. FRANK CI. STEINBRUEGCIE Cirrnhziion. Jwmzagcr M. XlVA'l"l'S C1-IA NIP 'TIJNNO A ssis ta 71 L A S.S'I..S'lII nl TIIE 4 ill! OVV in its twenty-third year ol publication, the Emory flliminm' is one of the principal means by which grad- uates are informed ol' the activities ol' the University and their classmates. The Alimwzzzs is published monthly with the exception of july and August, and has a circulation ol nearly 11500. lt is published hy the Alumni Association which once a year sends copies to every graduate ol' the University. Ci n-iss Ain-:ltNA'1'1lx'. ju. fllumni Srfmvlrlry R.-XNIJOLPII L. Four lfl.IZAlll'1'l'II C. Duzvcz.-xx lirlilor Class Nolvx Eflilm' Lolurvt: W. Co1..mlfxN Bimlnroitn D. ANs1.1cr Art Editor flsxnrirzle Erlilm' JOHN NV. Gmicoicr Aj. Flush Wn.soN Oxford Ifrlilor VIIHIUSIII Erlilor Sllllil. jonxsow A I1'llf'VlfSf'IIg' Manllgwr ll Y ierftftlisisriso' t l llv r lVliR5lTY if. X y fl IQA 4o?X If X Y ,air ' '. e i ' EIU E i i ,.- N-gr' V K, . Q ,fn-1 , . ll V VOLUME lll - 1947 K A AL NUS a74,,,,,,,6. I MAHCH WAS , VOLUME 24 ' ' NUMBER J ARTERLY HE Emory University Qzzartcrly is a general magazine whose contributions are drawn largely lrom the University family, and whose readers are for the most part the alumni and friends of Emory. lt is now in its fourth year ol publication. The Quarterly specializes in expository, critical, historical, and biographical articles of the widest variety. Its contributions seek to represent every scholarly interest ol the Emory community so written as to reveal their signihcance to the general public. Tnoxrfxs H. ENGLISH lfdilor Loiuxo XV. Co1.mlAN jositvn JACKSON Iiusizmss' 1l'IIIl!flf1"l'l' Slay Pllologrnplzm' IiDl'I'0RI:XL BOARD TI'ommnc Don.-x llflllliliili NIAUKICI-I S. Cium' .'XR'I'lIllll CZ. NIUNYAN PA111. B. Bm-zsox Joim I-I. Corr RAYMOND ll. NIXON lGNA'l'lIlS W. llrzorzu L1-:nov E. l.oi-:muon UI. I-Ifuuus PURKS. jk. l'VII.I.lAM R. Clxxxov josiavn C. Mfxssmc Osnoimia R. QllAX'I.l-I .-Xxmznson M. Sciuiczrzs jmms l'lARVl-IY Yourvc . . --BY.. " - 1 fx . . P ..' Q- :l"' . 5 FYI I -- ii.. I ...,5h:II .YI , .. , EIN i as .IIIIIIII -W QT,-Iii.-... vf I... TI ,VII -I In I. W . - III-I gg, .3 -1 I- , . gl, V 2-.T .,,II I N5 IIIII19 I I I 'fT'ij'-"ig, I H" " ' ' ff 4 'ex 'f - ., x I . SQQVYBK-.. 'w?f3:1'- 'H-'fr .fi f1'fV..J5'2-Q-:.2g?"Xf' -9. v -- Ng . V '. ' P' 1. .. .... ..'-' . ----- . .." .1 L.. . V. -14 ,,.... 15' 41- P. , ' . . . -.' J. o J 'S Q . -I S -. 5- Qs. 5 .2 .,.. - -XQZNXQ, - . ,ip H., -43 -,1 V-r- . ,I 054' I, ,I ' I fi Ei If? III? 1' II '.If. I II ' I . 7' ,T II' If- L' f-hx Ab ' .Q ij 5.15, I,II Q " 3' ' I .rg -- V- -- -' I I .. ,II III I I .IQ ,I II3III3 .I ZIIIggI.?g1rI:NII'IIIaI I::,QQ.IIg, I.. . I . II II III . IIII II :I II EIA III Il r-it II Is .. . . f -wi Tx . -- -V--1:'. . I ,Iii . .I If-.--I.,.' - -.I- j"1". X - " r- I.--, VI II I, , I I- RQ f, AQEJQXIIIEE 'I QT -' I -.g .. ,Enfl riff. A? fl' " N51 x g? ff. - . ' 'fri "'-E a ' 3. . Vg "M VW .5 "sf 'V " . ' T! W 'M .Q .. . - 'E'e'H'-"Y-'--1lf9ifE" --3"f-:- 'Q - 5 ' " " ' f' ' . A -- V ' - -. -: H -J-. ... T. .. -2 Q -"- " V -"'.. 'K-..'VW"'V .- " W' . -T 'NVQ " ' ..,. . ..,.. f . -- ' .I Mg . :VM Eg'-W' WJ" . 'Q' " Fi . H .. VIII . gg? rf. II.,., iII g :ZI QE I3 I. .I I IIIII .I ..., BQ I ,W I .- J.:-...III .I illl . w I , ,.-. I. S. . . ,.,. Q III IIIIII III III I I , I III., III I .,.,,, , II III I II I, III JI. II I . 2... 4 .. :.. Il- I .1 1 I 1 I III I. I- I.II ...N IIIIII . : I., -I II I. I II , I, I I.. , Mig! IIIIIQ I, V. A g? .. ... III lltll QII-4gII.ae,.,I kI:,p 1 r RIIIQII AR I . ,TJA I ,I , K. III-.9 I . 4n,iI 2 E 1. .,. II W. iiljg v I , .- - . I. . . - - -- L Q -Q1 .. 1, lf. Vs-- . I 9 K 5 3 N 5-W.,I'T,W' EBV, gsw N' . Iwg? 4.wj9I? .?I4..I,N-Q-5,0 jf . Sa.:I.fII - III. - gent, g, 3 I SI l II 2, 1 . I I 'I 1 - ' . FE- .FV -EW "-ff-aWw- Aff -5451.2-.fr Uf --iw-r:..'i,.w-vii'-.,,V" -- .si-f 2 4-vw" V- tk - -ri-f w. . . 1 I- . 'Y :H "fb fQI.:.Qh".fgI,,32':.x'IV-':w'Qf-..IIII,:'.i'- --Q.. fi-J. 4,3151 - awgfm 1.1 ' "QM .gf -fy .1 .F - ..'- P2 . .Q - Q E4,32hII"f3,S?-bg .-'Y Igwaq, -4, , I - I gqfw. 3-'Sw m n- - 'GJ f , A V f'5,w -- '. - I - 'A ' 'Q - V . H+ K Wx" "L . ' I - V . -Q ' A .. b .. .... , - .. I. 121 L .. x ' I V 'HIE' " 'T - ' 1 ' I f V. V 6. - V ,ng W . Q. mx .V W. ...I,,I. -. I. .,---.Mk Vfww. .- ,"'N.,'1- "... .. ----- ., .I . Wad: P: .1 - V V 'sq' at my-.-4 25 3.393 . his If -,ww 3 fi?-3, figqm- -. ' V 'YS' '-Lf-Take rm, , nc' .KH I.. . -H w. P .I . . . T Ij1?fiis. 4"?gQa'9i5-2IQQ:f5Q"Q-+1gIsvgfi+1?I -?s-V fST..sIj'afI'P."TQ1. I..f 2 - 5 195343 A f fry- I II I --- . . ' -an 1?4i.:?75-sif' "if"'V,f-55222117 .P-'15 . -fgffffw. 55 ?1.- -.4--f-V- f' 5 5. .PQ bum! f Q. F . "ff -. ' fx-'U SLI. A ' " ----- .. 'v-',?f"f?g'.I,-QE.-""r-1-,.2I2-. 3?-Q2 -'45 - '-'+:.:f:fIf,'S-f,wVIQ,2f-'Q ' 3 -..fi.nfi .Qi -815' IN . .Img .. """ ' " ., . " -3 .1 ,4 L" -'L ' - M ,I '- V' . 'EI K .I :., 'Su' I " . f ' .. z. ": ' , I . , ':' J ' K. ' H -'Wi V-iva??"'TQ-gggb gi 532' 'Va ar ? 'wk Lava? 'fa ' ....., Q " 4. iff? f'wV', - A X '34 NW B-T "N J ia I3-lvw" ' ?""-Z"'g'l' HH" 'Q Nw Ziiii' ' M "T - - ' 15 . 2 ' '1 2 ' Yr' Bm., '1 IMI III MVK? , ij . .,I Q, f. Ig- -I 45? ..., . QI - jf' gh gf , I A fur' MII' QXI 5' 1+ H Kenai.. W' - -,Va -f I.. . " A ., I- . V .si 1' I Aw . 'I .. . . ' , -4. .EIi,.. ..... f I 1 -II - -1' -1, '-1 , " ' V 4' -M ' ' " "- ' 'K 1. . ' - 'F-.. W 1 1 ' ' ', ...":..p , 'V ' -. ' ' . ' ' , - :-- ' - ' ' 'K 'I. -. 3f,AI.'. N: ' ' 2 . 3' 'EP' "1r.'.'1"-3:32 'I. " 4 .V-. Jgf23'!r' ..- "9'.4 :gig M----sr . gf' - Kr' fs. ,W ,I ga Y , . -QI' IIId.gtg,,,.i,I Ifmj- 835 - f .Q -4'wIp:iIu,R.I,I1l I I IQ .. I-. 53' I. ,I 8.5. 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The editors of the CAMI-Us 19118 present this beauty section with one regret: we were unable to reproduce the pictures ol all the beautiful girls which were submitted. The judges made no attempt to select a complete sec- tion ol glamour girls or sophisticates. They tried to look beyond sheer physical features. As Mr. Powers says in his letter, "The winners were selected on the basis of personality, character, and intelligence, as well as for natural beauty." For this reason, you should Hnd on these pages a representative of almost every type ol' pretty girl. Miss Mildred Hawkins, who was chosen by Mr. Powers as "Queen ol' the Campus l9ll8", serves as our sponsor. She was introduced to the Student Body at the Student Council sport dance on January thirty-first and was pre- sented with the Hightower trophy at that time. 'A' Rael I-lightower donates the beauty Students lmshfnl and bold alike tzzrnecl in Prexy Kelley gets Hrst dance zvitlz beauty trophy for the beauty queen contest. pictures of tl1e1'1'fa1I0'r1'te girls. queen after presentation. EDITH HILLS COOGLER LOREN WA1.TERs DORIS LOCKEP-MAN Fashion Editor Director' H PVoman'sk'Eclito1' V. The Atlanta lou,-nal Models' Guild ol Atlanta '1 he Atlanta CJOHSIIIIILIOII lflflf' GES The pictures presented in the beauty section were selected by four people who the editors believe are well qualihed as judges of beauty. Because olf the large number of pictures sub- mitted and in order to realize both the man's and the lfl'Ol1lZlIl,S taste, it was thought best to have two separate judgings. A panel of three judges, Consisting of Loren Vlfalters, Director of the Models' Guild olf Atlanta, Edith Hills Coogler, Fashion Editor of the Atlanta j01,H'77Hl, and Doris Lockerman, l'VO1ll2lll,S Editor of the Atlrmln Conslilwlirnz, chose the twenty pictures which appear on the lollowing pages. From these, .Iohn Robert Powers of New York picked the first live beauties and the "Queen of the Campus l94l8." The judges admit that their task was not easy. XVC join them in hoping that our readers agree that the girls whose pictures appear on the next ten pages are "the fairest of the fair." ll? JQH N ROSE 2" 'Mr Dec NWA 'Uu- Mr, . emb Edlrjdme' 5' " 3OH, emo, "'- mf 5-ffm, ' '947 CM, x ggi: f6g"fve,-SHEUS 1949 D or? Unlversu . Y - Mr MV. Sanger ' beorgla 3: haul, If A Q . 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W .E -Ki :A E .Sm Miss JUNE T1-'I-IONIASON Mlss LAURA DUNCAN M155 PATRICIA REIQVES COPYJQTMUJ Tffm- Dc'Cc1t1ni, Ga. Colqmlt, Ga. CA QU? 225533 W - ea, We RE, W, US ss mn w 'aisgixngam Miss LURIE SAWVADA Mlss DIANA DURDEN Mlss BARBARA B1zNN1c'rT .Mobile, Ala. Albany, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Miss MARILYN DUPREE Mlss BETTY SUE GURLEY Mlss NIIRIARI M CCARTNEY Atlanta, Ga. Anniston, Ala. Tifton, Ga. il mn E nn A A 'E n mm IB? E A E hx F FAVURIT QE " ' " EQHWYEEQESZ B5 E Miss BILLIE PARRIGIN Miss BARBARA WET1-IERELL Atlanta, Ga. Emory Univemity, Ga. M ISS MARY 'TI-IERTWAN Mlss IXIARCIA JEAN MART1-I A llama, Ga. A tlanta., Ga. Miss ALICE XIVIGHT M ISS I-ANNE HAGIEll'l'Y M xss NIARY BET1-1 L1'1'rLE Atlanta, Ga. Decalusr, Ga. Wicfutrz Falls, Tex. E EE CE E E E SEE ms mx SE. ss E Ass ms A--E mg S AIRS. NIARY SUE LAIQUIZ. New York, N. Y. M ISS BETH VEALE Augusta, Ga. A 1 H3 EQ 1 lf" if , , YN ' ' QS. . ,lwgxk ' A M av ? v M Iss NIARY SUE CHANDLER Atlanta, Ga. 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A m asia H. . K E Q H '4 H if-N. gm 4. In .ww-UH mhmg U Q, .W . W H M gsm, U -X H ' PVS -ISSN H H H H H M., H 13532 H-gnj MIIEH .ENV ww .M W ibm U my Hwwss I X-in M m lm 1 W H. .ss a x x-an 5 B 5 -at HE waws. HE: . 3 mu Bm ss s msgs ,JQSQ-H HM mm: ma m..:f ms ss L ss a ,WS -xv ss an FSS lm! - M mg 'ZH my gm. ,Q-ig? ww mg-, BH M5-2 ,QW WE 5 555 59565 T?-bn, Vasa? .LE M ,M Eggaxsm megan E , ngava manning ,S . in E Es an vu ss mn MQQBTE HSE . ss ms mu , .. .E H QWEX gsagqaw E Z-uma m w mm mm -was msgxgm mwlgs 93 ss as wma H ss -aw a my an B Q, amass mars wma ACTI ITIES DE EBSQ spasms BREWER B Pavzorrmm of an exciting council session, De bator Duke holds his audience sibellbozmd. Discus does it agam .... Parker still sleeps. Hobby Rice d6lI'U6'l'.S' stirring campaign address before cheering tlzrohg. I-IE Student Activities Council is composed of members from each school of the University as well as the college. These men and women are elected by the student bodies of their respective schools at bi-annual elections, half of the council standing for seats at each voting. To the council belongs the responsibility for allocating to the various activities the funds set up by the University for this purpose. The program of each activity is reviewed quarterly by the Student Council, in addition it requires that each student who participates in student activities which fall under Council super- vision must maintain an academic average of "C" with no grade below HD". The activities which fall under Council jurisdiction include: the Wheel, the CAMPUS, the Phoenix, the Players, the Debate Forum, Glee Club, Lecture Series, and funds for the separate schools. The Council has the power to approve the appointment of the business managers of the various groups and holds them accountable for the Iinances of their groups. Many other special events are planned each year to provide for the entertainment of the student body. The single event of most importance is the annual Dooley's Frolics which is held in the spring quarter. Gene Krupa and his band have been engaged to play for the Frolics to be held on May 7 and 8. UNC l l I l I DAVID ALIIRITTON VVALTER ALEXANDER IJAN BATEMAN IRVVIN BATTLE DICK BLANK RAND1' BRASYVELL YVILLIANI BUEORD BILL CAMPBELL DIARY JO CARTER SAM COBB DAXVID DAVIDSON NAN DAVIS LES DEI,LINGER PIARRY DICUS JIM DOUGLAS JOE DUKE DEWITT FARABEE TOM GAL1' REED GASKIN YV ALTER GNANN DELNIAR HARRIS First row: David Albriuon, Walter Alexander, Randy lhwxswell, Bill Campbell, David Davidson, Nan Davis, Jim Douglas, Joe Duke ..... 9 emnrl row: DeX'ViLt Farabce, Jack Hook, Tom Jackson, Spud Jackson, Landon Lindsay, N. D. Meadows, AI McDonald, John Mclicnzic .... Third row. Eddy Pound, Marylcn Smith, Tom SIniLlI, Sam Stiles, Newton Turk. Ed W'zIits, Gene Yvelden, DIEMBERS EMERI' PIERMAN JEAN EITE HIGGS JACK HOOK TOM JACKSON SPUD JACKSON 'JOHN KELLEY LANDON LINDSAY JOE IVIEADOXVS N. D. NIEAIJOMVS ALONZO MCDONALD JOHN M CKENZIE EDDY POUND NIARYLEN SIYIIT1-I TOM SEVIITH SAM STILES NEXN'TON TURK ED VVAITS GENE WNELDEN WIENDELL XNHIPPLE GENE XVILLIAMS WVILSON YOUNG Past President Kelley delivers oration or ultimaturn. as present President Cobb records the words of wisdom when he was a lowly secretary. TE FR TE ITY Top row: Stuart Wfatson, President: Oscar Adams, Secretaryg jarvin Levison, Alpha Epsilon Pig Stanley Jonas, Alpha Epsilon Pig James Sanders, Alpha Tau Omegag Joseph Harris, Alpha Tau Omega .... Bottom 'rout' Mack Bonner, Pi Kappa Alpllag Roy Hubbard, Pi Kappa Alphag Bob Noland, Pi Kappa Phig Jack Turner, Pi Kappa Phi: Ed Branan, Sigma Alpha Epsilong Reuel Platt, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HE year for fraternities was notable for a return to normality. 1947-1948 1948-1949 STUART XVATSON DON IQISISIVIAN President Presz'clent SAM SM1TH FRANK JOHNSTON Vz'cc-President Vi ce-P1'esz'clen Z' GEKJRGE BRYAM' FRANK SCHLEY ViC6-.P'l'6'.S'fdE7'1l Sec'r'eta1'y OSCAR ADAB'IS JOHN ZELLARS Secretary T1'eus1n'er DON RlElSB'IzXN Secretary Adams is slcwtlecl by Sleinb1'ueg'ge's omtion. The Interfraternity Council tried hard to become stronger, but the usual selfishness of each chapter weakened many construc- tive projects. A turbulent four-day rush period indicated that fraternities had returned to pre-war strength and bickering. Armed with cases of cokes, Hrm handshakes, and numerous "pinks"-even they returned-frat men sweated out three parties per day. VVhen the frosh walked the Row the KA's pledged a small army of 34, with Sigma Chi and Phi Delta Theta running a close second in numbers. SAE got only six, but quickly made a brilliant come- After rush week, the Wheel and the frats who didn't do so well made the usual gripes over the violence of rush week. IFC prexy Stuart W'atson appointed a committee to investigate, with SAE president Bryan as chairman. After two months of wrangling, rushing next fall-over the protests of KA and ATO. During the year the Council "adopted" a European orphan through the Foster Parents Plan for lfVar Children. Don Reisman and Ed Branan romped off to New York in the fall for the Plresentcltion of sponsors at Formal. r UNCIL Top row: Robert Cunningham, Chi Phig Alonzo McDonald, Chi Phig Garland Perdue, Delta Tau Deltag james Ridley, Delta Tau Deltag Deforrest jackson, Kappa Alphag Frank Schley, Kapp Alphag Fred Stanton, Phi Delta Thetag Russell Thomas, Phi Delta Theta .... Bottom row: jack Dougherty, Sigma Chi, N. D. Meadows, Sigma Chip Dan Standard, Sigma Nu, Lovick Lingo, Sigma Nug Frank Johnston, Sigma Pig Rodney Robinson, Sigma Pig Irwin Harris, Tau Epsilon Phig David Smiley, Tau Epsilon Phi. National Interfraternity Conference, had fun, and reported little. The exchange dinners were re-inaugurated and each Thurs- day evening chapters exchanged men for dinner. Under joint sponsorship of the IFC and the athletic department a plan was devised to present plaques for athletic championships. The over-flowing chapters helped colonies of Beta Theta Pi, Kappa Sigma, and Lambda Chi Alpha organize and hope for a speedy acceptance of their charters. Sigma Pi and Pi Kappa Phi made comebacks, giving a total of l3 fraternities on campus and three more possibilities in the colonies. Otherwise the year was quite normal-pinks, crowded house dances, and a new emphasis on athletics. Returning to pre-war standards, the all-fraternity scholarship average was above the campus average. Dean Rece gave his usual good-natured help. And, of course, all chapters vied for the best formal-the Phi Delts was the most expensive, the KA's had an Old South Ball, and the Sigma Nu's a New York band. Chapter rosters were bigger than ever this year, and everybody decided to be smaller in the future. Exchange dimzer at one of the houses. 1 D Left to right: Treasurer Reisman, President Mfatson, Secretary Adams, Vice-President Bryan. .Slg'l7f71g'K7"lLiJd for Doolegfs Frolics. Q iss SBSH ,-ima is Z I0 UNCIL Seated Il,7'07.H'lCl the table, left to Tight, are: Louis Estes, Ed McDowell, Tom Buttram, chairmang Pete VVilkinson, Ben Blackburn, Dr. John Tilford, faculty advisor. -A' l - I-IE Honor Code, suspended during the war, was voted back by the students in the summer of l946. Re-establishing the Honor system has not been easy. Consid- erable difficulty has been experienced in creating student aware- ness and faculty co-operation. Steady improvement has been made along these lines and it is anticipated that in the near future the I-Ionor system will be back to its pre-war standard. The I-Ionor Council has met frequently for long hours to give each individual case proper attention. TOM BUTTRAM DR. J. TILFORD Chairman Faculty fldvisoi AFFIC RT The Tralhc Committee meets each Tuesda' at the Athletic olllce. A-Ientbers arc shown above 5 from left to right: .Lovick Lingo. Alonzo Mcllonald, Buck Brewer, Frank Steinbruegge, I-lobby Rice, Barrett Howell and jimmy Stern. Standing behind is Officer Johnny Johnson. ju- -1 -- . 'i 4'-' f l f Coach Thomas E. McD01z01tgl1, faculty lLdTlI'S67' of the Tragic Ccm2milIc'f?. VERY Tuesday afternoon the largest trallic court in Georgia meets on the Emory campus. Reversing the usual lform of one judge and several policemen, the University Trafhc Committee has seven judges and only one ollicer. The number of cars appearing daily on the campus increased alarmingly after the war, and need for a regulating board brought into being the Trallic Committee. Since its beginning the Committee has been called upon to mete out sentences to hundreds of students, but its primary job is one of public relations. Suggestions made by the committee to the administration have resulted in one way streets, an increase in the number ol parking spaces from approximately 500 to over 1800, and many other tralhc improvements. Each day campus Policeman Johnny Johnson directs the llow ol' traflic of an estimated 2000 ears. He is an ollicer ol' the DeKalb County force, and is empowered to hand out official tickets. NVit11 students now lfztmiliar with tralhc rules, however, he gets excellent cooperattiong only 12 second-time violators have appeared before the Committee this year. johnny jolmson, campzzs police man, writes out a ticket. +1 THE EMURY 'S ASWANA SWS S SWJISWAIIS BEHEEBQ E J -San S' 'YRS-WEUEE1?-NBER SSIESSSHEBXBAB SSQQVEQ,-y,I,gW4k. gg E f I - 355355353 55 ,. ' Swwfwewereee ' Aawsswmm swgisiki am-SS"S - KNEE-HH SWISS A" smsgnqsx-nexqmgssam-IA-weAIsaII--m.mi1mEa-ss2522-,Sm-MTIIWIQ. ,.,. ' -sswssmSm- mme mga In AAmgfqwaizvthgwg-5S5-MI-ISS Mmm,-IS,-XASMSQSIQIS-,-mama Ama S A BNN Awe awww A 1 :eggs 245515333 I-'mf II-S.-ma Awpwmg gigfwf Riff-SIE-Iamagsm all A, B' -' H H? 55.112181 MS Q LL- 5:5-.Ei -'L 3 E -HE 5-,S-W A .2 Li ,ew W Kgs'-fig? E-:I :Sw-Aw an - I .I H ' W H4 K-I HE A ESQ, ESQIEQSA fggfgttfggatfewK-tl.-SIIAS515 "gES1U"Q SQIRJRQFz'Z,M,E:3?gaSi??Jagg-Qty,SQSZSMASN S W 15. ,sy gg u,,.,,Ig 3.2 QSEES, SS A -,, A S ES ,-,S H H W -, : . :-f-., - .- - - . I x U If fr-.. ,SQ em -..-2 M W W ,. I I- M W Ama We A .. I 51.55-avgrsg- . , Align-QIIigilggflwglg-Iiifgl-3,35-gtwtfik,QP,Q,,j?,5?-Qg725qg25Q'QI?gi5jr,'j2f22525-2311 "-'HPAEWHNNN A SJ-Eg-gitflflze PEESNL A I In- ,I If an S -5- II -m1L,w- It -I S S TEN 0B I JAMES DUVAL , HARRISON REEVES HENRY RANDALL , WVILLIABI VVICKER , JOHN SPEED , , T ERRANCE MYER , , , WVILLIANI OWEN , FRED KESSLER , JOHN OWENBH' , STANLEY NIADDOX YV.-KYNE DONALD X-VARREN EVANS . -JOSEPH TANNER JACKIE ROUSSO , TENOR 'li' VVILLIARI LANDISS . YVINTER GRIFITITIAI EDAIUND,BI2DRICK , RAMON THOMSON SANDERS PIKE , LOUIS BOLTON GEORGE NIOREL , ROBERT ROPER , XVALLACE BAILEY CARLETON GUDTILL THOMAS NIAYTON . RICHARD GARTH LARRY RUBIN , . GORDON THOMAS NICHOLAS LOUIS , Accompmiists: A II aaa . I: Im I-HEMI .UI l.f3f,EE.?,E.L.l'i3.El3Q.!l.Wl "The Southfs' Sweetest St7'LgG'I'3U pose in Glenn Ilflemorial Auditoriuvrt. P E R S 0 N N E L Covington, Ky. Atlanta, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. , , Miami, Fla. , , Union, Miss. Muldraugh, Ky. ' St. Petersburg, Fla. , Savannah, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , Marietta, Ga. Warrenton, Ga. , Litlxonia, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga Jacksonville, Fla. , Atlanta, Ga , Waycross, Ga Frostproof, Fla , Moreland, Ga , Covington, Ga , Savannah. Ga , , Dania, Fla Holton Village, Va , , Atlanta, Ga , I-Iapeville, Ga Jacksonville, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla , Decatur, Ga Chicago, Ill BASS I EDWARD NIALLORY JAMES PARKS , , EDWIN RANDLE , CHARLES DE.IARNE'I"I'E , ROI' DRUKENMILLER JAIXIRS SMITI-I . , LEE ITIORTON , , GEORGE FRYI-IOFLR , FRANK RUMDLE , ROISERT CRAWFORD JACK BOZERIAN , CHARLES X-VELLS , JAMES HU1'Cl-IINSON GUI' MOLENDON , BASS II JOSEPH DUKE , DANIEL PLUNRET , SAAI COBB , , , JOEL SAVELL , , EDWARD RlCliP1'FSON ROIIERT CONVERSE NOLAN I-IARMON RODRRT BECKIIAM ELAM NIINNALLX' FRANK MATIHILWS Rox' NICGRIFF . DAVID LYNDON , ROBERT BOOZIQR , PAUL AIILLER 4 TOM ELLIS , Harold Mann, Dublin, Georgia Edmund Pedrick, Waycross, Georgia , , Atlanta, Ga. Cleveland, Tenn. , Columbia, S. C. , Atlanta, Ga. , 4 Atlanta, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. Cartersville, Ga. XfVayneSborO, Ga. , , Atlanta, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , , Atlanta, Ga. , Ashford, Ala. East Orange, N. J. , , Atlanta, Ga. , Eatonton, Ga College Park, Ga. , , Atlanta, Ga , , Atlanta, Ga , W'arI'entOn, Ga , Valdosta, Ga South Orange, N. J Miami, Fla , Decatur, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Decatur, Ga Atlanta, Ga , Decatur, Ga Hollywood, Fla GLEE 'T was ' Mama l as H.. .. : new - -m nw a i v na st a an . an E st ' ' iii.-.. . . - av-U . 'Q- ., we H1 ...Els -, . n mu nys . s is N, ...ga , H st me .5 .. .I args . .. w, ' " ' J a k g 3 . we lj... an me was ' V st , . sms if m - ' , :..f- . M ev .2-at B ., . 1 -H W ' w l . A l ,fa Q. G, xi JAMES Dl,lVrXL JOHN E. DOUG!-IER'l'3f P1-,ggjdgm Business A4!L7Zll0'6'l' 0 4 ,'g' 1 Q 1 1 st ' m .vm - mam st at N Q, me 3. 'L -'mis,.l. ' - hdlinhcu Wm' ' mi .. ' V M ,.,,,,,,: '-sf . ' wh . nu ' ' , .,,,. Q " ,-'-- 5' I5",5.,. . .1 . 9 a s "', s - I .QI gigs: My . . -V V 1 s ef- 6 t ' K1Kw'm'Q" . '.. Lf nf:-W. tt ll . 4 3 . . H H-. E. - Lag W ...Edna DR. lX'l'ALCOLNI H. Dizwrzv The smiling ones in Albany, Ga. Ramlom shots 0fFl01'z'da tour. Director QQ ITINERARY HE S tl' Sl Ate.tS' ' 2 " il ' the alliterative . , Ou 1 S WSC Q mgels' ul C el, , During the season 1947-19118 the Emory Glee Club made title attached to them bv a newspaper critic, have made . . . . . . , f ,. an extensive tour. Amon ' the cities visited were: s S tours ol Europe twice and was the l1rst college Glee Club I to appear in Cuba. Concerts have a.lso been given in A1b?U1Yf G21-5 E21StPo1nr, Ga.g Macon, Ga-.5 Grign, Gang principal cities along the Atlantic seaboarcl from New SaV2mmlh1 G3-5 L2lG1'21HsC1 G21-3 Tamlmf F113 Mlamlr York to lvliami, and as lar west as New Orleans. Fla-2 .lacksonvluef Na-5 HOUYWOOCL Fla-l and Boca Raton: , , Fla. In addition the annual Christmas and s Jrinff con- Under the direction of Dr. Malcolm H. Dewey there K K. L . I . D. , , , certs weie presented in Glenn Memorial Auditorium. has been a consistent ellort to emphasize not only good choral blend, but also sympathetic interpretation. Indi- vidual sin fers have been encoura 'ed to cultivate their OFFICERS Es 8 voices, and a number have become outstanding successes IAMES DUVAI P7 id Z . . . 1 A 4 . . . 'es en in the conceit Held. The club has adhered without vaiia- JAMES PARKS n A VyCe.P1.eSident tion to the perlormance ol good music. Selections from HAROLD AIANN l u E l l SEC.,-em,-5, the old masters, together with original arrangements of VVILLIAIVI LANDISS . , Assistant Director Negro spirituals, have placed the reputation of the club DANIEL PLUNKET - . . - I-1177'07'ffl?1 on a high plane. Broadcasts on nation-wide hookups over the National MANAGEMENT Broadcasting Company, the Columbia Broadcasting Sys- tem and the British Broadcasting Company have featured QSISNTDOEJQGHLRTY ' P' by 'qgfmagel' , 1 - ' L ER ALAF . . 11 zcz y 1 arzaver the Emor Glee Club. Phon " Jh 'e 'l l . U Y 08131 1 Colfmgs 97 RCA -Iosnrfrx DUKE , , . , . Assistantlllaviaggypgws. Victor and Metropole, an English company, have helped spread the reputation of the club. IAMES SNIITI-I , , NOLAN PIARNION, JR. , . Assistant Publicity Alczvzrzgei' A ssistavzt Alan 1+'vf,1 LA is an GENE WELDEN Presz dent MACK BONNER Vzce Preszdent B E . Wm., Q .V .3 Age 9-mm ' -aw' as . fx ss -ea mf 2 Q git 22-2 ' i M RY Se, ' ' ' -t f1-.n-,1.-...- One of the big moments from "You Can'l Take It TfVith You." E .. B .-4 e :ef .sux 2 -,asa 'meg new as em -H s at W i may ew' .ev W is WH Fw. 1 'W We fa we n as .pl eg ez Stage crew, front row: Mack Bonner, Ted Howell .... Standing: Bob Hart, Baldwin Bridges, Jim Vance. O the student body and theatre goers of Atlanta who have given us such overwhelming support in this our Twentieth Anniversary Season, the Emory Players wish to express appreciation. YVe have endeavored to present to the student body ,a balanced program of plays which would be both entertaining and educational. The some 2800 persons who attended our performances of the Kaufman and Hart Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy, You Can't Take It Wfith You, on November 14-15, l947, and the over 2000 persons who applauded our YVinter Quarter Production, the drama of suspense, Death Takes A Holiday, are proof to us that this 1947-48 season has been one of the most successful in the history of the Players. Credit goes, not only to the student members of the Players, but to the non-Emory people who have given so generously of their time and services in as- sistance with our productions. VVe were proud to announce in the fall of 1947, the establishment of the Claude S. Bennett Trophy which will be given annually at the conclusion of the Spring Quarter production to the person adjudged to have given the best performance of the year. -THE EMORY PLAYERS llfI3ll'I.l2G1'.Y of the Players Key Club. .YY, mr Beranek lilly an ea new 1 'na-vm m as 1 l 5 Ts' H L H ww- PLAYER N. D. NIEADOWVS, JR. Business Manager Glam-1 WlaLmaN , MACK BONNIZR . NIICKIZY AGREE N. D. M1-zwows, -IR. Wu.1.ls WooLmu1:ll'r BALDWIN BRIDGIQR DUANIZ Osuomua , D1-:AN E. H. Rlacxa Iinrm Russxau, . Ih:clc1u.xN. RICHARD BONNEII, MACK S. Bruucrzu, BALDXVIN Com-:, HAnol,n CUNNINGUAM, Romcnr P. HART. Ronmrr H. Huwsm., 'I'm:onom-: I-IuuuAlm, ROY hcxsuw, Dr-:Fomuas1' Jolmsox, Bsru Px:NN1Nr:1'oN, B. Y. ROD!-IRTSDN, EDWARD Mmmls, Bxm. CAMP, JAcrc Q n me E ""'L""M'-'-"'i"'d NIIGKEY AGREE Cast on stage for "Death Takes a Holiday." S6'C1'6lflTy MEMBERS OFFICERS MANAGEMENT MEMBERS Coovsn, PAUL Ru1'Hscm1.u, Glzlunn Sm-:x'Anu, LIONEL Srmm, MAmoN J. VASLIUFF, FnANK XVELDEN, GENE Mxnuzn, Rm! RIONTAGUE, FAIRFAX LIAUIKIOCOUIKT, JAM!-:s Svmzcn, PAUL BUPFINGTDN, Louis SIIARTAR, Bunrn' IluI.s'n:An, CAnom'N , , P-rcsiclent , Vice-President Secretary Manager Assistlmt Manager Assistant Manager Assisllmt Manager Fllfflllly Advisor , 4 , Di-rector RAY, CHARLES UULUNKIN. Fusu Dum-3, Jar: CAIWEIK, Jo Ifnnzls-IAN. OLIN Somuzxl.. Bon VANCE. Jm DANH-il., Enom' Bzmmzs, Blu, FAul.xNr:n, Jos Rmfzy, FERNAND O'Kr:I.Lm', Blu. NlA'l"L'IIEWV, FRANK ,QV The stage crew put many lzours in p1'ejJmvztion for the sets in the Plttyers' proctucttons. Looking over the lobby display. jack Camp tells Mickey Acme. Looking over the Bennett trophy. THE Clarinets ROBERT MOSS ' BURTON SCOTT ED IQEED FRED IQESSLER GEORGE M CLEAN WILLIAM DISNIER NICK LOUIS FRAN K- IQILGOR IVAN NIQRRIN VVILLIAM SMITH JAMES SIVIITH Saxoplzones I HAROLD PINGREE W'ILLIAM ARWOO D Bandsmen take their positions for a brief coincelrt before zz Playefs production. MEMBERS ROBERT MOORE WILLIS VVOOLBRIGI-IT WILLIAM WHELCI-IEL EVERETT DAVIDSON Flutes POWELL EPPINGER POXVELL HALL Bassoon BETH JOHNSON Comets CHARLES YON HENRY RAY THOl1AS ELLIS LUCIEN DYRENEORTI-I BILL PEACOCK P1-'HEODORE JACOBS F Tench H orn CARLTON GUPTILL MARILYN STONE XVILLIAM SINGLETON CLAUDE GAINES CAROLYN BISHOP Trombones ED BROVVN JAMES GUEST BIARVIN TIDYVELL DICK OWENS JAMES NICLEOD Bmitone FRANK VASILOEF ED GILLETT GRAHAM PIERUNDLE BILL M ICHALES Basses JANIES NIAGRUDER FRANK COLLINS ROBER'f WVI-IITE GEORGE HOEY Percussion OITO CANTRELL FRANK JOHNSTON YVILLIABI LUCAL FRANCIS KENDRICK LEAVY ITIANCOCK CUNCE. BA if s ' ' . u:1ss..:.: s ss Ms .js is si QR it if - .,. ,.: sf -,:.::.j E B 1 at 5 any F . H E.: aftfz.:-e 5.4-x ,,, ' VZ: .,. :.,!.,.:a1jr i, Q lag: ,gg ent. E A V 'We et' 1' .fs s. 3' , Q JE X F ,S M s t are 5,2 Nw ' -Q vt Xl H ' lf E a f 1 f 1 ' lf 2 , 4 . n P lf., 1 'E l .V -uri'-,.:..::: :.. f V- l -wi EI litglttiafiilbigl, i' ,.s3fM-:ns2l't'5:fa'11:ical-. ,J .z.'ei,-'raft :" - Louis C. ESTES J. FRANK COLLINS t B usmess llffanager , President CON em me-W is as my ws as-sw was X . X , I 'N-r me ss. n as mmm -Us--sq mmm mum mama was a is Estes and Collins answer questions about the Band. Top: All eyes are on the music during a weekly rehearsal Bottom: R. O. Seitz, director, works hard for the desired egects 0FFICERS H s ,z iss E :,,.: if H V 'Bi 5+ NH H 1' is H Bi-E FRANK COLLINS , . . President " 1 FRED KESSLER , , V ice-President E g gi E L NIARILYN STONE , . A , Secretary HU . ,mm E E' H ,E If si H' . M B 5 Louis Esriis , , Business tllanager :Ss its . s 35 pg? .. M E: E H: E.: Egg: 'lr I HE Emory Concert Band was hrst introduced to the Univer- 5 Q sity in November when it played a pre-performance concert for the Emory Players. This was lfollowed by a Christmas Carol pro- gram given on the campus on December the seventh. In 1948 the band played for the Players again, for the student body presiden- tial election rally and presented its Hrst full scale concert. The band was organized in the summer of 1947 through the efforts of Professors VViggins, Shiver, Rohrer, and of students Collins, McDowell, and Estes. In the fall quarter the student council approved the band's constitution and granted it a budget for the year. Mr. R. G. Seitz was employed by the University as director. I-Ie is president of the Georgia Musical Association, director of the Henry Grady I-Iigh School Band, and an instructor for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. WY SAM SH1vJ3R Faculty Advisor l l -I. VV. VVIGGINS F owner Director B? as s E is H E E . is Q' H - 3 sv I-I Q- . ,i,'1V"I. H l maps taht' , sam: H H slsaw I W H' Z 5:85 s r H - Q 3 fs' 'L A R. O. SEITZ Director DEB TE First row: NVZIILCI' Alexander, Walker Bowen, Bob Czunpbcll, jess Clark, l-larold Cole, VVzIrI'eII Davidson ..... S ecoml '7'0'lU.' Frecl Elarbee, George Fryhofcr, Harry Golsan, Henry Hayes, Scolt Houston, Spud Jackson .... Third row: Paul Lanier, Mayo Livingston, Jinuny Mills, jack Nonles, YVilbur Owens, 'Wilson Young. W5 I-I IIN mr-mmm E Q Debaters Duke and Stiles discuss tactics. SAN! V. STILRS , JOHN KELLEY IOE DUKE . . IOSEPI-I JONES I X'VAL'l'1iR F. .ALEXANDER LEYVIS ANDIQRSON BOD BISCKI-IAN! .ALVIN BLOCK VVALKIQR BONVEN BOB CAMPI3IgI.L J Rss CLARK HAROLD COLI3 VVARREN DAVIDSKDN FRED ELARBEI2 NIATT FEINIIERG BOD FLOURNOY GEORGE FRYHOF ER OFFICERS M E M BERS Delmle Mmmge-r . , ClllU"l'7'IZIH'l VfL'E-ChIli?"7?Ml'l'L . Debate Coach PIARRY CQOLSAN - HENRY HAYES ScO'I"I' I'IOUS'l'ON SPUD -I ACKSON PAUL LANIILR MAYO LIVINGSTON JININIY NIILLS QIACR NOIILI-is XIV ILIIIIR Ow I-:Ns IXNDY PARTIILIQ C. B. IQOGERS CUBBEDGE SNOXV ROY WIGGINS YVILSON YOUNG il. SAM S'r1L12s Debale llff!lllllgC"7' H Cllzrirmrlvl lox-1 N- K11I.L ev M'emI1er.r enQ'ag'ed in one of lfIt3fl'7Ul?61Cl57 forwnns. Top: Delmters rcpresevfzting Emory nl the U. S. jJ1:1'1.1'Ler1lz'1ny 1, L ,'. . . . . Allanlrz. . . . Iioltom: Manager .Stzles dm'ec'ls n d1sc11.s.rmn at I-IE Emory Debate Forum is an outgrowth of two literary societies-Phi Gamma and Few. These two societies were constant rivals on the old Oxford campus., Nvhen Emory migrated to Atlanta the so- cieties continued to function separately for a while. However, after a while they fused and formed a forum. Although the societies have been revived from time to time, the forum has survived and has represented the University in many intercollegiate debates. During the last war the forum was inactive. It was revived while Emory- Rylander was president of the student body and Russell Thomas became its hrst post war manager. A varsity squad soon began touring the south- east. Since then the debaters have traveled ll debate m.eet1'ng. to many colleges and universities to represent Emory in forensic contests. During the past year there were approxi- mately 25 active members of the forum, which met once a week in the Theology Building. The members of the varsity squad were picked from this forum, and new varsity debaters were added from time to time. John Kelley, who had previously been de- bate manager, was chairman of the forum. Joe Duke was vice-chairman, Sam Stiles was debate manager and Joseph Jones was coach. The debaters made several trips to various schools in Georgia in addition to travel throughout the southeast. The group also de- bated in New Orleans in a tourney which in- cluded schools from all over the United States. DUKE Vic,'efClmiw7111'r'z Joslwn -Iouus Debate Coach ALPHA m.m......,......................- Y. PIII First row: Howarcl Baker, Richard Blank, Arthur Branan, Y'ViIliaIn Branau, Baldwin Bridger, Clyde C2l,l'LCl', Julian Carter .... Secmzfl row: Frank Cay, Ross Goddard, Raymond Haley, Powell Hall, Emery Herman, Lee Horton, Frank Johnston .... Tlziwl row: John Kelley, Charles Kimsey, Dong Mauldin, Charles Meyer, Terrence 1-Iyer, Mcllclwarcl Nolan, Sam Norwood .,.. Fourllz l'0IU.',Jill11CS Pence, Frank Robinson, lgCl'Il21l'Cl' SrniIlI, Steward Sparks, I-IcrberI Spencer, James N'VinclsOr, Albert Mfilkinsou. IDFFICEBS CHARLES F. lMlEYER Preszdent FRANK IROBINSON A Vice-President BALDWIN BRIDGER .Secretary XVILLIAM C. BRANAN T'l'EHSZL7'61' NICEDXVARIJ M. NOLAN Alzmmi Secretrzry A. LEE I'IORTON Historian VV. JULIAN CARTER Clmjblain CARY .ANDERSON S ergea n Z-a t-A rms A ctives , CARY ANDERSON HOWARD F. BAKER VV. DAN BARKER ARTHUR C. BEALL ARTHUR BRANNAN XMILLIANI C. BRANAN BALDWIN BRIDGER CLYDE S. CARTER YV. JULIAN CARTER ROBER'1' G. ELLIS H. FRANK GAY ROSS M. GODDARID IQAYNIOND C. HALEY POWELL S. HALL XVILLIAIXI R. I-IINE VV. D. I'l'0GAN A. LEE HOIQTON MEMBERS FRANK JOHNSON JOHN B. KELLEY CHARLES VV. KIMSEY M. DOUG lVIAULDIN CI-IAS. F. MEYER T. R. MEYER M CEDVVARD NOLAN SAM NORWOOD JANIES PENCE RAYMOND SEETELL HARRY B. SHAWN' BERNARD L. SMITH DAVID SMIILEY STEYVARD A. SPARKS H. G. SPENCER CHAMP 'TUNNO A. P. VVHIPPLE AL VVILKINSON JAIVIES YVINDSOR E. J. ZIZLLER Pledges M AC ANTHONY DAN BATENIAN LEON CARTER IRWIN HARRIS EINIORY ILIERNIAN TURNIENI JOHNSTON WILLIAM O,KELLEY XIVILLIANI PARKER ADRIAN POLLOCK HENRY QUILLIAN BEALER ROGERS lXlYRON WEINER MEGA ss ss i min 4 . s 9 -I l ' ss ss in H i me E. CHARLES M EYIQRS F. l1OBINSON P1 eszdent Vzee-I ieszdent sssrmsgsss E Qggi-:em lpmggg gym--5--,Q-Q-g,Ei5Ev555wns me-sgwgimett .m5g?9k an gmt mess . Wa awww., A Q We H an mmmagi MMAEME sieve answers mpgs BBW-E naman mms 'm'smtais??i-ss VSKSSHH ms H11 . seam 58:52 's.sQsT,,. mmm sm-Q A .gmswm mnsxiaxmsm ,ss New 'afimiswl , -mms SS!-X885 l ' 1 'B Us :.:,.u,, E we at j'- 2:5 wassup ' f?Qsugf,ls E 5, wa messes was g. saws E . ,Q , lg I , Student turns in used books to be sold by APO to Cl.?'Z01ll6TSl'Ild6'1Zf needing' them. LPHA Phi Omega, national service fraternity was founded at Lafayette College, Easton, Penna., on December 16, 1925. The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is "to assemble college men in the fellow- ship of the Scout Oath and Law, to develop friendship, and to promote service to humanity." The Emory Provisional Chapter, formed in the Summer of 1946, was formally initiated as Delta Kappa Chapter on November 15, 1946. lt had the distinction of being the largest group ever to petition the National Chapter for a char- ECT. Some of the service projects carried out this year by APO are: Operation of the second-hand book store, supervising the polls at student elec- tions, publishing the student-faculty directory, and ushering' for chapel, convocation, and lecture programs at the University Auditorium. In the field of community service, APO has had charge of raising funds for the Community Chest and the March of Dimes on the Emory Campus. Y ipsum V tml 5 ss -em was ,sam-Q M535 as -me '- viii- as in muse ss Top: Frank jones receives award for winning APO "Ugly Alan" contest Funds raised went to the Comvnttnzty Chest. Bottom: APO 7'7Z6771b81'.S'.Yf?677'l' nzany hours C07NffJl'li7'lg nmterial for the stu dent directory. Here they are shown at work in thezr ogice LEC E-C N CERT SERIES f- as-S 5-51 - B., .W T,-R-, , . .W L, . .,.. ...,..-,.. 