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43- I . Q I '1 1 'V ' V: 4 . n , - , - 2 ' 1 5 . nl! '- s 'A nv 5 -i Y , .1 llll ai' ,. dia ,X nf V f V 4 Vamp- "' V I 45 5' 2 :'YmV'?1.s, W fr-n,,.fil:? J5:.Ln:f:'1":f u,V ' .1 VW - , , , , .. Q M, 'Z V v .f W-wr'?:4v ' ' , mfif f F'wfi1fViw55m ' I X -V V V , ,VW V.---Af-1-' ' VV.: M ,,f..4."'1 ' ... V V J., ,,,1,.fVj H, MH Tig gm-., W --, A- v,51.f....,X,,, . - f, V v ' A , A .,..,.g.41 , V :f,,.,r.,.1f, , ,-V.,,. . ' A 5' ' 5.4.-V ' 410145552 L. ,-MJ, , ., 4.-2 L .-af. 1 'V -1f'75'T wd1m22ff K , V Q5+52"'T' V ' V VE -'3?f Q V ' g. - fx SW' 51 , J-'f ,w-V L ff -- ami. , Nw -M V. Q, M ,gef-.-. , ,,,,.. . , v,4.,,,g,. V 1, , Wg fy' ,,..,.V ,. mm, ,ga ,, 3 ' -an-An... . .... we-wc .1 ,, J , ,HVJQ +,,,,,.,L w--' ' ,, -fn...V. m,.w..., V V-.-.L.,,h,,,,,,,,, .,:1'1':" , ,Q ,, V- AV M N ,X J-,y.,,,-VV,f,..,.,,,,,,,,,1u,g , .,,,. 4 ,W --V 'VW-A-L. -P V- - V ,W V f .fl , :VV-N-VVWHV ,. ' 1 -1 W TM.- -' 4 VV,--.. .Lf H-'-A V Vw- ,, V .,f . V. ..., ,, V LV- V-W., W.. 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I ' 7 " 'rw nw...'.g..5,., , V - , '.,g,..,v V, , iff. , E", 1 ,, 1- M, 5 .43 ,M .W-.,V, , A ., 5-V 1 VV.-fwvz: :',.f'I3'-"b""".,. F Vi,s.,,,, - 'J M' V .145 fiffwrffla: ',.TJ::i3g1:3-V J.:V,VV,.V , ,, "Wir-LA. - W --Vi , A, WM .iyV..L..g-' xv L I '-' " mg . H " V " ' . ' , ' "W , w.,.g7V:,-, A , V H V I -M, V,.,.,-WSW H L .AIA may P V Y. V- NM- V..,-,WV,,,V4, MV, nwgwgh, f -Vw . ,.....A., '-W,,.,,' -WV, f V, , . V VV1 ark--VV---Vw . - f , ., V um,,'V fr. ,VV ,, M. f+,v-....,. M, V. .NN,z,,,,. ,, ,, .. . , ' VA 11452. M" A ,, -'V-'..M..,,. ., V , - V W M- .fwpgw "ff:- - . V, , ,M ,HM v V V- ,,,V,,.-.ww ,ww V .M...VM n, .fl - Vcfulgw , .vw -1 .T.'-'AT""i,:x 'ww' A'--'ff-:wVM1a.,,'f?.E1" .V 'A1LQ'4- J- VV 1-ummm. QlQ..5:1":'L:, " "'4'.1,Q-V., R""'11:Vv 4, Q-..,,,,,:g5Q 'M - 'Wil' F" ' "5-?fQ...V-J-"' , aww., 'VVkiw,q,+V- " ,, mm-u. ' V V V , Mfg., ,. r ,H Zw.'-532' lf-'ap'-if V. , 221 4 Ar' ' . affii' " 'Y 'v',- . Q K 15.1, N.-. wiiav. 1-fn' .ry . Ja.. i fi '. ..." -".'.txf .uf gf. . ,Q ,. 55,1 , .1 A ,, I .fh . ,. . ,,w.,J .....-.-,- Q Y v Q The Sailor's Creed I am a United States Sailor. I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and Iwill obey the orders of those appointed over me. I represent the fighting spirit of the Navy and those who have gone before me to defend freedom and demo crafcy around the world. Iproudly serve my country' s Navy combat team with Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I am committed to excellence and the fair treatment of all l ,.........,..,,,..,. .. ..- -- Y ,,, ,.,.:.-,H ....TY....K,.,..u.e,,..,.,f.e,,,...Y.,, ,,,...,,,..,.,..,....i.-...E-a.,....... - , . FROM THE CAPTAIN'S CABIN This Crew's Book documents the unclassified mission accomplishments of USS EMORY S. LAND CAS-395 from December 2002 to July 2003. It is intended to be a keepsake . . . a record of your contributions to our Navy and our Nation. The daily shipboard life depicted in it clearly shows your greatness and Qafdicail qigill el - A-v, and times ,av a A ..1, l-trained Americans both old. The work ho 'Q flongg the tas difficult yguently risky. You are upon to depl on shor and accomplish e impossibleh i is asked of you. You are trigiQg eW of patriots. S. LAND is the Navy's o l ard deployed strategic asset in 4 diterranean theater. She is aifdgjher misaienl eyide vital repairs, reloads an inment to Navy surface 1, , gfgeploy to, or ver I the battlefront, warships can need to to return to the llfhus, ILAND is a eesence entire fleet seem bigger y t e avai a o t e tended warships. ommgiopefatiea IRAQI FREEDoM qonhp, EMORY s. LA2i? irectly eight submarines, five surfacgaevarships, four Mine Couinggermeagures ships, several and of smaller craft W including .p.p Army LCUs Guard cutters. missile and misogie systemifrepaars, Tomahawk logistics medical and dental nge, adlfllmsffftlyseQ'andYf9gal21.5l?P955?9il?'ind if . . - every C0mbat'ioperaUfoHSi'i'i'TheSiam6Unt36f excess of caplacity. You performed brilliantly and Worked Without complaint. For her conspicuously outstanding peruormance in OlF, above and beyond the call of duty, LAND has been nominated for receipt of the Navy Unit Commendation. GO i3?gPiX1flI1:Di1l0YthiS hook- The fighting Americans of EMORY S. LAND make my heart swell with pride David M. Volonino Captain, United States Navy Commanding Officer, USS EMORY S. LAND CAS-395 ...,.ae.:.,Q.a:aenamm:agaL - -.m-eaa -A-:QL-.eel 4.3: -1.g,.g:.:4 "J2Jz?,f fffmzafe-riae fe ' - --.Z e , - - ,,.- ll :dit THE SHIP,S CREST USS Emory S. Land's ship's crest was designed with the assistance of the U.S. Army Department of Heraldry. The field of the shield, with its blue and yellow background, suggest chasm with the red bar serving as a ' bridge. The upper edge of the bar is representative of mountain peaks and the lower edge of flowing water, together, they simulate the Royal Gorge in Colorado, where Emory S. Land was born. The three stars indicate Vice Admiral Land, s leadership, denote his highest rank and refer to his service in the three wars, with Spain, World War I Cwhen he was awarded the Navy Cross, represented by the cross on the collar of the sea horsej and World War II. The trident is associated with the Neptune, the 'gRuler of the Seasj, and is symbolic of a Sailor's knowledge of the sea. The sea horse represents the submarine tender as the Navy's workhorse, a theme which is further expressed in the ship' s motto UOPERARIUS INDEFESSUS MARISQ, which translates literally as, '6Tireless Worker of the Sea." The anchor denotes seaworthiness and the atomic symbol is indicative of the ship' s capability to repair and support nuclear powered ships. Shipls Characteristics Length 644 feet Beam 85 feet Full load displacement 23,000 tons Full load draft 26 feet Area of main deck Over 1 acre Power 20,000 shaft horse power-steam Sustained speed 18 knots Total complement 1,300 persons Deck levels 13 Compartments and spaces 913 Number of screws and rudders 1 each Number and Weight of anchors 2 forward 40,000 lbs. each. 1 aft, 20,000 lbs. S. Land Emory Scott Land, a native of Cannon, Colorado, attended the University of Wyoming prior to his appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He entered the academy as a Naval Cadet and graduated with distinction on May 21, 1902. After two years, then required by law, he was commissioned an Ensign on May 2, 1904. After leaving the Academy, he became a Naval architect specializing in submarine construction. During World War I, Vice Admiral Land was assigned for duty with the Board of Devices and Plans connected with Submarine Warfare in May 1917, the Board of Standardization of Submarines in September 1917, the Staff of Admiral W. S. Sims, USN, Commander Naval Forces Operating in Euro- pean Waters, at Naval Headquarters, London, England, in July 1918, and the allied Naval Armistic Commission. He was awarded the Navy Cross for his work on submarine design and development of submarines that formed the backbone of the U.S. Submarine Fleet in World War II. On October 1, 1932, Vice Admiral Land was designated Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repair, and remained there until he retired from active duty April 1, 1937. Within a month, he was appointed to the newly created U.S. Maritime Commission, tasked with rehabilitating the nation's rapidly declining merchant fleet. On February 18, 1938, he became Chairman of Commission, relieving Joseph P. Kennedy. On February 8, 1942, following the outbreak of World War Il, he was also assigned as Administrator of the War Shipping Administration. He served in the dual capacity until the ending of hostilities. During the war, he directed the design, establishment and maintenance of a 6,000 vessel merchant fleet, the greatest mari- time fleet in the history of the world. He was responsible for the availability of shipping and the resultant flow of manpower and munitions to war fronts extending from the United Kingdom to Russia, and from Alaska to the Middle East. He was advanced to Vice Admiral in 1944 by a special Act of Congress. On January 15, 1946, Vice Admiral Land resigned as Chairman of the U.S. Maritime Commission. For outstanding services, he was awarded the Navy, s Distinguished Service Medal and the Army Distinguished Service Medal by the War Department. He then became President of the Air Transport Association of America from 1946- 1957 and worked as a consultant for General Dynamics Corpo- ration until his death in November 1971 at age 92. In addition to the Navy Cross, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, and the Army Distinguished Service Medal, Vice Admiral Land earned the Spanish Campaign Medal and the Victory Medal CWWD with Submarine Clasp. Other foreign awards included Honorary Commander of the Military Order of the British Empire C1921j, Honorary Commander of the Military Order of the British Empire f1945J, and Grand Officer Second Class Polonia Restitute presented by the Polish Government in Exile. Captain Gray was born in Providence, RI. He attended high school in Southern Maryland and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1979. Upon completion of Nuclear Power and Submarine Schools, Captain Gray reported aboard the USS BERGALL CSSN 6675 in Norfolk, VA, where he served as an Engineering Division Officer and Weapons Officer and earned his submarine warfare pin. His first assignment ashore was at the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, DC, where he served as a Manpower, Personnel and Training Policy Analyst. In 1986, Captain Gray served as Navigator and Operations Officer on board USS LA IOLLA CSSN 7015 in San Diego, CA, where he completed several Western Pacific deployments and his submarine command qualifications. As a follow-on Department Head tour, he served as Engineer Officer aboard USS OHIO CSSBN 7261 QGoldj in Bangor, WA, where he completed three strategic deterrent patrols. Former CO Captain W. Scott Gray IV United States Navy Captain Gray's second shore assignment began as Flag Secretary and Aide to the Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, DC. Then, in 1991, he was selected and appointed by the P1'6SidSHf as a White House Fellow serving as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of Energy. . In late 1992, Captain Gray reported as Executive Officer aboard USS HOUSTON QSSN 713j in San Diego, CA, and completed two Western Pacific deployments. In 1995, he assumed command of USS MARYLAND CSSBN 7383 fBlLl9l- During his command tour the MARYLAND conducted five strategic deterrent patrols and was awarded two Battle Efficiency "E" awards. A Following his command tour, Captain Gray earned 1115 Master of Science in National Security Policy at the National Defense University. He reported to the Ioint Chiefs of Staff first serving as the Chief of the Nuclear Operations Brftmh and then the Executive Assistant to the Director for Operat1OH5 035- Captain Gray has also earned his Master in Bus1neS5 Administration from Brenau University. IU lilly 2001, Captain Gray assumed command of USS EMORY S. LAND QAS 391, a forward deployed submafllle tender homeported in La Maddalena, Italy. Following the Change of Command, Capt. Gfay departed to Washington D.C., to assume the duties as Deputy Chief of the Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Navy. 4 55 tr sm :'.1 if -1. i. ' . 