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Text from Pages 1 - 244 of the 1938 volume:

II I 'fy LL 121 AE, 'l 5 'wiki 'Wo 1 rs m""7L'1 ,' 1 35" .ff,q1p+,- 'ff 'iv 4 -L -, -' QQ- .L ,. 5 ,Q ,. ' fi-1. ff? "Pm Q vm.. ws ..--. W .Mg-Zpi. J., ,--an 'e'?w, .' t-4' .F .al 'H 1 , . . 'gy 3, -' L.,., .-5 3 'U-V2 lv. .w- , LH V sl- 7' w :fx J' .vr f 1 ,N , U 'E, ' U ak' I 1, 1 e fy In ,Y J . Q' 'V X" "':. Q MM 72" ' un. A : N , rf' vlwiv ' . nt' .l,. f "1 lf 4 X uf my 5. n ,r f ff. - A " , . ,f ',. w 'v 2 " ' :. w' . ,.,-1,44 J' A" ff J' . 9 . Us FH r a'Q. 'Se if vii' .H ip 1' , .El 9-r r I, N in .. , "fn Q an-,. A V 1 1 v , 1 4 1 4 a,. .fu I wa , Ag, I ,, av. pu 2"-:,m" .. ' f' 1 ny, "F 1. E' X' , -' g , 2 Z' f lmtpwf X -r 2 mlx X Q x Av ! f 1059 X933 Qu CLIWWMS 7 n' , ' 'I T.-,Z-f gflvfnl .QL K N ca I ,-.N 5' f w Y. af H ymd l vd V f P ubYx5Xxcd by t h u ST C mzS'Y AOUN' yi uns Of 17 nl Cm 'SCXL VZ Q, H4 0 'C ' Nw, Gf,ox1c.xAx ' I S xx' max x Xgxumx 1 1 1 ,Q Jvmxvx 7 L xxx 1 NX X Rmxxsmx Xl Nhmmux NX Q X Noulvlf E T H135 A559159 CUPSXQIII 1235 . F X . . .-Q 1. . . . W L , Y' ,' , . .' . . tl 'sem SC. s . mu 'S' zilt wt ,XM OX Wayne, IN I I C ZCQJOH3 Noie Rv,MA'lASG that a cohege yearbook has ooh' one ttne ontoosefthat oi deokting one year ot cat-nous hiefthe, Editors ot the X933 QAMPUS have accentuated oevsonahty tcncctinn and ohotogfaohtc heantg thtonghont its pages, tathet than attempted to X'kSH1XXK'l,6 the intnte KW conxqnenxofate the past, hootng that Rn thks hook the students and the ahnnnt ot Emory wth see a dent oottvayin ot the Utnvevstty. Behevkng that hxiovxnahtg' Ks an ah-oetvacnng characteristic ot cohege hte, we X to convey that 'teehng thtonghont, The X953 CABXPUS have accotdtngh' attefnotec Y Publi W -b c - B e Ste' Streeg Llbmff 45801 -2270 wwe? 'th 'HX Kts mug has been wtktten and pkotogtaphed Sur the students ui tXus gmt, uw . kuteuded to teiect student Xue and to ttuh' pictute the Ymxotg campus, its petsuuzuktkes, Kts activktkes, its pXuXosopXues, and kts ttadktkous. Xuvxduxg the privacy oi tue student to teach the coXXcge evdsteuce that Ks unuuscd " we Qwest-:ut to you the coXXege man as Xxe TCZXXXY Ks, uith the hope tknt - ' Gus wok WKXX sdmtutxte dxetksked memutkes ok 'mt 'tut xeuttt x " 5 come the Q uteut, K Ckutuwg, X . l GNL KNEE' X C 1 YXTXOYY Z' ,rg gg - Af' NXS. 'We Jfww. . . Sous Ymxxuxsuvaz YEQBLES, BE., , . Profvssfn' of Engineering and Applied IVIflfllE17lfliiCS BK., Ummm Unkvevskiyg 'BL S., Georgfm Sched oi 'YecXmoXogy and Emma Gnome LESTER, PMB., NLS. Ko CE. Associate Professor of Engineering mul flppliezl Nfathenmtics my Univevskyg XLS., ibid.: 'BLS K0 C. E., GCOYQXH SQXWOQX oi fYecXmoXogy B .S ., Rm tl who by 'reason oi their uninkhng courtesy, fsrlendhuess, Xzxsdfxg pudeuee, and schocd spK Xt 'we endeared IXXCXXXSCXVQS to iuexdiy :md students uhhe and have won one high and esteem, and Ko gmiehd appteekaxlou oi thekv hsyaky to the Unkvefsiiy, xhekf rsmm ing ol smdem QYOXYXCXTXS and Kmevesxs. thekv xmseVfxsh and eiheiem ' xo mem ve vesgeceiuhy dedieaxe xhks, The X938 Cmwus, ' ' es dsphxyee hy ihese "men, iour-squaref, he ' ver vedected hx the hves and deeds oi 1 fxrd Wmpax eue xmde ee to he student omg , e ihw: NC mfmy xnm Px mm NX wer fmd he tore s VX xnxx the ho uurmtem Screw ex' hx om' 'md dmggxtets S0115 hex' Z Cmfen fa UNIVERSITY CAMPUS FAVORITES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ERATERIXIITIES COLLEGE RUIVICDR in Qnff rdf IVV! u .vu 9 Y- 7 IVLOTL .4 CRE!! EMORY STANDS 1foR SOMIQTHING. A University ought to stand for some- thing besides learning. Emory has a policy and it has a purpose. It has a mission and it intends to be true to itself and to its mission. lt stands for the plain and simple things of human life. It stands for the plain and simple things of human character. It stands for the plain and simple things of the Christian religion. It stands for life and that more abundantly, for truth and that freely: for scholarship and that deeply, for work and that hard: for play and that gladly: for faith and that simply: for the best in life, and it believes the best is yet to be. ll It be- lieves in preparation for life and that thoroughly. lt believes in thrift and property, and that it is as necessary for the University to live within its income as it is for the individual or the state, and equally a matter of common honesty as well as good business. lt believes in the things of the body, in health, exercise and recreation. It believes in athletics for all rather than the prowess of the few and the applause of the extra- mural multitudes. It believes in the things of the spirit, in mercy, justice and humility, and in the tendency toward the eternal. It believes in the whole man strong and manly. It is laboring for such a man as its chief aim. ll lts vision is neither inward nor downward nor backward, but Llp- ward, outward and forward. It believes that the fundamentals are al- ways the same, but it knows that the old order continually changetlf: yielding place to new, and that it must ever adapt itself to its day and generation. It believes that nature and life are not nearly so schematic as we are, and that we are very far from the end of every problem. It believes that "life is a gift of nature and that beautiful living is a gift of wisdom." ll It believes in its own youth, and in the ilaming, plastic, yearning youth who come within its gates. It believes in the truth of science, in the glory of the Republic, and in the God of the Fathers. -STEXVART R. RoBiaR'rs, M.D., '00, A.B., '02, lilrI'roi:'S NOTE: I-'L'I'.f0llL'lffffL'.f were Selected by a boar-l of rep-rescn ative students whose opinions the editor believes to be unbiased and based upon ac- tual merit. Naturally they were limited by the space available and this accounts for the omission of some others who the students may feel should have been included herein. llowever, we do feel that those selected are outstanclingly deserving. fQ38-Jn flgellzagi eff P5 ,. Nw . S5 is x V1 X, A Moy? Qaffxl Y OU' K T - 5-CA00! 5Egl.lt.5 im V x eh ,6 33 1 v ,Q Qin K3 ' XS 'F X A , AK , af K 7 4 , , 'A P V' if x ' A . I, vf A 1- ' Dedication of new gateway Rush week. I x " ' 'Q , x f A f , fail? A Aff ' V' ' .g' ,::': f f ' 'T " E. - ,, :'.': 2 ' tx -m E ,. S ., A 51 1 me ' A . I gyggvl 1, .- . N A Mfg, H .. . SAOf away., Uppers! assmen fake if easy wh Ile rv ewly-pledged f rosh must ff do the work. l X Veccinaffons. ,ff -i li f ix lf ff 43.5985 "MESS Y eS'f -' h deaf mUC ' OU 50 AW no710 "6 31832 ,g X, X im g ,Z C file X! . X Owen f a Y2X.XKSk. be Xia-xg good dime woman N9 decked ko ba. Ko Vx fff ,il A W f ee jg 2 KW ffff f ,fn f 2 e, ef iff PX rx rw u aX soph- Meskman push- XoaXX game. The skaimg rage We skudenii u 'pod Yixks We eawp S. -1 7 ,.1v X IW .k 4 f Cluhx. X. N. . A X .S ,- an ING Reed, rxokzd chew- xs, w'vaX'x 'Emowxfs O:-5. Quaxhz and Bones. ZS N . Baxter Mad dox' wygwij' Salute! W ff e 7OOsfeO,! M 018: h 1, ,dj L - t3.,gQi?J Calling ' ' all "Time to ,vw .. W 7 sg'- 1 I M ,'A. 3 PVYVAV. 7 students. ' 14 leave now, gentlemen." V ls bell A 51006 peace e Mualwleclg' Cf A 'llwre 'W' in --.- K 82 IE S i ffaw rtri 3 1 w ,nu ix South's Sweetest Singers this year Save two Christ- mas carol serv- ices. ,f ,X , X , f!!,XiZ X ,,, X, fq f- if Lf .200 6 Cl Z2 , 6- Ut C Ps Max! enioxf ttnxjfiiittigniig- d - 1 'YS ' itti Rewgtdinigrtratermw Como L5 FGIHSGW in scene trom Players' "Death T alces a Holiday." at one W I' R, t wetcome 6 ning, dat6S atwdatlsampus-tavfjte Sunday eve , Totbzrt and camerama rnity hous2S by cand' s X i .z t Benny Galanti, whose delicatessen titled long- awaited need-and students. t traDinn1sOn caught x ' M t' nil, Z 7 C, Vlutbi "IIE ' URY Hosfjiql Planiilllhl to ftddress 08111 YQAE Pledges mHigHest Pesj .Engineers Clv Ci-I P118 1.0 F For 0 B dentlal A-7 v 43117115 fi fees of reshm I e S O W Suunap e 1fa"'e'f D elefled mlpeeism 9 ll . v' ' Z-es ec e all lgignfa 4 Gmlg, 5nSu2.1f.Qrt.sfih, E'S119,.,t 610 . ' d ' To A1 ht Tie for Third I1 If 1 li orsed by BA d Ins: Pe S5 er 100 freshmen were ast Thursdav 011 B Ilfllf .ampus social fraternit O 3 r al 77 .iday afternoon, accorc WP' ' i' ' f I1 ' A 1 x, P . 'Q 1 7 K X ties released b the Interf Dr. Co W' 913010 Q,5cf0l,, eve 6 NY The Spa with ff xo We ohalfe als 'ls Fife' Brung T ' V1 it map ,X for the glgvill 'Y Ernie Harwell A 've S ' ' .xxx Yisepx.oET?5i33,,Kn:lYn O COHLU' ' 1, ' V wi . 0ul,, wiz,,w:4,,im ms T011 fa Thxe 9 Mioiut? Www Kimi Knggd some tit -F 2 dykes t 1 , x- x . . L . . eil ge aft G10 ogbc . KQQCWX QXXW 'Wg ww if WDW x B' New C Test I X Dot Au dsiff A ANY' xi 0 W-,N X1 XXX X Qu X yxu e 0 Ours SA- 6 I Gp, 1 Cxxeil 1 A , 9 ' ' . , P c . '-1 Com! 51317-OR ,S Ngo on WXXQNQ Swxtxlxf Kxmipv W ttxcseplng CF Hpgred Bs t -1 NL new U. .ire th ,X V- .Oni NVQ. W9 'WAN V,.w",,x'11r,j ang . 5311171 059 .Q 0, V35 fx Q - xy X .90 ,Q xx J 0'-ilu es In e ln Wheel Y ffflecf th N1 N0 K 'X X M X L ,xtpxxxgv ,X-be , 112 anno fbe jun 1 e -en S ub N Q X W 'Ive 1Or he IlPx "ii"-'fired pda -S J . l of F ' We 6 Pesems 'wie 'WL ., estiv' ' lgrOf1ftQgQIIMOdepn S l Are E1 WS ilsii-,,fM'S-Cheyiw . U1 m Sai? Of T We B Phi 3 med to ' Hnr, 5' Sta C, onighi at Cieifeduleri rrmb , volt 0 11 . 1 nlenki a .niorii-H weekqeu emonal P1 --vt More Pictur N use JP paead in the IJ d starts tonmj . News Will Iszsaitlnore 07 Zfmed t Ugg, Lo C-'nh' " Ia-Vers ,,r,,',u fb lt 'Will Susan Iwi. uf 0 0 5 Parents Ex ected J - 0 ' Streamline Eife e . norary S: C215 311068 - W' - ct C WX mei um ith tins issue The W Alfred entm with a n heel experif e C Jenk nl pre-se-ntggi ew style of I ' Barney R new- On' More pi f new? ll ge F app filth h' and greater C 'WS more ll C C' TI P Campus Tomorroi DA eatured Balmaekcfixfivbses of Hiligdacligllilg as -A , lves D Cornelia Otis Skinner rv ' "' flex, lp"C'e1-5 we - . V ysd Present PPM' kin Shatffvlce 9 -.. YQQYJDOO Monologue Artist I 5 g As Student Le 'lw' A Presentatio - -1- -' 5 'll Liga C ' 'll O Sk' . monlinllgglicli ariiist, gTw0'blt, D pacity audience hel ipresent a group CZ 7. "M 1 M 1 0 I' Mess, '?5fi5'? 5 Qmfbr 772014 i B7 Grace E. 5 gi Student L3 eekat via my Athlet Me S0 Qpx we .,.ee"'w,w"'ternoon moria . ae'f"e'.,KW5z ow' vvwe - "ive Ka, Niagra' Ze 1."":Q,t 006 tg parents a ee C H Iiumc qi ee 6-ix ,Q 0 0,5 W 5905 1, us for P Q Phu lub W. fix,-,010 eco' 99'9xg,o1'j0 oe" ci gkcxearly 3 5?d.3J. I 11117636 ,HMV no 23.95 ' ,gl-cg v1 D we nifvht , , . x 5 e F' ' ' lprij N Da' me 'Av 9194 cavw 056 KK15 lsveex t10C01'4 ,Nt 6501.0 wa 9 uedwaxkc 41 eve. ,mm U Q-DSW' 1 . af' an tae icmcnxu ,Koa cl o 4,61 66,9 R 13 0 60 A55 W0 .ig 21 9 P1-ein iewghixoivge as rbgqe 9116 ..f. W.-.nec I' ge 0 cc A 6 vw: Vfosc K 5fl,f?,iA?2aa'fnS ham o . 1 Smrtfmg efflafe Ment Few w5fZ5a:g PUfC dfggggiega Iggiies isfj-tMaSkf'TI'if.iPS7 felt Rhod. ' i cm a ,1 y f o Rwrganlze GL I gayschoicenoiff Appmmmgnt Memb of fiiicholarsl , + 'A Auth - . f'l'Sb 11 ers i Fir? . Mflillflilg Sof. tNewvSAC Revalliy? Qlllzatzon of FZcuXg?zN0t gacked im . plson, Jenkins, and ,I em a 6 we les A ' P l t cal Alllaneebommlrkfec nn. Jr Socleiy Named by Commit! Held Last Night gall1St 0 l 1 F ifSt meeting Of Few and I More Rigid Requirements for Publication Gamma recently revived litemry 5 , A roved cieties, ivas held last night under t Bltslness Managers A150 pp ervision of Tony O'Donnell ax - ' ' ' l l3ItCCS and IUOTC rigid mlflrefi Jenkins. resneotive organ: Improved legislation aganlst. pflmlca all ,-- ....-,..,1 1-.H nd Callawsnesv to Take Exams . s -V T IW:-ay, Bayt Graham Golson '37, Alfrec U HppeaI:et:rJ011eS 8 xins '38, and Fenwick Joni ' the bla If 011 the 1,8 ndhave been nominated by a f ak of Sglfhrmasks. lnilfgcommittee as University cant X L.. ff' Liflfey Li'C'C6ll 'UWC f!j'CC4l.tfiE'lli Cx! IAF Z4,lll'VC'f,fl.!f! B.Ph., Nebraska XVeslevan Universityg All., University of Nebraska: AAI., Harvard lfniversity: Pli.IJ.. Harvard ' I I D University of Florida University: .,. ., I7 Z 2 L 1,11 I Wx -If V :vcr zxcce, A can 0 J c A.B., MARSHALL COLLEGE BLA., EMORY UNIVERSITY IB 47 C7 cjlifltffv I I. Haywood J. Pearce, Jr. 2. Dr. Steadman 3. Dr. Rhodes and President Cox 4. Dean White 5. Mr. Hedges 6. Mose Harvey 7. Miss Odum 8. Ray Nixon 9. Dr. Rhodes IO. Kay Owen II. Dr. Gppenheimer fj fx g 7-' X 3 . , jfr 5' L cflicztflly O Dean Johnson Steed and Dr. English "The eyes of Blincoe are upon you Dr. Venable Dr. Redmond H. P. Miller Dr. Jones Dean Hilkey Dr. Smith 014-WCG' 6,44l.0lLdX5CA00!.4 TI-IE GRADUATE SCI-IOOL Tl-IE COLLEGE TI-IE SCHOOL OE BUSINESS ADMIMSTRATION 5 1 .ii 9, ., . "1 5 wi qi , is .55 .fm A Q. my hiv' . Rte TWU f fig Aillxblllfffff X Q ,fgff 1 to l l N vix, K B l l l l ll K 1 1 X. K ll if tx U--C49 ll121cM.xN A13E1zN.xT11Y . . . llZ1l'fl-lllllllllg boss oi the SAL' . . . vote-gettel' . , . fl1ct:1tr..,ac 111o1111polist. tivities fir- anvlfvlezlea Abernathy Albright Alsobrook Alston Ariiistroiw' ,'hllCl'Cl1lIll1ll Baker Barwick JABIZRN.-Y1'I'iY, HERNI.-KN . . . Vidalia . . . A.B .... Sigmarllplia Epsilon: O. D. K.: D. V. S.: A. E. U.: Pi Alphag President of Student Body HJ 3 Honor Council C3l, Chairman K4-lg Business Manager lflieel C33 : CAMPUS C-H 3 Student Activities Council 135. Chairman C-H: lnterfraternity Council CS, 453 Debate CU: Co- Editor "E" Book Q-ll : Athletic Council Q21 3 Track Numeral CU, Letter 125. ALBRIGHT, M.-xR'1'HA . . . Atlanta . . . M.A. CAB., Emory, '37j. Atsnnnnnn, Hnnnntn H ,... VVoodland . . . B.S. in Engineering . . . Cfllllplltl' Clllbj Engineers Club: Basketball ALSTON, NV. QTT, JR .... Atlanta . . . M.S. in Engineering lA.B., Emory, ,375 . . . Phi Delta Thetag Emory Players ll, 215 Engineers Club: P. S. C. ARMSTRONG, ANNE . . . Atlanta . . . A.B. AUCREAMNN, CHARLES E .... St. Petersburg, Fla .... A.B. . . . SlAg'1IIlIlNvIl,'GlCC Club BAKER, FRANCES . . . Emory University . . . A.B. B,-XRYYICK, Join: . . . Louisville . . . A.B. . . . Campus Club: Letter Football QOxfordD: President Freshman Class Qflxfordlg Track Qfjxfordj. 22 I ,. . fl , . M 'DV VG? Y t3?cj?5ef5,JiOOl'QJ6 1 Basinski Beard Rislmp Beavers Tiny-fl Huy Brinkley Bryson Hninsteail Push, Rl, liush, Xl. R. Cagl B.-XSINSKI, IJ.-XNIIZI. . . . Buffalo, N. Y. . . . A.l3. . . . Pi Alpha 43. -H. BEARD, S. C. . . . Big Stone Gap, Va .... BLA. QA.l3., Emory and Henry, 'SH , . . Intercollegiate Debating: Few, President Q-H. BLAVERS, ELLINGTON . . . Atlanta . . . B.S. in Engineering . . . Pi Alpha C-lj: Engineers Club 13, -ll, President C-l-D. BISHOP, EVERli'l'T L .... Atlanta . . . A.B. . . . Shgflllll Chi: Players Cl, 2, 3, -H 3 Swimming fl, 2, 3, -H : Football 13, -l-l : "Pl" Club: Freshman Glee Club. BOYD. E. DICKIZH' . . . Atlanta . . . A.B .... Chi Phi: A. F. U.: Baseball, Numeral Clj, Letter 12. SJ: hlanager Basketball C3lC Senior llanager Q-H: "lf" Club: P. S. C. 13. -I-l: lfta Sigma Phi. BOYLE, JOHN S .... Havana, Cuba . . . A.B .... Pew: Alpha Kappa Psi: Players C3, -H. BRINKLEY, STERLING G., ,IR .... Atlanta . . . A.B. . . . Sigmfz Chip Phi Beta Kappa: "E" fvaltlostal 3 lfta Sigma Psi 1 A. E. C.: Phi Sigma: Players 13, -H 1 lf. C, A. Council 1-ll : Archery Klanager 1-H: Football fl. 2, 3, -ll. BRYSON, EUGENE H .... Augusta . . . A.B .... Sigfllltl .Hplm Efwrilmzf Glee Club f3l. BL'AIST13AD, JOHN . . . Atlanta . . . B.B.A .... Pi lt'f1ppfz.Jlp!111,- lnterfraternity Council 13, -l-D : Alpha Kappa Psi: Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, -ll, Vice-President QSM Presi- dent f-ll: Orchestra ll, 2. 3, -l-l, Vice-President C2l. BUSH, RI.-XRVIN . . . Decatur . . . A.B, BUSH, ll. R. . . . Barnesville . . . XLS. il3.S., Piedmont, 1351 . . . Pi Alpha. C.-XGL1i,J0llN H .... lfast Point . . . A.B .... Numeral, Fencing ill. 23 X 5 5 NN K N W., 5 F 1' I tiff! X lt I li .J mil If iff ffl ,,,2 llimmllubirvw f l.Xi'lZ 'liI.Iz.xI:ETH CoI.I,.xIz . ext-I'yln,Itly's favtwitu p Yr-llll . . . eainpus sweet' trt . . . charm, sweet- ll ss . . . irleal cu-etl . . . ciety llL'W5lll1XYli. I anvhivhfzllea Campbell Carter , Cayce Cllflstalll Clark Clay Clower Cobb CAAIIIBELI., BIILTON . . . Decatur . . . M.A. CAB., Emory, '37D . . . O. D. K.: Kapjm .H,lwlIa,' Glee Club fl, 2, 3. -l-, SD, President Q-Hg Tennis Qlaetterj. CARTER, CLYDE B. . . . Atlanta . . . A.B, . . . Delta Tau Deliaj P. S. C., Secretary Q-l-D. C.-XYCE, FRANK Q .... Hopkinsville, Ky .... A.B .... Phi Dvlm Tlzmzg C.-xxllfus C3, -lj, Iflieel 13, -lj, Columnist f3, -Hg Plmmix C3, -H, Managing Editor CSD, Editor Q-Hg Phi Gamma Cflxford. 1, 21. CIIAST.-xIN, D.-XX'lD F. . . . Atlanta . . . lNI.A. CEmory, '37D. Cl..-XRK, ill.-XRION T .... Atlanta . . . A.B .... Jlplza Tau flllIt'f!I,' Pi Alpha. CI..w, CSR.-XDY E. . . . Atlanta . . . A.B .... Chi Phi,- D. V. S.: lfta Sigma Psi: P. S. C.: l. R. C.: Klanager Track C351 Swimming Cl, 2, 3, -H, Captain Q-ll 2 Boxing ill 3 S. A. C. 635: Uvheel 41.2. 3, -l-J. Associate lfilitor C-ll: Plinnzix Q-H: CAMPUS ll, 2, -U2 Camera Club: "lf" Club, President C-l-D. Cl.fllX'ER,rl1.Al,K'lN . . . Douglas . . . A.B .... Campus Club,- Letter, Basketball QSM Letter, Tennis C353 "EH Club. COBB, JOHN H .... Cartersville . . . A.B .... Chi Phi: C.-uII'L'S ill 3 Football ll. 23, Numeral CID: Diamond Ball fl, 2, 3. -H 3 Touch Football 13, -ll 1 Freshman Glee Club 24 at efeee.i.,.fQ35 Collar Collum Cone C'-'HNC1' Cook Cl.,HiIm.h I Cress Crosswcll Daniel Dasher Daughtrey Day COLLAR, GR.ACE E. . . . Atlanta . . . A.B .... Players C3, 45: Uvllerl C3, 4-5: C-0-Ed Club, Secretary Q-l5. COLLUM, JULIAN P. . . . Springfield . . . AB. . . . Phi Defra Tlifm,- I. R. C. Cl, 25: Glee Club 125: Honor Council QValdosta, 25: Tennis Cl, 25, Letter C25. CONE, BEVERLY A. . . . Decatur . . . A.B. . . . Co-Ed Club, Vice-President C-l5: C0-Chairman E. C. A. VVoman's Division. CONNER, TXTARY . . . Tuskegee, Ala. . . . BLA. CAB., Judson, 3365. CooK, THOMAS MCB .... XVt-st Palm Beach, Fla .... AB .... Chi Phi: Camera Clubg CAMPUS C-15. COTTINGH.-XM, FLHOMAS VV. . . . Douglas . . . BLA. CAB., Duke, '375 . Chi Phi. CRESS, ,TACK K .... Decatur . . . A.l3. . . . Iflzrel C-l5. CROSSXVELL, GOWER, JR. . . . Atlanta . . . AB. . . . .Jlplm Tim Omagh. DANIEL, MARCUS G., JR .... Philadelphia, Pa .... KLA. CAB., Southern hlethodist University. 1335. DASHER, RALPH KI .... Savannah . . . HS. in lfngineering . . . Chi Phiy CAMPUS Cl, 2, 3, -l5, lfclitor Q-F5, hlanaging ljtlitor C35, Assistant llanaging lfilitor f25,Staff C15:ll'hi'el C452 Phoenix Cl, 3, 45: li. C. A. 1-I-5: Y. BI. C. A. ll, 2, 35: Engineers Club: Student Lecture Association: Phi Gamma: Athletic Council Q35 : hlanager Tennis C35 : Assistant lxIZlIl?lg'6l',TlCllI1lS, Swimming, Basketball ll, 25 : Swimming fl, 25. DAUGHTREY, JOHN li .... Atlanta . . . AB .... Swimming, Numeral Cl5, Letter 425. D.AY, ATARVIN Ii .... Canton . . . A.l3 .... Phi Delia Tf1i't11,' P. S. C. 12, 3, -l-5 I L R. C. K2, 35. 25 1 1 N , it R ,f fi X Z' V5,w x f' X, ,AV -.X , JJ X X'X' :jr I l 1 Xi 1 ix x 1 NJ ' l , i '1 1 , Al 1 11 AL i M fx Ct L. l'11rl RRFY l1l'Ifl'l1l-1. . . elleuu iournahst par ex stearly, rlclihcrati l, IlUlSL'fl . . . lveoll CC, YC: -65" Z- o faiijilmiea Dorlrl Downing - Duffee Dugger Uulqcs Duncan liinersf in Estes DoDD, GROVER C. . . . LaGrange . . . 15.5. in Iingineering . . Engineering Cluh 13, 41, Presiilent 131, Vice-President 1-l-1. Dowxixo. GEORGE . . . Thomson . . . A.B .... Sitgfn1f1Cl1i,' Players 11, 2, 3, -l, 51, President 1415 P. S. C. 12, 3, -l, 51, Treas- urer 1413 lnterfraternity Council 1-l-, 51: Y, KI. C. A. 11, 2, 315 E. C. A, 1-l1 2 Athletic Council 1-l-, 51 5 Senior llanager 151 5 Klan- ager Golf 1-11 5 Athletic Council, Secretary 1-11, Vice-Presiilent 151 1 Urllecf 11, 21. Dcrriiiz, XVARRIEN S .... Laurel. Miss .... A.l-3. . . . Pi lfnppiz iflfllllf U. D. K.: D. Y. S., lfta Sigma Psi: P. S. C.: ll'l1f'cl 11, 2, 3, 41, lftlitor 1-11 3 Plmwzix 121: Cfxxivcs 1413 Dehate 11, 313 De- hate Council 1-11 3 Puhlicity hlanager Glee Cluh 12, 31 5 Y. ll. C. A. 11, 21: S. A. C. 1-l-1: lnteriraternity Council 13. 41: Student Lecture Association 11, 2, 31, Vice-Presirlent 131, Dcoorza, C11RIs'1'r.xNN . . . Atlanta . . . AB .... Phi Sigma Uckizs, XV11.I-I.Axx1 F., ,IR .... Bella Mina, Ala .... A.I3. . . . Signzzz Chi: Phi Beta Kappa, A. C.: Honor Council: CAMPUS 11, 2, 31, Nlanaging Editor 131: Eta Sigma Phi, President 1213 Y. ll. C. A. 11, 21: Swimming 131. DL'NC.-XN', xIoHN P .... Quitman . . . A.B .... Sigma .Jlplm Efwsilon, Foothall 1l. 2, 5, -11 3 Basketball 11, 2, 3, -11 : Baseball 11. 2, 3, -I-1: Track 1l, 2, 3, -I-1 3 'liennis 11, 21 3 KIcCord Trophy 1313 I I . 1. C., Players. Ifxnfasox, CHERRY L.. JR .... Atlanta . . . AB. . . . .ilfwlm Tau IIIIIUNLVIII Eta Sigma Psi: A. lf. C.: Pi Alpha: Golf 11, 215 Interfraternity Council 131. lfS'1'l3S, A. FRANK . . . Gay . . . B.B.A .... Siflllll 411151111 Eflxi- lon: Glee Cluh 13, -L13 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, -11. 26 "5 7 oe egeee,I..fQJ5 Freedman Graham Fuller Giles Grizzarrl Goldberg Cols n Grifiin Gufhn Harris, L. Harris, S. - Hayn FRIEEDMAN, ELY . . . Atlanta . . . B.B.A. . . . .riiplm Epsilon Pi: Football C2, 3, -ll : Basketball: A. E. U.: Alpha Kappa Psi Award CSD : Interfraternity Council C2. 3, 41. FULLER. XVOODROXV . . . Atlanta . . . A.B. GILES, RALPH R .... Oxford . . . A.B .... A. E. Li.: Pi Alpha: Phi Beta Kappa: Engineers Club. GRIZZ.-XRD. VERNON T. . . . Birmingham, Ala .... A.B .... Signza Pi: A. E. U3 Tennis Cl, 2, 3l, Assistant illanager: lfvlzrel Cl, 23, Assistant llanaging Editor CZJ. GOLDBERG, :XIILTON . . . Newark, N. I .... A.B .... German Club: Football U5- GOLSON, CJR.-KH.-XM . . . Houston, Miss .... KLA. CA.B., Emory, '37J . . . Sigma Chi: O. D. K., President CSU: D. V. S.: S. A. C.: Honor Council: Inter- fraternity Council C3, -H, Vice-President C-I-li Uvlzrel Cl, 2. 3, -H, Associate and llanaging Editor C-H: P. S. C., President: Club: Klanager Golf CSD: Track Cl, 2, Sl, Letter C2, 3l. CSR.-XH.-XM., EDXYIN . . . Macon . . . A.B .... Football C2l. GRIFFIN, J. BI .... Quincy, Fla. . . . B.B.A .... Ifllf7f7Ilif1f7llI1,'.AlDl1Zl Kappa Psi. LI.-XRRIS, LEWIS . . . Decatur . . . B.B.A .... Football Cl, 2, 35, Letter CZJ: Baseball Cl, 23 : President of junior College, Business Administration, HARRIS, SMITH . . . Kloultrie . . . A.B .... Siglllfl Xu: Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, -I-J : Orchestra: Phi Sigma Iota: French Club. LI.-XYXVOOD, xVII.LI.-XM M., JR. . . . Cochran . . AB ..... Jlfiha Tau Onzega Pi Alpha. 27 NX X ,K N, ,595 A llliy it X, PQ ff 5 NWC! , ,X r l5, N X I, ill 56 R t N l ' H lil l ifdl ll fi I it I Kirin-.p IEN IQINS. ..calin, ting . . . Intellectual rant . . , srmtlilng spirit vllcc I -1 waters . . . n lroul lt l nnialile mixer . . . solid. 105' O 'IQMWKZQCKQCEQQ Hendrix Hopkins Howard Hugnley Ivey Jamison Jenkins Jennings HENDRIX, ARTHUR KI .... Ball Ground . . . CB.S., Georgia, '365 . . . Si,L'll1llJxvIl. HoIfKINS, SAMUEL B. . . . Greenville, Ala .... A.B. . . . Kappa Jlfvlzag O. D. K.: D. V. S.: CAMPUS Cl, 2, 3, 45, Associate Editor C-l-5, Alanaging Editor C35, Stali Cl, 25: Pi AlplIa C2, 3, 45. President C-l5, Vice-President C353 lnterfraternity Council C3, 45. Vice-President C-l5: Players C2, 3, 45: llanager YVrestling C35: Senior Sports llanager C-P5: President Athletic Council C45. HoyyARD, CARL XV .... Augusta . . . A.B .... Sigma Chi,- P. S. C. C3, 45, President C35 : C. A. Cabinet C45 : Y. ll. C. A., Chairman Deputations C35: XVrestling, Letter C355 Debate Forum C35- HL'oULEY, CHARLES . . . Atlanta . . . A.B .... Sigma Nu,- Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Alpha, Secretary C35: Pi Blu Sigma, President C-l5 : A. F. C.: lnterfraternity Council C35 3 Student Lecture Asso- ciation Cl, 2, 35: lflzeel Cl, 25: Freshman Debate Forum C151 Athletic Council C35: llianager Bowling lyI5Y, VVYKIZ C .... Augusta . . . A.B. LIANIISON, K. ARCY . . . Meadow View, Ya .... A.B. Climory and Henry5. JENKINS, ALFRED . . . Douglas . . . A.B ,... Chi Phi: O. D. K.: Phi Beta Kappa: D. V. S.: S. A. C. C3, 45, Secretary C35: Honor Council: Eta Sigma Psi: A. lf. U.: lf. C. A. C-l5, President C-l5 : Y. Bl. C. A. Cl, 2, 35, Vice-President C35 : President Fresh- Inan Council Cl5: Debating Cl, 2, 3, -l5, Varsity Klanager C35: Organizer of Phi Gamma Literary Society C453 CAMPUS C-l5: Glee Club C25 1 Freshman Glee Club Cl5. JENNINGS, GIECJRGE XV. . . . Valdosta . . . A.B ..... ilpha Tau Unzggrzf Boxing COxford, l, 25: Swimming CUxford, l. 25: Phi Gamma CUxford5. 28 st jeff ff KT: 'T O , i 7 7 L f ,Ii KA 7f' 0.1 ER 7? Cr IZ: l '5 ff, C E CRL C C XJ! f fl 1. lnhnsnn, C. Kyle vlullllgfw l.atti1 Joiixsox, jniixsox, n, E. hlwliiismi, M. vl'YllE'S, F. vlmies. Y. note Laurent Lee lJPClQll1'fl CH.'XRI.0T'l'li . . . Decatur . . . A.l3 .... Cu-lftl Cluh. FD. G .... 'liiftnn . . . A.I3 .... Fnnthall Cl, ZD: Tennis Cl, 27: Swimming Cl, 23: liaschall C153 C. A. C-ll: Few C-l-J: Glec Club Cl, 25. jniixsox, Jnxns, G. Tennis C l KIARTIIA BI .... Lithunia . . . CAB., Agnes Scutt, 1375. FENWICK . . . Savannah . . . A.B .... Clif Phi: Swimming Cl, 3, -ll: , 23: lvrestling Cl, 23 : Fencing Cl, 2. -l-J: KIcCm'tl 'liupliy Cl, 25: lfta Sigma Puig A. lf. lf.: Exchange Stutlent, Germany CHD: Rhodes Scholar C-ll. luxigs, V1 RGII, D .... Alapahil . . . ll.l3.A ,... Phi Delia Tlwfzzg l. R. C. CYaldustaJ: Football, Letter CZJ: Hasehall CQ, 32. KING, BETTY C7 .... Atlanta . . . XLS. CHS.. l.'nivei'sity of Gefvrgia, 1357. KYLE. FRED T., -IR .... Atlanta . . . A.H. . . . lX'11f7fY1liJCf71I!I,' Freshman Glace Club CID. L.-Yl"I'INlOR LAURENT, E, EDN.-x Ii .... Savannah . . . NLS. CB.S., G. S. C. XV., 1373. SAR.-xii M .... Atlanta . . . A.B. I.EE,XViL1.1.xx1 H., JR. . . . Atlanta . . . A.B .... Cfzmjvw Clubg Baseball CZJ. LOQKARD, Btaxciiii . . . Meridian, Miss .... RLS. Cl3.A., XI. S. C. XV., '5-lj. LOCKH.-KRT, LUTHER B., JR .... Atlanta . . . A.B .... Sigunz Xu: Phi Beta Kappa: Pi Alpha: A. lf. C.: Student Lecture Association Cl, 2. 3l. Secretary CZJ, President Council. C3J: Circulation Klanagei' lfliwl C37: Athletic Cnuncil: Interfraternity 29 Kin L' fcltltzni MQQMQ . f Qi Q. 161 Nm Wi W r 4 17 ,Z Yifiiw? , 1 1 1. K I 1 lx 191 X , 2 NRL. XYIIARTIPN 1X1lTI'lIELl .. ill-arouuil nuluber-Ont' ny . , . towers Over all utivities men . . . easy- nng, smiling . .. effi- ient . . . man of destiny. 'QW anffjafea Lunsford Mackay Marshall May K1cCa1'ver 1X'1CCl'Zl!'llC McDufF1c McGinty LUNSFURD, IJOROTHY li .,.. Atlanta . . . AB. 111.-XCR.-XY,1JIJNA1,D 111 .... Atlanta . . . A.B. . . . 1x'n,fvfvn,1Ip1111,' Debate 11, 2, 31, Few 1-11, 1Vinner ATCl1l'l'j' hleet 11, -ll. M.AxRsHALL, JOHN S., JR .... Mobile, Ala .... A.B. . Signlzl Chi. NIMH, CHESTER A. . . . Union Springs, Ala. . . . B.B.A. Pi lfuppzz .-Hjwlm: "EH Club: Football 12, 3, -ll 3 Baseball 12, Orchestra 12, 3, -ll, Vice-President 133: S. A. C. 1-H: E. 1-lb: Y. KI. C. A. 12, 325 1l1ICl'fl'ZlfCl'l1ltj' Council 13, -H: Kappa Psi. 3, 11 is C. A. Alpha KIOCARVER, XV. CU1,1.iax . . . Viilette . . . A.B. . . . Phi Delta Yvllffrlf Baseball 11, 2, 31: Basketball 11, 2, 31. AICCR.-XNIIZ, li. J.-milfs . . . Millen . . . RLS. 1A.B., Emory, '37D . . . Signin Nu. HQIJUFFIII, H. FRITZ, .IR .... Atlanta . . . A.H .... Kappa ,Hfvlzug Pi Alpha, r111'easu1'e1'g Glee Club 11, 2, 3, -ll: lflzfel 11, 21: Swimming 11, 21, Letter 1215 Boxing, Letter 135, 1VIanager 131 3 Athletic Council 131. AICKSINTY, xVIl.EY P .... Atlanta . . . A.B .... Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Sigma lota. 30 but 'Centtuea1..!Qfl llcliechan McKinney McNair llenkee Merritt Mitchell Moore Neel Newman Ogden Overtlni I 11 CC AICKEEHAN, AIORRIS S. . . . Ruckholtl, Ky .... RLS. CA.H., Union Cnllege, '365 . . . Cr1n1p11.t Clubg S. A. C. C5, 65: Phi Sigma, President C55. MCKINNEY, GEORGE H .... Atlanta . . . AB .... Sigma Pip Glee Club C3 -l-5: Orchestra Cl, 2, 3, 453 lnterfraternity Council C3, 45. AICNAIR, D.eXVID G .... Atlanta . . . A.B .... Pi Kapjm Jlplm. AIENKEE, XV. RAYMOND . . . Atlanta . . . AB. . . . Golf Cl, 2, 35, Numeral Cl5, Letter C2, 35. AIERRITT, XVILLI.-XM F .... Rebecca . . A.B .... Engineers Club C353 Players C Technical Staff5 AIITCHELL, XVH.-XRTON . . . Atlanta . . . A.B .... C1ziPl1i,'O. D. K.: D. Y. S.: lfta Sigma Psi: Alpha Kappa Psi: Glee Club Cl. 2, 35, Klanager C35 3 S. A. C-. C-P5 I CAMPUS Cl, 2, 3, 45, Klanaging lfditm' C35 Q lnterfraternity Council CS, -I-5, Athletic Council C3, -lf5, llanager Diamoncl Ball C35. AIOORE, DAN C. . . . Culverton . . . XLS. CAB., Emory, '375 . . . Sigfnfz Chi, NEEL, FRANK H. . . Clubf Engineers Club. NEXVNIAN, JEROME H. CUGDIZN, HERBER1' S. . Club C2, 3, -l-5 3 Plmenix QJVERTUN, B.-xsn. H. . Glee Club C3, 45. P.-XRDEE, CQNSTANCE . Secretary C-l5. Thomasville . . . HS. in Engineering . CrIlIIf7llS Jacksonville, Fla .... A.B. . Klacrm . . . A.l3 .... Signm Jlphzl Eju'i!011.' Glfe C351 Plavers Cl, 25 1 Tennis Cl5. . Atlanta . . . B.H.A .... Sig111aI'i,' Ifllmfl C455 Atlanta . . . A.B. . . . Co-Ed Club: lfta Sigma Phi, 3 I fl My 1 11111 f111L'11lg"' , 17 .f b f .1 1511 G1 LQ x1 '11 -X 111.422 '11 1 Mote 11 I 1 .- g 1 ' 'X f 1 '."'1.1 f -Q , -f 11. 1 . ,... lil-'I'l'l'li N111-1f1:1's lllI1k'- pcnfleut stalwart . . . 1111117 mst polititiali . . . 1114111111 11111110 atlllute . . . tireless 11 1l L1 11 1111 'li'i"... 'Z C. 5? aa.o111fJa1e4 Peuclley Powell Price Ray Rives Roberts Rolivcrtson Rotldey PENDLEY, ROBERT L .... B1C1JOI10llfll1 . . . A.l3 .... Campus Club: President Senior Class: liagles Club: P111 Sigma Iota: CAM- l'L'S 1-11: Y. ll. C. A. 11, 21: Basketball 11, 2, 3, -1-1, Numeral 111, Letter 131: Track Numeral 111. Pou'EL1., GEoRoE E .... Valdosta . . . A.B .... Glec Club 1Valclosta, 1, 21. PRICE, ALBERT C., JR .... Bl'UIl1YOOCl . . . B.B.A .... Y. M. C. A. 131. R.-xy, L1NToN G., JR .... VVasl1ington . . . AB .... Sigma .Hfvlza Ep,viInn.' Phi Beta Kappa: Eta Sigma Psi: A. E. U.: Pi Alpha: Glee Club 13, -11: Football 1Oxford, 1, 21: Dramatics 1Uxforcl, 1, 21. RIVES, SIDNEY B. . . . Sparta . . . A.l3 .... Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. ROBERTS, RED PEPPER . . . Ball Ground . . . A.B .... Campus Clllllf Eagles Club: S. A. C. 131: Vice-President Student Body 131: President Athletic Council 131: Nlanager Track 121: Base- ball 11, 2, 31, Letter 12, Track 11, 2, 31, Numeral 111, Letter 12, 31. ROBERTSON, VERNARD E. . . . Guyton . . . A.B. . . . Sigma Chi,- C. A. 1-1-1, Treasurer 1-11 : Y. M. C. A. 131: Sociology Club: Greek Club. RODDEY, DAVID C .... Valdosta . . . A.B .... dlphzz Tau Omega: Pi Alpha. 32 S! it .fVM....iQ3e Seitz Smith, E. 'Q S Sheltnn Shepard Slatle Slocum Smart Smith. J. Springtielrl Stein Stephens Stevens SEITZ, ABI5 ...A A tlanta . . . B.l3.A ...., Hfflia Epsilon Pi. SHELTON, 'l'HrJxI.-xS D .... Valdosta . . B.l3.A ,... rllfwlia Tim Uuiegfzg Alpha Kappa Psi. SHEP.-XRD, JOHN l. .... Fort Valley . . . A.B .... Phi Drlm Tlivmp Glee Club fl, 2, 3, -H: Basketball Letter Uvaltlostaj. SLAD15, JOHN DE R .... Columbus . . . A.B .... Phi Dwlm ylilffllf Student Lecture Association ll, fl: lnterfraternity Council CS. -ll : lj1lUt'lli.V 13, -H: lfllirvl Cl,2JgC.u1i'L's 11.27. SLOCUNI, KARL R., JR. Club C3, -PJ. . . . Alaeon . . . A.l3. . . . Sigma Pig l. R. C. C-l-D 3 Glee SMART, Cirxaiazs XV. Tau KQIIIFQYII l'i Alpha. . . . Valdosta . . . XLS. CAB., liinury, 'SH . . . .Hfvlziz SMITH, Fl.IZ.-XBli'l'H l. .... Atlanta . . . AB. SMITH. JACK D. . . . Greenville . . . A.l3. . . . l. R. C. SPRINGFIELD, VV. 'lil-I.-XXTON . . . Sulligent, Ala .... A.B .... lita Sigma Phi: Football HD. STEIN, lJ.,WlD J .... Atlanta . . . B.l3.A ...., H lm lifvyiifni Pi: "lf" Club: P Basketball CZ, 3, -I-D, Letter 12. 31. Alternate Captain ill. Captain QD. STEPHENS, Jcuix C., JR. . . . Augusta . . . BLA. CA.l3., Plniury, '37J . . . Sigma Jlfvlia Effxilon. STEVENS, Aniiitxinif N .,.. Forrest City, Ark .... M. A. CAB., Agnes Scott, '36J. 33 ml Mixvjxif Xxlbiizgg T ! l l ll if lift l Qi ma .,,,,x 1 il, , H ,lute Ti f1.l:1 2 r:'1' . . . caustic intellectual , 1 . Outspmlccn critic . . . trlielslirwst- . , . dynamo . . . constant war- riur. Alai anvgifafea Stipe Stone Sutton Thompson Tolbert Cpshaw XVagner Wfalke STIPE, AI.-XRY S .... Atlanta . . . AB. STONE, RIARY S. . . . VVhigham . . BLA. CBS., G. S. C. VV.. '37D SUTTON, JAMES P, . . . Forsyth . . . A.B. . . . .Jljvlm Tau Onzega. FPHOMPSON, XVILLIAM R .... Atlanta . . . B.S. . . . Chi Phi. CPOLBERT. JACK P .... Columbus . . . AB .... Chi Phi: S. A. C. C3J: Phi Beta Kappa: O. D. K.: Eta Sigma Psig Uvlzeel ll, 2, 3. -l-D. Klanaging Editor K-U I C.ANIl'L'S C-ll : A. E. U.g Inter- fraternity Council Q2, 3, -ll, President C-lj: P. S. C. CZ, 3, 45, President C-l-D1 Debate Cl, 2, 3, -lj: Junior College Debate Coach C-l-J: President Phi Gamma OU. LlPSH.-XXV. hl.fXCQL'liS H. . . . College Park . . . A.B .... Presi- dent Camera Club C-H : ljllflfllii' CM. XV.-XGNER, PAUL J .... Tampa, Fla .... A.B .... Kappa .iffvlmq li. C. A. 12, 33, Treasurer C25 5 Orchestra 13D : Eta Sigma Psi: President Sophomnre Class: Secretary-Treasurer Senior Classy CAMPUS Cl, ZH. XVALKJ3, EDWARD A .... Dublin . . . A.B ..... ilpllll Tau Umfga. 34 D 5 UZ 65 eee..1..lQ38 Mm XVard XVatson XYlieat NYliittaker Xvllllllllli, H. XVilliam XY XVyatt VVARD, DII.I.ARD C .... Atlanta . . . A.B. . . . Slglllll Chip "li" Club: Foot- ball Letter: Track Letter: VVrestling Letter. VVATSON, CHARLES N. . . . Marietta . . . AB .... Campus Club: "E" Club: P. S. C. CZJ: Eagles Club: Basketball fl, 2, 3. -I-J, Letter QSD: Vice-President Senior Class C-I-J: Student Relations Committee C-H. VVHEAT, ALICE R .... Bainbridge . . . BLA. CA.B., Shorter, 'SSL VVHITTAKER, FRED N., JR .... Kinsale, Va .... A.B .... Cfznipzzx Club: Eagles Club: A. E. U., Secretary: P. S. C., President: I. R. C., President: Phi Beta Kappa: Honor Council. YVILLIAMS, HENRY' G .... Atlanta . . . B.B.A. . . . Della Tau Dulm. VVILLIAMS, XV.-XRREN VV .... Buena Vista . . . RLS. lA.B., Emory, '37J . . . Phi Delta Them: Eta Sigma Psi: A. Ii. U.: Pi Alpha: Student Lecture Association Cl, 2, 35, President CSD: lfheel Cl, 2, 35 : C.-XAIPL'S Cl, 2, 35: Honor Roll 11, 2, 3, 4-J: Honor Council C-I-J: Y. KI. C-. A. 125: Debate CZD: S. A. C. C515 Vice- President Student Body CSD. WYATT, ROBERT G. . . . Rome . . . A.B .... Pi Kappa .llplmg Tennis tl, 2, 3, 4-D5 "E" Club: Interfraternity Council. 35 kczfma ol KQBQ ADAMS, ALBERT R., JR. ALLEN, ARTHUR T. . ALLGOOI1, JACKSON L. ANSLEY, BRADFORD D .ARhIOUR, THOMAS, JR. QXSKENY, VVILB URN A. ATKINSON, BUTLER M JR .-XUSLEY, ROBEIQI' C., Bus. Rid., AYCOCK, BETTY . BAILEY, BRITT . BANKS, RAFE, JR, , BARNES, CHARLES W., BARRETT, VVENDELL . BARTLETT, BIARCCS . BECK, M. LINWOUU . BENSON, XV, H., JR. JR . . Macon . Atlanta . Marietta Tampa, Fla. Miami, Fla. . Atlanta . MadiS0II Tliomasville . Atlanta . Atlanta Gainesville . Valdosta . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . Marietta BLANTON, LEONARD L. . . Lafayette, Ala. BORNET, V. DAVIS . . .Miami Beach, Fla. BRANNEN, EDMUND A. . . . Millen BRISQOE, PHILIP D., Bus. Ad. . . Monroe BROWN, BEN S. . . Hawkinsville BROWN, EARL B. . . . New York, N. Y. BRONVN, ROBERT H., JR. . . Grovania BURNS, BICINTOSH M., JR. . . Pelham BUSH, OLIVER F., JR. . BYRD, JAMES K. . . CALDWELL, CLAUDE E. . CALDWELL, II. XVESTON . CAMP, RAYMOND S. . CANFIELD, EARL R. . . CARGILL, VVALTER H., JR. . CARPENTER, LILLIAN R, CARTER, L. NINETTE . CARTER, POLK A. . CARVER, CHARLES H. . CARVER,X-IOSEPH R. . CATES, JOHN R., JR. . CHAPMAN, J. FOSTER . CLARY, GEORGE E., JR. . CLEGG, XV. JUSI,-KH . CUDINGTON, ARTHUR B. CONN.-XLLY, S. C. . . COOK, E. RICHARD, III . . Columbus . Atlanta . Gay . Alvaton . Fairburn . Atlanta . Columbus . Atlanta . Atlanta . XVFiSl1lllgtOl'l . Decatur . Decatur . . Newnan Andalusia, Ala. . Macon . Decatur . Atlanta . Atlanta . . Newnan COOPER, GEORGE F. , . Birmingham, Ala. COOPER, XVARRIEN C., Bus. .-Id. . . Pelham CORNETT, D. NIURL .... LaFayette Cox, ALBERT F. . . Emory University CRANMER, NV. E., Bus. Ad. . . Marietta 37 CIM O! law ll ffl Lflnm wt' I 7,3 CULVER, Lliwls lf. . DAVIS, ll, Rl-llllfllkli . D1c1qEIcsr,1x, Lumix . , . Culverton . Atlanta . , Moultrie DUDD, J. B., jk., lfzrx. .-ld., St. .'Xl.1gllSllI18, Flu. IDOREBIVS, C. ,X1.15x.xNm:l: , IDoL'r31..xs, RL'5bli!.L V. DL'Bus12, l31fx'E141.x' M. ll DUIQES, -lllSlil'lI XY. . . . .-Xngnstzn XYli'iI'SLlill6. Fla. . Atlanta . Valdosta DL'Rlil-QT'l', H. XY., lim. ,I41',, Cookeville, Tenn. lir.K1N, XYIl.I.l.XKI l.., -llc. . . Tupelo, Miss, ELLIUTT, KI, Lxxmz, Hnx. .ld ..,. ' Xtlztntu EVANS, -ltu'g31'H.INH ll, . Atlanta FARMER, -lnuy XY. . LaGrange FERNELI., Jullxxx' P, . PCl6l'SlJlll'g, Fla. Fnmv, IME I-I. . . . .Xtlznttzt FRE1i11M.xx, Mllxnmx ll. . .Xtlnnta Fmil-gxux, TIIllBI.XS R, . , Valdosta G.xzEI.1,E, EIIXYARII nl. . . Atlanta Gurus, I71e.xNt'r-is R. . . Atlanta GIFP'I'lRll, JHIIN P. . . Atlanta GILLESL-IE, ALXRY XY. . . . Atlanta GL.XIlIJEX, Ima R, . . Talladega, Ala. GI..-XFSIER, Crnxmzxcx F.. IR. . . Quitnuan GI.1'STR1'M, Iolmxxf, Bus. .-Id. . . Atlanta GOLD, PERRY . . GORDON, LEWIS F. . GRIFFITH, Al.-XRTHA . . HIARRISLDN, OLIVIA . . H.ART, F. XVILLIAM . . H,AR1'SIfIELD, E. PAL'L . HENDEIQSLIN, XVILLIAM H. LIIGHTOXVER, JoI1N D., Huy. HIl.L, :XLLEN XV., B111 ,-ld. HILI.. J. A. . . . HOGAN, GLENN M. . HOPIQINS, ELWYN V. . LIOSFORD, BUXYEX I. . l'lL'BBELL, C. Woonnlgm' . HUCRABY, A. H, . I'lL'MBER, JAMES F. . . HX'DRICIC, PETER . IXGRQXRI, XV. FRANKLIN . IRION, JAMES P. . . . . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . Hapeville . Atlanta . Moultrie . . Calhoun I-Id. . Decatur . . . Atlanta . Mobile, .-Ala. . Carrollton . Covington . . Atlanta . Teaueclc, N. J. . . . Gritlin Clarksclale, Miss. . College Park . . Grifliu . Paducah, Ky. JOHNSTON, SMITH L., Bus. .-ld., Xllooclstoclc JONES, XV. L. . . . Copperhill, Tenn. JORDAN, B. L. . . . . . Reiclsville JURDAN, JOHN C., Bus. Ad. . . Augusta ,ToRnAN, JQIIN R. . 39 . Perry ll! 'I Il ll I f ,J Cf IW352 l!l ll! Ii' ll I I le ll D D D LC-jaaa ag fQ3Q l v J KING, LOUISE .... IQLEIN, lX'lILTON, Bus. Ad. liNtflX, RoIzERT W1 . . LEE, CHARLES S., Bus. Ad. LEINBACH, ll'lliRRILI. l. . LINES, IALVA B. , LIPEQRD, XVRIGHT XV. . LUZIER, AIARIE P. . . M.xcI1oN.xI.n, XVILLIAII NLXRTIN, lxl.-XRION zj . NIAULDIN, EARLE . ll'lAXWl2LL, STEPHENS lf. NICBIIAYER, XYILI,I.xxI T. Mt'MILL.xN, E. C. BIEIILIN, XV. V.XNL'E . MENIIEL, JULIAN, Bus. All MICHAEL, HENIQX' L. . lX'lILFORD, I. HUBEIIT . NIILLER, I. RAYAIONII . NIILLS, CLARENCE XV. . lX'lORTON, .ANN LUCILE . NIUYE, CH,x1u.Es A, . lX'lULl.lNS, DEWITT F. . NE.Xl., JUDGE T. . . Atlanta . Atlanta . Thoinaston . Vidalia . Atlanta . Savannah . . Franklin Murphy, N, C. . Miami, Fla. . Decatur . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . M acon . Atlanta . . Monroe . Atlanta . Hartwell . Baconton . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . Social Circle . Tucker NEEI., XVII.I.1.xxI XV. . . Thomasville NELSON, CI..xI'D D., JR. . . Decatur Q NIIIPER, XVlLI.I.xxI F, Bus. Qld. . Greensboro NIKON, RAY B. . . Panama City, Flu. GLSEX, AIARGARET li. . Atlanta PHILIJ-IR, HENRX' I-X. . . . Atlanta PIIIl.LlI'S, CI..Xl'l'llE R., Rus. .-lil.. Social Circle PIERCE, xYlLl.l.fXKl li., Bus. ,flII'. . Chfnnlmlee PII.RINnTnN, JHSEPII XV., St. Peterslnirg, Fla. PIRRLE, QUENTIN R. Pm-E, Rm, JR. . PURE, XYII.I.l.fxM I-X. . PRICE, HIXRRX' J. . . REGISTER, -IUHN C., ji ROBERTSON, J. G., JR. . Ri-IBERTSIIN, FRXNK L. . ROBERTSON, Rox' L. . ROHRER, RIIIIIQRT H. . Q . Hosclitnn . Decatur . xX7ZlSlllIlgtOll XYHYIN Springs . Fitzgerald . Carrollton . Macon , .-Xtlanta . Atlanta RIILLESTUN, RIURE'l'llX M., JR, . . Atlanta Rmxxr., Mayo ll. . . Newnan SADLER, R.XY F., fins. I-ld. . . Athens SAYER, IQT O. . . Douglasville SC.XRHORUL'GH, JAMES H., JR. . . Savannah Scn.xRI..'xcII, Lows F., Bus. .-ld. . Ellijay 4 I I lg-fam 06 1' L W ,, ,,4-,, ,.?x.f lT., Qallal .J IQ Q 42 SCOTT, THOMAS A., JR. SHEALY, THOMAS A., JR. . . SLACK, SEARCY B., JR. . SPEERS, BAY,-XRD C., JR, STACY, JAMES A. . SUTIQER, SOLOMON . Snxxxsox, COSBY, JR. SXYINT, JOHN XV. . TAYLOR, ARLINE F. . THOMPSON, THOMAS H. . . THRAILKILL, H. IRWIN . Atlanta Dothan, Ala. . Decatur . Atlanta . Ailey . Savannah . Atlanta . Gibson . Atlanta . Atlanta Milledgeville THRASHER, XVILLIAM H., Bus, Ad., Decatur TOBILIX, C. ALICE ..... Albany TRACE, HPIIQBERT S., JR., Bus. Ad., Savannah TRII-In CH.-xRLEs A. . . Brownsville, Tenn. TUCIIER, EDGAR G. . TURNER, JEANNE B. . UHI., CHARLES H. . V,xL'GII.xN, D.XVIS H. . AND-XTSl'lN, XVILLIA M M. XVATTERS, Jt'LIAN Q. XVEATHERS, ARTHVR K. XVELLS, JERE A., JR. . . XVHITAKER, XVILLIAM G., JR. . . Lithonia . Atlanta . Atlanta Jenkins, Ky. Hawkinsville . Atlanta . Cairo . Atlanta . Valdosta XVHIT12, Gurmmcli C. . XYHITENTIIX, GUY H. . XYICKER, G. ST.xNLEY XVILCOX, D. R., Bus. .-ld XVILSON, JEAN P. , XYISDOAI, XV. D.xv1rv . XV0011, G. D., Bus. rld. XX'OOD.-XRD, GENEVIEVE . 43 Emory University . Macon . Americus . Lumber City . Florence, S. C. . . Chipley . . F1oyd,V2l. . Dudley YJ .L 1 5 , l""'r," 1 YH 7? 6' Q? .. 52 ,M CLA, 0 14239 tCc!0f.l.l two Jw ALI.RED,Jlx1x11-is F. . . . Fort Myers, Fla. ANSLEY, C. CLARK, Bus. Ad. . . Atlanta AUSTIN, GEoleGE JEFF, JR. . . Moultrie BAKER, A. M., JR. . . BALLARD, Svmnnrs, JR BALSER, LEoN.x1:n . . BATEY, HAYNES, JR, . BE.xsL12Y, HLYLTII . BENNETT, Cam. D. . RICKERSTAFF, J. HURT BLOCK, E. Fines . RUOZER, Jlxflc S. . RRANAN, L. F. . . J Fhemoas, Rlxu-n I., Bm. .t Ruoolis, C, C. . . . RRUOliS,1RVlN . l'lt'Rn.xGE, J. S. . . llvkul-2, C. JUANIEL . BURGESS, C. S., JR., B C,xLLAw.xx', lim' R., Jlt LASE, I. Lmltlt, Il . CIIAPMAN, H.-xRvEx' H. CUHEN, GlzR.'x1.n H. . Cooli, THoMAS R. . 115. . Orlando, Fla. . Monticello . Chester, S. C. . Ocala, Fla. . Reiclsville . XVaycros: . Atlanta . . Atlanta . Anniston, Ala. Tallahassee, Fla. ld. . . Atlanta Fort lXlcPl1erson . . . Colquitt . College Park . . . Atlanta .-ld. . Atlanta . . LaGrange . . Atlanta . Greensboro . Atlanta . Atlanta COTTINGH.-XM, XV. L. . . Greenville, S, C. CL'M1s,xfx, JAY, Ju., Bus, xld. . Columbus U D.xnNsY, Jonx C. . . . Atlanta DANIEL, EARNEST F. . . Miller . . Atlanta Davis, AR1-Hua O., JR. . DEAVER, Joux A. . DEEN, O. F., JR. . . Tampa, Fla. . . . . Douglas DElXl1Ll.X', XY. A., Bus. fld.. Tallahassee, Fla. . Atlanta DENNY, LERox', JR., Huy. Ad. . . . Atlanta DoL1v1a, EARL, Bus. Ad. . ELDER, Onan F., JR. ELLIS, JoHx O. . EVANS, ROBERT . FAIN, JIM ED. . FELDER, DKK . . . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta Albany lYest Palm Beach, Fla. Atlanta Fos'rER, Tuoxus, Bus. Ad. . . FRASER, AVILLIA xt, JR. FULLER, AVILLIA M G.xLLow.x Y, XV 1 LL1.x xt GEORGE, PAUL J. . . . Atlanta . . Newnan . . Atlanta . Atlanta GIGNILLIAT, Wn.Lt.xxt, Ju., Birmingham, Ala. GRIEHN, CL.xt'n1c, JR HALL, JOSEPH . . HARDEE, Covtxurox Hanntsox, PERRX' HARWELL, EARNEST Homss, A. C., Ju. . HOCKENH L'LL, JUHN 1'lULLEY, HUGH B., HIDLBIIQS, Enom C. HoLz, XVILSIJN W. -v H11-Y. .-ld.. Carrollton . . . LaFayette . . Florence, S. C. A. . . . Atlanta . Atlanta , . Cataula Atlanta JR. . . Atlanta . . . . Moultrie . Avondale Estates HUBIBER, RQBERT T., Bus. Ad., Columbus 45 .Y li. Nl 1 r tl l tll tlt KV fl L 4 . i l tl lu 4 l l l l l ll tl ll ll l l l T 7, 1 2 P 2' gfmaa 0 f 46 HVNTER, I.YM.XN, JR. . HL"rc11lNsoN, Institut C. . 1-IL'TcH1N5nN, XVILl.1.xM . jnxns, C. B.,xxT1zR, ju. JONES, Fluxvls G., flux. nld. . JUNES, GliR.Xl.D XV. . VTHUNIDEPH, NORMAN ll. . julnmx, CH.naLEs IE., .lOl-IILXN, XVILLIS P. , . . Atlanta Tampa, Fla. LaGrange . Macon . Atlanta . Orlando, Fla. Bro Bits. Ad., IQILIAN, IQODERT XV., Rus. A-ld. lilklllltlhfflll, limpxu I-. . IQINKI, H,XlillX' C. . . lilxn,-I.xc1i5nN L. . . M IQING, AIVICHELL C. . Ksucrlix, AL'nL's'r F. . 1.lxNGFn1:D, BEIQICX' lf,, Jia. . l..lxss1zTER, l'IL'nu . LETT, Axnxnzw C. . I-nF'r1s, IQHN C. . Lynx, Rxcrulnm F. M.u'1Q.xy, jlxxnis A. . Mnclis, Ermzxxell S. . . iami Bl.XRSH.XLL, T11oM.xs O., JH. . , lXI,x1:T1N, EllXYARll B., Ju. Oklyn, N, Y. Monticello Cnlnlnlnns . Atlanta Kimlmrnngll . Tc-nnille Bcacll, Fla. . Atlanta . Elbcrton Fitzgerald Fitzgerald . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . T occoa Americns . Decatur RlCC.XNTS, A. E., Bus. .-ld., Tallahassee, Fla. AICNATT, XVILLLXM K., Bus. nld. . Lyons lXIn1.now, Smxx-:Y ,..... Atlanta lllvtzus, LORIN S., Bus. wld., Copperhill, Tenn. O,DONNELL, ANTHONY . Atlanta PARKS, JOSEPH VV., JR. . . Newnan PARTIN, III.