7 I it ,One of the highlights of this yearis Lecture Series preseizmtion was the A speech, hy 1H'IfSl'ClL'7'IlI.lZI t.'lm1.clidn.te H nrold Smsseii. Q ECTURE Series presentations went on a 12- month basis last Summer. Increase in regular enrollment and the presence on the campus of a larger number of professional students prompted the stepped-up program. Each week during the Summer quarter, the Lecture Series sponsored a concert, a film and a lecture. The wide variety of programs brought to the campus is intended to appeal to as many persons as possible. Each Tuesday afternoon and night great motion pictures of the past are revived for students and faculty in the auditorium of the Church School Building. For those whose in- terests lie in the Field of classical music, a Weekly two-hour record concert featuring the best-known names in symphony orchestra and opera is pre- sented in the Fine Arts record room. This year's program was highlighted by the l-Iarold Stassen lecture and the two appearances of Atlanta's new symphony orchestra: Glenn Me- morial Auditorium was Hlled for these events. In keeping with its expansion plan, the Lecture Series now hope to create a student committee to help in arranging lor guest lecturers. IOI-IN A. Gmrmezw DEAN L. 12. Loizmluca DEAN fl-lOMlNfI,I15 BARKER DR. ALLEN ALBERT Louis C. Esriss Past CllHf'l'H'lll71f Chairiimn Jllemher IVI em ber Student Nlemher Frances Perl:.in.S, former Secretary of Labor, The hrstlmmttzzl Lecture Series or- Mrs. Vemnill. Dean gave listeners spoke to It cajmcizy audience in Glenn gamznlzoiml sing zqus won by Alpha an 1,112-Loflllze-mmute.iepoit on .Memorial A-uclitorifztm. Tau Omega du-rmg the Summer Sov1etRuss1a. q ZLILTTET. I TERNATIU AL ELATIUNS LU I-IE International Relations Club was founded -1 . l at Emory 111 1922 and has had the longest con- , , . - . Q Linuous existence of any non-social club at -.3 . 5. l Emory. 'Membership in the club is by invitation . 79 and there were approximately 35 members dur- ii ing the past year. The majority of members are from the political science and history depart- ments. ig Meetings were highlighted during the year 'EF with speakers such as VVright Bryan, who ad- dressed a joint meeting of the Emory club and .534 I Tech and Agnes Scott clubs. Chinese students on the campus have visited the club and engaged in discussions with club members. The British y consul in Atlanta has visited the group on several occasions. e During the past year John Dickinson was elected Southeastern regional vice-president of IRC and Bob Foster was elected State president. Meetings at which guest speakers appear are open to all students. Big men of the IRC, Durden, Dean and Foster pose for the CAMPUS. A r N 0FFlCEllS Us HAL DEAN , , . . Pres-ffdevizt Roisiaivr DUIIDEN , . . Vice-Presiclent IOHN DICKINSON . . SCCTUlCI'i'y-T7'6lI.Y1L7'6'l' HAL DEAN A JOHN DICKINSON President Regional Vice-Prcsiclevzt First row: J. Abbott, H. L. Abrams, VV. Alexander, B. Blackburn, C. Brasington, R. Burns, H. Dean, R. Foster .... Second row: H. Hamner, R. Held, J. Lewis, A. Mavro, N. Parker, P. Spence, M. Webb, MV. VV. Young. NG EER The 77l6'7TLZJ6?'S of EH-g'l7lE67'S Club jaose wlllz faculty aclvisowson steps of the Physics bullcling. Q ar li C HE Engineers Club is founded on two basic principles: the promotion of the Department of Engineering both at Emory and afieldg and the acquaintance of the students with conditions and developments in the Fields of industry. The club's program regularly includes field trips, speakers and motion pictures. The Club is an active organization of students and faculty who are interested in their educa- tional development both in and out of the class- IOOIT1. 0FFICERS CHARLES R. QUICK , . President LEE HORTON , Vice-President BIARVIN 'IWIDWVELL , , Secretary J. H. SCOVILLE , . Treasurer MEMBERS NVARREN D. BAKER MAX BERINIAN J. LANSING BOIJIZRIER M. G. BONNIQR BALDWIN BRIIJGER CI-IARLIzs O. BRYANT Bois BURNS Jon M. CRAWVFORD JA Mies YV., CRU Murm' Joi-IN DEAN DAVIIJ Doses W. C. DIKISKLILL CIIARLIES A. FI'I'zGIaRAI.Ix ll0BIiR'l' H. HfXR'l' LEIQ PIORTON J. A. I.1cGE1'r T. N. NIURRAII ALFRED L. PowEI..I. CIIARLIQS R. QUICK YV. S. SCOTT J. H. ScovILI.Ia NIARVIN TQIDXVELL FRANK WARNOCR, JR. L. L. YVHISENANT E1Igi1Iee1'.s' Club BH7Zq'IlC?l-l7167l?IYGTS and dates enjoy Il Hue di1I1I.e1'. 0 I-IE Emory Geology Club was founded by the students and staff members of the Geology De- partment in order to promote the science of geology, to foster a spirit of comracleship among the respective members and to disseminate ge- ologic knowledge lor the betterment of all. It was lor this purpose that the club was brought into being. The club has been re-activated for only one year, but the membership has double in numer- ical strength. The members lfeel that the objects originally set forth as goals have been successfully achieved. The local club has petitioned the Sigma Gamma Epsilon fraternity for a charter. QIFFICERS YVILLIAM J. Cox . . President YVILLARD GRANT , . 171.66-P?'6Sf6l671.l CLIFFORD C. SULLIVAN . . Secretary X'VAL'1"ER L. ERXVIN , , Treaszzrer UGY CL l Chow time aboarcl the geology special. The boys say they gained wezght on the trip Stzmlent and faculty members of the Geology Club are fJiCl'lH'Gd in and about ilu: bus which bclonfvs lo the Geoloffy D6l7H,7'f77'l.6l1f. The b-Us is used by the dejyartment for field trips lo the i'llIl'f01l.S' jJ0i11i.s' of geolovzr mtmcsl H7 the surroim ciz'v1g"1e1'1'imry. GE MAN I-IE German Club is an orgzmizzttion designed V -AH 'T - - " ' 'Q 1- "' - - 1 A Lrg ge.: V as J, to aflord the student opportunity outside the '1 '3 1, classroom to use German and to hear it spoken. Members are students interested in German, and attendance is voluntary. Monthly meetings are held at which time programs in German are pre- sented and German songs sung. The study and appreciation Of'GCl'lI12ll'l art, music, and literature are fostered. Every Friday a HSl2lH1l1llllSCl1H is held in the cafeteria, where students interested in German lunch together. uk Cll1R'I'lS'Xf.GRE1iN . IQAYMOND TIAICJA-'ll'SON 11ALPH VANCE . FRANK KILCO . DR. SAM Sl-lIVl'2R , Pkor. C. F. HAMFT' Oneof the marry museums of art 111 Gemzany . Presi cl en t . Vice-Presiclerzt Secretary-Treasurer Pzzblirfity CltIlf1'It'llI7'Ir . FnrultyAclvfsm' In a German forest. German club members with their guests gather for a Gclmfwl 7720767150171 666116 banquet and regular meetmg. nm mn asaaanm P aa nnaa mia 'ki E naman aanaanm mn n ng nwnm .nazanaa BEN E aanaa nnnaa naan aa nan nn nm an 5 H' -aufaaaaf fa '"""--'Sj"gf"nn'na'a'a' 'H gy ggi aaa--aaaaa agggiggg W BSS BSS' , SSBSXK' 1 a nn M ana H nga ana-aww W E , n ' an .nn- mms aanrmn , a nnnn nana H 'san M anna WV anna -mn mmm Haan ww annnw H :ggi nnnin nigga anana ggi? nan nnnimxnn n Emsmmms aanniannnn E"mWn,5mfWE nnamn ' .na mnaana.. 5555555 aaamag 12555555 msglpennn-,nanaaanaan naman msggnnnna naan aangiggggamg naaa,anaHgiHH1ggn,.aa .anagmw Hgggginaan a an M EW nnnnxn NNW annmn H may a ,nan naaaa nnn an a-nan . a nn nmnm mn an nmnm w six BHK ' 'E 1 . a V, aaaaa 4 V ali a mimi aaa Him an ma aannnaa nnaxng - ann aa.a:n n an anannnna a a aannnnn 'WLEWS aa-nmnnaa mlgmw n Em H Q-mx-xn ng gig-was nnwnn nsgmgiwm E 1 wgnaagnaaa aanngaaww H-ffaaagw nangnmms " H' R Haan naa-aadnggwws Bwwggfn E--QEMYWBWR '- 1 -aan M naanaan aann-1 ' nwn an nmmn E555 mammal E W5 aa H H naaaana H an n anna naanaa my aan, , 1 Egg nnnn Ugg: an , naaa Sgggwm Annan M 4 a E ggi? aaaaaa Maia: maxima- naanaanwn mamma aanaa nnnn B, :Niggaz aa nnnnnnnnnn - mama iznnn nnaann K iw annaQnnannanWA-iaswmfmwglgui-avgWang aaa ,gggggm a naaa-mmanaan ' n n 1 ww - , a E ananaa nmgmg-533:53 5 ana-,aa 'aa , ESRB ' S8 E ESRB B aa n Y ' Rnnnn nn'- . nmn an -5 E H aa. , N ' n .a msn nnaa ,n :anna 2:25 aa ' -a a aaaaa 'Maman E5 Q ' E , mm' Ennnan nnaan 5-K EB E gignm nag ' An aa' naw, wan-a wanna ning W aww aaragnf Ma E' 'ngannmnaanaannn -Sams? 'kgnnnnnaa aaxnaan mf 1 X mn nnaaaaa aaa nan anna ,am Maaaaaaaaa gaaagjxan mai: .a mag ff , Si BSS LX HERB , aaaaa Wim anna H nm mn a a a n , aaa nm a A. nmn aaa Y a 885835 f , naanaa n mn .a - . E, aa aa nsagsasms was na. npwg E W an anna aaa.a 5 ngngannnn H2555 sm -mngnn pa, naaaaana. Hwang, W amnggn n Mmggsaas nandgf-in' ju . aanginn , Emgiw nniyagnnw gr W Hman EEE BB bi is I gn-aa E, E aanaa aa I ana M anna nnn Us nm v as nnnaa 'A 2, ' Hitman iiiiia n n . H ganna nnaimmm H nan a a taaazaa :aaa aaaaaaaaaaa mana an P ,an 1 aanaann nn, a- , 1 89- - MESH '.' WB asa Q aagaiaa Hamann naaaeaa 'M ananan aaaaaak annnan Ewa nmnnnm Hggggg nnnn 55:5-, W EQEZE nnnnmn H naaaa! nnnn naann- 4 gig: anannn gg . aaa a aaaaaa aa 1 E . E x Inn- n nm n E EA mm mn - 'a ana w HH HUMMER a a anna. 1 nn nnnafaaaa HWMWWWW an aniannaa f,-a ,aa , nn minima mwwggi-gfg-agvgigai afnfngaa a a .nn nnnmnn ga 5 aannznnnn ,a -n aaanaaa Mgjggggx aaana naaaa , ne gags EEBBHSSBSS BHK gs alia H355 ' BYE-SSB nnnaa Mina ss mngnns-:aa naaningmm X , . nanaaa was an . 9552: :QV-gnxzaannnnnaaA"nnWEQV 1 ' B sm-gn mnmnmnm nm "S ms ,-SSB 'BSSBSSBSHSB W mn nnnnnn nm - gg: aaaaa anna gm anna W E msgs wean- BSSE V- nnnaannnnx mggiggg, Elmwxms nnixgaiann, EEE Biimamggnmvz n Kiaaigqmx u SSEEEHBSSBSS Haimism aanaannna ai mm . aan nm SENSE E aaa anna- anaaa Us E Ewan naan nag-H Saga-aanaa nggsm-Q Q 'MEEQQN anaaamnainan gggvnn ' an mlm In SSQBQSS sms mn nm aaaaa nmn nmn mn H mn nmnmn N, aaaa- nanaa , anna nnnn nnmngnn aangfgxg na mn ng-gignggn--aan a nag E-ms ' nnavwgggaawaa aan,-f .giwmi , nxmwwniva H-,E-E aaa .a aaa E HBH mn an nmtx aaa ann E I., .iam BEER-SSW M L' aa aa aaainnfxaaanz- annum naann-nn-1 n nk ea n aan' nnnnaxm nmnmn nmnm aaa wa Hnaa aawaa - aa aan ' nn aana n nxanaala. 'nnag-n n anjgm mn nnnaa mam mfnnnn aa ms naanaa n nam mn nm B nn nnaanaa nnaa nn-.aa n-,E SEV' a nan aannam ann n -aa mmsnaam n E mn wmmnmnan H nn-sanmnmmi Hag ggaa-nn na-an nm an nw n nnnnnwgm-a' E Fug.. nn 5. 1 n n nn' nnn nn nnnzn auf an , an an H, F n a n 'ma n ,naan angaa BH-F P' nmr an E ann an ananma annzgmmnn nnnmwnigasi -ann? an an E: axak E aanmn aannqg asm AZ gnwqin aan Ru Lnagh nm, nwgy ma nw . 2' 'f "f5wamggan,nE-- SZ Z-.mrnaannnanmw WW mwggnsannnaanwma naaiinminaan ' L a MWMZZZE aia 'MUS a. Q, , a ans . SBK E nn aa n . nnn aann na mn aa E aan 'za mn nn n B nm nm mannnaa . ggi mafia E ana nmf if nik na a nas . 915555 sm 'HESEBHH nnmganignn mn SFEE WM . M ffl' -SES:-' QW? 5:5515 a Jigga 53213552 an S nw NS azmw-aminaai M ,n Wfgggjwn, nnnn ' ann' annpniea- 3 nana an: . - H55 Z nm H-REE mg aannn nii Bmw sms n mm mn -gnym aan T W Wikia, nn .nm -"Quinn nn a WSIB-' v an D. -an H" wma a nnnnnmma nn-an mn n nf nn may RY CHRI TIA at Pveszdent Foster pzeszdes I-16511171071 ECA df7Vl167' meeting. HE Emory Christian Association is a confederation of all religious activities on the campus. A non-sectarian group, the E.C.A. brings together all denom- inational student organizations for the promotion of religious life. The purpose of the E.C.A. is to arouse interest in devotional life, personal evan- l"n.sl10w R Blank D Bfnkei B Blackbum E Bullington S Cobb D Tumbee .Second row: I. Harris, S. Jonas, YV. L-andiss, L Lindsay II M1nn N D Meadows Thzrd vow C Meyei II Randle H Reeves J. Savcll, W. Shattuck, J. 'fI,urpm. ASSIICI T10 ,sm ,,,-,,,,..fm-v-Q' A as ' BH SEER W .'Y . -Av mm s .. ss,,,swatma'iwrW ,.. - '- xmas seem mgmeixifi -Sis-2113 smug: smug. nga xmgli seem Speakers at the Fraternity Fortmi.. Dr. Albert VI. Kissllvig at Religious Emplmsis progmm. H. ,i gelism, recreation and social life, church lite, Christian citizenship and social action, and leadership training. Each year the E.C.A. sponsors the Annual Religious Emphasis Week. At this time leaders of all faiths come to the campus to speak and hold meetings and forums. During the Summer the E.C.A. holds a Week-end retreat known as Kanipus Kamp. Other activities of the organization include sponsor- ship of Parent's Day, the Soochow Fund ,and daily Vesper Services. x E 3125 A .Sb 44 J 'x st SAM L. LAIRD Director of Relzfgious .Life MVT M1 Upper left: Leaders of the annual Soochow Fund drive pose. . . . Upper right: One of the speakers at the Annual Kampus Kamp, an I5.C.A.-sponsored event .... Lower left: The Rev. Sam Laird lea ds singing at one of the Kampus Kamp meetings .... Lower right: Bob Bridges, president of Freshman E.C.A., addresses a group during Orientation Mfeek. ESII IE HE Freshman E.C.A., although part of E.C.A., is under no direction but its own. Fresh- men organize, sponsor and maintain their own activities. The organization is designed primarily to orient newcomers into the larger overall pro- gram of E.C.A. and all student activities. The Freshman E.C.A. holds weekly meetings with a religious and recreational program, taking its place beside senior E.C.A. in promotion of campus activities. IIFFICERS DAN TEN HAGEN A doisor JAMIE GARDNER Vive-President h'lARILYN VVATTS Secretary SHIRLEY BRIDGES Progra.m Clmirmavt fxLBERT SMITI-I Recreation Chairman CALVIN RoIaINsoN I-IUGI-I HALL President Publicity -2 :sm E Top: President Robinson and members of Freshmrm E.C.A. Bottom: Scene from one of the freshman E.C.A. luncheons. ES I INIST FELLUWSIIIP HE Westminster Fellowship is composed of the Presbyterian students of the Emory Campus. The object of this organization is to aid and represent the Presbyteriaus ol' Emory by helping them to maintain contact with the church while they are at school. The present goals for each school quarter are: to plan one major social event for the Presby- terian student body, to establish and maintain a close connection between the Presbyterian Churches of Atlanta and the Presbyterian Sttl- dents ol Emory, and to maintain an ellort to strengthen the student's faith during his college years. tg: , IIFFICERS s H 555' I , .,,,.. , xg FAIRFAX E. ll'lONTAGUE ' , W President V t!5!"QT . .:.. . ,,,: 't't 5 2 h e W' I-ILIGH ROEINSON , ':':'t' P FW Vzce-Preszdent C YV1 LLIANI R. THUR MAN Secretary-Treasurer an i. .le fs. Corresponding Secretary Top: Dr. Ktsslinfrspeaks at a Westminster Fellowship banquet. F. E. MONTAGUE REV. DoN BAILEY D ' Advzsor Bottom: Members of Westmivzister' Fellowship council hold a meeting. P?'6Slflff1'lIf BAPTI T S DE Top: llflembers of the Baptist Student Union Cozmcil. Bottom: A fellowship circle ofa 'regular meeting. I0 I-IE Baptist Student Union movement was first started in one of the Southern Baptist Col- leges in 1918 when seven students decided that something was lacking in their campus religious organization. In 1921 the Southern Baptist Convention ofli- cially recognized the movement and the Student Department, under the direction of the Sunday School Board, was organized. In 1947 over 3,000 students attended the an- nual Baptist Student Conlerence at Ridgecrest, North Carolina. The Emory B.S.U., after the war years, was recognized and its activities include visitation of Baptist Student, monthly mass-meetings, and va- rious social functions, all of which are aimed at creating a more Christian atmosphere at Emory. IIFFICERS V CHARLES MEYER Presiclent FRANK BROXVN Ist Vice-President TOM Scorr 2nd Vz'ce-Presiclenl DAN BARKIER 3rd Vice-President ENNIS PILCHER 1 Secretary 1 . CARL DUNN CI-iAR1.izs Mizififia Treaszz ter Presi dent ' Fits! row: D. Barker, D. Beaty, YV. Bell, F. Brown, M. Former, H. Gooclroe, C. Granade .... Second row: VV. Hankins. . Harris J , M. Holmes, O. McGel1ee, l'. Miller, F. Miles, j. Mills. . . . Tlzirfl row: R. Moses, A. O'Neal, J. Pickering, 13. Pilcher, T. Scott, Buren Smith, Bernard Smith. CAN RB RY L HE Canterbury Club of Emory University is composed of the Episcopalians on Emory's cam- pus. A unit of the National Canterbury Organ- ization, this group has its own constitution and functions as a member organization of the E.C.A. Though inembership is automatic for Episco- palians, it is by no means restricted to anyone desiring to become a part of its activity. The Canterburians set a regular schedule for Communion services and Evening Prayer serv- ices throughout each quarter. Once a month it is the habit of the club to meet with the Episcopal Club of Agnes Scott, and pleasant social functions planned through the year provide an excellent spirit of fellowship. The Canterbury Club, in its program of serv- ice, instruction, and worship, brings the Episco- pal Church to the Emory campus and into the lives of its members. UFFICERS JERRY ZELLER President BARBARA SLAUSON Vice-Presi cl en t IXNNE REGISTEIQ Secretary-Treastwer' Dicrc BLANK ECA Represeutzztme P1RTI-IUR DRAPER . ECA Representative Preslclent JERRY ZELLER .Members of the Club gather in the Student Acl1'11z't1'es Illllldlllg fm n gel L'0g6!ff7!37'ib'l'l01' to the regular meeting First row: Dick Blank, Arthur Branan, B , Lui' .. ill Branan, Ed Branan, Sam Cobb, Louis Estes, Price Fessenden .... Second row R Kuhn . . ,, . , '- - V- F - H l Bill McCain, john McKenzie, joe Mann, Jim Mills, Buddy Paikex, Dan Plunkett .... Third 701L..Ld Randle, Bealex ROgC1S ugl Saussy, Barbara Slausson, Frederick Smith, Yvycliffe Tunno, Ed Ward. II LE CUUN ILCIBSIIIP RX ' isis BHK, 1 gi ss. : Top: Hillel lZH'I-CIIHOTI at lllllyfllfl' Club. Bottom .' Nlirs. L. Paissick speaks ul luncheon. HE Hillel Councillorship is the organization of Jewish students on the Emory campus. It was founded approximately one year ago to become one of the 118 Councillorships and Foundations which are on American college campuses today. The aims of Hillel at Emory are fourfold. It strives to provide a devotional life for its members, to promote interest in social action, to incite an investigation of the Jewish heritage, and to supply an outlet for qualities of leader- ship. Under the guidance of its Hrst two councillors, Rabbi Harry Epstein and' Mr. Louis Schwartz- man, Hillel has presented various cultural and recreational programs. Among them was the bringing of Madam Frances Perkins to Emory. In all of its activities, working in conjunction with the Emory Christian Association, Hillel is striving to champion the spirit of brotherhood and human understanding. GIFFICERS STANLEY JONAS Presicl ent MATTHEW FEINBERG V1 C6-P'l'6SI'Ci671f FRANK Amar. Sec'1'eta1'y IRVIN I'IAR.RIS STANLEY S. JON AS Treastmw' Pi'es1'cZe11.t w Q F is 1-.1 E egg is Maia Mm Sv - 1525. if :xv L..1.fq me-. 1 First row: F. Adel, F. Bloshstein, R. Bosson, D. Davidson, J. Epstein, 1. Harris, L. Micalove .... Second row: A. Miller, G. Rothschild, E. Schain, S. Shmerling. I. Shuhnan, D. Smiley, J. Stern. NEV AKING its name from the eminent John Henry Newman, distinguished scholar of the last century, the Newman Club is an organization for Catholic students of a secular college or univer- sity. Supervised by a priest who devotes his time to its interests, the Newman Club strives "to deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balanced program of religious, intellectual and social activities"g to weld the Catholic students into a common uniong and to assist the college or university and its students whenever possible. The Newman Club was organized at the U1Ii- versity of Pennsylvania in l893 by five medical students. The Newman idea spread . . . and so widely that today almost every secular college and university in America has its Newman Club. At Emory the Newman Club was organized in 1941. IDFFICERS i RICHARD F. BECKNIAN Presiden t DAVID DENNIS Vice-President BIQATRICE ANN BURKE Secretary MARGARET PIARBIN Recording Secretary MAN EDWIN PRICHETT RICHARD BECKMAN Top: A group of members pose al one of than mcelzngs T7-ga5u7-gr P1'e,fide77,l Bottom: Newnmn Club officers pictured with Father Alaloneg First row: Robert J, Andrews, Hector Bird, Barbara Brooks, Peggy Burke, Ellgenio ffl Juan . s - ,. . ' -' 3 - 't ' David Dennis, W'Villiam Dismer, Frank lfazio .... Second row. Timothy PIHIIIIIQLOYL Tall Hb S15 Jqmeq Milwain Geo,-gc Nobregas, Hfilliam Runge, X'Villiam H, Shelton, Richard j. Thomson, Richard A. YVhite. ETIIQIDI T S U ENT FELLUWSHIP ,, .U N :-H Eau H ,sg VW KZ M: W., namswms H as E new gases is E e E H 43 Wm m K E - is .,,,,,is5w 1 H fe s W L.-sssis ll Q w B 5 me-E2 gg its ss EEE is We 1, M. E lid EE -was mu W M, . H il lawn! misss Blum C m I-IE Emory Methodist Student Fellowship is a part of the national Methodist student move- ment. The local fellowship, which is the Meth- odist church at work in the college community, is one of over 400 such groups in universities across the nation. The purpose of the Fellowship is to provide for the spiritual, moral, and social needs of stu- dents. A few of the activities of the group include devotions, religious education, social service, and recreation and social life. The Emory Fellowship meets weekly, on Sun- day mornings for church school classes, and on Sunday evenings for students-led programs in- cluding forums, movies, worship and recreation. QIFFICERS REV. H. R. REX'NOLDS Director N . AL THOMPSON I st V1'ce-President Townvnm hdClYl1LLAN 2nd V i ce-Presi dent JANET RUSSELL Secretary CA A Q BEN CL.i3MoNs . . . . RY , VDlill.0N Top: Preszclevit Anderson meets with members of the Methodist St-zident p,.,.Sfdf,,, Treasimter Fellozuship Council. Bottom: Valentine banquet for all members of the Methodist group. gigs .. , Nl'- li ' ' " . ' 7? f is E ss , 'kv First row: Tom Albritton, Caroline Clements, Ben Clemmons, Herbie Coston, john Dean, john Dickinson, Rosemary Dudley .... Su-onrl row: Martha Edwards, Delklitt Farabee, Al Foster, Emery Herman, George Knight, Bill Landiss, Landon Lindsay .... Third ' row: Harold Mann, George Morel, Anne Morris, John McClellan, Janette Russell, H. R. Smith, Harry Tausch. s mn .w. x 536515 , fx' m ,. xg' B . R . 'wt' . ,M , f, ,,xw ,W wga N 4 . , s. ,s .F 1. my S ,-,HS . ws vm :mfr Mmm ss ss 4 ,m , .. - , 3 I f I . X ' m QQ' WEEE! , . ,. L 'fi' SX an 1 , E 17-Q' - N , w V r 'H my E ss ms ms W ss islam x Bmw E H m Ea mmm g Q ,. a mamfiss x m -RFQ B . E rms 1" E VW' ., H. 4 '-L f- vv,39,Q1 Yaay1mE,A HA - E-4 f, -,222 1 LQ' wh 'gl' :mx H+ L ,Z,af,Qm , E, .MSI :sw We as HBE 1' nk. We -ixfww' 'm 55 'W : 13355 gggm wggyg' 354 M N35 E-Q 53 K 1. 1 'Mm E, mi E g Q M. V mga 3 ,WARE H . 5 Emgge , HSE 'nf E .H fsjimiig' is '.-K lv ' Y. , a Q ww . .f wwgB,x:EYQi:s, H U- : wifgigswf 2 , mgE,gs5: gi,gg5g , ' SN Em Ci kiiifw E R E E E ....... 2-2 .aww JW , '. 3 ms im 1'-'Qi 5355? .:,glgH:i.mf3 Wigan E H ww H. J. ss ss E Q Q ,wg was WEE! E H 2 gwwf H K . B B H H H 'EB E. N E .gm H H wg-' M N Tgfiiwgwm H w .E -um umm M . 44,1 ma .' P H Hi' Sqmf . M . B E M u H ,q,,u, H , W.w NW, H H H ww W- W u -ww ,,,,,, H H W!!!,. H ,, M E U H . .S. 1902 Duncan, John LeRoy Smith, Guy Trimble Hightower, J. D., Jr. Myers, Guy Arthur Martin, H. l'Varner Rush, Fletcher Gray Connally, Thomas W. 1 903 Leonard, Louis L. Armstead, Thomas M. Boyd, Montague L. Cavanaugh, Thomas B. Dozier, Nathan B. Lee, J. Wideman Osborne, Hubert E. 1904- Crovatt, Alfred H. Boyd, Darwin H. Crabb, Judson N. Hatcher, Mfalson L. Hentz, Hal L. Lamkin, Robert YV. Richardson, Charles H. 1905 Parker, Robert S. Barron, George A. Bonnell, YVilliam G. Lewis, Mfilliam H. Rayne, Oliver Erwin Scanland, Y-Villiam H. Strozier, Harry S. 1906 McCamy, Thomas S. Baldwin, John R. Bullard, Harry E. Vtfrightman, Cox F. Girardeau, Rufus M. King, Earl Mabbett, Henry F. 1907 Johnson, Mlilliam H. Adams, George G. Almand, Henry G. Burt, Vtlilliam T. Candler, 1'Valter T. Heard, Benjamin S. McGregor, Kenneth H. 1908 Arnold, Robert M. Blair, Leslie L. Smith, Mlilliam C. Stone, 'Bonnell H. Stovali, Carl T. Strickland, 1'Vi1liam R. 1Vhite, Coodrich C. 1909 Bryan, 1'Va1ter S. Heath, Evans V. Lambert, Jacob F. Marshall, Thomas O. Roberts, James YV. Hill, Alexander H., Jr. Bryan, Joseph M. 1910 Fox, Charles R. Henderson, Irby Jenkins, Stephen E. Kenyon, Edgar D. Mackay, Edward G. Munro, Paul M. Wight, lfVard 1911 Benton, James F. In the Spring quarter of each year-since 1902-D.V.S. has recognized Emory's leaders. The men chosen are those who have strived to promote the highest ideals of the University, and who through their service to Emory, are selected to this- the University's highest honor society. Crane, Benson B. Fuller, Hugh N. Girardeau, James L. Howell, Hugh H. Mizell, Robert C. Roach, George S. 1912 Clark, Seymour G. Holland, Spessard L. Johnson, VVilIian1 P. Lee, Thomas L. Pittman, Claude P. Rockwell, Turner Towson, Hatton D. 1913 Carlton, Vtlilbur A. Kimball, Ted C. Mallett, Joel B. Mathews, Jolm 13. Pearce, Hayward J. Perryman, Emmett K. Richardson, John W. 1914 Pattillo, Frank A. Rivers, Frank P. Rogers, Thomas C. Saxon, Jolm I-1. Sowell, Homer C. Strozier, Edmond XV. YVrigh t, George XV. 1915 Bowie, J. Clifton Ethridge, Roy P. Mathews, G. lNilliams Megahee, Percy A. Neal, Turner B. Rumble, Lester Stokes, Robert N. 1916 Candler, Samuel C. Cline, Pierce Harris, Robert M . King, Edward L. Rumble, Bert Stokes, Robert N. 1917 Boyd, George H. Gaines, Florence M. Garland, Halsey S. Lane, lfount R. Loftis, Yllarren T. Shaw, Judson B. Mleems, Howard V. 1918 Allen, Yvinston S. Cross, Eason Hamilton, l'Vilbur H. Ingram, John J. Kerr, Bramwell C. Lester, James G. Rast, John M. 1919 Bivings, Charles K. Humphrey, Robert H. Mathews, Samuel M. Melton, Keller F. Mullins, F. B. K. Sanders, 1'Viley B. Stubbs, William B. 1 920 Dunaway, John A. Flowers, Robert Greene, Myles L. , Jr. Mackay, Roland P. Rogers. Ernest Wight, Alvin B. l'Vight, Edward A. 1921, Arnau, Robert E. Green, Fletcher M . Hutchinson, Alva Roy Jones, William P. McFadden, John I-I. Padgett. Lottie L. Walter, Sim D. 1922 Blitch, Lee FV. Cooke, Don A. Daniel, Charles I-1. Millican. Charles B. Rochelle, Wylie L. Mlatkins, William P. lklhitaker, Lorenzo R. 1923 Anthony, Mack Deterly, Charles H. Hancock, Herman D. Harper, Marvin H. Mullinax, Perry F. Purks, James H. Talley, Clarence L. 1924 Clement, Hunt, Jr. Edmondson, Francis L. Fitzhugh, Millsaps Howell, James I-1. Mitchell, James N. Mitchell, James N. O'Steen, Alton T. Tilley, Eben F. 1925 Collins, Emmett B. Edmondson, Robert A. Peterson, 1'Villiam M. Scott, Henry B. Spurlin, Paul M. Warnell, 1'Villis B. ltlliggins, Marshall T. 1926 Fagan, Robert L. Hill, George M. Logan, Arthur G. Maxwell, James Q. Miller ,Henry Smith, George K. Stovall, Hamilton H. 1927 Cleveland, Jack Q. Clower, Emil J. Crawford, Robert D. Crow, William A. Holmes, Joseph C. Sewell, Stephen 1-I. Therrell, James H. 1928 Carpenter, Francis NV. Chambers, Edgar, Jr. Hendrix, lfValter G., Jr. McCord, Clinton D. Patterson, George D., Jr Stockman, John M. 1929 Bates, Louis T. Cumbee, Alford Z. Graham, Duncan S. Lee, Augustus L. Logan, Allen M. Strozier, R. M. Tuller, YV. H. 1930 Ajax, Fred YV. Cannon. Joe W. Ford, Alan B. Harris, John L. Parker, Earle N. Rivers, 1'Villiam R. Smith, Graves 1931 Cartledge, Emmet B. Haygoocl, W. C. Hitch, Simon H. Lange, John H. Smith, P. L. Tigner, Emmet T. Vallotton, Joseph R. 1932 Bowden, Henry L. Hall, Maxcy R.. Jr. Patterson, Joseph YV. Quillian, Claude B. Tidmore, George C. Williams, W. E. 1iVilson, John E. 1933 Ashley, Albert R. Bridges, Samuel R. Cancller, Robert W. Jordon, lvelch O. May, James W. Stephens, Edgar 1'Valter 1fVorthy, Mlilliam S. 1934 Anderson, Charles B. Jones, Boisfeuillet Logue, Robert B. Perdue, WVilliam R. Stubbs, Albert YV. T hrower, Randolph YV. Turman, John P. 1935 Blumberg, Richard YV. Brady, VVilliam L. Kidd, Jolm XV. Nunn, George F. Quillian,1Nilliam F. Tolbert, James M . Wilson, James F. 1936 Bacling, Otto F. Barlow ,Emmett L. Holloway, Murphy M. McConnell, Remington YV. Reichert, Albert P. Sledd, James H. Wiggins, Robert S. 1937 Comer, Hugh M. Eleazer, Hugh M. Golson, Graham E. Pendleton, YVilliam E. Robertson, William C. Sowell, Angus YV. lfVilliams, Warren WV. 1938 Abernathy, Henry H. Clay, Grady E. Duflee, X'Varren S. Dukes, lNilliam F. I0 IIB IETY Hopkins, Samuel B. Jenkins, Alfred L. S. Michell, Wharton 1931 Bartlett, Marcus Beck, Linwood Brannen, Edmund Hubbell, l'Voodrow Hum ber. James Robertson, Frank Rolleston, Moreton l 940 Ballard, Speights Boozer, Jack Hall, Joe Mackay, James Cumbaa, Jay Harwell, Ernie Wilson, James 1941 Allgood, Pierce Beckham, Walter Fain, Jim Ed Hardin, James Kytle, Calvin McLeod, Powers Wilder, James 1942 Barnes, Thomas G., II Emmet, Roy N. Harris, Charles A. Mathews, John E., Jr. Smith, Charles O., Jr. Sturgess, A. Henley, Jr XVhiting, Tom A. 1943 Bennett, Ivan L., Jr. Cumbaa, Bill P. Hale, Morris S., Jr. Poats, Rutherford, M. Polstein, Leon L. Todd, Rucker, III Walton, J. Leeroy, Jr. l 944 Horton, Thad Kravtin. A. J. White. Borden E. Kirkland, Billie Fulton. Tom Barron, Lindsey Forrest, Carroll 1945 Duggan. Arthur Holt, William Watson, Chandler Cox, Paul Wilson, Joseph Roper, Best Firth, Warren 1946 Bynum, Dan Dean, Bill Griffen, Reese Kalaf, Walter 1947 Few, Tom Herring, 1'Villiam McKee, John Rutland, Walter Rylander, Emory Sherman, Edward Van Houten, Tommy 9 U H H ,X ui. Nami? .U I Q ,, H -if 'E . k mmf-E-.fa mn Emu E ss Emu max :W -fx LA mn xiii mmm mn ska mln B . ms me Es: sw ms ms a ss. E. nm mm ss a sf Q Y s PIII BETA KAPPA Several of the Winter quarter initiates. EVANGELINE PAPAGEORGE President J. A. PAIT Vice-President S. M. SHIVER Secretary L. M. HOLLAND Treasurer BRASINGTON, G. F. HRENNER, L. J. CHANDLER, H. C. IDFFICERS CRENSHAW, J. W. DAVIDSON, D. M. DOKVDA, F. VV. DURDEN, R. F. FELDMAN, RUTH FORTSON, L. G. FERGUSON, I. A. GRAYRILL, V. D. GREEN, C. V. PIARRISON, C. E. HOLLIS, E. B. HUIET, C. B. JENSEN, J. VV. JoHNsToN, T. P. NIADISON, VV. M. MINOR, I-I. KN. NOLAN, M. M. PERDUE, G. R. REEVES, B. A. XVALBOURNE, J VVELLS, C. E. W BIITEBIAN, H. W. RRS eg... . Dr. Papageorge presents a certificate. OUNDED at the College of X'Vil1ia1n and Mary in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest national honorary society in the United States. The pur- pose of the fraternity is to promote scholarship among the students of American colleges and universities. Membership is bestowed in recogni- tion of hig hattainments in liberal scholarship. The requirements for election are based not only on recorded grades but involve, also, the range and character of courses elected, including a consideration of the moral character of the stu- dent, his general promise to the world of scholar- ship and society. Emory's chapter, the Gamma Chapter of Georgia, was established in 1929. l i Top row: G. F. Brasington, D. M. Davidson, R. F. Durden, Ruth Feldman, C. V. Green, C. B. Huiet .... Second row: T. P. Johnston, H. 'W. Minor, G. P. Perdue, B. A. Reeves. C. E. 'Wells, H. YV. Vfhiteuian. ll DELTA KAPP 'kkirifk 1914 lil The six December initiates of ODK are shown with the key with which they were tappecl. DK is the national honorary leadership fra- ernity on the campus. Election to membership l based on character, leadership, outstanding in extra-curricular activities, and service along other lines. Recogni- by ODK embraces hve Fields: scholarship, social and religious activities, publica- and dramatics and music. Tapping cere- are held in chapel in the fall and spring of each year. The activities of the local include sponsorship of the annual Fresh- Day and Pushball Game and Leadership Irs, which are held several times each quar- for the purpose of bringing together the lead- of all student activities for discussion of problems. The Mu Circle at Emory was in 1925. President M u Circle JACK DOLIGI-IERTX' - is mms ,Ewen is will mam mf 'Bas sms:- Ewell E-.mg W em was mm ,iw E fi 1 ' --is -fn V 1 " '-'1 i n-at ., A Ing, V-4' S Emile V is ' me , E We 4 .ETH --KWH cw - x-x is An ODK banquet with a sjyerzker. MEMBERS JOHN E. DOUGIiERTY . FRED BALONKIN . . BOISFEUILLET JONES . HERBERT W. CHESHIRE BURKE C1-uLDs JOSEPH B. DUKE JAINIES D. DUVAL HENRY NICIQENZIE F INCH ALBERT P. FOSTER W1LL1AM HERRINf5 W ALTER KALAF . . P1'esz'de1zt V ice-Presi de nl , Secretary JOHN B. IQELLEY JOHN S. MCKENZIE N. D. NIEADOXVS, JR. JAY V. NICKELSON XV. SANI SNIITH NIARTIN XNORTHY , GEORGE XV. VV RIGHT ,W f--- -fs'-mf Q F First row: Fred Balonkin, Burke Childs, John Dougherty, Joseph Duke, James Duval, Albert Foster, Yvilliam Herring .... Second row: Walter Kalaf, John Kelley, John McKenzie, N. D. Meadows, Sam Smith, Martin YVOrthy, George lvright. LPIIA PSILCIN SILO I LPI-IA Epsilon Upsilon was l:l1'Sl organized a. an honorary scholastic fraternity at old Emory a Oxford in 1906. Superseded on the Atlanta campus in 1929 by Phi Beta Kappa, it becam- the junior college scholastic society. AEU seeks to raise junior college educationa standard by providing a sput to achievement and to recognize and reward those who do exce in scholastic work. Students with an average o 2.50 quality points are eligible for election a the end of the third quarter, while fourth and fifth quarter students are admitted with an ca- demic rating of 2.13. To encourage high scholastic achievement, AEU presents a trophy each Spring to the soph- omore who is considered to be the most Outstand- lllembeizs Jonas, Stiles, Steinbrugge, Foster, and A7Zd6'l'SU7Z'fJQS6 gem FRANR STEINBRUGGE President for the CA Mvus camera. CARY IXNDERSON Q. S. ANYLEY L. J. ARKIN XIV. C. .ARVVOOD T. P. BANKS R. H. BLANK J. R. BAXTER D. BRANNON W. I-I. BRIGGS J. D. CANNON G. E. CAPLAN R. S. CAusEv VV. C. CHILDERS R. H. COLE J. WY DENDINGIER Q. A. DOBBS VV. I-I. Domss J. Donn H. DLINLAI' P. G. ECKNIAN F. C. NIILES, JR. F. FAZIO ing in scholastic achievement among the mem bers ol the sophomore class. MEMBERS E. F. GASTON G. A. GRIFFIN E. C. HARVEY S. S. JONAS E. D. JERVEY C. YV. KIMSEY J. F. LANGFORD YV. H. LEE E. LEYVIS F. NIONTAGUE G. E. NICLEAN C. VV. PAIJRICR, JR. PEDRICK H. C. QIIIN W. R. RAGSDALE 1-I. REDNIAN, AIR. W. S. ill-IODES M. H. RICE A. G. ROBINSON H. G. llOBlNSON L. R. RU'TPI H. B. SHAW R. B. SINGLETARY M. A. SURE L. SMITH F. C. SLAUGI-ITER F. C. STEINBRUGGE S. V. STILEs S. STOREY L. J. THONIAS R. C. CFHONIPSON R. H. YVALKER J. A. WARIJ J. E. YVHITE XIV. P. YVHITE First row: NV. H. Briggs. J. D. Cannon, R. S. Causey, Q. A. Dobbs, S. S. Jonas, C. NV. Kimsey .... Second row: J. F. Langford, WV. H. Lee, C. W. Padrick, Jr., E. Pedrick, M. H. Rice, A. G. Robinson .... Third row: S. V. Stiles, S. Storey, L. J. Thomas, R. C. Thompson. R. H. YValker, KN. P. White. A ET S MA PS l-IlS society was organized on the Atlanta campus fin 1928 and was known at that time as the "Toreadors." The present name was adopted in 1930 and chapters were established that year at Oxford and Valdosta. The purpose of the organ- ization was expressed by the founders as follows: "To create within the members of the freshman class an interest in extra-curricular activities which are of heneht to the Universityg to recog- nize character and leadership among the students of the freshman classf, Eta Sigma Psi recognizes new members, who are outstandingin campus activities, twice a year, sophomores in the Fall quarter and freshmen in the Spring quarter. This society sponsors the following events: Rec- ognition Day chapel ceremonies in the Fall quar- ter and the Annual Freshman Day Dance. IIFFICERS STANLEY -IONAS , , P1'es1'dcnl JEAN EZZARD , . . V ice-P1'esicle1f1L I . DICK BLANK . , Sewetary-Treasm'c1' A l A . A1 Top: jean Ezzard, Ilzc Hrs! woman to be initiatecl in history f of o1'gmzzzatio1'z .... Bottom.: Freshman Day Formal. v First row: I-I. Cole, F. Steinbruegge, Jean Ezzard, R. Blank, S. Jonas. . . '. Second row: F. Collins, J. Kelley, L. Lindsay, S. Styles, N. D. Meadows. GDI- E I has DR. DR. MR DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. MR. DR. DR. Dr. Phillips presents scroll of membership to julian Darlington IDFFICERS ROBERT T. LAGEMANN , . . President CHARLES T. LESTER , , Vice-President A. V. BEATY . . , Secretary WINFREY VVYNN T-reasztre-r A. C. MUNYAN Custodian OSLIZR A. AIIEOTT HARI.OWV W. ADES ARTHUR T. ALLEN GEORGE BACK-HNIANN VV. B. BAKER ALVlN V. BEATTY PAUL B. BEESON ROEERT L. BENNETT L. W. BLITCH CHARLES E. CLARK FREDERICK XV. COOPER, JR. R. A. DAY DANIEL C. ELKIN PERRY TN. FATTIG XIVILLIAM F. FRXEDEWALD STEPHEN YV. GRAY MRS. STEPI-IEN W. GRAY DR. ALIIERT PIEYINIAN DR. NIARION I-IINES DR. VV. H. JONES DR. DR. GEORGE C. KNOWLTON R. T. LAOEMANN DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. MR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. DR. M. C. LANGHORNE CLAIBORNE G. LATIMER CHARLES T. LESTER JAMES G. LESTER GEORGE T. LEWIS SIDNEY MADDEN MAX MICHAEL ARTHUR J. NIERRILL JAMES A. MILLEIX JOSEPH V. NIICHALSKI JAMES L. MORRISON ARTHUR C. MUNYAN CHRIS J. NICLOUGHLIN EVANGOLINE PAPACEORGE I-IOWARD M. PHILLIPS J. H. PURKS O. R. QUAYLF. VV. B. REDBIOND R. C. RHODES A. P. RICHARDSON E. E. ROYALS YVALTER SHELDON DR. TRAWICK H. STUEDS DR. PIARRY A. VVALKER Miss MARGARET J. YVALL DR. JAMES V. XVARREN DR. GOODRIOI-I C. WVI-IITE MR. WINEREY WYNN DR. LOUIS J. ZELDIS Active Resident Associate Members ZACH M. IXRNOLD IULIAN DARLINGTON RAYMOND E. DONALDSON vVILLIAlXl F. DURES MRS. BETTY XVILSON FARRAR J. HARVEY 1'IOBSON FFHOMAS P. JOHNSTON R. J. MARTIN BRUCE NICDUFFIE JACK R. PROFFITT CARL ALANSON VVHITAKER h'lARTI'IA JEAN XVOOLSEY HE Society of Sigma Xi was founded in 1886 at Cornell University for the purpose of "encour- aging investigation in Science, pure and applied." The local chapter, known as the Emory Chapter of the Society of Sigma Xi, was installed in April, 1944. The chapter consists of members and asso- ciate members, including Student or member of the University Staff, and also other members of the society who have become afliliated with this chapter. Election to full membership is based upon noteworthy achievement in Original investi- gation. The activities of the society include the holding of meetings for the discussion of scien- tific subjects, financial support of investigations by grants-in-aid, publication of research, and the maintenance of national lectureship. Graduate students are eligible for nomination for election to associate membership provided they have Shown unusual proficiency in scientilic research and have been accepted as candidates for a degree and are engaged in acceptable scientific research. W. A. CALDER ,,., MISS ELIZABETH A. CRICLER ALAN YVESTON DONALDSON MRS. RICHARD FETZ , , W. JOE FRIERSON , , , RUBY USHER I-IIOHTOWER WV. FRANK INGRAM , EUOENIA JONES . . YVALTER A. EIICKLIE , MARY S. DTCIJOUGALL , CARROLL F. NEFF , , NELSON SEVERINGHAUS , , Affiliate Alcmber 4 Amliate Member Ajiliale Member Afhliate Associate Member , , , Affiliate Member , A Affiliate Jvfemlmr Ayiliate Associate Member , , , Amliate Member Amliale Associate Jllember , A , Amliale Member , Ayiliate Member , Agiliale illember AL IIA EGAA ALPHA . ',1 .0 .. J. A. BROWARD Members Ray Baker J. A. Broward R. Eaves L. D. Graybill Ed Hook J. A. lX'IONCRI1ZF aa Q5 mg Q vw: M I. 9 1.1 , W. 1 ,,A'f l ...M .. E. ... :wi l ...L 1 WY .Y gfmm all .X w. ' 1-we ' l sly 1 1 w w iff. H . V . , a .am ga 'mga All H 1 .... . . J in A Q Eu Hook o I if Alpha Omega Alpha, highest honorary medical society, supplanted the 22-year-old Asklepios, local honorary society at Emory, in 1940. Mem- bership in AOA is based purely upon the can.