1... gf 7. .gg 4, V." -1 ,f f? .41 Commanding Officer Captain D. M. Volonino United States Navy Captain David M. Volonino, a native of Binghamton, New York, received his commission through the NROTC program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He graduated in May 1979, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. Following initial nuclear propulsion and submarine training, his first assignment was to the ballistic missile submarine USS WILL ROGERS QSSBN 659XBj. Captain Volonino served as Main Propulsion Assistant and Assistant Engineer, completing five strategic deterrent patrols before detaching in July 1983. Following a brief shore assignment at Naval Submarine School in New London, Connecticut, Captain Volonino was assigned as the Commissioning Engineer Officer of the new construction submarine USS PASADENA QSSN 752j. He completed the new construction testing and certification program, and detached following the ship's shakedown operations. In November 1989, Captain Volonino transferred to the staff of Commander Submarine Development Squadron TVVELVE, where he served as Squadron Material Officer. Captain Volonino's next assigrunent was as Executive Officer of USS PHOENIX QSSN 702j. During his tour, PHOENIX conducted numerous fleet operations including a live-fire test detonation of a Mk-48 torpedo and a special North Atlantic deployment. In November 1993 Captain Volonino reported to the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense tAcquisition and Technologyj where he was responsible for oversight of Navy ship construction and major weapons system acquisition programs. He was later selected for postgraduate education at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. He graduated with distinction in June 1996, earning a Master of Science Degree in National Resource Strategy. In April 1997, Captain Volonino assumed command of USS NEBRASKA CSSBN-739jCBj. Under his command NEBRASKA conducted a high-visibility Mediterranean deployment and four strategic deterrent patrols. Under his command, the NEBRASKA BLUE crew was awarded the Battle Efficiency "E" for both 1998 and 1999. In September 1999, Captain Volonino reported to the staff of the Chief of Naval Operations as Deputy Director for ASW Requirements. In September 2000 he was assigned to staff of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs where he served as Strategic Operations Division Chief, Operations Directorate 1131. Captain Volonino led CICS Current Operations Teams for the first six months of Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle. In addition, he served as Deputy Director for Operations for short periods when the normally assigned Flag and General Officers were unavailable to stand watch in the National Military Command Center. In March, 2003, Captain Volonino assumed command of the USS EMORY S. LAND KAS 391. 7 Commander Gustafson was reared in Kalamazoo, Michigan where he enlisted in Iune 1969. After Basic Training and Basic Electronics and Elec- tricity School in Great Lakes Illinois, he attended So- nar Technician "A" School in Key West, Florida. His initial submarine assignment was USS SEADRAGON QSSN-5841 home ported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where he qualified in submarines. Following this tour, he was again transferred to Key West to attend Sonar Teclmician "C" School. Upon completion of his train- ing he reported to USS FINBACK CSSN-6701 in Nor- folk, Virginia. Returning to Hawaii in 1976, he re- ported to Naval Submarine Training Center, Pacific as an instructor. He was then assigned to USS RAY QSSN-6531 in Charleston, South Carolina where he served as Leading Sonar Technician and Chief of the Boat. He received his commission as a Limited Duty Officer Ensign in October 1982. His first assignment l . Executive Officer , Commander l Iack A. Gustafson United States Navy as a commissioned officer was USS PROTEUS QAS- 19j home ported in the U.S. Territory of Guam. In Ianuary of 1985 he reported to Submarine Group FIVE in San Diego, California where after 17 months he commissioned and transferred to Submarine Squadron ELEVEN. From February 1988 to Novem- ber 1991, he served on the staff of Commander Sub- marine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet as Force Electronics Officer. He then reported to Naval Guided Missiles School, Dam Neck, and Virginia, where he served as Fleet Ballistic Missile Department Director and Executive Officer until October 1994. He was Combat Systems Officer of Submarine Squadron EIGHT from October 1994 to Iune 1997. He served on USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER CCVN- 693 as the Combat Systems Maintenance Officer until Iune 1999. In Iuly of 1999 he reported as Executive Officer of the Naval Sea Logistics Center, Mechanicsburg, PA. ID October of 2001 he relieved as Executive Officer of USS EMORY S. LAND CAS-391. He is authorized to wear the Surface Warfare Officer Pin, Enlisted Silver Dolphins, the Meritorious Service Medal Qwifh one starj, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal Cwifh four starsj, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Cwlfh two starsj, and various other personal, unit, and service awards. Command Master Chief Joel I. Allison United States Navy Master Chief Joel Allison enlisted in the Navy in February, 1981, in his hometown of Mobile, Ala- bama. P He attended recruit training in Great Lakes, Illinois, where he was the RCPO of his company. He then attended Basic Electricity and Electronics School in Great Lakes followed by Electricians Mate class A School. He then entered Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Florida. He then completed nuclear prototype training at Ballston Spa, New York. His first subma- rine assignment was PCU OLYMPIA CSSN 7175, in January, 1983, being built in Newport News Shipyard, Virginia. After com- missioning, the submarine changed homeport to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. On OLYMPIA, he completed two Western Pacific de- ployments. He left OLYMPIA in 1989 as a Chief Petty Officer and transferred to Submarine Maintenance Monitoring and Support Performance Monitoring Team CSMMSXPMTJ in King's Bay, Geor- gia as the Leading Chief Petty Officer of Electrical Division. After completing his tour at PMT, he transferred to USS DALLAS QSSN 7001 in Groton, CT, as the Electrical Division Leading Chief Petty Officer. Here, he participated in three major deployments. After DALLAS, he reported to USS SCRANTON QSSN 7561 as the Elec- trical Division Leading Chief Petty Officer. He completed a Medi- terranean!Northern run and was selected for Senior Chief Petty Officer. He then transferred to USS MONT- PELIER QSSN 7651 as the Engineering Department Mas- ter Chief. While on MONTPELIER, he completed three major deployments and was selected for advancement to Master Chief Petty Officer. He was chosen as the Command Master Chief for Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa, New York. Master Chief Allison reported as Command Master Chief of USS EMORY S. LAND CAS-395 in April, 2003. Master Chief Allison holds a Bachelor's De- gree from Regents College and is a graduate of the Navy's Senior Enlisted Academy. His awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal ftwo gold starsj, and the Navy Achievement Medal Qsilver starj. He is married to the former Cynthia Cash of Grand Bay, Alabama. They have one daughter, Daphne. uss Oklahoma ony rsslxl 7235 ESL Repairs Oollision-at- Sea Damage After the USS OKLAHOMA CITY collided with a liquid natu- ral gas tanker near the Strait of Gibraltar, she returned beside the Land for emergent repairs to her sail and periscopes. OKLAHOMA CITY collided with the merchant ship as it as- cended to periscope depth. Through extremely long days and nights, the EIVIORY S. LAND team repaired the damage she substained and prepared the submarine for the trans-atlantic crossing home. .This is just one event that showcases the power of having the Emory S. Land as a fonfvard deployed submarine tender in the Mediterrean. -1 Holiday Seasons 1 Q -0 5 W 55 , 1 F ' L 4 I " ,ffl . TY.. , 2' 3. f - f L 31Z?2f-'STVE .71 . .l. wif ' 3 li 4 'if ,v-2717 :7 r??-,WI 1-9 u- 1 .L 1"-:i f 'ff' 1S15Ka111f1F2 ' K 4 1 -X jg, ,'1K,'FF s "2 5 1C,.U1i1dp'Q4lyf 4 X . Q., . . ,yi 5. W .26 qqqfggpzrauf- u 2- 511 -2.11, 1 3 UIQ.-'-f 7,1 X 3 " . 1-W - 1' 's i .- lfx' P1 2 ' 1 1 5 5 -E N 25? L Q . q r Q55 42 M94 . ,Kfif Vw 'w'."g - L2 ' . f 92? -137 4. f.13ff"L' 1 - hr- .v-.f'!, m1 - '-2:-1 . W' '-zq, ' gm ff Q " ' ' iufu I Ziff -W 'af V " 4' X 3 .4 5' ,' fi i 'fig'--ff:'Wf .. 12111, is- 'k :aw-1p.l,,-2 T - -1' . "'ff,- -1 w---sa---:-,,1.'u if 4 Q, gr. ,gf-xg . , .1 - ei- fi-Q25 L f,Q:5-mA-:.A5,N1v2- A4 ,Li - 'Z n',v ,W .. if 1:2 1:73 . ' 3, ., 34' .1 -3: 5, ' " . - 5 1 'K Aksa , urkey Above: Carpet shopping. Above R1Qg11t.' Lunch time with local cuisine. R1Qght: BM1 Daoust and DC2 Charra with the mind to buy a new Turkish Carpet ....... "My Friendu. BeJoWR1Qght.' One for the Scrapbook. Below' PH2 Willis and J O2 Durie pause for a Kodak moment along the Way during their tour of ancient ruins in Turkey Opposite From Top Left Clockwise .' Ruins in Turkey. Always vigilant. l can see the Ship from here. PH2 Willis Enjoys the tour in Turkey. LIC Diamante on tour in Turkey. Yummy! Cat in a sack? HMQCSWJ Zachery smiles for posteriority. PH2 Willis and J O2 Durie acting inno- cent. 14 T ""' ' f USS Emor S. Land AS 39 Change of Command Capt. David M. Volonino relieved Capt. W. Scott Gray IV as the 14th ESL Command- ing Officer March l0th, 2003. The ceremony was held onboard the tender with Souda Bay, Greece providing a sunny picturesque backdrop complete 4'Crew of the Emory S. Land, you've simply ' shipmates, putting yourself not first, but third. Then you are the Sailor that our great Navy is all about. Ship, shipmate, and self, in that orderf' he said. "Crew of Emory S. Land, you've simply been the best I've ever worked with... God's speed, with green hills and snow-capped moun- tains. In his closing remarks as the ships been the very bestilive ever servedipwith S Godis speed. " serve well and besafef' '6Capt. Volonino, I am ready to be relievedf' In his brief ad- dress to his new crew, captain, Gray asked Sailors to reflect on how they serve their country. f'If you unselfishly take care of the ship and look after your 16 Capt. Volonino stated that his command phi- losophy would focus on safety and training, which are his two top priorities. -Qpzqygghb.