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■ « .- ■l { DITCH TO DITCH TOUR USS Emory S. Land (AS-39) WORLD CRUISE 1988 The History and Mission of USS EMORY S. LAND (AS-39) The keel was laid for USS EMORY S. LAND on 2 ,March 1976. and she was launched on 4 May 1977 after being chris- tened by her sponsor Mrs. Sara H. Long. EMORY S. LAND was delivered to the Navy on 2 March 1979, Just three years after laying of the keel. EMORY S. LAND was placed " In Commis- sion Special " on 23 March 1979, and was placed " In Commis- sion " on 7 July 1979. To construct a ship the size of EMORY S. LAND, 12,500 tons of steel were required, along with 142 miles of electric cable and 30 miles of piping were required. USS EMORY S. LAND is the first of the Navy ' s newest class of submarine tender, designed to support the LOS ANGELES class attack submarine. The ship provides food, electricity, water, consumables, spare parts, medical, dental, disbursing, mail, legal services, ordnance, and any material or equip- ment repair the submarine may require. To accomplish this, the ship has a physical plant similar to that of a small to " wn, including 53 different specialized shops. In September 1980, EMORY S. LAND deployed to the Pacific Fleet to provide services to the Indian Ocean Battle Group. Since her commissioning, EMORY S. LAND has received the Meritorious Unit Commendation and 3 Battle Efficiency Awards in addition to numerous awards in Deck Seamanship, Repair Efficiency, Damage Control, Communications, Weap- ons and Gunnery, and Engineering. In 1985 EMORY S. LAND won first place in the large afloat category for the Captain Ed- ward F. Ney Memorial Award for food service excellence. In July 1986, EMORY S. LAND operated as Officer in Tacti- cal Command of four United States ships and five foreign ships in transit from the Virginia Capes operating area to New York Harbor where she participated in the International Na- val Review and Fourth of July Stature of Liberty Rededication ceremonies. In August 1987, EMORY S. LAND operated as the tactical and communications platform for Commander Submarine Squadron EIGHT and Submarine Squadron SIX to work both with and against a surface combatant group. Commanding Officer Capt. William E. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Captain William E. Fitzpatrick was bom in Newburgh, New York in 1943. He attended high school in Brooklyn. New York and entered the U. S. Naval Academy in 1961. He graduated and was commissioned in 1965, having earned a Bachelor of Science Degree. Upon graduation Captain Fitzpatrick was selected for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Pro- gram and completed courses of instruction in California and Connecticut. He then attended Naval Submarine School and in 1967 reported to the Pre-commissioning Unit of USS TAUTOG (SSN-639) which was being built in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Upon commissioning 1968 the TAUTOG operated as a unit of Submarine Squadron SEVEN in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In 1970, Captain Fitzpatrick reported to USS VON STEUBEN (SSBN-632) and served as Engi- neer Ofiicer for three years. In 1973 he reported to USS BATFISH (SSN-681) and served as Navi- gator until 1975. Captain Fitzpatrick then served as an Engineer Officer on staff of Commander Submarine Squadron EIGHTEEN, in Charleston, South Carolina until reporting to USS MAP ANO G. VAL- LEJO (SSBN-658) as Executive Officer in 1977. He served in that capacity until commencing prospective Commanding Officer training in January of 1981. Captain Fitzpatrick served as Commanding Officer, USS HENRY L. STIMSON (SSBN-655) from June of 1981 until November 1984. Following that tour he served as Deputy Commander Submarine Squadron FOUR in Charleston, South Carolina, during which he attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government Course for Senior Officials in National Security at Harvard University. He then reported for duty as Deputy Commander Submarine Squadron EIGHTEEN also in Charleston, South Carolina. In March of 1986 he reported to the Staff of Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Fleet where he served as Deputy Senior Member for the Nuclear Propulsion Examining Board. Captain Fitzpatrick is entitled to wear the Legion of Merit, the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, with one gold star, the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, the Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon, The Battle " E " Ribbon, the Navy Expeditionary Med- al, the National Defense Medal and the Sea Service Ribbon. Captain Fitzpatrick is married to the former Ginny May of Glenview, Illinois. They have three children, Gregory, Taylor, and William and reside in Norfolk, Virginia. Executive Officer Cdr. Sterrie L. Weaver Commander Sterrie L. Weaver was bom in Boston, Massachusetts in 1939. He attended high school in Newtonville, Massachusetts and entered the Navy in February 1956. After boot camp and Interior Communications Electrician Class A school at Great Lakes, Illinois, he reported to the USS DUXBURY BAY (AVP-38) Commander Weaver attended Enlisted Submarine School in 1958 and then reported to USS RATON (SSR-270) for duty where he qualified in submarines. After attending Enlisted Nuclear Power School in New Lxjndon, Connecticut and prototype at NPTW Windsor Connecticut he was selected to serve as a reactor Operator Instructor for officer and enlisted trainees. Following this tour he reported to the commissioning crew of the USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON (SSBN- 617), where, while serving as a Chief Petty Officer, he was selected as a Warrant Officer (WS 1) in 1966. He