- didates' scholarship and moral qualifications. 'k WS ,y'Nl2?.i,-H.. ,T as WL' gig as . M 3 -me X ' 5 J. L. NIEADORS Ale In I1 e rs J. L. Meadors J. A. Monchief Sam Poole L. R. VVhatley J. S. YfVilson I m - l l J W: Q l, ig is .Nj ,J Q. fps' as an 1 K I V,-xx L. R. VV!-IATLEY -. X. J. S. WILSON M BELT CHI Top: Prexy Esltew worked his way up the lzttrcl way. Bottom: Pano-rmlza vzew of the l7fl.7'7'L :lance gang. m Sigma Delta Chi, national professional fraternity, recognizes students who have shown outstanding ability in journalism. The frziternity, working in cooperation with professional members, strives to prouiote the highest ideals of journalism. Students who sig- nify their intention to enter editorial journalisin and who have maintained an above-average scholastic record are eligible for menibership. 'A' 0FFICERS RkIEA Esmzw P-resident CLAY YV. PENICKA, JR. Sem'eltz'ry Til-IOMAS G. GALLfXN'l' R1-nm T. LSKIQW t Pres! dem! Treasu ret' time Jews Q lt E gp, ers-is 55 First row: G. B. Childs, C. M. Cowart, T. L. Fulton, YV. M. Hardgrove, B- D- .laCkS0H, YV- M- KCl1d1'iCk ---- 35007111 Tow: G- D- Knight A McDonald, J. S. McKenzie, R. H. McNulty. H. E. Meeks .... Third raw: C. A. Morrison, H. F. Morrow, H. Owen, C. W. Penick, F. Register, T. R. Spivey. ,iss sys ss s E I s' s s s .wg A s 'I ' Q s ss E ,sf ss ss ss s Is ,s s ss s I s s - , is-H K-s is .---ss -s sssnssw Is--Esns s ss s B E BI E E In sssss-ss ss s s ss s f s s swf Rss-ws s sms? ' ssksmgggssmm E E H s' ls .- 'ssssss ssssgsss an ' ss s ,ss ss sm ss ss ss s .f s s s ss ss -Y E E E B M SS " s ss ss s ss B Kms 'g I. ,s s sss E E Essss ss '51 ssssssfs-. s s-1 ss ,I II smssss sg s s sais. .figs ss s ss ' ss ssw Wk - s :ss I Is s ,s s .-sS,sEIEsgI .III s I ss s - I Is T. ,.-'ss ss ss ss sss.s sfss asus? P sssssi qs ss ss ss.ss"s,-:.ssisWs'mss.-ss ss - I ,-.Es ss ss sims., sssnwss ss Eng' . sg-'s--H E sg ss sg ss s s s Hwss5sgg5,sEgg?s? if ss ss ' I-as ss ass is ' ss . -as ss s sm s ss ss B E N s-Ximsggs-2 -Iss an 'sm ss II sw ss sw sag s ss 3 .::"':-: ::':-: E B B - 5 s sssssss is ss .Hs -. ss ss ss W s ss s s s sss sss s - ss s I E II M M s ss ss . mam E ,V s ss s rs E E EI Hssmsx , msgs sg W - ss I sw 5 1 Ii? A E IEW E ss E ss as s gss s asm sss ssgsa mar Q s,. ,I s s - -- II - sw Isssss Rssss ss s ss-s ss s ,s Jsssss? ss' ss 'sss'-,ss ssss-sms smssmssssw as sssfs,sM:?QMgs s. ssf s ssss IIsI3,s,Ifs,sss ssss-,ssgigsgssssss . ss B' IE1ISS MEMS8'E Q-7 "M - ssl TI- g-sa . ss sm-ssss-.fs ssI5Qsssmg?sMZ ss ,!- , ashes s ssssasssws sssss R532 C 4' '-, ' ' Ex E'7'X sf. f .- W- . E -.Iv f-s-,Isu 2 II Egg M s-I ss tsl- s-.-'sg-4 fs- -- ssmsssfs s- Iss--ss--s? msgs ms? I- ,in Y., . -I .I simsmsss L,slsIsE-sas sss E H "J f ss.. 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F!-6 H ss as B as msg 'ss s B H was I- III--s' I gums zssg ss I -Ms ss .II'sII4sg,ssI,EW1 ss E s mnsmssms 'E E E S, was ss ss 3? 5 -lla, - -3--H2555 B III gs I I ---,ss -, B, s s s s s L .sw B sg I I, I ssgj.sssss--sIss- ss-ssss Is- -" '-" ,II-1' II Iggsges -s E ss ssssmss gsnssssss .. ss ss: sf ass sssss 2 ss s s . sis s s 23 K E ss ass sssss-5,.EQ.?Q."5ss5' E s W ss Ts WH' 'L ' ' ss ss ms if spssfu W ss s ss E ss ss 5 E s rs H gsshs 'ss ss ss s .- . 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I -s ,sr---,.s?Is5,,-. as Iss s ss - ' Gs-QE '-fs- 'msgs sss Ssgess ss.. fs ' ' s ' s, I ' sggss sI.s5E,,'s" ' I. . - sssss I - M-YS s -- s s ss ss .- - R Q2 ?i 5 l l Dick Blank fextreme lefty and Marion Sams textreme rightj, two "E" Clubbe-rs on Evnoryis championship szuimmting team .... Nelson Ribble, outstanding lineman for the ,Iztniors for the 1947 season, elected on All- Emory squad .... Eddie Hough-chosen to All-Emory team for his stellar play as center for the sophomores during the VTDR season. 99 CL The Club is composed of campus athlete who have received recognition for their Outstunc ing ability and sportsrnzuiship. It is dedicated to the support of the presen athletic system at Emory. Among its functions are Olheiziting at athleti events, entertaining and housing visiting team and leading in promoting the best relations b tween the athletic department and the studen body. ir 0FFICERS HUGH CALDVVELL President DIOR BLANK V i ce-Presi den t FRANK SCHLEY SCCTCKIL Ty- T1'6l1S'1l7'67' GEORGE COOPER GEORGE COOPER Faculty Advism' Faculty Aclmsor First row: VV. E. Baker, D. Barnes, D. Bolling, M. S. Bonner, J. B. Hatcher .... Second -row: S. Haw, E. E. Hough, C. Lorentzson. E. Pound, J. Ridley .... Third row: B. A. Riley, A. Shelander, B. Van Pelt, YV. 'Whipple, B. YVicker. ALPHA KAPPA PS Xlpha Ix nppx P51 nauoual com1nc1c1 11 flcltffllllty ww lounded xt New Yolk UIIIXVCISIKY 111 1901 IL IS the oldest colnmelce l1dfCl111ty 'md one ol Lhe ingest of the colleve f1'1I2C11'11L1CS 1110111 the bCg1l1ll1l10 the objects and 1dea1s of tlus fl atermty hue been to llI1Il1Ll the 1I1d1V1dLl'11 weliale ol: 115 ITICIHIJCIS to lostu SCICIIUHC resealch IH the fields of CO1'D1UC,lC.C, mcounts, and finance, Lo edu c'1Le the pubhe to clI'JP1CC121lC and demand hlghel 1de1I9 1211616111 and to PIOHIOIC and advance 111 11lbUUll1OHS of college mnk COUISCS leachng to C1Cg1CCb 111 busmess cldlI11I11St121i.101l 0FFICEllS MCDONLLL Tx RL Pzeszdent XfV1LL1AM T Guo Vzce Pwszdmzt ROISLRT Ammrws Sem elary 117661511167 Top Alpha Ixappa Pszs post behmd the new Rzch .Memmzal Buzld LARLLV BAGG1RLx IXIAL TYR1: mv Bottom Nczuly dectad Pveszdent Iames Bvown pfeszdes at Master of Iiltlllll P7651d677t cz meetznq ofthe busmess fmtemzty I'u9t101 M7 I' -Xlexandcz C XV A1sLon R J Xndrews I1 XV B"lggE1ly R Bmolxs J XV Bxoun R V Butts Second ww W M Clmpbell H I1 Unson M7 T Cato T I. Cone J M DeBo1dL B M Dunn R L Tow VV'1 Hankms D N H31k111S H C Jackson T A jackson P Lanler MCE Noland G VValLe1 , 7, f .' . ' f -- -'f -., . ' 1' 1 L , L 7, Z., I X .7 . N. . L. - ,a. .- ' . . Z . '.' ,. I D L u D . 1' ' A' C '- ', . :,,,. - ' ,. ' . ! ' 1 A,--, 1- 1 v 1 1 K. ' C4 - v r A - - lv A .1 . 1 , ' 4 -1 - v wc Q I W V . ' r f : I ,- A'. I ' I JAMES M. BROYVN, JR. V 4 f la r I,, K ' f 7 ' ' " . 'T 4. -2 1' 1' 'I - 4: 2 A-f, 'Q. .1 I ' " 'a l , I ,. , ,I lx 1 "".':': ' ',.'. ',...L .'. .1 ",J.. ",.. f. 1. 2 A 1 l 4' 'K-5 ' 4 - - A 1 4. ' .' .' . " , I . -- , . , 1 4- 1 I ' , .. PI ALPII. Pi Alpha is an honorary chemical fraternity. It was founded locally in 1925 for the recognition of outstanding men in the Department of Chem- istry. Membership is extended to those men who have shown a marked ability and who intend to make Chemistry their .life work. The fraternity sponsors an open house each year to which are invited all the science depart- ments and interested high school students from the neighboring territory. Attendance has in- creased each year and these open houses have been a real aid in bringing 1nore of the better students to Emory. ir IIFFICERS ' VV. VVILSON I ' H Pre.v1'clfmt I 1 E. A. Roismsow V1'c'e-President E. H. CLOWER Secretary Fmmeo P1es1dent Tommy johnson adjusts lzzs eqttzjymem an a maduate E. G. VVILSON VVM. CLARK ghgmlszqy lab P1'esirZent T1'easm'er Tnst row G 1' Cogdell T 1' Ciaft D O Dean H C Glay G. B, Hoey. . . . Second row: J C Hoppe T 1' Johnston. B 1' Landrum, 12 A Robinson, E. C. Suratt. PI Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science honorary l'1'aternity. Its objectives are to stim- ulate productive scholarship and intelligent in- terest in the subject of government. Accordingly, its members are selected not only on the basis ol' interest in and aptitude for political science, but also on the basis of high scholastic standing in all Iields. The Emory chapter, Alpha Epsilon, meets three times each quarter. These meetings are ordinarily devoted to discussions of governmental questions of current interest, led by guest speak- ers in active participation in some phase of pub- lic life. At present the fraternity is planning to issue quarterly a mimeographed paper containing resumes of research papers written by political science students. V UFFICERS BARNEY A. R mzvies M ALPHA President ROBERT NOLfXNll V1't'e-Presictent Mme A. Cox Sewtetrwy-Trens1n'er TACK SM11141 BARNEY Reeves Pi Sigma Alplzas gather arotmd nz mnferevice table in the Student Activl S6'C'l'f3fll7'5l-T7'8Il.S1I'lY?'V President ties Bitilcling, as Preszfrlent liamey Reeves outlines plans fm the qi 011,17 First row: George F, Brasiington, jr., Ted A. Giles, Claude R. Harper, Robert J. Noland .... Second row: Nathaniel E. Pzlrkcr, Barney A. Reeves, james B. Sanders, jack M. Smith. PIII ALPHA DELTA The l'Villiam Albert Keener Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity was reactivated on December 4, 1946. The chapter was first organ- ized at Emory University in 1927. The fraternity numbers many men who are prominent both in law and in public life, in- cluding President Harry S. Truman, former Pres- ident Vlfilliam Howard Taft, VVoodrow l'Vilson, and YVarren G. Harding, and the following members of the United States Supreme Court: Mr. Justice YfVi1liam O. Douglas, Mr. Justice Robert H. Jackson, Mr. Justice Harold I-l. Bur- ton, and Mr. Justice Wiley B. Rutledge. IIFFICERS Rosrim' A. EDWARDS Vice-j1.1slic.'e -f JACK HOLLAND Clerk RABORN L. Davis A Treasurer JM GSE? Two Phi Alpha Delis settle down to read cases over in the corner of the Gnovizs C. .l'IILI,.ARD F' EPPHRSON HARRIS Law Libmry. fwflfff Mf"'5l"LH Firgl mm: Fred D. Bentley, Raborn L. Davis, Victor M. Davis, 'Welborn B. Davis, Harry Dicus, Robert A. Edwards .... Second '-row: R. Femme,-, 1:1-anklin E. Hal-1-is, Bevel-ly I-Iziyes, George Hibbert, jack Holland, YVilliam Kitchens .... Thzrd row: Royal McGraw, Joseph O'Conn0r, John Teaslcy, Jack Tu mer, Cullen YVard, Harry Miilliams. PIII DELTA PIII Phi Delta Phi was founded at the University of .. - Michigan in IS69 and is the oldest professional fraternity. The purpose of the lfraternity is to promote scholarship, professional ethics, and cul- ture in law school as well as to provide a common ground of interest in recreational pursuits. Lamar Inn was founded at Emory in 1923, and with the exception of a two-year interval during the war has ever since been active. In furtherance of the purposes of Phi Delta Phi, Lamar Inn adopted as its project for 1947 the dedication of a plaque to the honor graduates of the Lamar School of Law. Inscribed on this plaque is the name ol the highest graduate in each class since the school was foundedg and each year henceforth the name of the highest ranking graduate will be inscribed. The plaque was pre- sented to Dean I-Iilkey at the annual alumni banquet on February 7, 1948. A second highlight of the banquet was the honorary initiation of two prominent Georgians: Presiding Justice YV. I-I. Duckworth of the Supreme Court of Georgia, and E. B. Everett, Chairman of the Parole Board. 0FFIcERs A 141- ERLE PHILLIPS Clerk YV. VV. CQRIFFIN Exchequer L' STARNES' JR' EWARD L. SAVELL Top: Dean I-Iilkey receives the Honor Plaque from Sazfell of Phi Delta Phi. Historian. Magz'sier Boltom: A typical Moot Com? scene in the Law Inuilclzfng. .51 by' I' was an Swag 'W I Wav' mv ' f H. E. ,F Z 4 ""'1 First row: H. W. Amos, J. R. Goldthwaite, J. B. Harris, L. D. Jolley, E. Q. Key, C. D. Read, jr., J. L. Self .... Second row: J. A. Smith, Jr., G. W. Smoak, G. S. Xvatson, J. L. IiVestmorcland, jr., P. W. Whittier, NV. E. Baker, jr., A. P. Cadenhcad .... Third row: R. Harris, H. M. Hatcher, jr., R. Hayes, J. A. Parker, R. S. Forbes, K. M. YVorthy, 'W. WV. Biggers. , . MM. . -..M,.,,.. . Q- . Www?-iM?fn?M, "ff Maw 5 av.sHf'Q' -AL wa... IE Mm II EEN nm Emngza :B mga B UB H M- wi ' SS ww H ggmm Kgs M M 2 ,QMM ! H mfg MNEIWMM EI BH H ' SS H M- WE E il W ,. M gym UA M, QE MM ,KAI I WH Z p fi 17 - mm ,, my ssdam aww .mm E an wa we nm E ss-sn sm' sam ss a xx :H ss sim, Em ffl -M nu-.H 'M - mum pax em W' --'Cf' ,xv --..'-VM M-T - M ,M IM M K M Mffilmigii-5l ?ETMw-M .2551 HSWFM M HM- K H Hmfiwsswfii l k . '-SW" Q' HXCEQ as HH ,W M 1' 5 E. WM W M Eifmw-i"WNfM MFE Mm M.. E E M -1- :I:.s.s ..:.aIa ,-,-, I . ms I mf- - . --W W W M. Q 1. Q W "' iif.: :g:" Buys as H B HEMTE, :F H H R-in Efgmgwr age N. M, 'H H ,M-H Wi se Em Hggag yfh w H sth .M a ss ' .:.::::.:.:::: .:.:::: ' I gg ss ' ass W H B 2 ??'g.Q' K M 'Im Kwan' an Ha 5 B -ma WH ss :sm im a mag Mm s M-W. 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N ' , ,, N E E -W I M 1 I - E M Vim N 'Z MM.m--H-bf 3.-A M N' . wi-Sf - M Q KRW sax 'sf' 155 I ,YW am mm., Y A ' 558588 H , 1 is X WE 1' mmap Wa-in a K , xm H M-B M M Y -mx H mv- E. A . SIIEA :Mid falfif .Afdific ireclfor Edward Shea is Associate Professor of Phys- ical Education. Since 1942 he has been the Swimming Coach. For the past two years, Emory has entered swimming teams in intercollegiate competition. Under Coach Shea's tutelage, the record has been impressive. Ed Shea received his B.S. from Springheld College in 19411. I-Ie then came to Emory, where he received his MA. in 1942. Coach Shea lives in Atlanta. Wa me A. MBDUNGUGH .xgfdilfic L-Zbzfreclfor Thomas E. Nlcllonough first came to Emory in 1942. Since that time he has been the Athletic Director here. I-Ie is a native of LaCrosse, lfVisc., where he was born in 1898. Coach McDonough received his B.S. from Columbia in 1925. In 1928 he re- ceived his M.A. at Peabody College, Nashville, Tenn. Mr. "Mac" was at one time president of the Southern District of the American Association of Health, Physical Educa- tion and Recreation. He is now a mem- ber of the national Board of Directors of that organization. Coach McDonough has olliciated both basketball and. football games for over 25 years. it gli! :smiling -,ws - E a Q z GMC 85 J. CHELLMAN This is John Chelhnan's second year as Track and Cross Country Coach at Emory. John hails from Pittsburgh, Pa., but he makes his home in Atlanta now. Coach Chellman received his B.S. in Health and Physical Education at State Teachers College, Slippery Rock, Pa. J. WYDRO John VVydro was born in 1916. He resides in Oil City, Pa. Until the fall quarter of 19517, John was the Director of Intramurals. He is now in the laun- dry business in Oil City. ir FIELD lIOUSE After years of operating without suf- Hcient gymnasium facilities, the athletic department eagerly awaits the comple- tion of the new Held house, one of the hnest in the nation. G. CO0PER George F. Cooper returned to Emory this fall after a year as Athletic Director at Emory Junior College at Valdosta. He is now Director of Intramurals. George was born in Birmingham, Ala. He at- tended Jacksonville State Teachers Col- lege until 1936. J. LITTLE James Stewart Little was born in Ports- mouth, Ohio, October 31, 1920. I-Ie won his B.S. at the University of Kentucky in 1944. Despite the time he put on his coaching duties, Jim managed to devote enough time to his studies to graduate from the Theology school at the end of the lflfinter quarter. Dick Alclieen :mtl Hank Geuz, sim' nelmen for the Blue and Gold. ee Qu s ggg, Olz well, you canftlgel cz lzmuc run every time. Next batter 1111! -4 5- . K - - - -'2 .'f't . :iI ..ft...i1 ' ' N ,, S t l,ll .:.:,. .,,l S ,Wt PRI The Spring of 19417 saw an active sports program conducted in both intramural and interlraternity athletics. Student participation and team, support were at a high level. BASEBALL There were four teams in the intraniural baseball league during the Spring quarter: the Junior College, coached by Bo Holloinang the Senior College, coached by Ed Sheag the Theology school, coached by Dr. Rowlingsong and the Medical school, coached by Dr. Colfer. Alter two rounds ol play, the Senior College and the Junior College met for the University championship. In the playoff, Blake Chilton pitched a shutout game to give the Senior College the University crown, 3-0. EMORY'S ALL-STAR BASEBALL TEAM Schoolheld . Chilton . Lorentzson . Pendland . Steinbruegge Partin , . Bridges . , F. Jernigan Wfebb . Lewis . Clonts . YfVarcl . Blue . . Maynard . Davidson . Pitcher . Pitcher . Catcher . Catcher . lst Base 2nd Base Shortstop 3rd Base Inhelder . Inhelder . lnhelder Outhelder Outfielder Outfielder Outfielcler , . Junior A A junior , , junior Junior College Senior College Senior College 1 Junior College ' College College . . . Medios College Senior College Senior College Medics , , . Medics Senior College Senior College , . Theolofrs D Hold your breath, fella. Tlml cross bar is about to fall! DOW! mean fl ming lf you don I have that swing- UA TER Emory's Varsity Tennis Team, coached by John W'ydro, played a I5-match schedule. Paced by Dick McKeen, the Blue and Gold netmen met some of the best teams in the southeast and gave a good account of themselves. INTERFRATERNITY SPURTS In the Softball League, the Sigma Chis, led by the excellent pitching of Les Limroth, won the University championship. ln their hnal game the Sigs defeated AEPi, top Blue League con- tenders. T Limroth'iwas voted the most outstanding play- er ol' the softball circuit. Other members of the All-Emory team were: Jonas, AEPig Rylander, Chi Phig Clemmons, EISA, Colson, PiKag and Jernigan, Campus Club. In interlraternity volleyball, ATO and Phi Delta Theta ended the season in a deadlock, the first place position going to the Phi Delts by virtue of defensive points. The Phi Delts downed Sigma Pi, Blue League champs, to take the Uni- versity title. The Annual Interfraternity Track Meet un- covered some good college cindermen. The time- keepers were amazed at SAE's Rogers 9.7 hun- dred yard dash. Later it was discovered that the hnish line was ten yards short. The ATO's led by Neal, I-Ieintz, Turk and Haw piled up 76.3 to win the meet. The SAE's paced by Pound and Rogers, were runners-up with 41.5. At the end of the Spring quarter, the ATO's were awarded the all-year athletic trophy. Al- though the Alpha Taus won only two individual championships fCross-Country and Trackj they never failed to make a good showing in any athletic event. . g,....lL Emoryis acc of the faimfays, jimmy james. 2 The 100 yard dash. Rogers ZUI.17..S' for SAE. ATO Vlfallace Griggs receives lhe.E1'nory Athletic Chamjaionshija trophy m behalf of his fraternity from Coach lMCDOnO1.lg'1Z. fi' f?fsT52i,i'fef?f?3 aw 2 Bob Bossen goes over the bar, t'raim'1'zgfor the Emory-Mercer track meet. SUM ER - Mt-- -Y----f - --1--M --f - --j lx- ' 1 L b 1 1- j 1 1'- . sms ss s' I r. resales- . ' ' wma .... U Y . . W . E is sr -s s frm M as ss me A was .T W Q.. . vm L 4- 1, T if I if -.I. saws . JIIVIIVIY JAMES VVimzer of Aledal Play and Hole-in-One Tourney .3 H. .H- I -gmwim-fn ms H ' .. F. " 'TLS EQE . H f . ks H W -- F E .s - s- L . . , is H 5,3-. m V 'na A " ' fi' l . . . J, -A ..,. -- , - . . . -' V, . I4 . ' 5" 3' ' - E 1 1-1, .- - ' B 'I me If-s s- v-. ss- .5 I s. , -2- ,, B E .H H H X H gg -. p 1- - K . .. B?- My Hr H I ...Ju-....::ava I-1 .1 --sf 3 is is gr . ,ar- -aass f so-W' 15' If .. il. .. fig" R -1-fs m - .. T - . . yi- - .gig .3 4, X , . . . - B sm'-533 . 1 ' H H nf H f 'E ' nu 'F' ' , H 'Ku- --.,5 wsavsrm-mfg, sq. -s E an -,HOF at -wt". s s te s '- V ' - - is ss . 4, . .pr ..s as , -m -is - H .H3g'.H ,rr -f"'-- - -...B-fr... FK .s5ag.s.,- -s s , M- .11 se. 5,-seas Ms gs W,- . . . . .- f... .V W-. H , . .- N. .V .W .: .8 1, "rf vm X. . l 'Q -seam--g'g-isrsflgmwmx 5 sl-V --sr .m 1-. -glean ss Egg ss 2 s I --xgg:mn5z..gBl1:wg-was-E-m E 1- V, fx' , , M . .,H.3,5-QWE1 M S.. E E I ,THE 5.15 gym gr E-aagnmzmmwg-mam sig, - z -' I" "W ' X' R-'E sf!-1ss,'4 wil' vrsbfhw. Hema' J..,5.,. ...s..34.,...,s...lm..,.su....EseLv..w ... rv, .1 ss ' CHI PIII SOFTBALL TEAM VV inner of the summer season of play UARTER There were two leagues composed of 12 teams in Softball last summer. The champion of each league was deter- mined by a double elimination tournament. It was nec- essary for a team to lose two games before being elim- inated. In league One KA played Chi Phi for the league crown in a very close game which finally ended in a 12-8 victory for Chi Phi. In the Number Two league TEPhi had to play hard to defeat SAE in the second game of a two-game play-off. The TEPhi's dropped the first game 9-7, but came back strong to win the second game 14-3. It was in this two- game series that TePhi Pitcher Bob Bossen struck out 15 SAE's. Thus the league champions Chi Phi and TEPl1i met for the university championship. The final game was played on a wet Held and proved to he a free-scoring affair filled with many errors. It was a very close game until the fifth inning when Chi Phi Shortstop Jim Douglas started a four-run rally with a home run into left field. The TePhi's managed to score in every frame, but were never ahead after the first inning. Final score, Chi Phi 14, TEPhi 12. GOLF There were three golf tournaments at Emory during the summer quarter: the student's medal play, the second annual "hole-in-one," and the faculty tournament. In the student's medal play tournament Jimmy James shot a sizzling seven under par ninety-eight for 27 holes to take First place. IfVinding up only one strike over the course record, Jim seems to be heading for "good years" in the golhng world. Mickey Baker was runner-up in this tournament with 108. In the second annual "hole-in-one" tourney for students and faculty members it was James again. jim dropped one 6 ft. from the cup on a 135-yard drive. Prof. Lang- horne was second-8 ft. from the hole. jimmy Douglas hits the dirt. Y Lorenlzson snags one in the .S'enzfor-Soj9l1 game. TACKLE All four teams made bids for the Tackle Football championship, and almost all the games were classed toss-u ps. The Junior and Seniors, pre-season favorites, ended up in the cellar, while the Sophomores took First place. In the number two position were the scrappy freshmen-the only team to defeat the champions. In their opening game with the juniors the Sophomores had to Hght barcl to come out with a 0-0 tie. The juniors actually outplayed the Sophs lon paperj, but the Sophs' rugged line thwarted all the juniors' drives. The champs upset the favored Seniors in their second game. The surprised Seniors never got their second wind as Richardson and Jernigan ran wild. Sophs-6, Seniors-0. The league-leading Sophs ran into trouble the next week when they encountered the twice-defeated Frosh on the rebound. Sparked by the elusive running of Bart Riley, the Freshmen downed the Sophomores 7-0. SOPHOMORES UNIVERSITY CHAMPIONS Kneeling, left to riglzl: Padgett., Criflin, jackson, Hough, Mlarcl. Moss, Morrison, Cox ..... S' lrmfl- ing, left lo right: Reep, Oliver, Hamner, Nicholas, Seavey, Lamb, Jernigan, Richardson, Hubbard, Bowden, Posey lcoachj. FRESIIIVIEN RUNNERS UI' Kneeling, lgfl, L0 right: Cook, C-ood, McIntyre, Tereback, Adams, Beckham, Holt .... Slzinzling, lefl to right: Riley, Bradley, Horstman, Beasley. FUGTBALL The Soph grid machine really started rolling in the second round of games. On a rain-soaked Held, the Sophs, led by Frank Jernigan and Bob Richardson, completely outclassed the Juniors. Score, Sophs-14, Juniors-6. The second-year men finished the season in line fashion when they defeated the Freshmen 14-6. Again it was Frank Jernigan who led the victors. His brilliant running and accurateqpassing were too much lor the Frosh. - The Soph line deserves much credit for clearing the way for Richardson and Jernigan, as well as for their Hue defensive play. Such stalwarts as Ward, Hough, Moss and Grifhn will long be remembered by all those who played against them. SOPHS' SEASON RECORD Oct. 23 Sophs- 0 Juniors-0 Oct. E50 Sophs 6 Seniors-0 Nov. 5 Sophs O Frosh-7 Nov. 14' Sophs lil- Juniors-6 Nov. 24 Sophs I4 Frosh-6 J UNIORS Mm ssi- B f R- EE as-m is-gas MW WMW ffm:-z LL' EWELEHH- T agen:-is-was B JQEH m Q nm,-.ss ag- s SSQWASSK-Xmi-ISS -EEE-H se - assess H551 mms' 'W 9' Head Coach jim Little Kneeling, lefl lo right: Lee, Saltzman, Douglas, Horseman, Ribble, Bridges, Grillith, Diamond, Dickey, Banks .... Slmiflivzg, lcfl lo riglzl: Maynard lassistant coachj, Dean, Birge, Brannon, Turner, Neal, King, Blue Qcoachj. SENIIIRS s Kneeling, lefl la right: Shadhurn, Hendry, O'I-Iara, Robbins, Dorsey, Fox, Caldwell ,,,, gland. ing, left to right: Switzer, McKeithen, Bonner, Quimby. is F RANK JERNIGAN HSHORTYU LoR1aN'rzsoN 1'w'iiZFs.eJ-M. '- ' . Bois RICHARDSON llllli LL- "Shorty" tsarts off around jmzzfors end Senior line opens a hole for Bonner. for a 15-yarcl gain. Frank Jernigan, who led the Sophoinores to the University chainpionship, was named the most valuable player in the Intramural league. His brilliant passing, illusive run- ning, and all-around spectacular play was unequaled by any back this season. "Shorty" Lorentzon placed on the 'all- star team for the second straight year. I-Ie was the sparkplug of the Senior team on offense and defense. Dave McKeithen Qnot picturedj was the third back selected. Dave's line plunging was devastating and earned him the nick- name of "four-yard MeKeithen." "Soph" fullback Bob Richardson was named probably for his punting more than anything else. Some of his "boots" were in the seventy-yard class and he averaged more than forty yards per game. Coming to Emory unheralded and un- publicized, Bart Riley quickly blossomed as the ace of Charley Al1en's Freshman team. Riley was the equal of Jernigan on off-tackle slants and end-runs. Mac Bonner, another Senior, rounded the all-star backfleld. Bonne1"s scrappy de- fensive play headed the Seniors' team. Center honors were handed to Nellie Ribble of the juniors and Ed Ward of the Sophs. This pair had to be good to keep Freshman joe Terezacki off the all-star squad. BART RIELI.Y .ye L. uw ., Wim me- Z - ,E vm Hass'- B fixing -is MAC BONNER ED WARD NELL112 fRlBBLE -. ,. SELECTIIINS Who missed that block! Beasley hits the Sojlhomore line fm' no gain. Tackles named were J unior, Jimmy Douglas and Freshman, Morton Good. Douglas was noted for his vicious tackling and effective blocking, besides being the outstanding comedian on the field. Morton Good was the outstanding Freshman on defense, and gains over his position by op- posing teams were few. Laurens Horstman of the Juniors was named for one of the guard posts. Horst- man is probably best remembered for his last-minute pass interception against the freshmen, which netted a touchdown and a victory for his team. E. E. Hough and Marshall Adams were the other two guards selected. The block- - ...s,.i,.. ' ,Bs '. ' .Kgs I . 'mv ' :-: . , K as fe 1 at -e :-:fx , 7' ,,:,: .-.. .... . -. , .I va- , V H.. S H M 1 I X. B s i.: H , .-Q , H gvndsf is - .,,, 555 :.. E, -I . ...... . W :R . i W sf . s H is ei fr.-:-5.-. f .ln 4 .' . ' ' -... 4 n x B H : Q.. - ing and tackling of these two stalwarts was a standout throughout the season. Hugh Caldwell, of swimming fame, was one of four ends named. He was a con- sistent target for Lorentzson's passes in all of the Seniors' offensive thrusts. Sophomore Oscar Cox, who occasionally played tackle, was one of the best defensive ends in theleague. His bruising tackles would be music to any line coach's ears. Ted Banks of the Juniors and "Smitty" Smith of the Sophs were the other ends chosen for the all-star team. Both of these llankmen played good all-round ball in every game. SS,s Em is HUGI-I CALDWELL ts -me E N21 sl. lm - UF an me i, ,aaa .- TED BANKS , .-5. 1 MORTON Coon f ,v.,..,-.,-. w....... . rf ,..,,.,. , J , ig s t ,ggi I ' si F ' 4 H U' WAKE waxes ilfadgwffv it. is 44,3 'ii .einen V rw-:qu 5291! HSIVIITTYU SMITH E. E. HUFF hfl'ARSHALL ADANIS JHNILIY DOUGLAS is CIUDSS E UDF RY? Emory's cross country team, under the direction of John Chellman, ran against some of the hnest teams in the South this year. Although they won only one meet, the harriers gained valuable ex- perience which we hope will prove to be the foundation for a more successful season next year. Hatchett was Emory's number one man throughout the season, which included meets with Tennessee, Ga. Tech, Georgia, and Emory at Oxford. Emory won its only meet in Valdosta, at the annual Emory junior College cross country meet. Hatchett and Pound placed second and third, respectively, for Emory. In the lnterfraternity Cross Country Meet, Landon Lindsey, Sigma Chi, placed Hrst. The KA's won the meet. USHQBALL Toi the FIISI time in the lnstoiy of the Uni velsity the lfreshm in actually won the annual Push Ball game, but the victoiy was loileited the following day by the officials As usual the game was tagged as the ioughest ind hai dest played ol ill time Su angely enough howevei, cisualties were compaiatlvely light there wele no deaths The only mateual loss sufleied by anyone dui mg the game was a pan of pants Xflle WVOIlCl6l 1l kalal has found them yet Kneeling, left lo right: Kendrick. Baggerly, Laney, I-Iatchett lcaptainj, Hawkins .... Standing, left lo right: Leonard, Turner, Chellman lcoachj, Saade, Whipple, Leland. The slall of thc Inltrjralernzly C1095 Country mee! AA plarezl four men 111 llm just ltuelve 1011111511 lo lake fnsl plate ' E 1: was is B ww Us News W. 183.9 The annual Push Ball game It looks nzuzlz belle: on papei 1111111 on llre allllellr field W1-ra Br mba as 511 W me E35 ,, ,as X-Wa' ,i E WI TER sr .E.s 5-, ,-s is .kann is an 7, THE 1948 EMORY SYVIMIVIING TEAM Front row, left to right: Sams, Van Pelt, Boling, Haw, Stephanos .... Second row: Coach Shea, Newton, Turk, Schley, Blank, Beall, Neal. Coach Ed Shea relaxes in his spacious and luxu1'z'0us ojice at the pool. VAR ITY Concentration on minor athletics at Emory has brought forth one of the Hnest swimming teams in the South. Emory's tankmen, under the able coaching of Ed Shea, finished this season in fine fashion. Emory won seven out of nine meets against the best teams in the South. Emory took their first two meets with Birmingham Y.M.C.A. and Vanderbilt in stride, 60 to 15 and 53 to 22. In their next start, against Georgia, our tankmen showed Athens town what team spirit means. Trailing throughout the meet, Emory found herself behind 32-36 with one event remain- ing-the 400-yard free-style relay. In the first quarter of the relay Georgia's ace, Theyx Stewart, gave his team a twenty-foot lead. The lead remained the same in the next quarter, and then Emory's Charlie Newton hit the water. Newton cut the 20-foot lead down to practically nothing, and Blank overtook Georgia's anchorman to win the relay and the meet. Final score, 39 to 36. Emory took the next three by wide margins. In return meets with Vandy and Georgia the locals won by 60-15 and 46-29 scores. In the third meet with Clemson, Emory took hrst place in every event except the 50-yard free-style, swamping the Tigers 58 to 17. ARTER an owe SEER we as awk WB Es ,. my N .mess Bae ABF E em wt s asses 2 E . tl MJ sw sw s W W B4 JS: anl, Sflzley, and Newton, tlnee members of Emmy s famed free style relay team This team won the fi ee style velay event In all but two meets Van Pelt is not pzctured MM NG Pensacola Naval Air Station was the next opponent for the Blue and Gold. .Paced by Newton, Blank, Van Pelt and Ham, Emory emerged victorious by '1 ll to 34 score. Emory tasted defeat for the first time in their meet with Florida. The l'loridians had one of the finest sprinters in the country in Lew Brown. Brown non both the 50 and 100 yard free style events and cinched both relays for his team. He also established a new pool record for the 100 yard free style. Emorys l:1ll'1l meet was against North Carolina, undisputed Southern Conference Champions. The N. C. tankmen allowed the locals only' four second places and shattered several pool records in defeating Emory 60 to 15. In the S.E.A.LX.U. meet held 1t Ga. Tech, the Emory tankmen brouffht home the bacon. The team n as strengthened considerably by Sam Howard, Ray Cunningham and Charlie Stephanos, all of whom had been ineligible durinv' the regular season. Emory tallied 58 points to take first place. Miami was second with 44, while Tech Hnished third with 21. Emory s Stephanes took individual honors by winninv' the 220 and 440 free style events. In both ol these events Stephanes faced top notch opposition, including Tech s famed Q ohnny I-Iiles. Stephannos also won the 110 yard free style event in the National junior A.A.U. meet in Miami. 'gr fe .' .4 'K ' .mesliiw 5.5.1, 'QM - . . iz we I wi . Co-captains of the 1948 Enzo-ry Swimming Team -Dick Blank and Cha-rlzfe Newton. f g IAM? sw MM NG Emory's ace b1'eaststroke1', Dick Blank. Van Pelt makes at turn in the 150 yard baclcstroke. ,QVLf8IfA'0Lf8lf'VLI:fy lvzdiviclual high scorer in the Interfmternity swim meet, Walter Gmge fPiKAj. Much of the credit for Emory's successful season is due to the line coaching of Ed Shea. His rigid conditioning program and the team's willingness to work under him netted a victorious season for Emory. It would bena diihcult task to single out any one man as the star of the team. Suihce it to say, that the entire team, working together as a spirited unit, was responsible for the fine record. We salute Ed Shea and the 1948 Emory Swimming Team. SUMMARIES Emory Oybponent 60 , . , Birmingham Y.M.G.A. , . 15 53 . . . Vanderbilt A 4 22 39 . . . Georgia . , 36 60 , , Vanderbilt . 15 4,6 . . . Georgia . . . 29 58 , . , , Clemson . . . 17 41 . , Pensacola N.A.S. , , 34 31 . . , Florida . . , 44 15 , . , North Carolina . . . 60 403 Total 272 W NG Taking only one first place, Kappa Alpl1a's Rebels won the animal interfraternity swimming championship with 25 points. Freshman Cubbedge Snow rallied to win the G0 meter breaststroke event which proved the margin of victory. Sigma Chi was runner-up with a score of 22. Chi Phi took third spot with 18 points. PiKA Y'Valter Grage walked oil with individual honors for the night, scoring 16 points. Grage took first place in the 50 yard freestyle and in the 60 meter backstroke. He placed second in the fancy divingvcontest. SUMMARIES 50-yd. Freestyle-XfVon by Grage fPiKAj. Time 26.5. 60-meter Breaststroke-YVon by Snow Time 51.3. 60-meter Backstroke-VVon by Grage QPiKAj. Time 47.7. 220-yd. Freestyle-Won by Anderson QPDTQ. Time 22472. Fancy D1VlHg-M7011 by 1'Videner QEISAQ. Points 1l2.9. 100-yd. Medley Relay-WVon by AEPi fArkin, Gerson, Levyj. Time 1:08.0. 120-meter Freestyle Relay-XfVon by Chi Phi fParker, Elkin, McGhee, Kingj. Time l:3l.1. In A S K E T Il A lnffamafa The Intramural Basketball league consisted of eight teams: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Lawyers, Theologs, Dentists, and Medics. Since fraternity men were ruled ineligible lor Intramurals, the graduate school teams were the most powerful. Paced by "never miss" Corr, the Dental School went through the season undefeated. The men from Forrest Avenue had one of the most well-coordinated quintets ever to win the University Crown. Close behind the Dentists was the Theology School. The Theologians' only defeat came at the hands of the Dentists. In every game the Teologs controlled the back- board, thanks to their excellent center, Doris. In the Second Annual Junior Basketball Tournament, held. at Oxford, 12n1ory's Freshmen took top honors. In their first game, with Company C of Valdosta, the Frosh won by the narrow margin of two points, 53 to 51. Bart Riley with 17 points and Al Cook with lfl, led the victors. Alter downing the Oxford hve 511 to 44, the Freshmen entered the finals. In the hnal game the Frosh played Valdosta's number two team who had previously beaten Iimory's Sophomores. This game was played on a Sat- urday night belore an overflow crowd. Although Emory led throughout the game, it was always by a narrow margin. The score at the hall' was 33-29, and in the second stanza both teams got hot. Finally, in the closing minutes of play, Emory pulled away and won. SUMMARY FINAL INTRAMURAL STANDINGS Ilfledic, Bob Solomrm is tapped gently on the cheek by an 4 indignant Theolog. V - ,- V-.1'-gui Sophomores push one through against the Theologs. W on Lost Dentists . . 7 'O Theologs . , 6 1 Medics . . 5 2 Lawyers , . , 3 4 Seniors , . . 3 4 Sophomores . . 3 4, Freshmen , , l 6 juniors ..,...,...,,, 0 7 Holoman racks up two points for the Seniors. COT1'f72 of the Dental School breaks under the basket for two points. He averaged over twenty per game. jnferzfafernif B A E T A L L Stan Timer, 10, fres away at the basket dzmng the Univer- szty championship games in which TEPhi defealed ATO. Lyn. Diamond, TEPAM acc, shows the form which won. him all-U11iversz'ty basketllall lzonors. 8 801 148 Vllalking over all Blue League opposition, TEPhi wound up their perfect season with a 37-32 win over their arch-rivals, AEPi. Long-armed Leonard Diamond led the Blue League champs through their six-game schedule. I-Ie was ably supported by long-shot artist, Stan Tinter. The official runner-ups, AEPi were paced by two hard- charging forwards, Nerenbaum and Chajage. Blue League ball, as a whole, was somewhat under par. Pi Kappa Phi, Campus Club and Sigma Pi were forced to drop out of the league. The Star and Crescent Club, winners over AEPi, operated on an unofficial basis. The Teps ran their victory string to seven with a 40-39 triumph over the Gold League champions, ATO. Dia- mond and Tinter were the important factors in the thriller. The win established TEPhi as the University champions. SUMMARIES BLUE L13.fxGUBl- Team. l'Von Lost TEPhi .,.,... . 