-.. gggmbvifz eegrqgxai-251315-1 e1.4:2-s2::i45Eu'li,'55SiQ5'Ez-.vga 17 r e e e I J ouda Bay, Crete 3 and IT2 Price-'What a gain' D . lrdin 8: PNSN Vasquez- u1z nunghng among left-SN Terraciano and BM2 Powers getting ready to make a -LTJ G Rednour J O2 Durie, and LT Getman. ENS SCott and ENS Metz heading out to explore Souda 15 Februar 27April 0 Left top-Moored in Souda Bay. Left middle-Holding up the wall. Left bottom- ET3 Isele Middle top-Greece Middle bottom-Group hug Right-The CO getting his daily dose of joe. hall .--Sf -- - - - XXXXXQ I S . Z Operatlon 2- lraqi Freedom? I 1 f f S ,,"' ' I num? , V W-,. L, 4 3 ,l ...,,,N-.sh-an 21 pf,--Y ,W Y, RADMD0 ALD VISIT appointment. Below Rlgh 15: RADM Donald and QM2 Lamar discuss the latest diving devlopments. Below: RADM Donald spends some time with 'Floss BOSSUCDR Raffetto. l i I 5 Rzghrs RADM Donald and ETZQSWJ Bugge dis- cuss the importance of electricity. ii' Q, , A , V V 7 1 51:1 Wm -1 121- 15 14-ffv' R Q K-5 WWQ , ff 5 2' " J :S ': ' :vw E' :I ,X .1 .QQ-M3 5. , 'wr ff 5.1.,,n-11' N 1 'fl W 'WY' Y 'ni . 1 . V , 3 L S Tim'- , . .. "'Z"w-..,, .r,-jz.'1J:Q5g,IQ,l1l,j:QiT Will, ' a l Q- -1 Q15 ' 4-, ,, . '1 V fwhf- , Q H' A t ,b Z.. ff 5 1,1 H45 Wa. , , .. e 1 ' ' .f' 'fm .,, W' Ma s' 14. mf- 'l Q 61' 0? w ii? 4,11 ' HP-L 'Q ' rm Av Q - ,WH , ffif'1:n:,- H ' 317: , , :YH , 4 H X Y V Q f: ' ,--'Milf' 1151-' we: ' if' r 5 fi X , wk-2211 UB. NNY i Soup to nuts f By Christopher Munsey Captain David Volonino gave a succinct description for the services provided by his Sailors aboard the submarine tender EMORY S. LAND during the weeks spent in an anchorage crowded with shipping in Souda Bay, Crete. meals, berthing, mail, legal assistance and tax-return help. EMORY S. LANDusually is forward deployed at Santo Stefano, an island close to La Maddalena, Sardinia. EMORY S. LANDleft Souda Bay on April 25 to return to Sardinia. Volonino took command March 10 from Captain W. Scott Gray I I l whole fleet look bigger by having this asset out here? he said. With three cranes, 53 specialty repair shops and a 1,300-member crew, EMORY S . LAND is equipped 10 conduct maj or industrial repairs of Navy submarines and ships. About 40 percent ofthe crew are i sub vets, Volonino said. ' The ship' s crew was "We pretty much presented with unique Cgvefed Sgup t0 nuts, Cl'1allC11g6S during its time HI , . . .If you need it, Souda Bay. i EMORY S. A NATO base and , LANDprovides itf' home to Naval Support Volonino said. Activity Souda Bay, the prot li The ship, was crowded with about three UiCkI13lT1Cd '4Big L3-Tldv times the normal level of proved to be a big help to activity, mostly associated the NHVY submarines and with Operation IRAQI T' ships, Coast Guard FREEDQM cutters and Army landing- At one point, T Craft units atS0udaBay EMORY s.LAruJfe-loaded, before, during and after a fast-attack submarine with ' Operation IRAQI Tomahawk cruise miSSl6S FREEDOM' while anchored out in the .One of two anchorage. , submarine tenders in Such a task usually is Navy service, EMORY S. LAND IV. A verteran submariner, Volonino is served as a floating repair shop, a former commanding officer of the provisioner, medical and dental ballistic mjssjle Submarine treatment facility and administrative NEB RASKA, hub for submarines and ships. Volonino said his command is a Beslde Pe1'f0I'1T1iHg repairs deployable "repair, reload and and providing repairs and providing sustainmentl' platform, able to move supplies, the tender made Sailors, close to the "battle spacev and support lives easier too - with medical combatants. attention and dental work, laundry, "The Warships Spend more time on station. . . . It kind of makes the performed pierside or at secure mooring- But because pier space was needed other ships, the job had to be done Ollfiil the anchorage, where the submarine subject to waves, and consequelltli' was more unstable. , , , ' 6We really tested the limit-9 ship to work under any conditroltg Volonino said. The crew also had a dirwimpact 1f on the shooting phase of the WSI by l r I repairing missiles or swapping out inoperative missles. "We moved in a two-month period three times the amount of weapons fthe ship usuallyl moved in a yearf, Volonino Said. At Souda B ay, EMORY S. LAND supported eight submarines, five surface combatants, four mine countenneasure ships, three Coast Guard cutters, three Army LCUs and coastal surface small craft. About 300 legal documents and 200 tax returns were prepared for crew members of other ships. Throughout the stay at Souda Bay, security was a concem. Several antiwar demonstrations were held outside the base, including one with 2,000 protesters. EMORY S. LAND served as the afloat command center for force protection, contributing small boats to patrol, protecting nearby ships and repairing the flotilla of patrol craft guarding the harbor. Several submarine commanding officers praised the ship, s crew for their work. Commander. Jeffrey S. Currer, commanding officer of the fast-attack submarine Pittsburgh, said Emory S. Land team got more done in four days than other repair facilities have accomplished in two weeks. "They took all the jobs we had and asked for more. We loaded their shops to capacity , and they got it all donej' said Currer, in a statement provided by Navy public affairs. ESL Sailiors fire up the grill. DT3fSWj Patterson hanging out at the Argonaut. Far right: DCSCDVJ Cox and MlVI3CSWj Moser enjoying some sun The RDMC and some nukes prepare some grilled food. 26 I I l was CWO4 Smith, the ship's Bos'n offers the CO a stogie. ETZCSWJ Bugge and lT2 Price pose for the camera. DT3 Lewis picking out some tunes. YNZCSSJ McLeod and MS3 Peardon enjoying themselves in front of the camera. The XO grills up some steaks. GM2 Hoover and GM3 Rivera throw their weight around in Souda Bay. 1 DKZCSWD Perez thinks about his next move. 's 1, u-..,2' DMSN Caracci blocks a lay-up in Souda Bay. IT3 Howell and SHESCSWD Arernu lounge around during a game of volley ball. 28 ln If l I I lg 16 11' l 1 li M 1 ll yi 1 X U V W l w J 4 ll ll V lf l l V H153 'zesagffwf me 0 1: f "J .SEM 'z' A X - 1 y-'Q3'fSLw-wtf his 1,43 'Q k 931 54, 'A V ., ,,,., Jgfggg, L J ff 4 1 Q, Q, ., N 1 ,wg w .J fu f?f'f525m3P"1 I f, 1,35 af 45 ,,':1-,-mv-4 f rn RN "- M. ?v Q. I ww, , 'Pt I if L N , 453 :ip , rl '-'fuvwlw' '.1.!fwfR,wM:"A-L-"W iwwf-' .W Cf' HF an 'imixibzrim .a Ymm-I ' - . 1, .z.,.,., ,N mf Q ' Arigiaw W ' M52 Lg A " 155 4. 'S 'v' , 1,sff'fS-' g':' ' -, ., ., Wm- , Y S12 vw mwrfw 5 VW ' '1 ' ,f ' v-2?fwJ,ffa2 - ::,,ilfg -Jg ,:f:,"' Fm: ,f,.'Jg'x,:-,Aj Q ' ' 155657- , A "Hy .1 Wm ,, Welcome Home On February 15, 2003 the crew ofthe USS EMORYS. LAND made the routine preparations to get underway just as they always did, but unlike most departures many Sailors said good-bye to their families, their friends and their homes not knowing when they would return. Although the LAND would not be fighting on the front lines, by supporting those who would, the sub tender and her crew played an important role in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM by maintaining and repairing United States submarines. During what turned out to be a deployment of more than two months the crew performed their mission miraculouslyg at one point working on 4 submarines at one time. Aher nearly three months of hard work and separation from their loved ones, the USS EMORY S. LAND returned home to Santo Stefano, Italy where proud families and friends awaited their arrival with open arms. "I think it's awesome! I 'm really proud that they were out there supporting our country in IRAQI FREEDOM. I 'm so proud to be his wie and be apart of all of this and know that they were out there defending our country and protecting our rights, U exclaimed family member, Cher Knupp. In addition to the warm welcome from family and friends, LAND Sailors were also greeted by the Mayor of La Maddalena, Rosanna Giudice. "I am happy to be able to come to Santo Stefano to welcome the ship upon its return. From the simple motive that you American friends are a major part of this community. " said Giudice. L R 30 uf:-lqqfff,-tiff-EaL.5gm,i?a.:.-,LLL m,,.- .-f-:s '-,K 2' f, fl K 53516: l Pizza ight and Ice Cream Sailors in line for homemade pizza. HT1 QSWJ Galvin serves up some chocolate ice cream. EN1 QSWJ Williams enjoying some ice cream l 32 SK1 QSWJ Scruggs and IVIA1 QSWJ Wood senfe up some fine Navy pizza. Qffj FNCSWQ Caraball is really enjoying that ice cream. 1 " AC l l l l SK1 Diega helps prepare the pizza for the crew. I am an American "I am an American. ii It is an honor for me to be an American. Being an American has profound attributes for many virtues. It is truly "The Land of Qpportunity. " In 1980 my family immigrated to Chicago from a rural part of ffMexico, was eight years old then. English becamemy second language thanks to dedicated teachers of the Chicago Public School System. , A A I Before graduating high school 1 enlisted under the delayed enlistment program. I started my Navy career bypassing through the gates of RTC Great on July 4th 1991. I had begun a journey in the Navy that would teach patriotismg the love for my country.. me 1 I ,g I. A , A ' 3 1 gi l..g I was on the deck plates ofthe USS AMERICA CCV-4662 underway in is much more than buildingsand machines, more important it is Red Sea. Being away from the United ,States for the first time taught me it's people and principles. I learned that being a patriot is loving the people, which live from New York to Los Angles and beyond. it g I ' owewhat I have achieved to those that have taken care of me along the those shipmates who redirected me whenI was getting off course. I owe success to my parents who taught me perseverance. When they were laboring my five sisters, three brothers andme, they always told us "Keep U In Spanish it 's "Siempre Seguir Adelantef' Mynewfamilyg had something similarg "F ull Speed Ahead. " , . I QI joined the Navy for the adventure and the education benefits. Along the way I became and American citizen and reenlisted. My fellow countrymen took care of me and I was selected to join the chief ranks in 2001. It is now my duty and privilege to take care of Sailors and steam ships in the defense of America. We Sailors have the guiding principles of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I put all three into one word: Patriotism. BY MMCKSWQ Ramon Mota 33 aim: uDevoted to God and Country, We unite to deliver innovative, life transforming service throughout and beyond the sea servieesf' Right: Chaplain Worman looking on to new horizons. ram? F15 ll T SNCSWJ Miranda, Chaplian Farmer, Chaplian Tomlinson, Chaplain Worman 34 ,and RP3 St riokland. 