was selected as a Limited Duty Officer (Ensign) in 1970. Commander Weaver has served at the following billets since becoming an officer: Naval Re- actor Representative Nuclear Type Desk Officer at Charleston Naval Shipyard, Assistant Engi- neer onboard USS SEA OWL {SS-405), Engineer onboard USS CLAMAGORE (SS-343), Assistant Material Officer Submarine Squadron Two, Production Management Assistant onboard USS CANOPUS (AS-34), SSN Material Officer Submarine Squadron Fifteen at Agana, Guam, Assist- ant Material Officer Submarine Development Squadron Twelve, Production Officer Subma- rine Base, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He reported to USS EMORY S. LAND as Executive Officer in September 1987. Commander Weaver is entitled to wear the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal with two gold stars, the Navy Good Conduct Medal with two bronze stars, the Navy Expe- ditionary Medal, the Meritorious Unit Citation Ribbon with two bronze stars and the Sea Ser- vice Ribbon with four stars. Commander Weaver is married to the former Frances Fauquett of Mystic, Connecticut and resides in Hampton, Virginia. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF ' 13 9 -4 ' Master Chief J. R. Black (Surface Warfare) joined the Navy in Kennesaw, Georgia on October 31, 1956. After completing boot camp at NTC San Diego, he was transferred to Lxjng Beach, California for duty on the USS PRICETON (CVS-37) and then on the staff of COMNAVAIRPAC. Prior to coming to his present duty station the USS EMORY S. LAND {AS-39), he served on board USS ORION (AS- 18), USS ALTAIR (AKS-32), USS DENEBOLA (AF-56), USS COONTZ (DDG-40), and USS JOHN KING (DDG-3). He was also assigned to COMOCEANSYSLANT, FICLANT, NAVMMACLANT and finally NAB Little Creek. Master Chief Black wears the MSM, NCM (2 gold stars), NAM, MUC, Navy " E " Ribbon, GCM (8 stars), Navy Expeditionary Medal, National Defense Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and Sea Service Ribbon. Master Chief Black has been married to the former Sharon Schwver from Camby, Minnesota for over 28 years and they reside in Norfolk, Virginia. I Master Chief J. R. Black (SW) CMC with Trooper Tynes during the last days of our cruise. DEPARTING NORFOLK It just fell from the sky. Our first MEDEVACS. ' Where am I? GENERAL QUARTERS: GENERAL QUARTERS: ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS Now that ' s a scary thought. Darth Vader - - Look Out! " 10 i I » Aaahh-Push it! 12 The sport that ' s going to sweep the nation! Helo Softball! 1st Class Mess, " Visited regularly. Belly check. £« Its only been two weeks guys! i ! 14 The beginning of field days. Ill 15 I can ' t get no . . . satisfaction. Smoke gets in your eyes. 16 I see land! ' LISBON, PORTUGAL 4 % B. ' ml L y P wh ' sr- ' M p9 ' 4 lii 1 1 .tg fe ' i V i I ' I ■ f Tf?wa ' i- ■ ' Vt -:. Tw:: ' ;as ' - , fSr- - »«fe »Wi-«» --)J ' - =ii -i . ' ' • .: " - ■■ . •- I ' . , r,- : ' . - ' L .:. :-:i:: rM0rKW :iiJii ' ALL THE BREATHTAKING SIGHTS OF LISBON - is I 1 ■p — • - -V.r .av H . Lj H ■ iiflHi (L ■ ■ ■ ■ K Ji,5«! ?l :h ■ I U t b. fi Ui u L?i ' ' ■■ ' j vi- ... . . IS ' Ji. ' II -«■ III ' -iLint I JJii .- ' C3 ■■■■■■■ H 1 T ■ 1 F r 1 BBBHWWWI ■, v - Bnm H «Q22 ■ L -4-. i«K, -3BBiB .— r-t h . 1 i j MLLi I kMCL i hAJ .Ki • I (QDP I %vt •BI221--IW arUtaisj: r, ilsLiiiWik fm m tt m a m u i • «■««»% .-aai;i:;Tii -i - IM dSi J A man who needs no introduction. ffjtji 7-.gyrd ' b: till w II 1 I 1 1 1 I ■,. " :V, i lilili i l ' Sitf: f » »■ ' " ' ' ■ T] " " VMlLii ii ' ,4jif3 L • I -frnj. MMuyMMi . i ' ■ ■ yiif - i saiK d - — ?iil B iiii— ' 1 ' i " iii i ' h t - ' ' 1 " ' T-j-i ' " i " iiiiiu " r -7 9 : ; ,jd-« ' : -.-. -1,,. " . - ' ENROUTE RAS-AL-HAAD -v ?::.. USS SAMUEL B. GOMPERS (AD-37). We ' re going to do WHAT with THAT? 25 PLAY BALL!! 26 [OUR FIRST VERT REP 148 PALLETS LCDR Plumlee Chief Engineer ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT The Engineering Department provides for the efficient opera- tion, maintenance, and repair of the ship ' s propulsion plant, auxil- iary machinery, and piping sys- tems. Additionally, the Engineer- ing Department is responsible for the control of damage, the opera- tion and maintenance of electric generators and distribution systems, repair to the ship ' s hull, and for general shipboard repairs. EMORY S. LAND ' S " Power and Lighting Company " provides relia- ble hotel services for all members of the crew. LTSaraglan Main Propulsion 28 A DIVISION T FRONT ROW - MM2 SW Woods, ENS Bryant, ENS Baez, SN Wllkie, FN Vincent, ENFA Gemboys. ENFA Roades, MM2 Taylor BACK ROW - MMC SW Blakeney, MMl SW White, MMl Boyde, MM2 Ward, MMFN Bums, ENS Turmer, EN2 Hall, ENl McDorman, MM3 Ellington, LCDR Plumlee B DIVISION FRONT ROW- LT Lofy-Divislon Officer, BTFN Barney, BTl Delaney, BTS Pettlnger, BT3 Slown, BT3 Towler. FA Bautlstacruz, BT3 Henthom. BTFN Smith, LCDR Plumblee-Chlef Engineer. BACK ROW - LT saragian, FN Matthews, BTFA Brogdon, BTS Stewart, BTFN Register, BTFN Wade, BTFN L. L. Era, BTS Grube, BTFN Mullins, MMC SS Addis 29 E DIVISION FRONT ROW - LT Hudson, ICC Evans, EM2 An, EM3 Ebemard, EMI Zlegler, EMC Mogan, LCDR Plumlee SECOND ROW - EMFN Anderson, EM3 Yoon, IC3 Deziel, 101 McLaughlin. EMS Stanfleld, EMFN Phennger, EM2 Fuller, EM2 Godt, EMS Outten, EMFN Bacchus, EMFN Noakes, ICS Jett BACK ROW - 10 1 EbUng, 102 Pawlowskl, ICS Hunter, IC3 Hlmmelberger, EMFN Woodhouse, EMS Chance, ICS Spencer, EM2 Blankenshlp FRONT ROW - MM3 Sfreddo, MMFN Stevens, MM2 Ortega, MM2 Palya, MM3 Allen, MIDDLE ROW - ENS Wadsworth-Divislon Officer, FA Dulerc, MMS Adams, MMS Cunningham, MMl Hayes, MM2 Yeary, MMl Long, MM3 Oliver, LCDR Plumlee BACK ROW - LT Saragian, MMFA Caldwell, MMS Taylor, MMS Tyler, MMS Mitchell, MMFN Jones, MMCS Wilson ENGINEERING WATCHSTANDERS DC DIVISION %-. ' 1 1 r f f f 1 % FROM ROW - arc Henry, DCFN Tompkins. DC Drake. FN Washington, r . niiiur--, i iiiKiiiJinii , i i.