6 Star and Crescent Clube? 4 AEPi , . 4 PiKa . , . 4 Sigma Nu . . , . 2 Delta Tau Delta , . . . . 1 1' Sigma Pi, Pi Kappa ,Phi and Campus Club mere forced to drop out of the league. it The Star and Crescent Club operated on an unolfh cial basis during the season. THE CHAMPS The University championship TEPi basketball team. Front row Block, Frost, Seftell, Kaplan, Mcltz, Davidson .... Back rozv: Miller TEPh1' 5ulJSKl'Z'LLZ6S and SlLpP07'f67'S Ch667' fl g00d Play dU7'i71g Bernstein, Levitas, Sweetheart Martha Copeloff, Diamond, Tinter the championslzip game. Shmerling. B A S K E 1' B A L L jnfefhafefnify Crggdfglflfe Competition in the lnterlfraternity Basketball League vas unusually keen this year. Despite the fact that there vas no gym on the campus available for practice, most eams seemed well trained. The ATO's, led by versatile Newton Turk, waded hrough all opposition to take the Gold League crown. In one game Turk scored 25 of his f.C3.l11,S 38 points, and ie was always a threat under the backboard on rebounds. Close behind the Alpha Taus were Sigma Chi and Both of these Frats gave tl1e Champs tough games. Sigma Chi Orum Hamner was one of the sharpest set shots in the league. Last year's champions, SAE, gave the ATO's their worst scare. The ATO-SAE game was one of the most thrilling played. There was never more than five points difference in the score from start to Hnishg and the lead changed hands several times in the last half. In the last minute of play, ATO Day made two lfree throws to cinch the game and league championship for the Alph Taus. The KAS and Phi Delts finished in fourth and Hfth place respectively, and Chi Phi and EISA shared the cellar slot. Some of the best basketball material in the College was divided among the Gold League Frats. The Freshman team that won the tournament at Oxford was composed largely of hrst year men from the Gold League teams. SUMMARIES STANDINGS GOLD LEAGUE Team W o n Lost ATO . , , , 6 0 Sigma Chi , , . , 5 l SAE . . . . . . 4 2 Phi Delta Theta . . 3 3 KA ...,., . 2 fl- Chi Phi , 5 0 EISA . , ........... 6 THE CHAMPS TEPhi Len Diamond steals one from A TO, Gellerstedt in the chamjaionship game. 2 SPVISH! ! Two points for the Phi Delts. GOLD LEAGUE CHAMPIONS Lefi to right fstarzding around Bill Hientz in suitj Wright, KA Span Milner and EISA's Randy Braswell go up Hope, Sales, Turk, Day, Gellersledt. fm- a 1-gbmmd, L cgi!-If8lf74'6L1f8If'lfLify ATO Bird "heads, the ball against the Kfls. . 1? M 'A M- Q i . 'M H uf H gn tw, tu tus . W ,is -' ' - 'ut .. -. ' ami '- is , ' P . f- 'll 1 1 to . '14 1 is we ef "Mai 4 ,V .- . vw. ..-..i -M 'A V- -s - KA OH67156 starts rolling with a "thud." g UCCEII 'When the local athletes on the campus finished tackle football and pushball, their thoughts turned to less- bruising sports such as basketball, swimming, and soccer, The latter, however, turned out to be quite roughg and from the spectator's point ol view, quite amusing. Soccer is undoubtedly a game of great skill. A skill so great that Emory's Greek letter men have not been able to perfect it. From the sidelines, the game is quite amusing and appears to be simple to play. To the player though, Soccer is the most difficult of all sports. Because of the lack of training in this sport, practically every game was classed as "toss up." In the Blue League, Sigma Nu wound up in Hrst placeg while the Sigma Chis won the Gold League crown. In the championship game Sigma Chi swamped the Blue Leaguers 1 to 0. Sigma Chi's Manus, Radcliff and Fran- cisco led the victors throughout the championship game. INTERFRATERNITY POIN TS At the end of the 1fVinter quarter, Sigma Chi was well out in front in the race for the all-year athletic trophy. These point totals do not include any points from the Spring quarter. GOLD LEAGUE ' BLUE LEAGUE 1. Sigma Chi , , 304.5 1. PiKA ..,. 217.2 2. ATO , , , 240.5 2. AEPi , . 2111.2 3. KA , . . 220.5 ES. TEPhi . , . 168.7 fl. Chi Phi , , , 201.5 1. Sigma Nu , , 1611.5 5. Phi Delta Theta 175.2 5. Delta Tau Delta 86.5 5. SAE ,.,. 160 7. EISA . , 122.2 Sigma Nu sets up rigid goal line defense. 4 1- .51 J' 1 I 0 if 1 f Coaches Georgert Cooper and john Chellman register points on frat scoreboafrcl. 1 l JF" Emp ' H5 sk an , www f ffv- , maid jimi, .1 'iii A 52552551 ' Q Q N if gigs . , In is Q I gk QC Q21 L 2 .. 1 - ""- ' if A-A , X , -1 ' " ' 5 , : M " ""' ' qi? ' 'VN 5' ivy? A. R' ,. 4' x. 2 .. 3 'W ,yy 'm ,XM M1558 s ,M W 1 .wh QI, H yr?" ls' X- V HX K ' H T- x 5 . 4 " X Q ,X L., gmmwii-gl ,. - .,. I I 2 ' E ' ' xh 5 Q .,... efgfzg gr Ri X if X P E m V A 3 Q A, IA' ,H Us N 5' if Q? ' ' I fu H sf rm H. nm B was as H il 7 A w Q , af- - .gg - - -s , : .fig .-1-' - H, -.. .s ' 6 , . if .fy w n X FRATERNITIES :mi Q " 5 JEAN BARNES, Sigma Pi IYIARTHA COPELOFF, T.E.Phi I I x K SL I W I PX, DOTTIE MATTHEWS TACKIE JACOBS H, .. Bam '-Theta PZ Phz Delta Them OIT , . Eg, . ' ' . x ' -,J Q-- B ' 'i' ff.: N QYLUA5? h lunge' mm mass ms ' sw nm H mam, A ,www fx as Bs" A ummm ' amass - mnwf - 'Aww nwgmk nmmawampigm DIANA DU 4 A-ss. g,, Nufn, Uxgn .wQ, mmf Q. Awww ' 1, 'sf-mn mu fig? U W -,.L A , .' n mm mm E wm- E EEZ H H BXHF A ms A,- .Us-.1 nm-A4 -.V rx sm as a na ' :uma rw .Q A aim mmm I' Emi K-mzugg -'sm A' ms' ms my ms mn a na Aww. a a ummm wma A fa PIINS ,ww 122 A E A , . 'Has' mv-f f 's5.Qa'm , H 'RQEE VFNH mais ,, A ss .E . mm, J ' SUS as "' .mg ' An in H Us a . QQIE uw ,vm Am A A A is H, me al- E A Q 'H in asa Eg A215 TT ,,: EA A ziiiil E an w as H. .. rms J sw' A mn- w A A-A ms SAL X L a s A ' wr um M4 B. Y 1jAT CONNALLX Chi Phi "gif: ,gf E. X BILLIE PARRIGAN, PiKA RS K . , , H K.. ,Q .. , U 'K Aww -Maw as I 1 ' sa' m. uhm- Awmhgfi ' KM - Us A A ' ami a Wm E as 5, , mis ,533 . 5 . A ' if ?Q'f.Q1:'5 BARBARA I-IARRELL ' AWA r Sigma Clzz PEGGY HARDIN, Sigma Nu HALCYON 'I'I'lORI'E, Pi Knjaibn Pfll SPIINSUBS 1 , . T I 9 CHARLOTTE BARTLETT BETTY PIOGAN Sigma Alpha Epsilon Slair and Crescent Club CLARA MOCK, Delta Tau Delta BARBARA XVAUGAMAN, KA SPGINSIIR 1 I l ATA fl , ff-.13 nh - fl! ,, w ,.- RITA Lm: LINCOLN DoTT11z OYTOOLE Campus Club Alpha EjJ.s'ilrm. P1 5 F 2 Z . E l First row: Frank Adel, Alan Berrent, Fred Bolonkin, Sylvan Chajagc, Philip Cohen, Norman Diamond .... Second row: Isaac Dreizin, jerry Epstein, Albert Eskenazi, Frankel -Meyer, Robert Gerson, Morton Getz. . . . Third row: Harold Goldberg, Gerald I-Ioll'man, Stan- LEN M1cHALov.E President A lnmclf of the boys jmse-will: .s'm.iles. in Q . ley Jonas, Donald Kohley, jarvin Levison, Lawrence Levy. Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded in 1913 at New York University. Epsilon Chap- ter was organized at Emory in 1920. In 1946 the chapter bought a house on North Decatur Road and this has been the home of the fraternity since then. The annual AEPi formal was held in the City Auditorium this year. Another big social event was the regional con- clave of the fraternity. Other parties from time to time were held at the chapter house and elsewhere. In the Held of athletics AEPi was at LPII the top of the Blue League and threat- ened to take the annual University ath- letic trophy. Campus activities had their share ol members of this fraternity. Fred Bolon- kin was a member of DVS, the Honor Council and ODKg Dn Reisman was IFC prexy and Stanley Jonas was president of Eta Sigma Psi. Arkin, Jonas and Shure were named to AEU. Stern was on the traffic court, and Michalove was elected to the Business School Council. EPSILIDN BTOIIIBVS.S'1LTPl'1'.S'L'Il4'f6'6lIOYlI:' on his birllzday. F1191 mw Leon nd 1V11Ll1'l1OXC Dfuld Pxhn 1xI'1lll'1CC PO!I1Cl'llll Donuld RCISIIIIII Clyde Rodbdl Ge1a1dR0Lhsdnld Sunnd mu, Althul SCIIOCIIIJCIQ M nun Sl1'1l'lCl L10llCl Shcpud Lloncl Sxlbumul 1'1Ld Snlvexman Iugenc 50l1lIJClg flmfl mm bldncy 'Sum hmm Stem Domld Thom IS Sexmom Fl mtem S"lLll Vnlnu Mnold Zlppu EPSILO PI 1941 OPI ICERS IARX IN LLVISON P1 651616271 IXIILION Wrmxmm Vim Pmszdf 111 Secwlmy Bon C,1:RsoN To easzm ev C ll A P T E ll .Plus frame venlly Ill "l I1 1918 OFI ICLRb L1 ONARD BIILIIALOVI P1 eszdmvl NORMAN D1AMoNn Vue PM szdent Se! 1 Marg C1 Yun 11017151 LL T Teasmm Alpha 1112511011 Pz house 9911 N Demlm Rd cmuzled Slzepmcl smlles' ns Rrfzsmmz nnd dale' dfmre f':,' : 1' "'. f, ."' 'z, "4 ' 'f'.,. . '::,' , Q, " . ' ", f", ' .'-z', ' '1'z,"1 ' ' ,'.'. ' -V ' '- - . " , -,' ,- A .- , . " . ' ,. - ' A-, n .... f V . . ,AL . ,, 1 L., A , 4 ,f . . " 47 4 4, T 'T ' ff 1 s 2 f '- a f " , I, v , N ORMAN DIAMOND STANLIQY Iorms .. ,. ' ,., X I U V 1 ' 1 . 'r I an A 1 V 'vm ,fn 'D' ' " ' 'v , I ,l f ff.' --1 .n ff," 'ffrv , .f J , ' 1 ' - .-m . , . 'X A ' . 5 ,x A H ms ,H 4 1' 'V V I First row: YV. D. Barker, D. Bateman, H. R. Beasley, E. L. Beeson, Jr., WV. C. Bell, Jr., D. C. Bentley, P. G. Blitch. Jr., D. S. Boling, M. E. Boon .... Second row: M. T. Boynton, P. E. Bryan, R. VV. Burns, YV. N. Byrd, S. M. Carroll, G. B. Childs, C. L. Daniels, A. C. Day, P. A. clelvlalpiecl, A N. Durclen .... Third row: J. H. Earnest, Robert C. Ellis, YV. K. Fitzpatrick, R. L. Few, W. G. Fryhofer, H. C. Gardner, XV. XV. Gellerslatlt, R. L. Graves, W. I-I. Griggs, R. C. I-Ialey .... Fourth row: D. R. Hancock, J. R. Harris, V. S Harris, S. M. I-law, R. D. Hedrick, YV. L. Heinz, J. D. Henry, J. T. Higginbothem, YV. R. Hine, J. I-I. Hobbs .... Fifth row: G. B Amin DURDEN President Hoey, I-I. F. Hope, A. A I-lumphries, G. P. Humphries, G. C. Ingram, I-I. P. Jackson, D. R. Jones, J. J. Kirkland, J. A. Lang, J. A. Lee. Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Vir- ginia Military Institute, September ll, l865, and since that time the fraternity has grown to 101 chapters in the United States and Canada. The Emory Alpha Theta Chapter was organized in 1881. Among the Alpha Tau functions of particular interest were the annual Christmas Party at which the new spon- sor, Miss Diana Durdin was presented, Acute lransjnortatzfon problem. The only red door on the row. A, M -xiii? and the annual winter Orchid Formal. The past year saw the Alpha Taus winning the coveted University scholar- ship trophy and the choral cup which is given to the Emory organization with the best group singing: ATO also came through in activities with Dick Few being elected president of the Business School and Dan Barker being Business School treasurer. A LP IIA T II E TA The "joy Boys." N-...... Q 1Q,xG:..' yr af N C' if 4,-. mv. Firsl row: A. H. Lco11:.u'cl, Jr., J. G. Mc.-Xllister, J. Magrxxcler, H. Mallet, H. B .Mille1', C. B. Nea 'X l, Jr., C. L. NewLon, Jr., J. Nobles. ' J1 T E P nlaud, Jr., H. M. Quilliau, Jr., D. R. Reese, W. H. Reeves, R. T. . . . Second 1'0w: F. Ogletrec, R. I-I. Ott, G. lalmcr, L . . e Ross, R. E. Russel, Jr .... Third 111111: W. T. Sale, J. B. Sanders, J. B. Scale, D. A. Shaver, H. M. SIIZIVCT, 1-I. Shaw, Jr.. A. F. Shelaucler, ' ' R C Tl son, A. D. '1ho1upson, Jr., C. V. rjllllllllll, L. N. NV. R. Sl1el1111lL, Jr., T. B. SLl'0ZiCl' .... Fourllz row: W. l. 'T21lUlll, . . momp Turk, YV. H. Van Pelt, YV. F.. Vzu1gl1a11-Lloyd, G. G. Yvilllflli, Jr., J. A. VVapcnsky .... Fifth 'ro1v: VV. H. WVHISOII, M. J. Y'VaLLs, Jr., ' lx I G XV'lL'1s, A. Mfills, D. C. VV1'1gl1l. IliCllZll'Cl YV. X'Vez1ve1'. A. P. X'VlliPlJlC, R. C. Ylfllilc, YN. A. X'ViC'Cl', 1. . 1 1 '11 'EGA 1947 OFFICERS BILL I-I1s1Nz P1'eside11l ALAN LIURIPHRIES Vice-P-res1'dc11t RAY Pl-'HOIVIPSON ' .Sec1'etQ1'y VVALLACIZ Glucscs Tfeasu rev C H A P T E R . LeZ's everybocly dance 1948 OFFICERS AD113 DURDIN President DAN BARKER V1 ce-Presz dent JACK K1R14L.LxN1J 'T'l'z'3l'l.S"lH'6l' BURR NIILLER Secretary E Alpha Tau Omega house at No. 5 Fmte1'11ily Row. "I11zfe1'l0c11l01"'jim Sa11de1's. A 111671611 of the boys. I 5 First -row: D. T. Addington, L. H. Arnold, H, J. Bickerstaff, Jr., J. C. Blalock, YV. R. Blythe, YV. K. Boardman, III, C. B. Brewer Jr . . . Second row: J. C. Budd, J. A. Burns, J. L. Byrd, G. R. Cleghorn, R. H. Cole, M. J. Cram, R. P. Cunningham, C. Daley, Jr. . . . Third row: C. NV. Davidson, J. E. Dickey, Jr., J. T. Douglas, T. E. Drake, D. C. Elkin, Jr., R. C. Freeman, H. VV. Golsan, G. M. Good. . . . Fourth row: J. W. Grant, E. B. Hansell, E. J. Henning, J. G. Hinson, R. Hobby,hJ. A. Hook, O. B. Hough, Jr., S. D. Howard. JOHN NORh'IAN President Chi Phi was founded at Princeton Uni- versity in 1824 and is the oldest national Greek-letter social fraternity. The out- growth of a religious and literary society, Chi Phi now has 33 chapters situated in the nation's leading colleges and uni- versities. I The Gamma Chapter was founded at Ernory in l869 and was the first Greek- letter social organization on the campus. During 1948 Chi Phi's social season was highlighted by the presentation of Miss Sally Pat Connally as sponsor in the Fall qu211'tC1'. In the Fall quarter Chi Phi won her second successive University champion- CHI ship. The Scarlet and Blue football team equalled Summer softball team by taking the Interfraternity title. Chi Phi en- couraged support of University sports, and eight brothers were lettermen. The fraternity placed more men on the All- Emory class football team than any other organization. In activities Alonzo McDonald was editor of the Plzoenix, associate editor olf the lflfheel, feature editor of the CAMPUS, and a member of the Student Council. Brothers VVaits, Hook, and Douglas also served on the Student Coun- cil. The fraternity also had men in DVS, Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Psi, AEU, and other honorary societies. Four Chi Phis were on the Trafhc Court. GAMMA Spring' officers in the trophy room. University champs lake rt bow. First row: I-I. T. Killingsworth, H. L. King, J. B. Lindley, G. 'W. McCallie, A. L. McDonald, Jr., XV. L. McDougal, J. C. McGhee. . . . Second row: R. C. Margeson, F. E. Mason. M. D. Mauldin, VV. L. Miller, Jr., F. R. Mills, Jr., B. N. Neal, Jr., YV. A. Parker, Jr .... Third row: R. C. Pale, H. L. Pea,rson, J. S. Pike, H. C. Quin, B. Riley, J. M. Savell, W. M. Sims, W. A. Stallord, R. Stuart .... Fourth row: C. M. Stubbs, Jr., C. Thompson, Jr., H, F. Tliompson, H. S. Thompson, Jr., E. J. Nllails, D. O. lkfatford, W. P. Warmers, C. E. PIII 1947 OFFICERS Joi-IN P. NORlX'IAN President ROBERT CUNNINGHAM Vife-President Joi-1N GRANT Secretary EDXVARD J. XNAITS Treasurer CHAPTER 1948 OFFICERS EDXVARD J. VVAITS Prcsiclent JOHN CQRANT l1lC6-P7'6.S'I'Cl67l1l ED XNARD Serrelary C. B. "BUCK" BREXVER Treasurer "Mfz1zyfzzce" Lirzclley-vlmn of rlisllrzcliovz. wma 4 m . n J , has - rs' gm : ms Em is-.asf-sims a EQ. E 5-wiiw Im ss sm SQHMW -' mm mggw J ummm msn v ss ' in H 5 H -ml gpg.. mg:-wgfw .gy 25:1 :E 1 E .. 1 : ll up ::: :-: W H XI 5' KEN iff EI: R wg. K H E H J .jf -A 5 - -Wiil rl ,X is Q ,:?isfX. .HSHQHBJ , W T., w-,' . .- , . ., Eia f iy 35 3 Q EE Hr ' -f ff 4.. -' if F New f Q H 2'l'l:N' 1 ' 1 5 gnff mm D 'X SQ Q '.e' -rss H. ss-ss ss mass? -mass- 5, . lil- lr 'Yi .vm ff 'Z S1 x il' Chi Phi house, No. 3, Fraternity Row Colonel George, the b11ll.er,joir1s the trio. First row: 0. S. Adams, R. C. Allen, R. YV. Arwood, Jr., C. C. Baker, G. Ii. Bentley, E. S. Bullington, Jr .... Second row: J P. Carroll, T. E, Cook, D. Dietrichs, P. J. Donchoo, Jr., J. T. Douglas, T. T. Galt .... Third row: P. E. Gibson, Jr., M. H. Holloway, T. M. VV. VV. TAYLOR, JR. Horman, E. Horne, Jr., G. D. Knight, J. M. McLellan, Jr. DELT TA Delta Tau Delta fraternity was founded at Bethany College, Pennsylvania, in l859. The Emory chapter, Beta Epsilon, was organized at Emory College in 1882. The national fraternity at present in- cludes 74 chapters and over 45,000 meni- bers. Delt representatives in campus organ- izations during l94-7 included Oscar Adams, secretary of the lnterfraternity Council. Miss Clara Mock, of Atlanta, is our Delta Darling. The annual formal was held at the Georgian Terrace in April, at which time we christened a Delta airliner "The Delta Tau Delta Rainbow." Beta Epsi- lon participated in a Southern Division conference later in the year. A Christmas party for children of the Decatur Methodist home was held at the house in December. President B E T A E P S I L 0 N ,gym-mg fm-7-,ml at Ggm-g-ffm Tgy-mpg, Sozzthern Division Confere-n ce dim'wr. w - . . First row: E. L. Masters, S. D. Matheny, G. Milling, R. L. Moore, jr., G. D. Perdue, jr., H. B. Pettit ..... S' Lmnrl row: W. Phillips. D. C. Plunket, E. F. Reeves, H. NV. Ridley. jr., J. R. Ridley, W. C. Rippy, jr .... Third :ow M. C. Scofield, C. M. Scott, Jr., E. T. Smith, Jr., XV. A. Strozier, jr., E. C. Surntt, jr., W. W. Taylor, jr. DELTA 1947 OFFICERS VV. VV. TAYLOIK, JR. 1948 OFFICERS VVARRIQN CLEGG President P1'eside1'zt NIALCOLNI HOLCPXVAX' ELICK BULLINGTON Vl'CC'.P'l'C.S'1.d67'Ll Vice-Plreszdent GARLAND PERDUE B1L1. RIIJLEY Secretary Sec1'etzm'y TOM Coox JOHN ix-'ICLELLAN T1'ea.su.re1' T1'easu1'e'r RILEY KIZLLY NIYRON SCoF1r:LD C0l'T6SfJ07'ld1'77g' Secretary C0r1'esjJonrlz'ng Secretary CHAPTER Della Tau Della house N0. 1 F mtemi ty Row Sponsors Giles and M ocle. Dells do can-can. Masters' home-made cm First mm: J. C. Abbott, E. G. Adams, NV. N. Ainsworth, YV. F. Alexander, M. Anthony, Jr., F. L. Asbury, I. H. Battle, R, J. Beckham Second row: C. M. Berry, I-I. A. Binford, Jr., R. C. Boozer, J. H. Brewster, YV. M. Campbell, E. S. Caverly, J. YV. Christian, S. T. Cobb, S. N. Coggins .... Third row: F. C. Cooper, WV. Cox, R. F. Crawford, C. J. Davis, Jr., J. 17. Dickinson, J. A. Dunaway, Jr., B. M Dunn, L. Y. Dyrenforth, P. E. Findlay .... Fouftlz 'T0'lUi R. E. Flournoy, R. M. Foster, Jr., R. NV. Fowler, Jr., R. E. Gordon, K. E Hamlnon, L. R. Hogan, J. l-I. Hollingsworth, J. S. Houston, Jr., B. D. Jackson .... Fifth -roru: C. H. Jenkins, T. Johnson, E. T Johnson, Jr., M. Johnston, F. C. Jones, G. I-I. Kasper, Jr., E. Q. Key, C. XV. Kimsey, R. Y. Lambert. FRANK C. JONES Presi dent The Kappa Alpha Order was founded at l'Vashington College, now X'Vashington and Lee University, in 1865. .Epsilon chapter was granted a charter at old Emory College in 1869 and came to the Atlanta campus when the Uni- versity was moved in 1914. Epsilon recognizes the brothers who have been outstanding in campus activ- ities during the past year. KAPP Brother Sain Cobb is the newly elected president of the student body and has served as secretary of that body and as president of the Canterbury Club. Brother Gene X-Velden is president of the Players, a feature editor of the CAMrUs, and a inember ot the student council. Brother Ted Spivey is news editor of the Wheel and assistant editor of the Pltoenix. E P S I L 0 N Sf70'H.S'O'l'y.S' szuimming party. Reeves and Potts perfown. Cmwufium banquet at Drizfirzg Club. -4A"f--- -"W " ' u I , Firsl row: R. Lewis, L. D. Lovett, E. F. McClelland, R. D. May, F. C. Miles, B. C. Milner, li. YV. Milner, J. L. Moore .... H. F Morrow, B. Nicholson, Jr., M. T. Nnnnally, J. M. Ontler, N. Parker, Jr., J. H. Patton, J. E. Penland, B. Porter, Jr., T. S. Potts. . . Third row: K. A. Quarterman, Jr., C. E. Reeves, Jr., E. D. Ricketson, A. G. Robinson, F. B. Sshlcy, P. W. Seavey, C. R. Shaver, E. XV Smith, C. Snow, Jr .... Fourth row: T. R. Spivey, G. B. Starnes, Jr., T. L. Stalon, C. D. Stone, Ii. F. Taylor, L. J. Thomas, Jr., C. W Thrash, Jr., J. M. Vance, W. C. Mlalers .... Fifth row: F. P. Mlatkins, W. P. Watkins, Jr., L. M. Weeks, J. G. Weldon. J. M. Whatley ALPHA R. A. Wiggins, jr., F. M. Mlilliamson, C. H. Yates, 'W. XV. Young. 1947 OFFICERS FRANK C. JONES President IXIARKHAM BERRY Vi ce-P-resi cl en t C. D. STONE Secretary DEFORREST JACKSON Corresjmndzfvzg Secretary HENR3' TATE Treasm'e1' CHAPTER 1948 OFFICERS SAM COBB President TED R. SPIVEY Vice'President . GENE VVELDEN Secretary DEFORREST JACKSON Correspoviding Secretary VVALTER ALEXANDER T7'm5U"e7' Kajljm Alpha house ZN 0 6 F ratervzity Row Emotion by Starnes and Williams. jones and Pevmington at sport dance. .Serenade to n pledge First -row: H. L. Abrams, jr., IV. K. Anderson, O. I.. Ayers, S. S. Bareheld, Jr., R. Bell, B. B. Blackburn, III, M. S. Bonner .... Second row: F. I. Breck, jr., R. INT. Brown, J. L. Casey, D. D. Cayce, III, R. R. Chastain, R. E. Colson, VV. E. Dimmock, Jr., J. D. Duncan .... Third row: C. S. Elliott, E. L. Farrar, Jr., J. B. Ford, 0. L. Freeman, R. M. Goddard, Jr., H. W. Gullatt, jr., D. R. Hale, YV. T. ROY ILIUBBARD President Hankins, Jr. Pl Pi Kappa Alpha was founded March 1, 1868, at the University of Virginia. To- day the fraternity consists of 86 chapters which are located throughout the United States. The Beta Kappa Chapter was organized in 1919. . Social activities for the 1947-48 term began with rush week, when 14 rushees were pledged. It is a tradition of Beta Kappa that the pledge class of each quar- ter give a party for the active brothers. This function took place in October with entertainment consisting of skits and PPA stunts put on by the pledges. Plans for the annual Dream-Girl Formal were be- gun in the Fall quarter. This ,was the highlight of January, at which time Beta Kappa's Dream-Girl, Miss Billie Parri- gin, was presented. In February a recep- tion was held at the House for alumni of the chapter. Shorty Lorentzson was presented the Bridges Trophy for athletics, and Dick Mfalker was elected to Alpha Epsilon Upsilon for scholarship achievements. BETA KAPPA Shorty shakes his bustle. ' Graham entertains the brotlzem. Duncan makes a funny. First row: J. B. Hatclmcu, Jr., A. E. Henderson, Jr., R. M. Hubbard, J. C. Jackson, 'W. R. Laing, M. XV. Lanier, T. VV Lehnd Second row: VV. H. Little, C. Lorentzson, J. B. McLelland, L. J. Moye, J. E. Ramsey, J. H. Reed, Jr., F. E. Rouffey, JI J L Saade . . . Third row: I NV. Shattuck, Jr., L. T. Shelfeld, Jr., J. O. Smith, A. G. Trunclle, Jr., R. H. Kvalker, J. E. Weldon, D II YVh1te JI AL IIA 1947 OFFICERS GEORCSE EBV P'residen.t FRANK PARRIGAN Vi ce-P1'es2'cIen t FREDERICK BRECK Secretary ROBIZRT' I-I ART Treasurer CHAPTER 19118 OFFICERS Rox' IRIUBBARD Pres z' d en t NIACK BONNER Vice-President FREDERICK BRECK Sec'retm'y Ross GODDARD T1'easure1' N. C. VVi1b21llkS, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha house, No. 9 Fmtewziiy Row Sponsor Porrigin is imrod-zmecl. A strong case for the picmo. That some old bridge game 1-awww First row: D. C. Albritton, E. M. Anderson, YV. D. Baker, J. W. Bickcrstallf, C. G. Boland, Jr., L. D. Bolton, II, H. XV. Bowen, Jr. . . Second roru: B. L, Bryant, T. L. Buttram, R. P. Campbell, Jr., L. V. Carter, J. A. Cauble, H. C. Chandler, J. M. Clark, C. J. Collins. . . . Third row: J. F. Collins, A. 'W. Cook, J. M. Crawford, E. H. Davidson, A. Q. Dobbs, J. B. Duke, F, W. Elarbee, B. L. Eubanks. . . Fourth row: D. M. Faulkner, H. M. Finch, J. I-l. Folsom, O. YV. Freeman, E. B. Garrard, C. Gibson, A. K. Cilbert J. R. Coldthwaite. . . , Fifth -row: A. D. I-lammond, L. C. Hancock, H. B. Howe, L. C. Jennings, E. B. Keener, W. M. Kendrick, I.. T. LaSalle, J. W. Lea COURSON Dowis Presiclenl PIII DELTA Phi Delta Theta Fraternity was founded one hundred years ago at Miami Uni- versity in Oxford, Ohio. Georgia Beta Chapter was established at Emory Col- lege in l8'7l. The past year has been a successful one for the chapter here. The year got off to a good start with Russell Thomas and Courson Dowis directing a rush period including a French Sidewalk Cafe Party, an Insane Ball, etc. The twenty- five new Phikeias followed up soon after with a party for the other new pledges to the other fraternities. A Halloween party and a Christmas party followed, leading up to the Mfinter Formal in January, when Jackie Jacobs was pre- sented as the new sponsor. In March the basement was turned into a Yukon Sa- loon, Mrs. Sears serving punch at the "bar." GEIIRGIA Alumnus Rece at Formal brmqizlet. Football squad works out. Tll6l'6,S something about a Phi Del First row: F. Leary, G. M. LiVil'lgSl0ll, Jr., J. YV. Looper, W. XV. Mcllllmurray, Jr., R. A. McG1'illf, R. H. McNulty, J. T. Mills. . . Serond row: J. A. Moncrief, R. Moss, R. W. Nash, R. C. Owens, A. Partee, R. N. Pzlty, P. B. Paty, YV. L. Peacock, Jr .... Third row J. H. Rilch, F. T. Robbins, H. W. Shaw, J O. Shuforcl, W. Smith, Jr., W. L. Smith, F. R. Stanton, I". C. Steinbruegge .... Fourth v'ow: S. V. Stiles, G. Thomas, III, R. D. Thomas, W. R. Thomas, W. C. Tunno, Jr., M. E. Turner, Jr., YV. L. Vogt, W. P. Whelchel Jr . , . . . TITETA Russian. THOMAS COURSON Dowis President President COURSON Dowis F RED STANTON Vi ce-Presi den t VIUCC'-1JTC?Sf fl en t DAVID FAULKNDR RUCRER GINN Secretafy Sec1'etm'y FRED STANTON F RED ELARB1512 Treasizrev' Treasurer BETA F1flh row: L. B. lvhxpple, W. K. YVIIIPPIC, Jr., J. S. vvlghf, P. B. Wilkinson, J. O, W'Viltshire, Jr.. CI. D. lflloolsey, K. M. Wtforthy G. W. Wright. Phi Delta Theta house, No. 8, Fmtefnity Row Wheels line up for cam.e1'c1. The athletic' staff. l First -row: T. C. Allen, D. B. Barnes, A. C. Beall, Jr., R. H. Blank, M. G. Bonner, F. C. Bowen, C. I. Bradley, E. WV. Branan .... Second row: S. K. Brown, E. C. Brown, G. B. Brown, Jr., C. B. Bryan, Jr., H. H. Caldwell. YV. T. Cato, J. L. Coker, Jr., G. M. Cordes, J. E. Dalton .... Third row: H. E. Dean, Jr., L. C. Estes, R. L. Etheridge, Jr., H. M. Evans, F. F. Felker, Jr., R. D. Fessenden, Jr., YV. D. Finlayson, Jr., R. L. Gilhreath, J. M. Goodrich, Jr .... Fourllz row: VV. O. Gresham, Jr., J. S. I-Iickrnan, J. D. Hodnett, E. E. Hough, JACK DALTON D. E. Hubbard, H. C. Jackson, Jr., S. Jordan, R. H. Kidd, F. X-V. Leslie, Jr. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the .University of Alabama in 1856 and has since become the largest social fraternity in the world. Georgia Epsilon chapter was founded on the Emory campus at Oxford in 1881 and had the first ifra- ternity house built on the Atlant campus. Three outstanding social events have topped the year's activity for the chapter. SAE's presidential aspirant, Harold E. Stassen, was entertained by the chapter at an open house in his honor last De- cember. Atlanta's most outstanding cit- izens were present. The annual formal and tea dance were given at the Biltmore Hotel climaxing the social functions of the year. The Piedmont Driving Club was the scene of the annual Founders' Day Ban- quet and the unveiling of the National Fraternity's portrait of Lauren Foreman, Eminent Supreme Recorder. Chosen as this year's all-Emory football stars were Bob Richardson, Erwin Hough and Don Hubbard. Richard Blank again was one of Emory's outstanding swim- mers. u President G E 0 R G I A Big Formal. Barnes sings again. Blank blushes. Bryan pins. l First row: G. M. Lindgren, J. T. McTyre, W. B. McKay, J. S. McKenzie, S. J. Merrill, N. P. Mitchell, R. B. Murray, 'W. L Norton Jr . . . Second row: C. YV. Pcnick, Jr., R. Platt, Jr., E. C. Pound, G. M. Pullias, Jr., A. H. Randall, Jr., J. R. Rankin, III, E. M R1ch R D. Richardson, J. B. Rickenbaker .... Third row: H. G. Riddle, R. N. Robinson, W. C. Rogers, J. M. Rudesal, Jr., S. L. Selleis J R Simpson, J. H. Skelton, J. L. Smith, T. I-1. Smith, Jr. . . . Fourth -row: YV. J. Sullivan, R. B. Vcascy, R. G. Iflleston, R. T. 'Willingham Jr., F. L. Wilson, XV. O. Vllilson, R. E. Worsharu, Jr., J. B. Zcllars, E. J. Zeller. 1947 OFFICERS GEORGE BRYAN 1948 OFFICERS JACK DALTON Presi dent President VVJLLIAM "PUP" SULLIVAN VVILLIAM "Puff SULLIVAN Vice-President Vice-Preslclent BILL ROGERS JERRY ZELLER Seereta'ry Secretary RAY VEASEY JOHN ZELLARS T,.m5m.m. T,.em.w.m. Sigma Alpha Epsilon house, No. 7, Fraternity Row Belles at house clrmee. Howdy, you all. Breakfast after the Formal l Firsl row: J. I. Amonette, C. M. Beackham, YV. D. Bell. R. V. Butts, E. H. Carson, C. XV. Chesnut. J. F. Cone ..... S econd row: M. N. Cooper, T. R. Corvette, M. D. N. Dickson, Jr., J. E. Dougherty, R. M. Drake, A. D. Draper, Jr., J .D. Duval, O. F. Fcely, Jr .... Third row: I. A. Ferguson, Jr., L. Fortson, A. P. Foster, J. C. Furcron, R. E. Garth, L. Girardeau, G. I-I. Gray, H. YV. Grillith .... Fourlll row: K. Harris, P. A. Harris, YV. S. I-leape, J. I-Ienclershot, E. C. Herman, Jr., F. R. Holland, R. Hudgens, P. B. Huff .... Fifth row: J. A. Johnston, Jr., W. N. Kalaf, J. Kelley, F. O. Kessler, J. Cl. Kramer, W. Landiss, T. L. Lindsay, L. G. Limroth. s V aw.. s 3 Egg? CARY ,ANDERSON President nm W gn H. E. Sigma Chi was founded at Miami Uni- versity, Oxford, Ohio in 1865 and along with' Phi Delta Theta and Beta Thetta Pi composes the Miami Triad. Bet Chi chapter was installed at Emory in 1921. Mrs. VV. C. VVeldon is house-mother. Recognition Day was a red-letter day for Bet Chi. Tapped for ODK Were: GM John Kelly, student body president, Al Foster, ECA and AEU presidentg N. D. Meadows, Eta Sigma Psi president and Players' managerg Jim Duval, Glee Club president. Cary Anderson is president of ECA and with Ed Pedrick was tapped by AEU. Jack Dougherty is president of ODK. 4 BETA C111 Powers and A 71 clerson. wow 'em. Chl. chorus makes big' hit. SamIefm'd smiles at Szueethemsl F ornml I'l1.5ll0w N B Iouxs P NI Lynch J1 L H McDonell C, F BICBIIUAI1 L MCNHIJ L X Malloly P C1 Maxim .Second vow 7 I' NI I G B Mattux N D Mmdoui 1 L P Medlodx 1 C 1' Mcyex Jr M Mxllcn J L Nhlls C I1 Mole! Tlmd H '11 muvs mu M Newdl D X Osborne J B P'uks I' Peduck A Pollock J Ponca N D Powmm NI 5 Robmson Fourth vow Y Slow C R Unclenwood D II xV'1dfl1l1gl0l1 1 L I Willa c NI Whuc l L vV1u1'1l11S D W Woolblxght J 1 Xaugex CHI 1917 OFFILLRS 1918 OFFICERS JUNI PARM CARY AND1 RSON Pvefzrleni P1ES1d61Il CH XRLIE BIFYI Ia AL VVILKINSON Vice P1 ealdeni Vue P1 eszrlmt IXI FOSTER N D Muxnows Semetmy Sfnetmy LLQ. L11xu1oT11 L1:s LlMRO'I1I 71160311167 T1 easm ED .Szffma Clzz home N0 9 Fmtemzty Row C ll A P T E R Bmtheps at I11te1 fmt swzmmzng meet Jw 5 Cm and new pin 1UffIll house ":'. , ' . 2. .Q. ' ', . . '-'.,Jr.,1. . ' .... f ' ' : J. N. R ner, A. H. Sandcford, S. T. Scott, J. L. Sharit, P. L. Sitton, Dcwiu Fambce, J. M. Smith, B. M. SLOITCI' .... Fifth row: J. R. ,1. . A , . ' . c-,J..f. 'e,T.f. ". .', " , ' '. Kd. "F AL 4 4 'A ' . ' if ' .- ' 4. fl .' . 4 - F 2' 1' . .' 'L W ' 1 ' "Q, W .' ,. . I .dj , . I rj, V . L WL..- First row: R. G. Allen, T. H. Boone, LI. VV. Bradley, jr., E. R. Burriss, jr.. M. L. Chambers, G. P. Cook, J. M. Cul ea Jer .... .Second P ll vow: M. R. Duggan, R. H. Enzor, Jr., D. Estes, VV. B. Evans, J. T. Gainey, WV. H. Grant, J. F. Gwaltney, H. C. Hamner .... Third 'row: H. N. Hamner, F. O. Harris, R. O. Heard, M. C. Holmes, C. L.Howard, L. E. jackson, YV. J. jason, A. D. jordan, Jr .... Fourth row: T. Kalogridis, XV. A. Lashley, L. P. Lingo, Jr., R. M. Lumb, J. XV. Mann, Jr., R. L. McGee, O. P. Miller, E. J. Murphy. lX'l'ILTON CHAMBERS Presiclen t Sigma Nu originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1869 at Virginia Military Institue. The fraternity is comprised of one hundred and two chapters, with a total member- ship of more than 50,000. XI chapter at Emory was founded in 18811. The 1947 season saw many improve- ments in the house and grounds. New furniture was added to the dining room, and the First floor was completely redec- orated. Following rush week, Mrs. Jane VVilt became housemother. New pledges treated the brothers to a Halloween mas- querade. The annual tackle football M game with the Pikes resulted in a 7-0 win for Sigma Nu. This victory entitled us, not only to a trophy, but also a duck dinner to the winning team. Johnny Long, alumnus from Duke University, visited us in December and a luncheon was given in his honor. Each month we have attended church in a group and have had an opportunity to hear some of Atlanta's best ministers. The traditional VVl1ite Rose Formal was held in February at the Peachtree Gardens. Bob Chester and orchestra fur- nished the music, and Miss Peggy Harbin was introduced as our new sponsor. XI Group at formal at Peachtree Gartleizs. Chambers crozuns Sjaonsoi' Iifzrlnin. NU -H.-- WLT..-., .. -. ' ' W R P1'lI' s ..... S econcl row: E. S ' S I N' if I III XV C Partin C L P'ISS B Y Pennington T S lennxngton, . . n ip Fzrstrrmn.. ..,torxooc, , '. . , 1. . . ., . . , .. . Ponlson, I.. L. Rainey, jr., J. C. Rawlins, Jr., B. T. Rogers, Jr., B. G, Smith, B. L. Smith, F. L. Smith, jr .... Third row: WV. W. Smith YV. Y. Smith, YV. A. Smith, P. I-I. Spence, D. I-I. Standard, jr., J. B. Stanley, Jr., R. B. Stewart .... Fourth row: S. R. Story, A. G. Strick D land, jr., W. M. Taylor, A. M. Turner, J. A. Veazcy, C. S. Vinson, R. I . I'Vallis. 194-7 OFFICERS 19118 OFFICERS I DAN STANDARD M 1LToN CHANIBERS Presi dent P'resz'de'nt IKOBERT MCGEE RICHARD HEARD VITCC-P1'C'Sid87lf Vice-P'reside71.t SCOTT VINSON NIANNING CULPIEPPER Sec1'etm'y Secretary PAUL SPENCE MARION HOLBIES T7'66lS'LL1'C'l' T1'easu1'er C ll A P T E R B0bIJingf01'a1JjJIes atHa.ll0wee11. party. Sigma Nu house, No. 4, Fmtefrmty Row All night bridge game. B-ss ss ss an ss ss ss 'tx ss m A First rozu: Richard Baile Cl . 'I cy, 111 es Banov, Max Berman, Charles Bernath, Melvyn Bernstein, Alvin Block, Robert Bossen. . . . Second row: Abraham Davidson, David Davidson, Leonard Diamond, Stanley Friedman, Theodore Frost, Myron Gellman, Sam Goldstein, Irvin Harris. w w r Tito FREEDIVIAN TAU Tap Epsilon Phi was founded at Colum- bia University on October 10, 1910. The Hrst chapter consisted of ten men and the Hrst meeting was held October 19, 1910. Mu Chapter was founded November l7, lillfl. The chapter grew steadily until l942 when it went inactive during t-he YVZI l". In l9Ll5 several of the brothers re- turned from the service and reactivated the chapter. The brothers were handi- capped because the house had been sold when the brothers left, but the chapter grew despite this obstacle and today has about thirty active brothers and pledges. EPSILO which it will occupy at the beginning of the summer quarter. The highlights of the social activities were the animal T.E.Phi Conclave and the Sweetheart Formal. At the latter it was announced that Martha Copelolf would be the chapter sweetheart for the coming year. Mu chapter was also successful in cam- pus SpO1'tS. The Mu men came in second in softball in the Blue League and were undefeated in the Blue League basket- ball competition. To top off the sports, the men of T.lZ.Phi beat A.T.O. for the school basketball championship. President Recently Mu Chapter acquired a house Everybody ZtLT7'I..St out fm' annual Conclave. Study fatigue. H mah! -Q 9 was sm s mms WS H me 'X First row: Alvin Hurwitz, Abe Kaplan, Eli Kaplan, Sidney Kaplan, Alvin Miller, William Scl1atte11,jacla Schwartz .... Suomi row Ray mond Seftell, Sanford Shmerling, David Smiley, David Spechler, Victor Springer, Stanley Timer, I-larolcl Vorno, Myion XVCIIHH PIII 1947 OFFICERS ,THEODORE FREEDNIAN Presiclent SANFORD SHIVIERLING Vi ce-Presi dent IQOBERT BOSSEN Secretmy .ABE DAVIDSON Trefzsurer CHAPTER 1948 OFFICERS THEODORE FRELDMAN Pfesi dent IRVIN I. HARRLS Vice-President ROBER'1' BOss1zN Secretary ABRAHALI B. KAPLAN T7'8llSZl,1'67' Tim Epsilon Phi lmuse, 1551 Emory Road Time out f01'smile.s. Team P0865flffffl''ll,'l.7'l1'I1i7'Ig'C1IIHIZyfJlv0?ISfL2.19. Firsl row: N. C. Broome, H. Dicus, J. B. Douglas, R. Edwards, T. Giles, YV. O. Greenfield, P. S. Hipp, J. C. Jackson, J. M. Major .... Second row: L. D. Patterson, P. G. Pettigrew, J. O. Phillips, J. O. Roberson, E. Simons, H. D. Spong, J. P. Turner, J. F. Vickery, P. Pl ROBERT NOLAND Plresident ir Mlhittier. KAPPAIWH ETA CHAPTER Pi Kappa Phi was founded December 10, 19011 at the College of Charleston, C. Since 1904, it has grown from a Southern organization until today the Pi Kapps have achieved national rec- ognition as being one of the leading fraternities. The Eta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was first or- ganized on the Emory campus in 1912 at Oxford, and transferred to Atlanta along with Emory in 1916. The Pi Kapps grew with Emory until 1937, when the chapter became dormant. The Eta chapter was reactivated by the Na- tional Office on October 12, 1946, and once again the Pi Kapps returned to the Emory campus. Beginning with a few transfers of this fraternity from various colleges and universities, this "new chapter" has grown to include 24 active lnembers and 4 pledges. ROBERT NOLAND , , President JAMES PIQNCE , . . . T1'easu1'e'r DAVID ELLSWORTI-I , , Secretary JACK TURNER , . . Historian Taking a look at Pi Kappa Phi men and dates on the dance floor. .JANIES PENCIE T-reasm'c-r fnsl mn R I Baku MV I Cartel B S Chilton C M Cowut D 0 Dean I I' l1l75lll1Ol1S I-I T C ly Strom! row R G I'1ll15l1UN R L Ilollmcl I' M ohnston B. l.Lmd1um . A, Lindsu C.. C. McLcndon J. H Owen llmrl mu R L Richamds D J Rlcliandson R. J. Robinson L. A. Steubing W. B. Trautnein .A. Tuiicnlinc I B Hfilliazns PSI CHAPTER The Psi chapter of Sigma Pi opened the school year with an orchid ball at the Biltmore in June at which the new sponsor, Miss Jean Barnes, was presented to the fraternity. During the year Frank Gay served as president of the APO service fraternity, and Frank John- ston was elected vice-president of the interfra- ternity Council. L. A. STEUISING 4 , A , , President RODNEY RoB1NsoN . . Vice-Prcszfdent .IARROT LINDsIf:Y , . , Secretary GUY NICLENDON , , T1'eas1m'e1' TVIW clown on Ill Ieme The Sigma Pi lodge. LHYIIIU up fm flmw 'au 65' S First row: Y. A. Beall, J. I-I. Bird, C. H. Buckley, O. E. Duncan, V. G. Hampton, F. E. Harris, H. Joyrdon .... Second row 1' I1 Mont golnery, J. G. Perkins, li. C. Plyler, H. M. Richards, D. A. Rodgers, R. J. Sewell, T. Sparkman, D. F. X'Vi1ll uns BETA IIETA PI sim i H all CLARKE WEIQKS President if Afore of the same. In May, 1947 a group of Beta transfers niet with J. R. Cheshire, Jr. and Dr. Allen D. Albert, Jr., Sociology professor at Emory, to discuss the pos- sibility Of organizing a Colony. At the National Convention of Beta Theta Pi in September, 1947 special dispensation was given to the Georgia T ech Chapter to initiate men pledged at Emory University into Beta Theta Pi. The Colony began last sumnier with four men in the organization and has now grown to 21 active members. The Colony will petition Beta Theta Pi for a charter in the summer of 1948. . . . Presi den t . Vi ce-Presi den t . . Secretary . . , . T'rea.sure'r . Sergemzt-at-Arms . , Pledge Master CLARKE KVM-:Ks DONALD Rooms Faux VVILLIAMS . OLEN DUNCAN ERNEST BOLAND VON HAMPTON 451' Qr'7 ' . 