-KLCOLM, Bus. Ad. . Mobile, Ala. PENDERGRAST, XVILLIARI J. . . Atlanta PESKIN, JEROME R. . . Hartford, Conn. PETERSON, XVILLIAM J., JR. . . . Ailey PHILLIPS, BETHCNE . . Jacksonville, Fla. POPLIN, CHARLES C., Bus. Ad. . Decatur POWERS, CLEM, JR. . . . Atlanta RICHARDSON, ELDON B. . . College Park ROGERS, EZDXYARD, JR. . . . . Macon RUPPERSBURG, JOHN . . College Park SEAAIAN, ALBERT R., Bus. Ad. . Atlanta SHAEEERRIAN, SAMUEL L. . SIEGEL, LOUIE A., Bus. Aa' SIMMONS, M. FREEMAN . SLOAN, XVUIAN P. . SMITH, CHARLES H. . . . SMITH, CHARLES LEON, JR STEAD, XVILLIAM VV. Atlanta Atlanta Decatur Atlanta Atlanta LaGrange Decatur STEADMAN, J. M., III . Emory University STODGHILL, C. M., JR. .... Atlanta TATUM, T. ZACHRY . . . Roanoke, Ala. THIGPEN, RICHARD F. . . St. Marys THOMPSON, L. C., JR., Bus. .-ld., Atlanta TI-IURMAN, RAY V., JR. TINDALL, JOSEPH D. . . TRIMPI, HOWARD D. . 47 LaFayette . Atlanta Atlanta gfma 0 IQL-10 7 Ya? Y 'J' f 1' f , f I 1 7 I A f K, ,f f 144' ff cw? , ufffep XSXWMA Q ff fn: I '1'L'm:'rs1ix', SAM . . . Atlanta NV.xl.1,AcE, Cll.XIil.IiS I. .,.. Rutledge XY.Xl.l.BI.XN, S.xL'1. J. . , 131-max, N. Y. XY1f1.v1-I, JAMES D, . . Pelham XXu,xl,hx, -IAAIE5 II. ,.... .Xdul XYu1'1'1i, CIl.Xl'l'lil.l, . . lilwn-5' L'uix'c1'sity XYIHH'I', XY.xmw, llc, . . . Atlanta XYILSUN, Jullis H, . . Corclele WILSUN, jnslzvu, Il, . . I.z1C2ra11gc XYmm, Jfuix Il. . . Flwyl, Ya. XVULKIN, BIARYIX . . . .-Xtlzmtzl Yxxvav, ICIDXYIN If . . .-Xtlzmtu ABERNATHY, ERNEST L. AIJDISON, THOMAS Ii. . ALLGOOD, H. PIERCE . ARCHER, LEONARD H. , ARNOLD, RUSSELL , . :ARRINGTON, ROBERT P. . BAGGOTT. Jun-:s L. . BAILEY, R.xY1xI0Nn P. . BAKER, JOHN D. . . BAKER, WOOLFORII B. . . , Vidalia . Atlanta . . . Marietta Jacksonville, Fla. . . C 1.'1 lumbus Montgomery, Ala. . College Park . East Point . Atlanta . . . Atlanta B.xI.DwIN, RAY A., Bus. Qld. . Kennesaw BALLOV, JAMES, Bus. .-ld., Tallahassee, Fla. BARNXYELI., CHARLES N. B.-YRNWELL, H.XRl,lI.D G. B.-xRROw, JUS-liI'I1I G. . . . . Atlanta . Decatur . . . Atlanta BATES, XVILLIAIII L., Him. .-ld. . Atlanta BECK!-IR, H.XRflI.I7 L., Him. Ibld. . Atlanta BECRI-IAM, XY.-KLTI-IR H. . . Miami, Fla. BISHOP, XVILLIAAI F., Bus. .-ld. . Atlanta BLYTHE, JAMES C., Bus. Ad. . BRANAN, AYILIQY M. . BROll'N, JOHN M, . . , , Atlanta . Macon . . .Dillard BRYANT, EIWQENE W., Bus. .-ld., Ocala, Fla. BURCII, L. C., Bus, .-ld. BL'RGEss, BEN H. . BL'TLER, FRED XV. . BYRD, EDWIN S. . . C.xI.L.xwAY, E.-xRNEsT Ii. . C.-INTRELL, LARRY XV., Bus. wld. . , . . McRae . Decatur . Atlanta . Atlanta . Covington Atlanta CARIIIICHAEL, XVII. M., Bm. .-Id. . .Atlanta CARROLL, WILLIAM H. . CARTER, M.ANLEY L. . 49 . . . Atlanta . Toccoa '. J i., M1654 0 Cfmaa ag XQZU CARVER, A. JACKSON . CHEWNTNG, DAVID L. CLANTON, EDXVARD B. C1.1ETT, P. .ALEXANDER COCHRAN, 1iAROLIJ L. CODDINO, JACK L. , CODINOTON, JOHN P. . . . Columbus . Greenville, S. C. . . . Dublin . . Americus . Marietta . Atlanta . . Atlanta COLEMAN, STEVE G., Bus. .lfI. . XVaycrO5S COTTEN, JOHN H. . . CHXYART, G, THOMAS CRIDER, HARRY J. . CRUNVN, DJIJIIN A., Bus CURRY, EDWIN F. . CURTIS, GLENN H. . DAVES. J. GORDON . DAWSON, JOSEPH . LDECKER, ROBERT S. . D1iGIX'E, ROBERT XV. DICIC, G. PIERSON . DORSEY, H. A. . DORTON, .ALBERT . IDRUARY, JOHN M. . . Tallahassee, Fla. . . . Atlanta . . Atlanta -ld. . . Decatur . Grlanclo, Fla. . Maitland, Fla. . Cullman, Ala. . Kingston, N. C. . Atlanta . . . Atlanta Birmingham, Ala. . Abbeville . . Luella . AVeSt Point DDNAPHANT, CHARLES F.. . . Atlanta EDXYARDS, S. J., Bus. rid., Port Arthur, Tex. ESKRIDOE, JACK . . . . Atlanta FELDMAN, BIORRIS J. . . Fairfield, lowa FINESTONE, HARRY ..... Decatur FLOIIRNOY, JAMES R., Bus. .-ld. . Decatur FLIQKER, JCLIAN G., Bus. fld. . Atlanta FORT, XVILLIAM A ..... Columbus FUDGE, FELIN . . . . Colquitt FUNK, F. JAMES . . Wilmington, Del. FUNKE, JOHN, JR. . FULLER, GEORGE . FURST. LEONARD M. . GARRARD, XVM. R. . GARRETT, RICEIIXRD M. GALVIN, FINLEY . . G.AY, LEONARD O. . GIDDINOS, CHARLES D. GODREE, HORACE C. . GOLDHAN, ALVIN M. . GOLDSMITH, EABRAM O. GOLDSTEIN, JACOB . GOLSON, JOHN C. . GORDON, THOMAS A. . GREEN, ED. M. . . GROOVER, ROBERT N. . GRON'E, AULAI S. . HAGAN, JOHN . . H.ARXX'ELL, JOHN H. . HAsT1Nus, STANLEY M. HELMS, AVILLIAM A. HICKS,J1XhIE5 J. . . PIIGGINBUTH,-KAI, LYNN HINSON, AVILLIAM J. HODGES, XVILLIAM A. Hocc, JOHN E. . . HOGSED, NIILTUN J. . . HOLl-lNGSXX'0RTH, C. D. HOPPING, J. L. . HUNT, ALBERT L. . IRVIN, CHARLES E. . . JOHNSTON, HAROLD S. 5I . Atlanta . . . Atlanta Brooklyn, N. Y. . AVZ15l1ll1gfOl1 Hope Hnll, Ala. . . . Atlanta . Georgetown . Atlanta . . . Atlanta Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . Albany . Atlanta Houston, Miss. . . . Atlanta . Union City . Savannah . Atlanta . . Atlanta . Opelika, Ala. . . Atlanta Atlanta Enterprise. Ala. . Tampa, Fla. . Hazlehnrst Atlanta . College Park . . Marietta . Sylvania . Atlanta . Boaz, Ala, . VVa5liington . Woodstock l C-ima ag CC 7 "'7G" K Y Y L77 K lA , ., l ll . T l ,T ,. All tl l T il Il lt "N w l l l 7 I l I l i I l J I xx 5, b CZQAA O! XQAH l i i JONES, NEXX'TON B. JONES, THOMAS J.. JORDAN, FRANK J. KISTNER, DAVID H. KYTLE, CALVIN . LAMB, NN. GROVER . LEE, HOWARD B. . LEE, ROBERT M. . LESTER, XVILLIARI M. . . LITTLE, GEORGE . NIACK, ROY F. . . AIALONE, CECIL C. . INIALONE, LEE U. RIA-XRSHALL, A. S. . RICCLELLAND, XV. S. . BICCONNELL, R. G. . MCGOWAN, JOHN E. . NICGOWAN, T. R. . . Macon . Atlanta . M etter . Atlanta . .Atlanta . Atlanta . . Atlanta . Miami, Fla. College Park . . Atlanta . Miami, Fla. . Atlanta . . Atlanta Lakeland, Fla. . . Atlanta . Gainesville . . Atlanta . Tampa, Fla. MCLEOD, L. POWERS . . Pensacola, Fla. AIEDLIN, J. HAROLD . . Miami, Fla. MELL, DAVID L., Buy. .-id. . . Atlanta AJENDEL, ARTHUR L. . Monroe BIETHVIN, XMALTER C. ..... A tlanta INIILLER, C. MORRIS . Murphy, N. C. MILLER, E. JACK . . . Atlanta NIILXVAIN, CHARLES P . Atlanta MIZEI.I., GEORGE C. . . Atlanta NIOORE, JAMES M. . . Forsyth MORGAN, JAMES C. . MURPHX', RAY VV. . NEEL, ROBERT WV. . NELSON, JAMES S. . . 'West Point Andalusia, Ala. . . Atlanta . Decatur NORN'ELL, LAUREN G ..... Atlanta NLTNNALLY, GEORGE B., Bus. Ad., Monroe OATES, K. A., Bus. .-ld. . Avondale Estates OlNE,AL, CARROLL E. . . Lancaster, S. C. PEARCE, I'I.-XYWOOD J., HI, Emory University PEEK, J. CORBETT, JR. . .,.. -X tlanta PENICR, CLAY XV., JR. . . Atlanta PETXYAY, ALLEN P. . . Atlanta PHILLIPS, M. ERLE, lgllj. .-ld. . Miami, Fla. POST, DAN Z. . . . . . Atlanta POWELL, FINLLHER C ..... Atlanta PRINCE, A. OZRO, Bus. .-lj., Nashville, Tenn. RASDERRY, JOSEPH T., JR. . Anniston, Ala. RATLIFF, GEORGE R. . RAY, JAMES C. . REEVES, REX T. . RHODES, JAMES S. . RICHARDS, XVILLIAM T. RIDLEY, JOHN' R. . ROBERTS, H. LAMAR . ROBINSON, EMM!-ZTT L. . ROGERS, GEORGE XY. . ROZIER, CHARLES P. . RL'DLYLPH, BURXVELL B., RLVNIPH, EDWARD H. . SALE, BARNES E., JR. SAMS, ROSCOE NV. . SANDERS, FLOYD R., JR. SCOTT, XVILBCR M., JR. . Sherrard, Miss. XVetunIpka, Ala. , . Hapeville . . . Atlanta . Lakeland, Fla. . . Decatur . Macon Panama City, Fla. . Gulfport, Miss. . . . Sparta Montgomery, Ala. . Marshallville . Atlanta . Gainesville . . Decatur . . Milledgeville SEXVELI., R. A., JR., Bus. .-ld. . . Atlanta SILVER, MAX I. . . . . . Douglas SILVERSTEIN, C. M. . . Greenville, S. C. 53 .fm Lffmaat of WQQU I .I If l X X, Lffmialat MZ WQLM SIMMONS, VVILLIAM A., Bus. Ad., Atlanta SISK, HARLAN P ...... Toccoa SMITH, FRANKLIN T. ..., Griffin SMITH, LAURIN G., Bus. .-ld. . Atlanta ST. CLAIR, BEN . . Knoxville, Tenn. STUNEY, PAUL R. . . . Anniston, Ala. SUMMERLIN, GLENN O. . Gainesville, Fla. SUMNER, XVILLIAM E., Bus. I-Id., Tan1pa,F1n. TJXNBERG, ERIC E. . . VVilmington, Del. T.xsIcER, XIVILLI.-XM F ..... Atlanta 'l',xYLOR, CARL D. . . . Atlanta THIB.-XDEAU, XVILLIAM C. . . Atlanta THIIRMAN, S. W., Bus. I-ld. . . Midville TURNER, J, XVITCHIER . . Pelham, N. C. TURNER, RALPH S. .... . Decatur VANSANT, THOMAS J., JR. . Woodstock W'AKErIEI.n, J. ROBERT 1 . Anniston, Ala. NVARNOCK, ROBERT P., JR. . Anniston, Ala. NVILDER, JAMES S., JR. . Clearwater, Fla. NVILLIAMS, J. E, . WVILLSON, VV. HARRY, JR. VVvILSON,J.'XMES D. . . . VVINEFORIINER, C. H., JR. . XVISE, SAISIUEL P., Ill . . McDonough . . Albany Waticlitila, Fla. Gadsden, Ala. . Aniericus NVOOD, ARTHUR JARVIS, Bus. Ad., Brunswick XVOOD, ARTHUR VV., JR. . NVORTHINGTON, T. D. . YAEFE, BERTRAM A. . . Miami, Fla. . Atlanta . Sparta YAWN, JACK LEON, Bus. .-ld. . . Milan ,i fQC0bZ64.4i0lldX SCAOQZ4 , 1-- - . .. 5: THE SCHOOL OF LAW 5,3 '- - Tl-IE SCHOOL GF THEOLOGY THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ,F ,M Q, Q E 5 - ff: KNEW' 0 -1 .1 -fgnfx ' Ji ' 'Q 'E 3 ik, is P fi-f if fa A Q 'QQ im 1 38 , , .Er ndil 'ION' 1141" 1' "sr 1 Ili leigh MZVA K Dick RLUMBER41 , , . nieml- icine! Mitchell . . . de- liberate, genial . . , nn- selfish . . . real servant of lfinory . . . ull there in xi pinch. fl X . B lpn W :RWE Q. 'x lxliwff, l Nil li L anegfvlafeg Allgood Ansley Avett Bankston Bell Blake ALI.GOOD, JOHN YV., JR .... Marietta . . lll.D .... Sigma Chi. ANSLEY, ROBERT B .... Decatur . . . lVI.D .... Chi Phig dlpha Kappa Kappaj Phi Beta Kappag Caduceusg A. E. U.g Foot- ball CZJ g Letter, Wrestling: Secretary-Treas urer Freshman llledical Class. AXVETT, CLEGG XV .... Norwood, N. C. . . . B.D. BANKSTUN, PAUL A .... Chattanooga, Tenn .... B.D .... Glee Club CS, 6D, Glee Club Quartet CS, 6l. BELL, OSCAR M. . . . Amerieus . . . B.D. . . . Vice-President Theology Student Body l3, -ll. BLAKE, lV1LLIAM A .... Mobile, Ala. . M.D. 56 tit ieytiae.fi..,fQ3i5i Blumberg Brannan Bryan Calhoun Chainblee Conyers Coogler Cooper Dellinger Dennis Dickes Duncan BLUMBERO, RICH.-XRD XV .... Macon . . . BLD .... O. D. K.: D. Y. S.: Players: Pflzefil fl, 2, 35. hlanaging Editor CD, Assistant Managing Editor 123. BR.-XNNEN, FRANK S .... Chattanooga, Tenn .... NLD. BRYAN, PHILLIPS R. . . . Reynolds . . . BLD .... Kfljvfm .Jipl1i1,' .lljvlm Kiififizi Kappa. CALHOUN, CLARENCE H. . . . Atlanta . . . LL.B .... Chi Phi. Cli.-KINIBLEE, JOHN S .... Red Oak, N. C .... KLD. . . . Phi Rim Sigiim. CONYERS, CHRIS B .... Atlanta . . . LL.B. . . . Chi Phi. COOGLER, JAMES . . . Jonesboro . . LL.B .... Chi Phi. COOPER, CHARLES F. . . . Perry . . . BLD. . . . Phi Dvirn Tlii'fii,- .lifvhii lfafwfwi lfllfiflll. LJELLINGER, R.-'RIDER XV .... Rome . . . BLD .... fxrllflfill Sigiim: Phi Chi. DENNIS, DOUGLAS . . . Atlanta . . . LLB .... Chi Phip Phi Delhi Phi: O. D. K.: Debate Council 15, 613 Debate Squad 15, bi: Klanager Minor Sports iii I P. S. C. CZ. 3, -H: S. A. C. CSD: President Law School 165. DICKES, ROBERT . . . New York, N. Y .... 11.13 .... Phi Diim Epyiimis Phi Sigma. DUNC.AN, GEORGli . . . Hazlehurst . . . BLD .... Phi Chip Cailneens: S. A. C. 13, Med.J. 57 anvftfafea Iml x Fergtisiini I ullei' Cilarris ENIBRX HLCH C . . Quincy, Fla. . lxajwfwfz llfwlm. Fnkcbsox A DREW . . . VVest Point. . . President Hletlical Stu- Columbus . . . LLB. II1IC1'fl'ilfCI'I1ltj' Council . Atlanta . . . NLD. lXVIlf7f3Il.' Baseball KU: l. Portsmouth, Ya .... Club: Vice-Presiflent Theolo X Student Body. GIATRX LDC XR L . . Eastman . . . LL B flu PIII Phi Delta Phi: Baseball -I- SJ Flotball 4, SD, Letter C51 3 Glee uv C7 3 All C. Q2, 31 3 Phi Gamma az ie7ftaa.aO.,fQ38 Gillespie Hill Gilnei' Glover Ham Haniff Heranlt Hilley Honignian Howarcl Jernigan Jones GlI.LESIJIE, ROBERT H .... Thomasville . . . BLD .... Phi Chi. GILNER. ABRAHAM . . Bronx, N. Y .,.. BLD .... Phi Deira Epxiioa. GLOVER, H. F. . . . Gray . . . NLD .... .llpha Kappa Kappa. HAM, D. EAIERSON . Kappa Kappa. HANIFF, L. HARVEY . Kappa, Asklepios. HERAULT, PETE C. . . HILL, 'THURNIAN K. . . . Bowden . . . BLD .... Jlpha Tall Ollzvgag .Jlpha . . Atlanta . . . KLD .... Lambda Chi Jlpha: Phi Beta Atlanta . . . NLD .... Sigma Chi: Ilipha Kappa Kappa. . . Atlanta . . . BLD .... Phi Rho Sigfma. HILLEY, E. BYRON . . . Atlanta . . . ID. . . . Pi Kappa Phig Phi Beta Kappag C3lPSCPcletC3jOl C13-P55 L R. C., Secretary : . . ., resi n 3 rciestra ,2, , , : VVrestling CU: Tennis Cljg Callahan Scholarship Award Cl, Lawl. HONIGBIAN, lh'IORRIS . HOWARD, VVILLIAAI . JERNIOAN, STERLING . Beta Kappag Catluceusg JONES, JOHN A., JR. . Phi Chi. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . . BLD .... Phi Delta Epsilon. . Covington, Tenn .... NLD. . . . .Jlpha Kappa Kappa. . . Sparta . . . NLD. . . . Chi Phi: Phi Rho Sigzzzag Phi A. E. U.3 Honor Roll, Uvlirrl . . Opelika, Ala. . . . BLD .... Sigma Jlpha Epsilon: 59 anfhfvhafeg X1 blk Q- h ll X? X fl l l w E l . t l ll, QW fi if :L I .,,2 lllllllllq . . Kessler Leigh London Love Marks Mattingly KESSLER, SIDNEY . . . Atlanta . . . MD. . . . Phi Delta Efrsilon. LEIGH,r11ED F .... Atlanta . . . M.D. . . . Sigma .-11111111 Epsilon ,' Phi Chi.: D. D. K. GEORGE DUNCAN . . . strong with tlwmetls . . . suft'sp0lqc11 . . . retirmg - - . Svlffffafillg- LONDON, IRVING D .... New York, N. Y. . . . llI.D .... Phi Df'ltr1Ef1silon. .S LDVE, NVILLIAM G., JR. . . . Columbus . . . NLD ..... llpha Tau Omega: .flpha Kappa Knjzpn. RIARKS, M. I., JR. . . . Atlanta . . . NLD. RIATTINGLY, L. EDYVARD . . . Lexington, QQ l V? kj 'at 6ljeytctee.l..lQ35 McCall McLeod Miller Mitchum Newlnan Niles Nottingham Orton Pickett Pollard Ritch Robertson AICCALL, HI. N.. JR .... Pine Castle, Fla. . . . BLD. . . . Phi Rho Sigma. KICLEOD, J. KIILBURN . . . Odessa, Fla. . . . B.D. . . . CAB., Florida South- ernl . . . Campus Club: President Theology Student Body. IXIILLER, EDWARDS S .... llurphy, N. C .... NLD .... Sigma Pi: Theta Kappa Psi. lX1ITCHUM, l'l.-XRRY L .... Atlanta . . . B.D. NEWMAN, -loHN VV .... Marion, Va .... HD .... Campus Cluhq Football C2, 3, Theol.Jg Basketball CZ, Theoljg Baseball 12, Theol.D NILES, GEORGE A. . . . Grlllln . . . BLD .... Phi Delta Theta,'.1llpha Kappa Kappa. NOTTlNGH.ANI, EDGAR J., III . . . Culpepper, Va .... B.D. . . . lA.B., Hamp- den-Sydneyj . . . O. D. K. fjRTON, ROBERT C. . . . New York, N. Y .... BLD .... Phi Delta Epsilon. PICKETT, JOSEPH C ....s I ackson, Miss. . . . B.D. . . . Basketball QI, 2, '1'heol.D. POLL.-XRD, XVILLIAKI E .... Ashland, Va .... B.D. RITCH, ELLIOT S. . . . Perry, Fla. . . . B.D. ROBERTSON, RICHARD M .... Petersburg, Va .... B.D. QA.B., Randolph- Maconl. 6l lm Q X, l -T N ll ill, L" . WN ,' f., X- XM, , ,N Q, 5 m 1 l X ll Xml 1 W J Sf fill llw 1,2 lqllill lCNlI1RY . , . tlicolog wlirfll IICYUI' lic Ont Of circnlutinn . . . credit tO 1llllll5tI'Y . . . friendly, cOnx'ix'izll . . . good gent tO know. A69 my i Qi, anvhfvgafegi Sli1'Opsl1ire Simmons Snyder Solnnei- Stewart Turk ..ROme.. SHROPSHIRE, FORREST H. . LL.B. . . . Iiappfzdlplm. SIMMONS, S. COLENIAN, JR. . . . East Point . . . BLD. . . . Phi Chip Eta Sigma Psi: A. IC. Lf . . Seoul, Korea SNYDER, LLOYD H., JR. . . . . HD. . . . CBS., U. S. Naval Acad- emyl . . . Czzmpus Club. SOI-INIIZR, IXBR.-XXI . . . Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y. . . . BLD .... PhiDr1m Epsilon. STEW.-xRT, J. BENHAAI . . . Birmingham, Ala .... BLD. CHS., Bi1'mingl1am-SOutl'1- ernl. TURK, A. SCOTT . . . Nelson . . lXI.D. . . . Sigma Nu: Phi Chi. az ef'cee.1..fQ38 Van Dyck Yellcoff XYaller lYarCl XYa1'e Xlfhitheld lYiley XYils0n, F. lVilson, XY. XZ.-KN DYCK, FRANK H., JR .... Portsmouth, Va .... B.D. CA.B., Randolph- Klaconj . . . O. D. K4 Phi Beta Kappa. x7ELKOFF, ABRAHAM S. . . . New York, N. Y .... lXI.D. . . . Phi Delta Epsi- long Orchestra. XVALLER, JESSE E .... llaeon . . . B.D. CA.B., lllercerf. XVARD, CHARLES S., IR .... Atlanta . . . M.D. . . . Sig11111Cl1i,'Jfp1111 Kappa Kajzpag "EU Club. VVARE, H. AIELTON . . . Sanford, Fla .... B.D .... CA.B., University of Floridal . . . Can1p11xC!uh. ' VVHIPPLE, ROBERT L., JR. . . . Cochran . . lXI.D. . . . Sigma .1CZj1lzz1EpxiIo11f iillpha Kappa Kafwfm. VVHITFIELD, IIPRIIRIAN XV .... jasper . . . M.D. . . . Them Kappa Pri. XVILEY, VVILLIAM B. . . . Atlanta . . . BLD .... Phi Rho Sigma. VVILSON, bl. FREDERICK . . . Camilla . . . B.D .... Signza Jlfvha Efu'i1on,' D. V. S.: U. D. K.: Phi Beta Kappag Eta Sigma Psi: A. E. U.g Y. ll. C. A.. Council C3, -H, Vice-President C-H: lfheel C313 Plmmix C-H: lnterfraternity Councilg Cvlee Club C3. -H. VVILSON, VVILBUR H .... Emory University . . . B.D. 63 XYhipple Xe Lfjtzll tw fQ3Q ABRAHAM5, J., lied. . ADAMS, J. T., Than, Auxna, M. C., .lIcd. Blanco, D. li., Mud. . BELLE, M. S., lllvd. . BLAQIQ, D. C., Lan' . BROWN, M. L., Luft' C.xLI..xxv.xv, R., Lan' CLINIC, XV. N., lllcd. . C1uu'Ek, T., .lIvd. . . CR.xn'FoRh. J. R., Jlcd. DALLAS, R. E., Mui. FEXXELL. C. F., Lau' FINK, H. H., Tlzm. . FI.mvERS, P. R., Jlcd. Fl'I.I.liR, R. M., .llvd. GIFFURD, J. P., .lIm'. . GUZA, C. L., Lau' H.Xlill1SOX, A., Tlzuo. Hol.1.oxv.xv, M. M., Law jassvr, L. li., Lrm' lx.xL1l., C., Mud. . IQELLY, O. L., .Ut-d. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Shelbyville, Tenn. Emory University . . . Smyrna . Atlanta . Atlanta . Perry . Atlanta . Lakeland,Fla. . Milledgeville . Colquitt . Thomaston . . Atlanta . Roanoke,VZ1. . . Dotl1an,Ala. New York, N. Y. Vero Beach, Fla. . . . Atlanta . . . Byron . Riel1mond,Va. . Eastman . . . LaGrange Emory University KETCHUM, C. XV., Med. .... Macon L11111111u1'5E, XY., I.11:1' . l,Jrz111gcb111'g. 5. C. Q L1TT1.1:, S. C, Jlrd. . M.x1'1,mN. I. T.. Jimi. . Owuxs, S. S., 1.11:.' . P121 li, -T. L.. Ylmw, . Pmvul., C. C.. llvd. . PRI-111511 T.. llfll. . . R11'11. N.. Jlvd, . Rrjssau.. FZ. C., ,1ln1'. . .'X1l:1ntz1 gxlllllllil R0x'wt1n1 . 'lgriulm .'Xtln11t11 .Xmle1'w011. 5. C. ,Xtlzmtu Palmeltw. 15121. S,u:rz, N. J., ,1I1'11'. . . I11CkS11l1XillC, Fla. S.XMI'l.ES, Ii. Ii., Tlmu . Laurel, Klixf. SH.Xl.l.HXY.XX', C. I... Jlrd. . . 91112111111 SIMBIHNS. J. O., ,Ucd .,.. Brunswick Sluxwsox, M. On Then. . Maryville. Tenn. S'rr11'11rgNs1,1x, R. H., Jlval. . . Rfilllllkf Srnw, M, Xu llcd. . . 1051111 Swl-LTNXM, XY. IC., T111-11. . P11rmqrflz1lc T111'1'111c, J., Jimi. , . C111-flclu Trioxlsux. J. L., ,II1-11. . Iillrflllllll XYIGGIFJS, R. S.. Luau . Blacfux XY111:1i1.11u, X. .X., .lle1l. I.afz1yc11c, Ala. XY1L1.1.xx15uN. J. XY., 11:11. 65 .xllillllil O7 f 11 1411... Lfmii 17.119 1 1 X 'fl 1' ,f ff 'j Lf zlfwai 0 f ARIN, J. T., Med. . ALLGOOD, J. Med. . BALLEW, JAMES. .llt-d. . BELLVILLE, C. G., Med. . BORDURANT, H. W., Mad. . CAMPBELL, J. L., Mud. . CARTER, S. B., .lIcd. . CHEEK, PRATT, Jlcd. . CONGER, P. D., filed. . DIZFREESE, S. nl., .lIvd. . DUNN, J. G., gllrd. . EDENFIELD, R. XY., .lIed. FWS, G, L., Med. . GAY, F. BI., Jlfd. . G1BrzoxEx', H. S., ,lIvd. . Gmsox, S. T., Jlrd. . GINSBURG, E, M., Jlvd. . H.XRBlN, T. S., jimi. . HARRIS, C. M., .lfr'd. . HUNTER. XV. LEG., .lIva'. . Atlanta Liberty, S. C. . Americus . Attapulgns . Atlanta . Atlanta . . Toccoa , Gainesville . Tifton . . Atlanta Andalusia. Ala. . . Macon Columbia, S. C. . Georgetown . . Atlanta . Atlanta . Atlanta . . Rome . Chatsworth . Tampa, Fla. HVTCHINS, P. F., Jfrd. . Birmingham, Ala. IUHNSUN, R. I., ,lIt'a'. . JUSEPHS, A. D., .lIrd. . lll.-XTTHEXYS, XV. A., .lIcd. MCCOY, Vl. F., .lIvd. . hlC'D1'lN.Al.TD, A. P., Jlcd, . lXlERRITT, bl. XV., .lIrd. . Mn.1.ER, J. G., .lIvd, . . Thomson . Atlanta . Atlanta . Sylvester . Bolton . Atlanta . Atlanta OXN'5LEX', L. H.. Mud. PROCTQR, XY. H., llvd. ROBERTS, D. W., Jlrd. ROBERTSON, XY. C., Jlud. SKILES, W. V., .111-fi. STEWAIQT, R. A., Jlvd. STFBBS, T. H.. Jimi. STUMP, R. L., .UL-d. . THEBAIYT, H. R., Mud. TUDD, J. XY., Mud. . TURNER, J. D., JI.-d. . TYLER, H. D., Mud. . NVAGER, H, E., Jlrd. . . .Xtlamu . llubliu . Decatur .xtlllllfil . Atlanta . qXt1a11t11 . .-Xtlantzi . Valdosta . Uecrltur . . Bcltw11,S. C. XYi1111slml-H, S. C. Cl1arlr'vttc,N.C. I'1lHI'PI'j' L'ni versity XVILEN5-KY, Lows, Ned. . VIQICI-i5fH1YilIC,F1Z1. YoL'xG1:1.m.m, I. S., Jlcd. . . Sqn-aunaI1 67 C Af 1 ff ' IL! " C4 A U' J: Q lc-fmigl ug fQ1Z! ADAMS, M. H., Thea. . Shelbyville, Tenn. :XLSUBRUOK,VV.:X.,77160. . . Woodland .XNIJER5UN, P. H., Law . . Seoul, Korea BULEYN, C. W., Theo. . . Hazalxl, Ky. BOWMAN, C. NV., Jlcd., St. Pete1'sb111'g, Fla. BRANCII, J. E., Lum' . NVasl1i11gto11, D. C. C.-11.I..x11'.xx', XV., Law .... 1111111111 CHRISTIAN, J. M., fllcd. . CllZl.fl13I'll, N. J. CLARKE, XV. L., JR., .lIvd. .... A tlanta C1.1:M:11z11, A. J., Thea. . ROClilllglllll'll, N. C. Cuoli, J. T., JR., .lIcd. . . . Porterdalc Cornngs, J. H., Med. . . . Atlanta Cu11'ART, C. T., .lIca'. . . lJ0l13lhOl'lYillC CRAIG, NV. R., J11., .lIm'. . XVz1ll1alla, S. C. Clcown, J. R., Theo, . llL1.1u'rT, R. Thru. FINCH, H. M., Lu-rv FRE1:111l1N, H, R., 1,11-zu GARRETT, L. G., .llru'. . G151.1i11, R. J., Tlwu. . Golnwlx, J. T., .lIud. . GounY15.x14, XV. .lIvu'. . G11.11:1151., A., .llrd. . H.x1:1'15R, G. L., Theo. . HILL, R. L., Law . H1MLv11.1, H., Theo. . lDj'Cl'SlJlll'g, Tenn. . . . Augusta . Nfoultric . Greenville . . Austell . Orlando, Fla. . Social Circle Emory University . Havana, Cuba . Marion, S. C. . Covington . . . . Japan HITCHCONQ, 0. V., T1l6t7.,HlllltlllgtOIl, W'. Va. H0l'liINS, XV. .-X., .lIf'd'. . Juuxsox, Tl. F.. Lure' . JOHNSON, XV. H., Lau' . KETc'11E1zS111, B. M., Theo., ICING, G. F., Timo. . . . . Fast Point . . Atlanta . . Gzrinesvillc Spring City, Tenn. . Augusta, S. C. KING, W. R., Med. . , KlNGSBL7RX', L. L., Jimi. . . . Tennille . Lancaster, Ky. IQIRKPATRICK, D. N., Timo. . Sasser, Ill. KRl'GBI.'XN, P. I., Jlrd. . . Atlanta Lninnm, A. K.. JR, Timo. . Concord, Va. LEE, R. K., Tlzm. . . LETTON, A. H., filed. . LEWIS, J. R., Jlvd. . TNICCLELLAND, J. E., La-rv AICGOXVAN, C. L., Latzv . NIEIER, D. M., La-ze' . . . Peoria, Ill. . Valriczt, Fla. . . Louisville . . Atlanta . . . Atlanta New York, N. Y. NIERCER, O. Tlzm., Huntington, XV. Va. BIOORE, H. D., T11 iifv . . NL'NN:XI.I,X', H. B., .lIuu'. PENRLEY, XV. O., llvd. PRICE, R. P., Than. . . RICHARDSON, R. H., Lazv ROGERS, XV. F., Tlrrn, . SCHRODER, J. S., .lIvd. . . lVed0wee, Ala. . . , Monroe , . . Riclilancl Martinsville, Va. . . . .Xtlauta . Glendale, S. C. . . . Atlanta SEALEY, R. M., .llcd. . . Tallahassee. Fla. SHELBURNE, L. XY., Lan' SMITH, XV. R., Than. . STEBBINS, C. C., La-rt' . STEELE, W. S., Thru, . STRAIT, C. E., Than. . STYLES, R., 1.11-:if . . . SWAGERTY, J. M., Then. T.1.N1MoTo, K., Tlmw. . , THOMPSON, J. F., Th tifv . TURNER, E. W., Jimi, . TURNER, J. XY., Tlmf. , UZAKI, G., Tlico. . 69 , . Bristol, Va, . Dudley . . Towusensl Bluefield, NV. Va. . Ogden, S. C. . . Atlanta . . . :Xtlanta Kagawa, Japan . . Lnfirangt- . Pelham, N. C. . Hampton, Vn. . Tokio, Japan C-Kazaa of TQLN X f' , fa ,Y i V 3.2 Y.xRD.fxM.xN, I. H., Theo., Hermanville, Miss. XY.'XGNliR, D. M., Tlzco. . Falls Mills, Va. xY.XLIIliliI", ,-X. J., Tlluo .... Forsyth lY.xI.1q1-ZR, J. L., Jfrd. . . Cuthbert XY.x'r1qlNs, R, ll., Tlzvo. . JefYs, Va. XVI-1.XVl-QR, l. XY., Theo. . . . Mountville Wrzlzn, nl, li., -IR., Theo. . . Macon xYII.l.I.XNlS, C. R., Theo. . . Newborn 45-CA00! of jlglfgiifly 64 . , V X f V XX , will lt Bowman Callaway l ,3.YCIlI'lt'rl'l Frm-cmzm liowxmx, -luI.I,x 1.1212 . . Pensacola, Fla. C-xLI,.xwfxY, RUTH . . XVashington CHRISTIE, lmixlz HUI.D.,X, Spartanburg, S. C. I1-w1sNPoR'r, jussm LOUISE . . Rome l+'REm1,-xx, ANNE . . Tallahassee, Fla. FULLIQR, CoRN15r.I.x . . I-Iogansville oz za naZffon..fQ38 N, , .MW 1 ' . , , V x Ciuiuu Tnylm' Hulliclay Terrell GUINN, BIARTH.-X SCOTT . HOLLID.-xv, NELLE KINNIAN, -IOSEPHINE . KICLAUGHEN, RI.-XRY . NU'l'T. ANNIE Loyla . RE,-xD, P.'XL'I.INlZ . T.-xYI,0R, IDURUTHY I-IANIAIOND 'TlZRREI.I., CLYDE ELAINE . ,11YIi, HflR1'IENSE . XVOOD, ll-XISY HUNTER . YYUUNG, KI.-XRGARET H ENIPHILI. Kimnnn AlCL2lllgllCIl Tye xv. ll ,fl 73 Nutt Yllung- . l.aG1'ungc' . Atlanta Turnerville Toccuzl . Luellzl . Lnuin, llliss. . Quincy, Flu. Andrews, N. C. . lfnllsun Coral Gables, Flu. Amlerslm, S. C. Rc v ! 1 3 D 5 Cfma 055 1939-1940 ADAMS, ADA MS, ALFORD, BYRU M CLARK, JANE, '40 . MARY I., ,4O ELSIE, '40 LOUISE, '40 JOYE, '40 DOSTER, MARTH.A, '40 . . Elberton . Valdosta . Hartwell Anderson, S. C. . Atlanta . Bishop FERGUSON, VVILMA, '39 . . . DeSoto GREER, MILDRED, '39 . PIEWITT, CAROLYN, '40 HILL, FRANCES, '40 . HOWARD, MARIAN, '39 . LAWRENCE, MARY, '40 LEROY, DOROTHY, '39 Pinehurst, N. C, . . Springvale Warm Springs . . . Gay , Seneca, S. C. . Washington LINEBERGER, MALTDE, '40 . Gastonia, N. C. MARTIN, SARAH, ,3Q . . Chickamauga PIRRLE, FAY DAVIS, '40 . Lake Worth, Fla. ROSSMAN, EMMA, '39 . . . Moultrie SIMPSON, ELIZABETH, l3Q . Groveland, Fla. STARNES, FRANCES, '39 . . Decatur STEPHENS, GRACE, '40 . . Columbus XVALTON, MAUDE, '39 . Coral Gables, Fla. NVELDEN, LOUISE, '39 . . . Griffin XVILLIAMS, LOUNEAL, '40 . . Glenn 4 ,'N, K1 .' " 5t"'.?!?'gmJN' ' 1 fi .'.'Ll'.l - I A 0 - -'1 gh r a,,:. 1 ,,:,,:2.: Q... 7' 'Sf' S 1 . ,HA HI l Beauty i5 truth, truth beauty, -that is all Ye know on earllz, and all ye need to know." From Ode on a Grecian Urn. -KEATS EmTOR's NOTE: Campus Favorites, as in the case of Personalities, were selected by vote of a group of representative students. The six receiving the highest number of votes were accorded special recognition, and as many of the runners-up as space permits have been included also, Selection was based on popularity, charm, and personality, as well as beauty. dlflfbywlfld MIQOVLAOZ Qs' Jane Moove 1-Namixfom i' 9 I-UQIQ DenmigOm ir 78 Q Maie oorweq ir 79 3 Qmce ,Q ir 99 Jeanne Cvowe X,X! 8l . :1 X 'S 5 3 99 Janne Smilclw i' 82 4161 1 ally. 2604! 2 xx 5, 6 ami? Z W he mmipmta D 5,Ug,,'LM-fn' -32 'E . , Y, 'FL' 55 'f':.f wQ?'f ' ' I Q? QM CZ W 7221 'VVLWW7 in Aww! 6 012126 My ,VL La E CQ ,Lg Ugmom 15282 Wmzl fywb 6 MQW aww, If you Are If you But If you su... can beep your head when all about you losing theirs and blaming it on you,' can trust yourself 'when all men doubt you, nzahe allowanee for their doubting, too,' ran u'ait and not be tired by waiting, Or being liea' about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated don't give 'way to hating, Jnfl yet 1lon't looh too good, nor tallz too 1L'ise,' If you ran dream-and not make dreams your master,- If you ran thinh-and not nzahe thoughts your aim, If you ran meet 'with Triumfrh and Disaster ,ind treat the two imlrostors just the same ,- lf you fan bear to hear the truth j,'UllJ'l'? spoken Tivistetl by hnaiws to IllIlkE a trail for fools, Ur zcatrh the things you gave your life to, brohen, Jntl stoop and build 'ent up -zc'ith ivorn-out tools: If you ran nzahe one heap of all your ivinnings Jntl risl: it on one turn of pitrlz and toss, .Jnd lose, and start again at your beginnings flnd newer breathe a ivortl about your lossy lf you fan for-re your heart and ner-we and sineu' To serve your turn long after they are gone, Jnd so hold on when there is nothing in you Exfvftt the -will -1c'hiz'h says to them: Hllold onli' lf you ran tall' 1c'ith fro-zwls and keep your virtue, Or ivalh 'with Kings-nor lose the fomnzon touch. If neither foes nor lowing friends ran hurt you, If all men rount with you, but none too mu1'h,' If you ran fill the unforgiving minute flyith sixty sevonds worth of distanre run, Yours is the Earth and FT'?V'j'f'1iIlf that's in it, tlnzl-1L'l1iz'l1 is more-you'll be a man, my son! -RUDYARD 'IPLING lx EDI'l'OR'S NOTE: Included in this section are Honor Societies, Clubs, Publications, Councils, and Fra- ternities other than social or medical. A special etlfort has been made to present some idea of the activities of each, and lay-outs have been designed to avoid the monotony usually a part of such stereotyped material. THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES COUNCIL is eornposcd of the presi- dent and vice-pI'e5ideIIt of the student hotly: representatives from the College, the School of Business Atlministrntioii, and the Graduate and Professional Schools of the Universityy flllil three non-voting faculty members. Under the jurisdiction of the council lic :Ill matters of stu- dent governmentg setting of the budget of :Ill activities: Super- vision of the publications: and the regrilation of all matters that affect the student body as a whole. HERBI.XN ABERNATIIY I7l'L'.Yftlli'l1l' n,, . 7777 777777, X77 f' L, 'Qifff Y' jf' i' 'A , xii KN VY ml A I Student Activities Council OFFICERS HERII:XN :XBERNATHY . P1'I',vI'dI'I1t nf Sfzrdvuf Body XYARREN XYILLIAAIS. I'1'cc-l'rc5idI'nt of Sflllffflf Budy MEMBERS i Rl.-XRL'L'S BARTLETT . , Collr-gr' ' EI: BRANXEX . . . CIIIIIQQI' XY.-XRREX lDl'FI-AEE . . Cnllvgv P.xL'I. FLOXYERS . . Illutfifiizt- CII.xRI.E5 H.xRRIs .XLFRED ,TENI4Ixs . C. I-X. Mn' . . . RIORRIS MCKEEIIAX . XYH.xRTox MITcIIEI.I, ROBERT PIIIIIQ . . ROBERT XYIGGIN5 . Rmding from mf. Inf! to right Bartlett. Rrannen, liluffee, Flowers, llflrris, Jenkins. May, BICKEEHBIX, Mitchell, Price, XYigIZiIIs, YYilliams 87 . . .lII'diri1II- . . . . . Crflffgr' BZlSfHFS.Y .PIdlziilzixfrrrfiim . , ffr'ddl1!1fI' .SQIIIITKVI . . . Collage . Tlivulugy . , Lair' D. V. S. Senior Honor Society EACH YEAR THE SEVEN most Outstanding men in the Junior class are elected to- D. V. S., recognition being based primarily upon Service to Emory. Its members strive tO promote the highest Ideals of Emory, and election to membership is one of the greatest honors that can he conferred upon R student. 1901 DUNCAN, JOHN LEROY SMITH, GUY TRIMBLE ITIGHTOXYER, J. D. AIYERS, GUY ARTHUR AIARTIN, H. XVARNER RUSH, FLETCHER GRAY CONNALLY, 71-HO1N1AS XV. 1903 LEONARD, LOUIS L. .XRMISTEAIL T1-IDM.-KS M, BOYD, Al0NTAGL'E L. CAYANAUGII, THOMAS 13. IJOZIER, NATHAN B. LEE, J. XYIDEM.-KN OSRORNE. IIUBERT E. 1904 CROYATI, ALFRED H. HIJYD, DARWIN H. CRABB, JUDSON N. 11.-KTCHER, XVALDON L. HENTZ, HAL L. LAMKIN, ROBERT AY. RICHARDSON, CHARLES H. 1905 PARKER, ROBERT S. BARON. GEORGE A. BONNELL, XYILLIAM G. LEWIS, AVILLIAM H. RAYNE, OLIYER ERNYIN SCANLAND. XYILLIAM H. STRUZIER, HARRY S. 1906 ATCCAMY, THOAIAS S. R.-XLDNVIN, JOHN R. TSULLARD, IIARRY E. XYIGIITMAN, COX F. GIRARDEAU, RUFUS M. KING. EARL AIETKBETT, ITENRY F. 1907 JOHNSON, AYILLIAM H, .AIM-AMS, GEORGE G. ALMAND, HENRY G. 11l'RT, XYILLIAM T. CANDLER, XVALTER HEARD, BENJAMIN S. A1Cf1REGOR, IREN NETH H. 1908 ARNOLD, ROBERT M. BLAIR, LESLIE L. SMITH, XVILLIAM C. STONE, BONNELL H. STOVALL, CARL T. STRICKLAND, XVILLIALI R. XYIIITE, GOODRICH C. 1909 BRYAN, XVALTER S. 1lEAT11. EYANS V. LAMBERT, JACOBS F. AIARSH.-XLL, THOMAS O. ROGERS, JAMES XY. HILL, .ALEXANDER F. 1910 FOX, CHARLES R. HENDERSON. IRBY JENKINS, S, ELIOT IQENYUN, EDGAR D. AIACKAY, EDWARD G. AIUNROE, PAUL M. WIGIIT, G. VVARD 1911 BENTON, JA MES F. CRANE, BENSON B. FULLER, 1'1L'G1-I N. f:IRARDEAU, JAMES L. HOWELL, HL'G1i M. AIIZELL, ROBERT C. ROACII, GEORGE S. 1912 CLARK. SEYMOUR G. HOLLAND, SPRESSARD L. JOHNSON, XVILLIAM P. LEE, THOMAS M. PITTMAN, CLAUD C. ROCKXVELL. J. TURNER TOWNSON, HATTON D. 1913 CARLTON, AVILBUR A. IRIMRALL, TEL C. AIALLET, JOEL B. PEARCE, HAYWARD J. PERRYMAN, EM MITT J. RICHARDSON, JOHN XY. 1914 PAT1LLO, FRANK A. RIVERS. FRANCIS P. ROGERS, THOMAS C. SAXUN, JOHN H. SOWELL, HOMER C. STRUZIER, E. XVALTON AYRIGHT, GEORGE O. 1915 HIHYIE, J. C. HTHRIDGE. ROY P. BIATTHESVS, G. XV., JR. A1EGAHEE, PERCY A. NE.-KL, T. BENTON RUMRLE, LESTER STOKES, ROBERT N. 1916 CANDLER. SAMUEL C. LINE, PIERCE HARRIS. ROBERT M. 1ilNG, E. LEWIS RUMRLE. HERT S1-IALEY, OLON F. AVILSON, JAMES H. 1917 BOYD, GEORGE H. GAINES, FLORENCE M. GARLAND, IJALSEY S. LANE, FOUNT R. LOFTIS, XVARREN T. SHAVV, JUDSON B. VVEEMS, TIOVVARD V. 1918 ALLEN, NVINSTON S. CROSS, J. EASON TJAMILTON, XVILRUR H JNGRAM, JOHN J. KERR, BRAMXVELL C. LESTER, JAMES G., SR. RAST. JOHN M. 1919 HIVINS, CHARLES K. HUMPHREY, ROBERT H. AIATHEXVS, SAMUEL M. RIELTON, KELLER F. RIULLINS, F. B. K. SANDERS, VVILEY B. STUBRS, AAHLLIAIKI B. 1920 1Jl'NANYAY, JOHN A. FLOWERS, ROBERT GREENE, BIYLES L. AIACK.-KY, ROLAND P. ROGERS, AVILLIAM E. XVIGHT, ALVIN B. NVIGI-IT. EDWARD A. 1921 AXRNAU, ROBERT E. GREEN, FLETCHER M. HUTCHISON, AI.Y.A R. JONES, VV. POXVELL AlCFI-KDDEN, JOHN H. PADGETT, LOUIS L. AYALTERS, S. DOUGLAS 1922 RLITCH, LEE XV. COOKE, DON .X. DANIEL. CHARLES H. MILLICAN, C. BOWIE ROCHI-:I.LE, XVILEY L. VVATKINS, VAIILLI.-KM P. WIIITTARER, LDRENZO R. 1923 ANT1iI!NX', E, MACK 1'3ETERLEY, CHARLES H. HANCOCK, LIERMAN D. JIARPER, DIARVIN H. Al1,'LL1NAX, PERRY M. PURKS, J. JJARRIS TALLEY, CLARENCE L. 1924 CLEMENT, HUNT, JR. HDMONDSUN, FRANCIS L. FITZIIUGH, XV. RITLSAPS HOWELL, JAMES H. MITCHELL, JAMES N., JR. FYSTEEN, .XLTON T. '111LLY, EDEN F. 1925 COLLINS, E. B. EDhf0NDSON. RAY A. PETERSON, XV. M. SCOTT, H. Tl. SPVRLIN, PAUL M. AVARNELL, XV. B. AVIGGINS, TIGNOR 1926 FAGAN. R. L. 1l1LL, G. M. LOGAN, A. GORDON MAXWELL. J. Q. Al1L1.ER, HENRY G. SMITH, G. K. STOVALI., H. H. 1927 1711.1-IVELAND, J. Q. FLOWER, EMIL J. fvRANVFORl'!. RORERT D. FRYIXYE, XV. .XLTON il1OL1XIES, JOSEPH C. TERRELL. JAMES H. 1923 CARPENTER. FRANCIS XV. FIIAMRERS, EDGAR KENDRIX, CLIFFORD JRENDRICK, DOUGLAS B. STOCKMAN. J. RJILTON AlCCORD. CLINTON D. PATTERSON, GEORGE B. 1929 CUMBEE, ALFRED 88 BATES, LOUIS GRAHAM, DUNCAN LEE, JACK LOGAN, .ALLEN STROZIER, ROBERT M. TULLER, XVILLIAM H. 1930 AJAX, FRED CANNON, JOE FORD, .ALAN ITARRIS, J. L. PARKER, EARLE RIVERS, XYILLIAM SMITH, GRAYES 1931 CARTLEDGE, E. B., JR. HAYGOOD, AV. C, HITCH, JJERRERT LANGE, FIARRY SMITH, P, L. THRASIIER, TIGNER AJALLUTON, RALPH 1932 BOWDEN, HENRY HALL, MAX PATTERSON, WILSON QL'ILLl.KN, CLAUDE TIDMORE, JOE AVILLIAMS, EMURY YVILSIIN. JOHN E, 1935 .ASHLI-ZY, ALBERT R. HRIDGES, S. RUSSELL, JR. CANDLER, ROBERT XY. JORDAN, AVELCH O. AlAY, JAMES A. STEPHENS, EDGAR VV. VVORTHY, STEVE 1934 .XNDEIiSON, BEN JONES, BOISFEUILLET IJWGUE. BRUCE PERDUE, XVILLIAM STUBBS, .ALBERT THROXVER, RANDOLPH TURMAN, JOHN 1935 BLUMRERG, RICHARD BRADY, XVILLI.-XM IQIDD, JOHN NUNN, FRANCIS CQUILLIAN, VVILLIAM F. TOLRERT, JAMES XVILSON, FREDERICK 1936 RADING, FRED BARLOXV, EMMETT HOLLOWAY, AIURPHY AICCONNELL, REMINGTON REICI-IERT, :ALBERT SLEDU, JAMES XVIGGINS. IROBERT 1937 COMER, ll'L'GH ELEAZER, FRANK GOLSON. GRAHAM PENDLETON, EDMUND ROBERTSON, CRAIG SONVELL, VVALDO NVILLIAMS, VVARREN JAX MA ffalv fix J afar A 422515333 l'nr Rrrra K.-Xl'l",'X, organized in 1776, is the oldest college "Greek Letter Society." Increasingly during a century ancl a half election to membership has meant recognition of outstanding intellectual capacity well employed, particularly in the acquisition of a liberal-cultural or llL'llCl'Ili-CClllCZltiUIl. The Emory chapter is known as the Gamma Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society in the State of Georgia. There are tliree classes of members: C15 Members in Course fstudentslg lil :Xlmnni Meinbcrri: Ml Honorary Members. Election to membership, in the case of stnrlt-nts, is based upon scliolarsliip, breatltlm of culture, and general promise. Ansley Rr!ll1Cll Goodyear llmuft' -lolmnon l.c-inbzicll Tolber! xvllllb GRAHAM Gorsox . . Mnyroy C.'xM1'1:i-11.1. , li, li XV1i1'1'.xm,1: lxtvl'l-A415 uint-em' .xi.14:c.t R. Wann W H irizx it I-II: I F. XV11.soN Dennis Duiive Mitchell Nottinulium Vfilson I I l 'F V l i l l 1 l .X 'V' X -tv l 1? I OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, national college activities and lentlt-rsliip lidimg- Society for mm, was founded in 1914 at Wiashington and Lee and has circles in forty-three .-Xinericam colleges :ind universities. Mu Circle was established at Emory in 1925. The fraternity each year elects to membership zt limited number of students who have attained a high standard of eiiiciency in collegiate activities :ind who have contributed con- spicuous service to the University, recognizing attztinincnt in the fields of scliolarsliip, publicit- tions, athletics, forensics, and campus leadership. Asklepios Local flflediral Honor MEMBERS L. H. HAMFF EMERSON HAM 'gl T. K. HILL BOB XVHIPPLE - :II Rmdillg from top, lrff I0 rigllt . . . Hamtt, Ilill, Ham, NVhipp1e, 1 , ' 1 I l g i I ll xl xi J! 9 5 ASKLEPIOS is a local medical honor society, founded in 1917. Selection is based primarily on scholarship, and each year the four men with the highest averages in the senior medical class are elected to membership, 92 ik? If X. iQ Ixqf Society LOIQ K1 -: FA A .... -231 :,, . Ev - ,:5K, , 'ra' l.c' cf - fl wsu, ill W I4 J,-47. 'L ,.-" li? ii' Caduceus National Illediml Holzof' Sofifty MEMBERS ROBERT ANSLEX' CHARLES COOPER GEORGE DUNCAN EMERSON HAM T. K. HILL STERLING JERNIGAN GEORGE NILES BOE WHIPPLE Reading from top, Icft I0 right . . . Ansley, Cooper. Duncan, Ham, Hill, Jernigan, Niles, XVl1ipple. 93 Alpha Epsilon Upsilon Junior College Honorary Sc'lzola.vlir Societj OFFICERS 'YIARCUS BARTLETT .... President JULIAN VVATTERS . . I'iee-President li-XNIES HUN'IBER . . SFfl'Ff!lI'jY-7l7'6I1Slllll MEMBERS HERMAN ARERN.-wifi' JOHN AKIN THoR1AS .-XRMot'R LIN'-vooo BECK HATES BLock D1cKEx' Bow ED BRANNEN 5TERLlNG BRINKLEY GERALD CVIHEN BEDFORD DAVIS JOHN LlEJXVER LUREN IJICKERSHN JOE LJUKES XYILLIAM DUKES LANG ELLIUT CHERRYl'1MIEltSIPN lim' FREEDMAN XIILTHN FREEDMAN IEIARRY FREEMAN RALPH GILES PERRY tlo1.D X'ERNoN liRlZZ.fXkD NYILLIAM lioom'raAR l2MERsoN HAM CHARLES IIARRIS PAUL llARrsEH-ii.n Runiiiug from mf, lvft to right CHARLES LIUGULEY ALFRED JENKINS BAXTER JoNES FENNYICK JONES JULIAN IQASSEWITZ ISRAEL KATZ AIERRILL LEINBACH LUTHER LOEKHART XVILLIAM AICBRAYER SIDNEY AIULDONY CLAUDE NELSON QUENTIN PIRKLE L. G. RAY IYEAN ROBERTS NAT. RiDHERTS4JN BIQRE1-oN RoL1,ES'roN THOMAS SHEALY H x' lu AN S-on zu li R BIARCELLUS STI'-1ADlNIAN BEN 'liIIEHAUT ,TACR TULBERT CHARLES LllIL LEE XVALKIZR JAMES XVELCH FRED XVHITTAKER JAMES XYILSUN Xhernathy, Akin, ikl'l11lJUl', Beck, lllock, Boyd. Brannen Brinkley, Cohen, Davis, llenver, llickerson, llukes, Dukes. YV., lilliot, lfmcrson, Freedman, li., lireedman, U I 1 f' 3 9 9 ALPHA EPSILON UPSILON is a Junior College scholastic honor Society. lllen in Liberal Arts or the School of Business Ad- ministration who have maintained a scholastic average of 5.00 quality points per major of work taken through three quarters, or 4.25 quality points per major of work taken for four quarters are eligible for election. In addition to the required scholastic standing, the range and nature of the courses selected. the moral character of the stu- dent, and the general promise of a student to the World of scholarship and society enter in as a basis of election. 94 lliles, Gold. Lirizzaril, llaln, Harris, Hartsfield, Hum er lluguley, Jenkins, Jones, El., Leinhach, Lockhart. C V Brayer, Ray, Roll:-ston, She-aly, Steadman, Thebaut. Tol NJ bert, Uhl, XYatterS, XVelch, XYilSon. M ARCUS BA RTLETT President Eta Sigma Psi Soplzonmre Honor Sociefy orncsns ED Y -XNCEX . . . . Presizlerzf SPEIGHTS BALLARD . . I'ive-Pnfxiflent EARNEST HARII ELL . Secretary-Treaszmfr MEMBERS JACK BoozER ELv CALL,-X WA Y JIM ED FAIN BAXTER JUNES HARRY KING Ton lXlARs H .XLL JA was XIVILSON Rludmg from I ff lft to right . . Ballard Bonner Callaway, lfain, Harwell, Jones. King, Nlarshall, XYilson. 95 ETA SIGMA PSI is a Sophomore honor society organized on the Atlanta Campus in the spring of 1928 by several members of the sophomore class. The society, first known as tlIe Toreadors, adopted its present name in 1930, and in that year established chapters on the campuses at Oxford and Valdosta. The founders expressed the purpose of the organization as follows: "To create within the members of the freshman class an interest in extra-Curricular activities which are of value to the University: to recognize character and leadership among members of the freshman class: to be of service to the college or university by promoting, encouraging, and recognizing serve ice. character, and leadership." C Q f Z f fl fl fl l ff-wa r1iHE EAGLES CLUB is an honorary society organized for the purpose of recognizing merit among non-fraternity men at Emory. Prominence of independents in the fields of scholar- ship, athletics and other extra-curricular activities is rewarded by membership in this organization. 96 Eagles Club Founded 1919 OFFICERS Rox' LEE HILL Pl'esz'dr1zt CHARLES N, NVATSON Vire'-Prexidcizf FRED N. XVHITTAKER Ser1'rfa1'y MEMBERS LUKE G. GARRETT ROBERT L. PENDLEY R. P. RoBER'rs LoU1s XV. SHELBIIRNE Reading from 1011, left to rigizf . . . Garrett. Pendley, Roberts. Shelburne, Xlvatson, XYl1it- taker. Roy LEE HILL Pl'E'Sl'dClIf HERMAX AABERNATHY Clzairman Honor Council MEMBERS M.xRcL's B,xaTLETT. Junior Member BILLY Duties .ALFRED JENKINS FRED NYHITTAIQER Reading from top, lcft to right , . , Bartlett, Dukes, Jenkins, XYhittakcr. 97 THE HONOR COUNCIL is composed of four Seniors and a Junior named by the outgoing Council and approved by the student body in the spring quarter of each year. The Junior member of the Council serves as chairman during his senior year. The Council has a two-fold duty: to endeavor to foster a spirit of honor among the students of Emory: to try all cases of violation of the Honor Code that come to its attention. Violations are reported to members of the Council and a meeting is called for an Official trial of the accused. For direct breach of the Honor Code. the penalty is dismissal from school. The decision of the Honor Council is always final. A faculty member acts as advisor at all trials conducted by the Council. c 1 6 f AK A A H S. C. BEARD, JR. BRADFORD ANSLEY Dick COOK VVARREN COOPER JOE DAWSON J. B. DODD JIM ED FAIN CHARLES FENNELL BILL GIGNILLTAT LEW GORDON .PAUL GRUBB BYRON HILLEY GLENN IIOGAN JOE U I I 6 D D Few LITER.-XRY SOCIETY was founded in 1836 and named after lgnatious Few, first president of Emory College. Few Liter- ary Society has long been instrumental in promoting debating and other forms of literary expression on the Emory CHIHDUS. Its motto, "Pro Virtute et Patriafl adequately expresses the purposes and ideals for which the society has stood since its organization over 100 years ago. The society was reorgan- ized this year after several years of inactivity, and during the subsequent period has exerted much favorable influence toward the building up of forensic achievements on this campus. 98 Few Literary Society PRESIDENTS ANTHONY OlDONNELL . . Fall Quarter DONALD NIACKAY . . Ufinter Quarter . Spring Quarter MEMBERS NYILSON Rccldivig from top, left to right Ansley, Beard, Dawson, Fain VVOODRONV HUBBELL HAM JOHNSON VVALKER LIN!-:HOIJSE JOHN LOFTIS J.-UNIES IXIACKM' C. AICAIILLAN RAYMOND BIILLER Ton SHELTON SOLOMAN SUTKER .XRTHUR XVEATHERS STANLEY XYICKER ,lnuzs NVTLSON Gignilliat, Gordon, Hilley, Hogan, Hubbell. Limehouse, Mackay, I., McMillan, Miller, O'DOnnell, Sutker, XYicker, XVilson, I. H. N. A. GOODYEAR Debate Coach BOWEN Hosroitu Dvlvafc IJIUJIUQFI' Phi Gamma Literary Society PRESIDENTS JACK TOLBERT . . Fall Quarter XIURPHY HOL1.0XX'.-XX' . . U'intr'r Quarter TOAI llIARSHAI.L . . Spring Quarier MEMBERS SPEILLIITS liAI.L.XRD CARL RI-QNNET'l' BATES BIJICIQ IJAYIS BORNET DAN UURGE ELI' CAI.Lrxw,xY RALPII DASI-IEII JOHN DIQIWER IXLEX DUREMVS OBIAR ELDHR joux IZLLIS EDGAR fiENTRY JoIeIN GIFFORIJ PHI GAMMA, organized in October of this year together with Few, is preserving many of the traditions of the older Phi Gamma at Oxford, and of the branch of Phi Gamma on the Atlanta campus that disbanded in 1932, There is now no connection between the group at the Uni- versity and that at Oxford. Together, Phi Gamma and Few carry on most of the ac- tivities of the former Varsity Debate Forum. Chief activities are debating, declamation, oration, and general public speaking. C !- Y W, ,L C 1 ,,, X ,W .... K fi ft IN Cf'Ix'IxI3T-DN IIARDEE Bon EIUMBER ALFRED JENKINS BAXTER JONES JULIAN IQNSSEXYITZ .XLVA LINES CLEM PONYERS ERNEST SECKINIJER LOUIS SHELBl'RNE CWLIFFORD STOIIIQIIILL 'l'R.xwIcI: STURB5 Cosiax' Swiwsvrx JAMES XVELCII En YANCEY Rfddliilg from Inf, lvff fn right . , . Ballard, Bennett, Block, Bornet, Burge, Callaway, Dasher, Deaver, Doremus, lflfler, lillis. Gentry, Gifford. llolloway, Humber, Jenkins, Jones, Lines, Marshall, Powers. Shel! burne, Stoflghill, Stubbs, Swanson. Tolbert, XYclclI, Yancey. 