- r. uuii. iiy:2 Smith BACK ROW - l.CDR Plumlee, FN Smith J., HTFN Beyer, DCFN Nascimento. DC3 Martin. DCFN Landers. DCFN Gibbs. DCFN Brooks, HT2 Benyehudah, i IT2 Thomas, HTl Thrasher. ENS Southerland-DCA THESE SHOPS I EP... 32 Engines turning. KEEPING THE OLD HEART PUMPING 35 E WKL " H K, B mm 1 ' BP ' B L - HjjIgH n Br ■ ( - " " f DECK DEPARTMENT LT Armstrong Deck Department Head Deck Department provided numerous essential services during the USS EMORY S. LAND (AS- 39) 1988 World Cruise. Boatswain ' s mates and seamen operated small boats, made crane lifts, conducted helo ops. Additionally; line handling, mooring ships alongside, brow rigging, and precision an- choring were frequent tasks. Underway time was spent as helmsmen, lee helmsmen, boatswain ' s mate of the watch, or ready lifeboat crew. Through- out the cruise, painting and preservation was an endless occupation. Pr fflK 36 CW02 Haith - Ship ' s Bos ' n FIRST DIVISION FRONT ROW (L-R) SA Byrd, BM3 Tyler, SN Lilly, BM3 Bransome, BMC Tripp, FR Viereck, SN Gregg. BMSN Dicarlantonio, BM3 Powell BACK ROW (L-R) SN Messer, SA Muehlbauer, SN Rlchburg, SA C. Williams, FA Carrier. SA Newbanks, BM3 Combs, BMSN Gibons, SA Adamson SECOND DIVISION FRONT ROW (L-R) BM3 Feltus, SN Riegel, SN Clay, BMC Cain, MM3 Elson, FR Stover, BM 1 Ayala BACK ROW (L-R) SN Landry, SN Tilton, SN Keams, BN3 Woodhall, SN Sheff. BM3 Roussell. SA Domaschko. SA Graham, BM3 King 37 THIRD DIVISION FRONT ROW (L-R) SA Barker, SA C. Lewis. SN Fugate, SA Ward. BM3 Powers, SA West. BM3 Johnson. FR Eggert, SN Fritts, BM2 Plyler BACK ROW (L-R) SA Alaniz, SA Ferrara, BMl Fuelling, BM3 Robinson, SN Barker, BMC Hickman, SN Malovich, BM3 Barchi. BM3 Lautzenheiser, SA Patterson. BM3 P. Lewis Crane Operations 38 Oops! Well now we know what they look like! 39 ii Paint! ,j!L Paint! ||l,| ' Paint! 11 Ready life boat LCDR McElveen Department Head WO WEAPONS DEPARTMENT During USS EMORY S. LAND ' S North Arabian Sea Deployment, the Weapons Repair Department was responsible for the security and safety of the ship and its personnel. This was accomplished by continuous manning of the ship ' s 50 caliber machine gun mounts and post- ing of additional armed topside security guards. Additionally, the Weapons Quality Assurance Weight Test Division con- ducted all technical research and com- pleted all weight test requirements for tended surface units to ensure all type commander requirements and docu- mentation were met. Over 225 weight test requests were successfully com- pleted on tended surfa ce units and own ship. SK2 Davis. FTGC (SS) Corass, YN2 Hall, LT Dewitt - Division Officer 42 W-1 lefi to right) Kneeling - TM3 Delatorre. TMSA Johnson. TM3 Brown, TM3 Lebron. TM3 Mitchel. TM3 Street. TMSN Turner, 1M3 Clark ist ROW - TMC Hughs. TMSA Mathias. TMSR Yeates, TM3 Love, TM3 Boyd, TM2 Kempka, TM3 Mingus, TM3 Castillo. LT Hudson 2nd •?0W - TM3 McDaniel. TM3 Cupp. TM3 Maosi. TMSN Stolen, TM2 Paul, TMSN Montgomery, TM3 Parsons, TM3 Walker, TM2 McGlnnls, Ml Longley left to right) Isi ROW TM3 Morrissey, GMGSN Lacrolx. GMG2 Burllngame. TM3 Ramsey. FTG2 Qulnton, LT Schwartzer 2nd ROW - TMl ' ter. GMG3 Gibson. GMG3 Santiago. GMG2 Stief. GMGl Jackson 43 W-3 Lk i (left to right) 1st ROW - TM2 Hodge, TMl Nelson, TM3 Gray, TM3 Ryan, TM3 Arquero, WTS Orona 2nd ROW - TMC Miler, TM2 Burnett, TMl Zibrowski, WTl Zimmerman, TM3 Giles, TM2 Powe, CW04 Lamontagne W-6 (left to right) 1st ROW - WTl McElhlney, BM2 Price, HTFN Rlggs, TMl Glover, BM3 Gant, TMl Hood, FTG2 Cole, CW04 Rosenthal 2nd ROW - TMl Bickell, TM3 Farmer, TM2 Naderhoff, TM3 Auzenne, TM2 Tucker, TMC Johnson, TM2 Dupont 44 " Mr. Smallarms. 45 Ready, Aim, Fire! Where ' s the target? 48 CDR Galich Department Head DENTAL DEPARTMENT The North Arabian Sea deployment around the world cruise was a busy time for members of the Den- tal Department. During the deployment we provided serves for more that 4,000 patients from 21 ships and members of the U. S. Embassy in Muscat, Oman. Treatment ranged from routine dental examinations, to operative dentistry, to the treatment of facial trau- ma. As a result of the long and intense clinic house, more than 25,000 reportable procedures were pro- duced. In addition, departmental personnel were twice called upon to assist the Medical Department in the management of multiple heat stress casualties. In recognition of everyone ' s hard work during the year, we learned, near the end of the deplojmient, that the department had been awarded the Yellow Dental " D " as a part of the Battle " E " competition. Personal re- wards for a job well done included the knowledge that we had provided quality care for personnel assigned to a remote part of the world - and by enjoyable liber- ty in Lisbon, Naples, Muscat, Perth and Panama. OPEN W - I - D - E 49 STAFF FRONT ROW - DT2 Casey, DN Cando, DT3 Elwell, LT Leiendecker, DN Acosta, DT2 Cummings, DTC Fajura BACK ROW - DTC Mahan, LCDR Laurence, DA Emerson, CDR Gallch 50 Such happy faces for what ' s ahead II 51 Hey Lupe, What did you bring to the party!?! 52 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT T The Medical Department is staffed with fourteen Hospital Corpsmen, one Radiation Health Officer and one Medical Officer. The Med- ical Department is tasked with providing pri- mary medical care to the crew. The Department also provides x-ray, pharmacy and laboratory services as well as immunizations and preven- tive medicine section responsible for the sanita- tion of galleys, barber shops and laundry. , i LCDR Assan, Medical Officer reported May 1988 - relieved September 1988 LT Pitman, Medical Officer reported for duty onboard in Has Al Hadd Sep- tember 1988 53 H-DEPT. STAFF FRONT ROW - HM2 Wilson, HMC Korando, IXDR Assan, HM2 Jackson, HM2 Torres, HN Cooper MIDDLE ROW - HM2 Hodges, HM( Sayers, HM3 Plovane. HM2 White, HM3 Balat, HM2 Haysllp, HM3 Schwarzer BACK ROW - HMC Jett, HM2 Marshall, HM3 Harris, HM; Cieloszczyk, LCDR Hosszu W-h-e-r-e ' -s m-y p-a-t-i-e-n-t-s? 54 It ' s just a little bitty needle. 