3,- .Sr zVIernbe'rs post fm vmup Tlztwsday evetting dinner togetlzei he Lf Fusl may XV X Coleman IZ I Cornette, M. F. Cowden, T. N. Davis, W. I-I. Dobbs, R. E. Tlandexs H R Txost R L Hamrick Sfmnrl mu I B Ihqqinboth un G. H. Hollomau, XV. T. Holt, C. R. Mabry, W. S. Owen, H M Rowe L R Scott jx T M Snuth lhud mu C C Slut ut 1' M. Taylor, jr.. J. R. Thomson, I-I. M. Treadwell, D. A. rllllllfil C 1 Veal J X YVh1tc WV VN Woolsey. S R 8: CRESCENT CL The Star and Crescent Club was founded at Emory in the Spring olf l9fl-7. Petitioning for re-chartering of the Alpha Chapter of Kappa Sigma was begun in the M7 inter quarter. The Club has won distinction in the Blue League Basketball loop duringlthe year, and has held several Hne social functions. The Club has among its members the only Junior initiated into Phi Beta Kappa during the VV-inter quarter as well as three successful candidates for the University School of Medicine. Kappa Sigma now has ll0 active chapters, and the Emory Star and Crescent Club hopes soon to become the ll2th.. ADRIAN C. IUAVIS . . . , , President EUGEN13 CoRN13T'r1z . . Vice-President C1-:c1L R. MABRY . . , Secretary Rox' TILLETL' . . Treasurer fall Rush Pm ly Dunfzn IVomfm's Club. Fozmders' Day Banque! at DJ md I-Izlls 'Nu l CHARLES I-IoLL1s l s . , s i 4 it is at U ssc H. . -.alan l l l . l . X . ss a E ss a .Es. First row: joseph Chandler, Manuel Cooper, Fred M. Dees, YVil1iam Dillard, Elvia Eddleman, Duncan Frarris, Reed Gaskin .... Second row: Robert Gibbs, Ira B. Harrison, Edward Hook, John Leeland, Frank Lovett, Walter Lusk, Raymond McAllister. LPHA KAPPA Alpha Kappa Kappa was founded at Dartmouth Medical School in Hanover, N. H., on September 29, l888, and was incorporated in New lflampshire in 1889. The organ- ization became international in character in 1904 with the estab- lishment of a chapter at McGill. The Centaur is the fraternity quar- terly. Alpha Tau Chapter was estab- lished at Emory in 1914, and has remained active in campus affairs since. Charles Hollis has led the I chapter through an eventful and successful year. The fraternity colors are Dart- mouth green and white. Graduates in medicine may be- come honorary members of the fra- ternity. The annual spring dance and banquet was held at the Biltmore Hotelg it was a function that was enjoyed by the rnembers and their wives and dates. Pres! cleat A L P ll A T A U Alpha Kappa Kapjms 'relax in the living room. liven medical students had time for bridge. .E-'N W 2-s..,,g,? E .xx Ffrsl' row: Malcolm MrNeil, Charles Parks, William Prior, Ralph Robinson, john Schreicler, Legh Scott, Thomas Sellers .... Second row: Fred Smith, Dan Stalker, Robert Sullivan, Thomas Talley, Bill Walker, Gratton Woodson, William B. Young. KAPPA 1947 OFFICERS '1 94-8 OFFICERS CHARLES I-IoL1.1s JACK FLEMING President President VVILL YOUNG JOHN HEARD Vice-Presi'dent Vice-Presi den t josmfn GlLBER'l' I-IowARu MITCI-11zLL Secretory Sec'r'elm'y JACK I-IILL JACK Him, Trezzsurcr Treasurer Alpha Kappa Kappa house 2035 N. Decatur Rd., N. E. C II A P T E R A l"7'6.S'h1l7,Cl7'I shows off his skull. A house dance at the AKK house. me., W M Hi? 5 3 5:31 S XE S .Exam g wasefi -at 5 sagem 1 s lirollzers, first row: James Bloodworth, F. J. Burns, WVilliam J. Dean, Bill Dowda, J. R. Free, Hugh S. Geiger, J. L. Girardeau, J. K. Harris .... Second row: Bill Hartley, Armand li. Hendee, J. P. Hendrix, J. D. Hodnett, T. D. Johnson, E. B. Keener, J. L. Meadows, H. I. Mobley .... Third row: J. A. Moncrief, E. H. Pierce, G. M. Pullias, J. T. Rucker, T. B. Sharp, R. E. L. Shuinate, R. S. Solomon, X, in is 'z 3 n is in x-x H. sw Er. -s 'vs s mmm sip-mr m aveng- iE..a.,.s..m.Ef wa . Y BRUCE C. Niswsoivna again ss N. F. Stambaugh. Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889. ln 1905 a union with another fraternity of the same name was established. The fraternity has a copyrighted coat of arms, a journal known as the Phi Chi Quar- terly and sends an inspection team throughout the nation at regular inter- vals to see that the high standards are maintained. Fraternity colors are white and olive greeng the flower is the lily of the valley. PIII Bruce C. Newsom, past Presiding Sen- ior, led the chapter through an eventful and most successful year. During De- cember 27, 28, 29, 1947, the Sigma Chap- ter was host to the 30th Grand Chapter Convention of Phi Chi which was held in Atlanta. Jack A. Thompson was the official Sigma Chapter delegate to the convention while Bruce C. Newsom served as the chairman of the Sigma's convention committee. Presi dent ' p S I G M A Phi Chis celebrate at comzemion here. Another group of Phi Chis. Brothers: R. J. Sleinborg, J. A. Thompson, J. F. Walker, R. E. YVells .... Pledges: E. C. Atkins, R. C. Brock, H. C. Chundlel Second row: S. W. Clark, W. H. Daniel, H. M. Finch, J. I-I. Folsom, 0. VV. Freeman, Coleman I-Tuiel, R. M. Martin. . . Tlmd row L. C. Rollins, L. M. Spivey, S. l-1. Story, R. l-I. Swinl, XV. H. Tripp J. O. Vasqucr, Frccl Williams. CIII 1947 OFFICERS BRUCE C. NEWSCM Presiding Senior XVILLIAINI M. NIADISON, JR. Presidivzg junior I'IUGH S. GEIGER, JR. Secretary NORNIAN F. STANIBAUGI-I, JR. Treasurer 1 WILLIAM J. IJEAN judge Advocate CHAPTER 1948 OFFICERS FREDERICK YVEILLIAM DOWDA Presiding Senior HENRY I. BIOBLEY, JR. Presiclzfng jun for JACK A. THOMPSON judge Advocate RICHARD A. DODEILIN Secretary LUTHER C. RoLL1Ns, JR. Treasurer Ro1s13R'1' M. lXfARTIN, JR. H ouse Manager Phi Chi house 1321 Clifton Road, N. E Pool is a favorite pastime around the Phi Chi house. A group of the brothers pose in front of the house Sniwgw H.vu xg fi Fnsl row Fiancis Adams M'nv1n Allen C111 Andeison Waiien Brune Eugene Danby Second row C 1' Disney fred Doiman Llge Dullose l'V'lllCl Dunbar Ceorge l'a1lc 7lmd :nw Clarence P11181 C'l'1ude Iowlei Id Cloovel Dave Gnlvbill Dyke Hata Theta Kappa Psi is the oldest pio lessional hatelnxty in existence and it was founded on Thanksgiving Day, November 30 1819 at New Haven, Connecticut, as the Society ot Kappa Psi. Flwo chapteis were formed, one at Russell Military Academy and the other at Cheshire Military Academy, both located in New Haven. As the years passed, new chapters were added, and in l908 Rho Chapter was organized at Emory University. Theta Kappa Psi is a medical fraternity, and it is composed, of TIIETA medical gi aduates, menibeis of med 1cal school laculties, and students ol medicine There are collegiate and Oraduate chapteis with the Gland Chapter, Alpha being the governmo body The Jouinal of the fraternity is-the Messenver, the colors are gold and green, and the flower is the red rose. Tom Disney was elected man-ob the-year for 1911-8, succeeding the joint inen-of-the-year for l947, Walter Dunbar and Photis Nichols. blames Suhrer was elected freshman- of-the-year. RIIO Annual banquet and dance Banquet at Druid Hills Golf Club. an Fnst low Blll Hovxaxd KCIIISOH Jurupex Comad Kmard B'1ude Lcavel Thomas Lumsden Second mu 'lhad Muheny Harold Munay Tom Nnuon Phom Nxcholi KlllOllgll Pfllrlck Thnfl raw James Revnolds Wells Rllev john Stanley james Suhrex KAPPA PS 1941 OFTICERS Mosne SHASHX P1 esz dent WARREN WV BRL wr Vzce P16SIdFI7l S S WVRIGHT Toeaszzzm CHAPTER Homcl Venlel s 1948 OFFICERS ARTHUR Mosnu Poeszdent S X lXlos1sSHAsHY Vue Pveszdeni NIARVIN ALLFN Secretmy T1easzne1 Them Kapjaa P51 house 1943 Clzflmz Road N I' Slznshy Dzsney and frzends at Imvzquet Serum class bmbecue It says hevej '- .- . ' , . ..' ' . .. ' - . . .. . ' ,., . . . , , , 1 , . . . . . - , L - 1 1 , . , . ., 6 .... . I ., . 1, . , , F Q., . 4 4 N . 4 4 S. A. f '. ' ' 4 ' ' . 'L 2 . A! . ' ,R 1 n A! . A4 1 , ' . any H E - R - - my ,, ,, A mi- ,. um Zalman 1 , ' , - I , . 4. . A . , , . , . .. . f . amy.. Btwn . E s .ess rt Maasai: ,. s M Hfifpseevs' 'M H xxx-IEW sms:-mam - W aw , as ,sm ' my H s. E my em s s 5 2? 5 is is as Massa s ss 1 Sw im: .glfaf 5? P5811 W ss sa ng naman Emma'-xx is 5 mesa saga- s as sm an awe: .', as sais V m 55 a BE is ss s - E sas :asm - E sms-ea sa an is .ss as ss, was s was lt WLREEWQ, smssgxg gaps: Fr- RE B 5 v six E K R? H W H EHQEWEYHHS WE. E W tim is H HSQSSWSEL. E gig ss wma., T . Ewa -was sa E . . suis. HE E W E BW at ts a .- E Ewwwaa we Basins sswwai agree 1 sswwss .ss s r s :.. sw ms: an .-: E E "n - at ' s is Q W is I Si " Iafsfastm W-W -: . EM. was vaginas .2 fs:-:,..:. 5: 4 as ' 5:54. -:. . E sa m B Q. -T555 .3 .- swggg . ' ' SWE -Simms am am E 'B if - as W w' mn - AWK i . s seams I am gg E ,535 M is ass si , .,.,, was ...Fiji ml M - .K 's f suxfxsm -fa s A H T B Y U s H .g . , , s s Em s Q s Q w as s W is rams wa as wgwsxs msgs es: ...M sm s . . m m E B1 H ms K m H H Q B E 5 5 N1 S ss ' s W s s .. ,,, , ., . w H 2 as-. J H- H it fvixljil H gs seg .:. . .lv Y, , : ' , " if I 1 .... s s , .Q .. ' ' - , . .is .7 " "' ' 252' -22112229 - ' H - . :. 1-H , " r -V Z s si Stats? 5- Q few ig -,gigs :-: B ss :-:J-jij - is as s w- wg :-is :sf , -:- a T -s s a ss ss. sa s. f I X W .E . ...ij .e5z,g. , W W B Q, awww,-, ER W S, 5 fi' . asf : s sa, . PH. H if 3 HZ HQ 2 W I 'lk E ' H H H :g 2:2 s E a- sg a ' :s:--- E s .3 , ...as ' 5. ss s ss if -Q T - - g.. . 5 5: E .L .... 2. .4 I st s my-ma ,m.s,.s1.w..Ya-..E,v1.t5J1'.: - .-...LW-...lan.4.... ...5.,1.,.x.4v .::- - ', .Af Hats' css- .. , i 'ga ' E First TOIUI Asher Marks, Jerome Berman, Carlton Daniel, David Hein ..... Y ermzrl row: Paul 1 Teplis, Robert Siegel, Bernard Tepper. PIII DELT Phi Delta Epsilon was founded in 1904 at Cornell Medical School. The fraternity was enlarged by uniting with Alpha Phi Sigma in l9l8. There ar 15 active graduate clubs which are located in large cities throughout the United States. The fraternity publishes a Yearbook, quarterly magazine, the News, and a monthly entitled Bulletin. Colors are royal purple and cream of white. Bet Nu Chapter was organized at Emory A EPSILO sponsoring in cooperation with the national group a program of lectures for medical students here and doctors in the Atlanta area. Last year Dr. Harry Gold, Professor of Pharmacology at Cornell University Medical School, was guest lecturer, and this year Dr. Sam Levine, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, was obtained for the lecture. The program of lectures is scheduled for the in 1912. next three years. During the past two years Beta Nu has been BETA NU CHAPTER IDFFICERS MEMBERS Roy BAKER JEROME BERMAN JERORIIE BERNIAN Consul CARLTON DANIEL R. M' BAKER SIDNEY GELLINIAN Sec,-em,-3, NORMTAN GOLDSTEIN FRED GOTTLEIB ERNEST KANE DXXVID E. I-IEIN Treasurer ERNEST KANE .FXSHER NIARKS JOEL NIENDELSON YV. E. SCHATTEN TQOBERT SIEGEL llAYMOND TENNENBAUDT PAUL TEPLIS BERNARD TEPPER ,I x x x f fs my: Q fm 1 H an in Ma lufl'-3 snub! g' FY: ,S W? Mx, Q ary.: f ,fn if me N N T First -row: M. S. Adams, W. E. Bailey, B. R. Blackburn, J. R. Braswell, 'I-I. Campbell, J. Dean, J. K. Dean .... Second row: S. F. Dean, R. J. Dudley, J. E. Faulkner, F. V. Fazio, B. K. Fehring, J. IN. Gardner, C. W. Greene .... Third row: YV. T. Hamner, C. R. TOM JACKSON Pre.side11t Harper, VV. W. Hillis, D. C. Hull, 'J. S. Jarvinen, E. D. Jervey, U. Kaskg RY DEPENDE The Emory Independent Students Association was founded on the Emory campus in 1938 and was known as the Emory Non-fraternity Organization. In l9f16 it was re- organized as EISA. The Emory chapter is the south- eastern district headquarters of the National Independent Students As- sociation which has a total member- ship of approximately 150,000 stu- dents. The social life of the fall quarter on the campus was started off by a Fashion show, sponsored by the IfVheel, and followed by a dance which was co-sponsored by EISA and the Student Activities Council. This was the big function of the Fall quarter. Later in the quarter the Fernbank barn was the site of an Independent barn dance and weiner roast. The Independent social life dur- ing the Fall quarter was ended by a dance at the Decatur VVoman's Club. The activities of the Winter quar- ter were highlighted by a campus- wide poll taken by members to asc- quaint each student with EISA, and to provide information to the uni- versity concerning student prefer- ence as to student activities. Inclepcnclents in action. Gala lmrn dance at FC'l'Tl-iILl7'Llf.. 1941 OTFICJIRS IILAM NUNNALLX Pzffzdent 101 D1 AN Ilre Pzemleni IALI ,wr BA11 LX Sem etmy B012 XVVLQII 717811511767 Im! IO! W L Iulgone 1 Lawn j McClcnuy H W Mann I Muon X C, Messma A Moxns Second row E W Nun Illlh M II Rue R H Ropu K I Russell YV A Sacre B A SCOLL L uns Third vow II H Thom'1s I' VHSIIOH P L Xvbllblllll M 1 Webb R D Mfessh A D Wlllxams 1918 OI'l'1C.1'R9 TOM IACKGON P1 es1dLnt BOB XVLLSH CAROI INI CI mums Serlelmy STPVL D1 AN IU 011511151 1VIzmbe1s look one: trophy to be awmded to ZUIHTI61 of Slfzts O Foe: Scenea of llze Home oflilue Lzqllls dcmrc held on the mmpus 51 is X ",. . . . " " . ' , '. , , . L v .J 1 ,4 4. , I -v ' ' c , . . ' , . . ,. . . . "' 4 4 '4 1 4 " 'L L M W N WN ' ms ss-mm B 5 , H mnmEms 'W mmmxmg 4 A 7 'I ' B als H ,, ' . ' , W W 535 .35 58852155 mn an ms, Em B BHK ms S8 SEEKS r : -' r 4' H - ,,. A . 4 . J, . X B ,- . . , Vzre-Iveszdenl wx ,, . . . . 4 42 4' A . L .. . 7 - ,. . 4 - 4 4 T . ., .,4 ' ,. ., , . ' 3. I M - V .L ,. . , I . -1' ' . . . , H . . ' . H , , , . HN. in -l l : -' I E 4 'gm M4 ,, - 4 Ms -. L , may - - ' - N, , , 'w . 4 - , - S8 F . 5 1 Stix ' 3' fnsl ww Charles P Adams Iohn Bogie David Dennis, Albert Dowdle, Hugh B. Dguling Olin E. Duncan. .A . . Second row: Reynolds Green james Ilonatd Robert M Hudgms Allen Jernigan, James Jernigan, Bev. jones .... Third row: Hubert R. Martin, Frank Mc- Cook F1 Ink Robinson III, Benton IVV. Taylor, lvcsley Thomas, Marvin Ticlwell. Founded in 1920 as a political club, the Campus Club today is En1ory's only local, social, independent or- ganization. The purpose of the Campus Club is to help the inde- pendent student on the campus have a well organized social, ath- letic life, while holding scholastic averages high. The Campus Club Alumni As- sociation was re-organized in 1947. Today, over 500 alumni of the Campus Club are on the mailing list of the Club's quarterly paper, The Cmnpus Club Alumnus. Owen C. Driskell is the Executive Secre- tary of the CC Alumni Association. Frank Robinson is the Editor of the paper. A US Athletics: The Campus Club won the Blue league championship in touch football, losing the school championship to Chi Phi. Alumni Activities: The annual stag banquet was held last April. Over 100 present members of the Club and alumni at the banquet. The next alumni stag banquet April 16, 1948. Membership: Over 20 new mem- bers plus ll new members Feb- ruary, 1948. Social: Several social functions are held each month. These in- cluded hay rides, picnics, steak sup- pers, dances, square dances, as well as several costume parties. PW meetzng bull sesszon of members. Sq-zmre dancing, the Bingo at Fernbank. First row: Brotllers get flowers from dates. Oyicers of Alzmmi Association .... Second row: Sandy Clower, Guest CL 1947 OFFICERS RIARVIN 'TIDMVELL President JANIES HOXVARD Vz'ee-President P. D. BUS1-1 Secretary 1? RANK IQOBINSON T1'easu'rer Speaker. Me I9-18 OFFICERS FRANK ROBINSON President JAMES HOWARD Vic'e-Presiderzt ALBERT DOWDLL5 Secretary M ARVIN T1Dw15LL Treasurer mbers Pictured at Annual Banquet. Touch Football Team-Blue League Winners in 1947 Members enjoy big bam dance. Some mem.be1"s pose after meeting. SCIIIIULIIF DE TI RY RALPI-I R. BYRNES, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. The Emory University School of Dentistry is the out- growth of three dental colleges. Not until 1944 did the school take on its present name, but had been known previously as the Southern Dental College, the Atlanta Dental College and the Atlanta-Southern Dental College. The Atlanta-Southern Dental College was established in 1917 by the consolidation of the Atlanta and the Southern Dental Colleges. Dr. Sheppard Foster, the late President Emeritus, was .elected as its lirst Pres- ident and Dr. Thomas l-linman was its hrst dean. At the start ol the 1917 session the Atlanta Dental College vacated its building on Edgewood Avenue and moved in with Southern Dental College in its building across from the Grady Hospital. The merger of the two schools gave to Atlanta one of the largest and 1T10St completely equipped dental colleges of the day. In 1918, in cooperation with the government, an S.A.T.C. training unit was placed at the new school. Again, in YVorld VVar II, Atlanta-Southern Dental College was chosen by the Army and Navy for the training of dental olhcers. In 1926 Atlanta-Southern College moved to its present location at the corner of Forrest and Courtland, and in the same year as a result of increased facilities was awarded an rating by the Dental Education Council of America. Upon the death of Dr. I-Iinman in 1931, Dr. R. R. Byrnes became Dean of the College and holds that office today. On September 25, 1931, Mrs. De Los Hill gave the school a 350,000 endowment for the purpose of estab- lishing a clinic for children. The clinic is now known as De Los Hill, Jr., Memorial Clinic for Children. In September of 194-l Emory University and Atlanta- Southern Dental- College merged to become Emory Uni- versity School of Dentistry. The main clinic at the Dental College is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. This modern clinic includes 11Ot only operative dentistry sections but also those for diagnosis, radiology, crown and bridge pros- thesis, full and partial denture prosthesis, surgery and orthodontics. On September 1, 1948, Dr. John Buhler, of Temple University, will assume duties as Dean of the Dental School, replacing Dr. R. R. Byrnes, who is retiring after 36 years in the field of dental education. Since the inception ol the old Southern Dental College 61 years ago, some ol the South's leading dentists have received their professional training in Atlanta. As part of Emory, the dental school will continue to fulfill its role of playing an integral part in the Held of dentistry. I ms ummm Vw B,-w sgv -Qs: H .ENA- ms .S-,,.,....v, , ,-, ..-...nu YW- . NTT v -au-M3 "I wmv 1 ss W A WE ,,Y . A Ms . H , Q Hmm!-I ss Sf :W , sa ,-gg 'nmwx X au, 4, K B igmgxi ww mu? I .yum mn mms, 'ss wr Www ,N ,Wf.m,,WQ,,k2B?wvwm . , .. wr -...,. r 1 Q , , - . X , .:. , A .: , F :.: E -J I 1 f - ',- ,. f " ., -: eau ii, E1 'N ' ' ,J .If , -H W...-... mv.- 7-'1 we ' ' J N 1 'gran-"" ,rw MN" Sim Wm ., V, lm a ' ,I W fm 3 ms 'sf ss a hw. r F ,. H .Wm mgvwv, ss f f nm ss aw 5, , 1 , H W., H wg'- sy M X . H. H M gi - ,., sf .. y Bw-HJ iv' ,E hm ww QQ ' E , ,Z mm, xi mmm UW if H a mx ,E , , ,-ff . if AE B' H ZW 5 HH m 1. iw pl. is Sn. ,Q fu w .: ra, .1 ssfn M ,, K'-wie. A J 1 ggtxwgfiy mf" gg? 'ia f 'N 'Wa M.. . ..., .Wm H, ,W . H V H W A, Q gf , . was M Q , H . ,J 2 u, u 4 'ss -sa k ss - 5 PX' " :Q , :-: ww 'Ww w B' " Hu Q wg H ss 1 ,uw is u ' M 4 H. , W 1, W, - ,W M W.. .. . .:- i.5,.f. , 5.5 .:. :.. ,.,,:,:,E:f , ,, QL ,mv , A ss ,-. L ,, H, H, I ,JM . M ,mms ' -sim mQ?fzs,g'f'.?t3f-.. 'fniifif' :-: " e::r:-:- E-wwf' HE '55 '- mx ma gigs - E E:-E B' bm- 'm,4,,:al- Aagw, 3' 3 Q H 'jf - I H E W Raw? ' - 'FU-:'.-4-51.1, Q!-..:..g' 1 17, v ' my E B 'W may am , , ,.. f ,ff w: -:- P.. .: .ny H . W ., H f mm 'Sagas rm- QE W-'ff435.":. : Lg, . 4.5 M1 SE :K Q 5 was M2515 ,. ,YE ' 3.3. ' ?'Q'Qf-23.,3g ' wg-wifi-aiim fig ,. fmwxw P2 Z U, Q'-55,25 'WH W E 'im 'WEQSWP gi- fii mmv-I 5 , .WF-mg ,Magi QW 5 W H-Wgvj ss , Mm- ., - .. A J., .H ,,,, . mm, A .5 i .rm m,A,.W , V K.. - , , . ,W ,, ,A S8 1 f SSX' SHE Bt- ' x ' H , l, rx . ,ga m -nv ff, ml , K-5 mx 'NB "Yah sg wg M W5gg,!x4,.,..wg,gB, as 5,,qi,g if ME- M! Wm MH 'Miss MV' X - -H K wuz, an-f Q ,ww mm, W . ,-. 'fav K I . M- My W 1 SH 1 M -Mi 1 mm: H E43 U, E E' 5 YE ' ,W ' W , ri E, V-M I M. Mu Mm ss .n ssh E W? ss an isa H u E555 1 .A as .W :V P1 -Z vs V. H gina- E W - MVA -gm Ear? W maid sms Em , K, M afwiw-if , W fm gifs ,KEN -,mi .Mx ,mx Q- M m--H aye f. as-,E a A , FF Am ss 24" fig mn H iw., ws, sw ' wig :Em mfs Culminating 36 years as a dental educator, Dr. Ralph Roy Byrnes will retire as dean of the School of Dentistry at the end of the current academic year. V Graduated cum laude from the Vanderbilt University School of Dentistry in l9l2, Dr. Byrnes remained at his alma mater for three more years, serving as clinical instructor and as- sistant to the chairman of oral surgery. During the next live years, until l920, he was superin- tendent and professor of operative technics and clinical dentistry in the School of Dentistry at the Medical College of Virginia. In l920, Dr. Byrnes came to Atlanta-Southern Dental College as vice-president and superin- tendent and professor of operative dentistry. Five years later he became executive dean, and in l95l he was named dean, having held the position since that date. Prior to his entry into the Field of dentistry, Dean Byrnes spent ten years in the business world, and, for several years after beginning his career as a teacher, he continued to hold irn- portant business oliices, A One of the nation's leading' dental educators, Dean Byrnes has been: president of the American Association of Dental Schoolsg president of the Pan-American Odontological Associationg presi- LT. Comma. RALPH R. BYRNES, U.S.N.R. , s a gs E B E . , ms .:.3g:'jj': E. E E, E W W l X! Pi 'H H E 5 is a s . U, 5 s i i is, sis H iii yaagsnsh R is -is H is Eg :'f"?L.::5: H 5 1' is E ,A aw it is as glam - if E Q s W a.xi..,M H is Era -,E ma is s - - w Na ., -W 5 Nfl. . , a etfsf2..',q.f it i. H P, mam. . B W" N' 2 in is it ,, ,meg ,Rl . -sm is s?nMrs-,-1 H, me ,s S as is H 'MS Em - s W-'L ,i-ps xx na H I-:gi-age, r.mH2f,, H B ,.,-A-5-g,.,.:.a. E -a W m is is , is ,, s H as 5- .. ECUGNITIQL DR. IQALPI-I R. BYRNES, Scholar dent OliODllC1iOl1 Kappa Upsilon, national dental honor fraternity, supreme grand master and, for ten years, treasurer of Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity. Provi-ng to be a prolific writer, Dr. Byrnes has written and had published more than 60 articles on technical and professional subjects, and he is also well-known for his invention ol the multiple unit sterilizer. Dean Byrnes is a lellow of the American Col- lege ol Dentists and a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Besides being a member of the American Dental Association and of the Georgia Dental Associa- tion, in which he holds the degree olf Honorable Fellow, he is an honorary member olf the dental societies of North and South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama and Florida. sv K 551 ' - '1 Q iw 'MB ' 4 A51 F ,HQ Q M ' :n,-ug" M3555 wan, - 'ln Q Q 4. ,A . ,M,m,g1-L, - i . 2 nik? . 'W -lmwiv Q, N.. M. . 'M JXQQ- f.,5N-L.'x'wK.. '-fk 'W ,K L-- ...qu -'1s.sx."'s,- ' ax W--. . ,X X -5- ,JN -xxx '- ,. 'ig - . Q wx Q '--S' I4 ' '---,V K V, ,. .., W Q . 5, "fj:5g 1. ' w 1,4 1, ... u , x 1 . 1 ' w .fl X ge' I 4-' V ,. ,fr -my N f -' -.-,E ,. sa I f Q gs-. -by APN ew s :Bi ,L 4 4:11 , , :J . 1 - N .',' 3: ,R 'fe sfiiu - 7 ff? f . if sf J f'wf""-"f, f -f.'fieA1,'.:A .gi W , ,mm41,9:: u, E, U- nv T 'A 4.'3a.'2.g' wg, ,yy I ,. 1, Win . ' f.'u ' ' 12 ' f ' fs M .,, A L3 gfjghfig 'N Z ii 5, ., 'Q ., f-if f xr. 'fm P' ws., 4 fa ,-Clasvm ', H1 . , , f ,W A ' FY UW, Mm , ff 'H f gf- - ' Y Q 'im I "r"fK f ' ,f S- Q M K H 4 , T' A 4" ' ' f x Q I 5 sl 'L ,f ' 1 . , - I 0, 'I , a . ,XENA in , F 1 'T ,s .m,1f-MM ' J , A W W! A ur 1 AM SI-llil'1'AR1Jll'V. Fosrita, D.D.S., vF.A.C.D. A life dedicated to the betterment of his chosen-profession came to an end during the past year when Dr. Sheppard VV. Foster died at'his home in St. Petersburg, Fla., August 16, 1947. Q Alfectionately known as "The Grand Old Man" of dental education in the South, Dr. Foster had been associated with dentistry since the year 1887 when he was graduated, with honors, from a dental course at Vander- bilt University. In 1894 he came to Atlanta to serve on the faculty of the old Southern Dental College as' professor of oral pathology. The following year he was appointed dean and held that position until Southern merged with At- lanta Dental College in 1917. I-Ie was president of the newly 'formed Atlanta-Southern Dental College for 27 years. In 1944, when Atlanta-Southern was absorbed by Emory University, Dr. ,Foster retired at his own request. At that time Emory named him professor ,emeritus of the School of Dentistry and professor emeritus of oral pathology. ' "Uncle Shep," as he was known to his students, was a past president of the American Dental Association an'd, in 1926, presided over an international gathering ol den- tists at the Wforld Dental Congress. Dr. Foster, who was 86 at the time of his death, was instrumental in bringing about the union of the Southern Dental Association with the ADA in 1897, when he was secretary ol' the Southern group. He helped organize the honor dental society, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, was a member of Psi Omega dental fraternity, a 32nd degree Mason, and in his younger years, president of the Golden Eagle Buggy Co. ln addition to the honors and activities already men- tioned, "Uncle Shep" was president of the National As- sociation of .Dental Facultiesg member of the board of trustees of the ADAQ member of the Dental Educational Council of Americag president of the Southern branch of the National Dental Associationg president of the Georgia Dental Associationg secretary of the Alabama Dental Association, Fellow of the American College .of Dentistsg honorary fellow of the Georgia Dental Associa- tiong and honorary member of severalstate dental socie- ties, including those of North and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Q ARTER CENTURY PLUS . . . lXflALVERN D. HUFF, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Dr.4M. D, 1-lull, secretary of the faculty and of the Advisory Council of the Dental School, has announced his retirement Ifrom teaching alter 116 years active par- ticipation in the Held of dental education. In 1901, Dr. l-lull was graduated from the old Southern Dental College. h Since that time, he has served continu- ously on the faculties of it and its successors, Atlanta- Southern Dental College and Emory School of Dentis- try, where he is professor of materia medica and thera- peutics. At present, he is third vice-president of the American Dental Association, and for eight years, he has been chair- man .of the ADA's Research Commission He has been a member of that commission for 30 years. In addition to holding ollice in the ADA, Dr. Hull? is a former presi- dent ol the Southern Academy of Periodontology, a past vice-president of the Southern branch of the National Dental Association and a member of the American Acad- emy ol Periodontology. ' Qne of the three founders ol 'the Atlanta Dental Society, Dr. I-lull' is a past president of the society as well as past president ol the Georgia Dental Association. In 1921 he was elected I-lonorable Fellow in that association and a life member in 19111. For two years he succeeded the late Dr. Thomas P. Hinman as chairman of the I-Iinman midwinter clinics conducted at the Dental School. He has also written a number of scientific articles lor professional publications. Among his other honors and activities, Dr. Huff is, or has been: a fellow of the American College of Dentistsg a member of the American Academy of Restorative Den- tistry: grand master of the state alumni chapter of Psi Omega dental fraternity, president of Lambda chapter of Omicron Kappa lU'psi1on, honorary dental societyg vice-president and director of the Medical Arts Building Co., Atlanta, and president and president emeritus for lilc of the Druid I-Iills Golf Club, Atlanta. Skipper at play. DR. AND UPF, 1901 F,EE,,,- Ann., mum V gs 1. ss if ss gf' E RE, ' ,HJ . 'EY A L X xx- iz, max sg Eu Ne X. it is - ss W. EDGAR COLEINIAN, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. ANDERSON M. SCZRUGGS, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. Asszslfmt to the Dean. B11si11e.s's advisor to anmlal staff. Professor of I-Iistology. Lilcmry adzlzsm' to amzfzml slag , . , E :H I ' 1 Y 6. 'Y M ZF. A,., . SEI. 1 , s?i d S?QZ K' I f E M wk i . qu: Em E sm magma Swami. www X . , Dr. j. Ii. Mitchell muglll a big one. ...- ,,,...-- Dr. C. IU. Stu1'deva11,t on papa .S U l Dr. R. E. Sturdevant as a High School Graduate. rzght hand. DY- L- B-31010111 age 20' ' v Q as ss ss Q - . W! 5 L LP1 my K I m SE Illll .si X Q3i?g '-'m wa Q, ss as wa as a Que ?m4. na ME w, a :X ima f E , 'iam' E Bgpgwgg f??a VW . -X - 5 -- 912555 E E9 gas , QQ H gg E , u W M Q m migggiigi my ' we Q N mi? ,Bs-I 5 SEs I0 CLASS UFFICE 'CLASS 0F 9418 5 Top rigltl: Carey Teague WVells, Jr .... Middle left: Edward Peter King .... Middle riglzlf Thomas WV. Etheridge, jr .... Lower left: Lee Frederick Gold! berg .... Lower riglzl: Phil M. Medford. CAREY 'TEAGIJE VVELLS, JR. A President EDXVARD PETER Knvo Vice-P-res1'denl Tuomfxs W. ETI-IERIDG E, JR. Secremry 1.1211 FR EDIZRICK GOLDBERG Tl'l?fl.Y1l7'87'i ' P1-ul. M. NIEDFORD H istu rin ll The senior class was the last class to matriculate during the war years' accel- erated program. They experienced school days under the wartime tension, through the days ol' conversion to normal peace- time routine, and are graduating at an- other critical time in the history of our country, "XfVhat shall we do now?" This is a question on the lips of all seniors. The students of the senior class rep- resent practically every section of the Eastern United States. Let us hope that they will be allowed to return to their respective areas and be of service to hu- manity iu the practice of dentistry. sm w www a mn sms ss mam a i- mmf a mn na ss as mu was skis me ss W m sm Blk uma mn ii wa HS ls mm E lm SE I0llS CLASS 0F '48 f jfxmrs BLAM' -Xnams Columbza, L11 YI Psi PIII P1ECl61'1lEll Lovola Umv of South and Cornell Umv JAMPS NIONROF XUQUN Greenwllc 9 C DLLTA SIGMA DFLTA Fulman UIIIVCISIQ Sclxbe Delta Slgmfl Delm 4 Luc an Dlxmom BARNWVI II Lzlnevwlle N C' nn I m slr MA DFLTA P1CClClllill Umv ofNo1Lh Calolma RA1 A11 Bourne mbrlu Pumlo IQIFO Xl PQI Il I Cl mmm IQINIIX Bmmx Maman N C llll 1 x su nm m Lm Pleclenlal Llon College, Stu clenl Council 3 Inte1f1ater Illly fOlIl1Cll 3 4 Secy 11 C l I uns Dell 1 Sxgma Delta 4 L1 sun L C IIRISTXIAN Slrmzrlflnng Pa Plulcnlal Columbia llll'll0l l,lCllClll'll Umv of Xlnhama College www m ma mam mm mn ms wa a w ss ss m mm Q Aww a ms l Q na Wm ss s x ss ss Cum. I'rL10N LXNDIRSON, In 1 mn 5 ms Atlanla, Ga XI PSI Pm Pledeutal Umv of Geolgm, P1 Kappa Alp a KFVNFTII B BAkI'R Bennetlsvzlle S C' YI PSI PHI leclental Fulman Umv P1 Kappa lu um x mam sm ms ms mn me ms uma mn s ms mn nw mam mm ma wa mn seam n ss ss " H ms Q mm mn ms mn mms msn au ,1 H , 1 V SS B 1 , E ' f .E ., H H H my. . 'HN ' l . H' x, A H , 2 E sl ss: s at gf. H , H , ' WH , H- -E Q I B .5 H . ss mn , '-, 5 V jf. sl f . 'w I 4. . , -x , , .. , l , , wj - K 5 . .' 1. um 5 . E J. ,E E E 1 ,ffm 1 sf- um. N' - H Bi H , as SAB -mn In nm ' ,- ' gl A ,., . v , 3 -I . 5 . E ,W I H H 25:4 M . A H A I . E B ' . - Q K' ' ' BRJESSE J I ' a - - x ' ' . - , l, H , l . h M 51 , - 7 1 ' . 'Bums E. Q .- 1' .: . nz . - . L 'N r . ' . H . ' 4' . 1. - ' . . B.S. f . ', I ., ' V U ' I 2 Q : I' 4 1 rf r w W ,M h ., ,K ,.- ,.,,. .T---- -. ......... niet ,T ,- - , ,- , E H Q- H ml E E M QM: E. -M ' I 1 - 1. . . 1. me xl ,, ss mms '-'sm ms . 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X M - H! l l ll ll , -1 ll' Wllllmll -ul I X . xx 1 rwum r x V i SE IURS K Ai.12xANDmz Clmui Allauta, Ga. Preclental Emmanuel Miss. College EDGAR B. CUNNlNc:u,xM Takoma Park, Md. Preclental Columbia junior College: Art Editor for Den- tal College section ol' the Cfmu'-us 4. J. T. lJIiPAui.A Hanmlonrl, Ln. Preclentnl LOlllSi2lllZl Sl21lC Univ. QIOSEPII S'l'RAlll.liY IivANs, JR. Hrfnrlerxrm. N. C. Psi omlarsfx B.S. Wake Forest College: Kappa Signing Vice-Pres. Psi Omega Frat. 4: I.F.C. 4 X'Vll.l.I.-KM Vuzcu. Coicwwiau. Aimzlicello, Ca. Psi om-xcfx Precleutnl Georgia SouLhwesL- ern College. President. Psi Omega Frat. 4: Vice-Pres. l'zm-Hellenic Council: Bas- ketball Tczuu 'lsrzsiian li. Di':1.1.1Nc1-zu Greenville, S. C. xi 1-si mu l'l'CllClll2ll The Citadel. Slu- clcnt Council: Collage Club 'Af-IIONIAS W. E'i'ill-ziunma, -IR. Allnnln, Gu. XI Psi mu Prccleillzil Yale Univ.: Editor Xi Psi I'l1i '46, V175 Class Sec- retary 45 :Xrl Eclilor for CZ,xMl'us 3g lvlemlmer of Ora cliestm '46, '47 .XLICAIANIXRO lfi-:RNANDIQZ Ifnsennrlu, Puerlo Rim A.B. Louisizum Stale Univ. ga asa Sim ma a aa -A I Ragga E1"w'Qm'a aa a a .. .,.. ne. .. -.. l.- . . if a -ia :awaaa WEEE' mmfui a aw':E7a,'ks,faa.m H' aaaa H 'H 'WWW H - a aaa? aa, ssaaa ' ' ' ' :lil sm l- ra.mwv,qaaa Qaaaaah, ' aa ma a gala? aaalaa a jaap, va . a H-fmf' 'ni aa aaa aa-ay al a aaa1a5 aa aaflaa 'mini MA E Sgal E a aaa- masagvaa aa aaaa - E? HM ' 'i H W. -amgaflg 5 -f if-f aaa Eg! --mm: - a . -. aa aamga- aax-wa: a iaaaa - aa- a a aaafa af a a a- aa-laa I am--a a BSS ak aa aa a 2 a a E .K E M B B . aa a V! 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SE IIIRS CLASS 0F '48 Au mn.-A O'l'lllNIA LAMAR PIAYNES, jk. Starke, Fla. Psi OMEGA Predental Emory-at-Oxfordg Class President 1 C. TOM PIOPKINS Grifj'i-n, Ga. Psi OMIQOA Preclental North Georgia College and Univ. ol' Georgia 'Wn.1.mM Cil-IORGIC HOLLAND jacksonville, Fla. XI Psi vm Preclental Univ. of Flu. and Univ. of Miamig Class Pres. El: Treus. of Stuclem Councilg Vice-Pres. of Xi Psi Phi 4 ROBERT A. Hossusu Cznztrm, Ohio llreflental Columbia Junior Collegeg Edilor Dental Col- lege Section of the CAMPUS fl N me an Ross E. Ielumnas Ailzmm, Gu. Prcdental Einnmnual Miss. College I'Il-IRSCHICI. D. Isimrzsox Plan! City, Fla. ALPIVIA Oxuicm AA. Univ. of lfloriclil '-we PFIIOM,-XS L. I'h'NnM,xN Decatur, Ga. DIHLTA sluixm DliL'I'A Preclental The Citadel, Univ Of Georgia: Sigma Nu HIRAM M. JACKSON Eastman, Ga. 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College of Charlestong Tau Epsilon Phi Roniztrr JACK SHANKLP: Clziclcarnzmga, Gu. xi Psi vm Prcdcntal North Georgia Col- lege, Univ. of Georgia, City College of New York, Hlash' ington Univ.g Student Council R. GLENN Run - . t1C'll,'Ul'l1I, flu. Psi omiarm Predental limory - at- Oxford: Phi Delta Omega: Associate Bus. Mgr. 1 .'XR'I'l-ll,lR H. Rlcirriea, jk. Gl'6!'Il1l'UOIl, Miss. l3.S. Mississippi Delta State Teachers College: Alpha Psi Omegag Class Historian l Romana' Li-:Rov l1YAN Cmzwuy, S. C. Xl 1-si rm Predcntal The Citadel, Univ. of Penn. PIAROLD L. SMITH Talladega, Ala. Dl'1I.'I'A sm MA DELTA Predcntal Emory Univ. ...eff "" ' SE Iflll CLASS 0F '48 to I ' A SAMUEL E. SMITH, jk. Oxford, La. DELTA SIGMA DELTA l'rcclcntal Southwestern Louisiana Institute JACK DAVID Vmrcs Tlzorslly, Ala. XI Psi mu Prcdcnlal Auburn CAREY T maine W1cl.Ls, ju. Canton, N. 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U N 1 0 R DOROTI-IY ALLENE ALLGOOD' Avondale Estates, Ga. PHILIP J. BRIGHT jacksofzville, Fla. DELTA SIGMA IJJSLTA ROBERT L. B UNN EN Pe11sac,ola, Fla. ,ALAN F. Busu Brookfield, Ill. Secretary junior Class VERNE C. IJORTCI-I Art Editor junior Class GLORIA Y. FLATI-IAIANN Charleston, S. C. Historian Junior Class .IANIES COLBERT GARLAND Atlanta, Ga. President Junior Class XVALTER N. GNANN Savamzah, Ga. Psi OMEGA HARRX' C. GOOD B1'z.s't0l, Term. DELTA SIGNIA DELTA CHARLES R. GOODXVIN Bz1"m.mgl1am, Ala. DELTA SIGMA DELTA WH. B. GRAvEs Mgwlle Beach, S. C. YVILLIATW I-I. HARP N. Pleasureville, Ky. DELTXIAR HARRIS, JR. Clearwate-r, Fla. P51 OMEGA BROOKS XM. HARXVOOD New London, N. C. DON HULL Augusta, Ga. Vice-President Junior Class 'F Deceased Pl.l, E . e A tlmz ta, Ga. 55 . .E E ,gill ifwiim jf? ms 'S as QW-EERE SWAN -x-:E 1 E mm .R ' E M . . lv E . E .fain l ' E ,mn lim R E E 1. EEE S E 1 ,gd ' in-an-sql' R ' V . . ,.:If. I L ... --s'-P , s 3 W -1. E Y . wg N 45 B y Q, Ji. E E . 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SAMTUELS Oxford, Mzss. XI PSI PHI ALTON L. SINIITH Lemon Springs, N. C. XI PSI PHI ROBERT XIV. TIBIBERLAKF lfVl71SIf07'L-Sfll677Z, N. C. 'PSI OMEGA ALTO B. TOXN'NSEND Birmingham, Ala. XI PSI PHI R. L. WOHLERS Fall River, Wis. 5 'X QS xy 'X W .. 'E m. x . na Ham 1. ma B' ,A , wwf , xi H Q E P nl Hmm H B K-XE . .ssl -- - sqm 'xf mmmw, P mx. Q r ss Xa Nw ss ,X P' f .QS ' me . x EP - 1 xl '-- .Fx 'qi-m. , .gd . x -f Wx . Qs-Q me . WW-1 wk. "-. w YA . ff'-. xx , A '5 tmsfrw ff-, N. .QM r 'Y - 1 M wi, W wr -- :-: .NN V , , .. . zlz V ,I AE , mm fi . wamwaww., Q m . ss ss ' 2Hni?w,"','1 ,,. 