99 N V V U I I - 2 D 6 IDIRECTED BY DR. Ross H. MQLEAN. the Student Lecture Association has enjoyed one of its most successful years. High- lighted by performances of Cornelia Otis Skinner, the Don Cossack Russian Klale Chorus, Dr. Victor Heiser, and the Curtis String Quartet, the program of the Student Lecture As- sociation has ably fulfilled the purpose of that organization- enabling the students of limory to round out their education by oitering them a chance to hear and see some of the worlds best entertainers, lecturers, and musicians. IOO Student Lecture Association OFFICERS L1NwooD BECK . LOREN DICKERSON . . BILL GIGNILLIAT . SPEIGHTS BALLARD MEMBERS BEVERLY DUBOSE JACK CODDING JAMES RHODES LAMAR ROBERTS CARL BENNETT CLARK CASE ERLE PHILLIPS . Pretzdenf Vice-Preszdent . Secretary Treasuru XVALTER BECKHAM RAY RIURPHY JOHN FUNKE Nmlrling fi-run Inf, iff! to right . . Uallarcl, Beck, Dickerson, Gignitliat. Ross H, NICLEAN Direrfwz ALFRED JENKINS PVUS1'dL'Ilf Emory Christian Association I STUDENT EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ALFRED JENKINS . FRANK ROBERTSON . JAMES XVILSON . XJERNARD ROBERTSON COUNCIL JAMES ALLRED EARL BREWER STERLING BRINIQLEY GEoRizE CLARY BEVERLY Com-: XVALTICR Cr rI'TINr,: H A M JAY CUMRAA XVILLIAM ELKIN JoE Form Era YANCEY FACULTY ADVISORS EMMETT S. JOHNSON Rcailing from Inf. left fu rfglif Allred. Brinkley, Clary, Cone. Cottinghani. Cumhaa, lilkin, Ford, Irion, Jones,l1,, Jones, F,. Mackay, McLeod, Miller, Robertson, F,, Roberts-in, Y., Smith, Tlronupson, NYi1son, Yancey. MEMBERS IOI THE ENIORY CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION, operating under a new name and a revamped administrative organization, inaugurated this year a more inclusive and ambitious program than ever before. Under the able leadership of Alfred Jenkins, the pro- gram was carried out in live flexible divisions, each of which was under the supervision of a Student and a faculty advisor and included several interest groups. The heads of these ad- ministrative areas and interest groups, together with the execu- tive committee, composed the Council, which met Semi-quarterly to discuss the work of the Association in prospect and in ret- rospect. Estimated membership numbered three hundred actual participants. Q ,C fs - f A A ll . Ijftilitlilplll Vitae'-lJ1'e.ri1lt'11t . Secrftrzrj' Treaszzrer 'JAMES IRIoN BAXTER JnNEs FRANcIs JHNES JAMES MAcRAx' RIILHURN RlCLE1Jll RAI' AIILLER ERNEST SECIQINGICR LEON SMITH JULIAN TI-IoMr'soN AV. A. SM ART JOHN BUMSTEAD Pmsidcazt Firxt Tenor- HLVGH BEASLEY BEN BROXVN JOHN BUMSTEAD FRANK ESTIES HENRY FINCII O. M. FOXXYURTH RAY BIURPHY FRANK ROBERTSON BIORETON ROLLESTON BARNES SALE ELINIER STRAIT Semin! Tt'IIOT- JACK ALLGOOD DAVIS BORNET BIILTON C.-XNIPBELL FOSTER CHAPMAN JACK CODDING ROBERT DEGIX7E JOHN DRU.1XRY CLARENCE GLAUSIER MCCOY JOHNSON GEORGE JORDAN STEVE BI.-XXWELL JAMES HCBIBER Managvr MEMBERS GEORGE KICKINNEY POXVERS BICLEOD QUENTIN PIRKLI2 L. G. RAY FD ROGERS KI-XRI. SLUCCM JULIAN XV.-X'I'TERS JAMES VVIZLCH JAMES XVILSON First Ban- BRAD ANSLEY FFHOMAS ARR'IOUR BIERTON BAKER VV. B. BAKER PAUL B.-XNKSTON XVALTER BECKH.-XM C.-XRI. BENNETT MAC BURNS LANG IQLLIOT ADLAI GROVE SMITH H.-ARRIS BILL HINSON JOE HUTCHINSON OFFICERS JOHN BUMSTEAD . . . Pfeszdenr HENRY FINCH . . fire-P11v1zlu1t FRANK ROBERTSON . . Seuetmy JOE HUTCHINSON . . . Lzbzmmn JAMES HUMBER . Business Jllanagm ED BRANNEN . . Publirity fllannger BILL BI,-XCDONALD FRITZ BICDUFFIE GEORGE NUNNAI.LX' HERBERT OGDEN B. C. SPEERS RAY FFHURMAN ARTHUR XVEATHERS Serum! Bass- JACK BOOZER PHILLIP BRISCOE JOE IDUKES JACK ESKRIDGE DICK FELDER JAMES KI.-XCKAY NVILSON IXIORGAN BETHUNE PHILLIPS CLEM POXVERS JOHN SI-IEPARD , HVMAN SOHMER RIARCELLUS STEADINIAIN PAUL STONEY JOE VVILLIAMS SAM WISE I02 Qtr Co XVITH THE PRESENT.-XTIUN in April of its annual spring concert at Glenn fllemorial Auditorium, the limory Glee Club brought to a close one of the most successful years in its history. Climaxing the season was a ten-day tour to the nation's capital where a concert given under the auspices of the Georgia State Society attracted a capacity crowd to the spacious ballroom of XVashington's exclusive Shoreham Hotel. The club made appearances in several other cities on this extended winter tour, among which were: Greenwood, S. C., Greenville. S. C., Spartanburg. S. C., High Point, N. C., Harrisonburg, Va., and Raleigh, N. C. The Annual Christmas Carol Concert was given in two performances this year since, because of excessive attendance in past years, many had been unable to gain admission. Both the afternoon and evening concerts were sung before a full house. An added highlight of the season for the i'South's Sweetest Singers" was the spring tour which took the organization to Nashville, Tenn., and several other Southern cities. if IO3 111111155 XV111D1zR . T011 fq1lRD1JN . D,-XVID L'111111'N1N111 . J. S.-1M 1311113.11115 BERRY IAXNGFORIJ 1 C1.1F'1'1,1N H. XVHITE ,1,XTX11iS 11,x1.1111'r'1' L 11,x111,1is 12,x11x11'1i1,1, XX'.x1.'1'1-:11 131-111111 111 XY11.1.1.xx1 111s11111' YY11.1iY 1'1IQ.XNNIfN L, C. 111'l11'1l L.X141iY Cx N'1'111c1.1, 1Y11.1.1,x11 C'.x1111111.1, 11.XR11I,1l 1f111'1111.xN 11111 N L'11l1111 X11'1'11X 1111111.15 L'11xx'.111'1' r1Q1111N1Xb 1f1,11111cx11Q 1:1i11X 1:l'1l11Ii L'11.x111.1-is 1Q111111N1,s C.X141.'1'11X 1.1111111112 .X1:11.1x1 1l111.11s111'1'11 1 Freshman Glee Club OFFICERS MEMBERS S'1'.XNl.1iY 11.15T1N1,1s XY11,1.1.xx1 H111111Es L'11.x111.1-is 1111'1N 17, V1. 111111111X 11. 19. 1..xx1:FoR11 XY11,1.1.X31 L1zsT1:11 R.xx'1111N11 K11i'GON1',xN XV. Y. 1111-Z111.1N 11.11111 1x1El.l. XY1l.l.1.XM M1gTH1'1N 1i111.1C 1,1111.l.11'S 11.1111111111 P1:,x1101: L'11111:111TT 1m'1i1i1c -1.111125 R111'111ES 1'1XlN11i'l'1' R11111Ns11N C11.x111,1-'s 1111211211 - '1 ' 11137, 111111 1110 1arg0st CI1I'1P11111L'111 1 71111 11.1'1:1112s1'x11c11 .x1"1'11'1'1'Y 111 111k 1111111 '1 1111x011 0111 111 115 1'l11'L'L'1', 111111 110g1111 501111115 01111111111011 1111 101111 111 1110 W1111k'1' 11111111011 1110 C 111-11,11 1J11'1s11111, 111111 1111111011 1110 1111'1s11111s w01'0 110111 111st1110t, A1211L' ll 1111101100 11111'111'r1s 011111111 singing 11' 4' 11113 1111101111011 its C1111s11'1111io11 111 11111111 11. 1211. 1110 1111011111111 111' 1110 11r1111011d111011ts 1s 10 011111111110 t110 c111'1si1111s 111111 1r111 01-111111 1111111-r :1 new 11111110 11f10r 1110 year El11'11I1g' -111116 11539. 900111111111 111111 g1'111111 111115 111'0 11111110 111' 1110 R1Il1C 1J1x'1Si1111. XY111C11 r0111111s 111 1111101111 11110 Eli 1110 1il'I11h1'j' 1710 5111111111 11100 1,-11111, 211111 01131-1118 111111 1000111- 1111-11r111t11111s 1-111' 111111111001110111 111 1110 Varsity C1l111 will 11gfa111 110 1110 1'011'111'11e 1111' s01'1'1C0 111 1110 111011 XY114'l 111r11 1 clpate t111'1111g111'111t 1110 YB2111 . . P1'1'.1'i1l1'11t I 1011-P1'6si1lvr1i . . S1'1'1'rf11ry 11 11111111911-1 Dirwtor E11 R1'AI1'11 R, A. 51,11 1.1.1. B1-:N ST. C1..X11i XVI xx 91 1.1.1. 11 . 'MNICK 'I'111'1x1.xs YANSANT R1 XYXI 1l11x 111E11'1' . QN ' ' 'i111N121' XY11,1.1,x11s 11 1 T-25 1-. , 1 1 1 11 1.11155 NY11.11E11 - 1 1 PI'CSl.dL'1Lf 1 104 P' Emory Little Symphony Orchestra MEMBERS fvl.0l1'II3- IVIADILI-' 7'p'11111f1p1gi Ilmcm' Pmuu DR. IVUZNEICX NIL-C111:xl.xcIc JOHN C11lm1Nu'1'uN QCOIICCVI Klusturl CW? lQm:1il4'l' Rtllllllfli HUIQINJN 1-S.xlmmx' Ll,-fhxfwl, HH .F l!:1xx',x1en 'I'14m1'I -NNN CIUKN XvIII.IxXXI llu'vl'f1fl- 'f Fluxu Iiwrxzs U ff A .. gi.. A , l"Q""l""'V-" KNOX IYIILLU . .xm,11.1.l.1 5 , 1:-,.xml.xx JAMES MM-KM, ME1u:II.l. L1i1xI:,x1'l1 H415s- fill-.S'I'Iil4 MAY .fXI4T11L'I: Mu' Krzxxmu llrxclui I'uxx'1im Klvlgilm All-IXDEI. Slifzxl. EENSUX Flilil-.5I.XN NY.xLl1-,v 5mx'1il,l. JERRY Prislux H'f1""-V4 Illzruzrilcr Sl'lI.IX'.XN lrlnyg- 5QlITll IUNR15 'FERRARI yHI'K"1"': l'lAM1a1.1N 1.1-'1'1'-rx xx USUN Hull LAVL XX Axuxfin BE'l'llL'NI2 VllIl.l.II'S y'x.,,,fU,,f, CH.x1'11LL1, XX Illlh UM -XYU rw XIHIHN Ni . . xx , L . Iuux HIlNlSl'li.Xll I l?1'n1l1s4 fflU""WN L1Qux.x141v .XIQVIII-'li H.x1w1.n H1-14 um: S'r.xx1.1iY ll,xsr1x4zs llurf- Cl1,xm.1is IICYIN Imvllix 'I'Il41y1g41y liliumzli Klmlilxxlix' .hmis Nrimux 1711110- f,2r-Qulugl-1 Iilnzms Kun. F-l,ml'Al AII'l'L,'llI-Ql.l, Sli.x1.r:x' fhmlfnlnll XY11I'1'1:, jk. C. A. Mu' President scnn fur the cnmjnyllmunt nf thc Stmly-m Iwmly, :mfl the pcwplc qxfllllllil, ZlI'l'2ll1QL'lllCl1tS nf classical Illllaif. :xml in C11-nrrlilmthm with thc Flnwry illuu Club. IOS LYNN!-QR 'rm-Q 1ml1qm"1'IuN uf D11 M, H, Ik-way thu CJl'CllL'S'Ll'Z1 pre IZZLCII yczlr thu Urclmcstra nppcurf scvcrul lilllfi. in m,mcc1'ts .I- "? mm Branuen Ilmvniug Gi ffm nl Ioln1sU11 O'DonnelI XYCICI1 Brinkley Iimbry Hagan Lasseter Mills XYicker I 0 LTNDER THE ABLE DIRECTION of Dr. Garland G. Smith, The Players presented three plays during the year, all of which were staged before packed houses. Chosen for the fall producticm was "Death Takes a Holiday." Characterized hy a great deal of suppressed enioticin and hy high underlying tension, the play was an ambitious etfort for aIIy college dramatic cn'gaIIizatirnI. The Players handled it skillfully and won ITl3.lly friends through its successful performance. Tn the winter The Players threw riyerhcvard their tahoci against casting plays which feature many strong feminine roles, and picked Frederick LfInsdale's swpliisticated comedy "The Last of Mrs. Cheyneyf' Sparkling with modern repartee and punctuated by dithcult situations, "The Last of Mrs, Cheyneyu drew howls of laughter frfnn the audience. Spring saw the Players first encore performance, George ll. CmlIan's hilariifns "Broadway jones." It was presented on the campus for the first time in IQ34-tllt' first play directed here by Dr. Smith. Unriyaled in the field of light comedy, "l'lI'U!lClWZij' jones" has a large amount rif audience appeal a1Id bfwth Of its Emory perftirmanccs have been highly successful. IO7 I. Carrie Phinney Latimer and Susan Falligant in "Death Takes a I-lcilidayf' 2. Set for Act I of lhe Last of Mrs, Cheyneyf' 3. Sam Shiyer and Susan Fal- ligant in 'tlleatli Takes a Hwlidayf' 4. Carrie Phinney Latimer and Hugh Enihry in "Death Takes a Holiday." R. Set for "Death Takes :I Holi- day." O. Joe Crawley and Sam Shiyer in "Death Takes a Htilidayf' G,xRI..x xp G. S MIT H Diwcfor Z GOVERNING BOARD RALPH DASHER . . . Efliror-In-Clzief SAM HoIfKINS . . . LJXSUEIIITI' Editor JEFF AUSTIN I LOREN IJICKERSON JAMES HUR'IBER fllmzaging Editorx JOHN GIFFl'JRD RAY AIILLIZR "VH II-WHICH BIORETON ROLLESTON . B11.vI11F.vs Alalzflgfr 1"'0"-I1"C7'ff'f H. RECE .... Fnculiy f1II7'ISE!' II.IIIlQlL'1'4rN IQIII.l.liSTllN HII.vI'III'.rs LIlumIgI'I' EDITORIAL STAFF ,lsxixizzzzt Alllllllgfllg' Editors BATES BLOCK, BILL GICNILLIAT, J,-XNIES STACY, CHARLES UHL Efliforizlf IJXXI.I'fIIIIfX SPEICHTS BALLARD. FRANK CI-xYCE, Ton BI.-XRSHALLV, TDNY CJVDONNELL. CLIFF STODGHILL l'iI'FSl1I1ll'1I Jsxisiallts PIERCE ALLGDOD, LEONARD ARCHER, NVALTER BECKHAM, IRI.-XYXVOOD PE.-XRCE Ff'11f111'f'x 111111 P1I0f0gl'llf51Ij' BUDDY ATKINSDN, GRIADX' CLAY, TDM COOK, JIIHN HAGAN, FRANK INCRAM, BOB KNOX, TED LEIGH, HERBERT fJGDEN, H.-XRRX" FIJRUCHELUT JJ-z'isoI'y Bonrzl HERAIAN ABERNATHY, IXIARCUS B.IxR'I'LE'I'T, BILLY DUKES, XVARREN DUFFEE, HENRX' FINCH, VVH.-XRTON KIITCHELI., ALFRED JENKINS, Boa PENDLEY. JACK FFOLBERT. susmess SIAFF FRANCIS JONES . . . dssixtrznt B11.viI1e.v.v fllrznnger Busilzfxs 1fXNIJfIlIIfX ELY CALI.,,xw.AY, BEVERLY DUBDSE, ALLEN HILL, STEVE BI.-XXKYEI.L, ERLE PHILLIPS I08 fQJ8 'dlflfL9Ll.4 TO CREATE A BOOK that is different without at the same time defying good taste has been the aim and ambition of the Iiditors of the 1938 CAMPUS. ln keeping with this aim the staff has endeavored to make the book more informal, with the object of making the CAMPUS more truly representative of life at lfmory University by the photograph rather than by the printed word. Likewise, it has been the staffs pur- pose to present a new style of layout, one in keeping with the modern trend, which would make a living book rather than a catalogue of names and deeds. Specifically, the staff has enlarged the opening section to include both the tradi- tional campus scenes and informal snapshots which treat chronologically all phases of student life. Short sketches of each activity, organization, and fraternity, illustrated with pictures whenever possible, further stress the informal but chronological treat- ment. A committee of students selected the "Campus Favorites," eliminating thereby "home-town girls and politics." Features, such as Dooleyds Diary, embellished by stu- dent art work and su1'rounded with additional innovations, have been retained, and an index, a necessary complement for a book of this type, has been included. XVhether the aims and purposes of this year's stall have been realized it remains for the ultimate judge, the reader, to say, and it is to him, not to the artist or the literary critic, that the 1938 CAMPUS has been directed. 6? Xtkinson Austin Ballard Tllock f'allnway fayce Ditkerson Ilul use Dulfet' Finch llillnrml Hignilliat llagan lli Hopkins Humber Ingram ,Tones Knox Leigh X 'ns ml Nlwxyycll lliller 0'l'3onneIl Stacy Slodghill 'liolhert L 1 IO9 Z GOVERNING BOARD WARREN DUEFEE . . Editor-in-Chief GRADY CLAY . . Associate Editor JACK TOLBERT . flfanaging Editor EARL CANFIELD . . Business flfanager WARREN- DEF-FSE RAY NIXON . . Fafulty Adviser Editor-III-Llzzcf EARL CANFIIQLD Bzzsiuvss Jldlltlgff EDITORIAL STAFF , JACK CRESS . . . . . . . Assistant Ilffanaging Editor ERNIE HARWELL . .... Sports Editor GRACE E. COLLAR . . Society Erlitor Editorial Assistants BUDDY ATKINSON, i.X"IARCUS BARTLETT, ED BRANNEN, JOE CARVER, NINETTE CARTER, FRANK CAYOE, KEITH CONLEY, JOHN DEAVER, JIM ED FAIN, JOHN GOLSON, JOHN HAG.LXN, JOE HALL, BAXTER JONES, BOB KNOX, TOM MARSHALL, CLAUD NELSON, JAMES WILSON. .FFPSIIHIHII Assistants D.-XX7ID CHEVVNING, JIMMY FUNK, DIXON HOLLINGSXVORTH, CALVIN KYTLE, BILL LESTER, OZRO PRINCE, EMMETT ROBINSON, NVILLIE SUMNER, HARRY WILLSON. BERTRAM YJAFFE. Photography RALPH DASHER. FRANK INGRAM. BUSINESS STAFF HOWARD TRIMPI . . Assistant Business Illanager Business Assistants SMITH JOHNSTON, JOE VVILSON, JIMRIY RHODES. CIRCULATION STAFF 'TONISHEALY . . . . . . Cireulation fllanager Cirfltlalion Assistarzts GORDON DAVES, BILLY SIMMONS, CHARLES SMITH. IIO 1440? AEG! FPHE YVHEEL THIS YEAR continued the tabloid format adopted last year, laid greater stress on building up more features, more complete Campus coverage. Society and sports departments showed greatest improvement: columns also found greater favor with readers. Editorial policy was less trenehant, more discursive than before. Greatest single forward step was "streamlining" or Hrestyling"-setting headlines Hush to the left, using more pictures, injecting more "life," "readabilit5"' into the sheet. Hlost important step for future was stress laid upon building up better, more versatile staff. To the Uvlzewl went, for the second consecutive year, All-American rating, emble- matic of the best in collegiate journalism. i i Atkinson Ilrannen Carter Fzirver, I, Cayce Flay Follai Cress Uasher lieaver Vain fifxlsivtl Hagan llall Harwell Ingram Johnston Jones Knox Nlarslizill Nelsi n Sllealy Simmons Smith Tolbert Trimpi XYilsnn, -i. ll. NYils1 II! Z GOVERNING BOARD FRANK CAYCE . . Edifm--in-Clzief FD SY.-XNCEY . . . Bzzsizzesx Hlazzagff' RICH.-XRD HARWELI, . . .lsxorifzre Editor BRADFORD ANSLEY F IN. BYRD . fllzzzzfzgizzg Ezfitorx BOB KNOX UXK CM-.QE DR. JIQHONIAS H. ICNGLISH, IIO,--,',,-C-hz-Cf FIll'lIlfwI' Ifdwisrz' FII Y.xNI'IiY Iflzszrzfss .Ilazzugvr EDITORIAL STAFF Depmtzzzmzfs JOHN H.AXG.AN, BRADFORD DONOVAN, GEORGE ROGERS, GRADY CLAY, NIARVIN DAY, JOHN SL.-KDE. Ezliforizll .fmixtrzzzts RALPH D.-XSHER, f,IX1AR ELDER, JIM ICD FAIN, CUVINGTON H.ARDEE, RICCOY JOHNSON, BAXTER JONES, G. Ii. KING, C. REID REINSTEIN, RI.-XRCELLUS STEAD- MAN, JACK JFULBERT. 1'i7'l'.VllIlIF1l I'l.x'sIsfr111f.v BILLY BATES, HARRY FINESTONE, JOHN H.1XRXX"ELL, H.-XROLD JOHNSTON, CALVIN IQYTLE, RAYMOND 1xICf3OVI'.-KN, DAVID BIELL, CHARLES ROZIER, BERTRAM YY.-XFFE. BUSINESS STAFF B IIXIIZFSS J sxixnznfs BATES BLOCK, LYMAN HUNTER, RAY BIILLER, BOBBY NEEL, JOHN FUNKE. CIRCULATION STAFF LOREN IJICKERSON . . . . CiI'l'1l!lIfiOI1 ZIJIIIIIIQPI' CiI'l'llIHfIUIl 41S.Yi5fIlIlfS XV.-XLTER COTTINGHAM, PIERSON DICK, BILL GIGNII,I.I.AT, JIM MORGAN, LORIN IXJYERS. II2 .flflfL0'C7 Ansley lllClik'l'Sl rn Jones 06VLiiC The Emory Plzornix, the South's oldest college literary magazine, has during the past year adapted its literary resources to combine with the Universitys first attempt at a humor magazine. Formerly a strictly literary production, the lj1l0UIIf.V has this year given a number of its pages to the encouragement of student art through the medium of cartoons: to humor, through the development of sketches: to general collegiate appeal, through the addition of departments featuring clothes, books, radio, and phonograph re- cordings. An attempt to keep the extra-curricular life of the student well posted led to the introduction of coming events through a calendar. An extra issue was provided without increase of student appropriation. This issue came at the time of the mid-term dances and included an unusually clever burlesque of The Emory Iliherl, well received hy students. The Three Monks, new Plzonzix symbol, have continued their antics on the front cover. Hut most important of all is the development of new talent in fiction, poetry, art, and humor. Block Byrfl Clay ftlllillgllillll lhlashcr lax liltler lfnin Hignillirit llagan Har-lee lhruell Knox Miller Myers Slade Stcacliurui lolheit ll3 DAN BASINSKI M. R. BL'sH lXl.uuoN CLARK II josrxn CLEGG ' C. B. DYAR 'ff ill J Q D D Pl ALPHiA is an honorary local fraternity for the recognition of outstanding men in the department of chemistry. lxlembership is extended to those men who intend to make chemistry their lifework and who have already shown marked ability in this held. Pi Alpha each spring sponsors an open house of all the science departments to which are invited high school students from the surrounding territory who are interested in these fields. Increased attendance each year has made these open houses a real aid in 'bringing more students to Emory. The fraternity also presents a series of other worthwhile programs for chemistry students throughout the year. II4 IJERMAN ABERN,x'rHi' EI.l.lNuToN BE.-XVERS l,EoN.xRrr BLA.xToN W. H. Bcarrow , , , 4- lfiwlilillg from Inf, leff to rigllf 1 i i I X , l Clzemiml Fraternity, Founzfed IQ25 orrlcens SAM HOPKINS . . . President CHERRY EAIERSON . . Vive-Presiffent CHARLES HUGULEY . Secretary Fmrz RICDUFFIE . Treasurer MEMBERS R,u.PH CEILES XYILLIA M H .xrwoon LFTHER Locrqnrxkr H.vuu:x' Nolcrox XYIi.I,1.xM PHPE L. G. RAY C. lf. REHBICRG D. C. Ronimm' Cn,uu.l2s SMART XYARREN XVILI.1rx:us i Abernathy. llasinski, Beavers, Blanton, Hush. Clark, Clegg, l Iiinergon, Miles, Haywood, Huguley, Lockhart, RlcDufhe, Pope, Ray, Rocldey, Smart, NYiIliams. SAM Hoeiuxs President ELLIXGTON BEAVERS THE ENGINEliRiS CLUB is founded on two basic principles and purposes: the promotion of the department of engineering, both at Emory and abroad: and the zicquziintzmce of the stu- dents with conditions and developments in the industrial held. 1 In line with this objective. the Clubs hrogmm of activities regularly includes field trips. speakers, and motion pictures. ' The membership of the lfngineefs Club is open to those stu- dents who are interested in engineering and who are following that course of study at Emory. Prcsidcnt FCC WC :C in .im e ee fill I Engineer's Club ll I l li OFFICERS , j ELLINGTON BEAYERS . . l'1-aviflmt ' l GROVER Donn . . l'ivf--Pi-vsiflmr Lomax DICKERSON . . Sm-mu-y HERMAN ALSOBROOK . . Treaxzzrvr l' MEMBERS l Orr :XLSTIAJN li1.wx'N Iloiriiixs 'N LEoN.xRD BLANTON Rn HARD Lrox l Romirzr BROWX Ciarn. Kl.Xl,HNll l XVI-ISTFDX CALDWELL Fruxic Nigel. l BILL CAPERTON ,Linus Ni-:LsoN ,-XLBIQRT Cox JAXMFS Pixssxioizig 1 l Lewis CULVER Bi-Lruvxrz Pllll.LIl'S EDXYIN CURRY XX'iLLr.x xi Iloma 3 l ll R,xLr-H Dixsurn Roiaiaicr Roinuzit 1 it C. E. Fmznrxc jules Srxxniuuwuzifi RALPH GILES PAT SUXYICLL l X ELBERT HENDRIX HARM' TRL'L'HELL'T i il . 1 W l l 1 i l fading f 1'tv rn mf, left to rrglir . . . l Xlsohrook, Alston, Blanton, Brown, Calflxxell, Cox. Culver, ' Y If Dasher, Dickerson, Dodd, Giles, Lyon, Malone, Neel, ii Phillips, Pope, Rohrer. Scarborough. 1 l L i L i ' i l I5 l l l l QI- .-: '4,.'Ztx.16L Q?i!'1,' ig Phi Sigma Biology Frflternity, Pi Clzrzjvfer OFFICERS NIORRIS IXICKEEH.-XN . . . Prrsidezzt STERLING BRINIQLEY . . fire-President FRANCES BAKER . . Sm-ffm-y lX'IARY STIPE . . Treururei , i MEMBERS A, E. Cxxxox JIM COMES CHRISTIANN DL'GGER PETE HYURICIQ QI. R. JORIIAN lXlERRIl.L LICINBACH lil.-XYMOND LILLY Dor LI'NsFoRD W. C. PIIILLII's CHARLES UIII, Rurniing from lop, left fo rfglit . , . linker, llrinkley, Hugger. llyrlrick, forclzin, Leinbach Lunsforrl, Mclicelian, Uhl, V ' V U 1 I D 3 2 rliHE OBJECT OF PHI SIGMA is to promote interest in research 'ffl 9 X ,, ,: in the biological sciences. "' ge lfach year Phi Sigma elects to active membership those 'N V' X hiological concentration students who have shown a marked . . . 'Er - ability for research work. L 5 Beginning in l93S, Phi Sigma will award, at each annual commencement, a scholarship medal for excellence in biological if work to a student, not necessarily a member of the society. l II6 CHARLES HUGULEY P1'v51't1c1zt Pi Mu Sigma Prr-11zv1l'it'11IFl'11fm'1zify, Ufjgwlllizezl IQjS OFFICERS CHARLES HUGULEX' . . FRANK INGRAM . OMAR ELDER . C. XV. IXIILLS . Ruiidiiig from lu MEMBERS IQAFE Bums C. R. B.-xRIqsn,xI.E XV. H. BENSIIN fJI,IYER I3UsH XYIILTER CARo1I,I. CLARK CASE :lxRTHL'R CoIrIxu'I'oN BEDFORD D.xvIs RUSSELL DlJL'1,LI..X5 HARRY IQING RIERRTLL LEINIz.xUII BILLY Mc'BR.xYER E. C. 3lL'BlIl.l..XN XVII.I.I.xxI PENIIERczR.xs'r josEI-II PII.IQINrzToN NV. R. 'I'IIoMI'suN D.-win XVISINPM NVII.LIIxAI XV.-vrsox P, lrfl In right . . THE PI MU SIGMA FRATERNITY, founded at Iimory Uni- versity in january, 1938, is an honorary society ot pre-medical students. Its purpose is to organize these students, to dis- cuss the problems facing them and the medical profession, and to Co-operate with the faculty in solving problems which may arise. r 4 CC ff fl A ' fl I . IJI'l'Si1ll'lIf I'il'6"Pl'l'SiI1l'lIf . Sezvetzzry . Tl'FIlA'lll'Fl I l l Hanks, Henson, Hush, Cargill, Lkisc, Cufliiigtim, Davis, Douglas, Elder. Ingram. King, Leinhnch, Xlcihzlyer, Rlehlillzxn, Mills, Pcndergrast. Pilkington, 'l'lIoI1I1Ison, XYisI1oI1I, XXVHISOII. II7 I - 1 gf 2- 1-- international Relations Club OFFICERS FRED VVHITTAKER . Premlent JACK TOLBERT . . lzte resident GRADY CLAY . Secretary Treasure: MEMBERS PAUL ,ANDERSON S. C. BEARD Lmwoon BECK RIARVIX DAY BEVERLY DUBosE CHARLES FENNELL CLAUDE GOZA ByRoN HIl.LEX' CARL XV. HOWARD JAMES P. IRIoN FENWICK JONES GEORGE JoR1iAN CARL SLocUM JACK SMITH CHARLES XVILLIAMS l w i xl Rmrlflig from tmp, left In right . . . f--Y 7 --- F V A ,ji Beard. Beck. Clay, Dulilose, llilley, lloxxaitl Slocum :mirth 'Y W P X Tolbert. ENIIJRXNS CHAPTER of the International Relations Clubs was the first non-social club founded on the campus, and remains today one of the most exclusive of the extra-curricular activi- ties. Under the direction of Dr. Ross H. lXIcLean, Professor of History, the club meets for intelligently conducted bull- sessions on the first VVednesday of each month, usually at fraternity houses. on special occasions at Dr. lIcLean's home. Subsidized by the Carnegie Foundation, the International Relations Club receives from this Foundation books and bi- weekly reports on current international affairs. Year's activity is usually climaxed by a joint banquet with the Political Science Club. IIB FRED AVHITT no R Plfszdcizt THE PURPOSE OF THE Political Science Club is to promote and encourage interest among the students in governmental problems and political science. Because of the location of the State Capitol in Atlanta, the Club is able to obtain well-in- formed men to address the members at their bi-weekly meet- ings. The Club also co-operates with the Institute of Citi- zenship in their annual program, IIAI BYRD Prcsidcrit 4 C C f K P ,N W Political Science Club l OFFICERS l JIM BYRD ....... President RIORETON ROLLESTON . . I'ice-Prvxidwzf CLYDE CARTER . . . . Secretary BEN FREEMAN . Trerzxzn-er MEMBERS SPEIGHTS BALLARD GLENN Iloc.xN IIIJRT IIIcRERsT,xI'F DAVIS BQRNET IJICKEY Btwn STERLING BRINRLEV GRAIN CLAY J. L. CRVISBY A. 0. DAVIS GEORGE liJl'INYNlNG ALEX DORENIl'S BEVERLY l'JL'BosE XVARREN IDUFFEE jon IHJKES ORIAR ELDER CLAUDE GRIFFIN XV. R. GIGNILLIAT BYRON IIILLEY JIJIIN BICCLIELLAN ri joT SAYER JACK TI ILIIERT BOWEN IIHSFIIRD CARL lIow,VRD I I'l.xMRIoND Iwi-INsoN .XLVA LINES ' STEVE RIAXXYELL RAVRIIIND XIILLER CLEAI IHOXYERS SIDNEY RIVES SoLoRir-N F-IJTRER 5-,VM 'l'VsoN .XRTIIUR xYli.XTlIERS FREII XYIIIT'r.VRER S'I.xNI.Ex' XYICRER Rciviiirrg from inf, lcff lo right . . . Ballard, Bickerstalif. Hornet, lloyd, lTriuklCY- Cfllilell C1331 Davis, Downing. Doremus. llullose, lluffcc, Dill-iC5, EMC", Freeman, Griffin, Gignilliat, Hilley, llogan, Hosforll, Howard, Johnson, Lines, Mzixwell. McClelland. lliller, Powers, Rives, Rolleston, Sayer, Sutker, Tolbcrt. XYlIit- taker, XYcatl16rs, XYickcr, II9 - -- in -- ,i Q I H Ix'mii1'ng fm v J ju 1 2 3- 3 , PHI SIGMA IOTA is an honorary Romance language fraternity, founded at Allegheny College in 1922. llflembers are elected for outstanding work in the study of Romance languages, and the society fosters the study Of the Romances by lectures and the reading of papers at their regular meetings, and by sponsor- ing the presentation Of plays in a Romance language. I20 lla rr Phi Sigma Iota Ifonorary Romance Language Fraternity MEM BERS GABRIEL GALINDO SMITH HARRIS WILEY P. MCGINTY ROBERT L. PENDLEY TOM SCOTT THOMAS SHEALY rm tor, left to right . . . is, Metlinty, Pcndley, Shealy. QN- 4 Ne K ,SL MQ i 5 slr 1 I X 1 xls 4 4 Y 1 " ' 5 N I I if, Ma f'2i'fTig wi f if , ,:5f:g:f:s5fg Y 3,- !"'f"'f " it '-JA' 2' :,. N 5' J., ...A dip- few' -""e fv- 4--- :M , F J, . .ucgffaf ' - ',3'fi:1-uns,-Qvigbif ' 4-' " Ze? N" -,x , -ggi up + 1 lX'lARVIN Arm M S Prvsidrlif Eta Sigma Phi National Classical Fraternity OFFICERS MARVIN ILXDAMS PI'yfHlLl5 DIQKEY BOYD Hyparclzos EUAL SAMPLES Gramuzatezis CHARLES TRIPP Clzrysoplzylax MEMBERS ,TACK BoozER XYILLIAM Dukes CHERRY EMERSON XVILSON HOLZ JAMES IRICIN CIJNNIE PARIIEE TI-mxrnx SPRINGFIELD FRED XXYILSUN il- Rcmling from tap, lcff In right . . . Boozer, Boyd, Dukes, Holz, lfmerson, Irion, Pardee, Samples, Spring- Held, Tripp, XVilson. l2I c K f K ETA SIGMA PHI classical fraternity is composed of students in the department ot Greek and Latin attaining a definite standard of scholarship. It emphasizes the value of classical culture as seen in the language, art, and civilization of the Greeks and Romans. Lectures and discussions on these themes are a part of regular monthly meetings. The Alpha Sigma chapter of Eta Sigma Phi was instituted at Emory in the fall of 1933 on the basis represented in the successful activities of an earlier departmental organization, the Zeta Sigma Greek Guild, founded in 1922, by the Pro- fessor of Greek, Dr. C. E. Boyd. c AI.I'H,x Kmlinx Psi commercial fraternity was founded at New York University in 190-l. Since that time it has grown into :in internntionzil organization, with 21 membership of over l2,0Uil. lr is the oldest commerce frzlternity and one of the largest of the college fraternities. From the beginning the objects :Ind ideals of this fraternity have been to further the individual u'elfzu'e of its members, to foster scientific research in the iields Oi business, and to promote courses leading to de- grees in business udministrzttion in institutions oi Collegiate rank. l22 3 Zjv 2 D Alpha Kappa Psi Commercial Fraternity I-lljrlza Chi Chapter OFFICERS J. B. DODD P7'65l'dCllf XVHARTON MITCHELL Vice-Preszdczzt RAY MILLER Secretary TOM SHELTON Treaslzluel' MEMBERS JOHN BOYLE JOHN BUMSTEAD JOHN FARMER HENRY FINCH JOHN GIF1-'ORD LEW GORDON NIETTAUER GRIFFIN SMITH JOHNSTON C. A. MAY BILL NIPPER BILL PIERCE RBl7dZ.l1g from fop, left to right . . , Boyle, Bumstead, Farmer, Finch, Gifford, Gordon, Grifhn, Johnston, May, Miller, Mitchell, Nipper, Pierce, Shelton. J. B.- Donn Pnzvidalzt .....'-xi-3...-.----- ..-'-,...-: -A ' L'i-- - v v A , r lil 'Alina- XX ff Wffff I .V A Aff, ffrw V ' It matters not whether you 'won or lost, But how you played the game." Playing the Game. -GRANTLAND RICE EDITORYS NOTE: The above expresses much more clearly than we possibly could the ideal behind lQmory's athletics. Herein we have endeavored to show you Emory men playing the game, with the emphasis lying in the informal, unposed shots of the various sports. N5 CAL! AIENIBERS OF THE "E" CLUB are chosen each spring from the most representative and versatile of the letter men in the various sports. Its membership is composed of those students who have shown themselves to stand for the highest in the ideals that Emoqds athletic system fosters. The Club svonsors clean s Ortsmanshi in athletics and l P strives for the advancement Of Hmoryls sports program. 6:3 GRADY CLAY Prusidulll P - - - 7 4...-MW 'YW' . E, 5 V 5 NA A fl OFFICERS CBR.-KDY CLAY . . Presidezzt GEORGE COOPER . . Inv-P1-esiflefzf C. A. IXIAY . Sev1'ern1'y-Trwzslzrfr MEMBERS DON BEARD JOHN DUNCLXN EVERETT BISHOP GRAHAM GoLsoN DAVE BLACK XVOOOROW HL'BBEIrL DICKEV BOYD FENWIEK JONES ERNVIN CA'rTs C, A. lXlAY JAMES CHRISTIAN JUIJSON NEAL GRADY CLAY JULIAN PATE ALVIN CLOAVER PEPPER Ro1:ERTs CHRIS CONYERS CRAIG RORER'rsON GEORGE COOPER DAVID STEIN J. B. DODD DILLARD XVARD TOM DUX'ER CHARLES XVATSUN BOBBY XV-YATT Reading from mf, left fa right . . . Bishop, Black, lioyd, Christian, Clower, Conyers, Cooper, Dodd, Duncan, Colson, Hubbell, Jones, May, Neal, Roberts, Robertson, Stein, NYarcl, lVatsOn, XYyatt. l25 i Q46 C7-lflfefa EMoRv's svsriam of athletics is one designed to develop sound bodies for the largest number of students. To ful- fill this aim Emory has adopted a unique athletic system, a combination of the intercollegiate and intramural pro- grams. The swimming and tennis teams compete with other colleges in this section while all other sports are strictly intramural. Under the competent guidance of Coach Jeff D. NIC- Cord, the intramural system has become very popular as well as very successful at Emory, the many sports of- fered giving each student opportunity to participate. Also, ill . . . llflfcffr' f71'I'i'i'lH1' quarter Emory feels that its system of "athletics for all" compares favor- ably with the systems of other schools where a talented few labor with sports while the majority of the student body receives little or no healthful exercise. Although lfmory has not tried to advertise its athletic program, news of its success has traveled far and the athletic office has received favorable comment and inquiries from all over the continent. Fmory is proud of her sports program, a program which has proved to be the best possible method for the healthy develop- ment of the minds and bodies of her students. 4 mr-?- lCi'ilili'li" from Inf' lwfl In Vi-Ili! N , 4., . . . .Xslct-xv. lit-ek, lli':nme11, llrinkley, llyrd, Cook. lmilil, liillliiwl, llorilon, lluhhell. XlcNalt, 0'Don- ncll. ltollesl-ni. Smith, Swanson, 'l'liurm:m, XYells. XYisd-um. I2b each freshman is lequiied to tllse pait in some spoit each Mafia fran Under a ruling passed in the fall by the SAC the Ath- letic Council was completely reorganized. It is now di- vided into two groups, the Executive Council, composed of the four Senior Nlanagers, two members from the Faculty Committee on Athletics, two members of the SAC, the Athletic Director, and a treasurer elected by the Council, whose duties are to supervise the activities of the Nlan- agers' Council, the second of the groups, and the general athletic system. The Managers' Council is composed of fourteen Junior Managers whose duty it is to control all sports on the campus. Each of these men manages one of the campus sports. This council is under the supervision of the Execu- Sni Hoiwqlxs lJI'c'XllfU1If tive Council to which it is responsi ble for the proper conducting of bsx athletics. Each Junior Nlanagei 9 W H NN fl A - A ll I, ."J1KT1iV5lIV1' J Ihwil Camper Iluwni 1, Nl recommends to the Executive Council as his successor two men who have worked under him dur- ing the year. The Executive Coun cil then selects the incoming hlan agers' Council, as well as the four Senior Nlanagers for the coming year. Their choice is made public at the annual Athletic Banquet held this year on hlay 18. Senior hlanagers are awarded letters Junior hflanagers, keys. This new system is expected to prove more efficient than did the old one, and if this year's Coun cil is any criterion of the future, this expectation will undoubtedly be fulfilled. l - Kmilnzg from Iujf lvfi In ugh! . . . ay, Mitchell. Pierce Qooflmll . A COLOREUL FOOTBALL SEASON, spiced by the reyivai or such tricks as the ancient "sTeeper pass," gave Emory's sports tans many an exciting atter- noon during the tah. The Tuniors furnished the fireworks in the opener against the Fresh- men on Friday, October XS, when their powerttu backheid ot Nlchllath, Tdubbeh, Freeman, and Dodd crushed the scrappy Greenies 20-O. Ray Thurman started oti a great year at center tor the Reddads, as Charhe Barnweh and Tim Hicks fought yahandy in vain tor the Tosers. The new men showed their metde the next Vifednesday and came back to deadiock the tayored Seniors 6-6. A feature ot this contest was the 60-yard runback ot an intercepted pass by Barnweh. The Seniors taihed on a sustained drive ciimaxed by a pass trom May to Cooper. The Sophomores made their appearance on Friday, October 22, piay- ing to a scoreiess tie with the Tuniors on a muddy heTd. YumbXes were cosdy as Xdah, Conyers, and Boozer starred tor the Biueciads, whiXe Hub- beii and Thurman took the honors tor the upperdassmen. The next Wednesday saw the Sophs trounce the never-say-die Frosh to the tune ot X9-0. Haii, Burgess, NW ood, and Boozer took the new men to ride, as the Greenies gameiy waged a Tosing tight. e Seniors ma e tie spectators forget their tie with the Yrosh as Tumors 7 on ir ay October 29. Freemans pass to Redshnts score faded to win the game as Tdub- Th ' ' Ld i i y haded the ' ' -6 Tffd. , , ' tted the '- ' - , ' 6 t 1 tie s Tucker which ne C oollgd gg . STANDINGS Team SCnior5 I XVOU Lost Q I I Sopholnores - 3 1 ! I Juniors I ' 3 1 Fre5TTfnelI 2 2 . I O 4 frrker. Tn was stopped on the try tor point, atter an earTier Senior m. he Seniors captured the Teague Tead by defeating Sopho ' d BaiTes recovered a tumbTe on the Soph T7 , Cooper pass combination worked h beTT the next game, t 2 7 Tn the Tast perio core The NTay-to- the Soph burden. November 5 to watc 'X heave moresi - . paving the way for a s . weTT as T'TaTT and Conyers carried An enthusiastic Parents' Day crowd gathered on the Tuniors defeat the Freshmen 7-0 in the hnaT minute ot pTay. T from T'TubbeTT to Nipper opened the way for the touchdown as Tucker thriTTed the T'T3oppas and NTammas" with spectacuTar pass-snagging. The Greenies showed the eTTect ot their tough scrap in the toTTowing game on Wednesday when the Seniors crushed theni 40-7 in one ot the worst de- teats in Emory gridiron history. May, '5pringfieTd, and Duncan starred tor the GoTdshirts whiTe T3arnweTT and CTem tought in vain Tor the Tosers. Cn Friday, November TZ, the Sophs started back from the depths, eking out a win over the iavored Tuniors 7-6. V7ood's pTaceTLicT4 for the point, atter the Sophornores had scored on two passes from Burgess to Vvood and Boozer, won the game. The Tuniors' briTTiant touchdown on T3reeman's beautituT 45-yard run was not enough. Pr week Tater the T5Tues outcTassed the Seniors on a wet heTd '20-6, to tie Tor the championship. Captain T'TaTT, Harry King, and T3iTT Turney Ted the ohense whiTe Conyers and Soondeph stopped the Senior attack, except Tor the 43-yard drive hich netted their Tone score. The tootbaTT season was directed by ' Tcie Cook. W Manager Dic I29 PC, 750 750 soo ooo claw!! many yeais the Campus Club met and defeated Chi Phi in the finals or touch football The Win ners were decided after each team If ' Z A , fi W FOR THE SECOND TIME in as had Won one game and two had re- sulted in ties. For the champions the veiy ehfective passing combination of Pep- per Roberts and Alvin Clower stood out, and ioved to be the mar in of victor . In the semi- P g Y hnals against Phi Delta Theta this duo was es- pecially ellective, with Roberts consistently getting oil if long passes undei pressure. Buddy Atkinson and laarl Nlauldin sparked the Chi Phis to victory oxei the SAE s in the other semi-final game, and aided by the outstanding line play of Edgar Gentry, fought desperately The entne tournament te lturing closely fought games by all contestants, was under the able direction of lNl'1n'1ge1 Lew Gordon. 3 if? euhfil -T ,41 3WH?.iE.9-'h.-'EE'4."?YE'?'?E'W4.'5f'T1fT .,fS1.I.!!SK.iHP2Mi?'d YvilQ5531G7H55S.J6'V Wl lflfl m L 117 I O OPENING TIIE SEASON with a victory over Georgia Tech, the Blue and Gold tank- A men Went on to finish the season with three wins CTech, Auburn, hliamij, two losses CGeorgia, Clemsonj. Despite postponement of matches because of wholesale vaccinations, Coach Asa Candler's swimmers managed to stay in fair shape, pile up points when needed. Team was paced throughout the season by veterans X Everett Bishop and Qtwicel Captain Grady Clay, who to- n gether collected more than 300 points in their varsity ,ff careers, and by dash-man Denny. Bishop took the ff , back-stroke regularly, Clay captured breast-strokc and diving, Denny splashed in ahead on ff! X dashes, medleys, relays. Clay and Bishop C were likewise instrumental in relay vic- tories. J son were continued interest by Nlost salient factors of the sea- swimmers, mediocre attendance at X meets by students, eflicient man- aging of lVloreton Rolleston. X K .,. 0 bailzcfluilal 0 Tun X938 rsrrzmtrnrxt, rsnsrcmnrxrr season was repXete wkth actron, thrXhs, and tast games from start to hmsh. Ahhough the Senkors, the detendmg, champXons, demonstrated earXy Xn the season that they carrked too many guns for the other qumtets Rn the Teague, Xt was not unth the Tast two weeks ot phry that they de'nmteXy chnched the champkonshkp. The Tumors, hTeds, and Sophomores produced hghtmg, teams whkch surrendered to the champKons onTy atter naahmg gahant stands. Yartkc- uTarTy Knterestmg was the wXde open scramhTe hetween these hves tor sec- ond phtce. The Tumors and hdeds hmshed the season Xn a tXe tor that honor, wKth the second-year men trakhng them hy one game. The Xoop's second dlvkskon was composed ot the Lawyers, Freshmen, and TheoXogs. Ah ot these teams pXayed erratkc hah, hut ah showed hashes ot hne form. The three qumtets had a merry scrap ot thekr own Rn trymg to avold the cehar. ThKs dutnous dKstKnctKon hnahy teh to the TheoTog,s. Atter droppmg an earXy season encounter to the Tumors, Coach hm Lester' s Semor wreckkng crew ran roughshod over ah opposltkon to aehKeve tre rcm'trkahTe record ot eTeven yKctorXes and one defeat. The sensa- tronh trro o Bow Venchey, CharXey Xhatson, and Pdvkn Uowerfah ot ythom made XhT mory tor the second consecuthfe yearfteatured thKs k Z T ' 1 . . ' . " t X B team' ' 1 . ' . 1 s xttat 5d.4AeL'!dfl . FINAL STANDINGS Team arm 1 " Q beniors VV0n Lost .Tilniors I . 1 Rlgds - 8 4' S ' ' Lophomores I 3 4 awyers D 5 F Q . F rebhmen 3 9 rlreologs 3 9 2 10 The Seniors most etiective competition came from the Suniors, who roduced a steriing pair ot torwards in Ed Tucker and Vfoody Hubbeii. This duo, abiy supported by Davis Vaughan, gave the Reds the most spectacuiar oiiense in the Teague. The Nleds, sparked by their Ah-Emory center, Henry Watson, produced a very iarge squad ot two abie quintets. This team might have been a more important factor in the race had it not been handicapped by iack ot practice time. The Sophomores were unabie to produce a singie outstanding star. Their team was, however, easiiy the best-baianced and strongest defensive five in the ieague. The Lawyers' squad, riddied by iniuries throughout the season, seidom showed to advantage. Marion Brown was the main- stay tor the Barristers. The Tfrosh produced a scrappy outht which, how- ever, was never a tactor in the championship race. The Theoiogs boasted the hardest working five in the ieague, and one ot the best piayers in Ed Kimbrough, guard. es throughout the season were capabiy handied by Manager .s assisted by a staii consisting ot Vviii Peterson, diison, and Erie Phiiiips. Ciaud Bond The gam k. He wa 1 Torn Pr r od Bec ik Case, eason. Linwo Kohn Deaver, Cia' teree again this s SSY ved as re l33 Pct, -917 667 667 533 250 250 167 KN-.5 X Jafee wfeen ff? Lid gdigd VXITH A SQLAD composed of foul Senior 1egulars and '1 host ot lessei lights the Campus Club Won the inter organization tiophy by defeating Sigma Chi in the hnals of 1 touinament full of upsets last i ll If , T T . l , ,A 1 L i 1 G ' breaking offenses, and tight defenses. X directed this tournament. above teams only after hard-fought battles. Runners-up to the Phi Delta Thetas last year, the Campus Club was out to atone and their marked ability and team work was a bit too much for the others. Pendley, Clower, and lVatson were outstanding for the eventual Winners, and lid Tucker and Joe Hall stood out for Sigma Chi. Semi-finalists were SAE and AEPi, who were defeated by the Linwood Beck, aided by a capable staff of assistants, drew up and LJ 134 Q'-"5 .'!?3'i.f4'h'21?"wTfL1v : -Q1 ' u'f"'-' ,.:f':"-f' ' fs. ',.-' , 'pf -V " "AVN, 'JAM6 - vbf-" JNYV4 V" 5' "" 6111114 COMBINED WITH an ever-increasing popularity, a strong team caused the students to watch carefully the outcome of the tennis meets. Iiimory justified the cam pus' expectancy by gaining an edge in the last match to beat Davidson 5--l in the season's opener. The squad continued its steady improvement and was able to conquer its next opponent easily, trouncing lvof- ford by the score of S-2. The regular schedule of the sport has been delayed by bad weather conditions, but the players have kept up their interest, and by irregular but per- sistent practice, have increased their proficiency. In the several inter-collegiate meets coming up in the near future, Emory's netmen are expected to make a creditable showing. The team at present is composed of Xvyatt, Conyers, Vioodward, Tucker. and blaxwell, with Bridges, who has been kept out lately, expected to be back on the courts at any time. The sport was managed by Jim Byrd, with Conyers serving as coach. I35 nw: Bin, T . MX Q.,-uk .mlmll . PADED BY AN EARLY SPRXNG and a decidediy increased interest in the sport, basebaii promises to rivai basketbaii as the most popuiar torm ot com- petition and recreation on the campus. As the season opens, practice has been under Way tor the past month or moreg consequentiy, the teams are in much better condition than in previous years. The diamond, especiaiiy the intieid, has been pXaced in hrst-ciass shape by Coach NTcCord's stati ot ground-keepers. Competition tor the i933 championship yviii be keen, with the Seniors, winners iast year, tayored to repeat. Hitting strength ezcempiified by Boyd, Cooper, and Duncan, who are aiso abie fieiders, and the pitching prowess ot Sud Neai, a cooi and experienced veteran on the mound, mark this as the team to beat. However, the Sophomores and Tuniors may yveii be regarded as "dark horses" who might upset pre-sea- son predictions. Pr iight-hitting outfit, but boasting euccehent pitching by Bishop and exceiient tieiders in Haii, Harweii, and Burgess, the Sophs, given the breaks, might surprise the cocky and high-riding Seniors. The Tuniors, having added Tucker, Bob Brown, and Freeman, aii reai baii piayers, to hoidovers Mcbrayer, Price, and Sack King cannot be dis- nted either. are aii rated as championship contenders, but the editabiy aiso. Prided by 'KNO TfTit" But- ot Ware, Kimbrough, and cou ie above teams . others are expected to perform cr teriy on the mound and thc poyvertui hitting 3 W Ti . . L . J, . s , L ii W' , 1 i w ' "wt ,, . T .Qian t't--- , mm 1 1 " 'ltr :WW ---- M' K' ,Ir S--Jfwm' I36 ,cu ti Seniors Lawyers . 