55 Yes Sireee, We cut ' em cook ' em - same day -13 1 I Do these look familiar? 56 Live! On Board USS EMORY S. LAND! A show long awaited for some And not to be forgotten. If r ' . ■ f 1 ' ' ' • • • Aff fi iS ■ fc- fci ' wr-SBfM 6 1 1 V, »-. %■ ION! ,„M4ti IF -. m ii: : - 1 H y d ■t ' l " ' " -V 1 - - % I V. What to buy, what to buy. !». .:5 ' f» -ill r .■4 1 rtf v " . f 1 ■H ■v Hb- HFW iV ,Tmm .yy jSi : H iV-. ' W« •- " ' - M tifs Ill • ■JKiSim, - ' " ?H. I If I ?? r I . i m i g i 1 1 i i 1 i . 1 p i m Pi l ' am » r ..- -y 1 ■■1 H .-■ u f f r I BSgfS S Stuck in Ras Al Haad by CDR Mike Callaway We ' re serving time here on the dark side of the moon. Someday we ' ll leave here, but it cannot be too soon. They said we ' d deploy to an island paradise. That was a decoy and this isn ' t quite as nice. (chorus) We ' re stuck in Ras Al Haad with quite a job to do. We ' re stuck in Ras Al Haad, the Navy ' s finest crew. Is forty-five days up? I really need a brew. I know you ' ll understand cause you re all stuck here too. We need some liberty, but that ' s so far away. Can ' t even walk around they ' ve started field day. I ' m trying to pretend we ' re in Montego Bay. But when I look around I carmot help but say ... (chorus) We ' ll fix those baby skimmers and we ' ll do it right. We are the reason they can stay out here to fight. The Ayatollah doesn ' t really understand. The hurt he ' s getting fi-om the EMORY S. LAND. (chorus) Kt Jh Is that Mr. T " ? 65 HELO DECK 66 Administrative Department LT McCombs, Admin Officer During USS EMORY S. LAND ' S North Ara- bian Sea Deployment, the ship ' s Administra- tive Department provided extensive services to tended units. The department Issued ID cards, provided career counselling services. CAAC DAPA Interviews, ordered correspon- dence courses, provided YN PN In-rate train- ing, conducted administrative inspections, updated ship ' s master instruction flies, pro- vided postal services and brig facilities for tended units. Additionally, during a port visit to Muscat, Oman, the Administrative Depart- ment provided postal and ID card services to American Embassy Persormel. Among the renovation it A 67 PERSONNEL FRONT ROW - LTJG Castell. PNCS Babb, PNSN Owens, PNSA Cassarotto, PNSN Zapalla, PN3 Dalley, PNSA Lewis, PNSN O ' Connor, PNSN Johnson. BACK ROW - PN3 Harper, PN3 Lawson, PN3 Buenger, PN2 Vineyard, PN 1 Glathart, PNC Smith, PN3 Haroian. PN3 Anderson. CAPTAIN ' S OFFICE f LT McCombs. YNC Ambush, YNSN Vineyard, YNSN Gentry, YNSN Madrigal, YNC Sye, CDR Weaver. BACK ROW - YNSN Abshier, YN2 , i Boraker. » MAA ' S (left to right) TOP - DP2 Bailey, BM2 Price, SK2 Fareed, MM3 Franklin, IC2 Dreher, MR2 Clark. BOTTOM - BT2 Agostinelll, HT2 Holecek, EN2 Mitchell, MACS Shaffette, MAI Mills, HTl Gerew, BM2 Smith, ETl (SS) Allen T-DIVISION t f FRONT ROW - SH2 (SW) Pohrte. FA Falk. GMG3 (DV) Cordes. DPSA Quartra, HT3 (DV) Schick. SH2 Crawford. EM2 Lundgren, BACK ROW - SR Gregg. SKSR Adrlatlaco, SR Qulntanar. SKSR Osborne. SKSR Goodenberry, SKSR Brown, Errs Carron. DPSR Scott 69 POST OFFICE ,1l PCC Hazelwood, PC2 Thomas, PCS Jones, PCSN Lewis CAREER CAAC DAPA COUNSELORS I AFCM Morton Counseling and Assistance Center 70 ETCS Manson Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor MRl Johnson NCI Keega CHAPLAIN ' S OFFICE The Chaplain Department provides for the religious ministries on board USS EMORY S. LAND (AS-39). The services encompass the areas of counseling, worship services, beginning and advance Biblical studies, Adopt-A-School Program, Command Advisory Team, and the ship ' s Library. Administration of the Command Religious Program is the responsibility of two chaplains and three Religious Program Specialists. ?RONT ROW - LT Marsh. RPSN Bolden. BACK ROW - LCDR Peek. RPl Drebot. RP3 McLaurln LEGAL DEPARTMENT LT Regan. YN3 Salvatore, LNCS Bertram 71 SAFETY The EMORY S. LAND Safety Depart- ment encompasses a broad spectrum of health, safety, and industrial hygiene as related to shipboard life. This is accom- plished through lectures, training class- es, safety stand-downs, safety films, pub- lications and surveys of work spaces. The ultimate goal of safety to improve com- mand readiness by insuring that sailors have a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work. Safety is an all hands responsibility and everyone must take an active part to protect the heath and safety of themselves and their ship- mates. LT Horn - Safety Officer, MMCM (SW) Bean, SN Wilkie 3-M T- HTCS (SW) Ostendorf - 3-M Coordinator, ETl Ferrin - Not pictured. Also not pictured - HTCS Botonis who was responsible for the successful sale of this book. 72 ;AFETY OFFICE LT O.S.HORN NDUSTRIAL HYGIENE OFFICER EMCMISWIBEAN I ASST. SAFETY REPAIR DEPARTMENT The deployment to the North Arabian Sea in 1988 gave the people in the Repair Department a real opportunity to test their various skills on completely different types of ships than we nor- mally tend. Five different classes of surface com- batants were repaired ranging from Aegis cruisers to frigates. As many different classes of combat logistics ships were also repaired. Additionally, services such as printing, engraving, non- destructive testing and underwater hull inspec- tions were provided to