'E ss 'wma n 1- ' ': ss' E Q E uf n. ss! ,. gs gs MN, fm mm Umm mn , V H pg- W-gi Q mm R .E H mv ,H uw- aww My B -mmm S4 Q mm nw'-ms 9w!t'g5EggE,--mira!! tw ,.fmw:amEmsB,wm Y fm? :EEBEQHE my ,N H Q E an alan E - in Ex E EU Y xx a mx' nw 4 B gmnvgl gs HEQSQHWE gs gs -ss H M5 gs H gs gs gs ,mama mix -m-was S VJ L J M 'f f' 019110 QBMMSA l R. B. BARDEN Wilnzington, N. C. xr PSI PHI CHARLES M. 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DAX'IDSON, JR. , IRVING DEGARIS, JR. , YVILLIAM B. DEII6N , ROBERT W. DIcRsoN , YVILLIABI E. DILL , , , ROBERT B. ELEAZER, JR. , GEORGE T. FERGUS, JR. NIARCELLUS M. FORBES, JR. O. J. FREUND , Jol-IN A. GABIBLE , , Tl-IICO. J. GODLEYVSKI , DANIEL I. GOLDHAGEN , RICHARD R. GRANT , , OSMOND C. GREENE, JR. , CI-IARLES D. HANCOCK , . Newton, N. C . Bartow, Fla . Atlanta, Ga , Atlanta, Ga ,A Parron, Ga , Atlanta, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , Amory, Miss. . Savannah, Ga. . Blueneld, WV. Va. , , Atlanta, Ga. , Barnesville, Ga. Asheville, N. C. . Spencer, N. C. , Atlanta, Ga. , Atlanta, Ga. , Tallassee, Ala. , , Albany,Ga. Neptune Beach, Fla. . . Atlanta, Ga. , Fort Myers, Fla. , , Atlanta, Ga. Winter Garden, Fla. Orangeburg, S. C. LaVergne, Tenn. , , Decatur, Ga. , Albemarle, N. C. Lawrenceville, Va. . . Atlanta, Ga. Miami Beach, Fla. , Cornelia, Ga. , , Cuthbert, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. MAXWELL LANIAR HARRISON , 4 , Dothan,A1a. 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HHHHHH ' H H--H-WHHHHH H HHHQHHH, m .HHH H HHHHHHHHHHHH ,H-HH HHHHQQ ,JH-H -H-,HMS--g., .W H TWH W H 'HHH H' " ,. -.-"'.5H,.a ,H H3255 :H HHHHHHHH Em,-:mmmmm-mmmmm gmmmm HMM-m,m. H mmwfgmmmmmm WH-HHH -H mm HmHg-HHHHQQH---HH HH H mm Mum -- HHHHHIHQHHQHHH H H H - - H H H nag 5 2 H H ,mm HHHH HHHH-HHmHHHH ' Hmm m?HH ,H . H-H HH HH HHHHH HH H m m HHN HHHHEH HHH HHH ,, - ,m - H-H H H: HHHHSHQH H H -,H-' , . HQHHTHEHHHHH-, HH HHHHH HHH: , - - UH- HHHH K H..HrHHH mg ,I , , H H ,,,,H..H. HHH. ,HHHHH-H QHEQHH. , .m . H H H . H 1'Um'5Q H H W -. H H H .wiv H HH. H HH H HHH- --1 'mm mm ' m - HHHH--HH-HVHHHH.HHHz'z1H'HgHm5HQHHHHHHHMH: rf I' ' suns - xtmwawflwxwi fel- QHHHH HHHH H Dr. Roger E. Stzirclevant, S1.tpe1'inte11.dent of Dental Clinics. THE M N The story of the Main Clinic, under the capable and progressive direction of Dr. R. E. Sturdevant, has been one of con- stant growth and perfection of etliciency and service. The clinic is one of the outstanding Dental School Clinics in the country for providing its students with an abundance of practical experience in Diagnosis, Operative Dentistry, Crown and Bridge, Partial and Full Denture Prosthesis, Endodontia, Periodontia, and Exodontia. The DeLos Hill, -Ir. Memorial Dental Clinic for Children was founded and endowed by Dr. and Mrs. DeLos Hill in memory of their son. The Clinic is under the direction of Dr. V. M. John- son, and is one of the finest children's Clinics in the South. The course in den- tistry for children is designed with the purpose and hope that more dentists will give greater dental care to more children. Clinic No. II is located on the ground floor of the main building. It has in- creased its volume of service in the past decade to become one of the most prom- ising departments of the school. Getting operatifng tickets stamped and materials issitecllyy Mrs. Eaves at Sterilization Center-Stzzclerzts Grimm Miss Carter and Nlrs. Walker. and Ryan. Diagnosis . . . Dr. Vail and Dr. jones checking patients. The "Loafer's Bench" . . . waiting for that late L'L17fJ0l?1-l77'L6'77,l. LI IC mn an a us sw mms a mf B O enwzdea plenvrf 1 I ss a ss - mn mu W Wm s-ffvxnpix mais' mms ms ss a ms 2 is X How many gmmv slzmi? 9 ? ? Om fwencl M13 Lumfovd 1 ui-K E 5,52 W SH+.f 51f E Q3 M 'E' E Q EE . -.HH was ,H E N na E. I E I 1, , 7 RW . Km ' 1 y XSS .X , , H A5 I in Q4 3' 1-L ' SS E l'HyYmifi'EH x ,ing .E ' 'USE -fm-x , ,Z mam . '- -.SSB . I B ' Si : 5 L X 1. E E W W E El- H . B8 - ',. 3 ' , Q , I sm P, , , , ' , .. L. N, fw I I "HM , ,ms E , X a H--. ' X . x K X , .N 1 1 , B , CHILI! NQS CLI C r-- , .,- Nlzss Clerlelrmd gmmg out folders to children jmtients. H D11 johnson shows "Pinky" how. Looking wesl in ihe Ch1flfl1'e11's Clinic COL0 ED IC How z't's done in Clinic Il. ' - F orcejns, please. X Q W - H HH E-HIE H H -Ha ., B - ss -f U sa Ewa -vm -kgs I .I ' I mn H I mu W W- MwwwwMwwIwwAL H, swf--u I ws! W my ' -H- -'M -Pi-HH E 'ms B91 Emi Im' mf 'mi'l'l'E N sz-fx H ESS!! - E N ,, E N E N ' H-M HIS H , .H 5-KM H .H an K m sw :QI H f -3,-:ss . , ' I .I ww, wg - mu ,,I I MQ u Q 3 J. H HW H ,Wmuk I H Q- W HH ,. H MH , sf.i:-x:x I Si .N ww mmf W 43:5 .E H H 'Wi 5 W H H my 5 I E ,X E E el ,. I u H WI, I , M 1 an 'IW .m uw mga af Liam X w H U W .P ws ss xx mf-Q an u M M In - L H L x Q H. DE UNCII. Stcmcliug, from left lo right: Xfllalter Gnann, John Jenkins, Cordan Stine, Lester Dellinger, Quillian Halnby, Richard Grant, YVilliam Callahan .... Sealed, from lefl In riglzl: George Holland, james Garland, X'Villiam Oliver, joe Meadows, jack Johnson, Charles Sherman. The dental school Student Council is the students' governing body at the den- tal school. Composed of members elected from the various classes, it is the organ- ization which plans and governs the ex- tracurricular activities of the students. Oliicers olf the Council are elected by its members. For the year 1947-48 the following men served: Joe Meadows, presidentg Bill Oliver, vice-presidentg James Garland, secretaryg Jack Johnson, treasurer. It is the responsibility of the SC to pass upon all monetary matters concern- ing student affairs-whether it be for softball equipment or a radio for the . . . N01 in jziclurc: C. T. Nvells. lounge. SC also appoints the editor and business manager for the dental school section of the CIANIPUS. The annual "Caries Carnival" -which includes a dance and stunt night-is the pet project of the council, and, undoubtedly, one ol the highlights of the school year for all students. One ol the biggest phases of Council activity is the sponsorship and correla- tion of an athletic program which in- cludes competition in basketball, softball and golf. Finally, the Student Council serves as the middleman between the student body and the administration. s E s z5?M W agggiim 5? sm'-E 5 s ' QE. lyipfdmmmiss FEMS? is -msgs .ray -.Q JOE S. M EADOVVS President ,M . W5 is --Singing -. - . rio 0 no PP P ILII 4 L LAMBDA CHAPTER A The Omicron Kappa U psilon Fraternity was organized by the faculty of Northwestern University Dental School in l9lL1-, to encourage and develop a spirit ol emulation among students ol dentistry and to recog- nize in an appropriate manner those who distinguish themselves by a high grade of scholarship. Each year the honor membership is awarded to those ol the graduating class whose records show exem- plary conduct. good character and high-scholastic. standing throughout their entire lour-years of professional training. The fraternity has served as an inspiration to students and the privilege ol membership is an honor to be coveted by all. f ' Dr. YV. E. Coleman, Assistant Dean of Emory University School of Dentistry, is the President of the na tional society of Omicron Upsilon as well as President ol Lambda Chapter. OFFICERS OF LAMBDA CHAPTER DR. YV. E. COLEMAN 4 ..,. . . President DR. AARON L. KING . . , . V1'C6'-P'7'6.Sl'ClGIIl DR. R. STURDEVANT , , SC'C7'6lIl.l'3l-T1'Cll.S'll'l'C1' MEMBERS OF OMICRON KAPPA UPSILON, CLASS OF 1948 James Blake Adams Thomas YV. Etheridge, Jr. XfVilliam S. Mitchell, Ill james C. l'Vells Clarence Finley Biddix N'Villian1 George Holland Robert Jack Shankle Clement Paul VVilcox FACULTY MEMBERS BELONGING TO OMICRON KAPPA UPSILON Dr. S. NV. Foster Dr. YV. A. Garrett Dr H. D. .Iaynes R. Mitchell Dr Ralph R. Byrnes Dr. Clyde I-I. I-larling Dr V. M. Johnson A. M. Scruggs R. XV. Adams T. T. Bragg L. B. Brown Q C. L. Chandler VV. E. Coleman Thomas Conner R. L. Dement I-I. AI. Harpole C. VV. Huff M. D. Huff Dr. C. Hughes . G. C. Hunter, Jr. Dr D. Hunter Dr. Irwin T. Hyatt H. B. Johnston A. L. King R. U. Kitchens F. F. Lamons A. Pierce McDonald G. A. Mitchell Roy D. Mitchell Roy Y. Shaw H. VV. Silverstein . VV. D. Stone C. M. Sturdevant R. E. Sturdevant J. Ross Tucker G. VVi1lia1ns CAD! US STAF DE SECTIO Seated, left to right: Quillian P. Hamby, Robert A. I-Iosslcr, Ted Levilas ..... S tzmdivzg, left lo riglzls Verne Dorlch, Marvin Reddxck Edgar Cunningham, Hall YVhiLakcr, YVi1liam Callahan. sa STAFF ROBIERT' A. H OSSLER Editor Rommr A. Hossuan ,,,, Edilor Q'UILLIAN P. HAMBY , B11.si11ess1Wanagcr 'Tien Luvrrfxs ,.,, Assistant Editor EDGAR B. CUNNINGHAM , SeniorArt Editor VHRN14: DORTCH , , juniorArt Editor H,u,.r. W:-n'rAKER . Soj1IzomoreArL Editor XVILLIAN CALLAHAN .Fl'GSlll71t'L7lAI'fEdilUl' ' NLXRVIN Rxtnmczu ,,,, Stajflrtisl DR. A. M. Sckuccs , , Iiditorial Arlvisor DR. W. E. COLEMAN , BusinessAd11isor The staff wishes to express its appreciation to those who have uu- stintiugly given their time to make this section possible. We Wish to especially thank Bob Vfohlers and Tom Etheridge for their assistance. QUu,.L1AN P..1'IAMBY Business Ma n cz ge 1' Editor Hossler at work. Photographer Cmmingham- Hflmllyf 077 the 7.017- watch the birdie. The PLIIPOSC of the COUHC11 IS PAN- IELLE IC CCIUNCIL 31077111110 Inf! Io ugh! I'1ed Goldbe1g C OlC1'lI1 S11ne P1111 B11gl1t Ralph Baldell Hany 'Xleedle Sealed Iefi to ugh! Holaee Reeves Clznence B1dcl1x S1l6lWKO0C1 Mome Geo1ge Holland Ioe Evans Not 111 PILHIIE Vlfgll COIHWVEII Delnvu HHTTIS In the 516211 1921, the f1ate1n1t1es of tl1e Atlanta bouthem Dental College O10'l111ZCC1. the Pan Hel lenlc COUUC11 The pu1pose of th1s O1U'l11172lI11Ol1 was to estabhsh some means by whach the fm te1111t1es could gun a mo1e har 11101110115 relat1onsh1p among The CO1.111Cl1 IS composed of the p16S1C1Clll. a11d VICC p1es1de11t of the lour 1rate1n1t1es Late1 111 1941 1 11111101 1T1C1l'1bC1 was ap polnted by each of the respectlve 11ate1n1t1es to Slf on the cou11c1l and volce h1s 0131111011 but w1th out p11v1le0e of votmg XVILLIARI V CORNYVELI bnenwoon E Mookr Vzfe P1 eszdent PTESICIFIZI Afenzbevs of Pun Hellenzr COYIHCII Ralph Baldell C lalence Blddxx P1111 Bught V11g1l Co1111sell joe Lsans Fled Coldbe1g DLI111 I1 1'I211llH C eonge Hollancl Sl1e1woocl Moon 111111 Needle PIOIZICC Rees es Golden Sune to ugulate 1115111113 and pledgmg ol the 1,0111 1.I1IEC1111C1CS thus put tmg tl1em on 111 equal basls It 1CgLl1?1ECS any st1 de VIh1C11 Hllght eome up betwx een the f1ElLCl l11l1CS md 'tt the same tune strlves to CICHKC a CIOSCI Leehng of hdehty and 11 1CI1dSh1p The COUHC11 5130116015 tl1e annual dance m 1101101 ol the new pledges of the l1'1CC111lC1CS lt also sponsors any 011161 soclal fL111ClI1011S Wh1Ch the fOLl1 f12lICll'11I1CS agree upon The Pan Hellenlc Councll holds 1ts 111CClL1I1gS 111 the plesence 01 members of the Interfratermty C Ol.1l1C11 eomposed ol the Deputy C ouncellors hom each ot the fra te1'111t1es Th1S HCWV lllllflg was added 111 1943 1n order to estab 11511 a bette1 and st1onge1 organ 1L21ll1OI1 1 1 1 1 - .- . 4. ,, w , ,' ' .' , . .. , A 1 1 V : ' ' . U, ', 1. , 1 1 , , 1 - ---- .v ' 1 . ' ', . . .. 1 . . '- -- - ' ' ' ' ' . . , ., 1 ' , , l .. . . . 11 . 1 1 11' 111 j I , I w Q 1 .. 111 11 111.1 ' . . .I ' '11 SLB H I ' ' H1 ,- 111111 -111 h . ' D- B1-11 1111 11-11 11-11 . . Y11- - 1 1111 , . :H Y 1 111-11 - ' B SS-S8 Q - ' D ' 11 , B S8 DL .4 E ..f- . 1 111 H H ' , . 111 im . . ' ' ' . . W- "P" 1111111 C - ya 1,1111-1 . lm L 1 ,, ,..- " ' 1 , V ' ' we - . H 1 1111- .. , islam , 11111g11111, 1111 1 Y- - 1111111111 A 1 1 1111 . mmm t1emse VCS. 11 ' 1 1 1 X85 Si my Q - - 111 1 . - , 4 A . - J ,, 1 I ' 1 4 - 1 4. ' ql 1 . 1 . . n I - - ' I D ' . P . . n n ' " 'A ' 1 . . 1 ' ' ' 4, .,' J ' ' K 1. - K - 1 Z. . . V . . - . . . Q 1 . I ' l 2. 1 L ' ' .' , 3 . . , 1 ' ' '3 1 - .f 1 . . . . . A . , . . 1 1- .. 1 - A - 1. .K --1 1 1 F- ' n , . ' . 5 . 1 1 ., . ,. gl C - , , . . ' 1 ' ' ' ' '. . ' ' V '. ' L . '- ALPHA FIRA EH ITY ! ax l'lgilii1'l U ,ii FWZ iq- Nix i t il in X' 'sa-llllff ima!!! ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER a we Es Q? 's .Q is "Lu n' m new - wa is aw .s. B v an - sm? l PIE-'Wig In the year 1928 Alpha Delta Chapter of Alpha Omega was installed at the Atlanta-Southern Dental College. Since that time, the chapter has been in con- tinuous activity on the campus. Organization of the local chapter took place when a group of young men in attendance at the school-Bernard Agoos, Edward Blitzstein, Sol Cohen, Ben Hy- man, Herbert Levington, Jack Silver, and Sidney Mfeinstein-felt there was need for a chapter of Alpha Omega at ASDC. An installation banquet was held at the Henry Grady Hotel at which Past National President Harry Blitzstein, who conducted the ceremonies, and Dr. VV. E. Coleman, among others, were present. In addition to the charter members, the Grst associate member, Dr. Irving H. Goldstein, was also initiated at the same time. r Through the years, Alpha Delta has had no less than seven fraternity houses. At the present, due to its small size, it has no permanent meeting place. Never- theless, now, as then, the fraternity takes advantage of every opportunity to pre- W .'- sm'.E:5.,.-,awe their interest in the welfare of the fra- ternity by having held elected oflicers in the national organization. Drs. Morris Erbeslield, Irving Goldstein, Marvin Goldstein and Jack Silver have all served terms, or are serving, as Regent for this district. Frater Irving Goldstein is a re- cent Past national president and recip- ient of the AO Meritorious Service award. Always participating in school affairs to the limit of its capabilities, Alpha Delta Chapter hopes that in tl1e years to come it will be able to expand its field of activities and thus continue to hold true to the spirit of its founding fraters, who said, . . in order to maintain and perpetuate the principles embodied in our name, friendship, brotherhood, and mutual aid from the beginning to the end, Qwej uphold the highest standards of our profession, fandj provide lor our- selves the pleasure of universal brother- hood . . ." MEMBERS A. Albert Berger Ted Levitas as is is Hama-4, M-- Sent lectures, movies and clinics of all sorts. Several alumni have demonstrated Gerald H. Lifchilz Harry R. Needle Gordan B. Stine Leon Rosen jack Feinstein Lee F. Goldberg D. I. Goldhagen H. 0. Isaacson Dr. S. D, Zion, Regentg Lee F. Goldberg, Presidentg Harry R. Needle, Vice-Presidentg H. D. Isaacson, Seeretaryg Gerald H. Lifchitz, Treasurerg Leon Rosen, Parlimentarian. H Kiwis tw if Q- ss Llil RT BLRC111 EH? Ep. YQ fm B ss an ug 11' .Nl J K n 1 -'VL 'W M. tw '11 c -uit ff.- -r mm f-Lv QV as X as me SW? was an lm, ma i X S H H M RV VV xwlxmwm ww mms ms mam Q awww s waning Wsimsmis ,Ewa ha MR 'msn E EN 35 A VE ss ss 4 S Zigi? SEWER ,Ma ss an HF m m nm ss ms ms my sm 4 ?""'2 ms m mxws ms rs ma fu 4 B :wh F Wx 4515. QHWJ H n 'A' gmikkw ngsgaxss as iw H 835 mf EK BSE? Q sam ki Maw H 1-unix asm! sm S Efgxsaw as f 5 QM H was " EN www-G.m,.w"" K EE A is gf X MM.. M 1 -MQ W as EEE N Ev wa -Q...,,, 2 Q E X-a me pm ms ww sign H, wax nu- xv I FFINSTFIN D I GOIDHACLN TID LPVITM as mam ms m ws '21 am a ss ms mv was an an ms mega swim ss ms 4,551 1 fu, ff 'fi A' H n I I 1 bf- ww an sm Lx' .V ns- E + I xl f Y4141 In J-'mi Q x N V, Muff 4 ,-sw C B bT1Nr s 3 as Sak 33 s 2 v fx w H x Q H wa wa 24 ws vm mimim .W na nw mms fe-mm m A ws guna -3 mn mn ms- sm: Q swims ss ms may x E , -, , . 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AF Q EEE H - -' , A V ,,, H wi H I HHXW' " WH H , V .T ' X' 'K . 1 H if f- A 2-. 51 Q Sw VV S ' ' V ' V- H ' . .if'f,.. , ', - H H Q 1 w H HQ H H - 1 ' 5 -1 H if .. .. . V... ..,, .. ,., ...,...., . .. -. M W K, . U , Vx Q ' ,-512,22 ITS: ..:.f.'5,.f.E.L3:f.Q-.E ,.:.-,,.: t:. Q.f:V' V ,'5 H 5 H ' W ' H 5' f A H ,H H ff H N . ,V Q- Q V, SE 0 H H . V fs, f- - H- F 1-' -'IH 'Vu'V1-ffdix Q4 .2 ... ... ' dV"a"' Q B H 5 Q. ss 1-1 ss w gs Q ss f N 1 'ss as ss H B ... B U - V ss B E "' V'.".::':1vL-.!'.:'a1gqq:2:2-f-IVw: ' .. r -, Sri.. Q - W ff V ,X V H L W ' H N VV V H I - H - ,Q .V W X. N H " 5 A-V 'ff-,f 'mm Vx, W - - " pl - H - V2 H . 1 ,I . E H H xz. E E H f H H V. -'-- L--:VV 1-.WV-VJ-ep..rV'..--..V aaa... .aff V . . me .V ,ua-g' V- 11: ... VK if Vu - gf. - Q 5 fi M X - Vs V1 -.U - . - -- ,:..V.4 ,....':-:. ,. -.:.-1.1.3 '.,!,., :G-.YV 1, ,uf W M - Q 4 m Q 5 53 f. - H V- 2, E V- ss ,E sf - ss - - 1 V., - Vg .: A T Q 29 , Q5 Hg-gg 5 1- 3. gy ii' Q H Z . A-1 H R 'Q 11242-f:'la 2. 2 . ff2f'y.2wfVfi I : ff Q E Q -R 'W YH 'XM - , . V. '42 A mf . ., 'Z' 'f,',.r,V -iq, ',:'1H7f,j','Ai,'?1IIE" ..... - ... , ,V X ' 1 - Q Q as ,V a Ur ' Vs - Q - w f x Q 51 M M 4 , . fy: gy ' pr f-pV,, ifayV,j,,.g5ghjlVI"jgjjgg25 V jggff Q., W . E ,V W.. . N Q ' Q HW 555, Vw A VV Vi E 5 Pj. L - vm nl H nl . 1 if V . I 1 4 'N K1 V kd H ' 4 ' ' 4 H an nl . ' ' - ' . - H - . 1 , ' K 5 H V V I H Q ml Vg . H J . 1 . - H - J . H ' . . Q . .wg A Jaw .4 ,L nl .f' H . ' H - H - H ' ' an H - ss ss - A 'N P I H H A 'my' l VVm.VV.mV Q R ' I I X . . n H. .1 it , S U A H H H H H Q E H DELTA SIGMA ELTA FRATER ITY 6 pb 905 I 'W- 2 4 I XXI, , . X - ' ' I THETA TITETA CHAPTER Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity, founded at the University ol Michigan about Novem- ber 15, 1882, is the oldest dental fraternity ill existence. Charles NV. Howard, Louis J. Mitchell. Clarence J. Hand, Ezra L. Kern, Louis Manning James, Lyndall L. Davis, and Francis E. Cassidy are consid- ered the "founders," and this date is cel- ebrated as "Founders Day." The Commit- tees on Constitution and Rituals did not complete their work until March 5, 1883, at which time their works were officially adopted. This date is regarded as "Organ- ization Day." Shortly after Organization Day, Charles P. lIVeinrich, Donald D. Magill, and Yvilliam Cleland were taken into Inembership. The latter was the lirst to actually receive the initiatory exercises. These ten men, who were members dur- ing the Hrst school year of the existence of Delta Sigma Delta, are considered the "Charter Members." This Fraternity was the first Greek let- ter society to restrict its membership to students in dental schools or practitioners of dentistry. On February 23, 1884, the Fraternity established the Supreme Chapter, the graduating Seniors of that year becoming the Charter Members. They elected the first Supreme ollicers on March 7, 1884, as follows: L. M. James, Supreme Grand Mastery L. L. Davis, Supreme Y'Vorthy Master: D. D. Magill, Supreme Scribe: C. P. WVeinrich, Supreme Auditory L. L. Mitchell, Supreme .Pageg C. J. Hand, Su- preme Tyler. These oflicers together with F.. L. Kern, X'Villiam Cleland, F. R. Carson, and F. XIV. Temple, were the Charter Members of the Supreme Chapter. Senior JAMES AI.Is'I'IN ED BARNWI-:I.I. CLARILNCE Bnmix JASON GARDNER DALE GRIFFIN TOM I-II'NIJM,xN HORIXCE Reeves H. L. SMITII SAM SMITI-I PAUI.. X'VII.cox Cl'llCSI.FIY Woon AI'lllIi0l' PHII. BIut:H'I' HARRI' Coon Crmlztns Goouwm DoN JOHNSON BILL OLIVIQIL Douc: S.xI:I'ItIt Sopl1m11ore ARTI-IUR BUIIKIL Bots Futris O. C. Gussow BILL GN.-WN FRANK PIIENDRICKS Cottlxs LILYDEN MEMBERS Bon Ll'l"l'l.E Tom LYBRAND O1'H0 MCCIIOIII' PARK NICGEACI-IY S'l'EXVAll'l' Piatzlu' GEORGE STIQPI-IrNsoN Bon W IzI.I.s HIKLL VVIf11'rAI4I-:It DAN VII.IecI2 Bon Ursm' Lovo WEIIUNT Fr.f'sl1mcm IVIAJOII Asn O. R. Btrrcmt CII.mIu.II1 DAX'lllSON BILL DILI, Bon ELEAZI-:It GIIORGIQ Flmcus J. A. GABIBIJQ FRIZDDIE HUNT RoIIt1Iz'r JoIfINs Jesse YAIIIsoItoUI:IfI R. H. Sczorr ROBERT SINGIJQTARY Roamu' X'VA'l'SON DALI: BUTCIIEIR Dr. H. XV. Allsup, Deputy Supreme Grand Masterg C. F. Biddix, Grand Masterg H. P. Reeves, Worthy Masterg J. M. Austin, Scribeg P. J. Bright, Treasurerg W. H. Oliver, Historian. we 4 1 w W w w w ' J I 0 EGA FRATER ITY 1 -s . h - A .- .-f. .. --f": .. Ugly R' , - . - . err' 4...- .grz 4 ,43..,a..- - .. lf' q 'w if 'B -an GAMMA TAU CHAPTER my H . Psi Omega was founded at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery on June 8, 1892. From a membership of 200 in 1895, the fraternity has grown until today it is the largest of all dental fraterni- ties. The government of the fraternity is through a Iirien- nial convention called the grand chapter, with a recess adininistration by a board ol' oflicers called a supreme council. Swziors VIRGIL CORNSVELL JOE S. EVANS O. L. IJIAYNE5 TOM Hovxms PIIRAM JACKSON BILL KOLIESIIKO B. RANDALL KENDRICK JAMES H. LEE JOE S. lVIEADOVVS l'VII.I.IAM S. lVll'l'CIIliI.I,. GLENN Rlilill, JR. ALIIERT Ii. S'I'ALEI', JR. LABIAR 'WARII CARI-:Y T. YVELL9 I-IIIIIII YVILCOX juniors X'VAI:I'ER N. QINANN IJIZLMAR HAIXRIS ROBERT TIMIIERLAKE SojII1oIIIorf:s CIIARLES BARNWELL CARL BOWVICN XIVILLIAM E. BOYLE YVILLIAM lSRINsoN RoIsII1R'I' CocIfIRoN VVAILRIEN COLEMAN LIITROI' CooLIav llOBliR'l' CORK DoNAI.n CURICNTON JAMES DICKINSON RoIsER'I' EVANS IJAN IVIERIQUSON -IOI-1 HI-:r:IIIIo LARRY l'lliNDl-ZRSON NIARCUS HoI.I.ANII SAM l'lOl'KINS BILL IRMVIN HOAIliR JAMIsoN JACK JoIINsoN fllll.Vl"R LEE JANIES lX'lCKEI,X'IEX' RUFUS-lVlARSllll0URNli CHARLES NIIXON ll'IARVIN REDIJICIQ CHARLES STOW'Ii STEVE Tl'llIRS'l'0Y CIIARLES 'FURNER JACK VOGEI. :ARNOLD YVIQIISTER J OE 'W ERTZ CLINTON NVILKINSON KENNIXTII Yos'I' Freslzmfn JoIIN T. AIIAIR Ii. CI. ALLEN XVILLIAM H. ARNoI.n CARI. BRADLIQI' l'Vll..LlAM CALLAIIAN FREII CIIANIILER VIQIIOMAS CONNER WVILLIAM H. CuI.I-EI'I-ER WILLIAM DE HON Douc HANCOCK LAMAR HAIQRISON FRANK I-IINIIS JLILIAN JoNIas YVILLIAM W. KICKER ROIIERT KNIGIVI' YIQWIQLL LYNIIII WII.LIAIxI lVlAR'l'lN NEIL PowIaI.I, NVILLIAM RflWVEl.l. DICK SIMI'soN FRI-:EMAN SI,AIIr:II'I'I-:R UAINES S'I'IIIIIIINs THOMAS S'l'Ul.'l'S I-I UGII 'l'vLIeR YVILLIAM YVALIQICII XVALTER l'VA'I'KINS BILL l'VlLLl.-AMS CHARLES X'VlI.l.IAM50N 4 Te I P I Pnl e e FR TER ITY "' 2555? Hmm I ,. " .... , ' ALPHA ETA CHAPTER .3 R- , Mu.. . 2.52 Nefmm W M R R E? E R1-gm- H 2-RRERR SWF? R R -- R:"5'W'W' .R Engng R - HE-'-E 1 :mm R RR R FRJE IRRREH E - R-R HBRER RRVK 'R R.R '-'Eiigi' R as ..w:Rg.'R ,ERR R -W RR-'R 1-:mg R R R R 'R .H Rx-ER awk Xi Psi Phi was founded at Ann Arbor, Michigan, on February 8, 1889. The name gaven the organization on its founding was Delta Beta Gamma, these letters signifying "Dental Brothers' Guild," but this name was later changed to Xi Psi Phi and the motto adopted Was "Even-hand- ed Life Clan." Soon another chapter was founded at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, and four other chapters were organized in quick succession. The supreme chapter was soon brought about and its first meet- ing was held in Buffalo in 1901. Since that time the fraternity has expanded and is one of the na- tion's leading dental groups. Seniors J. B. ADAAIS C. F. ANDERSON K. B. BAKER RAFAEL BORGES L. E. DILLLINGLIR T. W. ETHERIDGE B. GODVVIN W. G. HOLI.AND E. P. KING R. E. KING F. M. NICGAHEE A. NlClVIILLAN L. G. NICLENDON P. M. BIEDFORD M. MILLS S. E. NIOORE R. L. RYAN R. J. SHANKLE J. D. V1N1zs J. C. WELLS Q. P.,I'IAMBY juniors W. E. lVIAR'I'IN H. A. 'MxLLER MEMBERS A..B. 'TOWNSEND H. S. Sfxmurzts A. L. Smrru Soplzonzores R. B. BARDRN W. C. CANNON GIBBS FOWLER S. P, JOHNSON J. A. LYNCH S. F. LAMPR J. J..PRs'oR R. B. Ross C. W. SHERMAN J. H. Sr'l1.i.MAN G. C. XVELCII R. C. BVICKER J. K. RomtRTsoN Freshmen L. G. BECK!-IAM J. I. Corrua I. DE GARIS R. R. GRANT W. C. GREEN R. L. NICKEAN YV. XV. YVADSWVOR I H Dr. E. L. Banks, Deputy Supreme Presidentg S. R. Moore. Presidentg VV. G. Holland, Vice President: P. M. Medford, Secretaryg E. P. King, Treasurerg W. E. Martin, Editor. jg 'ss R :R R RRR R R .Rss Rag E R is EE? R.. E R R ,R R 'R IN Q P' S-law ,D wg V ? fx me mm mu zu na is fs my --sm SP0 T Throughout the school year, the dental students take advantage of every opportunity to particil pate in athletics. Because their time is somewhat limited, the program is not too varied, but the tournaments and events which are held all meet with an excellent response. Highlight of the dentists' year in sports came during the basketball season. The "Dental 'Drib- blers" were the undisputed champions ofthe campus intra-mural league, completing their sea- son with an unblemished record, sparked by the stand-out play of Bob Corr. In addition to basketball, the students par- ticipate .in organized softball and golf tourna- ments. As this issue of the CAMPUs goes to press, competition in both of these events is in progress. Softball is played every Saturday morning at Piedmont Park. Five teams-Psi Omega, Xi Psi Phi, Delta Sigma Delta, and the freshmen and sophomore classes-are competing for the trophy which will be awarded to the winning team. Last year's league was won by the Psi O's, behind the pitching of' "Plug" Harris and Jack Vogel. The annual goll' tournament is divided into llights, according to handicap'scores.- Trophies are awarded to the winners in each flight. Soph- omore Bert Erwin stroked his way to the title in last year's championship flight.- 'KW Corzzwell gets arozmd. l H C' 'r .... KneeIi1'1g,left Smnding, left to right: W. V. Cornwell, J. D. McGee, R. G. Reef , R. . 1 101 I - to riglzty: C. S. Wilkinson, J. S. Meadows, YV. N. Koleshko .... Not in. picture: R. E, King, V ' V L. E. Dellingcr, H. S. Samuels. mmm- ' H ,if- X. K .- pq. 1- 1, ,lil 1 IH- , AV. a R - , 11:1-f-:--Q ,r v..,...,, .. ,W V 4 1' p ,Q 1sfv:L..,M 1. M' mia swam -xgfge , YT sm, H ,, M,-9 :.: 4: gp N, i 1 '.,. L, Q . hir... nigh: ser, , was? ala ss - HH a K 1? TF? rn -,,,. w, ei al l 123127 : w E?-'5'm QY , kiwi' 5 Ms? 1 LW2-mf A Ximian am-Q l .pu-U EEHTJZI H5352 lmi.2!1J1 Eff! Eli! ml ! REEF! V533 if W Q' Wim. ,H-Z1 HS. im.-Mww as M X M, aww 1 F 4 1359599 ' ,ae-wa' 1 5 - mx-ms, I Mme EES- Y , X I V WEE J ,. , YY 4 :.,. - W ' -it 3, .. xx U My , .. ,df ' H H 'W 3 . ., W ff .. BSSEM 7277354 H M 5255-Q. M gm W My H Hi M H 5 K K Q Mm Bm Q ,E 1 'Q A ss wi Im I wr ,M , , W Q B T x K S 1- Q l ur, .W Sw -W Q "W :f-gg: 'Wx au M: mtimw Q' il W, W ' " 3 Q ..-Wm '-2? - .-.-.-. 1 .-.-. Miami H A Qs QQ :mg , sw kv 1 2 , flaws, wi -53 L '-H: am Q mam i 'Y sf l L A e 4 .3 :.:.:.: a h m 1 . Q 5:5 Ma: a:::.-'- af nf. 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ROBERT HOSSLER F or THE CAMPUS ummm 1 ss ss ss mf fm a M KA was my up ss s ss 5 fm E: E ni 3 F5 me ss za uma my mn E , Si , mm , mamma ,- mm B X2 msm.,m mnzmnsmnmam sum ww W . ss 1-. mmm m -was H. ws rm ms ms an a an x ss ss a ss ga E Q QQ gn ss RS. QUILLIAN HAMBY F w I czrrielf "vw A QVHW was W 132 BN aww nv , In fx M 'fm f nz ,X f x hw S a fm. 1 X X 1 H H H my A X 41 L riff? Y K ww :xv T'-"V, NL! my S S Qglx S88 My S ,K ss N K H ss as am x x wa ms as f N f a MISS HARRIET LITTLE For STUDENT Couwcn. wif sf x MISS MARJORIE SOAR For PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL angie MRS. GERALD LIFCI-IITZ For ALPHA OMEGA FRATERNITY was WW V--iishx 'W W'f'T?i5A 'ww ' ,W qv 4, , W Q 'VL fW!J2E QSAHEHQBQ Q 5 ik - WIA A 4, in 91 Q f "' A -ESM Sn . if Q Q HW., A jgfwm, Q Q Q S A A ff --we A A f J 1 'ii W I '53 , - Big E' QQ? A 4 'fi M f 'Sw--W , W Af 'f A wg X R45-'ig ' k A .V mx gmm.: W is M M fa.: ,MQW Siu SKK 5 2 HK, -A . 4: mm ww, 2-uf ' S, , I h ,1 ' ' 1- U, w h E "M :KX Q X 4 A J? w A A-, As-Agfa' U s was A 1 A 1 - . , A 'rail , f ww ' Q as nk N MISS VIRGINIA LEE WII.,SON For DELTA SIGINIA DELTA FRATERNITY mx amass ,amy yi- J: A if inn 4- ro-Li? If S iw 3fgQ5?gjjf ewiftff ,A " I -wma, 514,14-f', 5512355 K H 'X .gz2?5 Y , imin-Q .ss E-Q,-Q-N - , QW ,,gRUg,, . QQ X- -1 H -,Q M aggy- -A U, v W4-Sp-2213 x Eimf-5: Masai-1 5 .- - " X fwh gf- . :E 1 :UPQ-139 gf: ' Q-I--,Q-, Q7 9353 iv? ,1 -1 J 5-55 an -7 f ,A -Q , E- fl .Ll H fe-W1 gy pw M 2 Q L- -ggsg gg-I E A--H f In -- S mg gag Q fi ui- 4 -1 gp- A Q. W K Y X -1 M -A zmwfi' Q: agar: W SWG -A: " H- ir:-igq fp- 1, H i?:'U,- Y ?g:1-Q-V,-' af? .LA z2i:f,'2 . -M -5--gf U X ME' 2 fi fs-as fd.. mm '34 , ,Q ., .:,-if-Q wl ,Mu ,, fi 'gvwfliff-w fx 1169 w 1,1 W Q in a 2 H M -- X, ss-. H. 1.- :uw-A mms -M mm mass mm .mfg A Jw E 553 TL ws ma W .. 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' fgiafggiwmg, 1 H mga . .I ':" 5 ' E ' we mffm EE M H sw aw? R H HPI his ,. .gf R M RM M ISS ALFLQX' BURGICSS Mlss NIARY ANN CHEAT1-IAM f01'Semo1- Class fm' Xi Psi Phi Fraternity "Queen of the Carnival" ,... H MRS. JOHN M. JENKINS MRS. A. VVEBSTER MRS. GEORGE FERGUS, JR. forjzmior Class fm' Sojnlvomore Class fm' Freshman Class lfwiil' fi MEAN.. M M. . E . swam M . E . . WE: H H . M.: I H E . E ,V 3'- F an -wa H E'ms .f K E V., . xl R whisk HT W. ml ,R 2 ,. l I .R 4 . R M155 NATHALIE LUIVIPKIN AIRS. GEORGE WY STEPHENSON NIISS SONYA ABELSON fo1'Psi Omega F1'ate1r11.lty for Delta Sigma Delta Ffraternity for Alpha Omega F'raZer1zily ss ss a Q "'4Es a ew an a B as sm an Hangman? w m 'Ham a any mn sm gs ' nm mpg WE E K sms a mm W W Maw' s ms nm ,WNW 'W 'mx-1 x-fm mn EH. w na- H m P1 S1 H 11 1 Sifxw n ss 'B 1 ,WE Q mn mm nu w H H as saw ss- L.L, H, Y! Pi Iii ,iw E R 'Hn RH s 33' ss E'?Em B Huw ss 9 as a as Bmw ms sg ,mm vm a xgw ww sum ms mlswix xm gYm E5 11 E55 B W E gg E 525 Q? 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Pycopay Tooth Powder, accepted by The Council on Dental Therapeutics, is formulated to remove surface stains safely with minimum abrasion, leaving the mouth clean and refreshed. p f PYcoPE, INC. - 2 HIGH smear, JERSEY cm' 6, N. J. ' l .,.. r i f 'ii' 'Polo -.75 V APER, cl' Z andhath Pawdu T CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY Ddozless Dry C leaning Wlnfev Bv1ghferLa1md1y Comel I-QOIICSL K Com Lland Plam l8ba N Decauu Rd AT 7339 The Bothwell Company IXILLHXNICAL LXBORATORX 1011 DENTISTS The Best ls Always The Cheapest 31" 14 FOISYIH Buxldmg A1LAx1x2 GLORGIA P O Box 12955 'xVA1uuL 9066 R M McC,LLsK1x J N KIRKLAND Jones and Mellleskey Dental Laboratory ATwood 5155 P O Bow 9088 589 Coultlancl St N L AILW1 xl GLORCIA Glzmpses OfD67Ii!1l students at wovh and at play 'W I 1 ! V I . rr V I U 1 'Q IVA! , 'T . - I ' 'ir-0 I ' - , . Y 'F 1, .f ,. , '. Q' :' ff BRANCH OFFICE-VE. 9122 . . 4 .. .L -. , L H LL ' ' 'F' . ' . . .. .J -D P P . . , M . ., ... 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Ask for them. "Dentistry's Future." What are your chances? Are there going to be too many dentists? How can you handle enough patients to earn a high in- come? This gives the answers to these, and many more vital questions. "Ritter Practice Building Studies." There are six. You'll want to read them all. They tell you why and how the leading dentists are making more money. We would like to call your especial attention to Studies 4, 5, and 6,-"The Danger Years," "Choosing The Right Location," and "Planning Your Stationery." Here are practical suggestions you can incorporate in your plans right DOW. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE SERVICES, TOO The Ritter Statistical Service will furnish the facts about the commun- ities you may be considering for your practice. The Ritter Oflice Planning Department will plan every detail of your layout--including decorations. Ask about the Ritter Deferred Pay- ment Plan that allows you to pay for your equipment out of earnings. Success starts with well-laid plans. Let us help you start N OW. Atlanta Dental Supply Company DENTAL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Candler Building P. O. Box 1686 .ATLANTA l, GEORGIA A Great Variety of CHI. MBI DE TUFUHM5 Models VV ith Teeth Fixed Orthodontic: Models Models With Teeth Removable Deciduous Models Full-Jaw and Half-jaw Partials Model Base Formers Edentulous Models Rubber Den toform Molds Enlarged Models and Many Special Models x o If it's a model for student technic or teaching . . . XVC have it-or probably can make it COLUMBIA DENTOFORM CORPORATION "The House of A Thousancl zlffodelsu 131 East 23rd Street New York 10, N- Y FOR PROJWPT EQUIPMENT DELIVERY BUY FROM Powers 8: Anderson Dental Co., Inc. The Carolinas' Finest Dental Comjbany - Located in the Center of the Cm'olinu.s. NORTH CAROLINA .. U CHARLOTTE '-. soum CAROLINA Aff' RI'FTER - S. S. XVHITE - VVEBER - CASTLE, AND GENIERAL ELECTRIC EQUIPNIENT ' Other Stores Located RICHMOND - ROANOKE - NORFOLK - LYNCHBURG I 1 L. LL Getting down to a game of bridge. - , . , . ,. .. . W . ,.. , .gg Q Q M E25 n ' its ATE, E E -M553 na .4 , .E .:. - . H vv 4 T: E E fi'-I,x. H A may m'ffS9'-YW17 as-TwS.m.E s5"fCvk'w1 mm! Us Looking inside a fmte9'nz'ty Zzoucloir. HA Q EW Q , IE E IIB fjfmzalpiece 'Sewicc 2165 STEWVAIRT AVWJ., S. WV. ATLANTA, G!iIORGlA CA1houn 3149 20 years of satisfactory service to the Dental Profession All Work Guamnteed GOOD USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD CLYDE 0WEN USED CARS 617 YV. Peachtree, N. E. AT. 2010 Corner W. Peachzfree at North Avenue THIJMPSU DE TAL EUMPAN "Everything Den tal" Our 'four conveniently located oilices enable us to offer a max- imum of service to those of you who plan to locate in North and South Carolina. Our close proximity and our ability to to provide you with prompt and efhcient SERVICE is worthy of your consideration when placing your order for equipment and supplies. - DEALERS FOR: Ritter, S. S. Wllite, Webe1', General Electric, American Cabinet, VVi11not Castle, Pelton ik Crane, and other manufacturers of quality equipment. - COLUMBIA, S. C. - GREENSBORO, N. C. - RALEKLH, N. C. - CHARLOTTE, N. C. ?vr l7reciAivn ben tai C44 tingei TYPE A TYPE B TYPE C TYPE C JELENKO No- 5 JELENKO Spenvfaf MODUI-AY G01-D RED.M5.FN7Z EFF M-,,,L5,p,7t U,-F anr.u.s.fu1narr. -The PATHICIAN SOFT MED. HARD HARD HARD of Casling Golds for for M.O.D. istandard Hardness! Cyet Easily Burnishedl Simple and Simple for Ccmnichaels, for Carmichaels, for 1-Piece 6. Unit Inlayg Inlays Crown and Inlay Crown and Inlay Castings, Clasps Abutments Abutments Bars, Saddles, etc. GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR GOLD COLOR fuel' 1 . ,dm "V J E L E N K O G O L D S i JELENKU PRECISIUN CASTING EUUIPNIENT X' ' .Fla I 1 These superlative .lelenko Colds will mee! every casting need. The inlay . A Y' golds are certified lo meet A.D.A. Specification No. 5. .lelenko No. 7 is P ' unexcellecl among partial denture golds. H , I K .FLY In equipping your laboratory, start right-with .lelenkn Precision Casting I . , l j Eglgipmenhl ,gelcnkn Ellectgc Inlay Pliurnmgc Eior waxc eliniiniiiol and I ---v -llx X ' ' eil' .. ' cf " ' I ' "-I e Y'-i' V - I ' fi - ' V- 14 ....,. l. :.: ' . ...A -y ..... ,. ' , M -H i proiflisrziglogl zigiixiiliuls Riot egr:ciZionen?xi1:3ing.Pcliii:d :ilhelrig eqxmpiiiinl M' M 3 . na nee e . Alf '--' ' N n , Detailed Literature and Catalogue on request. .,..'. MW J . 4 . 15'g3?JgOg53fgg91g3C J. F. JELENK0 sf co., INC. ,ELQNQO with Pyrometer Manufacturers of Dental Colds and Specialties -A-I-HERMOTROL For Wax Eliminaiion. 136 Mfest 52nd St. - New York 19, U. S. A. JUNIQRH YOU WILL NEED Our complete Laboratory Service. lfVe solicit your future business. You are cordially invited to visit our laboratory. EBERHART-CONWAY CCUMPANY P. O. Drawer 4065 9 Atlanta, Georgia ,gilding our ofagoralfory - T Vfith Dentists who know values, the primary consideration when it comes to Laboratory service is technical knowledge and skill. Reputation-"record of performance" is of utmost importance. Reputations are built slowly, over a long period of years by fine quality and superior service. When it comes to selecting your Laboratory, the deciding factors are quality, service, prestige-and other considerations less tangible than price, but much more important. We have been in this business thirty-seven yearsg this accumulated store of knowledge and experience is at your command. - Armzirnng-Smith Gln. Blaster Dental Technicians PHONE 3-7671 P- O- BOX 912 BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA y b I , f o TO YOU YVHO ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE VVONDERLAND OF DENTAL PRACTICE, the Ray-Lyon Company offers a complete laboratory service. As the South's "Hnest mechanical laboratory for dentists," we are fully equipped with men and materials to construct your restorations by the most modern methods and time-tested technics. Especially are we happy to serve young dentists . . . to acquaint you with the newest developments and refinements, to offer technical aid and suggestions, to furnish designs for dentures of all types, and in general to serve you in every way that we possibly can. VVe believe in results . . . are always ready to employ your preferred technic, to follow specihc instructions, or recommend that we believe to be best for particular requirements. May we co-operate in building your next restoration? , IN ANY CASE. . . CALL RA YfLYON! LUXENE 44 A lllllllllllllllllll f e t RAY- LYUN BU., INR. 418 P1zAc1-ITREIQ, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA TLELPHONE WA. 6279 - 80 Comjalimevzts of. . . NIXON-HOLCOMBE DENTAL CUMPANY 303 COURTLAND STREET, N. E. P. O. Box 352 ATLANTA l, GA Telephone: CY. 0421 Distribu.to'rs of 'WEBER EQUIPMENT VERI-CHROME and MEYERSON'S TEETI-I and FACINGS GENERAL LINES OF DENTAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT Plenty of Parking Space IIANNAU INSTRUMENTS 8: APPARATUS for better results - for better dentistry 'Ir Ask your dealer for your copy of our catalog, or write to IIANNAU ENGINEERING C0., INC. 9' 1233 Main St., Buffalo 8, New York Always Leading VITALLIUIVI FOR CASTING AUSTENAL MICROLIOLD TEETH MCGRANJL DENTURES And Now Another Excluswe LUXLNE 44 No More Complete Laboratory Seruce Obtamable Anywhele Compme' 445 MARIETTA ST., N. W. ATLANTA 2, GEORGIA Walter F HHIIISOII Leste1 W Newton President Sec and T1ea9 S D BELL DENTAL MANUFACTURING C0 -k RejJ1'e.senlmg: . RITTIZR, S. S. YVHITE, XIVEBER :md all 1TlE1HllliZlCtlll'C1'S of stzmclard equipment. DAVIDSIIN DENTAL SUPPLY C0., INC. Estnblislzcfl 1898 0 Fifty years 0f.Ie1'z11'ce 6 DENTAL SUPPLIES 0 DENTAL LABORATORIES Offices: ' New Orlezms, Slireveport, La.3 Jackson, Miss.g Little Rock, Ark. Best lflfishes O CRUTCHER DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY Incorjzomtecl BIRBIINGHANI - NIONTGONIERY - RIOBILE ALABAMA The Zips put over a hillbilly 7'Z.'ll7HIIJC"l'. The freslmmvi 7'Il.l7'ISl'l'6l quartet. Frank Graham Co. LINCOLN AND MERCURY AUTONIOBILES 600 W. Peachtree St., N. VV. VE. 0701 ATLANTA 3, GA. J. H. Fritldell DENTAL LABORATORY SUPERIORITY IN lX'lATERIAL AND VVORKMANSI-III' -SPECIALISTS IN PLATES- Bus. Phone: MAin 7467 Res. Phone: Ellenwood 3, Long Distance 745 MARIETTA ST.. N. WV. fat Ponders Ave.j P. O. Box 4382 Atlanta, Gil- 1 LOCKING INTO THE Zzwiwze The most modern equipment in your office will in- fluence patients to your benefit today, tomorrow and in the years to come. The S. S. White Master Unit and Motor Chair are distinctive for beauty of design, con- venience to the dentist and comfort for the patient. You owe it to yourself to see and operate this outf standing equipment at your first opportunity. I I 4 f it Ask your dealer about the S. S. White Free Office Planning Service and con- venient payment plan, or write direct. 