44 i-f E, g Left: Chaplain Farmer gives his son sailing lessons. Below: Chaplain Worman listens to Chaplain Tomlinson's sea stories. Above: ENHSWIAWJ Domingo, ETC Santoni, and LCDH Murphy-Sweet lend their help to the Chaplains Department. Above Left: RP3 Strickland gets hugs from his admiring fans. Left: NSA Souda Bay Chaplain, Catholic X Lay Leaders, and SN Miranda celebrate Easter Sunday together. Without a doubt, some ofthe most over worked, under appreciated sailors in the entire ship can be found in Deck Department. Day and night, you can find them hard at work, maintaining the skin of our ship. Always on the go, these hard-working men and women get the job done, with style and panache! Be it side cleaners, maintenance on the forecastle, or running the liberty launches that get us ashore in foreign ports .... these fine sailors can be relied upon to get the job done. Pulling a page from the Post Ojfice motto, "neither rain nor sleet nor snow " will keep them from their appointed tasks. No matter how you look at it, Deck Department is truly the "backbone " ofthe ship! 36 1st Division Front Row Qlett to rightjz BMZQSWJ Mullikin, BM2iSWl Bourgeois, BM2fSWJ Holguin, BM3 Avalos, CWO2 Felioiano, LT Maloney, BM3 Valcin, BM3 Marshall, SM1fSWJAverhart, BM3 Pfeifer, BM1fSW!AWJ Diaz 2nd Row ileft to rightj: SN Mendoza, SN Hambrick, SN Bennet, SN C. Martinez, SN Dangler, SN Do, SN Matousek, SN Fields, SN Cadena, SN Grier, SN Azevedo, SN Murphy, SN Leavitt, SN Nguyen, SN Gates g Back Row fleft to rightlz SN B. Johnson, SN Jura, SN A. Johnson, SN Watson, Sn Doolittle, SN Thomas, SN Johanning, SN Williams, SN Abrams, SN Hernandez, SN Hodnett, SN Bethea, SN James, SN Lee 3rd Division Q . Front Row flelt to rightl: BMZQSWJ Rodriguez, BM1 fSWJ Malarky, BM3 Ramirez, BMSQSWJ Walker, ENS Hayes, LT V Maloney, BMCQSWJ Hill, BM2 Lucero, BM3 Dueboay, BMZQSWJ Bell, BM1fSWjClhtula I FI 2nd Row flelt to rightlz SN Flores, SN Meyers, SN A. Martinez, SN Gonzalez, SN Groves, SN Brown, SN Ramirez, SN Q Grant, SN Findlay, SN Opiela, SN Coleman, SN Manciu, SN Robbins, SN Day, SN Bedoya I .E Back Row ileft to rightp: SN Paul, SN Julien, SN Garcia, SN Woods, SN Crawford, SN Jerez, SN Goldvvlre, SN 7TerraCCiar1O, SN Bennett, SN McCrossin, SN Walls, SN Feith, SN Warner, SN Kern Left to right: SN Bennett, SN Thomas, SKZQSWQ Burke, ETSQSWJ Cabanilla, and DKSQSWJ Cagle enjoy an IVIWB trip to Venice, Italy. Deck Dept standing by during a sea and anchor evolution. Top Bow: SN Thomas, SN Bennett Bottom row: LTjg Church, LTjg Friedly, and LTjg Hornef traveling to their liberty destina- tion. 38 A helo in action during flight operations. i I 5 QIVl3 Nlarchesi, SN Abrams, SN Jura, BM1 QSWD Marshall, BM3 Althede, and BIVIZQSWQ Rodriguez flow down stream during a rafting trip. Deck Dept preparing to drop the anchor. A helo delivering cargo ,W 2 Deck Dept preparing for another undenlvay. 39 Top left: SN Abrams,rSFl James, SN Dangler, SN McCoy, SN Z Williams, SN Nlanciu, and SN Herandez standing by at sea and , , ,ff anchor. , Top right: flight quarters crew. ' Bottom: SN Grier, SN Watson, IVIMS Wells, and lVllVl3 Alberts i working to get ESL underway ,, li M t , , ,,, t ,,,,, ,L ,vol ,,, r ,,,,, ,,, , ,,,.. .r ,,,,, ,,, ,,,,f V ,,,,,, , i W Q QW W- M def ,E l ,,,,-,t ,,,, r ,,,,, We 4 I l l - Above: A helo loading the ESL with supplies. Above right: BM3 Ramirez getting prepared to pipe forcnow. in gi ,ggi gi l giig ,ig iq iggi iiii g ggge Bottom: BNI1 Diaz bringing in a helo duringaVert Rep. i i i i i ii iii i ii iii iiifii f We 6 1 f Z f Z f f 2 ? :lu ' f f f -W , AA,,h I , The Dental Department pro- vides comprehensive dental ser- vices and promotes oral health and wellness to over 1,200 ofthe ship's companv embarked squadron and tended units. CDR Raffetto Deon row: Un npvvy Lapuo, UN r-luc1son,Ul1tl-lvlt-plvleyers, DTQQAW Ga bl ,DT3 IVI l Front row: DTCSKSWJ De Campos, LT Kriskovich, CDR Rattetto, LT ghunlwnlakir, DT3 Lizrmsnayor 44 l , .f ' fy Q , ' 535 , --,z LT Shumaker and LT Kriskovich showing off their sparkling smiles. Middle left: DT3 Lewis. Check out those shades. Middle right: DT3 Patterson giving an X-ray. Bottom left: CDB Baffetto fFloss Boss at play.J Bottom center: CDB Flaffetto hard at work. Bottom right: LT Kriskovich and DN Hudson Checkout those molars. , , V' A f'A. Where would we be without the unsung heroes of the Engineering Department? Day in, day out, you can find the sailors of Engineering hard at work. Maintaining everything from heating and air conditioning to keeping the boilers lit ojjf providing hot water for showers, and providing a dedicated, professional cadre of Damage Control professionals, Engineering provides the necessities to keep the ship alive. HMedical keeps the sailors on boardfit, healthy and alive, then Engineering is the equivalent for the ship hersehf' Working in hot, cramped spaces, these sailors exemplyy what Honor Commitment, and Courage are all about! S f Auxiliary Division Front Row Cleft to rightjz ENFN Lacher, ENZCSVVJ Kohn, ENl Primka, ENZCSWJ Holloway, En2CSWJ Weber, ENSCSWJ Paniczko. 2nd Row fleft to rightj: ENZCSWD Ortelt, EN3 To, EN3 Lanier, ENCQSWJ Castrence, MM3 Eggert, ENFN Dang, ENFN Albright, MM1 Smith. ENMAVVJ Bennett-Case, EN 3QSWj Carrillo, ENFN Hale, EN3 Maldonado, 4EN3fSWj Berry, ENMSWJ Gordon, ENIQSWD Howard, MIVIZCSWJ Cosmo, NHVIFN McCollough, EN3 Durano. Boilers Division Front Row fleft to rightjz MMFN Daukei, MM1 QSWJ Darang, MM2 Pinones, MM3 Anthony, MMCQSWJ Foster, LTjg Flemming, MSSN Hooper, MMZQSWJ Freeman, MM3 Braun, MS3 Montano, SM3 Ashyvorth, MM1iSVXiJ Bascos. n 2nd Row Cleft to rightj: MM3 Manzo, MMSQSWJ Hernandez,, MM3 Fagan, FNKSWJ Santiago, MM3 Lewls, MM1iSWJWhlte, MM3 Goodrum, MM1iSWJTayor, MM2 Fenis, MM2 White, MM3 Vela, MM3 Ralf- DC Division , f , 1 ,v yu f" ff: ,, ' I ' M if X!" ,W f',,,i-ff' Front Flow fleft to rightl: HT2 Hanley, Fn Hawkins, FN Fiowe4 DCZQSWQ Punlis, HTSQSWD Naktewa, DCCKSWJ Tessler, ENS Nlatteuocl, HTCfSWl Hall, HT1QSWjChristianson, HTFN Whiteman, HTZQSWJ lVlcAllister, HT1 Hutter. 2nd Flow fleft to rightJ:DC3fSWJ Ferro, DCFN Komondy, FR Johnson, HTFA Delevan, HTFN Miller, IVIRFN Millay, DC1 QSWJ Magee, DC1 CSWJ Bayer, DCZQSWJ Warren, DC3 Brady, HTFN Virgo, DC3 Parker Electrical Division Front Flow ileft to rightlz EIVI3 Juarez, ElVl3 Pimpinella, EIVICQSWJ Schuler, LTjg Evans, ICCSQSWJ Hudson ElVl2 Oconnell, EMFN Campos. ' d 2'l Row Qleft to rightj: EIVIFN Brown, EIVIZQSWJ lVlobley, lC1fSWlWllmarth, IC3 Strobel, ICZQSWJ Kalchuck ICQQSWJ Jennings, ElVl3iSWl Ong. ' M Division Front Row Qleft to rightjz FN Watson, MIVI3 Vickers, IVIIVICSQSWQ Sy, LTjg Henderson, FN Allen, ENFN Reeves, MMS Wallace, iVIlVl3 Stewart. Back Row fleft to rightjz IVIIVIS Golembiewski, FN Jones, MNI3 Boochiccia, FN Rome, IVIIVHQSWJ Hessler, FN Dogojo, IVIIVI1 CSWJ Ford, IVIIVIFN Rounds. HTFN Prugger, DCBCSWJ Ferro, IVIIVI1 CSWJ Smith, and HT1 Hutter pose forthe camera. W. FN Burns, FN Lanier an have a group hug. 1 Smith EN3 Lanier and OS3 Parker hang out at the club. Nice hat, IVIM3 Anthony. EN1 QSWJ Howard and his baby boy in the shade. ,, ,,,,..,, Jump!! You can do it. 5 cl ulccxlk IYOTTI me water. 50 The whole Engineering Department gets close for a picture. Some Engineering Sailors chilling poolside fora picture. EIVIOFIY S. LAND ladies looking their best. The DCA, ENS Nlatteucci, always talking business. That looks like it hurt. 51 Kf- uw 'M --. Top left: CMC having a little chat with IC2 Hanks. Top right: IVIIVIZQSWJ Cosmo and EN FN Fley make ENBCSWJ Berry pose for the camera. Middle left: Engineering Dept listens to the CHENG. Below: IC2 Hanks inspects for dust during field day. Bottom left: LCDR Thomas gives a pep talk to Engineering Department. m.,m IC2 Hanks Inspecting for rnore dust. Middle left: lC1fSWJWilmarth helping with shore power. Below: ElVl2 O'Connell and EIVIS Alano having a great time with shore power cables. IVIIVIQCSWJ Freeman and lVIlVl3 Braun playing with some valves. LTJG Evans expresses his opinion to lC1lSWJWilmarth. ff IVIIVII3 Hernandez-Ibarra poses forthe camera. LCDFI Thomas talks to Engi- neering Department. DC3 Brady plots on the plotting board. MM3 ivlanzo and MMS FHQOV' hard at work in the office. 1 X k QQ - 7 qu s , f V , , ff, ff , f W... ff,,,.,,,, , , Z Q My W 4:4-, W fi' I f ' ' !r- - V - -fe1:.fg-4, ' I -'ff' I , , M" ' " 'QR V, 7 f f W 2 V , 1 7 X Z X - ,, ,M , , - 4 ,y a ,f , ,f 7 ff ,I ,iV'V '1 - Z M Z W Wwzwif' A Q2 '7 ff aw V 17, . 136-H' 'F' b, .v , "Z JV 'QQ' ' 't V' ' f' "M W W ' if ,Z fi ff ' MX, y,,fy'1f ,' . 