each ship. Over 400 stowage units and thousands of small parts and fittings were either repaired or completely rewound, and sharp trouble-shooting resolved many electrical and electronic systems problems. The calibration labs were busy repairing and calibrating hundreds of mechanical and electrical electronic units. Hundreds of pumps, compressors and valves got a new lease on life after being overhauled. Signifi- cant lagging of all types installed on each ship helped keep the " heat stress monster " contained. We also worked hard at improving our own capa- bilities, which in the case of nuclear repair and radiological controls led to receiving a grade of " Excellent, " the highest possible, on an RCPE dur- ing our return transit. Throughout the deploy- ment the repair folks put a lot of effort into their own professional development resulting in over 90 people achieving Enlisted Surface Warfare (ESWS) qualification and thousands of other qualifications were attained. However, while we worked hard - we also played hard! Everyone thor- oughly enjoyed the great liberty ports and the rec- reation activities that helped make this deploy- ment the best! LCDR Wygans, PMA R-0 FRONT ROW - YN2 (SW) Snyder, YN2 Painter, PN3 Buenger, LISN Fairies, LICS Stevenson MIDDLE ROW - EMCS Werner. HT3 McGee, PH2 " ■ ;, YN2 (SW) Hogan, HTl (SW) Foster ' " I Mueller, PH3 Witham, DM2 Drube Bing, YN2 (SW) Hogan, HTl (SW) Foster, L12 Cheek. DM1 Aguilucho BACK ROW - PH2 Uhde, Lll Stone, DM2 Pavelzlk, LIS Scholz, ETC ;swnr- ■ " — ■ FIRST ROW - DCC Agnew. HTC Brown, HTCS Osterdorf, HTC Long, HTC Sawyer SECOND ROW - DCl Lewis, HT2 Veasey, HT3 Smith, HT2 Baker, FA Ludwig. HT2 Miller. FN Winn. HT3 Conyers. FA Riley. HTFN Strickland. DC2 Stevens. HTl Vanardsdale. HT2 Randolph, LTJG Petrillo THIRD ROW - HT2 Boozer, HT3 Roche, HT3 Biedenbach, HT3 Grimmer, HTFN Guthrie. HT3 Grecksch. HT3 Desparios, FN Peel, HT3 Crytz, HTFN Bunch, HT3 Schriver, HTl Poston, HTFN O ' Connor, HTFN Woodmansee. HT3 Davis. HTl Bums, HT2 Long, HT2 Nickell, HTFN Bowler, HT3 Kuzaj, HT3 Petrucci. FN Person, HT2 Wolbeck. HTFN Batchelder. HT2 Roberts HT2 Jones. HT2 Bailey. HT3 Wilichoski, HT2 Langley, HT3 Smith B., HT3 Janes FOURTH ROW - HTFN Gigley. HTFN Seferovic HTFN Adams, HTFN Cloud, HTFN Wydeven. HTl Morgan. HTFN Newton. HTFN Boyce. HT3 Helland, HT3 McNeU. HT2 Morrison 77 R-2 . F. : ■ Vj- ■i FRONT ROW (left to right) - MRFN Carol Moore, MR3 Rhonda L. Burson. MRFN Ann-Marie P. ODea, MR2 Edith Aceridano. MR2 Janet L. Whitlock, MR3 L. Paul English, MR2 Travis Galloway. IM2 Adam J. Mapes. OMSN Walter Hardesty, IM2 Timothy Nalevanko, IMSN Randy Montgomery SECOND ROW (left to right) - IMl Randall Lacey, MRC (SW) James M. Hare, IMSN Brian C. Glad, MR3 Kimberly Rice, MRS (SW) Jeri A. Stangle, IMSN Valerie Brown, MRFN Mary E. Williams. IMl (SW) Charles Messerschmidt, IMl John C. Carney, MR3 Philip Buffone. MR3 Marc A. MasseyMRl (SW) Robert L. Sandlin, MRCS Ronald L. Baxter THIRD ROW (left to right) - OMC Terry F. Wyman. MR2 Kenneth Miller. MR2 Franklin L. Wilson, MRl (SW) James P. McCabe, OM2 Randall Mercer. 1M3 Daniel DillardOM2 Daniel Kohler. IM2 James Booze. 1M3 David Fritzler, IMSN Jerry D. Knapp. IM2 Mark T. Sawyer, MRFN Jeffrey Bodoh, IM2 Frederick Umar, MRC (SW) Patrick J. Connors R-3 BACK ROW (left to right) - EMFN Harrington, EMFN Abrams, FN Lombard. ICl (SW) Farley, 1C2 (SS SW) Lingo, ICl Cornell, IC2 (SS SW) Coleman EMI Curtis, EMS Jennings, EMI (SW) Alibudbud, 1C2 Trice, HT3 Shannon, FN Ludwig, EMS Adlesic, 1C3 Sanchez, EM2 Bennett EM2 Hall, ICC Demoret FRONT ROW (left to right) - EMC Balaonlt, EM2 Price, EM2 Haugen, EM2 James, IC 1 (SW) Ramirez, 1C2 Harris ICS Berce, EMS O ' Connell, EMS Ellis, HTFN Walker, EMS Carancho, EMI (SW) Blythe, FN Smith 78 R-4 FRONT ROW (left to right) - RMSN Haigh, ET3 Zuckert. ET2 Lukenbill, ET3 Marshall. STSl (SS) Famsworth, ET3 De Priest, ET3 Wetherspoon, ET2 Francis, ETl Blanton STANDING (left to right) - STSCS (SS) Schadler, ETC Mueller, RMC Draper, ET2 (SS) Luken, ETSN Shreffler, ETl Ferrin, ETSN Sawford, ET2 Frazier, ETl Draper, ET2 Mazzacone, ET2 Lange, ET2 Faulkner, RM2 (SS) Macrone, ETl (SW) Walton, ETl (SW) Adams, ET3 Newell, ET2 Mayfield, ET2 Hofschulte, ET2 Feliclonl, ET2 Glanz, ET3 Hilton, STS3 (SS) Dunkerly, ET2 (SS) Clanton, ETl (SW) Lord, ET3 Willadson, LT Ballenger - Division Officer, Midshipmen Dippery R-5 FRONT ROW - MM3 Manning, MMl (SS) Segrest, MM3 Townsend, ETl (SS) Troy, MMl (SS) Adams, ET3 Rivera, EMI Nathan MIDDLE ROW - MMl (SS) Ludwig, ETl Fehling, EMI (SS) Volking, ET2 Mlnter, MM3 Terral, HT3 Randt. MMl (SS) Clark, MMl (SS) Tiberg BACK ROW - ETl Andes, EMI (SS) Miller, ET2 Hensley. ET3 McKlnley, MMl (SS) Shellenberger, MMl Fuller, EMI Ness. MMl Gillen, MMl Hutchins, MMC (SSS) Mattel, LCDR Rowley, Division Officer. LTJG Call 79 FRONT ROW - BMC Tripp. MMCS (MDV) Curtis, HTFN Martinez, PM3 Masterson, BM3 Wechsler, MM3 Hensley, MLS OConnell, BMC Clayton, HT2 Fleming MLC Munker MIDDLE ROW - HT2 Lindliolm, HT2 Brown. HTFN Burkett, HTFN Maytum, HMl Martinez, HT2 ' Trautman. BM3 Covington. CMC McWhorter. PMl Stephens. HT3 Bennett, SN Henry. ENl Aparicio. MLl Brewer. CW03 Morrow -: Division OfTicer BACK ROW - MM3 Niehus, PM2 Davis, HT3 Onspaugh, HTFN Orquiz, PM3 Willson, BM2 Dryson, FN Asher, 9M2 Sena, ! BM2 Hunnicutt, HT3 Schick, HTl Yarbrough, BM2 Ward. GMG3 Cordes R-7 V»f f FRONT ROW (left to right) - ETC Jarvis, EMI Rittenburn ' . DCl Smith, HTl Greer. MMl Allen. IMl Oglesby. MMC Stock BACK ROW (left to right) HTl Shumaker, MMl Mueller, 1C3 Perry, SKSN Anderson. MR2 Smith 80 R-8 ' - - 1 - ' — I I r BACK ROW - HT2 (SW) Dickson, HTl (SW) Lint, HTl Slatter, HT2 (SW] Hamilton, HTl (SW) Partin, IM2 (SW] McBeath, HT2 Woodward, HTl (SW) Cordon