'l'l-IE DENTAL MFG. CO. PHILADELPHIA 5, PA. YCJUIR FLITIJREL IDEPJTJXL C1RfXDlIA1fE . is before you now. Years of study have prepared you. for Professional work in a very great Held. YOUR PRACTICE-YOUR PROSPERITY are dependent upon your individual ability, acquired by you in training. YCJU, DCJCTWDR- will have to look to a dependable source of SUPPLY to aid in your efficient operation of an office. In Florida you can count on ANDERSON'S for any SERVICE, from the smallest to the greatest, ren- dered in a friendly, helpful, truly satisfactory manner. For 42 years, ANDERSON has been the standard for quality, economy and service in- SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT LABORATORY WORK Accelbt heartiest best wishes from this entire organization for your success, and if you practice in Florida CALL ON L. M. ANDERSGIN DENTAL SUPPLY COMPANY ANllERSON'S LABORATOBlES T AMP A - JACKSONVILLE - M IANII - ORLANDO HONESTY is of paramount importance . . . We take great pride in our record of honest dealings with practitioners in this territory . . . a record which has been of paramount importance in building our business over the years. It is our intention to maintain this rec- ord. VVe appreciate your loyalty and patronage, and your conhdence in us. o "Keener Service Since 1888" Keener Dental Supply Company ASI-IEVILLE - KNOXVILLE - CHATTANOOGA Phone 1343 Phone 3-4101 Phone 6-4757 Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company ' HURD J. CRAIN, General Agent if RHODES HAVERTY BUILDING Atlanta 3, Georgia Established 1847 J. lX'lINOR STURGIS VVALTER S. SM1TH J. MIN0ll STURGIS PORCELAIN LABORATORY 724-5 Candler Bldg. P. O. Box 14011 ATLANTA 1, GA. THE CAMPUS NVE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE CLYDE PARK, Prop. Henry Smith Serviee Accessories, Tires, Tubes and B61.lf67'I.6S SINCLAIR PRODUCTS 95 Forrest Ave., N. E. CY. 0677 TV e ajajnreciate your business DOWDY DENTAL LABORATORIES R. W. Downy, Owner DENTAL TECHNICIANS 723 Candler Building WA. 3235 2 After "28" Years- An up-to-date Laboratory, for the Den tal Profession ,,,g-ll" n-l""-I I-Eliminates the human element present in removing air by vibrating. -Exhausts mixed-in and entrapped air lfrom investment in a high Q29-in.j vacuum. 3 Only a Personal Visit From You XfVill You Realize YVhat Our Many Years have Placed at Your Disposal, in the Last-Minute Up-to-Date, Modern Equipment. RUTH ERS UJELENKO VACUTROLM Assures a smooth mould, perfect in every detail. Free from air pockets. 4-Assures castings of high-surface smoothness, dimensional accuracy, and perfect detail. -- OUR New HOME - 120 POPLAR STREET, NKV.-CCR. SPRING P. O. BOX 1068 ATLANTA 1, GA. WA. 4514-5 ' a ga ,S .. 5 A at ' f 2 A 1 fi Q A5 ,m,W WWWWJ 7 10 HL! Yllll !llE'l'lll.A Willa -- -i i . ' mmm mm num! ,Q ess ,, ,,. X l ' li ie?" - We ff x :EQ Y ,M ,fa N A Q A a lsr sa. W no w ts'-Ax Ar S 'mv L 2.1: .1 ka 7lRKAl.'l'll1l2 gr aw 5 BUILDING fr- N mam' ig! Nu.: 5,5 -ww, uf A f 1? 1 ' l E iii l 9212? ,pmgttct - F 'nmtnmc EQKSTUDX !:L A nt. ,tm'G ' ' N0 W ss s +5 M .sara 'li Q X QW ' l J fe! f V vnu mu N 3 f f - N.. ' ,fs R STUDY 3 WqSx mv -ez-f 5 Wyse? 4453 5 A WSW P0 w rf f H l R is V E I B G if-'ia K lt ,Ei A Q rf X QR' Qfl? 1 Acrict " ' f 7 UILDIN tw N UDY Nw.-S a ,.rrl,.- 71" an .Q -'h,,i'f?. xy l f .F lDlNC 51 um N F' 'll ee-A ,. . PRM,l'l4.lE ' lllll . I ' Q' ' v ggi. lx L Y Qtuyflg 5 ' 'W' Y ,J l K 11 l X ' mm.DlNb N HY Q 'le xt MU l Hll h 6 lei RITTER Help Wea Plan for DENTAL LEADERSHIP Like the majority of the leading dentists of America, you are planning to equip your oilice with the best-RITTER . . . And like every successful dentist, you are interested in PLANNING TODAY for TOMORROW. The Ritter Company can help you as it has helped thousands of others, for example: 1. Read "Dentistry's Future" and the Ritter Practice Build- ing Studies. Your Ritter Dealer has them, or write to us for copies. 2. Use the Ritter Statistical Service. We'll furnish facts about the communities you may be considering for your practice. 3. Use the Ritter Office Planning Department. We'll plan every detail of your layout-including decorations. 4. Your Ritter Dealer will explain the Ritter Deferred Payment Plan-you pay for your equipment out of earnings. Good business planning starts long before you begin to practice. Let us help you start N OW! Ritter Company, Inc., Ritter Park, Rochester 3, N YZ Ritter nulu ur va A srmnium Nor sown to A vmcl. , L ROCHESTER, N. Y. RAYIVIOND A. GOLD CYPRESS 4291 0BAL ARTS DENTAL LABOBATOBY "You have a right to expect more from the Oral Arts Dental Laboratories" Q 33W Auburn Avenue, N. E. ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA For Superior Restoration Try . . . B. ll. WEBB DENTAL MANUFACTURING CO. T1-nRn FLOOR RIERCANTILE BLDG. 84 Pryor Street, S. XV. Atlanta, Ga. P. O. Box 4185 Telephone YVAI 3068 ivleehfmical Dentistry for the Profession Emory School of Dentistry CLASS RINGS For any Graduating Year IIEBFF-JONES C0. H. S. CANFIELD 1560 No. Decatur Rd., N. E., Atlanta BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The simplest announcements may be given interest and dignity and the prestige of good form through the use of gen- uine engraving. WVhcn you have an announcement to make, request our samples and suggestions. J. P. Stevens Engraving Company ATLANTA 3, GA. Manufacturers Genuirze Erzgrfwed Stationery 110 Peachtree Street Telephone WA. 6870 J. Chandler Baldwin Established 1921 ACRYLIC-crowns, bridges and inlays. PORCELAIN-we use a new porcelain having translucent Fluorescence found in the natural teeth. You are cordially invited to visit us at any time. 508 MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Box 1919 Phone AL. 0815 Atlanta, Ga. For Complete Records use a B 0 S W 0 R T II Bookkeeping System HARRY J. BOSWORTH COMPANY Chicago, Ill. use ' 'Sm "' 'U 9 ai? se' si if i In :rm - Hz. -Ia 2, F1 In E sa lfr 'fi 114 ,I I. W3 L, It is Pl In Q- ty V ,il ,I :SET 2, if li 5 in '15 "G fat E is .Q Bi 'Q Ia, 21 '35 si I if in at up BL , 1, .i Qi H. "' Est Zag 2 9' , Ii 4 lift I4 H, ,gf Y maaaJ:,,M-a aasssgggg, ff! amz sis., Hwwwatiy' W5 answers -1 ,ffwcQa6'Iw-:f- Q If ill' -Q11 - ,.,,,f,,,M,-f' :V grltiffl J 'A ffzfafw . , "" fee riff' ? ,W Y 4 E 1 get .'1i'ii'2-5 mist Q ff mis- H S It M. ' if: 'i'?,' 1 ww-X li f- I I 1.1 3 'A s " ,, ,f. ' t 1' " -1 -3 rr ' I , kk! X N ,A Q P WN I .IM ""' '-eN'l"5tg::N-.nr H ' N E ' '-5. Y Q I 2 , fm, H .Q H It 3. 'gfg 1, .... XI ,A if-Il if jf iif 5,3525 "fx-wt es .I tfgieiigwik' xt aww Q I 7-,V N .. ' .E gag?-fa-'fr 1 w 'qftgi f ,A 1?-" fsswew . : wlwgaqif ff,f-'-' sg ESS E Q,4V PHARMACISTS Your prescription for a restoration is effective only to the extent that the men who interpret your prescriptions understand their business. Restorations entrusted to our laboratory are made by skilled craftsmen who employ only the best materials and equipment. These men respect your preparatory work and 'produce work that justifles your good opinion. VITALLIUM - THERMOTROL GOLD CASTINGS - LUXENE '41 ACRYLIC BRIDGES AND INLAYS MCGRANE DENTURES S. S. SWILLING Dental Technicians 209-210 IWEDICAL ARTS BUILDING and SEI 414 PuAcI'1'rIu2I3 ST. P. O. Box 2147 5 Atlanta, Georgia 1 YES, DOCTOR .- WE HAVE THE ' trubyte new hue mould guide . .THE ONLY REAL MOULD GUIDE And it certainly is the most attractive, practical mould guide ever oFFered by any tooth manufacturer. Contains every form and size of Trubyte New Hue Anteriors and all the sizes of 20" and'3Oo Posteriors: 1084 teeth. You'll want this New Hue Mould Guide. It will enable you to select the correct teeth for your full and partial dentures. lt will save you time and money in resets and remakes and assist you in educating patients. Let us send you a New Hue Mould Guide today. The price is 525.00-a fraction of what it' costs to manufacture. 'A' The Ilentlsts' Supply Company of New York 220 YVest 42nd Sueer New York 18, N- Y m w w mm HBH mm I m ' M m mmmm mm mmm1'm mmm EH ENSE- mmM mmm mmmgmmgm- m mmm mffm mmm. mrimrxm A mmm m' .m. m.m mmmmm m Em mmmm mmmm mm mmmm m , mmmm H mmismm xnxx Q mmmmmmm m m m m . mm . E E44 251' mmmwmmmmm mmmm mm.-SEE, gm -imma-sm MVA M"'1 mmmmm m mm - m. W H3923 m. gm :mg mmmm mm m m m m mmm m-mmmmmmm m I mm m. mm m m mm m , -mmm ,E Bm'E!m mm mm m-mggmm :E m mSXmTm m mmmmm m mmm m m m mm 7 mmm m ' mmmm mal mm ' m mm mm -X ,, Fm ' m-.Njr Se? ' ' SS HBH-SSB ,Af mmmmmmm :-mmm mm ' m-mm! mmmLmLm ' P8188-BSUPHB m mmmmam mmm mm " -m mm , mm mmm mmm -mr A m m-mmmmm mm-m- -mmmm DIIULIIY S DIARY DO0LEY'S DIARY THURS., JUNE 26 . . . Perennial letter writer Jimmie Stern castigates that lazy Glee Club in W heel. Says those nasty boys gave only two QQJ concerts last year .... Dooley admires virtuous ad of V. H. establishment. Big Phi Delt game liuntalmostnets one animal branded with the sign of the Bar Q57 Ranch. FRI., JUNE 27 . . . Dean Rece announces his housing rules . . . the good Dean says that every man living on campus will have a chance to see what stuff he is made of as a winter guest of the Emory consul to Lower Slob- bovia. 'Randy Hayes says he just can't chew in time to those hymns the ECA plays at cafeteria . . . wants dinner music red, hot and blue. . SAT., JUNE 28 . . . Harry "The Cat" Binford ought to tell wolf girl, "Command Performance" Turner that her daily late entrance in contemporary South ain't the tre- mendous thing .... Lamar Law Rest Camp requests hundred bucks for educational purposes, Jones phones proxy Vote to Cobb. Pin Ball Pete Sanders says doodness dwachus, what will Kelley say when he gets back . . . request granted. MON., JUNE 30 . . . Edith Russell writes play .... Players walk out. Dr. Dewey says show must go on .... Dooley knows this means Russell's play. Rece issues statement through mouthpiece Kendrick - Bottles found after Dental School Stunt Night only props. Dooley thinks the bottles were as full as the toothpullers when they left. . . J. University goes in for summer culture in a big way. TUES., JULY l . . . Dooley wants to be proctor in Petti- coat Hall. MJC says, 'NO " "Archbishop" Cobb thinks he should have the job . . . that man Brown, Odell, that is, begins campaign to' Christianize them gals. Girls don't want to be saved by the Brown method. Addie Mae Page approached by a man . . . Kendrick involved. Lorentzen posts flowery epistle on P. I-I. bulletin board . . . wants girls to eat at Pike house. Dooley allows as how woman- hood is undermined enough already. VVED., JULY 2 . . . Unidentihed Council member says Players could solve problems by scheduling plays for a whole year, but Miss Russell "she don't get this year ahead stulf so, well." Pink Sheet F ishburne News appears to compete with conservative Vlfheel. Dooley in prankish mood helps the pink sheet scoop the lily white one. TIIURS., JULY 3 . . . Toni Fulton and his Fred become separated in Grill line . . . touching reunion scene. KA-Phi Delt relations greatly improved since KA's pledge guy called Dick Fraser. Dooley don't know, but bets ATO chapter discussion was: I-IOVV, OH HOVV? can we bludgeon someone into taking a pledge pin. FRI., JULY 4 .... A ll-day parties scheduled for Maxie's Jil called off. Fine old tradition of attending classes on the Glorious Fourth must be observed. Everyone highly TO'd .... Beth "Firecracker" Johnson returns to take over the I'Vheel. "Laughing Boy" Fulton influenced to appoint cute blonde Frances Mashburn in Beth's stead. Fur llys . . . Beth battered, cries, "VVhat the li ........ , I won." Boys at- 4757 howl. SAT., JULY 5 . . . Dooley has limp. Attends midnight vespers Qthese preachers keep late hoursj in Barracks Couldn't resist singing of "Shall lfVe Gather at the River" and jumped. EISA calls prayer meeting for soul of one Landon Lindsay, lately departed for the fuller life of the Sigma Chi heaven. BION., JULY 7 . . . Glee Club friends on Wheel staff request Dewey to start rehearsals of "The Vacant Chair" in honor of Council members vacationing for summer. Dooley visits Retongapfactory on secret mission for Al Foster .... "Cue Ball" thinks he would look purty with hair. I-le tries Retonga on recommendation of high uni- versity official. TUEs., JULY 8 . . . Aronin tells Childs, "We'll never spend all the Wheel money I'll bring in." . . . Battle asks, "VVhere's the money?" Dooley knows Aronin forgot to send out the bills. Dooley wonders what happened to trafiic ticket "On-the-Spot" Jolmson gave Law Prof. Culp. . . . The professor declined the honor. Dooley hears ticket got all mixed up "going through channels" and gave up .... Dooley says he'll try same thing if caught. WVED., JULY 9 . . . Thomas tells McKenzie ten good reasons why he shouldn't be editor of CANIPUS .... The Boss ain't so hotg Dooley can think of fifty. Tot Jackson celebrates having a date, they decide to be beavers and build dam under bridge .... Dooley thinks that Tom probably built Boulder dam. T1-IURS., JULY l0 . . . Dooley interviews "Silent" Mew on scientihcally filled Coke machines that run out when a student arrives. Bob and Betty Marker, living in Nixon mansion for summer, get phone call from Henry Grady asking for "Ray." "Strong Boy" McLean runs afoul the law .... He don't believe in no law-nor haircuts. FRI., JULY ll . . . Fraternities announce pledges. Beth 'Art is different things to different people. The big Emory zvindstorm. REEMAN19 CREATIONS OF FINE C, HANDSQME an JEWELRY ACCESSCJRIES 363 .. ,. E. 6 " .6 6 66,6 . if-6616666-I .66 66. 6 K 66 if3f66f6e6.66 1 6666, f. 666 . .-6 . 6 56,666 6 "Y 6. 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S 45.00 Necklace, spinel center surrounded with paving of fine rhinestones 75.00 Charming umbrella pin ...... 21.00 Earrings fashioned in gold on sterling ..................6.. 13.50 14K gold topaz and ruby ring 220.00 ' JJ Prices include tax Registered Jeweler- American Gem Society 'gl' 6 6 Ill 6 17-Jewel, 14K gold Harvel watch.. 100.00 14K Gold, flexible link chain ........ 58.50 Diamond ring, 14K gold ............ 1,250.00 "The FREEMAN name reflects good taste" Diamonds Since 1883 X'-tx 103PeclchfreeS1'reef,N E ...-1- ATLANTA ROME l 6 RE ' Y . . 6 ND WALTER R. THOMAS, President V Columnist Harry 13i11f01'd's ojninion of Editor Rhea Eskew Johnson waits outside ATO house to interview whole pledge list-ONE-Dooley thinks Dick Stauverman should join Foreign Legion . . . only he and Dooley show up for big AVC meeting. Dooley learns that F. M. enters Ala. Hall ten minutes after curfew .... Mrs. Chick wonders how Franny did it, and Dooley wonders who-picked the lock for her-Johnny Norman or Hank Morrow? SAT., JULY 12 . . . Sigma Chi's extend EISA a mass bid . . . Jim Duval only taker this time. Dooley puzzled over Ed Branan and Boss Thomas getting so chummy . . . so he starts investigation of his own. Freeman Slaughter hears that AEU is going to tap sometime soon .... Dooley sees him in jewelry joint pricing chains. NION., JULY 14- . . . Rumors are circulating around campus that two bad boys from the Delta Tau Delta abode shot away every blasted street light on campus several nights ago. Morton Sanford Reichart organizes vigilante committee. Says Morton, "Them nasty rats ain't going to get away." . . . King of the Hells, Gene Caverly, goes before Trallic Court. Seems Gene scratched off right through a stop sign. Gene says the Traffic Court has no conception of the problems of the Jell Age. TUES., JULY 15 . . . Baldly Hale promises to cancel all cuts for Wheel stall? members if they will pick Susan "Homestead" Pope as the Wheel girl. YNED., JULY 16 . . . Dooley is broke and tries to hnd someone to buy him a beer at Moe's and Joe's. Guess who does it-Mrs. Chick. Emily McNelly gets picked up by a professor and they wind up at the same place. After the first round who should show up but Dean Rece and Marella lfifalker. They leave Moe's at 11:59 p.m. and come back to campus and drive backward all over the place. Dooley says people is human. THURS., JULY l'7 . . . IFC starts working on rush rules agin for the-well, how many times is it? Dean Purks terms fraternities rush week attitude as one of "servile obsequiousnessf' Now what the hell, says Dooley, things is getting bad when the Deans start using them kind of words .... Martha Vifilliamson thumbs her nose at the Traffic Court and gets suspended for remainder of the quarter. FRI., JULY 18 . . . Frank Collins and his symphonette take out a patent under name of "Emory's Amalgamated Conglomeration of Players of Symphonic Tidbits." They immediately go under contract to Maxie's .... YVhy all the sad women on campus, Dooley wonders? It turns out that Zeke "Sexy" Smith is going to be absent over the week-end. Other campus beau brummels wonder what Sexy has they ain't. Dooley knows but John McKenzie has told Dooley that he can't be nasty like he was in the 1947 CAMPUS. SAT., JULY 19 . . . Dooley hears that SAE's are starting a dairy in their backyard. Dooley cautions SAE's and says it's easy enough to clean off a concrete lion, but what about a live hunk of feminine bovinity .... Statistics show that liquor sales were up 281.1742 last week-end. Phi Delta Theta Southern Regional Conference in At- lanta. Further breakdown of statistics show local brothers were responsible for 281 .l73fj4,. Further breakdown shows that one local brother was responsible for 28l.l72fZ,. Dooley ain't talking. MoN., JULY 21 . . . Old wooden gym gets the axe. President lfVhite wields a wicked axe and shows that should he ever get kicked out of his job he could pick up beer money as rail splitter .... Lem Edmonson and Doug Moore give concert in Glenn Memorial Audito- rium. Dooley agrees with Doug that when you can't sing well you ought to sing loud. Tuizs., JULY 22 . . . Dr. Dewey gives test. No one makes over F-. Dr. Dewey claims he is a failure and Dooley agrees. Dr. Dewey and Kalaf get mad with Dooley .... Nurse in maternity ward asks Tom Fulton why birth announcements are run on sports page. YVED., JULY 23 . . . Flying saucer scare takes back seat when Emory model airplane fad returns. Stanley Jones thinks these model airplanes are some sort of secret government weapon against flying discs. Dooley says he don't have time to worry about it one way or the other. . . . Pin Ball Pete Sanders gets we'd off with Kingfish Thomas and tells him to quit cursing the darkness and light a few candles. Dooley says someone's got to teach Russell how to light a candle first. THURS., JULY 25 . . . Dooley arises from his satin and sequin sack to attend the Sigma Nu Japanese Frolic held on the lawn of iiel He partakes of refreshment to the accompaniment of Shinto Priest Graham Jackson. Dooley spies a sovereign in the grass and finds that all that glit- ters is not Marchman. FRI., JULY 25 . . . Dooley eats steak with Sportsman Owen and the Sigma Pi's .... VVhile trying to light a cigar at the AEPi smoker, Dooley burns US Sterne's nose. . . . On the return journey he catches 1fVarren Shattuck pinning somebody somewhere. SAT., JULY 26 . . . Up early to have pasteurized bugs at Mew's Grill with Carousellers Morrow and Binford .... Dooley has a late date with Virginia Highland but hitches a ride in Gene VVelden's Black Bullet-no suds. MON., JULY 28 . . . Dooley decides to write essay on "Rawness" and calls on "Mr. Contemporary South" for help in this projectg gets lecture on merits of the "Telfair System." . . . Attends meeting of Trafhc Committee, hears Prof. Artmunn suggest placing "No Exit" signs at all roads leading from campus. T1-iURs., JULY 29 . . . Major Pendleton tells Dooley that all dawgs must get out of them trailers. So Dooley tucks his tail and slinks over to see Pills Farris. Farris gives him a box of white ones and tells him to come back tomorrow for the pink ones. YVED., JULY 30 . . . Florence Nightingale comes to his rescue and says we don't have no Rocky Mountain fever in these clay hills as Dooley crushes a tick with his left elbow .... Beastly weather .... Dooley looks around for Merman Newton to go for a swim-he can't be found. Shea says he's gone wading at some girlie camp. Labels that speak quality and value ?9'P!'c5'J?67pZ? , figs 15 ARROW SWR J! Y mS QQ Yxgvfx y , Cf HES TROY GUILD sums N506 LQQAOA 4 XA 69 A 0 KNOX HATS WW Q30-fff.fz0pf 'TQKPARKS -CHAMBERS SA 0 ,X 4l-43 PEACHTREE sr. A nCLlf'6:'!f77.cf?fs776Sl',U'7 Eclilor Rhea Esltewfs opinion of Columnist Harry B lnford. THURS., JULY 31 . . . Vllhile fleeing toward the cafeteria, Dooley bumps into Miss Shen Chang and they converse in Sanskrit as Dooley asks Miss Chang to have some Chop Suey-Chop, Chop .... Dooley drops the subject as a bevy of belles from the treasurer's office hove into view. FRI., AUGUST 1 . . . Psycho-analyst Workinaii causes minor upset in capturing faculty golf championship- Hathletics for all" says de COACH, beaming. Dooley forthwith enters the Silver Pinball Fray and draws "Call Me Jim" Douglas as opponent. Both are beaten by a high school kid. This gives Dooley a Payne. SAT., AUGUST 2 . . . Dooley sees "Girl of the Week" Turner being pursued across the quadrangle by the fac- ulty Wlatch and Ward Society. Jurassic Martin leads the pack, but gives up the chase and goes out for one with Omar lMinervaj Bradley .... Rumor to the effect that Torn jackson got real brave at last Council meeting and said "VVe don't ask the lflfheel, we tell the Wheel," is being tracked down by Dooley. MON., AUGUST 4 . . . Wheel announcement that Al Foster and Sam Cobb are going to attend conference at University of Wiscoiisin. Dooley hears Al's many QPQ friends make sneering remarks about his getting an- other free vacation, but Dooley thinks that Al must be pretty smart. There ain't many that have done so much with so little .... A third delegate will be selected and Dooley hears that Frank "St. Louis Boy" Steinbruegge will show up and champion cause of Bob "Chicago Boy" VVelcl1. QDooley's note: You gotta watch these damn Yankeetsj Phi Delts expect this to be the start ol a bril- liant political career for their boy Steinbruegge. TUES., AUGUST 5 . . . Monday night gossip from Moe's and joe's leads Dooley to believe that Carpetbagger Thomas is making the SAE's toe the line in their KA witch hunt. VVhat Dooley would like to know is what the Carpetbagger has on the SAF.'s that makes them genuflect every time they pass the Phi Delt House. WED., AUGUST 6 . . . In connection with this same witch hunt it seems that the Carpetbagger is having trouble in convincing Sam 'fLieute.nant" Smith lhe's suspected of having Confederate leaningsj that he should investigate. Perhaps Dooley should say what all this is about. The Carpetbagger is using his stooges Eddie Brannen and George Bryant to press charges against the KA's for al- legedly having obtained illegally a rush list for the Fall quarter. ' THURS., AUGUST 7 . . . Dooley rattles over to cafeteria for EISA's "House of Blue Lights" dance and waits for Snake Sanders to appear on the Goon River show. Sanders fails to appear-Elam Nunnally subs-horrific .... Dooley tries to make Mimi Conner happy but Jimmy Iames wins by an inch. A FRI., AUGUST 8 . . . Dooley decides to rove in the country and take in the Kegga Ales barn dance. Helps Pat Miller revive Betty Hitz after second square. Dooley rides back with jell Caverly who leaves two inches of rubber on road scratching off. SAT., AUGUST 9 . . . Dooley goes uninvited to East Lake for Cay Greene's luncheon. Ignored by the dowagers and bride-elect he plays the nineteenth hole with Louis Fitz- simmons and Bob Dell .... Boss Thomas picks up Dooley and others for picnic at Wlalter QDiamonds in My Hairy Thomas's country "place." MON., AUGUST ll . . . Dooley watches Chi Phi's trounce TEPhi's for softball championship. Vllrites story for lflfheel but Ed Mlaits gets the by-line. It was too much Stafford and Cunningham for Bossen' Boys to overcome. Tuizs., 1-XUGUST 12 . . . Dooley interviews Housing Man- ager Major Pendleton about installing iire extinguishers in Mudville apartments. Marine Tuflie Pendleton says, "In case of fire, let 'ein jump." . . . To cool off Dooley drops over to the Delicatessen QQ and there talks over the female field with Murphy and Dicus. Moe shakes them at a quarter 'til . . . back to Anatomy 000. NVED., AUGUST 13 . . . Dooley reclining in the Dobbs penthouse watches George Cooper lead a spirited faculty team to victory in playoff with Phi Delts. Rucker Ginn led the losers to inglorious defeat. Trapper Freeman started a rally with a beautiful swan dive through the net .... No avail. THURS., AUGUST 14 . . . Dooley gives first aid to Jim Douglas who is shocked when lightning causes I-Iorton's gaming device to TILT .... Them dang AEU's pass Dooley by again-hits de thud time since de late un- pleasantness. FRI., AUGUST l5 . . . Dooley gets to the auditorium early for the choral contest, but Dewey won't let him sing .... Helen Knox QI can't hear a thing, but oh, you kid, my adjectivesj Spain chooses the Harrison Reeves-ATO for the prize-a chocolate cake lughlj and a trophy. They sing "The Jewel Song" but the coloratura was ragged as hell . . . paging McDonald. SAT., AUGUST 16 . . . There is a bright spot for the night -Miss Miky Kent is selected as "Cotton Queen" at Nurses Ball. Moff Kendrick, Tom Fulton's boy, gets to escort her and Dooley settles for Miss Scarlett O'Hara of Tara. MON., AUGUST 18 . . . Dooley goes into hibernation- studying for exams. Two WEEKS LATER . . . Grades come out. Dooley has flunked his exams. How in hell you think he's stayed around so long! Summer has emlecl-cfm Fnll be far llelzind? FALL QUARTER SEPT. 19-24-RUSH VVEEK . . . Alabama Hall oflf limits to everyone except freshmen and proctors. The Big Shot Phi Delt tells Dooley he saw one of those Nasty Proctors sashay into Moe's with three freshmen. Dooley's bones clank as he cringes over such news and says Sam Cobb wouldn't pull a trick like that. Brave freshman tells Dooley he wishes the boys would wipe the CS grins off their faces . . . he'd like the nake dtruth, but Dooley says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Dooley suggests censor for rush week skits . . . even some sixteen-year-old blushed. Dooley says don't fight boys, there's enough to go around. Sure enough, everybody gets a bid except the Wwwms Kf ,N wax f C It zu0n't bite you, Kezupie. SAE lion and was his face red. . Dooley don't take sides but thinks KA's shadowed other Greeks. lfVEn., SEPT. 24- . . . Erudite freshmen and pledges start asking embarrassing questions .... I'Vhere are we going to eat, ask Phi Delt, Sigma Chi and KA pledges? In the backyard, say the brothers. TI-IURS., SEPT. 25 . . . Chi Phi pledge who is strange create, bragging about CocaCola going up since his em- ployment . . . Emory Rylander, sez brothers. Sigma Nu new ones want to know how Stratton Story got the shiner. . . . Pledges don't ask questions! Dooley knows this is mean but he says that sometime he have vicious mind. FRI., SEPT. 26 . . . SAE pledges ask where are other pledges? Brothers say shut yo' little mouf. Foster Bullard can't make up his mind between ATO and SAE .... decides to wait a spell. 456 freshmen start for home. , . Dooley wonders how many will be back Monday. SAT., SEPT. 27 . . . Freshmen start rolling trashcans down sacred halls of ole Alabama .,.. Dooley says ain't tese freshmen mischievous and rolls one himself. Council meeting was rough, Dooley learns , . . seems EISA don't want to lose identity by sponsoring dance with Council and Wheel . . . aesthetic side of Wheel stalf revealed- they decide to sponsor a beauty contest. MoN., SEPT. 29 . . . 455 frosh return and start asking wheren'hell is 1947 yearbook? Dooley thinks it ain't none of their business, but he wonders wheren'he1l it is. Dooley interviews Major Pendleton, major domo of Lower Slob- bovia .... Major says life is wonderful for residents of that fabled land . . . like living in the garden of Eden- everything except Eves. Tuns., SEPT 30 . . . john McKenzie takes credit for some sage advice. Thus sayeth john-Freshmen with History lOl on schedules advised to transfer to U. of G. immedi- ately. Dooley says those high school jells gotto go to school on Saturdays. VV1-zo., OC'l'. l . . . Those magic ffor somej letters DVS used to quiet Bobby Forbes when he became obnoxious. . . . Dooley hears this is often. Sam Smith wants every- body to sign Honor Code .... Dooley starts search for NVhite quill and two witnesses. TIIURS., OCT. 2 . . . Beth johnson tips Dooley off on love life of Wheel staff . . . Dooley thinks this more in- teresting than stuff they print. Carrot Top says Kendrick has succumbed to E:l5hfI"0fZ,P"0?iN . . . not soft-hearted Moffett .... Dooley says maybe Beth just loves a LOVE story. FRI., OCT. 3 . . . Glee Club drumming up new members H0RT0N9S DRUG STURE 0 The Convenient Place to Meet Q TOBACCOS CANDIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES Best Wishes . HIX-'GREEN 11:1-i EUMPANY "The Buick Center", North Ax enue between the Peflchuees rig In 'fir . lgiaig . Qwffqmmaw Y! ,Y t, ,, 91 ., "kHsE.s?SvEf.:a3.rZ?QsiE2a2L'ff'f-.. ' '5"1E'fi'E'QefSisQ The girls' room will be over there. from freshmen . . . tried and true toners look to your laurels. Dooley hears that the boys threw a party in the Crystal Bar in St. Pete to raise their morale from the mire and morass. SAT., OCT. 4 . . . Father Cobb found in room with head bashed in. Dooley suspects a frustrated freshman . . . inquest shows cause to be waxed floor and new shoes. Suspects Hugh Mallett and Art Draper exonerated. MON., OCT 6 . . . BULLETIN! Dooley learns that Rece will play Rece in "You Can't Take It Witli You." . . . Dooley wants to play "The VVO1nen." Peggy Harbin groans a sultry "Oh-h"-as Bob Mfallace comes by. TUES., OCT. 7 . . . Dooley says dOn't tell the Tech fellows but "jellitis" is sweeping the campus .... Rumor has it that IfValter Alexander will be initiated by OBX and johnny Grant has been elected "Spirit of the Seminary." . . . Dooley balks at Elam Nunnally's invitation to join the 1947-48 Debutante Club. WED., OCT. 8 . . . Shylock Fisher Craft makes Wheel with trafic violation . . . hurrying to buy copy of "How To Be A Real Great Lover." Dooley hears that somebody wants to control the Plfheel . . . Mfilliam Randolph Fulton screams about Freedom Of the PRESS. THURS., OCT. 9 . . . Metropolitan Opera Co. signs soprano Charlie Brockman .,.. Dooley thinks Charlie will be the maddest Lucia di Lanunernioor ever. Harri- son Reeves also added tO Cherub Choir of this group. FRI., OCT. I0 . . . Sid Sellars' nose lights up when Prof. Quayle states that more alcohol is consumed than water. Sid is an SAE, everyone .... Gross freshman addresses Johnny Norman as "FatsO" . . . Dooley says so what . . . freshmen are gross and Johnny is fat. SAT., OCT. 11 . . . Wlieel continues anti-ODK campaign . . . don't they want nobody to make charmed circle or just trying to keep the Al Fosters out? Bill Grant chews some sugar cane and tells Dooley that he can't swallow the stuff . . . them damyankees! MON., OCT. 13 . . . Dooley hears that Beta Theta Pi's want to settle at Emory . . . hangs out welcome mat. N. D. Meadows claims HE has made Players most virile campus organization . . . what with ODK tapping coming up and everything. Dooley wonders what the h ........ Gene Welden had. to do with it. TUES., OCT. 14 . . . Delta Tau bridge tournament goes into 687th week. Mfooley knows what's wrong with those boys now . . . Jim Ridley is smoking perfumed rabbit tobacco. Dan Standard blushes as he allows he can't grasp Building The Lawyer's Library The practice of law is a complicated profession and requires the most exacting of tools. It is the lawyer's business to know the general principles of law fitting any case that might be brought to him. It is the law book publisher's business to present the tools that will enable the lawyer to apply the general principles in the Hnest detail. Books of primary importance are the local Books of the State in which you will practice. TI-IE MOST IMPORTANT GEORGIA LAW BOOKS CODE OF GEORGIA, ANNOTA'fED GEORGIA SUPREME COURT SREPORTS GEORGIA COURT OF APPEALS REPORTS DIGEST OF Tl-IE STATE REPOR1'S INGRAM' 84 PAR!-IAlVI,S GEORGIA LEGAL FORMS, ANNOTATED IREDFEARN ON VVILLS AND AnM1N1sTRAT1ON or ESTATES IN GEORGIA,. ETC. . . . SOLD ON CONVENIENT TERNIS . . . Our Long experience is you-rs for the askmg THE IIARRISIIN CIIMPANY Law Books Pryor Sc I-Iunter Sts. Atlanta 2, Ga. A Record of Unselfish Service 'k Tzurmty-five student generations of 77072-19T0fll service to the Emory family, by and from Emory men and women. 