5. , . - . ,V , , . ,,.. .qv v 1 W, -mi . , H ., 5, V . , . The Executive Department has a direct impact on - EMORY S. LAND quality of life programs across the r board. We have various divisions within one department which include the Customer Service Center - encompassing pay and personnel, Shipis Admin - providing service to the officers, processing awards, revising instructions and managing command correspondence. In addition Media!CCTV Division produces the command newsletter and provides vital r , shipboard information through SITE TV, Command Career Counselor-providing career and retention I I services, Command Sponsor Team, welcoming each new T f Sailor to La Maddalena, Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor, the Equal Opportunity Advisor, ensuring that fair treatment is provided to each and every Sailorg Excel at Sea staff helping Sailors advance mentally and professionally, Indoctrination Division providing critical shipboard information to new Sailors as they check on board, MWR- keeping Sailors entertained off-duty, and the 3M Coordinator who manages the ship's maintenance system and tracks the ship's material condition. Our objectives are to: To support the command mission and our shipmates l00'Z1. To strive to increase departmental efficiency and productivity. To ensure our shipmates are treated fairly. Q To promote personal growth and give our Sailors the tools they need to be the 'GLeaders of T omorrow". To set realistic measurable departmental and personal goals that benefit the Navy ' and the USS EMORY S. LAND. I l 4 I f Ship 'S Admin Front Flow ileft to rightj: YN2 Lussier, YN3 Roberts, LT Hansen, YN3 Saloga. Back Row Qleft to rightlz YN2 Belcher, YNSN Harrison, YN1 QSWJ Vasquez Customer Service -- - 1 1- i 2 l -' ""' ' l 5' ooon 'i it "-E It V' f?.3"ff"- Er- p-'ws 5,54 " FrontFlowiloft1o fighty PNQQSVVJ Moore, PNSQSWD Seng, PNSA Nlanchiraju, LTJG Leitner, PNCSQSWXSWJ Holder, PNSN Vasquezruiz, PNB Bennett PNSN Guillermo Back Row Cleft to rightj: PN3 Strait, YN2 Bouchie, PN3 Gladstone, PN1 QSWJ Franklyn, PN1fSW!SSlC0opGF, PNZCSVVJ Santiago 3M GCG Left, DTCSQSWQ Leyson and DC1 Rodriguez Left, NCCSSQSWJ Youngs and NC1 Johnson DA PA I Div E OA ICCSQSWJ Fe-is TIVICSQSWXAWQ McFarland Command Sponsor Team 'QM 'dm Front Row fleft to rightj: IVIRZQSWJ Lynch, ETQQSSISWD Harvey, ET1 QSWXSSJ Harvey, SKZQSWJ Frost. M WR flefr to rightj: CWO2 Salesberuy, PH2 Eischen, , Hob Davenport, Alison Hansen, ElVl3f3VVP VVifSCh and 'CCSNSWP Feis- 59 N 191 E Left to right clockwise: PN3 Strait hard at work in Customer Service. YN3 Roberts standing watch on the quarterdeck. The XO checks in on Customer Service. CA1so pictured PNC Bambaj PN2 Moore loads the POD in CCTV PN3CSWj Purdin and PNSN Vasquez-Ruiz light up the town with their bright smiles. Service with a smile: YNICSWJ Vasquez, YN3CSWJ Saloga, YN3 Buchanan and YN3 Roberts in Ship's Admin. Opposite page: Top row, Finishing up the muster report: LTJ G Leitner, PNSN Vasquezruiz and PNIKSSISWJ Cooper. Opposite page: Top row, Grabbing a bite to eat: PN2 Gladstone. All dressed up: YNCQSWJ Donnelly, All smiles: EMQCSWD Lamar. Middle row: PN3 Bennett. Good friends: PNBQSWJ Seng and PNSCSWJ Holder 60 Opposite page: YN1QSWJVasquez and JOBCSW JGroat. Bottom row: LT Hansen. YNSN Harrison. MMCMQSS! SWJ Bork and JOl Pepka. Lady in Red: YN2 Lussier. fl? 1-445.32 Yr Top Row CLeft to Right J: YN2 Lussier topside in Souda Bay, Crete PNSA Collins out in town. PN3 Zephirin bursting with joy after being named one of the ship's first Land Travelers. Middle right: A visit from AFN JOKSWIAWJ Durie, JO2 Durie and JO2 Lewis ,,,, ying!! fair:-S' Above: YN2 Bouchieg TAD clerk extraordinaire. Right: The Customer Service Crew featuring PNSN Guillermo, PNSN Vasquez-Ruiz, PNZCSWJ Madugno, PN3fSWj Seng and PN3CSWJ Holder. 62 f Q f , ,o,A, gag,f-fy Wy, v sv s l fl V tif . ,Xen t - j 1 i ' f . if ' fww, fx ,W , , , , First Row: Left to right: DCI Rodriguez standing tall. PNCQSWJ Franklyn surviving Chief initiation with a smile. Second Row: PNCSCSWIAWD Holder handles business in Customer Service Liberty buddies PNSA Manchiraju and PNSN Vasquez-Ruiz Proud to be a Yeoman,YN3fSWJ Saloga. Bottom Row: YNI CSWJ Vasquez and YN3 Buchanan on whine patrol A few of the best: ICICSWJ Kebe, EMBQSWJ Wirsch and NCI Johnson f' , r--W 63 rf- - Solving problems, keeping the peace, and maintaining our Force Protection are a few of the responsi- bilities of the Legal Department. Day in, day out, you can find the Master-at-Arms hard at work ensur- ing our safety and security. From processing passport re- quests and wills, to criminal investi- gations and Designated Shipmates, Legal handles it all! ' 41 ,, ,, c ,.. Front Row flefi to rightjz lVIASNQSWy Herrera, MA2 Nelson, LNC SW S l LT ' - Back Fiovv fleft to rightjz SK3 Brakennoff, BIVIZQSWJ Johnson, MEX1fSaN?lg3ynoIg5Ii:!F1I10.IXilGwjcSV?0ZaERfleg,Eahcigmgqp Han 64 Nw Left: iVlA1 Evans stands guard over EIVIORY S. LAND. Below: You vvant us to do what Senior'???'? l don't think so! Above: IVIA1 Wood and IVIA1 Reynolds ask "Excuse me ma'am, do you know why we pulled you over?" Above Left: Ahh .... the best time of day, PT! Left: IVIA1 Wood might want a little more protection against MA2 Johnson! FROM PREVENTIVE MEDICINE AND NUTRI- TIONAL GUIDANCE TO EMERGENCY MEDI- CAL RESPONSE, THE USS EMORY S. LAND MEDICAL DEPARTMENT IS THERE, PROVID- ING THE NEEDED CARE TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. UN- DER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF LIEUTENANT COMMANDER MICHAUD, THE STAFF OF THE MEDICAL DEPARTMENT ENSURES THAT EMORY S. LAND SAILORS ARE SAFE, HEALTHY AND PRODUCTIVE. NO MATTER IF IT IS A SIMPLE SPRAIN OR A MASS CASU- ALTY, MEDICAL IS THERE. BOASTING STATE OF THE ART LABORATORIES, X-RAY AND SURGICAL SUITES, THERE IS LITTLE THAT THE BIG LAND MEDICAL DEPARTMENT CAN- NOT HANDLE! TIME AND AGAIN, THEY HAVE PROVEN THAT THEY ARE MORE THAN UP TO THE TASK OF CARING FOR OUR FORWARD DEPLOYED SAILORS! Front Row fleft to rightjz HMZISWJ Granger, HM3 Kiefer, ENS Svogun, LT Morris LCDR M' h ' oonneny, swqsvvp Mitchell, HMQISWJ Zachary. on 'C aud' HMCISWI I-OOm'S1 HMCMISWI BOSS' HMS Back Row fleft to rightjz HMHSWJ To, HMHSWJ Calhoun, HMHSWJ Alegre, HMS F ' HM Mark, HM1fAWJ Gray, HMIISWI Hawkins, HM2 Young, HMHSWJ Torres, HM3 Perxinnefonlax I Heres, I-IMS DeIaneyI I-IIVI3 Shatusky' HMSISWI 66 Below: Medical Picnic, left to right top to bottom: HM1 Flores, HMC Loomis, ENS Svogun, HMCM BOSS, LT Ftingquist, Keyonna Morrison, LT Morrison, HM2 Guckeyson, HM3 Mark, HM3 Delaney, HM1 Gray, USUHS Student, HM3 Francona, USUHS Student, HM1 To, HM1 Alegra. Below: LT Ftingquist standing by to Man the Rails during the return of the USS SEAWOLF. Above: HM1 Calhoun and L i HM3 Connelly are the medical representatives for the VERTREP. Left: HM3 Perrine ...... Told you, long underway! Left: HMCM Boss so excited he's speechless 67 L T Right: Senior Medical Officer, LCDR Michaud, reenlisting HM2 Zachery. .. another 3 yrs! Below: HM2 Young, and HlVI3 Perrine learning howto use the half-back stretcheron HM1 Gray. Above: SN Castellano, striking Corpsman, practices his immunization technique with IVIRFN Gosselin. Right: HM2 Young flab techl and HMC Loomis QIDCJ taking care of patients during sick call. Left: A little pool cue guitar, by HIVI1 Hawkins Below: WOW ..... yeah .... OUCH. Above: HIVI1 Gray ........... Long underway! Left: Join the club ......... Senior Medical Officer, LCDFR Micnaud, and LT Flingquistjoin the Bald Head Club. Background: HIVI1 Calhoun, LT Morrison, and HIVICIVI Boss. 69 Operations department ensures that all our evo- lutions flow smoothly.. from oommunioations to oomputer networks, they can be oounted upon to keep all their systems up and running so we are ready for any eventuality COMM Front Flow fleft to rightl: ET3 Jensen CWO2 Salesberry ETCQSWJ Corbin ET3 ' . ' , - , QSWJ M Ile . Back Flow Qleft to rlghtl: ET1 KSWJ Davls, ET3 Garrison, ET2 Layton. I r ISD Front Row Cleft to rlghtlz IT3 Green, ITS Barefield, CWO2 Bumpus, ITCCSWQ Flivard, lT2 Farineau Back Row fleft to Righty: ITS Arter, IT1 QSGJ Hall, IT1 Tarcea, lT2 Goins, ITHSWJ Felton Raolio i Front Row lleftto ngnip: irsqswp Santos, LTJG ein, Ercqswfssl ste-pnenson, irzqswp Griffin. iw Back Flow lleft to rightj: IT3 Owens, IT2 Panek, IT2 Owen, IT2 Brannon. GPS l l A l Front Flow lleft to righti: SIVI3 Baker, OS3 Parker, OSZQSWJ Toibert, OS3 Serrano, OSZCSW5 Hoekstra LTJG Covaoevich, QIVICCSWJ Conley, OS3 Biesemeyer, SIVI3 Parks. ' Back Flow lleft to rightlz SMS Hawkins, SM3 Henson, OSS Williams, SIVISN Green, OS2lSWl King, QIVIZQSWJ Collins, QNHQSWD Gentry, SMS Bird, QIVI3 Nlarchesi. 72 lm Top left-Taking some time off. Top right-This is harderthan 'color by numbers' Bottom left-SIVI3 Baker shows her skills. Bottom right-Exploring the underseas. 73 i Mr. Saiesberry giving orders on the bridge. Hitting the rapids. ITS Nordman showing off her pearly whites. Now the pany's here. IT3 Barefield and IT3 Nordman with their morning smiles. 76 " V wwf if igggj , r r 1 if if r 2 f Cf Enjoying a spa tour. Pump up the volume if-?3rf.::f'113 1'- '1:g.f.iz:2'w 52:1 :Liga-tf-rfxfieflzisirffseefsleafffv- aa- -uf ' 1-ef ye A- -- ef .V , .. , ,. ,.,.,. -W , ,. 4: We got a winner. lVly smile is bigger. I just love field day. l'm glad to be an American. Will you look at that -. ,- e.- .- -., .. ' ' ', z fy ----- f, . ...zrf My fur f Repair. . ...our whole reason for being here! As the Navy's premier forward deployed submarine tenden the USS EMORY S. LAND provides Fleet Maintenance Activity Support KFMAQ to deployed units. All sizes and shapes of deployed units! All branches of the military welcome! Coast Guard cutters, Army transports and Navy amphibious ships, as well as submarines, have benefited from our superb repair facilities. No job too big, no job too small. The Sailors of Repair Department have proven time and again the resourcefulness and ingenuity of American Sailors. From precision parts produced by the machine shop to the highly orchestrated ballet performed by the ship's superintendents, and everything in between, the Repair Department rises to the challenges presented by our tended units. AK, V -Y Y, ----- - - -.fee-A L - - -use 91, ,U if S' 1 0 if A I ll 4. W Front How tlett to rightl: EMCQSWJ Nuckles, MMCQSWD Borchers, CDF! lwanowicz, LCDR Hader, LTJG Smith, ICCQSWJ Hillebrand. 2"d Row lleft to rightj: MM2 Bagaporo, YN1 Burton, FN Bartkowiak, PHSQSWJ Lewis, LI2 Fteho, LISN Dietrick, HT2lSWl Ramirez, LISP? Simmons, Ll1 White, FNQSWJ Carabali, SNCSWB Ojeda. Back Row Cleft to rightl: PH1fSWJOlvey, PHAN Marquis, YHZQSWJ Martinez, PH2 Willis, EM1fSWJNybo, MA1 QSWJ Brown, Ll2lSWl Anderson, DM3 O'Brien, ET1 QSWJ Anderson, EN1 QSWJ Williams. R-1 Front Flow fleft to rioml: ENS Notaro, CDR lwanowioz, LCDR Hader, HTCSlSVV5 Nlppefi ENS Smith 2nd How Cleft to rightj: HT2lSWJ Jimenez, HT2 Vanbuskirk, HT3 Scaff, HTSCSWJI FunChGS, HT3 'l-Glfthaff, HTFN Vogel, HTFN Dravvdy HT1 QSWQ Cooper HT1 QSWJ Hall, HT3 Atkinson 3'd Row lleft to rightjz HT3 Wojcinski, HTZQSWJ Zuniga, HT3 Grisham ,HT3 Jones HTFN,Salvatore HTFN DeSanta, HTFA DeFa'lCiS, HTFN Sicola, HT3 Peterson, HT3 'VlUfPhY, HT2 .iereen Sack Row glen to rightji HT3 Wells, HTFN Thomas, HT3 Bums, HT3 Keyser, HT2 erenem, HTSCSWJ Scheall, HT3 Palm, HT3 Dreiling, HT3 Malone, HT3 Welchel. 79 11': H WIS G , ,M T 4 fix ,f, ' An mwdfrwfylf 'WV' , Front Row Cleft to rightjz lVllVl3 Brown, FN Atakaroda, ENC Serrano, MMCS Usman, MMC Fields, ENS Oleary, CDR lwanowicz, LCDR Hader, LT Sabol, IVIIVICS Grieve, MRC Randall, IVIR1 Arocho, SN Thomas, MMFN Devins, MM3 Swift, MRFN Gonzalez, lVlR2 Arzola, BM2 Archer, FN Smith, SN Jones. 