FRONT ROW - HT2 (SW) Johnson, EMS Thomes. HTl (SW) Roush, ETl (SW) Reynolds, ET2 Sutton, HT2 (SW) Turner, ENS Blackmon KNEELING - HTC (SW) Atchison, LT (SWO) Hammer. RMC (SS) Pettit, HTC Martinez R-9 (left to right) FRONT ROW - MM2 SS Kordek, EN2 Thomas. ENS Sforza. ENS Monyelle. MM2 SS Jeter, ENS Figureoa. ENl Coffinan, ENS Crownover. CW02 Hedrick. MMl Perenne. MMl Agno. ENS Gravatt. MMFA Crank 2nd ROW - ENS Harrison. MMS Simmons, ENC Worden, MMS Woodmore. ENl SW Keller, MMS Howell, MMl Mulligan, MM2 Blank, MMl Hallers, ENl HofT, ENS Clevenstine, MMS Shoobridge, ENS Bystry, MR2 Galloway, MRFN Harris. MMFN Vallejo. MMS Jeffers. MMFN Cressman. MMFN Simon. MM 1 Allen. MMl SS Clark. MMCM SS Martin Srd ROW - EN2 Branch. MMS SS Hawkins. MMS Flowers. MMl SS Sommer. MM2 McKeel. MMS Heaton. MMS Boek. MMFN Johnson. EMS Long. FA Perry. MRS Bufibne. MMS Duran. MM2 SS Arango. MMl SS Gallagher, Cdr. Erman, Lt. Falardeau R-10 FRONT ROW (left to right) - MR3 Conlow. EH (SW) lownsend. MR2 Clarke, ETl Farrin, IC3 Watson, MMC Spooner BACK ROW (left to right) - MMC (SW) Henderlite. MMC (SS) Gurske, MMl (SS) Lev, MMl (SW) Konkel, EM2 Bunnell, HT2 Lasko, MMl (SW) Haupfear, SK3 Powell, EMC (SS) Ingle, LT Falardeau Take that! You, you - computer. Just call me " Mr. Zebco. 83 1.2.3. LIFT! 86 wM J f lkl !gj 1 IB ' r wir ' S AJ 1 r .. " " ' Via ' r 1 K w KBSi 87 Did you find it? Marking the days ImSPi ii m, mm 89 CDR Calloway Supply Officer Arrived July ' 88 JW CDR D. H. Larmee Supply Officer Departed July ' 88 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT Responsible for the procuring, receiving, storing, issuing, shipping, transferring, sell- ing, accounting for and maintaining all stores for the command. Acts as the contracting au- thority for the command. Responsible for op- erating the general mess, wardroom mess, and chief petty officer ' s mess. Provides sales and services support to the crew including opera- tion of the ship ' s store, gedunk store, laundry and dry cleaning plant. Disburses all govern- ment funds for the command, including crew pay, and when overseas pays dealers bills. Provides command accounting services in- cluding appropriation, cost and property ac- counting. Prepares and executes the ship ' s op- erating budget. Operates the ship ' s AN UYK-65 computer system. LCDR Williams Assistant Supply Officer 90 S-0 YN2 Singleton, YN3 Dowlng, DPC Cargill ft I S-1 9 9 - ' KNEELING - SKSA Huffman. SR Gongora. SKSN Beltran. SKSN Nastos SECOND ROW - SKC Hibbetts, SKSN Jackson, SKSA Adams, SK2 Fareed. SKSA Phelps, SKSN Reiman, LT Cotters THIRD ROW - SK2 Vettore, SK3 Stepulatius. SK2 Hailson. SK3 Hand SN Amend FOURTH ROW - SKI Hall, SKSN Cisar, SKSN Williams, SKI Prachararong 91 S-2 SITTING (left to right) - MSI (SS) Williams, MS3 Davis. MS3 Cherry. MSC Oida. MSI (SW) Fulton. MS3 Nino. MS2 Closs. MS2 Forte SECOND ROW - MSI Edwards. MS2 Sawyer. MS3 McDougall. MS3 Hayes. MS3 Cheavis. MS3 Sparks. MSI Forosan. MS2 Robinson THIRD ROW - MS3 Babicz. MS2 Owens. MS2 Mawhiney. MS3 Carrano. MSSN Dunn. MSC Fabian. MS3 Burtis. ENS Hartzell FSA JW ' X iir y: y ; BACK ROW - DKSN Solomon, ICFN Hlller. PNSN O ' Connor. TMSN Tilley. FN Lombard. FN Bunch. MRFN Bazinet. FR Straithie. HTFN Hill, HTFN Gigley, HTFA Berkert. MRFA Marsan. MRFA Charbonnet. SA Vannorden. DCFN Tews. SR Williams MIDDLE ROW - MMFN Stochl. EMFN Hardesty. SA Thornton. ICFN Dallas. SN Messer, SA Chadwell. SKSN Moore, RMSN Graham, SA Irby, SN Ferrara, SN Domaschko. SA Mirabel FRONT ROW - SA Hall. SA Alaniz. ENFA Gemboys, SKSR Nastos, SR Byrd. FR Parayno, RMSN Watson, SA Norris, EMFA Bacchus, HTFN Newton, SN Landis S2 KNEELING - SHI (SW) Brown, SH2 Cuffee. SHSA White. SHSR Lacoste, SHSA Ross, FN Thompson, SH2 Lawrence, FA Edwards, SH3 Hosley, SH3 Moore. SH2 Murillo. SH3 Carter STANDING - ENS Purdy - Division Officer. SHCS Sinong - LCPO. SH3 Michaud. SA Lorelli. SA Biddle. FA Fennell. SH2 Crudup, FA Brooks, SHSR McClendon. SH3 Williams. SHSA Lewis. SH3 Smith, SHI Carr. SHI Hall S-4 BACK ROW - ENS King. DK2 Spencer. DK2 Walters. DKSN Fair. DKl Smlthey. DKC (SWl BauOsta FRONT ROW - DKSR Thomas. DKSN Hanna, DK2 Adklns. DKSN Luedeke NOT PICTURED - DKSN Solomon 98 S-5 FRONT ROW - SKSN Jeffers, SK3 Shockman, SKI Smith, SKC Montgomery, BACK ROW - SKSN Myers, SK2 Forbes, SKI Moultrie, LT Routch S-6 94 KNEELING - DP3 Goltz, SK2 Mayes, SK3 Simmons STANDING - SKI Struble, SKI Brig- man, SK2 Sudbrook, SK2 Vlnzon, SK3 Shockman, LT Hale S-7 KNEELING - OMl Hanna, SKI Slocum, SK3 Mayfleld STANDING - SK2 Forbes, SKCS Hills, SK2 Goforth, SK2 Chambers S-8 BACK ROW - DS3 Wllklns, IJl ' l Wright, DP3 Albrecht, DS3 Chase, DP3 Stefanic, DS2 Cooper, DP2 Murray, DP3 Dozier. DP2 Litman, DPC Hardin FRONT ROW - DPSA Plerson. DP2 Welbom, DS3 Holman, DPSN Bolen, DPSN Ramsey, DP2 Bailey, DPSN Lowery, DPSN Landaeta 95 S-9 SKC Torres. HT3 McPhearson. FN Lindsay, SK2 Crum, DK3 Holden, SKSN Striefel ' Hi Mom. 96 I Trust me. 100 101 103 OPERATIONS NAVIGATION COMMUNICATION Operations Department capabilities include high-frequency communication links, Admin Net, teletype and message processing. Operations is able to communicate visually with other ships. Signalmen use the language of semaphore, flash- ing light and flag hoist. Finally, to keep communi- cation equipment in top condition. Ops maintains a force of Electronic Technicians. LT Klrstine, Operations Officer 104 O PS ELECTRONICS ' ,♦ -e - r -t - ■f 7 t KNEELING (left to right) ET2 Lee, RMSN Stowoskl. ET3 McMasters, SN Sahlberg. RM2 WUkerson STANDING (left to right) ETC HoIIo- way. ET2 Leonard. ET2 Slone. ET2 Geiman, ET3 Brown. ET2 Greenwell. ETl Man OPS COMMUNICATIONS »3? ' ?5? ' " -; ' ; ' II- , — • 1« ' J ' ■J ♦ . K NEELING (left to right) - RM2 McCuUough, RM3 McEachem. RM3 Williams, RMS Brooks. RM3 Myers, RMl Smith, RM3 Freeman, SN IcGuire, RMl Heatherly STANDING (left to right) RMC Skinner, RMCS Lynch, RM3 Lane, SMSN Shuman. RM3 Mitchell, RM3 Johnson, Ml Childree, RMl Teel, RMl Herring, RMl Davenport, RM2 Wilkins, RM3 Johnson, YNSN Gregory, Operations Ofiicer LT Kirstine, ommunications Ofiicer LTJG Goins 105 NAVIGATION BACK ROW Geft to right) - CW04 Walsh, 9M2 (DV) Sena, QM2 (SW) Schubert, QMC Hockema FROMT ROW - AGl NcCymonds, AGAN Straight, QMSN Degroat, QMS Ethengaln, QMl Gould 106 DA PLANE! DA PLANE! i.