1 O Sophomore - 1 0 S . Flfghrnen 0 0 Jllniors ' 0 0 FIFITCQIOEIS ' . O 1 NIEHS I 0 1 F. Blgds I 0 0 ' 0 t practice, shorud 1 shmen, r h f Xach o The F re the PS5 H ason. ' htng, tn 5' others, the Theohngs, atthough handtcap round into a good hah chth toward the end ot the ser under the ahte tutdage ot Asa Candter, have htgh hopes ot hnxs M hrst divksion. XVKth a "naturaY' hah ptayer Kn 'Yom Gordon, who per- torms capahXy everywhere and packs power wkth hks hat, supported hy Htcks, Nhrshah, and Nunnahy, ah the Greemes need Ks a httXe seasomng. The lawyers and Freshmen hteds are the tug, uquestton marks" of the Xeague. Both are new addtttons and hoth have great potenttahttes, hut ttme aXone wth teh Xt these potenttahtkes can he deveXoped suthciendy to make these mnes a factor tn the race. Cahaway, Xfhh, and Ntarion Brown form a nudeus around whkch the Lawyers may weh huud a strong, outht, and the Freshmen hieds, pXayKng, such hrmknartes as Fate, Chrtstkan. and Lewts, who have proved their ahihty tn the past, present a comhknatton that may go ptaces. XV eahened hy the Koss ot members orgamzed Xnto the Freshmen Nteds, the regcdar Nted team, wtth 'Fed Lekgh throwtng them up from the hth, stth can he counted on to hght untd the Xast man is out. Xn opemng day games, the Semors and Lawyers deteated the Sumors and 'Yhedogs respectKveXy, whue the Sophomores and Freshmen Sought to a 'I-7 tie. These were the omy games phxyed as thts goes to press. ' d tkes are hetng hunched by Cosby Swanson and hrs as- errat u S-ter . Manag and Fo ststa nts, Edoch 5 fi-4654 11 . STAN T DINGS A5 OF DA eum TE won I mst Tied Pct 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .000 .000 -000 .000 Cgogfzalf THE INTERFRATERNITY soft- ball tournament is expected to be a popular, successful event again this year. gg, if As in previous years upperclassmen and freshmen who have participated in the baseball league will not be eligible to compete. All teams will play one game until the finals, when the championship will be decided by two out of three games. Q Alillji, Wilmer of last year's tourney, is again fav- ! ored to repeat, but stiff competition will be forthcom- ing from the Campus Club, 1936 winners, who annually point for this event, from the Sigma Pis, and from the Chi Phis, perennial runners-up in softball since its introduction four years ago. Softball was under the direction of hflanager Dave lvisdom. gif-ein? - UNDER RESPECTIVE MANAGIZINIENT of Ton O'Donnell and Woodrow Hubbell, box- Y ing and wrestling attracted greater interest from viewpoint of participation than before, uncovered promising talent for the future, proved rough but innocuous. Grapplers in the All-Campus Tournament were divided into six groups, ranging from the lightest C125-135 poundsj to unlimited Ql75 and abovej. Ambitious matmen were given the prerogative of entering in two divisions. blinor sports letters were given winners in each class. From Coach Hockenhull comes the pre- diction of better wrestling in the future. Reasons: more interest, higher calibre of aspirants. Attracted to the All-Emory boxing meet were entrants in all classes, divided, as in Wrestling, according to weigh. Increased interest in this sport likewise augurs Well for future, promises harder competi- tion to coming ringmen. Cldfcaffzug Q yzo-eb o H401 Horseshozs BNNU M, NBARNYARD nrxsr,rmLL" 'rorfrw AMENT saw Chr 'Phr detest PKKA, Phi Dehzr Theta, Srgrnar Chr, Srgnm PK to capture cup. Srgrnn PK won Hts way to hnzns hy hrst-round hye, senn-hnzd vrctory over ATO. Nlzrnzrger Charhe Snnth ran on "country" sport rn crty styte. Archery XSNYWYALXUGHSUWL m Ahihmpn Tomnw wan m RAB Don hhchny. KA zrtso topped orgmnmtnuns with 11 teznn ot Ham Sohnson, hrnre hfhchary, Steve Nkmweh, Lew Gordon, hrgh-scorer Nlzrckzry. 'Yyro hownnen turned out en masse to garner pirrtrcrpntron oornts, stayed to see Nhrnnger Chrnk Brhndey run oh tourney srnoothXy. Track Bremer Cnr Leo tnrr, new rn hrst three cross-country races, won crown when rernannder ot rnces were cuhed oh to dear deck tor track and hehi meets, hegjnnrng Aprn X6, wrth the Freshman-Sophomore contest. Pdso ' 1 sewson were Ah-Cfnnpus, Snnror Cohege, Xntertrnternkty rt ot Sere NW ehs and Vqnhurn Askew. hrh d K fm xgemex sc ret X rnder nr XTX C ets fd x Xe 1 o- r , . , JVM ig off! .: , ffqviwg , fm --fq ' ef Fencing Cofxcruao nr Frswrcrc Bonus, who Xearned the sport hrst-hand rn Ger- many, tenckng drew unprecedented nurnhers ot Freshmen, ehcrted Xnterest even ot upperchrssmen. hianager Bohn Grdord staged tournaments tor hrst-year partrcrpants each quarter, heXd Ah-Campus meet Hn sprtng. Re- suhs: ykgorous exerckse, no casuahkes. yoxxey Bart XS'YERYRATr,RSrTY TUURNVX provokes keen cornpetktton each sprkng, hnds ah partkckpants eager to add Xast-nunute pornts for partkckpatkon trophy as yveh as yoheyhah cup. hhtnager thrs year was Ray Thurman. Bowhng LED BY CHRXS CUSYERS, one ot cohcgranas hest, Chr Phk took an earXy, KnsurrnountahXe Xead, coasted home tar ahead ot the hetd. KA traded tn second pXace. Bowhng, season was typKcaX ot sports year as a whoXeg re partrcrpants, more Kntproyed pXayers. Protracted tournament was Xanager B. Dodd. TUC run oh by N I4g aria fLM,0'Cf J? Ping-Pong t'oUi1a'rr,o anis YEAR as resuft of increased nationai interest in ong ciinched a piace in intramurai athfetics. Chi ' 1 upset victory over KA in finais, sweep- ' ftering siciii. Other organ- nt newest addi- fmx 1 the sport, ping-p d the cup by puihng s showing unfa ' f usiasm to warra nnexe t matche , ent enti Phi a ' r 'traigh L ' d suffici three s se showe vie. up ' s vewi ' TYHU1. i 'ii fight, mation tion to sports prog W ate: Basiaefb ai Sioma Cui 'rome Tnia "mira-renin" crown by piaying uphi upsetting Chi Phi in finais, 4-2. Defending champion's Grady Ciay, ieague's number one spiasher, was bottfed up by Sigma Chi's Brinkley and Bishop, hefd scoreiess for hrst time. New champions showed rugged, consistent defense, smashing, powerfuf offense throughout tourney. Chi Phi entered finais by trouncing NYC, Sigma Chi tooir. if-A in semi-finai match. Tournament was managed by Ed Brannen, refereed by George Cooper, Sack Boozer, attended by rabid partisa ' ants. of comb at. ,af-ee HS my -3 - "'F' Alma Mater In the lzvarf of dam' old Dixie, lflzrrc ilzc sun doilz ,clzimg Tlzvrc? i5 wlzcrv our lzvarfs are turning, Round old EllIO7'j',.Y slzrinv. CHORUS IVF will WUI' sing llzy f?7'ZIi5F5, Loyal sons and frzzcg Hail Ilzev now, our Alma lwate-r, Ifail Ilzc Gold and Blue. Tlzo' ilu' yvars around rlzfc gnllzvr, Crofwzvd wiilz lofvc and rlzvcr, Siill tlze vnzmzory of old Emory Grozw to 115 more dear. -J. NIARVIN RAST, '18-,29T. Ent-rmz's NOTE: Inclusion of a short squih on each fraternity and snapshots showing activities about the varinuS chapters are the unly changes in this Section. T5iH'erB11ces in size of the fraternities caused complicafimms in page designing, but we have triecl tn he concise and thorough in our pres- entation, with special emplmsis on accuracy. Xl units B.xn'rLm'r J .xc if rlltlLl4lEli'l' Jet mis HVMBER JI lie? 'CdZlt3'Cl'lillL' CNUICI. I PRESIDENTS ill,-XRCUS B.-XRTLETT . . . Fall Quarter JACK TOLBERT . . Uyinler Qzmrier JAMES HUMBER . Spring Quarter MEMBERS M.xRcL's ll,u:'rL1:r'r, Y' X ..., l.INWunD llgfg, CLAIQK Cixsif, E N lliLLx' lflrmis, E X Jnnx lixuxiizit, A T Q lllzxkx' Fixcn, 111A 4-3 liLv l:llFlZlJM.-KN, A E H lun li.fKZEl.Lli, A T A ,TUE llAl.L, E X AlL'RPllY IlnI.i.nn'.w, A T A S-.mi llnrxms, K A llhnnrcmx' llL'BllliLl., K A Jxmzs IIVMBER, E A IQ GENE Jiisscr, A T Q lllcx Jnnxsux, jj H lil-.IORlIE llrliixxizv, E H :l'l'Ll.XN -AlliNllEl.. A If H R.-xx' AlILLEIi, E A E AVHARTVIN xlITCllELL, Kip Tuxx' 0'ImNNi2i.r., K A RIIIRETUN RULLliST4flN, K QI: JOHN Srwtmiz, 111 A 9 l7i1.r.x' 'l'nlipPEx, H K A .llfli 'I'INn,u.r., LIN Jxcx 'l'ni.nm:T. Xqu llnnnx' XYYATT, H K A Rmnling from top, left to right . . . Beck, Case, Dukes, Farmer, Finch, Freedman, Gazelle. Hall, Holloway, Hnpkins, Hubbell, Jessup, Johnson, Mc- Kinney, Mendel, Miller, Mitchell, G'Donnell, Rolleston, Slade, Thigpen, Tindall, XVyatt, Coin-osen or DELEG.'x'1'Es from each of the eleven member fraternities, the lnterfrzrternity Council meets on alternate Tuesday nights, and is supreme arbiter nf all affairs pertaining tn relations he- twecn fraternities, except where such znnhurity is reserved for the University IlllIllllllSlI'lltlUIl. Chief work of the Council is fll'llXYlllg up and enforcing rushing rules, effecting ll "lllZlllllt'll economy" f0r fraternity linzinces, and effecting a coinprehensivc social pmgrznn centering about the "two-bit" dances. President and Vice-President are elected quarterly, and the Secretary-Trezusurer serves for the entire year, as du most delegates. Besides four "two-hit" dances, Cnnncil served this yuan' :is joint sponsor with the Student .-Xctivities Cnuncil of the lllid-Terin dances. Faculty advisors, elected by the Council, are Dean E. H. Rece and Dr. 0. R. Quayle. C ll. .Xulnliwn .lnxlt-y .Xtkinsrln Ilfirnwt-ll lit-clcliani lliekt-iwlall' lllack llluclt lllylhe lluyfl liyrfl, IQ. l1yr:l.,l. l':nll1flun l':n'gill l'ar1'ull Cates Clay Cnlnla I'-uxiycm Cnngler l'-fllingllam Vraig llaxher llennis lm1'c-xiiux lflrler lfllis Ht-ntry ll-lmlyerli' Zrilhn llarlmin ll:-ly lnuram jenkins .lL'l'lligfilIl ,lf-nes, ll. Dlunef. 12. l", J-nn-s. lf. Juner1,N. King. King, XY. l,o,-slum' Nl:i1'Nl1:lll, S. Xlnrflmll, 'lf Xlaulclin Klcllmml-l Milf-irll Mitchell Xcel Uwxlcy l't-1-lt l'umll-rum IR-ici'-mi l'nxrcrs Rollc-stun Sulrrwlur Sewell Stacy Slca1l111nn Qlmlgliill 'l'l1unnwn 'l'l1m1ilwux1 'llwlluwt XY:1ll:lCt' lllllite, I' Yhlhitu, li. 'XYillsun xvlillillll Yzimw-y ' ,T-5 err, o ' fc "wg2,fi., V C-Az Wu '13 - ' lfozzzzzlml ut 1,I'i1Zl'!'fU1I Uzzwersify IS24 Mgglff FOUNDED IN 1824- at Princeton . . . result of successive unions Qaifil Q of three oltler organizations . . . Gamma Chapter established :A ' in 1869 . . . first on Emory campus . . . red Carnation is 1. .L ,W the flower . . . scarlet and blue are the Colors . . . the Clmkftt is the magazine. I46 I in rgess Ll wk 4 Qruvc King, M ll-arce Swzinsox ,- Qcillllllai LfAH,JllE'C I Eslabfislzrzl ISOQ AD.-XNIS, MANNE ADDISON, TOM ANSLEY. ROBERT ATKINSON, BUTLER BARNWELL, CHARLES BECKHAM, XV.-XI.'1'liR BICKERST.-XFF, HURT BLACK, DAVID BLOCK, BATES BLYTHE, JAMES BOYD, DICKISX' BCROESS, BEN BYRD, ED BYRD, JIM CALHOUN, CLARENCE C.-XRGILL, XVI-ALTER CARROLL, xVII.I.I.fXKI CATES, JOHN C.-XTTS, ERIVIN CLAY, GR.-ADX' COBB, JOHN CONYERS. CHRIS COOGLER, JAMES COOK, TOM COTTINOHAM, TOM CRAIO, XVILLI,-XM CRAWFORD, HL'CH , 11" ,gui I A f-11 ' C ' 1 ' I t- 4 r , I .--,H ,E ,,,. W A ' I ' : li ,X DASHER, RALPH DENNIS, DOUGLAS DORERILTS, ALEX RLDER, CDM.-XR ELLIS, JOHN GENTRY, ICDOAR CSOODYE.-XR, VVILLI,-ANI CSRIFFIN, CLAUDE GROX'E, ADI..AXI H.-XRBIN, TOM HOLZ, NVILSON INORAM, FRANK JENKINS, ALFRED JERNIOAN, STERLING JONES JONES JONES JON ES. KING, KING, KING, BAXTER F EN WICK FRANCIS N EIVTON HARRY BIITCH ELL XVII.l,I.'XRI LESTER, XVILITXKI RI.-XRSH.'XI,L, SMU,-KK BIARSH.-ALI., TOM RI,-XCLDIN, IC.-XRL NICDf,JN.'XI.D, PIERCE BICLELL.-AND, XVILLI.-XM I Bnvxl 3' W 'RS-E AIILFURD, HL'BER'l' KIITCHELL, FRANCIS NIITCHELL. XVHARTIIY NIZEI., ROBERT NELSON, RAYMOND QJXYSLEY, LAWRENCE PEARCE, HAYWOOD PEEK, CORBETT PIZNDERGRAST, XVILLIAM PETERSON, XVILLIAM POWERS, CI.EM RUl,l.liSTIJN, BIURIZTUN SCHRUDIZR, Slf'.'XI,DING BEIIELL, R. A. ST.-XCY, JAMES S'1'li.-ADRIAN, BI.XRCIil.LL'S STUDGHILL, CLIFFORD Sw.-INSON, COSRY FIXHUNISON, JAMES FIJHUKIPSON, XVILLIAM TOLBERT, JACK XV.-ALI.,-ACE. CHARLES XVIIITE, CI-IAl'l'I5I.I. XVHITE, CEUODRICH XVILLSON, H.fXRRX' XVISDONI, D.-XX'IlJ HC.-XNCEY, ED SRF! fl' Q' ,Mlruns .Xkiil ,Xnxlvy lamphcll, KI. fIH'llllL'llllt'l Ko-ik, R lfnnk liilmlmm-y ilillninl llopkins Ilownrwl Ilnlxliwll Klzickay. J. Marks Xl:ixwr-ll lilmiivlw- Sauna Scott . ' gg! 1, u. . h ' 7. .Q Q. ,-6 -' s ,,. "-ff N .A .. xl .Xnslcy 4'onpei', NY 1,oriloil. I.. lluiilei' Nlcliiiits Slimpsliire liflllarml Hales llrrlnzln lfotten lbeflivv lk-Nlilly linrrlon, T. Griffin lllii'-lu' Ilutcliinxni: xlullnsml, ll. ,lornlon Klcllufhe Met Sowan Nlcla--ul Surnner XYagner XYvleh llryan lzllcln llxlrt King Xlllxxinn XYhitenlon pf Xzijvhi e71!47Aci llurgt' Hush lallliway liinhry lfort, T. llicks If'-rt. Xvllllillll lllQ2llllNIlllllll1,l.. llill llohm-s liylr Luflir. Mackay, ll. N1-el H'l'lm1nell Parke XYil4lei' XYilSon. -lalncs Xlvilrmll, Aloe FNUIUIIIFII nt Ifvzlxllirfgiozz and LW 1805 FoL'NDED AT XV.-XSHINGTUN ClJI.I.l2Gli, now XVashington and I4 ' W ' -- N, J ee.1n 12565 . . . hut ealled Ihi Kappa Chi . . . majority of chapters in the South . . . second fraternity established on the Emory campus . . . lfpsilon Chapter organized in 1369 . . . Crimson and old gold are the colors . . . red rose and magnolia are the Howers . . . lfllflflll .lfjvlm 10111-11111 is the magazine. I48 .47 . C Juzfou Aayfer 1 I Organized I86Q ADAMS, ALBERT AKIN, JOHN ANSLIEX', BRADFORD AUSLEY, ROBERT BALLARD, SPEIGHTS BATES, XVILLIAM BRANAN, FRANK BRYAN, PHIL BURGE, DAN BUSH, LRLIVER CALL.-AVVAY, ELY CAMPBELL, JAMES CAMPBELL, AIILTON CANDLER, ASA C.-XRMICHAEL, VVILLIAM COOK, RICHARD COOPER, XV.-ARREN COTTEN, JOHN DEf3lX'E, ROBERT IJEAIILLY, XVALTER ICLKIN, VVILLIAM EMBRY, HUGH FARMER, CHARLES FORT, T. HICKS FORT, VVILLI.-XM FUNK, JAMES LSIBBONEY, HARRY GIFFORD, JOHN GILNICURE, XVILLIAM GORDON, LEWIS GORDON, CPHOMAS GRIFFIN, AIITT.-ACER H.,XRDEE, COVINGTON HART, XVILLIAM I'IIGGINBOTH.-XM, LYNN HIGGINBITTH.-XXI, ROY HILL, ALLEN HOLMES, EDGAR HOPKINS, SAM HOWARD, XVILLIAM HL'BBEI,I., XVOODROXV HL'NTER, LYMAN HUTCHINSON, VVILLIAM JACORS, AIYRON JOHNSON, HAMMOND JOHNSON, MCCOY JORDON, XVILLIS KING, J.-ACK KINGSBL'RX', LESLIE KYLE, FRED LOFTIS. JOIIN LOVE, NED MACKAY, DONALD MACKAY, JAMES MARKS, EDWARD AIAXYYELL, STEPHEN AICC.-XNTS, ARTIS RICDL'FFIE, FRITZ AICCFOXV.-AN, RAYMOND AICLEOD, POWERS BIILXYAIN, CHARLES AIOORE, J. M. NEEI., XVILLIAM NEIGHBORS, J. B. O'DONNELI., ANTHONY PAINE, CHARLES PARKS, JOSEPH PATE, JULIAN RHODES, JAMES SAMS, ROSCOE SCOTT, 'ISI-IOM.-XS SHROPSHIRE, FORREST SMOOT, RICHARD STEPHENSUN, R. H. SLMNER, XVILLIAM CISHOMPSON, HAL YARNER, IJ.-AVID XVAGNER, PAUL XVELCH, JAMES XVHITENTON, t?L'Y XVILDER, JAMES XVILSON, JAMES H. VVILSON, JOSEPH XVYNN, XV. RYE.-ACER, XVAYNE -QP' ,iw 5.216379 .- Alwlun .Xnstm Iirnnell lirmrn 1':u1l:1xr:ny Vznnp l'nrver Payee Cflleek l'hristian Claxlnn fliull 1'uHnn1 lkmlc lhrrnlvtl' 1'mx:x1't IL15 Ilick Lliekerwn IJLII3-use Finch Flowers l"uxlm'1' lfunku Hiulllllizut Hulvkinr. .I-Ines nrwlzln liutclluln liilizm Lewis KIc4':u'x'cr lfcflcllrlml Nlelxlcllzm-l, S. Xlnluznr Nile- Nnnn:ully,H, Xnnnully II l'l1ill1pN Pope 1515-lin Robert: 5114.-pzml Simmons Skilcx Slack Slmle Smith. IT. Smith. I. Nlnw '1'lnnn1rswn Tr,-dd 'frixllpi Turner XYllllL'!'S XYINII--y xyljlgills XYiulll XYilli:nn5,j, XYillinn1s, XY. XYUUAI X if? - 32:-' 2' W 5 Q.. . .gigs . f ll fc fa , zellfi xg- ,, ,V v rr f'vai1 ' " IM" .4 1"0I11I1!FIl'tlI' lqlllllllf lfIlfI'l'I'XIf.1' 18,18 w g QA . M -,af f " 1' , , . . 1 W 'S l'uL'NDED ,xr XII.-XMI LfN1v15Rs1'rY IN 1848 . . . member ot v r : - V." 4 ' E Q the BIIZIIUI lrlad . . . Georgia Beta OIQZUIIZCCI IH 1371 ' 4' . . . white Carnation is the Hower . . . argent and azure 55 are the colors . . . magazine is the Sara!! of Phi Dvltn Theta. Y' ' ,Q gb ' A QR? .af 'fs ,-. . J f- Cjfcozjim gyella C Aalpfcz- Orgrznizvzl I87I ALSTON, CJTT AUSTIN, JEFF BRANCH, JACK BROXYN, BI.-XRION CALLAWAY, ERNEST CAMP, RAYMOND CARVER, JACK C.-XYCE, FRANK CHEEK, PRATT CHRISTIAN, JAMES C LANTON, EDWARD CLIETT. ALEX COLES, XVILLI.-XM COLLLM, JLLIAN COOK, JAMES COOPER, CHARLES COWART, CHARLES DAY, RI.-XRVIN DICK, PIERSON DICKERSCJN, LOREN DL'BOSE. BEVERLY FINCH, HENRY FLOXYERS, PAL'L FOSTER, TOM FUNKE, JOHN GIGNII.I.I.-XT, XVILLIAM GRIFFIN, JOHN HOIJKINS, ELWYN JONES, VIRGIL JORDAN, CHARLES KETCHEBI, CLARENCE IQILIAN, ROBERT LEWIS, JOHN AICC.-XRVER, CLYLLEN BICCLELLAND, JOHN AICCLELLAND, SPENCE BICAIATH, HEX'ES KIORGAN, JAMES NILES, GEORGE NUNNALLY, GEORGE NL'NN.-XI.I,X', HARRY PALMER, JACK PASSMORE, JAMES PATE, XVILLIAM PEARSON, JUDSON PHILLIPS, ERLE POND, NED POPE, ROY POPLIN, CHARLES RIDLIEY, JOHN ROBERTS, LAMAR SHAEFER, GRIGGS SHEPARD, JOHN SIMMONS, FREEMAN SKILES, XYERXUX SLACK, SE,-XRCY SLADE, JOHN SMITH, FRANKLIN SMITH, LAURIN STOW, KI. N. 'FI-IOMPSUN. CLIFF JFODD, JAMES VFRIMPI, HOWARD 'TL'RNIiR. RALPH YINSON, JOE XV.-XTTIZRS. JL'LIAN W'HAI.EY, JAMES XVIGGINS, ROBERT XVIGHT, XVARD XVILLIAMS, JOE XVILLIAMS, XV.-XRREN XVOOD, ARTHLR XVOOD, AIORG.-XX ,, ' f -A :airy licixslvy lHm7m' lh'un1lL'n llriscrwc llruwll llryallt llnrns lulrlrlc Cline mwxu-ll llmnxwx' liuuyllru, Ii. llru:n'y lin1crs-Hn lfzlin l"urmur Ifnllur Hay limlmiul llznn llilrrix-un llrlyxx-mul llmluvs llwlley llnllilngr-xxu1'tl1 .IL-nnings -Il-Null .lul1nsn11 ,lunus lxixlnrr lglsgclcr l.m'f- XICNZA11, Xlerrilt Nilrlwm' lwl'lllCC l4:1slwrl'V Rugixtcr Ricllru'1l'- Ixmlflvy Sllvltun Slllllfl Stmlvy Sutton 'l':nnm NYakc1lcld XY:1Ikc xY1l!'l'lOClC XYilwx1 'gJ,!7.Q5.Q5j" , fabu an C nzcmz P, N..-. , je' 4 f I ml X - Y' ,4 V 5 4715 ', h' N . v ' 'Q " l'fllHI1Il'1l nf Rll'lllll0lIIl, fa., lS0j . . - - ..'x-"4 . ' 1 , , ' Eff 515 'B 'Q 1, - P, '-f' ,AUQ4 FOUNDED AT X mmxm RIILITARY INS'I'l'l'L'Tli IN 1865, dxrectlv ' -' ' sl- , "" ' ' v . - - f 1 . I 4, nw. -QQ after the KVM' Between the btntes . . . Alpha llletzl organized P ,, . Q-3 in 1881 . . . flower is the white ten msc . . . sky blue and A0.U.f2.0.5- old gold are the colors . . . magazine is The Pnfm. I52 lfmvpffl' I,l'unvE ,l m'rlal1 Robert: fl! ,Aa QAM C J Orgmziznl ISSI B.-XTEY, HAYNES BEASLEY, HUGH BLACK, ID.-XBIERON BOOZER, JACK BR.-XGDON, JAMES ALBERT BRANNEN, EDNIUND A. BRISCOE, PHILIP BROOKS, VVARREN BROWN, BENJAMIN BRYANT, GENE BURNS, MAC CL.-XRK, RI.-XRION T. CLINE, XV.-KDE COOPER, GEORGE COOPER, R.-XNISEY CROSSWELL, GOXX'ER D.ANIEI., ERNEST DEAYER, JOHN DOL'GI..LXS, HUGH DOL'GI..AS, RUSSELL V. DOVER, TOM DRUARY, JOHN DYAR, C. B. ERIERSON. CHERRY , 15:1 ! Pftli-gi ' ll .. E - .,,fS:f I M I ff , . ' 4 .-z- E., .A mn-13' Y. -, , ,, f A ' -g'3'2?,:? -122 ,,. fl 1T1'2-1.4, fm- '-if ..-fgZ'g, 4' fi .3922-.,sf,L.. EAI. . ,gf ,-3151. 1- ,p gw In ' - , , . , .,,, . ,. I:-h.. . . , "' .-...,,, ..,,,pvm, ty: E.. I A 1 A FAIN, JIM ED FARMER, JOHN ITULLER, GEORGE CT.-XY, FRANK GCDDD.-XRD, EDWARD GOODWIN, RIELVIN GR.fXBIEI., ANI.-XDO CBROOVER, R. N. H.'XNI, EMIZRSON H.'XRRISCJN, PERRY H.'XTHCOCIi, VV. C. I'I.fXYXVO0D, XVILLI.-XXI HODGES, BILLY HOI.I,ES', HL'GH HOLLINGSWORTH, DIXON HUDSON, BI.-KRSHALL JENNINGS, GEORGE JESSUP, L. E. JOHNSON, ROY JONES, CTERALD JORDAN, BARNEY IQIRIBROUGH, ED KISTNER, DAVE LASSETER, HUGH SGW. - LOVE, VVILLI.-XM AICN.-XT1', XVILLI,-XM AIERRITT, JAMES NIPI'ER, XVILLIAM NORMAN, LEWIS PRINCE, QJZRO R.-XSBERRY, JOE REGISTER, JACK C. RICHARDS, XV. T. ROBERTSON, CRAIG RODDEY, D. C. SHELTON, TOM SMART, CHARLIE STONEY, PAUL SUTTON, JIM TATUM, ZACHRY CIPURNER. S. P. NVAKEEIELD, BOB VVALKE, ANTHONY VV.-XRD, FRANCIS XV.-XRNOCK, BOB XVATSON, HENRY XV .'X'1'SUN, JERRY XVILCOX, REID XVILSON, J. D. 114 .Xhern:itl1y, li. AXI11-rnzitliy, ll. .Xiillersmi .Xrriuglon Unkcr llzilmlwin llainks. ll:ix'nc5 llczirrl Dcllvil lirfvoks lirys-ni 1llIL'W111I1 Cofliiigloii, A. KlUfl1Il2tOI1.J. Uitliliggliaiiii l lvcii llunny lloild llukes l':Sli1'i4lQ2,C,vl, lfstvs l'lI'UL'll1Illl liufligu Garrett illriusicr llxirwcll, li. llzirwull, hl. llnrwell, R. Helms llumlmr llunti-r Irvin Vlolmsloii, H. Dlolliiaioii, S. .lm1CS, J. A. .loiwlnii Kyllc- 1.5-igli Little My-:llin Xliclixu-l Nlillui' Xlizcll Myers Nelson Ugvlcn l'cnick Pope Ratliff Rivw Rolvertw Rogers Ru-lulpll Rumpli Smllci' Scott 5l.C1Vllk'l'I5 Stubbs Slunip vlYC'll.lllCl'5 111115 XYlli1-ple 1Yliitz1kur XYil5on 1Yi5e Us J NK' A l il' l .E ' ,cw vii, 7 "l.L4lIlfi Aff 7Ji!0llf I IFUIHIIIFII nf the l'll1iI'l'I'Sif-l' of .Nzzbamzz 1856 FOUNDED AT THE LlNlVliRSlTY OF AI,,xB.xM,x IN 1856 . . . magnificent national liefulqu:11'tCi's building at Evanston, Illi- nois . . . one woman member . . . initiations held in France during the xVKJI'lKl XVHI' . . . Georgia Epsilon Chapter or- ganized in 1881 . . . Howcr is the violet . . . colors are royal purple and olcl gold . . . mnglazinc is tlie Rvvorrl. 154 lc llrimlgus 1 Duncan Hicks McMillan Ray Summcrlin ,- 7 X- . 4 . eczgm C.flJJAl!Cll C, Aayllcz 1 Orgmzizrzl 1881 ABERNATHY, ERNEST ABERNATHY, HERNI.AN ALSTON, JAMES ANDERSON, PAUL ARRINGTON, ROBERT BAKER, AIERTON BALDWIN, RAY BANKS, RAFE BARNES, CHARLES BEARD, DON BELLVILLE, CHARLES BIRD, ASHLEX' BRIDGES, RALPH BROOKS, COURTNEY BRYSON, H.XNII'TON CHEXYNING, DAVID CODINGTON, ARTHUR CODINGTON, JOHN COTTINGH.-XM, XV.-ALTER CRAWFORD, ALL.AN CROSBY, JAMES DEEN, O, F., JR. DENNY, LEROY DODD, J. B. DUKES, JOE DLYNCAN, JOHN ESKRIDGE, FRANK ESKRIDGE. JACK ESTES, FRANK EYE, HENRY FLYNT, JACK FREEMAN, TOM FUDGE, FELIX CT.-XRRETT, RICH.-XRD GL.-XLJSIER, CLARENCE H.'XNINIE'fT, HILT H.fXRXN'IEI.I., ERNEST H.-XRXX'EI.I., JOHN I'I.-XRWELI., RICHARD HI2I.NIS, XVILLIANI HICKS, JAMES HLTRIBER, JAMES HUNTER, XVILLIANI IRYIN, CHARLES JOHNSTON, H.ARl3I,D JOHNSTON, SMITH JONES, JOHN ALLAN JONES, R. T. JORDAN, J. C. TQYTLE, CALVIN LEIGH, TED LITTLE, GEORGE AICKEY, TD.-XUGHERTY AICTXIILL.-AN, E. C. BIEDLIN, HAROLD AIICHAEL, HENRY " . T JE 7? Q. 'J Tiff, at .. , Tl 3' sl' ill Q.: 5 yy, mp- 1 ,K ,:' 1. , fx' X Q . L , W, if? -.I-. ,f . 3 , ., X! I Q, ,T ,.- H Q.: N, as-. e Q I 'T Aw--"' FQ? . - " - f . is we -. . RT... gg -7 E SSKQ .N .. vT,'IgV1ff, I 1 Q 2- fx - ,.-:ZF ill 11 .D I, I R H H lf' T 1 I I' EEE , V - 1M:.:.,.,w-f ...qw f Wk i b v v: .L-a..mLsL..3I. EMEA TXIILLER, RAY AIIZELL, GEORGE AIYERS, LORIN NELSON, JAMES QJGDEN, HERBERT PENICK, CLAY POPE, XVILLIABI RATLIFF, GEORGE RAY, L. G. RIYES, SIDNEY ROBERTS, TIE.-XN ROGERS, ED RUDULIIH, BL'RYYELL RUMPH, ED SADLER, RAY SCOTT, XVILBUR SHIYERS, FORREST STEPHENS, JACKIE STUBBS, FTSRAWICK STUMIJ, ROBERT SCNIAIERLIN, GI.ENN XVEATHERS, ARTHUR XVELLS, JERE XVHIIJIJLE, ROBERT XVHITAKER, XVILLIAM XVILSON, FRED XVISE, SAM Iiarroxx' liurhuuu l'nrtc-1' Gaze-llc tiihson Gidclings Ilogan Ilollmivly lluckzilvy lluul llymlrick Johnson liclly I,z11u4fori,l Lines Moyc O'NcaI XVi1ey iZ5C'!llc1 Qnill Eeffa if .. , ,, . ' p'h.o..nu Foznzzlwl at Bvtlznnr CUIIPIWE 1859 . , J 5 U 'iii C. fjl1GANIZIiD fXT BETHANY COLLEGE 1 . I. united with the tot Rainbow Society, first Southern fraternity, in 1886 . . . Beta lfpsilon orgzmizeil in 1882 . . . Deltns moved into their new Q " " shelter in Jammry, 1938 . . . Hower is the pansy . . . colors are purple, gold, and white . . . magazine is the Rain- Imzr. l56 .. Ev! 'i , 9:1 , T' -"f . 'E' ' " .IfLi1-,,J-- Mauf' 1 - -,5.,,, I Q ig-'f Bw? -gf -" Liv I ' 'Vis-,-Qffg h QE LL JJAL on up Ez - W. . H ,iw -, . I ' ' m ' .... " ' - if Q- 2 sw' "3 ,xg Organzzfd 1882 ,q 1 , I 'g-wg - , . :V ,SX-,v.:4-QS' I .,,,x ,cf 'ff m .0,,5:r . ' 'w I ,,.L,g.-.... ,, , ,,,,. 'I "" . . 1 A' I "Yf w ,p, , BARROXV, GORDAN BATEMAN, GREGORY BUREAGE, SAM CARTER, CLYDE GAZELLE, ED GIBSON, SAM GIDDINGS, CHARLES ' S . Q, , .5 , R9- HOG.-KN, GLENN HOLLOWAY, M URPHY HUCKABY, HARPER HUNT, ALBERT HYDRICK, PETE JOHNSON, ED IQELLY, OSCAR L.-XNGFORD, BERRY LINES, ALVA BIOYE, CH,xRI.ES O'NE.AI., CARRIILL PERKINS, BILL TISON, SAM VVILEY, XVILLIAM XVILLIAIXIS, H. G. .lm .,....- X 11111 TXV11111111' .'X1'n11111 .X11c1'1'111:11111 11:11'1'ctt 11111-Q 1111111111111 1 nlfling 1f1':111x. 1"1-lflcr 1:Cllllk'11 1I:11'1'1s 111-11111'ix 1l11p11i11g 1111 11 ev 11111111-1' 1i1111111'1111g11 1.1-v L11ck11:11't K1cC1'z111ie K1111'1111y 1'u11111ey 11 1.15 1111' 111111411111 11111: XvfllIg11Zll'l XY111't.11i11gt1m X'Il11l1 A f- 111121 -' A ff . ' 1 x.,lfIllll J fu 5 ' 1 fff g- lfolzzzzlfvf Ilf l'i1'gf11ff1 11111111111 Imlitlliff 1869 1' 1' 1 - . - Y - l4c1UND1zD .-1T XIRGINL1 1XI11,l'1'.-XRY INSTITUTE IN 1JCX1f1gf0l1 W xY11'!1I'l1Zl, 111 1369, 11111-n Z1 11111111 of cadets 11110 cz111e11 them 1 g e n -N K sc11'es 1116 1.Cg1o11 111 Honor o1'g:1111ze11 to oppose the overbear- '1 1 ' A ici" 11111 001111-111 of 21111111101 secret 11':1te1'nit1' . . . Xi C11H51CI' or 1 f. W' "'. . 1 ' . U .4 gz1111ze11 111 188-1 . . . colors are g01c1, 111:1c1c, 211111 1v111te . . . ' ' 111111'e1' is the white rose . . . j11111'nf11 is the Della. 158 ,XII CAciJJfE'Z' ignza LL Orgmzizefl 188.1 Founded I869 AD.-XIR, CHARLES ARBIOUR, TOM ARNOLD, RUSSELL AUCREMANN, CHARLES BARRETT, XVENDELL BECK, LINXYOOD BOWMAN, CURTIS CASE, CLARK CODDINC, JACK EVANS, ROBERT FELDER, RICHARD FENNELL, CHARLES H.ARRIS, SMITH HENDRIX, ARTHUR Hi'JI.BIES, FRANCIS HOPPING, LEE HUOHES, BROCK HUGULEV, CHARLES HL'RIBER, ROBERT JOHNSON, HOLMES IQIMBROUGH, LOVE LEE, ROBERT LUCKHART, LUTHER ZXICCRANIE, JAMES BIILLER, HAROLD RIURPHY, RAY PENDLEV. XVALTER POINDENTER, J. E. POXVELL, FINCHER ROBERSON, PHIL SMITH, FRED SOIVELL, PAT STEBBINS, CHARLES Tx.-XYLOR, CARL TINDALL, JOE TLTRK, SCOTT TURNER, XVITCHER YVAUGH.-KN, DAVIS XVILSON, DI-XVID VVOODALL, PRUITT XVORTHINGTON, DII.L.-KRD XC.-XXVN, JACK A I dxf as VF- 'f. Ansley .Xrrllt-I' lllunlmi llttilisteml lluilcr f':lllIm'1l3' VHIIWII Carter' M Vzirlt-i'. S. ll, Vlurlw Iluilcc Iflukei' lilrnrris. McNair NJN!" mldlwlll Hntcw flu I-ns l':u'liu l'vtway lJlEl'Ci' l'I'evusI lxolmiion lxogers Sclmrlnvll Sirk 'yhiglieii 'llllI'H5llCI' Tlmrnifm NN lll3tlCl' NN YCIUZ 'ff J! I , X L tij9!9fi -.Jr J Ui :wa Ifoznnlni at flu' If1IlT'I'l'.Y1fj' of IIVLVIIIIIZ 1868 5 ' Y T 'Q FIIUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF XYIRGINI.-X IN 1868 . . . 7 :Ill of the founders served in the Confederate Army . . . Hrst -I JQ expansion was limited to the South . . . ban now removed X . . . chapter hull at New lllexico is El replica of Il Pueblo 3 ',, lndizin Council Chamber . . . garnet and old gold are the 'Q' colors . . . the flower is the lily-of-tlie-valley . . . Shield mul Dirznmnfl is the magazine, lbO Agfllld fltijljld cfAH,jJft3Z' Organize!! IQ IQ ANSLEY, C. C. ARCHER, LEONARD BAILES, CHARLES BARRINGER. TOM BLANTON, LEONARD BRANCH, E. L. BRUCE, HUGH BUMSTEAD, JOHN BUTLER, VVILBERT CALLAXVAY, RAYMOND CANTRELL, LARRY CARTER, AI.-XNLEY CARTER, S. B. CLARKE, VVILLIAM MSI' ' .. f- fiv -W - nj 5.1! 4" DUFFEE, VV.-XRREN FLUKER, GRAHAM H.'XRRIS, CHARLES HINGSON, R. A. JOHNSON, HARRY BICN.-AIR, EUGENE MAY, C. A. RIETHVIN, XV.-XLTER BIORRIS, BRAD O.A'fES, KENNETH OXVENS, SEYMOUR PARTIN, BI.-XLCOLM PETXV.-XY, ALLEN P. PIERCE, XVILLIAM PREVOST, C. T. RISER, XVILLI.-XM ROBINSON, EMMETT L RCGERS, GEORGE XV. SCHARLACH, LOUIS SISK, HARLAN IISHIGPEN, XVILLIAM PISHRASHER, VVILLIAM THURMAN, SIDNEY TURNEY, VVILLIAM VVHEELER, NICK XVILSON, NVALTER VVYATT, ROBERT .rf-'J ' 3 'Q IQQE- :ii Pl lg, Sv A I. .ymdff ,Ame-g.xl...1iruui. .X1lIl111Q ,Xllgou-1,,1ack .Xll5wu1l, .li-lin Allpgooml, P. .Xskew linker llarnwcll llzlrllett liecker ILCIISYHI llislmp, I' llnrncl llrnikley Valilxvcll l"n'ver C f':l1'x'cx'.,l. Vunnally C'm'nett Fridcx' l'x'uwn Davis lleckcr ll-rwninu liul-cue 1ll1IlIllPllIlll1. liurrett lfvlwuiwls lfllioll Fink l"11-L-1111111 Molson, G liolion, I. Green llnll llurtstielfl llcrxnill llill llugnwl 114-urml Knox l,ee 1.1-inlracli Lyon Kl:icdunal1l Klznwlmll Xlcllrznyvr Alcilumm-ll Mills Klnuru Pilkington Ridley Rolnerlsoii Sc-:nnan Tllibadeau Tliurnxzin fucker L'l1l XY:1llu.-1' Nyard. C. NY:n'il, 11. Xhitsmx XY:-od Youngblood ' Q A - C!- if 2, S., :fum zz A J QS- L -' K "'-, ' 5" l'0llI1!lt'1! at 1111111111 L 1z1f'w'x1fy 18" - JM - 33 J K ff Q Q AN ELECTION D1s.,xc:REEMIzN'1' among the members of Delta Kappa lipsilon at Kliami University led to the founding of ' ' ' Sivma Chi in 1855 . . . a Kliami Triad traternitv . . . hrst . 1- - w 1. . . . . 1 . called 511111121 Plu . . . unique feature is the Lonstantlne Llmp- ! iff, ter, a group in the Confederate Army . . . Beta Chi founded ' , 'H' in 1021 . . . publication is tlle lllrzgnzzm' of Sltgflllll C111 . . . The Bulletin was the hrst secret magazine of any fraternity . . . colors are blue and old gold . . . flower is the wlute TOSC. 162 llislnup, 1 Dorsey llagan K1 alone Sale I... . L 3525 ' -'- -- li-3??'x 523 .3 -4'1,,g.. Q - . A v Af-iv " A " I 'fs ' I 1 6' 'W ' a-' I5 .5 M .u ni pf ' r' -" EE.. - b ' L 1 S , Ai. ici ' K befa CAL CAHJJCZI '- - i - Vg 43 I , . 5 .iw E Q-I :ff L - X Q. ,xyg J I has Orgzlnizezl 19- I ADAMS, IVIARVIN ALLOOOD, JACK ALLOOOD, JOHN ALLGOOD, PIERCE ASKEXW', VVILBURN BAKER, VV. B. BARNWELI., HAROLD BARTLETT, MARCUS BECKER, H.-XROLD BENSON, VV. H. BISHOP, EVERETT BISHOP, VV. F. BORNET, DAVIS BRINKLEY, STERLING CALDXVELL, VVESTON CARVER, CHARLES C.-XRVER, JOE CONNALLY, SHARON CORNETT, RIURL CRIDER, HARRY CROYVN, JACK DAVIS, BEDFORD DECKER, R. S. DORSEY, HAL DOXVNING, GEORGE DLVKES, XVILLI.-XM DUNAPHANT, CHARLES DURRETT, HOR.ACE EDXVARDS, STANLEY ELLIOT, LANO FINK, HAROl.D FREEMAN, BEN GOLSON, GRAHAM GOLSON, JOHN GREEN, ED H.AGAN, JOHN HALL, JOE H.'XRTSFIELD, PAUL HER.4ULT, PETE HILL, BERT HOOSED, JONES HOWARD, CARL KNOX, BOB LEE, HOXVARD LEINBACH, MERRILL LYON, RICHARD BIACDONALD, VVILLIAM BIALONE, LEE MARSHALL, SAM RICBRAYER, XVILLIAM D ,.,. . " :gl J --: '- ...Q .,.L. .-A.-""'h""' " RICCONNIZLL, GLENN RIILLS, C. YV. ZXIOORE, DAN NORTON, HARRY PATTERSON, C. I. PILRINOTON, JOE RAMBO, TOM RIDLEY, JOHN ROBERTSON, YVERNARD SALE, BARNES SCOTT, TOM SEAMAN, ALBERT SHUGART, JE-XBIES THIEADEAU, XV. C. THURBIIAN, RAY ITILLNIAN, JOHN TUCKER, ED UHL, CHARLES vvEATCH, J. W1 VVALKER, LEE XVARD, CHARLES VVARD, DILLARD XVATSON, XVILLI.-XM XVOOD, JARVIS XvOUNGBLOOD, SAM , s , 'S Xku Ill L., , H -.git I 'm M ' I mlicld Ilnvcs Imxxmn liiuiirmiy lirizzzirul Hastings Xlill ' ll sfurll -Iuliiiwii xlmucs Xlcliimicy Nluicr A ur, lu T vig lf. S. Nlillcr. Xl. lM'ei'um Ricllairflsmi Sliezily F-ininmns Nl in Slwcuni Smith. U. ll, NYQoil,1l. IJ. XYoml. I. ll. fl czidzfzfi W Z PNUIHIIIUII at Ivil1I'f'IIIIFX lmTIll'1'I'I'.Vif'1' 1897 FUUNDED AT Vrxcizxxns LlNIVERSlTY IN 1897, when Eve local organizations banded togetliei' in Z1 union which developed into the Sigma Pi fraternity . . . Psi Clmpter organized in 192-l . . . lavemler orcliid is the llowei' . . . Colors are lzivemler and white with gold ns rm auxiliary . . . Th? Ezlzrrzzld of Sixgflllll Pi is the rnagnlille. I64 Wai Cdtilpifzf Urganizefl 192.1 CANFIELD, EARL COOK, T. R. DAvES. GORDON DAWSON, JOE FLOURNOY, JAMES Ci.-XRTRELL, BEN GREEN, C. G. GRIZZARD, VERNON HIASTINGS. STANLEY HOSFORD, BOXVEN JOHNSON, BEN JONES, XVILLIAM L. RI.-XYN.-XRD, A. KICKINNEY, GEORGE RIEIER, D. M. RIILLER, E. J. RIILLER. E. S. BIILLER, C. BI. OX'ERTON, B. H. PARISH, FRANK PRICE, H. J. RICHARDSON, RANDOII H SIIEALY, T. A. SIMMONS, XVILLI.-XXI SUDAN, XVYMAN SLOCUNI. K. R. SMITH, A. G. SMITH, C. H. XVOOD, G. D. VVOOD, J. B. PV -YU' I A-l:nu- Q l'Ill1llIlL'l' Nlc Ki-clinii linlierts .Xllvn lizirris 1lcI.c-ml Sliyilcr ral ,,fe1-uf -X . .r .-Q . ,cy J , '-,-H, - New ,- ,V jg:-P. -w... '-sc::..:3' I 4 -w5k:'j...a:"f" X T , g.,.p,, .S 1, V 4. -5 2: 1 4 21 .1 Kg ' f'1"3 ' lklwln-nl ik llnrxvick Ilrown lfallowziy fflizquimn flower filmlilcn l lcndcrson llill l.eC l.ipfori1 McCoy Nei-l Ne-winzin Pendley l'irkle Price Shelburne XY:ire XY:4ts-in XYL-Liver xYllitlllli6I' lilll 711.4 QU! Fozzrlzlrzl Ill' Emory Lvl1i'l'FI'5if-1' IQ30 l'i0L'NDED AT Ifxioiu' LiNIVliRSl'1'Y IN 1920 . . . composed exclusively of non-fraternity men . . . unaffiliated with any UI'QZlIllZZlfl0l1 in any other school . . . Z1 social club designed to help non-fraternity men in czunpus activities . . . total of nine social functions pci' year. including formal dinner dance and hanquet at end of year for local alumni und members of the cluh . . . flower is American Beauty rose . . . colors :ire gold and blue. I66 QDCLZ! JfflIB1z-cjrIifczr1z'fy Cla! Organizrd IQ20 AD.AIXIS, JACK AGEE, JAMES ALLEN, ARTHUR ALSOBROOK, HERNI.AXN BARRETT, BENSON BARRETT, LAFAYETTE BARXYICK, JOHN BROXVN, ROBERT CALLOXVAY, VVARE CHAPMAN, FOSTER CLOWER, ALVIN CIR.-XMIXIER, WESS ENSOR, C. G.fkRRIS, EDDIE GLADDEN, JOE HENDERSON, HOYT HENDRIX, ELBERT HILL, ROY LEE LEE, XV. H. LIPFORD, XVRIOHT MCCOY, JOHN AICICEEHAN, AIORRIS AICLEOD, NIILBURN NEEL, FRANK NEWMAN, JOHN PENDLEY, ROBERT dJ11!JlfL.4 Founded 1920 PIRKLE, QUENTIN PRICE, ROBERT ROBERTS, PEPPER SC.-XRBOROUGH, JAMES SHELBURNE, LOUIS SNYDER, LLOYD SIJEIOHT, EUGENE TRLVCHELLYT, LI,-XRRY XVARE, RIELTON XVATSON, CHARLES VVEAVER, I. YV. XVHITTAKER, FRED vu-lmufm, lf. I71'wIlIII:III. M. Furst Hulfl lil'l1LIlllIlll Mendel, .X flulel, J, Rlulwluw Rich Snitz Slxzlllowzly Siegel bllVCl' Stein Tejvllel' lYolliiII Yuile 180111111011 nr N. Y. ll. 1913-Epsilon Clmplrr Orgmzizwl 1920 FlJl,'NDliD NI' N. Y. U. IN 1913 . . . :I IIIeInlveI'slIip COl'PUl'2lIl0Il . . . F:ItlIe1's' Club, UPCl'ZltlI'lQ sepzIr:1tely, has ulwject of closer p:u'eIItz1l Contact . . . I1HflfJIl1llA. lf. ,Pi day held each yezu' in August . . . IHilQ'ZlZlIlC is Jlpflrz lipyilon Pi quzII'te1'ly . . . colors are blue :Iml gold . . . flower is yellow ruse. 1v..,..... MEMBERS RICH, x'l.XL'RICE SIQITZ, A. B. S II .xLLow.x y, LEON SIEGEL, LuL'I5 SII-vI5R, MAX STEIN, D.'XVID TIEPPER, JACK NVOLIQIN, BIARVIN BERT .il ,Izumi I' gm! Clafmzfge, an-, 'H vi' 'N- '34, r , yin . v- BYE 1.4" Til .gimuglg ' nb' ww-1 .X-lair Vlwvk Clark Cfmk Fnrlles f'nw:1rt Vmig' lin-llinger llunerxn. H, llunn Gillespie llnnier -lnnes King lwwls Klillur l'n-mlley l'rcv0sl Sllnnwns Stcu nrt Stun' 'I'l1-wlnsnn 'l'urnr'r Turk hvflgel' XYl1eeler . . .,: .,1. L. gi! if M..x1,B Nix , -.ff is :wg ff-"'f' i " ' ls -wa 1 N ' . nf" ll, ,f ,lf-gli 'lf 11 .. W. .,,. . D , j W T: 5 Jef 14? ., .... U Q, ,pl 1- cl,- l'l0I1llI!t'tZlIIf flu' lfr1ii'el'sif-1' of 1yf?l'lll01If 1889 RESULT OF T1112 UNION uf two fraternities of the same name in 1905 . . . regular inspection of chapters is held . . . the fI'2ltE'l'f1lfj' has El copyrighted Cuat-of-z11'ms . . . Sigma Chapter was founded in 1905 . . . the journal is the Phi Chi Qmzrterly . . . the Colors are white and olive green . . . flower is the lily-of-the-valley. I7O Dallas Leigh Stunlp ,. X. . Y .S z ' 'R -R, a L' ' 1 -.5 E , , P' cl Y' A str, fx cz :mi C, zfipller . ' ' . If V f - L f' I ' :I.,?1's X 7 f li.. T Organzzed IQO5 ' ggi- -+ E12 gi gjiw ' 'A ., S Q " -O .I AD.AIR, M. CHARLES ALSOBROOK, TOM BELLVILLE, D. B. BIRD, ASHLEY BOXVEN, H. JACK CHEEK, PRATT CLARK, BILLY COOK, JIMNIIE CORDES, JOHN COWART, CHARLES CRAIG, XV. CRAXVFORD, HUGH ID.-XLLAS, R. ED DELLINGER, R.-XIDER DUNCAN, GEORGE DUNCAN, HARRY DUNN, JAMES ELLIOT, C. B. FERGUSON, A. DREW' GILLESPIE, ROBERT GORDON, XVILLIAM HAMMETT, HILT HL'GHES, BROCK HUNTER, XVILLI.-AAI JONES, J. A. KING, BILLY LEIGH, TED LEWIS, JOHN BICKEY, ID.-XUGHERTY AIILLER, JACK ATORRIS, BRAD NORMAN, LOUIS PAINE. CHARLES PARRISH, FRANK PENDLEY, VVALTER PHILLIPS, XV, C. PREVOST, CLAUDE RISER, BILLY ROBERSON, PHIL SIMMONS, S. COLNI.-KN SMITH, FRED SMITH, S. G. STEWART, J. B. STOXY, KI. N. STUMP, ROBERT THOMSON, JAMES TL'RNER. DORMAN TCRK, SCOTT XV.-XGER, HAROLD XVHEELER, N. A. VVHITE, CECIL VVILSON, DAVID HVVILSON, VV.-ALTER XTEAGER, XVAYNE .I 'il .4 Ulrike lluxriuziu liranuen Congcr llelireese lizirrett lay 4iil'limw,l lirahicl Hutchins Iolmsou Lcltmi Little, S. Nlnultlin Rlcfoy Miller Uwsley l'uxx'r-ll Sealy Stewart l ui ner Tyler XVl1ittielf1 NVilliani5on Youngblood .xv-W in x i ff? I " - . ,f f E. i in Y Vid., - I. , Q as Affllfi fldypjdfi Ji Foznzzlezl at the Uni1'ersity of ffifgllllll 1879 FOUNDED AT THE NIEDICAL COLLEGE of the University of Virginia . . . one of the oldest professional fraternities in existence . . . both collegiate and graduate chapters have been founded, and have equal rights on all matters . . . the journal is the illlesrwzgrr . . . colors are gold and green . . . the flower is the red rose, l72 7 ,- IXXAQ AJJJFCZ I Ol',gHlIiZPt1 19118 BARRETT, L. L. BEALI3, GEORGE BLAKE, XVILLI.-XM A. BOWMAN, CURTIS XV. BR.-XGDON, JAMES ALBERT BRANNEN, FRANK S. BROXVN, BEN BURTON, JOE M. C.-XRNIZS, H.XRRX' E. COLLINS, GILBERT XV. CONGER, DEXYITT IJEFREESE, SAM G.,XRRETT, LUKE G. fir.-XY, FRANCIS KI. f3IFFURD, JOHN P. f, K- Y"-K-Whiii 'f' v. - 1 - w GR.-XBIIEI., IXNI.-XDO KTRAVES, RICHARD HOOIIER, C. M. HUTCHINS, PALL JOHNSON, ROY J. LISTTUN, A. H. I.I'l'TI.lZ, fJDIS Ii. LITTLE, SAM C. HAL' LDIN, JOHN L. RICCURKLE, ROBE RICCOY, JOHN F. KICKIILLAN, J. G NIILLER, EDWARD NURTH, XVILLIAM RT L. OxI'SI.Ex', LALRENQL H POWELL, CHQXRLES L SEALY, R. H. SIMS, F.XYliT'1'li S'I'liW.XR'I', ROY A. SL'I.I.IY.XN, BENJAM FFLRXIZR, ICIJIYIN XX '1iYI.IZR, LIIZRBERT D XVHITE, Cl..XL'DI2 XV XVHl'1'FIIiI.D, r1iRUNI.-X KVIIITI.I5Y. JAMES R XVIIITWORTH, HrJR.XLl NI xVII.I.I.-XRISUN OHN XX Y A XVOODALL, PRCITT YOL'Nc:nI.OOIJ, SAM dj: fx , Akin llzxlleu' llcnrrl lil lnrlurnnt llryun Cznnlrllell Cline Cooper, C. c:OUlJCl 1 lfllenllel-l lfpps l'llUXVL'l'S Fuller liil'rbunuy tlilmun Glover Godwin Ham llnrlnin llnrris llurnult lluu':n'd Ketchum l.-we Mathews McDonald Niles l'ruCtur Robertson SCl'll'UI,lC!' Skiles Tllebaut Todd YValker xV?llxCl, C. W hlpple 'ra f 3- jf" , l, J QI., 'rf I ,H ."f., I ' ., "" : I' wx -rw Q- -H. F w Qi' , 4 V , , f X cw!!aA4i fxrewnz xrrjajaa 1'lUlllI!Il'If ui Ilflfflllflllfll College ISSS lfnL'NDED ,xT T1115 lxlliDIC.Xl. DEPARTMENT of Dartmouth College in Septemlwer, lSSS . . . Incorporated in New Hamp- shire in 1839 . . . grzuluutes in medicine may be honorary members . . . Alpl1uTau Chapter founded in l9l-l- . . . The Cwzhzzzr, the fraternity magazine, is Z1 quarterly . . colors are Dartmouth green :md white. I74 S' 1 fe. rn,-,V .-- -- - - 33. '.w.,,I, . . ..-55. jvc. -,,.r.w+- -, V , .:zf-S s 1 4,1- ' -"-Wd"-"3 5' 1 AU---'R'-QL JAJJALI 7611 Chzlpfcr Fomzflefl 1111.1 KXD.-AMS, ALXNNE AKIN, JOHN ANSLEY, BOB B.-XLLEXY, JAMES BEARD, DllN.'XI,D BLALOCK, TALBOT BONDL'RAN'I', XVILLLXNI BROOKS, XVARREN BRYAN, PHIL C.-XNIPBELL, JAMES CLINE, XV.-XDE COLES, XVILLIAM COOPER, CHARLES COOPER, FRED COOPER, FIFALBERT DOLOLAS, HL'GI1 IDOYIZR, TOM EDENFIIZLD, ROBERT FEES, LTEORGE FARMER, CHARLES FLOXYIZRS, PAUL FULLER, XVILLI.-ANI WTR -MNA ww 9m Q-L , f, M0 Sf. "1 1- - ' ' Q1 ., K 'pf ,RA "Q:-ji' A yr 4 'HF'-2 -v'-N 1'1" .' ."'l ,"', . , E fi 5:5 iff DEWFF4 ' Ml Ii -5 ' ' 1 a ' ,"e -. ', i.- 'gl 'L J.. 133' 'W' V vs- 2 -F . , wr-A-'Af I , - , -. ' --AU Y ' R' -,gimp ' A .2 5 h3'.' ,1j,I,.','3.iwf1w-M' -AM- fT.fXL'L'I', JESSIE CEIBBONEY, H.'XRRX' LHIBSON, SAM CHLOVER, FRANK CSUDWIN, JOHN HAM, FMERSON HARBIN, 'IQHONIAS HARRIS, CHARIIIZS HATHCOCK, PETE HERAULT, PETE HIGGINBOTIIANI, ROY HOLMES, FRANCIS HOWARD, XVILLIAM JACOBS, BIYRUN JOHNSON, FR.-'INK KETCHUBI, CLARENCE KINOSBURY, LESLIE LOVE, XVILLI.-ANI LOVE, NED 1I.,XTHEXYS, XVII.LI.-XM AICIDONALD, PIERCE NILES, GEORGE PARKER, TOM PATE, JL'LIAN PEARSON, JL'DSON PROCTOR, XVILLI.-XM RANIBO, TOM RIDLEY, JOHN ROBERTS, IDE.-AN ROBERTSON, CRAIG S.-XDLER, GLENN SCIIRODER, SIAALIDINO SIMMONS, XVILLIANI SKILES, VERNON SMOOT, RICHARD THEsAL'T, BEN TODD, JAMES VARNER, D.fXVID XYEATCH, J. XV. XVALKER, LEE XVARD, CHARLES XV.-XRD, FRANCIS XVQXTSUN, HENRX' XV.-XTSUN, JERE XVHIl'l'I,I?, ROBERT Y 'H .Xlurziluuiis llulle llf-nigmnn Jwscpllh 5:1111 SllJIllnW'lX l ,f.,,,,. . r " QW- 2 if 4 - U -- 'ff-A Q j - Qs, xx .,V. Q Az 'xxx ' Ax, , Nxey tif. , ty W .V ' N 3' W lliekes l:l'lllCl' Gilmer Ginsburg Kessler Lumlnn Orton Rich Suhmer Tepper Velkoll' XVilenSky Ml' Jcfffiv guffwz FL7Ill7Ilt'II nl COI'lIt'Ii Uzzi-versity 190.1 FOUNDED IN 100+ AT CORNELL AIEDICAL SCHOOL . there are eleven gIl'Zllll1ZltC clubs loeated in large Cities . . . the fraternity was enlurgeel by uniting with Alpha Phi Sigma in 1918 . . . the fraternity publishes Z1 Yearbook and Z1 quzlrterly magnzaine, The News . . . monthly is the Bll,l7f'ffIl . . . cOlOrs are royal purple and Cream of white. I76 ! P I ' WAI Jglfa QIIZM Founded- 1904 Zgcffz Jilin C,A4zlyl'e: A Urgazzizfwl 1932 ABRI-IHAAIS. JOSEPH BELLE, RI.-XRTIN DIQKES, ROBERT FULLER, KIORTON GILNER, ABR.'XH.-X31 GINSBURG, EDWIIRD HONIG1I.AN, KIORRIS -IOSEPIIS, ALVIN KESSI,liR, SIDNEY N. LONDON, IRVING ORTON, ROBERT C. RICH, RI.-XURICE S.-XLTZ, NATHAN SI-I.-x1.I.Ow.xY, LEl3N SOIIMER, ABRAAI VINEPPER, JACK XvELKOFF, A. S. XVILENSKY, LOUIS F' I T555 ,.,.....--.av-w :Xllgurul Vllzxrwxlmlw- lllll Icrnigzm Kalil Kelly Mcfilll l'lU1llII!t'I! ui .Yo1'fll1c'4' FOLTNDILD .fX'I' NflR'I'IllN'lZS'TlERN Medical Sclmul Octulwr. 1890 . . . g1'zul11utcszu'e 2lllIl1lTliltlClllll' lllCII'lllCl'S of Tl clluptcr in- tc'mz1tiunul . . . clucs gn to form 11 re- scz11'cl1, sclwlzlrsldp, mul lwuilmling fuml T I f ' lm . Ullfllllf lf P112 Rim biflllll is tllc pcrimlical . . . colors :wc scarlet :md guld . . . Chi Beta Clmptel' estnlwlisllecl in lQll-l. Si311m1s ,Q XYiluy WA: ffgav iflflllti l stvrrz ISQU-Clif Bda Cl1aj11'z'r Ijl'4LVIll1iZt'Il IQ04 .. 2.5 116 'k 1 . I. FAT .. fg ...K-if-"" ,"' ' 'iifgjv 41. ' 5 ' WI. AI.l.4,p4mD, J, li. K.xl.rI., CIIARLES . X... .fat ,' -. 1 . v gk - bm W. CuM1l:I,EE, J. 5. k1c1.LY, O5C.'XR 2 IAIILI., '1'HL'1u1.xN xlCC.XLL, M0555 'J +- " f vgj ,l1iRNI4i.XN, S'r1cuI.1Nu Nrtlczlluuus, I. B . l x Q -,,., ., ,M S 2 . A, aff- joxlas, R. T. SIMMONS, I. C. - - X- y I XX ILEY, XVILLIAAI Q if Q - P'-MN K . A 1 R 'hz xv war ,V-fax! X . f - NZ- ' Ag . , 5-ff ew M H7 Now . . . Imaginaiion droops her pinion, find fha sad iflllll that lzofvcrs 0'cr my desk Turns what was onfe romantic' to b11r1v5qz1e." Childe Harold. -BYRON EDITOR'S NOTE: Dooley's Diary, has been written by il committee and other mat 'll ' I' ein m tus section, to Ifltvi ' X ' 1 mime a nntp of humoi, is is presented with the hope that it as such. as in the past, of writers. It. is our attempt all in fun, and will be received Z DO0LEY'S DIARY Tuesday, Sept. 2l-Frosh arrive. Prcxy secs SAE buttons on three, welcomes sons AND dotters. Rece spikes punch at reception. Deltas spike Sigma Pls, by revealing Prentrcc Miller's attilrations. Usual goons hid in usual cellars by usual lodges, except Cayce, whom Thetas persuade to stay in Hopkinsville. Del- tas trnd they can't hide them all or there wouldn't be anybody to do the rushing. Wednesday, Sept. 22-Rush Week begins, Deltas break ground again, campus just laughs and laughs. Warrre Roberts comes over to bulldoze brother into pledging Theta, "buIIdoze," heh, heh. Thetas, eager to get even break, agree to take Lamar. Campus Club talls behind as halt ot brothers take time out tor prayer meeting. AEPis serenely unperturbed. Thursday, Sept. 23-WHEEL comes out, tells its public Rush Week is going on. Sigma Chis find they won scholarship cup, order IOO extra copies. Frosh see Sigs and wonder how. Clay bemoans passing ot Carroll, Car- roll reads, moans, too. Tolbert bares soul, says nice things about Sigs, Sigs promise to help Chi Phis rush l-laywood Pearce, Ill. Everybody otters to help keep all trosh trom going Theta. Friday, Sept. 24 - Downtown cinemas change, but Finch, Williams, and Wiggins go on as ever. Abernathy and Tolbert beam as one trosh trnally reads their handbook. Lamar Roberts looms as great white hope. Beckham learns names ot all fraternity men. lAnd Dooley's got names tor some ot them, too.l Saturday, Sept. 25-Thetas and Dcltas getting trantrc. ATO's lock up Anniston crew. Chr Phi decides to try tor out-ot-town tresh- men. Prove very trying. Yancey promises to deliver Funke. Sigs also in tunk as Allgood looks next door, call in Mogul Allen lwho's been in all week anywayl. Harwell explains Einstein theory to rush committees here and there. Sunday, Sept. 26-Pharisees attend church. Frosh who met Nat Long at reception sleep through. Others sleep through after arrival. Sigs, PiKA's, SAE's tell Pearce to go any- thing but Theta. Sigma Prs pass on torty more trosh in chapter meeting. KA's go exclusive, decide to restrict bids to tour hundred lno quotesl. SAE's rush Ern- stein and l-larvvell. Ozro Prince promises to pledge Chi Phi. Chi Phrs remember Peterson, wonder. Others remember Peterson, wonder, too. KA's occupy third tloor ot Alabama, Sigs second, Finch trrst. Lodges see sure shots drifting away, plan prosecutions. --,Fir MQW' Kiwis!! fum -. lndfl2i..1Q6QQLd i 5 X. f N - V ww +- -NM, , Monday, Sept. 27-Doolrry waits around till tiv-3 o'cloclc lrlcr: everybody clsc. l-ligh school n-iwspapcr Editors go way down row, followed by score ot othcrs. Chi Phi-s, KA! split Dvlawarc delegation lat It-ast Chi Phis thought sol. ATO Cash-is in on Florida chaptcr. Delta: almost Lash in Emory Chapter. l-larwrll gocs SAE, along with anothcr Alorgrnathy. Much rnoan down tratcrnity row. Robcrts takes vanilla. Sigs talro Jarvis Wood. Sigma Prs talrc aspirin-wholesale. Tuesday, Sept. 28-Classes start, so now Doolcy can give tha faculty hell, Gosncll purpos-:ly tails to nncntron county unit systcm, shines tor his scholarship boys. Jim Byrd linds scholarship lard ogg on him, lollows in Butr:h's l"l tire no blanlrsml tootstups as Goosrxls assistant, l-larvuy scares hell out ot lrosh. MCl.Qan scares hrsll out ot Collar, Pardcf, at al. Dunnison scares hcll out ot most ovary- bodiy. Froshk position greatly altered at trrst rat court, as brothers seek naw ang cs. l82 AF'-,f l. 2. C, 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, 8. Around the Campus Aw, chemistry is a s-it-up l'low to nralcc Pcachtr-fr, Paradc. Litc gocs merrily on. lt's th-3 cats. Buddy Atlcinson, B.B, lba tori: Branchl. Syphilis is a' Paullin. Biology cut-up. Brinkley returns trcrn Mui ledgcville. r if' -ad' 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, sg may X we 4 za?