2"d Row Cleft to rightl: lVllVl3 Brewer, lVlR3 Brown, MRFN Halpin, lVlRFN King, lVllVlFN Stanford, lVllVl2 Kahana, MRFA Olson, IVIR1 Aguinaldo, MR3 Gunderson, lVllVl2 Smith, BM2 Demedeirous, EIVI1 Case, lVllVI2 Fischer. 3'd Row Cleft to rightj: lVllVl3 Alberts, IVIRFN Brinkeman, EIVI1 Smith, IVIRFN Hayworth, lVlR2 Howard, lVlR2 Hopkins, lVllVl3 Snider, MR2 Sierra, BIVI1 Alderette, BM3 Amburgey, lVllVl3 Ledoux, MR3 Potter, lVlIVlFN Donnelly, MR2 Kimbrough, lVlR3 Eaton, lVllVl3 Wells, lVllVl1 Mingle, EN2 Vaca 4"' Row Cleft to rightl: MR2 Gordon, EN3 lVlcCarthey, IVlM2 Velez, MR2 Wyant, EN3 Nolan, BIVI1 Brown. 5th Row Cleft to rightj: lVlR3 Hart, MRFN Gosselin, BlVl3 Chastain, IVIR1 Sotto. 6"' Row Cleft to rightjz lVllVl2 Lamadrid, lVlR2 Eickmann, lVlR2 Decarie, GSlVl3 Chambley, lVllVlFN Clock, lVllVl1 Pinedo. F?-3 Front Row Cleft to rightl: ETCS Smedley, CWO4 Gustavson, CDR lwanowicz, LCDR Hader ETC Hatten ETC Benedetti, Efcs ward, 2nd now Cleft to rightl: EMFN Richard, ET3 lsele, ics Booth EMFN BI it ElVl3 lvl ' Fl EM1 Gautane, ElVl2 Ruggieri, IVIA1 Ellis, ET1 Dukeshire ET3 Raid FN Parow EIVISCS ,as ET3T?LdOnaCEOT5lIRAFN Sfgsjw . , . ' 1 5 I y , eger oy Cleft to rightl. ElVl3 Vlllareal, ElVl3 Westbrook, lVllVl1 Walters, ElVl3 Cave, ET2 Zlerleln, ET1 Swierczewski ET2 GaylOfCl 4 Row Cleft to rightj: lC3 Holley, ElVl3 Garcia, ElVl1 Domingo, ElVl3 Gibs EIVIFN ' , U ICS Allen, lC2 Yaskovic, ET2 Keller, ET3 lVliIler ET2 Kearns ET1 LuttrellmET1 Joh1iCotFfnEg'giET2 BOHZ, EMS BeE:llXLjlIalgIilln, Whisenhunt, ET3 Cabarilla 5"t Row Cleft to rightl: EM3 Sims, ET1 Nlauldin, ICS Hicks IC1 Kengllglecgtrif-ET1ig4ul:Jlfke 80 N, - S. L4 M 0 R-5 Front Flow lleft to rigntj: MIVIFN Fontenot, MIVI1 fSSJ Foster, IVIIVICKSWJ Palacios, LCDFI Freschi, CDR lwanowicz, LCDFR Hader, LTJG Hornet, ENS Sweet, EIVHQSWJ Dawes, IVIMHSSJ Flitter. 2nd Flowlleft to rightj: ET2 Eyzaguirre, ET3 Bianchi, ET2 Narlwold, MIVIZQSSJ Holcomb, MIVHQSSJ Bernhart, IVIRBQSWJ lvlellick, HT3lSWJ Powell, ET3 Page, YNZQSWJ Siceiy IVllVl1 lSSJ Bernstein. Sm' Flow lleft to righti: IVIM1 QSWJ SpitlerlVlM1lSWJ Popovich, lVllVl1 CSSJ Zeiser, ET1 Scott, IVIIVHQSSJ Mallery, ET2 Holt, ET3 Iverson, ET2 Rustay, ET1lSSi Nelson. R-6 F , l ftt ' ht : QlVl2 SWXDVQ Lamar, EN2 QDVJ Johnson, HT3 QDVJ Cunningham, BM2 QDSWXSWJ Ag?42E1JO:TEJE ql1C3S6V!SW!MDXSj Kayona, ETC lSW!DVj Santoni, EN3 CDVJ Larocque, HTC CDSWXSWXPJJ Walker, HT2 QDSWJ Probst. Back now: fleft to rightj: srea qovp Bell, D03 QDVJ Cox, HIVI2 lDVl Soereelr BIVI1 lDSWfSWi DHOUSF- MFF2 rgwfgvy Bennett 032 row Eberie, BM2 qswfovp williams, PH1 QAWXDVJ Comer, HT2 qswfovp semen. jf' ' Y , Qi . R-7 , ww l l l Front Flow fleft to rightj: CDH lwanowicz, LCDR Hader, ENS Donovan. l 2nd Row fleft to rightl: lC2fSWl Baldwin, ET3 Wood, ET1 QSSJ Hawkins, IVIIVIZQSWXSSJ Wakefield, lVllVl2fSSJ Boyd, lVllVl2fSSJ Greenhagen, HTZQSWJ Coleman, ET3 Okane, FN lntoc, lVllVl2fSSJ Flevels. Fi'-8 l. Il , W 'maxaman SSD Slaughter. 2nd Row fleft to rightjz NIIVIHSWJ Bass, HTSQSWJ Christensen lVllVl2 SS H k HTZCSWJ Brunney, lVllVI2lSSl Tallman, HT3 Wolters, ETQQSWJ Pearfze. D aw , HT1 GW, Galloway, Back Flow fleft to rightl: HT2 Mullen, HT2fSWJ Williams, lVlIVl3 G ld NIM ' Ferguson, HT3 Stenhouseh OO , 2 Leviok, lVllVl3 lVlcElroy, HT2lSWl 82 , , ,,, lf ' S. ' V f f .4 V" 4 ' 1 1 MM Z' 0, ' 93 V W FV "" 7' 7" ' "- - 1- 1-1- . ,.-if V 1 - A -H L. - -...:.feeu9...,,,.,1.,. . Qian 253.-L- Eg, A Above left: Divers take a break during a busy day. Above: ET1 Boldt waits for his computer to boot up. Left: Ship's Superintendent oftice pauses for a photo op! Below: HT2 Zuniga welding. 83 pf I lVlM3 Ithurraldejams at Nautilus. 1 i i i .- , IVIFIZCSWJ Kimbrough and MRS Gonderson lend each other a helping hand. ' DIVISA Caracci and LISN Dietrick kick back after along day at the beach. 84 Q Y, JO2 Durie, Ll2lSWJ Anderson, PH2 Willis, and YN2 Lussier celebrates LI2's binhday. .1 -an-if Let's go guys!! Some SUPER people take a SUPER group photo. IVIIVI3 Ledoux and MNI3 Snider partying in the pool. 85 Bight: LIZCSWJ Anderson has such tiring work ahead of him! Below: Winners of the 2003 Dust Bowl. Above: Sailors from 31D hangin' out in their shop during the undenfvay. -l Middle Flight: Hrclvlisvvl Haithcox and ill' ' 53 l HTCSQSWJ Nippertalk some business. f Bottom: The Divers relax in the grass af- ter a hard day's work. 86 az W 1 I L .., . Wfffffix ,4,, h,, L,,"L L A 4. ,V . , . ' 5 K ,, ,Mfff,,-, -f ,fffiff ,, Z ' f' :ff L, 'tgp?2?49Q'1fQ?g:g7 V 4ig,,f:f " V ,,x.f5w+,yfm4 fi Q , A lf ' Lx, rf f?1i?55fu Chief Serrano and his repair boys You look Confused CPH2 Willisj What a life Luke I am your father BQY 5. L44, 3' on S' YB Tht hurts! I feel pretty!! Cv:"':' What is so funny? Get to Work! 89 t f, M K ' iff W Wk' fm. Mm K ff if 3 X, lik if Maj ayyfjflf f fffif , M4 ,,,, ,y,jVkf47:Vf,g!V I 0,7 MQW "'G' if at "" Y V7 A X .,,, ,N ,Q 'fill' MG, V if, V Gf, , fi' if 2 ,,V. ,,, First Row fleft to rightl: ENS Smith, CWO2 Agpaoa, LT Jeffers, CWO2 Feliciano, LT Keith, LCDFI Michaud, LCDR Freschi, CDR Iwanowicz, CAPT Volonino CCOJ, CDR Gustafson QXOJ, CDR Flaffetto, CDR Bower, LTJG Hornet, LT Shumaker, LT Morrison, ENS Matteucci, CWO3 Perna. Second Flow ileft to rightl: LT Kriskovich, LCDH Murphy-Sweet, CWO4 Morgan, ENS Metz, ENS Tinney, LT Tomlinson, CWO2 Henesey, LTJG Friedly, LTJG Gill, ENS Scott, ENS Donovan, LT Ringquist, LT Gilmore, LT Hanson, LCDR Hader, ENS Hays, LTJG Hutchison, LTJG Svogun, LT Loeffler. Third Flow Cleft to rightj: LT Schmidt, LTJG Torres, ENS Price, ENS Sweet, LT Sadowski, LT Sabol, LCDH Christenson, LCDR Worman, LT Feltovic, LTJG Ftednour, LTJG Evens Fourth Row ileft to rightl: LT Maloney, LTJG Henderson, ENS Notaro, LTJG Fleming, ENS Woodcock, CWO3 Bumpus, LCDR Ledbetter, LT Burrows, LTJG Weaver. Fifth row ileft to rightl: LTJG Williams, CWO4 Gustavson. First Ftovv ifleft to rightj: LCDR Farmer, LT Chowning, LTjg Smith, ENS Dunning, LT Ensler, CWO2 Jones. Second Flow Ueft to rightl: ENS O'Leary, LT Jacobs, CDH McGinnis, LT Maccarone, LT Mier, LTjg Lietner i l l i ESljsChiel'slllless First Flow fleft to rightl: IVIIVICS lSWl Grieve, ETCCSWJ Anderson, EIVICCSWJ Cooper, IVIIVICIVICSWJ Dralle, CIVIDCIVKSSJ Allison, EIVICQSWJ Schuler, IVIIVICSQSSJ Hanscel, IVISCSQSWJ Bartelt, IVIIVICQSWJ Hakes. Second Row lleft to rightl: SKCQSWJ Moore, HTCSQSWJ Nipper, IVIRCQSWJ Randall, SKClSWJ Ibe, SKClSSl Fischer, ICCQSWQ Hillebrand, MIVICSQSWJ Sy, DCCSlSWl Shelton, DKCSlSW!AWJ Sanchez, DTCQSWXAWJ DeCampos, HIVICSQSSJ Enriquez, STSCSQSSJ Ward. Third Row Cleft to rightl: DCClSWl Tesseler, HIVICCSWJ V Loomis, HTCSKSWIAWISSJ Granno, SKCQSWJ Cerame, YNClSWl Donnelly, ETCSfSSl Smedley, SKCCSWJ Manuel, PNCSQSWXAWJ Q L , Holder, SKCSQSWJ Holzscmm, IVISCIVIQSWIAWJ Broman, PHCCSWJ Olvey. ' V Fourth Row lien to rightl: IVIIVICSCSWQ usman, IVIIVICQSWI M N SSJ Slaughter, QIVIQSWJ Conely, LNCCSWIAWJ Sauls, ENCQSWQ Williams, ETCQSWJ Hatten, HTCIVKSWQ Haithcox, Q 1,, 4,,, A DKC Atteberry, ITCQSWJ Fiivard, ETCQDVXSWJ Santoni. " Fifth Row Cleft to rightlz ETCQSWJ Corbin, BIVICQSWJ ' ' Wingard, PNC Bamba, HTClDVy Walker, DCCQDVJ Zentz, BIVICCDWSWJ Gardner, lVllVlCfSW!SSl Borchers, NCCSQSWJ Youngs. if if hi if H ' f"' A A 4 ,,a,,,!, X K 7 ,, ..,, M-, , ,V 1, X A+- - "'-1, ,Q n Q f f f ,f W! ff 'f fff, r,,-,,,,,, M f The primary mission of the Safety Department is to live up to itls name .... that is to ensure the safety of the crew. The Safety Officer and his highly motivated, albeit small staff, augmented by divisional Safety Petty Officers ship-Wide, keep a watchful eye on every evolution on board the USS EMORY S. LAND, ensuring that safety guidelines are followed, and that personnel utilize proper personal protective equipment, or PPE. From respirator qualifications to proper lifting techniques, the Safety Department can be counted on to ensure A we do it right. . .the first time, and every time! Left to right: LCDH Christensen, HT3 Volavka, EIVI1 QSWJ Griess, ET1 Nelson, IVIIVI3 Girard ETCQSWXSSJ Cutrone 98 Above: ETCQSSXSWJ Cutrone makes eyes at observers. Right: Forty Crewmembers, family, and friends visit St. Petersburg for 2003 New Years. Flight: EIVI1 Greis is pointing out the safe way of things. Below: ETCQSSXSWJ Cutrone does his best to look safe durning the UNREP. 3 ii, ,if The Supply Department as a whole is responsible for the basic needs of the EMORY S LAND sailors as well as the tended units along side. The department handles just more than cranes, elevators and stores every day Supply is made up of a few different divisions, the Mess Specialists lMS1, Store Keepers KSKQ, Disbursing Clerks CDIO, Postal Clerks IPCQ, and the Ship Servicemen ISHQ. The MS's prepare food for the entire crevm provide birthday meals, and maintain the staterooms. They also carry out underway events such as the steel beach picnic, pizza night, and ice cream social. The SK's maintain and control hazardous materials. They also order receive, stom and issue supplies such as paint, binders, and pens for the crew and units along side. The DK's manage check cashing, upgrade the ATM's, and handle profits from the retail outlets. Along with processing travel claims! advances, they also control MILPAK split pay allotment and everyone's pay Getting mail is very important to each of the sailors on board our ship. The PC's receive! dispatch mail, and hold mail call. They process credit and debit cards, sell stamps, take care of claims and are money order friendly The SH's operate the Ships Store, Land of Snacks, laundry and the barbershop. As you can see, the department handles more than cranes, elevators and stores on a day-to-day basis. 100 S-O fLeft to rightj: LCDFI Murphy-Sweet, CDR Bower, MSCIVIQSWXAWJ Broman, YNZQSWJ Smith. Front Flow Qleft to rightl: SKCKSWD lbe, LTJG Hutchinson. 2nd Flow ileit to rightlz SKSN Hardin, SKSN Anderson, SKSN Childress, SKSN Parmalee, SKSN Dwyer, SKSN Douglass SK3 Walters, SK3 Viveros, SKSN Larouche, SK2 Caldervvood, SK3 Foley, SK2 Gabriel, SK1 Rouse. 3'f' Flow lleft to rightj: SKSN Tilley, SKZQSWQ Burke, SKSN lvester, SKSN Kidd, lVllVl3 lthurralde, SKSN Nleburg, SKSN Kotarba, SK2 Mayo, SK1 QSWJ Reader, SK2 Holmes. Back Flow fleft to righty: SK2 Wallis, SKSN Hill, SK2 lVlatos, SK2 Arana, SK3 Chandler, SKZKSSD Taylor, SK1 QSSJ McFloberts, SK3 Martinez, SK3 Samuel, SKSN Woodard. S-4 , , E Front Row fleft to rightj: DKCSQSWXAWJ Sanchez, ENS Scott. Back How flett to rightj: DK3 Retuta, DKQCSWJ Perez, DK1 QSWJ Brower, DKSN Goldshteyn, DKSN Amin. S-5 Front Row fleft to rightj: SK3 Summers, SK3 Padron, SKSN Ebat. Back Row fleft to rightj: SK1 QSWy Weldon, SKCQSWJ Arrogante. S lt Front Row Cleft to rigntj: SK1 CIaveria,SK1fSW!AWJ Fuentes, SKCSQSWJ IVIoore, LT Cnowning SKCCSWJ Manuel SK1 KSWJ Busano. ' ' Back Row fleft to righty: SKZQSWJ Acnane, SKZQSWJ Ferguson, SK1 QSWJ Pacete, SK2qSWj Frederick. f f W W t r 5 l i S-7 Front Flow Cleft to rightl: SK2 Conway, SK3 George, SK1 Sanpascual, SKZCSWJ Villamizar, SK1 Lamabas. 