« 1 H H I k I H HE-« k 9 ir Let ' s see... You divide 7 by. 107 10 Where was that good rock station? RECREATION SPECIALIST Ms. Annie M. Mooney is a graduate of Louisiana State University where she earned her Bachelors De- gree in Health and Physical Education and Masters Degree in Recreation Administration. Annie was hired on board the USS EMORY S. LAND (AS-39) in October 1987. While in port, she was responsible for establishing the discount ticket program, setting up intramural sporting events, organizing tours to lo- cal areas of interest, and administering special events. Since deploying, Annie has taken on the challenge of providing a well rounded recreational program not only for the LAND ' S complement, but for the various Naval vessels that moored alongside for repair. When making port calls, Annie organized various tours and sporting events for crew members. Once on station, she offered activities from bingo, art shows, and card tournaments to basketball, darts, talent shows, and lip syncs. Annie Mooney - Recreation Specialist Nightmare on Oman Street... retrnn to Ras Al Haad! " We can make any- thing. " NEW ARRIVALS STRAGGLERS LT Cash, LT Kim, LT Keefer FIRST ROW - MRFN Cook, ET2 Hailey. SR Metts. SR Ware, TMSA Asher, SKSA Joseph, SHSA Scott, ET3 Gahl SEC- OND ROW - SN Bush, MR3 Carter, MRl McGee. TM3 Canter, SN Primeaux, MRFN Carroll, ET3 Bartelt FIRST ROW - SN Metts, SN Ware. SN Thornton. SN Davis. EM3 Phillips. MM2 Brubaker. SKSA Kilgore. SN Salenga SECOND ROW - EMS Bell. SR Vannorden. SN Mayhomes. OM 1 Wicks. DKSN Solomon, MR2 Humphrey 111 New arrival: ENS Green STRAGGLERS: OM2 Youmans, SN Nicholes, MLFN Moats, TMSA Tilley, GMG2 Welden 112 4S, V V ■ -r " . A -.v- y Vinnie, wacha see? ' . ' r. " ) r ! .. ' II ' ■ i ' T« J rr . - i WOG DAY!!! i u in m- iS. I dK M ' ¥: s " We flew hallway around Ihe world for this! " Now, kisb the baby ' s belly. .v r % ? • ' rcj k A lunch fit for a Captain. m- J 0t 1 C ' F •J ,| Its almost over. 1 J y c A 1 1 1 li V w ' x%. " ;. You really should floss more often sir. - The King. .-• ,■1 Are you wet Lt., or is it nerves? ,5 ' i ' ■ ' rrz, V ' ' f M i . ,- i " t.: . T ■ J« flfW • " ' v " Wk. i|-«:v.,.i j |i|Hranm| ...I ■ ip«=taaB ' vf rfi , x ' A. i;«V- ' rV ..r ' . ■ ' ' f J ' ' 7 It won ' t bite you Scholtz. New friends. (It ' iii. " p ' Wf «.-: m l ' ,jBr v) -.--r ■yr . AUSTRALIA . - -„ • k iri iP p f4fi FT iS ' -seC " Where ' s Crocodile Dundee now? i ? 3=? - -Sm. % •■ »»• Will you be my friend? m t s V - ' S p 41 No worries mate! jP ?lf f?l r|ir|r| " nf;|i ' J J-t. 1 ' ,i Who ' s ugly? . -jiSS SSssB 1 1 ■ 1H vbPA iKSl. PANAMA CANAL THE DITCH 1 Jl.fl ' IOi , - t r- The straight and narrow. HOME AT LAST. mCOlC HOnE TO THE HE 122 WW 1n6 cm wOUtO «- iSBRATlO» " cucRY OCCASION ,NCE »! ' « ' ° ' " - „ „, .,30CI TE0 »ITH SUBJt 1. MCHO LAND 4 8 COMPLETE CREwMpMfl The SuPP 0U» EXPEi 2. PLEASi WELL nam BT APPRECIATION F Froni: Caaivanoiny utficer, Uo5 i-iIUrfiUKcl. (AOK 2) To: CaiV.- iainy Oiricer, u ' oS t -lURY a. Lm (Ao 3i ) Sub]: li ' irtVA V LVPiLdATia4 HiLPOI T USS FAHRION ' S TEr THE PERIOD 5-1 1 JULf DEDICATION AND PROF j WERE ACCON ' PLISHED I " WHICH HAD BEEN LABI r BFCAUSE O F THE SIRNF OF LAND FAHRION ISfi ' AME TIME THE REPAJi UPPLY DECK ENGTNIF MJMSTRATIVE OEPAIT GE ( 2 RUF«SGG8a5k3 i SSIBLE, THE OFFIClR ABLY PROUD OF TH|l ALL MIDDLE EAST t Li (a) CUiijajSuT?Ptoi ' iDhViji.Vi ' Hf.L.Tli o ' i 4700. It. (D) L ' wWSbrit ' LrtiVr w uJboPtHiWU NUWrXJLK VA 21025yZ lJdC 87. USS VINCCNNtt USS EMORY S L ro cjrrHC ICARORU THRCC 1. As requirea oy references (a) and (b) , the report for the TAV conciuA I to 4 July ii cjb with UaS -utix a. Lrt. L (i 3S) is bUDr.attea. a. Tne TAV was originally scheduled for three aays and was extenoed days just prior to the start oi the TAV. xne u» u ia I S. LAi-iD accSe tea worK tnat was oelivered snortly before the arrival conference, re-ad3ust catinencfeu what turnea out to oe a very successiul iaV. D. i o pre-arrival visit was nela uue to USS I ' lIL iUJKpiL ' s operational This uiu not hincer cne quality pertormance or the repair shops. c. Tiie arrival, progress and departure conferences were well receiveo benerlciai to axl concerneo. Tne USo ilU%Aui ' s ciaincenaiice uiticer ai»o uc 3. LAND ' S Ship Super intenuent (t- ' US C. rtLiK LR) maintained a constant liaison ensuring tiie i.kixLaua proouctivity irom tiie ' IaV. u. quality work was received throughout tiie TAV. The pipe, nose ana shi titter snops are to do cu.irrtinaed tor tneir oeuication ana prortssiooalisifi. ui dfiount and quality of tneir work was outstanaing. e. aix work periiormed by the LSS u-DtCi. S. Lmni; was consistent witn he fiorities set oy the ship. .. aiMMMMV , , t. u:« .HL i submittio " total oi 27b :)Ot.5 tor the ThV. mere were 300S corpleteo, two Doos aeferred for lack or facilities and four Dobs canceileo i : q. cental services were proviaeu. h. iiaterial support of botn maintenance assigned lor tne IaV as well as oFP preps was outstanaing. USS hlL Ut would rate this as a ve ry proauctive - avaiiauiixty. I TAV ME EFFORT AN LAND OF OPP ABILZTT MAS WORTH OF EF E THE BEST ULD NOT DO ZULU« DESX|K i ' «■! PHARRIS MESSAGE 2 6JUL88 COMMENTS