-me ssggfzii 3, S ,.1.' QL 1 Glee Club on Tour Just bctore leaving. Glee Club trio. Lady, play your mandolin. Gle-2 Clubbers drinlr-milkl ' Any port in a storm. Ditto. Aw right, ottisher. 1' Wednesday, Sept. 29gMarble gateway promises to be as wide as Finch, as thick as Dulce Grittiri, as strong as Abernathy in the med school or Fuller in Winship, and as expensive as a blonde in the Biltmore, Campus wonders how it cost l0,000 roclrs. May demands boolcs be checlrccl. Business managers want May checked. Dooley'll take a check tor just any amount. Galanti ott-:rs to cash all checlrs. ll-lell, there we go, getting three weeks ahead ot the calendar.l Frosh buy two bucks worth ot steam heat. Meet Uncle Bud, realize they've bought a hundred dollars worth ot hot air. Thursday, Sept. 30-WHEEL putts Aces tree, as Canfield burns. lntertraternity Council announces plans tor more two-bit dances. Frosh yearn to meet girls. Leon Smith elected president ot Young Peoples Department. Dooley decides no croolred politics involved here. Obviously. Brinlclcy predicts usual record crowd tor Parents' Day. Gracie Collar writes society under I4-point by-line. Cayce turns out canlnedl copy. Bob lNol Knox decides to talce a tew English courses, reviews Steadman's book. Duttee, tearing censorship, gives Steadman editorial. SAC meets, Abernathy shines, appoints committee chairmen announced in WHEEL a weelr before. IB3 Y 12? v . W f I ,FQ , 5 wily- 51... ' ' e ,W , ,, . sg, 'Ebb 1 .A x -. fy, x get 22 'fgfisx A ff 6, ' . , in? "' Simi: ,. f " Q 1 gif X. ,fx .f h gr ,,Q,,9,.".i'5f, .Jig , f wm ...Q-LW.. -mf! mmf' '-x 1 ew Q, e :Tr--sq, 2 fn P3ff":f- S IQ-1. " 1 . '1 , , ,3.,,i.A 4? 1 :auf QA ...Z J, z. WEL. 5 3 ,gg 4' 3' 5 'Qi . ' V fl .N 7? . y . W , ga , ..,. 5,2115 f 2- 5 . 4 if fm .4 'Q V 151. 0151. mf.,- A y. Q. gf. Ez if EQ-...f..... ix? ,- 1 "-.- S IZ Q5 -vb. 7 -Q, ,aw I - 1 Q 'Wav Social Life Mary Emma McBraycr- Ray Mrllur. "Young Exccutryd' Hollo- way rntroduccs datc, Annu Wheaton. "Rl'1apsodr-gs by Rapp." 'Notlwcr scene rn Bcnnyls, Ruby Wrrglrt smgs "My Man." Who as Slmz, Dulncs7 Jaannr: Crowell-Errtz Mc- Duffle. 25m W' N Monday, Oct. 4-Dubai-3 forum ncars Goody-:ar and Bryan spout usual drrvul, l-loslord also twmlrlcs. Bvard, l-lolloway, Tolb-irt, Xxlfrlson bcgrn Cuttrng Otnrgfs throats rn antrcrpalron ol rnhyrnatronal dclsafc. Q-gnkrns busy wltlw cacln ECA. Nrnutfr: Cartrgr invaclcs WHEEL cllrcu. WHEEL and Dull,-4 go 'round and Wound. Tuesday, Oci. 5-Jimmy Mack-:y, Baxtrrr Jon-.s, Tony O'Donncll, Torn Marslwall d-:cud-3 to bc d-ibatr: manager. Slmaly dccrdus to be WHEEL crrculatlon managur and rs, 'cauzc nobody -Qlsr: wanta rt and tlwrg Wl-lEEL's damned glad to anybody. lDaslm:r's also dannncd glad to nav-Q anybody wrrtrng Dooley, rn you l1aycn'i nctlo:d.l Rog-:rs-Jolnnson rornancc burns on undrrnrnnslwud. Alva rides In an automobrl-3. Tlmg Dcllac arc gcitrng up in ilu: world. Sl-rropslwrrc to rrzputatron as rnan-about-town. nav-3 cas: Lrncs adds Wednesday, Oct. 6-W-glls and Gordon form rnaurancr: r'rrm. Grrls wrtn Srgma Cnr puns lall 47 ol tlrcrnl alarrnucl. Marclla Waller ialfce Miss Munro's place IH Lrbrary. Adrglardrf Poricr algo gal: Llbrary job. Plcrcc McDonald yrsrts plan-3 lor lust trm-3, wcnd-:rs wlwy We so darlz, Hall, Fr-:rQc, Elriazqr wond-:r-gd that Qycry weak for a year. Doolcy strll wonders. I85 M of? """-5, L.: i 4 ,.,,,..,.. ,. . ..,, V --M... . -- of 3 vu, .:'.u,,. A Q .1 . . ,. nm. Q . . ,ffl in 4' .rig ' D Y i' 1 Wei ... -. ,IA Thursday, Oct. 7-WHEEL gives Murphy's sore throat tront page. Tolbcrt goes on make tor Dennison, Jeanne Crowell, Jeanne Turner, and Falligant with story on beauties. Dick Harwell just furious at not being one ot the girls. Only two Glee Club putts, Dewey threatens to tire Brannen, Cayce starts tly jokes and Aces putts. Falligant becomes just one ot the girls at SAE house. Duttee editorializes, "Let Ladies Pay." Meds and Dooley agree. Friday, Oct. 8-Theologs hold cocktail party at Bishop Candler's home, bring own wives tor a change. tDooley couldn't find out just how much changoj Cayce tries to collect trom Aces tor tree putts. SAE treasurer trying to collect trom his lcreamj putts, too. Charlie Adair and other wild and wooly meds still hunting and playing, Dasher plans play tor Crowell, Garland Smith plans play tor Players. Dooley just plans and plays. I86 : ii!! ........ .. . .W 'ing' lj i' ,g .x1,l-3.1 -3?',f,g'- in i n .-., i mr -vw: Ii' AU, lj ilrrixls v J ' ' :i'.f4il'1 15,2 ' I 3 jg j 1 f..- 2111555 F-, , i 5 1 il? H , . -i i ,, -Y . 3' .11 i -w,,..,. ., .ff Co-eds go Domestic I, Fixing tor a Pardee, Connie? 2. Gracie Collar lilces it all 3. 4. "just so." Ninette Carter cleans up with dish, too. Betty Aycoclc, med-men's choice. 'i. M Q - . Q 3 -L 1.7. With the Students Skating attcrmath. lt's the SAE's lion oil right, "Nice gentlemen don't steal tire trucks," l-licks takes it easy be- tween dates. "Impressions ot Emory." "ln the spring a young man's fancy .... 'l SACS finance chairman May. 'VL' W I t-NA ' aw QQ Saturday, Oct. 8-Mads invade North Avrfnue, quit hunting, Thr:y'yi3 found something that will play. John Allgood promoted to white O. B. Wilburn Askcw brings still another pink to Sig house. Buddy Atlinson 'finds Atlanta is an awtul big town. Sugar Daddy Bailes admires statuesque Tazewell, ottcrs to buy hor a PIKA pin. Dooley will buy her anyolarnnthing she wants. Grace rclccts Dooleyls otiter of Brooklyn Bridge-and other ottcrs, "Tha Otter Truth." Sunday, Oct. IO-Jett Austin, Tom Cook, Spaights Ballard, Everett Bishop at- tend church. Ballard decides to add presidency ot Young P-:oplos Dept. to his scalp, Cookie, also in scalping mood, decides to get haircut, Bat-zs Block, Baxter Jones, S. C. Beard, Earl Brewer indulge in customary pink-chasing, I87 z .csg EQR --wi 3' iw -x... Monday, Oct. ll-Mew loses in pcnnyfarite, threatens to raisc tuition. lt's all students can do to raise tuition now. Bumstead and Harold Fink tail to get bid to Seminary cradle-roll party, despondent over social tailure. Tolbert and Duttee shine at WHEEL statt meeting. Knox tears Brannen myth, Tolbert tears myth Dennison. Dutlee turns charm on myth Collar. Campus will probably myth the point. ll-lell, that's no pun, that's a drop-lciclc, as Clay would say over and over.l 1 i Tuesday, Oct. I2-Fraternity big shots lead rat-courts as trosh bring up rear. lWhy bring that up, aslr IOO members ot class ot '4I7l KA's all beat DeGive at once, it you get what we fnean. Thetas groom Gignilliat tor Eta Sigma Psi, Student Lecture Association, etc. Dooley's laying odds-somebody else will lay Gignilliat. Duttee, Canfield, and Tolbert leave for Chicago, campus loolcs forward to good issue of WHEEL. l88 iss Sis., s A99 P' D95 Elsglilli Candidly Speaking Charlie sells two dopes. Sig-man Dulres. "He misspelled Bulova." "Why, boys!!!" Srnilin' Joe Dawson. "Not too long-not too short." ' 'F' ' " ' '. ,-..- 4 ... fJ- .'-' Q.. , . .V V xv- . . J In 1: ' .. 1 gm.. -gamma- ' Q F f I J , 5? l J ff' s v J' - - X U' 1-Q 1, 1, 'f x I 4 3' K Q 4 T 1 ., ."' Nt r 'D'. . 'fi 17: H l 5 ..-.-- -- ,V ,,. f V' . if S 'Z s' I r r .,..,.- r M , l . F iiw' an fig Bfrd's-eye Views I. Pastoral: Lecture by Dr. Gosnell. 2. Delta shelter. 3. Doctor Veatch and Miss Dennison. 4. Posin', everybody pose. 5, Who wanted publicity? 6. A male Lily Pons. 7. Spring fever. rfwnuqg ,yrs 1 suis., 0 fm I' 'wg Wednesday, Oct. I3-SAC approves plan to reestablish Few and Phi Gamma. O'Donnell eyes Few presid-:ncy and looks forward to debate managership. Mc- Duthe eyes Crowell and loolcs torward. Phi Chi scalps med school in pledges. Pledges sec M. N. Stow, have grave doubts. Graham Colson, Pete Hathcoclc, Charlie Watson elected to social committee. Jack King, Dulce Griffin, Clay pro- test. Tolbert appointed treshman debate coach, attendance drops to-aw hell, we've used that sort ot stutt before. NVHEEL delegation finds Cayce and Clay also in Chicago. Clay tinds co-ed trom Detroit. Thursday, Oct. I4-Another XWHEEL, another by-line tor Knox, another Glcc Club putt, two columns on Student Lecture lTolbert's majoring in history-under, and with, Cupidl, colurnn by Ernie i-larwell on sports, proving water is thicker than blood, haltapage ad by Galanti, plug tor C. A. May. French club plans trip to Agnes Scott, Ned Pond applies tor membership. Chicago police aslc Cayce to open window before throwing things out. lContinued on page l99l I89 CULLEGIAN --- L . I I 2 'X 3 ., ,W A R 'E I i Grace Elizabeth Collar . . . Because of her pulsating rendition of news scarce seven days old. Because of her informing us that the Sigma Chis had a supper two weeks ago when we thought they ate hut twice a day. Be- cause she is the only person to get a tan from Hash bulbs. 31 E 37371. if' El 'F gg? W, Bob Wiggins . . . Because in three years time his leadership has domi- nated campus activities. Because he typihes the well-rounded college stu- dent without being a rah-rah boy. I X M Ray Menkee . . . Because he is a fugitive from the truth. Because of his observation that. Mpolitics makes strange bedfellows but sex makes even strangers." Because he is the only co-op angler that ever caught a fish bigger than McCord. KK, -.,e 'i"i X ..: f 1 ,..,. i f , Smoke Williams . . . Because he has maintained leadership in scholar- ship and activities. Because he is an advocate of clean politics and fair rushing. PRESENTING OUR HALL OF SHAME As Selected By Dooley lg' ASKK M5513 swim lill ljlq ,gg gnu llllllllll af ' N .'.,,. ' 'Q -55 53 Richard Harwell . . . Because he made the library school. Because of the utter abandon with which he handled volume 5 F 326 five shelves high. Because we want his tribe to increase and his twitching never to cease. Z E "u Q .9 -4 ', Q :Z . jg 5fi5:"i5" ' i . . . .' - " -S ' .z.1.z:5r:kff'Q?ff-'."' , : '- t f I Y'f5iff.1A --'32-EFE, E""fi5'f51,.-QQWJYSEKG"mi: 3.9 A 1 Thomas McBride Cook . . . Because he is all Scotch, but tight only half the time. Because he turned down nomination for presidency of E.C.A. ' Because he fostered Holy Week, chaperoning, house mothers. and the A' Discipline Committee and did it so 5 a gf nobly. G K C - E E if ' Malcolm H. Dewey . . . Because he i f5SQf,I',' ' W' is married and has the declaration Q . . L, ,, . . f ' ' Dewey Courts in big letters on the ' 1,55 3 campus. Because the only notes he 5? can discern are foot notes and bank ' .3 , notes. Because he is responsible for " 1 Clifton White and not us. I , FD . ' .fivvymx , X.af'j,. 2 y. "Glad to meet you-I,m sure." ' A V , o "Glad to meet you-I,m Jonesf' l90 Wells, salesman deluxe: "Let me show you something snappy in a new sedan? Nurse: "lt won't do a bit of good, and I donit think you could any wayf, rx -:xi Bethune: G'Professor, what's a tit- bir?H Prof: 'LThat's what makes a cow kick her calf through the side of the barn." E! Truchelut: :Then I'll see more of you soon?" Sweet Young Thing: Min the suite, by and by." El E And then thereis the one about the Lord always having to repair the fence between heaven and hell and getting angry because the devil wouldnit do his part: so he told the devil one day he was going to sue him in court if he didn't help. The devil replied: "You canit do that-where will you get your lawyers?,l E E A girl's best asset is a manis im- agination. E E Emoryite: 4'Here,s howf, Scottite: uSay when - l know how i' Zi My breakfast lies over the ocean, My luncheon. lies over the sea, My stomach is in a commotion, D0n'l mention my dinner to me. FACULTY WIT Curves are the most prevalent things in nature. -Douglas Rumble. l collect models of donlceys for a hobby: they remind me of my friends, my students, and sometimes of my- self. -Comer M. Woodward. The average gullible reader is im- pressed by figures-of one lrind or another. -M. C. Langhorne. What's the use of being a goddess if you have to obey laws. -J. M. Steadman, Jr. Whenever the world goes into a tailspin, the population usually in- creases. -J. Edward Hedges. God made Adam, took out a rib, and then made trouble. -E. H. Race. New England has always been so sterile that it has never been able to raise anything except Boston baked beans and monuments to Bunker Hill. -Haywood J. Pearce, Jr. ln the average American novel a girl is luclry if she's sixteen. -Malcolm H, Dewey. When an old maid sees handsome men all over the place, that is not an illusion-that is an hallucination. -H. W. Martin. If you can't be pure, be sanitary. -Thomas English. l once met a charming lady at this point on the map, and ever since then that spot has been lrnown as the northern neck of Virginia. -Haywood J. Pearce, Jr. Nobody thinks of Venus when he can get a real, live female. -Garland G. Smith. Stacy: c'I'll have coffee without cream." Benny: "Sorry, no cream, you'll have to take it without milk." 55 I had a little clog. l called him August. August was fond of jump- ing at conclusions, especially at the wrong conclusion. One day he jumped at a mule's conclusion. The next day was the first day of Sep- tember. E lf. Clower: "What becomes of your lap when you stand up?" Wyatt: "lt retires to the rear and pops up under an assumed name." E E Hilkey: "Are you smoking back therefw Shelburne: "No. sir. Thatis just the fog lim in." EE Claud Nelson, timidly: "Where did you come from?,, Co-ecl: "Well, to tell you the truth. itis a biological processf' EE Oh yes, Bob Brown was the guest of l Phelta Thi Club for the week- end. We always thought Bob a great guy-and a man of position. espe- cially with women. E3 Love is one game that is never postponed on account of darkness. f' sf :W Y' l - f N R WHQHVU? -gig,- 'ocyxagzor-.l l -MRS- DQFINED or-P23 I -Qs.. 4 . I ' - H l I , - - "1-rg, V 0 ' 'N og dfxg, L. 7 .. W 'fi ,V We ' T to s-asf? X-4 'll - at f ,lifter to i as -s '-C ,Q-4 K B - ' X 2, L x - V X' 91 X' X 1' I A Vx "Step on it-here comes a dog with a cockle-burr on his nose!" I9I IL r 2 1 11 'ir A 'N N Th...-. Qg 'gn ss 1 f DON'T BE TOO SURE ABOUT THESE rear. nooyoy l. Emory-s Varsity Football Squad finished the season 111 unflejeaterl 121 with a-'victory otier Algnes Scott 131 on the Co-op bulletin lzoarfl. 2. The captain of the Emory Boxing Team was 111 Franhr Cayce 12,1 Dich: Harwell 131 Clifton White 141 electefl by popular vote. 3. The manager of tl1e Debate Team was 1,11 Bowen Hosforrl 12,1 Pro- fessor Coorlyear 131 Neal Smith 141 roolfetl. el. The Menls Christian Temperance Union is composed of 1 11 Brad .nlnsley 121 Heys rlleMath 131 Charles Tripp 141 males twenty-one years olrl or olcler. 5. The lnstitute of Citizenship 11.1 slinlrs 121 stinlfs 131 stinks 1411 stinks. 6. The Midterm Dances were held 111 at the Delta shelter 121 over for chapel 131 at mitllerm 141 at the home of Bishop anfl Mrs. Cantller. 7. Theologs study 111 Sears R06l9llCh' catalogues 121 Sex Life of a Mule 131 lo Illflhie' money 111 the "Phoenix.7' 8. The most common things in the world are 111 molecules 12,1 atoms 131 grains of saml 141 Sweethearts of Sigma Chi. 9. The Student Body tries to make the coeds 111 happy 12,1 curious 131 so-so 1441 all the time. 111. The most charming member of the library school is 11.1 Miss .lemison 121 Dick Harwell 131 flliss Crowell 141 llliss-ing. ll. McCord stays on his back most of the time because 11.1 the athletic program can run itself 121 his worlf weighs him flown 131 Dr. Cox tells him to 1-11 one lie leafls to another. 1.2. Physics students love Nelms because 111 he uses ten.-point hieroglyph- ics 121 he lectures so coherently 131 he grafles so high. 141 hfe's not twins. 13. Earle Mauldin loves 111 corn on the cob 121 corn on. the half shell 131 corn with salt anrl pepper 141 corn. ll. Boulware of the theologs has 111 simple dementia praecox 121 Hebe- phrenic Praecox 131 Catatonic Dementia Praecox 141-1 Paranoid Praecox. 15. If you were Frank Cayce you would 111 just he flfllllllefl 121 just be rlamnezl 131 just be tlamnecl 1411 just be clarnnerl. 16. Fritz McDuflie was thrown out of the library for 111 checlting out a hook 121 lfissing llfliss ,lemison 131 malfing a pass at Dick Harwell 191-1 paying a quarter on a book lze brought in late. 17. The Co-ed Glee Club sounds like 111 the forgotten symphony 121 Daniels chorus 131 nothing you ever hearrl before 141 hell. 13. When asked about D. V. S. its members will 1l1 give you the grip 121 recite Snow White Ull-tl the SEVEN flwarfs 131 go into a dance 141-,1 not. 19. Miss Evans reminds one of 111 ?121 P? 131 ??? 14-1 ???? 20. The University of Georgia is run 111 for publicity purposes 121 by Home Ec girls 131 al-H Boys 141 in the ground. 21. Miss Ealligant has 111 life mernlaership in the Sways and Leans Cornrnittee 121 an. appointment at West. Point 131 rt seat in the library 141-1 THE seal. in the library. 22. A Gainesville hotel erected a monument to the publications staffs because they 111 passea' array 121 passed on 131 their way 141 passed out. 23. Brenau calls Dulfee an architect because he 111 eclits the Wheel 12,1 lmozrs a lol about figures 131 is 14-1 has so many fancy lines. 2-L. This stuff is liable to 111 make history 121 run up the mortality rate 131 be inscribed on the walls of Glenn lllemorial ............ - 192 Feature .... ,leanne Crowell, a desert island, a mellow moon, a crooning surf, and S. C. Beard in a leopard skin. A moonlit pavillion, soft music, and Henry Finch and Jacqueline Evans dancing cheek to cheek. Glenn Memorial, rapt students, rapt faculty, and Benny Galanti speaking. An original joke, laughter, real laughter, and Dr. Gosnell. Mother Drake saying her boys didnlt drink because they loved water so much. A fierce snarl, dripping fangs, and Loren Dickerson. ECA singing uluove Lifted Mel' on Baker St. ,lack King, Dr. Parker, Dickey Cook, Dr. Dewey, Miss Jemison, Mc- Coy lohnson, Dr. Smart, President Cox. Heys Mc-Math, Susan Falligant, Bishop Candler, Mrs. Lozier, Mrs. Turner, Zach Tatum, Henry Finch, and yourself in a four passenger car going to a dance at Brenau. Horticulturist Canfield's surprise when one of the higher-ups on the Wheel transplanted his four roses to another pot. Sobriety, sobriety, sobriety, so- briety, sobriety, sobriety, sobriety and the Wheel, Phoenix and CJMPUS staffs and the Georgia Collegiate Press Convention. The surprise of the people in the Dixie Hunt when they found the midnite menace wasn't a Wild man by profession but a Miller by birth. The Statue of Liberty doing the Big Apple down Broadway and Cayce paying Galanti, Hosford, Mauldin, Menkee. A beautiful blonde screaming from tenth floor of hotel for the house detective, the floor walker, help . . . all three come . . . find Grady Clay imitating Tarzan and his mate. How proud of Emory parents would be when their son was kicked out for cutting chapel three times without excuses. A Southern Methodist having a God that doesn't say Hyou all" and a Northern Methodist one that does. Feature Mew, Canfield, Yancey, Rolleston playing four Way solitaire on credit in the dark. Feature the change in lohn 21st chapter, third verse, if McCord had been there. College Rumor's Book Shelf . . . How to Prevent Broken Pledges, by Warren "Smoke" Williams. Short Pants Press, 308 pp.g 1938. In this handy little Bible for future Phi Delt fail- ures, Dr. Williams reveals all-all of the ways and means of evading the Interfraternity Council rushing rules. Also included is an invaluable section listing alibis if you get caught trying to persuade SAE fresh- men to break their pledges. Author Williams, in his lucid, authoritative style. is not content to limit his observations to the field of fraternity rushing. Also included. are pages and pages of insinuations quoted from his SAC accusations against Councilmen Abernathy, May, Duffee, and other nasty ole boys on the Council. Retaliations from other members of the Council are censored since they con- tain opinions of Dr. Williams and are therefore not fit subject matter for the U. S. mail. Closing is the keynote of all Phi Delt rushing suc- cess: 'glf you can't pledge a guy when he's drunk, get drunk yourself and pledge himf, F xi King for zz Day, a twenty-four-hour autobiography by ,lack King, written in the third person. Cider Press, 243 pp.g 1938. ' A soul searing story of a poor millionaire trying to play Sherman with a girl named Dixie. Dixie turns out to be an up and come-in movie star. The personable hero with his Cadillac and pocket change shows the girl such hot spots as the Tech Armory, Woodruff Hall, and the Kappa Alpha House. Up to this point it is a mere waste of paper-paper money-but then the soisdisant hero asks Dixie to be his heroine, and she tells him that she's kept up with the world and doesnit go for this man.-dane rot. King then screams, "I want to be a loan." The story closes when King's father takes him up and lets him be a loan. Incidentally this draws more interest than the rest of the story. CLASSIFIED ADS MEN WANTED-Apply to Emory Library School. Must be young and not particular. LOST-One soul, somewhere on Baker St.-Ned Pond. LOST-Twenty souls, somewhere on Baker Street-Sigma Pi Fraternity. LOST-One hundred souls, somewhere on Baker St.-Emory Medical School. FOUND-FOUND-One hundred and twenty-one mangled souls -Georgie. Nellie, Peggy. Address. somewhere on Baker St. WANTED-Dancing Teacher-Lithe lad or lassie to instruct in the Big Apple. Scrontch. Rhumba, etc.-Jimmy Scar- borough. FOR SALE-For the Asl-:ingfFor G - - -'s sakefBugs-Bugs Bugs-Bugs-BugsBugs-Bugs-Bugs-Bugs-First Door on Right. Kappa Alpha House. WANTED-One libel suit to be pressed out-Buddy Atkinson. WANTED-One issue of Wheel without Syphilis on page 8- Student body. FOUND-One male characteristic-qI'm positive it's not mine. Somebody come get it quickfDick Harwell. FOUND-Set of knives in my back. Goodyear brand-Bowen Hosford. BOOKS FOR SALE: How I and Huey Long Ran L. S. U.-Frank Cayce. How I and Westbrook Pegler Write a Column-Frank Cayce. How I and George Jean Nathan Review Books-Frank Cayce. How I and Steadman Run the English Department-Frank Cayc i 1 W . 1 N, ll lxt Y k my S llltt tl tllllf ill FEM.. yy 8 lm .ty I. t1.l'lll'i+:"f ll i J t'l.2ll.l.2l'll l c ftlltll .. Milli 1 ll M atm 1 I t.,tl,i-,ly,j'l',l. ll 'l ,ull w l tl l lll'l?ttlt,, mtl 4, li L 1 v lltlilgpwliytt twtll 'Nll lll l X Nl. llll l t" I , ly All at I ll, . X: In www ll . 1 1 r X K '17'uchelu+ Get married!-but I thought our love was too beautiful for thatfi' .5 i, LL., Lu. V 'l l' I VA ' 'llll ll U' vt .,.tllllllllt.. t . ,Q A I' ,,,. .,..,. U f A ,I M 1 ' . ,1 C A l - 'lTvuc.heIv'l?l e' . - as Mystery Novel-How I Live With I-Frank Cayce. 'il was so surprised-Cayce really did have etchlngsl LETTE --- Theology School. Editor of the Pfzoenzfgtf. Dearest Frank: Your Plzoenix is the nuts. Boy, it packs a mean wallop and we ain't shooting you no stuff. Thank God you had guts enough to ditch the old style. It was the corniest stuH since Job had boils. We never miss an issue now. The only trouble is that the boys Wonlt give us a chance to read it. Damn. they jerk it out of our hands and go tearing off to show their wives a joke they think is so cute. By the way, Frank. your jokes are just swell but if you could kinda cut down on the parlor stuff we would like your mag better. Now take one of the better ones we heard over in the Theology Chapel. Once Mae West and St. Peter . . . Sincerely, PAUL BANKSTON GEORGE HARPER. Dear Dean: Please donit think lim a stool pigeon 'cause I ainit. I just wanta tell you that at the last dances I smelled alcohol on two guys, breaths and. Dean, they sure hadrrt been giving their tonsils a rub down. I donit exactly know but I think it was Hiram Walker 793, six months old. artihcially aged, and I think they got it at a hotel two blocks down from the Grand. Us boys would appreci- ate better chaperoning on your part. Trustingly, DICKEY Cook. Editor of the Wheel. Sir: There ain't no lights on this campus and I wanta know why. Last night I busted Hell outa my back in the woods and I coulda just as easy busted something else, so give the administration merry Hell till they do . . . Yours, NEAL SMITH. Agnes Scott. Dear Coxey: For years our institutions have been close together-too close in some instances-but nevertheless we've had good clean fun. Agnes Scott, as you know, is always hos- pitable, always glad for our girls to have visitors, always the open door policy prevails. We don't mind turn- ing over our date parlors for several hours to your boys, but. by God. Harvey, when they try to get squat- ters' rights on the place itis too much. Either they pay a residence fee or they walk the streets-the boys of course. Your ole pal, IVIACZ June, I938. Dear Dr. Goodyear: In view of your kindness toward me during my stay at Emory I have named my Iirst child for you. Haven't been doing much recently. Am getting married in ,Iuly and would like lo have you attend. Deepest regards, BovvEN HOSFORD. Nly dear Miss Jemison: For years I have searched for the perfect photogenic smile and when you smiled at Lew Gordon yesterday as he kicked lVIcCoy Johnson in the back right in the middle of the Ii- brary I felt like Sir Galahad and the Holy Grail. At last I have got it. Will you meet me in the X-ray room? I know you've a smile hemmed up somewhere and, by God, Iam the man that can do it . . . Reflectively, T1-:D LEIGH. Dear Susan: Terribly sorry but I can't be at the Post tonight. Two nights in a row would leave War Admiral at the post. Lovingly, S. C. BEARD. I94 Dear Dr. Smart: What the Hell, Doc? I,m so tired of these chapel speakers I could go to a med dance. Those preachers don't do anything but preach. Give us a guy like Dr. Smith that,s really got stuff on the ball. Hopingly, F RANK RoBERrsoN, President, ECA. Editor of the CAMPUS. Dear Messrs. Dasher and Rolleston: Sirs. you are men after my own heart as well as my activities fee. I am now getting up a petition requir- ing each student to take a full page ad in your publication before they can get an issue. Yours in spirits, DAVID CHASTAIN. Dear Don Carter: Congratulations on your noble achievement. I knew that with your efforts combined with those of the University of Georgia that you would make Georgia known above the Clarke County line. I heartily ap- prove of your program. I thought your Male Beauty contest was a pip but then you came through with your last stroke of genius and made your previous pip seem like a dud. I hardly thought you had the capacity for such a master stroke but now I see that indeed you are the brainy one you told me you were. Your idea of crossing gloomy Home Ecs with bright lawyers and getting pros- pects was good enough, but why don't you try to cross heredity with environment and try to get a gentle- man? I'm sure that if you could do this your school would be changed but much better known. Donnie, if you think up many more good ones please let me in on them because I admire yours as well as the Uni- versity's technique in those matters. By the way I,ve been trying to get the folks to let me come over and give lectures on the III but they say lim still too young to be going to such places, so I guess you will have to come over and talk in chapel on your brilliant child-raising project. Love and kisses, GRADY E. CLAY, JR. ,Z ., -,f::"s-:- -e:f2:2:53.,:- -a.::-1:.-ms?-5::::f M . 4. , ..., Q, . .. 1... -,f - an Y, ffi 9 f'I- 3599 5' Mu' .4 " .'E5'f5:2'f155Ef1E"Er15?f:i55J5I5I'5355555-Z":2i?:Tak I 4 ,N . . , N fJ-:"3:iff:S::l:'351:75511112-:215:-1"'l' A... ,.,. C ,,,, 4 ,,.,. Q ,,,K-.,, . C M Y . DRAWINGS B 2:23551:2':?V2a263::v.-'2i.f:ef ,...:..:.-5:,.,5:.z. A Y Y JOHN HAGAN .--:mx:':. . h- s f 5564 ,A V. .. .Lsillrixgi -1 ,5 iailffat K 'Z .,,..,. C V"l ":::"'L' 5 'zfi 'i ' 9 vf'-Q ,. HLAHP : A -',x : '1 " " " ' . ,1, e Y 3111 v e. f To ili f,W Q f, 'A121":- " A' .fr 11.f. ,,'," Q,AA, j o ' ',., 1500 C Q ' V -3- -if r r ' ' ,,., L K. , . A , Qnv, Q C L Q , ,, , X xgh N A , " 1 Occ C 6 A 0: D Do . V X :yy-S, ,'.., j t . ...i r 1. : . U s r e 1- . 1 .1 ar PN y, gf, ., , i , .q y .1A. r In ,Q E ."" ' V gn.. 8 A. M.-"From bed to bed- - ' l f? 'l V lam to Shakespeare. Wonder V -'Nglx how Romeo did all those ,' :A -',1 - 1,'- Vnlv ' things hanSin9 'From a bal- - ' gg? cony. Wonder what he ,' could do in the dress circle." L' A 5 0 3 P. M.-"What the Hell." Lured by lugs wanting to do some 4 courting, ends up on X4 tennis court. "l play Ky fx lx QA' x yi ball at night." QL!! , 1 EQ, ff a. W 1 1, lx . i Q7 fl 'X 12 -- i , ',vvl'k' Q .k-l- Fi! :I 7. : 5 , -A .i gy? ., . iii. :VI I, V vi . C , 157 V jz 1 v-,, hz Q A 1 VAQV kv Tlx 1 lil." 13? b ' l T? lv, . i". ..'Qf5xQ9." X f' E7 ' '-.. 5 , I fi v,.L U g Kvll lr.:.,,.,f- Kk., r ".': . -'Q 1-. ,,AA F yd I. get uuzy karts, ,Q .XN an ,lucy N1 '.'- . f A rx lgq '- '51 "Il e .re so ,ee r. i e ra r i W 'i., V .- f- , if ",. uf H as - ' e r or .r - . . .-,A . . X L-x. ,- xxx MN ,ey fav- V A 'f'72'5Q:-QQXMX' ""! ,X 1 ,'V, ', , .f x N fxX x ,H ..,e M .,.. r r f f N-S vw xy f'N xr . s + .fwfr li .11 l-r' ,, Vl,. V .Z ' V, I CLQX ' flif' ,." . ' 1. ',,, V fx X 3 A. M.-"Vfhew, maybe - Ver' ' A D IJ f Freud was right. AnY' , ":1V ' f ix-P way he was from Tech, 1-for 1 " fs fo p. M.-,"Su,e I remem- it. wasn't the Emory tech- Af' ber YOU er-er-er, yeah, l ""qUC- Oh' well, 911955 l :nf J- f' .j sy -.l gi f',: l',' , ' lmew your 'father anyway. Aren't these pinls too cute for words . . decent words." l95 AMA better cut that class." --954301. OCAES Tofyfcwqmga N--.R A X A5934 "This is me old man-I brung him along for the pop-quiz." ESE.. as- msfbif its - I ' 4. ' ' .- A I if. If 1' wa : X ' I., L' . K X, Qffsi lllf Q ' I T. t Fwy ' 'URN 'H'-fi f l tx ff l X fl lv l ' r ' I X 1 ,fi 5' fri wllrlwt-ml . :1 f3g Xf'l.,l'Xi I Hll llll K mul' Q K y K ,I f' 1' t Ny' x',5--- Q ,K I Q ' W - ' K xl ' fm' ls- , lx N' 'iq X, li lx I K f It 5 , ,L ' lt f Phi-I -k g I it X 1 . , 3 D . f fx -or-i'f' fi,,,..iN. 1 ' ' c rl ll l N-xl' If f 1 l lN Q ' i N f ' ' ' ' Q Y 1 fff t Y 1, i 'A' 4 I 1 if 'f x l ll 1' ri' it l i ' f . ,A ' V I Q J lk QYCQ... "Do you have a family tree?" "Hell, no. I ain't particularla' I96 Little Johnny wrote board: "Johnny is devil." The teacher him for writing this must stay after school on the black- a passionate reprimanded and said he for one hour. When Johnny got out of school that night all his little friends were waiting to hear what punishment he had received. uWhat did she do to you?" asked one little boy. 'Bl ainit saying nothinif' said Johnny, "except that it pays to advertisef, EB. uOh, keeper," said the middle-aged woman at the zoo. 'Lis that a male or a female hippopotamus?'7 f'lVIadame,U said the keeper, "I don't see what difference that would make to anybody but another hippo- potamusf' X. Q A drunk was swaying back and forth on the sidewalk when the cop stepped up and asked him what he was doing and where he lived. "Right there," he said, pointing to a house. "I rang the bell and nobody ansheredf' "How long ago was that?" asked the cop. "Oh, a couple of hoursf' L'Well, why don't you try them again?', "Aw. to hell with lemglet ,em waitf' E X Archer: Wfhereis two flies in my soup." Benny: "Howie they doing?,, il E It seems that one sunny spring morning a gentleman was leading a dragon down Park Avenue. Every- thing was going well and both seemed to be enjoying themselves. But suddenly the dragon started get- ting frisky, tugging at the leash, bumping into people, and running in circles, and making a general nuisance of himself. The gentleman did nothing for a while, then losing patience yanked the dragon near to him and said, L'Look here, young fellow, if you're not careful I'll take a Bromo-Seltzer and get rid of youf, li E How is the bride to know who was the best man at her wedding when only her husband goes on the honey- moon? Addison-Rudesal .. Ansley Hotel .... Anthony Buick ............. Aristocrat Dairy Products C0 Atlanta Federal Theatre ,... Atlanta Packard Motors .... Atlanta Stove Works .... Balfour, L. G. ............. . Ballard, Walter, Optical Co. . Barrett Food Products Co. .. Beck 82 Gregg Hardware Co. Billy Boy Nut Kitchen ..... Blick's Bowling Alleys ..,.. Bob's Individual Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning, Inc. 218 Campbell Coal Co. ......... . Canada Dry Ginger Ale, I11c. Candler Hotel ............, Capital City Tailors Capitol Automobile Co. .. Coca-Cola Co. .......... . Cofer, C. P., Roofing Co. Colonnade Sandwich Shop .. Corona Typewriters ........ Cox-Carlton Hotel .... . . . Curry Bros. . ......... Daniel, J. B., Inc. .......... . Decatur Laundry 8: Dry Cleaning Dobbs, Harry F., Inc. ..... . Druid Hills Cleaners .... Druid Hills Real Estate .. Dunlap 82 Co. .......... . Dwoskin, M., 82 Sons ...,.. . Eastman Kodak Stores, lnc. En1ory's Best Barber Shop . Emory Delicatessen ...... Emory University .,...... Estes Surgical Supply Co. .. 7-D..-....tl-49.7 -,-,.-,.04.0. Q :... ..0......,.4 , , , . . 205 fncfmlarq . . 220 . 217 . .. 206 202 206 10101014 24 10101011 ic 11114 301014 10301149 King Hardware Co. .. Kingskraft Cover .... Kinney's Shoe Store .. Lane Drug Stores, l11c. LeBlanc s .......,.......... -- Lucas 82 Jenkins Theaters ... ... ... .. 220 Margaret Bryan ...................,. . . 222 -- Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Co. ..,. .. 221 Mamiews, Ed te Al, co. 203 McCollun1 Bros. ........ . 213 McCord Bros., Inc. ...... . 205 McCord-Stewart Co. ........ . . . 202 Medealf-Pontiac Motor Co. 213 .. 217 .. 218 .. 207 .. 200 . 220 Miner 8: Carter ............... Mitchell Motors .................... 216 Moore 82 Clarke Standard Oil Station ...... Moore. Geo., Ice Cream .............. Mutual Supply Co. .... . North Tours ................... . . . . Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co .... Co. .. .. Federal Hardware 82 Implement Mutuals .... Finley, Sam E. ............ . Florsheim Shoe Shop Foote 82 Davies Co. ..... . Frost-Cotton Motors, Inc. Fuller Brush Co., Inc. .... .. Fulton County Federal Savings 82 Loan Asso. Fulton Supply Co. ......... . Gaspar-Ware Studios .... Georgian Terrace Hotel .. Harper's Flower Shop Harrison Book Co. Harrison, J. M., 82 Co. Hearn's Men Shop .... Henry Grady Hotel Henry Grady Laundry Herndon Barbers, Inc. Higgins-McArthur Co. Ivey's Drug Store Jersey Ice Cream Co. ...... . viuinioioif 222 209 21.7 216 212 218 210 218 209 214 215 222 218 205 204 210 214 220 219 229 206 217 221 213 225 217 202 198 206 21.9 215 201 218 216 205 199 I97 Pattillo, Howard, Ins. Agency ....... Penn Mutual Life Ins. ..... . Pepsi-Cola . ............ . Perdue 8: Egleston, Inc. ....... Pig'n Whistle Sandwich Shop . .. . . . Prior Tire Co. ................ . Radford 82 Co. ...... .. . Rambo, R. K., Co. .. Randall Bros. .... .. . Reese 8: Benson .... Reid, Henry L., Co. .. Rialto Theater ..... . . . S.82H.X-RayCo.... Scarratt's Garage . . . .. . Schwob, The, Co. ... ... Selig, The, Co. ..... Singer, H. L., Co. .. . Smith 82 Erwin ............. Southeastern Air Service, lnc. ..... . . . . Southern Dairies, Inc. ..........,......... . Southern Shorthand S2 Business University. Southern Wood Preserving Co. ,.......... . Standard Awning Sz Shade Co. . .. ... Stewart 82 Farr Co. ....... ' . . . . .. Stone Baking Co. .. Tennessee Egg Co. .....,... ... Thomson, W. D. . ........... , Tractor K: Machinery Co., Inc. .. . .. Tuxedo Park Co. ............ . . Underwood-Elliott-Fisher Co. .. U. S. Tire Service .......... .. Universal Garage Co., Inc. .. Warren Music Co. ...... Wender 82 Roberts, Inc. ,... ... Wesleyan College ........... . . . Wrigley Photo-Engraving Co. .. York's Recreation Parlor .................. v10101014r2010:0:0:0i01o10goi4r1cv14ri4 1 U U 213 U 222 219 199 U 205 U 202 202 Q 214 I 211 203 Q 210 E 211 . 206 205 U 206 II 206 212 H 210 209 214 . 214 l 215 199 ll 214 222 H 207 212 211. A 213 U 221 U 221 U 202 i 210 II 207 ij 219 E 210 210 U 214 U 209 U 212 H 209 E 216 218 ! 211 i! 203 ll 222 ll 221 II 213 209 217 H 207 H 216 221 U 205 Q 208 Q 226 202 ll P10102 offs: :iii ilu: I I I I I I I I I I u I! ll U 1 0,0 pumarzniuioioinioirrirni pnri::gr'icuii12:Iiniuioioinvioiuioioiumuisriivianinioioioiuinric PLEASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS THE UP-TO-THE-MINUTE GEORGIA LAWYER CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WITHOUT THE cont QE caEoRoiA AN Norman COMPLETE IN 34 BOOKS AND CURRENT POCKET PARTS O Contains all the law-the enactments of the Legislature and a digest of the decisions of the courts of last resort in this State, as well as a digest of the de- cisions of the Federal Courts constru- ing the laws of Georgia. Kept to clate by Cumulative Pocket Parts making the Code practically perpetual. 0 Prospectus showing sample pages, price, and easy plan of payment mailed on request. LAW BOOK PUBLISHERS I5I Spring Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia HEADQUARTERS FOR GEORGIA LAW BOOKS l98 ,- 114 I II 0:0 PLEASE PATRONIZE Oxoxtqrlcirlrnirirqrvzricriivxii:u3ogo1u1rio:o 3 ! S A Grand Treat Always . LANE Rich, Creamy I ICE CREAM T 2 soDAs V' ,i 3 .:. Q g oeiiaousiy flavored-with 5 we i two big servings ot Ice 2 - Cream-Topped with whip- - S ped cream and a cherry! Q ff 1 1 f 0' i -. ...,.. -- s-s.s.c ,... i .:.,-..- - - - - -..-.-..-.-.-.- - -..-..-..:. DOOLE Friday, Oct. I5-Juniors beat Freshmen in tootball, just like in rat-court. Bob Stump elected president ot sophomore meds. AKK's get Charlie Harris on SAC in true-to-torm poli- tics. Med school announces plan to survey dairies iSee President Stump tor phone numbersi. WHEEL delegation grows amorous in Chicago. Absinthe makes the heart grow tonder. Clay discusses college slang while Detroit co-ed changes to negligee. Anglo-Saxon monosyllables omitted trom conversation as co-ed tails to get a rise out ot Clay. Saturday, Oct. I6-SAE's hold hayride, after despairing ot getting hayseed out ot treshmen's hair. Sigma Nus hold "Harlem dance," inviting Tech and Georgia brothers out. Case dates cook, butler beats Tommy Armour's time. Julian Cullum, Marvin Day, John Cates, other pinks run amuck, at- tend midnight show. Rabbi irate over news ot AEPi weiner roast. Kosher oughta expect that. Sunday, Oct. I7-Dr. Pearce speaks over WSB. History majors take notes in shorthand. Ninette Carter and Joe Wil- liams drifting. Frank Robertson, other potential ECA presi- dents attend church. Frank Ingram spends l,978th consecu- tive Sunday in Grittin. Monday, Oct. I8-Galanti opens prematurely, gives out tree cottee, doughnuts, pie, and AEPi pledge buttons. Try- outs tor international debate continue, as all aspirants detend Supreme Court before Dr. Bryan, explain to Goodyear what Supreme Court is. Tuesday, Oct. I9-Benny likes first opening so well he opens again. Dasher still hunting tor opening with Crowell. Duttee tinds opening with Collar, Frances Baker, Beverly Cone, Martha Grittith, Grace Collar elected officers ot Co-ed Club. Other member sulks, resigns. Falligant says it isn't Dennis' line that counts, it's the end runs and other maneuv- ers. Y'S I99 YOUR ADVERTISERS A NICKEL DRI K i T Q Q i Q E WORTH A DIME Q ozqnlnznzuzii1iiiiizuiuzniu:u:n:u1n1ii1 into . ofsiziiq : :u:r,:ii: : -pi : i: 5-.Q-i:i : 1 :if-,Q i T i JERSEY ICE CREAM i Q COMPANY i 784 N. Highland Avenue, N. E. g ATLANTA, GEORGIA T ii FRED E. SCANLING L i Hlimlock 0125 Q T U o.u1.i1ii1. 1 1 1 :i,1i1i1 101 1 DIARY Wednesday, Oct. 20-Few and Phi Gamma meet, politick- ing tor ottices begins. Frosh tie Seniors in football, Seniors decide to wait tor Tuesday night to tie Frosh in knots. Dasher tells CAMPUS statt promotion will be based on merit, statt yawns. Yawn know how those things work. Uncle Bud tinds listener. Listener's ears catch hell. Chi Phis pledge Wilson Holz in nick ot time. Thursday, Oct. 2I-Golson, Jenkins, Jones nominated as Rhodes Scholarship candidates. Chesnuts EngIand'Il be want- ing somebody to pull out tor her. Sigma Chis, Chi Phis plan extras ot chapter papers. Tolbert turns Gossipel Truth to international scene, readers turn to Cayce's column, Jenkins turns other cheek, Bailes turns to Scott, Luke Garrett turns up a color tlush. Dean de Ovies speaks on petting, huge crowd turns out to pick up pointers. Charlie Tripp, "Casa- nova" Clower, and Scott Turk argue time points. Holz wins cross-country race, Chi Phis heave sigh ot relief. Friday, Oct. 22-ATO's hold house dance. Presence ot Ida Akers assures chapter bids to debutante parties. Dr. Nelms holds party tor lda Munro, who tollowed up WHEEL scoop by announcing engagement. Sigma Chis remember how close Golson came, pledge WHEEL-man Knox. Saturday, Oct. 23-AEPis tling dance. No stags, as both boys bring dates. Hopetuls look torward to ODK elections. Smoke Williams in accepting mood tor third straight year. Lockhart losing hope. Finch begins speaking to Golson. Rol- leston, Humber, other upstarts spurt. Sunday, Oct. 24--Dr. Purks speaks over WSB and dammit even Dooley can't toss any nasty cracks his way, Young People install Leon Smith, who was elected president several days back. Cottingham, Chap White, Clyde "l'rn the Goose's Boy" Carter, and Billy Dukes also get name in WHEEL. PLEASE PATRONIZE DOOLEY'S Monday, Oct. 25-Hospital adopts group insurance plan. Hell, who wouldnt with three SAE's working on the switch- board. Dewey cuts Cfrlec Club to 65, leaving three places tor other than SAE's, Beverly Cone, and June Swagerty elected to ECA, as Collar and Carter protest railroading. Library School's Miss Higgins falls on dark path, injures knee. Neal Smith lays odds she wasnlt on the path. WHY, Mr. Smith! Tuesday, Oct. 26-Humber asks tor ushers tor Dale Car- negie lecture. Clay, Michael, Ballard, countless political hope- tuls volunteer. Crooked politics brewing in Law School as Dennis and Black try to pull a tastie. Bill Matthews an- nounces again that student directory will be out this week, campus just laughs and laughs. Dasher and Rolleston an- nounce someth ng or other about CAMPUS pictures, campus has belly laugh. Wednesday, Oct. 27AMcCaowan and Jim Hicks shine in treshman debate torum. Lamar Roberts shines within and without. Sophs tie Juniors, as it anybody cared. Thursday, Oct. 28-ECA otters attendance cup tor Parents' Day, McClelland wishes he could help Thetas. AKK, Phi Chi put on drive. Dickie Cook does his part, puts on tie. Pain, Jones, Callaway stumble into Eta Sigma Psi. Organization states Callaway outstanding in representing DeEoor and Austin. Clay attacks stagnant professors, Gosnell too stag- nant to reply. Gossipel Truth scares hell out ot Canfield. Canfield calls May, May calls Rece, Rece calls Campbell, Duftee calls Mississippi. SAC begins to welsh on constitu- tional amendments. Friday, Oct. 29-First two-bit dance, high mortality rate on telephone poles on Peachtree. Poles can't dodge, says Rece, but God! how they can Cadillac! State legislature establishes state patrol, considers driving licenses tor KA's King dates Seminary kindergarten teacher so brothers can meet pupils. YOUR ADVERTISERS DIARY Saturday, Oct. 30-Sigs hold annual Hallowe'en dance. Spirits walk, Hagan trucks, Hall courts Hamilton, Sowell plays usual violin solo, Collar and Golson tormally dissolve merger. PiKA's guests at Tech possum hunt. Unidentified brother hunts possum, finally gives up. Other brothers give up, too. " 'Tis better to have lunched and lost . . ." Tazewell still adamant. "Damant," swears Bailes. Hugh Beasley and Agnes Scottls Mary Nell Trrbble carelessly drive into Stone Mountain. Campus says that's taking too much tor granite. Sunday, Oct. 3l-Bobby Wyatt, Bill Pierce, Thigpen, Hugh Bruce still on possum hunt. Graham Golson decides to let kid brother wait till senior year to edit WHEEL. Collar switches at-Fections to Duttee. Brannen and Knox patiently waiting. "Hell, we work on the WHEEL, too.'l Theologs eat tree meals with respective congregations. Paul Bankston, George Clary, Baxter Jones, Chap White go to Macon on ECA depu- tation. Macon church membership drops to all-time low. Monday, Nov. I-Beard, Tolbcrt chosen tor international debate, Jimmy Wilson decides to be tai-nous later. Hollo- way tclls tor I89th time how he rocked McConnell in his prime. Brannen shows up at WHEEL meeting at I2 o'clock atter Aces practice, Knox hopes boom. Fritz McDuttie prom- enades with Jeanne Crowell, Dasher and Paul Anderson glare, lDo we make ourselves glare here?l Cayce begins noticing Ninette Carter at WHEEL meeting, Ninette notices, too, pounds out society. Statl remains till tive a.m. again, rewriting society. Tuesday, Nov. 2-Thetas execute coup, elect Wiggins to SAC, swap Law school presidency to Callaway, PiKA's deny collusion. Hell, who wouldn't7 Abernathy decides to give Wiggins tloor once a month as gesture. Campus says thatls where Bob belongs all the time. Possum-hunting Pikes at- tlicted with understandable doubts, listen to lecture "tor brothers only" by Dr. Eberhart. .g..