2nd Row Cleft to rightjz SK3 Moss, SK1CSWJ Moore. Back Row Cleft to rlghtl: ENS Metz, LT Sadowski, SKCCSWJ Cerame. Back Flow Cleft to rightl: SK2 Wallis, SKSN Hill, SK2 Matos, SK2 Arana, SK3 Chandler, SKZCSSJ Taylor, SK1CSSJ lVloFloberts, SK3 Martinez, SK3 Samuel, SKSN Woodard. S 9 Front Row Cleft to rightj: SKZCSWJ Arnold, LT Jeffers, SKCCSWD Dineros, SKSN Ortega. Back Row Cleft to rightjz SK2 Medrano, SK1CSWJ Scruggs. S-10 My l Cleft to rightj: PCZCSWJ Parker, PCZCSWJ Perez, LTJG Williams, PC3 Kalles, SH3 Spruill. 103 ir -1.-Jgra..-'EW-efeix' YY YYYY Y- S-Z! FSA Front Row fleft to rightl: ETCCSWD Ansley, IVISCKSSJ Spencer, CWO2 Agpaoa, IVISCIVICSWXAWJ Broman, IVISCSQSWJ Bartelt. Second Flow lleft to rightj: MSSN Cullison, IVISSQSWQ lVlontalvo, MS3 lVleno, SN Soe, ETSN Seng, ITS Nordman, IVIS3 Chea, lVlS2 Dacany, NISHSWJ Clitt, IVISHSWJ Doane, IVISHSWJ Phifer, MS3 Jackson, HTHSWJ Harris, IVISBQSWJ Spencer, SKSN Chidress, IVISS Woodcox, SN Mendoza. Third Row fleft to rightj: MS3 Garizao, Ms3 Peardon, MS1 Cinco, lVlS3 Kelly, lVlS3 Wright, MSS Sanchez, IVISZQSWJ Baud, IVIS1 lVlcPhail, OSQQSWJ lvlebane, IVISSQSWJ Green, IVISHSWJ Tangalain, BM2 Akins, DK3 Rowe, ENFN Prince, SN Williams, ElVl3 Vocelka, EN3 Bouziane, lVlRFNfSWJ Drake. Fourth Row fleft to rightjz lVlS3 Bolden, MSSN Cook, MSSN Kernahan, IVISSN Scott, IVlS3 Nealey, MSSN Grant, IVIS3 Giles, lT3 Howell, FN Vanderhoof, EMFN Wisenhut, EN3fDVJ Larocque, lVlS3 Levitt HTFN Prowell, FN Hood, EMFN Brown, lVlFlFN Devins, IVIIVIFN Abrahamson. Back Flow fleft to rightjz IVIIVIFN Desroches, FN Rome, HTFN Farlee, DIVISN Caracci, SH3 Pulidovillmizar, TNISN Connell, lVllVl3 Lerrette. Z 4 1 9 3 Above: Now that we're all dressed up where is that helo the SUPPO said would be here? , Right: Pizza anyone? The Supply Department shows their Battle "E" pride. Left: SH3 Rodrigues gives HTC Barras a trim-up. Left' IVIS1 Phifer stirring up some grub. Right: MS3 Chea wiping oh' the counter. Right: lVlS2 Baud, IVISSN lvlarable, and lVlS3 Christopher ........... We are family. Right: FN Hood serving UD some award winning chow. Above: SH3 Spruill .... if you're happy and you know it clap your hands ..... if you're happy and you know it clap your hands .... Right: SH3 Borromeo and lVlS2 Dacahay all dressed up. 106 ,, ,VV Left: IVIIVIFN Cerda, IVIS3 Peardon, FN Ivlaldonadomuniz, "group hug". Below: SK1 Weldon ...what a smile. Above: SK1 Busano .... I'm working here!!!! Left: Money, Money, Money. Bight: SK3 Knightf SK3 Summers, and SK3 Padron ....... Charlie's Angels? Below: IVISS Barnes cooking up some Q oodies. 5 Above: DK1 Brower Filing some paperwork. Right: NIS3 Woodoox, MS3 Jackson, MS3 Spencer, MS3 Chea, DK3 Bowe, and SKSN Ebat ......... WE GOT HEFH!!! ' f WKWQW Y! -11 "" -M W 'Wm may , X JV , ,rf , ,I X I , mm ZXQKWW XMWW W ZW 9 fx gif iff? yr 4. EYE WW' "" M WW f f 'THQ' 1 . ,LZTQW ' ' W 'WW , ' Ur "1 64' " We , w,.:, an e, Ma: ,gww-WM Mmff f f f m ' f fy- ' f f' ff uf' f r w wf . fy ' N' 1' fi WM f'. " 9' , , ' -W - H ,Hz .V- f f,, of f f , ,fr ,-pw yf wf y W, , A , 1 ' , J ' Z , ff' , Q if. KV' . r J Qi 55, E yd 'Q ff , w ,f fr J' ,Q .fr ' f fy 7 fr-ff -f f f f wlf' ff fv ffj f ww' 4 ff I '1 ff if 4' 2' j j M ff f,4f,f,r' f,4f lv X 4313 ,5 f ,B s aff. , ,W f, L! 2 lyw X, ,bf fnxff 4,9 fylf ,W , X M f , ,f X if W fffffffz MN ff if f , , f f f X M, f f f J f f ff J ff f f 1 f if f f af My ' 2 fu WW fr rr ryrr f r r . W X X , f , . ,. , . , , ,,. A. ,. , off., f rv , V-,ws ,, ,ff ,fm f,f,, ,A fwwf f-ww wwf ,nw f-VM of' 4-W ' r r 1 M y FJNW75 J ' uv :T """ f it f V0 I QW A .. . B -- 2 ,, . s f, Af J , .yo ,, - fn . ,. ,,.. , f... jf. , , . , ., - J., M, ,,,M.,,M.o , ., f 1 wf fffx -14Mf4.W,,,v,,nfwfsfwfmmflf V 4 , - MM. V ,Y X. , f, f - , , , . ,, ,- , M ,,.,W4WW -wi, ,- - rf f , " 4 r C ,B , .,,, . r r B r " n B' X : B , H, Va? 'Wifi' "" ' W" Left: Hey ..... if we are all here? Who's cooking chow? Below: ENS Metz ....... Great teeth. -1 c L Above: SK2 Forica Getting her hands dirty. Left: ENS Scott .... l feel like dancin. Flight: IVIS3 Woodcox lending a helping hand. Below: SK2 Florcia and SK2 Medrano showing off her new t-shirt. Above: IVIS3 Giles preparing for another nutrious meal. Right: Some of the cooks getting out ot that hot galley and taking advan- tage ofa cool pool. 2W f Left: SK1 Weldon sorting through one of the many storerooms. Below: SKCQSW5 Arogante takes a moment to say hi. Above: Enjoying a MWF! tour in Souda Bay, Greece. Left: SHSN Bent striking a pose during an IVIWR trip. Weapons Admin Division CW-OJ duties are to supply all Weapons personnel with their admin needs, which include supplies, awards, bottom line signatures and more. Tomahawks Divisions CW-lj is capable of forward deployed stowage and weapons resupply for both submarine and surface launched Tomahawk Cruise missiles and submarine launched Heavy Weight Torpedoes. Additionally, they can perform numerous intermediate level maintenance repairs to include the intricate Capsule Closure Assembly replacement of the submarine vertically launched Tomahawks. W-l is also a key player in the SUBLANT Weapons Systems Readiness Review CWSRRJ performed on all forward deployed submarines. Supplying both logistic and technical support to ensure this ship's fire control, launching, and weapons systems are l00percentready for deployment. Gunnery Division CW-25 runs all Force Protection issues, takes care of qualification and training for all ship and tended units personnel. In charge of all ammo and magazines. They are the primary force to security alert, small craft attack, and issues involving ships safety against enemy attack. Cranes Division CW-35 is a division that maintains trained and qualified operators that are responsible for the operation of all cranes. W-3 assists with all critical and many supply lifts. Weight Test and Quality Assurance CW-65 ensures the first time quality of all weapons carried onboard and all weapons loaded onto the various combatants serviced by the EMORY S. LAND. W-6 accomplishes this through the close intemal monitoring of weapons moves and the care and maintenance of all weapons handling gear, ensuring the safety of all personnel associated in the handling of weapons. They also weight test all weapons handling equipment ensuring it is safe to use. This includes all elevators, boat davits, chain falls, and rigging equipment. On top of the work done the BIG LAND 72-D also handles all weight tests for the tended units, and various other bases throughout the Mediterranean. ll2 A5 W-O DiV1S10H 41544, O O I 8 0 X Left to right: TIVICIVICSWXAWJ Crawford, YNSQSWJ Fairley, ENS Tinney, LT Schmidt. 1 D' ' ' Front Row ileff to rightjz TIVISN Collins, TIVISN Crofoot, GIVISKSWJ Cortez, ENS Dunning, lVllVlClSSl Lord, CWO3lVlorgan, ivirvizqssy Elskin. Back Flow ileft to rightl: TlVl3 Dorlus, TIVISN Connell, FT2 Patterson, TlVl3 Bowie, IVIIVI1 CSWXSSJ Franklin, lVllVl2lSSJ Hoffmann, TIVIZQSWJ Hamor, TM3 Franz. 113 , W-2 Division Front Row Qleft to rightj: GIVISN Williams, TIVICIVIQSWXAWJ Crawford, ENS Tinney, CWO2 Henesy, LT Schmidt, GM3 Ascencio. Back Flow Cleft to rightj: GlVl2tSWl Doyle, GIVI1 QSWJ lVlclVlillian, GIVIZQSWJ Hoover, GMS Rivera, GlVl3 Miller. W-3 Division Front Flow tleft to rightl: EN1fSWJlVladalambayan, ElVl2 Kamraj, EIVIFN Edw d EN2 SW A ' FTCQSSJ Lewis, ElVl2tSWl lbarra, BIVISCSWJ Greene, EIVIZQSWJ lvlalaithong. ar S, Q D Vila, ENS Gardner, Second Ftow tleft to rightjz EN2 Rodgers, FN Straney, IVIIVIFN DeShaz EN2 W'll' ' EMS Mutaali, MMS Rose- O, I rams, lVlS3 Parrish, IVlS3 Mullen, Back Ftovv lleft to rightl: EN3 Vytopil, EIVIS Shepherd, lVllVl3 Thornton, lVllVl3 Hoy HTQQSWQ Bewick BlVl1fSWlWhitaCrG """ "WW W 'W '-if "W --- N-W f -F mf-- 6 Division Q Front Flow Qlett to rightj: lVllVl2fSSi Dowden, lVllVl1tSSj Peck, ENS Price, GlVl2 Jackson. i Back Flow Cleft to rightj: FT1 QSS Hamilton, lVllVl2fSSJ Stephens, FTQQSSJ Peavy. ' IVIM1 QSWD Franklin instructs his Ull on centering a Closed Launching System missile onto an aero skid prior to posi- tioning the missile into the main weapons elevator. FT2 Patterson and EIVIZQSWJ lvlalaithong team together to lower missile to USS PROVIDENCE. Lil E N M 5 GM2 Jackson absorbing the sun . GM2 Jackson looks intimidating with that Nl-60 lT2 Goins and GM2 Jackson enjoying some coffee. is TIVi3 Franz flirting with the camera? Top: "I make THlSlook good." Top Right: "I got the magic stick." 118 YNBQSWJ Fairley droppin' it like its hot in Souda Bay. ,4 . 11:1 ,- IVIIVICQSSJ Lord says that the BIG LAND has the best coffee in the fleet! SSDF: Sexy, Sophisticated Divas Forever. -- PORT SERV CES l I W ! N P x 1 1 'WRU' I S P P I x Q S s K 120 -5' 521.-"Ti t, i' fff ffififfi ff ' f ffgQ: 'T .255 L,-mi? iaE k"ii',Y.:'2g-4:1-ff'-rf. -.1 , -.- . , A 1? 7 ' 'W """" -' '-Eff DEC , ' 1 V .. . :?e1E2sLTg:Ls,S' ' Front Bow fleft to rightj: BlVl3 Wysinger, SN Jenkins, SN Blanton, SN McCoy, SN Salazar, SN Burks, SN Valais, SN Huaziam, BMS Paulln, BIVICQSWXAWJ King. Back Bow fleft to rightj: BlVl3 Pena, SN Boone, SN Daniels, SN O'Neal, SN Hernandez-lbarra, SN Solis. EGWAGO A Front Flow fleft to rightj: EN3 Webb, BM3 Althede, BlVl3 Acosta, EN1 QSWIAWJ Haynes. Back Flow fleft to rightj: EN2 Cherry, BIVICQSWJ Horst, ElVl3 Tilley, BlVl2fSWl Bellows, EN3 Engler, EN2 Leonard, BlVl3 Gipson. 121 PET LESHARO t . in at wh, Front Ftow Ueft to righty: EN1 CSWJ Aguilar, BMS Fagan, SN Palowski, BlVI3 White, BM3 Washington, ENS Johnson, BM1 QSWJ Romero. Back Row fleft to rightj: ET3 Warden, EN1 QSWQ Dorrenbacher, EN2 Flobinet, EN3 Clay, BM3 Polonia. SECURITY Front Row ileft to rightj: EM2 White, MIVI1 QSWJ Wong, EN3 Chavers, MM3 Yazzie. Back Row fleft to rightj: EIVIZQSWQ Carter, EN1 Carrol, EN2 Spille, BNI2 Hale, CWO3 Fisher. 