UNDERWAY FROM VERY SUCCESSFUL TAV WITH USS EMORY S. LAND. USS PHARRIS VERY APPRECIATIVE OF THE CAN-DO SPIRIT, HARD WORK, SUPERB PROFESSIONALISM AND GENUINE DESIRE TO HELP OF ENTIRE E. S. LAND CREW. IT WAS THE TAV. THANKS FROM ALL OF US. I J 18 TAV :0N8I0ERC0 RCrENTty COMfLCTCo TAV WITH USS EMHUV 18 IN ALL RESPECTS. A TOTAL Of 207 JQM " rJ •|ie CRAFTSMANSHIP MOFCSSIONALISM AND MIOC OF fSL IAS EVIDENT IN FVERY ASPECT OF THE TAV. AOOlTIONlrLy ' ROVineo 9Y ESL ' S MEDICAL ANq OENTAW inFFt fXCWOEn El ONS AND WAS MOST WELCO«E, jmrrm EXCECDECl :%EV TO ALL, NICHOLAS MOST SINCERE THANKS n JT ' : Wi FOR 4 v ' I 1 • l ' 3 ' s ' i ' U. AT- yy Off : Po 9 ■«;« VICES UAVATLABILITY at RAS AL HAAO, OMAN DURING $ AN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS THANKS TO THE ■• ' •NaLTS ' OF LAND ' S 8AI|J)R3, OVER Uk JGH3 ■ ,9HnPT TIME WE WERE ALONGSIDE MANY OF i; " THQ HARD " BY OTHER MAINTENANCE ACTlvITI NT FFFnRT PUT FORTH BY THE " gN AND WQvttN " Y TO GO ONCF AGAIN " IN HARM ' S WAY " , AT 1 ■ ' ADTMENT rtAS HARD AT WURK SAILORS FRQm , nPERATiOMS, MEDICAL, DENTAL, DIVING a , ' " ERE ASSISTING FAHRIUN IN EVERY .sAY is Nn CREW OF THE EmoRY S LAND CAN BE JUST- OK AND THE SUPPORT THEY PROVIDED in P--- f:L nFPLQYERS. THAnk YOU ANQ WELL DONE. .M ( iJFISSIOHiiXSM Oi« TY " TOWARD CMEC kRKABUe, XN TWO , EVERY JOB WAS CO itoRTS OF TEAM «9 « ol OUR ORINION VOU A IfNNANT MINI TACK SZ nclas NO00«a BJI EAST BOUND AND DOWN CTG EIGHT ZERO ZERO PT THREE 151S20I A MONTH AGO, JUST PRIOR TO YOUR WELL TED IN REF A YOUR OUTSTANDING RLIE, SINCE THEN FOUR N ALONGSIDE YOU, EACH HAS ATTITUDE, RESOURCEFULNESS H SHIP COULD PROVIDE, I HAVE AFTER START OF UPKEEP, Pt2 RUHGSeG«1?0 UNCLAS IN NO INSTANCE HAVE SHIPS REQUIRED LLENCE AND PROFESSIONALISM HAVE TAINING BATTLE CROUP CHARLIE A SHIP DO WELL, IT IS ALL STENTLY PE»EORM AS UNCLAS ,sU m W " . ' ' - " ' SUBJr ROBERT G BRADLEY TAV WORKPACKAGT 1. REQUEST ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF RGB WO 8UPPLEMENTAL3 TO THAT PACKAGE CAN BE EXP AT LEAST THE NUMBER IS SMALL AND NONE RE 2. WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO GETTING ALO BENEFITS OF THE FIRST RATE WORKMANSHIP F KNOWN THROUGHOUT MiotJtE EAST FORCE, I AUG 6S CNOTAL) EARNED MUSCAT PORT VISIT, WORK IN SUPPORT OF BATTLE GROUP ADDITIONAL BATTLE GROU CHARLIE SHIPS HAVE NOTED YOUR OUTSTANDING WORKMANSHIP, CAN AND FACERNESS TO TAKE ON ALL THE WORK Of SHOPS SEEKING OUT ATTACKED WITH VIGOR, RECEIVED WORD EMERGENT WORK WAS YOUR, Reword oe your jobs, BEEN A CORNERSTONE IN READINESS, IT IS NOT UNCOMMON TOO UNCOMMON TO SEE A SHIP SUPERBLY AS EMORY S LAnO HAS, " THE BEST ABILITY THIS SHIP HAS EVER HAD " AND " THE MOST WORK IN SO SHORT KEEP " ARE COMMON TERMS TO DESCRIBE YOUR UpKEEPS. EMORY S LAND ET A BENCHMARK IN SERVICE, CRAFTSMANSHIP AND PROFESSIONALISM THERS TO MEASURE UP TO, , YOU DEPART FOR YOUR RICHLY DESERVED AUSTRALIA VISIT BATTLE GROUP CHARLIE WISHES YOU AN ENJOYABLE GRATEFUL FOR HAVING RECEIVED THE BEST FROM ALL HANDS, M ROGERS, ' ENROUTE AND SAFE JOURNEY, THE BEST, WELL X y USS ELMER MONTGOMERY MESSAGE 27JUL88 N THE FLEETS FINEST TENDER, EMORY S. LAND, ACCEPTED 297 JOBS FOR THE SIX DAY TAV. AT DEPARTURE, 88% WAS COMPLETE WITH THE REMAINING 12% TO BE AIRMAILED WITHIN A WEEK. ALL JOBS WERE ATTACKED WITH AGGRESSIVE ENTHUSIASM AND WERE FINISHED WHEN WE WERE COMPLETELY SATISFIED, NO [SOONER. THIS WAS A TOTALLY SUCCESSFUL TAV AND THE CAN-DO ATTITUDE AND IVIGOR WHICH WE FOUND IN ALL SHOPS WAS ABSOLUTELY REFRESHING. THEY CNEW HOW TO DO THE JOB RIGHT. J SHIPBOARD STATISTICS INCOMING MAIL .... ' ..T..... 243,644 LBS OUTGOING MAIL 182,277 LBS POTATOES 20,567 LBS HAMBURGERS 18,071 LBS HOTDOGS 6,139 LBS BAKED BREAD ROLLS 3,601 LBS 5,000 LOAVES PALLETS OFVERTREP 885 PAYROLL ,.9$2. 11 1.531.00 SODA CONSUMED „ 285,000 CANS SHELLBACKS INITIATED 748 ESWS QUALIFIED 130 SWO QUALIFIED 21 PRINTING IMPRESSIONS 1.000,000 PHOTOS PROCESSED .., ,. .- .-v 5,500 SHIPS TENDED yTWljiliiii 23 TURNS OF SHAFT ' !! " r!! ri ,000.000 RPM ALUMINUM ANGLE IRON 2,000 FT. STEEL ANGLE IRON 1.000 FT. ALUMINUM PIPE 2.000 FT. HYDROBLASTED HEADS ON UNITS 72 LAGGING CLOTH 3.000 YDS. HULL BOARD LAGGING 12,000 SQ. FT. REPAIRED TYPEWRITERS .....::;::; ..! 100 REWOUND OVERHAULED MOTORS 75 REPAIRED ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT 280 PIECES ELECTRONIC TEST EQUIPMENT 620 PIECES DIVING EVOLUTIONS 150 BRASS BRONZE POURED 6 TONS REPAIRED WATER TIGHT DOORS HATCHES 50 REPAIRED REFRIGERATION FREEZER UNITS 32 ACID CLEANED SALT WATER COOLERS 23 REPAIRED ELLISON DOORS 41 OVERHAULED REPAIRED PUMPS 108 MILES TRAVELED 26,011 MILES WORLD CRUISE BOOK STAFF 1988 FRONT ROW: PH3 T. Witham. CM C (SW) Black. ET3 (SW) G. J. DePriest, Annie Moonev BACK ROW: SH2 (SW) Pohrte. LI3 D. Scholz, LI2 R. Drube Missing from photo: PH2 S. Uhde, PH2 E. Bing SUPERVISOR: CM C (SW) J. R. Black EDITOR: ET3 (SW) G. J. DePriest Special thanks to the following for photo contributions: Cdr. M. Callaway, SC STSCS (SS) J. Schadler MM3 Mathews MS3 Davis PN2 (SW) Vineyard SN Wilkie BM3 Roussell MM3 Cunningham copy: SH2 (SW) E. R. Pohrte DM2 R. Drube nJfUs bootis dedicated in LI3 D. Scholz memory of our departed sftipmate G M.G2 Stevhen 3- " Welden, US9f SALES Ms. Annie Mooney The Cruise Book Staff would like to thank PHOTOGRAPHIC ASSISTANCE: Capt. Fitzpatrick, our Commanding Officer, PH2 S. Uhde (not pictured) and Cdr. Weaver, our Executive Officer, for PH3 T. Witham their assistance with this book. PH2 E. Bing (not pictured) ART CREDITS; DM1 G. Aguilucho Tiffany Publishing Company Norfolk, Virginia Thanks again. The Staff fl i9 %- r t I ■ — — 4r — {3r Jft, 1 A U T yWSIT THROUGH THE PAKAMACAHAl JI, i ' Ae DOAAAIN c aJ ( ' 1 180th r 7 r T " " 5 }) - 3L

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