-..:.,: : : : : 2 : -.- :.: : : :..:..-..-..-.,:.-..:..:..:..:..:..:..E : -E : : : : :A-3. II II H ll ll ll ll U 1' we ii l ll II l Pure refreshment 02010103011iiiiioirriuqbnioiiiirriiiioioioioiiriirirrirrioiirir11rio:rrioioirriuirrioiirioiniiozo EASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISE l'lENRY GR LAUNDRY .f'5f'X, STUDENTS' LAUNDRY IIANDLED TIIRDUGN CD'DP 20I 1-rr: znzziznznzniuzrrirzznlninixizri-c PLEASE PATRONIZ ATLANTA FEDERAL THEATRE rrrrdrv' flzc WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION ffl: lixchzmge Place ATLANTA, GEORGIA 1902031319 zviirxrringnqmrinz rc: 3 ini: iuzuxuznzriinzuznznr., 1 zu: 1 grin: BOWLING- The most popular ot all indoor sports . . . l-las more than 20,000 regular participants in Atlanta Two Ideal Sport -25. Convenient M i for you and ' 5 Locations he Girl Friend 1 J Bowl tor Pun and Health BIiclc's Bowling Center 20 HOUSTON ST. Q52 Alleysj Lucky Strike Alleys 671 PEACHTREE ST. Q28 Alleysj The CC'llfFl'S of Acfivify :Zozo 0:0 E YOUR ADVERTISER RIALTO Corner Forsyth ancl Luclrie Streets Theatre of Hit Pictures 0 Home of First-Run Columbia Smash Hit Productions and Outstanding Pictures from Other Major Producing Companies o.qir1rr3uinqpuqnrrzri.: :nz zniuznz 1 :vii iiiiiiliningsviirzrrzniuzniuinzi110101111 LUCAS 81 JENKINS THEATERS Pox Paramount Georgia Capitol 1-nz 1- 112110: 1- 1- 2:13 i1-ir1-::1-rr1ri1- oi:-14:301:linzuznznzniniuzir101- aiu YORK'S RECREATION PARLOR Compliments to the Emory Students ALWAYS WELCOME 89 North Pryor r1n:n1 .1 1,1 1 1.1 1 3010101H1010ivliriviiriiriu1010101011910 0:4101011viiiioicrininiuiuioirrzuioinin MARGARET BRYAN INSTRUCTION . . . for . . . BALLROOM DANCING I6th Season Peachtree ancl Third Streets JAckson 3877 vi rio: ri ri 1o1in:o1rr2o3o14r1o21r1r.:11rir "Atlantis Society Florfstu Harper's COIOTLPLZI Flower Shop Peachtree at Tweltth HE. IIBI-I I82 691010101 x1o1n2ir11r11r:o1oi1v2oio1 101 PLEASE PATRONIZE 3:0ixnzr111ixr114,griqrigrigisgigqrqrqiqrqiigpio 2 2 i iaff ' Q 2 souiiism MILK Bread 2 S Made With Milk and Butter 2 I . i t 1 i r ' i r i 2 STONE BAKING COMPANY 2 2 DOOLEY'S Wednesday, Nov. 3-Anderson and Crowell view tootball game. Dooley views Crowell, or have view noticed. V-i-e-wl University purchases land 'lor medical center. McCord and other taculty oddities search Oketenokee swamp tor odder oddities. Campus lays odds there ain't any, tThis is the wrong date tor this, and we bet Uncle Bud raises hell when he catches it.l Thursday, Nov. 4-Rece guest columnist as Tolbert makes triends in land ot milk and honeys. May persuades room- mate Duttee to write editorial giving golt hell. Sixty-three more men report tor golt. Brinkley gets pitcher in WHEEL as Parents' Day chairman, but what the hell, he deserves it. May rejects athletic budget tor l9th time, trains guns on golt. First PHOENIX appears, Cayce disappears. Jemison proclaims rag too sexy . . . Short stories seem to be written tor the ages-between tive and twelve. Friday, Nov. 5-Parents arrive to see sons and dotters. Jenkins and Brinkley get to shine all day. Falligant shocks parents with dress at reception, but says, "I only wear it to teas." Sigma Chis win attendance cup. Saturday, Nov. 6-Beverly Cone, Martha Albright, Margaret Olsen go swimming in University pool. Breasting the waves . . . Cornelia Otis Skinner proves selt mistress ot monologue, Leland Mackay changes name to Monologue. Sunday, Nov. 7-Tolbert interviews Skinner in suite at Biltmore, tells big Mackay not to bother. Stodghill steals a Marshall on Dasher. Cayce and Clay demonstrate etchings in PHOENIX "otfice." We're etching to tell you more, but . . . Theolags hold mass meeting to protest use ot Ovaltine as habit-tori-ning drug, Brad Ansley, Pond, Eve, decide to be torces tor righteousness, give up Ovaltine. Everett Bishop, Sam Marshall, Ed Goddard, Forrest Shropshire, Odis Little join bandwagon. First time on wagon tor most ot them. YOUR ADVERTISERS Q i GARDNER PRODUCTS i ! Salted Peanuts s Q Peanut Butter Sandwiches g Potato Chips Peanut Candies Barrett Food Products Q i Company Q Factories All Over Dixie i I ! o:o1ii1r1.1u1i1.--. 1 1. 1,141.1 31,3 1, 3,5 4..- -. -. -,-..-. 4. U ! E Candies Tobaccos Cigars i Q i l ! E McCOLLUM BROTHERS Restaurant Supplies - Sundries : i WHOLESALERS E "At YourService" U I27 Central Ave., S. W. WAlnut I442 g II w .g....,-.....-. - - - - -.-.- Qi.. -..-.- , DIARY Monday, Nov. 8-O'Donnell and Tolbert machines tunction smoothly, win presidcncies ot Few and Phi Gamma. Chi Phis, KA's show much smaller attendance from now on. Van- derbilt economist pleads tor taritt reduction. Meds claim taritt on North Avenue too high. Tuesday, Nov. 9-Humber persuades lntertrat Council to change name ot "two-bit" dances, Editor Duttee laughs and laughs. Rece suggests "Greek Wrastles' and "Panhell Hops." Duttee says WHEEL doesn't pan hell out ot anybody, campus agrees. Reporter Joe Hall leaves meeting to go write story about next two-bit dance. Wednesday, Nov. I0-Phil Robertson still at Grady Hospi- tal with scarlet tever. Imagine a med blushing over running a temperature. Bickerstatt meets all nurses, tinally persuaded to leave hospital, May deserts watchdog tactics long enough to pass Seniors to 40-7 win over Frosh. Hell, Dooley rc- members the time he made fourteen passes betore shooting box-cars. Thursday, Nov. II-Duttec writes gory editorial on Armis- tice Day. WHEEL reviews PHOENIX. "Typography lousy," says Nixon. "Typography IOO per cent better," says Collar. Campus says they're both right. Falligant gets her picture on page 2 ot WHEEL, 'cause nobody ever reads page 2 anyway. Thetas tinally caught, socked 25 rocks tor dirtier than usual rushing. Leon Smith writes story about Benjamin FrankIin's policy best. Dr. Pearce, knowing inside story, main- tains discreet silence. Friday, Nov. I2-Students cut chapel, everybody cuts Goodrich. Smart welshes on singing ot Alma Mater, deter- mined to preserve religious nature ot ceremony. Lines up Raper ot Scott to speak on tarm tenancy and soil erosion. some other guy to speak on dope. Dooley says discussion ot dopes and soul erosion very much in order after welshing. PLEASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS DOOLEY'S DIARY Saturday, Nov. I3-Dr. Cox still in hospital, like he's been tor several days, only Dooley's been holding out on you. Nurses still holding out, too, New taces seen in library as prospective ODK's hang around speaking to right people. Williams commutes trom library to co-op. Sunday, Nov. I4-Tolbert stays away trom church tor tirst time in three years, wondering who got elected to Phi Beta Kappa. .lenkins attends, believes in God, Santa Claus, and tellow-man. Dooley tinds his average to be .0000000000000l, decides he'd better compromise on ODK, DVS, and Phi Sigma Iota. Monday, Nov. I5-Eta Sigma Psis shine in treshman chapel. Ballard speaks on "How to win triends and go out tor all activities," Ernie Harwell talks on "How SAE's almost always edit PHOENIX." Harry King, Ely Callaway stress scholar- ship, Boozer explains how to be most voluble tootball player. Emory and Agnes Scott French clubs combine to put on play. Campus thinks they'd have a hell ot a time putting on any play without combining, SAC revises athletic council, gets McCord by advantage, by both ot them. Uncle Bud threatens to resign, May, Peebles, Ouayle injured in rush to accept. Tuesday, Nov. I6-Pledges get hot under the collar- about two and a halt teet under. SAE's hold rat court in installments. Emmett Johnson donates subscription to "Gay Parisienne" to Winship Hall reading room. Students turn annual lobby on CAMPUS editor to get home-town girls in beauty section. Dasher announces complete reversal- beauties tirst, others later. Finch claims this unconstitu- tional, asks SAC tor injunction to stop it. Wednesday, Nov. I7fCayce stops students on quadrangle to ask what they think about his column. Students surprised to think he thinks they think about it, Frosh climax pushball game by removing pants trom spectators, adjourn contest to Agnes Scott, torced to alter tactics, McCain and all the deans in a sweat, but Peek's in an Austin. Tolbert claims encroachment. Thursday, Nov. I8-Ely Freedman wins AKPsi medal, other AEPi cheers selt hoarse. tHoarse that, boys?j PSC meets, sterilizes constitution, elects Goose's class roll. Jones, Lock- hart, Jenkins elected Phi Bete. Other eligibles decide to major in education, Eleazer writes consolations. Friday, Nov. I9-ODK elects Bartlett, Duttee, Hopkins, Humber, Rolleston, Tolbert. Latter, atraid ODK's will change mind, strikes out on dead run, beats Fred Wilson to stage by block and a halt. Other blocks tapped in reverse order. Wiggins missing from stage. Finch hides tears, but Tolbert and Rallestan prepare to tear hides. Abernathy receives letter trom McCain, tinds his constituents have been awtul bad boys, asks Bumstead tor telephone and other numbers. Saturday, Nov. 20-Byrd decides to be next editor ot PHOENIX. Tom Marshall begins to worry about two math courses, "I don't know math trom a hole in the ground." SAE's plan open house. Hell, with two Abernathys around, you just gotta open it some time. "There's something in the BIT. Sunday, Nov. 2I-Dooley got up early today so he could keep in touch, but everybody else slept through, and Dooley decides maybe he didn't write enough about yesterday. lThis is costing Dasher plenty per line, but you notice we're running his name pretty otten, so he ain't mad.j Sidney Rives, Bill Pope, Ed Marks stay away trom church thinking up pinks to date this atternoon, but everybody else has better reasonlsj. U U U . U c ii U U Il I U U U U I ii U U I ii U U U U U U U U U U Q A Century of Service to God and Man Q II I Since the tounding ot Emory College in I836, the seven schools that now compose Emory University l H have enrolled more than 20,000 students and have conterred 9,000 degrees. Among the 9,000 I -- living alumni are 3,000 business men, 2,694 doctors, 867 ministers, 765 teachers lincluding I3 college - ll presidentsj, 537 lawyers, IOO journalists, and 72 toreign missionaries. Emory men today hold ! positions ot responsibility and leadership in 47 states and 25 torei n countries. Il 3 : O Emory has grown trom a struggling college to a large, tully accredited university, but the spirit C U which motivates each school-Arts and Sciences, Graduate, Business Administration, Law, Theology, ! II Medicine, and Library Science-is the same "love ot learning tor the service ot God and man" Q that inspired the tounders ot the old Emory at Oxford. 6 E REGISTRAR OF EMORY UNIVERSITY i EMORY UNIVERSITY GEORGIA i o:oOrr2n3o2ii:ri1rigri2u:r9riioiuiuiogrvirnirniriioi vioirrirrinininininiriiriioiriioioinioioirezo :ixizzizzizzixixizcizz::n::::r:i:::::i:14 r:1r:o1o14r1o2rr:o:1r:o11r11r:1r:o14v14 rirrioioiogruioioioioioifvioiogrrir v1o1o1cr:o1rr1o1o1cr1o:4r:4r:4rio14ri4 vio14r1o1oi4r11r1rr11r14ri1r3rri4rio1oio1o14Io:4 Soda - Pipes - Cigars - Tobaccos - Candies Stationery - Fountain Pens IVEY' S DRUG STORE Where Emory Men Meet Emory Men Phone DEarborn 3200 101011 icrirrioinirriarioicrioioioifrzr Le BLANC'S Good Things to Eat 767 Ponce de Leon Ave., N. E. 9l7 Peachtree at 8th St. WAlnut 2206 VErnon 1100 rioioioioioic 1 10101019 4-ioirvioioir. M607 HOME-MADE ICE CREAM, SALTED NUTS, Cl-TOCOLATES I029 Peachtree Street, N. E. 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Z' CC E Court Square Decatur, Ga. 5 FROST-COTTON MOTORS ' Incorporated AUTHORIZED PONTIAC DEALER 0 E Kinds of Used Cars Peachtree WA. U .E.IlUiUiI7lUiUY'U1Uinitliliillill-iUillQlil! IIl"lUlUlUlI'lUl QuininiuiiilUiUlUQ 2 DOW LET YOUR GW ANTHONY - BUICK, Inc. H WALK HOME I Have Your Cer Checked by ' Experts I at Q30 Sprmg St., N. W. I A A 5 JA. 1480 U 1,-.1 ff O,u. ,AQV 7 I I , L' L ':":"":': I 2 : ' :nz : : I I : "" E -1' I It ' -vfl . ,. ' ii' " ' ' " ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I ' I A A "tt PACKARD 2: MOORE AND CLARKE --Aa the Man who owne one-- STANDARD OIL STATION . AT THE FND OF THE CARLINE lj A Atlanta Packard Motors Q Svr1'1r'v as Fim' as flu' Students Incofporafed 3 IV1' Sf'r1'c 370 Peachtree Street, N. E. .i1"i"::3' Z' 1 Ai 213:02 1011113010-10:4 0: 1:niuiniuzzvzuiniuiO1O:.,z4::O::n:O I MIT J. M. HARRISON 8: COMPANY ! I7-25 North Avenue, N. E. I INC. g ATLANTA, OA. I I ' DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS AND Q Your OLDSMOBILE DeaIer TRUCKS I Q 330 Peachtree SL WA. 5255 H E m 4 O C L 9 5 8 O O o.ov3O1O1O1o1O3O1:r3 11312011 siuioioioin 4. .g.,-.,.,-.IQ : 5:e:e.:e:5:e: 5:5 .U PLEASE PATRONIZE o:or3o1o1nzr- - '- - 0101- -1- -uztqf - 1- - A- - 1- - 1- -I 0:0 I ! i CADILLAC - LaSALLE - OLDSMOBILE CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE co. 5 5 D E A L E R s 5 5 ELWYN W. TOMLINSON, President i Opposite Biltmore Hotel l ! o.oi1l:s:n:41.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 30:4 For: Excellent Service 5 Enduring Ouality 3 Greatest Value g . . . GO TO . . . j U. S. TIRE SERVICE Q Q 603 W. Peachtree Street HE. 7720 l ! ozolioinioi 10101 1412121111111 slnioirozo I DOOLE Monday, Nov. 22-Thetas decide Gignilliat should be ten- nis manager, tell Cayce he's just GOTTA nominate Byrd tor PHOENIX. Looks like all the Thetas get the bird, but not the tennis managership. Theologs hold regular prayer meeting in Winship and Dobbs, promise God to be better boys. Cam- pus hopes God holds them to it. Tuesday, Nov. 23-Students flock to two-bit dance so they can sleep through classes Wednesday so they can go home Thursday. lnterfrat Council clears only 535, calls in May to investigate Tolbert. Sigma Chis call in pins, get poor response . . . only 3I returned and those by special delivery. Half ot them sent back to Theta house by mistake, as girls had just never noticed. Sigs quit shaving for a week to clear up all possible doubt. Wednesday, Nov. 24-Students sleep through classes, just like Dooley promised you they would. Rolleston makes mis- take of trying to sleep in Huber's class, eardrums take horrible beating. Hardee and rest of home-town prides pull out for holidays, campus is dooley thankful. Ned Pond still sleeping otf what he hid from the Dean last night, AEPi's fling an- nual "lemme interduce ya to rna date" affair at Biltmore, try to pledge Smoaky Marshall. Galanti steals show by dancing no-breaks with pipe in his mouth, If you'd seen the blonde you'd have smoked, too. Thursday, Nov. 25-Students doze to rhythm at PiKA break- of-day brawl, confuse Jeanne Turner's hair with rising sun. Dickie Boyd disgusted to find so many college girls there. Bumstead tosses bombshell by bringing girl he's dated be- fore. Canfield says they paid too much for the hall, he could have gotten it for them wholesale. That's a hall of a way for a guest to act. Friday, Nov. 26-Fifteen theologically inclined students leave for Augusta to attend economic forum on labor prob- lems and living creatively. Ain't it a hell of a note when Y'S 207 YOUR ADVERTISERS V . 1 1 . 1 1 goiioioioic. 1 sir. 1.14. 1:siu1:i1u1n::i1n 1 :: 1 :io'o 5 i ' DON'T CUSS-PHONE US i PRIOR TIRE CO. ! l U WAlnut9875 I Q ! . ! We Never Close I l .i'Iii,ll3lQ45lIIi liIllQ7Q Y i fl lflfiifgf l HE. 4665 HE. 4666 l ' H 5 M 5 E 24 HOUR sERvicE Ready to Service the Student Any Time ! ! ! 588 Spring St., N. W. Atlanta, Ga. I ll .:.-.-.,-..:,: : : : - - 1- 1- :I --:..g. DIARY they can't keep the libido out of such things? .lohn Cates loses faith in human nature and all his clothes to one of Jim Farley's indoctrinated assistants. Chi Phis knock down Pied- mont Driving Club with annual knockdown party, Rayrnie Nelson knocks down the most, six stitf knocks is average. Saturday, Nov. 27-Downtown hotels filled to capacity and so are inmates. Sigma Chi Bartlett burns as Chi Phi Hart- mann scores touchdown. Turk downs one, but it doesn't burn him any more. Med school delegation wakes up during cheering, informed that freshman game was over two days ago, tra-la-la. Sunday, Nov. 28-Nothing doing today. Bring us a Bromo- Seltzer and come back tomorrow. Monday, Nov. 29-SAC abolishes golf, backed up by man- date of students. Scoop Thrower writes in to May for addi- tional pointers on how to draw up a ballot so your side can't lose. Dutfee claims victory due to WHEEL editorial, May says they won anyway. Ray Menkee gripes about get- ting writer's cramp and still losing. AEU elects rest of soph- omore class that they missed last time, Bartlett apologizes to new men for previous oversight. New men accept apology graciously, one of them even paying initiation fee. Tuesday, Nov. 30-Athletic council abolishes numerals, 'cause Hopkins had to get a salary cut somewhere and the SAC's cutting down on McCord something shameful. Dean White announces plans to sail for Europe. Chi Phis take up donation to send Goodrich along. Mitchell and Ingram pawn cars to obtain cash, Milford borrows on allowance. At- kinson promises to give Chap a St. Bernard to keep him from getting lonesome. Neal Smith plants holly trees. Holly, gee! PLEASE PATRONIZE DOOLEY'S Wednesday, Dec. I-l-lilkey announces award in bar con- test. 550.00 to any student who can pass one. Eve and Callaway protest discrimination. Dooley protests dis crummy notion. Beverly DuBose tells IRC all about history of Japan and Manchuria in I5 minutes. McLean repeats same for 45 minutes, but then this is the IRC meeting. Kewp's gonna kick about this crack, but he won't clean his own house first. SAE's find out there ain't gonna be an election that night, wonder why they played host. Erle Phillips wins presidency of frosh debaters, boys across tracks have visions of Bowden and Jones. Thursday, Dec. 2-Dewey announces carol program to be given twice, so Ballard and Wells can have more field for competition. James "Just call me Jimmy" Wilson, S, C., "No dates, no fun" Beard, and Murphy "Young Executive" Holloway leave for Rock I-Iill, S. C., for big debate tourney. First and last named find "virtuous virgins from Virginia" just that, but stay at rest of contest just the same. SAC passes amendment to rook student body for benefit of CAM- PUS. Dasher and Rolleston beam, Chastain begins to plot. Friday, Dec. 3-I-I. J. Pearce, Jr., announces he has a rock about which he knows nothing, except that the authen- ticity will later be much doubted and the authenticity would, if authentic, fill in blank page in history, if it were proved authentic. Meds take aptitude tests, find their aptitude lies in wrong direction. Falligant and Shiver wrastle all over Glenn Memorial and call it art with no articles. Miss Collar and Beard look coy in McLean's class, now that Cayce has exposed the romance. McLean makes typical remark apropos. Saturday, Dec. 4-Theologs begin usual worrying over who they'll sponge Sunday dinner off of. lWe bet Steadman doesn't let that preposition stay at the end of the sentence. -Editor's note: Aw, let it stay where it's at.l KA dance presents what Cayce calls "shop-worn dream," everybody presents selves for introduction. KA's break custom, invite .g..-..- -.i. ..-.-.-.-.-. -. - --....-,- --A-.--i-..--Q... -- YOUR ADVERTISERS DIARY outsiders, which explains Cayce's presence, but still doesn't explain Cayce. Even Dooley rated this one. Gosh, how we do get around. Tra-la-la in the fall, guess where we stole that one? Sunday, Dec. 5-Sigma Chis hold I8,967th buttet supper. Jock Durrett decides to Thrower nother one. SAE's dance in house with pinks lyou knew itll present, incur parental wrath via administration, also eat marshmallows and sing songs, goody!! Felix Fudge escapes omnivorous brothers. Monday, Dec. 6-Beard returns with 28 medals, which he describes to Miss Dennison. Young Lochinvar takes it too hard, forgetting that even Bobby Jones has lost at medal play. Baxter Jones gives "Casey at the Bat" before Phi Gamma, Phi Gamma otfers to give Jones to most anybody, O'Donnell runs colossal blutt and recites "Crime, lt's Own Detector," before Few. lFewer and fewer as recital moves on.l Holloway returns to the wars, wins presidency ot Phi Gamma, while Shelburne lays plans for spring. Opposition decides to lay Shelburne. Dooley lays low, knowing Shel- burne will lay egg. lAin't Dooley some layman?l Duffee does his part on WHEEL by spending 2 hours with Collar in Galanti's. Knox asks, "Just what is this Brannen myth?" Co-eds have Pardee at surprise luncheon. Tuesday, Dec. 7-Don Cossack Russian Chorus lcapitals by request of Dr. Ross I-l. McLeanl gives inspired concert in Glenn Memorial, students admitted at halt price. Fraternities meet, as usual. Weather forecast: cool and cloudy for Georgia: light showers predicted for South Carolina: better newspapers predicted for Mississippi, cause Nixon thinks Golson and Duffee are hot stutfg no predictions for Alabama 'cause stars fall there. All predicted to show you Dooley can be as serious as anybody or even Cayce-when Cayce's trying to be funny. ! T T T- T VT. T T. Tgiqiiqiqin14QqQ4Q4Q0i0i01iQ E l 2 ESLEYAN COLLEGE 2 Q l 8 3 6 5 MAc:oN. GEORGIA There is Something Distinctive About Wesleyan i l Q It occupies one of the most modern and splendidly equipped plants in Q America. Q 5 The buillglinglj are ireproof. No dormitories more than three stories 2 . in eig tg eac dormitory room has running water. , Every provision is made for health and physical development. Sports ! include golf, tennis, basketball, swimming, riding, and soccer. The social, moral and religious atmosphere is unexcelled anywhere. I U l 3 For Crrfalogue, Book of Views, i or Any Irzformatiorz, Write 5 DICE R. ANDERSON, Pl1.D., LL.D., President ii Q 'Q""1'N1"1 P1 CD CD PIDUCD 'I P10101 it it ulv it cnc zo :xi 1010101izoqnrizoqmnnimpiunoxoqwz vinioingo 208 vin? -U I F r1o:o:ojo14v:4n14x1o14 o 0 0.0 0.4114 4 vxoi r14x1rx:4r:4r1rr:4r14r14r:4r:4v14 U14 10101 411111014 01 o 0.011 rimzo o1o1o:o1o1o14si4n14n14 'za I1 After CoIIege, Train tor Business at the Southern Shorthand and Business University L. W. Arnold, President iz: goxuzninzuznzoznz4r:4n1o1o:o1o:o2r rioioioioi 1411 1 1 ni 34 2 rioiui qui: Southeastern Air Service, Inc. CANDLER P 1 E L D Charter Service Student Instruction CAIhOun CAIhOun 3 4 O 2 I O I 6 1oi4n1o14n14ri4vio1o1o1o:4 14:14 14 1 14:14 EUROPE... WITH A TOUR or ON YOUR OWN See Us for Reserwzfiorzs John T. North, SS. 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Farr i Q STEWART-FARR CO. 5 Wholesale Commission Merchants D r ' Q Q FRUITS and PRODUCE Q - T ' ! ! 7 Produce Row l o 0.1 . DOOLE Wednesday, Dec. 8-Hudgens announces births at hospital hit all-time high. Co-ed Club announces it will dress dolls tor needy. Dooley's otter to dress dolls turned down-again. Needy say more? Dr. Brinkley elected president ot Phi Beta Kappa, Chink breathes easier. Dooley tinds average is IOOOOOOOOOOOOOOII: decides not to try to pull it up. Thursday, Dec. 9-SAC eats tree steaks ott Galanti. May spoils occasion by trying to check Galanti's books. Benny just embarrasses hell out ot Duttee by placing bottle ot ginger ale at his place. Rece proves good Christian, turns other cheek. Phi Sigma initiates Mary Stipe, Dot Lunstord, Frances Baker, Jim Combs, Raymond Lilly, Sterling Brinkley, and Bill Phillips. McKeehan shows he's still old master by getting selt elected delegate to convention ot some organiza- tion tor promotion ot something or other. We, too, thought we knew the master better Friday, Dec. I0-WHEEL comes out in color printing. Duta tee runs tront-page box to tell readers that's blue they see. Atkinson bounds to tame by writing stutt that everybody already knew about Tom Cook. Cox announces student di- rectory is obsolete. Humber announces winter tour tor Cilee Club, but Wells and Gordon prepare to jump gun and go to New York tor "We, the People" program. "Little Peach gets two-column spread, Hardee orders IOO extra copies. Olivia Harrison detines word "cute," quotes Editor Duttee in third paragraph to be sure story gets in. All-Emory toot- ball team announced: Springfield gets rooked, Cooper easing in somehow. McCord gets scared, squeezes tinance chairman May in. Giftords, mere et tils, hot on Cayce's trail. Saturday, Dec. II-Cayce forgets about finals, devotes worrying ability to Gittords, tind selt very much at the bat. Strange women seen at Chi Phi house dance prove to be dates E Y'S 2II YOUR ADVERTISERS Q I Q ED Xi AL MATTHEWS, INC. Q ! Dealers in U Q FURNITURE, Russ, RANGES U ! AND STOVES Q g I68 Edgewood Avenue, N. E. i Corner Edgewood and Piedmont E i TERMS TO SUIT YOU E Q WAInut 2245 Atlanta, Ga. ! Q g HALF CENTURY IN ATLANTA g MCCORD - STEWART i COMPANY 5 5 Q ! ' ! Q IMPORTERS, BLENDERS AND ! g ROASTERS OF COFFEE I DIARY tellows had gotten tor anticipated hay-ride. Byrd-Goodwyn merger moves toward dissolution, as Christmas approaches. Jenelle Wilhite begins making eyes at Jim Byrd, Byrd begins- awl that wouldn't get by the censor. Dut'tee's "old man" line goes over big with R. A. Sewell. Chi Phis getting atraid Sewell will make his grades. Others tear Sewell will never make the grade. Sunday, Dec. I2-'Cayce tells Mrs. Gittord he borrowed the phrase trom Noel Coward, Mrs. Gittord misses tirst word, agrees. White speaks on WSB. Cilee Club carols to two packed houses. Duttee and Collar spend atternoon with in- laws. Duttee unable to locate James R. Webb later in evening, even with help ot Brothers Bailes, Thigpen, and May. Editor's older brother gets done out ot Christmas cheer. Editor gets done . . . Stacy and Miltord just Scotting around. Stacy buys record, "Have You Met Miss Jones?" Monday, Dec. I3-Dean White leaves tor Yurrup. Stipe takes over deanship. Miss Odum keeps on doing the work. Miss Hilley also keeps on. Marie Lozier wonders what to give Bishop for Xmas. Dooley wonders it variety's necessary. Mackay-Pardee romance continues despite approach ot Xmas. Collar hears about yesterday, Atkinson's stock booms. lNot the Christmas stock.I Atkinson slightly suspicious, noting calendar. Tuesday, Dec. I4-Emory Dames Club meets, everybody sits around waiting tor somebody else to tell first dirty joke. Cayce gives Thetas Christmas present-picks up his Lunce- tord records and disattrliates. Independents wonder how they can organize to keep him out ot ranks, and no puns on rank. McCord digs up new tish story but no listeners, as even trosh have caught on by now. SAE rat court demands Felix P. Fudge. PATRONIZE DOOLEY'S PLEASE Wednesday, Dec. I5-AEU initiates all sophomores eligible, like you knew they would. Bartlett surprised to see so many new faces among initiates, Dooley surprised to see so many acceptances. Scott girl drives Carl Howard to work again. She's been doing it for months, only Dooley's been keeping it quiet. Atkinson pleads with brothers to let him say grace three times a day. Thursday, Dec. I6-Abernathy persuades Jenkins to remain on SAC, needs "purifying" influence for rough work ahead. Brad Ansley continues not to speak to people. Betty Aycock meets the other med she hasn't known. Charlie Bellville holds rating as number one pluperfect. Dameron Black veers from morbid outlook and speaks to somebody. Eve, Pond, and Carmichael begin week-end early, still leading the hard life. SAE's break down and speak to Courtney Brooks, rest of campus confines self to speaking of him. Friday, Dec. I7-George Clary starts off riotous week-end by patronizing Coca-Cola machine in Winship, Tripp prays for him. Cayce decides to take all final exams, English depart- ment decides vice-versa, Dooley can't decide which is the versa. Meds go from bed to worse. Matthews-Cone romance continues on bridge. Bill says all meds "aren't like that." Dooley again forced to agree. Marshall, Mackay, and O'Don- nell all plan Christmas gifts for debate manager Hosford. Hosford looks forward to good year ahead. This time com- ing events fail to cast any shadows... Saturday, Dec. l8-Lucky guys finish exams and begin drift- ing home, but ole Dooley has to stick around so's to be able to give you all the inside dope Gosh, Dooley and the days are bath getting shorter lately. 3o':v month ,W tagffitc rri7:-at 3' 33 595 GJCDSU 1 '50 -och 'imin 0.6254 532.0 2:2 l SWT? o. -- . 3:15. aim: U-H ,- .-"4iO ' SVT h-3-17 ?qOmd .A S-2595 egmii Zi-:AQ-2' :NLD in Q. 11. gtg 3 of 36535 off" S0055 -o. zrf5'? :Sov- .ig S5361 ?5.39- 0 iii 034 vjoioznie 1: :1 1:1 1 1 1::1:1e1v:o -it ooees 5 rcs CREAM E Q mc semi: iorioorpune ice craum ! Which is served at the Emory Cafeteria l and JeFFares Drug Co. l Q Special orders for any occasion S 3 Visitors Welcome WA. 4968 i o Y seo 3 6 oo 4.4 'i' i QCRYSTALBATHQ i The Perfect Alcohol Rub I l l U PREFERRED BY NURSES Q E EVERYWHERE Q l ! l l .:........ JN0. B. DAN1EL,Inc. Q i Q. ATLANTA, GA. YOUR ADVERTISERS DIARY quest. Autumn, fellows, you know what we mean. Hal Dorsey twitches way over to church to hear Nat Long startle congregation lwe almost said "crowd"l with announcement that Christmas will soon be here. Dooley runs back to tell Sigma Chis, who order another gross of pins, Monday, Dec. 20-Fritz McDuffie and Jeanne Crowell spend afternoon shopping. Crowell's rhythm blocks traffic for days and dazes traffic for blocks. She's a beautiful thing, hasn-- isn't she? Tuesday, Dec. 2l-Peggy Tomlin and Olivia Harrison won- dering what Atkinson and Knox are going to give them for Xmas. Deltas plan to move in, reluctantly turn down offer of housemother from Baker Street. Dooley says you get tired of anybody if you see too much of them. John Harwell con- fident of making three A's. Lure of home proves too strong and Dooley begins packing. lReaders rejoice that Dooley's finally packing something.l Wednesday, Dec. 22-Dooley breezes through final exam in three hours flat, and we do mean flat! Abernathy prepares for appendectomy, begins living right. Scott Turk says the doctoris price is high enough without adding the other. Hopkins wonders il Abernathy is gonna keep on playing Santa Claus to him. Monday, Jan. 3-School reopens. Students, recovering from alcoholidaze, expected back any day now. Usual num- ber of freshmen remain at home to be with parents. McClel- land missing. Deltas in new shelter, Holloway all smiles, Gazelle on front porch as barker to lure visitors in. Charlie Bailes transfers to Clemson, so now he can talk about Emory all the time, and so everybody else can talk about him. Cobb returns to school in time to nurse self back to health. 0311110111101 :i1n1n1n1u1ii1u1u1u 1:1101 11 0:0 E Telephone WAlnut 6225 5 X uulllluulllulu 2 . X : 44 o . II "Ivan :mango E .. I v S Slouthgrn Dagries l 3 ce leafn S S i .J 3 Apipargfrzfd 593 Glen lris Drive, N. E. E ATLANTA 1 GEORGIA 0:0 si iiuxuguii 1 1010101 ,101 rioioininirozo o 1 izimz. 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Q , ' ll ' U E We carry the best and most popu- ! U 35' Whitehall Street Q Iar items in Athletic and Sporting ! Goods and cordially invite you to 5 ATLANTA' GEORGIA g make our Store your headquarters. E 1 1 . i ! o II i Q Q Hardware for AII Purposes i Electrical Supplies Q Worthington Air Compressors U U Radio EqUiPm2fI'f I Paints and Varnishes I Q Roofing Materials Q ,gg 101 ri ri 101 110101020101 10201 yglig. Ogviui 10101 I1 1 ri vi s:0101010g.,g ,ioii viv4D1vI010I1I14v10104b01eIq-prI101r,1.,g. 1010105 ,i,,1,,,,:::,::::::Za:I:::0::::::::,10Zc:::::,:0: .K 2 Good CoaItor54 Years Coal, Since - II . , II B Id M ' I " I CAMPBELL COAL CO. 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A, RILE HOWARD PATTILLO INSURANCE AGENCY Since 1866-Insurance Only Fire f Azzfomobilc 1 Bzzrglary Caszmlfy 1 Borzrfs 702 I-IEALEY BLDG. -:- WAlnut 2-3-4-5 ATLANTA, GEORGIA 011 v 9.0 I I I I I I ll 11 1 101n1u1o1u1u.1n1n1u101 1 1n14u:o 0:01 1010101zu101o14x1u1n1n1u1u1:x191310 Perdue Sz Egleston, Inc. ...Agents... Hartford Fire Insurance Co. Hartford Accident 8: Indemnity Co. B. M. DUBOSE MCTYEIRE LEWIS Manager Associate Manager TRUST co. OF GA. BLDG. ATLANTA z GEORGIA FEDERAL HARDWARE 8: IMPLEMENT MUTUALS Southeastern Department LEE D. DAVIS, Manager Healey Building Atlanta n1u1n1n1o1u1u1 111 1 141014111 1:11 11:11:11:1n1n1u1n1n1n1n1n1u1u1n LUTHER E. ALLEN, Gen. Agent NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. O 200 Peachtree Arcade Building ATLANTA, GA. 01 1 ?,1,,,.,,1K,1,,-.,,1,,1,,1 1 1 1 1. :1n1n1u1u1n1u1u1111u1u1u1n1n1n1u DUNLAP AND COMPANY Insurance Since I895 O Asa G. Candler, Jr ..... '99 Henry C. Heinz . . . . 'OO Walter T. Candler . . . '07 Madison S. Massey , . . '24 Alan B. Ford ...... '30 O Candler Building ATLANTA f GEORGIA n1u1n1n1 1 1 1 1 1 11:1 1u1n1ncsn PLEASE PATRONIZE Ozoi ii 3 if n1o2o1o1niiiisrzrizniniriir I i Q PENN MUTUAL LIFE Q g I N S U R A N C E i HURD J. CRAIN i Agency I ! 1 ' Q l l5IO RHODES HAVERTY BLDG. Q ATLANTA f GEORGIA i ! ! i i I Fine Interior Q i Wallpapers Painting ! Q ! ! ' ! I ! ! ! ' lll D k' 65 ' i . LUOS III OIIS 1 i 765 vencirmee n.e. nnnnmceonoin I i l 4 DOOLEY'S Tuesday, Jan. 4-Nobody much on campus yet but AEPis, who came early to get tront seats. Hebrews also top tall quarter scholarship. Deltas come in second, as Hogan's tour A's make up tor other three actives, at least scholastically. Nothing tound to make up tor Holloway yet. decides to let "representative students" select CAMPUS ta- vorites, introduces Jane Moore Hamilton around, which Dooley says is a good way to introduce. Editor Dasher Wednesday, Jan. 5-Prexy again announces "no mixed bathing in pool." Fenwick Jones wants to know it this ap- plies to all hours. Dr. Redmond awarded tund to work on female Canaries. Dooley asks tor award to give him some tunldl with his. Thursday, Jan. 6-Buttrick announced as Religious Emphasis Week speaker. Theologs prepare to sin so's to have some- thing to repent ot. lSteadman's going to raise hell about our prepositions.l Dasher passes out ballots tor campus ta- vorites to everybody that's met Hamilton, but Collar still takes lead-and Atkinson. Atkinson takes collar, and we meant that tor a small "c." Friday, Jan. 7-Collar plays lead in "East Meets West" in chapel, as Japan gets her number. Gracie's countless Chinese friends protest partiality. Buddy practices up on jiu-iitsu. Crowell and Dennison gain strength in voting and otherwise. Dasher gets trantic, meets more guys to meet Hamilton to. Maie Mooney also runs a hot race. Sigma Chis trot out high school pledge club to rally tor Smith. McClelland still missing. Saturday, Jan. B-Sigs give John Tillman tarewell party as he leaves tor Louisville. Tillman's tormer classmates in Col- lege, Law School, and God only knows what other schools wish him well. ECA sends deputations to Statesboro and Atlanta, Statesboro victims plan to send deputation twice as big to Emory. Voting closes on favorites as soon as Hamilton gets YOUR ADVERTISERS oiiiozuii:isis11111:iiiring:iiiiiiixncnuiuioiugig Q AtIanta's Most Popular ! Hotel I ! i ! l E T45 - .3-F A Eva' E I .gwr sla g. i i KF! F f, -.--o s, - ri1B .EEi5g:, '--1-1. I i f-A is i i i s f ' i ew in Ia Ie g 550 tire-proot, light, airy rooms, each with bath, Q i ceiling tan, circulating ice water and radio, assure a i you a pleasant stay. i 5 ' 2 2 Rates from 52.50 . l I HENRY GRADY HOTEL Q ! ATLANTA 1 GEORGIA ! I I . - - - - - - .,...-..-..-.,-..-.,-. - :U2......:.,:..:.,:..-.,-..-..g. DIARY ahead. Results to be kept secret tor a while, says Dasher, but the word gets around Agnes Scott. lAnd it you don't believe it does, ask Tolbert.l Sunday, Jan. 9-Sigma Chis have Sunday night buttet sup- per, like everybody knew they would. I-Iewlett-Perkinson en- gagement announced, Law School decides to go into mourn- ing. Conyers looks to greener pastures. Collar interviews Duttee on WSB, Dutlee gets in great plug tor Nixon. Atkin- son hopes she'll give him the air tor good-Buddy's good. McClelland tinally shows up, blasting hopes ot the tew who'd noticed his absence. Monday, Jan. I0-Politics get red hot as Rhodes Scholar Jones is elected president ot young Episcopalians. Trirnpi made assistant business manager, but Johnston and Aber- nathy ain't worried. You wouldn't be either, it you had an SAC. Tuesday, Jan. Il-Fraternities initiate everybody in sight, and some that nobody can see, Chi Phis escape Delaware menace on grades. Campus Club and Chi Phis try to win respective participation trophies by tying games to pile up points. Tolbert's machine cracks tor first time in over a year, as Tolbert wins presidency ot lntertrat Council, at least that's what Tolbert says. Hopkins gets in rut as vice-president. Freedman mopes in corner. Wednesday, Jan. I2-Chi Phis beat Campus Club, prolong touch tootball, and manager Gordon rages. Sigma Nus an- nounce intention ot completing house, etc., etc. Cantield ot- ters to sell Beck Sigma Pi house wholesale, with chapter thrown in, but last clause dissuades Beck. Byrd begins to wonder what Ansley's doing behind Cayce's back. Campus thinks Butch wouldn't have wondered. PLEASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS DOOLEY'S DIARY Tuesday, Jan. I3-WHEEL features life story of Fenwick Jones. Clay reminds readers Jones is a Chi Phi. Clay reminds Dooley of other things. Jones feels quite Noble about the whole thing. Campus says that's how everybody should feel about that sort of thing. Smith begins casting for "Last of Mrs. Cheyneyf' campus casts about for last of Smith. lWait until the the so-and-so flunks YOU once.l Dasher announces that CAMPUS favorites include Crowell, Collar, Dennison, Smith, Mooney, and-surprise-Hamilton. Dasher, still entertaining Sweet Briar hopes, declares "CAMPUS Sponsor" will be selected later. Dooley wonders what's become of little Edythe Franklin, who used to do very well in that capacity, and boy, do we mean capacity. Friday, Jan. I4-CAMPUS amendment passes in chapel, which is the last touch of sanctification it got. Chastain goes into seance with self, plots reprisal. Rece not so sorry he missed that SAC meeting now. SAE's give formal in honor of pledges, campus hopes pledges have got enough honor for them AND actives. Everybody girds loins for two-bit dance two weeks hence. Dooley says the difference is that the lnterfrat Council is willing to admit it. Juniors fight it out for top position on chapel steps after reading Ciossipel Truth, but the two are separated. Saturday, Jan. I5-Chink Brinkley treks to Milledgeville to visit sweet thing, and Dooley ain't making any cracks about the asylum either, cause, hell, Dooley's courted at the asylum hisself. Starts on lang road back, ardor cools but feet don't. Chink says it ain't his fault he couldn't stick it out, it's the asphalt. Duffee has fever blister, swears he's learned his lesion. oiiiugiiic 202011 ininioini viuir 3414 if iw' i Higgins-McArthur Co. T I T P R l N T E. R S T T AND TYPOGRAPHERS T I SCHOOL CATALOGS I Q BOOKLETS 0 FOLDERS i AND DIRECT-BY-MAIL 4 . ADVERTISING PIECES ' Phone JA. 2630 1 gmiogmiiiiioioiiriirirrirri riuiuioioiuxuiiozo i 302 Hayden St., N. W. ATLANTA, GA. 6 CANADA DRY ! E A Refreshing Drink Made By Q l CANADA DRY GINGER ALE INC. l 1876 Murphy Avenue, S. W. Q RA. 2183 24 HOUR SERVICE SATISFIED CUSTOMERS SINCE 1908 1 i Wrecker and Repair Service . UNIVERSAL GARAGE COMPANY, INC. 5 l ll04 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E., AT IZTH STREET Q Phones l'lEl'ril0ck i378-I379 ' ,ig iiozninioiipiozoioiciiriiciioiriioioioiiogo Sunday, Jan. I6-Bob Whitaker shoots usual stuff over WSB, but Dooley heard such a good sermon this morning that he can't say anything bad about anybody. lnventor Allison of in- sulin fame spends day on-hah! we fooled you!-campus. Guy tells him Guy's hot stuff as an inventor, too. Dooley says if air can be called stuff, he's right. Monday, Jan. I7-French borderline students attend Punch and Judy show in cafeteria. Duffee and Clay hatch plans for GCPA to prove Duffee really laid an egg in Savannah last spring, among other things. Campus wonders what the H-E-L-l. the C5-C-P-A is. Campus Club finally win touch foot- ball from Chi Phis. Chi Phis downhearted, thought all along Yancey was champion touch artist. Debaters for western tour announced, campus yawns. Ansley glad to be rid of Tolbert for a week, plans intensive campaign, speaks to all the brothers. Tuesday, Jan. I8-John Farmer shines as lnterfrat Council bans high school and iunior college pledging. Thetas were about ready to quit anyway. ECA organizes scouting group, leading light being Francis "much oblige gee thanks gee boy o gosh whiz thanks again appreciate it a lot awful nice of you many thanks" Jones. Dooley tells Jones to thank God, not Dooley. DuBose eyes this as political move, campus says DuBose wouldn't know a political move if he saw one 'cause he still listens to Wiggins. Wednesday, Jan. I9-Prexy convalescing from attack of asthma. Yessir, asthma baby, Prexy tells McLaughen. Engi- neers Club votes down disorganization plan. Last-minute coup by chemical engineers turns trick, and Beavers beams. Dasher discreetly in background through it all, Frank Neel attends meeting so he can get his name in Dooley. Why Frank, clgooley 'had a name for you all along, you Si-lOULDN'T have one it. 9 use 3 9.0 .i,.'inl01010ll 1Ui0iU10l0i. .T-I710f014lI014l14l14l14l10llli1 l U1 i U is-' as I" Q 2 i gf R 5 Q E3 EE lt T3 G Q i ,, 3 : l Q 24' a "' .., E E -i i-U Q 2 T ll Z 5- E' i-1 Q E7 " 3 5 o i ll g E E '4 ef 5 I Ze 0 Q.. 9' 0 I Q . Q sg "H G U 'U G H N. Qu 3 I Z fl Q' lg Q' T S.. W 0 ,4 E -1 U' Q PU Q ll Q' Og E O H '4 ., as "1 P1 ' 'Q 55 Ci I ji S cb l ll M Q O E PU 5 E. 2 Q E 3 Q- w 5 3 2 E ! P as ' 51 Eg- l ll I g, 5 GQ 3 g 6? " 5 4"I010104D0t0101ii4lNv11i1o1iv:o ff'-xiizivcurzfixiiziizozaizozoxi EASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISE nfoixuzi1010101011rxozoziiguqri14iqp04pu:ocnrrv:o 02,1014szrvxrizrizozuxozazazozoxoq-mzoxr 01:1 1o1n1u1 u n1o1 11:1 ar 101 14:1 1 :1r 11 114 1:14 1101 0:4 I Makethe ANSLEY your Atlanta Home Tastetully furnished rooms - Beautyrest mattresses - Simmons beds - Comfort- able chairs - Resttul bed lights - Well lighted bathrooms. Direction DINKLER HOTELS CARLING DINKLER President and General Manager -"i " M 5 -, " '291Lm4Q gi' EEE h A 1- nfs .. ,min ' A - T T" 'I' : . i " Ulf Ilztxi, I 'J mm., Nutr, EIQEIQIIIIIEI I fffrwmilg liiilllllll liiirgrgrrwi it r rrrrrur 'muiiiill irggi iliiigiiiirrrimmll ll L lllllli iiihqunu ggrzmtz r'rrrf'Imurn Illlllllllll I ' in nu ll II rIj!UU!l-.-KL It? 