'k The four university enterprises listed below are operated for the benefit of the student body. They are non-profit and sometimes not even self-sustaining. In these difficult times they may frequently be long on problems and short on solutions. They ask your patience. They deserve your patronage. The Cafeteria has been completely renovated and expanded as of Jan- uary, 1948.1 These service enterprises compare favorably with those in any school in the country. THE CAFETERIA THE GRILL Cafeteria Building Clifton Road THE DIIBBS HALL THE CLEANERS Br00KSTORE Bnsemenl, Dobbs Hall Clifton Road "Athletics for all." the higher mistresses of Organic . . . Dooley says he should hope not. WED., OCT. 15 . . . Jim, Parks sports Duckwortlfs Ford . . . ain't he a smooth one? Ask Sherlock Holmes Morrow but don't repeat what he tells you. Dooley learns that Bill Heinz was short-sheeted and didn't know it . . . can it be? THURS., OCT. 16 . . . Dooley had a rare juicy bit for today but forgot it . . . thinks he'll get in touch with Johnson, she remembers that sort of thing. Sandy Haw don't know rush week is over . . . he's still bumming cigarettes. Dooley hears backwash from Sigma Pi party at Vogel Park, Frank Gay and boys had mountain dew and a Gay time. FRI., OCT. 17 . . . Curtis Tillman is sho 'nuf a fast oneg initiated Tuesday, buys pin Ylleclnesclay, pins girl Friday. Dooley says ATO's ain't so hot . . . whatcha do on Thurs- day, Curtis? SAT., OCT. 18 . . . Dooley presents a CLASSROOM CLASSIC: It seems a journalism prof, with Mona Lisa moustache, relinquished the floor to a student, initials Ylforth McDougaltl, for an oral report. The prof sat down by an open window. As the student spoke, a clog barked sharply outside the windowg the student turned, "Did you have a question, Mr. Baskette?" QDooley says we gotta get the faculty interested in the CANIPUSJ MON., OCT. 20 . . . Wheel has lots of news . . . -lack Dougherty named prexy of ODK . . . let's go Sigma Chi. Look out, says Dooley, ain't no use in knocking every- body down. Oscar Adams gets mad at editor of Tom Fulton's paper . . . Oscar says IFC is NOT a weak sister. Yes? 1've said it and I'1n glad . . . so there. Tues., OCT. 21 . . . Unscrupulous character listed as R. LI. Thomas is roughly handled by traflic court .... Dooley wonders if it could be Russell Thomas of the VVest Palm Beach TomAsses. IFC takes 75 minutes to line Sigma Nu's Hve bucks . . . Dooley says he can wait. Wen., OCT. 22 . . . Binford and Morrow explain coke heirachy . . . four-coke-man is loyal but one-coke-man is a Benedict Arnold. Big collaborationist dance Uflflreel, EISA, SACQ thrown last week. Dooley says EISA only ones who got thrown. Phi Delts with savwah fair partner with Scott cuties in fashion show. THURS., OCT. 23 . . . SAE luck continues in football as they lose to Newt Turk's outfit. The KA's had always thought Morris YV'ebb a gentleman but in today's game found out he was from the wrong side of the tracks. Dooley is feeling low today . . . must be the heat. FOR FINE FOODS EMORY STUDENTS GO To... TII0lYlP-SON'S RESTAURANT NEWLY DECORA TED fln the Villagej DEARBORN 9147 I 1873 N. DECATUR RD. Have a Coke ff.. K 72:3 iw ,, ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING 1 h C C C k C C 1 C C 1 nd it abbreviat C k the registered trade-m d t guish the products of 1 C pany. jolmny goes to printer for more parking tickets. FRI., OCT. 24 . . . The EISA boys must have been drink- ing Retonga-they sure gave the KA's a hard time in football .... Dooley thought those Seminary pinks were cheering for him. Henri Freeman starts his quarterly project-translating Dr. McLean's feudalism lectures into Sanskrit .... Dooley hopes they will now be interesting. SAT., OCT. 25 . . . Stratton Story nursing a Shiner . . . baby sitting gets rougher and rougher. Sees Joe Dean cavorting around, elections 1T1L1St be just around corner . . . after all, Dean does begin with a "D" .... Dooley says as a student he ain't voting since students don't vote. MON., OCT. 27 . . . EISA keeps quiet at Council meet- ing, but C. Anderson and R. Thomas tangle over 1947 CAMPUS . . . Anderson calls Thomas . . . Mr. Thomas and Thomas says he wants to be called Russell. Dooley knows who Cary was stooging for but he ain't telling. SAE's have somebody named T. V. Smith for lunch .... Who is he? . . . Dooley don't know or care. Tues., OCT. 28 . . . Phi Delt strangle-hold on Debate Forum challenged by KA pledge . . . Bob Flournoy wow of the evening .... Last night's Council meeting talk of the campus . . . smooch-happy Kalogridis disturbed when someone invades his trysting place. VVED., OCT. 29 . . . Campus Talk . . . Sigma Pi Players "sagging" drama, "She Was Only A Senator's Daughter, But Boy Could She Filabustf' Blimp reported over Num- ber Three . . . false alarm . . . only Norman brewed up again. Delta pledge Earl Masters goes on applesauce diet for Mr. America contest . . . but Dooley knows beauty is only skin deep. THURS., OCT. 30 . . . Dooley says this issue of Wheel no better than last week's . . . his pickings slim, too. . . . In order that he can never be accused of writing this stuff ftriviaj fboshj, Dooley says, blame it a girl Hteb Nosnhoj by name. FRI., OCT. 31 . . . Notes from Hteb Nosnhoj's notebook . . . Spud Jackson is back-VVHEE-The Human Race were having old home week QDoo1ey's note: Pj Duell Barnes is back to lead singing which helps some. QDoo- ley's note: INhose singing, I-ItebPj. SAT., Nov. l . . . Delts introduce new Darling-Miss Clara Mock, a KAT at Georgia. Old Wheel headline: Presbyterian Group Reconstituted. Dooley thinks that must be hard-even on Presbyterians. Tom fTraflic Com- mitteej Fulton bars another one from campus . . . not me. MON., Nov. 3 . . . Joe Harmon goes for a gal named CLASSIC AND POPULAR RECORDS Victor, Columbia, Capitol, M-G-M and Decca Beautiful Gifts mul Greeting Cards Tip Top Gift and Record Shop 1877 No. Decatur Road Tennessee Egg Co. . . . Wholesale . . . POULTRY - EGGS - BUTTER IVALNII1' 6775 - YVALNUT 9584 189 Spring Street, S. W. YANCEY BROS. C0. CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY V CATERPILLAR DIESEL TRACTOR EARTH MOVING MACHINERY 634 Whitehall St., S. W. Atlanta, Georgia l7Sl 15th St., Augusta, Ga. Ynu ..... and Elnnr have invested a lot of time, effort and money in your education at Emory. You can receive life-long dividends from this investment by becoming an active Emory alumnus. You will receive maximum permanent bene- Hts lrom your Emory Alumni Office by making sure that we always have your current mailing address Qbusiness ad- dress, usuallyj. The Alumni Office maintains for each alumnus: flj A permanent biographical record, QQ A magazine published 10 times a year, to herald your achieve- ments, Alumni clubs throughout the nation, so you can keep in touch with your friends. This Office is your lifetime home on the campus, ready to serve you at a moment's notice, or with no notice at all. has invested two times more money in your education than you have. Emory is a philanthropic enterprise. You have been the benehciary of gifts dating back to 1836. Emory invites you, as an alumnus, to join in the further development of the Univer- sity. Your responsibility is to help assure a high-quality education to coming gen- erations. You can do this by taking part in the activities of the local Emory Club in your home town, by voting in the an- nual alumni elections, by contributing to the University your ideas and your talents as often as possible. JOIN WITH YOUR UNIVERSITY AND LET'S MAKE THIS A BETTER XVORLD THROUGH BETTER EDU- CATION FOR THE YOUTH OF TO- DAY AND TOMORROIV. The lumni Uffilza nf Emnry University No. 2 Law Bldg. Phone DE. 1621, Ext. 327 Emory University, Georgia Frank jones wins "Ugly Ninn" contest by lfmclslide! Copper. Sigma Chi brother quietly philosophizing allows as how Joe has a metallurgical problem-got Copper on his mind .... Campus musts: George "Lawrence Tibbitt" Fryhofer with his rendition of Mighty Lak a Rose .... Dooley wonders who the nurses and the independents don't get in touch with him. After all, it's an honor to have your name in Dooley's diary lin the 1948 edition, anywayj. TUES., Nov. 4 . . . Buddy "Colonel" Parker is about to take jell crown from Gene Caverly. Buddy is just crazee about all them Pi Pi's, Phi Pi's, and all the rest. Pretty A c 0 u s t i c 0 ll II e a 1' i ll g A i d s "Hear better with Acoustic0n" 0 YV. IJAVIS PIAMILTON, Distributor Suite 606, 101 Marietta Street Building Atlanta, Ga. undignilied for one of Emory's highest paid lecturers lCampus Camp l947j and an expert in international relations .... Tiny Pennington struggling in at 3:30 a.n1. looking like a cross between the last of the Mohicans and Clinton Baker. All he did was to paint the SAE lion and get caught. YVED., Nov. 5 . . . Gilroy VValton shocks Brad Ansley by signing business letter, "and may God bless you." . . . Foster Bullard is no ,longer an ATO pledge. He's helping THE SIX clean the lion .... Sign of the times: Infirmary announces that hereafter there will be a psychiatrist on hand for Whatever a psychiatrist is supposed to do. THURs., Nov. 6 . . . Last week's Wheel pays Council a compliment. Kendrick says he did not have a thing to do with it .... Wheel announces class schedule for Re- ligious Emphasis Mleek. Dooley happy that he won't have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to make 7:30 a.m. class. Until a really Christian class schedule was announced Dooley was determined to remain a heathen. FRI., Nov. 7 . . . Wheel says vote NO on amendment. Dooley knows that is enough to make students vote YES. . . . Dooley says if law of averages is even 591, operative hall ol? next Council will be SAE's. The Whole damn chapter is running .... Dooley's prediction: Jimmy Douglas will be elected to Student Council. Jimmy listed his activities as football, volleyball and PINBALL. Doo- ley knows that when you've got the pinball boys behind you, you're in. SAT., Nov. 8 . . . Dooley suggests that Moe's and tIoe's send CAMPUS a check for 55500 to cover all the free adver- tising in Dooley's Diary .... Spud Jackson initiates still unswum in swimming pool. Several nites later at a debbie ball Spud throws his crutches away and jits around with some dowager. John McKenzie echoes D0oley's denti- Compliments Lipscomb Ellis Co. I l BLUE HORSE SCHOOL PAPERS In Use Since 1889 182 Marietta St. M 0 N TA G 9 S Atlanta, GCOTSH Serving Emory Students for 28 years IVEY'S Next to the Post OHice For Your Convenience I 'A' TOILETRIES 0 STATIONERY SMOKING ACCESSORIES SODA FOUNTAIN SCHOOL SUPPLIES A Mark of QUALITY FO0DS .... 'A' DEarborn Clifton Road V 3200 at I-Iaygood Drive 1 COLONIAL STIDRES COX MUSIC SIIOP FRANK GRAHAM C0. LINCOLN - MERCURY SALES AND SERVICE 600 VV est Peachtree Street Atlanta, Ga. Latest I-Iits on Decca, Victor, Columbia and Capitol records Sheet Music Radios tk Repairs 161 Peachtree St. - MA. 2378 EMORY SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products YVASHING - GREASING - TIRE K BATTERY SERVICE M. BROOM, Prop, At the Emory Gate DE. 8073 How firm zz foundation. ments when he says it's the most remorkable recovery since New Testament days. MON., Nov. I0 . . . Religious Emphasis VVeek starts. Cobb forgets his introduction speech which is just as well as Dooley knows it smelled .... The fact that it is Re- ligious Emphasis Week sustains KA's as they lose heart- breaker of a football game to Chi Pl1i's. Tuizs., Nov. ll . . . Dooley says this used to be Armistice day .... Dr. Kissling's second address draws a bigger crowd than the Hrst. Even some of the faculty showed up. No gossip today-Dooley's in a reflective mood. VVED., Nov. l2 . . . A remark for the books: Stukie Watson's "Weaver, let's listen to the symphony, study, and g oto a movie this afternoon." . . . Sandy Pike re- ported just crazy about a little girl named Betty Fanny Qno censoring, Mr. Ed., it's authenticj .... Charlie "Orson" VVells improves his personality with a new car. . . . Lorentzen comes out aller than A. Henderson in Rike chapter pictureq Proof positive. . . . THURS., Nov. 13 . . . Dooley hears Dick Blank has "politiked" Charlotte Bartlett into SAE sponsor's job. Being SAE sponsor is a job, all right .... George "VVild- root" Ingram and Pierce Blith paint room at ATO house as pink as a Seminary junior .... FRI., Nov. 14 . . . Parents Day, and hundreds of niammas snoop around campus. All agree the mud and junior's grades are foul .... Ben Blackburn objects to "Hlth" in "You Can't Take It VVith You." N. D. says if D-D-Dean Rece p-p-played Grandpa-pa-pa, the thing' must have been pure and innocent .... SAT., Nov. 15 . . . An aptitude test at Tech places jack Nobles in the unfatherly, unmotherly, unhuman category. A baby-sitter, huh? MON., Nov. 17 . . . Election week! VVhoops! This is election week, thinks Dooley when he sees all the blotters advertising candidates' charm. And some of them are charming lads .... Some candidates even brave dangers of Lower Slobbovia feeling that the dissatisfied masses may be cajoled. The best Dooley hopes for is a comic opera revolution. Tues., Nov. I8 . . . Barrett Howell is appointed chair- man of the IFC Rodent fRatj Committee. Dooley says why pick on Barrett boys--there are several who could do it better. Dooley ain't saying who. WED, Nov. l9 . . . One of l'Valter "Stringbean" Alex- ander's friends sends Dooley this little item. Walter SIDUTIIERN CHEVRIDLET, Inc. Diet I CH twig! 2113 YV est Ponce de Leon Ave. DE. 4401-2 DECATUR, GEORGIA GOOD GULF PRODUCTS and GOOD BURNS SERVICE Blums Service Station Qln the Villagej I 1885 N. DECATUR RD. DE. 9241 Ifz'L'saboz1tDeKalb SAX-fI'TT at CQDMPANY SEE IT - 1 -k Business P1'oj1e1'ty Sales and Leases Ellyn Brkalh New Era if "The Voice of DeKalb" HEALEY BUILDING Atlanta, Ga. 'Ir JONES PHARMACY Delialb 8: Decahll' YOUR DRUGGIST Yom' Theatres Uf , Friendly Enterminmenl 2086 North Decatur Rd. DL. 1638 William D. Tll0ll1S0ll C07'7Zf7li771U7l55 lflttorney at Law Of Class of 1895 0 . Druid Hllls Cleaners SUITE 14131, CANDLER BUILDING Atlmml, Ga. NEXT To T1-113 T1-IEATER He didn't mean Z0 do it, Balrbam. Alexander decides to become a child again and he cer- tainly is obnoxious .... ATO housemother resigns after seeing Jim Sanders in a bathrobe. Jim just ain't got pretty legs. 'TI-IURS., Nov. 20 . . . Election Day . . . everybody slaps Methodists and Sam Stiles slaps Al fScotch 84-Q Mc- Donald .... Hobby Rice, avowed commie, gets 97 votes. . . . N. D. Meadows most disappointed candidate. FRI., Nov. 2l . . . Freshman Day . . . Walter Kalaf and Dooley sit this one out in fetching G-strings .... Eta Sigma Psi has dance . . . ain't nobody there but LEAD- ERS . . . Stiles and other ODK's junior grade. SAT., Nov. 22 . . . Cary QECAQ Anderson's soprano raised in song . . X, as 'Tm the sweetheart of Phi Delta Theta They call me a red hot tomato. I'd rather seek shelter with a Delta But they don't want girls over there." MON., Nov. 24 . . . EISA interviewed on elections . . . seems Wfelsh was welshed on .... Morris WVebb was caught . . . but "Brassy" Braswell got on-the council .... Phi Delt pledges 6145 beat Chi Phi pledges Qllj in touch- me-not. Dooley snoozes. TUES., Nov. 25 . . . Dooley sees M. Beach in sweater . . . thinks of mountain climbing .... Dean Rece visits George Bryan in inlirmary . . . Dooley visits that place with Sandy flittle Normanj Pike. VVED., Nov. 25 . . . 'Twas the day before Thanksgiving and all through the campus not a rat was stirring. not even a Dean. Well, so long-old bean .... MON., DEC. l . . . The New Student Council throws a chummy "dutch treat" banquet . . . food by Ptomaine I-Iayne. John Kelley speaks for twenty minutes, says nothing .... joe Duke says less in same amount of time. Dooley ignores candidate Stassen at SAE reception and concentrates on Charlotte Bartlett. TUES., DEC. 2 . . . Dan Barker advances from bicycle to '34 Chevvie with linoleum floor mat. Dark horse Rhea Eskew named editor of Wheel . . . Dooley thinks he's big enough for the job . . . tough luck, Kendrick. Dooley sends shirt to laundry. WED., Disc. 3 . . . C. D. Stone publishes poop sheet for alumni of KAndler Kastle . . . Dooley hears that St. Hale sent them a dime. PiKA's practice for tussle with Sigma Nu duck dinner .... D. D. Cayce got a thigh. Dooley has his trousers pressed. Consoliclatecl Quarries Corpomtion C 0.N Q U AR GRANITE PRODUCTS DECATUR, GA. DEARBCJRN 1661 DODGE - PLYMOUTH 0 Dependable service 0 Parts Wlzolesale . . VICTIIRY MOTORS INC. "The Soutlfs Finest" North Avenue-between the Peachtrees THE BLUE LANTERN LIGHTS TI-IE YVAY to Haier foods al popular prices 0 PIES better than home- made. Slice 15cg take home a whole pie for one dollar. o FRIED CHICKEN with cream gravy and hot bis- cuits. . THE BLUE LANTERN Open 11:30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Daily ik Sunday ".f1lzuays the Best that llze Market Affordsn 760 Ponce de Leon, N. E. VErnon 71134 Compliments of AMERICAN SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 489 Peachtree St., N. E. A ATLANTA 3, GA. Hospital and Physician Supplies and Equipment Harry F. Dobbs, Inc. HOTEL SUPPLIES . RESTAURANT Dunlap and Company INSURANCE SINCE 1895 EQUIPMENT Asa G. Caudler, Jr ..............,. ............. ' 99 Walter T. Candler ......... ....,, ' Madison S. Massey ......,..........,. ...... ' 240 Ivy Street, N. E. AT1..ANTA, GA. VVA. 4451 CANDLE-R BUILDING ATLANTA GEORGIA A. M. Chandler, Inc. Athletic Equipment C0 Yo1zrFrier1cUy Ford Dealer TOM SLATE' Proprietor o 126 YV. Court Square DECATUR, GA. DE. 1691 592 PEACI-ITREE STREET A1'LAN'1'A, GA. Pa1'clw'I me for sjoeaking in your face, seziorila. TI'IllRS., DRC. el . . . Dooley, Thomas, Fulton, Morrow, Lorentzson, S. Jackson ignored by ODK . . . Daugherty taps Sigma Chi chapter and John lXfIcKenzie . . . N. D. Meadows stammers his shock and surprise. Dooley asks Al Foster for Sigma Chi pledge pin . . . Foster turns down his iirst one. FRI., Dizc. 5 . . . Chi Phi cop football championship . . . Gene I-Iinson nominated as All-American QFD . . . Dooley cops Sally Pat Connally, new sponsor of moneyied interests. Sigma Chi's blow bubbles at ODK house . . . Jim Parks applies for post of Special Investigator. SAT., DEC. 6 . . . ATO Ray Thompson gives up Scott tissue for Macon maid . . . Dooley sticks to Seminary Sue. Marion Holmes, Sigma Nu treasurer, sets 'em up for the boys . . . Dooley takes his straight with Theologee Lee. MON., DEC. 8 . . . Dooley still musing over anniversary of Pearl Harbor-not the one on Forrest avenue. lack Hickman brings something to SAE house .... Ruel Platt is missing .... CDooley's note: lfVell, I do declare., Tues., DEC. 9 . . . PiKA's honor BUM sorority at sport dance . . . sportsman Paul Lanier broad jumps over prexy Roy Hubbard .... Dooley dreams on out with "Dream Girl" Parrigan. Dilletante Monte Lumb doing the Charleston with Barbara Brooks . . . Dooley remembers . . . oh, hello Marchman. YVED., DEC. l0 . . . Frank Jones, KA prexy, goes to hospital leaving YValter Alexander without his "TIN GOD" . . . Wheel reporter George Knight writes a story . . . Eskew prints it . . . Dooley don't read it. And as the farmer said as his manure wagon rolled down the hill .... T1-wks., DEC. ll . . . VVally Griggs gets back from Thanksgiving holidays in Miami . . . Dooley wonders what happened to M. Acree. Pierce Blitch goes on possum hunt . . . catches possum . . . Dooley says: Really now! FRI., DEC. 12 . . . Dan Elkin mans all battle stations for squirrel hunt . . . Dooley gets on with Charlie Lester's sling shot . . . little Charles, that is. Clever Glover Mc- Ghee tells some wench to "Drop dead" . . . she does too . . . Dooley thinks it might be "I-Iarry's" Ma VVineberg. SAT., DEC. 13 . . . Dooley goes down to Grady with Al McDonald to check ou them razor victims .... Al ain't been lying. Nick Hamner gets a low whistle from Harris Hall . . . his new blue Serge. Dooley closes the Diary for this quarter as he prepares to cram for exams .... Merry New Year, kiddies. Ralph W. Didsclluneit General Cmitrarrlm' O CANDLER BUILDING A"l'LANTA,, GA. B. K. Rambo Company 210-211 NVa1ton Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. WAlnut 4492 Y-VHOLESALE HOTEL AND HOSPITAL LINENS Direct .Mill Shippers Sheets and Cases O Blankets I Spreads Towels 0 Table Linens O Shades Commercial and .Industrial CUl'UliUS Jersey lee Cream American Colnpany FRED E. SCANLING - F. VV. SCANLING E. L. SCANLING I 784 N. Highland Ave., N. E. I-IE. 0125 Bible Society 85 Walton Street, N. VV. EXTLANTA, GA. Bibles, Testaments, and Portions of Scriptures at cost of production We handle the Scriptures in .7070 Languages B A L L A R ll 9 S Dispensing Dpticicms WALTER BALLARD 0PTICAL C0. THREE STORES 105 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORR DOCTORS BUILDING J. M. TULL METAL 8: SUPPLY C0., INC. "SUPPLIES FOR INDUSTRY" Aluminum - Brass - Bronze - Copper - Monel Nickel - Inconel - Stainless Steel - Carbon Steel - Boiler 8: Mechanical Tubing O WAlnut 3 5 2 5 Atlanta 5, Georgia DE KALB MOTOR C0. CHRYSLER o PLVMOUTH Sales and Service CRescent 5816 110 W. COURT SQUARE DECATUR, GA. BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The simplest announcements may be given interest and dignity and the prestige of good form through the use of genuine engraving. When you have an announcement to make, request our samples and suggestions. J. P. Stevens Engraving Company ATLANTA 5, GA. NImmfact1m'er5 Genuine E-rzgvravefi .Sbztiovzery 110 Peachtree Street Telephone WA. 6870 DeKalb County Federal Savings and Loan Association 121 PONCE DE LEON AVENUE DECATUR, GA. DE. 2556 IVEY 8: CROf0K Architects . . . but z't'll 11.e1fer1'ejJlace flying. YV INTER QUARTER TI'IURS., JAN. 1 . . . It's New Year's Day and Dooley says he refuses to go back to classes IOHIOITOW. MON., -JAN. 5 . . . Dooley thinks that he would not-have had this hangover if he had gone back to dear old Emory when we was supposed to .... Johnny Norman still suf- fering, looks at Douglas and allows as how he has seen better heads on beer. Trias., JAN. 6 . . . Cubbedge Snow who made three A's his first quarter has decided that three B's will suflice for the second quarter. The reason: a little hunk of fem- ininity called Edith will be here in Nurses School. Cub- bedge, who is a little on the Scotch side, thinks that this is all hne but is worried about all the cokes he will have to buy Edith. YVED., JAN 7 . . . KA's let Sigma Chi's sock them all over Held in soccer game. KA's beautiful hunk of man prexy, Frank "Lover" Jones, is outdone. TPIIJRS., JAN. 8 . . . KA's lose again to Sigma Chi's. This time it is basketball, and this time Frank "I-Iotlips" Jones really gets tee'd off .... Sigma Chi's seem to be only Greek outfit doing any rushing, but it does give all those frus- trated chorus "girls" at 42 a chance to go into their act. . . . SAE lion gets the tar and feather treatment. FRI., JAN. 9 . . . This is the quarter for student presi- dent elections . . . looks like Sam Cobb is in there with a smile and a handshake .... Dooley has an idea that's all Sam is good for . . . on second thought . . . Dooley's sure! . . . Emory loses debate match to University of Pennsyl- vania. Says Dooley, "Damnyankees-if we could have understood them, we'd have won for sure." SAT., JAN. 10 . . . The Ballet Russe in town. Perenniel backstage usher, theolog Oscar Guinn, almost decides to throw in the towel when he sees all those lovelies in their scanty skirts. Dooley decides to keep an eye on Oscar for the next several Weeks. MON., JAN. 12 . . . Celebrants start drifting in from Phi Delt's premature Fourth of July party held Friday nite. Several had dropped by Glenn Memorial on Sunday for Dr. Mackay's weekly expose. They were in bad shape. . . . Student Council has hrst meeting of the quarter. Everything passes unanimously. 'What happened to Jim Douglas? The Council has had none of his wit. fDooley's note: WVit is the word I intended to usej. Tues., JAN. 13 . . . Barrett Howell to rushee at Chi Phi house: "Yes, we were founded in 420 B.C. on the banks of the Nile. Our spring formals were held at the Parthe- I Compliments of Campus Grill Next to Emory Theatre Owned and Operated by Fellow Emory E M 0 R Y Students Regular Dinners Sc Short Orders T ll E AT R E DE. 9177 ' GORDON STERCI-II Joi-IN LUNDY The Varsity FRESH FOODS -CURB SERVICE- BINDEIVS Expert Picture Framivvg Mirrors 0 Prints I Pictures O Gifts Greeting Cards LET US FRAME YOUR DIPLOMA I 74 Broad St., N. W. 'WA. 1477 STEAKS - CHOPS SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN BEVERAGES ir CIILLEGE INN "The Four Gables" One block west of East Lake Drive 2271 COLLEGE Avlz., N. E. CR. 2933 Try . . . S E VV E LL He lWig71.t Have It SEWELL CLOTllES Comjyliments of Everllart Surgical Supply Co. C 1199 Peachtree St., N. E. 40 MA1uL'TT,x ST. ATLANTA, GA. R A D 1 0 5 Penn Mutual Radio-Phonograph Combinations All lllrzlms Phonogmph Records Czmrnnfeezl Radio Services BAMEQS, Inc. 50 Broad SL., S. W. VVA. 5776 Life Insurance Co. o HURD CRAIN f1g871C'jl 1510 RPIODES-I'IAVERTX' BLDG. Atlanta Georgia . . . and the angels sz'ng. non and were the social highlights of the civilized world." Dooley smells a rat Qliarrett is chairman of the IFC Rat Connnitteej and sure enough finds Barrett has plagarized "Barefoot Boy with Cheek." VVED., JAN. lfl- . . . More soon--or is it worth it? THURS., JAN. I5 . . . Wheel comes out and Emory stu- dents eagerly turn to back page to read Jolm McKenzie's weekly gossip column on what John McKenzie does when l1e's not writing John McKenzie's weekly gossip column. FRI., JAN. I6 . . . Fraternity men Qexcept the Sigma Chi'sJ don't like The Reverend Referee Sam Laird's call- ing of fouls. One comment: "He follows the Ten Com- of Lindsay, Bynum and Hamner. Trouble seems to be that Lindsay can't take heckling. Says one Sig, "I-Ie's a damn good athlete, but he just can't hit the basket-let's give him the gate." SAT., JAN. I7 . . . Delta Tau actives defeat pledges in annual Toulette Bowl game. The score was I0-2 and the Held was muddy .... Dean Ylfatford is up the well known estuary without the even better known paddle. It seems that his beloved, his very own, can't come up this week. The reason-she's done got married. QDooley's note: The perlidy of womankind continues to confound meg MON., JAN. I9 . . . Item Sellt to Dooley by one of Spud Jackson's admirers: Spud is a great guy-il you don't believe it just ask Spud .... New officers of Club announced: Hugh Caldwell is the prexy. The others in the usual descending order are Dick "Keester" Blank and Frank "I love 'em young" Schley. Dooley hopes that under the circumstances Hugh will be able to get some- thing done. Tues., JAN. 20 . . . Monte Lumb, when asked to give comparison of the word "ill" replied, "Ill, sick, and done lor." . . . Paul Spence is mourning as someone breaks the only record that he could understand - "Birmingham Jail." Paul is from Geraldine, Alabama, outside ol Gov- ernor Big Jim Folsom's culture crusade. However, says Dooley, the birth rate there is still normal. VVED., JAN. 21 . . . Harry Dicus becomes Fuller Brush salesman for Emory. Take it easy, Dike-we can organize a vigilante committee in a hurry around here .... Tiny Pennington admires his flowing locks. You will remem- ber Tiny lost his strength in the SAE lion cage. mandments too damn closely." . . . The experts at the . l Sig house begin to wonder what happened to the team THURS., JAN. 22 - - . 1511614 Lltlle fthe gCl1i1ClTl2ll1 H0111 S I N C L A IR G A S PIPES TOBACCO ACCESSORIES AT ' E M 0 R Y Pipes and Lighters Rejmiretl O R . P . D U R D I N Service Station R0iYAL CIGAR C0. "The Pipe Corner of the South" Forsyth at Walton Atlanta, Ga. STERCllI'S ll6 Vlfhitehall St. GEORGIA STORES: Atlanta - Athens - Dalton - Macon - Rome Home Furnislzers for More than Half a C871-l'lL7'y In Decatur R AY ' S TAILORS AND FURRIERS Tuxed0esfo1'Renlal DE. 2366 120 ATLATNA AVE. THE MOST PERMANENT CREATIQIN 0F MAN A university has been called mzin's most permanent creation. Cer- tainly, it is il monument to his ceaseless striving for ri better life lor those who will Come alter him. And, us permanent as its existence, is the mark it sets upon those who become :1 part olf it. For no student ever just "goes" to Ll university and then "leaves" it. VVhether he likes it or not, he has become ll pztrt of Z1 broader stream . . ., he has formed an association which will last us long as his life. The stump, not just ol' ll university but of his university, is upon him lor good. That lzict frequently strikes him as being of little importance at the time of his grziduzitiori. It is usually with the passage ol' the years that it begins to strike home. Then, if he chose wisely and invested his time well, he begins to recognize the dividends which are his as long :is he lives. By the same token, the mark of the man is upon the universityg at school cannot escape the consequences of the lives of its students, for those lives are the ultimate test of its success. You are not cm Emory man or woman for four years, but for good! IIIHY UNIVERSITY 1335 - 1943 Il gels mldins hell H'l'0'll7'IIl here. ConnecticutJ is enjoying the balmy weather. But Jeff Davis. speaking for the boys from South Florida, wonders why 1t's turned so damn cold. FR1.,JAN. 23 . . . Pikes give dance and duck dinner in honor of the Sigma Nu team that won the annual tackle game last quarter. The trophy moves to the Sigma Nu mantel for a year .... YVCTU taps Walter Alexander while Alcoholics Anonymous are licking their chops over Sam Merrill. These organizations decided to let Johnny Norman go to hell. SAT., JAN. 211' . . . One of the local clubs gives "Person You YVill Most Likely Meet in Hell" party. Someone represents Russell Thomas with dirty tie, shirt tail out, and with mass of keys-except one. In its place was big cardboard placard reading, "YVhere's my ODK insignia?" . . . Campus characters: Charles "The Little Flower" Thrash. MON., JAN. 26 . . . Dooley has not sentimentalized over formals for the year so here goes. They have been or will be good dances. The orchid for the wettest goes to the Phi Delt's. 'Dooley hopes that was not because Dean Rece was there. The good dean gave his annual temperance talk a few nites later. The driest was the ATO. A feature of each dance was disgustingly brazen politicking by Sam Cobb. After he caught on Frank Steinbruegge did the same thing. Tuns., JAN. 27 . . . Orchids: Rhea Eskew and his staff have given our beloved Wheel a much needed face lifting. . . . Alonzo McDonald: The Phoenix is now a unique . Final exam. in Bubblegum 101. example of the epitome of corn and culture. Alonzo says it am't as literary as it used to be .... Barbara Brooks: doing a line job as Prexy of the Nightingales. WVIED., JAN. 28 . . . More Orchids: fDooley was so mean last yearj. Little Miss Vance: She works in Major Pen- dleton's oflice-a big hunk of credit is due just for that, but she's sweet in spite of it .... N. D. Meadows: A Hne job with the Players. It didn't take personality-it took guts. Tnuas., JAN. 29 . . . ECA election. Cobb championing the cause of the nominal hsheaters Qlipiscopaliansj, the ultra fisheaters Qlloman Catholicsj, and others of the downtrodden masses-bows to Cary Anderson represent- ing the entrenched interests-the Methodists. Sam Laird, the reverend, that is, allows as how Cobb did not do such a hot job with Religious Emphasis VVeek. FRI., JAN. 30 . . . Joe Duke feeling out the boys on the row. Dooley thinks Joe would make a good student pres- ident, but he's already made ODK and DVS .... Charlie Newton, ace Emory swimmer, has developed psychosis. He has installed aquairiums all over his room. His room- mate sends him to confer with "They let me out to teach this class" Martin. SAT., -JAN. 31 . . . It's the last clay of the month and Dooley takes a rest. MON., FEB. 2 . . . Waltoii Smith moves to Sigma Nu attic . . . Dooley sends him a cake of Lifebouy .... "Many- face" Lindley moves out of Chi Phi house .... Dooley moves to the second door on the left. Tues., FEB. 3 . . . Jim Porter dating Sponsor Harrell "I should have played the king." A peaceful chat on the lawn. More damn tea. . . . Dooley heard that Jack Dougherty was paying olf a debt by dating Ginger Da-vis . . . Dooley thinks Ginger must have lost. VVIQD., Flin. fl . . . Old Maids, Pink Local 55306 boycotts Davis Boling for not taking Dot Floyd to "Orchard For- mal." . . . Dooley says that Bill Tatum's date sure was a checker player-every time he moved she jumped. 'Til-IURS., FEB. 5 . . . Seems "Tl-IE BOSS" is gonna get some new referees for basketball since the Sigma Chi's beat the Phi Delts. Dooley pulls out his shirt and dangles his tie as he stomps from the gym. FRI., Fun. 6 . . . Tom Jackson kicks Al McDonald's Phoenix out of SAC building and moves EISA in .... Dooley kicks Dick Stauverman at Dogpatch party as Majorie fDaisy Maej Croll gets prize for best costume . . . a little brown jug. SAT., FEB. 7 . . . Dooley visits "WValrus" Griggs on baby- sitting job, baby yells "I want a drink" . . . Dooley likes the idea and goes to the Shanty to see Katherine. Moiv., FEB. 9 . . . Dooley hears that the-Sig "Cue-ball" had a date with a I-Iarris "eight-ball" for SAC dance. . . . Dooley says he didn't go to the ball because he didn't have one .... QMcKenzie's note: one wbat?j Tues., Flats. 10 . . . Bogus diplomas flood the campus . . . now Sam Stiles can Fix up a couple of Delta dille- tantes .... Dooley gives "graveyard" Stipe a Master's in Confusion. Which way did she go? TVED., FEB. ll . . . Stukie lflfatson elected president of Chicken Club . . . seems he can pick 'em .... Dooley sticks to raw oysters . . . for his health .... The early Byrd gets the Hrst worm .... Bill tells Dooley that he prefers them that young .... Dooley watches pledges Tillman and Beck have last dance at ATO house dance. T1-Iuns., Fen. l2 . . . Sandy Pike has date freally?j with campus girl, Mary Upstart .... Dooley thinks XfVaits' marriage will ruin a nice girl's life .... FRI., FEB. l3 . . . Dooley don't dare depart from dun- geon. SAT., FEB, 14 . . . IFC formal . . . Dooley dances with all the girls Alvis Stafford used to go with .... Gordon McAllister dates gal whose motto is "lt's better to wear out than to rust outf! . . . Dooley loves all the lovely sponsors and thinks he never saw a better crop . . . corn, that is. MON., Furs. 16 . . . Randy Braswell stayed up all nite waiting for local politicos to get their letters in. No real surprises as Cobb, Steinbruegge, Rice, and Hale announce for student prexy race. However, a lot of people do want to know who Cobb, Steinbruegge, Rice, and Hale are. Council candidates clutter up the place. Tues., FEB. 17 . . . Aloe Richardson brags about making a hundred. Dooley investigates and finds that he did- its iw .s-gs ,wg si .ggggis-tg Thertfs something about an Emory man. Good to the last drop. Away from home and lonely. on a pin ball machine .... Jim Gainey murmuring some- thing about the birds and the bees and reeking of ...... .. .. spring fever .... Jim Veazey buys four rat traps for his room and catches five 1'21tS-ll set of twins did it. VVED., FEB. .18 . . . Campus talk: Mr. May's lecture in Economics 205 on the economic value of the jackass .... After ATO formal M. bl. lflfatts seems to have developed taste for Olives, Olive Pai-tie in particular. That leaves poor helpless little Mary Ann Troth-well, helpless. . . . VVhen Bill Van Pelt has a date, you can bet it is because some brother bet him he couldn't. Last week Bill made 32723. Dooley hopes this won't ruin the game. Tnuks., FEB. 19 . . . Wheel publishes letters of presi- dential aspirants and the boys are really masters at that art of you know what. Hale promises to change every- thing. Rice loves everybody-even the fraternity men. Steinbruegge cuddles up to the married folks. Cobb cuddles up to everything in 300 words of pure and un- adulterated tripe. FRI., FEB. 20 . . . Blitch, Boling, and Boynton-the three B's of the ATO menage-take off for the week-end to LaGrange to make sociological survey of vice conditions. The implication is that the three B's are well acquainted Sl7Z.l.ll'7'1g 1's11't always easy. with conditions in Atlanta .... Campus characters: Mayo "Pull this frog out of my throat" Livingston. SAT., FEB. 21 . . . Sigma Chi Nlulti-Province convention is in session. It seems that some of the brothers previously known for the purity of their lives are now tinged with attle-tale gray. Among these are Charlie Meyers who 'tis said found that the fermented fruit of the vine is not without its attractions. Dooley understands this was just conhrming something he found out at one of the medical fraternity houses a few nites before. MON., FEB. 23 . . . Sigma Chi chapter returns to Emory campus under its alias of the Emory Glee Club. Kalaf, DuVal, and Dougherty can talk Dr. Dewey into almost anything .... Dr. Dewey uses all his stock phrases and of course this year's club "is the best yet." . . . TUEs., FEB. 211 . . . Dooley says let's skip over to Election Day. THURs., FEB. 26 . . . Presidential primary Figures up this way: Cobb, Steinbruegge, Rice, and Hale. The boys will run it off Friday, March 5. Earl Xflfhipple and Henry Lucas, Phi Delts and IIOIZ nlenibers of said club star taking heavy money on their favorite-in fact, Lucas goes wild, which makes Dooley recall an old saying, "I-Ie's got more money than sense." FRI., FEB. 27 . . . Yesterdays lflfheel published letters from Council candidates. If possible, they were more Some of our nicest people dig ditches. Somebody stop this damn thing. For once Al Foster poses as Al Foster. impossible than the letters from presidential candidates. . . . Steinbruegge makes fatal mistake of putting his pic- ture on election posters. Frank is pretty but he wasn't alter the vandals Finished with him. SAT., FEB. 28 . . . Politics gets hotter. MON., MARCH 1 . . . Politics gets boiling. Tues., lldARCI-I 2 . . . Looks as if the Phi Delts have been deserted by everyone on the row except the Phi Delts. Sigma Chi's don't like the KA's but they like the Phi Delts even less. SAE's get tired of stooging for Phi Delts. But Steinbruegge wows the nurses, the dentists, and the medicos. Gives out with fervent plea to married folks. Starts worrying about all the folks he's been mean to on Trafhc Committee. Champ Tunno and M. J. VVatts decide to publish scandal sheet and then decide not to. XIVED., lX'lARCH 3 . . . Dooley says read March 2nd over again. THURs., NIARCH 4 . . . Cobb's shock troops stay up all night putting out VOTE TODAY signs. Spud Jackson catches one of Steinbruegge's rangers covering up Cobb sign. I-lenry Lucas is embarrassed. FRI., NIARCI-I 5 . . . ELECTION ...' I t's Cobb, president. Oh 'ell, says Dooley, he only serves for a year .... Enough lor this quarter . . . start studying for exams. A bit of beating around the bush. .Sl1e's faster afoot than he fig'n1'ecl. Students : Many of you will wonder how the yearbook stall man- aged to get the wrong name with the right picture, or the wrong picture with tl1e right name . . . that is, get things all screwed up. It wasn't easy. M70 had help, lots ol it. lt wasn't the stall's opinion that somebody else had rosier cheeks and should oc- cupy your place. VVe did11't stay up nights lor the sole diaboli- cal purpose of ruining your life. -Here then, is the sad, sad, story: At the time you posed lor your picture you were given a number. This number was supposed to have been photo- graphed on each negative so that it could be copied on the back ol each print we ordered. Our sole means ol identifying over 2000 prints was by number only. Imagine what would have happened if the photographer got the numbers mixed up. He did. VVhen such inadequacies of photographic performance be- came evident it was too late to do anything without scrapping the entire book. Maybe you feel we should have. VVe believe the photographer richly deserves this public rec- ognition. lNe are also interested in saving our own necks. THE EDITORS P.S. - Next year's annual stafl has already made other photo' graphic 211'1'angC111CntS. X ... we s . .fy rf we 7 ' , . F' if .gg - favs' s Ein- K Wheel editor Hnatty gets head out. W na H a was x 'Y' ms an ss mm an sm Ea" nm mg B1-L mm qw, -ix s 5 N s H N.. na x A '95 msg nm ms nm wa mmm W x A-A Emi E ss HBE ms ss mn mm B Q Q W B 5 mm H na .H mn an ml . -ms ms mm' E nm 'E E H N? .swf YE msg an B .mg an ss H .' im fl 3. 'M v- I' "S .,. ig- ,P ' hx. ' ff 5 X 'GSEYRX Q ' , ,. g ,, H ,Xe . , ,i 7., m N ,QQ ,L , w ' nf. 55. W--. ' XQKQMX , - ,sf f , 2. 3" X w 3, 1' 1. . 1 N V 1 xyfxf N -xx 1. ms an r. w Q , ' Y - 1 1 1 - , 1 'N w i L , W ' I x , . 1 , V . ' 1 L ' . N i , . l ii 4 A J ' ' Nl, gm w l . ., 5 ' ' N' W ' '. fb! pv . , . , . f 3 - is ' Q, EI W . lf' N . ig ' - igf - I V . V . 1 . Q 1 , N Q N . f ' ' 4 I N 1 - ' w I. 1 5 'T s 3' Y 5 in 1 l i ' 4. , N H N ' w gm ,..... ..,...2.,,L-

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