122 EIVI3 Tilly and BIVI3 Acosta putting in a hard r days work aboard NEGWAGON. The Life of a Sailor More often than not, the day begins for a Sailor before the sun rises and ends after the sun sets. Most people never hear about the tireless efortsthe Sailors put forth each day in defense of their country, in support of freedom. T he job ofa Sailor could be as routine as hauling in aline or as breathtaking as launching a jet from the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, but in the end it doesn't matter to a Sailor as long its done well. It is this pride in service that makes a Sailor in the United States Navy so special. , l A typical day for a Sailor would exhaust theaverage man or woman. However, Sailors are anything but average. Waking before dawn, the Sailor heads to the mess decks with hundreds of others. These are the men and women tasked each day with protecting the greatest country in the world. These are the Sailors of the U.S. Navy. At sea, they have no family orfriends for support during the ddficult times in their lives, they have only each other to turn to,' and they do it every day. y Ajier breakfast, it is time to head to work. No ,matter the job, the Sailors will put forth a maximum ejfort for they know that what they do today will have a profound impact on tomorrow. It has been this way for well overa century. The essence of what a Sailor is has never changed. Time may pass, but a Sailor will always attack any job with the utmost energy and commitment. ' After a day of intense labor, the Sailor has precious little time to relax. But the sailor does, and after reading a book or watching maybe 10 minutes of television heads to the rack to sleep soundly. As the Sailor sleeps the waves lap against the hull of the shun, a mobile example of U.S. power and diplomacy. Tomorrow is a dyfferent day but the Sailor remains the same...a young man or woman symbolic of Honor, Courage and Commitment. , , .lg J Y r w X Q WW, ,. Mo' 4. Wi' w ,ku--.uf fw- M..-yf V ,, -,-" K I 129 -QW' T - N . f wp, .s up 5 A-4 ' -' i Q E2 f f 37 . 'T f'1:'flQp,'Y 'Z x , 'fix' V ,-J sf--1 l 5 I T "XY "h' ' il' '-fV ' N' fr .V 2 Lf' u' 'ff A Y A ll 1 , ' N X A I iq 5 V -2 W , , ,f ----an NA ,E , A - V Mg LA x J I 1, 5 pw 2 ',ff'7"""g 1 ng - 3 , ,'u,...:i. N 4 1 1, 3 Ek 17473 N f l,"!f6 ' v TE Vx ix i ,2- l .sli t ma e I ...aS. 103rd Submarine Ball Sailors of two great nations gathered for an evening of remembrance and celebration of the submarine community during the lO3rd Birthday Ball of the United States Submarine Force. The event that brought Americans and Italians, Submarine and Surface Sailors, family and friends together took place at the Cala Lunga Hotel in La Maddalena, Italy. uMany of our comrades made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom. These heroes must be rememb.ered'.iT,he legacy ofe'ourmSubmarine that fortitude trust and faith will eeef531iigrgrQeTearefZeieef?fLseiaggvgpgfieileward F. lieese, commenter-'siiiemanee squeidigeg ,eb-gl ig ' -eeel e I 5 I . W ,ive 'Jig A., F KTTH' ' ' I A?-' e - 1 Maddaiaiedt spifitcafrie W 6'dedicati'on of the feervingR'e'ff'WweQ1e3:.eEeep ef-yea . A gm r f. L' :M itI :f,f,i-I - Emi, Y 4 M -N ' P A-i k V v 3. kv jg.. ,, nal il Q ,,l"?'u5e -,Ui 'Q celebrate the Siub1?1ar1neMForce.g,y5-ini, oxiteekyerygdvay-and you do it well. Thank Ql?if2t1'KaSaCI1f1Qfi,i 'he aaded- . ' I' . . " -."L'f""To" I ' Those submarmers who have made the"1iltrmate'sfacrrf1ce arehonored during a tolling of the bells ceremony, ""'-Q-fstrlhemfft - ' " which is unique to the Submarine Ball. "The tolling oftthe bells ceremony recognizes the sacrifices of fallen comrades who have gone before us. The bell will only ring once at the beginning to announce that we are honoring their memory and once at the end to let them know that we will never forget the sacrifice they laid upon the altar of freedom to keep our country freef' explained CMDCM Dean Irwin, CMC SUBRON 22- The room was thick with emotion and every guest grew silent as USS EMORY S. LAND CMDCM 1061 Allison and Commandante Frassetto read the names of every submarine lost during World War II. "T0Ui8ht We pay honor to our shipmates who will be on eternal patrol. Letis not forget what the Submarine Force did for us during WWIIQ 3,617 men remain on eternal patrolj' said Allison, 4 K ,, ,. , . Y -... . - -.. ,.,., , -.,,-- ,-1,-.f ff.-,1 . V.---.x..'L::-:L ff: .Da ff:-.-f :fm f 12: -- ,..4..,.lN Q 134 L Above: GO AHIVIYII!! REP While deployed in the Mediterranean Sea the USS EMORY S. LAND CAS 395 completed a sucessful underway replenishment with USNS PATUXENTCT-AO 2015. The PATUXENT transferred a total of 450,000 gallons of fuel along with various other supplies during the UNREP. The UNREP provided more than fuel and supplies to the crewg it also gave them a unique, invaluable opportunity to train. These types of operations are important exercises for the Land. Itls been a while since the ship has done a refueling at sea. Itis a very com- plex and potentially dangerous evolution. It's two really big ships ma- neuvering in close proximity to one another. With our high turnover rate with personnel it's really important that we do this because we only get the opportunity to do one of these maybe once a year or so. The two ships broke away to the tune of MI Feel Good" by James Brown. I I ,V A X 1 H V 49- 55'---.. 136 Y ? ' ' ' ' ' W''Mxa"""X'''Q53:32'vi'''fif3fi 7Z0F55 5q4"iii55K2g:fi?ii.i5,-...?F'fgir-'T5ELX3.7:'Q?i '5 Q Y 137 You gotta love the architecture in Slovenia Kopcr, Slovenia Right: DN Lewis loves this port. f ,fig ,,.,. Mg Above: SHS Lerette thinking tvvioe about opening that soda. 138 Above: YN3fSWj Saloga and SN Schafier check out some fresh fruit. Above: SN Riveracorrera is really happy with the purchase she just made. A v 'x xx' r I K ,, , . 4, . . , ' y -my JW-'im?"-rs wx, Q S W ' . .27 f"2fw.,1m:": 4.2 1 w-has ,. ' ' my . 4, . Ulf, ,, ...Aff Y E , N- uinffftfkiii :Ex vb Q' 1 11? 1 r ni? gf, . 3 ? A S43 . 1 ,MM . ai -z " ' 3 ,,' X .,E-ElMiwQQ - .1 - w E: - S, -, V V "1 X- :'af-j5Ti'Yi1?i??i' -w f X , ' -A : 'Sf f"' . H sf'-.3353 ,, fit- aku E, . we - E-M 1 .tg fu'-. .f .ix ,.,- V .aanf .ffffi '-.sw S Q- - ? ,f:- ' ..J' . .5 Q, 1 -,'-LA ' 3: fi .S':f5SQE-KLA'-T?'ili:?i':3 -fs , ,g,,,,-- l bi UIMU H ,hz- Ew UM ' 1 V i ,lr ,-E mf 9 1 W 1 1 4 + 1, 1- , 33? N A' 3 :in A ...Mu f.,,,x in xi' , . N.-.-. QQ ,EIEfH:WE4if?9l xml? A'H4p J- q w! - .fx E Q W" wyf u W , if J T Q EEEQQWQ M E 3 f-" EVERYONE LovEs KOPER!!! 139 ia 51, . A . ,nb . . ff' "1- N lv , , ,, ' ,, f. H 44' 'E' 1. E, 4. S 3. dig .1 V'2 1 -.. ' V'A,..?,, Q I. . sa ig: ,W H .-if 1 W v A M fy , 1, f 1.e For the first time in nearly two years the crew of the USS EMORY S. Land CAS 395 participated in a vertical replenish- ment while underway in the Mediterranean. It was an exciting day for the crew as they prepared for the ar- rival of the USNS SIRIUS bringing heli- copter and much needed stores. The helicopter hov- ered l5 feet over the helo deck of the LAND while deliver- ing a total of five pal- ettes of stores. 142 "It-is really exciting the clip back on the going out there and helo. lt's coming re- Warting and putting ally lovv and youive got someone behind you pushing your back so that you don't fall all over the place. It's very exciting!" Said BM3 Shirley Valcin- Ship's Boatswain Cwoz Miguel Feliciano, agreed. 4'This was great practice for the crew. This was is one Of those jobs that g6fS these folks excited and the adrenaline'S Pumping, but You Sta? professional and do lt as well as We didf, he said. 1 4 5 I I I 2. fl .I II I. 1 li is W im E n L5 n T "":"4"-E 143 3 M ,fury 292 "yf ,V APP? 'V P W ' A1113-L25 I ,S al '73 "A , ,1, f,,,,, 5, .V 'J--.fe W , figgw N--f, , M, m y Jr' TEWA -. If .0 if x P , 1' I ' mf f X .- i' . , 4 9513 ,. :QW 'feilwf 3 22544 .,M' M... X M' 4 if Celebrating the 4th ofjuly fqzew, - - A-,,,,, , ,-,-..M..,,,,,,-T,1,.,.,,. .., .,,, - ,... ,...g.. ..V. - ,. . " " ' " ' 'Y " "M -" ' - 4' ' -Y ' ' -fu ' - ' V' f - ' " '1- f-f'-f"fvv'fry-e1m'1-xr-fe:-vtV5-is:41w,:N::7q:,p-5ff mf J Wg N' ,.. J?'K .Y ff ar, 147 Santo Stefano 200 "ALL HANDS! Muster on the Quarterdeck. " Command Duty Ojjicer The rear Fire of 2003 On July 8, 2003 the fire fighitng abilities of the crew of the USS EMORY S. LAND CAS 395 were heavily tested when a brush fire broke out on the island of Santo Stefano and headed towards the ship and surrounding buildings. Working together to put out the fire, the Italian emergency response teams fought from the air Cin he- licopters and planesj, while the crew of the LAND fought the fire us- ing hose teams. Within a few hours the crew had succeeded in putting out 148 he said. "When the brush fire erupted on Santo Stefano Island, you at- tacked as a unit, and van- quished the enemy. At one point we had 13 hose teams fighting the fire, one of which Smoke obscures the afternoon sun as the brush reached 1,300 feet up the fire gains momentum, headed for the ESL. the fire saving the island and the ship below. Captain David Volonino was extremely proud of his crew and their efforts. 'gOnce again BIG LAND made headlines throughout the Navy by demonstrating impres- sive teamwork, Damage Con- trol proficiency and couragej, hill. Needless to say, I am extremely proud of what you safely accomplished that afternoon, but I am not surprised," said Volonino. L SXHXIX ' P 150 411 V LXMXAXTXEXS -6 ""'!. uk x Y 5 to -:asf-'ffm ' V - Y--H ' .s- ,f ' -' V ff I J I1f.- ' ' ' ":?,'fI-'f +1 2 is f'iL'lf 'Wk "' , . gn--2 4 , 23 Vi 'fu ' h mm ' 1 f - Vw - .V ,V VV V V 3131 My-4 V A J? W .JW 55 g' 3 ".'m , f-', , QV '55 Q fl ,F,,.m.,n,-g-:1:xxm4mm-w.A..w.-- V si f W V .... ,,,, V V5 F V' V., V. 1 .gnffg . V HW ' M--naw"- -- ' X . , .ff-.ei ' - A . Lffgwiwbf if ff TQ, 3+-1 Mi55:11P33'i:'.G5ai?Kmfwmnfmw,. Q. ,M . . , ,. VQVV VVVV, ,,: V,e,. My ' f 'I Tw A "' P'-N img V ' 1:--r .., ., W' '.g,,-1: 'f "" ff f-ff 'l ' -.V V. .Hn ' ,. ' , -N W , - -' H1 K--M , . '75-11 4- .... ...K--ffw-...""11iif' , ... " ""' ' ' ' - . V . Wwfif-f V- 1.0-E- V - , V "T-:fl ,. V t-VLVVg.v-L M , 1 Liga.: V. . VV V V " V A .n N .. .V ,. , - .-:f'...gV ' V Q... f'-"4 ---- M V V V ,VV f ' V .V ' .- ,, M.. " . .L,., '-H' - -4 L." f ' ' ,V . . V V '- --,..: , ' " V v , " ,, ,-.-- V VVVVfV,,. V ..,..,.,.,..f , A , 55-:Vg V V , V:--V . VV VV ,,,. .- --.-,if-,V A ,H V, .., .., - V V. V V, A M. ,,, W' "'Ii1',T'- ' ., Ww"L' AfllT'X"f"'4.Ew.LQff'7I' 'W-"nmzs. ""'.":1T505f'ZW' ,wr-M' L-.. ' """"'-zrk'--Wg ' f '73 5 'fe,"'1 fi""" .,. ' ' V '-M, .. 315 P' , ' -f: ' VV ""' '.1,-.1:1A-. "'FW"f ,,,,- ,, ' f-f-. 4,.,VVil-.,. A ,, . V f ,"fi.,.-.- ,.,-ff--. -, ,,L...,J'J '.-.-my-.f '1 -,V-.1-,g,'X-L,!.7g-,, -.. 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Suggestions in the Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2003 Edition, Page 9

2003, pg 9

Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2003 Edition, Page 26

2003, pg 26

Emory Land (AS 39) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 2003 Edition, Page 28

2003, pg 28

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