'Q HOTEL ANSLEY, Atlanta 191i o U1 4111: 1 n1u1o1n1n1 U1 o1 u1o1 01 , ll 0 0 A o 0.0 o:oi1u1n1o1:u1 11: 1u1:n1:i1u1n1n1n1o1o1u1r 0:0 0 5 0.0 o 0.01: Underwood - Elliott - Fisher Company O Manufacturers Typewriters, Adding Machines, Accounting Machines, Etc. 1 1u11:11:1r:1r:1::1::1::1::1:r1::1::1 if 1 1u1o1o1o14nzniognzrriozoini in FULLER BRUSHES 1938 NEW PRICE REDUCTION LOWEST IN PRICE AGAINST ALL COMPARISON! ZI6 Glenn Building Phone WA. 3200 J. F. Mitchell, Branch Mgr. ATLANTA : GEORGIA .g..,-...ma-0.......-. sqnqoq... ....-.......i..i-I 10:9 14 0:4 rzwzo HOTEL CANDLER DECATUR, GEORGIA IQ! 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ATLANTA f GEORGIA o:4:1:.1::1:v1rv1r 1 :1: 1 r14:1.r1.r1o1c.1..1.v1o i FU P1020 m n1n1o1o1n1o1o1o:c 0:0 14 14 o 450 ,101 vxwzo o:4o:o1o1o1o:o:o1n:o1i 4:14 :xox n1o:o1o1o1o14r1o11r11u11v14n1ii:o:o:4 3 0.914 PL EASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISE 1111111111:11111111:11111111111111111-1111 1 1 1 Decatur Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning Company M E N ' S S H I R T S "LIKE MEN LIKE THEM" 111111111111111111 1111 1 1 1 11111 G Standard IQNSIIHIANDE Company 323 EDGEWOOD AVE., S. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA D. T. RICKS WA. 2895 10 Q , 111111 111111904 Q.. 1111-1 1:11111111111111111111111111111111111 1:4 0:0111 1 11111111111111111111111111111111111 111 1 1 1 1111 DRUID HILLS CLEANERS 1208 S. Oxford Road 090 IBetween A. 81 P. and Rogers Stores 000 DE. 9I02 J. C. HOLLINGSWORTH, Manager 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 1111111 11111111111111111111111119101111111111111111111 1 v - Bob's Individual Laundry Sz Dry Cleaning, Inc. 2248 PEACHTREE ROAD H E m I o c I1 4 2 O O 1111111111111 111111111:11111111111111 111111111111111111111111111-111111111 111 11 1111-111 11111111111111111 1111111111111 1 1 111 IZO8 South Oxford BETWEEN A. 81 P. and ROGERS EMORY'S BEST BARBER SHOP Students Especially Invited! MOST MODERN EOUIPIVIENT 1 1 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 U1 1 11,1U1.,1U1,,1.,1,,1K,1 1 11,11 11111111111111111111111111111111111:111111111 HERNDON BARBERS, INC. 68 Broad Sf., N. W. ICoruer of Broad and Poplar Stsfl ATLANTA, GEORGIA We Cordially SoIicit Your Patronage 16 Expert Barbers JAckson 9466 1 1 111 1- 111111111111111111111 1 1 1 PI-ION E WA. 8365 CAPITAL CITY TAILORS SMARTLY TAILORED GARMENTS MADE FOR TI-IE WELL-DRESSED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE DO REMODELING I2 HARRIS STREET, N. W. IOpposile Capital City CIubI ian rae oes We Are Also Known for Our CoIIeg D p M d I OUR PRICES WILL SURELY NOT SCARE YOU 1111111 1111 :1 1 1 1 1u1u11:1o11:1u111 11 111111111111111111111 1111 1111111111111 1 1. 1111111111111111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111 PLEASE PATRCNIZE O eo T! o neo i i E KINNEY'S SHOE STORE U I Q Q ' i I ! I we CARRY A COMPLETE une or U 2 SHOES FOR scnoot AND SPORTS I as Whitehall stiaat Atlanta, Ga. Q U 10,4 2 oieim SaIutesAE:1Eary 2 taltff Offers the best in footwear . . . style, quality and - value. Step into a pair of smart Florsheims now. E Florsheim Shoes ! The finest line of campus shoes made in America E Florsheim Shoe Shop 4l Peachtree Street I 6010101011 -U.. ..,..,-.,..,-.,-.,..,..,- .- ...i..0-..g. DOOLEY'S Thursday, Jan. 20--"For Men Only" sign falls to keep Dick Harwell away from lecture. Dutfec presents speakers to over- flow audience with remark that spread is simply a-Paullin. Other speaker gives Boyd's-eye view of situation. Entire audi- ence squirrns as doctors discuss symptoms. Ansley and Knox appointed managing editors of PHOENIX, Byrd also still managing all right. Galanti urges students to meet their political and social friends in his jernt. Dooley says a feller's got to choose. Friday, Jan. 2l-Two-bit dance plans taking shape, Georgi- anna Gray signed to sing. Finch continues to sabotage Bala lard, at same time promises him support for Glee Club man- agership. Tolbert defends Ballard, Speights can't tell which is the worst. PiKA's go exclusive, hold closed house dance. Campus says that's one way to be exclusive. Collar and Falligant trip over campus selling buttons in polio campaign. Saturday, Jan. 22--Sigma Pis hold annual January picnic to combat cold weather. Usual combats ensue. Three re- turn hors de combat. lCombat tomorrow and learn more,l Deaver and Swanson debate Columbia over WATL, program interrupted for three commercial plugs. Key men swing to Bartlett-for-presidency bandwagon. Tolbert, who started the boom, still grooming Dasher and Rolleston. Campus says that's all Bartlett needs to win. SAE's have three pinks over for house dance. Outside guest list consists of Sam I-lopkins. Sunday, Jan. 23-Potential ECA presidents attend church en masse. Oxford glee club sings on WSB. Dewey won- ders what they've got that his boys haven't. Campus says it's what they haven't got that his boys have that counts. Finch quits smiling at congregation when he finds they canit vote on Club presidency. Monday, Ian. 24-McCord claims to have purchased cold dope in Co-op. Stovall, Watson, and Cooper beam, campus YOUR ADVERTISERS o goiinzuzuzrriiiiuzuziiiir1ii3u1ii1ri:oiit1u1oozo ! II The Best Dressed Men Wear ! U I ' U 5 SCHWO L1 H ! U ! THE SCHWOB CO. S Two Stores in Atlanta ! 9I PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. U S CORNER MITCHELL AT BROAD 050151 Z 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3,1 1,1 21:05. g WE INVITE You, MR. STUDENT, 2 S TO VISIT OUR STORE 2 Q I Q HEARN'S MEN SHOP Q g I5l Sycamore Street i DECATUR :: GEORGIA i i I .g..-.,-.,-. --.,- .- i- - - - - - - -. - -..3. DIARY chalks it up as just another fish story. Co-ed council forms, "Lochinvar" Ray counsels co-ed forms. Rhodes Scholar Fen- wick Jones becomes newcst campus menace, WI-IEEL plans safe-skating campaign. All members of Phi Gamma speak to Shelburne for first time, Shelburne decides to be president of student body. Tuesday, Jan. 25-l.ibrary's Mrs. West almost breaks up Charter Day banquet with dlaphonous dress. I-ler seat fronts the speaker's table. Boulware denies theolog wife-swapping rumor, claims everyone equally dissatisfied. Crawley an- nounced as lead in coming Player's production. Tilford gath- ers his mob, Falligant gathers coterie of admirers, Shelburne gathers his second vote for president, Collar gathers Atkinson to add to Golson-Duffee string. Wednesday, Jan. 26-Tom Cottingham masks Richard ll, campus prays he'll unmask Cayce. Cottingham also pitches woo to leading lady, as "collitch slang" Clay would say if he wasn't so busy courting Anne Wheaton today, which is a nice way to kill two stones with one bird, of which ain't Dooley one? Gosnell lectures self to sleep again. Thursday, Jan. 27-Ansley begins to consider proper gen- erous gesture to make to Byrd and Knox after he's elected editor. Chastain petitions SAC not to let SAC rape the student body. Dasher and Rolleston just laugh and laugh, I-lagan gets his share of spotlight by having birthday, Sigs give him surprise party, sneaking up from rear. Stipe an- nounces change in curriculum. Campus finds Gosnell still around, pronounces "sweeping change" a farce. Tom Cook, others breathe sigh of relief as reading knowledge test is abolished. Barney Rapp's New Englanders lBrooklynl signed for dances, Kosher know he's hot stutf. o 0.0 PLEASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS DOOLEY'S DIARY Friday, Jan. 28-Thetas line up Dickerson on CAMPUS, but not on campus. Dickerson and Ansley both making mistake of meeting too many people Ansley counting on Abernathy to keep pulling Hopkins along so Hopkins can pull Gifford along so Gifford can pull Ansley. Finch pleads with Cayce to nominate Byrd for PHOENIX, so Gignilliat can get tennis managership. Campus reserves Rathskeller for Ansley. Ray Miller, Humber, Wells, in fact everydamnbody in junior class begins to get worried. Saturday, Jan. 29-Knox and Atkinson go exploring. Emu- late Marco Polo, but fail to date farmers' daughters despite hossy approach. Ain't Dooley a stud? Swimmers defeat Tech in wave of glory. Clay still tops in breast stroke here, Chicago forgotten. Gifford begins to speak to people, Duffee plans WHEEL extra. Abernathy tells other DVS's they gotta elect his three boys or else. Sunday, Jan. 30-This is Sunday, so same lodges have same pinks over to eat same free food as any other Sunday. Chi Phis hold open house for parents, campus astounded Chi Phis can all produce parents. Dooley astounded some parents could produce Chi Phis. Tolbert interviews Rece over WSB, WAGA's public increases 243658692745376960363428in Monday, Jan. 3I-Campus finally discovers Cayce and Thetas have finally called it quits, which is an awful nice name to call either of them. Water off in Winship. lt's all the same to Matlin, Goldberg, et al., but Cayce, the "cream of old Kentucky," is driven to Coca-Colas instead. Society department of WHEEL disrupted when Collar and Carter find advertisement of sex book on desk. Staff takes up donation to purchase same. Tuesday, Feb. I-Debaters chosen for Texas trip. Beard plans medal play again, Dennison looks forward to more dull o o,oiiu1ii1n1u1 iiu1u1-1 in-1411 1 1 1 0:0 3 --T T V- U--T -:mil l Genasco Dealer--- Q 2 2I YEARS' EXPERIENCE A P P L Y i N G ! R E P A i R i N G ii R o o E s i C. P. COFER ROOFING CO. g MAin 5290 Night Calls, DEarborn 8596 H A ll .iiiixuiuxuii 3iiiiiioiiiiuiuiiiiuia iuioiiozo o o.oiii2i1 1 1 2 1i 1 11101 1i1i 1 1 0 Q --U U T -'Emi' 9 ADDISON-RUDESAL Co. Q Wholesale Lumber i i i Q 7:7 Ashby Si., N. W. HE. 2415 Q 5 - 0.0.11ifqiiiiriiiioiuioiiiioiiiioinioiiiiuiiozq post cards, even from New Orleans. Swanson finds Hosford wants him to take automobile along. Water basketball opens with all participants up to their neck in it. Sigma Chis groom two Bishops, Brinkley, eye cup. McBrayer plans to get up to his neck in other quarters. KA's decide to play Ham Johnson, McCord lets 35678 gallons of water out of pool. Wednesday, Feb. 2-Co-ed Club holds forum "for girls only." Duffee writes "Keep off Grass" editorial. Gambrell says this not sufficient. Pearce, Lester, English, Steadman closeted with famous rock, prepared to doubt hell out of authenticity. Cayce high as a kite, on upper field this time. George Cooper finds there are other members of athletic coun- cil. Tolbert and Mitchell begin to figure knockdown on dances, Dennis sticks to knocking down figures. Thursday, Feb. 3-Conley tells WHEEL readers about pro- fessors' inventions. J. Sam "Yes, ma'm, hell" Guy beautifies pecans, Neal lthe censor caught thisl Smith peels potatoes. Good-time Charlie Hilkey's gadget holds his book open so he can hold hands with Miss Odum. Chastain writes letter to WHEEL, finally presents petition to SAC. SAC defers action, Chastain suggests castor oil. One reader finally notices WHEEL has gone streamline. Front-page "ln This issue" box lists Cayce under Sex Problems . . . Friday, Feb. 4-Pi Alpha stages movie on high-speed pho- tography. Swimmers meet Kentucky. "So that's where it comes from," says Bishop, Glee Club announces personnel for tour. Ballard fumes as Wells is put in charge. Shel- burne tells Wells Dobbs Hall cleaners will take those gravy spots off his clothes. SAC endorses group hospitalization service. Wiggins resents having to pay. Lester, English, Pearce, Stcadman form quartet, sing "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me." o 0.01vin10:0zrilnzniiiiiizriziiqmv. ziiinluzoziozo l i i WE RESURFACE OLD CONCRETE DRIVEWAYS i H and E BUILD NEW ASPHALT DRWEWAYS ii E i SAM E. FINLEY Q H 292 North Avenue, N. XV. ! D ATLANTA 1 GEORGIA E HEmlock 6800 i B Phone us for estimates ! v n:oiqzu.1i 10101'ririiuiriiuiui1:1014 :ni Quin.: o ngqign- - - - - - - - - 1 1 1 1010! Q ! 2 ATLANTA STOVE WORKS i i i Q Q - ! ! 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R A N D A L L II ll . . 2 T G R 'IZ t U '89 Spring Street II eorgla epresen a IVC 3 ATLANTA GEORGIA U 436 Allendale DI., S. E. cR. I5l3 l ll Qilyllil 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l l l 1 1 1 1 l 1 lil iii i il TTTTT? Ti .O I E The advertisers have been largely responsible tor the publication ot this, your I yearbook. Please show your appreciation by trading with them. Also, they would E like to know that you are trom EMORY. Be proud enough to tell them so. 2 MORETON ROLLESTON, JR. I 6 ',4o1u1o1 Q, ,-wp. 1 1 ,qi 'C' '10-'0""1"1 101 S1 rin 101 ri 1-0101 11 T11 191 101: 101 10 l U 11410 DOOLEY'S DIARY Saturday, Feb. 5-Campus Club formal steals show from KA house dance. Pepper Roberts trots out Agnes Scott job, Bob Brown also does well. Dasher attends, repays courtesy of last spring, Dr. Hugh Fuller, Carroll Larmore, Carole Lom- bard in big mix-up, campus asks how did Fuller and Lom- bard get mixed up. WHEEL teams with ECA to sponsor an- other sex talk, this time in Theology Chapel. Talmadge re- members dull jokes, turns down offer to speak at Institoot of Gosnellship. Sunday, Feb. 6-Meds affiliate with national group after Bondurant tells them they can get it wholesale this way. Trawick "Force for Righteousnessu Stubbs leads organization. Twenty meds come in late, aver traffic too heavy on North Avenue. Chief result of drive for national cooperation is Bob Stump's offer to exchange phone numbers with other med schools. lWhat if this did happen yesterday instead of today, calendars don't worry DooIey.l Monday, Feb. 7-Glenn Hogan, Delta pride, and Jimmy Wilson debate Miami on unicameral question. Charlie Hud- son bewildered through it all. Finch promises Wells support for Glee Club managership. Thetas prepare for formal, Austin and Day get permanent waves. Campus wishes Thetas would get straight for a while. Tuesday, Feb. 8-Theta formal at Druid Hills finds Cayce back in "good" graces of ex-brothers. Finch promises Ansley support for PHOENIX, promises Knox support for WHEEL and PHOENIX, promises Byrd support for PHOENIX, SAC, and senior managership. Chess Abernathy added to journal- ism statf, as "Burp" Nixon tries to act calm about it all. Dickerson speaks to fifty people at Theta dance, loses fifty votes. Wednesday, Feb. 9-Meds flock to hear Dr. Victor Heiser in Glenn Memorial, comment on how pretty the interior is, disappointed in his tales of the Philippines. Kewpie makes usual tuxedoed appearance. Dickerson decides to keep lec- ture presidency on string, just in case he should conceivably lose CAMPUS. Nobody expects a Theta to miss lecture as- sociation, with a Sigma Nu in now. Cayce and Clay make up muddy stories about each other to tell Blodgett. Ham- mond Johnson, Jim Merritt, other Gainesville boys tell Blodgett about Cayce and Clay. Thursday, Feb. I0-Administration reaffirms policy of park- ing only on one side of Fraternity Row. Shropshire gripes like hell, says brothers bother him on that side. Langhorne's white rats thread maze quicker than Milton Campbell, Dewey amazed. Williams still lost in maze, along with white rats. Clarence Calhoun and Charlie Fennell spend quiet evening with Byron Hilley in West End. Difference between the three is that Hilley lives there all the time. Friday, Feb. II-Crowell now just one of the girls at SAE house. Brothers put foot down and make Wells eat with knife and fork while company's there. Harwell and Crowell regale boys with stories of other library school co-eds. Frosh now fully oriented, learn nurses' hours. Phi Delta Phi initiates in usual twinkling ceremony. Branch, Hilley, McClelland, Fotou, Ben Johnson are victims. Branch makes fateful speech on chapel steps. Georgia swimmers beat Emory, swear our pool is drier than their campus. Saturday, Feb. I2-Dr. Paul E. lby requestl Bryan tells class U. S. Supreme Court is wrong again. Classes never tell Bryan when he's wrong, cause he ain't the kind of guy you can tell, Dooley thanks God there ain't but one of him and the Goose. Campus says both together don't total one. Goose tells jokes about "eliminate the eggs," counts class' laughs, multiplies by interest shown in PSC to compute grades. Says he's found this better than throwing them against wall. Bryan has to use latter method, 'cause he laughs so loud at his jokes that he can't tell how class is responding. Sunday, Feb. l3-Room in better gutters at premium as week-end draws to close. Frosh who flunked mid-terms at- tend church to pray for better things, decide anything is bet- ter than Nat Long. Thetas, Siggie-Wiggies, SAE's avidly peruse Marie Rose's column, Charlie Ensor insulted to find he didn't make Peachtree Parade. Pauline spends afternoon being coy with Charlie. Hilkey uses best legal terms. Beverly Cone and Bill Matthews stroll through countryside admiring nature. Bob Whipple-Aileen Shortley combine moves on. Monday, Feb. I4-Doctors finally diagnose part of theologs' trouble as smallpox, put Harold Fink in isolation. Students turn out for vaccination, Duffee pleads with them to take Wassermans while there li.e,, if you can imagine the "old n-ian" pleadingl. Falligant and Ninette Carter get shot in leg, of which more anon. Girls who don't draw Gene Nardin take shots in arm. Eve and Pond take shots as usual. Martha Albright gets directions confused, takes left at top of stairs, then first room to right. Webb and other occupants caught with .... s down. Goldberg and Freedman take six serums, since they're free, Knox falls prey to appendix. Tuesday, Feb. I5-Campus scratches arms collectively. Fal- ligant breaks up journalism class . .. Gambrell and Cox assert "no danger," but they just don't know. Yancey produces pack of cigarettes, II9B students swoon. Canfield wires four tobacco companies, who immediately replace WHEEL ads. Frank Neel thinks he's God's gift to the nurses, campus says he's God's gift to a Morris chair. Clay, Atkinson, Tolbert, sign-painter Cayce roam campus at wee hours. Fortson opens Institoot of Gosnellship. Wednesday, Feb. I6-Goose's Institute overshadowed by that of Ill-Will. All hell breaks loose at ten a.m. as Dasher rides to glory on trumpet, Atkinson drives spavined mule up quadrangle, and Clay gives spiel to crowd. Prexy laughs like hell, Steadman roars, Nixon smiles. Prexy runs Ill-Willers off as Clay tips him off that he's about to run out of clap-trap. Gracie gets 987th picture taken. Ill-Willers damn near break muIe's back posing for pictures, are accused of seeking pub- licity. IMAGINE! I I Few and Phi Gamma banquet proves weak anticlimax. Thursday, Feb. I7-lll-will pressure too great, Tolbert coi- lapses, goes in hospital. Atkinson and Clay rejoice to find one celebrity Cayce doesn't know personally, send Hitler wire. Bob Arrington and Ninette Carter reveal unprecedented naivete with startling suggestion that spring dances be held on campus. SAC ponders over magnificent idea. Campus wonders how SAC would even recognize an idea. Atkinson pushes out Galanti's back wall when Branch changes tactics and comes in the front way. Tolbert thanks Gad for hos- pital isolation, as does rest of campus. Friday, Feb. I8-Glee Club on NBC in Washington. Mar- ried-man Langhorne makes Classroom Clatter with "Thank the Lord this is not a world of eugenics" and "Each time you fall in love, you get a new experience." . . , Chapel, minus Glee Club, is howling success. Duffee and Clay soothe Branch. Wiggins and McClelland muddy up water by swear- ing to Branch he's been libeled. Campus says WHEEL didn't defame Branch, it just defined him. Western Union stock soars as Ill-Willers wire Roosevelt, Hull, Lewis, Gorin, Anne Whea- ton. Saturday, Feb. I9-Huber wins Belgian award, economics majors celebrate, wire Belgian government offer of permanent possession. Belgium says to hell with that, they have Hitler to worry about already. Campbell has appendectomy, be- gins checking books three hours after coming from ether. Campus Club has hayride, having given up on trying to get hayseed out of members' hair. Sunday, Feb. 20-Duffee interviews Falligant over WSB, Susan modestly admits she's Georgia's greatest actress. Campus astounded to hear her admit she acts it. ATO's and Thetas have girls out for evening meals, Sigma Chis and Deltas also have girls out. "All that glitters, girls . , ." Glee Club and Bumstead return, Rece gives Dewey hell for not having boys vaccinated for smallpox. Maestro says it would have ruined his art. Bible teacher Rece goes home and prays Dewey catches pox. 223 DOOLEY'S DIARY Monday, Feb. 2I-Debaters leave for Mardi Gras, plan to include debates somewhere along way. Pi Alpha sponsors liquid air show as testimonial to J. Sam Guy. Charlie Tripp proposes library as place for spring dances with desk as bar and Trimble as bartender. Boulware tells committee he's dubious of getting Miss Jemison's consent. Med organization discusses student health, agrees it's a good thing. Tuesday, Feb. 22-Hosford pulls fastie after reading Gos- sipel Truth, resigns from PHOENIX staff. Cayce spends next three days thumbing through past mastheads to see from what Hosford resigned. Gignilliat goes on unperturbed. Wednesday, Feb. 23-Chi Phis win ping-pong tourney by defeating KA's in finals. Alpha Kappa Psi honors alumni with smoker, CAMPUS staff, including Dooley, attends in body. Things wax warm as Klein gives boys the hot foot. Thursday, Feb. 24-Dasher writes guest column for Gossipel Truth, campus says WHEEL guessed wrong on that one. Mc- Clelland and Finch persuade Callaway, Black, and Hilley to write nasty letters to WHEEL about Branch episode. Can- field advocates less pay for business manager by offering to take 2070 of S2300 in place of the "exorbitant" S300 he's getting. Hedges clatters through with, "When the world goes into a tailspin, the population usually increases." Friday, Feb. 25-Duffee leaves for Athens as Mid-term Dances begin and Mitchell begins figuring train fare to Poughkeepsie. "A Bird in the hand is worth two in New York." WHEEL-man Cayce and WHEEL-man Knox use PHOENIX to burlesque WHEEL. Campus asks, "How can you tell?" Cayce gets his old friend Barney Rapp to promise to autograph copies of the PHOENIX, if folks will just run out in the lobby and purchase them. Ouite some lobby. says campus. Saturday, Feb. 26-Rece, Mitchell, Bartlett spend day counting yesterdays receipts at gate. Mitchell decides Vas- sar is out, compromises on Sea Island. Deltas hold Southern conclave. Gifford holds Newton, Duffee holds his own with Collar. Pond and Eve also hold their own. Cayce's old friend Barney Rapp promises to autograph copies of PHOENIX, if etc. Canfield last to buy PHOENIX, wins refund on dance ticket. Sowell, admitted on a pass, also gets refund. Sunday, Feb. 27-Baker and Mackay catch sharks all over again on WSB. Tenor Ed Rogers shows how he wowed them on tour. DuBose and Brownlee spend quiet evening at home. Duffee plans to practice law, claims he finally passed bar rn Athens. Monday, Feb. 28-Curtis String Ouartet plays to audience of Student Lecture aspirants, while Tuffy Callaway has full house at moot court in "heart-breaker" role. Independents at initial meeting hear Shelburne speak on "Why Louis Shel- burne should be the president of the independent organiza- tion." Seniors win basketball championship again. Tuesday, March I-Clay introduces Memory Expert Wood- ing at talk, forgets speaker's name. Co-ed Club makes itself felt on campus-of all places! Theologs circulate petition to clean up PHOENIX humor. Cayce's attorney says petition invalid, plaintiffs unable to show evidence of any humor in PHOENIX. Pi Alpha revises statutes to elect Kay Owen. Dooley wonders what kind of initiation they'll use this time, and how will they know. Machine takes beating in lnterfrat Council as Miller plays chameleon and Hosford plays for spring. Wednesday, March 2--Robertson ratified as ECA president, Thacker's machine in fine fettle. Aces finally establish posi- tion on side of righteousness as their man Mackay gets office. Jenkins manages to squeeze Baxter Jones in. Clary also elected, You gotta have four. Dr. McGhee announces cure for that tired feeling. Lydia E. Pinkham plans suit. Kay Owen has the blues .... Thursday, March 3-Duffee begins first of series of identical WHEEL want ads by pleading for return of Browning book. Steadman still unconvinced Duffee ever had a book. Ten new student nurses admitted, but you don't find Uncle Dooley admitting anything-yet. SAC decides not to give Rolleston present of 5500. Trustees nullify CAMPUS amendment, Chas- tain glows, especially on top. Professional lobbyist Stubbs in- curs wrath of meds by presenting petition demanding PHOENIX clean up. Friday, March 4-Clifton White announces 2I co-eds in Women's Glee Club, runs in Delta Berry Langford as man- ager in breath-taking political move. Taylor wins campus fencing championship. Phi Beta Kappa initiates seven stu- dents and McGinty. Saturday, March 5-Cayce announces intention to enter theology, statue of Bishop Candler sweats blood. Brenau sor- orities hold open houses. KA's decide Ham Johnson is finally house-broken, allow him to go up. Duffee finds six more girls to tell same thing to. later remembers he left out a paragraph, but these six get that from other I7. Sunday, March 6-Clay interviews Brother Jones on WSB. Jones, between sentences about Jones, praises Germany's academic freedom, faculty burns. Hosford corrals other Gosnell stooges on WATL to solve problem of how to major under Gosnell and like it. Letters come in from I,784 alumni telling boys to give up mirage of learning to like it and go on and get used to it. Monday, March 7-lnterfrat basketball opens. Bumstead pushes May in as president of orchestra. Dewey awfully glad to meet Mr. May, hopes he'll come around often. Tom Mar- shall elected president of Phi Gamma as Chi Phis give him Block vote. Shelburne stunned by it all. Campus says this too good to last. Tuesday, March 8-Humber wins presidency of lnterfrat Council as Miller forgets he has spring ahead. Freedman finally gets office that not even machine could give him be- fore. Independents adopt constitution, gripe hell out of Shelburne by stalling on electing him president. Wednesday, March 9-University begins landscaping pro- gram. Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals protests so many bushes, demands more trees. Genevieve Woodard cashes in on Ill-Will Institute publicity to capture presidency of Women's Glee Club. White cites well-rounded Genevieve as example of cultural value of club. Denny also breasts waves, leads tankmen to victory over Miami. Thursday, March I0-Nixon works enthusiasm up to a grin as Leatherneck is signed for journalism department. Cayce re- plies to critics through letter in WHEEL. Claims more lines of "literature" in present PHOENIX than ever before. Eng- lish department and five students who claim to have read the stuff raise eyebrows. Tolbert gives away orchids and scallions in column. Orchids recipients hope to God he'lI run out of them before spring gets too near. Phi Chis hold Founders' Day banquet and dance, find Stow's founder 'nother one. Friday, March II-Suckers trickle in to register for spring quarter. Seniors begin to apply for degrees. Miss Hilley gives Cayce questioning look. Varsity debaters go to Macon, especially Shelburne. lnstitoot of Gosnellship meets at some damn hick town. SAE's celebrate Founders' Day to prove their lodge has traceable ancestry. Campus Club licks Joe Hall and Ed Tucker in basketball finals. Saturday, March I2-Atkinson-Tomlin romance flowers as touch of spring manifest in air. Odds drop to even on Knox-Harrison merger. Griffin-Lozier cooling. Collar still do- ing all right and Atkinson. Galanti reports coffee sales up as smart boys begin cramming early. Sunday, March I3-Knox interviews Bartlett on WSB, sole listener Knox. Sigma Chis loom as ECA rival by sending large afternoon deputation to Scott. Jenkins asks SAC for larger appropriation to buy pins to meet competition. SAC says all Scott girls have got Sig pins, Jenkins' request too late. Monday, March I4-Steadman declares collegians taboo "sissy words." Hardee cuts out darns and goshes in effort FN I ILL PORTRAITS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY IIISPIIH-WAHI 5211101104 30-32 FIFTH STREET. N. YY. ATLANTA ISEIIRGIA OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGIQAPI-IEIQS FOR L 4ilIl,7lI.5 ' I All CAMPUS negatives are held in our files for several years and personaI photographs can be obtained at any time. Write tor information and special price list. WERE? EASE PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISE 226 DOOLEY'S DIARY to be collegiate. Finch decides to grow mustache and change from first to second tenor, the bass. Dickerson shows up at staff meeting, Dasher introduces him to staff. Some staff! Tuesday, March I5-Jemison forgets self, smiles at student in library, but manages to save face 'cause student fails to recognize her that way. Marella Walker continues to make play for students, but it's no soap on account of ten minutes in that place puts anybody to sleep. Wednesday, March I6-Bartlett takes up the Slack on Clairmont. Decatur pawn shops look forward to more pin business. Carl Howard begins to talk about "my car." Dooley says the original Pontiac did some pretty good scalping, too. Falligant-John A. Griffin coalition progresses ehawmingly. Cayce takes an exam. Thursday, March I7-PiKA's relieved to hear certain young lady around town is married, fling old-time wassail. Decide to pull up scholarship average, make freshman study for ex- ams. Bumstead begins to wish he was taking three courses in fine arts. Pond tanks he'II do some work, too. Others also cram .... Friday, March I8-Meds have brawl, Kalil brings nice girl by mistake, lures brothers into meeting her. Other meds adopt study hard-play hard motto. Rest of school goes home for extensive spring holidays. Saturday, March I9-Med faculty relents, gives students half holiday instead of usual hell. Students steal away to North Avenue. Petty larceny Cardell's assistant comes in in shape most people go out in. Sunday, March 20-Bumstead, the wandering troubadour, takes in Agnes Scott, vice versa. Sigs have buffet supper, even if everybody is gone home, 'cause tradition's gotta be respected. Monday, March 2I-Spring quarter opens like the catalogue said it would, but with a damn sight fewer students present than the catalogue had expected. Others expected back just any day now. Cayce flies back from Hopkinsville, which is the best and quickest way to leave Hopkinsville. Webb throws Winship into consternation by removing shoes. George King takes it like a man. Tuesday, March 22-Shelburne appears astounded when Shelburne's lieutenants elect Shelburne president of ENO like Shelburne had told them to. Chastain plans to draw up petition. Nelson feels he wasn't done right by. Just you wait, Claud, you'II get done. Sigma Chis open Bartlett-for- president boom with formal dance at Mosque. Persecute guests by forming cross. Finch applauds cross .... Wednesday, March 23-Bus Ad announces new courses, dash hopes by keeping same faculty. Goose delivers proverb that "you haven't got much moral standards when you're in Paris." Class ceases tit-tat-toe, eyes Goose with new under- standing and feeling of brotherhood. Candidate-to-be Byrd tells "A" boys he's responsible for grades, swears to "D" boys that Goose gypped them. Hosford decides to be on SAC. Thursday, March 24-SAC revamps laws against political alliances. Shelburne wants to know if they're retroactive. Flowers threatens to resign, Abernathy sprains ankle in leap to accept, Flowers remembers Brother Trimpi, reconsiders. SAC goes into mourning. Beck decides to be on SAC. Friday, March 25-KA formal at Mosque almost as dull as Sigs' affair, but brothers manage to stick it out. KA's blush at presence of Oglethorpe brothers and Allen Alexan- der. Clay decides to be a captain of industry, brings Mar- garet "Chamber of Commerce" Palmer. Dooley says it's to make up for last spring when he didn't have one. Hubbell decides to be on SAC, Saturday, March 26-Flowers asks Jim Thomson, supposed alternate, to take his place on SAC, finds meds forgot to elect alternate. Ted Leigh shows "Impressions of Emory" in library. Mary Lee says exhibit inadequate, but Lime- house buys IOO copies of his picture. Juniors cluster envi- ously around to gape at keys in "Organizations" shot. Come close, boys, this is the last chance for some of you. Gordon decides to be on SAC. Sunday, March 27-Wicker decides to be on SAC, which is enough for one day. Monday, March 28-Hosford, Marshall, Don Mackay, O'DonneIl leave for Florida, Hosford leaves for fear, and you'll see of what. Jamie Mackay stays home to play trom- bone and run debate office. Ansley rather hesitant about beginning to speak to people this late in his career. Knox begins eating in cafeteria, Sigs frown. Cayce joins Knox boom, Ansley's hopes rise. Byrd decides to be on SAC. Tuesday, March 29-Theology students receive spring field work assignments. Sociologists predict rise in rate of rural marriages. Glee Club and Minna Hecker sing at Atlanta Woman's Club, Finch very much at home. Chi Phi formal reveals great number of independents present, even Shel- burne, and Byrd's stock rises to zero. Thurman decides to be on SAC. Wednesday, March 30-Geology class plans trips to Tate, Copper Hill, and Stone Mountain. Latter reminds "Psych" Martin that "it's hard to beat the auto as a marital bureau." Baxter Jones speaks at forensic meet in Atlanta, irked to find he can't deliver "Casey at the Bat." Campus irked that he can't deliver Cayce just anywhere else. Joe Hall decides to be on SAC. Thursday, March 3I-Dictator Abernathy finds there are other members of the SAC when Trimpi noses out his man Johnston for WHEEL. Calls Canfield crook for not keeping promise of last spring. Wait till he finds his man May is running Pierce from Bus Ad for SAC. Abernathy deeply hurt when Block beats Johnston for PHOENIX purely on grounds that he'd worked on PHOENIX. Francis Jones completes sophomore triumvirate by getting CAMPUS, and Abernathy girds for war. Cumbaa decides to be on SAC. Friday, April I-SAE's awakened at 3 a.m. to find Alpha as much tied up on front lawn as Herman was in SAC, only Herman's trouble was over quicker. Swear somebody's play- ing April Fool joke on them, only there ain't no joking about this matter. Mrs. Alexander begins knitting. Louis Unter- meyer spends evening with Cayce, according to Cayce, but finds time to lecture in Glenn Memorial. ATO formal at Mosque. Brannen suggests lead-out for candidates so every- body can dance. Murphy lnurse madei Holloway lays plans for annual assault on presidency. Johnston decides to be on SAC. Saturday, April 2-Lines, Doremus, Sutker, Hogan speaks on WATL. Ansley gives Byrd the bird, campus gives Ansley the cold shoulder, Canfield gives Sigma Pis WHEEL passes to shows Ican't Dooley get away with some of the derndest exaggeration?l. Jane Moore "Campus Sponsor, Strangely Enough" Hamilton and Ruth Slack win offices at Scott, Pierce decides to be on SAC. Sunday, April 3-Bumstead on WSB, audience of Dr. and Mrs. Dewey listen in. Humber reiterates what swell guys these DVS's are. Abernathy agrees. Holloway and Moye in receiving line at Delta reception. House iammed to gills after IOth guest arrives, Bubber Johnson leaves to make room for six more. Mackay decides to be on SAC. Monday, April 4-Fraternities make last minute rush to fill out blanks for SAC, class officers, and president. Perennial candidate Holloway still undecided. Bartlett being "strongly urged to run by his many friends." Dasher being urged to run by his brothers. ATO's pull Craig Robertson out of bag, Thetas remember Vernon Skiles and draft him. Shelburne de- cides Campus Club must preserve perfect record by running dark horse, puts Pendley in race, forgets to inform Pendley until tomorrow. Hopkins needs no urging, but boy, how he needs Abernathy! Allred decides to be on SAC. DOOLEY'S DIARY Tuesday, April 5-Ballard thinks up nasty things to think about Wells, Wells thinks ot seven SAE's in Glee Club and Manager Humber. Pardee romance continues with middle Mackay, blithely ignoring political aspects ot spring. Atkin- son decides to take Collar, let Brannen have WHEEL. Knox pulls out ot PHOENIX race, torgets to intorm Cayce, who continues boom. Humber decides to be on SAC. Wednesday, April 6--AEU elects only seven members, as only seven men eligible. Ballard squeezes in with 4.26, a Reichert in the making. Meds pour in Theta Kappa Psi dance like they pour everywhere else. Rainey tells IRC chief danger is tascism, Gittord says chiet danger is Miller. Hogan decides to be on SAC. Thursday, April 7-WHEEL nominating committee tinally discovers junior to run against Brannen. Byrd and Ansley each begin telling people what kind ot PHOENIX they plan to put out. Gittord and Dickerson nominated, as CAMPUS com- mittee decides only God can make a three. Shelburne comes through with astoundingly naive remark that Tolbert's a damned liar, swears PendIey's not running against Shelburne's will. Goodyear tells Marshall he's not debate manager. Mar- shall detines Goodyear in more positive tashion, Francis Jones decides to be on SAC. Friday, April 8-Skiles pulls out ot presidential race atter AKK caucus. Chastain gripes about way ballot is tramed, but this one ain't nothing compared with the way May tramed that golt ballot last tall. Theta-ATO-Med school coalition packs in the votes tor Robertson, but he can't beat "The Voice ot the South." Shelburne's man Pendley comes in third. Dasher says, "You can't win all the time." Hopkins asks, "Where was my man Abernathy?" Goodyear cans Hostord, appoints Mackay debate manager. Bob Brown decides to be on SAC. N Saturday, April 9-Nine-man committee nominates tour- teen from College and three trom Bus Ad tor SAC. Brannen gets on by petition, sets Jimmy Wilson to thinking. DVS still deadlocked, as Abernathy holds out tor Johnston, Humber, and Miller. Herman tells boys, "I control this campus." SAC- men Mitchell and Jenkins titter, but cohort Duttee keeps straight tace to make up tor what Herman's lost. Sunday, April I0-Seventeen new faces seen in church, all smiles and kind words. Shropshire says it's a shame what some tolks will do to get elected. Candidates spend atter- noon strolling about campus. Atkinson and Collar spend Sunday in mountains. Uncle Bud burns out WSB transmitter at Tucker, Thetas accuse Bartlett ot complicity. Monday, April II-Finestone and Harwell take up tive- suit bridge in Cayce's room, Clay takes up in another room. "Pop" Gentry and David Chewning appear in spring en- sembles. "Navajo John" Ackerly explains use ot Bowie knite in Co-op, Finch gives him additional pointers. Albert Cox tells his public that "My Favorite People" stinks, campus says his favorite people would have to. Prexy's boy also becomes 972nd student to say "Gossipel Truth" stinks. Editor Duttee sticks by his statt despite this barrage ot criticism. Tuesday, April I2-Cayce sees Byrd's gonna win, jumps on bandwagon. Ansley still riding Gii'iord's coat-tails, and Dick- erson manages to be seen often in public with Brannen. "What the hell," says Brannen, "I can win anyway." Jimmy Wilson and Dickie Cook swing machine behind Hubbell and Gordon tor SAC. Wednesday, April I3-Pre-med traternity meets "to plan tor spring," Dean Rece reminds boys ot University rules. Aber- nathy writes letter to WHEEL condemning as "the lowest form ot politics, the whispering campaign"-started by Abernathy. SAC investigating committee finds that whispering campaign consists ot charge that Pendley's a friend ot Shelburne. Pend- ley strongly denies. Hell, who wouldn't? Thursday, April I4-Hostord joins Marshall behind the eight-ball, as Mackay becomes debate manager-now and next year. O'Donnell becomes very philosophical about lite lnobody that knows Tony will believe thisl. Tolbert gets chummy with Shelburne, writes open letter in colyum. Dobbs Hall inmates boil, and Pendley wishes he hadn't told Tolbert about being dratted tor presidency. Rece and Steadman tell students how good Dooley is this year, as it you hadn't noticed by now. Friday, April I5-Co-ed Glee Club sings in chapel, as Bal- lard and Wells fight it out in Nashville. "What, no strip tease?" asks Menkee. President Duttee laccording to Editor Dutteel announces plans tor huge GCPA meeting in Gaines- ville, Cayce tells boys he can get it wholesale atter Monday. Meds get calendar mixed up, come to chapel to vote tor Robertson. Saturday, April I6-Cayce drops another course, teeling his presence will be needed here next year, just like tor the last tive years. Garland Smith thinks up new cuss words tor Players cast. Campus says there ain't any new to him by now. Quayle changes 23 grades tor Abernathy so he'Il have 4.26. SAE's hail Herman as another Reichert, campus agrees. . . .Joe Hall gives Chi Phi run around again, picks up points in track meet. Sunday, April I7-Ansley and Byrd go to church to per- suade theologs they're going to clean up PHOENIX. Gittord lets Knox have date with Toni Newton in order to sew up Sigma Chi support, Brannen sleeps serenely through it all. Monday, April IB-Leroy Denny wins intertrat swim meet, Sigma Chi comes second. Shelburne decides to clinch ENO's place in the sun, enters Joe Hutchinson. Pardee and Carter tell Phi Gamma there ought to be more pretty co-eds on quadrangle. Campus says it all pretty ones here now were laid end to end . .. Tuesday, April I9-Library installs new light section so glare can blind those who haven't forgot how to see in tormer darkness. Finch hell-bent on meeting Ray Thurman, 'cause he's already promised support to other thirteen SAC candi- dates and he's just gotta be impartial. Final instructions on voting delivered in chapter meetings. ATO weighs issues, de- cides to vote for Robertson. Shelburne tells ENO's he wants them all to vote their convictions, he just wants to be damn sure they've got the right convictions. Wednesday, April 20--Four ENO's, including Shelburne, leave tor Wild West to plot against white race. Finch prom- ises support to Gittord. Who said the old order had changed? Prospective ODK's begin to wish they'd liked The Gossipel Truth better. Bumstead remembers orchestra elec- tion, basks in role ot throne-maker. Thursday, April 2I-Pendley tells campus Tolbert is a damned liar, he told him that in confidence. Athletic Coun- cil prepares to spend additional 52000 appropriated it by Shelburne in his letter, 'cause the SAC and student body don't know anything about it. Shelburne cites ENO consti- tution to prove there ain't any politics in it. Dave Black cites Georgia code to prove there ain't any murders being com- mitted. Friday, April 22-Jimmy Wilson plays omnipresent role at polls, swings 300 votes tor Byrd and Dickerson. Nelson polls one vote in Law school, picks up l45 more somewhere, even independents are nonplussed. Abernathy shows Hopkins boom was no fluke, crowds his man Humber into SAC. May retaliates with Pierce from Bus Ad. Miller boom holds up long enough tor Ray to ease in under the wire. Gordon, Mackay ride in on Dickie Cook machine vote. Beck slips in unnoticed. Thetas enjoy tirst landslide in years, see DuBose elected secretary-treasurer ot senior class. Theta-ATO-Med school entente gamers enough tor Robrtson to run ott against Bartlett. Saturday, April 23-Dasher tells Dooley he's gotta go to press, campus tells Dooley to go elsewhere. That's just like lJncle Dooley, always on the go, which is how and where he gathered all this low-down and presented it in his own iittle way, so the narrow-minded souls can gather 'round and tell Editor Dasher to go to hell. 228 EASE PATRQNiZE YOUR ADVERTISE 229 THE 1938 CAMPUS is done-the last page has been sent to the printer-our work is through-the verdict is yours. It has cost us hours of "cutting" im- portant classes and still more hours of sleepless nights, but it is now a reality and no longer a fond hope or a dream. The realization brings with it a touch of sentimentality and a touch of pride in a work well done. lVe trust you HEN141 lifwl'-N14 will bear with us in the inevitable er- rors which are a part of every annualg so, if there is a series of typographical Mxiqiox xxiuui sputters after your name, or even if we have misspelled it, do not blame us too much, but rather vent your just condemnation upon the abstract methods and system that must be adhered to in the editing of a yearbook. ,lust remember that our hearts were in our work and we did our best. To Henri Gaspar and lylarion Wlare, who contributed the best in photography, to Norman lVrigley, of XVrigley's Engraving Company, and to bliss Clarissa Poteat, of the same, who gave of her time and talent in assembling and laying-out the pictures and to whom we are indebted for the photomontage end - sheets and divi- sion pages: to Charlie Young, of Foote and Davies, who designed the cover, aided with make-up and typo- graphy, and who has advised and in- spired us during our four years on the staff: to Dean Rece, our advisorg to Dr. Steadman and Jack Tilford, of the liinglish Department, who proof-read the entire book and contributed valu- able suggestions: to bliss llilley, who - was most agreeable in supplying neces- sary material and lists: to Billy Car- roll, whose generosity with his car saved us much time and many steps: to all w h o contributed snapshots, C1--WISS-'N PHTE-VI' squibs, lists, and what-not: and last, but by no means least, to those faith- ful and loyal stall members, who have CH-W'-Ili YOUNG Agana.. given unstintingly of their time, efforts, patience, and understanding, go our heartfelt gratitude. It is a pleasure to have been associated with you, and to all of you goes the credit for what we believe to be a success- ful yearbook. To the C.'XlXll"l'S editors of the future we extend our felicitations. They, no doubt, will feel as we do now. Some people are born crazy, others are temporarily insane, and still others edit a yearbook. 2,0 'Me 840104 A6 ZGOA 614, .4 . . . Abernathy, E. L. ..49 154 Abernathy, H. H. ........ 22, 87, 89, 91, 94 114, Abrahams, Joseph Adair, M. C. ..64, 158, 97, 154 .64, 176 170 .36, 14S Adams, A. R., Jr Adams, C. R. ............ . Adams, G. H. .,.. . Adams, H. XV. ...,..,... . Adams, J. T. ..,,...... 64 Adams, Jane ............, M166 . .... 74 Adams, M. H. ......,....... BS, 121, 162 Adams, M. J. ................ 74 Adams, M. P. ................... . Addison, T. E. ,...,, 49, 146 Agee, J. A. Akin, J. T., 'Ji-'fdffffffff .... 66. 4 9 , 143, 174 Albanes, XV. J. ....,......,.... .. Albright, Martha .......,.. 22 Alexander, J. A. ............. . Alford, Elsie .................. 74 Allen, Arthur ........ 36, 166 Allgood, H P. ........ 49, 162 Allgood, Jack .... 2.36, 162 Allgood, J. E. .... .66, 178 Allgood, J. XV., Jr. .... 56. 162 Allred, J. F. ..,.,..... 44, 101 Alsobrook, H. H. ....... 22, 115, 166 Alsohrook, T. XV. ............. . Alsobrook, XV. A. . ........ 68 Alston, J. L. ,,...,.......,....... . Alston, XV. O.. Jr. ....,... 22, 115, 150 Anderson, P. H. ..6S, 154 Annis, L. S. ..................,..., . Ansley, B. D. ................ 36, 98, 113, 14S A11sley, C. C. ........ 44, 160 Ansley, R. B. ................ 56, 90, 93, 146 Antley, Shuler .................. Archer, L. H. ........ 49, 160 Armour, Thon1as, Jr., 36, 94, 158 Armstrong, Anne ,..,... .22 Arnold, Russell ..,. 49, 158 Arrington. R. P. ..49, 154 Askew, XV. A. .............. 36, 126, 162 Atkinson, B. M., Jr., ..36, 109, 111, 146 Aucre1nan, C. E. ..22, 159 Ausley, R. C. .... 36, 149 Austin, G. J., Jr. . ...... 44, 109, 150 Avett, C. XV. ,................. 56 Aycock, Betty ................ 36 Baggott, J. L., Jr. ........ 49 Bailes, Charles ,,................ Bailey, Britt .................. 36 Bailey, R. P. .................. 49 Baker, A. M., Jr. ..44, 154 Baker, B. S. .........,............. . Baker, Frances ..., 22, 116 Baker, J. D., Jr. ............ 49 Baker, M. O. ..................... . Baker, Tavner .................. Baker, XV. B., Jr.. 49, 162 Baldwin, McDonald ,....... Baldwin, Ray 149, 154 Ballard, Speizhts. Jr., .. 44, 95, 99, 100, 106. 109, 119, 14S Ballew, James . .... 66, 174 Ballou, James . ...... 149 Balser, J. L. .. .....,..,.,,,. ,44 Banks, Rafe, Jr. ..... 36. 117, 154 Bankston, P. A. ..... ...... 5 6 Barksdale, C. R., Jr. .... .. Barksdale, VV. A. ............ .. Barker, P. A. .. .....,......., Barnes, C. XV., Jr. .... 36, 154 Barnes, E. M., Jr. ......... . Barnwell, C. M., Jr. 249, 146 Barnwell, H. G. 49, 162 Barrett, Benson ................ Barrett, L. F. .,................. . Barrett, Wendell 236, 158 Barringer, T. R. ............. . lNumerals indicate pages on which pictures appearl Barrow, J. G., Jr. Bates, XV. L., Jr. .... . ..49. 156 ...49 Bartlett, Marcus .......... 36, S7, 91, 94, 97, 106, 145, 162 Barwick, J. F., .... 22, 166 Basinski, D. H., 123, 114 Bass, Joe .........,.,,..,. Bateman, G. XV. ..... ...... . Bates, XVillian1 ......... .148 Batey, R. H., Jr. ..44 152 Beale, G. L. . ,................... .. Beard, D. E., 64, 154 174 Beard, S. C., Jr. ...... 223, 98 118 Beasley, Hugh ...... 44 152 Beavers, E. M. ........ 223, 114 115 Beck, Linwood .... ,,., . .36. 94, 100, 118, 126, 145, 15S Becker, H. L.. Jr. .... 49, 162 Beckham, XV. H., Jr. ..49, 146 Bell, Oscar .... . ........,.,,,., 56 Bell, Robert .. ..,.,.. ..... . . Belle, M. S. . .. ...,.. 64, 176 Bellville, C. G. .... 66, 154 Bennett, C. D. ...... 44, 99 Bennett, Lee ....................., Benson, XV. H., Jr. 136, 117 162 Benton, C. C. .. ,............. Berek, K. A. ..,,..... ..... . Bertolli, A. T. . ......... Blckerstaff, J. H. .... ..44, 119 146 Bird, C. A. ,...................,.... . Bishop, A. XV. ..,..,............. . Bishop, E. L. . ..,.,.,.... 223. 106, 125, 162 Bishop, XV. F. ........ 49 162 Black, D., Jr. ,,.,...,,,,,,,,,.., , Black, D. C., Jr. ..64, 125 146 Blake, XV. A. ........ 56, 172 Blalock, T. T. ....., ........... . .. Blanton, L. L. ...... 36, 114, 115, 169 Block, Bates .... . ,,... 144, 94, 99. 109. 113, 1-16 Blumberaf, R. XV. . ,57 Blythe, Jimmv 49, 146 Boardman, Hr-len Bolden, Virginia ...,............ Boleyn. C. XX'. ...,............ 68 Boozer, Jack . ...... .... 4 4, 95, 121, 152 Bondurant, H. XV., Jr. . 66, 174 Bornet. V. D. .,,.......... 36, 99, 119, 162 Boulware, C, H, ,VVV ,,,,,,,, , Bowen, J. H. ......,..,......... . Bowman, C. XV. . 69, 159, 172 Bowman, J. L. . ......... 272 Boyd, D, .. 23, 94, 119, 121, 125, 127. 146 Boye, G. E. .. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Boye, Virginia .................. Boyle. J. S. .. 23, 106 122 Bragdon, J. A. .. ..,...... Branan, L. F. ,... .... . H44 Branan, XV. M. .. .. ....49 Branch, E. T. .... Branch, J. E. ,..,.. . ..,., 68, 90, 91. 150 Brannen, E. A. .. ..,. 36. ST, 94, 106, 111. 126 152 Brannen, F. S., .... ..... 5 7. 149, 172 Brewer, E. D. C. ,.... .101 Bridges, R. B. ....44, 154 Brim, Alice , ..,,, Brinkley, S. G., Jr.. 90, 94, 101, 106, 116, 119. 126, 162 Briscoe, P. D. 36, 152 Brooks, C. C. ........ 44, 154 Brooks, T. I. ............. .144 Brooks, XV. A. ,..,...,, ,,,,,, , Broome, A. R. ......... ..... . Brown, A. S. A. ............... . Brown, B. S. .. ..... 36, 152 Brown, E. B. ................ 36 Brown, J. M. ,.............. ...49 Brown, M. L. ........ 64, 150 Brown, R. H., Ji 1 115, Bruce, H. G. .. Bryan, P. R., 57, 148 Bryant, E. XV. ...,.. 49, Bryant, H. C. Bryson, E. H. ...... 23, Bryson, H. L. .... Bumstead, J. VM. .. 102, 122, Burbage, J. S. ...44, Burch, L. C., Jr. .... . Burgess, B. H. .. 49, Burgess, C. S., Jr. . Burge, C. D. ..-14, 99. Burleigh, B. D. ...... . Burns, M. S. . Burns, Mc. M., Jr., Burrows, XV. H. ...,., . Burton, J. M. .. . ...... 36. 166 174 152 154 'iiiif 160 156 -49 146 -44 143 36, 152 Bush, Marvin ........... Bush, M. R. .......... 23, 114 Bush, O. F., Jr. .......... 37, 117 14S Butler, F. XV., .lr., ...49. 160 Butterley, E. S. . Byrd, E. S., Jr. .... 49 146 Byrd, J. K. ................ 37, 113, 119, 126, 146 Byrum, Louis . ........ ..74 Cagle, J. H. ..... .. .... .23 Caldwell, C. E. ...... .. .37 Caldwell, E. XV. ...... .37, 115 162 Calhoun, C. H. .... 57, 146 Callahan, H. Q. ....... ..... . Callaway, E. R.. .lr., .44, 95, 99, 109, 1-18 Callaway, E. E., Jr. .... 49, 150 Callaway, R. R. .... 64 160 Callaway, Ruth ............ 72 Callaway, XVare . 68 166 Camp, R. S. .. ..... 37, 150 Campbell, J. L. ...... . 66, 91 174 Campbell, Milton, 24 14S Candler, A. XV. . ..... .... . . Canfield, Charles ...., ...... Canfield, E. R. ............ 37. 110, 164 Canipelli, Joseph ..... ...... Cannon, A. E. . Cantrell. L. XV. . 49 160 Caperton, .l. F. ..... ........... . Caperton, XV. F. ............ Cargill, XV. H. . . ..... .37, 117 146 Carlton. F. B. Carmicliael, XV. M. Jr. .. 49, 14S Carnes, H. E. .... ........... . . Carpenter, L. R. ...... 37 Carroll, J. XV. . . . Carroll, XV. H. .. . .49 146 Carson, C. E. .. .. Carter, C. B., 24. 119, 156 Carter, L. N. .37, 94 111 Carter, J. N. ....... Carter, Manley ...49, 160 Carter, Polk ...,, .... . . .37 Carter, R. C. .....,..... ..... . Carter, S. B. . 66, 160 Carver, A. J. .. .50, 150 Carver, C. H. 37, 106. 162 Carver, J. R. . . ........ 37, 106, 111, 162 Case, I. C. ...................... 44, 117, 145, 15S Cates, J. R. .. 37 146 Catts, 1. C., Jr. . Cayce, F. Q. 24, 109,11l,112,150 Chaknis, J. M. .,.. .. Chamblee, J. S. H57 179 Chapman, H. H. . .44 Chapman, J. F. .37 Chastain. D. F. . 166 Cheek, Pratt, Jr. ....66, 150, 170 Chewning, D. L. .50, 154 Christian, J. M., Jr. 268, 125, 150 Christie, Irene .... ....,,,, 7 2 Clark, Joye . ............... 74 Clark, M. T. 224, 114, 152 231 .4 1 Clarke, XV. L., Jr. ...... 68, 160, 170 Clary, G. E. .......... 37, 101 Claxton, E. B. .... 50, 150 Clay, G. E. .................... 24, 39, 111, 113, 125, 118, 119, 146 Clegg, XV. J. ..... .... 5 57, 114 Clem, P. L. ...... ................ . Clemmer, A. J. ..... ........ 6 5 Cliett, Alex ............ 50, 150 Cline. XV. RI. ..64, 152, 174 Clower, T. A. ................ 24, 125, 166 Cobb, J. H. .......... 24, 146 Cochran, H. L ............... 90 Codding, J. L. ...50, 156 Codington, A. B. . ...... 37, 117, 154 Codington, J. F. .50, 154 Cohen, G. H. .......-44, 94 Coleman, S. G. .. ......... 50 Coles, XV. C., Jr. ............. . 1, ollar, G. E. .................. 25, S0. 106, 111 Collings, G. H., Jr. ...,... .. Collum, J. P. ......25, 150 Cone, B. A. 25, 101 Conger, P. D. .. .66, 172 Conner, M. J. . ........... 25 Conley, D. K. . . . .... Connally, Sharon, 37, 162 Conyers, C. B. . .. ....... 57. 125, 146 Coogler, James .57, 146 Cook, E. R., IH ........ 37, 106, 126, 14S Cook, J. T., Jr. .... ...... 6 S, 150, 170 Cook, T. ML-B. 146 Cook, T. R. ............. ..... 4 4 Cook, Mrs. Vivian. .. ..... Cooley, XV. E. .. . ..... .. .. Cooper, C. F. . ..... ...... 5 7, 93, 150, 174 Cooper, F. XV. . ................ .. Cooper, G. F. . .. ....37 125. 127, 152 Cooper, H. R. . ................ .. Cooper, Talbert ...64, 174 Cooper, XX'. C. ....37, 14S Cordes, J. H., Jr., GS, 170 Cornett, D. M. .... 37, 162 Cotten, J. H. ....... 50, 146 Cottingliam, XV. L. 44, 101, 113. 154 Cottingham, XV. T ..... 25, 146 Cowart, C. T. .... .... .... 6 S , 150, 170 Cowart, Grigrg'sl.iy ........ 50 Cox, A. F. .. ......... 37, 115 Craig, XV. R., 69, 146, 170 Cranmer, XV. E. 37, 166 Crawford. A. N. . ......... Crawford, Hush . ............ . Crawford. J. B. . .... . 64 Crawley, J. E. . . 106 Cress, J. K. .. . 111 Crider, H. J. . .... .50, 162 Crosby, J. L. .. Crosswell, Ginver, 25, 152 Crowe, J. R ..... .69 Crown, J. A. ..... 50. 162 Crumley. J. J. ..... Culver, L. E. . .3R, 115 Cun1baa, Jay, Jr., 44, 101 Curry, E. F. .. .. ....50 Curtis, G. H. . .. . ..50 Dabney, J. C. ....44 Dallas, R. E. . 64, 170 Daniel, E. F., Jr .... .44 Daniel, M. G. Jr. ....... 25 Daniel, T. XV. . ........ .. Dasher, R. M. . ...25, 99.108, 111, 113. 115, 146 Dausrhtrey, J. E. ..... .... 2 5 Davenport. J. L. . . .72 Daves, J. G.. Jr. 50. 164 Davis, A. O., Jr. 45, 119 Davis. M. .. .. 39. 94, 117, 162 Dawson, J. G., Jr. ...50, 93, 164 Day, M. E. .. 25, 113, 150 Deaver, J. A. ...... 45. 94, 99, 111, 152 Decker, R. S. ...... 50, 162 Deen, O. F., Jr. .. .45, 154 DeFreese, S. J. 266, 172 Ire-Give, R. XV. .... 50, 14S Dellinger, R. XX'. .57, 170 DeMilly, XV. A. .... 45, 14S Dennis, Douglas ,,.,,,,.,. 57. 91, 146 Dennison, Lucile .......... 78 Denny, Leroy, Jr. .... 45, 154 Dick, G. P ...... ..... . 50, 150 Dickerson, L. L., Jr. 138, 94, 100, 109, 113, 115, 150 Dickes, Robert ...... 57. 176 Dodd, G. C. ..... ...... 2 6, 115 Dodd, J. B., Jr. .......... 38, 122, 125, 126, 154 Dolive, Earl .................. 45 Donovan, B. P. ,..,.,,,, ,,,,,, . Dorcmus, C. A. ............ 38, 99, 119, 146 Dorsey, Hal ........ 50, 162 Doi-ton, A. F., Jr. ........ 50 Doster, Martha ............ 74 Douglas, R. H. ......... ...... . Douglas, R. V. . .......... 38, 117, 152 Dover, T. A. ..... . ............ .. Downing, G. E. ...... ..... 2 6, 106, 127, 119, 162 D1-uary, J. M. ..... ..50 152 D'uBose, B. M., Jr. .... 38, 109, 119, 119. 1511 Dutfee, XV. S. ..... ....26, NT, 89, 91, 109, 110, 119, 160 Dugfger, Christianne ..26, 116 Dukes, J. XV. ................ 94, 119, 154 Dukes, XV. F., Jr. ........ 26, 39, 90, 94, 97, 121, 145. 162 Dunaphant, C. F., 50, 162 Duncan, G. XV. ............ 57, 60, 93 170 Duncan, Harry Duncan, J. P.. Jr. ....., 26, 125, 154 Dunn, J. G. ....66, 170 Durham, Myrtle .... . ..... . Durrett, H. XV. .... 36, 162 Dyar, C. B. .... ................. . Dyar, J. I. ...... ........ Eclenneld, R. XV. ..66, 174 Edwards, S. K. ............... . Edwards. S. J., .... 50, 162 Eidson. T. M. ........ . Elder, O. F., .I1'. ........ 45. 99, 113, 117, 119, 146 Elkin, XV. L., Jr. ........ 3S, 101, 14S Elliott, C. B. .. . Elliott, M. L. 36, 94 162 Elliott, R. E. . .... ...6S Ellis, J. O. .... 45, 99, 146 Ellis, L. R. ................. .. Embry, Hugh ................ 59. 62, 106, 148 Emerson, C. L., Jr. .... 26, 94, 114, 121, 152 Ensor, C. R. ...... .. Epps, G. L., .lr. 66, 174 Eskridge, F. L., Jr. ...... . Eskridge, Jack . 50, 154 Estes, Frank . 2.26, 154 Estes, M. BI. .. .... Estes, R. R. . ........ Evans, J. D. .. . .. 39, 106 Evans. R. C. . .. .45, 158 Eve. H. P. ...... ..... Eyles, D. E. ...... .. .. .... Fain. J. E. .. ............... 45. 95. 98, 106, 111, 113, 152 Fallifxant. S. O. . ............ .. Fairmer, C. XV., Jr. ...... . Farmer. J. XV. ............ 36, 122, 145, 152 Felrler. R. E. ....... 45, 153 Feldman, M. J. . .... .. ...50 Fennell, C. F. 64, 159 Ferguson, A. D. ............... . Ferguson. XX'ilma .......... 74 Ferrell, J. P. .... ......... 3 S Finch, H. Mc-K. .......... 63. 109, 122. 145, 150 Finestone, Harry .......... 50 Finger. S. M. ......... Fink, H. H. 564, 106, 162 Fuser, J. H. ...... ....... . . Fleischer, Lewis ....... Fleming, C. E. ,.,.,... . .40, 162 .46, Harwell, XV. E. .. Florence, 1. A. ,,,,,,.....,..... . Flournoy, J. R. ..,, 50, 164 Flowers, P. R. .. .... .64, 87, 150, 174 Fluker, J. G. ..... ..50, 160 Flynt, J. .1. .......... .. .. Ford, J. H. .... ...., 3 H, 11.11 Fort, T. H. ..........., 55, 148 Fort, XV. A. ........ ...50, 148 Foster, T li., Jr. .45, 150 Foutou, H. D. ....... ........ . Foxworth, tl. M. . .. Franklin, Benjamin .. Frazier, XV. F., Jr. . .45 Freedman, Ely .... . 27, 94, 145. 168 Freedman, M. H. .. 518, 94, 1694 Freeman, Anne ..,....,. 72 Freeman, B. R. ..... ..6S, 119, 162 Freelnan, T. R ..... 154 Fudge, F. P. ....... .50, 154 Fuller, Cornelia . ...... ..72 Fuller, G. K. ........ 51, 152 Fuller, H. XV. .......... ..27 Fuller, L. E. ..,.,,,.. ,.,, ,,,., . Fuller, Morton ,,,, 64, 176 Fuller, XV. A. ........ 174 Fuller, XY. 13. .....,.. ....... 4 5 Funk, F. .I., Jr. .. 50, 148 Funke, John, Jr. .51, 150 Furgeson, A. D. .,....... 5X Furst, L. M. .....,,. 51, 168 Galindo, Gabriel ,,,, ,,,,,,,.... Galloway, XV. H. .. ..45 Gault, .I. M. ..,.,.,,,,,,, ,..,. . Garrard, XY. R. .. .51 Garrett, L. G., GR, 96, 172 Garrett, R. M. .. 51, 154 Garris, E. G. ,....,.... 53, 166 Garirell, XV. B., Jr. .... . Garvin, Finley .......... .51 Gates, C. XX'. .,,,..,,.. . Gay, F. M. ........ ..... .... 6 6 , 90, 152, 172 Gay, L. O., Jr. .......... ..51 Gazelle, E. J. ....... ..3N, 106, 1-15, 155 Gentry, E. C. ..5N, 99, 146 f1e0I'g8, P. J. ......... ,.,, . .45 Gibboney, H. S., Jr. ..., 66, 14s, 174 Gibbs, F. R. .......... NCES Gibson, B. XV., Jr. .....,..... . Gibson, T., 66, 156, 174 Giddings, C. D. .... 51, 156 Gifford, J. P. ....... 64, 172 Giiford, J. P. .....,,, ,, 35, 99, 106, 109, 122, 126, 146 Gignilliat, XX'. R., Jr. 45, 9R,100,109,113,119, 110 Giles, R. R. .. ....... ..... 2 7, 90, 94, 114, 115 Gillespie, M. XX'. ........ .JIS Gillespie. R. H. .... 59, 170 Gilmore, XX'. F. ......,... Gilucr, Abraliani ..59, 176 Ginsburg, E. M. .... 66, 176 Girardeau, Louise .. Gisler, R. J. ..... .... . . ..6S Gladden, .l. R. .,.. 38, 166 Glausier, C. E., Jr. 39, 154 Glover, H. F. ........ 59, 174 Glustrom, .Iohn ........ .33 Godbee, H. C., J1'. .... 51 Goddard, E. M, ,,,.., . Godwin, J. T. ...... 63, 174 Gold, Perry . .... 39, 94, 16R Goldberg, Milton 27 Goldman, Alvin 51 f1olflSl'l11ll1, A. O, ,. 51 Goldstein, Jacob ..... 31 Golson, Graham . . 27, 91, 125, 162 Golsm1,J. ft 51, 111, 162 Goodyear, XX'. E. . .... 652, 90, 146 Goodwin, M. H. Gordon, L. F. . .... 39, 99, 122, 126, 145 Gordon, S. I.. . . Gordon, Thomas . 51, 148 Gordon, XV. M. ...... .. Gosnell, L. XV. ...... . Goza, C. L. .. 54 Grabiel, A. . 68, 152, 172 Graham, IC. A. ,... . 27 Graves, R. L. . ......... Gray, C .'1'. .. ...... . . . Green, E. M. .. ...... 51, 162 Green, C. G., Jr. Green. Marvin .. ,.,., ,.., . . Greenbaum, Bernarrl ...... Greer, Mildred .......... ..74 Greer, T. S. ................ . Griiiin, Claude, Jr. .. 119, Gritlin, J. A. ............. .. Grirrin, J. M., 27, 122, Griltith, M. K. ....... . Grizzard, X'. T., Jr. 94, Grooni, Patil ............... Groover, R. N ......... 51, Gl'uX'e, A. S. ........ 51, Grubb, P. N. .......... Gulhn, T. F., Jr. Guinn, M. S. .....,. Guthrie, .l. M. Guy, R. J. ..........,, . Haas, Mrs. B. G. ...... . Ha,f:,'an, John, Jr., ...., 106, 109, 111, 113, Hall, J. H. ..... ............. . 111, 145, Ham, O. E. .............. . 92, 93, 94, 152, I-Iainff, L. H. ..59, 90 Hammett, H. H., Jr. Hancock, J. O. Hanes, A. L. ........ .... . Harbin, T. S. ............ . 146, Hardee, XX', C. ......... . 113, Hardison, A. P. Harlepll. R. E. Harper, G. L. Harper. J. T. ....... . Harris, t.. M. ....... . si, 114, 17:11 H. H. ........ . Harris, V Harris, L. 1 . . ....... .. Smith, Jr. 120, Harris, Harrison, Olivia ......... Harrison, P. L. .... 45, Hart, F. XX'. 1219, 106, Hartsfield, E. P. ...... 94, 106, Harwell, J. H. .... 51, 95, 111. Harwell, Ria.-hard .... Hastings, S. M., Jr. Hathcocli. XX'. C. ...... . Haywood, XX'. M., Jr. 114, Helms. XV. C., Jr., 51 11.--nfiei-Sfm, W. H., Hendrix, A. M. .... 28, Hendrix, E. l., ,. .,... .. Henry. L. K. Herault, P. C., ,........ .. 162, Hewitt, Carolyn .... .... Hieks, A. M. ............., . Hicks, J. .T. .... .... 5 1, Hicks, R. XV. . . 1'1lLZ',2'1l11XO11'lk1l1l, S. R. Hi,-z,2'inbotl1am, XV. K .. ...... .. .. ..... ......51, Hiehtower. J. D. . Hill, A. XV. ...... ....... 3 9, Hill, 16. XXI. . ....... .. Hill, Frances ....... Hill, J. A. ...39. 100, Hill, R. I.. . 69, 96, nm, fr. it.. 59, f-2, Hilley, re, . fm, ns, 118, Himura, Hatsuo . Hinpgson. R. A., Jr. Hinsou, XX'. F. . .... . .. Hinson, XX'. J. . 1-1il4'11f'r1C1i, 0, X', ,, Hixlmlxs, A. C. . .... . .. Hoc-kenlinll, J. A. Hodges, XV. A., Jr. . Hogan, G. M. . 9R, 119. I'To:s, J. 12. Hoased, H. J. .. 51. 45 Hollev. H. B.. Jr., ., Pfolliday, Nell . ..,. . .. Hollingsworth, Dixon, . nl, Holloway, M. M., Jr. 99, 145. Holmes, 12. C. ....... 45. Holmes. F. H. Holz, X'X'. XV., 45, 121, Honigman, Morris .. Hooper, C. M. ............ . Hopkins, E. D. .... 39, 93, 115: 146 145 27, 164 146 ff51f 152 4.1, 162 Dil, 174 , 92 ..66, 174 . 45, 146 ...64 . .63 .66, 174 27 .27, 158 ., 39 1.12 14S H391 1112 15-1 ..-11, 154 113, 154 .51. 164 .27, 152 154 166 156 , 59. 174 ...74 154 . L. 145 39 14S 74 162 166 173 50, 119 68 . 51 . GR .45 45 51. 152 30, 156 51 162 152 12 Jr. 152 64, 156 14R 146 Msn, 176 156 Hopkins, S. B., Jr., .. 89, 01, 106, 109, 114, 145, Hopkins, XX'. A. ........ . Hopping, J. L. ...... 51, I-Iosford, B. I. ......... . 99, 119, Howard, C. XV. ..... 118, 119, Howard, Marian ...... . Howard, XX'. T. ..... . 1-ix, Howell, C. B. .............. . Howell, Mrs. Charmi Howell, XV. F. ............ . Hubbell, C. XX'. ........ . 98, 125, 126, 145, I-Iu-Jkahy, A. H. .... 39, Hudson, M. H. .......... . Hudson, C. B. ..,...... Hudson, M. R. ....... . Hughes, Huguley, C. B. ......... . C. M. ..... , 114 117 90, 94 , , Hull, J. G. ................. . Humber, J. F., Jr. . 91, 94, 102, 109, 145 Humber, R. T., 45, 90 Hunt, A. L. .......... 51, Hunter, L. R., 46, 106 Hunter, XV. L. ......... . 154, Hutvheson, Mary .. .. Hutchins, P. F. .,.. 66 Hutchinson, J. C. Hutchinson, XX'. L. . Hydrick, Peter ........... 116, Ingram. XV. F. .. 109 111 111, - V 1 Irion, J. P. ..39, 101, Irvin, C. E ....., .,,,,,,, 5 1, Ivey, XV. C. ...,,....... . Javobs, 11. L. ........ Jamison, K. A. ...... .. Jenkins, A. L. .......... . S7, 89, 90, 91, 94, 99, 101, Jennings, G. XV. ..2R, Jernigan, Sterling .. 90, 93, 146, Jessup, L. G., 64, 145 Jobson, J. K. ...... ..... . Johnson, A. V. ...... . Johnson, B. F., Jr. 145, Johnson, Joh nson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson, Johnson, Charlotte . E. H. ..29, Harry . H. MQC. J. F. . ..... .. M. J. . ..... R. J. . 90, 152, Johnson, R. R Johnson, XX'. H. Jr. 106, 119, Johnston, H. S. Johnston, S. L., Jr. 111, 122, Jones. C. B. . 51, 94, 95, 99, 101, 111, Jones, F. G. ...... .. .. 101. 109. Jones, G. F 29, 125, Jones, G. XX'. .46, Jones, J. A., 59, 154, Jones, N. B. . ...52, Jones, R. T. ......... . Jones, T. .T. . .. Jones, X', D. . 29, Jones, TX' L., Jr.. 39, Jones, Mrs 7 XV. .. Joondeph. N. H. . Jorrlan. P T. ..... 39. Jordan, F' 12. ,,,.. 46, Jordan, F. J. Jr. Jordan, ff, 171. ............. Jordan, H S. . ......... Jorrlan, H. R. . Jordan, J. C. 39. .T17Dl'f1?1.11, .T F? , ,I1-,' 20. Jorflan. XX' P . .-16. Joseuhs. A lr. 66, .Tuf1v, M. T. . . .. Judv, M. O. . . . .. .. Kalil, Ohm-ies .64, Truro, Mflvin H Tfassewitz. Jllllall .. Katz, Israel ..... Keith, A. R. . ............ .. Kelley, J. J. .......... Kelly, O. L., 64, 156, 232 28, 126, 148 ...68 153 ..39, 164 ..2S, 162 ...74 1511, 174 ifiifl "iii, 148 1511 . 2N, 158 fail. 154 15S 156 143 Hes, 170 ,172 -ns 14R :111, 154: of, ...1. . 146 121 154 . 23 .. 28 . 21, 97. 146 152 ..:19, 176 152 fssf 164 .211 156 f'2i6 .66, 117 . 113, 146 154 .39- 154 .46, 113. 146 ..-46, 146 146 152 170 146 . 52 150 164 46 152 150 ...52 154 na 14: 176 V173 172 Kendall, E. P. ..... . Kendall, N. P. .......... . Kendrick, L. M. ......... . Kessler, S. N. ...... 60, Ketchersid, B. M. ..... . Ketchum, C. XX'. ........ . 150, Kilian, R. XV. ...... 46, Kimbrough, E. L., 46, Kinibrougli, R. E. ..... . King, E. O. ................. . Kina, G. E. ................. . King, H. C. .................. . 95, 117, Kin,':', J. L. ............ 46, King, Louise .............. King, M. C. .......... 46, King, XV. R. .,69, 146, Kingsbury, L. L. ....... . Kinman, Josephine .... Kinney, R. C. ............. . Kinzie, N. F. ........... . Kirkpatrick, D. N. Kistner, D. H. ...... 52, Klein, Milton, Jr. ..... . Knight, J. F. ............... . Knowles, B. R. XV. .. Knowles, Elizabeth .. Knox, A. A. ............... . Knox, R. XV. .............. . 109, 111, 113, Korieu, A. F. .......... Kranis, H. K. ............. . Krugman, P. I. .... 69, Kyle, F. T., Jr. 1.29, Kytle, Calvin . ..... .52, Lamb, VV. G., Jr. ..... . Lambdin, A. K. ....... . Langford, B. F., Jr. Langenbat-her, Irwin Langston, E. D. ....... . Lasseter, Hugh ...... 106, Larmore, J. C. ........... . Lattimore, E. E. ....... . Laurent, S. M. ...... Lavroff, V. V. . .......... .. Lawrence, Mary ........ Lee, C. S. ..................... . Lee, H. B. ............ 52, Lee, Oakley .................. Lee, R. K. ................. . Lee, R. M. ......... Lee, XV. H., Jr. .... 29, Leigh, T. F. . 109, 1 54, Leinbach, Merrill fm, 94, 106, 116, 111, LeRoy, DOroth3' .. Lester, XV. M. .. Lett, A. C. .... . . .... .. Letton, A. H. ...... 69, Lewis, J. R., Jr. ...... . 150, Lexan, D. T. Limehouse, XV. C. 165, Lineberaer, Maude .. Lines, A. B. .. ......... 99, 119, Lipford, XV. XX'. 1.40, Little, G. B., .Ir., 52, Little. Odis ............. Little, S. C. 65, Liverman, XV. A. ....... . 176 ..6S .6-4, 174 150 158 129 ..6S .46, 146 148 ..40 146 170 U69 ..69 152 ..40 .46 165 146 154 ..52 H69 .46, 156 .46, 152 .29 .211 ..74 .40 162 1651 158 166 .60, 170 .40 162 .74 146 ..-46 172 .69, 170 SHS .74 40, 156 166 154 172 Lockarrl, Blanc.-he ......., 29 Lockhart, L. B. .. ......... 29, 90, 94, 114, 159 Loftis, J. C. .. ..... .46, 148 London, I. D. ........ 60, 176 Lord, J. M. . .... ............ . . Love, E. C., Jl'. .......... . Love. XV. G. .60, 152, 174 Loveless, J. H. ................. . Lovingood, Berlon ............ Lowe, Jessie ...................... Lozier, M. P. ..... . ..... .40 Lunsford, D. E. 130, 116 Lvday, 'Wilson ................ Lyles, P. T. .. ..... Lyon, R. F. ..46, 115, 162 Macdonald, X7V. E., Jr. .. 40, 106. 162 Mack, R. F. . ................. 52 Mackay, D. M. .... 30, 14S Mackay, J. A. ............ 46, 93, 101, 148 MacRae, D. G. ................. . Rfalone, C. C. ........ 52, 115 Malone, L. B. ........ 52, 162 Markham, A. XXV. ........... . Marks, E. S. . ..... 46, 148 Marks, M. I., Jr. .......... 60 Marshall, A. S. ...... 52, 146 Marshall, J. S., Jr. .... 30, 162 Marshall, T. O., Jr. .... 46, 95, 99, 109, 111, 146 Martin, Mrs. A. M ............. Martin, B. W. .............,,.,.. . Martin, E. B., Jr. ........ 46 Martin, M. Z. ................ 40 Martin, Sarah ................ 74 Mashburn, Marcus, Jr Massell, C. R. ............ . Matlin, Norman ......... Matthews, J. XV. ...... . Matthews, Mrs. J. W Matthews, W. A. ..66, Mattingly, L. E. ...... . Maulclin, Earle, Jr. .. Mauldin, J. P. ...... 65, Maxwell, A. L., Jr. Maxwell, S. E. ........... . 109, 119, May, A. I. .................... , May, C. A. ................. . S7, 105, 122, 125, 127, McBrayer, XV. T. ..... . 94, 106, 117, McCain, J. R. ............ . McCall, M. N. ........ 61, MeCantz, A. E. .... 46, McCarty, M. A. ........ . Mc-Carver, XV. C. ..30, McCay, J. L. .............. . McClelland, J. E. ...... 69, 106, 119, 150 McClelland, XV. S., 52, 150 McConnell, R. G., Jr. ..52, 162 Mc'Corkle, R. L. ............... . McCoy, J. F. ..66, 166, 172 McCranie, E. J. .... 30, 158 McDonald, A. P. ........ 66, 146, 174 MeDuffee, H. F., Jr. ..30, 114, 143 McEwen, V. M. ............... . McGinty, XV. P. ........,. 30, 90, 120 McGowan, C. L. ............ 69 McGowan, J. E. ............ 52 McGowan, T. R. ..52, 148 McKeehan, M. S. ..... . S7, 116, McKey, J. D. ............ . McKinney, G. H. ..... . 145, McLaughen, Mary ..... McLaurin, D. M. ...... . Mc-Lelland, XX'. D. ..... McLeod, J. M. ......... . 101, McLeod, L. P. .......... . McMath, H. E., Jr. . McMillan, E. C., Jr... 98, 117, McNair, D. G. ........ 31, McNatt, W. K. ......... . 126, McNelley, E. M ............ Meadows, A. L. ............... . Mecllin, J. H. ........ 52, 154 Medlin, XV. V. .............. 40 Meier, D. M. .......... 69, 164 Mell, D. L. ...... ............. 5 2 Mendel, A. I. .......... 52, 168 Mendel, Julian .............. 40, 145, 163 Menkee, XV. R. .............. 31 Mercer, O. E. ................ 69 Merritt, J. XV. ...... 66, 152 Merritt, XV. F. .............. 31 Methvin, XV. C. .... 52, 160 Michael, H. L. ...... 40, 154 Miles, I. M. ....................... . Milford, J. H. ...... 40, 146 Miller, C. A. ..................... . Miller, C. M. ....... ..52, 164 Miller, E. S. ..61, 164, 172 Miller, E. J ........... 52, 164 Miller, Harold .................. Miller, I. M. ................ Miller, J. G. .......... 66, 170 Miller, J. R. ....... .......... 4 0, 98, 101, 109, 113, 119, 122, 145, 154 Miller, XV. D. ..................... . Mills, C. XV., Jr. . ...... .40. 106, 117, 162 Milwain, C. P. ...... 52, 148 Minor, A. C. ....................... . Mitchum, H. L. ..... . ...... 61 Mitchell, F. H. ................. . Mitchell, X1Vharton ...... 31, S7, 89, 91, 122, 127, 145, 146 Mize, E. G, ....................... . Mizell, G. C., Jr., 52, 154 Mobley, M. M. ................. . Moldow, Sidney .... 46, 168 Sewell, R. A., Jr. Montgomery, H. M. Moore, D. C. .......... 31, Moore, H. D. ............... . Moore, J. M. ..,. ........ . Moore, XV. C. ............... . Morgan, H. XV. ......... . Morgan, J. C., Jr., 52, Morris, A. B. ............. . Morris, Brad ................ Morton, A. L. ............. . Moye, C. A., Jr. ..40, Mullins, D. F., Jr. ..... . 52 ,.69 -52 156 ..40 156 ..-40 Murphy, R. XV. .... , 158 Myers, L. S. ..46, 113, 154 Neal, J. T. ............ 40, 125 Neel, F. H. .... 31, 115, 166 Neel, R. XV., Jr. ..52, 146 Neel, XV. XV. ........ 41, 148 Neighbors, J. B. ............... . Nelson, C. D., Jr., 41, 111 Nelson, J. S. .......... 52, 154 Nelson, R. C. ..................... . Newman, J. H. ............ 31 Newman, J. VV. ..61, 166 Nichols, J. XV. ........ ...... . Nichols, S. M. ................. . Niles, G. A. .................... 61, 93, 150, 174 Nipper, XV. B. .........l.... 41, 122, 152 Nixon, R. B. ................l .41 Nobles, XVilliam .......,...... Nolan, Emmalu ..... ..... Norman, L. G. North, XV. E. ..... ....... . Norton, H. M. .... .......... . Norvell, L. G. .............. 53 Nottingham, E. J., 61, 91 Nunnally, G. B. ..53, 150 Nunnally, H. B. .... 69, 150 Nutt, A. L. .................... 73 Oates, K. A. .......... 53, 160 O'Donnell, A. .I. .......... 47, 98, 106, 109, 126, 145, 148 Ogden, H. S. ........ 31, 154 Olsen, M. E. .................. 41 O'Neal, C. E. ......,. 53, 156 Orton, R. C. .......... 61, 176 Overton, B. H. ....31, 164 Owens, S. S. ........ 65, 160 Owsley, Lawrence ...... 67, 146, 172 Ozmore, K. L. ................... . Paine, C. H. ..................... . Palmer, J. R., Jr. ........... . Pardee, Constance .... 31, 121 Parish, F. M. .......,.... . Parker, H. L. .... . Parker, T. L. .... ..... . Parks, J. H. .............. . Parks, J. XV., Jr., 47, Parry, H. L. ............ . Partain, J. O., Jr. Partin, Malcolm, 47, Passmore, J. E., Jr. Pate, J. C., Jr. ...... . Pate, XV. M. .......... . Patterson, C. I. ...... . Patterson, H. M. .... . Pattillo, C. E. .......... . Pearce, H. J., III, 53 Pearson, Judson ....... Peck, J. L ................ Peek, J. C., Jr. .... 53, iii 166 iliii ..65 146 Pendergrast, XV. J. .... 47, 146 117, Pendley, R. L. .....,.,,,..,. 32, 96, 120, 166 Pendley, XV. O. .....,...... 69, 158, 170 Penick, C. XV., Jr., 53 154 Perkins, J. P. .....,..... ..... . Perkins, W. XV, ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, , Peskin, J. R. ...,.,,,,,,,, ..47 Peterson, Will ...... 47, 146 Petway, A. P. ...... 53, 160 Philips, E. B. ........ 47, 115 Philler, H. A. ................ 41 Phillips, C. R., Jr. . ..41 Phillips, M. E., Jr. ...... 53. 150 Phillips. W. C. ......... . .... . Pichard, J. M. ,... Pickett, J. C. ..,............. 61 Pierce, W. E, ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, 41, 122, 127, 160 Pilkington, .I. W. ........ 41, 117, 162 Pirkle, F. D. .................. 74 Pirkle, Quentin .... 41, 166 Platt, J. P. .....,,......,. .,,,, , Pollard, W. E. ................ 61 Pollock, Theodore Pond, N. M. ..................... . Pope, Roy, Jr., .... 41, 150 Pope, W. A. ................ 41, 114, 115, 154 Poplin, C. C ...... ..... 4 7, 150 Post, D. Z. ...................... 53 Potter, F. J. .... ..... .......... . Powel, C. C. .......... 65, 172 Powell, G. E. ................ 32 Powell, F. C. ...... .53, 158 Powers, E. C. ............ 47, 99, 119, 146 Prevost, C. T., .............. 65, 160, 170 Price, A. C., Jr. ............ 32 Price, H. J. .................... 41 Price, R. P. .... 69, 87, 166 Priles, C. V. ....................... . Prince, A. O. ........ 53, 152 Printup, A. L. ................. . Proctor, XV. H., Jr. Rambo, J. H. T. 67, 174 Rasberry, J. T., Jr. .... 53, 152 Ratliff, G. R. ...... 53, 154 Ray, J. C. .......... ........53 Ray, L. G., Jr. ........,... 32, 90, 94, 114, 154 Read, Pauline .., ............ 73 Reeves, R. T. ................ 53 Register, J. C., Jr., .... 41, 152 Rehberg, C. E. ............... . Reinstein, C. R. ............... . Rewis, Millard, Jr. ......... . Reynolds, E. H. ..... .......... . Rhodes, J. S. ........ 53, 148 Rich, Maurice ...... ....... 6 5, 168, 176 Richards, VV. T. .... 53 152 Richardson, E. O. ........... . Richardson, E. B. ...47 Richardson, H. J. Richardson, Maribel ...... Richardson, R. H. .... 69, 164 Richardson, S. H. ........... . Richerson, XV. R. .. .... Ridley, J. H. .......... .. .... Ridley, J. R. ........ 53, 162 Riddick, T. S. ................ Riser, XV. H., Jr. ............. . Ritch, E. S. ...,................ 61 Rives, S. B. ..32, 119, 154 Roberson, P. E. ....... ...... . Roberts, D. XV. ............ 67, 90, 154 Roberts, H. L. .... 53, 150 Roberts, R. Pepper .... 32, 96, 125, 166 Robertson, F. L., 41, 101 Robertson, G. B. ..... ....., . Robertson, J. G., Jr. ..41 Robertson, N. C. ..... ...... . Robertson, R. M. ...61 Robertson, R. L. ....... ...41 Robertson, V. E. .......... 32, 101, 162 Robertson, XV. C. ........ 67, 125, 152, 174 Robinson, E. L., Jr. .... 53. 160 Roddey, D. C., ......... .... 3 2, 114, 152 Rogers, G. XV. .... 53, 160 Rogers, T. B., Jr., 47 154 Rogers, XV. F. ......... ...69 Rohrer, R. H. ........ 41 115 Rolleston, M. M., Jr. ..41, 91, 94, 108, 126, 119, 145. 146 Rosser, Paul ............. ....... Royal, M. H. ............. ...41 Rossman. Emma ..... ...74 Rozier, C. P. ........... ...53 Rudulnh, B. B. .... 53, 154 Rumph, E. H. ...53, 154 Ruppersburg. J. V. . ...47 Russell, B. C. .......... . Russell, H. E. ..,....... . Sadler, G. G. .......... . Sadler, R. F. ........ 41, B. B. ...... . St. Clair, Sale, B. Saltz, N. J. ............ 65, Samples, E. E. .... 65. Sams, R. W. ..... H53 Sanders, F. R., Jr.... Sandlin, P. De L. Sasnett, M. A. ........ . Sayer, J. O. ............ 41 Scarborough, J. H. .. E., Jr. .... 53. ...65 -151 155 176 121 148 ...53 119 ..41, 115 Scharlach, L. E. ..41, 160 Schroder, J. S. ............ 69, 146, 174 Scott, T. A., Jr. .... 42, 148 Scott, T. E. ....................... . Scott, XV. M., Jr., 53, 154 Sealy, R. M. .......... 69, 172 Seaman, A. R. .... 47, 162 Seckinger, E. XX'. Seitz, Seitz, Abe .............. 33, S. 1XI. ................. . , 53, Shaefer, VV. G., Jr. Shafferman, S. I.. ..... . Shalloway, C. L. ...... . 168, Shealey, T. A., Jr. .... . 94, 111, 120, Shelburne L. XV. 96, 99, 106, Shelton, T. D. ............ . 122, Shepard, J. L. ...... 33, Shivers, F. T. ............. . Shropshire, F. H., 62, Shugart, J. Shuttlewort , P. J. Siegel, L. A. .......... 47, Silver, M. I. ........ 53, Silverstein, C. M. ..... . Simmons, J. C. .... 65, Simmons, M. F., 47, Simmons, S. C. ..62, Simmons, XV. A. .,.... . 111, Simmons, XV. G. ......,.. . Simpson, Elizabeth .... Sims, F. A. ..... . ......... Sisk, H. P ........... 54, Skiles, XV. V., 67, 150, Slack, S. B., Jr. .......... . 106, Slade, J. R. .................. . 113, 145, Slawson, M. O. ....... Sloan, XV. P. ........ 47, A. ............. . h his Iliki Iii .65, 176 .42, 164 .69, 166 .33, 152 150 148 168 168 ..53 178 150 170 .54, 164 ..74 160 174 .42, 150 .33, 150 H65 164 Slocum, K. R., Jr. . .... 33, 118, 164 Smart, C. XV., 33, 114, 152 Smith, C. H. ........ 47, 164 Smith, C. L., 47, 111, 126 Smith, E. L. .................... 33 Smith, F. T. .......... 54, 150 Smith, F. A. ..................... . Smith, H. L. .......... .......... . Smith, J. D. .......... 33, 118 Smith, L. G., Jr., 54, 150 Smith, Leon .. ............... 101 Smith, XXV. R. .................. 69 Smoot, R. H. ..................... . Snow, Mrs. M. W. ......... . Snyder, L. H., Jr., .... 62, 1.66 Sohmer, Abe ........ 62, 176 Sohmer, Hyman ................ Sowell, P. B. ..................... . Speers, B. C., Jr. ........ 42 Speight, E. E. ................. . Springfield, XV. T., 33, 121 Stacy, J. A., Jr. .......... 42, 109, 146 St. Clair, Ben ................ 54 Starnes, Frances ........ 74 Stead, XV. XV. .............. 47 Steadman, J. M., III .47, 94, 113, 146 Stebbins, C. C., Jr. ..., 69 Steele. XV. S. . .,.............. 69 Stein, D. J. ...33, 125, 168 Stephens, Grace ............ 74 Stephens, J. C. .... 33, 154 Stephenson, R. H. ........ 65 Stevens, A. N. ................ 33 Stewart, .T. B. .... 62, 170 Stewart. R. A. .... 67, 172 Stipe, M. S. .................. 34 Stodghill, C. M., .lr. .47, 99, 109, 146 Stokes, E. M. ................... . Stone, Marv .................. 34 Stoney, P. R. ....... 54, 152 Stow, M. N. ..65, 150, 170 Strait. C. E. .. ......,..... .69 Strickland, XV. E. ............. . Stubbs, T. H. ..67. 99 154 Stump, R. L., Jr ......... 67. 154, 170 Styles Raymond ..... .... 6 9 Suggs, S. L. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Sullivan, B. H. ..... ........... . Summerlin. G O., 54, 154 Sumner, VV. E. .... 54, 148 Sutker, Solomon .......... 42, 98, 119 233 Sutton, J. P. ........ 34, Sutton, S. F. ............ .. Swagerty, J. M. ....... . Swanson, Cosby, Jr. 99, 126, Swetnam, XV. E ......... Swint, J. XV. ..... ........ . Tanberg, E. E. ....... . Tanimoto, Kiyoshi .. Tasker, XV. F. ........... . Tatum, T. Z. ........ 47, Taylor, A. F. ........... . Taylor, C. D., Jr., 54, Taylor, fC. A. ........... . Taylor, D. H. ........... . Tebo, H. G. . ............ .. Tepper, Jake, 65, 168, Terrell, C. E. ........... . Thebaut, B. R .......... 94, Thibadeau, XV. C., 54, Thigpen, R. F. ......... . Thigpen, XV. M. ..16O, 152 fffkiii ..42, 146 ....65 ....42 ....54 ...69 ....54 152 ....42 158 "iii .-.73 ...67, 174 162 ....47 145 Thompson, J. F. ......... 59 Thompson, L. C., Jr. ..47, 150 Thompson, T. H. ........ 42 Thompson, XV. R. .. ..... 34, 117, 146 Thomson, J. L. . .... ...... 6 5, 146, 170 Thrailkill, H. E. ........ 42 Thrasher, XV. H., 42, 160 Thurman, R. V., Jr. ..47, 106, 126, 162 Thurman, S. VV., 54, 160 Tillman, J. S. ................... . Tindall, J. D., .............. 47, 145, 15S Todd, J. XXI., 67, 150, 174 Tolbert, J. P. .34, 90, 91, 94, 109, 111, 113, 118, 119, 145, 146 Tomlin, C. A. .. ............. 42 Traub, H. S., Jr. .......... 42 Trimpi, H. D. .....41, 111, 150 Tripp, C. A. ............ 42, 121 Truchelut, H. L., Jr. ..... . Tucker, E. G. ...... 42, 162 Turetsky, Sam .............. 48 Turk, A. S., 62, 158, 170 Turner, E. XV. .... 69, 172 Turner, J. D. ........ 67, 170 Turner, J. VV. ................ 54 Turner, J. XX'. ................ 69 Turner, J. B. ............ 42, S4 Turner, R. S. . 150 Turner, S. P. .......... Turney, XV. H. .......... ...... . Tye, Hortense ............ .73 Tyler, H. D. .......... 67, 172 Tyre, Nedra ...................... Tyson, S. E. ...... .............. . Uhl, C. H. .................... 42, 94, 106, 109, 116, 162 Upshaw, J. H. .............. 34 Uzaki, Goro . .......... ...69 Van Dyck, F. H., Jr. VanSant, T. J., Jr. 63 ....54- Vardamen. J. B. .......... 70 Varner, XV. D. .. ............ Vaughan, D. H. ,... 42, 158 Veatch, .I. XV ............ ..... . Velkoff, A. S. .. .............. .63 Venable, J. H. ......... ....... . Vinson, J. XV ................... . Wager, H. E. . . 67, 170 XVagner, D. M. .. . ..... ..70 XVagner, P. J. ...... 34, 148 XValdrep, A. J. ........... ..70 XVakef1eld, R. J. .54, 152 XValke, E. A. ........ 34, 152 XValker, G. J. ................... . XlValker, J. L., 70. 162, 174 XValker, Mrs. M. S. ......... . XValker, Marella .............. XlVallace, C. L. .... .48, 146 X7Valler, J. E. ...... XVallman, S. J. XX'aIton, C. E. ................... . XValton, Maude .. ......... 74 VVard, C. S., 63. 162. 174 XVard, D. C., 35, 125, 162 Ward F. O. .... .................. . XVard, J. C. M. ............... . XVard, W. C. .. ................ XVare, H. M. .. .63, 166 Vvarnock, R. P.. .Ir. .54, 152 Watkins, L. H. ............... . XVatkins, R. B. ............ 70 Watkins, XV. M. ........... . Watkins, XV. T., Jr. ....... . Watson, C. N. ............ 35, 96, 125, 166 XXatson, H. L. ............. . XX'atson Jerre Jr. XVatson, XV. M. .... 42, 117 XXVatters, J. Q. ............ 42, 94, 150 XVeathers, A. K. ........ 42, 119, 154 XVeaver, I. XV. .... 70, 166 XVebb, J. R., Jr. .......... 70, 90 91 XX'elch, J. B. ................ 48, 94 106 148 , 99, , XVelden, Louise .......... ..74 X7Vells, J. A., Jr., 42, 154 XX'est, H. R. ....................... . XX'est, P. D. . .................... .. XX'haley, J. H., Jr. .... 48, 150 XVheat, A. R. .............. 35 XX'heeler, N. A., Jr. .... 65, 160, 170 VVhipple, R. L. ............ 63, 93, 154, 174 XVhitaker, XV. G., Jr. .. 42, 154 XX'hite, C. G., Jr. ........... XX'hite, C. XV. ................ 48 XVhite, E. C. .......... 48, 146 XVhite, G. T. ..................... . XVhite, G. C., Jr. 143, 146 XX7111tE'l'ltOl"l, G. H., 43, 148 XVhitFleld, T. XV., 63, 172 Vtihitley, J. R. ................. . XX'hitworth, H. M., Jr. XX'hittaker, F. N., Jr., 35, 90, 96, 97, 118, 119, 166 XVicker, G. S., ...... 543, 98, 106, 119 XX'iggins, R. S. .... ..... 6 5, 87, 91, 150 XVight, XVard, Jr. ........ 150 XVilder, J. S., Jr. ........ 54, 104, 148 XVilensky, Louis, 67, 176 XViley, XV. B., 63, 156, 17S XVillcox, D. R., Jr. ...... 43 XX'il1iams, C. R. .............. 70 XVilliams, H. S. .... ............ . XX'illiams, H. G. ............ 35 XX'illiams, J. XX'., Jr. ..... . XX'illiams, J. E. .54, 150 XX'illiams, Louneal ......74 XVilliams, P. I.. ............... . XVilliams, S. XV., Jr. ....... . Xlvilliams, T. X'., Jr. ...... .. XVilliams, XV. XV. .. ..... 35. 87, 114, 150 XVi1liamson, J. XX'. .... 65, 172 XVillson, XV. H., Jr. .54, 146 XX'ilson, C. B. ...... .. ....... XX'ilson, D. B. ....... . XVilson, J. D. ...54, 152 XX'ilson, J. F. . ...... ....... 6 3. 91, 121, 154 XVilson, J. H., Jr. ........ 48, 94, 95, 98, 101, 111, 148 XX'ils0n, J. P. ..... XX'ilson, J. D. C., II ..48, 111, 148 XX'ilson, XV. E., Jr. .... ...... . XVilson, XV. H. ............. 63 XVimberly, B. M. ............. . XX'inefordner, C. H., Jr.5.i XX'isdom, XV. D. ............43, 146 126, 117. wise, s. P., III .... 54, 154 VVolkin, M. H. .... 48, 168 XVo0d, A. J. . ........ 54, 162 XX'ood, A. XV., Jr., 54, 159 XVood, D. H. .......-----"'--, 73 XVood, G. D. .......... 43. 164 XVood, J. M., Jr. ............. . XX'0od, J. B. .......... 48, 164 XVoodall, Pruitt .................. XVoodard, Genevieve ..43 XVoodward. L. E- ---1--'---fAf - XVooten, M. M. .....----,---A- - XX'orthington, T. D. .... 54, 158 XVright, Graham, Jr. XVyatt, R. G. ................ 35. 125, 145, 160 Xvynn, XV. I. ............ A.----1, A Yaffe, B. A. ........ 54, 168 Yancey. E. F. ................ 48, 95, 99, 101, 112, 146 Yarbrough, JOl1I1 .....---.--' f Yawn, J. L. ....... ..... 5 4, 15S Yeager, O. W. ................. . Young. M. H. ..............-- 73 Youngblood, I. S., Jr., 67, 162, 172 r 1 r E p n 'f L v I :- v, A , 'fu vu .A , :Q , , v , ff-.1 1' , .f- 'f Y ' - H fu pi, .1 . Q, A Q , - , , f 1 ,,-wg JR 'c . 1 W +15 ' -Ni, V- Ui , .gf ba ! U . 'fp v . -rY'- 'T 'ri b 1 A- f A. .L , E I' Q. L. v E.- It , K, gf . F'-f .ily J' - A vp' -,,, ' "'f'lJ.' v. ,Q , 1 . . , ,, .fl .. -,751 A 1 . . . X -, 'v' . wg, VXA. V 1, .3-arf - -1 'V..x-1" .-xr.- ,v, ,X I, w H.-.,., .,,.sw ,, , .... ' ,, ,fl .z bil . H 3 u,v, 4, ., .lux . ' 1, '5.'gJ1.g,fg7f-V2 . .fiw'.:.k,, fi"": M1520 ."zz-.lwmmfl Ma.!1slN:r' ' , I 'ln F4 I , ,, '-u. , lx,-H frat -N 15 ,' I, 4, ,,,-r' 7- X , x I .. Y a. M, , , Q 'jx .Q . 'r , 1 , .',l ' H v v 1, -, i ' .if A! ,J ,. 'I ..' 'fr rf' , ., 1-L v H.. ., f 'I ' I 1 ' r f ' o s v v Q v ' , I ' 1 ' 1 I 1 A . ux A V+ I U. fu ' 'n L x l I' ' ' ' u A 1 L I x "' k I ' . f 'nn 1 U 1 4a 1' , ,- f '1' r I 'nj l Q "f'.. 1 ' ,Inni- S X A 3 'B -Q X . ' ' v 4: , Q a. v 1 ,Q AA 1 5 ,, A M' 1' ' ,.:. . N U M m nf Q " f 122' - 1-wi f'fR".5 ,. .mgfgw A f, L lQ1wfi31if'f - N, N9 - - H .. 3:-:mi ng ,. - w"j3,1'Qsf.':,'.M:g ,':gr:-ygirswcz, my ' ii X - lim.-ffff mf '32 ' ,jfv V W x 5 4 Y ,- ff ,Q I" "" .w.A"" r. 1 1 . 'a . .Z 'I C 1? ' l . 'B mg ,H-ff v. ,-f- 'W'f5X'?Ti- A 'J A - f '.' II I 'fy LL 121 AE, 'l 5 'wiki 'Wo 1 rs m""7L'1 ,' 1 35" .ff,q1p+,- 'ff 'iv 4 -L -, -' QQ- .L ,. 5 ,Q ,. ' fi-1. ff? "Pm Q vm.. ws ..--. W .Mg-Zpi.

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